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Dance Lyric Poems | Lyric Poems About Dance

These Dance Lyric poems are examples of Lyric poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Dance Lyric poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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What Is This Dance?

What is this dance we do?
First you spin me, twirling with delight
Captivated by your attentive gaze
Then you turn your back as I move toward you

So many times we’ve been on this floor
One step forward, two steps back
Movements that confuse a bewildered heart
Often I feel I’m dancing alone

Dancing in the dark
Waiting for a spark

Our bodies once swayed rhythmically
Now we seem to be out of sync
Is our music about to end?
Have you no emotions to share?

Foolish girl, keeps dancing to reach you
Each time I draw near, you back away
And still it seems you want me to stay
For an eternity drawn to a love unrequited

Dancing in the dark
Waiting for a spark 

My dancing shoes I place on a shelf
Along with my dreams, pieces of myself
Perplexed by your desire to continue
Pirouetting toward the unknown

You have always led, as I have followed
Hoping to restore spirits that once soared
Like gazelles across an uneven floor
Leaping, ever leaping toward nothingness

Dancing in the dark
Waiting for a spark
Leaving faded marks
On a dance floor stark 

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Diamonds On The Dance Floor

Diamonds on the dance floor
Glittering rainbows beneath our feet
Let's let loose, show them more
Two hearts, one song, extreme heat.

The saxaphone plays honey sweet
Feel the music vibrate deep inside
Slow, steady determined feet
Upon the waxed floor a romantic slide

Spectacular without jealousy
The rhythm between perfection
The way you dance with me
Deep rooted this proud affection.

Diamonds on the dance floor
Glittering rainbows beneath our feet
You come close, I want more.
The fire is sparking, warm up in this heat.

All eyes on every step we take
Every word we write upon the world
Unbelievable music we make
I gleam of hope to be that girl.

A perfect night of steps, every footfall in place.
Feeling complete in your harmony, trusting embrace.
I know what I am dancing for
I am your diamond on the dance floor


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Freak with your fire

Baby am I bumpin' in your speakers,
Weak in the knees makin' em' weaker.
That bass got that booty bumpin'
Tryin' me out for unforgettable thumpin'
Shorty got the legs spreadin' like wild fire,
All the right moves baby I admire.
A little bit of bump with a whole lot of grind.
I’m comin’ up on ya from behind.

Just feel the music baby let it take ya
To the heavens where I’ma gonna make ya
An angel be real there is no fake to ya
In my dreams I ain’t gonna wake ya

Girl your moves are like a mystery,
Come closer let’s make our own history,
Lets shine and make the stars shy
Let’s make the what wonder how and why.
Get freaky on the dance floor with me,
Flesh to flesh my favorite fantasy.

Just feel the music baby let it take ya
To the heavens where I'ma gonna make ya
An angel, be real, there is not fake to ya
In my dreams baby I ain't gonna wake ya

My dream girl with a body that burns
Witness of the hearts that yearn
Reading sex all over that silky skin
Baby one look drips me in your sin
I want your music play on my drum,
Here I go and now you come.

Feel the music let it take ya
Feel this beat and let it shake ya.
I'll freak with your fire baby
Come into me and make me crazy


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I've Scribbled This Song For You

I've Scribbled This Song For You...

I'm wasting my days,
my empty nights too,

I should have held on,
but I simply lost you,

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

yes, I should have kept,
you close to my skin,

soaking your warmth,
but you were laughing,

at my foolish grin...

now I'm all broken,
and torn apart,

but what the hell,
I was always late,
for the tolling of the bell,

and now...

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

so kiss me now like you once did,
I'm tired of being so carefully hid,

la laa laa la laa laa laa...

(repeat to fade)


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DJ Lance Romance

Dance dance
Into a trance
We beat as one
Sexual heat, sexual romance
Love is fire
Love is ice
Only in Trance
Do we feel the romance
We are hot, as we move
In the groove of summer nights
We beat as one
Trance embraced
Dancing loves feeling heat
Released in passions delight
We get hot
We get free ready for flight
In the beat 
Musical rhythms
Give us this heat
Love is fire
As we dance this night

We beat as one
Sexual heat, sexual romance

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who passed away suddenly, he was a DJ known as DJ Lance Romance. Although many may not relate to this style of music, this DJ was someone who loved life, his kids, and his knowledge of all genres of music was impressive indeed. Music is indeed a bridge that can bring people form diverse backgrounds together, to dance and smile!!

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Kiss the Rain

~*~ To reach out and touch you Feel your warmth on my skin So intangible So surreal As sun sets on pillows And mist laden sorrows The dark windswept willows Now sleep till tomorrow Then come dance again As the sun sets up high And the whispering wind Carries a soft kiss of Spring rain As sun sets on pillows And snow covered mountains The crash of swift rivers Lift fleeting light fountains As dainty droplets fall Sending you sweet kisses Springs soft kiss of rain Come dance again As sun sets on pillows And oceans set motions The sweet songbirds chorus Fills a million emotions To reach out and touch you In Sring soft kisses of rain Come dance again.. ~*~

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I dance

7 may 2012 4:50 PM

I dance in the sunlight 
I dance in the rain

I dance when I'm happy
I dance when there's pain

Because it frees my soul
And it lets me go
to a higher place
to a higher praise
With You ohhhh with You
that's right

I dance to remember
I dance to forget

I dance in a dream land
I dance in reality 

Because I dance for You 
And You take me there 
to that higher place 
to that higher praise.....with You

Life on Purpose Live it before you lose it! ©2009

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You're on a roll, just like a show, maybe I know
You light the way, I want to play, I'm ready to go

Strike the match, feel the friction, oh so inspired
It's getting hot, I've got the fever, let's perspire 

Like the dawn, morning sunrise, angelic voice
You call, I chose you, girl you're my choice

Your words, like braille, rise on my heart
My words, you could tell, right from the start

Embers ignite, what a sight, on a moonlit night
A lover's leap, I want your heart, I'll make it beat

This kind of flame, can't be tamed, don't even try
You're the one, let's have some fun, no alibis 

Take the ride, let's not hide, what's obvious
Hand in hand, you and me,  let's become us

What a rush, girl feel the rush..
you and me, 
What a rush..
me and you..
becoming us!

Date: 6-11-14
Poet: Dave Wood

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                                                 she and who                                           
                                             amazing lady you .
                                      as you have never been 
                                      like him has never seen 
                                         and no one will know .

                                         at the night at the sea 
                                       when there you will be ..
                                      in the wind you and who ,

                                        you dance in the wind 
                                     when the start never end ,
                                      with  the waves both flow 

                                      water me and the buds ,
                                   teach the buds how to grow..

                                     drop me back to the rain ..
                                   keep with you the love chain
                                      then back me to the bow...

                                      the amazing one are you

                                      your words like the touch ,
                                       your touch like the  dew,

                                     keep on singing every day .
                                      toward you open the way ,
                                      let the feeling ..let it glow...

                                   keep on raising rate of beats ..
                                    and  the snow let me heat  
                                     then the raising keep slow 
                                         broken hearts i treat....

                                    in the breathing let me live ,
                                        let me come ,let me go
                                  and your sadness let you blow..

                               how the chance became dance ,
                                     how the arts of the parts ,
                                     let me see and you show,
                                      god creation ,god draw,

                       no one has ever seen like you and who,
                                         words from the heart ...
                                     from the feeling i will sew

                                     the wondrous one are you.

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Shall We Dance?

Every word I write
I listen to, I see.
For the familiar sound
Is what I call poetry.
It may sound crazy,
But the music I hear
Surrounds me in distinction
And quality,
While I'm envisioning
All sorts of things.
When I read a genuine poem,
I feel like I'm ready 
To dance,
And I ask you to join me 
When I read one 
Aloud to you...

Shall we dance?