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Lyric God Poems | Lyric Poems About God

These Lyric God poems are examples of Lyric poems about God. These are the best examples of Lyric God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Your Time To Shine

What will you do when it’s your time to shine?
Do you have all your words written down in your mind?
Have you planned for the day when they call on your name?
To lift up a soul and help hide someone’s shame?

Is it easy for you to just stand up and speak?
Anytime, anywhere – any day of the week?
What about when you’re asked to give your point of view
On the many events that take place in the news?

If you’re asked to speak on the ‘good news’ of Christ
To those who yet walk in the world, full of vice.
Do you have rhyming words or a sweet song to sing?
As you share the news of our Resurrected King?

These questions I ask are to keep us in mind
Of the Great Commission given to all mankind!
That our King returns with Victory in His hand,
And all will bow down with their knees in the sand

Giving glory to God – Who truly loved us all
Even though disobedience caused us to fall.
Yet He gave all He had even Everlasting Life.
He forgave us our sins – He took away our strife.

His command said “go forth in the world, filled with love
And be as wise as serpents – but gentle as doves”.
So what will you do when it’s your time to shine?
When God opens up Heaven and says “This child is Mine?”

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Like a little child 
who's dirty and unclean
I've played in the mud 
chasing selfish dreams
Guess I never grew up
A game, was kick the can
But the years have blown by
Now it's time to face the Man
And I'm not ready..
God, I'm not ready!

Then He says to me
Red rover, red rover
Son, it's not to late
You still can come over
Repent and come home
Olly, olly in come free
Jesus gave his life
So that you can be with me

Bowed my head
Still dripping with mud
Took me, just as I am
Born again, covered in crud
Tug of war
Pulled me across His line
Jesus saves
And now He is mine
Oh, I am ready
God, I am ready!

*Jesus saves "Just As I Am" cleansing our soul, making us whole, 
giving us a heart to want to clean inside and out!

Date: 10-10-14

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Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Down

To the tune of "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town"

You better look up,
prepare for His sight.
The Lord will come back
some day or some night.
Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Down.

He's making a list.
He's paid the great price.
Who's going in route
to His paradise?
Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Down.

He sees you when you're breathing.
He knows you need His grace.
He knows that we have all been bad,
but He died to take our place.

With bright Seraphim and bright Cherubim,
Trumpy trumpets, and drummy drum drums,
Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Down.

He sees you when you're weeping.
He offers His embrace.
He knows you like nobody else,
yet He loves you anyway.

You better not doubt.
You wanna know why?
Your life could end soon.
There's no second try.
Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Down
Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Down
Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Down

by Juliet Ligon

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Caregiver's Road

Beneath a heavy weight I labored,
misunderstood by those I love and serve,
illness raging, family demanding,
expending soul and physical reserve.
Like a thin smoke quickly dissipating,
spirit tenuous, weak upon the road,
on the precipice of breakdown trembling
feeling endurance and harmony erode.

Along a peaceful stretch of sand walking,
listening to pounding surf, the birds,
tasting the invigorating sea air,
hearing in my heart God's voice, His words,
inviting nature in to permeate
my being, soothing the aching pain . . .
spirit at rest, on God's glory feeding,
I can go home, begin my work again.

August 1. 2014

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My Man

There was a time I had
Give up on men,
I prayed oh lord I’ll
Wait on the man you send

In ’93 God sent me the
Man of my dreams
His heart was made of gold

He fell in love with my child
And we had our ups and downs
But kept us together any how

In ’94 we where married
In ’95 I bared our son
That wasn’t a lot of fun

Since then time flew by
And God kept him in my life
Our love is stronger than it ever was

Just know you are the half
That makes me whole and
I will love no matter where 
You go

Dedicated to my hubby,
Whose in Iraq serving his country

                                                        Angela Lee

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the day you flew to Heaven

           We knew , it was if a moment stopped in time 
              hearing the news before most of the World did
           He loved to fly his plane from Colorado to Monterey Bay
           He was a avid golfer at Pebble Beach respected 

           He had loves and passions from many places 
           deciding to fly low through the overcast red sunset
            Not only did he love music and inspire all 
            He loved his Plane , he will always remain a beautiful Soul

              The next day it was confirmed ..all saddened 
             It was John Denver's plane that went down
             Today in Pacific Grove stands the Memorial 
             So Kiss me and smile for me we will ~
              always in loving memory 
               OH babe ,  do we hate you go ~    

         Inspired by ; contest in Music and Loss of an Artist
                   "Leaving on a Jet Plane "

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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To My Angel Mother

I count my blessings everyday to have a mom like you.
You’ve always been there come what may, to lift my mood when blue.
You say that God sent me down as an angel just for you,
But really God let me choose, I swear to you that’s true.
I saw that we could always be there for one another,
And that’s why God sent me down I chose you for my mother.

I am the woman I am today because you raised me so,
You taught me well and helped me grow, and then you let me go.
You are my mother first of all, but now you’re my friend too.
I never strayed all that far, I like to stay close to you.

Our relationship is a special one I’m sure you would agree.
When I am needed I shall come, you can always count on me.
I know that you feel the same, I am always welcome home.
A warm embrace, a happy face no matter where I roam.

You mean so very much to me, you know that it is true.
I’d walk the very fires of hell, if that’s what I had to do,
To stay the ever loving daughter, and be best friends with you.

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Thinking back
when I was young 
I'd sit in church 
and chew my gum 
And write love notes 
to the pretty little girl sitting next to me
I laughed at things 
the preacher said
Until I heard 
how Jesus bled 
and died for me.. On a rugged tree

And God's heart is bigger
Than mine could ever be 
Now I know that for sure 
He'll always take good care of me
Jesus' hands may be rough and torn
But their beautiful, you see.. 
They carried my sin to lowly Calvary

This fellowship 
is so rich and sweet
I married that pretty girl 
and we sit at our Savior's feet
Yeah, our hands in His 
and His hands in ours

And God's heart is bigger
Than mine could ever be 
Now I know that for sure 
He'll always take good care of me
Jesus' hands may be rough and torn
But their beautiful, you see.. 
They carried my sin to lowly Calvary

When I look back I see
What He's done for me..
This is the day the Lord gave me this
Filled my life with peace and bliss
To think what I almost missed
..carried my sin to lowly Calvary


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I Give You My All (Inspired by Reneord Smalling)

O Lord God Almighty
How marvelous is Thy name
Thou O God sit high and look low
Thou art worthy to be praised
Thou sayest “I am in you”
Thou sittest at the right hand of the Father
In my finite mind I understand 
How elevated, Jesus Savior, 
Thou hast placed me
Sitting on a man made throne 
High above the clouds 
I get a glimpse of Heaven
And how condescending a God I serve
For, to step down from such glory
Where dwellest purity and love
Holiness and beauty beyond compare
Just to save a wretch like me
It must be love
It must be endless and abiding love
It must be love far beyond any other love 
O Blessed Jesus, with thanks and gratitude 
With every cell, with every muscle
Every sinew, every inch of my flesh
Every organ, every bone
That you have connected 
With such infinite wisdom
I give you praise
I give you glory
Hallelujah!  Hallelujah! 
Amen and amen

Thanks for your inspiration sir.

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I'm praying to see God's picture 
The one that's bigger than me 
Not limited to this moment 
That brings beauty in difficulty

Where waiting is a blessing 
Unknowns become security 
Best events are never scheduled 
And loss means sweet victory

Access is greater than answers 
To truly live you must surely die 
The least becomes the greatest 
To reap in joy you'll often cry

I'm praying to see God's picture 
The one that's bigger than me 
Not limited to this moment 
That brings beauty in difficulty!


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Out of the blue it dawned on me
he really meant it when he said
"all the world's a stage."
We play around our little parts
some parrot all their lines away
some get cold feet and then they run.
and there are those who madly stick
around and put their hearts to it
making their own lines as they play.

Across the Globe everyone's giving
their own special minute performance,
the world's a stage
the stage means merely
you're not the only star out there
neither the shiniest for that matter.

The stage exists there to remind you
everyone laughs, loves, cries and ponders
everyone lives and plays and wonders.
There's One who attends every performance,
Who's critic, audience and director.
Step up and well your lines deliver
and you will hear Him clap and shiver.

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So much I wanted to say. So much I wanted to shout.
It was like being trapped behind bars without a way
to get out.
My mind going wild with all these questions of why.
The only way to escape was to fall asleep or to cry.
What did I do so bad that made me have to pay?
My friends, my dreams, and my life was swepped away.
I know I can do it! I try and I try.
Nothing seems to get better. I sometimes wish
I would Die.
Starved for attention. I wanna talk to the world.
I just miss being loved. Miss the warmth of a girl.
Snickers and stairs is what my life has become.
I'm treated like I'm a kid, like I'm sick, or I'm dumb.
One day to the next. Life becomes work just to be alive.
I thank god for my blessings. I thank god I survived.
I finally see some improvement. More hope tickles
my brain.
It was worth all the time, all the tears, all the pain.
I awake with a smile and new hope to move on.
I did it! I did it! All those hard times are gone!

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For All Eternity

As daylight dawns my eyes close
On another sleepless night
So cold and all alone without
Your arms to hold me tight
I look out through the glass
And watch the sunrise in the sky
And still I find no answers
As again I’m asking why
My nights they seem so endless
Then I face another day
So full of pain and loneliness
Since God took you away
People say that time will heal
That I’ll get over you
That one day I will laugh again
That I’ll find someone new
I only wish they’d understand
Why that will never be
I’ll never love another
For you were my destiny
And though I've tried to carry on
My fears I cannot hide
I just can’t face this world alone
Without you by my side
The tablet bottles empty now
And on our I lay
I put my hands together
Then I close my eyes and pray
Please God will you send back down
My Angel from above
Then he will gently take my hand
And lead me back to love
He’ll guide the way to Heaven
Where together we will be
Two Angel's who are blessed with love
For all eternity...

By Raina Hutchins

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The Sins Of Our Fathers

The sins of our fathers cast such long and unremorseful shadows
   Leaving in its quake such a painful sting as only God would know.
With tangled webs that reach to the bowels of hell.
   Manipulating lies destructive words which only a father could tell.
Knowing full well how the vicious lies will be cast downward in a spiraling effect.
   To rob our children of any pride and leave them as societies social rejects.
With no recourse but to follow in fathers misguided and devious ways.
   With unknowing and uncaring reasoning they go forth longing for better days.
So where is the justice for the generation that draws the short end of the stick.
   All to suffer for the mistakes of being sired by a father who was morally sick.
Once in a great while you might luck out and see one escape such a horrible fate.
   Most often as not the majority wind up like dad filled with anger and hate.
If the Lord ever places in your path one of these castaways of life.
    Maybe you can be the one to help free it from all its anguish and strife.
Break the vicious cycle of torment and pain.
   Teach them of our Savior, Jesus, and that not every dark cloud contains rain.
Tell them how Jesus died so they know about the cleansing power of His blood.
   And how God with one gentle breath could tame the waters of a mighty raging 
And how we can repent of our sins and even the sins of our fathers and still be 
   Seek Jesus and ask for forgiveness with a humble and sincere heart, then our 
sins we confess of, He so graciously waived. 

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Ghetto Children

Gunshots be leavin 'em children alone
they gotta find a way all on they own
kids screamin out sets for hope 
then run around with a crew slangin dope
can't forget that they saw they fathers go
witness to earth the bloodiest show
to young to truly understand 
despite what ya heard God won't hold your hand
It seems to me that we've been forlorn
destined death after death to mourn
lookin at the future of us all
death to brothas come at a sudden call
little children begin to see the light 
keep on killin knowin that it ain't right
but desperation sets in hopin for death
because it's to painful to take another breath

How many of my brotha's died last week 
an an answer given not for the weak
life like this shoulda made us sick
creepin in streets tryin not to get licked
time again are numbers start to dwindle
hopein for knew life in this race to be kindled
but all we ever do is disappear
it's funny that are lives are consumed by fear
and are youngstas reproduce fast
more brothas get shot lives endin in head casts
why do we gotta die at such a rate
a brotha feel cold heat as if it's fate
and as my brothas always seem to die
my race got another reason to cry
little niggas is our only men
no more elders in my dearest black kin

Now we got kids runnin da street 
that means, the judge and jury da heat
the boys in blue pilein up da dead
crackas in th oval office shakein da head
the ghettos so lost can we find a way
it seem's that the only hope we got is to pray
and children already learn how god do
give to those who take so we take with a 22
now we gotta cope, sippin' on brew
gettin faded thinkin bout the dirt we do
and that just make a brotha think 
why we be born livin on da brink
seein bodies fallin fast in packs
cause it be like we forced to fire back
so thelast thing is to put bodies in bags
at da funeral drapin our brothas with rags

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A Patient Savior

For years no time for God I had, In a sin filled blackened heart. Now thinking back it makes me sad, That I gave my Lord, no part. Now, I worship not a God afar, In clouds that I must part. Not one who's found just in a star, But resides within my heart.

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God, the Almighty

From the west to the east
You are there
Up the north, down the south
You are there
Oh! Oh!! Lord
You are there
God, the Almighty
You're there

How the wind blows
You are there
How the sky blue
You are there
When the breeze sways
You are there
When the cock crows
You are there
You are the Almighty
You are the Holy Lord
You are the king of king
You are the eternal God.

From the west to the east
You are there
Up the north, down the south
You are there
Oh! Oh!! Lord
You are there
God, the Almighty
You're there

That the crop grows
You are there
That the sky rain
You are there
That the grass green
You are there
That man lives
You are there
You are the provider
The savior
You are the immortal Lord
The eternal God

From the west to the east
You are there
Up the north, down the south
You are there
Oh! Oh!! Lord
You are there
God, the Almighty
You're there

God, the Almighty
You are Lord
You that bless the sea
You are Lord
You that forgive sins
You are Lord
You are our guidance
You are Lord
You are the Almighty
Yes you are
You are the Holy Lord
Yes you are
You are the king of king
Yes you are
You are the eternal God.
Yes you are

From the west to the east
You are there
Up the north, down the south
You are there
Oh! Oh!! Lord
You are there
God, the Almighty
You're there

You are the Almighty
Yes you are
You are the Holy lord
You are there
God, the Almighty
Yes you are
You are always with us
You are here
You are the king of king
Yes you are
You are the immortal
Yes you are 
You are the eternal God
Yes you are

Go, the Almighty…

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I have a dream
That I'll get another,and better job
I have a dream
That I'll have a 5 bedroom house with fireplace
I have a dream 
This house will have 4 1/2 bathrooms
I have a dream
I'll have a fishing pond in the back yard
I have a dream
I'll own lots of fishing equipment
I have a dream
My kids will finish school
I have a dream 
All my kids,and grand kids-dreams will come true
I have a dream
My grand-kids will finish school as well
 I have a dream
That I'll be able to start them all a bank account
I have a dream
To own the vehicle of my dreams a Hummer
I have a dream 
To own a nice pick-up truck
I have a dream
To take at least a week vacation with the love of my life
I have a dream
To make all the love of my life dreams come true
I have a dream
To go to the beach for the very 1st time
I have a dream
To not owe any debts
I have a dream
To be able to pay my tithes,and offering every Sunday
I have a dream
To spend lots of quality time with my mom
I have a dream
To be able to give mom a few thousand dollars
I have a dream
To go to any restaurant I never been to before
I have a dream
That I'll be able to help the homeless,and the poor
I have a dream
To have Uncle John a new water well dugged,better electricity,and trailor
I have a dream
That I'll hit it big with my poetry
I have a dream 
I'll be known world wide because of my poetry
I have a dream
All drugs,alcohol.cigarettes,and diseases will disappear
I have a dream
That all things that are not of God will go away
I have a dream
That every race will get a long
I have a dream
That gas prices will drop quiet a bit
I have a dream
To own some suits to wear to church
I have a dream
To live a long,and happy life
I have a dream
With no surgeries,or medication I will loose 200 lbs
I have a dream
To be all God wants me to be
I have a dream
I'll be able to make donations to charity
I have a dream
To go to my 1st family reunion
I have a dream
To meet my favorite wrestler The Undertaker
I have a dream
To lead songs in a popular choir
I have a dream
To see my Savior face to face
I have a dream
To hear him say well done my good,and faithful servant.

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Devils only walk straight lines...

devils' cannot go round corners' 
evil cannot bend- 
it is mostly found in madmen many cases
"some married men"
they all wear bare face masks, 
the evil of the deciever is located 
in their eyes...connected to a rotten the deceit is beating... 

..."sin salivating demon"...

they are frustrated fallen women...
predators of women and children, 

you can find them on your t.v 
preaching Christian words,... 
more lies...
the flesh of young 
they love to torture, 

another so called "Christian, politician" 
to be exact, preaching against 
child molestation, 
found himself in prison, 
for raping children,...that's a fact 

the devils work, gives lips service 
to that of a spiritual demon flirt 

none of you can be trusted, 
you are all potential rapists' 
just a matter of time 
before your a%s is busted, 
before the truths' uncovered 

you Christian 
ass holes point the finger at gays...
when you are the real reason 
why you go to church and pray 

it is not to find your faith, 
for you have none at the start, 

...for you wouldn't do
the kinds of things
that break a childs heart...

you know it is only a matter of time 
before your life falls apart ...

hang your head in shame you bastard!!!
hang your head in shame... 

you're the reason why women leave men 
why so many despise your type
the heart of this man is not be trusted... 
from experience this logic commands 

...another supposed family man...
Hiding behind his family...his wife

don't preach to me you sinner... 
all of you make me laugh... 
you won't find me in one of churches 
your mind bending cult... 
perfectly built to house sinners 
your the ones' who take it up the a#s

this so called religion
you hide behind...
you yourself a joke...

Now I could write a passage
of compassion-be a real bleeding

but as adults who are we protecting
here...the child...or these nobs
these predators...that steal
a childs innocence...a childs dreams

there is no compassion
only an abyss I cannot forgive
anyone...anyone for this...

 for these kids
a life of nightmares dark shadows
and silent screams...they'll either end up
victims...or brave courageous...
strong and determined human beings...choose a life
of love somehow become a beautiful
loving person...

for devils only walk straight lines...
in God you will repent...
in God there is no pretence...

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I'll Be Missing You (A Tribute To My Brother)

Verse 1:

Seems like yesterday we was hanging out
Running round; playing tag in the house
Till you hurt me and I would shout
Zach I gotta let this out my mouth cause
Life ain’t always what it seems to be
It hurts cause I can’t see you visually
Now that you’re gone, I feel like dying 
I don’t even see the point in trying
In the future, it’s my only dream
That you open up the gates for me
I ask God sometimes
Why did he take my friend
Why did Zach’s life have to end
When it’s real, I find it hard to deal
With all the everyday pain I feel
I will never forget that time
When I heard what happened on 4.0.9


Every step I take, every move I make
Every single day, every time I pray
I’ll be missing you
Thinking of the day, when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break
I’ll be missing you

Verse 2:

It’s hard to bear with you not around
I know you in heaven smiling down
Watching me like you always did
Ever since I was a little kid
Till the day we meet again
In my heart is where you stay till then
Writing songs; writing poems and doing things like crying
Are only half of what gets me by
Memories give me the strength I need to proceed
Through this thing called grief
I go to God for all support
Cause he’s one I know I lean on
God broke this bond
I promise to the one
That will keep it going strong
I will never forget that time
When I heard what happened on 4.0.9


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My Parents

Every child has a parent and a story to be told, but not every child 
Has two parents, two parents of gold.

So unselfish, so giving, so much love never ending.
Always there for us, always in support of us,
Without any questions asked of us.

Down the road still living their lives for us.
They would never think of giving up on us.

We truly were blessed the day God gave them to us.
For his hand to mold, a parent worth gold,
Is a child's story that's rarely told.

For God has made them human that's a fact.
They fault, they sadden, they even sin in anger,
But, what my siblings and I have learned from our Mother and Father
Is no matter what, support one another.
For if one is falling, just be there to catch, without any questions asked.

Life is not perfect and we may not be our parent that our children see,
But, we'll make sure that they see gold supports their destiny.

Prevail, yes we will, because forever we behold not one, but two,
"Parents of Gold".       

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Climbing Moriah

I am climbing up Moriah
With the thing I love most dearly;
On the mountain's heights above me,
I will see my God more clearly.
Incredible expectation!
For with the knife and holy fire,
I must on a stony altar
Bind up and slay my heart's desire.

O, this God of mine, all knowing!
Past my finite mind can see
In the distant, vast eternal
All that He destined I should be.
Only He can make a promise,
And He fulfills each sovereign vow;
Though He slay me, I will serve Him.
He led me here, I'll trust Him now.

The knife is raised; beyond the void
I dare not cast my weary sight;
I can hear no gentle laughter 
In the deep canyons of the night.
I will look instead at Jesus,
And His command I will obey.
There are rams in all His thickets;
He is the Christ, the same always.

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A Childs Prayer - God We Need To Talk

Tonight as my baby girl started to pray
She said God it's 8 O'Clock, 
And God We need to talk.
She said daddy help me pray, 
And daddy bow your head,
As we knelt beside her bed. 
she said God can you hear me?
Mommy always said you'd hear me,
If I would learn to pray, 
And that you would show me the way.

Well God I don't understand. 
Why you took my mommy away.
Daddy always says i'll understand, 
When I grow up some day.
She said God, you need your son. 
Well I need my mommy to,
And I know that my daddy, 
Would be happier with mommy. 
Cause daddy talks to her, 
And mommy's not even there.

God can you please,
Give my mommy wings, 
So she can come to see us.
She always kept our house clean, 
And God I know, 
She keeps your house clean to.
And God I miss mommy's big hugs, 
Daddy says your son gives hugs to.
So I know if my mommy had wings, 
She could hug me and daddy.

Well God I want to thank you,
For being there to listen, 
And God think about what I said.
And tell mommy that I love her, 
And God I love you to.
Oh just one more thing God, 
Help my daddy stop crying.
Thank you God, Amen, 
Then she turned to me and said,
Goodnight daddy, I love you.

I was still on my knees, 
Beside my little girls bed, 
With tears running from my eyes.
I gave my baby a goodnight kiss, 
And said sweet dreams baby girl.
Then I went to my room, 
And kissed my wife's picture, 
And with tears in my eyes,
I knelt down to pray, 
I said God, We need to talk.

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I want to do what is right, so why do I cling to what is wrong?
I keep giving into temptation and now I don’t feel so strong.
I will my thoughts to honor you, but I just fall astray.
Yet on the outside I appear as if everything is okay
I seek to satisfy my soul with things that will all pass away
And the truth is God I’m hopeless and a sinner in every way.

Lord will you break down the chains and shackles from my sin?
Forgive me and free me to be your child again.
Wipe away the guilt and wipe away the shame
I long to be renewed in You every single day.
I want to run as fast as I can into Your arms again.
You my father, you my lover, you my caring friend.

Every change I undergo seems to break me even more
The ones I love have hurt me like I’ve never been hurt before.
But you my God have promised you will never leave me
No matter how many times I sin you take me and make me clean
And  by your blood and sacrifice I know your word is true
And  for this reason I know I can always put my hope in you.

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Twirl The World

 Back in the mind of times
 See it for what I find
 Twirl the world 
 While it spins I can twirl the world
 I'm bringing back the old days
 Seeing these brutal type ways
 Twirl the world
 While it spins I can twirl the world

 I can see my future 
 Standing alive
 Walking amongst deadly ways
 And yet I still thrive
 My message is very clear
 From beginning to end
 Enemies and foes amongst me
 Yet who is my friend
 God told me not to worry
 In time I will tell
 All that you need to know
 To do things well
 The key is very simple
 Nothing in life comes for free
 Determination is what I find
 In this mystery
 I have got my head in the clouds
 So time will not pass me by
 Wondering what I need
 But if I would only try
 Where I am going from here
 Nobody really knows
 I guess I will try to keep it simple
 In my next tomorrow

  Back in the mind of times
 See it for what I find
 Twirl the world 
 While it spins I can twirl the world
 I am bringing back the old days
 Seeing these brutal type ways
 Twirl the world
 While it spins I can twirl the world
 I am standing in the midst of a sea clear, bright, and blue
 I am looking for somebody
 But I do not know who
 I need answers to solve daily problems
 So I go to the man
 Who keeps the world revolving
 If I am in Him
 And He is in me
 A crucial door just opened
 So now I can see
 I am on the outside and still looking in
 Praying for answers daily in this battle I win
 The war will be over soon
 But I will still enjoy time of peace
 Knowing it starts within me
 To keep my mind at ease
 So go on and put the globe down
 On my finger let it spin
 And that is the very message 
 That I have to send
 So that everyone will know
 Who is in control
 As the story unfolds
 In the hand God holds

  Back in the mind of times
 See it for what I find
 Twirl the world
 While it spins I can twirl the world
 I am bringing back the old days
 Seeing these brutal type ways
 Twirl the world 
 While it spins I can twirl the world
 I can twirl the world
 While it spins I can twirl the world

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What is it that GOD deals to us, from The Heavens and The Stars?, 
The choices that we make in life, will bring us near or far.
He has given us these two things, they are Life and Free Will too,
as what you choose to do with them, is merely up to You.
You may choose to do the Wrong Thing, leading to The Darkest Night,
Or turn and walk the other way onto The Path of Light.
The Bible says " God Loves Us All " no matter what we do,
All that He is waiting on, is just a call from you!!!!
To tell him you've been going, down a steep and beaten path,
And would he please just show you, Somehow, A way to just get back!!
Now you're Starting Over, and as well you see "  The Light " ,
Your Hope and Faith, God gives you Wings, Now Start A Brand New Life!!

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Once broken, but not destroyed!

As I look back over my life, my heart was broken but I wasn’t destroyed,
Many people tried to take advantage of me like I was some kind of a toy.
When I was a child, I had this fixation that I knew what love is all about, 
I cried a lot because that was the only way for me to get things out.
As a teenager, I lost the dearest person to me, who was my mother,
I was angry with God because the pain that I felt was like no other.
My parents taught me how to be the best Christian all I can be,
When I finally got to know God for myself, I was definitely set free.
As I became older I carried around so much hurt and so much pain,
I know I wasn’t easy to deal with, but the family must have felt drained.
At times I had to express my anger by fighting and hurting myself,
The more I keep writing, one day I will see my book on the bookstore shelf
The most devastating thing I remember was the time I was raped,
At the time it was happening I didn’t have the strength to escape.
It also hurt when no one had faith enough to believe in me,
I tried to deal with the rape by becoming rebellious as I can be.
I thought by going to talk to a psychiatrist would have helped replace my anger,
Instead of making things better, he just helped himself on me and putting me in 
I didn’t want to live after all these things that happened in my life,
If I had killed myself, today I wouldn’t have become a wife.
A lot of people thought that I wouldn’t make something of myself,
They would look down on me like I was some kind of weird elf.
Through all of this, God showed me what TRUE love was all about.
I have to give him all the praise and honor with a loud shout.
I was a type of person that was definitely misunderstood,
I just wanted somebody to take the time out with me if they could.
Well, the devil thought that I was destroyed but I was yet broken,
I can truly say that I’m no longer his rebellious T-O-K-E-N

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My God

Sometimes my mind ponders, and I sit in wonder, why does God love me?
Because getting along with me can't be easy.
But thankfully He's faithful, nothing I can do to change Him.
Unconditional, He fills my cup to the rim.
There are days like today that I need a refilling, and I know that my God is forever 
I can gain the world but lose my soul,  I'd much rather stay complete and whole.
Because friendships come and fade away, but I know my God is here to stay.

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The Godfather

I’m a man, just simply a man;
once a child with no other distinction.
I am neither your first son, nor last.

I cannot alter what God has planned, 
nor stop sun to shine, 
nor stop the rain he’s cast.

So, I seek a solution to the paradigm
of angst and joy of life,
of the person I should be now.

Though life’s full of mystery and of misery,
you were there to give me hope and dignity,
no wonder I always love to be with you.

But, when God decided...
we couldn’t say, “No!” 
You left me with his everlasting glory.

As time passes, I realize the greatness of 
love and joy on the day of my friend’s son,
I became like you, a loving godfather.

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We race to work then home again
The less we make the more we spend
It doesn't matter what we do 
We can't take it when life is through
But still we want the next big thing
We save it, hoard it, stash and cling
Each idle treasure we pursue
We can't take it when life is through

But there's a revolution coming
To stop all the insanity
A challenge that we recognize
These things are only vanity!
These things are only vanity!
Men before us fought for land
To use in ways God never planned
Earth that wasn't theirs alone
No territory's ever owned
Now look at us, nothing has changed
Only our methods rearranged
To fit the latest fad and craze
Could this be the End of Days?

'Cause there's a revolution coming
To stop all the insanity
A challenge that we recognize
These things are only vanity!
These things are only vanity!

Check your heart, look to your soul
Is it really "well" within?
If there be one thing keeping you
Away from God it's surely sin
 Get rid of all that would obscure
The grace of Him who sets you free
Let loose the binds of earthly things
For all of that is Vanity!

Yes, there's a revolution coming
To stop all the insanity
A challenge that we recognize
These things are only vanity!
These things are only vanity!

© Donna Golden, 2010

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A mother's love is so strong it has to come from above, for it takes a special 
Heart to do what she can do.

A mother's love is so deep when she cries out the whole world should weep.

A mother can go through so much pain and still remain sain.

A mother can bear children come home from the hospital, cook, wash, take 
Care of her child, kiss her husband and still wear a smile.

A mother has compassion and feeling that are so strong she can even tell 
When something is wrong.

A mother is a single mother who is struggling to carry both roles, we give 
You a "shout" out because that's a heavy load.

A mother is a grandmother who is still moving strong, she continues to love, 
Nurture, and care for the young.

A mother is so many special things that god created wrapped up into one.

So " remember" to show her love all the time, and tell her what a fine job she 
Has done!

Happy mother's day to all the mother's out there and may god continue to 
Bless you all!

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Let the Deicide commence.

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart is beating out of your chest!
And you have slayed the ones whom would love you for anything less
Ready to consume the final fragments of innocence,
And for you there is no forgiveness,
On your knees pleading, screaming to a tyrant in the skies;
The father of lies.

I will never be enslaved in your superiority
The people agree: jaded of your false dichotomies.
Know: I will be whomever nature intends to be
Apollo and I will share our dreams,
and you will be forced to see
your failure!

I know who you are...
Readily the first to present your scars
Chained by some despot or mental czar
An emotional homunculus in your mind, behind bars
Reluctant to escape - even when proven fake
Your demented mind - depths no one will penetrate!
...And you see me suffering
Not caring of any casualties
Just as long you recieve your safeguard of sympathy
So very wary of the masses and their Anarchy; Liberious ways

Solipsist - Is there no one you can see?
Even if she was presented burning?
Solipsist - Is there no one you can believe?
Even if Sophia was screaming?
Solipsist - Know you have killed and abused me
Imprisoned in your own  personal reality 

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Fellowship and Love

It is a wonderful feeling when we come together in love and fellowship.
psalm 133:1 says Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethern to dwell together in 
It is also better to give than to receive, that's why this is such a special day.
we give to you our fellowship and love, always remembering that to God be the glory in all 
that we do.
Fellwowship and love lift's the spirit and makes the heart glad.
In our giving we want to show how special you are, and the love we have for you.
giving is a gift and let us not forget the greatest gift of all.
John 3;16 for God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever 
beleiveth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

we give our fellowship and love to you!

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Soul Sisters

Such an Amazing girl god put into my life.

He knew i needed you at that exact time

Funny when we met I thought you were to good for me

But when you approached me the sweetest girl I did meet.

From that day on we have never truly been apart cause I

carry you around everywhere in my heart. You have been the

rock when I needed a friend around, you have been the light

when the darkness consumed me and took away my sunshine

Even when were miles apart the phone connects us and keeps

our strongest bond. 17 years feels like such a short time but

I feel I have always had you in my life. Soul Sisters we were

meant to be.. You my beloved friend are such a fresh breeze

Even after a year apart it was like yesterday that we did part

so through the many miles and through the long hard road

I know this friendship will always survive. Your a burst of joy

to me each day I thank the Lord for the sweet blessing he gave!

BY:Christina McCullouch


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Redneck Angel

Redneck Angel
Lyrics By Robert Taylor

A thousand cases of beer
Hangin’ with Jack all night
Sleeping with women from a bar
Not knowin’ their names when I woke

Then I saw your eyes in the dark
Sitting alone in the bar
An Angel from heaven sent
Dressed in Daisy dukes
And red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwards miracle

I walked over and talked to you
Just hoping that you were real
We talked and then we kissed
Spent our time together
Drinking, dancing and talking the night away
How could God have so blessed
A poor assed Redneck boy like me.

I saw you down at the swamp
Wearing plaid, with mud in your hair
You were a redneck angel from heaven
Dressed in Daisy Dukes
And red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwards miracle

Then I gave my heart to you
At the Antioch Baptist Church
Vows given without fear
My love is yours forever
I looked at your eyes through your veil
And you were crying with happiness
You were a Redneck angel from heaven
Dressed in daisy dukes
Red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwards miracle

How could God have so blessed
A poor assed redneck boy like me. 

Hiding but always in plain sight
Drinking, fishing, mud bogging
Things a girl shouldn’t do
How could you be who you are
Sharing my love and my life

How could God have so blessed
A Redneck like me. 

An angel from heaven sent
Dressed in Daisy Dukes
Red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwoods miracle

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NO MAN STANDS ALONE - The Ballad of Barney Ross

No man stands alone
in the street, the ring or the combat zone
some lay in the gutter
some sit on a throne
but no man stands alone

At the age of fourteen 
he had a dream
to become a rabbi 
Chicago 1924
then his dad was killed by men
who tried to rob the family store
his brothers and sisters were sent away
to an orphanage where they would stay
and though his faith was blown away
he vowed to bring them home someday

To God and man revenge he swore
he walked with gamblers, 
hoods and whores
he fit right in 
then on a whim
he walked into a boxing gym
he fought Canzoneri in ‘33
for the lightweight title victory
he made up with God 
and finally
he could reclaim his family

Those McLarnon fights 
were the stuff of lore
the only man 
to ever put him on the floor
he won two out of three, 
then in the Armstrong bout
he nearly died 
but was never knocked out
then in 1941
the Japanese pulled a sneaky one
so he joined the marines 
and he got a gun
and he sailed into the rising sun

On Guadalcanal, 
he fought so brave
overmatched like old King Dave
he put twenty attackers 
in an early grave
for the one marine 
whose life he saved
in a hospital bed 
for months and days
they kept him in a morphine haze
then sent him home 
strung out and beat
to the pushers on the mean, mean street

Hollywood was very keen
to put his story on the silver screen
but they focused on the drug abuse
he tried to sue 
but what’s the use?
Barney Ross was brave and strong
they couldn’t keep him down for long
his rabbi said that he must try
to be a model Jew in the public eye

but from the public eye he slipped
like a phantom radar blip
they say he hunted Nazi criminals
and he ran some guns to Israel

Barney Ross was brave and strong
I thought that he deserved a song
he did some bad
he did some good
and he saved the world
the best he could

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I wish I can

I sit and think about all the things I cannot do
I say over and over I wish I can
I allow my mind to drift on the things I use to do
I say I wish I can
I am thankful to God for the Llittle things I can do
But" I still complain at times about the things I cannot do
I say I wish I can
So if you are able to do all the things you can do
Do them NOW and don't complain thank God 
Because one day you may not be able to 
Then you may also" THINK" or say I WISH I CAN

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God Bless The Child

God Bless The Child
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 in “Death OF A Rose” By Nate Spears

God bless the child that see’s no evil
The child that digs within his soul
To survive unpleasing
With pain never easing; just teasing

God bless the child that clashes with the Titans
The child fighting for existence
Steady fighting relentless
Fighting the struggle
For what he believe is nothing
But he’s a child of god
So he’s blessed to be a front man

God bless the child that know not nothing
The child that comes to realize
That help’s not coming
Wondering the streets without a clue
Of what to do
Ignorance is all surrounding
Grief is all around them
Without any signs of peace

God bless the child that you conceive
Give them life
Give the strength
Let them find happiness in a world
Running thin on peace
May God bless
All his wonderful children.

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When I Rise

When I rise I am so thankful to God I can't believe my eyes
He has given me another day to live, it's not the same as yesterday and will never 
be like tomorrow.
What do I do with this new day?
Will I be grateful for the fresh air I am allowed to breath, will I enjoy all the 
beautiful trees, flowers, and the natural sea breeze in the air.
Will I look at this as nothing and take it all for granted.
When I rise and I am still alive I give thanks to God for allowing me to see 
another new day.
When you rise and are still alive don't  waist time complaining about life? live 
count your blessing and pray that you are still able to say when I rise!

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The Wedding

Sometimes things are up,
And sometimes they are down,
Sometimes black is white, 
And sometimes it is brown.
All the rivers flowing,
Back to the sacred sea,
All the monkeys climbing,
Up the very same tree.
You think you know a lot,
Think you know it all,
But the autumn leaves are falling,
At the north wind's lonely call.
The thinking of the meaning,
The reasons lost and gone,
At last the place is ready, 
A vacant holy throne.
The emptiness that fill you,
Fills you from inside,
Is the treasure you are holding,
The bridegroom's holy bride.
And now the north wind's blowing,
Blowing down the Way,
And now we sit here waiting,
For the bridegroom's wedding day.

more at

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How Could I Not

I cry Jesus...and you're there
Lord...nobody cares...
For me....the way that you do

When peace floods my soul
Like I've never known
How could I you

On the turbulent sea
There's millions like me I used to do

You said....if I cared
Then your way I'd share
And How could I you

How could I turn away
How could I never say
Thank you..for all that you've done

For laying your life down
Turning my life around
For God giving his only Son

For taking my place
And amazing grace
For healing my heart through and through

For.....forgiving my sins
And being my friend
How could I you


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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
To You
You is a god damned fool
You is his wealth garden tool
A dumb ass ho
You is a god damned fool
You is his wealth garden tool
Happy Anniversary
To You.
wrote 4-19-10

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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I once was like a catipiller young,naive,and new
Always living from my heart not knowing what
else to do.Easy to take advantage of, that is 
just the case, people would walk over me
like I was their dirty used up suitcase.
Now I feel a newness coming, like a light
shining from the sky, colors fill my world
and I know I am blooming into a butterfly.
Purple,Pink, Blue and Green I can feel them
flowing through. Colors of the rainbow raising
me into full bloom. Wise and strong I am becoming
My faith leads me where I need to go giving me
insight and wiseness for only me to know.
I have not  done this on my own you see
I have been guided by God and Angels
on this Earth. Wise words the wisdom at
it's best comes from a wise lady who
seems to know me best. Lucky, I am 
to have her in my life, she always shoots
it straight and tells me like it is, knowing
her words touch my heart and gives me tons of faith..
I feel like flying through the sky or climbing 
a tree way up high. I feel like observing the 
world just like a brand new butterfly so as I
Bloom I become Anew something unlike the past
Smart and wise beautiful on the inside and outside 
 a touch of color here a touch of color there
makes me glow and become a beautiful blooming butterfly...

Written By: Christina A McCullouch 

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Morning Mist and Summer Rain

Morning Mist and Summer Rain Far away from the noise of the city I walked in the quiet of a country lane nothing to distract me this day but the morning mist, turning into a summer rain. I was born to be free from my troubles born to smell the freshness of the day nothing to accompany me on my trip but the morning mist, turning into a summer rain. There are times when I must be free, away from the cares and worries of this life, when I can walk alone in this world with nothing but the morning mist, turning into a summer rain. Sometimes in all my wanderings I talk with my God up above, it's amazing what I will hear, when walking in a morning mist, turning into a summer rain. A symphony of sounds are present from the creatures who live nearby, from the call of a coyote drifting on the wind to the birds in their nests where they lie, all add to the beauty of this day, when filled with nothing but a morning mist....turning into a summer rain. My love for life is all around given by a God who cares from up above, it is seen most clearly on a country lane when walking in a morning mist, turning into a summer rain.

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Our Chosen Path

Our path in life will turn and twist,
Leaving destination at times unclear.
From the iniquitous we must resist,
And for God demonstrate our fear.

But at path's end there awaits a prize,
For those whom God judges steadfast.
A crown of gold is waiting our demise,
But once a tree is fallen destiny is cast.*

I know most won't follow advice I give,
Attempting to solve conundrums alone.
By accepting Jesus whilst you still live,
He grants pardon for bad seed sown. 

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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Oh, Maarten de Jonge
Alive, you're not gone
Your margin so razor thin

Devine intervention
You must have a mission
More than a cycling win

Flight MH17 shot down
Flight MH370 never found
Yet you flew Malaysia again

Twice blessed now we'll see
What about number three
Tempting fate.. still you grin

*Maarten de Jonge, renowned Malaysian cyclist, was supposed to fly on both Flight MH370, which has yet to be found after disappearing over the Indian Ocean in March, and MH17, which was shot down over Ukraine

Contest: Justin's "Devine Intervention"
Date: 10-1-14
Poet: LyricMan

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Ride the magic rainbow

Ride The Magic Rainbow

Let us ride a magic rainbow in our minds
And glimpse the God of light in starry dreams.
Let us leave our petty worries far behind
And go where nothing’s even like it seems.

Let us bath our frightened minds in cozy calm
And visit all the visions of our youth.
When we so snug were sheltered from all harm
For we have wandered far from realms of truth.

So take my hand let’s walk that mystic path
And through those golden gates we two will go.
Where ecstasy will cause our souls to laugh
As deep within our star of beauty glows.

Then freed at last our joy will shine so bright
Sweet mystery will gently take our hands.
And everything will seem so very right
And we’ll hear the whisper saying “understand”

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A mothers betrayal

Was I planned when you conceived?
Its something I would like to believe
But the truth is so blatantly clear
You didn,t  really want me here

A burden to you from the day I was born
A mother and child bond was never formed
My father God bless his heart
Became mother and father from the start

It was not long before you upped and left
Running away from your responsabiltys is what you did best
To live a carefree life with no ties
Drinking and partying until sunrise

Five times,five children,five lives you destroyed
But in your mind we were all void
Why does God allow people like you to conceive
When so many childless couples would love to achieve

Having five children all healthy and well
But not you everyone around you could tell
A moment of fun is all you wanted to feel
Having children was not part of the deal

A mother is a name that should be earned
But this will never be the case where you are concerned
You didn,t really want any of us
All you were interested in was lust

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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Right Now

In the exact moment that I am right now
I stand in a sea of vulnerability;
susceptible to the effects of causes around me
and since I am fully aware, 
I own my surroundings
I am one with sounds and vibrations
resonating from the earth;
I am that pulse of the drum beat 
thats been thrashing 
inside me since birth

Right now, I am exactly as I am
deeply flawed and misjudged
used, victimized and persecuted
Right now I am you in the absolute

Right now, I am exactly as I am
balanced, whole and complete
attracting abundance and certainty  
Right now I am peace - still you
Right now, I am exactly as I am

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Stand on your own two feet

What will you do when you lose everything you own
How will you feel when you lose everything you once called home

Don't you know
They'll stab you through the heart
They'll bring you to your knees
They won't let you go
Until you lose your faith
So stand up to the ground
Don't let them bring you down
Put your faith in God
Don't let them bring you down

Are you prepared to lose your friends, your family
Are you willing to walk the streets alone
Do you have faith in God above
Do you know what it truly means to fall in love

Stand on your own two feet
Hold on to what is true
This world is a scary place
But God has blessed us with love we can't replace

Don't you know
They'll stab you through the heart
They'll bring you to your knees 
They won't let you go
Until you lose your faith
So stand up to the ground
Don't let them bring you down
Put your faith in God
Don't let them bring you down

When these troubles come
Please my friend
Don't give into the fear of death
When these troubles come
Please my friend
Hold on to your faith
Never lose what is true to you

Stand on your own two feet
Hold on to what is true
This world is a scary place
But God has blessed us with love we can't replace

What will you do when you lose everything you own
How will you feel when you lose everything you once called home

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I love you, don't you feel?
Have faith. Trust me.
I am here, I am real.

I love you 'til the ends of the earth
   to the bottom of my heart..
From minute dusts, I adjust
   forming you with my own bear hands
Appointing you to be on high command
   over animals, plants and all others I planned

I love you, don't you feel?
Have faith. Trust me.
I am here, I am real.

I trust you much I let you run and roam
  I got upset you chose lure than obedience
But, I love you so so much that I am still here
   a father waiting for you to come home
Arms spread wide ready to embrace you tight
  Aching to show you more of my love and light

I love you, don't you feel?
Have faith. Trust me.
I am here, I am real.

I know you have been on trash or myriad tests
  to which sometimes you're on bended knee with tears 
Asking; Swearing; Doubting me when bad surprises
  cascade soak then thoroughly bathe you...
Don't you know that while you are in this...
I am listening to your shake and tremble
   I am there next to you, sobbing too..
I am hoping for you to remember ME.
   I am hoping for you to call my name.
As I am eager, so eager, to share your burden
   I am ardent, so ardent, to make you smile.

I love you, don't you feel?
Have faith. Trust me.
I am here, I am real.

I love you much that if needed I will sacrifice
 With all I am, I will draw you nearer to me
Not with golden armory of might or power
 but with the Spirit, I have sent to be with you
to remind you that I am here, always with you.
 Just don't you forget to seek me and my Words.

I love you, don't you feel?
Have faith. Trust me.
I am here, I am real.

(c)Olive Eloisa
10:54 pm
September 09, 2014

*** inspired by one of my favorite Christian song: 

and Romans 8:37-39:

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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I Seek to Love You

I seek to love You for Yourself,
Not for the profit I will gain;
If prison walls are all I know,
My love should grow and never wane.
Within myself I have not strength 
To love You, Lord, the way I ought;
But if I yield my all to Thee
Then You can do what I could not.

I love You, Lord, no more than I
Love those who closely share my life;
And if at them I take offense
Or pleasure find in any strife,
I have not learned to love at all.
So often I have failed the test
When most I thought I really loved;
Lord, I would learn Your way is best.

I must have You! Oh, more and more,
I need Your presence in my heart;
I cannot have too much of You!
It seems I've just begun to start
To know the fullness of Your life.
Your way of love is far too high
For my poor heart to comprehend.
I need Your love; my love must die.

So love Yourself, my God, through me,
And may my life a channel be
Where love in rivers, calm and clear,
Flows on in true simplicity.
Cut deep the gorge within my heart;
The stony contents wear away.
Let fountains of Your love and joy
Burst forth and brighten someone's way.

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Honky Tonk Angel

Only God can make a honky tonk angel,
because only God knows what’s in a country boy’s soul.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
and the eyes are the reflection of the soul.
God done went and did Himself proud
when He made honky tonk angels,
because it was a honky tonk angel
who took complete control of my heart.

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Song of Praise

When the role is called up yonder
We will never from him wander 
We will praise, our voices raise
When the Father stands before us
And he crowns his own victorious 
We will sing, our voices ring.

And forever and forever and forever and a day
I shall never stop to sing this song of praises I will say
Praise the Lord God almighty Father, son and Holy Ghost
Praise to Jesus,…….my precious host.

When I stand before his Glory
I shall hear my life’s sad story
And shall plea, on bended knee
Then when Jesus says he washed me
With his blood and now I am free
I will raise, and shout his praise.

And forever and forever and forever and a day
We shall never stop to sing this song of praises and will say
Praise the Lord God almighty Father, son and Holy Ghost
Praise to Jesus,…….our precious host.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Contest: Poems of Praise
Catie Lindsey

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A person I've met before

You are a person i've met before.
The man who stands knocking at my door.
I remember you from my dreams,
Your eyes sparkle and your smile gleams.

You held the door open as I ran in for shelter from the cold weather & rain.
You are the man I stood next to in line.
You are the man I passed by
I danced as you sang the songs chorus.
I pushed my way through...
the sea of people and stopped next to you.
Amidst the crowd we stood, searching for a way out
I looked around, I glanced in your direction, I looked past you 
I found my way out, I hurried my way through.
I walked away having not met you.

A second glance, I did not take,
unaware that our meeting was fate.

You are a person i've met before,
Sometime ago on a night like tonight,
The air was warm, the stars shining bright
The night that we met,
I danced that night, I danced and danced until the morning light
I sat to lay my feet to rest, you came to me no different from the rest
You asked me for a cigarette.
An open chance to conversate 
knowing this interaction would not lead to a date
We shared thoughts and ideas of similar interests.
such as music and poetry, art and astrology.
At the time I thought nothing of it, a casual meeting of the mind.
Little did I know, I would continue to meet you throughout my lifetime.

You are a person i've met before,
I've read your book of poetry at the local book store.
you write of life, love and family.
You are a person i've met before,
I've seen your paintings, they are hard to ignore
You are the artist I dream of meeting
You are a person i've met before.

You are the man in my dreams, 
Your eyes sparkle and your smile gleams.
I've met you 100 times before,
You are the man who stands knocking at my door.

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In The Name of The Father

In The Name of The Father…

Everyone gets the chance to believe in their God
At least once in our lives we all look to him for strength
Everyone has the opportunity to engage in his faith
Faith that can move the mountains
For the souls who can’t be saved by themselves

There’s a solemn voice that cried to me one day
A voice within myself whispering again
In the name of the Father are the words I am trying to say
In the name of the Father, I pray…

As one in congregation, all gathering in mass
Asking for forgiveness and for all suffering to pass
For those who have been before and for those still to come
One voice is rising up in anticipation of salvation

There’s a solemn voice that cried to me one day
A voice within myself that is whispering again
In the name of the Father are the words I am trying to say
And in the name of the Father, I pray…

Hope is for the hopeless ones and faith for the faithless
Redemption waits for everyone
As one we’re no longer faceless…

As one in congregation gathering in mass
Asking for forgiveness and for all suffering to pass
For those who have been before and for those still to come
One voice is rising up in anticipation of salvation

…In the name of the Father are the words I am trying to say
And in the name of the Father, we pray…

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Leave me with my dreams

Leave me with my dreams.

Leave me with my dreams
Cause I’m a dreaming fellow
Leave me here a pondering
With mind all calm and mellow
Picturing a better world
Where evil is no more
Let me dream of the harmony
Of a world all free of war.

It might never happen
Sometimes it seems to me
That a tadpole has more chance
Of swimming in the deep blue sea
But let me dream about it
It makes my heart feel warm
Let me dream of a world at peace
And this it be the norm.

Leave me with my dreaming
Of peace and harmony
Where God will rest within each heart
And a perfect world will be
Where everywhere becomes a space
Of sweetest liberty.

Leave me with my dreams
Maybe they’ll seep into you
Then peace and harmony might reign
In everything you do
I guess that someone has to dream
For something to be born
So if more folk did get to dreaming
There might be a brand new dawn.

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Beyond the Frontier

Where am I? Why is it dark?
This isn’t what I had in mind when I left the park…
Why isn’t the wind whispering…the songbirds singing?
All I remember is a telephone ringing…
A scream and a crash and a pain in my side…
Is this what happens after one’s died?
I don’t feel like myself, I feel wild and free,
Yet I’m cold and alone, 'stead of filled with glee.

My whole life I’ve studied, and pondered, and prayed,
Trying to fathom what would happen this day
But now that it’s here, I’m beginning to fear
Maybe the afterlife’s not what it appears…
It’s certainly not what I’ve been told by my preacher
Or my parents or brother or best friend or teacher…
Is it a bad thing, or is it good?
Maybe it’s just not quite understood...

While I was on Earth, I just couldn’t wait
To meet good St. Peter at the heavenly gate
And ask him a question or query or two
“What was my purpose?” “What good did I do?”
“What’s it all for?” “How does it all flow?”
“Can I have one more body, one more try, one more go?”
But where is the angel? Where is the gate? And
If this is Hell, then where is Ol’ Satan?
Am I a lost soul? Am I forgotten?
Am I to be left here until I am rotten?

Lo and behold! what, now, can this be?
Is this a wonderful spiritual epiphany?
Is this the magical feeling all souls receive
When they leave Earth? Oh! was I that naïve?
How could I have not seen the realism?
Why was I consumed in man-made idealism?
This is more wondrous than all I was taught
Oh, all the times I argued and fought
With others, ‘bout how their views were asinine
Now I see, theirs were just as wrong as mine!
Little I thought was actually correct!
How, why, did I let others petty beliefs infect
My untouched, my pure, my virgin mind?
I regret all the hours I self-tortured to find
That compared to what I see now, I was empty and blind…

Wait - - What is this that I see?
What is this gateway that is revealed unto me?

Now a door is opened to my immortal soul
I am expected now to enter my life’s final goal…
I am scared, intimidated, but still I am glad…
For the truth I have just seen is anything but bad.
This is the end of my journey, I’ve nothing to fear,
For now I am going Beyond the Frontier.

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Unchanging Lord

Hebrews 13:8, KJV
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

James 1:17, KJV

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from
the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Unchanging Lord

Today my Lord is very near;
closer He is than yesterday;
yet, as tomorrow dawns, I'll find
Him more familiar than today.
I have no cause to doubt or fear
this God in whom I find no change;
it's sweet to trust His skillful hands
my life's direction to arrange.

It matters not the course He plans;
I need not know what lies in store,
for whether mountainous or plain,
my Guide has walked all paths before.
I am assured He safely leads
the trusting heart on to the goal,
for not one time has Jesus cast
shadows upon my seeking soul.

The God of lights resides in me;
earth's clamoring is lost in peace.
I rest for His transacting love
is working out my soul's release.
My spirit soon will spurn this earth
to draw still nearer to my Lord;
with Him to know as now I'm known,
forever one with my adored.

August 12, 2014

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Thank You Lord

For years I bore the burden for one lost soul,
That should the rapture come she'd not remain.
Inspiring her to seek God's face was my only goal,
That there was a Hell to shun and Heaven to gain.

She's Earthy and one for whom I grew to care,
A simple blue jeans and tee shirt kind of gal;
And if I could see into her heart I'd surely stare,
She's a woman that o'er the years became my pal.

She's grown so much from our first meeting day,
This growth recall prompts my smile to show.
For she now knows that Jesus is the only way,
From my hearts fullness come the tears that flow.

There is no feeling more gratifying or responsibility greater,
than the burden God gives you for the soul of another;
Shirlene, I hardly knew you when God placed you on my heart.
What a blessed day that turned out to be.

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Try me, fool, and the semi gon' bang
I'm a big dog, I gotta' let my nuts hang
If I go to jail, best believe I'm bonding out
I always handle beef, that's what I'm all about
I'm not a punk, somebody lied--
I'm bustin' shots, let's get that fixed

I keep it 100, like whole-numbers, no fraction

You're a toy, all looks but no action

So much beef, I can open up a diner

Catch me underground, call me a miner

I keep it real, you haters is processed

To the streets I'm a god, bow down, get blessed

I got rank, like a zebra, I got stripes

Diggin' in ya' chest, you know pressure bust pipes

Got heat, I'm like an Arab with no turban

Shots burn your chest, like drinking Burbon

I cock my tool as they approach, get ready

Make sure you're on point, and hold it steady

When they get near, that trigger get a pull

Give straight head shots, it's an unspoken rule

Shots rang out, like the bells of Notre-Dame

I was long gone, before the law even came

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Quit My Job, Smashed My Car

Quit my job, smashed my car
My back does throb, need to learn guitar

So I can make, a silly song
And I can sing, it all day long
About how, my God is strong
So that even now, nothing’s wrong

Even though, I quit my job
smashed my car, my back does throb

Life is hard, but I’ve got God
So I won’t let any thought
Any worry or fear
Convince me you’re not near

Even when, I quit my job,
Smashed my car, my back does throb
Life is hard, but I won’t sob
I need to learn guitar

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Lost Years

For those we've met in life we've had some say,
Not why God introduced them there.
But whether we'd embrace, or back away,
Or permit leaving, trusting God for their care.

Between this separation and re-entry,
Passed a span of time counted as "Lost Years".
Missing days enumerated to a quarter century,
Yet, for us, were ensconced with love and fears.

As we now glance hinder, as if into a pool,
We weigh, if those lost years we could reverse.
Would years be found the same or less cruel;
Perhaps those imperative years were to rehearse?

So, our dear sister in Christ, rue not lost years,
For we feel God has put aside our best for last.
And as for sadness, let us bottle mental tears,
While basking in the goodness that He has cast.

The sum of our experiences have made us who we are today,

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Snow From God

snow falls lightly 
from the sky up above
soflty falling down
like the feather of a dove

each snow flake is different
like each one of us
falling to the ground
like snow often does

it's steals away breath
this brilliant thing
so pure and refreshing
like the songs angels sing

they sing for remembrance
of God and his sun
throwing down these white tokens
to say winter has begun

white is for birth
the birth of baby christ
white is for hope
that things are alright

each flake that falls 
from the sky up above
is a gift from God
telling us we are loved

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God Discerns Our Worth

He lived his life, at no time, absent of zeal,
And never dug a pit so bottomless or wide;
That from a loving God he would dare conceal,
Because God discerns the  thoughts we hide.

When our sight fades we make wrong choices,
But each day we awaken to a brand new start.
His worth is not measured by other's voices,
But by the things God saw within his heart.

Dedicated to J.D.W.

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Christmas Blues

Christmas was never about God for me,
it was memories of warm laughter, rosy cheeked joys   	
for if God was the point, whose God would it be?

Xmas was about giving to your protégées.	
Long, long, lost wishes of long broken boy toys,
Christmas was never about God for me.

Winter’s height held the beauty of childhood set free
of hunting and wrapping and folks overjoyed	
for if it was God, we had three, whose God would it be?

This December wonder now past, gone you see,
gone with the cold, I’d not wish despair on July, this killjoy
for Christmas was never about God for me.

Once a year Xmas marks a sad crying spree
with nobody wanting to be home and little joy employed
for if God were the point, my son would be with me?

Perhaps, with grandchildren there be a jubilee
and this hollowed out husk of me will be destroyed
And Christmas will be about God for me
for it could be so, whose god will it be?

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God Will

God Will
By Nate Spears
Published 2010 in Inspiration 2 Smile by Nate Spears

When the most difficult times arrive
God will get you by 
When your down to you last penny 
God will stick with you
When it seems impossible 
God want let it stop you
Keep strong faith; strong faith will make it hard 
For any weapon formed against you
That weapon shall not commence you
Faith in GOD is nice
Don't give up
Just trust 
Enclose your palms
Spiritual blessing will combust 
When evil's fired your way
God will make your day.

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I'm Fed up With This Nasty Life!

I’m fed up with this nasty life
Which is just a series of sorrows,
Which has no happy yesterdays 
And no hopeful morrows.
There’s cure for a man who gets
Injured with swords or arrows,
But nothing can cure the poor man
Who falls victim to your eye’s arrows!
For, sharper are the arrows of your eyes
N’ matchless are the bows of your brows!
Your hair puts clouds to shame!
Your lips beat the rose!
Your smile is quite a lightning!
Your face like moon glows!
You say you'll bless me tomorrow.
My dear! Never come tomorrows!
My heart is so much grief-stricken 
That I only know or God knows.
Though sometimes I’m seen smiling
And some times my face glows,
But the tide of tears that keeps 
Rising in my heart, none knows!
May God grant that it never happens
That two lovers ever turn onto foes!!!

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In The Rain

Written June 6, 2013

The preacher read the gospel
And we sank into our tears
Tearing down the curtain
We've been behind for all these years

A baby leaves its mother
An angel drops its wings
Leave me bound against the wall
Dangling by a string

Sitting by the window
Hoping she'll remember me
Sitting by the window
Contemplating memories

Resolve your inhibitions
And you'll find me in the garden
Where the flowers drink champagne
And God is in the rain

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look into the skies

Is it that the world is so cold you must be alone
Could it be a sign on the road
Yield to self-control 
And if I wanted a kiss
Would you put me on a little black list
As the sun sets in a valley of rust
Is this the end of us?

All the rivers overflow and the deserts are cold
This piece of heaven so sacred and pure
Look into the skies it's yours

The twisted piece of the puzzle fits
My last good trip
The passion to broad to explore
Help me open my doors

And if the people you once dismissed
Try to sell you some bliss
I am one cause God said so
Don't put me in a righteous role

All the rivers overflow
And the deserts are cold 
This piece of heaven so sacred and pure
Look into the skies it's yours

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My Song

The price demanded was the highest ever
to ransom my lost, dying soul from hell;
yet, He paid it all, without a murmur.
God's wondrous grace for me let this song tell.

A life of hope is mine because of Jesus;
He gave me joy I never could afford,
opened my eyes to view His splendor
and brought me peace, sweet peace, God's peace.

His life was offered up, the sweetest savor,
love's sacrifice, sin's awful cost was paid;
I cannot tell why my Jesus loved me,
I only know He died my soul to save.

Chorus repeat.

October 8, 2014

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Ray Of Peace

Ray Of Peace
I'm The Color Of Love (baby)
Ray Of Peace
I Know You Fear Reality (My Love)
I'm The Color Of Love (baby)
Ray Of Peace
So Flame The Torch
And Meditate

You Fear That I'm...(The One)
To Bring Peace To The Future (future)
Holding Hands, You And MeMe
The Connection Of Unity

The Unattainable love...
I Know You Fear Reality
The Unattainable Love..
You're My Soul Mate MeMe

Don't Lose Your Integrity
Your Integration With Me (With Me)
You Cant Afford To Lose Control
This Exorcism May Get Crazy

The Unattainable love...
I Know You Fear Reality
The Unattainable Love..
You're My Soul Mate MeMe

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Many Questions, One Answer

The bills, the pain, the drama, the rain
The storm grows larger and floods your brain 
With thoughts that begin to drive you insane
 Like, if I trust God will it all go away?
What am I missing? Empathy? Faith?
What will happen if I stay on this pace?
Am I one of those people that God can replace?
If I don’t change now is it hell I face?
Could we all be afraid of meeting our fate?
All these years trying to find someone to relate..
Is it true you can fall victim of a time and a place?
If I pray hard enough can I erase [pause]
The anger, the envy, resentment and hate ?
or at 25 years old could I be too late?
To try and change my life to get a new slate
And chills cover my arms and my heart begins to race
All of a sudden I can’t hear any rain
Laughter replaces the fear that remained 
and God lets us know it will all be ok
Forgive those around you and thank God for each day
Think with your heart and in Gods you will stay.

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The Wishful Love Song

There was the night that I lost my love
Then I blamed it all on me
I broke into tears
It’s felt like I’ve been lost for years

This is a wishful love song
But I feel lonely all night long
This is a wishful love song
And I’ll sing this all night long

I wish so much 
That I could give a girl my heart
I want to remember what it feels like
To give a girl my all

This is a wishful love song
But I feel lonely all night long
This is a wishful love song
And I’ll sing this all night long

Sometimes I wonder what I did wrong
And why I’m not that strong
I’m asking God what I can do
To find a girl that will make me new

This is a wishful love song
But I feel lonely all night long
This is a wishful love song
And I’ll sing this all night long

I know I can’t fall too fast
And have another broken aftermath 
But I want to fall in love
And show her God above

This is a wishful love song
But I feel lonely all night long
This is a wishful love song
And I’ll sing this all night long 

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Don't you worry bout my soul

Don't you worry bout my soul
Til you've been down all my lonely roads
And gauged the weight of my full load 
Don't you worry bout my soul
I see you on the tv conning, talking squawking walking like you really care about me and my kind
You cry your tears like a  crocodile  empty eyes phony smile,
To me I plainly see you're clearly blind 
So don't you worry bout my kind . . .
I see everything just fine
You're busy yelling and a tellin me all the things you think you can see, going on in this ol world you think ain't right
Get the beam on out of your own eye, til you've listened to the children cry, hungry and tormented in the night 
Don't you worry bout my eyes . . .
I'm seeing everything just fine
Don't you worry bout my ears
Cause you've been deaf for many years
I don't need some deaf man tellin me what I should hear or how to be, when he is only playing on my fears
So don't you worry bout my ears . . .
I hear your deafness loud and clear
Don't you worry bout my mind
Though it gets misplaced from time to time
But I think I know what courage means, how heartache feels, when freedom rings
And I know that I am running out of time
So don't you worry bout my mind . . .
I think I'll get along just fine
Don't you worry bout my soul
Cause I met the Master long ago
And the one you portray Him to be
Is not the same One known to me
The One Who made me free so long ago
So don't you worry bout my soul.
Mathew 15:14

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Another day goes by, outside influence on the outcome
Tearing the heartstring in two
And in my mind, strange topics pop up again
Without your love in my life
I don’t know what I would do…

On the home front on my own it seems I’m alone
To pick up all of the little pieces
Build a picture perfect puzzle out of nothing
But four walls as a frame that I am supposed to hang

Trying to change my life while my world changes around me
Mixed priorities linger in my mind
Live for myself, live for everybody else
Constant turmoil as we pass through time together

Depth of thought for me serves as prayer
To our God or my God in my eyes
I seldom ask for more than reasons why things happen
To understand and know He hears my cries

Snapshots in a photo album, memories in my mind
Like episodes in syndication over and over again
A constant circle of events repeating through my life
Were the lessons ever learned or does the lesson never end

Look, gaze into the four walls at how much lies inside
See how much things have to change
Hanging on the walls are scars left from all the pain
And though I try to put it in the past
Most of it remains; in The Gallery

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You can think of all the people
Like John Lennon used to do 
You can have the heart of Bono
Give your life in service too

Have a noble cause when you're ready
Lord knows the need is great
Belong to the UN or the Peace Corps
I'm sure it wouldn't be a mistake

But every person on the planet
Has a vacuum only God can fill
You can't find it in the rat race
The peace you crave comes in the still

So don't look at your circumstance
Don't focus on how things should be
A peace sign on your car is not important
Until you look inside you'll never see

That Peace is not a cause or a movement
It can't be found in anything you do
The source of it isn't made of matter
Peace is simply God in you!

Lyric poem

The Peace Sign Contest
Sponsored by: Kristen Bruni

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Good-Bye God

Good-Bye God

One day I fell into a well of despair
Why God does no one care
I am finally at the end of my rope
For me there is no hope

My only sin was looking at the pretty girl
Her face more beautiful than a pearl
Want, Desire, Lust
If only I could have won her trust

I asked her to release me
She smiled and stared
But refused to set me free

Obsessive thoughts way to deep
Mind and soul heartbreak weep

But I now know I will never have her
I fear soon I will be dancing with cadavers
I long for death eternal peace
Only then will this female obsession cease

I was taught it is wrong to take a life
The priest told me to find a wife 
So this is the end
The damage I will soon do will never mend

Should I die by gun, noose, bottle or pill
Or take a leap from a high hill
Maybe God will send me a sign
Maybe a Heavenly Angel will throw me a line

Soon my suicide will fill Satan with pride
My Soul in the Lake of Fire will hide
Did Jesus ever Love me I cried

I can't go on like this
This Blonde Temptress
Robbed me of all bliss
Her beauty tormenting my soul and mind
Unholy woman kind

So I slowly put the gun to my head and said
Soon I will be dead
Good-Bye God
Now I am really going to blow my wad

But wait a voice said
Putting lead in your head will turn your rug red
The only thing that can save your mind and soul
Is to write your way out of this Obsession Hell Hole

God why did you put me down here 
At the bottom living in fear
I must write of these bastard evil thoughts
The Devil tried but my soul can not be bought

I will not let the demons win
I shall not kill myself it is a sin
So now I will become a writer
Keep writing mental fighter

Even if my written words make no sense
Writing makes the mind less tense
Someday my obsession will be lighter
With Heavenly Help
My future will become brighter

Damm the Demons
I’m through scream’n

God thank you for finally making my mental suffering go away
So I can stay here a little longer and play
And if no one ever reads my words
At least writing has made my mind 
As free as a bird

Joseph Adam Elward

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Egyptian God

Amen - Ra is the God that my Egyptian zodiac says I am born under.
I took interest in the Egyptian zodiac for two reasons;
first because of the name Amen, and second because it predates the others by thousands of 

Some faiths end their prayers by saying Amen, not aware of the fact that they are giving praise 
to the God Amen-Ra.
In his right hand he is holding the symbol of life, and in his left a scepter.
He is the lord of the thrones, bringer of light, and life.

Sometimes he’s seen holding the khepesh war knife, in his right hand, and
depicted with the head of a hawk, as he takes on many forms.

I can relate to this because I’ve taken on these different forms myself;
sometimes a lover, sometimes a fighter, and always watching like a hawk. 

As much as we’d like a world without Seth, there will always be somebody
who will mistake our kindness for being weak.

So stay strong, bring light, bring life, bring the good fight, and keep hawking.

hawking: taken from american slang 
verb - transitive
•to look at, watch, stare, or eye. From the bird, hawk.
Quit hawking' me!

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Building a Wall

When I accepted Jesus I was placed on a wall,
To begin laboring for Him with stone I lay.
Whether my personal witness is seen great or  small,
I'm accountable to Him for performance each day.

Often I'm found laboring using hands void of skill,
While delving into His word for guidance each day;
I always find precision when laboring in His will,
For at Judgment I'll be accountable for stones I lay.

 Nearing life's end, I observe the wall I've built,
Each day God has allowed me I liken to a stone.
He's aware of sin, and days oppressed by guilt,
Of my thoughts, any works, or seed left unsown.

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Eternally Grateful

Sometimes God reserves the good things
For such time that our life is most steady;
You had struggled with what life had brought
Because God knew that you were not ready;

Now you're eternally grateful for those
Who remained when you sought their face.
Though the years of absentia seemed lost
Never once were you from under God's grace.

Sometimes at God's urging you did things
Like seeking out those you'd once known.
Finding that in prayer they were waiting
And that their love for you had just grown,

Now your life is finally what you wanted
A loving husband and others who care;
Now you feel valued and ensconced with love
A love that God has given you to share;

Written from an E-Mail from Shirlene

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The Curse

   SARAJEVO the curse
The shadows have been cast our way
both dark and bleak and black and gray
to play upon each foolish mind
no one can reach or ever find
where we have been and where we'll stay

in search of truth that is not there
although we feel it everywhere
illusive as our last nights dream
where nothing's quite as it would seem
and so we only sit and stare

out dirty windows to our cold
and world of death not growing old
nor recognizing truth flows by
down in our River, where we die
it's all our story, never told.

Some try to make some sense of it
the love we've known still hurts a bit
though time has eased the flowing tears
our pain goes on for years and years
and we will not get over it.
© Ron Arbuthnot

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Armageddon Pt 1

It's bout to get worse
It was written in the verse
The truth hurts

When the time comes
No one's gonna hold up a sign
saying it's time to "get right"
It's gone come like a thief in the night!
Blowin' up and wreckin ish!
The war you want is the war you gone get
It was written before our time
We keep looking at the signs
manifest before our very eyes
constantly denying our right
to be one of the meek ones of our time

We're at the end of what used to be existence
Every super power will answer to a higher power 
so pray repentence
The time is closer than any distance
From Washington to Obama
No one will escape the wrath!
Hope you choose the right path!
Narrow is the gate of the righteous tracks
that are imprented on the mind of the omnipotent one
Will you be spared life on earth with the meek ones
and accurately take in knowledge of his son?
OR will you perish in the dust
never to be awakened again?
No consciousness of sin

It's in the verses
Read it, see it, live it, rehearse it
You see the times changing
You see the minds fading
You see the world and how messed up it is
You see that nigga satan and his curses!
I pray to have a chance to live a beautiful paradise on earth like it say in the verses!


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Morning Prayer

Moisture laden morning air
Wraps pale shawls round sleepy trees;
Wee birds sing in cool garden
Lifting praise on pleasing breeze.
Bees busy dusting flowers,
Packing perfumed honey bags,
Buzz low to kiss choice blossoms
Drooped 'neath dewdrops downward drag.
I worship, cloistered dawning,
Held still in God's supreme hand;
Linger, soft laughing moments, 
Giving grace for day's demands.


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For You And Me

It  was  for you and me ,
That Jesus left His throne,
Bore the scourge and agony,
Shivered His flesh and bone,

It was for you and me,
He took the awry tour,
Towards the dreaded Calvary,
Summed His tortured  hours,

It was for you and me,
That Jesus bore the cross,
Paid the greatest penalty,
That death supposed be ours,

It was for you and me,
He wailed the gloomiest cry,
It was for you and me,
Jesus was nailed to die,

Oh, that you and I may see,
Our wickedness beyond measure,
Jesus to set us free,
In our stead bore the torture,

His love mysterious great,
Knocks  the door of all men's heart,
His mighty power recreates,
Renews our lives whole to restart,

It was for you and me,
When on the third day death sufficed,
The savior left His grave,
Victorious he arised,

He rose back to His throne,
Sitting by His Father's side,
Prepare! He's coming soon,
Today is to decide,

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Sabbath Morning Rap sequence 1

Learn not too late to halt the hate,
Bound to be ground in the dust of disgust
We're pierced and fierce, fulla rings and things
We're blued and tatooed and God is booed.

Crude dudes are misconstrued
with actions vulgar,vile and lewd.
We're found down ground in sound,
totally tatooed in terrible taste,
in a mindless race for the loudest base.

Hate to dis your myth but God exists,
'Tis a truth deduced by the less obtuse,
You understand He did become man
For His love of us all because of the fall.

He suffered and died being crucified,
He pulled His people from the pains of hell
and rose from the dead He's alive and well,
I tell you no lie He's got no rival,
It's right there written in the holy Bible.

He arose to heaven so to send the Spirit
to His brothers and sisters who wished to hear it,
He said I leave you my Love I leave you my all
but you gotta say yes to heed my call.

Don't follow the world that ain't the place,
You want to be with Me when you finish this race,
Orphans you're not  you have been taught,
I will help you find Me if I'm sought.

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Prime Mover

Like the seraphs whose wings unfold,
Christ's light and glory goes not untold;
as the love of his humble grace
moves inside me all time and space,

as the planets orbit heaven's sun
and encircle it one by one--
so, too, am I caught in his sway,
beloved of him from day to day.

Through hosts of astral dimension
God's angels fix their attention
with expectancy and burning pause
amidst the universe's First Cause.

He, the one true Incarnation  
that begets cosmic causation,
resolves the Infinite Regress
from the pre-Socratics' egress

with his omniscient wisdom
and the archives of his kingdom
where all can come and read and know
what miracles he'll yet bestow.

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Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns
A trace of thorns you are on my body, I am an eternal traveller, never stopping. You are the bitter predicament of my comfort, Traces of sensual pleasures - The mist of a veil is my constant reminder. You wound the stubble of my heartly thorns, I stand alone on the dusty conflagration Gazing towards an endless void, I am bridled with the burning pain of the thorns... My gaze tirelessly roves, Prickly are the thorns, With malediction entwined... I am drowning in a sweaty torrent, I am plunging into thorny depths, bloody and overworked from the struggle, I yield myself to the decision of fate.

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God Monitors Our Goals

Because God has a purpose for our lives,
He chuckles at some plans we make.
God lets us know that if some plan survives,
It will cause other hearts to break.

In life we've objectives so toward we labor,
Encountering detours beyond our control.
We haven't anticipated family or neighbor,
Unintentionally keeping us from our goal.

So we should live each day as if our last,
Subsisting in another avenue being unwise.
With eyes not fractured on future and past,
But intently focused on the terminal prize.

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One Way Looking Glass

You say you can’t believe in God
You say the world is too far gone
With all this corruption deep inside
You think the truth must be a lie

It’s just another day
Another heart break
Another teenage girl
Who gets raped and killed
Why die and go to hell
When you can just experience hell on earth

You say you can’t believe in God
You say the world is too far gone
With all this corruption deep inside
You think the truth must be a lie

It’s 4 am
And the phone rings as loud as it can
It’s your best friend
He was just shot and killed
You look to the sky 
And you can’t help but to ask God why

Does God even care
Does he see what you see
With all this hurt and pain
How could this be fair

You say you can’t believe in God
You say the world is too far gone
With all this corruption deep inside
You think the truth must be a lie

But what you do not see
Through that one way looking glass
Is the tear that falls down God’s face
And the warmth of his loving embrace 

It is our sin that separates us from God
Our rebellious ways that brings our pain
Before the first sin was a perfect world
We brought this upon ourselves 

But by the grace of God and his love
He gave us the key to heaven above
Just trust in Jesus Christ till the end
And watch your brokenness mend 

You say you can’t believe in God
You say the world is too far gone
With all this corruption deep inside
You think the truth must be a lie

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If I pass through Gethsemane
To writhe in cold, dark agony,
If Fear's hounds track me through the night
Till like a wounded fawn in fright
I thrash through forests, strange, unknown,
That seem so far away from home,
Would love in me grow weak and die?
Would stones of hatred be piled high
To mark the plot, engraved by Shame,
"'T was here that love at last was slain!"
Would my heart lie entombed, content,
Or would the stones by Love be rent,
And Love o'er Hate triumphant pour
Because the sting of death Christ bore?

Or if my love were crucified,
Rejected, left to bleed and die,
If Sorrow pierced my fainting heart
With ev'ry bitter, burning dart,
I pray that love would stand the test;
That while my soul Grief did molest,
I would not stoop to hate the foe,
But yield to pain that Love might flow.
Would Love in me refuse to die
And live again though crucified?
Oh, that the seed felled by Hate's cry
Through suffering would multiply
And rise to reap the greater store
Because my Love your sorrows bore.

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A Word on the loving God

I come to the arms and the grace of the only living God
Making my way with this journey can sometimes be so hard
Yet I strive, pursue and I direct my goals
Never giving up or backing down to any and all foes
I know that the path ain't easy no matter which way you cut it
But I'm making the way  no matter the repercussions
My corruptions not withstanding, the devil try to bring me down
Pray to my trinity, no limiting, on what can be turned around
Like fate, some believe, we're all destined to fail
I don't believe that, my God has more in store for me than hell
So I set sail on this grand ship that we like to call life
Direct all my thoughts and questions to the holiest with might
I will pursue a path of righteousness, and seize that day
And I pray for God to comfort me with his glorious ways
John 3:16 seems to me like such a simple verse to learn
Yet when you hear it, you come to terms that your soul is beginning to yearn
For the truth, which he has set, right before your very eyes
So cast your gaze towards the heavens and look unto the sky
You know the times close all this commotion going about
This world needs a savior to turn all this mess around
Jesus Christ is the answer in every single aspect of one's life
Accept him into your heart and let J.C handle all your strife
He's always been in your soul just waiting to be let out
Cast that serpent away and let the light shine about
This is the end of this declaration that I make
But there is one thing that I would hope you would honestly take
It's that the Lord will suffice in all that you seek to do 
With a love like no other's created especially for you

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At times in life when I've struggled along,
I've surveyed hinder at measures taken.
And because in my being I claimed no song,
Fright oft prevailed leaving me shaken.

Life approached me like a breath of wind,
With distressed days that slowly scattered.
Like a tender sapling I soon learned to bend,
While ignoring God and things that mattered.

God placed within me a desire to succeed,
And within my heart a lesser ego delves.
He grants us no space for malice or greed,
We've no room for God while full of ourselves.

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You Better Brush Your Teeth

Hey Yo plaq is whack
Tell it to get back fast
Infact kick it out
With the arm and hammer
Then finish with floss
For the glits and glamour
Now you are the boss
Of your own teeth and gums
But Ill share my loss
So you'll never lose one

One day my tooth ached so bad I could weep
I recieved my first and last cavity
Oh how my mom and dad were mad at me
Because I didn't do what they asked of me
Now my sis and the whole class laughs at me
Cause all can I eat is easy mac n cheese
and no more sweets like sour patch kids for me
So Listen to your parents, jack and steve
Because you do not want to act like me
And end up with a toothless tragedy

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My Cry

I'm Drowning in my Sins
The Devil have me in a Spin 
It Never Seem Like I'm Going to Win 
I Pray to God to Forgive Me, but my Sins I seem to Repeat
Lord Don't let me Suffer in Defeat 
I'll kneel down and Kiss your Feet, But in this Battle Im Losing Me
My Soul is Living Free
Knowing in the End Torture is Forever Bonded to me 
Keep Inhaling The Smoke and get Thrown in the Fire
My Deepest Desires gets Me Thrown in the Fire
So does that Mean My Mind is Messed Up?
My Spirit Messed Up?
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirt within me
Forgive Me For My Thoughts
Forgive Me For My Desires
Every Day Im Sinning I Feel like Im Getting Closer to The Day I Expire
Wash Me Clean
Make Me New 
Bring Me To the Light and Let The World Hear My View

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How Many Times

How many times does God forgive,
Again and again, please just live,
How many times, can you fall down,
Over and over, you’ll be found,
How many times will I just pray,
For all your pain to go away,

For you were once my dearest friend,
In my heart your presence ends.

How many days go quickly bye,
How many birds sing when they cry,
How many cherubs fight for you,
How many angels dance the blues,

How many demons tried to take,
How many stripes for our mistakes,
How many times could I confess,
I never loved you any less
I never loved you any less.

How many times does God forgive,
Again and again, please just live,
How many times, can you fall down
Over and over, you’ll be found’
how many times will I just pray,
for all your pain to go away,

For you were once my dearest friend,
In my heart your presence ends.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: For DRS

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Pledge Not The Allegiance

It's the third verse,
I got the urge to purge
All the curt words I've splurged,
I've submerged in sin,
I'll go to church repent,
Then go curse again,
Lets reverse this trend
We nurse tolerance,
When it might offend,
If I white wash my fence,
So try to not get tense,
When I do not defend, 
Those who chose to be dense
And not use their two cents,
To show kids the reverence,
For the pledge of allegiance.

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The Ocean's Whisper

It's been so long. It's been so painful. The choices I've made, Haven't ended so great. Then I saw him. Everything started to go slow. And when I saw him, I found the courage I lost long ago. Then I heard the ocean's whisper, And I knew God showed me his blinker. Though I don't know why, Penguins can't fly. And I've tried, So hard to let the last one go. So why should I, Let my heart fall hard again. I heard the ocean's whisper, So I listened. I got the courage, Of a baby bird to fly. So I tried because I haven't loved lately, And you said maybe. I found myself again. Then I heard the ocean's whisper, And I knew God showed me his blinker. Though I don't know why, Penguins can't fly. And I've tried, So hard to let the last one go. So why should I, Let my heart fall hard again. I heard the ocean's whisper, So I listened. I got so worked up, Because you said maybe. I watched the clock. The last thing I heard, Was tick tock. My heart sunk. You never arrived. I know most of this doesn't rhyme, But the point is, He doesn't have the time Then I heard the ocean's whisper, And I knew God showed me his blinker. Though I don't know why, Penguins can't fly. And I've tried, So hard to let the last one go. So why should I, Let my heart fall hard again. I heard the ocean's whisper, So I listened. But even now, The thought of you makes my heart twinkle. ~not done~

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My Perfect Christmas Gift

On christmas eve I wait
sitting by the door
wishing he would come
but not hoping any more

In my heart I know he won't
so I don't know why I wait
I think that I should go to bed
it's getting awfully late

I wake up in the morning 
to a damp pillow near my head
then I hear a voice down stairs 
and I sit up in my bed

I run down the hall 
to the living room to see
the greatest gift that anyone
could ever give to me

my father's sitting on the couch
it's then I finally know
that god listend to my prayers
all that's missing is the bow.

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Moments of quiet unfolding:
Quiet probing my spirit's depths, 
Like a rose, petals unfolding
To drink in the dawn's sweet breath.
Quiet like the peace that lingered
O're the waters the Master stilled;
Quiet that in the tomb trembled,
Pregnant, waiting to be fulfilled.
Quiet that marched on the victor
Robbing death and defeating sin;
Quiet that stood in the garden
And shouted, "Christ risen again!"
Quiet that is the cloak wrapping
God the Father, Spirit and Son,
Before whom life's vulgar turmoil
Surrenders her tongue and is dumb.

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Jesus is the greatest

Jesus is the greatest
There's no man greater It’s a fact
You cant deny he change the world, he made an impact
He is the past, present and future 
There's never been a greater teacher
Its dedicated to the man himself who knows right from wrong
Admittedly I was a lost sheep until he came and knocked
It was a long talk but by the end I was a changed man
Its safe to say now I'm a fan of the man
But he is not just a man but a living god
His name lives on forever
I cant help but wonder still to this day I cant believe
How he was deceived 
He payed a hefty fee for me
He suffered for my sins, three days later he was resurrected
Regrettably sometimes I took it for granted
I just hope he is not offended cos I never really meant it
He will come again to judge the world in his glory 
that’s how the last chapter ended

Jesus is the greatest
Jesus is the greatest
Jesus is the greatest

What I would give to see him in his glory days
Gave a man sight using only his spit and clay, that’s not the only miracle
He gave the world hope he touched the hearts of many people
Showed us were all made in his own image one and equal
Taught us to forgive and turn the other cheek
But I must confess at first it was hard to believe
How can someone that was heavily deceived
Was able to turn the other cheek
I had doubt in my mind about how he was conceived 
I needed answers, was he the real messiah or a liar?
I turned to the scriptures, I turned to Isaiah
He predicted the lord would walk up on this earth again
He would bring with him the heavenly fire
This gave me hope when my back was against the ropes
I tried to be tough but I without him I wasnt strong enough
I guess he was always with me, i never did this alone
I cant stress it enough but I will say it again

Jesus is the greatest
Jesus is the greatest
Jesus is the greatest

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Among the Worst of Them

You close your eyes at night
Trying to escape this never ending fight 
You chase your dreams
Wishing everything wasn’t what it seems 
But you can’t escape
This hopeless fate 

I may not know who you are or where you’ve been
But I know I’m among the worst of them
You say there’s no one that can change you now
But I know I’m among the worst of them
Those voices inside
Oh how they lie
But with every whisper 
Oh how you wanna die
This addiction is always getting you
Inside there’s nothing you can do

I may not know who you are or where you’ve been
But I know I’m among the worst of them
You say there’s no one that can change you now
But I know I’m among the worst of them

No matter how much you scream
You’re never waking from this evil dream
You do everything you can to escape
Before salvation is too late

The world’s judgments
Are so much more than permanent
You seek for any kind of help
But they’ll never understand what you’ve felt 
Is there anyone out there for you
Or is love too good to be true

I may not know who you are or where you’ve been
But I know I’m among the worst of them
You say there’s no one that can change you now
But I know I’m among the worst of them

I was a sinner destined for hell
Never knowing how far I fell
But then I was saved by God above
And I want to show you heaven’s love 
No matter how long it takes
Through all your mistakes
I want to show you it’s never too late

 I may not know who you are or where you’ve been
But I know I’m among the worst of them
You say there’s no one that can change you now
But I know I’m among the worst of them

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the Sunny Day Blues Man

living for the moment
ended life as we knew it 
but i'm just doing whatever
kind of hoping 
for some entertainment 
along the way

a day in the life 
of the sunny day blues man
hands down 
this is the best i ever was
the best i'll ever be
don't you agree

the sunny day blues man
isn't it funny the way news slants
the return of the sunny day blues man
just be happy with what you choose man
Never a better option than a given hand
thank god for the sunny day blues man

hope isn't a measure 
it's just tested time
a clamp of suspense 
when the moments array
an echo of needs 
to balance out 
the ways things seem
is the best you and I 
will ever be
don't you agree

the sunny day blues man
isn't it funny the way news slants
the return of the sunny day blues man
just be happy with what you choose man
Never a better option than a given hand
thank god for the sunny day blues man

at times life seems to cycles 
signals of distress
vanity and cupcakes 
i know, it's a brute mess
but along with the irony 
comes pancakes 
yes, the madness seems to iron me
yet i am still here

the eyes a thinker
life of a fighter
hands of a lighter weight 
when smiles reflected a pinch of hurting
because in punishment
the sunlight just couldn't outreach the curtains
though we take the steps alike
we trespass the worries to vaguely
but it was times like these that made me 
and it's the best i'll ever be

"the things we accept in steps of courage"

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A Godly Insight

"What if you woke up tomorrow with only
what you asked god for today?"
As I read, a scowl is freed, then a smile
indeed, and I'll tell you why - I say:

"Poseidon is not so beneficent,
And neither - I wager - is Zeus.
So it seems to me if a man is honest,
he wakes up with what HE has produced."

This much is true. But I jest, of course,
I know they mean well, but let's see...
If god is provider, I'll have some hot cider!
...And yet none is present for me.

"Now, now, be a gentleman. Don't let your
sharp tongue be like teeth." I think.
But if others' boats fill with water,
ought I not inform them they'll sink?

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                                                                   Water In My Eyes

It’s hard to take off, when you’re left grounded.  Something lost I can’t find it.
 I can’t see my way anymore, I need a guide

                                               “Hard to see with water in your eyes”

A feeling that comes over you, it comes and goes 
Often now putting me to my knees, a thirst for knowledge has grown.
Interpretations given to me, I want to fly but I’m stuck on the ground is what I realized.
I can’t see my way anymore, I need a guide

                                                “Hard to see with water in your eyes”

You carry those you lost and offer you in their place, all you have are the memories a heart ache, a still picture of their face. Quest for knowledge you have shown, you can only save yourself when it’s time to kneel at the thrown. Interpretations given to me, still unable to fly I can’t see my way anymore, I need a guide

                                                      “Hard to see with water in your eyes”

Arms out reached in front of me, waiting for a touch back to assist and help guide me, I know your there even in the open air, as the breeze passes by pushing out the water in my eye.
 Looking to the sky before it drips drops and it freezes. As u notice only your sign the one only you can see. If you found it it’s meant for you to continue to believe. Before you know it you’re looking up into the sky. You see clearly through a dry eye. No more needs God has heard you and now he will guide you.

Walking a set path try to live a life right. God will always give you your way of sight.
Keeping faith is all for just such a reason. It’s nice to see through all life’s seasons. But almost daily it gets blurry and things change size.

                                                      “Hard to see with water in your eyes”
                                                                                 By Paul J Williams Sr

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Friendship comes from the heart, with kindness and passion
It is present for both good and bad times
When you ask God for a gift he sends you a friend
The heart is filled with memories when we have friendship

Someone who is present when you accomplish your goals
The one who helps you get up when you fall
It all starts with trust and understanding
When you feel lost help is on the way, friendship is true and never ends

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God Almighty

God Almighty
Oh God, before Thee on my knees I fall in hopelessness of my soul! The chain's ring is squeezing and suffocating me, The mark of a wound from sombre fetters Restrain the freedom of my soul... Dreadfully dark is this night... Gloriously in the tabernacle you dwell, Commanding troops of angels for ever and ever, Send me help, Give me an elixir, So I can walk loyally on the path That leads me to paradise in heaven. Full of thorns and vain hopes are the paths, That today are the failings of mankind, Gazing onto your almightiness, I shall break the fetters of my soul And banish the darkness and fear into infinity...

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"Rise Agaisn't God"

By this juice
It hurts us all
God made us see
See the light never bloomed
No burying for us
Totally insane
After so many years
Nothing to see beyond this mountain
Falls same
Not a single shot
Not further from the sky
Just one step to say it out loud

Hate us all
Make us hate
See us hate
Feel us hate
We all hate equal
Better take our side
For the time you fear
We will rule this land

Know we all died
Feel us grasp you softly
Make me see how far you and i
Were we headed
A thousand years ago
Not a chance
No sky 
No hell
You see me same ways
There's no were to run
We kings deserve your sou
We kings better hide from him
God made us
God did this
But why we scream at god hate us
For then to place blame
I see you burn
A hell of ice
I make it burn
You and i will whisper the wind
I promise we deserve the world in half

Hate us all
Make us hate
See us hate
Feel us hate
We all hate equal
Better take our side
For the time you fear
We will rule this land

Mean while we grasp our faces
Mean while you sit to watch us burn
I deserve better life
We all do
I walk fields of blood
An ocean to see
But a fall of the cloud
Didn't quite held the truth
We deserve a soul
An wide full chest
I promise darling we will burn
But i fall same way
Same hole
My face made a sin
I hate this
I hate him
I hated all of this
Now i live for this
I mourn the sky a savior
Oh god what have we all done

Hate us all
Make us hate
See us hate
Feel us hate
We all hate equal
Better take our side
For the time you fear
We will rule this land
A price to pay
Will not grow
I sober up slow
A fate never escaped
An inferno to feel
Help us all
Help us hate
We all deserve the pain you died with
A life
A savior
Strike us all
Alive we all burn
Never dying
We mourn it
Now we scream it.

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Theres a girl that I passed by
And I wont stand idly by,
I cant let this one slip away.

Because time just falls still
You must not know how this feels.
Pinch me this all must be a dream.

For theres no way this is true,
A girl as perfect as you
Doesn’t simply come around.

So God give me a reason
To stop her from leaving,
Even if its just for a-while.

But if my words should come up short
I swear to God I wont abort.
I wont give up so easily.

So Allie lets say you gave me a chance
I’d lead you right by the hand,
So very far away from here.

We’d hopscotch among the stars;
Play dice with Pluto and Mars.
All you have to do is say you will.

Because girl were meant to be-
Why’s it so hard for you to see?
You better hurry girl, were running out of time.

Now Allie, Allie, Allie it seems you wont stay with me.
I knew this day would come, eventually.
Now all thats left for us to do is say goodbye.

But saying goodbyes to painful
I’d rather just walk away,
Turn my back on love and hope,
Then see your blue eyes pierce my soul.
I Guess The Truth Is Better Left Untold.

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59th Minute

Its the last minute of the 11th hour
I have seen a demon wondering searching for a soul
A priest coveting the ass of another man's woman at church
Convince people you have a speed dial to God's Kingdom
And they will take any theological theories given to them
They worship sophisticated stone deities. 
Emmanuel TV, electromagnetic Gods in static images
Composers of the reverse version of the Holy grail
Cursing God, misquoting scriptures and reversing verses
Misleading women like Hershey's Kisses and forbidden pleasures
The fabric of our species is a loose canon
The revelations post-predicted by the real Mayans
The apocalypse.

Its the last minute of the 11th hour
This poem is not against the church
It speaks for Rhodes, Selassie and Robert Moffat
New disciples that walked the deserts of Africa
The founders and architects of God's synagogues
Scribers that wrote covenants in caves at Timbuktu
Puthadikobo, Livingstone, and Thabanchu
Monasteries with no Automated Teller Machices on their walls
This poem is not against Anglicans, Catholics or  Apostles
Its an allegory against those that spit on the chapel alters
The bishops and priests with their filthy  urethrae
Their genitalia submerged in the oral cavities of alter boys
Seeking head in return for blessings, deliverance and confessions
Fake Joshuas who plant placebo demons and exorcise them for fame
The same devils that preach at the podium of cathedral portals
Dangerous men, listened and  worshiped  by millions

I m not against the church.
I believe in Muhammad and Jesus all the same
And the sacred message they bring supreme
From Judah through Jordan and the rivers of Ethiopia
I stand firm against Lucifer's devices.
In the face of damnation an entire nation has succumbed
The devil puts in more work than Jehovah's witnesses
Such a beautiful genus undone at the seams by its own beliefs
Victims of natural selection and ever-upgrading IQs
Each generation figures they can be better than their creator
Separationists led by confused evangelists
I m not against the church. I m against religion 
I have seen a demon at church searching for lost ones
A priest coveting the ass of another man's woman at church
Its the last seconds of  revelation's  last moments.

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Pray to Someone

Can I get a witness, to make my mind up right 
Can I get a spotlight, in the darkest night 
Some roads are rolling, there ain't no end in sight 
Just like my freedom, the price is never right 
Hey someone, pray to someone 
Hey someone , pray to someone 

Judged by a cover, the gavel will break your back 
First day of summer, I'm screaming New York where you at 
Need a word of wisdom, to carry this battle axe,
 It's always something, I wear it from hell and back 

Hey someone, pray to someone 
Hey someone, pray to someone

 It wasn't long ago you left your soul by the side of the road 
Wishing you could find one single ride 
Staring like a man with the sun in his eyes

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Only Faith Remains

My little room - beloved walls
Are closing in upon me now;
Black midnight darkness settles in;
Around me soul winds rip and howl.

Yet, silence is beyond quiet,
Charges with mute voices sinister,
While Time stalks by on cleated feet
And minutes hours minister.

I am alone and all seems lost.
There is no sensing comfort here;
No soothing balm, sweet spoken words,
I feel no dove-like presence near.

Here faith walks naked in the night
Where famished need eats soul away.
There is no solace for my thoughts:
Hope is the garment of the day.

Just faith remains alone, child trust
Stripped bare of prideful ornament;
Vulnerable, yet she alone
Secures the promised settlement.

June 8, 2014

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Lost feeling all this oppression, I know the Devils right behind me... I can feel him breathing down my neck. Running away from sin following God's voice keep him in my heart turning depression to rejoice.  I feel I'm losing control so i get down on my knees and pray for my soul, I still dont know all the things i have to do or where i gotta go counting on Christ to lead me. he will always guide me, instead of running and hiding i'll stand firm right beside him. I got alot to say with God speaking thru me, im an example and im glad he chose me. He lived and died on a tree arose three days later and in heaven hes residing, abiding listening to his will sanding on his path and thats where im gonna chill, Let me be real take a second to explain how im feeling and not dealing with the devils games he tries playing. I left him behind cuz i ran him over just the other day yea i like it that way.

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now.. 

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now.. 

I have a God who sent his son and took the stripes, he Paid the price for my life, a price he didnt have to pay but he loved us so much he couldnt let us die... Jesus you took the weighgt and you put it on yourself, theres no greater love then to lay down your life for your friends. and you did it for me even though im undeserving and I wanna thank you so much. Everytime I fall you open my eyes and show me where I went wrong, you have forgiven me and I have another chance to teach the things you taght me. Lord I am your vessel please use me to your will help me to do the things for which im called let me hear you voice through the Holy Spirit Lord, reach down and touch me.

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now.. 

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now..

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Physical Cliff

Between God and His people there is a rift.
The legion is in man and like sand intends to shift
humanity from God, who uplifts, and quickly drift,
In a herd mentality over their self made cliff.

Blind and unkind to the light that shined,
Miffed by Satan’s darkened kiss,
Blinded by the light they grew to despise
and in their lies could not recognize.

They took a toke and wrote a vote that spoke,
and sent their sins off to the desert on a goat. 
Crowds turned their heads, as they made their beds,
away from common sense and Pastoral gents.

And if anyone shone a light, them they would fight,
Thinking with all their might that only darkness was right.
A messenger they would shoot to hell-ity hoot,
God was outlawed and given the boot.

He no longer fit in this devilish skit.
He didn’t understand, the Commandments were canned,
Christ was banned, hell’s fires were fanned.
Life was wrecked with a lack of respect.

Life became cheap, the moral cliff was too steep,
An abortion smell came from the well of hell,
People euthanized amid fear filled cries,
Innocents killed and graves were filled.
It’s the guns they said that make people dead!
Not a lack of God, that’s in your head!
Vote for greed, convenience, lust or bust.
Forget God, in us you must trust.
Between God and His people there is a rift,
The Legion is in man and like sand intends to shift
Away from God, who uplifts, and quickly drift
In a herd mentality … over their self made cliff.
A lack of ethics and morality is the reality
Spiritually physical
and physically spiritual in its finality
Ho, ho, ho  … over the cliff we go…

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America Melting Pot

A land where all our dreams come true,
A place where we can start brand new,
Where opportunity can chase us down,
Lord have mercy, may you always be found.

For decades, we have praised Your name,
Our slogan, “In God we trust” brought us fame,
We need your help God in our towns,
Lord have mercy, may You always be found.

Moments of silence brought us peace,
Many people’s prayers have drastically decreased,
Have we forgotten who will always be around?
Lord have mercy, may You always be found.

America we are so great, why are so many filled with hate?
Keep your prayers, keep your God, he will be there when things get hard,
For sometimes we need to fall on the ground, 
Lord have mercy, may You always be found.

His eyes are always watching over us,
United we stand, it is an absolute must,
Gods grace always abounds,
Lord have mercy, may You always be found.

A venture, a journey, many pursuing a goal,
Our sweet country can touch every soul.
You can learn so much even when there is not a sound,
Lord has mercy, may You always be found.

Where ever you go whatever you do,
There is always someone that can teach you something new,
A mixing feast that is so profound,
Lord have mercy, may You always be found.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Sun and Moon

God is perfect in all things he creates
shining his love from the very first day
The sun and the moon he set up high 
they pour light to be our guide
Gods light he puts in my heart 
without him I wouldn't feel whole
When he returns all see his face gleam bright 
coming to carry us to our home on high
I can only imagine what heaven will be
the glorious colors, lights, and souls to meet
Sun and moon no more needed
The Almighty and Jesus Christ is the glow that will be

Carrie Cheek

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EYE Don't See -Part 3-

My eyes
Witness your departure
My eyes
Are dripping with hopelessness…
My eyes start to blur…
Melancholy put me under pressure…
Is there a cure to my disease? 

You don’t see
The shards of hope that once brought us back together
Just let me search for safety
I’m strong enough to realize that I’m no longer
The weakest prey out there…

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me whimpering like a distraught puppy left on the train tracks?

I’m close to my demise…save me and take me home

Nourish me…and be my beloved friend

Will this friendship last forever?

Hopefully it has no end

Will this cheerful moment help us get along with each other?

Because of you…I feel the need to run 
I keep an eye on you – I worry that you’ll hurt yourself again
Because of you…My freedom is nearly gone
I don’t wanna be caught off guard again
Because of you…EYE can’t picture a solution for our vexing dilemma 
Because of you…eye can’t focus on my long-term goal 

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you sense that I’m giving in to failure? 
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…I can’t endure 
The hardships that you place upon me…
Could you boost up my confidence to overcome 
My atrocious anxiety? 

I’m just waiting for some sun
To keep me in good hands…
To strengthen me with perseverance …
I’m just waiting until His son
Leads the world outtah Egypt and reveals to us…
His radiance…His dazzling Kingdom – 
Vibrant with glee

Your undying sympathy dawns upon us
I’m overflowing with indescribable joy  
You’re a candle in the night…
We meet eye to eye…
What a sight…what a precious sight

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God Said Checkmate

I was surviving in life, just doing my thing, Only one day to realize, my life, was a mess. In life’s chess game, God had my attention, With life in the balance, I dared not to guess. With worry plaguing me, and spirit bound, I accepted Jesus Christ as my living answer. By repenting, my sins, now under his blood, Made the news less important, of my cancer. Thought it to be a good thing this New Year’s morning While the peas and Jowl slow-cook To recall the best day of my life when twenty-eight years old. Tom

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God Knows Our Tracks

Since Adam and Eve,
Tracks, man has put down.
While some we leave are happy,
Others, give occasion to frown.

Tracks, that we as men,
Might some time wish to erase.
But only God can remove,
Man can only retrace.

Those footprints of our lives,
Eventually In history you'll find.
Whether satisfactory or atrocious,
They're what we'll leave behind.

As these tracks God surveys,
He'll sway not, nor will He bend. 
But render appropriate judgment,
On where eternity we'll spend.

God, is a discerner of tracks,
So from life's trail we can't hide.
But through Grace He made a way,
That in His tracks we can abide. 

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On the outside looking in

Verse 1:
Why does every thought come to this
Now it’s the innocence that I miss 
Change is all I ever see
I can’t leave this up to me

We all wanna be
On the outside looking in
Doin everything we can
To be the better man

Verse 2:
Always trying to take the power
Climbin to the tallest tower
But in the end it comes to nothing
Why can’t I hold on to something

We all wanna be
On the outside looking in
Doin everything we can
To be the better man

Verse 3:
Failures creating such anger inside
The hatred of God has become far too wide
The inner flesh is eating the best of me
But thankfully God has woke me up to see

We all wanna be
On the outside looking in
Doin everything we can
To be the better man

Verse 4:
Before everything’s too late
I’m gonna let God decide my fate
Even though I’m just a sinful man
By the grace of God I’m a part of a greater plan

We all wanna be
On the outside looking in
Doin everything we can
To be the better man

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The soul in me

           The soul in me
In my silent I feel
In my silent lies the truth
Yet unseen
In my silent my soul
Speaks to me

The soul in me
In my silent a lot I learn
I don't speak too much 
For mere words are worthless
With out values
In my silent I see that 
That is me 
Before I let it known 
For all this circumstances
Around me is not of vain
So my soul guide me 

The soul in me
Despite am so quite 
But not to what I see
For in my silent the feeling
Could say better
So the soul in me 
Yet speaks

The soul in me
Too many questions
I ask in my silent
Too many quarrel 
I step throw in my silent
Too many wishes I wish 
Only in my silent 
Yet my soul speaks
For all I see the feeling 
In my silent 
Could say more 
So the soul speaks

The soul in me
All you see of me now 
Once started in my silent 
All this songs I sing now 
Once came in my silent 
All this tears I shard 
Once came from my silent 
All this joy now you see 
Came once from my silent 
For the feeling from my silent
The soul speaks better
As I am 
So never I live 
With out 
The soul in me

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My Most Sincere Apology(I Wish God Would Have Taken Me Instead of You)

I'm breaking down again.
My patience has worn thin.
I can't promise you anything.
It kills me that I can no longer do anything for you.
I'm watching you descend.
You're so broken.
I'm sorry for letting you down.
I just wish I could replace some of the mistakes that I have made.
I want to give you the devotion I believe you deserved.
I wish I could show you your worth.
I bury my face in my hands.
This isn't how I had it all planned out.
But now I'm helpless in all of this and I feel like I have betrayed you.
God I hate myself for allowing you to fall face first.
I wish I could have done so much more.
I just wish God would grant me another chance.
One more opportunity.
I pray for clarity.
I don't understand the meaning in this tragedy.
I feel you slipping away in a dream that I can't escape.
I have made so many mistakes.
You're blameless.
I can't take this.
I feel the tears fall.
I wish God would have taken me instead of you.
If I could I'd give you my all just to bring you back.
But you're slipping through the cracks.
As much as I try there's absolutely nothing I can do.
I'm sorry. 
I wish I could look deep into your eyes and apoligize .
I'm sorry.
IF I could I'd give my life just to see you live another day.

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That Old Yet Rarely Used Path

Many times I’ve longed to give up when tribulations did corrupt my life when I was 
But then you told me I would be unworthy of your only son

So from that day on I traveled along that old yet rarely used path
And I was surprised to see that for centuries, people started out here then 
suddenly turned back

And by and by I began to understand why they left this dark and perilous road
For what lies ahead, more problems more dread, was only for God to know
Yes the path is scary but I need not tarry, for I desire to see what’s in store for me
And as I look about, I see the many mouths of the wolves snapping at my feet
It was a horrific sound, but I stood my ground just as Jesus told me I should
They gnashed their teeth and their eyes burned holes through me, yet they dared 
not move an inch from where they stood
It didn’t dawn on me what held fast their feet until I felt the presence of his 
comforting rod
And before I was overcome with fear, He whispered in my ear saying I am your 
protection and your Lord your God

And on and on as I travel along that old yet rarely used path
Many years the Devil hath preyed on my fears and tempted me to turn around and 
go back

He told me how silly I was to fall so many times and still haven’t had enough
And I said take thee leave for I know that surely God only count those times I got 
I had passed many tests with complaints from the flesh, which time and time I 
had to abate
But I had made a vow and no matter how or what I had to do, that promise I will 
not break
I told you Lord that I will give of me wholeheartedly and accept my persecution for 
your name’s sake
And though at times I may cry my steadfast spirit will not die as long as I know 
you’re worth the wait
And while I wait for that day I’ll offer up my praise just as the trees and the 
mountains do
And with your help I will forsake myself to take up my cross to follow you
And I will continue your way until I hear you say that I am to be no more	
For I’ve pleased the Lord’s son for having done what I was indeed brought here 
Until you appear and take up your dear ones to the King’s dwelling place
I’ll tell those with ears to repent for the judgment is near as I ponder when I will 
see your face

And on and on I will continue to travel along that old yet rarely used path
And though I may not know where my feet are to go, as long as you’re leading 
me, I’ll never turn back

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Wound of Love

Today, alone, and near despair,
My heart nigh crushed by this world's cares,
I stumbled, blinded by hot tears,
Through bitter valleys, dark with fear,
My tortured mind the while was wrung
By memories of this I'd done.
Or said, or thought in careless haste,
Of days and years all gone to waste.
An arrow, sharp, burned in my breast;
I strove to thrust it from my chest.
To stone it clung like Arthur's sword
Relinquished only to its lord,

I thought not how my life to spare:
If God would only hear my prayer
And grant me absolution, free.
If He would simply hear my plea.
I sought and found the empty room
I'd shared with Christ; a faint perfume
Still lingered. Strange it seemed, and yet,
Through all the years, did I forget
The Presence and the peace found here?
Earth has no equal anywhere.
The room was dark with curtains drawn;
There was no fire to keep it warm.

My weary vision came to rest
Upon a heap of metal pressed
Into a corner, dark and dank;
When comprehended, my heart sank.
The terror of the truth revealed!
A holy horror 'round me pealed;
Each tone tolled forth a truth sublime
To prove me guilty of my crime.
Beneath the dust of days gone by
In rags and rust I'd let it lie,
My Christian armor. Now I faced
The verdict at the judgment place.

The burning in my heart increased;
The yearning would not find release
Till as I looked into the eyes
Of Him my soul so long defied,
Awaiting sentence, just reward,
I met the mercy of my Lord.
The arrow burning in my heart--
From God's own quiver came its art;
'T was evidence most dear, divine,
That I am His and He is mine.
Not earth , not hell, nor Heav'n above
Could separate me from such love.

I'd never known a wound so kind,
And love like His I could not find
Along the byways I had trod:
It's in the Kingdom of our God.
There all are warriors, bold and brave;
There all must give just as He gave.
I knelt, His knight, with armor on,
The tears were mended, rust was gone.
"I ask one favor as I go
To serve Thee, Lord; Thy love to show:
Ah, never from my breast, I pray,
Take this Thy would of love away.

Based on Ephesians 6:10-18

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The Nighttime Only Means there is a Day

God will complete His work,
He never will forsake;
angels are keeping guard
along each path I take.
I trust His guiding hand;
He will not let me fall.
His sovereign grace is reigning over all.

His grace sufficient is,
His mercy overflows;
each footstep that I take
my God already knows.
Though sorrows overtake
wounding on the road,
His loving arms will help me bear the load.

I will not fear life's trials,
He supplies every need;
through His strength I can do
anything that He leads.
I yield to God's control,
trusting for each day;
the nighttime only means there is a day.

God's sovereign grace will reign,
His loving heart will guide;
the nighttime only means there is a day.

October 8, 2014

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a God given gift

a god given gift is what you do best,a god given gift separates you from the rest.a god 
given gift can bring a smile to ones face,a god given gift might bring about understanding to 
the human god given gift is the gift to write rhymes,so i exercise my gift each and 
every time.a god given gift can also be taken away,if you choose not to use it wisely at 
sometime throughout the day.

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Two paths I cant choose
shoes racked, knee caps on the pews
Hands clasped we ask for a few
Key At Bats just to come through
Cause its the fact that we don't have a clue
about what is right or true
white or blue, its misconstrued
This world's view, so tried and true
Loves the lies that its spews 
Recite spite just to argue
On the news flea bites ensue
To make you believe what you should be like
tattoos,  earrings, abuse subdued's your hearing
cant move the muse that's sneering 
the proof is mute but blaring
This route of blues is wearing
my cold shoulders are veering
my soul's holstered and fearing
These sold soldiers are tearing, us apart
We need a spark, light this dark
torque the wrench and raise the bar
scorch the bench and make a mark
 were told were quenched, when were starved
excuse my french, but our shit's
stench does not come from our arse
These sand sharks that stand on shore
can't answer The question marks,
Were all the bark with no roar
Morality's at ground floor
trying to eat pork With salad forks
Just like mister Macklemore
this hits right at you're apples core

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You Are Beautiful

The Sun and stars shine to adore
Oceans reverberate ashore,
shrubs and trees bow in praise galore,
for you are Most beautiful.

Mortal men can never deny
Angels above testify,
heaven in awe roars to reply
that you are Most Beautiful.

Raindrop and Rainbow assure us,
moonlight and sunlight show us,
thunderstorm join in the chorus
that you are Most beautiful. 

God is beautiful,
faithful and most wonderful,
His works and words are so 
Our God is Most beautiful.

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Break all the mirrors

Break all the mirrors so we can’t see what we’ve become.
What happened to that sixties dream of a world built on love?
Survival made so difficult we couldn’t see it slip away.
Now it is on our children, the bill is theirs to pay.

I swear to God up above it doesn’t have to be this way.
Oh Lord it doesn’t have to be this way.

The flowers once so powerful…have all withered away
We sit here softly rocking, and don’t know what to say
The days they seem so endless with life’s boulders in our way
Our dreams they fall like teardrops and our feet seem stuck in clay

 I swear to God up above it doesn’t have to be this way.
Oh Lord it doesn’t have to be this way.

Why did we choose to settle, for a nightmare as our dream? 
Why did we choose to settle for mammon’s twisted scheme?
Once we danced at Woodstock united as one team
Once we understood to win, on each other we must lean

 I swear to God up above it doesn’t have to be this way.
Oh Lord it doesn’t have to be this way.

We should not have to look at yesterday to see how it should be
We should be able to wake each day knowing we are free
The cost so great while it grows so late and twilight makes its call
Softly chuckling at the structure while knowing it will fall

 I swear to God up above it doesn’t have to be this way.
Oh Lord it doesn’t have to be this way.

To the children we must apologize for we placed them in the stock
Then we frightened handed over the keys to their binding lock
Dashing madly in our search for satisfactions shining bauble
The weight so great the time so late as stumbling we do hobble

I swear to God up above it doesn’t have to be this way.
Oh Lord it doesn’t have to be this way.
Oh well, break all the mirrors so we can’t see what we’ve become.
What happened to that sixties dream of a world built on love?
Survival made so difficult we couldn’t see it slip away.
Now it is on our children, the bill comes due today

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Heaven Somewhere (For All Hurricane Katrina Victims)

It is never meant for the sincerest of hearts to break,
The strongest of souls to suffer,
Or the deepest of lakes to dry...
We as sheep of God are promised the best of things,
Wealth beyond the sun,
Or sights that bring tears to the most pleasant eye..
So why get down in despair ?,
Damn the world cause nobody else will ever care.
Why get down in distress ?
Seeing as it is,
We in a "White Man's World",
Which means they want us to settle for the lesser of the less.
Keep your head up brother,
Stay strong now sister,
For we all are to keep faith and perserverance with us.
Smile when you see the moon,
Rejoice when the sun shines,
Forever keep God in your heart and in mind...
Never fall victim to doubts and losses,
Decisions that you thought were costless,
Or the evil thought from voices..
Press on and never be scared of tomorrow,
Cause there is Heaven Somewhere....

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This is king David's hallelujah
words for Leonard Cohen's beautiful melody hallelujah

Have you ever heard the song
That rang above the battle’s throng
Or has no minstrel ever played it to you
The notes are pure, the words are clear
The writer wrote for God to hear
The king of praise who praised in hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

Your faith was strong, and your heart was bold
But both upon one night you sold
For the beauty and the lust that overthrew you
You shut your eyes, you held your hands
And blood was spilled by your demands
And silent was your song, the hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

Then one day you heard a tale
Upon the head it hit the nail
Yet still your eyes were shut and all dark to you
You judged the crime of the unknown
But then you found it was your own
And you cried to God a broken hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

You stood condemned, your hands were red
From the innocent blood that you had shed
You stood before the throne of Him who knew you
Your sin was judged, you could not run
For you had sinned against but one
The one to whom you sang the hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

So you knelt upon your knees
And you prayed the prayer of centuries
My Lord forgive this crime I’ve done before You
For I have sinned against You alone
Against Your name, against Your throne
You sang the broken, broken hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

Your judgement came, with death begun
Your crown was taken by your son
And trails and bitter battles set before you
Yet still you sang to God above
Who still you served and sought to love
To Him you sang the holy hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

He stood beside you through it all
He brought you back after your fall
And gave, once more, your crown and kingdom to you
He placed the sceptre in your hand
You saw your people, saw your land
And you sang to God in heaven hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

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and I will come

…and I will come.
When the first snow falls down/ 
when the fall gives its rights/ 
to the winter/
you know I will come/
for good or for bad/
I’ll board the train/
Passing by / stations/ and countries/
I promised/ and I remember/
You said “there’s no fortuitous meetings/

…and I will come.
When the first snow falls down/
When you’ll lose the trace/
When my firmest snickers/ wipe out/
I will/ I will come…
Unexpectedly/ knowing solely the door/
Just the road / for sure/
Before/ take you I’ll ask/
“are you ready to go?” / 
You are ready/ I know/
All the noise doesn’t matter/
I don’t haste/ will be later/

…I will come.
When it finally turns out/
That November is overthrown by December/
When the first snow falls down/
Will be clear/ that nobody is remembered/ 

And I will come…
Somewhere in chest/ between ribs/
You slashed me/ with thoughts/ 
I can feel it with lips/ crawling under my cloths/
Our world is alive/ our life/ we’re alike/
And I….

I will come.
When the first snow falls down/
When the death is changed into fate/
When the winter gives up/ 
To wait/ for spring/
to stay with shining sun/
I will come.

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Tom's Angels

Not all guardian angels have wings
To hover in a stone washed sky.
Sometimes they suddenly enter your life
And may cause you to question why?

Sometimes it may have been a stranger
Whom God thought you needed to know.
Just a seed that you'd be undeserving of
From which friendship and love will grow.

Angels that will induce Godly thoughts
And wrest from your soul, your best.
Perhaps this is just why God sends them
To assist you through another life test.

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Jesus evidence of things not seen

By faith we can kiss the feet that wore the shoes                   							 							  that the latches we are unworthy to loose                                                                                  		  							 leave our burdens with thanksgiving sweetly cry    															                                                                                                                                            ~By faith we can reach up to the nail scarred hands   														  that led the blind man out of town in the way                                                                                                                    keep looking up to the eyes that wipe away all tears 												                                                                                                   ~By faith receiving His love with and without fears                                                            										it is written love Him He will lead in the most excellent way                                        									 living to die dying to live it is by His strength we stand    											    			 ~By faith we can lean upon Jesus' bosom                                                                      										with listening ears hearing the heart beat of God															the small voice saying the Love of God shall never die  										                                	   	 ~By faith waiting for the horses they fly	 														Lord Jesus the one leadeth with staff and rod                                                                             									 the fruitful bow that forever blossom's                                                            								  			 ~By faith as Jesus heals the blind man looking at His face                                            										 the blind man looking around saw every man clearly 														 Love is of God we must not from their lovely faces hide 														~By love our brothers and sisters we have seen so dearly 														the brother we have seen on the street stumbling by												          		 the knowledge of His saving grace for whom Our saviour died 													 ~By grace of the Lord Jesus in the morrows by and by  														 be that pure and perfect lovely Bride 																 "Who is my mother, or brethren." Jesus said we can By Faith

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Miserere - God have mercy on me

Night after night,
the hassock in my room,
the only safe haven
against the bale anguish of times
reminding me of happiness gone by...
Worn from kneeling,
furrowed from wepping and sighing,
the purple velvet still carries traces
of time impressed with the Lord´s prayers...
Above, a crucifix in the wrath of God
reminds me of my insignificance...
My feeble and quiverving hands
are joined together,
convulsively around a rosary,
Hopelessly rising towards Thee
begging your -
Miserere, Domine!

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Read my mind and you'll know where I am going.
I'm going to the end of all things for you.
I will find all the love your heart is needing
And I will bring it here for you.
Yes I will bring it here for you.

Read my mind and you'll know what I've been thinking.
I'm thinking there's more love than you ever knew.
I will find all the love for which you're searching
And I will bring it here for you.
Yes I will bring it here for you.

Don't tell me you're older because of your tears.
Your crying will see you through all of your years.
Just always believe in what Heaven can do
and teardrops are only God crying with you.

Read my mind and you'll know what I am doing.
I'm reaching for more love than you ever knew.
I will find all the love  while you are sleeping.
And I will bring it here for you.
Yes I will bring it here for you.
I will bring it here for you.
© RON WILSON aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Song of Praise

My God, if I could but express
My trembling gratitude of heart
That You do love me as I am
And grace to me You do impart,
I loud would lift my voice in praise
To let my tributes rise to Thee,
Who out of longing placed in me
The seed of immortality.

Your definition long I sought
Within the scope of human thought;
But, though I stretched my finite mind,
Your majesty could not be caught.
The words deserving of Your might
Elude my lips and leave me mute;
I do not know You well enough
To catalogue Your attributes.

You are too wonderfully real,
Too vast for intellect to grasp;
I cannot fathom our Your depths
Nor circumscribe You in my clasp;
Yet, Your compassions poured on me
Demand a sacrifice of praise:
Accept the singing of a heart
That longs for You through all its days.

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i am kurt daniel everdean 
I am 21 years old
I've been playing the bass guitar
Since I was 11
i weight 145 pounds
i have blondish brown hair
and blue eyes

If I could say one thing about me that I like... Its that I never gave up.

things started when i lost my father
i was 10 years old
my mother started going to her room everytime she got home
she would come out with her eyes all red... Shes been crying
until i accidently walked in on her doing drugs
i now believe it was the drugs that caused the redness
me and my brother would fight everynight
when i bought my first bass
he slammed it against the floor
and told me since i think my lifes crap
then i shouldnt have anything that makes me happy
My mom became a street whore
She would dress in a golden gown and wear ugly make up
We would never see her 
unless she needed money to get condoms for her "men"

the things between me and my brother got worse
I was arguing with him over a text he sent my mom
And he got into an accident and died that night

Things just never got better
I created a band called the nocturnal
And the reason you haven't heard of us yet
Is because were an underground punk band in Seattle
we haven't gotten far yet
Just underground party's and bars

My mom ended up running away with her "boyfriend"
After my brother died she blamed me
And told me to leave and said she won't come around me
Until I brought him back

Since then I've gotten a job and was able to pay rent on
My moms old apartment
Hoping shed come back clean and sober
As for me
I've cleaned up. but suicide is still an option

I haven't found god yet and I don't want to
If there was a god why did he give me this ****ed up life
Ya you'll say Kurt?... You made the desicions for your life
I knolw I did. But he was the one who let it actually happen

I've been writing since I was 11
Lyrics and poems
Drawings and paintings
bass guitar and vocals

My life isn't over
But it's sure close to it

Its sad to think that what you thought was fake... Is a true story

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EYE Don't See -Part 2-

My eyes
Refuse to see tragedy
My eyes
Marinate in dread…unable to embrace ecstasy 

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just let me be
Leave me alone…hand me a gun

I yearn for unspoiled glory
To make me feel perfect once more
I yearn for flawless serenity
To make me feel no regret…don’t ignore
My calls…don’t hang up on me

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just hear my plea
Listen to my excruciating cries…
Listen to the truth, not the malicious lies  
Our journey has just begun   

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye can’t handle the stress
Let me release my horrendous distress
Eye can see you making that same mistake
At least MY life isn’t at stake

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…do You feel my lament
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…Stepped on like cement
I’m aching with discontent… I abhor this torment    
When will peace scrub off my fear?

I can’t believe my eyes
Your guiltiness flows into me…
I can’t believe I fell for your lies
Your heartless action rape my mind…you don’t see
What my EYES see…

You’ll never see 
How much pressure you put me under
Unchain me from this chamber
And watch me flee…

When will you be set free?

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Praise God,Oh Glory

I may not have any earthy goods
and I may not have any fame
but someday in the book of life
I know you'll find my name
I long to walk on streets of pure gold
can't wait to live where we'll never grow old
Praise God,Oh How I praise God

Praise God, oh Glory hallelujah 
Christ is King
Praise God almighty
let the Hallelujahs ring
Praise God forever
How the Heaven's ring
Praise God, Oh How I praise God

I may not be the beautiful one
I don't claim to be much at all
but someday I'll have a heavenly form
when I arise to my saviors call
Someday I'll have a mansion fair
over in glory Land
I get so excited in praise I lift my hands..

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Opposition is the essence of extremes

Love, Hate

Without one the other loses meaning.

But Extremes defy boundaries

Pleasure, Pain

Where does one stop and the other begin?

Relativity loses its fragile meaning without extremes.

Life, Death.

Dieing young, Living Beyond your time.

Extremes lead each to the other without attracting each other
Creation, Destruction.

There is nothing without extremes.

Yet real extremes themselves do not exist.

Infinity, Nothing.

Our being lies somewhere in the between of extremes.

God, Reality.

Our soul is described by Extremes?

Peaceful, Tormented

Remembered, Forgotten.

Blessed, Damned.

Our spirit is defined by Extremes?

Boundless, One

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Until I'm Consumed

Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
Won't you take all of me
Until your image in me 
is all you see 
But You won't take what I won't give 
And my sin won't die until You live
Inside of me 
I feel I'm hangin by a thread
This old man just isn't dead
I keep reviving him instead of trusting You
So Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
And when my day comes
To an end
And I look back at where I have been
Many roads I've traveled
Sure took a wrong turn now and then
I need You just as much right now, as I did back then
So Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
Let there never be a doubt
That You changed me from the inside out 
It was only You all along
I could never be that strong 
On my own 
Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
Until everything in me
Looks just like You

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Close Your Eyes

The twinkling sky sings bedtime now draws near.
Sweet thoughts shall bless your night; so, do not fear.
Sleep soundly ‘til tomorrow does appear.
Wake up refreshed and playful, baby dear.

The wishing angel visits in your dreams.
There lollipops are chasing new moonbeams.
And ice cream floats upon the winding streams, 
Until tomorrow ushers in sunbeams –

Tonight, my child, sleep tight; enjoy your rest.
Dreamland shall bring success to every quest.
Tomorrow shall be brightly filled with zest.
I love you, little baby; God has blest.

So, close your eyes and sleep; I am near.
And God shall keep you safe my baby dear.

© November 7, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Lullabies... 	
Sponsored by: Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver

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Far away
My thoughts are leading me far away
Far away from the loving arms
Of the people who've been there for me in life

Praying to whomever's listening
Are you there, God? It's me again.
Tell me now, will it be worth it in the end?

Why must it be this way?
I just wanna know why
Things have to be this way

My heart
Stuttered until it shut down
On the floor in some strange town
Begging to God, let me keep my life

Praying to God in the candlelight
Pray to thank him for my life
And to beg not to start again

Now today
I've forsaken my past vice
I've been plucked from death twice
I don't want to die anymore.

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DEAR GOD (i been struggling)

Dear God I been struggling all my life
for the sins I committed I paid the price
learned to live with regrets and sacrifice 
da da da da da da da da da da da

I contain unspeakable secrets in the depths of my mind
my eyes have witness the wickedest sickness of mankind
In been conflicted at times
by my on mind confined
implicated in crime and briefly confined

Now I'm a family guy and there much more than worth it
but what if all the beef from my past comes to the surface

that's not what I sweat I got theLord to protect
if the strings get pulled on the devils marionettes
but in the event they approached with the intent of my death
I'd still send shots down the center like I'm dialing collect

always a peaceful cat except for my youth
when I swore that I wore a bullet proof gorilla suit
and in the heat of the streets deepest beefs I found
every shot that came would miss be by a country mile

until that one that came to erase the life of Dwayne
it murder portions of me and the rest if left in pain
in a since he's still here cause his blood flows through my veins
and my faith dictates I can see him again

all though the pain never lessens their are lessons in pain
for what does not kill me gives me strength to gain

Dear God I been struggling all my life
for the sins I committed I paid the price
learned to live with regret and sacrifice
da da da da da da da da da da da

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Outcry of a broken heart

Even my mind not stilled by silence
my thoughts outraged with hurt and hate
as Im dumbfounded with confusion
leaving the cause to no debate,
I cannot tell you what is wrong
to tell you means I'd have to trust,
and my heart no longer feels willing,
beating only cause it must.

I feel a dead man live my life
I see his cold abandoned heart,
I hear his agonising cries
as he is torn more apart,
knowing no peace, no rest I find
having no comfort, stuck in a bind
a vagabond, alone in his life
Ive been cut off, betrayal was the knife.

awaiting death, and still much worse
my whole life upon this earth
seems like a scheme to take my worth
and bring me to nothing,
such is my curse
and i fear the effects
may never reverse
and make believe that I am cursed.
the way I feel too great for words
too great to bear such constant hurt
my soul depressed and left prostrate
before God to help, I hope it works. . .

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The give my life to God, so why
Do I pay for this
Satan's grip got me, no surprise
He was made for this
He attacks in the night
He just waits for this
The moment I slip I
Play the game of risk
Tossing the die to die
Death has placed it's kiss
He would not blink an eye
If for Christ I would not be dangerous.

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No More Chains

I couldn’t take the cruelty any more so I moved out
I would make it on my own I had no shadow of doubt
I fell for the first guy who showed me his charm
Little did I know, my body I would harm
I allowed him to show me how to get away
Had no idea from God I would stray
I saw the needle coming, just one little poke
I let him fill my arms with coke
I wanted to forget what mom did to me
I believed in this highs fantasy
After a while the coke had me in its chains
I needed to have more flowing through my veins
I started smoking it and even snorting
White powder on my nose seemed very sporting
The feeling this high gave me didn’t last long
I  knew deep down inside that this was so wrong
This drug was bringing me further down then the floor
Eating me alive to the very core
I  knew this wasn’t how  I wanted to live
My life was more important, I had so much to give
So I fell down on my knees and began to pray
Give me the strength to fight and to you Lord I will obey
I cried and begged with tears down my face
Gave up the guy and  the coke then  moved away from that place
Never once did I look back upon my sin
I knew God loved me and wanted me to win
I forgave my mom for all the pain
I realized by hating her I had nothing to gain
The Lord read my heart and answered my plea
God has saw to it that I am now free.

Written on the 19th anniversary of being clean and thus having a 
second chance at life.

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One, two, three, four
Count the numbers
Hated this maths as a kid
Thrust on us by God knows who
Is life a number?
One, two, three, four
Count the numbers
Bullets spray around
Bombs blast around
Who allows these numbers?
One, two, three, four
Count the numbers
Hundreds dead
Thousands injured
Why make us count these numbers?
One, two, three, four
Count the numbers
Survivors are fortunate numbers
The Dead are the forgotten numbers
Ain’t we sick of these numbers?
One, two, three, four
Count the numbers
Religions created for love
Targeted for hate
Do we really need these spiritual numbers?
One, two, three, four
Animals can’t count
Only a man can
Why not be back to the primitive ages
Do we need these numbers?
One, two, three four
Count the numbers
Hate this maths even now
Thrust on us by God knows who
Is death a number?

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Death Within

Blood flowing within
Deep inside of me

I clutch at my heart
Deep inside of me
It's tearing itself apart

Beating out its erratic rhythm
Can't take a full breath or it chooses to stop

Conspiracy of all that surrounds me
This constant stress is causing it to die

The rhythm that it once followed is long gone
Instead it chooses to beat every once in a while

When I laugh, cry or even think about what's coming
One painful beat later and I'm down, hardly breathing

The me that I once was is slowly slipping away
Hooked up to a wall and barely even living

The me that I once was is now made up of wires
Dripping support directly into what is killing me

The blood that had once flowed is now becoming solid
A salty red syrup in the tree that God named me

The God that put me here to live out my existence
Is recalling me, I'm obsolete

I can't give in
Or I'll depart
God damn this beast
Inside my heart

I can't give in
Or I'll depart
God damn this beast
Inside my heart

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(Forever And Ever) I'll Always Love You

My life began the day we met
The world, it looked brand new
Colors brighter, music sweeter
And all because of you.

You took a life of sadness
And you made it oh so sweet
But now your gone, and yet

I love you more with each passing day
Though God saw fit to take you away
When I think of our love. it still seems brand new
Forever and ever I'll always love you.

I still feel you close by my side
Though the pain's so deep it cuts like a knife.
When you went away my heart broke into little pieces
But I'll put those pieces back together because I know
Someday, we'll be together again
But until then.........

I'll love you more with each passing day
Though God saw fit to take you away
When I think of our love, it still seems brand new
Forever and ever I'll always love you.

Oh, when I think of our love
It still seems brand new
Forever and ever I'll always love you.

josette key         2009

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Walking into the graveyard
Sitting on the bench
Lights a cigarette
Looks at the gun 
He has been hiding
In his jacket
Thinking to himself
He calls his girlfriend
And tells her everything
She doesnt do anything to stop him
He continues walking around in the graveyard
Remember his mom
How she wasnt there for him
How everything was his fault
She loved her students more than him
He gets upset
Daylight reaches the cemetary
He walks to his home
Walking inside
Seeing his mom
Starring at her face
He shoots her
He walks down to the school
Telling them his kids were there
He was there to check on them
They let him inside
20 little children in a classroom
He took his gun
And shot them
Then leaving the room and shooting 
7 faculty members
Everything is silent
The other classrooms are locked
He stands in the middle of the hallway
Falling to his knees
Figuring out what he just done
He comtenplates
If he should shoot himself or not
With one pull of the trigger
He kills himself
The media eats this story up
Publicly veiwing everything
Telling people
They talk about it for days
the type of attention he needed
See the problem now?
you can thank the media

20 little angels now rest with god for christmas
7 adults stand by there sides
God rewarding each of them for there good deeds
The shooter reunitues with his own demons 

I am very sorry to the families who had lost these children
My peom is very blunt
And in my own words

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Love untitled

she's gone 
Without a good bye 
and these tears I cry 
I don't know why 
Finding it hard 
to carry on 
I still don't know 
where we went wrong 
How can this be 
when you're everything 
my eyes still see 
'My Love' 
I thought I just heard her say 
Guess, I was remembering yesterday 
Yes, I was dreaming of better days 
Only God knows the rhyme and reason 
we were sown together 
for a season 
Winter Spring Summer Fall 
I'll always remember 
the one I love 
best of all 
'My Love' 
Kills me everyday 
hearing those words 
that I long to say 
I wonder if they're 
really being true 
Like I was when 
I said them to you 
Now I know what 
good bye can do 
Now I know I'll be 
missing you 
'My Love' 
I thought I just heard her say 
Sometimes we'll loose even if 
the choice is not ours to choose 
Only God knows the rhyme and reason 
we were sown together 
for a season 
Winter Spring Summer Fall 
I'll always remember 
the one I love 
best of all 
'My Love'

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And here I sit for the thousandth time

And here I sit for the thousandth time
Writing over and over the same old lines
Lost in the dark its hard to see
Im right here and I cant find me
Mirrors lie we all know that 
It doesn’t see as your heart is trapped
Except now theres truth in the night
It only reflects black without the light
And death calls just beyond the door
Stealing away all that I lived for
And I find 
As I fall
That my life
Was so small
And as I turn 
I hear the call
I close my eyes
And let go all
And Im so sorry for all Ive done
Haunting thoughts the tears start to run
Tracing paths down to the floor 
Still wet from the time before
Ive cried and cursed all alone
Has the heart of God turned to stone
Was I placed here just as a filler
Destined to lose all to the Dealer
Was all ive done so meaningless
Down to the first girl that I kissed
And I find 
As I fall
That my life
Was so small
And as I turn 
I hear the call
I close my eyes
And let go all
And does the God of man
Just sit back to watch the hourglass sand
As the desperate cries fill the air
in his heart,  is there a small tear
Or do the forgotten wonder the earth
Cursed with death from their birth
Is each life just a tv screen
That flickers and fades and goes unseen
Airwaves that fill the night sky
Lonely lives that are just a lie
And I find 
As I fall
That my life
Was so small
And as I turn 
I hear the call
I close my eyes
And let go all
And were all my desires just as fake
As is each breathe that I take
And was everything for nothing at all
Just a plaything as Gods little doll
Whatever the truth Im still in this moment
Afraid and alone Im still in this moment
And the truth is what  I  see
Whether lies or real im losing me
And the truth is what  I feel
and the truth, its killing me still
And I find 
As I fall
That my life
Was so small
And as I turn 
I hear the call
I close my eyes
And let go all
And all these memories come pouring out
Can I know love when I’m full of doubt
And how am I expected to be
After all that’s happened to me
Or am I deformed somewhere inside
Somewhere deep where my soul has died
And are all these reasons why
God whispers I must die
Was there a last chance I missed
Hidden behind a betraying kiss
And so….
I find
As I fall
That my life
Was so small
And as I turn 
I hear the call
I close my eyes
And let go all….

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Ode to Snow: Snow Week

Verse 1:
I’ve been in my house for way too long
So now I resort to write this song
For all of the people who would agree
To very simple heartfelt plea

Snow please go away.
We hope that you’ll return another day
You’ve outdone your welcome you see
So I hope you will listen to me
                                         Oh please,
Verse 2:
The first day I was amazed to see
That God had given snow to me
The second day I was real surprised
To see that the roads were still real iced
Third day had come my heart was blue
The fear in my mind had just come true
School had been cancelled for the day
So to our God this prayer I laid

“Make the snow go away
We pray you’ll make return another day
Please Lord don’t you see
School is where I really need to be”
                                          Sincerely Me,
Verse 3:
Fourth day a feeling came to me\
Frustration, boredom, and sadness three
Fifth day I ventured to the yard
Seeing the ice was very hard
I couldn’t take that day anymore
So I started season 3 of 24
Maybe this snow would never leave
Until I lose excessive sleep

I can’t stand you snow
Someplace else is where you need to go
My toes are numb I can’t find my brain
I don’t suspect I’ll ever feel them again 

Verse 4:
The sixth day came I was so glad
To get out the house with my dear dad
At the Starbucks I left my purse
Proving I’d lost my mind of course
Tomorrow is Friday a snow day too
I’m hoping the sun will come melt you
Activity low, I am so bored
But now I’ve run of guitar chords

In this house I’ve been for way too long
It’s given me time to write this song
Snow listen to this request I plea
My friends and family would agree
                                              With me…..

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Heart Broken

I woke up in the morning and wondered why I'm still here, life has never been good to me and left me so Heart Broken. I only want to be happy, is that too much to ask? So if there is a God up above, I really do need a hand. I step outside in the pouring rain, I already feel depresssed. So Mother Nature can feel my pain and thats why its raining for me. I know life is what I make of it, and believe me, I try my best, but once in a while I need a break, or the comfort of a valued friend. Hearts are meant to be broken, I know cause I lived through it all, but hearts take time to mend from the pain, depending on how it was broken. My life was full of trauma, a time I would not want to go back to, but now I have an adorable dog and her daughter, who help me heal. My heart is still broken from the past, but now it is slowly healing. My furry friend will be my comfort, when I feel so lost and alone. Nobody should ever feel lonely and lost, cause when you need a friend they are always there...even if its your dog or any other kind of pet. They are very therapeutic at times, when the darkness seems to haunt you. Anytime I need a friend, my pets are close within reach. They will not let me cry for long, cause they're on my lap and licking me. I have to smile at them, and show them I am okay, cause if I don't they get sad too, and that is something I would never want them to suffer. So if you have ever been Heart Broken, find yourself a furry friend. They will be there whenever you need them, and cheer you up, when you are feeling down. I thank God for giving me my dog, because of her I also have her daughter. God does work in mysterious ways, and sometimes I am too stubborn to wait, but God has aleays been there, and he hurts along with me too.

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Vultures In The Valley

Vultures In The Valley
Nick Rush

Scavenging every square inch of the field, nothing makes them stop or yield. They are the ones who scour the valley, they are the ones who creep in the alley. They are the ones who can smell from afar, with the others they shall rally; awh the vultures in the valley, I won’t let ‘em get to me. 

They wait ‘till the deed is done, then clean up the mess when the race is run. They are the ones who stalk in the alley, trying to add a few more to their tally. They are the ones preying on the poor soul, tiptoeing throughout the valley; awh the vultures that surround me, don’t let ‘em get to you. 

They strike when the iron’s cooling down, scraping up what’s left in town. They are the ones who ravage the helpless, never do they fail in the process. They are the ones cleaning up for the real crime, gravedigging for their bosses; awh the vultures take the losses, the killers are not shown. 

So when you see the vultures, prey on a victim of your culture, know that they are just the ones who shoulder all the blame, as the forces above are set to conceal the actual culprits name. So when you see, below the trees, the vultures in the valley, you are missing acts 1 and 2; only catching the finale. See beyond what’s shown, don’t let ‘em fool you too, the ones above the vultures, want you without a clue.

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Christmas Jubilee

Christmas was always about God for me,
It was memories, inner fullness…Begotten-Boy.
Because God was the point, God’s Son died bravely.

Christmas was about giving pure heart’s bouquet.
Finding dreams, wishes, and bringing home joy,
Christmas was always about God for me.

Father’s gift held the secret of wisdom set free
Of hoping and caring and loving enjoyed.
It is about God, Calvary, and forgiveness, you see.

When December wonder is past, does Christ flee?
Flee from the soul, leaving one on self to rely, lost envoy -
Truth.  Christmas was always about God for me.

Once a year Christmas marks God’s gift sent for me.
By faithfully gluing my lost self to Jesus, I found joy.
Because God sacrificed His Son, I am set free.

I know that in heaven there was great jubilee.
When this hollowed out husk of me, by sin destroyed
Found Christmas to be about God and me.
I know it is so; my faith sets me free.
© July 29, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for the “Critcise ME, Take mY Verse & Turn it inside out Make YOUR own! Contest”  Sponsored by: 
Deborah Guzzi  POEM SELECTED: “Christmas Blues”, which she posted on July 19, 2010

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Hey Bartender

Written 2010

Flashing lights and sounds roll by
Hear the sound of muffled sighs
Sullen words cannot express
Just confess, and lift it off your chest
Told the priest would hear your cries
If you don't feed him blatent lies

Oh he's your only friend 
But he don't want to hear your sins
He's off doing his own thing
But it's far from priestly things
Oh he wont look in your direction
Let alone show you affection
Even when he hears your plea,
"Hey bartender please!"
Gone are all your hopes and dreams
All you ever sought to be
Heard from all across the room
Are many empty pleas,
"Oh won't you pity me?"

You can close your eyes and count to 10
Again and again
But he wont come back to help his fellow men
He was your only friend, but he left you all alone
To wallow in your sin
He failed to listen to your prayer
Now your lost in dark dispair

You can hide behind your cries
But he'll see into your eyes
Until the time you leave his bar
And wobble to your car

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Here's a little poem God wrote;
You might want to learn it quote for quote;
Don't worry, be happy.
My child cast your cares upon Me.
Get rid of all the anxiety;
Don't worry, be happy.
Sometimes life gets a little deep,
Give it to Me, I neither slumber nor sleep.
Don't worry, be happy.
If you can't sleep 'cause stuff is on your mind;
Get in My Word and you will find,
Don't worry, be happy.
Think on things just and on things pure,
And you will find that this is the cure.
Don't worry, be happy.
There is not anything that I can't solve.
So please let Me be involved.
Don't worry, be happy.
Ask Me, ask Me, pray, communicate,
Don't be a hater, participate.
Don't worry, be happy.
So if you've got something that's just too hard,
Trust Me, trust Me, I AM GOD!!
Don't worry, be happy.

Ispired by Bob Marley's Version
Penned in August 2001

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Run To The Light

Every now and then a day comes when I just can't find the light
And I feel so dead inside
But I just can't run
I want to believe 
But I don't know what's left in me,
Lord I just can't run
So with all my might
And with what strength is left inside, I run to the Light
I run to the Light
And my bones are frozen cold
There's no life left in my soul
But I can't run away because I've no where else to go
Here I sit alone and crying
Afraid to live yet afraid of dying
Can I trust in someone that I can't see,
And I want to believe
Can You help me please?
There's no place that You can't find me
No place on earth that You are blind  
To this darkness in my soul that I try to hide
So with all my might
And with what strength is left inside, I run to the Light
I run to the Light
Then I come to still waters where You have always been
And in spite of all my sin You still call me friend.
You wash my soul with peace 
And my fears they melt away and I believe . . . 
That's good enough for me to face the brand new day
So with all my might
And with what strength is left inside, I run to the Light
I run to the Light

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The Ultimate Birthday

As the snow falls we sit by the fire
Thinking what a beautiful sight to see
Shimmering lights all around
Children's eyes all aglow
Bows, ribbons and wrapping too
All these things for me and you
From God above to show his love
On this the day
The anniversary of his son's birth
So as we open our gifts
And spend time with family and friends
Let us give thanks to God our Father
For giving his only son for you and me

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Off The Tracks

Written March 19, 2013

Along the fine black print
Has left me wondering why
They've been making it so hard
For a poor old man to die

I know what I done
Even God would shun
From the tales I've told
Of the bodies turned cold

The world has turned
Yet the butter still churns
Along the Alabama coast
Where I used to boast

Its been a few years now
Since the car stopped running
A loose train off the tracks
Lord I should have seen it coming

They know I've learned my lesson
But hell won't let me out
'Cause heaven won't take me in
Such a wicked world's chagrin

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Only You Can

When sins corrupt the mind, slowly devouring the candle of innocence...
The light of hope faints as the melting wax of immorality flows down to the heart...
Hardening the heart that once shunned evil...
The echo of its last beat sends shivers to the body,
Shivers that warn the body of this intruder,
This sin that wants to reach the soul...
In silence the body sits, waiting for the voice of deliverance....
But it never hears it...
The body weakens, the soul cries out in despair,
Shouting:"Do not give up, He will save you."
But the mind is ignorant and the heart is turned to stone...
If it listens a little longer...
The voice of deliverance does come though...
It becomes louder and clearer...
Then the mind starts to reconsider...
Only you can save yourself through the Father
Awake from your guilt and live the life you prayed to live
Written 10/06/2013
S. Nuno Pereira

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Perfect for Me

V1: As we go through our lives, it always seems there’s a surprise that meets us along the way.
I can truly attest to this because since our first kiss/ I’ve been speechless, I don’t know quite what to say.

Chorus: I could say you’re perfect/ but we both know that ain’t true.
The only man that ever was/ died for me and you.
I’ll just speak from my heart/ and tell you what I see.
I know you might not be perfect/ but baby, you’re perfect for me.

V2: The more I get to know you/ It seems there’s one thing that’s true/ it’s the love that you show me from your heart.
You know, darling, it amazes me, that you and I had a chance to meet/ and God had it planned out from the start.

Chorus: I could say you’re perfect/ but we both know that ain’t true.
The only man that ever was/ died for me and you.
I’ll just speak from my heart/ and tell you what I see.
I know you might not be perfect/ but baby, you’re perfect for me.

Interlude: So I’ll cherish you baby; and let you know how much I care
And thank God for blessing me, and in his love with you I’ll share
So you won’t ever question; for I’ll always speak the truth
I gotta tell you baby…..”I love you.”

Chorus: I say you’re perfect/ but we both know that ain’t true.
The only man that ever was/lived and died for me and you.
I’ll just speak from my heart/ and tell you what I see.
 You might not be perfect/ but baby, you’re perfect for me.
Nobody’s perfect/ but you’re perfect for me. 

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I Had a Dream

                                      I Had a Dream

                         I had a dream. Oh I had a dream.
                         I sat in a chair in despair thinking
                       of the love and memory of my mother.
     In my dream I built a stairway to heaven with tears to hug her.
              Halfway with out a sound or word in the silent skies
                              an angel appeared upon me.
                        It was a precious and beautiful site.
Oh! I said could you for me ask God to cross a rose and lilac together
to create a bush with large clusters of white, purple, and pink flowers
                             and the fragrance of memory
   And give it long green stems so it can stand free and gracefully.
        Also ask him to it a name, a special name ‘ Kollock ‘
          and let it represent never forgotten love and memories.
                       In my dream God did this for me,
                     and gave it to my mother as a gift from me

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Let Love Reign Master

When hurt and disappointment come,
When all I worked for seems undone,
Keep bitterness from creeping in.
Keep heart and soul above the din
Of all loud passion clamors for;
Vengeance belongs still to the Lord.

 Help me repay evil with good,
 Injustice with true brotherhood,
 Indifference with keen desire
To keep my heart an altar fire
Where coals of love burn bright and strong,
A love that lives in spite of wrong.

When cutting words at me are hurled
And lips of those I love are curled
Into a sneer of proud disdain;
When evil tongues are spears of pain,
Lord, I would yield to Your control:
Let love reign master in my soul.

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Sometimes it’s hard for us to understand that firmly we can stand with in our creator’s hands.  And if we open our eyes we will be able to see his unfold plans that show us that with his son Jesus, we can be more than unusable dust, but we have to be willing to place within him our complete trust. Oh and our Lord knows the heart he placed in us sometimes makes it easy to give in to giving up when things are just so rough and it seems like the pages of our lives are far to torn, and inside our worn down minds we cannot fully comprehend his gift to us of being re-born, and if we open our eyes we can see that inside his hands he has placed within us the secrets to his unfolded plans with in his word, and through his son Jesus we can be molded and shaped into something greater than being unusable dust,  yes I am more valuable than unusable dust, Oh through this journey of our life’s, if we are willing to open our eyes, we can come out of the darkness into light, and instead of hiding in the crowd shy and weak, wondering for answers and promises to prayers we seek will come true,  we will remember what you did for us on Calvary and we will shout your name, yes we will shout your name in victory, as you hold us in your hands, and share with us all your unfolded plans,  and as you draw us near and place within us a desire to know you and your son , Jesus we will see that we are far more valuable then unusable dust.

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Self Perspective

Self perspective? NO!! My perspective is based on Christ’s perspective Call me a Christian because by His will He justified me from all my depravity Yes at His Son’s expense I got saved, He implanted the seed of faith so now I believe Self-perspective is now futile because He tells me to put the focus on Him instead of me…. So what I feel, want and desire is garbage compared to what The LORD has in stock for me It’s awesome knowing the God of creation who saves men in His perfect will And knowing that the devil only comes to destroy, steal and kill Knowing that the author and giver of all life came so I can have life and not just have it but have it more abundantly… So with this feeble brain and these feeble lips I will lift up my feeble hands and say The LORD is so HOLY, HOLY, HOLY With reference to the middle verse of the scripture; Psalm 118:8; I will put confidence in The LORD, I will not rely on self or any other man Having known that everything we have or see all belongs to Him, everything is a work of His perfect hand So doing what my peers are doing or what I see on TV or what I hear on the radio is all foolishness Because He says I shouldn’t conform to this world but rather be transformed by the renewing of the mind so I can live a life of Godliness…. My life through Christ’s eyes is amazing Can you imagine a world without lights, imagine total darkness. Now can you imagine a world without Christ, Who is the way the Truth and the Life. The true Light Knowing that He’s in me in the dark I’ll shine bright and the dark cannot comprehend it I don’t know why but I know it is by Grace through repentance and believing that my sins are forgiven So what am I ought to do with this life that I’ve been given, other than to say Holy Holy Holy is the Messiah who was raised, is to make sure the great commission is carried out even So when you ask me what happened to the old me, I say he’s dead and buried away And I suggest you take the Word of God seriously because your body, my body this earthly life is nothing but a phase it is passing away I know it’s true because in my life I’ve seen change, those who believe in Christ are new creatures and He does not just end there He wiped and cleansed and shifted my world view so I can refrain from sin and when I sin, I repent. Then I’m right with Him Then He sees me through the Son not SELF-PERSPECTIVE….

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With You

With you to some degree
Unmeasured and intangible,
I espy that perfect state
Known in Eden's garden
When the world was young.

With you a door opens,
Hidden to the human eye,
And Heaven's light spills over
On this little doorstep
Known to man as earth.

With you the sphere of time,
Always insistent and demanding,
Is the cool of the day
And God is ever near
Walking with us hand in hand.

With you I visualize 
Myself and all humanity
Beyond the sting of jealousy and hate
Where fellowship is understood
And all are one with God.

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To live wise, healthy, and prosperous, too
Promises, from God to me and you
Living Life as a king- abundantly
As Jesus is, so are we
No doubt- we're to walk in love
That's our commandment from above
We're above only and never beneath
Of a surety, God meets our needs
His word to us is life and health
Inside of it, is our key to wealth
Faith and patience is our way of life
Always forgiving, and staying, out of strife

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The One for Me

                                           Oh how I long for love,
                The love of my life, a woman not perfect but just right.
When I find her I will love her from the soles of her feet to the crown of her head.
                                 With out this love my soul lies dead.
                                    Not to find this love in my life,
                               Abolishes my dream of a future wife.
                  When I find her, I'll marry her and let the God above
                       Plant and cultivate the seed of everlasting love.
                             Only by itself can that love be awakened,
                              That love I won't let be shaken or taken.
                                 I've loved several, I gave them my all,
But not knowing what love was, I stood helplessly by, and watched love fall.
          I gave it my all, with all of my might, but God knew what I didn't,
                                               The time wasn't right.
                                   With faith, and not a doubt, I will find,
                               The woman who will make my life divine.
                                            With fear, it might be to late,
                                     I'll place my future in the hand of fate.
                                         Maybe one day, I hope it will be.
                 I will hold her close hearing her say, she was waiting for me.

                                                      Jay Johnson

:The ice has been broken

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Heavenly father
Grant me safe passage to Elysium
For each time I think I have reached the end of the race
I am back to the start
Deliver me Oh Lord
From blood sucking demons
That derails one’s progress
And grant me hope
Grant me life
And grant me success

Heavenly father hearken to my cries
I have fallen into deep waters
And I have seen many a man die
Protect me Oh Lord
From the wrath of my enemies
And make me as strong as a rock
Give me victory over my enemies
As you have given Zion over her foes
So that I may smash the heads of the Leviathans with massive blows
Your covenant with my fathers is to defend and protect my seeds and I
Make me immortal Oh Lord so that I can live and never die
And as long as the sun endures and the universe exist
And in war transform me to a warring monster or the king of beasts
Send me manna Oh Lord from your heavenly abode
And command your angels to meet me half way across the road
Deliver me Oh Lord
When my foes mock me with their lashing tongue
And I become an object of derision
Or insulted in their abusive song
I am but a man
And a mere mortal
An infinitesimal being
I am nothing
But by your amazing grace
I will be something
I have seen many a great man fall from the skies like stars to zero
I have seen many a useless slave become a king and a hero
Oh Lord but if you bring science and wonders into the life of this unworthy servant
I ll worship you
Praise you
Glorify you
And serve you until all my hairs becomes gray
And until my days on earth will expire
And when this body becomes an empty shell
Soon it will be swallowed by the mouth of the grave
Where it will retire
My voyage on earth will end
And so will us all

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Reality Of War

By the riverside the dead echoes flow                                                      
By the riverside the yellow meadows stand fast
In the breeze of the wind the smell of death lingers 
Not so far fires rage at the heart of the storm
Not so far liars cage the hearts of the lukewarm souls   

Within the depths of heaven smoke rises
Within the depths of heaven the dead croak 
Bellow the gates of heaven screams reach for help
In the streets of hell fires blaze 
In the streets of hell death reins

Down the barrel of death they look
Down the peril of death they fall
Against the trigger the pressure rises
Screams of life don’t last long 
Dreams of death yearn for life

The lights of heaven fade as the dead look for life
The gates of paradise close as the dead show violent dissension   
The realm of the living worse than the fires of hell 
Down he looks at his creations falling from grace 
The legacy left behind left in trails of disappear

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Living Proof Of A Miracle

Living Proof Of A Miracle
God makes it happen…

	In 2005, I was insecurely denied…my dreams broken and heart shattered 
as the devil tried to work beneath overtime.  The doctor walked in and said, “I’m 
sorry but you have cancer.”  The thoughts in my mind left my body bruised and 
	In 2008, my condition went from moderate to severe.  I had to make a 
change; I decided to get saved.  My God then forgave…but the thoughts in my mind 
had me askin’, “Why is life worth livin?”  So I continued back down the road of 
insecurities and sinnin’…
	When 2009 came, the surgeon walked in, again, put his head down and 
looked back up at me…I just kept thinking, “What could it be?”  He said, “Sweetie, 
I’m sorry!”  Your cancer is going full blown and it can’t be healed.”  I let the tears fall 
as God caught them saying, “I know you know I’m real!”  “So turn to me and I’ll set 
you free, but I couldn’t turn yet cause’ I was so stuck on me.
	So here I was in 2010, stuck with an illness, loss of a job, sleepless and 
fearful nights, and sickly sobs…sometimes it takes a disaster to come into your 
home, trying to break down your state of mind and get into your soul.  This 
darkness that surrounded me, was feeling much too cold.
	So, I prayed for a new direction, and they sat and prayed with me…On 
August. 11, 2010 the surgeon walked in with tears in his eyes and said, “Honey, 
you’re free…I gave my life to him.  God has healed my cancer and he can heal you 
just the same.  No matter what the situation, just be sure to have full faith.

	For I am, living proof of a miracle…

By: Aleasha A. Martin

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everything is possible
opening horizons inexhaustible
beyond risks irresistible
only by God's grace invincible

power and prestige in hierarchy
is that your heaven's key?
sure, it will never be
as good tidings you must flee

travelling light in life
motivated even as trials strife
sharp cut by a knife
oozing sweat and blood on high

do not stop
do not stop...
never give up
never give up...

look around...
stand up, see abound
hope echoing in sound
pray; do kneel down

God never deaf to heart's pound .

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In My Poet's Eye

I can't say, where you are tonight.
I can't say, our love would have turned out right.
I don't know, but I do know, 
you are still my love.

Every night I find I still reach for you.
Any time I pray, I still pray for you.
I don't know the reason, 
But I know you're still a part of me.

In my poet's eye, I still see you here.
In my poet's world, I still feel you near.
I don't know the reason, 
but I thought God meant this love to be.
I don't know the reason, 
but I thought God meant our love to be.

In my poet's mind, you are mine again.
In my poet's heart you are here again.
In my poet's eye, you'll always be my love.

In my poet's eye, you'll always be my love.
In my poet's eye, you are still my love.
.......© ron wilson
The video for this song on Youtube, search for "veebdosa"then select IN MY POETS EYE, either Vee Bdosa (aka Ron Wilson) singing or Emily Van Praag singing.

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Striving for perfection comes with a price 
so it's true the higher you climb the more unforgiving people become, 
so I ask God let thy will be done not mines, 
I too felt like I was in the garden of Gethsemane in my life time, 
forced to make decisions about the people in it when their season was finished, 
am I tripping. That's what they said,
and my actions obviously led them to believe that this wasn't supposed to happen, 
kinda like how we who call ourselves believers or even devout saints 
weren't suppose to let sin be the reason we relapsed. Cut out the Holier than thou act 
truth is even those you idolize and pedestal are in rehab, 
everyone is struggling with something, 
so go ahead keep lying to yourself but note to self 
the first step is acceptance, accepting that you are far from right with God, you went left.
Go ahead repent, what the Holy spirit does that non believers or atheist will never get 
is that it shoots straight threw pride past your emotions and leaves a convicting spirit 
with the fear in your soul where you finally can admit and say "I'm not right" 
you see the biggest misconception about Christianity in the west, 
is that if you accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour then everything this world, 
these streets couldn't offer you he will and indeed bless you with the rest. 
But here's the truth, 
just because you came in class late you are not exempt from the test,
Hell, God made his self into a man, 
and because he saw no end to our ancestors wickedness, 
he deemed it necessary that the only way to redeem us was to give up himself for us. 
Now I'm no preacher, I don't even go to church 
so don't confuse me with any lay member, minister, or deacon just someone who kinda
knows the Holy script according to how the Catholic church saw fit to write it up. 
but here's the message. How can you, a finite flawed human being compete with his
perfection, you can't, stop trying he knows this, so start shooting for progression. 
Because no matter how good of a saint you try to be, 
you can't buy your way into Heaven. 
He paid the price you've been set free from bondage of the flesh. 
You got what you didn't deserve, 
he took what was coming to you and that's what we call grace.
So I guess my only other question to those who say only God can judge me, 
without Christ Jesus how you plan to beat the case...

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your equal there is none                                                                                             thy light out shines the sun                                                                                            it fades but thy golden fire's                                                                                             ever rushing blaze grows                                                                                            without measure it flows                                                                                            you are Glory none higher                                                                                               the true light lights the way                                                                                         the path brighter today                                                                                               blow on us that which inspires

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Before we are awake

If we die before we’re awake 
I hope we've  embraced the 
life God created.  In a world 
that’s faded I pray the Lord 
keeps us safe till the day we 
see his face. 

When we lay down to sleep I 
ask the lord to allow  the world 
to rest in peace and If we should
die before we’re awake I pray God 
forgives us all for our mistakes.  

If anyone is in terror with the pistol
to their head and feels no one cares
I pray the Lord to be near and help
them bear and if they should die before
they’re awake I hope they've thanked 
the Lord for guiding their way out and
allowing them to live another day. 

If anyone dies before their time, I hope
they've appreciated the lord for being 
there through the Dark nights and rewarding
them with the bright morning light.

If we should die before we’re awake, I pray the
Lord for our soul to take. 

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Celtic Marriage

The path we take under the eye of God
and universe, but some consider odd
Our mother of the Universe, in everything,
helps us to grow, into a birth of spring,
but know from where our lonely feet have trod.

In Celtic roots, from shores of Normandy
we came from long ago, a time called history,
made weary from the Roman and their wrath,
we found our way, along God's narrow path,
that led us to His gift of Sanctity.

Great Caeser laid to waste all we had known,
spared not one Mother, nor one child alone,
then forced us out to where we need to be
in Ireland, our emerald upon the sea,
and left behind the Roman heart of stone.

The Wicca way, so deep out of our past
then came of age, as if a spell were cast
to love all things, and have you at my side,
the only place where two in love can hide,
here in the only dream to ever last.

You'll be as much a part of me
as anything in life could ever be,
and we shall honor all and everything,
each to it's own, that destiny might bring,
and everything in life we'll ever see.

Forget my name, remember just my way
of loving you both every night and every day
you'll have it all, if you can realize,
all we may want is here deep in these eyes,
and all you need is here, and here to stay.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the doylestown poet

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My Hearts Cry

The sun was shining on that
cool and beautiful day.
It was almost time to go
to the church Christmas play
As I was dressing 
the pain began to start
I knew something was wrong
I felt it in my heart.
“God please protect this baby,”
was my hearts only cry.
I continued to get dressed
though tears filled up my eyes.
The pain went away
so to the play we went.
There my new friends we would meet
and we went and found the perfect seats.
The play was going great
and it started to get late.
As I sat there mesmerized
the pain again I felt inside.
Out I went to take a break
but it was almost to late.
To the hospital I did go
because my friend and husband told me so.
My pain grew more intense 
as my life hung in the balance.
I screamed with every pain 
my weakened body was drained.
The doctor said to me,
“To surgery you must go,
the small life in you is gone,
but you must be strong.
Every minute that we wait
adds defeat to your fate.
This surgery we must do
to save the precious life of you.”
My heart began to cry
as I asked myself ”Why”! 
This little life so sweet 
now I shall never meet.
The pain I felt inside
made me start to cry.
Then in my room appeared
three people that were dear.
To comfort me this night 
my life to help me fight.
Only they would know my fate 
for they were sent from Heavens gates.
“All is well” the first did say.
The second said, 
“Don’t be afraid.”
Not a word did the third one say.
All he did was stand and pray.
The peace I felt was so intense, 
I knew it must be Heaven sent.
The light I saw 
was bright and warm.
The peace I felt
my heart adored.
“Its not your time.”
The first did day
“With your family you must stay,
all is well in your life,
you’ll see,
one day soon 
you will meet your King.”
“Know this my child
on this blessed day
your wonderful life
our God did save.”
“So many questions
cross your mind.”
“I pray God gives you 
peace in this time.”
“Only God knows why
He answered not your cry.
Understand not
don’t even try.”
“Soon the pain in your heart
will end.”
“Then the healing
will begin”
“To end this poem 
in a special way,
remember this 
I once more will say,
God saved your life
This blessed day.”

©January, 1998

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In My Poet's Eye

I can't say, where you are tonight.
I can't say, our love would have turned out right.
I don't know, but I do know, 
you are still my love.

Every night I find I still reach for you.
Any time I pray, I still pray for you.
I don't know the reason, 
But I know you're still a part of me.

In my poet's eye, I still see you here.
In my poet's world, I still feel you near.
I don't know the reason, 
but I thought God meant this love to be.
I don't know the reason, 
but I thought God meant our love to be.

In my poet's mind, you are mine again.
In my poet's heart you are here again.
In my poet's eye, you'll always be my love.

Every night I find I still reach for you.
I don't know the reason, 
But I know you're still a part of me.

In my poet's eye, you'll always be my love.
In my poet's eye, you'll always be my love.
In my poet's eye, you are still my love.

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I Had A Dream


                                          I had a dream. Oh, I had a dream,
                                          I sat in a chair of despair thinking
                                       Of the love and memory of my mother.
                  In my dream I built a stairway to heaven with tears to hug her.
                            Halfway, without a sound or word in the silent skies
                                             an angel appeared unto me.
                                          It was a precious and beautiful sight.

            "Oh!" I said, "could you ask God for me, to cross a rose and lilac together,
             to create a bush with large clusters of white, pink, and purple flowers,
                                                  with fragrance of memory,
                     and give it long green stems so it can stand free and gracefully?
                          Also, ask him to give it a name, a special name, 'Kollock ',
                             and let it represent never forgotten love and memories?"

                                             In my dream God did this for me, 
                                    and gave it to my mother as a gift from me.

                                                            Jay Johnson

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God is unhappy

God is a Single
But God can’t create His spouse
That’s why there is hell!

God is the Most Kind
But God is not kind to all
God is the Big Mind!

God is the Most Wise
But God doesn’t know how to
Become all-time nice!

God is the So-So
But God is the best person
God is Mass and Glow!

God is unhappy
But God is so kind and good
He makes us happy!

We can make God smile
But we can't make God happy
God has His own style!

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The Angels Lament

The Screams of the angels will deafen
Those with the conscience to hear
As the weight of millenia fades
So too does the weight of their fear
The sun at the crest of the morning
As vast as the lives it maintains
From the depths of the bottomless oceans
To the peaks of the highest mountains
There're fewer tomorrows than yesterdays
No promises written in stone
But Lord as I need you, you answer
And I know then I'm not so alone
Lord as I need you, you answer
I know now I'm not so alone
Mankind is engrossed in his profit
No interest where nothing's to gain
Apostles of doubt with no prophet
No guide to salvation again
As fish in the realms of the ocean
Lost in this sea of despair
While silver is lining their pockets
A Judas will always be near
There're fewer tomorrows than yesterdays
No promises written in stone
But Lord as I need you, you answer
And I know then I'm not so alone
Lord as I need you, you answer
I Know now I'm not so alone
First money then later comes power
'Tis the flaw in the nature of man
To take but a little's more noble
Than to scavenge for all that you can
I Firmly believe in a GOD
A creator of all, good and bad
Who's laid everything here at our feet
Yet we're endlessly making HIM sad

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Fiery Stones

Fiery Stones

Mammon throws
great fiery stones

and my God I hope he doesn't destroy us

and I am ducking and dodging
                 singing and writing
                     and Christians are all around us
still most times I feel all alone
children are dieing out rite starving
and some have nowhere to go home
but you wont here my songs on the radio

because Mammon throws
 great fiery stones
and my God I hope he doesn't destroy us
will his henchmen burn in hell
I know, they'll never defeat Lord Jesus

Mammon throws
 great fiery stones
and I just got burned by one of their flames
I wonder long can I stay out of their way
if one gets me I'll know why
and rest in the knowledge that I will rise
come the glorious day

Mammon throws
 great fiery stones
like a wrecking ball
 he's destroying our nations financial bones
wish he would put'm down and leave us alone
guess he's rather build his future kingdom
made of fire and stone
even all the ones that were thrown
even all the ones that were thrown

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This Is Not The Way (The Count: A New Musical)






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Soul Meadows

Upon the meadows of my soul
In light my Savior walks with me,
And, oh, the bliss that there we find,
Companions in tranquility.
Communion sweet!  Earth knows not how
To counterfeit the peace He brings;
Yet all I long for He provides.
My soul to Him in rapture clings.

The fragrance of our fellowship
Wafts gently on the meadow's breeze;
Each moment shared, a blossom, sweet;
His full attention all receive.
The wide expanses of my soul
Yield boundless treasure to explore,
And what a precious Guide I found
When I surrendered, made Him Lord.

No hollow gouged by Sorrow's awl,
No cavern mined in great despair
Is too deep for His love to fill,
Too dark to see Him shining, fair.
The fiery trials burn the dross;
My silver He would purify
Till gazing deep within my heart,
His image glows in clear reply.

Continual welcome may He find;
Never in straying would I start.
Lord, stroll the meadows of my soul
And climb the mountains of my heart.
I want Thee always close to stay
To reign unchallenged in my breast;
How sweetly conquered is my soul,
How in surrender I find rest.

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Trophy Worthy of His Grace

Trials to blessings? Is it so
That the evil I encounter
God redeems to good from woe?
Afflictions, vexing confounders,
Convulsing me upon the surge,
The Master Potter's implements
To conform me, mold and purge.
Confident His just intent
Is with skillful wheel to craft
An object shapely for His pleasure.
Upon the scrap heap never cast
An imperfect caricature,
Unyielding to Your purposes,
Disobedient to Your plan.
Pliable--not rigid, formless--
Surrendered in Your loving hand,
The sharp knife shapes the tender clay;
I flinch beneath the chast'ning mace:
My God determined to portray
A trophy worth of His grace.


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Rewards of My Days

I trample your attempts to banish me, 
smashing my fist with a blow 
of such crushing force 
that your gusty breath stills 
under this serpent's weight, 
as your poison races to rend my chest 
and fervent eyes split the night 
searching for faceless fears;
but evil cannot overcome
my need to push my quest
although my life is now a trial,
I cling steadfastly to one assurance
that heaven will grant me days' rewards
for this is my Shepherd wish,
in His time, in His time.

Contest of This Is The Day The Lord Gave
Sponsored by Verlena Walker

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DEAD EYES - Monsieur L'Vampyre

    DEAD EYES - Monsieur L'Vampyre
I looked into the eyes of Death
to see if she is you;
so dressed in magic of the night,
like time can only do;

there in our dream where life is real 
as written in the Word,
became our haunting Melody, 
the sweetest ever heard.

Her invitation was to die, 
becoming Born Again;
there in her pleading was the truth 
as it has always been.

Deep in her eyes remains a place 
I found to sleep and hide,
secluded from all things I've known 
back on the other side;

while life the constant dream goes on 
as if there is no end,
until we meet her face to face 
and know Death is Our friend.

And she will show you all you've been, 
then kiss it all goodby,
so you'll forget, except for love,
not knowing how to die.
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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There Is for Me

There is for me a brighter day
When all the tears I've wept this way
Shall be poured out before the throne
To claim at last my love, my own.

Years winding forth from wearied spools
Weave still earth's tapestry of rules
That I must cherish, dear as life,
An anchor on this sea of strife.

All that restrains me I hold near;
I kiss His rod, I call it dear.
If I should languish 'neath the weight.
His promise cannot come too late.

A weeping heart never grows cold
Through rained with sorrows manifold;
No tear is wasted to our God
Who with Christ's own enriched earth's sod.

There is for Christ and me a day
When all the tears we've wept this way
Shall be poured out before the throne
To claim at last our love, our own.

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Drowning in a pool of emotions

looking puzzled in a daze, watching as the sky turns grey!
Trying to figure out exactly what to say, wondering why things have to be this way!
Millions of emotions running deep, overwhelming thoughts make it hard to sleep!
Fears beccoming nightmares, dreams feeling out of reach!
I can see happiness in the distance and i'm reaching out to grab ahold, 
but its too far away! Trying to cope, waiting for the feeling of self worth to 
overcome my feelings of worthlessness but with all the chaos and catastrophes 
its like it isnt meant to be! Tons of anxiety makes it hard to breathe! 
Thoughts of ignorance makes anger hard to hide! 
Through visions of red and bloodshot eyes, I ask myself why God why? 
Why can't we all just be at peace? Why can't we live without pain? 
Why must we live our lives this way? Why cant we get rid hate of and fear? 
Thats just it though, stop and think! It doesn't have to be this way! 
You and me can change the world, look to God and say a prayer! 
Ask for forgivness and pray for help, for a better world live by the Book!

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Forgive me God if I become tired - Original by Rabindranath Tagore

Forgive me God if I become tired 
If I become slow and less inspired.

O my mind is so scared
It trembles in top fear 
Forgive this sadness God –
I believe you do care.

God forgive this awful weakness
If I look back become mindless!

In the day’s burning sun
My garland of flower
Withers in worship’s plate –
God don’t let me suffer.

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How I Miss You So

The last night was horrible, the way we had to say goodbye was painful, every time that moment comes i start to pray that God give us more time to be playful. I have missed way to much time not being with you, that's why i want to make every second because we are oh so true. I do admit that i was pretty mad when the line got dropped, but i also know that your still on the other side hoping it was a mistake. You call right back and i can feel your smile through the phone on my heart like it was touched, and i smile back at you through the phone knowing that this feeling is not fake. Than the agreement comes for us to be apart for the night knowing we'll see each other the next day, but how i wish you would lie by my side every night while i stand on my knees to pray. And while i am praying, you would take me by the hand and ask me, "What are you doing this for" And i would answer, "So that God can give us more time and i wouldn't have to miss you anymore"
Dedicated to: Irina Oliferchik

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I Am Strong: I Ask- God Gives

I Am Strong:  I Ask… God Gives

Spellbound?  I need strength…
When charmed by the wiles of my own imagination.
And I like a puppy chasing his own tail, need direction.
I ask God for strength.

Fearful?  I need strength…
When fear of the unknown attacks my confidence.
And I like a lamb in a lions, den need courage.
I ask God for Strength.

Tempted?  I need strength…
When worldly ways test my moral fiber disguised as rapture.
And I like a wind tattered bird need to make the right choice.
I ask God for strength.

Coerced?  I need strength…
When forces beyond my control seek to bully me.
And I like shivering abandoned fawns need might. 
I ask God for strength.

Scorned?  I need strength…
When ridicule overpowers my fragile heart.
And I, like a frail orchid falling, need help.
 I ask God for strength.

Strength?  I need strength…
When everyday that I live sin is against me.
And I know faith is walking through life with me…
I ask God for strength.
     …and God Gives Abundantly.

© © Dane Smith-Johnsen
February 1, 2010

Poetic form:  Lyrical

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What else can you write on a
Blank canvas?
Masked emotions,
Flavorless words coming from
Flavor-FULL lips that just can't!
Can't find the right words
Can't speak the native tongue, even though your parents taught it to you at the age of nine
Can't talk to God because you're afraid he'll only listen.
You think he gives no feedback
BECAUSE he only

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Crossing the Street

I stood beside life's thoroughfare
And watched the busy traffic there,
All swiftly passing to and from
Each in his self-made way to go.
Across the crowded road I spied
The lights of home on yonder side:
But how to cross? I dare not try,
A timid little one as I.
I could not take a single step,
For evil's tide would soon have swept
Me down its path to go astray,
A frightened child who lost the way;
And yet, the rush of traffic there
Made me to tremble, near despair.
I could not linger there for long,
The teeming mass was far too strong;
They reached to grasp me, pull me in
Stampeding down the road of sin.
I needed one who'd crossed before
To guide me to the other shore.
I cried out in my loneliness
For help to cross the wide abyss;
I had to find a faithful friend
To walk with me to journey's end.
I felt a hand enclose my own,
Although I thought I was alone;
Beside me stood the One I knew
Who would prove strong to see me through.
He's guiding me and all who dare
To walk with Him life's thoroughfare.
The path He takes crosses the tide
That sweeps the road from side to side.
It's hard to walk against the press
Of self and all unrighteousness,
But Jesus works to help me stay
Upon the straight and narrow way.
Someday, together, we will stand,
Who've walked with Jesus. hand in hand,
Upon that other happy shore
Where sin and sorrow are no more.
We'll know in fullness then the rest
That children find on mother's breast
When weary, frightened little feet
Have finally, safely crossed the street.

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All is well

Only bold , italics , 

All is well 

On reflective traits follow this as lonely a path personal of heart
Lift the raised glory as god inspired the monk, follow be forever Christian
to you as the march undaunted leads you on.

And if the darkness crosses your path give it no heed
Shine light on inspiration that causes reflection on that inverted flame,
In a moment set the glow across this path blind the darkness with your earthly flame
Sparked by love and happiness defeat all bad thoughts,
To the mist as sunlight pierces and banishes, restore the calm and light up this wondrous day.

Become forever free that toil benefits each life and gains a future
Broken the pieces become fixed Caught up forever,
Enlarged understanding in a framework, bestowed in mankind.
If this day shall pass all will be well in the world, for mine sadly will have passed!
But on this day I wish your world well, and may one god keep you forever as on this day, all is well in the world All is well
tags allowed.

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Gods' Love

                                              As a child my life had no love,
                                              it was something I only dreamed of;
                                              my father would beat me every day, 
                                              that i would die is what I'd pray;
                                              my mother looked me in the eye and said,
                                              it shouldn't be your brother, but you that's dead;
                                              the pain of her words tore at my heart,
                                              From this world, I prayed to God to depart;
                                              but He wouldn't take me, He gave me no peace,
                                              From this world he would give me no release;
                                              so I lived on and I learned to share my love,
                                              the one thing God granted me from high above;
                                              so with my poems, my love I will share,
                                              with the woman in my life, and all who care.

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Rise up, Rise up
Go to meet your creator,
The one who sought you favor,
Who called you out.

Rise up,Rise up
Go and praise your savior,
Go and praise your maker,
The one who took you out of doubt.

Wake up, wake up
See the one who set you free,
Who bought out the beauty in thee,
The one that would never forsake.

Wake up, Wake up
Open your eyes now you see
Go and meet the one who made thee,
For now you are awake.

(Requiem means Song of the Dead)
This was Dedicated to Mozart

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Freedom and Fame

What is this inside,
Is it too willing too hide,
Can it be explained,
A piercing rain, A sleepless strain?
Minutes are drops,
And seconds are stains,
Sinners are locked,
To freedom and fame,
While I'm a rock,
Being tossed in flames,
Covered in moss
that sustains my name
I'm never lost
He knows no range.

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Your Lover (Part III)

                     Listen to your lover as he comes, gazing in your windows, peering 
through the lattice, leaping across your mountains and bounding over your hills 
like a gazelle or young stag in your garden orchard of pomegranates with choice 
fruits, with henna and nard, saffron, calamus and cinnamon with every kind of 
incense tree with myrrh and aloes, and all the finest spices streaming with wells 
of flowing water that go down from Lebanon; I am drenched with dew as I cry out- 
I call to you, arise my darling, my beautiful one and come with me.  Let us roam 
the countryside and go into the fields.  Let us spend the night in the villages and 
go early to the vineyards to see if the vines have budded, if their tender grapes do 
appear, if the pomegranates are in bloom as the mandrakes send forth their 
fragrance at our gates.  There will I give you all manner of pleasant fruit, and 
there I will give you more love until the day breaks and the shadows flee.  You 
have given me your vineyard, now all in my kingdom is yours.  So come, come 
away upon the spice-laden mountains and receive my love.
	I will love you and give myself for you.  I will love you as myself, even 
as my own body, for he who loves his wife loves himself.  So, I will nourish you; I 
will clothe you; I will carefully protect you from danger, spot and wrinkle to present 
you in glorious splendor.  I will cherish you for you are my body, and I am your 
head.  Take care of me as your own.  I give you honor with your reverence as we 
both submit ourselves one to another in the fear of God, and many waters will not 
quench our love, neither will the floods drown it, for its coals are the coals of fire, 
as the vehement flame of God that none would dare try to put asunder what God 
has joined together, and our threefold chord will not be broken.  With Jesus, you 
and me, we have security, help, warmth, and strength.  So, let us give thanks 
always for everything to our God and Father in the name of Jesus our Lord for His 
Spirit, one another and this day and each day that we can come together and 
rejoice and exhilirate each other with love and happiness.  May our peace be 
forever and ever in love.

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A song for the voyage

O God brainwash me O God eyewash me
So that I can see You With Your Glory

O God brainwash me by your great thought
Give me wisdom to thank you a lot

O God eyewash me by your sweet light
Wake me up make me feel alright

O God, come to me in my sweet dream
Please don’t sink my ship don’t make us swim

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Well done O Cruel well done - Original by Rabindranath Tagore

Well done O Cruel well done
Burn my heart O God burn!

If I don’t burn my incense
It doesn’t emit fragrance!
If I don’t lit up my lamp
It gives no light in my camp!

When I become unconscious and life is so hard
Then God your harmful touch is your sweetest reward!

In fascination and shame
I can’t see you so hard game!
God set afire my darkness
By thunderbolts of sadness!

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Not Guilty Vol.II (Closing Arguements)

In conclusion to "Not Guilty Vol.I" I made it
threw the storm I'm fresh out the desert I been 
delivered from my spouse and I thank God for that,
in every dark cloud there's that silver 
lining God may not have come when I called 
but it was perfect timing, I'm right where I 
wanna be so yeah I'm fine I made threw 
the test look how far he's brought me yeah I'm 
blessed I must confess so to the jury my testimony 
is concrete so I'm asking you what's 
next? Shall I settle for less dare I dance with 
the devil again...naw, that chapter is so see 
threw some things are best left in my rear view 
should I go back and fall into despair, should 
I shed tears in vain I assure you I'm not the 
same man I was, it takes two to fall in love 
nevermind who I pulled the rug from under 
who can actually get mad at me for doing what's 
best for my son all of a sudden, these people 
get relations twisted from actually true loving 
so I could care less who's upset wit my decision 
I'm still not guilty she just fell in lust wit my 
seductive sentences regardless of who's listening 
to my reason her season is over, them 
flowers have withered this man of God is healed 
even threw the pain I went threw, true the 
door was locked so I had to find that secret window 
yeah I'm a laugh now while she cry later 
matter fact lets get it where's my divorce papers

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Worship God

Jesus Spirit of prophecy bowing to thee the things that will be                              
Grace and truth that is written coming to life                                                          
Before our eyes sayings from the past realized                                                         
At last the hidden treasure becomes the prize                                                              
Things to come thy will be done the end from the beginning                                    
They are now but no one knew before you to your own glory                                  
Thou are the head ancient and hoary writing this true story                                 
Unfolding them right before our eyes one by one                                                        
Worship God for what you will to be will be                                                           
Jesus the Spirit of prophecy visions of the future                                                   
They just become truer spoken of old the faith just became newer                       
Jesus there is no greater prophet than you                                                            
When you say the word it is done                                                                                
You are most Holy anointed and anointing one            -
Worship God Alleluia it is done                                                                              
Jesus most Holy anointed one                                                                              
Worship God alleluia it is done it is done

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~ Cry of the Muse ~

Of-gentle beginning-and tender song ... ! That we would gratify love in its truest affection. Stand stead fast- uphold it yield to no other-duty ... ! To-have our-souls' so-identified-unified coexisting- exclusively-mid-this ... . To-live, would I die to give the measure of my-soul- just-to-have this ... once ... ! So place me within, make me the-essence of-the-art- lay me down carry me off- as I would be a child lost amid the grandeur- of its promise ... ! Allow this ink to consume us be the genuine eminence, what we reach-for through the humble virtue, heart-of this quill ... ! So all may view soar higher, and even higher still. Be captured, taken within deep- far and away beyond- the bitter part of this world, into the true benignity, flourishing and forever evolving, amid themselves ... ! Yes help me build me up, mold me-yes- come find me ... ! Trick me friend by slight of hand bend me- yes break me down shatter me again, and again truly I care-not ... ! Fill this paper in-its preparedness ... innocence ... verity, hope ... with the sweet passion elation of our souls ... ! Yes carry me before this-vision ... ! Restrain me-not ... . Set our-soul-free ... ! Please ... ? That we may gratify love-uphold it. Yes yield-then ... only-beauty ... ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author notes Written to the (Braveheart) theme By: Enya The expression of this poem was written from within the greater depths, of my soul. It was a cry of my muse. The passion beside which I stand and the hope through which I write. The joy we both carry for the other, and peace and faith in each other, in which we abide. Before this writing my muse had taken a vacation. So willing, I am open to suggestion. ~ Thank you for reading this piece of my work ... God bless you ... (The reason that there are Hyphens "so many of them") is because I have a computer that speaks them with a faster and slower and higher and lower pitch of voice, giving a certain kind of ebb-and-flow to the work with a softer more fervent and realistic and consistent tone, when I use the hyphens and other punctuation in the certain places that I do, when in telling it what to do. Allowing it to speak in even a moderate voice if I choose. It sounds very free flowing when I hear it, and I can only hope that you will be able to here it in the same way. Thank you for reading and God bless you ... ~

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Pilgrim's Flight

Declared plainly by those that know not thee
of whom this present world was not worthy
Their cries still being heard how long Oh, Lord
They were were slain with the sword
of stones of hangings Of Crosses and Stakes
Brazen Bulls and Iron Beds they where baked
racks and wheels screws and vices
iron maidens and all other evil devices
Lit candles lighting the gardens of cruel kings
Tortures and Torments but they still sing
unto blood shed men of valor showing God's Love
consistent of lion's and lamb's eagle's and dove's
Courage and strength to put tens of thousands to flight
instead suffering servant's showing mercy like Christ
Surely they have won the battle not lost
for they follow the One counting the cost
What manner of death Glorifying God
Loving the brethren when they would not
as Valiant as they can be
the world to come they seek
Overcoming this world for another
for the Love of God and brother
- Based on the Word of God ,Fox's book of martyrs, Tortures and Torments of the Christian Martyrs'', itself a photographic copy of an earlier, rare folio published by William Brendon & Son in 1904. - and HE WHO WOULD VALIANT BE Who Would True Valor See the Words: John Bun­yan, Pil­grim’s Prog­ress, 1684; mo­di­fied by Per­cy Dear­mer in The Eng­lish Hymn­al (Lon­don: Ox­ford Un­i­ver­si­ty Press, 1906

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What God HAs Created

                     I had a conversation with god one day.
   I asked him to send a angel my way.
                 As I prayed I asked him to give her kindness and the ability to care.
    Then along you came from out of nowhere.
                 As you touched my heart I found a new fear, and when you kissed me
            a smile did appear.
        You've shown me a love no treasure can replace.
 You've put a song in my heart and brought a smile to my face.
        Then you touched me and I became as the wind.
All feelings of emptiness came to a end.
         With all things in which you do.
 You may never understand the value I've placed in you.
         A incredible mother to all our kids.
Only God could imagine,what a great thing he did.
         Formed in kindness and inspired by love.
Created by the hand of God and sent from above.

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I'm Sorry

I’m sorry I didn’t cry when you lost your dad
I’m sorry that I always made you mad
I’m sorry that I couldn’t hold you tight
And tell you that I love you with all my might
I’m sorry that I always called you names 
Sorry I was mean and caused you pain
Saying bad things that I regret
I hope that one day you will forgive.

I’m sorry that I didn’t see your hurt
I’m sorry I was once a stupid girl
I’m sorry that I didn’t love and respect
Turning our marriage into a wreck
Please forgive me for being wrong
And all those nights I cried all night long
I knew that you really cared for me
I was just blind and I couldn’t see.

I’m sorry that your life has been so hard
Tryin’ your best but not gettin’ very far
Life’s punching you from left and right
You just want to quit and give up the fight
And I know that you’re still hurting inside
You married again so you wouldn’t have to cry
With your heart still broken from before
You try to hide that you’re still unsure.

I’m sorry that your brother took the easy way out
I’m sorry you couldn’t help him when he was in doubt
I’m sorry that your life has been so cruel
Nothing but an ugly joke to you
And so from time to time I continue to pray
I hope that you’ll call on HIM someday
So you’ll be filled with His grace and love
And be protected from the Lord God above.

And now that your left here all alone
Empty inside tryin’ to fill the hole
Goin’ down the wrong path and through the wrong door
Your soul’s left empty and you’re wanting more
Thinking to yourself will things ever change
Wondering why God had made you this way
Cause you’re not livin’ your just here
Goin’ through the motions of life in fear.

And so you try to keep movin’ on
Survivin’ and tryin’ to keep yourself strong
But you rely on others to hold you up
And you keep on passin your sufferin’ cup
“Why does it have to be this way
Why can’t I have peace and live happily”
Let me tell you this to your lost soul
Surrender to God and then you will know.

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The Prayer

Be fear of The Day

The Day of Eternal Destruction
The Day of Mankind Elimination
The Day of Ending
The Day of Everything

God blessed us, God helped us!

Our life is being shorten
We beg for your forgiveness
The time is getting faster
We don't want it to end now

God helped us, God forgive us!

We beg upon our knees
We beg upon Your mercy
Oh, my prayers shouted
Pleaded, begging for another chance

The Day Of Judgement
We fear

Please, hear Our cries!
We want to continue Our lives!

O God Of Almighty!

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How Unreasonable


How can God allow
an still ask me to believe
in something I can’t see
give thanks, Yea right
Id rather blast him in the face.
For all the things he’s taken away.
Yet I am stuck here
wondering why,
good people have to die,
and every time now I’m afraid
when anyone walks away
because I never know
if it’s the very last time they will have
to turn their back on me.
Still I’d rather believe,
this is not the end.
There will be a whole new beginning
after all this and I will sit
at the right hand of the Father
the creator, the trader.
Who must get a laugh over
all the whack stuff* he allows to happen.
Though still this struggle makes us stronger
an I’ll push on, to over come
and concur. This world
and all of its worries have forced
me to become who I am today.
Sure I’m mean and unhappy.
When someone has the audacity
to mess* with me.
An with all the twisted woman
that flock to me,
who just want to mess with me.
An all my dreams
make life seem like
one big long bad memory.
Still I want to believe.
That there is someone always
looking out for me.
That gives a dam,
that’s willing to hold my hand
through the thick and thin.
Or at least till I’m sane again.
An I can think straight again.
Because I’m lost and confused
my hearts been twisted and used.
Seems much alike an amusement
for all of you whom abuse it.
But a God of forgiveness.
A God that shouldn’t allow this
crap in the first place.
He’s trying to push us to
the edge over and over again.
Or maybe this is hell,
and this is where he has chosen
for me to exist.
And I’m sure I’ll snap again.
But my beliefs cause my worries,
still I stay in full stride.
With my pride and fake happiness
strong at my side.
So I can act for you all.
High endurance.
I’ve been through enough,
I’m sure I’ll be well able
to handle the next crappy* thing
to come up.
But until then.
It’s "In God we trust"

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To Go or Not to Go

To Go or Not to Go
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

To go or not to go -
Should not be the question.
But the thoughts in my head flow.
That is my confession.

I would rather stay home.
Not go to church today.
Besides, God can be known.
By following His way.

Where three are together
And pray in God's Son's name.
In good or bad weather
He will come just the same.

Shall I do less than He?
And not go to His house.
I seek eternity.
At church, fellowships rouse.

To go or not to go
Why is that a question?
Heavenly love will flow.
So, why would I Him shun?

Does it really matter?
Would anyone notice?
My faith would not shatter.
Thee betrayed by a kiss.

Yes, by truths we are honed.
We receive God's blessings.
Forgiven and not stoned.
Repenting.  Confessing.

Fellowship we must share.
Believe in God and trust.
And show how much we care.
Sunday at church, faiths gust.

Fellowship on the Soup
Has heavenly value.
When God is in the loop.
And to truths we hold true.

To go or not to go –
The question that is asked,
Has the answer, JUST GO!!!
Get dressed fast.  Sunday's task!

There is no magic wand.
The answer is so dear.
Make Heaven and earth bond.
Go to church.  Keep God near.

(But  . . .  
Make no more excuses!!!)

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The Unforgotten

At times in life as we struggle along, We wonder why? The hard times we're seeing. And in our heart's we're singing no song, Perhaps questioning our reason for being? But then God puts us in someone's way, Someone strange to us at the time. But presence alone can't brighten our day, Nor does it cause head bells to chime. Perhaps we sought a chance for our needs, And a friendship was born out of this. Sometimes one is knowingly planting seeds, Seeds of trust, God's love and true bliss. Then a diverse path by one may be chosen, And days become prolated into years. But memories cause time to seem frozen, And we're burdened and awash with tears. But God knows about our slippery slope, Also, has appointed time and season for all. And at such time when we grasp little hope, Our prayers are answered in a letter or call. We will always love and appreciate you S.

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American soldier

heaven patiently watches
the American soldier
from beyond this life
as his  wife cries and his brave son waves goodbye
father holds his mother as she prays ( god  keep my son safe)
the American soldier
so far  from home
you will never march alone
so brave
trying not to be afraid
as he fights  for all the world's rights
the American soldier

the American soldier
may angels surround
you ever 
second of day
and night as we pray

heaven watches and the 
American soldier stands high
in God;s  grace
we ask God please protect  our American soldier
and keep in safety,s sight,
 shield our american soldier within  god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier
with god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier in god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier
with god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier
with god;s greatest light

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Another Saints gone home

We just got the news today
she will soon be going away
the doctors done all that they can do
but it's not over for her
she's just going home
she's faught her fight 
Her battles now are through

another saints gone home Hallelujah
another child of God reaches Her heavenly home
another saints gone home Hallelujah
Praise the Lord 
for now at last her victory is won

When the time has come for me to go away
I want my friends and family to see
that its not time to mourn
but to celebrate 
this life I've lived
 I pray they all may sing

another saints gone on hallelujah
another child of God reaches the Heavenly gates
another saints gone home hallelujah
Praise the Lord
Some day we'll see her in the heavely home.

By Treasa Jarvis 
Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother Beulah Campbell who was a great 
inspiration to me..

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A Child in War

As the dust burns my weary eyes
I push on and compromise 

Looking for a long lost dream 
Of swimming through the waters clean

Bombs echoing in the distance
Dead and gone in an instance

Praying to god for every breath
A candle lit for every death

It is here I sit all alone 
A heart that burns turns to stone

A concert of horror ringing clear
I run and hide all in fear

I steal and lie to survive 
Of my family I am the only life

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly!

In my mind all is rage 
I feel locked up in a cage

When will this nightmare end?
A stray bull dog my only friend

During the nights we stay warm
We help each other through the storms

Our night lights, are burst from your guns
The politicians say we are the ones

The ones who kill day to day
For when I grow up they will pay

My train of thought, pains me now and then
When I know war is a means to an end

Sometimes I try to escape
But I was turned in for a stay

Slaving for the men of war
Sometimes a cook, sometimes a whore

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly

I have to kill to get away
I can no longer bear the pain 

My knife slides across their throats
I’m caked in blood that coat’s

Before I could run I heard screaming
I continued my work while the tears were streaming

In a way I am glad I was caught
Now I can join that heavenly lot!

My hound of war was first feed to me
Then I was beat to subdue me!

Almost to the point of certain death
But they tortured my every breath

They kept me breathing for the rope.
They slung my body from the post

I choked and kicked all I could
While the others just watched from where the stood

Before I lost my failing senses 
I prayed to god just to end this

At that moment my prayers were sealed
A boy in the crowd revealed his steel

A rip of pain through the chest
The bullet entered and did its best

For a few days my body was displayed
For those under slavery to see who disobeyed 

After a few days my body was searched
Only a small diary was all the thieves could perch

Meaningless thoughts were rattled out of rhyme
A small short story of the life that was my time

Beckoning to those that are still at war
Freedom is a bullet wound for the soul to finally soar.

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly.

That same boy who ended all this pain 
They ended him his efforts never vain

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Answer To a Question

In our life, each of us had a question,
That needed an answer, or a just explanation.
A most common question to most common people,
A question that penetrates one’s heart and soul:
“What is this? What’s happening in my life –
Why does God allow this kind of strife?”

When the road is dark and your pathway seems wrong,
When you can’t fight the accusations of great throng,
When your heart is struggling an emotional pain,
Such a vehement pang, you can’t even explain.

When poverty strikes, and there’s no one to hold on to,
When your dignity’s distorted, then despair comes through,
When Death knocks into your very own door,
And you cannot feign, and say “but” or “or”.

When everything sunk down, you become frustrated,
When no one understands, Oh! Misinterpreted.
When physical illness scourges you,
Or physical disabled ness distresses you.

When those trials and sufferings go seriously unfold,
That question will come so clearly and so bold.
Especially when everything’s hopeless and beyond our control,
Not realizing that God is always in control.

For God is refining, shaping, and forming us,
To a more beautiful, blessed and useful glass.
He uses sufferings for us to grow,
He uses trial for us to know.

In the end, everything will be fine,
Now God will us, because we had been refined.
And the question that crushed our emotions weak,
Is the answer and forerunner of God’s blessings we seek.

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I offer

I offer my soul to Him
I offer my whole to Him
I offer my journey to Him 
I offer my goal to Him

I wish to be His Part
I wish to be His servant
I wish to have a soul smart
I wish to be His scent

I dedicate to Him 
All my bad and good 
For whatever I am
Is His own fluid

I beg His pardon
If I am doing wrong
In writing this verse
And singing this song

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mother earth

> chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (verse) Golden light shine down on me. Let the lion roar and the
> eagle sing, Golden light look upon this day and rejoice in the name
> of the lord!
> (chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (verse) Mother earth I gaze upon your beauty I look to the tree's and
> see you within them. Golden light sing of the virtues and be free!
> (chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (Verse) Oh rainbow the colors of the world shine down upon us! Let
there be a day where we can rejoice within our souls. And that you
rejoice within the world sing from the mountain tops all the way to
the valley's.
(chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.

copyrighted by penny lapsley 2008

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God Made Me This Way!

I know that you say,
It’s not fair,
That I have long hair
Well, don’t hate.
I say,
God made me this way, hey! 

I know that you say,
She thinks she knows,
So much.
I say with yourself,
You’re out of touch.

I say that God gave me,
These abilities
Before I could think
About elementary
Or imagine earning 
A college degree.

So whatever method,
You use,
You can’t shake me.
Well, don’t hate.
I say,
God made me this way, hey! 

I know that you say,
She thinks she’s so musical
And she sings everything,
Positivity from your voice,
Should ring instead,
Of so much negativity.

Make the right choice.
That’s God the real source
Of your gifts
Or forever wish 
That you were someone else.

Let Him deal with the 
Hand of gift cards that
You’ve been dealt.
With whatever you’ve been
Made to do
You’ll  look like an actor doing it

So to all of you who say,
She moves and sings,
Like she was born,
On a Broadway musical.

I told you what to do
It’s up to you
Well, don’t hate.
I still say,
In a positive way,
God made me this way, hey! 

wrote 6-13-10

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I found the way

I admired power ,money and fame;
Hated everybody claimed me to blame
Wandered in hell without shame;
I lost all , I became lame.

When life decayed inch by inch;
I began to loathe everybody and each;
Strived to hide nobody could reach;
No matter if it was an enormous peach.

Fear of GOD peeped into my twilight;
I longed to heal gruesome path of fright;
pain of remorse kicking out of sight;
struggled to refresh heart pale white.

I was trapped in life  beyond serenity;
People saw me as I lost my sanity;
I dreamed to seek GOD the purity;
Stared patiently till I get vicinity.

In a silent night as  world came to cease;
under the starry dome I prayed for peace;
mingled with enticing fragrance in breeze;
Something overtook my soul ending unease.

I dragged up desire of living to a hoard;
forgetting how to weep or to be bored;
Grasped the beam of light me to award;
I found the way to eternal  almighty GOD.

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The Bridge

 An obstruction can be overcome by building a bridge
Whether the obstacle is of land or of sea
But the bridge most essential to all of mankind
Is the one that leads to God, no other way to Him we'll find

With three nails and a cross, Jesus built us a bridge
To carry us across sin's deep abyss
There is no other way, for without Him we are lost
Jesus saves with a bridge made of three nails and a cross

God the Father was willing to send His only Son
God the Son obeyed and left His home on high
Born of a virgin by God's Spirit, clothed in humanity
Born to die, to rise again, He bridged the gap for you and me

We are such loathsome sinners, while God is so pure
It's impossible to match His perfect ways
No earthly bridge can reach over a chasm so wide
Only one such bridge exists, the one that Jesus provides

With three nails and a cross, Jesus built us a bridge
It's the only way to span sin's great divide
He offered up His life, there is no greater cost
Thank the Lord, He built a bridge with three nails and a cross

There has been many bridges built by the hands of men
Much skillfulness and toil they did employ
But none can be compared to, or was made with such love
As the bridge our Lord supplies for us, that leads to God above

Jesus offers free passage for you to cross that bridge
It's the only way, the Bible tells us so
No toll is required, it was paid for with His blood
Accept His gracious gift and He will guide you by His love

With three nails and a cross, Jesus built us a bridge
It's the only way to span sin's great divide
He offered up His life, there is no greater cost
I'm so thankful He built a bridge with three nails and a cross

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Fill up my heart stealing my thirst - Original by Rabindranath Tagore

Fill up my heart stealing my thirst
Give me more feelings in my heart
God in your world and in your home
Give me more space God make me smart

God pour more light in my eyes
God give me more sweet surprise
My flute’s tears are its music
Show more melody’s magic

Give me sweet fruitful sadness
God give me more awareness.
God make me what I should be
God Save me God please save me

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Rise to Shine

        O God of love
          and power,
   Your power disclose,
   That as Christ arose,
        I too may arise
              to shine.

       O God of love
         and power,
  Show forth your power,
     In us your Church,
   That as Christ arose,
      We too may arise
            to shine.

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You came one day
I loved your stay
And the sweet way

You took my heart
Ah, Cupid's dart!
And love did start.

A lifetime “play”
And I must say
That love does pay.

You drove my heart
Gave a jump-start.
Filled my love cart.

But then one day
You went away
What could I say?

I kneel to pray
And God did say
Some leave that way.

We got divorced.
No fight of course.
Hidden remorse.

Time to restart.
And mend this heart.
Oh, work of art.

The day love came.
True love drew pain.
I'm not the same.

Your hurt was vile.
But I can smile.
And dream with style.

New love has grown.
There is no moan.
I'm not alone.


Dedicated to my one and only Soul-mate.
Who along with God lifted me through the pain.
And then, true love remained.  Forever.

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I'll be known by this alias:
faith defender and God seeker,
the humblest man of our race,
putting wisdom and truth first;
and I'll be judged, as everyone else,
for my reforming and opposing ways... 

If I only sought fame, I'd come easy:
with no sweat or conjuring up schemes;
all I have to do is go along 
with society's spoiled and unfair ways,
and swiftly advance my prominence;
and how will I sing the sacred song,
when I'll change my look of spirituality
and choose riches heedlessly?

No sarcasm in words, but perspicacity;
my petition, to everyone reading this writing,
can transform their wrong view
into something purposeful and new:
with no aliases to be known by,
avoiding pertinent comments, just persisting...

Faith defender and God seeker,
endure in your rightful and clean ways
without wishing perpetuity in unmerited works,
but expecting moral persecution by all;
and be ready to wipe off a doleful  tear!
Faith defender and God seeker,
persevere and do everything wisely and well;
prolong your earthly stay:  to profess and tell...

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God and me

God and me
verse 1
when i see God I think of myself,
God and me walking together
side by side singing his love,
God and his choices are one with mine
i love Gods world because it is me and God,
walk with God,
cherish his love,
speaking his truth
walking in his holy light,
God and me always,
verse 2
God speaks to the birds and i hear them sing
my ears perk happily receiving his love in sound,
God like the birds alway flies in my mind
oh my God, you are my love you are my joy,
without you i would be lost in the world,
walk with God
cherish his love
walking in his holy light
God and me always
I saw the garden of eden,
God showed me his path
sweet like mist morning,
his breath touches my solar plexus,
God's love is in my heart
every foot step of God is my force of life moving through me
God's presence reains eternal
walk with God
cherish his love,
walk in his Holy light
God and me always.Penny lapsley,Holy spirit thank you God for helping me
copyrighted by penny lapsley 2008 

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My Way (Dedicated To: SS)

How deep in love I am with you
Each day this feeling becomes even stronger
Every time I kiss your lips
And every time I look into your eyes
I find my heart beating faster for you
I believe God made me to be with you
That ever road I been on
Has only brought me to you
And finally now I've found the place I belong
You bring so much joy to me
And so much direction to my life
You make me love, love
And appreciate the bond I have with you
You put that sparkle in my eye
And the chill in my spine
You’re so perfect to me
I'm so in love
I’ve never been more in love in my life
You truly make me happy
I wish I could thank God every second of everyday for sending you my way!!

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The Meaning Of A friend

   The Meaning Of A friend

His old hands were cracked, weathered, and worn.
   His clothes were so ragged, filthy, and torn.
His old grey hair was unkempt, and in bad need of a comb.
   And I knew without a doubt, that it had been awhile since, this old gentlemen 
had known the comforts of a home.
 I stood in the shadows watching him with sadness and with awe.
   And I thought how much he favored my own grey headed old paw.
Well I watched as he picked up a discarded sack, containing food scraps and an 
empty soda can.
   And I thought to myself how degrading, what hunger can do to a man.
My mind started wandering what could have sunk him to this low.
   I couldn’t take it any longer I guess I just had to know.
As I walked up to him I could see the loneliness in his sad old face.
   And I wondered how long had it been since anyone had showed to him a little 
kindness, mercy, or grace.
I said mister I’m a friend if you’ll allow me to be.
   I’ve got a spare room I think will fit you it even has a key.
I’ve got plenty of food to share I told him, and that I was quite lonely living there.
   He looked at me and nodded, I think he said a prayer.
Well we shared that winter together he truly was such a delight.
    He sat and told me stories as we would talk late into the night.
He told what had happened, and that he had simply given up.
   How he’d lost his wife to cancer, I saw a tear fall to his cup.
As we stood there fixing to part ways, he said son you’ve truly been my friend.
   He said I hope we can keep in touch, let’s not let this be the end.
He said I think I’m going to see my girl, let her know I’m still alive.
   She had just had a little girl and I think she would be five.
Adios and God be with you and he walked out of the room.
   A tear ran down my cheek as I thought how we first met, and from that sack of 
scraps how this wonderful friendship it did bloom.
And I wondered was I placed there just for him, or just maybe he was placed 
there just for me.
   I don’t know but I thank God anyway, and that’s how this story ends with a new 
beginning for all to see.

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Thank God for Medical Miracles.
That thought, part of my new lyrical,
It is not a musical miracle lyrical.
But a heart loved heavenly miracle.
Medical miracles—

Those are not God's only miracles.
Thinking brought to this lyrical
Is just one of many theoretical
Non-medical miracles.  Lyrical
Theoretical miracles—
God has endowed the gift of miracles.
That man can understand his lyrical.
How earth came to be is a miracle.
It is a God made theoretical spherical.
Spherical miracles—

God creating souls is His blessed miracle.
Faith in His work is part of this lyrical.
Belief is not a medical, theoretical, lyrical.
But God has given, long lived oracles. 
Oracles.  Miracles—

I am thankful—

Medical miracles end suffering and bring wellness to mankind and pets.
Theoretical miracles allow man to ponder, discover, solve and understand.
Spherical miracles keep our universe in balance and allow life to function.
Oracle miracles enlighten mankind with truths and guidance from God.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    November 24, 2009

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Please Say A Pray For Carl

I have a friend that called me last night
He called to tell me the biopsy had came back
Hearing the hesitance in his voice
 I tried to braced myself for what was about to be heard

As he began telling me the bad news
I felt my body weakening 
I felt my hands began to shake
I felt my tears swelling up inside
Oh God how I needed to cry

He has fought so hard the first time around
Doing each and everything he was told to do
Obeying his doctors
Abiding by all the rules
His desires to conquer
This thing called "cancer"
Never failed to show through

But this time his spirit doesn't seem the same
The eagnerness in his voice has not remained
Being the man of which he is
Has dealt  with misfortune
For many years

His childhood days brought him "polio"
Slowing him down
But once an adult
It never stopped him from carrying 
Life's heavy load

His adult years has been spend
Working and striving to pay his bills
Wanting hand outs was not his will

Now that the "cancer" has spread
To other parts within
I pray that God will spare him
For this is a good man

I ask of all who may read my words
Please say a pray for Carl
And may our voices all be heard
          And to Pam, Carl's girlfriend, may I add
                   Thank you for being the kind
                       And loving person you are
                           And thank you for loving my dear friend.

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Public Standerns

Is a tree wrong because it leans?

Or is a tree wrong because it is not green


So you tell me what co lour it’s suppose

Too be?


We have to walk in a way talk in a way

Head up high and back straight 

Don’t smile to hard cause your not

Really awake being under the 

Spell of what the government has

To make 


Oh look his shining but really inside his



In a circle of a family everyone has

To be as one you try to step out 

And you’re classed as wrong 


Say too much and you’re classed 

As mad and you need to be locked up

But insert of them giving you an ear 

They per fur to give you a glair 


See a man with a new whip 

Insert of asking where he got it you

Per fur to BANG! 

And that it!


That’s it not just for him but

For his mum and the woman that

Is carrying his unborn son 


In roots, when kuntaka heard

The sounds of the drum he don’t run to


He stays with his family and he had to be strong

But in god he prayed that one day his family will 

See a better day 


Family is a community!


So let us all have a dream that one day are

Community could be clean


Clean of the guns and the drugs 

That’s killing us one by one 


So I pray for each and every one is soul 

So god could make us all whole 

And let are feelings just roll


Because you’re not pulling does’t mean 

That you’re not killing us one by one 


So when we see each other lets

Us be nice and greet your neighbor with a smile 

And let god just shine!

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Forever Safe

She knew that he was leaving
They had a baby on the way
He’d definitely miss the delivery,
Most likely the 1st birthday
He knows that she’s a fighter
She’d have to do this one on her own
He was leaving to fight a war, flying out today
He’d call her when he could,
He would write her everyday ,
But most of all he’d pray to God
That if anything -  
she’d  be forever safe

We do what we have to do
To live life,  to love
We’ll always fight for freedom
So the world is safe for us
And the love of our family
Let’s  pray to God each day,
That  he will always  keeps us
 -   forever safe

The letters, they kept arriving
They made her laugh and cry and weep
She’d read each one again out loud 
Every night before she’d  sleep
Then there’d be a note just for the baby
Words of love sent from his daddy
Telling him one day soon,
Soon,  they would meet
After each letter she’d kneel and pray,
To God and the Heavens above 
Please God,  if anything, 
please keep him safe

We do what we have to do
To live life,  to love
We’ll always fight for freedom
So the world is safe for us
And the love of our family
Let’s  pray to God each day,
That  he will always  keeps us
 -   forever safe

He shouted words of love and encouragement
Through a static phone line that was fading out, 
He could hardly hear, with the explosions all around
She cursed him like a sailor ,
She pushed while screaming out his name
He said, I know that you’re  a fighter
Fight now and give him life
In the heartbeat of a second, 
The world went silent - all around
No more static on the phone line and
He heard the new life of his son cry out

A son and a soldier cried  together
A mother and a wife was in between
She said, my nose, your eyes
And he’s a fighter like his daddy
So, fight and come home, there’s someone you gotta meet
Just promise me,  you’ll keep yourself – safe

We do what we have to do
To live life,  to love
We’ll always fight for freedom
So the world is safe for us
And the love of our family
Let’s  pray to God each day,
That  he will always  keeps us
 -   forever safe

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Unconventional God

the One Omnipotent God

does unconventional things

and many out there agree

until they find out that it means

His ways are passed finding out

but if we will simply obey

the world will see what God does

and hear what God has to say


So who directs God's Spirit to do as they feel 

He's the One who leads and guides and goes where He wills

Teaching us as we follow Christ we become unpredictable

Getting to know Him, doing exploits, strong and unconventional 

Would you do what Jesus did?

Would you say what Jesus said?

If you could see and hear your Father

Be so unpredictable

Would you do it how He did it?

Would you say it how He said it?

If you could see and hear your Father

Be so unconventional  [Chorus]

those full of the Spirit of God

do unconventional things

and many out there agree

until they find out that it means

His thoughts are not their thoughts

His ways are not their ways

and those God directs perform

and speak like Jesus does and says

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Merci Dieu

On n’a jamais assez
Dieu de nous avoir créé
Et de nous donner le droit d’aimer

Sans lui
On ne serait pas ici
On serait une poussière dans l’air
Ou une étoile dans l’univers

Merci Dieu
Tu es mon ami pour la vie
Car sans toi
Je n’aurais jamais rencontré ce gars
Je te remercie pour ca

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Hate You Now

I saw the news today

I'd like to know what the hell you're trying

I want to find away

to silence you, and stop all the dying

You think you're above the law

You'll send to die just as many as you want to

Damnedest thing I ever saw

the mess you've made doesn't even seem to daunt you

You spit in our eyes and say
I'm gonna hate you now

because you are more evil than I am

and I'm gonna hate you now

cause I hate your point of view

I'm gonna hate you now

cause daddy's so proud

and mamma's still crying

and I'm gonna hate you now

cause my God told me to
When will it ever end

You'd think you would have learned by now

and what about you my friend

could you please tell me how

How will we find our way

when the God you pray to is a fat cash cow

who'll stand up and say

This has got to end.

but you slap mommas face and say
I'm gonna kill you now

because you are more wicked than I am

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause I hate your point of view

I'm gonna kill you now

My daddy's so proud and momma keeps crying

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause my God told me to.

Manipulation games

and broken promises from long ago

You put out the Lady's' flame

You'll reap what you sew

The children have to pay

Old men, and old women too 

they just get in the way

of the bombs I drop on you

I'm gonna hate you now

because you've always hated me

I'm gonna hate you now

For all the oil that I've bought

I'm gonna hate you now

Cause hate is all I've got

How will you return 

all the lives that you have wasted

watch the babies burn

Say this will keep us free

I wish you'd drink the blood

I wish that I could make you taste it

You've never understood
and you refuse to see
You turn your back on God and say
I'm gonna kill you now

because you are more wicked than I am

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause I don't agree with you

I'm gonna kill you now

cause Daddy's so proud and Mama's still crying

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause killings what I do

When will it ever end

You'd think you would have learned by now

what about you my friend

could you please tell me why

why can't he see the sin

of worshiping that fat cash cow 

just look at the mess we're in

You're killing for a lie

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God and me 2



God and me together on a lifelong journey 
Walking hand and together
For he is lovingly 
Guiding me to the beautiful forever

Oh yea friends god and me
Together was unbeatable team 
Leading me to a heavenly 
Place where together we’ll spend enmity 

God and me walking together
Guiding me to the beautiful here after
In the sweet glowing rapture
In his love I have found the truth

Everything is now brand new
He’s forgiven me for the sins of my misspent youth
For he is life’s greatest treasure
And together there’s nothing god and me can’t do


With just the wave of his mighty hand
God can make the land 
Reach and green
He can take away the sad

In your heart and turn it into glad
Yea to me he’s not only a lifelong friend
He’s the greatest gift I’ve ever had
And that’s why god and me are just like that
copyrighted by penny lapsley 2008 

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The Train

It's been years since I've heard that lonesome whistle blow 
Or smelled the smoke along the track
And I've been getting the urge to go
As my memories carry me back
There's an old railway station with its' doors boarded up
Thats a monument to days gone by
It holds stories of passion, triumphs and love
And it brings a tear to my eye

I want to ride these rails till the day I die
I want to see the cities passing by 
To hear that lonesome whistle cry
And to camp out in the rain

I want to feel the freedom that the railroad brings
Listen to the song that the bluebird sings
Visit places where I can spread my wings
Oh God I miss the train

There's an open road calling out to me
There's a lot of places I want to see
The lure of the rails won't let me be
And it's driving me insane

I  just don't know what I want to do
To settle down would make me blue
Always looking for something new
Oh God I miss the train

I walked those railroad tracks
When I was just a kid
Throwing stones, singing songs
Never kept my feelings hid
I'd sit on those wooden benches
And watch the old man sell tickets to places far away
And daydream of cowboys and outlaws riding the ranges
On a hot and sultry day
Now those days are no more
But I'm still longing for
The mountain and valley and plain
Although I still yearn
I can never return
Oh God I miss the train.

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Lets Strive To Better One Life

Today, let's try to make for someone,
their world a better place.
Through some small thoughtful gesture,
or mere smile upon our face.

Be it in line of a cheerful note,
or through some funny card.
Letting one know they're thought of,
or that their missed shouldn't be hard.

Perhaps to God, a word of prayer,
on their behalf we'll air.
Or maybe as that one has need,
we'll simply show we care.

Just a simple errand may be all,
that someone needs this day.
Just make it known to us Lord,
and we'll be cheerfully on our way.

It may be for that someone,
fighting depression or despair.
That God has chosen us to be,
their special friend and care.

We'll give without remembering,
so praise, one will not owe.
For from your word we're taught,
we always reap just as we sow.

Whatever we may encounter this day,
let's retain joy within our heart.
Giving praise to God throughout it all,
for allowing us some small part.

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Long before a sheath is woven, before the cocoon is made, 
Before a caterpillar seals it’s womb, before the eggs are laid,
Before air becomes the breath of life of everything that breathes,
Before a hawk takes to flight, before fish swim in the sea,

Before the cattle graze the range, and the beast roam through the fields,
And the creeping thing also crawls the earth, before the mountains and the hills,
Before the valley becomes a  dale, before a tree is grown,
Before a pod becomes a plant, before the garden is sown,  

Before the earth takes shape and form, before stars light up the sky,
Before the likeness of God was made, there was no you nor I,
Before the ashes and the dirt, and the mold of man was clay,
Before the dark and morning, there was no night or day,

Before the Heavens were set aside from Eden to the east,
Before God cursed his creation, into the belly of the beast,
Before the tree of knowledge was touched, before the tree of life,
Before Adam was tempted by his mate, before Eve was given to wife,

Before the earth was flooded, before Noah and his Ark,
Before Moses rose his staff on high and the Red Sea, God, did part,
Before the coat of colors was placed on Jacob’s son,
Before the king of Egypt, Joseph was the one,

Before the ten commandments were written in the stone,
Before the voice of God was heard, before Christ stood all alone,
Before the Son of God was born, before Mary became God’s wife,
On the cross, Christ surrendered to man, The Ultimate Sacrifice.

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My Valentine

A heart I give to you My Love
A heart that’s true blessed from above
 God smiles upon us this beautiful day
He knows my hearts true and will never stray
 On this day I give the greatest gift of all
The gift of love I give to you; my valentine
 To share with God and all
Happy Valentines Day My Love
 We are truly blessed from the heavens above

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How Beautiful Is Our God

How beautiful is our God... 
And I shall praise him greatly!
His presence has blessed me 
and filled my life completely,

In Mt. Zion, he's to be praised... 
in the beauty of his holiness.
He's more than worthy of praise,
 in his glory and righteousness.

The joy of the earth...  
and beautiful is the situation...
To all of mankind... He's extended 
mercy and salvation.

He is known in high places as a
 God of refuge and shelter.
I will shout of his praise...
 there's no reason to whisper.
He is our God, and forever 
and ever, he shall reign.
He's is worthy of all praise... 
that is due to his name!

He shall lead and guide me
 from birth until death.
And his praise shall continually 
be on my breath.

Thanks be to God for 
everything he has done!
And  thanks to him 
for sending Jesus... HIS son!

He gives everlasting water 
that never shall run dry.
It is no secret how much
 he loves you and I!

By Jim Pemberton
Read Psalm 48: 1-4

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A Burden Bearer

When friends and loved ones promise, they'll always be there for you. 
Intentions are well with sincere hearts, but friends have problems too. 
When life's issues seem to take control, and you're feeling all alone. 
Our God sits high, yet He looks low, remember He's still on the throne. 
For God is a problem solver, and your burdens He'll help you to bear. 
Cast ALL your cares and sorrows on Him, and leave your troubles there.

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The Living Zion

On this Jesus Christ Son of Living God you have erected                                    												 Your jewels dead stones to brilliant cut fashioning  														a glorious church purifying the precious stones elected     														 in hand of the refiner like coal to fiery diadem shining                                                               -   																																		      refrain - Grace grace to Jesus the mount of the Living Zion  													Lord of lords King of kings creator of all good things                                                                       -                                         																															Lord  Jesus you are the choice corner stone 															stone of my help my Savior the sure foundation												          			 no rock like you our God upon your throne                                                                                                                                                                                                   	 bright day star on high the sons of the morning sing                                                                        -                                                                                                                                                                            																					the ancient headstone your everlasting dominion 															cut out of the mountain without hands your kingdom stands                                										     	 the iron clay the brass silver and gold minions                                                                                                                                                                                       	 burning fountains prone before the sword of the Lamb                                                               -  																																		  alleluias Lord God omni potentate reigns  														 salvation and vengeance are mine sayeth the Lord 														 the battle one rejoicing singing over His bride adorned                                                                                                                                                                                         	 the overcomers in of midst the fiery stream

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I love you more than my life your so sly and so cool. You make me feel so happy, 
like never before. You made me see the light. You made me believe that our God 
really is there and hasn’t a banded us. The lord gave me a second chance to be 
happy and I took it. Thank you, you make me feel so safe when I’m in your arms. I 
hope you never let me go. You are my guardian angel, here to protect me and to 
cheer me up when I’m sad. I must say I have never been so happy until now. 
Thank you, I am so grateful that God has brought you into my life. Right now I 
could shout to the heavens with JOY. Your sweet, cute, and protective. Thing that 
hard to find nowadays.

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I Gotta Story To Tell

Listen up I gotta story to tell...
I met this woman, beauty was impeccable
everything about her physically was delectable
and she knew it.
She boasted in her looks
and with that mentality she thought she was da wifey type
she saw delight in my persona
dey say every woman is looking for
her knight in shining armor but little did she know
true love, Godly love is the only thing I been longing for.
She must of saw my anointing from afar
or maybe because to da untrained eye my life looks like
its in parallel park...but anyway
she said she wants a man to make love to her heart
and she fallin 4 my convo
so she wanted to know
is this too good to be true
so she ask is that special someone you
but me, I see 20/20 vision
so just a beautified description
isn't worth it for me to sin against him
Now I don't know what God she served
but I thought I'd minister to her about
Christianity ya know true religion
and from that moment it was clear
I was what she was looking for
but what about me. yeah,
I turned her down and to most
that might sound crazy
but it's almost impossible
for a lady to satisfy my soul
threw her flesh. I mean I could have took it there
I been there, women who thought
dey could keep me happy wit all kinds of sexual relations
but I'm so analytical and I'm a man of God but also a sinner
so I abide in da spirit
my visual is nothin like da world so instead of jumpin hurdles
like da rest of em lookin 4 luv but always
finding emotional hurt
me I made dat decision to seek ye 1st

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A Heart of Gold

A heart of Gold is like choosing the right road,

And waiting for God to unfold,

A heart of gold is like,

Allowing God to take away your heavy load,

A heart of gold is like,

Standing in the mist of the cold,

A heart of gold is feeling, and bracing His hold,

And opening up your ears,

Until you are told,

Where to go,

He might be high,

He might be low,

Even though His timing is slow,

God will always lead and guide you to right place at the right time,

Always trust in Him and everything will turn out fine.

For God is always kind,


So you can find your Heart of Gold!

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What is it God

So many questions for my creator
why you sittin' back like a spectator
while the ghetto take a brothas breath
and all we ever see is death
If you truly made me as a baby
not my momma then why you hate me
take us through this life in fear
send forth all this toil that we must bear
And they just say God has a plan for us
but in honesty how can I trust
When they have always been talkin' false
And now they bear the holy cross
with ya faces on their churches walls
tell me how we could ever come to ya'll
The God that led our enemy
tell me God did you forsee me

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Talking with H I M

 In the most gentle most Loving voice, HIS Words made my heart rejoice 
Yes : from the beginning of time until the day after Eternitys’ tomorrow

 If YOU only knew a LOVE so true Given and Received Entwining together as ONE
how blessed YOU would be  someone LOVED YOU like a Father LOVES HisSON
this is the kind of Everlasting Agape LOVE that GOD ALMIGHTY gives Everyone
AGAPE LOVE given to my life,my wife : My Dearest Only Most Beloved LENORE

                                                   I HATE YOU !!!

What do YOU know about that : what did YOU say YOUR NAME was : THE 
JESUS ?? SON of GOD ? Why do YOU torment me haven’t I already paid the 
price ?
I lost my heartbeat , my breath, auburn hair that bought LIGHT to any SUNSET
GREEN EYES puts an Irish man to SHAME, JADE lost its luster to a LAUREATE
                                              I LOVE LENORE

                                    MY GOD I LOVE Y O U so MUCH

   INSPIRED by CARYL RAMSDALE’S; footnotes on HER Holiday Series POEMS
                                   DEDICATED to CARYL RAMSDALE 


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god within

I am the earth beneath you feet
soft and soothing in the heat
warm and cozy in the cold
feeding you as you grow old
I am the sky above your head
I gave you covers to warm your bed
Iam the stars up in the sky
I gave angels wings to fly

I am the God within your heart
and from you Iam i'll never part.
I am the God within your soul
and I breathe life for you to know

I am the heaven shining bright
I am the sun that give you light
I am the moon above the earth
I am the miracle of giving birth
I am the universe great and small
I am the plants the trees so tall.
i am the rain,the wind and snow
I am in everything you know

I am among all living things
I am what makes your heart sing

copyrighted by penny lapsley

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Conflict of the Heart

Conflict of the Heart
                    By Dane Smith-Johnsen

From whence comes constant conflict, from within?
You and I would never call love a sin.
Prayers prayed; what shall be our destination? 
I felt it, the Spirit’s confirmation.
The message, loud and clear; marry Ingrid.
Safe, comfortable in your arms, my heart hid.
Marriage license bought and commitments made.
Dreams about the future carefully stayed.
Trust given, and with no reservation.
Joy grew beyond one’s imagination.
There, with you, fears of the world subsided.
Peacefulness within my soul abided.
God’s loving gift had been in my heart laid.
The gratitude felt couldn’t be repaid.
Yes, I do remember that God is kind. 
Yet, life’s eternal mate was hard to find.
Love, twisted in a vine, finally found.
The fragrant fruit burst forth; free love unbound.
Adoration, a present deep within,
Fulfilled empty places could be no sin.
Exuberating hopes burst forth each day.
Dreams engulf all reason; some say we’re gay.
There, before me in splendour you stand tall.
Love for you, hermaphrodite, shall not fall.
Despite the glaring stare that some folks give
Together, we’ll press forward, just to live.
Please look upon the good, withhold your darts.
And pray, dear friend, that hatred soon departs.
Judgement assumes its toll upon the soul.
Subsided inner conflict is love’s gold.
We’ll ask God to lift conflict from within
To help us gain respect from thoughtless men.
So let the peace begin with open hearts.
For that is where pure love taught by Christ starts.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
   December 27, 2006

Poetic form: Lyrical-Couplets

Hermaphrodites have a complex genetic make up.  My Ingrid is the father of a beautiful 

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Steal not those things from nature,
which God, has made for all.
That babbling brook, that lilied field,
or the stately Redwood tall.

Pollute not our mountain streams
nor loose things in the air.
These things no man can ever own,
God's placed them in our care.

He's placed upon a thousand hills,
the cattle there to graze.
Eyes of faith he's blessed us with,
as we peer through life's haze.

Still not  those babies yet unborn,
being loaned to us to raise.
But with love correct and nurture them,
While giving God all the praise.

I've no idea just how big God is,
just that he's big enough.
To right the wrongs that man has done,
For him no jobs too tough.

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Gods Prayer

I have always been alone
Living within my thoughts
I am alone
It’s the safest place to be 
For someone like me
Always hurt and always in pain
Every day same as last 
It’s all the same
Please god answer my prayers
Help fill my heart and make me aware
Of the blessing I have and not just pain
I need you now god before I go insane…

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I Keep On Praising Him

VI.	I’m at the altar, I’m on my knees.  I’ve been praising, giving God the praise.  He 
deserves it all after all He’s done.  I keep on praising Him, I keep on praising.

CH.	I keep on praising, I keep on praising Him for all He’s done and all He’s ‘bout to 
do.  I keep on praising Him.  I keep on praising giving God the glory.  I keep on praising Him.

VII.	Many blessings come my way, and it makes a better day.  No one can do what 
God has done.  I keep on praising Him, I keep on praising.

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When God Calls Me Home

VI.	God made the world a long time ago.  In the beginning of creation He made the 
stars and the moon above.  But when God calls me home, I will be gone.

CH.	When God calls me home, I can’t wait to go.  Heaven ain’t too far but yet I’m still 
on earth.  I’m gonna be with Jesus, I wanna see Him first.  When God calls me home, I’ll 
never thirst again.

VII.	The rapture will come soon, I believe.  Be ready to go, don’t be left behind.  It’s 
getting close everyday we live.  When God calls me home, I’ll leave this world.

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Letter 2 The Congregation

People of God, lets state da facts
no one is perfect beyond sin or actually Christ-like
but unlike the world we suppose to seek righteousness
forget wrong & right
we been chosen, predestined
heirs to the throne forget 2nd best
so I challenge you to take a walk in my shoes
well all been ministered to
so when we approach dat judgment seat
there's no deep is your love for Christ
when was da last time you paid your dues
blessed is the man that walketh not in the
counsel of the unGodly so let me ask you
a question why you still running wit dem dudes?
Now don't get it twisted
I don't speak words of conviction
I been sanctified too so me & you ain't different
we in da same family tree so...
with repentance our sins are forgiving
this ain't a letter of contradiction
we worship the same God
the one who knows the end & the beginning
the one who's able to save souls
or issue the death sentence
so I ask you who's really unashamed?
who's ready to take da blame
for their sinful nature
who wants to be Christ-like
when the persecution comes
and even your loved ones hate you
but don't get it confused
in dis war yeah I lost some
what does dat song say it
this battle belongs to the Lord
so pick up that heavenly shield & sword
stand firm in his word
I don't know what you heard
but we're more than conquerors
so tell me who gone conqueror us
not da prince of da air Romans 8:37
to the kingdom of God I'm an heir
da devil don't fight fair so you better stay fully equipped
we all fall we only human even peter slipped
so I ain't trippin open your eyes harden
not your heart & listen
step out da flesh get out da physical
live faithfully threw Christ take on
the full appearance of God in the spiritual

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Children die in the Middle east...

Christ himself was born here, many souls die... 
Wars and hatred reside... 

peace, non existant... 
people pray, many... 
...prey on each other... 

ethnic cleansing, mad men... 
execute, they pick up arms... 
for their brains don't work... 

violent devils, without mercy... 
the safety of our children, secondary... 
these men, born of women,... 
devil seed spawn from man... 
religious archaic thinking damned! 

these mindsets we do not want... 
the violence, leave it all to rot... 
this world filled with such hatred... 
all based on a belief... 
...what religion god aspired to... 
what people "think" god believed... 

thankful, most of us have our 
beliefs in check...for most we 
realise, religion was heaven sent

but the message replaced...
by contortionst's who could 
read but couldn't comprehend...

...for gods' message is 
always one of love...compassion
and tolerance
tell me how could anyone
get this message so wrong...

...on the way down here...the 
spiritual understood...
...believer beware...the
preacher of falsehood... made scriptures, 
self designed to provocate, intimidate... 
but ...the real creator waits... 
...and the believers keep the 

...God resides in love...
this is where God waits...

when children start paying with 
their innoncence, their lives... 
I turn my back on religion... 
and all of mans' twisted lies... 

I see the pictures on tv childrens' 
bodies carried out, I am ashamed 
to be part of this thing we call 
the human race... 

Murderous bastards' hang your 
heads in shame...just hang your 
head from somewhere high, 
you are the ones, that should die... are the ones to blame... 

crucify your spirit, cleanse your hatred 
soul, curse all mindsets who follow 
you, off to hell you go! 

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Sing Unto The Lord

Sing unto the Lord!  All the earth

 and every nation!

Proclaim each day the wonders

 of his salvation!

Declare his glory among all

 of the heathen…

His wondrous works shout

from beneath them!

Great is our God and so greatly

 to be praised!

He is to be feared and honored

 above all gods displayed.

All of man’s gods are empty and false idols.

Our God created the heavens. 

His word is in our bibles.

Glory and honor are in 

God’s divine presence.

Strength and honor reveal

 his magnificence!

Give unto the lord all you

 people and rejoice!

Giving him glory and honor. 

 As we lift up our voice.

I shall give the Lord the glory and 

worship his name…

The beauty of his holiness…  I seek to obtain!

Our God is awesome and he

 reigns supreme…

He is our righteousness..    Our everything!

YOU are my God, whom I shall 

forever love so dear.

And I anxiously wait for that day

you shall appear!

By Jim Pemberton   10/28/10

Read 1 Chro. 10:23-28

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Your the best

You turned water into to wine you gave sight to the blind, you split the red sea, your the truth undefined lord you are good, you provide my every need, your a god who is bigger, than any mountain or tree, everything i got, comes from the god in me, he's the sunshine in my life, through him i got the victory, he is so miraculous, with words i can't express, he's the truth and he light, to follow him is the best, his love for me is undescribable, although i mess up, he's so reliable, he's there for me, through this an that, Jesus always has my back, he never leaves me out to hang, to Jesus im his main thang, i serve a god who is above all others, who cares for me, like the care of a mother, he is the best, no, i would never serve another

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Cause God Don't Want Me Here Forever

someday I'm going to leave this place
going to say all of my Godly good grace
for I know I'm going to a better place

Cause God don't want me here forever

Going to say goodbye to some good friends
kiss and hug my child till the very end
say I love you to Mom and Dad once again

Cause God don't want me here forever

Say I'm sorry for all I've done
Still go out and have some great fun
keep reaching for that burning sun

Cause God don't want me here forever

Going to lay in a garden of lace
where the sun shines upon my face
pluck a flower and put it to taste

Cause God don't want me here forever

Going to spread a little love
To the man up above
going to wait for his white doves

Cause God don't want me here forever

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The Hourglass

Mankind's finite days, as minute grains of sand. Methodically exit the hourglass, That God possesses in hand. Mankind fathoms not hours, nor discerns time of day. Nor perceives what God, has chosen as parting way. But when hourglass is empty, and judgment day's at hand. excuses then, will not subsist, Nor will God grant more sand. Ecclesiastes 11;3

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Soldier Boy

If tomorrow never comes
Then Lord I hope this day is good
I'm just an okie from Muskogee
Carrying your love with me
I go walkin' after midnight
From a thousand miles from nowhere
Silver medals and sweet memories
Of what might have been
All is fair in love and war
And who needs pictures
Take this job and shove it
And this dirt road too
If we make it through December
I'll go on lovin' you
For this is however feels
My woman my woman my wife
After the fire is gone
Please make the world go away
I'd march from here to eternity
With sixteen tons strapped to my side
For the ships that don't come in
It must be killing time again
Thank God I'm American Made
And not a moment to soon
So darlin' give me one more day
For it's a great day to be alive
For I'm thankful for my home's in Alabama
And Please God bless the U.S.A

Trying a new song again LOL

Bring Our Troops Home !

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God Is Amazing

VI.	God is amazing, God is great.  God is amazing to me.  Let everyone praise Him.  
Let everyone worship, ‘cause God is amazing to me.

CH.	We oughta praise Him more.  We oughta do what’s right.  Let His name be heard.  
Let the light shine.  Get down on your knees and pray to the Lord, ‘Cause God is amazing to 

VII.	We may not see eye to eye on some things in this world, but one thing I want you 
to know.  God is amazing, God is great, God is amazing to me.

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Battle In Me

Always looking back was the attack. 
Lack of strength in Jesus, 
Trying to find things that could please us.
Not enough to keep me going and have the Holy Spirit flowing.
Breaking through was what I had to do!
Years of emotional punishment, and disgrace were shown all over my face.
There was an empty space, 
That was the place, I held on to, not knowing what to do…
Crying, and Crying, 
For God to start prying those doors of my heart,
That for so long,
Were closed just for me to do wrong!
Seven years of so many tears…
And yet with God’s fear!
One day it became clear
My eyes in astonishment, quivering with chills feeling the tingling hit me from 
head to toe
My heart pounding so hard that it hurt, in the eagerness of rejoicing
Wanting to move forward but something held me tight
In all that thought of being held down
Yearning for more
Fading, feeling once again crashing
To that same darkness that overcame me at first...
When can I push?
The doors of my heart are in battle
Is it me or is it he?
I don't want him no more
God come heal me!
Take this emotional power that has me bound. 
I rebuke you Satan get out of my head, for the power of God wants to enter the 
doors of my heart. 
No more turning back
I want to see the Glory
And the glory will never be in you Satan,

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America God Is Asking You To Call

America, God is asking you. to call before 
into the hands of the hated one you will fall.
Yes America please look to God as He wants 
us just to pray even if we are walking in a mall.
0 America, it makes no difference where we are 
In the field or with our mends having a ball.
My goodness we can be in a small place of worship 
or in a. in a great cathedrals very spacious hall..
We just need to remember that we have a loving 
God and unto His name He just want us to call.

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It's not about you

When you change for the better, and people treat you strange
	It’s not about you…
When you stop cussing and drinking and doing things you know are wrong
And you look around and feel like you don’t belong
	It’s not about you….
Know that God see’s and hear all…
At that moment he expected you to stand tall
Stand tall and not be a shame that you are worthy enough to call his name
Know that God is watching you to see what you will do
Will you walk in faith or walk in you…
At that moment he expects you to hold your peace & pray…and to allow his spirit to have is 
way…To give you the words to say
	It’s not about you…I thought you knew…It’s about Jesus…
The day you decided to truly give him your heart and make
A new start…to truly trust that he will block every fiery dart
So, rejoice don’t get mad or feel sad
Because of what others say or do
You are not living for them or you
Your life is wrap in Jesus Christ…the one and only true light
And all your battles he will fight.
I thought you knew it’s not about you………
It’s about Jesus

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Eminent Domain

Eminent domain

The money is all dried up like the grass on the side of the road
I said the money's all dried up like the grass on the side of the road
feels like dragging a heavy load
accross the the earth spinning out of control
run by people that have no soul

aint know doctor gonna kill my pain
feels like our world is gonna burst into flames
my God how I wish it would rain

no work today
soon I'll have no place to stay
because I can't even rent this cheap
their gonna put me out on the street
my wife my kids and me
and I can't wait until my God claims

eminent domain

my God how I wish it would rain
is anybody else feeling my pain

I guess this is what happens
when you charge poor people usury
and all of our lenders are guilty
now how do you like the penalty
stiffen your neck and your gonna find
that this is only the beginning
now all the tax moneys thrown out and wasted
and I'm out on the street stone cold and naked
think your heaven wont be my pain

now the money all dried up like the grass on the side of the road
my how God I wish it would rain
let the humble receive their rights

eminent domain

eminent domain

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Just Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the sweetest name I know.
I'll spread the word of His goodness, and tell it everywhere I go.
Oh, my Saviour Jesus, how majestic is thy name,
Without your love and presence, my life would ne'er be the same.
Oh, that great name Jesus, such wonders to perform,
 I have that blessed assurance while I'm safe in His loving arm.
Oh, my precious Jesus, who died to set me free,
The cross is such a comfort to be nearer my God to Thee.
Just speak the name of Jesus, the name I truly love,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the Son of God above.

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Guts, God, & Glory

A tribute to the women and men who fought and died and never received their 
just honors or glories.
   And to the mommas and daddies that lost these children, this is their stories.
To say the least war is hellish, ghoulish, and sometimes the last resort to settle 
irreconcilable differences.
   For it’s during these times the devil is let loose to wander freely, disguised as a 
mighty leader is just one way he can alter his many appearances.
War is always given a just and noble cause, but I often wonder sometimes how 
much truth is in all of that.
   What it really boils down to is that someone is trying to push their ways or ideas 
on you and it eventually leads to combat.
So what do you do when you are challenged with these issues.
   Pray to God for wisdom, seek strength, and courage, and hand momma the 
It’s always our children who are the first line of defense against these causes of 
   Freedom has never come cheap, and that is the only explanation you can give 
someone who loses a loved one on some foreign shore.
Could be we might be praising budda while eating that bowl of fish eyes and rice.
   Had that son or daughter of ours not paid the ultimate price.
War should never be condoned but used only as a necessary tool.
   Only for God and country should it ever be used and never allowed in the hands 
of a fool.
So I thank God for my country, and bless the ones that had to fall.
   Where would we be if these brave men and women had not answered the call.

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My Home Sweet Home

As we pledge our allegiance to the flag
Together in gratitude, let us join in prayer,
For the millions before us who gave their lives
Defending our privilege to breathe Liberty’s air.

Oh say can you see the blessings we share
‘Neath purple mountains and spacious skies?
For our amber waves of grain grow in soil tinted red
By the blood of Patriots who laid down their lives.

My country, ‘tis of thee my heart sings
And upon whom God has shed His Grace.
My country, ‘tis to thee I pray you will always
Sing as one voice for our future children’s sake.

You’re a grand old flag; you’re our Star Spangled Banner
And I salute the virtues o’er which you are wavin’.
You fly proudly as a Beacon of Hope and assurance
For the tired and weak who flee to you for safe haven.

If tomorrow all the things were gone
For which we’ve toiled for over 200 years,
May we one day look into the face of our God
With no regrets for our efforts, blood, sweat and tears.

And, when in the course of human events
It becomes necessary to defend Liberty and Justice for all.
May we hold strong as brothers and sisters under one Father
Or together, we will most certainly fall.

God bless our leaders both here and abroad
May their souls be confirmed in self-control.
And God Bless us all with the wisdom to support the defense
Of Freedom and Democracy for all.

Our Father who art in Heaven,
I’d like to teach the world to sing,
A song that knows no language barriers
A song of love and peace and harmony.

From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white foam,
Happy Birthday, dear America,
You are my home, sweet home.

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Our New Beginning

Ours has never been a fortuitous friendship, For God ordained that it should be. While absent, you were akin to a sonar blip, That God knew I couldn't hear or see. But on a blustery day at His command, From an inquisitive heart, we were lettered. The days once enumerated as grains of sand, Were exiled and a love was unfettered. Apart, we existed as candles without flame, While distanced by that thief I'll call time. Being friends with you borders a playground game, Void of rules and without reason or rhyme. I oft thank God for reaching into your heart, Placing there, a reason, to give us thought. Our friendship was granted a fresh new start, Through God's grace, and because you sought. Dedicated to Shirlene on the first anniversary of her return to our lives. What a joy she has been.

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Two Letters Can Make A Difference

It won' be for things you've done, that God turns you away. But for the thing you left undone, that seals your fate that day. there is forgiveness in God for sin, no insurmountable task. Your wretched soul won't enter in, because you did not ask. Our life need not be gloom and doom, nor heart a colored hue. While many have come there is still room, at God's cross for you.

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Wax Man

His hatred here to stay
Their feelings float away
That man was cast in stone
He'll be here long after we're dead and gone
Chewing on his 7th sin
Understand? He can't begin
To feel the error in his ways
So he sits and numbers the days

Where is the sunshine when the martyr falls
You kept it all behind the glass wall
So he falls from paradise again
To play God with little children

My babel tower to rise
Steal the breath and smear the skies
Push it all out, try to pretend
But you can't change anything in the end
My hatred here to stay
Your feelings float away
Wave around a loaded gun
Temper, temper little one

Where is the sunshine when a the martyr falls
You kept it all behind the glass wall
So he falls from paradise again
To play God with little children
When my heart cried out in agony
No one held me and said never again
Slouching in my throne with devils in my head
Homeless, friendless, now powerful instead

I'd prefer not to confess
My mind is in distress

Where is the sunshine when a child falls
You kept it all behind the glass wall
So he falls from heaven into you
To play God wthis king, this fool

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In A Twinkling Of An Eye

In a twinkling of an eye, 
God can take away the fear 
of no more sweet bye and bye
and wipe away all tears of a cry. 
In a twinkling of an eye God can
take away all sadness of a sigh.
and all doubts that He’ll 
not meet us in the sky.
In a twinkling of an eye God can 
take away all evil thoughts of a lye.
And all the worries that 
causes us to ask why? 
In a twinkling of an eye, God can take
Away the anger from you and I
And all the things that
don’t allow us to try.. 

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Loud Cries and Tears

Jesus offered up prayers and petitions
And He was heard for His reverent submission
But His quiet times were not so quiet in His years
He made His requests known with loud cries and tears
	Unto God who would save Him from premature death
	And for those who needed grace and life Jesus wept
	Unto God who gave Him power and love to cast out fears
	Jesus supplicated with strong crying and tears  [Chorus]

Stir up your spirit like an eagle, get unsettled
Get alone with God all night like the time when Jacob wrestled
He groaned until the morning, He held on and overcame
All his struggles, he was blessed and given a better name

Men ought to pray always and never faint
Being alert and praying for all the saints
On every occasion giving God no rest
With all kinds of prayers and requests


Raise your voices like Apostles until the place is shaken
Pray til something happens for the cause undertaken
Like Elijah prayed seven times for the dry land
The abundant rain poured from a cloud like a hand

Jesus offered up prayers and petitions
And He was heard for His reverent submission
But His quiet times were not so quiet in His years
He made His requests known with loud cries and tears
	Unto God who would save Him from premature death
	And for those who needed grace and life Jesus wept
	Unto God who gave Him power and love to cast out fears
	Jesus supplicated with strong crying and tears  [Chorus]

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1989-2004 BUCS#5                                

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Living For God

I have but just one life to live,
and pray to God I must.
To see me through each sin filled day,
and in Him place my trust.

It matters what man may think,
or what other people do.
It's am I living my life for Christ,
has my faith been tested and true.

Have I persuaded some lost soul,
to give my Lord a try?
Or have I merely gone my way,
ignoring those I pass by.

I'll pray to God for words each day,
that might help turn one's life around.
That it might start one searching,
while He might still be found.


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Betray Yourself

How could you be good for another, When you hate yourself?

You blamed the devil and turned your back on you, no one else.

Criticize those who don't feed the mental game.

You've lost yourself along the way.

You hate yourself, To feel his love. 

Changed yourself for a lie from above.

You turned your back on the one you loved. 

YOU'RE DEAD INSIDE, now you Hurt yourself to feel his love.

The potential that comes from knowing oneself.

A gift unlike nothing else.

You were perfect but now you've become someone else.

You let fear take hold and you betrayed yourself.

You hate yourself, To feel his love. 

You killed yourself for a lie from above.

You turned your back on the ones you loved. 

YOU'RE DEAD INSIDE NOW, Where is the love?

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Who is Our Life

When Christ, who is our Life, shall appear
We'll be caught up~! To meet Him in the air
And our glory hid in God with Jesus Christ
Shall be revealed when we appear 
With Him in Eternal Life  (Chorus)

Some people say they got the life
And they think they have a better way
But the truth about their lusts and pride
Is with the using they all pass away

Yet they think it's strange that we don't run
To do the same excess they consider fun
And when ridiculed for the sake of His Name
Compared to Glory, it's nothing- take the shame


The world tells us to get a life
And that we live a narrow-minded way
But the truth we know will cause such strife
Because they're blind & deaf to what we say

But the Gospel won't be hid or overcome
For then it would be concealed from the lost ones
But if we suffer insults for the name of Christ
Remember in Him are all the meanings of Life


And when the sign of the Son appears in the sky
Then all the nations of the earth will begin to cry
For they will see Him come with power and glory from above
And see us in the clouds with Him they've spoken evil of


When Christ, who is our Life, shall appear
We'll be caught up~! To meet Him in the air
And our glory hid in God with Jesus Christ
Shall be revealed when we appear 
With Him in Eternal Life  (Chorus)

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The Lord Will Provide

The Lord gave Abraham a promise and a son
Through Sarah who conceived and laughed with everyone
For Isaac was the name in which all his seed is called
And his faith was evident and God's power shown to all
When He spoke to Abraham, "Sacrifice your only son
In the mountain of your Lord, offer up this innocent one."

Sarah must have had her doubts about what her husband heard
But Abraham said, "We will return, I beleive the promised word."
And on the journey of three days to the place of God's desire
Isaac carried his own wood, Abraham, the knife and fire
But then Isaac said, "my father", who answered, "Here I am"
"Here is the fire and the wood, but tell me where is the lamb?"

The Lord will provide
A Lamb to sacrifice
So you won't have to die
He'll give another life
Now lift up your eyes
It shall be seen from upon high
That the Lord will provide
A Lamb to sacrifice	(Chorus I)

And they came to the place, he built an alter there
Then in order laid the wood as Isaac stood and stared
Yet, he didn't say a word, although he could
He let his father bind him and lay him on the wood
For Abraham would receive him in a figure as it's said
Believing God could raise Him up, even from the dead.

As tears rolled down his face, he quickly raised the knife
But the angel called his name, "Abraham!  Don't take his life!
For now I know you fear the Lord to offer up your firstborn."
Then Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught by its horns
And he hurried to the bush and sacrificed the ram
Instead of his own son, who wondered, "Where is the lamb?"

(Chorus I)

Like Abraham our heavenly Father gave his only son
To a world who laughed and scorned and bruised this innocent one
Who never said a word as he carried his wooden cross
To a place called Calvary, the way made for the lost
He was nailed and hung upon that tree, He suffered, bled and died
And was lain within a tomb but in three days He was revived
Just as Abraham by faith spoke of the lamb God would provide
Jesus is the Lamb, the Lamb of God was sacrificed

The Lord did provide 
The Lamb to sacrifice
So none would have to die
He gave us His own life
Now lift up your eyes
Your Redemption draweth nigh
And see our God did provide
The Lamb who is alive!    2 X's	(Chorus II)

{Then in a strong chorus}
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
In the mount of God it shall be provided
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
In the mount of God He will provide

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The Ten Commandments

We will have no other gods before you
We will worship you alone, adore you
For you're a jealous God
And we love you Lord
So we obey and give our selves to be yours
We won't take your name, O God, in vain
But our purpose is to praise and proclaim
And the Sabbath Day
We'll keep it holy
We'll assemble ourselves with your saints
We will honor our mother and father
So we will live long and our lives will prosper
We will not kill
We will not steal
And we will not commit adultery
We won't tell a lie against our neighbors
We won't sow discord among our laborers
Because we love them
We will not covet
The things that you have freely given to us

And these are written in our hearts
Not on tables of stones
Through the Spirit of the Lord
When he refreshes these dry bones
He shows mercy to the children
Yes, to thousands of them
Those who love God above all else
Are those who will obey Him
And we will obey Him, we will obey Him, we will obey Him
Because we love Him, we will obey Him
We will love God above all

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I'm Sorry (Angel of Sadness)

“If u truly are here, then maybe I’ll regret this song” 

Mother received a gift horse 
She just never looked it in the eyes 
Nine months later 
she had more than she could lift of course 
If going through labor was written in a book 
Then some soul lies 
Straight from her vaginal insides 
I splattered my head 
With the grisles in my infant arms 
I gripped my throat 
Assumed to visualize myself after dead 
That day Diane realized 
God doesn’t give a god damn 
I’m stripping my soul of it’s beliefs 
To provide one final volume 
of what I have least to achieve 
Laugh like I just want some attention 
So unreliable 
am I the only person you forgot to mention? 
I expect nothing less than your undeniable attention 
Dorm room fantasies, 
Few episodes of pornography relaxes my penis 
Storms doomed Atlantis see! 
A new leprosy, father have you seen us 
As you can see 
God just doesn’t give a god damn 
Vote or die, whom ever you spoke with is a lie 
John Kerry, George Bush, it’s all in good hopes 
I guess the worlds going to end anyways 
So you can do what you want 
For the most of many days 
Now it’s me swinging on you 
Loyalty is adored 
But is only affordable through truth 
Cry like a baby 
Before I’d ever lay to make like a lady 
This is not a war call 
Just a scene where stars fall 
someone give me a hug, maybe a tug 
Before I purposely fall off this cliff 
And become a hysterical myth 
Maybe I already am 

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The Love of God

No tribulation nor distress
Persecution nakedness 
Shall separate me from the Love of God

For His goodness and mercy shall follow me
And dwell with me to eternity
Never to leave me His promise sent
Stay with me even unto the end

No tribulation nor distress
Persecution nakedness 
Shall separate me from the Love of God

If I make my bed in hell God is there
No matter where I find myself God is there

No tribulation nor distress
Persecution nakedness 
Shall separate me from the Love of God
In Christ Jesus

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I Don't Know What Plans God Has

I don’t know what plans God has.
I can’t still guess His intentions.
And what has He prepared for us?
I can’t still read His strategies.

Why have I met you on my way?
Did it happen by chance or not?
I’ll never forget that first day
What was earlier? I forgot.

I don’t know what plans God has.
I still believe in His wisdom.
He’ll be favorable to us –
I’ll be praying for it – again and again…

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because God loves me

He's been the source of my relief
backbone of my spiritual belief
He gives me such a sense of peace
He's been my ladder when I couldn't reach
I'll use His guidance and I'll teach
 I'll kneel to Him and I'll beseech
I'm everything you see because God loves me
He's been my strength when I felt weak
I hear His voice It sounds so sweet
I lift my hands to give Him praise
for giving me another day
He comforts me no matter when
I thank Him time and time again
I'm everything you see because God loves me
God to You I give praise
love You in every way
need You all of my days
just You show me the way

whenever darkness manifests
I turn to Him for He is blessed
He's never ever let me down
lifted me up to higher ground
I come to Him in supplication
for spiritual rejuvenation
I'm everything I am
because I love Him
and when I read the Holy Scriptures
I finally get the full gospel picture
that on His word I do believe
there's nothing I cannot achieve
He is my one and only King
for Him I'll do most anything
I'm everything I am because I love Him
as I go higher and higher on
to reach the Kingdom of Zion
I know that He will meet me there
no need to have any fear
I will eternally reside
in Heaven by His graceful side
I'm all that I can be, because God loves me
my prayers have finally been rejoined
and up to Heaven I rise on
now I can truly see the Light
God's Kingdom is within my sight
with Him I will forever rest
sinless and now forever blessed
I'm all that I can be because God loves me
and now I look upon His face
I bow to Him in all His grace
there's no place I would rather be
right here with God beside of me
there's no more searching around
with Him I truly have been found
I'm where I want to be because God loves me
I'm where I want to be because God loves me
I'm where I need to be because God loves me

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Something Good

God is the One who makes something good out of nothing
Speaking light in the darkness covering the face of the deep
And the Spirit of the Lord is hovering over your waters
To give you form, fill your void and breathe you out of sleep   (chorus)

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth
And He saw all He made was very good for His intentions
But soon after the first living souls experienced birth
They chose death and now seek out wicked inventions
	So Adam and Eve again lie lifeless on the ground in sin
	But God raises up the dead because they must be born again

For we are nothing without Jesus Christ and without Him nothing we can do
But with the Greater One living within, Satan can't make 'nothing' out of you


In the beginning Satan wanted the heaven and the earth
He saw every good thing within it and distracted our attention
Until the Seed of the Woman crushed the devil's evil mirth
Through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension
	Now the flaming sword is turning to direct us together
	To reach out and take the Tree of Life, eat and live forever



Once our world was full of darkness
Then bright and shining through came the Light
To those who receive and believe in Him
To be God's children He gave the right
And now He sees you as very good
Every man, woman, boy and girl
Because greater is He that is in you
Than he that is in this world

{bridge and chorus simultaneously}


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I Never Could Imagin

I never could imagin...
  A life so very real.
  A love unknown to man.
  A friend who is always near.
  A shoulder so strong to lean upon.
  A hand when I fall.
  A tear for every one I shed.
  A smile for every one I experience.
  A joy that's quite unspeakable.
  A strength so very strong.
  A heart I can rely on.
  A GOD who is The Saviour.

I never could imagin, the things that I now know;
the things that I now have...
  A life so very real.
  A love inknown to man.
  A friend who is always near.
  A shoulder so strong to lean upon.
  A hand when I fall.
  A tear for every one I shed.
  A smile for every one I experience.
  A joy that's quite unspeakable.
  A strength so very strong.
  A heart I rely on.
  A GOD who is my Saviour!

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A little child sits alone, in his home tonight
Mothers gone out, as he’s just pushed aside
Only five years old, and being alone is such a fright
His mommy hasn’t hugged him, since his daddy died

He dials zero on the telephone, asking for the number to heaven
The lady said God don't have a phone, as she begins to laugh
He tells the lady she's wrong, that daddy said God loves all his children
And as a tear rolled off his cheek, he said God has everything

Zero was the number of hugs, his mommy gave him
Zero was the kisses she gave, when he’d clean his room
Zero was the presents he recieved, last week when he turned five
To him zero was the way of life, since his daddy died

He dials the number to the church, where his daddy used to go
He said preacher man, I need to talk to God and daddy
He said the lady says, I can't talk to God on the telephone
But tonight I'm all alone, and I need to talk to daddy

The preacher man told him to talk to daddy, he had to get down on his knees
That God and daddy were listening, that they would hear his words
When the preacher man was done, he came and took the boy into the city
And with a smile on his face, the little boy said my daddy heard my words

Zero was the number of hugs, his mommy gave him
Zero was the kisses she gave, when he’d clean his room
Zero was the presents he recieved, last week when he turned five
To him zero was the way of life, since his daddy died

Now he lives with a new mommy and daddy, kisses and hugs everyday
His mommy sits in a cell alone, full of tears and feeling sad
Now zero is the sons she has, for leaving him alone to play
And zero is the number he forgets, when he kneels and talks to dad

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Showing Off

We're not showing off
And we won't put it off-
We're just praising the name of Jesus
But if we're showing off
Still we won't put it off-
We'll keep praising the name of Jesus   (Chorus)

There are those who think the Lord requires a solemn face
And there are those who quench His Spirit in this place
But there are those who sing and shout with hands and hearts to raise
And they are those who're free to give God all their praise

And if we're getting on your nerve-
And if we don't fit your format-
Well we've got a God to serve-
And we know it's going to take all that
He's pleased with that-	  (Bridge)


There are those who feel they know just how much it takes
And there are those who say we're going through a phase
So there are those who clap and dance with hands and hearts to raise
And they are those who're free to give God all their praise

(Bridge)    (Chorus)

Praise Him for his goodness, praise Him for his love
Praise Him with your voices, praise Him all ye lands
Praise Him with the timbrel and all your instruments
Praise Him with a loud noise, sing and clap your hands  (Repeat)

(Bridge)  (Chorus)

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Smart Heart

Smart heart is mine in loving you I don't regret.
The memorable times we have I will not forget.
In my life I'm so grateful to God that we've met.
In time we'll know what plans for us that He set.

Smart heart is yours my Honey for knowing me.
Because you're the only man my heart feels free.
We come to realize we are happy together to see.
And one day we will unite with God one in thee.

Smart heart is ours that we met here in this place.
All about you I'll never forget specially your face.
All things that we do and how tight your embrace;
You are the only one for me, I will never replace.

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The sacred temple is a
exclusive design body.
Created by God Almighty.
It's a solitary place thats
contains a threshing

To the carnal eye it's 
just a earthly cistern.
Or a contamination
made by sinful hands.
The sacred temple
contains so much
more than just a 
threshing floor.

It's a place not made 
by mortal hands.It's a
spiritually place of 
tranquillity connecting
with the God that made

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Blessed is the Man

Blessed is the man
      Who does not walk in advice of the wicked
Blessed is the man
      Who does not stand in the way of the sinners
Blessed is the man
      Who does not sit in the seat of the scornful
Blessed is the man
      And only he will stand	(Chorus)

For in the law of the Lord is his delight
And in His law he meditates day and night
Therefore, he shall be - planted like a tree
By the rivers of water and his green leaf
Shall not wither, but in season he yields his fruit
And God shall prosper whatever he will do

      In His righteous way hearing all God has to say
      He will shine more and more unto the perfect day (because)


But the wicked are not so, they're like the chaff
Blown away by the wind and that's not the half
The ungodly shall not stand in the judgment
Nor will sinners congregate with the righteous
For the way of the ungodly shall perish
But God watches over everyone who'll cherish

      His righteous way and all that they hear Him say
      And they will shine more and more unto the perfect day (because)


Psalm 1

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If God will,
it is well
that we love in unity
just for the eternity!

If until now you didn't feel
anything for me;
if until this day you didn't
want to believe me
when I talked to you 
about happiness...
now, it's strange that you
realize what my words
can do to an unbeliever,
unbeliever like you!

It could be pity,or
just that you need to talk
to someone about
the long put-off tommorrow
that brought you fear!

Let's love one another...
let's avoid being those two fools
bringing ruin to each other;
if God will,
we'll be happier
than ever before
and we'll never look
at the dark side of things,
because love and closeness
will get hold of us!
If God will,
we'll be dependable from the start
and plan things to improve the weakness
that ripped us apart!

If God will, 
it is well
that we love in unity
just for the eternity!

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Losing sight of God, religion and self
as I battle the war between my heart and mind
Emotions, sin that destroys mankind
I knew God last Sunday
I knew God as I pray
Birth, no choice in the matter
I cry all the time, 
the sound of no more laughter.
My religion, a Christian foundation
as I leave it to seek emancipation
reading the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke,
and John, a Revelation of these last days gone.
Who am I? Don't ask me for long ago I lost all sanity.
I am depressed, repressed,
move forward, but yet regress.

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Ability VS Right

With knowledge some seek to feed,
the veracious appetite of man.
We create things we do not need,
feeding egos and because we can.

In frozen storage men we place,
for revival at some future date.
For new technology man does race,
before his time's grown late.

Does ability alone make it right,
With God, is this an abomination?
Have we forgotten that he gave light,
that he's in charge of creation?

From first a tomato, bio grown,
then next a sheep named Dolly.
Now man, we have desire to clone,
surely God won't allow this folly.

If God allows man to be cloned,
would we find within a soul?
God above is not dethroned,
he alone can make man whole.

The very fact man seeks to clone,
tells me we've strayed off track.
Leave reproduction, to God, alone,
in knowledge he has no lack.

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Blah! Blah! Blah! War!

Everyday, I see on the world news, 
nothing new,... 

the middle easts' favourite past time 
human sacrificial bombing... 

we won't pray for what you do... 
after twenty years, it's obvious 
it doesn't work... 
...your souls off to hell, 
why do you hate? your hatred on high 

your last memory, bodies in rubble in tombs... 

play on words..."holy war" ethnic cleansing"... 

...maybe one morning we'll wake up 
our alarm clocks pre set, all the violence 
all the weapons, destroyed... the name of "common sense", 

..."innocent lives sincinerated"... 
a "minority" of violence, disturbed 
reincarnated...sadly day after day... 

...twenty years on, what has changed... 

mind bending religion, trapped 
in a time warp...mind melt down 
violent mind-walking corpse... 

...the world has left you behind... 
culture without future... 

...all your souls' condemned,... 
and those that do nothing guilty 
as sin... 

...if the son of god was born in 
the middle east,...the devil lays 
there too... 

...many souls possessed... 
...this has to be the 
reason...why you mad people do 
what you do... 

"thank God for common sense", the rest 
of the world doesn't think 
...the way you do. 

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give me

give,me,all i've dreamed of
love is what i'm thinking of...
insert the key of love into my heart
youre a god send from above...

i wrote a book
i wrote a poem
i made this song
just for you...
give me love
give me you
love is what i'm thinking of...

give,me, all i've dreamed of
love is what i'm thinking of...
insert the key of love into my heart
youre a god send from above...

you make me laugh, when i cry
you make me smile
when i'm feelin down...

i realize i
can love again
i'm fallin in love
with my friend...

give,me, all i've dreamed of
love is what i'm thinking of...
insert the key of love into my heart
youre a god send from above...

instrumental breakdown:

you made me see
the white lights
you bring joy ,to my life...
making me realize
theres much more
greatness to my life..

give,me,all i've dreamed of
love is what i'm thinking of...
insert the key of love into my heart
youre a god send from above

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Justifiable eloquence

The honest soul will celebrate 
not captive by false rule, 
truth be told, lies unfold 
my God the light you rule 

self appointed preacher 
swindle thousands out of pocket 
some offering galaxy trips 
in a saucer or a rocket 

Question every man and 
woman who claim that they believe 
not from scripture from their own words, 
their soul truly free? 

Study their belief system 
what do they declare, 
here lies discrimination 
criticsm believer beware 

We are taught to search ourselves. 
so what really do we believe? 
commercialised religion is that 
the answer or to 
change the channel on T.V 

There is no quick answer 
I know this to be true 
the real god you are looking for 
is inside of you. 

God Bless 

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I cannot be what I am not

To express the way (I) feel...

my spirit when I am with you
I do not want to leave...

This passion so free with you...

I disperse this freely unto you...

this place inside of me...
this pain inside hurts...

this stubbornness that lays...
just beneath the surface...

My secrets from this fool reveals... make a connection surreal...

...this truth I cannot escape...

...for nothing you will find here is fake...

I cannot be what I am not...

this truth instilled not easily forgot...

so I will slip away quietly
into this gentle starlit night...

with all my words...the inner courage
I can muster...all my feelings I cannot

who I really am...I cannot be your fake...

this night my heart aches...
my words swirl with deep emotion... eyes they fill with heavy tears...

this truth more pain and agony than
I once feared...

this dream seems
lost...for my heart and soul burdens
me with such cruel self cost...

this courage sanctioned...
on my knees this spirit hails...

my will my heart to give in
to give up...

My god for you within me
I will not fail...

My God please do not
believe me weak...

...this force that pulls me...
from within you I feel I speak...

...this courage you give me
I so rely...I believe in you...
my spirit my will will not deny...