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Love Work Poems | Love Poems About Work

These Love Work poems are examples of Love poems about Work. These are the best examples of Love Work poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Keep It Turnin' to the Right

Oklahoma cowboy, tough coal miner’s son
Born in Henryetta, south of Tulsa some
Raised by daddy’s momma, taught him wrong from right
Daddy taught him ropin’, taught him how to fight
Herding made no money, its stock was really down
Mamaw feeling poorly, dad mining at Old Town
Seventeenth of December, in the year of twenty-nine
Dad was shoring timber, 9th west entry of the mine
The gas ignited close to him, he never smelt its breath
It belched out fire and thunder, and everlasting death
Sixty-one they counted, who wouldn’t see the sun
Twenty-five weren't recognized, they buried them as one
On that fatal Tuesday, the boy became a man
Had to make a living, had to have a plan
Heard about the oil patch, got a chance to try it
Drill the earth for all she’s worth; keep it turnin' to the right

Some they called him weevil, some they called him worm
Some they wouldn't speak to him, figgered he was just short term
They told him "Open up that vee door; go to get the key
It's in the possum belly, in doghouse number three"

Took his turns at floor hand, at first a little green
Became the fastest broke out hand the driller ever seen
Morning tour, evening tour, working day and night
Drilled the earth for all she's worth, kept it turnin' to the right

The driller called him partner; the pusher called him son
The other roughnecks shook his hand, and took him in as one
Got up on the monkeyboard; learned to spin the chain
Pumped that mud and shed his blood, and worked right through the pain

On a bitter frosty evening tour, in a cold December snow
He saw derricks lit like Christmas trees in distance far below
He saw the fairyland of the refinery, shining through the night
He saw Mother Earth and the universe, all turning to the right

The oil patch was a hard life, moving all the time
But he saved a lot of money, didn't waste a dime
Morning tour, evening tour, working day and night
Drilled the earth for all she's worth, kept it turnin' to the right

Sent his kids to college, working through the years
One became a teacher, the others engineers
He hung up his hardhat; he shed his steel-toed shoes
Then one day he passed away; he'd finally paid his dues

Made it to the Pearly Gates; they handed him his wings
Handed 'em right back to them; said "I don't need these things.
I want to do some drilling. That's my heavenly plan."
They said "Go talk to the Devil then, cause he's the company man."

Old Scratch needed hellfire; he always come up short
Too many politicians and others of that sort
When he heard they had a driller, he jumped up with delight
He danced a jig, "You've got your rig. Keep it turnin' to the right."

Now he drills for hellfire; in the derrick he's got Jake
Buck and Sam on the platform; Sonny's on the brake
They all grin like demons; they're all where they belong
Doing what they love to do, they sing their roughneck song

"We all eat caliche and drink the devil's brew
Play dominos with Satan and skunk him at forty-two
Work all day on Sunday and honky-tonk all night
We're oilfield trash and we'll take cash to keep it turnin' to the right

We all love West Texas; it's like the Promised Land
Horny toads and rocky roads, and even dunes of sand
Dust storms every morning, northers every night
We get tans and freeze our cans to keep it turnin' to the right"

The lingo used around the rig you won't hear much in church
It'll curl your hair and make you stare and leave you in the lurch
So close your eyes and realize it's gonna get much worse
Drink your beers and plug your ears; here comes the final verse

"We p*ss longneck Lone Stars; we f*rt Frito pie
Give us ****, and we will spit some Red Man in your eye
Don't **** with us, or we will cuss and bring you to the fight
We're low class, but we kick *** to keep it turning to the right"

Coal mining, oil drilling and Hell - Doesn't get much darker and deeper...

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My father is a Soldier

My father is a hero.
He stands so tall and proud.
His hands are firm, But gentle.
He stands out in a crowd.
People stop to Thank him.
For Freedom he does fight.
My father is a Soldier.
But he's my Dad at night!

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Tender Years

"Tender Years" upon first meeting my heart felt a certain chemistry though I was far from seeking love I vowed intentionally needed to work and raise my sons as best as I could being my boss gave me a chance to show my work was good. a team of excellence we were and business was successful my life was starting to take shape though times were very stressful one night you offered me a lovely dinner to escape surely I accepted not considering it a date. years have quickly passed so tenderly we fell in love you were my strong support, my Angel sent from Heaven above as much as I tried to resist you said we were meant to be our wedding day in Paradise and the rest is history. our love balances all the bad and turns things all to right when I am cold you cradle me and sing me songs at night years ago I cut and combed your wavy wild black hair but now you are my sexy Cupid, bald beyond compare. as every moment of our golden years are cherished our family has grown so close in love and flourished and still we work together fulfilling lifelong dreams I am the creative one and you pioneer financial themes. these tender years have taught us both about why we love so God is the center of our lives helping our faith grow we thank each other everyday for love so faithfully and the wonderful way you learned to share my poetry. *For Gail Angel Doyle's Tender Years. *Written by: Linda-Marie Sweetheart. *Dec. 7, 2012.

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I love you my lover.
I don't know why?
You are working so hard,
I love you from nine to five.

Soon we both will clock out.
Going to our separate  lives.
The lives we always dread about.

At work you give me the attention.
The kind my husband dose not give.
Plain simple kisses with no affection.
At my house that is how I live.
A love affair you did mention.
No more teasing, no more flirting.
Sneaking, and releasing our lust and tension.

We both started accidently caring.
While at work you hold my hand.
We see everyone just staring.
They can't bare to understand,
the two lives we are tearing.

I love the things we talk about.
Around my husband we always shout.
Always thinking we would be together.
Until that one day ,
I feel under the whether 
I had to tell you goodbye .
Writing you a last love letter.
Explaining the reason why?
No one can make things better.
All I can do about this is cry.

You said when your wife was in doubt.
About me to her, you did not lie.
My husband after, soon found out.
In that moment, I felt the need to die.
In my face he did more than shout.
About the baby, made him cry.
Relocating us to another route.
Far away where I can never tell you HI.
It's your baby, with no doubt.
The one thing my husband want me to deny.
This love affair I can never talk about.
A painful love affair in my eye.

      S.K.A.T. POETRY

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You Already Know

I'm not great.
I'm not extraordinary,
But I'm okay knowing that
Just as long as you 
Love me
For being
Who I am when I'm 
Discovering who I am
And how I cope.
I don't work with metal;
I don't work with wood.
All I have are my words,
Spoken in 
Hopefully, a poetic way.
I speak and I speak,
But when I write,
In a way,
Nothing gets spoken.
I'm not motivational;
I'm not inspirational,
But as long as I 
Move a wistful soul
From time to time, I'm good.
I'm cold,
But it seems
I'm running out 
Of time 
And people to talk to.
I want to speak
With my words, but
It seems only my
Ranting of how I'm 
Stuck and lost 
Gets my point across.
I can send your mind
In a spin;
Only because 
I am constantly spinning
With overindulgences 
Such as
Being loved 
And even hated.
I spin from giving,
And, in return, 
Being spun some more.
Puzzles compose
Every metaphor.
Life in general;
Only, I tend 
To put pieces 
Where they belong,
Then come to discover
That, later, they grow
And start to mesh.
I don't know
If, looking back, 
I'll only see me 
Waisting my time 
Or looking over
What helped me through it.
I couldn't tell you
That everything I cherish
Will be there
Or even here tomorrow.
The ones who understand 
And know more
Of me than I do myself
Are the ones that
Keep me spinning.
So, here is me speaking.
I feel as if 
I'm looking through 
A narrow telescope
That is covered 
On the other end.
I see 
What I choose to see,
But what's that to 
The world?
They don't have the time
To keep up 
Or slow down;
Going their steady pace
Until they find the time 
To waste it.
I wish,
I hope,
I wander,
But no matter
Where I go, 
I only see 
That I'm finding nothing.
My mind
Is tired, 
But my emotions
Are ready to fight.
Bring it on;
I can and
Continue to take your shots.
Take me-
Hold me in your arms
Until I'm safe
And fall asleep...
Maybe when I wake up
I won't be scared, confused,
Torn and lonely.
Maybe I'll wake up and realize
It was a dream and I'm safe
Because you are there.
I'm not great.
I'm not extraordinary,
But you know who I am 
And love me for it.

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Many years ago, when we were all young,
We really thought life, would be so much fun.
While playing dress-up, trying on mom’s stuff,
Putting on make-up, we found to be tough.

Then came our schooling, and boy things would change,
“Those aren’t our parents”, when they acted strange.
Sometimes they were hip, but old-fashioned too,
That’s something I swore, I would never do.

Wishing you were older, adults had it made,
They would do nothing, yet still would be paid.
That is how little, we all had known,
We surely found out, once we were grown.

Loving the twenties, we’d go out with friends,
When we went shopping, we followed the trends.
Doing what we wanted, and staying out late,
It didn’t matter, what time we all ate.

Then came the thirties, and most of us wed,
Watch what you wish for, my parents had said.
We had to work hard, many bills to pay,
I guess they were right, what more can I say?

Raising your children, was hardest of all,
Needing some advice, your parent’s you’d call.
It seemed so easy, they needed no rest,
So now it’s your turn, you learned from the best.

The forties arrived, that was a shocker,
We’d spend lots of time, just at the doctor.
Back aches and headaches, so tired you’d be,
Trying not to cough, or else you would pee.

The fifties would come, and your grandkids too,
Where were your glasses? You hadn’t a clue.
You searched here and there, and under the bed,
“Hey grandma” they laughed, “They’re right on your head”.

Here come the sixties, now let’s have some fun,
You are retired; your work is all done.
To dinner with friends, you dressed and you wait,
They never show up, you have the wrong date.

Now the seventies, with friends playing games,
If only you could, remember their names.
You try hard to hide, those under-eye bags,
Gravity happens, and everything sags.

Enjoy every day, and have a good laugh,
All the steps you took, led down a new path.
Live life as it comes, each year a new page,
One thing is for sure, everyone will age.

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2012 resolution Vol 3

Another fresh year is here, I would love to banish from my life, worry doubt & fear. I would like to be joyous, true and live life each moment with zest, and give the people around me nothing but the best. I would love to talk, communicate and break mental barriers that are creations, and work hard towards mending broken relations. I would love to tell my wife to give me all her tears and fear, and take from me all my love the loving words she likes from me to hear. I would love to make an effort to be a good friend, to my elder daughter and put all petty misunderstandings to an end. I would love to stop to the people in contact ,the shoving, and spend more time in loving. I would love to stop being disadvantageous and outrageous, and speak only the truth and for that be courageous. I would love to fight my emotions all unfriendly, and cover them all with feelings that are friendly. I would love to learn to be sensitive, and towards others be open and receptive. I would love to practice not to crib about all the things life has not given me, and be greatful for the great things around me I have an opportunity to feel and see. I would love to learn to be content about all I have received, and focus now on giving and helping those, whom life has deceived. I would love to pray for world peace and plant more trees, and work to help out for carbon emission decrease. I would love to learn to be unforgiving, and be more tolerant and caring. I would love to right some of my wrongs, and be true to myself and hum joyous songs. Finally, I would love to learn to be humble and full of gratitude, and to do so spend some precious moments of my day reflecting in solitude.

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If I Were To Work a Miracle

If I were to work a miracle I know what it would be
In selfish quest I'd ask to grow in someone's company

Then we could prosper sharing precious moments in life
If I could have the same children, I'd pray she would be my wife

I would treasure the ground she walks on, in joyous harmony
For before I requested this miracle, she opened my eyes to see

Many things we share, architecture and music are two
There's history and geography, she says binds me and you

But it's the music that cements us, especially with Queen
If I were to work a miracle, then this would be my dream

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I Lost a Whole Weekend (Please Pardon My Rant)

I am your champion, I fight for your cause,
my love and devotion give some people pause.

When I saw you I knew you, just like with your dad.
I guess our deep happiness makes some people mad.

I work hard at my job, so that we can live,
and hear me now, son, when it's time to give,
I am the one who ups the amount,
I've done this more often than I can recount.

I also work so your dad will be covered,
for doctors and dentists and allergists and others,
and who do you think pushed him to go
to the skin doctor some two years ago?

From the moment I met you, you felt like my son,
but this is a battle that cannot be won.
When your dad and I married, I didn't steal him away,
he's just as devoted to you to this day.

I heard someone had told you that I was "controlling,"
(I can't even write this without my eyes rolling).
Who insisted your dad fly to LA to see you?
Who worked overtime to pay for this venue?

I encourage his freedom, I've not clipped his wings,
his happiness, above all, is the important-est thing.

I will not be silenced, nor be vilified,
and it just breaks my heart when you take HER side.

and I'm tired of being so misunderstood.

So, pardon my migraine, it wasn't intended,
my strength just gave out as your judgement descended.

I lost a whole weekend, I slept like the dead,
I was just too defeated to face down my dread.
I kinda' felt reality shatter, unsure what was real,
like in "Jacob's Ladder."

We're getting no younger, your father and I,
the older we get, the faster time flies.
I love you as if you were my own child,
I'll not carry this burden unreconciled.

©Danielle White

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Approvals I Should Praise

Approvals I Should Praise

The rhythm of my pen knows no bounds
Its ticks, treks, and steps knows no count.
The songs on my lip just loose the count.
No where, I suppose to untie the bond.

Strong bones are so much in here
They touch and squeeze out letters bountifully.
In these bones, many light I have received gracefully.
Linda is one, Andrea is two among all of you there.

You are all amazing guests in this field
Cup of water..., cup of tea come to toast.
Many hugs, many thanks to you, writ and host.
... Eden that crowns my garden and its yields.

Special parcel to my coy mistress, Linda.
All sea, roses...and sweet showers to you.
And my lady Andrea; always brand new!
I love you all... your words in my wall are tender.

Dedicated to:
Poet Destroyer A, 
Andrea Dietrich 
and to the rest of Poetrysoupers.

I     am     Grateful     for     your    warm      welcome.

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I will not be late to work this morning

I will not be late to work today

I will get there on time
I will brush my teeth
Without singing songs
Without thinking about birthdays
About gymnasiums
About TAKS 
About sound
About war

I will get there on time
I will eat my oatmeal
Without thinking of 
Broken valentines
Strewn against a wooden
Like dropped goblets
From a robbers pillowcase

I will be there before the bell rings
My papers will be checked
My hair will be combed
My mind will be alert 
Ready to begin my lesson

I will not wonder why
My oldest son doesn’t have a job
I will not pray too long
For my daughter who is taking the bar today
At 10:30 AM in New Orleans
I will not scar my knees wishing
For some alternate world
Where children are never neglected
Or hurt
Where there is no abandonment

What nonsense to try and order the world
Just get to work on time
Put your things in the car, your projector and 
The white binders that you didn’t look at
All weekend although you were supposed to check the papers and put the 
grades on the computer
I will leave now
Before it is impossible to
Be on time
I will cream my ashy ankles

I will not focus on the white
Cat on the black pillow
With the green eyes
I will not water the plant
I will not watch TV
I will not write poetry
Before work

I will not write poetry
Before work
I will get to work on time
I will be ready
I will not be daydreaming about fog
Wondering if I’ll get Alzheimer’s like my mother
Or colon cancer like my dad
I won’t be thinking about that stuff
I will be locking the front door and 
Closing the gate and clicking the clicker
And starting the car and leaving

I will not be in my living room
Wondering if there is any reason to love
Because I do not love for reason
I love because He first loved me
It is not incantations or intoxication
Or imagination it is my life and 
The structure will come with the
Clearness of Bajan water
So clear you can see the fish
Fly float across the Atlantic

It is time
This poem must end
I will not be late for work
This morning
Not for nothing
Not for nobody
Not for anything
Not for everything

This poem is over 
the work day begins

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Out past the meadow on the hill up high 
Two young lovers on the fourth of July 

Blanket spread out on top of the ground 
Watching the town folk gather around 

Kids run around with sparklers ablaze 
The high school marching band plays. 

The smell of cotton candy fills the air. 
The excitement is growing at the county fair. 

Out of the way up high on that hill 
Was two young lovers one named Jack, one Jill 

The crowd is buzzing as the sun goes low 
Waiting for the mighty fireworks show 

Jack looks at Jill with love in his eyes 
In anticipation of the show in the skies 

Jill puts her head upon Jack's soft lap 
Gazing and wanting the night to unwrap 

The first firework streams into the air, 
As a glittering tail follows it there. 

A crackle and a boom it erupts in the sky 
Watching with awe as the following fireworks fly. 

Jack says to Jill, Oh how I love you so 
You give me fireworks dontcha know 

Jill smiles sweetly and gives him a kiss
This firework show she doesn't want to miss

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In His Arms

In his arms

In His Arms you bury your head into his chest and release tears of anguish fury and disbelief.
Gently he caresses your back and says those four little words you were longing to hear. Not "Everything will be alright" But "I'll make everything better" and at that moment a ton of burden is lifted from your chest and into his hands, but to him feel as light as a feather. Trust is elevated and at most high because hearing those words from his honey thick voice makes it ooze from his skin. Unknowingly you find out not only does he sympathize but he empathizes because once in his life not only has he felt the same way, but you'd once said those same words and lifted a similar burden from his body reassuring you of his motives of loving you.

His arms wear scars from childhood, hard work and labor, to him they're not appealing, to you they're a work of art. It should be part of the suffix ology because you've study every detail of his skin, down to the six beauty marks and a tiny recent cut on his left leg right below his knee.

Those arms scream protection when they're around you. Not just physical protection but protection from what the world thinks of you. In those arms there's no judgment, in those arms there's no need to be perfect, contradicting his kind hold on you, in his arms you are liberated.

Just longing to be in his arms


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Take my body, work me slow...
Make me happy, work down low...
The things I wanna do, beg me if you wanna know....
Caress my body, go deep inside...make me climb the walls, make me lose my mind
Take your time and work me slow....don't worry bout your girl she ain't gotta know..
Make me want it so bad I could cry.... Make me go crazy trying to get ya lovin out my mind
Your skills are so hot....the time flies by so work me slow,.. make it good and 
make it last...
Twist me, bend me, make me touch my toes..... can you handle me baby i'm curious to know??
Work me slow.... there's plenty of time and no where else to go... so take your time and 
do it right.... work me slow and make it last all night...
The doors are locked, no one's round so scream my name and scream it loud...
Just take your time and work me slow do the things i like ...yeah you know ....Make me 
scream, make me cry ........make it hot just like i like.....
Tease me, and make me beg.......make it so good i cant hold up my legs......
You been sweatin me for a while but now it's time to throw down, so bring your lovin to 
me, work me slow and make me proud....

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Elevators: 5 Horsemen

Part 1


the delicacy of friendship

I found you in the flowers
Standing tall we become one
Looking down from gangly towers
Squash, you burn, you pillage, son.

Follow me you say in tongues
Thy shallow mind reveal me tell
Whisper lies clean load the guns
I feel the burn I rot in hell

Friend folly menacing the liar
I loathe this coffin how it leaks
Dear foe you raped me set on fire
The onion peal itself and weeps

Part 2


dear monkey boy

Older eyes eat themselves,
glance and kill the other
Unified in the dance,
they steer the musty rudder.

Pained and sweeter deeper wells,
poised buckets drunk with water.
Singled out the one that dried,
handed weights to pull him under.

Wiser times capture the mind,
death justifies dishonor.
Knife slice neat through the devil's back,
who stares blank and milks the udder.

Part 3


patron saint

Inside this box
Goodbye tempestuous fall
My puppet of steel coiled thread
Smashed buttons and twisted dread,
Alarm these doors, and
Escape this delusive bunker bed

Stamp the spiders
Thief, vulture of the deflection
The mocking patron of the sinners
Erase this affliction
Relating inward at the reflection

Rise you fool

Part 4


i love you

close the grip
cinched hematic grip
drenched, clawing
seeking the sheave
becoming the counterweight

i absorb, now
extracting the heat
rise like a phoenix
away to be gone to be free
fix me! i have fixed me

i am alive and i love you

Part 5

Aye, Damager

Abolish her state of disrepair
Scattered, spattered drippy thoughts
All around this box of soused leaves
Soak, ferment in the faith of our love

I can't fix this, you know
I loathe this misunderstanding
Of what I am speaking, projecting
To me, Aye Damager, to you

This devil in me
turned and twisted
A wrecked elevator in rejection
Years locked painfully aware


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A Mechanic's Love Poem

You can be my hubcap if you let me be your wheel. The love I have for somebody like you is real. I can give you plenty of loving. I aim to please. I will be your radiator if you will be my antifreeze. You are so attractive to my eye my dear. You’ve got my transmission shifting into high gear. There’s no need to wait four thousand miles for an oil change. A date with you and me is something I can easily arrange. I can give you a tune-up with a new set of spark plugs. You just have to be around to give me plenty of hugs.

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Rebuilding the Shed in the Backyard - Again

My son is out fixing up the shed.
Winter is coming on. Needed doing he said.
He had the time and the bound-to’s.
I’m not used to this thought process, I’m not. Not from a child.

I watch him for a while.
Opening and closing gates as needed.
The dust, sifted into powder from summer’s heat, poof’s with his steps.
The heels of his jeans dragging strings on the ground, erase the tread of his 

The shed is old. There is algae or lichen on the north side boards,
where the wood is splintery gray.
Some of the lichen florets are the color of sage, some the color of a bright orange 
Circled with gray ones and black, their life cycle played out.

He hammers nails and screws in screws while holding boards in place.
Sweat glistening where skin is exposed, making long dark stains in his black 
Veins standing out against the strain, and
Muscles laboring to prove he can do the job well, without a mother’s help.

While he works I think about his father and how differently they work.
His father preferring team work and orchestrated smooth motion
working side by side, no extra movements – and he whistled.
My son needs to prove his skills first – alone.

The shed is done and it will brave another winter, keeping the horses sheltered 
from the elements.
The wind, snow and horses milling about, will obliterate the trail of pant cuffs, 
Along with the memory of one cool day at the end of summer, 
When a man worked hard to rebuild their shelter.

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Qualities of Health Engendering Women

They see strengths
Not the limitations
These are people who will make you proud of yourself
They will tell you why you’re special
Trust you to the point you have to answer their expectations
They make you better than you normally are
You can be proud of yourself
They respect you 
For what you’ve done
Where you’ve come from
They see what you’ve experienced something real
Respect you for your courage
They live by their rules
They do not expect you to follow theirs
They are at peace to themselves
They are not proving anything to you
They are good listeners
Sincere in their interest in you
You feel important
They are available for honest
Genuine discussion
Makes you want to share yourself

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

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God Has Made Everything Beautiful In His Time

“There is a time for each season…
To everything made…  
There is a divine reason.

A time for purpose under
 the heavens above…
A time for meaning from a God of love.

A time to be born.  A time to die…
A time to farm the ground
 under the beautiful sky.

A time to kill.  A time to heal...
A time to tear down and
 to build up with a passion and zeal 
A time for weeping.   A time for laughing…
A time to mourn.  A time for dancing.

A time to keep...
A time to throw away.
A time to tear.  A time to make amends today.

A time to get.  A time for losing…
A time to keep.  And to give
 away at our choosing.

A time for silence.  A time to speak…
A time for each hour
 and day of the week.

A time for love.  A time for hate…
A time for war.  A time for peace at your gate.

How will you spend the time
 God has given to you?
What is your choice?  What will you do???

May this be a time living in 
God’s purpose and design.
He created you and made 
everything beautiful in his time!

By Jim Pemberton  05/22/10
Read Eccl. 3:1-11

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Beautiful Redhead aka: Irish Princess

 Dating a beautiful redhead girl will be the greatest moment of my life. She’s like an Irish princess, even better. Her hair is so red, it’s as if she’s on fire. Her beautiful eyes are like a pair of emerald gems when I look at them. And her pale skin is as beautiful as pure, white snow. It seems to me that all attractive redheads are amazing, and most of all, they’re down to Earth. This redhead is also like a beautiful, Irish Princess, even from the Emerald Isle (Ireland). I never dated an attractive redheaded girl before, but it’s about time that I did. Plus, there are other beautiful redheads who are famous, like Kay and Danielle Panabaker, Emma Stone, Hayley Williams, Lindsay Lohan, Lily Cole, and others. Not to mention Julienne Moore, even though she’s happily married. I wouldn’t mind dating a beautiful redhead, but she has to be from the U.S. or Ireland. She’s like that redheaded warrior from Brave. She’ll be my Irish Princess one day (Irish girlfriend), and I’ll be her American prince (American beau). I say, if I were to get into a serious relationship with this attractive redhead, I won’t break her heart; I’d also be honest and truthful to her. I know that female redheads are sensitive and I also know that she doesn’t want to be brokenhearted. All I know is that if I fall in love with a redhead girl and I become infatuated with her, there’s just no telling.

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Purple Majesty

We had saved our precious stock of grandpa’s grape
prepared the ground and amended the soil.
After laying out the orchard, we planted cuttings with our own hands.
Fed the young vines with love and creek water
and waited for the work of the rain and sun
before giving birth to the wine.
To insure that his family would produce the best wine.
Grandpa, tho’ as straggly as his grape
cleared trees and topped them to admit the sun.
He would not purchase plants for his soil
and dug the trenches wider and accessed our water.
He was self sufficient and he propagated vines by his hand

We prevented winds from whipping vines out of hand
to best grow and mature the soul of our wine.
The vines followed the contour of steep site which brought the water.
The rows ran north and south to suit the grape - -
this presented light while drying and controlling the soil
allowing the plants to follow the eastern and western sun.

We placed much faith on the drying done by the sun.
We had one to backfill. We wished we had more willing hands.
We had two to dig holes, and one to hold the vine and tamp the soil, 
as the fruit began to ripen to marry our precious wine.
A crew of four was used for setting the grape.
The Vines should not be sprinkled with too much water.

We made plans to prevent soil erosion and loss of water
to the harden the wood and expose it to rays of the sun.
The Niagra White and Riesling grape.
Both needed pruning and the waste hay cut our hands.
We made sure our methods were best for the wine.
They would mature late, even in warm soil.

We found that more humus was wanted by the soil.
Some magic was performed to deliver more water.
alas, for the reward of a not so remarkable wine.
Again the wait, the prayers, the morning dew and sun.
More work, more time, sweat and callused hands.
The next year we tried a grafted grape.

We had saved our precious stock of grandpa’s grape
prepared the ground and amended the soil.
After laying out the orchard, we planted cuttings with our own hands.
Fed the young vines with love and creek water
and waited for the work of the rain and sun
before giving birth to the wine.
Our final wine was surrendered by the sun.
We captured the prize from our water and our soil.
My hands, today, still stained with the color of the grape.

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Contest: Regina's "Romance" 
Date: 10-6-14

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Dream You

When I saw you standing at my door that night
I didn’t know what to think, or say, or do
I just stood there in awe and adornment

You smiled at me and I tried not to blush
I tried not to reveal my true feelings
I hoped you wouldn’t see that I wanted you

You read my face; you saw my heart; you knew
Before I could turn away you came to me
You took my hand and stopped me from running

Your lips met mine and in that perfect moment 
The entire Universe was frozen
Everything else disappeared as we united

You were perfect; I was perfect, we were
We were both perfectly connected and
My life was yours; your life was mine; our life

In that one kiss my whole life flashed before me
Joy, excitement, passion, thrill, happiness, Love
All emotions swirling around in my head 

And then I woke up holding my pillow; 
I guess I didn’t know it was a dream.

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Lovin' the weekend, Hating the week

I love the weekend
I hate you week.
You demand, reprimand, and restrict me.
You order me around and poke me to move
You slap me in the face
You stomp on my feet
You sock me in the gut
You kick me in the shins
You suck the air from my lungs
And still expect me to breathe
And after all the pain I go through
For you
You tut-tut, shake you head and say:
‘You still got lots to do!’
I hate you.
I love you weekend!
You are my friend
Would that your blissful, lazy days
Would never end
You let me play
You love my laugh
You always indulge me
You let me sleep
You give me the space and time to be Me
Unlike your antagonist sibling, the week
Let me pass on a Friday night
Let me die on Saturday
Let me stick myself on Sundays
Let me stay, weekend, let me stay!
But no, you’re moving at your usual pace
Marching into yesterday
Bringing in the week with your departure
And silently murdering me
If you must
Do so
But don’t let me die in the week!

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"Are you Quill?," She asked abeam.
"Yes, of course! - mostly - when the Muselle` 
visits oft'n'r upon, as my wont!
"Well, here!, this will surely help at the Magic...

And IT, Voila!, was in hand, a thrust-unmistakable!
Blunt, bulbous & sleek, a slick Recife, 
this Turquoise and Silver stick.

Is IT "Blue?" Is IT "Black?" 
Pray, "Blue-Black!?"  Wow! - 
A Sole instrument for Playing in the Indigene,
Soul Colors of the Earth! - I nearly crack to Self.

Swirled-embedded, b'neath the haute Baekelight-Crystal
like a LavaLamp-Entemp.  IT's messages of ambidexsrait-
Threads, Mola thru splayed fingers.  O' Charitable Mage 
You have brought to Life!...   I     Write    Handcrafted!  

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Just a day
“Good Night Mom and Dad” I said before I went to bed. “We love you” they said as they closed the door
Mom comes in and wakes me up “Time to go to school” as my feet hit the floor
I got dressed and ate breakfast and got my book bag and now we are on the go
We sit in the car listening to music “It’s Friday I think I’m a little excited tho
“Alright baby we here” as mom open the door to let me get out
She closed the door and kissed me on the head told me she loved me before she pulled off
Another day of school and it close to Christmas
I can’t wait to see Ashley and Alexus, today is show and tell as I said in a whisper
We had learning center day and Boy! Was it fun!
Today was a free day and on Friday there isn’t much to learn
The room was quite when the was a knock at the door, the door opened
A man with a big gun was standing there; my classmates panicked and started to run
I heard a lot of noises and a lot of screams
I felt a sharp pain in my back as I dropped to my knees
In the distant I heard more screams and then everything went silent
Then I closed my eyes it went dark and on the cold floor I was dying
The other side
It’s Thursday night and off to bed we go 
I kiss my 5 year old son Jaden and told him I loved him so
Alarm clock goes off and it’s around 6:15 in the morning 
I shower got dress and woke up Jaden my little darling
Its Friday, I fixed him breakfast and we headed out for the this last day until the weekend
I enjoyed our little drives to school as we sat in the car singing
I opened the door to let him out once more
Kissed him on the head and told him I loved him ill pick him up around four
I’m at work drinking coffee just talked to my husband on the phone
Got at my desk started to work and the my office phone rung
It’s about 9:30 and it was Jaden’s school
I got the news he was dead and I started to puke
I’m crying uncontrollably don’t know my next move
My son is dead, I can’t believe this news
I hurried to the school in the best of my ability 
I saw the school surrounded by medics, reporters, and police
I ran to a officer and demanded to see my son
He said “I’m sorry ma’am” I can’t do this at this time
At 9:32 my one and only son Jaden was pronounced dead
The shooter was 20 and took my son’s life in his own hands
The questions continue to flow through my head as I search for answers
I don’t need answers I need my son and his laughter
I am now sitting on his bed trying to swallow tears
My husband holds me close as reality nears
My little boy is gone among the other 19 kids
Heaven has 20 new angels now I hope he knew how much I love him  as much as  I did

(To the innocent lives that were lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting)

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Morals Morality and Ethical Direction

Morals, Morality and Ethical Direction… We often hear of morals, morality and ethical direction. What they mean, I suppose, is “one’s discretion.” Very seldom, is anything from the Bible being heard. Why obey God’s commandments? Why, that’s absurd! Many claim, that as adults, just about anything is “o.k.” As long as you don’t do what they do, but what they say! Many are “bombarded” with sexual type of temptations… Often leading many to get into perverse addictions! We set up boards of people to try to be “ethically clean.” When it comes down to it… What does this really mean? Can a person be totally immoral, but 100% ethical?’ Does this, in some way, seem kind of “heretical?” Why believe in God? He’s been ruled “unconstitutional.” While many listen to the news, which is often “delusional!” We hear of perversions, that are often “glorified.” Do we hear of those wanting to be Godly sanctified? If you’re confused, and need some kind of spiritual guide! Look to God’s word! He has nothing to hide! The kind of morality and ethics that you’ll ever need… Can be found in the Bible! Open it and read! Why not read from Genesis through Revelation? We can all find what we need! Across our nation! God and his word give us a true moral compass for living! His life for our own lives, is what he’s freely giving! Won’t you come to Jesus for godly direction today? He is here! And wants to help you find HIS way! By Jim Pemberton

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An Ordinary Chore

Swaying with electrical cord to the rhythmic hum
of my new vacuum cleaner, I relax into thoughts 
of slow dancing with you. My hands steadily drum
to the soft music playing inside my head. Caught
between the background of little boy’s morning cartoons
and a moment of my own, the vacuum drowns out 
reality of a Tuesday morning. I whistle the tune
of our wedding song and picture you going about
your day alone at your desk, wondering as I croon,
if you, too, are thinking of me. After all these years,
I still find happiness in thoughts of you. Lost in a June
day from long ago, I steal a smile then imagine you here
with me, dancing barefoot on freshly vacuumed carpet.
An ordinary chore, the vacuum cleaner’s hum 
still spurs memories of us too extraordinary to forget. 

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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Everything and Nothing

Everything and Nothing
A life of riley one would say. I bet you have everything and nothing to want. You have it made, you’re so lucky, no worries or cares, your bills all paid. You don’t even have to work; I don’t know why you do! 
Must be nice having it all handed to you. How did you get so lucky? I bet you buy whatever you want whenever you want. If you want something I bet you just have him get it for you or buy it yourself. 
Sure it must be nice having everything. No care, no worries, what do you think? A life of riley this is not. Nothings free and worries there always are. Lucky you say but how do you know? What is handed to me, what bills are paid you think to know.
I don’t have to work yet here I am! You collect money for things all the while I tell you I am over my budget. Being so lucky, having no bills or worries; have you thought this budget through? What about that credit card I need to get paid off! Yes an extra day of work will help with that yet lucky you say I am.
 You say I have everything, must be nice. My home is beautiful indeed. A gated community with guards at all times. Ground keepers manicure the yard and a house keeper inside as well. A car you would love to have. At what price and how much of your life would you give? Others judge you thinking they know all there is to know.
How much do you spend, you do have a budget regardless what they think. You work because you need too. The house what can you afford to buy for it? The house keeper takes up money and you have learned to think in dollars! The cute car, the one they would love to have who picked it? Things aren’t always what they seem!
Sometimes you can have everything and nothing at all.                                              ~Debbie Knapp

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the sower

Arnold gazed eastward,
His callused hands hung
by thumbs hooked to
his belt. He had beaten
the rooster by at least
an hour, and his hands
lit a pipe in
A cool breeze 
passed through, teasing
the plowed field,
the chimes,
and his arms.
The barn stood sturdy, 
ready for the season.
Seasoned tools hung on the 
new walls. The screen door 
behind him swung and
she stood next to 
him on the porch, his 
hand stroked her back.
She looked at him, he
peered eastward, a subtle
smile concealing a laugh,
“It’s going to be a good year.”

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New job

the Lord gives us new jobs
to bring comfort to others and
to show how much that they are worth
just caring and sharing goes a long way
to give a smile to show God Loves them every day
to be willing to go thee xtra mile
will make the rewards far more worthwhile
in my new job i will work hard
and be there when they call
for God's love isn't for one
God's Love is for all
I will be helpful in eevrything that I do
and will be great to see how God will bless each and eevry one of you
so when I come to pray#i'll ask the Lord that I will do the ebst that I can every single day. Amen.

1 corinthians  15 v  58 So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.

 Lazy people want much but get little,
but those who work hard will prosper.
proverbs 13 v 4 

proverbs 21 v 5 
Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity,
but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.

2 peter 1 v 10  1 So, dear brothers and sisters,* work hard to prove that you really are among those God has called and chosen. Do these things, and you will never fall away. 11 Then God will give you a grand entrance into the eternal Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Amen

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An ode to the Unsung Angels

Written on 21st April 2012
By: Sashi. Prabhu (zeauoxian)
(This Ode is dedicated to the Administrative professional / Executive Administrative Assistants/Secretaries.  I dedicate this  to all the unsung champions who have worked selflessly in the shadows to brighten the futures  and then silently steeped away into the twilight of their lives without a ray of expectation in any form.)celebrate 25th april 2012 ,60th anniversary.

You make yourself graciously present from the beginning or start, to align processes and routines you pour out your big heart. No words or action suffice to thank you enough, You stand by and support through thick and thin when times get real rough. Your tips, guidance opinion and advice, are of utmost importance and cannot be gauged by monetary price. You can never be thanked enough, You really help mould your superiors and aid them to take on situations that are all rough. To work without you is sure as hell, In circles of times round and round without progress will superiors dwell. To work with you is a real pleasure, Your honed competencies, skills and ways of problem solving are a treasure. You simply slice the ropes (lengthy time wasting procedures) that curtail us, You battle the winds of change and interruptions for us to be in time to catch destiny’s bus. In the hustle and bustle of daily chores and routines, You execute work with precision by all means. In stormy weather you stand by with great strength for all to see, And when the chips are down you stand tall deep rooted like a tree. Your kind heart and beautiful mind is a combination rare, Every time we saunter or amble to our cabins you are there with a smile filled with care. We really appreciate your kind and generous ways, The order you bring with your overpowering yells and disciplinary displays. You are always there to be a part of a team, And back up everything to bring about into existence everyone’s “dream”. You come to my mind when I think of sharing, You come to my mind when I think of appreciating You come to my mind when I think of giving You come to my mind when I think of forgiving On this occasion would like to thank you once more, For all the things you have done and said open hearted and galore. Thank you so much for supporting and being a beacon of light, And it’s because of people like you many Executive futures have been made bright……..

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It wasn't so long ago, that my new wife and I
had to find a place to live which we could call "Home".
We found an ideal place on the northwest side of our city,
easy transportation, good neighbors, and plenty of room.

When we decided to take the place, we knew it would be 
the bright, airy, comfortable, and loving home we wanted 
to make for ourselves.  Of course, there was work to be done
before we could move in.  Painting, carpets, and choice of 
furniture would occupy us for many weeks.

I don't know if every newlywed couple is as happy as we 
were.  Our love was enhanced by the work on that apartment,
turning its rooms from bare walls and floors into livable
spaces where we could be alone with each other.  We would even
have friends or relatives over - it made no difference in our was home.

Every relationship has its share of woes, and that apartment 
became a solitary point in our lives.  My idea of a career did not
jive with my wife's, as she so often pointed out.  I don't believe
it was the career, but the fact that I was trying to be someone I
wasn't, work with a company that I did not really know, and do 
something that was inherently destructive to our marriage.

I wanted to prove to her that she could be proud of me by providing 
for her the riches I felt she deserved.  My quest for the golden ring
only tarnished the ones we wore on our hands.  I was just too naive to
think that I was wrong.  I should have taken a step back and trusted
the partner to whom I had pledged my love.  By the time I came to my
senses, it was too late.  I had driven her away by my callousness.

Now, as I stand in this empty apartment, only the memories remain.
The laughter of that first dinner alone...her face in the candlelight, yet
I see it only in the darkened corner of the room.

There were the nights of love and affection in the only
shadows of the sweet passions left in the wake of her despair at
my leaving her alone to face the mornings.
Our living area was our pride and joy with the furniture we had so 
carefully chosen, the carpet of jade green, and the love seat where 
we watched our favorite, just a window to the soul
mate I should have been.

The apartment stands empty again, waiting for another young couple
to make it their own.  It was ours for a while, but now belongs only to
that place in my mind where I hide my personal treasures.  I loved her
then...I love her still. Home no longer, but in my memory.

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as our lifes go on

As our life’s go on, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, and no second chances. You just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all; live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.

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A Visit from My Housekeeper

   Her I am 
sitting writing a
While my housekeeper 
  is bury cleaning 
my apartment
   I feel a little guilty 
 She is working hard 
while I am just 
   moving a pen 
along a piece of 
Still poetry 
    is listed as an 
occupation in the Occupational Outlook Handbook 
So I guess I am working, too
   In September I return to work as a
college assistant 
   Devoting the rest of my time to 
the New York Giants, poetry and looking for love

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I Can't Say It Without You

I was your never ending composer
We spent many a nights, and many an hour together
But now you’re lost inside
And I can’t find my way, again.

( chorus )
Cause I can’t say it without you		
It hurts to be without the feeling		
Never knowing when it will return		
But I know that you would stay with me	
If you came back, again some day		
But till then I’ll wait till you appear.	

I really miss the way you make me feel
People said we were meant to be together
Why’d you leave me so unexpectedly
I hope you come back soon.

( Chorus )

It’s been two months since I’ve written you
All I’ve got to show is crumpled bits of paper
The passion and creativity is now gone
So come back home so I can work it out.	

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The Unhappy Moth

She chose a red scarf. The most red 
of them all.
Of a dark red, a sweet and thick red color,
just as wine.

She carved from the red scarf
from the middle
to the size of a Martini glass.

Then she carved one more glass,
and she kept carving 
till she fell asleep.

she saw her Beloved Moth 
flirting with a Younger Moth, 
carving together from a sweater
while she was getting busy,
carving in the shelves.

The Unhappy Moth drank lots of wine
woolen wine, 
last night.
She drank lots, too much
for a Moth.
The Unhappy Moth got drunk
and fell asleep
on the red scarf,
with a heart filled with peace.

She was not afraid no more. 
Now she could be seen easily,
laying on the scarf
and easily crushed.

The Unhappy Moth was not 
afraid of death no more,
at least, now she knew 
how wonderful the red scarfs are
and that they taste
like red wine.

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LOST LOVE in Aussie slang

written 3rd Oct 2013

I was in love with the most lovable sheila
 but she did darn take off with me heeler

Overnight, she had packed their bags
 not just me dog, gone too with me scallywags

Left with just a simple note
 she had found a more loving bloke

Heartbroken to have lost them all
 I gave me mate Bluey a call

Together we drank more than just a slab
 ending up so hammered, he called us a cab

As the lonely days passed and tears filled me eyes
 by crikey it hit me, suddenly I came to realise

What a bloomin idiot, she deserved such love and respect
 every night boozin with me mates, my true love I did neglect

I'm gunna cut me drinkin and win her heart back
 fair dinkum fella's, you can flamin bet on that!

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Flaming Reflection : " Bon Appetite "

My Dear Carolyn, I want to Thank-YOU for YOUR Contest “ The Work You Do? ”
I usually Do not Brag, but I’m going to in this Piece I also may throw in  Kitchen Humor
I Dedicate this to YOU : Carolyn Devonshire My POETRY “ TEACHER “ LOVE, HG

The first two quotes I heard in the beginning of My Career
“People will always Eat” ( Chef Lis ) : “People eat with their eyes” :
( Mr. Franklin Whalen ; ) Owner  of The “Barrington House Restaurant”
Forty-Four years later, the Sonata of these words Still Rings in my ears

The Aromas, sweet and spicy, sour ,tart, fruity, meaty, waif through my nose
I remember the smell of burning starch, elbows set in ice cold water on the stove, two hours
Taste buds come alive, epicurean;  connoisseurs : enticing  The palette soothing the throat
I read my breath, in the dire cold of the freezer:  a block of ice becomes A Heart of Swans 
         The Center Piece of Mr. & Mrs. Posner’s 75th Wedding Anniversary Dinner
On a Pedestal , in the centre of the “Swan Heart : I carved the “POSNER"  Holding Hands
How Sweet, When they asked me “Would You makes us one of YOUR Classic Dinners?”
“The Rack of Lamb, with the Plum- Mint Jelly” “ Don’t forget his Famous “Béarnaise Sauce”
A Vegetable Bouquetire , Cottage Fries, with a special “Flaming Cherries Jubilee” for Desert
Perhaps, as they did when : Young : Their eyes found each other, as they fed each other
The Gleam in their Eyes, reflecting the Jubilee’s flame Opening the Mirror of Their “ L O V E “
As a Chef The work I do is very Rewarding and I shall Cook until I die( and even Then!! )

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The woman of my heart

Neutrality in your colour seduces me and overwhelms my pride. Originality in your words attracts me and drives my senses to you. Prenuptial agreement, I must sign, without delay. Quest no more! You are my type of girl. You are with no doubt the woman of my heart

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The Petty Posh-WahZee - Liberation and Ostentation

The Petty Posh-Wahzee - Liberation & Ostentation

The Not-So Distant Past:

The fallen fighters for freedom, are unable to turn in their graves,
their battered, fragmented bones, mixed with a handful of torn rags,
are all that remain, a mute reminder of their selfless valiant sacrifice.

They endured brutal Apartheid harassment, detentions without trial,
torture in the cells, and mental anguish when loved ones disappeared,
they left their homeland, to continue the struggle against racial bigotry,
while countless others fought the scourge of white-minority rule at home.

Nelson Mandela and many, many others, spent their lives imprisoned,
on islands of stone, and on islands of the cruellest torture, yet they stood,
never bowing, never scraping, they stood, firm for ideals for which they were prepared to die,

and many, many comrades did die, at the hands of the callous oppressor,
and many, many comrades perished in distant lands, torn from their homes,
while the struggle continued, for decades, soaked in blood, in tears, in pain.

The Present:

19 years have passed, since freedom was secured at the highest of prices,
delivering unto us, this present, a gift of emancipation from servitude,

a freedom to walk this land, head held high, no longer second-class citizens,
in the land of our ancestors, whose voices we hear and need to heed today.

I do not care much for fashion, Lewis-Fit-On and Sleeves unSt.-Moron,
yet the ostentation that I witness baffles even my unsophisticated palate,

our ancestors' plaintive whispers are being dismissed, left unheeded, as
we browse the aisles for more and more, always for more and yet more.

Asphyxiated by the excess of the Petty Posh-Wahzee, we find ourselves,
perched precariously on the edge, of a dissolution of all that is humane,

babies go hungry, wives are battered, our elders left in hospitals for hours,
I cringe as I scribble these words, perhaps too sanctimonious and preachy,

yet I know, deep in the marrow of my brittle bones, I know, I know, I know,
this tree of freedom planted by the nameless daughters and sons of Africa,

needs to be shielded, nurtured, protected from our very own baser impulses,
so that the precious tree of freedom, may bear the fruit that may feed us all,

for if not, then we are doomed, to tip over, and into the yawning abyss, we shall fall.

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Purpose we are on earth

We are on earth to know To love Eternal God To do good according to His will And to go someday in heaven Human being means to come from Eternal God To go back to Eternal God The Truth is Our origins goes back farther than our parents Our parents are Eternal God’s tool For us to be on earth Sometimes we feel our Creator is near Sometimes we feel nothing at all So that we might find the way home Eternal God sent His Eternal Son Who freed us from sin Save us from the Eternal Father’s world destruction Eternal God, wanted to destroy the world Depressed People He created were sinning Eternal Son stopped Him Eternal Father is Yahweh Means “I AM” Eternal Son is Jesus Christ He is the Highest Priest of the Catholic or Roman Catholic Church We call Catholic priest, father Represent Father Christ He is the Highest Priest The Eternal Father is in Him Jesus Christ is Father Christ He is the way The Truth The Life 4092013

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In My Community

Our Ancestors fought to the death,
Just so we can live a brighter day,
So before you light up that blunt of meth,
Think about what you’re giving away,
It was a glad day in history when Obama rose to victory,
The first black president was all we knew,
Dark skin is in!
Haven’t you heard?
That even in our community, 
You can get burned,
It’s a sad day when people would rather stay home and “Crank That Amber Cole”,
Than get up and run to a poll,
In our community,
Rockin’ Luis V is better than having a college degree,
And teen pregnancy is not only a trend,
But the single motherhood that follows should end,
Young girls learn of a wonderful prince to take them away,
Nothing should change thought their mothers prince didn’t stay,
And as the tears fade away,
She grows stronger every day,
In our community,
Fighting is no longer a word,
You argue with someone and shots are heard,
Girls showing places the sun don’t show,
So how do they expect the community to grow?
Where love is a figment of imagination,
Making a young child question her creation,
Young mothers would rather buy the iPhone 5,
Then satisfy her baby’s cries,
While her new man’s eye,
Wander up another girl’s thighs,
In our community,
Where #team dark skin vs #team light skin,
Makes others not love the skin they’re in,
Love, lust, hate, and trust,
Giving a rose on Valentine’s Day is no longer a must, 
Where bad is good and good is bad,
Who would think to see their grandmother sad?
Her hurt and pain,
Shows how our community has lost everything her parents fought to gain.

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Every morning I got to work early so I can see surely. When I get there she is not there 
so I set and wait but surely is late. When she got there she said to me may I help you. 
YES I just wanted to ask you on a date does that sound great. No I will not take you on 
a date. I set and wait for you and you come in late and then turn me down for a date. 
Just wait you will be begging for that date. Now every morning I go to work late so I 
can see Kate she is great we just started to date. Today surely came over to talk to me 
may I help you. I just want to ask you on that date you had your chance now it is too 
late. I am now with Kate she is really great I think she will be my soul mate.

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There is only one person in your entire life that will ever love
you unconditonally and that person is Jesus Christ. You only live once, but you have all the 
chances in the world to love everybody in your life. Love is a very simple emotion. At the 
same time its hard to deal with in relaionships. When people love themselves they have a 
increased confidence that can help themselves feel happy about themselves. The love and 
confidence that i have for myself grows and my ability to enjoy life has increased. If you 
have a hard time loving yourself try to be positive, i know that is very hard to do and i have 
overcame that through the grace of God. If you think and feel that it will be to complicated 
for you just think about this, What Lies Behind Us, And What Lies Before Us Are Tiny Matters 
Compared To What Lies Within Us. As far as loving yourself if your are willing and ready to 
work on that issue, you have to come to a point where you realize your work is to discover 
work, and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. Acknowledge to yourself that the 
right work is the work that u do the work that you do when you are using your gifts and 
unique abilities, in a way that makes you glow with a sense of joy and meaning. God gives 
each of us special talents and gifts and loving ourselves and each other is all we have within 
our heart, mind, and soul, so it is your privilege and duty to make the most of them. On 
another note some people who are in present and past relationships including myself have 
had to come to grips with relationships that was not working, and trying to fulfill deep inner 
needs through people pleasing. I know through years of experience that the answer is to fill 
spaces of your heart with God instead of people. I have a question for people who know they 
are in unhealthy relationships ponder this; how can you ever love yourself for who you are if 
you become someone else to be with someone. Children, young adults, and everyone 
reading this be who God created you to be don't let anybody change what God intended you 
to be, or what he intended you to do.

                                                 The End

                                           BY:  Lemonia Sims

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written 2nd Aug 2013

This life is not as it should be
 pick up your wife, can't you see 

You're her husband, stand up!
 give her a reason, to again believe

She means 'everything' this family
 shutting the door leaving her totally... Alone

Do you actually know her at all...
 damaging her heart and soul, deep within it's cold

Loneliness consumes her, it's been so long
 it must be you still love her?

Are you willing to help her to her feet again?
 or shall you sit back and watch, as she see's the end

This is completely left for only you, her husband to declare
 how much does she really mean to you still care?

Will you step up, or let her rot into total depression, you see it...
 Love and care, or death and dispirit

It's all up to you!
 Her loving husband, what will you do.....

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A running chestnut or no - on essay,idiocracy

Altogether unprofitable sentimental but no fool they call him an old sap 		        The taste of knowledge to him is sweet to get more valuable than sap to a tree	   even more valuable than the gold that runs from seven hills					 prolongs the days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.				  The Lord does hate pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth         the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom with an expected end pure love                  as God gives the increase I have tasted the Lord is gracious				           A strong warning from the savior Jesus He is Lord						   whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire                                      some may say the old sage is just saber rattling 					             Essayage the shoe on the other foot walking a mile				                   in someone else shoes who has two left feet and one leg longer				          truly your feet are bound to get sore circling around the mountain 	 			    just assaying the metal who is your maker I know mine 					         For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, 						        works for us a far more exceeding eternal weight of glory						 I am not straining gnats just spitting out the the filthy camel 				      Love the Lord God Jesus and every man your neighbor                             all the glory of man as the flower of grass like sagebrush					     God made foolish the wisdom of this world                				put your faith and hope in God and not in men 								 though man's urban inflections change the Word of the Lord stands sure                       Everlasting superior are God's ways than man's momentary dullness

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I Want To Come First With You

Every morning I walk pass through this ‘little’ lady
I make a mental picture of a heart shaped flower
Held in my hands; close to my heart; am willing to offer her
I make every eye contact count like every dance a street of my heart
I seem to have that dim; dreadful silly obscure look
Each time I see her from afar coming
Every time we work pass by; and I fail to be a man; to speak
I hear the music banging in my brain; then I conjecture good moments to come
When I will stop playing someone else’ part; a part alien to me
I think of holding her hands like we are standing on the mountain soil and saying
You’re my work set; I want to come first with you
In my soul and brains I feel a cabin fever for not being a man
She is like a lover my heart seeks; someone to make a promise to
In the wonderland where two lovers make vows knowing they are too closely knitted.

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Marriage is Sacred and Binding

If I knew then what I know now
My marriage would be bliss. 
What I’m about to say you won’t 
Want to miss. Marriage is for life,
Till death each will part, through 
Sickness health, and adversities,
Think twice before you make a start.

Marriage is sacred and binding
It is God’s plan from the start.
No longer me nor I, we both share
The pie. Ordained by the father the
Almighty on high.

We are unique, a work of art, yet not perfect
 Just a work in progress. Follow it through
And in the process, taste victories stand the test.
Don’t throw in the towel, when things don’t
Seem right, stand up to the challenge and don’t
Give up the fight.

Show love and affection, communicate 
Just to name a few. Once part of my experience
And the essentials I failed to do. Tell her that 
You love her, even if said a hundred times before,
Stop the enemy in his tracks, don’t leave an open door.

Teeth and tongue will bite an old phrase and 
So very true. Again I’m not perfect I don’t 
Know about you? Now it’s paramount that my 
Marriage, last come hell or high water,
I’m in for the journey, the long haul, no
Time to falter.   

Please note: I do believe there are great marriages
And individuals who are very happily married, but
Let’s face reality; sadly some do not always blossom
for whatever reasons. My poetry are based on my life 
experiences, and not geared at any one.

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Almaz Made The Flowers Arrange-

As I did gaze upon her for the first time as she labored in small shop in what appeared to be 
a hole in a wall that open into this place where she did work all day. Almaz was an Ethiopian 
beauty with gorges reddish color hair which was filled with big curly locks that seem to flow 
into an endless chasm of never ending twist and turns, with a smile that seem to light up that 
tiny little room. A rare beauty was she to behold, elegant yet graceful and humble in her 
soul…as I did watch her as she did strategically place each flower by hand one by one and 
with each gentile twist or turn of her soft golden tone skin colored hands until a work of art 
was form inside of each vase that they did adorn.  

Sometimes the vases were made of glass or maybe of some type of fine cultivated stone …
but each one that was made to become a work of art made to express someone else’s 
declared love or concern for a love of family member or even the lost of an unrequited love 
and she did do her best to express their thoughts with the arrangement made from the heart. 
With her beautiful brown eye’s that seem to tell a story of a pain and a deep love for her 
family… that she displayed with each piece of work that she did make. With each day of hard 
work in this small shop where she toiled all day in her endless attempt to repay her family 
for a debt that she so desperately wanted to repay…for it was the love of her father that had 
brought Almaz the flower arranger to this place. 

So many people do take the love of their family for granted, but… no not this lady…no not 
this lady…no not her ever, not even for a second in a day. Almaz made the flowers arrange 
all day, all for a debt of love that she wanted to repay. Little did she know that it was already 
repaid in full… with a father’s silent pray of love to see his daughter in a place where her 
dreams could blossom in the promise land, were no Kings are crowned or Queens ruled, but 
in this place of commoners were freedom was born to rule. Were even the poorest of men 
could rise to the highest office in the land. Truly your father has completed his arrangement 
in the vase with the most beautiful flower that he could find to place it in for the whole world 
to see, Almaz you are that flower that completes his arrangement.

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Spirit Of The Unicorn and The One

This poem is dedicated to PD on her birthday October 7th…
Unicorns are magical and no one but the one chosen may ride them…
And you must be magical, too. So PD I have arranged this just for you.
If you feel the rhythm you will feel the ride.

The one accepts the unicorn and the unicorn accepts the one.
No one rides a unicorn… It’s a dance in poise and symmetry as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The power is felt in the movement as the unicorn stretches out its gate.
The muscles move beneath the one with power awaiting to escape.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The fluidity of the gate is matched by the fluidity of the one.
The nostrils flair in both… The dance has just begun…
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
If they do not work together… They will not work at all.
The unicorns’ mane like the ones’, is held tight in the flowing winds thrall.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
With each step they take… A balance must be struck.
For every step they take… Their intent must be as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The spirit of the unicorn must merge with the spirit of the one.
Together they merge in a symbiotic relationship as old as the unicorn.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
Feel the movement… Feel the power… Feel each muscle as it moves.
Feel each breeze unfold… Feel your hearts and souls as they meld as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
Point to counter point… The one doesn’t own the unicorn or the unicorn the one.
What looks so easy is not a simple thing as they travel forth as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The connection is tightly woven. This spirit of Unicorn and one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
And with each ride together they will meld again as one…
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
Now don’t be frightened, as this world you begin to escape.
For the unicorn is unfurling its wings and with the one is about to soar…
Swish, Swish… Swish, Swish
Just lean across its neck, and stare up at the skies…
For the stars shall be your present tonight… On such a beautiful night…
Swish, Swish… Swish, Swish

CSEastman (Carol Eastman)

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Peace to One and All

Be careful
I said carefully come nearer
Be careful
I said carefully take my sword
Be careful
I said carefully read my lip
Be careful
I said carefully draw my sword
Be careful
I said carefully pierce my body apart from my soul
Be careful
I said carefully send me there now...

Why do you withhold?

Be careful
Have your sword, shield it
And have your seat

Politics has not completely darken my heart
I still sense the part I belong
I know I aren't born this way
I know I aren't call to this way
I know God don't support my way-

Bloodshed day and night 
All in the name of satisfying
Whims and caprices of the few

The world led with the words of the opportunist
And built by struggles and sacrifices of the full

Since you are now born again

  Be careful
  I said carefully come nearer
  Be careful
  I said carefully take my sword
  Be careful
  I said carefully read my lip
  Be careful
  I said carefully draw my sword
  Be careful
  I said carefully pierce my body apart from my soul
  Be careful
  I said carefully send me there now

  Why do you withhold?

  Be careful
  Have your sword, shield it
  And have your seat

  Politics has not completely darken my heart
  I still sense the part I belong
  I know I aren't born this way
  I know I aren't call to this way
  I know God don't support my way-

  Bloodshed day and night 
  All in the name of satisfying
  Whims and caprices of the few

  The world led with the words of the opportunist
  And built by struggles and sacrifices of the full

  Since you are now born again

Be careful
And carefully convey my message to those privilege few
Be careful
And don't change my words
Be careful
And listen carefully
Be careful
And tell them I said...

Peace be upon thou
That values this singular word in action
Who give room for this course to thrive
And carry the day

Peace be upon those 
That gives it a chance
The Word in question is PEACE

Peace and Unity is what I preach

Convey my message to one and all.

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The Heart Dances

It dances in rhythm
While you play, work or sleep
To the commotion of day and night rhythms
Sometimes in giant leaps
Other times in gentle beats.

It dances in the spring
While you play, work or sleep
In the waltz of romanticism
Where everything is new
With the colors of youth.

It dances in the summer
While you play, work or sleep
In the calypso of folklore fun
Where families gather
Relishing the warmth engendered.

It dances in the autumn
While you play, work or sleep
In the gratitude for the harvest
Where all can be truly fed
After the planting of dreams, through tears and sweat.

It dances in the winter
While you play, work or sleep
Not affected by the outer elements
For the warmth has found its place in
And peace has come to reign within.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 07.29.10

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Sacraments of Christian Initiation

The Sacraments of Christian Initiation
Baptism, Confirmation and the Holy Eucharist
Lay the foundation of every Christian life

Faithful are born anew by Baptism, 
Strengthened by Confirmation 
Receive in the Eucharist the food of eternal life

To receive increasing measures
The divine life
Advance toward the perfection of charity

Written 09172012

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Sand Castles By The Sea

Walking along the oceans sand, in the crisp evening air
He happened upon a sand castle built by a child’s, tiny hand
It's delicate, virginal beauty, a short time it would last
Much too soon the waves of the sea would wash it to a distant past. 

      Those little footprints, ingrained on some land
      Where a sweet, small child had carefully planned
      A beautiful, fragile castle in sand 

He was painting a picture in his mind of those little hands and feet.
The nocturne of a symphony with children directing the beat.
The rolling motions of the sea kept a rhythmic roar with the waves
They rolled to the shore in syncopated lyrics making wet, sandy graves.        

          His hope he carried in his heart
          As he walked quietly along the sea
          He wanted to make everything right
          But he was doubting his ability

A silent cantata of a discordant roar of time,
Was singing a haunting melody in voice A-cappella
Chanting audible chords of memories in his mind
His thoughts went back to the little child, building a dream carved in sand
A a child who was thoughtfully shaping their future on land. 

            As he sat on the shore in pensive thought,
            His own child came to his mind. 
            A sweet little girl, not a care in her world
            Singing her innocent, happy rhymes

He’d come home from work, needing time to unwind
Too busy and tired to give his child enough time
She learned to walk and talk all while he was gone
While her mommy taught her all those cute, little songs  

           "Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffett
             Eating her curds and whey
             The little spider that sat down beside her
             Until she shooed him away" 

His wife, the apple of his eye, a woman who stood by his side
He wrote her name inside his heart, always wanted her as his bride.
They fell in love, prayed for a sweet, little child to share all their love.
The Lord in Heaven heard their prayers and sent them a little girl from above. 

             His memories led him back to home
             Knowing he made those vows without end
             Finally knowing what he must do..
             He’d take his wife and child by their hands
             To make their lovely, delicate castles in sand


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Sacrament of Baptism

The day of Pentecost, Church celebrated
Administered Holy Baptism
St. Peter declares
“Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”

The apostles offer baptism to anyone who believed in Fr. Christ Jesus
You will be saved
You and your household
St. Paul declared to his baptized and with all his family

Baptism is birth into the new life in Fr. Christ Jesus
In accordance with Lord God’s will
It is necessary for salvation
As the Church herself, we enter by Baptism

Baptismal grace includes forgiveness of original sin
Birth to a new life by man becomes an adopted son of the Father
A member of Fr. Christ
A temple of the Holy Spirit

Those who die for faith
 All those without knowing the Church under the inspiration of grace
Seek God sincerely, strive to fulfill his will
Can be saved even if they have not been baptize

With respect to children who have died without baptism
The Church invites us to trust in God’s mercy
The angel of Lord God said
The babies are safe in heaven

Written 09172012

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The Hardest Thing

Last night we had a quarrel
We went to bed so mad
Each had to get up early
The morning was quite sad
I never meant to say that
I know you didn’t, too
With hopes to reconcile
Just know that I love you

Yeah darling…
It couldn’t be more true

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

Each morning when we go to work
A piece of me, it goes with you
I cannot wait to get back home
To do those things we do

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

I hope tonight we’re civil
We listen and we learn
Together, we’ll get past this
Each others trust, we’ll earn
So, then we can retire
To the bedroom that we share
Lie within each others arms
And show how much we care

Yeah darling…
It couldn’t be more true

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

Each morning when we go to work
A piece of me, it goes with you
I cannot wait to get back home
To do those things we do

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

And when my work’s over
I will come back to you

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The Song Of David

Enlighten days have past
He comes excel in all, so he thinks
"I am greater than man,
I know what ignorant man does not.
Come to me for knowledge unsurpassed!".
He points to the blue heaven,
"Where is thy wisdom? For I know all.
Where is thy command? That makes the ground shake
And brings forth water that lives?"

At the great gatherings,
He flocks the shepherds, blind, mute and deaf  
He answers to the multitude of questions
He asked the shepherds, "but what are thy questions?",
“I know not what do ask a man of your wisdom, but what  is a dream?
What is life?” asked the young herdsman.
"I know not what you speak of", said the Man.
"I only know what i can feel, touch and see"

"A dream is dream that passes us by, like gentle breeze of fresh spring.
Life holds all things mystery and doubts.
Shepherd knows to flock, not life or dreams".
"The shepherds are those who are humble, noble one", said the herdsman
"The blind cannot see, the mute cannot speak and the deaf cannot hear".
"Who are you preaching to? Silent and amaze, the man looks on.  

"If the blind could see you, 
They would say, 'look here is the man who tried to humble the blind
For they can see what others cannot,
If the mute could speak, they would humble you!
And if the deaf could hear they would shamed your wisdom".
"Was I a fool?" said the Man "or are you not that young herdsman?
Who knows nothing of life and passes his days tending the sheep's?
What could you learn from such simpleton life?"

"Life I live is simple indeed, 
No one knows that the shepherds are those who protects the weak"
"Nature is a friend of the shepherd; we sing the song of David
And rubs the olive oil to our young sheep, to keep away the flies".
Insulted, the man's fury turns over to the young herdsman
"Nature? Protect the weak? The song of David? Flies?
How can nature befriend a lonely shepherd? Protect who?
Song of David the Shepherd who became the king? 
What flies would harm the young flocks?"

The young herdsman smiled at the frown face of the man,
Left without a word
The blind, the mute and deaf ignored the man.
An unyielding shame kept the man humbled
He wonders why the young herdsman smiled about.
He came about a bridge and crossed the rocky roads
On the hill top he stood 
And saw the young herdsman singing the Song of David.

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Fr. Christ said “I am the living bread that came down from heaven...

If anyone eats this bread

He will live forever

Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, abides in Me and I in him"

Essential signs of Eucharistic Sacrament are wheat bread and grape wine

Communion with the Body and Blood of Fr. Christ increases the communicant’s union 
with the Lord God.

Receiving this sacrament strengthens the bonds of charity between the communicant and Fr. Christ

It also reinforces the unity of the Church as the mystical Body of Fr. Christ

The Church recommends the faithful to receive the Holy Communion at least once a year.

Fr. Christ Himself is present in the sacrament of the altar

He is to be honored with the worship adoration

To visit the Blessed Sacrament is a proof of gratitude

Expression of love

Duty of adoration toward Fr. Christ, Jesus our Lord

Written 09182012

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Death Shall Nay Be Here

Death shall nay be here again
With the spark of light diminishing
When comes time to cross the tide
I curse that which lingers still

With the spark of light diminishing
When evening falls, there will I hide
I curse that which lingers still
Fallen love sprang from despair

When evening falls, there will I hide
Refusing the work of devil’s pride
Fallen love sprang from despair
That was broken once, in twain

Refusing the work of devil’s pride
To clutch my heart in pain
That was broken once, in twain
The feelings posturing their ways

To clutch my heart in pain
When comes time to cross the tide
The feelings posturing their ways
Death shall nay be here again

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Your love I paint this portrait for
For you I furnish it with many color
Those ones of your desires
And from mine you admire
I single handedly paint this for you
In your best polish, clad and crown
And in your cherished light auburn 
Showing my love I dedicate through words
In hope you’ll find a place in your heart 
To fathom as bosom you’re to me


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Eyes do Weep

When my son was young and so very, very wild… 
I loved him dearly for he was my child.
But I feared the drugs, alcohol, and friends he did keep.
I knew they would destroy him, as I found my Eyes do weep.

We found a private High school with new peers to seek.
Miraculously, He found his own way back, and to college he did leap.
He chose a college and fraternity far away, as my eyes blurred again.
But the day he was on his own, became the best that’s ever been.

His fraternity became his brothers, and advice they dished out.
Study time became important, with gentlemanly behavior devout.
I’ll thank them each, in the leadership and help they all showed.
I’ll thank my son for growing up, and for becoming who we now know.
Community service brought blood drives, and teaching inner city kids.
They worked on their fraternity house, reclaiming it from the skids.
All parties had designated drivers to take every body home, all right.
They gathered clothes for the homeless to brighten up their life.
They built Homes For Humanity for to work he was never adverse.
Then, to add to the rest, he continued to work to become a nurse. 
He put himself through college working in a hospital and ambulance.
He had learned a reverence for life, happiness, and yes, even patience.
My wild, wild son has found purpose in life and peace at long last.
And again my eyes do weep… This time with love so vast...

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Follow Me

There were times 
When I was the initiator.
Something in his manner,
His look, his words, his nearness
Would trigger wantonness
In me.

It would rise up from
Some secret place deep in my core
Like a warm tropical sun
Leaving me feverish with anticipation
And….he would know,
Giving me his special half-smile.

Desire would fill those wonderful eyes.
It’s a look that every woman knows
And yearns to see in her love.
Responding to my advances pleased him
And it heightened our union
Making it easy to find our bliss

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Elegy For Delphina

We come again to the stall at the gate
We come to the memory of empire
Where Delphine sat, the humble queen in state
And fed her family from one desire
That they should noble live, and work and dream
And love … and the gate was her throne supreme

But roll back now the tears of dusty days
When the sweet scent of sugar like anthem rise
From the sweat of workers, and see amaze
Miss Delphina with God’s fire in her eyes
This woman at Caymanas toiling pass
The sun’s hot noon, noble and full of class

See her, a mother, a warrior queen
Whipped by circumstance without surrender
Did anyone call her timid, call her mean?
Who could not find a place then to shelter?
Who did not taste her kindness? Higglers too
Serve for love, O mother, we honor you

From the coal black of days you supplied us
And your children five want not, O, nor need
But your hard work and love so inspired us
We rise in common hope so to succeed
With dignity, but not proud, a true friend
Rarely found in the common walks of men.

Caste nor class can cast decree, nor limit
Our aptitude to rise. Belief has wings
Death cannot break, faith flies in the spirit
And through slant of rain its brimmed vision sings
Delphina, Delphina, we miss you though
The door is so silent through which you go

No more the produce truck will hear her voice
Nor weary hands dry a child’s hungry tears
O death be humble, dare you now rejoice
She sleeps till Jesus shall  for his kingdom appears
And we will hear great heaven’s trumpet blow
And with you mother we will rise and go

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To become great and be on top
You have to work hard and be zealous
to be able to dine with great personality
and become a hero

Humble yourself in all ways
and the Lord will uplift you
you learn more and become wiser

Love people the way you love yourself
Be kind and show love always
Remove hatred from your book
Avoid bitter jealousy and refrain from wickedness

                 Self denial
Denial yourself  of too much worldly things
like excessive sex,booze and extravagant living
Waist pain,STDs and rapid aging are  inherent

Show care and affection to the indigents
care for the needy
And they will look up to you and follow you
They will offer prayers to the LORD on your behalf

Have faith and believe in yourself
that you can make it and work towards it
Little faith can move mountains.

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Our secret pact

 Written on 7th may 2012

The three of us, I don’t recall the time,
when we first met I shared all secrets of mine.

One of them I realized began to befriend me about an eon ago,
the other one I recall was with me since puberty, constantly seeking a glow.

The three of us made a pact for me to move on
but now it is only me and the two of them gone…………..

One was the inner me
and the other was the man in my mirror I envied to be.

But now it is three woven into one
and it is the new me.

As we draw our pact now and here
Would love to banish from my life, worry doubt & fear.

Would like to be joyous, true and live life each moment with zest,
And give the people around me nothing but the best.

Would love to talk, communicate and break mental barriers that are creations,
and work hard towards mending broken relations.

Would love to tell my wife to give me all her tears and fear,
And take from me all my love the loving words she likes from me to hear.

Would love to make an effort to be a good friend,
To my elder daughter and put all petty misunderstandings to an end.

Would love to stop to the people in contact ,the shoving,
And spend more time in loving.

Would love to stop being disadvantageous and outrageous,
And speak only the truth and for that be courageous.

Would love to fight my emotions all unfriendly,
And cover them all with feelings that are friendly.

Would love to learn to be sensitive,
And towards others be open and receptive.

Would love to practice not to crib about all the things life has not given me,
And be greatful for the great things around me I have an opportunity to feel and see.

Would love to learn to be content about all I have received,
And focus now on giving and helping those, whom life has deceived.

Would love to pray for world peace and plant more trees,
And  work to help out for carbon emission decrease.

Would love to learn to be forgiving,
And be more tolerant and caring.

Would love to right some of my wrongs,
And be true to myself and hum joyous songs.

And finally, would love to learn to be humble and full of gratitude,
And to do so spend some precious moments of my day reflecting in solitude.

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Can you feel the rebound of my broken heart

I was crushed by the break up of you
Broken inside I didn’t know what to do
Tormented by memories and time we once spent
Crying tears for you was a daily event

You painted your words like a work of art
Can you feel the rebound of my broken heart
I picked up the shattered pieces right from the start
Can you feel the rebound of my broken heart
My inner emotions almost tore my soul apart
Can you feel the rebound of my broken heart

I threw away pictures and other things I kept
Pausing for one last glance of what was as I wept
Such good times were not so long ago
Now its all gone and with nothing left to show

You painted your words like a work of art
Can you feel the rebound of my broken heart
I picked up the shattered pieces right from the start
Can you feel the rebound of my broken heart
My inner emotions almost tore my soul apart
Can you feel the rebound of my broken heart

Letter I wrote you are ash to the fire
A new life for me is all that I desire
Everything we had is now been thrown away
I’ll be stronger now and tomorrow is another day

You painted your words like a work of art
Can you feel the rebound of my broken heart
I picked up the shattered pieces right from the start
Can you feel the rebound of my broken heart
My inner emotions almost tore my soul apart
Can you feel the rebound of my broken heart

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My Last Nerve

O why O why do you make me mad
take away my help that's all I had
you are not going make me sad
That was my last nerve, That was my last nerve 

There is only so much that I can do
I am only one person and that is true
this is who I am and I'm not you
That was my last nerve, That was my last nerve 

While I don't mind doing what needs to be done
just give me a break to relax and have fun
I'm going to take my time and not being to run
That was my last nerve, That was my last nerve 

You were given many chances to correct your mistake
this is my own choice that I did have to make
all that I needed was a little bit of a break
That was my last nerve, That was my last nerve 

What you are doing to me you know is insane 
so if I decide to leave I don’t want to hear you complain
I never was given any help and that's why 
it is time for me to say goodbye
That was my last nerve, That was my last nerve 
That was my last nerve, That was my last nerve

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Never forget what you have
Your home is your haven and to let your hair down
The love of your home, its the place to be
With the love of all of your family
Home is truly where the heart is
Remember that the work day is done
Never bring home the toils from the day
Relax and have fun that is the way!
When you walk in the door you will see
The smiling faces of your family
Kiss them hello and have a good night 
Be aware that the home you have worked so hard for
Is the place to rest and relax and say
I have done all I can for this day is done its with the
Family, wow I am sure gonna have some fun!

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My Friend The Piano

You carried my emotions from the start
Each emotion bound in the small black note
Each one coming straight from my chilly heart
The music you make is my antidote
Through the preludes my comfort softly lay
By way of mazurkas my soul does fly
But to divulge you must learn how to play
Although learning is not a piece of pie
Piano brings emotions around town
You have the power to bring my heart up
Or throw me on the floor and beat me down
There are hard times when I just want to cup
My hands in my face and rock back and forth
And think Piano is a friend of worth	

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Night Rose

Nights turning into morning
sun goes down, we come alive
two wounded bird, awaits the dawning
the days of our life

each night, afloat in my sphere 
you shoot athwart my dark sky
but life isn’t fair
the reason I cannot fly

some nights you’d appear as the blood-moon
to keep a lonesome me cheerful
and perky like the crescent-moon
then I gawp and feel blissful.

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In the several centuries 
Before the coming of Christ
The Jews in Palestine re-examined 
Eliminated some of the books 

From existing collection
As not in harmony with the Law of Moses as 
Of doubtful inspiration
The Pharisees set up four criteria 

Which their sacred 
Books had to pass 
In order to be included 
In the revised Jewish Canon

(1)	They had to be in harmony with the Pentateuch (Torah or Law)

(2)	They had to be written before the time of Ezra

(3)	They had to be written in Hebrew

(4)	They had to have been written in Palestine

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What's Happening to Marriages Today

What’s Happening to Marriages Today?

I was listening to someone just the other day…
And I couldn’t believe what he had to say!

He had left his wife and children for another!
She was young enough to be his daughter!

Here they were, “in love” and holding hands!
Hoping to soon, get their “wedding bands!”

They were pretending that this was so “cool.”
Living now by their own “set of rules!”

How sick and disgusting this is getting to be!
Is this something that many can’t see?

God gave us Adam and Eve to become one.
To bear fruit through daughters and sons!

He gave us marriage as holy vows are made.
Not to march in an “adulterous parade!”

We are treading on very dangerous ground!
Faithfulness and commitment 
are scarcely found!

The very definition of marriage is changing!
As the family unit is always rearranging!

Our only hope is in Jesus!  And him alone!
Let’s promote his love! Into our hearts and home!

Let’s allow his love to be our heart’s glue!
And bring new meaning to the words; “I love you!”

May his love bind our hearts and lives together!
And remain faithful to each other forever!

By Jim Pemberton    

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The Wonderful Lens

A number of tasks to handle,
and not even a space left to enjoy,
as the work needs to be completed,
as fast as it can be done,
in spite of the hard work,
we do daily,
we do need some respite, 
and these could be done,
in a number of ways,
by walking,
or jogging
or by watching television,
or by watching films,
in the multiplexes,
those which lie in every nook and corner of the street,
but some derive pleasure,
through travelling, 
others by travelling through the forests,
accompanied by a special companion,
some large and some small,
known as the camera,
taking a step at a time,
as silently as possible,
as to not to wake up the wild living in here,
by capturing the photos of these lovely creatures,
living in here,
some of the these wonderful creatures are seen,
roaming as freely as possible in the wild,
look how carefree they are,
but their ears are opened quite wide,
to heed for any danger,
heading their way,
it’s time for me to return home,
from the wild,
as it is time for me to deliver,
these photos to my manager,
as this has been my job,
for which I do get paid for,
to look after my family,
I do need to hurry,
as I do not travel by four wheelers,
or two wheelers,
as the pollution created by these,
could endanger the wild living in here,
I do travel far and wide,
with my bicycle,
for all the work I do, 
and I do not mind this,
as my love for the wild,
exceeds boundaries forever!!

From:-Mr. Manu Nair.

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Do You Get Involved With Gossip And Slander

Do You Often Get Involved In Gossip And Slander?

Do you find yourself letting your tongue “wander.”
And often, get involved in gossip and slander?

Do you find yourself wanting to hear “the latest conversation.”
By what others are saying, or just by “observation?”

Do you find yourself trying to “mediate other’s discussions?”
Not really thinking of the consequences or “repercussions?

Before you speak, think about what you’re saying!
Perhaps you should be quiet and start some PRAYING!

There’s a lot of sin in this world and 
“people not getting along.”
We must be careful and not put our tongue 
“where it doesn’t belong!”

God gave us a command and you can find it in his word.
Any kind of gossip or slander shouldn’t be found or heard!

I have found myself guilty of doing this more than I realize...
I need to be careful not to get caught
“in distortion and lies.”

I need to ask the Holy Spirit to watch my mouth and “cover it.”
May the love and sweetness of Christ daily “empower it!”

May I seek the best no matter whatever others are doing!
May the words of God strengthen me with a “HIS  renewing!”

May the Lord Jesus begin to teach me how to speak…
Wholesome and lovely words each day of the week!

May the joy of Jesus in my heart be daily found…
So that his words of life through
 my lips will abound!

By Jim Pemberton

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I’m boarding Delta, and it is the end. 
The end of two cumulative months 
Of connection 
Hidden in professionalism. 
A connection too amazing
To admit openly.
I hold my breath during takeoff.
I always think I'm going to explode
In any given second.

During our time together you would tell 
Humorous ones, sad ones, uplifting ones. 
You liked boiled peanuts and baseball. 
Hated NASCAR. 
Had a sweet tooth. 

Your words melted in the warmth of your 
Deep blue eyes. 
To me, you were the only man who has 
Ever existed
With the talent of creating pure happiness
Within myself. And the beauty of your 
Spirit never failed me.
I munch on crackers in seat C. 
The woman next to me is chatty, so I look 
out the window
For refuge. She doesn’t see me cry.

You spoke of your daughter often. 
Bright, energetic, and beautiful. 
She looks just like you. 
Your daughter never knew me, yet I loved 
As my own. 

You spoke of your wife, a trying 
Rooted in young love. 
I have seen you cry from her words. 
She troubles me, but mostly 
Because I envy her. 

Why do they always come by with the 
Trash bag before I'm finished?

Perhaps in your personal life you are lazy.
A slob. Thoughtless. Insensitive. 
Impatient. Unfaithful. 
All the things that reasonably might chip 
Away at how much
I do adore you from afar. 
Yet I do not know if you are any of these.
Professional and moral constraint forbids 
And even if you are, I realize 
I still live for your happiness,
Your smiles, 
Your humor, 
Your kindness. 

The landing gear lowers, and I'm back in 
New York. 
Almost as if it all never occurred. 
Yet I have loved you since. And I 
Will love you from now on. 

I may not have you, but you have me, 
Always and forever. 
And that is just as beautiful and sweet
As Georgia itself. 

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The Joy Of Killing Pt 1

Those whom are neglected by society and has particular broken heart, no family on their
side or better not needing anything, looking up high for answers and don't get a good
explanation why, those who love to humiliate and like to bully, when their tears fall one
dies, you all ignorant ways don't like the fact you are been watched, by those whom like
your tasty blood, the have a passion like you do, different, but same, we got to move on
and leave behind the world so dead, by the hands of a killer you shall sleep long waited

You wake up early in early in the morning, you shower yourself of, a cup of coffee might
help you stand strong for the rest of the day, your soul companion gives you a good bye
kiss and your kids tells you how much they love you, love fuels your soul with strength,
now get on the car and go work for a lifetime, you get to work and get of the car last
saying a new day, a new story to tell, arriving to your office you with no offense step to
a tall man and spill his morning coffee on his shirt, you say im sorry but the man walks
away, now go to work, a beautiful day and lots to do, so the day comes to an end some how...

4:30pm, your going home, a long day of work did quite tired you, you drive home safely and
get there, open the door and your family with a smile says hello darling, how was your
day? Dinner is served, night is heavy, 10:00pm and you need to sleep, your partner hugs
you and soon kisses you, a romantic moment to go to the room and have a lovely scene for
what is to come, but at 11:00pm your tired, so you need to sleep, soon after your in
dreams, so a minute for your world to change...

(Help!) Your partner screams, soon a child screams same word, you stand up quick, heart
rushes, no gun, no knife, but you must help, get out the room and soon you see a splash of
blood on the wall in front of you, your child is dead, you run to the living room, your
partner is tied on the floor, bleeding deeply wounded, whats next and what happened? So
you get knockout, when you open your eyes your faithful partner is pale white, cant
scream, cant move, you are tied tight and mouth covered, hands and legs are quite sealed
together, you see this dark figure, a tall strong man stands in the corner, shadows cover
his identity, you desperately try to move and help but he soon closes by and beats you up,
with a saw on his hands treads you with your fellow companion, so he walks to your partner
and slice the neck, fade away to sleep...

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Fire Fighter

A FIRE FIGHTER… We get the call in the middle of the night, Out the door ready to fight. The call comes in, with much depth, Behind the wheel someone slept. Across the lane and head on Arrive on scene the drivers gone. In the other car there is A mother, and her 2 kids. It’s too late we hear the ambos say The mothers gone the fathers away The kids are hurt but not too bad, But news we bring is too sad Return to our lives the next day, For those kids we all will pray. Talking to a friend that night, How do you do it, without fight? It’s the job we say but is that true Is just about the job for me and you? We are fire fighters yes Trying all the time to do our best We love our job, the friends we’ve made But we also love the lives we save.

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The Duality of Life

Bobby comes home from work to screaming kids and a nagging wife;
Feeling as if he hasn’t had a moment of peace in his entire life.

Jackson comes home from work to a dark and empty house;
Longing to fill the void of it all with offspring and a spouse.

Betty changes a dirty diaper and wipes a running nose;
The last time she pampered herself, only heaven knows.

Janet fixes another meal made especially just for one;
Wondering if her eligible days have all come and gone.

Each of them looks deep inside not liking what they see;
Convinced that everyone else in the world has a better reality.

Bobby watches his kids score a goal and his wife fixes him supper;
The pride he feels and love he shares works like a natural upper.

Jackson relaxes with a good book and listens to his favorite musician;
Comfortable with the freedom to do what he wants without any imposition.

Betty gets a big hug and a kiss from kids who say they love her;
The times she feels happiest is when she is helping out another.

Janet shares time with wonderful friends without any sexual tension;
And feels sorry for those unhappily married whose choices they often question.

Each of them looks deep inside and are happy with their destination;
Some days are good and some days are bad no matter our life situation.

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The ER is a very chaotic place sometimes,
Happy people trying to save lives,
Good mornings escape into late evenings,

& No one will ever know when their time comes….

They called my phone said some blood was spilled,
Trauma room, a spirit gone away…

The puddle of blood was immense,
I’m sure she lost gallons,
Her eyes slightly open, will an absent sound of IV machines,
as I stare at this lifeless human being,
I begin to think back to my family.
There is nothing more traumatizing than witnessing a young teenage girl,
Discover the news of her mother, that has passed.

Even tears couldn’t show my sympathy.

Her hand had lost its grasp,
Blood dripping as I struggle between human emotion and professionalism,

August 27, 2012

Rest In Peace to a stranger that I will never know. Much love to the family that will miss her dearly

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To get someone to read my poems… Contests there must be.
They must be bleeping nuts thinking I can follow all those cockeyed rules.
Out of a zillion types of poems they always pick the weirdest ones.
Allowed only 16 lines… I found I stopped at ninety-one.
And for a topic they want a bird throwing glitter from a tree.
How about I spank them as I put them across my knee!!!
And why must I name it… as they told me? Where’s that for creativity?
Then they want a special comment added in the poem…
I would rather not add plagiarism… I’d rather call it my own.
But, you know, I am so very needy that I’ll do whatever they want.
Well… I’ll do, maybe one or two… of the things they want.
I know this makes it harder to judge the poems that are found therein.
But to me a poem… is a funny bent on my crazy whim.
Then suddenly, Lord Have Mercy… my poem didn’t win.
But I’m happy as punch for even with their strained smile…
I’m sure they read one of my poems yet again. :)

(Meant only for fun) I'm not really complaining. Just having fun.

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Successful Relationship

For a joyful
Successful relationship
You need spiritual and mental union


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I Hurt You I'm Sorry

Jacob, im sorry,
I'm sorry I've lied,
I'm sorry Ive cause all the tears that you've cried.

I know I am worthless,
I'm not good enough,
But even though so you show me truest love.

I'lll work on my thinking,
I'll work on my words, 
I'll work and I'll try until my heart just hurts.

I swear I'll be good,
I swear I'll do better,
Cuz baby I want you until death and after.

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You think you might be in love.

You think he/her might be in love with you.

You think about a lot of things. Do you really know those things?

You think a lot, you worry a lot. 

But do you really HAVE to think or worry about those things?
  Or do you WAN'T to think or worry about those things?

Now that there is something to think about.


              *please leave a comment if you like it or fav poem if you might*

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In These Arms

I’ve seen that look before,
You’re trying to figure me out.
I’m not mad I won’t shut the door,
Just a passing argument I have no doubt.
There’s a look of shock on your face,
As I stand here with just a smile.
Your thoughts back and forth as you pace,
Honey will you listen now for just awhile.
Well here we go again,
I can see your little nervous grin.
Nothings perfect we have to work these things out.
Don’t worry I will never let you go,
In these arms only you is who I’ll ever hold.
Our love is all I can think about.

In these arms,
I could only hold you tightly.
These arms could never let you go.
In these arms,
Is the strength that will catch you.
These arms will never let you fall.
All I need is you,
In these arms.

Honey don’t let me see your tears,
Honestly there’s nothing for you to fear.
I will never be going anywhere.
Don’t you recall that day,
When I said our love would never fade.
This love is only ours to share.
Don’t you see it right now?
I haven’t left we’re going to work this out.
I will always be right here with you.
Did you know that there’s something I really miss,
Right now it’s the taste of your kiss.
Just one as we walk under our sky of blue.
Love is ours it’s all we need,
Take my hand and you will see.
In these arms I’ll hold you close

In these arms,
I could only hold you tightly.
These arms could never let you go.
In these arms,
Is the strength that will catch you.
These arms will never let you fall.
All I need is you,
In these arms.

Now baby don’t you understand,
I will only ever be your man.
Locked in each other’s arms we will be as one.
Forever by each other’s side,
That’s the only thing that could ever feel right.
Without you I have nothing.
 In these arms.

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For The Love Of Life

For the love of life we reach unreasonable heights
We eat everything on the way like termites
We please others and act as slaves to get our way
And after accomplishing what we want they are put at bay

We try to slow our watches as much as we can
And we try reaching our goal with or without a plan
We go on a race with other competitors
And push them from our track for our sons

What a continuous race life is 
And there are 100 times more the legs than brains

Whatever time it may be whatever level 
Everyone can be compared to the evilness of devil
We all wish we are the only one running and alive
What all we can do for the love of life

We all want our dreams and wishes to come true
If it’s not granted you might kill God too
You want to conquer the world by day-dreaming
And treat everyone like animals for your well-being

With everyone you are a diplomat
Aftermath- you are in the rat race a cat
You are mad and lazy; idiot and idly lazy
But then you also want the world in your hands as if it’s a frenzy

Your friends are just a helping hand for your great opportunities
They are just one of the small but one of the useful things in your kitty
We blame others, we slay others for who?
For ourselves and not for any other for sure

Who understands the meaning of how life goes
Who knows how to live life in its literal sense
Who can change the way life moves on...
This is the way life goes on....

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Like it's given to be

How do the girls talk, of boys in the bushes and stones in their pockets
How do the boys stalk, to thinking that girls are dreaming of nothing but lockets,
for keeping inescapable kisses trapped in a hope

And why do the ladies say, that helpless are husbands when wells run dry
And why do the men cry, though tough as the night, when the daylight dims the eye
	till work is rest and boredom besets…

Like it's given to be
Just a fall, just blood blotting from a scrape on the knee
So watch it go brown
And watch it go down
To rise like a star, a little forgotten scar in the memory

I heard the lonely yell, "I once was quiet, and I had a truth, but nothing means nothing when something breaks in the laugh!"
You can't change in the traffic lights, you can't change a tune or even a melody
without breaking a song
So I'll get it wrong and she'll see me naked as naked can be
Lit by the sun in the contempt of modern antiquities

Like it's given to be
Just a fall, just blood blotting from a scrape on the knee
So watch it go brown
And watch it go down
To rise like a star, a little forgotten scar in the memory

Now how would you say, dappled in ideas
That ruins aren't buried under buildings so tall
And now how would you say, given the seas
You can't wash the sin from the salt in your mouth, you call...

"That's it's given to be for you and not me, to rise like a star, with little forgotten scars in your memory."

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The Blessing for My Book

As my job and health failed me... I dreamed to someday put together a 
book of poetry and this will be the blessing it will begin with...

As I sit here weaving my poetry
Into the semblance of a book…
I find that I must ask Gods’ blessing…
For the journey, that together we have took.

I find I must bow my head in thought…
Over this book that together we have wrought
As my hands clasp oh so reverently and earnestly over my heart…
As I believe his help brought the words together that I sought.

And God set the journey that shaped what now before you begins…
He helped me find the words that reached through my heart to my pen.
I pray the poems will be worthy of what he showed me as my life’s art.
And upon this book I honestly pray that his blessing he will impart. 

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My Pain

Life is an array of twists and turns
Nightmares to conquer and dreams to burn

Why must I wait
for the opening of the gate
The world outside is a forest and dark
and the people are it's bark

The lies
To dust
Cries for something more
and they drag you in because they must

What's the point?
You work to meet them
then work harder to defeat their memory
To undo their damage
and disconnect the joint

One man that knew no better
Didn't mean to make me any upsetter
When he said it was better this way
But I'd love to forget it any day

For years I've seen it
So many tears I've tasted for it
Betrayal never gets old
ask me sometime and the story will be told


All the things I disgust
and leave the taste
that leaves me to a further distrust


So many I can name
So many I can blame
So many I can claim at one point
and deny me what I want

But if you don't know, you don't know me

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Office Goddess

She wafts chocolate truffle candyfloss scented skin,
Her fathomless eyes shimmer limpid pools I dreamily drown in.
Her complexion: olive cherry asses milk satin silken porcelain.
She's stratospeheric, serrates the class of Dietrich, 
She sashays mesmeric,
She's with a bastard called Derek.

She's the hallowed office goddess mermaid angel siren vamp,
Her hair shivers waterfalling rivers,
Celestial beings bow, hold her lamp.
Her swishing swaying graces and amazes
the trolls, Clarkson's, loup-garous and gargoyles of the office floor,
Grown men awe-struck blinded weep,
Stick needles in their eyes, yet want more.
That's deep.
The rainbow is her staircase,
She rides the unicorn on the subway,
Golden fleece wash over her umbrella,
She's with a bastard called Derek.

Derek is in HR.
Two bling screens flash on his not-hotdesk.
Derek does my annual appraisal,
That's the Derek I hate the best.
So, moving forward, where do you see yourself a year from now?
What skills do you need upgrading?
What added value are you..blah blah and blah..
I stare into distant space,
Where she floats swirling above my fishtanked face.
My brain is an impoding toupee,
My brain is an imploding toupee..

This Eden of tumbleweed plastic plant patsies,
Dry-blown biscuit phlegm and other tea point nasties:
Stinking microwaved day-glo pasties,
Herbal tea used condoms,
Bubonic plague used hankies.

Phosphorescent Guantanamo curdling strip lights,
Oven-ready office-gossip gobshites.
Air conditioning redelegating flu,
There's another weeping corpse-to-be suicidal inside this loo:
The grim reaper's temping here, playing peak-a-boo,
Sounds good to me,
Let's join them too.

Another annual appraisal,
Another horse glue-sniffing this fetid bolted-in stable;
Another century in a day of years,
Three million unemployed: wish you were here?
Who left the photocopier jammed?
Hands up if it was one of us damned.
Who hasn't put money in the snack tin?
Who splattered their soul in the wrong recycling bin?
For this dog the office Christmas party isn't for Christmas, it's for life,
Derek has the office goddess,
And I'm left clutching this plastic knife.

(I've also started recorded some of my poems this week and uploading them on my new you tube channel. Just type Suki Spangles in its search engine)

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Mothers Day

Mother, I want to thank you
for all the work that you put through
In raising me and loving me too
You are one great mother I always knew

You are the one who takes care of me
And the one who keeps me happy
Today is your day set your soul free
You are what every mother needs to be

I enjoy seeing you everyday
for your hard work I will repay
I just wanted to come and say
Have a wonderful Mothers Day

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Office Love Affair~

Looking at the back of your head
wondering if your face is red
with the thought of my kisses
and all the places they would land 
If I were only granted my wishes

Lips softened with love 
Hearts soaring high like a dove
Is this what they were speaking of...
My father taught me to be a man
To walk with your love hand in hand
To carry you when you cannot stand

How do I know its true love?
because since I first saw you 
I thanked the gods above
For sending such a beautiful person to me
and for making me into "we"
Now alls I think about is thee thee thee~

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The Tyrant's Justice

The dream of love is ever earthly bliss;
The hope of love is found in one strong kiss.
The tyrant's dream is that all joy departs
From those he shoots with hate-compelling darts.

The dream of work is material success;
The hope of work is inner happiness.
The tyrant's dream is every dream to kill,
And every head bow down before his will.

The light of life is justice, swift and sure;
All dreamers and all lovers judged as pure.
The tyrant's justice, he shall get it, too;
His name be cursed around the world and through.

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Just an Ordinary Day

Crash and burn

 Looking for a house to sing the blues 

And wallow in my weariness. 

I light a candle for you 

For me 

For them  

For us. 

Not much of a writer anymore 

Maybe I never was. 

It's about time to get in the car 

And get what I need.

I will be allowed to walk the weariness off. 

Lay low with my little lamb

Wash my sins and the world's semen off my skin 

Go to sleep like a well-fed baby.

Oh, call me, call me baby and say good night. 

I feel your kiss upon my head. 

I see you stare me right in the eye 

And tell me that it's forever 

As the tear falls from my cheek 

No more fretting and worrying about your love 

For it's blossomed and standing firm. 

I rest my head on your warm chest 

With its nest of dark curls.

I love you, I love you, and I love you. 

All the work 

All the suffering of the shadows 

We see day in and day out on the streets. 

We'll make it, my love. 

As long as we know 

the moon and the stars are for us 

until the day that we die.

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little ballerina

a precious girl
so young and free
came up to me 
and told me what she wanted 
to be

i want to be a ballerina
she said
but shhe didnt understand
her every wish was my great 

that was years ago
and man o man 
they went by so slow she hates 
the days
i know because its all she says

i told her to stick with it
She told me I'm full of shit
i told her to stick with her 
but she just runs and screams

but on the stage 
 I can see her features change
into somthing new
they become bright
with a certain kind of light
and it reaches out to me

i wish i could describe
the way it makes me feel inside
its love that is unknown 
and its my little girl all

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Basicaly it's the Truth That Blinds You

Is it the truth that blinds us
If They say God is Love then how can Love blind us
How can lies remind us> minus trust
It takes years to build it and only seconds to destroy it
And as I let ideas fall out into thoughts, that are like drops of rubbing alcohol across the countertop
There is a smell of a hospital that reminds me of newborn life and then death flashes and i lose my sight
Its untrue that the definition of the first person that hesitates here, really converts over and spills positive enrgy into the rest of his life
Cause its like you stall and the lightening strikes
The tree falls down and your a second behind it 
The dark barks that it hates the light 
The light shines and its basically the truth that blinds you
The brillance of the the giantest star draws you like a bug to the lighjt 
you get suck in because its your time to die
You cant change it, its evrymans destiny,\
 thats why you must be in the postion that god places you
Work on earth to be done and men are lazy, they dont even want to be a family provider
i seen this i didnt understand it was truly overwhelming
Its like i knew the veiw you see is a little different
  you say hes just goin through hard times are you any better 
I was like damn i help the man by leading him to water
 And he was like id rather sleep than feed my daughter
 Thats why mommy goes to work and on the face of the earth men are dying
Little boys are born to suffer this woe of society
Woman are supernatural acts of kindness
But you bring out the dormant side and the one who gave life becomes a destroyer
No matter woman or man God is my employer
I work for virtually nothing but to see a hurt soul rejoice and i smile in satisfaction
Im like the truth never blinded me it set me free from the darkest whitest lies
That are actually darker the this side of what you think is compatible
couples marry and then they hate each before the first chapter of the story
and unfaithfulness derives out of the unsatisfaction of dissatisifaction
Then the children suffer from the lack of harmony in a family inviroment
NoW truth come take the blinds off the mouth that sugarcoaTS THE DECEIVING TONGUES
The zenith is exactly crossing the horizon 
The lies blind and basically the Truth is silent

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If I'm Dreaming

one day
 we okay
 the next night
 we fight
 it just don't...
 nevermind i won't
 Wish this would...
 Bet it could.
 Could make some since
 if on my heart you'd see the dents.
 if you would have some compassion
 and see that you're my passion.
 off this passion I thrive
 for love I strive
 unless this is all a lie.
 Sometimes i think it is when you say goodbye.
 or perhaps a dream
 but we're a team
 I want us to last.
 been there in the past,
 And I want you there in the future too
 but if this is all a dream I don't know what to do
 So tell me it's real.
 Write it on my heart and kiss it for a seal.
 And if I'm dreaming pinch me.
 And if that don't work punch me.
 Because I don't wanna live this dream, 
If it isn't real
 And I don't wanna live any other way
 So tell me it's real, babe.
 Promise me it's real.
 Because of the way I think you love me,
 Because of the shining moon over the glistening sea
 because of the bright orange sun setting in the distant blue sky,
 Is all too beautiful
 to be real.
 So tell me it's real, babe.
 Promise me it's real.
 And if I'm dreaming pinch me.
 And if that don't work punch me.
 Because I don't wanna live this dream, 
If it isn't real
 And I don't wanna live any other way
 So tell me it's real, babe.
 Promise me it's real.
 But if I'm dreaming...

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Mary of the Street

she slides through space
clad in vestments of intention
washed in moonlight nightly

you have seen her
heard her rave
in dreams 
in passing
telling ancient truth
performing the required rituals
so that
the sun might set
the moon might rise
the wounds might heal
and the old die well 
may they die well

she knows the timeless agony
that forms when wont meets scarcity
and so she weeps
not for herself
but for you and i
for our children
and for the trees
never for her self
for she has sacred work to do
sacred work to do
each day

you have seen her
seen her sleep
in grime
on sidewalks
and once under the sacred trees
now gone
the sheltering trees
the trees that were
the final gifts of departing gods
casualties of war and ignorance and 
unacknowledged fear

why the rituals
why the holy intent
why does she love us
when we have no love for her
she who loves our children
she who prays and cries
and burns each morning on the pyre 
of the rising sun

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This Load I Carry

Along the road of life, I carry a large load… It feels quite heavy… As I travel a “bumpy” road. This load I carry is often difficult to bear… At times, I stumble… And caught “unaware…” The trials and hardships of life… I shall endure… I’ll try to stay on a path that is “safe” and “secure.” There are times, however, when I get in a hurry... As the storms of life often cause a “flurry.” During my travel… As I look up to the darkened skies… I can almost look into my heavenly father’s eyes… As God reaches down his arms so strong… He’s there to lead me when things go wrong. The Lord is there to help with my heavy burden… He’s also my guiding light… through life's "dark curtain!" The Lord is my shepherd and is with me where I go… He’s brought strength and rest for my weary soul. This load I carry may be full of so many things… But grows lighter because of the love that God brings! By Jim Pemberton

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A Late Night Call

A cooling ev’ning eased the heat of day,
Too bright the sun that withers on the skin
Throughout the working day, no words can say
The pain of being stuck in work within.
To work all day when summer paints the sky,
Unkind it seems and never truly fair;
The promised cash that reasons justify,
Is no salvation to a greater care.
The working day will end but leave me cold,
In the silence of my old, empty room,
For she’s not there for me to love and hold,
As night begins to fall in dusky gloom.
Yet with the night I feel her presence near,
As whispered words softly caress my ear.

Form: English Sonnet

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Relationship with the Lord

You taught the voice of loyal, sincerity,and honesty
You taught about the justice and to fight against evil
You taught wholesome values, family values, and how to have successful relationships
You taught us to love with a bleeding heart
You taught us how to love our significant others
You taught us to work on relationships
You taught the value of work and the difference it makes in a community
You taught us to sing to you, read about you, and talk to you
You are the ultimate topic of conversation
You are the reason we accelerate forward
You are the long term plan, you are the dependable
You exceed all expectations
You give us the meaning behind it all
You give us structure and discipline
Your movement is all encompassing
It is strong and alive in all of us
You are the formed and formless
It is our fuel, our energy source
It powers our batteries, gives us energy
You are above all
We surrender ourselves to your will
You always know what's best

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Holiday Gift

The greatest gift I ever got, came with a year that definitely was not.
Health costs and a scam had emptied everyone’s pot.
The tree was bare with nothing to hand out…
And my son had to work thru the Christmas Holliday, we all sought.

We wished him home but he had to work if he was to eat.
And for several years he had not wanted, with us to be.
But this year had taught him we were better than he had perceived.
And he wanted to come home to hold and be hugged, you see.

At the last moment he got the Christmas Day off.
Our gift to him was the price of gas and food on the four-hour trip back.
But his gift to us… you see was the greatest of all…
For he wanted to come home and simply be with us all.

Twenty-four hours minus 8 hours on the trip.
Dinner wasn’t much but it was all we could give.
But no one noticed as everyone talked…
It truly was the greatest holiday present of them all… that we ever got.

Thank you God... your gift to us wasn't lost.

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Time has flown by,
those years I’ve spent in the parish;
a treasure-trove of mem’ries
awash with meanings and satisfactions.

Ministry came out as a priority
nourished and developed; a constant effort.
with friends around, prayers to say;
God, indeed, is so good.

How my ministry has grown
with the evolving deal of immersion
with people that I walk with
or with my prayers every day;
a journey, indeed, a continuing struggle.

But life has been kind to me
notwithstanding my disappointments somewhere;
it’s with optimism to keep going,
to have a positive outlook and determination.

Ministry is vital, a coherent rationale
for the clergy, religious or lay workers;
a great commitment, a sublime calling,
mindful of their people, generous to their actions.

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What I Meant To Say

What I meant to say was...

I'm sorry, and
I miss you,
And I forgive you and I hate you
I meant to tell you that I want to work it out 
between us,
And it could never work between us, 
There's this thing between us,
Though you have my whole and soul
I listen for your whisper at night,
All day,
I sickly dread crossing paths
I promise you I meant to talk to you again,
Unless I got in my way
I cry to you, at you, sometimes for you
But nevermore in front of you
You've made me stronger than that, though
I do love you
I meant to tell you that you're scum

What I meant to tell you was that
I can still feel your love
Your lies
Your kiss
Your sighs
The quiet way you left me in the night
Or the messy way I ripped you from my side
Your wish to die
Your guilt, my guilt, my lies
Nevermore I want to cry

What I meant to say is I'm drawn to you
For love of danger, or neglect
Not for love of myself (or is it?)

What I meant to say is that I love you,
But I choose me.

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i work for god first

i work for them everyday i beleive sometimes i'm a slave!but i work for god you see i know this be and in the end he'll take care of me for eternity! i serve him cause i love doing his will his love i do feel!i serve him and need not a reward as he rules with a staff not a sword!i know though there is a reward there if there wasn't i would not care!so i help agents of his everyday and i woory not about the pay!i just want too survive so i strive to get a little money here and there the rest they can give too the poor for them i do adore!

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Thoughtless Decision

Once was there and gone again Locking up your heart with me I fail within Nothing I say changes your mind Everything I say freezes you in time You say you love him but I know you're heart's not there I know your saying you love him because you're pregnant and scared I told you if you knew me now you would never go back to men I'd treat you so well and you the same we'd never be apart again But I can't convince you that I know where your to head But all that happens when I try to help --- I end up completely bled I don't know what I can say to prove I can take care of you I can't show you without seeing you what with US we can do Genuine, dancing moons of grace always have led me to you I can't quite convince you that both of us always knew Every path we go down ours end up matching lanes We've held onto our journeys throughout all of our pain I may not have been the one that gave you that child you hold But I can be the one to support it --- if that's not being too bold I can make it so that you can always become what you've wanted to be I can make it so that deep inside of you --- you can see what I see I can lead you to another mind-frame that will whisper your warm breath away What can I do to convince you, that it is true all the words that I say? Please give me a chance to prove to you what I know I can Give me a chance to take you to my unforgettable land Create with me a new beginning and create with me a new start You say he treats you good --- but so can other many men make their mark Just because one man you say treats you well There is always another man that can save you from this Hell There are more than one man who can make your dreams come true There is always another man or two who can also make you not feel blue It's clear that he doesn't love you wholly --- it's clear that it's not 100% in his heart But before you make a mistake marrying him --- let me and you make a new start If it doesn't work I promise you, I will fly you back to him If it doesn't work I promise you, I will be the one who doesn't win If it doesn't work out then make it a visit instead But don't quite make your decision, until for a week you've slept in my bed

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Used To Be

I used to be a somewhat normal American. Divorced, three kids, and a job. Looking into others souls. Making evaluations. Notes in charts. Different backgrounds, circumstances, degrees of madness, more true than some realities. All had one thing in common. A need for love. Though searched for high and low. Not found in the liquid, shot into arms, or the spirits contained in a bottle. White puffy powder, not snow. Legs uncrossed, inviting love that doesn't last. Now receiving medication, served up in a cup. Disillusioned. In need of a solid love, like a tree they can climb up in. Well rooted and grounded, stable and secure. Fed by living water, to quench their thirst. To help them back up when they fall, or are pushed.
A locked away society cry, and the government doesn't hear, doesn't see. What will become of all these people, or you, or me. Looking to be broken out, from without, by what is only found within. Playing a game of hide and seek, some times no one wins, yet others are found.

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Cookies of Love

Long time ago, in the little market of Venice, Allen and his mother had a little bakery.
Allen was only seventeen years old, his father was a baker and he had died because of illness.
Allen was only a reason for his mother to live life happily.

Both Allen and his mother were work hard and together so, they were famous as compare to
other bakeries in all over the market. Allen was always use to make heart shape on a
cookie, as he want to present his love daily to his mother.

One day, a young girl came at their doorsteps, she was looking very sick and poor, she
said that, my name is Olive, I have no one in the world, i am alone and very poor girl, i
want to work, please ma'am give me a job, i will do the best to serve your bakery. Allen's
mother was a kind lady, she agrees on her request, after that, Olive had very happy as she
found some open treasure. From the day, Olive started to work in their bakery as an assistant.

As same as Allen, Olive was also love to make heart shape on a cookie. By working
together, they were loving to each others. Allen's mother had known everything as she is a
mother and she was very happy because she observed that Allen have a family now.

Finally, Allan and Olive got married. After five years, Allen's mother had also died.
Allen had three children, two boys and one baby.

Now they are famous cookie bakers in all around the Venice city as, Allen & Olive cookies.

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The Greatest and Ten Commanments

The Greatest Commandments

You should love the Lord your (true) God with all your heart
all your soul
All your mind
 with all your strength 

You should love your neighbor as yourself

The Ten Commandments

“Believe in the true God”

“Reverence in God’s Name”

“Love the Lord’s Day” (Sunday)

“Strengthen your family”

“Promote the Culture of Life”

“Marital Fidelity (Faithfulness)”

“Not Steal Act Justly”

“Tell the Truth”

“Practice of Purity of Heart”

“Embrace Poverty of Spirit”

He, (Jesus Christ) appointed 

"Whoever listens to you listens to me

Whoever rejects you rejects me

And whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me" 
(Lk. 10:16)

Reference: “United States Catholic Catechism for Adults ©2006

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Anxiety Slaying Vigilante

I have a paper due
Last Monday that isn’t quite out of the pen yet, and it’s laying on the desk like
A cancerous growth of my mind
Stress increased, end of the year rush
I can’t seem to think
Under-pressure of my very own
			I’m so hard on myself sometimes it hurts
				But you know that, Papi
While I recline on these
Black satin slick silk sheets of mine

I could care less about that particular assignment
Because he’s teaching me
Some sort of passionate secret of life
Trying to transfer 
Through lips
Hips, thighs, hands caked with sweaty yearnings trying to wipe them off
onto other parts of the body
Eyes drunk with each other

Willing to  let him take me out of insecurity
I can no longer hear dying cries and hopeless allies 
On the other side of the world
NBC reports on subjects that don’t matter while there is a war
Going on at this exact moment in time inside border lines, scientific battle fields 
                                       The worst crusade of course
Is within ourselves, cut and pasted with images from magazines
Of anorexic models and expensive beauty
Is a product of the mindless
          Sometimes I cry at the cruelness of the world
trapping monsters inside until it kills me with the vile hideousness of truth
                the ugliness of it all disappears
                     When the lock clicks and he walks in
                           untying reminders and tearing off worries
                                like  anxiety soaked garments
                                     brassiere, lacy underwear
                                          jean skirt, denim shorts
                                             LA Dogers hat on the floor

When I’m willing to let him
Touch these curves and handle this lust so dangerous
                                                                          Slice this demon out of me 
Heart panting, rock hard against
so soft, scorching friction contact
Offering some sort of sacrifice
To this mocha skinned, dark eyed
Hardworking nine to five
Still smelling like sweat and gasoline one winged
Throwing his halo over the bedpost and leaving it to become
A vigilante warrior attempting to save this damsel in 
		Distress, undressed and
			Please save me, baby

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The Girl He Likes

Sometimes I don't know how to act
When I haven't seen you in a while;
A sunflower as bright as you
Makes me shy in your garden 'til night.

Sometimes my words are not exact
When I see your beautiful smile;
I'm a chasing rainbow splashing
In your golden pot of delight.

Sometimes I don't know what to do
With these feelings I have inside;
In pink you're dancing that spicy salsa 
That I want to lick and touch.

Sometimes my ways may confuse you
With what I share and seem to hide;
Like a young boy throwing rocks
At the girl he likes so much.

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I was raised      in a prison of darkness
along walls of cement      have I groped
the hearts here      deep scarred and callous
no dreams of a child       had I hoped
Starved             for affection and famished
though surrounded by people           alone
sixty four rooms       I could roam in
but that place               was never a home
Just one more workhouse            to live in
my duties                   to serve and to clean
no pay                 for the labor was given
I was here to work         and be not seen
I could go days            with seeing no parents
went to school        and to work            and to bed
my breakfast                 was in my room coffee
the feral cat           entertained in the shed
This building                   has so many toilets
even the master                   one I must clean
I drop like a stone             in my bed at night
I sleep so deeply      to dead to dream
Though I live now this place            with my father
it's no different             than with strangers I slept
they too              used me like a work horse
their houses the places               I kept
Somewhere was lost to me             childhood
not a human            soul I could trust
I do not know love              it is fiction
as into this life        I was thrust
There were times       I wished mother successful
where in the peace            of death I would sleep
the pain of knowing                       I'm unwanted
was to much        for this child to keep
I suppose it's                this very reason
I recognize             the true face of Love
the nigh hundred people               I lived with
qualify not of that place         to be of
I've been exposed to violence              on children
and all their secrets           I can confide
recognize the damage                it does you
and those who these secrets           do hide
It is easy to remain lost here
where no true tracks            be seen on your road
where life             has not direction or guidance
and one is broken           by the weight of its load
But there are so many rooms           in this prison
and each every one          has its own trap
the master of death                 who has forged them
place these obstacles     in every path
So while your searching           for life and its answers
the only one worthy            to steadfastly teach
should exist       every day in your dealings
and your connections             from greatest to least
I'll not care about          the labor I give you
as long as love            my load is light
we will share         in living together
in our unity       we can delight
I learned               to take care of your body
but it takes two            for the care of the soul
I could live alone here             without you
but it's the sharing         that makes us whole...

COPYRIGHT © 2012 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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You Send Me

You kissed me and left for work and I felt alone without you
You bought my favourite shaving foam and I sensed you
You left me a cup of coffee on the dresser and I missed you
You said on the phone that day that you loved me and I loved you
You returned from work and your kiss flushed me 
You smiled at me right then and it gave my heart value
You haad bought me a sweater and I kissed you
You massaged my back and I would not allow anyone to hurt you
You loved me with abandon and I would die for you

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Like wine which efferveses within the glass
is your own love to me
it fills my heart and bubbles up
rising when you I see
Its movements effect whats hidden within
to be seen in what I do
know this my love its welling up
its focus is on you
When you are given a gift so grand
what with it would be
upon its presence within your life
its will effecting thee
It's hard to tell if it's mine or yours
or what its work does move
I only know not to let it go
until its work does prove
Can't be so minor if it stirs my thoughts
but let its movements be
its works are placed within my heart
to love you eternally
Matthew 22:37-39 NIV
“Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God
with all your heart and with all your soul
and with all your mind.’ This is the first and
greatest commandment. And the second is
like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

my ditty for the day

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The difference in the Catholic 
Protestant Bibles arose in the following manner
The jews living in the few centuries before Christ 
Were divided into two groups

The Jews dwelling in Palestine, speaking Hebrew
And the large number of Jews scattered
Throughout the Roman Empire, speaking the Greek language
Consequence of the conquest of Alexander the Great of Greece

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Please Come Back

Oh Darling whisper in my ear
and tell me it’s all right
I haven’t slept for days on end
I’ll try again tonight

Emotions wrung out of my heart
there is no more to squeeze
You said you needed quiet time
oh won’t you come back please

Life has no meaning without you
I’ve said so from the start
Please come on home to me my love
and never more we'll part

I’ll make adjustments in my life
I’ll give you what you need
We’ll work this as a partnership
I'll make this work you'll see

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Love vanished

Seven years have passed
since first I married him
Whence he succombed his bride
Yet when I told him of babe we’d due
it felt our love just withered up and died

For the man he changed,
no, the child we had not planned
Pushed me around until to others ashamed I lied
I’d fallen, or bumped myself again,
backed him up, supported him, everything denied.

When babe was born,
I thought we’d learn to love
Try to make things work together with pride
But now cut off from all my friends in time,
it’s nursing I only now that I must bide.

Although I raise our child
I am so sad, my life has stopped,
when they play up I fret that you will chide
and fear that you’ll know not of when to stop
Frightened, huddled close we rock, we hide.

Once grown up, at school a freedom found,
whilst you’re at work – your daily grind.
Lucky new friend we find to guide
us back to safety relieved, released.
Apart, I know head high that I had tried.

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To A Troubled Love

Sometimes you seem to be the 
I once knew and fell in love with,
And sometimes you just seem to 
To be a perfectly stranger to me.
Which Causes me to wonder,
If I should be here or not,
Because it makes me wonder,
If this thing we have is really meant 
to be.
In your heart and mind,
You never see what is wrong,
Cause you only see the green 
Instead of the thickets and thorns,
Our relationship will never get any 
If things don't change,
And we both work on clearing out 
the painful parts,
Because it will keep us both cut up,
   with hearts that are torn.

Sometimes I really wonder if you,
Want this to work out or not,
Cause you say one thing but,
Your heart isn't really in this,
Like it used to be,
And hasn't for a really long time,
Which brings me back to the 
If this is meant to be?

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Do We Have An Example Just ONE

Do We Have An Example?

Do we have an example of those
 who aren’t afraid to say…
“I’m going to bow my head
 to the Lord and pray.”

Do we have an example of those with a like mind?
To be respectful, courteous and kind?

Do we have an example of those who’ll take a stand?
Against the tide of evil 
all throughout this land?

Do we have an example?  Just one person?
Who’ll live by the Bible… 
And apply it’s lessons?

Do we have an example of those
 to teach the younger generation…
Living for God will give us a solid foundation?

Do we have an example?  Anyone to be found?
Who’ll spread the gospel 
to every city and town?

Do we have an example?  Can we look to YOU?
Who’ll try to live the way Jesus wants us to?

Can we find an example? With the courage to live?
Being Christ example with the power to FORGIVE!

Can we find an example?  Let me make this point.
There’s Jesus!  And he will  NEVER disappoint!

Can we trust this example?  Most assuredly YES!
In HIM can you find a security,
 a peace and a REST!

Will you be an example? And give your life to him?
And experience what it means to be “born again!”

His example of love can be yours and mine…
Won’t you give HIM a chance?
  While there’s still time?

By Jim Pemberton 

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years of writing and learning
guts spilled
heart ripped out
torn to holes
stabbing myself open
and spreading myself thin

learning this about that thing
this thing about that stuff
computer whizz i am not
but one comes along
and i am forever lost in the shuffle of the game 
playing with myself
solitaire with levels
puzzles with destinations to surf the web to give
my writing a new purpose

lead you here to find where else for you to go to find the next puzzle to ponder and 
meaning of it all
as if I'm some genius
unfinished puzzle
I've been shut down
and how do i explain this to my children
walking in my crutches
who cannot afford to be read one more time
as i whine in the midst of my goose chase
of level three leading you back to level one

and my space is just a place to look for something to do
top point at the famous players and how i got my foot in the door
and how they know me one day
and I'm not shy to get my attention whether I'm good or not
i have something to say
we are a community and I'm here for the life of fun and games
I'm here for the utopia
why does it have to be like a bully ruled school yard of conviction where no one 
knows who they think they are
and no one is worrying about who questions anybody
and laugh at estimations
of underestimating thew jobs we never apply for

fingers pointing over here and over there and nothing left to lose
so was it worth it
when now i cant sign in due to scandal
i cant fix any perfected mistakes due to friends who know pass codes that affect 
me still
tight lips are sinking my ship and the truth be told
the police wont get involved
just thought you should know I'm in the Center of nothing
spiraling out to place to find if i can be
where none will ever go

a journal of the one who was everything written of emotion from gods joke 
to inspiration to writers and communicating generation gaps
and now its all lost because of hate crimes we cant solve and peoples 
paranoias of technology and phishing scams
cant sell my work anymore or access my pay pal
years of work not backed up 
lumpy lessons served with lemon aid
 just go surf and see the game 
do the pieces fit
of the head strong ahead of his timer terrified false prophet goose chase
inter net hacked shut down?
something to think about for you!!

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Empathy Hostage

sometimes I just want to say

your life is yours to keep or throw away

When you want me to make up the rules

to a game I don't know how to play

Don't know what I'm supposed to do

to keep you safe from that thing called you

If everything you say is true

You're gonna do it anyway

Am I the only one that's gonna cry
when you finally get the guts to die

Do you just need someone to say goodbye

Or someone to talk ya down

I know you're hurting desperately

I know you're ready for eternity'

Does it help to know that you're hurting me

since I'm the only one around

Oh tell me that you feel better now,

that we can talk and work it out some how

Won't you tell me that you found a way

take a deep breath and see another day

Did you pick me out so I could be

The one who stands staring helplessly

the lucky lucky man who gets to see

Just how serious you are

Well I hope you know you're being cruel

to choose a poor empathetic fool

to watch you do that thing you're gonna do

You finally get to be the star

oh tell me that you feel better now

that we can talk and work it out some how

won't you tell me that you found a way

take a deep breath and live another day

will it be a razor blade or gun

perhaps a nice high dive would be more fun

The pills are painless when the day is done

since I'm the one who gets to feel

Go ahead and make it quick and clean

if not for me it would be sight unseen

God how I wish I had a time machine

to take you back when you were real

Oh tell me that you feel better now

that we can talk and work it out somehow

Oh won't you tell me that you found a way

Take a deep breath and breathe another day

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Just Like Me

Sometimes I like for my poems to tell a small story that occasionally has a twist at 
the ending.  You never know where my poems might lead until you've read further:

Just Like Me

Monday morning was gloomy and cold
A little like I 'd felt when I had been told
That you’d be leaving.
You had warned me that life would be like this
You had said the military wouldn’t end our bliss

The café was quiet and a static radio played
Nondescript music was just a noise that was made
Background for tears.
But I knew I had to be brave and strong for you
Yes, it was true, I knew what I was getting into.

You’d left the recruiting office when I'd first met you
It had started to rain and you pulled off a wet shoe
Hobbling into the cafe
I invited you over and we talked, I remember clearly
Smiling at how excited you were about the military.

Fluorescent lights were blinking a yellow-blue hue
We were sitting quietly now at that same table for two
Silence full of words.
I looked at you and wanted to say what I was thinking.
But distraction was made by the coffee cups clinking.

We drank our coffee and I wondered what to say
I couldn’t pretend that this was just another day.
The words spilled:
The house is way too quiet when you are gone
Promise me this time you won’t be gone so long.

You sighed deeply, pushed back your chair and stood
I thought how that uniform always makes you look good.
You grabbed the bill.
I know that I'm lucky to have such a wonderful life
Just as I know I’m lucky to have such a beautiful wife.

I knew that we’d have to leave and say goodbye
You paid the bill and I managed to hold my sigh
The ride was too short.
You said for me to take good care of our son
But it was getting late and you’d have to run

Kisses and hugs were over too way too quickly 
You waved goodbye and disappeared in a hurry.
One more time.
I sighed and drove off, remembering our embrace.
I picked up our son early so I could see your face.

We stopped at the store and picked up groceries
And on our way home he counted all the trees.
Every single one.
We ate dinner and he said as we watched the TV
Some day he hoped to be a great dad just like me.

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Forgotten Fate

Introduction: For those who’re wandering confused within the lost and found - seeking silence…

Truth be never futile Stay and see awhile, Call back your forgotten dreams And feel that frozen smile, Linger of Love be worth eternal wait; When the time is right – That verity we do still hate And later we wind up too late, There forth we get lost in fate We get bemused with our innate That we can’t still relate, Don’t take on yourself as bate As never you trust an inmate, Our hopes and thoughts they fade away And we just see closed gates, So slay the lies, dig up the truth Someday you shall find, your forgotten fate…

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lifting us up by your humility;
only by your grace,
the hearts of many will be blessed,
by the sufferings that you bare,
through you GOD  is faithful.
the outpouring of the truth:
by your courage and boldness you have shown,
not only by merits,
also by the fruits of the spirit,
can your actions be guided,
to work with the oneness,
founded by the firmness of your loyalty,
surrounded by the humility of your strength,
crafted by your works of mercy,
can we be true example of a christian blessing.
serve your faith;
accept the faithful,
take care of your faith,
live to understand and work for His purpose,
and never forget to pray for the faithless,
remember as He is worthy,
by your actions can you be worthy.

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We Are Not Artificial We Are Legion

The stagnate machine planted firmly, rusted gears laboring to drudge along.
It does not function properly anymore; it has become obsolete.
The workers no longer need the machine to live their lives.
They can design a new system, built upon self-sustaining values.
It once labored greatly to support its work force. The machine now hinders the lives of the workers.
The workers grew so reliant upon the machine they thought they had become part of it, cogs in the system.
Now they realize more and more each day, that not only are their lives separate from the machine, without  it they are more able to focus on the fundamental values of life.

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Born to win

Holistic healing
Wholeness, meaning
Success, greatness
Glory, legacy
Requires the work
Of a great work.

The work of a great work
Is the work of a great man 
In a great child
A great man
Has will, skill and wisdom
A great child
Has innocence 
And divine guidance.

To live meaningfully  is to:
Stand firm amidst friction 
Sand firm amidst frustration
It is to meet harder time
With harder will
It  is to have a laser focus goal
That wakes you up early
That keeps you awake late
A goal that reminds you
That you are born to win.

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My Angel and my love ****

Hes my angel from above that i was waiting for a long time my god has a plain for me and 
my love so i know theres a true god in heaven.I have a dream that me and my love has a 
plain for each other  in the future for us and  might work if god will work with us. we will 
have the greatest time for us and god and i hope that we will get together and know each 
other better  than we do for our good sake now theres theres my angel that i can count on 
every day and night......

P.S.I love you jedd and i always will no matter what and i hope you se that soon and im so 
glade that we met @ hhs and no where else thanx for coming here im so glade that you  did 
lol no lie

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Braided and Branded

I want to break down and talk to you
Now I truly know what it means to love you
I just wish I didn't have to go through this 
to figure it out
but I know I can't make this all about you
I need to love Jehovah like I love you
When I feel I need to run to someone 
I need to run to him
I'm learning 
I know where everything started to go wrong
and it was way before you
It just kept going in a downward spiral
Three strands are stronger than only two
Right now I still stand as only one
I need to work on the second 
before I work on the third

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I had a long, peaceful sleep last night,
didn't attempt to take a single bite;
hurriedly, I descend the steepest stairs...
to greet the coolest friend with braids!

It's wonderful to say, " Good morning!"
to anyone you happen to meet along
the busy street or avenue,
or whoever you bump into;
it's the grooviest greeting,
that can be so pleasing!   

I've gotten back from work and taken off my black leather boots,  
so glad I made home safely listening to some sweet tunes;
surely Delilah can pick the right song for the loneliest lover,
her radio show is flooded with requests from fans near and far!

" Good morning " are the nicest words that can make somebody's day less moody;
say them aloud with the sweetness and thrill of your favorite disc jockey, 
who over the radio station waves kindly asks who is calling...
then shouldn't you hum that delightful song while you're walking?
And as you rush to your destination, shout with joy the grooviest greeting
that people are anxious to hear by starting their day with your, " Good morning! "    

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Every second passes by me unseen But I can feel the weight of one minute After each hour my mind becomes keen: That these days are adding up bit by bit. Each week my personality alters A year goes by and my mind starts to twist Decades pass and it seems as time falters, My mentality gets lost in time’s mist. Yet when I am with you the clock stands still If only I could exploit these feelings I could stop the sands of time at my will But I’m not capable of these dealings Time now steals what I already forgot My mind starts to fade but our love will not

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Born with handicap
Help them to feel safe and sound
God's special angels.

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Suicide Is Not the Answer

Lately, I have noticed a very disturbing trend.
Many people wish for their life to end!

There are many circumstances
that bring this about.
Many feel "trapped in," and think
"there's no way out!"

I admit,...  I have been very
discouraging thoughts.
Sometimes, wondering, if I was dealt
"the wrong lot."

But just when I feel alone
and trapped within.
I think about Jesus! He's always
been my friend!

I've called to him more than a time or two...
When I didn't know
"what I was going to d."

When, to him, I cried out and pleaded...
He's given to me the hope
and direction I needed!

I recommend this same Jesus
to your life today!
Whatever your problem...
He has made a way!

An abundant assurance
Is what Jesusbrings!
He is an awesome God!
And can take care of everything!

Your problems are never too big
or small for him to take control.
He can bring healing to you!
And make your body whole!

He is what's needed! In this lost
and dying generation!
Won't you accept his mercy
and salvation???

By Jim Pemberton   2012

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The beau's tale

Love is some thing i entreat 
Of which without it my eyes are in  the murk of picket -eye lids,
 It is a Croft on which our spirits  first grub
To then be able sour among the  lunar stars.
Some call it cloud nine but i choose to call it divine,
Never likened to the camels of the caravan as
 Gradually their necks tarry on the dwindled dust
Till their mouths become a canister  of drivel:
Malign,prate and gab.

Fair it is but not as fair as fickle:
Oh yes, leaves turn brown in winter
And Dross gives way for the sinter!.
“All must go in whimsical bearing”
Thats what the clock sings

Brighter is its glass as it is brittle:
To which  on wasteful war shall statues overturn,
And broils root out the work of masonry:
astounding work of art polished in tears.

He who cares to listen to a messy secret  should 
Strike the egg  first against the wall !

Two loves i bear,of comfort and despair,
My better angel a man right and fair,
My worse spirit a womans coloured ill.
she is my rainbow overhead my sea,
Seven  colours painted in the skies
 but three shall always sting my eyes  
as they are green,red and blue.

As i saunter through  grasslands and natures green 
I reminisce on how i sang to the trees and shrub
Of her i call my queen.
Yet her iris remains green  to a phantom  
to which she does espy  as a simulacrum of her  very being.

Red is what oozes from the Dart 
when she hits the  bulls-eyes of my heart ,
she burned with love  as straw with red fire flamed
but burned out as straw out burned.

Blue is the dark cloudy weather
Where fallen  beau Gazes  placid to the sea
Faraway  the single stag,banished to a lonely crag
To watch birds fly in and out of man:

Mariage is  rarely bliss
Wherein a lovers kiss either be felt
Or break the loved ones neck.
Though the face  at which i glare in the mirror  be cruel,
For year after year it nauseates  an ageing suitor,
It has sufficient mass to be altogether there
Never likened to an indeterminate gruel 
Randomly placed here and there.

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Eternal Love

If ever there’s a time when we are far apart
And you know that without your sight my day will not start
Then I will just close my eyes and picture you
Feel your presence and long for you

As the days pass by Ill pray for you
That happiness follows you wherever u go 
And if tomorrow we happen to meet again
It will soothe my soul and heal my pain

But lets not see the road too far away
Build castles in the air that may fade away
Lets hope for the best and smile all the way
Maybe tomorrow will show us a special day

So close your eyes as we pray together
That no matter the distance we’ll remain in eachothers hearts forever
It so very strange but yet it’s true 
That you love me and I love you

But destiny has to work its way
And we can only hope for the best every single day
So lets work our way through what comes by 
And be special friends till we die 

If life after death is nearly true…
Surely you’ll be with me and ill be with you…

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Hugs And Kisses

Had no credit on my mobile phone
Could not text to let you know how alone
I felt without you next to me
So lonely it’s so hard to be

This night work really makes me mad
To be without you is so sad
For when I’m with you all is right
Loving and holding you so tight

So just to keep going I think of you
Kissing your face on my key ring it’s true
Then I wait till evening time comes round
To spend time with you sound as a pound

I love and need you all the while
So I send hugs and kisses to make you smile
Just the thought of that smile can make me glad
For the past and the present love we’ve had

I will live my life with you I know
Love you with heart and soul on show
You are more than any man could ask for
Let the love, hugs and kisses last for evermore

I Used to work nights and missed my loved one so I wrote this for her.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

The Love That Lasted A Night

Imagine a lovely garden, tea for two, and this story . . . 

I had never seen anyone like him before in my life. We met on a Thursday... or was it a Tuesday...? It was a Tuesday. I was going to the copy machine at work, you know where I work right? Yeah, that office off of Eighth Ave. As I was saying, I was going to the copy machine... I was looking down at the papers I was about to copy, you know, making sure everything was right, when suddenly I bumped into this massive figure. When I finally looked up, I saw this hunk of a guy, huge muscles, and the brightest smile that seemed to fulfill its purpose: to make me fall in love. And at that moment, I knew I loved that man... you know what I mean? After our little run-into, we scheduled small rendezvous at secret places. But one night, he took me to this expensive Italian place. Just gorgeous. And afterward, we went to his place... and we made love. Yes, we made love: beautiful, exotic love. I knew that man had my heart. Well, I woke up the next morning, still in his bed, to find a note in the night stand. "See you when I see you." I knew that was bad when I read it. But I didn't dwell on it too much. I went to work in hopes to meet him again, but it turns out that he... he... he qu-qu-quit. Was it me?! It couldn't have been. So after work *sniff*, I went to his house to see if he w-was th-there. The neighbor said he had moved. Th-thanks for the Kleenex. But it couldn't have been me. I L-L-LOVED him! But...*sniff*... I saw him today... he just looked at me and shook his head. That's all?! That's all I get?! After giving this man my heart?! Wh-what did I do to deserve this?! Why couldn't h-he just tell m-me that h-he didn't like me? It's me... I know it's me. I did something wrong. I-I-I know it must be me.... I apologized but he just walked off... I even got on my knees and begged him to take me back but he just walked away.... It's my fault.... I know it is.... It has to be.

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The Price of Faith 11122011


MY FATHER’S FAMILY left Russia in 1917
At the urging of their parish priest
“If you want to keep your children safe in the faith
Go to America!”

German-Speaking Russians
Soon afterward their 13 year old daughter
Margaret had been raised in the Church
The Family continued to trust in God

Today we honor St. Josaphat, patron of the Ukraine
He was a man who loved his country
Loved his Church even more
Speaking courageously about unity with Rome at a time of schism and division
His bold stand eventually cost him his life

St. Josaphat
Like Margaret’s family, reminds us 
That trust in God
Is the only source of true safety

Wisdom 18:14-16; 19:6-9 * Psalm 10:2-3, 36-37, 42-43
Luke 18:1-8

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A blessing of heaven you are to me
Your little hands are like of angels

Your smile is my happiness
All through my day your in my heart

Though tired from work 
I would love to hug and kiss

You are my sunshine when
Everything turns to gray

Your cry is a sweet memory 
as I walk to my work everyday

I may be hurt but I would love to sing 
A lullaby for you my dear 

You are no different from others
I love you,despite everything they say

You are my precious baby 
Keanne, blessing to me.. 

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He left home to pursue his lifetime dream,
it was closer to midnight and the foggy moon had no gleam;
I saw him rushing out to the taxi-cab by dragging his luggage,
all the while he thought he could manage.

His name was Glen, six feet tall with light brown hair...
the handsomest guy in town with elegance and flair;
he drove all the girls crazy, but sad was to see him go...
they all waited for him outside as he fled into tomorrow. 

He worked for a law firm in downtown Manhattan,
and won many cases getting him lots of praises;
he bought a Lamburghini and was considered the toast of town,
but to keep up his status quo he needed more money to pay those bills.

Alaska was his destination, no big deal for a white man
used to cold weather and hard work anywhere he went;
stereotype or not he was proud and really wanted that job,
but going out to sea and catch fish wasn't somehow odd?

Glen spent two years in the land of coyotes and bears,
too often he got frostbite for not covering his ears;
his fair skin turned red, his green eyes teared...
as he remembered all the things his mother feared.

Money kept coming in, but his health wasn't as vibrant...  
he coughed a lot and sneezed when the harsh Nordic wind blew
as he dreamed of his warm home while mom cooked beef stew;
many thoughts ran through his depressed mind, once so jubilant.

On May eleven of two thousand ten when the Northern Sea didn't rage,
he received a text message, " Mother is sick, hurry home. " 
He changed his work clothes, took a shower and went to Anchorage
to take the next plane to New York City as noise harmed his lobe.

By her hospital bed, he stood holding her cold hand,
and he wept not able to hold back his tears,
 " I am back, mom...I'll make up for those lost years. "
She squeezed his rough hand, then suddenly expired.

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Two, In Love

The candle glowed and cast shadows upon the bare wall
As the two met after dinner and their associated chores
The farm work made them tired, but not too tired to enjoy
As together, they embraced and traced their faces, in love

As the two met after dinner and their associated chores
They fell, collapsing into their lover’s arms, for pleasure
Each day separates them in body, leaving hearts as one
Ready to feel the presence of each other at the end of day
The farm work made them tired, but not too tired to enjoy
As they both looked forward to their quiet time of love
Love through looks, through touch, through just being
Through the music of their hearts as they play a symphony

As together, they embraced and traced their faces, in love
Knowing each others visage, there, only for each other
Accepting every flaw, for with it came perfection, softness
The undying pleasure knowing that together they made a life

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I began the day we first met. Pebbles clattered. 
I picked and hacked, my mud-spattered mattox.

The first layer of earth was smooth, cool, compact;
hard to break. Once breached,
easy to up-heave.

The second layer, malleable;
my pick penetrated in even sweeps.

The third, a clay core; 
years spent mining,
I reached the heart,
bipolar as a planet.

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These Are Dificult Times for So Many Without A Job

These Are Difficult Times! These are difficult times, with many frustrations. Many people in hardships and difficult situations! Many are filled with worry and concern. Not really knowing which direction to turn. As more are getting dependent on government. Many without work have lost any kind of fulfillment. While many seek what seems to be the best “plan.” Cries of hopelessness ring throughout the land! I, too, have been without work in the past. Wondering how much longer it would last. The months that went by, turned into years… As I sought assurance for my worries and fears. The only true peace and security I have found. Has brought love, when life came “crashing down.” I found that what really matters the most! Is Jesus! And letting him hold me close! I knew if I lost everything that was around me… God’s presence and peace still surrounds me! He made it very evident and so clear. Whatever happens in life... HE IS ALWAYS HERE! He picked me up when I felt lonely and depressed! With him in my life… I felt comforted and blessed! My problems didn’t disappear in just one day! But through life’s trials… God made a way! Whatever difficulty or problem you may face… Won’t you accept God’s gift of mercy and grace? He can do more than any other power can do! And brings meaning to the words; “I LOVE YOU!” By Jim Pemberton

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My Green Weekends

This monthly pilgrimage I used to love
now seems to come all to soon.
It interrupts our lives.
I have to separate our lives to do his bidding.
My heart breaks each time I leave
even though I know I'll return
when it's over.
I seems that two days
is an eternity when we are apart.
I live one mission at a time,
looking to the homecoming
with a sense of joy.
I look to the future and I know it will
all be over in half a decade.
Now that seems like an
impossible hurdle to overcome.
For now, I take it
one green weekend at a time.
Among all the pomp and circumstance
I am always thinking of you.

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The Fathers Handiwork

The Father’s Handiwork ” 1 Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. 2 By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. 3 Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.” Gen 2:1-3 NIV The Christian truly appreciates The Father’s handiwork of nature; Perceives His love in every twinkling star; Every beautiful, still lake a picture. He sees His love in every flower bud, Shrub and each variety of tree. Gives thanks with adoration For each mountain, river and sea. God speaks to us in His word, But His nature speaks as well. A continuous love story Each creation to man does tell. So often in his hussle and bussle, Man glazes over God’s love; Fails to see his many blessings Flowing from God’s throne room above. Man is often perplexed By the number of his cares. He stresses over little things; Feels the whole world he bears. But this is truly not the case; The Father watches over us all. His handiwork’s so complex From the ant hill to mountains tall. The Father’s Handiwork of nature Is so intricate in its design, Only God can create such order Amongst His creatures at one time. Every bird that sweetly sings And every bee that visits His flowers, Has the Father’s creative design connection It belongs to God, it's not ours! Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2012

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You are My Mountain View.

I envy the self of me I will never have.
My lip quivers and I stroke my stubble
I this self walking down the street
well dressed, brooding with business and focus.
He's walks tall with a forward step.
He's creatively honest about everything,
confident that mystery doesn't lie,
it just won't answer all of their questions.

Gray his favorite color, wearing hats of style,
a glass-half-full smile his only value,
to say, to really say, "I'm one of you.
I am and always will be one of you."
Heading towards work thinking of family,
whispering himself dialogues he will have
with his husband and children; 
his eyes snacking on the light of the morning.

He dreams of what he knows he will give his children.
His cheeks rise subtly higher and he breathes,
wishing he could know his children even better,
than there would be more of himself to give them.
Never angry with his husband, he plans tender
nudges of love to prod his heart the courage
to simply ask his sweetheart to compromise with grace;
this flavor of love to creatively develop in his lover.

His lover, HIS LOVER, full of spit and vinegar,
stubbornly convinced all his ways provide success.
I this self agree except when sensing the alienation
that this lover has brought to his most treasured.
He  fixes his hat, smiles larger and looks up for a view,
"Where is my brightest view of the morning?
Where are the sights of my lover in these mountains?
I shall call him when I get to work of colors I see.
An tell him nothing is more beautiful than thee.

Inspired by Brad Pitt ;)
(no really is)

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~ Cry of the Muse ~

Of-gentle beginning-and tender song ... ! That we would gratify love in its truest affection. Stand stead fast- uphold it yield to no other-duty ... ! To-have our-souls' so-identified-unified coexisting- exclusively-mid-this ... . To-live, would I die to give the measure of my-soul- just-to-have this ... once ... ! So place me within, make me the-essence of-the-art- lay me down carry me off- as I would be a child lost amid the grandeur- of its promise ... ! Allow this ink to consume us be the genuine eminence, what we reach-for through the humble virtue, heart-of this quill ... ! So all may view soar higher, and even higher still. Be captured, taken within deep- far and away beyond- the bitter part of this world, into the true benignity, flourishing and forever evolving, amid themselves ... ! Yes help me build me up, mold me-yes- come find me ... ! Trick me friend by slight of hand bend me- yes break me down shatter me again, and again truly I care-not ... ! Fill this paper in-its preparedness ... innocence ... verity, hope ... with the sweet passion elation of our souls ... ! Yes carry me before this-vision ... ! Restrain me-not ... . Set our-soul-free ... ! Please ... ? That we may gratify love-uphold it. Yes yield-then ... only-beauty ... ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author notes Written to the (Braveheart) theme By: Enya The expression of this poem was written from within the greater depths, of my soul. It was a cry of my muse. The passion beside which I stand and the hope through which I write. The joy we both carry for the other, and peace and faith in each other, in which we abide. Before this writing my muse had taken a vacation. So willing, I am open to suggestion. ~ Thank you for reading this piece of my work ... God bless you ... (The reason that there are Hyphens "so many of them") is because I have a computer that speaks them with a faster and slower and higher and lower pitch of voice, giving a certain kind of ebb-and-flow to the work with a softer more fervent and realistic and consistent tone, when I use the hyphens and other punctuation in the certain places that I do, when in telling it what to do. Allowing it to speak in even a moderate voice if I choose. It sounds very free flowing when I hear it, and I can only hope that you will be able to here it in the same way. Thank you for reading and God bless you ... ~

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I Think Too Much

Ive always been different,
Worked out for me,
Never fit in,
My ways hard to see,

Been told I think too much,
Maybe some don't think enough,
To achieve goals in life,
Gotta make touch decisions, be tough,

Been with my man 12 years,
I've  always loved him
Cause I wont sign a paper,
I get *****and various disapproving grins
No reason to have presidents tied together,
Our love doesn't need to be gov. stamped,
It's meant to last forever,

Working for him 5 years,
Entreprenuer status I admire,
Motivation, drive, optimism, and passion,
These qualities in a boss, you'd never grow tired,
I get those looks, people think I'm dumb,
For believing this dream will ever come true,
It's coming along, it's coming along, now it's actually happening,
You'll apologize later, there's nothing else I'd rather do

When we talked rings,
Made it clear no blood diamonds,
Life's too precious for a pretty rock,
Why did something so inhumane have to happen?
Lab created, that's my request,
Got the Diana style, Simply the best,
When I look at my hand I only see beauty,
Couldn't support a rock coming from the line of duty

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Prayer for Parents

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen…

Almighty and everlasting God
Who, in the secret counsels of Your ineffable (indescribable) Providence (Fate)
Have been pleased to call us into life by means of our parents
Who therefore partake of Your divine power in our regard
Mercifully hear the prayer of filial (familial)  affection
Which we offer to You
In behalf of those to whom You have given
A share of Your fatherly mercy
In order that they might lavish (produce in abundance) upon us
In our journey through life
The consoling gift of Your holy and generous love.
Dear Lord
Fill our parents with Your choicest blessings
Enrich their souls with Your holy grace
Grant that they may faithfully
Constantly guard that likeness to 

Your mystic marriage with Your Church,
You did imprint upon them on the day of their nuptials
Fill them with the spirit of holy fear
The beginning of wisdom
Continually move them to impart the same to their children
Such wise may they ever walk in the way of Your commandments
May their children be their joy in this earthly exile
Their crown of glory in their home in heaven
Finally, Lord God
Grant that both our father
Our mother may attain to extreme old age
Enjoy perpetual health in mind and body
May they deserve to sing
Your praises forever in our heavenly country in union with us
Their children
Giving You most hearty thanks
You have given upon them
In this valley of tears
The great gift of a share
In the light of Your infinite fruitfulness
And of Your divine fatherhood.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

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Special Love

Sometimes it's far too easy to
Not see the one in love with you.
Gone away or right nearby
To see clearly you must try
To look beyond the pretty face
and look for inner peace and grace
Those are the things that mean much more
then the physical you've been looking for.

So each day when you come home
Be thankful you are not alone.
Someone there has chosen to
Spend this day right here with you
Despite all the plans they could have made
Not a second of life with you they'd trade
For the little things that they do
for no one in the world but you

Next time when you look at them
Ask about their day don't just pretend
Pay attention to their every word
Even if all those stories you already heard
For it is of those that made you two
Your loving attention made them love you
Just because some time has past
Don't let these seconds be your last

For with each second that you are blessed
Share with them that happiness
It means so much more when it comes
From the person that you truly love
Without attention love will surely die
Reviving it you can try
But once the damage is said and done
It will take more work to make you two one.

With  that work comes it's reward
The kind of love you've been searching for
So make the time to spend together
That time will result in love forever
You will have done the very thing
That makes love what it is supposed to be
Between two people for all time
Is what makes your love the special kind.

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Those books which were rejected by the Council of Hippo
Being non-biblical belong to what is called the Apocrypha
These books of the Bible
They are often well worth reading as they offer much historical information

Not otherwise available
Some of these stories
Slightly heretical tendencies

The Catholic use of the word “Apocrypha”
Defined aboveShould be distinguished from the incorrect Protestant use of the word
Protestants use this term to designate the seven books of the Bible included in the Catholic Bible canon

But not accepted or found in Protestant Bibles
These seven books are
Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach
1 and 2 Maccabees and parts of Esther and Daniel

Protestants call the books
Found in the Catholic
The Pseudepigraphal books

Copyright, 2005, 2002, 1987 & 1981 BY DEVORE & SONS,INC.

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What I do, Just in Case

I awake in the morning, somewhere round four
Drink some coffee, shower, brush my teeth.
Dress for work and head for the door,

      I kiss my sons forehead, turn to leave, kiss it again.
                                           Just in Case!

I work hard during the day, Building houseboats,
Framing, nailing, paneling, roofs and floors,
Near completion, time to paint, I think two coats.

    I call my son at lunch; tell him I love him, not once, but twice
                                           Just in Case!

Get home in the afternoon, somewhere round three,
Have a cold drink, start dinner, relax a bit,
Talk with my son, ask what he did today, " Let me see"

               I hug him once, then hug him twice more,
                                            Just in Case!

When dinners done, and evening fades to night,
Dessert is gone, teeth are brushed and I tuck him in.
He asks me " Dad, will everything be alright?" 

   I kiss his forehead, hug him once, then twice, I tell him I love him
    Tell him again and turn the night light on!

                                           Just in Case!

                       What do you do?  Just in Case!....................


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Jesus Christ Deal

Eternal Father saw outnumber of people’s sins 
Sad with what He created
He wanted to destroy the world
People hurting each other

Jesus Christ stopped Him
Told the Father He would go down to earth
Take People’s cruelty
To start His power over people

He told the Father people would understand
Ransom Himself
Just don’t destroy the world
Believed people to be one

Eternal Father searched a woman
To conceive and bear a Son
Angiel Gabriel spoke to Mary
You have found favor from God

Holy Spirit will shine over you
You are to name Him Jesus Christ
He will save people from their sins
To save destruction of the world

Jesus Christ created a Church
For People to be Universal
People don’t understand
In there people are saved

What are these other churches?
In there you are not saved
Don’t be fooled
By the Christ’s like religions

There is only one
Deal to the Father
Be Universal to His Church
Roman Catholic

To understand the Two Greatest Commandments
“Love God all your mind, heart, body and soul”
Second is “Love your neighbor as yourself”
When we love our neighbor, Covers the 1st Greatest Commandment

Other Churches are misleading people
Thought they love Jesus Christ
Person who created their Church
Was the person they believed and loved

Jesus Crist is very hurt
People don’t know in His Church
You’re saved
In others you’re condemned

J.R.M. 11162011

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Here I Stand

Here I stand, a lonely man, Aimless wandering with out a plan, Planet Earth is where I roam, The last frontier I call my home, Ever searching for the truth, Growing wiser since my youth, Family and friend are all you need, My advice, I insist, you heed, Though love seems to heal, Make certain that love is real, If it wasn't meant to be, Lock it up and hide the key, Don't let the pain get you down, Someday your key will be found, When that day comes to show, Happiness in you will grow, When it comes to school and work, Try your hardest not to shirk, Pay attention in your class, Don't do your work half-gassed, Respect others, respect yourself, Respect time, respect health, In general, just have respect, Evil temptations you must reject, Don't spend time being depressed, Thoughts of stress you can suppress, Be the best you can be, The price of happiness isn't free, Stay clean, resist relapse, True freedom, you will grasp, Sound the trumpets, crack a Pabst.

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Setting Aside Distractions 11112011


A FRIEND FORWARDED me a silly “chain” email recently that read
“If your house caught fire 
You only had time to grab one thing before getting out to safety
What would it be? 

I believe it offered the stipulation that your family could all get out on their own
The point of this guery was to help you gauge what one material object 
Holds the most meaning for you
A photo album? A computer? A piece of jewelry?

The point of this Gospel passage is that when the choice is between God and anything else there should be no contest
If we are too bogged down with our stuff
Whether those material objects
Interior anxieties or superficial glitz

We could miss the ways God is inviting us 
To be agents for creating better world
Try to set aside all distractions for an hour or two
See what you are missing!

Wisdom 13:1-9 * Psalm 19:2-5
Luke 17:26-37

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Are You Having An Affair

I don't think many people 
are aware...
of the dangers of having 
"an affair."

Adultery begins with a lustful thought 
captured in the mind.
It's been part of sins's curse,
 since the beginning of time.

Many aren't sure how they're
 going to react.
Until the day they're caught
 in an adulterous act.

By this time... they're love for
 their spouse is broken.
When the words; "I love you"...
 to another... are spoken.

Soon... their home become 
"turned around" and divided.
As their commitment and loyalty 
become undecided.

The family soon become "
one huge mess..."
As the love "for another person" 
becomes "obsessed."

You may find yourself in this 
kind of situation.
Perhaps you're in 
 "deep desparation."

Run from this person as 
fast as your can!
Come to the cross and 
reach for Jesus' hand!

Confess your sin to your spouse
 and call on Jesus' name.
You have only yourself... 
no one else... to blame.

Allow Jesus to 100% be 
the Lord of your life.
As you brings you together 
as husband and wife!

Let him restore your marriage 
and make it complete.
Come to him now and 
lay your sin at his feet.

His love in your marriage is 
forever and binding!
His commitment to you is 
a love worth finding!

By Jim Pemberton  

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What effects of Anger in our soul

Anger begets in our souls impatience
And too often habit of cursing

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The Little Death

The Little Death By Rick Rucker I have a need, and so does she, I love a woman lying next to me, For her, a man seems to fit the bill, He can, her Heart fill. I am glad she finds it so, When she murmurs, soft and low, I resolve to take it slow, This time, some restraint I’ll show! A full massage, with body oil, I don’t care if the sheets we’ll soil. Warming up the oil first, I’m going to try to slake her thirst! The oil will overcome Winter’s dryness, The warmth will do the same to her shyness, Her neck and shoulders I’ll attack, Working first from the back. She is purring like a cat, I guess that means she likes that! I will work on every part, Now, at the level of her Heart. She is moving in time with my motion, Her muscles rippling like the Ocean. Now I work on her middle, Playing her body like a fiddle. Instead of working in a line, With the oil, her feet I shine, Next, a firm hand on her calves, I love that she is divided into halves! Now, working upward from her knees, Bound determined that I will please, Rubbing her thighs, in and out, Now she is moving all about! Where she was lying flat on the bed, She has begun to raise her middle part instead. Many more parts I can see, To be rubbed thoroughly. No finer body have I felt, As I touch her, she does melt. Cocoa butter, all I smell, How I’m doing, I can’t tell. I have lost my hold on reason, My hands have committed treason, While I was determined to go slow, All she says is “Faster! Go!” Looking very like a cat, I wonder that she can move like that. From here, I cannot tell, We both moved in time, and fell. On our sides to catch our breath, Enjoying much the Little Death. There is surely no more blissful state, Than to be in Love with your mate!

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                Let, the finest senses be flown in to the hearts of 'The World'								
                Let, the dirty, from every stairs, angles and spheres, be clean								
                Let, the Children be grown up with such mentallity for better future								
  Let, the politics of selfishness be closed forever to pave all the ways of  good Constructions								
                Let, the  peace, prosperity and happiness live in every one's home								
                Let, me be there with all again in this  World with all generations								
                Being an utmost beggar,  Oh! GOD, I pray you, give me begs as I pray for 								

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that night

I walked in the house.
you were on the couch.
the whole family was there.
you said to me i was not good enough for you.
i said what are you talking about?
he said i dont love you anymore your just not good enough.
so i left the room crying.
then it was all a blanck.

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five minutes madness

five minutes madness

In every man lies this type of madness
In fact there is this five minutes madness
In each of us, we act it deliberately, a times unintentional
Our madness may be in the way we talk
Others madness may be in the way they think
Others madness may be the way they behave
Others their pride, ego and ignorance
Others because of what they think they have as possession
Others because of their money, machines and material gains

Our madness comes in different packages and sizes
Some are keeping malice in the heart where love dwells
What does it take to say please
I am sorry
it’s my fault
forgive me

Some are so selfish that they do not share their love with neighbor
Some give excuses and shift blames instead of being responsible
Some are thinking highly of their self over others
Some madness is as a result of comparison and competition
Some madness arises because of bitterness and better than syndrome
Some are jealous instead of rejoicing with those celebrating

Our madness puts on different kind of appearances
They are created through our feelings
They are nurtured through our thoughts
They take up strength through our breathe
They become real through the desire of our mind
As they manifest through our words and action
And they are evidence through our demonstrations

We can put an end to it…
If we can condone each others attitude
If we could love each other without any string attachment
If we could accept each other without exception
If we could tolerate our differences
If we could celebrate our uniqueness
If we could forgive each others wrong and mistakes
If we could let our past be buried without giving it another life
If we could be open to each others opinion
If we could be much more sensitive

since it reflects in…
The love you did not share; 
the song you did not sing
The music you did not write, 
the poem you did not compose
the decision you did not take 
Your ideas you did not share
Your attitude that does not care, 
your mind that is far away from others
Your human rights you did not exercise
The guilty you give freedom

The stranger you did not smile to; the neighbor you disregard is opinion
The infant you did not welcome with joy, the aged you did not support
The teen you did not share your time with, the youth you did not encourage
Your wife you did not love, your husband you did not respect
Let’s build a new loving society and a participating citizen…..
By eradicating this madness in our society

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Darling, put the kettle on
Do it yourself, I’m busy hon
I thought you could have fixed that gate
Not now honey, I’m with my mate

Just popping next door love
You lying toad, you mean the pub
Honey, what we eating for dinner tonight?
Well I thought you’d get a curry, right!

Snuggle up beside me sweet
Not a chance, with your smelly feet
I’ll play some music nice and low
No, I’ll miss the east Enders show

Honey, well I’m off to bed
Okay, then, sweet dreams she said
Two hours later, she comes upstairs
To find him naked, standing there

What a sight, she thinks aloud
As he stands there smug, and proud 
Well, I thought we’d have a little fun!
Not tonight, I have a headache hon!!!


© Copyright 26th November 2010 K.C.Leake

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A world where nothings ever true

A world where nothings ever true:

You say he took you unwillingly,
The lies are chilling me,
It's a shame this is a world where nothings ever true,
I turned the key and looked in just to see you,
Just to see you lying there, life just isn't fair to me,
Because obviously you're a girl I only said I knew,
Only said I knew, Only said I knew, ohh ohh ohh,

You said you loved me too, nothing I wouldn't have done for you,
But this is a world where nothings true, a world where nothings true,
You used to say, together, forever, nothing can pull us apart,
Ohh ohh ohh, baby I'll never break you're heart, that's a fine start,
To manipulating me, hurting me guilelessly, because this is a world,
A world where nothings true, no nothings ever true,

You said he forced you, baby if only that was really true,
Eventually I could forget you, but this is a world where nothings ever true,

Welcome to a world where nothings really true, mainly the words I love you,
You're lies are getting out of tune, those cries won't work eventually,
Because this is a world where nothings true, ohhh, a world where nothings ever true,
So as you're lies get out of tune, and you see this is a world where nothings ever true,

You'll call to me for mercy, but baby you're my adversary,
The way you made me feel, you gave me scars that will never heal,
Baby you threatened to kill me, said you'd never show me mercy,
Welcome to a world where nothings true, no nothings ever true,

As you're lies grow out of tune, I'll take you out below the moon,
I'll kiss you goodbye, in this world where nothings true,
And I'm gonna leave you, ohhh ohhh I'm gonna leave you wishing,
That you had only knew, I had the keys to you, in this world where nothings true,

You said he forced you, baby if only that was really true,
Eventually I could forget you, but this is a world where nothings ever true,

Welcome to a world where nothings really true, mainly the words I love you,
You're lies are getting out of tune, those cries won't work eventually,
Because this is a world where nothings true, ohhh, a world where nothings true,
So as you're lies get out of tune, and you see this is a world where nothings ever true,

I'll pause and turn around, kiss you on you're ruby lips,
And never make a sound, no-ohh I'll never make a sound,
Because I've learned along the way, that no matter what you say,
This is a world where nothings ever true, no-ohh nothings ever true..

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Your Car

(Chorus-rpt. 1x)
Boy come and let me ride 
let me get a test drive baby

(Hook-Rap): You said softly in my ear
Pus the gas when you wanna go fast
Push the gear when you wanna go slow
Baby girl change that gear to get it how you like it
So I say
Lets get in your car and
not to let this situation feel so far
Baby lets take your car for a test drive baby

(Verse 1): Baby let me get on top
and work the stick
Let me switch the gear
So I can get it how I like it
Boy you got my body moaning for you
Boy you know how the songs go Oh
Because that’s what you do to me
Boy come and let me ride
I’ll let you get inside
let me get a test drive
but you saying its not a test drive
its all mine
So lets head for your car
I like the way you turn inside
Now its time for you to push the breaks

(Chorus - rpt. 1x): Boy come and let me ride
let me get a test drive baby

(Hook - Rap): You said softly in my ear
Push the gas when you wanna go fast
Push the break
when you wanna go slow
Baby girl change the gear
to get it how you like it
So I say
Lets get in your car and
to not let this situation feel so far
Baby lets take your car for a test drive baby

(Verse 2 - Rap): Can you work it like you switch the gear
Is you big like your wheels
hold up, let me stop before I get out of my language
You got me feeling like Ginuwine
I’m so adjust
So lets hop in your car
Buts its going to take some time to get inside
Don’t do the speed limit
Cause I want to see how fast you go
Now let me touch the body of your car from head to toe
So you like it when I ride it fast
So baby continue to press that gas
Lets take this mission
keep it dipping
So you not going to be tripping
Cause this a virgin love, just how you like it
I like the way you work your car
So keep it going 
to see how wet this come

(Rpt. Chorus & Hook 1x)

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passing through art in a plausible idea

whose work is this, you think you know.
you’ve watched them develop, watched them grow;
they stare back from the mirror pane & 
get inside you, festering in your brain.

the tools are used, the pen it writes,
the brush it paints, the keyboard types &
between those dreams you illustrate
are nightmares fought off 
it grows

s/he brews the coffee, s/he pops a pill,
s/he smokes a joint, s/he gulps down her/his swill---
this project upon which s/he pours energy
is what keeps her/him in tact, it lets her/him

this work is “lovely, dark, and deep” & 
far more important than any sleep,
so do what you love & do it cheap
so do what you love & do it cheap.

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Little boy called Johnny

Little boy called Johnny.... There is a little naughty boy called Johnny who comes from a hill called Fenny He rides on a pony to the market place and asks everyone for money Chorus.... Oh little Johnny, don't ask anyone for penny You looks like a bunny and you play like a tiny You better work for your money and get rid of your funny I love you for that sonny and now go to your mummy Johnny has a little friend called Jenny and she also come from a hill Fenny Johnny loves Jenny and Jenny loves Johnny and they always play in the sunny Johnny mummy make pancakes with honey and they eat their pancakes while watch cine on Sony Chorus.... Oh little Johnny, don't ask anyone for penny You looks like a bunny and you play like a tiny You better work for your money and get rid of your funny I love you for that sonny and now go to your mummy Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka Copyright @2006 Ravi Sathasivam

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God's Institutions

God's institutions
Do not fail...  his people do.
Some fail to love and forgive;
Some fail to stay faithful, too.
Some fail to stay concerned;
Some fail to step back and review.
Some fail to notice times and seasons.
Some fail to know what to say and do.
Some fail to pray and listen.
Some fail to see and hear their cue.
Some fail to love themselves.
Some fail to make old things new.
Some fail to change and grow.
Some fail to be creative with shape and hue.
Some fail to work and work again.
Some fail to laugh and play, too.
Some fail to hear God's instructions;
Some fail to follow them through.
So, it's not the institution
That crumbles; it's the people that do.

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What effect has Lust on our souls

Lust begets in our souls a distate for holy things
Perverted conscience
Hatred of God
Frequently leads to complete loss of faith

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Some children will never know the feeling of having a wonderful granddad,
Growing up I got to experience all the love and joy you had.
When God created you, he made a great and wonderful man,
Now he has come to call you and take you by the hand.
Sometimes your daily work went from sun to sun,
But the work you did for me was never left undone.
You passed down to me your big blue sparkling eyes,
And even though you're gone, I still feel you by my side.
As a child I shared with you much joy, love and laughter.
The stories that you told always ended happily ever after.
The memories we built together will truly always be.
Thank you for sowing the seeds of faith, hope and love in me.

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-Does not have a title yet-

You always seem to be working. 
Or youre always with someone else.
I know youre busy, 
And I know you love me. 
But sometimes it feels, 
That it only goes one way. 
I feel like I put in all the effort,
When it comes to talking and seeing eachother. 
Sometimes I wish you would quit your job, 
And make me more of a priority. 
But I would never tell you that, 
Because I dont want to seem rude. 
I need you now, 
And you dont seem to care, 
Because you have other plans. 
And I cry at night, just knowing, 
That Im not your number 1 priority anymore. 
I need to be more than an option. 
Or something to do when you get bored.
You say thats not what I am, 
But thats certainly how I feel. 
I love you so much, 
And you say the same to me,
But actions speak louder than words. 
Even little things would do, 
Like flowers or an unexpected message. 
I like things like that, 
And I hint constantly, 
But nothing ever comes from them. 
Im tired of feeling so lonely, 
When Im supposed to have you to count on.
I need you more than anything, 
And I feel like you couldnt care less. 
I love you, you need to know that. 
And I know that you love me. 
But you need to be around more often, 
For me not to loose faith in us.

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Safely Home

I am in Heaven dear ones;
Oh, so happy and so bright!
There is perfect joy and beauty
In this everlasting light.
All the ones I have come to know and love
Are all with me now in the clouds above.
All the pain and grief is over,
Every restless tossing passed;
I am now at peace forever,
Safely home in Heaven at last.
Did you wonder I so calmly
Trod the valley of the shade?
Oh! but Jesus’ love illumined
Every dark and fearful glade.
And He came Himself to meet me
In that way so hard to tread;
And with Jesus’ arm to lean on,
Could I have one doubt or dread?
The heart that once throbbed warmly in my chest, Is now at a calm and peaceful rest.
Then you must not grieve so sorely,
For I love you dearly still:
Try to look beyond Earth’s shadows,
Pray to trust our Father’s Will.
There is work still waiting for you,
So you must not idly stand;
Do it now, while life remaineth-
You shall rest in Jesus’ land.
When that work is all completed,
He will gently call you Home;
Oh, the rapture of that meeting,
Oh, the joy to see you come!

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you stand tall and raise your shoulders high,
you walk amongst my superiors,
its true- i work for you,
you claim to be my superior but im more useful than you are,
this is proven in the fact that i do your laundry,
the only question i ask is "can you do mine",
you are nothing but a weakling,
its true i work on your plantations,
its only factual to ask if in my absence you can work on them yourself,
you go to bed overfilled cos i sacrifice my meal for you,
you wear clean robes cos i do your laundry,
i yearn to know how much you can do when i depart from you,
lets face it- you owe me your existence,
i pray for you cos i love you more than you love me,
i soak myself in sweat so you can soak yourself in comfortable lavender,
its only brilliant to say you are an almost worthless being.

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Check out the drama scene. "Mr Do Right" and the drama queen. Making a fuss 
about the "ifs" and the "buts" of life they call marriage made in heaven on earth; 
now do tell - is all this drama what it's really worth?

Here in the final hour is Mr. Goodbar and his woeful Mrs. Wallflower who no 
longer can "Fight the Power"; in the days of her youth she was all about the 
business of making it work for her good. Now 20 years later he is as loud and 
strong and as good as they come but Mrs. Wallflower looks like "Mrs. Doubtfire" 
and is plainly and painfully misunderstood.

We strive for golden anniversaries and "pie in the sky" while we wear rose 
colored glasses on our newly wed eyes but after 7 years, sleepless nights 
children and and many wept tears, we realize that "Our Love Thang" is more than 
just a foolish lover's game but it is the hardest, most rewarding work we have 
committed to in all of our adult years.

Marriage:  Long live the dream.

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Father Christ Deal

Eternal Father saw outnumber of people’s sins 
Sad with what He created
He wanted to destroy the world
People hurting each other

Father Christ stopped Him
Told the Eternal Father He would go down to earth
Take People’s cruelty
To start His power over people

He told the Eternal Father people would understand
Ransom Himself
Not to destroy the world
Believed people to be one

Eternal Father searched a woman
To conceive and bear a Son
Angel Gabriel spoke to Mother Mary
You have found favor from (Eternal) God
Holy Spirit will shine over you
You are to name Him Jesus
He will save people from their sins
To save destruction of the world

Father Christ started a Church
For People to be Universal
People don’t understand
In His Church people are saved

What are these other churches?
In there you are not saved
Don’t be fooled
By the Christ’s like religions

There is only one
Deal to the Father
Be Universal to His Church
Roman Catholic

To understand the Two Greatest Commandments
“Love God all your mind, heart, body and soul”
2nd is “Love your neighbor as yourself”
When we love our neighbor, Covers the 1st Greatest Commandment

Other Churches are misleading people
Thought they loveFather Christ
Person who created their Church 
Was the person they believed  and loved

Father Christ is very hurt
People don’t know in His Church 
You’re saved
In others you’re condemned


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Crying on the Coward's Birthday

Emily wakes up laughing
but I see tears upon her pillow.
She's so far away from
shoulders and sleeves.
Remembering surrendering.
No more pajama tops
or secrets in the dark,
just a flame burning slowly down to spark.
Where and when
then and there
she's losing track of details.
She punches the clock
and puts together
pieces of permanent plastic.
She hears a song,
her strength is gone.
She lays down her munitions.
Crying on the coward's birthday.

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Dear Poetry Soup Member ( A letter)

       Allow me to get straight into the matter.  If I have offended anyone with my poetry that 
has been posted on this site, I deeply apologize.  I'm 32 yrs old, and I am very mature 
although some of my work can be way out there.  I'm also still learning.  You guys should 
know my dad Marty Owens posts all my work because I am incarcerated and don't have 
computer access.
       Now about my "adult content" pieces, it was brought to my attention, these poems 
are "turning people off."  My fellow poets, have you read these pieces?  Most are not totally 
sexual!  There may be a couple sentences that are erotic and if so, I place "adult content."  I 
feel some poets are just not open-minded and quite frankly "too old school."  After all this is 
2010 and we are poets of today!  This is not the days of "Shakespeare!"  
       I am asking my fellow PS members to respond to this letter...I want to know you guys 
       I would like any advice concerning my work.  It's no secret, I am best at "slam" poetry!  
That is my genre, my area.  Did you guys know that 6 months ago  I couldn't tell you what a 
Haiku is?!  Senryu is?!   I seriously did not know poetry had different forms! lol  Go ahead 
and laugh.  Growing up, I just "wrote my own style"  Which I've found out is "slam"  lol  But I 
did know what a "spoken word poet" was.
       So with that said, I genuinely am sorry...I have a lot to learn.  I would love to hear any 
advice...Thank you PS.
                                      Love you guys....Jimmy M. Anderson

P.S.  Marty will send all comments and sm's to me

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The Fighter

He had come in all banged up.  
I normally lust after the tall ones, and he is relatively short --  
Having just returned from a weekend of Mixed Martial Arts,  
His left eye was swollen.  
He had a bruise across his right cheek bone.  But he was smiling.  
He was smiling, and happy, and kind, and gentle,
 brought in freshly made frittatas:
“You know he’d do it.  
“But Katie’s a nice woman.  She really is a great woman.  
I love her.  I absolutely love her.”
I want him to slam me against the bathroom wall, 
tear off my clothes, 
restrain my arms and have his way with me.
It would be so easy. 
So easy for such a quick, cheap thrill. 
 It is winter, after all 
      (Too cold for roller coasters).
I roll it around, taste it on my tongue.
“Oh,that Katie, you would love her.  I miss her.  She’s just the happiest, cutest little thing”
I’m too old for that.  I’m thirty now.  I have morals now.  I have morals.
I tell her so,
       Tell her! --
Tell her I have morals! --
I finger his card in my Rolodex,
Make note of the ten-digit number.

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Somehow they work it out and get into bed
Somehow they’d both rather make love instead
Instead of fussing about things that matter not in the long run
Somehow they work it out and the fighting is done

No one really understands how they do what they do
It may simply be the dove and his lifetime mate as they coo
Everyone marvels at the magnanimous virtue of each
Until, once again, they start firing and both run into the breach 

He did this to her and she did that to him as they bickered back and forth
And they both knew with surety that one should go south, the other one north
Give them enough time to consider their options at hand
And the next thing they’ll do will be something no one will understand

Doves mate for life or so I’ve been told by word of mouth
And neither lover really wanted to head north or south
But divisions and diverse dreams un-fulfilled had caused a rift
Yet they both remember each other’s embrace and how making love was granted as 
a gift

They decided to part as no longer partners would be the prudent plan
A winsome woman woefully in love with a wandering man
Two years later they met accidentally by the shore as their toes sifted through the 
Lo and behold today they’re once again together and that’s another thing no one 
can understand
    © 2011...Phreepoetry ~free cee!~

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The reason it hurts

The reaon it hurts so much to seperate is because our souls are connected.
Maybe they always have been and will be. Maybe we have lived a thousand lives 
before this one and in each of them we've found each other. And maybe each 
time,we've been forced apart for some the same reasons. That means that this 
goodbye is a goodbye for the past ten thousand years and a prelude to will happened 
next. When i look at you, I see your beauty and grace and know they have grown 
stonger with every life you have lived. And i know i have spent every life before this 
one searching for you. Not someone like you but you, for your soul and mine must 
always come together. And then for a reason neither of us understand we have said 
good bye.I would love to tell you that everything will be okay and work out, and i 
promise to try and do all i can to make it work between us. But is for some reason we 
never meet again and this truly goodbye, i know we will see each other in another life. 
Maybe if we find each other again the stars would have changed, and we will be able 
to love each other again but not only for this time but for all the past times we've had 

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God's Greatest Work Of Art

God’s greatest work of art isn’t mankind
It isn’t the food we eat at mealtime.

It isn’t the leaves that fall from the tree,
It isn’t the honey we get from a bee.

It isn’t the stranger who became our friend,
It isn’t the money we love to spend.

It isn’t the green grass covering the ground
It isn’t the snakes slithering around.

God’s greatest work of art can be seen everyday
It surrounds our world as we hurry on our way.

It’s the majestic sunrise that greets each day
It’s the sweet smell of fresh cut hay.

It’s a child’s smile innocent and pure
It’s a doctor’s intelligence developing a cure.

It’s the song of rain dancing on the roof
It’s the crunch of snow beneath a horse’s hoof.

It’s the gift of love we share with each other
It’s the miracle of life when you become a mother.

It’s the enchanting sunset bringing on the night
It’s the simple knowledge of what’s wrong and what’s right.

It’s the strength and courage to face our fears
It’s the gift of memories from our past years.

It’s the millions of stars blanketing the sky
It’s the flight of an eagle soaring up high.

It’s the colorful rainbow after the storm
It’s the way we come together when our lives are torn.

God’s greatest work of art isn’t mankind
It’s the birth of peace at Christmas time.

It’s a special love two people share
It’s a heavenly angel watching over us with care.

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Loss Love

Its still hard to believe
that you're gone away from me
can you get it through your head
that we are meant to be
if you cant get it through
then Im not the one for you
we been seperated for several years
I did my share
now its up to you
to change your ways
to act like a man
admit you were wrong
when you fuked my friend
and when that night
I caught you at the club
with another woman
givin kisses and hugs
It takes more of a man
to be true to his wife
it makes me so sad
youre not actin right
I still have thoughts of you
that youre comin back
its communication
that you lack,
im willing to work it out
to save this marriage
but its up to you
to pick up your slack,
but if you dont
I will love you no matter what
even when this divorce is through,
deep down within me
I still want to be with you
I want to hold you in my arms
and never let go,
I want to love you forever
and grow old
Indeed I tried so hard
to work this out
but you keep on putting me down
when in fact, it was you
who cheated on me
with a few,
my bestfriend,
your lady friend,
after all this mess,
I still love you

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Do You Hold A Grudge

I knew of a "brother" who held a grudge.
From his position.  He wouldn't "budge."

When asked why he held this...
 against a certain person.
Having nothing to do with him. 
 He was certain!

The reason for this grudge...  
Is probably "silly" to many.
When asked for a good reason.  
There wasn't any.

He said; "I don't hold any 
kind of unforgiveness."
"What I do..."  "It's none of your business!"

"I don't hold a grudge and I
 want to be clear!"
"There are some people... 
 I wish weren't here!"

Are there people in your life 
who've been "shut out.?"
"Is this what being Christ' example is all about?

Living for Christ is not about who we "avoid."
If a life of Godliness is to be fully enjoyed.

We can make "excuses" to stay
 away from somebody.
This could be your brother.  
Neighbor.  Or anybody.

Christ gave his life and wants 
us to follow his rules...
He knows all about us....  And is never fooled!

May your life be filled with 
compassion for every soul.
In doing this...  You'll be made 
complete and whole!

Discover true freedom.  Leave any 
"grudges" in the past.
Enjoy true victory in Christ...  
And a peace that 'll last!

By Jim Pembeton

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The Other Woman

Honey we've been together a few years now, but the truth is
Our love was counterfeit, those hugs and kisses were all useless
You knew I was a good man but I got no respect
I put my all into this relationship and i got nothing left
I even went to God with it but he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear
So it brings me to the point, when I tell you what you always feared
The well of love that ran dry with you I found again
But not with you, her, yes her, I'll stop beating around it then
She provided abundantly with support, when i felt pityful
It was never sexual between us, she managed to tap into my spiritual
I used to reflect back to our good time and soak my pillows with tears
Torment to my heart, to rationalize with throwing away all these years
Why couldn't we work it our is the first thought that comes to mind
But I'll hold back my tears, because my wounds will heal with time
I know this will be hard to take so please listen man
I wake up in the morning, gaze into the mirror, and see a different man
Trust my words, I would never intentionally do anything to hurt your feelings 
I tried to work it out ans it seems like my prayer wouldn't go pass the ceiling
It's not fair for me to lead you on, so I won't leave you wondering or something 
Honestly there is no longer an us, just you and I, becase there is another woman

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The spirit inside of me is telling me to move on
To pursue what it is that I desire
And what I desire is your love and energy
Before I burn out with this changing time
You’re my motivation
You’re my driving force
With you behind me, I am fine
So please open up to me
Let me inside of you
I promise not to hurt you, darling…

This journey that I chose to take
Will only burn me out if I don’t slow down!
But I’m sure that I won’t feel the pain
Not if I can just have you by my side!
And until that day comes, I’ll work hard
To get closer to you as much as I can!
I need your body, mind, and spirit
In order to make it on my journey!

With a special light shining down upon you
I feel as if you were meant to be my guide
And my inner voice tells me to follow that light
So that I can escape this darkness
You’re my guardian
You’re my angel
With you beside me, I am fine
So please don’t lock me out
And don’t push me away
I can’t give up my only hope…

This journey that I chose to take
Will only end up with much disappointment!
That is unless I can somehow
Win your heart and show you my love!
If only I can show you easily
That what I’m feeling now is completely real!
I can’t seem to find the strength to
Finish this journey without you!

This journey that I chose to take
Will only burn me out if I don’t slow down!
That is unless I can somehow
Get both your love and your energy!
And until that day comes, I’ll work hard
To get closer to you as much as I can!
I need your body, mind, and spirit
In order to survive this journey!

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are these the colors you colored?

color the world any color you like,
     the trees the sea the mountains and rivers that hide
         red yellow blue and green mix and match use one two or three,
               change the gray and black  and bring forth the light that's inside.

fill the world with fillings to be only so true
    with touches of peace love tenderness and more,
           puppy love crushes hopelessly romantics and that first kiss
                from coast to coast let these fillings wash along all shores,

listen to the sound that we never hear,
     the birds singing the wind rustling the water resting
           let them play louder then any thing else for a moment...
                 sway with the leafs tumble with the weeds a moment ever lasting,

look and see the world no one see's
      look as they move on never seeing the beauty at there feet,
               see how they block out all we once had what was once there
                        joy,hope, happiness, just fun look...some thing you didn't repeat.   
                     see you colored what you felt and listed to what you never seen 
                            taken over by meaningless emotionless THINGS
                                 if you went back in time what would you say?
                                      you stopped looking filling and listening... 
                                          you no longer color the pages you see
                                              you don't even hear the sounds...
                                                 or fill the moments you live...
                                                    your just... around.                 

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sitting underneath the thinking tree

sitting underneath the thinking tree
i think about the times we struggled for our own happiness
now we live to make each other miserable it seems
we are the best clowns constructing colors to present our facade

sitting underneath the thinking tree
i think about the moments when we would admire eastern views
now we cannot wait until the moon becomes our separation pillow
we are the best mimes mimicking benevolence to prevent instantaneous interrogation

sitting underneath the thinking tree
i think about the things we scrapbooked in our minds as memories
now we just have mounds of jigsaw puzzle hoards threatening our lives daily
we are the best comedic team perfectly disguising the fact that our union is indeed a joke

sitting underneath the thinking tree
i think about the reasons in which i have grown to love you
now we work once again on the overrepaired fixer upper which defines our love's journey
we are the best romantic reparation team often dropkicking the most centrifugal part of our interplanetary foundation

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A Poet

I love a lot about who I am....
A Mistress who has come into her own
A sister that LOVES her sisters no matter what
A friend who will fight to the end for loved ones
A hard worker that does what needs to be done
A mother who REALLY misses her cubs
A lover...enough said there
An ex wife who would love to be mean
A moderator who has to be fair
A college student wanting a new career
And I am a poet....
A poet that writes MANY different ways
I write happy and sad
I write fantasy and haunted
I write about my past and my future
I write humor when I can
I write how I want and when I want
I write for me and for others as well 
But MAKE NO MISTAKE...I will not
Change any of my work because it 
Does not make sense to you...
You see some of what I write is not meant 
To make sense in a logical way....but hey
If my work or that of any other is not to your do not have to read what I write.
I am a poet...a poet who will write what
I want any time and any place...that is what a
Poet does....we write poetry that is for us 
And makes sense for us......
I will take the good comments as well as the bad
Just do not expect me to change for you.....
After all I am....A poet......

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Never get enough sleep
or enough money.
The baby won't stop crying.
The bills are late again.
Go to work each day.
God knows I'm trying.
Can't grasp the concept of living.
But, I'm happy anyway.

Sanity's hard to keep
It's not even funny.
The wine bottle's always chilled.
I drink in my corner.
Trapped in the same hole
where morality is killed.
Sure sucks getting older.
But, none of it bears on my soul.

Can't ever make it on time
Why bother trying?
Cold rain sends chills down my spine,
Now my mother is calling.
An urge to hide away
tempts, still I decline.
Holding on to keep from falling
But, I'm smiling anyway.

Don't get along with my ex.
There's no denying
that life's always a struggle.
Hurts staying above.
Insane and dramatic
Issues to juggle
All the while I fell in love.
And this love keeps me ecstatic,

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Share each and every year.
They give their best.
They are motivated individuals,
Who have passed the test,
Which covers nobility, generosity, sincerity, and pride.
They lead us to the path of happiness and success,
With their hearts opened wide.
They guide the future to vast horizons,
With unselfish guidance.
The chief examples of patriotism,
Of living the American way,
Each and every day.

wrote 4-29-10

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Beating Burse

which ways left 
which ways right,
im running so fast,
To Catch you agian,
To be right where you are,
You keep,
You keep Running through my HEAD!!

I always end up saying,
things I never meant,
And another one gone,
Here I am Left,

i've fallen into a hole,
so deep knowone can see me,
Knowone Can here my scream,
I'll Lay here forever without you wanting me,

Just pull me out of this pitch black,
I'll make it by myself to the light,
I'll cry his name one last time,

Another Butterfly feeling left behind.

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Between You And Me

Some of the little things
That tried to brake us apart
Should of made us strong in our hearts
Because you are the love of my life
I love being your wife
I treasure all our moments together
It is the funny things 
That you do, makes me smile
And life is good with you
That our love can last awhile

Between you and me
We can make our love right
Between you and me
And we can love each other 
Between you and me
We can last forever

When we started out
Others and they had there doubts
They said we wouldn't make it
Between you and me
We can work out the mistakes
Together we can work it out
Together we can make it
Threw all the hard times, rough roads
We've climbed over mountians
Carried some heavey loads
Together we are rasing a family
And my sisters to
And if we have arguments
Between you and me
Realize we all make mistakes
But it takes us to make it right
( Repeat chours)

Some of the little things
That tried to brake us apart
Should of made us strong in our hearts
Because you are the love of my life
I love being your wife
I treasure all our moments together
It is the funny things 
That you do makes me smile
And life is good with you
That our love can last awhile

Between you and me

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If I could bring into my head
That stupidity is dead,
Walk the street towards the park
Without hearing a bad remark
On the way myself I carry
Or the reason my face is merry.
If I could only make my head
Understand the way I dread
All the mean faces I see
That direct their hate to me
Every morning in the subway,
Every chance I have a say.
If I could only turn the heads
Of the owners of the lands
In which happiness is drained
From children too work strained. 
If only I could choose the head
That brings a country better bread.
If only I could earn the power
To make a change in the shower
Of poverty and guilt and suffering
And sadness and death and crying.
If only I could tell the world
That peace can be won with a word…

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If you can, tilt this way
right now for the first time 
my work is on consignment
yet , I'm still waiting to be paid
I suppose if this is how it must be 
for these moments 
just for you 
I'll work for free
can I whisper to you how many colors I see in a sunset
or the brighter side of a rainy day
share with me some of your lime light
and if you can , if you have the energy
c'mon and tilt this way

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Haiku Sonneteering

Golden morning light moments prior to pastel holds so many hues
Waking into beams shining on our window screens rise no time to lose
Stumbling out of bed standing taller once again things becoming clear
Automatic drive eliminating thinking slipping into gear

Sitting holding cup lost in concentration coffee waking thoughts
In my mindless state  wrapped together tightly unconnected caught
Take another sip then gather a few to use lightly brushed in prose
Noticing the way that the Summer helps the muse rise from sweet repose

Wending through the day enjoying every part light and carefree hearts
Skip to summer breeze so contented with the ease life wings on to please
Endless Summer days remembered  youthful  romance evening foggy haze
Seasons too soon turn  each carries lovers delight   lately lazy days

So we savor time  enjoying what we're given living hand in hand
Gardening and tied loving every moment grateful of eden

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Slave for Life~

I close my eyes and remember the place, 
The place that makes me happy
The place where I can remember thoughts of you
When you left I thought all was lost…
Until I finally met her,
Walking through the mall I saw her
Small waist and such a sweet face we finally met. 
Today we are considered as one
Many may not agree but we are in love and we are a family
She loves me and I love her!
Dreams of a better life drives us to wake up every day
Working hard to provide and 
To show her how a true queen feels 
This I know… 
A constant reminder of my laziness 
I am stuck at work
Considered a house nigga I have to work
Educated and dressed well I am a slave
I work everyday and own nothing
Modern day slavery extends to all low-income family’s
Work every day and be considered free
Back in the day you would be just another slave like me~

By: John Cornell

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coming home to you

i took a drive one night, trying to clear my head
staring throught the window pane at the road ahead
all the stars a flashing interacting with the clouds
trafic roaring screaching growling like a wounded hound

then i passed by your house you were staring at at the window
dreaming of those happy days when you had your friends around
pulling up i look up at you and then i start to wave
looking down you smiled at me as if your heart was saved

my work is done im coming home coming home to you
to hold you and to see you smile like you allways do
ill bring you flowers and write you songs of how you make me feel
then you wake up next to me and i just doesnt feel its real

now im back on that same road tyres dancing with the winter
car slides from side to side dreams flash before my eyes
dreaming of you and i so in love forever 
passing through the sands of time  holding hands with heather

 now im passing by your house as you were staring at at the window
dreaming of those happy days when we were there alone
pulling up i look up at you and then i start to wave
looking down you smiled at me as if your heart was saved

my work is done im coming home coming home to you
to hold you and to see you smile like you allways do
ill bring you flowers and write you songs of how you make me feel
then you wake up next to me and i just doesnt feel its real

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Is This Goodbye Forever?

Is this goodbye forever?
Soon you’ll set off on your new endeavor
And I will be here
Sitting and waiting
For the day you’ll come home
But don’t worry about me baby
Ill be fine.

I try to tell myself that this is good for you
And I know it is
But I feel left out
Pushed to the side
I can’t help but feel this way

The days are long
The nights drag on
One day
Then two
I don’t see you

I remain faithful
As I hope you do
I create my calendar
Solemnly around you
Waiting for the day
You will want to be with me
No one else 
Just me

Don’t worry
I see your efforts
Sometimes I just don’t feel them
Yet I know
If this is meant to be
Indeed it will

So I will rest 
Upon that thought
Upon your beauty
And your word

So if this is goodbye forever
It is now me
Who shall set off on her new endeavor.

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He Touches My Soul (French Retourne)

His heart reached out to touch my soul 
Resonating warmth fills my heart
His eyes are as black pools of gold
Handsome ~ statuesque~ work of art

Resonating warmth fills my heart
The passion flows from deep within
Our mirrors of the soul are locked, 
A genteel kiss cannot be sin 

His eyes are as black pools of gold.
My heart does soar like a lark
His touch to me ~ tender yet bold
From this love I will not depart

Handsome ~ Statuesque ~ work of art
His caring soul fills to the brim
He is the true beat of my heart
How I grin when I think of him

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Not my child in school acting like disobedient clown . When I'm not around . The 
teachers telling me this and that. How could this be? When they don't act like  
this around me.
Not my child in school in and out of their seat disrupting the class. How long will 
this last? Do I come to the school and bring correction with me? My child is a 
reflection of who I am.This is why correction is in place. Take your pick at the 
method that is used.My child will not abuse the teacher with excuses of of why 
they can't behave. A rod of correction will drive this foolishness out.
     My child will not be an embarrassment to me; acting like there's no home 
training.My child will do their classwork , pay attention, and follow along.Coming 
up to the school will no longer be an issue.
    My child is in school obeying all the rules. The parents and the teachers must 
work hand and hand;and the community please help when you can. My child  and
your will have a good start with helping hands that care.

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Work Hard, Work Harder

Work hard, work harder, 
Work hard, work harder. 
Be strong, Get stronger. 
Be bold, Get bolder. 
Say so long to burdens,
On your shoulders.

wrote 6-2-10

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Time to let go

I think its time for me to go; you hurt me to many times. You want me to stay, but I 
think its time to let go.
We tried to work it out to many times, your trying to make up like last time, but I 
can’t stay. I think its time we let go.
I love you, I really do, but this ain’t go work out. You still young, trying to run the 
streets. I think its time we let go.
I won’t cry, I won’t yell, I just need time to work on me. And I see that you don’t 
understand that. So I think its time we let go.

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Lovingly insane

The memory of one night recently
Still wanders intently through my brain
I hear your voice in darkness and it leaves me
Longing for more and it excitedly drives me insane
You again had taken me places, and I ever so willingly went,
That no man has ever been able to find
All that with just you speaking to me through the phone line
Even with many around you made me feel safe with your voice being so sweet,
sexy and very kind
If all this with just talking over the phone imagine if I again ever get your touch
No control for me would be able to be contained because I need that so much
but this with her is something you have to do, you have to try
Yet you hold your hands to cover my eyes from this your afraid I'll cry
You keep the truth from me because of how I may take it I need to know why
I'm stronger now than you know
Do you cover my eyes from your truth
Because you don't just want to hurt my feelings and you want them spared
Or do you hold you hand there 
Because deep down for me you and in love with me to and it's more right now 
then you realize or let yourself care
You go ahead and try to work it all out between you two
Hope she feels lucky or once again have another chance with you
I sure would if in her shoes
I would show you all what as a man you deserve
I hope you give it a really good chance on making it all work out
Because if you didn't you wouldn't be the man you are and have always been to 
everyone who's ever known you
You wouldn't then be doing just everything  you could possibly do
It's true
So do it don't stop until you're done
If you need someone to talk to
I'll still be here
And still be trying not for you to shed one single tear
And please know that I have always loved you
I believe towards me you feel that way to
Here is where I'll be
If and when you need me
When you remember when you see
The other night so recently
How the memory wanders through your brain
How we can yet still drive each other so lovingly insane

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An Undercover Christian

During your life’s journeys,
 is there an ambition…
In becoming, (what others would call),
 an “undercover Christian?

Do you hide the “badge of the cross” 
under your sleeve?
When others approach you…  
Do you wish they’d leave?

You may not want anyone to know
 What you really believe.
What kind of answer… From you…
would others receive?

Would it be an answer of a Godly
 and faithful love?
In serving a God who reigns
 in the heavens above?

Could you give a reason for the faith
 in a savior’s saving power.
Can you be an example for Christ… 
This very hour???

Would there be any doubt of the God
 whom you serve?
Before someone can 
“throw you another curve?”

I pray, that as Christians,
 we can be very certain.
Of our faith in Christ…
before life’s final curtain

I pray that in us, others can see
Christ’ love in action
Following in his steps needs to be
 our daily reaction…

There’s no “undercover Christians”
serving the God that I know.
He’s looking for someone who’ll serve him
 in body, mind and soul…

Are you someone that God
 can truly depend?
Are you someone whom 
God can call;  “FRIEND?”

By Jim Pemberton 

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The Struggle

The struggle within
Everyday I fight with self 
Everyday I hate something I have or have not done yet
Mad at the mistakes I have made
Yet becoming a woman by my mistakes
Mad at the world
Walking with out guidance
Becoming a lover of what has no true meaning
Learning to please me
Learning to live for what is meaningful to me
Learning to condition my mind and heart to work together
Playing the game of life to win without actually playing
Stepping away from what I despise
Not conforming to imperfect man’s ridiculous rules
Putting priorities in order 
My existence is to set the record straight
Love it, like it or leave it 
I am the listening ear with no one to listen to me
I am here on my own 
Taking my own advice
The realization is that most people have no clue
No clue of what to do with them selves other than work
We work to get by, to buy things that do not matter,
To impress people who hate what is within
We all walk around constantly insecure
Insecure that someone wants something we have
What is that we have?
Everything that we have is in our mind, heart and soul
For many including me lose our mind, heart or soul
All for nothing, for something that has no true baring in life
Who will love simplicity?
Who will feel and love what is within?
Who will bring back meaning to the world of lost souls?

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To Be Like Daddy

To be like Daddy, In his minds eye.

To drive a Truck, He constantly cried.

To be like Daddy, Abiding his time.
Most determine, No changing his mind. 

To be like Daddy, He wanted most.

Being a Trucker, Coast to Coast.

To be like Daddy, Entering his fate.

A Trucker driving, The Interstate.
To be like Daddy, It's not bad.

My little Boy's, Just like his Dad.

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   I wonder how it feels to love someone I mean really love someone 
  Meaning you devote your time and energy to that person And you are willing to 
risk your life for that person. That’s a risk you take for love. When you really love 
someone you stick with that person whether he is tight or wrong. Don’t belittle 
him make him feel like he’s a king. You compromise and make things work you 
don’t just give up on a relationship that you have worked so hard to preserve, you 
make it work even if it means you have to suffer for a while. Love is a beautiful 
thing but you have to be willing to make some sacrifices. To love someone there 
are some risks you have to take .But no matter you should love that person 
through his faults .

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got this friend
she got
kids, job, life
she got it alone
she don't moan
she just keep 
clickkin that pen
doin her thing
keepin it clean
wishin I had a way
somehow say
i admire you

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Labor Of Love

Most of us all go to work in a very negative way.
Most of us can't wait for the end of our work day.
I happen to be one of the above.
Oh, to experience a true labor of love.
I'm not talking about a hobby or freely giving
one's services to charity to those most deserving.
I'm talking about a labor of love that provides a descent living
in these economic times most unforgiving.
I can't imagine what it must feel like waking up every morning every day
and can't wait to get to work because it's the highlight of my day.
A true labor of love for me I believe
would be to continue sharing with all of you my poetry
but alas, that's a labor of love that is most unlikely.
My poetry will most likely always be for me
My Labor Of Love Hobby.

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The Ultimate Maze

Lost in this maze
This maze I call my brain
Trying to break through these walls
To where she never calls
As life ticks away
I'm lost, lost in this maze

Take it as it's given
Play the hand you were dealt
It all sounds so easy
When YOU'RE the one dishing it out
What do you do when the line makes you?
I'm lost, lost in this maze

How do you solve it when you can't start from the end?
You have to work your way through it
Hit every wall, turn around at every dead end
Thoughts of confusion
From questions with no deanswer
I'm lost, lost in this maze

Never know what's wrong
Never know what's right
Will it ever end?
What's the point?
Who do you listen to when you can't trust anyone?
What do you do when nothing will be right?
where do you go when you just want to escape?
I'm lost, lost in this maze

To everyone else this is just drama
A real life soap opera
They don't seem to realize 
This is my world crumbling down around me
Crushing me under it's weight
I'm lost, lost in this maze

Advice comes from every corner
Support from every sturdy wall
But here comes that edge again
Slicing me open like i'm the specimen
Laughing as I bleed
I'm lost, lost in this maze

No on can relate
No on surely 'knows'
No matter what they say, this is how it goes;
Those you want to talk to most
You can't work up the nerve
Those you want to go away
Ask a question in every word
I'm lost, lost in this maze

What's going on?
Where am I headed?
Why is this happening to me?
why are you doing this?
Pushing me like this?
Abusing me like this?
Confusing me like this? 
Does it matter? 
Is anyone even listening?

This fake smile covers my face
They say I can't act, but I have them all believing
I never used to frown
Now I'm breaking down
Are you testing me? 
Is this all a dream?
I'm lost, lost in this maze

I run faster
My heart pumps
My head spins
My breathe restricts
I'm confused
I'm hurt
I'm lonely
I'm lost
Lost in this maze
This maze I call my brain

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I was lost in the world and thought that to be happy was to settle
I thought that true love or the one was just a matter of fiction

I had caged my heart in a box made of metal
And made my work more like an addiction

I thought when you had kids with someone you had to always be with them
Be responsible meet her needs and do the right thing

I thought it was forever even if my heart said it should end
I thought i had to honor her and give her the ring

The many times she put me down the times she hurt me inside and out
I still stayed and said its your job to put up with it because you have kids

I never thought i would ever find what true love was all about
Its as if love was on the auction block and i had all the low bids

But then the strangest thing happend to me when i had givin up hope
When i was upset and coming home from work i saw her walking by

I thought to myself do i have a chance and my mind replied and said nope
Then i thought i could keep going but she really caught my eye

So i said what the heck and turned my bike around too talk to her
I was so nervouse i forgot to take off my helmet

I tried to say something smooth but my mind was just a blur
My words came out shaky and i started to swet

I asked her for her number and if i could take her out to eat
She replied ever softly and granted my request

My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest with every beet
Because somehow i knew she was not like the rest

She said yes but she never saw my face so why would she agree
I could have ben disfigured or had a third eye

So i asked her why she said yes and she said it was how you spoke to me
She said she figured i was a nice guy

So anyway we met again and it was love at first sight
The second that we saw eachother it was like an instant connection

So iguess i can say my heart was right
And it pulled me in the right direction

People always say to listen to your head and your life will be better 
Because listening to your heart will only get you pain

And to those people is why i write this letter
Because when i listend to my heart it wasnt the same

You see my head said to leave and i didnt have a chance
But my heart said to give it a go

And now i have true romance
And a love that makes me glow

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Yesterdays' Thoughts'

                             An old man standing on his porch
                             The sun so hot it feel's like a torch
                             Strawhat pulled down to shade his eyes
                            In the distance he hears a lonesome Dove cry
                            He works from sunup everyday,till late afternoon
                             Stands on his porch, and looks at the moon
                             He thinks of his wife and happier days
                             But she is no more,God called her away
                                  He now lives all alone
                              No one to share his humble home
                              His children have moved far away
                                   Looking for a better way
                               Tears in his eyes he wipes away
                               His thoughts are of yesterday

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The Inner Sanctum

I looked around your great cathedral,
And saw many marvelous works,
Works of Hebrew, Latin,and Greek
Works that were fashioned by the great Michaelangelo.  
Now he being fashioned in a great sleep.
After times past, I would go in and look.

The arc of the ceiling spelled words that entered my heart.  The pictures praised 
words that would fall as plaster.
The dynamic brush strokes are wiped away with time and the most of the paint is 
transparent and dull.
Many  people find their way through this place and see the memory.  

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take it back.

Sunny sky's 
            dark nights,
                       forbidden love 
                              and the hearts bite.
the mighty dollar,
            middle class,
                      pay check to pay check,
                                thee unheard laughs.
from 58' to 08'
             time not on your side,
                         wanting and needing,
                                 timeless tears quick to hide.
love a word forgotten,
              three years of marriage
                            was it all for nothing?
                                      todays love sits lost in a carnage.
smile for all mask needs one
                laugh for that's truly all you own,
                             like for love... you don't know 
                                         then repeat thats what's shown,
remove it all for one moment,
                 remember when own it,
                               your not all that you have are want,
                                            you are letting it slip.
this isn't what you wanted,
                   as a child happiness was your goal,
                                 a walk, a talk, a friend simple enough?
                                            the world has you...but not your soul. is it worth it?
                  do we leave wishing  we lived?
                                  is this our journey or their way?
                                            smile love and remember... to live.

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Love works

It bothers me,
That you can’t see,
This can work out,

Let’s runaway,
Today’s our day,
This can work out.

We’ll fight for all,
It’s worth the fall,
This can work out,

Promise you won’t bail,
Our love won't fail,
This will work out.

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Cycle of Love

One minute you say you love me..
The next minute your griping and yelling.

Within an hour we start talking and stop bickering.
Then at the end of the day you come home and start your clamoring.

A week goes on and we don't speak.
I ponder to myself quietly that this marriage is looking very bleak.

The weekend is here and you seem placid.
I start the conversation and we begin chatting.

The weekend went wonderfully as we stepped out for the night.
Then the date ended sourly, I got lost and that starts a fight.

Several weeks go by and I barely see or spend time with you.
When you do come home from work, why do we always argue?

Our anniversary comes and, we celebrate sixteen up and down years.
Though through it all, our love will endeavor even through the tears.

Marriage is an everyday work in progress..
But, if we work together we will get through the rest.

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I'm your nurse

I am your nurse
I like Southpark
I am a closet Southpark liker
I like a $400 bank overdraft protection
especially during this recession that does not exist
I  wonder if can live without tangerines and chapstick
I like Vets
I like to hear what they say
I am comforted by the comfort I give
I am tender, business like, funny, professional, apologetic
I am lucky to be a nurse

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I give God the praise;
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
In the womb by Him you were knit and tied.
You are His work I can tell.  
Astonishing!  I know full well
He even created who you are deep inside-

For His image and His likeness you were given,
You are the work of His hands,
So wonderful.
In your soul He breathed His life and now you're living,
And with salvation
You are meek and beautiful.

On the day that you were made,
There in the secret place
Your frame was not hidden from Him.
God saw you yet unformed,
And even before you were born,
All the days of your life He ordained them.

And how precious are His thoughts concerning you!
How vast is the sum of them!  They're more than a few.
Countless as the grains of sand, His words fall like dew
Every morning when He approaches with mercies ever new-

You He will awake,
For He delights in whom He has made
And crowned with glory and honor.
He makes much ado
About beautiful you,
For you're His child and He's your Father.

Psalm 139:14

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To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern,
I found a way to learn,
To set fire and let burn,
All the money I did earn....

It was easy as heck to do,
If you wish, I'll show you...
How to do it too,
You'll know this all is true,

In no time, it would take,
So, for heaven's sake,
I'll show you fast to make,
A pile of money bake.....

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The Dream

I keep dreaming of our house;
you know the one in the south.

It's beautiful with a bit of land;
and we are only minutes from the sand.

Through the years you continue your guiding hand;
even when our kids think we are bland.

When the kids only care what brand;
and they try to keep their butts from getting tanned.

You see I'll get home from work first;
fixing drinks to cure the kids thirsts.

Making dinner at the stove;
listening for the car that you drove.

Sitting and relaxing on our back porch;
our only light a teeky torch.

Resting to get ready for another work day;0
happy where my head gets to lay.

Directly up under you;
Antonio, I love you!

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Married Life

He comes home from work, tired and weary just needing to relax,
    When she starts fussing you don’t ever show you love me, catching all her 
Honey he said I love you but I’m tired I had a hard day.
    She said at least you get out of the house that’s all I can say.
I don’t want to fight so won’t you please just leave me alone,
     She says maybe you’ll be happier when I pack up and out of your life I’ll be 
He knew he couldn’t win ,
    Not with the mood she was in.
So he said baby let me drink this one beer and I will shower and take you to town,
     She said well hurry up, the whole time glaring at him showing her frown.
To town they headed and he asked where she would like to go,
     How about lets take in a restaurant and later a show?
Where would you like to dine was his next reply?
     She looked at him and started to say something but instead began to cry.
She said it’s over you don’t love me so why do you pretend?
     What did I do he asked, I wasn’t trying to offend?
Just work and come home it’s always the same,
      While I sit home all alone just wondering what happened to loves flame.
She said I fix myself up nice in hopes that you might see.
      But you pay more attention to the television than you do to me.
She said it hurts and I think you’re a jerk.
      You put me second to things including your work.
Well he stops the car and gently wipes the tears from her eyes.
      And says I’m sorry please don’t cry.
Well they share a long embrace and he drives away looking now for a motel.
      And the rest of the story is personal not needing to tell.
          Goodnight All…..?

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Do What You Love

If "play is the work of a child"
Then never grow up,
Except in understanding.
And in learning what you love, 
Search and find it in reality
And do it with enjoyment.

Live out your childhood.

But if work is the stress of life
As an adult, then
Execute strategic planning
"Like a small beginning
to a mighty end". It's your play!
Be happy with your employment.

Make moves for your good.

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Love wants to intervene. So you can stay clean. The action you choose not only 
affect you ;but those that love you. An addiction is  a affliction that's a contradiction 
to the real you.
There's so much friction between the two personalities. This is why your family 
desires to use some intervention. With the intention to save the person they used 
to know.
So with bended knees and tears in their eyes.They release their petitions to the 

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Have I Changed

People tell me that I’m not the person I use to be
Tell me what has changed about me
Is the thought that I don’t want to be lonely
Or is it the thought of me literally

Have I strayed more away from Ty
Because I busy worrying about some guy
Have I gave up all my needs 
In this reality 
Just so some guy can be with me

Have I changed because I’m afraid to be alone?
And remained by my self
Because it feels only in my mind that I need to be with someone else
Have I changed because I don’t spend much time with my son?
Because every day I’m always on the run

Have I changed because people made me changed?
Or I made my self actually

People don’t know how I feel or even know what’s going on with me
And if they knew 
I wonder how would they looked or think of me
Probably the same way they think or looked now
What am I supposed to say to that wow?

When I sit here and think about it I have changed 
Not because of Zaya
 And not because of Drew
But because of the emptiness I felt inside after it felt like I lost the love of my life 
Ever since drew my life has changed

Not because of them but because of me
Feeling lonely
Not knowing how to be alone
Knowing that it’s ok to be alone

Because being alone hurts
And nobody likes being alone 
But I guess if that person is bringing you down
There is no other option but to turn your life around

Before every thing you work so hard for all comes to an end
And at the end nothing has been accomplished 
And everything you work hard for is gone
And their wont be nothing to do but think about how wrong everything has gone

I guess the best thing for me to do is be alone for a while 
So that my life can grow 
And I can accomplished more than I ever wanted in life 
Because you never know what you have until is gone

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Children in the Marketplace

Will it be the actors?
Will it be the singers?
Or will it be the dancers
Who bring the Gospel 
With a twist?
Or will it be the pastors,
The apostles and the prophets,
The teachers and evangelists?

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The Message

  I asked God for something
And in return he sent me a message
I feel I didnt ask right
Because it didnt work out
  I asked a while back
For a boyfriend
and three times
I said I love you
Three guys...
And it didn't work out
  The message was probably
"Be patient, my girl
For love awaits
The one true love
will come,
But its not him"
  So sadness falls and flaws
He hurt me, I hurt myself
And all in all
It didnt work out

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Loving You

I dont know what to do 

Know matter what I try,
it's never enough for you,
I'm never enough for you.

I try my best but you never,
see, all you see is what you 
want to see.

I love you with every ounce
of my soul and belive me 
when I say it's not a easy
job loving you.

But know matter how much I
love you, you dont see it, you
dont even see that I'm willing
to put hard work twords loving 

Your a hard am to please, but 
I'm willing to do so, even though
I may gripe a complain.

I dont really understand what 
it is you want out of me, but
I'll try to understand, though 
it may be hard, cause we
all know, it's no secret I'm
not the brightest person ever.

But it's so hard to do so, that's 
loving and pleasing you.

Hopefully you will see one 
day, all my hard work I
put twords loving you, and 
I pray to God when you
see that, you will realize 
all the hardship you'v put
me through and stop being so

I'm never going to stop loving 
you, know matter the hardships
I go through, even when I'm
dead and in heaven I'll still love

So I'll sit here pacentily waiting 
for you to see with your heart, the 
love I have for you.

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I would build you a glorious palace
with ornamental roads and
wondrous sculptures if I could,
but I only have these two clumsy hands
to work with. 

They are the best I have to offer you
but these hands will work wonders
if given the chance.
The trouble is, I don't really

know if I should have that chance.
Sometimes you have to do the best with
what you have to work with
and these hands may accidentally destroy

the very thing they are trying to make so
beautiful for you.

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forget trying to find happiness
forget trying to solve all this stress
forget thinking you really love me
forget the promises you told me
forget the house you bought me
forget the diamond ring i'm wearing
that stuff dont mean a thing to me

forget the house
forget the car
forget the keys 
to my heart
forget the love
you dont share
forget believing
you still care

i wanted to make things right
i thought you was mr.right
i was wondering can we work it out
your atitude shows you dont care

forget the house
forget the car
forget the keys
to my heart
forget the love
you dont share
forget believing
you still care

forget trying to find happiness
forget trying to solve all this stress
forget thinking you really love me
forget the promises you told me
forget the house you bought me
forget the diamond ring i'm wearing
that stuff dont mean a thing to me

i wanted to make things right
forget the stuff mr.right
i was wondering can we work it out
your atitude shows that you dont care
forget believing you care

forget the house
forget the car
forget the keys
to my heart
forget the love
you dont share
forget believing
you still care

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McHuge a Love

 McHuge a Love 
McHuge a Love 

ewe can no more beard an eagle than prove it means the world: 
no sooner bald an eagle than anylyze a god; 
yet GOD amazes us alighted or aloft: 
and gives us faith so much 
a verse eye found on a book of poetry 
altered by this poet mee 
in all humility for Heather and the ewe 
my splendid love 
still inside my aged heart 
writ by Charlax Bard

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With God

With God-
All things are possible
With God-
All things are possible
With God-
All things are possible

Because nothing-
Is impossible with God

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Swimming slowly in a pool
playing video games with you
helps me to unwind
but there is one thing that does it 
every time
when you rub my tired feet
I slowly smile, forget the work week
I forget all the stress
I wish those rubs were endless

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Hear the Father ask

Why don’t you trust Me?  I hear the Father ask.

Do you think I am such that I would lead you into an action and leave you?  Don’t 
you believe I am with you always – in everything you do?  You aren’t to be directed 
by others, but by ME!  Their thoughts and feelings are not to control your walk, I 

Stop reacting to their words, by stopping what I have put into action.  To each I 
speak and to each I give direction, because they are each different now, does not 
mean they are not to be done.  For they all work together as I have planned.

If it is man who decides, then I am not in control, therefore I am not in it.  Follow 
Me, not man.  I am the one who loves you, it is I who desires all to dwell with Me 
in My kingdom.

Some may have good intentions, but still falter.  I falter not!  I know exactly what I 
want done, I only want you to obey and be My tool in doing it.

If you love Me, believe Me, I won’t lead you far off and leave you.  You are My child 
and I love you.

Walk in faith, you claim you have it, now act on it!  Walk with Me, I have control.  
Even if you take a turn in the wrong direction I am here to bring you back, or am I 
unable?  Am I your God?  Am I the one who created all?  Beginning and end?

If you believe that I am, then can’t you believe that I can lead you back on the right 
road when you stray?  I see the heart of man, I don’t have to guess what he is 
inside. If he is for Me, then he can do anything, if he is not then I will stop him.

I AM the judge, not man!

As My child, do as I direct you to do, not faltering from others looks and remarks.  
I will care for them as I care for you.  My work will be done!  Let Me work through 
you, My child, let all hear of My love that they may be with Me in my kingdom as I 
want so.

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Define Love

Violently you whisper
Childishly you lead me on
You paint your empty picture
As you scare away the break of dawn

You call yourself a work of art
I fail to see your meaning
Your presence scares the shades
The shades of red, your tainting red

Oh, pick up your pen
Finish what you started
Erase, erase those lines
Or darken, darken cause I’m blind

Lie! I lie!
The hidden beauty of your wings
Just captivate me
That face of yours just takes my breath away
It scares the daylight out of me

You call yourself a work of art
I failed to see at the start
Your world, my world collide
I see you
Do you see me?

Frightfully you come near
Quietly you disappear
I paint my empty heart and
I end up with you just smiling there

Oh, I pick up my pen
I finished what I started
Erasing is no easy thing
Your face defines my everything

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They Won't Forget

She was from one side of the ocean
Where the people were busy
Hustling, bustling
Busy, was she

He was from the other side of the ocean
Where life was a bit slower
Moseying along
Slower, was he

It was in a metropolis they both had worked
Employed by the same company, same payer
He dreamed of climbing the ladder to success
She dreamed of the knights from her prayers

It was a corporate event, all were gussied up
Dancing, mayhem, the gossip, even the frill
He was bored with the same old same old
She was taken by someone in for the kill

He left the scene quickly headed for the door
She was cornered by one, for whom she had no eye
He headed for a bar across the street with friends
She was thankful a friend had pulled her bye bye

It was at the bar he noticed her presence
She, too, noticed him, giving him the eye
He said to the barkeep, “drinks, for all here”
She knew she had to meet him, lest she’d die

He, slowly, but assured, walked toward her
She pretended not to see and turned away
He said, “Hello, how are you this evening?”
That was all he ever had to say.

They talked for hours, shot the breeze
Had more drinks, then made some plans
He called a car for her, to get home safe
They kissed a little and held hands

It was a night he will remember
It was a night she’d never forget
They are grateful, now they’re married
That was the night that they had met

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Loving you was something I chose to do; not something I was  forced to do but  
because you willfilly with great intentions and lots of love extentions to release 
past tensions of a love that did not last.

Never asking you to rehearse the past, only hoping that this love I have for you  
will last and heal your painful past.

Loving you for you and not what you do, but in loving you with observation has 
caused me to have reservations that has ceased a lot of my temptations.

Yeah,loving you was something you could not see,due to your snotty attitudes 
you have displayed to me.Loving you was something I wanted to do;but now I'm 
crying the blues in the midst of giving my love to you. Although I thought we gelled 
together like glue.

Loving you without all those attitudes has become very hard for me, loving you, 
you see;loving you brought me to a new horizon  with no surprises that I love 
you.Take the chance of the romance becoming a nuisance. 

loving you is like dead weight that I hate. Don't get me wrong ,the love I have for 
you is long and strong . It's just waiting for you to break; that has given me a 
terrible headache.

Maybe your painful past is something you want to last .What I have to say is have 
a blast  being stuck in your painful past. Time is a precious commodity and I 
don't plan on wasting anymore time on thee.I must see what the next horizon 
may bring.Without you in my life ,I will survive you see because loving you was 
something I wanted to do and was not forced to do.

Loving you  has caused me misery that has  to end .Loving you shouldn't have to 
be blue. Although I'm blue, I still love you . If you want the next relationship to 
last,give up the love lost of the past.

Loving you  was something I wanted to do.   

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You give me this feeling

          You give me this feeling 
           Like i'm looking through a glass window 
           I can see you and I can feel you
           but some how i'm unable to touch 
           I crave your kisses like plants crave rain
           I'm infatuated with your mind 
           your body I would slave for if I wasn't pure
           and your soul I try to touch it every chance
           I get. When it's in the moment at least. 
           But my fingers they only leave fingerprints 
           on the foggy window that's so distorted.
           I will always remember how it feels
           to hold you and have it actually mean
           something. But for now i'm looking through a window
           The sun is shining outside tempting me 
            to go.  But i'm afraid. 
            I know what will happen if I let you in again. 
            you will hurt me. 
             Your soul deserves freedom and I would be work to you.
              Work to be together. Work to stay together.
                You do enough working just to live yourself. 
                 I don't want to put any extra hardships on 
                  your shoulders. 
               Your not afraid to contradict my views 
             Your always there when I need to hear the truth 
               Your above me 
            In my mind i'm not worthy
           It's hard to see how I could fit in 
          How I even tried to in the beginning
           But some how in this weird way
           we seem to fit just like a glove
         It feels right when I'm hugging you
          But when your look at it through 
          wide logical eyes it won't make any sense
              So we should just stay apart.
                 But is that what we both really want? 
                 You give me this feeling?
                     Don't you feel it? 
               How right " We" could be
                 just you and me
    I sigh as I look out the window
       I won't get my answer.
           Maybe we will never know.  
           But you give me this feeling.

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My weary head, it trembles so
From all the work throughout the day
So upon this pillow, I place it now
To chase that day away

My eyes then close, but still to see
As light then does appear
There on a cloud, I see you there
Your voice, I then do hear

I go to you, I reach for you
You take my hand in yours
We share this cloud of fluffiness
As love just then outpours

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The Honeyed Abyss, The Night Torn

Palms brush-stroke impressions,
Moonbeams stoke, seep and melt,
Sliding skin diffusing,
Gazelle liquid eyes shimmer fathomless,
Hair, charcoal dew - yarn-spun,
Frames the night,
Sealing silken whispers electric,
Comingling: The Honeyed Abyss,
Enraptured in the sparkle of Orion.

Fingertip streams,
Unclasp Time's necklace:
Purest Now.

The life lifted,
The landfall - Dream.
The Nature Awakened,
Yearning eternity
imprinting commentary
on the moment.

The night torn,
Just plucked away,

The cruel birds arrive,
I know, I know: