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Lyric Dance Poems | Lyric Poems About Dance

These Lyric Dance poems are examples of Lyric poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Lyric Dance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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What Is This Dance?

What is this dance we do?
First you spin me, twirling with delight
Captivated by your attentive gaze
Then you turn your back as I move toward you

So many times we’ve been on this floor
One step forward, two steps back
Movements that confuse a bewildered heart
Often I feel I’m dancing alone

Dancing in the dark
Waiting for a spark

Our bodies once swayed rhythmically
Now we seem to be out of sync
Is our music about to end?
Have you no emotions to share?

Foolish girl, keeps dancing to reach you
Each time I draw near, you back away
And still it seems you want me to stay
For an eternity drawn to a love unrequited

Dancing in the dark
Waiting for a spark 

My dancing shoes I place on a shelf
Along with my dreams, pieces of myself
Perplexed by your desire to continue
Pirouetting toward the unknown

You have always led, as I have followed
Hoping to restore spirits that once soared
Like gazelles across an uneven floor
Leaping, ever leaping toward nothingness

Dancing in the dark
Waiting for a spark
Leaving faded marks
On a dance floor stark 

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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I've Scribbled This Song For You

I've Scribbled This Song For You...

I'm wasting my days,
my empty nights too,

I should have held on,
but I simply lost you,

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

yes, I should have kept,
you close to my skin,

soaking your warmth,
but you were laughing,

at my foolish grin...

now I'm all broken,
and torn apart,

but what the hell,
I was always late,
for the tolling of the bell,

and now...

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

so kiss me now like you once did,
I'm tired of being so carefully hid,

la laa laa la laa laa laa...

(repeat to fade)


Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

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The Dance

                                               The Dance

                                             Dance she said
                                             As this short life
                                             Nears it end.
                                             Dance she said
                                             Nothing I can do
                                             But leave this pain
                                             As I fade from you.

                                             Dance she said
                                             Try to remember
                                             A heart that bled.  
                                             Dance she said
                                             Be as one together  
                                             Before I must depart
                                             Our love forever.

                                             Dance she said
                                             Hold arms around me
                                             As my eyes circle red.
                                             Dance she said 
                                             Glide me as before
                                             While music echoes
                                             Across this floor. 

                                             Dance she said
                                             Catch my falling tears
                                             And things all unsaid.
                                             Dance she said
                                             Moments light my face
                                             With visions of heaven
                                             This our last embrace.   

Copyright © William Gray | Year Posted 2015

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WATCH YOU DANCE - Lyric Man Seren Roberts

Girl, I love to watch you dance 
You move like heaven's breeze 
There's not a boy in this room 
Not looking.. Oh their pleased 
Your velvet voice, like an angel 
Your red lips are hot as the sun 
Your sweet body is perfection 
There's more.. I've just begun

I sway my body to the music beat,
Softly singing a lovers song,
I know that you're trying to be discrete
Not watching me for long.
Others look but they know the score
My eyes are just for you
Heat from my body you can't ignore
It's saying, come close to me, please do.

Touch me, hold me, let your lips meet mine,
Let me melt into your arms
Is it over the wanting time
Can we enjoy being together with no qualms
Let's sway to the music together
Let me croon a lovers tune
We can vow our love is forever
As we dance by the silvery moon.


Joint write Lyric Man asked for lines to complete his poem.

Copyright © SEREN ROBERTS | Year Posted 2015

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Kiss the Rain

~*~ To reach out and touch you Feel your warmth on my skin So intangible So surreal As sun sets on pillows And mist laden sorrows The dark windswept willows Now sleep till tomorrow Then come dance again As the sun sets up high And the whispering wind Carries a soft kiss of Spring rain As sun sets on pillows And snow covered mountains The crash of swift rivers Lift fleeting light fountains As dainty droplets fall Sending you sweet kisses Springs soft kiss of rain Come dance again As sun sets on pillows And oceans set motions The sweet songbirds chorus Fills a million emotions To reach out and touch you In Sring soft kisses of rain Come dance again.. ~*~

Copyright © Tracie Edwards | Year Posted 2012

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I dance

7 may 2012 4:50 PM

I dance in the sunlight 
I dance in the rain

I dance when I'm happy
I dance when there's pain

Because it frees my soul
And it lets me go
to a higher place
to a higher praise
With You ohhhh with You
that's right

I dance to remember
I dance to forget

I dance in a dream land
I dance in reality 

Because I dance for You 
And You take me there 
to that higher place 
to that higher praise.....with You

Life on Purpose Live it before you lose it! ©2009

Copyright © Bobb Marly | Year Posted 2012

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Raptor Dance

The sky screams, 
air is thick. 
Seconds like days, 
years 'tween each tick. 

Tit for tat the raptors dance. 
Each step wounds, talons like bayonets.
Earth below quakes at each traded blow. 
Foundations shaken by spat of foes. 

Frosted, frozen, clad in ice.
The world stands still, fear the vice.
The center may boil, but winter-wrapped still 
She cannot reach out, no pow'r to stop the kill. 

Alas, Earth stands back and wills done be the fray.
Final thundering shrill shrieks, 'tis gone for today. 

The scars still remain, 
Unbeknownst to they that tread. 
Earth still feels the pain, 
Still feels gelid winter's dread.

Copyright © Jonathan J. | Year Posted 2014

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                                                 she and who                                           
                                             amazing lady you .
                                      as you have never been 
                                      like him has never seen 
                                         and no one will know .

                                         at the night at the sea 
                                       when there you will be ..
                                      in the wind you and who ,

                                        you dance in the wind 
                                     when the start never end ,
                                      with  the waves both flow 

                                      water me and the buds ,
                                   teach the buds how to grow..

                                     drop me back to the rain ..
                                   keep with you the love chain
                                      then back me to the bow...

                                      the amazing one are you

                                      your words like the touch ,
                                       your touch like the  dew,

                                     keep on singing every day .
                                      toward you open the way ,
                                      let the feeling ..let it glow...

                                   keep on raising rate of beats ..
                                    and  the snow let me heat  
                                     then the raising keep slow 
                                         broken hearts i treat....

                                    in the breathing let me live ,
                                        let me come ,let me go
                                  and your sadness let you blow..

                               how the chance became dance ,
                                     how the arts of the parts ,
                                     let me see and you show,
                                      god creation ,god draw,

                       no one has ever seen like you and who,
                                         words from the heart ...
                                     from the feeling i will sew

                                     the wondrous one are you.

Copyright © hana dru | Year Posted 2007

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Moon Dance

The waves slide over the shore
Leaving tiny, squiggly trails
The moon and sun battle for the sky
And the big, bright moon prevails.
The beach is shrouded in darkness
Dimmly lit by only one light
That dances through the undertow
Marching its way through the plight.
A stencil of gray laces the sky
Creating a vision of death
Slowly overcoming the shore
'Til it takes its last breath.
The ocean itself which had once held
So much life in its depths
Has become drowned in its own contents
It is meeting its own death.
A storm lashes its way
Solmnly across the sky
To make room for what will unleash
That will cause the very moon to cry.
Dancing and waltzing across the shore,
The moon sadly turns away
She can't bear to see her ocean like this
And witness it going astray.
With one, final, swift motion, 
She casts her love out to sea
The love she held deeply for her ocean
The world, and all her countries.
She makes her way back to where she belongs
And lets the sun take over the sky
I didn't, in all my years,
Think I would ever see the moon cry.
But she shed those tears so bravely
And dried them so nonchalant
She turned and made her way back to the sky 
Like it was something she could never want.
The moon had lost the battle
And, defeated, began to fade away
Then the sun began to dance, too
To celebrate a brand-new day.


Copyright © Kristen Wilson | Year Posted 2006

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he is leaving home

                  In great respect of the band I grew up listening to
                       as sure as Mom passed down Saturday Chores 
                      for I had been chosen to scrub bathroom floors `

                    Yet a familiar sound would bring me to keep scrubbing
                       The red album, The blue album , The White album 
                        Then .. Abbey Road , always remembering the sad look on
                  Ringo's face ,  something hard to understand underneath~
                      I get it now, what you were saying all those years ago ,
                    the many sad lonely tears , secret tears , secret fears 
                    For Maxwell's Hammer was a real one . It wanted silence

                    Going back ..remembering when John Lennon died 
                      I was in Arkansas saddened with the world .
                      Then seeing his face saying " Drag isn't it " 
                      No .. this was not my hero in music and song .

                      he was a stand in hired William , he filled his shoes 
                      bringing diversity to create so much beautiful music from loss

                       One left standing , alone;; grief struck on back cover ~
                       The other identity hidden, tried to be part of ..coming together
                            his  world of secrets
                        He to suffers today , in fear , Faul~
                        Too many years gone by .let us tell the Truth. Let us be free
                         The very sad long and winding Road ~
                         Let us Bury our real Paul. 

                         No more " Mystery tour "
                             No more fear 
                                Let him be in peace ~

           Inspired by " The Last Testament of George Harrison , Is Paul Dead ? "


Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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Women's Traditional Dance—Oneida Nation

The sun receded quietly on a relaxing siesta, as 
Calm clouds of the mid-afternoon smiled henced,
The beat of the drums provideth dancing rhythm
As she moved in pure elegance with harmony, to
A style of danced buoyantly bouncing in melody.

Crafted beadworks accented her warmth charm,
Under her delicately brown-jeweled moccasins
The grass provideth such a natural cushion,
As Angular unique flexings of her gentle knees
Resonated like an eagle’s stealthy landing

Quietly in its nests with an eye on a nice prize.
She tingled as the sound of bells jingled
Sending pure melodic rhythm to ears—many!
Whilst she turned in an elegantly slow motion
Fringes from her shawl swayed air of warmth.

The balls of her feet moved in slight degrees as
Her heels touched Mother Earth softly in harmony,
She smiled as the judges watched intently. Like
A graceful dove she floated with precision—uniquely!
Her buckskin regalia trimmings—so singed softly!

As she danced in the sunset evening's twilight;
She created an energetic circle of life’s fire
Yet, never raised her ceremonial feathered fan,
Whilst in clear focus emerged from the dance
Regal styles of proud cultural Native heritage 

A contrastingly exquisite fine female figure 
Arousing sights in the soft evening’s twilight,
Dispelling the uncertainly to even look twice,
Elegantly noble and much marvelously nice:
She was naturally—First Woman!


Written During Oneida Nation Annual 2010
Independence Weekend Pow-wow Celebration
Host Drummers – Bear Creek
Oneida, Wisconsin, Bordering Green Bay


Won Honorable Mentioned Prize
Images Contest
Sponsored by Frank Herrera


Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2010

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To dance
Like a butterfly
So carefree
Of softball
I am like the ball
Soaring through the air
Of God
And what he has planned
For my life

Copyright © Heather Admire | Year Posted 2015

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Cowgirl Hat Song on CD

She has a cowgirl hat and a set of spurs,
And sometimes she's as gentle as a cat that purrs,
Imagine that....she's my way with words,
And her and I together'd tame a buffalo herd,

Yea! she's the cats meow...can make a racehorse nicker,
Make a wolf pack howl...when our hearts are gettin' quicker,
When we go downtown to dance and drink some liquor,
We get friends...the mood gets thicker,

Imagine that  and also this,
I can't resist her country cowgirl kiss,
And that is that and this is this,
She can't resist this country cowboys kiss,

Yea! she's the cats meow....can make a racehorse nicker,
Make a wolf pack howl...when our hearts are gettin' quicker,
When we go downtown to dance and drink some liquor,
We enjoy the sounds of those drums and guitar pickers.

And that is that...along with this,
I can't resist her country cowgirl kiss,
Imagine that...she's my way with words..
Yea! her and I together'd tame a buffalo herd,
Yea! her and I together'd tame a buffalo herd,
My baby has a cowgirl hat......Imagine that!!

Copyright © Lawrence Ingle | Year Posted 2008

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Rainy Day Dance

The cloudy sky is painted
in grays of every hue
in the quiet of my room
I sit alone and blue
but then I hear the music
of the falling rain
in the beat it's tapping
on my window pane

It is an invitation
to join its dance so free
the song that it is playing
is playing just for me
and I can feel my spirit
lifting in the breeze
I see through my window
blowing in the trees

So I leave the shelter of
my hot and lonely room
to splash about in puddles
and leave behind my gloom
then like a little child
happy in her play
I dance with the raindrops
on this summer day

Although the sun's not shining
I'm filled with golden light
and everything looks lovely
that comes within my sight
and I will go on dancing
with the falling rain
splashing in the puddles
just like a child again

Copyright © Robin L. Gass | Year Posted 2009

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Music calms the angry heart, its glorious rhythm penetrates the dark, the way I feel when the sound waves seep through my hair, consumes my soul with a suttle stare, my feet so happy, my body enriched with vibrations, my soul so at ease, I'm here for the taking.

I play from my experience, I put on a show, my hidden words entangled with the things that I know, smiles surround me, they glance by my feet, their inner beings amazed by my beat.

I beat my drums, I play my strings, they show me their affection, this is where I get my wings, they say I can fly, it seems I can soar, my music so perfect, they keep asking for more.

I do what I love, and they love what I do, music is my life, I am so happy that I can share it with you.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Tequila In My Boot An A Lime In My Pocket

In a couple of hours
 another town we'll be stoppin.
  At a big ole country bar
   where we can get the people rockin.
    At least until two
     I know that place will be hoppin.

So I've got tequila in my boot, an a lime in my pocket.

Once those country boys
 start drinking shots, their ain't no stoppin.
  An those nice ole country girls
   get out an dance, we'll be hoppin.
    I know at least until two
     That this big ole bar will be rocking.

So I've got tequila in my boot, an a lime in my pocket.

It's been a couple of hours
 an no one wants the music stoppin.
  At this big ole country bar
   everybody wants to keep a rockin.
    But it's almost now two
     an everybody is still a hoppin.

Going to have to get more tequila for my boot, an another lime for my pocket.

Soon the bar will be closin
 cause after this song we'll be stoppin.
  We had ourselves a good time
   as we kept the people rockin.
    With all the tequila that I drank
     I don't know if I, can continue hoppin.

I guess that's what is due, when ya putting tequila your boot, an a lime in your pocket.

Danny Boy:9-27-13   ©
Contest Name: Another Song Lyric Contest
By Anne Currin 

Copyright © Dan Kearley | Year Posted 2013

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Last Night I Dreamt

Last night I dreamt
That the world was all at rest
From vice exempt
Filled with songs of mortals blessed
And we waltzed to the strains of a song
'Neath the arbour of love and repose
Glad in heart at the absence of wrong
'Mid the lilacs and hedges of rose

Last night I dreamt
That I danced the night away
In some attempt
To hold back the morning's gray 
And we waltzed to the strains of a song
'Neath the arbour of love and repose
Glad in heart at the absence of wrong
'Mid the lilacs and hedges of rose

Last night I dreamt
Of an arbour filled with light
And then I wept
When it vanished from my sight
And I've naught but a memory dear
Of the dresses of silk and brocade
Of the moon and the stars shining clear
And the fond wish that I could have stayed

For the contest "Last Night I Dreamt..."
Catagory: Serious
Written 7/29/13

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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The Pioneer Waltz

Now the wagons rolled out of Missouri,
Heading west on the Oregon Trail,
Through the blizzards and ice-covered mountains,
And the winds, and the rains, and the hail.

We crossed every river and desert,
And we never gave one backward glance,
And if we weren’t too weary each evening,
We’d take out the fiddle and dance.

We’d dance to the Pioneer Waltz, in time,
And the mandolin played right along,
And the children, they clapped, and the old people napped,
And the Pioneer Waltz was our song.

When the heat or the cold overcame us,
Then we pioneers lightened our load,
And we left half our precious belongings
Cast away by the side of the road.

And we sometimes left little wood crosses,
The graves, they were sometimes quite small,
But we finally set foot up in Oregon,
And the music helped us through it all.

Now the years hurried by without warning,
And we pioneers built us a town,
But you can still hear that old fiddle
Now and then, when the sun has gone down.

We dance to the Pioneer Waltz, in time
And the mandolin plays right along, 
The children, they clap, and the old people nap,
And the Pioneer Waltz is our song.

Copyright © Steve Eng | Year Posted 2009

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Revelling in the Rain

Revelling  in  the  rain  
That  goes  tapping  on  my  back.
I  twirl,  'am  in  no  haste;
With  a  weedy  leafy  dirndle 
Wrapped  around  my  waist.
I  swing  and  I  sway, 
Drifting  about  in  gay;
Pirouetting  with  the  posies, 
Floating  in  the  pristine  air.
I  dance  with  no  refrain, 
Foot  taps  whispering  with  the  rain.
The  entire  world  stood, 
As  in  a  clearing  in  the  wood; 
With  festoons  of  flowers  and  foliage, 
Them  all  ornating  my  stage.
Till  I  dance  into  the  dawn, 
And  a  grey  and  cloudy  morn; 
Rain  capering  with  me, 
Accompanying  me  for  a  song.


For Charlotte Puddifoot's Contest : "First Poem On Soup"

Copyright © gautami phookan | Year Posted 2011

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Ring around the Ros-ie AL-OU-ET-TE

Constance, this is a song with dance that we as children use
to sing and dance to the “Ring Around The Rosie’ game. I wrote
This poem(SONG) using Nette‘s:  ALOUETTE meter and rhyme scheme.
Meter: 5, 5, 7, 5, 5, 7
Rhyme Scheme: a, a, b, c, c, b

~Ring around the rose...
Bugs flew up my nose...
                             “STOCKIN FEET…AL-OU-ET-TE“
~Dancing in moon light...
Yes with all our might...
                              "AL-OU-ET-TE…I CAN‘T SEE”  

~Fireflies to and fro, 
Emits awesome glow,
                              “AL-OU-ET-TE…LOUD WHOO-PEE”
~We spoon under moon...
Weeping cries of Loon...
                              “RING ROS-IE…AL-OU-ET-TE!”

~Ring of love on fire,
Passion’s love inspire,
                              “Al-OU-ET-TE.. NEATH GUM TREE”
~Our true love be strong,
True love can’t be wrong,
                              “AL-OU-ET-TE.. LOVERS BE” 

              “STOCKIN FEET…AL-OU-ET-TE“
             “AL-OU-ET-TE…I CAN‘T SEE”
            “AL-OU-ET-TE…LOUD WHOO-PEE”
            “RING ROS-IE…AL-OU-ET-TE!”
            “Al-OU-ET-TE.. NEATH GUM TREE”
            "LOVERS BE...AL-OU-ET-TE"

For Constance’s; “A Poem, Please
By John Moses Freeman 8/29/2011

•Alouette: Alouette is the French word for a lark . Alouette or alouettes may also refer to: In music and literature:" "Alouette" (song), a children's ... 

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2011

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A Folk Song from India

'Folk Songs Themes Are Same In Every Language'

A Folk Song from India

O my Sakhi,* bring the Dholak*,      we would sing a song,
O friend, my love is coming,	                 from a far-off city,
While bringing the Dholak,*         bring also the   Mazeera,*
We would sing a song and        we would dance  together.

The Jhoola*  is ready,		       on the branch of  Mango tree,
On the beat of Dholak, 	we would swing high touching the sky,
O my friend, bring the Dholak*,  we would sing a song together,
O Sakhi* my love is coming,	                         from a far-off city,

O my friend push the swing,                            so high in the sky,
I may see my Sasuma*,                  leaving the house for a while,
The swing is ready,			      on the branch of  Mango tree,
On the beat of Dholak,    we would swing high touching the sky,

O my friend please push the swing,                  so high in the sky,
That I may see, my Nanda,*     also leaving the house for a while,
O Sakhi,  please, increase the swinging,            so high in the sky,
That I may see my Dever* also,      leaving the house for a  while.

O my friend increase the swinging,                     so high in the air,
That I may see my Sasur*too, have to leave the house for a while, 
O my dear Sakhi,* please increase the swinging, so high this time,
That I may see the face of my love,        coming after a long while.

O my friend,            please push the swing   in such a way this time,
That my love may come to me,                     searching his dear wife. 
Then Sakhi increase the beat and sound of the Dholak,   so much so,
That everyone may feel that   we are singing the  song in full swing,
When you bring the Dholak,*                      bring also the Mazeera,*
We would sing a song and                        we would dance   together.

Kanpur India 22nd Jan. 2010

Meaning of some Hindi words used

Sakhi* Means =Female friend of a girl or woman
Sasu* Means = Mother-in-law
Sasur* Means= Father-in-law
Nanda* Means= Husband’s sister
Dever* Means= Husband’s brother
Jhoola* Means= A rope cradle or rope swing handing on tree branch 

Dholak* Means= Dholak also known as dholki is a barrel shaped hand drum that is widely used in folk and popular music in India. The dholak has derived its name from Persian language, as it is a diminutive of Dhol.
The dholak is widely used in folk music of villages of India. 

Copyright © Ravindra K Kapoor | Year Posted 2011

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From my teenage daze

She was getting down to a guitar groove
She could rock and roll ( boy could she)!!
When her mom and dad raised her
'Bet they broke the mold

She was wearing cool black leather jeans
Just like a second skin
"Said Hi..My names Ophelia!
Wanna take a sawdust spin

Ophelia..asked me to dance
(did it..did it..did it)
That pretty little amber blonde
Put me in a black leather trance

I thought...Girl if you've got a mindset
To give my heart a thrill
Ophelia......Well I think I will!

Then she put her little satin hand in mine
The softest touch I had felt in a long time
I saw magic in her warm brown eyes
If it is really real
She might turn this sawdust into silk

Ophelia...asked me to dance.........

Protected by Broke Poets Insurance Inc.

Copyright © Chuck Melugin | Year Posted 2014

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2012

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Grandma Was Dancing

She was a tappin' to the tunes...
of those Mississippi blues...
step-pin' out, in her white...
Pat-en-leather shoes,

We were a watchin' her a prancin',
all through the kitchen, dancin'...
for she was & sizzlin'...
hummin' to those Mississippi tunes...

Funny curlers too, upon...
her head...for a new... Hair dew,...
she was, a swirlin'-in that bakers apron,
when her a bobbin' to...
those Mississip-pi blues,

'Pots were a knockin'...
Grandma a sockin' down all she brews,
while that kettle there was whistlin',
in har-mo-ny, with them good ole...
good ole...mississip-pi moves,'

That floor there, was a bouncin'
holdin' hands we were a jumpin',
an-a hoppin' In the kitchen, to those...
                  sounds ...
Where Grandma's feet were a stompin',
In her new...New-white-sexy-pat-en-
(ya hoo)

Copyright © Perry Campanella | Year Posted 2013

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Karaoke Night On CD

Ya got that right...we're all here tonight...
to party hearty ol' lordy...don't ya know...
It's karaoke night...ya got that right....
So find a good ol' seat and enjoy the show!

Ya got that right...we just might...
sing and dance all night...don't ya know...
Everything's tight...yea, out a sight!
Ya got that right...don't ya know!

Ya got that right...for your hearts delight...
Karaoke the place to go...
And we just might...sing and dance away the night..
Yea! we're to let the good times roll!

Ya got that right...we're all here tonight...
So find a good ol' seat and enoy the show...
It's karaoke night..yea..ya got that right...
So party hearty ol' lordy..don't ya know!

Yea, everything's tight...out a sight!
Ya got that right...don't ya know..
and we just might..sing and dance all night..
Ya got that right...don't ya know!

Ya got that right...the mood is tight...
It' karaoke night....and so...
For your hearts delight..sing and dance away the night...
Come on and let the good times roll!!!

For your hearts delight...It's karoke night...
Come on and let the good times roll!
Ya got that right...It't karaoke night!
Come on and let the good times roll!
Yea! we're here to let the good times roll.

On CD from 502-290-7524....if no answer...leave message..thanks

Copyright © Lawrence Ingle | Year Posted 2008

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DJ Lance Romance

Dance dance
Into a trance
We beat as one
Sexual heat, sexual romance
Love is fire
Love is ice
Only in Trance
Do we feel the romance
We are hot, as we move
In the groove of summer nights
We beat as one
Trance embraced
Dancing loves feeling heat
Released in passions delight
We get hot
We get free ready for flight
In the beat 
Musical rhythms
Give us this heat
Love is fire
As we dance this night

We beat as one
Sexual heat, sexual romance

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who passed away suddenly, he was a DJ known as DJ Lance Romance. Although many may not relate to this style of music, this DJ was someone who loved life, his kids, and his knowledge of all genres of music was impressive indeed. Music is indeed a bridge that can bring people form diverse backgrounds together, to dance and smile!!

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Welcome 2013

Well we are already a couple of months in so i just wanted to say welcome. 
this will be a new journey for the both of us, so i hope it will be awesome. 
I will try to write more than usual this year, I promise. :)
What would help tho if you readers would send me topics and stuff to help me write about things cuz my mind goes way faster than my fingers and i cant think of just one thing. lol. so thank you readers. plz comment and tell me your thoughts.

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Come Chill With Me Tonight

Verse 1:
Don't be shy,
I just wanna spend some time,
Make you mine,
Make it right,
Don't need to worry,
Girl, no one will ever compare,
To you,

Girl, The moon is close tonight,
Mother nature's on my side,
Let the clock move slow all night,
Come chill with me tonight,

I said the dj's on my side,
And he's playing our song all night,
We can dance all through the night,
Come chill with me tonight,

Verse 2:
Listen to the night,
Listen to the moving of the trees,
Their talking to me,
Controlling me,
They make me move,
As I watch the movement of the 

The moon is close tonight,
And it's shining on so bright,
And our love is worth the fight,
Come chill with me tonight,

Girl, the party's off tonight,
And their playing the disco right,
And the club won't be jumping 
Come chill with me tonight,

I said the dj's on my side,
And he's playing our song all night,
We can dance all through the night,
Come chill with me tonight...

Copyright © Anthony Scandrick II | Year Posted 2013

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He broke into music
When he was just a kid
They sentenced him to trouble
For dancing like he did

How was he supposed to know
He'd sing Jailhouse Rock
When the boy hit the 50's
He stopped the clock

He rolled into Shreveport
In Louisiana Hay
Destination Vegas
Where stars were known to play

Girls got all shook up
When those hips began to sway
He was stealing hearts
And giving Cadillacs away

He was Guilty....
of Rock and Roll
He did time in Memphis
Down in Sun Studio
Check out the halls of Graceland
Where he stashed that solid gold
He was Guilty.....
Of Rock and Roll

His Rock and Roll crown sparkled
With Gold jump suits and capes
He had the girls all screaming
From the worlds center stage

He was Guilty......
Of Rock and Roll.....

If it's a sin to Rock
Who's gonna cast a Rolling stone
We're all guilty.......
Of Rock and roll!

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A Dance A Flow

I try to follow the flow
though your move is slow
I seem to be falling behind
falling falling behind 

I like the cadence
of your language 
it gives me a dance 
I love that beat that dance

give me that cadence 
that balanced   rhythmic flow
because l want to dance and dance
without feeling wrong or slow 

your voice dances its way
marches into my soul in that way
as it gently rises and falls like that
please don`t stop l adore  that…

Copyright © Ndaba Sibanda | Year Posted 2013