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Lyric Miracle Poems | Lyric Poems About Miracle

These Lyric Miracle poems are examples of Lyric poems about Miracle. These are the best examples of Lyric Miracle poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Forever Radiant

Radiant hymn's   of morning sun
of Godly words   O' how I run
to and fro
I traipse in search
in love I rest
still      my spirit yearns  

I will sing of the Lord's great love

I hear the call    upon the hill
in shallow breath    my heart lie still
O' trial O' fear
I march ahead
I call my king
on Zion's perch

I will sing of the Lord's great love

To proclaim    everlasting     the prize
onward and bestowed to rise
O' anointed one
I march ahead
in love I rest
each day of toil   

I will sing of the Lord's great love
I will sing


O' how I bear   in my heart
in completion   just    to be a part
with sinful flesh
my spirit cries
I call my King
to shun desire

I will sing of the Lord's great truth
I shall sing forever



Contest-Larry Cohen's Masterpiece 'HALLELUJAH.'

Copyright © Rick Parise

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Soul Sisters

Such an Amazing girl god put into my life.

He knew i needed you at that exact time

Funny when we met I thought you were to good for me

But when you approached me the sweetest girl I did meet.

From that day on we have never truly been apart cause I

carry you around everywhere in my heart. You have been the

rock when I needed a friend around, you have been the light

when the darkness consumed me and took away my sunshine

Even when were miles apart the phone connects us and keeps

our strongest bond. 17 years feels like such a short time but

I feel I have always had you in my life. Soul Sisters we were

meant to be.. You my beloved friend are such a fresh breeze

Even after a year apart it was like yesterday that we did part

so through the many miles and through the long hard road

I know this friendship will always survive. Your a burst of joy

to me each day I thank the Lord for the sweet blessing he gave!

BY:Christina McCullouch


Copyright © Christina McCullouch

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We Welcome the Sun

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 

A gleaming sunrise is seen in the distance – shedding relief 
Bursting forth like fireworks in the dark blue sky 
Hues of beauty and sincerity washes away our grief
The cheery clouds come together like lovers embracing one another

I’m never waving goodbye
It’s so surreal… and magnificent to see this scene unfold
You lift up the sparkling light… you’re an angel from up above
It’s so vibrant – the illuminated sight never dulled 
You bring us luck and excitement – 

You’re as pleasant as a dove 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the love
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To omit the darkness 
To abolish the distress
To conceal the darkness
And reveal the halo
Hovering around your head
Burning away the dread 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun

An ocean of love is rubbing against my feet
Blankets of comfort embrace me now… our love will never dry
You treat us with reverence and I repeat – 
You’re as pleasant as a dove – taking wing from on high 
We welcome the sun in the morning 
We welcome the sun with open arms
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun 

A speedy breeze is whistling in my ears
Spiraling mad like a spinning top
Spiraling mad with all of its might 
You’re very intriguing – you casted away our fears 
Your gorgeous eyes
Project bright green and blue
You’re special in His sight 
He welcomes you
We welcome the hope 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To lighten up your load 
And lead you to the mercy road
Where you and I will escape to paradise
To drive out all of the negativity
To conceal the wretched farewells
To reveal the light in goodbye 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome you
With open arms 

Copyright © J. W. Earnings

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

Copyright © Dan Keir

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

Copyright © Dan Keir

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

Copyright © Dan Keir

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The Miracle

Lift the wailing wood
Hammer the tortured nails
Place the ghostly steps
Below the battered rails

Invite those crazy strangers
Dressed in stranger clothes
Join the mighty miracle 
Ready to unfold

Building a stairway 
In the desert
Aimed toward the pure and honest sky
Building a stairway
In the desert
Going to rise for miles
And miles 

Leave this evil town
Where scorpions share your bed
Guilty snakes make a home
Deep inside your head

The bleeding sun
Burns your feet
Hangmen joke
Beggars weep

Buried bodies
Cry for help
Steal your wealth

Building a stairway 
In the desert
Aimed toward the pure and honest sky
Building a stairway
In the desert
Going to rise for miles
And miles 

We’re laughing and      					
We’re dancing				 	
In the desert				
Dancing in the desert			
Of our lives				

Can’t you see?
We’re dancing in the desert
Dancing in the desert 
Of our lives

Feel so free				
Dancing in the desert				
Dancing in the desert 			 		
Of our lives				

Free….so free
In the desert
Dancing in the desert
Of our lives

Lift the wailing wood
Hammer the tortured nails

Copyright © Catman Cohen

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The Self-Hate Miracle Plan

Let's lose weight,
Let's discover the
yin and yang of
protein and complex
It's never too late
to let your
corporeal fat eat
So let's lose
And, then?
Then, let's look
inside your
cavernous space,
And discover your
previously hidden, 
And uniquely
And unparagoned, 
Blissful Essence.

Let's go!

Let's lose weight.
Because it's the
only way - to lose
Let's deflate your
billowing concertina
Let's drain away
those flabby
bingo-arm thighs;
Sight the edacity: I
snack, I die.
Chant: For I am
Spirit, pure and
eternal..For I am
Spirit, pure and
Let's lose weight.

Pain-feast your
Really utilise your
hidden pneuma
Oh, and,
The flashing lights,
the tingling arms?
Mouth striking
shapes to burglar
Perhaps, a smidgen
of self harm?
Tremors, blushing,
perspiring, shaking,
That's okay:
If it ain't
It's a positive
thing to focus there
your self-hate.

It's not easy to
lose weight -
Especially when you
refuse to lose
No, we mustn't allow
your feckless
mentalism to
Appreciate yourself
Scale away your
inducing corpus,
And irrigate.

Stare yourself down,
reflecting off your
Speed-read all my
Glean the
enlightened screed
of my shapely New
Age dream;
Allow me to melt
away your pizza
Gracefully fade you
to your sculpted

Unsuicide bomb those
spare tyres with
Vacuum-pack your
stomach with tender
wires - see above.
Let's lose weight.
And strike your
utter repose!

And you'll soon
delightedly discover
your swooning lover,
And how the sweet
mirror shall melt of

Be like a sliver of
crystal glass;
As svelte as the
skin of flowing
Skim through the air
like a flying
Writhe your
Deposing ounces, you
shall footfall
Let's lose weight.

You can do it!
..For I am Spirit,
pure and eternal..
Let's go!

for more humorous
verse: sukispangles

Copyright © Suki Spangles

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

Copyright © Dan Keir

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Right Now

In the exact moment that I am right now
I stand in a sea of vulnerability;
susceptible to the effects of causes around me
and since I am fully aware, 
I own my surroundings
I am one with sounds and vibrations
resonating from the earth;
I am that pulse of the drum beat 
thats been thrashing 
inside me since birth

Right now, I am exactly as I am
deeply flawed and misjudged
used, victimized and persecuted
Right now I am you in the absolute

Right now, I am exactly as I am
balanced, whole and complete
attracting abundance and certainty  
Right now I am peace - still you
Right now, I am exactly as I am

Copyright © humble b

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Missing You

I miss you so much
I miss our talks
I miss our jokes
I miss your hug
I miss your hand touch
I deeply miss your smile
I miss all in you
that one day was mine
and now I can not find..

I even do miss our silly fights
That used to show me
how much you truly mean to me
being so in my life, preciously..
I miss yout lift in me, ups
I miss the world
when with you everything was fine 
I simply do miss
everything in you and with you..

Since the moment you left me all alone,
turned your back
leaving me with no clue
since then...
The sky is no longer blue,
my nights are  only lit by the moon
and not YOU..
everything sounds off mood
I do not feel the beauty of life..

I know Ido exist
but as a body, when its soul just left

Trust me when I saw you
I do not care how awesome by my self, I can stand
but it means everything to me
of how truly I am awesome
when you are with me...

Oh man..

I truly do miss you..

Copyright © Mia K

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It's A Miracle

When the farmer
Dropped a seed
Into the furrow
And covered with earth

How does the seed
Know which way to go
It's a miracle

It's a miracle
Instilled from above
A miracle
A miracle

When love grows
An abiding love
That lasts a lifetime
It's a miracle

It's a miracle
Instilled from above
A miracle
A miracle

When love's seed grew
From a drop within
Lifted 'pon wings
'Til this journey's end

'Twas a miracle
Instilled from above
A miracle 
A miracle 

Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Contest: More Song Lyrics
Written: August 28, 2014

Copyright © Sara Kendrick

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A Miracle For You

I wish I could help you each and everyone.
You light up my life and the same I would 
like to do for you.
I don't like seeing you feeling so sad.
If I could find that one thing to make it all 
better I surely would do it.
Could I sit by your side when you feel the 
need to hide from it all?
I would wipe away your tears and try to 
chase away your fears.
I would hold your hand and whisper soothing 
words to you until you fall asleep.
I pray for you to be free from all your pain and 
sadness today...tomorrow...and everyday hereafter.
I wish for you to be able to enjoy everything life has
to offer.
Please know that you my family and friends each and 
everyone of you mean the world to me.
For Christmas a miracle to you I would give...if only I could !!!

Entry: Your Christmas Miracle Contest
Sponsor: Carolyn Devonshire
Written On: 12/08/2011
Written By: Carol Brown
1st Place Winner

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown

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Take Me Far Away

Take me take me far away

To the place for which I pray;

To the place that is Divine

Built by God Himself and fine.

Take me take me far away,

I am dreaming day by day,

To the place where I’m protected,

Speaking words is sure method.

Take me take me far away

Where I want to be and stay,

Where I feel that I am precious

Met with love, enjoy the pleasures.

Take me take me far away,

Show the Light, Your Secret Way

Which is leading into Peace,

Where I’m happy and released.

Take me take me far away

To the place for which I pray;

To the place that is Divine –

Where All The Best is Mine.

Copyright © Zhalya Abiyeva

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My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses

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Crossroad Decision

Godless, I faced a crossroad decision,
I knew that I would have to choose.
Facing a situation I did not envision,
God showed me what I stood to lose.
The cancer that had my body bound,
Appeared to me as a death sentence,
And yet God chose to make me sound,
The price I paid was my repentance.

Copyright © Tom Wright

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Copyright © Tina Cole

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Prime Mover

Like the seraphs whose wings unfold,
Christ's light and glory goes not untold;
as the love of his humble grace
moves inside me all time and space,

as the planets orbit heaven's sun
and encircle it one by one--
so, too, am I caught in his sway,
beloved of him from day to day.

Through hosts of astral dimension
God's angels fix their attention
with expectancy and burning pause
amidst the universe's First Cause.

He, the one true Incarnation  
that begets cosmic causation,
resolves the Infinite Regress
from the pre-Socratics' egress

with his omniscient wisdom
and the archives of his kingdom
where all can come and read and know
what miracles he'll yet bestow.

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen

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Song of life

Song of Life 

You and me, me and you,
Every morning is sweet and new,
Love sublime and fresh as dew,
You and me, me and you,
You and me, me and you,

You and me, me and you,
Fortunate and blessed we are,
Precious our love, joy our life,
You and me, me and you,
You and me, me and you,

You and me, me and you,
Dreamers we are, yet living to full,
Not letting go and holding on still,
You and me, me and you,
You and me, me and you,

You and me, me and you,
Deeper the bond, shorter the life,
No worries, and no strife,
You and me, me and you,
You and me, me and you,

You and me, me and you,
All songs I wanted to sing,
Oh the melody, you added a zing,
You and me, me and you,
You and me, me and you!

Oh don't let go,
You and me,
Oh don't let go,
You and me,
Just a little blow,
Me and you,
Just a little blow,
Me and you,
Live to your full,
Come sing with me,
Live to your full,
Come sing with me,
Life is a miracle,
God's greatest miracle !

Written on August 31st, 2014
For contest 'More song lyrics' by Craig Cornish

Inspired by Peter White's song 'life story'

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma

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and I will come

…and I will come.
When the first snow falls down/ 
when the fall gives its rights/ 
to the winter/
you know I will come/
for good or for bad/
I’ll board the train/
Passing by / stations/ and countries/
I promised/ and I remember/
You said “there’s no fortuitous meetings/

…and I will come.
When the first snow falls down/
When you’ll lose the trace/
When my firmest snickers/ wipe out/
I will/ I will come…
Unexpectedly/ knowing solely the door/
Just the road / for sure/
Before/ take you I’ll ask/
“are you ready to go?” / 
You are ready/ I know/
All the noise doesn’t matter/
I don’t haste/ will be later/

…I will come.
When it finally turns out/
That November is overthrown by December/
When the first snow falls down/
Will be clear/ that nobody is remembered/ 

And I will come…
Somewhere in chest/ between ribs/
You slashed me/ with thoughts/ 
I can feel it with lips/ crawling under my cloths/
Our world is alive/ our life/ we’re alike/
And I….

I will come.
When the first snow falls down/
When the death is changed into fate/
When the winter gives up/ 
To wait/ for spring/
to stay with shining sun/
I will come.

Copyright © Ilya Emelin

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shes the key

You seem to ignore me and all I have to say.
I can't help it so I'll tell you anyway.
Life before you had turned so numb.
There were no smiles, no laughs only sadness would come.
My days were empty and were often spent alone.
The demons constantly reminding me that I'm on my own.
Coming to terms that my heart no longer had a beat.
Looking at the facts I knew I was incomplete.
Locked in a world that was long dead to me.
Crying on the inside cause to the lock there was no key.
To this living hell I had been enslaved.
Praying for a miracle I longed to be saved.
Time went by and the days turned into night.
I gave up on hope I knew I was losing this fight.
Then one day it was much like the rest.
She came to me and placed her ear upon my chest.
It made me unsure cause no beat could be heard.
She said I'm your miracle I give you my word.
I opened my eyes to awake from a dream.
It felt so real or so it seemed.
The girl from my dream I knew her from some place.
I recognized her voice but I didn't see her face.
The seasons changed from summer to fall.
I started to doubt my dream maybe there's no miracle after all.
Then one evening it was late October.
I was messaging an old friend and invited her over.
We met at a store that was about a mile away.
I got in with her so nervous I didn't no what to say.
We talked for hours it all went so great.
Time flew by and the evening turned late.
I got to share this before I can write more.
I've never told a soul about this before.
An hour or so after she left is when it dawned on me.
It was my dream it was her face I didn't see.
Life with her has been a romantic fairytale.
We've been up we've been down trying times designed to make us fail.
Miles now find there way in between.
I'll never give up after the love I seen.
Your my proof that dreams come true.
I'll do my best to fulfill your dreams to.
I'll do all I can day in and day out.
Cause life with you is what its about.
You have breathed new life into my soul.
From incomplete you made me whole.
Only with you is when the demons seem at bay.
Your the only one that makes me truly feel OK.

Copyright © Johnny White

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The Glow of Soft Truths

the glow of soft truths
tucked between the folds of the heart

radiates through the coarse fabric of each fleeting day

transcending the hurdles that litter the way

extinguishing the trepidation and the unfounded fears away

beyond the very now with an eye firmly gazing towards the coming morrow

where genuine peace may be found while dispelling the nasty sting and the solitary sorrow

and when that moment is finally found

when peace and mirth is felt all around

the bliss may seem plentiful, and the being with simple joy may abound

without a word being spoken

without the din, the static of the endless drone

so infused with soothing music, yet hardly making a sound

for the truth of peace that lies in wait

just beyond the corner

is a truth that may never be sought

or bought

for that truth of peace must be ushered inside

until deep in the soul it will then quietly reside...

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses

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Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses

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Living Proof Of A Miracle

Living Proof Of A Miracle
God makes it happen…

	In 2005, I was insecurely denied…my dreams broken and heart shattered 
as the devil tried to work beneath overtime.  The doctor walked in and said, “I’m 
sorry but you have cancer.”  The thoughts in my mind left my body bruised and 
	In 2008, my condition went from moderate to severe.  I had to make a 
change; I decided to get saved.  My God then forgave…but the thoughts in my mind 
had me askin’, “Why is life worth livin?”  So I continued back down the road of 
insecurities and sinnin’…
	When 2009 came, the surgeon walked in, again, put his head down and 
looked back up at me…I just kept thinking, “What could it be?”  He said, “Sweetie, 
I’m sorry!”  Your cancer is going full blown and it can’t be healed.”  I let the tears fall 
as God caught them saying, “I know you know I’m real!”  “So turn to me and I’ll set 
you free, but I couldn’t turn yet cause’ I was so stuck on me.
	So here I was in 2010, stuck with an illness, loss of a job, sleepless and 
fearful nights, and sickly sobs…sometimes it takes a disaster to come into your 
home, trying to break down your state of mind and get into your soul.  This 
darkness that surrounded me, was feeling much too cold.
	So, I prayed for a new direction, and they sat and prayed with me…On 
August. 11, 2010 the surgeon walked in with tears in his eyes and said, “Honey, 
you’re free…I gave my life to him.  God has healed my cancer and he can heal you 
just the same.  No matter what the situation, just be sure to have full faith.

	For I am, living proof of a miracle…

By: Aleasha A. Martin

Copyright © Aleasha Martin

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Everythings A Mirical

soft dirt beeath my feet
where many summers I recal
summer's from the heavens
everythings a mirical

a flower budding in the spring
on the sight of the Burlin wall
against all odds it's grows
everythings a mirical

a baby bird flies
at it's mothers call
home safe and warm
everythings a mirical

a childs first breath 
she so fragile and small
her mother smiles and says
your my mirical

Copyright © Anne Hessler

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Into Many Lifetimes

In this lifetime the bond is blood
But these wounds go back eons
We hurt at something seemingly small
But the game of pain 
Has a Great Fall of Fame
Into many lifetimes

Whether we choose to see what is
Our reality is this moment
Or taste disastrous recipes of loathing
The gift of the present is to forgive
As He forgave us
Into many lifetimes

If your promise was to show me pain
I felt the deep pangs of that sadness
And accept what is 
Let’s leave judgment at the doormat
Love requires integrity
Into many lifetimes

I choose forgiveness
For no person is innocent
Like water under the bridge
But when I stare at the water
It doesn’t seem to move
Into many lifetimes

To truly forgive is to allow Being
Release brings evaporation of rooted ego 
Forgiveness is the only way
The Truth and the Life
Created with cobblestones of love 
Into many lifetimes

I forgive myself for my shortcomings
I release my fears and disappointments
This lopsided backpack of pain is too heavy
I forgot I could put it down! 
As I walk the next path
Into many lifetimes

Copyright © Grace Cyrus

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So you feel, like a miscarriage
a miracle of statistic, boxed away and sealed

Where love-lost is a permanent condition
Faith a contra-septive thats declining with permission

And you kneel, and you kneel

And you feel, all that you portray
is a poetic world-view, that turned to ash and blew away

Where only your acting pierces their hearts
and you'd rather die before playing your part

So you fall, like a martyr
Blinking through paradise, Tightrope above all

A broken of a deviant in the clothing of a fiend
Blackboards miscalculation, never to be cleaned

And you crawl and you crawl

And you fall, cold, on bleeding knees
searching the rejected, rotted and diseased

Returning empty and scraped down to the bone
finding angels, breaking down, whats left of what you own

So you crawl, through the living-dead
As a monster of humanity, who'll murder for the remedy

Collecting every beat of every heart
Of those, who made you, fall...



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To Watch Her Cry

This road that we live on
Is filled with deep emotions
It's littered and so far gone
With many little hearts feeling blue
It hurt as she lay dying
from the knots we were tieing
But all her pain is gone
The pain of the cancer she went through

When she cried at night
And thought I couldn't hear her
She tried to hide the pain she had inside
Then I prayed to the heavens up above
To send down that miracle light
To take away the pain from the one I love
'Cause It hurt me deep inside
To watch her cry

She always felt so happy here with me
And when her family told her she should leave
She winked and smiled and said to believe
That it was her who had to live with me
So I'll never forget her beautiful smile
And the love that we shared a little while
Before the cancer took away her touch
And robbed me of the wife I loved so much

When she cried at night
And thought I couldn't hear her
She tried to hide the pain she had inside
Then I prayed to the heavens up above
To send down that miracle light
To take away the pain from the one I love
'Cause it hurt me deep inside
To watch her cry

(This I wrote while remembering how my wife's Grandfather died of cancer)

Copyright © George Martin

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Goodness Versus Goblin

Goodness Versus Goblin
© Ben Burton 3-24-2014

Hope will not float
On a moat of despair
Life really blows
When there's no one to care

Death makes a mess
Without blessing the man
Left too bereft
To invest in a plan

Born from a lore
With its mores and creeds
Forged by a sword
Filled with scorn for the weak

He once believed in fairytales
Of goodness versus goblin
And though he prays for miracles
His crippled child is hobblin'

Voicing a choice
Where the core disappears
Destroying the joy
To avoid facing fears

Playing the saint
With a taintless conceit 
Laid in a grave
The last haven for grief

If in the end
Heaven's secrets unfold
Pimps will defend
Their contempt for the soul

He once believed in fairytales
Of goodness versus goblin
He pleads and prays for miracles
But still his child is hobblin'

It speaks before it's gone
A whispered, raspy gasp
From ancient Hebrew script
"In time, this too shall pass"

Resounding like a fairytale
Of goodness versus goblin
His child received that miracle
There's joy beneath the sobbing
For goodness felled the goblin

Copyright © ben burton

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Fantastic Flight - Chapter 4 - In the Long Run


The mountain winds are howling its stormy resentment
The snow glitters on the triumphant mountains…
I’ve tried to conceal these feelings of discontent
My eyes are spraying with tears of sorrow – weep no more, sad fountains
Don’t push me to the limits – I breathe in and out
I let go of my anxiety and trade it with prosperity– 
I’m one with the passionate, frozen desires in my heart 
I’m strong like Sampson in the bible – 
Let the light of day unfreeze my heart’s agony and avarice
I don’t want to believe in those silly allegories…
Am I your living sacrifice?
My heart is as cold as ice…I need to take His advice!
I have faced reality alone before
Is this real or is this a myth? There’s more land to explore!

~Last Verse~ 
Accidents happen – I keep saying that in my mind like a broken record
But, it ruefully discards it – I’m lost instead of found
I can’t afford losing you – you were my heart’s melodic tune and you made me taste accord!
I’m homeward bound…my mind’s spinnin’ round and round
Fantastic flight – be my target tonight and let me take wing and overcome this plight!
Let me take wing and let me unveil God’s light! Everything’s gonna be alright!
The past is behind me – bury it…don’t dig it up! Let it go for the time being and I want to your eyes, bliss-sprinkled behind those spectacular spectacles!
The past will not bring me down to ruins or in poverty – let me get down on my knees and pray – let me be for a while and I’ll be a believer of your wonder-filled miracles! 
Fantastic flight – you make me high like a child’s beloved kite 
Fantastic flight of dazzling delight – don’t let me drift away from the light of His truth…I’m reaching a divine height…I’m flying with all of my remaining might!
You’re hidden from the surface overhead…you’re way above me!
I’m not the sparkling sea as you can possibly see…you’re as elegant as can be! 

*BRIDGE* Take away the grief…trade me with everlasting relief
The sin course inside of me – it becomes serpentine…
Take me away to your dwelling place…you are beyond belief!
You’re as bittersweet and blissful as the finest of wine
I’m driving on another lane...
It’s the abyss that I have tried to avoid before
Don’t let me be driven insane…
You’re the one I’ve always wanted – let’s not wage war 
Let’s not wage war anymore!
The sin weighs me down like cruel gravity…
I feel the sense that I’m captivity-bound….I’m grounded for life…Help me!
Help me, please? I can’t handle feeling this pity!
I have a feeling things will eventually work out in the long run – I want you to be brave & free!

Copyright © J. W. Earnings