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Lyric Daughter Poems | Lyric Poems About Daughter

These Lyric Daughter poems are examples of Lyric poems about Daughter. These are the best examples of Lyric Daughter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Ballad | |


There's a breed of Aussie hero who has served this nation well 
and they don a yellow uniform to face the fires of hell. 
When day temperatures are soaring and the high winds blow a gust, 
and our bushland is ignited it's in them we place our trust.   
Yes, you're all somebody's daughter and you're all somebody's son; 
you are mothers and you’re fathers.  Hard hat heroes everyone. 
When their mates are in the hot seat and they need a helping hand, 
they will volunteer their services from stations 'cross this land. 
Whether country towns or cities or a bush fire brigade; 
they will gladly throw their hats in and will offer their mates aide. 
Yes, you're all somebody's daughter and you're all somebody's son; 
you are mothers and you’re fathers.  Hard hat heroes everyone. 
Do you owe your home or property, your very lives perhaps,     
to the selfless, sincere efforts of these bold fire-fighting chaps?  
Or still sadly you lost everything, but proudly can attest 
to their fierce determination as each brave soul did their best.    
Yes, you're all somebody's daughter and you're all somebody's son; 
you are mothers and you’re fathers.  Hard hat heroes everyone. 
So I ask you all to join me as we stand and raise a glass 
to the courage and the spirit of this fire fighting, class; 
and I'm sure you'd love to join me as this message we impart,  
"You're such true blue hard hat heroes and we thank you from the heart." 
Yes, you're all somebody's daughter and you're all somebody's son; 
you are mothers and you’re fathers.  Hard hat heroes everyone. 

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To My Angel Mother

I count my blessings everyday to have a mom like you.
You’ve always been there come what may, to lift my mood when blue.
You say that God sent me down as an angel just for you,
But really God let me choose, I swear to you that’s true.
I saw that we could always be there for one another,
And that’s why God sent me down I chose you for my mother.

I am the woman I am today because you raised me so,
You taught me well and helped me grow, and then you let me go.
You are my mother first of all, but now you’re my friend too.
I never strayed all that far, I like to stay close to you.

Our relationship is a special one I’m sure you would agree.
When I am needed I shall come, you can always count on me.
I know that you feel the same, I am always welcome home.
A warm embrace, a happy face no matter where I roam.

You mean so very much to me, you know that it is true.
I’d walk the very fires of hell, if that’s what I had to do,
To stay the ever loving daughter, and be best friends with you.

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All on Me

All on Me

My childhood is sketchy too many
Yet as those holes fill in
I do not like what I see
So many secrets 
So much pain
My innocence was lost
No wonder I never acted like a child
Still I feel like it was 

All on Me

Be strong, be brave 
Be silent 
Never tell a soul
No one will understand
This love we share
And so it went 

All on Me

Even now as I remember 
Each awful moment 
I wonder what I could have done
To avoid it all together
I wonder what would have happened 
If I had spoke up
However all the what ifs in the world
Will never change the fact that it is 

All on Me

Sometimes I feel like the 
Pain is going to last forever
I am so scared that the glimpse of happiness I once had 
Is all I will ever see
Yet I won’t give up and
I won’t give in
Because if I do then he will win
Then it will be

All on Me 

Instead of 

All on Him

By: Jeanna York

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Cindy Had A Little Bird

Cindy had a little Bird, 
Little Bird, little Bird, 
Cindy had a little Bird, 
Its feathers were yellow as the sun

And everywhere that Cindy went, 
Cindy went, Cindy went, 
Everywhere that Cindy went
The Bird was sure to go

It followed her to school one day
School one day, school one day
It followed her to school one day
Which was against the rules.

It made the children laugh and play,
Laugh and play, laugh and play,
It made the children laugh and play
To see a Bird at school

And so the teacher turned it out,
Turned it out, turned it out,
And so the teacher turned it out,
But still it lingered near

And waited patiently about,
Patiently about, patiently about,
And waited patiently about
Till Cindy did appear

"Why does the Bird love Cindy so?"
Love Cindy so? Love Cindy so?
"Why does the Bird love Cindy so?"
The eager children cried

"Why, Cindy loves the Bird, you know."
Loves the Bird, you know, loves the Bird, you know
"Why, Cindy loves the Bird, you know."
The teacher did reply

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Oklahoma Black Sky

She was a freckled faced child who 
dreamed of being loved...
He was nothing but a heartless bastard who hated
everyone, especially us.
She was the protector of her sisters and
stood up to him as tears rolled down her 
angel face...
His day of reckoning came one sweltering 
Oklahoma summer in July...
She entered the house to the cries of her 
mother, begging for him to stop..
The angel child had suddenly become the 
protector of her mom..
She grabbed his belt which lay nearby and 
swung with all she had...
Blood streamed down the side of his 
face and down the front of his shirt...
The only cries now were from him and no longer
from her mother....

I love you, mom...
Your loving daughter,

Details | Free verse | |

A Childs Prayer - God We Need To Talk

Tonight as my baby girl started to pray
She said God it's 8 O'Clock, 
And God We need to talk.
She said daddy help me pray, 
And daddy bow your head,
As we knelt beside her bed. 
she said God can you hear me?
Mommy always said you'd hear me,
If I would learn to pray, 
And that you would show me the way.

Well God I don't understand. 
Why you took my mommy away.
Daddy always says i'll understand, 
When I grow up some day.
She said God, you need your son. 
Well I need my mommy to,
And I know that my daddy, 
Would be happier with mommy. 
Cause daddy talks to her, 
And mommy's not even there.

God can you please,
Give my mommy wings, 
So she can come to see us.
She always kept our house clean, 
And God I know, 
She keeps your house clean to.
And God I miss mommy's big hugs, 
Daddy says your son gives hugs to.
So I know if my mommy had wings, 
She could hug me and daddy.

Well God I want to thank you,
For being there to listen, 
And God think about what I said.
And tell mommy that I love her, 
And God I love you to.
Oh just one more thing God, 
Help my daddy stop crying.
Thank you God, Amen, 
Then she turned to me and said,
Goodnight daddy, I love you.

I was still on my knees, 
Beside my little girls bed, 
With tears running from my eyes.
I gave my baby a goodnight kiss, 
And said sweet dreams baby girl.
Then I went to my room, 
And kissed my wife's picture, 
And with tears in my eyes,
I knelt down to pray, 
I said God, We need to talk.

Details | Lyric | |


You said things you didn't mean.
His feeling you hurt.
But he never listens to what you have to say.
Trying to wash dishes, it just gets to you.
Stay strong.
Don't cry.
Just finish the dishes and walk away.
Here he goes again. 
You don't do anything, he says.
Yes I do, you say.
What? What do you do...
get on the computer?
watch t.v.?
play around? he shouts.
Homework, you say while fighting back the tears.
Trying to make sure I have a better life, you say.
What you need to do is clean, he says.
Is he for real?
Would he really rather me clean that make sure I have a better life?
Is he mad?
Finish the dishes, he shouts.
But you - never mind! you say.
Stay strong.
Don't cry.
Just finish the dishes and walk away.
Dishes done.
Now walk away.
Almost there.
Shut the door.
Now you can cry.
Wait a second.
Someone is at the door.
He walks in.
Daddy what do you want? you ask.
This is my house and I can do whatever I want, he shouts.
Stay strong.
Don't cry.
Just take it and shut the door.
Don't take it.
Fight back.
He shouldn't make you feel this way.
Daddy you're not being fair, you say.
You never listen anymore, you say.
What are you doing?
Are you mad?
This is your father you are talking to.
You are not mad.
Its time he knows how you feel.
Stand up for yourself.
Fight back.
Let him know how it feels.
He walks out and shuts the door.
You look him in the eyes as he leaves.
There is so much hurt in them.
You finally made him feel how you feel.
And yet, you feel like the bad guy.
Stay strong.
Don't cry.
But you can't help it.
Let it all out.

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November 27, still fresh in my mind. It was the year 1997, and the night my daughter died. Her daddy came home drunk that night, she had a cold and was laying in her crib. When she started to cry, I feared the worst, and worst did happen, and I was left all alone. Jesus saved her that night, from the pain and the suffering, but I was left without my daughter, and nobody to show me love. A tiny little baby, only four weeks old, did not have the chance to say "Good Bye!" She was so innocent, and knew of no faults. Just a small little soul, had no chance in this life. This year I will not be celebrating Hallow's Eve, this was her birthday, and the day I was happy my daughter came into my life. November 27th, was the day that she died, but it was also my birthday, and the day I wished I had died. Her daddy was sentenced to life in prison, no parole, and no chance of escape. My daughter will not be spending no holidays with me, and I will never hear "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy. I love you so much!" My birthday used to be special to me at one time, but to me it is only a dreaded memory of the death of my little angel. Jesus will show her daddy no mercy, cause an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. With arms wide open, I run to the Lord, He feels my pain and He feels my sorrow. The flashbacks still haunt me of that dreary night, but I must learn to manage and learn to cope. My daughter may be dead within my mind, but in my heart, my daughter always lives.

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Mom, you are my role model
Raising me to a young woman, from a little girl
Step by step, day by day
You've done a great job, in so many ways

When I need someone, you are always there
I never have to doubt that you care
I can always tell you what i'm thinking of
Mom, you have my love

You raised me the best you could
Took care of me like any good mother would
You brought me in this world, guided me through life
Giving me the things every kid needs to survive

You righted me when I was wrong
many times you helped me stay strong
Like many mothers, you've tried your best
And mom, i'd say you passed the test

Raising four girls by yourself
Must have been harder than I could inmagine
But obviously you knew just where to begin
And for that i'll love you to the end.....

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I Hate You Cancer

Dedicated to my Dad who lost his short battle w/ Colon Cancer on June 18,2013

I hate you Cancer
Your vile evil and cruel
You don't care who you hurt
I'll never forget that day
I'll always hate you for it

Your heartless Cancer
You took someone important from me
Someone important from others too
Took people who didn't belong to you
I hate you for it

You disgust me Cancer
You had no right to take him from me
He mattered more than my very own life
I hate you for taking my Daddy
I hate you for taking others too

I hate you with a passion Cancer
You took part of my heart with him
You took part of my soul that day too
I hate you for it
I hate you I hate you I hate you

I hate you with every fiber of my being 
Go back to Hell where you belong
I hate you, others hate you
Your not welcome or wanted here Cancer

I hate you more than his doctor's
I hate you more than God
I hope I get to witness that day
Witness the day you fall
And you will fall Cancer

You're gonna lose the battle one day Cancer
I'm gonna laugh and dance around your grave
You'll finally get what you deserve 
And you'll never be able to take another soul

Sabrina Niday Hansel

Placed 8th in Poet Destroyer A's  2013 "PINKTOBER" Contest

Please Support a Cure for Colon Cancer & every other type!

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Don't Cry

Please don't cry over my casket 
For I am not there 
Please don't cry at my grave 
My soul has been set free 
I know it's hard not to cry 
I've been down that road one to many times 

I have no more pain 
I have no more sickness 
And I would not change a thing 
As I walk threw the gates of Heaven 
Mom Dad our brothers and sisters 
Will welcome me with open arms 
Here I am free of that pain 

Don't blame yourself 
It was my time to go home 
This is where I'm supposed to be 
Don't dwell on things which you can not change 
I will always be in your heart 

I will always be watching over you 
When that day comes for you to come home
I will be there to welcome you 
With open arms
And walk you threw the gates of Heaven 
You will be greeted by our family & friends
Who came home before you 
Until that day I will be watching over you

Details | Villanelle | |

The United Nations

Did you get my
Number yet?

Details | Lyric | |

Summer Time

Summer Time
and in the spring
the children sprout
growing up until they old
reminiscing on the past
(Summer Time)...
 So innocent and young
growing old and wise
telling true stories
to the children eyes
some young become old fools
just make sure its not you
Summer Time
and in the spring
the children sprout
growing up until they old
reminiscing on the past
(Summer Time)...

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Forever Changed

June 18, 2013 our world was Forever Changed
We where a few minutes from home
When we got the call from our baby sister

Said we need to get back home
We need to come as fast as we can drive
Mom really needs us
Something’s wrong with Daddy
The whole way we drove 80
Hoping & Praying we’d make it back in time

Our Family & Friends were weeping 
By the time we got to his side
We knew then our Daddy had been taking
And our hearts they were breaking
We never got to say Goodbye
We each softly kissed that man
We four sisters climbed in his bed 
We laid down beside him 
And cried just like babies
For our world was Forever Changed 

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Coming of Age

There is music in her hands;
The graceful gestures of a different time,
Courtly manners and a black lace fan...
A hundred shaded meanings
In my daughter's eyes...
Mysterious, sibilant laughter without mystery
Without guile
Say so many things young and beautiful.

And the dance begins inside her smile
In the middle of her first kiss
That needs no translation...
While the chandelier in a debutante ballroom
Reflects flashes of joy
In a swirl of shining silk
And a trace of elusive perfume
Warming her skin for the first time.

There is such music in her hands;
She is my princess, unawakned
Surrounded by a future beloved,
And dissapointed courtiers...

There is such wonder...

I love you, Daughter Mine.

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I only see you in Pictures

Run out in Steptember 
and here is December
But I'm still your defender
To guard and protect you forever for sure
but for now

I only see you in pictures
It kills me to look at your pictures
You keep me alive, you in pictures
Do they let you see me in pictures
I ache to hold you not just your pictures
Soon together we'll take new beautiful pictures

On the day of your birth
You brought to me mirth
I promised heav'n and earth
To stay and protect you forever for sure
I'm with you but for now

I only see you in pictures
It kills me to look at your pictures
You keep me alive, you in pictures
Do they let you see me in pictures
I ache to hold you not just your pictures
Soon together we'll take beautiful pictures

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My Jasmine

Written for my beautiful Grandaughter,  at the time she was born   Peter

My Jasmine

Oh Jasmine you were born to be an angel
And one day with your love you’ll change the world
My child, you are your grand dad’s special treasure
My Jasmine you’re my wide eyed baby girl.

My Jasmine, they’ll not find another flower
Who could fill my heart with joy, the way you do
My child, you are a rare and precious blossom
No words could ever spell my love for you

I thank the blessed power, that she did send us
This essence that be you my lovely child
The love for you that dwells within my heartstrings
Is like a tender rose that’s growing wild

Oh Jasmine, you have made this old heart happy
Which surely be the story of your life
For where thee be, then happiness will follow
Your tenderness will rid the world of strife

3 August 1999

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The inevitable talk

You can not escape the inevitable,
Stories of the birds and the bees.
We dread the thought of persuit,
in which we fore think our plee's.

No psychic can see.
No medicine man can heal.
No rules are set in stone,
of age or how to feel.

Books can teach of what to say,
But how do you approach such a thing?
I hope and I prey she waits for the day,
she devotes her life with a ring.

I will never be ready for the day that my baby makes such an adult decision..

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i miss you

It was a bright summer day 
But in my mind my world was tumbling down on me
 You left me 
You betrayed me, how could you? 
Now people judge me.
It was your mistake not mine
People still ask me where you are but i'm too ashamed to say.
Who are you? 
Why did you do this to me?
If you loved me you would have never left me.
I'm so angry that you left; it’s hard for me to write
You’re mad at me and I cry.
But in reality i'm mad I’m angry and I don’t know what to do with that anger
And when you call I just cry.
I forgot, ill write to you tomorrow
But i'm so angry that I choose to forget.
Why is it so hard for me to understand you left by mistake.
But you abandoned me on purpose.
Why can’t I be upset with you for a change.
My birthdays next week and I cry on that day
For the past 4 years you haven’t been there
You tell me you love me but I don’t feel it.
Can you come back and hug me one more time?
When are you coming back?
I miss you daddy.

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Thrown Away

You gave me the news today
Told me to leave and stay away

To error is human is what they say
It's to bad you don't see it this way

Yes you decided to throw me away
Because I don't see everything your way

You don't know how I feel, but you hope I agree
That you should have nothing more to do with me

So, once again I totally must disagree
Even though you want nothing to do with me

A mother's love you can't throw away
I'll love you my daughter till my dying day

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Fly Baby Fly

Crawl Baby, Crawl Baby
Scribble on that Wall, Baby
Society's Chains aren't meant for you
Stand Straight and stand up Tall
I'll Stop your Fall
Run Baby, Run Baby
Your Heart is like the Sun Baby
It Warms the Earth around you
And it Answers to no-one
Your Time's Begun
Fly Free One Fly
Your Trail will Rip the Sky
Your Name will Shine in Lights someday
Up where the Eagles Fly
And Daddy'll Cry
Dance Baby Dance Baby
Seize your every Chance Baby
Don't let 'em say "it can't be done"
Go leave 'em in a Trance
Dance Baby Dance
Soar Baby Soar Baby
To a far off Distant Shore, Baby
Have 'em Follow you, to Heavens Gate
And leave 'em wantin' more
Soar Baby Soar
Love Baby Love Baby
A Gift from God above Baby
The Greatest Gift Mankind can Claim
Surrounds you like a Glove
Love Baby Love
             Chorus  to fade

Song for Aoibha, my baby girl...age 5

Details | Ballad | |

With This New Day

I have lived, 
And felt the cost, 
Paid my dues, 
But I have lost_ You. 

 Still I pray, 
As chaos looms, 
And as my blue turns into grey, 
I hear__ 
The angels sing- In tune. 

 Don't be giving in, 
Don't give up my son, 
Or fade away, 
Lift your chin with the sun__ And rise, 
With this new day!. 

 I have lived, 
And felt the cost of all my wonderin ways, 
I've paid my dues, 
I - Have lost you. 

 I can hear the angels sing, 
Your in a mistaken land__ Lessons learned in truth, 
As the grey seeks out the blue, 
She will__ Your daughter my son--- 
She will return--- To You.

For I have lived, 
Felt the cost of all my walkin days, 
I've paid my dues, 
I- Lost you....

I wont be giving in, 
Won't give up my girl, 
Or fade away, 
I'll lift my chin with the sun--- 
And RISE-- 
With this new day...

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oh mother

i never tell you i love you,
but you dont too,

oh mother,

i hate it when you hover,
i hate it when you cry,
i hate it when you leave me,
and i hate it when you say bye,

oh mother, oh mother,
you get upset when  i do wrong,
but u get happy when i write a song,
i never understand u,
believe me i never do,
but i love u, i love u, i love u
when u cry i cry,
when u smile i do,
your so strong,
and in the end u dont do wrong,
your the melody of the song,
you always know everything,
and ill always wait on ur ring,
cuz when i hear ur voice,
i become happy,

mother oh mother,

i love u so,
please forgive me for all my wrongs,
and believe that it wont be long,
before i become like u,
i know its too good to be true,
your perfect,.
and i will never be,
but i will accept the real me,
mother I LOVE U!

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To My Foster Parents With Love

I came into your lives a lost and lonely child,
Full of anger and resentment,
Overwhelmed with fear and confusion.
Yet you took me into your home, your lives, and your hearts.
From the very beginning you tried to make me feel welcome and wanted.
Though I fought you each step of the way you never gave up on me.
Instead you patiently and lovingly took me under your wings,
protecting, guiding and shaping me.
Showing me love and understanding.
Giving freely and openly the praise and affection I so desperately needed.
All the while expecting nothing in return.

As days turned into years you were still there
Making me feel safe and secure,
treating me with respect and fairness,
pushing me to be the best I could be.
And still, there I was fighting you.
Oh, the pain and heartaches you endured at my hands.
Yet there you stood, firm and unwavering.
Never walking away, never giving up.
Always loving me no matter what the cost.

All these years later as I look at my own children
I realize just what you saw and still see when you look at me.
Your Daughter!

I love you.

Details | I do not know? | |

'Little bird, what troubles thee'

Little bird, what ails thee
      is it the bread in your belly
little bird, what troubles thee
      is it the bread of misery

is it the bitterness in your heart, 
     or the offense you can't forgive
is it the anguish that sets you apart, 
     or the hurt that holds you captive 
is it the cancer of bitter love, 
     or the loss of deserved affection 
is it the cruel withdrawal of 
     his tenderness and compassion 

life is much too brief
      and youthful love's even briefer still,
your forestalled relief 
      keeps you from seeing His eternal will

what befalls you 
      is neither unshared nor a mystery
God sheds tears for you
      in the midst of your painful agony

little bird, what ails thee
      is it the bread in your belly
little bird, what troubles thee
      is it the bane of misery

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A Mans Worth

A Man’s Worth
By Nate Spears

I’ve never been god’s gift to the world
But I am a man
A man with a gift 
A man with a plan
A man of mistakes
But a man of honesty
A man with integrity
That’s the man inside of me. 

For what you believe in; stand for
Be the heart of your family
The flaming torch
Be the hand that feeds
Be the hand that heals
Be the hand that nurtures
Be the hand that kills

Be the hand that serves 
Be the hand that protects
Be one hand in your household
That demands respect; and is
Truly blessed
To have a beautiful family
Making you the whole of a man
Bringing a new meaning
To the soul of a man
With respect 
With honor
With courage
Be a symbol of depth
Making mankind reflects its intent
On this earth
As is in heaven

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Dad Call Me

It wasn't all that long ago
that you went away
yet still I sit and wait by the phone 
every single day

I know that I should call you
I also know I won't
I'll wait for you to call me
even if you don't

dad can you hear me
I need to talk to you
I know that you are far away
but I hope you want to to

I know you said I could call you 
but I don't think I should
I never know if you're with her 
and I know you'd call me if you could

If you call this weekend
I promise I'l talk too
but realy all that's up with me 
is that I really miss you

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A Confession to Tell

I have a confession to tell
and I don't know where to start.
It is something I have hidden
for many years.
Something I wouldn't let myself have.
I've had many fears about this.
Fear you would reject me.
Fear of disappointing you,
of hurting you in some way.
I denied this for so long,
it became the norm.
I tortured my soul over it,
for so many years.
I want you both to know
how much I love you
and I would never do anything
to intentionally hurt you.
You both gave me so much
even when we didn't have much.
You both did a great job raising me
and I think I turned out okay.
You taught me good life lessons,
a hard work ethic, honesty, and loyalty.
Up until now, I have led my life
the way I did for fear
you would disapprove of me and
that would be too much for me to bear.
I then realized, I wasn't truly happy.
I wasn't being me.
During this time, I met someone,
who made me very happy.
They saw the real me hiding inside
and loved me for it.
I now know true happiness.
I have debated and contemplated
in my mind of how to tell you both.
It is something I could
never imagine doing before.
I didn't know how to tell you
no matter how much I wanted to.
I want you to know
that you did nothing wrong.
I love you both very much.
Please don't think any less of me
because of this, but...
Mom, Dad, I'm gay.

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Dear Father,
Your distress and anger is all felt,like a flood we are swept. Remember we are of same divine energy
We your little children to us you are sent as our guardian and guide
Sometimes you shout,curse and frown your words cut like swords you have left us wounded but we have nursed and healed.Cruel remarks sting like sharp arrows from the Bible i read found it hillarious i smile and be happy my weak shield that i have always used.
Fatherly affection, manly protection and a good generation id be happy to see
Respect and love is all i have breathed out to you my father.I grow and learn how close fathers felt love to be hugged and kissed at 35 with kids, i watch in despair and hope one day before its too late as time moves fast , he will call us four and say i love you all four,fatherly affection

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Tomorrow I will Retire

Teach me to understand the fineness!
Wean me from boredom and laziness!
Manifest to me many times kindness!
I am your slave, but… please…
Don’t put me on my knees!

I love you, I love you my father and mother,
I strongly believe in the great mystery of yours,
Only you can forgive me as I am a sinner,
Only you can understand me and do not curse.
I am infinitely tired on the sinful earth.

Can’t find the right words, but… Do you need them?
At any case you know my feelings and thoughts.
I am your prodigal daughter, for you was a problem.
Caring, tenderness, worries… There were lots.
But a family tree happened to be the rots.

I must say: Do not curse me my father!
I am the only one to blame for my guilt.
I prostrate myself in front of my mother
With her help the strong family was built.
She was my warmest quilt.

Teach me to understand the fineness!
Wean me from boredom and laziness!
Manifest to me many times the kindness!
I am your slave, but… please…
Don’t put me on my knees!

I was drowning without water,
I was burning without fire.
Allow me to stand on my knees!
Now it’s my greatest desire.
Tomorrow I will retire.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)
The 13th of May, 2013

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Hurting Once Again

Lord, you know that I've been hurting.
Momma says it's growing pains.
Oh, you know that I've been hurting
Momma says it's growing pains.
Here I am a hurting, yes I'm hurting once again.

Well, I've been down to the river; 
Lord, I went down there feeling fine.
Yes, I went down to the river; 
Lawd, I went down there feeling fine.
But before I knew it, I was sitting there a crying.

Momma. said,"It just ain't easy.
Life's not always what it seems.
Momma said, "It just ain't easy.
Life's not always what it seems.
She said, 'You're just a poor girl with some crazy, mixed-up dreams'.' 

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Mushroom Hunting With Dad

When springtime comes, I'm always glad
To go mushroom hunting with my dad
Walking in the woods on a cool, spring day
Taking in the beauty of God's display

It's just like a treasure hunt to me
Searching for those gems amongst the leaves
What a thrill, when one I think I spy
But it's just a leaf, so I pass on by

Then at last, I spot a beauty
And by it's side, three little cuties
A pinch to the stems, then placed in my sack
I hope to fill it till there's no more slack

On through the woods we trek, Dad and me
Then stop in our tracks in disbelief
Under an apple tree stands a whole bunch
Enough for more than one supper and lunch

On some such hunts, we may find a lot
Other times, not one mushroom we'll spot 
No matter, we still enjoy the hike
Doing something together we like

These times with my Dad I'll always treasure
Nice memories I'll always remember
Just thinking of it makes me glad
Going mushroom hunting with my dad.

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Why Daddy Misbehaved

I went down to the graveyard 
just to see my daddy's grave.
I went down to the graveyard
just to see my daddy's grave.
They say it was the whiskey
made my poor daddy misbehave.

Momma used to hollar, 
'Don't you go sneakin' out the house.'
Momma used to hollar, 
'Don't you go sneakin' out the house.'
But daddy he was quiet, yes
He was quiet as a mouse.

Momma said, 'He's better dead.
You know he never learned to live, 
Momma said, 'He's better dead.
You know he never learned to live, 
He was just a low-down daddy
getting good at telling fibs." 

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Lines To My Darling and Youngest Daughter on her 18th Birthday

This was written by my beloved late father for my debut 20 January 1991

B e always good and true in your undertaking; be always

L ady like in every ways and manners wherever you maybe; resist all 

O dds and adversities that you may encounter in this life's journey in

S eeking happiness and fulfillment for these are the very essence of life; our dear

S aviour JESUS CHRIST hath lovingly imparted to us his flock that we may

O vercome all temptations and pitfalls that abound in this wide cruel world; but

M ost of all, offer yourself and your works and whatever will become of you to Him, our

    divine creator LORD GOD.

Lovingly your's,


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Wisdom of Heights---Climb with Me

This morning
bells toll
a trumpet sounds
but refuses to blare
it just doesn't know 
how to harm
what it takes
to infect the living 

and sound
survive sadness
out last the past
bond brothers and sisters
of sky
and water
as it loses 
to a force

some days...

this morning
it wins
because the vibration knows god
and is ONE

and though human imperfections
sit in the shadows of it's path
perfections will
and forever will

so arrogant 
we choose to destroy 
but how can we concentrate 
on methods of malcontent
when god sits at our breakfast table?
as father urges child
"get up!"
"move on!"
"stand on two feet!"
"breath child!"

he tolls the bell
as we lay on deaf ears
he loosens ties with anger 
as the path warns and wears
driving this cosmic ship 
of no loses
only tiny
arrogant setbacks

and he smiles
for he knows
what we yet
have to find...
and all is well.

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Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, go. I'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
years. Someone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down below. A magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

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Mother is Gone

Umbilical cord, slain
By the silver hands
Of Death-
I grieve in mourning.

Naked babe is left,
To writhe and churn,
On tethered ground,
Cold, so cold.

Mother is gone.
The hum of wings fades,
In Time's net,
Of captured dreams.

And umbilical cord, tossed
Like scraps
To the hungry chute,
Is lost.

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To See Her Smile Again

It tears my heart to see my child
So lost, alone and sad
Shattered by her loss
And all the hopes and dreams they had
Knowing she pretends she’s strong
But deep inside she fears
Knowing when she’s all alone
She cries her silent tears
When I hear her laugh
I know it just a fake disguise
When I see her smile
I still see sadness in her eyes
She has no arms to hold her now 
No words of love to hear
No comfort from the love she lost
The man she held so dear
He made her life worth living
Two halves that made a whole
The only man she’ll ever love  
With all her heart and soul
There’s nothing that I wouldn't do  
To take away her pain
To see the girl she used to be
To see her smile again
If I could give him back to her
I’d take his place tomorrow
To see the light shine in her eyes
Instead of pain and sorrow
I know he watches over her
In hope one day he’ll see
The hurt, the pain, the tears she cries
Are just a memory...

For Bree 

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                             The Apple PASTURE

Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture.
Were once was and all well meet.
A pure and dear site.
Where silver reflection cover the still waters that holds the golden
grains of morality and the grazing souls lie young amounce no stars.
Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture
Were winds smell of melon and the trees whisper spring corals in the mellow dark and best of light and time creeps into no tomorrow.


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I am...

I am a poet writing of my pain
I am a person living a life of shame
I am your daughter, hiding my depression
I am your sister, striving to make a great impression
I am your friend acting like I'm fine
I am a dreamer, wishing this life, wasn't mine
I am a girl who struggles with suicide
I am a teenager, pushing her tears aside

Side note: (Writing for other ladies out there, not so much myself, so don't worry about me)

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For My Daughter

Now, I don’t really care, she is my grown-up girl
Once I was the oyster to protect my baby pearl

That was the time, to her a lullaby I would sing
She would gently fall asleep, beneath my caring wings

And now is the time, my girl is busy, full of aggression
Wrinkles on my eyes desperately seek her attention

Then a day arrived when she said, 
‘Mum it’s your birthday, let’s celebrate’

At home I awaited her, for a mother-daughter meet
I cooked chicken for her that day, my darling loves it!

But she dint turn up as promised, my heart sank
I consoled myself, she must be playing pranks

She came home late night, no wishes, no celebration
Just a ‘Good Night’, she had forgotten the occasion

Hush lil heart! She is grown up after all, those emotions won’t stay
Hope she is in safe hands, from the core of my heart I pray!

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                                            The gift of a new son

                                 You are wonderful welcome to the family

                                          I am proud to know you  

                           Appreciate all that you are and eveything that you do

                            Thank you for everything I think the world of you to

                              You take care of my daughter as if she were a queen

                                           Yours are the strong shoulders 

                                          Upon which my daughter can lean

                                       A warrior at best respectful and blessed

                                            You are loyal I am impressed

                                                Your kind ways express

                                                       Faithful and true

                                            I pray God will ever watch over you

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She said baby I have to go,
I said girl you don't need to go,
Because baby I want you to stay,
'Til the sun rise,
'Til the end of the night,

I said baby I'm feelin you,
And I'm fallin in love with you,
Which is somethin I never thought I would do,
But, I did today,
So girl, Why don't you stay,

Why don't you stay, 4x
'Til the sun rise,
'Til the end of the night,

She said baby I have to leave,
I said girl I don't want you to leave,
My darling please stay with me,
'Til the night end,
Then come back again,

Because baby we have a chance,
For us to have a great romance,
So, girl take my hand and dance,
You don't have to go,
Baby don't go,
Chorus: 3x

'Til the sun rise,
'Til the end of the night,

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Like snow, there are other words for love,
That swirl and fall upon us.
One of them is daughter.
Another is father,
For when his beard is salt and pepper
And his voice the sound of cracking frost.

So what can I say that is newly fallen?
Not that I feel, but that I am, with you?
You are my teacher.
You show me where my care lies huddled,
Hiding from the cold.

Without doubt or trepidation,
I am never more certain of this Being we are Becoming,
Than when I remind you to tie your shoe,
Or wipe the chocolate from your face.
(Watch, keys and phone.)

My rag polishes your mirror and
Reflected in your shining face,
Are all the moments that are yet to come:
Birth, death and the swirl of illusion inbetween.

With all the certainty I will ever need that this world,
This world is a good world.
This life is a good life
Simply and precisely, because you are in it.

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Take Me Back

Take me back to my days with you
Are you listening to my prayers O’ Mother
I want to rush into your arms and play
To see you lift me like a feather

I sneak into your clothes like old
You scold me and fight like a child
I crib and cry, you take me in your lap
Sharing with me, little stories with claps

Where are you, My Dear Mother
I glance up at the starry sky
You cannot leave me behind O Mother
This place is hell, I want to fly

Why do those live, who dump their child
Yet call themselves Mothers
Why should you leave when I need you
You cant do this to me O’ Mother

Tomorrow when I will awake,
Will I not hear your gentle tone?
I think not for my heart will break,
With thoughts that are still so unknown.

Oh, tell me, Mother, tell me now!
Please give me answers that I seek
So tell me why and tell me how
Now who will listen when I speak?

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First a twinkle in her daddy’s eye
By the rhythm of her hips 
Momma’s hips
Gripping, tugging, releasing him
Encouraging the venom 
Pulsating, quaking: 
The laxative 
Voyaging through the passages

Welcome to the world
A brand new baby girl!
Simple mind under the curls
Just sucks on her bo-bo   
She speaks her first words 
And then before you know
She’s preparing for her classes
The sequel to her passage

Graduation day 
For this bright young female
A glory to her story 
Tears of joy from received hail
Onto the next chapter 
Because it’s feat that she’s after
Enlisted to manage ravage
The Atlantic is her passage

Presented to the tasks
Of a female soldier
Doesn’t think 
Solely follow’s her superior’s orders
Was assigned to convoy duty
When she and her platoon were blasted
A tragedy 
A disaster
A catalyst in her final passage

I'd love to hear Common recite this rap

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Mom and Dad

Riding my first bike and learning to tie my shoes,
These memories mean nothing without the two of you.

I've learned a lot over the years,
Not that the lessons didn't sometimes come with tears.

Sweet dreams, I love you and good night, 
I remember saying this as you turned out the light.

Four kids and you two were always there,
To teach us and guide us with love and care.

We are your children and you have raised us right,
Taught us everything we know and all about life.

You taught us to work for what we need,
Even though your advice we didn't always heed.

I've seen the love and commitment that you two share,
It makes me proud and understand that what you have is rare.

You've stuck by each other even when times were rough,
But you've always showed me that love is enough.

Love is what gets you through the not so good days,
You've always been together and by each other's side you've stayed.

I am blessed and thankful for all that you are and all you are yet to be,
Cause without you two there wouldn't be me.

You have never failed to love me over the years and in the past,
I that God that I have you two as my mom and dad.

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A Memory to Treasure

Light emerged from a place not so far
A scene displayed beneath its roof’s tar…

“The sun entered through the window sill
Brightening the room as it filled in the still
A granddaughter sat on her grandfather’s bed
As he lay down on his back
His lips moved in unison
As his tongue played a tune…
Of his voice that was music to her ears…”

The clock ticked gently
Yet, time passed quickly…

“His granddaughter’s eyes gazed at him intently
As she listened to the one story she asked of him to say…
A story, young kids adore listening to…
Where Little Red Riding Hood hopped into the woods…
She always asked that story to be told…
No matter what was on hold…”

His granddaughter had her golden hair tied back,
As she sat quietly beside her grandfather’s hand 
His warm tune engulfed her with safety,
As she sat there: imagination on display…

One day, that special began to slip away
As his tune was never heard again…
And all that’s left in the granddaughter’s mind...
Is a memory to hold onto...
 A memory to treasure…
A memory of a young child with golden hair
Looking at her grandfather so intently 
Listening to Little Ridding Hood being played
By her grandfather’s warming tunes
While he was lying down: resting on his bed…

May you rest in peace LOVED ONE
I Love You Grandpa…

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Lady Arcane

[Daughters of Lamia] Today we walk from our graves You can't wish, pray it away The Inflamed Coven's emerged You Will receive what you deserve Retribution of the flaming shade Your Malice will be paid, In Harm's way [Aharhel] Her Convoluted face burning with fear Of the fall of the gate seering their minds with the deft of the legion The Army of the plague Scourges your land Scourges your Children Scourges your hope [Lady Arcane] I, The White Madonna - The Poison Mistress Hold The Rose to Salvation - Hold The Fruit to Arcane Closer, Come, Child you are mine [Daughter's of Lamia] Lady Arcane wants your fear Lady Arcane wants you near Lady Arcan is here Lurking In your tears clinging to your spilled blood the east has always been near The Left hand reaches to the right side in disguise In Malice's Disguise Therionacy break you down to thy knees To Thy Knees!

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For Mama

Do you remember when we chased fireflies across the Serengeti?
How we woke at dawn to find the cheetah queen,
shining red like the sky?
And how after that,
Bobbing up and down with the clu-clunk of the land rover,
The breeze of African morning staining each cheek,
We held hands tight
And couldn’t let go?

We were like the sunrise finding its earth you and I,
Pulled together by the curvature of the light
And the flicker of the cheetah‘s run across the plains,
Strings of your past and mine
permeating inside each heart
So that we could taste each other’s beat and
Feel each other’s footstep.

It has always been like this for us
The experience of something age-old and secret
A silent permutation from out there to into,
Becoming part of our skin,
Cells of history
Radiating into us
the awakening of today and each.

Do you remember,
How I climbed the mountain and you watched?
How you,
like a teacher threw me into the river,
And hollered for me to swim,
With chest floating between the clouds?
And how when I came out sputtering,
You gave me a towel,
Dried me off,
Then threw me back in?

And I swam into you,
Again and again,
Between your embrace
To feel your heartbeat,
That was my heartbeat.
To see your smile which formed mine.
And everyday was filled with something new
With the smell of articulated vowels
Ah, Eh, Ay ya, Cha.
From the kitchen to our mouths,
To our blood
that made me into that river 
and you into that mountain
And us into the sky.

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24 Days

As I can recall, very few thoughts of fear and sadness,
now that I'm 7000 miles away it's back to the same old madness.
I can never forget the time we spent together,
to remember it now and forever.
The mountains, cold and scenic, sitting on the porch with you, holding your hand 
on the beach.
Feeling the love and affection that a daughter wants to share.
I'm the luckiest man on earth to have such a child.
My beautiful wife has become strong within herself and more understanding.
I hope she can say the same about me. 
Sometimes I feel so inadequate for her.
Christmas day I give her a gift to once again represent my love while I'm not at 
Wanting every morning to wake up by her side, my job keeps me away for now.
I'll be home again my dear, no matter what it takes to be by your side.

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Waiting for the Ring-A-Ling

When I was a but little tiny girl,
my Mama bought me a fine ring to twirl.
One gold ring for my small finger
reminding me of man’s up coming zinger!

My Ring-A-Ling, My Ring- A- Ling, WAIT for ONE man, that’s the thing!
My Ring-A-Ling, My Ring- A- Ling, WAIT for ONE man, that’s the thing!

Then as a prim girl in Catholic school, 
I always remembered that “waiting” rule,
and every time that ring I would turn
a naughty boys kisses I would just spurn!

Once while hiding and they playing go seek
up a tree I went and the boys did PEEK!
I beaned them with apples and that ain’t all,
they cried for their Mama’s, what caterwaul!

Now, the moral of this song, well, hear's the thing,
don’t kiss those boys 'TILL YOU'RE WEARING A RING!
And,  if you can’t remember you can JUST SING!
I’m waitin' for ONE MAN to give me that thing!;)

My Ring-A-Ling, My Ring- A- Ling, WAIT for ONE man, that’s the thing!
My Ring-A-Ling, My Ring- A- Ling, WAIT for ONE man, that’s the thing!

* Special thanks to CHUCK BERRY!

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One Day i Know i May Leave You

one day i know i may leave you
one day i know i may leave you mom.........
        you gave me a new life in this beautiful world 
        you hold my hands and showed me the way
        you have a tears in ur eyes when i got success
        you teached me lessons to survive in world
        you gave me lots of love to live entire life
  one day i know i may leave you
  one day i know i may leave you mom............
         I remember the harshful days
               u seen to raise me up
         I remember the day u felt proud 
               when people praised me
         I remember the restless nights 
               u owed to make my future
          I remember ur smile when
              u listened my silly jokes
   one day i know i may leave you
   one day i know i may leave you mom..........

          I may be ur need,I may be ur hope
          I may be ur soul,i may be ur goal
          I may be ur friend,i may be ur guard
          I may be ur dream........
    one day i know i may leave you
    one day i know i may leave you mom..............

          Every breathe of ur life 
                u always protected me from the bad things
          Every second u their 
                 next to me supporting in all my decisions
          Every day u think about me 
                 whether i need something....
    one day i know i may leave you
    one day i know i may leave you mom.........

                         "A daughter is proud to the parents but one day she leaves them after 

marriage .The poem is about her rememberences"

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To Xandra Love, Momma

Hush little baby don't you cry
Momma's gonna sing you a lullaby
If your sad darlin' don't you fret
Mamma's gonna always catch you in her net

It doesn't matter how old you are
I promise that I'll never be gone too far
The choices you have made
Don't see them as a big mistake 

A lot that has happened can be blame on me
I wasn't there as much as I could be
Fighting many demons of my own
While at time's feelin' so alone

Your now a momma, 2 angels of your own
Babies are a blessin' as we all know
Now all grown you can understand
We do the best that we possibly can

The "know how" manual wasn't given to me
It's like takin' a dive in the ice cold sea
The best reward you get at the end
Is havin' your daughter as a grown up friend

I've seen you grow right before my eyes
It wasn't always easy that I can't deny
But life isn't easy as we both know
Just gives us more room for growth

On those days where nothin' goes as planned 
Together we can do this I'll always extend my hand
Prayin' with tears though your long teen years
God was I afraid to loose the one I love so dear!

Hush little baby Dont you cry
Momma's gonna sing you a lullaby
If your sad darlin' Dont you fret
Mamma's gonna always catch you in her net

It doesn't matter how old you are
Promise mommas never gonna be too far!

By~ your Momma, I love you X!

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My Dad Another 24th

Days go past us, as do winds of season,
But never the days and years
That get stuck in some ear and age,
That engulf us like mirages in a desert.

One such mirage in my life is of my Dad,
Always before me, waiting for me;
Yet I never reach in time to be near;
So near to me, yet so far away.

Never did he forsake me, in life,
Never for moment, never for a day;
Always beside me in my hours of need —
A dear friend, a true companion, a great dad.

He suggested the best books to me,
But never pushed them into my hands;
A mere suggestion about the inputs —
The next thing I know, I have my hands full.

He sang tunes soothing, melodious,
But never forced me to listen to any songs;
A mere suggestion about the notes —
My passion for music was born!

His acquaintances, colleagues, all friends;
Value of friends in life is priceless;
A friend is a cool morning breeze,
Surround life with friends, my list’s endless.

Never fear life’s rollercoaster ride;
No problem is without a solution:
Life is too short to fret and fear;
And so, I tried, yet fear engulfed me.

He came back into my life in many forms,
Beating death; guided me with many a face:
As friends, notes of music, verses from books —
He never left me and my life, my Dad.

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Can you say

Remember that day
Way back in grade school
You walked me to my classroom
You looked me in the eye,
And whispered in my ear,
 “Just be you, my dear.”
Flashback a couple more years
When you took me to my first concert
You put me on your shoulders and yelled,
“See what I see.”

Am I crazy to think that:
I haven’t said I love you to you in a while?
And I’m sorry for that,
But can you…
Can you tuck me into bed and kiss me goodnight?
Can you say that life is just jolly, sweet ride?
Can you tell me that you’ll stay by my side?
And that you’ll always be with me wherever I go?
Can you lie for me, for my happiness?
Can you swear that we will always be like this?
Can you tell me that my dreams will always come true?
And can you tell me that your best day was when I was with you?

Arms shaking, legs trembling,
I walked onto stage
Nervous for messing up,
I saw you wave
I smiled and you winked at me
That gave me all the strength needed.
Cheering for my name
Not backing down, even if others stared

You were my lighthouse, guiding me with love
Following my footsteps just because
Covering for me, when no one else cared
Watching over me, my very own angel
You’re everything to me, but can you…
Can you tuck me into bed and kiss me goodnight?
Can you say that life is just jolly, sweet ride?
Can you tell me that you’ll stay by my side?
And that you’ll always be with me wherever I go?
Can you lie for me, for my happiness?
Can you swear that we will always stay like this?
Can you tell me that my dreams will always come true?
Can you tell me that I can be anything I set my mind to?
Can you tell me to keep dreaming, and never lose hope?
And can you tell me that your best day was when I was with you?
You held on when others let go.
You marched forward, even when they said no
You stay with me, even if I’m wrong
And I can’t tell you how much I love you 
I love you from the bottom of my heart
And that will never change.
It was there from the start
My love for you is bigger than the sea
And we’ll always stay side by side
Just you wait and see
No matter where I go
 I swear you’ll always be with me.
I hope you realize that, all of our dreams will come true
By far the best day I’ve ever had, was when I spent it with you

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you know its wrong 
but you do it to overpower the pain
not strong enough to stay away from it
you would die without it
in its presence your heart knows no shame
even if you try to win the fight
your heart will overrule your mind
Theres nothing you can do
its chained to you
you cant get free
look what this drug did to you

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Where Were You

A little baby girl

not even one year old

without her daddies arms

the nights felt very cold

daddy I cant breath

so to the hospital they go

mommy held me down

where was my daddy though?

16 years had gone

my dad was mostly there 

but that morning he left

I said I didn't care

for two years I barely saw him

just talked to him now and then

but still I believed in him

and I'll choose to believe again

My graduation came 

he promised me he'd come

but when I walked across the stage

I only saw my mom

Why weren't you there daddy?

I still believe in you

I love you daddy and always will

please just show you love me too

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Wanna Be A Mom

My love
Sweet lover
Can't wait anymore

My heart
Fragile heart
Is seeming to break

My flesh
My blood
I wish to hold dear

A girl
Small girl
Named Lyla Shea

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My Family and Me

It's amazing how quick things can change.
First your running with the kings, and then you're knocked out of range.
It's strange. I used to worry and stress over friends.
Now I've grown to be a man. Maybe know a few of them.
All that time I could of studied. Did better in school.
Got a job and made it big. Maybe now I'd be cool.
Who's the fool? Now who's the bull? I know that's not me on the top.
Life is always making turns weather you like it or not.
The past will always be the past. My glory days may seem gone.
But, now its time to start a new.The stories keep coming on.
I've got a new girl. She means the world to me.
She keeps me warm at night, my best friend, my new dream.
Since my car accident, still got a limp on one side.
Still working with my memory, still need a friend who can drive.
I love to Karaoke. I get noticed in bars.
My mom's always there to catch me. Tom's working with my mom's cars.
My sister's in the Army, my niece is a big part of my life,
Friend Zach keeps assholes off me, and God is my wife.
AJ's always there to help, Brian is my LOST bud,
Mary's out of school, Lil cousin, Hunter's a stud.
Grandpa still is my idol, JT is still the music man .
The Adam's still can party. Chris, living good on the sand.
I may only use one hand, but I plan to be the best.
At all I do in life, cause there's not that much time left.
The blood test that I took says Landon is mine.
I hope this all works out fine in time and help to make my son's life shine.
JC who's down in Georiga, my heart is screaming for you.
I hope that you recover well. It can't be worse then what I went through.
Uncle Jimmy where you at? Where's Matt, Corie, and Pete?
I know you all are doing good. Serviolo's are a hard team to beat.
How's the rest of the family? I love and miss you all!
I hope you all are standing tall and I pray we never fall.
These last words that I say, I say only to you.
We've got the best family in the world and you know I LOVE YOU!

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The Deadly Dart

Wherever I go through out my whole life,
I end up struggling with lots of strife.
Thinking that my life is a total waste,
Wanting it to be over in a haste.

I can feel the pain inside my own heart,
Like someone through at my a deadly dart.
The wound is easing deeper and deeper,
Will the pain ever stop getting bigger?

Feeling emo is never a good thing,
Cutting your arm makes a really bad sting.
Blood is dripping from my arms and my heart,
Failing to dodge the largest deadly dart.

Drowning in all the lies and self pity,
I live each day but always feel sh*tty.
I have lots of thoughts about suicide,
But then I think about those who have died.

Those who have died not just from suicide,
But also those who are really nice guys.
...This "poem" was actually suppose to be a couplet (on any thing you want) for my english 
class but i made this kind bcuz i was feeling emo that day...and also after i was done i read it 
over and it almost sound like a rap song which, i guess, is kinda funny and cool.........

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Lydia's DaddY

...eyes puffy                       
      caked up with cry

Daddy ain't comin' home
         she don't know why...
grown folk sadness
         ripping inside her

       All she's known about lovin's 
               in the coffin beside her

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My Childs Fight

Through the screams and suffering
My worst fears are foretold
And if the story were not mine
I’d leave it left untold

Why could it not be me?
That fate I could bear
But as it isn’t I’m left to doubt
What my hands cannot repair

Despite this state of helplessness
I feel but the fingertips of despair
In the focus of life’s cruel gaze
I’m awed by courage unaware

From that tiny heart unconquered
I do not falter or lose control
For I see no strength in Death’s hand
That can clutch this unwilling soul

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Damien's Lullabye

Hush little baby, it’s all right, 
Go on and get some sleep tonight. 
I will be here when you rise. 
Go on and rest your weary eyes. 

Hush little baby, don’t make a sound,
Remember me when I’m not around. 
I am watching you where you lie.
Quiet little baby, please don’t cry.

Hush little baby, don’t make a move,
Your body is mine to sooth. 
Take a breath, release it slow.
I will be with you wherever you go.

Hush little baby, hold on tight,
I'll love you with all my might.
I promise you that I will wait.
Arms wide open at Heavens gate.

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The secret creek- for my daughter

Across the brook they are calling me
calling me to join in and be free,
across the ripples they are calling me
to truly learn to be,
and just like a fairy sings cheerily
sings cheerily of the sacred space,
and just like a child I am wearily
creeping closer to the place.

Down by the creek we are listening
listening to the sounds of peace,
down by the creek where the trees do swing
and the rivers bend and crease,
I sit on the edge where the green moss grows
grows so thick I could sleep all day,
I sit on the edge where the crickets crow
and the ripples jump and play.

Up by the rock where the light shines down
and the shadows dance on a moonlit night,
up by the rocks the fairy queen wears her crown
before the days first light,
in the waters deep where I rest my feet
and the fish slip past with their strong thick tails,
in the waters deep where the rivers meet
is where I go by trail.

I will miss this place still so crystal clear
where my heart can rest from its weary past,
I will miss this space but my biggest fear
is that this place won't last.

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Light my bridge

T. Hunt
Verse/intro: I remember you showed me that path,
When you paved the road for existence. 
 ~Showed me all the cracked doors, broken escapes, and then the darkness.
I can barely remember the look in your eyes my demise I realized “deaths” upon us.
~So show me the way to ignite this fight let destiny control us.~ Inferno on fire like human desire it burns we perspire and it forgets us. So where does this lead I can’t see I can’t breathe I can’t speak I can’t eat I can’t….think.
Chorus: ~This fire in our lives just burns and burns I’ve seen the light and now this hurts. And through the night the devil lurks so light my bridge like fireworks and catch me in the middle…..~”ALL alone”
Verse 2 I’m searching for the black door “that’s unknown remembering the times when they closed. |~Forget about the painted rose the times I let my heart get cold. This is real. ~Stuck in the middle of life helplessly buried alive. This bridge is breaking my pride so somebody turn on a light. ~The darkness is flowing inside it’s almost if I was..To dive. Running and running while blind is like walking right out of your life.

Chorus:~ This fire in our lives just burns and burns I’ve seen the light and now this hurts.
And through the night the devil lurks so light my bridge like fireworks and catch me in the middle…..~”ALL alone”
~Alone __{reapeat 4x’s}___________
The  lights turned on this bridge is long.

Side bar:P
Tempo at 4/4 time 
~=tempo change
All original
No copywrite nessasary.

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Without Her Knowing

She walks ~
Without her knowing that
She walks within my shoes
She talks ~
Without her knowing that
Her words are just as mine
She thinks ~
Without her knowing that
Her every thought is worshipped
She sleeps ~
Without her knowing that
I sleep because she sleeps
She dreams ~
Without her knowing that
Her dreams are my reality
She breathes ~
Without her knowing that
She is my every breath
She is ~
Without her knowing that
Without her I am not.
She lives ~
Without her knowing that
I live because of her.

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The childish silliness
The sweet clumsiness
The burning storm
On your head
My everyday trial of patience.

You piss me off
All the time

All the time
You make me smile

I want to kill you
With squeezing hug

Whenever you cry
My soul tears apart.

One smile of yours -
The sun shines again
Even if it rains outside.

Sight of you
Weakens me

I lose my cruelty
My hunger for revenge:

My violent arms soften
My veins loose;

You need me
as much as
Vital you are
to my wild heart
not to burst hatred.

You teach me 
patience and tenderness,

Sometimes I hate you
I love you always
Though not in love am I.

I shall be yours
till the end of time
To make you happy
- a new goal in life:

Whatever your wish from me
Will happen
Always and ever

Forever to you
I am devoted

My dear friend,
No easier words
would paraphrase
the essential emphasis
of what I feel
'I love thee' -
Every single day.

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Read my mind and you'll know where I am going.
I'm going to the end of all things for you.
I will find all the love your heart is needing
And I will bring it here for you.
Yes I will bring it here for you.

Read my mind and you'll know what I've been thinking.
I'm thinking there's more love than you ever knew.
I will find all the love for which you're searching
And I will bring it here for you.
Yes I will bring it here for you.

Don't tell me you're older because of your tears.
Your crying will see you through all of your years.
Just always believe in what Heaven can do
and teardrops are only God crying with you.

Read my mind and you'll know what I am doing.
I'm reaching for more love than you ever knew.
I will find all the love  while you are sleeping.
And I will bring it here for you.
Yes I will bring it here for you.
I will bring it here for you.
© RON WILSON aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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False Senses

Do you realize that you lost? Do you realize that I won? Or did you think it was a tie In your sick twisted mind? Stuck in your lies Concrete at your feet You never took a step You never made a sound When the gun was fired And I ran for my life Do you realize that you lost? Battered and tossed By your own malfunction Wires you crossed Leaning on a crutch From wounds self inflicted Do you realize that I won? Running like fire Brighter than the sun Autumn behind my head Summer in my eyes So near the finish line The reward is mine Or did you think it was a tie? Tangled web behind your eyes Wrapped in delusions Coming to false conclusions In your sick twisted mind Do you realize that you lost? Do you realize that I won? Or did you think it was a tie In your sick twisted mind? Stuck in your lies Concrete at your feet You never took a step You never made a sound When the gun was fired And I ran for my life

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First borne kin of me loin, why just like yesterday 
Unbeknownst to this then unpracticed dada how tempus fugit 
   Will in a brief flash (like time lapse photography) steal a way
Thine eldest lass swaddled, pampered and attended with oye vay
   Sans another soiled diaper to change, retrieve futile dropped binky,
   Or sundry other basic need to get abreast per comfort to stay
E’en the simple pleasure per warmth from winter solar ray
Which constancy of nurturance seemed to last as long as infinity
a mental calculation said progeny tossed aside like…child’s play
Yet this papa pined for harmonic, idyllic and pacific month o May
When picture perfect weather invited me baby daughter to explore or lay
Upon the fresh mown hay
Innocent august bliss stashed in her memory bank molded like clay
Whereby this papa tried to keep danger at bay
But tis rash to seal hermetically and try to keep jarring reality away

Until she sped thru fifteen years on this earthen tarmac
Beautiful dame with an attractive physique and mind that takes up slack
From strains imposed from this fractious abode, where I rack
My noggin per our precarious, perilous perch whence we must pack
A hardship no doubt internalized by this sweet babe smarts she aint lack
In tandem to her maturation and self reliance emotional light years 
   Ahead of this sire, she addresses as “sir”, who emotes with flack
At utter chaos here and thus realizes internal misery will take shape
   When she and the younger punim come back

Yet, her absence felt though she oft spent time alone
In the former master bedroom, now wishing for a clone
Of thine delightful youth and marvel whence 
   Sixteen years ago from the womb she entered this World Wide Web
   While “mother – abby” did push and groan
Whereby tears streamed down me cheeks at miracle biology did hone
Over the course of nine months gestation, and now…merely on loan
When she becomes of age to take flight, though this father will moan
But tis fitting and proper offspring doth not become a rolling stone
Like me, he who contributed to this precious gift no gem canst a tone
If…bereft of this sweet progeny
   For this poet would cease to enjoy life and enter the twilight zone!


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In Your Love

Every time you kiss my lips 
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Like a never ending abyss
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Every time you whisper I miss you
I am drowning, I'm drowning
In your love,  in your love.

Life doesn't seem dangerous
When I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
Don't take it so serious
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
I don't care what they think of us
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
In your love, in your love

~ Leonard Napierskie

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Invasion,love,and lies

happily in love with this dude
"she been with for 2years"
she swears he's the love of her life
"she considerin to be his wife"
he comforts her
when she in need
she's not a ruby
she's a diamond ring
I asked Tracy
What does that mean
she said "He buys her the finer things"
she thinks he the sun
that melts her heart,
and she tha snow that cools him down
she had me thinkin
they are meant to be,
but the third year
Tim changed on Tracy
screwin around with the same sex,
I was blown away
I was like "whats next"
she found out the dude is his ex
she when to the clinic 
and took an alphabet test,
the results came back
it was not so good,
she had a flash back,
when I told her,( keep- it- hood)
to rap it up
even though he dont look suspect
I told her to tell him to take an alphabet test
now theres an invasion in her veins,
but she dont feel no pain
her man repose with his ex
and more than one bro
he take her love for a game,
she so young dying slowly
the infection is with her to stay
theres no cure to make it go away,
all she can do is live day by day
her man refuse to apologise
he repudiate to cover up his lies
he brings home a virulent thing
from messin with his ex
and havin nightly flings,
this tragic scene really hurts me
that my best is dying on me

this poem is dedicated to a friend of mine that 
I love so much. To let you all know, the character names
are fake. its not the real persons name.
A lesson learn" PLEASE RAP IT UP!

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Mother's Point of View

I cry every night but I don't know why.
I wait for my husband in solitude until I hear the doorbell ring.
It's my husband!
I guess we'll have a bite or two.
I open the door and it isn't him.
I start to cry but I don't know why.
I've done my fair share of crying but as my friend puts her arm around me, I start to
shiver and weep even more.
My daughter my daughter! I want my daughter back.
It's been too long.
She couldn't even see her little brother graduate from eighth grade.
My daughter. My poor daughter can't even see her kids.
My beautiful grandchildren may never see my mother's radiant face.
I can still hear her, " Honey, don't be afraid but I may die before too long."

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Counting Sheep; Cayda's lullaby

It's time for you to go to sleep,
So close your eyes and count some sheep.
1, 2, 3, 4, it's time to lay down and play no more.
5, 6, 7, 8, go to bed it's getting late.
The stars are in the sky above,
Now go to sleep my little love.

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Been Blessed

Will I have been standing on the sidelines, watching everyone go after their goals. I been missing out on the finer things that life has to offer. Seeing you  there reminds me of brighter days. Hearing your laughter, reminds me of the day my dreams all changed.

	‘Cause, I been blessed, wouldn’t change it for the world. Nothing sweeter than you. You’re that shining star, the beacon at sea. I thank the good lord for giving me you, nothing can change the love I have for you.

Will I have been standing on the sidelines, watching everyone have their fun. Now its later, you can see them down an out.

	‘Cause, I been blessed, with having you as a daughter. You lifted my heart higher, each day I see you. You’re that shining star, the beacon at sea.

If I was a sailor, I would hurry home to you. Can’t get enough of that laughter, don’t like seeing a frown on your face.

Will I been standing on the sidelines, watching everyone reach to the stars. When I have one right here. Yes, I been standing on the sidelines.

I look at this world, and nothing can change my mind. There be trouble on the horizon, terrible times ahead. People getting hurt, always sad an blue. I put them in prayer as with everyone.

	‘Cause, I been blessed, with writing these words. A pure melody, straight an narrow, they are flowing like a stream. Nine in the morning, an everything is going to be alright.

	‘Cause, I been blessed, with this life. Wouldn’t to change it, wouldn’t to lose it. I would love to share, so here I sit writing these words.

	Oh, I got a melody running through my head, as I write these words. Sounding like country, maybe its an oldie. But none the less, its pure straight from the heart.

	Flowing like a river, steady as a stream. Let it span out there, like the clouds in the sky. Showing everyone in the world, that I got this love for them. My heart is being true, it is solid. This thing is flowing like a river, steady as a stream. Nothing rocky bout this love of mine.

	‘Cause, I been blessed, with having a daughter - who is just like you…

‘Cause, I been blessed.
‘Cause, I been blessed..
‘Cause, I been blessed…

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In a river marsh, where pondweeds and cattails grew in warm clime,
the fair girl found a tall, black egret  
with whom she could have a chat; 
and was it the same one that her parents rescued from the wild?

Among bulrushes taller than she actually was,
the anxious girl told that bird one of her wishes:
to hop on his back and fly as the happiest butterfly,
and find her mom whom she remembered singing a lullaby.

" Take me to my mom!"  she begged the wading bird.
" Nobody ever takes me there to visit her" she exclaimed.
" She may be miles away from here...way past the blue ocean!" 
He replied with little confidence, lacking a sense of emotion.

The fair girl kept on begging, until the black egret finally nodded.
" Thank you, kind let's fly and depart from this marshland!"
So the two of them ventured into a cloudy sky expecting no rainfall...
not until they had gotten there safely and heard that sweet mother's call..  

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My daughter the dancing bear.

Closed in her room listening to jerry’s band
Kelly traveled in mind we fought to understand
Wishing for the beach or dancing on a stage
The  bear beckoned her to run at a young age
Sixteen for real but older she would feel 
Growing up on the road is no big deal

Gone one night never looking back
To catch the dancing bus and vanish from site
Arrive at the show no ticket in hand
To get miracled in to the fantasy land
Getting high on music and feeling as one
back on the road again with the morning sun
The family grows as the shows go by
Little do they know their families that cry

Setting up camp in a field by night
Washing in a pond would be allright
peanut butter sandwich’s or the stew of the day
Whatever it took to find the way
Pack up the bus and join the caravan
 getting to the next show with pennies in hand
Only a true deadhead could survive this life
music and dancing bears shimmering at night

The dead family on tour from coast to coast
Never calling or writing those who love most
The ones left behind wonder what have I done
Is she alive or entered heavens kingdom
Someday she’ll  feel what we’ve been under 
 afraid calling home will start the thunder
As we sit at home and keep our lives normal
The deadheads like life a little less formal

One day a call of a baby bear dancing our way
He is Winter miles a true miracle of this day
 miles on miles during the winter season
Make his name unique for that reason
The music and freedom flow deep inside 
 A baby bears birth makes it hard to hide

Finally home but never sitting for long
Our traveler Kelly still lives by the song
Still living in the past and no bus to ride
She paints her body with scenes of pride
The fun and music they made a lifestyle
 Will effect us all for quite a while 
Know there’s others to continue the trek
While we try to get our lives back.

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A Question of Honor

Dedicated to Noor Al-Maleki You Try, You Try so hard To put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Have set me Free, Can't You See I Won't have to face a Tyrant anymore Your gaze used to Stun But Now It Just Burns Under the Sun Never Enough to Be Myself Never Enough to Be Free I will not Bow to You I will not Kneel Before You Smothering Liberty Condoning Freedom This way is unjust This way only brings out our worse Hatred and Mistrust War and malice no know law You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views I am The Flame you Greatly Hate I am The Flame you greatly fear Some cannot handle the truth It shows they are the Criminals You are one of them You're the problem This misdeed will not live on without the hate of your name Honor Is not real It's just an emotion that only you feel You're another bulwark Against the truth No one Will Bow No one Will Kneel You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Fear The Truth You Fear the reality you are the criminal against all humanity We must end these lies Before Honor Will Strike again You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views

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A Sisters Love By PjWilliams jim and Jack Oslager

                                 A SISTER'S LOVE




Written & Dedicated to Joy M Williams
Etched in Paper & Everlasting Marked PJW
Collaboration by Paul J Williams, jim Oslager, Jack Oslager
All Words Lyrics & Music  
320 S  3rd Street
Oxford  Pa 19363
215 901 3073 cell

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The sapphire-dust sun of what-were dreams
Swallow the scene, setting In the forsaken east
All I see, all I know fades into the reaper's monotone grey 
Death come near me, by my only choice 
My wintry desperation subdued, clings to they silent voice
The dusk reveals my truest nature before her blank argentine eyes
Life; the darkest of all tragedies, Romances' malady
Let me feel your breath in this frozen air
Your pulse shorter than ever
Despair's void grows inside me
Without, you I will live no longer

Forever with me you will stay
The darkness caressing means as I lay by thy grave 
Hatred no longer exits
Come back to me

My Angel, why did you fly so far away
My Angel, let just one feather stay
My Angel has flown away

The winterwinds' tears fall on me
With whispers of you, someone I once knew
No matter in a dream or reality
Sweet tranquillity, stay with me
Calming the fears within
But the pain remains

The silvemoon's fears shine on you
Thine eyes search for mine
Oh how they shine, so deathly blue
If sacrifice needs a price
The dagger shows-
Heaven is calling us tonight

Forever with me you will stay
The darkness caressing means as I lay by thy grave 
Hatred no longer exits
Come back to me

My Angel, why did you fly so far away
My Angel, let just one feather stay
My Angel has flown away

Covered in shadowy illusions 
Shall we dance?
Death will be lie dominion
You are my only queen

Forever with me you will stay
The darkness caressing means as I lay by thy grave 
Hatred no longer exits
Come back to me

My Angel, why did you fly so far away
My Angel, let just one feather stay
My Angel has flown away

Just let me die
If I cannot see
This night 

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Someday Baby

Forever and
Ever it seems
You lie
Inside me.
Holding my
Heart. Curled
Into a tiny
Where you wait
To discover

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Being Strong

Daddy shut his eyes and cried,
each drop echoed in the waiting room,
the hollow halls echoed
babies crying.

Daddy shut his eyes and cried
his stern eyes looked away
and I asked him, "Daddy why are you crying?"
no reply.

Daddy shut his eyes and cried
not knowing what to do,
I danced in crinoline proper-pink,
first dress Daddy bought,
one I wore to see his smile.

Daddy shut his eyes and cried,
looked at me, smiled,
and gave me a bear-hug
"Your Mom's going to be okay"

Daddy shut his eyes and cried
the clock ticked twice,
out came mom in her wheelchair,
and Dad's eyes dried.

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Ashley Had a Small Goat
Oh, Ashley had a Small goat,
Small goat, Small goat,
Ashley had a Small goat,
And he had a coat of white

He followed her to school one day,
School one day, school one day,
He followed her to school one day,
And drank a some water.

 Oh, once he ate a spinach can, 
Spinach can, spinach can, 
once he ate a spinach can, 
Also a line of clothes.

The clothes can do no harm inside, 
Harm inside, harm inside, 
the clothes can do no harm inside, 
But oh! The spinach can!

 The can was filled with achemical,
chemical , chemical chemical,
The can was filled with a chemical,
Which the goat  thought was food

He rubbed against poor Ashley's chin,
Ashley's chin, Ashley's chin,
He rubbed against poor Ashley's chin,
His deep distress to ease.

There was a flash of girl and goat,
Girl and goat, girl and goat
There was a flash of girl and goat
And they were seen no more..

Ashley's soul to Heaven went,
Heaven went, Heaven went,
Ashley's soul to Heaven went,
And Mr. Goat went there too.

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Always remembers me

A shine of ur beauty 
   always remembers me
        a twinkling star
A sweetest smile on ur face
     always remembers me
        a blossom of flowers
 A smallest step into the world 
     always remembers me
     the begin of ur life
A innocent look on ur face
     always remembers me
     a beautiful baby .....
                        A mom feelings to her daughter......

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Slow To Heal

Visible defect Variation Soothing effect As my fingertips Run over this formation Through hills and dips Passing pain Now a conversation piece These wash away with the rain These One day will Cease Internal rips And tears Shadowed Stitched with care Only to be shredded Again Slow to heal If only it was let alone And you wouldn't hammer In the sin Full of chagrin Confidence blown I'd rather Show you my scars My skin shattered Then you discover my wounds Ruined Can't keep the seal So slow to heal

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Daddy Now Please Pray With Me

Daddy now, please pray with me,
for today I'm sailing stormy seas.
I know you say you're but a man,
who tries to live the Master's plan.

I'm weathering gray storms, except a few,
 and the turmoil would drown me, if not for you.
The wind is so strong, the waves are so high,
Tattered sails against the sky!

And I recall you telling me, 
of Jesus Christ,  Who calmed the seas.
And yes, small faith can the mountains move,
and how He died His love to prove.

So Daddy now, please pray with me,
to God's sweet Son, Who dwells in me.
For I am daughter of a man,
and weak at times and cannot stand
against these tides of shifting sands.

You say, "He's still upon His throne",
and with our prayers, I'm not alone!
And God is good and loves me still,
He will offer strength to swim these swells.

Oh Daddy now, please pray with me,
Some choices I made were not of Thee.
At times I've wandered and gone astray,
I feel somehow I've lost my way.

Tell me again my right hand he still holds, 
and how in heaven the streets are gold, and
once we're there no one is old because now 
Jesus holds my soul!

Daddy now please pray with me like when I 
was a child of three beside my bed on bended knees. 

And perhaps somehow these words I write, may move 
another to change their lives, for Jesus loves me this
I know and his blood has washed me white as snow. 

And when you've said "In Jesus Name" I feel brand 
new and not the same, so daddy now please pray with me
though I am grown and no longer three. 

He'll lift me up on wings of love and forgive me
of all the wrong's I'v done! Then I can drop my anchor
deep and mend white sails on peaceful seas!

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All Because of You

No matter how far I roam
I'll always have a place to call home
Somewhere to go when life gets rough
A foundation to stand on when things get tough

Because of you I am who I am today
All of my life you have shown me the way
And now its time that I put to use
All of the things you taught me how to do
And I am here today
And its all because of you

You stood behind me when I was right
You protected me with all of you might
You corrected me when I was wrong
And because of you I can be strong

Because of you I am who I am today
All of my life you have shown me the way
And now its time that I put to use
All of the things you taught me how to do
And I am here today
And its all because of you

No matter where I go
This I want you to know
That if it weren't for you
I wouldn't know what to do

Because of you I am who I am today
All of my life you have shown me the way
And now its time that I put to use
All of the things you taught me how to do
And I am here today
And its all because of you

All because of you
All because of you

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Last Day

Dear dad,

is the day
and I am afraid.
I will come to tell you.
I have found my someone.
So I'm asking, will you walk me through? 
Down the aisle
With my white gown.
Will you hand me over?
To this mean man.
So he can carry me away
possibly see you again someday?

I just wanted to let you know
As I sit on this white snow.
Writing to you.
That I am glad
You are my dad.

My heart has finally met it's match.
He's kind I tell you.
I am lucky to be with him, he's part of a special few.
But really I want to cry.
This man in all black is not mine.
Oh, why me?
That should not be dieing before my daddy!

When I was a child.
We went for ice-cream.
We walked for a mile.
Just so I could sleep, a sweet dream.

And today
is the day
and I am afraid.
That death knocked on my door.
Took me away and married me.
Oh, how it's funny,
that you can still be free.
This is what he did daddy:

He reached out his hand,
and lied.
I lay out mine 
and I died.

So I just wanted to let you know,
That you were the best.
I am glad,
That you were my dad.

And today,
I die,
And say,
Bye, Bye.

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My Baby Girl

My Baby Girl

What happen?  I remember that you’d just started walking
and before I knew it, you was talking.
Pre-school, Barbie dolls, bakers ovens, 
And I’ll never forget the Pig tails and everything having to be purple!
Cake decorations and art lessons.
Oh and who could forget those piano sessions.

But now, your toys 
are laptops, cell phones, designer jeans
bubble gum, boots and boys.

What happen to my Baby Girl? 
The only thing that’s the same is that you still love purple.

Now in your teens 
you’ll soon be ready to drive a car
oh,  just look at you... so talented, so tall and beautiful
soon you’ll be done with high school and college, 
I need you to know,  because your so clever
and you can have whatever you endeavor
I see your life going far.

Just be true to yourself and always stay faithful
and remember; I’ll love you forever because your  My Baby Girl!

C. Gill
Dedicated to Caroline

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A Long Tough Ride

It’s been a long, tough ride
And I’ve been working like a Mom
It’s been a long tough ride
My heart is ticking like a bomb
I know my duty it was
To work and manage the house
But soon I’ll feel so lost

When she’s gone
Things will not be the same
When she’s gone
Oh how my heart will grieve

It’s been a long, tough ride
And I’ve been working like a slave
It’s been a long, tough ride
My mind is reeling like a tape
I love my baby so much
I know my heart will be crushed
Yet I will be alright

When she’s gone
Things will not be the same
When she’s gone
Oh how my heart will grieve

It’s been a long tough ride
I should be happy to be free
It’s been a long tough ride
I should dancing in the breeze
But when I think of the world
She has to live in and work 
I’ll still be on my knees in prayer
Because it’s scary out there
But we will be alright
It’s been a long tough ride

Entry into John Heck’s Sponsored Contest: “Beatlemania Sing Along”
Sung to “It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night”

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aimlessly riding in an old Ford Coupe
radio tuned to sixties country
it's message reflecting our mood
we have our snacks and soda
dad, his six pack of beer
cigarette glowing
no one speaks, it's
our special 
time with

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Bear with me

You I’m still searching for a life
I don’t have the answers to your questions
But sometimes I just want you to believe in me
Someday I will find my own way

I don’t know what I should do
But stay for me and tell me to hold on
It’s a heart breaking seeing the unhappy
What more can I do, All I can is to hope

If I don’t talk too much
Doesn’t mean that I don’t care
If I don’t do things enough
Doesn’t mean I don’t do anything

If I could turn back the time
And knowing the future would be such a dull
Maybe I can make up for all my mistakes
And be the girl you wanted me to be

Tell you something…
My heart hurts
It hurts deeply through my brain

Nothing else I could do…
My tears fall as I bend down on my knees
Wishing everything turns beautifully
And no more worries in our life

Just let me keep my dream alive
Let me die trying or nothing at all
Let me believe on its possibility
Believed in me and always you’ll be

I have sacrifice the time
For searching and hoping
Though it’s such a waste of time
I know everything will turns beautifully

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Hyper vigilant

this surface thin brittle
teased tinkling ice...

memories interwoven...
heavily draped wisely

delicately arranged...
fragile inner-childhood fear...

bemused...many triggers...
continuous happy tiny moments... casual slaying dread...

trifle chilly moments...echos
to this very day...her spirit...hid 
under her her wardrobe...
the child hid to play...

her triggers aware alert intuitive...
she trusts her inner rescuer...

the source will sound the bell...

survival mode she does well...
wears her finest mask to hide
from hell...

this life she longer
denies...she stokes her flames
deep inside...

her lover knows of her pain...
a pain this deep one cannot 

...I will fight to send them back... silence them...with my emotions

without this threat of demise...
happiness evades...and divides...

this life...I strive...this entered damage...this enigma...I carry
within my chore...

my survival will
not allow me to ignore...

this truth...your failure...your fears
my fears...I have chosen to confront...
yet my fear chooses to elude... 

...for this mother daughter love
you gave me...I traded it all 
for truth...

...for I did not want the same...
...I did not want to ever become
like you...

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There's a man all alone and his name is well known
but he thinks all the world is a den
of the poor and the weak and the too dead to speak
for themselves, it's a game they can't win.

He's a little bit high and he'll be til we die
it's too bad that his heart is so black,
but he knows how to sing to a crowd and to bring
out the love that they've been holding back.

It's a game that he plays with your life and he stays
just as long as the music goes on,
and he'll make you to smile if it's only a while,
then he goes where the devil has gone.

All the girls that he's had think it's not all that bad
but the glitter's too much for their mind
so they leave him to sleep where no angel would keep
anyone for there's not one to find.

He could write every word of the songs we have heard
and he's led every daughter astray
to be part of his past and a love that won't last
and he lights every fire in his way..

Now he looks for the cause of the reason he was
as he died he's still misunderstood,
but the dream's been too dead for too long in his head,
and he rode out the storm as he should.

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Hell Spikes

Dont leave me here in this hell, I have been there for you, please dont fforget 
my sacrifice, my blood spilt the black wine flows. Please stay here by my 
side never to die.

Death is all I see the beauty in black; fires rage the hell spikes puncture my 
flesh I did this for you. Hold my hand and I will never bow. Hold me close and 
I'll survive hells fires.

Pain is all around yet you are not there. Abandoned thrown out into a 
unforgiving society as it burns hold my hand and I will give you this world. 
Throw me away and I will watch this world burn.

Death is all I see the beauty in black; fires rage the hell spikes puncture my 
flesh I did this for you. Hold my hand and I will never bow I'll durvive hells 

Your beauty of the stars, your radience of the sun your black hair flows like 
the night killing the light. Your porcelin skin as white as snow your eyes 
speak in a different light. When you hold me its as if time stops I never want 
to go I never to leave this feeling must be eternal until the end of time.

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Under The Tangerine Sky

life is full of choices and chances single’s dances and double romances life moves on while stories are told time can’t be bought, it’s only sold there’s a light that dims each passing day of Sons and Daughters lost along the way Somewhere under the Tangerine Sky it's near impossible to read his face never met the man he tries to replace too high the gamble too high is the cost another year taken and another year lost life moves on while the stories turn gray of Sons and daughters lost along the way Somewhere under the Tangerine Sky He’s a ghost from the coast under the hot desert sun the mercury rises and the air is dry bye and bye Somewhere under the Tangerine sky A faded shadow standing in the wind no longer the man he had once been wandering lost and all alone, the price he pays for all the wrong More and more memories fade away of sons and daughters lost along the way Somewhere under the tangerine sky He's a ghost from the coast under the hot desert sun the mercury rises and the air is dry bye and bye Somewhere Under the Tangerine Sky
(repeat chorus) written by Warner Baxter One Knight Stand Productions all rights reserved

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Please Dont Let Her Go

The call of a mother
the mean words of her children
the pain that lingers through the years

Her pain suffocates her
dying in a lonely place
waiting to be heard
she turns a lighter color

They try to save her
but their love is not enough
they stand in a white room
waiting for the words 
the words no one wants to hear

Please dont let her go
let her stand oh lord
let her be with us 
let her feel no pain

The lights dimmer

the ceiling falls
their standing underneath the sky
their mother stands before them
she tells them to let go of all the guilt
that has built up for she is safe and okay now

They stand as the light of there mother fades
there alone now standing underneath the black sky

their pain and guilt fades knowing there mother loves them and always will

Dedicated to Granny Helen Caccumise (you were like a mother to me and may you rest in peace)

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Pain Is The Problem

All we do is fuss and fight.
It's like I just can't get it right.
One minute you're pissed, the next you're fine.
Why don't you try looking at yourself through my eyes.
What do you expect me to think?
Of course I think the problem is me!
How could I not?!
There are no other thoughts,
Nothing left for me to hold onto for sanity.
You've got me so upset I could start screaming profanity.
Why?!?!?! What's the point in the fighting?
Do you want me to just say you're right and,
Well, I don't know what you want me to do.
It's like I can't get it right with you.
I know you're my mom, but you act like you hate me.
Does arguing with me make you feel better lately?
All we do is fuss and fight.
It's like I just can't get it right.
It wasn't always like this, you know?
You're pushing me away and I'm about to go.
The stress and the pain aren't worth the tears.
I've never been so ready to face my fears,
To leave this house and all of the pain, too.
I'm packing my bags. Goodbye to you.

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my child

you are
the only star on a cloudy night 
before its about to rain
the last calm wave coming in
before a hurricane
the brightest color in the sky 
when a rainbow's overhead 
the last tear in my eye
before I go to bed

you are 
the ray of sun that gives me hope
when showers plague the sky 
all the glowing little lights 
that we call fire flies 
the glistening of the winter snow 
on the coldest night 
you are my child 
and I am yours 
forever in the sky.

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A Cold Question

Is what her parents named her
Cause when her parents named her they were baked
I think that
They must have had a premonition
Cause I'm sittin' round here wishing
Her excuses weren't half-baked

But when the air turns cold
I think I'll ask her once again

Is what her parents called her
But who would want a daughter cold as ice?
And although
I've begged her to reconsider
I'm doubting she'll deliver
Cause the summer's not so nice

But when the air's no longer gold
I'll ask her once again

Snow is convenient
For sledding and skiing
For playing but not for keeping in your heart
Alaska, sincerely, I'm waning, I'm freezing
To sleep or to death

Before we even start
Before we even start
Before we even start
Resuscitate me, please restart my heart

Has a problem with commitment
No kidding

But when the air turns cold
I think I'll ask her once again

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She said daddy how long is forever
I said, I don't know, 'bout five or ten years
how can two people stay together
in this world full of pain and fears

she said daddy when I get older
will you help me find a man to take my hand
I said if we all survive
I'll surely do the best that I can

then she cried
she said daddy I don't wanna die


child this world is ruled by the devil's wealthy
who's main concern is their pride and his money
they rule this world without compassion or mercy
and Mammon's damned have to live on his land
I do believe that love is coming
until then we have to do the best that we can

idolize the rich and you get what you get 
better to build the kingdom of God at hand
so lay the cornerstone of love in your heart
child can you understand
that his name is love
and he teaches us to repent of our sins

this world is a battle ground for angels and devils
and a proving ground for all of God's children
and I know that the angels are few
but it doesn't take but one or two
to bring down legions

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' The Baby-Talk Song ...'

‘ The  Baby-Talk  Song … ’

It’s Been 30 Years Ago …
But the Memories are Starting To Flow
Going Thru These Newborn Clothes …
Oh … How Fast Children Grow

You Were A Beautiful – Baby Boy !
That Teething Cat, was Your Favorite Toy
You Were Precious to Your Dad and Me
As Was Your First Words … in The Nursery
goo-goo  ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo  ga-ga    Ma-Ma

We Tried to Get You to Say It Again
So We Could Bragg to All Our Friends
You Were The Apple of Our Eyes
Going:   goo-goo   ga-ga

We Loved to Hear Your Baby-Talk
Especially … at Your First Baby-Walk
Going:     goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

… Laughter; Tears
Curiosity or Fears …
Always, Tell Us What You’re Trying To Say

… New Things; Mistakes
Triumphs or Heartaches
We Just Love To Hear You Anyway …
Ever Since:   goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

When ol’ Burke, was Put to Sleep
You were so Hurt, You wouldn’t Speak
I Said:  ‘Don’t Be Afraid To Cry …
‘Cause I’m … goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

And The First Time You Came Home High
Hanging with the Wrong High-School Guys
Daddy Explained, it to You Best …
He Helped You Get Out of Your … Mess
He wasn’t Shame and Here’s Why …
‘Cause He’s …  goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da

Laughter; Tears
Curiosity or Fears
Always Tell Us What You’re Trying To Say …

New Things; Mistakes
Triumphs or Heartaches
We Just Love To Hear You Anyway …
Ever Since …  goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

… Pa Took Pictures of Bride and Groom
You Held Her, Like Your First Baby-Spoon !
… Now, Today … Our Family Gathers ‘Round
Overjoyed … At Your Baby’s Sounds …

goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma
goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

for: ('Great' Aunt –(smile) Carolyn Devonshire… 
Who just told me she’s doing 
Baby-Care Duty for Newborn in Family
A Precious Time Indeed
… I Dug This One Out (smile)


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Ho Ho Ho

Go to sleep 
Go to sleep
My little ones

Or Santa
Just won't come

For he knows when you are awake
For He knows when you are asleep

Close your weary eyes now
And I'll go take a little peek

Tap Tap Tap
Upon the roof

It's santa coming 
For I hear reindeer's hoofs

Hush Hush now
Don't say a word

Better hurry 
And fall fast to sleep
Or he just may leave you a big turd

Let sugar plums
Dance in those pertty little heads

As I made sure
Santa was nice and fead

Cookies and milk
With nothing else

Oh thank you my dear Lord
For this nice little cord

For they are fast to sleep
Now I can go back to bed
And count my own lost sheep

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What Means the Most

There is nothing in this earth that means to me, more than my little angel named, Elizabeth. God, she is the most perfect little child I have ever seen in my life. 

I pray to God for her well being and her mommy as well. I just want them to be happy while I'm in this situation that I cant crawl out from without them. 

My two girls mean the world to me, and how cant no one see that. I had Elizabeth when I was 17 and a half, and I am not about to give on the one I care so much about. 

Every time I hear her voice over the phone crying out, “I wanna talk to daddy, I wanna talk to daddy” that just makes me want to roll up into a ball and start to cry. But I start doing that mommy is going to know that I am soon going to die.

She knows this cause she also feels how much I miss her and our daughter. I just don't want to disappoint them to a point of me losing my two guardian angels that watch over me night and day so that I don't  mess up or think that I am losing them. 

But u do promise you one thing though little baby. That one day daddy will take you far, far away and than in the sunshine, and beautiful scenery we can boast. The reason why I want to do this with only you though, its because I love you the most. 

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Unadulterated rape caught on tape
boys and girls can't escape
people missing never to be seen
getting a card, have you seen me

It was dark as midnight
she couldn't hardly see
lying in bed saying who sharing me
they liked her frame
the form of her brain
as another man partake 
messing up her inside grain

She tried to escape
they disfigured her shape
now this another victim thats
been raped

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Mama Cries With Raindrops

I saw tears in my baby girls eyes today
I heard her whisper, mama can you hear me
She said mama, I really miss you and need you hear
She said can you see the flowers mama, here beneath this tree

And as I listened, I heard my baby girl say
Mama they're your favorite color, can you see them from above
And as I knelt down beside her, I said mama loves roses
I told her when it rains, it's mama sending her love

When mama's happy, mama cries with raindrops
Yes, mama cries with raindrops
So when the flowers bloom so big and bright
Always remember, mama cries with raindrops
Mama cries with raindrops

I saw a smile on my baby girls face today
Heard her whispering, mama it's been awhile 
She said mama, I planted some new flowers just for you
She said mama can you smell the flowers, beside this dirt pile

Just then raindrops started to fall
A soft white cloud moved in over the yard above
My baby girl turned to me with a big smile and said
Daddy look, mama's sending her love

When mama's happy, mama cries with raindrops
Yes, mama cries with raindrops
So when the flowers bloom so big and bright
Always remember, mama cries with raindrops
Mama cries with raindrops

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Roses, the Story of Last Night

It’s amazing how you hold yourself
When those around you have fallen away
And there you were, to be or not 
They’ll whisper until you break
They’ll whisper until you bow

Visit’s the church of her Christ
But you know it’s not where you belong
They can’t tell you who to be
But then we wouldn’t have a song to sing

Flower girl in her mothers dress
She ran away from home
Knew her worst was she at her best
Handed down jewels around her neck

This is all of my runaway you may love
So it was goodbye to everything
When there was nothing left of you to steal
Something made up when nothing else was real

This loneliness was yours
Because no one knew how to keep your ease
And your family closed the doors
Replaced you 
With the love for something they had no use for

Roses in the air
As the weather smeared your smile
If this is where it ends
With the fragrance of a child
She was like roses in the air
You were scattered around your needs
A soft and gentle breeze
But the world was so careless with it’s touch
Her roses felt the air
When the world was not so nice
You held your tears at night

“story of last night”

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The Day The Angels Came

I see her image sitting over there, all alone
Streaming tears running down her cheeks, on her face
Her soft little whimpering voice, a babies tone
I remember when she said c'mon daddy, let's have a race
It was her first time that she played, in the yard outside
I still recall her great big smile, on her tiny face
And the tears that ran down her cheek, when she cried
Because she tore her brand new dress, with the pink lace

She always was my little Angel, my only child
But I still cry when I remember, how mommy died giving birth
But those pains somehow went away, when my baby smiled
Oh how it was so cute that day, she caught a fish
It was only three inches long, but to her it was just something sticky
And how she loved taking flowers, to her Mommy's grave
She always made me smile and laugh, when she said daddy
Mommy's stone needs some paint, that it's old and gray

Oh! I still recall that dark sad day, when the Angels came
And how they took my baby girl, along home with them
Oh how the stars did shine that night, up in the sky
And how the day was dark, when we buried her
Now all I have are memories, of her smiling face
In the photograph hanging on the wall, and beside my bed
Oh how my tears did fall that day, the Angels came
And when they took my baby girl, home with them

My heart did break that dreadful day, by a truck
As she ran out to get her ball, into the street
And when I picked her up she hugged my neck, where she was struck
I held her so tight to me, rapped in a sheet
She said daddy it'll be o.k., as I wiped blood from her feet
She said mommy says we'll be waiting, with God in heaven
I'll never forget how my heart was broke, there in the street
That day I lost my pride and joy, to some drunken men

Oh! I still recall that dark sad day, when the Angels came
And how they took my baby girl, along home with them
Oh how the stars did shine that night, up in the sky
And how the day was dark, when we buried her
Now all I have are memories, of her smiling face
In the photograph hanging on the wall, and beside my bed
Oh how my tears did fall that day, the Angels came
And when they took my baby girl, home with them

Oh! I still recall that dark sad day, when the Angels came
And how they took my baby girl, along home with them
Oh how my tears did fall that day, the Angels came
And when they took my baby girl, home with them

This Is a sad song, Not a true story

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Missing You

I sent a balloon
Into the sky,
I know that you
Are wondering why…

The balloon is free
To roam above,
Sending my sorrow
Along with my love…

The balloon flies up
While the bird sings,
Sending my mom
Her angel wings…

So when I get down
Feeling the gloom,
I look up to heaven
And send her a balloon.

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I am a woman

I am a woman,
talented, beautiful, and different
intriguing, decisive, and allicient.
I am a woman,
intelligent, charming, and persistent
young, wise, and independent.
I am a woman,
strong, romantic, and understanding
mature, high maintance, and compromising.
I am a woman
patient, flattering, and advocate
glamorous, luminous, and fortunate.
I am a woman,
caring, sane, and high class,
giving, insecure, and a sass.
I am a woman.

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Daughter Of Mine

Daughter of mine 
I watch you like a rose bud
You bloom when you are in the room
Your innocence drives your soul 
Your radiants fills the room
Tiny hands to nail polished fingertips
You had such a tight little grip 
Now your lady like charm 
Is gentle as the prettest butterfly 
I listen to your dreams 
I wish to the above they come true for you

Daughter of mine 
I will follow by yourside 
My diamond is you
My unconditional love is all for you
My mothers admiration will never be dormant
A dream came true when I first held you
Your eyes are of ocean waves 
The darkest of ebony hair
Now you have a voice 
Your have your own morals 
Such beauty inside to out
I adore my daughter of mine 

Love does not explain the meaning
There is no words I can pen 
I will mend your heart when it is apart
I will be a friend when you are in need
But most of all a mother 
I would lay down a die for my daughter of mine 
I will love with all that I am 
For my daughter of mine ....

For my beautiful daughter Madeline ...

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No ones to blame, that your soul is put to shame

I don't understand, how i'm blame to be the biggest sin the world can see. you're little tall tails, you try and make the people believe are all hopeless, just like the heart inside of you beats. i'm breathing like i always do, i'm not gonna miss a single breath over you. when you're the one, that's suppose to be here for me, even when death captures the life of me. sadly, you're mistaken, for the life you've overtaken. the life of a drugged out temptresses is not a life to lead, thats why you aren't my example of the future to me. i don't want to be the one that is always the one to plead, for money, for sex, for looks, oh you're something i've learned to not be from those certain books. you weren't there for me to write, when you were suppose to be, the introduction author about the life of me. the life of me, how interesting can that be? well, i must say, you helped me be able to write about a girl who has been terribly betrayed. where's my mother, the one whose suppose to be like none other? you gave me no one, but myself to look up too.

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Sleep child sleep bright
as Dream comes an' sits beside
to rock you in her gossamer wings
an' Ariel from the cowslip's bell, now lightly sings
Sleep child sleep bright
The moon flashes on you her silver light
an' sprinkles a beauty unmistaken
of sweet innocence an' silken charms from heaven
Sleep child sleep bright
Hope comes in her flight
Her feathered fingers tenderly at your hair
Lo! golden she turns them, an' stars strewn in the air!
Sleep child sleep bright
Titania's seen dancing in the faint sight
Roses bright hued, in her sun gold arms
Here she comes, to breathe into you her faerie charms!
Sleep child sleep bright
Sleeping beauty in joyous delight
 treads softly now her  feet light
to kiss you baby a sweet goodnight
Sleep child sleep bright!

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Life Will Not Change Unless You Change

Dedicated to my daughter Heather

Hello my dear one, I am here to say I care
I wish for you the world, but you must be aware
You will never become more, than you allow yourself to be
So open up your eyes, and listen carefully 
I see the courage of a woman through the years I do admire
You speak and I will listen, with you I never tirer
If you could see what I do, and believe in yourself
It wouldn’t be long before, another you would help
Change your thoughts of habit, and live the life you dream
For it’s not so far out of reach, but much closer than it seems
Listen to your inner voice, let it be your guide
Stay away from foolish advice, it’s these things that makes you hide
Within you lives the passion, just waiting to be free
So trust in your heart, and let it be your key 
People say they are your friends, but what you need to know
For if this in fact was the truth, your best interest they would bestow
Reach for your inner strength when life becomes a chore
Life is worth the effort, so dare to dream for more
Nothing is impossible, when your heart is in align  
You don’t need anyone, to make your light shine
If there ever was a time for you, to be precise
Don’t let today get away, to meaningless devise 
Your beautiful in all your glory, so be everything you are
And hold your head up high today;  for there is help beyond the stars 

This poem was inspired by my son Tommy {in heaven}
Tom is also Heather’s Brother & Best Friend

Written With Much Love and Respect,

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My child

My child.
So sweet and dear.
My child
Please, always be near.
My child 
You are my savor from heaven above
My very own Angel sent down to fill me with love.
My child 
I gave you life.
In return you saved my life.
My child
You are everything I need
My child
You made a women out of me.
You gave me strength 
When I had no love
You are my savor from heaven above.
I thought the Lord had not heard my prayers
That is when you appeared
You showed me the way through nite and day
You never judge me for right or wrong
Your love will always go on
my child 
so innocent and pure
You are my heart
Nothan can compare
My child
So small and sweet,
You are everything in me
All the great I couldn't be,
My child 
You are my love
You are my savor from heaven above.

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Papa Says Yes Mama Says No

Papa says yes
Mama says no

Off to a dance
I want to go

Flowers in my hair
Mama says Girl don't you dare

Horn's just a blaring
Papa not even caring

Begging dear mama
Please Please can I go hah hah

If your papa says yes
Then I must confess

Your mama says no
But This time I'll let you go

Be home by eleven
My little princess from Heaven

For if you come in late
Your papa is going to kill that date

         To My

Tribute To 
Teenage Dating

Remember Kiddies
Were always watching LOL

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My Summer Love

My summer love
My summer love

You were sent speical 
from Heaven above

Your smile Your Touch Your Kiss
makes me only want to hove

My sumer love
My summer love

Wrap your arms around me
and fly free like a carefree dove

Wisper in my ear
and tell me no other does 

Like My sweet sweet sumer love
Summer love

Hold me close and tell me
not to push or shove

Away my summer love
My summer love

For shes the only one for me
just because just because

She arrived to me 
on the wings of a dove

And now will be forever known as
my only summer love my summer love

Tribute To My Jenny Rose
For She Was Born In The Summer  LOL
Aug 25th 1997
Mama Loves Ya Peanut

Also Maybe A Future Song  LOL

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My First Daughter

An emphatic shout of "A Daughter"
From the room could be heard!
Not in April nor August,
But on September the Third.

The story began with
The joining of two
People, young and in love,
Resulting in a beautiful you.

Some men pray, hope and
Yearn for a son.
Holding you daughter, that first day,
Joy in my life was easily outdone.

I have watched you grow
Over the last sixteen years,
And I am unable to count the moments
That have brought me joyous tears.

Now before me stands an intelligent,
Beautiful, loving young lass.
I am overwhelmed as your proud father,
My expectations, you have surely surpassed.

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It's the end of the line now.
No more feeling.
     No more wishing
               that I could be
     your perfect little girl
all over again.
No more dreaming.
     no more hoping
          that I would turn out to be
     a daughter you'll be
proud of.
No more thinking
     that everything's gonna change
          and go back
     to the way things were
it's not.
I'm putting up my walls again
     to disappear from view
          to block out the world
               to pretend I'm not here
          'cause it's so much easier
     than trying to feel everything.
'Cause I don't wanna be

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My Angel; Danielle's lullaby

All little bellies have been fed,
my angel, my angel.
It's time to lay down now sleepy head,
my angel, my angel.

Think of all you learned today,
my angel, my angel.
Let sweet dreams take you away,
my angel, my angel.

Dream of rainbows bright and bold,
my angel, my angel.
Dream of stories that you were told,
my angel, my angel.

Close your eyes now little one,
my angel, my angel.
Think of morning when Mommy will come,
my angel, my angel.

All little bellies have been fed,
my angel, my angel.
It's time to lay down now sleepy head,
my angel, my angel.

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Cloud-Cover… On A Sunny Day
Got Me On This Hill… Looking-Up and Dreaming
Cloud-Cover… I Just Want To Lay
And Watch The Sunrays Gently Beaming…
… thru The Cloud-Cover… Cloud Cover

Cloud-Cover… Like A Gentle Lover
A Sweetheart, That’s Somewhere Far Away
Who, Sends A Message… To This Hillside Clover…
… and Me… Wishing Both, Could Stay…
… just Like Cloud-Cover… Cloud Cover

Oh, Let Our Lives, Be Like Close-Cloud-Cover
Gently Rolling By, Slowly, On The Breeze
Rise Up With Love, For One Another
And Ride The Wind.. ‘til We Are Free…
… Discover, Cloud-Cover… Cloud Cover

Cloud-Cover… Was A Sunny Day
… but I Hear Distant Thunder… On A Hill…
Cloud-Cover… I Have To Pray…
I’m Running Thru The Rain… ‘Cause I Feel A Chill…
… Don’t Let It Be My Cloud-Cover!... Not My Cloud-Cover!
…Nor My Son, Daughter, Mother, Father… Or My Brother…

Cloud Cover… Please… Cloud Cover…

   In Memory of Those Taken From Us...

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Before I told you, 
About my dearest father.
Remember I told you,
How he didnt want to be bothered.
He still hasnt called,
Or wrote a letter.
All it takes is one call,
To make things better.
You were never there,
And you said you would be,
I guess I see now, 
Your drugs are more important than me.
What doesn't hurt me,
Will only make me stronger.
When I look at you,
I know I will live longer.
Now you've heard again,
A message from your daughter.
The only thing she ever wanted,
Was love from her father.

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Daddy's Baby

Staring into your eyes I start to cry,
As emotions suddenly fill my heart
Long awaited dreams are finally answered…
For a long time I watched life pass by, 
Waiting in the darkness just wanting to cry,
Waiting for you to find me
Waiting to see,
If blessed as your father I will be
From this day forward and for all to see
Alicia Rose you will forever be
My beautiful little lady
Also know as… 
Daddy’s baby~

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January's Song

She's spent her whole life holding on to those who couldn't hold their own,
and the sad part about it is, when they fell, they always took her down.

They clipped her wings and told her that she wasn't meant to fly.
Her heart's been broken so many times for she believed in all their lies.

She's found that life holds big surprises, most that money just can't buy.
She's learned of love, she's learned of life, but never asking "Why?",...
My little angel finally learned how to fly.

Now there is someone in her life who's depending on that which she can teach,
and she does her best to let her know that her needs will always be in reach.

She gives her lots of hugs and kisses and all the things she never got much of,
her little angel will know lots of things, but most of all, she'll know about love.

She'll know that life holds big surprises, most that money just can't buy.
She'll learn of love, she'll learn of life and she's always asking, "Why?"
Her little angel is going to know how to fly. 

Copyright:  November 4, 2005

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Unknown blessing~

Making love to you slowly at first, 
Then busting into passion 
I fill you with my thoughts and dreams
You slowly open as I touch your soul,
We shall forever share this moment in time 
Even if you are never mine, we shall forever be
I loved you even before I entered your world
I dreamed about your lips pressed against mine,
As you starred into my eyes, 
We saw our daughter..
Unaware of our blessing at the moment
We let people stand between us…
We took a chance on life
Never looking back, 
We still took a chance,
Blessed with the greatest part of our lives
We finally meet her,
Starring into her eyes it all suddenly became clear
Our hearts were finally sincere…
As we gently kissed her face.
Such a sweet angel face,
The pain in our lives shall forever be replaced.

By John Cornell

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I wish that I could tell you how I feel,
and yet I still don't know if these feelings
are real.
You were supposed to be there as my father,
but I could never see myself as your lovely
little daughter.
I remember when you used to call every
weekend, But now it's like you never get
the messages that I send.
And now that you know you've broken my
heart, How's it feel to know that you've
ripped your daughter's life apart?
I hope you take seriously the pain that
you've caused, So maybe you will realize
what you once had you have now lost.
And now that I know that you don't want to
be bothered, It's really sad to know my
dearest Father.

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I Love You So

I love you so.
I love you more than you will ever know.
I’ve loved you since your first heartbeat.
I’ve loved you since your first kick.
I’ve loved you since your first hiccup.
I’ve loved you since your first game.
I’ve loved you since your first cry.
I’ve loved you since your first look at me.
I’ve loved you since your first smile.
I’ve loved you since your first laugh.
I will love you for your first steps.
I will love you for your first tooth.
I will love you for your first word.
I will love you for your first bike ride.
I will love you when you break my heart.
I will love you when you make me cry.
I will love you with all my heart.
I will love you till the day I die.
I will love you always.

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To have your heart broken,
just crushed.
To think this could 
never happen to you.
You were the one thing
she could count on.
You were the one person
in her life that was 
always there for her.
Missing that, now that 
it is gone.
Asking herself, what
did she do?
Why is he missing from 
her life?
He was suppose to be
the one person in her
life that would never 
hurt her.
So why did her daddy 
leave her?
Why did her daddy crush
her heart?

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Song for a Goddess Child

Embrace yourself in the silence of the earth, 
Radiate the wonder of your beauty and worth.. 
Stretch your soul and sing aloud, 
Dance with the rain and kiss the clouds.. 
Breathe with the sun, glide with the moon, 
Your magic star carpet will be here soon.. 
Stretch your soul and sing aloud, 
Dance with the rain and kiss the clouds. 
The darkness is lifted, the pain is gone, 
Just drift into serenity and be that song. 
Let your soul heal let your heart be alive, 
You are bliss flowering gorgeous in the wild. 

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The Look Of The Hurt...

When He Saw Me
He Knew The Look…
It’s the Look of The Hunted
The Look Says, ‘I’m Scared’
The Look, Nobody Wanted
That said, ‘Nobody Cared’

He Said, He Knew The Look
Seen it More than Not
Said He’d Seen The Look
Hung in a Mirror, On a Hook

It’s the Look of The Hunted
The Look That Says, ‘I’m Scared’
The Look, Nobody Wanted
The Look, That Said, ‘Nobody Cared’

…So that, When He Saw Me
He said, ‘You Must Be My Mate
‘Cause, The Look in Your Eyes – I Can Relate’
He Said, ‘Not to Deny It…
Just A Waste of Time
The Look Says It All…
…and I Need To Make You Mine…

You Got The Look of The Hunted
You Got The Look of The Hurt
The Look of  Heart-Damaged
…but I Know What You’re Worth

… Hunted by Your Pain
Hunted by Your Fear
Hunted by Your Blame
Ain’t Gon' Let No One Else Near…

And I Began to Look
In His Eyes… and I Shook
At what I Saw and Heard
… I Repeated His Words…

You Got The Look of The Hunted
The Look Says, ‘I’m Scared’
The Look Nobody Wanted
That Said ‘Nobody Cared’

We Got The Look of The Hunted
The Look of The Hurt
…and We’re Gonna Bury Our Pain
And Walk Away From The Dirt
And From The Look of The Hunted
… The Look of The Hurt

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Dear Dad

Frequently i ask myself about my ifs...ands...buts...what ifs & maybes but the fear i once
had about those questions is slowly but surly fading. Ready set go this is a race i am
determined to win & at the end i just need man and Kayla, my kids, to be my best friends.
They are my gifts that were given to me. For every min, every hour, every day i am free
rim truly blessed that i made it & lived through one of god's greatest test. I may have
passed barely but "damn" it i made it. You may be dreaded with shame, disappointment or
rage. The fact remains your still mad about things i cant change. To soften my heart and
turn my bitter sweet I'll be the first to place my pride beneath my feet. I'll try to be
more submissive & let my aggression fall back. I'm still gonna be me ain't no doubt or
wavering that. I tried it all my way lets see if i can mix the two i want my happiness to
come but it wont be true without you. I've tried many times to show how i felt by my
actions but you highly missed my message. So i will try my words cause these are one of my
many passions. This is my first & very last plea. After this ....i will no longer be
concerned about you but more focused on me!

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cant explain

I cant find the words to explain,
how beautiful you are,
I reminisce about a goddess,
my queen,
girl you are,
so exotic,
unknown features,
I never seen,
a beautiful creature,
how do I say,
girl i wantcha,
how do I say,
girl I need ya,
I want to smell,
your sweet aroma,
girl im really fallin for ya,
but I cant find the words to explain
how beautiful you are

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Daughter, sister,
Wife, mother,
Adjectives of kinship
Are worthy of worship

Markers of purity,
Idols of sanctity,
Yet victims of atrocity!
Strange cozenage of sanctity!!

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My Angel

I recall when she was my little angel
I recall the times she played in her cradle
Then she’d say piggy back daddy, piggy back
As I trotted all around the yard out back

I recall the silly things she’d say and do
I recall all the fun at the zoo
She’d cover up her eyes then cry out boo
Then she’d cover daddy’s eyes and say guess who

My Angel, She was happy all the time
My Angel, Very glad that she was mine
My Angel, The one that man took away
My Angel, Went to heaven here today

I never thought she’d leave, before me
She was the sweetest little thing, she could be
My Angel died, by anothers hand
Laid out along the road in the sand


Written by: George Kenneth Martin

 Date: June 9, 2006

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Missing My Mommy

They say you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.
Well I am here to tell you it’s true.

I never knew how much I looked to my mom for her advice. 
I really suppressed the feelings of love for my mother, but now that she is gone I 
would give anything to tell her how much I do and did love her. Just to hug her 
once again, to brush her mane of gold, or even to do that one more favor she 
may need from me. It would be worth it you know.

Every now and then I can sense her presence. I hear her words, coughs, and 
beckoning. I can smell her and feel her beside me telling me it is ok, she is now 
out of pain and happier than she had been for a really long time, but I can’t help 
missing my mommy.
She used to encourage me to have a mind of my own and not to just go along 
with the crowd, but to be one of a kind. Although she had a hard time telling how 
much she loved me or showing appreciation for the woman I had become she 
tried even if I didn’t see it at the time. 

She may not have been the most nurturing mother of all times and I must admit 
that she quite the selfish one, but no matter she was still my mommy.

There are days when everywhere I turn I see things no matter how slight, that 
remind me of her. It may be a song or television show she liked. Maybe it is a 
flower or something of nature or it could be a sentimental item she would have 
liked, but it all still echoes of my mommy just the same.

When in midstream of thoughts of her it is difficult to bring myself back to the 
reality that she is gone from this cruel place we call Earth. 

The only thing that truly comforts me is knowing she is not really all that far away 
and someday I will see her again in heaven, she will be the one talking Jesus’ 
and God’s ears off. 

As for me at this moment I am not so sad anymore even though I am missing my 

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To A Sick Child

Your face was pale, your voice was still.
Toys discarded, for you were ill.
On your pillow, your little head,
It's not like you to lie in bed.
A day, a night, never seemed so long, 
What we would give to make you strong.
With love we tend you through the night.

At last the dawn, morning light
,What do we see?
 Cheeks tinged with pink,
A stronger voice asks for a drink.
Where's my doll, my book, my Ted?
Mummy when can I get out of bed?
Our sighs of relief, we won the fight.
Oh, little one, you gave us such a fright!!! 

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My Little Girl Who Had No Clue

Mt little girl who had no clue
lately when I look at you
My heart wonders
If your love holds true

Your stares at other guys passing by
In their Lexus BMW's and Limo rides
Can't you see I love you
For theres no other
I swear this is true
For my heart only belongs to you

My little girl
Who had no clue

Come here girl
Let me hold you
Like I used to do
Let me wisper in those ears
I love only you
Don't push me away
For my heart will be blue

My little girl
Who had no clue

I'm begging and pleaing
For I know theres
No other like you
Come take my hand
And let's say I do

My little girl
Who had no clue

Another song working on 
Let Me know what ya think

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From (daughter) To (father)

How did we get this way?
We had everything
We had each other
Nothing could bring us apart

But now here we are
We are starting to fall
And we can't help each other
What brought us apart?

I thought everything would be fine
That we'd have no problems in our lives
Now all I can taste is the salt from my tears
And all the pressure from your fears
But I just gotta know right now
I gotta know right now
Are we ever going to be okay?

We could talk about everything
Even laugh and smile
But now we fight about everything
And we're both in denial

We don't seem to understand
The hurt this brings to both of us
And it seems we don't
Care for one another

I thought everything would be fine
That we'd have no problems in our lives
Now all I can taste is the salt from my tears
And all the pressure from your fears
But I just gotta know right now
I gotta know right now
Are we ever going to be okay?

I know you're scared
But so am I
I know you don't want to be like them
Neither do I

We had it good
Everything was fine
Now there's too much reasoning
On who is right

I know what I'm doing with my life
I hope you know what you're doing with yours
You can come back anytime
Don't stay gone
It's not too late
It's not too late, to fix
What's been broken

Just don't give up on me
And I won't give up on you
It's not too late
It will never be too late
Unless you let this get to you
I won't let it, get to me

Written March 5, 2005

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A child so young and sweet
wondering would he rape me
at that time in her mother's
a child so young with an innocent
so scared when the devil appear
deep down inside, she cries a 
silent tear
and knowing she lost her flower
at a very young age
she keeps the secrets
locked up in a cage

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Bad Girl

I live to break the rules
I dance to see how fools
Break each others mind
Don't know what's left behind

Well I'm sorry
This is not supposed to be
A typical story
Of how you loved me

Because I'm a bad girl
I live to stay on top
I speak what's on my mind
Don't care who's on my back
Watch me I'm a bad girl

Maybe you won't get it right
So don't be shy to ask
I've taken off my mask
This is my real sight

Well I'm so sorry
Cause this is what I'm supposed to be
My typical story
of how I turned. . . 

Into a bad, bad girl
I live to stay on top
I speak what's on my mind
Don't care who's on my back
Watch me i'm a bad girl

Please forgive me 
For not being innocent enough
To look sweet cause I'm tough
So don't teach me what to do
This is what I've got to say
I am built this way

So just watch this bad girl . . .

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I can't get out
trapped in this artificle world
no way to escape now
nothing left but my soul
how was i supposed to know 
that life not that easy
i got to find away some how
to make it through those rainy days
but heart screaming at me to get away
so what am i supposed to do
when my heart is saying to get way
but my head is saying no way no chance
don't they always say to follow your heart
but happy ending only live in fairy tales
so what am i supposed to do 
live a life of unhappiness
or brave the big bad world on my own?
a life of unhappiness with no uncertainty's
or life of chance but with but uncertainty's
sign a hint will do for me
but guidance is always untrue

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Innocence Lost

Brought you up like a little princess,
center of my whole universe;
when you cry I’d come right running –
daddy’s little girl.

Through distance and even through time,
nothing could seem to pull us apart.
riding on my back, screaming with delight –
father and child.

But now that you’ve grown 
without warning you
thrust a dagger through my soul,
cut me up with your sharpest blade,
pierced my gut with your pointed knife,
broke me up like your helpless doll.
how could you! 

We used to be so good together,
at least that’s the way I always thought;
never knew you’d hurt me this bad,
you lived just for yourself. 

And now that you’ve grown
without warning you 
thrust a dagger through my soul,
cut me up with your sharpest blade,
pierced my gut with your pointed knife,
broke me up like your helpless doll.
how could you! 

I can’t tell if I can look at you again
with the same glimpse of love here in my eyes.
I may forgive you when my wound finally heals
but one thing is sure I will never forget.


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Would You Come After Me?

Lately, I've been looking in the mirror
And trying to see you beyond my eyes.
I may be a fool, but I am not blind.
As much as I wish it, you aren't there.

I've spoken hidden words,
Hoping you would understand,
But you haven't been there for me.
I have to wonder who or what
I am to you.
And I have to wonder how I can bear
Belonging to someone who just doesn't care.
I have to wonder....

If I ran, would you come after me?
If I stopped, what would you say?
If I just closed my eyes
And let myself fall,
Would you catch me?

Or would you walk back down that hall?

Block me out?

Pretend I never called?

If I was in danger,
would you fight for me?
If I was hurt,
would you avenge me?
If I was sick,
would you hold my hand
and pray for me to be well?
If I died, Daddy,
would you care at all?

So if I run now,
And you don't want me to go,
Then come after me fast.
I may keep looking back,
But if you're not coming,
Daddy, I ain't ever turning back.

If I ran, would you come after me?
If I stopped, what would you say?
If I just closed my eyes
and let myself fall,
would you catch me?

Or would you walk back down that hall?

Block me out?

Pretend I never called?

I need to know...
here I go,
I need to know, Daddy.
Would you come after me?

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Withering Hearts

Withering Hearts

My heart cries out 
the pain is too much to bare
It can not hold back
shattering into a thousand pieces
The sword pirece my soul
Ripping it to shreads
Soundless tears
streaming from my eyes
for there is no voice
that can express my anguish
I hold inside
is ready to come out
you are gone from me
out of reach forever
but not gone forever
my chances to express
my love to a child
that I brought into this world
have not disappeared into oblivon
into the cold and dark cave
I feel right now
my dreams are of us
now blown away like dust
I hold tightly to the memories
for that you have not left me
I am now a shadow to you
I am now a shadow to myself
I miss you so deeply
I get depressed just thinking about this forced to exist
day by day
all the time wishing
to hold you
to love you
I can do more
I have changed
see that oh why
I would love to lie with you
be a friend
be somebody
Just one more time
I just sit here in the cold grave forever.