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Lyric Nature Poems | Lyric Poems About Nature

These Lyric Nature poems are examples of Lyric poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Lyric Nature poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Aster 'Blue Autumn'

(This is a specific type of Aster with full name Aster 'Blue Autumn') Aster 'Blue Autumn,' summer wanes. The shining sky of dusk is drenched in splendor. Tremulously, I watch shadows that arrive all to soon-to purloin sun's last rays. Aster 'Blue Autumn,' how you thrive in fields amidst a throng of goldenrod! And always you forego the chill of nights that come to steal away the last of Summer's days. Aster 'Bue Autumn,' Virgo aches, and you're re-birthed from star dust that she cries- to bloom beneath blue skies until the fatal time when breath is snatched . . . Pensively I wait. For Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver's ~ Flowers or Stones ~ Poetry Contest

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Now my tendrilled soul,
Has found its pergola-- Christ--
To wind its way up....

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are like my thoughts
falling down into my mind
sending goose bumps down
my spine

Their cool aftermath
cleanses me of my thoughts
of fear and uncertainty 
about what tomorrows
pain may bring

They make me feel,
wet with creativity
drenched in my optimistic
illumination. glistening
raindrops, my thoughts
leave paths of pleasurable
distress, and hope of success
which road, less traveled
may be the best

Forget an umbrella
when these raindrops
arrive, I walk outside
arms open wide

Ready to Receive
the mind storm may bring
because raindrops are
as my thoughts, falling
down into my mind
sending shivers down
my spine

My brain, yearns
for the rain, to wash away
the pain, tomorrows worry
does bring
One special drop
could speed up life's clock
to the time
I can handle my own
and not dwell inside my controllers

For raindrops are,
like my thoughts
falling down into my mind
sending goose bumps
down my spine

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O, boisterous clouds, Why do you pout on high? With friction so among you, Will lightening too, Not soon cross the sky? In bumping heads, You cause the thunders burst Then in your sorrow weep And once again your tears, Quench earth's thirst. I stand alone surveying aloft, Your strength and might. But then like curtains, You're parting once again, For God's sunlight. Seeing a rainbow hanging, In a distant portion of your sky. I need not ask the question, Where do you go When not in sight,. or why?

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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The Old Homestead

Orphaned footsteps round the old place.
Pitch black soil, packed deep with bartered
coin and Indian heads – wood and otherwise,

coat her worn leather shoes, Hutterite chic. 
The long land screams within its own silence.
Prairie sage burns somewhere, a ghostly smudge

for the undulating grass and, those it serves.
Its alive scent makes the dead turn towards 
its head - and the barely living turn to listen. 

The impossibly endless horizon holds its bright 
blue at bay, begging acknowledgement for 
its self-professed being and looming enormity.

She looks at the broken window glass and 
through the tattered, delicate gray lace. “Those 
were hers.” She whispers to the one who listens. 

This great-great-granddaughter sees the curtains 
as they once were – wistful in the hot Manitoba 
wind; fresh and lowing with the honest elemental 

scent of aspens, hope and bare-knuckle wash boards; 
always fresh; shifting in the cry for solace in summer 
shadows – never as still as this moments endlessness.

Blowing through the deep brown of splintered pine 
front doors; cracking the announcement of cast iron, 
rot and burnt wood comes the simple statement of – 

I lived. This mother of five young does not cry, 
just yearns to walk in the old ones footsteps;
to know them loved; hear the birdsong through

unbroken bedroom windows for a 5am waking; 
feel the resistance of dough on fingers that beg 
to be broken, and kiss the twisting undead, living. 

The burning of the noonday sun taps her whole,
marking; branding her pale Swedish skin its own.
The red sting of burnt breaks her inward silence, 

welcoming her familiar face home.

© Kristin Reynolds 3 29 2009

*Reposted for John's Summer Celebration Contest. This is a personal celebration; 
celebrating and honoring my great grandparents who settled in Manitoba after leaving 
Sweden and Denmark. This celebrates the summer of family, at least for me. We went there 
every summer until it was gone...

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She remains a partial gift
some have none, yet some have much
for her scales, sideways they tilt
yet we crave her soothing touch.

With jars of scents, ointments and creams
ourselves we paint seeking her face
fanciful, our grotesque masks seems
yet she stays mocking our ways.

But true beauty in these things lie;
the morning dew on thirsty leaves
the new-born sun that's up so high
even in Nature's smiles on lonesome cliffs!

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The Season Inside

Its beauty yet again plunders me, 
Into magnificent realms that hide
Deep within my every thought
Where I ,like a new tenant, 
Seek comfort to reside
In the warm abodes of Winter.

It has come yet again
With its white painted sky
Like a dripping white towel
Whose waters slowly subside
Like a pain that has been eluded,
Avoided, denied

Its gusts that blow across 
The many prolonging miles 
Bringing all windows to shudder
Like lost whispers and voices
Found and compiled
Into a vague resonance.

Its unmelted snow
That at every corner lies
Lingering for the tepid
Sun of Spring to rise 
To melt away
Like an unwanted memory.

And all that it holds
Is but a fraction that glides
A sheer reflection of the world 
The snow, wind and rain of
The season inside

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Jungle Love

Your sweet nectar
wraps around my senses
like jungle vines
steady drums beating
Your heart near mine

Your strong hands
hold me suspended
by my waist
Just enough pain and strength
against my supple skin
For my taste

The musk of your
sculpted body and the forest
has me going wild
But yet, the tender way you
protect me, reminds me of
Being a child

A safe familiarity
with a strain of animalistic
Your invisible hold over me
leaves me arrow poisoned
Unable to function

My long dark hair wraps you
with smells of coconut and ocean Sun
your locks full of mud and enemies
together, my warrior
We make One

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Fairies in the Garden

My garden brings the fairies,
You will never know the hour.
The sun may just be peeping
Past the apple tree in flow'r.
See them? No! But I discern
Pixie clues they leave behind:
The fragrant thyme they danced upon . . .
I am always sure to find
A dewdrop mirror clinging
To a blossom hanging low;
I hear their tinkling laughter
When the breezes softly blow.
Sometimes I think I spy them
Riding on a firefly's back
At dusk above the garden,
But their pathway's hard to track.
Jumping off, hiding themselves
In moss blankets--soft delights--
Their flying steeds unharnessed.
"Go to sleep, my garden sprites."

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Kiss the Rain

~*~ To reach out and touch you Feel your warmth on my skin So intangible So surreal As sun sets on pillows And mist laden sorrows The dark windswept willows Now sleep till tomorrow Then come dance again As the sun sets up high And the whispering wind Carries a soft kiss of Spring rain As sun sets on pillows And snow covered mountains The crash of swift rivers Lift fleeting light fountains As dainty droplets fall Sending you sweet kisses Springs soft kiss of rain Come dance again As sun sets on pillows And oceans set motions The sweet songbirds chorus Fills a million emotions To reach out and touch you In Sring soft kisses of rain Come dance again.. ~*~

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The Wildflower

 It could have been you
       Hiding behind the post
           Stretching out your arms
               Your tiny face upturned 
                      To the early morning sun
                            Waving at me softly
                                 While swaying with the breeze
                                     It was only wishful thinking...
                                            But you look so much the same
                                                 that I walked a little closer
                                                      and nearly called your name
                                                         A scent so very subtle
                                                           Drifted through the air
                                                            Reminding me of the last time
                                                             I tied a ribbon in your hair

                                                           I picked the wildflower for you
                                                           But you’re much too far away
                                                          Shall wilt before you see it
                                                        This one I picked today
                                                      Against the velvet petals
                                                   You won’t get to press your face
                                                But together we will pick the one
                                            That grows up in its place
                                         I’ll save this in our special book
                                     Pressed between the pages
                                And hide it in our secret place
                            We’ve known about for ages
                       The next time that you come again....
                You’ll know right where to look!

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' The Moon's Pilgrimage ... '

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Across The Sky To Praise
The Maker and All His Wondrous Ways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Rises High, In Grace
Yet, Still In A Humble – Pilgrim’s Place

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Will Not Betray
All The Moonlight, GOD Lets Display
Tho’ She Moves In His Cosmic-Stage-Play
From His Theme-Theatre, She Will Not Stray

My Pilgrimage … Thru Deep, Dark Space
With Silver-Wings and Beams, I Chase
The Unknown and Known Questions Raised
Will Be Answered, When The Maker Says …

My Pilgrimage … To Touch Heaven’s Face
That Beauteous, Elusive, Mysterious Trace
Borne At The Blessed-Beginning’s Base
My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pray …

My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pay –
My Vows, My Voice, In Vesper-Vase
As This Moon, Is In Harvest – Phase
And Beams Brighter Now … Tho’ Slanted-Gaze

… The Moon … Glowing Ochre-Gold Or Silver
The Moon … Is Making Pilgrimage, Remember
The Moon … Is Trying To Help Deliver
Lost-Souls, Who Can Not Find … Moon River …

… Moon’s Pilgrimage … Keeps Steady Pace
Even Climbing Thru Dense, Cloudy-Lace
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Is Like A Dance, That Sways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Into The Night’s Embrace … …

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Secretly Obsessed

Obsessed with the thought of you
wondering if it's only me or
if you sometimes remember the sweet things you've said
and if you meant them how I took them
or if I'm just obsessed with what's in your head

Obsessed with your very sentences
Every response I take personal
I know it's selfishness
Have you not noticed my eyes?
They hold secrets that only you can unlock
if you'd just take time to fill the thick juices of my pride
It's just boiling with lust, passion, trust and distrust
and other things I obsess over so much

I find myself writing to free myself from this prison I've created
where only you and I reside
I become confused about what I'm really feeling inside and I 
try to rid the thoughts that are highly debated as false and I
begin to cry and
think of casting love spells so that the universe can deliver this affair
I know it's unfair
but I don't care

I'm obsessed with what hasn't happened between us
I'm obsessed with your heart and that the fact that 
I don't think you've even noticed my selfish innuendos 
and secret undertones that blatantly express my lust
Or maybe you have and you calmly remain in resistance of distrust 
If you could only read my mind by simply touching my fingertips,
I'm sure I'd catch you out the corner of my eye biting your bottom lip
I'm obsessed with the passion and thoughts I think you have
Obsessing over an experience that I may never have....

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A Winter Night

Diamond studded armour
A lance of pale moon light
Mounted on black beauty
Is a night of winter white.

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Fanciful August moon

Moon shines its pale 

Enchanting light 

Upon forest floor 

Where winged creatures 

legendary, pale and sleek 

Spin and flit and dance

To the invisible orchestra; 

Of Blue bells ringing

Hummingbirds humming

Fireflies buzzing

And dandelions singing in tune 

With lilting fairy song as they sing 

Melodies that echo through forest pines 

To the Fairy Queen bathed in the light of

The August moon

© Brenda V Northeast 12th July 2008  Rewritten on  21st/ 01/2012 BVN

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Out Side My Cottage Door - Almost Sequel

A gentle breeze
across the lake
 through the pines
 lingers in a breathless
 of leaves that wind
 into the air
 suspended there
 flutter down
 upon the ground
 scent of layered
 of broken brush
of forest floor
that leads
a trail to
cottage door
Where I stand
and listen
the sound
 of a
 meadow lark
once more

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The dancing poppies

How I love 
All of you
The myriads of poppy flowers,
Such amazingly have flourished
For one or two day of May
on green and fresh hills of Birke.

How I want to say
I never forget all of them
And keep in my soul
Your astonishing dancing
On the mornings wind.
Don’t worry, dear beauties,
I diligently pick up and save
Every one of you 
In my great artificially created Universe,
Called the Sphere of Shwartwalde of my memory
Where every one of them, 
Innumerous girls emerging for instance
And recorded in my soul
From my early spring on Birke,s hill
Till the last…  
Will find plenty pastures and places,
For eternal unfaded  blossoming
And I will dancing with you
And invite my dear one for such
Unlimited and endless
 Mega fest

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Winter Whispers

Walking on her oceans of white
Frozen tears from sky unite
Reflections of Autumn's death remiss
As beautiful nightmares become abyss
Dreams of feathers cease to sing
Of geese that vanished with Autumn's wings
Wilted smiles of little flowers
Bent in vases as fallen towers
The memories that fade throughout the age
Has frostbitten the skies of winter sage
With lifetime whispers that never part
That winter still lingers in my heart.

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Sweet Sparrow

A song of a sparrow in the springtime.

Birds chirp a lullaby at the peak of the morning sun.
Speedy is the dragonfly, wish I could catch just one.
Clovers fill the meadow and daisies are in bloom.
Brilliant as the rainbow heanen's scent perfumes.
I hear a sparrow singing sweet tunes of joy and glee.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, sing a song for me.

As springtime goldenrods glow.
I see a sweet sparrow perched upon a rose.
Elegant are the carnations,
and honeybees buzz me by,
God's mighty creations of tender springtime.
I hear a sparrow singing a joyful melody.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, whistle in the breeze.

Lilacs spread their fragrance.
Daffodils line the creek.
In the wind the lilies dance,
and crickets chirp at my feet.
I hear a sparrow singing such a sweet tune.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, lift the morning dew.

Sing a song the prince of love and let the music flow.
Drowning in sweet melodies I open my window.
Perched upon the cedar tree a mighty little bird.
Singing tunes of springtime for all to be heard.

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The Hidden Stream

.Hidden from all the world. The damp wetness of the rocks, as the water gently washes over them. The sun can barley be seen in this spot, It only is able to cast rays and shadows over the quiet stream, causing light to peak through. Leaves slowly sway in the gentle breeze, one may fall and dance and twirl into the wetness of the stream. This world is unseen, it is nestled quietly in silence. Hidden in tranquility and calmness.
Dance leaves upon the gentle breeze, you are hidden now, from human eye,so quiet and so still. Unbothered, untouched by human hand and error. You know no wrong. Rest and sleep in your world that is full of love and harmony. Such peace that it can be smelled in the air. Gentle flower petal cradle yourself, as you fall and float down the stream. Your colors are still breath taking. Rest and sleep be still. A sparrow will soon visit, he offers you no harm nor trouble.
She is thirsty from her flight. The leaves and surrounding grain will sway peacefully in the air, they offer you music, along your travel. The music of nature. Sleep and rest unharmed, untouched. Untouched by human error or human hand. Only touched by the perfect one. The creator

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Rain from a Heavy Sky

Seems like dark 
clouds are following us 
      Let the torrents 
come down
     We'll survive!
As water strikes 
    our garden 
  The earth and roots 
         devours it
    Life springs forth 
after shadows have 
Our little star 
     will continue 
to shine 
   on though the
    There will be 
    of the wheel of
   When we are cleansed by the 
    Then we can 
begin anew 
    Letting the breezes 
caress us
   We'll continue onwards 
            darkness, rain 
and ill fortune 
may come 
    but we shall grow 
and prosper in spite
    of it 
  We'll lift up our 
  to embrace the world
Laugh once more 
    as spring rains 
continue to fall

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To the Sea

To The Sea 

I look to you 
For answers 
To the questions that swirl like your currents in my mind 
Are you as unfathomable as my heart? 
Do your swells exceed the passions rising within me? 
Does your churning and pounding match the rhythm of my pulse? 
Is your water as cold as the loneliness here? 
Does the salt you contain taste the same as my tears? 
Does your thunderous crashing on rocks at the shore 
Equal the tempest that rages in my soul? 
Do you harbor secrets in your depths as I do? 
Are you roiling below the surface with anticipation? 
Do you long for a visitor to break the horizon... 
As I long for my Love? 
Does the wail that rises from your hollow reefs 
Blend with the plaintive cry from my lips? 
Can the overture played on your delicate shells 
Drown out the sound of my siren song? 
Sea, I have loved you, Sea, I have known you... 
We feel the same, we sound the same 
We give the same, we take the same 
We are one 
And the same 
You and I, 
Your mournful soulmate 

© Copyright Donna Golden July 10, 1999

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The laughing moon

It's here now under a converted sky
Where daylight has loss it’s might
Hours before the green hills had sight, with 
splattered  hints of yellow wild flowers so bright
Now time has casts a different light
It here now where the heavens sings an evening song 
With twinkled lights on a moon lit prong
Dancing stars and dreaming of mars 
Its here on this transformed spot 
I will sit and jot

It is here now as I lay back on this cool grass, and write a story 
with the heavens the color of quarry
Of jeweled eyes in the skies 
that connected to stories, some disguised 
With silver spoons and astrological loons
On dream away, dream on by
to the earths motions and lullabies
It is here now time to take a brake
from life’s work ,and worries and heart ache 
Try it yourself remember when, you were a child
when you looked up the night and smiled amen


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Think on these things

Go for a walk stop in the park
sit on a bench think for awhile
take your time look around
see all the things you've missed

Be very quiet and notice the sound
of a passing car or a distant train
children playing the bark of a dog
the birds singing in harmony

Take a look at a flower
see the color and shape
say a prayer thank the Lord
for the things you see and hear
Listen to the music

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This is about you

When you have downfall on your mind chaos is all a mind can find, its time to change all the things you had held so deep inside, they cause rage, your trapped in while your caught up in the cage of life an easy life with out strife, no more pain or struggle inside a bubble and you want to make it burst, but first things first you know the times that come will be the worst, because its change you want, and you will taunt the ones who set the curse. They say if you want to change a little then its your choice, but if you want to change a lot they must first hear your voice, loud enough for all to hear, listen and all of the problems soon disappear, just know that the world can be a  bleak one and people dont always listen so you cannot only speak once, so when the end is near you can look back at the goodtimes throughout all the years think about all the times and cheer, and thank god you lived this long and your still here. Be remembered  only for  the words you spoke, for you do not want to be invisioned inside a cloud of smoke, watch as they listen when you start to feel the choke on the thoughts about your life,a bad life,  a black life, envoloped in fear you were hoping that the man would hear, and maybe take a listen, to diamonds in your mind as you watch them glisten. finally move to a position, and  open your ears and let your mind be clear, and hear the wisdom spoken from the person on the otherside of the mirror, society sobriety with out a clue just sit and ponder at the deepest thoughts that are revealed in you...

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Osage Sunset

I imagine the echo of the once thundering herds, Before the Bison succumbed to the tallow vats. I listen for symphonies of the missing songbirds, That made the Osage foothills their habitat. The land that was theirs is no longer pristine, Now the hills are interspersed with pump-jacks. Barbed wire fences make today's boundaries clean, And pickup trucks are the source of most tracks. In scrutinizing my thoughts I invariably ask why? While realizing that time man can't rearrange. Then God paints a sunset on the evening sky, An awesome portrait that man can't change.

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Beyond each of our hills He leaves a valley, beyond each arid stretch He'll place a stream. Beyond each troubled time we may be facing, God gives us hope and allows us to dream. Beyond each sunlit day He made a sunset, Beyond each moonlit night He fixed a dawn. Beyond each daily problem we may encounter, God is always there gently urging us on. Beyond each planting time comes a harvest, Beyond each harvest a separation there'll be. Beyond each separation, an eternity to spend, God is asking, won't you spend it with me.

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Dream by Mingles Tree

While I’d a daytime dream, justly dream
by mingles shadow the tree
as teeming fallow large branches
composed whole form mingles means
over hours I slept so fresh
And coolness was an inn wish dream.
up woken by, still daytime sun
mirthful by space, none fallow break
And birds were singing as lonely sings.
then mingled trees leaps I heard
resound at emotion, by the windy mean
Mingy so inlets’ minutes away run
groovy fared reminds it, from nature
moments honey over moment honeybells
dimension flows’ liking thou bully
Across the field, commix drama’s land
by, fruits from the mingled tree
Yet for being mature heal meaning. 

               ~ Ciro C Toledo ~

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New Mexico

     The first time that you see her, She will steal your soul away,
And replace it with a being of her own,
Her white sands will glisten, underneath turquoise skies,
And make your heart always long, for New Mexico.

     There is magic in her mountains, secrets in her sage,
A special kind of wisdom, that only comes with age.
The music of her canyons, will echo and roll,
And fill your life with desire, for New Mexico.

     She'll captivate your spirit, keep it in possession there,
No matter where you are, you smell cedar in the air.
The song she sings you, comes from long ago,
And haunts you with a passion, for New Mexico.

     You understand the stillness, of a desert afternoon,
You're enchanted by the beauty, of yucca in bloom,
While you wonder at the colors, transformed by the sun's glow,
Your thoughts are of being, in New Mexico.

     Voices of the past, warriors and pioneers,
Urge you with their stories, of laughter and tears.
An unsettled feeling, is all you have to show,
As you roam familiar trails, back to New Mexico.

     Some will call her savage, some will call her wild,
In ever fleeting shadows, she remains but a child.
This boldness of character is restless and untamed,
Gentled only by The Power, that takes on many names.

     You'll hear her in the night sometimes, when Westward breezes blow,
And to fill that empty feeling, you know you have to go,
For once you hold her in your eyes, nothing else can make you whole,
And you're never really home again, until you're in New Mexico.

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Alone A Tree In Mourning

A single bee
Alone a tree.
A single day in morning.
His slicker sly 
Of catching eyes.
His sweeter side of aging.
Like sticky seeds,
These blossom beads.
The winter plants are dying.
A drunken bee
Flies lazily,
Brought down by nectar drinking.

Our springs are wet
With sweet forgets.
Our hearts forever bleeding.
Our summers heat,
These days retreat,
Our only summer setting.
Our summers die
In lullabies.
I wish I wont stop dreaming.
A passer by
I might ask why
Alone a tree in morning?

And possibly 
He’d die to be 
My only glimpse of fleeting.
Without a care 
Our pulses dare
To reach the height of running.
A gentle sigh,
An open mind,
Holds within each waiting.

His ancient cry
Of reasons why.
His simple song of saving.
I'll never die 
He'll say tonight
While other dawns are breaking.
A passer by,
I might ask why
Alone a tree in mourning? 

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Space, A Tribute To Wagon John

I'm just a person not a tree to be climbed, Or trampoline to jump on when so inclined. A Frisbee I'm not, to be tossed in the wind, Or a carrier pigeon so me, please don't send. I'm no welcome mat to be laid at one's door, To wipe and be walked on like some rug on the floor; I'm not a balloon to hold anothers hot air, Nor am I a wagon to be pulled here and there. Count me not as a scapegoat when things go askew, Endeavoring to tickle my ears as you invariably do. I seek no man's pity and God made me no fool, Allowing myself to be used makes me that person's tool. Unlike the planted oak The hardiest of trees, I must be free to go, like wind, when I please. I wasn't placed here to compete in life's race, I'm just a person who requires Solitude and "Space";

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Crow's Nest Glimpses

Painted clouds of ocean shores
Purple glowing golden  isles
Dreamland harbors  shadow moors
Brimming eyes of saddened smiles
Out of reach still  darker turning
In a hundred thousand miles
Trail of fire on changing  canvas
Mosaic view through splintered tiles
Filled with other stars aburning
Spinning time the tie that binds us
Opens  senses and beguiles
While ever patient death yet finds us
Astride of hope with all her wiles

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Sunday Morn

Candied flowers spread their petals
Ready to embrace a coming fall
Of weathered drops from thundered skies
Gaining attention of the lilacs' brawl

Branches sway alerted from apprehending trees
Birds cry, "Something to gain! Something to gain!"
While wind channels sweeten the breeze
Hence, luring in the rain

"Hail, for it comes!", shouts thundering clouds
And a new rainfall was born
Adding kin to the river's shroud
All during this Sunday morn.

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City sparrow

A new dawning 
And yawning 
Before my eyes clear
I hear 
The chirps from the birds 
Those pleasing words 
As they near my sill
Then a tap with their bill
Busily going about their business
In alertness  
Their presents is consoling 
As it was time to get rolling 
Their sounds seem to blend with modern life
Our daily strife 
And I wondered how they could acclimate to their surroundings
How challenging  
While ten ton cars rush down the streets 
Our city sparrow’s sits and eats 
While they are within inches of this fury
Upon the trees they sit with glory 
They build their nests in unnoticed places 
While our world embraces 
And their purpose is clear 
For here
They bring cheer 
To the city streets  

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The Internet: Return

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

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Untitled #246 / Go wild

“Go wild with me”

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A sailors soul

A sailor's soul has an epic thirst Only nourished by the sea For only upon it's waves and swells Is a sailor's soul set free He prays for winds to fill his sails And clear skies to chart his way A pull of rum and cheap cigar To finish out his day The stories spewed, both lies and truths Will fade upon the seas For until his ship, next leaves it's slip Will his soul again be freed

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Sometimes the sea brings hope to me
as if a dream has come and meant to be
it weaves a spell I know too well
within a time that's known but to the sea.

An empty sound is all around
and echos from what walls there may be found
a click--a tap--a buzz--a snap,
within the time that fills my empty sound;

the light goes through eternal blue
and into space as light can only do,
as pressure grows, my being flows,
contented in the dream I'm flowing through.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Rainbows are for hope. 

Raindrops splatter 'gainst my window     
Music from the sky; 
Each crystal drop a mellow bell 
A gentle melody to tell     
me ...that your love is mine. 

 Sunlight scatters thru my window     
Warm touches sent to me 
Each photon beam a kiss from you 
Sent to me across the blue...     
 A comfort wished here tenderly. 

 April winds caress my window    
 Breath from clouds above; 
Daring me to share the passion, 
Give my heart in wild abandon,     
 Drinking deeply of your love. 

 Rainbows Bless my Open window      
Sun-drops & rain combined. 
The ends connecting us together 
Distances no longer matter...      
Out hearts are intertwined.

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While the shadows fall so widely
we shall embrace a moment
for a moment will fill
all the shells empty; holding nothing
but time—days n' days
without love

The wedding procession covered
you in flowers and white
floating through the candle light
dragging crisp white fingers lightly
through lilies fair
While the shadows fall so widely
and the candle light twirled through your hair 

Twist a finger, twist a lily
While the shadows fall so widely

Blush the sun rubbed rose cheeks
lift a veil, let the sun shine off your green eyes
While the shadows fall so widely

You were left a drift 
your beauty beyond our realm
of beauty

While the shadows fall so widely
Lift the veil from mine eyes tonight
as goes the cloud from under your star
I see

While the shadows fall so widely
your foot astray touched the water
and you bloomed embracing me

While the shadows fall so widely 
we shall embrace a moment
for a moment will fill
all the shells empty; holding nothing
but time—days n' days
without love

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Flight Of The Seagull

I see you up there flying in the sky of majestic winged one,
your wing span is so wide, you dip your wings now and then
just to see what the wind is doing, Your head lifts up to see,
as your steely eyes look from side to side.
You cannot afford to get it wrong,
or you could fly off course and hit the ground.
You calculate so carefully, but not on paper, like us, not you,
Your head is what you use to think through all the things you have to do.

Your feathers had all been fluffed about,
when you were caught in a nasty gale.
You had thrashed about and it made you shout
as it grabbed your pure white tail.
Now you are soaring up to the sky,
where you're dwarfed by the mighty blue whale.
The people on the ground don't know,
how much stress a seagull goes through.

When you are pushed around by a wind so fierce,
you have to hang on with all your might.
Just to keep yourself from falling from the sky,
during such a hairy scaring flight.
I watch you dive into the sea ,
to catch the fish that want for tea.
You dive in and grab it with your beak,
then wait patiently, for the next to pick.

With a grace and style so neat,
you dive in and claim your delicate feast.
You have to do this very quick,
because a big wave could make you sink.
Your fisherman friend Joe is due,
you know his boat, its painted bright blue.
You watch for his mast as it nears the point,
and as he enters the bay, get into position to wait,
for him to cut up the catch of the day.

Sometimes I wish I could fly away too,
across the oceans you soar over so blue,
I would fly to a place that was away
from the hustle and bustle back home.
I would chase all the other birds there in the sky,
that are also all alone.
You must see many things on your flights,
when you fly over land, sea and shore.
I love to see you soar through the sky,
Until I can' t see you up there anymore.

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Desert Story

Stones inadvertently resemble pain
sharp when raw
freshly torn from rock.

Witnesses of time, they fill with voices
the ridges round off,
become children's cheeks.

they shrink,
stone egg cells
in an eternity of ideas.

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From the Amorous Shepherd to His Flock: a Parody of Lord Byron's ''She walks in beauty''

THEY graze in beauty on the land
     of grassy glades and dewy dales,
and all that's best of dark and tanned
     meets in their aspect and their tails;
thus mellowed to that tender hand
     which Shepherd to gentle glen compels.

One fleece the more, one hair the less,
     had half repaired the shearless grace
which wreathes in every woolen tress
     or darkly tightens o'er their face,
where mouths serenely sweet express
     how pure, how dear their grazing-place.

And on that rump and o'er that round
     so strong, so firm, yet elegant,
the baas that win, the hooves that bound,
     but tell of days in meadows spent—
a flock at peace with all around,
     a drove whose milk is innocent.

01/26/2014, "First Poem On Soup" Contest

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Revelling in the Rain

Revelling  in  the  rain  
That  goes  tapping  on  my  back.
I  twirl,  'am  in  no  haste;
With  a  weedy  leafy  dirndle 
Wrapped  around  my  waist.
I  swing  and  I  sway, 
Drifting  about  in  gay;
Pirouetting  with  the  posies, 
Floating  in  the  pristine  air.
I  dance  with  no  refrain, 
Foot  taps  whispering  with  the  rain.
The  entire  world  stood, 
As  in  a  clearing  in  the  wood; 
With  festoons  of  flowers  and  foliage, 
Them  all  ornating  my  stage.
Till  I  dance  into  the  dawn, 
And  a  grey  and  cloudy  morn; 
Rain  capering  with  me, 
Accompanying  me  for  a  song.


For Charlotte Puddifoot's Contest : "First Poem On Soup"

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Goodbye, Winter

"Goodbye, Winter" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques".

Goodbye, winter,
Goodbye, winter.
Hello, spring,
Hello, spring.
Tulips in my backyard,
Tulips in my backyard,
Are blossoming,
Are blossoming!

Bonus activity: Take children outside for recess on an early spring day and sing this 
song. Ask children how they know the seasons have changed and that spring has 
arrived. Is the air warmer? The grass greener? Are flowers blooming? Are butterflies 
flitting about?

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Whispering Leaves

Autumn brings leaves in multifarious hues,
Time's flow quickly readies us for winter's blow.
Fun days on our patios will soon turn to blues,
As it takes its leisure neath a blanket of snow.

The Sycamores have shed like some molting dog,
And each Crape Myrtle is dressed a yellowish red.
The huge Hackberry resembles an old upright log,
Now, too soon our days may be filled with dread.

The Hibiscuses are a gathering of pithy stalks,
Where once dinner plate size red flowers hung.
Now no cars come, stop and give strange gawks,
But things will be normal once spring has sprung. 

Fallen leaves unmistakably are whispering to me,
Dancing at my feet they swirl along the ground.
As if they can't decide where they're supposed to be,
Each movement choreographed to whispering sound.

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Black and White

You’ve maddened me to the core 
You singed me with your ferocious fire
We’re opposites… we’ll never integrate  
We can’t blend with each other…
Your love and I’m hate 
We’re contrary to each other…

So don’t even think about 
Getting us back together 
Because without a doubt, 
We don’t click with each other…

So let us go our own way…

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to be deleted from my mind…

I’m not the one that should pay the price
You act as if you’re an angel from heaven
But, you’re a fiend…a devil from hell...who needs your advice?
Could someone unchain me from this prison?

So let us prepare for that day…

Fear and bewilderment build inside of our minds
Taking over us…we’re wasting valuable time
Terror and wrath injects into our veins…time starts to unwind 
I’m regaining my glory…this moment feels so sublime  

You think you’re innocent?
I can sense your guilt…bleeding through you
Do you live to feed me anguish? 
Don’t deny it…you crafty demon…no wonder I feel blue

Let’s get ready for battle…
I’ll watch you decay…
Taste my fury and my agony 

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to be defeated…

I scream before nightfall
I close my eyes to kiss my demise
I want to disappear 
Scratch away my desolation
Wipe away my tears…
Spewing out of my eyes…like a waterfall
Tonight, there will be dismay
There will be suffering 
After sundown…
Failure and glory will expose like stars in the midnight sky
Who will earn the crown? 
No one knows in silent wars – who can reveal the light in goodbye
Why are we black and white?
Are you too afraid to know the reason why? 

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to suffer alone…

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The Landscape of a Soul

The landscape of a soul is
A valley of uncertainty 
Beneath a mountain of woes,
A river of doubt
Carving a path between
A desert of despair
And a forest laden with shortcomings.
This is the trek of a lifetime.
A journey laced with 
A sense of impending doom, 
With nothing but the path ahead
To supply a glimmer of hope.
But we,
The dreamers,
Delve into these trenches of mystery
And despair,
Knowing that we
May discover riches beyond compare,
But just as well meet our end
Along the way.
For we know how remarkable it is,
That one can miss so much
With our feet set forward
Our eyes to the ground
And our mind lost in the clouds.
When all along,
The answer we sought
Was nestled among the insecurities
And imperfections
Of the landscape of our soul.

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The Yoke Of Frankenstein

I seek a place that leaves no trace
Of venomous blood and tainted heart
I seek a place that holds only grace
Of righteous hearts and caring thoughts
I seek a place that broods not on hate
But of a tranquilized soul and an intellectual eye
I seek a place that is haven to a guilt-filled heart
Let it not, Oh! Wretched Passionate heart!!
Let me not succumb to such ardency
Let me not, dear god! Yield in to such tyranny
To extract such murky ardor is all I ask
I dine with seething lassitude brought forth by such a task
Dear nature where has it gone, my obliged gratitude 
From you, I have averted a heart
That comes to you now seeking! Asking! Groveling! For pardon
Almighty nature, which once has soothed a brute within me
Please! Dear god! I beg thee do not forsake
I come to you humbly meekly seeking an unfeasible amnesty
For I drown in to the abyss of thirst of farfetched enlightenment
And only now I know“how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge, and how 
much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who 
aspires to become greater than his nature will allow.”

*Inspired by Frankenstein’s tormented conscious *


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Talking To Myself

Me: You always have your eyes and ears in the tv.

Him: What?

Me: You never hear a word I say.

Him: What?

Me: What did he just say on the tv?

Him: Silence...

Me: You sleeping?

Him: No I was just resting my eyes.

Me: Are you ready for bed?

Him: No I'm not sleepy.

Him: Snore snore snore...

Me: Come on I'm sleepy lets go to bed.

For : Frank H's " The Conversation Contest "
Written By: Carol Brown
1st Place Winner

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Acquainted with the Sunrise: in the spirit of Robert Frost

I have been one acquainted with sunrise,
I have bathed in first light – then back in shadow,
I have felt tentative warm on closed eyes.

I have gazed over pink-tinged meadows,
I have passed by the swift and early bird,
And reached a hand to touch a half-lit rose.

I have stood still without a single word
When far away a tree frog croaked his song;
Across the meadow waking creatures stirred.

But not to stop the sun from glowing strong,
And further still to greet the red-gold skies;
On gently sunlit tree, birds linger long.

Daylight sheds night’s shadowy disguise.
I have been one acquainted with sunrise.

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Winter Rose

        Beneath my mantle of pure white snow
	        I lay, a perfect rose
      My cloak of snow protects my beauty, 
        	My life and my essence 
	      As winter rages above me, 
    I am safe and warm, from my cloak of snow
	         I am preserved
         I will emerge into the sunlight
           Through the melting snow
    I will emerge into the warm moist dew
      The warm sunlight dries my petals
              My petals are perfect
	        My color is brilliant
          My stem is taught and straight
          My essence long and lingering
              I am a beauty of nature
    I am a symbol of love, beauty and caring
	       I am the Winter Rose

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What Makes a Man

The trees have shivered cold,
And their leaves have lost their gold;
Oh they'll never see the sun again
'Till they escape from natures hold

I know what makes a boy,
Behind the pocket of his pants
Oh I'll walk the line,
I'll walk the line
But he'll never make me dance

But what makes a man?
What makes a man?
Is it one that doesn't play?
Oh I'll lay with him,
I'll lay with him
But that man can't make me stay

I'll hold your hand and stay with you
As long as you would want me to
But don't tie me up
Or push me down
'Cause that's when I won't follow through

What makes a man
Is it a dominating stance?
Oh I'll stand with him,
I'll stand with him
But he'll never make me dance

Sending shivers down his spine
Where's your heart of gold?
I'm sorry I can't call you mine
But I won't do as I'm told

Well I may not know what makes a man
But I guess I know what breaks a man
It's a lady dressed like me -
In pale skin, head dipped in gold
Oh, I might sleep in your arms tonight
But I'm still not in your hold

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The masters of the ocean
Depending on you
What can they do?
They are grieving.
The masters of the ocean
Are crying for you
What can they do?
They are leaving.

It's a whale of a thing and a helluva fix to be.
If you're living the life of a whale that's in the sea.

All they want is ocean 
and the space to run.
Freedom's just a morning spray 
flashing in the sun.
All they ask is ocean
and the Hope to be
thankful God has given them
---------the sea.

It's a whale of a thing and a helluva fix to be.
If you're living the life of a whale that's in the sea.
It's a whale of a thing and a helluva fix to be.
If you're living the life of a whale that's in the sea.
© ron wilson aka vee Bdosa the Doylestown poet

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I once was like a catipiller young,naive,and new
Always living from my heart not knowing what
else to do.Easy to take advantage of, that is 
just the case, people would walk over me
like I was their dirty used up suitcase.
Now I feel a newness coming, like a light
shining from the sky, colors fill my world
and I know I am blooming into a butterfly.
Purple,Pink, Blue and Green I can feel them
flowing through. Colors of the rainbow raising
me into full bloom. Wise and strong I am becoming
My faith leads me where I need to go giving me
insight and wiseness for only me to know.
I have not  done this on my own you see
I have been guided by God and Angels
on this Earth. Wise words the wisdom at
it's best comes from a wise lady who
seems to know me best. Lucky, I am 
to have her in my life, she always shoots
it straight and tells me like it is, knowing
her words touch my heart and gives me tons of faith..
I feel like flying through the sky or climbing 
a tree way up high. I feel like observing the 
world just like a brand new butterfly so as I
Bloom I become Anew something unlike the past
Smart and wise beautiful on the inside and outside 
 a touch of color here a touch of color there
makes me glow and become a beautiful blooming butterfly...

Written By: Christina A McCullouch 

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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Sitting On A Cloud

Sitting on a cloud, high above the ground,  
High among the highways and the byways in the sky.
People on the hills, going where they will, 
Seem like specks beneath us as we watch the world go by.

You and I in a giant red balloon, sailing across the sky.
Heaven must be like this moment in the blue,  shared between you and I

Soaring like a hawk, where the eagles walk.  
With a burst of fire we climb higher in the air.
Dancing on a breeze, high above the trees, 
Following the currents that could take us anywhere.

You and I in a giant red balloon,  sailing across the sky.
Heaven must be like this moment shared with you,  here ‘neath a clear blue sky.

So pop the cork, and toast our new-found love, here in our red balloon.

So pop the cork, and toast our new-found love, here in our red balloon.

On our way we go, enjoying what’s below.   
From our picnic basket we’ll pull out the caviar.
Now the moments gone, but we’ll carry on,  
Floating past the sunset on our pathway to the stars.

You and I in a giant red balloon,  sailing across the sky.
Heaven must be like this moment in the blue,  shared between you and I
Heaven must be like this moment shared with you,  here ‘neath a clear blue sky.

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The Mountain

I'm standing on 
the edge of a cliff
you called it a mountain 
I call it a way to live
I'll be riding down
Those epic slopes
watch me shred it
you can barely cope

and I'm seeing through
this birds eye view
like a hawk
I swooped down
and grabbed a hold of you
I'll be flying down
these mystic hills
but won't be long 
before I take a spill

The mountain called to me
in my mind and in my dreams
I just got to go
that ancient stone of life
it will cure all your strife
don't ya know?

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As the river flows

As the river flows

As the river flows
So surely to the sea
It’s power be a wondrous sight
As it roams the land so free
The path of no resistance
Is how she lives each day
I will learn from this old river
I need to live this way.

As the river flows
She takes all in her stride
Not dogged by expectations
Not held back by her pride
She flows into the ocean
She knows this be her home
She has no need to hurry
She’s just content to roam.

Oh, I’ll be like that river
That’s how I’ll live my life
All free from fear and worry
Until my time is rife
To join that mighty ocean
All filled with sweet devotion.

As the river flows
And things get in her way
She knows to never struggle
Just flows from day to day
And lets the power take her
To where she needs to go
Her softness melts all obstacles
Albeit, oh so slow.

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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The Big Dipper

A heavy horse looks like a rock
the horse stands completely still in the darkness
with open eyes
one starry night
the horse seems to count
all bright spots in the Big Dipper
and is wondering whether it would be very difficult
to pull the wagon one lap
around the globe.

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Dear Lover

Written September 8, 2013

Hey dear lover
Can you make me a believer in another
We both know that it's killing us this way
'Cause the ends of the earth still move
And the falling leaves dance in circles
All around you
Cutting holes in the paper
On which I write this letter
Saying, "I really hope that this gets better"
For the sake of involved
Before this binding resolution gets resolved

But I don't mind chasing thunder
Through the darkest nights
But if I never find the light
Then I just might lose my sight, over you
But what's the use
You've only caused me more and more abuse
That's why I write this letter
Saying, "why'd I ever think that it'd get better"

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Matricide/Mother Earth

I have come to accept the possibility
that I, myself, may be partially to blame       (my compost pile of shame)   

that I may have stroked the very wheel         (unable to feel)
that, set in motion, is the cause of
so much pain                                             (unsheltered in the rain)

Silently suffering through endless winters      (embers, cinders)
without anticipation of Spring                       (hope an ethereal thing)
blind to Mother Earth's gifts                         (tenuous unfelt shifts)
the colors, the scents of her blossoms          (habitually playing possum)
deaf to the melodies of the birds                 (knowledge lost, language
as they sing

She calls to me but my barriers are thick      (mentally stunted, physically sick)
densely scarred and wounded                        (as I am, to the quick)

As the sludge chokes the seabirds               (screaming their lost words)
and the fishes                                           (murdering Piscean wishes)
as Her forests are cleared by those
both greedy and vicious
I feel Mother Earth tremble                          (demons assemble)
beneath my feet
hear Her sigh as I place a hesitant finger     (shaking, letting it linger)
on Her weakened pulse
thready and irregular
We are killing Her, Mother Earth,
mother of us all, matricide                          (no longer can we hide)
listen, listen to Her heartbeat...

I may have stroked the very wheel...        

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A Peaceful Sight

I sit among the audience of my thoughts
Upon a chair 
With my feet up high casually on a table
My senses, my breath, my heart rate is stable
Silence at this very moment is my mind’s favorite labor
The leaves they sway from side to side 
so graciously, it is my favorite sight
Beside me,
The cherking of birds is my morning cup of delight
In front of me,
The rattle of the clear crystal pool is the depth and constancy of a single thought
The clear blue sky is my happy tomorrow
On my face you will find no trace of sorrow
Such a peaceful sight I see
If only you could bare witness with me
To such a glorious and heavenly sight
Like A picture perfect,
Or a beautiful view in Peru
The glorious nature has set me at ease
I am calmed by the steady breeze
Yet the buzzing of my cousin
Is like the sound of a busy bee
She speaks to me of heartache and despair 
And the death of some distant loved one
She makes a noble and noteworthy declaration
To give me a kidney if mine decides to collapse
I smile at her with this carefree sensation
As I sit there typing and pretending to care
Tapping my fingers to a rhythm while unaware
Smiling a genuine smile and sighing a pretentious sigh
You want me to speak of wickedness and of madness
At this moment I am indifferent,oblivious, I genuinely Do Not Care
The quacking of a random duck 
Came casually as pure luck
Lazily I yawn, so dazed, and simply amazed 
 I am hypnotized
At this sight that left me mesmerized.

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Johnny Come Blow Your Horn

pillar of trumpets
are no match in a garden
for the hummingbird

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Garden Rose

Written August 21, 2013

There's a girl in the garden
She's messing with your rose bed
Plucking weeds out from your head
And watering the seeds in your bed

But where will she wander
When the roses are dead
Will she come back for more
When they turn back to red

She can run all alone
Write this story in stone
On concrete slabs
Of skin and bone

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Nocturnal temps brought heavy frost,
An artist's masterpiece in appearance;
But presently this ocular effect is lost,
For Sunrise always prevents adherence.

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Right Now

In the exact moment that I am right now
I stand in a sea of vulnerability;
susceptible to the effects of causes around me
and since I am fully aware, 
I own my surroundings
I am one with sounds and vibrations
resonating from the earth;
I am that pulse of the drum beat 
thats been thrashing 
inside me since birth

Right now, I am exactly as I am
deeply flawed and misjudged
used, victimized and persecuted
Right now I am you in the absolute

Right now, I am exactly as I am
balanced, whole and complete
attracting abundance and certainty  
Right now I am peace - still you
Right now, I am exactly as I am

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                ___________   _________
               /ohio ohio ohio) (ohio ohio/
              !ohio ohio   ohio( ohio ohio/
             /ohio  ohio   ohio# ohio //
               !ohio ohio  ohio# ohio//
             /ohio   ohio ohio)  ohio/
            (ohio ohio  ohio ohio)   (
                    -ohio    ohio-

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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A day in the country

I went to the country
To see my Bro's Land
I saw he had worked hard
His land looked so grand
For a second this envy
It tapped on my soul
But then I looked deeper
Saw things as a whole!

I looked at his features
All the lines on his face
Not character lines
Those lines that add grace
Just sad saggy lines
From worry and stress
There was naught in his manner
That read happiness.

I’m a loser to his type
I have no ambition
I live for today
He lives for his mission
But I have a smile
And a generous heart
While he, how I see him
Is a grumpy old fart.

10 August 2013 @ 1700hrs

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Like a bird

Like a bird

Like a bird up in a treetop
Singing, tenderly
This little bird I know him well
This creature it be me
I sit here with my pen in hand
And sing so crazily
With symbols shining out like gold
I give my song to thee

These words, they be my  message
I sing them to the sky
One day his body will be gone
But the words will never die
They well up from my very soul
Without no help from me
I am that bird up in a tree
With his lone symphony.

And lord, I like to share it
I will whisper from the stars
And tell the world I am this bird
Send vibes out wide and far
That sing about the journey
The only one I know
As I’m sending out my story
In words that make it glow.

5 August 2013 @ 1755hrs.

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Another Saturday afternoon
gentle breeze is blowing by
I just read your last love letter
felt the sparkle in your eye
The birds are serenading me
chipmunks stand entranced
I'm feeling so close to nature
in a muse for sweet romance 
Thunderstorm in the distance
massaged by the heavenly mist
Thoughts of our next together
oh I'm enraptured in all of this 
The squirrels look so happy
my fish pond's an excited buzz
The anticipation is rising high
they know what your love does
All of these friendly creatures
who live so close to me
I've told them all my secrets
they love the thought of you and me
So when you come home on Sunday
we're going to have a party outside
Then we'll make love in the meadow
they all know, so no need to hide

Date: 8-2-14

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Autumn Beauty

Fields with corn erect in shock,
Few unpicked ears yet dangle.
A signal to soon set back the clock,
Wind caroms from a nor-west angle.

Leaves of gold crunch neath my feet,
My joints scream, "Old Jack Frost is nigh"!
I unwittingly question this October treat,
Whether for my head only, and if so, why?

Pumpkins remain randomly spaced,
As dollops of  orange paint on this fall day.
By a flick of God's brush they appear placed,
From the sky above of dapple-gray.

This yearly picture always gives me pause,
For reflection on life, and God above;
That He would give His Son with cause,
The price for my sin was paid through love.

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Golden Wheat

Golden wheat planted 
amongst lowly grasses
Must learn to withstand 
life's stormy weather

(c) Copyright Christine Kysely

(May 13th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin)

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Smell the spring aroma and 
let it delight all your senses...
don't the softest roses bloom
on windless, sunniest days?

Let my slow fingers caress your lustrous hair,
feel the pleasant warmth of a lovely afternoon;
on windless, sunniest days...
don't the softest roses bloom?

Only the truest lovers can set the white moon ablaze,
as the passing stars shed more light on their faces;
don't the softest roses bloom
on windless, sunniest days?

God gave us love freely as the air we breath;
humans have turned it into lust and doom...
on windless, sunniest days
don't the softest roses bloom?

Entered in Jared Pickett's contest,"Mirrored Refrain"

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Findings of friends in this hot soup
Steamy weather, a pigeons coop
Lean on my eyeballs
Ill SEE What I can do?
before the sky Falls in on YOU

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Wisdom of Heights---Climb with Me

This morning
bells toll
a trumpet sounds
but refuses to blare
it just doesn't know 
how to harm
what it takes
to infect the living 

and sound
survive sadness
out last the past
bond brothers and sisters
of sky
and water
as it loses 
to a force

some days...

this morning
it wins
because the vibration knows god
and is ONE

and though human imperfections
sit in the shadows of it's path
perfections will
and forever will

so arrogant 
we choose to destroy 
but how can we concentrate 
on methods of malcontent
when god sits at our breakfast table?
as father urges child
"get up!"
"move on!"
"stand on two feet!"
"breath child!"

he tolls the bell
as we lay on deaf ears
he loosens ties with anger 
as the path warns and wears
driving this cosmic ship 
of no loses
only tiny
arrogant setbacks

and he smiles
for he knows
what we yet
have to find...
and all is well.

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Turn on your light

Turn On Your Light.

Turn on your light

Turn on your light
Light the velvet softness of your night
You might have felt that breath of sweetest power
In that silver moon
That paints the twilight hours
Have you ever felt that mystic pull
That takes you from the smallest flower 
To melt into the all.

I sometimes stand there staring at the sea
As each wave reaches out to destiny
To fade and then to come back
So another wave might form
To be destroyed
Then to be reborn….

Turn on your light
Pass no judgment, who’s to say what’s right?
 No need for this when light is shining bright
Have you felt such magic
Have you felt that pull
It’s something that must happen to each fool
He must learn how to melt into
The silence of the all.

The secrets they be wrote within your soul
Seek them out and let them make you whole
Each flower it must bloom then die
So know your precious I
Must be destroyed
To be reborn… 

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My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

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Nature's Sigh

The Black butterfly waves away her adorations
All she seeks is seclusion, subsuming slave to mortification
The Dear Air is all she can breath, captive of imaginary dreams
The Beacon resonates, but the hope isolates
The Wasteland's silky fingers caressing the virgin's face

So she is now, the covet of the damned
Programmed to every victim's pain
Carrying the weight of every sorrow
Drowning in wrongs she does not know
But paradise is at loss; she must go

Nature sighs after the bite
All my hopes fading
Don't look at me with those sorrowful eyes
How do you know exactly what I'm feeling?
I'm just the ghost flower passing by
And you can hear nature's sigh

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Summer Waterfall

Deep in the woods I hear an angel's lyrical call.
Tranquil and serene, a majestic summer waterfall.
Where the oaks and wildflowers shade the creek,
reflections fall to earth from rays of destiny,
refreshing my soul and setting my spirit free.
I smell the aroma of rain mixed with the paradise breeze.
Tranquil and serene, a natural wonder and rainbow of peace.
A cascading sparkling jewel,
above a wave rippling whirlpool.
Upon the wind rides the angel's lyrical call.
Tranquil and serene, a majestic summer waterfall.

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Just Be

Society, community, society, community.
You can leave now and let me be.
I will swim free, free in your sea. 
Your sea? your sea, polluted now, Oh you will never see.
Broken hearts, bodies too, beloved inner child, I love you.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
I know now that this is all I need.
To be. To be. That is all, just Be.
Burn your toys, television too, kill the car, the radio..... 
Unleash, unravel, these boys, disentangle, unblock, reset there mind, please sir,
could you be so kind?
Simplicity, Simplicity, simplicity.
Eye's clenched shut.
Now I know, Alone in my hut, not long to go, you will be free.
Free. free. free.
Buy the car, buy the house, buy the cow, consume, consume, but how?
Now, now, you tell me are you happy? for ever and art thou.
Ah ha, you see, you see.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
That is all I need, I choose now, my self is free?
Yes, yes, yes sir, me?
Free to sit, sit and just be.
Me? Free? free to swim in this endless blue sea?
I will just sit, sit right here, against this healing earth, oh so very near.
My mind is liquid, free to birth.
Just be. Just Be. Just Be.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

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Ride The Wind

Written February 24, 2012

One too many times
Our love has been unkind
To the rigors and chills of the snow
The streets they meet
Intersecting the heat
But the cold will blow without heed

To rekindle the flame
Must sound quite insane
But it's all I have left in this world
Yet to feed from the hand
Of another's demands
Could lead to the start of the fall

Ride the wind
Wherever it goes
Don't ask it questions
You don't want to know
The wind will carry you home

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Ode to the Granite Boulder in Lake Superior

...upon emerging from the fury of 
swimming just a few feet out in the Grand 
Old Lady

Boldly upright in surf
Fog races in and cloaks her surface
Alive! I grip the bottom for the crush
As waves crash my glistening face
Freedom has found me!


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Prized for perfumes and medicines,
Rainbow personified & God’s messenger,
Resting the souls of dead women,
Decorum of the graves,
Delight of the ancient artists.

Blooming on Minoan Walls,
Sculptured in stone at Karnak.
Living memories of the French revolution.
Clovis put you on his banner
And won over Germanic tribe.
Louis VII adopted you as device,
‘Fleur-de-lis’ the symbol of France.
Germany suspended you in beer barrels,
And France to enrich the wine,
England to give flavour to brandies,
And Russia flavoured a soft drink.

Then, plucked in a state of chastity,
Now, relegated to flavour toothpaste.

Dr. Ram Mehta

Third Place win in:
Contest: Best Blossom Design (Flower Poem) sponsored by the Destroyer Poet


The poem was read by me at the World congress of Poets held in Iasi, Romania in 2002 and has been published in the following international magazines:

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I have loved it all

I have loved it all

I have loved it all
Adored the whole of it
All those foolish dramas
The dirt and all the grit
The joy, and all it’s sorrows
I’ve really loved it all
All in all my life is beautiful.

I’ve heard folk moan about old age
But not me, never, no
Cause every day forever more
I’ll always feel that glow
That comes from living happily
Within this now, and here
I’m holding each new day so very dear.

I have loved it all
I have, that’s how I be
Oh, I’m so glad to be here
With my philosophy
My fate knows what she’s doing
And she’ll do right by me.

You’ll never hear me moaning
About my years so far
Cause all is an adventure
With me, the leading star
And when I leave this shell behind
I’m quite prepared to go
Though where I’m bound for then, I do not know.

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My Hero

My Hero 

You would tuck me in at night before you went to work, like your back didn’t hurt from your day job that you didn’t put first. 

We didn’t have much, but not much was enough because I had my hero’s love. 

Your courage fed me and led me to believe that you where unstoppable. 

When you have a hero that’s a queen like Berlene, your dreams are not impossible. 

Your guidance is like a lot of food that Bertha would make. 

Smelling the food I would ask “Did you bake me a cake?” 

But my hero would prepare all the plates as the elders talked about 
service today. 

Just like James & James I want to remain a king.  

Tally and Mr. Alex will teach you a thousand things.  

I would write it all down, now I have a pile of dreams.  

My hero deserves a cape. 

My hero thinks about the people that they can help today and tomorrow. 

My hero stands tall but would knell to the man who stands spiritually taller. 

You taught me that a person that put’s God first will remain guarded. 

I thank Fathers that strive to teach their kids to pray harder and stay stronger so our problems would one day stay flawless. 

I thank Arthur for being a hero but a man first.  Monk was a monk because every decision he made, he planned first. 

My hero ensured my safety, never told me what I can’t be, and still made me feel like a baby. 

My hero is amazing watch me grow up and be a mirror image.  

I even searched for my hero secret ingredient; I threw up to many times eating too much spinach. 

When I was  finished, my hero told  me to wash the dishes. 

My hero taught me love, unity, knowledge; and we still have a great friendship.  

I see my hero from a clear view and will never put my hero in my rear view. 

Even if I move a thousand miles away, my hero would drive a thousand miles today, to tell me dinner is ready and I need to wash my face.  

My hero is people I watch today.  

If you are influential, motivated, educated, and can add the seasoning to a Sunday dinner you are a hero.  

Either to yourself, your family, or a little boy who was once too short to even look through the peep hole.  

My hero has no ego, just represents strength, courage, and 
wisdom like an eagle.  

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Abjectly Blind Even With The Perfect Sight

Hurrying and rushing even at eight, usually just to avoid been late. been doing this for a while and I am so accurate, the day I relent, my Boss Anger I activate, the beauty of Nature and sight seeing, no room to accommodate, so focused on my Job and nothing to motivate, through the Trolley Bus I get to the Office straight, none present yet, not even a mate. I'll sit alone for some minutes as I wait, and this I terribly hate, I do not even know for how long I can tolerate. Then one day, I deviated from my usual line. In the Bus, taking my time and making it mine, not giving a damn even if I reached at nine, watching the passers-by smile so fine, up the sky the Birds happily dine, moving in groups like flying swine. Just observing the 3 in 1 street lights was a sign that my Job intoxicated me like wine and all this while with a perfect sight, I've been blind. The Unique Victoria Bar, I've never seen. The "Dark-Ages" band, performing so obscene, showing their 'half-naked' dancing body is what I mean, and the Statue close to the Adidas Shop looks so lean. Aha! The writing on the building is just a signature and the photo on it gave a nice gesture, initially, it puzzled me like a difficult literature, but now the advert seems to be a blend of perfect mixture, as it reads "Gym with us and better your posture" Just understanding the popular Joke about the Pear, It is two round Toys I noticed and a bottom they share. Looking like one big Apple green and clear. Also enjoying the glaring Banks with the colors they wear, not observing all these is worse than to err, and making me feel Nature was never near, this is a burden I am about to bear. How on Earth can I explain this? It's so hurtful not experiencing such a bliss, crying intensely like my niece, is not enough justification for a 5 year-miss.

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Blue Rose

The Blue Rose
secretly grows
upon a Hill of Heathers
seldom do know

Songs speak of its
but few have lived to see
its rich blood blue petals
smells of sweet ginger and honey

The legend has it
the blue rose can cure
a thousand different ailments
although, I am not

My Grandmother told me
if you eat three petals
before you sleep
the disease which
infects, out of you
it will seep

Not many have heard
the powers of the 
blue rose
for it secretly grows
where seldom
do know

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Born in this Planet full of sin,
We both subject to purification.
Time is coming for Renaissance
So we gotta do what we have,
To get us ready.
The rebirth of human souls,
Is what we are waiting for.
As we grow up we all gets laced 
by sin;tempted by evils.
Forced to go mad and insane.
A mass preparation is here for 
recommendation y’all
Don’t be alarmed then, no need 
to worry though;

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Green With Envy

Barefoot as I walked on the beach
As a flash of light came from the east
It drew a fading line in the night sky
As I ran towards it as if I could fly

Several months before the rush of August
It came to me like an unlikely comet
Just like I dreamed it would be
Out of my reach, across the sea

Oh lustrous fallen star
I wanna be where you are
Ditch my life and live in the shade
Of this heavenly mark you have made
Relinquish all my hopes and dreams
Risk it all on one of my wild schemes
Build sand castles in a crater by the sea
'Till the tide washes it away and face turns green

Wasn't aware of how hungry I'd become
Or that my legs would tire so fast and start to numb
All night searching for the comet that had fell
Looked back at my distant home and bid it farewell

It was pass the break of dawn, my breath was cold
I followed my compass and watched the day unfold
With sores on my feet I bottled all my determination
With passion I clinged to my ever-growing imagination

Oh lustrous fallen star
I wanna be where you are
Ditch my life and live in the shade
Of this heavenly mark you have made
Relinquish all my hopes and dreams
Risk it all on one of my wild schemes
Build sand castles in a crater by the sea
'Till the tide washes it away and face turns green

But it wasn't meant to be ~ life of a fallen star and me
You were a glint of light in my wildest dreams
But it wasn't meant to be ~ just another wave in the sea
Driven by the moon, draws me in just to turn me green
Green with envy

For the Star Contest

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Dream on

I dream on, from my dome to my chest
to my toes and to the tips of my palms. 
We dream on, in the land of the free,  
but where freedom comes at a cost and 
sacrifice for others the achieve their dream. 
I dream on, flying over an icy mountain top,  
To the sweat taste of lemon drops,  
To the cool relief of mist burning over a  
desert black top as I brain storm lessening 
to heart beat of my favorite song.
We dream on, from the top of 
lonely tropical island hill top  
to the sit and the smell of a breath
taking Forrest and to a falling
sun afflicting a shining sea
that is the best part of the day 
I rather spend ending enjoying with a beautiful
woman... the sit and the breeze. 
Poetry by Keith K. Relf

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Oh! Humanity!

Oh! Humanity,
How you’ve lost your sanity!

Did you forget how to grow?
Every one of you was planted row by row.
Did your heavenly Father not nurture you with love?
Did He not make the rains fall from up above?
Oh where is your heart?
Who gave you your first start?

Oh! Humanity,
What vanity!

Oh! Humanity,
What profanity!

Daylight hours just wash ashore,
With simple lives from once before!
Have you forgotten your heavenly Mother?
And what about your heavenly Brother?
Oh where is your God forsaken mind?
What happened to being loving and kind?

Oh! Humanity,
How you’ve provoked such a calamity!

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Roots of life

The deathly beat of our pounding feet
With shackles of life's disaster.
Bubbles of air contain great care
immersed in blurry waters,
Echoed dreams we shall  believe 
In everything and all before us.

Many a night we fear the light
Of Golum the greedy master.
We share aware of trees despair
Axed the roots of laughter.
Defined at source where love restores 
And bleeds happily ever after.

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A Lily in the Sun

And time
like a lily 
drying in the sun.
The beautiful moments
fading into memories;
the beautiful colors
fading into grays.
And time,
slipping through our fingers
quaking on the surface
of the earth.
Quaking and trembling
because it is afraid.
You see,
time is ending.
Time is running out.
And when the universe 
extends her fragile hand 
and brushes away
the dust of our existence--
the fragments of our time,
no, our times--
gone into the wind
like the withered, 
falling petals
of a lily in the sun.

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The Hackberry

There stands a tree whose climb I've shared,
Thereby, stacking hours, we'd fill our day.
Where boyhood dreams oft were pared,
While observing others passing our way.

This tree is huge, and through time's flow,
Climbers have been more than its share.
Beyond downward branches we would not go,
Unless responding to some friend's dare.

In youth, one of our grandest trees,
At last gasp, growth appeared the same.
Now, no foliage to greet spring's breeze,
It stands, unable to escape time's claim.

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It's a crying shame

It’s a crying shame

In the midnight hour
I stroll along this shore
A silence comes on over me
I’ve felt this thing before
It’s a kind of joining up with God
Whatever that might be
In the midnight hour so all alone with me.

So early in the morning
Before the dark has gone
I stroll along these wetland trails
My heart all filled with song
I hear the birds who come alive
Sing their prayers for the day
In the early morn, the whole world seems okay

It’s a crying shame
That the silence has to go
Amidst the noise of the market place
What happens to that glow
That come when folk are not around
Oh, it’s a crying shame
It might be that it’s only me to blame.

I walk amidst the market place
With all the noise it makes
The gossip and the judgements come
It’s noise for it’s own sake
As I try to find the silence
Of the morning and the night
I am searching for that source of all delight.

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How much I long for the day
When the earth turns green again,
I longed for the day when the faded trees will blossom 
and sprout new leaves under the golden sun,
whispering sweet melodies in the wind,
yes, I longed for those days again.

       ©2013 Christine Phillips

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Understanding Of The End

The time is upon us, yea it is at hand, Things are not what they seem
Im not sure that i really understand
What do you want from me, Is it me?
What do i do, Do I need to take your hand?
Who are these adversaries and What is their plans?,
Am I an instrument, for the ultimate end
Or is it another lesson to be learned, That alone, I can not stand.
What do my dreams mean, are they signs from you?
Are they prophecy, are they the glue
to the pieces of my life, that lead me to you?

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Niagara, the Antiope of Canada,
Amazonian, but not breast less,
Snowy bosom like virginal gems,
Swelling lips moderately full,
Savoury odor felt all around,
Crystalline throat striking the eyes.

Meandering, churning, darting, dashing,
Transformed from blonde to brunette.
Here alluring, benign, attenuated,
There corpulent, colossal, capering,
Practicing calisthenics all the time.

Raquel Welch in ‘One Million Years B.C.’
Wily Cleopatra, the Scythian of Ordzhonikidze,
Carnal Marilyn, matured Helen of Troy,
Venus in Aries, Mars in Pisces.

Broad bellied, middle-aged, deep,
Now bulging belle of Detroit,
Encircling the wooing Windsor,
Yet the Blithe spirit of Pelee Island.


Seventh Place winner in
Contest: Free jewels of the Crown

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Armageddon Pt 1

It's bout to get worse
It was written in the verse
The truth hurts

When the time comes
No one's gonna hold up a sign
saying it's time to "get right"
It's gone come like a thief in the night!
Blowin' up and wreckin ish!
The war you want is the war you gone get
It was written before our time
We keep looking at the signs
manifest before our very eyes
constantly denying our right
to be one of the meek ones of our time

We're at the end of what used to be existence
Every super power will answer to a higher power 
so pray repentence
The time is closer than any distance
From Washington to Obama
No one will escape the wrath!
Hope you choose the right path!
Narrow is the gate of the righteous tracks
that are imprented on the mind of the omnipotent one
Will you be spared life on earth with the meek ones
and accurately take in knowledge of his son?
OR will you perish in the dust
never to be awakened again?
No consciousness of sin

It's in the verses
Read it, see it, live it, rehearse it
You see the times changing
You see the minds fading
You see the world and how messed up it is
You see that nigga satan and his curses!
I pray to have a chance to live a beautiful paradise on earth like it say in the verses!


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Morning Prayer

Moisture laden morning air
Wraps pale shawls round sleepy trees;
Wee birds sing in cool garden
Lifting praise on pleasing breeze.
Bees busy dusting flowers,
Packing perfumed honey bags,
Buzz low to kiss choice blossoms
Drooped 'neath dewdrops downward drag.
I worship, cloistered dawning,
Held still in God's supreme hand;
Linger, soft laughing moments, 
Giving grace for day's demands.


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fracking oil

should I believe you man in the suit?
oh your hair looks mighty fine 
combed back, your polished slacks 
a slight tan 
you are irresistible in your presence 
demanding attention. 
you have a face that looks right 
nothing you say would be out of sight 
nothing you do would steer me wrong 
oh man in the suit, 
you are my god. 
you have the power to make us thrive 
dig a hole 
to the other side 
not to china, but to the fuel
oh man in the suit 
I cannot trust you 
you dug too deep 
into a pocket of the earth 
looking for more resource 
to fill your own pockets 
but I don't want pockets 
man in the suit 
all I want 
is for you to tell the truth
your polished smile did us wrong 
lies lay upon your clever tongue  
and you continue to rule the earth 
digging your holes 
you find more girth 
to your hungry pockets 
which you try so hard to fill
when will you learn 
that filling pockets kills...

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Four Leaf Clover

Thank you sunrise
and fresh young berry branches
for not shadowing 
the slanting ray of light 
that leapt upon 
my plunder

Oh a prize 
most of us only dream of

a simple, wonderful clover
of four leaves
so emerald in pigment 
she oozed light’s energy 
for photosynthesis 

did she happen 
just this morning
or was she there
right in front of my eyes
ever since the first grade?

it makes no difference now
but it could have,
by shaving those years of 
if love wasn’t God’s 
grandest rouse 

we are together now
and that is all that matters
I love you Sandra Jean

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The crystal lake

The crystal lake

The crystal lake, so soft, serene and still
Enhanced our love, so tender it did feel
As we sat and watched the world go by
And all it seemed was part of you and I.

My heartstrings sang, as the sun worshipped your hair
As your essence glowed, so pristine and so rare
Your soft, sweet beauty, it lulled my head like wine
As your lovely eyes like naked stars did shine.

As the Lord looked down, and cast her light on you
And with this light came love so pure and true
Our lonely days were over, we’d found joy
In a love so strong that nothing could destroy.

And time stood still and all that is was one
We shared each other with the rising sun
Then we laughed, and sang, and laughed and cried
We’d found that space where only love can hide.


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In this world so perfectly

In this world so perfectly

A small child laughs, a baby cries
As flowers touch the sun
A small bird sings a song of joy
Cause he knows that dawn’s begun
What hazy shades of bliss this be
As all, it feels like one.

A rabbit frolics on the lawn
As parrots in the trees
Give out their shrieks of pure delight
As dancing on the breeze
The trees fill me with mystic magic
And give my heart such ease.

It’s not the same as yesterday
When I never saw those things
My heart, it now is open wide
And sweetness to me brings.

The fountain burbles in delight
My heart just sings a song
I love the whole wide world today
I feel that I belong
To this world so perfectly
Where nothing’s right or wrong.

12 March 2014 @ 1513hrs.

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The sensitive kind

The sensitive man

He loves he, the grass in the meadow
He loves all the flowers that grow
And loves living life with a passion
And watching the whole of the show
He loves he the sun that is shining
And the moon when it lights the dark sky
And he loves that he’s here
With a mind pure and clear
Though one day he knows he  must die.

He likes to live life in the middle
And flow like a river at ease
And all of the clouds in the heavens
Their patterns his heart do well please
As he walks him the trails in the morning
Sweet dreams going round in his head
And there be a theme worth a poem
So he goes home and writes it instead.

As all of the flowers do touch him
And the birds they do sing a new song
He sits here beneath his lounge window
And knows this is where he belongs
As he’s lost in the dance of the morning
Nothing else enters his mind
He leaves all the drama around him
For he be the sensitive kind.

4 July 2013 @ 1400hrs.

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I'll keep dancing forever

I’ll keep dancing forever

In this wonderful world that I’m in
Everything is a beautiful dance
I don’t know what’s coming before me
It’s a sweet game of wonderful chance
So many get caught in the fear game
As each day does crush them some more
But I’m on a wonderful journey
Though I know me not what’s in store

The end I can see in the future
But what is the future I ask
The past it has gone like the dust in the wind
So, can in the future, one bask??
So I say ‘who cares’ it’s all nothing
Just an old boat afloat on the sea 
As it waits to be broke by the ocean
And join in with eternity.

So it’s all a dance, to my thinking
The good parts, the bad parts as well
And me I don’t know where I’m going
Don’t believe in no Heaven, nor hell
One dances, no thought for the ending
And so it’s the same with my life
I’m going to get into the dancing
Through all of my love, joy and strife.

7 July 2013 @ 0712hrs

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Through that door

Through that door

As the Sun crashed through my window
As the birds awoke the dawn
My mind made new by daybreak
It became the day reborn.
And a whisper stirred within me
From my heart arose these words
“Go through that door to the other side
Then you’ll  “hear” these blessed birds”.

And those trees did softly rustle 
In the early morning breeze.
And I became the morning 
and the breeze that moved these trees
And the whisper softly told me 
As the dawn it beckoned me
“Go through that door to the other side
Then you’ll dance just like those trees”.

Through that door, through that door
Go through that door beyond.
Just keep on moving to the other side
Let the shadows all be gone.

That door seemed so elusive
When I sought it with my mind
Then the whisper seemed to tell me
Just leave your mind behind
Then I felt the sweetest music
As the trees they shone so bright
And as I wandered through that door
I felt such sweet delight

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You’re a thunderstorm
Always coming on strong and coming on fast
I wanna hold you baby
But, baby how long can that really last?
Can I tame your heart?
Do I even wanna to try?
That would mean changing you
And if you changed, then I would die

You see…
It’s like chasing lightning 
And trying to hold tight
If you’d just let me, baby
Then maybe, baby, I might
Oh yeah, 
But there’s 
No holding 
Onto lightning

You’re a hurricane force
Always building up speed and running around
I wanna stop you baby
Or at least, somehow, try to slow you down
But, can I stop that rain?
Do I even wanna to try?
I’d be going against your nature
And that would make me die

You see…
It’s like chasing lightning 
And trying to hold tight
If you’d just let me, baby
Then maybe, baby, I might
Oh yeah, 
But there’s 
No holding 
Onto lightning

I gotta let you run your course
can’t ever try to stop your force
Cause, baby, if I were to even try
I’d stop what makes you, you and baby I would die

You see…
It’s like chasing lightning 
And trying to hold tight
If you’d just let me, baby
Then maybe, baby, I might
Oh yeah, 
But there’s 
No holding 
Onto lightning

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The Moment of Atonement

My Dear World,
I owe you an apology;

Forgive me
for I have distorted thee:
lying passionately,
I failed to accept you
by chimera deceptional
I wanted to surmount you
believing myself
to be exceptional.

Forgive me My World
my bitterness,
and selfishness;
for a fool I was
since the truth 
was consciously unknown to me
thus calamitious the discovery would be.

Please forgive me
all the souls my ambition eradicated,
all the feelings my sharp tongue destroyed,
all the emotions my cold heart repudiated,
for how much all those deeds I enjoyed.

I was then infected;
the infection seemed incurable
as I wanted it to be -
or wasn't I aware how diseased I was?

My Dear World,
I owe you an apology;

Forgive me
my blindness
to the beauty of life;

With myself in centre
I would not look around
for distorted was my perception
by a deceitful projection
of perfect me in faulty universe.

My Dear World,

Thank you
instant recovery of my senses,
the wisdom you blessed me with,
the pain myself was redefined through.

Yester year
I reached the deepest depth
slowly losing my pride -
my psyche was nearing death
in plight I could hardly abide -
I understood a mere human I am.

Now I laugh
enjoying my life
every day forsooth
and with ruth.

Thank you
My Dear World
Please, forgive me.

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The Busy Bees Life

The busy bee carried the nector
From one flower to another
Moved her exhausted wings, struggled like Hector
She fall, but she shall die but not serve the Queen mother

But today was so bizarre
She was the only one working hard
She saw a bee sitting on a flower smoking a cigar
And a servant bee, in a Jaguar car

"What is going on?" she said
Many questions were in her head
When she returned home, all bees were in bed
"Oh, no one is working" she said

Bees were not eating honey but bread
"I am going to tell the Queen" she said
She went to the Queen's room, with a heavy head
"Oh" the Queen was with a servant bee in bed

"What do you want , you idiot bee?"
"Busy bees I can no longer see"
"Are you dump? Today is free"
"A vocation, can't you see?"

The bee woke up with a heavy head
"Oh, what a nightmare" she sadly said

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Let Your Rains Fall Down

let your rains 
fall down
let your rains fall
let your tears run to the ocean
hold none of them tight within
let the earth send them far away
send them far away
far, far away
far away from here

© Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved
(November 10, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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Don't Doubt I Love You

You can doubt the sun will rise
Or that the skies are ever blue.
You can doubt an eagle flies
Or that truths are ever true.
You can doubt everything you see
Within your field of view.
But don’t you ever doubt…
Never doubt that I love you

You can doubt the change of seasons
Or that stars will always shine.
You can doubt both faith and reason,
And that elements combine.
You can doubt the things I say
And the things you see me do.
But don’t you ever doubt…
Never doubt that I love you

No, do not ever doubt.
No, do not ever doubt.
No, do not ever doubt I love you.

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With an ice aye

I'm looking over woods

when winter comes.

Leaves, as bloody tears

are crying an paths.

Lonely, trees are shivering

under a cold sky.

Somewhere, in the mountains

I see a deer pairs

with ice hearts,

but I know that their warmly love

will cross over this cold winter.

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Where Wild Violets Grow

Where Wild Violets Grow

Scribbling these verses,
caressing your bare back,
simple rhymes,
flowing from my fingertips.

Scribbling verses,
sprinkling odes to fragrant promises,
your smile lightens the burdens,
off my heavy heart.

Scribbling verses,
soaked in countless kisses,
the moonlight waltzing on your skin.

Scribbling verses,
feeling you,
your love never ceases to flow,

through the streams of my mind,
to a place of our own,
where wild violets grow

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Natures Path

The moon shining ,is my only light,
as I walk along this path tonight,
but some areas seem to be over dark,
as I travel through this nature park.
branches scratch my arm and slap my face,
can't see the path, there is no trace,
I travel right along trying the path to see,
I'm walking slow as my nose smacks a tree.
I can hear critters, they are all around,
am trying to walk without making a sound,
wondering ahead, whats on the ground,
when all at once my foot hits a mound.
wondering if, I hit a small tree trunk.
when i realize i'm being hit by a skunk.

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Trees and Dirt

Trees and dirt I sleep on the earth, the dust the sand, longing to birth.
Oil on skin, bare, 
sweat on your back, 
feels amazing.
Yes! Im back on track.
Sleeping cosy as a worm, 
unencumbered by any material possession or fixed term.
Free to explore, a magical universe, 
I must implore.
No home, no chores, no bills to pay. 
Just water, food gathered and warmth today.
A dusty cave, cute as a button, no slamming door, 
just love in your belly, to the very core.
I love this realm, 
just need more time, 
time to explore.
Trees and dirt  I sleep on the earth, the dust, the sand, longing to birth.
And return once again to mother earth.

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Put My Eyes To Sleep

I have felt the heavy mists
 of a disappearing life 
a life not held within my grasp
 and yet I have struggled
 I have always struggled 
always to travel on
Not alone
 not on my own
not alone upon my path
 engraved upon my hands
 a map of this life's journeys
 and some plans
 that no earthly soul can read
I open my mind to see 
beyond these heavy mists
 of these disappearing days
 that enclose me
 that will someday all to soon
 put my eyes to sleep

(c) Copyright by Christine A Kysely
 (November 9, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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Snow Song

Snow Song

Tonight, just this once, I need everyone to agree with me
To see what I see, the reality they refuse to believe.
Tonight just once, I need to set the her inside me free,
A note on a stave, no longer chained to a melody.

Tonight just this once I need to spread open paper wings.
Crepe veils of iridescent UN discovered things.
Tonight I need to listen to the snowflakes and icicles sing.
To glissade down crystal branches around the moons silver ring.

Tonight for an instant, I am going to feed into the delusions 
Stretch wide and far past the restraints of being human.
Tonight, casting stars in all the cracks of perfect ruin.
 Silken circles of multifaceted and attractive confusion.

Tonight I’m embracing all the questions with unknown answers.
No longer resenting the figure eights of life’s pirouetting dancer.
Tonight I can relate to the hunger of this soulless obsidian cancer.
Watery lips, azure finger tips this beautiful cerulean disaster.

Tonight through new eyes, I travel forgotten trails
And release a single burning breath I never got to exhale.
For Tonight my soul’s voice finally spells her tale
A pearlescent cadenza of falling snow, innocent and pale.

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Beyond The Sun

Of 2000 years ago Beyond The Sun
There once was a Prophetic Son
With a Mother of Wisdom
The Matriach of Sublime
She shows the way in time
There's a locked cage in my heart
And it's tearing me apart
Sophia you hold The Key
Why don't you open if for me
Beyond The Sun
A Dove, a Flame (Beyond The Sun)
Regina Sapientia is Here (Beyond The Sun)
Beyond The Sun
A Dove, a Flame (Beyond The Sun)
Regina Sapientia is Here (Beyond The Sun)
There's a locked cage in my heart
And it's tearing me apart
Sophia you hold The Key
Why don't you open if for me
Beyond The Sun
A Dove, a Flame (Beyond The Sun)
Regina Sapientia is Here (Beyond The Sun)
Beyond The Sun
A Dove, a Flame (Beyond The Sun)
Regina Sapientia is Here (Beyond The Sun)

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Morning comes with downpour of dazzling dew
That sits on leaves of grass, petals of the flower
And with splendour and glory stains them anew.
Beauty of Eternal image shrinks into finite Hour.

The cruel ray of Sun quivers the grass, the leaves
And the dews suddenly vaporize and flutter away
Like the scattered flying bees of broken beehives.
The parting dew yields to dreary mechanical day.

Though nothing, nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower
Yet tomorrow Dew will return with the downpour
Of splendours and glories of the heavenly power.	

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Ever South

Yellow leaves swoop by the window like
errant canaries, confused, bruised, caught
in a ghostly whirlwind they rise and fall
swirling, hurling, snapping like a flag unfurling,
trapped taut against the window
caught momentarily, autumn comes to
stir things up, to disrupt, the end of
summer so abrupt, ruffling the feathers
of the glossy blackbirds who darken the sky
in swarms and herds, crowding on power lines
they huddle together as birds of a feather,
cawing, seemingly cursing the weather,
so many on the line, a snapshot in time,
etched into my mind, sublime,
taking flight en masse to head ever south,
south, to warmer climes as I hear the deep
tones of my Gregorian chimes, thrumming
tones that rattle breastbones, I count the
autumns that have come and go and
I know, I know.

©Danielle White

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First Day of Spring

Written October 26, 2013

Love cries out from a songbird
On the first day of spring
And all the flowers bloom in the rain
And sunshine reigns
Over every boy and every girl
In this town that's driving me insane

On the first day of spring
The beginning of the end
Blue skies pulling me in
Along with all my friends
Rain shields the sun again

Alone in my room
I rescind
To the deepest depths of my soul
To sew back shut a hole
That will make me whole

I'm melting to the permafrost
How I feel so lost
In the world I used to call my own
Now I feel so alone
Without a house to call my home

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We raise up to the place,
We’re reaching the time,
On the place, when the dream wakes up
In the moment,where the reality will fall asleep
In a dark shadow, a cradle,
blinds the ridges
With bright cloud,? cover
darkens the lake.

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Would I were a Yellow Bird

Would I were a yellow bird,
No woes would be on me
I’d fly me past the Sawney roofs
And past the canopy,
O I’d fly so high above this earth
Above this great frontier,
You’d think me but a yellow bird
Just a-gone and disappeared.

I’d soar out into sunlit skies
Where the clouds have all gone home
And I’d soar out over churning tides,
Bleached white with briny foam
Well I’d soar above the lofty peaks
Of mountains gray and blue
Just to perch atop those crowns of rock
And sit in wait for you.

O I’d fly tomorrow if I could,
In fact I’d fly today,
But my wings have not grown strong enough
To fly me anyway
So here I’ll sit, atop this nest
These skies I’m doomed to roam
Would I were a yellow bird,
Then I would fly me home.

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God help the foolish

God help the foolish

Everywhere I go
The trees grow oh, so tall
The birds, they whistle cheerily
It’s all so wonderful
This world is filled with beauty
To feast the eyes upon
God help us all when all of this is gone.

Some folk worship money
They have no other view
Short sighted is the way they look
They never see what’s true
Destroying untold beauty
For the power of owning all
They are killing everything that’s beautiful

God help the foolish
They know not what they do
They bring down forests to the ground
God help those crazy few
Where will they get their oxygen
When all the trees are gone
God help them with their foolish carry on.

A world without the beauty
Of trees, and birds, and flowers
Would crush one’s soul so heavily
Why do they need this power?
Oh, what’s the good of money
If this is all there be?
This planet dies, as I watch helplessly.

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                                                  The bird was flying in the sky,
                                                  he flew low and he flew high,
                                                  do it again another great try,
                                                  round he goes no reason why.

                                                  he went up , then dropped low ,
                                                  then went to and then went fro ,
                                                  he loved to fly, this I know ,
                                                  all over the land he will go.

                                                  he flew the race he had to win,
                                                  round he went again and again ,
                                                  even faster with a tail wind ,
                                                  beating the others with a grin.

                                                  went to the tree and the nest,
                                                  now it is time to get some rest ,
                                                  he knew that he had done his best ,
                                                  his mama said you beat your test.

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Old Trees of the Field

Something about you calls to my heart,
Pulling and drawing me farther apart
From those I am with; you implore me to see:
What are you saying, twisted old tree?

You chose not the shelter of forest or town,
But out in the wide open fields you put down
Roots that were hungry, thirsty for truth,
With only the blue vault of sky for a roof.

You have stood all alone throughout the long years;
The sunshine your joy, the raindrops your tears.
The snows have lain heavy upon your bare brow,
Beneath biting winds, writhing, you bowed,

Your trunk is gnarled and twisted with pain
For fierce were the storms beneath which you strained;
Yet, in your branches, by cruel winds wrung,
The dove has nested and raised up her young.

Yes, you have struggled and tasted of woe,
but a partner with God you have been and you know--
Along with the laughter of leaves comes the sigh,
And mingled with joy there is always a cry.

I wonder at you as I stand 'neath your boughs:
If you could choose over, what would you do now?
Would you live in the forest or some sheltered glen,
Or choose, as you first did, the fields and the wind?

I know why you call me, my brother, old tree,
For the sap in you veins flows also in me;
I must drink the cup wholly, both bitter and sweet,
For life has no nectar unless it's complete.

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On such a snowy evening
When cold wind makes everyone shudder
And numbs senses with its fang,
The ever-warm heart remembers her.

On such a snowy evening
When trees shed dry leaves like tear
And melodious birds stop singing,
The ever-green heart remembers her.

On such a snowy evening
When everyone sinks in sleepy snow-layer
And life becomes tiresome and boring,
The ever-awake heart remembers her.

On such a snowy evening
When everyone alienates from each other
And the hateful death roams to sting,
The ever-loving heart remembers her.

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All About Her

I dont know much about her
but I heard she wasnt that talkative
She didnt like being alive
She was numb to all the pain she had to go through

I heard she didnt like anything that was green
She ate roman noodles everynight for supper
She always wore flannels and bellbottoms
Sometimes i seen her wear dresses and fancy tops
But lately shes been wearing band shirts

She wears converse shoes and uses an army bag for school
I know that she dosent like to communicate through talking... only through her peoms
or sometimes even her songs.

I see her drawing and painting all the time
She draws famous people
She would like to be famous and not so unknown
When she tries to speak to anyone they always walk away and leave her alone

When she gets home she goes upstairs to play her bass guitar
She hates chocolate cake but loves chocolate
Her family left her behind because she cant forget her past

Sometimes when shes alone she contemplates the meaning behind her life
Her favorite color is gray because her life is black and white
Everything she says is false according to the world

She is not so innocent
I understand that she dreams about the perfect life
When she opens her eyes they are pitch black

She is someone that is fake
She acts nothing like she should
She is very grungy and unclean

She knows of no safety
and of no time
Her life is smashed into pieces by the giant sun

She will always be a ghost
She knows of no god
She crawls around in the world of death
She remains forgotten

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Peaceful Sleep

I Fell asleep to the sound of the rain To the smell of the mountain air Whose breeze flows over the country plain.

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Shades of Green

In the spring when the earth spills forth with color and the trees multiply shades of green, 
nature is truly amazing.

I slowly watch the ever changing days.
New life begins it's mystery multiplying shades,
of green.
When heaven's grace washes it's refreshing rains
upon the earth,
no better time to dream,
sitting on my front porch swing,
in the early spring.
I listen to the waterfall and hear the angels whispering call,
in the early spring.
Truly amazing is all the trees,
multiplying shades of green.
I feel the refreshing sunshine upon my face,
when heaven spills forth it's grace,
upon the daisies now in bloom,
spreading their scent of sweet perfume,
in the early spring.
No better place to catch the view than on my front porch swing.
I listen to the sweet little tunes of the birds that sing,
and watch the flowers and trees in bloom,
multiply shades of green.

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It Looks Like Love to Me

You smile
You ask
No easy task
To put it into words
I look
And see 
Then say, it looks like love …to me

It’s that blanket on a winter night
You wrap around me oh so tight
The way you want to make things right
Honey, it just has to be, 
It looks like love…to me

You laugh
You say
There’s no other way
To be just who you are
I smile
Then say, it looks like love …to me

It’s the way you take me in your hold
You never let our love grow old
There’s not one doubt, for me I’m sold
Honey, it just has to be, 
It looks like love…to me

If love was ever one person
Then babe it would you
There is no other word for this
That’s why our love holds true

You look
Then smile
All the while
You never look away
My eyes
They see
It looks like love… to me

Yeah, honey
It looks like love… to me

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Give them clear mountain lakes,   
And kid-friendly swimming holes,	
Rafts, rowboats, and canoes;        
Dads and sons with fishing poles.
Give them clear night skies,          
Filled with just enough moonlight	
To find shadowy paths--                 
Navigating by starlight.	

Give them old patch jackets          
To remind them of their tales:	
Camporees, jamborees,                 
And famous historic trails	
Give them some traditions            
From American folklore;	
Ashes saved from campfires,        
To teach them who went before.	

Give them Boy Scout handbooks,    
Lengths of rope with knots to tie,   
Multi-tool pocket knives,                
And young Scouts wanting to try.
Give them trails to follow,             
Maps and compasses to read.	
Stories around a fire, 	              
Patrols of Boy Scouts to lead.	

All Scouts want is just a chance        
To watch wildlife and touch native plants,
Go snipe hunting and backpacking,   
And earn merit badges for everything.
All Scouts want is just somewhere   
To swim and hike and breathe fresh air,
And to cook and laugh around a campfire.  
There’s just not much more for a Scout to desire.

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I watch as the rays of the Silvery moon drape their silhouette over , The edge of the soft bed. The air blows in from the chilly  northern wind outside my window pane. The Earth is quiet and still,  The muffled sound of a near by pond frog, can be heard.  And offers peace unto the sleepy eyed Earth.  The quietness slipping further and  further into complete silence.  The trees seem to pause in between their, dancing swaying leaves. They are frightened from the darkness that is creeping in. The Earth will not deny it. Winter will soon dwell in the its surrounding. Small snowflakes dance in the distance above the high Mountains. White will foil the entire hillside, and sparkle like glitter when  the moon, brings light.  The soft winter mix, will soon  pillow the entire Earth.  The snow flakes dance and twirl, and land on the arms of the shivery  trees, they will cradle the white wetness. The earth is now fast asleep, and The whiteness will soon cover the entire Sleepy eyed Earth.

draped/ slipping/ pause/ edge/ muffled/ foil/ wake/ deny/ dwell/ pillow

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battered rain

i sit on the steps just awaiting you to arrive
i'm in thought of your pleasure to cleanse the earth
and wash all the hell away it's gloomy it's damp
the thunder began to roam over my soul it's nature 

i'm loved however i see your greed as your wind blows
on homes knocking the dove right out of the tree
it's heaven it's god you chased the sun away

flashes of lightening covers the sky 
you showered across town now you're back
waiting on me to hang out the fresh laundry
or perhaps go get a new hair do 

well i won't i'll just sit here until you're done
with all this mass construction you call nature
oh yes i'll pick up the furniture and glass
and search for the dog after you pass 

you are gonna pass are't you or will you
come inside this time like you did the kings 
across the street ripping off their roof 
just to take a peek i'll get an umbrella

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Mystic evening

A mystic evening

A mystic evening
There’s silence everywhere
The stars are shining
And I am standing there
As the full moon gazes down on me
This thing enters my soul.
As velvet spirit Makes me feel so whole.

My heart is quiet 
I feel such mystery
Something within me
Whispers ‘Let it be’
And everything is wonderful
As I feel a magic power
Which seems to fill my heart and make it flower.

No words can tell the way it is
For symbols they just be
Symbols cannot picture it
This sweet, sweet mystery.

My life be simple
As I gaze here at the night
I feel that moons glow
As everything feels right
Awareness comes on over me
And peace is everywhere.
As life just is, and I am standing there.

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A tale of warning for these times
This world holds more than you will find
Until you stumble into mind
Within the woodland lost inside

As we awaken, into pain
The broken emptiness and shame
We will misplace our brightest flame
The self we journey to find again

In moonlit whispers, we brave the cold
With shadows stalking through the snow
Approaching a forest, so alone
Our spirit guide waiting at home

A wood that’s thickened by this night
Our sadness darkened in this light
We stumble forward, filled with fright
A movement swallowing our sight

Our senses count the crushing beat
A heart of ice beneath our feet
The path is hidden under sleet
These bonds of fear are now complete

Frozen, empty; ensnared by dread
We hear the haunting call of death
The forest living, we now see its depths
Our mind expanding to its breadth

Through hallowed pillars filled with eyes
Through water, fire, earth and sky
Entangled visions unravelling lies
Our fears will fade and sun will rise

In sunlit whispers, we’re no longer cold
Its flame begins to make us whole
We’re through the forest; not alone
Because we never left our home

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There is a wood inside my heart

Wind blows soft on my bare arms
I ride through deep green woods.
These simple pleasures all I love,
Air on my skin feel good.

The wind shakes leaves for  sidelong sun
To make her pictures from.
So much,so rich the offerings
This is senses' realm.

Alone in woods, I plight my troth
To earth and gods thereof.
I sing my own sweet melodies,
To solitude and love.

Far from the maddening crowds of folk,
I hear earth's own true songs.
And then refreshed by woodland charms,
I feel at peace from wrongs

Inside my heart,there is a wood,
And there I shall now dwell.
And so I'll solve the mystery,
Of how we can live well .

Each wood has its particular birds
On tree tops in sunlight.
And each wood has its special song,
And each wood has its sights.

I shall accept the mysteries
Of who has made my wood;
And how we are all joined bodily,
All sharing this green blood.

Deep down we go into our hearts,
To find out who we are.
Just at the deepest,quietest parts
We find all beings there.

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Green is the colors all around The sun covered underneath all the clouds Where did you go today? Thunder shaking the skies with a certainty The rain will come down Ground wet from the cold drops coming from above The winds fierce, blowing as if it were kept mute finally being able to be heard What a beautiful creation A picture, a portrait, a canvas Painted with excellence by its artist Each detail accentuated The trees swerve back and forth not falling of course Foundations made strong Rain comes down harder Washing away yesterdays harshness Refreshing the earth Renewing the land Time for new growth to appear My happiest days are the rainy days

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I'm New

I’m new internally….
If you cut me I will bleed,
But I’m new true indeed.

Created by my maturity, I will prosper with security
And all my dreams will come true; because I am new….

No longer playing silly games
No longer fantasize
No longer playing silly games
No longer compromise

During the day I feel the same, pray I won’t go insane
Clouds have given me thunderous rain, but I walk with open eyes.
Aware God has me clear in sight…..I no longer run, I stand, I fight.
And when there are no stars at night.
My vision still sees a beautiful sight.
Because I’m New.

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Light is fading
It’s cold, abrasive
Facing longer nights
Green leaves mellow
Brown and yellow
Autumn has arrived

Misty mornings
Clock alarming
Body sense awry
Feel so jaded
Last night’s raving
Flashing through your mind

Drink hot coffee
Rush to catch the
Seven thirty-five
On the treadmill
Routine, thankful
Work keeps hope alive

Simply crazy when, every now and then
You want to bash your head against the wall
No longer feeling worth it all
Like you always thought you would

You live the life you choose
Or are you being used?
Now faking it, doesn’t raise a hit
You forfeit all or run with it
Lucky to be paid
And maybe later, dream of getting laid

Light is fading
It’s cold, abrasive
Facing longer nights
Green leaves mellow
Brown and yellow
Autumn has arrived

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It's Destny

It’s Destiny

It’s destiny, the trials the stormy weather
All the misery getting lost and feeling better      
The good, the evil, all those pains and joys          
They’re life, they’re part of every girl and boy.

Coincidence, it happens all the time
All those accidents 
all those good deeds and the crimes
They be a part of just the way it is
We’ve not much power when it comes to this

Like matchstick one be drifting
On a wild and stormy sea
As those waves like you be shifting
Well it’s your destiny
So melt like salt that thrown into the brine
Surrender to that ocean you’ll be fine.

Hey ecstasy it’s now it’s always here
And eternity, it’s you, it seems so clear
You’re being called to rise up from the dead
And head for those good places, you’ll be lead.

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EYE Don't See -Part 3-

My eyes
Witness your departure
My eyes
Are dripping with hopelessness…
My eyes start to blur…
Melancholy put me under pressure…
Is there a cure to my disease? 

You don’t see
The shards of hope that once brought us back together
Just let me search for safety
I’m strong enough to realize that I’m no longer
The weakest prey out there…

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me whimpering like a distraught puppy left on the train tracks?

I’m close to my demise…save me and take me home

Nourish me…and be my beloved friend

Will this friendship last forever?

Hopefully it has no end

Will this cheerful moment help us get along with each other?

Because of you…I feel the need to run 
I keep an eye on you – I worry that you’ll hurt yourself again
Because of you…My freedom is nearly gone
I don’t wanna be caught off guard again
Because of you…EYE can’t picture a solution for our vexing dilemma 
Because of you…eye can’t focus on my long-term goal 

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you sense that I’m giving in to failure? 
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…I can’t endure 
The hardships that you place upon me…
Could you boost up my confidence to overcome 
My atrocious anxiety? 

I’m just waiting for some sun
To keep me in good hands…
To strengthen me with perseverance …
I’m just waiting until His son
Leads the world outtah Egypt and reveals to us…
His radiance…His dazzling Kingdom – 
Vibrant with glee

Your undying sympathy dawns upon us
I’m overflowing with indescribable joy  
You’re a candle in the night…
We meet eye to eye…
What a sight…what a precious sight

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Misty Morning

As light peeps through the silent trees
to touch the damp and mossy earth,
the birds pay homage to creation -
singing in sweet jubilation.

While a young fawn grazes peacefully
along the edge of the tranquil valley,
falls an early morning shower -
God in His gentle power.

It is a rain-drenched misty morning
as the dewdrop kisses the blossom;
it is another fresh beginning 
as He rules each living thing.

How silent is the dark rain forest
but for beasts crying from the nest,
fishes splashing on crystal water,
wings fluttering above in the air.

Beneath the sky’s great canopy
is this lush garden that I see;
on this new morning that I greet
comes a renewal of my faith.

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Sea Waves
Rise and Fall
With the Dusty Wind
And Tune the Un-tuned Nature.
So much is hitherto Unsaid
And Nature do speak
With its melody
Within this
May Wonder
How the Streams
Resonate the Life’s ebb and flow
With subtle Changes in Tide.
I can hear the Music too,
It plays within me,
So deep inside,
Rises and
Surely, It
Rises and Falls.
I can feel it within,
On my pumping Heartbeats.
Listen closely, silently,
You will hear it
Listen, now!
Listen the thunder,
Listen dancing raindrops,
Listen the murmurs
Of Spring water
That floats
Just listen,
Nature is singing,
Here, There, Everywhere.
The Notes rise, fall
With its Beat,
Sung by

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Love's Lofty Height

Love's Lofty Height
Ingrid Showalter Swift

A lofty height 
A soft kiss
sweet butter lips 
and the scruff
O lament at the wall of tears with me ... 
Take not the hand of sweet liberty
O my sweet earnest soul…be still and vacuous as the sea as it glows 
……… takes no hostage with intent

Be glad as the bee as it goes 
Pollen is its heart’s content
Be wild as the leaves on the trees ripping and dipping 
 flying and soaring and beneath it all 
as snow coated ice field ….be still my beloved love
Know the peace of grass 
of the stone on the side of a hill
feel the movement in the feathers of a hawk as they flicker through the dive of air
Be as the cloud sees the world up and down and in and out it goes and asks not for understanding of all it sees
Be as the crumpled piece of paper with words that might have changed the world 
a ball sitting at the bottom of the ash can with the chewed gum that does not argue that it be taken 
Be as the birth of a fawn in the wilderness asking nothing but to stand for the first time and quiver a new
Be new in you …my beloved 
because you 
having given birth to us... have set me free

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Like the first dawning 
dew drops
Like the fresh scents
of morning
Like cut grasses in
spring time
Like a flower 
in new bloom

Your beauty enfolds me
Engulfs and abounds me
Completely unveils me
Makes my heart cry for more

Like the depths of your
Like the gushing of 
geisha's     (hot springs)
Like the turn of the
Trickling streams 
down the mountains
Like the mists upon 
Gently rise 
Gently fall
Guess not often
I tell you
Just how much 
you mean to me
That my life 
would be worthless
Without you to adore
Yes, I'm saying
I love you
And I hope you
are listening
For it seems like 
a lifetime
To speak out
surface and soar
Like the eagle 
flies on wing
Like the clouds
In the Heavens
Like trees
rustle above
My life trembles
with passion
Let me show
my adoration
My courtship and 
My sweetest amore

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Angel Of The Snow

Angel Of The Snow Written: by Tom Wright 9/1/99 My Jewel of the snow, For me, you fan your wings. Causing snow kissed boughs to exist Where naught but nature sings. As if on canvas, You've painted fields of white. When did you paint your masterpiece, Was it as I slept last night? With steam emitting nostrils, You fill winter's morning air. Causing frost to form on branches That soon will sparkle as your hair. Once again I'll behold your splendor, Hovering in stone washed sky. For sunrise comes, my jewel of the snow, You soon must go--or die.

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So perfectly

So Perfectly

A small child laughs, a baby cries
As flowers worship sun
A small bird sings a song of joy
He knows the dawns begun
What hazy shades of bliss this be
As all, it feels like one.

A rabbit frolics on the lawn
As parrots in the trees
Give out their shrieks of pure delight
As dancing on the breeze
The trees fill me with mystic, magic
To give my heart some ease.

It’s not the same as yesterday
When I never saw those things
My heart, it now is open wide
And sweetness to me brings.

The fountain burbles with delight
My heart just sings a song
I love the whole wide world today
I feel that I belong
To this world so perfectly
Where nothing’s right or wrong.

29 July 2013 @ 1453hrs.

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Taking A Stab At Writing A Lyric

September is here
I wave goodbye to summer
Unpack the fall gear
Cold weather is a bummer!
I'm glad we're eased in
With leaves as they change color
Reminding me of when
I played tag with my brother.
Jumping into leaves
We raked up into a pile
Never misperceived
A landing spot worthwhile
Seasons changed again
And snow now covers his grave
So young he was when
He decided life would end
He thought he couldn't be saved.

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Song about the Earth (by Vladimir Vysotsky)


Vladimir Vysotsky

Is the earth, as they say, burnt and dried?
Will a seed, as they say, never sprout?
Has the earth, as they say, really died?
No!  It’s taken a lengthy time-out!

Mother Earth will forever give birth,
Its maternity isn’t  a fiction!
Don’t believe that they burnt down the earth,
No! It’s blackened from grief and affliction.

Trenches, running like scars back and forth …
Bleeding guts black shell-craters expose …
They are open nerves of the earth,
Which unearthly unhappiness knows.

It will stand wars and grief — any thing!
It’s not crippled, though booted  and looted …
Don’t believe that the earth doesn’t sing,
That it’s quieted down, diluted!

No, it’s singing as loud as it can
From a trench, from a wound, from a hole!
Since the earth is the soul of Man,
Boots cannot trample down the soul!

Translated by George Tokarev


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Love Is In The Air Tonight

Baby lets take that drive today.
Its the right time to get away.
Lets go to that same old spot
that we both know so well.

Its there. The sun
is always warm and nice.
And the river runs so cool,
always flowing thru our minds.

Love is in the air tonight.
This time, this time that we share.
Being here, being here without a care.
Love is in the air tonight.

When we're here we feel free.
So plentiful, just you and me.
We know its here for sure.
We'll make love all thru the night.

Love is in the air tonight.
Holding hands below the stars.
Below the stars, we begin to dance.
And we'll dance all thru the night.

Love is in the air tonight.
We'll sleep all day,
just to wake all night.
To wake and love and dance.

Under stars again,
love in the air to share.
Another night again,
always hand and hand.

Love is in the air tonight.

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Visions of the Night

Good dreams, sweet dreams
Visions filled with wonder—
Flowing gently,
While we deeply slumber;
They take us far away
While we take rest from the day,
So make sure you close your eyes
And close them tight;
So you can see the visions of the night.

Moonlight, soft light,
Glowing through the windows,
Shadows dancing 
Softly on their tiptoes—
They pass the night away
In a nocturnal ballet
While the stars shine in a blazing silver-white;
How beautiful, these visions of the night!

Should we long for the coming of the setting sun,
Simply because it heralds the day's end;
Is it wrong if we want the moon to rise—
Just so that, we can stop and close our eyes?

Owls hooting, counting off the minutes,
Crickets chirping, mini violinists;
They set music for the stage
As the world turns a new page
And the lonely moon observes from her great height;
She's watching all these visions of the night.

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Cold Season

Cold Season…

I feel the winter calling
The cold season blowing on the wind
I want to send my spirit soaring
But it doesn’t know where to begin

I watch the leaves as they’re falling
Changing colors I watch them twist and turn
Turning to the ground, I’m gazing back into the sky
To feel the frost; just as fire, burn…

I feel the winter calling
The cold season blowing on the wind
To me it seems the clouds are falling
And I’m wondering where I fit in

I see life through a picture window
Unpainted glass covering the expanse of the frame
My unobstructed view of the trees bending in the wind
Wondering if the view will ever change
Or if it will ever be the same again…

I feel the winter calling
The cold season blowing on the wind
I want to send my spirit soaring
But frozen, it doesn’t know where to begin…

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Vast Love

The love that kisses with a tasteless tear
A pain that can’t be painted on the soul
A longing for a place without a fear
Longing for a feeling that makes me whole
Beloved, words can’t heal my tattered heart.
As thorns pass me by the pain cant compare
That of the pain of being torn apart
Even the wind howls about it I swear
Tell me was falling in love my mistake
I chose my own fate and decided to stay
I will not let this love become forsaken
Love can’t just get up and spirit away
Love is worth overcoming a mountain
My love for you flows like a vast fountain

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Silent Night Sky

Oh how can one capture 
Your beauty on paper
Without you evaporating
Off as it is your nature

The stars are your jewels
The moon is your crest
Everyone drools
As if blessed

Your silence is serenity
That whisper to my thoughts
An overwhelming beauty
That ties my stomach up in knots

How humble I am sound
A beauty incomparable
With a radiance so profound
Your absence is unbearable

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Scream Attentions only to Yield

I'm feeling like I've lost my sons for i have failed as a mother-
I'm on the verge of becoming white as snow
for I am trying to pull my life back together
but taking the path to a darkness road, I'm walking slow
I have fail
to not have the emotions to feel hate for those to reign on my angry rage
I have not seen any whales,
to swim along side by side, for I haven't been on the right track of the page
I have dreams that I wished to make it comes true
but the fearful shadows of the streets nothing but loniliness is a road to be in more danger
Can't you see, the reason to open your eyes for what the life has brought you a passionate
lover standing right in front of you?
been lost, alone in a cold air chilled my spine of my soul
is heartbroken with tears than making peace and the sweetest amends to those I would called
the darkest spirit; dressing like one of the gothic strangers.
Do i finally have a big chance to be warm when I sleeps at the quiet nights?
Am i thinking too seriously when i looked ahead of the way I'm living on earth?
do you see that i now have a smile of feeling the thrills and delight?
Have i reached the pit filled with flaming fire as my awakening desire waiting for you to lay me 
down in the jungle, on the sand and a place where i will no longer get hurt?
if only I can stop thinking that i will live for there is more karmas will soon come back and make
be the day of getting worse;
I have tried to be loving for everyone who deserved to have the the gentle touch of my devotion
for all eyes and bodies to see-
being a lost, and lonely treasure,
I have lost all of my reasons for me to be okay and to breathe
for i have created the passionate dream of my fulfilled pleasures
as long as i stop telling myself that i am a failure woman,
while im walking with no stones of black fire..
i feel that i am no longer 100% human,
for the hunger and the willingness of becoming the tiger-; waiting to pounce for a long time 
with the fate in me is getting tired.
I can take you down
as my fiesty side of a white tiger has finally step out...
this isn't a joke, like you would care if u ever show your face around
let it be heard, as i scream my roar
for i am mighty proud to give it a fearful shout-
but beware, as this will be your only caution: i will make you weak, and sores
for never again will the blue-eyed white tiger will show any signs or weakness that i fail
i will survive
as you just became my slave,
for the hunger in me is alive.

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A Poppy and Venus

I love you 
I said to a poppy flower, 
Dancing coquettely on the light wind,   
Closely observed its nice red bowl
Outer and inner texture of covering and color,
Have tasted it freshness, odors and tenderness 
Even the little stamens
Ringing around a pistil have the tiniest velvet yellow heads
As a toothbrush for bees.
You so gracious and beautiful
No one craftsman will able to create
Such masterpiece
So usual in nature. 
And the awful fact
That after just one day
You will left your excellence
Filled me with sorrow
And melancholy,
And I am tenderly smell  its odor and kiss it
And breathe it    
And say farewell
For this astonishing, stunning
And immortal wonder,
Equal or even superior 
The marvel of eternal shinning Venus on morning heaven.

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The whisper

The Whisper

In the softness of a diamond studded night
I felt that pregnant silence all around
And the moon she looked so magic in my sight
 As she cast her rich dark shadows on the ground.

I felt that mystic presence in the air
As I sensed an awesome power deep inside
And this essence it pervaded everywhere
As deep within my child, for freedom cried.

I heard the silence whisper to my heart
So soft, but oh so loud, and so, so, strong
As the voice of wisdom gently played it’s part
It’s very purity could not be wrong

‘Accept yourself’ the whisper seemed to say
You never know your time may not be long
Why not be here now, and live your life today?
            And let it be, and dance, and sing your song.

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Bow Hunter

                                           I sit and I wait, and I wait some more,
                                           I watch and wonder and do implore;
                                           I have my bow and arrow in hand,
                                           my eyes scan left, right, all over the land; 
                                           I listen to the blue jays as they scream "man",
                                           I hear the squirrels and sit as still as I can;
                                           my ears are tuned to hear the snap of a twig,
                                           I wait for the buck that has grown so very big;
                                           then I see the shadow move through the brush,
                                           I wait and wait with the silence of a hush;
                                           there he is, 10 beautiful points sit above his eyes,
                                           raise, draw, aim, release and away my arrow flies.

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A Little Butterfly

Once a big beautiful butterfly landed on me, Such a pretty shade of orange and all trimmed in black. I quickly jumped and he flew away, He never ever came back. I wished for another butterfly, To bring me luck and land on me again, I would try not to jump so quickly this time, Reminding me of an unmet friend. A pretty little butterfly landed on my leg, While I was laying in the sun today. He was the same color as the other one, But this one did not fly away. I thought I’d name him Jeffrey, Like that unmet friend of mine, In hopes to see more of him, Before he flew away this time. Instead he sipped the cool water, That had been splashed on my knee. I slowly sat up and held out my hand, And called him to come to me. Believe it or not he flew right to my hand, And seemed to listen to what I had to say. I noticed his little wings were damaged, Then again he flew away. Inside his wings of beautiful colors, More of him I really wanted to see. So I called for his return, Twice more he came back to land on me, So for my little Jeffrey butterfly, Even if I never saw him again, At least I got the chance of a close encounter, And I now feel content within. Florence McMillian (Flo)

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I Stoped to Watch the Shadows Dance

I stopped to watch the shadows dance
  One silent autumn day,
The light embraced the sighing boughs,
  Scattering golds of May.

The breeze was soft upon my cheeks
   As feathers to the touch;
It took my scarf in playful grasp
  Unmindful of my clutch.

And now, alive and yet so silent,
  To earth the colours float,
Now empty though with life so full--
  The sea without a boat.

I must move on, don't trust my heart,
  Must go before I break.
Life is just a shadow passing--
  Reflections on a lake.

I'll come tomorrow in the dawn;
  I must not stay tonight.
The sun has gone and so must I,
  I'll come back with the light.

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Introduction: Wonders of the lights, the meditative aurora of the world...

In silenced sleepless nights
They draw me close to them,
Through visionary lands and sights
Of unfulfilled needs, the worldly fame,

Towards a realm without immorality
The immortality of kindness,
The poignant poise of sympathy
Lives be in them, placidness.

Airy lands of the skies
The soundless voice of paradise,
The symbol peace of serenity
Let it be released - Tranquility.

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Moon Light Bright

                                                     Moon Light Bright.

                                                Oooh you shine so bright 

                                in every full autumn night without your friend in cite, 

                                       that helps you dominate the night sky 

                                                with your dens chilling light 

                    which helps me seek my ways throw the hunting mystery of the night,
                                                  without a single flashlight.

                                        Theo I wish on every day and every night 
                            nature can deliver such a beautiful cite... Moon Light Bright.

Poetry 2/23/11 by Keith Kadell

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Black Love

                 Black LOVE

             My head rested
on the pillow of her smooth skin.
She opened the curtains of her being,
My hands slip into indulgence while 
 they explored her expansive dark skin.
With half words she whispered moans,
 followed by screams of passion.
With her shadow I bounded, as she 
swarmed waters of our endless longing passed.

                     Jay Johnson

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Heart and Mind

* Heart & Mind *   

I wonder, and I wonder of this heart of mine, for I know there are so many things for 
me to find

I felt a pain so I left at the same time, to a small house that was designed

I passed the first and took the next in line, because the big house wasn’t finished so 
there wasn’t any time.

I jumped and entered, then did what I had to do at the time, and then something 
flashed across my mind, for there’re similarities of the same signs

I wonder, and I wonder, is she the true angel of mine, for she is full of the sweet 
sweet signs 

I wonder and I wonder, is she the true love of mine, for all that I know of her is that 
she straps the heart and mind: she’s caring, sharing and most of all my father’s 

I see her nose, especially her sweet smile, every time she crosses my mind, for with 
such a smile, she will always be in my mind

I never always get what I want but that’s ok; it is for the best at times 

But this time I am sure that if I don’t receive her, one thing for sure, she will always 
be apart of my mind

For she is a sweet little creature of my father’s design that will always be in my heart 
of mine

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Sa natagpuang malinis na dagat ay nakayapak na lumusong
Nagpatangay sa alon, duyan ng pangarap umusbong, 
Hinayaang lumaya ang hinaing ng puso at kanyang bulong
Ligalig na hatid nito'y ninamnam, handa na ba'ng isulong? 

Ragasa ang alon, tinangay ang walang tutol na panaghoy
Tangis ng puso, init ng pag-ibig ay nagningas, umapoy! 
Himagsik ng kalooban pilit na sinikil, di tinukoy
Ano ba, bakit ba, pagkalula'y naramdaman sa kanyang ugoy! 

Tila higop ng kumunoy, mapagkit ang kapit
Magneto ng alon ay hindi maiwasan kahit nakapikit, 
Ang lakas ng hatak, hindi malabanan kahit na kumapit
Sa paniniwalang ito lamang ay magdudulot ng hinagpis at pait! 

Natuto ngang pumaimbabaw, sa alon ay nagpatangay
Alon ng mapanglaw na pananabik sa kanya'y sumabay, 
Daloy ng kasiyahan, ninamnam ang pag-ibig na tunay
Tinangay ng masidhing pagsinta na walang kapantay.

Sa alon ng pangarap kanyang nabatid
Hangaring makamtan ang kaligayahang hatid, 
Pag-ibig na wagas rumagasa sa puso'ng sabik
Tinupad ang hiling ng kanyang matapat na gibik! 

Saan ba patungo, alon ng hangaring ito
Sa dulo ba ng talampas, mahuhulog ba o hihinto? 
O kakapit at tatayo, humakbang palayo dito
Upang sa ituktok ng talampas, daloy ng pangarap itatayo? 

Pag-ibig na dumaloy, sa puso'ng hapo
Ngayo'y tigib ng pagnanasang magkapanagpo, 
Isakatuparan ang hinaing ng sabik na puso
Maging isa, sa alon ng pag-ibig ay magpatangay ng buong puso! 

Inner Whispers

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in the end of September
when leaves are crying
in the wild wind,
lonely on shore
I remember you.

Life has many ways
and there is nothing to say.

Running on sand
early in the morning
I am only waiting
The sunrise.

Another day will comes
and I know
that I will love you

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Good Morning

Good morning, beautiful day
No clouds storming, the Sun is shining
So I got to be rhyming, nice to see the leaves 
Falling in the Fall, go for a run feel the breez as a smile
I release, Peaceful morning puts my mind at ease like a picture
Say cheese, I'm in the mountains, happily shoutain to the Lord thank you
For a Good morning...

I'm up so early, I'm an early bird tweeting a song even if you already heard
Like Jack Johnson it's not the weedend, but Banana Pancakes I will make
If and when, I'd like to say Good Morning to all once again
So who am I, Daniel Sainz, go head and call me
Daniel Son, like the Karate Kid, HA JK
Wait for the next day, Good Morning
I'll say, hope it will be a
Beautiful Day...

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Rivers of Time

Dinosaurs waiting for stone to erode,
their skeletons covered, uncovered again,
iron that's forgotten the blood where it flowed
and phosphorous leached from a primitive brain--

delicate sabers of soft-stepping cats
enshrouded in shimmering oceans of sand,
strata of relative sediment that's 
concealing the bones of the earliest man--

visible traces of numerous beasts,
the sum of Earth's creatures forever enshrined--
signs of their passing won't slow in the least
the rivers and runnels of ongoing time.

"We loved the earth, but could not stay" ~ Loren Eiseley~

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Ballad of the Bouncing Self

At times I, like a butterfly,
May flit from bloom to bloom,
Or with my whimsy set sky-high
To outer space may zoom.
And yet, when all’s been said and done,
I follow what my fate has spun—
For some may strive and ne’er succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

A Muse impels me on a spree
Of whirling swirling craft
Where poems must not mean but be…
Until I’m going daft.
But words, albeit finely wrought,
Can only catch a passing thought—
For some may strive and ne’er succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

When my reality looks pale
I frolic in a theme
From vivid myth, folklore or tale, 
Where dreams are what they seem.
And there where’er I romp and roam
I always feel a welcome home—
For some may strive and ne’er succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

I’ve often fallen to the ground
And picked myself back up.
I’ve hungered for a loving touch
And sipped from passion’s cup.
My longings, cravings ruled my will;
Still never could I drink my fill—
For some may strive and ne’er succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

A life led wrong, though full of song,
Will cause us to regret,
When pondering the winters long,
Our faults we can’t forget.
And then we’re washed in bitter tears
For senseless youth and wasted years—
As some may strive and ne’er succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

I said I want to live before
I die, in villanelle,
To learn where lies true wisdom’s door
And shun the gates to hell.
Yes, wayward ways can still begin
To seek and find the Way within—
For some may strive and not succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

– Harley White (July 4, 2014)

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Must see September in the rain

September in the rain.

Must see September in the rain
I’m waiting for September in my pain
Let me watch those wild flowers blooming
As the circle turns again
Must see September in the rain.

Don’t know what’s coming up for me
Yet even if it turns to misery
I’ve got to heard those Spring birds praying
As they dance with destiny
Must see September in the rain

Oh lord, I’ve got to feel it
That Springs breath touch my skin
Caressing me with beauty
Let me feel it seeping in.

Lord, I’ve got to hear those creatures sing
Oh lift me, let me breath the joy of Spring
Let me hear those angels singing
As they call me back again
Must see September in the rain.

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Hidden Soul



                                                 Hidden Soul

                               I am a forever more, so deep I stay. 
                               I'm imperishable, quiet at the heart of form.
                               I fear what is no more to be feared.
                               I'm unseen and can rise with the wind.
                               When my body is strip of my worn clothes
                               and pierce to the depths of the heart,
                               reality remains, I am a forever more.
                               I'm man's greatest wealth drench in blood
                               but can't be wet.
                                             I'm the hidden soul.
                                                  Jay JOHNSON

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The day was dying
In the twilight of the horizon,
White unicorn with shaken mane
Was sowing 
a peacekeeping seed in the hearts.
Sped through flared ridges
To dive in a lake's pupil,
Forest fairies
To be flooded by moondrops
With them to play
Till the dawn cracks
Breaking the root of the dream.

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Amazing Grace Wash Over Me

A prayer for those who are in dispair along the Gulf Coast due to the BP Deepwater Horizon 
oil rig explosion. A prayer for those who waited and their loved ones did not return, Amazing 
Grace Wash Over Thee.

Amazing grace wash over me.
My tears are a river to the sea.
Lord above, we know you know,
the oil that is washing upon our coast.
Amazing grace wash over me,
and lift my soul up to Thee.
Lord above, hear my prayer,
for those who are in dispair.
Amazing grace wash over me.
I lift my hands to God you see.
My prayer for those who were hurt,
and those who will never return to earth.
Amazing grace wash over thee,
families were left in disbelief.
Empty hands, their loved ones gone,
Lord Jesus, guide them safely Home.
Amazing grace wash over me, 
the oil is filling up the sea, 
from Louisiana to Mississippi.
Animals are dying,
and people are crying.
Amazing grace wash over me.

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Halloween's Song

Its your Halloween rave, having your mascaraed
With all your best friends from back in the day
Liz Lauren and Blake and while they're dressed like skanks
I'm on the front line of battle
Howlin like jackle with A real nasty cackle
puttin a razor blade in the sack of Blake's apples
crack in Lauren's snapple
Staddle Liz like mclovin
But I am more like faghole As I babble at her ass
Axe her fast and mash her up like cattle
Sneak back and tackle your dad and put him in shackles
Shove sour patch kids Down your trap and gaggle
Its abominable, so unbelievable
But its inevitable, the end is kissable
I have rattled these kids psyches 
squirming like a centipede, cutting them like celery 
hear their squeamish screams echo in the streets
as the  creepy bells of the chapel ring

I remain a mystery
You'll need nancy drew, and at least 3 of the hardee boys to find what I'm up to
Theres this gloom that looms down in your basement room
Consuming shrooms, enhaling fumes to escape your doom
Witches zoomin by on their brooms makin sonic booms
Quick call scooby doo, but I killed him too
You heard a loud pound cause I cut the fuse so you
Run away to a motel room, assuming your safe
And As you look the other way,
I got my fangs in your veins and stranglin your neck
Too bad you didn't text your friends to tell them who is next
Hmm let me think for a sec. As Hex your boy  rex 
with an incessant twitch, till he is dead in a ditch
Hang him from bunny man bridge
Yo dude turn the lights on
But there's no flip to switch , I have flipped the script
Its bewitched with no miss to kiss
Exorcist with no priest to dismiss the spirit

So the town clock strikes half past 3
There's one last gas before i must sleep
Or i will crash fast if the light touches me
Put on the mask jack, just like the sixth scream 
I need to grasp havoc, till i hear shrills and shrieks
Please back rabbit, these chills aint for teens
As I stick a cherry bomb in your moms exhaust pipe
Run up on you  with nine a knife, and the head of your wife
Its useless I'm the nuisance that's abusive yet conducive
To your fear that I am near So close I could whisper in your ear
Smell the shampoo in your hair Wipe the floor with your tears
And as you look up in the mirror
I'm there ready to smear your blood all over the chair
as I stab you with my spear I crush a coors beer then
Leave you re crops there dead, red spread on the floor
But I hear a knock on the door
Are you okay honey? "Yes mommy,  just got a cold sore"

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Wait for me in Budding Branches

Closed Eyes --
I imagine you, a bird
Soaring through a cloudless wide open
And to my ears, I hear the gentle chimes
In breathtaking delight, a sound so
Breathing in --
The air is warm painted in sunshine
Sweet as fresh rain in the woods
I hear you --
A quiet flutter against plumes
Your feathers lift so subtle 
Embracing cooling winds
High above the treetops…

Please wait for me in budding branches;
I will fly with you, I promise --
I love you.

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On the Dock in the Summer

As the summer sunlight hits
the surface of the lake
I am transfixed by a million kaleidoscopic
sparkles making  the water look like
a silver-blue satin sheet
with thousands of winking diamonds
upon it strewn
like some cosmic boon
an ethereal treasure
a dazzling gift of the fickle Texas weather
causing my eyes to squint
from the overwhelming glint
though I try to keep them open
pupils coping
because the ambiance is magic
so brief, it's tragic
the lake seems like a living creature
a silent preacher
reflecting the wonder of God...
I start to nod
as I feel my skin bake
regardless of the claims they make
surely this must be healing
this wonderful feeling.
I breathe deeply and clear my throat
as I note
out of the corner of my eye
a brilliant green-blue dragonfly
wings beating at lightening speed
hovering over a stand of reeds
like some kind of prehistoric chopper
only...elegant and proper.
I marvel at the aerodynamics of
this  minature flying myth
proving dragons still exsist
as it darts and then hangs suspended
irredescently splendid
as God intended
suddenly flying in reverse
(physics be cursed)
then warp-speed ahead and
my body feels like lead
as a thought crosses my drowsy mind
wondering if, at a certain time,
they were descended from dragons,
thinking of Bilbo Baggins...
or maybe they're aliens come to invade
not realizing 
until they arrived the
mistake they'd made
on the matter or sizing
for, if they were larger, like
planes, if you will,
we'd all be transfixed
by their flying skill.
So maybe they're tiny, frustrated invaders
living like traitors.
I focus now on the whirr of it's wings
and the lullaby it sings
finally surrendering
and my last conscious thought
that my psyche reveals
is that
this must be
how happiness feels.

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Beneath the Swells

In the waves,
white horses run --
And gallop right up to the beach;
To rear back at sight of sand,
Then tuck themselves beneath the swells
And trot along the ocean floor;
To race up to the shore again --
Beneath their hooves the thunder rolls,
As sea mist bellows from their nostrils,
			       In gasping breaths.

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Autumn Giggles

Horizontal Vertigo --
amongst the wet raked leaves,
Gazing into gorgeous blue; 
where clouds --
Are passing frogs or horses;
In a pair of grass-stained Levi’s.

A subtle wind --
Tickles all the colored leaves,
So drenched in spattered sunlight;
Still falling --
As she rakes the cooling leaves;
So brilliant --
Over happy giggles.

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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A Lazy Afternoon

I sit  on my deck on this lazy afternoon
watching the sun move slowly to the west

The leaves are dancing on the oak tree out back 
from a breeze gently blowing from the south

A sparrow is hopping from post to post 
on the old fence down by the road

A little squirrel  playing  and running around
to the top of the tree and down to the ground

then I hear a whistle from a distant train
And the rhythm is like music to my ears

I  think to myself  what wonderful way 
to spend a  beautiful  lazy  afternoon

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Can it

Why do I chase the atom?
when the universe has always been mine.
Can love evolve from red giant
into a galaxy?
Dust and stone
become skin and bone,
born; fall and rise again.

I love the black holes
of your eyes
for they radiate
much more light 
than they could ever take.
White hot coals made to rake
caked surface of my lungs.

How I long to see your breath
steam up the silence in my soul.
Droplets, turn into rapids
and rush my question away.
I tripped; stumbling
my spirit crumbling.
Hold; release those fingers.

Strength born of sugar
does not last, and it feeds fear
I need complex and organic
Can rotten become fresh?
Carry the inner babe
Cain and brother Abe.
Save: heal the tether.

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Waiting on our Demise

Sweet pleasure, sweet pain
Hourglass grain
Falling, falling one by one
Days pass, sun by sun
Will it rise? Or stay hidden?
Good riddance, I say
Do we deserve the light?
Perhaps too bright
Our minds a dimmer
Orange ball of shimmer
How we waste you away
This world of decay 

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The secret creek- for my daughter

Across the brook they are calling me
calling me to join in and be free,
across the ripples they are calling me
to truly learn to be,
and just like a fairy sings cheerily
sings cheerily of the sacred space,
and just like a child I am wearily
creeping closer to the place.

Down by the creek we are listening
listening to the sounds of peace,
down by the creek where the trees do swing
and the rivers bend and crease,
I sit on the edge where the green moss grows
grows so thick I could sleep all day,
I sit on the edge where the crickets crow
and the ripples jump and play.

Up by the rock where the light shines down
and the shadows dance on a moonlit night,
up by the rocks the fairy queen wears her crown
before the days first light,
in the waters deep where I rest my feet
and the fish slip past with their strong thick tails,
in the waters deep where the rivers meet
is where I go by trail.

I will miss this place still so crystal clear
where my heart can rest from its weary past,
I will miss this space but my biggest fear
is that this place won't last.

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The twilight obsessed me with a thought,
Burst the clock
Through the evening ether.
I felt,
I want to touch you 
Like a dew-drop
flowed over your whiteness,
To disappear in happiness,
To sink in a magical fall.

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Life is Like A Maypole

Life is Like a Maypole

Our love is like a blossoming rose that dances magnificently flowing of air
With a multi-colorful tailored ribbons within a Maypole
Therein many lover’s arms and dreams is like a symphony dearly composed
In the vastness upon our majestic swoons of sweet love
The exotic hypnotic of the all inspiring stars from high above
Throws off an inner fiery passion therein
An all potent of magical incense of aquamarine
There is an unknown aura about your heart filled air
For we are an exquisite couple with a finesse so rare
As if two astronauts walking soundlessly upon the moon
Throwing their arms while blemishing the atmosphere
With the colorful tailored ribbons along with the Maypole with sweet debonair
Some men and women call unto me as a well-groomed brevity of a gal in sight
As I walk beneath and in the stillness of the softness of grass in the night
My heart belongs to the extremities of the fires burning so bright
To the beauty of the calling of natures upon this greatest land
For I’m dancing around the multi-colored ribbons thus holding onto
The brightly hypnotic movement of this year’s life is like a May Pole into my heightened sight.

Written: 2/10/15

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Darkness Evaporated


Blue forever
Precipitation flying
  Soaking up the Earth’s hate -
Till bursting

Her tears drench the earth
And feed her helpless


Into His tormented soil
Filled with vermin
  Destroying every breath -
Till Bursting. 

 His Hate rises…

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A Web-King

How was he trapped in his own web, 
Which was woven with silken skills, 
Tested and proven since ages, 
With a core from his own cells? 
How could it be an accident; 
During his usual course of hunt
For a flying prey, in whom venom
Instilled and liquefied with enzymes! 
Had it been another manifestation 
Of perseverance to a modern King, 
As done to Robert Bruce the King
To regain the Scottish throne? 
Speculations keep on mounting, 
But, as his hollow SELF does still cling
To the web-hub, no prey dare swing
As they feel him still the Web-King!

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How I Long For--

My dreams are falling apart
In Your hands, I pray (for joy), "Take heart!"
You are the stars - searing my 
Soul is kneeling to the ground
Trace my future and take wing
Towards the pathway...You find peace
You are an angel in my--

Heart is bleeding soundlessly
Above land...I mourn so sweet
I am the clouds - carrying a 
Gallon of grief...release me!
Place me in fields of love and
Forgive me and lift me up
You are the heavens to my--

Heart is beating profoundly
Without Your heart's joyous song
You are the sun - nourishing 
My lambs are grazing around,
Roving in fields of splendor,
Enlightening the darkness
You are an apple to my--

Eye is grieving...losing sight
Of Your glory...I feel lost
You are the lake - sparkling with
Delight and Luck! Bring us home!
Grow like a morning glory
In the autumn time, You thrive
You are valuable to my--

Eye is twinkling...praying for 
Insight...yearning for Your sight
You are the hills - guiding my
Mind is longing for your mirth--
Restoring peace to my verse,
Sprouting forth grace and freedom
You are the train tracks, bearing--

My train of thought...making my
Steel spirit connect with Yours
You are the valley - between
The mountains guarding us all,
Building strength to fragile bones,
Welcoming a stream of hope
You are my map - lending me

YOUR helping hand I would take
Now, I could take Your challenge
You are like a maze filled with
Mysteries conceal the truth;
I fight with all of my might
And I BEG for Your mercy
To mend my once blissful dreams!

How I long for Your mercy...

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The Rebel

Dank, cold, unperturbed indifference,
Untouchable, yet touching all,
Unresolved in meaning,
Still creating each and every fall,
Every whim and leaning.

Touché pas! A cry of weary hate,
And will not accept a helping hand,
‘Till death! Brazen adverse in face of fate,
And alone in piteous stand…

Lone wolf we cry, thy fate is nigh,
Yet stands he still resisting,
That love should die, that only tie,
In error still persisting…

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Wandering Alone

While wandering alone, with not anything  to do
My mind became packed, with selfless feelings of you
Photographs scattered on the floor, eyes well up
Stuffs I could have said, stuffs I should have done

The language of words that make two as one

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Mother 'N'

What do you think?
Am I mentally ill, or am I just in love?
Am I right handed or ambidextrous because I can not be left handed.
If the sun was neither, then it would’ve dropped a long time ago- killing not just us but the universe.
Am I growing insane or is the pressure getting to me?
Do I have 2 egos that both love to use the middle finger?
Is the third excluded because he’s the fraud?
Was the birth of that billionth person a waste?
You shake your head, I shake mine, but the cold water just crashes down from beneath the ground and you ask… is that possible.

Why not?
My “Mother” can do anything she wants!
Kill, conceive, birth, breathe fire, conjure up ferocious winds, split the earth in half, submerge an entire planet.
Derrick Brown once said” You’ll find me up there”
But my brain is full of such memories- that I just sink like a cinder block.

The witches and snitches all look the same, but “Mother” comforts me like the sweet scent of vanilla on my favorite blanket.
 She, like humans, obliterates everything little thing in her path, but keeps the wonderful meals warm- like fresh soggy bread.

Am I insane?
No- just emotional.

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A Cinderella Story

She cant express herself
they push her away
they lock her up inside her own mind
if you look throught the hole you will see
the depression shes in

Shes just like cinderella
locked up and hid away
you have no idea
look throught the hole without the key
there is nothing left for her and me

You wanna take away everything
you just left her alone
tell me it aint so
tell me you wont leave her in there forever
tell me you will let her out to be free and happy

Shes just like cinderella
locked up and hid away
you have no idea
look throught the hole without the key
there is nothing left for her and me

The new game you wanna play
it wont work
you beat her to the ground
her mind has become her home
theres no escape

She walks alone
her mind has become her home
see what your missing
she runs away but shes not allowed
now its your turn to be locked up

Shes just like cinderella
locked up and hid away
you have no idea
look throught the hole without the key
there is nothing left for her and me

there is nothing left
there is nothing left

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the yellow forest

the yellow forest 
is darkened by dusk
blue opulence 
shining through black branches
the crunch of the floor 
as beings pass
becomes louder 
at the sun's last cast 
vision narrows 
to creatures of the night
oh how they play 
with lack of sight
the cold wind 
shakes the leaves 
the yellow forest 
never sleeps

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EYE Don't See -Part 2-

My eyes
Refuse to see tragedy
My eyes
Marinate in dread…unable to embrace ecstasy 

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just let me be
Leave me alone…hand me a gun

I yearn for unspoiled glory
To make me feel perfect once more
I yearn for flawless serenity
To make me feel no regret…don’t ignore
My calls…don’t hang up on me

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just hear my plea
Listen to my excruciating cries…
Listen to the truth, not the malicious lies  
Our journey has just begun   

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye can’t handle the stress
Let me release my horrendous distress
Eye can see you making that same mistake
At least MY life isn’t at stake

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…do You feel my lament
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…Stepped on like cement
I’m aching with discontent… I abhor this torment    
When will peace scrub off my fear?

I can’t believe my eyes
Your guiltiness flows into me…
I can’t believe I fell for your lies
Your heartless action rape my mind…you don’t see
What my EYES see…

You’ll never see 
How much pressure you put me under
Unchain me from this chamber
And watch me flee…

When will you be set free?

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EYE Don't See -Part 1-

My eyes
Pour forth feelings
That I’ve felt in the past
They make my heart ache…
Take it all away…
Oh my God…
They’re making me sink in dismay

When will they break away?
When will they give me a break?

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye don’t see
A happy ending in this scene 

My eyes
Journeys into the unknown
Who knows what will happen…
They’re like hidden treasure…
They’re buried far below…

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near? 

Oh my God…
They’re driving me insane
When will they see my reflection?
When will they heal the infection?

Eye don’t feel
Raindrops of hope and relief 
All I feel…is grief…
Eye sense no peace…

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Does He hear
My supplications?
Does He sense 
My fear?

My eyes
Conceals the tears that dare to spew out
I feel trapped and lost without a doubt…
They erase my delight…
They seek my hurt…
Oh my God…
They’re casting me away into the perilous sea

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace throw out my fear?

Eye don’t see
A ship in sight…to save me from my demise
My lifeless body...
Drifts away in the wild ocean...
Without a sound...
Without emotion...

Eye don’t see
A rope to hold on to…
My hope for peace
Has drowned…

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In Nornalup

In Nornalup

When I’m in the country
With my lady by my side
In the midst of all this beauty
My soul feels deified
As the river glistens gaily
Beneath the morning sun
Well her and I, and all of this
Oh boy! Each day’s such fun
In Nornalup.

When I wake up each new morning
In this chalet on the banks
Of the river of the painted trees
I offer all my thanks
To The power who gave this all to me
Hey, I’m a lucky guy
I’m bound to make this journey
Until the day I die
To Nornalup.

In Nornalup, in Nornalup
Where the sun upon those trees
Does cause the day to fill with grace
That’s the place for her and me.

I watch those trees near the river bank
As they’re dancing in the sun
To the rhythm of the gentle breeze
There’s a love song just begun
As she stands beside me looking at
This painted scene there yonder
Its beauty it will fill my soul
Oh, I will always ponder
On Nornalup

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Co-incidence (n 1 a chance occurence of simultaneous or apparently connected events)
Up, down.. left and right,
It's all around us, like the day and the night,
Too big to miss, but it's beyond our sight,
It's there.. and it isn't.  Nearly is.. but not quite!
You people are ALL right.. so I'll try to be polite,
You can't fight the feeling.. 'cause you haven't got the might,
Can you handle the truth? Get a grip and hold tight,
'Cause it will set you free!  Blow your mind like dynamite!

In the beginning.. I'm sure you know too,
This World was created, it's all been thought through,
Evolving on que, under skies made so blue,
Plant's came before us, just so they could give to you.
Sorry, I'm repeating what you already knew,
But how did these plants know to sow the seeds that grew?
So they slid through our bellies, waiting in our fertile poo?
Symbiosis with the Planet..  does this all sound true?

What about us?  Why are we here?
Why all the questions?  It is obviously clear!
It all makes sense, so there's no need to fear,
Don't confuse the matter, because it's simple my dear!
We have got ears.. so that we can hear,
But why give us a brain?  Because year after year,
We just dig a deeper ditch.. and then flood it with tears,
When the end draws near, will you hear any cheers?

I want a big applause, when I finish this race,
If I finish first..  I won't say "In your Face!"
Try to look good, don't end it in disgrace,
Or even take it slow, and set a nice steady pace.
Never give up!  Learn to lead a merry chase,
Up the garden path, throughout time and space,
And just in case, we end up lost in this place,
The case will be closed and we'll be gone, without a trace.

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My Love, My Love

My love, my love
I know, you know where beauty lies
Deep within the mountains
Hidden within stormy skies

In places few have been to
In remote and barren lands
Many journeys seldom seen in a lifetime
Although many have claimed that they have been

In the chill of coldest Winter
Your heart provides strong heat
My love lives strong within you
In my thoughts I can feel you breathe

My love, my love
How much beauty you have seen
You have climbed the highest mountains
You have scaled the highest peaks

You have slept amongst the clouds
Closer to God, than closer to man
You understand power and majesty
Unlike the many who think they can

You have carried my heart within you
Seeking beauty far and wide
You have seen me everywhere you looked
Both by day and in star filled skies

My love has lived within you
In your every thought and deed
It has been in your every moment
Even in death it will not cease

Our love will live in those mountains
Both high and far below
It will live upon those glaciers
It will thrive in the coldest of snows

Just as the mountains stand before us
Just as what is, will continue to be
Our love will never diminish
In whatever God has made beautiful
That is where our love will be...

(April 27, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Rainter! O my Rainter! What are you, Rainter?
Are you a new season tinted by holy painter?
Rain is falling hard even in this freezing winter,
Everywhere disgust roams like a lonely hunter.

The winter rain congeals brains, soaks hearts,
With its two ice-cold hands and crying eyes.
Nature is camouflaging itself in several parts
To display how changing carpet of Time flies.

Rainter, a fragment of Nature’s jumbled play,
Is nothing but a cyclic blend of its crude tools.
Some would sense it exciting, others may say
“Rainter, thou art disgusting except to the fools”

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Night's Sun and Sky's Silver

I swear the stars that shine above
could make a grown man cry;
the twinkle that they boast each night
could turn the lion shy
and of the hare, the fox's pray,
make beast of brawniest back,
and of the fox make worthless mutt,
distracted from the track.

These stars I swear could bring
a tyrant, high upon his throne,
down to his knees in humbled state
to think more than his own.
A toad, or other beast of swamp,
made ugly by cruel fate,
would feel the breeze of beauty sway him
into dreamy-state.

It's no exaggeration
that these stars are heaven's eyes,
windows made of glass so clear
from 20 yards you'd spot the lies!
For truly lustrous things they are,
laid all around night's sun
Wish I'd brought my fishin' pole,
'cause I'd like to catch just one...

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Stories dared not whispered, legend of great thinker. 
Artificially created Atlantis, maze search for law-giver. 

Hushed lips speak no evil, silly little monkey cliche. 
Privy ancient knowledge, not clear as light and day. 

So-called peace-loving demigods, closely followed in trace. 
Sexually crazed fools, copying angels fallen from grace. 

Pillars of Hercules within island, dynasty king frenzy awoke. 
Powerful and remarkable, ready to enslave at single stroke. 

Originally thought to be noble, conspicuous reveal greed. 
In route to world domination, struck down by Specialbreed. 

Later time earthquakes and floods, extraordinary violence. 
Single dreadful day and night, massive lost of innocence. 

Intervening super mighty one, so-called wrathful Zeus. 
Manipulation of elements, water and lightning bolts let loose. 

Grand golden wall palace, swept aside sea and sunk below. 
Ironical measured payment, for employment of ruthless blow. 

Swiming through labyrinth of wisdom, vie of the celest'. 
Chancing risk of schism, mighty sequential vignette. 

Perplexed pattern in hide, bloody seal of truth. 
Illuminati repelled, for a time real minoot. 

Message of twisted tongue, langual contrivance. 
Masters' visions swoon, in journey through euphoric trance. 

Loud whisper switch, silence left in wake. 
Souls of denizens burned, in fiery scourching shake. 

Prominent eclectic short order, alien wishbone act. 
Convert of non-belief, fierce zealots' minds impact. 

Lucid broken water reflection, visible-eye agleam. 
Blind finding quarry, standing like obelisk beam. 

Instinctive overriding, a slip into lucidity. 
Telepathic mind connection, recede to infinity. 

Exponential theory, base of schematics. 
Common like maybe, superpower military tactics. 

Voice of bleeding knowledge, fade to obscurity. 
Mystic in strange land, fault found in masters of intricacy. 

Undecipherable rhetoric, great monster on chase. 
Featureless darkness, a threat to human race!

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The Air

Sweet scents Fill my empty lungs I can hardly relent From singing the unsung Is as before These places I adore But the breath will be my death If my heart keeps racing And I keep embracing The sweet spring air The air I breathe now Is the air we shared then How Can I get back what's already been? Words trace down my throat Bittersweet after taste Gently afloat But becoming a waste It is the same here It is the same there But the sun is not here And the wind is not there Only clear blue tears And the silent dare The air I breathe now Is the air we shared then But please how Can I get back what's already been?

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In a river marsh, where pondweeds and cattails grew in warm clime,
the fair girl found a tall, black egret  
with whom she could have a chat; 
and was it the same one that her parents rescued from the wild?

Among bulrushes taller than she actually was,
the anxious girl told that bird one of her wishes:
to hop on his back and fly as the happiest butterfly,
and find her mom whom she remembered singing a lullaby.

" Take me to my mom!"  she begged the wading bird.
" Nobody ever takes me there to visit her" she exclaimed.
" She may be miles away from here...way past the blue ocean!" 
He replied with little confidence, lacking a sense of emotion.

The fair girl kept on begging, until the black egret finally nodded.
" Thank you, kind let's fly and depart from this marshland!"
So the two of them ventured into a cloudy sky expecting no rainfall...
not until they had gotten there safely and heard that sweet mother's call..  

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Summer Sparkles

The sun is low among the branches
Of my emerald picture tree,
And there among the leaves it dances
With the summer breeze set free.

The light then shines through curtain lace,
Which lets beams in in flashes,
Falls upon my upturned face—
Makes rainbows on my lashes.

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Simple Things

The sun, the moon, and the stars above.
rhythm, rhyme, beauty, and grace.
Thunder, lightning, wind, and rain.
Flowers, trees, and grass.
As time goes by we tend to forget 
these the simple things in life. 
So  as you drive your car, 
ride the bus, train,or airplane.
Think back to a simpler time,
when peace and harmony 
were the focus of all mankind.

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Off to Margaret river

It’s coming up soon, we’ll be going
The all of us going south west
Were going to a place midst the vineyards
Whenever I’m there I feel blessed
We’re going, the whole of our family
Some cousins from England, they too
We’re off to that lush Margaret river
Oh lord I’ll be glad when we do.

I know we are going to enjoy it
There’s the river, the shops and the ocean
And wineries sometimes prove tempting
To some It’s a lovely devotion
To have one or two, or maybe some more
But I’m for me beer, and me cider
But here in this place by the river
My smile it does ever grow wider

Oh yippy I oh, I do love it so
When all of us go off together
We’ll have us a ball, in a wonderful place
It don’t matter what be the weather
I love it when I’m in the country
With nothing to worry about
Except just enjoying, each wonderful day
This shall be, on this have no doubt.

4 May 2013 @ 1345hrs.

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Vultures In The Valley

Vultures In The Valley
Nick Rush

Scavenging every square inch of the field, nothing makes them stop or yield. They are the ones who scour the valley, they are the ones who creep in the alley. They are the ones who can smell from afar, with the others they shall rally; awh the vultures in the valley, I won’t let ‘em get to me. 

They wait ‘till the deed is done, then clean up the mess when the race is run. They are the ones who stalk in the alley, trying to add a few more to their tally. They are the ones preying on the poor soul, tiptoeing throughout the valley; awh the vultures that surround me, don’t let ‘em get to you. 

They strike when the iron’s cooling down, scraping up what’s left in town. They are the ones who ravage the helpless, never do they fail in the process. They are the ones cleaning up for the real crime, gravedigging for their bosses; awh the vultures take the losses, the killers are not shown. 

So when you see the vultures, prey on a victim of your culture, know that they are just the ones who shoulder all the blame, as the forces above are set to conceal the actual culprits name. So when you see, below the trees, the vultures in the valley, you are missing acts 1 and 2; only catching the finale. See beyond what’s shown, don’t let ‘em fool you too, the ones above the vultures, want you without a clue.

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I Live for the Chorus

Seasons come
Seasons go
Some prefer to stay numb
Some prefer nights that stay aglow

Not me
I like to be
The one who breathes
The tears
And cries the air we fear
I live for the chorus

I'm the one 
Whose laugh runs
Through stillness
And breaks the stiffness

I wish to be surrounded
By ones who turn black to red
Our laughter mingles
Senses tingle

Our voices join
You and me
In harmonious glee
Raucous as the sea
We live for the chorus

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Midnight Bliss

Midnight Bliss..
Clouds In Silver Mist..
The Cool Winds Kiss Blades Of Grass..

Midnight Bliss..
Counting Lists Of Fiery Shooting Stars...

Midnight Bliss..
 In Awe Of Darkness, Like We Use To Do..
I'm Never Alone,
As The Moon Wolf Howls...

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The Tansy and the Tarragon

The tansy and the tarragon are sprouting in the lawn;
I can smell their pungent fragrance in the dewy after-dawn.
The crocus and the daffodils are prancing up the hill;
Their dresses all a-shimmer and their bodies never still.
The happy little bluebird is flitting all about
To find the perfect property to hang his shingle out.
The tulip swords are shining in the early morning sun,
And I thought I saw Br'er Rabbit havin' him some rhubarb fun.
It's spring and spring is glorious; brings the child right out of me. 
Makes me want to dance at midnight 'neath the budding apple tree.

April 10, 2014

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Mournful Clouds

Playful serpents of lightning
With twin tongues sparkling
Into the dark caves of clouds
In their hide’n seek marbling

Anger some heat they sending
Lo! All soft clouds thus forcing
To melt shy, rich’n cool hearts
Into the soul of earth a pouring

And like those gloomy lovers
Wander into greens’n bowers
Restless without their beloved
Shedding oceans of showers

O tearful clouds! Keep urging
Thy lost love, go quick pacing
Take the path of roaring rivers
At home she must be waiting

But let me any path  not search 
Let me lie’n a little more perch
With my preciously gifted tears
As last love token way of church

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 The forces of nature are being perverted, turning good into bad, and the bottom line, 
the key to it all is profit. 
 Primates choose co-existence within a group driven by forces of the first law of nature.
 When we engage in a symbiotic relationship, this law of nature is less burden sum on the 
 Humans chiefly rely on our sense of sight; we take up with others who appear to be 
most like us, and lend ourselves to the saying that seeing is believing.  
 Fear is our prime motivating factor, and  advertising executives will tell you that fear 

 What we are witnessing is the perversion of our survival engine, making the money 
wheel go round.  We are made to fear everything by key design, and our survival instinct 
is telling us there is safety in numbers.  So we identify ourselves with a group, and 
instinctively try to fit in, by purchasing our reality of acceptance. 

                     Monkey see monkey do!
 She’s a nerd, He’s a skater,  They’re preps, I’m a goth.
 How can you tell them apart?  By the things they purchase.
 The purchasing of acceptance is also found in the sub culture as well.
 People who want to break away from being normal are victims of fear.
 The fear of being sell outs, like the Brady bunch family types who are part of a 
system that they despise. How can you tell them apart? By the things they purchase.
 What you see is what you get, and what we are getting is what we see.
 The purple hair, body piercing, and tattoos; are the same as, the Coach hand bags, spray tans, and botox injections. One monkey’s Marilyn Manson to another monkey’s Bach.

                      Form follows thought.
 Our survival engine is a universal constant force, and fear is the constant variable that shifts our transmission into drive. No one wants to grow old, living alone dressed in rags and eating cat food.
 Even the separatists who choose to be an island in this Sea of crap are fearful.  So 
there’s an on line computer game for that, or a chat room for that, or a hobby for that, 
or pets for that, or a pill for that, and of coarse there’s media entertainment for that.
 No matter this or that the key turns our survival engine on and fear shifts the 
transmission into drive, and together they keep the money wheels turning…and that's the bottom line.

I once heard someone say “thank god for Hardly Davidson cause it gives fat hairy 
beer belly slobs something to be a part of.” She was holding an imitation Louis 
Vuitton hand bag and on her way to the tanning salon when she said that

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my life was mere existence
inner being barren and lost

a spiritual abyss
I was unprepared to cross

I walked in a winters rain
forsaken by those I loved

my weary body protected
only from the storm above

You knew Your child had wandered,
despair, a beckoning hole

You took me from the tempest
and into your place of hope

dwelling in your home of warmth
my dispiriting chill fades

Your light calms my inner storm,
awareness dawns, I am safe

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In the silence

I will lie back in the coolness of the grass.
Different colors of green will appear in shadows. 
The smell will be that of a gentle rain storm, with the hint of the redness of a flower. Different shades of lovely with make their way down the small hill, they will spray colors over the entire earth.
The sky will show the glorious color of white, dazzling the eye.
The sun will show the color yellow, as the rays cast orange streams of light.
The gentle breeze will cradle the Earth, and bring the feeling of life. The sweetness of life and love.
The mellow Earth calm and cool. I will lie deep in the Grass, and be still, and listen to the song of earth. The call of a new beginning. 
The sweet song of life. 
It will whisper its melody in my ear, and breath its calmness. Time is safe here, It stands still. 
The earth is at peace here. The quietness, offers, healing somehow
 The lord speaks here, His voice quiet and still.

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Mushrooms of the magic type

An innocent looking fungus,
With a wonderful psychedelic purpose.
What are we to see?
Fictional reality in cinematic 3-D.

A four hour journey,
Which creates a compelling story.
Can it really be?
Life's purpose visioned beneath a single tree.

What a strange sculpture,
Until one looks brutally closer.
Are you staring at me?
The condemned mirrored look, lusting to be free.

On closing my eyes,
I can see clearly the complex function of the skies.
A lucid dream? 
Where illusions that hallucinate can be seen.

With no more fear limits,
After time-stopping regular love visits.
What does this mean?
The transformation into a beautiful human being.

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Pitter-patter rain drops fall on me,
I hear a  cute little bird chirp on the tree,
The winds pass by and they ruffle my hair,
I enjoy all this seated on my chair.

Is the sky blue or angry and dark?
Will the clouds fight and cause a spark?
Are the children out with paper boats?
Monsoon is here , the weather denotes.

Lush green is grass everywhere,
Children run and raincoats they wear,
I can feel and enjoy this lovely feeling,
Treasures of nature,I feeling like stealing.

How I wish I could see,
Alas! "Blind" is the word for me,
Colourfull world it must be I guess,
But Oh! Black is the only colour with which I am blessed.

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To Have A Rainbow

I need you, like I need the sunlight.
I want you, like I want for spring.
You’re deep inside my heart for a reason.
The reason’s you’re my everything,
Wonderful. Colorful.
It feels so good to me.
So good to me, to have a rainbow.

I need you, like I need the daybreak.
I want you, like I want for love.
You’re deep inside my heart for a reason.
The reason’s that you rise above,
It feels so good to me.
So good to me, to have a rainbow.

You and me,
Wandering like the wind,
Playing in the tempered sky.
Breezily. Merrily.
We laugh the laugh of three,
Whenever rain-clouds pass us by.

I need you, like I need the moonlight.
I want you, like I want for fall.
You’re deep inside my heart for a reason.
The reason’s that you’ve got it all.
Easy-street, can’t compete.
It feels so good to me.
So good to me, to have a rainbow.

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The Ballad Of Heretical Appliances Pt.1

Late one mornin', I was layin',
the sofa makin' me sore;
the fridge was hummin' nastily,
leakin' all over the floor,
while the fan noisily disturbed
dust motes of all kinds;
Sunlight was busy peakin' through
my carefully closed blinds.
I, then, started sneezin' with
horrid strength far too often.
At first at a loss for what
got me wheezin' 'n coughin',
it suddenly dawned on me,
it was my soul tryin' to escape.
So, I knew what I really needed:
a fresh roll of maskin' tape.
But, those connivin' appliances
were conspirin' against me,
for some reason, aidin' my spirit's
traitorous attempt to flee;
as I arose from the sofa, an
unholy fit made my chest tight,
dust blew into my eyes, robbin'
me of righteous sight.
Yet, like some noble saint,
I struggled ever on;
the sole, uncarin' witness was 
the curious mornin' Sun.
Sufferin' from watchful heat
and fan-blown blindness,
made my way to the kitchen,
thankin' it's cool, linoleum kindness,
only to slip on it's tiles,
where the fridge's water'd settled.
Like Peter, my near-martyrdom
was ass-over-tea-kettled.
Resurrectin' myself, resentin' now,
the Sun's greedy gaze all mornin',
My sightlessness was lifted
to the chorus of robins singin'.

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The Beehive

                                                     The humming of the bee, 
                                                     as he buzzes around me;
                                                     then he darts to the rose,
                                                     off to the violet he goes;
                                                     darts here and darts there,
                                                     has no worry or no care;
                                                     collects nectar on his way,
                                                     only work and no play;
                                                     makes it to his bee hive,
                                                     with nectar to keep alive;
                                                     feeds the queen a special mix,
                                                     forever brew not a quick fix;
                                                     a healthy hive with no ills,
                                                     always buzzing till winter chills.

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Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

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My Evening Salsa

The midday dazzle lays off by the maiden daytime
A solstice ray parades over my eventide jollity
The solitary hour bosomed by the bambini’s elfish prime
An ecstatic hour greeted my heartfelt puerility
The infrasonic twittery of birds melded by the sundown cosmic time
A gentle breeze solemnly pass by my stargaze eternity. 

The daylight soulfully sonneted by the sunset bliss
An allayed euphony coupled my awaited sapidity
The blessed souls savored by the moonlit soul kiss
A wishful rhyme pulsed my heart with chastity
The shadow of fantasm abided by the solely muss
A blended mind’s eye captured my evening salsa verity. 


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Loved by the earth,
loved by the sky,
caught in the middle 
till the day you die.

You play in the sunshine
and dance with the moon,
you dress your hair up
with the flowers of June.

Loved by the earth,
loved by the sky,
caught in the middle,
my love, don't cry.

You dress up in fashion,
wear nothing at all,
just be sure that 
you hear when I call.

Loved by the earth,
loved by the sky,
caught in the middle 
till the day you die.

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A Drop of Starlight

A drop of starlight hung above
  a mountains shadowy peak,
Like a dewdrop on a spiders web--
  a jewel that many seek.

Sparkling, quivering, like an unshed tear
  it tells of sorrows past,
Of joys to come, and blessings
  from Heaven to us cast.

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Something haunts the moon

Something haunts the moon's face I cannot fathom now
Something I should trace, but cannot put into place
A silence that quietly sleeps on that beautiful brow
A hint of sadness veiled by the brightness of her grace

Is it the little star, bright and following closely behind
Is it the memory of death, picture of a missing child
Something more is there, and to which my soul is blind
Something about the moon tonight ... a thought exiled

Like me on foreign shores, like my heart for God's heaven
Pining the journey to make it back again, to find
My origin without myth or emptiness of the airy leaven
Orbited by days and shriveling sun, I ever pine

To escape time's orbit that recycles me over the same
Mountains and valleys and salt threshing seas 
Again and again, and keep me cold in shivering flame
How much will I know, how far can I get on bended knees?

O moon, something here that does not meet the eye
Tonight, something you but cannot share, something sure
Of our life, beauty is a thin disguise for our permit to die
Exiled in mortal bodies, we long for something more.

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A Melancholic Blaze

The wolves race through the woods...
A melancholic night breathing...
The moon weeping its elegant light...
 As I drown in the lake of uncertainty...

A prodigious night...
Procreating melancholy...
A deceiver at command...
Portraying images of the divine...

The nature decaying to the bizarre setting...
As the wolves howl at the night’s mystical descend...
And as my heart cries a disheartening reverie...
The river turns venomous at the cheerless call...

The wolves pursue the divine call...
The eerie wind deceives their ears...
Far ahead I see a shadow of the pure...
But as I approach...the shadow is razed by the prevalent obscurity...

The winter birds seem to be early...
Nesting in the putrefied tree...
The venomous river appears frozen...
As a chilling breeze stings the heart...

A prodigious night...
Procreating melancholy...
A deceiver at command...
Portraying images of the divine...

The last few hopes seem to deaden...
As a cloud seems to darken the elegant moon...
And the heart craves for her warmth...
As the flowers anticipate the monsoon...

Why is it that her radiant shadows appear?
When illumination ceases to exist...
A bird rests on my shoulder...
And sings mantras of eternal hope...
An assurance of support... 
And the melancholic night descends...

The wolves howl to the infinite sky...
...And the lamentation of a lost soul...
Overpowered by their howls...
As the melancholic fire burns on...

The lamentation of a lost soul...
Forever lost...

...And as I close my eyes...
The setting transforms to “heaven”
Where flowers are vivacious...
...And nature rejoicing the start of spring...
...As I lay in her arms...
The panorama vivid as ever...

A panorama...
That subsists within the broken heart...
And a last few dead branches...
The winter bird collects to complete its nest...

And now all is at rest...
Silence is what subsists eternally...
The lamentation of a torn heart
Ever so callous...

...As he putrefies eternally...
...In a Melancholic Blaze...

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days of benign stealth
lawns, gardens, orchards drink to my health
the road's been unkind
well it's gone, it's flowed on behind

let me recline in this boon
mellow noon
the bell might ring
spiteful and soon

days of serene sloth
cirri bind the sky in strips of clean cloth
and they barely support its weight of light
and i circle my core like a moth

tell me whose darned flitting hand
lit this little burner just below my head
that it moves higher up with each sandbag shed
and i never knew how far my land spread

now i long for something to make
now i ache for something to wield
earthbound and sunbaked
like a worker in the field

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The Agonies Of Niagara

Tourists and pale, plotting tight-rope walkers,
barrel daredevils and photographers,
honeymooners and scheming suicides,
lean to peer through the grey veils from the sides
as directors frame the scene for the cast,
and shout, "Give me passion, the light won't last!",
poets stroll with soon to-be lost lovers,
ever falling, as gravity hovers.

Listening to it can give you weak knees,
Niagara's roar of ancient agonies,
Taking it all in leaves you begging, "Please!",
Niagara's roar's idiot agonies.

While all above lean over railings,
they witness how even words have failings,
gyratory vortices find their end,
displaying the strength of the Falls to rend;
'cause since glaciers retreated from all South,
Millenia mean nothing in it's mouth;
Nature's own rage brings power to Man's shores,
as Tesla reigned the fury of it's roars.

Listening to it can give you weak knees,
Niagara's roar of ancient agonies,
Taking it all in leaves you smiling, "Cheese!",
Niagara's roar's idiot agonies.

Now, engineers man the power stations,
doling energy in careless rations
to encroaching casinos and hotels,
to wax museums of frivolous, wan spells;
precise measures of triviality
against the sight of such grand majesty,
made most common, common as oft worn gems,
souvenir-store-stocked novelty items.

Listening to it can give you weak knees,
Niagara's roar of ancient agonies,
Taking it all in, wond'ring, " Can't they see?",
Niagara's roar's idiot agonies.

Putting in order so many affairs,
these houses' heavy hands split many pairs,
just another trip to strike from some list,
most of it a journey made of the mist;
meaning evokes only a tight-grinned awe,
how far things have got since the last great thaw;
these tourists, actors, lovers, and poets,
yet to acknowledge their own deposits.

Fin'lly hearing it makes you weak in knees,
Niagara's roar of ancient agonies,
To take it in means to ask, "Is it me?",
Niagara's roar's idiot agonies.

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serene evening

Stillness my vacant eyes dart around to feel, Evening’s redness is sliding into night’s lap, a glow alights its appeal. Road that converges into my apartment building seems lonely, Each window awaits the arrival of beings who are homely. Now I sit on the swing perched on my terrace garden, Every time I look at the green mountains, my stare it hardens…. Every bird I can see flying homeward in flocks, Valiant squirrel it runs around from coconut trees to garden rocks, Every leaf from the tree is closing itself to the world, Night slowly creeps upon me its shadow unfurled. Insects crowd around the light on the terrace wall, Now it’s time for me to listen to the wind’s whistling call. Grand wind chimes on the roof make sweet melodies as night befalls.

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Taking hope out of a gloomy day
is like living without a hopeful heart;
and waiting for miracles without praying
is bringing on a specter of infidelity,
which disrupts my daily living...
making me ponder faith with distrust!

Before it rains, I hope for a rainbow at five...
believing that it will there for me to admire,
not merely imagining, but envisioning its beauty;
what is hidden from the eyes shouldn't be a mystery,
and this Humankind has created myths and legends
for the ones lacking the sixth sense!

Embarking on that journey of incognito,
solely relying on this overburdensome ego,
causes me to experience inquietude
in a most unfovarable latitude;
and freedom is confined in short miles,
when my ship comes to an halt for guidance!

Before it rains, I'll see myself securing the anchor,
and step on the pier of the safest harbor...
waving at the fading rainbow over the refulgent horizon;
taking pride and remembering the grueling fright
of a captain who never displayed a doubt...
even when the storm dashed the agitated ocean!

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Feelin' this Shame Without a Name -part 3-

Just tell me (one more time)
Where is that paradise road
Tell me is it my lovely haven or my sweet, sweet abode 
I'm sick of your plastic love
Sick of your heartless smiles... 
Sick of sucking up your biles...
Somehow I know you still don't care about me...
You were heedless of my despondency 
There will be a time when I'll run away...from reality's demise
The truth will set you free...and, honey, there's no where to hide 
There's no hole to hop into... don't be afraid, little rabbit...
The light will shun out the darkness and reveal our true color...who will win the future prize? 
Embrace the silence...
Don't fence me in with your morbid luck
Embrace the silence...
Don't fence me in with your careless doubting 
I'm sick of your crying...
Sick of your lying
I won't listen to your lies
Sick of your voice...sick of your disease
Sick of your dreams and fantasies 
Sick of your wears off on me
Sick of your existence... i wish I could live in pure ecstasy 
Tell me where is that paradise road
Tell me is it my heavenly haven or my sweet, sweet abode 
I'm sick of your plastic love
It's not enough x2...I seek love from up above
There will be a time when I'll escape from the corrupted world...and live another day without a single trace of fear
The truth will set you free...and, honey, there's no where to hide...
There's no hole to hop snooze, you lose, little rabbit dear...
Don't let the night steer you away from the light
Embrace the silence,watch the sunrise with me, and we'll gaze at the small chicks as they take their first flight

~My song is dedicated to a song I love from Evanescence entitled Sick : - ). For the people who don't know Evanescence, look up her songs: Sick, My Heart is Broken, My Immortal, Hello, Lost in Paradise, Haunted, What You Want, Sweet Sacrifice, etc. xDD

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Look at the black sky
Endless no matter how high
A single white string comes into view
It appeared out of the blue
This mystical string began to divide
White and black, opposites collide
To the struggle, there will be one victor
Survive this natural cluster
The holy white light wins the fight
Pummels the evil darkness out of sight
The sky comes back to life
A consequence of the previous strife
Its savior slowly comes into view
Glowing brilliantly, as the wind blew
The closer he got, the more it breathed
The hero won, his sword, he sheathed
Guiding everyone with his light
Shining on everything in sight
Watch the sun yellow and strong
Its rays fierce and long
Look at it floating so high
Mastering the vast sky
I stand dazzled by the majestic scene
It’s so beautiful and serene
Light fills the land
Except the point where I stand
There is a darkness in me
From it, I can't seem to break free
I'm trapped in my own demise
Waiting for a miracle, my internal sunrise

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Dried and Browned

Together they fall and plunder,
Piling on in weightless wonder. 
The leaves and trees are far from what I fathomed--
Dried and browned in mortal sarcasm. 

Cold in warmth and warmth in rain;
Washing away the frozen stains.
Barren soil bears a fruitless yield
Dried and browned in the snowy fields.

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One Last Thing

I think sometimes there is a word unsaid.

It’s lost and you swallow back the echoes of a mouth.

Choking under the swarm, as I sink lower.

As I’m pulled to the dregs.

As I see that above me. All around me.

Fading, pulsing, drowning.

Ghosts in the water with me.

Flecked as the waves.

Swarming smoothly, lapping at what remains.

Gliding, guiding, forcing me to remember.

All that has been given to me.

But slippery as the blue around me.

For really it is clear. All of it.

We think we can see. But we can’t.

Perception is a dangerous game.

What is there, never truly is.

I am sinking now. I am gasping.

My breath isn’t lasting.

They say it will race before you.

In those last moments.

Pressure is building. Ironically;

I’m freer than ever, but it’s weighing.

Weighing down, that’s what it does.

But I’m focusing on that one moment.

The small details. They count.

The droplets, not the ocean.

It’s a single tear.

I can feel.

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A time when you could eat the sun

The trees are made of feathers and sticks
The sun is made of golden cheese
The moon was made of whipped cream
A place where the water was made out of blue Kool- Aid
The grass was made of gummy green strings
There was no houses and no place to hide
A place where a boy ate the sun
A place where the Moon swalloed up the world
A tragedy that melted and turned to liquid
No one could swim in the sea
No one could tan underneath the branches
A world where time stood still and the hours were long
A place where humans never existed

"Please Try to Go Beyond Earth Hour"
Treat earth like something you imagined when you were a kid a place where these things happened and you could be safe. Pick up your trash and clean up your yard! after all this is your world too :)!

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Everythings A Mirical

soft dirt beeath my feet
where many summers I recal
summer's from the heavens
everythings a mirical

a flower budding in the spring
on the sight of the Burlin wall
against all odds it's grows
everythings a mirical

a baby bird flies
at it's mothers call
home safe and warm
everythings a mirical

a childs first breath 
she so fragile and small
her mother smiles and says
your my mirical

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The Way

I hear the wind calling
The rain greets me
The lightning claps
And the thunder rolls with me
I walk through the storm
Following the wind
The wind sways me to and fro
The rain slaps me
The lightning gives me light
It shows the way
And the thunder rolls with me
I walk through the storm
Following the wind
Lost but not alone
The lightning shows the way
The thunder rolls with me
The rain falls, gives me blessings
And the wind blows me to the way

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Faith Healer

The odor is intolerable
Like a foul beast clinging to the end 
I can barely subdue its subterfuge 
But here I am, 
I’m standing here of sound and mind
Waiting for the time that answers my own questions

Can it race with the fires of Orc?
Doubtful, but it can jog steadily can’t it?
The weather is awful, filled with sounds
Penetrating a document not written
It pains me to fight through the night
Not because it’s dark, but because I am just a shadow.

Lester drives but
Motional lasts forever
Still driving
Still crying
And slowly dying as time waves on
Like oceans that can’t be seen.

Nobody cares and everyone listens
Ironic, like a bible that holds lies and deception
Can its will be pierced?
Can freedom stay free?
Is it worth it to stay hooked when everyone around
Seeks liberty?

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The natural history of some has never been written,                        We’re but a stream whose source is hidden 
The most exact calculator has no prescience, 
Our being is descending into us from we know not whence. 

I’m many a times moody and wildly wise, 
pursuing daring games with joyful eyes, 
which chose, like meteors, their way 
And rived the dark with private ray: 

I am owner of my private atmosphere, 
of the ample tears shed in a year, 
of pupil’s hand, and oracle’s brain, 
of Lord Christ heart, and prophet’s strain. 

I am one found overleapting the horizon’s edge, 
searching with host’s privilege; 
through man, woman, sea, and star, 
Glancing the dance of nature forward far; 
Through demensions, races, terms, and times, 
Beholding melodical order, and juxtaposing rhymes. 

I’m one treading fountain-heads and pathless groves, 
Spaces which pale passion loves, 
Starlight walks, when all the fowls 
Are safely sheltered, save bats and owls, 
A midnight bell, a passing groan, 
Such are the sounds I feed upon.

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A Road to Nowhere

A road to nowhere A picturesque scene of trees turning bare Fresh autumn scents filling the air And a young woman on a journey traveling from here to there With a slow, steady pace and tapping shoes She creates an east rhythm to hum along to Walking along, not a care in the world Living her life, and living it well The cool crisp air softly blowing at her knees Coming throughout the autumn trees For a moment it almost seems Things aren't really ever as bad as they tend to seem Soaking in the last bit of light with a peaceful flow She passes along the last few trees with golden leaves shinning abode The now setting sun begins to give off a warm orangey red glow Setting off her long blonde hair as it moves to and fro Then out of the gleaming sky Fighting her rising fear from deep with inside Her heartbeat quickens, as she tries keeping a steady stride Hairs prickling up upon her neck, a raven screeches as it swoops by The absence oh heat, so abrupt Leaves her with chills, so corrupt Touching her soul as if almost freezing up Upon her face lay a perfect cut A gush of wind cuts across her chest And her forehead quickly covers with little beads of sweat Just as she's starting to fear she can't go on She twirls and turns then starts to run She whirls around but falls to her knees Blood slowly dripping down from her cheek The raven appears with an open beak Ans lets out a bloodcurdling screech "Raven, Raven, oh please don't die!" She laughs And looks upon the bird with a menacing smile Then lets out a satisfying sigh "Just please don't die" She gracefully stands with blood-lust filled eyes Her tapping shoes carrying her off into the night Her Raven black hair rocking to and fro And off down the road to nowhere she goes
Inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

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After The Rain

I like to bed myself amid
this evening’s milky light
now that the aged day
is hanging still 
between the trees
exhaling in ascending opals
all the haze of hours gone

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Standing amidst the green pastures,
The body of silken lusture,
Away from the worldly 'features',
What a wonder has created nature.

Freedom fill thee all 
Peace covers thou like a shawl,
Thy - eyes represent harmony,
Thy energy so much fawny.

Are you standing here from the very dawn,
Surrounded by the dewy lawn,
The top of head the twelve 'thorns' -
Symbol of protection from all foes till they are fully gown.

The time seems dreadful night,
When creatures' heart fill with fright,
But your gaze cheers every sight,
Showing all the divine power of 'Light'

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Part 2, On the Other Side of the Mirror, Lit Op 1

Narrator’s View II

12 These words are the last, left by the wisest,
Whom spoke to me from the other side came,
All my thoughts were crumbled to its smallest,
To a state where it differed from the same,

13 To wander, to seek, my eyes were then fixed,
To a Place where all seemed painted the same,
And then my heart whom drummed as if
were tricked,
Did spoke to me from one other side came:

The Statement

14 To you I greet and welcome to the world,
Of light and hope all came from the Real World,
Come herein we give treasures of doses,
And beds coated fine petals of roses,

15 Turn sights to the east, the greatest River lies,
The dreamers, the hopeful, where they arise,
Grows at the footprints the riverbanks hold,
Great trees that soar high, great trees that are bold,

16 Yet then we must walk the River ahead,
But to help, it streams to the past instead,
Dreams must go on with bravery of more,
Shall nature’s force was once rejected for…

17 All torrents and streams of bodies that flow,
Rivers and falls’ destination’s below,
All water will never to mountains go,
But fall from the cliffs to lands of the low,

18 Shores of the West and all beyond the white,
Field of loneness whose bluish white so bright,
Plummet and seek the sights of its beauty,
Or drive the humble raft to the city.

19 Drawn to this world where the artists are we,
To cherish God’s gift, free will it shall be,
Its pen thus we hold, it holds and it tones,
The ink of success that live long with stones,

20 Wise men and their minds, their view is just strange,
For change is nature and nature is change,
But not into thoughts your works will be less,
For all it deserves: frustration; distress…

Narrator’s View III

21 These words are the last, left by most hopeful,
Whom spoke to me from one other side came,
Thrilled to the rage of twilight so fruitful!
Known to the fact: later night will do tame,

22 Seek for time, from the Mirror I supposed,
The clock gave me the answer to it all,
Its fast-paced hand runs east—one faulty posed,
A realm will not move, nor move its men’s call.


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The Final Chapter

Gazing into the abyss
Some refer to as fate
Slowly coming to realization
Conclusions must wait

Balance long since forgotten
The cycle lays in neglect
Starvation due to combination
So easy to reflect

Blending a self centered frame of mind
With an industrial lust for power
Creating destruction
All resources being devoured

It’s like observing a train wreck
In the slowest form of motion
So interesting it shall be
Filled with commotion

This book is near end
And we are still chasing after
The meaning of existence
As we enter the final chapter

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Falling down from the clouds above
Your destiny waits for you 
Like a first kiss, or a first love.
Kissing the earth, you fill  her full of life
Mother natures tears, burning in the sunlight

Returning home as you evaporate 
Like fireflies that can't be caught
When they elevate.

~  Leonard  Napierskie

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The Best Day of My Life

Which day is there to call the best 
The best may have been already 
Every day comes standing itself out 
The day 0f my birth stand as the best.

If I hadn't come into the world the day I did 
There wont be any day to look to as the best 
Every day comes with its very uniqueness 
Every day goes with its own memories.

Coming straight from the womb world I know 
Coming into this world of true uncertainty 
Every day showcases tendency of being best 
Living a once in a life time existence. 

I may not be quite aware of that day 
But I am in the know of the existence 
Regarding my birthday as my best day in life 
I celebrate the best day of my life every year.

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The World is Ugly

More delliquit than a flower
Stranded on an island of thieves 
Rising up from the ashes of the 
burning trees

The constant smell of burning flesh
We laid down to rest

The crisp feel of the leaves
Bark burning at a raging speed
But our eyes are to blind to see

What I feel is no less 
That would be your guess

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As the dreary night slowly vanishes,
taking along the weary stars,
but the wakeful moon decides to stay...
I awaken with the new sunrise
admiring the glimmering sea
with colors resembling diamonds!

I breathlessly wonder
why God has created it
with a painter's hand,
and giving us that joy...
a devine joy as a reminder: 
that all He has made is entirely His;
and in the same manner
we care for our bodies 
with much preoccupation,
we must take care of all creation,
so that our children 
can enjoy it indefinitely!

Among fields of jacandra and dandelions swaying,
I awaken with the new sunrise in sheer delight...
to face life as it was when nobody was there;
and we can imagine the thought running
through God's mind to put a human being there:
to watch and control the beautiful earth!

I awaken with the new sunrise,
to discover a small bird soaring...
going further and further up until
he has picked up the speed of an eagle;
I awaken with the new sunrise...rejoicing, 
opening up my spirit to a song of praise!

If I'm still living, I owe it to my Lord,
and there aren't days I don't proclaim His  word...
when I awaken with the new sunrise,
and I gladly watch the golden sun radiantly rise!

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My faith she leaps

Forest lake 
A hand full of stars
Wispy clouds
Float & glide
In sweet solitude.
 ripe fruits drop
From the black tree.
December skies,
Covers green carpets.
Different shades of green.
Butterflies flit & fly,
Hope wanes.
Twisted leaves float
On glaring winds
Breaking the silence 
And  rhyming with the chirps
Amidst soft footsteps
On the rustling leaves.
Fading  twilight
Birds hurry back
As bats  glides past
On  the Last sunlight wave
Droplets of dew
Surf on light & breeze.
The moon 
All by itself
In the forest lake.
Thought come & go
Night spills over
In the vast expanse
As more leaves
Drop on.
Fallen leaves
Remind me of my past
And falling leaves of my present
As wonder filled winter
Ushers in calmness
And I lay 
On soft grass 
And my knapsack is my pillow
I kiss my dreams
as I float into slumber land
My faith she leaps once more........

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Rainbow Nations

I didn’t ask to be white
You didn’t ask to be black
We didn’t ask to be 
The colors we are

You didn’t ask to be sad
You didn’t ask to have to cry
Or to go hungry or to reason why

But after every storm
Sunbeams bend through rain
And a Rainbow of hope shines

So lets us get along
Let us know that 
From one God we are made
A rainbow of many colors
In glorious array

Lets shine out the glories 
Of who we are
We are ONE Rainbow 
Of united colors
In this our ONE world 
That was created
We call HOME 

So turn your eyes heavenward
Lift your broken hearts to the SON
For He is coming soon
And together we'll shine
For The Son will make us 
A rainbow of many Nations
Together we’ll be ONE

© Brenda V Northeast    2 July 2011


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It does not cast a shadow,
Nor does it judge, mimic, or belittle,
But it is full of emotion,
When expressed, time stands still,
Ubiquitous to society,
And inspired by nature,
More valuable than gold,
But cannot be spent,
More real than the stars,
But cannot be seen nor touched,
It can calm the most incorrigible of people,
And create passion in the most stoic souls,
It remains the same,
But is constantly changing,
And is older than life,
But will never age nor die,
To move by it is beautiful,
But to create it is a gift from God… 

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This is who I am

This is who I am
My silence smiles in the face of a lie
In every storm my head is held high
This is who I am

This is whom you see
What is began will be brought to an end
The proven loyal alone do I call my friend
This is whom you see

This is whom they know
A heart rich with humor, distant from feud
Smiles at insults, swallows wrath, never rude
This is whom they know

This is who I am
A man whose faith in service of Christ finds joy
A man whose purpose sings where no pleasures alloy
This is who I am  

And some mistaken
Seek to destroy the peace none understands
For God in mercy restrains the violent hands
And some mistaken

How they invent me
Ascribing to me their desire for the world, yes
Projecting on me their greed and unhappiness
How they invent me

I am man censored
You demonize what you do not understand
Self churned fear, the shelter and the quicksand
Silence Christ centered

This is who I am
I smile so the world will have no need to cry 
My wrath smiles and my seas seduce the sullen sky
This is who I am

"All the ones I've read by you are strong works; tells me of it's designer!"
The Scribe

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born on the wave of a tsunami

i was born on the wave of a tsunami.
i had fallen through time into space.
the shore were i landed was empty.
it mirrored the look on my face.
so i ventured through valleys, up mountains.
passed vilages dead from the wave
i came to recognise my suroundings.
this is were, when a child i played

all the trees have fallen like flowers.
all the bees have stung themselves out.
mother nature was away for an hour.
god and her had just about gone out.
all the spirits were in their own heavans.
watching as the passages roll bye.
here was the time for the getting.
viewing the meesages of time.

mine is the hand of redemption.
yours is the hand to be gave.
i tell ya  nobodys shown the exemption.
of missing the rest in the grave.
down in your ditch with your choking.
hanging your kids with your ways.
yours is the life that is smoking.
mine is the drug that you take.

the wind has crept behind dark clouds
as the moon weeps for the sun
the seas have all settled back down
retreating to were they came from
the world has buckled it's axis
now destined to die on it's heels
it's people have fallen to madness
now the true face of life is revealed

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The Russian Forest

The clean, cold brooks are running,

The foliage around is rustling,

Since childhood,

I have been betrothed to you

My loved Russian Forest!

You have been covered

with flowers or snow

Or with yellow leaves, but

Among maples,

Among fir-trees,

There is my secret house.

And if I had light joy

Or grief – melancholy with tears,

I came to you, my loved forest,

And bent to legs of the birches.

The coverlet of these girlfriend-brides were woven

from the most gentle threads of the sun

We are connected to you with one thread,

My favourite Russian Forest!


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My rage builds up inside
This is the face that cried
The body that died

The world that has no more space
This is the hand that bruised your face
The blood I taste

The depression deep inside my soul
These are the hands that are so cold
The hate that can't unfold

The life placed upon Thee'
These are the eyes that cannot see
The things that should not be

The shame that was placed
This is the mistake that cannot be erased
The time we have left to chase

The words that were spoken too clear
These are the ears that cannot hear
The friend who is no longer near

Shayla Dendinger

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The poet

The autumn is coming
alone on streets.

Cold and rain.

With white hair,
older and older,
as the leaves will die
so will die the poet.

It will come the winter
hard and wild.

But after the death
of my body,
I still hope,
in all my soul,
that the spring
will come again.

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Red, Crimson, Violet

    The easy peace
of early spring arrives
    Flowers bloom in gardens
bringing colors of red, crimson, 
and violet
    The wind blows warm 
thourgh my homeland
    Sparkling eyes greet us 
as we watch the 
  sunlight beams down 
and we taste the light
We'll know joy 
  when we see the land 
No dark clouds 
Breathe deeply of 
the sweet air
      The verdant earth
has done its dance 
        Once more

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Bare bones,
stew'd in smoke of eye--
sun man,
send no buzzards unto me;
the canyon is my home
red rock walls
coyote calls
all in all,
the A-Zone is the place to be.

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Civilized Wilderness

It is the most basic world
It has the coward and the bold
The big and small
The short and tall
Creatures of all sizes
None of us ever realizes
Valuable lessons we need
Our knowledge to feed
From them and what they know
And the respect we should show
But arrogance took over our mind
“Throw all abstract values you find”
It was his one and only order
But, we are all scared to cross that border
But we are wrong, it is obvious
To the truth, we are so oblivious
"Foolish human that order defy
What arrogance told you is a lie
These values will help you mature
Making your thoughts pure"
Let me tell you what waits
That will twist all your fates
See that wilderness out there
It is an honor we can’t bear 
Those in it live by the “one for all” code
If they did speak to us, they would’ve told
How to live in matrimony
And everlasting harmony
It is quite simple actually
You can reach there factually
Everybody carries out their task
No one should ever slack
For life will always continue
You must work to get the revenue
Even the predator and prey
To the same lord they pray
Both know they need one another
Without one, there can be no other
They prey knows it has to die
To itself, it can’t lie
It is a present to the predator to live
Its conscience clear, it did forgive
The predator is also the same
To it, it is not a game
Always goes for the mercy kill
Cause the prey came of its own will
You may think it is animalistic bitterness
But it’s the beauty of civilized wilderness

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YOURS...IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SMILE the most beautiful smile,
the source of all my inspirations;
that star never fading, always outshining others...

And from it joy is emanated;
with the speed of a shooting star,
to earth it falls, for me to catch it without harm...

Mona Lisa may have the most perfect smile,
but yours is the densest and fondest;
so fresh and alive...a blooming flower awaiting light...   

The Italian Renaissance's painters and poets could not have imagined
a beauty so delicate, inspiring and pure existing in my time;
Dante's passion for Beatrice turning into deprivation and desire...

What my vision beholds is unexplainably mysterious and yet simple,
purity and innocence reflecting your soul's mirror to make me gaze deeper;
entrust all your thoughts and feelings to me, and I will be your keeper... the rarest and most attractive smile,
and on it unblemished love can be built, a fortress outlasting time;
unafraid, share it with me to explore the wonders of this universe...   

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Hunter's Party (naga-uta lyric form)

Nearing river’s edge;
My thoughts began to wander,
	As brooding clouds formed --
       In a once indigo sky, 
           There the hunter stood…
Yes, the archer and his hounds
	Readying his bow
He implored twins Gemini
“Chase the bull ‘cross Milky Way“… 

(Just a star gazers dream)

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Humble logik

Yo I'm not a hater
Or neither am I saying I'm greater
Just more unique than most MC's now a days
Check my rhyme it goes faster than an atomic blaze
Causing changes in distortion frames
I stay humble like ghandi but can rage like multiple atoms packed
Relaxed and cool, dont mistake me for a fool
Ill hit you with these tools 
Leaving you in a pool of your own static hatrid

Building truth from lie's creation
I admire nature and what society takes for granted
Seeds planted growing into a painting on a spirtual canvas
High above worldly positions so free
Constantly able to belive the moon breaths 
While jupiter concives distant memories
Are ya'll feeling a silent strut down the streets of lust
For the right things ready to see what life brings
Kineticly bringing groovy lyricsim to the scene

Girls seem to wanna come at me mean
But buttercup I could change your world view
Just chill and listen to my poetic clue trust me its so true
Incenative radiating passionate hues blue as december rain
My role models are past pains foriging new age po-e-try
3 syllables just to make you breath my collected essence
No stressing,at the end of the day you'll be loving me more
Your old relationships were a mere tainted haiku bind
But ima pave our path to an odyssey of the mind!

Culture plays a huge part of my plan
Necessarily not culture could stop vultures from getting over
Goverment stands alluding smashed street cans
Wish I could glance into poor man's dreams for one night
I'd know we would all be living free and right
Majority of the peoples wanna go help and fight
Man alot of our citezens dont even have a place to lay their heads at night
Conspiracy lights shining in the darkness of man kind
Just some of my views metaphoricaly inclined

For me good times are somewhat hard to find
guess I'm always carrying the past in present crimes
Heavenly aspirations carry me along desalte valleys named "Gross Domestic 
Wandering back fragmentations littered with flooded room cations
Hope you really grasp my motives ms. mother nature 
Because I'm loving your pearl patience guild with mad sex appeal
Writing real not trill mobilization onto the paper basin
Nodding my head to some nujabes escaping the rest stress
Blessed and realizing my conflicting intellengence aginst my youth
Its all good, Humble logik always comes swift on tha mic with proof.

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it feels good to know 
I have found someone 
who cares as much 
as I love the sky 
as I love the rain 
as I love spring 
or a summer day 
it feels good to know 
I can look in your eyes 
and not be denied 
the love I feel inside 
is more precious than 
the first blooming flower
the first clap of thunder 
the first ray of sun 
after a shower 
it feels good to know 
where ever we go 
you are always with me 
by my side
and knowing you love me 
makes me fly
higher than the biggest plane 
further than geese on autumn days 
for I am undoubtably yours

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Oh beloved dear one , sing to me your song
its caress to rest     my ears to fall thereon
the tenor of its soothing     balm unto my heart
from its intonation           wish never I to part
Break the mold beloved           to the high exalt
sing about true justice        compared to mans default
take true aim with words              designations mark
lift them from their misery      with the divine spark
Your skill of composition           compliments of sound
where breathes a truth       in stories  made renown 
highlight their intentions      for the cause you wish effect
pointed the veracity     that leads to circumspect
Take elements of history         a tale told in note
outline in detail         its morality in wrote
expressed is your ability          the mind to mesmerize
where realities of men's      behavior brought to size
Accompany with melody     instruments design
harmonize those tones            and tales ultimately fine
your songs can lead          one to the right conclusions
break the chords       wrapped with mankind's illusions
Oh beloved Bard      your ballad sets me a sail
a chronicle of joy         or those that we bewail
from you shall I never           turn away my ear
its narration and aria           brings recitals near
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller
Via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Sitting on a smooth rock
as waves crash into it...foaming,
and splashing their salty water on me;
it is warm and soothing after burning
on dunes of sand...listening to rock,
and one of the songs caught my fancy...

The dreamer who follows the stars
is an unloved soul running from time,    
searching for secrets in this Universe...
but finding only sympathy for himself;
he can see the sea-birds in flight,
and wishes more peace at every sunset!  

This pen dashes all thoughts off,
to relieve this mind of unwanted clutter,
clearly seeing beyond the noiseless shore;
and like survivors of a shipwreck:
I let out a deep breath, to feel life 
at its best ,and joyfully play my clarinet...

The dreamer who follows the stars
 loses their traces into space,
they go further and further and disappear from his sight;
he counted them all when they stood still and shone
above the ragged canyons of a dreary moon in silverlight, 
and how can he hope for their return and not dream alone?  

Fugitive darkness gives away to dazzling sun-rays,
the shrills of the gathered sea-gulls, by the beach-house,
bring me back to an existence of joyful laughs; 
I am repulsively sad to have fallen into sleep,
to have missed moments that could have inspired, indeed,
another song for the dreamer who followed the stars!

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Soft-feathered Phoenix burns into ashes
And then rise again like the morning sun,
The lightening of reborn soul flushes.
Truly, the Child is Father of the Man.

Small buds gleam in the rays, drench in water,
And then grows into flowers with the plan
Of unseen hands of scheming Creator.
Truly, the Child is Father of the Man.

Seeds of the dead trees fall, submerge on earth
Wood-cutters loads those tree away in Caravan
But new lives spring from that soil with rebirth.
Truly, the Child is Father of the Man.

Child becomes Father, it's law of Nature,
Small water-particles do form the Sea.
The Children are our past and our future.
In Them, we can see what we were, could be.

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Sanguine moon
hanging over the Earth on fire,
where's the escape from dire?
Red flames from flowing lava, will soon
will leave nothing but ashes,
showing burned faces with no lashes. 

I would row a boat, if the up-heavel so unanticipated
weren't from the turbulent sea declaring war;
and rowing with a force never conceived or ever needed,
I could reach the untroubled side of the opposite shore.

Fate, be kind to me, unlikely the sanguine moon
hanging over the Earth on fire with clouds so dark and full;
fate, let me reach another civilization before forenoon,
not to be engulfed by fuming waves as an ignominious fool.

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Deserted I was staring at a broken door There’s nothing left no anymore The whole world was deserted By a storm moving like a rolling stone. An hour ago I was walking with my friend But now I’m walking all alone Now it’s only me and my shadow Walking and singing like a weirdo -Sorry god if I’m wrong As I’m singing this song Humans have made this earth a hell And they are only asking Why are you not well? Because of us, the world is devastated And do not mind The brain given to us is all wasted If improvement doesn’t happen The world is being alerted After sometime, it will be deserted.

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forget your needle in a hay stack

I'm a needle in a haystack
walking about among all
never standing tall.
 A stick in an ever growing field of flowers.
never a stalk, never any power.
just a lone discarded weed, but i feed
on your unknowing, my unshowing.
until an unblossoming of a true form me
and a society forced to see me,
and try to be me,
 the perfect rose.

Details | I do not know? | |


Spring paints so many shades and hues of green
I swear she's Erin born
dancing mad till lazy Summer's sun
she's gone before she's e'er begun
the aftertaste of her laughing taunting teasing fling
makes winter's long cold torture easy on my soul of souls
pipes and strings and songs to sing
she greenly springs on eire

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Believing in You

To learn from the needy,
To care for the strong,
To reach for the heavens,
Where we all belong.

To climb every mountain,
Atop every hill,
To find out my purpose,
The good Father's will.

To fly like an angel,
From pond to lakeshore,
To venture the valleys,
Seen never before.

To swim through the  waters,
Of sparkling streams,
To soar through the vast clouds,
Of peace and of dreams.

To travel off Earth,
To a place quite unknown,
To witness my eyes,
Where the birds have not flown.

A place that is fruitful,
WIth flowers and trees,
With fresh air and water,
A song in the breeze.

And last but not least,
With my kind, loving friends,
A pastime, a party,
Where peace never ends.

To make all this happen,
Seems like such a chore,
But that what beliefs, and our dreams
Were made for.

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brick laden air

Brick laden air, choking breath. Red heart rent by whispers carrying your voice
Chameleon colored leaves dropping dew
Fragrant warm wind breathed on the nape of your neck
Ululations fondled, pedophilic fires lit in your loins
Disasters renewed, 
Frogs trill with longing they have my voice.

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Early April

The road comes to an end.
As I come around the bend, I see them.
Grouped and colorful, the hue of early April.
It was my cue to meet someone new.
Who was there that day?
What cars passed as I made my way?
Could anyone see our first embrace?
Such grace exceeds through my mind
Contoured, confound
For me this is pure phenomenon 
For you this is just another way to say
“Hey, you met someone new today”
But no, I hoard these memories with great passion 
Without a train of thought
I can remember what happened 
And oh, the smells
The smells tell the story 
A tale of a boy with no worries
Not a want in the world
Caught at the right time
 What he got:  Love for a lifetime. 

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Woman in Black

You asked 
about the world, 
 I see it...
all these years, 
you don't know me 
I hold my tongue, 
if  answered  
safe but not sound...

 My eyes, the world is 
 for good and evil. 

Without day, 
there is no night. 
Without hate, 
there is no love. 
Without a woman, 
there is no man. 
 it goes on and on 
while the world turns. 

The world, 
 makes me sad. 
 not proud to be an American 
 the Anti-Christ for a president. 
Damaged and lost. 
 not a big lover of mankind. 
prefer to be alone, 
but connection 
is important   
to feel alive, 
love is most.

 I am a loner 
People scare me. 
phoniness, bitterness, 
immorality, murder, 
hate, and unoriginality. 
savages running around 
wherever I turn. 
  true love? 
 so caught up disgusts me.   
I can't breathe. 
I can't hide. 
So much noise. 
So much sorrow 
Broken children, broken families. 
Broken hearts, broken spirits. 

Violins play 
all day long....
weeping for the world.......
I wear black...
 how I feel.

Of course, 
sees it all differently,  
and many beautiful people out there 

 few and far between, 
 when I have the pleasure 
it's powerful 
having that circle of
valuing my womanhood. 
I do in love. 
I do in true 
 the point of living  
 has touched me 
no words 
 have been close  
 He's close to me, 
calling me, 
wanting me 
like  once before. 
He is real. 
When I was close to Him, 
He painted a picture  
to uplift me. 
the moon. 
in awe . 
the beach 
on a full moon night, 
in the black water with you. 
And babies. 
Nothing like the sight 
of a baby's smile, 
and the light 
Fresh, pure, 
and full of hope 
for the world.

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Don't try to understand

Don’t try to understand the way it is.
Don’t work it out with logic or you’ll miss
The loveliness that all around you lies
In everything that lives, and always dies.

Look without the words that cause the mess,
And gaze at life with so much tenderness.
Just drink in all the mystery you see,
Swim within it’s beauty, let it be.

So dance my child and wildly sing your song,
This song is yours to you it does belong.
Just live your life, embrace eternity,
And feel within that fire of ecstasy.

You tread a road that never has been trod,
Be you with the devil, or with God.
Go with it child, and melt within the flow,
Feel that mighty flame within you grow.

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As If You Are Nothing But Good

Little, little riverside stream
You water my dreams

Giving fresh flower in the Spring
All that new life your help brings
Flowing on through Summer
Carrying gold for our rings

Catching fallen leaves in Autumn
Many colors you now carry
Freeze you won't in the chill of Winter
Changing you of this I won't worry

J.R. Thomas
Copyright August 12,2007

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Set aside on a whimsical ride,
to drift the day away ,
pole in the water;  
but it doesn't matter, 
if a fish catches my hook along the way.
I'll just enjoy the travel, 
that will make me unravel,
months of cooped up dismay.
To recapture me,
to punctuate my being,
in a world that keeps me at bay.
I escape into the scenery,
of the foliage and greenery,
cottonwoods, yucca and sage.
Drifting along, 
to a whispering song,
of a youth;  all but,  passed away.
Glistening leaves, 
above on the trees,
as my squinty eyes capture the way.
I dream of when,
I'll be here again,
and this time maybe I'll stay.

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Aint staying gold

I like my steak rare With lots of pepper because well is not so well when dry.

 I run in the rain so I don't have feel my sweat on my body. 

It's true I wake up before the sun rises, I beat him every time.

 I'm already filled with sand, so ill be one less the sandman has to work on. 
I'm already at my highest peak before the stats appear. 

I'm already down hill before the pile of shit. Im still at the top of the mountain waiting for that one chick to stop singing and get over this hill.

 At the End of the day I like to end with my coffee and smoke the same way- black and mild.

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On such a snowy evening
When cold wind makes everyone shudder
And numbs senses with its fang,
The ever-warm heart remembers her.

On such a snowy evening
When trees shed dry leaves like tear
And melodious birds stop singing,
The ever-green heart remembers her.

On such a snowy evening
When everyone sinks in sleepy snow-layer
And life becomes tiresome and boring,
The ever-awake heart remembers her.

On such a snowy evening
When everyone alienates from each other
And the hateful death roams to sting,
The ever-loving heart remembers her

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Inspiring is the lion’s roar Inspiring is the sea. They strengthen all the courage That lives inside of me. Inspiring is the wind As it tosses about the trees, And inspiring is the humming Of the little bumblebees. Inspiring is the eagle As it soars above the sun, And inspiring is the man Who will never use his gun. Inspiring is the dolphin As it dances in the waves, And inspiring is the swan With the graceful way it bathes. Inspiring are the people Who embrace the warmth of love, And inspiring is the poet Who rhymes for those above. Inspiring are those who shun The violent plague of war And inspiring is the soldier And those he does fight for. Inspiring is the courage That lives inside of me, And inspiring is the unity That comes from the word “we”.

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Nature's Symphony

                          Twilight, not yet dawn,
                        Awaits ascent of the sun 
          Bringing hues of blue, orange, violet, red, and purple
             The Aurora…the bright dawning, the daybreak 
             The birds began to sing their morning songs
                 A soft breeze joins Nature’s Symphony  
              Nature becomes a symphony of sound & beauty 
                       Nature's  scenic phenomenon. 
                        Nature reached a crescendo
                         Sunrise, the beginning

                    At dusk, day's end, the sunset 
               The eventide, the gloaming, the twilight
          The sunset, evermore brightly colored than sunrise
           As the sun sets over the horizon, nature falls silent
                         A scenic phenomenon
                  Which only nature could orchestrate
                      Birds sing evening songs 
                         Last songs of the day
                      Nature's concert once again, 
                        Begins again at sunrise
                             Sunset, the end

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My Beautiful Singularity

Speeding through the depths of space, 
186,000 miles a second I race. 
Catching nothing but a shimmer of you, 
over millions of light years you still shine through. 

At light speed I pass by nebulae and galaxies, 
warm and loving you are in my hypotheses. 
The beauty of the universe, 
Still does not quench my sought for thirst. 
For you are the beauty I hold dear, 
As your radio wave I finally hear. 
Your elegant beauty strips me of fundamental thought, 
As your intellect fuses with elegance my heart you solely caught. 
With my chest erupting like a solar fare, 
As you climb upon me with a lustful stare. 

Drag me in with your sweet gravity, 
hold me in for near an eternity. 
Strip me of my molecular stability, 
As we fall into infinity, infinity 
As we bond into a beautiful singularity. 

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Fly Off the Handle

Flying up around recently of huge
fell snow in apiece
a crazy sigh seemly of snow 
without course landing — 
so easily flying-so enjoying
pulling by the gravity and wind 
and come blaze or portion higher
from the roofs or trees . . . 
and while the wind stopped
a clear and empty space
By effects it’s staying.
Oh, while by certain any come
back of the winter around
in sort or strongly strike — 
again, flying the snow apiece
without of course landing — 
again flying the snow was recent
fell over streets—over roofs
Over the many it trees, circuses. 

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South facing garden
That slopes in the sun
Wildflowers swaying
Where the river runs.

For hours and hours
For the wonder of love
Innocent hearts
Slowly overcome.

Trespassers gather
One by one,
The gates are still open
Trespassers come.

Come back to the shadows
Retrace young steps
Under that plum tree
Lie down and rest.

Look up and wonder
Remember the best
Savor the silence
And try to regress.

Trespassers gather
One by one,
The gates are still open
Trespassers come.

We slept until morning
A breakfast of plums
In that south facing garden
That slopes to the sun.

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The Wisest Way

Silver skies, green-silhouettes shown –
Artful enchantment God has sown.
Created wisely mysteries, known. 
Hidden hurts hear nature’s groan.

Gentle rains may refresh trees.
Freezing winds a life might seize.
Binding essence to falling leaves.
Shivers shape each life that flees.

Fate soon follows circumstance.
Modern travelers miss the sight.
A near uplifting lost in flight.
Speeds by like a flash of light.

Feeling favored some passers by
Pause and cheer until they die.
Feeling moments…on the fly.
Embracing nature amid its cry.

Let us remember every day.
“Replenish the earth” while on this stay.
Leave habitats for praying prey.
Enjoy our Father’s wisest way.

© February 6, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Whitman's Astronomer

When I saw the learned
Chasing stars from his clumsy steeple
I heard the fate of
in the curse of a thousand people

Fallen! Broken! Praise be 
The star has flown and will never

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into a wooded bog

I walked through the sunshine 
into a wooded bog 
where lily pads are home to frogs
where the night sky shines 
on the lake below 
where the winter breeze blows 
over a fresh new snow 

I walked down the path 
where no one could find me 
beyond the hidden branches 
sits a log where I'm hiding 
peacefully I've chosen this spot 
because this log has been mine for years 
all the time I walk through the forrest 
I always end up here

this log is nothing special 
but special it is to me 
for it looks over the lake 
in which I knew since three 
its been there when I was sad, 
and made me happy again 
and when I'm on this log
there's nothing better than that

a peaceful place in the forrest 
away from bustles of the day 
is the best spot for someone like me 
to wash her worries away.

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After Hours

The night the wind...blew
The sky turned grey from blue
As birds felt free fond of a feeling
Their feathers often knew

To such a night I give a smile
Flowers dance for a while
Before the moon illuminates
The sun descends in style

The soil combs it's grassy hair
A chlorophylic perm is rare
Sly, smooth, and still the night owl sits
With sober eyes that stare

Simplistic stars sign autographs
With scientific math
Teaching the souls that see them shine
A constellations' path

Behind the light the dark stood still
Upon a hallow hill
Delighted with the dawn of dreams
And memories to fill

As birds felt free fond of a feeling
Their feathers often knew
The sky turned grey from blue
The night the wind...blew

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Daybreak in Richland Hills

Daybreak in Richland Hills Written: by Tom Wright August 7 2008 In Richland Hills the dawn is showing, I sit on the patio peering over my cup. From across the alley a Rooster’s crowing, I sit motionless as the sun comes up. I hear dogs barking a few hundred paces, Chadick Farms is beginning to break into song. Squirrels are scurrying to their feeding places, I’ve two days to visit and that isn’t long. This is the time of day I cherish most, For God speaks to me in the morning air. I hope early arousal hasn’t disturbed my host, While the city awakes I’m deep in prayer.

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O my Bangladesh of Gold - National Anthem of Bangladesh - Original By Rabindranath Tagore

O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O my mom! Your sky and your air
Attract me like a flute-player!
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O my mom!
In spring in mango gardens
I have smelt holy fragrance!
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O my mom!
What have I seen in autumn?
Fields full of crops so handsome!
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O the beauty and the shadow
Where my affection and love grow
Under the banyan trees and
On the shores of rivers that flow!

O my mom!
Your words are sweetest to me!
If you look pale and gloomy:
I shed tears in sympathy.
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

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sounds of summer

The sounds of spring is almost gone 
and  summer follows close behind

The trees are full as they can be
of leaves that's reached maturity

The sounds of crickets frogs and things
and all the sounds that night time bring

I stand amazed as I look around
and listen to all the familiar sounds

that summer brings as each day starts
and know that I can be a part

Of all the things that God has made
so perfect is the plan he laid

The fields are green the flowers in bloom
we know that summer is coming soon

We thank you Father for seasons past
and looking forward to summer at last

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Have you ever wondered why the trees, like people, either stand or are fallen after 
a dramatic storm?!

Have you ever wondered why the people unlike trees can get up and get stronger 
for the next storm…..

Have you ever wondered why you’re still standing when all else around you is 

Have you ever wondered why you can find peace in the middle of the greatest 
torment around you…..

Have you ever wonder why the nature is so united in all seasons of life…always 
united and in harmony….

Have you ever wondered if flowers love their butterflies….

Have you ever wondered how the creatures of the sky know the direction of their 

Have you ever wondered if the sky meets the rainbow or just lets it glow for a 

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Nature's Chant

Oh song of life,
Hears animals croon their mating chant.  
Oh song of life,
Resonates precisely, no strife.
Passions of love never recant. 
Sounds vocalized bound to enchant.
Oh song of life,

Nature’s mantra,  
Flora and fauna greet life's fate.
Nature’s mantra,
Guiding all living by karma.
Sweet chants that through the woods vibrate.
As per Mother Nature’s dictate.
Nature’s mantra!

© February 10, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: ALPHABETS OF RONDELET 
Sponsored by: Nette Onclaud

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No Title (2)

Through the clear northern sky,
Through the glitt’ring eastern sea
You can now freely fly –
You are born for flying free!

Turning neither left not right
You can catch the shooting star,
Which has left the trek as bright
As it leads away a far.

Through the day and through the night,
Through the very distant lands,
Through the deserts, snow white,
Through the swirling desert sands.

Gather every sparkling light
Coming from the sun and moon.
Fast and high you keep your flight
And you get away as soon!


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To fly

The birds can fly
the butterflys can fly
the kites can fly
the aeroplanes can fly
why cant i fly.

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I Am What I Am Now

mr ralph said i was plump, fat, quiet and annoying
i was just a shy old boy when i was only thirteen
he said he cudnt have been more proud of me
because i've escaped frm childhood dreams to reality

what have the past many years taught me..
i guess i found what i want, i dream to be..
i found my songwriting is a great ability..
i have been in downfall manie times. that's juz the way it is.

i am what i am now.
and i have no regrets..
i made this far sumhow
to come back up again.. i am what i am.

life was a rollercoaster but it had been a great journey
the only thing that i wish i could feel..
i have been mischievious, so excited and daring..
i can't wait for my b'day and i'll turn sixteen!!

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Did i mention she's green?

Green girl
Green girl

She gathers leaves on a blue and green night
Her emerald eyes make me ignite

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Light candles, red hair reminds me of autumn
Fire red forest she will come

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Change like the seasons
For unknown reasons
Nothing left to give
Baby I would relive

Green girl
Green girl

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I can’t wait for tomorrow
To see a brand new day
I think about the morning
And it warms my heart
The morning sunlight
That brings me hope
The sunlight
That keeps me to smile

Oh sunlight… don’t you know
How much joy you had brought to me?
I go dance with the trees
To the tune of gasping leaves

Sunlight, Oh sunlight
Show me the way 
For a brighter day
Shine on me like a guiding light
Bring me the love
That I can feel deep inside of me
Come to me
And light my windowpane
For today, you are my angel

Oh sunlight, my sunlight
Stay close to me
As I feel your power
That embraces me 
For today and tomorrow
You’ll be there beside me
Oh sunlight….
You’re my laughter, my friend
My life, my joy
Oh sunlight….!!!

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I felt a drunkard in my fanciful sixth sense.
The pond seemed to me the Sea of Aegean
And the floating leaves warships of Greece,
Thousands in number that fought for Helen.

Now, my mind finds infinite amidst finite
And beholds freedom in a free flying kite,
Discovers beauty in a dazzling little dew,
In metamorphoses of bug seeks life anew.

Slowly, my outer sight sinks in shadow
As the closing eyelids sleep in meadow.
Eyes are closing only to open in insight
As if bathed with celestial divine light.

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Insignificant Man

Deep in the jungle where the deep river laps
And the tiger rich meal eaten naps
Where the young one’s play at their mothers side
And the deep verdant canopy reaches far and wide

In a lush green meadow where the cattle stand
Chewing their cud as they stroll the land
Where the fields are divided into pattern and lines
And rich purple grapes grow on trellised vines

Down a country lane a maiden skips
And a postcard in the mailbox slips
While children round the sweet shop crowd
Teasing in childish voices, playful and loud

On a grassy hillside a shepherd bends
While he gentle watches and his flock tends
The thick grass gentle under his feet
That becomes stiff and hard in the snow and sleet

Deep the blue ocean, her ever changing tide
While the foamy white surf on the billows ride
While the sea her fury to the sky expresses
Yet runs softly to shore and there gently caresses

In the desolate dessert the hot sun blazes
As the day passes through its many phases
For far and wide do the sand dunes span
In the distance a mirage of a solitary man

Up on Mount Everest in the cold and snow
Where stinging like a whip dies the freezing wind blow
Where all around there is nothing but ice
And the cost of a climb is life as the price

In the city street the people rush
Never a moment without a hush
And tall the stone buildings blocking the light
While toxic emissions pollute the night

On this fair planet that circles the sun
Where mountains rise and rivers run
There is so much diversity in this small place
It’s hard to imagine what’s out in space
We are so insignificant, the human race!!!


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Overall Things' Playing el Time

Time by growing twisting all diameters
  while pass by, time didn’t fare back 
Once matter precious when all is amuse
  when by lightness, the soul paragon 
Time! ... the duration thy birth 
  any out ways to be, up away untimely
By threes abduced faculty design
  in past, present, futurity
Time maybe something for nothing to you,
   Thou —for your penury!
But —time verily it something 
  serious by, my appraisal esteem
In best use at my way holy to comply
  from periods’ solar thy nighters
Over a passage to be accomplished
  draw, of the rainbow and rainfall
El time ever gone with me, I using
  in arouse mine be it according 
Wishy is sets’ from my heart and mind. 

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The Ballad Of Heretical Appliances Pt.2

My head still ringin' with
the effects of concussion,
while,the fridge hummed to
the fan's whirlin' percussion.
Though, my sneezin' fit had
finally, apparently passed,
I couldn't risk this threat of
fan, fridge, and soul amassed.
With a great, dire caution,
I walked so eloquently
to the kitchen drawers, then,
ripped through them, reverently,
found the roll of sticky paper
my salvation sorely needed;
kept my back to the Sun,
as it's distant attention grew heated.
I tore off seven pieces for
my mouth, ears, nostrils, and eyes,
sealed 'em tight against,
what could only be Satan's lies.
Havin' achieved this most
burnin' of any goal,
that bein' the denial of
the flight of my eternal soul,
I parted the blinds to hurl
a muffled curse at the sky,
and the Sun in it's cozy
seat, up there on high:
"You good fer nuthin' giant lightbulb,
what've you got to fear?
Quit yer silent gawkin',
I coulda used yer help down here!".
I, of course, waited the
accepted forty minutes, forty seconds,
before tearin' off the tape
and startin' the admonissions,
quotin' scripture to the fridge 'n fan,
knowin' they'd see their sin,
I, then, shouted in victory,
"To Hell with you soul, I win!".

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Peace Of Love

I know all people and all they need
Is the peace of love that's all around
We could plant the seed
For those that are future bound
Love is the key to all that's near
If only we all would let it grow
There would be no need for fear
If you let peace in your heart it will show

As one we can all stand alone
But together we all shine
Love is nothing that you can own
It's not just yours or mine
If we all reached for the sun
Then we all could just release
All hate and pain could be undone
And we could see love and peace

We're all free as a bird in the sky
Letting go of all we despise
But before we can learn to fly
Our thoughts of good must arise
In the peace of love we seek
In the truth all is found
Once the future seemed so bleak
But with peace and love we'll always be around

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The Night and Her Ways/Lost Under The Sun

there is a moon,
shining all alone
under all seas looming side to cloud
fall in our night and wait for the one who makes
slip in the prowl
the beasts hold night at growl
howling their sorrows
move midnight forever is tomorrow
come to our dark we run deep in the dusk
trust your lost soul while wait here for the sun

trust your yearning haven safely break
grey sky a-standing
standing far astray

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun 
lost under the sun

there is a place
marble floor and blue
there is a space 
that was meant for what was you
summer now white a different sort of lone
cold in our skin deeps
looking towards our glow

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun

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Never Let Go

Can anything beat
laying in the grass
and counting all the stars we see?
Can anything beat
wrapping up in blankets
with a picnic to eat?
Can anything beat
stealing kisses
while we just enjoy the time?
Can anything
yes anything
ever really beat
what time we have
together, like now?
No nothing can
Nothing could
And all I know is
I wish I could
I wish I could stay here with you tonight
I wish I didn’t have such a long drive
I wish I could simply spend the night
and hold you tight 
like I’ll never let go

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Wrong Time

Why some things
That you always wanted
Come in the time
When you can’t afford it?
You can’t take a chance
The risk is too big
Kinky thoughts hunts you
Makes you weak

Pleasant but sick
Twisted mind 
Tells you not to quit
There is no wrong time
There is no wrong and right
It’s happening
It’s now
Just do it
Time will tell
Was it good idea or not
Don’t pass on him
He is too HOT!

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Aranmo laso Iseyin ni ohunso
Aso ti aro olowo faramo olowo

of harried hills and skyscaping rocks
of humming hurricane and haughty harmattan
of succulent virgins and tasty lasses
of fearless fighters and valiant warriors
whose pock-marked faces tell tales of
changing seasons and fading ethos

Iseyin oro
your looms weave history of a thousand wars 
and countless strifes:
a kaleidoscope of sweat and blood
of bellowing ewiri and clanging steel
that power rippling biceps on virgin plots
and drape distant hills with a curtain of  lush green
of rippening grain and swollen roots 
that taunt and fatten western mind

Iseyin ebedi moko
where conscripted corps rouse sleepy road 
mouthing patriotic choruses with con-fidence
under the shun or in the st-rain 
of howling bigles and snarling commandants
between rationed meals and bedless sheets
educated urchins recarve stunted dreams and 
swap affections under the blessing of  a passionate moon;
culred in a fraternity of lust

at sunset 
a million pestles beat doughy rhythm to
the drum of seasonless soup and 
fumes of fermented wine
At night 
shakabula cast eerie silhouette of 
compromising customs and daring smugglers
every hut,a garage
every house ,a warehouse
every trail,an artery for the systemic draining of 
 a giang dwarf
Iseyin oh Iseyin
so benign your sonorous throat spurn 
loric tales of crushing contradictions and 
mesmerising oddities

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Sage & Thorn

From a Cowboy heart is born
Poets of the sage & thorn
We speak so all the world might see
The cowboy life, our legacy
Whether in the city raised
Or with the cattle as they grazed
You're transported swiftly back in time
When gathered to hear a cowboy rhyme
To wild & western days now past
Slowing a world which moves so fast
We offer our memories as a gift
hoping that your spirits lift
We are all Cowboy bred & born
Poets of the sage & thorn 

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Ten to Twenty, aka a Very Long Sentence

Beady black-eyed bird perched in the bush
outside my window cocking his head
from side to side eying the squirrel-proof
feeder that is coated thickly with a layer of
Vaseline not to keep the squirrels away but
to keep the rats out of the feeder who have
taken up residence in the pampas grass which
separates my house from the neighbors and
who have multiplied (the rats, not the neighbors)
at a rapid pace ever since the neighbor's yard man
killed that perfectly harmless snake, waking me
from my daylight sleep...the harsh and unusual
noise of a man pounding a snake to death with a
stick and wanting to stop him but unable to open
any windows in this old house which were all
painted shut by careless painters or demented
residents, perhaps Joe who used to live here and
briefly made his ghostly presence known when
we first moved in, but now only occasionally pulls
the shower curtain open if we leave it closed and
sometimes makes a rattling noise with the little
lever that closes the drain in the bathtub which we
never take baths in because who wants to lay
around in tub filled with soapy dirty water, fecal
cells floating around attaching themselves to your
chest, your hands and then you feel like you have to 
take a shower, anyway, so why waste time that you
could be spending watching the bird who is eying
the greasy feeder with great suspicion.

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As the evening sun dipped in the blood-red horizon,
A gust of Silence came, whispered and then hushed
The warm air that was hastily passing the dungeon
Of thick scrub where the quivering grasses blushed.

The last flickering of Sun vanished and it was time.
Darkened, It was time for hunting and to be hunted.
The primordial cycle of hunt began in a raw chime
Of survival for the fittest. All hunt now enchanted.

Night here is so horrifying, even the Breeze dares
To sound its airy hum. Predators roam everywhere.
From the high branches, dark caves, dark soil-crater
And thick bushes, the primordial Eye of Death stares.

The Primordial creatures trample, fly, glide, clutch
With their teeth, claws, peaks soaked in the blood.
Creatures perish, new creatures emerge here in such
A world of Hunters, Hunted. All wander like cloud.

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She Will Break Forth

In the beginning, the blessing was anticipated
Showers of blessing, showers of benediction
Everyone prayed. Anxiety. We and I waited
For the firmament's showers descension
And it poured down in Janus' moon
Cloudbursts! Treacherous! Terrible! Dark but beautiful
Never was it thougt that Janus could be a foon
I thought Two Face was a new beginning and merciful

We tilled the earth and prayed
We planted and watered and waited increase
Hope, faith, love, vision and dream on our faces portrayed
Febrero, Marcha, Abril, Mayo, Junio, showers did not decrease
Julio, Agosto, Septiembre and even on our Independence
But the god of yams has been appeased
And rainmakers have lost their power
Yet heaven's rivers continue to remind us of dependence
Oh, how can heaven be appeased?
When will we cease to from feasts cower?

We've had enough of the blessing
Our fetor linens, washed, scented but still in drench
Showers of blessing now descension of cursing
Maybe our linens would have better been dry and stench
Mother Sun is still recuperating
She fights to break forth and smile
But showers of cursing still operating
Mother Sun will trek many a mile
But I know she will break forth
And our automovil's tyres will speed safely
And our zapato's soles and suede will bask in their pristine
And our avión will fly safely
And our ropa will be dry and divine
In this Octubre she will break forth

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No Title (1)

Keep the way, and courage comes,
Raise your spirits to the clouds,
Tame the storm and swirling calms,
Get you rid of all the doubts!

Sooner, later, or at once
Road curves and moving quickens.
In an instant, in a glance
Each and every stirring weakens.

Ride the shining shooting star,
Feel the air, try to taste dew.
You will come away as far
As the endless journey takes you!


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let's do it

peas do it
whole forests of 
deciduous trees do it
we's could do it too

let's copulate

complete phylums of 
pedigrees do it
i hope you'll agrees, 'n' do it
all desires to appease, do it

let's copulate

the paupers and the potentates
everyone wants to procreate
all manner of fauna and flora
do desire and simply adora

to copulate, they think it's great
every species wants its mate

giraffes are always necking
pretty parrots prefer pecking
gouramis like their kissing 
waiting ladies, other blissing

so let's copulate

orchids all colored and scenting
attracting insects by augmenting
instincts desire to copulate
life’s fascination to procreate

arthropods genetically driven
give nods to drives unforgivin'
the whole world's standard of livin'
is driven by a desire insatiate 

to copulate and procreate

so i hope that you'll agrees
don't give my affections a tease
i prefer not to beg, but please
i'll get down on my knees to

assume my position 
on this admonition
let's copulate

oh baby, slake my burning desire
to amorously set your pipes on fire
all i really wanna do
is water your Archimedean screw 

so let's do it baby, let's copulate

to tell you now, my own discourse
it's just our mattered intercourse
a filibuster would be remiss
I vote for you and me to congress

I'm unimpeachable
if you're reachable
let's do it, let's copulate

© Goode Guy 2011-06-02

with thanks, (and sincere apologies) to Cole Porter

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I am the chaos
I am the song
I am the reverberation
portentous, specious
and tiresomely overlong
I am the creation
I am the spring
Deadening quiet trees
Gardening souls through corrupted space
I am the hours
I am the chill
Forfeiting drawn, crushed evenings
To fold an encouraging breath
Around my chaos
I am the solitude
I am the urn
Into which fastidious comcerns 
Are continually poured
Evolving into resurrected dreams
I am the blessed
I am the scorned
From conspiratorial valleys
Of pastures worn
that breed and give hope to all
With a dew-drop melody I prolong
I am the life
the obstacle chaos breeds
And the eternal song
I am the sin
I am the hollow
an enveloping clarion of tainted vice
Preaching an undisclosed epitaph that communion binds
For I am the truth
And I will perpetually unwind.

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Autumns Passing Tears

While lying on my side in bed
I stare through windowpane and shade
And watch the autumn season fade
With every falling golden dead;
And with each leafs descent to ground
A sadness seeps into my soul.
I turn around then lose control
And shed my tears without a sound.
Why must this season loveliness
Take leave from me each passing year
And take with it all I hold dear
And leave me with this emptiness?

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The Deluge

The Deluge.

finally the deluge

skipping in rhythmic heartbeats
the softly sprinkling rain

hums and lulls and cajoles and comforts
the weary evening
glistening leaves
on beaming trees
blades of grass shimmer
like rough diamonds strewn about
and settling in my heart
is the softly lilting touch
of peace
of truth
of the rain clearing away
the debris of this passing day

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The Wedding of the Century

the groom,
the sun, deified the time
and denied the dark its peak,
shimmering in his faded orange apparel
his eyes brilliantly blazing, brazen and bold
found a gazing spot
at the heart of the brown sea
and whispered with quivering lover's lips
"come up to me and taste of my love"

the bride,
the sea,deified space
with wrapper of blue wound round her waist
flirty, flitty and fidgety
her body danced with seductive rhtym
she spread sprawlingly on the spaceles sandbed
a bride expectant of a reluctant groom
burning,  she bellowed from deep below
"come down and prove yourself a worthy lover"

the priest,
gravity, kitted in a monk's garb
ritually performed the nuptial rites
Toyin-blakkie was the bride's lone maid
Abdulkarim and I, the twosome groom's men

Hosted by the surf and sand of Kuramo shores
the three for the deaprture of one
feasted on a garnished gargatuan fish
there the sun walked the aisle by his aquaticbride

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I See God

I see God's face in each sunrise, I have seen His face in the dew. I can see His face in each raindrop, That falls as tears, from skies of blue. I see God's face in each springtime, On dew watered blades of grass. I oft gaze at flowers and marvel, Why He gave man such class. In summer, God's in fields of grain, And in the mighty oaks that bend. But most of all He's seen by me, In the face of a Christian friend. His face I see each autumn time, As leaves float to the ground. I'm reminded that in each snowflake, His face there too is found. I need but to look about to see, His stamp is on the great and small. I'll not traverse life without Him, For I know not the hour He'll call.

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Jump, scream, shout!
You are having fun!
Having the time of your life
Where it comes
Only once in a while
Walk, jog, run!
You are having fun!
Play, act, read!
They are all fun
What is fun?
There is no definition
Of fun
It is just your interest
Your desire
Of fun
That is fun
Three words of positive
Feelings in everyone
Is always fun

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Good bye, summer, well, it's time to go,

Good bye, summer, well, it's time to go.

I hate to rush you, but you really must go

say Good bye, summer, good bye!

Well, it's the middle of September;

I’m just tired of you and your heat.

Oh, I hate to rush you, but you can’t


Repeat Refrain

Now, autumn and winter,

Might hate it if you stay here too long,

One shake and we'll part, and you'd better 

get going, although you served a purpose.

Final Refrain:

Good bye, summer, well, it's time to go,

Good bye, summer, well, it's time to go.

I hate to rush you, but you  really must go

Good bye, summer, good bye!

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And all is incomplete, and will be left undone
While buildings crumble and things decay,
Kaleidoscopic seasons pass and gardens grow
And a thousand years will bloom and fade.
And all that we hold holy will be forgotten
Blowing over distant hills in dust.

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Swirling, raindrops fall on glassy windowpanes,
Then dribbles and shrinks into countless pieces.
My life is scattered too into such floating veins,
Packed with memories in stanzas, lines, phrases.

Once in that woodland, in that mountain I sank
In desire, in ecstasy and in cries of numb heart.
Stirred, I sang my lyrical life on that riverbank
Where floats my emotions, my foremost part.

Thoughts aroused like sea waves that shrink
And left a scratch on those arid white leaves
With damp trunk’s pencil and emotion’s ink.
My heart gathers reminiscences in beehives.

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Under The Blue Skies

If the sun didn't come up today
Or if you went away
I'd be okay
Under the blue skies

I could tell something wasn't right
Your smile not quite as bright
You wouldn't look me in the eyes
You just stared up at the skies

Under the blue skies
Everything is okay
Under the blue skies
Everything seems fine
When you are mine
Under the blue skies

I was surprised the night wasn't dark
As I spent my time alone in the park
The sunshine gave me no warning
As it broke into morning

I didn't know if I would return
Maybe just to earn
What I'd been looking for
In the skies of before

Under the blue skies
Everything is okay
Under the blue skies
Everything seems fine
When you are mine
Under the blue skies

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So many come blossoming, 
verily so many merrily 
so many! under the high-
spirited sun, opening 
a host of yellow. Nine, 
ten, three dozen blooms, 
now hundreds casting off 
the old lapsed minutes 
the months of cold – 
joking high-spirits
so sinuous on thinnest 
green stems – this very
morning so many!

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Written November 17, 2013

Fields of flowers
Rest around our heads
While photos of blood
Surround our beds
On pedestals we stand
Preaching to the world
Something foretold
By heretics in white
And neighbors in black
Who claim they already knew that

Rain beats down on my roof
To the tune of Duke Ellington
And to the Scat Man we dance
It's all we have left in this world
Penniless pockets 
Play the vagabond game
While the vultures in Eden
Circle the insane
Who hear the angels sing
Refrains and quatrains

Who can be a spokesman
For those who cannot speak
A preacher for the downtrodden
A dollar dropped at hand
For the bum on Main and Port
Traveling through strife
No child or wife
To dedicate his life
No hope to beat his drum
No harp for strings he's strung

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Dear Summa

dear summa i got so used 
2 bein around u

da way u kept me warm
da way u let me touch u

deep conversations all night
like we n high schu

u got me feeling good 
summa i wanna wife u 

when it rain i feel 
all ya warm wetness 

i got my rain boots no 
worry about da messes 

and when im thirsty my tongue
up n ya greatness

we a bomb combination and 
we cant fake dis 

Dear summa can i have ya
love year round 

swimin in ya warm beaches
bae i wont drown 

let me surf across waves 
 as i go down 

hide tide is comin in 
im goin deeper now

da heat is pickin up baby
feel my love stroke 

widely televised baby 
yep dis da love boat 

summa we hittin da 
billboard on a good note

volcanic eruptions girl 
and now u wanna smoke 

now da night is young 
and we just started 

nice whip big rims 
now we gotta a party

summa got da club jumpin
baby neva partin

think i need anotha drank
PO dat bacardi

each day i wake up i feel
i want u mo n mo

beamin thru my eyes now 
u got me i glow 

feel da cool breeze baby
let yo wind blow 

time is tickin summa but 
we still gone take it slow 

when u run away girl how
do i deal wit dat 

u leave me in da cold lady
wit a fitted cap

i see my air blowin baby
where yo warmin at 

when u gone away my mind 
get up off track

u say u comin back
will it be the right time 

n while u gone away will u keep
me on ya mind 

im not tryin 2 get frost 
bitE baby i ain lyin

metaphorically speakin my 
summa you are my rhmye 

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Protect the Protector

Living in a world
That’s destined to die
Dying in a world
That wants to survive
Ignoring problems people put aside
Just seems to be the nature of mankind

Taken for granted that our eyes can see
We do not look at what can be perceived
Rainforests are rapidly losing there trees
They help to create the ozone up high
But man does not care for his vital need
Take a good look now, please look carefully

Without the ozone
Our future will lie
Beneath the chaos
That will doom our lives
What will become of the prosperous seed?
It dies with the rest of humanity

Cause we are living
(In a world that’s destined to die)
We are dying
(In a world that wants to survive)
Ignoring problems people put aside
(Just seems to be the nature of mankind)

I am a mortal
Just the same as you
Accept it, forget it
Do what you do
There will come a time when all this proves true
So let’s hope it best, I’m lying (I’m lying) to you.


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It is that of a sweet and inspiring look.
That of an autumn’s beauty that captures your heart.
All full of colors with lines and curves through out.
That you can’t help but to gaze the mountain scenes you see.
For it’s full of wonders delights as heavens nature shines colors.
And a season enlightens.

For the beauty you see falls the leaves of the tree.
But it’s Autumn time that is here as nature brings eyes to hold.
It’s like being all wrapped up in the finest silk.
As we get lost in the pleasantness’ of a morning dew.
It like two seasons in one as love spreads about.
As I can just feel the picture my eyes behold.
And the wonder of the heart and soul.

That of colors grown of a beauty from within.
That it would be nice to touch the curves of the mountain.
And feel that of God’s blessing of love.
As I would run my hands across autumn’s love.
And enjoy that of her love and beauty she portrays.
And fall deep into her valleys and curves at play.
And soar like an eagle as I would glide wild and free.
As it’s a nice temperature day and I’m playing in autumn’s leaves.

It’s there to which beads of water fall as I enjoy that of an autumn lay.
As it is there her delights I experience.
As nature has produced something of such beauty and grace.
I love seeing and feeling the love of two hearts.
As to have you here next to me during this season it is.
I would enjoy autumn much better.
Knowing the delights you hold.

Because rather spring is in, autumn brings in cold winds.
And its days like that I’ll like to be cuddled up by a fire with you.
Or instead of me playing in the leaves alone.
I could play with you instead.
And we both can say, we enjoyed autumn this day.
And the beauty and love of her hills and curves to form.

I like another day to run and feel her curves.
And make everyday an autumn day.
Just because I have autumn’s beauty to love.
As with you, you would be my autumn everyday.
As I have found nothing but delights of beauty to love.

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Read me verses
vibrant with life,
not sad epitaphs;
paint me my portrait
with a lustrous light...
be a Cavaraggio, or Rembrandt,
and my replicas sell in the market
for a price that suits any wallet.

I was given a name,
and with gilt I embellished it;
gladsome to glitter and giggle,
blooming as a rose bud caressed
by the wind's soft breath;
and its seed will be transported 
far-away, to germinate by a godly temple,
and there I will meet a favorable, clement fate. 

A tombstone is the place
for the soul's eternal rest,
my bones will lie within it...these brittle bones
once covered by flesh, but its spirit
will depart to ascend from the realm of mortals;
and sleep it will...until a mighty voice will awaken it,
there with the angels of Paradise I will write my praises,
and seeing the sorrow of the living, I will act upon their behalf.

Read me verses
vibrant with life;
epistles that the New Testament's
devoted scribes wrote.
Sing me odes of the glory to come, put aside
the longest elegy, don't trifle
with my final wish, everything else is trivial;
look into the Heavens, I will smile... 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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love 'n'

love 'n'...

food and sex and food and sex
go together like
before and next
anytime we're together
food and sex can make it, better

hunger and lust and hunger and lust
go together like
need and must
anyone who feels so driven
hunger and lust can be, for givin'

please take heed to what I say
naturally can't be, any other way
hunger and food and lust and sex
are just what mother nature expects

food and sex and food and sex
go together like
cause and effects
anytime we're relating
food and sex is, satiating

hunger and lust and hunger and lust
go together like
filling and crust
any way you can cook it
hunger and lust want to, submit

some might think they know the score
take their fill, come back for more
any dad who leers to mother
wants some lovin' and no other

sex and food and sex and food
go together 'cause
they feeel sooo goood
any body tasted better
sex and food they go together

lust and hunger and hunger and lust
go together like
boom 'n' bust
any way it falls 'n' rises
just nonplussed to criticize it

you won't want one, 
can't hit a homerun
any two can't be undone
no, you won't want one, without the other

No baby!

© Goode Guy 2011-06-29

"Love And Marriage"
thanks to: lyrics by Sammy Cahn and music by Jimmy Van Heusen
and of course Frank for singing it.

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This is not a country for living souls
Recoiled the heart lives under the enshades
Of vampire ridden nature and all its pards
On beggarly sums amassed by the pauper
Of bleakness and cold hunger and mort
Here existing we burrowing like moles
In drenched country in termite eaten rocks.

Here are no events images or happenings
But over the same the generations waste
Cobwebbed on a bold spot their anger
In rimless cups in pale lipped liquors
Time eaten tales aimed at amusing
Lamenting on their irrecoverable loss
A loss which was never their gain
Forward they go groping in search of substitutes
In hotel rooms where empty pouches hang
Over the pegs of wealth work and pleasure
All have accepted with harried hands
Stiffening nature humbly no measure for measure
Their guts hanging loose from under their stomachs
While vultures of low airs peck their brains
Piece by piece removing the gilded frowzy matter
Leaving the skull festooned and vainly waste.

The ancient cults of sacrifices still existing
Among jeremiad rules of the gushed brain
Each fang beak or tentacle of spidery web
The venom just dents entwines with its embrace
No grief for marshalled loss no pent up for soul remained
The old conscience just sleeps in arms of lap dogs
And each hour becomes just sanctified and sane.

It is not for charter of the world do we create
Burning our brain and the light of our eyes
Each image in our mind creates
A corresponding image in the space
And each line of the verse entombs
In eternity a sightless gong
Which the poet can hear with his subtle mind
In the span of his wretched life and can find
Some solace when everything significant is betrayed
When the weed choked fields of this world can claim
Their foremost place on the altar of the poesy.

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Used to look through child’s eyes
Used to stare at star ridden skies
Used to smile at silly sounds
Used to dream of the future’s bounds

Used to play in the thicket of my mind
Used to search for a place to hide
Used to act like story book heroes
Used to count from 100 back to zero

Used to hold my breath till my face was bright red
Used to believe all the words that everyone said
Used to want a big house and brand new car
Used to hope that I could someday set the bar

Used to use my imagination
Used to use that motivation
Now being used by my frustration
Of being used by my own generation

Used to... used to...
You know I used to...
Use it all without a thought
Used too... Used too...
We’re all being used too...
Bought and sold like an old iron pot
Used to... used to...
You know we all used to...
Dream our world would never rot
Used too... Used too...
It’s all being used too...
All our resources from bottom to top

Used to sit up all hours of the night
Used to believe that people were alright 
Used to think that we could still pull through
Used to think that everybody knew

Used to have faith in the ‘truth’
Used to see their words as proof
Used to hide these tears I’d cry
Used to hold my head up high

Used to think I had a grasp
Used to disguise myself with a plastic mask
Used to act like there was no problem
Used to hypocritically mock any and all of ‘em

Used to use their aspiration
Used to use their motivation
Now they use their investigation
To bind us to their administration

Used to... used to...
You know I used to...
Use it all without a thought
Used too... Used too...
We’re all being used too...
Bought and sold like an old iron pot
Used to... used to...
You know we all used to...
Dream our world would never rot
Used too... Used too...
It’s all being used too...
But when will this mass consumption ever stop?

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My FLOWERS are keen
And watch what I do

My FLOWERS count time
And lies when they’re true

My FLOWERS fill a bowl
At the edge of my mind

There in the moonlight
My FLOWERS are enshrined

Fresh then are my FLOWERS fine
Love of floral, love of mine
Left alone, left to shine
All that’s bright and twice divine

My FLOWERS need a bell
That rings on Sunday morn

A bell of splendid color
For FLOWERS when they’re born

My FLOWERS lean north
To drink from porcelain dish

My FLOWERS lean south
As willpower turns to wish

Fresh then are my FLOWERS fine
Love of floral, love of mine
Left alone, left to shine
All that’s bright and twice divine

My FLOWERS follow kings
With gemstone and stained glass

My FLOWERS stand at guard
No ancient age shall pass

My FLOWERS catch rainbows
And blue peas in a spoon

My FLOWERS press aloft
Under starry winter moon

Fresh then are my FLOWERS fine
Love of floral, love of mine
Left alone, left to shine
All that’s bright and twice divine


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The Journey I Make

This journey of mine began before I knew it 
The journey of my coming into this world 
My journey here started from conception 
From the coming together of two soul mates 
From their loving conjugal coitus relationship. 

My earliest movement was from my father's loin 
After the deposit in the tube I moved to the womb 
I bubbled in growth in my mother's womb 
Survived the journey from zygote to foetus 
Then through the boundaries of two worlds. 

My journey through infancy was with tender care 
My adolescence journey was with so much love 
I journeyed through teenage years with direction 
My early adult journey with discipline & guidance 
Full adulthood journey still had parental strings. 

Though the adult journey is still my will to make 
This journey's decision and consequences all mine 
Giant strides I would endeavour in this journey 
So that when at last my journey comes to an end 
There wont be any regrets of footsteps not taken.  

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Memories of troubled, sunless days
have passed over my solitary place,
and with much expectancy, I predict lasting peace
with stiller waters for a calmer heart full of awerness;
tomorrow will not fail me, I will know a good rest
never before experienced...not spoiled by uneasiness!    

Happy events weren't anticipated with sorrow,
unhallowed and fearful they wrestled within,
but my lack of understanding made me bitterly weep!
O refreshing river never stop flowing, giving
your stiller waters to a repenting soul being
purified, forgiven, changed, uplifted, and loved by all. 

Lively are the lilies in that sunny field on the peaceful outskirts 
of town, unbosoming their loveliness without uncanniness or impurity,
and their splendor is reflected in these stiller waters; 
take some of them and put them into a tall vase,
or bring them to an altar to redeem your grace:
expose your guilts and pray...belief is the source of felicity! 

Not repugnant anymore, but thankful and singing with a mellow tone,
hearing the melodious organ so accordant and melliflous...
a godless lifetime is not worth living with thoughts so spurious!
Rebellion was a mere whim whose memory I will have no recollection
with stiller waters soothing me and mending my once-righteous ways...
only my merciful Lord can restore my faithfulness, and not let me wander alone!

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

Inspired by the poem, " The Lord Almighty" written by Constance, 
The Rambling Poet for the contest, " I am sending you a gift of poetry, 
dear heart."

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Winter Sounds

Find myself digging through snow, 
a tunnel with no light at the end;
blistered hands crimson and sweat stain'd.
It looks to me like a cast iron heart
will bend with a little touch of warmth,
even in the middle of a vast snowstorm.

I only asked for the truth,
but as long as your heart still has a beat,
I'll sing of you.
And you know, it really hurts,
to be cast into the blue;
it's a feeling not worthy of words.
Like a perfect seed that never grew.

Every step forward is like two steps back,
spiraling deeper down into the ground;
deviated, less motivated...
Sing me your song, and I'll play the keys,
throw back a few and melt away this freeze.
And kiss the fabric's sweet reprise.

I only asked for truth,
still as long as your heart has a beat,
I'll sing of you.
And you know, it really hurts,
to be cast into the blue;
a feeling not worthy of words,
like a perfect seed that never grew.

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Why I Tilled My Thoughts

I tilled my thoughts--

near a sparkly stream, where 
a rainbow bridge linking the past, 
the present, and the future 
of an exquisite aroma
of my morn sighs, ‘til it dawned upon a pink butterfly, 
like the great orb. Ahh, countless times I 
tilled my thoughts, while 
li’l robin chirping in the young evergreen, which 
out-shadowed grandpa’s oak tree, 
where crimson love was once 
etched on it. I did
the etching. And, the mystic spring sipped the blood
that oozed from her scented body, waking up 
the wild tares eagerly casting their sleek shadows 
to attract warblers, to play with them. Hmm, 
the thoughts, cultivated 
near a sparkly stream, like blooms
written in a poem--
can connect not only poets. 

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the moebious bird

swirling ascent, 
         streaming, feathered, winging -- 

'look at your tops, they are my bottoms,'

she tweets 'n twitters, murmurs me:me
  surging urges in the air she soars
        everywhere a falling feeling --

a free-spirit flows through her wings, 
   a sapient sixth sense 
      for rising up to close the gap -- 

caresses curious circuits, twirling,
 swooning, reeling, 
          drifting through heightened meaning --

    she speaks in many tongues, 
larking on the edge of a hush with the rush 
     of a far-cry, a longing songing sigh -- 

in a fluttering, floating glide, 
she rounds in passions now arrived, now along,
swooping, looping, going, going,
         falling fast, now turned, re-turned, now gone

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Low Man Is Due

A low man is due...
My eyes seek reality,
My fingers feel for faith.
Touch clean with a dirty hand,
I touch the clean to the waste.
I fall cause I let go,
The net below has rot away.
And I cry to the alleyway,
Confess all to the rain.
But I lie straight to the mirror,
The one I've broken to match my face.
The fire is so warm,
But nowhere safe from the storm.
And I can't bear to see,
What I've let me be.
So wicked and worn.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.
So low the sky is all I see,
All I want from you is forgive me.
My eyes seek reality,
And my fingers seek my veins.
There's a dog at your back step,
He must come in from the rain.
But you bring that poor dog in from the rain,
Though he just wants right back out again.
So my fingers feel for faith,
And my eyes seek reality.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.

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Our World

The world is a beautiful place.
How can people just destroy it.
If it weren't for God,
the world wouldn't be here.
We wouldn't be here.
It just tries to live.
We try to live.
All of this is not an accident.
We do things on purpose.
Sometimes we know it.
Sometimes we don't.
Please, the world is a beautiful place.
Let us try and heal it.
Instead of destroy it.

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it was just white in my dream, in my sleep, in a pair of my closed eyes. then the cold ice falls in love with my eyes which never slept. i always find my eyelashes wet frost the dew on the grass, in the morning and evening. then the white color was also in love to my body. delightedly shower me, bathe my body. my body suddenly has a bathroom with a tub full of eternal white. and my memories swam in a huge plow. i do not know where will it go. you know, i always imagined snow coming your house, knocking on your door, a pair of your pinched cold eyes trying to look through the whit snow, watching me playing in the snow, alone. and you come along.

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Snow Is Falling, Gently Drifting

Snow is falling, gently drifting
Outside my window tonight
All is silently illuminated
By flickering outer lights.

I sit and watch it mesmerized
Like a Siren's unheard calling
Drifting, blowing here and there
With no soon apparent halting.

I press my nose up against the glass
To feel its cold surprise
I watch the flakes blow against my pane
Its warmth, their quick demise.

Suddenly out of nowhere
I see a snowflake brighter than the rest
Bigger and more beautiful
An unusual shape and breadth.

In the midst of all these snowflakes
This one caught my eye.
One small tiny snowkflake
Much different from the rest.

I saw it shining against the moon
That one small tiny snowflake
What was a second, seemed quite awhile
Its beauty caused my heart unrest.

I see this gorgeous snowflake
I see its unique individuality
I see it caught up in this storm
Of its doomed reality.


*For my friend who knows who she is....who is the fight of her life with cancer right now.

(January 16, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Rain Drops

Tear drops falling from the sky
Each one has a sad story to tell
Who will listen?
And who will wipe them off their windsheild?
Tear drops everywhere
Ending their lives on the streets
Why do people find their sounds so peaceful?
Each tear drop is a musical note
Playing its own little, sad song
For the people willing to listen

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Nature Oh Nature

It came to be by design of the Supreme 
All Creations of the Non-Created Being 
None of its own desire but by the Command 
Their makes they expressly do Exhibit 
As meant to be Mother Nature becomes. 

The Climate and Weather in their take 
The Sun, Moon and Stars in their strides 
Dry Season and Wet Season do proclaim 
Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn do herald 
As meant to appear Mother Nature Shows.

The Fowls of the Air glow in their plumes 
The Beasts of the Land parades in hides 
The Creatures of the Deep in scales and shells 
The Beings of the Earth portray personalities 
As meant to Sound Mother Nature speaks.

In Beauty, Elegance and Poise, 
The Nature of Mother Nature 
So Graceful and Glamorous 
Radiates the Essence of Creation 
By the Supreme Being of Nature.   

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Fire Mother

Cold morning greets the weary eye clouds drape the horizon in gray
I turn around avoiding the sight I cannot stand with a dreary pale day
And then I feel it on the nape of my neck A hint of warmth kissing my skin
I turn around gazing out my window and see in the gray light the size of a pin
I try not to build on my hopes the thin ray of light might be gone in a tick
And then it happened the clouds parted way amazing ling quick

within a moment I was a washed in light blinding brilliant and glaring so bright
it was like the day had defeated the night leaving the world with breathtaking sight
The orb of energy colored the sky in outrages shadows and countless hues
the godly object painting its art from star to star the cosmos its muse

I moved with a pace to open the door I flung it open with a giddy delight
the clouds burned away by the waking of ra the life giving force of comfort and might
the rays that touched the flesh of my face washed in warmth a faint tingle
Colors above began to dissipate lose there sharpness leave then un mingle

now the sky retains the majestic color of the all welcoming blue
now nothing can stop the suns life and energy from making it through
the moments I spent outside my front door revitalized my heart filled my soul
I dare not stare into the great star the center so bright a positive hole

I stood there soaking up the nectar my skin absorbing the vital beams
Before this day I thought the world could only be this beautiful in our dreams
Iam not sure to this day how long I enjoyed it how long did I stay
I took the time to indulge in the feeling the blinding array

The golden orb that gives life a chance nourishes its children down below
refreshes my outlook changes the day shinning down for the rest to grow
to bathe in its glory heat on my skin sensations burn from my feet to my chin
summer is coming in its time the way it has always done the way its been

Shading my eyes from the fiery glare I take a last glance at the burning sphere
so filled up inside with light and warmth my lets out a rejoice full tear
Once again it will set in the sky but it doesn’t take long for it to appear
to give the life that we all so crave and to make our days a little more clear
a god to revere a star we hold dear every summer once every year it comes again
to greet us here banish the dark conquer our fear once again I will gaze and ill peer on the 
celestial being 
that owns the sky the liquid fire mother our sphere

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Beach Blues

I came to the beach, for a little sunshine
I came to the beach, for a little sunshine
But you slunk through the shadows, and into my mind

I look out to sea, to try and find peace
I look out to sea, to try and find peace
But I’m still tethered to you, like a mutt on a leash

Memories of us, erupt like ‘bing’ hits
Memories of us, erupt like ‘bing’ hits
I want to forget, our beach wedding bliss

So I lie on my back, and stare up at the sky
So I lie on my back, and stare up at the sky
Detesting you, and your new Barbie wife

Knots of you form, inside of my stomach
Knots of you form, inside of my stomach
I try to undo them, but my fortitude plummets

I hope that in time, I’ll be able to swim
I hope that in time, I’ll be able to swim
And my memories of you, will pour from my limbs

***based on typical blues music, where the first line is repeated and the third line is a "holler"/answer (rhyme scheme AAB)

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october's pretence

October’s Pretence. 
Rain, nature is greening, but it’s a false spring; December will 
pale the land into submission. Do not write poetry till February, 
when almond trees blossom and strew petals about in protest
 thinking winter takes the season of its sinister drama too far.
Last winter snow fell, a wonder land; people said they had not 
seen snow for forty seven years. The stream is xanthous I think 
of China’s main river where dolphins, not seen for years, swim 
in cloudy water.  What can’t be seen cannot be caught by man.
Dawn, on the track a boar, sniffed the air and grunted; a hairy, 
pig in need of a pair of glasses. I moved and it disappeared into
 the brushwood.  On nature walks I used to take a camera, but
wild animals hate having their photo taken and avoided my 
intrusive lens I was left with taking photos of trees, weeds and 
evergreen bushes. My lazy dreaminess has paid off I have had 
a good life no one ever expected anything glorious of me, and 
left me in peace. If you look for me I will be on a bus trying to 
find the fabulous castle; I once saw when I could see the future.       

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within this march

hands rise outstretched
they're granted 
insignificance as they touch.

within this march
tribes are juxtaposed                                                   
delicate bodies dispersed,
cast abroad
under an infinite sky. 
within this march                                                       
their many tamed, somnolent beasts
lie in limp dead circles                                                
disarranged, and softly sleeping
amid droves of 
lingering, nameless hosts.                                  

within this march
ominous gods
have drugged
following legions
with simulacra of 

within this march
emboldened and vain
is an outcry
of a strange storm,
a maelstrom of form
a violent tempest of
disintegration against

within this march
sovereign lords
believe all things change
and still remain perfect.

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climate change
will sample error.

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June 16, 2011

Wind blows
Trees sway
Waiting for the rain this day
To leave its glorious stain
Always to grow and not from pain

Wind blows
Trees sway
Waiting for the break of day
Thunder rolls
Through the knolls
Penetrating so deep in our souls

Wind blows
Trees sway
Falling till the break of day
Waiting, waiting, wanting to stay
Not knowing what to say
May I know, yes I may

Wind blows
Trees sway
In our souls, the plan is this way
Praying God will always stay
Running toward the rivers so wide
Sending down my spine the wonders sublime

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The Nature Of My Mother Land

Tulips are dancing to the rhythem of breeze
Robins are singing ,atop, the old oak trees
Quails are waltzing , in a graceful pace
Butterflies hop ,from this to that place
Eagles are gliding down for a prey
Squirrels run for their lives, astray
Overhead , the sky is clear and blue
Underneath stretches the sea,what a view
Lovers on shore,sit in pairs and watch
Prints on sand "LOVE",one,in a touch
Sea,sand,Sun,love,silence and peace
Childhood's nostalgia,which ,I do miss

Abbas Kiamiri

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As Tonight's Rain Begins To Fall

Tonight as I sat reading beautiful words
All expressed with remarkable meaning
All reliving some moments
Captured by the writers' hand

A warmth fills my body
As a pleasure awakens my brain
For I just thought of you 
I just look within your eyes

The rain slowly now is falling 
Just outside my window 
I hear it's drops meeting the ground
Each bearing it's own pierring sound
Each one speaking my name.

Why must it be
At times like now
You enter my mind?
Yet making not a sound.

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in the heart of life

Stroll and listen to the trees whisper secrets,
So sad that the hearts have to mourn;
Stroll and taste the morning dew,
Sweet like honey and melts like mashmallows;
Stroll and  sniff the aroma of twilight,
Scenting like gentle perfume on her neck;
Stroll and see the flamboyant flowers,
Lavender, auburn and magenta glows;
Stroll and feel the pulse of silence,
A melody upon the palms of your hands.
Stroll till the Earth wanes.

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Night Approach

Scudding clouds of mauve and pink
As the sun begins to sink
Behind the mountains, distant blue
An artists sky a vivid hue

Long gold shafts of fading light
Welcoming approaching night
Dipping deeper bold red sun
For the day is almost done

Swallows as they dart and dive
At bees return to the hive
On high a melancholy song
Retiring for a night of long

And as the dark begins to spread
The moon holds up her silver head
And twinkling stars begin to glow
And all is peaceful, down below

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we started out kinda

we started out kinda real young
baby i know i was a fool,
now ive grown up
all of the things we use to do
do you remember
i wanna be your man,
aint tryna be ya friend (be ya friend)

so tell me do you like it
drop, top, mercedes benz
top up ,cause your hair be (blowin thru da wind)
wheels spinning, hair did( blingin ring) ya dig

she pull up at the club lookin like, millions,
billions, watching you from a distance
all the fellas be watching you like a vision
ya sexy thighs,sexy hip, sexy midsect
looking real good,make a reggin wanna hit that,
forget that, i think im ready for commitment
so are you ready for submission


n-e-ways, i know you with him for a short change
but you and me together forever,
will never change
when i was younger all i thought  about was spitting game
never caring about your feeling was to remain,
the same, im sorry i cause you all this pain ( i promise you)
i fill them all with brighter days
(and hopefully) i just get a chance to say, that
(i love you) and i hope that you feel da same way 


we started out kinda real young
baby i know i was a fool
now ive grown up
all of the things we use to do
do you remember
i wanna be ya man
aint tryna be ya friend, be ya friend

i aint tryna be ya friend...
girl i only wanna be ya man
so baby want you let me in...
and i promise it will never end

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The New Year Is Here

A day like other days but different 
A week like other weeks but different 
A month like other months but different 
A year like other years but different. 

The day comes with its own chores 
The week comes with its own activities
The month comes with its own events 
The year comes with its own anniversaries. 

Last year has gone with its daily chores  
Last year has gone with its weekly activities  
Last year has gone with its monthly events
Last year has given birth to this new year. 

Its a new day with daily settings 
Its a new week with weekly activities 
Its a new month with monthly events
Its a new year to make fun memories. 

The day may come with its low points 
The week may come with its drags 
The month may come with its set backs 
The new year do come with expectations.

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Come, I'll teach you sweet love;
forget how hard words are,
tremble like a dove...
touch my warm hand and believe in me for certain:
my trust is never ending.

Come, I'll teach you sweet love;
don't hang on useless fear,
look back, see how we really loved.

When joy made us smile,
and we passionately touched
without saying a word...   
as the bright moon stopped awhile,
when all stars brightened the sky.

But tonight darkness stays,
and we despair; and we
lose our faith in destiny.

Our rainbow of yesterday
won't reappear today
with the Heaven above;
come, I'll teach you sweet love.

Entered in John Heck's contest,"Sondheim on Sondheim".
The song is entitled, "No More" from the musical " Into The Woods".

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Gul Zamani

Zaman gul zamani bu yaz
Beklenmeyen heyecan
Goncolanan katmerlerde
Eriyen rengin hasretim kokun
Zaman gul zamani umidim 
Kan kirmizi sevgim diken
Operim yapraklarini aglarken
Zaman gulse umid nefese yagmur
Tirmandi goklere gul yurudu
Alevinde sevginin gul zamanin

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The Purpose of a Flower

The purpose of a flower
Is to look beautiful
And smell sweet
Inset with a tiny card
Of compliments
And poetic words

It adorns a costly vase
Arrays a field
Beneath the feet
To powder bees with pollen
To give drink 
Of its nectar to birds

It's but a passing vision
With a fragrance
That is fleeting
Yet speaks of Just Becauses
Holds the flame
Of three months wages

It's worthwhile to pick a few
To give to you
Upon our meeting
For a lasting arrangement
Upon your wall
Or between the pages

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Embracing Aloneness

A plumeria blossom floats to the earth.
Is it a death?  Or is it a birth?
It lands with its face touching the ground.
Never shall it be a hula crown.

The luster of its blossom shines upward like a star
A symbol of my aloneness in a place so far.
A crown or a symbol.  In the end, is there a difference?
The hula crown too is destined to the earth in a sense.

Lady Gaia opens her heart to all in a gesture of love.
She receives the return of both blooms as a gift from above.
One plumeria adorned a dancer’s hair;
Its fragrance and beauty appreciated beyond compare.

One bloom left the tree on its own, catching a breeze, hoping to fly.
Yet, it sails to the ground, rather than dance in the sky.
Its brave action is noticeable only to one.  
The person who sits alone in the sun.

A blossom’s daring act of leaving the tree all alone
Has mirrored my life and cuts to the bone.
The significance of its exploit brings tears to my face;
And in this very moment, my aloneness I embrace.

Mahalo nui, little earth star, plumeria blossom
The treasure you have given me is truly awesome!
Recognition is but a fleeting diversion;  
Touching one soul with love is a lasting conversion

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Music Through by Echos Wind

Oh — what marveling is thy earing
The rhythm music —sound once 
 By way-long tours —by slings air
 Echo traveling strongly in the wind. 

 If so combine, masters so divine
 Of songs by admiral listen on
 Touring sniffs’ outer euphony in apart                 
 Crowds had been called to scenes.                  

 Emotional the players’ voices-in-unity
 Upping listens by tour wind
 Its tending deep melody thou asunder
 In long-way whole unites it shipway.

Oh music orbs listen in, by echo wind
The rhythm song — tho echos to mind!

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The Cradle Song

When your dreams are suppressed
 I am here don’t be depressed
When you feel like dropping a tear
Go ahead release your fear

There are too many ways to heal a broken heart
But there a re too little ways to make a new start
All you can do is to listen as nature sings the cradle song
Even if for a while you will realize that you are strong

When the wind is pushing you
I am here to help you pull through
When your eyes cannot see
I help you get to where you want to be

There are too many ways to heal a broken heart
But there a re too little ways to make a new start
Al you can do is to listen as nature sings the cradle song
Even if for a while you will realize that you are strong

Your journey is not that easy my friend
I know it’s time for this nightmare to end
Close your eyes and feel my cradle song
I’m sure I’ll be with you before long

There are too many ways to heal a broken heart
But there a re too little ways to make a new start
Al you can do is to listen as nature sings the cradle song
Even if for a while you will realize that you are strong

Sleep tight
Let me kiss you one last goodnight
One last goodbye
Through this lullaby

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This is not a country for living souls
Recoiled the heart lives under the enshades
Of vampire ridden nature and all its pards
On beggarly sums amassed by the pauper
Of bleakness and cold hunger and mort
Here existing we burrowing like moles
In drenched country in termite eaten rocks.

Here are no events images or happenings
But over the same the generations waste
Cobwebbed on a bold spot their anger
In rimless cups in pale lipped liquors
Time eaten tales aimed at amusing
Lamenting on their irrecoverable loss
A loss which was never their gain
Forward they go groping in search of substitutes
In hotel rooms where empty pouches hang
Over the pegs of wealth work and pleasure
All have accepted with harried hands
Stiffening nature humbly no measure for measure
Their guts hanging loose from under their stomachs
While vultures of low airs peck their brains
Piece by piece removing the gilded frowzy matter
Leaving the skull festooned and vainly waste.

The ancient cults of sacrifices still existing
Among jeremiad rules of the gushed brain
Each fang beak or tentacle of spidery web
The venom just dents entwines with its embrace
No grief for marshalled loss no pent up for soul remained
The old conscience just sleeps in arms of lap dogs
And each hour becomes just sanctified and sane.

It is not for charter of the world do we create
Burning our brain and the light of our eyes
Each image in our mind creates
A corresponding image in the space
And each line of the verse entombs
In eternity a sightless gong
Which the poet can hear with his subtle mind
In the span of his wretched life and can find
Some solace when everything significant is betrayed
When the weed choked fields of this world can claim
Their foremost place on the altar of the poesy.

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My Way (Dedicated To: SS)

How deep in love I am with you
Each day this feeling becomes even stronger
Every time I kiss your lips
And every time I look into your eyes
I find my heart beating faster for you
I believe God made me to be with you
That ever road I been on
Has only brought me to you
And finally now I've found the place I belong
You bring so much joy to me
And so much direction to my life
You make me love, love
And appreciate the bond I have with you
You put that sparkle in my eye
And the chill in my spine
You’re so perfect to me
I'm so in love
I’ve never been more in love in my life
You truly make me happy
I wish I could thank God every second of everyday for sending you my way!!

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The harshness of winter has finally past.
Springtime is upon us finally at last.
No more dulldrums of winter to tax my brain,and the season I love the best
espically the rain.

I could sit and watch as the flowers and the trees flurish and bloom,
and I know that because of natures miracles all the colors will be out soon.

Finally I love to walk out ,and look up,and feel the rain trickle on my face,
take off my shoes and socks and jump from puddle to puddle all ove the place.

But at last all good things must come to an end. The sun is coming out and 
gone is the rain, my friend.
As I sit on the porch with the sun glistening in my eyes, I cant help but wonder
how long before the next storm comes by.

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In November limbs are still
Thin against the dying light
From sylvan vale to hill
Poised in forms for us, contrite

Pergola bare with thorn 
The knuckles of the hemlock worn
Expansive loomed leaf arbor's torn
Preparing for winters blight
in hibernation

To discover the divination
of dendrology, their eschatology and escape
Mystic trees as old as hills they nest 
Did they raise the earth abreast
and create
Hill and dale, with leaves and root's end-trail
These trees beyond date
and chronology

Ever older, wiser growing,
love, loss and dying things
they who see all and knowing
of all things past that chronos sings

If I could hear, what would they tell?
Of all history's, fair and fell? 
And all the tails of old recreate
Dare I impel, and test, 
The gods with such haughty inquests
Demanding a divination of truth?

No, never will I know their tale
And happier be, beneath the arbor vale
         in summers sweet
                   or bit by winter's tooth 
Seek thou? No!
There is no sooth.

Finishing Line Press.  Book FAREWELL TO THE DUST, by C. S. Leaf avalible March 2008

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La, La, La

She strolls 'long the golden shore
Feeling so great, carefree
She knows she's trying her hardest
To be the best that she can be.
Her music plays in her ears
As she tap-dances in the sand
She's her own superhero
She doesn't need anyone's hand.
She's made it through on her own
She didn't give up or give in
She worked her way through that part of life
And she knows she was the one to win.
She cartwheels through the soft waves
That splash along the shore
Her hair is falling free around her
She's not held captive anymore. 
The light, cotton material of her blouse
Flies around her gently
The soft wind blows her hair
As she waltzes in front of the sea.
The world is her stage, her audience
She isn't afraid anymore
She doesn't care who is watching
As she dances along the shore.
She is everything she wants to be
She's proven everyone wrong
People said that she needed their help,
But she had her own help all along.
So there's that girl, dancing with no music
Into the sea breeze, like her own spa
Everyone's watching, waiting for her
And she just sings, "La, la, la."

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To My Naked Lady

if I 
can not write 

a piece
of paper, 

talk to 
the neighbors
about your pink skin, don’t 

no one will 

the spot 
that you etched
me, no 
one will quench

my thirst, but you, Mother!”

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Motion of a Fall

Leaves no longer held-aloft by their deciduous vaults
Clutter gutters and breezily sweep streets and rest 
On right and left road sides, bright and red. 
Tunnels formed by old trees meeting arc
Across city-streets and campus-sidewalks.

The bright red light shreds right
Through the quasi-dismal damp 
Fog and is mirrored in the ditch’s bog.
The yellow is less aggressive, 
More slow to say “hello,
Nomad, pause your show of bursts
Of fabricated steel and what is unreal.”
Trees colored green recollect when
They were tenderfoot, preempting
The Fall of unawakened Autumn, 
But tend towards following their peers.

Leaves stand in the back of a room, 
Stand in the forefront of the meteorological gloom
And trickle their color onto the gray   
Sidewalk once bland and wet as the sky,
Now leaf-littered and shimmering with glances of upright reality;
Colors whet on the watery walkway
By flattened leaves and reflections of trees. 

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If you took the blue sky
and turned it inside out
What color would it be?

You could say blue ofcourse
But then where would you be?
In or out, out or in?

Maybe you thought green or yellow
Maybe even purple
Or could it be the colors of a rainbow

You may never really know
Unless it actually happened
But untill then you can always imagine

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When the sun goes down, down, down, down
It goes down
Flat like a triangle,
like a circle, like a lollipop
like a string around your neck...

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Milky blue light drenching particle specks lightened by contrasting swoops of foggy spectacle
Further surpassed by mass internal affairs given off to sight after years of waiting for enlightenment
To be distanced and held secret for generations of life
Sinister confusion in count and account but simple in glance and embrace
Held by eye represented as such as well surrounding darkness in human sight
Beauty to the few common sight to all but neglected magnitude nonetheless
To be embraced in movement across the dark blue in irreverence to the rest and its lack of movement
But left in perfect motion on rare occurrence given to heart and patience and luck
Set in life and represented as such to guide cycle and light in the human contrast
Never-ending to the short-lived life, but soon to close for the life of the heartbeat of the world
But until time comes to retract readjust and begin again, the dark eye along with its surrounding,
beauty must gaze at the last half of the day in awe and in silence with the world being the hourglass and the telescope in which gaze is possible. 
Until closure is inevitable once more.

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Beauty of the Maliced-Night Come to me, Wake me up Forlorn I've been for Centuries My heart beckons for the day of the thought of You Glimpsing in my dreams I see you fighting through The Iron-Gate that held me too You ordered my death in such a Beauty-Blinding way How can I refuse? The dust and sand of the desert's wane Has left myself to Blame The lust and land of the Desert's Wane Suffocated me with the forlorn days I've met you my lover I've met you my execution I've met you my Loving Shame I've met you my Salome Salome, Selfish Lover Salome, Gates of Jerusalem hold you In Salome, my Beauty The Dust and Sand of the desert's wane The Lust and Loving Shame Has left Myself to Blame I've Met You My Salome

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Rain Song

Standing in the rain,
changing from,
      to solid,
feeling the different
       as the water
and falls
      through my body,
  bliss takes over me
and I remember
          something from some songs,
5 to 1 baby,
      1 in 5
no one here 
     gets out alive,
this is the year
    that hope failed you
for I still 
   walk the Earth
and I won't leave
one of my victims deserted.

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Blood - Brothers

I Hear Drum-Beats Across The Land… Can You Hear It?
All Our Homes Are Handed Down by The Highest Spirit
Long-Ago, The Native Peoples of The Land
Knew… The Earth and Us – Go Hand in Hand

I Hear Hoof-Beats Across The Land… Can You Hear It?
Its Not The Buffalo or Antelope – Who Grew To Fear It
Its Battles of Braves and Soldiers – Both Grim Reapers
Can’t Forget… We ‘Are’ Our Brother’s Keeper…

         Blood – Brothers
… We Are Blood-Bound To Love
         Blood – Brothers
We Are Blood – Brothers Of
All Sons and Daughters of Mankind
The Great Spirit Binds…
      … Blood – Brothers

I Heard Hate – Beat Down The Land… Did You Hear It?
Pollution and Persecution… Its Time To Cure It
End Our Journey On The Trail of Tears
With Broken Arrows and Rivers – Running Clear

I Hear Heartbeats Across The Land… Can You Hear It?
If You Turn and Face The Wind… You Are Near It
It Pounds Deeper Than The Skin, Or A Flood
It Echoes To All …  Its In Our Blood !

        Blood – Brothers
… We Are Blood – Bound To Love
        Blood – Brothers
We Are Blood – Brothers Of
All Sons and Daughters Of Mankind
The Great Spirit Binds…
      … Blood – Brothers

              * * * * *
The Eagle Flies On The Breath Of Life
         And So Do You
May The Blue Sky And Your Clear Eye
         See Many More Moons

Keepers Of The Earth… Guard This Turf
        And Each Other
For Every Human Birth… Has Worth
         As A Blood – Brother

For Those Killed and Blood Spilled
         The Ground Cries
Soaks The Dust… And Curses Us
         When A Brother Dies…

          Blood – Brother …

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Remember time, remember place,
when feet to knees seemed like a mountain,
that smile upon your mother’s face
as from her eyes your living fountain,
when life was yours - a world unspoken
when on all fours your ' glass ' was broken,
that bright surprise - a robin show -
how everything was there, to know ?

A life - time sits here in recluse -
the wood-seat waits to be of use
and mocks my age with Poke - the tortoise,
happy, crawling to have caught us
underneath an ageing sloe,
with nothing more, or less to know.

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Childhood the short arm with a long reach

I’ve for centuries watched the sun sigh
And put his blazing tools down up there
But Childhood would still be somewhere nigh
Bleeding his zestful blood without care

Though with belly full of bouncy feeds
Childhood is a fair soul full of sparks
And just a seeker of some just needs
He is a bearer of nobler marks

But the hardest times would seem the best
When Childhood would flounder to glory
When he is caught in the toils of zest
And Nature’s tests are put to story

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Yeah, I’m like an island with no leave
Direction with no destination
A tremendous distance from where I’d belonged so long
Once a deep-rooted tree, exemplary in foundation
Now amputated, indeed from my haven

Once quite fair and desired
This road’s got me withered and tired
And Im longing for the coast in
A tone I’d never thought possible
How the melody of the sea has abandoned me!

Once I dug my heels in and traveled far
Now progress has delivered me hardly at all
If these prints were pods of salt and water
I’d be home alike my mothers daughter

And I’m longing for the coat in
A tone I’d never thought possible
How the melody of the sea has abandoned me!

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Winter Is Here

Winter is here
We write about it
We talk about it
We complain about it.

The bitter morns
Wakes us up quickly
As out the door 
Many of us has to go.

We feel it's presence
We shiver even at it's thought
We think it will last forever
As our bodies stiffens
And had rather stand in one spot.

But you must keep moving
For stiffer you will become
Remember how your parents
Went through the same aches and morns?

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Path of Life

There’s nobody left that can feel the tide
As the world draws a breath and reshapes our minds
Nothing to see when we try to hide
Because nothing will be if we close our eyes

Not much to say when there’s nothing left
Now we’re talking away as the shadows set 
Where we all pretend that we have our breath
And we decide that none of us knows what’s best

There’s nobody left that can hold their path
Since the fear decided that it would last
Nothing to come if we hold what’s passed
Because nothing can grow when we’re falling back

So much to be when we turn away
Becoming much more to create the day
Where everyone knows that we must repave
The path we deceived at the sight of pain

There is only us and what we create
As the earth sings the song of its timely fate
Reflecting a message that most sedate
And creating the pain that we have of late

The circle of truth that we have deprived
From ourselves feeding pain as we bring the night
There is only us and what we decide
And waking to that is the path of life

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to live is to die, to die is to live: Opening

When she opened,
her pollen seeped out and dripped down her stem.
Her petals were stained and warped,
her color uneven
and even her thorns were turned inwards.
But she was dying,
from the moment she opened she was dying.
She died as flowers do –
If you have ever watched a flower die,
you would know this.
Their petals droop, turn dry and curl up towards themselves,
their heads sag,
their leaves fall off
and their stalks shrink in the direction of the earth.
She was no different.
But as this process occurred in her fragile body,
there was,
at the point where this particular flower met the rest of the plant,
something brewing.
Just the spark of an idea,
of a beginning,
a new beginning,
was starting to form.
This spark was sent up to where this flower
was slowly but steadily disintegrating.
When the deformed petals had all fallen off,
one by one,
when even the strings that had held the pollen
for the bees
had crumbled to dust,
when nothing was left but the head,
the furry base,
the core,
only then did the spark turn into something more concrete.
This something had drawn a new stalk up the inside of the old one,
and it was beginning to be more than a thought now.
It bulged out,
crowding a multitude of petals under tough green skin,
laying the foundation for more, new, beautiful leaves.
When finally the core of the old, failing flower
fell to the ground,
this bud burst forth,
springing out,
ready to show the world the colors and design
it had worked so hard on all those months, years,
it had waited in the seed to be born.
It grew slowly,
just as the previous flower had died slowly,
but it grew thorns the right way out,
forming its natural protective barrier,
and its leaves were bright green and faced up, towards the sun,
to catch its rays and give nourishment to itself.
Best of all, though,
was this new, young, slowly but steadily growing flower’s petals.
The design was intricate,
and the colors were brilliant and spellbinding.
And this flower swayed in the soft breeze that had sprung up,
knowing that one day she would die too…
and that was alright.

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Oh Golden Fairy

The day I saw you first.
Gave me an eternal and perpetual thrist;
The beauty that through your eyes flow-
With it even the most modest nature glows.

Your soft lips as if they seem,
Rare to be found like a unique gleam;
Your talks that are soft spoken-
With it even the sleeping mountains waken.

Like a soft rose's jerk, your sighs-
Like truth's triumph over lies;
How many days have passed since -
Whence your view did my body rinse.

Let once again your sight cheer myself with feelings new-
From the bottomless heart of mine Oh! My fairy "I love you".      

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For You

Look all around and see that the clouds are casting their shadows for you.
I swear up and down that the skies and the waters gave your eyes that sad blue.

Because the wonderful earth you view, has always and still will do,
 all it's beautiful works for you.

Look up today, yes look up and say that the world does turn for you.
I say that the rain, the wind, and the plains perform their art for you too.

Because the precious earth you view, has always and still will do,
all it's marvelous works for you.

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If Only

If only there was 
Zero gravity,
So I'd leap 
Ever so happily.

If only I could defy
Then I would jump on up
And high, oh so high,
Into the nighttime sky.

I glance up, 
Seeing beyond the atmosphere.
Standing here,
Viewing a crescent moon.

If only I could fly,
I would soon open my wings
And bring myself to go away,
Away from the earthly ground.

If only all people
Could reach up and touch the moon.
Its light so bright,
Oh how I wonder how it glows.

I again gaze with my eyes
And ponder how might all 
Shall one day go.
Yet it seems we see it
As only a dream.

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Each Other

We go through our ups & downs
But doesn't everyone now?
Unlike the world
You make me feel so sure
As sure is the sky is blue
I know I'm in love with you
Destiny at its finest hour
The moment it brought our roads to this pattern
I look at you & I know I'm where I belong
I believe in time I'll get what I want
And you'll see we were right from the start
I think fate brought this to be
God's glorious plan to give us both what we so desperately need
Each Other!
I know I need you in my life
My happiest moments weren't born until you walked into my life
I know you love me 
I can feel it in my heart
For me
Loving you is a pure delight!

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October Morning

This morning with the coolness 
Of night still in the air
My thoughts gather crowded
With many things running 
Through my head.

The mystery of love
The stillness of time
All the things we know not of
The things we seek to find.

What is another morning
What becomes of the setting sun
When days run together
When all becomes as one.

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The Drizzling

Toop Taap Toop Taap
Tip Tip Tip Tip
Raindrops fall
All day long!

A yellow bird sings –
What a joy it brings!
Raindrops fall
All day long!

Now monsoon wind blows –
You and I are close!

The yellow frogs croak
No it’s not a joke!
Raindrops fall
All day long!

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Tussilago Farfara, Or Coltsfoot

In waste places beside the road Coltsfoot grows in fertile till. A smallish flower no higher than a toad Its habitat seems to fit the bill. Not expecting a flower in this land Odd brown scales clasp its stalk. Skunk cabbage neighbors in its sand And makes a "feller" stop and gawk.. Leaves not unlike the hoof of a colt Hence the name, Colts-foot, you know. The first flower in spring to bolt And a weed that escapes my hoe. By any name, it's still a weed.

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To Paint You

I can paint
You, in black 
And white
While the sky curls 

Your hair, with care
As swaying
Green of spring
In the garden

Between orb and rain
In rivalry

Yet, I chose
To paint you, with
Lush of 
My words


for poet Ernilando Tugaff

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Leaves Mulch

Leaves mulch to refresh the podzolic earth.
Cold air stimulates buttercups and crocus bulbs
Children pray for an elusive snow day!
The winter brings in the new year, refreshing life.
Avian migration brings new visitors to the bird feeder.
Warm drinks can be enjoyed...again.

For the Let It Snow-Winter contest by Constance LaFrance

Do the western USA people ever hear the word pogonip?

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I Am

I am me and I am always true to me.
I wonder do we have a meaning in life?
I hear the hearts of people making a beat in this world.
I see the thoughts of people always changing.
I want to knoew am I the best I can be?

I pretend to always be cool.
I feel like I am always one out of many.
I touch the moon, sun and stars.
I worry that the children of this world will never see a pure sky.
I cry when I see someone inflicted in pain.

I am me and I am always true to me.

I understand that the world is always changing.
I say that one day it will be good again.
I dream that the people of this world will try to do good in this dry planet.
I try to prevent harm to others.
I hope that one day it will be good again.

I am me and I am always true to me.

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Go to the Ant

Go to the ant and learn (2x's)
Go to the ant, ant, ant
Go to the ant and learn-  (Chorus)

She digs her house down deep
She builds her house up high
And though she has no king
Her armies stay alive

In the summer she will reap
For the coming winter sky
She gathers everything
Her colonies survive


Consider all her ways
She's small but she expects
Her people stay as one
And she is strong and wise

So number all your days
Prepare for what comes next
And til everything is done
Let no sleep tempt your eyes

Go to the ant, ant, ant (3x's)
Go to the ant  


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The Nature of Pain

I forget
at times 
how much 
this hurts.

Like a butterfly
whose wings have been
torn apart
I sit here
quivering inside
closing my eyes
as I let waves of pain 
wash over me
knowing that I 
cannot ever

The nature of pain
is not to destroy
but to make the pained
wish for destruction
as the ocean yearns 
for the shore.

I forget
at times 
how much 
this hurts.

Like a vein to my heart
that has been cut
I am bleeding out 
precious crimson liquid
seeping through my body
filling me with a languor 
so close to pleasure
that it is unbearable
but unmistakable for pain
and that overwhelms
my senses
asking more 
of my empty shell to fill
then I have.

The nature of pain
is to lie quietly by
waiting for the right moment
to show its ugly face
to rear its head
that reminds me so of fear
that holds you in its clutches
thirsting for you to beg
to be
let go.

I forget
at times 
how much 
this hurts.

Like lenses 
placed by fingertip
on lucky eyes
each morning
this pain focuses
sharp and clear
on a pinpoint 
somewhere between
my gut 
and my heart
and I blink 
fitting these contacts
around the iris
so that all the pain
pouring from my eyes
is stopped
held in
pushed back
so that no one sees
except me
through this clarity

The nature of pain
is to fall quietly
and hit with a sound
that resounds
through the caverns
of your mind
like the screech
of a trapped
bird of prey.

I forget
at times 
how much 
this hurts.

Like a lonely fish
venturing down
to the bottom of the sea
I did not see 
the creature
toothed wide jaw
glowing green light
hanging to light
its gruesome mask
that was hiding
behind that rock
lying in wait
for me to swim 
around the corner
so it could use 
the element of surprise
to take me down

The nature of pain
is to systematically
break down
the only part of you
that ever matters
into tiny pieces
not available for recovery
even if you could
do not fit together anymore
so much
have they been mangled
by the force of that pain
until there is nothing left
but an intense desire
not to live.

I forget
at times 
how much 
this hurts.

And as I remember
I forget
and I am lost
swirling as this pain
washes over me
overwhelms me
surprises me
and won’t let go.

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Just Beyond the City Limits

Along an old country path,
Where carriages used to pull their goods
To out-of-town places -
Where grass grows down the centre line;
I walk along the memory looking into faded mist;
Not sure where the road leads -
Like a future yet to be unfolded,
When the spirit of the country comes to greet me 
In it’s greying grace and beauty. 
She gallops just beyond the haunting ridge -
Pure freedom bellows from her lips,
As she dances with the tall grass in a graceful gait,
Into the misty past just beyond the makeshift fence,
As crickets gently play their fiddles.
A sweetbread wind caresses my nostrils,
Bringing me to a stand-still -
I close my eyes and feel the essence all around me;
The wind rustles the tall grass in the field,
So many crickets - playing their tune,
A humble love fills me to over-flowing
And I find myself crying for the rest of us,
Who pine for a life worth living in the city streets -
Desperate to live up to unrealistic goals;
When just beyond the city limits -
Is a place of humble beauty and tradition
A tradition we now seriously lack.
Our roots, our earth, our humanity;
Waits for us where grass grows down the centre line.

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Steal not those things from nature,
which God, has made for all.
That babbling brook, that lilied field,
or the stately Redwood tall.

Pollute not our mountain streams
nor loose things in the air.
These things no man can ever own,
God's placed them in our care.

He's placed upon a thousand hills,
the cattle there to graze.
Eyes of faith he's blessed us with,
as we peer through life's haze.

Still not  those babies yet unborn,
being loaned to us to raise.
But with love correct and nurture them,
While giving God all the praise.

I've no idea just how big God is,
just that he's big enough.
To right the wrongs that man has done,
For him no jobs too tough.

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with no route back home.

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Leafy Greens and Piney Woods,
Clothes of Summer fair.
Crimson coats of Autumn's dress,
Come Winter, are laid bare.

Waters that bask in Summer's sun,
Flow gently in the light.
Cool now, in winds that blow,
"Neath Winter's frigid sight.

Rest ye now, oh, verdent fields, 
Your harvest work is done.
Sleep will give you needed strength,
Before growth can come again.

A white blanket covers the land, 
and stillness is the word.
Yet, sleeping in restful peace,
You wait for Spring's reward.

When white will turn to green again, 
And waters warm will flow.
It is then the cycle will be complete,
In Spring, His hand again, shows.

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Mists of March

Protect me now O misty cloud,
Protect me from this talk I hear;
For you are our great unknown shroud,
Silent you are but always near.

Keep me away, keep me away--
Make the filthy firestarters flee,
Chain them for many, many days--
Make the grass green, make my soul free.

Drive away the light of the sun,
Forcing the indulgers to fly
Until their One Mission is done,
Until they fly for a reason why.

"Oh, come more often!" I beg you,
To keep the frequent fires from raging--
The fires that raped, the fires that slew,
The fires that ignited these changes.

I haven't seen you for days now--
Apollo rules on his throne anew--
But I will never forget how
You bore your shield, speckled with dew.

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Spring Grace

A delightful description of spring spilling forth it's grace upon the earth, singing a colorful 
song of peace.

An open window of spring grace,
a beam of sunlight touches my face.
The morning dew evaporates in the wind,
spilling forth the scent of jasmine.

Sing with me a song of spring grace,
a spider's web woven like lace.
A sparrow perched upon my swing,
sing with me a song of spring.

A red fern growing wild in a meadow,
goldenrods beam a golden glow.
Crickets chirping at my feet,
Sing with me a song of spring.

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Modern Eden

I saw her 	
	Gliding up the rock
From her shining dark abode
Her skin array of hues
Smoothly shinning under the sun shower
Illumining the rockview with her
Resplendent majesty and beauty
Soft yet strong
Coursing up in a slide 
Holding on in style
She reached and coiled up on her throne
The peak of the mountain height
Wherein she played the royal guard
Doubling as a queen
No crown adorned her head
But it was regal 
With her fork-tongue playing tantrums
Added up to her queenly regalia
So crystal, yet far but near

I saw her
	In the wild and thick forest
Of mind and thought.

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Half-forgotten Song

Before I go, my love, before I go,
     could we together watch the afterglow?

It won't be long, it wouldn't take too long
     to you I'll be a half-forgotten song.

Now let us watch the slowly setting sun,
     so soothing sweet, though end has just begun,

so brightly beaming, yet, so sadly sighing,
      the day's farewell and now the light is dying.

Behold, my love, the sweetly seething sky,
     the blazing burst of colors draws a sigh.

The flaming purple clouds float by on high,
     the sun's farewell and now, my love, goodbye!

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before me there is
and i stand in the shadow it casts
my eyes can see
my mind is awake
the voices i hear are only whispers
but the words they speak can change the world
my feet move me closer
and my mind dances in a ring of fire
my soul swims in the sky
the sun will never set for me
forever for the rest of time it is day
and i will forever walk in a new world
with the old behind me

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october's pretence

October’s Pretence. 
Rain, nature is greening, but it’s a false spring; December will 
pale the land into submission. Do not write poetry till February, 
when almond trees blossom and strew petals about in protest
 thinking winter takes the season of its sinister drama too far.
Last winter snow fell, a wonder land; people said they had not 
seen snow for forty seven years. The stream is xanthous I think 
of China’s main river where dolphins, not seen for years, swim 
in cloudy water.  What can’t be seen cannot be caught by man.
Dawn, on the track a boar, sniffed the air and grunted; a hairy, 
pig in need of a pair of glasses. I moved and it disappeared into
 the brushwood.  On nature walks I used to take a camera, but
wild animals hate having their photo taken and avoided my 
intrusive lens I was left with taking photos of trees, weeds and 
evergreen bushes. My lazy dreaminess has paid off I have had 
a good life no one ever expected anything glorious of me, and 
left me in peace. If you look for me I will be on a bus trying to 
find the fabulous castle; I once saw when I could see the future.       

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I Must Live

There are times I feel I can’t go on
Times I feel I’m beyond time
Despite my frustration I have
And despite how the world is to me
I must live
I wonder just how much my past
Has over me
How my upbringing affects me today
My restraints
My short comings
Nonetheless, I must live

When things seems as if they’re never ok
When no matter how hard you try to push it your way
I need to see what life holds for me
I must live to see
I must live to see
To parent my offspring
I must live
To see what the future brings
I must live
Even though the coin tossed the other way
I must live
I must live
I must live

Do we give 2nd thought to why we are here?
Or do we give in to our fears?
So many things I realize I don’t know
Reason enough to live or let go?
I don’t have the world to give
But, I must… live

Part of me lives in all I do
It would be selfish to not share the fruits
The liberties giving from blood shed
My ancestor years ago bled 
I must live for the years to come
I must live, I must live, I must live

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Wings to Fly

If I had wings to fly
I would surely fly away
To a desert time and place
So none could find my face
If I had wings to fly
I would soar above the clouds
Far from here and now
To where? To there somehow
If I had wings to fly

If I had wings to fly
I would fly to be alone
Where nothing could go wrong
And I would sing my song
If I had wings to fly
I would mount above the world
To escape your winds that whirl
And the stones of boys and girls
If I had wings to fly

If I, If I had wings to fly, I would view from a bird's eye
How lonely you and I would be when doves fly, doves cry
If I, If I had wings to fly I would view from a bird's eye
How lonely you and I would be when doves cry, doves die  (Chorus)

If I had wings to fly
I'd fly right back to truth
To a place of hope with you
Where we could start anew
If I had wings to fly
I'd make my flight complete
And take you high with me
For all the world to see
If I had wings to fly

If I had wings to fly
I'd not fly away again
For I was wrong there and then
I won't wish for where I've been
If I had wings to fly
I'd give my wings to you
For your love for me is proved
And our love can not be moved
Even if I had wings to fly

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We could have been the perfect pair,
love openly without a care;
secrets, not lies, made me more aware and sad!
You were already committed to someone else,
had kids and a handsome husband
within your reach;
the only missing link
was someone with crafted hands...
someone who could make you dream!

The agony of my regret 
is something I could never forget;
look at you:  you are happy,
and don't need me
to take you to the fartest star,
because you've everything...
and I have nothing!
The agony of my regret hurts in many ways,
and will follow me through my blue nights:
when I stare at the dimmest stars
too distant for me to be reached...
wishing it was you I touched!

We could have loved a lifetime, make
everything easy and wonderful...paint
our rainbows with beautiful colors;
lie beneath the most peaceful skies,
interweave ourselves in warm embraces
and forever dream in a meadow of daises!

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Dawn in a Summer Garden

At the exact moment of dawn,
             that micro-second when the sun,
               from millions of miles away,
           fires its first beams like lasers
              as it crests the curvature
                     of the Earth
               one of those laser beams
          pierces the dank and humid darkness
                 of the lush garden
               suddenly all sounds cease,
           as if someone had flipped a switch
           and the deafening silence is felt
            as pressure, as if some spectoral
              hands has cupped themselves
            over one's ears--a muffled roar
         of seashells held up to a child's ear,
              longing to hear the ocean
                   of one's youth.

                 Then the beam shifts
             and touches the tender edges
                of a few chosen leaves
          and then settles and spreads itself
              over a gossamer arachnoid treasure
            woven with mathmatical precision
             wafting slightly in a gentle
                    morning breeze
             like the sail of a fairy ship,
             quivering dew drops caught and
               transformed into a dozen
             crystal prisms, sparkling jewels,
              multi faceted fluid diamonds
                       and then
          just as quickly as it came it is gone,
           this magical moment, as the brutal
                   sun climbs higher
          and the soft buttery light sharpens
                and spreads its heat
             and the steam begins to rise
          from the dark earth, wispy, reluctant
             spectors of the Southern night
             the muffled quiet is broken
           by the clear song of a cardinal,
             a flash of magnificent red
           amongst the many shades of green,
        as the creatures of the night burrow deep,
          hiding from the searing summer heat
               that has already begun

              in this southern garden 
                  light and dark
                 song and silence
               beauty and distruction

            and so another magnolia-laden
               summer night is gone

            and one must reluctantly rise
              another summer day begun.

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The warm fragrant waves move seductively from the shore
Teasing the sand with its frothy white lure
Fervently the scorching sand awaits each lap of cool relief
I traipse over the sunkissed beach in utter disbelief

Oh how gloriously serene this moment is
With each periodic waves gentle caress
My upheavel unveils into an entrenched grave
I can seee it withdraw with each receding wave

Serenity prevails, anonymity I so crave
All transpire here in this infinite space

With luscious landscapes and airy splashes
Salty caresses and spellbinding washes
With azure smudges in a cerulean base
I stare this wonder in its open face

Oh how peaceful to slumber
In this intimate wonder

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Waiting for the Wind

Sitting in the morning just waking up on my side of the world today
I turn on the news see if anyone has anything good to say
Stock markets falling and another landslide while the politicians try to deny
Global warming and more killer storms and another thousand people die
and the advertiser says I’d be happy if I bought bigger car you know
I’ve got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

Sometimes I think the world’s gone mad and I can’t stand to hear the pain
One place burning in holy fire and another in a deluge of rain
Sometimes I think that hatred and war is the only way we know how to be
And I want to sail away, a world made for you and me
Sometimes I wonder at the pace of it all, where’s everybody trying to go
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

Why can’t we see the beauty of it all in the sun rising every day
Life holding on to the sides of mountains and the waters rushing into the bay
Why can’t we live as if nothing on earth mattered more that the love that we bring
I want to sail away,.. and become part of everything
Why can’t we care just a little bit more, maybe let a little kindness show
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

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Sleek pen welcomes 
the scented stationery
with a gentle kiss, 

coy as a blooming rose 
and of course, on hand
to sate yellow butterfly,

soft petals are teasy 
with salacious aroma, 
proudly advertising--

the unfermented dews of 
morning mountains and my
own imaginative thought.

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The wintertime came vigorous, fall in torn
rivers, trees, hills by snow spacing white
boots let imprints stepped across trails
roofs in split white water crystal Villages
masses and sight snow shown as term
Thanksgiving thou Christmas ritual it eras –

Folks made balls and struck targets wherever
sculpt figured of statues’ chart in precious
skaters sped brash in snow-hill roads
Outlaw drunk water-crystal melts in grass.

Drivers saw naught at windshields, at feet
headlights up reach tiny space snow falling                                                                               
roads, the heinous nights induce the minds
roads’ and transit-line sign up coating
Of snow, who can fallow it?
Up hit by shovel roads pull up thy eyes.  

Deers south for grass foods lost up ground
coat-ice floors-snow became the terrain
And ice fishiest regions’ build-up.

Spring came lit, grants ripen the Villages
but, not bodies wanna steps by melting ice 
while’ snow sight gone we knew the place
and each thing pass-off regress nature way
The rains hitting, and buds sprouting anew! 

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A lotus in mire,
A rose amid thorns,
A cactus in desert,
A creation in derision,
A song of beauty
Born in adversity!!

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Awaiting the day

Waiting for the spring
Empty are cold days of winter 
Setting in deeper 
Spring pauses a long breathe
Where she holds her evolution
Below rooting, and fruiting
Adhere to the praises of her earthly wonders
Bring on the rain and thunders
I welcome your arrival 
Of new innocence, and a vision of emerald 
Sprouting far and wide 
A great mountain pride 
Virgin to this place 
Eager to embrace
The warm soil 
Wake up and reach this destination 
Of the vernal birth 
On this place earth 



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when it is raining

once one drop falls
it is gone
when another drop falls
it is gone
like so many lights
they are snuffed out
as they hit the pavement.

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Today I am drowning in a sea of voices
Telling me to be 
Only what they want
But I just want to be me.
I'm always expected to be perfect
And live a life well at ease
I'm supposed to be smart and strong
But that's not really me.
I can feel myself drowning 
Underall these voices
Never able to break the surface
Or even make my own choices.
I'm failing everyone
Lalling steadily faster and faster 
Into darkness, a world not mine
I land in a soft, silent pasture.
I head for the grass face-down
And cry my heart out
I just lay there sobbing
'Til I'm too exhausted to cry out loud.
The sweet meadow envelopes me
Into its grassy arms
So tenderly, balancing me so gently
And calming me with its charms.
The ground is speaking to me
Bringing me closer and closer within 
I can finally let go of perfection
And what I had put myself in.
I surrender softly, easily
And let the world take me and sway
Off to new surroundings I go
To new lands far, far away.
Now I'm in the ocean
Casting all emotions out to sea
Leaving me replenished and calm
And I'm ready to accept the real me.
Once again, the ocean pulls me
But I am no longer there
I'm flying above the crashing waves
Letting salt breezes flow through my hair.
I'm up in a sky of pastels
The color is sprinkled with stars
Angels collect them gracefully
And off again, I fly far.
Back into the meadow
But I'm strong and ready now
No more tears or struggles for perfection
And no longer shall I drown.

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Escaping reality
seems the only way
to really feel free;
lying back on a soft meadow,
looking up to see
the scarlet moon 
rushing against another shadow...
before the coming of dawn!

Losing what's not mine,
its very hard of letting go,
because it took more
that faith to get where I am...
and only be left with pride! 

I took a forgotten dream,
and turned it into a vision:
to set the mood of passion...
to steadly touch, not just feel!

Losing what' not mine
makes me doubt the meaning 
of those unconvincing words;
how did I fell for a lie so unforgiving,
too unpleasant to be remembered by time... 
to which everything belongs?

Every star has gone to another sky,
and the pale moon won't leave;
how should I forget about Eve,
if I have no strength to cry?


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Here She Comes

Her grace shown in the falling leaves,
She falls downward upon us pleasing our eyes,
As I walk in my red boots.
Fall is a Woman born
And reborn again.
We stand out against the wetness, 
the soon to be lily white snow,
we will be bold.
Be Bold.

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A Willing Heart

Oh, the way a 
poem rhymes
on a sheet of green of stolen memories
at the end of day
or the coming of night

is tinged with
wisdom of a falling leaf, yelling 
in great silence, where only
a willing heart can hear!

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Ride On The Wind... Forever

I Want To Ride On The Wind… Forever
I Want To Ride Over Land and Sea
I Want To Ride on The Wind… Forever
… and I Want You Riding With Me…

I Want To Ride On The Wind Over Mountains
And Touch The Sky, So Blue
Then Raise Oceans, Like Sparkling Fountains
And Splash Through Water, Kissing You

I Want To Ride On The Wind… Hold Its Mane
Ride The Wind… Wild and Free
For The Wind – Will Never Be Tame…
So Hold On Tight and Just… Breathe…

… Ride The Wind – Let It Begin – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Breathe It In – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Blow Again – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Raise The Wind – Ride The Wind!

I Want To Ride On The Wind – In The Moonlight
I Want To Ride On The Wind – In The Clouds
And Wave To The Wings of Eagles in Flight
… then Float like Snow – Dancing Down

I Want To Ride On The Wind Forever
I Want To Ride and Rush-Up Rainbow-Stairs
I Want To Ride On The Wind – Forever 
For Your Sweet-Breath Beckons Me… Everywhere

… Ride The Wind – Let It Begin – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Breathe It In – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Blow Again – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Raise The Wind – Ride The Wind!

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There's a siren calling out my name/beckoning profoundly
As I bask in warm surroundings/hear its harmony
Its sharp song sails thru me like an awkward breeze/I wander
Wondering when its sound will cease to be/and it seems to me it wont
There's a siren calling out my name/reminds me I'm alive
Gets me thru hard times/and opens up my eyes
I like its sound just fine/find it soothing
using wind to wisper in my ears/
There's a siren calling out my name/sets my world a flame
A passion so intense/A sense of great accomplishment
It blows my name like kisses in the air/carefully caught by tender lips
Shivering under my finger tips/
There's a siren calling out my name/feelings growing stronger
Deep as any sea/frequently I feel it calling me
siren seduced me mentally/pleased me physically 
Without a question got my full attention/
There's a siren calling out my name......

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              it’s january
          there is no snow
            just warm rain
                 and fog
under a soft grey cloud ceiling

               the grass
               is yellow
              the ground
          bare and brown
       the trees are naked

               and yet

          their branches
     their patterns of lace
         against the sky

        make me smile

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The glass domain

On wings of a solitary flight
Cerulean waves cascade to the shore 
Their rhythms nod on a moon lit night 
Taken for grant it we shall forever 
Watch its mystery unfold 
For there are depths we never 
Have discovered 
Below its cradle of movement lay 
A world of aquatic life that hover
Teaming along in their search for being 
In darkened doorways dressed in seaweed
As they swiftly rock in a lullaby fleeing 
With curious eyes lurk around the corners 
 Protecting their space
From night time foreigners 
Seeking a meal 
Another world resides here 
Leaving man chartering in a unacquainted 
Water abode sphere 
Auditory sensations muffle with echoes 
With the crying of whales 
Leaving man to meditate the details 
On the wings of solitary flight 
Cerulean waves cascade to the shore 
We rally in its allure 


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Everyone will have
more love in themselves,
if only they showed
the smallest kindness;
and smiled at each other
like sister and brother!

Only one man in all History
made that ultimate sacrifice...
such a short life
lived in holiness:
to show our hopeless Humanity
its new, wonderful destiny!

If flowers grow by sunlight,
we, too, can grow by faith...
and be as beautiful as they are at night;
If stars are admired for their beauty,
and speak to us of eternity...
we should be brighter than their light!

There's never anything wrong
when it comes to giving of oneself,
because compassion is measured by love...
even the smallest kindness can be so immense;
and they are no doubts when a joyful heart is sure:
nothing could be purer!  

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The peacock with spread-out plume,
Dances to Nature's tune,
The sun's fadeless glow,
The monsoon's rainbow, 
Isn't our Nature,
Very spectacular?

The preaches of the priests,
They themselves don't practice! 
The teachers teach, 
A mere printed speech!
Mother Nature expresses,
What she really is! 

Nature is wiser than the wisest----
Of  the Nobel-laureates.
Read no books,
Experience how Nature looks!
She is a better teacher,
Than a priest or a schoolmaster!!

(In Indian subcontinent the 
verb 'preach' is many a times
 used as 'noun'.)

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One Heart, Two Lives

O, Pearl of the Orient! The island
Of the islands in the Far East---
How nostalgic 
The humming wind and the sea, the sunset
And the mountains, the rice fields and the people 
The Boleros and the Jeepneys
Don’t you worry, Inay, your beauty 
Is still within me

O, Athena! The babysitter 
Of my lonely soul 
I tiptoed, like a fog, into your beloved fortress 
And sit on the ruins 
Of your pasts, daydreaming
I, the poet, crowned with rhyme and verse
And well-adorned, with pearled barong 
From the islands of the sea

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Just a gray day

Pearl shrouds from the heavens  
Riding fast 
Storms are brewing a winter’s blast 
Winds nipping at your back 
Cutting through everything with a crack
Sleet on my widows tapping away 
No site of the sun today 
Natures reminding all 
Of her order of things 
More time to wait 
Till the spring birds sing
Gloomy and dim
Behind a hidden limb
Shaking and bracing 
A sparrow so grim 
Cover up 
Take a sip 
Of a cup 
Have some coffee or tea 
Banish into a book
A romantic novel with plea 
Feel the comfort inside 
Where you sit and hide 
From the day 
So gray  

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The Very Start of the River

It’s the very start of the river. 
You look at it from above -
It’s a good place for each dreamer,
And it’s a good time to come to love

The murmur of the meandering brook,
The spring greenery everywhere.
Go down and have a look! 
Is there a nicer place anywhere?

Sudden noise in the trees and bushes
Raises your head up quickly -
High in the sky two falcons make circles
You look at them and stand weakly,

Because the sight takes your breath away.
It’s the very start of the river -
You feel free and let your thoughts stray.
Now you may sit down and take cover.

You try to memorize the river,
The birds, the murmur, and the stones...
At nights it will be much easier
To dream dreams like flights of falcons...

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Untitled #152 / "Take it easy"

“Take it easy, don’t let the sound
of your own wheels drive you crazy,
lighten up while you still can, don’t 
even try to understand, just try to 
find a place to make your stand
and take it easy”

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Off The Road Again

Off the road again
Just our ATV's 
And some good friends
Hitting the trails 
And winding bends
Starting and Making
Some new and different trends
On our ATV's once again
Cleaning the mud and gunk
From our teeth that just blends
With our armor that continues to defend
The king of off road that just wants to send
A here's mud in your eye to all 
My good buddies and friends

Tribute To ATV's
Here's Mud In Your Eye   LOL

Love Kathy & Jenny
Maybe Next Song Too

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The nature of writing

Rivers run 
Where poets sing 
For wishful words with an endless ring 
Rippling rhythms a waters motion 
For dipping pens in black potion
To the early morning glories that climb  
With open minds where poets may rhyme  
To the mountaintops 
To the line of the sky 
Written notions shall apply
And fields of gold that blow and wag
And writers dream that they may brag 
So flow and stream like the riverbed 
And clear the words from out of head 
Go and carry you thoughts like seeds 
Where they be spread as far weeds 
And rest as weary winds that fall 
For silence breathes 
Where poets squall 

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I Am Different

I can't explain this life I have
This is what God had give me
I can't turn back now
This is what I had to do

I can't tell you why I am this way
I can't tell you anything
I behave unlike the others
But you do not have to know eveything

I am different in your eyes
I am different to anyone's sight
I am different from everybody else
But I know I am still alive

I can't change of who I am
You have to undersand that
The world is not perfect at all
And I am not that upset

I know I act weirdly
How I help people a lot
That I can't even help myself
And you think I am weird 
although you know I'm not

I am different to every place
I am different from the others
I am different to go through this
I can't live normally like the others

Knowing how gifted I am
Feeling other's pain and misery
But I don't just stand and watch
I take this very seriously

I know I can't rest
I am too worried to rest
While the others suffered out there
I know I haven't did my best

I know I am different
And I thought you understand
I know i am difficult
All I need now is a hand

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The Earth

Revolves and rotates in the constant motion of it
The occurrence of day and night through it
For the earth shows the sun’s sight
And shows the moon’s at night
And carries a variety of things 
The animals and the human beings 
The most exclusive minerals
For the earth turns them to plurals
For the miracle that earth brings
As it also changes the state of the things
Well, the earth consists of a number of things indeed
And to use these things, an effort is all you need
For everything there is a reason
The purpose of the creation
Even a smallest thing could never be made by itself
Then the earth also could never be made by itself
Because of the things that earth posses
It is obviously not a self-process
Rightly so, there is a power behind everything else
And this power is the Almighty and nothing else 

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I was born in May

I do not know why 

I was born in May 

When lilac blossomed.

It was very noisy.

The tulips bloomed, 

The echo brought 

The roar of the far oceans, 

Birds were singing

songs that night, 

Summer lightning flamed, 

rain of flowers poured.

The bees drank noisily 

from lime vines, 

And everyone repeated 

the magic name: «Dina!»

Only the rowan-tree cried

Because she had understood.

Dina is her sister. 

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Untitled #245 / Wild child

Wild child, the wild child
“you’re so wild, you’re
such a wild, wild child”
“What a day, what a day to turn into
a wild child”

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On the west coast of the USA

There's a place they call the Golden State

Where the mountain go rushing to the sea

The Streets are lined with Palm Trees

And the sun, it always shines

It's the kind of place I wanna be...


From San Diego to the Bay 

From Palm Springs to LA

And all the many places in between

Mountains reaching to the sky

Beaches so sandy white

 It's the kind of place I wanna be...


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Erase all the unrealistic images that appeared at night
from ever dream you ever dreamt;
let love become real, frantic and bright,
something erratic, not remembering where it went.  

Live in the moment,
and feel the warmth of each lovely sunray,
to make you feel alive,
but you should start today;
live in the moment,
without recalling how deep you sighed.

Forgive yourself for your selfishness,
open your window and welcome the sunlight;
before sadness was your friend on a lonely night,
now, happiness brings you kisses of tenderness.  

Live in the moment,
adventure awaits you in meadows of clovers,
in the fields of sunflowers, where lovers
find the solitude they need to explore desires;
live in moment,
and days will not turn into unpleasant memories.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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Love's Song

As a cool breeze flowing on a warm spring day 
She sings Love’s Song to my soul
As a humming bird flutters about the spring blossoms
She enhances the grace of Love’s Song
She imitates the slow rising of the sun
By enlightening Love’s Song
Under the protection of the tree
She relaxes the tone of Love’s Song
While glancing at the sky’s pillows
She sweetly hums Love’s Song
As her arms enfold yours
She embraces you with Love’s Song
As you hear her whisper your name
She brings much justice to Love’s Song
As she whistles softly in your ear
She glorifies Love’s Song
As she smiles at you beautifully
She brightens Love’s Song
As the warm spring day transforms to a cool spring night
She sways to the melody of Love’s Song
As you glare at the starry skies
As if it were a lullaby, she sings Love’s Song
As you gently lay, alone under the stars
Her beauty reminds you of the melodic tune of Love’s Song
So as I long to win your heart, I look you in your eyes
And serenade you and your soul with Love’s Song

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I Was Waiting for It Impatiently

I was waiting for it impatiently
With a note of longing in my heart.
After winter I need it urgently,
So I’d like bright spring days to start…

And now I may marvel at them,
And rejoice at their subtle beauty,
And try to preserve them in a poem
As if it was my overriding duty.

For this fabulous sight and a warm breeze
I memorize it for the rest of this year:
Little leaves on barely awoken trees,
And this shy greenery… It’s so near…

Spring, 2006

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A Spider

4 me this is a mystery,

Still afraid of spiders I see.

Being stuck, like me in here,

Had no way out – just like I fear.

So in this, we R the same,

Both part of life’s, hard won game.

Until she fell & finally died,

My heart it broke, & I just cried.

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O, Mother Earth

O, Mother Earth, 
you’re so rich, with butterflies’ songs
and full of olden lullabies,

sung by mountains and valleys
while rivers keep flowing through
the ever-changing seasons of life.

You speak the language 
I hardly know, 
but your silver touch 

sends me a tingle, 
that great joy and laughter 
bejewel the lake of green.
Your yellow orb scattered 
sparkly gems on the blue water 
of a mesmerizing sea;

as for your majestic sky, 
it wraps, gently, its arm around me
whilst I gaze, at-night, at the stars.

O, Mother Earth,
take me to the fortress,
where kings and queens meet

and teach me…
the graceful dance 
of the wind. 

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Lilac Serenade

Flowing down, softly so
wind sighing to and fro
on the whispered breeze
underneath fallen leaves
heaven sent
earthly lent
meadows between the stars
creeks strolling into afar
i hear bluejays sing
of lovers dying in summer spring
i wonder if the beauty is false
during this wintry waltz
from poetry to lyrics
this tomorrow is in spirit
lilac blush
lilac kiss
lilacs on the moor

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April Nineteen

Inside the apple 
a star, in my throbbing heart
there’s nothing, but you--

April nineteen man
of yesterday and today, there is 
us...the vision of morrow

Of creative flair
ah, the spice-scented thought
shod with pink roses

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Old One Eye

My neighbor has this one eyed squirrel,
for which he cares a lot.
I've told him jokingly in the past,
he'd do fine in my pot.

He never grins when he replies,
"Old one eye's in my care".
He's fed by hand and talked to,
they're really quite a pair.

Old one eye seems to understand,
when Jim, his name does call.
He'll make bark fly to get to him,
at times he's been known to fall.

This one eyed squirrel is oh so proud,
that nuts he will not eat.
Unless picked out and  fed by hand,
gently placed between his feet.

He knows that when his name is called,
a treat he's sure to get.
And in return all he must do,
is continue to be Jim's pet.

This squirrel is proud when visitors come,
for they get to see his show.
And when they leave, with belly full,
its up the tree he'll go.

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No Bait

I camped upon a stream so clear, by chance to catch some Trout. the bait I thought I'd brought along, I found that I'd left without. It really didn't matter though, that I could do no fishing. Its better to have gone and watched, than sat at home just wishing. Now the moral of this story is, don't sit at home and wish. And never leave your bait at home, when your going after fish.

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A Sunbeam

A warm sunbeam touches my face,
I tilt my head and squint at the sky.
I’d like to spread my arms and embrace 
The passing day which is about to die.

The mellow sunbeam is only mine,
And we belong to one another.
I marvel at the afternoon shine,
But I’ll soon be missing its glamour…

It seems impossible to say goodbye 
To the ray which makes me so joyful.
Only the sunbeam is able to dry
Tears in my eyes. I’m again hopeful.

I can’t stop the dark clouds above
From covering the sun growing weak.
There is no help. Even my love
Is vain though I thought it was unique…

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Russian Troika on the Roads of Night


A snow field.

The moon pours silver light.

It is good to sweep on a sledge now! 

Horses rush 

Into whirlwinds of snowflakes,

Somewhere a wolf howls, 

Somewhere, the owl cries.  

Stars are reflected in the snow. 

They and trees in white fur coats

Listen to the crunch of snow

Under the sledge,

Crying of guitar

And song about unhappy love.

Three beautiful horses

with sleighbells ringing

carry someone 

On the roads of night.




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We are both poets!


Morning arrives instead of night. 

Maybe, it indeed is «the Happy ending»?

But the rain speaks about something, so tight,

And I regret, I cannot understand.

I shall take the dictionary of different senses, and

I will try to translate your story,

I’ll echo your own opinion to make you glad.  

But you continue to cry –  I am sorry.

My sweet brother, my lonely rain!

I run to you throughout the night.

We will speak together again,

and our friendship will give light: 

instead of tears – only laughter.

We are the poets, the masters of word! 

There is poetry in our life  –

We able to sing the songs for all the world!


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The Murmur of this Poem

I would like you to listen, attentively 
To the murmur of this poem, but
Ahh, it’s gone now, as if nothing happened 
‘Cos, honestly, it wasn’t today’s morn

But last night, yes last night, before sleep

A heart, so gentle and pure
Like of winter rose in pristine December sky  
I still remember, I think it was love
Ahh yes, the love you’d wish for---the murmur 

Of this poem, flattered to its unknown grave

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Lifes An Ocean

For Anne

Life 4 me, is like an ocean.

To be knocked down, a normal motion.

Get back up, waves knock me down.

I try again, & I nearly drown.

Won’t give up, it’s part of life.

Would not feel right, without the strife.

Can try to take an easier way.

But F.Y.I., the waves will stay.

So take a note, this is my gift.

Go with the flow, ya get my drift?

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Once Again

Although the icy winds blew,
Against my windowpane~
I searched the skies above
For the warmth of summer’s rain

The risen moon was full of love
Hovering o’er, the white-capped seas…
Yet, a tranquil feeling from up above
Captivated me, within sweet serenity…

Icy winds, blow if you must
For soon, you will cease~
As I do believe and trust
Yes, I shall feel the summer’s rains…

Falling ever so sweetly~
Upon my face, once again…

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God's magic

To this day the skies have shown
Canadian geese returning, from where they have flown
Defenseless white, standing with sheer delight
You’ve weathered the winter’s harsh touch 
yet, your limbs still clutch..
To their beauty and expression
It’s without question
You tower above the  
copper fields that bend and bow
Natures planting her seeds to sow
Her planning hand brings on the rain 
that flourishes across the scattered plains

And so too, the mooring bird that’s moans his song
Arousing spring to create its emerald lawn
Far and wide they sprout and blossom 
bringing way to the lazy possums.

That hardy sparrow that weaves its nest 
Gathers straw, with things once laid to rest  
 Hear them singing their lovers’ tone 
Such eternal mates that come to prune 

Bumblebees may come out to search 
to find new nectar, where they  perch 
Jumping from blossom to bud 
scaring away the water rudd 

Nature’s intentions are very clear 
thank the Lord, for spring is here !

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Night falls upon the ocean deep
When all that is weary and fast asleep
Silvery sage colored moon 
Hanging over a blue black ocean in June 

Mixing up a bowl of vast sea mystery 
Your bountiful glory deliveries thee 
Hung above your horizon line 
your ebony view is peerless and undefined 

A calming rush onto sand and shore 
Your most admirable cycles to explore
Bottomless caverns and hidden decor
Thrashing movements reach a tidal roar 

Salty wake of white foaming endurance 
Thready seaweed washed up on the land 
your texture and frangrance spread out in a strand 
Night ocean you perplex my intrigue   
I watch through this window despite my fatigue 

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Dancing Panthers(A Love Story)

Dancing Panthers(A Love Story)
  You come upon thee
Dancing slowly 
Akin to the theater in the round 
Your smile on passionate ground 
Mischievous as a pirate to her prey.

Circling 'round each other
As Black Panthers
Atop A Hill Of Green
Hoping to unveil the things

The Sun Beats down
On Our bare backs
Your breasts...Inviting
This situation... exciting...delighting

The Heat Rises
In Store Many Surprises
Back on your rear feet are you
Pouncing on your lover...your prey 
To your love I am bay

Your Samson Am I
My Deliaha Are You 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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If you are a spider
I am the web you spin
If you are a lonely cocoon
I am the butterfly transforming within
If you are a restless pencil
I am the words you eagerly write
If you are a troubled willow tree
I am the gentle breeze caressing you at night
If you are the hot, fiery sun
I am the relieving moon when we touch in an eclipse
If you are a rock thrown far out to sea
I am the wave into which you zealously dip
If you are a pastel of oily paints
I am the paintbrush that runs through your colors
A stroke of my bristles evoke your mixed emotions
And together we create art that expresses our deep amours

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In The Night Rain

pile of 

before me.

tried to 
swing, with them

...yet no one noticed me,

in a 
soup much loved,

shall dance, 
with a rose the night rain’s fast trot! 

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Winter Is here great Snow blurs the Air
The Mist I feel cold fresh Winter Air drink hot
Chocolate and eat warm bread safe and sung all In
Bed Winter Is not the time to dread Winter...
Outside where beautiful Season there!

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wet spring morn

Windswept rain slaps the bottoms of leaves
as shiveringly they shed it
Grassroots shake and slake their thirst
and wave their blades together
Tightly closed tree buds stand tall
reaching upward fretly
Shaking yes but through it all
They hold together wetly
Branches wave their banners green
so many hues and shades and tints
Spring is here and she is seen
Dancing twixt the raindrops
Wild gypsy Wind she sings and swings
Her sylvan winged tambourines 
In rhythmic wetness witness
Of the joy she brings and flings

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The art of nature

Nature’s uses chromatic tones in her pallet scheme
She blends them well it seems 
Rich browns to dust her grounds 
Sapphire blue above in orb 
Running clear where water is absorbed 
Perhaps the hue of silver now and then 
As the color of the house wren 
Swirls of brunt amber brushed on limbs 
Maybe some yellowish brown on the trims 
Wonderful jade and olive green 
The great makings of a garden scene 
Yes nature knows what colors work best 
That’s why she paints red on a robin’s breast 
Then in autumn her colors are vivid and handsome
The surrounding feeling is high and gleesome  
Crimson and orange peel 
All her colors have great eye appeal 
A dab of yellow and hint of light green 
Make fall truly an artist dream
I say nature is a teacher of sorts 
Because even in the ground she has colored quartz
Nature uses chromatic tones in her pallet scheme 
And all of them are a earthy theme

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Life Is Of A Balance

Life is of a balance
It doesn't confused you
It doesn't reject you
They will depend on what you choose

Life is of a balance
Where sometimes you fall
Where sometimes you succeed
And that is all you ever need

Life is of a balance
When you get angry
When you get scared
Trying the things you never dared

Life is of a balance
In what you love
In what you hate
Believe in your own fate

Life is of a balance
Where nothing is neutral
Where nothing is perfect
And this is what you can't reject

Life is of a balance
And it will always be
And you have to believe it
Even it is unseen

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The silent season

Lay apon the cold dark night
Broken branches and scattered stones
Feel the winter  creeping into your bones
Wrapped in decayed leaves 
Scented pine billowing 
And retrieved  
Over my shoulder I see the signs
For the weary take flight 
For it shall soon be night
And when the new day has began 
The black bird will scream
Piercing like a beam
In hasten the clouds did bring
The wind 
Whirling at your side like a weapon
Arching all in its wake 
Take cover now and feel no more pain
For when this is done you'll feel the rain 
Washing away
Wearing away 
For all to see, the damage that has fallen onto to thee
Wake from under this season 
The onset of sunlight and reason 
Bare branches on your window
Tapping ever so lightly
As I lay there still 

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This is amazing to feel the beauty of the Sea

So deep and big
Delight to the eyes for a feeling so intense to see

So heap and thick
Living creatures of variety are busy in the Sea

So steep and twig
Exciting to travel in a ship to see

So creek and rick
The wonders of the level of the Sea

So reap and nick
The reasons to believe it to see

So bleak and lick
Is the aspect of the Sea

So flick and hit
Which is the best side to see

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Whispered on a Breeze

Whispered on the ashen breeze, in tongues not understood
Came the call of broken words, the scent of burning wood
Flames danced in unison, in step like a haunting ballet
As broken limbs fell on the ground, weeping where they lay
Once full of hopes and dreams of summer, bright and green
The trees call a sad siren song, a deepened mournful scream
And leaves hum a desperate tune of despair, and disappear
Lost in a sea of flames and destruction of that we hold most dear
The great world tree has fallen, and the forest is dying all around
All that can be heard in the chill night air is Yggdrassil's simple sound
The words it spoke, never more than a fool, forever more another's tool

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Daytime Rain

What time of day it is I do not know
Except that like some fish doped out of the deep water
I've bobbed up bolly wise from stream of sleep
It is drumming hard here and I suppose everyhere
Dropping with insistent ardour upon our roof thatch and shed
And thro'  sheaves slits open
To thunder and lightening
So,lets roll over on our back
And settle to the sleep of the innocent and free.

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Preserving the floor

Winter is a time
For magic spells 
From the snow that fell 
To preserve the loam
That’s been entombed                                                                       
And to defend the earth’s bed
For some they dread 
The lack of warmth  
Wintertime is a time of rest 
Folding out natures vest 
For enriching our tulips 
The color of mint juleps 
Wintertime is for natures 
For the meek and wounded
That pass 
Leaving behind the strong and bold 
It is told 
Winter is a time
Of darkness 
With a hue of silver 
On a seasonal journey
Of change


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The Fishermen

“One shall always be strong,”
His words swung with the cold air,
 “One shall always believe,”
It was like the waves were 
Strengthening his tone and words,

There he lay on the big rocks
That hid him by the shore,
He contemplated the beautiful 
It all made him feel alive at the moment,

The droplets of water
Tenderly slithered on his skin,
Like cure to an illness;
His pain was diminishing,
The fire of hatred was being

For the first time in his life,
He felt optimistic,
It was the first time for him to use
“Half-full” and not “Half-empty,”
To him, it was a life-changing moment,

Thoughts continuously rushed 
In and out of his head,
Reminiscences and past-experiences
Came back to relive a beautiful moment
With him… A moment of “Life”

“If I were…” he whispered, 
“If I were a…”
He mumbled what he wanted to say…

“If I were a tiny fish that swam freely across the ocean, would I be free? Or would I 
just be the bait to some other fish? Would all these fishermen take my freedom 
away? Taking me out of the water till I suffocate? Shall my life end because of 
them fishermen?”
He said indignantly,
He was filled with rage.
“Would I always live my life with no one’s sympathy? Just me…”
His tears started falling,
For he took out all his hidden pain,
He faced reality again,
And stopped his denial…

After minutes of sorrowful-confusion,
He stared at the sky again…
“O’ fishermen, 
When will y’all ever come and get me?”



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I give thanks

May I thank God for another day?
And wake to feel your glory of rays 
Lemon rings around to rise 
Weary changes and tired eyes 
Mystical hours of the morning brake 
Not much longer 
I must wait 
To see your rearing upon this earth
And shining down 
To give us worth 
A new day has shown its face 
Soft sudden shadows upon my face 
Wake up all 
Wake up this day 
For the Lord has given me another day 

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Oh silvery hue of you
You glimmer and shine so true 
Above so high in the blue 
How romantic 
Man has been with you? 
Shadows and radiance
Upon the lakes you dance
And you put on a show 
With your lunar eclipse stance 
Oh silvery hue 
Your lunar color has slowly changed 
Making this earth lay in dark and strange
Like the last night 
Sheer fright 
But around your rim
Blood red about your trim
A spectacle to the eye 
An earthly phenomena to defy 
Oh silvery hue of you 
You glimmer and shine so true 
Your gallant display we view 

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M' gram sings a song in me 'ead

I’m so glad to have someone who cares
About flowers and sunshine and birds
The remarkable thing about birds on the wing
Is their power to hover and sing
The notes that they utter
and twitter and flutter
Are back ground for blooming and bliss
But it's just not the same
To be part of this game
Without someone of grooming to kiss
So I started to whistle this song
And the humming birds twittered along
As she refilled the feeder
They too said they need her
While the flowers smelled ever as strong

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   See the beautiful living thing 
            It can fly with the wing 
                      The lovely tone with which the birds can sing
                     One more beauty to the nature that they bring
                 They build the nest to produce the offspring 
                        Always busy with the food searching 
                           The bird can even look to the sea for fishing 
                                 Though the birds have a variety in the living
                                                                  They do have a common habit of flying

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Hawk Squawk

three me
Through the veils of time
Through the veils of space
Through the veils of  veils
Into out of mind
Nearer to away
Stay me to the going
Weigh my chance
Feel my need
Feed my knowing
Wind still blowing
Change and dance
Through this trance 
Keep my honor flowing
Through the darkness
Twisting time
Into light 
Roll   roaring fire
Direct me to
My heart’s desire
Three me

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The Shadow

I saw the shadow cry on the wave of the sea.
It bled tears of golden bronze.
It voiced drowning gulls into the sunset.
When asked why, he looked to the sky
he turned and said the world that
you see is enough to make me cry..

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April rain!


The kind rain will pour down.

He will wash away all bad thoughts

and will tenderly whisper,

«Forget about sorrow.»

And you will understand:

Already, it is Spring!

To live, certainly, 

To be able to see this world

and to speak with the rain

is priceless!

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I Ran In A Field

Days of long ago, I ran in a field,
I sang a song with the whippoorwill,
Thru clouds above, I flew from within,
The lightness of air,
Becoming my wings.

I am at peace with the touch,
As tho a touch of a feather,
Reaching for my soul.

The moon above me, shinning so bold,
Knew of no morning,
Stars that twinkle,
Knew of no darkness.

The feel of silk, 
Oh!  So gently touching my skin,
Boring deep in my body.
As that unknown to man.

Ah!   I just heard the awakeing of a daffodil,
It's beauty capturing with utter surroundance,
The very depth of my soul.

Yesterdays of long ago,
I ran in a field,
With silken nature,
When the hair upon my body became,
Lost in the wind.

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Get a Place

My dad is little angry but mum is alright.
If they feel different don’t get so tight.
They love me very much that’s why,
They always measure what is my height?

Dad heart is pure consult me always free,
I respect for experience he has knowledge light.
Mum cares for my taste and for a fashion,
Her choice is wonderful and very bright.

They shared my pain and offered happiness,
Sometimes I have argument but they were right.
If partner is in a young age enjoyment is lot,
Money and degree can’t get a place might.

If children are in early age they grown up soon,
Grand will be ever happy in olden age fight.
A right time is a right time and bad time is bad,
Care for your time if you want to enjoy life kite.

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Reeling in a heart line

  Fragile black sillouettes,
leaves on the water
sunrise and sunset 
on a fisherman's daughter
silver blue heron's legs
shimmer and shine,
on the Homosassa River
reeling in a heart  line

  catching black catfish
bellys white as sheep
by the light of the lantern
while the others are asleep
and the whole rollin river
just seems to be mine
on the Homosassa River
reeling in a heart line

  by the light of the lantern.
by the light of the stars
while the others are in London
or Paris or Mars
I'd rather hold a reverie
biding my time
on the Homosassa River
reeling in a heart line.

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Sweet Petals of Life

There are times--- 
I fall, unwittingly 
and ‘cos of this, I want you to be near
…for when my body trembles, give me the courage 
…for when my mind is confused, enlighten me
…for when my memory is lost, remind me of me

If ever I fall--- 
deeper into the abyss of darkness
lift me, with laughter’s of the day

And, if ever I weep again---
wash my sorrow, with hues of morn flowers
and dry my tears, with its sweet petals 

Yes, I don’t want to live alone---
so this to you I ask, stay beside me
that I may not fall into the pangs of solitude 

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Willingly I float like a bubble not yet punctured
through endless fields of imagination
Aimlessly I wander without a destination

Drawn into an untainted world
A pure, blissful realm painted with virginity
I am calmed by nature’s talents as I fall into the web of felicity

I hear the wordless echo of the friendly spirits 
Their gentle voices of crystal erase reality’s influence
The comforting hands of enchantment pull me away from the world’s choking grip
And release me into the breath of innocence

As I float on weightless clouds of cotton candy
The burden of restriction, like the day, slowly disappears
My eager fantasies escape their suffocating boundaries
And my daydream opens its eyes again, despite of all the fears

I ease away from heartless Earth
As I ease into the better ambience
To a place where my heart can breathe unafraid 
And not be encumbered by the face of grievance

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I am like tare 
that peeks through cracked, cemented ground 
and inter-mingles 
with happiness and sadness. I dance, 

awesomely with 
wild Jasmines, as they imitate 
the night. Ah, those swaying lips that 
mesmerize the silver moon 

obscured by a slow-moving 
dark cat, I wonder if my 
shadow in wintry days is the same 
in summer’s spell.  Look, 

my heart winks
like warm stars 
in the galaxy 
of love. See, I have 

this perception
from a whisperer’s passion. His mythical trek, 
shod with 
pen and paper.

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The Eagle

Oh, such a great majestic bird, the Bald Eagle is to me. It seems so graceful in its flight, so stately and so free. Its only proper that it should be, The emblem of our nation. To me, it's the most precious bird, in all of God's creation I truly love the great Bald Eagle, the Harpy and the Golden. To God above who made them all, I'm really quite beholden.

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Nobody has to know
whatever happened between us                         
that made us glow;
let this remain something of a secret,
this man knows where it lies...
hidden from others, not from us!
And you woman, keep it inside
as long as you's as deep as pride!

Erase my number from your cell phone,
not let him see it...
don't make him suspect
that I even exist in reality:
make it look like a shadow passing...
leaving no traces along;
when I take what's not mine...I feel so guilty,
but it won't stop me from taking!   

Let this remain something of a secret,
let's it confide it to a moon that's so scarlet;
a silent moon who hears the lovers' whispers...
and turns them into real, sweet whishes!

Let's die for a moment's bliss,
deny our reality and hysterically laugh;
this is not cheating on somebody
who didn't finish what he started off...  
we're free and need not to worry,
and if there's a price to pay:  we will! 

We're not kids who are kept from indulgence,
we are responsible for our own tendencies...
challenging those who oppose us with rage,
changing what others can barely change...
to let this remain something of a secret!

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City sparrow at my feet
Gives a "chirp" and gives a "peep".
All around the cars do hum;
City sparrow pecks a crumb.

City sparrow, smart and fleet,
Hopping "hop" around my feet,
Nature, you, and man-made, I,
Sharing wealth beneath the sky.

But no laws do make us share;
Were there laws I would not share,
Unless they banned us to some isle----
There, I'd share with you my smile.

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Lost Love

My life is unveiled in a poem ---
a poem of dark, sadness and pain
This poem breathes and breathes 
with darkest experience; no gain

Thou it rhymes in perfection, yet
lasting heart aches and despairs it only brings
to chain innocent soul for years
in peripheral solitude, I remember

the first morn of April 
when I met you
like a naked lady on a shoreline rocks
braving the passing wind; you glow

with your pink smile 
you’ve shown 
me the morning sunshine, but as it fades away
your beauty loses its integrity

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Rain or Shine

Rain is so wet and gloomy
It is a good day for a movie
Whenever you want to go out and play
It is always a rainy day
Sunshine is so bright and cheery
The hot weather always makes you tired and weary
The sunny days are the most happy ones
Because those are the days you have so much fun
But whether it is rain or shine
I know I will always have a good time
Betty Sue KopeCrawford
Written when I was 15 years old
Back in 1993

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Random Thoughts

Beauty rivals hummingbirds in flight
I’ll say that I’m not
But I think that I might
No, I know that I am
As the beats quicken 
I know that I’m smitten 
As the sweat drips from my palms
Lips move closer
Heaven in two seconds 
A lifetime more when I catch your eyes
The beauty they speak tell no lies
Of feeling materialization
Hearts beating familiar sensations 
But not, A mind drifts 
From endless useless thoughts

New train of thinking
Few understand the realistic mind
Thinking, line of sight mingling
Physical interest tingling  
Wishing for intellectual duets 
Singing, souls together dreaming

Bodies together flying
Love apart stronger dying 
I pray for her love
Needing is my princess dove
Soft lingering touch

If life gave us the power to wish
I’d want your lips to kiss
I’d ask for your warmth to miss
And the tears that fall
The nights when all I hear is
Nothing when your name I call

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Like some remnant of my mind's invoice,
I see you still, like Godliness' true choice
does see forever, as a whisper quiets a voice -
I see you - only love could so rejoice!

While, autumn and the greens, once full and fresh,
I stumbled, wondered - will I see my love in mesh
of colors changing as the air's obsess
would freeze each hanging leaf in its possess -

I see you and with fall or winter blest,
that only God's true promise proves His test!

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I Wanted A Poem, Like This One

O, Mes Cher Amis! Such, I wanted 
A poem, so sweet, like this one;
A poem, so beautiful, like a fir
That grows and suits all seasons.

A poem so well penned; its words,
Sinking into the Earth’s heart year by year
And the rhyming, like a birdsong
Flowing into me above other forms.

Ahh, I can feel the words chime, 
Digitally reaching for my passion 
And heading for the understanding
That will hold my weary spirit.

If I sense the world is streaming down
Or, when the yellow orb won’t shine on, 
Will you take me without doubt and then 
Uplift me, from great pain to this poem 

That covers me like fine clothing---
We share, as the wind its gentle breeze,
As the wild dandelion its yellow hues,
As the Mother Earth its carpet of green?

Oui, Mes Cher Amis! Such, I wanted 
A poem, like this one; a poem that will 
Always be sweet and beautiful, like you 
Whenever I’m in the pangs of loneliness.

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relax your mind

relax your mind
cause its about that time
tonite we bump and grind
we cant waste no time

boy im feelin you
im hungry for you
if you do it right
a sista, might cook for you

plz dont say a word
im takin over (yeah) "word"
ima take it slow
up and down
i grind real slow

you climbing up the stairs
until ive reached my peak
you plugged real deep
then you erupted me

creme filin, oozin
my mind im, losin
i like the way you take control
this feelin-taken over me

relax your mind
cause its about that time
tonite we bump and grind
we can do it all night

relax your mind
cause its about that time
tonite we bump and grind
we cant waste no time

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Come dance with me my sight full friend. 
We'll dress in Kelly green. 
Twirl me through yon branches then, 
Come help my heart to keen. 

I know ye hear the the music lad, 
I've seen yer tappin feet. 
The notes are high, and so am I, 
come swing me to the beat 

Let's skip an' dance in wild romance. 
Come whirl and twirl a while. 
Your secrets safe wi me me lad, 
Oh now I see y' smile! 

away, awa, we'll dance so far, 
y'll swear we've come aboot. 
Just have a sip from this wee jar, 
Before ye've taken root.

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suns go down
Summers turn to winter
I do believe
I’ve never felt this fey
life goes on
Somehow I keep going
where is somehow on the way
Things there are that need no understanding
Beauty in the moving air
My life an answer for tomorrow
I grope to find what’s there as
suns go down
Mornings glow un aging
I sit back and ride the burning day
nothing stays as 
Everything keeps changing
It’s always been this way

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Fear Free

I saw the eagle
Touched the earth summit,
Where all wanted to be;
And I slept desiring…
Fear free 

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Beneath A Willow

In my thought I 
Huddled beneath a willow
Where, a lady 

Butterfly rendered 
Her olden lullabies
In a soft falsetto
Seeing her, wings flap 
Against the uncomfortable 
Wind, in my thought  
As I huddled
Beneath a willow is enough 
To bring peace and hope


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Listen, please, listen!


When it is raining, 

Listen, please, listen! –

Drip! Drip! Drip! 

The sky is crying 

Or it is telling you something?

When it is raining, 

Listen, please, listen!  –

Drip, drip, drip. 

Maybe it is a song of our dreams?

Or the thoughts of nature?

Or the whisper of time?

When it is raining, 

Drip, drip, drip! 

We  become kinder; 

we can see, hear and understand 

the problems of each other,

When it is raining.   


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Something Lost

Everything upon a tree
Settled in the light
Just below is darkest seed
Working through the night

Everything is all I see
Never more to know
Just until the darkness breathes
The cities start to grow

In the shade of this disease
I forget the earth
And what’s to come will confuse me
And complicate my worth

Everything I wanted back
Dying in the night
Just above the sun keeps track
But I can’t see this light

Everything is all I lack
Always more to know
Enter now into contract
The darkness forces soul

In the centre of disease
I finally see the earth
And although it’s memory
I’ve come to understand its worth

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A new day

For the day has begun 
Drenched with kisses 
From the sun 
Filtering down from the heavens 
Glowing white 
As the snow dove 
Shining down like a majestic star
Shadowing down between the trees afar 
Dancing and directing its warmth 
To the floor 
Where bees and birds search and bore 
Natures in rhythm and moving sound 
Winter departure has soften the ground
Bulbs are nurtured and raising above 
The arrival of spring has given them a shove
Rivers are swollen and rushing with vigor 
Brought on by the melting trigger 
Creatures abound are eager to engender
Deer are munching new forage so tender 
With such a new glorious time 
It’s no wonder people are cheery 
When the temperatures climb 



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Maine a place of magic

Haunting lighthouses up and down the coast
Humming noises pass through like a ghost
Jagged rocks that can be seen from afar
Some of them so big and black as tar
Bar harbor a vacationing spot filled with dreams 
Joyous sounds of children on the beach that gleams 
In the marshy distance an artists paints
They worship this scenery like a lonely saint  
Maine and its landscape of beautiful places 
It shines like a jewel 
Amongst the local face 
The smell of the sea in your clothes 
Cool emerald water that tickling your toes 
So much to see, so much to enjoy 
Whales leaping in the air 
From a distance, they look like toys 
The morning sun wakes here on east first 
For some it’s a blessing for others a curse
Miles of mountains lakes and streams 
A fishermen delight it all that it seems
If ever I place remains in your soul 
It’s the breathtaking wildlife 
You viewed here on a stroll 

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It was the crack of dawn,
When I first heard her song,
And it made me sit up in bed,
No such beautiful vibrations
Had ever before filled my head...

I sensed it was a death throes lilt
And was the last chance to be heard
I shivered in rapture sonic
And wished I could understand each word

She was joined by others,
Though lesser of skill,
I strained my ears,
Up until...
Sad silence blanketed the earth
And I knew there would be no more
such song...
Of such beauty there would be a dearth,
Such a loss seemed so wrong
The world would hence have less worth.

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Seeking the 'Truth'

Too many seek for the purpose in life,
questioning what conquers the world,
But it's impossible to know when all we hear are lies,
So flipping the pages of life ourselves helps the unfurled.

From the darkest night to the brightest day,
The sun and moon lurk for the light of truth,
All it seems to find is the faces of death on its way
to conquest all souls and leave loved ones to ruth.

But if our souls touch hand in hand,
the purpose of life wouldn't be in doubt,
but answered with whom we have band,
and enjoying what its all about.

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I've placed upon a post at home,
a house where bluebirds live.
They come in early spring each year,
and me much pleasure give.

The male arrives and then his mate,
both looking at their best.
She quickly settles down to work,
to build her family's nest.

She gathers straw and carries twine,
I've placed there for this day.
Alone he sits in a tree so near,
chasing other birds away.

With nest complete they're off to hunt,
upon our fence they sit.
With eyes so keen bugs hardly move,
and on wings their down to get.

Her nesting chores being now at hand,
she must be at her best.
For now when off to eat she goes,
The sparrows steal her nest.

As they return the fight is on,
There, victorious once more.
But then I notice they've caught the eye,
of the neighbors cat next door.

I wonder now if I'm doing right
to have them in our yard?
I've seen the cats eat their young,
to me this has been hard.

I know that in Mans scheme of things,
this may not seem like much.
The enjoyment and beauty they provide,
is surely by Gods touch.

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The journey

The day has began
Upon a view 
I ascertain  
Moving rapidly 
Fade in 
Filled with a heavy sigh
Weeping with rain 
They came to
Dance and shower over the
Dormant trees that will sway 
And obey the winds
Washing away 
The arduous corrupted sidewalks 
Of the city streets 
Beaten with masses of humans 
Passing their way to a paycheck 
Of sorts 
This existence we wear
On our faces 
Are the traces of chronicles

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O, People of this World

O, such as we were, people of this world, we unveiled ourselves 
In black and white---yesterday or today, it doesn’t matter;
The beauty of poetry is many voices of the heart.

Our land is so rich of priceless arts, so as our mind, but still--- 
The land we know now is not really the land we’ve known before,
O, such as she was once, such as some wouldn’t like her to be. 

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My Thoughts

Best of luck, I say when I departed.
Best of luck I never say when I hurted.

It is a priority in your and my relations,
You think about me and I also about your fashions.

I care for what you like, I am ready to cook?
When you stop to care for me, my tears always look.

Our drinking and eating, smoking for fun,
You like to enjoy, I offer one by one.

My thoughts are developing only your image,
My dreams are searching only your merge.

Follow a path and hear palpitations of my heart,
My affections are loading and your love cart.

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The garden passed

For asleep beneath this pack 
Of heavy of snow 
Lays a garden I once did sow
Once alive and full of wonder 
Fallen below is now asunder 
Green leaf shots of tomato plants 
A path aside it made by matching ants 
My ever-growing lavender plant 
To smell the blossoms makes me pant
The pots the herbs grew in, I rescued them into the house 
Every so often I give them a little douse
The corn stalks I gathered up for show 
Are laying against the tree, with no where to go 
The yard that once was filled with life 
Has turned cold and lonely and filled with ice
The trees above cry out at night 
With winds upon them, snaring with fright
My compost pile is completely covered 
It’s going to take months till that’s uncovered 
Even the sun doesn’t rest here to long 
The happy blue birds, no longer sings its songs 
It’s a sad time when the gardens asleep 
I guess I’ll wait for spring when new bulbs shall creep

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Catch the rain

These days must come
Late winter rains
Foggy misty plains
Cold droplets falling from afar 
Puddles between the grass and tar 
Dampness that reaches into your bones
Before me the moss covered stones
Their tale, their story
Brought from the quarry
Lazily creeping changes
In our space in time
But, in a lifetime-
 of nature
Quite smooth, changes
And now too, will come the strangers
that tucked themselves behind their shades
During those long gray days 
Awaken from the daze 
Ready to spout 
For now the quiet will pass 
As there voices will surpass 
Their loud rumbling lawn mowers 
and those ever so annoying leaf blowers 
So we shall endure these soggy days 
And raise  

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devils game

you on the move
to something new
i was so deeply in love with you
not thinking you will leave
but you was out to decieve

i did believe 
when you said
you love me (me)
you tortured my heart
when you left me
but you are like the others
who is out to decieve

you on the move 
to something new
i was so deeply 
in love with you
not thinking you will leave
but you was out to decieve

lies are spoken
promises are broken
devil took a token
with a cruel slogen
changing day by day
vulnerable hearts is 
what they prey....

you on the move
to something new
i was so deeply
in love with you
not thinking you will leave
but you was out to decieve

playing mind games
hearts you rearrange
breaking people hearts
to get all the fame
from rags to riches
dirt bags to snitches
messin with the witches
fat girls and skinny bitches

you broke my heart
(you played with my heart)...


i did believe 
when you said you love me
you feast on my heart
then you left me
you're like the others
who is out to decieve...


lies are spoken
promises are broken
devil took a token
with a cruel slogen
changing day by day
vulnerable hearts is
what they prey...


you on the move
to something new
i was so deeply
in love with you
not thinking you will leave
but you was out to decieve (ooooh)

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As I think Of It

My poem, as I think of it,
I am taken to solitude of happiness,
Where the bitter memory of yesteryears 
Disappears, without traces.

I am delivered in spirits
From hell of anxieties to an exotic paradise
Of hope, where it is me and my poem
Alone for a moment.

There’s rhyming sonnet, and beautiful verses
Even a haiku, too, you’ll see as you gently peek 
Thru my soul, fed by the reflection ripples of the sea
With placid water so warm and really blue. I sigh.

The magical seasons of pink summer night,
Of white winter noon,
Of golden fall day,
Of bright-green of early morn. I breathe.

Sweet caress from the rhyming sea  
As I look deeper into my heart,
A poem, sweet as me as I whisper to you
My life, not of yesterday, but of today.

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I rejoice the awaking of spring
How it enchants my ears
 To hear the birds sing 
New beginnings 
Sparrows picking up string 
Building their nests 
Here come more guests 
Eating at my feeder 
Poking at the cedar
Jade can be seen far and wide 
Cheery moods that can’t be denied 
Lawns so lush 
Gallantly to a blush 
To watch the blossoms burst 
Into colors of soft pink 
Overthrowing my eagerness 
And blink 
Warm sun drenching down 
Tulips dancing proudly with there crowns 
Enveloping the borders so grand 
I rejoice in the awaking of spring 
And all the new life it brings

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Echoes Of Sin

I hear…
The rose whispering
My heart is yearning for redemption 
Of soul, I am undeserving one

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This irridescent dragonfly, 
skimming across the pond 
Whirr of wings 
The joy it brings 
My heart so fond 

This liquid green, 
the lillies so still 
Gentle flow from the mill, 
such calm I had not seen 

Swathes of weeping willow, 
stirs my heart so 
This blue sky, 
made for things to fly 

This pond 
of which, 
I am so fond 
The quiet ripples of liquid green, 
the lillies. 
often I dream 

This verdant symphony 
under blue sky 
Matters to me 
I do not wonder why 

This musical sound 
of water, I have found 
On the pond, 
by the old mill, 
of which I am so fond 

Steady trickle, 
quiet ripple. 
Swathes of green willow 
makes my heart ache so 
Gentle boughs dip low, 
kissing the liquid green, 
not often seen 

My thoughts drift like the lily, 
floating on liquid green 
Here,there,so it seems, 
absorbing tranquil scene 

This sheltered place, 
my small green space, 
my weeping willow 
My heart aches so 

This blue dragonfly 
passing me by 
through calm blue sky 
I fondly sigh... 

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The poem of Hoping.

The summer has arrived suddenly.

The St.Petersburg White nights

still hug our city gently.

A lilac fog 

Fills the atmosphere around,

In spite of the fact that the lilac has already faded,

And sweet aroma of a jasmine 

Turns our heads, excites and intoxicates us.

There is Heat, and the thunderstorms with rain here, 

Flowers and the charming bumblebees live on my loggia. 

But why don't the melancholy and alarms leave me?

I think of the next autumn and winter.

Maybe, they have already started to approach to us. 

No! This is wrong! 

I shall forget them for a while.

I shall take inspiration from a lilac fog,

I shall be drunk with aroma of jasmine, 

I shall have fun, listening to the rain, 

I shall write new poems for my friends .

And, maybe, the summer will delay in my soul for a long time.

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The Mightly Eagle

The mightly eagle, so bold he flew,
Knowing the weak ones and how they lose.
Carefully he chooses the ones to watch,
Knowing how to add to his flock.
Experience he's learned through out his years,
Never sleep with danger lingering so near.
Yet wearily he grows with each new fear,
Adding to his already, aged years.
The eye so alert, like a king on his throne,
Sometimes wonder what is right and what is wrong.
If he choses to rest, his flight he may lose,
For somewhere in the night, 
One may fly the higher and choose.

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Either the rain comes or snow,

Maybe, only tears have fallen?

The eyelashes of the rivers fly up, having shuddered,

A forest awakens, rustles and starts to fuss.

Ah, what mad show begins around! 

The fir trees dance together with birches in one circle,

there is sob of the rivers, and there is laughing of the streamlets here.

No, it is not the rain and not the snow,

The person has come to the person,

under the gaze of all nature!

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Down Today

People get me down sometimes.

My buddy isn't talking to anyone now,
All because my best friend had a cow.

My secret is such a shining star..
Probably doesn't even realize I watch it from afar.

My beloved is in the hospital, 
But still thinking of me, (Bless his soul).
All he can say is ,"Ugh."
I only wish I could give him a healing hug.

My honored is finally getting wed!
I regret I can't go as I crawl into bed.

I gaze at the sky so full of tears
For me. The same sky that was so full of cheer.
Even the morning sun with all its glory
Only behols these sad little stories.

I only wish I could do better..
And cover the cold ones with my sweater.

I'm outside and fear the cold night.
I just hope my loved ones are alright.
I just want them to be happy, so to say,
Unlike me (I had a bad day).

Cold nights get me down sometimes.

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Pray of dreams

Rehearsal of his dreams
pray in tears being practical
sufficient to fit his own salary.

In his wake dispose himself.
As divine servant as he is, he was asked
"where to sail to his oozing light".

"Never thought a port to settle" he said.
With his response flesh settled in soil. 
Dried his body and it was cold as time passed.

Given him a second chance-
Once again hope he will be touched in cooling grave.
His historical perseverance-
honor the honesty before fly away-

Asked himself once again.
Wish to sit in same table as he did.
well known end-
scared himself in tears

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Dedicated to Wendy MacDonald from Australia

2. There is Autumn 

in the Australia, in the Russia

The red-haired Autumn has come to Russia.

She has painted all the leaves 

of the trees 

with gold colour.

The Wind and the Rain love her very much.

She dances the Parting Waltz

With them both.

At just this time, leaves 

are departing from their trees.

They are beginning their own dance,

named «Fall of the Leaf».

Then Autumn is singing

her lullaby-song

for orphaned trees,

for stray dogs and cats,

for the damp rain,

for the sparrows and crows,

And for the frozen earth, too.

Autumn is singing her lullaby-song

about the tropical, hot country, Australia 

Where there are eucalyptus,

And fern forests, the Pacific ocean,

And the mysterious mountains.

In this magic country live kind, funny friends:

Kangaroos, Koalas, Cockatoos, and Emu.

Now they are dreaming about Russian Autumn:

in her corona from yellow leaves,

in her red rowan’s beads,

and with her favourite friends:

with wind, and sorrowful rain. 



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Soon As They Come To Me

I will 
Try to catch 

Of the wind, 

Whoosh of mine...

And cherish them, dearly. 

As they 
Come to me,

Of the wind,
Given time... 

I’ll hold them, just for you.   

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Nature's pallet

Nature has bestowed us with its beauty today
Upon the skies awaiting and display 
Sunset so fine and royal 
The color red blazing 
Hot as oil 
Splashes of orange and yellow 
Embellished in blue and bellow 
Across a sky so real 
A spectator view to steal
Mirrored into the lake below 
Eye appeal and glow 
Nature’s photos short to witness 
Keeping my mind moving with fitness 
Imaginations filled and flowing 
All praise and bowing 
Nothing lacking in magic 
Its effect truly psychologic
Whispering not far behind 
The night's beginning to unwind 
Bursting with purple passion 
Mellow with spirit and adoration 
Worshiping such a given talent
Of moods in motion 
Are the strokes of 
Nature's pallet

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I watched in amazement as he perched and preened on my flower, 
his kaleidoscope wings glistening in the sun.

Crouching patiently, admiring the glory and beauty of the moment, 
the sun warmed our very beings and made us one.

Several moments passed while we enjoyed each other's company, 
the beauty of the morning, 
the song in the air...

A soft breeze- airborne, and he started off! 
I jumped to fallow and tripped... on...
...something... wha...?...

I looked up, and he was gone. 
The flower was gone, too. Long dead,- soon after the sun had gone. 
How long, I don't know. No telling. 
No promise of return.

My eyes had been closed. 
It was only a dream...

Tears silently fall to my pillow as I mourn what I never had.

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Our Way

Our roots are poisoned
We’re falling from the earth
Our choice is unconnected
There’s only our loss that’s left

Our hearts seek reason
To understand the barren lies
Our souls are distant
No one awake knows how to cry

Our pain is melting
Fusing with our dreams
Our every useless comprehension
Refuses how to be redeemed

The truth is empty
The way now lies in fire
So dark and wasted
Further down the road the shadows are higher

The roots are dying
The flame now knows how to fly
Our world just crumbles
Our corpses bury the skies

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Winds return what we had spoken
Planting life where things were broken
Forgotten truths and long-lost questions
Winds returning, we’ve awoken

Waters gather every wisdom
Its rhythm whispers past decisions
Regret becomes a passive memory
As water reflects one true vision

Earth surrounds our deepest reason
Nurturing and changing season
Home is where our hearts can’t fail
Earth forgives our every treason

Fires breathe in every karma
Relighting ways and testing armour
Its flame reminds us of our chaos
Fires that warm are our true power

The elements of all connection
Are every reason we know redemption
The cycle of the things we take in
Are the elements that bring ascension

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My dear  dog  Jonny, we are alone with you.

All in the house is silent, only hours mutter.

What days have come!

And nights! Ah, what nights!

How the poplars are fresh!

Bird – cherry tree! Inhale her quickly!

The in-love earth is shaking. 

She is drunk from fine aromas.

Well? But do not bark, do not bark!

Do not annoy neighbours!

Our May was crowned today

on an empire of songs, filled with the scent of lilac!

All the night the lights burn on the banks of Volga,

Horns of ships are crying disturbingly. 

My dear Jonny, we are not alone,

because this delightful May is with us!

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with you

when im with you

i never ever wanna let you go
"when im with you"
happy days and beautiful rainbows
"when im with you"
i feel some like i never felt before
"when im with you"
cause when im with you
when im with you

beautiful amazing girl thats what you are
you make me feel like a shooting star
the way you smile,the way you look at me
it's the only look i wanna see cause....

repeat chorus2x:

the way you walk
the way you talk
"when im with you"
the way you move
the way you groove
"when im with you"
the way you smile
your class your style
only for you i'll walk a thousand miles
"cause when im with you"

repeat chorus2x:

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I Belong

A crow and a seagull lift up the sun
With "Caw!" and a bright white wing.
Swift cars wheel round the shopping ground;
I hear their motors sing.

New steaming clouds from canneries rise,
Their growing billows pillowing skies.
What a great delight to see and hear
The work of nature and man so clear.

Who would disown it, who'd say nay,
To the joy of being on this beautiful day?
Not I; I love it, love it strong;
This is the Eden where I belong.