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Lyric Happiness Poems | Lyric Poems About Happiness

These Lyric Happiness poems are examples of Lyric poems about Happiness. These are the best examples of Lyric Happiness poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I love the way

I love the way

I love the way your gentle blue eyes shine

As your lovely face, it tells me you are mine

No words could tell, the love I have for you

It shines through me, so pure and sweet and true.

My years with you, have been the best I’ve known

Through all these years my love has grown and grown

I know, at times I’m hard to understand

Yet how I melt beneath our love so grand.

Until the end of time we two be one

Our love so vast it could outshine the sun

Together we two drown within such bliss

I’d die without your love, be sure of this.

Nothing could ever stem my love for you

It fills the Earth, the seas, the sky so blue

Forever and a day, this love in me

Will join us two together endlessly.

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I can't get ahead, I'm always behind
Can't do what I need, I'm being confined
One step forward and two steps back
My whole world seem under attack

Fix this, fix that, nothing where it should be at
Caving in, things go splat, I think I need a hard hat
Another day with something so wrong
It would make a great country song

The dryers broke, the roof has a leak
Lost my job, my brakes do squeak
The rent is due, my wife is late
The well's run dry, I put on weight

Only one thing right and that is you
You keep me sane, you are my glue
When things get tough, you're on my side
All my troubles, to you I can confide

I can count on you, you can count on me
When things are rough, when days are tough
In this life together, we both shall be
I'll take your hand, I'll set you free

So don't you fret, don't get too down
Let's see that smile, let's go to town
Sit right back, I'll be here for you
You will see, we'll get right through

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Montage Poetry

The words we use become pictures into lives
Pictures from words spread out for all to see
This is what becomes of our poetry
Has the makings of a montage to me
With words we complete many pictures
Pictures then arranged to fit in closeness
And so with our poetry I do believe
We create a montage for all to see

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Fragrant Love

My Beloved,
If the Mediterranean waves, could carry me to your arms,
I'd wake up, to your whispers,enchanted by your charms.
If the Wafting Wind could breeze me to the your bed, 
Our longing lips would kiss and hiss,In hungry emotions wed.
If this love i feel, could linger in your Heart,If we could live
our dulcet dreams,escape from fantasies,and never be apart.
If "I "could be with "You",and "You" could be with" Me"
We'd watch the the Stars at night twinkling tranquility,
Sparkling in secret splendor,shining Our blissful destiny.
If we could be together,till the day,"Forever",I'd hold on 
to your hand,be your sufficient other,the  dedicated lover 
and  even your bestfriend.I'd be your daily listener,your passion,
your romance,I'd love you to infinity,till the Universal ends.
If We could lie  together on Gossamer  mattressed lands,
on threaded  silken sheets made by cobwebs' perfect hands,
If We could walk,laugh and embrace on gold warm Honeyed Sands.
If we could hear the sweetest sound of shells and pebbles play,
If I could call your name and hear your husky voice in answer
everday,If I could turn around to find you,looking my way,
If I could be with you,and live "the promise" of today,
Tomorrow I'd still be there,a Lavender in your grey.

"Not for the contest,but tnks Andrea..for your inspiration, with your contest blog"

Words used-(Fragrant,Wafting,dulcet,Splendor,Gossamer.tranquility,Blissful from bliss,lavender)


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Before a child comes to the world ,it ought to cry
That sound makes the bearer happy
Isn't it an irony?
what is the child trying to say?
Man needs to cry to call for joy

Before the child walks,he crawls
When he tries walking, he falls
He continues until mama calls
He falls in pain
Yet  stands to walk again
What message is the child trying to convey?
Man ought to fall before standing high

His feet finally touch the land
He gets long legs to run
He turns into that great man
Things start moving high
He gets feathers to fly 
He moves over they sky
He completes his life span
He then says bye
Making people cry

He came making people happy
He goes making the same people gloomy

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Back To Rio

Take me back, to good old Rio
Let me lie there in the Sun
Then take a ride to Capo Ferro
Dancing Samba, having fun
And the girls will all be prancing
In the waves along the shore
Eating crab and fish together
That were caught the day before
As my passion starts increasing 
Like the heat upon the grill
With all the stress now I'm releasing
I don't miss the northern chill
Take me back to good old Rio
Let me stay there to the end
No yesterdays or tomorrows
The place where night and day, just blends
Take me back.....

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My teardrop

When you see a raindrop fall
It is my teardrop after all
When you see a star that would shine
Remember that the teardrop was mine
When you feel the warmth of the sun
Know that it's my heart that you had won
When you see a raindrop fall
It is my teardrop after all
When you see the sky of blue
Put in your notes that I love you
When you feel so alone
I am just on the other side of the phone
When you see a raindrop fall
It is my teardrop after all
When you shall cry
Remember my love for you will fly
When you see a rainbow
In the sky is where my teardrop will flow
When you see a white dove
Just think about the teardrop that falls down from up above  
When you are feeling blue
Remember that my teardrop is for you
When you see a teardrop fall
It is my teardrop after all.

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Yum Yum Girl

Who said the sun rises in the East?
That's not true in the very least....
The Sun rises and sets in the West
Where does dwell the very best...
My Yum Yum girl
Sweeter than molasses
Shining and brightening my way
Oh, I do bless
The very day
I set my eyes on my Yum Yum Girl
My heart has ever since
Been aswirl...
For my Yum Yum Girl
Tasty love beyond belief
Oh, what a relief...
To recapture
My Yum Yum Girl
My Yum Yum Girl

A smile that beams
Golden hair that gleams
How I love the laugh
Of my Yum Yum Girl
My Yum Yum Girl
Oh, my, oh my,
My Yum Yum Girl.
My Yum Yum Girl.

These are written as song lyrics.
Next the music.

Your T

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My Man

There was a time I had
Give up on men,
I prayed oh lord I’ll
Wait on the man you send

In ’93 God sent me the
Man of my dreams
His heart was made of gold

He fell in love with my child
And we had our ups and downs
But kept us together any how

In ’94 we where married
In ’95 I bared our son
That wasn’t a lot of fun

Since then time flew by
And God kept him in my life
Our love is stronger than it ever was

Just know you are the half
That makes me whole and
I will love no matter where 
You go

Dedicated to my hubby,
Whose in Iraq serving his country

                                                        Angela Lee

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Open Doors

God will open doors
Normally shut by mankind
He will make a way

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While You Sleep

While you sleep I tell you all of the things I keep inside throughout day.
Now that you can hear but not listen I find them much easier to say.
My hopes, my dreams, my fears, and everything in between
Your subconscious hears so keen, or so it seems.
My tongue is soft; I speak so sweetly 
Knowing your reaction will never greet me.

Tonight will be different in what I want you to know.
It has everything to do with what I can’t help but show.
I hold no claim to any religion but you’ve given me a place for my faith.
Somewhere it will never stale or lose its lavish taste.
You’ve shown me something I can see, touch, and feel, 
And so before it I choose to kneel.

I know I don’t say it but I miss you every day.
Sitting, thinking of the perfect words to be my choice,
Yet when you call I can’t find any of the right words to say.
I’m just happy to finally hear your voice.
Even just a moment is enough to sooth my heavy heart;
Fearing the ends of conversations knowing we’ll have to part.

I’ll never be too far from you, always within arm’s reach,
And in your days of darkness I’ll be the light that you will seek.
I’ll never let you leave too far from me, I’ll stay close behind you in this world;
Secretly protecting what is mine, you will always be my girl.
I only want the best for you so the best of me I will employ.
Faithfully yours, I will always be your boy.

I close my eyes and kiss your soft sweet lips
And see the very best of you in loving bliss.
I see past the physical which makes you attractive
And focus on the things I can’t see in which I’m attracted.
Your thoughts I’d love to hear them all.
Of the things you speak disinterest never makes its call.

My day will come, I know someday I’ll be the only one.
And you I will pursue viciously,
Because I’ve given you the greatest gift I can give, to love unconditionally.
Yes our day will come, I know someday we’ll be as one.
And you I will pursue viciously,
Because I’ve given you the greatest gift I can give… to love unconditionally.

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Pledge of love and loyalty

This pledge that l,Ntando, make today serves
as my guideline that I shall follow
happily, ungrudgingly and tirelessly
for the sake of our love life.
Indeed l am well aware of the fact that
the beauty of this pledge does not only lie
in word alone but in action as well.

For that reason in every season
I shall show steadfast commitment
to the implementation of this pledge
with a great deal of astuteness.
I therefore commit myself to be your
devoted and delivering husband for
all the years l shall live with you
on this earth.

I shall treat you with the love and care
you deserve as my wife.
Indeed l shall treat you with
the distinction and dignity
that is befitting of the queen of my heart.
That body, that bone, that breath
shall be my mine to treasure,
for sure;
a dearness to promote and protect
for dear life…and love!
I shall stand by and with you in all the
situations of our life.
If the situation demands that we sail,
sail we shall together.
If the situation demands that we
climb we shall together.

I know very well what l am getting into:
I am getting into a marriage that is
overflowing with blessings.
This marriage- with our mutual
will stand the test of time.
I know very well what I am getting into:
I am getting into a relationship that
brims over with a transforming power
of love.

This marriage-with our
mutual commitment –
will transform naivety into maturity
troubles into challenges
pretence into practice
pride into progress
bachelorship into companionship.
I pledge to be your steward and partner
for all times.

I shall value the consultations
and decisions that we make as
husband and wife.
As head of the family I shall do nothing


to derail our love train for anything else
least of all for personal and selfish reasons.
Now and forever

I am your lawful and loving husband…
This pledge that l, Nothando, make today serves
as my guideline that I shall follow
happily, ungrudgingly and tirelessly
for the sake of our love life.
Indeed I am well aware of the fact that
the beauty of this pledge does not only
lie in pronouncements but in practice
as well.

For this reason every season
I shall demonstrate untiring love
and loyalty to you;
a love and a loyalty that is a living
embodiment of our marriage vows.
I therefore commit myself to be your
honouring, supportive and loving wife
for all the years l shall live with you.
I shall treat you with the love and care
that you deserve as my husband.
Indeed I shall treat you with
the dignity and nobility that is befitting
of the king of my heart.
On my mind it is always fresh
that I am the flesh of your flesh.
Green or grown

I am the bone of your bone.
I know very well what I am getting into:
I am getting into a relationship that
elevates me into a kingdom of wifehood.
I shall endevour to put my family first
with all the rights, obligations
and privileges that come with wifehood.
I shall endevour to wipe off and ward off
loneliness and lostness from our relationship,
seeking nothing but your companionship;
banking on your stewardship,
sinking together any hardship.
Since you are mine
I shall not do anything else to undermine
our relationship for personal
or egotistical
Now and forever
I am your lawful and loving wife…

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CANDLE 1st in Spanish then scroll down for english trans

VELA (CANDLE)First Spanish version, scroll down for English)
Yo ser‚ para ti.
Toda la vida que me queda la vivir‚ para ti
y cuando el tiempo haya terminado,
morir‚ por ti.
Dir‚ tu nombre
en cada vela que encienda, respirar‚ tu nombre.
Te susurrar‚,
cada oraci¢n que diga ser  siempre parte de ti.

Por toda la eternidad,
y as¡ ha sido y ser  siempre, 
y cuando deje este mundo,
aquello vendr  conmigo
en la luz de una vela.
Todo el mundo sigue girando, haciendo el d¡a y la noche,
y de la oscuridad a la luz,
ser s siempre parte de cada oraci¢n que yo diga.

Yo ser‚ para ti.
Como una fresca quebrada de la monta¤a que se desborda por ti
como una c lida brisa de verano
entre los  rboles para ti.
En el brillo de una vela,
todo lo que he sido o llegue a ser 
por toda la eternidad,
tu ser s parte de todo lo que yo haga siempre.
Yo ser‚ para ti.  

					Traducci¢n: Emilio J. Saavedra M.     CANDLE	
I will be for you.
All my life that is left, I will live for you,
and when time has run out,
I will die for you.
I will speak your name
in each candle that I light, I will breath your name.
I will whisper you,
every prayer I ever say will be part of you.

For eternity,
and forever it has been, and will always be,
and when I leave this world,
it will go with me.
In a candle light
all the world keeps on turning, making day and night,
and from dark to light,
you'll be part of every prayer that ever comes from me.

I will be for you.
Like a cool mountain spring that overflows for you
like a warm summer breeze 
through the trees for you.
In a candle glow,
everything I've ever been or will ever be
for eternity,
you'll be part of everything I ever do.
I will be for you.
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the doylestown poet

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Memories Of Grandma

I am reminded of... the days I would watch her work 
in her flower garden for hours at a time
I am reminded of... the days she would take me by my
hand and say come along help grandma
I am reminded of... me carrying my little bucket along
to help her water all  of her flowers
I am reminded of... The smiles that would cover grandma's 
face when new flowers would be blooming
I am reminded of... sitting on the bench with her and watching 
the butterflies fluttering amongst the flowers
I am reminded of... The birds singing their happy songs as they 
flew around the flower garden
I am reminded of... the wind drifting by us and the fragrance of
the flowers floating all around us
I am reminded of...our walks back from the flower garden and 
our talks along the path back to her house
I am reminded much I miss her everytime I smell these 
beautiful flowers that still grow in her flower garden

In Loving Memory of my Grandmother
Helen Lyvine (Fosnaught) Myers

Entry: 5th Poem on the Soup for P.D.'s contest
12th Place winner

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Beer Pong Balls

-Sing along to Jingle Bells-

Beer pong balls! Beer pong balls!
Landing in my cup.
The more you sink, the more I drink.
It's Christmas, let's get drunk!


Beer pong balls! Beer pong balls!
Landing in my cup.
The more you make, the more I take.
It's Christmas, lets get drunk!

Drinking Michelobe... Sipping on some Jack...
We just made two cups... Give us the balls back!
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Guys can finger cups... Girls know they can blow...
I'm hall of fame, In this game, cause I drink like a pro


Beer pong balls! Beer pong balls!
Landing in my cup.
The more you sink, the more I drink.
It's Christmas, let's get drunk!


Beer pong balls! Beer pong balls!
Landing in my cup.
The more you make, the more I take.
It's Christmas, lets get drunk!

A day or two ago... Drinking Miller Light...
I had won eight games, and then got in a fight...
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
We ran out of beer... Had to get some more...
If I'm alive, then I can drive, let's all go to the store!


Beer pong balls! Beer pong balls!
Landing in my cup.
The more you sink, the more I drink.
It's Christmas, let's get drunk!


Beer pong balls! Beer pong balls!
Landing in my cup.
The more you make, the more I take.
It's Christmas, lets get drunk!

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Rhyme XOX

I just want my summertime
To be at a stand still.
Sometimes, when women cross my mind,
I'm not sure just what to feel.

I'd like to call her friend,
And I want us to mean something.
I can find several, yet in the end,
It seems like all I have is nothing.

So where is the evidence
That says I should move forward?
Show me a sign that's heaven sent;
A point I should move toward.

©2013 Honestly JT

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Our glance

This glance we share
With mirrored laugh
It fills my head
And makes me ache
Never to trial
But ever to share
And live unto
This common bond

And I smile...

For you
With you 
In you

And you see it
But know our grasp
Is one of distance
No means to touch
Remaining only 
In the quotes 
Which spiel
And linked eyes

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Blood upon Pages

As I place the pen
on paper
my soul beings
to bleed
upon the pages
my secret longings
hopes and dreams
of which I hope to be,
how I want to reflect me
transpire into the universe
within my poetic lyricism
the warm sweet smoke
of my vega blunt
swirls about me, flickers
in and out of motion
as the vanilla candle nearby
fights the shadows in my room
the cool summer breeze
from my window
carries dancing sinsemilla 
fog around me, allowing
my mind
to adventure elsewhere
into the nights abyss
of minutes, turned to hours
I write
pages, of words
scribbling my life, struggles
and fears
Bob Marley and Lauryn Hills
“turn your lights down low”
beat inspirational peacefulness
on my eardrums
my small hands delicately pluck
my imaginary guitar strings
as I join her in a solo, Miss Hill's
magical voice cracks
with emotion, and my soul
tingles with excitement
For creativity flows
within my veins
I breath real music, such as
she, as soon as daylight opens
thine dark brown eyes to see
The poetic flowetry, carries me
and speaks to me
the notes capture my inner 
disturbance and desires
until the soundtrack of my day
takes me into Summers night
thoughts of my dreams 
of being a published poet
clearly float
into my sight
Then, I sit
as I place my pen
upon the paper
black and white turn to one
and my soul bleeds
onto pages
into an early sun

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I'm Your King

A burst of white light gamma rays, overbearing a flash of brilliance burns through to my soul everything is like hell the world starts to melt in the blink of an eye just the cold blackness of night I don't care if I am not again what I once was, for at this moment I am greater now than ever before I took the path between teetering, tight roping walking right up to my right divined in my unholy state I thought I told you I am your king still you sit there, hesitating I know you hate me what does that mean? I hate just about everything still I'm chosen I did not wish before now bow down to me refuse me no more for I shall always be your demon until you accept me as your King. I don't even know you though you say we used to be best of friends, you and me the day you ditched me I remember now exactly how it played out back when we were just tiny things even back then I still was King you thought me stupid just a ruse I would laugh inside, you see? not one of you single, mean people ever even knew me in a world, mostly seen to me that is why only I can be your true King and bring forth a new source of light everlasting. As two worlds collide slowly aligned one wrapped in shadows one bathed in white evils swirling in the clouds above I'll always be the king you love to hate or despise as in your blood I thought I told you, I am the one I am the way, the way out shall be shown breathe in my spirit as it carries you away breathe in my faith it shall carry your empty space and deposit you gently on a cloud just enough higher than you've ever dreamed of for I am king now, and your in my hell your in my imagination, I'll just never tell you'll feel as though dreaming, you'll feel now if you try and see you were always found the most shared in the light cast upon me the last bright star in heaven. Denounce my name, if you may One year later, still not afraid A black sheep, a darkened spade That's just life, I'm not right I'm in the wrong, follow along Like a piper, I'll pitch a song Mesmerized, the weak wills sing I thought he told you, he's still our king.

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Men say there are no absolute truths...

The Truth
Man can govern himself. He just doesn’t have the ability to do this successfully.

The Truth
There is one God. He has a name. He has a son. Their names are different.

The Truth
When you die, you are dead - not ghosts. It is that simple. That’s it, for now…

The Truth
Even though humans die, we were never meant to. We were designed for a time 
without end.

The Truth
The most circulated book in the history of Man must be more than a “book.”

The Truth
Happiness can be attained, even in a completely miserable place.

The Truth
There is no such place as a fiery Hell of torment, except in pagan mythology.

The Truth
There is a Heaven. However, its purpose is not what you think.

The Truth
The meek shall inherit the Earth.

The Truth... not that far from you.

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The Wildflower

 It could have been you
       Hiding behind the post
           Stretching out your arms
               Your tiny face upturned 
                      To the early morning sun
                            Waving at me softly
                                 While swaying with the breeze
                                     It was only wishful thinking...
                                            But you look so much the same
                                                 that I walked a little closer
                                                      and nearly called your name
                                                         A scent so very subtle
                                                           Drifted through the air
                                                            Reminding me of the last time
                                                             I tied a ribbon in your hair

                                                           I picked the wildflower for you
                                                           But you’re much too far away
                                                          Shall wilt before you see it
                                                        This one I picked today
                                                      Against the velvet petals
                                                   You won’t get to press your face
                                                But together we will pick the one
                                            That grows up in its place
                                         I’ll save this in our special book
                                     Pressed between the pages
                                And hide it in our secret place
                            We’ve known about for ages
                       The next time that you come again....
                You’ll know right where to look!

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' The Moon's Pilgrimage ... '

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Across The Sky To Praise
The Maker and All His Wondrous Ways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Rises High, In Grace
Yet, Still In A Humble – Pilgrim’s Place

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Will Not Betray
All The Moonlight, GOD Lets Display
Tho’ She Moves In His Cosmic-Stage-Play
From His Theme-Theatre, She Will Not Stray

My Pilgrimage … Thru Deep, Dark Space
With Silver-Wings and Beams, I Chase
The Unknown and Known Questions Raised
Will Be Answered, When The Maker Says …

My Pilgrimage … To Touch Heaven’s Face
That Beauteous, Elusive, Mysterious Trace
Borne At The Blessed-Beginning’s Base
My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pray …

My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pay –
My Vows, My Voice, In Vesper-Vase
As This Moon, Is In Harvest – Phase
And Beams Brighter Now … Tho’ Slanted-Gaze

… The Moon … Glowing Ochre-Gold Or Silver
The Moon … Is Making Pilgrimage, Remember
The Moon … Is Trying To Help Deliver
Lost-Souls, Who Can Not Find … Moon River …

… Moon’s Pilgrimage … Keeps Steady Pace
Even Climbing Thru Dense, Cloudy-Lace
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Is Like A Dance, That Sways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Into The Night’s Embrace … …

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Secretly Obsessed

Obsessed with the thought of you
wondering if it's only me or
if you sometimes remember the sweet things you've said
and if you meant them how I took them
or if I'm just obsessed with what's in your head

Obsessed with your very sentences
Every response I take personal
I know it's selfishness
Have you not noticed my eyes?
They hold secrets that only you can unlock
if you'd just take time to fill the thick juices of my pride
It's just boiling with lust, passion, trust and distrust
and other things I obsess over so much

I find myself writing to free myself from this prison I've created
where only you and I reside
I become confused about what I'm really feeling inside and I 
try to rid the thoughts that are highly debated as false and I
begin to cry and
think of casting love spells so that the universe can deliver this affair
I know it's unfair
but I don't care

I'm obsessed with what hasn't happened between us
I'm obsessed with your heart and that the fact that 
I don't think you've even noticed my selfish innuendos 
and secret undertones that blatantly express my lust
Or maybe you have and you calmly remain in resistance of distrust 
If you could only read my mind by simply touching my fingertips,
I'm sure I'd catch you out the corner of my eye biting your bottom lip
I'm obsessed with the passion and thoughts I think you have
Obsessing over an experience that I may never have....

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Warmth of Breeze

Imagine me as a book covered with dust,
A soul whose warmth for years remained untouched

Letters on every page were ill-defined, unclear
The essence was hidden in an ambiguous fear

Uninterested I was in the societal rigmarole,
Me and my outer self were at opposite poles

Quite hesitant I was to turn to the next page
As I knew it would amount only to stormy rage
Quite concerned I was for my future pages and me,
The so-called bright world appeared shadowy

And in this dusky weather, suddenly the air felt unusual
This didn’t happen in years, the matter truly seemed crucial

I bizarrely felt the warmth of cool welcoming zephyr
My pages drifted, smiled and glinted like a pearl

My dull existence got transfigured into a life full-of-beans
Personified I was into a woman of worth, a woman of means

And now after owning this bag full of happiness,
I started reading the letters carved on me,

This time they were decipherable and defined,
They managed to unite me, my heart and my mind.

I looked around, in quest of the soul who revived me
Who passed by me and set my tangled soul free

Seeing him was out of question, quite hazy he appeared to me,
I could only fantasize him as a cozy breeze over the sea

Now, this breeze could be felt only when you are around me
You…  only you and nothing beyond
You…  the only one to make my passion profound
You… in your absence too you could be felt around
You … the only one in whom I am found!

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The Seagull of Vast Oceans

In her dream,there is a seagull,flying high, in skies above,
He is crossing all the oceans just to find his only love.
He might lose his destination,in the strong winds of the day,
He might be carried by wild waves ,as he searches for his prey.
But in dreams He'll always be there,flying by so many lands,
till he makes it to the island,and find  way to her warm hands.
In her dream there is a seagull, spreading his huge silver wings,
there's this girl always in waiting,thinking of him as she sings,
And Her voice echoes a signal to the dolphins of the sea,
as they play in rhtmyc splashes,transmitting a symphony.
And the seagull hear the love song,Of His Love,from miles afar,
It is always the same love song,'My heart's always where you are'.
And this handsome flying creature,on a journey,there he goes,
hoping that one day,he'll make it,Hold ,His Love, so very close.
And his love can't wait no longer,watching rainbows everyday,
watching stars after each sunset,wishing they will find a way,
Find a way to be together,Watch the world turning around,
Rest in their Home little love nest,hear the waterfall's sweet sound.

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So much I wanted to say. So much I wanted to shout.
It was like being trapped behind bars without a way
to get out.
My mind going wild with all these questions of why.
The only way to escape was to fall asleep or to cry.
What did I do so bad that made me have to pay?
My friends, my dreams, and my life was swepped away.
I know I can do it! I try and I try.
Nothing seems to get better. I sometimes wish
I would Die.
Starved for attention. I wanna talk to the world.
I just miss being loved. Miss the warmth of a girl.
Snickers and stairs is what my life has become.
I'm treated like I'm a kid, like I'm sick, or I'm dumb.
One day to the next. Life becomes work just to be alive.
I thank god for my blessings. I thank god I survived.
I finally see some improvement. More hope tickles
my brain.
It was worth all the time, all the tears, all the pain.
I awake with a smile and new hope to move on.
I did it! I did it! All those hard times are gone!

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Cindy Had A Little Bird

Cindy had a little Bird, 
Little Bird, little Bird, 
Cindy had a little Bird, 
Its feathers were yellow as the sun

And everywhere that Cindy went, 
Cindy went, Cindy went, 
Everywhere that Cindy went
The Bird was sure to go

It followed her to school one day
School one day, school one day
It followed her to school one day
Which was against the rules.

It made the children laugh and play,
Laugh and play, laugh and play,
It made the children laugh and play
To see a Bird at school

And so the teacher turned it out,
Turned it out, turned it out,
And so the teacher turned it out,
But still it lingered near

And waited patiently about,
Patiently about, patiently about,
And waited patiently about
Till Cindy did appear

"Why does the Bird love Cindy so?"
Love Cindy so? Love Cindy so?
"Why does the Bird love Cindy so?"
The eager children cried

"Why, Cindy loves the Bird, you know."
Loves the Bird, you know, loves the Bird, you know
"Why, Cindy loves the Bird, you know."
The teacher did reply

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DaddyTold Me Song on CD

In life to get by, I really do try, very hard to live by,
the old fashioned ways, of how my daddy lived his days,
He often told me not to lie, and when he caught me, it made me cry,
and I still remember him say, son you'll be ok, tomorrow's another day,

Then daddy told me about the war, the first time he wrecked a car,
and of how it made him cry, when some of his friends died,
Then we looked up in the sky, and the whole world felt like ours,
staring high up in  the sky, I just wished that we could fly,

Being young, I asked dad...why?...why do people have to die?
Then I heard him sigh....and oh my oh my,
and he looked me in the eye,
as I yearned for his reply:

Son, people are dying without....and dying within,
with no way out.....hunger starves a friend...
Death is much about, bloody wars that never end...
The whole world, no doubt, suffers from serious sin,

Then we looked high up in the sky, suddenly a shooting star went by,
and the whole world felt like ours, as daddy told me about the stars,
Then I listened to him say, son...tomorrow and everyday...
let nothing stand in your way, and you'll succeed in life....OK.

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Good Morning

Birds sing their waking
Silence dead and gone
Aurora rays pierce the sky
Resurrected dawn
Sunlight drips to your lashes
Slides down to your nose
Your eyes glow in the early light
like a morning rose.

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          By Dane Smith-Johnsen
                   The Harvest                                                                               V   E    
               E        Tradition:     * Prunes                                                                    G     
          N                        Long      *Pecans                                                                 G    
      O                              Long       *Peaches                                                             I     
    ^         WE SING            Ago         *Plums and Pears                                              E
   ^            JOYFULLY            Man        *String Beans Green Beans and Lima Beans  S 
  ^               UNTO              Would        *Carrots Potatoes Wheat Rye Rice and Corn
 The              THEE                 FILL        *Strawberries Blueberries Raspberries 
Cornucopia                                a         *Walnuts Chestnuts and Brazil Nuts
The Horn of Plenty                    goat's     *Apricots Apples and Almonds    
A horn shaped BASKET-           horn        *Onions Oats and Oranges        
Every year its rims will flow      over       *Pomegranates Cherries   
At harvest time-                      its       *Lemons and Limes 
 It overflows profusely           rim       * Persimmons 
  WITH bounty!               WITH:       * Dewberries
     A vast abundance of food         * Bananas   
         Celebrating harvest          * Paw Paw       
             Great Prosperity.     * Figs
                   THANK YOU GOD!

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
August 9, 2009
For Brian Strand's Harvest Contest

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Sweet Sparrow

A song of a sparrow in the springtime.

Birds chirp a lullaby at the peak of the morning sun.
Speedy is the dragonfly, wish I could catch just one.
Clovers fill the meadow and daisies are in bloom.
Brilliant as the rainbow heanen's scent perfumes.
I hear a sparrow singing sweet tunes of joy and glee.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, sing a song for me.

As springtime goldenrods glow.
I see a sweet sparrow perched upon a rose.
Elegant are the carnations,
and honeybees buzz me by,
God's mighty creations of tender springtime.
I hear a sparrow singing a joyful melody.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, whistle in the breeze.

Lilacs spread their fragrance.
Daffodils line the creek.
In the wind the lilies dance,
and crickets chirp at my feet.
I hear a sparrow singing such a sweet tune.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, lift the morning dew.

Sing a song the prince of love and let the music flow.
Drowning in sweet melodies I open my window.
Perched upon the cedar tree a mighty little bird.
Singing tunes of springtime for all to be heard.

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Smiling is infectious, you can catch it like the flu.
When somenone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.
I turned around the corner and saw my own grin, When he smiled
I realized I had passed it on to him.
I thought about that smile, then understood its work.
A single smile just like mine, could travel round the earth.
So if you see a smile begin, don't leave it undetected.
Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected.

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Duality spreading through the land
Above my head; beneath my hands
The greatest darkness I’ll become
Or one to show you the brightest sun

Open my eyes unto this world
Forget the silence I had heard
Lingering on into this earth
A sense of evil without worth

Open my eye as I recall
Imagination as I fall
The pain of knowing what I was
A monster blinded by their cause

A pleasurable passion to restart
The thought of choices in my heart
Not what to follow - to agree
Instead remembering humanity

Create a universe from sand
Building foundations without my hands
Turning the darkness into light
With a simple understanding of the night

The paradoxes I can find
Knowing we’re not free will free our minds
In seeing shadows we feel the sun
Closing our eyes reveals freedom

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My God.
My Rock.
My Strength.

My Friend.
My Life.
My Faith.

My Anytime.
My Everytime.

My Day or Night.
My Always Right.

My Lord.
My Saving Grace.

My Home.
My Safest Place.

Through everything,
You're everything:
My every want and every need.

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How Long, Shirlene

Many years have stealthily slipped Since that first time we met. Can you recall the circumstances? Or has mind chosen to forget? For sure some shadowy water Under time's bridge has flowed. Have your steps, like mine, Become deliberate and slowed. Has the hair that once was brown Become teased with wisps of gray? Have our long ago conversations Become lost memories of today? You were young and independent With a heart unlike the weather. While chosen paths caused a parting God's love has us back together. The years have chanced me to reflect And one thought have i held true. Casual friends aren't meant to last But true friendships always do. As I re-embrace this friendship From life's lessons, Lord, let me learn. That what I put into our friendship Determines the friend found in return.

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I'm Ready

I'm ready to find the one who will hold me 
As long as I need them to... 
I'm ready to find the one 
Who I can start my life with... 
I'm ready to share myself 
Ready to share my love and passion 
I'm ready to move on with my life 
And finally find that happiness 
I've been craving for so long.... 
I'm ready to find that someone 
Who gives me butterflies, just thinking about them 
Who makes me laugh when I have a bad day 
Who holds me and says 
Everything's going to be okay 
Who knows me, inside and out 
Someone who wants to be with me 
Just because I'm me... 
Who will love me, in spite of my many flaws 
I'm ready to be in a relationship 
Where love conquers all, 
And nothing can bring us down... 
I'm ready to fall in love again 
Despite all the pain love has caused me 
In the end 
I'm ready to try again 

August 18th, 2008 

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Think on these things

Go for a walk stop in the park
sit on a bench think for awhile
take your time look around
see all the things you've missed

Be very quiet and notice the sound
of a passing car or a distant train
children playing the bark of a dog
the birds singing in harmony

Take a look at a flower
see the color and shape
say a prayer thank the Lord
for the things you see and hear
Listen to the music

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May 10, 2011

I love you so 
And in this lifetime you will never know
The love in my heart 
Has been there from the start
The first time on metrodate
The site of our union
We always had our ups and downs
But we weathered through the obstacles
To where we are today
And each day from here forward
Until the precious Lord takes me away
To the place of glory and contentment
But even in Heaven I will be
Watching over you and guiding you
To find the perfect image of me
To carry on the traditions of glorious marriage
Which you will not be deprived of 
While you are still young and beautiful
Which will never change?
For you beauty is endless to mine eyes
For the time being while I am still with you
I will always love, honor, and cherish
Beyond imagination and comprehension
You are my queen and the mother of my children 
Who will grow into the years? 
From youth to adulthood
Knowing they have always been loved
To the fullest extent imaginable
From this day forward
I pray these things in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

Our father is always there
He knows in our hearts what we need
He guides us in our daily lives
Our father he will always be

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I Love Having You By My Side

I love laying next to you
I love being in your arms
When you hold me and wrap me up in your love 
And smother me with your kisses
I feel the warmth of your love
I love having you by my side
I love to put my head on your chest
To feel the softness of your skin
I love the scent of your body
The way I can still smell you on the pillows
Even when you are not there
I love having you by my side
I love to run my fingers through your hair
I love to kiss your forehead gently
I love to run my hands over your body
And smother you in kisses
I love when you reach over to hold me
And when you pull me closer to you if I am too far away
I love to look into your eyes when we first wake up
They sparkle and shine with so much joy
I love having you by my side
The hardest thing about loving you is when you leave my side
But loving you is something I just have to do
My life would not be the same without you
You make my life complete
Thank you for loving me
I love having you by my side

Copyright © 2003   Shari E Davis

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Times Like These

Times like these
Are times of ease
When so much peace
Reigns without cease

Unlike far across the ocean
Where reigns commotion
Full of depression 
And worn out of liberation

So there's enmity and servity
And all things are vanity
Such regardless quality
For peace and humanity

But thank you, oh God
For my precious life
Creating me so strong
On this gracious land

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Stillness, Whispers Shirlene

For years I've designated no best friend Since time whispered my best away. But lately the wind has whispered a name A name that long had been at bay. I don't know why God has so chosen To tattoo this person into my mind. But He unveiled afresh a tenured friend Whom I'd lost and could not find. Her down to earthiness makes her special That quality she possesses inside. Making no pretenses other than who she is Inducing feelings that I can't hide. I've been blessed in life with many friends Only two, have left me reeling. My departed friend Jerry enriched my life Now for her I've a like feeling. So when quiescence whispers names to me Only one can I specify as best. The one placed with my wife at the pinnacle Standing shoulders above the rest.

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What's the Difference?

What's the difference between day and night,
What the difference between darkness and sight
If you should ever turn your love away from me?

What's the difference between heaven and hell,
What's the difference between sickness and well
If you should ever turn your love away from me?

     I'll always need your love to help and guide me.
     I'll always need your love to keep me strong.
     I'll always need your love to keep the fire blazing in me.
     I'll always need your love to play the music for my songs.

     Oh never give your love to another's fleeting heart.
     Oh never let small differences drive us far apart.
     Oh never let your thoughts dwell upon our woes and sorrows
     Oh never let your heart forget there will always be tomorrow.

What's the difference between peace and strife,
What's the difference between wound and knife
If you should ever turn your love away from me?
What's the difference between gold and rust,
What's the difference between gems and dust
If you should ever turn your love away from me?

     But my soul tells me your love stands more solid than the rocks
     More lasting than the winds, immune to any shock
     It started from an ember, now it's risen to a flame
     No matter how we change, Dear, it burns on just the same,
     So I know your love's more constant than the blue within the sky,
     All mine to live and breathe within to the very day I die, the day I die.

So you'll always have your love there, a light for all my days
You'll always have your love there, a love that never strays.
Always there, to warm my heart, always there to take my part
Never lost to another's touch, never asking for too much
Never lost to another's word, my voice is all your heart has ever heard.

So what's the difference between light and dark,
What's the difference if I miss all my marks
Since you'll never turn your love away from me?
And what's the difference between Doubt and Sure
What's the difference between rich and poor
Since you'll never turn your love away from me?

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Celebration on the Bay

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
Watching star bursts of wonder
Sparks with flair in the evening sky
Streams of light moving in splendor
So beautiful one must say, “oh my!”

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
As the grand orchestra played away
Sweet melody makes me give a sigh
Music and light blending a display
Horns and trumpets blasting high

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
Watching fireworks over the bay
Music rocking with soft thunder
Such a sight for ending a fine day
A celebration without a blunder

I sat in a porch rocker and looked!

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Save face

All these lips kissed
and I still felt alone.
As I can't help what I've missed,
I've got too many issues I own.

Imagine us
in another view.
Search the sky
and you'll soon find,
that these stars start
gazing back at you.

On a cloud
up in space.
Watch where were going.

Try to save some face.

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Today is Your Day

Happy is the day a baby is born.
Happy are the parents of a new born.
Happy are the siblings of the new born.
Happy are the relatives to the family.
Happy are friends and well wishers.
Happy is everyone who appreciates God's Gifts.

It is wonderful to experience parenthood.
It is wonderful to experience sibling rivalry.
It is wonderful to have an inclusion to the family.
It is wonderful to have someone to love.
It is wonderful to have someone to love you.
It is wonderful to celebrate procreation.

Today you remember your coming to the world.
Today your parents remember your first word.
Today your siblings rejoice with you.
Today your relatives celebrate with you.
Today friends and well wishers appreciate you.
Today everyone felicitate with you.

Here comes a day for you to be really happy.
Be lost in the celebration of Goodness.

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Shirlene's Three Days

A calm has come amidst a storm At last, at last, I've finally found. Peace came to me, as bees to swarm As fleas to an aging old hound.
My burden scale reads faint to lifted Your sails are trimmed and course set true. Sad thoughts of you though oft I've sifted Have vanished like this mornings dew. Unpleasant memories I've interred deep Beyond my intellect bell's faint tingle. No more into my psyche dare they creep Or with my pleasant thoughts to mingle. But you haven't moved from our space You'll always be foremost on our minds. And in our heart's your special place Is still filled with a Godly love that binds. So when your life seems less up than down View those days as just another life test. Paste on a smile and chase that frown And seek God's help to just do your best.

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Today is the day I've been longing for
The day good things came together
The day of first steps,and shrinking growths
You could have knocked me down with a feather
A day when our dreams look like coming true
A wonderful time for me and you
A time for miracles and love without end
I'll love you forever my darling,my friend

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Mom, you are my role model
Raising me to a young woman, from a little girl
Step by step, day by day
You've done a great job, in so many ways

When I need someone, you are always there
I never have to doubt that you care
I can always tell you what i'm thinking of
Mom, you have my love

You raised me the best you could
Took care of me like any good mother would
You brought me in this world, guided me through life
Giving me the things every kid needs to survive

You righted me when I was wrong
many times you helped me stay strong
Like many mothers, you've tried your best
And mom, i'd say you passed the test

Raising four girls by yourself
Must have been harder than I could inmagine
But obviously you knew just where to begin
And for that i'll love you to the end.....

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What is it that GOD deals to us, from The Heavens and The Stars?, 
The choices that we make in life, will bring us near or far.
He has given us these two things, they are Life and Free Will too,
as what you choose to do with them, is merely up to You.
You may choose to do the Wrong Thing, leading to The Darkest Night,
Or turn and walk the other way onto The Path of Light.
The Bible says " God Loves Us All " no matter what we do,
All that He is waiting on, is just a call from you!!!!
To tell him you've been going, down a steep and beaten path,
And would he please just show you, Somehow, A way to just get back!!
Now you're Starting Over, and as well you see "  The Light " ,
Your Hope and Faith, God gives you Wings, Now Start A Brand New Life!!

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I have learned what happiness is
Its something I learned last night
Its when someone you love is in danger
And the remedy may not be a cure
when a heavy load lays on your heart
And the prognosis is very unsure
You wait through the night and the blackness 
Your fingernails chewed to the bone
Pace up and down in the darkness
Knowing you face this alone
Will he come back or will he depart
I can't stand the tension, its breaking my heart

At last it is morning, the dawn breaks at last
I turn on my PC, and hope news comes fast
At last there's a message, I hold my breath in
Is he still with me, I don't want to hear
Please don't let it be bad news, I cant take that in
I read on the screen through eyes blurred with fear
“Sir has come back and the doc says he's great”
I let my breath out and burst into tears
My darling is back, my sweetheart, my lover
With love and good  care I'm sure he'll recover
My heart is full to bursting, it's pulsating a song of joy
Yes I know what happiness is, 
The return of my darling boy!

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To Ernestine, My Lovely Wife

Of all God's many blessings,
The greatest would be my wife.
She looked beyond my many faults,
When agreeing to share my life.

She's always been there at my side,
Throughout our married life.
God knew what He was doing,
When choosing her for my wife.

I've never liked to go or do,
A rut's my comfort zone.
She's sacrificed so much for me,
In her, there's not one mean bone.

I've tried to do my best for her,
She's never asked for much.
In her the things I most admire,
Her smile, quiet way, her touch.

So when I thank the Lord each night,
For all that I've had in life.
The gift found at the very top,
Is a loving Christian wife.

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You mean the world to me

I wake up every morning thinking of you
I lay down at night and what do I do 
I pray that we'll be together
For always and forever 
I want to hold you till you we die
I will find you up in the sky 
And we'll hold each others hand 
Dancing to God's glourious band 

Look me in the eyes, baby please
Tell me that our love will never seize
Can't stop thinking about you 
Every moment just thinking about you
Will you always look at me this way 
Or will it fade away some day
I pray that it never does
Couldn't change back to the way I was

I wake up every morning thinking of you
I lay down at night and what do I do 
I pray that we'll be together
For always and forever 
I want to hold you till you we die
I will find you up in the sky 
And we'll hold each others hand 
Dancing to God's glourious band 

Tell me you love me with all you heart
That your loves strong, won't fall apart
It's happened before
Don't want to open that door
Hold me right here next to you
What else is there to do
I'll tell you how I feel 
This love feels verry real

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Day after Day

There’s places and faces where I’ve never been
some of them laughing and living in sin
Some of them hurting from being alone
And the places seem part of my own
The rhythm is flinging these words in my head
Against walls that refuse to be bled
Riding on nightmares through darkness and blight
Then lazily cruising in dreams
In this odessic searching
For reason for being
Nothing’s as bad as it seems
But on turning away
In my off handed way
I’m so tempted to say
Another could view it as fey

Another attempt at explaining my motives for living and writing about it

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Jungle Love

Jungle Love
The time of year when Jasmins bloom, 
most sweetly in the summer weather, 
Helpless in the fragrant Jungle gloom, 
On sultry night we spent together, 
We, Love and Night, together blent, 
A Trinity of tranced content.
Your lips belong to me, wholly mine.
To Kiss... To Drink... To Caress
Hearing from afar in faint distress
Sweet Wine One of Great Love Potions
To Set In Motion
The Fulness of Your Delight
With Our Passion
There Is No Fright
Taken In Abandon 
Quivering note of Human Tremor
To rise and fall again, 
In Shouts of exctasy throughout the night, 
Tasting the perfumed flower
In the moonlit hours

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* One Love*

Since the first time our eyes met I knew that my life was destined to be spent with 

Your love is so special it brings tears to my eyes

Your touch is so enduring it mends my lonely cries

When we are together its like no one else is there

I know I am safe and protected just by the way that you care

When I dont see you my whole world is turned up side down

When I am not with you its like I am about to drown

Im ready to be your wife, our vows hand in hand

Your my one love, my hommie, lover & very best friend

You make me so happy, with you I feel complete

Our love is unconditional more intense then smoldering heat

I am so glad that I found you; I need you in my life

So wait patiently my love, because one day I will be your wife!

-Essence Emani

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You Touched My Heart

Oh how sweet and beautiful are the words
that you say to me, they stick to my soul
like honey to a bee.  They move me,
they soothe me, they let me live, for
it is you that I need and my heart
I will give.

You touched me like I never have
felt before, you start my heart breathing
so fast until I can hardly let go.
I feel your words like sand on a beach
they are still in my head and will never
decease.  Your words are so brand
new and alive, for they are the only
thing that is helping me to survive.

You touched my heart like no other I have
known, the way in which you love me
I wil never do you no harm.  Your words
is like an ocean running free, all I want
them to do is pour all over me.

You touched my heart like a child playing
with a toy, he love it so much because
it brings him so much joy. That is how 
you touch my heart, giving and bringing
me so much joy, it makes me feel like
a child with his new toy.

You touched my heart every day of my
life, that is why I do not care about all
the sacrifice. I wil do everything to make
you happy just as long as I know I am
the apple of your eye and that you will
do or say nothing to make me

You touched my heart from this day
forward, there can never be another
you because you are what I need and
it is me for you and you for me that
is the only way it is going to be.
you touched my heart.

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The United Nations

Did you get my
Number yet?

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A sailors soul

A sailor's soul has an epic thirst Only nourished by the sea For only upon it's waves and swells Is a sailor's soul set free He prays for winds to fill his sails And clear skies to chart his way A pull of rum and cheap cigar To finish out his day The stories spewed, both lies and truths Will fade upon the seas For until his ship, next leaves it's slip Will his soul again be freed

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A Symbol Of Our Love

I long to see this love we have blossom daily with each passing day 
The beauty of which we can't see but we can feel it all the same
I love it when the sun comes up and the birds sing sweetly too
This rose will be on our bench every day of the year I spend with you.

This bench of love is reserved for us for many years to come
Sitting here now I say to you that I want you for the rest of our lives
The rose is a symbol of all that is pure, our trust, our hope and love
Two hearts shall not be broken when they've been blessed by God above.

I promise you that each year will be better than the one before 
A  rose I’ll leave on this bench as each year we’re married passes by
I’m always going to be here for you my darling you’re the one I adore 
This rose represents the longing  in my heart, I want you forevermore.

To show just how much I care I will plant a rose bush here just for you
When I look at our little bench each year and think of how it all began    
I'll remember with pride, that eve I proposed and you said “I will marry you”
As I slipped on the ring, you'd tears in your eyes, as the moon came into view.

When times catches up, grey hair sets in, grandchildren running wild at our side
I hope you'll be by my side on our bench with our roses still growing with love 
But if you're not with me,It won't be hard to remember that night of my life
When I proposed  one beautiful eve, we married and were husband and wife.

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Morning Sunshine Song

Another day is dawning
and the Sun is rising high
he's dancing in the gentle breeze
across the morning sky!
The birds call out their greetings
as the Sun winks his hello
and I'm happy just to be here
to watch this morning grow!

I see the little flowers
as they're shaking off their dreams
my spirit swims among them all
within their rainbow streams!
The air sings with their perfume
in a fragrant melody
and I float in their sweetness like
a love struck bumble bee!

Another day has started
all its wonders I behold
the Sun is smiling down on me
he's filling me with gold!
Everything is beautiful
when Sunshine lights the skies
I know I'm blessed to see the world
through these enchanted eyes!

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Hard Headed Women

<                                        she's a hard headed woman
                                          lovin a soft hearted man 

                                          when they get together
                                          they join hand and hand
                                          for loves be glory
                                          in this fairy tales story

                                          for she's a hard headed women
                                          lovin a soft hearted man

                                          a hard headed woman
                                          lovin that soft hearted man

                                          though shes stubborn as an mule
                                          but can make that man still drool
                                          as he's so shy
                                          but  captured her roving eye

                                          for she's a hard headed woman
                                          lovin a soft hearted man

                                          a hard headed woman
                                          lovin that soft hearted man

                                          now don't you just think
                                          romance can start out as a wink
                                          even if it may be a little lie
                                          come on little boy now give it a try

                                          for she's a hard headed woman
                                          lovin a soft hearted man

                                          a hard headed woman
                                          lovin that soft harded man

My Next 
Country Western Song   LOL

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

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We Welcome the Sun

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 

A gleaming sunrise is seen in the distance – shedding relief 
Bursting forth like fireworks in the dark blue sky 
Hues of beauty and sincerity washes away our grief
The cheery clouds come together like lovers embracing one another

I’m never waving goodbye
It’s so surreal… and magnificent to see this scene unfold
You lift up the sparkling light… you’re an angel from up above
It’s so vibrant – the illuminated sight never dulled 
You bring us luck and excitement – 

You’re as pleasant as a dove 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the love
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To omit the darkness 
To abolish the distress
To conceal the darkness
And reveal the halo
Hovering around your head
Burning away the dread 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun

An ocean of love is rubbing against my feet
Blankets of comfort embrace me now… our love will never dry
You treat us with reverence and I repeat – 
You’re as pleasant as a dove – taking wing from on high 
We welcome the sun in the morning 
We welcome the sun with open arms
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun 

A speedy breeze is whistling in my ears
Spiraling mad like a spinning top
Spiraling mad with all of its might 
You’re very intriguing – you casted away our fears 
Your gorgeous eyes
Project bright green and blue
You’re special in His sight 
He welcomes you
We welcome the hope 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To lighten up your load 
And lead you to the mercy road
Where you and I will escape to paradise
To drive out all of the negativity
To conceal the wretched farewells
To reveal the light in goodbye 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome you
With open arms 

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A dozen roses of many colors I have sent to you
A rainbow of colors to show your beautiful moods
You P.D. are the most grand yellow rose of Texas
Red roses bring out the beauty in your  lovely eyes
White roses for our pure friendship today and always
A dozen roses to show my love for you my friend P.D.

Written by : Carol Brown

I dedicate this poem to you on 02/06/2012  P.D. Linda

Will you be my Valentine?

1st Place Winner

For Poem Of Roses contest sponsored by P.D.  
Old poems only
1st Place Winner again  08/2012

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A poem wrote by me, based on Person who is a deserving icon but still struggling hard with his career life and addressed as disturbed creature.

DISTURBED CREATURE--> Am I ??       BY Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

Am I so insane, Am I so mad,
Dramatic mood of mine is so die hard.
Destroyed my peace, Shattering my dreams,
People call me as disturbed creature.
As like mounting the pain, attenuating the drain!!

Digesting my feelings lying inside me,
Strangely nobody cared, call me sick.
Teasing me lavishly and my heart is pricked,
Hurted me like hell when addressed me as stupid.
As like showering rain, missing on the lane!!

Time lapse in journey of life,
Can hamper anybody on its path.
When I see innate reflex of mine,
I always use to brightly shine.
Though possessing every job attributes of mine,
I never thought the authorities will ditch and hamper my career line.
Falsely acting bloody swine, making my image as fade as wine.
As like affecting harmonious divine, my soul was, as is transparently pristine!!

Destroying me and testing my patience, Never wanna give up.
Transformed deviations, wanna rightly screw up.
I wanna raise up, I wanna shake up.
I wanna wake up, Tranquilize my mind.
Unzip the professional life compressed by the culprits.
Wanna explore myself, driving the motivated heights of journey.
Lastly waiting for the optimistic opportunity.
Cuffing the suspect ,I wanna rejoice by my pattern of life!! 

with Suyog Pagare

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Tarana-Ta Na Na Dhoom - My New Carol Song with English Text lines


Tarana- Ta Na Na Dhoom -  My New Hindi Song with English Text lines

Form- Lyrics


Tarana singing is the outcome of those wonderful feelings of heart, 
which burst from the lips of the singer unknowingly. Tarana comes 
on the lips when the heart is in the swinging mood and the feelings 
of joy and pleasure began to come out in the form of meaningless 
and sometimes meaningful words almost in a similar manner 
in all the languages of the world.

Tarana is an Indian musical form in classical music. It has been the 
most popular form sung all over India. The form often with meaningless 
words has attracted not only the vocalists, but the dancers of kathak* 
and bharatnatyam* of both north and south India respectively. The 
monophonic syllables sung in fast tempo has made it enjoyable from 
a learned to a lay man.

I have placed in my Tarana Song Video (on You Tube), some of my 
Photos  with Hindi Song lines in Roman English as well as its English 
 Text lines to show the mood of the Song, which resembles the 
Photos shown in the Video. I am hopeful that this new experimental 
song even without music would give a new horizon to use this form of 
singing for our English Music lovers.

Critical impressions from my music lover Poetry Soup friends about the 
Tarana form of singing and Video is requested and it would be highly 
appreciated. With best wishes


In order to really know and appreciate this form of Singing please use
the URL placed below of my Music channel on You Tube "RavindraKK1"

Ravindra K Kapoor

*A classical form of India


Ta Na Na Dhoom                                   01     Tarana 

Dhoom Ta Na Na Dhoom   	
Dhoom Ta Na Na Dhoom                       02      Tarana 

Dhoom Ta Na Na Dhoom   
Dhoom Ta Na Na Dhoom                        03      Tarana 

Dhoom Dhoom Ta Na Na 
Dhoom Dhoom Ta Na Na                       04       Tarana 

Uproar is all over the world                   05      English

Dhoom Machi Hai Sagre Jag Mein          05      Hindi

The melody which you are searching 
Is the melody on your lips                     06     English

Dhoond Raha Jise, Dhun Ye Wahi Hai    06     Hindi

Ta Na Na Dhoom 
Dhoom Ta Na Na Dhoom Dhoom           07    Tarana

Ta Na Na Dhoom  
Dhoom Ta Na Na Dhoom                       08    Tarana  

See what a Magic it is                           09     English

Dhekho To Ye Hai Kaisa Karisma           09    Hindi

Your Melody                                          10     English

Dhun  Teri                                             10     Hindi

Is standing just before you                  11     English

Tere Samne Hi Khadi Hai                      11     Hindi

Uproar is all over the world                  12     English

Dhoom Machi Hai Sagre Jg Main           12     Hindi

The melody which you are searching
Is the melody on your lips                    13     English

Dhoond Raha Jise Dhun Ye Wahi Hai    13     Hindi

The Melody which you could not find
Even in Ages                                         14     English

Yug Beete Jise Dhoond Na Paya           14     Hindi

Is standing before you 
To woo you                                           15    English
Aaj Wahi Tujhe, Waran Khadi Hai         15     Hindi

Ta Na Na Dhoom
Dhoom Ta Na Na Dhoom                       16     Tarana

Ta Na Na Dhoom                                   17     Tarana

Uproar is all over the world                  18     English

Dhoom Machi Hai       
Sagre Jg Main                                       18     Hindi

The melody which you are searching
Is the melody on your lips                    19     English

Dhoond Raha Jise 
Dhun Ye Wahi Hai                                 19     Hindi

See what a                                           20      English

Dhekho To Kaisi                                    20      Hindi

New Dawn is spreading its wings         21      English

Subah Jagi Hai                                      21       Hindi

Smile is blooming on every lips              22      English
Adharon Pe Muskaan Khilee Hai            22      Hindi

The melody which you are searching
Is the melody on your lips                      23        English

Dhoond Raha Jise Dhun Ye Wahi Hai      23        Hindi

Ta Na Na Dhoom 
Dhoom Ta Na Na Dhoom
Dhoom Ta Na Na Dhoom                         24        Tarana  

Kanpur  India 14th June 2014   

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Coming of Age

There is music in her hands;
The graceful gestures of a different time,
Courtly manners and a black lace fan...
A hundred shaded meanings
In my daughter's eyes...
Mysterious, sibilant laughter without mystery
Without guile
Say so many things young and beautiful.

And the dance begins inside her smile
In the middle of her first kiss
That needs no translation...
While the chandelier in a debutante ballroom
Reflects flashes of joy
In a swirl of shining silk
And a trace of elusive perfume
Warming her skin for the first time.

There is such music in her hands;
She is my princess, unawakned
Surrounded by a future beloved,
And dissapointed courtiers...

There is such wonder...

I love you, Daughter Mine.

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After the Party Ends

Got my crazies by my side
Drunk on vodka cyanide
Setting fire to the night
That’s the way we live the life

Before we go our separate ways
We’re gonna roar, we’re gonna rage
Never forget we were friends
Long after the party party party party ends

We’re gonna stay friends
Long after the party party party party ends

And I’ll be seeing you there
Fists pumping in the air
Gonna jump, we’re gonna swing
Gonna dance, we’re gonna sing

Before we go our separate ways
We’re gonna roar, we’re gonna rage
Never forget we were friends
Long after the party party party party ends
We’re gonna stay friends
Long after the party party party party ends

There’s a place where time stands still
Far from things that make me cry
And I would take you there tonight
So we could stay young all our lives

You’ve been my friend when I was down
I’ll miss you when you’re not around
And I will think of you
In all the good I’ve found
In every light, in every sound

And I’ll be seeing you there
Fists pumping in the air
Gonna jump, we’re gonna swing
Gonna dance, we’re gonna sing

Before we go our separate ways
We’re gonna roar, we’re gonna rage
Never forget we were friends
Long after the party party party party ends
We’re gonna stay friends
Long after the party party party party ends

Got my crazies by my side
Drunk on vodka cyanide
Setting fire to the night
That’s the way we live the life

Before we go our separate ways
We’re gonna roar, we’re gonna rage
Never forget we were friends
Long after the party party party party ends
We’re gonna stay friends
Long after the party party party party ends

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Beyond The Sun

With the break of dawn, as I watch you sleep,
           ... sun peeks in.... with gentle fingers on your face....
The morning wakes again, ..and day begins, 
    ... ours to linger in,... close within love's arms.......

Tomorrow seems a distant place, too far to see from here, 
Our yesterdays will fade somehow, like faces in the crowd
But wrapped in warmth of midnight's arms, are moments that allow
to keep me high up in the clouds,  on a stairway to the sun

I've caught you with your guard down, dreams I cannot know
I'm bound by love, as blinding as the morning's afterglow
The new day keeps a promise, catching you asleep
I see the jealous sun caress, but, are mine, alone, to keep

Your sleeping face, reveals to me... that time and space stands still
And what I feel, ........I know is real........may nothing break the spell

I feel my breath escape,  and watch you breathing soft and low
in afterglow, of night's embrace, 
          ...when midnight's promised words were vows

Interlude melody..............

Shadows flirt across the bed, but  I know you dream of me
I watch you sleep, as the sun peeks in, with warmer undertones....
In the blushing light, of the night's embrace, are vivid afterglows
Across the bed, the light grows bold, and turns the red to gold

Tomorrow seems a distant place, too far away,.... too far to see from here, 
Our yesterdays  are vanished stars, lost traces in the clouds
But wrapped in warmth of midnight's arms, where moments have allowed
to keep me high up in the clouds,  on a stairway to the sun

High away........high away.........high away on a stairway to the sun
High very high away........high away, there beyond the sun
Take me there........take me there........ high high away....
Take me past the sun, to that place, to that place within your dreams
                   so high away.........high beyond the sun

8/11/14 For Contest Sponsored By Craig Cornish
"Another Song Lyric"
Written to the music of Peter White's "Life Story"

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The Monster Mash

<                              dancing to the hit song monster mash
                                frankenstein and werewolf got real smashed
                                took the witches culdeen
                                and boiled up mummys spleen
                                Quasimodo joined in on the bash

                                witches brew of brains spleens gizzards hearts
                                illuminates party from it's start
                                Dracula and zombies
                                lurking for free bodies
                                poor old frankie's wife just fell apart 

                               the bewitching dance came to its end
                               when bats flew in frenzy around den 
                               on this all hallows eve
                               trickery was up sleeve
                               sent my 3 black cats in to defend

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A Farmer's Eyes and a Sailor's Shadow

A thorough yield
On a farm field of far east
It took me time to realize
How far I am to my far east of coast

Call of my weather
Call of my winds
I sailed further and farther
To my naked coasts
Naive songs, Nimble rains
Nile of rivers, Nascent clouds

Reaching this far
I kissed my earth
Ground of my grief
Glory of my ghosts
Glad is those leaves
However scanty they are

Cast is my shadows
No longer they hide
My colors and my figures
They cast numbers on stars
Measure their light
Scope my winters
Scale my summers
Scanty my rains
Scuttle I wish my springs

Now let me see my greens
Their leveling heights
Their leafy gaze
Their spiderly gesture
Their primordial texture
Now let me be slow
In company of my greens

#Poem by +Gokul Alex

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You Alone

Look at you, you have found my heart
With love I stare into your eyes
With passion I devise
I can not part with you or can not stop the things I have started

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Look I walk by your side and I found my self crying
With your hands so soft with gentleness
With your smile so beautiful with carefulness
I do notice life with you without sighing

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Without a fear of losing you, you are in my visions
With beautiful roses by your side 
I love you more than twelve times
Without doubt I do love you, I care for you and you alone

So do not walk away 
Please lets talk about things anyway
With feelings of letting you go is make me ache in the heart
Do not stop believing my passion has fallen apart

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Look I want us to grow old with each other through years of journeys
With hope of sharing life of fulfillment that gives us memories
With this I hope to give all of my faith and I hope it is not to late
I Look into your eyes with such full life because you have been my life date

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

And you alone

So I raise my hands to embrace you

you alone

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My Jasmine

Written for my beautiful Grandaughter,  at the time she was born   Peter

My Jasmine

Oh Jasmine you were born to be an angel
And one day with your love you’ll change the world
My child, you are your grand dad’s special treasure
My Jasmine you’re my wide eyed baby girl.

My Jasmine, they’ll not find another flower
Who could fill my heart with joy, the way you do
My child, you are a rare and precious blossom
No words could ever spell my love for you

I thank the blessed power, that she did send us
This essence that be you my lovely child
The love for you that dwells within my heartstrings
Is like a tender rose that’s growing wild

Oh Jasmine, you have made this old heart happy
Which surely be the story of your life
For where thee be, then happiness will follow
Your tenderness will rid the world of strife

3 August 1999

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All the people call me crazy

All the people call me crazy

All the people call me crazy
Cause I laugh, and dance, and sing
And live my life just for each moment
And take whatever life might bring
I know my face is always smiling
But I can’t help myself at all
I have to dance, and sing like crazy
Because it’s all so beautiful.

Maybe I should be unhappy
And join the cause of misery
Wear a long face each new moment
Not live my life so joyfully
I might try, but what would happen
I’d just be faking, yes I would
Because I feel so very happy
And life to me it feels so good

Well, you know, I just can’t help it
It’s just the way my life has gone
Every day does bring me pleasure
As all lifes joy goes on, and on.

So if they really think I’m crazy
All those folk who meet with me
Let them read my compositions
Then maybe all their misery
Will melt and they will fill with laughter
And that’s the only way to be
Then they’d live their life forever
So very, very happily.

12 February 2014 @ 1233hrs.

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Back in the Days

Christmas was coming around  again I was so happy I could not wait to go to 
sleep and wake up in the morning, the tree smelled so good it was cut with our 
own hands and drug through the woods.
Finally" it was morning I went into the living room I had a rag doll, one candy 
cane stick ,one orange and a few nuts with my name on it under the tree.
My rag doll was so special it was an original made from my socks and buttons 
from an old shirt for the eyes so she could see how happy I was on Christmas.
We had biscuits and molasses with salt pork grease it was so good. the 
happiness that I felt lasted for a life time, and at no time with six sisters and one 
brother did I think we were poor. times has changed but I still remember, and 
appreciate back in the days.


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How Beautiful My Love

The sound of your voice made me shake inside
Your mouth never opened yet my ears heard your words
You reached out and touched me without using your arms
As I looked upon your lips I was kissed
My mind was open and shut by your very present
I was deeply moved 

How Beautiful My Love 

Dedicated to my wonderful husband  Yalma for Valentine"s Day

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Mamma's Simple Plan

Every single time I hear that song,
 it always brings tears to my eyes.
I'm not sure if it's the singers voice as he carries on,
 or the lyrics to the words that he cries.

A simple kind of man,
 is something all men should be.
Momma's wish this for their sons future plans
 in a prayer that they may one day see.

As men search this world for a woman,
 they may someday share with their love.
The love they are always searching for
 only seems to come from up above.

Do nothing but follow the love in your heart,
 though at times it may be hard to control.
For it was a gift given you from the very start,
 that will help you to carry that heavy load.

This world that we now live in,
 we may live a little bit to fast.
For problems always seem to happen,
 and sometimes they forever last.

Spending your days searching for wealth,
 does nothing for the goodness of your soul.
With it you can't buy yourself new health,
 in those weary days as your body grows old.

Momma's only want their sons to live a simple life,
 without any worry they will get to out of hand.
Always stay loyal to the woman you love and call your wife,
 and keep your momma happy, living life as a simple man.

DannyBoy:1-20-13 Updated on 11-10-14
My thoughts on the song- Simple Man
By Lynyrd Skynyrd & Or Shinedown

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With This New Day

I have lived, 
And felt the cost, 
Paid my dues, 
But I have lost_ You. 

 Still I pray, 
As chaos looms, 
And as my blue turns into grey, 
I hear__ 
The angels sing- In tune. 

 Don't be giving in, 
Don't give up my son, 
Or fade away, 
Lift your chin with the sun__ And rise, 
With this new day!. 

 I have lived, 
And felt the cost of all my wonderin ways, 
I've paid my dues, 
I - Have lost you. 

 I can hear the angels sing, 
Your in a mistaken land__ Lessons learned in truth, 
As the grey seeks out the blue, 
She will__ Your daughter my son--- 
She will return--- To You.

For I have lived, 
Felt the cost of all my walkin days, 
I've paid my dues, 
I- Lost you....

I wont be giving in, 
Won't give up my girl, 
Or fade away, 
I'll lift my chin with the sun--- 
And RISE-- 
With this new day...

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The Moment

I felt so good laughter filled my Soul
I felt so much love and Joy
I felt Life and clean fresh air
I felt Like I could Live forever

I felt the Moment..... 

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A Pub-ng We Go

Hey, Ho! A pub’ng we go… And I’ll bring along, those Zany Trolls.
What’s better, than to drink, with friends, my Dear… as merrily, off we go!

We’ll leave the frats, in the dust, and bring The Bun, merrily, along.
He had a great run, at Easter time, now he can let, the good times roll.
Who knows best, than a nest of Trolls, how to have, a really great time!
A Biker Bar should fill our sails, as we go, courting the best… of it all.

Hey, Ho! A pub’ng we go… And I’ll bring along, those Zany Trolls.
What’s better, than to drink, with friends, my Dear…as merrily, off we go!

The beers great, the girls’ first rate, I’ll ride a full-blown Harley Hog.
To ride them down, across the town, my hair, flowing behind, in the air.
But first we’ll make a new drinking song, betting on, who’s best, by far.
Biker Dudes, Trolls enthused, raise their mugs in unity, again, once more!

Hey, Ho! A pub’ng we go… And I’ll bring along, those Zany Trolls.
What’s better, than to drink, with friends, my Dear… as merrily, off we go!

It’s all fun, as with pool cues in hand, we try to, learn to play Eight Ball.
We’ll dance on the floor, and some on the bar, as rowdier we become.
But we’re the best, with glass in fist, as we sing our new… drinking song.
So don’t be glum! Here, come along, to laughter amid, such joyful fun.
Hey, Ho! A pub’ng we go… And I’ll bring along, those Zany Trolls.
What’s better, than to drink, with friends, my Dear… as merrily, off we go!

We’ll have fun, then move along, as our song wins, and the tab is yours.
You can join, as comes, the next bar, and we’ll, start all over, once more!
It’s party time, until dawn, for Trolls can hold, great quantities of rum.
As drinking games come, we win every time, as the losers pay the bill.

Hey, Ho! A pub’ng we go… And I’ll bring along, those, Zany Trolls.
What’s better, than to drink, with friends, my Dear…as merrily, off we go!

(A drinking song for the pure fun it: sung like a pirate song clinking mugs.)

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Lullaby love

All I hear 
All I see
Is not meant for me
All I want
All I know
Is I cannot let you go

Driving forward
Moving back
Only one thing that I lack
Hope is clinging 
Holding tight
I wish you were here tonight
Dry my eyes
Hide the pain
Overwhelming to contain

For all I hear 
All I see
Is not meant for me
All I want
All I know
Is I cannot let you go

Memories set
Heart is bound
Now all must be drowned
Keep your distance
When so near
No emotions can appear
Burning love
Hidden flame
Love is such an evil game

All I hear 
All I see
Is so perfect for me
All I want
All I know
Is how it’s meant to go

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It's the look in her eyes
when she laughs, when she cries,
all your life is a stage for her show,
and she plays out her part
with each beat of her heart,
just for you, and she want's you to know.

She's a little bit wild,
and in ways, still a child,
she is heaven and earth and is you,
and as sweet summer rain,
she is joy, she is pain,
she's as old as is life, and as new.

And her eyes are as deep
as a winter night's sleep,
when you look, you can see there's no end
and forever you see
in her eyes what must be,
she's your love, and your very best friend.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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I once was like a catipiller young,naive,and new
Always living from my heart not knowing what
else to do.Easy to take advantage of, that is 
just the case, people would walk over me
like I was their dirty used up suitcase.
Now I feel a newness coming, like a light
shining from the sky, colors fill my world
and I know I am blooming into a butterfly.
Purple,Pink, Blue and Green I can feel them
flowing through. Colors of the rainbow raising
me into full bloom. Wise and strong I am becoming
My faith leads me where I need to go giving me
insight and wiseness for only me to know.
I have not  done this on my own you see
I have been guided by God and Angels
on this Earth. Wise words the wisdom at
it's best comes from a wise lady who
seems to know me best. Lucky, I am 
to have her in my life, she always shoots
it straight and tells me like it is, knowing
her words touch my heart and gives me tons of faith..
I feel like flying through the sky or climbing 
a tree way up high. I feel like observing the 
world just like a brand new butterfly so as I
Bloom I become Anew something unlike the past
Smart and wise beautiful on the inside and outside 
 a touch of color here a touch of color there
makes me glow and become a beautiful blooming butterfly...

Written By: Christina A McCullouch 

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His Girl

With his wisdom and my charisma, we shoot strong magnetism.
To be his girl is simply magnetic phenomena.
His love is instrumental loving me without words, reassurances me that I can be his girl.
I do not need to travel the world; I already know that he is the one I am looking for.
Interventions of my heart and his mind, is a love affair that is one of a kind.
My felicity I draw off his mentality.
His pleasing quality makes me love his intellectual capabilities.
I am guilty committing felonies strictly on fidelity, showing nothing but loyalty.
Everlasting fiery no other man can come near me, my flame burns internally literally.
Influence by his charm, as if I was a vampire feeding off his blood.
To be his girl is a translation of my version of his love.
In a state of adaptation I am in compliance, we form an alliance.
Merging our personalities turns me to an unstoppable we.
To be his girl I turn into every woman in the world.
The best of both worlds the collaboration of boy meets girl.
Abundance in his talent possessing riches, loving me wealthy never turning to bankruptcy.
I am definitely making history on the day he marries me.

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DJ Lance Romance

Dance dance
Into a trance
We beat as one
Sexual heat, sexual romance
Love is fire
Love is ice
Only in Trance
Do we feel the romance
We are hot, as we move
In the groove of summer nights
We beat as one
Trance embraced
Dancing loves feeling heat
Released in passions delight
We get hot
We get free ready for flight
In the beat 
Musical rhythms
Give us this heat
Love is fire
As we dance this night

We beat as one
Sexual heat, sexual romance

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who passed away suddenly, he was a DJ known as DJ Lance Romance. Although many may not relate to this style of music, this DJ was someone who loved life, his kids, and his knowledge of all genres of music was impressive indeed. Music is indeed a bridge that can bring people form diverse backgrounds together, to dance and smile!!

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Wish You Were Here with Me

I’m driving down this country road, it’s all in bloom
Top down I’m listenin’ to our favorite tune
Missin’ you next to me with your perfume
Wishin’ you were here with me

Thinkin’ ‘bout last night and what you said
Can still feel your touch as I look ahead
It feels so good that it fills my head
I’m wishin’ you were here with me

Here with me..
I know with you I just win
It’s easy to see..
If I don't know now then when

I find myself smiling just thinking of you 
The world through your love is such a great view
This feelin’s so real I don't want to come to
I’m wishin’ you were here with me

I’m wishin’, you were here

Here with me..
I know with you I just win
It’s easy to see..
If I don't know now then when

We’ll have our time just you and me girl
I wouldn’t trade you for the whole world
I think we ought to just give it a whirl
I’m wishin’ you were here with me

Yeah, I’m sure this is the time for you and me girl..
I’m wishin’ you were here with me..

Here with me..
I know with you I just win
It’s easy to see..
If I don't know now then when

I’m wishin’ you were here
Oh wishin’, wishin’, wishin’ you were here..

(I am wishin’)
I am wishin’

(You’re here with me)
You’re here with me

(Wishin’ you were with me)
Wishin’ you were here with me
Here with me..
(Here with me)
I’m wishin’ you here with me..
I’m wishin’ you here with me..
I’m wishin’ you here with me..

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Brilliant Month Of April

Upon the stand at the entrance of our home I find a new vase.
Beside it a box full of yellow and red Daisies laying upon a bed 
of Sweet peas.
As I look for the card there amongst the flowers I find a little
maroon box.
I open the box to find yet another brilliant diamond which I may
have set into a ring, pendant, or another jewelry piece.
My present from my hubby of my birthstone and flowers to
celebrate my birth on April 7th each year.
All come together with the card that reads "I love you more each year"
Your hubby Don

For the ~Flowers Or Stones" contest of Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver
Written by: Carol Brown 01/18/2012
7th Place Winner

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I've felt loneliness here and there, But I've still been alright I've gotten used to the feeling But it's different tonight I guess I've been sleeping For almost too long; 'Cause it's been near forever Since my heart's played this song I could cry I could die and I'm lying awake Just waiting and waiting for the silence to break I can feel the heat rising from the depths of my heart And now I'm just waiting to be torn apart I've felt happiness here and there All thanks to this one But how long will this last Until I'm back on the run? I guess I've been scared For almost too long; 'Cause now that I'm ready I just can't play this song I could cry I could die and I'm lying awake Just waiting and waiting for the silence to break I can feel the heat rising from the depths of my heart And now I'm just waiting to be torn apart And I just wanna tell you how much we could be But the words can't come out when your heart's not with me.

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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Fondest Memories

Remember when you sat beside me
And then looked up to glance my way?
Your eyes, they seemed to look inside me.
I knew that very day

The way I felt; I can't deny it-
That something drew my heart to you:
I could not conquer nor defy it
Till I knew if yours did too,
If what I thought was true.

Remember how I came to meet and know you?
You asked to see the ring I wore.
I held it up so I could show you;
A thing I'd never done before.

You said yours aggravated you some
When playing music all day long;
I said I played piano too, some,
And we played a little song
Which soon turned into two.

In time you were my friend forever,
We shared our secrets and our plans;
And everywhere we went together
Friends saw us holding hands.

We climbed a mountain in the twilight;
The stars winked on for you and me.
Your eyes shone brightly in the moonlight-
Such a pretty melody.
That's all that I could see.

Right then I knew that we were meant to be;
I meant for you and you for me,
To be together for eternity
Through storm or through tranquility.

I came to realize that I need you
Every moment of each day:
I chose that milestone to read you
Poems written to convey
The words I could not say.

And now I play a song and sing
Because I wear a brand new ring.

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Trust in love

When I see the sky so blue -
and feel the warm of the sun -
when I see blossom of the flower -
and crystals of the ice -
I can't stop wondering of the magic of the world -
but loving you -
is beyond that all -
cause you are the reason I see that all -
I love you.

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I wake on the sand
Right near the beach
You have yet to awake
Far out of reach
And Daybreak has arrived
A beauty unlike any other
Comparable only to us, girl
And how we love each other

So I gaze up alone
Marveling up at the sky
The warmth of the sun
Drying my eyes
I'm reflecting on us
Oh how each other we trust
I'm just so happy we're together
And I think to myself,
Just as this sun, we'll last forever

Then returning to be with you
I lay again now
Place my hand gently
On your warm tender shoulder
While I think of our lives today, love
And how they'll be when we're older...
I know there'd be no other way
So "I Love You" I make sure I say
To you, each and everyday

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Push Up

i could sit here. day in and day out
thinking of the most proper way
to let the ink in the pen spill out
but as of late im feeling prehistoric 
so much weight on my shoulders 
and i dont know where to go
resuscitate my soul
look back up and head to the goal

so much evil around. i feel like the devils workin double shifts just to bring me down.
on the road to redemption
you can take a seat up in the front section
just so you can feel the emotions
in this electric notion

i've done a lot of things that hide the halo
let it all collaborate when i medicate 
now look at me, mind workin like plato
formulate a new path to take so i can
maneuver through all the mistakes 
we all know we cant change what we've already made
but we can change the next thing we create
startin to sound like a serenity prayer
5 steps till im thirty
and the twenty four before i was never a player
found out when the lights came back on im strictly a lover
its the strongest drink for your soul, when its thirsty
so careful how much you intake or be left hungover
even worse be the one she ran over

i dont mean to come off like im too deep
but the obstacles made there way through just to scrape through
and leave me suffocating
just for me to re-invent a new way to breathe, re-decorating

is your life so complicated 
you rather wet up your pillows and revoke from the life you live
just think of your kids mourning 
theyll never see that pretty face in the morning any more
cheer your self up
you got a lot to live for
your a gem and im that friend
trynna appraise the value 
that you dont see inside of you

just another day for him
goin about
searchin wonderin what his purpose is
running in circles 
till he found a way through all the turbulence

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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Morning Has Broken

Gazing through the 
crystal clear morn,
Mirrors of curves in face,
Light winged feathers on 
Shrilling about yet 
another day;
With avid and sporty,
Besides discreet to 

Gazing through the 
crystal clear morn,
Dear of my heart stay 
Reflecting and revering 
the two curves
Albeit a day of 
Replacing my heavy heart,
With his valley of lilies.

Gazing through the 
crystal clear morn,
Retrieving some 
moments in the far high 
A bliss of solitude of mind 
among the evergreen 
There exist a tranquil 
Fall cold chilly winds,
Holding our hands 
together to warm each 

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Right Now

In the exact moment that I am right now
I stand in a sea of vulnerability;
susceptible to the effects of causes around me
and since I am fully aware, 
I own my surroundings
I am one with sounds and vibrations
resonating from the earth;
I am that pulse of the drum beat 
thats been thrashing 
inside me since birth

Right now, I am exactly as I am
deeply flawed and misjudged
used, victimized and persecuted
Right now I am you in the absolute

Right now, I am exactly as I am
balanced, whole and complete
attracting abundance and certainty  
Right now I am peace - still you
Right now, I am exactly as I am

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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Dominick The Italian Christmas Donkey

Santa's got a little friend,
His name is Dominick.
The cutest little donkey,
You never see him kick.
When Santa visits his paisons,
With Dominick he'll be.
Because the reindeer cannot,
Climb the hills of Italy
ingle bells around his feet,
And presents on the sled.
Hey! Look at the mayor's derby,
On top of Dominick's head.
A pair of shoes for Louie,
And a dress for Josephine.
The labels on the inside says,
They're made in Brooklyn.

Hey! Chingedy ching,
(hee-haw, hee-haw)

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Love Poem Number 1

Looking into your eyes, 
on the first day we meet, 
I knew right away when my heart skipped a beat,
It flutters and pounds from Your beauty and care. 
It longs for much more, a world we could share.
You bring such a smile to my tattered, worn soul
A happiness lost, so long, long ago.
A hope, a prayer, I offer to He,
I ask for a gift, your smiles at me.
A smile that grows as we are together,
A smile that shows our potential forever.
You bring me such happiness and pure heartfelt glee,
All this and much more
just being with me.
You are so amazing, so beautiful , so pure.
Your company, your heart, your smile all my cure.
I thank God everyday for hearing my plea
I thank God most of all for you next to me.

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Back on the guitar

Back on the guitar

I picked up my guitar today
In the corner it did lay
A magic moment came to me
And I felt the need to play
It’s not that I can play the thing
But I know a chord or two
In the old days, how I loved to play
Guitar, and blues harp too.

But anyhow I played some chords
And had a grand old time
Words forgotten, missing strings
Mucking up the rhyme
But boy! My fingers, they were sore
And it only took four songs
And so the will to play that beast
Was for the moment gone.

So me, I put the thing away
And made to write some words
Letting little memories
Within my mind be stirred
But it won’t be long I’ll play again
And have a little fun
Playing chords on that old guitar
Beneath the noon day sun.

7 March 2014 @ 1422hrs.

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What be this disease

What be this disease?

What be this disease?
This love of foolish power
What happens to the flower
That makes the bud to freeze
What be this ugly greed
What virus causes this
When mind gets filled with foolishness
Can you tell me what this is?

I’ve seen it many times before
When ambition takes the stand
Me, I cannot understand
And I won’t forever more
The way the manner changes
As the bucks come pouring in
And old friends start to vanish
Cause I don’t need to win.

What be this disease
This greed and lust for power
From all this din and horror
The bud can never flower
Why is it then, when friends get rich
Their manner turns all sour.

When happiness all fades away
Because of one’s success
Well I really must confess
Yes, I really have to say
It really has me puzzled
Because success for me
Is being filled with happiness
And this is how I be.

2 November 2013 @ 0515hrs.

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I Think I Love You

(verse 1)
Baby girl, 
I love,
But, not enough, 
You're the only one,
I'm thinkin of, 
I could hide my love,
But, I'm sincere, 
You're the only one,
That I can hear, 

I Think I Love You, baby (you) x3

(verse 2)
I can be your man,
But, you're my world, 
Baby, you're that,
Special kind of girl,
Baby, you're on top,
Like a canopy, 
Baby girl, tell me,
That you love me, 

I Think I Love You, baby (you) x3

Baby girl, I fell,
Inside your love, 
You're the only girl,
I'm speakin of, 
I never thought,
That I'd be here, 
Girl, I never thought love,
Could just apear, 

Oh I Think I Love You, baby (I love 
you) x4

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Elysium Dream of Love

I close my weary eyes
Holding onto the hope
Of not having to cope
Not a mintue longer
Without you by my side
Not expierencing
The warm look in your eyes
The tingling rush of your finger tips
That would grip my hair tight
To stop you from slipping into the night
Biting  your bottom lip
As a pinch to yourself
To see if it was real
The dream of love we felt
And now that you are gone
I only wish to die
Your image fades from my mind
Sometimes I see it clear,
The sun is skillfully stroking it set in the sky
As my feet float down the road across the tuscan country side
I ever so gently sense the wildy grown wheat
Tickling these troubled lines engraved in the palm of my hand
I playfully pick one out of the land and pluck the grains
I look up and in the distance is where she waits
But there she remains peacefully strolling through the calming field
In a white cotton dress that tails off in the wind and
wearing a small confident smile that makes my yearning heart yield
Whispering in my ear that soon I will make it home
But my Life's journey must continue down this God paved road
I awake with the longing of her, But with so much to do
I need God's strength for one more day to get through

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Live My Life

I'm so tired of feeling down
Every day there's this cloud
Hanging over my head
But I know if I stopped looking back
Over and over at those stupid tracks
I left behind, think its time to clear 
my mind
And look ahead instead
Now I realize..

I wanna live my life
The way I want to
No one telling me what to do
I wanna live my life
For me and no one else
I need to find myself
I wanna live my life
Filled with mistakes,  
Learn a new lesson every day
I wanna live my life
No one telling me what's wrong or 
I just wanna live my life

Time to appreciate what I have
No regrets on what I could've had
My choices led me here
Took me down a road with love and 
Haunted memories from the past
Time to take this weight off my back
Now I see crystal clear

I wanna live my life
the way I want to
No one telling me what to do
I wanna live my life
For me and no one else
I need to find myself
I wanna live my life
Filled with mistakes
learn a new lesson everyday
I wanna live my life
No one telling what's wrong or right
I just wanna live my life!

I'm done feeling down
As the sun shines through the cloud
I'm no longer looking back
At what I left behind
Now that I cleared my mind
I see everything!!!!

I wanna live my life
The way I want to
No one telling me what to do
I wanna live my life
For me and no one else
I need to find myself
I wanna live my life
Filled with mistakes,  
Learn a new lesson every day
I wanna live my life
No one telling me what's wrong or 
I just wanna live my life!!

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A day in the country

I went to the country
To see my Bro's Land
I saw he had worked hard
His land looked so grand
For a second this envy
It tapped on my soul
But then I looked deeper
Saw things as a whole!

I looked at his features
All the lines on his face
Not character lines
Those lines that add grace
Just sad saggy lines
From worry and stress
There was naught in his manner
That read happiness.

I’m a loser to his type
I have no ambition
I live for today
He lives for his mission
But I have a smile
And a generous heart
While he, how I see him
Is a grumpy old fart.

10 August 2013 @ 1700hrs

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It's Not Over

Don’t say it’s all over (cause it’s not)
“Sorry” won’t cover it…so don’t go on your knees and pray for my forgiveness 
Oh baby…don’t listen to the commotion…I’m done taking cover (it’s all for naught)
I’m plummeting in slow motion…into the remorseful pit…I’m plummeting in my nightmare’s abyss

I want to carry you through the night… 
I’m swimming in the ocean of my tears… 
My sodden wings lost its ability of flight…
You've been swimming in your distress for years… 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we’re breaking bit by bit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to discover 

I want to remind you to fight the good fight…
My misery pools are brewing inside of my head…
I’m backing away from the light & exploring the night… 
You’re giving in to sleep and I’m wide awake on my bed 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we’re breaking bit by bit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to discover 

Please don’t tell me…oh, don’t tell me…darling!
You’re giving up today… (I beg you to stay, despite your inner pain) 
I’m scared I might erupt – it could be quite startling!
Someday, things will change for the better… (Don’t turn the wrong lane)
I’m waiting for that day to arrive – perhaps it will wash away our dismay…

I promise you a tranquil reality 
I want to stray with you tonight 
I still have hope that He’ll set us free
I was wondering if you could stay the night
Maybe the Lord could grant us 
Pure, incredible delight 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we've plunged into our own pit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to gather…

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                          The world is full of people trying to stand out.
                             But they don’t realize that they already do.
                          They try so hard to figure what life’s all about.
                      With all their piercings, Crazy hair, and fresh tattoos.
                           They miss out because of the worry they feel.
                         Will they approve of the way I dress, think, or act?
                           In the spotlight a few moments they might steal.
                    But some of the stupid things they do can’t be taken back.
                           I have a secret that only the few wise ones know.
                              Love who you are and forget what they think.
                             And all the good things in life will soon follow.
                              And you shall rise above all as the critics sink.
                                So meet the world with you head held high.
                                  Let them see the beauty that is in you.
                              Let them see your happiness and joy inside.
                   And know that nobody needs to love you more than you do.

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Remembering those days

Remembering those days

I’m remembering those days
That I’d be there on that stage
Blowing a storm on the old blues harp
Oh man, I used to rage
Some said that I was the best
And I loved that ego boost
So I would wail those blues notes out
All hanging kind of loose.

The folk would come and buy me drinks
And praise me up a bit
And I would smoke the wacky baccy
Oh man, I really loved it
And then I’ get so bloody soulful
I’d forget just where I was
My eyes all closed my body swaying
Like a man completely lost.

Sometimes I’d open up my eyes
And folk were standing there
All their dancing stopped by me
With people everywhere
Just watching me the way I played
Entrancement on their dials
Then afterwards they’d buy me beer
And everyone was smiles.

But then I’d get stuck in the booze
And my head would start to spin
And with my big, loud cockney mouth
I’d raise a lot of din
Always got myself in trouble
Cause boy I loved me grog
I guess I’ve settled down a bit
Life’s really tamed this dog.

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On early Friday evening I get everything ready for a long fishing trip,
having checked out the weather, I'd be ready by Saturday afternoon;
and while driving I'll sing lyrics louder than a happy coon...
my tenor voice wouldn't be muffled by an incoming ship!

The landscape is still may see a fox running after a wildcat;
aren't the Rockaways a delight to explore before a storm threat?
If there's a spot on the driest rock, I'll stand on it
and start fishing until the blue shore turns dark! 

My poodle barks at kids making the ugliest faces...
thinking they want to attack me and do me harm;
oh, he's very protective of me! Oh, his affection amazes!
I keep on fishing by padding his head with my right arm!

Two hours have passed and I haven't caught any blue fish or squid,
and being so disappointed, I would love to call it quit...
but wait, something is making my fishing pole shake:
if the earth's plates are colliding, there'll be no tender fish on my plate!

Whatever happens, it's a delightful day to catch fish;
would ultra violent sun rays give me a bad sunburn if I used no lotion?
And although I'm bored, I intend to stay longer to fill up my bucket to its rim,
but surprisingly something pulls my long fishing cane down: it's sheer elation! 

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Going to the country

Going to the country

I’m going to the country
Lord I’ve had this city life
Going to pick up our possessions
I’m going to take my lady wife
Then I am leaving this old city
I’m going soon the time is rife

I love it in the country
How I love those giant trees
I love each thing about it
All its peace and harmony
Yes, I’m moving to the country
The only place I yearn to be

Oh lordy, lordy, lordy
How I love the country life
I want to sit there by the river
Away from all the city strife
Yes I’m going to the country
We’re going now, the time is rife

Find me a place beside the river
Then just throw me in a hole
Don’t worry about religion 
Let the lord reach to my soul
Let the creatures take this body
Then with the planet I’ll be whole.

18 2014 @ 1303hrs.

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Zoo - Just to Amuse You

One fine day, I planned a visit to zoo
Alone landed amidst the fauna left so few
Treaded merrily on greenery, singing my heart out
Whilst a lion’s scary roar made me shout

‘Ah! Another visitor’, said the lion annoyingly
‘Why should we entertain you?’ said he fumingly
‘What’s the point in wasting your energy and mine?
Making us do the funny acts, do they seem so divine?’

Hearing those words I dared
Reduced the distance, still scared
Said I, ‘Stop fuming King of Jungle, watch out for your age,
Hadn’t I come to visit you, wouldn’t you be bored in your cage?’

‘The answer dwells in your question, silly girl
You humans have no heart of pearls,
The so-called king of jungle imprisoned in cage
Heartthrob of millions I was, at my early age’

‘To meet my family, hope it doesn’t get too late
I need to eagerly meet ‘em all, my cubs, my mate
I still feel them, they are waiting for me
Oh girl! Be kind enough to set me free.’

I couldn’t have done that with all my might
Turned my way, delighted by a peacock’s sight
The multihued beauty was sheltered in a metallic cage
Awe! Gloomy this beauty looked, in distress and rage

‘What is wrong? Do you want to fly?’
It turned around and looked straight at the sky
‘Show me those vibrant feathers, the fan-like crest
Guests would adore seeing you dance at your best’

‘I dance just for my love, my love for rain,
Cool breeze no more likes crossing my lane
Why do I open my feathers without my mate’s presence?
Just to amuse you, I shall do; confined in this fence’

Dumbstruck, I decided to turn my way
Walked ahead in quest of animals happy and gay
There it was! A crazy monkey, flirting and making its choice
Mimicking others and playing around, hear its evil noise

Bouncing, bouncing and dancing, dancing
It ruled as if dungeon’s dominant king
Wow! You look so happy; what’s the reason?
‘Girl! No more fun for you, ‘coz free I’ll be from this prison’.

Two giant men came forward and opened the door
Good Lord! It’ll be free, unkind humans is just animal’s lore!
Monkey screeched, ‘Meet me soon in the nearby forest
Where I meet my pals, play, eat, have fun and rest’

 Happy to see the monkey’s joy, I walked ahead
Across the bushes, saw a van, a huge van in red
Giant men carried animals and dumped in the van
Shocked I was to see the sight and reckoned their plan

Why was my monkey friend inside, for what purpose?
It was clear as I read the van’s name, ‘The Great Royal Circus!’

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Magic Beans

European-style elegance
Meets modern ingenuity
Where stools too high to sit in welcome tired feet in flip flops
Near the tourist bookstore
Standing just across the street
In tasteful jingles ~
Creaking through the heavy door
The ordinary becomes more.

Voices rise over carafe’s,
Through Musak in the old café
Where egg-shell mugs are neatly stacked below a chalkboard menu.
And in-between glossy lacquers
A ritual of life endures ~
With whipped cream topping
And a dash of chocolate sprinkles.

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Living Without

I tried to write about love but I haven’t felt it. 
I tried to write about the sea but I’ve never seen it. 
Then I tried to write about the air, but I have never breathed it. 
I tried to write about magic but I never believed it.
I couldn’t write about god, all I have ever done is sinned.
And when I tried to write about life I found, 
I have never really lived.

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Shut your eyes,
open your heart.
What do you see?
Can you picture this wonderful life
spent with me?
Fear not,
For the angels above,
blew trumpets to sound for my one true love.
Could this be?
Are you the one God sent to me?
If it is true,
My soulmate I've found
My heart is yours
I give it to you!

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Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, go. I'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
years. Someone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down below. A magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

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Isn't it cool how we have it these days

Isn't cool how we have it these days... You wake up around 7:00 get out of bed, Do you turn on your lights, or open your blinds instead? After you eat brekfast, get dressed and brush your teeth, Do you go outside and soak up that spring morning sun, Or close the windows an turn up the heat? When done with school about 3 or 4, Do you text your friends or do somthing more? Maybe go for a walk, even a jog. Do you look at the sky with your head heald high, Or look at the ground as it passes you by? I wonder if we could survive without lights, cars, or streets, But only nature saying "I'm here can't you see, you were just to busy to notice me" I hope we can all do better in our lives And notice nature trying to strive Isn't it cool how we have it these days?! Just look around, you'll notice the haze.... Feb. 24, 2010

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Can You Be Mine

She's marking my direction,
It's her that I see,
And there's nothing I can say or do,
She's struting down the street,
With fire in her feet,
And I'm thinking I should make a move,

No steps I heard,
She glides like a bird,
And her eyes sparked a perfect blue,
Her voice blew like the trees,
I fell to my knees,
As she said how do you do,

(chorus): 2x
I said, can you be mine,
Can you be mine,
I said, Can you be mine,
Love me forever and more,

Her eyes opened wide,
As though she was surprised,
She didn't know what to say,
She grabbed a pen and wrote down her number,
Before I asked her for her name,
She said her name was Lisa,
I said so nice to meet ya,
This girl, was playin heard to get,

I said I know you've been hurt in the past,
But you won't be hurt this time,
Her hair was so soft and beautiful,
So I told her not to pay a dime,

(Chorus): 3x

(I love the way you movin ya body, baby)
(I got so excited, baby)
(That's the way, you got me, you got me)

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You're my song of love

Written for my wonderful wife, Vera Rosina. The sweetest girl ever born.

You be my song of love

You’re my lady of the Roses
You’re my queen that rules the flowers
You’re the Goddess of all loving
You’re my lady filled with power
How you mesmerize me darling
How you hypnotize my soul
You’re my angel filled with beauty
Oh so wise, so kind, so whole.

I could never tell you, darling
Just how much I love you so
You’re the one who fuels my being
You’re the girl who makes me glow
You’re the essence of all beauty
You’re the minder of my heart
How your love, it plays my heartstrings
Makes a symphony in me start

You will always be my lady
Till there be no world no more
I will love you, dear, forever
That’s the one thing that be sure
When the sun no longer shines at all
When the oceans all dry up
Until then, I’ll love you darling
For love overflows my cup.

When I wake up each new morning
And you’re lying by my side
I must hold you in my arms, dear
As my soul be deified
You’re a sacred hymn of beauty
You’re my precious Crystal Rose
Who has filled me with a love song
And each day it grows and grows.

10 January 2010 @ 1840hrs

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A love story

A love story

There lived in the heart of the country
In a place called Crystal brook
A little girl named Tahlia Rose
Who had that kind of look
That said she was a dreamer
But she was beautiful
She was a maid of so much charm
This girl, she had it all.

Her smile was like the morning sun
Her eyes were like the moon
And oh, she had a lovely voice
She sang a pretty tune
And everybody loved her so
Cause she sparkled like the stars
And people loved to look at her
They came  from near and far.

She grew up, and looked so grand 
All the best folk all around
They sought her out to marry her
But she would not be bound
By any but a special soul
Her suitor, he must be
A man of rich and sweet compassion
And much integrity.

He must love her like no other could
She must be his heart and soul
And they would love, forever more
For fate gave them this role.

Then came a man, a poor, poor man
He roamed from town to town
With a smile just like a blooming rose
He never wore a frown
Her parents never liked the lad
And banned the whole affair
But our two, they carried on
All wrapped in loves sweet care.

And so I finish off this tale
By telling all of you
That these two lovers had their day
There love it was so true
That fate did join the two as one
In a bond to last forever
Though that was fifty years ago
These two are still together.

8 September @2013 @ 1857hrs.

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Have I told you lately that I love you

Have I told you

Have I told you lately that I love you?
Have I told you just how much I care?
Have I ever told you?
when I am with you darling
The power of bliss and joy is everywhere

Have I told you how my heart is yearning?
To feel you here within my sweet embrace
Have I ever told you?
That whenever I am with you
I melt within your beauty and your grace

I look at you and feel such joy within me
You smile at me and everything feels grand
Have ever I told you 
When you are with me Darling
A feeling comes that I don’t understand

I know that there will never be another
Could fill my heart with love the way you do
My darling let me tell you
You’re all I ever live for
I love you with a love so pure and true.

Have I told you that each night when I am sleeping?
Your image haunts my dreams and gives me bliss
You make me feel so happy
Every moment I am with you
You mesmerize me, dear, I tell you this

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How Alone Am I

How Alone Am I
How Sad Am I 
You never Know
I never Show

You Smile WIth A Shine
I Smile with Wine
Your Enthralling Eyes
Defines My Style

Missing you is my life
Yes I live, but I strife
Finding you beneath the stars
Misng You my life chars.

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

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He's The New Life That's Living In Me

Today I'm so happy I got reason to shout! Cause Jesus has opened my eyes to see. I want to praise His holy name, And tell the whole world about, This new life that's living in me. A new life is living in me. The things of my past, I no longer need. Each day, He makes brighter, My loads, He makes lighter, He's the new life that's living in me. My tomorrows, I'll face, And not be afraid, I've a friend that now walks beside me. My strength He renews, By this new life I choose. Yes, He's the new life now living in me.

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Love To The Music

The music pumps the groove,
The music makes me move,
The music lights my heart,
The music bangs so hard,

The music makes me dance,
The music brings romance,
The music crowds the place,
And the music relates,

The music makes me wanna dance,
All night long,
The music makes me wanna dance,
And feel this song,
The music makes me wanna love you,
All night long,
(We can love)
To The Music

The music lights my soul,
The music takes control,
The music makes you love,
The music is a drug,
The rhythm of us being in love,

Chorus 2x

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A beautiful love song I'll sing you

A beautiful love song

A beautiful love song I’ll sing you
I write for you two songs a day
And I want to sing them forever
In these writings I just want to say
That forever I love you, my darling
You’re my one only lady forever
Oh yes I will love you with all of my heart
Until the first day of never.

What a beautiful, wonderful lady
You be, you’re my lady divine
And all of your kisses and all of your sunshine
They go to my head like fine wine
Whenever I’m with you my Darling
I feel like I’m walking on air
You give me a feeling, so sweet so tender
I love you my lady so fair.

Each day is a wonderful story
All filled with such beauty and grace
Because my heart floats for you Darling
Whenever I see your sweet face
I know that I could not forsake thee
For you give my world so much bliss
I can’t help but love you, there’s something about you
I guess that’s the way that it is.

24 August 2013 @ 0522hrs.

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Just Be

Society, community, society, community.
You can leave now and let me be.
I will swim free, free in your sea. 
Your sea? your sea, polluted now, Oh you will never see.
Broken hearts, bodies too, beloved inner child, I love you.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
I know now that this is all I need.
To be. To be. That is all, just Be.
Burn your toys, television too, kill the car, the radio..... 
Unleash, unravel, these boys, disentangle, unblock, reset there mind, please sir,
could you be so kind?
Simplicity, Simplicity, simplicity.
Eye's clenched shut.
Now I know, Alone in my hut, not long to go, you will be free.
Free. free. free.
Buy the car, buy the house, buy the cow, consume, consume, but how?
Now, now, you tell me are you happy? for ever and art thou.
Ah ha, you see, you see.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
That is all I need, I choose now, my self is free?
Yes, yes, yes sir, me?
Free to sit, sit and just be.
Me? Free? free to swim in this endless blue sea?
I will just sit, sit right here, against this healing earth, oh so very near.
My mind is liquid, free to birth.
Just be. Just Be. Just Be.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

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Le Jardin d'Adonis

Sometimes I think that there is just... you and me 
For all the world to see, this love inside of me

And how this came to be is hard to come to know
As long as you are here I know my love will show

Nothing left to chance  
The Heavens are on high
As long as there is you .. I try  

To think that your sweet smile 
Could breathe a life in me
Remembering each day
And how it ought to be....

My arm is on your shoulder as we puddle through the rain
And the splash is like your smile, turns on and off again  
No...I don't think of dying... There's no such thing as pain  
And tomorrow's just a word that doesn't mean a thing  

bridge  instrumental 


Sometimes I think that there is just... you and me 
For all the world to see, this love inside of me

fade out...

Contest: Lyrics to Jardin d'Adonis 
Submitted by: Judy Konos 





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''Treasure You''

Our connecting eyes,entwined soul.
This love is sacred.
My one true friend.
The very best dog until the end.
''Beejay''-to remember hours of play.
Frolic in tall grass,be still a long day.
Cast a shadow from the warmth of the sun.
To smell a summer breeze,in the heavens you shall run.

for the Animals On Your Mind Contest...
sponsored by..Ryan Jackson
written by...KaceyGreenlee

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The Poetic Blues

I think I self-sabotage unknowingly 
because of fear
So my message goes unheard because I’m afraid to let the people hear
And end up drowning in the poetic blues
doubting my ability to write about the truth;

I dug deeper and deeper into myself trying to write a poem good enough to be free of judgment
Then I stepped out on faith and suddenly I was triumphant 
and my writing grew 
and I was loving it
I had finally passed the fear of speaking and caring about who the fu*c! was judging it

As I wait to be inspired for the next poem, 
I sit and think alone and drown in my sorrows
Listening to jazz, blues and a.m. radio
trying to find an excuse not to perform at the SLAM 
because again I can’t think of a damn thing to write…..
Drowning in poetic blues
Will this be the one that will be thrown away and never be used 

Or will this be the one that transcends the others  
and finally prove that poetry is blues and blues is poetry and hip hop and jazz and r&b, 
Poetry is music and the words dance around in my soul 
and I am free once they become spoken 
In the meantime the paper is where the words will rest 
until the silence is broken

Drowning in the sea of proper delivery 
My voice, my stance, my intensity
How will others interpret the words that I’ve chosen so diligently?
I wrap my soul around the possibility that none of the words I choose – 
will keep me from becoming deluged and trapped by the poetic blues

Somehow my heart refuses to accept that I don’t deserve to have my words heard 
and it takes over this whole process
No more time for shrinking and feeling less
I was born to  make my words manifest light
I am a gorgeous medium to the truth yeah that's right
I was sent here to give you a piece of good news
Remember that God is with you when you get
The poetic blues

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The deepest love

The life that we lead doesn't seem worth it sometimes
When all hopes and dreams are shattered
But hope isn't lost, for faith can make you whole.
Don't give up, and always stay strong.

Trust is a gift that's often squandered
The darkest of days are met with despair
I'm reaching out to you to let you know that I still care
Do you still believe in me?

Many vows are spoken in the deepest of the soul
A time in life where we have no control
Keep your head up for I'll never forsake 
This I will promise you.

This bond I make, forever it is yours to keep
Sealed with love, in faith we do receive
Paid not with money but the blood of an innocent man
Life for you to live eternally.

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Years Gone By

Looking back on fading photographs
Of years gone by
Since those days the world has changed
But not for you and I 
The years that you have given me
Such precious moments shared
And never have you lost the love for me
You once declared 
The house that we have made our own
The fires we walked through
Through ups and downs, through tears and fears
Our love remained so true
The road was never easy
But never did we stray
The mountains and the hills that we have climbed
To find our way
The lonely days and nights I stood by you
When you were gone
We sacrificed, believed in love
And always we stood strong
But if I ever lost your love
My world would cease to be
I need you by my side
For without you, there’d be no me...

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To lovers love means tender embraces, 
to the lonely orphans...tenderness,  
to the, not death; 
to children...moms who laugh,  
and to me...happiness that's endless.

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Power of Your Love

To a Bride and Groom

You have the power
over my love
to make my day rain or shine
it all began the day you asked me
"to be mine" and I wrote my name
in blood, on your hearts
dotted line
the power of my love
to fuel what feeds within me
pounce on me as a tiger
humble me as a mouse
your strength envelopes me
as if standing in an unbreakable
glass house
you have the power
over my stare, as you glare
into my inner spirits soul
those who dare to try to divide
I heed them to beware
the power you have over my love
leaves me content, without a care
floating together, we share, in
true loves enchanting bliss
what started years ago, with a friendly
hug, is reincarnated within every
new days kiss

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For My Daughter

Now, I don’t really care, she is my grown-up girl
Once I was the oyster to protect my baby pearl

That was the time, to her a lullaby I would sing
She would gently fall asleep, beneath my caring wings

And now is the time, my girl is busy, full of aggression
Wrinkles on my eyes desperately seek her attention

Then a day arrived when she said, 
‘Mum it’s your birthday, let’s celebrate’

At home I awaited her, for a mother-daughter meet
I cooked chicken for her that day, my darling loves it!

But she dint turn up as promised, my heart sank
I consoled myself, she must be playing pranks

She came home late night, no wishes, no celebration
Just a ‘Good Night’, she had forgotten the occasion

Hush lil heart! She is grown up after all, those emotions won’t stay
Hope she is in safe hands, from the core of my heart I pray!

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My Love

When the skies turn blue
I think of you 
In the darkest of times
You are in my life
My dreams are filled
with your soft-hearted soul
I have made you
my precious goal
So perfect and true
I must remark
that I love you
my shinning star

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Realm of Reality

Introduction: Life is a mystery with many ups and downs throughout the journey. The
journey filled with thoughts of tranquility and turmoil. But the perfect sensation is the
time when you get to feel closer to your Almighty, the one who understands you the best,
your closest friend, your hope and light, your solution to every problem, The mystery you
came to life to solve and to believe in.
Even in the happiest and the saddest moments, He is always there when you need Him.

Right now I am, thinking what to write
Holding my pen, it’s almost midnight,
I’m truly out of words, to express my whole life,
It’s so absurd, cut all pain through a knife
And I wish I could feel, Your presence in my soul
I know that You know, what I am going through
And I’m not sure I believe, unless I really feel
But I know when You’re not there, so I pray to feel You near

Now I can see, what this life is about
Now I do know, I’m too lost without,
Diamond in the rough, that’s what I was
But now I’m reborn by the shower of Your bliss
I’d die to satisfy, I’d do everything I can,
No matter how tough, after all I’m a man
I won’t fall apart, You’re always in my heart
I’d swim oceans and more, only to be Your friend

This undying grace of Your creation,
Time and space, more than perfection
You’ve opened my eyes and showed me the truth
You’ve blessed peace to my soul; I know what’s my role
I see two key coins, one black and one white
And all I have to join, the one with your light
Life is as it is, we make it our own
Hard or easy, full or alone

Everything grows, as they all involve
With the rose you put down, to show us what’s love
I wake up early, to see Your beauty,
Throughout the morning sun, I feel complete and done,
I drive all the way and see my problems solved,
By Your love from above, I stand still so firm
Everything I do, everywhere I go,
Every moment I breathe, I remind myself of You…my Almighty.

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Power Outage Lesson

Heat escapes
through closet doors
and breathes the frozen oxygen
my body slowly cools
beneath a doubled comforter
  O! I see a flash
      a flash of my mortality!
A creep of winter
spies my feet
and dances along my tender skin.
In frantic fear
my feet draw near
and haunt the luring warmth.
O please it's been eternity
since I could feel
a pleasant chill 
instead ~
   a bite!
      get out!
           please leave my wretched sight!
Then minutes turn to hours till
I come to terms with frozen ill
    I'll die here in my cloth cocoon...

the blast of light and hums
a ray of artificial light!
appliances come racing on
    and tear a mortal thought away
           ..I'll live to see another day.
And through a blissful smile, a faint
but necessary thought arises..
Be thankful for the little things
no matter what their guises.

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In the Eyes of the Beholder

For he/she who knows, has seen,
Beyond the vision of faux beams
Radiant, candid as the beauty keen
In the eyes of beholder's dreams

‘Beauty' conceived physical
Shows signs of mortality
Inner beauty seems biblical
Survives the soul of eternity

For the mother's exposed breasts
To feed her breast-feeding child
For when Blessed Teresa smiled at the rest
Thousand restless hearts she beguiled

For when an ugly charmed a charmer
Love beheld the eyes of heart
Hath the beast not turned warmer
Lore of beauty and the beast would fall apart

For the perceptions differ
Of thee and me
I may defy, thou may prefer
The essence of beauty

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Your Presence

Your presence I feel oh so near, it help me to relieve 
some of my fears of all my everyday cares, I feel your
presence eveywhere.  Whenever I walk down the street,
I can feel the patter of your feet.  I can feel you walking
next to me telling tales of what I mean to you and thinking
about all the things we used to do.

Your presence is so close, it's as if I can smell your fragrance
right under my nose.  I am thinking of your smiling face all
next to mines, telling me how you will love me until the
end of time.  Your presence is oh so strong and as I travel
throughout this day it lingers on.  When I decide to stop and
dine, it's as though I feel your hand right next to mines.  

When I sat down to eat, I can see your eyes staring into
mines, and you sitting there sipping on some wine.
Your presence means so much to me and this is the
way I want it to always be, me feeling you and you
feeling me until forever and eternity.

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Down In Memphis

This poem came about by a discussion at work describing a memphis burger and a classic one. I told someone they flowed together and they didn't believe me so I wrote this:

I went down to memphis
There was this, classic chick
With them hips, and red lipstick
A kiss so delicious that
I promised to this miss I would not dissapear
But I was dishonest, I thought I made it clear
That this situation between the two of us
Was not serious But she was delrious
Became so furious that
That month she had two periods
It only takes one to end my sentence
25 to life, Im not doin the time on that sentence
Doesn't matter if she gets me presents
Don't care if she gets madder that I am not present, 
yet she gets sadder cause she still feels my presence
It wont be pleasant, if she doesnt let me leave peacefully
So I packed my things in the middle of the night
Took off asap so she couldn't pick a fight
Flew right back to my little house on the right
Split so fast like Kim Kardash was my wife
Realized that I just dodged a couple of knifes
It seems whack, But I just had to run and hide
This commital thing isnt for me
I am brittle, I crack too easily
Got to be careful cause I need Room to wiggle cant be
Strangled or tied down, I know It'll come back around
Hurt triple the times when karma
Shoots me down from the sky
So for right now, sayonara, beddy bye
Nice to know ya, good night

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The Meditation Of My Heart: My Prayer Journal - Pt 2 of 2

Dear God,

So what am I going to do?
I'm trying to do the right thing
It seems as though I can't hear you
I do believe I'm listening

Why is it that everyone around me
They seem to obtain happiness
When from me the one thing speaking loudly
Is me feeling sad and depressed

I confess, there are moments I was wrong
I know I was never perfect
When can I sing a happy song
Even though this life really isn't worth it

©2014 Honestly JT

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Like a river to the sea

Inspired by my very beautiful wife

Like a River to the sea

Like a river, to the sea
That’s how my love does flow to thee
Just like the moon reflects the sun
So I reflect your love, my darling one

You be my haven in a storm
When I feel cold you keep me warm
You’re my best friend, my lover too
You be my rose, my darling I love you

My darling every time I hold you to me
A symphony rings out from mystic realm
No matter what this life should ever give to me
I’ll ride each wave with you here at my helm

Just like a star that shines so bright
You be my light on the darkest night
You be an angel with such power
You nurture me and make my being flower.

20 July 2013 @ 1135hrs.

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life now

the life that you have now 
is the one you will cry over when you are removed from it 
it happens that many lives are taken 
away from the now and when we lived 
the can’t grow fast enough is bicycle hard to catch up to 
crispy in leaves, and, bare under the bark

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My Oldies

dancing in my room...
old music from my teen years....
my son shakes his head.

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When I hold your hand

When I hold your hand
I know its true
your love for me
has truly grew
from a hill to a 
your the only one
I can count on
to be there when times
are lonely
in all your sweet
kisses and hugs, you
have shown me
your love is my treasure
and we can stand strong
through any weather
as turtle doves,
we fly together forever
when I hold your hand

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Filled with Song

My fingers brush the strings of an old guitar, hidden away in the closet in my room.
A small smile plays my lips and I close my eyes, picturing me playing that guitar.
Me singing some song on a bench in the rain.
Singing the music that makes my heartbeat pulse through my whole body.

I can sing. I know I can, I just need practice.
I laugh as I picture the look on my friends faces when I tell them this.
I smile and put the guitar away, all the while thinking of how I'd love to learn to play 
that guitar.
To go to a friends party and sing. To make them feel what I do when I ride a high 
brought on by nothing more or less than music.

Breathless, I sit on my bed, my face glowing.
I will learn. I will learn to let out the song that makes my heart fill with so much joy I 
feel like I'm going to explode.

Still smiling, I put on my favorite music and let that high take me to a higher place.

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In Bloom

Written July 29, 2013

The wind blows the rainbows down
Turns your frown upside down
Then spins it back around

The sun hides the moon
Underneath its coat in bloom
The flowers came late this June

The rain in a teardrop
Falls like dew from a leaf
When she looks at me

See that look upon her face
Used to take her to the stars
Now she's headed back from Mars

Now that Venus loves her more
Wouldn't throw her to the floor
Like before

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You’ll never know how much you speak to me I just can’t fathom the beauty that I see Your heart goes out in everything you do Your mind spews rain of music so true I am lost in the light of your unimpeachable words Everything around me, in me, feels so damn absurd I futilely try and fight a battle never won And realize that I am already gone Ooooh I am mesmerized Oh, I can’t be surprised That I am mesmerized You can see it in my eyes Am I blushing? Am I rushing this through? Are you laughing? Oh damn, he knows it’s true I am mesmerized Oh, I can’t be surprised Oh so mesmerized He can see it in my eyes Knowing you’re far from mine You’re words still stop all time Because you’re so damn sublime You’re simply out of this world So just get out of my mind! Oh! I’m mesmerized…. If there was a way inside your mind There still wouldn’t be me to find You’re moving so blasted fast And I just can’t reach the mask Man, it seems so useless, to try and make you see That I want you beyond all reason, knowing it can never be As you thrill the crowd, as you kiss the girl I’ll just stare at your pictures, wishing I was her Ooooh I am mesmerized Oh, I can’t be surprised That I am mesmerized You can see it in my eyes Am I blushing? Am I rushing this through? Are you laughing? Oh damn, he knows it’s true I am mesmerized Oh, I can’t be surprised Oh so mesmerized He can see it in my eyes Knowing you’re far from mine You’re words still stop all time Because you’re so damn sublime You’re simply out of this world So just get out of my mind! So lost, so gone, this war was never won Mesmerized
* Dedicated to the singer Anthony Snape, And...a secret person that no one shall know about! Muahahaha! (except Becca)

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Invisible walls with powerful claws,
Limited chances, avoiding falls.
Browse the news create the blues,
Raise the spirits indulge in booze.
Disco lights blinding sight,
Stars above connect at night.

 Shallow voices destroy our dreams,
Follow the road to make believe.
Requesting answers feel the force,
Lot of power commanding source,
Open your eyes until you see,
See the truth set you free.

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Closer to You

I need what I thirst for
Her presence fulfills me
Quenches what I yearn for
She's with me all the time
I keep her on my mind
It's not enough; I need more.
Let my eyes engulf you,
Or make me blind;
My vision can't consume
Another flower
That isn't at full bloom.
And I do mean to sound rude
When I say,
There isn't a shape
With the same symmetry as you 
You laugh,
Am I a jester at heart
Silently playing a fool
Or do my demands bring a smile
And by inches,
bring me closer to you.

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Walking With You Tonight

 Walking With You Tonight
(poem /song)

In my dreams tonight oh, baby
I am walking with you on the clouds
Holding me tight in your arms
And I wish I will never wake up
With your warm and loving touch

We're dancing together in the starlight
As we walk together in my dreams tonight

I feel your love entirely on my being
Your tenderness and sweet caress
Getting me out from the darkness
With all the loneliness I feel
You wipe them all, my tears and fears

I am walking with you tonight
In my dreams I feel alright
You’re releasing all my pains
Allowing me to see a new sunlight
As I walk lovingly with you tonight

You’re giving me enough courage to go on
In all my hopes and dreams
I’m dancing with you baby in the starlight
As I walk with you tonight

We’re dancing together in the starlight
As we walk together in my dreams tonight.

Oct. 23,2012

 This song was composed but not entered in any contest before. I just wrote it for me & my loving granddad (musician) to put melody when we've time to be together. However, I decided to enter it now for Song Lyric Contest of my dear poet friend, Anne Currin.

Thirteenth Place
Contest: Song Lyrics
Judged: 7/13/13
Sponsor: Poet Anne Currin

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What happened to us? Did it just take one night?
How does a beautiful friendship turn into mistrust and fights?
Everyone was against us. Did our love make us blind?
We seemed to be winning the race, and now we're so far behind.
I love you. I love you! Me and you, It's my life.
If money didn't matter, I would make you my wife.
Nothing makes me happier then to see a smile on your face.
I love your style, your car, your taste, and your place.
It's home to me, baby. You invited me into your world.
My angel, my treasure, my dream, and my girl.
The one I held close at night and hung out with all day.
The one I fought for her rights, the one who took my breath away.
We've had our ups, we've had our downs, and if this you happen to read,
I want you to know that I love you. Lea, it's you that I need!

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Armageddon Pt 1

It's bout to get worse
It was written in the verse
The truth hurts

When the time comes
No one's gonna hold up a sign
saying it's time to "get right"
It's gone come like a thief in the night!
Blowin' up and wreckin ish!
The war you want is the war you gone get
It was written before our time
We keep looking at the signs
manifest before our very eyes
constantly denying our right
to be one of the meek ones of our time

We're at the end of what used to be existence
Every super power will answer to a higher power 
so pray repentence
The time is closer than any distance
From Washington to Obama
No one will escape the wrath!
Hope you choose the right path!
Narrow is the gate of the righteous tracks
that are imprented on the mind of the omnipotent one
Will you be spared life on earth with the meek ones
and accurately take in knowledge of his son?
OR will you perish in the dust
never to be awakened again?
No consciousness of sin

It's in the verses
Read it, see it, live it, rehearse it
You see the times changing
You see the minds fading
You see the world and how messed up it is
You see that nigga satan and his curses!
I pray to have a chance to live a beautiful paradise on earth like it say in the verses!


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My First Love

(My First love), 
(The way I feel), 
(How do I), 
The way I felt, Within, 
I could never hide, 
So I told you girl, 
The way you, changed my world, 
oh girl, The way you looked at me, 
As though, I madeYour day, 
(Girl I could forget), 
The love We made, 

Felt, so good,
To me,
How could this be,
A girl just like me,
Who knows, the things,
I need,
(How could this be)
(A girl just like me)
My First Love, (Love)x4 

My first kiss,
I came across, a bliss,
How could I forget,
How it made me feel, girl

I'm still, in love,
With you,
In the back of my mind,
Chorus 4x

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She said baby I have to go,
I said girl you don't need to go,
Because baby I want you to stay,
'Til the sun rise,
'Til the end of the night,

I said baby I'm feelin you,
And I'm fallin in love with you,
Which is somethin I never thought I would do,
But, I did today,
So girl, Why don't you stay,

Why don't you stay, 4x
'Til the sun rise,
'Til the end of the night,

She said baby I have to leave,
I said girl I don't want you to leave,
My darling please stay with me,
'Til the night end,
Then come back again,

Because baby we have a chance,
For us to have a great romance,
So, girl take my hand and dance,
You don't have to go,
Baby don't go,
Chorus: 3x

'Til the sun rise,
'Til the end of the night,

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I like your love

I like your love
It's pure, it's innocent
and I don't think I've seen this before

You replenish my reserves before it's necessary 
you lift my wings up and 
make me superior to my adversary 
Creatively providing the exact amount of 
what I need to go another day
I like your love
and for as long as you'll have me I'll stay

You make me comfortable in my space
What she share cannot be replaced
with any other type of love
be it artificial or tainted or lustfully blatant 
Those illusions don't exist because
we found this love and we claimed it

I cherish those nights when I scratch your head
When you sit between my thighs and I twist your dreads
We become an us that is so pure
that the spring waters question the purity of it's source
I like your love - it's a divine force

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Tea Time

Love in your bones, perfection, divine, a wandering heart pure is thine?
A moment in time, immaculate, sensual, alive, we align.
A mass of vibrating energy combines.
Lost here, safe there, warm dear?
Our love melts crippling fear.
There is no divide. No moon owns this colorful tide.
So now we jump! 
Inside my manic depressive ride.
Will I? can I? Abide? to society now, I have a bride?
Shirtless, shoeless, beard is long, happy am I.
Fear not, even King Kong.
Wife at home, smoking tea and high.
Jesus Christ! I sigh. sigh. sigh..
You pinned my soul, my thoughts and I..... 
Dreamed to die.
My, my, my.
Your cold hard shell.
I loved you then and wished you well.
A living breathing tree did fell.
Is it cold in this, your damp black cell?
For this happy fat sow.
Expectations melted, I chose, I allow.
By camp fire I love. I warm, with stars above.
Tea in hand, lying back, to know someday I will love.
I toke on tea, enjoying my smoke. I love it here, so real. 
For me, for me, I toast, I joke, this bloke owns nothing.
Sorry. I lied. Frothing. I do own something this lovely green smoke.
You strive for things, material and plastic, a waste of energy, I think, a joke.
Funny you see? means nothing to me, like you I wrote.
Happiness is. So very near, its here, shockingly clear.
Your mind, your head, to freely choose.
Before your old and dead, dead, dead.

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For You And Me

It  was  for you and me ,
That Jesus left His throne,
Bore the scourge and agony,
Shivered His flesh and bone,

It was for you and me,
He took the awry tour,
Towards the dreaded Calvary,
Summed His tortured  hours,

It was for you and me,
That Jesus bore the cross,
Paid the greatest penalty,
That death supposed be ours,

It was for you and me,
He wailed the gloomiest cry,
It was for you and me,
Jesus was nailed to die,

Oh, that you and I may see,
Our wickedness beyond measure,
Jesus to set us free,
In our stead bore the torture,

His love mysterious great,
Knocks  the door of all men's heart,
His mighty power recreates,
Renews our lives whole to restart,

It was for you and me,
When on the third day death sufficed,
The savior left His grave,
Victorious he arised,

He rose back to His throne,
Sitting by His Father's side,
Prepare! He's coming soon,
Today is to decide,

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The Crying Joker

#2 To those who have met me Through this journey we call life May you be a family member Longtime friend or loving wife My mission was to bring you happiness And put a big smile on your face To do this brought me joy A feeling you can't replace At times it my have been sillyness That would bring tears to both our eyes To see this would mean fulfillment To every joker that cries So I hope I completed my mission At sometime or someplace To bring you tears of joy Along with a big smile on your face
Dan Kearley:6-27-11

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Excuse Me Miss

Excuse me Miss. Has anybody ever told you this? Hello. Hey There. I do not mean to stare. It's just that I noticed a few things you may or may not care. I really like your smile. When I'm in line at the store, you make the wait worthwhile. In fact, I saw glory when I first gazed upon your face. It was the very essence of amazing grace. Excuse me Miss. I don’t think you’re hearing this. What I saw had not one flaw. I was left in awe. I even dropped my jaw. When you came from behind the glass I got a glimpse of grade A class. On that note lest I cross the line - Please ,excuse me miss one more time. Sincerely, Larry J McMillan Jr. AKA

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I yearn for the way 
you look at me
my cheeks, and how
easily they flush
at the very hint
of your smile
I can't help but blush
you soft caress
across my cheek
makes my knees weak
the whole world
hold us in a hush
I wonder if this be
love or lust?

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The pain of change as it unfolds
Is oft a tale that stays untold
What is seen is a whole creature
not deep holes in the feature
nor concrete soles that makes his feet hurt

It all begins with a soft kiss
He is walking with a false bliss
Only following in paw prints
But the nature of mom's lips
Is to rob him of all innocence

Trapped in warm spindles of fear
A wrapped life form kindles in here
Four years bound to shingles of moss
Time to leave this life of sloths
Break free like that of a moth
and Rise again like Christ on the cross

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I'm like a lion
Tryin to be  trained
to behave in a cage, but
I wasnt born to be tame
Full of stress and rage
 Im compressed and chained
Infected with depression
beCause I cant catch a break
Lifes taste is so tart
In pain from my scars
Stained by lame luck
Stuck behind apace car
I strive to write
But all I can type is the space bar
I'm Pervaded with doubt
About to freakout
Quick Someone bail me out
I would sniff my way out
but I got this cyst on my snout
From 6 years of this drought
Im sittin with this could of pout
Stickin to me like jam from a can
like melted candy in your hand
I'M a pantree full of Spam
 A Letter without the stamp
A debtor without a plan
Like chicken on a pan without any Pam,
Damn I'm starting to get pissed
 I got to devise a plan, before I break my fist,
Punching this brick wall, I got the spit but no ball
got the wits with no squall, like a toliet with no stall
 Slippin in a pit fall, Shiz just snow balls
I want to brawl, missed last call
My Stick shift just stalled,
This lawl has no intention at stopin at all
And I'm kicking myself in the balls
like old men walking up and down the halls
so i flop, just like a dust mop
Now i got knots in my food box
The size of king kongs rocks and
Every door has been locked
I try to soar but its all for not

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Something Like You

Something like a love song
Crossed my mind,
Sang to my soul,
Made my heart fly.

Something like a daydream
Drove me wild
Had me on cloud nine
Free like a child.

Something like a miracle
Hit me hard
Had me jumping and skipping.
I was touching the stars.

Something like a love story
Took my by surprise
Feeling like I won the lotto
Gave me butterflies.

Something like a love song
Played softly to my heart beat
Its all your fault
And I'm swept off my feet.

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I give you me

I give you me

The green grass all around me
Seems so velvet soft this morning
As two wagtails whistle tunefully
As we sit amidst the Roses
Your blue eyes look so gentle
 And send your magic essence right into me.

My mystic, magic maiden
How you smile just like an angel
As the sadness in your eyes it whispers to me
That you have suffered cruelly
And because I love you truly
I know that I must treat you tenderly.

I’ll do my best, to make you happy
I’ll give you joy, I’ll give you me
I’ll give you all I have 
so very joyfully
I‘ll give you me….All of yours I be..

I’ll love you magic maiden
Till the day we be no more
You have my heart, so treat it very gently
We’ll face our lives together
Through fine and stormy weather
You’ll always have my love
I give you me.

Sept 6 2006.    

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Dance with you

9th march 2012, by: Sashi.Prabhu(zeauoxian)
 ~ LET'S DANCE! ~ Poetry Contest

Dance, only with you, my sunshine,
Dance, our vigorous emotions within erupt and rise.
Dance, exuberantly and vivaciously to make you all mine.
Dance, diaphanous caress with my gossamer eyes,
Dance, intimately churn sweet love’s nectar to inside us sensationalize.
Dance, ecstatic desire to drive us to each other fondly insane,
Dance even in doubt’s pain I have only you to gain.
Dance, desire gushes out the fathoms of my heart to my yearning lips,
Dance, from my fervent emotions all impurities will drain,
Dance, Behold us hankering and seductively gyrating  our hips…………

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Through that door

Through that door

As the Sun crashed through my window
As the birds awoke the dawn
My mind made new by daybreak
It became the day reborn.
And a whisper stirred within me
From my heart arose these words
“Go through that door to the other side
Then you’ll  “hear” these blessed birds”.

And those trees did softly rustle 
In the early morning breeze.
And I became the morning 
and the breeze that moved these trees
And the whisper softly told me 
As the dawn it beckoned me
“Go through that door to the other side
Then you’ll dance just like those trees”.

Through that door, through that door
Go through that door beyond.
Just keep on moving to the other side
Let the shadows all be gone.

That door seemed so elusive
When I sought it with my mind
Then the whisper seemed to tell me
Just leave your mind behind
Then I felt the sweetest music
As the trees they shone so bright
And as I wandered through that door
I felt such sweet delight

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California Girl

Saw a girl walkin’ down the road
Stopped to talk, then that pretty face glowed
"Hey there girl, where ya headin’?"
"California, babe. You’re a swinger I’m bettin’."

California Girl was her name
Thought life was just a game
Lived too fast, lived too hard
Now she’s been dealt her last card

We were drivin’ down the highway
Told her she was goin’ my way
To California, the place of dreams
The place of lies, the place of schemes

California Girl was her name
Put her momma to shame
Endulged too much, had a little more
Now she’s left this world, what for?

Made it to California, what a sight to see
We were gonna rule it all, just her and me
Stopped into this little hotel she knew
Not a lotta people were there, only a few

California Girl was her name
Never wanted to be the same
She had everything, she had it all
But then her life took a horrible fall

This hotel was heaven, you know
They offered grass, they offered snow
She vanished for hours then came back
I knew our lives had left the track

California Girl was her name
Knew she was destined for money and fame
Played the good boys, loved the bad
She never even knew of the life she had

A month into our hotel stay
My baby California Girl had begun to stray
Woke up late one night to find her dead
Layin’ on the floor right next to my bed

California Girl was her name
Thought life was just a game
Lived too fast, lived too hard
Now she’s been dealt her last card

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Gypsy child

Gypsy child.

Oh gypsy child, so wild of heart
Who stormed into my life
When deep within that freedom call
It pierced me like a knife
You set the soul of me afire, my being came alive
And those many worn out parts of me
Away you did them drive.

You entered in my prison door and pointed out the way
The path that leads me through the dark into the light of day
You showed me that another world
Was there so pure and bright
You took my hand oh gypsy child, and lead me through the night.

This child so wild my gypsy child
She gave my life some joy
She took my pain and made me sane
My fears she did destroy
She let me see the mystery that I was born into
And she opened up the gates of love
And let me walk on through.

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The Morning Song

Among the morning dark
I hear her song like meadow lark
Wake by ring in whispers sung
Within my head, pass hours tune
At dusk, her touch, her warmth, her hug
As lips asunder lyrics song “Husband, I love you”

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Thoughts of myself - Section 1

Ayo, Once upon a time...
Their was a young brave renegade
That would love someone solely than detonate
Than pick up the pieces and try to renovate
Just so he can runaway, and escape just to celebrate
He'd instigate and penetrate in almost anyway
He had no friends, cause they'd die, and souls would levitate
Always showed more love than hate, because he was his own medicaid
Only musically meditated, not truly educated but solely dedicated
To leave this world devastated, and "awe" within his presence
Cause I'll verbally murder peasants and it's not so pleasant
When this is their death sentence, Leaving them jealous
When they go to hell, and I'm attending the heavens
But the thoughts of you snap me right back
To the love and adolescence trapped behind a time gap
It's like I took a nap to relax and pass these lonely facts
But I got passed it, and regained my own passion
Passing by my own patronized actions
Probably now just pacifying and laughing trying to imagine
Why I was so maddened, I'm like a wolf blowing down pigs cabins
I'm the captain shooting lyrical cannons trying to capture the captive
The caption to the story is "Aladdin's reconnection with his Jasmine"
But it's forever lost, cause life it's not magic
It's just a tragic damaged planet filled with only havoc
Happiness is riddled upon his own sadness

Please move on to section 2!

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How true is the saying that youth is eternal and glorious only for some,
when hearts are free of worries, they know nothing of human pain;
fantasy suddenly begins and dusk that brings night delays to come...
and as wild and incredible it might seem, it always recalls home!
Youth must be lived, not wasted, but be reveled in happy refrain.

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Rainbow Africa


Everybody in the streets is dancing to Africa music,
Everybody smiling, laughing.  Live their dream because they choose it.
Come on people, celebrate.  Celebrate our Nation.
Let's all be equals now.  No more emancipation.

Come on Africa, Rainbow Children,
You're Africa's life-blood pumping.
Africa Rainbow Children,
Mama Africa always jumping.


Reach out and help your brothers.
Takew care of fathers and mothers.
Dry the tears on others' cheeks,
Give love to all who seek it.



Come on Africa, show your joy
to the world's girls and boys.
Mama Africa, spread your love.
Give thanks to God above.


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Heavens Rain

Heavens Rain
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 in “Death OF A Rose” By Nate Spears

Will the heavens rain
Wash away my sores
My sorrows
My no mores
Will the heavens rain
Grant me a smile
I’ll die to see a golden rainbow 
Piercing the clouds
It wasn’t my call
So why does it has to be my destruction?
Will the heavens rain 
Shower me an answer
Or will I
Die from thirst?

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Why be happy

What is this feeling that rejoice and hurts an instance of laughter the next of tears Tears that lingers unshed and weary erupting saddness wringing and scary Why be happy when saddness awaits like a sleeping serpent to rise its hood Its bite stings with searing pain flushing out the blissful feel Why be happy or be sad neither lets you stay sane nor glad © Nadiya (17 Jan '15)

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Rows of Brilliant Blossoms

My perfect garden has meandering paths
With shady benches along the way
Perfect rows of varying heights
Rows of brilliant blossoms
     Vibrant colors to stimulate my soul
            Laughter is melodious
                 Birds sing in beautiful tones
                   The azure sky, soothes my soul 
              A lazy swaying hammock rests in the corner
                  Tempting all who pass
The soil is soft and moist, no weed in sight

For A Rambling Poet's contest
My theme my garden or gardening

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Where Wild Violets Grow

Where Wild Violets Grow

Scribbling these verses,
caressing your bare back,
simple rhymes,
flowing from my fingertips.

Scribbling verses,
sprinkling odes to fragrant promises,
your smile lightens the burdens,
off my heavy heart.

Scribbling verses,
soaked in countless kisses,
the moonlight waltzing on your skin.

Scribbling verses,
feeling you,
your love never ceases to flow,

through the streams of my mind,
to a place of our own,
where wild violets grow

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Snow Song

Snow Song

Tonight, just this once, I need everyone to agree with me
To see what I see, the reality they refuse to believe.
Tonight just once, I need to set the her inside me free,
A note on a stave, no longer chained to a melody.

Tonight just this once I need to spread open paper wings.
Crepe veils of iridescent UN discovered things.
Tonight I need to listen to the snowflakes and icicles sing.
To glissade down crystal branches around the moons silver ring.

Tonight for an instant, I am going to feed into the delusions 
Stretch wide and far past the restraints of being human.
Tonight, casting stars in all the cracks of perfect ruin.
 Silken circles of multifaceted and attractive confusion.

Tonight I’m embracing all the questions with unknown answers.
No longer resenting the figure eights of life’s pirouetting dancer.
Tonight I can relate to the hunger of this soulless obsidian cancer.
Watery lips, azure finger tips this beautiful cerulean disaster.

Tonight through new eyes, I travel forgotten trails
And release a single burning breath I never got to exhale.
For Tonight my soul’s voice finally spells her tale
A pearlescent cadenza of falling snow, innocent and pale.

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The One

                 " The One"
How do you know 
When you've found the one 
That makes your darkness 
Feel like the sun
Your other half 
Through the good and the bad 
How do you feel 
When its meant to be 
And you feel it with certainty 
Then you know 
Love will show 
It won't go
Have you ever found that one you meet
Who somehow makes your life complete 
Isn't it fun
When you found that one

Found that one 
Yes you have 
Found that one 
That makes you glad 
The best you've ever had 
Even when you feel alone 
They'll be your strength make you strong
Your better better half 
Aren't you glad 
You've found the one

Its strange 
How that one can be 
Every thing that you dreamed they'd be 
And more 
You adore 
Who they are 
Never thought feelings would get this far
Its amazing and it feels so good 
To finally be understood 
By your mate 
This is great 

Found the one 
Yes you have 
Found the one 
That makes you glad
The best you've ever had
Even when you feel alone 
They'll be your strength make you strong
Your better better half 
Aren't you glad 
You've found the one 

That one 
Have you found them
Always,want to be around them
That's you and I
That one has caught my eye 
Captured my heart 
Let down my guard
Made me see finally being with that one is not that hard 

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Repeat chorus until fades

By: Concetta Hardnett 
7:40 p.m

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Trees and Dirt

Trees and dirt I sleep on the earth, the dust the sand, longing to birth.
Oil on skin, bare, 
sweat on your back, 
feels amazing.
Yes! Im back on track.
Sleeping cosy as a worm, 
unencumbered by any material possession or fixed term.
Free to explore, a magical universe, 
I must implore.
No home, no chores, no bills to pay. 
Just water, food gathered and warmth today.
A dusty cave, cute as a button, no slamming door, 
just love in your belly, to the very core.
I love this realm, 
just need more time, 
time to explore.
Trees and dirt  I sleep on the earth, the dust, the sand, longing to birth.
And return once again to mother earth.

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This was not what I planed
It was never my intention
I went to see a concert with my friend
Along with his cute cousin

This is not something I’m used to
But I went to take you for a run
My amazement for you
Caught your attention

Yes I do know your name
I love you to death
You are my experimental gain
Relax, its human nature

It’s not what nice boys do
But we’re not all good
In fact we’re quite wicked
It’s hard to behave

Parents say that’s so wrong
Wrong to love someone
Someone who is gay
Gay is what I am   

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I've captured you from death's snare,
While others were unaware
No more worrying,
You are unforgotten

You are alive
Others deny it 
Well, I know...
You are unforgotten
In my memory
You are unforgotten 	

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Is She The One?

Is she the one my dream come true
The one that makes me whole.
Throughout the end of time
I'd give my heart and soul. 
Is she the one with qualities to endure the test of time.
Her unexpected stare 
sends shivers up my spine.
And gives me butterflies inside
Is she the one I can't decide
That always keeps me satisfied
My mind is left preoccupied
You have ignited every flame
Within my beating heart.
Now far from you I cannot part.
Is she the one my sweetheart
the angel in my life.
For you I'd walk a thousand miles
The toughest ride you've made worthwhile
I've looked beyond your hazel eyes
Your every glimpse, your every smile
In love we've deeply intertwine
Is she the one who will be there
to catch me when I fall.
That picture perfect puzzle 
To you I give my all.
Is she the one 
Well better yet she 's got the hooks on me.
The fear of losing her is deeper than the sea.


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Hold Me In Your Arms

Hold me in your arms 
Don't ever go away 
Stay here with me 
To see another day. 
Hold me in your arms 
Kiss me on the cheek 
Take me to bed 
And lay me down to sleep. 
Hold me in your arms 
As I drift off the sleep 
To dream a sweet dream 
And wake to see 
You're still here with me. 

February 17th, 2004 (Another One of my favs.

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They say home is where the heart is but for me that isn’t true
Because my heart is out there somewhere,
Riding along with you…… 
When you’re gone.

Well every now and then you’re on the road again
But I know I have the strength within to carry on
Because my love for you is strong and I know that you won’t be gone that long.
Well I can’t wait for you to come home, cause home is where you belong
And I know you left your heart for me to hold when you are gone……..

So when you’re gone……
I won’t disappoint you,
When you’re gone……..
I won’t let you down,
And when you’re gone…….. 
I promise to you baby,
I’ll never fool around……..
When you’re gone…….

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder
For me I know that isn’t true, cause I don’t think I could love you more,
More than I already do…..
When you’re gone……

Well every now and then you’re on the road again
But I know I have the strength within to carry on
Because my love for you is strong and I know that you won’t be gone that long.
Well I can’t wait for you to come home, cause home is where you belong
And I know you left your heart for me to hold when you are gone……..

So when you’re gone……
I won’t disappoint you,
When you’re gone……..
I won’t let you down,
And when you’re gone…….. 
I promise to you baby,
I’ll never fool around……..
When you’re gone…….

They say our hearts come together, a little at a time
And one of these days you’re going to be, right hereby my side,
And I’ll wait for you every morning, morning, noon and night…….
When you’re gone……..

Well every now and then you’re on the road again
But I know I have the strength within to carry on
Because my love for you is strong and I know that you won’t be gone that long.
Well I can’t wait for you to come home, cause home is where you belong
And I know you left your heart for me to hold when you are gone……..

So when you’re gone……
I won’t disappoint you,
When you’re gone……..
I won’t let you down,
And when you’re gone…….. 
I promise to you baby,
I’ll never fool around……..
When you’re gone…….

They say home is where your heart is but for me that isn’t true
Because my heart is out there somewhere, riding along with you…….
When you’re gone…………

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Some people need money,
 To make them feel at home.
But there's something in little Nala's eyes,
 That doesnt make me feel so alone.
Bright orange furr like a sunsets,
 Such warm welcomes in her grass- green eyes.
She's chubby and cute and adventurous,
 Without the flaws of hatred, mis-used skill, and lies.
She dont care what I wear, what I look like or what they think,
 As long as I keep her safe and warm from those cold city streets.
Some people choose their pet or so they believe,
 But I didn't choose Nala.
She Chose Me. <3

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What Rewards

What Rewards…

You know I hear the words 
As they flow from your lips
An uphill climb, but we’ll come from behind
If we never quit trying...
To understand the root of the problem
Is to find the one and only solution

The noise is all around me
I can’t hear myself think
Emotional chains and I can’t break free
And physical pain, in my mind I’m on the brink
Sink or swim?

The bottom line and we’re coming up short
I can’t help but wonder about our fate
Three sisters in mythology turn into reality
They’re leading us through the gate…
And salvation is not waiting for us there

I’m trying to break away from this 
From seeds long ago sown in the soil
Life is long and if this is the test
What rewards for all the toil…

What rewards…All the toil…

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The Hardest Thing

Last night we had a quarrel
We went to bed so mad
Each had to get up early
The morning was quite sad
I never meant to say that
I know you didn’t, too
With hopes to reconcile
Just know that I love you

Yeah darling…
It couldn’t be more true

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

Each morning when we go to work
A piece of me, it goes with you
I cannot wait to get back home
To do those things we do

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

I hope tonight we’re civil
We listen and we learn
Together, we’ll get past this
Each others trust, we’ll earn
So, then we can retire
To the bedroom that we share
Lie within each others arms
And show how much we care

Yeah darling…
It couldn’t be more true

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

Each morning when we go to work
A piece of me, it goes with you
I cannot wait to get back home
To do those things we do

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

And when my work’s over
I will come back to you

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Let Me Be There With You

Let Me be there with you
Let Me hold your hand
For I can help you through to the promised land

Let Me be there with you
Let Me be your Guiding Light
For I can take away the hurt, the pain, and the fright

Let Me be there with you
Let Me be your sword and shield
For I can fight all your battles, if to Me you would yield

Let Me be there with you
Le Me be your Everything
For I, God, died for you
But now I live again - To only be there with you
Be there for you
To save you
From dangers none could tell
Death, Destruction
An Eternity in Hell

Save you so that you
Would enjoy an eternity in Heaven
In Harmony with Me

If only you'd let Me be there with you
Accept Me
I'll Accept you
Take you in as you are
If you'd let Me be there with you

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Guitarra, Express My Heart

Guitarra, I’m begging,express my heart Pick away all that’s ever ached Place these Spanish notes beautifully To the angel of her face Guitarra pleas, express this heart Bring to life our last Latin nights Dancing that flamenco from her charcoal eyes Reviving fiesta under most romantic moonlight Guitarra as now I gently play Fingers within running throughts through ebony of her hair “El espiritu de amor” is strumming along Bringing back the yesterdays to here Guitarra passion now is in the revival As the ghost of love tangos all around Milagros, I sense you near And in this instrument forever you are found

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The certainty of you

A tribute to John and Carla Sherman at 'Just one look'

You can listen to the preachers
And the high priests, they as well
You can hear those Gurus speaking
You can think about endless Hell
It don’t matter what you’re doing
There’s just one thing to do
Look into the certainty of you.

You can do your meditation
Your Yoga, or Tai Chi
You can sail across the oceans
Seek help across the seas
There’s many who would help you
But you have to pay the price
But look at you, this be real good advice.

Take a look within you
And see what hides in there
Listen well to what the man has said
The one you thought was you
You’ll not find him everywhere
Turn around and look inside your head.

You can be a good or bad man
Or act jut like a drag
Overlook old ancient truths
Drink a beer or have a fag
Just take a look inside yourself
And see the one you be
Then in the end the truth shall set you free.

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                                                                   Water In My Eyes

It’s hard to take off, when you’re left grounded.  Something lost I can’t find it.
 I can’t see my way anymore, I need a guide

                                               “Hard to see with water in your eyes”

A feeling that comes over you, it comes and goes 
Often now putting me to my knees, a thirst for knowledge has grown.
Interpretations given to me, I want to fly but I’m stuck on the ground is what I realized.
I can’t see my way anymore, I need a guide

                                                “Hard to see with water in your eyes”

You carry those you lost and offer you in their place, all you have are the memories a heart ache, a still picture of their face. Quest for knowledge you have shown, you can only save yourself when it’s time to kneel at the thrown. Interpretations given to me, still unable to fly I can’t see my way anymore, I need a guide

                                                      “Hard to see with water in your eyes”

Arms out reached in front of me, waiting for a touch back to assist and help guide me, I know your there even in the open air, as the breeze passes by pushing out the water in my eye.
 Looking to the sky before it drips drops and it freezes. As u notice only your sign the one only you can see. If you found it it’s meant for you to continue to believe. Before you know it you’re looking up into the sky. You see clearly through a dry eye. No more needs God has heard you and now he will guide you.

Walking a set path try to live a life right. God will always give you your way of sight.
Keeping faith is all for just such a reason. It’s nice to see through all life’s seasons. But almost daily it gets blurry and things change size.

                                                      “Hard to see with water in your eyes”
                                                                                 By Paul J Williams Sr

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Hold You

Hold You…

I’ve got so much on my mind
I’m thinking about you
So many empty feelings from the past
That are no longer true
You mean so much to me
You are filling up my time
And in my one track mind
You are the only one I see

How often I talk about you
To myself or to someone else
So many emotions spilling over themselves
From my heart to yours
I have got to find a way
To tell you how I’m feeling
Before you’re gone
Before I run away from my feelings

Just being near you is enough for me to feel complete,
Just to have you as a thought within my mind…
You’ve become again
A daily reminder of what really matters
And deep in my heart I hold you…

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God Is There

                                                    God  is  There
Oh  Lord  I  come  to  you  each  day
So  I  can  see  what  you  want  to  say
Then  I  go  on  my  way
I  can  start  my  day
When  Lord  I see  what  you  want  to  say.

Dear  Lord  I  pray  first  thing  in  the  morn
So  I  can  see  my  way  through  the  storm
In   a  difficult  day 
 I  can  see  my  way
Lord  I  pray  first  thing  in  the  morn.

Lord  you  strengthen  me  while  I  pray
 You  say  tomorrow’s  another  day
For  you  to see   again
Where  you  must  begin
Lord  you  strengthen  me  each  day.

Oh  Lord  I  love  to  hear  Your  voice
It  helps  me  learn  to  make  a  choice
For  a  beautiful  day  
Lord  I’ve  made  my  way
Lord  I  love  to  hear  your  voice.

For  although  troubles  will  come
And  your  works are  never  done
And   though  you  give  it  your  best
It  seems  you’re  not  a  success
But  if  you  quietly  pray
Oh  Lord  please  help  me  today
You  will  know  that  God  is  there
Yes  you  will  know  that  God  is  there.

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Friendship comes from the heart, with kindness and passion
It is present for both good and bad times
When you ask God for a gift he sends you a friend
The heart is filled with memories when we have friendship

Someone who is present when you accomplish your goals
The one who helps you get up when you fall
It all starts with trust and understanding
When you feel lost help is on the way, friendship is true and never ends

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Be a Heart

It’s amazing how a few words
Can damage someone’s heart
It could hurt them from the inside and out
It could tear someone apart

If you’re virtuous and kind everyday
You might end up saving someone’s life someday


Be a heart be a soul
Be someone you’d be proud to know
Cause you don’t even know
How this could start affecting you
Could you imagine if this was someone
Who was very close to you
Would you ever stand up tall and be a voice
Be a heart

No one in this world is perfect
But we can all try our best
We’ve all have made mistakes in life
But no one seems to understand

Maybe someday later on we’ll realize
We’re all beautiful in God’s loving eyes


Be a heart be a soul
Be someone you’d be proud to know
Cause you don’t even know
How this could start affecting you
Could you imagine if this was someone
Who was very close to you
Would you ever stand up tall and be a voice
Be a heart

Stand up tall for those who are hurting
Be a voice for the hearts that are burning
Stand up tall and be a voice
Stand up tall and be a voice


Be a heart be a soul
Be someone you’d be proud to know
Cause you don’t even know
How this could start affecting you
Could you imagine if this was someone
Who was very close to you
Would you ever stand up tall and be a voice

Would you ever hear our cries and make some noise
There are times we feel we have no other choice

Be a heart
Be a start
Be a heart
Be a part
Be a heart

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Fate or Fiction

Is this fate or fiction....
the aesthetics of your love is a marvelous depiction
I am having a love seizure or is your love an affliction
Is this fate or fiction? 

It must fate, our paths have crossed our spirits soar just right 
you calm and sweet and never like to fight...
bring security and confidence in such a delightful way..
the expressions of your thoughts blows my mind away
Is the fate or fiction?

It takes courage to find out which one would be the exemption.. fate or fiction? 
when you have been hurt by an ex's restrictions
but the aesthetics of your love has become my addiction.
No Fiction this is Fate. 

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Would I were a Yellow Bird

Would I were a yellow bird,
No woes would be on me
I’d fly me past the Sawney roofs
And past the canopy,
O I’d fly so high above this earth
Above this great frontier,
You’d think me but a yellow bird
Just a-gone and disappeared.

I’d soar out into sunlit skies
Where the clouds have all gone home
And I’d soar out over churning tides,
Bleached white with briny foam
Well I’d soar above the lofty peaks
Of mountains gray and blue
Just to perch atop those crowns of rock
And sit in wait for you.

O I’d fly tomorrow if I could,
In fact I’d fly today,
But my wings have not grown strong enough
To fly me anyway
So here I’ll sit, atop this nest
These skies I’m doomed to roam
Would I were a yellow bird,
Then I would fly me home.

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A Running Chestnut- Acoustic Phonology

Toyous melody of childhood memories 	                                                          Board in tune becomes a high wire trapeze   						        Two cans and a string acoustic phonology 						               Each part paper comb sings the bucket drum 				                        With whizzing blade of grass in hands with breath hum  			              The paper roll trumpet blows ensemble strums         					    Running along the day grows as children play  				                   Rolling hillside a box becomes a sleigh  							     Tutor love pea shooter from across the way  				                      After a rain paper boat follows the drain    							           Bows arrows cornstalk fiddle finish reframe               					       Hoop and guider dolls cat and mouse homemade plain

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I Saw Myself Smile

I saw myself smile
To the bumble bee,
I saw a world perfect
As a tranquil sea.

I saw the dawn breaking
In the silent east,
I saw a miracle--
A new day released.

I saw in a dewdrop
The hope and the joy
Of nations abounding
In happy employ.

I saw myself smile
Again and again,
I saw the world answer
My smiling refrain.

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If I Had One Wish

If I had one wish to make,
I’d wish to be with you,
To have you here right by my side,
For nothing else will do.

For when you’re gone so is the sun,
My world is dark and grey.
And as I walk the road of life,
I stumble on my way.

But when you’re here, I see the light.
I know which way to go;
The rose that once was dead and dry,
Now starts again to grow.

For I am only one, you see, 
And love requires two.
So, if I had one wish to make,
I’d wish to be with you.

Tiffiny Hagan

*6th place in Kristin Bruni's "If I had one wish" contest.

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Coming from the misty lake Lough Leane
Came a beautiful maiden of the name of Niamh
Upon a mare, for she is not from the world of man
A seraphic princess from Anwnn
Upon the shores she claimed around his kin
"I have came for Oisin son of Finn"
"Maiden you come to me so alluringly 
I am he, if we marry for all eternity!"

And so he rode upon her horse to the secrets of Anwnn
For he and she, they'd be happy for all eternity 

Come with me to Anwnn
I am she, your queen Niamh
I have come for you Oisin, son of Finn
Don't leave me or you'll see 
The age of man
The age of man
The age of man

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My rhymes are timeless while this time is lifeless
why is life this kind less, reminds me that this
mind is spineless ready to tip and quit, as
my lies become mindless and get swollen shut
and Stuck up inside my sinus
Drivin in my prime but with no optimus
Victim to the flip-side of the Midas
Running through my blood like a virus
The sun makes my skin mundane
rubbin on ben gay but get arthritis
touch spermicide and converts to hepatitis
I hit the plus sign but it just musters up a minus
I'm seen sucking my thumb like the peanut's Linus
I run and duck when I hear the sirens cause
I abducted the president's Nike air pumps
now air force one is trying to find us
I'm at my desk obsessin about success but
This whole time its been right behind us

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It Looks Like Love to Me

You smile
You ask
No easy task
To put it into words
I look
And see 
Then say, it looks like love …to me

It’s that blanket on a winter night
You wrap around me oh so tight
The way you want to make things right
Honey, it just has to be, 
It looks like love…to me

You laugh
You say
There’s no other way
To be just who you are
I smile
Then say, it looks like love …to me

It’s the way you take me in your hold
You never let our love grow old
There’s not one doubt, for me I’m sold
Honey, it just has to be, 
It looks like love…to me

If love was ever one person
Then babe it would you
There is no other word for this
That’s why our love holds true

You look
Then smile
All the while
You never look away
My eyes
They see
It looks like love… to me

Yeah, honey
It looks like love… to me

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Spring is being born in the early morning... The glades are awakening into gentle green, The dawn songs of bashful blackbirds Are echoing through the woods... I am listening to the warbling of blackbirds, The harmonic singing of black choirs Lead by an invisible conductor. The chattering of the blackbirds' chorus Is getting ever louder And now uttering their songs are others too. A heavenly melody of birds' choirs has emerged Which - off the slopes of a forest glade - Echoes in the pleasant Symphony of a blissful morning.
Milaiy biyanelpe teharinasa ko dive, ushtel hem pravelpe dive sar baiyrola kham, ashunelpes khurlo zorale e chyiriklenghero o ladjutno, kaiy ashunelpe lenghoro khurlo khem khi vosh... Ashunaw chirklenghero ghyliavybe, kydimo djal khalenghero khurlo, khay legarolen lenghoro bashaldo khurlo. Marinduy o muy ykhalen ghylialia, sar synfonia kana si khydimi, mai but zurali, mai but pho zurali. Chiriklenghri gylii khay ashunelpes lenghoro khurlo. Sar edevleskheri ghilii, sar ashunes maj baro baro synfonia, chirklenghoro ashunelpe sar devleskheri ghilii, synfonia kydimi e Devlestar.

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Expanding mind
Taste Sampling
Forbidden pleasure
Mind numbing
Thought inducing
Last Night

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A song about my cat

My cat went a roaming to find a new home.
Sing kitty,sing katty,sing Oh!
This cat was so clever he had his own comb.
Look up,now look down,stone the crows!

He went into the neighbours' and drank all their milk.
Sing,fridge raiding kitties.No,No!
Then he laid himself down on a piece of fine silk.
Sing,what the dickens,my lovely pillow!

He went to the butcher and ate all the steak.
Sing greedy,he's ruined my flow.
Then he went to the hairdresser for a shampoo.
Where else can a puttitat go?

He had no plastic,no money,no cheque!
Sing,cheater,sing creature,sing woe.
She sent for a Copper who paid the cat's bill.
And so  my puss came out all aglow.

Now my cat was glossy and plump and refreshed.
Sing:fancy,it all goes to show.
So he came home and said this place is best.
And he picked up his cello and bow.

He scraped some Sibelius and also some Grieg.
Sing: Northern lights can always glow.
But,he looked so self satisfied,I felt annoyed....
One should not let one's narcissism show.

But he was so handsome,I was glad he came home.
Sing,grateful,sing katefull,sing Ho!
And I hope he will never again want to roam.
Sing glory.sing story;Sing So!

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Think What I Think

Somedays I wish I didnt
Think what I think,
These patterns of thought,
Have me in the sink,
Then bring me to the top,
To put me back in my seat

Somedays I wish I didnt
Believe what I believe,
So I could,
Give into my passion to please,
Dive into my sinful desires,
and have control of my destiny

Everyday, I come to realize at night
With my eyes wide,
That my flesh I dont have to Fight,
Because Christ runs my life,
And he takes the boulders off my shoulders,
I am the gun and he is the holder,
I am the clay and he is the molder,
And his grace is sweeter every moment I grow older

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Shades of Green

In the spring when the earth spills forth with color and the trees multiply shades of green, 
nature is truly amazing.

I slowly watch the ever changing days.
New life begins it's mystery multiplying shades,
of green.
When heaven's grace washes it's refreshing rains
upon the earth,
no better time to dream,
sitting on my front porch swing,
in the early spring.
I listen to the waterfall and hear the angels whispering call,
in the early spring.
Truly amazing is all the trees,
multiplying shades of green.
I feel the refreshing sunshine upon my face,
when heaven spills forth it's grace,
upon the daisies now in bloom,
spreading their scent of sweet perfume,
in the early spring.
No better place to catch the view than on my front porch swing.
I listen to the sweet little tunes of the birds that sing,
and watch the flowers and trees in bloom,
multiply shades of green.

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Keep Me Awake At Night

i never thought i would say
these words are so true
but the fact still remains
i'm so in love with you

i keep thinking about 
when my world is nothing
you take away the grey
with all the things you say
and baby my heart will stay the same
i promise, ohh yeah 
you keep me awake at night

so as long as it keeps pounding
your words will keep on reminding
me of your love, while they keep on lying 
and i know no matter what they say
i'll be yours forever and ever 
as long as you want me too

i never thought i would say
these words are so true
but the fact still remains
im so in love with you

i keep thinking about 
when my world is nothing
you take away the grey
with all the things you say
and baby my heart will stay the same
i promise, ohh yeah
you keep me awake at night

boys and girls sometimes 
say things that are so fake
but baby when you speak
your words i'll never throw away

so let's kiss
just one last time
before you leave
i want your lips on mine
and i'll always remember
ohhh,  hell yeah
you keep me awake at night

i never thought i would say
these words are so true
but the fact still remains
im so in love with you

i keep thinking about 
when my world is nothing
you take away the grey
with all the things you say
and baby my heart will stay the same
i promise, ohh hell yeah
you keep me awake at night

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Paper-Thin Paintings

Breaking through the darkest night, suffering no more
My dreams are of a deeper place, everything adored
Everything alive, now there’s no such thing as death
Eternity accounted for within a single breath

Walking through an open door, leaving thoughts behind
I drift beyond the maddening love I couldn’t find
Nothing is forgotten, but I can forgive it all
So much truth ahead of me, even if I fall

Flying through the brightest sky, absorbing every sight
Reflections made of paper-thin paintings of the night
A thousand words for every scene, changing them to day
The poetry I leave behind will always keep me safe

Shifting through to higher realms, its beauty washing clean
The ways in which I never could hold my self-esteem
Perspective of the infinite through knowledge I have found
I trust this deeper wisdom to translate all sight and sound

Awakening the visions that have always pulled me near
Rebirth to every corpse of truth in a world dying from fear
An energy envelopes us that asks for our hearts
Discovering that there is more to us was way back at the start

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More Then Just Lines

I think I've seen you in my dreams, you're matching every description.
Your love is like a drug, I'd kill to fill the prescription.
You give me so much excitement, like when babies are born.
You're the only flower I see that's in this garden of thorns.
You must be Jamaican, because you're Jamaican me crazy.
Let's get a place together and maybe raise up a baby.
A lot of people call me Trav, but you can call me tonight.
You have the most beautiful eyes in the world, just like the stars they shine bright.
If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?
You could make a shy guy try and make a blind man see.
If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.
You've got me floating like a feather, and I want to feel this way forever.
You may think these are just lines, or maybe all the above,
but please read this with your heart, because you're the woman I love.

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Sir Teddy

Inching from the cradled arms, 
Careful not to wake the boy, 
The knight begins his watch
His sword and shield deployed. 

The defender of dreams, 
 And protector of the mind.
He shall show no mercy
For nightmares he may find. 

The battlefield in darkness, 
He waits at the gates of Hell,
For any beast emerge, 
Will hear the ringing knell. 

But morning shows its face,
And the gates below are closed.
The boy arises safe
With his teddy bear to hold. 

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It's Like

It's like a strand of your hair,
to the way that you walk,
to the sound of your voice,
and the way that you talk.
It's like coming home from work,
to seeing you soon,
to hear how your day was,
to seeing you home noon.
It's like the thought of you close,
to the way you are near,
to the way you hold me,
to the way you are here.
It's like being in love,
feeling without knowing,
dreaming to believing,
knowing without showing.
I know what it's like to want,
to care,
to love,
and to share.
I know what it's like to hurt,
to cry,
to feel heart break,
and to try.
It's like wondering,
to make it all better,
to discuss,
and to have it all matter.

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New Life

New place, New life
Livin' it up and havin a good time.
No more rules, No more excuses,
No more bull, and no more losin'.
It's time to start over now, New job, New friends,
Time to party it up until the end.
Gotta get it right, New place new life.
Let nothing hold you back, and get your life on track.
New place, New life
Livin' it up and havin a good time.
Live it up to the fullest,
Have a blast and enjoy it.
It comes and goes so fast, like a dream
So hard to believe that it's reality.
No more rules, No more excuses,
No more bull, and no more losin'.
It's time to start over now, New job, New friends,
Time to party it up until the end.
Life is short don't ya know?
Now its time to go with the flow.
Cuz it's a New place, New life
Livin' it up and havin a good time.

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Mystic evening

A mystic evening

A mystic evening
There’s silence everywhere
The stars are shining
And I am standing there
As the full moon gazes down on me
This thing enters my soul.
As velvet spirit Makes me feel so whole.

My heart is quiet 
I feel such mystery
Something within me
Whispers ‘Let it be’
And everything is wonderful
As I feel a magic power
Which seems to fill my heart and make it flower.

No words can tell the way it is
For symbols they just be
Symbols cannot picture it
This sweet, sweet mystery.

My life be simple
As I gaze here at the night
I feel that moons glow
As everything feels right
Awareness comes on over me
And peace is everywhere.
As life just is, and I am standing there.

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I'm New

I’m new internally….
If you cut me I will bleed,
But I’m new true indeed.

Created by my maturity, I will prosper with security
And all my dreams will come true; because I am new….

No longer playing silly games
No longer fantasize
No longer playing silly games
No longer compromise

During the day I feel the same, pray I won’t go insane
Clouds have given me thunderous rain, but I walk with open eyes.
Aware God has me clear in sight…..I no longer run, I stand, I fight.
And when there are no stars at night.
My vision still sees a beautiful sight.
Because I’m New.

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A Bite of Torah

In still serene
	He waits -
To hear a joyous melody
	Of words -
Where union waits
	Between white spaces -
As each draws in their breath.
To lift black letters off the page
	And into Now -
A delicious feast of Torah,
	Eating aleph’s and bet’s  -
	With a side of cheesecake.

                                             [For Shavuot]

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Soul food

Laughter is food for the soul
So  crack a smile
And fill up!

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There is a wood inside my heart

Wind blows soft on my bare arms
I ride through deep green woods.
These simple pleasures all I love,
Air on my skin feel good.

The wind shakes leaves for  sidelong sun
To make her pictures from.
So much,so rich the offerings
This is senses' realm.

Alone in woods, I plight my troth
To earth and gods thereof.
I sing my own sweet melodies,
To solitude and love.

Far from the maddening crowds of folk,
I hear earth's own true songs.
And then refreshed by woodland charms,
I feel at peace from wrongs

Inside my heart,there is a wood,
And there I shall now dwell.
And so I'll solve the mystery,
Of how we can live well .

Each wood has its particular birds
On tree tops in sunlight.
And each wood has its special song,
And each wood has its sights.

I shall accept the mysteries
Of who has made my wood;
And how we are all joined bodily,
All sharing this green blood.

Deep down we go into our hearts,
To find out who we are.
Just at the deepest,quietest parts
We find all beings there.

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Ode To A Blueberry Roan

I was heading to the bunkhouse, after a wild night on the town
dancing & romancing & one too many round
Back in my wild & woolly days, one more rowdy Saturday night
full of cheap beer & whiskey & the necessary fight
I set Ol' Gus on auto pilot, he knew the way back to the spread
And I set to fighting with those rotgut demons dancing in my head
We were getting pretty close to home, so I eased up on the bit
when all of a sudden that dang horse he up & quit
His ears were all pricked forward, listening quite intense
I caught a drift of what might pass for music, somewhere beyond the fence
It took a lot of persuading, cussing & cajoling
but I got ol' Gus headed for all the caterwauling 
the sound got more peculiar as we crested the hill
the memory of what I saw that moonlit night stays with me still
for I had stumbled on a peculiar party, hosted by a peg leg dog
and there was a one eyed pole cat doing comedic monologue
A Blueberry Roan soon took the stage, singing Motley Crue
I swear I saw a big ol' ornery hog with a "born to squeal" tattoo
There were bulls & Heifers dancing, I couldn't believe my eyes
why those bovine wore spikes and body piercings, in places utterly unwise
There where horses with mohawk hairdos head banging to the song
I swear to you, Ol' Gus, he began to sway & sing along
Now I know what you're thinking & I most heartily agree
it was the moon & wind playing tricks, along with rotgut whiskey
You city folks can keep your pink elephants parading in tutus
for this cowboy was shown the light by a Roan in blue suede shoes
I gave up hell raising & carousing, said so long to the honky-tonk life
Happy now to stick to ranching & dancing under the moon with my wife
But every now & again, when the wind blows & the moon is shining bright
I swear I can hear the livestock laughing & head banging through the night

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I Needed You To Stay


Watch these eyes fill with tears
I don’t know where to go from here
Everything is always the same
Lonely nights filled with pain
Why cant I rearrange
Why does opening up feel so strange
Is this what's meant to be,
A life with only me

 I sit and watch down the hall,
Silence waiting for your call,
If I could just hear you say
That you need me today
Then everything would be ok,
I cant make this go away.
Ive done it again
When will this end
Where is my friend
I needed you to stay.

Watch these eyes fill with tears
I don’t know where to go from here
Everything is always the same
Lonely nights filled with pain
Why cant I rearrange
Why does opening up feel so strange
Is this what's meant to be,
A life with only me

You told me I was the one,
Yet its over before it begun
You took my heart
and tore it apart
Where the hell did this come from
All the tears I cried
From all your lies
I cant make this go away
I needed you to stay

Watch these eyes fill with tears
I don’t know where to go from here
Everything is always the same
Lonely nights filled with pain
Why cant I rearrange
Why does opening up feel so strange
Is this what's meant to be,
A life with only me

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Fire of the Night

She went there with intentions
To kick up her new shoes
He went there with a feeling
That he just couldn’t lose

The music there, that evening
Lit within them true desire
When the two of them got closer
They both then felt the fire

The fire of the night
That brought them to the floor
The fire that burns bright
That makes them want much more
The fire of true passion
That grabs a hold so tight
The fire that burns them both
The fire of the night

He moved to her but looked away
She sensed he had intention
When their eyes had found the others
They felt that hot sensation

A smile he gave, both bold but shy
She returned one, just so wide
Their faces lit a crimson glow
From that fire deep inside

The fire of the night
That brought them to the floor
The fire that burns bright
That makes them want much more
The fire of true passion
That grabs a hold so tight
The fire that burns them both
The fire of the night

They danced what seemed forever
In a world that was just theirs
As conversation deepened
And they lost all their cares

But when the music ended
Together, walking off the floor
Both their hands searched for the other’s
As fire pushed them through the doors

The fire of the night
That brought them to the floor
The fire that burns bright
That makes them want much more
The fire of true passion
That grabs a hold so tight
The fire that burns them both
The fire of the night
The fire of the night
The fire
Of the

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EYE Don't See -Part 3-

My eyes
Witness your departure
My eyes
Are dripping with hopelessness…
My eyes start to blur…
Melancholy put me under pressure…
Is there a cure to my disease? 

You don’t see
The shards of hope that once brought us back together
Just let me search for safety
I’m strong enough to realize that I’m no longer
The weakest prey out there…

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me whimpering like a distraught puppy left on the train tracks?

I’m close to my demise…save me and take me home

Nourish me…and be my beloved friend

Will this friendship last forever?

Hopefully it has no end

Will this cheerful moment help us get along with each other?

Because of you…I feel the need to run 
I keep an eye on you – I worry that you’ll hurt yourself again
Because of you…My freedom is nearly gone
I don’t wanna be caught off guard again
Because of you…EYE can’t picture a solution for our vexing dilemma 
Because of you…eye can’t focus on my long-term goal 

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you sense that I’m giving in to failure? 
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…I can’t endure 
The hardships that you place upon me…
Could you boost up my confidence to overcome 
My atrocious anxiety? 

I’m just waiting for some sun
To keep me in good hands…
To strengthen me with perseverance …
I’m just waiting until His son
Leads the world outtah Egypt and reveals to us…
His radiance…His dazzling Kingdom – 
Vibrant with glee

Your undying sympathy dawns upon us
I’m overflowing with indescribable joy  
You’re a candle in the night…
We meet eye to eye…
What a sight…what a precious sight

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My Friend The Piano

You carried my emotions from the start
Each emotion bound in the small black note
Each one coming straight from my chilly heart
The music you make is my antidote
Through the preludes my comfort softly lay
By way of mazurkas my soul does fly
But to divulge you must learn how to play
Although learning is not a piece of pie
Piano brings emotions around town
You have the power to bring my heart up
Or throw me on the floor and beat me down
There are hard times when I just want to cup
My hands in my face and rock back and forth
And think Piano is a friend of worth	

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By My Side

When you look up in the sky
And see the brightest star
Remember I am by your side
No matter where you are
You came into my life
You were an Angel sent to me
This empty world of mine
Was now a wonderful place to be
You filled my heart and soul with love
It’s with me everywhere
Whenever I reach out for you
I know you’re always there
I know our love will last always
Forever and a day
For I will need you with me
Till the stars all burn away..

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Over and Beyond

I stand here, Dead in the dark, I try not to shed a tear, Why'd it have to be so far? I stand here, Thinking of the future, Thinking of fear, Does it have a cure? I stand here, Thinking of how to succeed, With obstacles at the end of each peer, Wanting to show I am not another bead, On another necklace, Am I dirt to be stepped on? I show how to be free, Like a wild horse, I know I am meant for great things, That's why I want to go Over and Beyond, To the edges of the earth, Not sure where it ends, Dieing for rebirth, I shall not bend, To your every whim, I shall not cry, I will not give in, I shall not die. I walk here, Through vines of life, It's getting near, Will I be intertwined? I walk here, Looking for a light, Waiting for the fog to clear, Will I shine bright? I walk here, Showing the truth, Ready to steer, Will my mood still be blue? I show how to be free, Like a wild horse, I know I am meant for great things, That's why I want to go Over and Beyond, To the edges of the earth, Not sure where it ends, Dieing for rebirth, I shall not bend, To your every whim, I shall not cry, I will not give in, I shall not die. I will run, Into his arms, Not shedding blood, Into his care. I will run, Off that cuddled peer, Showing my love, Showing no fear. I show how to be free, Like a wild horse, I know I am meant for great things, That's why I want to go Over and Beyond, To the edges of the earth, Not sure where it ends, Dieing for rebirth, I shall not bend, To your every whim, I shall not cry, I will not give in, I shall not die. I show how to be free, Like a wild horse, I know I am meant for great things, That's why I want to go Over and Beyond, To the edges of the earth, Not sure where it ends, Dieing for rebirth, I shall not bend, To your every whim, I shall not cry, I will not give in, I shall not die. So don't try to stop me, I will only push pass, Through those trees, Through the cold, damp grass. I will succeed. I will succeed. I will succeed. I will succeed. Don't stop me.

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Dusty Road

Sometimes I dream about old dusty roads
Driving through the dirt, with no where to go
I've passed many hitchhikers
Their showin skin and money
But none of that means anything to me
None of that means anything to me

I keep driving along that old dusty road
Searching for the reason, why I even left home
I keep driving through the dirt and the mud
Thinking of all the things that I have done

I shift into neutrul as I cruise down a hill
My mind slips for a bit
And a deer ran out from a feild
I slammed on the brakes
And dust flew up high
That's when I knew that everything was alright

I keep driving along that old dusty road
Searching for the reason, why I even left home
I keep driving through the dirt and the mud
Thinking of all the things that I should have done

My car has ran out of gas 
And this lonely road becomes clear
What would have been different if I stopped
To talk to the hitch hikers and the deer
Maybe if I picked them up, theyd help me push my car
Or maybe they would robbed me dry
And killed me with a crobar
Or maybe I'd just drive by and pretend they werent there
Cause they were never there
No they were never there

I'm pushing my car down an old dusty road
Wondering why I still haven't gone home
My shoes are covered in dirt and mud
Giving proof of something that I have done

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the clock is ticking

I awake and i see the sunrise just as you do. 
But at times i feel these clouds cover my mind. 
My desire fades and i long to sleep. 
Why won't you come and lay beside me? 
I feel like it's time to save someone. 
To save myself. 
Place your hand in my hand. 
Wear your heart on your sleeve. 
I guarantee that i will guard it with my life. 
Can't you see that i'm here to serve my purpose?
 Born an bred an optimist. 
I became a chosen pessimist. 
I wandered down a broken path. 
Unbreak my heart. 
I'll show you something that will last. 
Take a breath. 
This is all that i have left. 
Broken promises have left me scarred. 
Tragedy has locked me behind these iron bars. 
Come set me free. 
Give me something to believe in and i'll show you a bleeding heart. 
Full of passion. 
My patience has worn thin. I've been abandoned. 
Lead astray. 
Now take my hand. 
Let's walk this way. 
You are the sun and you are the stars that wipe away the clouds. 
You are the drug that keeps me calm and sane. 
A light in this darkened world. 
The Hell i have created for myself. 
The trials and tribulations that have left me scathed. 
All the times i have been betrayed. 
Trust lost. 
I know you are not the same. 
Trust in me as i have trusted in you. 
I'll take your hand and no longer tremble in fear. 
I'm not asking for much. 
Just for a few moments to pick up the pieces. 
The clock is ticking. 
Distance has separated itself from me. 
As you draw near i have nothing to fear but fear itself. 
What is there to believe? 
Have faith. 
Find hope. 
Believe in something. 
Do something with the cards you have been dealt. 
Make a move. 
The only thing you have to lose is time. 
A restless soul. 
Sleepless nights have taken their toll. 
Break the cycle. 
This is our time to pursue the hopes and dreams you have held close. 
The hour glass is spilling. 
Look me in the eyes. 
This is our time to rise. 
You are a friendly face in the crowd. 
Hear my heart beat loud. 
You have repaired the damage. 
Let's take advantage of the time placed in front of us.

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You Just Amaze Me

This is a song that I wrote subconsciously while I was in my TA class.

Wonderin' what you're gonna do,
I'm always worrying 'bout you.
I'm not really for sure why,
I think you're really special though.

You caught my eye,
When you walked by.
When you were teasing me,
I thought I was gonna die;
Die from the laughter you were giving me.

You were pulling pranks and that made me see,
That you're full of amazing things.
Surprises, wonder, and excitement, too;
It's another reason of why I love you.

Wondering what I'm gonna do,
Thinking on how I'm gonna tell you,
That you're the loveliest person that I know.
But how to tell you, though?

You caught my attention
When you were trying to give me a lesson.
A lesson on Love,
And how you compared it to chocolate and a dove.

It's pure like the whiteness,
And sweet like the chocolate;
And ever so lovely is your touch,
I don't know how you do it.

How can you be
So beautiful and sweet,
With out even knowing it?
You just amaze me.

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Love it

I love it when you're kissing me
I love it when your hands touch my thighs
Passion slowly increasing
breathing deeper
Gaining momentum for the moment 
that draws nearer
Now you're whisperin in my ear
Temperature's rising
moaning, grinding
my body to the rhythm of each 
Enjoying kisses with your tongue on 
my neck
While creating secrets between us 
that manifest
into beautiful stories of lust and 
Unafraid to confess 
Rivers flow
The scent of the pheremones 
The beat that the song's on
Tuned in to your passion 
I’m feeling it’s time to make this happen
Finally releasing fear and stress
through pure emotion and love 
Freedom from hurt and distress
I love it when you’re kissing me
I love it when your hands touch my thighs...

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My Family and Me

It's amazing how quick things can change.
First your running with the kings, and then you're knocked out of range.
It's strange. I used to worry and stress over friends.
Now I've grown to be a man. Maybe know a few of them.
All that time I could of studied. Did better in school.
Got a job and made it big. Maybe now I'd be cool.
Who's the fool? Now who's the bull? I know that's not me on the top.
Life is always making turns weather you like it or not.
The past will always be the past. My glory days may seem gone.
But, now its time to start a new.The stories keep coming on.
I've got a new girl. She means the world to me.
She keeps me warm at night, my best friend, my new dream.
Since my car accident, still got a limp on one side.
Still working with my memory, still need a friend who can drive.
I love to Karaoke. I get noticed in bars.
My mom's always there to catch me. Tom's working with my mom's cars.
My sister's in the Army, my niece is a big part of my life,
Friend Zach keeps assholes off me, and God is my wife.
AJ's always there to help, Brian is my LOST bud,
Mary's out of school, Lil cousin, Hunter's a stud.
Grandpa still is my idol, JT is still the music man .
The Adam's still can party. Chris, living good on the sand.
I may only use one hand, but I plan to be the best.
At all I do in life, cause there's not that much time left.
The blood test that I took says Landon is mine.
I hope this all works out fine in time and help to make my son's life shine.
JC who's down in Georiga, my heart is screaming for you.
I hope that you recover well. It can't be worse then what I went through.
Uncle Jimmy where you at? Where's Matt, Corie, and Pete?
I know you all are doing good. Serviolo's are a hard team to beat.
How's the rest of the family? I love and miss you all!
I hope you all are standing tall and I pray we never fall.
These last words that I say, I say only to you.
We've got the best family in the world and you know I LOVE YOU!

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Life is what , a magical picture frame,
Relations r what , decorations of d frame,
Memories r what , imprints of who came,
Desires r what , like pets we tame,
Race is fr what , wealth and fame,
Luck is what , a gambling game,
Diligence is what , trump card of d same,
Happiness is what , n asset all of us claim,
It sprouts from what , good done fr no name,
Affection is what........................... spirit of life game, essence of the claims,shades of picture frame, something worthy than name

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Every Night

Every night she's walking by
And summer days, they seem to fly
There's music in the words of love
This feeling's coming from above

And every day is just the same
I wake up and scream your name
Holding on to helping hands
Building castles in the sand

And they say it never lasts
But don't bring up the bitter past
The coup d'etaits in paradise
Far away from blinding eyes

My head is spinning round and round
But I have never had a doubt
That your affection holds the key
To be or maybe not to be?

But one day clouds will have to part
A glimpse of sun will mark the start
A ray of hope for which I've prayed
Will stop the never-ending rain

Hanging to your every breath
Each silence could mean sudden death
Under the stars of summer's sky
I never want to say goodbye..

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Let me release a sigh

I don't know how it began-
what matters is it's there
like a famished bee on on a daisy
Let me release a sigh-

It was one point in time
and began wherever it did
I did not notice
by the time...

All i saw was
    large dark pouty bats
        I used to shepherd
           on the mountains where
	      sorrow was sipped for water

Facts were without polish, but
        were trampled carelessly
there was no north, south nor west nor east

There did not exist any peace
                        to be seized.

I used to see, but nothin'
they were used to a vast blank screen
seeing was nothing, stop whining-in other words.

all flowers were born faded
all the time was it,
that kids used to cry, which nobody hated

rain was not rain
    food was not food
        cloud was not cloud
            day was night, night was nightmare

    I remember it well,
            when you turned up as lost
                in my town, torn and ghost

Now, it was talking
with all joy and glee
I came across you sudden but free

It turned out

life was not squeezed between white and black,
                                                     not even grey

let my eyes drink green, blue, orange and honey

You were there, right across my trembling knees
        with all the brightness,
I was stunned by
        your amazing albescent brilliance

Ey, the world! hear me out,
I don't get covered with blank, vague darkness any more
let not my heart cease throbbing, it's insane!
I already got used to the glamor, it's not in vain!
Hold, hold on please, let me release a sigh-

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Have A Letter Instead

Dear You,

When things get rough I always think of you. The ways you calm me are too many to list and the ways I miss you are too obvious to dismiss. You are always present in my thoughts like you are suppose to be with me even when I don’t want you with me. You, you have a way with words and I love the way they ease between my ears erasing my fears and finding an effortless path to my heart. You never stop amazing me. I wonder sometimes what would I do if I lost you. Devastation. Humiliation. Deprivation. Reckless Endangerment. I am finally settling on the thought that I may need you here. 
The first time we met I thought you were the most beautiful thing I had ever been allowed to see. I could barely focus as you took me completely by storm, you made my coldest places warm and for that I thank you daily. I remember looking you over trying not to make my stare obvious. Your skin was perfect, like it had been custom blended only for you, your voice tone was almost too low but I challenged myself to not miss a word, and I didn’t. The thing I noticed, that I love the most about you was the way you took extreme care with me, like from our first initial touch you somehow instinctively knew to go slow, move slower and announce each entry. I tried not to love you that day, but I walked away haven already made a copy of the key that unlocks my heart…and I gave you the original to make sure it would work. Now I wait for you to use it...and now I question sometimes if I should change the locks. Except when I see you, I only want to remove them for you so you only need to walk in, but I must watch you make that move on your own.
Just love Me

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Love Is In The Air Tonight

Baby lets take that drive today.
Its the right time to get away.
Lets go to that same old spot
that we both know so well.

Its there. The sun
is always warm and nice.
And the river runs so cool,
always flowing thru our minds.

Love is in the air tonight.
This time, this time that we share.
Being here, being here without a care.
Love is in the air tonight.

When we're here we feel free.
So plentiful, just you and me.
We know its here for sure.
We'll make love all thru the night.

Love is in the air tonight.
Holding hands below the stars.
Below the stars, we begin to dance.
And we'll dance all thru the night.

Love is in the air tonight.
We'll sleep all day,
just to wake all night.
To wake and love and dance.

Under stars again,
love in the air to share.
Another night again,
always hand and hand.

Love is in the air tonight.

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Warm and Lost

Warm and lost.
Oceans of selfish freedom.
See you, see me, 
longing for a bliss filled warm embrace.
I feel you as I float by.
Calm, safe, alone and free.
Are you my Island?
Letting go.
I move in to your flow,
a salty surge, a rush, a wave.
I wave, a smile.
I fall.
Be so brave.
Lovers soul is found.
Love is lost.
I crave, I crave that smile,
the wave that melts.
I swim. Angels and Gods guide a rebels mile.
Colourless sight, colourful night, into your arms I melt,
engulfed by pure white light.

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Somebody's Sleeping Sound Tonight

Somebody’s sleeping sound tonight -
Because you let your guard down;
I know,
Because I witnessed it
And you don’t know the half of it!

They were alone and full of doubt,
But you stood by and helped them out.
I know,
Because I seen it all;
Now somebody is standing tall.

How did you see through their mistrust?
And see them as they really are?
I know,
Because you’ve been there too
Now somebody’s in love with You!

I’m glad that you got through to them,
Nobody could before you;
I know,
Because you made me see -
The somebody you saved, is me.

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The Yohimbe Song - A Reggae Derivative

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo… O…. Himbe
Erotic bark of exotic tree 
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo… O…. Himbe
Help a man be all he can be

I come home tired, but my woman want me.
She give me little rum and some Yohimbe (basso line)

She say it make a difference she can feel and see
She give me little rum and some Yohimbe (basso line)

She say I make her body feel hap…hap…eee
She give me little rum and some Yohimbe (basso line)    

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo… O…. Himbe
Erotic bark of exotic tree 
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo… O…. Himbe
Help a man be all he can be

So if you want to get a lot, just like me
Try a little rum and some Yohimbe (basso line)

Try it just and you will see
Try a little rum and some Yohimbe (basso line) 

It work for you like it work for me
Try a little rum and some Yohimbe (basso line)

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo… O…. Himbe
Erotic bark of exotic tree 
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo… O…. Himbe
Help  a  man  be  all  he  can  be (down tempo)

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A man with a heavy heart with a blind faith

I ant never going to break
I wasn't lonely that i was a boy
nor a man that grows with the wind
i was a free sole, to scope the world
we run free into the bliss till the mist
As grass grows i flow strong and never rem-min-niss into the mist
British intelligence are on our back and they wont catch no one so they wont catch us 
we run a four mint mile even though we are heaver than lead but as light as a feather  
shoes are wrecked, as we trek upon the flag path
making jokes about obarma sounds like asrma to me  
think we are fools sitting on the corner 
little lady its 30degrees on Thursday 
forget the visit to the clinic 
little lady don't make no lies when he stickes your lip 
don't go mad for a couple of grams
your face is full of fear , don't worry dear
he just wants to know who you are working for from your pursed lips
he drives a Mercedes and i am fibbing when i say i got hit by a door 
she does not want to sell love to another man 
your make up cant hide your Hick ups to the mother land with the upper hand 
little lady don't close your eyes and wait for a better life  
he talks to you more than a dirty whore 
just give your pimp what you owe , before he beats you in the door 
hold my hand and fly to another land with me 
we will grow old with love 
we will never rem-min-ness into the mist
i don't care what happened i love your warming sole 
sooo hush little lady don't you cry 
i am sure i can rise and love you right
my first thoughts are the right thoughts 
if we both move slowly we can both sleep
is time right or tight , or you going by gods clock 
so hold me closely tonight , and i wont let you go
i will never say good bye as you open your eyes, hold me closely into the night 
as my tiers fall from my face upon your face as you sleep into this night 
i will be your knight till your pain flows away with time as your mine tonight 
as i will be dreaming till you wake 
when you wake with no shake, feel strong , this ant no dream 
this is love with touch and warmth, without the cold December
listen your strong little lady, don't worry about the doom and gloom 
you just got to let go , u are not stuck in a solar eclipse 
you cardio muscle weighs more than a ton 
your fighting against self automatic self dissection
your in flight like a phone charge 
the music we play will ease your mind like a musical vibe 
i am a man with a heavy heart with a blind faith with no bitter taste
your in safe hands 
with me and our fans 
for you UR safe 


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Innocent dove of the flame What we cannot see but what we rely on If only there was you and I Enchanted forever without hope we shall be So come rescue me in the dark of the night Only you can save me For only you can show me the light I always knew you would be there to guide me evermore a spirited angel eternally beautiful always beside me I pray to you Can't you see I'm suffering Fly over me and grant me With your presence Your everlasting grace A hope I can keep sacred Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear This life without you is what I fear Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear this life without you is what I fear Remember the days when I was so weak Quick to turn with no allegiance I could pledge So easily I could break Using a dream to washout the nightmares Why didn't I turn to you Come enter my roof Once my soul beckons the most Give me a gnosis so grand I find safety in the truth And of the knowledge you bring And the wisdom you are In another life I called you sophia Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear This life without you is what I fear Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear this life without you is what I fear Safeguard to know Wherever my heart goes As long as I'm with you I know this is true For whatever our souls know Till we grow old If we truly find it right, sacred, and just Truth will always follow Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear This life without you is what I fear Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear this life without you is what I fear

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Into The Blue

A place where I can go to let down my hair
Become that of a still smooth sleeping bear
Gone with the wind is my worries and cares
Into beautiful eyes, where mine can stare

As each grain of sand slips through my hand
I recall each time that I held your hand
The way you made me feel like a man
This is the place where I can escape,
From Lifes binding plans 

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I'm Sleeping Outside

I've tried to tamper with such precious time
Looked forward and back with open eyes
I wonder about the day I'll die
Will there be rain or shine?
Maybe both, maybe none
As I speak another life has begun
Wish them luck as they carry on
Bewildered within these starry nights
I thought of time when I have lied
Oh such precious time
It flies
(im sleeping outside)
Signs and dreams lead me to believe
That somehow, some way
I'll be something great
Do I choose to be nieve?
They'll never know
Do I choose to be so weak?
It'll never show
(I'll be sleeping outside)
Love is such a clishey it seems
Something I could only see
Her eyes drew us in like summer heat 
Cupids arrows were made of clay
Oh yes I've longed for this day
I knew I wasnt lying anymore
(I always sleep outside
where the weather is nice
I can feel everything for what it's worth
dont give me signs or written lines
give me your solid words)

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Blow More Bubbles

When you’re feeling bored and blue, ‘cause there’s nothing fun to do,
Just dip in your bubble wand, and blow a bubble big and round.
There’s no fun that can compare, to blowing bubbles in the air.     

See how big your bubble grows, before it pops right on your nose.     
Blowing bubbles is so fun, inside or out in the sun.
Big kids, small kids, we don’t care.  Just blow bubbles in the air.  

Puff, puff, puff.  Chase some bubbles.   Puff...  Pop your troubles.
Puff...  Make some doubles.    Puff...  Blow more bubbles.

Of all the things that are so fun, blowing bubbles is number one!
Blowing bubbles can’t go wrong, so come on parents sing along.
All these bubbles, we should share, so let’s blow bubbles everywhere!

Puff, puff, puff.  Chase some bubbles.   Puff...  Pop your troubles.
Puff...  Make some doubles.    Puff...  Blow more bubbles.

Dip back in your bubble wand, and blow more bubbles all around.
You’ll be happy as can be, blowing bubbles just like me.
Everybody everywhere, keep blowing bubbles in the air.

Puff, puff, puff.  Chase some bubbles.   Puff...  Pop your troubles.
Puff...  Make some doubles.    Puff...  Blow more bubbles.

Sorry, ‘stoners’, you are wrong.  This is not about your bong.
Chasing bubbles and running free is healthier than THC!
Everybody everywhere, keep blowing bubbles in the air.

Puff, puff, puff.  Chase some bubbles.   Puff...  Pop your troubles.
Puff...  Make some doubles.    Puff...  Blow more bubbles.

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The hallway
    became the perfect place
to rest inside her hiding space,
as daylight danced
through amber leaves 
into the tickled carpeting -
and on November's hottest day
Pure love found purring through a pane,
and climbed into her cardboard box -
to warm her
    and a pair of socks.

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The whisper

The Whisper

In the softness of a diamond studded night
I felt that pregnant silence all around
And the moon she looked so magic in my sight
 As she cast her rich dark shadows on the ground.

I felt that mystic presence in the air
As I sensed an awesome power deep inside
And this essence it pervaded everywhere
As deep within my child, for freedom cried.

I heard the silence whisper to my heart
So soft, but oh so loud, and so, so, strong
As the voice of wisdom gently played it’s part
It’s very purity could not be wrong

‘Accept yourself’ the whisper seemed to say
You never know your time may not be long
Why not be here now, and live your life today?
            And let it be, and dance, and sing your song.

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Journey Through Fear

Sense of protest under skies
Of inner silence; external lies
I seek protection from within
But still I have to leave my skin

No more spirit in this life
The more I travel, the less I like
A mortal sickness eating love
Too blind to witness the things above

Inward vision appearing weak
More outer strength is all they seek
Destiny and fate entwined
I fall to question what’s in my mind

Sensing darkness in disguise
An inner noise that lacks the light
In desperation I now fade
Another victim of dying days

No more breathing for better things
Only acceptance and fitting in
My nightmares seep into the earth
I have no power, and no true worth

A dream of falling into skies
I am the silent - a wraith in flight
The world I see behind me lost
I wake to protest what I have caught

I asked a question, it opened doors
Experienced the fear we’re taught
I am wakeful, it’s all I need
More understanding is what I seek

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Upon this Christmas Day

He sleeps there in a stable
The babe born to the world
Both mother, father watch with care

Though swaddled in a cloth
He is born, yet, to be king
With but just rags for Him to wear

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

For within the early morning
Angels brought the sky a voice
Calling forth those who wish to hear

Along then, came all others
Knowing truth within their hearts
That all now have nothing to fear

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

Go forth and tell all others
Who had no chance to hear
The news of hope and of the joy

Let them know the Gift of God
That comes to save us all
His son sent as this little boy

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

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Dance to tha beat

dance to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha
dance to my heart beat

Boy verse:

Im dancin to tha beat (beat)
movin my feet
got my body in motion
to tha rhym of tha beat (beat)
she movin fast ay
im talkin nastay
we gone stay past eight
and go to my place

dance to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha
dance to my heart beat

Girl verse:

Im ready for wateva
you know wat i mean (mean)
lets get down to tha point
lets get down and dirty
I can make you fanticize
cus yo head between my thighs
when you look at my third eye
boy I make you mezmerize

dance to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha
dance to my heart beat

Girl verse: 

Im playin game of twister
im all ova tha room
im even on tha dresser
my body all on you
im playing game of twister
im all ova tha room
im even on tha dresser
my body all on you

we can dance on the bar
even make love on ya car
boy you make my heart roar
(roar, roar, roar)
you make my heart roar

dance to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha
dance to my heart beat

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Heart and Mind

* Heart & Mind *   

I wonder, and I wonder of this heart of mine, for I know there are so many things for 
me to find

I felt a pain so I left at the same time, to a small house that was designed

I passed the first and took the next in line, because the big house wasn’t finished so 
there wasn’t any time.

I jumped and entered, then did what I had to do at the time, and then something 
flashed across my mind, for there’re similarities of the same signs

I wonder, and I wonder, is she the true angel of mine, for she is full of the sweet 
sweet signs 

I wonder and I wonder, is she the true love of mine, for all that I know of her is that 
she straps the heart and mind: she’s caring, sharing and most of all my father’s 

I see her nose, especially her sweet smile, every time she crosses my mind, for with 
such a smile, she will always be in my mind

I never always get what I want but that’s ok; it is for the best at times 

But this time I am sure that if I don’t receive her, one thing for sure, she will always 
be apart of my mind

For she is a sweet little creature of my father’s design that will always be in my heart 
of mine

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The Lioness

My precious was nearly destroyed by an heart breaker
but it was romantically rescued by an heart maker
my strength to trust was nearly gone
lovingly, i have it restored by a miss namely bimbo

Escape from the den of a lioness,
a beautiful kangaroo welcome me into her palace
when i thought that my love life is dead
and that no woman can again equate the balance

money is sweet and marriage is distasteful
those were the vain words of my mouth
cuz i have see too many ladies that are lustful
which weakens my tissues and gives me a bone

i lost a copper but look at the beauty of the silver i have
God have given a great, loving distance companion to my life
to teach me that there are still few that will reject the mark
those whose family not be tear apart

listen to  her and be natural about it
you will see how her beauty glows
her inner beauty is far precious than onyx
her gesture like the flock of mount-Gilead's goat

her is a fountain of honey and milk
no other honeycomb is like my beloved words of her lips
i believe GOD is sending her to me
change my regretful believe

Ever since i met you
i wish to end up with someone like you
i am very to have naked the true
but i wish to have a picture you

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I Have You

If leaves should fall from the evergreens
If time just stopped, and the sun rose dark and blue.
If all life ended, and the earth stopped turnin 'round
Even facing the end I'll still have you.

When I get married on that warm summers day,
When my baby is born, sometime next May.
Even if it's not, you that I married.
Even if you're not, my baby's daddy,
Well, I'll live gladly. I still have you

When bad times come, and all seems lost
When I'm flying high, my wings spread wide.
When I'm lost and/or in danger,
When I'm smiling or in anger,
It doesn't matter. You're there to help me through.
You're always there to see me through.

If there comes a day,
Where you walk away.
Should there come a time where I am left behind.
Even though you would have gone, don't expect a change.
I'll be waiting for the day when you come back my way.

If you walk up to me, and call me baby.
If you come up to me, and say we're besties.
If you come up to me, and dont say anything.
I'll take your hand, and we'll get through.

If ever there comes a time
When life's too much, there's no peace of mind.
When you're cold and feel alone,
When you dont know what it is to be home.
Dont be afraid, know your hands in mine.
Dont be afraid, you have me by your side

Even if leaves fall, from the evergreens.
If you walk away, never to be seen.
Even if you're not, the one I marry,
Just know I'm happy, that I have you.
And dont forget, you have me too.

We'll have each other, to help get through.

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_______________  =  Velocity

An equation with little importance
A lesson taken in physics class
But, something the physics teacher said made deep thoughts emerge
He said: “TIME goes on and never stops”

Places are visited and memories are cherished
Pictures are taken and smiles are captured
Walls embrace stones of reminiscence
TIME passes by, wishes are made, and we are enraptured

Age secretly whips pieces of our memory
Eyes narrow to symbolize remembrance
Then, we believe those pieces are lost
And our good TIMES vanished

These are nothing but mere ploys
Played by our mind
For those memories are at the back of our heads
Ready to appear whenever you, dear reader, want

To me,
T ales tune temperate  
I dioms idealize indigenous innuendos
M ajestic mnemonics mollify memoirs   
E xistence ends, Eternity endures ecstasy

Remember, dear passenger, that you are the leader
Lead TIME to the pleasant manors 
Show TIME the warmth of what is within itself
Reveal the secret of importance to every second in TIME…  

“Time is like a river. You can not touch the same water twice, because the flow that has 
passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment in life…” –Anonymous

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I Want You to Know

I cant help what I love, About you,
I cant help that I love... Everything you do.
I love who you are, and what you think,
I want you to know, what you mean to me.
You take care of me, I wanna take care of you too.
You do so much for me, Now I wanna do somethin for you
To show you that I love you too.
Sometimes, I dont know what to do, when I'm around you,
Cuz time just flies when I'm gazin up at you.
You mean the world to me and everything,
All this time it feels like we're just a dream.
You do so much for me, Now I wanna do somethin for you
To show you that I love you too.
With every fiber of my being,
and the bottom of my heart and soul,
I want you to know... How much I love you.
How much I love.... You.

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Scarred Tissue

scarred tissue i don't miss you i don't wish you were the better of me i don't care much for surveillance but it tempts me to burn out inside everybody's lying scarred tissue i really miss you i really wish you had got the better of me you see, i need that bad beat sometimes 'cause everybody's fine yeah, everybody's fine that's what on my mind For even Elvis reigning in his castle sometimes lost battles, immortalized forever tell the stories of the glories of mighty Aphrodite the most beautiful sin in existence bright was her smile all while the while evil stirred grinning storm clouds castles in the sky castles in the sky made for you and I grand castles in the sky sometimes re-invent your self just for indulgence stray from the normal path for it was one of a kind but I'm already under influenced sometimes a knowledgeable bright shining star fades away into the darkness shall come back in rebirth I know it sounds tragic but that's what I heard every bird has wings wings to fly away any chosen day into my dismay a beautiful array wings to start a new inner strength attitude because I'm in stride with you on another level soon a game worth winning is the reason we play life can be desperate at times but I find its beauty truly basking in the sunlight of midday so as I wave before a wave washes me to the shore I seek every day has been worth the while for the while stays wildly embedded in uniquely threaded scarred tissue

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Forever Your Man

I'm very outgoing, yeah I talk to some girls,
but you got to understand, you're the queen of my world.
Honey, If I had the money, I would glitter your life.
I'd buy you diamond rings and I would make you my wife.
It's true, you've put me through, I'm stuck to you like super glue.
I just wouldn't know what I'd do without you as my boo!
I stand grand in this land, with you at my hand.
How can I make you understand that I'm forever your man?
You're like the leader of the band and I'm your number one fan!
You're totally fine, you're fun, crazy, sexy, and cool.
So glad you're mine, the one, that makes the other boys drool.
When I think about the times I brought a tear to your eye,
It makes me break down and cry. Sometimes I wish I would die.
Girl, you are my Angel. You were sent from above.
You saved me from this hell and filled my life up with love.
Where we'll go from here on out is a mystery to me,
but I know I'll be all right with you, always, next to me!

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To Part is to Die

To part is to die;
Means forever that I
Will give my heart, body and mind,
Whenever to fight
For the rest of my life...

I will always try
To give you the sun, moon, and stars,
And everything under the sky.
I will forever strive
To quench you when you're dry,
If you're low, build you high.
Help you spread wings and fly...

To catch every tear you cry.
To never be the reason they fall from your eye.
Look into mine,
I promise no lie,
Together our dreams are infinite,
Let's bring them alive.
The world is divine,
So let's take our time,
And enjoy each treasure that crosses our line.
Thought the path may curve, each mountain we'll climb.
We'll never swerve and never divide.
Place your heart in my hand and I'll give you mine.
We'll put together our knots and let love make tie.
Swear on my entity, to never abandon your side.
No more, no less;
To part is to die.

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Forbidden love

Boy it's so hard, to sit here and be your friend, 
Watching you laugh and flirt, oh how that hurts my heart,
 MY feelings have grown over a short time, boy I just want you to be mine,
 But I'm sat back in this friend zone. 
our forbidden love, it's like the forbidden fruit, But boy you make my heart sing tunes, oh the tunes I'm feeling, I can always look but baby I can never touch, 
You’re my forbidden fruit, so our love will always, be our forbidden love, oh... Forbidden love... 
The friend zone it's quite dear, I sit here and the rhyme is gone out of my heart,
 My tunes are turning blue, the melody has turned sad and slow, 
Please reach out your hand, and take me back out of this friend zone. 
Baby oh... I need the rhyme back, oh please hold me and bring it all back. 
I don't see why we have to hind, our love inside, I would move mountains to be by your side, I will dry up rivers not to see you cry, I long to be the strength you need, so take my hand, don't let it fall by your side, pick up your hand baby, come save my life. 
Our forbidden love . . . it's like the forbidden fruit baby . . . But boy you make this heart of mine sing... The tunes it's singing, only if you can hear it... oh hear it, it's... calling for you. Baby, only for you, my forbidden fruit, 
Our forbidden love....

song lyrics about  a forbidden friendship love, to my cakes you will always have a special place here in my heart,
written by Davina browne
sometime in 2014

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On The Bed Of Crimson Roses

I smell the fragrance of love
On the bed of crimson roses
Memories of thee beguiles me
And million emotions my heart encloses

Those eternal love-filled hours
Feel yet to be so few
Oh Love! Rush down my core
As this heart concocts the brew

Silent I lay beside you, all cuddled up
That drives me to the golden shore
Seeing through my inward eye, I become
Nostalgic to the days of yore

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Good Morning

Good morning, beautiful day
No clouds storming, the Sun is shining
So I got to be rhyming, nice to see the leaves 
Falling in the Fall, go for a run feel the breez as a smile
I release, Peaceful morning puts my mind at ease like a picture
Say cheese, I'm in the mountains, happily shoutain to the Lord thank you
For a Good morning...

I'm up so early, I'm an early bird tweeting a song even if you already heard
Like Jack Johnson it's not the weedend, but Banana Pancakes I will make
If and when, I'd like to say Good Morning to all once again
So who am I, Daniel Sainz, go head and call me
Daniel Son, like the Karate Kid, HA JK
Wait for the next day, Good Morning
I'll say, hope it will be a
Beautiful Day...

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Stranger in danger

There she was sitting all alone in the corner of this bar, crying into her drink and looking off as if she was lost…I sat down beside her, to hear her broken heart. 

She said the man she thought truly loved her, nearly took her life…she said the man she once thought loved her became a stranger in her life. 

She was a stranger in danger, I just wanted to protector her for the rest of my life…I said don’t you cry your pretty eyes, because I will be your knight! 

She was a stranger in danger, someone she use to love nearly took her life…the man that use to have her, lost and now she is the best thing in my life! 

Stranger in danger…now she is my wife…I will forever love her and cherish her for all times! Dry your eyes…because this stranger will never hurt you, but will always love you…no more, no more, no more…stranger in danger. 

The hurt is over, now wipe the tears from your eyes. Cry no more, no more…your loved, no more stranger in danger. Rest safely in the safety of my strong yet tender arms, your loved once more, once more. Stranger no more…you’re the love of my life.

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Sweet Rap

I'm gonna speak my mind, I'm gonna talk loud.
I want you to come with me, and the rest of your hot crowd.

Excuse-me-ladies, come over, and take a sip.
Please-be-with-me, I'm well equipped in the hips.

I've dreamed of you, since the day I could crawl.
Dropped my jaw, when I saw, y'all, tall, in the hall.

So, sit back, relax, on the bench, I'm the coach.
As I move close, start to make my approach.

When I look in your eyes, I can't explain how I feel.
For real, chill, in your beauty, time sits still.

I would swim the across the seas, just to get one sight.
Of all your beauty, Cutie, and to kiss you goodnight.

Drop, and hop, right over the winning team.
Cause, U without me, is like strawberries, without cream.

Just remember one thing, before my rap quit.
My name is T Rabbit and I'm your number one pick!

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Girl, did ya ever find a guy and wonder
Why’s he seem more than a friend?
He takes you over and under
A starry night outside your bed
Can it be he wants to last?
He cancels dates just way too fast
The tension’s drawn it’s hard to see
The things to be that I can feel

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When I look into ur eyez

when I look into your eyez
I see love still there inside
and I want to be that one
to make it sunny when it rains
yet I want to be that girl
to step into your world
but first you gotta let me in
into your heart
and I promise you
I wont split it apart
when I look into ur eyez
I see love still there inside
I wanna make u laugh
when u cry
i wanna make u happy
when ur sad
I wanna start brandnew
and erase ur past
I wanna be the best
you neva had
so when I look into ur eyes
I see love still there inside

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She stops to take 5 minutes

As she sighs along to the quiet
Giving herself some time to breath
She's hears a pleasant whisper
It's her own enchanted voice you see
Having some time to think now
To her own sweet pleasant whispers
As she let's the wave of still surround her
Taking in the peace

Shes a drifter and a dreamer
And I know you do believe her
When she tells you
She caught the stars
She's a drifter and a dreamer
And I know she gets your fever
When you see her 
Dancing in the dark

She's soaked in flooded moments
Times of gold, she hold these treasures
As she let's the wave of still surround her
Thoughts etched in her mind
Her own enchanted voice is saying
Never stop your dreaming please
Sometimes it gets you through the day
The world moves on regardless

Shes a drifter and a dreamer
And I know you do believe her
When she tells you
She caught the stars
She's a drifter and a dreamer
And I know she gets your fever
When you see her 
Dancing in the dark

These flooded moments 
Soak her skin
You dive right in
You dive right in

As she stops to take 5 minutes
To drift and be swept away
The hazy morning sunrise
Shines on her face.

Written 15. July 2011
Copyright 2011
(I have entered this into the International Song Contest 2011)

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Exist in Dreams

A dream that dances in waves, and mirrors all you do
So you dance, and hope that some day the song will come from you
This dream is all that exists, and all you’ve ever known
The song is picking up speed, so it’s follow or fail alone

A flame that flickers in sync with the shadows by your side
The rain puts out the light, and causes you to hide
This nightmare is all that exists, and all you’ve ever known
But this song still hasn’t stopped, and so you dance alone

You cherish sand on the banks of a path winding through a storm
This desert trail is all that you see; too blinding to look beyond
This path is all that exists, and the only way to go
Holding close the sand as you sing, just so you’re not alone

The sand is part of the storm that makes you close your eyes
But now the wind starts to slow, and the scenery makes you cry
This life is all that exists, and the only way to go
The sand falls through your hands, and you carry on alone

A love that blooms into being beneath the darkest skies
Is a life that will venture out despite the lonely nights
So scared, but so unafraid to find what you need to be
Despite the fear that prevails, and tells you what to see

The flames steady and still, and a shadow kneeling down
The rain cleansing your heart as all your fears drown
The sand creating a path, and shielding you from pain
And now, with the wind at your back, you remember why you came

To dream a light shining out for all the world to see
To be more than you think, and beyond all that will be
To create a desire to be the creators of our dreams
To become the mirror of self, and reflect our unity

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Beyond What's Seen

You do not know what I see
I see you crying next to me
I see your pain, I see your tears
Through your laughs, and through the years
Past your mask I see your face
You are hiding in this place
Trust in me, I won't let you fall
You don't have to hide at all

Open up what's in your heart
That is the place I will start
Open up your eyes and see
All that's left is you and me
In the end you'll see the light
Come on, I don't want to fight
Together we will make it through
Come on. Now, It's me and you

Now you can start to feel
How much this love is true and real 
behind your eyes you keep your pain
It's all locked up in your brain
Come on. Now, just let it out
It's okay to scream and shout
I will help you through and through
I will always be with you

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I Hear A Symphonie { Vignette}

reconised as one of the greatest harpsichordist 
his sonates for flute and harpsichord remain
an attractive part of chamber music repertoire
with six string symphonies he had written for
baron von swieten and arbiter elegentium in vienna
music by cpe bach is often listed with a reference number
from the catalogue of his works by wotquenne {wq}

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel

Can find his works at
Classics online .com

Entry For Brian Strand's FanFare Contest

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The Mother of All Love Poems 2

Tis where the world begins and ends,
where all the joy of life transcends,
the mountaintop, highest of highs,
just being here betwixt your thighs.

Tis where a man would die to be,
or sell his throne, just but to see,
fountain of youth, the Holy Grail,
and made for only one to nail. 

Tis certainly a pot of gold,
tho some might wear out when it's old,
and makes the beggar man, who begs,
for just one night between these legs.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Waves of Time

I'll meet you by the sunset
If you wait for me by the sea
Out of all this world's wonders, there is, only you and me
And as my madness wanders, the depths and darkness of my mind
I'm looking for a way out
A way that you can help me find

And as the wind comes soaring down the mountains to the sea
I know the oceans roaring means, you're coming back to me
And yes it may take me awhile, but one day I'll call you mine
We'll stand here in the sand together, and watch the waves of time

At first it all comes easy
The rest will come with time
But I know it will be worth it, the day, that I can call you mine
I still don't understand why it is you hold me dear
But then again all that matters is, how I feel when you are near

And as the wind comes soaring down the mountains to the sea
Well I know the oceans roaring means, you're coming back to me
And yes it may take me awhile, but one day I'll call you mine
We'll stand here in the sand together and watch the waves of time

Too many long years later
We're walking down that shore
Why can't things be as easy as they once were before
But as I look into your eyes, our smiles sing the rest
We fall down to the sand together, our love has passed the test

And as the wind comes soaring down, the mountains to the sea
I know the oceans roaring means, you're staying here with me.
And baby I know it took me awhile, but you're here now, and you're mine.
We'll lay here in the sand together, and watch the waves of time.
Yes we'll lay here in the sand together until the end of time.

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Jesus evidence of things not seen

By faith we can kiss the feet that wore the shoes                   							 							  that the latches we are unworthy to loose                                                                                  		  							 leave our burdens with thanksgiving sweetly cry    															                                                                                                                                            ~By faith we can reach up to the nail scarred hands   														  that led the blind man out of town in the way                                                                                                                    keep looking up to the eyes that wipe away all tears 												                                                                                                   ~By faith receiving His love with and without fears                                                            										it is written love Him He will lead in the most excellent way                                        									 living to die dying to live it is by His strength we stand    											    			 ~By faith we can lean upon Jesus' bosom                                                                      										with listening ears hearing the heart beat of God															the small voice saying the Love of God shall never die  										                                	   	 ~By faith waiting for the horses they fly	 														Lord Jesus the one leadeth with staff and rod                                                                             									 the fruitful bow that forever blossom's                                                            								  			 ~By faith as Jesus heals the blind man looking at His face                                            										 the blind man looking around saw every man clearly 														 Love is of God we must not from their lovely faces hide 														~By love our brothers and sisters we have seen so dearly 														the brother we have seen on the street stumbling by												          		 the knowledge of His saving grace for whom Our saviour died 													 ~By grace of the Lord Jesus in the morrows by and by  														 be that pure and perfect lovely Bride 																 "Who is my mother, or brethren." Jesus said we can By Faith

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Praise God

If it's not one thing then it's another.
I'm either fighting with my dad or hearing screams from my mother.
My girlfriend doesn't trust me. I can't pay for therapy.
I can't do this all alone. I get down on my knees.
I ask the lord for forgiveness, right before I begin.
Although he is a forgiving God, how could he look upon sin?
Prayer is so simple even a child can start.
It's not all imagination, your faith must come from the heart.
It's all so real, the thrill you feel, the chill that's going through you.
You no longer fear it, the holy spirit starts showing and glowing, it's true.
Who knew that you, that tough guy? The one that wouldn't believe?
Then why are you always calling out for him when your unable to achieve?
He's always there to help us. Stand out and give it a try.
The Closer you get to God you'll see this isn't a lie.
Thank you, Jesus! Praise Jesus! Halliugha! Oh Lord!
I can never lose a battle using you as a sword!
Life here is too short, yesterday is already gone.
Knowing where you'll spend eternity will help keep you moving on.
Praise God!

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One Wish

I saw a shooting star tonight, you know what I wished for? I wished for love, not just any love, I wished for you on that beautiful night. I wished for someone to love me for me just the way I am. So I wished on that star, I wished with all my might. I didn't want just anyone I wanted someone I could count on to be there for me through whatever, I knew you were that person, you're always there whenever. I know your not suppose to tell what you wish for, I told you now because the next day it all came true, one wish on that shooting star, I wished for you. It was the best thing I ever did. --Kayla Parmer (:

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Wait for me in Budding Branches

Closed Eyes --
I imagine you, a bird
Soaring through a cloudless wide open
And to my ears, I hear the gentle chimes
In breathtaking delight, a sound so
Breathing in --
The air is warm painted in sunshine
Sweet as fresh rain in the woods
I hear you --
A quiet flutter against plumes
Your feathers lift so subtle 
Embracing cooling winds
High above the treetops…

Please wait for me in budding branches;
I will fly with you, I promise --
I love you.

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Halloween's Song

Its your Halloween rave, having your mascaraed
With all your best friends from back in the day
Liz Lauren and Blake and while they're dressed like skanks
I'm on the front line of battle
Howlin like jackle with A real nasty cackle
puttin a razor blade in the sack of Blake's apples
crack in Lauren's snapple
Staddle Liz like mclovin
But I am more like faghole As I babble at her ass
Axe her fast and mash her up like cattle
Sneak back and tackle your dad and put him in shackles
Shove sour patch kids Down your trap and gaggle
Its abominable, so unbelievable
But its inevitable, the end is kissable
I have rattled these kids psyches 
squirming like a centipede, cutting them like celery 
hear their squeamish screams echo in the streets
as the  creepy bells of the chapel ring

I remain a mystery
You'll need nancy drew, and at least 3 of the hardee boys to find what I'm up to
Theres this gloom that looms down in your basement room
Consuming shrooms, enhaling fumes to escape your doom
Witches zoomin by on their brooms makin sonic booms
Quick call scooby doo, but I killed him too
You heard a loud pound cause I cut the fuse so you
Run away to a motel room, assuming your safe
And As you look the other way,
I got my fangs in your veins and stranglin your neck
Too bad you didn't text your friends to tell them who is next
Hmm let me think for a sec. As Hex your boy  rex 
with an incessant twitch, till he is dead in a ditch
Hang him from bunny man bridge
Yo dude turn the lights on
But there's no flip to switch , I have flipped the script
Its bewitched with no miss to kiss
Exorcist with no priest to dismiss the spirit

So the town clock strikes half past 3
There's one last gas before i must sleep
Or i will crash fast if the light touches me
Put on the mask jack, just like the sixth scream 
I need to grasp havoc, till i hear shrills and shrieks
Please back rabbit, these chills aint for teens
As I stick a cherry bomb in your moms exhaust pipe
Run up on you  with nine a knife, and the head of your wife
Its useless I'm the nuisance that's abusive yet conducive
To your fear that I am near So close I could whisper in your ear
Smell the shampoo in your hair Wipe the floor with your tears
And as you look up in the mirror
I'm there ready to smear your blood all over the chair
as I stab you with my spear I crush a coors beer then
Leave you re crops there dead, red spread on the floor
But I hear a knock on the door
Are you okay honey? "Yes mommy,  just got a cold sore"

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The Labor Of Love

Thank you God for all that you have given me
You pulled me through, the worst 5 years of my life
But I realize for the first time, I am truly living my life
On a journey with no worries, The view is blurry
But as long as my love for you is burning
I am as clam as the breeze, as still as the trees
though I dont know what is going to happen to me
I have feeling If i give you everything
Put my hand in your glove
Im going to accomplish things I never could never dream of
Allow me to stand above, those who chucked me under the bus
Shoved me into the mud, I trust that you will not sort of or kind of
But fully dispose of my enemies, who cussed at you through shunning me
So we have no other option than to be thrusted to number one, Its a must
that my light for you is more lumious than the sun
Leave the oposition studdering and stunned
Doing it all in the name of your son, Jesus
This is how I must live my life, I call it The Labor of Love
Something I can not get enough of, I maybe under the gun
But Im still focused on fun,  People need to wake up
 and smell the scents, it all makes sense
when you make the change in your brain
Get rid of the thoughts of peformance
That drive you insane, realize your mistakes
Are indications that we need to shift our focus
To Jesus, No need to be anxious
 Its not about the perfection rather the persistance
Then the weight of the world will be lifted
You can live life how it was inteded
As care free as adam and eve.

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It Feels So Nice

Let the lovin' take a hold
Because it will if you let it.
The choice may be bold
But if you don't you'll regret it.
Stress no static from the chest 
You're better than that.
And where the lovin' is,
Is where I'm at, I'm at.

They say you'll never know love
Until you understand the blues,
And you've had a love that you had lose.
And it feels so nice
I won't make the same choice twice.
But it feels so nice
When you finally get it right.

And I'll give it up, give it up, give it up, give it up
Make you see God. I'm always right even when I'm wrong.
And I won't run to you to feel love,
Feel love, feel love, love.
Oh you

Feel so nice,
I won't make the same choice twice.
But it feels so nice
When you finally get right.

Momma said the best way to get over someone
Is to get under someone else.
So pull me under let the current take control
And let the lovin' take a hold
Because it will if you let it.
The choice may be bold
But if you don't you'll regret it.
Stress no static from the chest 
I'm better than that.
And where the lovin' is,
Is where I'm at, I'm at.

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come on let's get happy

Come on lets get happy.

Sometimes I feel so happy
I could dance in in perfect glee
I could sing from the highest mountain
Just let myself be free
And float just like a feather
Upon a warm spring breeze
I feel so very happy
My whole world filled with ease

Sometimes I feel like leaping 
in the middle of the street
My legs all light like feathers
My whole world feels so sweet
And I don’t know why this happens
But I do not give a dam
I am happy that I’m happy
I am like a baby lamb.

I wasn’t always like this
Something happened in my heart
Now I’m happy just for being
And for my blessed art
I’m inviting everybody
You’ve all got to dance with me
Come on and board my happy train
Take a break from normalcy.

27 June 2013 @ 0709hrs.

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Which Way

June 21, 2013

We've been floating through the years
Just you and me my dear
Without a worry on our minds
Or a watch to keep the time

Which way will you go
Which way will you go
If you take the road less traveled
You're much less likely to unravel

Where have you gone
I can't seem to find you anywhere but here
Right by my side where you belong
Holding hands and singing songs

Of a time long gone
When the long forgotten speak
Their minds
And we let ours go in time

Which way will you go
Which way will you go
If you take the road less traveled
You're much less likely to unravel

How will you answer
My love
Will you trust in your beloved
Or look to the stars above

As the days roll by
I wonder why
Which will
Which will you try

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Walking around the graveyard
Untaggling his hands from the pocket in his jacket
its clear in his head that he's screaming for something
that something is missing within his heart

Taking off his hat as he sits it on her grave
Pulling out a piece of paper
The death certificate that her name was signed on
a tear falling from his cheek 
he reaches down to pick up the flower he laid there before

crumples at his touch
sitting down the piece of paper
he asked her
how can i love?
when the one i want is not here?

tears fall from his eyes unto the paper 
he lights a candle
sits it by her tombstone

He lays down beside her
listening to the wind
hoping to hear her voice
something he longed for
something that he was missing

he falls asleep
holding the stem of the rose that crumpled before
The pedals fly away with the wind
and the flame of the candle burns out
the rain starts to fall

He lays with his eyes closed
He goes back in time
The rose pedals fall back unto the stem
The paper flies back into his pocket

He walks back into town
Back into the house he was at before
Back at her funeral
to the hospital they were at
When they found out she had cancer
To the church where they got married
To the time when he asked her to marry him
Finally to the place where they met

There story replays again in his mind
he lays cold on the ground beside her
The wind dies down
and the candle starts burning again

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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It does not matter what kind of food I am eating
What matters is with whom I am feasting
And the way this lady keeps my old heart beating
She makes everything look and taste appetizing

She makes me feel like I'm eating some gourmet dish
Even if in truth I am just eating ordinary fried fish
Eating meals with her I will always cherish
She can turn ordinary food to something that I relish

I can never put to words the joy that she can bring
And the good taste to my food that she is adding
This lady to me really means everything
With her around I would not even need seasoning

Food shared with her is a gift from above
Made tastier by true and eternal love
She is everything that my dreams are made of
Meals shared with her are truly seasoned with love

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On the Dock in the Summer

As the summer sunlight hits
the surface of the lake
I am transfixed by a million kaleidoscopic
sparkles making  the water look like
a silver-blue satin sheet
with thousands of winking diamonds
upon it strewn
like some cosmic boon
an ethereal treasure
a dazzling gift of the fickle Texas weather
causing my eyes to squint
from the overwhelming glint
though I try to keep them open
pupils coping
because the ambiance is magic
so brief, it's tragic
the lake seems like a living creature
a silent preacher
reflecting the wonder of God...
I start to nod
as I feel my skin bake
regardless of the claims they make
surely this must be healing
this wonderful feeling.
I breathe deeply and clear my throat
as I note
out of the corner of my eye
a brilliant green-blue dragonfly
wings beating at lightening speed
hovering over a stand of reeds
like some kind of prehistoric chopper
only...elegant and proper.
I marvel at the aerodynamics of
this  minature flying myth
proving dragons still exsist
as it darts and then hangs suspended
irredescently splendid
as God intended
suddenly flying in reverse
(physics be cursed)
then warp-speed ahead and
my body feels like lead
as a thought crosses my drowsy mind
wondering if, at a certain time,
they were descended from dragons,
thinking of Bilbo Baggins...
or maybe they're aliens come to invade
not realizing 
until they arrived the
mistake they'd made
on the matter or sizing
for, if they were larger, like
planes, if you will,
we'd all be transfixed
by their flying skill.
So maybe they're tiny, frustrated invaders
living like traitors.
I focus now on the whirr of it's wings
and the lullaby it sings
finally surrendering
and my last conscious thought
that my psyche reveals
is that
this must be
how happiness feels.

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Lightening all you have betrayed
Enlighten the darkness in your brain
Illuminate all you can perceive
From contamination to disease

The voices of hunger will remain
Seeking the power to obtain
A grip on the things that scare you most
To weaken your spirit; to be host

In times of wanting, and in greed
Your first reaction was to feed
Hammering fear in to your heart
Causing your senses to depart

Strength over others comes from fear
Igniting the wars that keep it near
A shadow that sneaks in to your soul
From birth until death you are its goal

Exercise consciousness and thought
Look beyond everything you’re taught
Analyse selfhood and reveal
The bravest ambition is to feel

Forgiving the people that betrayed
Knowing their darkness and their pain
Become the light you need to see
Feel it in all those you set free

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Where You Are

I know you only now
Still I wonder if it’s true
That somewhere in my past
There was once a me and you
Every minute everyday
You're all that’s on my mind
For you're that someone special
I dreamed that I would find
With you I found my heaven
My hopes and all my dreams
When I look into your eyes
I know then what life means
I’d climb the highest mountain
I’d reach the furthest star
I’d swim the deepest sea
If I could be there where you are
But when I can’t be with you
All the time we are apart
Know that I will hold you close
Deep within my heart
Stay with me till morning
Hold me while I sleep
And when it's time for you to go
Dry the tears I weep
But when I’m in your arms again
When time is standing still
Know, I’ll never feel again
The way you make me feel.

By Raina Hutchins

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Universal love

The sound of her breathing
serene and peaceful her presence
The view of her eyes watching me
untamed admiting her preference

I, who am I for her to want me
unclear remnants of the past

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Let the Dawn Break In

I wait for the moment
The night to fall
Look up the sky
Stars galore
Nightingales  call
Its time to sing
Forget all your pain
Wash away your sins
The moon feels alone
As the whole city sleeps
Out there somewhere 
A  lonely soul weeps
Forget all your pain
Its time to sing
Let new love come through the door
Through the tears of joy
Let the dawn break in

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Redwood Tree

Skies are Blue
Trees are green
I keep on walking round that redwood tree,
I keep on walking around that redwood tree.

I've been walking
For days on end
And I still can't see
The light again.
So I'll keep on walking round that redwood tree,
I'll keep on walking round that redwood tree

I've kept on walking
till I met you
With sea blue eyes
A pretty smile, too.
So no more walking
Round that red wood tree
No more walking down that redwood tree.

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How I Long For--

My dreams are falling apart
In Your hands, I pray (for joy), "Take heart!"
You are the stars - searing my 
Soul is kneeling to the ground
Trace my future and take wing
Towards the pathway...You find peace
You are an angel in my--

Heart is bleeding soundlessly
Above land...I mourn so sweet
I am the clouds - carrying a 
Gallon of grief...release me!
Place me in fields of love and
Forgive me and lift me up
You are the heavens to my--

Heart is beating profoundly
Without Your heart's joyous song
You are the sun - nourishing 
My lambs are grazing around,
Roving in fields of splendor,
Enlightening the darkness
You are an apple to my--

Eye is grieving...losing sight
Of Your glory...I feel lost
You are the lake - sparkling with
Delight and Luck! Bring us home!
Grow like a morning glory
In the autumn time, You thrive
You are valuable to my--

Eye is twinkling...praying for 
Insight...yearning for Your sight
You are the hills - guiding my
Mind is longing for your mirth--
Restoring peace to my verse,
Sprouting forth grace and freedom
You are the train tracks, bearing--

My train of thought...making my
Steel spirit connect with Yours
You are the valley - between
The mountains guarding us all,
Building strength to fragile bones,
Welcoming a stream of hope
You are my map - lending me

YOUR helping hand I would take
Now, I could take Your challenge
You are like a maze filled with
Mysteries conceal the truth;
I fight with all of my might
And I BEG for Your mercy
To mend my once blissful dreams!

How I long for Your mercy...

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Little Moccasin { Edited }

<                                    on the trail 
                                      he took a wife
                                      comanche made 
                                      and full of life
                                      two breeds 
                                      different nations
                                      family  love's

                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love did not come unglued
                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love was so brand new

                                      high above  canyon ridge
                                      little moccasin calls her name
                                      without his blue moon
                                      love would never be the same
                                      so he dances the ring of fire
                                      mounts his horse
                                      and returns
                                      for his ones desire

                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love did not come unglued
                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love was so brand new

                                      little moccasin's leap of faith
                                      blue moon stride for stride
                                      echoes linger canyons ridge
                                      we'll  always's be husband and bride
                                      Navajo and Comanche
                                      they said it couldn't be done
                                      under one God and one indian nation
                                      hunting grounds now they can finally begun

                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love did not come unglued
                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love was so brand new

This Poem Was Based 
On The Song
Running Bear  
Debs Contest G.L. All

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For The Bride and Groom

Strangers they truly were 
Acquintance they later become 
Friends they agreed to be 
Lovers their emotion speak 
Soul Mates the journey turns to be. 

They've chosen to be with each other 
How Beautiful she is in his arms 
How Handsome he looks when with her 
Two Hearts beating the rhythm of Love 
Oneness of life their purpose now is. 

She accepts his maleness with the flaws 
He accepts her physique with the character 
In their eyes their Love only they see 
In their hearts alone lies their shortcomings 
A blissful life their hear truly yearn for.

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I Found You

The time I’ve spent alone 
Has seemed to last eternally
It seemed I’d be forever
Saying I instead of we

That something I was looking for 
The image in my mind
No matter just how hard I tried 
I couldn’t seem to find

I wanted someone special
Who would always love me too
Someone who would care for me 
And always would be true

Someone who would hold me tight 
And kiss me everyday
He'd stay with me forever
He'd never go away

He’d try to understand me
He’d never tell a lie
He’d laugh if I were happy
And hold me when I cry

I know he’d always love me
I know he’d always care
And when I go to sleep at night
I’d know he’s always there

To find this someone special
Seemed impossible to do
But I know you are special
Cause I found it all in you

And though I may not always say
Or show you how I feel
Know, how much I love you
And know, I always will

By Raina Hutchins

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Shining Sun

new song/poem! :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I look outside my window Watch the rain fall down like tears Hoping that someday It’ll wash away my fears But they never clear They never go away And they haunt me every single minute Of every single day Maybe someday This will all just turn to dust I’ll just do what I need— Just do what I must… Without you Without you Here Find it in your heart To have a little care Find it in your heart To know that I am there Find it in your heart I know you think I’m strange But find it in your heart To believe that I can change With you With you Here I write this down in sadness Wishing you can see Knowing that none of it Makes sense to you or me And there’s nothing here There’s nothing I can say To make the clouds depart And the icky mood to fade I hope that someday When I am old and gray I’ll just laugh a sigh and wonder: What the hell was wrong with me? Find it in your heart To see me through the pane Find it in your heart To unchain me from this chain Find me in your heart I know that I am young But find it in your heart To make me someone Forever— And ever Your shining sun

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In Your Love

Every time you kiss my lips 
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Like a never ending abyss
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Every time you whisper I miss you
I am drowning, I'm drowning
In your love,  in your love.

Life doesn't seem dangerous
When I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
Don't take it so serious
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
I don't care what they think of us
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
In your love, in your love

~ Leonard Napierskie

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Thoughts of A Song Writer

From my thoughts on the paper in which it lies, 
My everlasting passion is inked as it dries.
The way I feel inside, you might want to spy,
But if you pry, how will my lyrics surprise?
A song for thought will only leave a thought.
May sound difficult, but that’s just how I talk.
I was lost, but I found me.
Dreaming and believing that writing was my key.
The way it flows and the way that it goes pumps me to speak
the very thoughts that many minds chose to keep.
Many rocks I’ve kicked and many decisions I’ve made.
Any wrongs I take the blame.
Tic-tac-toe is only a game.
I plagiarize your eyes with the notes that I’ve taken,
A high note here and a low note there-
You’d swear I’m in your head when my song hits your ear.
Pain recognizes pain
And I’ve have my share of bandages.
 My vibes from life heals the permanent damages.
Thoughts of a Songwriter,
Reaches farther beyond the beat,
Over the lyrics on the sheet,
Not only is it about the speech,
 But more of what the message seeks.
True enough a theme is touched and a heart is rushed.
With the mind-throbbing picture disappearing 
Through the ink of my pen and revealed through your lens,
You can’t hear me, but do you feel me?
I cherish my talent and where it could possibly sweep me.
My doubts and my worries are beneath me.
I love for brighter days and pray for more things to pave.
Call my life my number because its infinite.
Thoughts of a Songwriter,
My mentality drips it.

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Landslides of Roses -song-

We often like singing, to landslides of roses, and no one cares. 
This worlds almost over, so hard to stay sober, when you're not there.

 For time will tell your fortunes fail, when you breathe my name, so call on those who care for you, as your fear hides your shame. The clouds will calm, the angry rain, as I take all the blame!

This world that we live in, is taken not given, when we don't share.
 So trust in your loved ones, to hold and protect you, when I'm not there. 

For faith in love is bittersweet, when you have no shame. So close your eyes and raise your voice, call out my name. Just hold me now, believe in me, I'll take all your pain! 

Cause I love you my precious one, I hold you in my heart. So run with me so far away, we'll build a new start. Just hold me now, believe in me, forever we'll be! 

Cause we often like singing, to landslides of roses, and no one cares. And as we grow older, this world may seem colder, but I'll still be there. 

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The Journey of Consciousness

Dreams lost in lack of sense
A lack of knowing where it went
Into the maelstrom; loss of sight
Machinery that stole your light

Fumbling through quiet noise
Mimicry evading choice
Everything within your grasp
When you don’t see beyond your clasp

Stubborn nightmares leaking through
The water rising lets you choose
Standing tall when you can’t sit
Your prison granting this privilege

Conscious reason comes to aid
Escaping from this shallow grave
The first revival, so alone
The sun revealing the dark unknown

Many paths, all are one
Soon to shape the dark beyond
And through the journey you will find
You were guided by your own designs

Experience is breathing through
Sharing truth to let us choose
A wakeful state to gain insight
Accept that pain can strengthen light

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Sometimes I wish that I could be, a little boy who was just like me. When I was young and not afraid, of anyone or anything. 
   I'll take my time to lose it all. But learn to run before I crawl.  So far away from everything. That this cruel world has thrown on me. 

Hearts may break, as teardrops fall. But love and time, will heal us all. So hold onto, your happy thoughts. Grip childhood dreams, don't let them rot!

   I'll shake some hands, and crack a smile. I'm in no rush, I'll be here a while.  To face this world, all on my own. But in your arms, I'm not alone. 
   So take my hand, and hold it tight. Let's spread our wings, and take to flight. We'll break the boundaries, of any road. And go seek out, our pot of gold. 

Hearts may break, as teardrops fall. But love and time, will heal us all. So hold onto, your happy thoughts. Grip childhood dreams, let the bad ones rot!
Sometimes I believe in miracles. Sometimes I hate this cold hard world. 
Sometimes I just break down and cry. 
That's when my angels help me fly. 

Carry me, high upon your shoulders. Don't let me, grow any older. For Neverland, is where we make it. I'm happy now, no need to fake it. 
   In troubled times, I drift away. And let my childhood memories play. When lost and lonely, pick up the phone. Dear mom and dad, I'm coming home. 

Hearts may break, as teardrops fall. But love and time, will heal us all...

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Bring it on

                                              A new day, start of a new year,
                                              may it be full of gladness and cheer;
                                              bring happiness to friends and relations,
                                              bring glory and friendly salutations;
                                              bring contentment to your existence,
                                              relieve all your stress and resistance;
                                              bring great wealth in time of need,
                                              bring you healing with God speed;
                                              bring love for your very own heart,
                                              a love from which you will never part;
                                              fill all your days with love and wealth,
                                              give your mind and body great health;
                                              expand your growing love soul to soul,
                                              love and your purpose is our only goal.

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You are truly Charming
My Princess and Priceless Jewel.
I drank your beauty with my eyes 
and my heart became drunk with love. 
I desire you when I admire you.

You are an Epitome of Beauty 
alas, an Epitome of womanhood.
You are the Angel of my life.
Thank you for being mine.
I love you Always.

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My Cure

You sucked the poison out of me,
I feel free though I can see
The inspiration has also left my head
As I lay awake in bed,
But I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
I’m holding onto this escape,
Forgiven for my mistake,
You’re all I need, breathe you in,
You’re under my skin,
But I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
This cure has my head spinning,
I’m falling and I’m flying,
Hold onto me, let me go,
I don’t know,
Which way to turn now,
Your eyes have me held,
But I don’t mind,
Why should I mind?
Take your time,
I stand in line,
First up, last one standing,
You speak words, commanding,
But I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
I tell myself this isn’t good,
Isn’t how it should
Be but you’ve held me tight
And carried me through the night
And I don’t mind,
No, I really don’t mind.
This cure has my head spinning,
I’m falling and I’m flying,
Hold onto me, let me go,
I don’t know,
Which way to turn now,
Your eyes have me held,
But I don’t mind,
Why should I mind?
Behind these eyes,
I always believed in lies,
The pain stung me like whips
But you cure me with your lips,
And I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
I’m burning up inside,
Want to run, to hide,
But your light seeks me out
And shows me what love’s about
So I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
This cure has my head spinning,
I’m falling and I’m flying,
Hold onto me, let me go,
I don’t know,
Which way to turn now,
Your eyes have me held,
But I don’t mind,
Why should I mind?
Should I
Mind? ...

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The Air

Sweet scents Fill my empty lungs I can hardly relent From singing the unsung Is as before These places I adore But the breath will be my death If my heart keeps racing And I keep embracing The sweet spring air The air I breathe now Is the air we shared then How Can I get back what's already been? Words trace down my throat Bittersweet after taste Gently afloat But becoming a waste It is the same here It is the same there But the sun is not here And the wind is not there Only clear blue tears And the silent dare The air I breathe now Is the air we shared then But please how Can I get back what's already been?

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Co-incidence (n 1 a chance occurence of simultaneous or apparently connected events)
Up, down.. left and right,
It's all around us, like the day and the night,
Too big to miss, but it's beyond our sight,
It's there.. and it isn't.  Nearly is.. but not quite!
You people are ALL right.. so I'll try to be polite,
You can't fight the feeling.. 'cause you haven't got the might,
Can you handle the truth? Get a grip and hold tight,
'Cause it will set you free!  Blow your mind like dynamite!

In the beginning.. I'm sure you know too,
This World was created, it's all been thought through,
Evolving on que, under skies made so blue,
Plant's came before us, just so they could give to you.
Sorry, I'm repeating what you already knew,
But how did these plants know to sow the seeds that grew?
So they slid through our bellies, waiting in our fertile poo?
Symbiosis with the Planet..  does this all sound true?

What about us?  Why are we here?
Why all the questions?  It is obviously clear!
It all makes sense, so there's no need to fear,
Don't confuse the matter, because it's simple my dear!
We have got ears.. so that we can hear,
But why give us a brain?  Because year after year,
We just dig a deeper ditch.. and then flood it with tears,
When the end draws near, will you hear any cheers?

I want a big applause, when I finish this race,
If I finish first..  I won't say "In your Face!"
Try to look good, don't end it in disgrace,
Or even take it slow, and set a nice steady pace.
Never give up!  Learn to lead a merry chase,
Up the garden path, throughout time and space,
And just in case, we end up lost in this place,
The case will be closed and we'll be gone, without a trace.

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Wind up

Stuck in your box of ease
Fear holding you back from being free
Holding to comfort so you'll never fail
But this zone is starting to feel like a prison jail

So throw off the chains of easy
And mix up your routine
This life is all you'll live for
Make it somethin worth a mean
Stop being a wind up, just going through the day
Cause if your living a wind up, where will you wind up anyway

Live out your essence its too early to hit the sack 
Life of coziness harvests nothing but a lack
So this worlds got a few bumps, but how else will you learn
A new experience awaits your every turn

So throw off the chains of easy
And mix up your routine
This life is all you'll live for
Make it somethin worth a mean
Stop being a wind up, just going through the day
Cause if your living a wind up, where will you wind up anyway

Scars are memories in a new form 
Bruises are just knowledge being born 
Sure burns may hurt for alittle bit 
Chances are though youve learned from it

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Mother's Point of View

I cry every night but I don't know why.
I wait for my husband in solitude until I hear the doorbell ring.
It's my husband!
I guess we'll have a bite or two.
I open the door and it isn't him.
I start to cry but I don't know why.
I've done my fair share of crying but as my friend puts her arm around me, I start to
shiver and weep even more.
My daughter my daughter! I want my daughter back.
It's been too long.
She couldn't even see her little brother graduate from eighth grade.
My daughter. My poor daughter can't even see her kids.
My beautiful grandchildren may never see my mother's radiant face.
I can still hear her, " Honey, don't be afraid but I may die before too long."

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One Voice

It only takes one voice to start a song With someone else there… to sing along And pretty soon, you may well see The entire world singing happily There is that one voice within us all It’s pride and fear that hides the call But, if just one would raise a voice Others would follow as a matter of choice So loud and strong, that one should sing Happiness to all, that person may bring By starting the world off… in that song Then everyone else will just sing along Do not be afraid of the changes you make Life can only improve by the choices we take And if the lyrics for that moment seem wrong Then quiet the voice and start a new song One person can change the whole world we know By deciding to stand to let their voice grow Do not back down when it’s your time to sing You’ll be so surprised by what your voice brings Within the air, all the voices you’ll hear Will be of the many that overcame fear Standing to sing, despite those who wait They’re the voices of those, who contribute to fate Do not be afraid of the changes you make Life can only improve by the choices we take And if the lyrics for that moment seem wrong Then quiet the voice and start a new song Be that one voice Sing from your heart Don’t hide in the shadows You can be now the start

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Sunken, rekindled; redefined
Remind me of something, before I find
It’s always a cycle, in my pain
Began at nothing, begin again

Over my nightmares, through these walls
Within the ashes I am called
One more commandment I must write
Within the plague of my respite

Broken recordings stuck on pause
Of all that’s around me and who I was
The silence refracting this damaged mind
Reflections are choosing my design

Seething within me, in every breath
An understanding of what is left
And through this knowledge comes lost things
I now feel the silence that you sing

Suddenly nothing becomes what’s right
Witnessing lifetimes within a night
And now what is true reveals my pain
A dying interest for personal gain

The newest revision to my wounds
Defining the vision that now blooms
Through the darkness comes the sun
A climbing perspective to what will come

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Falling (Song)

She's sleeping, she's dreaming,
I watch her sleep the night away,
I'm breathing, this peace in,
Don't want to wake her right away,
But the daylight, is coming,
And she looks so beautiful to me,
When she wakes up, she breaks up,
The ways she wants her life to be,
Alarm rings, the clock sings,
And she opens up her eyes...

Calling out,
Knowing, I'm right here,
To keep her from,
Falling down,
When she wakes up
to what life is,

She is sweet,
and she's just,
and she needs
and she hugs
And she watches out
for who she loves,

So I see
That she's safe,
and I create a place,
She can wake
and feel she's dreaming free,
Falling back to me,

She comes home, on her cellphone,
ending another hectic day,
She's sighing, starts crying,
I wish I knew the words to say,
I hold her, to show her,
That everything will be okay,
Still crying, she's trying,
To push all of her stress away,
I tell her, in this shelter,
Nothing can stop her smile, from,

Calling out,
Knowing, I'm right here,
To keep her from,
Falling down,
When she wakes up
to what life is,

She is sweet,
and she's just,
and she needs
and she hugs
And she watches out
for who she loves,

So I see
That she's safe,
and I create a place,
She can wake
and feel she's dreaming free,
Falling back to me,

Again, she starts sleeping,
Heavy breathing,
Sounds so sweet,
To hear her slumber,
Watch her wonder,
Falling back to
where she loves,

I kiss her slowly,
Her eyes open,
Calling out
and dreaming free,
She's falling back to me...

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t-shirts and bikinis

it was a day after the rain 
but we didn't care 
bought two packs of beer
the smell of the boat 
as the engine let off smoke 
the first turn of the key 
would bring us to our beach 
a few cans pushed back 
we could only laugh 
my best friend and I 
with t-shirts and bikinis 
we were the sight to see 
the girls would arrive 
with her by my side 
wild looks in our eyes 
an older man's thrill 
better than his pills 
a show, we were stars 
at the local bar 
and as the boat rocked
we never stayed docked 
as we cruised down the river side.

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The Journey of Your Song

It's a lonely, truthful journey
 finding your voice, with which to sing,
 even worse, then there's the journey for your song;
but, we all sing from our essence
 to share the truths each heart may bring,
 so sing out loud, sing out clear, and sing out strong.
After a while, you may meet someone
 who may fancy the same "life tune",
 but, their performance of the song does not ring, true:
I can't emphasize enough, my friend
 that we all live the songs we choose,
 and that the melodies, and lyrics always falls on you.
That's why I sing the Blues these days,
 and feel as lonely as the moon,
 there's a certain honesty in reminding folks of pain;
and how next time it might be avoided
 by adding "blue-notes" to the tune,
 to draw attention, so it can't happen to us again.
Now, the other side of those "blue-notes
 is a more joyful, hopeful tune,
 to remind us that our hearts aren't always wrong;
it's merely "par for the course",
 to sing of both sweet love, and pain...
 ..but, that's the blues.....and that's the, Journey of Your Song.

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Oh my sweet lady across the sea
Beside me is where you will one day be
Filling my life with warmth and glee
Loving each other through eternity

Lovely lady I must have done something right
To deserve someone as beautiful and as bright
In this life you are my muse, my guiding light
The one who I dream of during the night

From my life you have cleaned up the mess
Everlasting love to you  lady I profess
To the whole world this I confess
You are everything to me, you are my goddess

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In a river marsh, where pondweeds and cattails grew in warm clime,
the fair girl found a tall, black egret  
with whom she could have a chat; 
and was it the same one that her parents rescued from the wild?

Among bulrushes taller than she actually was,
the anxious girl told that bird one of her wishes:
to hop on his back and fly as the happiest butterfly,
and find her mom whom she remembered singing a lullaby.

" Take me to my mom!"  she begged the wading bird.
" Nobody ever takes me there to visit her" she exclaimed.
" She may be miles away from here...way past the blue ocean!" 
He replied with little confidence, lacking a sense of emotion.

The fair girl kept on begging, until the black egret finally nodded.
" Thank you, kind let's fly and depart from this marshland!"
So the two of them ventured into a cloudy sky expecting no rainfall...
not until they had gotten there safely and heard that sweet mother's call..  

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Silent Symphony

Silence came to pick at me
Mirrored my hypocrisy
Selfless greed I pleaded then
The fearful need to then repent

All I am and could have been
What I was and should have seen
In an instant through my mind
On my knees the glass will shine

Reflections singing of a soul
Through the darkness light is shown
A symphony of quiet sounds
Through the silence I am found

What is gone has stilled my dreams
What’s to come will stifle me
A deeper hope that I can be
Everything I need to see

A moment in the mirror’s past
A thousand years to see at last
The only truth beyond this walk
The loving place we always sought

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I Live for the Chorus

Seasons come
Seasons go
Some prefer to stay numb
Some prefer nights that stay aglow

Not me
I like to be
The one who breathes
The tears
And cries the air we fear
I live for the chorus

I'm the one 
Whose laugh runs
Through stillness
And breaks the stiffness

I wish to be surrounded
By ones who turn black to red
Our laughter mingles
Senses tingle

Our voices join
You and me
In harmonious glee
Raucous as the sea
We live for the chorus

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Lord why is it that,
When I am behind foreign lines
I cling to you as if Im  running out of time
Meditating on your words
as is if it was the only antidote to my curse
And even though the unknown land is uneasy
and my earthly sense of security may no longer exist
It is your voice which becomes the softest kiss
and your releaving words become an addiction I can not resist
So when waves of anxious worries try to persist
I must use my 5 senses, to feel your presence,
The fear of losing sight of you and not being focused
Is so horrific
I do not grit my teeth and clinch my fist
Instead I get on my knees and to you I submit

I see kids dying to be seen
Saying daddy "watch me!", Constantly
There are,
 People making a declaration
with their clothes or  beliefs
Screaming out of desperation
"I am here, look at me!"
We all crave this attention
 It why we make big scenes
But there is this realization
That we were made to seek
A constant confirmation
We're alive and been seen
The only complication
That allows us to sink
Is the clear distraction
when we start to think
That our peers accept-ion
Is all that we we need
Cant you see,
This goes back to Adam and Eve
We were built with a longing
 To Have a strong Identity
And be in the center of the ring
Having the splendor of the king
Christ offers us those things
And he is more than willing
But we keep declining, though
He waits for us, in his quiet place
He shows his many faces in so many different places
He paces out outside of our door way
As we race through our days
thats why we forget  to communicate
But When We simply pray 
And contimplate his words
We take the negative 
and turn it into a positive verse
A plain reminder we need to put him first

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Walang laya niya'ng ginugol ang kahapong pait ang hatol
Tanikala'ng nag-uugnay sa kabiyak ng kaluluwa ay naputol, 
Huminto sa pagtakbo, ngatal na napaluhod, humagulgol
Ano ba'ng dusa ito, tanikala'ng ginamit, bakit kinalawang at napurol? 

Kinaladkad ang tanikala, pilit kumawala
Subalit hindi mawari, bakit nakakabit, ang hirap lumaya, 
Hinubad na ang lahat, iniwan pati ang pag-asa'ng ligaya
Ngunit sa tanikala'ng nakakabit ay sadya'ng mahirap ang paglaya.

Pilit iniiwas ang sarili, hinayaang tanikala'y kumapit
Hinayaang maramdaman ang hapdi ng hapit, sa kanya'y may hatid na pait, 
Nangako'ng hindi na tututol sa hila ng tanikala'ng nabanggit
At hayaan na lamang dumating ang magsasalba sa kanyang pagkakapiit.

Di niya akalain, sa di sinasadyang pagkakataon
Isang ligaw na mananaliksik sa kanyang teritoryo biglang nataon, 
Hinawi ang kanyang tanikala, kinalag ang nakakapit na pag-asa
Upang muli ay magkaroon siya ng ligaya na dapat na matamasa.

Ang tanikala ay natunaw, sa tindi ng parating na apoy
Nagliliyab, batid ng puso ang dikta'ng tinutukoy, 
Hinangad muli'ng makamtan ang tunay na tanikala
Na magsisilbing hatak sa kanya sa pag-ibig na hatid ay ligaya.

Halika na, mahal ko, sana'y maramdaman mo
Samyo at init ng tanikala'ng matatamo
Tigib sa pag-ibig, hindi na dapat pa'ng sumamo
Ang pulido'ng tanikala ay tiyak matatamasa mo! 

Halika na, Mahal ko... 
Lalagi ka'ng tanikala sa puso't isip ko...

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Any Better Than This

I met a charming girl during church Sunday--

She was the kind of girl that I’d like to stay.

Being a gentleman, I did nothing amiss

I didn’t think life could get any better than this.


Offered to see her home, it was on my way.

She gave me a pretty smile and she said okay.

Walking and talking with her, I think I found my bliss.

I didn’t think life could get any better than this.


She invited me to stick around a while.

How could I say no to such a pretty smile.

Minutes turned to hours, days to months and years;

Dates to going steady, then wedding toasts and cheers.


We showed off our baby girl at the church Sunday.

The pastor said the words to help her on her way.

Holding my two girls real close, I’m sure I found by bliss;

And I still don’t think that life gets any better than this.

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And we all thought that Christmas
was a jolly season for all ages,
but we've ignored pain...not seeing tears
roll down those cold and fearful cheeks!

Some weep, some rejoice...
others don't celebrate, but rage with malicious eyes;
wasn't that child's birth announced by angelic voices
that attested He was God's choice?

Depression is the worst kind of sadness,
and unless the noticeable signs are felt or filled with alarm:
we may lose persons very dear to us...
before tragedy strikes, intervene to save them from harm!

Some weep, some rejoice....
many show blind belief and resist
to give the Redeemer due praise;
they are the fools who follow a cult!  

Why should this holiday be so sad,
wasn't Jesus born to bring us joy...
that's what every joyful angel proclaimed
as they crowned Him king for eternity!

Some weep, some rejoice...
others don't conceive the true worth of Heavenly glory,
they hate goodness and despise holiness:
mocking and twisting the pure image of faithful Mary!

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over you...

we use to have love
we were like a glove
perfectly happy
now its snappy
we arent us
whats the fuss?
isnt this what you wanted?
for my hearts growth to be stunted?
for me to weep
everytime i try to sleep?
for me not to be able to read
because of what you did to me?
and me to not even watch a movie or video
with out thinking of you-oh
i thought we would get close again
that it could be better than 
what it already was
but it all ended cause
you had to reevaluate
no longer appreciate
what i was to you
that i loved you
we use to get those chills, the butterflies
when i saw you, it killed my fathers lies
life is no nintendo game
yea, thats what Slim Shady sang
you cant undo what you just did
 to me
man, you've gotta be kidding me
and i apologized to you
thats what i wanted to do
but now i want you to say yoru apologies
my heart is drowning in deep seas
of pain and hate
but then again, fate (is mean)
fate is mean and spiteful
the things you said was frightful
i cant believe i feel for the love song
your love is what i use to long (for)
now i could care less about  you
ooooh whoa yeah
i could care less
then when i wore that dress
the look on your face 
damn that was priceless
i flaunted what you never had
so now im glad
that it ended
my wish is granted
to be happy and pleased
my soul has been released
so go to your new hoe
i just want to let you know ohhh whooaaa yeah
just let you know 
(pause for instraments)
im so totally over you.

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Jagged Edges

                                            I had once walk this earth naked and broken
                                           With my eyes I could not see
                                           Finding a vein in my heart with the pulse of life
                                           I no longer walk in the way of deceit
                                           I was drifted to the jagged edges of my world
                                           and the earth taking from under my feet
                                           Arrows of truth killed my sorrow
                                           Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is to come, and
                                           today I'm at peace.

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About, Me & You

You & me, so long we've been together,
Why can't you see?  Look inside..  I would never,
Ever want to be, a traitor to my lover,
You're the mother of my child, there could never be another.

I love to think about the day when we first met,
The day you walked into my life, how could I forget?
I let you deep into my heart, now my mind's set,
Because I love you, there's not a single regret.

It's never black and white, we are both shades of grey,
Now the world is full of colour and it's a fine day,
You extend my power, nothing gets into our way,
They say that love is blind, but this vision's here to stay.

Now this feeling's been refined, in the fires of time,
That have raged through our hearts, all along the line,
Your smile shines down on my face, so divine,
It's a crime to wastle a love, that is so sublime.

I can be the rock, that weathers the storm,
When the cold creeps in, I'll still be warm,
I'm no Millionaire, though I'm richer than you know,
Because I've got you Girl.

When we were broke, we still didn't choke,
The hardtimes fell, but we saw it as a joke!
We worked and played hard.. but we saw the smoke,
As the pressure awoke, to bring stress and to provoke.

Opposites attract, because we both come back,
It's a fact that I missed you, be we never ever lacked,
Any reason to react, you'll agree, we're both cracked,
You high-jacked my heart!  So start showing some tact!

Let us stay this way, today and tomorrow,
And any other day..  there are plenty more to follow,
We've no debt to pay, no reason to borrow,
We've got a light to shine, in the darkness of sorrow.

It has been so long Girl, we've gotta be strong,
And let time make right, what once went wrong,
I'll sing you any song..  in my heart you belong,
I just know we should carry on..

I was the rock, that weathered the storm,
The cold crept in, and I was still warm,
I'm no Millionaire, but I'm still richer than you know,
But now I haven't got you Girl..

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lets just walk away.....for now, that is... the war is still on buddy.

ok.... let me cool down. lets use some logic
lets not make this truly manic
i dont want to fight
no, not tonight. 
lets save it for next week
if a war is what you seek
you know me too well, too much
you know that i have such
a fiery persona
that i burn like the Corona*
that no matter what, 
i can take what you say and make that
sound like your one of those jerks
yea, thats one of my many perks
that you tried to slam
and you say your a man
you are the little boy
that lost his best toy
and does not even know it
that i wont take your sht
and that your new girl wont either
maybe i should tell her what you said to me, she wont like you either
i could find her on facebook. i saw her page
she looks kinda young, you sure she's your age?
i dont know, im just so tired of all your sht
i really cant stand it
i cant stand you 
i thought this would never occure, but what should i do?
should i just take your sht and say it makes you a jerk all the more
i was fine until you called me a whore
then i got pissed
that you would say that to the girl you kissed
that you loved and lied to
i didnt do that to you
i said i did, to make you hurt like i do
but i did not, i loved you through n' through. 
you make a fool of me
so now what and see
what i will do  to you
the next time i see you
i will truly slam you, face to face
in this place
with in this space
im not ms.Friendly, i can make you cry
and no, i did not feed you a lie
but i wont get into that
you selfish little arse of a slimey rat
no, i wont
my respect for myself told me "dont, 
he does not deserve your time, leave it be"
so that is what i will do, until you slam me
then the storm will come
and you wont know, unlike some
so prepare yourself
cause i will make you try to disembowl yourself and put your spine on a shelf
oh wait, you dont even have one, never mind. 
i will just leave you behind
im a new woman now
so right now
i will be the bigger person and leave

(Corona is latin for "the sun")
hope this is the poem you recieve
on your deaht bed, tight before you die, you will know what you did
who your hurt and what you said.
Good Bye Ryan Dimaio. 
Good bye.

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Child's Play

I watch you play upon the stairs,
 Lost in your childhood games,
 Built by your imagination,
 With freedom and no restraint.
 Today you are a sailor,
 The captain of your ship,
 Sailing on the ocean sea,
 Procuring a long summer trip.
 You sing a song
 That you have loved,
 Words of an old lullaby,
 You sing a song on the stairs today,
 Singing loud—you’re not shy.
 The stairs are now a jungle,
 A land that you explore,
 With a monkey and a zebra,
 A tiger and a vicious wild boar.
 You pretend you’re on a skyscraper
 High up in the sky,
 Playing like you’re really there,
 And wishing you could fly.
 Once again, you’re hungry,
 Therefore, you stop and eat your lunch,
 You’ll be a chef in your own shop,
 There’s not much time to stop.
 The stairs are now a cherry tree
 In your own loved backyard,
 With grass and flowers, and bumble bees,
 Except in this tree, you cannot scrape your knees.
 The stairs yet again, a mountain top
 Reaching high into the sky,
 But all too soon, it’s evening time
 And now, no more time to climb.

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Being Strong

Daddy shut his eyes and cried,
each drop echoed in the waiting room,
the hollow halls echoed
babies crying.

Daddy shut his eyes and cried
his stern eyes looked away
and I asked him, "Daddy why are you crying?"
no reply.

Daddy shut his eyes and cried
not knowing what to do,
I danced in crinoline proper-pink,
first dress Daddy bought,
one I wore to see his smile.

Daddy shut his eyes and cried,
looked at me, smiled,
and gave me a bear-hug
"Your Mom's going to be okay"

Daddy shut his eyes and cried
the clock ticked twice,
out came mom in her wheelchair,
and Dad's eyes dried.

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The Passion Of Love

The passion of love 
Is what your giving me 
And you drive wild 
All my fantasies 
I keep thanking my Lord
For giving me
One more chance to feel true love
Now I know how it feels
To be part of this love
Everday of my life 
I'm so happy 
With joy
And I never have thought
That this life could become
Until the angels guided you to me
It seems as if when I'm with you 
Everything is great
Striving for your love
Is what I do 
Boy you brighten up my moon
And stars everynight
Baby I'm forever your's..

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Secret Crush

 I always stood clear, afraid of messing up, 
making a fool of myself, I just always had that fear. 

 I used to dream we'd be together, 
living in a fairytale happy forever.

 I still get butterflies seeing your face,
never thought I would get the chance to tell you how I feel,
when I'm with you im in my happy place.

 Looking into your eyes makes my heart melt, 
cant ever stop smiling when I'm just thinking about you,
words will never tell you how I really felt.

 Now that you finally hold the key to my heart,
you have the power to make me stand or fall.

--Kayla Parmer (:

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I Just Know

There was a moment,
A solitary second in time,
When your eyes captured mine,
Sending signals of pure peace throughout me.
I knew then that you are where I need to be.
I'd always heard the stories growing up.
Happily ever afters are what little girls should want,
But I never believed them.
I never thought that someone could amaze me,
Knock me off my feet,
Make it difficult to breathe,
But you did,
And now we're here.
In this moment,
Frozen in time,
Your eyes, once again, capture mine,
And I know this is where I belong.
I never believed in happily ever after,
Never thought that it was true,
Never dreamed that it was possible
Until you.
I experience that moment,
Frozen in time,
Every time your eyes capture mine,
Making me lose my breath,
And making it hard to speak,
Let alone think,
And I know.
I just know.

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To Love Someone

I felt her from the start
Straight into my heart
I didn’t ask her name
I was afraid she wouldn’t feel the same
I would be loser in this game
But then I thought it through
To love someone
Is the best thing u can do

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Thank You

Long ago when I was young I remember sitting on your lap while you told me how I was going to grow up to do great things. That there was nothing I couldn't do if only I put my mind to it. You told me stories of powerful women and how I could be even more powerful than they one day. You made a little girl feel like Super Woman.

For that I thank you.

I think back to how you cared for me. How you watched over and protected me. You were always there. I never had a doubt in the world when it came to your love for me. You were not only my provider but you were my teacher. You lovingly taught me how to do all the things a good strong woman like yourself could do. We baked and did crafts. 
We painted fences and gathered eggs. The time spent with you was irreplaceable.

For that I thank you.

As I grew up you were still there watching over me only then it was from a distance. You loved me enough to let me go out that old red farmhouse door all alone. Giving  me a sense of confidence and much desired freedom. You watched from the window not knowing that I’d seen. You loved me enough to set your feelings aside and let me try to make it on my own.

For that I thank you.

As the years passed I went through so many changes. I became hostile and rebellious. I was both rude and demanding. How you ever put up with me I will never know. But you did. You were the one constant in my ever changing world. With everything seemingly falling to pieces all around me you were there to show me how easily the pieces fit back together with just a little patience and care. You never once lost your temper, just reminded me how much you loved me and that we would survive my teenage years together.

For that I thank you.

You shaped me into the person I would someday be. Taught me right from wrong. And how to stand up for what I believed in. Ever reminding me that there was nothing I could not do. With you I never once had to look back to see who might be watching waiting to judge my every move. Because you were always right behind me. Gently nudging me in the right direction.

For that I thank you.

When the time finally came for me to venture out on my own I did it with both fear and confidence. You again reminded me just how much I could accomplish if only I tried. During the bittersweet moments prior to my departure you reminded me just what I was made of and how strong I was. Even though I was shaking inside you knew I could do it and you kissed me good-bye.

For that I thank you.

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Seasons with reasons

Life gives us so many seasons
So many seasons to smile
Seasons of raindrops
Seasons of mist
Seasons under-the-sun
Seasons which make life more fun!

But this season,I have a different reason to smile
Sunlight has been sprinkled into my hair
My eyes savour sweet love
My  lips sing a beautiful song of happiness
Because ...My heart beats to he symphony of truth!

Indeed this season,
I have a reason to smile!

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To Have A Rainbow

I need you, like I need the sunlight.
I want you, like I want for spring.
You’re deep inside my heart for a reason.
The reason’s you’re my everything,
Wonderful. Colorful.
It feels so good to me.
So good to me, to have a rainbow.

I need you, like I need the daybreak.
I want you, like I want for love.
You’re deep inside my heart for a reason.
The reason’s that you rise above,
It feels so good to me.
So good to me, to have a rainbow.

You and me,
Wandering like the wind,
Playing in the tempered sky.
Breezily. Merrily.
We laugh the laugh of three,
Whenever rain-clouds pass us by.

I need you, like I need the moonlight.
I want you, like I want for fall.
You’re deep inside my heart for a reason.
The reason’s that you’ve got it all.
Easy-street, can’t compete.
It feels so good to me.
So good to me, to have a rainbow.

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                                Jaded is the heart that rests alone 
                                  cadenced, tirelessly out of tune
                             Audacious is the heart that finds another
                                  captivating, blissfully intoxicated

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I remember your smiling face
Staring down at me
It all just seemed pillows and promises
But soon the comfort fades out
And we’re left with hidden pictures
And misguided hearts

But now, I’ve stared at the memory long enough
That I can feel your hand wrap around mine
And this time, we won’t let go

It’s been so long since seventeen
We’ve gone so far, fearing never to find our way back
School hallways and car backseats linger in my heart
In just a moment, with just another smile you took me back
To seventeen

Now, I’ve stared at the memory long enough
That I can feel your hand wrap around mine
And this time, we won’t let go

Sitting on the edge of the bed
Spiraling toward the edge of my mind
I hear the door close behind you
Still, I sit here, wondering what this means
Somehow I know
Somehow I know, you’ll be back again someday
So I’ll just sit here and let you find your way back to me

I’ve stared at the memory long enough
That I can feel your hand wrap around mine
And this time, we won’t let go

This time, we’ll be walking hand-in-hand

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Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

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Perfect for Me

V1: As we go through our lives, it always seems there’s a surprise that meets us along the way.
I can truly attest to this because since our first kiss/ I’ve been speechless, I don’t know quite what to say.

Chorus: I could say you’re perfect/ but we both know that ain’t true.
The only man that ever was/ died for me and you.
I’ll just speak from my heart/ and tell you what I see.
I know you might not be perfect/ but baby, you’re perfect for me.

V2: The more I get to know you/ It seems there’s one thing that’s true/ it’s the love that you show me from your heart.
You know, darling, it amazes me, that you and I had a chance to meet/ and God had it planned out from the start.

Chorus: I could say you’re perfect/ but we both know that ain’t true.
The only man that ever was/ died for me and you.
I’ll just speak from my heart/ and tell you what I see.
I know you might not be perfect/ but baby, you’re perfect for me.

Interlude: So I’ll cherish you baby; and let you know how much I care
And thank God for blessing me, and in his love with you I’ll share
So you won’t ever question; for I’ll always speak the truth
I gotta tell you baby…..”I love you.”

Chorus: I say you’re perfect/ but we both know that ain’t true.
The only man that ever was/lived and died for me and you.
I’ll just speak from my heart/ and tell you what I see.
 You might not be perfect/ but baby, you’re perfect for me.
Nobody’s perfect/ but you’re perfect for me. 

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I do appreciate your being here
But one day soon you know I'll disappear.
And when I fly,
I'll fly on butterfly wings.

I know you see someone you think is me.
But nothing's really what it seems to be,
and when I fly
I'll fly on butterfly wings.

Bright light.
Never ending white light.
All my life a sweet ride, on butterfly wings.
Always going my way
I'll keep going my way, on butterfly wings.
Out there
I'll be going somewhere
and I'm going to get there, on butterfly wings
Bright light
never ending white light
all my life a sweet ride, on butterfly wings.

It's not that I don't care, you know I do.
And you can feel it, when I think of you,
and when I fly,
I'll fly on butterfly wings.

This is one of my personal favorite poems I have written that developed into a Song Lyric. It is on Youtube, as a video as well.

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I Will Be Free

I won’t let you break me
I won’t let you win
I won’t let you hurt me
I wont let you crush my soul again
I have let you go 
I have released you 
I will breathe again
I will know a love that’s true
Not the lies that you told
Not the pain you left me with
A love that’s divine
A love that’s truly a gift 
A love I deserve
A love that deserves me
A love that lifts me
A love that sets me free
I will be free again

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Whenever tears roll down
somebody's face,
and whether it brings joy, reward or pain:
it matters to someone
whose life, somehow, has broken him down,
or has lifted him up through grace;
it matters when one rejoices,
and sees in victory
what his bewildered eyes
couldn't ever have imagined it to be...

He chose  the path to glory
without harboring suspicions,
or being frightened by unseen woes
and hard-and fast rules;  
he made swift choices    
and built up his courage from nothing;
and what his fearless mind couldn't perceive,
wasn't so impossible to dream,
but surely achieved
through grit and indisputable duty...

Whatever that solemn oath
relied on a certain promise, he never lost heart,
because his valor never seemed to lessen a bit;
and he was taken above and beyond his fears
by not foreseeing any disheartening defeat:
confidence had given his untiring feet a steady beat...

It matters to someone to be recognized,
and cherish that moment of gladness:
perhaps the only moment to be remembered
and be locked away in his past;
a brave soldier at his best,
never settling for anything less,
always going above and beyond his expectations,
to honor and safeguard the Country that he loves...


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Words from erato

Of all the flowers
i met on the way
only your dainty bossom
showed me the court of day,

And that accounts 
for the harp today i blew
and of all smiles there are
only yours i found was true.

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Why can’t you see me?
I sit here so close
Am I invisible?
Or merely a ghost?

A circle of nomads
A wandering tribe
We gather for game night 
To share a good vibe

The words that I utter
Those words which I groom
Leave me here idle
The lonely buffoon

The stroke of your hair
A touch of your hand
Might this be my path?
To the promised land

The sound of your voice
The timbre’s effect
I ask myself often
Might we connect?

I know that I’m lacking
In all that you yearn
How can I please you?
How can I learn?

Why can’t you see me?
I’m sitting quite near
Alas game night’s ending
Till next time my dear

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My Easter Prayer

~My Easter Prayer~ You came into this world A tiny baby A king who needed no crown Here to save all sinners A natural born leader You lead by example Lived what you preached You love all Never judge a soul Healing the sick Feeding the hungry Bringing peace and joy You never turn anyone away Watching over us Even to this day You are a good listener You guide us on our way In troubled times You are always there To carry us through Like “Foot Prints in the Sand” Sometimes we may stray Yet you are still there Ready to embrace us Loving us all the same When we ask for help You give us what we need It may not always be what we ask for And we may not always understand Yet it works out in the end You know me inside out I feel you with me No matter where I am I Love you so much I know I don’t say it enough In this life I have been blessed With many more blessings to come I know While at times I ask for so much I have forgotten to say two simple words That says so very much So here I am right now to say Thank You Lord With this My Easter Prayer Love Always, Jean Bonella

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My Evening Salsa

The midday dazzle lays off by the maiden daytime
A solstice ray parades over my eventide jollity
The solitary hour bosomed by the bambini’s elfish prime
An ecstatic hour greeted my heartfelt puerility
The infrasonic twittery of birds melded by the sundown cosmic time
A gentle breeze solemnly pass by my stargaze eternity. 

The daylight soulfully sonneted by the sunset bliss
An allayed euphony coupled my awaited sapidity
The blessed souls savored by the moonlit soul kiss
A wishful rhyme pulsed my heart with chastity
The shadow of fantasm abided by the solely muss
A blended mind’s eye captured my evening salsa verity. 


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I Shall Always Treasure You

For the person I am and the person you are
For the times we are together and the times we are apart
For the times we have cried and the times we have shared
For the times we have laughed and you showed me you cared
For the places we have traveled and the places we have seen
From the moment you proposed on a bended knee
For the honesty you have shown and the truth you have told
I know in my heart our love will never get old
For bringing out the sun on a most dreary day
For going to the doctors to see that everything will be okay
For the little notes and the little letters 
For letting me know things will always get better
I Shall Always Treasure you for so many things
And always be grateful you loved only me..

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days of benign stealth
lawns, gardens, orchards drink to my health
the road's been unkind
well it's gone, it's flowed on behind

let me recline in this boon
mellow noon
the bell might ring
spiteful and soon

days of serene sloth
cirri bind the sky in strips of clean cloth
and they barely support its weight of light
and i circle my core like a moth

tell me whose darned flitting hand
lit this little burner just below my head
that it moves higher up with each sandbag shed
and i never knew how far my land spread

now i long for something to make
now i ache for something to wield
earthbound and sunbaked
like a worker in the field

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Blind Love

I hold you close to me like a new born child and give you all 
the tender care and love you desever

But there is just one thing I don't 
approve of you push me alway show me your cold side and 
not your nice gently side

You say you maybe love me because your still in love with an 
old lover friend and you don't know when you
will fall out

I'm comfused what sould I do I'm learning to love you and I 
don't wan't to lose

But your glad I'm in your life becasue I make you forget 
about her and you know how I'm feeling about everything 

And you can feel it and see it in my eyes you wan't both but 
you know it anit wright so you just keep me near and her far 
because your still in love 

But you wan't me what sould I do drop up everything and 
move on and just forget about use trying to be as one or 
stay in this unfear relationship and keep carrying on

My body wan't you but my heart also to but my brain know 
this is not a good way to live my life and I'm playing myself 
for less

I'm comfused what sould I do I'm learning to love you and I 
can't lose

This love I'm in must be called blind beacause I can't move 
my toes I fell
in too deep and I can't even find the hole I fell into druged 
and willy off  an overdose 

I'm confused what sould I do I'm learning to love 
you and I don't wan't to lose 

I'm confused and I don't know what to do I'm learning to 
love you and I don't wan't to lose

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Between and About

Twixt And between
Never quite there
But never will I stop.
I work and ponder
Forever moving 
Searching around and about.

There are times I wonder, where I really am?
Will I ever achieve my goals?
And what are the goals I’m searching for?
Are they really what I want?
Do I know which way to go?
Or should I start all over and begin again?

We’re all here at times in our lives…
Till every thing will finally become clear.
Then, some how I’ll be there again:
Twixt and between
Never quite there…
Here I go again.

Fluff Contest: This poem is definately full of fluff.

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A Hum

I can hear a hum
It is getting closer
It became my heart beat

A union of voices emerged from somewhere near
Drums slowly began to play
The hum once more

I close my eyes to seek 
I close my eyes to identify the hum, voices, and drums
I close my eyes and seek

Tears dropped from my eyes;
A prayer was sent...

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for Gary Moore

for gary moore...

...ain't nothing but the blues

talkin' sweltering licks

screaming through flaming hues

reaching deep, deep into that wandering soul

of devilish chords on those walkways of paris

strutting and strumming, never taking a mere stroll

so though your time here and now may be up 

and though your moments here and now may be through

forgive me for borrowing your words again

cos' we still got the blues for you...

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Sever all connection
Strip down every word
And deeper into nothing
The questions are prepared

A violence in forgiving
A desperation in our flow
With damaged, lost opinions
We decided not to grow

But sever this sedated
Mimicry of life
Understand the search for reason
Before we die within our strife

A season of redemption
A dying forest for our mind
But through it we find meadows
That bare the fruits of our design

Severed from our fears
Stripped of every thought
And deeper in our questions
We find the answers we had sought

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Just Praising

I'm praising the Lord, will you come and join me,
Praising His name all through the day.
I'm praising the Lord, will you come and join me,
And we will be blessed along the way.

Singing praise to Him just makes me happy,
Iknow that my prayers He will fulfill.
He is my Father and He loves me,
So I shall always do His will.

Praising the name of the One who loves me,
Jesus, He came to set me free,
I was a sinner on lifes highway,
He was the One who showed the way.

Let your praise reach up to heaven,
There it will please the Heavenly Host.
Honest prayer is sure to please Them,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

© Dave Timperley 2012
Sung to the tune of High on a hill stood a lonely goatherd or the Yodel song from The Sound of music.

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White Angels

I heard you fall, In the middle of a call. It was around seven. Did you fall from heaven? You landed in my front yard, Right in front of my St. Bernard. There was a glow into my room. Suddenly I saw you... You are my, Dream when I sleep, Dinosaur from a prehistoric defeat, Rythum when I hit every beat. You fell from the sky. Your wings so white, You would never get in a fight. You're the angel of innocence, You're my white angel... Dream of a world, Where every girl, Had a choice, Had a voice. Your harp filled my soul. When you leave I lose control. Life was so dull, Before you... You are my, Dream when I sleep, Dinosaur from a prehistoric defeat, Rythum when I hit every beat. You fell from the sky. Your wings so white, You would never get in a fight. You're the angel of innocence, You're my white angel... Why can't you understand, That you were meant to hold my hand, To protect me, To help me see the light. You're so bright, But you're not mine. Love is not some game, That I play with, It's not a blame, It is my sweet bliss... Dream of a world where... You are my, Dream when I sleep, Dinosaur from a prehistoric defeat, Rythum when I hit every beat. You fell from the sky. Your wings so white, You would never get in a fight. You're the angel of innocence, You're my white angel... Guide me0. to my next day, Even though I'm so afraid. I am always in such a tangle, But you're my white angel...

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Fun in the sun

Sun said he'd have his fun today
Took out his gun and blew us all away
Fire balls struck the earth
Mother said 'twas worse than giving birth

Having fun in the sun
Having fun with everyone

Heat waves and solar flares
I wave my arms like I just don't care
The skin has melted off your face
You are no longer a disgrace

Having fun in the sun
Having fun with everyone

White or black, redyellow or blue
I have something to say to you
There is something you should learn:
We're all black when we burn

Having fun in the sun
Having fun with everyone

Poor or rich 
which is which?
That doesn't matter any more

At last you see
equals we shall be
Lying there on the floor

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Cast into hatred by all I’d seen
I blinded myself to escape disease
Then numbness commanded this lost machine
And all that was left was what could have been

Searching for gold I could not decide
Why to be when what’s left is a frightened lie
This paradox threw me beneath the sky
And above holy ground I then realised

Born into silence I witnessed hate
Overcome by the violence to then sedate
Emotions examined to then relate
To recapture the moments we witness fate

Writing; redeeming to improve sight
To examine my fears will give birth to flight
The past turns to future, and overnight
My wings have expanded to gather light

Cast into beauty by all I know
With a vision connected to every soul
And a memory that proves that we can all grow
And that beyond every fear our spirit flows

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I am born , now at the age of forty seven
I am surprised, as I seemingly feel
The same fresh air of thrill
May be how the freedom starved folks felt
In the historic year of nineteen forty seven.

The early days passed away with distracted aims
The appreciated hidden talents were just like some game.
The happy go lucky nature, never led me to a special feature
So many chances, so many goals,
Looked like a  long way with many a pot holes!
The path of an achiever had never been so easy,
A slight change in decision, made my life busy.

I acted many roles, as if on a stage at motion
Mother,daughter,tutor, partner, all with great devotion
Some deeds were applauded, some remained unsung
Some feathered me a perfectionist,but most seemed undone.
Mixed feelings went side by side,creating an unknown apprehension
The prized acts of my progeny were my only aspiration.

Years passes by,responsibilities changes,
Days became less tiresome, nights full of avenges.
The bejeweled life filled with ethical deem,
Left me a non living, without any esteem.

In such a lifeless forlorn evening
A little friend held my arms
And led me to the path of silver lining
I am born again..........afresh anew
In an ecstasy of finding out
The hidden and lost views.
A part of my own soul,
A part of my heartbeat
A daughter turned friend nurtured my dreams
In a fashion offbeat.

Now I have a new little world of my own
Where nobody can question or show me a frown.
I fill my heart with music
I fill my mind with words
I feel the urge to step ahead
Of the never ending crowd

So what,if I am not an opportunist!
So what, if I am not a protagonist!
I'm still enjoying my budding fragrance
In a golden dawn, breaking the cloud of mist

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~Life Of The Lyricist~

every day my age is growing colder

so every day my life feels a bit more breezy

i know i make this stuff seem easy

its just the way i talk and that's poetically

i don't need to please the, i only need to please me

you see if you like my music than listen to it

if not well screw it, this is how i do it

i don't need your statements, or opinions

I'm just being me, spitting lyrical minions

my brains like my world, n my lyrics are civilians

many coming in and many going out
~Tanner Cox

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Behold me with your entire heart,
Hold me, 
never allow or permit me to fall apart.
Forgive my past,
forget the last,
just lay with me as
we increase the mass of
this gift,
the present.

Walk with me in silence,
listen to my soul,
whisper to my mind,
listen to what is told.
Hold those secrets close.
Be the other half to my whole.
Let us plant seeds so they can grow.

Romance and sweets,
you and me,
let us pray,
that we are each other's

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Just Dream

there's a dream inside
to possible the impossibility
to make sense a non sense
to believe the unbelievable
i think that what makes a faith is

there's a dream inside
to bliss the unhappiness
to let go a depression
to release frighten
i think that what makes a dream alive

it's harder to breathe
when you keep on waiting on your dream
but it's easier to live
when you believe in your dream

dare to be different
dare to be the unusual
dare to believe the unbelievable
i think that's what makes your dream alive

when your days are weary...just dream
when your nights are cold...just dream
when your heart's breaking...just dream
because life is part of a dream

just dream

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A blissful calm settles my heart’s anxiety
Realizing the magnitude of your love – it inspires me
To become a better man and provider
Ensuring your heart stays enflamed with affectionate fires
My goal is to drown your existence with love and affection
Reviving your soul with the breath of my devoted essence
Creating a sanctuary for promotion of emotional and spiritual growth
Connecting our existence forever – as one unit we will forever prosper and grow

Such a natural feeling it is; to wake up thinking of you each day
You look through me piercing my emotional strongholds
Making it easy to express my true feelings in romantic ways
My spirit is caught in the purest of your essence
Leading me to your sacred sanctuary…your place, now… my home
All apprehensions have dissipated…leaving a willingness to simply adore
Adoration is promised…romantic energy ignites fires of blissful calm
Clearing the path for eternal love, devotion and romance to gracefully soar

Countless times your images have invaded my many dreams
Waking me abruptly…shaking from your sensual touch – reality or fantasy
Serene affection baptizes my distressed heart and spirit
Obliterating my fears of commitment…now I anticipate hearing it…
Hearing your continual showers of love and devotion
I am pledging them back to you…in three folds
I am seconding my aforementioned motion
Truthfully, I tried to hide when love announced its latest call
Loving you has been the antidote for my spiritual poisoning
This is why my soul and heart are now so blissfully calm

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Indian burial ground

The Indian rounds the corner of the room
Seeing the sadness through the eyes of a girl
There are a lot of things about this world that we don't know 
the truth behind humanity the heartbeat of ones last breathe
or the pain one suffers mentally 

I don't even know if people can see the truth
Or if they shut themselves out of the real and into the fake
We all know the fakness of what a human can put off
We all know the sickness one stores inside their skull
Can we all see what's going on? this day I see some that are still blind
 some that are so blind they can not imagine! 

The things one can do
The things one may hide

A life filled with questioning
A life full of hate and despair 
A life of several lies
A life with no reason of existing

A series of depression
A time of regret
A worry of fear 

A fear of ourselves 

An unwritten book with no pen to write with

Voice of reason

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Always dancing, running fast
Trying to catch a butterfly
Sleeping on fresh, green grass
Looking at moving clouds
Dreaming a happy life
Yelling loud, jumping high
Enjoying casual day
Smiling widely during work
Touching every little thing
Smelling every flower’s bud
Never complaining or shedding tears
Living life happily - as it is.

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All the way

When I got saved
Jesus saved me all the way
when He came into my heart
that fine day
The Holy spirit 
came in my soul to stay
when Jesus saved me 
he saved me all the way

I can stand right on my feet
and shout out loud
I don't care if its in front of a sinner crowd
I'm excited in my soul
and excited is how I'll stay
when Jesus saved me 
He saved me all the way

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It all comes back

Everything comes back

To all who’ve acted cold
Here’s a message loud and bold
Be careful what you do, it all comes back
What you be doing now
It will pay you back somehow
Somewhere further on along the track.

One does not need no books
Of old and dusty looks
To learn this truth, just take a look at life
All those bad moves you have made
Do they ever really fade
Be honest, don’t they cause your mind some strife?

It be wrote within your heart
To make good things a part
Of life, the value seems to be quite high
Yet do another wrong
The comebacks can be strong
You have to learn this truth before you die

When you’re young, you never learn
You might not feel concern
There be no time to feel those pangs of guilt
Yet the damage you have done
Like a flower in the sun
Might someday cause your heart to sadly wilt.

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A bright ball of energy
A beaming smile with love
This little blessing from God
Who gives the biggest hug
The cutest little giggle
The cutest little toes
When she walks into the room
Everyone knows
The joy and delight that you bring
Just by being who you are
Even singing over and over and over
Twinkle, twinkle little star
You are my heart and soul
I hope I never let you down
Who am I talking about
My daughter, the most beautiful little girl in town

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The Calm After

The storm in my eyes has been silenced by the presence of your soul. 
I close them tight and I pray and pray that I never let go. 
Though we've only just met, I know you by heart. 
Throughout lifetime's of separation, this now feels like the start. 
I want to melt away with you inside our small heavenly sea. 
As I peer into your spirit, all that I see is me. 
I do not know where you came from. 
I sometimes cannot believe that you are real. 
My heart will allow me to do nothing, 
but ride with how I feel. 
You are my calming waters 
though you scare me half to death. 
Afraid to close my eyes 
I catch myself holding my breath. 
For if you disappear, 
you will take away my dreams. 
You have absolutely no idea, 
what you already mean to me.

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Swept into Dreams

Angels caught by the ocean
A distant dream for me to see
Where wild birds sway into motion
Where coming clouds encumber me

Visions of every answer
Droplets through the prison cell
The shackles burn like a cancer
As memories of the water fell

I am lost for no reason
Never more than I recall
This past now settles the seasons
As I become, the angels fall

No more sights to reveal me
Not much left to be declared
And war just waits for a treaty
Betray you all, because I’m scared

Blind death sending a letter
Strikes a nail into my heart
What will be for this murder
Will become when I depart

A lost bird guides me to oceans
Tears of loss recall the seas
And as angels flock to this notion
So suddenly, I’m swept into dreams

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I want to make sure I’m not falling on my face...
And I`m willing to go the distance
And I want to bring back good memories...
I want to make sure
You`re safe and you`re in a safe place

But GIVE ME some space
Sometimes, I wake up...feeling so distressed
But GIVE ME your sweet grace
And we'll beat the race...and this pain we share will not be addressed

I don't want to be unsure - am I the one losing the race?
And I'm chilling in this heavenly place
And I need to trade you my apologies…
I don’t want to waste your time
You’re absolutely safe…as long as you keep pace 

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Fill Her Up

1.) you let me climb the mountain

you let me plant the my pole

you gave me the freak

deep down in my soul

(SING:to car dealer)


so take me slow

and ride me fast

change it up

its going to need some

gas! (in car)

2.) you made it simple

you made it fun

you made me feel

more than, I was the One


so take me slow

and ride me fast

change it up

its going to need some


3.) so! don't push the breaks

don't stop for gas

ride it up

till we've completely out of gas  


so take me slow

and ride me fast

change it up

its going to need some


aka: lyricvixen

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Run Away

Call the sickness out from under you,
Tell the people what is really true.
Know the pain that you all might feel,
But see the comfort in the truth revealed.

Run away, baby, run away.
Tell the world another day.
Run away, darling, run away.
Take a chance at another day.

Call the pain out from inside you,
Tell it all that you’re strong too.
Don’t let the sorrow come over you,
When you know that they’re with you too.

Run away, baby, run away.
Get away from this awful place.
Run away, darling, run away.
In the chance you’ll miss the pain.

Call the strength that dwells in you,
Tell it that, its time for truth.
Bring out your love that helps you through,
It’s time for you to be happy too.

Run away baby, run away.
Its easier if you leave this place.
Run away, darling, run away.
Lose yourself by it all again.

Call the lies out from that part of you,
Time for everyone to hear the truth.
Don’t let the fear control you,
When you know what you need to do.

Run away, baby, don’t run away.
It’s harder now if you stay.
But don’t run away...

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Hoping to Dream

One's in her lifetime
Wanted to dream bigger
But only in the sweetest manner
That will instill deep sense of happiness
She could carry everywhere she goes
Hence, her dream choice was splendid
Picking to be the richest ocean
Dominating powerful men and women
With light that shines day and night
Nations drawn together by her brightness
In complete peaceful scene
Where everyday is happy moment
For everyone who appreciate beauty...
... Knowing very well
That could only be a dream...
... Hoping it will change her life
Inspire her positively
To rise up and join the team
Which the goal is to reach the sky
And tell the sun their stories
May be who knows
The sun would plead their case
Among other heavenly bodies
For there is too much going on
That is destroying the world
Pushing further the poor and the powerless
To the forgotten world

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Small Town Big People

I look in the mirror and see the years gone
I can look beyond the glass out the window
To the yards of my childhood
I can smell the flowers and feel the grass ‘neath my feet. 
I can hear the music blasting on the radio
Mama callin’ me for supper.  

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

The town is small and so are the events
You’re everyone’s business 
You can get a break and can’t get away
You don’t even have a say
You go to and from and people protest
And those same people will still put you to the test

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I made it to the big town K.C, 
Got myself a husband and a son and a place to live
Settled in and made a life, got a career
I swear I’ll never return to my best friend
Comfortable where I stand, 
Happy where I am 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

Well times are hard,
And people are ruthless in this cut throat time
Jobs are scarce and bills run high
You never know what you’ll hear at night
The people are small in this big town
Yeah people are small in this big town

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I guess the town is small
Just good ol’ boys and girls havin’ fun
Small place, small town, small world
People may talk and people may watch
But the biggest thing in that small town
Are the people after all. 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

-Heather Birdwell 9/22/2009

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God's Still Looking Out For You

He still holds the key to your living day to day,
He still feels the pain of your sorrow.
He still has the love we all need along the way,
and He knows we've got to face tomorrow.
He still dresses lilies, and blesses fields with clover,
over in the meadow, where you used to roam,
don't you know He's never forgotton one lily,
in that place you used to call home.

He still helps you struggle with the load you must bear,
He still dresses lilies and clover.
He's still with you even when you think He's not there,
and even when you're thinking it's over.

Everything's alright, God's still looking out for you.
He still dresses lilies, and He's looking out for you.
Everything's alright, God's still there in His Heaven.
God's still looking out for you.
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet
Yes. a song as well, and the first Demo version with video can be viewed on youtube, search for veebdosa,then selece GOD'S STILL LOOKING OUT FOR YOU.

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My Old Guitar

My old guitar never cheated, or ever done me wrong
It did help me shed a tear, from a happy cry
It was there keeping company, when the night got to long
And even made my family smile, when daddy died
This old guitar makes me warm, when I get cold
And even makes me hot, for my baby to hold

My old guitar helped me find, my beautiful lovely wife
The night I was playing it, in a local bar
It helped me find true love, for the rest of my life
It even helped me get the money, to buy a brand new car
My guitar makes me warm, whenever I get cold
And even makes me hot, for my baby to hold

My old guitar is wonderful, It helps me make a living
It helps me pay all my bills, and own this little home
It helps me set and write my songs, for my band and I to sing
It does keep me away from her, but she calls me on the phone
It's always there to keep me warm, when I get cold
And even makes me hot, for my baby to hold

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diggin on you

say baby can i talk to you?
i see you across the way 
staring at me with such curiosity
baby i wanna know what your name is 
youve gotten my attention by your pretty smile
your soft dark smooth skin
Im diggin on you like im feeling true love for the first time

who i am? is not important
baby im diggin you 
so just tell me what you wanna do?
you got my attention now im staring at you with curiosity
can i be your slave baby? 

im diggin on you 
from your pretty smile baby
to your soft nice brown skin
i just wanna know you girl 
Im diggin on you baby 
I got a love jones for ya

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What do you wish for?
Do you wish for that which
you think will make you happy?
Do you reminisce about happier times?
Yesterday is just a memory of what was, 
not what is. If happiness is there then it’s dead.

Do you wish for a brighter future?
Does happiness live there?
Can you hope happiness in to being?
Do you know what makes you happy?
If not, you’re destined to be without it.
You can’t experience what you don’t know.

You can’t discover happiness “out there.”
Happiness is an internal adventure.
You can’t experience “it” if you
don’t know what “it” is.
Laughter is a consequence of happiness
but not happiness itself.

Happiness is a state of mind
not a commodity that can
be bought or sold.
Nobody can make you laugh 
if you reject humor or
your soul is devoid of joy.

Happy people experience joy
even if indigent or in hardship.
The wealthy are sometimes miserable 
even when dwelling in the lap of luxury.
Joy is the essence of happiness
that is expressed by pleasing others.

Happiness is spiritual – it engulfs you.
It is a journey, not a destination.
Enjoy this splendid and wonderful venture.
Today was yesterday’s future and 
tomorrow may not arrive.
The time to be happy is now. 

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Unexpected Heaven

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Black and white, it was all I saw
Everywhere I turned, everywhere I went
Ice covered everything, too thick to ever thaw

I couldn't see in front of me,
I couldn't find solid ground,
My world was crashing down around me,
Any cries of help dying without a sound.

So much time had gone by
And I was slowly drifting
Too much time had gone by
And I was slowly fading

But then you came to me, so unexpectedly,
I couldn't see a thing
You offered me, such a sweet reality,
I wondered if I was dreaming
You took my hand, made me understand
the truth among the lies
And wrapped in you, so safe and sound
An unexpected heaven is what I found

You were everything to me,
my feet were finally on the ground,
the world kept spinning quickly,
but in your arms I stayed as it all crashed down

So much time has gone by
And I'm slowly seeing
Too little time has gone by
For me to rid of this feeling

And then you came to me, so unexpectedly,
I couldn't see a thing
You offered me, such a sweet reality,
I wondered if I was dreaming
You took my hand, made me understand
the truth among the lies
And wrapped in you, so safe and sound
An unexpected heaven is what I found

Bright and true, I saw it in you
Life and love, I had found it all
A fairytale ending, it was in my sights
All because of you, my unexpected knight

And then you came to me, so unexpectedly,
I couldn't see a thing
You offered me, such a sweet reality,
I wondered if I was dreaming
You took my hand, made me understand
the truth among the lies
And wrapped in you, so safe and sound
An unexpected heaven is what I found

And wrapped up in you, so safe and sound
Happiness is what I gained
An unexpected heaven, is what I found

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Daddy Now Please Pray With Me

Daddy now, please pray with me,
for today I'm sailing stormy seas.
I know you say you're but a man,
who tries to live the Master's plan.

I'm weathering gray storms, except a few,
 and the turmoil would drown me, if not for you.
The wind is so strong, the waves are so high,
Tattered sails against the sky!

And I recall you telling me, 
of Jesus Christ,  Who calmed the seas.
And yes, small faith can the mountains move,
and how He died His love to prove.

So Daddy now, please pray with me,
to God's sweet Son, Who dwells in me.
For I am daughter of a man,
and weak at times and cannot stand
against these tides of shifting sands.

You say, "He's still upon His throne",
and with our prayers, I'm not alone!
And God is good and loves me still,
He will offer strength to swim these swells.

Oh Daddy now, please pray with me,
Some choices I made were not of Thee.
At times I've wandered and gone astray,
I feel somehow I've lost my way.

Tell me again my right hand he still holds, 
and how in heaven the streets are gold, and
once we're there no one is old because now 
Jesus holds my soul!

Daddy now please pray with me like when I 
was a child of three beside my bed on bended knees. 

And perhaps somehow these words I write, may move 
another to change their lives, for Jesus loves me this
I know and his blood has washed me white as snow. 

And when you've said "In Jesus Name" I feel brand 
new and not the same, so daddy now please pray with me
though I am grown and no longer three. 

He'll lift me up on wings of love and forgive me
of all the wrong's I'v done! Then I can drop my anchor
deep and mend white sails on peaceful seas!

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Near Me

                                         It’s been a long time coming
                                     But the moment has finally arrived
                                      I see no more reasons to hesitate
                                 Hesitation seems eternal – every moment
                               Of hesitation equals a full day that I am blind
                                             With each passing day
                               Unhappiness and sorrow stampedes my chest
                      But the sight of your beautiful eyes and warm gentle smile
                            Eases the discomfort that has my heart oppressed
                                With every touch of your soft, smooth hands…
                                      My soul and heart flies gracefully free
                           You can never imagine the things you do, the effects
                                         You cause, the emotions you stir,
                                           Each moment you are near me

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Struggle of Confusion

I'm dizzy. Yet, I cannot move at all. Nothing really makes sense.
I'm falling. Yet, my feet are firmly planted. My mind and body are playing tricks.
I'm crying. But, only on the inside. I don't know why I can't show the emotion.
I'm living. Or, is this my personal Hell? I cannot be sure, but I know I'm torn.
I'm moving on. But, occasionally think of it all. Was any of it even real?
I stand. On both feet and very tall. It's all much clearer now that you're gone.
I'm found. Yet, I was truly never lost. And now the strength to turn my cheek has finally been brought out.

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Pepper's Eyes

Stars that descend from the night skies
Amass, and prevail in Pepper's eyes
Her eyes are a phenomenon
They are like diamonds in the sun

Songs that make smiles and cries
Are songs about Pepper's eyes
A rainy day turn beautiful
A summer breeze that feels cool

One glimpse, and there's paradise
Of peace, love, and happiness in Pepper's eyes
An everlasting eclipse in motion
A brilliant sunset gleaming on the ocean

                                                           ~ Leonard Napierskie

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The Art Of A Great Kiss

Upon thy moistened, warm and naked lip
I move my seeking, eager finger tip;
my life hath need of you,
I do what I must do;
to kiss thy mouth, where-in my soul can sip.;

'tis long been said, a kiss is just a kiss
and writ in song, we must remember this,
just words I sing for you,
I do what I must do,
to kiss thy lips, where-in life finds it's bliss!

I lay the reason, kisses take so long
for need of energy has grown so strong,
my love, in kissing you,
I do what I must do
to kiss thy lips, yes even if 'tis wrong.

there's never been a kiss borned not from need
demanding energy be sapped in greed,
my kiss is not for you,
I do what I must do,
to drain your energy, where-in my soul is freed.

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So Meditate And Visualize Me
Your Inner Light, Yes I will Take The Lead
So Meditate And Visualize Me
Your Inner Light, Yes I will Take The Lead
I begin To Open
My Body Feel Some-Things
Your Hands Moving All Over
Its Like A Nasty Dream
My Cha Begin To Open
My Body Feel Some-Things
Your Hands Moving all Over
Its Like A Nasty Dream
Sensation At The Same Time
You Looking Like, You Gotta Be Mine
I Walked Off After I Blown Ya Mind
I walked Off After I Blown Ya Mind
There's No Way To Get On The Wrong Track
Spin That Cd And Play That Track Back
I begin To Open
My Body Feel Some-Things
Your Hands Moving All Over
Its Like A Nasty Dream

(My Cha Begin To Open)...

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In Love

When I look into your eyes
I absolutely know
Our love, no doubt
Forever will show.

Every moment of the day
It is you I need,
I know you'll make me happy,
Together, we will succeed.

Though times can be tough
And we feel so lost,
I'd do anything for you
No matter the cost.

My feelings I share,
They're undeniably true,
That you're my everything
And I'm deeply in love with you.

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What i like about your music

I like your music because it came from your heart It touches my soul when i heard it from the start Every lyric was marked in my brain Just like an unmovable stain Your music makes my day complete I listen to it while walking in the street One more thing i like about your music Is that you sound very angelic The melody and the arrangement Blends with your voice that makes it perfect Your music i cant resist Its number one in my playlist

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Building the Self

A self-affliction come undone
A shattered canvas and setting sun
Beneath the reasons I still stay
Beyond the treasons I dare not name

A world divided in my head
A universe to comprehend
A broken sword to crack my shield
To my reflection I always yield

The sights are endless in this place
The lessons won will change its pace
My heart a thousand burning earths
The sun is back to ask its worth

This challenge I can not betray
To run away is to remain
My shattered history now screams
And every silence is in retreat

And then my self-affliction asks
“Why aren’t you burning with the past?”
I take the treasures, not the flames
So every loss can’t be in vain

A brighter sight to carry through
To what exists when there’s no truth
A world where no-one looks within
The only place where life begins

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Surging through this lifeless Body of mine Mania, Euphoria, Freyja Never let me run dry I am lost by your Sigh But I cannot cry What Is this coming over me this everlasting energy Never cease this utmost surprise I graciously prithee Sorcery of Insomnia Caught in Mania Only for Freyja Her Golden one Is Burning out Deranged Am I? Faster, Only Faster Harder, Only Harder In Bizarre Light I hold myself to another Flame Torturous Fun of this Game Sorcery of Insomnia Caught in Mania Only for Freyja Her Golden one Is Burning out Deranged Am I? Sensuality to it's new Peak Running again from the Fake obsolete Euphoric, Erotic All you want All you Desire Sorcery of Insomnia Caught in Mania Only for Freyja Her Golden one Is Burning out Deranged Am I?

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Your Inner Inspiration

(##background singers##)
Honestly, things are getting out of proportion (Do your part, man!)
Give me a portion of your love (a portion of your love)
You’re my ultimate luck, desire and devotion 
You’re as beloved and spectacular 
As a dove, taking divine flight, soaring up above… 
(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 
Things were getting out of hand; 
(But oh my word!) Don’t you look so grand!?

(soloist: Ooooh so grand…oooh you look so grand
Do yah need a helping hand?
Oooh baby don’t break my heart or I’ll remain blind!
This young heart is . . . ye-yearning for your love to repair my state of mind!)

(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 
Gi-give me your hope, your inner inspiration 
Your sugar and spice . . . ooh, darling, don’t you look niiice . . . 
(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 
Spread butter to the toast!
Sprinkle salt and pepper upon my distasteful flavor!
You’re a gift that has been granted from God – 
My heart jumps merrily with elation!
(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 

Frankly, things were getting out of my control (control yourself, mate!)
Give me a tool to unscrew myself from my pitiful state
(My abominable fate . . .)
(Soloist: ’Cause ~you’re my x2~ sunrise!! You have a sympathetic soul~! 
You make me feel so cool! Don’t mistake me as a fool!
I don’t want you if you’re an inadequate tool . . . )
You’re as thrilling and fun-loving as an adorable puppy – 
A present for my personal achievement! 
(Soloist: It puts me in a happy state!! *operatic*)

(S: Ooooh in a happy state…oooh you look so sexy in your outfit!
Do yah need a helping hand or are you so . . . full of it?
Oooh baby don’t break my heart or, like a baby, I’ll throw my 2-year-old tantrum or fit!
This young heart is . . . ye-yearning for your love to repair my state of mind! 
It’s something . . . I must admit!)

(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 
Gi-give me your hope, your inner inspiration 
Your sugar and spice . . . ooh, darling, don’t you look niiice . . . 
(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 
Spread butter to the toast!
Sprinkle salt and pepper upon my distasteful flavor!
You’re a gift that has been granted from God – 
My heart jumps merrily with elation!
(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 

Things were out of my reach
When I was an innocent, happy-go-lucky child
I’m like a frivolous, wild child on the playground, 
Gaining inner inspiration on his sweet leisure time!
(On his sweet, sweet leisah time!)
You were made of cheap shtuff, 
But, nevertheless, you’re a tight toy 
That I wouldn’t have the heart to get rid of!
(S/background singers—Get rid of it! You have the guts in you! x2)

(soloist: Ooooh you got the power…you got the guts
Do yah need extra support to carry your load?
Oooh baby don’t break my heart – no if’s or but’s –> b.singers: about it!!
This young heart is . . . ye-yearning for your love to repair my state of mind!
You were my friend and my awesome Abode . . . 
Where are you now? Are you driving or treading another road?
Are you alone and distressed? I’ll get yah out of that uncanny moooode!)

(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 
Gi-give me your hope, your inner inspiration 
Your sugar and spice . . . ooh, darling, don’t you look niiice . . . 
(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 
Spread butter to the toast!
Sprinkle salt and pepper upon my distasteful flavor!
You’re a gift that has been granted from God – 
My heart jumps merrily with elation!
(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 

You were my Kreative Kite, 
As fearless as a golden eagle, about to take wing 
You are a sundrenched, appealing sight…
I’m glad you’re alright . . . you are just flying with your all your might!!!
Bring it on! Bring it on! I wasn’t aware that you can sing!! 

You must sound amazing . . . I wish you happiness all day long!

 I wonder what your hopeful gift will bring!
You and I feel like we . . . actually belong! 
Don’t get me wrong! You are a remarkable song!
You were made out of gold, dear! 

You aren’t gravity-bound (and that astounds me greatly), so have no fear!

It’s so crystal clear that I love you, so draw near to me…stay here…

You’re as sparkly as the ocean and its warm sand
You’re my faithful flower, 
Swirling in the current of the untamed wind
(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 
You’re simply a surreal . . . sensation!
(ooh ahh oh oh ooh) 

(Soloist: To tell you the truth,)
Y-you are beyond temptation . . .  
(S: Could we take a picture in the Photo Booth?)
’Cause y-you are my inner inspiration!!!
I’ve experimented with love and you’re my first legitimate one out of the bunch,
But you are another story…oh, Love – how I adore you so much! 
You don’t deserve a face-punch! 

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You say you know no saviour,
You say you know no God. 
But find your scripts and rosary,
You'll need them when I'm done. 

Seven armies couldn't stop me.
Seven horsemen couldn't budge
All that I have inside me,
And that I've become. 

Never underestimate your enemies
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet.
Never underestimate your enemies
Or what I'll do for victory.
Shield your eyes so you don't see
That I'm not done yet. 

Happiness; I've done all I can.
Loneliness, let go of my hand.
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet. 

Drink your holy water and cleanse inside,
I'm waiting until midnight.
I won't stop until I hold your heart.
I won't stop until own your soul. 

This evil plays such a pretty song,
You know the words now sing along.
Oh the notes they sound so sweet
In this dark, dark, dark symphony. 

Happiness; I've done all I can.
Loneliness, let go of my hand.
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet.

Never underestimate your enemies
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet.
Never underestimate your enemies
Or what I'll do for victory.
Shield your eyes so you don't see
That I'm not done yet

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Eyes to the Past

I look back at the beauty of those days
Where a smile was easily spread
And memories of those I love
Strike my head....

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In pursuit of happy pt 2

They say happiness is to rise, 
above all depression we encounter in life. 
They search for the joy inside, 
in the midst of all dark they seek to shine. 
Sorrow is never an option, 
happiness is what they follow. 
They seek to feed the soul with glow, 
their hearts must strive to keep pumping more. 
Their minds are in constant wander, 
relaxation is what they crave for. 
They seek to keep their bodies from going under, 
the ultimate rise is what they yearn for. 
They seek the weed, 
puff puff and passing till it's no more. 
They say this is what their minds are made for, 
getting high every second till they rise above all, 
the sadness inside being eliminated in a slow, 
steady but sure method as they go, 
up above the sky so high, 
building castles as they rise. 
They know no limits, 
the sky is within their reach. 
Painting rainbows with their minds, 
higher as they rise is the only price, 
they pay for, its worth every dime, they feel nice. 
Smiling as they take the trip, 
joy creeping in their system, 
eyes getting red as they awake to dream, 
constantly laughing out loud no more pain in them... 

and then it all comes crushing down...
falling castles with no ground foundation, 
everything in her mind seems out of aim, 
she is tripping, 
thinking how paranoid she is makes her insane, 
she's frightened, 
so many thoughts running through her mind..
Its not stopping, 
a storm in her head thunder striking down her pride, 
and joy she thought had been finally made. 
She's thinking, 
about all evil that the world has bred. 
She's staring, 
in mid air trying not to lose her head. 
She can't take it, 
the thought of ending it all makes her feel dead. 
She's crying, 
tossing and turning, sweating in her bed. 
No more, 
the ultimate trip down to the land of evil dead. 
The weed that lifted her above, 
makes her feel paranoid to her nerve. 
It does not pose danger to her health, she said, 
but forgot that her mind was being fed, 
with smoke while ruining her head slowly till insane.
How can it make her happy, 
while it keeps making her go crazy?
How can she eliminate all weary,
while she feeds her mind with this poison ivy?
Is it worth it?
Does the rise and fall really make her happy?

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Boy Is She The One

<                                   Betty Davis eyes
                                     Marilyn Monroe's thighs
                                     Greta Garbo's lies
                                     Elizabeth Taylor's cries
                                     Tells me this is why
                                     Is She The One
                                     Is She The One
                                     Is She The One For Me

                                    Britney Spears
                                    Miley Cyrus sneers
                                    Rihanna's fears
                                    Oh my dear
                                    One thing's clear

                                    Is She The One
                                    Is She The One
                                    Is She The One For Me

                                    Madonna's dares
                                    Cher's dairy air
                                    Heart's flare
                                    Fleetwood Mac I don't care
                                    Just wondering there
                                    Is She The One
                                    Is She The One
                                    Is She The One For Me

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Don't start
And don't stop
Let me feel you
Within you and without you
let me hold you in mine
let me feel you in my mind
let the words fall into place this time
but don't forget your joy of rhyme
so let me feel you now
in this holiest of places
this habitual sane asylum
this unforgiving tale
let me 


Don't fail
Let me sail
let me out of jail
don't let me be pale
im not well alone
lost in my
rivers sigh

And hello
Im very sorry
I did not know
I just let it show
So now you just might know
The dillemas i've so obviously been showing
The fears that i withhold from seeemingly growing
The doubts I enstowed, but never bowed
So let me know
Let me know
Let me

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I'd rather be with you

I'd rather be with you...but I can't stand the things we go thru
throw my hands up, like "I'm so thru"
since the day I met you, if you're my soul mate...I have no clue
we can't make it work? according to who?
it's like I'm spinning, I'm high in another time zone
I feel like I'm winning, everytime we chat over the phone
they all say forget me...
but you can't seem to leave me alone
I can't lie, you're my Nia Long, my Larenz're like my LOVE JONES
I wish they all just let us be...
...let time we could see...
cause I know we're meant to be--I feel different when you're next to me
and with all the wrong I do, you don't ever think less of me
...that's how I know you're the best for me.
-is it magic, or pure destiny?
they told me I'm crazy, like you've got the best of me
you put a hex on me...
I'm giving you my lockett, I know you'll find the key
I was feeling like I could never do this again, but you are the key...
they gave me a hundred reasons why I should just forget you
...and let you go with the wind...but then again...
I'd rather be with you, even if it's a sin
they can all talk, but they'll never know how we feel within...
my homie, lover, friend...
to make us work, we gotta do all we can...
show them our love's above all
even stronger than man...
let's put them to shame, and make them understand
no matter what they say, I've got you in my plans...
baby take my hands...
I'd rather be with you.

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It's Alright

There is a glimmer of light around
And a depth of sound
I feel the rain beat
And know I've been found

But some things aren't meant to be
And still its alright
No matter what you see
It's alright
To see the light
And you'll know it's alright

I can't just let it go
Alright, I thought you'd know
That I can hear you still
But does it show

And it's alright to be here
I'm always near

Ooh it's out of my head
And my thoughts are dead
You know it's true
All that I've said

But some things aren't meant to be
And still its alright
No matter what you see
It's alright
To see the light
And you'll know it's alright

You've tried to break my mind
But you've been far too kind
And that's alright
You're quite a find

It's just like I knew
That's why I do

If words are my only friend
Then my thoughts can lend
To what I make
Or to my end

But some things aren't meant to be
And still its alright
No matter what you see
It's alright
To see the light
And you'll know it's alright

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In My Poet's Eye

I can't say, where you are tonight.
I can't say, our love would have turned out right.
I don't know, but I do know, 
you are still my love.

Every night I find I still reach for you.
Any time I pray, I still pray for you.
I don't know the reason, 
But I know you're still a part of me.

In my poet's eye, I still see you here.
In my poet's world, I still feel you near.
I don't know the reason, 
but I thought God meant this love to be.
I don't know the reason, 
but I thought God meant our love to be.

In my poet's mind, you are mine again.
In my poet's heart you are here again.
In my poet's eye, you'll always be my love.

In my poet's eye, you'll always be my love.
In my poet's eye, you are still my love.
.......© ron wilson
The video for this song on Youtube, search for "veebdosa"then select IN MY POETS EYE, either Vee Bdosa (aka Ron Wilson) singing or Emily Van Praag singing.

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a new york warmth

On and on  I don’t wanna go home
Just the lovely words of another sad song
Holding on, it’s too late to go home
Just the lonely words of another sad song

Every now and then
I don’t wanna turn left 
Just the path I martyr 
On the way to no where
Could you envision me 
No longer sadly
These are the lovely words 

As we go
On and on  I don’t wanna go home
Just the lovely words of another sad song
And we sing
Holding on, it’s too late to go home
Just the lonely words of another sad song

Back and forth 
Are the trials we cure
Would you hold me more
If you found me impure 
And we’re holding on 
Cause it’s too late to go home

As we go
On and on  I don’t wanna go home
Just the lovely words of another sad song
And we sing
Holding on, it’s too late to go home
Just the lonely words of another sad song

On the park side of town
Silence is a muffled sound
No apologies
Like sea gulls 
We are standing free
We’re holding on 
Cause there’s no better place to be

So let it snow
Go here, there, and before
She asked me to leave 
I kindly closed the door
Theses are the times 
We wish not to endure
We look for warm meals
Band aids
A sore throat to absorb the cure
Lungs commenced to whispers 
Profoundly within your ear 
A little something
To keep your thoughts pure
I could ask for no more
Than sun lit days 
That hover above the clouds 
And shadow 
The doubts we adore

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Living Kingdom

A memory coated in blue
Of dire times; a castle of gloom
A basement filled with the buried dead
My throne within, painted in red

My tower gone, I stepped out alone
In to the mist - an attempt to atone
My basement torched, ignited by grief
With monsters dead, I no longer sleep

That kingdom crumbled in youth
The walls I built made enemy of truth
But still I stand, a victim of self
A treasury lost, it was traded for wealth

The silence turned into words
From inner self, out of this world
The mirror’s glass shattered by light
The darkness cleansed, granting me sight

A memory I leave in the past
For what is gone has brought me at last
To a place clear and true
This garden is my kingdom renewed

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Letting My Hair Down

Settling down with a real good book
All safe and warm inside my reading nook

Watching time go by 
As well told stories arise

Tales of dragons lives
Heroes live and die
All in one simple look
Maidens love and cry

All here with-in a sigh
I laugh as I day dream about the time I took

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Like A Glue Trap

Let me give you a little rap You remind me of a glue trap You just being there Keeps drawing me near Then when I get close I get right up to your nose Once you make the touch I get pulled in so much Then there’s no letting go You know, this hug from Flo It’s just so hard to pry away Comfortably stuck, I’d like to stay When we do break the hold My body is like a jell-o mold So it made me want to do a little rap Because you are - like a glue trap Florence McMillian (Flo)

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                                     One Mayday the girls of Penzance,
                            Being rather board with the lacy of romance,
                                                   Joined a Parade,
                                       With there Banners displayed,
                                          Offering sex to the Yanks;
                                     One was a Lady from Pecking,
                              Who indulged in a great deal of necking,
                                       But it seemed such a waste,
                                    Since she claimed to be chaste,
                           But that statement however, neads checking,
                                  Another young Lady from London's west,
                                  Had on an ankle length string vest,
                                        But there were some holes,
                                         For the respectable souls,
                            So she could have sex while  dressing
                        Now another young woman from Southend,
                                Had intended a love'ing week end,
                                         She waved to her mate,
                                             Good golly I'm late,
                                For her mate had a new lady friend,
                                        " THE WARRIOR POET"

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Beautiful is the sound of your voice
the glistening in your eyes
and the waving of your hair

Beautiful is your light 
the shinning of your personality
and the smell of your skin

Beautiful is the way of the world
the people and animals in it
and the moving of the words coming out into a song
the waving wings of a bird and the swaying of the tree leaves

Beautiful is the word that needs to be used more often

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Living Her Life

She sees the pains,
Which her native folk have gained.
She changed from a little girl
To someone who has always had the potential
To change her own little personal inner world.
As a child she never went through
What some other children of her people
Had went through themselves.

She used to never knew how the roots
Of all her people’s issues
Were and are so controversial.
Blessed was she, as a very young child,
For not knowing fully all the reasons why.

Blessed that she is and will always be
Full of feeling, and always quietly wondering “Why?”, 
Now she is filled with new knowledge and a developing sense of wisdom 
Within her own individual mind.
She is now what she had always
Envisioned and imagined before, since her elementary days.
She is (“I am...”) not entirely that same little girl anymore.
She is now one of the many of that particular kind.

Within her imagination is a longed 
Wanting of finally revealing 
The truths she has discovered and
How her people must change for the better.
Throughout her whole life, which she’s lived through so far,
She maintains a heart filled with feelings, 
A mind filled with knowledge
And a slight emotional immaturity as representation
That her inner child self is still alive on the inside.

Her inner and past child self (who was different from all the rest,
But was also similar to them when at their best).
Never truly knew how far she’d come in life.
(As of right now and forever into the future)
How she has grown and maintained herself
Is how she had made that (her) inner voice in her head and 
Had also long ago already acknowledged her true self.

She still stands in her own believing faith and faith in herself
And her lack of prejudice is what makes her naive thinking
Make her own days in her life far brighter than what others say
As they discourage her from doing 
Or trying to pursue something grand and part of a divine plan.
Even after times and tribulations involving doubting tremble.

Blessed she is for being so whole in her own presumed thoughts,
Blessed she is for logical thinking based on emotion and feelings.
Blessed she will always be, for Christ himself said to a woman
(who was suffering from something for more than 12 years), 
“Your faith is what made you whole.”
Now she thinks...
“Grateful and blessed I am, to the point of tears of joy and sorrow of how I used to doubt.
I now forever know what my life will be like beyond tomorrow.”

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The Succor

Live your life in great style and be cheerful  
There is someone on earth, wants you to be blissful
Smile and be ready for all others to interact with you   
Don’t allow life’s difficult situations to affect you 
Try to be strong and happy always 
Don’t worry for your failures in case 
Live your life in great style and be cheerful  
There is someone on earth, wants you to be blissful
You will shine as you have gained something so far   
See the world, compare and realize where you are 
Be positive for everything you experience 
Don’t put a frown in your appearance 
Live your life in great style and be cheerful  
There is someone on earth, wants you to be blissful
Whatever problem that may arise 
Be patient, smiling, and try to be wise 
There is no need to worry in agony when you are hurt 
Accept that something in your body needs to get repaired 
Live your life in great style and be cheerful  
There is someone on earth, wants you to be blissful
Painful it may be to your mind and heart 
The wound of tension might be your part 
Don’t harm yourself physically 
When you are hurt mentally
Live your life in great style and be cheerful  
There is someone on earth, wants you to be blissful
And don’t harm yourself mentally 
When you experience pain physically  
Like the illness that fades away 
Your failures also end one day 
Live your life in great style and be cheerful  
There is someone on earth, wants you to be blissful
Never show a poor sign 
Be sure that you will shine 
Time will come and you can easily triumph 
You will be in a position to dictate the terms 
Live your life in great style and be cheerful  
There is someone on earth, wants you to be blissful

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The Greatest Song

Name of song artist: George Harrison   -   Song Title: "Isn't It A Pity."

Poem below:

The greatest song of all time
shows how all people are blind
we either can't see the forest thru the trees
or we simply don't care about anyone's needs

The greatest day we will find
is when we unfold the love in our mind
when we cure violence of all kind
we can peacefully learn to unwind

What greater deed can there be
when all people can finally see
the words sung in such a great song
It's a pity, you don't sing along

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She Is New

She walked around everyday.
Unsure of herself in everyway.
As she despised all.
She woke up every morning with a burning hate inside for herself.

And all of those who looked down upon her.
She wasn't the girl most guys prefered.
Labled a freak.
But inside a vibrant human being just like all of them.

So she ran away.
She refused to stay.
Her family cried.
Though she did not care anymore.

A new school.
With people not so cruel.
She is not known.
A fresh start for her to let people see the real person inside that has hidden for so long.

So she is not afraid.
And says what she needs to say.
She is not hated.
But is accepted by all of these new people she has invited into her life.

Now she is new.
And has friends not of a few.
She loves all.
And wakes up every morning with a burning love inside for herself.

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Love's medium

Like fish dancing

we frolic in

the sea of love,

our bodies turning

and turning

around an invisible centre

skin touches skin

gently like rose petals touch

your face

as they flutter to the ground

in the breeze

how do we speak

except by gestures

of the heart?

how do we know

except by loving touch.

Sea,infinite sea

trusting the depths

giving ourselves away

with hands reaching

to touch again

then floating

side by side

Our medium is fluid,

no boundaries ,no edges,

washed here and there

we paint our love

into being

our bodies the brush,

our hearts the canvas.

Such  sweet impressions we make ,such dancing

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Lingering whispers fester in her head,
Secrets and memories roll down her cheek.
She is aching to be heard,
Yet the pins
In her lips
Won't let

One day she opens her window,
Warmth flooding her dead eyes;
Her skin aglow
And smile blooming,
"I'm finally 

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Than him

I'm weaker than you
It's always been true
you don't need me, cause i'll be the end of you

I don't mean to be useless, I don't mean to be sad
but things come along, and they're always so bad
that i latch onto you, you make me feel loved
with you i am something, when i'm touched, when i'm hugged
and i know that sometimes i make you mad

but I promise to be better, i know I'm a fool
but every time I look at you, I've jumped into a pool
of water that drowns my lungs out, 
I can't breathe when I see your eyes
I want to scream, i wanna shout
I wanna be your prize

But i'm weaker than you, I'm only a fool
just a fool who does nothing but write
useless, uncaring, so selfish and vain
he leads me back into the light

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One Step Ahead

Dream deferred
Tears unheard
Forever looking at stars
Dreaming of ours
Futures unknown
Forever one step ahead
To our ten steps slow
Promises to never look back
To let the past be just that
Supressing memories
Even those of a happy me
Happier than the one in the mirror some days
Sick of your ways
And your empty words
Of futures unknown
Forever one step ahead
To our ten steps slow
Promising to never look back
To let the past be just that
And I'm thinking of leaving you there
To satisfy the stranger in the mirror
To satisfy me
And my future unknown
Forever one step ahead
To my ten steps slow
I promise to never look back
To never repeat the bad
But to smile instead
At where I've been
And to stare at the clouds
To wish on stars
Letting go of ours
And focusing on mine
Dreams defined
My future still unknown
Only one step ahead
To my two steps slow
I'm catching up, not looking back
Keeping the past as just that
Learning to smile at possibilities
And me.

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A Day In The Life

It's both hello and goodbye,
The time she caught my eye.
By day and by night,
I'd write about this plight.
It's where we've been,
Our victory, our sin.
Life has categories;
Poets write poetry.
Is life how it should be,
The days of knowing me?

©2015 Honestly JT

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Smile at your sunshine.
Laugh at your pain.
Live with no regrets,
And dance in the rain.

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The Search

I went to the valley lookin' for a dime
a nickel's all I found baby ain't it a crime
I went to the valley hopin' I'd find you
I hoped you'd find me too

I went to the river lookin' for a name
a mirror's all I found baby this ain't a game
one time a devil two times a sin
I hope you'll let me in

Woke from a dream I didn't have no place
cool wind vanished without a trace
life went and played me for a fool
that's why I need you

I went to the fact'ry lookin' for some yarn
'fore I knew it I was ripped and torn
tied up in tragedy but don't feel no pain
I got your blood in my veins

I went to to the valley lookin' for a dime
a nickel's all I found baby ain't it a crime
I went to the valley without a clue
I'm so happy I found you

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I Know This Is Paradise

I know this is paradise
The moon light beats upon the
Window pane and as it does
Reflects the hectic, frantic
Mood of this part of my life.
Bouncing back off reflections
Show the mayhem that swallows
Us whole as we spin madly
Drinking more drunker, drunker
Falling back into darkness
To be absorbed by it all

I know this is paradise,
The morning after. Headaches,
Tired limbs, weary faces
But still jokes roll off our tongues
Reliving and discussing
All the infrequent interests
That tend to break their cover
And surface during such nights      

I know this is paradise
Even in my lowest hour
mid-night but to long past twelve
early into the morning
a break of pace, contemplate
What other things could have been
Though they’re beyond your control

I know this is paradise
I’m surrounded by those I love

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To Catch A Cloud

Verse 1

catch a cloud
praise out loud
time to bow
holy wow
do not sow

as I catch a cloud
catch a cloud

Verse 2

raise those hands
and praise da man
for theres a new plan
as I shout and stand
high above drifted lands

as I catch a cloud
catch a cloud

Verse 3

give me hope
to stay afloat
for I'll not mope
and just have to cope
from this heavenly boat

as I catch a cloud 
catch a cloud

Tribute To Heaven
And A Clouds Journey

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it was a Valencian love
hot and heated
the warm breeze blew 
I was not cheated
sweat dripped onto the sheets
as the fan slowly churned overhead 
it was not enough to keep things cool
it was not enough to follow the rules
there were no rules
only passion
I found his one true gift
was beneath his accent

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It;'s Understood

Every weekend same time same place
We do our own thing we aint tryna replace
The way we play the game, got one another waiting,
Its like we’re teasing ourselves, got us anticipating

Separated for a moment only girl you know ill never leave you lonely
I see you in the club dancing, doing your thang
Knowing tonight it’ll be my name you're gunna sing

Somethin so sexy I can see it in your eyes
Fellas wanna take you home but baby you’re my prize
No one else seems to know but with us its no secret
Im your man and you’re my lady and that how we’ll always keep it

We have an understanding, its like a secret code
I see you up in the club with your friends, 
flash you a smile, you give a nod
The hottest routine that never gets old. 

You’re all I need, these other girls don’t compare
The way you look at me, your style, your laugh, your hair
Everything about you drives me crazy, turns me on 
These girls steady tryin hard, But baby youre the one

I want your body, crave your body, 
best feelin is knowing im yours, 
you don’t want nobody

So glad I made you mine so long ago, 
your body so amazing and you have this amazing glow

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The Heat Of My Desire

In the still of the evening
Without sunlight to intrude
I see the twilight's in your eyes
As the moon sets up the mood

Playing music soft and low
While romance fills the air
I can't help but feel aroused
The very moment you come near

You submit to my embrace
While candles flick their flame
And the smell of sweet perfume
Seems to drive your lust insane

As I look into your eyes
And run my fingers through your hair
I taste the sweetness of your neck
As I nibble at your ear

I then whisper words of love
As you answer with a sigh
And in a very sexy way
Your sweet body comes alive

Your the heat of my desire
As we slowly come undress
I then start to lay you down
While you welcome my caress

With my luscious sexy curves
I have a taste you can't resist
And my breast show some response
When you touch them with a kiss

As I soak inside your love
To a sexy love condition
Feeling passions start to rise
While making love in all positions

You give me so much pleasure
For ecstasy is here
With you wrapped inside my arms
To this heated love we share

Now no one can come close
To this love that we inspire
For only you can fill this joy
And the heat of my desire

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My rage builds up inside
This is the face that cried
The body that died

The world that has no more space
This is the hand that bruised your face
The blood I taste

The depression deep inside my soul
These are the hands that are so cold
The hate that can't unfold

The life placed upon Thee'
These are the eyes that cannot see
The things that should not be

The shame that was placed
This is the mistake that cannot be erased
The time we have left to chase

The words that were spoken too clear
These are the ears that cannot hear
The friend who is no longer near

Shayla Dendinger

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Her Worth

I know a girl who doesn't know what she is worth
I tell her all the time, she is the most precious thing on this earth
but my words go in one ear and right out the other
she tells me I can do better but I have yet to find another
she is a combination of what I want, but more importantly, what I need
to say she is best thing to ever happen to me is something I am willing to concede
but all of this is meaningless if I can not get her to believe
I have all this love to give if only she was willing to receive
I don't know who lied to her so she wouldn't know that she is amazing
But I am bringing the truth, and this, this is her pedestal that I will be raising
I am holding it up high so the whole world can see
that I know she is special and that I believe she is the one meant for me
and if the world doesn't agree, then the world can kiss my ass
just more proof that today's world is way too crass
because if a person doesn't know they are special then its up to us to show them the light
tell them until they understand you, tell them every day and then tell them every night
I promise to keep reminding her until my words finally sink in
and when it finally does I'm going to tell her again

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Free Range Fear

There is too much fear in the world these days,
Fear of the unknown, scared in soo many ways!
Phobias of spiders, mice, rats and bats,
Are you frightend of nothing?  Why are you scared of that?

Scared of oppression?  And the way they use aggression?
Are they messing with your head, using psychic suggestion?
Wrestling with your doubts will only lead to fear,
Always looking into shadows.. scared that something's always near.

You're winding yourself up!  There's no reason to be scared,
But it's never as it seems.. so you'd better be prepared.
Because if you're feeling fear, it could be.. you're not ready,
With your trembling legs, and butterflies in your belly.

It's not so strange, that lots of people fear pain,
Being boiled alive, with needles stuck into your brain,
You've got to be careful, I'm afraid to say,
Be quick to make your mind up, to fight or run away.

Would you fill your pants, with a gun to your head?
Now, that's REAL fear.. you could be dead, enougth said!
Some could find your nerves and make you scream for weeks,
They can teach you about pain and how it reaches new peaks.

But the ones like that..  are fearful too,
Of justice, revenge, and the human rights crew.
They should be scared!  I wanna see their faces white,
'Cause they even kidnap kids and slip away into the night!

Now I'll get swept away, as it floods from me,
See, some of these emotions, are as deep as the sea,
Some wanna get a gun, and hunt these sick suckers,
And get them on their knees and say PRAY MOTHERF%%%%%!

See this is the crux..  this is the bottom line,
If they catch you doing that, then it's you that's doing time,
It's never black & white, it's not easy to see..
There are so many fears, it's all part of being free.

Are you scared of the dark, because that's how it began?
Are you scared that it links you to the earliest man?
Who had to hunt to eat, had to kill to stay alive,
And did what they had to, so this race could all survive.

The things to be scared of are the things inside,
You can struggle and fight, but you can never run or hide,
So walk down the street with your head held high,
And face down fear.. because we're ALL gonna die!

But the opposite of fear though..  is to be brave,
Who knows how many lives you could save.
The futures unknown, and we all face change,
It is all just a part of being free-range.

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Though We Never Spoke

Though We Never Spoke
Nor Touched In Person
Your Hand I'll Hold
Sit Back and I'll Listen

Though We Never Spoke
Your Voice I Crave
We Never Held 
But A Touch Will Stay

Though We Never Spoke
I Hear Your Laugh
It Makes Me Smile
When You Send One Back

Though We Never Spoke
I Love The Way You Speak My Name
When You Sing Aloud
I Enjoy Music You Play

I Hear You Everyday
I Just Hope 
You Mean What You Say
'I Feel The Same Way'

Though We Never Spoke

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Bees Are Right

Flowers red and flowers white
Fill my hours with sweet delight;
Flowers white and flowers red
Smiling from their dewy bed.

Tiny flowers, flowers tall,
Waving o'er the garden wall;
Bees are happy, bees are right,
These do make a pleasing sight.

Older flowers hanging low,
Younger flowers upward grow;
Gentle buds, brimming mirth,
Bursting from the heart of earth.

Winds so friendly flow along,
Puffing slow with petal-song;
Robins sing and robins sigh,
"Oh, why not a flower I?"

See the children, children sweet,
Tumbling at the flowers' feet;
Lovers young and lovers true
Kiss the flowers, two by two.

Eyes of love and eyes of light
Mingle in the flowers might;
Might of beauty, Beauty's spring,
Oh!  they make the world sing!

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Don't try to understand

Don’t try to understand the way it is.
Don’t work it out with logic or you’ll miss
The loveliness that all around you lies
In everything that lives, and always dies.

Look without the words that cause the mess,
And gaze at life with so much tenderness.
Just drink in all the mystery you see,
Swim within it’s beauty, let it be.

So dance my child and wildly sing your song,
This song is yours to you it does belong.
Just live your life, embrace eternity,
And feel within that fire of ecstasy.

You tread a road that never has been trod,
Be you with the devil, or with God.
Go with it child, and melt within the flow,
Feel that mighty flame within you grow.

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Strike up the Band

Strike up the band.
It's going to be grand.
Sing as never before.
Let the music roar.
Strike up the band.

If you are feeling down.
Turn up the sound.
Give it all you got.
The music is  hot.
Let the music play.
Strike up the band.

The music roars.
A crescendo of course.
The drums bash.
Symbols crash.
Trumpets scream.
Violins sound like a dream.
Let the music play.
Strike up the band

Why are you singing.
My good friend?
Because this music has no end.
It makes me happy to say.
Let the music play.
Strike up the band.

You don't need a reason.
To sing or play.
Happiness  display.
Drive misery away.
Let the music play.
Strike up the band

The heart rejoice.
Lift up the voice.
Let it ring  let it say.
I'm happy to day.
Let the music play.
Strike up the band.


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never forget 9-11

On that day we were all the same, we didn't know there faces, we didn't know 
there names.
There voices we heard crying all around the world, someones loving father, 
someones little girl.
On that day we were called to lead a better life, for that someones father, for that 
someones wife.
The list of souls read from above before it came below why it was and why it is the 
answer no one knows.
Through the pain we have learned lessons great and small, life, love, and happiness 
are precious cherish them all.
With grace we all go on, but never will we forget that all of these beautiful things 
can fade so very quick.
On that day we wondered, on that day we cryed, on that day we asked ourselves 
what kind of man am I?
Mothers held there children for so long and oh so tight, why did these people have 
to go this was not there fight.
We hope and pray for all those names, and the ones they left behind they gave 
their life for a question the answer we must find.

William J. Harty

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A silver river down your face. You hang your heas in such disgrace. I've found you in this awful place. You've fallen from your spot of grace You've never cried in front of me, But now your weakness I do see. You cry and cry because of she, And all alone you want to be. I do refuse to leave your side. You are ashamned of how you've cried. You scream your wish that you had died, And here I come to be your guide. Never again will you walk alone. You now have love to call your own. You tried to cut rigt to the bone. You're caught tonight, tears on the phone. Let me hold you for this night. I will help you through this fight. Let us try with all our might. We'll sit here 'til you're alright. Now listen friend, and listen well. We'll walk together through this Hell. I promise you I'll never tell. Best friends forever, it ends well. Now you're in a happy place. I love that smile on your face. All of your pain we did erase. Live loving life, for it's no race.

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Where Seagulls Fly

Remember the sun those days
The smell of the sea
Don't forget the Northwest breeze

Then a thought flew right through me
Brought me back again
Closing my eyes is that you

Stumbling around the rocks
Thoughts of you I find
In my mind I hit rewind

At the beach where seagulls fly

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Return of the Fire Within

Alone in the light
Just barely scraping by
I'm itching for a fight
I tear away from the urge to die

I'm wide awake from a bolt of lightning
I realize my position now
Man or machine, the lines are blurred
As the fire burns in my soul

Burning now, released from my chains
I'm clawing towards the light
No burnout from this flamethrowing fury
Ten thousand fires ignite

Full throttle, hit the ground running
With the passion to excel

God help those who think I'm giving up here.

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Write yourself the silliest song...
when everything seems dark and dull,
and all that can be changed for all; 
write and just sing along!

Learn how to fight your blues
with the quickest remedy:  think of sunshine,
never of rain;  dream of rainbows 
over the distant horizon!
For every sad mood that lingerd for too long, 
there's a world of surprises waiting in your song!

Most people think  that loving themselves
is enough to complete their mission in life,
but I tell you otherwise:  love others
more than you love yourself,
and you'll be rewarded in due time:
look at the lives of those great givers! 

Learn how to fight your blues,
and there's no way you can lose;
if everything were easy, nobody would complain...
going up-hill is too tough for the weak,
gather your strength and be the first to reap
whatever you deserved and wasn't given!

Write yourself the happiest song,
look up and merrily sing along!

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Dreams Come True

Somewhere birds are singing
And clouds are rolling by
I'm here dreaming without you
And I wonder why
Remember when life was so easy
When you dreamed too
That times come and gone
And I still think of you
You once told me that
Dreams really do come true
I still believe that
But do you?
We used to dream together
Under the moon and sky
But now all we dream about
Is how we always cry
About what we talk about
About what we say
How did we get here?
I don't want to stay
Come back, you don't have to go
I'll set things straight
I think we can make it
If it's not too late
We can dream of love and 
The song birds and the sky
We can fix this
This isn't goodbye
Somewhere birds are singing
And clouds are rolling by
Now I'm sitting here dreaming with you
Underneath the sky
No more goodbyes

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it feels good to know 
I have found someone 
who cares as much 
as I love the sky 
as I love the rain 
as I love spring 
or a summer day 
it feels good to know 
I can look in your eyes 
and not be denied 
the love I feel inside 
is more precious than 
the first blooming flower
the first clap of thunder 
the first ray of sun 
after a shower 
it feels good to know 
where ever we go 
you are always with me 
by my side
and knowing you love me 
makes me fly
higher than the biggest plane 
further than geese on autumn days 
for I am undoubtably yours

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Baby I belong to you

Baby I belong to you
Tell me please you love me too.

Baby, please look at me now
You have won my heart somehow.

We are now talk of the town
Baby, please don’t let me down.

Baby, please give me more joy
Don’t break my heart like a toy.

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Original of the Doc wearing fist cuffing angels

Baby don't walk away
It's true that the beginning is better than the end
Please hold that smile somewhere in your heart

I will give you everything that you need
Except all that you are and will be
Cause you are the first one of your kind

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
And I want nothing else tonight

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it

Somethings you shouldn't have to do alone
Like sleeping, waking and eating
Some people got way too much on their plate

I would give you everything that you need
Except all that you are and will be
Cause you are the first one of your kind

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
And I want nothing else tonight

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it
You'll never be alone, no
So sugar come on show us those soles
You've been wearing out when you collect the toll

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it
Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
The whole of what you got, the whole of what you got

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YOURS...IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SMILE the most beautiful smile,
the source of all my inspirations;
that star never fading, always outshining others...

And from it joy is emanated;
with the speed of a shooting star,
to earth it falls, for me to catch it without harm...

Mona Lisa may have the most perfect smile,
but yours is the densest and fondest;
so fresh and alive...a blooming flower awaiting light...   

The Italian Renaissance's painters and poets could not have imagined
a beauty so delicate, inspiring and pure existing in my time;
Dante's passion for Beatrice turning into deprivation and desire...

What my vision beholds is unexplainably mysterious and yet simple,
purity and innocence reflecting your soul's mirror to make me gaze deeper;
entrust all your thoughts and feelings to me, and I will be your keeper... the rarest and most attractive smile,
and on it unblemished love can be built, a fortress outlasting time;
unafraid, share it with me to explore the wonders of this universe...   

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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On Pause

Glaring at a brilliant screen;
Awaiting, just awaiting -
Glancing over humorous things;
Copying a brilliant show.

Never really watching;
And stopping, ever stopping -
Preparing for the sun’s arrival;
Waiting for it’s sombre glow.

Nothing real until you see it;
Together, just together -
As I hold my coffee cup.
Pausing everything I cherish;
Where life begins when you wake up.

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Rare Love Bird of Mine

O rare;  love bird of mine
Your make me  blind
When you spread those wings and fly
Blind with such happiness
Which took me forever to find
But I don't mind
As long as you spread those wings and fly
 Just take  me by your side
O rare; love bird of mine 
Take me to the heights of skies float with me among  the clouds 
Let me Sing  out aloud-

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here comes 'his' lover he's 'gay'

  is it fun and a game, 
or is it insane.
just to keep milking it. 
the way, 
you all do now.
look at your hands.
warm and slippery.
yellow and dripping so wet.
and ever growing.
you're fevered and glowing. 
all of your faces so red.
rejected by him at the prom.
him by all of you.
ruffies you put in his milk.
He does not drink, 
what you think he drinks 
he is good.
and loved by all, 
just as he should.
and look at him now.
passed out cold. 
but how can you now.
how can you, 
and you and your friends.
as one squeezes, 
the brown paper bag.
and when one's coming up
each well worn flight of stairs 
the other's coming down.
and all of you giggle and *sigh.*
and all of that spilled milk.
milk all that white milk.
looking around it is every where.
it's on your faces, 
and on your hands.
those blouses 
you change and your skirts.
are soaked as well.
deep asleep, like a babe.
and yes you were knowing, 
now as he comes again.
and you know by now, 
know he's in pain.
and none of you seem to care.
here comes a lover, 
that none of you knew.
that a hunk like him could be 'gay'.
and you didn't know, that
he was gay.
feeding him all of those ruffies, 
like the three of you, 
have done in the past.
like the ones who, 
came to school the very next day, 
with out memories 
of those nights of the past.
what do all you think of
your selves now. 
and even more so do you now. 
as he lays on your couch, 
deep fast in sleep. 
alive in your hands moving how. 

Is It Poetry 

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A smile in a thought of a "forever" like this.
A dream from a star's one wish.
A love of a life from a fairy tale one told
To a child with an imagination worth a whole pot of gold.

Can you really put a value to something like this?
Like that feeling you get from your last first kiss?
Or the dreams that come true from a shooting star's wish?
There's no value worth more than all this.

A song from a night from a heart's first glance.
A sway from a dress from a love's first dance.
A rose from a thorn from a child's freedom.
A ring from a night from a tear from one.

Can you really put a value to a moment like this?
To a second in time so carefree as this?
To a heartbeat caused by pure peace and bliss?
To a child's eye lit by a shooting star and a wish?

Could you tell me what it's worth?
Or could you tell me which came first?
Was it hope for a future unknown,
Or happiness from the love that's shown?
Was it a dream from a fairy tale,
Or optimism after every fail?
Because the child that I've never seen
Is one without a single dream.

So tell me,
Can you really put a value to this?
To a first kiss?
A child's wish?
Pure bliss?
To this?
To this moment looking into your eyes?
To a fairy tale defined
By you and I.

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Sitting on a smooth rock
as waves crash into it...foaming,
and splashing their salty water on me;
it is warm and soothing after burning
on dunes of sand...listening to rock,
and one of the songs caught my fancy...

The dreamer who follows the stars
is an unloved soul running from time,    
searching for secrets in this Universe...
but finding only sympathy for himself;
he can see the sea-birds in flight,
and wishes more peace at every sunset!  

This pen dashes all thoughts off,
to relieve this mind of unwanted clutter,
clearly seeing beyond the noiseless shore;
and like survivors of a shipwreck:
I let out a deep breath, to feel life 
at its best ,and joyfully play my clarinet...

The dreamer who follows the stars
 loses their traces into space,
they go further and further and disappear from his sight;
he counted them all when they stood still and shone
above the ragged canyons of a dreary moon in silverlight, 
and how can he hope for their return and not dream alone?  

Fugitive darkness gives away to dazzling sun-rays,
the shrills of the gathered sea-gulls, by the beach-house,
bring me back to an existence of joyful laughs; 
I am repulsively sad to have fallen into sleep,
to have missed moments that could have inspired, indeed,
another song for the dreamer who followed the stars!

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I am in love with a stranger
I can't believe my feelings
But I can't deny either
I bumped into her toward the coast
I was just a visitor  to the breeze
She sacrificed to be the host
She welcomed me with a hug
Her snowy breath could freeze
But I  didn't want to nag
We both cried,
As we said bye to each other
 I am afraid she may be a ghost
Her voice is one I have heard before

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Senses Wonder

I hear the same things
Every passing day-
The sound my feet make 
Walking up stairs-
But, what would 
It sound like
If you walked the stairs 
By my side?
If I heard you laugh,
Sigh lovingly,
Sniff to hold back a tear?
What if I heard your voice
Say my name?

I hear
Birds singing-
Distant whispers-
Winds blowing-
Knocking on doors,
But what if I heard 
You sing my favorite love song?
Whispering in my ear
Or the wind blowing 
Through your hair?
But, what if, one day,
You locked me out?
What if you didn't
Let me in?

I see sunsets-
Birds flying in freedom-
Young love-
Flowers in bloom-
But how great would it be 
If we admired the sunsets
And found freedom together?
If you took my hand 
And we enjoyed 
The belittled things in life?
What if
You never let go?

I see 
Night time-
Shooting stars-
People walking,
But what if 
You saw the 
Light in me?
What if we 
Watched the stars
And made a wish?
But, what if
I saw you walk away
Like all those other people?
What if
You never came back?

I feel
Gentle nightfall
Come upon me-
My feet wanting
To get up-
My mind dreaming
Of what to say,
But, what if,
Under the stars,
We danced? 
What if we talked 
About lovely springtime?
What if 
We never woke up?

I feel
A soft chill-
A loving presence-
A yawn coming-
My hands held together,
But, what if,
You warmed me
With your heart?
What if
You didn't leave,
And we talked all night?
But, what if, 
You never held me?
What if
You were never there?

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Empty Teardrops On My Fingertips

There is only you and me were universal speak our minds until they become controversial the current administration couldn't build a tent that's why I should run for president I would represent you all as I hate you, equally no justification just in my way, literally the broken egg shells I walk on for you to cringe your nails and do as you do Mary wasn't quite contrary on this particular conspicuous evening it seems she's overdressed for the occasion wearing nothing but a green wreath over places What's the difference between me and you? I have power beyond imagination and control of my dreams you misunderstand the smallest of things and then blame me for your state of denial I'm in a state of comfortness but must move forward in order to progress otherwise I am just oppressed or overly blessed, and won't digress.

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forget your needle in a hay stack

I'm a needle in a haystack
walking about among all
never standing tall.
 A stick in an ever growing field of flowers.
never a stalk, never any power.
just a lone discarded weed, but i feed
on your unknowing, my unshowing.
until an unblossoming of a true form me
and a society forced to see me,
and try to be me,
 the perfect rose.

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Villanelle for Valentine's Day

Villanelle for Valentine’s Day 

Remember we danced to Charlie Parker on the dorm-room floor? 
Our hearts were staccato and wouldn’t heed a rest, 
And I read you a poem: tides crashing my love into your shore. 

Gentle jazz carried us, on currents, across the floor, 
Your laugh against my cheek from my whispered jest
When we danced to Charlie Parker on the dorm-room floor. 

My heart was bass booms, it was something you could not ignore.
It beat with a mallet, a roller falling against your breast,  
And I read you a poem: tides crashing my love into your shore. 

You heard mine, your heart always singing to implore, 
My rhythm was awful, steps stuttered, it was not my best
When we danced to Charlie Parker on the dorm-room floor. 

Finally I began to dance, to float, knowing it was your
Heart that I heard, singing over tides’ waves’ crest, 
So I read you a poem: tides crashing my love into your shore. 

Our dance was a music, a tide we could not ignore, 
On my shoulder, my heart, you took your rest, 
As we danced to Charlie Parker on the dorm-room floor.
And I read you a poem: tides crashing my love into your shore.

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Never enough love to fill me up as a clown
when mood remains low;
I'd love to spin around twice,
hold someone's hand and fall down
to touch the world below...
as light chases away those dark clouds!

Where are the happy thoughts
that build up inside...
when fancy strikes and explodes
to make way for the sunshine?
Where's that rainbow 
that promises tomorrow?

Never enough love to make me shout, spring up and suddenly soar
to forget troubling days
that make me awfully sad;
oh, I lay wishes on stars
and believe in roses without thorns,
in faces without frowns!
Oh, it would be a wonderful thing to sail on a ship to a distant shore! 

Will I watch the fading sunset and dream by myself?
I'll look far away to explore feelings of solitude...
who'll be there to take me to another altitude,
if there isn't enough love to satisfy this throbbing chest?

Never enough love to give to the truest heart
whose size is the depth of the bluest sea!
If one isn't generous, that person will be lonely and out of luck; 
keep on giving what you can to make everyone see
that love never says you can't win the trust of your darling...
to build up that lasting dream when reality is the surest thing!

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What is love

Is love a feeling trapped deep inside 
that any painful moment can cause you to cry
Is love an infatuation with the opposite sex
feeling you must always be at your very best

Is love a thought, action, or deed
grown in the heart from the planting of a seed
for what is love but a single notion
that drives the heart with many emotions

Is love the warmth beneath a gentle breath
that sends uncontrollable chills down the back of your neck
Is love the desire behind a stare that leaves you in a daze
hypnotize by lust struck within its gaze

Is love the security felt from a strong embrace
or the steady soft caress of a hand upon your face
is love missing someone when they've gone on a long trip
or the heated passion of a slow kiss upon your lips

Is love merely knowing someone will always be there
just knowing your heart and life will always be shared

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Believing in You

To learn from the needy,
To care for the strong,
To reach for the heavens,
Where we all belong.

To climb every mountain,
Atop every hill,
To find out my purpose,
The good Father's will.

To fly like an angel,
From pond to lakeshore,
To venture the valleys,
Seen never before.

To swim through the  waters,
Of sparkling streams,
To soar through the vast clouds,
Of peace and of dreams.

To travel off Earth,
To a place quite unknown,
To witness my eyes,
Where the birds have not flown.

A place that is fruitful,
WIth flowers and trees,
With fresh air and water,
A song in the breeze.

And last but not least,
With my kind, loving friends,
A pastime, a party,
Where peace never ends.

To make all this happen,
Seems like such a chore,
But that what beliefs, and our dreams
Were made for.

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Your Kiss

When you kiss me 
It feels so right 
I can't help to think of you 
At night. 
Your lips so soft 
Your kiss so slow 
When you kiss me 
I feel my heart glow. 
When we kiss 
It's just you and me 
I want the whole world to see 
How much you mean to me. 

February 10th, 2004

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The Dance

Swaying. I'm dreaming. Sinking. I'm dying. Freefalling. Angels sing a beautiful melody. Hallelujia, oh hallelujia. The light shines on me, enchanting. It's holy, it's holy. I'm spinning, my dress all around, and he's twirling me, my hair falling down. Now as he pulls me close, I see his kind face, I know I am secure, I know I am safe. My best friend Jesus, I smile at him. Oh, dancing with Jesus... I am alive again. My heart is pounding deep within my chest. Dancing with in my eyes ceases to exist. I am not alone. Blinded no longer is the truth hidden inside. And we're swaying. The angels singing. Hallelujia, oh hallelujia. I'm spinning, my dress all around, and he's twirling me, my hair falling down. Now as he pulls me close, I see his kind face, I know I am secure, I know I am safe. My best friend Jesus, I smile at him. Oh, dancing with Jesus... I am alive again. On golden streets we dance to the harp, he's holding me close. Silver is the moon, blue are the stars. I fall awestruck to my knees, swimming through splashing amber seas of innocence. The steps of the dance, guided by his gentle hand. I am at rest, I am at peace, folded in the glory of my coming. The spitting fire engulfing me. I'm spinning, my dress all around, and he's twirling me, my hair falling down. Now as he pulls me close, I see his kind face, I know I am secure, I know I am safe. My best friend Jesus, I smile at him. Oh, dancing with Jesus... I am alive again. I'm spinning, my dress all around, and he's twirling me, my hair falling down. Now as he pulls me close, I see his kind face, I know I am secure, I know I am safe. My best friend Jesus, I smile at him. Oh, dancing with Jesus... I am alive again. I'm dancing with Jesus... In Heaven with Jesus... I am alive again. I am alive again...

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It's You

You bring joy to my life
And I'm proud to be your wife
To cherish you
To play with you
So, come and you will see
The happiness you bring to me
You are the one, my kind
It was you I had to find
That smile upon your face
Takes me to that special place
Right where I want to be
With just you and me
You bring joy to my life
And I'm proud to be your wife
To find in you
All the magic inside of you
You are my kind
It was you I had to find
There is no end to our time
Only with you
It's you

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Dedicated to soildier girl -n- Ft.Hud {The Bus Ride}

It was that of a ride.
That of a lady by the side to which caught the eye.
That of her toes that was red to the color.
As she was the most beautiful on the ride.
Her hair long and wavy as her smile lights the room.
Her body was that of an young vulpine as I experience it first hand.
As we sat and I rubbed her feet for hours on end.
That time went by like the year that passes.
Passing like that of the seasons as my mind wonders.
Wondering what it would be like to hold her tight.
It wasn't that we weren't close but there was distance in between.
As I felt my heart melting from a distance.
I know some how we connected but not knowing?
Knowing, rather we would see each other again.
I dream of the day at hand.
As I think of if, I could just pull her close.
How I would never want to let go.
But it was more then just that.
It was the love two had shared with the twingle of an eye.
But it was more then any could replace.
Because it was done from a love deep inside.

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So I can Cherish each and every

Lately I’ve been stuck in a daydream land.Wishing I could figure out a better way in this life’s plan. Because In July I will be turning 28- oh yeah I am getting older. Which makes me want to live a little slower, and put a hold on time.
So I can cherish each and every hour
So I can cherish each and every minute
So I can cherish each and every second
For just a little longer…
So I can re-visit blurry memories from the past and hold loved ones just a little stronger. Before having to say Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.But lately I been stuck in a day dream land running threw beaches of sand and fields of beautiful flowers and each and every peddle I pick off a flower,I just pray that every day ….
I can cherish each and every hour
I can cherish each and every minute
I can cherish each and every second…..
Without regrets live a little boulder knowing that each and every step I take
And every breath I take there is something to be thankful for…
So I cherish each and every hour…….
So I cherish each and every minute…..
So I cherish each and every second……

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what came before.

her life taps her on the shoulder
and she turns around
to see that it looks nothing like
what came before.

and she wonders what made the star
that was her continuing subsistence
explode to become
the remarkable days she savors now
what catalyst took the combining experiences
and made them into something so new
that it doesn’t even resemble
what came before.

when she looks into his eyes
she sees things she never thought
could be real
colors never imagined
appear in plenty
and landscapes change
from grey and flat and lonely
to lush and new and bright
and when she looks away
she sees a world that has a rightness
that never was in
what came before.

and her heart flies now
instead of sinking under weight
it rises with its corners filled
lightness pervades her being
these days
and she feels so much more
of the good
than she ever did in
what came before.

and when her life taps her on the shoulder
and she turns around
to see what it looks like
she smiles a smile that looks
nothing at all like
what came before.

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The First Time

It's like breathing for the first time
In three long years.
It's like seeing for the first time,
No longer looking through tears.
It's like laughing for the first time
Without the burden of worry.
It's kind of like finding
The woman formerly known as me.

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Heartless Fire

In my fervent heart,
You knew I treasured you
But you didn’t return those tender feelings
Just see the fumes arise from the consuming fire
Because my wicked desires wasted away into embers
I love you…I love you…These feelings are ever so new!
I LOVE YOU…I love you…These feelings are always true!
You knew I honestly adored you…oh yeah; I always did from the start
But you don’t consider those mild feelings—you wrecked those bits by bits
Ah! Now I’m crammed into the ascending fire, splintering me with the strokes of death
Because of my virtuous desires, I’m wasting away into the pit of corruption
I thought you were encompassed with my passionate kisses
But you wanted to chase after your callous blisses, now I’m faced with crises
I detest the thought of adoring you…but I have to admit—I love you!
I love you…I love you with all of my heart! Do you love me too?
I know the desires that I have constructed for you never occurred in your heart
I know in the bottom of my heart that you were only enticed by your sick pleasures
You’re dumping me into the raging fire and you’re a sneaky little liar
Because I ain’t lying like you do deceitfully to me—I’m in love and I can’t draw back my desire
You brought magnificence in my eyes, comforting angel
But I’m subsiding into the cavernous fire
Because I surrender to my legit desire
How could I free from the embrace that yanks on to me?
You brighten up my dreams and set me free from reality’s calamity
I love you…I love you…These feeling relieve me from the blue!
I LOVE YOU…I love you…I adore your every existence—do you get the clue?
You knew I kept this feeling inside for so long
Nevertheless, I feel that I belong
In your heart…In His heart…
In my heart…we’ll never depart!
You are my true endeavor
And I wanna win your heart forever!
You’ll always be loved because you’re above beautiful
But, you don’t believe this love will survive in this stranded palace
But I’ll attempt to win you with all of my might and I’ll defeat the malice
Our boundless love is like two fireflies floating in the midnight sky
But you disturbed our greetings and you didn’t even accept the feelings I felt for you
Why did you blow away our interweaved feelings of passion
And blew them away into the heartless fire?
My precious love, why did you diminish my eternal desire?
You knew I worshiped you
In my sensitive heart

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Cast Away All Doubt

Cast away all doubt and let happiness last
You keep sugarcoating our regrets
Our happiness never came to pass…I’m irritable – 
Was our love sublime or was it a crime? A crime?
I keep lying to myself that I don’t have to pay my debts
You hurt me in every way possible 
Was I waste of your time? You’re as sour as lime…
I HAVE casted out all doubt, no doubt
Why did you choose a different route?
You’re the opposite of me
I’m on my own, but never alone, you see?
Do you see clearly?
Look at my eyes and don’t pit me

I will squander my time now and forever
(Are you an evil, fallen angel?)
Until I meet you eye to eye again
Our departure came to soon…our future’s a blur
(sarcasm: Oh you must be a sweet, beautiful angel –)
Come on & get out of the lion’s den!
Release me…I need to let go…
Believe in me…reflect on me…
Release me…let me go with the flow
Let me grow and see…the light at the end of the tunnel
There’s other fish in the sea

(Random Bridge) 
Unchain me from feeling this envy
Feeling this despondency deep in me . . . 
Don’t grieve for me, oh darling
You were my lullaby during nightfall
You were my beloved drug and now, it’s wearing…
Now, it’s wearing off and I’m wearing a frown of appall
 There’s other fish in the sea
Unchain me from feeling this envy
Catch me before I fall 
Hear me as I call
I don’t hear your echoing empathy
But, I hear God’s gracious voice of serenity
 There’s other fish in the sea
Unchain me from feeling this envy
Have some sympathy, you foe
Have some courtesy, you know?
Who knows where the wicked winds blow?
Who knows where the wistful waters flow…
Everything’s gonna be alright tonight
God will show us His sundrenched sight
We’ll write with our might & stand tall
And shed some light to all…
Tonight, do take heart
Don’t rip me apart
Unchain me
Set me free ~
Cast away all doubt…(choose another route)
Please don’t hurt me
Cast away all doubt without a doubt
You know what I’m talkin’ about
Soon, soon, you’ll see…see…
You’ll see my pain…
I need God’s healing, blessed rain
To wash away the pain
That drives me insane . . . 
Drain away the pain
Take away the pain
Devour the pain
Ease the pain,
Driving me insane
Renew my high spirits
I’m driving on another lane
I’m throwin’ my childish fits
Am I sane or insane?
See me through the pane…
See me beyond the pain
Unchain me and let Him shed
His healing rain instead.

Cast away all doubt and let happiness last
You keep sugarcoating our regrets…our misfortunate past
Dismiss the ghosts of our past
Run with your might…run away oh so fast ! ~ ~ ~
Cast away all doubt (with your eyes)
Cast away your heart's doubt 
(never say your goodbyes...I won't fall for your lies - replace them with His 
truth and your wicked, epic lullabies...
Wow, how time flies...yet I still hear your cries...) 
Never doubt & choose a way out 
Of captivity - walk with me on this route
We'll walk in the sun...
Let nightfall welcome the dawn...
The night bows down to the dawn
With open arms...with open arms...x2
Don't enchant me with your wicked charms

I hope this day isn't gone...
We both just need to move on.

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Kisses felt:
Moments lost. 
Priceless moments
Always cost.
Peace and love:
Childhood wishes.
Friends forever,
Like butterfly kisses,
Never last
More than a day,
Then they all
Fade away.
Dreams, like shoes,
Become too small
To fit our lives
When potential calls.
Kisses felt:
Moments lost.
Priceless moments
Always cost.
Is the price
Worth the pain?
Or worth the strength
We eventually gain?
Of course it is.
Just persevere.
Don't ever stop dreaming.
Don't live in fear.

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Dream of a world, Where there is peace. No girls, That admit to defeat. You can walk on water, Not worrying of drowning. You can open your locker, And look around see no one frowning. I walk up to you. I study your face. I can see if your blue, Or feel out of place. I look into your eyes. Somehow I'm suprised, You haven't seen in yet. You haven't seen the best, Of me. It's a dream, Or a nightmare, For which you don't wake. I feel like a vampire, Getting stabbed with a stake. Why can't you look into my eyes, And see I love you? Dream of a world, Filled with war. See a dead girl, And be dead poor. A million things, Happen at once. You have to see, The best of me. I walk up to you. I study your face. I can see if your blue, Or feel out of place. I look into your eyes. Somehow I'm suprised, You haven't seen in yet. You haven't seen the best, Of me. It's a dream, Or a nightmare, For which you don't wake. I feel like a vampire, Getting stabbed with a stake. Why can't you look into my eyes, And see I love you? Think about love. Think about death. You'll see a dove, On your last breath. Wake me with a kiss, So, I can see your eyes, With such bliss, Before I die. Listen to my fairytale, Before I leave, Before I go to Yale. I walk up to you. I study your face. I can see if your blue, Or feel out of place. I look into your eyes. Somehow I'm suprised, You haven't seen in yet. You haven't seen the best, Of me. It's a dream, Or a nightmare, For which you don't wake. I feel like a vampire, Getting stabbed with a stake. Why can't you look into my eyes, And see I love you? I can see, You don't love me, But can you stop, The Dreams, The Nightmares? There's something inside of me, I can't hide from. It's my fate, But I'm too late. Dream of the possibilities, Of you and me. Look into my eyes. Think twice. What do you think? About me? Now.

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I Think the World of She

She's precious as can be,
She means so much to me.
She spells generosity,
and she's always 
been a friend in need.

Been so many years
Since we met in our heyday,
So young and so free,
Sun-soaked days,
No tears, no cares,
Back in our heady heyday,
what I'm trying to say is,
I think the world of she.

She's tender as can be,
Her kindness is for real,
So real for me, 
She sends warmth to me,
Like gentle poetry I can feel.

The thought of her makes me happy,
Because of all she's done for me,
I guess you'd say that I've been lucky,
She's one in a million, can't you see.

Been so many years
Since we met in our heyday,
so young and so free,
Sun-soaked days,
No tears, no cares,
Back in our heady heyday,
What I'm trying to say is,
I think the world of she.

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The dancing hair

Did you see the dancing hair,
Of the girl I love?
With the wind they dance;
With the wind they smile.
If you see them,
Do pause a while.

Do pause a while,
Do pause a while,
That will do no harm.

When you will se the dancing hair,
You feel like to touch it.
You heart will be warmer,
Your eyes will be wider,
And the scent of love will come.

Do pause a while,
Do pause a while,
That will do no harm.

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the guitar loving women this one has music for it too





D G 





G D 
D A G 






A G D A 

G D 
D A G 
©copyrighted by
Penny Lapsley, John Beedle, jerry spalding 

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Who makes me think what I think?
Was I born to judge the folly
of others with a satire?
Seeing their imperfections,
pitying their endless misery,
offers me that chance
to compare theirs with mine,
but rolling the dice is unfair.

Who makes me think what I think?
Are compassionate words put into me,
to gush forth as a lively brook in spring...
refreshing my stale enthusiasm,
rejecting foolishnes to let it wisdom in, 
accepting changes with a new mind and will?

Who makes me think what I think?
Are these ideas and emotions daily learned by observing
human actions leading to life or death?
But very few are defined by compassion, others have
that deep hatred in them refusing to end it...
being a witness makes one aware of those differences! 

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I'm Alive

It’s dark and 
our beating hearts and 
date movie the only sound
The warmth of your touch
and smell of your hair
fill the air that surrounds us
And I could lay here all night
and take in the love in your eyes
and listen to your heart beat
to the sound of us
Taking in my time with you
Cherishing each breath we share
And I don’t care
about the world out there
You’re in my arms
and in my eyes
You’re in my heart
You’re in my heart
And I
for once I feel alive
This is perfect
We are perfect
You are my life
and I’m alive
and I’m alive

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Pouring Down

Verse One: Walking up and down the street/
Filled with thoughts of despair/ I feel as though
my world is tumbling down/ I cry/ I scream? and 

Chorus: It pours down/ It's pouring/ All I've got
is the rain when it's pouring down/ But I say let 
it pour/ let it pour/ let it fall on my face/ let it fall on

Verse Two: Wet/ Feeling lost/ But ever so alive/ Walking/
not knowing where I'm going/ Seeing the distance/ the path
seems too long/ I fall/ and then

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three: Looking ahead/ looking and seeing a face/ a beautiful
face/ a face that brings hope/ A face that brings out the sun

Repeat Chorus 

Bridge: Seeing you/ feeling you/ feeling alive/ the warmth/ the light/
you bring/ it fills me/ it pours down on me


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Christmas Time

*Christmas Time* 

There is a bright light
A bright light
Around the block
Its jingle bell time
It’s a well time
Santa’s coming to night Oh, oh, oh
So cheerful night
Let sleep till the night goes by
Oh, it’s a swell time
Mistletoe hanging so sweetly
I can kiss you till the night is sleepy
Oh, it’s a swell time
My children’s time
Watching as they scream in cheer
Oh, let me be with you
Oh, and let you be with me.
It’s a swell time; it’s a fun time,
To watch the night go by
Singing jingle-bell time
It’s a swell time
Eating all night till sun comes up
Children sleeping to know there fun to come
Cleaning up, cooking it’s all the same
To busy to think, so cheerful in so deep
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, let me be with you
Oh, and let you be with me.
It’s a swell time; it’s a fun time,
To watch the night go by
Oh, oh, oh
By: Marissa Stoops

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Birthday Rose

Introduction: A mother is such a wonderful poetry...She is the compass and blessing for her children and no matter what, in our hearts - she's the rose that never dies.

The moment I first opened my eyes, I saw your glowing face in shine You took me in your graceful arms, And poured my life in peaceful charm You sacrificed more than I can count, To raise me and strengthen my ground Every time you heard me scream, You took off from your every meal You fulfilled all my needs and dreams, You mean the world and more to me A teacher, a playmate, An answer, a guide of fate You reach out and pull me back, Whenever I get lost off track You love me like no other, Words just simply can’t explain, you are the best mother With you I never pretend, by your values I transcend You help me get my courage tight, You aid me to my wisdom right You are my loving mother, Someone I have to share my thoughts Always you know, always you care, Always you feel, always you heal Your tender smile lights up my life, From doubts that keep me captive at night Forever in my heart, you reside You care so much and feel so deep, You’re just everything I need I’m above grateful to have you in my life, As every time I think of you, I always feel revived.

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into a wooded bog

I walked through the sunshine 
into a wooded bog 
where lily pads are home to frogs
where the night sky shines 
on the lake below 
where the winter breeze blows 
over a fresh new snow 

I walked down the path 
where no one could find me 
beyond the hidden branches 
sits a log where I'm hiding 
peacefully I've chosen this spot 
because this log has been mine for years 
all the time I walk through the forrest 
I always end up here

this log is nothing special 
but special it is to me 
for it looks over the lake 
in which I knew since three 
its been there when I was sad, 
and made me happy again 
and when I'm on this log
there's nothing better than that

a peaceful place in the forrest 
away from bustles of the day 
is the best spot for someone like me 
to wash her worries away.

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H u g D r u g

I wanna hold you 
I wanna hold you
In your arms, I wanna be.

Breaking through
Breaking through
All this mess inside of me.

A heart beats true
A heart beats true
When all that's false is empty.

Strange love grew
Strange love grew
In a state of perfect ecstasy.

~Leonard Napierskie

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Light My Fire

Gotta get that fire
Get that fire started
Gotta get that fire
Get that fire started

This is about my fire
Your fire, our fire
Come on, baby

Come sit down next to me
Down, down, down
Open up your eyes, so you can see
Show me how hot you really are
Ah, babe, this lovin' is free, don't cost a cent
Light my fire

Gotta get that fire
Get that fire started
Gotta get that fire
Get that fire started

The temperature is gettin' kinda low
Let's heat up and start the show
You'll feel fire from head to toe
Tell me your dreams, I'll make 'em real
We'll drink wine all night and not even feel
But first...
Light my fire

Light, light, light my fire
Take me higher, higher, higher
Don't worry 'bout anything at all, all, all
Let's just have a ball, ball, ball...

Gotta get that fire
Get that fire started
Gotta get that fire
Get that fire started
Girl, light my fire
Light my fire up high
Smoke signals in the sky
Light my fire tonight

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Time Stood Still

Time stood still
as you stole my breath
You took my hand
sent me high
Oh my love
can we just
keep this moment
going forever
I won’t let you go
never in a million years
Just keep this moment forever
Just let me keep you here

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A Fading Reminder

Waking up with my face on the floor
I get up and step on something
My bass makes a buzzing sound
The low pitch of the strings 
An eery feeling Screaming through my head

I realize this isnt my room
Its covered in a blue haze
Everything is dark, scary
I scream but i cant hear myself

I remember the night before
when everyone was sitting around the table
laughing, cheering, happy

I turn the knob and open the door
I step out into cold sand
The sky is gray 

Walking into a world i havent seen before
Dead animals hanging on trees
There are no cars 
No one is around
I turn back and look at my door

Just a room in the middle of nowhere
Standing alone 
Ive had the feeling before

A light appears 
i walk towards it
i walk throught the lights

it takes me to the past
when everything was okay
where no one judged you 
where you werent alone
when everything had meaning

... When i existed
just a fading reminder of who i used to be.

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Verse One: Do you ever look into the mirror 
and hate what you see?/ Do you ever want 
to be the girl next door?/ But there is only one
of her/ And there has to be one of you/

Chorus: Because you're original!/ You're one of
a kind/ You're the best you there can be/ I can't 
be you/ You can't be me/ Only YOU can/ Be original/ 
be/ just be/ just be you

Verse Two: Don't change who you are to him or her/
They can be them/ You be you/ You are perfect the 
the way you are/ Don't settle just to make the par


Verse Three: You're a gem/ You're a piece of priceless 
treasure/ You're magic/ You're you/ and don't change 
that for the world

Chorus X2

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A boy and a girl

I remember the day I first saw her face on the school bus such an uneasy place
we both were shy it took months just to talk soon enough we would always walk
from the stop to her house were I d stand uneasy the sweat would pool in my right hand
One night late after school she came to my house I tried to be cool 
she asked if I would like to go out of course I did but I was nervous anxious filled with doubt

we spent a whole summer just hanging out some times I got so nervous I wanted to shout
I recall how she first placed her hand in mine I was sweating so bad I was losing my mind
the touch of her fingers in my sweaty palm gave comfort unknown and a relieving calm
I realize now she was just as scared but she seemed so calm ready and aware

she became my very best friend but even I knew the summer would end
before the fall came an took her away we spent time with each other everyday
a few weeks before school started again we went to the park are spot back then 
she looked in my eyes for ever it seemed I was confused and young I almost screamed
then she leaned towards me with the sweetest touch she said shed miss me very much
and then it happen her lips searched and found mine out in that moment it removed all doubt
an innocent peek between dearest of friends learning how such things have there ends
after school started that year she moved away I have not seen her since that day

Forever she holds a piece of my heart the innocents we shared was ours from the start
even tho Ive grown a lot since then that young love is for thick and thru thin
we never took not a thing from one another we held each other up learned from one another
I wonder if she thinks of me I think of her and lonely nights I hope she lives happily
youth is something you cannot keep I miss those days on the grass we would sleep 

somewhere inside the shy little boy waits for the day he might see that girl once again
the soul that taught me how to love and to be loved how to end and how to begin
I know ill never see her again I know its only memories something lost to the past 
if I would have known it would end that way and be over so quick so dam fast
I would have told her more of the true me maybe then Id feel whole at last
sweet first love I hope you find a life of love and find your faith in the god above
she will always been in my heart and mind and for now we must leave us behind

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Baby Girl

Baby Girl By: Brandon Lucas 

You are the sunshine of my life baby girl
and you deserve the moon and stars
and everything in this world.
You know I''ll be right by your side
whenever you call.
You know I''ll be there to pick you up
whenever you fall.
I know I haven''t always been there
whenever you needed me.
And I know I''ve done a few bad things
that you should have never seen,
but I swear to you child
that things are gonna change.
So don''t be ashamed of me
because I love you.
Well time goes by and it seems my friend,
that things aren''t what they should have been.
I know I''ve messed up time after time,
but things are gonna be just fine Baby Girl.
Now that I''ve told you how I feel,
just know my love for you is real
and your always in my heart until the day death do us part.
Baby girl... I love you.

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Get My Shine On

Everyday is so stressful to me,
close friends think I'm selfish
but I try to do what's best for the team.
Lay my vocals on wax the beats melt from the steam
it feels good when I'm exhaling a dream.
All my newly written poems I lace up
and quickly spread on the streets,
it keeps them reading for my next release.
Everynight I.....lay in my room with alot on my
mind if everybody did music
it'll be less dead on the streets.
Allah I pray my dead bredren can see,
I'm destined to be,
the next uncontested emcee
blessed with the speech
fed in the Pete.
No matter what some jealous of me,
y'all make it hard so much pressure to breathe.
Mind your business let me be free,
I have to find Jenah indeed
because you and I know, deep in hell it's no peace.
And if I don't find a princess to carry my seed
I still love my nubians, that's my letter to she.
A nice smile is like a treasure to see,
don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind
sex on the beach, drinking sex on the beach.
Everyday is so stressful to me,
it feels good when I'm exhaling a dream,
I will shine on.

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Welcome Back

Been gone for a long time, it's time to get up and lift my head up high. I was so tired of your foolishness, but now im back and ready to get this cheese. Now the time has come for me to come right back, and tell these poets that i will be taking over this track. The girls and guys are shouting and screaming, screaming there lungs out, WELCOME BACK to singing.

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Take a Peak

Take a shine to joyful solace
The light falls and fills a forbidden place
The empty once had you soulless
But experience will strongly and boldly replace

Take a stroll through dark and forbidden
Find the gem of meanings; hidden
Now we define the truth of balance
Dual meanings of sound and silence

Don't walk alone in labyrinths
Don't smile if you're feeling sadness
Certainty shines out and in now
Your love goes then comes back around

Challenges you face will test you
If your calm, and see, you set the difficulty
And never be afraid of something new
Save the blind and intentional derogatory

The hands ticking,
Round and round

The ball bouncing,
Up and down

The people going,
Like sheep in a field
Their ideas flowing,
But never set free

Let them be

Don't walk alone in labyrinths
Don't smile if you're feeling sadness
Certainty shines in and out now
Your loves goes then comes back around

Let them be

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Grampop's Hannah

Happy half moon hides half
       of happiness halfway high

Across a vast avalanche
       of silvery speck of sky

Nighttime neither nods nor sways
       to steal some wakeful sleep

Nature's new miracle mesmerizes,
       moves me deep

At the sight and touch of you,
       I pause, I smile, I sigh

Happier, yes, than the happiest
       half moon am I !

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Andy's Game

Born in Fort Hood, Andy’s life wasn’t right
Her momma and daddy would always fight
Daddy was a drunk, momma was abusive
Her goals and dreams were so elusive
One day, Andy couldn’t take it anymore
Left without packing, walked out the door
Got into a pickup with a good lookin’ stranger
She liked the feeling, the feeling of danger

Arkansas was the first stop
She found a place and set up shop
Robbin’ people and banks was her game
All the money she could find she would claim
Took her .45 into the nearest bank
The clerk had noticed and his heart sank

Andy was this gal’s name
Living life fast was her game
Never wanted to be tame
Near the end it would be a shame

Took her money from the bank clerk
Loved what she did, always wanted to work
Got away from the scene in a icey blue truck
Andy used skill, she didn’t need luck

Andy was this gal’s name
Living life fast was her game
Never wanted to be tame
Near the end it would be a shame

Left the state of Arkansas, she’d become wanted
But Andy was made of stone, she was never daunted
Headed to Arizona to stake her claim
Too bad here she would take her first aim
Held up the bank, asked for the money
But this young boy wouldn’t give it, sonny
She shot him dead center between the eyes
Then suddenly she heard the screams and cries

Andy was this gal’s name
Living life fast was her game
Never wanted to be tame
Near the end it would be a shame

She jumped behind the desk and peeped over the top
The cops had come and set up shop
"Come out with your hands up or be shot down!"
"Then come and shoot me." She said with a frown
Stood up and blazed that .45
She had never felt so alive
She took one to the chest
No, two
No, three
She had met her end, she had begun to see
Andy died that day
But before she went, she had somethin’ to say
"To my father and my mother, I never needed you.
Because deep in my heart I always knew
that I’d amount to somethin’, be it good or bad
and that is why I’m dyin’ but I’m glad."

Andy was this gal’s name
Living life fast was her game
Never wanted to be tame
Near the end it would be a shame

(For you, you know who you are)

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I remember being a young girl 
Wanting to fit in 
Thinking pounds of makeup would make me pretty
So unsure of myself
With no self-esteem 
I had no clue 
That just being me 
Was more than enough
It was 


Wanting so bad to fit in 
I let myself believe that going by a different name
Would make me pretty
And make people want to be around me
So first I went by Gina, 
Then I changed the spelling to Gena 
Then to Jeanna 
Not realizing that no one really cares how it is spelled
And no matter what 
My real name is enough 
It is 

As I grew up 
I began to learn 
Isn’t about quantity
It’s more about quality
It was a lesson I had to learn on my own
Through a lot of abuse 
Being used most of the time
Yet among the users and abusers 
Without realizing it there was a few 
Who were true 
With them though it wasn’t about the makeup
The hair or the name 
It was about me 
The real me 
And from them and my family 
I learned that 
Just being my self is 


So Gina, Gena and Jeanna well they are gone
It’s Jean now 
And I am proud of that 
I am proud of who I am 
And even if I don’t have an army of friends 
The ones I do have 
I am happy to have because for the first time 
I can honestly say 
They are true friends 
Who like me for me
And that right there 
Is more than good it is


So now the makeup is minimal 
Just enough to enhance the beauty that is already there
I wear my hair however I like 
I don’t worry about fitting in 
I believe that if it is meant to be then 
It will be because I am being me
Not the person I used to think everyone wanted me to be
Now I know that 
While the fake me yeah she was pretty
Where the real me is more 
Because I am 


By: Jean Bonella Shular

Here is to being who you are and loving it. Not letting anyone tell you who you 
should be. Here is to being Beautiful.

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Shine On Me

I have been broken and beaten so many times before, and how many times have I 
picked myself up and come back for more? I'm like a lost little puppy that has only 
known abuse, and in my sick and twisted mind I question what's the use. But then 
you came into my life, Chasing away my darkness with your light.

So baby shine on me like the sun's rays. And guide me through my troubled days. 
You are the reason I am still alive. So baby shine, shine, shine.

And through your special light, the clouds are lifted from my eyes. And once again I 
gaze upon the sun's face, your beautiful light taking my darkness' place. Your lovin' 
is all I need, You are the air that I need to breathe.

So baby shine on me like the sun's rays. And guide me through my troubled days. 
You are the reason I am still alive. So baby shine, shine, shine.

When I lay in your arms, and look up at the stars. I know that in my secret heart, 
that I am home and we will never be apart. For you are the only thing in my life 
that's true, and I will always forever love and need you.

So baby shine on me like the sun's rays. And guide me through my troubled days. 
You are the reason I am still alive. So baby shine, shine, shine.

So baby shine on me like the sun's rays. And guide me through my troubled days. You are the reason I am still alive. So baby shine, shine, shine.

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Just Me


I see in your eyes. . . A love so sweet . . 
One that is so deep . .A hurt heart will not betray. .
This love so sweet . . A love to cherish. . 
A love to hold till my dying day . . 

I'm giving you my heart , my body and soul.. 
Keep me safe . . I'll always be me . . .
Hold me , Love me , Never let go . . 
And you will always see the real me 

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Happy Birthday GROVE STREET E-N-T"

with the most~
"Quid pro quo per buck"
let me say ~
happy happy birthday to you ~
i lift up my glass with a~
"lyricvixen LYRICAL Toast"
and "VIP Clientèle HOT"
as to say to you ~
i hope you have a ~
happy happy birthday~
that only a
like you can do ~
happy happy birthday ~
to a

Happy Happy birthday Tati"

with the most~
let me say ~
happy happy birthday to you ~
i lift up my glass with a~
as to say to you ~
I hope you have a ~
happy happy birthday~
that only a
"GIRL IN A PINK Bi·ki·ni"
like you can do ~
happy happy birthday ~
as "HOT-O-licious"
as "Tati, GOOD GIRL YOU"


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This Boy I Miss

Verse 1

His lips
Passion bliss
Wanna kiss
Not hiss
Nor diss

With This boy I Miss
With This boy I Miss

Verse 2

Saultry eyes
Shapely thighs
Makes me high
I'm going to fly
And try

With This Boy I Miss
With This Boy I Miss

Verse 3

Hot passions
Smooth fashions
Foods Rations
I'm Stashing
Not Cashing

With This Boy I Miss
With This Boy I Miss

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Young Love

A walk in the rain on the road
With you holding my hand, I felt secured
Like a savior beside me your love stands
All the roads do not end up in dead ends
Before you my heart was a lonely voyager
The abyss of pain and storms it had suffered
Running in the wilderness, I was lost
Miles of deserts my heart had crossed
My heart wandered like a vagabond
Until your love it had found
Suffered I had the loneliness of long nights
Until your love bought joy into my life
From the moment, a new life begun
When we were no longer two, but one
Your love is as deep as the ocean
It woke up my slumbered passion
Life sprinkles its charm upon us
Frost of my heart melts with your touch
Some things are to be taken without any question
You made me believe this intuition
Each day we pave way for new memories
Our eyes are laden with dreams and fantasies
All my life to you today I give
I promise to love you as long as I live.

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Classic Lullaby

Close your eyes go to sleep, listen to this lullaby.
Rest your mind; release your woes, to justify.
As you lay so warm and delighted tonight,
Secure in your thoughts, without any fright.
The hours ahead shall be quiet and serene.
Dream of gold, diamonds clear, so pristine,
Close your eyes go to sleep, rest mortal soul.
Dream a dream of how to master your goal.
Night goes quick, but you are so very calm.
Rest all your bones, a mind of little qualm.
Pray that your woes are gone and forgiven.
That no nightmares arrive, or would be riven,
Wake your eyes, mornings come, do not stultify.
Sing again what has been sung, classy lullaby.

written for
Sponsor Tracie ~*~ A solitary sonnetist 
Contest Name Lullabies... 

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Key To My Heart

In the past 
I've moved too fast. 
There's so much to look forward to with you 
And I want to make it last. 
I've never been in 
A relationship like this before 
Where all the drama and jealousy 
Has gone out the door. 
When I'm with you 
I can finally be 
The kind of person 
I've always wanted to be. 
It's different with you 
It's hard to describe 
The way you make me feel inside. 
Saying "I love you" 
Brought us closer together 
Instead of tearing us apart 
I hope you know 
You will always have the key to my heart. 

January 29,2008

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Do you say Amen
and know not what you say?
So be it now! And, let it be!
Not any other way!

Amen is magic, filled with life,
beginning, not the end
just use it wisely, it will be
a very special friend!

Amen is taking any wish
and making it a prayer,
it's giving wings to your thoughts
and flying ev'rywhere!

Amen is knowing in your heart
that things are really so!
So be it then, Amen! Amen!
I know--I know--I know!

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April 10, 2011

"I never travel without my diary, 
One should always have something sensational to read . .  ."  
So, I like Oscar Wilde, 1891, write my thoughts
Journaling my ramblings, today's joyful deed.

“Face the wall” has a brand new meaning, today.
Unlike the childhood days of dancing clowns on wallpaper 
My wall is covered with shelves and CDs.
Fear no longer intrudes upon my thoughts.
Instead, file after file of creativity delights me.
Embedded on discs –

Triumphant, the wall, now, entertains. 
My computer, which is against the wall,
Takes me on a fantastic journey within myself.
I delve into my inner resources.
Write the words that paint my heart.
My soul dances to a happy song.

Around the world, people are awake.
In the dark of night I find friends.
No more scary faces in the shadows.
Safely, within the confines of my own walls,
Mind meets and shares commonalities.
Knowledge increases at my fingertips.

Uncovered walls exude your essence.
Within the boards live many memories.
Day after day, fulfilling dreams…you.
Now, sleeping peacefully, purring like a cat,
Resting up for the new day’s adventure.
Me, facing the wall of life, loving.

“Face the wall.” No longer means trouble.
Hallucinations no longer entertain.
Frightful imaginings no longer annoy. 
Joy, instead, lives in my head…with you.
We are one; two souls bound forever.
Together, we face the world and the wall.

© April 10, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen
Contest Name	The Diary

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On this road again, wasting time.

So good to see you once again. 
We could sit and talk about it
Or continue on with the journey 
Down this road of entity. 
It’s a long way 
Before we get there.
Many bridges we will ravage,
Before we come home. 
We’ll signify on the way,
There is so much ahead of us
I don‘t want to miss. 

Look at those meager souls
Out there in the distance, 
They seem so vacant. 
Can’t they discern?
Through his eyes they will see tranquility.
To conceive a path on the way.
A passage to convey with immunity
On their way home.
Everyone will want to see.
Surely this, they will miss.

As i turn from the distance
To see you beside me,
My focus seized by a reflection.
The shine of deity 
within your eyes.
Darkness has receded,
Skies filled luminous red and purple. 
The end of the road is sublime,
Over those gates peer into ecstasy.
Hope to identify her facade.
Cant wait to meet him.
My own sea of rebuttal 
Needs to be set in place.

Drifted soul in the shadows
Squint toward divinity.
This road is far too long
To be stricken with reason.
He doesn’t believe you can’t see.
Surely this, you will miss.

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Joyful thoughts of Christmas

The smell of Christmas fills my heart with joy.
Sorrow can fall down and kiss the ground.
My friend's some fifty miles away from her home.
The bright lights astonish me - it feels like my soul is lit.
As if I were the light that shone upon the night.
As if I had a chance to grasp my dreams and turn them into reality.
I'm a crazy fool thinking I could change myself and the patterns I leave behind.
Murderers follow my movements because I am not insane.
The police trace my calls trying to predict where I might strike next.
Serial killers bow down before me 'cause to them I am the owner of every human throat.
Be thankful for what you have because sooner or later you're going to be dead on the
kitchen floor begging for the turkey to be no more.

John Monteblanco 10/31/10

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Dying Candle's Flame

These months have erased all his smiles
and all hope is drained from his face
He’s fought for far too long
and can’t go on any further
All the stress
and all the pain
is just too much to take
His love is dying out
as his heart is burning out
like a dying candle’s flame

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Never Let Go

Can anything beat
laying in the grass
and counting all the stars we see?
Can anything beat
wrapping up in blankets
with a picnic to eat?
Can anything beat
stealing kisses
while we just enjoy the time?
Can anything
yes anything
ever really beat
what time we have
together, like now?
No nothing can
Nothing could
And all I know is
I wish I could
I wish I could stay here with you tonight
I wish I didn’t have such a long drive
I wish I could simply spend the night
and hold you tight 
like I’ll never let go

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You Are My Candlelight

Empty canvas of a room
Dark and bleak
A cloudy night without stars or moon
Enter in pretty girl
Her beautiful smile
Brightens the world 
And I’m drawn to her eyes
Emeralds with a fire inside
Beckoning for me
To come and see
All that she wants to see in me

Hey girl
You sure do light up this world
I find myself living in
I want to feel your warmth, your skin
Taste of your lips again
Hold you in the midst of night
My candlelight

All goes dark and cold once more
If you leave through the door
and separate our hearts and souls
like they’re not meant to be
In you I find inner-peace
And the strength to be
All that you want in me
All that I want to be

Hey girl
You sure do light up this world
I find myself living in
I want to feel your warmth, your skin
Taste of your lips again
Hold you in the midst of night
My candlelight

Won’t you come back inside?
Back into my arms?
Will you be my guiding light once more?
You light up this world
I find myself living in
I want to feel your warmth, your skin
Taste of your lips again
Hold you in the midst of night
You are my candlelight
You are my candlelight
In the darkest of night
You are my candlelight

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Whenever I hear your name

Though we're apart
in land not heart
I still feel the same
whenever I hear your name
It's not clear when
or if we'll see
a future together
and how happy we could be

I wasn't looking
when I found you
wasn't searching
when my dreams came true
It feels like I've found
the other half to my soul
someone to null the emptiness
a key to my heart that fits the hole

Silly isn't it
to feel so grand
when the object of your affection
resides in another land
but distance doesn't matter
no rain, sleet, or even snow
could keep my heart from loving you
this, I hope you know

Oh no, I wasn't looking
when I found you
when you flipped my world
turning my little blue heart a new hue
It feels like I've found
that one person in my life
that means so much more
than mere words can write

If love is blind
I wouldn't know
you stole my breath
as if you stole the show
our meeting was chance
one I'll never regret
your name is but one thing
I will never forget

Though we may be apart
in land, not heart
I'll always feel the same
whenever I hear your name

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sweet mothers love,

her wide hand spread of love,

petting my head, to slip and sleep,

to forget our sorrow of reality,


Mothers love of a sweet heart being,

thy hand ready to clean my morning faeces,

fear cruise thy hand, at my shivering head,

kpom kpom of a desperate heart beat.


cry not mother, oh sweet mother!

thy cry accused me of my wicked act,

place thy hand on my head,

say those word of my like been, to erase thy fear.


sweet mother! on whose bossom i slept,

for nine months, feed on and built up,

you are the purest of souls,

stay; stay till, thou feed from me....................................

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The words we say,
The things we do,
The games we play 
And tricks go through,
The plans we make 
And world we bear
Are cheap and fake,
If noone`s there
To hold our hand 
And make us laugh,
To be our friend 
And share our path,
To be the one 
Who makes us better.
The faults we `ve done 
Don`t hurt and matter,
When we have those,
Who know and feel us,
When our pain grows,
They come to heal us.
Cause there are things 
We can not measure.
The joy love brings 
Is more than treasure.
One caring look, 
One tender touch,
That`s all it took 
To know how much
Our life is worth.
Without them near,
We`re lost on Earth 
In doubts and fear.
When there is  none 
To love and cherish,
We come undone 
And slowly perish.      

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You send my spirits
way up high
like a big jetplane 
in the sky
Just flash me your glance
and I’ll take any chance for you
How did I get to be
here with such a lovely girl
you are my world
So take my hand
and listen to my heart act a band
and play for you its love
We can do anything you’d like
if I’m with you then I am grand
And the world is ours when I’m with you
we don’t have a lot
but love will more than do
So I’ll write what feeble words arise
from the depths inside
and reveal to you the thoughts on my mind
to simply say I love you in verse
but to completely say I do

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Dream Big

~ Dream Big ~ It is hard to believe Sixteen years have passed Since the day you were born A bundle of joy The apple of your Dad’s eyes Your Mom’s little princess Her baby girl I knew it then and I know it now You are special Always will be The sky has no limit Neither does the Stars, Sun or Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Over the years you have grown Into a beautiful young lady Full of love Compassion and Kindness I love you so very much The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Here is to you One of the most beautiful girls I the world While some may say I am partial to you I know it is true Just keep being you The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ It’s your sweet sixteen However nothing is as sweet as you I love you so much I love you like my own You will always be The apple of your Daddy’s eyes Your Mom’s little princess Her baby girl Yet you are growing up so quick I wish nothing but the best for you I believe in you The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Happy Birthday Michelle Love Aunt Jean

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tiger and pooh

me and you, we're like tiger and pooh.
friends till the end, but the end were still friends.
your like my sister before any mister.
ill love you til the day i die.
with god in the sky as my witness he'll see
yo are the other half of me.
your their when i'm sad, crazy or mad.
you know when to cry with me or just sit silently.
help me get up when i'm down,
get rid of my frown.
i cant live without your smile,
ill walk the extra mile
to talk with you a while
like a scared little child.
this thing between us
its something to hold onto.
it proves how much i love you,
just like tigr and pooh...

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Silly Willy with a worm
Had a pocket that would squirm

A Silly Willy was this boy
His pocket worm brought him joy

Don't mistake him for a toy
He is handsome and so coy

Silly Willy's naughty worm
Growing bigger makes girls squirm~

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Reflect on Me - part 2 of Cherry-top Bliss

I need you to ascend from your debris – let’s dance the night away! We will 
arise from our ashes like a fervent, blazing phoenix
Tell me if I’m as handsome as the lion that’s graceful, strong and 
courageous…I know for a fact that you are dangerously magnificent and 
gloriously precious
Believe in me…reflect on me…let’s push away the worries that want to ruin 
our night spent together…God has two hearts to fix
I love it when you wrap yourself around me like my own personal, warm 
blanket on this moon-drenched night – you are so gorgeous…so glorious!

You’re weeping me insane…refrain from driving me insane…I lost my train of 
thought – I was thinking positively until I stepped foot into the wretched 
Our hearts are decaying and lamenting in vain…tragedy’s gravity pulls us 
down in shame and we’re longing for His healing rain
The veins in your eyes release bittersweet tears…of hopelessness that I 
shouldn’t address
Waterfall of tears spring out of your eyes – once bottled up for many years – 
and we’re driving into another shady lane
Let me replace your sadness and fears 
With jubilance, satisfaction, liberty and cheers

I will squander my time now and forever
(Are you an evil, fallen angel?)
Until I meet you eye to eye again
Our departure came to soon…our future’s a blur
(sarcasm: Oh you must be a sweet, beautiful angel –)
Come on & get out of the lion’s den!
Release me…I need to let go…
Believe in me…reflect on me…
Release me…let me go with the flow
Let me grow and see…the light at the end of the tunnel
There’s other fish in the sea…

I need you to ascend from your debris – let’s dance the night away! We will 
arise from our ashes like a fervent, blazing phoenix
Tell me if I’m as handsome as the lion that’s graceful, strong and 
courageous…I know for a fact that you are dangerously magnificent and 
gloriously precious

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Silent Warrior

Within me a silent warrior
Stands peacefully 
Amist a soul
One of fulfillment
One of peace and rejoy
One of now......

This silent warrior
Searches for no one
To lighten the path
It just lays the foundation 
For all good things to be....

This silent warrior by my side 
Will always be
Clearing the way
For each arriving day.....

My silent warrior will never 
Leave me
We've stood thur battles
We've conquered the falls....

I've met my silent warrior
When upon some trying times
I've seen......

When my silent warrior
Looked upon me
And I rested within His hand.......

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Turn up the music.
Play a tune.
Sing a song .
To the moon.
Strike up the band.

Hear the drums beating.
Rat, a tat , tat.
Your feet dancing.
With a mind of their own.
Keeping time.
Like a poem.
Strike up the band.

Oboe, sax and violin.
All are joining in.
Captures the soul.
Makes you happy.
Dancing, free and bold.
Strike up the band.

The walls resound.
Windows, rattle and shake.
To the sound.
That we make.
Strike up the band.

Come, join with us.
Rejoice, give voice.
To the music.
Of your choice.
Strike up the band.


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After All

After all of the hurt,
The secrets and the lies,
You still love me.
You're still by my side.

After all of the pain
And all of the tears,
You still plan on staying
For many more years.

After all of our problems,
There's still happiness.
Sometimes it hurts,
But I can't walk away from this.

There is no one else
On this earth for me.
We were made for each other.
Why can't you see?

You think you don't deserve me,
But I don't deserve you.
You're too good to me,
Despite what you do.

We've been through so much,
Seen both sunshine and rain.
There's still so much left,
But I know we'll stand the pain.

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One way or another I'm going to find you
I'm going to get you get you get you get you
One way or another I'm going to win you
I'm going to get you get you get you  get you
One way or another I'm going to see you
I'm going to meet you meet you meet you meet you
One day, maybe next week
I'm going to meet you, I'm going to meet you, I'll meet you
I will drive past your house
And if the lights are all down
I'll see whose around

One way or another I'm going to find you
I'm going to get you get you get you catch you  obtain you
One way or another I'm going to win you
I'll win you, I’ll keep you
One way or another I'm going to see you
I'm going to meet you meet you meet you meet you
One day, maybe next week or next year
I'm going to meet you, I'll meet you

And if the lights are all out
I'll follow your bus downtown
See whose  hanging out
I'll walk to the mall
Stand at the wall
Where I can see it all
Find out who you call
Lead you to the supermarket
 Checkout some specials and cat food,
 Vanish in the crowd and turn up again

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Your Eyes

The lights in 	
your eyes
the shine in 
your smile
make living 
this life
seem worthwhile
You’re comfort 
to my mind
Inside my heart
all the time
I live for my
time with you
I adore 
the things you do
The way you laugh
The way you sigh
The way you hug
The way you try
The way you smile
and kiss my cheek
The way I know
you miss me
(more each week)
I can’t think
of a
better place 
than to be
by your side
I want you
next to me
and in my arms
(yeah,) and I want your   
hand to be
in my hand
in my hand
I love
all of you
yeah, I love
all of you

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give me a chance
let me prove to you
I can be the one to 
make you happy
give me a chance
I can be the one
to turn your life around
if only you let me

give me a chance
girl give me a chance
give me a chance
girl give me a chance


baby girl dont hide
your feelings inside
I promise you I wont
make you cry
girl I dont bit
I can set you right
I can show you
how real love feels like

youre the one I need
I dont need no one ese
I fantacize about you everynight
we can make the perfect scene
just you and me
pls dont procrastinate
girl come to me

give me a chance
girl give me a chance
give me a chance
girl give me a chance

yeah baby

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sing it

I want to love you 
more than anyone has loved 
I want to give you 
all of my heart 
its easy to hold you 
when your feeling down and blue 
because baby I can't deny  
I have fallen hard for you. 

I want to see you 
more than anyone before 
I hope you know that 
I would never shut my door 
all I can say is 
I am true. 
Oh baby, 
nothing feels better 
than being here with you.

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Salem Time

Days of your youth are long gone, yet some things take us back . . .
Memories impressed forever like leaves in a book, 
In our mind's silent track.

A cottage was our home for a week, when our parents got the time . . .
It was another world which opened for us,
As we got away from the city's bustle and grime.

We slept upstairs; the attic was warm, as so was the woodburning stove . . . 
Breakfast was pancakes, eggs, and sausage,
Prepared with the salt of our parents' love.

The rooms were few but airy, outside was where we wanted to be . . . 
For this was our special playland place,
Amidst the trees, birds, and humming bees.

The lake, the sand, the pier so old; a swim in the water's deep blue . . .
Remembering the badminton and volleyball games,
And who tried to outscore who.

Having to walk back on the dark and lonely road at night . . .
From the fish fry, in our festive summer shorts,
Making our way to the cottage, by the beam of an old flashlight.

Those days of youth were filled with fun; carefree days of love and rhyme . . .
Though we are young no longer, we keep treasured memories,
Only in Salem Time.

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My Thoughts

If my thoughts could escape from this head that they’re in
and wind their way out and into this world
you’d find that so many of them have a focus
a focus so clear, held in common, and good
You’d find in them a girl who is my whole world
and all of the love my heart holds for her
They’d sing to you songs that would defeat the classics
saying more than The Beach Boys, The Turtles, and Elvis
They’d sing of her beauty, both inside and out
These thoughts would keep winding and grow as they go
as she’s always inside me and on my mind
thinking about her is how I spend the most time
Finally my thoughts, they’d finally see her
then they’d close is as they longingly sought her
And at the point in which they finally caught her
they’d give her my love, my joy, and my laughter
because she is the one who made them all happen
She is the one my thoughts are filled with
She is the one I’ve been searching for so long
She is the one I’ve been waiting for, for all of these years
She is the one that my heart truly loves
She is the one that my heart truly loves

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I don't think I'll ever tire
Of looking to the sky at night.

Being thoroughly inked by an indigo thumb,
Being verily blessed with an absense of light.

In a snippet of silence in the shade of the sun,
Where light bulbs and flames are the faltering ones,

One's size and position become obselete,
As echoes of ages are laid at your feet.

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these visions that i see

are perfect in my mind

they can't be defined

with even the most sincerity

these visions that i see

are honestly just my dreams

that can only be accomplished by me planting both my feet

on this solid ground that i walk

where i let my actions speak for themselves

not living my life just to fit in to some sort of mold

but to honestly stand firm in my beliefs that are so bold

these visions that i see

are myself standing on the tallest mountain

with my heart on display for the whole world to see

so that the who world can see the real me

the man who who has made a countless number of mistakes and been criticized

but now a  man who has stood through it all and survived

a man who once was weak 

but now a man who has gained inner strength by standing up for each and every one of his 

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the greatest Stress Reliever

I know I said this before, and I will emphasis it for sure,
The greatest stress reliever is a belly full of laughter 
and nothing more.

To be happy and joyful is like medicine to the bones
How good is that, free medicine that works? 
The benefit is rewarding, the result is a reality.
It’s yours naturally no gimmick no perks. 

To get rid of the headaches, sickness, and depression,
To get better sleep this is worthwhile to mention,
If you need to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul,
It’s time to take your medicine; laughter is worth more than gold.

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Oh day of promised rapture from final resting place,

The first desire of heart to see my Savior’s face!

The beckoning of trumpet will pierce the Eastern skies,

I yearn so much to greet him and behold him with mine eyes!

Shall I awake in dew clad morn or velvet star-lit night,

Anticipating robe and crown and wings of silver bright!

Enduring grace, sweet love divine did span thou earth’s creation,

Great Son of God who lived to die for sinners soul salvation!

I long to hold thy nail scarred hand and kiss your thorn pricked brow,

Though birthed in sin he snatched me from Hell’s fiery bowel!

Twas stately mansions glistening in heaven’s glory gleam,

Their beauty was astounding as nought I’d ever seen.

The prophets were conversing of ancient days of old,

While children laughed and played on shining streets of gold.

A reunion day is coming dear loved ones and missed friends,

Where we’ll always be together and time shall never end!

Nor tear did dim an eye, and daily cares were gone,

Thousands gathered there to join in angels’ song!

Hallelujah to the Highest, holy praises we did sing,

To lift our voices as one to Christ, The Mighty King!

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My Feelings For My Friends

Even though time have surely changed
It's your names I can't forget
Childhood memories abound
Engraved inside my heart and mind

Even though you are not around
A thought of you and you're right there
My friends nothing has changed
There is nothing for you to say

Cause I'll always love you
As a friend through the end of time
It's the laughter we once shared
A precious moment in my mind
I will always remember you
And the crazy ways you made me feel
You opened a door within my heart
I could never close that on you

Even though years have passed us by
Recognizing the times and what they were
I noticed that you have changed your hair
But it's those eyes I can't forget

The sound and memory of your voice
It's all coming back to me again
The funny way we were back then
For me nothing has really changed

Cause I'll always love you
As a friend through the end of time
It's the laughter we once shared
A precious moment in my mind
I'll always love what we had
And the crazy ways you made me feel
You opened that door within my heart
I could never close that on you

Even though the years have passed on by
Recognizing the times and how they've changed
The memories flash of you and I
My feelings for you remain the same.

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I'm Wide Awake, The Dreams Are Gone (Part 1)

I woke from a dream the other day
To find the memories that had run
To faded images and distorted sounds
Of what was the lingering sensation
Of a blissful oblivion

I woke from a dream the other day
The monotone greys that filled the air
And notes that sounded flat as they rang out
Made me long for that one sensation
Of a blissful oblivion

I woke from a dream again today
Clinging to the one memory that
Had lasted as the rest faded from my eyes
A perfect picture of your face entwined
With such a beautiful grace

I woke from a dream again today
the images had faded, turned to
nothing as the reality had brought me crashing
back to earth with nothing but my mattress 
and pillow to break my fall

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Gated Minds

Ever ending walls, are these walls ever ending? Slowely spinning world, will it ever stop spinning? Life is a passage, but is it really pre written? If god is "like wise" does it make him a victim? 
We all give and take, so does it mean its a mistake,
That the reason we are here is only by fate?
My mind may alter my inner emotions,but by keepin it locked means its never even open.
So I must not accept this world or its fate, for my mind is my own, and for gods, its his gate..

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A Poet's World

This poem is about the life and feelings of a poet/poetess.

In a poet's world there is heaven and hell,
and many stories to tell.
There are mysteries to solve and codes to unravel,
many roads to travel.
There are confessions of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Storms of rejection, dejection, and sorrow.
Reflections of love, marriage, and romance.
Expressions of flamboyance and dance.

In a poet's world there is music of rhythm and verse,
imaginations of all things on earth.
Songs, sonnets, lyrics, and beats,
gardens of flowers and of trees.
There are times of drama, prose, and learning.
A constant desire burning.
Laughter and tears and feelings of fear, all in a poet's world.
There are influences to work, criticism and hurt.
Achievement and goal, warmth and cold,
visions of life and death, 
and times to be quiet.

In a poet's world there is religion, science, and belief,
faith, hope, war, and peace.
Emotions of anger and tempers that rage,
many characters on stage.

In a poet's world there are promises and dreams,
nightmares and screams,
humbleness, happiness, and philosophy,
a lifetime of writing for infinity.
It's an angel who speaks to the poet's soul,
to tell the world all his heart holds.

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The American Flag

The American Flag, is red,white and blue
To you, I salute, this is what I do.

The American Flag, you stand so free
To you, I salute, with love from me.

The American Flag, nicknamed Old Glory
To you, I salute, a flag with a story.

The American Flag, you changed over the years
To you, I salute, with a song and music to our ears.

The American Flag, we display you with pride
To you, I salute, your true colors we do not hide.

The American Flag, what can I say
To you, I salute, each and everyday.

The American Flag, raised by a rope
To you, I salute, you give us hope.

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friends and family x mas

friends and family
girls and boys
it's christmas time
we feeled with joy
singing o marry christmas
you kiss me under the missle toe
the kids around the tree 
the nice presents is what they see
we all happy
we feeled with joy
christmas time is here
for all the girls and boys

merry merry christmas
merry merry christmas
girls and boys

kids part repeat2x

merry merry christams
merry merry christmas
friends and family

everyone repeat2x

oh oh
merry christmas

everyone is happy
children are playing
they so happy
they face glow


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' The Baby-Talk Song ...'

‘ The  Baby-Talk  Song … ’

It’s Been 30 Years Ago …
But the Memories are Starting To Flow
Going Thru These Newborn Clothes …
Oh … How Fast Children Grow

You Were A Beautiful – Baby Boy !
That Teething Cat, was Your Favorite Toy
You Were Precious to Your Dad and Me
As Was Your First Words … in The Nursery
goo-goo  ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo  ga-ga    Ma-Ma

We Tried to Get You to Say It Again
So We Could Bragg to All Our Friends
You Were The Apple of Our Eyes
Going:   goo-goo   ga-ga

We Loved to Hear Your Baby-Talk
Especially … at Your First Baby-Walk
Going:     goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

… Laughter; Tears
Curiosity or Fears …
Always, Tell Us What You’re Trying To Say

… New Things; Mistakes
Triumphs or Heartaches
We Just Love To Hear You Anyway …
Ever Since:   goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

When ol’ Burke, was Put to Sleep
You were so Hurt, You wouldn’t Speak
I Said:  ‘Don’t Be Afraid To Cry …
‘Cause I’m … goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

And The First Time You Came Home High
Hanging with the Wrong High-School Guys
Daddy Explained, it to You Best …
He Helped You Get Out of Your … Mess
He wasn’t Shame and Here’s Why …
‘Cause He’s …  goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da

Laughter; Tears
Curiosity or Fears
Always Tell Us What You’re Trying To Say …

New Things; Mistakes
Triumphs or Heartaches
We Just Love To Hear You Anyway …
Ever Since …  goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

… Pa Took Pictures of Bride and Groom
You Held Her, Like Your First Baby-Spoon !
… Now, Today … Our Family Gathers ‘Round
Overjoyed … At Your Baby’s Sounds …

goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma
goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

for: ('Great' Aunt –(smile) Carolyn Devonshire… 
Who just told me she’s doing 
Baby-Care Duty for Newborn in Family
A Precious Time Indeed
… I Dug This One Out (smile)


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Ho Ho Ho

Go to sleep 
Go to sleep
My little ones

Or Santa
Just won't come

For he knows when you are awake
For He knows when you are asleep

Close your weary eyes now
And I'll go take a little peek

Tap Tap Tap
Upon the roof

It's santa coming 
For I hear reindeer's hoofs

Hush Hush now
Don't say a word

Better hurry 
And fall fast to sleep
Or he just may leave you a big turd

Let sugar plums
Dance in those pertty little heads

As I made sure
Santa was nice and fead

Cookies and milk
With nothing else

Oh thank you my dear Lord
For this nice little cord

For they are fast to sleep
Now I can go back to bed
And count my own lost sheep

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~ Cry of the Muse ~

Of-gentle beginning-and tender song ... ! That we would gratify love in its truest affection. Stand stead fast- uphold it yield to no other-duty ... ! To-have our-souls' so-identified-unified coexisting- exclusively-mid-this ... . To-live, would I die to give the measure of my-soul- just-to-have this ... once ... ! So place me within, make me the-essence of-the-art- lay me down carry me off- as I would be a child lost amid the grandeur- of its promise ... ! Allow this ink to consume us be the genuine eminence, what we reach-for through the humble virtue, heart-of this quill ... ! So all may view soar higher, and even higher still. Be captured, taken within deep- far and away beyond- the bitter part of this world, into the true benignity, flourishing and forever evolving, amid themselves ... ! Yes help me build me up, mold me-yes- come find me ... ! Trick me friend by slight of hand bend me- yes break me down shatter me again, and again truly I care-not ... ! Fill this paper in-its preparedness ... innocence ... verity, hope ... with the sweet passion elation of our souls ... ! Yes carry me before this-vision ... ! Restrain me-not ... . Set our-soul-free ... ! Please ... ? That we may gratify love-uphold it. Yes yield-then ... only-beauty ... ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author notes Written to the (Braveheart) theme By: Enya The expression of this poem was written from within the greater depths, of my soul. It was a cry of my muse. The passion beside which I stand and the hope through which I write. The joy we both carry for the other, and peace and faith in each other, in which we abide. Before this writing my muse had taken a vacation. So willing, I am open to suggestion. ~ Thank you for reading this piece of my work ... God bless you ... (The reason that there are Hyphens "so many of them") is because I have a computer that speaks them with a faster and slower and higher and lower pitch of voice, giving a certain kind of ebb-and-flow to the work with a softer more fervent and realistic and consistent tone, when I use the hyphens and other punctuation in the certain places that I do, when in telling it what to do. Allowing it to speak in even a moderate voice if I choose. It sounds very free flowing when I hear it, and I can only hope that you will be able to here it in the same way. Thank you for reading and God bless you ... ~

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Feelings To Kill

Some days I watched
Sometimes I cried
Most days I dreamed
It felt unreal

It felt too far
To leave a scar
Too hard to stare
No one would dare

The howl within
A broken violin
Plays my chagrin

Nothing lasts 
Go back, go back
A sounding blast
In the shark’s playground

Some days I watched
Sometimes I cried
Most days I dreamed
Of synthetic happiness

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All the stars of your sky - Original by Rabindranath Tagore

All the stars of your sky tonight
Have come in my mind to give light!

Now your world has crashed into me
Breaking into pieces of glee!
All blossoms of your all the groves
Now manifest on my body!

All the worlds’ happiness and bliss
Are to me what deep fragrance is!
Now they all have come in my mind
To praise you in temple of peace!

I am so deep in thought today
From this world I am far away!
Breath of the world plays in my mind
Wonderful music that can pray!

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Not Guilty Vol.II (Closing Arguements)

In conclusion to "Not Guilty Vol.I" I made it
threw the storm I'm fresh out the desert I been 
delivered from my spouse and I thank God for that,
in every dark cloud there's that silver 
lining God may not have come when I called 
but it was perfect timing, I'm right where I 
wanna be so yeah I'm fine I made threw 
the test look how far he's brought me yeah I'm 
blessed I must confess so to the jury my testimony 
is concrete so I'm asking you what's 
next? Shall I settle for less dare I dance with 
the devil again...naw, that chapter is so see 
threw some things are best left in my rear view 
should I go back and fall into despair, should 
I shed tears in vain I assure you I'm not the 
same man I was, it takes two to fall in love 
nevermind who I pulled the rug from under 
who can actually get mad at me for doing what's 
best for my son all of a sudden, these people 
get relations twisted from actually true loving 
so I could care less who's upset wit my decision 
I'm still not guilty she just fell in lust wit my 
seductive sentences regardless of who's listening 
to my reason her season is over, them 
flowers have withered this man of God is healed 
even threw the pain I went threw, true the 
door was locked so I had to find that secret window 
yeah I'm a laugh now while she cry later 
matter fact lets get it where's my divorce papers

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When The Days Come To An End

I think about our first kiss
The gentleness of your lips
Oh how I wish you could be mine
I was ready but I know it isn’t your time
And I’m fine with us being friends
But to tell the truth when the days come to an end
I sit and think what ifs’ of if you were my companion
I may act like I’m cool
But if you ever notice I still cant take my eyes off of you
I’m so captivated I don’t know what to do
I try to get you off my mind
But every time I see a rose there my mind goes
And I picture your smile
I hear your laugh and see stars in your eyes
I can’t lie its been a while since I felt like this
I just cant help it
But I got to control myself incase of the big what if
Like what if you one day you say, Brian lets do this…
Best believe I’ll have you falling in love with me

MAR '12

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It serves you right

I came home,
And you were gone.
You left a letter,
Said you were movin on.

Said you didn't,
Have time to explain.
You were headin to boston,
To catch the next train.

Now you'r back,
Knockin on my door.
Lookin for the love,
That don't love you anymore.

It serves you right,
To be as lonely as you are.
It serves you right,
You torn my world apart.
So go back to the one,
Who took you from me.
I dont need you no more,
Now that i can see.

Now I am sittin here,
Soakin up the sun.
Thinkin of you,
And what you have done.

Feelin no more pain,
And healin my heart,
It serves you right,
To be as lonely as you are.

It serves you right,
To be as lonely as you are.
It serves you right,
You torn my world apart.
So go back to the one,
who took you from me.
I don't need you no more,
Now that I can see.

I don't need you no more,
I'm soakin up the sun in miami.

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Jump, scream, shout!
You are having fun!
Having the time of your life
Where it comes
Only once in a while
Walk, jog, run!
You are having fun!
Play, act, read!
They are all fun
What is fun?
There is no definition
Of fun
It is just your interest
Your desire
Of fun
That is fun
Three words of positive
Feelings in everyone
Is always fun

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Love Poem

Can I write you a love poem? a poem that'll be a loved poem,
A poem that when you read it you know you're being loved wrong.
A poem sweet as a winter kiss -
          - a summer hug -
          - an autumn touch -
A simple bliss, I wonder if love can make your frown often blush.

I will write you a love poem that makes you drip a black sweat,
It'll make your body tingle, arms, fingers, back, and neck.
A poem sweet as a jelly bean -
          - a candy's cream -
          - a holiday treat -
Written free, a warm love poem smooth called floetry.
                                                               I want to finish this love poem....

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Holding You Tonight

Lying here beside you,
Your head resting on my arm,
Oh! How you’re body feels so warm,
Your hair flowing softly around me.

I feel you moving closer,
You’re perfume lingering all around me,
And as you looked into my eyes,
I knew what you're going to say.

Holding you tonight,
Makes me feel all warm inside,
And baby if I could,
I’d be here, till the end of time,
Holding you tonight,
I just know that I could,
Drift off to sleep,
Feeling safe, just knowing that you’re mine.

When I reached out to touch you,
You left me know that you were there,
And as I looked into you’re eyes,
You knew what I was going to say.

Holding you tonight,
Makes me feel all warm inside,
And baby if I could,
I’d be here, till the end of time,
Holding you tonight,
I just know that I could,
Drift off to sleep,
Feeling safe, just knowing that you’re mine.

Baby! I Love You!

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I've pushed, 
with everything I've got.
I've fought,
 through the pain, 
without giving up
I've tried, 
when there wasn't
a reason to.
I've lost
but somehow made it through.
I won't,
give up without a fight.
I'll take,
whatever life can throw.
I'll push,
til the sun falls,
from the sky. 
I'll live,
for me and no one else. 

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I express my true emotions without expecting returns;
I set no rules how friends and people should love me,
because every love is very precious to me!

Love me less, or love me more;
and joy would take me away to soar...
thanks for the thoughts, however big or small!

Any friend who gives out of genuine love,
shouldn't give it for only a day, but forevermore;
yes, every love is very precious to me!

Nobody could imagine what's the greatest love;
hear me pray joyfully amid the silent walls of a room... 
where all my prayers become flowers in bloom!

Who can doubt my kindness when friends turn to me? 
Everything that I posses, I will give away gladly...
to show them that every love is very precious to me!

Never judge me for taking my time to give it;
I am always ready to offer it and share it...
admitting that every love is very precious to me!   

I hope to live longer and happier years that God intended for my good;
I'm sure obedience to Him will greatly favor me...
and that He'll certainly approve that every love is very precious to me!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Another moment to make sense of growing up

I have a hole in my heart and I'm not sure where it starts. Everything used to make so much sense to me, now I'm not sure who I'm going to be. It could just be part of growing up, because this feeling has came before, let's fill up another cup. let's drink to the way life used to be, and how life is now to you and me. when we get older, let's hope we still stand shoulder next to shoulder. I know life with you is the only thing that helps me make it through. the ups and downs of this life have us riding on a never ending roller coaster, with every up always leads a huge fall down. I have faith in us that we can make it through it all, because once every down fall has fell leads another rise up that can bring us another time that we don't have to dwell. So I'll stay with you for as long as forever, and hope that we will never say never.

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Dear Summa

dear summa i got so used 
2 bein around u

da way u kept me warm
da way u let me touch u

deep conversations all night
like we n high schu

u got me feeling good 
summa i wanna wife u 

when it rain i feel 
all ya warm wetness 

i got my rain boots no 
worry about da messes 

and when im thirsty my tongue
up n ya greatness

we a bomb combination and 
we cant fake dis 

Dear summa can i have ya
love year round 

swimin in ya warm beaches
bae i wont drown 

let me surf across waves 
 as i go down 

hide tide is comin in 
im goin deeper now

da heat is pickin up baby
feel my love stroke 

widely televised baby 
yep dis da love boat 

summa we hittin da 
billboard on a good note

volcanic eruptions girl 
and now u wanna smoke 

now da night is young 
and we just started 

nice whip big rims 
now we gotta a party

summa got da club jumpin
baby neva partin

think i need anotha drank
PO dat bacardi

each day i wake up i feel
i want u mo n mo

beamin thru my eyes now 
u got me i glow 

feel da cool breeze baby
let yo wind blow 

time is tickin summa but 
we still gone take it slow 

when u run away girl how
do i deal wit dat 

u leave me in da cold lady
wit a fitted cap

i see my air blowin baby
where yo warmin at 

when u gone away my mind 
get up off track

u say u comin back
will it be the right time 

n while u gone away will u keep
me on ya mind 

im not tryin 2 get frost 
bitE baby i ain lyin

metaphorically speakin my 
summa you are my rhmye 

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Remembering Punk.

  As I was coming of age,
  punk was all the rage.
  The older generation,
   had the Beatles,and Stones.
   I had Sexpistols and Ramone's
   Sham69 and the Clash,
   the Jam and the Dammed.
   They would strum their guitar's so fast,
    sing so loud,
    some times spitting in the crowd.
    The message was loud and clear,
     anarchy is here.
    It was not all so obscene,
   a woman called Debbie Harry ,
   came on the scene.
    A woman with blond hair,
   and such an erotic air.
   I had pictures of Debbie on my wall,
  for her; I would have done anything ,
   anything at all.
 With her band Blondie they had a good sound,
  turned the punk world upside down.
 "Atomic, "Union city blue"
  "Hanging on the telephone",
  to name a few.
  Her music I still hear,
   remembering memories dear.
  I know she is older today,
   but she sill has the erotic aura,
     of  yesterday.                                                          

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all i can be

My window pane
Rain falls 
Days Undo 
Time Itself

Sun light
Morning ends
Nights fall
I give
Into You

I start to Forget them
Mirrors, Luggage 
I’m leaving without you
Time sees what we cannot 

My eyes lie open
Across your chest
with visions to blurry to see
Is this all that I can be
This illusion 
Is all that I can see
It’s All that I can’t be 

More than more 
I remain unchanged
And you dear 
Always stay the same
Too slowly 
I chase 

My emptiness
Has filled you  
I step closer 
To what we shared

The oceans 
And images
Call to me 
Winding into 
your eyelids

Secrets are so rare 
Behind my curtains 
I’m open to all things 
Until you sooth me
As your voice sings 
All that I can hear

As eyes lie open
Across your chest
a visions to blurry to see
Is this all that I can be
This illusion 
Is all that I can see
It’s All that I can’t be

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Lord, Lead Me On

When I'm sad and all alone
When I'm weak and my strength is gone
When I'm right yet others say I'm wrong
Help me to lean upon your Word, trust in You
That my mind not be disturbed
Guide me, Lord, guide me Lord, lead me on.

When my eyes are filled with tears
And my heart has been pierced
With the disappointments of this life
Lord don't let me go astray
Give me the power to face each day
Lord, keep me day by day
Lead me on.

When I do the best  that I can
And no one seems to understand
Lord just take me by my hand
   And lead me on
Lead me where the waters are still
Lead me where my thirst can be filled
Lead me on the righteous path
Lead me on.

Lead me on;
Lead me on'
Lead me on, Lord
And I'll follow You.
Lead me on;
Lead me on;
Lead me on to Victory.

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New Love

I am so Complex yet simple and unique
My heart loves strong but could use some critique
I'm not gone lie I'm starting for really give in
Mentally & Physically I'm falling in love with a friend
I'm noticing my emotions racing just by thoughts of you
I've been in this place before, just don't remember what to do
Talked to myself- make sure she understood to keep her heart
Then in my life you walk.... Kinda like a fresh start
So Pure, Honest, Refreshing and Clean
Your the only person in my world... know what I mean?
But bae... no lie I'm really scared to death
Fear of a broken heart... shattered... till there's none left
I kinda wished my wall wasn't built so high
But it has to be.... you know the reasons why
Not a day goes by that I don't bring you closer in my world
This thing I have for you has gone beyond just your digital girl
So rather we take baby steps or Huge leaps
I'm feeling like this love will be so deep
Started off as a friend, blossomed like a bliss
Awaking from my dreams of you.... yearning for your kiss
Not a second goes by that I don't wonder how you are
I feel your presence close even though we know your far
If I could sum up how I feel Mary's song would be my choice
You and I know her songs tell how we feel without using our own voice
"Looking for Someone to Love Me"..... has already been done
Now I'm singing "Be Happy"... In my mind knowing your the One
I will always "Stay Down" as long as you need me I'll be around
"You are my everything" .... Yes I'm loving that sound
Sum up how I'm feeling as I listen to " We Ride"
Listening to Mary to sing my emotions while your by my side

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What God HAs Created

                     I had a conversation with god one day.
   I asked him to send a angel my way.
                 As I prayed I asked him to give her kindness and the ability to care.
    Then along you came from out of nowhere.
                 As you touched my heart I found a new fear, and when you kissed me
            a smile did appear.
        You've shown me a love no treasure can replace.
 You've put a song in my heart and brought a smile to my face.
        Then you touched me and I became as the wind.
All feelings of emptiness came to a end.
         With all things in which you do.
 You may never understand the value I've placed in you.
         A incredible mother to all our kids.
Only God could imagine,what a great thing he did.
         Formed in kindness and inspired by love.
Created by the hand of God and sent from above.

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Midnight Lily

When we are all alone
when we don’t know where to go
we need to overcome
the feet that trample us to the ground
Some will persist to stay
others will fall for everything
if they don’t stand for anything
if you live for me
I’ll always live
and if u die for me
I’ll live everyday for you
Midnight lily; you are trampled underneath
as they watch and stare
waiting for a passion something to let you live
come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me
if you hold on now more will come
…they promise you
but if you always hold on
love can be true
leaf turns to leaf
live it when you can
We all fall into grief
 not all the same
lets be strong and rise again
show them whom you are
if you live for me
I’ll always live
and if u die for me
I’ll live everyday for you
Midnight lily; you are trampled underneath
as they watch and stare
waiting for a passion something to let you live
come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me
if you live for me
I’ll always live
and if u die for me
I’ll live everyday for you
Midnight lily; you are trampled underneath
as they watch and stare
waiting for a passion something to let you live
come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me
it seems to get harder
but happy can’t be happy
without sorrow

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Street Scene

Come on girl, let's Cruise the scene...
The Tulsa Street Scene, You know what  I mean !

Cruisin' in my Hot Rod, Gotta drive a Hot be cool, 
and make the scene

I got a cherry ride and a tank full of gas...
Got that V8 soundin'  mean and movin' fast !

Cruisin' in my Hot Rod, Gotta drive a Hot Rod... to be cool,
and make the scene.

When We go to the drags, I have a Blast...
Settin low numbers and goin' FAST !

Cruisin' in my Hot Rod, Gotta drive a Hot Rod... to be cool,
and make the scene.

Goin' to the car shows, We make the scene...
Win a lot of trophys, make the other clubs green.

Cruisin' in my Hot Rod, Gotta drive a Hot be cool, 
and make the scene.

On Saturday nites, You know where We're found...
Cruisin' on Memorial, puttin' rubber on the ground !

Cruisin' in my Hot Rod, Gotta drive a Hot Rod... to be cool,
and make the scene.

Cruise on over and make the SCENE !  yah make the scene...

                                                                         By  Perri Voge   for the Gang back home
                                                                                copyrights 11/ 2007

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Kiss Me Softly

Kiss me softly, kiss me sweet
Hold me tightly, sweep me off my feet
Take me high, when I’m low
I can’t cry, when you’re close
Love me tender, love me sweet
Nobody else, can compete
Take my love, when you’re gone
Think of me, and sing this song
Kiss me softly.

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How About You

This is it
I’m not scared any more
I’m hearing
What you have to say
Hanging on
To every single word
Waiting for
That moment when you say
I’m ready
How about you?

I know
I want to be with you
And you
Want to be with me too
I’m holding
On to this feeling
I have
Deep down inside of me
That’s telling me
We truly will be.

This is it
I’m not scared any more
I’m hearing
What you have to say
Hanging on
To every single word
Waiting for
That moment when you say
I’m ready
How about you?

I don’t know
If you’ll ever be ready
You haven’t 
Told me how you
Truly feel
But I’m pretty sure
It’s coming
Out of you real soon
Just got
To give it some time.

This is it
I’m not scared any more
I’m hearing
What you have to say
Hanging on
To every single word
Waiting for
That moment when you say
I’m ready
How about you?

I’m hearing
Others tell me that it 
Won’t happen
That I’m just a dreamer
And maybe
I really and truly am
But that’s
Sometimes all I have
And all
I need to have

This is it
I’m not scared any more
I’m hearing
What you have to say
Hanging on
To every single word
Waiting for
That moment when you say
I’m ready
How about you?

I’ve dreamt
Of this day coming
And it
Might not be here yet
But I 
Know it will happen
You and I 
Will be together soon
I’ve just
Got to hold on to this feeling

 This is it
I’m not scared any more
I’m hearing
What you have to say
Hanging on
To every single word
Waiting for
That moment when you say
I’m ready
How about you?

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One night

The wind was blowing
The sun is down
The stars are shining
No one is around
You hold me close
As our lips are tightly pressed
You beg me for more
As we start to get undressed
We've waited for this moment
And oh how grand it is
The night had started on the beach
With her hand in his
Now the morning is coming
The night has faded away
Your whole life together
Consisted of one night and one day

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MY SOUL, MY SOUL         



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Modern Day Psalm

I throw myself across the bed,
I can't get the thoughts out of my head.
"Why didn't You answer my prayer?
I wonder, God, if You are even there?"
Through my tears and sobs, I cry,
"Why God? I don't understand why?"
In my rebellion, I plan and scheme
To go back to those things from which You have redeemed.
But You know my heart and You know my mind.
You send me just the right words at just the right time.
You speak to my heart through godly friends;
Stern and true - their words my broken heart mend.
I cry out to You, and You always hear.
Even when I am drowning in my own fear.
You rescue me with Your outstretched arm.
And keep me sheltered - safe from harm.
God, I know You have Your reasons why,
Things happen that sometimes make us cry,
If I go through these trials only to write,
Then to help one person, it is worth the fight.
Don't ever let me forget, O God, Who You are.
You reach out to catch me, no matter how far.
I will love and praise You until my last breath.
And know I will be in Your arms, even in death! 

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Timely Expressions (from My Secret Sin)

Time don’t smile
I accept with open arms
The hardships wished upon this child
Time won’t smile
Scars for souvenirs
Symptoms of a lonely mans mile
Time don’t smile
My senior year nearly lost
I promise it’s everything but false
Generosity of a kind mans heart
Sacrificed happiness remaining the cost
Two wrongs don’t make a right
Yet I put two negatives together
And on the other end of the equation I saw a light
No need to become sentimental
My misery is all but instrumental
After while hope will be widespread
I mean continental
Speak soft to me mother
Let your prayers reach my heart, ever so gentle
And out here it ain’t all bad
Mistaken guilt for love, what you call sad
Internal bleeding
Still on my soul eternity is feeding
It’s all in good deeds
A palm full of trust is all I’m needing
LSD, stress , a bit of Hennessey
Got me blessed with bad tendencies
Why does it seem disaster is so kin to me
White roses, Grave yard dozers, and spiritual imposers
Has my life at a sudden closure
Time won’t smile

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the all of everything

Moving through this cosmic thing,
I run through stars and planet rings,
I'm doing what I think could bring,
something greater than all of everything,
when you dance I want to sing,
when you smile it is a cosmic thing.

Please beli