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Lyric Mystery Poems | Lyric Poems About Mystery

These Lyric Mystery poems are examples of Lyric poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Lyric Mystery poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Today I penned a love letter
I know you'll never see
Secret thoughts and feelings
Bottled up inside of me
Romantic muse on my heart
Words written with the mind
My forbidden introspection
I know you'll never find
For I, myself, am the bottle
I'm not floating on the sea
The message is deep inside
Heartbroken that we can't be
I know this sounds freaky
But every word I say is true
Although we've never met 
My heart is missing you!

Date: 11-7-14

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Just because we're not together
Doesn't mean we're far apart
You may no longer see me
Cause I'm hidden in your heart
I am the warmth in your sunrise
The breeze dancing in your hair
Don't think for even a moment
That I'm gone, no longer there

I'm singing through that sparrow
My fragrance is in the rose
My shade is under the big oak
I'm in the poem you just composed
I still see you in the moonlight
Tell all your secrets to me
I'm closer than you can imagine
Never alone, girl we're still we

*A father on his deathbed pens this poem to his daughter to encourage her when he's gone, to remind her that he will never really leave her!

Date: 11-11-14

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Late night walk around my lake
Midnight stars are all in bloom
Crickets singing happy songs
A perfect night and a full moon
The brightest star came closer
Said, I think you should know
So I'm going to share a secret
Then I'm going to quickly go
Said, she is thinking about you
A thousand thoughts a day
And at night a million dreams
Your face she loves to play
I've heard her talk about you
So I thought I'd check you out
I feel your thoughts and feelings
You've left me with no doubt
Said, you're wishing and needing
It's as clear as this night sky 
That's exactly what she's doing
Dude, you're the apple of her eye
Said, tonight I've been thinking
You two make a perfect pair
And love is a perfect present
It's time to let her know you care

Date: 11-11-14

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This road is snake-like except
for the crusty scales of an intestinal
late dusk. A boy treaded on the 
lane tracks lean and nomadic...
burnt shoulders grilled and toasted by
the sun, as if his coal skin sparked like
burning diamond weeds. In a flash, a tender
sorcery poured in my veins. There and then,
I longed to whisper a tune, play the tambourine or
partake of the loaf in my sack with him.
But he waited for paper clouds to ruffle his hair,
seemingly undisturbed by pilgrims like me 
holding unto holy relics and bones of night. The gauze
shirt as his frock winged with the silver winds,
windblown stroking my ebony tresses with a whisper
hushed by his delicate omnipresence.

In a dimly lit bus, sand wheezed tribal notes
moist on my eyelids uprooted by uncontained
temples of longing, now becoming thick
as woolen destiny. If only for a flicker of time,
his eyelids met mine so briefly... parting saline dust
of sacred, smiling gazes. I was inside a cell 
of a wombed bus. He was outside enlarged by a
hundred stars exploding dewdrops, inviting eternity.
For a fraction of silence, we met somewhere
between the fluorescent of our twin eyes. He, the angel 
first fondly encountered ; I, the dreamer ever bewildered…
I remember...I was five.  

(( P.D.'s " your Own Favorite Poem
by nette onclaud))

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are like my thoughts
falling down into my mind
sending goose bumps down
my spine

Their cool aftermath
cleanses me of my thoughts
of fear and uncertainty 
about what tomorrows
pain may bring

They make me feel,
wet with creativity
drenched in my optimistic
illumination. glistening
raindrops, my thoughts
leave paths of pleasurable
distress, and hope of success
which road, less traveled
may be the best

Forget an umbrella
when these raindrops
arrive, I walk outside
arms open wide

Ready to Receive
the mind storm may bring
because raindrops are
as my thoughts, falling
down into my mind
sending shivers down
my spine

My brain, yearns
for the rain, to wash away
the pain, tomorrows worry
does bring
One special drop
could speed up life's clock
to the time
I can handle my own
and not dwell inside my controllers

For raindrops are,
like my thoughts
falling down into my mind
sending goose bumps
down my spine

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I'm lost in your beautiful starry eyes
The ocean's scent and majestic waves
Yes.. very quickly I'm taken by the sea
And etched secrets in underwater caves

I never would have dreamed it
That every desire could come true
I'm trusting in my heart
Beyond this blue 
Girl, everything I do is now for two..
A sacred trust for only me and you

Oh, passion's touch is on the rise
So obvious any sailor could see
If even now the tide crashed down
There's more muse for you and me
I'm so in love out on this sea..

Where there's only you and me
Only you and me

You and me

Date: 8-25-14

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What ? When? Where?

What? Do you do when you feel life pressures crashing down on you?

When? All your friends take the back seat, and your Heart wants to explode.

Where? Is your Mind from the beginning until the end?

During all this calamity do you feel like

What?  When?   Where?

Do You Go?

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Thin stilts between earth and heaven bend into a arch of tossed dusk reflecting amiable strains fleeting weeds embrace... fingers of parting sky paint jeweled combs twirled in a bun settling on the nape of windblown curtains; a night arriving bears cupped hands ready to tuck a blanket of rhinestones, much like stars moving from one house to another... and life flashes by as endless travelers floating in azure tour the hours in an imperial journey, rising and falling with the kneads of rocks and moss: throughout the aroma of glazed seasons, flowers close and open the hesitant hearts of men and gargoyles; that always, fire of rainstorm changes to sunlight, black ravens to crickets, spite to nobility—desiring only the music of love’s flight for being, if only to understand the wonder of this world. Earth, Fire, Water, Wind Contest

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Secretly Obsessed

Obsessed with the thought of you
wondering if it's only me or
if you sometimes remember the sweet things you've said
and if you meant them how I took them
or if I'm just obsessed with what's in your head

Obsessed with your very sentences
Every response I take personal
I know it's selfishness
Have you not noticed my eyes?
They hold secrets that only you can unlock
if you'd just take time to fill the thick juices of my pride
It's just boiling with lust, passion, trust and distrust
and other things I obsess over so much

I find myself writing to free myself from this prison I've created
where only you and I reside
I become confused about what I'm really feeling inside and I 
try to rid the thoughts that are highly debated as false and I
begin to cry and
think of casting love spells so that the universe can deliver this affair
I know it's unfair
but I don't care

I'm obsessed with what hasn't happened between us
I'm obsessed with your heart and that the fact that 
I don't think you've even noticed my selfish innuendos 
and secret undertones that blatantly express my lust
Or maybe you have and you calmly remain in resistance of distrust 
If you could only read my mind by simply touching my fingertips,
I'm sure I'd catch you out the corner of my eye biting your bottom lip
I'm obsessed with the passion and thoughts I think you have
Obsessing over an experience that I may never have....

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Brown Sands

Brown Sands
Sift through our hands
As we walk
This ever shifting beach
Sun risin'
On the red horizon 
Nearly within our striding reach

Footprints measure
A mortal treasure
That is ours for a brief time
Between our toes
A mystery unfolds
Of rich Brown Sands so fine

Brown Sands
Will we understand
All that brought us to this place?
It seems
This oasis of dreams
Is either mirage or saving grace

On the dunes
Are written hidden runes
Of what is ours for a brief time
Within our souls
A mystery unfolds 
Of rich Brown Sands so fine 

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Human Being

I walk a mile to see the self in me that I believe to be, 
I knew the road I choose to lay my head to sleep is called my home,
times in need I could barely see that in myself I will set free, 
the act that held me down, something about me I could not see,
I lived a life when I decide that day I said that I don't care, 
so young, so bright, I dim my light, traumatized for me to share,
love me please regardless of what you heard and what you have seen, 
friends say that I'm only human, yes you're right, a human but who am I being?
My life will move in the direction I choose, 
this I know I have always been taught
that I choose to be a winner or lose, 
its entirely up to me its all in my thoughts.

Ken Fepulea'i

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One Truth

Our present incapable to convey, 
beneath the heaven's sky, 
yet we share the evening elucidation, 
equivalent morning rise, 
my storm will rage your way, 
your gust flustering me one day, 
articulating thoughts of you...
and mystifies my life.

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From the exact day your Daddy 
said we'd conceived You
Exactly nine months, to the day, 
we retrieved you

It is said You are so much like him
It's a wonder that I was even there

What is a "spitting image" do tell
Because I wouldn't want it 
in my mouth to begin with 

I thought Sons were supposed 
to look like their Daddy's
After all, they're born out of Love
Or did I miss something, somewhere
                   God Bless

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If You Only Knew

If you only knew how i felt about you
You wouldn't treat me like you do 
If you love me like you say 
Why do we get to arguing everyday
I guess thats the way love goes
No one ever really knows 
If you want me,take me
It's the only way you'll get me maybe
I have a lot of things on my mind
But you seem to have me in a bind
That doesn't mean you have me on lock 
That just means no one can block 
The love i have for you is power
It just don't come and go in a hour
You got some really good i guess you think you do
But only if you knew

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this love this hate

This love 
This hate
is something we cant create
it makes us live
it helps us die
thats something that cant be denied
it makes us heal
it helps us feel 
it can even make men kneel
even though we are not the same
we can all be driven insane
by this love 
this hate inside my head
that makes the world wish it dead
so put all things away
rest your heads for this love this hate will fade away 
only when the world ends.

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A great day ending in tragedy
now you wait until you get the news
I was scattered in different forms
The car door was slammed into my side
The doctor walks in to give you the news
You fall to the floor
Tears falling from your face
Your makeup running down unto your clothes
Making a stain where your heart used to be
I took you back into the darkest place of my soul
Something was different more darker than before
Now you wait until the funeral of your lost love
Your standing in the corner
Your face is covered in darkness
The blood runs from your eyes
How it hurts in the worst way now that im gone
Your realizing how much i meant to you
Something you havent seen before
Your blindness fades away as you start to see
You fall to the floor fainting
No one picks you up
They drop my casket into my little hole
Where i will stay all life long
How your tears fall unto the ground
Getting soaked up by the soil
Drowning me in your tears
Admire the past no more ways to see the future
Now that your starting to love me more
You wait until you see me in a dream
Dying like the past
As your moving on i fade away
I am no longer alive
You left me behind

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The Item

(Inspired by the genius of Ms. Norey Bailey. Please check her out )

Soulful sista
Strolling in her full spirited stride
Just couldn't hide
From my heart's searching eye's
that I swore I
wouldn't allow to be blinded by this mindless modern day luv no more
Until that particular half second
I wanted to run-------grab her by the hands!!!!!! 
take her down to see the Reverend

I didn't have any spare time that was to be wasted
Wanted to recycle my trashy reputatation
      Down         My image                                                                      Un-til- it was raw

So that.....
It could be steamed and not fried
Not viciously devoured
  Hope that I'm a genourous helping
That'll nurture your body and soul
and in no way be unhealthy
One who'd always fill you up, never leave you empty
Be your top and bottom money maker and not once will you ever have to pimp me

Easy to open
Hard to tear apart
I play a game thats not a game & i trump any Player's card
I'm what the mighty-dollar can't buy
And I'm the same thing that stores just don't sale

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The music sound so sweet
that you whispering to me
speaking in tongues
translate it for me
i cant go to sleep
because of the sweet melody
sooth my pain
whisper another song for me

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Your love shown like an antique bloodstain on the dress of our decay.
You pushed your hand through 
the over grown garden to crush the final living rose.
Blood seeped from your pores.
We held hands on our last night on earth.
We dance on the graves of loved ones lost.
And we kissed under the trees 
and under the sky.
We sold our souls to the vampire in our dreams.
We sung about broken hearts and lost souls as we cried.
We were never meant to be.
You can take these tears.
Watch the blood drenched TV screen flicker with anticipation.
Dancing in our sorrow.
And singing in unrivaled beauty.

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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The Internet: Return

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

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Untitled #246 / Go wild

“Go wild with me”

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he is leaving home

                  In great respect of the band I grew up listening to
                       as sure as Mom passed down Saturday Chores 
                      for I had been chosen to scrub bathroom floors `

                    Yet a familiar sound would bring me to keep scrubbing
                       The red album, The blue album , The White album 
                        Then .. Abbey Road , always remembering the sad look on
                  Ringo's face ,  something hard to understand underneath~
                      I get it now, what you were saying all those years ago ,
                    the many sad lonely tears , secret tears , secret fears 
                    For Maxwell's Hammer was a real one . It wanted silence

                    Going back ..remembering when John Lennon died 
                      I was in Arkansas saddened with the world .
                      Then seeing his face saying " Drag isn't it " 
                      No .. this was not my hero in music and song .

                      he was a stand in hired William , he filled his shoes 
                      bringing diversity to create so much beautiful music from loss

                       One left standing , alone;; grief struck on back cover ~
                       The other identity hidden, tried to be part of ..coming together
                            his  world of secrets
                        He to suffers today , in fear , Faul~
                        Too many years gone by .let us tell the Truth. Let us be free
                         The very sad long and winding Road ~
                         Let us Bury our real Paul. 

                         No more " Mystery tour "
                             No more fear 
                                Let him be in peace ~

           Inspired by " The Last Testament of George Harrison , Is Paul Dead ? "


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Who am I

A tribute to Ramana Maharshi, a man who has inspired me for forty years. a greaty Indian saint he was.....Peter

Who Am I?

Sometimes I ask the question “who Am I?”
Am I just this tiny speck put here by trust?
Just a puppet in the hands of destiny
To be blown within the wind just merely dust.

Then sometimes I’m aware of who I am
As I stand beside a lake or waterfall
As the music of the morning melts into me
And deep within that ancient whisper calls.

Well I ask myself this question
“Will I ever find the way?”
Ramana told me what to do
Said “Do it now, today!”

Oh such a little question one may ask
Does the answer come and blow the mind away?
Will the truth arise to set the bird to freedom?
If one asks this thing each minute of the day.

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Black and White

You’ve maddened me to the core 
You singed me with your ferocious fire
We’re opposites… we’ll never integrate  
We can’t blend with each other…
Your love and I’m hate 
We’re contrary to each other…

So don’t even think about 
Getting us back together 
Because without a doubt, 
We don’t click with each other…

So let us go our own way…

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to be deleted from my mind…

I’m not the one that should pay the price
You act as if you’re an angel from heaven
But, you’re a fiend…a devil from hell...who needs your advice?
Could someone unchain me from this prison?

So let us prepare for that day…

Fear and bewilderment build inside of our minds
Taking over us…we’re wasting valuable time
Terror and wrath injects into our veins…time starts to unwind 
I’m regaining my glory…this moment feels so sublime  

You think you’re innocent?
I can sense your guilt…bleeding through you
Do you live to feed me anguish? 
Don’t deny it…you crafty demon…no wonder I feel blue

Let’s get ready for battle…
I’ll watch you decay…
Taste my fury and my agony 

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to be defeated…

I scream before nightfall
I close my eyes to kiss my demise
I want to disappear 
Scratch away my desolation
Wipe away my tears…
Spewing out of my eyes…like a waterfall
Tonight, there will be dismay
There will be suffering 
After sundown…
Failure and glory will expose like stars in the midnight sky
Who will earn the crown? 
No one knows in silent wars – who can reveal the light in goodbye
Why are we black and white?
Are you too afraid to know the reason why? 

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to suffer alone…

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The castle of my dreams

The castle of my dreams has the purple windows.
Through this windows you can not see the widows,
only you can see are strange shadows
walking through the mirrors.

The thunder and an angel announce
a galactic storm with extremely changes
for all creatures in our false world.

The mining camp is empty, someone have taken all gold.
These are the same people who have stolen 
our freedom, our mind.

I know one thing about this life 
that the simple wishes never comes.
Only salvation is that you must escape from your mind
because the mind create wishes.

The castle of my dreams is defending us
from our screams, our fears.
The castle of my dreams is made 
by our diamond tears.

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Fireworks Hill

Let’s go climb
And move back time
To that mysterious hill
Where a boy first met his girl

Long before 
The cynics arrived
Before the laughter died
And God returned the day to night

Where dazzling fireworks
Rained sparkles
On our lives
Two strange birds
Came together
And opened up their eyes

Let’s go climb 
We’ll move back time

Fireworks Hill, Fireworks Hill
Far from my mind
Never forgotten
Fireworks Hill, Fireworks Hill
We became one there
So very often

And there are vivid colors 
Blasting through the sky
Dancing rainbows 
I really want to taste
There is weeping smoke
Painting all the stars
Burning graveyards 
For the human race

Let’s go climb
And move back time
To that mysterious hill
Where a boy first met his girl

We’ll race to the edge
Fulfill our pledge
It was written in blood
The heat of our love

Oh, jump, baby, jump
We’ll fly away together
Jump, baby, jump
Our bodies joined forever

Let’s go climb
And move back time 
To that mysterious hill
Where a boy first met his girl

Fireworks hill, fireworks hill
I see the sparkles in the air
Fireworks hill, fireworks hill
I smell the dazzle of your hair
Fireworks hill, Fireworks hill
We flew to Heaven over there

Let’s go climb
We’ll move back time
(Forever…with you)

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The Wedding

Sometimes things are up,
And sometimes they are down,
Sometimes black is white, 
And sometimes it is brown.
All the rivers flowing,
Back to the sacred sea,
All the monkeys climbing,
Up the very same tree.
You think you know a lot,
Think you know it all,
But the autumn leaves are falling,
At the north wind's lonely call.
The thinking of the meaning,
The reasons lost and gone,
At last the place is ready, 
A vacant holy throne.
The emptiness that fill you,
Fills you from inside,
Is the treasure you are holding,
The bridegroom's holy bride.
And now the north wind's blowing,
Blowing down the Way,
And now we sit here waiting,
For the bridegroom's wedding day.

more at

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In the dream world where reality becomes a fantasy 
And fantasy becomes reality.

The impossible is made possible and death becomes no threat. Mountains turn to a plain ground and are surmountable.

In the dream world I can do the impossible and see the invincible. I can spread my wings, soar and fly through the clouds reaching the altitude of my fortune and destiny.

In the dream world I am unstoppable and unquestionable, conquering all my adversaries. The treasures of this world are at my disposal, kings and kingdoms are my subjects.

In the dream world wishes don’t count but choices are made. That is why I have made the choice to have you as mine forever. In my dream world where there is no pain but gain, no distress but fortress, no cross but crown.

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I tried to talk it out but it would not leave
I tried to cry it out but the water from my tears went straight through it
I walked all night refused to eat, and couldn't even sleep, but it still hung around
I shared it with others hoping they would understand but they laughed at me
I could not understand why it stayed in my head and would not leave 
It gave me so much pain with nothing to gain almost driving me insane
What is it with this thing called Memory?

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Laughter please come outside of me!

Why don't you come out?  Why do you hide?  I have suffered and cried and this is 
no lie.  Why don't you come out?  Do you want me to die?
Laughter come out I need to feel you inside and out.
I need this feeling to "burst" out of me so that I can live again I want to be free!

Laughter please come outside of me!

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He said get it NOW!
Don't say another word
SIT down and be still
Don't open your mouth
Don't even look at me

I responded.......

I went for it as fast as I could and dropped it on him
I said more than another word
I mummered with my mouth closed as loud as I could
I looked over his head as though he were dead

Because of the way he spoke!

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Nobody Knows

Everyday I wake and look forward
to logging in to our Poetry Soup,
because, I can't believe I found you
hidden among this eclectic group.

Actually, it was you, who
somehow stumbled upon me,
I have never met such a spirit
who was so alive and so free.

We talk nearly every single day
from early morning and late into the night,
your calming thoughts put me at ease
and make everything alright,

......and still nobody knows.

When we first met in the Fall
in late October of last year,
it was just after you had joined
but, I was already here.

My shy persona has changed
so much has happened since then,
only your eyes have seen me blossom
I'm more carefree than I've ever been.

We talk nearly every single day
from early morning and late into the night,
your calming thoughts put me at ease
and make everything alright,

......and still nobody knows.

I know we will always have
endless poetry to share,
you know how to take the words
to places only few would dare.

I hope to never lose you
you're the best friend that I've got,
only you can know my secret
that I think you're really hot.

We talk nearly every single day
from early morning and late into the night,
your calming thoughts put me at ease
and make everything alright,

......and still nobody knows.

...and still nobody knows.

Written by: Kelly Deschler   June 13th, 2014

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Lips ruby red 
Feel the heat 
Night soon fell
The sun to beat 
Took your hand
Our first dance 
What a ride
Sweet romance 
Tango for two
Up till three 
I remember
Just you and me 
How time flies 
Never forget
Your longing eyes 
Have your numbers
It's sunrise 
River runs through it
No surprise


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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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The Mighty Rush

My head is pounding with so many thought's 
I have to find a way to get them out without a doubt.
My Visions are running round and round with aloud sound, where am I?
I must catch up before they leave me, before they are stolen by someone else.
They are mine they are in my head I must bring them to life Now.

I feel      I feel   


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The Night Walk.

                                                                                   **A WINNING POEM**

That night, my heart pleaded i should
Wait over and pass the night at grand pa's 
Old inn.
Enormous was my concern to reach home 
And see Constance La France.... the rambling poet.
About "create your own form, may be?"
I embraced the night and darkness mingled 
With my eyes;

Yonder are night workers,
Here and there they wander,
Seaching for who to plunder,
Oh! what a mighty wonder.
Look at that  supermarket,
And a man with a mask,
Gun and matchet,
He most be a burglar,
Oh! i must be undercover,
Or else i step into danger,
For the night is in dark anger.

"Ahh! ahhh!! ahhhh!!!" the cry of a victim,
Something must have wrought a cry,
Who will be the rescue?
For me, this night walk must linger.
Look at the police, having me as an 
Accomplice, they need my identity and money,
Yet yonder is the victim crying....

Look over there! drug users
Assembling in dark corners,
Swaying like feathers,
In the midst of their daily rituals,
That is never beneficial,
Oh! blind earth leading to an open death.
Group upon groups, stationed in their post,
Looking so malicious, looking so vicious, 
Brandishing weapons, ready for the slaughter,
Gun shoots clatter as a group fight starter.
Charles melody has seen wonder
And endless palaver.

Knives mingled with flesh, blood and bone,
Men eager and bold,
Heads bounce like ball,
Suddenly, calmness......
Gba! gba!! gba!!! another trigger's verdict?
Lord when will these pass over?
For i am likening to salt in water,
Never to calm and ponder,
The night walk seemed not to be over. 

For the night is in dark anger....

BY CHARLES MELODY (Lightening Ink)                  **14TH PLACE IN
The form of this poem is called,"stream of consciousness." 
i formed it so because the thought kept coming
 like a stream or river of consciousness in my mind,
i was conscious of the dangers i knew, especially in my Little
African village and the war that covered it.
For "Constance La France, the Rambling poet's contest.

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As the river flows

As the river flows

As the river flows
So surely to the sea
It’s power be a wondrous sight
As it roams the land so free
The path of no resistance
Is how she lives each day
I will learn from this old river
I need to live this way.

As the river flows
She takes all in her stride
Not dogged by expectations
Not held back by her pride
She flows into the ocean
She knows this be her home
She has no need to hurry
She’s just content to roam.

Oh, I’ll be like that river
That’s how I’ll live my life
All free from fear and worry
Until my time is rife
To join that mighty ocean
All filled with sweet devotion.

As the river flows
And things get in her way
She knows to never struggle
Just flows from day to day
And lets the power take her
To where she needs to go
Her softness melts all obstacles
Albeit, oh so slow.

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Pan and Satan

Pan and Satan.

One morning I was walking in my garden
When old Jupiter came up close to me.
And standing by his side stood fair Demeter
Who smiled at me so warm and tenderly.
She said “my son we’ve come to give our blessings
And we’ve a story we would like to tell.
Of how the great God Pan turned into Satan
And child I hope that you will listen well.

For Pan he was the god of natures beauty
And he wore no taint till Satan came along.
He’d play his pipes so gaily in the meadows
Though sometimes there was mischief in his song.

Then Satan said to pan “well I don’t give a damn
I’m going to steal your horns and make you me.
Then I’ll build a master plan and strike some fear in man
So always he will live in misery.
And that’s the way old Pan became young Satan
Yet still the old one dances deep within.
But if the two had never joined together
Then where would dwell the ugliness of sin.


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Hello Avatar with a blurred smile
I've memorized your fuzzy style
But I'll still look at you for awhile

Falling for you came on real slow
Each work you penned, I got to know 
The girl inside, felt my feelings grow

Am I crazy
To think I know you by your pen
When everything else is still so hazy
Am I crazy
Then you write, oh.. you touch my soul 
You're the one in this whole soup bowl
You make me crazy

The world loves from the outside in
Controlled by our infatuation of skin
I guess that's how it's always been

But I've fallen hard from the inside out
Your pure heart is what I'm all about
So if ya feel a spark, don't put it out
Am I crazy
To think we could become true friends
When everything else is still so hazy
Am I crazy
That when you pen I feel your soul within 
And I believe in love at first write again
You make me crazy

Date: 7-20-14

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Wraiths gallivant here

Amid the shades of night, in Spring
a wraith descends, sole to release
a dancer's form - raindrop cerise
- one faint caress of fingertips.

Amid the shadows she appears
to walk in blooms and promise feasts
because night's solitude emits,
dark's unsubstantial of tears.

How soft the numbness of hung air
defines night's secrets and evokes
prodigious our dreams and scopes
to gallivant from twinge to stare?

The dreams of night advance to flare
and they become lone blinks and scars
shine like the mettlesome of stars
are steady, sad and foursquare.

This abstract process of cognition
trajectories of souls brings close,
the light's evanescence depose,
our verse in verbatim rendition.

With moistened lips in rain's tall drapes
she comes; the feasts acquire glory
we dance on a remote quarry,
where night adorns the marble scapes.

© G. V., 05-02-2013
(Iambic Tetrameter)

Sponsor: nette onclaud
Placement: 1st

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life flies, so quickly away
As I sit and watch from an old window
Where I love to play

So fast, in your dreams you go
In the evening hours, by the old window
What do you want to know?

A child’s cry, breaks the silent hours
The beginning of new life, at a new window
Where a new soul grows

Bright lights flash into your quiet dream
From distant stars, through the old window
Where their reflection screams

I sit by my own old heart
And dream it flies, out the old window
Landing safely into its own shadow

love flies so fast away
on this frozen day, by the old window
love warms my heart today

A blackbird cries, as it tries to fly
where I see her try, by the old window
And I feel her cry

Weather beating wings falling open wide
A shivering heart eyes like an old window
In the frozen snow

I know she will have her day
As I watch her fly away thru the old window
Where we love to play

written 04/02/2012  by: cynthiaFerguson

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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Our Paths Have Crossed

Our paths have crossed,
When we each had our own sets of rules,
You holding to yours, 
And me thinking I must see my thru,
You had played the game longer, 
And knew better than to lose,
I played the part, 
Of only the blinded fool.

Me, thinking I was smart and not knowing how to gain,
Let you beat me,
Oh such a clever game.

The days of our speaking,
And remaining as friends,
Ended as quickly as it all began.
But with you on your side,
And me on mine,
We knew our paths would cross again,
Somewhere in time.

Now older in years and after bearing the strain,
I'm prepare to do battle again,
But this time with equal gain.

Clever you are and this much I have learned,
Don' t walk on your toes,
Or somewhere I'll get burned.

We'll help each other in our business affairs,
And make it worth our time,
But take caution when you make that first move,
To walk on mine.

Plan your moves with care,
And I'll be doing the same,
Don't expect my friendship,
Or my trust,
For this much, you'll never regain.

Through others our paths will soon cross again,
But this time I won't be in search,
Of a partner, lover nor friend.

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We were kids

We have all changed places
Though we both came from the same place
I still recall when we were kids;
We used to be stubborn 
Playin’ 'round the neighborhood scrappin'
And fighting all times.
Just remember when we were kids,
Used to stress up mama, traded places and acted kiddies.
Now we heavy in the game going lame
Cause the devils tame; the demons are vultures 
Cause it’s a culture, why we all sick!
If only we could be kids again, cause hangin’ out
Playin’ dozens was a good one,
Kickin’ up dust till dawn 
Back when we were kids.

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Like a bird

Like a bird

Like a bird up in a treetop
Singing, tenderly
This little bird I know him well
This creature it be me
I sit here with my pen in hand
And sing so crazily
With symbols shining out like gold
I give my song to thee

These words, they be my  message
I sing them to the sky
One day his body will be gone
But the words will never die
They well up from my very soul
Without no help from me
I am that bird up in a tree
With his lone symphony.

And lord, I like to share it
I will whisper from the stars
And tell the world I am this bird
Send vibes out wide and far
That sing about the journey
The only one I know
As I’m sending out my story
In words that make it glow.

5 August 2013 @ 1755hrs.

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Untitled #188 / STARDUST

“And STARDUST we will be again”

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It's Not Over

Don’t say it’s all over (cause it’s not)
“Sorry” won’t cover it…so don’t go on your knees and pray for my forgiveness 
Oh baby…don’t listen to the commotion…I’m done taking cover (it’s all for naught)
I’m plummeting in slow motion…into the remorseful pit…I’m plummeting in my nightmare’s abyss

I want to carry you through the night… 
I’m swimming in the ocean of my tears… 
My sodden wings lost its ability of flight…
You've been swimming in your distress for years… 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we’re breaking bit by bit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to discover 

I want to remind you to fight the good fight…
My misery pools are brewing inside of my head…
I’m backing away from the light & exploring the night… 
You’re giving in to sleep and I’m wide awake on my bed 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we’re breaking bit by bit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to discover 

Please don’t tell me…oh, don’t tell me…darling!
You’re giving up today… (I beg you to stay, despite your inner pain) 
I’m scared I might erupt – it could be quite startling!
Someday, things will change for the better… (Don’t turn the wrong lane)
I’m waiting for that day to arrive – perhaps it will wash away our dismay…

I promise you a tranquil reality 
I want to stray with you tonight 
I still have hope that He’ll set us free
I was wondering if you could stay the night
Maybe the Lord could grant us 
Pure, incredible delight 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we've plunged into our own pit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to gather…

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When that moment comes

When that moment comes

When that moment comes
When this story, it be done
Will I stand there ready
To meet the power of one?
Or will I fade away
Like dust into the night?
When that moment comes
Will I welcome me that light?

To die unto this moment
Is the only way to be
To greet ones death from day to day
So very endlessly
This be the way to live ones life
If he would live forever
Then he will know just who he is
And death will touch him never.

When that moment comes
Will I be right to join the all?
To touch the power that runs the show
Will it all be beautiful?
As I melt into the other
Will it be wonderful.

A lifetime without knowing
Is the way that most folk be
But I must find the answer
Right now to ‘who is me?’
Because I feel that power
So deep within my core
That tells me it’s forever
But am I really sure??

17 August 2010 @ 1105hrs

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The River

The River.

The river gently flowing in the moonlight
The stars like diamonds, gazing from above
And life it seemed so vast
All present and all past
And all existence glowed with mystic love.

I felt those velvet raindrops as they touched me.
Caressing my soft skin to make it glow.
Sweet mystery astounds
Such beauty all around
And all that ever was it seemed to flow.

I searched so deep within to find the answers
As tears they softly flowed from happy eyes.
That peace it was so deep
And life felt so complete
And all around the rain fell from the skies.

And then it came, I felt that truth within me
That I was nothing, yet so very much.
And the truth within my soul
It made me feel so whole
As love looked down and thrilled me with it’s touch.

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Tribute to bob Dylan

Tribute to Bob Dylan

I remember well when I was young
And music was my thing
There was Billy, Elvis Cliff Richard
And to me these guys did bring
Wonderful moments in my life
As I bought all of their stuff
But then this other guy came out
And Lord, that was enough

My interest it went to him
Who changed the status Quo
His name it was Bob Dylan
And me I watched him grow
From a young folk star, to a rock legend
He did change music’s face
As he prophesized some potent things
That would touch the human race.

He told us in his screaming voice
[As he played his mystic role]
That all the sons and daughters
Would be out of our control
He sang of the whole world changing
And I’m seeing that come true
Oh Yes, that old Bob Dylan
I loved what he did do.

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Looking is the medicine

Written through the inspiration of John and Carla Sherman. who helped me gain my 
sanity back and through this start writing again.......Peter.

Looking is the medicine

I have been
The enemy of me
Trying to change me every kind of way
But nothing’s helped at all
It’s all beside the point
Now I listen to the words a man did say.

You have to look at you
That’s all you have to do
Then everything will start to come out right
All those things been written
They won’t help much at all
The ‘you’ of you must give the life some light.

Just take a look at you
That’s what the man did say
That’s the only way to lose the fear
Let the light shine on the story
That’s all one has to do
Then truth will come, as life becomes more clear.

This be the medicine
I take it every day
And as I do the lightness touches me
As all the fear is fading
To where it has to go
So I keep on looking oh, so endlessly.

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Turn on your light

Turn On Your Light.

Turn on your light

Turn on your light
Light the velvet softness of your night
You might have felt that breath of sweetest power
In that silver moon
That paints the twilight hours
Have you ever felt that mystic pull
That takes you from the smallest flower 
To melt into the all.

I sometimes stand there staring at the sea
As each wave reaches out to destiny
To fade and then to come back
So another wave might form
To be destroyed
Then to be reborn….

Turn on your light
Pass no judgment, who’s to say what’s right?
 No need for this when light is shining bright
Have you felt such magic
Have you felt that pull
It’s something that must happen to each fool
He must learn how to melt into
The silence of the all.

The secrets they be wrote within your soul
Seek them out and let them make you whole
Each flower it must bloom then die
So know your precious I
Must be destroyed
To be reborn… 

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Whose Master is Sawicki

There … 
It was
dark. England, 
set down,  and stretched out 
for miles, 
and days 
without end
Far afield her quondam spirit,
But forever sprawling

Discouraging clouds 
with unbroken tears 
that washed out …
cricket games 
and pigeon stool, 
bleeding into drinking …

Watered-down whiskey 
from pubs 
following the concrete pavements
Victorian structures, 
and verdant meadows
that sleep …
to the lullabies
of Jackdaws and humming engines 

I often wonder, 
how one can speak 
without both lips in motion;
Are they half ventriloquists? 
I need no retort;
I’m just playing George on this one

When Auntie returned …,
from London, with her brain
swimming in high tide,
they were quick to blame
the clock,
but Manchester is the author
of this charlatan

The tale is that
those who trust
Big Ben for time
Will in fact misplace their minds
How true a case is he?
Old England will agree
he is special
Rum will whisper tall stories,
same with Cognac and Vodka,
but aren’t there days
when we are restrained

What is Sawicki,
but a train, blowing wet whistle?
How straight can one walk
with neurons bathing in ethanol?
In days past, dictionaries were scarfed-up;
men were …
Men were quick  and questioning  
Where is evolution; 
like monkeys we mimic?

John Fletcher
I know, and C. Marlowe
Much of William Blake and Carew
I recalled Arnold, 
the Brownings, and Dowson,
So much for Killigrew,
old Abercrombie, Crowley,
and young Liam Wilkinson
Who in God’s name is Sawicki,
Whose “master” is he? 

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See Monkey See

The new year has arrived
With a new format for the brain
Made promises to myself
Made with intentions to keep

All the ones of the past
Now gone with an old year
One now at rest
One I gave all my best

New patterns 
New people
New thoughts
New harbor
New begin 
New me

Now like the old saying
It's time to
"See Monkey See"

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Deadman Wonderland

Now that you're becoming Undone It's time to have some fun In Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao The setting Red Sun of Kali Shows it's time for your life to Pay We are the Kind to be feared -your friends We look like anyone you see Thuggee--Death's Devotees Face our treachery Bhowanee we must please She needs more--we have found our mark, our mark Won't you be the one to save humanity? Can't you see this is Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Sacrifice! For The Black-Skinned Queen Sacrifice! For Our Mother Kali Sacrifice! It's Not Enough Sacrifice! No Mercy! This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland

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A person I've met before

You are a person i've met before.
The man who stands knocking at my door.
I remember you from my dreams,
Your eyes sparkle and your smile gleams.

You held the door open as I ran in for shelter from the cold weather & rain.
You are the man I stood next to in line.
You are the man I passed by
I danced as you sang the songs chorus.
I pushed my way through...
the sea of people and stopped next to you.
Amidst the crowd we stood, searching for a way out
I looked around, I glanced in your direction, I looked past you 
I found my way out, I hurried my way through.
I walked away having not met you.

A second glance, I did not take,
unaware that our meeting was fate.

You are a person i've met before,
Sometime ago on a night like tonight,
The air was warm, the stars shining bright
The night that we met,
I danced that night, I danced and danced until the morning light
I sat to lay my feet to rest, you came to me no different from the rest
You asked me for a cigarette.
An open chance to conversate 
knowing this interaction would not lead to a date
We shared thoughts and ideas of similar interests.
such as music and poetry, art and astrology.
At the time I thought nothing of it, a casual meeting of the mind.
Little did I know, I would continue to meet you throughout my lifetime.

You are a person i've met before,
I've read your book of poetry at the local book store.
you write of life, love and family.
You are a person i've met before,
I've seen your paintings, they are hard to ignore
You are the artist I dream of meeting
You are a person i've met before.

You are the man in my dreams, 
Your eyes sparkle and your smile gleams.
I've met you 100 times before,
You are the man who stands knocking at my door.

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Try me, fool, and the semi gon' bang
I'm a big dog, I gotta' let my nuts hang
If I go to jail, best believe I'm bonding out
I always handle beef, that's what I'm all about
I'm not a punk, somebody lied--
I'm bustin' shots, let's get that fixed

I keep it 100, like whole-numbers, no fraction

You're a toy, all looks but no action

So much beef, I can open up a diner

Catch me underground, call me a miner

I keep it real, you haters is processed

To the streets I'm a god, bow down, get blessed

I got rank, like a zebra, I got stripes

Diggin' in ya' chest, you know pressure bust pipes

Got heat, I'm like an Arab with no turban

Shots burn your chest, like drinking Burbon

I cock my tool as they approach, get ready

Make sure you're on point, and hold it steady

When they get near, that trigger get a pull

Give straight head shots, it's an unspoken rule

Shots rang out, like the bells of Notre-Dame

I was long gone, before the law even came

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Sky Rockets In Flight, Unicorn's Delight

The origin of the unicorn begin's in
A time and habitat where we did not live in
In Another Galaxy it could have been in
Or in an unexplored magical dimension

It was a land overflowing with milk and honey
Pure and abundant was it's skillful offspring
Enchanted with a forest that lulls you to sleep
With it's down reaching hum stemming from the trees
The little creatures were cordial and could speak
The streams of life were the preachers of the peace
The fireflies dancing a mild ballet at night
Would arouse even the most dormant soul to sing 
But it was unicorns that governed the land
and so to say put everything under one's wing

A unicorn was considered the horse of the God's
It had the chiseled structure of a steeled spartan
It's horn holstered the power of a lighting rod
Sporting a mane as majestic as a mountain and
When it bucked on its hoofs the earth stood still in awe

They spent years on this planet protecting our spot
Behind the scenes in old men's wars they fought
But it was in the hidden rainbows with gold pots
Where their undisturbed and placid image was copped

Now its unfortunate we do not seem them nowadays
mainly because they did not embark on noah's ark
and all the CO-2 in the atmosphere we sprayed
means their world no longer remains and
Now their remains are just horses with no horns
and no potential to fly, so all they do is eat hay, ride and race
and when they die we just assume to make them into glue
JK! Happy Birthday!
* P.D. Unicorn Poem contest

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The confusing world of Poetry

The confusing world of poetry

Clerihews, and couplets
Acrostics, and Haikus
Me head is spinning round and round
Oh Lord I’m so confused
I’d like to read about the stuff
But I really ain’t got time
I’m too busy trying to write
In rhythm and in rhyme

I never was so very clever
I flunked in all at school
I guess me dad, he got it right
He called me village fool
He tried to make me turn out clever
But he didn’t have a chance
Cause I’m a dreamer through and through
You can see that at first glance.

So I don’t know about complex things
I’m just a simple man
But me, I’ve wrote eight thousand songs
And I’ve done it cause I can
The words roll out like a waterfall
And they come just like they are
And I talk about love, and I talk about life
And the flowers and the stars.

25 July 2013 @ 0925hrs.

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I have loved it all

I have loved it all

I have loved it all
Adored the whole of it
All those foolish dramas
The dirt and all the grit
The joy, and all it’s sorrows
I’ve really loved it all
All in all my life is beautiful.

I’ve heard folk moan about old age
But not me, never, no
Cause every day forever more
I’ll always feel that glow
That comes from living happily
Within this now, and here
I’m holding each new day so very dear.

I have loved it all
I have, that’s how I be
Oh, I’m so glad to be here
With my philosophy
My fate knows what she’s doing
And she’ll do right by me.

You’ll never hear me moaning
About my years so far
Cause all is an adventure
With me, the leading star
And when I leave this shell behind
I’m quite prepared to go
Though where I’m bound for then, I do not know.

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Abjectly Blind Even With The Perfect Sight

Hurrying and rushing even at eight, usually just to avoid been late. been doing this for a while and I am so accurate, the day I relent, my Boss Anger I activate, the beauty of Nature and sight seeing, no room to accommodate, so focused on my Job and nothing to motivate, through the Trolley Bus I get to the Office straight, none present yet, not even a mate. I'll sit alone for some minutes as I wait, and this I terribly hate, I do not even know for how long I can tolerate. Then one day, I deviated from my usual line. In the Bus, taking my time and making it mine, not giving a damn even if I reached at nine, watching the passers-by smile so fine, up the sky the Birds happily dine, moving in groups like flying swine. Just observing the 3 in 1 street lights was a sign that my Job intoxicated me like wine and all this while with a perfect sight, I've been blind. The Unique Victoria Bar, I've never seen. The "Dark-Ages" band, performing so obscene, showing their 'half-naked' dancing body is what I mean, and the Statue close to the Adidas Shop looks so lean. Aha! The writing on the building is just a signature and the photo on it gave a nice gesture, initially, it puzzled me like a difficult literature, but now the advert seems to be a blend of perfect mixture, as it reads "Gym with us and better your posture" Just understanding the popular Joke about the Pear, It is two round Toys I noticed and a bottom they share. Looking like one big Apple green and clear. Also enjoying the glaring Banks with the colors they wear, not observing all these is worse than to err, and making me feel Nature was never near, this is a burden I am about to bear. How on Earth can I explain this? It's so hurtful not experiencing such a bliss, crying intensely like my niece, is not enough justification for a 5 year-miss.

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Blue Rose

The Blue Rose
secretly grows
upon a Hill of Heathers
seldom do know

Songs speak of its
but few have lived to see
its rich blood blue petals
smells of sweet ginger and honey

The legend has it
the blue rose can cure
a thousand different ailments
although, I am not

My Grandmother told me
if you eat three petals
before you sleep
the disease which
infects, out of you
it will seep

Not many have heard
the powers of the 
blue rose
for it secretly grows
where seldom
do know

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Too many lost orange sunsets

Too many lost orange sunsets by Shane Cogan

Oh why do I care 
Oh why do I still cry
So many years I have lost crying over you
So many lost words 
So many lost crimes
Now a million times
I keep thinking back to that last kiss
Oh so long
too many tears
Why did you leave?
Why did I never see it coming?

Time after time, yet another one
Cloud after cloud, I wept over you
Tear after tear 
you crept back into my mind
This has to stop, she said
Why, oh why, can't I just not let go?
Why, oh why must I not let it go?

It just keeps coming back
Again and again, brighter each time
More orange, always on track
I cant take it any longer
I don’t want to see its image
Too many years 
I have lost time over you
Too many people
Too many fallen stars
Too many false hopes
Too many lost tears
Too many broken dreams
Too many lost friends
Why, oh why, can't I just not let go?
Why, oh why must I not let it go?

Here it comes again, the long lost orange sunset over the horizon
I don’t want to see it 
I don’t want it in my head
I just want to be that crazy-filled-happy-dizzy-weird person again
Oh, just for one day
Oh, just for one day not to see that image
Leave my head 
let me live in peace
Instead I return to bed
I wish I could press release
Instead here you come again
A flash reminder, please go away
Feels like a grinder, please go away
Lost so many close ones
Came so close to new ones
Back you came, the hurt
Back you came, the regrets
This has to stop
This has to end
This cannot go on
For ten years, year after year
every new year, my lost years
Why, oh why, can't I just not let go?
Why, oh why must I not let it go?

Finally a new crazed one 
maybe a chance
family pressure 
friends measure
I need to surrender 
I need to ease this pain
I need to pretend 
instead I transcend
Instead there it is again, oh no, oh no
I continue to see the long lost orange sunset disappear for too many years
Time after time, yet another one
Cloud after cloud, I wept over you
Tear after tear 
you crept back into my mind
This has to stop, she said

How much more can I take?
Even a drug does not last this long
Some find the cure, others a substitute
A decade long chain
A decade long stain
A falling grey rain
A new name
A lost game
A book of strain
A flawed brain
I need to regain
I need to refrain
And then it comes, my journey floats me away 
upwards, upwards, upwards... 
towards, towards, towards... 
and it all starts
again and again. 


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I am...

I am a poet writing of my pain
I am a person living a life of shame
I am your daughter, hiding my depression
I am your sister, striving to make a great impression
I am your friend acting like I'm fine
I am a dreamer, wishing this life, wasn't mine
I am a girl who struggles with suicide
I am a teenager, pushing her tears aside

Side note: (Writing for other ladies out there, not so much myself, so don't worry about me)

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Stairway to Hell

So much rage
caught up in depression
now i have no one to turn too
i sit alone by my bed looking at the demon 
He stands next to the closet

I wake up every night at 2 am
just before dead time
He makes sounds
i ignore them

He opens the closet door
And slams it shut
scarring me 

One night he visits me in a dream
A dream where my family dies because i killed them
I wake up screaming
I would never hurt my family 

Sometimes its hard to ignore the other world
They make you crazy and depressed 
now you have to pay for the music that drug that demon to your home
All the metal music that killed you
The music that they said would save you

Ask your self are you alive now? 
now that the demon got you?

I think of how it could be different 
how if i listened to country my family would still be here
Demons are everywhere know that?
One is with you right now, watching you type your poems
Watching you read mine

What can they do you ask?
They can do much much more than what you expect
They crush your insides
Make your heart cold
They make you hurt

These demons are not to play with
A found out the hard way
now the pain wont stop
I cant make it go away

You will soon see what i have seen
Cling to god 
Pray everynight before you close your eyes
Pray out loud every morning
Be thankful you havent seen your demon yet

All of us have one
they are all over the world
They will drag you to hell with them!

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Realm of Reality

Introduction: Life is a mystery with many ups and downs throughout the journey. The
journey filled with thoughts of tranquility and turmoil. But the perfect sensation is the
time when you get to feel closer to your Almighty, the one who understands you the best,
your closest friend, your hope and light, your solution to every problem, The mystery you
came to life to solve and to believe in.
Even in the happiest and the saddest moments, He is always there when you need Him.

Right now I am, thinking what to write
Holding my pen, it’s almost midnight,
I’m truly out of words, to express my whole life,
It’s so absurd, cut all pain through a knife
And I wish I could feel, Your presence in my soul
I know that You know, what I am going through
And I’m not sure I believe, unless I really feel
But I know when You’re not there, so I pray to feel You near

Now I can see, what this life is about
Now I do know, I’m too lost without,
Diamond in the rough, that’s what I was
But now I’m reborn by the shower of Your bliss
I’d die to satisfy, I’d do everything I can,
No matter how tough, after all I’m a man
I won’t fall apart, You’re always in my heart
I’d swim oceans and more, only to be Your friend

This undying grace of Your creation,
Time and space, more than perfection
You’ve opened my eyes and showed me the truth
You’ve blessed peace to my soul; I know what’s my role
I see two key coins, one black and one white
And all I have to join, the one with your light
Life is as it is, we make it our own
Hard or easy, full or alone

Everything grows, as they all involve
With the rose you put down, to show us what’s love
I wake up early, to see Your beauty,
Throughout the morning sun, I feel complete and done,
I drive all the way and see my problems solved,
By Your love from above, I stand still so firm
Everything I do, everywhere I go,
Every moment I breathe, I remind myself of You…my Almighty.

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Like a river to the sea

Inspired by my very beautiful wife

Like a River to the sea

Like a river, to the sea
That’s how my love does flow to thee
Just like the moon reflects the sun
So I reflect your love, my darling one

You be my haven in a storm
When I feel cold you keep me warm
You’re my best friend, my lover too
You be my rose, my darling I love you

My darling every time I hold you to me
A symphony rings out from mystic realm
No matter what this life should ever give to me
I’ll ride each wave with you here at my helm

Just like a star that shines so bright
You be my light on the darkest night
You be an angel with such power
You nurture me and make my being flower.

20 July 2013 @ 1135hrs.

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Down In Memphis

This poem came about by a discussion at work describing a memphis burger and a classic one. I told someone they flowed together and they didn't believe me so I wrote this:

I went down to memphis
There was this, classic chick
With them hips, and red lipstick
A kiss so delicious that
I promised to this miss I would not dissapear
But I was dishonest, I thought I made it clear
That this situation between the two of us
Was not serious But she was delrious
Became so furious that
That month she had two periods
It only takes one to end my sentence
25 to life, Im not doin the time on that sentence
Doesn't matter if she gets me presents
Don't care if she gets madder that I am not present, 
yet she gets sadder cause she still feels my presence
It wont be pleasant, if she doesnt let me leave peacefully
So I packed my things in the middle of the night
Took off asap so she couldn't pick a fight
Flew right back to my little house on the right
Split so fast like Kim Kardash was my wife
Realized that I just dodged a couple of knifes
It seems whack, But I just had to run and hide
This commital thing isnt for me
I am brittle, I crack too easily
Got to be careful cause I need Room to wiggle cant be
Strangled or tied down, I know It'll come back around
Hurt triple the times when karma
Shoots me down from the sky
So for right now, sayonara, beddy bye
Nice to know ya, good night

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Roots of life

The deathly beat of our pounding feet
With shackles of life's disaster.
Bubbles of air contain great care
immersed in blurry waters,
Echoed dreams we shall  believe 
In everything and all before us.

Many a night we fear the light
Of Golum the greedy master.
We share aware of trees despair
Axed the roots of laughter.
Defined at source where love restores 
And bleeds happily ever after.

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Take my hand

Take My Hand.

Oh take my hand and let us take a trip
We’ll climb aboard that mystic, magic ship
We’ll float within a soft and formless haze
 And the Gods of darker times we will erase.

We’ll see rich colors strong in their allure
And sound will echo clear, and very pure
And Pan will certify our very being
As life in mystery we will be seeing.

So many stars will fill the mystic eye
And death the way we see it, it will die
The truth in all its splendor will appear
Like a phoenix it will rise above all fear.

We’ll look and laugh and dance within the fire
And watch those curtains falling on desires
We’ll swim within the hazy face of God
And recognize the path that must be trod.

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Understanding Of The End

The time is upon us, yea it is at hand, Things are not what they seem
Im not sure that i really understand
What do you want from me, Is it me?
What do i do, Do I need to take your hand?
Who are these adversaries and What is their plans?,
Am I an instrument, for the ultimate end
Or is it another lesson to be learned, That alone, I can not stand.
What do my dreams mean, are they signs from you?
Are they prophecy, are they the glue
to the pieces of my life, that lead me to you?

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It's a crying shame

It’s a crying shame

In the midnight hour
I stroll along this shore
A silence comes on over me
I’ve felt this thing before
It’s a kind of joining up with God
Whatever that might be
In the midnight hour so all alone with me.

So early in the morning
Before the dark has gone
I stroll along these wetland trails
My heart all filled with song
I hear the birds who come alive
Sing their prayers for the day
In the early morn, the whole world seems okay

It’s a crying shame
That the silence has to go
Amidst the noise of the market place
What happens to that glow
That come when folk are not around
Oh, it’s a crying shame
It might be that it’s only me to blame.

I walk amidst the market place
With all the noise it makes
The gossip and the judgements come
It’s noise for it’s own sake
As I try to find the silence
Of the morning and the night
I am searching for that source of all delight.

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hello my friend, stranger walk by,
borrow a moment, spare me your lie,
through pen of the narrow and mist of an eye,
below absolute zero, someone will die;
sentence to rambler, apple hereby,
flute of the meadow, mandrake will cry,
in front of the riddler second might try,
get out of here mortal,
exit near by-e.

angry as he strike out his pen,
get out of here demon, get out of this den,
in thousands of years how long has it been,
when scriptures wear sandals;
on meadow you land, many bear seasons,
stakes shall bend, lantern still burning,
your letter is send.

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The crystal lake

The crystal lake

The crystal lake, so soft, serene and still
Enhanced our love, so tender it did feel
As we sat and watched the world go by
And all it seemed was part of you and I.

My heartstrings sang, as the sun worshipped your hair
As your essence glowed, so pristine and so rare
Your soft, sweet beauty, it lulled my head like wine
As your lovely eyes like naked stars did shine.

As the Lord looked down, and cast her light on you
And with this light came love so pure and true
Our lonely days were over, we’d found joy
In a love so strong that nothing could destroy.

And time stood still and all that is was one
We shared each other with the rising sun
Then we laughed, and sang, and laughed and cried
We’d found that space where only love can hide.


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Colorless, Sweet-Smelling Mind Control

Hello, Skeptical Mind Controlled

I dance in the pale moon light
under the devils nine delights 
he watch's me play without a care   
under the technical deceit of mind bending needled wear 

You many be a skeptic 
so the devil laughs 
but he will put your blind at easy 
no need, to pay (PRAY) to God
you have already prayed (PAYED) to me
without your consent 
i have place a many of agents
to pump your den with many unscented things 
called incapacitating agents

OH! do not think i do this just for fun
this physiological warfare 
is a means, to a money making end
to which your hole (WHOLE) family 
can join the hell on in  

you look so at peace when, your at sleep 
and my minions sing chloroformed lyrics to your many of dreams 
then your heart is mind (MINE) and i control you 

so what the first thing i will make you do!

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Born out of rhythm

      Born Out Of Rhythm.

Born out of rhythm, in a world so filled with din

A man just born to suffer, or there ain’t no moving in

He was born beyond the other side of town

And he never lets his burdens weigh him down.


He’s trying to grab the sky to find the way

The future where, and where was yesterday?

He’s trying to be a nowhere man

And no one strives to really understand.

He moves into a corner as they try to keep him down

He knows another world 

so his words they try to drown.

Born to be humbled, he can’t let them get him down

As he throws away his pride

lets them treat him like a clown

Or anything, it doesn’t mean a thing

 As he tries to wither, sees what that will bring.

Written in 1990.

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In this world so perfectly

In this world so perfectly

A small child laughs, a baby cries
As flowers touch the sun
A small bird sings a song of joy
Cause he knows that dawn’s begun
What hazy shades of bliss this be
As all, it feels like one.

A rabbit frolics on the lawn
As parrots in the trees
Give out their shrieks of pure delight
As dancing on the breeze
The trees fill me with mystic magic
And give my heart such ease.

It’s not the same as yesterday
When I never saw those things
My heart, it now is open wide
And sweetness to me brings.

The fountain burbles in delight
My heart just sings a song
I love the whole wide world today
I feel that I belong
To this world so perfectly
Where nothing’s right or wrong.

12 March 2014 @ 1513hrs.

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I'll keep dancing forever

I’ll keep dancing forever

In this wonderful world that I’m in
Everything is a beautiful dance
I don’t know what’s coming before me
It’s a sweet game of wonderful chance
So many get caught in the fear game
As each day does crush them some more
But I’m on a wonderful journey
Though I know me not what’s in store

The end I can see in the future
But what is the future I ask
The past it has gone like the dust in the wind
So, can in the future, one bask??
So I say ‘who cares’ it’s all nothing
Just an old boat afloat on the sea 
As it waits to be broke by the ocean
And join in with eternity.

So it’s all a dance, to my thinking
The good parts, the bad parts as well
And me I don’t know where I’m going
Don’t believe in no Heaven, nor hell
One dances, no thought for the ending
And so it’s the same with my life
I’m going to get into the dancing
Through all of my love, joy and strife.

7 July 2013 @ 0712hrs

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Through that door

Through that door

As the Sun crashed through my window
As the birds awoke the dawn
My mind made new by daybreak
It became the day reborn.
And a whisper stirred within me
From my heart arose these words
“Go through that door to the other side
Then you’ll  “hear” these blessed birds”.

And those trees did softly rustle 
In the early morning breeze.
And I became the morning 
and the breeze that moved these trees
And the whisper softly told me 
As the dawn it beckoned me
“Go through that door to the other side
Then you’ll dance just like those trees”.

Through that door, through that door
Go through that door beyond.
Just keep on moving to the other side
Let the shadows all be gone.

That door seemed so elusive
When I sought it with my mind
Then the whisper seemed to tell me
Just leave your mind behind
Then I felt the sweetest music
As the trees they shone so bright
And as I wandered through that door
I felt such sweet delight

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strewn on the laboring dark much too quenched
by the very ink of a smothering  wind, her layered cry 
out-thumps a mortal bid of wretched reels defining
some plea of farewell, “ go and leave me to dwindle 
in the dust; save yourself if you must!”… her vanishing
beads of rosary melt on the salt of a  thunder groan
withering among phantoms of shapeless, unknown sands
now so ravaged by the stark black of a night disheveled
by hairs of fear and rotting despair. it is said that a flicker
of moon throbbing inside her reached out , extracting this
sliver of light to glimmer  among her inner veins,

that for some blessed hint of phoenix rising
she clasps that golden orb whirling on a  dot 
of flame, as if to whisper,” claim me in your hands 
and release this golden ray.. let it touch his head,
across the blind drifts of vapors cast by
Laverna's spell. be the one.. be one to bridge the light.”
as blankness looms between curtains of time tipsy,
her knees figure in a sway limping yet running in a daze
beyond a dimensionless pace opening a gateway that zooms
glittering spins unto his cinder-ash head… and his power
flashes a might of bolt piercing the blank gloom of doom,

an exuberant eternal dawn burns where life forms arise.


*Laverna--- Roman Goddess of the Underworld

(( for Matt Caliri’s “ Finish the Dream “ Contest ))

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On Dying

On Dying.

I was strolling in the sunshine
It was half past afternoon
And I even heard that new born baby cry.
As I carried on, I heard birdsong
That I’d missed my whole life long
Me mind had told me I was bound to die.

But the whisper in my heart said “cool
Look at the positives, you fool”
As he tried so hard to make me understand
That One must open up ones heart  
And see the whole, not just the parts?
It could be ones demise be kind of grand.

For positives have negatives
And negatives have positives
And life may choose to dance with you
With Death in fact enhancing you.

And then those trees did sparkle now
They seemed to glow and gleam somehow
And life seemed like a candy covered dream.
And now I know that every man
Is here to learn to understand
As still I wonder just what all this means.    

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A lantern in tthe night

Lantern In The Night.

Oh you who’d like the world to change
Oh you who’d wish that peace could be
These words I say to you they may sound strange
But listen well they just might set you free.

Become aware in everything you do
Stop awhile and take a look within
Watch the ego in all it tries to do
And see what lurks behind its empty din.

Revolution, no, no that’s not the way
It’s all been tried, it’s done no good before
And if you tried forever and a day
With high ideals, you’ll never stop those wars.

Yet change yourself from very deep within
And then the truth may beam out very bright
Then with your love some other’s hearts you’ll win
And then you’ll be a lantern in the night.

Socrares 1990

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Gypsy child

Gypsy child.

Oh gypsy child, so wild of heart
Who stormed into my life
When deep within that freedom call
It pierced me like a knife
You set the soul of me afire, my being came alive
And those many worn out parts of me
Away you did them drive.

You entered in my prison door and pointed out the way
The path that leads me through the dark into the light of day
You showed me that another world
Was there so pure and bright
You took my hand oh gypsy child, and lead me through the night.

This child so wild my gypsy child
She gave my life some joy
She took my pain and made me sane
My fears she did destroy
She let me see the mystery that I was born into
And she opened up the gates of love
And let me walk on through.

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Membranophones of Death

Through omens they received the sign,
defenders' skull bones did appear,
bare-white to burn upon the shrine,
death nested in their souls and fear.

Above the skulls were lit tall flames,
brigades of demons came to border,
they knew that Hell's dark legions' fame,
precedes the advent of manslaughter.

Thus brave the knights defend the castle,
behind the lines lords' horses snort,
the steel blades blood-clot in battle,
while women and children depart.

Membranophones of death hassle,
The demons' force invades the castle.

© G. V. 12-15-2012, All Rights Reserved

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I've captured you from death's snare,
While others were unaware
No more worrying,
You are unforgotten

You are alive
Others deny it 
Well, I know...
You are unforgotten
In my memory
You are unforgotten 	

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Is She The One?

Is she the one my dream come true
The one that makes me whole.
Throughout the end of time
I'd give my heart and soul. 
Is she the one with qualities to endure the test of time.
Her unexpected stare 
sends shivers up my spine.
And gives me butterflies inside
Is she the one I can't decide
That always keeps me satisfied
My mind is left preoccupied
You have ignited every flame
Within my beating heart.
Now far from you I cannot part.
Is she the one my sweetheart
the angel in my life.
For you I'd walk a thousand miles
The toughest ride you've made worthwhile
I've looked beyond your hazel eyes
Your every glimpse, your every smile
In love we've deeply intertwine
Is she the one who will be there
to catch me when I fall.
That picture perfect puzzle 
To you I give my all.
Is she the one 
Well better yet she 's got the hooks on me.
The fear of losing her is deeper than the sea.


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The Burnt Book

Before glass windows sea
Before see-through eyes dust
Before love could blossom ashes
Arisen from the waves of trust

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Timeless Love

Everything around you
Is timeless
Years and years have pass
But for me time stand still
Memories are timeless
You know what else is timeless
My love for you
Time flies by but its timeless
Have you got what I mean?
Can you feel it?
Ten years can go by
Without you knowing
Everything is frozen in time
That’s why its timeless
Never forget that
My love is timeless for you
Always smile
Make memories
Always have fun
It’s all timeless

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Milk and Earth

Milky white skin cool and violent.
Fire in your mind, your head is a pool.
High I dance, high I am, 
in a heady woven trance.
Have I gone to far?
Think not! 
Push some more.
Immaculate will come.
I do.
Hands embrace.
Milk and earth caressing her face.
See da mad man, is that I?
Choices choose me, scared to die?
Girl with milky white skin and fire within.
A girl with gifts of milk and earth.
Silk woven mind free to birth.
Death is warm, freedom there. 
Return this time, my soul is bare.

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Fate or Fiction

Is this fate or fiction....
the aesthetics of your love is a marvelous depiction
I am having a love seizure or is your love an affliction
Is this fate or fiction? 

It must fate, our paths have crossed our spirits soar just right 
you calm and sweet and never like to fight...
bring security and confidence in such a delightful way..
the expressions of your thoughts blows my mind away
Is the fate or fiction?

It takes courage to find out which one would be the exemption.. fate or fiction? 
when you have been hurt by an ex's restrictions
but the aesthetics of your love has become my addiction.
No Fiction this is Fate. 

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Who Are You?

Who are you to put disappointment
in my soul, and shatter the glass I broke
Punish the misunderstood with thorns of fire

The victimize frozen, and unworthy
Clouds neglected, weak and rejected
Water will secure the undecided thunder
Jealous roses will damage the roots of souls
Who are you to humiliate, and manipulate

Spirits of spirits
Soul of souls

Desperate fire so confused
So exhausted, impatient and frightened
The unworthy so traumatized, 
vulnerable, and ashamed of life
Who are you to attack

Who are you to be insecure
Who are you to be destructive
Your not, to be violated
Who are you to be defective
Who are you 
Who are you
Who are you
For I am you

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The Candle's Flame

One burning candle,
One lighting flame
In the middle of the dark
This flame became
The hope and strength,
The width the length
The only light
Shining bright
In the middle of the night
Like a lonely star in the sky
Like a lonely drop of rain falling by,

A SENSATION of fear,
 A sensation of broken tears,
A timorous heart living a hopeless hour
With no power,
With just one flame of light
Shining really bright
In the middle of the night.

Alone the flaming candle stands
Holding no hands
feeble and weak
Its sweat starts to leak
The wind blows
The tremble shows
The fear echoes
Nothing is lending a hand
The darkness is giving commands
Then, Slowly, slowly the flame would fade away
Keeping no trace
And the darkness takes place.

Can’t see the life 
Just feeling the strife
Darkness stabbed the only hopeful light
With an invisible knife
Each one alone
Alive in the dark
Looking at the sky
Seeing a spark....

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Expanding mind
Taste Sampling
Forbidden pleasure
Mind numbing
Thought inducing
Last Night

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All About Her

I dont know much about her
but I heard she wasnt that talkative
She didnt like being alive
She was numb to all the pain she had to go through

I heard she didnt like anything that was green
She ate roman noodles everynight for supper
She always wore flannels and bellbottoms
Sometimes i seen her wear dresses and fancy tops
But lately shes been wearing band shirts

She wears converse shoes and uses an army bag for school
I know that she dosent like to communicate through talking... only through her peoms
or sometimes even her songs.

I see her drawing and painting all the time
She draws famous people
She would like to be famous and not so unknown
When she tries to speak to anyone they always walk away and leave her alone

When she gets home she goes upstairs to play her bass guitar
She hates chocolate cake but loves chocolate
Her family left her behind because she cant forget her past

Sometimes when shes alone she contemplates the meaning behind her life
Her favorite color is gray because her life is black and white
Everything she says is false according to the world

She is not so innocent
I understand that she dreams about the perfect life
When she opens her eyes they are pitch black

She is someone that is fake
She acts nothing like she should
She is very grungy and unclean

She knows of no safety
and of no time
Her life is smashed into pieces by the giant sun

She will always be a ghost
She knows of no god
She crawls around in the world of death
She remains forgotten

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Have you ever wanted answers to every question?
Have you ever pondered what was right, what was wrong?
I have, I still do.

I sit in my two by four little room
Every day asking myself multiple-choice questions
Should I, Shouldn’t I, What If.

What if I hadn’t found what I was created do?
I stop, I search, I wondered and then I paused for but awhile
I tried to listen to the stillness of the night.

The more I wondered the more mysterious things became
Then within seconds I had created my own puzzle game
I am only now more confused than ever before.

You see answers are good but are their always right
I am only but a fool
Caught up in what I may call a typhoon.

Crazy as it may seem
Answers are not what we truly seek
You and I are just trying to understand me.

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A Daunting Manifestation of the Human Eye

We dare not look! 
We dare not stop! 
We dare not ponder!
Beyond the skin, to a humdrum is a no man’s land,
Build and soothed by the malevolence of such a spellbinding hand,
Forging us, shaping us,
Building us, soothing us and molding us,
Is the potter and his evil hand,
Until, Until we are part of his clan.
Until, until he has prevailed in his nightly plans.
It’s but a satins eye, that’s stirs the malicious fire,
And he the potter, with hot vivacious stick adds life,
To such a vigorous Fire, never to tire.
Until, Until we are part of his clan.
Until, Until he has prevailed in his nightly plans.



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Our Last Path

Walking down our straight narrow path 
Hand in hand 
We enjoy our last seconds 
With no pressure no demand 
Our path's have always been dark 
We have both left our mark 
On the worlds pains and desires 
We both made mistakes 
Our sentence; To burn in hells fires 

Both we do not wish goodbye 
And we ask please don't cry 
You never saw our pain on the outside 
You could only see it in our eyes 
We are not leaving to run off and hide 
We are leaving to live, to fulfill our suicide 

Staring deep at each others eyes 
We know that this will be the last time our hearts die 
This is our last and final decision 
We are at the end of our path, where we first met 
That's something i hope we will never regret 
Let's take our last kiss; 
This cruel world we will never miss 
As a dying flower let's take our last breath 
To once again meet 
In our love and our death 

Beside each other do we lay 
Hand in hand 
Beneath the ground 
To lovers is what we will stay 
With love as our tombs sound

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Mystic evening

A mystic evening

A mystic evening
There’s silence everywhere
The stars are shining
And I am standing there
As the full moon gazes down on me
This thing enters my soul.
As velvet spirit Makes me feel so whole.

My heart is quiet 
I feel such mystery
Something within me
Whispers ‘Let it be’
And everything is wonderful
As I feel a magic power
Which seems to fill my heart and make it flower.

No words can tell the way it is
For symbols they just be
Symbols cannot picture it
This sweet, sweet mystery.

My life be simple
As I gaze here at the night
I feel that moons glow
As everything feels right
Awareness comes on over me
And peace is everywhere.
As life just is, and I am standing there.

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Complicated Love

My life is so complicated,
It feels as if I'm neither loved nor appreciated.
This feeling I have inside of me, 
it burns...

To imagine the touch of his soft skin against mine,
It's like I'm running back and forth through time,
'Cause it's never gonna happen again...

To hear his voice whispering in my ear,
It would be as if I'm reliving that one special year...

I'll never forget the words he said to me...

"I Love You, Baby"...

It makes me cry, even thinking of it now,
As if I'm gonna die and won't remember how...

The feelings I have for him will remain the same,
Even though it makes me feel stupid and insane...

I'd give my life for him,
I'd just lay it on the line, 

I'd give my life for him,
To let him know the heart that he'll always have is mine

Just to show much

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It's Destny

It’s Destiny

It’s destiny, the trials the stormy weather
All the misery getting lost and feeling better      
The good, the evil, all those pains and joys          
They’re life, they’re part of every girl and boy.

Coincidence, it happens all the time
All those accidents 
all those good deeds and the crimes
They be a part of just the way it is
We’ve not much power when it comes to this

Like matchstick one be drifting
On a wild and stormy sea
As those waves like you be shifting
Well it’s your destiny
So melt like salt that thrown into the brine
Surrender to that ocean you’ll be fine.

Hey ecstasy it’s now it’s always here
And eternity, it’s you, it seems so clear
You’re being called to rise up from the dead
And head for those good places, you’ll be lead.

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my black armband

If I could kill myself and do it over again
I waited until the end of the world to open your gift
Thanks for handing me hell
I’ll do what I can

As my songs begin to fade 
I wonder what could have been
As I lie within an eastern wind
I wonder if I’ll ever see peace again

Plantations were once gardens
Speeches were the premonitions of decaying martyr s
I miss peace and I’ve never rested eyes on her
So thanks for handing me hell

I love her because she’s untouched and pure
Poetry equals the souls of men spoken
Hell raised me so I’m a product broken
Abide by my emergence
This is the last breath of a merchant 

When sadness finds others 
You’re reminded of the virtues in what you have left
I went numb when I learned to pray
Don’t you miss what could have been

I saw angels falling from the sun
Knowing is everything but I don’t want to know
Try not to take things too far
They’ll never let you go 

I waited until the end of the world to open your gift
Don’t you miss what could’ve been
Thanks for handing me hell 
If I could kill myself and do it over again

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stay with us

your heart wore my eyes
and my eyes were a gaping wound
December is passing 
Remember when autumn came too soon
I remember the lashings
all the forfeits that made you wanna cash in 

and we break down walls 
when we cry
And we're taken for a fall 
Everyday we die
and we burn bridges 
Just to suit our lies
For these reasons we strive
Do or die

But somewhere they're seeking 
Everything you felt
I noticed your eye lids 
And all the matter they held
Admist all of our triumphs
we failed to see you through

and we break down walls 
when we cry
And we're taken for a fall 
Everyday we die
and we burn bridges 
Just to suit our lies
For these reasons we strive
Do or die

And the past is always reaching
reaching for you
In and out of his grasp
you slither about
silence was a fragrance
like the auburn that drifted 
from you mouth 

"i don't know what the pressure's about
when depressions in route
there's just no room to forgive you 
and i don't know how"

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My Friend The Piano

You carried my emotions from the start
Each emotion bound in the small black note
Each one coming straight from my chilly heart
The music you make is my antidote
Through the preludes my comfort softly lay
By way of mazurkas my soul does fly
But to divulge you must learn how to play
Although learning is not a piece of pie
Piano brings emotions around town
You have the power to bring my heart up
Or throw me on the floor and beat me down
There are hard times when I just want to cup
My hands in my face and rock back and forth
And think Piano is a friend of worth	

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Tears of a Runaway

Tears of a Runaway

Blinded by these tears;
Choking on my useless words;
Heart racing like a horse;
Lungs gasping for air.

I long for that happiness
That I once felt.
Instead, painful memories
Are coming back to hurt me.

Running away
Sounded like a good solution,
Even though I may trip and fall.
I'll just keep on running, 'til I can't run at all.

I trip and completely fall down,
But I don't get up this time.
I’m just lying on the ground, now,
Crying ‘til I can’t cry anymore…tears.

Blinded by these tears;
Choking on my useless words;
Heart racing like a horse;
Lungs gasping for air.

I don’t know what to do now.
I’m just paralyzed on the ground;
Except that I’m also shaking
From all the crying that I’m doing.

Running away
Wish I could say
That I would stay.
But, God, just please help me?

The coldness is wrapping around me
Like it’s a frozen blanket.
Trapped in this cold, cold world
And in my mind, memories swirled.

Blinded by these tears;
Choking on my useless words;
Heart racing like a horse;
Lungs gasping for air.
As I lie here,
I wonder
What it would be like
If my life was happier.

I can’t really say for sure
What would be going on.
But if my life was happier,
I wouldn’t be singing this song.

I once felt that warmth and comfort,
But now it’s gone.
And it’s been so long
That everything in my life now is wrong.

I’m blinded by these tears;
Still choking on my useless words;
My heart still racing like a horse;
My lungs still gasping for air.

These are the tears of a...runaway

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The Deadly Dart

Wherever I go through out my whole life,
I end up struggling with lots of strife.
Thinking that my life is a total waste,
Wanting it to be over in a haste.

I can feel the pain inside my own heart,
Like someone through at my a deadly dart.
The wound is easing deeper and deeper,
Will the pain ever stop getting bigger?

Feeling emo is never a good thing,
Cutting your arm makes a really bad sting.
Blood is dripping from my arms and my heart,
Failing to dodge the largest deadly dart.

Drowning in all the lies and self pity,
I live each day but always feel sh*tty.
I have lots of thoughts about suicide,
But then I think about those who have died.

Those who have died not just from suicide,
But also those who are really nice guys.
...This "poem" was actually suppose to be a couplet (on any thing you want) for my english 
class but i made this kind bcuz i was feeling emo that day...and also after i was done i read it 
over and it almost sound like a rap song which, i guess, is kinda funny and cool.........

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Dusty Road

Sometimes I dream about old dusty roads
Driving through the dirt, with no where to go
I've passed many hitchhikers
Their showin skin and money
But none of that means anything to me
None of that means anything to me

I keep driving along that old dusty road
Searching for the reason, why I even left home
I keep driving through the dirt and the mud
Thinking of all the things that I have done

I shift into neutrul as I cruise down a hill
My mind slips for a bit
And a deer ran out from a feild
I slammed on the brakes
And dust flew up high
That's when I knew that everything was alright

I keep driving along that old dusty road
Searching for the reason, why I even left home
I keep driving through the dirt and the mud
Thinking of all the things that I should have done

My car has ran out of gas 
And this lonely road becomes clear
What would have been different if I stopped
To talk to the hitch hikers and the deer
Maybe if I picked them up, theyd help me push my car
Or maybe they would robbed me dry
And killed me with a crobar
Or maybe I'd just drive by and pretend they werent there
Cause they were never there
No they were never there

I'm pushing my car down an old dusty road
Wondering why I still haven't gone home
My shoes are covered in dirt and mud
Giving proof of something that I have done

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So perfectly

So Perfectly

A small child laughs, a baby cries
As flowers worship sun
A small bird sings a song of joy
He knows the dawns begun
What hazy shades of bliss this be
As all, it feels like one.

A rabbit frolics on the lawn
As parrots in the trees
Give out their shrieks of pure delight
As dancing on the breeze
The trees fill me with mystic, magic
To give my heart some ease.

It’s not the same as yesterday
When I never saw those things
My heart, it now is open wide
And sweetness to me brings.

The fountain burbles with delight
My heart just sings a song
I love the whole wide world today
I feel that I belong
To this world so perfectly
Where nothing’s right or wrong.

29 July 2013 @ 1453hrs.

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Warm and Lost

Warm and lost.
Oceans of selfish freedom.
See you, see me, 
longing for a bliss filled warm embrace.
I feel you as I float by.
Calm, safe, alone and free.
Are you my Island?
Letting go.
I move in to your flow,
a salty surge, a rush, a wave.
I wave, a smile.
I fall.
Be so brave.
Lovers soul is found.
Love is lost.
I crave, I crave that smile,
the wave that melts.
I swim. Angels and Gods guide a rebels mile.
Colourless sight, colourful night, into your arms I melt,
engulfed by pure white light.

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Silent Night Sky

Oh how can one capture 
Your beauty on paper
Without you evaporating
Off as it is your nature

The stars are your jewels
The moon is your crest
Everyone drools
As if blessed

Your silence is serenity
That whisper to my thoughts
An overwhelming beauty
That ties my stomach up in knots

How humble I am sound
A beauty incomparable
With a radiance so profound
Your absence is unbearable

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I’ve been searching, always searching for a long, long time

As the years be moving on, and my hair is turning grey

As I’m almost on the countdown for my day of truth to come

I’ve been searching, always searching since the day I first begun.

I sought a man of wisdom

And I asked him where it’s at.

He said “my man it’s simple

But you won’t find it like that.

You have seen too many answers 

In those many books you’ve read

Yet the truth be live and breathing

As the words be old and dead.”

“You must move into your closet and you must close that door

And let the silence fill you, let it seep into your core.

You must leave the crowd behind you let it go with all it’s din

Then the truth in all it’s beauty may fill you deep within“.

Written 1996.

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The searcher

He’s a Pilgrim, he’s a Sailor
Now he’s up, and then he’s down.
And he dives into a whirlpool
So his life may turn around.
He’s a Saint and He’s a Sinner
He’s a King and he’s a fool
And he seems to live his lifetime crashing walls.

And he walks the lonely highways
That’s his fate, his destiny
As he looks towards the mountains
Feels the breath of mystery.
And a whisper tells him secrets
And he don’t know how he knows
And he always seems to watch the river flow.

But will he ever break on through?
Will he pierce the ceaseless din?
Will he tread the path of Angels?
Will the symphony begin?

Or be he doomed to falter?
Will he lose the blessed light?
Like a matchstick on the ocean
In a land as dark as night.
Will he fall into the abyss?
Never reach the other side
The gates of Hell be ever open wide!!

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Tick Tock

Time ticks, time tocks,
love grows stronger, yet it mocks.

Days and months and years go by,
Will my heart and soul defy?

Do my eyes and ears deceive?
Does my heart dare to believe?

Is my heart telling a lie?
Will my soul be left to die?

Only time and fate will tell,
and only when the time is well.

Will your love stay true to me?
It is you who holds the key.

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The whisper

The Whisper

In the softness of a diamond studded night
I felt that pregnant silence all around
And the moon she looked so magic in my sight
 As she cast her rich dark shadows on the ground.

I felt that mystic presence in the air
As I sensed an awesome power deep inside
And this essence it pervaded everywhere
As deep within my child, for freedom cried.

I heard the silence whisper to my heart
So soft, but oh so loud, and so, so, strong
As the voice of wisdom gently played it’s part
It’s very purity could not be wrong

‘Accept yourself’ the whisper seemed to say
You never know your time may not be long
Why not be here now, and live your life today?
            And let it be, and dance, and sing your song.

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I'm Sleeping Outside

I've tried to tamper with such precious time
Looked forward and back with open eyes
I wonder about the day I'll die
Will there be rain or shine?
Maybe both, maybe none
As I speak another life has begun
Wish them luck as they carry on
Bewildered within these starry nights
I thought of time when I have lied
Oh such precious time
It flies
(im sleeping outside)
Signs and dreams lead me to believe
That somehow, some way
I'll be something great
Do I choose to be nieve?
They'll never know
Do I choose to be so weak?
It'll never show
(I'll be sleeping outside)
Love is such a clishey it seems
Something I could only see
Her eyes drew us in like summer heat 
Cupids arrows were made of clay
Oh yes I've longed for this day
I knew I wasnt lying anymore
(I always sleep outside
where the weather is nice
I can feel everything for what it's worth
dont give me signs or written lines
give me your solid words)

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Winter Wind

It's howling voice plays in my ear,
While I feel it's nibble at my face.
For sure, in this, there's little to cheer,
Lest at morrows sun,
I awake to find no trace.

It caroms at me from a nor-west angle,
A hitchhiker, intermittent sleet, is felt.
As if pronouncing to me, "let's wrangle",
But soon I know it's fate will be,
To lie aground and melt.

In mind, I've queried from whence it came,
And again, when absent, where did it go?
Why God chose wind for it's name?
Albeit my eye has never seen,
It's effect, I surely know. *

John 3:8

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The soft whisper

Looking at me

Deep in me I feel a soft whisper
It seems to be beckoning me
I glimpse it, but it don’t ever linger
It just gives me these glimpses endlessly
Yet always I know that it be with me
I have known it since that time eternity
And I know I’ll keep on looking
Forever, and forever
For that sweet little whisper of me

There is nothing can be said about it
Every explanation will be wrong
Cause words they have no power to convey it
Though often it is felt within a song
I know that I’ll be doing it forever
I’ll always be looking at me
I don’t need to ask the questions
Just have to look, that’s all
Keep asking ‘Am I her so endlessly.

I’m looking, I’m looking, hey, I’m looking
There is no way to stop this carry on
It seems that I’ll be looking
Looking, looking, looking
It’s the only way to bid the fear ‘be gone!’

I swear to you I cannot understand it
And yet this fact don’t bother me at all
I just keep looking like a mad man
I don’t care If, I’m wise or just a fool
‘Am I here, am I here’ I keep on saying
And always with this question I will be
I’m going to look, and look, and keep looking
Every day you’ll find me looking at me.

Another dedication to John Sherman..

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Introduction: Wonders of the lights, the meditative aurora of the world...

In silenced sleepless nights
They draw me close to them,
Through visionary lands and sights
Of unfulfilled needs, the worldly fame,

Towards a realm without immorality
The immortality of kindness,
The poignant poise of sympathy
Lives be in them, placidness.

Airy lands of the skies
The soundless voice of paradise,
The symbol peace of serenity
Let it be released - Tranquility.

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My Hidden Pain

When you smile at me i laugh at you
When you laugh at me i smile back
I try and hide the pain and agony I feel
So i left this earth and went to Mars
To live closer to the lovely stars;
You might not think it's true

You say you know me 
You act like you know me
You even talk like you do,
But that's not true

You talk about me like you know me from deep inside
You have even tried to have that denied
But sooner or later i'm gonna die
And no one will care

To you and them it doesn't matter anymore
'Cause I'll be under the soiled floor
I'll be forgotten;
Never spoke of,
I'll be hurt and killed because of love.

No one will miss me 
I'll die with no one's sympathy
They won't even ask what happened to me

Livin' alone i think i hate myself
It's like i'm on the top of a never-ending bookshelf
Feelin' as if i'm gonna fall any second now
I'm gonna die and won't remember how

I'm sayin' to the world "good-bye"
Now i'm gonna ask you this:

Can ya hear my shouts and cries 
Can ya see the tears in my eyes 
Can ya hear, can ya see, can you feel me?

Baby, me
Take the pain away
So i'll never deal with it for
Another day

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The book of my soul

“The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof but canst 
not tell whence it cometh and whither it goeth.” John ch 3. vs 8.

In a plain bound book
I tattoo white paper in blue
Then wrap myself in this shaman’s cloak
To fly with the eagle to a sky renewed.

I sing words salvaged from the press
In the intervals of Te Deum,
Stolen from its church,
Sung so only its melancholy shines.

Pärt turned to church and tradition
Amidst a century of horror,
And I turn to these conjured spirits
In a world polluted by podcast trash.

Inwardly, I turn – not without question.
The simplest words are sewn with elaborate doubt.
But into the image of inwardness
I dive deeper, and there find reasons to go on.

In the mandalas, strange mazes, of this book
I encircle, tame, and then hold fast
The sound of the blowing wind.

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The Lioness

My precious was nearly destroyed by an heart breaker
but it was romantically rescued by an heart maker
my strength to trust was nearly gone
lovingly, i have it restored by a miss namely bimbo

Escape from the den of a lioness,
a beautiful kangaroo welcome me into her palace
when i thought that my love life is dead
and that no woman can again equate the balance

money is sweet and marriage is distasteful
those were the vain words of my mouth
cuz i have see too many ladies that are lustful
which weakens my tissues and gives me a bone

i lost a copper but look at the beauty of the silver i have
God have given a great, loving distance companion to my life
to teach me that there are still few that will reject the mark
those whose family not be tear apart

listen to  her and be natural about it
you will see how her beauty glows
her inner beauty is far precious than onyx
her gesture like the flock of mount-Gilead's goat

her is a fountain of honey and milk
no other honeycomb is like my beloved words of her lips
i believe GOD is sending her to me
change my regretful believe

Ever since i met you
i wish to end up with someone like you
i am very to have naked the true
but i wish to have a picture you

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Black Love

                 Black LOVE

             My head rested
on the pillow of her smooth skin.
She opened the curtains of her being,
My hands slip into indulgence while 
 they explored her expansive dark skin.
With half words she whispered moans,
 followed by screams of passion.
With her shadow I bounded, as she 
swarmed waters of our endless longing passed.

                     Jay Johnson

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I believe in me, I believe of a force within
Underneath the layers of walls
Concrete breaks and then falls.

Inside out and outside in
Reveals no doubt 
A prized win win.

I tell you not to tell you now
We have forgot 
To thank you back

I search for more, more like me
A complex lot 
Not the majority 

When all is said, not much is done
They pray a lot 
For the one, the son!

Come together stay forever
Our group can show

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Death Meets Love

I got trapped in the dark 
the cancer creeps closer towards my heart 
I cant stand the pain that starts

they put a needle in me 
my heart stops beating 
I cant hear my thoughts or what im feeling

everything seems cluttered 
I stand here in a daze 
but your face starts to fade

I start to loose my feeling 
my hands are numb and my toes wont budge
my brain stops working 
little flakes peel off my heart

my heart turns gray 
I cant wait to fly away
in the light I shall go 

somewhere else but my home
where pain meets pleasure and death meets love

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Chancy thinks its soo fancy

Is it you ? is it me?
Stuck in a world of a fantasy 
Heart beats, unceasingly 
Is this what they call ecstasy?
 Some say “the heart wants ,what the heart wants”
Yet the fire is oh! So enticing! Tranquilizing!
I adore it! I fear it!
Chancy foot stands transfixed in front
The petrified foot it taunts 
As it takes one step back, 
Chancy stands there and laughs
Torn between the two…my heart weeps
What path to take? My heart! Guidance it seeks
The fear of falling
Holds me back
The want for love
Pushes me back
The shackles of scary bounds me tight
Chancy is there, never to give up with out a fight

 Arising a hurricane is what they doo
My poor feeble heart, knows not what to do
The heart is pure. It seeks it strives to find who proves to be true
The ultimate still unknown
For here my heart still stand in the sea of unknown
Cupid I beg you do guide me
And dare not strike me and leave me
With your arrows of blind love
Guidance is what I need 
Give me that and I shall heed
Leave me not in the dark of misery
Leave me not in the sea of mystery
But guide me to that ever shinning light
Scary or chancy
With what do I side?
Shall forever remain a secrecy….


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The fates of newborn children were marked in separate cards
Long before their souls flew in their clay figurines like birds.
Beyond doubt, all cards are marked and all fates will collide.
Like the clashing objects in rough whirlwind or Tsunami tide.

My destiny is written, imprinted in a veiled card, so too yours.
All of our fancies, desires, wishes, aspirations will encounter
With engraved truth in cards. The Reality always overpowers
The fake phantoms of Fancy. More or less, we all must suffer.

Let the Cards clash in swirling winds, waves of Providence
For we all are destined, bound with a resilient string of Fate.
Some unseen Hands are weaving the gyrating yarns, hence,
The clashing Fates will blow the trumpets of Love or Hate.

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Halloween's Song

Its your Halloween rave, having your mascaraed
With all your best friends from back in the day
Liz Lauren and Blake and while they're dressed like skanks
I'm on the front line of battle
Howlin like jackle with A real nasty cackle
puttin a razor blade in the sack of Blake's apples
crack in Lauren's snapple
Staddle Liz like mclovin
But I am more like faghole As I babble at her ass
Axe her fast and mash her up like cattle
Sneak back and tackle your dad and put him in shackles
Shove sour patch kids Down your trap and gaggle
Its abominable, so unbelievable
But its inevitable, the end is kissable
I have rattled these kids psyches 
squirming like a centipede, cutting them like celery 
hear their squeamish screams echo in the streets
as the  creepy bells of the chapel ring

I remain a mystery
You'll need nancy drew, and at least 3 of the hardee boys to find what I'm up to
Theres this gloom that looms down in your basement room
Consuming shrooms, enhaling fumes to escape your doom
Witches zoomin by on their brooms makin sonic booms
Quick call scooby doo, but I killed him too
You heard a loud pound cause I cut the fuse so you
Run away to a motel room, assuming your safe
And As you look the other way,
I got my fangs in your veins and stranglin your neck
Too bad you didn't text your friends to tell them who is next
Hmm let me think for a sec. As Hex your boy  rex 
with an incessant twitch, till he is dead in a ditch
Hang him from bunny man bridge
Yo dude turn the lights on
But there's no flip to switch , I have flipped the script
Its bewitched with no miss to kiss
Exorcist with no priest to dismiss the spirit

So the town clock strikes half past 3
There's one last gas before i must sleep
Or i will crash fast if the light touches me
Put on the mask jack, just like the sixth scream 
I need to grasp havoc, till i hear shrills and shrieks
Please back rabbit, these chills aint for teens
As I stick a cherry bomb in your moms exhaust pipe
Run up on you  with nine a knife, and the head of your wife
Its useless I'm the nuisance that's abusive yet conducive
To your fear that I am near So close I could whisper in your ear
Smell the shampoo in your hair Wipe the floor with your tears
And as you look up in the mirror
I'm there ready to smear your blood all over the chair
as I stab you with my spear I crush a coors beer then
Leave you re crops there dead, red spread on the floor
But I hear a knock on the door
Are you okay honey? "Yes mommy,  just got a cold sore"

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It has to end

I feel like 
I'm headed no where fast
In the wrong lane 
how long will it last
I see things the wrong way
The storm sings
It's going to be a long day
Maybe things will look up
Until then it has to end

Bad and evil 
together they blend
Lust or love 
for which would you sin
Agony and defeat
Pay attention 
when fate and disaster meet
One knife and death
life is one last breath
Some how it has to end

Mad enough to fear
but sad enough to tear
Patterns of broken hearts in ten
Befriend an old torn apart friend
Only the smart ones know it all
Only the ignorant ones grow to fall
How many replace pride 
with a loved one by their side
See signs and hide
be a better man "Hey," I tried
but it has to End

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What if I die, would I be a bother?
If I drawn, would love come to me from another?
Thin as air, I float among “others”
All of my past, my sadness, my hopes, my dreams, my lovers…
Vanish! Lost! To the edge of unknown…
Solitude, a heartbeat away…
For only me, my thoughts, there we lay
A sight, a movement…invisible to the “others”
Who are the “others”?
Fathoms of my past imagination?
 Specimens of my own creation?
Now I sit here, and write..
Awaiting salvation
A reincarnation of myself, if you will!!
For my time here is done
My journey is complete…
Away! Away! I go
Where?, I am yet to know?
A lifetime I waste on useless beliefs
That peace lies within the heart of many
Or, those fiendish deeds do not in fact transpire by any
No sweet thought to hold on too
Life: every inspiration you made 
Every motivation you crafted,
And every moral you imparted
was all a sham, and I was its sad sad target
You taught me once not to measure life by the yard
Or to whimper when the days gone hard

But now I must question!
I question at this time if the sky is really blue
Or if cars really run on fuel…
A Baffled soul is what I am
So away! Away! I go
Where? I am yet to know…


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Untitled #349 / "Let love guide the way"

“Love, let love guide the way,
for man, to find his music
Love, let music be love,
to guide man to his soul.”

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Can it

Why do I chase the atom?
when the universe has always been mine.
Can love evolve from red giant
into a galaxy?
Dust and stone
become skin and bone,
born; fall and rise again.

I love the black holes
of your eyes
for they radiate
much more light 
than they could ever take.
White hot coals made to rake
caked surface of my lungs.

How I long to see your breath
steam up the silence in my soul.
Droplets, turn into rapids
and rush my question away.
I tripped; stumbling
my spirit crumbling.
Hold; release those fingers.

Strength born of sugar
does not last, and it feeds fear
I need complex and organic
Can rotten become fresh?
Carry the inner babe
Cain and brother Abe.
Save: heal the tether.

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the saint of orleans

sunday morning angel
blue wings and purple hair
fingers tattooed at the tip of her shoulder
if the sun vacates your skies it's over
children sing songs of burgundy rovers
I am your rent my lover

camel crushes
rated your sweet plushes
crowded voices
but no one hushes
the chaos is lovely
but it's the misery that touches
my sunday morning angel

arched smiles 
a mother apart from her child
it's been a while since you last foul
you're just a number on speed dial
outside the cafe
a voice some what raspy
a favor indeed
if you choose to ask me
deflower before me 
and life just may not last me 

city towers 
you and me minus the hours
in the neon lights
walk the stars that fail to touch the sky's
apartment 1210
where art thou twelve sinners
the cellos that failed everyday men
the displacements
only seen through a heavens lens 

the saint of Orleans
bard windows
crucify your friends
i'll lend you a noose to tie your ends
and when it all ends 
think of my sunday morning angel
she never warned you of danger
but she adored the insanity within your anger

my sunday morning angel 
is like loving a widower
you never know
what's on the other side of the window
buildings that touch the sky
ceilings that never die
capsize the truth
baptize whatever you knew
there was a time it was just me and you

"songs in a book reflect vacancy"

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My lies

I look at the mirror, I don't see me.
I see the hideous demons that overwhelm me.
I tell them to leave, but when I look up, I see horns and crimson red scars on my face.
It took me a second to realize that I was wearing a mask, but it took longer to take it off.
I'm still there - in front of the mirror, looking for my true voice, my own look, my own soul.
I'm tired of living a lie,  but I don't want to take this mask off.
How long until I become the person in the mirror?
Forget it!
I take off the mask, but another appears on my face.
Grey eyes, green tears running down my cheeks, and a broken nose on this one.
Got to get it off, but it gets tighter and tighter!
I'm suffocating in my own words, my own mind, my very lies.

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Escape from

To deep for the mind to alleviate the confusion of illusion
Everything that shines isn’t equivalent to the brightness of the sun
Perhaps your son perceives a false impression about life and what it means to 
be bright
While his views are constantly an illusion that it’s cool to deceive,
Life is definitely not fake no matter how false you are while living
Life doesn’t rewind itself because you decide to stop sinning
What you portray while living is what you & the world holds onto
Only those who’s not lured into confusion & illusion would see past the delusion 
and recognize a righteous path leading to a door
 Not an exit
Just a place to replace what’s not beautiful but even there deception can creep 
upon you. 

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How I Long For--

My dreams are falling apart
In Your hands, I pray (for joy), "Take heart!"
You are the stars - searing my 
Soul is kneeling to the ground
Trace my future and take wing
Towards the pathway...You find peace
You are an angel in my--

Heart is bleeding soundlessly
Above land...I mourn so sweet
I am the clouds - carrying a 
Gallon of grief...release me!
Place me in fields of love and
Forgive me and lift me up
You are the heavens to my--

Heart is beating profoundly
Without Your heart's joyous song
You are the sun - nourishing 
My lambs are grazing around,
Roving in fields of splendor,
Enlightening the darkness
You are an apple to my--

Eye is grieving...losing sight
Of Your glory...I feel lost
You are the lake - sparkling with
Delight and Luck! Bring us home!
Grow like a morning glory
In the autumn time, You thrive
You are valuable to my--

Eye is twinkling...praying for 
Insight...yearning for Your sight
You are the hills - guiding my
Mind is longing for your mirth--
Restoring peace to my verse,
Sprouting forth grace and freedom
You are the train tracks, bearing--

My train of thought...making my
Steel spirit connect with Yours
You are the valley - between
The mountains guarding us all,
Building strength to fragile bones,
Welcoming a stream of hope
You are my map - lending me

YOUR helping hand I would take
Now, I could take Your challenge
You are like a maze filled with
Mysteries conceal the truth;
I fight with all of my might
And I BEG for Your mercy
To mend my once blissful dreams!

How I long for Your mercy...

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Multi-leveled beauty
Of motion and of mind
Unbridled, raw emotion –
The music and the rhyme.

A haunting melody
And harmony belong
Within the lonely rhythm
And sorrow of my song.

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the yellow forest

the yellow forest 
is darkened by dusk
blue opulence 
shining through black branches
the crunch of the floor 
as beings pass
becomes louder 
at the sun's last cast 
vision narrows 
to creatures of the night
oh how they play 
with lack of sight
the cold wind 
shakes the leaves 
the yellow forest 
never sleeps

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Another song from the set made in middle school

My life craves the soul And I’m all alone You stay—then off you go And I can’t hold on You will never know me For what I am [oh no] Can we forget? Can this just end? If we don’t believe How can we mend? Your face haunts my memory And I can’t move on Cuz here without you I feel…so numb Left out in the cold For you will never love me Was I too much [to mend]? But how can you see? How can you know [what I meant to you]? Could this be the end of the road Left to sleep alone? -Ooooooooh- Can we forget? Can this just end? If we don’t believe— Can I forget? Will my life end? If you don’t exist Why do I pretend?

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Up in Smoke

Grey slender  almost blue as embers
Pouncing in the greener yard~
Faithful   He was oh so graceful
Past a concrete curb to wander
	Into streaming metal garb ~ 
Where did he go,
Still no one knows
	But she believes she’s found him ~
A carbon-copy of a cat,
If you could just imagine that;
So sure that he is 

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Don't come on like a Guru

Don’t come on like a Guru
Don’t come on like a Guru
Like you know all of it
Don’t say, you know the answers
It will not help a bit
There might be some in foolishness
That want to follow you
Yet all In all, you be like us
You don’t know what be true.

You might have read a lot of books
But that don’t mean a thing
These words, my friend be borrowed
No wisdom do they bring
No book will make you holy
You have to seek it out
You have to understand yourself
To know what life’s about.
Guru’s, well there be so many of them
You might think you be filled with sacred gems
But in the end you’re lost
Just like the rest of us
The one who says he knows, you just can’t trust.

Don’t come on like a Guru
With your mind all filled with words
A lot of folk might listen
And then you will be heard
But in the end you’re fooling
Yourself and that be all
Don’t come on like a Guru
No, don’t you be a fool

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Untitled #321 / Games without frontiers

“If looks could kill they probably will
in games without frontiers,
war without tears”

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Rainter! O my Rainter! What are you, Rainter?
Are you a new season tinted by holy painter?
Rain is falling hard even in this freezing winter,
Everywhere disgust roams like a lonely hunter.

The winter rain congeals brains, soaks hearts,
With its two ice-cold hands and crying eyes.
Nature is camouflaging itself in several parts
To display how changing carpet of Time flies.

Rainter, a fragment of Nature’s jumbled play,
Is nothing but a cyclic blend of its crude tools.
Some would sense it exciting, others may say
“Rainter, thou art disgusting except to the fools”

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Caress me

Caress Me :

now caress me ,
now that I'm burning in fever
If you touch me I may return in your world
maybe this is the last time I have this beautiful feeling


Still we can be lovers
If you stay, that's not hard
Limitless stay with me
Though there is no more time

I don't want to see when you leave;
The pain is sitting in your eyes
I kiss all your tears
But I know this is my destiny ...

You read from my eyes
That I'm tired of this life
But beside you I'm so calm
That even I don't afraid of death

My body is too cold
But it seams in your hand it's burning in fire
Finally ... you would close my eyes
And my story will end
I kiss all your tears
But I know this is my destiny ...

This poem is the English Translation of one famous sad Persian love 
song,dedicated to all the lovers whom their separation & their tears made us 
believe in love!
** Moein (Le Tigre Noir) **

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As a Bottle Opened

As only a bottle opened
     Can be filled again spilled!
So only the book burnt
        Can be written anew lost!

For how can I be found anew
         Unless I am first lost?
As how can I be poured again
      Unless I am first spilled?

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Stories dared not whispered, legend of great thinker. 
Artificially created Atlantis, maze search for law-giver. 

Hushed lips speak no evil, silly little monkey cliche. 
Privy ancient knowledge, not clear as light and day. 

So-called peace-loving demigods, closely followed in trace. 
Sexually crazed fools, copying angels fallen from grace. 

Pillars of Hercules within island, dynasty king frenzy awoke. 
Powerful and remarkable, ready to enslave at single stroke. 

Originally thought to be noble, conspicuous reveal greed. 
In route to world domination, struck down by Specialbreed. 

Later time earthquakes and floods, extraordinary violence. 
Single dreadful day and night, massive lost of innocence. 

Intervening super mighty one, so-called wrathful Zeus. 
Manipulation of elements, water and lightning bolts let loose. 

Grand golden wall palace, swept aside sea and sunk below. 
Ironical measured payment, for employment of ruthless blow. 

Swiming through labyrinth of wisdom, vie of the celest'. 
Chancing risk of schism, mighty sequential vignette. 

Perplexed pattern in hide, bloody seal of truth. 
Illuminati repelled, for a time real minoot. 

Message of twisted tongue, langual contrivance. 
Masters' visions swoon, in journey through euphoric trance. 

Loud whisper switch, silence left in wake. 
Souls of denizens burned, in fiery scourching shake. 

Prominent eclectic short order, alien wishbone act. 
Convert of non-belief, fierce zealots' minds impact. 

Lucid broken water reflection, visible-eye agleam. 
Blind finding quarry, standing like obelisk beam. 

Instinctive overriding, a slip into lucidity. 
Telepathic mind connection, recede to infinity. 

Exponential theory, base of schematics. 
Common like maybe, superpower military tactics. 

Voice of bleeding knowledge, fade to obscurity. 
Mystic in strange land, fault found in masters of intricacy. 

Undecipherable rhetoric, great monster on chase. 
Featureless darkness, a threat to human race!

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Conquer June 14 2011

Trapped inside an electric fence,
where do I go from here.
I'm locked down, lost inside,
suddenly my body filled with fear.

When I close my eyes these horrible images flash,
they take my breath away.
There is a message en scripted inside the image being shown to me 
but I can't figure out what is has to say.

I need to force myself to look deep enough
and replay them in my mind.
Somewhere inside the vision I get,
there will be something for me to find.

This flash, this vision, it can't be good,
it instantly causes me pain.
I want to avoid it at all cost if I can,
it's only filling my heart with distain.

Look one last time, stop being afraid,
see what it all means.
I am loosing sleep and I have been up for days
literally I am coming undone at the seams.

It's time to put an end to all this,
so it's time to conquer my biggest fear.
Facing it head on by the root of the problem,
I will finally be able to look myself in the mirror.

Unaccepted, unwanted, a freak to society,
I'm looked down upon and pushed aside.
The emptiness is eating away at me,
I am always feeling denied.

I have finally came to a conclusion,
I needed to try a new technique.
Treasure who I am and portray what lies inside,
I am funny, charming and unique.

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Pain and Joy

Pain is not commensurate,
There is just no way to measure it.
One may feel it ,know it, seemingly drown in it.
It can be annoying or in the way.
It may be physical and laced with fears,
May last a time and a day...
in the heart and soul or between the ears.
There is just no way to measure it.
To the lonely, pain may even be a friend,
A treasure beyond measure,
To be lovingly offered for good in the end.

Joy. Joy is not commensurate,
There is just no way to measure it.
...Or there .. ?

Inspired by the following "Definition of JOY" according to my Pastor friend.
"Joy is not the absence of pain,.. it is the presence of God."

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to sense

energy claims through 

veins jolt,
ridges on skin construct 

my canvas gravitates thoughts,
	thoughts are 
always silent,
whispers never leak 

my canvas is an angel
swooping to endure 

ears stay alert 
scanning all vibrations. 
 Hands steady 
mind always

 	innate reasoning

my canvas is sensitive,
collecting all flying
my canvas is never blank
sometimes meshing
sometimes clashing

I bleed energy,
although absorb enough to sustain. 

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On The Brink

On the brink of crying,
on the brink of dying,
what are you gonna do?On the brink of cryin‘,
On the brink of dyin‘,
You’ve gotta listen to your soul now, too.

Now think of this situation,
This is a poem, but also a conversation
If you don’t want to hurt those around you
You’ve gotta help yourself first then the other few

On the brink of cryin‘,
On the brink of dyin‘,
What are you gonna do?
On the brink of cryin‘,
On the brink of dyin‘,
If you don’t wanna hear the truth
Then you better not do something stupid, but instead new
On the brink of cryin‘,
On the brink of dyin‘,
What are you gonna do?
On the brink,
On the brink,
I’m on the brink of cryin’
‘Cause inside I’m
‘Cause inside I’m
‘Cause inside I’m dyin’
I’m on the,
I’m on the, I’m on the brink.

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It is better to dare than hide

"Shall I hold back my hand
    from the rose,
        because of the thorn?"
But the carpet is red
    that bears the feet of them
        that have trodden down the grapes;
Laid before those
    who held not back from life
         because of death! ...
It is better to dare than hide!

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Unloving feeling makes death so appealing
To all who are willing
Usurping all of which is forbidden
The mass denial of what is right
A common sight of all those who are living
Ask now and you shall recieve
Remember nothing comes for free
We take for granted everything but
everything is not for us to swim in
Be rest assured the time will come
when everything will burn while Death is grinning
For all the things stumbled upon
For all the things which always were forbidden!!

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Was it you

1st Verse:

Walk on by me if you see me
Let me pass just let me go
All those things we had between us
Just the past now says so

In the moment it was real
At the time we could stand still
For a love we thought would last
Never forgotten by the past


The love we thought could never die
Has evaporated to blue sky


Saw you today
Couldn’t believe
Was it you standing there
Did my eyes deceive?
Never thought I would wonder
Always thought I knew
But now I don’t know
Is it true?
Was it you?

2nd Verse:

Turn around walk the other way
Strangers is what we are
Knew each other inside and out
Now just a distant star

Time and space, left it behind
Gave our hearts to another kind
Tweaking dreams not breaking seams
Changing faces Wiping slates clean

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Turn the searchlight on

Another tribute to John and Carla Sherman.

Turn the searchlight on

Turn the searchlight on
Let it bath you in it’s light
Take a look into you
Just look with all your might
Let the world be round you
But don’t pay it no mind
Just turn around and look at you
You’re not too hard to find.

Don’t ask so many questions
Beside the point these be
You have to do the looking
So very endlessly
The looking’s never over
It be your life, that’s all
Then one day when the fever breaks
It’s all so wonderful.

You have to do the looking
That’s all you have to do
Just take a look into you
Oh please just look at you
You must use self -reliance
Can’t count on no one else
The looking is the only way to health.

You don’t have to look for Gurus
No need for all the books
All you really have to do
Is stop and take a look
Then when the fear of life is gone
You’ll see life how it is
Just look, look, look each chance you get
I can only tell you this.

2 April 2011 @ 0430hrs.

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Strange philosophy

i've always been so afraid of flying,
is it my fear of heights,is it my fear of falling?
it's a strange philosophy,
a troubled heart,a shooting star,life's a remedy
for who we are.
oftentimes my hope is fleeting,
so engrossed in so believing,
in who i am ,the calling,
it's a strange philosophy,
that up is down and down is up,
no doubt my truth is your lie,
but this is music,hear the heart.
it's a strange philosophy,
i live in you,you live in me,
you're trying hard to make it,
work it!
you lose your soul and hope it's worth it?
we trusted in whoever we believed,
Jesus died for my own fault,
i heard that all things pass away,
but love like this never fades away.
one last thing,
it is what it is,
a seriously strange philosophy,
all that and so much more.

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A One-man Boat

Why do I strive so much in life
This heart of mine cease to refine
Of hope and love and tranquility
I give and give, yet scarcely receive 
It’s the heart that deceives
My Soul resides upon a mountain of misery

It shouts, its scream, yet high up above, as it seems
Away, away from mankind to care
At times like these I am at despair
Hoping, seeking and wishing to share
I speak my heart, my thoughts, and my mind….
Yet scarcely, do I dare to show this degree of misery
My essence is as thin as air…. 
If I hit mankind in the face
No mark, no remembrance, no trace shall I leave
No sweet- sour memories to reminisce upon
Its as if my very presences is provocative to mankind
They ask me kindly, oh please! Oh please! do leave, Save us time and disappear!
No one to care, no one to adhere to

I loved and laughed and lived and hoped and trusted in mankind
Yet from this day on shattered and stiff and deceived and depleted, is what, I now am 
I bare a load wrapped tight around my heart
That never seems to crack or break, 
No fitting key, no rock to break….
For my humble abode lies within my mountain of misery
Where I reside high up above from mankind
From; Hurt or pain or deception or greed
From this day on, to no one shall I heed
I fight my battles on my own
I sail upon a one-man boat

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Black Widow

1 through the door
2 through your heart
3 through your head
4 colors in my eyes
Red, red, red

1 clash
2 rings
3 words
4 sirens
Shrieks of red, red, red

1 bed of white
2 saviors
3 men at my side
4 grievers
Tears of red, red, red

1 room of rock
2 rings around my wrist
3 eyes in my head
4 days before forever
Stains of red, red, red

1 room
2 sides
3 on one
4 on the other
Crying out red, red, red

1 decision
2 stabs of pain in my side
3 cries
4 smiles
The judge says red, red, red

1 boy
2 people
3 arguments
4 solutions
Mine was red, red, red

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Rated PG 13

His Flawless Ways Ate
Her To The Bone; Crazy,
Delisous Like: Coco~

She Craves Him Like;
A Dog In Heat,
Firery Hot.

Prowling, Scouerring; 
Around Her Lushious
Meat, Like: A Wild
Hog On His Knee's.

As If It Were Her 
Last Contained
Victium, Caged;
I Leave Here,
Rated PG-13.

Entered in true diminished hexeverse contest
Sponsored by; David Williams 

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how do i get there

when you're forgotten
memories move too far from you
wishes run through tomorrow's well
widows search the depths for hell

she screams her tangerines
shouting out decimals 
ice-cream and scenes of before
watching movies and more

more and more  
you hang your head 
but I hope you never cry
or realize 
what you never had
this is what it feels like
to miss a lie

when you're forgotten
memories move too far from you
living with shadows here and there
hidden by splits in city walls 

holding on to me, 
myself and no one else
when your secrets expire
I hope you find your peace

more and more  
you hang your head
I hope you never cry
or realize 
what you never had
this is what it's like 
to miss a lie

drive the membranes of your passion
into sparrows singing sane
live within the burrows singing doubt
replaying syndromes next to tones
is it everything you thought it would be

"this reminds me of why i do not think of you" 

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the white house

the violet flowers 
were brightest at dusk
surrounded by an unkept yard 
they built their own landscape 
coming only once a year 
after months of ice 
they bloomed from the ground 
only at this house 
the windows smashed 
the white paint peeling 
but there wasn't an empty feeling. 
the house; abandoned, yet not forgotten
...and the violet flowers 
  were something to mask 
  the terrible things 
  of the house's past.

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Something haunts the moon

Something haunts the moon's face I cannot fathom now
Something I should trace, but cannot put into place
A silence that quietly sleeps on that beautiful brow
A hint of sadness veiled by the brightness of her grace

Is it the little star, bright and following closely behind
Is it the memory of death, picture of a missing child
Something more is there, and to which my soul is blind
Something about the moon tonight ... a thought exiled

Like me on foreign shores, like my heart for God's heaven
Pining the journey to make it back again, to find
My origin without myth or emptiness of the airy leaven
Orbited by days and shriveling sun, I ever pine

To escape time's orbit that recycles me over the same
Mountains and valleys and salt threshing seas 
Again and again, and keep me cold in shivering flame
How much will I know, how far can I get on bended knees?

O moon, something here that does not meet the eye
Tonight, something you but cannot share, something sure
Of our life, beauty is a thin disguise for our permit to die
Exiled in mortal bodies, we long for something more.

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Untitled #309 / Jenny

“Jenny, I got your number
I need to make you mine
Jenny, don’t change your number”

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Taking hope out of a gloomy day
is like living without a hopeful heart;
and waiting for miracles without praying
is bringing on a specter of infidelity,
which disrupts my daily living...
making me ponder faith with distrust!

Before it rains, I hope for a rainbow at five...
believing that it will there for me to admire,
not merely imagining, but envisioning its beauty;
what is hidden from the eyes shouldn't be a mystery,
and this Humankind has created myths and legends
for the ones lacking the sixth sense!

Embarking on that journey of incognito,
solely relying on this overburdensome ego,
causes me to experience inquietude
in a most unfovarable latitude;
and freedom is confined in short miles,
when my ship comes to an halt for guidance!

Before it rains, I'll see myself securing the anchor,
and step on the pier of the safest harbor...
waving at the fading rainbow over the refulgent horizon;
taking pride and remembering the grueling fright
of a captain who never displayed a doubt...
even when the storm dashed the agitated ocean!

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Why is “someday” such a sad word?
When one like “never” is so much worse?
Why....why “someday”?

Why is “someday” such a sad, sad word?
Perhaps the saddest one I’ve ever heard...
Why “someday”?

has somebody
Except me, it seems
but that's not why I want to leave

So out of it
feel “out of it”
Never was in
can't find the way 

"Life’s one big bluff
Keep a straight face
Don’t let ‘em see your cards."

Yeah, life’s one big God-forsaken bluff
and I’m about to jump off

Someday, I thought you’d find me
Someday, I thought you’d love me
But someday ....
someday NEVER CAME

“Someday,” they say, “You’ll find somebody.”
“Someday, you will be happy.”
“Someday, life will mean something.”
But someday I'll be SICK of waiting

Someday, you’ll see why it can’t be
Someday we’ll ALL be sorry
One day
sweet day
I’ll find my way 
out of this body.

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Sands of the Future

She moves to the darkness, 
      Followed by the lunar light,
She cast a shadow over the sands that are moving by night,
      The movement of her body eclipses the motion of the waves, 
      These sands are what she truly craves,
She casts a sound to the winds of time, be not forgiving, just be blind,
She is one with the stars above, casting her light to the ones she loves,
      Knowing the flow of things to pass, she leaves us to the sands from witch we cast.

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~Sorrow Of Life~

                           I try to look in the mirror it starts erasing me

                          until the only thing i see is a mask of blizzery

                       it filled up with moments of cold thoughts of misery

               I think i ate the poisoned apple that snow whites supposed eat

                            cause now I'm living another life like Dorothy

                             oh, spoke to soon here it comes there i go

                              the tornado that makes the volcano blow.

               -dedicated to the LIFE i live, dedicated to the LIFE that gives.

        ~Tanner Cox

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It all comes back

Everything comes back

To all who’ve acted cold
Here’s a message loud and bold
Be careful what you do, it all comes back
What you be doing now
It will pay you back somehow
Somewhere further on along the track.

One does not need no books
Of old and dusty looks
To learn this truth, just take a look at life
All those bad moves you have made
Do they ever really fade
Be honest, don’t they cause your mind some strife?

It be wrote within your heart
To make good things a part
Of life, the value seems to be quite high
Yet do another wrong
The comebacks can be strong
You have to learn this truth before you die

When you’re young, you never learn
You might not feel concern
There be no time to feel those pangs of guilt
Yet the damage you have done
Like a flower in the sun
Might someday cause your heart to sadly wilt.

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Wood Pecker

Wood~Pecker; Wood~Pecker,
Peck My Tree Drive Me Hollow
Til' I Scream~Cream..

Don't Waste Time Go At
A Steady "Pace," So I Don't 
Loose Sweat Nor Faint.

Your Long Beak Slams Like:
Hammers N' Nails When My 
Heart, Pounds Hard N' Heavys 
Beat: Sending It Through The 
Roof: Is Where I Want To Go.

Another Good Blow,
With One More Ounce 
Of Good Love; I Am 
Bound To Give You
All That You Need.

Say's The Wood Chuck; Chuck....

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By Ombuge Moses

The river is dry
Plant weathered
Dry for wood
Wood for fire
The ground dusty
Bear feet women weak
Children loud cry
Wail in pain
Music has stopped
Dance no more
Rhythmic lost

The animal is carcass
Dead bonny no meat
Birds try walk
Fly is difficult
Dust in the eye
Ear too deaf
The wings no flap
Flap no flip
The strength is gone
The ground burning

The wind too hot
The rhythm is new
Dust in the eye
Shed under tree
In blanket men sleep
Covered to head
The strength is gone

Wood in plenty
Food not to find
Cooking is history
In books to write
Plate in plenty
Metallic is best
Awaits the food
Dust in the eye
Painful to the eye
The people suffer
My village is home
Home to thatches
Home that houses
Houses of a problems

The river is dry
The strength is gone
Dust in the eye
Birds try walking

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diggin on you

say baby can i talk to you?
i see you across the way 
staring at me with such curiosity
baby i wanna know what your name is 
youve gotten my attention by your pretty smile
your soft dark smooth skin
Im diggin on you like im feeling true love for the first time

who i am? is not important
baby im diggin you 
so just tell me what you wanna do?
you got my attention now im staring at you with curiosity
can i be your slave baby? 

im diggin on you 
from your pretty smile baby
to your soft nice brown skin
i just wanna know you girl 
Im diggin on you baby 
I got a love jones for ya

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The Nocturnal Curse

We will meet again 
Like thousand times before 
Beauty and her ugly beast . 
Mincing morning smile , 
Involved in our prolonged , repeated , possible conversation
Running away from the spears of direct feelings , 
Rambling in the emptiness of the day hours , till it get dizzy  
And pour its torturing , merciful departure on our heads . 
Destroyed .. I come back  
Like thousand times before  
To sink in my heavy darkness ; 
In mud ; like overwintering frogs , 
And see you in your incredible haze , 
Blasting , get higher gaily , out of the impossible limits of reason  
Till your eyes trammel in my eyes for a time 
Like thousand times before , 
And question passes in your mind , 
And your lips murmurs in baffler common-sensical 
A very very far answer . 
O my flower .. my beauty curse 
If you could only know what pain inside this mud ,
If you could only understand its heavy bearing and weakness 
If you saw your hands is fog , 
Your heart is fog , 
Your soul is fog . 
If you saw the night in your eyes a gate of a crushed city by thousand armies , 
And saw your little heart in the fallen streets distributed on the horses shoes and 
hawks beaks ; 
You would cry .. as I surely did . 
And fail .. like thousand times I failed 
To hang with a tiny , tiny smile .. 
In the meeting time . 
And leave .. like thousand times I left , 
Without your heart trembling and ask you to stay . 
And ramble .. Like thousand times I rambled , from the capture of the words , 
In our prolonged , repeated , possible conversation 
To dream of sleeping on my hands . 
O my beauty .. we will meet again 
Like thousand times .. we will meet again ; 
Beauty and her ugly beast . 
Mincing morning smile 
Involved in our prolonged , repeated , possible conversation .. 
Running away from the spears of direct feelings ; 
As a curse brought your heart down , 
From its incredible haze . 
As a curse brought my heart up , 
From its heavy mud . 
As a curse wondering every night by the evening 
Collecting the hearts from the horses shoes and hawks beaks , 
And give them .. some soul .

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Hello... Hello...

Hello, Hello
What are you doing there?
Hello, Hello
I'm looking at you here.
Hello, Hello
My knife is in my hand.
Hello, Hello
How long can you stand?

I crashed through the window
And sliced open your throat
I killed your damn goldfish
And sunk his damn boat
I killed your whole family
And killed your best lover
I whacked off your privates
So now you can't love her
I stabbed your cold eyes
And ate your damn toes
I ripped open your flesh
And stole your old bones
Your skull was so soft
I stabbed it clean through
Your bones are so weak
So weak and so you
You ran and you screamed
I ripped your tongue out
You crapped in your pants
You can no longer shout
I ripped out your hair
One hair at a time
I shaved skin off your head
So slick with red grime
I cut you over and over
Until you were a nice even red
The hot liquid burning
The sheets through the bed
You can't die and you'll watch this forever
The day that you died, over and over.

Goodbye, Goodbye
What are you doing there?
Goodbye, Goodbye
Are you alright my dear?
Goodbye, Goodbye
My job is done here.

Hello... Hello...

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A Road to Nowhere

A road to nowhere A picturesque scene of trees turning bare Fresh autumn scents filling the air And a young woman on a journey traveling from here to there With a slow, steady pace and tapping shoes She creates an east rhythm to hum along to Walking along, not a care in the world Living her life, and living it well The cool crisp air softly blowing at her knees Coming throughout the autumn trees For a moment it almost seems Things aren't really ever as bad as they tend to seem Soaking in the last bit of light with a peaceful flow She passes along the last few trees with golden leaves shinning abode The now setting sun begins to give off a warm orangey red glow Setting off her long blonde hair as it moves to and fro Then out of the gleaming sky Fighting her rising fear from deep with inside Her heartbeat quickens, as she tries keeping a steady stride Hairs prickling up upon her neck, a raven screeches as it swoops by The absence oh heat, so abrupt Leaves her with chills, so corrupt Touching her soul as if almost freezing up Upon her face lay a perfect cut A gush of wind cuts across her chest And her forehead quickly covers with little beads of sweat Just as she's starting to fear she can't go on She twirls and turns then starts to run She whirls around but falls to her knees Blood slowly dripping down from her cheek The raven appears with an open beak Ans lets out a bloodcurdling screech "Raven, Raven, oh please don't die!" She laughs And looks upon the bird with a menacing smile Then lets out a satisfying sigh "Just please don't die" She gracefully stands with blood-lust filled eyes Her tapping shoes carrying her off into the night Her Raven black hair rocking to and fro And off down the road to nowhere she goes
Inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

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Love Triangle

Ive been in love for sometime
but im diggin another guy
what am I suppose to do
I dont know who im gonna choose

im in a love triangle
im in love with two men in a row
I know I need to let one of them go
I dont wanna let one of them go

im in a love triangle
I dont know which way to go
im in a love triangle
I dont know which way to go

one caress me better than the other
one pha sho we both love each other
one spends more, hes my lova
I love them both the same
not than another

im in a love triangle
I dont know which way to go
im in a love triangle
I dont know which way to go

Ive been in love for sometime
but im diggin another guy
what am I suppose to do
I dont know who im gonna choose

Im in a love triangle...

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The rays of Sun cannot reach this earthly surface
Since the sunshine is eclipsed and glows no more.
Some ominous obsession is haunting like menace.
Something is rotten at heart of earth, slightly sore.

Sin-drenched hearts, revengeful souls cannot feel
The sufferings of mankind, the sinking humanity
Nor their own downfall of that inner ethical zeal.
A dark shade covers, darkens their ethical sanity.

That luminescence of heart has eclipsed in dark
And emotion cannot fathom its diabolical depth.
In that core, now, some menacing monsters lurk
To eat up what illumines us with its serene breath.

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You say you know no saviour,
You say you know no God. 
But find your scripts and rosary,
You'll need them when I'm done. 

Seven armies couldn't stop me.
Seven horsemen couldn't budge
All that I have inside me,
And that I've become. 

Never underestimate your enemies
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet.
Never underestimate your enemies
Or what I'll do for victory.
Shield your eyes so you don't see
That I'm not done yet. 

Happiness; I've done all I can.
Loneliness, let go of my hand.
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet. 

Drink your holy water and cleanse inside,
I'm waiting until midnight.
I won't stop until I hold your heart.
I won't stop until own your soul. 

This evil plays such a pretty song,
You know the words now sing along.
Oh the notes they sound so sweet
In this dark, dark, dark symphony. 

Happiness; I've done all I can.
Loneliness, let go of my hand.
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet.

Never underestimate your enemies
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet.
Never underestimate your enemies
Or what I'll do for victory.
Shield your eyes so you don't see
That I'm not done yet

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The Final Chapter

Gazing into the abyss
Some refer to as fate
Slowly coming to realization
Conclusions must wait

Balance long since forgotten
The cycle lays in neglect
Starvation due to combination
So easy to reflect

Blending a self centered frame of mind
With an industrial lust for power
Creating destruction
All resources being devoured

It’s like observing a train wreck
In the slowest form of motion
So interesting it shall be
Filled with commotion

This book is near end
And we are still chasing after
The meaning of existence
As we enter the final chapter

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Everything I can’t remember
Seems to make more sense to me
When did it happen?
How could this come to be?

Seemingly so simple
Yet complex in their own
I sit there and stare
Waiting for the phone
To ring just once
Waiting and watching
For just one person to talk to me

Yet all the things I cant remember
Seem to make more sense to me
Clearly now
Are all the things I fail to see

Ive been doing so much lately
That things have gotten so out of hand
I need a vacation
Put my feet up in the sand

All the things I cant remember
Seem to make more sense to me
And all the faces o so vague
Yet so familiar they do seem

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BiRD from our home

Love is love, 
that's what he said
there's no doubt in my mind
love for him's in my head.

Because who say's hello, 
when you were thinking of them?
When I didn't say hi
he just understands

a young face and a catchy smile
boy you light my night 
when others are in denial
of the life they could have
the beauty you create 
with just two hands 
I think I call this fate

You have a pen, 
and I a pencil 
together we're gonna make something special
you're gonna paint something I've never seen
and I'll be sitting there, a queen, fit for a king

You're a gem
shining bright
you light up my life
make me feel like I could write
something about the way you can finish my sentence
You know nothing about me 
but I'm your perfect acquaintance

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Embrace what mystically is known to be true; 
That which we seek is our destiny.  
Each milestone mastered open wisdoms door. 
Destiny’s face is revealed; slowly as we soar. 
The feeling is thrilling and God knows we’re willing; 
For change is the beauty of our “Masters’ “design.  

Cherish time spent to develop our minds.
Even fears that caused tears, taught lessons we learned;  
And with His help we embraced all that we yearned.  
Overcome each obstacle and gird your strength well; 
Don’t dare let it go, ‘cause what we embrace can be heavy, you know?  

God’s inscrutable wisdom we may not understand.
Still we trust in his judgment, and follow his plan; 
Just make sure faith is hearty; and we will walk hand-in-hand, 
As, fearlessly, we embrace our destiny.

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The Colorado Kid

We took the morning by storm
Just another day in Maine
Until we met the Colorado Kid
He sat back on the beach
Holding remains of his death
His blue lips showed his last breath 

Seagulls on the whim
Never knowing him
Picking up his last meal
Showing off his muscles
Never looking back
Kicking buckets till his last

Authorities never pleased 
Can’t we identify him?
No more clues for the Eldorado  
A pack of smokes in his breast
Autopsy shows the lungs clean
But they were bought from Colorado

A long way from his babe
She came a year right after
She saw his face in the paper
A good job and nice house
Why would he leave his life there?
Traveling worlds meeting his maker.

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Dreaming In My Reality

Breathing so hard
Mind racing fast
Where the hell am I?
That's all I can ask
Unfamiliar faces
Way too familiar pain
Same ass picture
In an unfamiliar frame
My vision is blurry
But, Temporarily becomes clear 
No matter the clarity
Im still drowning in fear
Lack of understanding
Searching for a clue
Wait, this is a dream
So what should I do
I control this scene
That's at least thats what i thought
I pushed and I shoved
I yelled as I fought
He's trying to keep me
He wont let me escape
My eyes wont open
Its as if they were sealed with tape
I feel like I'm in a episode of a twisted "Criminal Minds"
I see whats happening
At the the same time I'm still blind
I find myself somewhere different every single time
O lord please wake me up 
Now your seriously playing with my mind.
Now they are laughing at me as if this dream was all real
Whats this misleading concept
Whats the freakin deal?
Sweat now soaking my pillow
My eyes somehow unlatched
Looking around in a dark room
Felt like I was just in a crash
I must get up and walk this dream away
It felt so real as if my reality contained this dismay
Cold water against my skin and a prayer on the side
That's only thing that would rid my dangerous illusions
No longer did i want to fight.
Why these reoccurring dreams?
What is my reality trying to say?
Until i figure out this puzzle 
All I can do is pray

Kioshi Love <3

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Girl, your past was a beautiful castle
You were a princess and had your man
Seemed your dreams were coming true
But your plans were on sinking sand

The ocean waters began to rise
The waves whipped their foam about
And when the tide had all come in
You were sadly left with little doubt

All your hopes got washed away
Inside and out you were all alone
You weren't dead but weren't living
Left without a love to call your own

Before you curse those ocean waves
That made shambles of your past
Know you'll rise from a water grave
Resurrected to a love that will last

Even now the current is pulling me
Sweet princess I am on my way
I'm riding waves to find your love
Your tide of hope comes in today

I'm coming for you today
When I come I'm going to stay

I'm coming for you today
When I come I'm going to stay

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And the toil of the gods was great part 2

And the toil of the gods was great paert 2                                                                           
Soon the inescapable truth will come hurdling home once again
We may face the end of life and dreams or we may finally ascend and be reborn
Together we must forge the path forward so as one we can understand where we have been
Once again they will set out in search of sustenance for a home that’s bloody and torn
In their code they will take with then the infinite knowledge of the ancients
Another planet a different sun, light-years away more of our people toil on
Now as we face the summit and re nearer the apex we do with their absence
Too much time has passed since the first fathers came and since they had gone
This immortal spirit remains trapped within this fragile shell
Our souls and blood hold the key to a powerful wisdom but the lock evades us all
Still the war is raging no gods or demons and not for tales of heaven and hell
A boundless eternal soul is the prize, defeat will be fatal the ultimate downfall
So many questions we ponder so often oddly frequent
What evolves to feel dread or fear where’s the need to dread ones own death
A celestial being is meant to be whole and completely transient
The coming test we must not fail or we will all share our last dieing breath
The veil can be lifted and the secrets in the palms of our hands
Moving thru time hurdling in space as the universe expands
The true forms we were denied but with salvation we may return to the creation
No longer bound no longer chained and never again forsaken
They forced on us the mind now the peace and liberty must be taken
Soon will see we all die or become one aware feeling boundless wise immortal and free


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The End

The end creeps closer 
The day grows near
Darkness cloaks the daylight
I think it’s finally here

Strangers passing by
Unaware of what is real
And when life is over 
How will it feel?

In our waning hours
Passion wants to moan
Release your inhibition
Let your spirit roam

Shadows on the ceiling
Dance to the tune
No one there to see them
In the empty room

Creatures of the evening
No longer appear
The moonlight doesn’t linger
Sounds are quite unclear

The army of darkness
Slowly marches near
Don’t try to fight it
They feed from your fear

Trade all you own
Just to have a good time
It was worth it 
You were in your prime

You know it’s over
When you hear the wind cry
Meet the inner demon
He winks his eye

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The Time Has Come

When our time has come,
And our lives are done,
Could we say that this was fun?
Will we leave our mark upon this town,
Before we are chased out,
And left alone to shout?

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Orpheus My Valentine Not Dead

Last night I believed I saw three Witch Beings 
relent and cast down from winter moon 
Orpheus, free riding.  

Happy all with his magical lyre.
Not in bereavements of old, 
no traps and lures set with crying, 
he called to me.

His sun-gold limbs were elegant intact.
Feet swift where night wind took him.
Blood red were his cheeks and marked,
telling where he’d been.

By fate or by plan that night he came
into my darkened room, my bed.
His whispered song tenderly to hold me.
Orpheus, my valentine, not dead.

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Marie III--Is the Coffin Too Deep

So frigid was her immaculate body Her last second in screams is all I can see Love's revenge was my guilt With you I'd rather let you die with Bound hands Without you, Marie, like the psychopath's dream Death is all that I can see; All that could redeem Did anyone ask Did anyone recall The sweet taste of the poison The swift slash of the knife he penetration of the lead The pain of her decaying heart I can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep? Was it so hard to solve Was it so hard to see That I strangled her so easily My nails piercing her comely skin Blood dripping like the pomegranate I crushed with the shovel I shattered her shins The knife to slight her wrists Didn't you see I did it all The only witness Couldn't say Is the coffin too deep? The pain of her decaying hear tI can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep? Marie I cant stay Earth is to cruel when your coffin is to deep Forever in death and in death alone The pain of her decaying heart I can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep?

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Sitting on a smooth rock
as waves crash into it...foaming,
and splashing their salty water on me;
it is warm and soothing after burning
on dunes of sand...listening to rock,
and one of the songs caught my fancy...

The dreamer who follows the stars
is an unloved soul running from time,    
searching for secrets in this Universe...
but finding only sympathy for himself;
he can see the sea-birds in flight,
and wishes more peace at every sunset!  

This pen dashes all thoughts off,
to relieve this mind of unwanted clutter,
clearly seeing beyond the noiseless shore;
and like survivors of a shipwreck:
I let out a deep breath, to feel life 
at its best ,and joyfully play my clarinet...

The dreamer who follows the stars
 loses their traces into space,
they go further and further and disappear from his sight;
he counted them all when they stood still and shone
above the ragged canyons of a dreary moon in silverlight, 
and how can he hope for their return and not dream alone?  

Fugitive darkness gives away to dazzling sun-rays,
the shrills of the gathered sea-gulls, by the beach-house,
bring me back to an existence of joyful laughs; 
I am repulsively sad to have fallen into sleep,
to have missed moments that could have inspired, indeed,
another song for the dreamer who followed the stars!

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Locked Up

Locked up, struggling to figure out why I am being punished now for the mistakes of my 
past. Yeah I may have ran away four different times but people do change. Now I am sitting 
here seven months pregnant, my fiance is on the outs waiting patiently for me. Seventeen 
years old and I have two children now, trying to finish high school. I got my prioritoes 
straight, but I can't do anything while I am sitting here locked up. My mistakes from my past 
are haunting me. People think that they know how badly that I have been hurt, but no body 
really knows but me. Locked up, trying to figure out why I am now being punished, when I 
wasn't even taught the difference between right and wrong. Locked up for the stupidest thing 
with no one to turn to for help.

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Believing in You

To learn from the needy,
To care for the strong,
To reach for the heavens,
Where we all belong.

To climb every mountain,
Atop every hill,
To find out my purpose,
The good Father's will.

To fly like an angel,
From pond to lakeshore,
To venture the valleys,
Seen never before.

To swim through the  waters,
Of sparkling streams,
To soar through the vast clouds,
Of peace and of dreams.

To travel off Earth,
To a place quite unknown,
To witness my eyes,
Where the birds have not flown.

A place that is fruitful,
WIth flowers and trees,
With fresh air and water,
A song in the breeze.

And last but not least,
With my kind, loving friends,
A pastime, a party,
Where peace never ends.

To make all this happen,
Seems like such a chore,
But that what beliefs, and our dreams
Were made for.

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Just How much you mean to me

Just how much you mean to me
In words I can never say
My feelings for you grow
Each beautiful new day

Just how much you mean to me
This poem could never show
For now Its Just an easy start
I Just want to make sure you know

Just how much you mean to me
Whether near or miles apart
I'll remember you forever more
And you'll always be in my heart

Just how much you mean to me
Time will hopefully tell
How long will I be able to keep you
Under my binding spell?

Just how much you mean to me
Will always be what counts
No matter what we face
We'll find a way to surmount

Just how much you mean to me
These simply words can never show
Never doubt my feelings for you
Remember them wherever you go

Just how much you mean to me
I'll figure out one day
Just know that you're In my heart
And thats where you'll always stay

Just how much you mean to me
In this poem I'll cease to portray
I love you more than I may know
I guess thats what I've been trying to say

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I am the confidant of many, 
a healer of weary souls, 
they come to me with questions, 
and tales of their ample woes. 

I advise and console their broken,
and bleeding hearts, 
for I know how it feels,
to be ripped and utterly torn apart. 

What can one so humble as I;
I often conclude with query short and sweet; 
do for a true master-poet; 
who muses others as he speak?

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Torrent of cries ,
Roll out of your eyes ,
Tale was hardly true 
Too sneaky to trace the clue,
Thunder flashes you by
Demon flies in your eyes.

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<>Don't miss the lyrics
while listening to the melody
the melody are all yours
 Don't ask me my name
but identify me by my nature
don't ask your friend if i'm around
your neighbor cant tell you my best
 The whole world knows m name
but few are able to identify me
many enjoy my melody
but little know the lyrics and all agree that i'm sweet
 I then look at them as ignorant s
some people said because of me they
are cheated another said
they capture them because of me
 I then asked people why
I've said it times without numbers
my name is not enough
you need to know me in person
that's when you can fell
and know my nature
My melody is not enough
you need to know the lyrics
for you to know the message
i'm trying to pass and not be carried away

I don't desire to loss anyone
so why die because of me
i'm to put smile on every face
why then do you cry because of me
 Some say I'm scared
and some doubt it if i
truly exist when I'm always
around for people, but there
is no reasonable communication
between us which give ways for
strange occurrence
 Try to know me especially
who i am and search little 
for my name

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They spread across the table
to sway injuries of oak stained smothers, 
Just as though my values in obscure realities, 
comfortable by the sound of thrashing drums, 
the acoustic vigilant in the distance... 

The spread carried little suspense...
and emerged in the deck, 
a prophet 
somehow who silenced the room 
as he turned his back, 
then unearthed a whispered truth, 
admonished such self-deceit
in an underworld of resisted certainty, 
wasting the lives of those I love 
countering gifts of wisdom

No wheels would spin he told, 
Though quickly change is in each gust, 
Reached deep into the robe, and revealed
2 wands I now hold 
upside down in doubt of all my courage, 
defeated behind a coverlet of denial.

Yet in the distance...
as I consumed what I knew to be true, 
There was glimpse 
a High Priest who smiled, 
delivered 9 wands of fire
told me experience 
will draw me out of any doubt, 

and so my thoughts then vestured on you, 
allowed myself to retrace, 
and I stirred with belief as I requested faith, 
Then dared to ask a Priest so High
to show me what love might convey...
and upon waters of tainted dreams
and the lady who should carry hope 
Was fear.. 
then in a moment of vulnerability
the moon pounced 
just to tell me I was fooling myself, 
and priest laid the last sign for me that night..
my duty to accept the card of disillusioned.
but I don't know.

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What's it to you

I Find myself in perplexity trying to figure the complexities surrounding a question cos effectively one person has yet to answer this acceptably because more often than not its subjectively so I continue to view it objectively take it on board selectively and put it together collectively. How do ya live a life successfully?
Since its been going on perpetually thinking about it interlectually time is best served living in ecxtasy. I don't mean it sexually cos it certanly ain't necessity. I'm talkin wide eyed, full of life. Make them see the best of thee. The whole point is to question me but please ask intrestingly. If ya don't care then don't invest in me. Its your time so rest and be assured, no point in stessingly thinkin bout mine when essentially ya shud be thinkin bout yours.

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I throw bottles in the sea
and they follow their destinies
for years and years.

Every day, religiously,
I come back.
I sit on the pier.
The big ships have gone.
The quiet sea predicts a storm.

Seven small waves caress my feet
Iemanjá smiles.
She is beautiful, our majesty of the sea.

Something touches me.
A bottle.
There's a message inside.
I don't know if I should open it.
I don't know if I should read it.
I don't know if I rip it up.
I don't know if I should break the bottle
or if I should take it home.

I hesitate
in ecstasy and emotion,
contentment and fear.
I shake. I freeze.

One second goes by.
One second is enough.
(Mystery we don't understand.)
(Mystery we can't translate.)

The universe streches
in front of me
and I can't see the miracle.

A wave breaks,
pulling the bottle in an undercurrent,
and before I can open its seal
_it is gone 
(there it goes once again)
toward the open sea.
It's there.
Impossible to be found.

Patricia Evans

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the eloquence of -  
the song of the syllable
the tone, like solemn Gregorian chant, 
tympanically resonant to hear
beautiful as deep-red Tiffany glass
stoned echo of Morpheus 
a Morpheme of the god of dreams
the language is a beautiful thing
to hear - enunciated, emancipated,
softly muscular moves,
especially whispered into ear

© Goode Guy 2013-02-04

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You Take Me Higher

Will I say: “I made a difference”? 
Will I say: that I stood out? 
Will I say: “I gave it my all, beyond the shadow of a doubt”? 
When it is my time that comes, and when the end is near 
Will I accept the outcome? 
Will I have any fear? 
I’ve made so many mistakes 
My judgment’s not been right 
I’ve burned so many bridges 
But still, I see a light! 

It seems like every time I want to close the door, there you are, you hold the key, 
and I don’t know what for 

You take me higher 
You are the one 
I know you hold the key 
You take me higher 
You are the one 
What am I supposed to be? 

I am here 
You are there 
I am here 
You are there 

You take me higher 
You are the one 
I know you hold the key 
You take me higher 
You are the one 
What am I supposed to be? 

Will I say: “I made a difference”? 
Will I say: that I stood out? 
Will I say: “I gave it my all, beyond the shadow of a doubt”? 
When it is my time that comes, and when the end is near 
Will I accept the outcome? 
Will I have any fear? 
I’ve made so many mistakes 
My judgment’s not been right 
I’ve burned so many bridges 
But still, I see a light! 

You take me higher 
You are the one 
I know you hold the key 
You take me higher 
You are the one 
What am I supposed to be?

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Death by Murder

In a cold dark alley where deep shadows move
And an owl, large eyes stares and woos
When the silence is broken by a primal scream
That pierces the soul and shatters your dream

Once more a silence and then a thud
Something falling into the mud
Another scream that rips through the air
A sound so searing, so raw and so bare

A silver moon gliding between the clouds
Illuminating all that the darkness shrouds
A river of crimson on pebbled walk
A flower head lying without a stalk

A deathly white hand from the mud reaches
And glazed dead eyes there so beseeches
A pain terror expression upon this face
No longer a part of the human race

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The August Stars



What kind of lovely the stars are in August!

They are big and very bright,

Like eyes full of joy,

Like ripe grapes.


What kind of the sky is in August!

And the wind is so warm and kind

The mystery of last flowers’ love,

The mystery of the most tender lips in the world!

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Dilema Of Wisdom

Tragically I'm trapped, hypothetically speaking,
I'm stuck between two worlds.
Hidden behind a mountain of secrets and lies,
my silence was never heard.

Am I ready to take that leap,
to have my whole life being revealed.
Exposing my secrets, spilling the truth, 
will it end in a chaotic break or will someone be killed.

Is anyone truly ready to hear the truth,
listen to what I really have to say.
With so much wisdom I could offer up,
on any given day.

Embrace the knowledge it could change a life,
first, I need to accept there are things I can't change.
Just accept the terms that have been thrown at me,
and accept the dilemma of wisdom is out of my range.

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Mystic Vision

                  Through mystic visions of endless night.
         I caught a glimpse of a brilliant light.
                  A comforting warmth came over me.
        Once touched by a smile all the world could see.
                   I stood in awe,as her beautiful eyes began to dance.
         Then my heart stopped and my soul was in a trance.
                   Oh,what to do now,was my decision.
            The night I caught sight of the beautifully mystic vision.

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Demon Lover

He's the sound of rushing water near my window in the dark --
   The Muse who sings his secrets to my soul.
He's the flicker of a streetlamp watching couples in the park --
   A shiver in the midnight hour's toll.

He's the sweetness of seduction when he finds me in my bed --
   The incubus who dances through my dreams.
He's the scent of blood and roses making chaos in my head --
   And ev'ry bit as twisted as he seems.

He's the salty taste of teardrops like ambrosia on my tongue --
   The finely-crafted sacrificial knife;
He's a mem'ry of an echo never here, yet never gone --
   The terrifying ecstasy in life.

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The Night and Her Ways/Lost Under The Sun

there is a moon,
shining all alone
under all seas looming side to cloud
fall in our night and wait for the one who makes
slip in the prowl
the beasts hold night at growl
howling their sorrows
move midnight forever is tomorrow
come to our dark we run deep in the dusk
trust your lost soul while wait here for the sun

trust your yearning haven safely break
grey sky a-standing
standing far astray

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun 
lost under the sun

there is a place
marble floor and blue
there is a space 
that was meant for what was you
summer now white a different sort of lone
cold in our skin deeps
looking towards our glow

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun

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The Shore Awaits

My head is heavy
with loneliness
as i sail into the moon
watching my reflection
run in circles
over and over i see
the deepest part of me
become lit with enmity
and endless misery
for it's difficult to look forward
when you live in a memory
and it's hard to kill 
the voices that torture you
when those voices
come from your own mind
Why must I
hurt myself so?
hoping for a better tomorrow
when i make it
so it never shall be so?
I must find a way
to outsmart my sadness
to look past my own
to let my feelings go
to let go of my fear
and to finally let go
of the thought of finding
a better world
So from this day forth
and this night that is to fall
I will set my sail forever
I will never stop moving forward
and i shall ride the lightning
and swim in the tsunami
because i can overcome 
any odds that i already have not faced
I will find the land and shores of bliss
just speaking of the thought
makes me taste the sands 
of times to come
follow me into the abyss
and i promise
the shore awaits

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Chapter 27

Dear Ma I don't mean to write a letter and flee,
but it seems I got the Devil in me.
This average Joe tested my manhood and now
I have to teach him a lesson,
bullet wounds to his chest will leave him breathless
"I'll be out in a second."
Slipped on my jeans, tank top, t-shirt and jacket,
and my Nike's, gray gloc, I'm nervous but fact is.
When I see him won't stop from merkin' this bastard,
Send him to Jenah all shot curdled up in casket.
Before I leave I hit the kitchen
for breakfast I'm hungry,
a couple candy bars, drinks, some
wheat breat and turkey.
Some pocket money I hit the door in a hurry
I left a letter on the kitchen table when mom reads it
"Lord Have Mercy!"
I had the stash in my pack jumped in the Lac put my pack
in the back gave Chief dap put the,
match to my black relaxed and chatted casually,
"Chief I think he hussles right up the block, him we gonna have to see."
The Reaper he gonna have to meet,
this son of a b---h caught me in an alley
put a gat to me and took my cash from me.
Swung his fist and tap my cheek see I ain't have to bleed
I hope he with his boys I'll rat a tat his peeps "they all no match for me."
I think the Devil's after me, please calm down
laugh and breath
don't get overheated cause he can blast at you.
"Chief I see him on 22nd, right their with the all white Sean John
and my diamond cut necklace!"

-----------in the middle of the story, I shoot the person and his girlfriend not
knowing who his girlfriend is, and here comes the twist in this poetic story----------

This can't be happening to me, that's what you'd hear
if my eyes talked
I shot my COUSIN down on the sidewalk.
I didn't know that she was cool with this figure,
if I wouldn't have known that I wouldn't have fooled with the trigger.
I placed my cousin's neck in my palm
carressing her arm,
I looked to the left and surely there was her mom.
I'm sorry, I really am......
Devil says, "It doesn't matter cause for life now you're eternally damned
now give me your hand."


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As the evening sun dipped in the blood-red horizon,
A gust of Silence came, whispered and then hushed
The warm air that was hastily passing the dungeon
Of thick scrub where the quivering grasses blushed.

The last flickering of Sun vanished and it was time.
Darkened, It was time for hunting and to be hunted.
The primordial cycle of hunt began in a raw chime
Of survival for the fittest. All hunt now enchanted.

Night here is so horrifying, even the Breeze dares
To sound its airy hum. Predators roam everywhere.
From the high branches, dark caves, dark soil-crater
And thick bushes, the primordial Eye of Death stares.

The Primordial creatures trample, fly, glide, clutch
With their teeth, claws, peaks soaked in the blood.
Creatures perish, new creatures emerge here in such
A world of Hunters, Hunted. All wander like cloud.

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Day Dream II

Dreams of what will be for thee,
To behold the beauty of the night,
The light that shines across the universe,
What will be for thee,
All round we see the darkness of the new light,
The light from dreams born to the void of forgetfulness,
Light from within that once burn bright,
Now lies beyond the realm of lost dreams,
Surrounded in the new darkness,
As we stand in the shadow of wonder,  
What will be for thee.

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When I was walking down the hall I felt a pain that hurt me
poignantly but it was not really there

When I was walking up the stairs I met a man who was not there
and he was not there again to day- oh how I wish he'd fade away!

When I was at the table alone I spoke with a lady who was dressed
in grass and cotton but she was not there and maybe I was not either

There just is not a way to know when we are dreaming is there?
Nevertheless dreams do come true some times

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Just Love and Peace

Simple as that, just love and peace.
Writing for all who need a release. 
Writing for those who can't seem to find 
A poem that compliments days and nightime.

Dream time comes I wake but don't write.
No need to bother, be silly laugh light.
I plea for comedic, no drama because, 
it makes things pecuilar and creates too much buzz.
So the lesson plan today is simply just laugh.
Just peace and love, you hold the bat.

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The toys are Broken

I dreampt that everyone
vanished without a trace
and I was the only one
wearing blue that day
never felt soo happy
never felt soo alive

I dreampt that everyone
lived in houses that were all the same
and I was the only one
who couldn't slide
never felt soo lonely 
never felt soo alive

I dreampt that everyone
was famous
and I was the only one
smiling that day
never felt soo special
never felt soo alive

I dreampt that everyone
had the same dream as me
but I was the only one
God spoke to
Never felt so righteous
never felt so alive

One room leads to the next
it goes on and on
but it just never ends
One story
alone cannot make proper sense
so they go on and on and on and on
but it just never ends
One thought
uncovers all the rest
it goes on and on and on and on
until everyone forgets
One song
breaks the code of silence
but goes on and on and on
until everyone forgets
One memory
leads to the next room
it goes on and on and on
but never makes sense

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That little drop of rain that touches me gently,
While others run away scared...
Thank you for your gentle acceptance
Didn't really know how close you are
The lightning that screams and seems upset
Thank you for reminding me
That I am nothing without you
The never ending obsession with the rainbow
Thank you for making me wonder
The birds outside my opened windows
That cherish your name every morning
Thank you for letting me know that you are always cherished
Even when I forget
I love myself because how can I love others if I don't know what love is
I am because of a word…..

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I am the chaos
I am the song
I am the reverberation
portentous, specious
and tiresomely overlong
I am the creation
I am the spring
Deadening quiet trees
Gardening souls through corrupted space
I am the hours
I am the chill
Forfeiting drawn, crushed evenings
To fold an encouraging breath
Around my chaos
I am the solitude
I am the urn
Into which fastidious comcerns 
Are continually poured
Evolving into resurrected dreams
I am the blessed
I am the scorned
From conspiratorial valleys
Of pastures worn
that breed and give hope to all
With a dew-drop melody I prolong
I am the life
the obstacle chaos breeds
And the eternal song
I am the sin
I am the hollow
an enveloping clarion of tainted vice
Preaching an undisclosed epitaph that communion binds
For I am the truth
And I will perpetually unwind.

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The Wedding of the Century

the groom,
the sun, deified the time
and denied the dark its peak,
shimmering in his faded orange apparel
his eyes brilliantly blazing, brazen and bold
found a gazing spot
at the heart of the brown sea
and whispered with quivering lover's lips
"come up to me and taste of my love"

the bride,
the sea,deified space
with wrapper of blue wound round her waist
flirty, flitty and fidgety
her body danced with seductive rhtym
she spread sprawlingly on the spaceles sandbed
a bride expectant of a reluctant groom
burning,  she bellowed from deep below
"come down and prove yourself a worthy lover"

the priest,
gravity, kitted in a monk's garb
ritually performed the nuptial rites
Toyin-blakkie was the bride's lone maid
Abdulkarim and I, the twosome groom's men

Hosted by the surf and sand of Kuramo shores
the three for the deaprture of one
feasted on a garnished gargatuan fish
there the sun walked the aisle by his aquaticbride

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Future, A Desolating Future(Part 2)

the sweet sun is bound to rest-
to melt is the tomorrow of the glaciers;
wither will be the daffodil, though at her best
to cry is the future of our laughters...

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the space filled burning stars
the atmosphere turns red and warm
all corners enclosed with rising walls
of the moon and sun and the rising storm

and you are by the sea
how i will just take you with me
grab you by the arm
and we'll stay in each other's hands
as long as the dream allows me to be ..

i put my head on your shoulders
and you'll put yours on mine
you take me from my back
and a lovely kiss so divine

and you are just a dream
that it is just what i want it to be
living in a long fantasy
upon wishing a reality
how i wish it will stay as long..
as it can be..

the night filled the sky
only darkness i see now

the night feels so high
from the sky to the ground

you are here with me
in this dreamland, 
i see

you are here with me

i wish you're a reality.

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Absolutely Captivating

The way she entered
Instantaneously stunning everyone in the room
Putting a hex on anyone in her path
Her bright eyes illuminate the room
A fresh perfume certainly intoxicating
As these whispers begin to stir
As this wondrous beauties extravagance
Radiates so much energy
Elevating a curious interest
She mingles ever-so graciously
Quite exquisite
Yet almost seeming coy 
She seems to be overdue for a real conversation
Due to her immense beauty
All of these delinquent amateurs waste her time
On pointless pick up lines
Maybe next time
You should exercise some civilized behavior
And you just may romanticize

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And Nothing Else Matters

I never opened myself this way,
I try to hide my evil everyday.
All of this I can't just say,
My darkened bed is where I lay.
I lived my life without a care,
A place to hide please take me there.
My emotions paint the walls with darkened splatters,
And nothing else matters.

I want to run away never looking back,
Prove all the people wrong talking smack.
But I can't bare to witness this any longer.
Take me to a new home.
I can't find it to care,
A place to hide please take me there.
My emotions paint the walls with darkened splatters,
And nothing else matters.

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I'm Wide Awake, The Dreams Are Gone (Part 1)

I woke from a dream the other day
To find the memories that had run
To faded images and distorted sounds
Of what was the lingering sensation
Of a blissful oblivion

I woke from a dream the other day
The monotone greys that filled the air
And notes that sounded flat as they rang out
Made me long for that one sensation
Of a blissful oblivion

I woke from a dream again today
Clinging to the one memory that
Had lasted as the rest faded from my eyes
A perfect picture of your face entwined
With such a beautiful grace

I woke from a dream again today
the images had faded, turned to
nothing as the reality had brought me crashing
back to earth with nothing but my mattress 
and pillow to break my fall

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In Shock

In that mouth:  gravity hides.  Weaves
A brand new world.  Broken millstone
Wrapped round the ankles.  Tortures of 
A sepia vision.  Forever there – eyes
Glazed and the lullaby of sleep.

Radio waves creating distorted spectres
On the membrane.  She cooks feasts. A
Detour through lazy days and nonsensical
Drawings.  Harps play in funeral pyres,
Ashes relaying messaging to those across the sea.

Screaming manifestos uttered by the false prophets.
Echoes of former time – dusty skin, rabid and raw.
Eaten in carved dwellings with parched lips.
Falling from rocky deserts, broken hearts
Captured in purges.  Modern economy.

Nameless ghosts tickle this side of reality.
No, divinity.  Degenerating woman grips with
Painted fingers to the ledge that’s close to
Breaking.  Flesh petals await her in the
Abyss.  She smiles though, adores.  

And falls.

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Shaking Out The Light

The blind can find it more easily than me.
Hidden in plain sight:  There, right there.
Wracked in pain, its loss shines bright.
Shaking out the Light.

All my questions, all my doubts,
falling on deaf ears.
Who hears or cares?
All has passed into the night.
Shaking out the Light.

The mystery of magic is within the sacred self.
The key to its unfolding is an unoccluded eye.
The words are long forgotten but the traveled path remains,
and so we walk unfettered despite our worldly pains. 

This heart marks time in fractured intervals.
Whispered in the dark, the truth denies
a nameless beast that hides from sight.
Shaking out the light.

How I thirst, my throat too dry to drink.
This cup will cure the wounded heart I think.
One sip resumes the endless fight.
Shaking out the light.

The mystery of magic is within the sacred self.
The key to its unfolding is an unoccluded eye.
The words are all forgotten yet the traveled path remains,
and so we walk unfettered despite our worldly pains. 

Combatant’s mirrored gaze stares back at me.
Freedom bought with fire burns within.
Sin reborn in dead of night.
Shaking out the light.

These words are said and sung aloud.
Their meanings dance.  The vision, 
blurred, demure and fragile, soon takes flight.
Shaking out the light.

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"Unlawful Break In" 2/15/09

in the night my hair is a missing 
pugged out with no hair on my fear (fare) pillow 
who comes in the night 
is it you, you bad bad fellow  
to hit my pride, and show me weak~
or sit (set) me up with your lies
to know my medical heal  (heath)
to change my soul (life) and make me dead~ 

aka:lyricvixen in slaver

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Janet (Dedicated to Janet Anderson from Sweden)


There is a blue star, Janet . . .

(from an unknown English poet)


Somewhere is a distant star

called Janet. Why?

One little girl flew there many years ago.

Nobody knew why she did this

or how she flew there.

But one familiar wind told me

about a great love Janet had

for the Little Prince

who lived on the star «B-612».

The famous French writer-pilot,

A. Saint-Exupery,

told about him in his book,

«The Little Prince.»

Janet flew toward the star, B-612,

but lost her way in the galaxy.

So now she is the Princess

of another star. 

Her little house is made of flowers. 

Many kind animals and beautiful birds

live near her. 

The star people love their Princess. 

But every evening, 

Janet goes to her garden. 

She looks at the sky

for a long time.

Janet waits for her beloved Little Prince,

and she believes he must fly to her.

Some day. Maybe.



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It reminds me somewhat of the wailing French woman PZ-

It’s a double-shot espresso at midnight
Where you filter my dreams into
Have-beens and maybe-nots
And I feel so alone

It makes me shiver upanddown my spine
The lone lines left in the vacant lies 
You abridged me with

It’s the smile of warmweather
Chalking up nuances of gators and florida
And orange – which I hate
(Just because it was your favorite color)

It’s a pastry in a darkartic bitterbrisk morning
When I numbed and bled my fingers raw
Typing – for you : of you

I want to paint the sky with all the colors
Of the life I’ve spent dying over you
It would be a palate of wonder
For any Picasso: who would dream of such a dementedmanic mona lisa

I fear even if I conquered all the known world
And brought it back in a handmaiden’s scarf
You would still throw me fast to the dogs: serfs to your trade
And let them muddle and scrounge on me for awhile

Until they grew restless wanting something younger and a bit more androgynous

I know I shouldn’t want to rip out my insides
When an old ford truck tinkers by
Or howl out into the night
Like a lone wolf whitewanting her mate

It’s a double-shot espresso at midnight
When all thoughts are scattered
And the whole world’s shattered
And I feel so alone

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Behind Bright Eyes

Behind bright eyes...
A life lives blind;
The pain of man... 
Not far behind. 
Looking into the mirror... 
At the fast fading disguise; 
Falling to my knees, 
And the demons rise... 

No control of the change...
In the heart of least resistance; 
No such trust in myself... 
An oddity within existence. 
You think you see the truth, 
But is that the real me? 
Caught in this distorted dream, 
Hidden behind what they see... 

Encaged on the inside, 
Trapped within this charade... 
Disagreements with society, 
Just fools on parade. 
The sun slowly rises, 
Awakening to the screams... 
All of the blurred memories, 
Living nightmares from dreams.

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Black Moon Rising

In the blackest pitch of night it rises when you least expect it
Highly sentient is this thing of darkness and you must respect it
Thriving in the astral plane, Immortal for the gods protect it
Volitile invasion, reads your mind, your thoughts, you can't reject it

Caution is the best defense to use when it is out and prowling
Nowhere you can hide, it senses fear; bloodthirst, you hear it howling
Underneath your bed not even safe, your thoughts betray your cowering
Always on the move, it follows you above your head it's towering

I have found that if you don't refuse the beast it will protect you
If you look it dead in the eye and call its bluff it will respect you
Then you'll be compelled to worship for its will is overpowering
And too late you'll notice piece by piece your soul it's been devouring

What you don't see will make your life cease to be if you ignore it
If you don't heed my advice you will bleed and die for it
Questioning why it is your turn to die there's no answer
Closing your eyes you will see...
Black moon rising!

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I'm A Freak

I am a freak

I am a freak

I am always a freak

Now, and again, I'm always here
And I know I am to be blamed
I don't deny that you will hate me one day
When that time comes
It will never be the same again

Just hope you accept me for who I am
Just hope you will understand

I am a freak

I am a freak

I am always and always be a freak

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Roses, the Story of Last Night

It’s amazing how you hold yourself
When those around you have fallen away
And there you were, to be or not 
They’ll whisper until you break
They’ll whisper until you bow

Visit’s the church of her Christ
But you know it’s not where you belong
They can’t tell you who to be
But then we wouldn’t have a song to sing

Flower girl in her mothers dress
She ran away from home
Knew her worst was she at her best
Handed down jewels around her neck

This is all of my runaway you may love
So it was goodbye to everything
When there was nothing left of you to steal
Something made up when nothing else was real

This loneliness was yours
Because no one knew how to keep your ease
And your family closed the doors
Replaced you 
With the love for something they had no use for

Roses in the air
As the weather smeared your smile
If this is where it ends
With the fragrance of a child
She was like roses in the air
You were scattered around your needs
A soft and gentle breeze
But the world was so careless with it’s touch
Her roses felt the air
When the world was not so nice
You held your tears at night

“story of last night”

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Better half

Instead of killing one another
we should learn to heal each other;
Instead of stealing from each other
we should give to one another;
Instead of lying all the time 
we should speak forth only truth;
In the  midst of what's destroyed 
you could be created new;
If the bad outweighs the good 
there is something you could do;
Slowly cast away your hate
until Gods' love shines through you;
Don't let the devil use you
with his lies and yet he laughs;
'cause his smile turns to a frown,
if learned to use your better half 

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everything that won't come back

Do you know 
Where the wind blows 
How do you go
To where the wind blows

On accompany bound 
North Carolina found
Down the coast 
Out the window of a greyhound 
Day dreams 
Just won’t let me sleep sound

“Life’s a gamble 
At terrible odds
If it were a bet 
How would you take it” 
Up at the lighthouse
Lake Superior, I’m here
Skating across the ice
Minnesota’s lovely winter song
Downtown Duluth
Across the red bridge on my own

It was a five card draw
Cocaine in an empty mans straw
Little blind short
It was big blinds bluff
Inordinate of a pack of Newport’s
Fell in love waving goodbye at the airport

Welcome back home
Were you lost or alone
Because you’re no one 
Just as were when you  left 
Did you find your fun
Hitchhiking all by yourself
I made it back to peace 
On a coarse to no where 
Fresh out of  Love Joy, Georgia 

Do you know 
Where the wind blows
How do you go
To where the wind blows


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Low Man Is Due

A low man is due...
My eyes seek reality,
My fingers feel for faith.
Touch clean with a dirty hand,
I touch the clean to the waste.
I fall cause I let go,
The net below has rot away.
And I cry to the alleyway,
Confess all to the rain.
But I lie straight to the mirror,
The one I've broken to match my face.
The fire is so warm,
But nowhere safe from the storm.
And I can't bear to see,
What I've let me be.
So wicked and worn.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.
So low the sky is all I see,
All I want from you is forgive me.
My eyes seek reality,
And my fingers seek my veins.
There's a dog at your back step,
He must come in from the rain.
But you bring that poor dog in from the rain,
Though he just wants right back out again.
So my fingers feel for faith,
And my eyes seek reality.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.

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The Great Feast

We’re bait.
Bait for the beasts
Waiting to feast on the meat
To say the least
The world is stripped when they meet

So bathe
In social incest, along with decadence
And decay

Pray to your gods
Whichever they may be
Many are among us
We’re too blind to see
They look down from above
Or up from below
Taking back everything
You claimed as your own

“Faithful servants,
You serve your masters well.
But there is one above
(One above us all)
You will be at our disposal
Before we fall
To the fate of us all”

We screwed you all!
We screwed you all!
We sucked the purity out of this world
Ripped off the flesh
Left rotten to the core
A scent of death is all that’s left
When the world is betrayed
By Archangels and remains
---A Boneyard!---

..Now the beasts will commence on the great feast,
Living off the perversion and disease…


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13,39(In Reference To The Fort Hood Shootings)

First off, this is a poem about my feelings about the tragic even that took place in Fort Hood, 
Texas yesterday afternoon. Prepare yourselves. I was very angry at the time i wrote this. 
hope you enjoy regardless. 

13 dead. 39 wounded.
who knew the acts of one man could be so gruesome?
i'll never know what thoughts traced your mind.
as you pulled the trigger and affected so many lives.
what were you thinking? 
ending lives without even blinking.
mass chaos.
last night i couldn't even sleep.
i can only imagine how you made those families feel.
you are a coward.
and that's putting it nicely
you make me sick to my stomach.
are you breathing in regret? 
do you feel any remorse yet? 
i bet you don't feel a thing.
because if you would have thought twice you would have stopped this from happening.
you would have stopped yourself.
i guess you can blame this on your mental health.
just like everyone else.
the world is evil but for you i have zero respect. 
you can't blame this on anything.
because you yourself pulled the trigger to the handguns that called for the innocence's ending
i bet you'll never lose a second of sleep. 
you are weak. 
no pity for a coward. 
i hope you get what you deserve.
can't wait for karma to take it's course. 
get on your knees and say a prayer.
i hope it goes unanswered.

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Move On

I have to move on
To carry on
There other things
I have to count on
Have to move
I am fighting my way out
Thinking to myself now
I am trying to feel the world
I am moving on
I am holding on

Go up
I am going up
To where I won't fall
I don't want to fall
No more tears
No more fear

I have to move on
Have to go on
But I won't move
Not without you..

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Blanket of Darkness

I lie here in a blanket of darkness
Not knowing where I’m to go
Do I return to the land of the living
Or walk into the bright light aglow

I lie here enshrouded in numbness
For a moment the pain is all gone
Do I leave it forever behind me
Or bear with it and carry on

I lie here in a state of confusion
About the status of my journey
I am not sure that this decision
Is entirely left up to me

I lie here in a blanket of darkness
Not knowing where I’m to go
Do I return to the land of the living
Or walk into the bright light aglow

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Rain Drops

Tear drops falling from the sky
Each one has a sad story to tell
Who will listen?
And who will wipe them off their windsheild?
Tear drops everywhere
Ending their lives on the streets
Why do people find their sounds so peaceful?
Each tear drop is a musical note
Playing its own little, sad song
For the people willing to listen

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Listen, Can You Hear?

Listen! Can you hear?
The gentle fall of every tear.
When you quiet your busy mind
Can you hear the turning tide ?
When you start to fall asleep,
Can you hear the children weep?
When you enter the world of dreams
Do you hear the rippling streams?,
Is  your drifting  mind bemused,
Or in your dreams are you confused?
Are the words so eloquently spoken 
To keep your fragile heart unbroken?
Listen! Listen! Can you hear?
Angels whisper in your ear.

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Brutus (from Scenes from Above)

To the end my friend!--- Caesar says 
My lord this is as far as we go, --- Brutus says 
To the end my friend!!! --- Caesar yells 
This is as far as we go --- Brutus whispers 
When the east meets the west, 
And the beast meets the best, 
When every issue is well addressed, 
There still stands a test, 
Friends become unholy angels, 
Family member exist as strangers, 
When the storm sings, 
We'll see the envious ones concern brings, 
In the mist of things, 
Seems like the fist for things, 
Words are precious, 
Put your hands together, 
And see how far trust can stretch us, 
I am your blood, your, Adam, your Eve, 
Excuse me madame, excuse me please, 
Pleasure is hate, 
When treasure is confiscated to soon or late, 
In my palms I hold your hope, 
Tragicly my necks rope, 
A bar of murderous soap, 
I am Caesar, 
Cry with me mother, 
I am Caesar, 
Die with me brother, 
To the end my friend, 
My lord this is as far as we go

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Seven Year Ghost

Crystal illusions fragment my room
Image effusion from pools caught in time
Circles with endings of dreams once assumed
Ideal delusions of visions and signs

Morpheus release me from invisible chains
The key to the pieces of spirit
Floating heavy through vain veins
Sinking lightly with point of fit

Sweeping the mirror of the Seven Year Ghost
filling me with tales told long ago
The mixtures and brews of the brooming host
Mac Duff, the only one who really knows

Tortured fragments of a past once forgotten
Multiple scars that never healed disappear
A talisman worn for years misbegotten
The beginning of hope, ends the nightmare

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Yellow Cloud of Myth (Angel of Sadness)

Dancing strong is my yellow cloud of myth
To whom do I belong?
I want to say to this yellow cloud of myth
It was all an opportunity for a higher grade
Musical appreciation, I guess I’m now finer behaved
I met her my freshman semester
Through her eyes I see stress can bless her
On her toes, for she prefers both highs and lows
I guess I never paid her much attention
In the arms of a future friendship
This hazard could have been a crushed prevention
But dancing strong is my yellow cloud of myth
To whom do I belong?
I want to ask this yellow cloud of myth
She kept it real
As if she were an addiction I repped her pills
And as I entered this auditorium
I could see on their faces this was boring according to them
As I took my place among my college crowd
As if I had a sense of humor
I smirked as I thought of mythology a loud 
As the play continued 
My weary eyes searched the menu
And just as I began to gnaw away
Like a cloud of darkness she flawed my day
There she was dancing strong
This yellow cloud of myth

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Untitled #153 / My love will wait

“Don’t hesitate, ‘cause your love
won’t wait”
my love will wait

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 I rise out of 
this  perpetual 
dream season-
gifted with 
quixotic acumen      
osirus     like    
effortlessly ascending 
barren eternal 
death smoke....
 on raw, 
porcelain smoothe 
night winds 
the illusionary  motionless
ness of 
huming bird wings 
naked and wild 
beneath  reasons   
brilliant  lunacy  
to the 
shadow magic song 
universal infinity
translucent star beams
skin and bones
now free of fear and
dogmatic convictions-
one with worm echo,
demons and witches-
life is a precious thing-
be careful how you
live it-

c m brady  june 2007



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october's pretence

October’s Pretence. 
Rain, nature is greening, but it’s a false spring; December will 
pale the land into submission. Do not write poetry till February, 
when almond trees blossom and strew petals about in protest
 thinking winter takes the season of its sinister drama too far.
Last winter snow fell, a wonder land; people said they had not 
seen snow for forty seven years. The stream is xanthous I think 
of China’s main river where dolphins, not seen for years, swim 
in cloudy water.  What can’t be seen cannot be caught by man.
Dawn, on the track a boar, sniffed the air and grunted; a hairy, 
pig in need of a pair of glasses. I moved and it disappeared into
 the brushwood.  On nature walks I used to take a camera, but
wild animals hate having their photo taken and avoided my 
intrusive lens I was left with taking photos of trees, weeds and 
evergreen bushes. My lazy dreaminess has paid off I have had 
a good life no one ever expected anything glorious of me, and 
left me in peace. If you look for me I will be on a bus trying to 
find the fabulous castle; I once saw when I could see the future.       

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You took me home, I drink to much because of you my livers turn to dust
You got me high my lungs have quit for the last time.
And because of you my obsession grows more and more with each passing day.
I do it more to feel the high but it just won’t come back to me. 
I tried to walk but it’s so hard I just end up on my back staring into the sky.
You came to me to help me back onto to my feet.
And helped walk me back to the car even with my resistance you took me home.
I’m sick of the things you have said and done while leaving me high and dry.
I’m so messed up from what you've said and I’m on the brink of dieing out, of 
this place you call my home.
I’ve tried to make since of all the things you have said to me, But it is impossible 
to stay on track. Some people shouldn’t be alive. That’s how I feel.
Like I’m not needed in this life, even though it might hold something I should 
I’ve never searched these things in mind that should be found, but yet apparently
unattainable to keep track, it’s almost impossible to grab a hold of the thing that 
are most vital to your life. 
When you are in a life where all you do is getting smashed and seared. And you 
try and try to help me up, but you took one move… You took the one wrong move...
You took me home. Because of you my life now sucks!
And it’s now whirling out of my control 
I feel I’m fading from this place that you have brought me to 
So take my away from here I need not to see your face in front of mine 
So get away... away from me!
Why is it when you call my name, I’m put in a state of misery
I’m am so perplexed, can’t see straight
I’ve tried to go and find my-self it's just so frustrating
I can’t take the fact that you entered my life at an age that I do not know
And I try to ask my-self what can I do to help me out of this awful state
Of misery.
Than you made an effort to help me up, but then I see a whole new being and it’s 
not you but somewhat else… I see… I see My-self!?!
I think I helped my soul from this death I think that I have come to my sixth 
senses and have turned my life around.
But you still make that one last go to start this all another time
You took me home with this agony
And I ask you one last time why did you make my life this living hell!?!

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Battle Indecisive

Lock the doors, hide away
We're going to the place that takes your breath away
So you seem to be unsure
Never promised life would let you fly
You make me want to
How I want to

Close the windows let no one hear
Put out that cigarette, we'll plan this night right
So now you feel guilty
Couldn't tell you how much this means to me
You make me want to
How I want to

Is this how life should feel
Now that you've changed everything
The battle rages on

So piece this mystery together
We're gonna wake up feeling like we felt before
You'll feel better rested
Never told you the truth living lies
You make me want to
Oh how I want to

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As Tonight's Rain Begins To Fall

Tonight as I sat reading beautiful words
All expressed with remarkable meaning
All reliving some moments
Captured by the writers' hand

A warmth fills my body
As a pleasure awakens my brain
For I just thought of you 
I just look within your eyes

The rain slowly now is falling 
Just outside my window 
I hear it's drops meeting the ground
Each bearing it's own pierring sound
Each one speaking my name.

Why must it be
At times like now
You enter my mind?
Yet making not a sound.

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My life

I have been through a hard life
too much drama
a mother who don't love me
too much stress
my life is really complicated
I tried taking my life again
I guess because I don't want
to be here anymore
so much stress
I admit I need help
my life is crazy
I lost the love of my life
my best friend is worried about me.

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Go Back Go Back In Your Mind

Go back go back in your mind
Where you find relieve
Back where the memories
Can somehow bring you peace
Go where you feel a comfort
Go where you seek to be

Go where you can stay
As long as you wish
These are adventures
The ones you wish to keep

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The night is my serpantine

All lairs are asleep
The night's my serpantine
When the sun goes down
They let out a breath
Stirring in my blood
Begging for a kill
There's a wolf in my veins
Howling to get out

Roaring of the wild
Taste of deamons wine
Down between her thighs
Road to sweet escape
Cloud of angel dust 
Above my head
I've got seconds to spare
By the heaven's gate

All lairs are asleep
The night's my serpantine
When the sun goes down
They let out a breath
Stirring in my blood
Begging for a kill 
There's a wolf in my veins
Howling to get out.

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Redblue Bluered

Red or Blue it's still hot 
In the red heat there is blue 
In the blue heat there is red 
Could be a reddish blue 
Could be a bluish red 
It is still hot. 
He is her husband 
She is his wife 
Both are still One 
They are Man and Wife. 

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Ghost Dance

While the Ancestors worshipped 
   they shot them one and all. 
They thought they had stopped the dance 
   as they watched the Old Ones fall. 
But what they did not know 
   is that we do not die... 
Their bullets set us free 
   and sent our souls to fly.   
High above this shadow plain 
   where the spirit beasts do roam; 
We roost upon their sacred backs, 
    and the Buffalo carry us home. 
We dance for our lives 
   for the secrets of the Earth. 
We dance while they kill us 
   and through death find rebirth. 
We dance night and day, 
   to the drums thundering low. 
Singing medicine songs 
   to honor the Buffalo. 
Though we may not rise today 
   The People will not die; 
As long as we keep dancing, 
   the Ghosts...You...and I. 

We dance for the things for which we yearn; 
Grass covered plains, the Buffalo’s return. 
The fever of freedom forever will burn,  
While we’re dancing with the ghosts. 
For there is no time frame on prophesy, 
This is the Vision Great One gave to me, 
The Heart of The People will always be, 
Dancing with the Ghosts...

(Wado Waya Streeby for understanding.)

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Flying in fancy's wayward balloon
We borrow rhymes from moon
Wordsmiths as we are 
And twinkle afar like a star
Though our poems have no defined goal
They offer solace to human soul
Like newspapers our writeups
Do not turn stale the next day 
For they are meant longer to stay
Our mark we make on eternity 
And our strength is not length 
But brevity.
Time cannot at us laugh 
For we are makers of epitaph
Our obituary marks end of an epoch
And our fame is founded on rock

Nandlal Kanjibhai Pancholi

Copyright ©2005 Nandlal Kanjibhai Pancholi 

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We Just Come Here And Go - Original By Rabindranath Tagore

We just come here and go
And go with the time's flow! 

We only see things
And touch while going
And look back crying! 

Only new bleak hopes
Take our life forward! 
We can see false hopes
If we look backward! 

Broken strength carries endless desires
Both bright and dark
So broken output is obtained from
Do or die work! 

We sail our broken boat in the sea with goods! 
Our broken language can't express all moods! 

Half acquaintance in our hearts! 
Our half sentence needs more words! 

In shame and fear our faith is half
So we offer only half love!

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Another Year

Another year has almost gone
It's remaining month
Will quickly pass.
As people rush
From day to day
Some forgetting the true meaning
Of this time of year
Some never knowning
What Christmas really is.

Open your hearts as well as your eyes
For this may be the "Last Christmas"
You'll ever see.

Our world stands shattered
This land of the free
So many things 
Now are out of proportion
And I am afraid they will forever be.

So light up the trees 
And try to share the moments 
With your loved ones
Remember they too
May see the same as you do.

Although unspoken
For what can be said 
To put things back like they were
To make America what it used to be

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You look twice
And things are not nice
Not everything has a price
Knowing this will pay
Silly things in disarray
I still walk away

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Slaughter! Slaughter!

Raise your fists
And raise them high!
Tonight's the night you all will die!
Kill them all! Kill them all!
Slaughter the children
And wipe out the men
Cleanse this earth
Of it's happiness and joy
Fill the land with pain and Destroy!
Kill the men
And kill the women!
Kill yourself when you're done with'em!
Eat the bones
Suck on the flesh
Cut off the toes
And leave the rest
Raise the banners
Fire the cannons!
Knock off some heads
And slaughter the women!
Drink some blood
And spit out some teeth
Fill your stomach with good, good eats!
Fry the skin and peel it off!
Reveal the flesh one by one
Rot away when your time is done!
Die away
Fly away
Til' the time is right
I'm the victor I won the fight!
Come one come all
To the bloody sight!
Gore and flesh and skin and skulls
Blood and tears and nails and bones
Eat them up!
Kill the weak!
Kill yourself!
Eat the meat!
Go, Go, Go!
Die, Die, Die!

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In The Box

Whatever it is, it isn't for me.
A box, secret locked, not needing a key.
Inside is a girl, your lover, I know,
You stayed with her once, one week in the snow.
Her letters from nowhere, ink gathering dust.
You keep them, you know them, and hide them you must.

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Ladies Listen

We travel through life hoping for all things at once
We search in our own way 
For that Knight-in-Shining-Armor to appear
Hoping he will take our heart
And give it a place 
Filled with cheer.

We lay awake some nights 
Recapturing our once 
Childhood dreams.
We go back thur time maybe too often
Or tho it seems
Remembering all the mistakes we made
Reliving the scenes.
We grow older and experience
Different things
And knowning the importance
We try to escape unpleasant men.

We search through our bodies
Sometimes testing our brains
When all of this is done in vain
When all the time the anwers are
Real simple.

We learn to second guess
Things of which sometimes 
We don't understand
We try to solve all the missing links.
As we try to figure out these men.

What we have to realize 
Is the mystery of it all
Is what provides the avenue of love
An avenue we have no control of.

So ladies close your eyes
And reach out your hand
Someone may be standing close by 
Waiting to be your man.

And if it be not
And mistaken you are 
Feel no less of a women
For a loser you will not be.

You knew how to love
And soften your heart
Something every women 
Wish they could do.

Once you have learned
Love is a test
But not a test 
To the one you love
It is a test only to you.

Then you may feel 
Something silently and softly
Touching your hand
Don't run in fear
And don't try to see all at once.

Stand in silence for awhile
Feel the smile from the touch
You will feel if it is right 
Or you will feel
If it is wrong.

You won't have to question
And neither will you have to know
Your heart is the pilot 
While you are out of control.

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Lost in a world of confusion, anger, and hate
In my soul
In my heart with a closed gate

Lost in this maze we call life
Running into every wall
Trying to avoid the strife

Not every question has an answer
Not every gray cloud brings rain
Life is a long journey
Lost is pain...

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Not The One

Yes, I am not the one

Not the one to choose
Not the one to pick
Just another thing to loose
It makes me sick
To feel what is real
Try to think it is a dream
That I will wake up from
But it was not

No, I am not the one

Not the one who anyone wants
Not the one to have a life
While I am lying here
Dying, praying to the light
Giving, deceiving my own self
Trying to break free
From this nightmare
I wish it was gone
It is breaking my heart
It is hurting my head
All of this confusion
Frustration seemed like an illusion
Makes me feel like I am dead

I am not the one
To anyone
No one wants
I am not the one to live here
Not a normal life I was given
When all of my good memories
It was all forgotten
I want to be the one
To know, to feel
To let myself know
that when time is getting harder
It is not yet over

The world is just the shape
Of our lives
But if we walk around it
We will defined our own path
Our destiny
I may not be the one today
But I can be that one

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Tonight The Air Is Bitter

The bitterness of tonight 
Helped realization take it's true tow.
It tingled down deep
Down deep in my soul.

It helped to stir a desire
One held harbored oh so long.
The question being made to reappear
Tho an answer is yet to be known.

Could a mate warm me within
Would he be there to help fight off the bitter winds?
Could he make surface those feelings
The ones needed to uphold the emotions
When they are nesting safely inside.

If the freedom of a lasting love
Were to escape the captivitity
Of my heart
Would a tingle fulfill my body?
Could I accept you as tho you were real?
Or feel you as I did tonight's cold wind?

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When Is The Time

When is the time, I hear myself asking of me
That I can face the truth and sit down and talk to me
 I know of many answers I would love to know
I feel some having hidden meanings making the weight
A much heavier load

I wonder would I give me some good advice
Would I sat in attention and could I sit on both sides
Could I see all the truth and nothing but the truth
Then make a final just judement
On what to do about my love for you.

Would I regret my decision
If I convienced myself it were time
For me to move on  
That the time had camed 
For closeure and a big girl 
I again must be.

If I  could just make me believe 
That somewhere their awaits an availble heart 
One filled with much love
One bearing the same chemestry
One opened with eagerness
One waiting just for my touch.
One that knows the value 
Of this Piscesan Love.

When is the time

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As Our Lifes' Changes

We all search for happiness 
We enjoy even the thought
We hope for all things of brightness
To join us as along life's road we trod.

Just trying to reach the top
Unknowing exactly what the top is
We work hard as young adults
Just like little honey bees
We gather our goods
Putting them all into our nest.

We journey on along
Hoping we are with our final mate
Even tho somedays are diamonds
And some are stones
Just like Neil Diamond said in his song.

So what is the meaning of it all
As age creeps into our bodies
You get older and yes you become wiser
But you are also much trier now
As age has a way of doing that to you
For it is all a part of the aging picture.

When your mind as well as your body
Finally realizes 
That these things you thought were so important
Can't go with you as your final journey you do make
They are left here for someone else to look through
And to complain about what a mess you have made!

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In the night time, through
the darkness comes the voices
of all the pain and agony.
They disguise themselves
as friends who want to help
but i say no and they just won't
let me be.
In my dreams they always haunt me
show me things i can't control
how do you deal with seeing someone you
die in front of you, it's like ripping out your soul.

At night i try and slumber
but they always visit me
they awake me like the thunder
just so they can mock me.
At night i try and slumber
But there voices break the breeze
They awake me, to take me under
so they can bury me.

So they show me all these things
and i lay there wondering if i'll
wake up before it gets worse.
As the dreams get more persistant
And they horror comes in bursts.
I can't wake up, i can't let go
Claw at the walls, try to get home
and as i wake up in the cold sweat
im feeling defensless and alone.

Why can't they let me be?
Am i own worst enemy?
Am i the only one who can feel
these dreams?
Is it all inside my head?
All the feelings of the dread, and sorrow
not knowing if there will be a tomorrow.
Im trying get through today
trying hard to find a way
so when i got to bed at night
a peacefull rest and on a soft pillow
i will lay.

At night i try and slumber
but they always visit me
they awake me like the thunder
just so they can mock me.
At night i try and slumber
But there voices break the breeze
They awake me, to take me under
so they can bury me.

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Unforgotten -2-

I've captured you from death's snare,
While others were unaware
No more worrying,
You are unforgotten

You are alive
Others deny it and leave the truth behind
Well, I most certainly know...
I will not end up in ruin

Instead, I'll remain loyal to you
because you are an unforgotten memory that changed my cruel ways
Straightening up my choices,
leading me to an easing and most pleasing place

Well...I certainly know, without a doubt, you are unforgotten
in my memory and best of God's loving heart
You are forgiven in your trespassing mind that stumbles in repetitive sin 
You are an unforgotten cure to my throbbing pain
You're making me obsessive to you...sincerely insane

Though you're quite the catch 
in my sealed-up memory
You will remain
in a foolish mind 
fiddling around in flattering aspiration

You are unforgotten
In my flattered memory,
You are unforgotten 

You are a cure to my whole entire life,
unforgotten drug of mine	

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Only She Cries

What If I told You That I Loved you
would we care
would we die
 Chains surrounding Alice
Only She Cries
World Banished her
Love left her
all Alone
Melancholia presides over
Alice dies again
Will she ever reign
Will she ever see
what’s here to be
Only She Cries
She’s a ghost
Nobody to call Her name
Only She Cries
will she not live
whispers of her Raven mind
only control her
There’s no hope
Only she Cries
What If I told You That I Loved you
Empty Without a savoir
Will She ever be cured from this
will she breakaway
Gaia couldn’t be so cruel
Just to wail away—Let the Banshee Crie
Just wail away the pain
wail away the pain
Enter my heart and you’ll see
that Was the only thing you could ever need
Alice; only she cries
let it show
That love never dies
Through Euphoria
through melancholia
She’s a ghost
Nobody to call Her name
Only She Cries
will she not live
whispers of her Raven mind
only control her
There’s no hope
Only she Cries
What If I told You That I Loved you
She’s a ghost
Nobody to call Her name
Only She Cries
will she not live
whispers of her Raven mind
only control her
There’s no hope
Only she Cries
What If I told You That I Loved you
You didn’t know
how you could save her
Only if you could her
Alice dies
Only she cries

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"The Mental Trigger"

Mental Trigger 
inside your mind is a set of rules, made to be trigged deep inside of you~
which you could never understand, because its not the real part of you
it placed in your mind to act out in a set place and time~
to do things which you would never do~ and where ones proof, 
never be found because its a seed, a trigger inside of your unsuspecting mind~
because its as old as time, maybe over 2 thousand years old~
the ancient art of take your soul, and make you do things, you your self would not do~
it starts with marks on your body that come from needles in the night
you know not were they come and in the night you wake 
to the smell of stringent scents made by the Concierge of design 
who will be your puppet master, at this all so real monument of time
no were will there be help, who would believe in you 
would i? if not for my own eyes, did i not see ~
my soul, my life taken from me~

P.S. to all who scream and no one hears


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Poor miserable mysterious color,
Not a dark, not a light, an in between. 
Oh the complexity of gray in laundry.
This neutral hazy excuse for a color,
like the polluted version of white,
or the immature offspring of black.
Gloomy, uninspiring, gray surely must be 
the fraternal twin of gleaming desirable silver. 

In a gray room, gray senses linger in air like overcast,
damp enough to deepen your breath, 
muggy enough to sting your eyes.
An old dead coat of thick gray dust 
dresses a bookshelf of unused knowledge,
which plays house to a gray photograph,
…A gray girl without a smile. 
Bulky furniture colors the room gray,
taking on a dead life of its own. 
Gray clouds stretch whistles of wind through an old window,
the eerie draft sways the once white sheets, 
stirring gray dust,
reminding us all, that time is forgotten.

Gray touches time. 
As age
As wisdom, like an old man’s beard, 
as power, like a dark stone pathway, 
forcefully planning our footsteps,
obnoxious, as a gray seagull 
stealing my sandwich crumbs, as well as my privacy on a sandy beach shore. 
Damn the gray seagull!
Interrupting the black and white rigidity in my ignorant world of perfection,
forcing me to see things as they truly are.

My eyes gaze up my mountain of hopes,
till I see a gray stormy sky, 
which casts out gray sounds like the surprise of thunder in a convertible with a 
broken top, 
playing Simon Says with chilling gray rain, 
dripping gray water spots of smeared ink on my morning newspaper,
smudging the lies, 
developed by gray minds of people unable to see past what they know,
more blind then the actual eyes of the blind, 
but better off then those with gray hearts, who do not know who they are. 

We are born opening our eyes to the white light of this world 
and die closing them to black darkness…
We are not born with gray minds 
but die with them,
as we cloud our abilities with gray standards and gray walls, 
un-wanting to explore any unfamiliar gray area,
until we ourselves, unknowingly turn gray.
Even in death, we never break the blind borders that confine us.
Our perception remains gray,
Always attempting to look beneath the surface,
When really 
We need to look at the same surface differently.
This world remembers us by what we did,
instead of who we were…
Sooner or later,
No one is ever known
And we all become…
but gray.

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What It All Meant

Tonight with pen in hand
I'll write down another line
Another poem
Another phase 
Another expression
And put them all together
And then someday began another page.

But for now nothing
Do I care to understand
Nothing do I care to explain
There is not enough words
To make any sense
Of this distance so deeply 
Felt within.

When so few words have been spoken
And such short times were spend
I think I would be fine
If whatever it is inside me 
Would stop asking 
What it all meant?

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My Secret Love

I have a secret love, who will stay my secret for life.
I keep my love stored away from the pressures of everyday life.
I'm afraid to bring out my love because people will not understand
They'll look at me differently and judge me harshly and make all kinds of
But right now the world can't understand
All around us there are all kinds of imitation love
So I'll just keep my love to myself
And it will forever be 
My Secret Love.

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Baby's Got A Secret

Now I just don't feel like/ that I know you anymore/ we used to laugh and hangout/ 
you said I was the one you adored/ something just don't feel right/
 nothing's just the same/ sometimes I think if I just sit tight/ I could figure out your 
game/ you don't tell me how you're feeling/ you say nothing at all/ 
we don't ever just be chilling/ you don't never call/ feelings coming over me/
 is saying something is wrong/ it's telling me that you've been keeping/ 
something from me all along/

Chorus: hmm-hmm/ something's telling me/ hmm-hmm/ something's telling 
me/ hmm-hmm/ something's telling me-e-e/ my baby's got a secret/

Verse2: I don't understand it/ can't you see what you're doing/ how can you put up 
with/ knowing that you're losing/ the trust I had for you/ I keep telling myself it's my 
mind/ but now I don't know what to do/ I keep saying we'll be fine/ 
if there's something you're not telling/ I'm begging you to share/ 
don't tell me that it's nothing/ because I know there's something there/

Chorus till fade

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October Morning

This morning with the coolness 
Of night still in the air
My thoughts gather crowded
With many things running 
Through my head.

The mystery of love
The stillness of time
All the things we know not of
The things we seek to find.

What is another morning
What becomes of the setting sun
When days run together
When all becomes as one.

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Last Sail Burning

There was a fire on the pirate ship
Two parrots flew out like a whip
Returning they squabbled on deck
Feathers flew around—a shot!

The moon came out and drifted
With clouds moving to and fro
Bottles crashed and songs rose
The party continued all night

It was every man for himself
At sunrise a plank extended
The walker, blindfolded, landed
Head first on the ice—plunk!

It was a pirate ship, stuck
Bed of ice was all around
Middle of the lake
Far from the tropics

Lost and off course
They now burned
Their last sail
No wind


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Yestersyears Afterpaths

How do I write what I am thinking?
How do I put on paper these feelings
I have within?

They all seem to be racing 
Racing in my mind
For some recognition
For some sort of understanding.

For once they all had meaning
They all stood for something
They played a part in my life.

But now thinking back
Those Yestersyears
All seem to be gathering as one.

For nothing of then 
Has any meaning of now.
So why must I remember them?

Why must they carry
 A place in my heart?
Why must the mistery
Of them weight heavy
Sometimes in my brain?

But my thoughts go there 
So many times unwilling.
They go there without 
My permission.

So when I am forced 
To recall those Yestersyears
I have to keep myself busy
I have to make myself 
Remain strong.

For I cannot change them
I cannot make them disappear.
They will always harbor my body
They will always dwell within my mind.

Is this what life is suppose to be?
A long journey of uncertainties?
A life time of afterpathes?

I may never know of the true meaning
Of all the Yestersyears
Of my life.
Nor may I witness the impact 
Of my life as of now.

All I can hope for is an understanding
Of today
And to pray for a brighter toworrow
As this day slowly fades away.

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The Puzzle

I am far older than these years that haunt me
dogging my heels with too many mistakes
a lifetime of missed steps and wrong paths
merry-go-round circles
forever leading me back to where I started
holding the fractured pieces of my broken heart
I’ve scratched my sins into the palms of my hands
burning the screaming pictures of pain
into my mind
movie scenes of what I could have done
should have done
didn't do
No matter what you say
I don't think its okay
how could it be?
Broken and battered
this little girl with the green eyes
and the hair falling into her face
hiding behind a smile that fools even the best
but the tears still fall in the dark
where no one else can see them
the scars of yesterdays
burning traces down my cheeks
leaving their evidence behind
sitting on the floor with all the little pieces of me
fitting this one into that one
reconstructing the puzzle of me
you plant my feet on the ground and steer me
where I need to go
Maybe I'm no longer lost among the clouds
and I think if I could see me
the way you see me
things just might not fall apart this time

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A Feeling Of Suffocation

A feeling I have never felt
A feeling that makes the heart melt
Filled with guilt
In my heart, a change have been built
I am scared
My heart is pounding it's afraid
I don't know why
But I can't deny
Do I cry?
I'm seeing my past
How much would this feeling last?
Would forever start tonight?
Would my past be the only thing on my sight?
Hallucinations I see,
Torturing me
Like a bird in a cage and it wants to be free
But it can't change its destiny,
I pray going down on my knees
but I feel lost in the dark,
In a dark forest filled with crying trees,
Trees crying bloody tears.

I close my eyes trying to forget
But there's something in my life making me regret
Maybe it is my sins,
Whenever I remember this hidden feeling
The sorrow begins,
It's so much hurt and so much pain
It takes so much to regain
The lost pieces of my heart,
The pieces that continue the puzzle of confusion
The pieces that will make my life real but no illusion.

The pieces of my heart are filled with sadness
They trigger hate, jealousy, and madness
This sadness lies beneath the tears
But a smile won't let the sadness disappear
Because the tears of grief and the tears of fear
Need a strong spirit to make them clear.

Happiness lies beneath the truth,
The truth of life and living
The truth of love and giving
The truth of the real feelings deep down inside
The feelings that will never hide,
And if  feelings are hidden
These feelings my friend are forbidden,
They're the feelings of deep black lies
And that's when the happiness dies....

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Hidden Influenced by Everybody's Fool by Evanescence

Hiding within one's self
That's what this all is
Pretending all's well
Pretending perfection
Hiding all truths.
What's behind your mask?
Or have you fooled yourself too?
Take the mask off, reveal your eyes.
Or are you too lost in all your lies?
You say nothing that's right.
BUt in your bed at night,
You mind's screams echo
Don't you see me?!
And how you've betrayed me?!
You think to yourself, you've got everybody fooled.
Look around!
Look around and think about it!
That's not true.
YOU are now Everybody's Fool.

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Aude Sapare: Drunk On Communion

He who claims to know no fear of death
Falls with the poisoned wine of lies
Upon his lips;
But he who may make this fear a friend
Shall grasp Eternity in the end.
His heart will open as his reason slips
As he feels upon his final breath
He dances as his spirit flies
And in that Space
Between the sea and sky
He sees the Beloveds' face
Eye to eye.

     Merge with the drops in the ocean of time,
     Drunk on communion with all things Divine.
     The Universe dances - how sweetly She sings!
     Through the manifest beauty in all living things
     The answer lies deep in the fruit of the vine,
     The lover finds love in the taste of his wine.

The stars shine in blackness
Whirling through infinite space
Casting their light 
On the unbounded dark;
We seek to stand firm, impressing our mark
On our lives swift and bright
Asking history to honor and to bless
Our efforts in this threshing-floor race.
We all are unbounded
United yet free,
The Beloved is with us
If we could but see.

     Step in the river and lose yourself there
     Dance 'round the fire without any care.
     The stars do their spiral dance over our heads
     We have all we want once desire is shed.
     For this is the answer, so simple and true:
     You live within me as I live within you.

To seek wealth and fame
Is to sail upon sand;
The thirst for possession 
Can never be quenched.
Ambition's a prison, your heart is entrenched
In small thoughts' concessions
You lose sight of the game.
Your freedom awaits you, just stretch forth your hand
The Beloved will embrace you
And win you to Truth;
Then dance with you, smiling
Eternal in youth.

                                         Aude Sapare
                                         Aude Sapare
                                         Aude Sapare


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Just A Moment In Time
Eclipsed By The Flashing Light
A Shot In The Dark
Breaking Through The Silent Night
Experiences Captured Forever
In The Height Of The Evening
We All See Something Different
Inside When We're Leaving

Who Will Tell The Tale
Of Memories So Far Past?
Just Pictures On The Mantle
Of Nights That Went Too Fast
Lasting Impressions Of Our Lives
Plaqued Upon This Wall
The Smiles Will Never Die
Inscribed Within Us All

Memories Not Worth Leaving
Stored In This Lonely Box
Wishing Not To Remember
What Lies Beyond The Locks
That Bright Flashing Light
Will Never Blind Again
Burned Into My Temporal Lobe
Snapping Over And Over Again

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Everything She's Ever Wanted

The greatest guy she's ever met
     The best friends she could ever have
          The most supportive father imaginable
     People who believe in her
And the most wonderful dreams.
     Great achievements
          Amazing support
     Huge happiness
And a lot of love.
She's got everything her little heart desires.
     It's just too bad
               she's too dead to feel it all.

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As individuals in this present space and time
We travel valleys of the dammed
And are expected at the same time 
To enjoy and observe very closely the amenities within.

The only true knowledge an individual can expect 
From the adventures I am speaking about 
Is to travel the depth of this education 
And to recover from such a depth without losing identity.

The reward of such an adventure
And still recognize the identity within
Is the greatest of all.

Being the person that we are 
And exploring all avenues as we do
We have had to encounter the ultimate heights
As well as the devasting lows.

However my admiration you do hold at its attention
And this you know
The ingredients of my admiration
Only you can unlock...within our journey.

The space and distance between you and I 
Are always fulfilled with admiration of the other one
And self love within.

When space and time have to be shared with individuals
A label has to be attached
It becomes known in a category as companions.

The ecstasy of all companions is for the chooser to choose
The amenities within our companion varies each day
Therefore the true identify of oneself has to remain.

The degree of understanding also has a limit
That limit is what provides avenues
It is ones decision as to that degree of limitation.

This is why companions become a part of our lives
As an individual or kept at a distance.

I truely believe the attention we both have shared
And the reflection I gather 
Even from a distance
Assists the movement of time
And to me this is the ultimate height 
Without the agony of fear.

The releasment of all expectations
You do have the gift to bring out in me
As well as I have with you.

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Oh!Sweeping tornado !A strong whirl wind of no descent.A subjugation from the 
devils realm.Your extent of destruction to lives and properties is inestimable.
Sweeping tornado!We are still thirsty for a suitable explanation of your source, 
course and descent.You have defiled all scientific speculations  as to the timing 
of your strikes.
Tornado!You have rendered many people homeless,maimed or dead and yet  
nobody or force can stop you when it comes.It is a final judgement!Why?
Tornado!You have proofed all spiritual and metaphysical laws of 
nature,geographers,scientist wrong.How can we stop you?We can only if you 
wear a human face.We need a final answer!
Tornado!You are a typical assemblage of the tornado of life wish comes in 
torrential storms to the afflicted.It comes in barrages, no one can stop it unless 
by the divine intervention of the creator.
Tornadoes!Survival is just by chance and only through the grace of the 
creator.Just like the real tornadoes of life ravaging innocent pure minds along 
with the wicked.Tornado!Why should the innocent suffer?
Tornadoes of life!Truely you come in different shapes,sizes,phases and 
forms.Can't you spare the innocent careless pure minds?Who are victims of 
circumstances and devour only the wicked.
Tornadoes of life!Direct your spears ans arrows to the shafts,wicked and 
antiprogress people of the world always against unity and peace.Be selective!
And decipher the good from the bad!We pray!

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the things you ask of me

Like childhood friends 
Remember me
The times were but good
A domain of innocence 
Grant me peace
A haven we can each see
Join me, feast
The inquiry's of this 
Untainted beast
A single forfeited lease 
I beg of you 
To see forth fit
Endeavored we be 
But as grown men are haunted
We’ll play for keeps 

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In Days OF Old

In days of old, as nature's dust laid heavy upon the unexplored land...
As life's untameness bearing it's suffering........
Among all those about....

When deep laughter, became lost within...
When life 's survival lay within actions of other's hands...

When life's uncertainities were.......
Unknown mysteries of living times.

When man's decisions weighing between life or death.....
Binding his soul.....One of which he, himself and God only knew....

Hath, in reality man changed time?......
Or hath time really changed man?....

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If Lastnights' Nightmare

If last nights' nightmare were to come real
I would not be here writing
I would'nt know how
For all my sanity was about to disappear.

I dreamed I was surrounded by 
Many uncaring souls
They even were laughting at my being
Pretending not to know.

What did this dream mean
When it awoke me
From a much needed rest
As my tired body aced so deep within.

Even a dead friend 
In my dream did appear
I cried out to him
And he too had a deaf ear.
I was surrounded by clutter
With things all laying in my way
It were as tho I were not present
As people gathered laughting
Looking thur my belongings
Looking thur my remains.

Maybe a "Wake-Up-Dream"
Is what the nightmare was all about
Maybe it was God's way of showing me
Clear the passage
Tidy up your messes
For this life's final journey 
Will soon be in flight.

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When The Truth Is Realized

Tonight as I think of all the things I have had
And all the things I have wanted
And all the years that engery was applied 
To obtain the things of which I speak,
I have to look about me and face the true meaning of it all. 

We all go about our everyday living
Doing the things of which is needed for survival
Doing all we can to maintain what we have 
And doing all we can to nourish our health along the way.

Then suddendly without warning
Without any sign forthcoming
You realize those youthful years 
The ones you though would never end
Are gone and a different degree of maturity
Has set in.

You then realize all the things you though you once needed
Are not really needed now
And all the things you though you once wanted
Does'nt seem quite so appealing after all.

And then you realize the years have quickly passed
And all the memories are gathered safely within your mind.
You realize everything has a way of working itself out,
It has a way of providing us with what is best for us.

Even down to the mate or companion
Of which we may have though would have been a good choice
One that may have seemed to be the ideal one.

 So maybe realization has permantly set in
And the truth is what I have always known it to be.
What is going to be, will be
It matters not of the place nor time
All that matters is can you live with yourself
Can you face the true meaning of your life
 And are you happy with you?

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As Life Goes On

Life is so exciting
Life is so uncertain.

Life is as a valley
A valley made for 
Some of us to climb.

Life will teach you a lesson
Life will make you strong
Life will teach you 
You must find a purpose to hold on.

Life will teach you one way or the other
What you are suppose to know
Even if in others as you see your face
Where maybe it does not belong.

Life becomes a bridge from day to day
One that when too heavy in some way it will sway
Life is so exciting 
Life is so uncertain.

Life when young will teach you to plan for toworrow
Life when middle aged will teach you to live for today
Life with age will teach you don't look back
Life is so exciting
Life is so uncertain.

Life for so many never taught us
How to relax and let it's course
Fulfill what it may
Life for so many of us looked at it
In all the wrong ways.

Life now seems so short
Life now offers so little understanding
If in your mind you want to retrace
What life did that now makes you feel 
So misplaced.

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Slightly Askew

Lately it appears
As if something is missing
That spark's not quite there
Have you started dismissing
By becoming increasingly distant

Are you growing immune
At an inopportune moment
Unfortunate events
Are now putting dents
Causing you to lament
All the time that's been spent
Your abandonment issues 
Manifest malcontent
Presenting the case
That resent will torment

It's odd
Your demeanor is this incomplete
Are their things going on
That have led to deceit

There's an unwanted tension
That isn't so sweet
Not to mention the way
You mistreat then repeat
Please don't allow love to become obsolete

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A Story Of Downfall

And as he was walking down the path of life
He was overcome by darkness  and the blade of a knife,
The shadow that once followed behind him had become his very form,
And the heart that once beat inside him was torn,
He was driven by hate, yet longed for the love of another,
He wasn’t sane but deep under cover.
He knew what had happened  but chose to conceal it,
He knew  it would hurt him but chose not to feel it,
What had happened was a sudden change in direction,
He lost his meaning and followed his reflection,
Eventually his life was lost and he lived in a dream,
A dream of a life that was anything but  his own,
A dream that one day he wouldn’t be alone,
He never did explain his pain,
He didn’t have to,  we saw his life drain,
He once was a boy that loved to be living,
If he wasn’t playing he was giving,
Giving his love and giving a reason,
A reason to live and…
Well, isn’t that enough.
It must have been rough,
To live life so happy then suddenly fall,
To fall deep in a hole, and come out so small,
He had a life but wished he could leave it,
“Its just another dream, I don’t think I need it,”
Some people cried and some of them stared,
Some were destroyed  but all  were scared,
A lot of them said they weren’t prepared,
But how can you prepare for something so tragic,
Something beyond life and all of its magic,
How  do you plan for the loss of a friend,
The only plans you had were to be there to the end,
This boy was a time bomb, just waiting to blow,
What went through his mind, we wish we could know,
He wasn’t crazy, nor was he sane,
He simply had his own ways to deal with the pain,
He would smile at those who gave him the time,
And was always excited to write down a rhyme,
He loved through his heart, and was loved through his words,
He talked to himself and sang with the birds,
Everyone loved him that’s why no one knows,
“Why would he do this, there’s nothing that shows.”
The truth is he lived life to see its bitter end,
He lived through those years as his own best friend,
Now he is dreaming in a world far away,
Maybe he’ll return, maybe someday.

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Tonight With Drink IN Hand

Tonight with a salty dog in hand
I sat and listen to old records of the past
I listen to words that so to my life does apply.

I wonder with thoughts rushing through my mind-
Where the years have gone
Oh how they have flown.

There was a time when I did so believe 
In love and it's wonders within
But now I must admit 
That was when I was young with age
And young with matunity.

Now I sat with drink in hand
And realize love only comes to the believer
Only to those who are willing to pay it's price.

Why must it be youth can't last forever
Why must it be we must accept the truth
That if you have loved once and been loved once
Then no more are you of a free wander
No more are you of a searching soul.

Now my glass is empty and it's time to refill
The records playing on
My minds' eye trying so hard to hide the truth
But with my youth gone
And a deeper knowledge taking it's place
I'll just take a drink and here's to you.-

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A Dirty Sock

Spending its life on the dirty floor
thrown outside behind the balcony's door
smelling bad in the dark shoe
trying to get out, trying to make its dreams come true
getting washed everyday
sick of living in the same way
trying to speak but no one could hear
no one could hear the screams of fear
wanting to live really free
wanting to feel a little mercy
Light, that's the only thing it wants to see
that's a story of a sock
that feels just like me...

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I have cried a lot
of tears
because I have been hurt
by a loved one
by a friend
i need someone to wipe
the tears they made me cry
and to help the pain
go away
so I don't cry
any more tears
so I can be happy
and live my life
to the fullest.

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I have been through a lot
trying a lot of stuff
I have tried to take my life
didn't work
I couldn't go through with it
don't know why
I have tried several times
but never succeeded
I realized I had too much to lose
I still think about it
I just don't understand why
I have lost alot in my life
sometimes I ask myself
what am I doing
and why
I still don't know why.

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I Look Upon Your Face

I look upon your face as you
lay sleeping.
Wanting to see the secrets
you are keeping.

I know all about your feelings
of fear.
That I see with the occasional
little tear,
That rolls down you cheek
when you’re unaware.
The one when you’re awake
you just can’t share.

Sometimes I see a smile 
upon your face.
That lets me know you’re
in a happy place.
But just as fast, that smile turns
to a frown,
That let’s me know that you
are feeling down.

I want to hold you close and
make things better. 
I want to open you up and read
what’s in that letter
That you keep so tightly sealed
up inside you,
The one that tells of why no one
can reach you.

The one that would give me some kind
of hope
That might let me loosen that
fearful rope
That keeps you so tied up in
all that fear,..
The one that might let me someday
get near.

Until that day all I can do 
is love you
And hope someday that you’ll
let me inside of you.
And then I promise that I’ll take you
to that place, 
where when I watch you sleep,..there’ll
be a smile upon your face.

Copyright: December 21, 2005

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The Unknown

I’m sitting and waiting, to meet with my doc, 
The time passes slowly, while watching the clock.

I have a disease, and some days aren’t the best,
I swear some ones putting, me through my life’s test.

Won’t know how I’ll feel, until I awake,
Will I act like myself or more like a flake?

My thinking and talking, sometimes they both lag,
I will go to the store, and forget a bag.

That darn short term memory, is the worst of all
I try handling the rest, even when I fall.

I have to write notes, though they seem like a book
I must write down a note, to make sure I look.

Sometimes I forget things, important ones too,
Like blowing out candles, or know what to do.

The kids say they’ve asked me, remembering… not!
But they are so happy, for what they just got.

There’s good days and bad days, I just never know
Will my eyes go wacky, or stub my big toe?

I must always laugh, or I’d sit and I’d cry
Oops, I burnt our dinner, but gave it a try.

The doorways seem smaller, like when I pass by
I hit the walls, with my knees or thigh.

I don’t want your pity, or sit all day long
I always keep active, it helps me stay strong.

I’ll trip over nothing, I laugh when I do
I hate when that happens, my foot sticks like glue.

This disease has no cure, they call it MS
Hopefully they’ll find, what causes this BS.

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My heart has been broken
several times since I turned sixteen
I can't seem to find the right person
that can mend my heart and make
me feel good again
about my life and myself
I am sick of having my heart broken
it hurts me so bad
I don't know what to do
I'm going crazy.

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Cicero!The life and death of a wise man.The sage of our time.An epitome of truth 
and unparalleled hypertonic wisdom.A paradigm of a purist;a saintlike mortal.We 
remember you today and always.Adieu!
Cicero!Oh!Cruel death,wicked pangs of death!You were cut down before your 
prime ripe age by your enemies;envious of your progress and achievements 
pretending to be oblivious of your gospel truth.Oh!We lost a real gem!
Cicero!You are destined to live forever  if not for this mortal flesh of yours;always 
threathened by the unknown and closely followed at the heels by death.Ready to 
hark you down at your slightest wink.We shall celebrate you forever!
Cicero!Oh!Your pace from death was not fast and distant enough;death was 
much clever and faster.Cutting you down with a thunderous unwelcomed 
ovation.All to the surprise of your teeming wellwishers.We take solace in and will 
ever cherish your noble achievements.
Cicero!You are not meant for this age!Your thinking,reasoning and focus is far 
beyond those of your ertswhile competitors,detractors and enemies who had 
only marked you down for death.Hm!Seriously  envious of your person.We salute 
and adore your brevity at all times.
Cicero!Your memory keeps lingering in our minds;too short a life to forget 
forever.Everyday rolling by is like yesterday.We are constantly being struck daily 
like thunder especially now that we are dawned by the stack realities of your wise 
sayings and your swift existence.
Cicero!Your predictions of many years ago are like the day bright shiny stars,
stearing us at the faces;steaming the whole body system.Seriously waiting for 
interpretation for its unusual appearance.Saddening!Who is to give the correct 
Cicero!Oh!Pity you have the answer and solutions to our present problems and 
predicament.The golden spoon is lost in the deep oceans!You have played your 
path well; when you were least appreciated.Compatriots!Weep no more!The 
sage is gone and gone forever!Take heart! 

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My Meaning

Love deeply rooted,kisses like Hershey
words so therapeutic.
Togetherness of night and day,
the lost of love would be a tragic price to pay.
Love saved from deception,
the comfort of our eyes resting within each other’s attention.
The soul cries,
as the truth drowns out the lies
that the outside world use to defy.
Whispered words that lips leave unspoken,the true understanding of love allows 
silence never to be broken.
Our love being far from a chore,
could never be a victim of love scorn.
A feeling words could never explain,a place of comfort where disdain can never 

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Mourning Devil

Try not to think
Try not to wonder
This terrible feeling 
That’s pushing me under

Feeding my anger
Eating my soul
Distorting my thoughts
Consuming me whole

It’s headed for my heart
Need a better way to hide
Before it destroys what’s left
Try to shove it aside

Can’t stop the yearning 
I want your whispers in my ear
To hold you in my arms
But that ended when you left me here

Stranded and abandoned
Alone and empty handed
Drowning in this feeling
Far from emotional healing
You’re pulling me down
Tossing me around
Playing my mind
Against my heart this time

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The Game of Trickery

Have you met trickery?
Or ever shaken it's hand?
Maybe you met thru faces of a so-call friend.

Were you acquainted long?
Or did you quickly move on?
Maybe you try too hard,
For a place in which to belong.

Maybe you realized harm laid in-store...
And wisely kept trickery from entering your door.

If a wise man you were not,
No less of a person you should feel,
For trickery lives in many wide open fields.

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The Storm

Nothing new...
In the eye of the storm,
But watch closely... 
As the elements swarm;
Final judgment...
In the eyes that hold,
Calling on Death for duty,
As the warning bells toll...

Shrieking through damaged alleys...
Ringing what’s left of living ears,
Further driving home the loss...
Just trying to wait out our childish fears!
Hunkered down, and hiding fast...
From the inevitable that’s peering on,
Souls are wandering from bodies scared stiff;
Although their lives seem far from gone...

The storm has passed,
But what happens next?
A world washed clean...
Or is it God’s iron fist?
None of these questions seem of concern...
In the wake of disaster;
What’s left of the survivors wander mad, 
Like zombies in search of their master...

The world’s gone gray,
Well on it’s way to black...
Streets are lined with broken spirits,
As the storm starts breaking back.
The next few moments feel as though forever,
Lined with last minute prayers and horrid screams;
The darkness stretched across the horizon...
Like a fixation armed with nightmarish dreams.

A world pushing down our throats,
Choking the soul from life...
Until we’re all just empty shells,
Free of love, hope, and strife.
Surrounded by devastation...
And the lives left torn;
Does anyone have the remedy...
To calm this illing storm?

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Egypt On Fire

Engraving the bone on the white hot throne
Charred remains in this pit you see
I fell through the floor stepping on a trap door
And there are snakes all around me
Red glowing eyes, trying to hypnotize me
If I don't find my way around
Their fangs are the test, black ornate key on the chest
I must keep my fear down

Walls closing in, I've been found guilty as sin
My bodily functions are screaming
You must set me free, you are no different than me
Can't take no more of this reaming
Dreaming the dream, this must be more than it seams
Is this all I desire?
Riches galore, but I'm still searching for more
It smells like Egypt on fire

There is no escape from this emotional rape
They have me locked in this Iron Maiden
No chance to repent, as from this world I am sent
I feel me consciousness fading
Losing my breath, I see a vision of death
His bony hand is an invitation
Am I heaven sent, or will forever be spent
In my eternal damnation

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Tumbling Collapse

When the mental walls
Come crashing down
You cannot help
But hear the sounds
Of the terrified screams
Above it all
Your existence was condemned to fall

Where will you be on your judgement day
Will you have gone all the way
Or will you have to pay
The ultimate price
Of a life filled with sin
Turn against Him
And you cannot win

As you stand at the gates
You're amazed
And you're shocked
To find out
That they are eternally locked

Now forced to spend eternity
Surrounded by the flame
In the end
Was it worth denying his name

So now's not the time
To regret all your decisions
After spending ten seconds
In your manifested prisons
With maddening and subliminal voices
Torturing your soul
Feeding off your fears and dreams
For It's sick and twisted goals
To set your eyes astray
By making you say that He's in the way

Your mind is on fire
Confused by desire
Are you ready to conspire
And have all things go dire

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Over a lifetime of promise
I’ve oftentimes wondered
In those quiet moments
of meaningful meditation,
Within the subconscious
reach of the mind’s eye,
Between the synapses,
birthplace of thoughts
The reason for being
inherent to all that live
Mysterious, yet familiar
inside the human spirit
of origins quite profound.

Though awareness abounds
a single question remains,
its answer still unknown,
In vain the search endures
as time passing continual
Life’s passage conceals
secret thoughts mystical,
Of oracles once imparted
innumerable eons past,
Is now manifested within
encoded in our privileged 
finite corporeal existence
Of which men are bound.

Though the truth innate
is evident throughout time, 
in nature’s intricate design,
Mankind’s insatiable quest
for knowledge enigmatic, 
unrelenting ever abounds,
The invisible made visible
our inheritance bequeathed,   
Awakening true discernment
transformed infinite wisdom, 
The answer to the question
of man’s ultimate destiny will 
finally in the end be found.

© Eugene Harvey

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My parents are very different
my mom chose alcohol
over me and my brothers
my dad does everything he can
to feed me
and make sure I have a
roof over my head and a bed
to sleep in
I wish my mother would
get some help for her problem
but she says
she doesn't have a problem
she has been saying that
for 17 years now
she don't want anything
to do with my brothers and i
deep down everyone knows it.

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over a coarse of time

Seems I’ve reminisced 
The feel
Of a home cooked meal
Ducking the pleasures 
Of a sainted veil 
A clause in the end
From which finer things appeal
Black jack matches not
To a fisher mans luck
On an antique reel
But on the real
The expectations in this life
Remain a comfort 
That refuses to chill
Let your thoughts rest 
On an old lads chest 
Considering the circumstances
If we make it 
We can all attest 
And adore this political mess 
If not then as victims of stress 
Unblessed in this planet 
Of slanted chess
We’ll confess

Another night
Another days passes 
Do you find it lovely 
How nothing ever last
But many men have cured
Their fascination 
Of becoming non minute men
Flawed by incarceration
Deep within the dungeons 
Of a  softer conscience
In irregular form
A veteran lies victim
Of defeated white blood cells
A child with no home 
And swollen tonsils 
The dark settles 
Flashbacks meddle 
Trouble around the corner 
As a lunch line unveils 
Never was a fighter 
Just a swinger 
As I found myself catapulted against 
The cafeteria wall
The integrity 
My sucker punch instilled 
Broken glass jaws 
Over a 4th grade meal
Or mainly just an individual 
Twice the size of me 
With an inability to feel
I sat still 
As the principal sought 
A stern punishment
Not as astonished with 
The other kids compliments
For my stomach ache
From a lack of warm condiments 

Moral of the story  is 
I was fighting then
I’m still fighting now
Obstacles tend to ware me down
The inexperience of my peers 
Seem to no longer enlighten me now
Have to find new ways to learn
Or disappear into the unclear
Fatigued as a writer
Tend to want to touch on subjects 
Closer to lighter
Symptoms of a September baby
A Virgo born of a harlot 
With nine children unknown 
A none buffalo soldier
A phantom on a Harley
The ghost of Robert Marley
An astronaut in my younger years
Screaming for Apollo thirteen
As the thunder neared 
Off my coarse of inspiration 
I veered 

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A Direct Hit

Do you have something about me?
What do you mean about a word free?

Is that a meaning I can abuse to anyone?
Or I can force my attitudes only for fun.

Freedom means I need to compare others,
To identify them as they are brothers.

To gain respect to treat them politely,
To defeat them slightly to act as brightly.

Is that fair to exploit others for a benefit?
Is it achievement to kick them a direct hit?

Believe me or not, explain me or not,
A matter is a matter for a best shot.

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If every man could think 
on the lines of probabilities
What could probably be our 
future in terms of possibilities

It seem like our dreams are
extreme to most or a lot of 
our enemies but we were
brighter and smarter than
most of the opposing Epiphanies

This jagged edge was set between
a rock and a hard place

Dreams of a Scarface that left
us with a scared face

Our race's dreams decline and 
leave us in a car chase, we have to
stand straight and dedicate our 
lives people post-haste

We was dreaming down the lines
of motor memory lane rejecting
every pain hey remember me pain

Now is it memory lane or is it 
memory change, It don't matter 
cause in the end we'll all feel
bold with a gold Jesus piece chain

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before me there is
and i stand in the shadow it casts
my eyes can see
my mind is awake
the voices i hear are only whispers
but the words they speak can change the world
my feet move me closer
and my mind dances in a ring of fire
my soul swims in the sky
the sun will never set for me
forever for the rest of time it is day
and i will forever walk in a new world
with the old behind me

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Bus Stop

Verse 1: Been watching  me  out the  corner of  your eyes/ i can tell you  want  
something boy  you try to hide/ From the  expression on  your  face / I know  you 
want  to  chase / catching  feelings whenever i  come  around /Get mad when you 
see  another guy  around  me / waiting at  the  bus  stop/ all u  got is  one  shot  to 
prove  that you're with it / The  space is  getting tight hope  you can find you're  way 
through it/ Getting  closer  and  closer  to  what you've  been searching  for/

Chorus : No time  for  hiding/ It's  time  to  go  for  a  ride / Once  you  get into it  
there's  no  giving  up / Got  a  busy schedule gotta  enough time  to  show  you  
around/ It's a bumpy  ride to the  next  stop boy / Hope  you  can keep up just  
right /

Verse 2 : You  got  a  big smile  on  your  face everytime  you turn and  look  my 
way/ Everyday is  different  when i see you/ Something  about  you got  me  so 
excited makes  me   want  to see you more  and  more/ At  the  bus  top where it  
all began if  we  could  take  it  back there/ Even you looked at  me  everything  
seemed  strange/ There's  something  insidee of  me that keeps  on wondering/

Chorus : 2x

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Sooner or Later

Pain is burying me deep inside
I just want to find a deep dark place where I can just go and hide
I'm sick of this place, and I'm sick of the life I have
Why does everyone walk all over me, when my heart is all that I have?
Some reason I keep falling in these deep dark holes of pain
While I'm down here, still screaming in vain
I sit here getting hurt and abused in every which way
It seems like I'm nothing to anyone, each and every day
Is this how my life is always going to be?
Is there a day where someone will notice and actually see?
Can't take this anymore, I'm just about to break
I seriously don't know how much more of this I can take
When will I know when my pain and suffering will ever end?
When will I know when I'll have enough strength to mend?
Sooner or later I will conquer all of you out there
And to all who suffer like me, the stories I will share...

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Rap Music

Rapping music is a crack
In my behind where the wind blows
Country is all I know
Rock makes me want to hit my toes
Easylisten is where my mind lets loose
Rap makes me break wind like a goose
Music is for the soul to relax
After rap my body is like a shaking shack

By Curtis Ray Murray

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Behind The Darkness Of My Eyelids

Behind the darkness of my eyelids hum... 
What can I say about that...
Every person has another side to them...
They may not show it, but it's there...
Sometimes people bring it out...
Some people keep it in...
But we can't hide what we feel...
Sometimes we imagine what we want to do, 
instead of just doing it, and that's what holds us back,
and that's why we stay...
Behind the darkness of our eyelids...

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My Reflection

Dreaming of a Saturday

When we will be together

Ill never have happier days

I pray this lasts forever


I'm not the usual guy

Who only calls you when it's right

I'm yours even if I die

And forever for you ill fight


It's not about your looks

Or what you do and say

God is first in your books

That's all that matters anyway


My life would be completed

And my past is burned and charred

We could never be defeated

Or even scratched or scarred


I know you'll be afraid

Of how I show all my affection

This poem shows how I'm made

The mirror with my reflection


I know you have been told

This same story before

But THAT world is just so cold

Come to me where it's warm


In these things you have my word

And my eternal trust and heart

No matter what you've heard

I just hope that we can start


And pay no attention

To the world that wants you back

I'm here, Its my intention

To protect you from such attacks


"One day" you'll realize and see

That I'm telling you the truth
with what you mean to me
   For words ---- There is no use...

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You'd Swear

With His Heart On His Sleeve
He Just Passes Through
Wearing Ignorance Upon His Face
You'd Swear He Speaks The Truth

The Wild Dreams In His Eyes
Tell The Tale Undone
So Silent For Effect
You'd Swear He Had A Gun

Decisions Of Little Concern
He Shrugs Off Without A Voice
His Words Flow So Fluent
You'd Swear He Had No Choice

Slipping Slowly Toward The Door
But Where Will He Go?
He Spook With His Soul
But You'd Swear You'll Never Know

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I know

Can you really actually love me?
set your heart away from stone and be free?
There must be more to life than this
is it still out there or is it something that i have missed

Walking alone again
minding myself m'friend
Wondering how it will come to its end

Does it really have to be like this?
walking in a daydream as if something were amiss?
Is it the meaning of this so called life
or is it just how the same old story goes

Walking alone again
looking back on what happened then
You may not notice but this is how it ends

So what if my life exists solely for you
As if the path is better down another avenue
Don't you want to walk beside me here?
Why don't we hold hands and talk as I pull you near?

Walking alone again
wishing for you m'friend
We're not noticed in the coming of the end

Haven't you learned your lesson yet
don't you know that with me your life is set
Why ignore the attraction of a better life?
One night close your eyes and be my wife?

But somehow it's wrong
this truth shouldn't have taken so long
guess the meaning is lost on me again
and the line is drawn between us m'friend

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Fountain of Passion

In Your Fountain of Passion As You.... 
Lay your body next to mine
Let me feel the blazing heatbeat of you
Kissing Licking each other in the moist intimate of spots
tasting your passionate delicacy
The flavour to savour
the flavour from your erotic perfume
Breathing the aroma, fragrance of you
The sweet smells of your womanhood
Let me feel the desire, Take me higher
Hard and swollen, Plump between your thighs
You feast on me au naturel
Cosume your hunger, your desire as you drink my fountain of passion
Come to me, Cum with me, I will show you X-T-C
Taken a land of desire
Our bodies quivering...trembling
Dripping whet in our Vibrations of Passion
Lost in Your body...Wraped up
You have taken me home
You lost in my body
Your body is my home
Drenched in each others Passions
We have taken the action
Drenched in X-T-C
Drenched in X-T-C 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Dark Chocolate On White Chocolate

Dark Chocolate On White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate On White Chocolate
Dark chocolate Her brazilian body
My White Chocolate soul
As the stimulation
Soft supple hands 
Exploring my every inch
For my secluded secret prize package
Plump 'tween your thighs
The heat of my temple 
Than a Hershey's kiss
The taste of her lips
As she softly kisses me 
Giving me pleasure beyond measure
Beyond This world
Entering another
The phantasy
Like a drug
I'm Addicted 
To her dark brazilian chocolate
Her sweet parfume
Rich and strong 
Taking me to ecstasy
All night long
Her love is my song

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 


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I wonder

I wonder do you exist,
everynight I go to sleep,
I dream of you,
I have yet to find my true love,
and when I do, I hope he is like you

I love the way, you hold me
Im lovin the way, you cherise me
I like the way, you take it nice and slow
but only for a few hours
then i have to go

I cant believe this is happening to me
I have to realize this is only a dream
I hope one day I find that one like you
personally, I think its only one you

I wonder do you exist (exist)
"yeah baby" only in my dreams for now
I wonder do you exist (exist)
"oh baby" only in my dreams for now (oh)

Im lovin the love scene
night after night
havin you in my dream
its driving me crazy
going outta my head
im dreamin of you 
in an empty bed


I wonder do you exist (exist)
"yeah baby" only in my dreams for now
I wonder do you exist (exist)
"oh baby" only in my dreams for now (oh)

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A Queen of mermaids

Faces turn pale because of the moonlight.   

My cheeks and lips are too hot.

I am a Queen of mermaids, this night of May!

I dance and collect

the stars from the sky  for my crown.

Come to me!

I shall give a piece of happiness

To all who are lonely.

But you must be cautious  –

I am a mermaid! 

I shall bewitch you! 

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Deceptive Reflections

There she is again
That girl in the mirror
I see her mimicing all that I do
I even see her with my friends
There are times that I wish 
I were prettier than she
And sometimes I wish
She would just leave me be

I look in the mirror
And all that I see
Is some girl who dresses
And acts like me
Who she is I may 
Never know
And right now
I wish she would just go!

I fear the dark
Only when I am alone
For I know not how
Empty the dark really is
She is my dark
My empty spot
I know not 
Who she trully is

I look in the mirror
And all that I see
Is some girl who dresses
And acts like me
Who she is I may 
Never know
And right now 
I wish she would just go

Why does that mirror lie!
I can't stand it!
Almost to the poing I could cry
I want to banish it
My reflection
My deception
My mirror 
My lie

Why wont you leave me be
Why wont you just dissapear
Why must you torture me
Why must I fear
That maybe, just maybe
I am that girl
In the mirror

I look in the mirror
And all that I see
Is some girl that dresses
And acts like me
Who she is
I may never know
Sometimes I wish 
She would just go

Now I turn on the light 
And now I see
That girl is 
My past
My present
My future

She is me

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Looking out a broken window
Trying to see past the broken glass
Seeing past the cuts and bruises
Past the scars hidden deep within your soul
Seeing truth without opening my eyes
I can see the tears  you once cried
I can see all the pain and hurt you've been through
Then I lift my eyelids and my eyes open
Theres no broken window, just a mirror
The person I see is me

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Howling at the Moon

Tripping thru the cosmos
 just the other afternoon
I saw Cleopatra dancing 
on the dark side of the moon
I stopped by just to say hi
 and she met me with a smile
and we rode cross the Sea of Tranquility
on her favorite crocodile

I told her it was getting late
and I really had to fly
Then I floated off to Jupiter
when Europa caught my eye
She's looking especially bright tonight
as she crosses Callisto's path
magnificently steller 
at four billion and a half

The power of the universe
the secret of the grail
the mystery of all life itself
it's all there in your head
everything is everything
and everything is one
we're just billion year old carbon floaties
dancin in the sun

I nod my head and tip my hat
and bid to them adieu
so many things to see and do
before this trip is thru
I'll skate on the rings of Saturn
I will swim in Neptune"s seas
I'll sip champagne from the Big Dipper
as I dance with Pleiades
and when this trip is over 
and I come down way too soon
I'll kneel beside Lon Chaney Jr.
and we'll both howl at the moon

The power of the universe
the secret of the grail
the mystery and the majesty
it's right there in your head
everything is everything
and everything is one
we're just billion year old carbon floaties 
dancin in the sun

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The glass domain

On wings of a solitary flight
Cerulean waves cascade to the shore 
Their rhythms nod on a moon lit night 
Taken for grant it we shall forever 
Watch its mystery unfold 
For there are depths we never 
Have discovered 
Below its cradle of movement lay 
A world of aquatic life that hover
Teaming along in their search for being 
In darkened doorways dressed in seaweed
As they swiftly rock in a lullaby fleeing 
With curious eyes lurk around the corners 
 Protecting their space
From night time foreigners 
Seeking a meal 
Another world resides here 
Leaving man chartering in a unacquainted 
Water abode sphere 
Auditory sensations muffle with echoes 
With the crying of whales 
Leaving man to meditate the details 
On the wings of solitary flight 
Cerulean waves cascade to the shore 
We rally in its allure 


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Heart Of Love

There once was a heart made of stone,
Made hard by the life that its known,
But the older it grew
The more pain it went through,
And was made to do so on its own.

There once was a heart made of steel,
Made cold by the love it can't feel
All tears that were shed
For a love left for dead,
Now forever waits for love to heal.

There once was a heart made of gold,
Made out of a love that's grown cold,
But no mater what's tried
All the love held inside
Still resides beneath riches untold!

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The Depth Of Your Journey

Others around you notice it well,
Those who love you, a heart-breaking story they could tell.
You have abused your body, you've weaken your mind.
You're now in search of someone,
Someone who isn't wise enough to see the depth of your journey,
The one you've traveled so many times.
You once were a wise man,
But eventually this wisdom slowly vanished,
Maybe so slowly you never noticed when it left, 
You probably know not of the place nor time.
But now, here you are alone and afraid,
So alone, you know not what to do.
So with passing of time, 
You will learn to quicken your responses if others are around you,
You'll know what to say, you'll know what to do.
But oh how sad that it has to be, 
You can't quicken the distraught that fills your eyes,
When you are caught unaware,
And the depth of your journey,
Outshines the person you are now trying to be.
Now you must realize, 
The depths will never let you be free.

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I .


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I am Cien....

Every one wants to know what is wrong with me. 

I tell them nothing Im Cien. 

Like I just woke up from an endless dream, 

and at that moment I can see everything, 

What kind a joy will come,  

What kind a hate will come, 

How will I keep my feelings numb? 

All these years and barely having a crumb,  

but to a man with nothing esle in his life 

What a perfect battle for him to fight.

My only fear is to fail you, and 

those who know not what we do,

and so as the battelfied approaches 

and i get a final word from the coaches,

I say to you put me in the game 

I am ready and I now know my name....

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The Dark Ones

Little shadows,
Evil hearts…

Watch all of you, fall apart!

Eyes so red,
This horrible pain that’s in your head –

It brings you down…
To, this place you call… hell.

[So now you’re going down
I’ll tell you this
There’s no way out.]

Watch this now,
These heartless pricks –

But don’t be fooled,
For we have one more
And, there it is
Standing at that door.

All it can say to you now  is…

[You’re going down
There’s no way out
So give up now,
You’re full of doubt
You’re falling down]

Keep this thought
Were with you here,
Just hear me out,
We’ll help you dear.

For you cannot see,
Through these blind red eyes
That you are here,
You’re with us now –

Don’t hold it in,
Let it out
The truth is here…
You are, one of us.

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From time to time, now and again

Time will lapse leisurely as it runs
On nimble legs through worlds unknown.
The moon is whole, the wind will still and
You can hear the whispers that they speak.
And when the hour is near
You will see,
As they forward and enter the scene.
A feeling of fear seduced by the night
That lingers in the betweens.
Was once a foe but now a new
This foes actions have been.
Foresight thwarted by a potent dream
And what was wrong is now right.
As they draw near with faces misplaced
All feelings and thoughts subside.
When they leave you understand
And time returns to the world.
Although, without a lessoned learned
It may just leave once again.

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In dreams

Experiencing this leafy playground like falling stars.

Reminds me of later days.

The sweet sensation of winds upon my face.

Tag was our game of choice.

Weaving, like needles through the quilt of life.

Laughing in the dead of night.

Smiling like the moon above.

October, my favorite place in time.

Running alone, without fear.

She breaks through tree branches and vines.

Heart pounding.

Not aware of the world around her, just the feeling.

Breathing is all that can be heard.

Running for hours, though heart still enables her to keep going.

 Quick strides, the next stronger than the last.

She sees her goal target.

A boy is standing in the straight away.

As she runs towards him, she tries to stop.

She tries, but seems that she will run into him.

She skids, eyes shut and arms unfurled.

Her eyes open, but he's gone.


She wakes up, cuts on her arms and legs, leaves in her hair.

Her worst nightmare. 

It wasn't a dream.

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Dylan Thomas

I know you will miss me life 
“As I go so gently into this night”

In our final hours 
We lay as possums 
Not but never
Will the limbs of this flower blossom
You held life so kindly 
I only ask was it trust
And if so 
Shall we continue to reach for the shadow behind us

I know you will miss me life 
“As I go so gently into this night”

I now bleed 
For I believe
My surroundings breathe 
Upon thy curse of me
From the belly of pompous we will continue to grow
And as for our spectators 
On to hell, with what they know
This is the curse of comfort
Shall we be lain in the final blown trumpet 
I know you will miss me life
“As I go so gently into this night”

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As The Walls Close In

As the walls close in
my world is getting smaller
Beads of sweat drop from my head
down to my collar
I don't know what to do anymore
I feel like my end is coming soon
I no longer see the light ahead
I no longer see the moon
In total darkness I stand
I no longer see clear
I breathe as if to die
cuz my soul is in fear
My heart starts to pound
as if to come our my chest
The pain is so immense
will I be put to rest
As the walls close in
I have no one to turn too
My mind is going crazy
I'm lost I don't have a clue
I'm standing right here
searching for some salvation
I look everywhere I can
with deep anticipation
My eyes full of tears
my fists clenched real tight
Anger within me burns
things don't feel right
Why do I feel this way
my mind starts to spin
My emotions go crazy
I want to commit sin
As the walls close in
my mind looses control
I'm begging for mercy
as my heart grows cold
I fall to my knees
I'm no longer alert
I know as I'm here
this pain has me hurt
I'm wounded I'm scarred
blood slowly falls from me
The pain is so strong
it has eaten me alive as you see
I can no longer fight it away
cant stand strong
I been fighting this battle
for just too damn long
Time for me to take one last breath
and just close my eyes
Let my soul go away
as the rest of me dies

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Remove Tension

How much you can eat?
Over eating is a defeat,
You can’t work for long,
Your tommy is as a bowl.

How much you can smoke?
Lungs can’t pay hard walk,
Do you want to live in dirt?
Why is your mind so blurt?

How much you can drink?
Normality can looses its link,
What do you want to learn?
If alcohol has reversing burn.

Eat it what do you want?
Keep fit to climb a mount,
Life isn’t so easy to live,
All is short if you have.

Use it what do you want to use?
Keep distance if you can’t refuse,
Dirty things has a painful lesson,
A life can’t wear all fashion.

If a mistake is a cost of Life,
Before to admit ask your wife,
You and she has a share,
Find a way what is fair?

How long a man can carry?
Overload has much worry,
Do you want to remove tension?
Use your mind that a lesson.

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i hope life is fulfilling your dreams
whatever you want, maybe you
will receive, but im not gonna
stop my destiny, cause if i did,
i will regret, and hate you for
letting me

i know you want a family,
but i have dreams,
i need to fulfill my needs,
im not gonna stop my destiny,
im on my way to  a beautiful journey

maybe we will meet 
down the line
during a cross road
only if it meant to be,
to rekindle love
maybe.... we have to 
wait and see,
until then, im on my way
to a beautiful journey

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Your Music (Part 1 of 2)

Your Love Trickles Down
Your Love Has Sound
It’s Infinite – Altruistic…
It’s Sweet, Mellow… Music

Your Love Power Flows
Plays Perfect Piano
Like Cascade – Waterfall
Repertoire – Rain-Call

Your Love Is All Around
From Heaven and Earth-Bound
I Found… Its Quite Fantastic
I Found… I Got To Have It!...

… Its Your Music…
The Sound of Your Love Is Music!
Soft to Loud; Alone Or In-Crowd
I Heard It; And I Vowed
Lord, I Love The Sound
Of Your Music… Your Music…

In The Beginning… It Was On…
A Super-Sonic – Song
On Air-Waves… Automatic
If I Can’t Hear It… I Get Frantic!

Your Stereophonic Is In My Soul
… Melodies Untold; Composed
Got Your Notes… Don’t Need Narcotics
Gotta’ Talk About This Topic!...

… Its Your Music…
The Sound of Your Love Is Music!
Its Hotter Than The Tropics
Cooler Than The Arctic
Its Rhythm; Its Romantic
To Lose Tempo, Would Be Tragic
I Love Your Music… Your Music…

…Its Your Music…
The Sound of Your Love Is Music!
Its Utopia;  Exotic
Cornucopia;  Quixotic
… Center-Stage… Its YOU…
… And The Award Goes To…

… Your Miracle Music… Your Music!...

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Taken by your smile 
Held by the night
In your arms i gaze for a while
and hold you in my sight
there amongst stars 
one that shines bright
Chasing clouds among the rain
tears from heaven 
release my pain
i follow your heart
to the ends of the world
chase your dreams
 just to be your girl

Come to me with you tears
and i wil cry for you
a thousand stars will fall
thats true
 everywhere you will go
i will follow 
show me your dreams
and ill keep them safe
hold them in my heart thats true
here i hold a place just for you.

Tears from heaven 
fall then i miss you 
All i want is to hold you
and kiss you
Stop my tears from falling
when your smiling
catch my dreams in your pocket
and keep them from fading
My tears subsiding

Come away with me
together through dark skies
chase the stormy weather
we'll fly 
hold on till the dawn 
Watch The burning fire rise
in the early morn.

Tears from heaven whisper
Angels sing among the clouds
Tell me a story of you 
Catch my soul in a moment 
Time stands still
Stars break free from the broken sky
at night 
Angels hear me cry
Lift me to your light
Whisper to me your everlasting dreams
and i'll send them on  angel wings.

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the photographer

Writing for pictures
This false reality
Commits you blind
It’s okay
We never really wanted
To see this world
This living 
This heavenly prison
A crystal ball
To tease, a god
To no longer breathe
Or listen
Mission accomplished 
Our days have grown tired
Our dream purges expiration
A date due of intense aggravation
World I simply wish you the best

“writing for pictures”

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Untitled #245 / Wild child

Wild child, the wild child
“you’re so wild, you’re
such a wild, wild child”
“What a day, what a day to turn into
a wild child”

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Jus De Minuit

 Jus De Minuit
Les sensations car vous venez sur le thee comment vous avez appuyé sur moi 
mes rendements de corps à vos courbes et contourne vos yeux ont parlé la faim 
sexuelle votre faim pour moi. 
Mon corps pour moi ai offert car votre toile ma bouche était sèche dans le 
rememberence du goût de votre amour juteux doux la chaleur, le battement la 
douceur de sa glissière; et je suis devenu ivre sur le parfum de votre ardeur, 
prépare pour être pris.
 Je me déclare votre mystère trouver les réponses dans votre passion. Est elle je 
que vous désirez ardemment pour. 
Laissez-moi mettre à feu vos feux de convoitise aux endroits qui n'ont été jamais 
réveillés avant que la lune dorme ses derniers souffles soudainement qu'elle se 
réveille à nos bruits et cris perçants de l'amour.
 Mes élévations de corps ont emballé loin un cadeau pour que vous vous 
étendiez entre le solstice et équinoxe, mes élévations de corps vers le haut du 
matelas trois pieds que nous allons ces yeux n'ont pas augmenté. 
Vos cuisses sont sauvages, whet, rempli de chevaux de jus, attendant votre tour. 
Et notre chair sur la chair a mis à feu dans un feu de flambage, dont les goûts 
aucun homme peuvent assortir le désir que nous avons baisé sur la cachemire, 
faite amour sur le coton égyptien sur de vieux hiéroglyphes d'âge le Pharos a 
écrits. les diamants ornent vos images d'yeux de vous sur les feuilles Je me 
réveille à l'humide de votre langue léchant mes jus de minuit
Peter B LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Can I?

Can I become the man that I need to be?
Can my eyes open, and have one glimpse of being free?
Can I overcome the pain that my hate has brought?
Can I gain more strength after all the times we have fought?
Can I work around the problems I've endured?
Can I put up with these things you've given to me to ensure?
Can I let my lungs inhale and breathe today?
Can I push this pain behind the doors and shut them away?
Are you always going to remind me about things like you do?
Are you still going to throw things at me that I've already been through?
With all the pain and suffering, why can't you just admit it?
When you don't know the truth about any of it
Make me cry and run away from this place
Cause in reality it's your own problems you can't face
So instead of me asking you, can you look in my eyes
And ask yourself, Can I?

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Chambre of Desire

In This Chambre of Desire
I see you from afar
In the faint myst of the night
My passions are at the highest
of heights
After you
I call your name
and you look my way
Come here
Come into my world
Enter into my chambre of desire
Explore the Fires
That burn from within
Light a match to your passions
Burn out of control
Let your body take control
The pleasure you will feel 
From head to toe 
Melting...Melting into the fold
of my body becoming ONE

Peter B LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

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sailing to the end


Patiently sitting on this grave mute ship
On which time had cast a spell
Around her endurance on the water of life
Hindering her sustainance that she strife
Against the stormy nights which dwells 
At the heart of the sea, compelling her to trip

Old as proclaimed by her once youthful job
To avoid wreckage she lowered her anchor
Paused for strength admist a great race
Which other vessels in the ocean now face
To the roar of the thunder, the sea cries for encore
While whirling was the wind taking us around his orb

Towards the habour of the sea of life
We sail hopelessly on its solitude for a sight 
Or glare at the beauty that was said
To be visible not to the living but dead
The shortcut many have found was with stormy Nights
Over the vast sea but with one heart, we still drive 

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How do I break the cycle?

The cycle starts again
try to forget
how hard i fell for him
never mind the open prayers
or the poisoned arrows
left their mark
I'm in the dark
and I'm trying to forget
loves sweet sorrow

The sun
my heart
my bed
it starts
I wake
no arms
I break
for goodness sake
i miss him
and then

the cycle starts again
try to forget
you're in love
ignore the fact
you've been denying it all along
bleed along the day
just to hear his voice
and lift my spirits again

How can I break it?
How can I fall out of love?
How can I taste it?
How can I corrupt it?
How can I resist it?
How can I manage?

The cycle starts again
Ignorance my best friend
and rose colored glasses shattered
reality taken in huge doses
like anything really mattered
but I have to admit it
It's only fair to my soul
for years I've been denying it
I've let it go
and go
and go

The night
the sky
my head
it starts
I long
no arms
I break
for goodness sake
I miss him 
and then

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Feel It

Chorus: (2 times, first sung, then spoken)
Can you feel it?
Dying inside
Can you feel it?
Feeding on my pain
Can you feel it?
Pain is my pleasure
Slowly going insane

I know you can feel it, Deep inside of you

I know you can feel it
Deep inside of you
I know you can feel it
There’s nothing that you can do
I know you can feel it
Why deny it?
Why hide it?
Don’t fight it
You know you can feel it
Running through your veins
You know you can feel it
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?

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Where should I start?
Should it come directly from the heart?
Learn new things everyday
Able to speak that I could never before say
It's hard to live once you've died
It's hard to smile when all you've done is cried
I used to ask myself, will this ever end?
Would the suffering of my heart ever mend?
I'd see everyones' happy faces
People still smiling whatever the case is
Something happened to me later that day
Someone told me that everything would be okay
Should I believe that it could be real?
Or could it just be something I think I can feel?
Trust me, nothing's ever truly over
Unless you think you won't live or last forever
Someday I'll win and gain back my pride
And bring back the faith I have once had inside...

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Hitler's Children

Just like these disappearing days
I’ll blame the world upon you
When all is gone and there is nothing left
As my vengeance rest among blisters 
I shall die along with truth
I want love, death, peace within my lies
Like yesterdays peer beyond my shoulders
Tomorrow fears thy young 
For I will never grow older
As reasoning in my ruthless intentions
Keeps me from viewing day light
Today’s are, Days of May like!
I want love; I want death, a future edition to my demise
Murderous flaws 
Survived with a surgical clause 
When all is weathered
And no dryness seems to bless your paws 
The sweetness in my goodbyes
Retain endless, applauds, sympathetic awes
I want love, death, everything in your eyes
This is for you
This is for a certain people
The race I despise 
The envy one could never refute
This is for my litter, my will 
Again today you shall rise 

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Lilac Serenade

Flowing down, softly so
wind sighing to and fro
on the whispered breeze
underneath fallen leaves
heaven sent
earthly lent
meadows between the stars
creeks strolling into afar
i hear bluejays sing
of lovers dying in summer spring
i wonder if the beauty is false
during this wintry waltz
from poetry to lyrics
this tomorrow is in spirit
lilac blush
lilac kiss
lilacs on the moor

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The connfessions smelt of whiskey
but I felt the same, wished you'd kiss me
We talked of feelings that are forbidden
So we tuck them away, keep them hidden
I'm craveing a buzz, your my suicide drug
When with you I feel this high
Inhale softy, release a sigh
My addiction is the dept in your eyes
though I'm unsure my feelings are wise
I'm craveing that buzz, your my suicide drug
We get closer and share escape
If this is a dream I hope never to wake
I taste a trance and the world fades away
this hunger fuels my evey day
I'm craveing your buzz, your my suicide drug

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Make it

Say let me make say let me make 
Born in the gutter on the block 
Contently watch 
Thugs running to the Connor thinking dang that stuff hot
As a youngster mine regularly set up plot 
I want what they got 
Came to the came 
Everybody was A didn’t give a care too their name
This be my dream 
Getting what I want by feeding crack fens
Say let me make it Say let me make me 
Momma don’t cry nah momma don’t cry
Look inside your house everything nice
Look at your ride you riding so tide
You don’t got to worry they can’t turn off your lights
Just go to bingo in listen to Smoky cause everything going to be alright
Say let me make say let me make 
Don’t nobody wants see little of me 
Going out making that big money
So they get ready to eliminate me 
I set up notations 
Someone on every block every location 
Listening end to ever conversation 
They wants take so I’m going have to shape
To show them life is real problems is not fake
So say goodbye goodnight your love your life
Say let me make say let me make 


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I stayed in love

I stay in love with you
even though you're gone,
I still forgive you
how you treat me wrong,
I tried so hard to keep
our love growing strong,
but it wasn't enough,
you packed up,
and now you're gone,
its no mistakin
how you use to feel for me,
theres no erasing
the good and bad memories,
im dying of a broken heart
I need someone to rescue me,
did you forget
the love we shared,
did you forget
you use to care,
did you forget
about you and me,
did you forget 
our chemistry,
because of you
I wrote this song,
I stay in love
even though you did me wrong,
the bond we had
use to be strong

"I stay in love with you
even though you're gone"

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Follow Me

take my hand and follow me 
to a place where all are free
this is not the bitter end
we have found a happy land
come and find the answers to
the questions you've always had
drift into uncertainty
as we fall into the crystal sea
drown our problems in the wine
we will be just great and fine
I have seen the promised land
and it's not so great at all
but we can make our own way
it's not like we have to stay
we can find this perfect place
if we only run away
so follow me, I'll set you free
the time has come to free ourselves of our self 

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tell me what are we?

tell me what are we?
best friends, lovers, or what
tell me (tell me)
tell me what are we?
undercova lovas or what
tell me (tell me)
tell me what are we?
close, cool, or what
tell me, just tell me
tell me, boy just tell me

you give me this impression
sayin youre my man
next thing i know
ya saying im your friend

what its gonna be
tell me what are we?
do you really love me
or infatuated "si"

when we were holding hands
making love on the beach sand
what did ya considered me
ya lova or ya friend

to be cont....

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for we wanderers

To where we go
No one knows
Exactly where we go
I don’t know

The hope
That floats 
The areas
When life
Is simply 

It’s an honorable mention
But it kills a number far greater
That it helps survive 
With in the tension
You question your state of being
You wonder why you’re alive
And who knows if your body goes anywhere
Besides in that box, soundly found
Beneath the dirt 
This is what happens 
When we misinterpret the hurt
Out of despair in hopes of relief
We form a belief

To where we go
No one really knows
Exactly where we go
I don’t know

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Night falls upon the ocean deep
When all that is weary and fast asleep
Silvery sage colored moon 
Hanging over a blue black ocean in June 

Mixing up a bowl of vast sea mystery 
Your bountiful glory deliveries thee 
Hung above your horizon line 
your ebony view is peerless and undefined 

A calming rush onto sand and shore 
Your most admirable cycles to explore
Bottomless caverns and hidden decor
Thrashing movements reach a tidal roar 

Salty wake of white foaming endurance 
Thready seaweed washed up on the land 
your texture and frangrance spread out in a strand 
Night ocean you perplex my intrigue   
I watch through this window despite my fatigue 

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Under the reapers cloak

 The mysterious cloaked woman stiffly walked down the dark damp alleyway. 
She listened to the talkative wind blow through the leafless frozen trees as if they 
were whispering about the sad look upon her face. The fog followed her and 
surrounded her black knee high boots, which made a maddening clopping 
sound as they struck the wet hard cobblestone pathway. The woman slowly 
walked up to a weathered  wooden door, secretly her arm raised to it and she 
made a hollow knock .From the other side you could hear a deep clink as an old 
man unbolted the door and stuck his wrinkled face outside. The mysterious 
woman leaned toward him and mumbled something into his cauliflowered ear, 
something that made him look shocked, then she stared deeply in his elderly 
green eyes like she was staring into his soul. As if he were under a trance the 
old man widened the door to let her enter, but before she did so she sniffed the 
air blowing across her pale face. The woman again whispered in his ear, “the 
time is of now”, she swiftly crossed the entrance. Her hood floated across the 
elders face, the old man knowing he had just let death in, as he saw a metallic 
blade under her smooth cloak glisten.


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Sizzling Salsa Step

Setting the scene
The scene of the dance
The heat and sizzle
The dusk and sun setting 
A mirage like a hot, red fire-ball
Searing into the horizon
Casting an orange hue over all the
Sun touches

The steam and sweat and passion
Climbing in the small Spanish bar,
The salsa, the tango,
Castanets clicking, the Latino feel

Her dress stuck to her tanned wet skin
The perspiration dripping from his brow,
Salt on his lips, he breathes in deeply
The tense bicep holding her lean 
back in a low dip,
His damp, black shirt billows open 
with his rapid movements,
His breath on her neck and cascading 
down her cheek
The gasp of air as he brings her back up, his 
Firm hand gently placed in the small of her back
Guiding her every step, sway, slide and stamp

The pirouettes, over and over
She’s spinning around his frame,
The heel and toe, the stamp of his feet
The whip of her brown hair as she turns to and fro,
Her soft curls tickling his bare shoulders

She flicks and kicks and jumps in his arms
Muscles tight in her legs, her thighs rigid
He twists and turns, the heels clicking on 
Acacia wood, the smell is intense
The smell of dance and Latin heat

They pull away, snap close together, she drops through
His legs, into splits on the warm floor, effortlessly, 
He lifts her with one arm, her heels on the wood
back up against a chest so broad
Breathless, she holds unto his body, his neck, his pulse throbbing
Her ankles weak, feet numb, the dance has ended
His stare intense, lungs ache, his arms around her back, 
She reaches for his hair, the music fades into silence
The dance has ended,
The passion just begun…

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Tears of brass dripping
eyes closed-
and a glass of whiskey,
impenetrable ears penetrated.
Just thinking-
wish on a color
faded brown.
Broken strings
make no sound.
Drilling, digging a well,
of silence,
deep into the ground.
Musical thoughts a’ dancing in my mind,
melodies of the sickest kind.
Words of wisdom
never thought-
something new is something lost.
Something lost may be just fine,
but it still sends chills all down my spine.
I sit, five strings and a broken mind;
sipping gold.
Maybe I’m just wasting my time,
and wasted time is a wasted mind, 
but a wasted mind is worth my time,
and some would say I’m sitting blind,
but sitting blind just frees your mind.
And that is what most folks can’t see
but that is how this poem came to be. 
And Delylah lets me know who I am,
though Delylah just rests upon her stand

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What We've Hidden

We love some
And we hate others,
We come by friends,
And we stumble upon foes.

We love animals,
But hate what they create
We say things 
but we don't mean them,
we mean things, 
But we don't say them.

we love some,
But pretend to hate them,
We say we know ourselves,
But we really just know the masks we wear.

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The Fishermen

“One shall always be strong,”
His words swung with the cold air,
 “One shall always believe,”
It was like the waves were 
Strengthening his tone and words,

There he lay on the big rocks
That hid him by the shore,
He contemplated the beautiful 
It all made him feel alive at the moment,

The droplets of water
Tenderly slithered on his skin,
Like cure to an illness;
His pain was diminishing,
The fire of hatred was being

For the first time in his life,
He felt optimistic,
It was the first time for him to use
“Half-full” and not “Half-empty,”
To him, it was a life-changing moment,

Thoughts continuously rushed 
In and out of his head,
Reminiscences and past-experiences
Came back to relive a beautiful moment
With him… A moment of “Life”

“If I were…” he whispered, 
“If I were a…”
He mumbled what he wanted to say…

“If I were a tiny fish that swam freely across the ocean, would I be free? Or would I 
just be the bait to some other fish? Would all these fishermen take my freedom 
away? Taking me out of the water till I suffocate? Shall my life end because of 
them fishermen?”
He said indignantly,
He was filled with rage.
“Would I always live my life with no one’s sympathy? Just me…”
His tears started falling,
For he took out all his hidden pain,
He faced reality again,
And stopped his denial…

After minutes of sorrowful-confusion,
He stared at the sky again…
“O’ fishermen, 
When will y’all ever come and get me?”



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Hands Clean

What did I miss?

You controlled yourself
and such 
mess mess mess
hush hush hush
wont say anything

push the button
show me
they see

I'll put the soap away
I'll sew my mouth shut
I wont tell a soul 
a word
pinky swear
mess mess
hush hush
wont say a thing

I'm not so blind

push the button
rewind the tape

and who said what again?

Who are you in this Act?
and who am I?
Why should I listen to you
If i'm not sure if i can trust you
and what's in it for me
and i know all about cleaning up after me

mess mess mess
hush hush hush
push the button

I'll hide the soap
i wont say anything
I'll keep myself in line
I'll be kind
I'll make them laugh
I'll make them cry

Weill be the best team
but why should I?

Hush Hush
such a mess
hush hush
Such a mess
push the button

What did I miss?

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Oh silvery hue of you
You glimmer and shine so true 
Above so high in the blue 
How romantic 
Man has been with you? 
Shadows and radiance
Upon the lakes you dance
And you put on a show 
With your lunar eclipse stance 
Oh silvery hue 
Your lunar color has slowly changed 
Making this earth lay in dark and strange
Like the last night 
Sheer fright 
But around your rim
Blood red about your trim
A spectacle to the eye 
An earthly phenomena to defy 
Oh silvery hue of you 
You glimmer and shine so true 
Your gallant display we view 

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Untitled #204 / Springsteen

“This is radio nowhere
is there anybody alive out there?
This is radio nowhere
is there anybody alive out there?
I just wanna hear some rhythm!
I just wanna hear some rhythm!
I just wanna hear some rhythm!
I just wanna hear some rhythm!”
Tell ‘em, Springsteen
we’re all fifty-six years old

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certfied letter
sendin you another
i want to give you all of me
it's about time
the collision of your eyes
set my love free
rap me all up
unwrap me with a bow
it's a suprise
it's thee
forever my love
makin it hot 
the tasteful drug you feen
runnin through your veins
with an innocent face
slowly killin you and me
alphabet soup
i thought i loved you
my biggest regret
i slept with you

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In the far country,

in a century of veils and swords,

the merry Troubadour rode his horse.

Among true friends

He was the most devoted friend,

and all around loved him

for his kindness.


The sky was filled with stars.

Night was floating above the earth.

Suddenly I met him

in yesterday’s dream.

He said, «I shall be true only to you

during the most black trouble

and in bright-coloured success.»


Morning has crept into my home

like a scarlet snake.


And today, too, I was mistaken

when I looked back at 

a masculine figure!

No, it is not he!

O God, O God! I have forgotten his face!

I shall not be able to find

my fine, dream-time Troubadour!




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Keep Me Safe

Finding my space in my lonely world
Secretly depressed as an emotional girl
So here I am under the dead tree
With fog drifting about and my mind wandering free
It's too cold for me to move, so I stay
I wait and freeze until my life has gone away
But nothing around me seems to change
It's just so awkward and very strange
I can't feel any pain or the suffering I endured
I my secret world, every thing's secured
Death lurks below me like a river of blood
Stalking my life
I sink in my problems like sinking in endless mud
I have to put up a fight
Tears roll down my miserable face
Nothing is right
I just need someone to keep me safe
And holding me tight
Finding my space in my lonely world
Secretly depressed as an emotional girl
So here I am in the wild woods
With cold rain pouring and darkness floods
I am too wet to move, so i stay
I wait until I'm drenched and the rain has passed away
But the rain never stops and sunlight never shines
And all I hear are the wolves' and ghosts' whines
Still I can't find any pain or suffering I endured
In my secret world, everything's secured
So here I am 
Lying in my bed
With the light shining brilliantly 
And I wiped the sweat I shed
I'm back in the real world 
Full and animated
Back to the lonely girl
And my life which I hated
I got down on my knees
And put my palms together and
I gone into a weep 
Praying to the heaven
For me to be stronger
And living my life better
I wiped the tears off my face
And He answered by saying
"I will keep you safe."

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She Dreams Away

she speaks in silent whispers
of an intimate dream inside her
the secret passes between syllables
as the night descends around her
she talks into the darkness 
like an old friend it awakens inside
to see her in all her beauty
and like the wind it blows her mind
she sees all the way through
as the other side opens wide
to receive her innocent gaze
and smiles with all its might
she stares into the mirror
waiting for it to reveal its truth
it retains her subtle glowing aura
and tells her the secrets of life
inviting her to fly away into infinity
she smiles and blushes so sweetly
without a word she is whisked away
into that dream she has held inside
the fantasy becomes her reality

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Out On A Limb

If I told you how long I’ve liked you, what would you say?
Would we still be friends?
I could go out on a limb,
and see if you saw me as more than a friend,
but what if you didn’t?
What if finding out scared you away?
Could I handle rejection along with your loss?
Then again, what if by some grace of God,
you felt the same, but were always too timid to admit?
I can let this feeling pass away, 
but I know from history that it will comeback another day,
Maybe not tomorrow, but it will be back, 
it’s a feeling I never seem to truly kill,
and until I find out the truth, I don’t think I ever truly will

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Nobody has to know
whatever happened between us                         
that made us glow;
let this remain something of a secret,
this man knows where it lies...
hidden from others, not from us!
And you woman, keep it inside
as long as you's as deep as pride!

Erase my number from your cell phone,
not let him see it...
don't make him suspect
that I even exist in reality:
make it look like a shadow passing...
leaving no traces along;
when I take what's not mine...I feel so guilty,
but it won't stop me from taking!   

Let this remain something of a secret,
let's it confide it to a moon that's so scarlet;
a silent moon who hears the lovers' whispers...
and turns them into real, sweet whishes!

Let's die for a moment's bliss,
deny our reality and hysterically laugh;
this is not cheating on somebody
who didn't finish what he started off...  
we're free and need not to worry,
and if there's a price to pay:  we will! 

We're not kids who are kept from indulgence,
we are responsible for our own tendencies...
challenging those who oppose us with rage,
changing what others can barely change...
to let this remain something of a secret!

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The New Story about the Snow Queen


Cold, ice, the grey sky.

Wind chases snowflakes violently.

«Why do you lower the curtains In your room?

Are you afraid of somebody?» 

«I am afraid of Snow Queen,

who has kidnapped a small boy named Kay!

Suddenly she will glance In my window also!»

«You must not be afraid!

She not malicious, she is unfortunate.

I think, that Mister Andersen was mistaken,

when he saw her once in his window, 

and he wrote her history.

But I know that, ever long ago, Snow Queen 

was one of three sisters, the Snow fairies.

She was curious, she liked to travel.

One day she flew to distant Russia.

There Snow Queen, so young, fell in love

with a handsome man, the stalwart Frost.

Three daughters, the Snow Maidens, were born to them.   

How happy the Snow fairy was with her family!

But once, when Frost was not at home,

malicious North Wind stole the beautiful fairy.

She did not want to be his wife and resisted him!

Then North Wind erased almost all her memories

and sent her to the country of Eternal Cold.

Then she became Snow Queen.

But two daughters remained 

in the small bit of her memory,

which she stored in her heart.

Always sad, Snow Queen

flies to various countries.

She looks into windows of houses

And she hopes to see her dear girls. 


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Which path should I take?
I expect an answer;
can really suggest
and be present
to my senses,and
direct me toward
a higher perfection...
Which path should I take?
Should I continue or stop
at one what I'm doing;
or change for the better...
to believe it was all wrong?

Which path should I take?
Attractions are many...
they put temptations
into every person's mind...
I get cofused!
Either direction
I fearfully choose
might make me uneasy;
and should,by any chance,
something horrible happen to me...
I'll be more hurt than sorry
for the unwise decision I'll make!

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Foolish Pursuit

In a Winter's Loft; Complete,
with Midnight Eyes.

Maturing Curiosity,
Echoing with Laughter;
Sparkling, by Design.

Scintillating Whispers,
Fruitful, and Confident.
Longing to be Understood.

Eagerly Anticipating the Last Page.
Always Wanting More.

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3 count

im in a cell
i need a bail
to set me free
thats what i need
i lived enough
i oughta know
i count to 3
you dont love me

im gonna count to three
then ima show ya
watcha doin to me
you better hold ya breath
its gonna get ugly
the hurt you gonna feel
is what you've done to me
im not gon set u free
you bets to believe
im gonna count to 3

im gonna flip tha script on you
you gonna love like i loved you
and im the one who screws on you
now you gonna feel the way i do


i never felt like this before
playing parts you did before
always leaving out tha door
causing pain galore...

you might stay or go
but at least you will know
all the shhh you put me through
shid...i might get of you

to be continued......

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I’ve been told secretly as I sit alone in my realm
Of emptiness I’m not loved

Far away my mind drifts
I become distant and insecure
Wondering why

As broken teardrops stains the floor beneath me traced in sorrow
And my imagination is the result of emotions being stirred

Quietly I’m greeted by silence in the mist of loneliness
As I daydream with rain water eyes about old times
That seems to only fade away

I’m left facing forgotten tomorrows
Intimidated by what lies ahead
Although dreams have shattered like glass
I will survive even if I’m to 
Be Abandoned

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Simply, because of LOSS

Life is time is money is life
When one is gone, even just one
We suddenly cry “why”…

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Dark Images


My homicidal ideations marinate in my head

For the uncompromising pleasure of seeing someone dead

Thorough as hell, I am on the clock if being an actor

I would torch a soul for the defamation of my character

I ride drama like a drop of rain until someone freaks with my integrity

Then its all that she wrote for the wraths of my sanity

For the most part Im cool; it whatever floats your boat

But if you push to many buttons I might just slash your throat

_Essence Emani

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An Old Shack In The Woods

Without warning
Without reason
Sometimes my visions
Return to an old shack in the woods.

It's mysteries are unaltered 
And the unkept years 
Still number the same.

Some of the boards
Rest on ones before them
The earth is visible 
Beneath it's structure
The support pillows are
Still leaning to and fro.

I again find myself beneath 
A large opening
One made I believe 
For the air to flow within.
I stretch my legs
With all my force 
To again look inside.

But as all the many times before 
I see nothing
For there's nothing to be seen
Just the same old worn plank floor 
Staring up at me again.

I visit here often 
Not knowing where I am
For there is no one here 
And nothing to be seen
Expect this old shack and me.

How do I get here
How far do I have to journey
Should I be tired and weary
Or feel rested and chrisp.

I know not 
How far I've been 
I know not of how far 
I've looked within.

Tho many times I've been here
Earthly surrounding I see not
For my vision is limited
Limited to just this old shack and me.

Should I feel as tho I were home
There is no fear here
I feel not as a lost child
There is no loneliness
I'm in search for no one
And I'm here for only a short while.

But each time this illusion 
Brings into memory
All my visits of the past.

There is no difference 
There is no change
My legs again have became limber
From trying to see what's inside.

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Troubled I am
Thoughts no longer belong to me 
No longer mine 
A figure forever in-depth
Some what left behind
Forbidden desires
Truth being spoken 
From a mad mans mind
Spectators say what you will 
Think of gone 
Or at least until
I’ll be who I am 
No definition of family 
Yet I will always respond
Yes maim, thank  you, and please 
I will always take a coward from his knees
I will always look to your hands 
For royalties to be seized
I know not what is good 
I go about things wrong
My following being secular guidance 
Time and time again 
It’s the same refuted song
For these reasons 
I will never see a better home 

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Discarded Dreamer

Adrift on the sway 
Of a silk errant breeze
Wandering out of myself
Sailing along dreaming too long
I encountered the grip of an elf
He looked in my eyes
And I swift realized
I had drifted much further away
Than I ever had dared
And suddenly shared
In his fear I was going to stay
I was really quite hesitant
No permanent resident
Becoming quite ashen and gray
He hurled me thru clouds
Of souls wrapped up in shrouds
As I desperately  countered my spin
Slid thru the air
With uncertain flair
To consider the state I was in
Found the soul anchor line
This was cutting it fine
And thankfully reeled myself in

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Food for thought

Have you ever been 
I have 
You get a knot 
In your stomach
And your tong gets all 
Miss mossy 
And worst of you 
Get dizzy
You want to just break 
Down into darkness
And you just can’t 
Snap out of it

Then you sometimes
Beneath your desk
So that no one can see you
You are so afraid
Of what people will think 
Of you 
That you 
Forget what this is 
All about
That you want yourself 
To get some pride 
For yourself
Not anyone else
And the only way to do that 
Is though
Poetry is the only way to 
Get out that anger
The only way that you can 
Truly be you

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A Tempest Tossed Rage

A tempest tossed rage, a river of anger,
fueled by cruel haste, despitefully using,
losing my hope, as so it seems.

A tempest misplaced, emotions confusing,
where do I turn?, and where do I go?,
thier is no shelter, anywhere in sight.

A tempest engulfed, with a love so deep,
overcoming sins doubt, that's rendered useless,
turning to Jesus, my shelter I find.

A tempest no more, not yet out of sight,
searching inland, in a heart that's true,
following Jesus, down a path lit bright.

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She Led

One glance was all it took,
many a man, captured by her 
desirable looks.
Beneath all that beauty,
hidden from view,
destruction brews.
The wise didn't tread,
the shy fled,
the rest, she led.

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Only Child

Looks like a lonely smile, just maybe a only child
As my days go by, as my hour’s blossom
At times in this open space I’d rather play possum
In your presence my glass is full
Half and hour later your past in nearly consumed
Like concrete my emotions extract and expand
And when I’ve become more that we could bear
My life lead contract is what you demand
Looks like a lonely child, and could be the only smile
Perhaps we could throw time into reverse 
Relax and undermine this unforgiving curse
If nothing at all seems any worse 
Then we shouldn’t be privileged to hurt 
Life, lice, more of timely disease 
A worrier finally at ease 
An escape requires the keys to theses haunted seas 
The only pleasure that taunted me 
Looks like a lonely smile, just maybe an only child 
Should this daylight torment or burn my eyes 
Would you pay to see my lessons learned through lies? 
Should this carpet decide not to warm my feet
Then I shall prepare to watch my health swarm in defeat 

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chours:In my eye's when i look in the mirror
secrets i hide my life is a mystery
(in my eyes)
i'm full of pain look at the rain
in my eyes
in my eyes

deep inside of me i'm crying inside
my life is a mystery fire in my eyes
composer i tried to keep i'm struggling inside
deepest secrets i keep i just wonder why

repeat chours2x

i need to hold on (stay strong)
secrets i keep let it end
when i look in the mirror secrets in my eyes
i see it again

repeat chours

secrets i keep
(secrets in deep)
secrets i hide
you wonder why
look into my eyes
(look into my eyes)
my secrets hiding inside
(in my eyes)

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neverending story

this song it like a neverending story
we both played a part
but you pretending
even though you a million miles away
you got me thinkin,
you still love me
not knowing that youre lyin

"neverending story"

you said it was me
but it was you
who was cheatin
changin up, everyday,
like diffrent seasons
you dissappear into the night
sleepin with diffrent creatures
with diffrent features

"this a neverending story"
break it down now!

breakdown part:
neverending story...
yeah yeah yeah
"break it down"
"this a neverending story"
oooh, oooh..yeah

neverending story
boy, you will never change
all your lies, you feed me
sayin youve been, real to me
let me tell you one thang
reggin, you say that losely
love- so overated
its beginning to lose its meaning

neverending story
neverending story...

"oh yes it is"

this song is like a neverending story
we both played a part
but you pretending
even though you a million miles away
your bestfriend keeps warning me
you pretending you love me
this a neverending story

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The Journey

As I glazed into my mind,
What if love is what I find?
But wait, I know not how to give,
For my heart has lost it's will to live.
So quitely he stands. 
Alone and so brave,
Looking in the darkest of my grave.
Unknowing what he will find,
As he reaches far into my mind.

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My Angels


Throwing each other a cloud,


Risking to fall down from the sky,


Two Angels argue 


up to a faint, up to a hoarseness


Who where from them was, where was not. 


In the largest megacities,


In deserts, above oceans,


On Southern and Northern poles


 They flew in secret ways.


You, Angels, everywhere have visited,


You so are pleased with yourselves!


But why you have forgotten me?


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Sleepless Nights

I lay down beside you on this cold night
There is nothing in sight
Gaze into each others eyes
Letting all lies slip by 
Silence waits fatally throughout the room
Rain trickles down the windows playing a gracious tune
Empty space surrounding us 
Wondering what lies ahead if we must
Watching the world pass by
Listening to our sighs
   Secrets concealed in these walls
Deserted in the halls
Lights flickering on and off
Our hands together feel so soft
Timeless voices 
Our breathing is the only noise
Let us fall asleep
Our minds now fill with dreams 

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I find myself lost in the falling rain,

I've never counted up the cost - 
  I'm the only one to blame,

I cry out loud but no one seems to hear - 
  thunderous are the clouds that come   
  dangerously near,

I'm not sure of my decisions so it's hard 	
  to conclude - 
  when one has no vision - 
  when one is controlled by their mood,

I allow the rain to drench me - 
  to hide the flow of my tears,
  with no vision it's hard to see - 
  the fate of my upcoming years,

Many trials and tribulations seem to be my   
  my feet are tired of racing - 
  my arms are tired of the fight,

I lay down at night to escape all the pain,
  I'm reminded of my plight - 
  DESTINY is my name.

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he will not let me go

a light has faded to a dim morage
existence has left my face
his thoughts are now my own
i can't see through this tunnel
my mask is a permanent adhesive
epitome of wrong
he will not let me go
although reason is within my reach
the grasp is too loose for my control
or is it the sight which is too far away
i watch with a broken mind
the corner jagged by emptiness
without remorse from the blackened heart 
of the one i cannot save
his breath is cold upon my face
desperation penetrates my skin
radiance has left my eyes
my smile's authenticity gone
---somehow i break free
from his gnashing claws
that have been inside for so long
some grace seems to enter 
through the barrier of my true core
the walls crumble with hesitation
for an instant 
i feel innocence cover me
i spread my smile wide and breathe freely
it's as if i have been reborn
i can see things more vividly
everything seems beautiful
bright, pure, open wide
i can speak without asking
i don't feel tortured or ashamed
i am not looking over my shoulder
---but he will not let me go
he looms at me unwanted; unwelcomed
he always finds me
still controlling my every thought
like a fire consuming me into darkness
erasing my free will
it is infinite
i am under his command
he will not let me go

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what should i do with my fate,
how could i hide all my hate.
if i dont know what's inside

where could be now today
where could i find what to say?
i guess i'll find out tonight...

and how could i hide all this pain
slowly driving me insane
learning slowly from my heart

where can i find all my love
i slowly look now up above
but i know where to start

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Unexpected Delight

Mystery hides in the shadows,
holding hands with the distance
that cannot be condensed.

Love is charming and delightful,
it decides and complicates.
The less appropriate the better,
theatrical and adulterated......
complete magnificance!

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The White Night in St. Petersburg

In June in the St.Petersburg the «White Night» is the all-night twilight because 
the sun is only 8 or 10 degrees below the horizon in the middle of the night. The 
sky doesn’t get at all dark.

During of it all city is very beautiful and mysterious. 

Lilac, lilac, lilac!

Shadows of forgotten days,

Heroes of ancient legends

And simple fairy tales

are walking along the fine Nevsky Prospekt. 

Day celebrates a wedding

He marries today!

White Night will be his wife,

Day is cheerful, generous and drunk. 

A narrow silhouette of the river Fontanka,

And gentle embrace 

Of lacy gates above her. 

Do you see? 

Everywhere are flying

The colour dreams,

And Day has thrown his clothes

To the feet of White Night.

Wedding has ended.

And White Night is 

already the wife.

The memoirs about many famous people

Are sitting on the benches

Near sculptures in the Summer Garden. 

Fine music is playing,

And Alexander Block

Enters into the city.

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All I See

Night turned into day and day turned into night and everything changed into faith.
Right before my eyes all the chains were broke away and a miracle of Grace
ever true, took place in my sorrowing heart.
I was swept away to a place of sweet release where mans foot had never been.
Today I tell you, I have been there more than once and I will go there again,
because when I look into the eyes of the reflection that isn't me, 
all I see is Christ.

Great promises come unending and their are no more voids to be filled in this
 life of mine. I am resting within loves arms in a shelter where no man can 
abide or enter in alone, yet those who enter through the door will not be 
excluded. Their is only one door where one can enter in.I didn't always know 
this door was open for whomever would come, so how did I enter in? Into the 
eyes of the reflection that isn't me, their shined a light and all I could see, was 

My world has been turned around. My GOD is with me every single day and He 
never turns me away. All my life He was with me but I was completely unaware, 
woe was me! One day when I had lost my way, not knowing where I was, where I 
was going  nor seeking why? A path was made clear through the darkness of my 
sinful life and light was given. Joy unspeakable! Now into the eyes of the 
reflection that isn't me, all I see is Christ.

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day dreamin

you want to put me on a cover of a magazine
just like that actress "halle berry"
im your fantasy
you wanting me 
you wanting more
of me in your freaky dreams
im the one that you need
brown sugary coffee cream

beauty salons
im mowing your lawn
in 3inch heel shoes
you takin pics
just to get a fix
you cant get enuf of it

you in a daze
so amazed
how i pop your top
you day dreamin
i might let you win

you want to put me on a cover of a magazine
just like that actress "halle berry"
im your fantasy
you wanting me
you wanting more
of me in your freaky dreams
im the one that you need
brown sugary coffee cream

now drink me up
and lick me up
im the drug and 
youre the feen
you so addicted
you can not be winged (from me)

once you get a taste
you'll be wanting more
of what you ate
ima strawberry cup cake
add the nut before it
gets too late

you want to put me on a cover of a magazine
just like that actress "halle berry"
im your fantasy
you wanting me
you wanting more
of me in your freaky dreams
im the one that you need
brown sugary coffee cream

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Conclusion Of A Person

A person can be so pleasing and yet be raging within.

A person can say one thing and thier actions say another.

A person can seem to be so right and be so very wrong.

A person can be lonely and never be alone.

A person can be quite vigil and still not see it all.

A person can be a great friend and still not be there everytime.

A person can be quite good but never good enough.

 In Conclusion:
A person can have great knowledge and still no change of heart or soul,
they are never what they seem.

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it's still a mystery
unsolved-thats me
triplethreat-thats me
no one cant compete
knockin down doors
you bowin down to my feet
im not gon stop
and i dare u hattas knock me
cause when i fall
you'll be still be lookin up to me

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I want to live

Everyone wants to live, keep it in your mind,
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I like to live in peace you’ve come to tease me,
I want to live in my life you like to squeeze me,
This air is for breathing a natural free only mine,
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I help you as a person you come to me as an evil,
I care for goodness you put to wait me be a feeble,
Limited time we are together but waiting is not fine.
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I tried to understand you it realised me a business,
We are facing our problems we need care for a kiss,
Love is a path of peace come to compromise and sign.
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I am suffering for you that are suffering for me,
We are suffering altogether nobody seems me free,
My heart is kind and loving, this is a generation line.
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

Everyone wants to live keep it in your mind,
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine

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People and Mannequins


I speak to them
I sit next to them
What appears to be still limbs

No smiles, only in place do they stand
Yet they seem to no longer 
Appeal to the unreserved face of this man

I no longer bother to greet them
Should I
It’s become a non movable film

“a guy sitting in a room full of mannequins”
"writing for pictures"

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The House




Outside the window, the late evening,

silence wanders through the house.

The walls reflect shadows,

dancing of the candles.

What is this, indeed?

What year, what century?

Who closed the ancient doors?

Who hung the velvet curtains?

Sounds have awakened in silence,

flames of candles again in flight.


You come to me.

«Ah, forgive me, but why are we here?»

«I do not know, but it is necessary.»

«What is this house?»

«My dream.»

«Who lives here?»

«Are you glad to see me?»


We went towards each other

for many years,

in storms and thunderstorms.


«Please do not cry.

We are already together.»

«How lovely these roses are!»

«Roses for you — for my bride.»


All has begun to whirl,

having dumped the weight

of sorrows and troubles.

Suddenly, the Mistress of the house

has come, charming Muse!





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The House 2



In that distant house the barrel-organ sings.

The organ-grinder plays well.

Silence has come in the open door

and sat down in an ancient armchair.

On her faded dress is a withered flower.

She is sad.

The choice was dangerous, the way is lonely,

she is tired of the search and struggle.

Porcelain is reflected in mirror,

and revelation of the old books.

Here is a haven for poets for a long time.

Ablution from every-day lies and problems.

We will keep our verses here.

Our circle is small enough,

but we shall swear always to be faithful

to the Mistress of this house,

to the Mistress named Muse.



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You take my breath away as usual,
Always aware of the little unspoken words.
Unspoken thoughts. 
As if you didn't know I could hear them,
Transparencies of subliminal messages.
So deep, so hard core,
I wish you could see what I what I already do!
You complete me, Just as important as peripheral vision is to sight,
you are to my soul!
Our connection is beyond all that you see,
Much more than the perfect sunset.
Giving in is never like giving up,
It is more like letting go.
Accepting all things as they are,
knowing that
They are what they are, 
and that where we are is where we are supposed to be.

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unexplored territory

you look so edible
boy you got me goin medical
this mystery i gotta unfold
so i can see the secret code

i know its original
unexplored territory
i gotta go
ima go as far as i can see
ima unlock ur heart baby

i feel you got the goods(show me)
reveal it all( boy give it too me)
lay back and close ur eyes
i promise i wont make you cry

after all
im who you dreamin of,
at the end, me and you
gonna make love,
but for now,
i gotta unfold this mystery
"i gotta go"
unexplored territory

you have a peace of news inside you
so let me put my love inside you
unfolding the secret inside you
makin me wanting more,
 of you

ima draw you close
closer to me
so i can unfold,
the mystery
ima unlock ur heart with this key
so ima let you feel me daddy....

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I am beautiful,magical,free 
and bright,but I hide my wings
and many other things here in 
my secret dark cocoon.
Though if you seek me,
truly and deeply,accept me,
nurture me and lovingly keep me,
I will emerge,spread my wings
and soar freely.

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«Birth of the poem»

Ah, how the icy night is silent!

Tsarina of dreams rushes somewhere.

Already for a long time,

a new poem knocks at me.

It must be born in my soul,

and it already commands, «Start writing me!»

But sleeping people do not know.

It is not interesting to them, generally,

that a flower, like a new song,

tomorrow will blossom in the snow.

Tsarina of dreams flies from the golden-haired groom.

In excitement, I await my new poem,

like May, love, a birth of a child.