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Love Water Poems | Love Poems About Water

These Love Water poems are examples of Love poems about Water. These are the best examples of Love Water poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Love Becomes An Ocean

Barefoot we spent our time in spring, Just giggling kids - how sweet the dream. Both we and love were blossoming. We’d splash inside a cool fresh stream. Our time in spring - how sweet the dream! A few years passed; there came an ache for something more in summertime. We felt such heat! Down by the lake we soothed our ache. It was sublime down by the lake in summertime! The decades fled. An autumn love now finds us strolling casually along a shore. An ocean of devotion flows deep as the sea. An autumn love - deep as the sea! For the Manassian Quintain Contest of Craig Cornish

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Moonlight On The Bay

Beside the rustic harbor stands a lighthouse on a hill
It keeps a watchful vigil o’er the waters deep and still
At night the harbor waters shine almost as bright as day
And nothing is as beautiful as moonlight on the bay
The shores stretch out their golden arms along the rugged land
The waters seem to sing and dance across the golden sand
A cool and salty ocean breeze blows softly through my hair
As tiny sparkling water droplets gently fill the air 

I stand next to the water's edge and listen while it sings
The water seems to know the gentle comfort that it brings
I long to have you at my side beside the shining sea
While list'ning as the water brings your image back to me

Though we are very far apart I still can see your smiles
As the water whispers soft and sweet across the many miles  
I hear your sparkling laughter and it softly seems to say 
“I love you”, and it fills my heart like moonlight on the bay

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Goodbye, My Child

Where cradled canyons sing
Of ebony wood in the forest
There lies a gurgling spring
Where cockcrows sing their chorus
To the melody of singsong birds
There I’ve concealed my sensuous words
Filled with befitted signs
The saccharine whiff of my designs

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

Where the fogs of night are fountains
Spills of glistened moon ignite
By distant silhouette mountains
We dance with passion of fight
Entwining ancient stance 
Mingling hand in hand we dance
Till the mountains smile on high
Near and far we spring
To pursue the realest of dreams
While the world cries at its seams
Anxious in trouble to cling

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

To where the ridges merry make 
From the beaks of wooden bright
In sparkly pools the ghouls awake
That scarce to stir our night
We watch for seekers down under
Muttering secrets in their soul
We bid them lucks of shivers
Dipping gently in
From reeds that hide a tear of a foal
Under the gentle rivers

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

Far away she shall ever churn
The taciturn eyed
She’ll listen no more to turn
To the working mills beside
Or the scrubbing of the barn
May peace weave in her song
She shall wave in the yarn
To a haven known as Belong  

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

For she comes, the mortal youth
To the wild realm of her truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only her tears be found

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I am not a rain dog
With my tail between my legs
Dying to run home in haste
Away from showers that gradually increase 
And then come pounding heavily down 
Like sheets of splintered pearly glass 

I am not a loner
Who leads a wasted life
On doorsteps sharing aching pain
With others who live rough
Deprived of warmth and comfort

I am a lover
I inhale the smell
Enjoy the caressing feel
Of seductive teasing raindrops 

They fall around
With sweetest sound
Passionate the call

It echoes
I hear


16th October, 2014
Contest: "I do not know"
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Placed: 4th

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A Divine Cascade

Glist'ing drops
Splashing into fine mist—
I become one with the waterfall.

Feeling joy
As droplets kiss my face
And enter my soul’s most sacred place.

Anointing me with love,
Sustaining all life forms on the Earth.

For each divine droplet;
A cascading veil of purity.

© Connie Marcum Wong

Contest: Some Form of Crystalline sponsored by Nette Onclaud
November 3, 2014

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From high up
The rushing water leaps
A daring dive into the unknown.

It tumbles down, eyes closed
Savouring the adrenalin rush

Of bold youth;
It flows in breathless flight
Crystalline streaks of exuberance.

The roar of fulfilment
As waters meet and avidly merge.


Paul Callus ~ 29th October, 2014 
Form: Parallelogram de Crystalline.
[It consists of 4 stanzas of 3 lines each. 
The syllable count for each stanza is 3, 6, 9.]

Contest: Some Form Of Crystalline 
Sponsor: nette onclaud
Placed: 4th

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Passion Rises as Water Falls by Tim Smith and Seren Roberts

I love to feel the water
As it cascades over my face,
I love to feel you touch me
Through my satin and lace

I'm needing to be engulfed
In the waters falling fast
I'm needing your embrace
Our time will forever last.

I love the tingling feeling
As it sprays across my spine
Setting ,my senses reeling
Like bubbly sparkling wine.

The rushing of the stream
Getting all my juices going
The passions that I scream
It's power keeps on flowing

I love how I feel inside
As we make love beneath that fall
The nerve ends set a tingling
The passion says it all.

Let me come make your fantasy real
I'll drown in your passionate kiss
We'll get close. we'll touch we'll feel
Forever this day, we'll reminisce

Penned 21 September 2014  by Tim Smith and Seren Roberts

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Lake, Water and Sun

Lake, Water and Sun

Blue lake stirs the youthful mind,
water shines then invites us on in.
Sunshine covers this rare new find
as delight gives each a big grin-
the youthful mind, invites us on in.

Work done, we have no more chores
sweet time for living life instead.
Sun beams hot upon these shores-
cool waters splashes upon each head-
upon these shores, living life instead

Is this a Nirvana with a bad twist,
rhapsody set to fine angelic tunes;
love leaping through a watery mist?
Will love burn out into the dunes-
with a bad twist...out into the dunes.

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When Bubbles Dissipate

Hearing the waters Translucent lavender flow Imagination Enriched blind, senses kick in Silence abounds, clothes in fall Naked to bare dip Porcelain to porcelain Glass of champagne chinks Lapping ripples in caress Submerged delights allure me Patiently I wait Her cue, for me to approach Encroach, I go through Eyes, eye, tanned undulations When said bubbles dissipate .

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Running Tide

Knee deep in surf
The water clung to her
Changing silk gown
To wrinkled shiny  skin
Never had I envied ocean water so
But then t'was I who'd let her go
Drowning in green eyes
With fear of clinging ties
Holding me back

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Splashing in muddy puddles Cleansing the dirt and grime away Moist and wet staving off the heat Refreshing on this sweltering day Flowing and free coming after me Crisp, clear, and blue can't live without you You were the center of my youth long days in the pool drinking you out of the hose Didn't mind you were so cool That first time sitting on the riverbank trying to catch a fish or two falling in love with nature for that I have to thank you Days at the lake boat rides, late night skinny dips watching the moon glistening off you that time I kissed her lips Flowing and free coming after me crisp, clear, and blue can't live without you A glass of champagne in the hot tub Making love in the shower Enhancing our senses Love growing beautiful as the flower Turning you into wine Blessing our first child Giving the gift of life Upon us You have smiled Flowing and free coming after me crisp, clear, and blue Oh how I love you

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 Water falls in drops of liquid pearl
 Landing on my head first
 Then down my nose and my shoulders
 Dripping down my members.

 In thirst I lift my head up to drink
 The water descends cleansing
 Taking in its flow all the toxins
 And leaves a revived sense of being.

 The words You softly whisper in my mind
 Are like water of the purest kind
 They take away my fears at night
 And make me feel so alive.

 For Your love is like a spring of life
 That ever flows from on high.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright Nov. 2011

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Why must I hear
the tempting gurgle
Of the life giving stream 
A sound wet with promise
Of refreshment

Why must I see
The alluring rush of movement
Liquid heaven
An enticing flow
Beckoning me to immersion

Why must I but lie here
Dying for want of water?
The sandpaper of my lips
Not even welcoming
A tongue cracked  
With not a drop of moisture
to bring relief
To assuage the grief
Or parched dreams

My throat constricts
that fail to produce
I’m dying

My skin dry
I lie
Devoid of liquid to cry tears
Why? WHY?
Why Am I here
Beside this life giving stream

Where is the angel
To lift my weary head
And gently pour this water
On my waiting lips
Patiently ministering
Again and again
Liquid healing
Till I’m somewhat revived
To carry me
into waiting watery wetness
of heaven
Until I am baptized
In liquid bliss

I’m dying here
Here on the edge
I see
I hear
I can almost taste
The stream of your love
bathing me
quenching me
freeing me
healing me

Forbidden to drink
Forbidden to taste
Forbidden to touch
Forbidden to love
Forbidden to LIVE

But why?
Why must I die?
When the water of life
Is nearby

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Images I recall

Nature in all her glorious splendor 
Serves as reminder in loves fall
For only you bequeath this tremor
In depictions of images I recall 

Effortlessly you breath life in me
In seasons young and guileless
A fragrant rush of healing breeze
A pastel sunset in reverent silence

Your masculine beauty staggers in part
Like the rapid beat of hummingbirds wings
Causing incalculable pulses in my heart
A timeless consciousness of a dream

Your a sanctuary of waters
In forms numerous in theme
Like raindrops bathe the pauper
Or my feet dangling in a stream

You walk with me in rainbows shadow 
Forming hope through foaming falls
You entertain me with puddles shallow
And secure me in the surfers transparent walls

Your kisses like water cascading 
Over my lonely emerald lands 
Your strength like waves fiercely bracing
Stillness on morning lake the moment you hold my hand

Your an offering like a summer rain
My covering like winters snow
My sustaining element of life
The ceasing of the tears you know
Your my future journey my waterway
The current that carries me home
Your the deep pool where our children play
Our bond powerful like water smoothing river stones

A thousand deaths of life I'd suffer
If of you my world were to be deprived 
Like the earth of water left uncovered
For your waters are the celebration of my life

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The Meaning Of Love

The Meaning of Love

Sitting on the water the moon dipping in his toes
Water rippling down, towards the sea it goes.
Making love under the moonlit sky so bright
As one together, on one never-to-be forgotten night.

Ripples of water matched by ripples of fear
Trembling together but not even near
Eons apart but matched in one thought
It cannot be stopped, it cannot be fought.

The moon need not be there, the river may dry up
The stars never seen, the wine they did not sup
Together they can be as one without even a touch
In thought and word only, the passion too much.

To fetch the passion to it’s desired end
Words of love and time one needs to spend
To come and reach the final conclusion
Together as one, it is no illusion.

Happiness can be reached though eons apart
Though time and circumstance tug at the heart
To never be alone in word thought or deed
Always to be there, when the other is in need.

© 22/12/2012 ~GG~

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Placed inside some wisp of perfections chalice
The intonations gather which
The tears have shed
For gratitude released their happiness 

I loved you some when in another life
Where the pink purple forest bows
Hung their silver leaven halls
In marble sunsets painted wash on cloistered walls

Their reminiscence of Arabian ankle bells
As you walked barefoot through blue grass fields
The moons luminescent as soft pale to your skin
Echo timeless on a blanket of stars

These iridescent reveries linger in cobweb threads
Set bejewelled in morning mist
They brush the glitter-frosted powder from your cheek
Dream you are awake, eternal, sleeping Princess

I love you this time in the calligraphies of ink
Kismat writ in both our palms lovers make
Standing on the water rivalled glitter of the sun
Falling maiden of the Crystal Lake

Should time bring chill the mountains to your feet
And shades drown the light of auburn hair
Remember me then; where your dreams began
I will always be waiting there

So etched in the fairy tale lines of our hands
Was a destiny life had just not planned
As we danced in the wake of hearts tidal wave
United some day to the promise we made some when

I love you next time in another life
Though in each time I have asked you to be my wife
The curious connections of infinite souls
Will never let you go

I love you this time in the calligraphies of ink
Kismat writ in both our palms lovers make
Standing on the water rivalled glitter of the sun
Falling maiden of the Crystal Lake


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new sensations harbor ill will toward the mind

New ambient light taking hold of that which was once darkened by time.
New thoughts eluding desires and all answers to the questions at hand.
Laminated emotions taking the places of the empty spaces inside the mind.
Feel the love from behind the reinforced glass? Didn’t think it was possible.
Now the age of reasoning comes into play, now is the time for deep thought.
The devil calls for pain, in waves that crash on this body like water on rock.
No visible damage but over time it wears it down to nothing, little by little.
Plunging into the deep end surrounding the mind and clouding the vision.
Breathing is impossible, gasping for air only brings water into the lungs.
This feels like dying. This feels like numbing. This feels better than living.

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Clinging To A Memory

A quiet stream in a secret place
I look in the water and see your face
Sitting here beside me
The way we were before you left me
You touched my hand so tenderly
And promised this was how we’d always be
And now I sit here all alone
With just a memory to cling on
Foolish one they would say 
Did you really think he would stay
He was never yours one would say
And your foolish heart drove him away
Now I sit in a world of my own
Sitting here all alone
Maybe they were right but look there in the water I see
His face smiling up at me
He has come back to me
But alas t is the last thing I see

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Our Secret Rainbow....

Hands joined,we approach
our secret serene getaway
we slowly undress as goosebumps
rise more from anticipation
than the slight chill in the wind
again,hands together
our feet splash the surface
of the waterfalls pool
like playful children's excitement
we embrace as we feel the water 
envelope us with its cool power
and watch the colors of rainbows
form in the mist at the falls edge

Hidden behind the rush of fall
momentary peace we share
as the water seems to cleanse
all our troubles away immediately

Fore we know,it's only the magic
of the moment.....magical rainbows

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Song of Sorrow

Seated near the water weeping,
Lonely maiden in deep despair.
Whippoorwills were snugly sleeping,
Boughs were drooping, weeping willow.

Flowing gown surrounded in sorrow,
Gentle goddess softly sobbing.
Moonlight misty, sweet magnolia.
Tears like diamonds dripping, dropping.

Betrayed, dismayed, spirit shattered,
All was lost by cruel deception.
Without the one true love that mattered,
Death arose in her reflection.

Slowly walked into the water,
Footprints left upon the sea shore.
Ripples radiated heaven’s daughter,
Sorrow departed forever more.

Seated near the water weeping,
Lonely lover in deep despair.
Whippoorwills were snugly sleeping,
Boughs were drooping, weeping willow.

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The beach this morn was wonderful
The waves came thrashing down
They were wild and white and foaming
And their voices thundered round

A lonely figure walked the sand
Her head bent down and sad
And if you were up closer
You could see the tears where out

The sky was dark and cloudy
The rain was falling light
The wind was napping somewhere
And the water felt like ice

I watched that figure walking
With a black dog by her side
A memory in me stirred somewhere
Of times that where not right

She pulled her jacket closer
As if to shut it out
The thoughts that did invade her
Or memories that did shout

And all the times the waves came in
They didn’t ever change
They licked her feet and washed them
And then went out again.

As I sat there and I watched her
That figure all alone
I wondered if she registered
The lack of sun that shone

The day seemed very fitting
For one so sad as she
The misty rain, the dampened air
The water round her feet. 

I wondered as I watched her
From whence her thoughts did come
Had someone precious died here
Or had a love undone

She didn’t even see me
Her thoughts so far away
I think if there where people here
She maybe wouldn’t stay

There was nothing I could do here
Her thoughts where all her own
I felt she needed solitude
And time to mull the groan

I stood there, and I left then
A lonely figure, I
I pulled my jacket round me
My black dog by my side.

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 Will you love me naked? Reveal yourself to me?

The secret desire's that arouse your senses and terrify your conscience.

There is nothing that  you can not tell me, like water I will wash over the stones and
reeds that have become part of the stream, flowing recklessly through your soul.

Let me be the water bearer, collecting the dreams and passion from the river of the man
that is you.

Nakedness, so pure, so untamed, so beautiful.

Pour me your truth, and I shall drink, my truth offered in return

I stand before you holding out a glass in my hand

Will you love me naked?

I ask this, as I begin to show myself to you.

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Radha's Song- A folk Song of India 2/2

Radha’s  Song-   A folk Song of India  2/2


This folk song is based on the childhood incidents 
of naughty 8-10 years old Krishna, who use to 
please everyone of Gukul village, Gokul is the 
place where the divine Krishna  was brought up 
by his foster mother Yashoda.  

O,  Please tell me,      what  should  I    do,
Speak a word,  to   extinguish  my worries,
I   cannot   live,                 without   seeing,
The  alluring face of  our  naughty Krishna.  

O,   please tell my friend,                how  should  I  manage it,
What plea and excuse  dear,            I can tell     in my  home,
How to go back to home,           without  Gagariya and Chunri,
Even without water, which would create only difficulties for me. 

Stunned  and mesmerized,  by the magic of our   Krishna, 
I stand here only,        in a state of being sweetly robbed,
Instead of searching my  Chunri and Gagariya,    O Sakhi,
I am trying to touch his alluring image only,   in  the water. 

Kanpur India 26 10 2010

(Protected under copyright provisions of Poetry Soup)

*Radha.   Radha was the childhood friend and was one of the most beloved Gopi of Lord
Krishna. She was the   beauty, power and aura create the ethics of love. None of the
scriptures consists of the power to verbalize her beauty, for it is clear enough that when
beauty of Sri Krishna makes several hearts leave their boundaries, her beauty is so
mesmerizing that it makes Him loose consciousness.
*Krishna.   Krishna is often depicted as an infant or young boy playing a flute as in the
Bhagavata Purana  or as a youthful prince giving direction and guidance as in the Bhagavad
Gita. The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and
theological traditions.] They portray him in various perspectives: a god-child, a model
lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being.
*Gagariya. The earthen pot used still in Indian villages to collect water from river, pond
or wells.
* Chunariya.  A long strip of cloth to cover the beauty of a woman. It normally hangs on
the bosom to cover them.
Punghat.  Is the word used for a place from where water can be collected by village women
of India.
*Sakhi. Hindi word means female friend

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Welcome to my Home

Special welcome friend, come right in to my place of quiet serene. 
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
Of Master’s love and your’s my friend  of wisdom’s grace may I glean,
 As we dismiss St Nicholas myth this Christmas season’s cheer.

Three water pots filled of water be ready, heart, soul and mind.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
Welcome is thy mouth,  of abundant life spout, pour in new wine.
We shall drink and be merry, wine of Sharon, on midnight clear.

Bright eyed of Christ mass, humbled children, these special gifts I would, 
welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
I would this season of bliss would kiss, as the brotherhood should.
Often blossoms love and kindness in this blessed season cheer.

My humble dwelling my log cabin near lively stream of life,
welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
Where the Lamb and Lion lie together having not any strife.
By  the virgin void my home serene came on a midnight clear!

Come fish with me in narrow strait beneath arch of heaven’s gate!
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year,
my friends of late let us cleans the slate by dip in narrow strait.
A dip in peaceful river serene clears all the concept’s fear.

Corner stone, concepts rejection the same is heart protected.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year,
`Tis faith, love material erected, though minds rejected. 
Welcome! My eternal Christmas home, of paranormal cheer!

For contest: Holiday Home
Sponsored by Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.C.

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Who Am I

A new photograph floats to the surface
Playfully dressing up as the world around me
Hat, striped socks and all
Tiptoeing at the top for one last sweet moment 
Before sinking back into my ocean mind.

One after another they arrive
Single file,
Steeping my eyes in the world 
As the minds shutter, ever fluttering 
Strings together this conscious stream I play in.

My photographs fade in time’s wrinkled arms.
Joining their brothers and sisters at the ocean floor,
They hold hands and try to answer the question that is always asking itself:
Who am I?

Jacob Reinhardt

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Standing out in a field alone, a little white flower named Daisy longed for someone to share her world.
One day a blue flower named Bachelor Button entered her world they became friends.
 She knew by his name that he was not the propagating kind, but that didn’t stop their relationship she called him BB short for best bud.
The seasons of Spring & Summer they enjoyed the sun, laughed in the rain and held on fast in the Fall.
Winter came it was long and hard they were both covered in a blanket of snow, not knowing whether they would ever see each other again or even survive .The snow fell     then came the ice, this went on for months.

The Sun shone brightly the first day of spring. A few days later warmth of the sun melted the snow, Daisy popped up .
 I’ve been waiting days for you to come out, said BB, they both chanted hooray!
The snow was completely gone in a few days, the birds started building their nests , bugs were crawling around ,butterflies began to visit the two flowers. I wish there were more of us Daisy said, to BB.

They laughed as the sun and wind blew through their leaves.  Then it started the sun and rain took turns until one morning the air & field was filled with the smell of flowers.
Daisy and BB looked at each other and asked what kind of flowers are these ? they’re not white like daisies they’re not blue like bachelor buttons. They did not know the birds and bugs carried the seeds from the two of them and the caterpillars buried them under the soil.
The seeds from the new flowers were then carried by the winds many miles away, they landed in fertilized gardens and flourished, although they faced danger everyday. 
as they were called WEEDS ..
 The Gardener pulls weeds out of the garden so they don’t choke the flowers, which cost a lot of money and require lots of maintenance.

However there was a Gardener who saw her friends spending hours weeding their garden , that they didn’t have enough time to admire and enjoy the labors of their love
So she set out to give a home to all the weeds ,she provided a place where they could fit in and multiply, they required no maintenance, rain provides their water .

The best part of all is their beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
 Ask my granddaughter-- What are those flowers in the garden ?
  She will answer "WILDFLOWERS " their parents were Daisy and BB

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Surfing in the Sea of Sweet Love

The postcard reads"Wish You Were  Here"

Then I see the sea of loves wave on how

We behave... The sea waves rush and

Your surfboard gets drenched. Is this a

Dream you wonder and nothing but gushes

Of extremely salty water gives water gives

Us both a potent pinch. Your surfboard stands

High nearly touching the clear blue sky. The sun

Of sweet love has us sweating from strenuous

Activity. Oh in glee we are both surfing in the

Sea of sweet love getting soaking wet from

Below and above. The postcard reads "Come

Join Me" Then us surfing in the sea of sweet

Love will no longer be fantasy but reality.

Surfing in the sea of love drenching the

Surfboard roughing the waves that won't

Behave and that's okay. One day the postcard

Will read "What a wonderful vacation1 Y'all come

Back to love nation." Surfing in the sea of sweet

Love is a vacation to savor on any board like

Surface. Surfing in the sea of sweet love is

A dream worth having to get pinched by the

Saline waves. Surfing in the sea of sweet love

Is what is by both of us craved. Come over

Here and ride the waves, the postcard says!

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Real love is like water from tropical mountains
It will find ways to flow down from the hills
Wild water is draw by forming beautiful river
Battered and tumbling down to kiss big boulders

Made noisy to cruise a hundred miles of destination
The birds and flowers cheering together in the excursion
Running water made high ways to reached the amazing journey
A journey that river and ocean met and lived happily

What a wonderful world man be falling in love
Find ways in reaching the impassable road of love
Building a strong meaning of loveliness
And vanished all doubts meaning of loneliness

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A poem to Love

A Poem to love 

To day I am placing here a great Hindi poem of a renowned poet
Translated by me as a poem which I hope would touch your mind 
And heart intensely.
From the day I read this poem in between a play its wordings
Have touched me very deeply.

Since the poem is a beautiful piece of poetry by a great Indian
Hindi writer, poet, dramatist and story writer I am trying to
Bring its translation as much I could make from my mind without
Claiming that this is the best.

Brief background story for poetry soup lovers to judge the poem 
In light in the light of its real beauty:

The heroine who was in the age of sweet sixteen was in love
With someone very intensely, but his actual lover ask her to
Show her love for someone else for obtaining a greater result
For the sake of his motherland and the heroine tries to love
Some one else, who asked a price for the same and gave only
Pains and agonies to her. But, when she sees her actual love 
Her hearts is willing to welcome him and how- you will see 
In this beautiful poem:
Translation of the poem of Jai Shanker Prasad a great Hindi poet.
Jaishankar Prasad (January 30, 1889 – January 14, 1937), 
one of the most famous figures in modern Hindi literature

“Intoxicated by the wine of youth, in the age of sixteen
She cared only to love 
And to whom she should give her heart, 
She had no desire to know
And the one to whom she sold her precious heart,
Was asking a price for the same
The greedy even took away
The only treasure of pains and memories from her

She felt dusty storms were rising in her heart
And her love was coming totally unaware,
She thought to sprinkle water running from her eyes to  
Make the path slippery 
So that her love may walk slowly 
And she may behold her love, a little more
The longing of her life may get fulfilled
And her hopes may get a base to stay a little more

She knew all the steams of the world would be running from her eyes
Making it more difficult to recognize her face  
As the deep sea in her eyes would be splashing water on her face”

Only translation is made by me and the poem in Hindi belongs to
Late Jai Shanker Prasad.

Kanpur   India  29th January 2010  


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Of the world’s flowing souls,
Cresting to flight and misting rainbows.

Searching for another.
To endure sacrifices behold,

Heart’s ladles dip into
Basins of memories in plunge pools.

From the rapids of youth,
To the flat waters of golden years

Entrant: Rob Carmack
Contest: Some Form of Crystalline
Form: Verse : Parallelogram de Crystalline

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Ohhhh Rain : Shower again

A small romantic rain poem dedicated to hubby.
wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

"Ohhhh Rain..Shower again!!!!! "  

Showering in the rain, 
Draining the pain!
Enflueraging the essence of arenicolous sand,
Feeling blessed porting on this beautiful greenary land! Trees were roaming 
under fiercing winds,
Thanks nature for benevolently so kind!
Sip of sizzling coffee With Caramalized sugar,
Cheers hubby to accompany me my gelling agar!
Wanna capture this Driplets of aromatic water nearby lake,
So that I can make an icy snowflake!
That's amazing, "but ohhhh God,  I wish my honey is here".

Wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare  

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Radha's Song- A folk Song of India 1/2


This folk song is based on the childhood incidents of  8-10 years old Krishna, who use to
please everyone of Gukul village by his loving playfulness.  Gokul is the place where the
divine Krishna was brought up by his foster mother Yashoda about 5000 years back.  

Radha’s  Song-   A folk Song of India  1/2

When the golden rays of Sun peeped,
From behind the hanging dark clouds,
My mind bloomed touching the rays,
As flowers bloom seeing the Sunshine,

O my friend, I came to Punghat*,
To collect water from the   river,
And was about   to dip and fill it,  
In my empty earthen, Gagariya*,

Suddenly   Krishna,*    appeared   there, 
From where,   I do not know,      Sakhi*,
My Gagariaya*,  slipped from my hand,
Even my Chunariaya* also drifted away,

Now, how to go home tell me, my friend,
Without,         the water pot and     water,
From where,     I can get my Chunariaya*,
To cover myself,       before I reach home.

Such  is the magic of Krishna &  his  flute,
They enchants our  mind & heart,    Sakhi,
O, even  I hear,     the melodies of his flute,
When he is nowhere, around me, O Sakhi,

You   also   feel,         as   I  feel,  for  our  dear  Krishna,
Suffering as I suffer, still smiling in our hearts my friend,
Does the melodies,                of his ever enchanting flute,
Lives in your mind and heart,   like me,              O, Sakhi.

Kanpur   India    23 10 2010
(Protected under copyright provisions of Poetry Soup)
*Radha.   Radha was the childhood friend and was one of the most beloved Gopi of Lord
Krishna. She was the   beauty, power and aura create the ethics of love. None of the
scriptures consists of the power to verbalize her beauty, for it is clear enough that when
beauty of Sri Krishna makes several hearts leave their boundaries, her beauty is so
mesmerizing that it makes Him loose consciousness.
*Krishna.   Krishna is often depicted as an infant or young boy playing a flute as in the
Bhagavata Purana  or as a youthful prince giving direction and guidance as in the Bhagavad
Gita. The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and
theological traditions.] 
*Gagariya. The earthen pot used still in Indian villages to collect water from river, pond
or wells.
* Chunariya.  A long strip of cloth to cover the beauty of a woman. It normally hangs on
the bosom to cover them.
Punghat.  Is the word used for a place from where water can be collected by village women
of India.
*Sakhi. Hindi word means female friend

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Penny Paramours

"Penny Paramours" tossed copper penny into wishing well tingling sound splashing into water of dreams envisioned eagerly a vivid magic spell creating cherished visual delight in themes. tingling sound splashing into water of dreams radiate emotions as penny cascades creating cherised visual delight in themes bright as sunbeams in orange marmalade. radiate emotions as penny cascades vibrant romance escalates to love bright as sunbeams in orange marmalade two hearts entwine to pair of turtledoves. vibrant romance escalates to love tossed copper penny into wishing well two hearts entwine to pair of turtledoves envisioned eagerly as vivid magic spell. *Rhyming Pantoum Sequence: ABAB BCBC CDCD DADA *For Rhonda and Cyndi's Penny Pantoum Contest. *August 30, 2012.

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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Jesus Is The Living Water

Jesus... The Living Water Jesus is the living water which can satisfy. HE is the oasis in a land barren and dry. Only HE can bring true satisfaction deep within. HIS living water can break the bondage of sin. He awaits you with his love and grace. His living water shall fill your "empty space." You were made according to his design. He created this world with you in mind. Come and drink of his water that only he can give. Taste of his everlasting love each day that you live. NOW is the day of salvation... please don't delay! Listen to the words Jesus has to say. His promises are forever, steadfast and true. It is no secret of how much he loves me and YOU! By Jim Pemberton

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Can you feel me

Feel me standing there
on the draw bridge
that stands stubburn and erect
over the rushing waters blown by the wind
back and forth.
I listened to the crows
posted on gargoils designed
of eightenth century Gothic architecture
singing their death songs,
when the sun is setting in the far.

The voices of women passing
startle me with a feeling of sorrow
I can't breathe, I am dying.
Feel me, can you feel me rot away?
Slowly but surely rot away
as time passes with ease,
and taxi cabs take smiling, intoxicated faces
to wayward cafes, oh how they screech to a halting stop
and wave to me to get in.

"No thank you, I'd rather walk." I say to the smiling faces
highly intoxicated with the thought of the birds and the bees
rattling around in their empty minds.
Then they drive off, into the city lights and turn a darkened corner.
I look at the rushing water
and feel myself rot away
slowly but surely rot away.

Can you feel me?
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Feel my heart thump with slow paces
that manage to keep up with fast melodies.
Of songs that play in your mind
only the ones that make you sigh
and think those one days in Spring time
as you walked over the draw bridge
and paid no mind to the water underneth.
I hear no more talk of you and me, I hear no more talk
of the good old times we all shared.
Time has passed, as I take my last breathe
and hold my chest and shead a tear.
Feel me, can you?
If you can, put your hand to my weak heart 
and feel it thump away with every second wasted
on useless items.
Now, see me a man of one time greatness
reflect his life with a reflection in the water below.
How I sigh and cry and breath heavely,
as I feel myself rot away.

The voices of woman pass me by.
Tomorrow is a new day,
for the smiling faces in taxi cabs will go home
and soak their raging hangovers with cool, wet rags.
As I still stand on the draw bridge singing with the crows,
feeling myself rot away.

Can you feel me without you, rotting away?
I surely can feel myself rot.
Such a heavy word, "rot"
So vulgare, yet a great description of me,
without you.

I pull out a shawl you once wore and I kiss it.
As the wind gusts and the sun rises and my shadow
comes to meet me, the wind shall take my last memory
of you away.
And I shall weep no more.
Then what will I do? Shall I walk the streets
and think of you.
Yes you, still rambling all throughout my head
like a lose screw.
Can you feel me? Feel me rot away
feel me think about you, and all your works.
Can you feel me?

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The rain which brought me back to my childhood

The rain which brought me back
To my childhood

It is heavily raining, while I am writing these lines.

Opposite my house it was raining all around,
I could see only rains and the showering clouds every where
Loaded with the rain drops and water to engulf everything.
A Street female dog with its two puppies
Was lying on a small gravel heap to protect her puppies,
The more she tried to take them under her small belly
More the rain started flooding the roads and even the footpath.
 My wife was asking me to do something to protect,
The female dog and her two small puppies or else they die.

Taking small umbrella of my wife on my head, 
I took a thick polythene big bag and cut it to
Cover a bigger area to protect the road female dog and the puppies and
Came out of my house gate in bathroom slippers only,
To feel and touch the beauty of rainwater,
Once again after many- many years.

After crossing the road I reached near the dog
When I look into her eyes, the female dog was telling a different story,
The language of silent thanks I could read in her eyes,
As she was helplessly trying to protect the puppies
Without anything to support her thoughts.

After stretching the polythene on them 
And putting two three small bricks on both ends
I felt a sigh of relief from the coverage of the dogs.

My wife became really happy, when she saw, 
The puppies and the female dog under a sheet of protection,
The joy and satisfaction in her eyes was bigger than that of me,
Because, animals and birds are always,
Her greatest weakness and strengths too.

While crossing the road to reach my house back
I touched and faced the waves of rain water 
Touching my foots and my legs too and they were
Forcing me to remain there, to experience water streams,
Running on the roads, when it rains so heavily.

In those memorable moments,
I really wanted to take a paper boat like a child
And to throw them on the water running all around me 
For a moment I was in my real childhood days.

O thank you God and thank you O Nature and your lovely rains
For giving me an opportunity to once again
Be in my childhood days.


Kanpur India 30th June 2011 2.00 pm. IST

The Photo of the female dog with its puppes, which I took when the Rains were 
over is placed on face book page!/photo.php?fbid=196894523694537&set=a.114474218603235.25716.100001219732381&type=1&theater

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Trip Twist

In the void, sipping the zoid,
with mental properties of tripping on the spiral.
Falling down the tail of lions, awkwardly spinning.
With upside down tunnel vision leaking through.

Solidifying all matter that matters,
melting into the walls of your brain.
It tickles all the raindrops dripping in your eyes,
satisfying your desire of a synchronized pattern.

Bleeding purple from the rainbow,
and turning into swirls of diamonds.
Slipping exuberantly beside you; driving you wild.
Where the shadows stop the spirited scream.

Devour yourself into the omniscient grip. 
Icy cold finger tips scratch the surface of your divinity,
bringing you closer to the God who whispered in your unborn ear,
situated in your flesh from birth to death.

It embeds itself in the pupil of your eye,
dancing with your spirit and licking your soul.
Black shapes of madness wrapped in chaos and euphoria.
Twinkling and blinking dust of a cloud. 

Haze filled skies and blood filled smoke raining from the clouds.
Envisions of clowns and demons laughing at our demise.
Chilling sensations of sickening mannerisms,
mechanisms and mechanics sought out to destroy the tiny creatures.

These creatures running crazy into acceptance of demise.
Deprived of life, scared of death but giving into it's taste.
Taste buds quiver as the taste grows sweeter.
Death, oh death, tell everyone who you really are...

Too long have you been hidden in the shadows you cast, 
too long have we rendered your pain.
The world grows sicker as the hairs in my head grey. 
I'll never surrender as demons always circle.

Today, begins a new day of our fight.
And I have a good feeling about this day. 
Onward, we have united our minds and gathered ourselves within. 
Always ready for we accept our fear. 

We accept our hate and everything in between.
Accept it all for what it really is. 
No amount of doubts will over throw us. 
Onward, to peace.

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The River Of Life

They walked together side by side -
the old man and the boy
on the bridge across the river
They could have walked thus 
across the river of life
with its eternal flow
I watched them
and thoughts filled my mind
of the un-bridged gap
between their lives

The old man -
with faltering step
he moves slowly on
His life has  been lived
and his house is in order
as he patiently awaits
the call of his maker
What are his thoughts 
at this moment 
as he moves on?

Are they thoughts of pain and sorrow
over some incident in the past
so difficult to bear
that after all these years
the wound is not yet healed?

Are they of someone he loved as a youth
but lost through folly?
Was she beautiful?
Did her eyes sparkle 
like the sunlight 
on the water below?
He looks at the water
sighing deeply
and nods his head

Or is he thinking of the young one at his side
so innocent
so pure
soon to be plunged into a world 
where life rushes madly on?
How shall he fare?
Who will warn him of the pitfalls?

These thoughts plague the old man's mind
and hurt his noble heart
But then he smiles as he remembers
that in his younger days
his eager spirit wanted to taste and feel
the sting of life's joys and sorrows 
by itself

There is no substitute for experience
for though we know we may be hurt
in love or life
yet we walk on toward the very thing
that may hurt us so

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Train Journey

I sit here by the window
and watch quietly
as the train moves along
I see land - 
wild beautiful land
still untouched by man
and it creates within me
a feeling that is wild and boundless

The beautiful trees
in many places
so closely clustered together
though of mixed species
seem to cry out 
a message of love and unity
to all mankind
I see flowers - 
plain simple flowers
there is a beauty in them - 
the beauty of simplicity

There are children on the hillsides -
the country folk
people call them
My heart sings as I watch them
They know us not on the train
but yet they wave at us
and we wave back at them
because their action is filled 
with some sentiment 
that is pleasing to us

Shimmering little pools of water
pulsating with life
appear and then vanish
out of sight
but the picture of life
within them
remains with me

The cows and the horses 
graze in the pastures
some sit
others browse slowly along
O how I envy their leisurely
pace of life!

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Moment of Grace

We are out on a small pond in a boat A blue row boat floating on the surface I recite lovely poems that I wrote The moment is electric sent with grace I softly touch her smooth skin on her face We face each other with a tender look Seeing how our love is read like a book We’re sent slowly into the pond beyond Our gaze and our souls aligned on a hook A kiss on the mouth is how we respond Russell Sivey

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like diamonds

two hits and i’m hanging off cliffs, listening to water


watching moss fall like snowflakes.

nothing holding my heels down but gravity, irrelevant to me.

the little girl exploring the ocean floor, the caves that once held entrancing treasures.

even tactile pain drives me into a gust of euphoria.

my heart beats (slower than it should), but the trees don’t mind.

the four shades of green blend to create a forest-

with each exhale, branches move in tandem.

and a salty tear falls from my eye,

reminiscent of what once was here.

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Makes Me Wonder

Where is good when you falls in love someone at a wrong time
Where is good when you are in the right time at a wrong love
Where is good when you meet the right love at a wrong place
Where is good when you are in the right place at a wrong love
All these questions makes me wonder

I wonder why the high clouds is touching over the mountains
Just to join sympathy in the times of  sadness and loneliness
Then the rains pour down and spray the wild trees and flowers
Just giving your life to become fruitful in times of happiness
All these questions makes me wonder

Why does the storm make it cloudy while you are crying
Why does the sun is mostly shiny while you are laughing 
Why the swallow water making noise when you are getting angry
Why the high tide water keep it silent when you are so lovely
All these questions makes me wonder

Someone is asking what is love when there is no tomorrow 
We have yesterday but never today that could bring for tomorrow 
Love is full of queries that no one knows to tell the answer
No one needs to explain because only heart dictates you to answer
All these questions makes me wonder

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Garden Rose

Written August 21, 2013

There's a girl in the garden
She's messing with your rose bed
Plucking weeds out from your head
And watering the seeds in your bed

But where will she wander
When the roses are dead
Will she come back for more
When they turn back to red

She can run all alone
Write this story in stone
On concrete slabs
Of skin and bone

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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Haiku 13 Bed

                                                                                               ravaged empty bed
                                           clouds building, gully washer
flood me with your love

David Meade
Live Generously

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Don't be confused, I'll tell ya what I see
The girl in your mirror, she's the girl for me
Your drowning in doubt, gonna help ya out
Not pushing ya down, just turning ya around
So you can clearly see, who I want to be
Your man.. Oh girl, I want ya alive and free
I love to see you on fire, my only desire
Forbidden says who, girl don't be so blue
Only thing we're destroying here is fear
So jump in baby, the water is so fine
Drown in my arms, be only mine, only mine

Be only mine..
Only mine!

Date: 9-11-14

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Classic Love

Rain sweeps reckless, outside wind does roar
scattering debris on water soaked lawn;
in beam of streetlight the rain does pour
from midnight till the break of dawn,
until swollen black cloud is gone.

He flung open the door to modest abode
as rain swept daring outside the door;
he looked to be like a drenched tree toad
walking in puddles across my floor,
flinging his hat and coat that he wore.

His face burned with summer now dripping wet
with water drizzling down his taut cheek;
his brow beaded up like fiery sweat
with soaked shirt showing off his physique,
he appeared so young and sheik.

In his doused brawny arms I purposely fell
his lips dripping wet and wedged apart;
he had me under his brash seductive spell
before I knew what was in my heart,
I was his Bacall, he my sexy Bogart.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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A Departing Memory

I know you.
Candles lit, incense fuming,
You like it when I bite your neck, just hard enough.
Blankets thrown about the room
So recklessly, they refold themselves.

And we roll down a hill together,
Kissing the leaves, tickling with our eyes,
Laughing with our hearts.
"You'll just leave me for the next girl you find."
"Yes," I say. Because only
Lasts forever.
And it spills through the cracks in your hands
The moment you grasp it.
Like water from a stone.
She bites my neck
Drawing lines of ecstasy down my back with her fingernails
Spilling into me, fighting my words.
"I leave when the sun sets."

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cerulean loss

her alabaster lips did drown
the sea with rage that fateful dawn.
how beautiful with skin so pale,
her alabaster lips. did drown
the roar of waves and shredded sail.
Poseidon's wrath on human pawn.
her alabaster lips did drown.
the sea with rage that fateful dawn...

Details | I do not know? | |

To Those Who Worship: Abridged Version

You!! You, I say you on the guitar?
Do you know who you are?
Or are you just an angel without a name?
I see your heart my sister!! And you do not sing for fame!!!
No, you live and love and play and dance to praise that man who Reigns!!

You!! You singing on the microphone?
Do you feel alone?
Or do you know dear brother Seraphim, that you help to put us in that zone?
To bow down low in honor?,
Of he who sits high on the throne?!!!

You!! You dancing in the corner, with your hands lifted high,
Do you feel sometimes like you wish you’d die?
Or do you know that when you dance, my Savior’s hands you untie?
To give us joy deep in our hearts and free our minds from lies?

My sister, I’m just a warrior, whose run in fear too many times,
My brother, I’m just a warrior, who fights the dark one with my rhymes,
And I press the boundaries of our justice for those who fall beneath the cracks,
I press in against the evil one, who puts this hatred on our backs,

But you? You see beyond this evil to a place I long to go,
You reach into the light of God, and the path to right you show,
For you bring the water of music to wash away our sin,
And because you choose to worship her, this battle we shall win,
For worship is the weapon of Sons and Daughters Divine,
For worship is the key to life and an end to these dark times,
For worship is a refuge in a world of sinister sounds,
For worship is a space ship that goes to realms of God renown,
For worship is my best friend’s and my eldest brother’s great delight,
For worship is the celebration of that freedom for which I fight,

Man can you see it?
Worship is light!!
Worship is tight!
Worship makes me take flight!
Worship ain’t black and worship ain’t white,
Worship is the power of love to wield the True Savior’s might!!

My sister, I’m just a warrior, whose run in fear too many times,
My brother, I’m just a warrior, who fights the dark one with my rhymes,
And I press the boundaries of our justice for those who fall beneath the cracks,
I press in against the evil one, who puts this hatred on our backs,

But you? You see beyond this evil to a place I long to go,
You reach into the light of God, and the path to right you show,
For you bring the water of music to wash away our sin,
And because you choose to worship her, this battle we shall win,

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My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

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Sleep In Her Soul

It's easy to become lost in the idea that only things in life change you;
rather than you are always changing in your creation. 
When you look at demons in the haze, marvel at the haze. 
Demons are feeling homesick.

Be true to everything you are and thrive on.
We all have demons, it's up to you on what to do with those demons. 
The most dangerous are the ones unknown. 
She is herself. A beautiful demon; not hidden behind a shadow. 

Her magic is infested in my desire.
She is beautiful for I can unravel her thoughts.
She expresses to me the words intertwined with my ambiguity.
Riddled with love; I sleep in her soul.

She is my butterfly in our cosmic cannibalism.

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DR Masaru Emoto took water from the same source, divided it in two containers, one
container he labelled LOVE, the other HATE. He then froze both containers and put them
under a microscope. The container labelled LOVE formed the most beautiful crystals, the
one labelled HATE formed ugly dishevelled shapes. The same test has been repeated
countless times all over the world. When water has been exposed to loving kind thoughts,
beautiful pictures, music, such as Beethoven etc, it freezes in the most beautiful
crystals. Water, when exposed to thoughts of hatred, pictures, such as Adolf Hitler, heavy
metal music, have all tuned out ugly and dishevelled when frozen.

Water is the driving force of all nature, if the world, you, and me, are made up of 70% to
90% water, and our thoughts shape water, how are your thoughts shaping you? .





Trickling down my window pane


I see magic, more than rain


Consciously or unconsciously, effecting our brain


Understanding water, life will never be the same


A conscious awareness, a memory to


It affects my thoughts, my life, and you


The world, you and I, are three quarters   water


It can change your life, your thoughts it alters


What you would find inconceivable


Scientific facts have proved believable


Water has an effect on whatever you’re thinking


It will take you high or leave you sinking


When you next drink water, think love and gratitude


Your life will change and so will your attitude


DR Masaru Emoto, his words are true


Look him up, I dare you!



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Water Under The Bridge

You left me! You left me! You left me! 
And now, it's just water under the bridge.
Our love is gone forever.
Now! You think it's just something to laugh about? 
Please! Please! Return! 
I need your love.I want your love.
I want you next to me.
I am begging you to return.
Please return..

You laughed at me! You laughed at me! You laughed at me! 
And now, it's just water under the bridge.
Our love is gone forever.
Gone forever, into that damned ole river.
Please! Return to me! Return to me! Return to me! 
I need your love.I want your love.
I need you next to me..
I'll have no other..

You're gone now! You're gone now! You're gone now! 
And I need you back.
And now, it's just water under the bridge.
I need your love.I want your love.
I want you next to me.
Forever and forever..

Please return..
Or it's just water under the bridge..

Love Poetry by Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2004,2014..
ALL rights reserved..

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Sweet River Man

Let's wait for the sunset one summer's day
down by the river where I always liked to play
we can kick off our shoes and bury our feet in the sand
come on please be my sweet river man
We can call the wild geese up with a little dab of feed
or jump in the water a little too deep
in that old Red River we can laugh and sing
take me by the hand, make that leap

Write our names in a heart in the sand
you can be my sweet river man
and I'll be your sweet lady river friend
we can hold on for life and scare the catfish twice
anything’s possible that time of day
my white sundress is a little bit dirty
from that red water that always stays so murky

I wouldn't want to be any other place
than down by the river where I always liked to play
and when the moon comes out tonight
and the stars shine bright
your sweet river lady
is going to sing to her sweet river man under the moonlight

watch those stars shooting in the dark as you hold me tight
until we see the sun start to rise
yeah down on the river where I always liked to play
nothing’s changed much since I was just a babe
but now I share with my sweet river man, my favorite place to play

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Paradise not Lost

Surrounded by tropical treasures
large plumed birds called in 
strange and beautiful ways
only to be answered from another 
a long way away,
flowers with bright petals provided
a blanket of color with a dazzling array.

Cascading water forms a foaming white tower
falling, falling down a long wet slide
broke the calm of an otherwise peaceful day.
Breathtaking in speed and power the race of the
falling water deafening to the ears causes
the heart to race with its power.
Green footprints form where the falls left their trail
a lasting story of a never ending tale.

Two hearts intertwined in a paradise
far away from the noise of another land
Lost in love like no other love
two souls joined as one on a tropical sand.

With passions meeting as two deeply in love
a kiss - a touch - an embrace to last
away from the life so far past
lost in love, like no other love could be.

Pulled to the sound of the never ending fall
high above the turbulent pool beneath
the two lovers watched the waters falling
their hearts racing with the rush of the water.

Arm in arm they stepped into the rush
and down with the flow they went
falling with unbelievable speed and power
to meet the pool far beneath.

Deep into the pond they fell
searching for each others arms
at last touching their fingers
pulling each into the others arms.

Lips touching the others
deep and lasting the effect
as they reached for the light
that shown above them before they
lost their breathe.

Gasping with one last effort 
to reach that final breathe
a sound was heard in the distance..

..."Good morning America, its 6:00 a.m.
in the morning, and here is the news of 

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The Black Sea

Drowning in her black sea of waves
tumbling down her waterfall of black curls
Docking my ship on her serene waters
unloading my cargo of thoughts and ideas
diving into the depths of her psyche 
swimming in the 
Ocean of her essences that is woman
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Green Poet aka The Brown 

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Winds of a Changing Way

	I see darkness; coldness; an abyss. I feel cold; lonely; and fear. I know not of how I am able to change my current course in the sea of indifference. My oars are but a shell of the person I used to be. My boat is a hollowed out soul. The fear I feel is irrational, but it’s my truth. My anchor is the pain of my anguished self. The water I float on is the tears that I can’t cry and hold within. My destination is unknown but not worth the trip. My navigation equipment is the smile of yours that I will never be able to obtain.
	Does the course make the person or does the person make the course? Will we ever know until we get there? Is the pain of life worth the trip?  When does one know when the trip is even over? When we die? Is it before our death? Is it after our death? Does it even matter? Why do we make impossible plans for our future, when our present needs the most tending? How can I allow one person dictate how I choose to course my voyage? Not anymore.
	I tried to hold on to you with whatever strength I had. I don’t have the strength any longer. Now you are nothing more than debris in the river I am forging. Your opinion is like a drop of water in the midst of the ocean I have taken my voyage on. The tides are lower everyday because I no longer cry over you. There is nothing left for me to do, but to ride on my present course, and to find my true inner self. My course has been changed. My navigation set anew. Now my course shall be whatever I choose. No longer will it be what I think you would have me choose. Never again, will you be my tugboat. I am my own ship now!

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Let me strip you from the morning dew,
It is spring: listen to the raising melody
in the garden, the daffodils bloom anew:
let me take your tears under my custody.
Down, a river runs between twin hills,
The wind tries to contest the water pace,
Howling and spinning blades of windmills:
as my fingertips drop down by your face.
Do not weep if you discover me dead,
Touch my cold lips: make our breath one,
on my gravestone, last words you read.
Join by my side on this grave: love is gone
to navigate on the stead water stream,
a man cannot dream twice the same dream.

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Sonnet 33

If only I could open up your eyes,
As waves and seas to see I am your man,
Your soul would flow with water of my cries,
Protecting me through storms as walls of damn.

I float to love like flowers float amidst,
Gardens of green on floors of summers earth.
I swim to you my love, as fishes kiss,
Through storm and rain, the womb of waters birth.

To let me drown would die my heart that beats,
A thousand sounds that sacrifice to swim,
My days would surface what hot deserts greets,
Dessert for death at dawn dried out and grim.

Oh what a pleasure love brings to the well,
Yet without water how love sings to hell.

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Elemental Memoir

A fathomless mystic charade
How alluring its serenade 
Witness nature’s own masquerade 
Mystique that cannot be portrayed
An entity most have betrayed
A spirit that must be obeyed
Awakened reflected cascade

Diaphanous and chaotic
Performance beyond hypnotic 
Earth’s coryphée of erotic
Mistaken to be quixotic  
A creature forcing psychotic 
Its soul the purest narcotic 
Intimate of all aquatic

Enigmatical their affair
Foxtrot brimming with debonair 
Elementally torn despair
Amaurotic and unaware 
Of essence’s lifeblood they share
Their fable ready to ensnare
Romance between water and air

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Giving Freedom Away

Carry me quietly to the river Strip me, touch me, and love me I am alone Let the freezing water cover me Let it eat me alive As my mind drifts through the waves And my spirit sees its own grave Set me free Free me from everything Free everything from me

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Tall Grasses

Down by the water
Where the tall grasses sway
And the tide's at its lowest
We'll sit and spend the day
You'll tell me your thoughts
We'll pick shells from the sand
Or maybe we'll feed the ducks
And you'll let me hold your hand

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Ice King

Have I been summons to your presence , only to be sacrificed.
In the coldness of your breath..i will be put to a icy cold death.
With one word, I exist or not.
It is only you whom can wear your arrogant crown of ice.

You care not at all about my loss in your icy Palace of shallow glory.
I will be forgotten and disquarded , not worthy of a story .
To be replaced by a new form of ice ,  that ice will only be disquarded like I have been.
There is no place in your frozen heart for anyone other then you .
Are you happy with  the cold Icy walls you have created in your palace Of self Worship .
You worship your self Self Ice king , surrounded by Sin.

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Eyes and Oceans

Whoever said 
open eyes betray emotion
never knew them

For, love is
an ocean 'til the rivers
feeding it give up the

I stand huddled
at this puddle, puzzled,
foot nuzzling the

No ghost or
god of old pages boasted
could sing these hollow

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'nearly a storm'

Like a raging sea
crashing into reality
faces enlightened
feelings enhightened
the heart and mind pulled
the urge is in full
but the climax not filled
the fresh water distilled
the fizz and the buz
goes flat and undoes
the water still ripples
as the mind slowly cripples
the near overflow
bubbles down to a low
and the ocean lies still
as the storm turns to a chill
what may have been
mellows out to a stream
a slow narrow calm
to stop the strong ocean harm
now a flat murky lake
covers the tidal heart brake
gentle way out, like the tide going 'bye'
re-adjusting the balance, 'so long' temporary high..


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Fallen snow will remind of me/ it is snowing ... 
Slowly as in the dream/ 
Boy word-beads/ with signs on his spine/ 
He kisses fine/ 
Your eyelids /

And it snows ... It snows /so slow/
It does/ and you're thinking of me/ 
'Coz it's warm/ it's better to stay in warmth/ 
Waiting for summer dim/ 
It is snowing/ slowly like in the dream/ 
Flakes/ go round/ playing the music theme/ 
You've been looking for rescue/ 
You searched in wine/ 
But it's in me/ 
all the rescues are mine/ 
It is snowing/ the snow is fluffy and white/ 
If you see darkness/ I'm deaf and blind/ 
there's the cast of time/ on the arm/ 
But I discern the light/ 
Dreams/ upon your eyelids tips/ 
Prepare you for winter drowse/ 
And it snows/ 

Fallen snow/ will remind of spring /
it will crumble and crackle in vain/ 
It will snow / fluffy /white/ and slow/ 
And you'll become whole/

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God's Grace

The blue waters,
The green trees,
The blue skies,
The light breeze,
The crisp air,
The birds sing,
The puffed clouds;
The awakening.

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You're There, I See You

I close my eyes in darkness
While the world lies down to sleep
As a father and a husband
My family’s mine to keep
Protect them? I am willing
I am always there on guard
But, when I’m not and far away
I trust You are, oh Lord

The rising sun of morning
Has my family’s eyes so wide
As the motor sounds of traffic
Fills the air that floats outside
And the people that are walking
Some are jogging, some just go
Makes me see, what truly is
And all I really need to know

God, You’re there… I see you

In the blue that reigns up in the sky
On the breath of clouds that float on by
The image of the homeless man
Who still offers up his time
As he asks not for, without doing first
So I give water to quench his thirst
To the flowers that grow in the park
And the trees that children climb

God, You’re there… I see you

While coming home at evening time
Knowing my family waits for me
I smile real wide as I walk along
So all the world can see
Maybe then they’ll see just what I see
And then take it on their way
With hopes that they will share a smile
And make better someone’s day

Now the sun has set, children tucked
With a kiss I gave to fall asleep
Standing at the door I see my wife
And I feel the love she gave to keep
I thank you Lord for all I have
For always seeing my family through
Because I know I couldn’t do this alone
That’s why I put my faith in You

God, You’re there… I see you

In the blue that reigns up in the sky
On the breath of clouds that float on by
The image of the homeless man
Who still offers up his time
As he asks not for, without doing first
So I give water to quench his thirst
To the flowers that grow in the park
And the trees that children climb

God, You’re there… I see you

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You are the air that I breathe
The sunshine on my cheek
But a shadow of a dream
Mi belle magnifique

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Lovers Lake

Sometimes when it comes to love its like being at the bottom of a lake
Find myself holding my breath even though the water is fake
The emotions are very real
The feelings are life saving, but they kill
In this water so long my skin is starting to peel
I'm tough like the navy, swimmer like a seal
But the abyss is too deep
Steady kicking my feet
My legs are growing weak
Swimming for what feels like an eternity but it was really a week
Putting in an effort to hold my head above water, I try my best
In Lovers Lake I feel like a monster of Loch Ness
Happy times like little kids
Dangerous times like giant squids
Seaweed from my toes to my eyelids
Pain is love
Love is pain
Floating in this lake removes the hate stain
Leave the mark of love upon my soul
A girl's lifeguard is my rightful role
This water is more sharp than a steel shard
Wrapping around my heart like a wire thats barbed
But blood refuses to leak, only H2O
No director of this movie, no HBO
Stranded alone in Lovers Lake, without a boat
Shall I continue to kick, or just float
If I find my way to shore
Effect of love is no more
Cleaning the lake is such a huge chore
When it rains it pours
Acid rain in my pores
Lovers' Lake water enters my heart's doors
Some people who swam in this lake have drown, body goes stale
Feel like a trout, in a lake full of whale
Deeper, deeper I get
I guess this is it
I drown
Compassion king...where is my crown
The fish around me frown
Because the sun's rays don't reach this far down
I refuse to panic
As I think of the Titanic
Rose and Jack
Their love for each other I lack
My life, my mind, my soul
I need them back
My thoughts are like potion
Like fluid from a lake with motion
Wait...this is Lovers Lake not the Atlantic Ocean
I wouldn't need to be saved
If I would've behaved
Fell in love to the point I'm in too deep
Busy thinking about her, I can't eat
She's a positive reason that I can't sleep
The promises I made to her, I will keep
My feelings are never fake
Drowning in Lovers Lake

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For Anwar Amilcar-Tolstoi

Like a foot in the mud you press my mind for love
I worry more about the naked toes exposed to broken glass
And slide from it like water into a clammy ground

Why have you left feathers in the nest, and to swim
You straddle air, filled with phobia for so much water?
We cross seas better flying in a flock on wings.

O Anwar, my son, my son, so like the grass most tender
Silence makes so much louder the blind lawn mower
And in the wind does fly your seeds, life cannot surrender.

Let me cross the sea again, I am always walking in the rain
The wind blows dust into my eyes, and yes for you it pains
But water flows to wash the sand away, like darkness from my face. 

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love's drowning

over waves of the sounds from the glass of the sea
comes a shreak that dispersed on a night that was cursed
and flys cold with a chill; it lands squarely on me
my eyes did turn quick and wonder about
crystal pale blue was the scenes only hue
hand to my head, filled now with doubt
but was there distress on that morn i awoke?
with the sands at my feet; on an air crisp with sleet
as the autumn sun's light had not yet full broke
the question that's posed in these ramblings you'll see
for she lay down beside during moonlight's high tide
why that night my love left, n'er a word spoke to me?

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A Teardrop in the Stream

From the side of the bridge
A teardrop fell from her eye
And splashed into the flowing waters
Of the rippling stream passing by

Away the teardrop was swept
With the freshly fallen rain
The rippling stream stole her tear
But left behind the pain

She stood staring at the stream
Originating from the mountain top
With water pure and clean
A rippling flow that never stops

She comes to this bridge
Too many times to her it seems
But her broken heart appears to mend
After dropping tears into the stream

She takes a cleansing breath
Inhaling the fresh air
She wipes her cheek dry
And lets down her golden hair

The tear is now long gone
Fresh water in its place
The rippling magic worked again
She wore a smile upon her face

Lovers may come and go
Causing her heart to often ache
But as long as streams still ripple
Her spirit they’ll never break

by Joe Flach, written for Constances' Rippling Stream Contest.  
Written and posted on 6/1/2011

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Statuesque Radiance

It was wonderment.
The mesmerizing expression rolled off her tongue in waves. 
To my puzzlement I was in a state of allurement.
Her vibes were sent to me in soothsaying proportions.

It was almost trickery, but I knew where I was going.
To the festivity that arose in marvelous apprehension.
Thoughts intertwined with her perplexity.
Her magnetism pulled me into an eternal trance.   

We floated into an elation of bewilderment.
Bygone indifference; we are one.  
You are my goddess; ravishing, statuesque radiance. 
Purely beautiful with a beautiful mind, heart and soul to match. 

To my amazement I found her within.
She was snuggled in my organism.
Wrapped up in all of my thoughts. 
She was warm.

I was connected with my wizardry.
She brought out the magic in me.
It was a prophecy. 
To be told; never old. 

We are undead together and full of life. 
We are everything and nothing and everything in between.
And we are an incantation of youth. 
We are; limitless. 

Nonesuch bewitchment nor black art or ill will.
This was love as we hither to the schism of bliss.
Away with all devilry; we are galaxies of heavens in our oddity.
I hold you in my hands like a dragonfly who lets me.

My dragon with fire that doesn't burn me.
My butterfly who can hold my weight.
My sea in the snow; my fire in the haze.
My flowers in the dirt; my green in the concrete. 

Sail through my eyes.
Bring me closer to another zenith.
Give me your endless sensual voodooism.
My muse I adore; forever more.

She has taken me to that statuesque radiance.

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Windswept Beach

Windswept beach of the Pacific,
we would go there to meet you
and crash ourselves like waves 
upon that shore.

Seagulls circle overhead and wait
for opportunity.
We go circling in the sand and likewise wait.
Tiring of the wait we run and burn our feet
upon the scorching sand above the waters edge.

How high the kite, how low the mind,
comparing to the ruminating sky.
Summer will not last forever on that shore;
our frame will fall apart at last.

And breathing as a gull we gulp the air
and grasp the hand of our beloved there.
We towel the wet and scrub the day which weeps
and mourns in silent meditation.

The ocean waits for me, 
with frothing foam intensity,
and I will to go there willingly
when the time of love is ripe.

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I could recall some years ago
The day that sealed the  deeds of the deal
And dot the long journey  of nine months
In my calendar of the years
The same brought about the cry 
That started the journey  of my childhood…
What a honey of motherhood?
An answer to your heart cry
You were assisted and ushered 
Into the labor room 
Like my savior was accompanied 
To Gethsemane and went further
With the burden of sin of perishing souls
He bent His knees in prayers; 
He sweated blood

So you lingered 'un-angered'
With the burden of a baby boy
You genuflected in labor 
Fear with joy loomed in the air
Swimming in the ocean tides of the clouds
And I could see water dripping 
Down your cheeks and nostrils
All because of me

Could I see any one that flogged you? 
No! It's I beating you from within 
Not with cane but with pains
Like a sheep before its shearer
You journeyed between life and death
All because of me!
It would have been simple if that was all
But I could see 
Like two of your younger ones
Even of your daughter's age 
Shouting at you
Push! Push! Push!
Else you kill this baby
What ridicule leading a miracle?
All because of me!

Push! Push! Push!
That was their shout and cry
That ushered me into a new world
Right at their ward
That was not because they're wayward
It was a labor room

It was labor for you
That which ignited my favour
What a pain heralding a gain?
But it was like a pay to me
I took it for a ride but 
It was mother’s pride and joy 
I thought it was play
Until she smacked and spanked me

Yet they succeeded
As they persuaded you and encouraged you
Then and there with flow of water 
And pool of blood you pushed forth 
And you pushed through.
I thought it was a favour and for my good
Only to see her hand carried me 
As if she was all out to help
But it was only to cut the cord
While I held my hands together
Lost in the comfort and dream 
Of the cosy womb  
She took me out of the comfort zone
She smacks and spanks me 
Again, again, and again
She made me to cry and never cared to say sorry
But told stories

He's another boy, she said
Right there she baptized me 
Into a new world
She dragged that thing 
She called cot to your side
And placed me in it
Alone I was laid crying
And all she did was to laugh at me
Mum. Her white uniform belied her act

Dedicated to V.A Aderounmu.
© Fisayo  Aderounmu.2012

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The Black Sea

Drowning in her black sea of waves 
tumbling down her waterfall of black curls
Docking my ship on her serene waters
unloading my cargo of thoughts and ideas
diving into the depths of her psyche 
swimming in the ocean of her essences 
that is woman
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Green Poet
aka The Brown Philosopher

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Something like me and You

I want us to swim,
In our new bodies,
Which buttress our boney disproportion.

I want the fish to be enticed,
By our old skins
Which serve as useless armour to this world.

I want the cold to be unrelenting,
To our restless hearts,
Which beat  inaptness into our beings.

I want the water to cleansing
Towards our tomblike wombs
Which welcome love but  reject life.

 I want the tides to be shifting,
Until our spineless existence
Take the form of something solid,
Something soft.
Of something like me and You.

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I love to water my yard.....and my feet.
My plants love to drink....
The cool water I give them.
Just like I love to water
You with my words.
Passion, lust and misty
Thoughts of love.

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Gator Bait Series 1st Cold Snapped

The wind was blowing when she left the city...

I believe it was twenty below...

Where she was going she already knew...

But... first she had things she had to do...

Get rid of the body that was clear....

There were no options, it had to disappear....

The heater was broken and blowing cold air...

She could feel the ice, building up in her hair..

She had cleaned up the blood as best she could...

As she had hit him hard with that log of wood...

All she had asked him, was to light a fire...

To take off the chill in the house....

Do it yourself if you are cold...he snapped

And while you’re at it get me a cold beer...from the fridge..

It was early morning when she finally arrived at the bridge..

This was his favourite fishing spot...

She pushed his body off the pier...along with his ice cold beer..

And suddenly began to shiver and sneeze.....

Oh well, she said...this too shall pass..

When I get to the Florida Keys..

PS..this is the first in a for part 2.."gator bait..the dream "

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A life sustained by water pure
Yet marred by memory of the wine
Like fragrant waft of soft allure
Diminished not by hands of time

Forever clear the water streams
Yet never ends the draw to wine
Forever helpless so all seems
To purge the memory from my mind

Though water's healing - ever constant
Soft and clean and unaware
How often it hath quenched my thirst
And oft hath left me standing there

A gaze in awe, and silent yearning
Watching how the water flows
Mesmerized by every trickle...
Wishing I could just let go

Of every string the wine has woven
Through the fabric of my soul
Doth feel betimes a fact well proven -
I've not the will to let it go

For wine is strong to those who drink
And feel the fire of liquor's hold
Changed thus forever so I think
In moment's time - my future sold

But hold I fast to water's beauty
Resolute despite all time
Let God and Angel's bear this witness -
I choose water over wine

...Jeff Bresee

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Something to do

Something to do. Each time I look at you, I wonder how it is that I'll fix this. The broken mind that is mine can I make the repairs, Before you lose your interest. I’m bent from this business Of begging forgiveness, while frantically running around putting out fires. You are my modulation as I hold out for hope. Once consumed by substance Now bailing water from my metaphorical tug boat. Dragging you along, against the current. To give up, would be Giving the water it’s way. That’s why I beg for one more chance, Please stay. Something to do. Like random nuts & bolts in a jar, You know the right size can’t be far. I just have to dig around in this damn jar. Something to do. This is always the case. My heart was always in the right place. Complacent was the world around me. My art, brought me bounty. I digress, and ask that you look How it is that you found me. You could actually count on me. People loved to hear the sound of me, But that was before my grounding. Something to do. Clipped wings I dive bombed into the sand. If I had broken a body part It would've been a hand. Mending my wounds, this is my job now. One day ill make you proud.

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What more have we to write about?
Waters rippling from thrown stones?
And what of passion or true love
Found only through lasting pain.
The aches suffered throughout the times
Will surface forevermore,
Relentless to our fighting urge
To suppress the burn once more.
Stabbing at our beating hearts
A strike merely meant to wound
So as to heal, so as to learn
From the pasts we live within,
Trapped like a mouse inside a maze
Which has no exit nor light;
A lonely soul left to wander 'round
'Til it finds a wall to sob near.
What more have we to write of, 
You ask?
No, what more have we to see.

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Is not so

Is it not so, that the sun does rise in the east and settles in west?
Is it not so, that water is water and fire is fire?
Is it not so, that laughter is laughter and pain hurts?
Is it not so that cold is cold and hot is hot?
Is it not so that a dog is a dog and a cat is still a feline?
Is it also not so that love is love and hate is hatred?
If all these things I have said be true and clear to you? How is it people think both right and wrong be both possible at the same time…yet we say that all things are either right or wrong depending on were you live at or the culture in which you were born in or in which ever way you were taught? If the world is truly a sphere as it was proven a long time ago and as is it still exist today? Then surely right or wrong can’t have change no matter were you or where born? I present these statements as proof positive and a fact that some of us might be living wrong! 

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Soup or Salad

One thing about music
Is when it hits you you feel no pain
One thing about music 
Is when it hits you you feel no pain
Hit me and wake me up
Surely blame will call your name

Only yesterday was easy
As crept on through the night
Only yesterday was easy
And tomorrow don't look too bright.
All we can say is "oh what shame
Things didn't work out right".

Nowadays it seems you feel with beliefs
And I'm left here alone with no sign of relief.

I want a lover, No I don't want to love her
Yeah, I don't want a lover, I just want to love her

If I knew I'd be here today
I'd wear my heart around my neck
Paid my loving debt with all my time spent
If I could see tomorrow I'd stay dreaming about tonight
And If I could walk on water I'd make everything right.

No I don't want a lover,I just want to love her
Yeah, I want a lover, I don't want to love her

I could change time with one simple line
I could make you think that you're living free
I could go leave, let you have your days
Say goodbye and make our separate ways.

But I want a lover, No I don't want to love her
Yeah, yeah I don't want a lover, I just want to love her
I want to be a lover, No I don't want to love her
No, no, don't want be lover, but I just got to love her.

If I could see tomorrow I'd be more than enough
'Cause all of these callouses have made so rough.
If I could see you once I'd stay there all night.
And if I could walk on water I'd make everything right.

Nowadays it seems I believe
Let it take me that loving relief.

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Calling Out

The shadows over take my mind at times

but your love stands so true for me

it takes care of the pain I feel

but when the shadows call it seems so loud

when your soft whisper is covered by clouds

Why so faint is Thy voice for me

did I fall to hard inside this hole

Do the clouds stand so close for a reason

let me out of this season of darkness

let me hold Thy hand inside mine

keep me warm and fill my heart

I love the way you touch my face

when the tears fall and you open your warm Embrace

Your truth is all I need to live

a true life for all to see

your hand and love guiding me

But I can't walk this road alone

I need to hear your voice inside

I need your touch so very much

I see the pain and feel it to

I need your love to lift the blue's

Take me now and use my life

Help me Lord, to escape the strife.

Written By:©Betty Bolden

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Her Blue, Liquid Dreams

                                    *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* 

          In a past life long ago - she dwelled by the sea…

     A mermaid - beloved by dolphins 

          Moss clad , swimming in blue liquid dreams

     Beneath the light of the silvery moon

          Seeking spiritual sustenance

     That feeds the water in shades of blues, violet and green

          Riding the water - undulating free... like a gossamer butterfly

     Guiding her to the entrance of Neptune’s portal 

          Floating carefree in liquid aqueous waves

     Playing with dolphins and other beloved creatures of the sea
           Swimming gracefully in the night…

     As the astral fingers of the moon’s silver rays gently caress her face

           In her land so far away - she only had one wish...

     To love and be loved in return- she had hope and love to give

          Then a human touched her, with his love and kindness

     Binging to life… her blue, liquid dreams

                                           *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~*

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                         by: Earl Schumacker   

Rolling the distant down
More wet than dawn allowed
With sounds of water echoes
Through the crying falls
To the core
Disturbed Cascadia my love
Pours on in distillation
Crystal jungles hide in wait 
Never really take shape
Rocks seem to jump at the opportunity for life
Through the river’s moving mouth
Which laughs Cascadia over and over steep cliffs
Under current and bridge
With the silent thought of distance covered
In blankets of foam and will
Rolling endlessly down
By the fall that never touched  
As I touched and felt
Cascadia at her fall

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Something to Remember

Swallow to follow, to find Tomorrow-
We look to Love to seek our Sorrow
And, lo! My Soul hath become so hollow
(In my own worry I wearily wallow)
I live to die, grow old and wither
And slip away like snake to slither
No thoughts are present, nor gathered hither-
I drain in Rain to the depths of the River

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Jesus Is The Living Water

Jesus Is The Living Water Jesus is the living water which can satisfy. HE is the oasis in a land barren and dry. Only HE can bring true satisfaction deep within. HIS living water can break the bondage of sin. He awaits you with his love and grace. His living water shall fill your "empty space." You were made according to his design. He created this world with you in mind. Come and drink of his water that only he can give. Taste of his everlasting love each day that you live. NOW is the day of salvation. Please don't delay! Listen to the words Jesus has to say. His promises are forever, steadfast and true! It is no secret of how much he loves YOU! By Jim Pemberton

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the Scent of rain

  Her heart drooped like the dying tree
 She yearned for a drop of love
 As the tree longed for rain from above
 Was heartache to be her destiny?

 But in time the pain did fade
 And rain clouds in the sky were displayed
 And the tree grew  stronger soon  thereafter
 Soaking in the  blissful shower, enjoying the scent of water

 And love, like a flower bloomed once more
 As the tree was filled with blossoms again
 A spoonful of love, a shower of rain
 Can make everything new, fully restored

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The Sieve of Time

The Sieve of Time

Cast ashore,
along the banks of time,

whirling through the passing years,
clinging to my futile scribbles set in rhyme,

Cast ashore,
thrust into an unrehearsed pantomime,

clenching slivers of joy as weariness descends,
lulled into a peaceful slumber exhilaratingly sublime.

Cast ashore,
hazily adrift, a dandelion seed on the wings of time,

trapped in the sieve of spiralling memories,
caught between pristine bliss, and reeking slime.

Cast ashore,
flung aside for no discernible crime,

my human heart thuds with elusive hope,
though battered, bruised, and covered in grime,

I stagger ashore, 


embracing each moment of detached, oblivious time.

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Distant African Nights

Those Distant African Nights...


The shadows swayed in your candlelit room,

a cool breeze teasing your bare back,

streaks of lightning forked in the Johannesburg night,

as my hands stroked your hair,

kissing your soft mouth,

holding you,

ever so tight.


You whispered that you loved me,

and I kept silent,

the rain fell, 
shadows danced,
thunder rolled,

the breeze teased your naked back,

you whispered that you loved me,
as my lips found yours,

the rain washed over our tender nights,

lightning and candlelight,

etching poems on your burnished skin,


a fear gnawed at me,

deep within.


We parted ways,
and you could never forgive me, you said,

now, after numberless thunderstorms,

the rain that falls,

echo the countless tears that I have shed.


You are long gone,

far away,

happy, I pray,

yet the memories persist,

those precious moments shall never, 

like the Jo'burg rains,
trickle away,

and I wish you well,
for loving me as you did,

for it was I who was not worthy,


and it is I who is not worthy,



You were always true,

it was I who always,


refused to,

to give myself,

completely to you.

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Cool Water

Cool Water

It’s been so long since I’ve had that water
The soft rain of you restored every withered part of me
And my blood still burns
Recalling your touch…like gentle showers

In the dark I can see your face
Summoning each familiar detail
Brings my heart to a state of grace
It knows so rarely now

Like sepia dust kicked up by an old car on a dirt road
The tendrils of my memories fade to nothingness
As if they never existed, and settle once more
Waiting for the cool water to drench me

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Blue eyed girl

Blue eyed girl of Pacific Ocean.

You are blue eyed girl of Pacific Ocean.
Like me through face book of heaven.
Being interrogated I have seen your naked beauty of Pacific Ocean.
Where enjoying only blue water and blue eyed girl of heaven.
 See Beauty of your undressed hidden spherical dia.
Where enjoying intensity of beauty reaches to bottom of pacific.
 Beauty of brevity is so specific.
Tolerance not to be measured
Not to be magnified.
Enjoyed only blue marbled crystal floats in Pacific Ocean.
Where blue water flows beneath my waist to a motion. 
Saroj khan[sakha

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3 am and there you are waiting for me
As always so strong and sure
I love you for that
Skin so pale glistening in the moonlight
You never judge me, you've always loved me
The mask I wear in front of others is not needed when I face you
It tumbles to the floor followed by my clothing
I sigh as I walk over
Its time to turn you on
I use that circular motion you like so much
That warm slick wetness between my fingers
Has me smiling contentedly
The steam in the room is rising
I step inside and allow the water gently cascading
All around me to wash away
The tears, the dirt, and the stress of daily living
I let the peace of the darkness and your calm stillness flow through me
When I'm here, inside of you, is when I can be me
Theres nobody to please but me
No facade of happiness to cling to
Here, is where I feel my sadness, my anger, and my grief
Hidden far away from eyes that might judge and condemn
Or worse yet eyes that would look upon me with pity
Pity that would cast my achievments under a shadow
And encase my soul in the well-meaning intentions of others
Lavender soap washes away the hardness clinging to my body
Turn off the water as I'm left standing in steam
Air dry to keep the peace going
I love you deeply as any lover
My shower

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Your Rose

Love drawn from hate,
Hate drawn from love.
It's all a viscious cycle,
Swirling you above.

The sight of that "rose",
So lovely and pure,
Was more like a cactus,
Look closer to be sure.

More pricks then you can realize,
Former skin than you can know.
Even the water underneath,
Is to little to even show.

The flower set on top,
The glory of it's petals,
Hide the spines beneath,
That wait for those who medal.

Pick it if you wish,
Look for water in it's stem,
But all you'll find is pain,
Over and over again.

Soon you'll see and find,
When you look down at your hands,
The sores and pricks that rest there,
Arn't worth all his demands.

When that day comes,
And you see what he has done,
It will all come to a choice,
You can love or you can run.

You can love the water,
Which you've never seen,
Or you can hate the skin,
For all the scars that it will leave.

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Water Falls To Tranquility

     Water Falls To Tranquility

Kisses sweet
Imbued with shy blushes
Bungalow soft, dalliance of lust

Tumble down
In white water, naked
Covers nature’s angels and soft nymphs

Sins wash clean
Water falls in deep sleep 
Lovers held on silent rocky mist

Cozy love
Drifts quietly over    
Falls on waters of tranquility                            

Created on 10/31/14 by: Earl Schumacker- for – “SOME FORM OF CRYSTALLINE” – Poetry Contest

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Pisces, The Fish, Living Waters

Pisces, The Fish, Living Waters

Swimming in cool blue waters so deep
rainbow fish , so pretty the stars weep
Oceans filled with great hope and pride
on celestial waves greatness takes a ride

Constellations shining brightly to see
lights glowing in the past and future be
A sign to speed life on it's merry way 
guiding our spirits into a future day

Neptune stands his mighty waters so well
holding back the monsters from deepest hell
Comets bring in the joy of desperate relief
washing away anguished pains of epic grief

In a bright galaxy so very far, far away
Seas of life exist, love and sweetly play

Robert J. Lindley, 07-12-2014

Sponsor Leonora Galinta 
Contest Name , Poem with a Theme: Zodiac Sign

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In Nornalup

In Nornalup

When I’m in the country
With my lady by my side
In the midst of all this beauty
My soul feels deified
As the river glistens gaily
Beneath the morning sun
Well her and I, and all of this
Oh boy! Each day’s such fun
In Nornalup.

When I wake up each new morning
In this chalet on the banks
Of the river of the painted trees
I offer all my thanks
To The power who gave this all to me
Hey, I’m a lucky guy
I’m bound to make this journey
Until the day I die
To Nornalup.

In Nornalup, in Nornalup
Where the sun upon those trees
Does cause the day to fill with grace
That’s the place for her and me.

I watch those trees near the river bank
As they’re dancing in the sun
To the rhythm of the gentle breeze
There’s a love song just begun
As she stands beside me looking at
This painted scene there yonder
Its beauty it will fill my soul
Oh, I will always ponder
On Nornalup

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The Fourth Fable

 The Fourth Fable 
The Fourth Fable 
A Jesus Cowboy Song 
Eye am a strong man iff strength is not physical alone, 
but charachter and hope, love become my armour 
 my arm as gates once opened close now new ones open at a glance in poverty 
of riches poor people there in Heaven sing to Jesus as they wave branches from 
the richness of the trees beside the waters running in the trenches freely given 
overflowing when a little lamb just wants a drink of water another drink the water 
bubbles up so no one has to lift her she can reach the water carefully she drinks 
and then she sings…' 
'my holster is empty my life is complete my love is in Heaven 
eye have plenty to eat and to drink ' 
life is not meant to be a shoot em up rodeo 
life is not meant to be a shoot um up movie 
my life is in Heaven my holster is empty 
eye have LOVE' 

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My EmOCEANs...

Sometimes it gets to be too much, holding it all in.
Want to cry but I can't, so I grab me a pen.
The ink is the stream of tears I choose to imprison,
the word flow is the current of my very essence.
If you wade in my pools you are liable to sink
but if I feel you can swim, I might allow you to drink.
Will you be able to float through my complex oceans,
or drown yourself in the waves of my emotions?

Will you shower in the water of turbulence in preparation?
Try and capture in your grasp the nature of my notion?
Can you splash in the puddles of my pain, juices of my ambition?
I can only trust you if you come to the realization;
I am the current, I have been designated,
I flow like the tide angry or smooth never hesitating.
Everywhere you are but never a specific location.

I can't be contained and I can't be denied
But if you simply seek you will always find
My genorous current will never leave you dry.
I am the water that birthed the tides.

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eternal prayer

          (10/9/11) love

This is my eternal  prayer with god I do share
All my life I have searched for love
And prayed to you up above.
Love seems to take a turn, and the passion
In my heart does burn.

I see the beauties that you have created
Yet with my dream you have hesitated.
Is it that something special is coming my way?
Oh dear lord- to you I pray.

So many years have gone by- and as I see
Other lovers- I do sigh.
The passion in my heart is a eternal fire
As I seek someone to join this fire.

I feel like I’m a star up in the sky
Everyone can see the beauty, but it’s
Beyond  their reach, as I search
For eternal loves peace.

Will I be that star in the sky , or can I be
Like mother earth, that everyone can see
My beauty and smell my fragrance
And touch the gentleness of  my heart
And from their hands I will not part.

As the plants need water to live
I have so much love to give.
Let me be the water that touches their heart
So that it may grow, and from me they will know.

This is my eternal prayer that with the world I will share.

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In my revelation 
The harp of the goddess of lyrics Persists in playing 
I sing.... 
In the beginning was my beloved and the spirit of God was moving 
Upon the face of waters.... 
My beloved is a godly mermaid with legendary colors. 
She descended from heaven unto my waters.... 
I bathe her in the brine of my tears.... 
Subtle in her long braids.. 
Floating in my spirit singing to me. 
She intermingles her essence with my burning desires, 
Lights the candle of my verse with nectar and passion. 

Oh, my beloved, how far I am from you 
But I am nearer to death! 
Withered like clouds, 
Grievous like a violet rose plunged in ice, 
And life is but an old, ill man 
Thus, I am still waiting...! 

Life bears a resemblance to death here, 
The eyelashes of the room enclose me, 
A lamp in the ark wherein fire warms not the sepulcher 
Thus, I am still waiting...! 
Am I truly alive..? 
Or, is there life living in death? 
My wait dances with me, my fears flatter me 
And I am still waiting.. 
I stroll... 
I stroll with my ennui, with a spirit enshrouded in mist, 
Whilst a sea is rising straight up to the shores of my soul, 
And the water soaking the stones of my heart. 
In your voice is the murmur of fabled water 
Whispering to the sands and stones, 
What will come forth, and that will go into a dream, 
An eminent dream that will live in concert 
And leave with autumn winds. 
You appear in the sky saying, Bless this pain, 
The pain indwelling in the depths, 
Glittering apparently in the spirit 
Like a frozen pond in winter. 

It echoes like sighs coming from a distant flute 
Filling the air with melodies. 
Melodies which are chanted by gods 
Who cry and moan with the sad tune. 
They pray, and call, 
"O Allah, who is he who makes souls cry..?" 

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Sepia Storm

Murky water from the gold dust around my feet
Foggy air from the sepia storm that has me beat
Sluggish heat pressing down to crush the meek
Holy water keeps sweat on the brow and leaves them weak

Allow the clouds to part
Fourth attempt to start
I’ll be permanent this time
So help me God and part the dusty breeze
And clear my darkened sight

Shady past of two lovers collide
Future that I kept praying it was still alive
Amnesia from the red fog, bleak nomad
Clear the dust from your eyes, it’ll help a tad

Do the textbooks lie?
Do love and lust die?
Lengthy as the Rime
So help me God and cleanse me of my sins
And lead us toward the light

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In Time She Wakes

In time she wakes; I, the the sun, that kisses her face. 
No lies or disguise, just the radiant reflection of African skies on the rise in her eyes.
Beauty unmistakable, incredible, unforgettable;
My eyes drink the scene until I'm full. 
Her hair, her face, that skin, where to begin? 
So smooth the soft surfaces surrounded and swirled in swirling sheets that keeps my amber bright morning light tight in her sight. 
She can't quite fight the bite to ignite with all her might. 
Yet before the day slips away she'll sway and play in Plettenberg bay. 
And from her lips drips the sips from oceans where now sleep the ships and slips of men that crashed and smashed from sirens singing and calling out their longing and wanting so haunting - the sound spilling from that same coy style of a Mona Lisa smile. 
She wants to linger on but horizons blue, orange, yellow and red hint of bed instead it must be said. 
Soon to the night she'll wed but before that rest she shares her shape in shadows on the shore. 
A dance does she once again as I gaze with the last blaze of my rays across the waves, 
until again, through the morning haze, I'll wake her just to see her eyes kiss the skies that light up from the light in my eyes. 
For she is my earth, my world, my purpose, I am her sun. 
This breathing circle, this vision, no dark nightly dream would it seem could ever forever our helix make undone.


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Steamy Windows

Amidst the steam on the panes of glass
Are breasts of pure of my Maiden lass
Firm being loved as our hands are clasped
Pressed to impress as our bodies clash

Naked we are sharing as two become one
Again through steamy windows our loving's begun
As the water cascades down this naked of two
Impressed into thee as I stand behind you

Lustful we are sharing moments of bliss
As we turn our heads in tongue lashing kiss
The noise of the water drowns joyous groans 
Our excitement reaches peak, to one another we're sown

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It'll Be Okay

Hold my hand, don't ever let go
close your eyes, it'll save you from
the war we're in. Innocence doesn't matter.
Can you smell the burning embers?

Cling to me, I'll protect you.
The horrors surrounding us won't
Taint you no matter how hard they
try i promise.

I scream and you cry. It's just another day on the train,
Cold and starving, surrounded
by others dressed in filth.

Death's perfume rest in
The air. Filling our lungs
Making it so hard to breathe.
"It'll be okay"

My hands cover your ears
in hope that the others' tears
wont haunt your dreams too.
Can you smell the burning embers??

In the distance, I hear
Their orders. Slowly,
The crowd moves
Taking you from me.

Our fingers cling to each other
As dirty tears slip down our faces.
They come and rip you away.
There's nothing I can do.

a number is put on my arm.
Have they branded you the way they
Did me?? All of us are
Treated like we're parasites

My dignity is destroyed
when they force me to take
off my clothes. I cry again
When cold water splashes Me

Herded with the others,
I try to find you but
to no avail. My head hangs
When i realize that I'm alone

Days and weeks pass.
Night is the worst, the
cold cuts into me like
a knife through butter.

a light shone into my eyes
forces me awake. They grab me
from the ground and
push me into a room.

Again, they take away my
rags. Naked, I'm forced into
A small room with

Fingers touch my shoulder,
I turn to see you and shout
with happiness as we embrace.
The showers turn on.

Your eyes water and
I cough. It's suddenly
hard to breathe. we
cling togetger and cough.

around us, others
are falling. together,
we collapse. I smile.
"It'll be okay."

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My Lost Love And The Seashore

Walkig on the seashore at noon 
Watching the sun that will set soon 
Everything reminds me of you 
Every step i take, everything i do 
Like my thoughts, the sky is cloudy 
Like my feelings, so blue is the sea 
I look at the horizone, so calm and clear 
Remids me of our happy days when we were near
 I look at the waves and i get upset 
'Cause it reminds me of the fight we had
 And tears roll down of my cheek 
I lost you, will i find you if i seek?
 I feel the water beneath my feet 
Reminds me of your cold lips 
Then my foot drowns into the sand 
Like i drowned in you when you first held my hand 
The wind blows and i feel your touch 
My whole body shivers, oh i miss you so much 
I see your smile as i look at the sun
 Embraces me with love, makes me want to to you run 
The sun is finally setting 
And my desperate soul dying 
I rest myself on a rock, so flexible like your body 
Grab some sand and see how they are apart like me 
Still tears rolling down from my cheek into the water 
The time you find that teardrop, you'll be forgotten forever
 Every teardrop into the sea 
Is how much you mean to me 
Finally i see your face as i look at the moon 
And the stars is so shiny like your eyes at noon 
I still sited there, watching your face and eyes 
And i'll wait to see your smile at sunrise 
Yes, i lost you baby 
but you're never far from me 
For you're the sunset, the sea and its waves 
And in my heart you'll forever remain engraved. 

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A stone is thrown in blue water of lake,
 Wherein creates wave.
 Frequency in flowing water makes vibration of green mosses. 
It seems in my heart that wave appears.
Rays of light reflects from my heart.
Sign of symptoms to keep me fast.
Hope that helpless mind will be regaining to fruitful mind.
Expect that coldness air of hill from north east wind.
In that blue water of Loneliness Lake where a stone will not be drop down to make wave.
I will be here to survive with hope.
Where love will be reflect like sunlight from my heart.
Time passes in my heart where days become bright fast.
Saroj khan [sakha]

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                        Im soaking wet from all
                       thoughts running in head.

                        Starts like tear droplets
                and builds from there 'till I got a
           water fall at my door or it runneth over
                    me, Oh poorest me.

                Water you say love cometh my
        way, Need someone to help taketh the
                        droplets away.

                Help my mind to send to the
          heavens above oh but not the tears for
          fear of not having thoughts of you.
                          Cheryl McCall 2008

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Some friends willfully forget an unlucky heart 
from whose trine flowed the richest waters
to soothe their qualms
as desert shady palms.
It gave them all it had, leaving nothing for itself;
hasn't forgetfulness replaced the warmth of that light?

Someone should remind them by writing on a wall:
that God never forgets a goodhearted soul
for the generous deeds it has done:
giving everything and receiving none!
" Shame " should be written on each face...
proclaiming to be righteous and favored by grace!

He lives in a shack built on wood poles shaken by cyclones,
and he survives on water and crackers,
a candle has replaced a light-bulb with thirty watts...
even tap water can't satiate his empty guts;
a slice of bread is a rare delicacy,
not mentioning cheap, tasteless coffee.

God never forgets a goodhearted soul,
the one that helped others face life with grit
and feeding their mouths by uplifting their spirit;
where are they now: distant as a cloud, looking down as a seagull?
Why can't they attend to his needs with generosity and wit?
No, he is not one of them anymore...only a disgraced destitute! 

Rags clothe his body, but joy dwells in his faithful soul,
prayers keep him alive...he rejoices greeting the dazzling sunrise;
into the pristine river he bathes daily and sings with truthful and joyful eyes:
he will have tasted Paradise even before his death!
The poor man, so rich in faith, will sing until you runs out of breath;
the forgotten man, so weak, will reach Heaven having completed his earthly role! 

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Watery Coffin

I look into my child’s eyes
Brown pools of innocence
And I see my reflection
A silhouette of heartbreak
I want to go back in time
I want to hold her tighter
I need to tell her I love her
And I’ll never let her go

But I did that fateful day
Repeatedly I screamed her name
My movements were slow
Everyone else was frozen in time
The water felt like quicksand
My enemy in my time of need
Waves crashing, distancing me
With each fall, they laugh at me

Another soul they are about to steal
Adding to their marine collection
My cries, fearful, they go unheard
The seagulls fly past, mocking me
I keep running in slow motion
Like I’m sloshing through molasses
The unbearable pain in my chest
My heart gone by ocean’s erosion

The salt fills my lungs, burning with fire
Panicking in despair, I see her body
Downturned, arms outstretched
Flying with the ones that took her from me
I beg her to breathe, I demand that she listens
I call her name in frustration
But she never responds to me
Her silence torments my ears

I hold her in my tight embrace
I tell her I love her…baby, I love you
I want to see her smile at me
I try to rewind time but it refuses
The twinkle in her eyes, darkened by death,
Reflects overwhelming heartbreak
A paralyzing sadness turned into numbness
The water took two lives that day.

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A Fallen Love

There you go again, in and out my life like a disappearing act. 
There my mind is, as it's wondering in a daze from just your appearance. 
All lost down deep in my soul, my heart feels like its melting. 
Like that of a snow in the sun, the water runs like blood through my veins. 
Like the water that melts from the ice so does my love for you. 

It is there I have fallen deep in love with a woman of far lands. 
Way out west my sunset is as you have all I got to give. 
That of my greatest love I have for thee. 
I can't hardly catch my breath as it hurts me to breathe. 
My pain is down below like none I have ever felt. 
Because it is there you have stolen a heart in prep. 

It cry's loud from with in my being. 
With in my body the tear drops falls from my eye. 
It shatters the floor with a hard hit you see. 
Like a bomb has went off in me. 
It is there I can not control the flow. 
As my tears pour like a fountain from inside. 

It is there far away we are from one another you see. 
That it is there my world has stopped just because you are not here. 
There I do not sleep at nights because my mind has no rest. 
Because it is you only to which I dream as my eyes stay wide open. 
As I daydream of you at nights. 
And that is the reason there is no sleep for the wicked. 

As our talks have died out but the feelings still exists. 
There my love still remains, for a woman of my dreams. 
But there I Love you the most. 
As I feel as if I am dyeing from the inside out. 
But there you still hold a place in my heart that is deep of emotion. 
As it is only you I want to be near. 
As I want to love you forever in the days to come.

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Theater of Illusion

Half of you is there to stay
The other half has fallen away
You grew tired and hid in your skin like a splinter
Just how the bears vanish from the cold and harsh winter
And it wasn't until you stopped loving before you evolved
It was gone for so long and the problems couldn't be resolved
The elements of your mind dissolve into shapeless time
The features of your face collapse into a numbed place
And you know in the back of your head that she’ll never understand
The nightmares that you’re constantly awake through
The cravings that dominate, that take you
To this ineluctable theater of illusion
The beginning ablaze of your own preclusion
She’ll never understand the deception of this theater
She’ll never see your loving perception of her either
A ghost seeps through your seams and creeps through your dreams
And you can’t help but to think of this inferior idea
That if black water flooded the inside of your flask
You could live forever as a ghost wearing a mask
And you can’t help but yearn for this inferior idea
That if black water corrupted your every single task
You could die forever as a ghost wearing a mask
Remaining in the audience at the theater of illusion

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Mother Haiku

          Mother Haiku

Fresh rain charms nature
Dew green leaves, squeeze, wet mother
Turns, hugs the day clean

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Assured to shore

Lord make my light shine,
illuminating Your glory
wich doesn't dwindle in the dark
and is the joy thats set before me.
In this lifes uncertain seas
be the wind set in my sail,
be my compass and my anchor,
for You love me without fail
so I know You'd never wreck me
on this course that You are mapping
or allow me to be plundered,
sunk ,or stranded without captain.

No! I shall not be afraid
wether tempest or high tide
for as sure as You are with me
joy and peace in me abide
so my faith is in Your guidance,
not a storm You cannot still.
So direct me with instruction
I choose Your purpose and Your will.

Even when cloud and dark cover
ever confident I'll be
my soul shall look to its lover
who will ever walk with me.

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Where Feelings Hide

This love for you has slowly died down
My mind learned to hide, but it’s always found
This love for you has slowly gone astray
My mind turned to follow, but then walked away
Through an open water deeply locked

I lay lifeless on this water floor
Hoping and wishing for something more
The lights they flicker and shadows bend
My nights get sicker as we near the end
Rain drops splatter and ripple on the liquid moon
The melting sky calls upon me tonight
I know responsibilities will be here soon
This will change who I am, so that’s alright

Once when I was young I used to dream the moon stole the ocean floor
And that everything on Earth sank into it’s own dying core
This choice is for the new life almost here
And there’s been thousands of days in this year
So I think I’ll head for the horizon and tread to the shore
Needing to flee the sea and focus on me and nothing more

So I offer these numb feelings to the swaying tide
Ocean forever hide me where feelings can hide
Wherever it is that feelings hide
I don’t care how, just take me to that same core
These feelings, now I can’t feel them anymore
And they’re left behind with nothing but words

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Seas That Swallow

Time has passed slowly in the blink of an eye,
Because my heart was wiped away, like sand with the tide.
It's tossing and turning in the ocean's cold grip,
Asking, "What did I do for this treacherous dip?"

The fish start to scatter, the sharks start to tear,
Feeling the sharp pain of loss everywhere.
The wounds begin healing, but the salt still stings,
Because of thoughts on some other things.

Back on the shore, before all the strife,
He got to be part of a beautiful life.
His sun would always shine even if it would rain,
Despite perfection lost, he had greatest gain.
The sun gave off a warmth that filled him within,
And he loved her back with all vigor and vim.
But too close to the water the heart did get,
Despite the sun's warnings, he went to feet wet.

Now swept into water, and dragged into deep,
Both the heart and the sun began to tears weep.
It was too dark and cold in the ocean to shine,
So the sun couldn't see the sharks trying to dine.
Rays of truth blocked out, unable to see,
The heart isn't the person some have made it out to be.

Now the heart drifts around, not wanting to be found,
The void within filled with salt water abound.
It stings on the inside, it stings on the out,
Because, to the sun, he was completely devout.

Now once again strong, the heart climbed back to shore,
Knowing that the warmth of the sun was no more.
He walks around the beach, everything gray,
Because now it's only night when she is away.

The beaches he now wanders, avoiding others on the shore,
Knowing their love is no match to the one he shared before.

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I see the rain,
Dancing across the sidewalk,
Carefully placing each drop
One at a time,
They flow with each other,
Gracefully and in sync,
As a dance from the heavens
Praising the One who made them,
And as I watch them,
I become hypnotized,
Almost entranced,
By their beauty

Details | Prose Poetry | |


Cool breeze
Cumulus clouds
Breeze solidifies,
Monsoon rain
White threads move to
Heavy shower.
Rain smiles
And with rain came love.
Long journeys
Longing leaning on his back
In the valley
Where meteors shower
Unexpected momentary moments
Eddied life,
Glimpses like water bubbles
Shadows overpowered specks of lights
Specks of laurels
Sudden borders to dreams
Yonder in the sky departing clouds
Swollen rain clouds
Lustre obscure
Renunciation with disinterest
Rain and love spreading over
Love brought silence
Mermaids, water nymphs
Stood guard.
We went close at heels
Along turbulent back waters
We sat, in grief
In rain and mystifying silence
Passion delivered
And kept in store
Spread over us.
Rain peeping through
Birch trees
Rain lashing through
Geography of silence
Without a speck of dirt
Pious communion
Of love and rain.
Wailing hornbills, compassionate
Invoked rain
She saw us in deep grief
Grief of life-
Love in deep sleep blushed into
Longing, sights and rude realities
Cosmic force showers
Moments of eternal bliss.
In steep valley of sterility
Ascetic sun winked
At welcome clouds
Dryness transplanted
Into alluvial softness.
Rude faces, sights and longings
Lost way,
Emerged throbbing passion.
Showers of love,
Showers of mystic bliss.

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Melting under layers
under waves
of love
swimming in a daze
of pure bliss
memories suspended in time
time standing still
yet replaying again
and again
expressions of happiness
the warmth of a touch
lingering moments slipping
reaching out into emptiness
waiting for more
patiently waiting
sensation draining
knowing but not accepting
misty confusion
Painful gasping
watching everything
receding slowly
into the distance

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tumbling weed of Jericho

with one little drop                                                                                                      living water washes death's sway                                                                                    no weed but a rose         -Anastatica

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The Swaying of the Grass



A path leads,

to where wild grass grows,


sashaying in the summer breeze.




Along the path,
lightness settles within,


feeling the grass,
tickling ankles,


swaying to the lilting bird-song,

in a dance of intimate abandon,


brushing the remnants of pain away.




Melodies float across fields of green,

delicately caressing my heart,


teasing emptiness to flee,

comforting the mind,


to silently be.




Walking on,
savouring the peace,


a momentary respite,
from the burdens of the now,


all is quiet,


a stillness cradling fractured emotions,


the grass in the fields sway,


dusk descends,


shadows lengthen,


nudging dimming light to take leave,


of the day

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Tuolomne river

I stand on the dock
the wind in my face
looking out at the Cumberland
and I remember
I remember what it feels 
to be a child
Those endless days spent
on that old river in California
The lazy days, with happiness
filling my skin
So innocent and yet knowing
So lonely yet noone knew
The thinking that life would
always somehow be alright
I still feel the sand at my feet
heated from the hot sun
Water dripping from that long braid
the one my mother wouldn't let me cut
The smile on my brothers' face
going down the big water fall
as he lay arrow straight
so it wouldn't suck him under
I was too chicken to go down
My brave big brother.
I feel nostalgia like a sickness
Where did those days go to?
My dad, at the water where he was happy.
My mom, young and able to run
she always played with us
The tualome river
beautiful in the summer sun
So moving and so much a part
of what shapes me
My love for the water
My love for the sun
Oh yes, I remember.

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Almost everyone weeps

In the distance I hear soft music on the radio.
The air is still and silence holds us
In her arms.
Quiet Sunday morning
Rode past the field where geese rested
Looking from far away
Like a flock of pigeons
In the sun.
See so many different kinds of brick,
Angles of rooftops,buildings haphazardly
Added to before planning laws.
I sit and watch the people pass,
Some happy,one weeping though she assured me
It's merely an allergy;
An allergy to loss?
Yes,I'm allergic to loss.
Loss makes my eyes water and my nose run.
Where does all that water come from?
Pass me your handerchief,mine is a ladies
Since men must work and women weep
Surely we should have the biggest hankies?
Men can wipe their nose on their sleeve
As long as they are not wearing their hearts there!
Or they might consider sharing hankies.
How kind;for at times, almost,
Every one weeps.

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Standing on the shore, A girl fully clothed with no shoes. Her eyes filled with great suffering.. .lost hope ensues. As she notices the water stretches as far as she can see, her hearts implore won't let her be. The sky changes color. First green to blue then gray. Much to her dismay her shattered emotions now egress. "The color gray, the color gray." her tears profess traveling down her face "Oh, why the color gray." A color so dark, so deep, still allowing you to see the depiction of sadness it brings. To the sky, in her heart, buried deep in her mind. In the sky is that feeling. A very isolated out-pour of a feeling.. a feeling she tryed so desperately deny. The tide, closing in. small foamed waves now landing at her feet. It's so cold, the water. Identical to her, how she feels, all she only knows now. Numbness. Weakness. and her defeated soul. Depleted ..A heart is now left with no beat. She reflects on the lost hope her broken heart tried to hide. Seeing within herself the damage it has done. "Love is it" she says in a soft whisper ".. love is it." The disturbance of the oceans song snatched her out of realization. As she listened to the water, as it forcefully emerges hitting the shore and it's rocks with all it's might, as she listened to the water cascade back towards the ocean only to return hitting harder. The ripples and waves. Uncontrolled, involunterily. She is relieved for the ocean is singing the same song. Her song.."Love is it" she mumbled. "It understands how I feel. It knows exactly what I am going through." She smiles. "Love is it. The beating of my heart, with pain constrained inside it. The utmost sadness. Blinded happiness and misguided hope." The heart lies beat-less... No more discursion: Her last thought before submerging her body deep into the depths of ocean. In acceptance. Drowning. No longer standing on the shore. A girl fully clothed with no shoes.

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Into her depths

Seems there is no time like the present,
Yesterday forgotten, tomorrow can only wait.
Something is burrowing very deep inside,
All is all to give but never enough to receive.

Back she lies, chest heaving, heart pounding,
Forward he thrusts, dives to the ocean.
Her arms like the waves encircle,
He the dolphin, to and from the depths.

He stops to gently taste her waters,
A thirst of fire he laps to quench.
Weightless bubbles upon his tongue,
Her hands lead him deliberately on.

She strokes a hand across the belly,
Resting in shallows held only by her grasp.
Piece by piece she feeds along his flesh,
Now it is her thirst to be laid to rest.

Once again he dives beneath the waves,
Across the waters back he makes his way.
She turns to allow his weightless comfort,
Into her depths he sags and dies.

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So water for you is thicker than blood
what happens when that water rises
and causes a flood
when that water falls into your dirt
and leaves you standing in mud
all alone and hurt
Will you think of me
when the blood drops on your shirt

Details | Prose | |

Seed of Birth

Moments to Reflect
Seed of Birth
After a summer shower I watch the wonders unfold Gods truth is being shown. His love for all shall be known to all who have eyes that can see. The miracle of life that is a delight to behold can be seen in a drop of rain on the end of a leaf. Sparkling like a diamond in the light, more precious than gold, a secret is told. The water of life, without it we cannot go on the earth would be has dry has a bone. A desert: a waste land as hot as Hades and not fit to be called home. The water of life He is known. 
The air so sweet and clean the breath of life He has been called. A blessing from the father it is a Gift given to us all. When the air can been seen it is unclean and in this state I call it satans breathe, oh so foul and within it only death can be found. 
Flower and trees, grass that is so green that there is not any artist in the world that could paint a more beautiful scene. Concrete streets and black top parking lots; progress is what it is called…maybe not. An eyesore, mans’ master piece his legacy, beauty it’s not. 
Like a spring rain or after a summer shower; new life does salvation brings. Like the morning dew shining like tiny jewels, in the sunshine they do glow.  Flowers blooming and life a renewing, with Jesus this is how salvation goes.
Rain can be seen as the world being baptized and cleansed, purifying it of mankind sins. This is a fresh beginning but it not at its end it only truth starts when you ask Jesus to come in.  
After a gentle rain shower our God reminds humanity of His power and His promise: rainbow in the sky a wonderful, magical miracle, truly a delightful sight. His signature written in the sky, proof that He tells no lies; never again with water will He end the world that has bought to Him so much pain. His tears of sadness, never again will the world end with rain. 
The evil one try his best with his temptation and his tests to cause us to die and never to rise; humanity he do hate want to take all with him into that fiery lake. These are the tools of his trade war and strife adding in a touch of worldly lust doing his best to kill our trust in the Lord who has given us so much. The spiritual war is what we are in do not fall for satan schemes. Heaven or hell which one will it be? Like the sun gives life to flower, the Son gives life to all who follows. He who is free is free in deed.
Christ the savior God did send, it shows us that satan cannot win. Like a summer day after a spring rain new life will begin. He will pardon us of all our sins but you must ask him to come in His forgiveness know no end. Open your heart and let Him in then and only then can you win. In Him salvation is guarantee and a new life can begin; so you must choose Heaven or hell where will you spend eternity in? 
God our Father gave His Son to the world so that we would have a path to the truth a light to shine in the darkest of time. Allow His attributes to shine forth you do not would to lose your soul. Before time ever begin He love us, will you not trust in Him sight unseen, the One who gives all life meaning?
All it takes is faith to bypass that fiery lake, because tomorrow is not promise and another sunshine you may not see. Time is on no one side, so do not go chasing rainbows you cannot fly. Keep what real in your mind the reality is sin must die. God give His Son to pay a price that He did not owe, the cost was high, but gift that is given for those who believe; is to be by His side, salvation is free are you ready to receive?
Summer shower and gentle breeze,
Golden flower and dew drops of leaves.
Soft green grass beneath your feet.
                    The only thing sweeter is than life is living with Jesus for all eternity.

Details | Ballad | |


A snow white flower shines in the soft light of a silent meadow. The words that you speak I shall forever echo. A lost love in the dark of the night. They all look your way, but are you blind? Can you not see the beauty of me? I echo your words, I echo your call; can you not hear the silent voice of me at all? I cannot whisper your name, my voice is gone. Silent I shall ever stay, until you speak again. My laughter shall sneak from my lips, until the last word has been spoken, Silent shall I stay again. Silver snowflakes fall in the glory of the dawn. My words are forever caught up hanging silently in my throat, strangling, dangling horridly on my cold lips. A mirrored reflection stares coldly back at you. The water paints a beautiful picture, golden and shining in the crystal spectrum. Will you fall to the hopeless masterpiece inside? Don't give into the lies that haunt your mind, can't you see that you're beautiful again? Beautiful until the end. You see me standing, afraid to think; so you speak. Can I echo your name? Can't you see that I'm afraid to breathe tonight? I'll always recall your words. With you, I shall never be alone. I won't let you go, though your desire is to be gone. In my heart you will forever live on. Farewell you bid unto the world. Farewell I echo to you. I choke in the invisible tears. The reality kills me as I drink in the truth of my deepest fears. Why Narcissus? Why my true love? Why you? Silver snowflakes fall in the glory of the dawn. My words are forever caught up hanging silently in my throat, strangling, dangling horridly on my cold lips. A mirrored reflection stares coldly back at you . The water paints a beautiful picture, golden and shining in the crystal spectrum. Will you fall to the hopeless masterpiece inside? Don't give into the lies that haunt your mind, can't you see that you're beautiful again? Beautiful until the end. I found a flower near the enchanted pool. You placed it there for me, didn't you? Forever the echoes cry out in my mind. Farewell Narcissus, until we meet again. Farewell, I'll see you whenever my time here comes to an end. Farewell, we shall be together again.

Details | Free verse | |

May 17

I imagined you sitting there
On your wheelchair
Head to one side
Watching me water the garden
Reaching out to touch the bougainvillea
Smiling your crooked smile
The water gushed from the hose
And from my eyes
I miss you
Especially today,
Your birthday
Right on the eve of mine
And you aren’t here, Mama
You aren’t here.
I lost you too soon
Too soon, Mama
I’m not talking about the day
You passed away
I’ m talking about growing up
Knowing that illness was eating away
Your life
Your hope
Your dreams
Your passion
Your joy
I grew up seeing the blood
The burns
The stiches
The lopsided smile
The hazy eyes
I grew up hearing....
The coughing
The slurred speech
I grew up knowing
That I’m losing you
I remember the afternoon
When you looked at me and said,
“You’re afraid, afraid I’m going to die, aren’t you?”
I heard the catch in your voice
And all the fears I’d held back
Came gushing out
And you held me as we both cried
Knowing….our birthday celebrations together
Would be limited
Today is your birthday, Mama
May 17….tomorrow it’s my birthday
May 18…and through it all
I remember you
And I miss you
And I want you to know
All the things that are happening in my life
But you’re asleep…waiting for the wakeup call
To be free of your wheelchair
Of your prison
Mama, we’ll celebrate life together in heaven!
Soon, Mama!
It will be soon!

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Pouring Water On A Drowning Man

Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
By Shericka Murphy

I try to do just what I can
To look at him and see a man...
As I boil my anger in a frying pan
Pouring it on a drowning man.
And Im just as sick as I can be
And Im hurting here as he can see
And I boil my anger in the sea
And I pour it on the man drowning in me.
He's falling like the tears from my chin
He's feeling the feelings that I carry within...
And I watched him try and break my heart again,
And I watched him as he drowned in sin.
And the aching I feel from the hole in his heart,
Is just like my body is ripping apart
When you feel like this you don't know where to start
What does it feel like to drown in the devils art?
What does it feel like to to treat me like I don't live?
After all of the love and the body I give
I mean I feel pierced in the heart with a shiv
How does it feel to not drown in the love I give?
To go under in hatred that I have steamed,
To leave your world in ways that you would've never dreamed
To find out that I am not as weak as I seemed...
And the sparkle in your eye has not once gleamed...
But the light from me to you had always beamed.
And when I saw me pouring water on a drowning man...
The very same water that was my anger in a frying pan,
My eyes told me that I'd done all that I can..
Because the more I saw him....The less he was a man....

Details | Romanticism | |

A Fallen Love

There you go again, in and out my life like a disappearing act. 
There my mind is, as it's wondering in a daze from just your appearance.
All lost down deep in my soul, my heart feels like its melting.
Like that of a snow in the sun, the water runs like blood through my veins.
Like the water that melts from the ice so does my love for you.
It is there I have fallen deep in love with a woman of far lands.
Way out west my sunset is as you have all I got to give.
That of my greatest love I have for thee.
I can't hardly catch my breath as it hurts me to breathe.
My pain is down below like none I have ever felt.
Because it is there you have stolen a heart in prep.
It cry's loud from with in my being.
With in my body the tear drops falls from my eye.
It shatters the floor with a hard hit you see.
Like a bomb has went off in me.
It is there I can not control the flow.
As my tears pour like a fountain from inside.
It is there far away we are from one another you see.
That it is there my world has stopped just because you are not here.
There I do not sleep at nights because my mind has no rest.
Because it is you only to which I dream as my eyes stay wide open.
As I daydream of you at nights.
And that is the reason there is no sleep for the wicked.
As our talks have died out but the feelings still exists.
There my love still remains, for a woman of my dreams.
But there I Love you the most.
As I feel as if I am dyeing from the inside out.
But there you still hold a place in my heart that is deep of emotion.
As it is only you I want to be near.
As I want to love you forever in the days to come.

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Under the water fall

I found Love bathing below a water fall
Bow and arrows casually laid aside
above his attire and white plumes;
the air was covered by wet fumes,
yet I could see his arms open wide,
his back turned against the stone wall .
Love called me and I said: “It is late,
I was struck before by your tips.”
But he jumped over the surface ,
I fell rearward surprised by his grace,
He placed his finger on his thin lips,
The water streaming fast to its fate.
“The only clock I can hear is there,
Blossoming in your ripening chest
The seconds move tic…tac….tic…tac…,
Slow as the water sliding on my back
soft as the breathing of a baby rest,
I never ask when, I only wonder where.”
I closed my eyes so now I can see:
She was veiled by Love’s disguise;
I open my eyes but it was in vain.
Before I could see clearly again
She was swift and also very wise,
Dressing her wings to quickly flee.

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Underwater Blues

Blue, for love of the depressed days
	Underwater I live or die
	Nowhere can I really hide

Bewildered the water dismays
	Sky absorbs the winter hunger
	A floating bird doesn’t blunder

Sadness pulls me under and lays
	Casts spells of confusion bequeath
	Leaves me to fall, sink underneath

I’m frozen with sorrow always
	Constantly I am beaten down
	To hold the great ocean god’s crown

I do not hear what the sea says
	While keeping me there with sadness
	I must have strength to rid of stress

With all my strength I start to pray
	Not knowing if there’s any hope
	I see that I must stand and cope

Blue, for love of the depressed days
Bewildered the water dismays
Sadness pulls me under and lays
I’m frozen with sorrow always
I do not hear what the sea says
With all my strength I start to pray

Russell Sivey

Form Constanza(?)

Details | Prose Poetry | |

When love came walking

When love came walking,
she stopped at my door
and asked for a drink of water;
I never knew what to think, or 
how love found her way to my front door.

I stood amazed,
the twilight in the sky had broke
and she still stood,
smiling with teeth like snow,
and I gave her a drink of water.

She went on her way,
that was two years ago today;
still I sit and ponder over the whole event,
I still sit and wonder if that was my big chance
to find love and fall for her,
but she'll be in the neighborhood again,
I'll just have to wait- with a tall glass of water.


Details | Narrative | |


It was a miserable day out 
once during the hot summer
all through the evening
I heard only the children playing outside;
I looked out through my window
to recollect my childhood days..
something i found at that moment
a smile on my face
with tears in my eyes
I imagined that was a life otherside.

I saw the sun to settle down but 
that evening the moon didn't wake up
The stars were somewhere in the sky
that day it was out of sight through naked eyes.
A calm environment made someone's whisper louder
moment later a strong wind breaking that whisper
making miserable haunted clattering sounds outside.
Again i looked through my window
now i found the environment has changed 
from a hot sunny day to a dark lightning evening;
drops of water falling from the dark thunder clouds.
I experienced three different situations on the same day
from a miserable summer day to a calm evening 
from the calm evening to a haunted dark night.

I closed my eyes and counted from hundred to one
'it had been a miserable day
once during the hot summer;
It had been a painful life
once making a long journey'
'all through the evening
i heard only childrens' playing outside;
all through my life
i heard my own voice from inside'
'i looked through my window
to recollect my childhood days;
I asked my own heart
where i found only one name'
something I found at that moment
a smile on my face
with tears in my eyes
I imagined that was a life otherside.

I closed my eyes and counted from one to hundred-
I realized day by day my love to her perished down
this realization brought me a new life
but i found no love left within me
until i learnt there were no more water left in my eyes.
i met that unknown time when i heard another whisper
but moment later love brought me a natural death.
again i asked my heart
now i found it answered something has changed
from love to the coldest end.
I picked up the broken glasses and tried to see my own face
the images i got are solely all different.
and I'd rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it 
and see the broken glasses as long as I live.


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The Air That I Breathe

You're like a fresh drink of water that 
quenches my soul, pulling you close to me,
I hope that your arms would never let me go,
never slip away, I want to keep holding your hand,
I hope that our love will never come to an end.
Your love is like a fresh drink of water that quenches my soul,
I can not imagine my life without you, you're like the air that I breathe.

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The river and the lake

Half April days were forfeit by the moon
When the cold flames alit from the sky,
Dry leaves are consumed by the whirl,
Gone and drowned to the dark bottom.
A woman was resting on a river bank,
Her hand idling over her bosom,
Thousand night eyes watching her
and flowing with the dim water curse.
My query ripped the stillness
Of the hushing cicadas on the trees:
“Do you think love is like this river?
Eager to travel by open seas?
My heart flows like the fire trail
Of the falling star in the endless sky.”
She blinked and I saw a tear,
A tear I saw before she said:
“Then you do not love me, woe me…”
And she threw a pebble on the water…
“This is like a kiss and nothing has changed…”
The waters flowed among the weed…
The waters flowed among the weed…
“My love is like a lake with cold waters
Waiting the sun to rise on the horizon,
The swallow can hunt on my surface
for the darting fishes without success:
in my depth there is a siren’s melody:
which voyager will be too bold to hear?
The sky is blue as the virgin cloth
And like the mirror-like surface of my soul.”
I leaned and breathed on her lips,
and when she breathed on my lips
The air was cool and her heart silent –
But on her eyes, water lilies I could see.”

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Through the Steamed up Glass

Arriving home from work
Sleepy and tired
Hot shower i craved
A quiet evening desired

To the bathroom i go
Cascades of water sounds
Through the steamed up glass
A curvaceous figure is found

Her shoulder length hair
Soaked back in hold
Her body pressed to the pane
A sight to behold

As i watch her shower
Admiring her lathered hands
Caressing as she cleans
In solitary command

Her undulations 
Wetted glow
In adventurous display
Her body shows

I catch her eye
Through the steamed up glass
My girlfriend, my love
My Highland lass

Door ajar
She invites me in
Naked like birth
Skin to skin

Our hands in wander
As the water flows
We merge into one
In loving glow

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When Even The Water Was Blue

Clock striking the eleventh hour and

I sit and watch and wait for your return,

Looking out into the night from my captain's perch,

Remembering you and yesterday,

When even the water was blue.

The lights steal on across the harbor,

Vehicles creep on the distant bridge

Their headlights - search lights in the mist...

Perhaps lighting the way to guide you home, I pray.

I reflect again,

Remembering your smile, your laughter

And again, that yesterday

Even the water was blue.

Now, it and I

Are cold and

Longing for you!

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I think of a ladybug on a rail 
I think of a flowerfly by a fingernaill 
I think of giant windmills and the sky
I think of a close up, a greenish blue eye 
I think of sparkly stars in the water and sweet kissable feet 
I think of who they belong to and im so happy that we would meet
I think of two people in love, two faces in a mirror 
I think my heart and soul, couldnt see any clearer
I think of rocks in the water and the sun 
I think of You. . .because your the only one.

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The River Flows

Water flowing down a river.
Cold, calm, inviting.
I want to lose myself in the deepest part.
Hope that death will be quick.
The water is just cold, it flows smoothly, there is no need for death.
The water simply comes up to my knees but I still feel like im drowning.
Drowning in the sorrows I have made for myself & the ones you made for me.
It's hard to get over the things that have flowed past.
It's even harder to turn and walk away.
Following the flow of the river is easy but going against the grain, well, it's hard to say.

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Our Countryside Liberty

It was a hot summers day, in our garden in the countryside. Sheltered from noisy
cities and towns. Where we are able to approach life so differently. My girl my love, always 
in liberty flow, so enjoying the rays of natures orange orb.

Close by you can hear the cascading of crystal clear waters, eventually reaching 
us after negotiating meandering contours. In this heat you can sense the rocks
secretly smirking, as they are constantly cooled by translucent gifts.

On a blanket of green, naked as birth. Her peachy skin delights the vista that 
captures my eyes. Her blond hair adorned with a daisy chain tiara. She is my princess
my queen. She lays on her back, looks into the clear blue sky that ceilings our above.

As natures rays are absorbed by her delightful shape. She moves, touches as if in a dream
state. Her body reacting with thoughts of unshared dreams as insects buzz and birds sing
as if they are party to her thoughts. Their orchestral notes, their musical score playing
in symphony to her movements.

In momentary gulps of air, Koi carp rise to the surface to share this vista of pure.
Tails splashing as if they have been summoned to be part of the scene, slapping the water as 
if applauding. White water lilies catch the gentle waves, dancing like backing singers
to the sounds of the insects and birds. A gentle breeze catches the tired leaves, as they 
whistle their inaudible notes. As insects dodge their sway to carry on their journey of 

Late afternoon arrives as clouds close the sun, like curtains informing us that the scene
in today's play has ended. Sporadic sounds from distant birds echo, where earlier they were
in riotous volume. The white water lilies are now graced with the gentle undulations of 
the trickling waters as the Koi settle from the frenzied applause. Our afternoon closes.

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Sonnet 2

As water trickles from the aqua sky, 

I silently ponder over my life…

And how much I care, oh can’t you see why?

Your bright smile, like the sun helps me through strife.

Before now, I never knew who I was, 

but you helped show me the world’s vivid glow.

You are my best friend, brave, funny, and just.

With you will I feel the bitter, cold snow?

I know that together we’ll move mountains,

Our fates like a vine have become entwined. 

Our pleasure spreads like water in fountains,

Moving forward, we'll never press rewind.

Holding hands as we keep moving along,

You’re the drum behind the beat of my song.

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GOD the farmer


We live to love - we love to live
There is so much we have to give.
For every seed that GOD has planted
Another life has been granted.

Every seed on this earth
Will create a brand new birth.
He is the farmer - the giver of life
The crops he plants will suffice.

He planted the stars that shine at night
Gave us the sun - hot and bright.
He gave us water to quench our thirst
And gave us this water to cleanse the earth.

He planted seeds of knowledge in our brains
So if we had to - we could make the change.
He planted the seeds in the female wombs
So that life would not end to soon.

These are some of the things this farmer has given
He has made this life worth living.

Details | Kimo | |

Flow of her Back

Her bare back brings passion into my eyes I gently caress her skin Firm and smooth the surface I place a drop of water on her back And I watch it flow on down All the hills and valleys I wipe the trail of water from her back Softly smoothing out her skin Forming passion within I rest my head on her still naked back Enjoying the softness of her Feeling the love we share
Russell Sivey

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What is Sexy

Sexy is Delicate in Definition Ranging in Geography or all life positions From going to Mexican Restaurants creating the best tasting Fajitas Visiting White Sand Beaches off the coast of Costa Rica Dropping to a size five, trying on smaller clothes Strong burst of water shooting from a fire water hose A fresh haircut with both sides tapered A Writers ink pen as it glides across paper Slowly pulling an oranges' peel away from its' juicy flesh The scent of Spring Air and its' flowers that are fresh A Tattoo Artist ink filled needle penetrating exposed skin That feeling at the race track eludes your horse will win Viewing a Picture that you love, standing behind a fiery heat wave Eating a year old piece of wedding cake, from the freezer that was saved

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A love thats the best

Staring down at the blue water 
Smell the salt air 
The climb to the top was almost too much to bare 
Closing your eyes remembering wading in the freezing water 
Wondering if this was the end of your life
Arms extending as your heart takes flight
Feeling your feet about to slip 
But in his arms you will never slip 
Your weight shifts as your heart begins to pound
Now you remember the fall 
You remember the wind sweeping past your face
As no sound could escape your lungs.
Accept the fall. 
Knowing his arms were not strong enough to keep you from the waters below 
The nights spent crying as you felt your heart dying 
Cold water froze a beating heart  
In an instant warmth wraps around you 
Strength pulls you in 
As words whisper so softly you swear it was the wind 
Beautiful darling, you can only fall towards me 
Eyes widen to find the deep cold sea 
As far down as it ever could be 
You lean into him, feeling the warmth of the sun above 
Enjoying every moment, every smile, and every second look 
For the first time in a long time 
You no longer fear the sea below 
You no longer wait for the pain 
For the day may come where you are freezing in the waters
But after a climb unlike the rest 
Your lungs will fill with the warmest breath 
And a love that will be your best

Details | Romanticism | |

Mans lust for beauty

It is this of the mind that drives us crazy.
This beautiful lady of time that makes me wildly insane.
It is that of her skin I see lying here next to me.
That of her lips to mine as I dream of what could be.
It is a lust of beauty that portrays me.
As I hear her words haunting me.
It is them words to which makes me bleed.
Not that of real blood but my heart instead
It is there it runs like water through my soul. 
As I seek to find my own soul.
Her curves excite me beyond my control.
Like that of morning dew, she brings sunshine in.
Like that of the heavens above, the stars shines brightly in.
She is like an angel of God’s best sent.
As she stills my heart in prep.
It’s there I want to feel that tummy tight.
Not just the ripples but the baby inside.
It’s that of her thighs I want to feel.
As I crawl up in between them with excitement spent.
It is that of her smile I see.
When I close my eyes in sleep.
But that of her cheeks I want to feel.
As I hold her close to me.
It’s her eyes of beauty that doesn’t lie to me.
As she said she wants to be forever in life with me.
But it’s a lust of beauty to which consumes me.
As she quenches the fire from within me.
It isn’t of water but gas instead.
As it flames high and shows my heart of pure red.
It’s there I love her with all my heart.
As she shines light in the deepest part.
But it’s there she means the world to me.
As I dream of a lust of beauty being here next to me.
And never being lonely in life again. 
But be as two and making life happy again.

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Don't Tell Revised

A cold drop of water fell on my eye, awakening me from a deep sleep; I felt 
peculiar, gazing into the mirror and observing the once abundant freckles that 
had appeared to fade from my unplanned withdrawal.

"Today is cleaning day, bedroom first."

Singing along with Madonna, I washed my walls of antique white and rearranged 
the dust-ridden furniture.  My brass bed that had been neglected for so long was 
decorated with an ensemble of white satin ~ oh, so gentle, and the window was 
washed till it...squeaked.

After standing quietly for a long while, I removed my oversized black and white 
flannel shirt and felt the sun's warmth on my breasts.

"Perhaps my freckles didn't completely fade.  Damn, the men like my freckles."

"Oh, my, the neighbor just pulled in, better button up."

Next, I hung exquisite white satin curtains that brushed the floor, and just prior to 
polishing the sturdy oak floor, randomly scattered candles of violet, blue, white 
and crimson.

Finishing touch...a crystal chandelier that I had wanted for so long...heroic...
hanging from the ceiling, capturing the sun dancing in hues of red, purple, pink, 

"should have cleaned this room months ago; what took me so long...?"

Showering, the warm water enchanted my slender body, and never before had I 
felt so sure.  Slowly massaging my thighs with vanilla cream, and 
gazing into the mirror, it appeared that freckles yet coveted my nose...breasts... 

Summer embraced my waist tenderly and softly whispered the secret into my 

"It's time," convincing myself not to be terribly harsh.

I proceeded downstairs, poured a glass of white wine; then...

I politely told my lover to leave.

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It made you feel good, emptied
Of emotional weight. You lay against
The enamel, water up to your waist
And of course the blade.
You wanted to make it special. Scented
Candles and the blinds pulled up.
You could see the sun, rough like a tangerine.
Crowded by the sky, you felt its pain.
You let the blade kiss your flesh, a jagged tear
It was strong like leather, some sort of mesh.
The water turned pink, left a tidemark
Round the tub. He said he’d leave you,
In a weighted breath, you uttered ‘Good luck.’ 

Details | Blank verse | |


  Many flowers and trees always bloom and produce non stop
 with lots of water and true love despite the many possible   
 Illusions of their lack even when one forgets to wear some   
 gloves of any color but one must have open thoughts including  
 some of trust 

   The many things one absolutely should avoid include the lack 
  of true sincere love and water regardless of any flyswatters 
  which may be kept hidden among the seat belts in a person’s 
  comfortable car regardless of steaming hot tar

   But there is a tendency for people to be hurried and worried  
  until they are buried and there is no curtain call even at the 
  many malls where one person or another either pops too many 
  corks and gets hauled away or makes an important purchase

   movies since the twentieth century and due to some misfortune 
  they generally  contain absolutely no sincerity what so ever  
  even when a girl is named Heather and grows up to be charming 
  with out feather in her hair not that she is not sincere
  herself while some citizens are not

   yes this is an insincere era but thank God some of humans 
   are sincere and some are beautiful as well which can be a 
   very wonderful surprise to a sincere person regardless of what
   the insincere might think before spilling stuff all over the
   place with out holding a can of mace in any size of space- 
   nevertheless many flowers bloom

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Dream? Movie? Life?

Bits and pieces my 
Dreams come only in flashes
Dashes of Techicolour and 
Surround sound can’t be 
Dreams my eyes are open
No scents in dreams
Just endless reels
This movie love
Story keeps playing
Every night no white
Horses or sword fights
Or kisses exchanged 
Under rain soaked street
Lamps on forbidden corners

Award worthy actors
Reciting make-believe passion
Less phrases the daises in this
Movie are real Lilies 
Growth steady call our 
Love real oak trees
But our feelings aren’t 
Planted seeds no role
Leads to win
Random prayers forgive
Our sins e-mails text
Messaged  from our ten lips 

Kissing keys early into
Morning hours writing 
Screenplays of the past hours
Simple phrases like
“Baby I just had my shower”
Shower hot water feelings 
Even from cold water 
Pipes 3000 miles away
New movies released 3000
Times a day means I 
Fell in love with 
You 3000 times 
Tonight snuggled on 

Couch we made love 
Again the moment your new
E-mail clicked “Message Sent”
My nose tickled by your 
Long forgotten scent
Images of G-L-O-R-Y
My super hero in the
Stories life writes us
But this isn’t a story
These are my dreams
This is my life

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she may be the one to kill me

Dear friend,
		What is love?  Pardon the phrase but, love is 
unexplainable. Love is different to all people and different from all points of view. 
This matter need not be addressed but in the end all do it anyways.  Drowning is 
like fire in the lungs. The water rushes in and it burns. The waves somehow suck 
you down into the dark. Nothing below, faint light above. Rushing into the 
darkness is what feels familiar. These things need not be addressed, but they 
will anyways. Why is it that some people seek the coldest, dampest places in 
solitude? Why do humans seek to destroy when life is what we can create? 
These things need not be addressed, but they will nonetheless. Not to trail off the 
subject, back to the point at hand. Unrequited love often feels like drowning. 
Burning chest, burning lungs feels  the same. All that love and no where, no one 
to give it to. Taken these things into consideration, love is better off left dormant 
and untouched. Drowning and feeling like drowning are the same. Neither one is 
no better than the other. In fact the water seems to be a little more inviting. Due to 
the fact that at least drowning will finish you off and kill you. You cant truly die from 
a broken heart. It only feels like it.

		Yours truly,
			A voice of a distant star

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As the roses fade,
And wilt and bend.
As the leaves turn brown,
And it comes to it's end.

As the water stops,
And the creek beds dry up.
As the water evaporates,
And lets an empty cup.

As the fire goes out,
And there is no light to see.
In my heart,
Is where you will always be.

And as the dust settles,
And new life will come.
There are memories forgotten,
memories but one.

The memories of us,
They will never wilt or die.
They will remain forever,
And you are the reason why.

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A lesson best learned

                                   A Lesson best Learned

Love is the entity in which
We are created from;
So Beautifully
As Pure and Sweet as
Honey combs!
Deep as the ocean floors;
In as quick as a flowing Brook steam.
Just as thy water covers thee earth;
She too loves without Limits
And So…so abundantly
For water is peaceful and tranquil

Patient for Change
She transforms from any and all circumstance;
Just to make its way
A little bit closer to you!
She misses you.
She calls upon His Holy Name;
When it seems you have drifted
A little too far
She blows from her own tune.
And hear thy Word
And I groove to it ever so softy.
Her rhythm of love nurturer you;
And when the storm gets to hard to bare!
She carries you back to shore.
She teaches you with all thy might!
Her intimacy with our Heavenly Father
Stimulates your Faith in Him!
She dwells in Heavens View,
And placed amongst the up-most
Clouds of Grace.

To my Guarding Angel
I say unto you, Thank you!
“While favouor can be deceitful
And beauty may be vain:
But a woman that feareth the Lord,
She shall be praised.”
Give Her of the Fruit of her hands;
And let her own works praise her
In the Gates.”(proverbs 30,31)

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Lord thank you for showing me your face
Even though I don’t deserve it
But that’s why it’s called grace
You are everything, you are powerful and mighty
I can’t take your grace and mercy lightly
You are everything that I am, you are my all
Even thought I’m filled with sin that causes me to fall
You didn’t deserve, you sent your son for me
For all of my sin, you sent your son to die on a tree
Why did you do this? Why did you come down from above?
It’s about a four letter word, its because of your LOVE
But this love, why do I deserve it?
My sin has thrown me into a bottomless pit
But even though I’m broken you love me still
I am empty but your love was meant to fill
Some glasses may be half-empty but mine is completely filled
Because this isn’t normal water that can be spilled
I have living water and it quenches my thirst
All I have to do is accept your love first
I’m gonna take it, I want all you can give
So I’m gonna praise you for as long as I live

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The ship is sinking and I need someone
To hold my hand !
Will you stay with me, will you take a stand ?
Will you be the one with me when my life
Is just about thru , or will you turn your back
As so many often do.

The water is rising quickly and it’s 
just about to my knees
Will I have to beg you ? Will I have to plead?
You claimed that you loved me and no one
Else will ever do, and to my heart you
Will forever be true.

Is this how weak your love is ? That you have 
To hesitate - by the time you make up your mind
it just may be too late.
I don’t know which one is sinking faster
My heart or this here ship.
The water is now to my waist
And it’s rising OH so fast
And you are looking at me
And reflecting upon the past.

GO !  Leave me !  to deal  with what may be the end
For now I really see 
that you was never my love.
Let alone a true friend.

I don’t know which one will take me first
The water or my tears, but I learned a lesson 
And I’ve lost all my fears.
I will swim to safety, for I know that I’ve grown strong
And with you , I know I don’t belong.


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A leap of affection

Pay attention now! Silence for just a moment
shut your eyes, do your ears feel the
water dripping wet in the distance
March towards the sound
don't look around just 
look ahead
Wait! what's that. 
Shut your eyes pay attention again
It sounds like water speeding up hard
and fast while striking some kind
of aim
Open your eyes, do you see something
Keep walking eyes pealed not
understanding what you are about to come
face to face with
Look around what do you see
Just smiling with what is in
front of you!
All you want to do is grin for
what magnificence that lies in front of you
brings chills directly down your
The thrilling water fall makes you
a leap of affection

-Nikhil Chandwani

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I don't mean to importune
But I can't help but notice
How your eyes are set upon the path before your wandering feet

I don't mean to be rude
But I can't help but see you
Staring at your faded reflection in the water as clouds wander by

I don't mean to mimic you
But every word, everything you do
Just seems exactly like what I thought I was going to say
But there's never enough time left in these days

I don't mean...
But that's ok if the leaves give you shelter from the sun and the rain
   Rest a while at the edge of yourself

I mean, so long as you don't mind my presence, my faded voice
It's just that all that echoes from your lips sounds like it bears repeating time again
and again

What's that?
You're leaving? Don't leave me here with nothing but a shadow of time on the water and
mirrors in sheets of white rain that bring little relief to my desert so dry in the shade
of these tears that I've cried, phosphorescing in the lonely night.

I thought that I'd found you
The one who would lie at the edge of her own nothingness
Until the roots of oblivion finally set in the soul
And the hole there  before her, brimmed over with water
The hole would just prove to be what I've become
And what she'd become, nothing more than a door into sunsets
And daffodil tears in the morning would form on her lips as she finally knew who she was

But no, you could never fulfill that fate
After all, all the words that could fall from your lips
I've already said over and over again to myself

No, there's nothing you can say
That hasn't been uttered once over again
From my lips, now wet with dew
And the tears of a flower
As hour by hour
The days end
And so I turn into myself
As I've always been turned
She loves me
   Loves me not

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I'll be there

You wake up crying..
Your heart is choking you and you feel like dying.
The pain that you try to contain..
The pain that you try to explain..
But no one hears your quiet screams.
It seems, your buried your heart so the beats can be calm.
But all I ask is that you bury your heart in my palms.
Like the air you might not see me, but you can breathe me
And believe me, I'll always be there whenever you need me.
You died in my eyes
So your soul flows with my tears when I cry.
You buried your past into the ground and the pain grew into a rose.
I water it with the tears of my memories so it can grow.
Give me your heart so I can hold it
I love you like God loves the Devil, but he doesn't like to show it.
I'll hug you like a tree hugs the ground.
I'll hug you like the sky hugs the clouds.
Your heart oozes
It's covered in scotch tape and bruises.
I hold it carefully to cover the cracks
And everyday you go through a gentle heart attack.
I'll always be there like an organ in your body.
I'll always be there whenever you need somebody.
I dry your tears from the feathers of your wings
Your heart is warmer than the devil in the spring.
You're an angel in disguise
You've been tangled through the lies
You shine like a rainbow in my eyes every time when you cry.
There's a garden in your face
And every time you cry, you water them in place... the roses in your cheeks. 
There's a puddle of pain in your dimples that I drown in.
Let my words erase the pain that you've been through.
Your heart is the only thing I commit to
Just know that I'll always be there..

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I placed a stone for you..... 
in my stream 
For, you are part of this dream 
You are part of me too 

Tumbling stream 
Tumbling dream 

I placed a stone for you... 
in the tumbling stream 
I saw this in my dream 

This stone for you 
I placed next to mine so 
The tumbling stream 
Tinkling water flow 

Tumbling stream 
Tumbling dream 

I placed a stone for you.... 
In my stream 
I flow around too..... 
in my dream 

Sun filtering through 
Tinkling water so 
Touching me too 
Bright water flow 

Tumbling dream 
Tumbling stream 

This magical force 
This bright water course 
Gold touching silver too 
This sun filtering through 

In my dream 
I placed a stone for you.... 
by my tumbling stream 

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You and I, only in dreams

You and I sail our boats across the sea.
As the wind whistled in their soft symphony.
Just like love songs that I heard in my dreams.
And swaying our body to the tune of wave.
You squeeze me tighter closer to you, then
I see your eyes glistened like water from a blue.

Then I remember our first embrace.
The smile flickers on a salty water of glee
On where we’re watching the sea birds fly.
And gaze the gloaming day at the shingle.
Those sweet memories reflect on my mind
Painted in my heart, etched in my soul.

Even if, it was only seen in my dreams.
Like building a castle that made of sand.
As a stroke of wave, our love will vanish along.
Is it a dream of mine that end?	
Like missing you in the midst of the shore.
Where my heart was left in the tide of solitude.

You and I travel on the wings of love
Fly as the bird higher than high
Until we drowned in the ocean of love
Until we found the pearl of affection.
That captivates each other senses.
That more than our heart could ever say.

But then, this love is just an illusion.
That you, and I is only in dreams
 can be forgotten until the morning dawn.
That can be buried in the shadow of water dance.
You, and I, only in my dreams
that can be blown by winds from shore.

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No more rain

There once was this Baby-blue flower
That I use to know
If she didn’t get water 
There was no chance for her to grow
Well, Baby-blue was planted
Where no water flowed near
It was only rain that fed her
Hardly any came one year
It left Baby-blue wilted and dying
But, she pulled herself through
Managing to survive
On nothing more than the dew
Deciding while feeling weak and uncared for
Just too finally give up
Along side of Baby-blue
Popped sweet Buttercup
By him, Baby-blue was mesmerized
And felt under a trance
Thinking it’s worth holding on 
To give life with Buttercup a chance
Sweet Buttercup helped Baby-blue
That back then, he did not know
Just by sharing life with her
He saved her from death row


Details | Ballad | |


When Spring turned in to a Summers day 
The Summer Queen returned to play 

High summer........... 
The warm days...... 
Wind sighs......... 
Blue butterflies.......... 

The King of Water ,happy to see 
The Summer Queen 
For, the water blue............... 
Loves the deepest green 

How the trees and flowers grew 
The wand of the Summer Queen , 
touching all 
How beautiful the holly bushes....... 
By the Great Hall 
The birds and butterflies flew 

Through the Whispering Trees 
The sound of the lark.............. 
Floated on the breeze 

High summer........ 
Sunny days 
The joy of life, 
continues to amaze 
Castle Heartstone........... 
amidst golden haze 

The King of water and his Queen........... 
Renewed their love in the Great Hall 
The Heartstone looked on.............. 
How the sun shone! 

The Tapestries knew.......... 
The love so true........ 
The colours showed......... 
the West wall glass, glowed 

The Castle grounds........ 
Filled with colour and sound 
The summers' symphony 
The birdsong all around 

But alas! 
Summer cannot last.............. 
For, on the horizon 
Autumn leaves cast, 
thus begins the circle again 

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The Philosopher part 1

The Philosopher is a single long poem, I apologize for the inconvenience of splitting it
into 2 parts.

He pushes aside the weathered curtain
The colourless tub, the bland tiles, his grey glazed sight
He looks over his shoulder and invites her into his mental fortress
The King philosopher’s decreed writer
Her sole existence is to write his thoughts and greatness as the ideas arise from the
ashes in 
the furnace of his mind
Invisible revolutionary phoenixes, a wonder never seen 
The writer is a woman, beautiful, his fantasies rule with an iron hammer
He feels nothing for the imaginary woman
His dreams told of respect, of falling in love in its truest form:
The caesarean of his mind, and she would fall in love with the thought burning society 
So she sat there, somewhere, laptop in hand

The philosopher closes the curtain, undresses, the water is warm
It caresses him like no lover ever has
Unlocks the rusting, fading Iron Gate within, this water that stirs the slumbering giant
his flesh
He closes his fragmented eyes 
The distorted images disappear and his mind kisses his wounds better
He sighs
In his mind she waits behind the curtain, it must be awkward
He does not smile, but his lips part, and he sighs the heat away
The water cools
The philosopher sits
The small tub is a tight fit, he looks down
The flaws of man so bare before him
He sees them in many a light, riddled with the protruding edges of perception
He tucks his fragmented eyes away
The philosopher looks down on the folds of his flesh again
The hair, the child of nature and god, an unholy affair
His hand runs over his thigh, the meaningless hair, the soft fat
His fragmented eyes see the flaws of society
A misguided shamble of enterprises, the idea of destiny a delusion
His misty eyes see a cripple

He dictates his poem
She writes
He looks up at the curtain, the veil separating him from humility
And he sees its transparency
He sees the inadequacy of definition, of documenting his emotion and the ideas of his 
He realizes the chaos of his being
He looks down again
He sees a handsome man
Thin, fit, comfortable sitting in the tub
Society in acceptance of itself and the reality of its situation, a philosophical utopia
And behind that lie, he still sees a cripple

© Samir Georges 2009

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The Bengal

The Bengal
By: Hobbes

As silence falls upon the grasslands
The bengal stalks his prey
Hidden in his camo where he stands
He never backs away.
He uses the grass and the wind and the trees
To hide his form and scent
And the prey that he now sees,
will not know where he went.

The wind sings songs of hunts from past
as the hunter takes chase
And like a blur he moves so fast
you'd never see his face.
His prey is lost he has no clue
of what is yet too come
And then he jumps his aim so true
and catches his prey dumb.

The brothers roll and tustle strong
Until their mother calls
They fill the air with their playful song
And neither of them falls
Into the water they both dive
Too cool off from the heat
They're so happy to be alive
And bask in natures treat.

The bengal brothers play and play
And never tire out
In the water they love to stay
And love to splash about
They prance about in bliss all day
Until the sun goes down
Then to their mom with no delay
Who greets them with a frown.

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You have filled our cups to overflowing
and broken bread with your loving kindness showing
prepared a banquet of Truth upon which we dine
and nourished us with the Spirit of your wine

You do supply with the fare that we need
the endless bounty to sustain us do you feed
fruitful is the table where you have us led
so starving is the world who dine not upon your Bread

Take eat for his body broken was for you
and drink for the wine of his Spirit only True
you must ingest his teaching Word by Word
assimilate to understanding what you've heard

We must consider and upon your law reflect
till comprehension can lead path to circumspect
for with you is where all knowledge can be found
that like rain does water all our ground

God has richly furnished fodder to his sheep
led them to the water that slakes a thirst so deep
with guidance to astounding meadows fair
for he wishes with you his enlightenment to share

He did empty the heavens of his Son
so the sharing of his table could be won
for everlasting Life does fertilize our ground
and to partake of his Spirit we be found

sources 23rd Psalm John 6:26-69 7:37-39
John 21:15-17 Matt 26:26-29 16:12-16
1John 2:27

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Under the Waterfalls

Under the Waterfalls

She talks about waterfalls
it’s her secret wish
She likes Knickerbockers Glory 
... it’s her favorite ice cream dish

She is a romantic
So Very sensitive
Doesn’t like to receive 
She just likes to give

She is in control
Of her own destiny
Knows what she is 
And what she wants to be

I’m a man writes poems 
It’s all I got left
I likes to cook 
Some say I’m a chef

She tells of a time
She made a mistake on her work
And her co-workers made fun
Up till today it’s still a joke 

And she dreams of a water fall
And knows what she wants to do
It’s just a wish of hers
Wish I’m the one to make it come true

Her smile is timeless 
It’s a mystery to behold
Her friendship is like magic
That captivated me in her world

And she loves the water falls
A secret she shares with me
So I clear my agenda
Make that my destiny

One day will open my life
In front her like a book
hope she still choose me
After she had a look

And how I secretly love her so
she must never find out at all
cause I hope one day to tell her
Under the water fall

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Responses to Reflexive Daydream

But my love had wanted me to close my eyes. She awaited that moment for an eternity with
unrivaled patience. For she was in love with the water and waited only for me to close my
eyes so that her escape could happen without my perception. I was the scapegoat for my
love. What a cruel twist of irony: the reason I was unhappy would seemingly be of my
fault. How amazingly spiteful that the one I loved so much allowed me to wallow in
self-pittance while she made off with her true love. Her true love that lurked so calmly
undetected, yet was there the whole time. 

My love floated, dead, alongside my boat. I continued to ride as the boat smoothly and
steadily headed toward shore. In an almost humorous obedience, my love stayed alongside
the boat. Caught in the wake, her non-seeing eyes saw everything but saw nothing. Her
beauty was unharmed and the water made her shimmer and sparkle with the sun's rays. If
this was how it was going to be, I was okay with it. My love was happy. As I rode closer
to shore, my love's body slowly started to float higher up on the water. Her eyes became
less whited. As the boat slid up onto the soft, white sand, her laid half-in, half-out of
the lake. Without hesitation, I bent down and lifted her into my arms. As she awoke from
the sleep of death, she coughed and gasped. I whispered I love you as our embrace grew.

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Robin's Plight

In a night,
my flight turned into a storm.
Both rocky and calm,
Full of gusts and minor debris.

Rain pelted me,
The thunder struck behind me,
The wind chilled my body,
I am all alone.

My nest is gone.
My family is gone;
The cat dominated my home.
But now, I am flying.




To the south,
Where warm weather and promise awaits.

The ocean below me is exquisite and powerful,
Under the moon and stars.

The water raging.
The water foaming.

The fish swimming in there schools,
The coral providing homes

Sunlight touched my chilled feathers,
The trees inviting my stay.
I preened and the wind ruffled,

A sound.
Take off.
I’m scared.
What am I to do?
Where am I to go?

Mountains loomed before me,
A rainbow painted across the sky.
I have to keep going,
I feel I must fly.

My life isn’t mine.
My goal not achieved.
There is more.
I know it.

There’s a house below,
It’s a cabin among the pine trees.
I can dream. . .
For peace, for serenity.

There is a window and a ledge,
A shiny, tiny bell waved on a collar.
A pipe sat on the side table.
The fireplace ablaze with fire.




The old man looked at me,
The orange tabby did to.

He opened the window,
My feet stayed on the ledge; I backed away.

Tabby looks curious,
Amber eyes a-glow.
He held his finger out,
I felt compelled to remain.

My feathers are still soaked.
He touched my wing.
I moved closer.

A peek at the tabby.
Inside the cabin.

I’m calm.
Here I stay.
This is my home.

I play fly tag with Tabby.
I have my place on the fireplace.
I can stay.
Until I have to fly away again.

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Wash It All Away

She awakens from her sleep as if nothing happened the night before.  She 
stretches out to feel aching and she closes her eyes.  Her mind flashes back to 
the night before.

She remembers the call, the words, the feeling. She remembered giving 
everything and getting nothing in return other than broken promises from his lips 
to hers.

She gets out of her bed, she undresses then turns on the water to the shower. 
She steps inside, the water pouring down on her, she burst out into tears. 
Knowing she failed, she failed herself.

She wishes it all away, she is scrubbing herself trying to wash him off her. Wash 
all the kisses and touch that he placed on her.

She can still feel him touching her and kissing her, she couldn't wash it away. 
She drops to the bottom of the shower.

She is crying uncontrollably, the water still pounding on her used body. She 
trembles with fear, wondering what was to happen to her now. If she couldn't 
look after herself how could she look after another.

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Shower of Love

It's there I sat, in a shower of spray.
In that of warmth as the shower sprays.
In that of heart as the water fills the part.
Deep in my mind the water runs broad.
But there in soul, you liquefy my thoughts.
As you run like water through heart and soul.
As a warmth of water, you cover each drop that falls.
It is there to which you are a shower of love.
As I have found myself showered with love.
With that of comfort and soothing warmth.
You have changed my temp, to luke warm.
It's being next to you to which I melt.
As the water falls from my heart at melt.
It is there behind the curtains to which you don't see.
That of the nakedness to which has brought me to this scene.
That of a love divine to which reins in my heart and time.
As there's nothing but just thoughts of you, showering my mind.
As each thought of you seems lonelier, as the water wash down the drain.
It's there to which is my loneliest when I sat alone.
Thats there's nothing but you in thought as I remember what we shared.
With that of love and happiness and companionship we compare.
But it is that of emptiness and distance to which I cry.
As your love, I have found none to which compares.
To the feeling I felt when you showered me with your love.
With that of your heart you care but that of your words that cut down deep.
As you said you cared and would never part.
But now, there's distance and us far apart.
As I have found myself sitting here feeling that of no love.
As it is just me as my tears wash away that of old love.
But iit is that of a showering love.
To which has brought me crying out for love.
As you have caused my heart to shower in tears of love.
As with you, I have found that of a showering love.
And that was having you and the warmth of your love.

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There is no darkenness in the LORD my GOD he is perfect and forever more the 
creation He has made a little less than perfectly but some things he made to 
warm our hearts in spring are nearly formed as close to GOD he loves them all 
the dragonflies is one of those they meet all the requirements for our love. 
Four wings so delicately made to fly. A faces only mothers could have loved. NO 
reason much to live except just to exist existence then is love. They fly and have 
ewe noticed them at night how they like to lite near open water near a waterfall 
ewe find them mostly brown but there aer read ones and some blue ones and 
some good ones no they are only good ones and they spy on lovers in the night 
One heart lonesome thinking of her man one heart yearning to be a man they 
find each other in the dragon fly again. Water drowns a man he wants to swim 
into the underwater dragonfly the lair of all the mermaid wishes she is there oh 
mye Ianthe. You are terribly adorable! mon ange. 
Soon the dragonflies will come back again 
L()()K at this it seems that love has blinded her to mye reality she waits and 
searches for our love amid the gleaming pearls of water searching for the wings 
the spotted owl no the raven quoted no the flying serpent there no it is the yellow 
tail the golden flyer there the portent of mye heart turned into love. 

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Another Hole

Dusky dawn,
Out of sight.
Stifled words
You try to fight.

Whimpered pain
Escapes your lips.
As if your struck
By a whip.

Anger digs
Deeper down.
Beyond the core
Of the ground.

Lava hot
Deep within.
Hollow heart
Full of sin.

Rift of lightning
Across the sky.
Parched ground
No longer dry.

Pounding rain
Drifts on down.
Rolls of thunder
Starts to sound.

In your mind
You start to fall
Trickled down
Like water fall.

Falling deep
As water well.
Pent up feelings
That you dwell.

Bruises lay
Upon your heart.
Ripped wide open
Torn apart.

Sewed together
And wrapped with tape.
So the love
Cant' escape.

But love seeps in 
And love leaks out.
Emotions scream
You want to shout.

Digging deeper
Into your grave
The outer walls
Begin to cave.

Hard to feel
Or even breathe
All this pressure
You want to leave.

Sadness falls
And crumbles down.
Smothered deep
into the ground.

And in this hole
Where you lie.
Your realize now
Is where you'll die.

'Cause in your heart
There is a craze.
To your pain 
You are a slave.

And if a time
You'd never miss.
Just let go
Put down your fist.

Choose it wisely
Just be sure.
'Cause all it is
Is a lure.

A simple catch
To this game
A death wish
You can't restrain.

©2009 ~FR34K0N4L345H33

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Jew #10

The are gone, the house is silent now
The families from a distant state that came
Saw me cuddled in my cradling vow
Smiled, but could not understand the flame
So now alone again with thoughts of you
So now alone again with bright memories
I smell the jasmine of your presence, Jew
How sweet is your voice over waves and eddies.

And again on Gunboat beach we run, and I
Coming from the water find them there
You see the the anger in my frown and eye
You see the rising cause of liquid fear
And thinking only of me, your charm opened
To them like a rose, they happy left
And I visited by heaven, denied an angel then
Left that place crushed and so bereft.

O that I could return there again, just stay
Still crimson sunset colors you gold
To tell my apologies and with you play
Till the sands are old, and the waters cold
Implore its heat from you. To sit again
And dine on your loveliness, to feast my
Heart on your eyes singing me a refrain
While around us wind and water only sigh.

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Salt water

Fragile is her heart, but with strength she stands,

Love is never her burden, soft are her hands.

With a smile she soaks up the tears,

A blanket of faith to cover her fears.

Forgiveness sits on the tip of her tongue,

Even if I've done the worst wrong.

She loves me more than I could ever know,

A mother's love doesn't need water to grow.

Grief has been given where water should have been,

It happens over and over, again and again.

Why she still loves me, so much so

Why she still cares, I will never know.

My heart has hardened, it sits sunken in scum,

There should be no forgiveness to what I have done.

Nothing to terrible, so still I think,

But I will not break the chains in this family link.

A mother's love does not grow from a seed,

But she is the water that her children need.

When a seed stops getting water, it grows cold and dies,

My mother's water, has come from her eyes.

Sorry mom, for being that blister under your skin,

For you having to dig at it everyday with a pin.

I know I have left scars in your spirit and heart,

I know these past couple months, I haven't been so smart.

I love you, even if you don't think I do,

There is nothing that will ever replace you.

I know I have to grow up and move on in my life,

I will make bad decisions and I will cause you strife.

I can make no promises telling you I will do right all the time,

Or that I will always be able to be here at the drop of a dime.

But I tell you this, cross my heart, I will try,

To always be honest to our family and never lie.

Thank you Mom for who you are and for loving me so,

It is your words of love and encouragement I will never let go.

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Four: Decoded

The water wakes that the water makes transforms me into odder shapes other times I turn to brine for sour grapes make the sweetest wine and to all my children, I shall be your villain if the purpose shall arise through my empty thoughts in that empty space, is what I seek in the compromise with the beauty of life endangered, far more after Mother, where is the lady? who cradled me as a baby? whose earthly nature sure bred creation into this creature I came to be when I am lost, or I cannot see I can always rely on me Proud as the man I am I love who I become for I am growing more rapidly that ever thought by anyone I love most the parts, I keep to me for that are what saved me those days, Now I am all that I am the savior of self made Some people call me crazy some people still call my old name some people are calling me a falling angel until one day, that is all left, I am then I shall be unbounded for the better or the worse but know for certain that upon arrival my act shall be well rehearsed.

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Since We've Been Apart

Since we've been apart
I can't stop thinking about you
You're in everything I say
You're in everything I do

Walking through the woods today
I came across a creek
I found a secrete water fall 
Hidden by the trees
I waded through the water 
Of this magical place
I looked at my refection 
And I thought I saw your face

Since we've been apart
I can't stop thinking about you
You're in everything I say
You're in everything I do

I sat and watched the sunset
Behind the mountains high and tall
I listened to the wind blow past
And I thought I heard you call
Sitting in the field 
Looking up at all the stars
I closed my eyes and thought of you
And wondered where you are

Since we've been apart
I can't stop thinking about you
I might be going crazy
I just don't know what to do

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Under the Waterfalls

Under the Waterfalls

She talks about waterfalls
it’s her secret wish
She likes Knickerbockers Glory 
... it’s her favorite ice cream dish

She is a romantic
So Very sensitive
Doesn’t like to receive 
She just likes to give

She is in control
Of her own destiny
Knows what she is 
And what she wants to be

I’m a man writes poems 
It’s all I got left
I likes to cook 
Some say I’m a chef

She tells of a time
She made a mistake on her work
And her co-workers made fun
Up till today it’s still a joke 

And she dreams of a water fall
And knows what she wants to do
It’s just a wish of hers
Wish I’m the one to make it come true

Her smile is timeless 
It’s a mystery to behold
Her friendship is like magic
That captivated me in her world

And she loves the water falls
A secret she shares with me
So I clear my agenda
Make that my destiny

One day will open my life
In front her like a book
hope she still choose me
After she had a look

And how I secretly love her so
she must never find out at all
cause I hope one day to tell her
Under the water fall

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Thank you

Thank you
Keith, Ernesto, Kristin and Diane
Thank you christopher and beyond
I love this soup
Richer than St Elizabeth cow peas
Mannish water or pepperpot was a bubble in my history
Burst now
I love this family,
O Deborah what a gift
What a Caleb in your tongue
Carolyn sweet as a Irish violin
The little Japanese tea
Served in chinese cup
Thank you
Stacey, Denis, Lena
Children of a sweeter God
Muse of the okra tongue
Slippery as oil where inspirations run
Under the green sheet of the sun
Laurie, Karen, Brian, Sue
Stacy you too
Orishas of the river woman
Giver to the Shango
Brides, brethren, warrior crew
I am the twister, conniver
The rattle of the drum
You played me
And gentle too,
Lovers are givers and sweet water flows in sweet rivers
Thank you
God for these people, the candles
Of your fireflies
Thank you all for you.

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Our Flower

It Started off as a seed.
That we, you and I planted.
We watered it daily, gave it plenty of sunshine, and it grew.
The most beautiful flower, it was.
People envied it. 
Wishing they could grow a flower like ours.
"It will always bee there", you said, " as long as we remember to take care of it.
But our lives sometimes caused us to forget to shower it with affection.
We sometimes forgot to water it, and sit it in the sunshine to absorb the warmth.
And soon we didnt water it at all, and it didn't see sunshine for weeks.
It started to lose its bright red, and fade to brown.
And by the time i realized what was happening it was too late. 
I tried to revive it. 
I watered it more than usual.
And even let it sit in the sun all day.
But it continued to deteriorate.
A flower such as this needs the devotion of two, one person can't do it all.
So, I had to sit, and watch
as our flower...
our love...

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Come To God's River

Come To The River!

Come to God’s river!   It never 
shall run day!
Come and drink…  
There is a vast supply!

Come to the river!  It flows 
from God above!
It’s eternal flow is from
 his heart of love!

Come and drink of this water’s
 life giving flow!
This water can completely 
make you whole!

Come and taste of the Lord’s 
everlasting goodness!
It can bring to your life …
A complete wholeness!

Come and drink his water 
that’s every so sweet!
It will quench your eternal thirst
 and make you complete!

Come now and drink! 
There’s room for YOU!
The choice is  yours…  
What will you do?

By Jim Pemberton   

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A Day at the Little Beach

Walking down the graveled path
For a day at the little beach;
We picked up ripened persimmons
And purple muscadines along the way.
Butterflies fluttered around my wife.
Blazes of color lie under the trees.
Thousands of diamonds danced on the lake
Around several ducks with their bottoms up.
We took our shoes off on the little beach
And splashed along the shoreline.
We picked up rocks and skipped the stones
Between the passing boats and waves
That pushed and pulled us in shallow water.
Soon, I had to search for more stones
And persimmons, and I found a winged horse,
Pewter, on a black stringed necklace.
I tied it around my son's light brown neck.
He ran through the water bare back
And swam with his mom in shallow parts.
After our lunch of found-treats we walked,
And played and threw rocks in the water again.
My son drew my face in the wet sand.
We sat in the grass, soaked in the sun
And enjoyed the laughter and fun.

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eternal prayer

          (10/9/11) love

This is my eternal  prayer with god I do share
All my life I have searched for love
And prayed to you up above.
Love seems to take a turn, and the passion
In my heart does burn.

I see the beauties that you have created
Yet with my dream you have hesitated.
Is it that something special is coming my way?
Oh dear lord- to you I pray.

So many years have gone by- and as I see
Other lovers- I do sigh.
The passion in my heart is a eternal fire
As I seek someone to join this fire.

I feel like I’m a star up in the sky
Everyone can see the beauty, but it’s
Beyond  their reach, as I search
For eternal loves peace.

Will I be that star in the sky , or can I be
Like mother earth, that everyone can see
My beauty and smell my fragrance
And touch the gentleness of  my heart
And from their hands I will not part.

As the plants need water to live
I have so much love to give.
Let me be the water that touches their heart
So that it may grow, and from me they will know.

This is my eternal prayer that with the world I will share.

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Father, Mother, Destiny

I forgive you mother and father
For your mistakes
Will I be forgiven for mine? 
They say the sins of the parents
Shall be visited upon the children
So they have visited
And I embraced them 
In times of uncertainty
And ran from them in
In moments of clarity

Surely as the stone goes rolling
Down a steep slope
I too have fallen
And landed on bottom
Only to  brush myself off
To attempt yet another perilous climb
A venture to the top
Where I truly believed
Love and safety could be found
In a parents embrace

Destiny however had another plan
Because I continued to ignore
What the universe had in store
So I climbed
And so I fell

Perhaps it was my own pain
That kept me trying in vain
For I could not foresee
That you suffered as well
How could offer something
That you were never given? 

The flowers will not bloom
Without the water 
But what if you never received the water
To give in the first place? 
Now I understand mother and father


Fixate over what cannot be changed
Bang your fists on stone
It is your hands that will bruise
Scream to the moon 
Yell to the stars
Until your voice weakens
Drink yourself into oblivion
To suffer a sobering reality

Inflict your soul 
With the blade of self-hatred
Ultimately your heart alone will ache
So you will climb
And so you shall fall

Although I will no longer
Try to take
Clearly what cannot be given
Your love and safety
Always will be hungered for

But I have become a spiritual warrior
Amid a world full of harsh realities
And self serving persons
I have learned to give myself
The water for the flowers

Love can still be ascertained
The outside is cold
But the inside is warm
And in here
I found what lay dormant
Waiting to spring forth

Now the inevitable time has arrived
To put the burning question to rest
What would life have been like with you? 
The universe apparently has another design


Perhaps in the next life
On another world
In some other time
There will be a new plan

In the meantime
Let go and stop ascending
An unattainable hill
From which you will fall
Yes, the pain will still survive
But it is love for myself
That gives me the strength to be alive

So I forgive you mother and father
For your mistakes
All that I ask in return
Is forgive me for mine
For I too am only human

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Don't preach to me part 2

So this is the truth of our golden plate and silver spoon
Do not preach to me!
lead the horse to water 
and if the water looks inviting i might drink or go for a swim
and today as we blindly refuse to treach the world population sign language and 
selectively numb
as we think we are throw the deaf people away because its their turn to 
understand gods love for them
love has become pain
gods love is not pain
the door to forgiveness and make it stop please god is mental anguish 
and only we can break the cycle of the wars of our fathers
they refuse to remember
but i havent forgot
they mask it with humor and alcohol
controls and manipulation
because some politician or jking
didnt want gay men
and forced schools to brainwash children through spankings for generations

we have just started to turn that page
Do not preach to me
Do not!
Love is not emotional physical or menatl abuse
Love of my higher power or god has nothing to do with mankind wanting to 
control the univers
and their desire to have it revolve around them
so at this nonexistant crime scene of wehy our world is this way
ask yourself if you were a child
and spanked three to five times a day to be forced to love god
and then forced into the real world to marry and have children out of survival
is that not brainwash
and why is our world this way?

some want to go back to the ways of the old
some want to spare the rod but you spoil the child
and sure we supposedly have it easy with silent wars of drugs
and marketted gang wars in the music
and propoiganda everyday
and companies of liars selling us whatever we should buy next
I will not pray to a human sacrifice
or anything linked to slavery and the burning of thousands of women who were 
do not preach to me
for i can humble you
and you can choose to put your head bacjk in the sand
or wait till april fools day again

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Running Water 

Cold, lonely, fears
Abuse, torment all of her years 
Sick of the lies
sick of the guys 
hurts so bad inside 
Samestuff everynight 
Men walk the earth with no souls 
Night after night it takes it toll
Can you hear the running water
Flooding out her cries
Feels nothing when they caress her thighs
Smile on their faces all a facade
They just want her bod
Do they know my age or do they care
what do they fear 
give it up or ya dying (running water)
why you sighing
goes to the building
the place where it all started
She lost her virginity
By some Pimp some scumbag 
Her own father(running water
Runs a tub of running water
 running water
She closes the door ofthe abandonded building
Think about your children
My son is my brother
A  sister mommy
Pills and razor blades 
Drop to the floor
Twisting and turning as she drops to the floor
Even the devil hell'll see this  and feel remorse for
Torn apart
By men with out a heart 
Pray to her maker
To make it end 
Molested at 10
God haven't heard from him since
Make it all go away 
No more pain, no more monsters 
No more tears, no more more ruthless 
virginity-taken by some pimp, some scumbag
Her own  father
Runs to the basement floor
A life even the Devil'll shed a tear for
On the floor-Here's the scence
Walls are lime green
Smells like crap
Straight out of a horror scence
A home not even suiutable to fiends
There a sink and a tub
Pills and razor blades 
Ah Takes out the painkillers
Here eyes fill with so many tears 
Been tring to escape for years
Fills the tub with running water
Tears flow(Running Water)
Silence-pain comes back
Yeah, yeah back back.. to reality 
Wish I was god so I could get a gun & watch em all defy gravity
Gets in a tub of running water 
Puts her head down
Let it flow 
Better than a pill 
Aint no ecstasy
Let em' get the best of me 
Nothing is sound
Death is my escape
Through the flow of running water 

© Amin Aziz 

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Having Stood By Her Man

When the bricks were being thrown in the windows
when the cross were being burnt on the front lawn
when irate callers called in the middle of the night with threats ans racial slurs
she stood by her man
When Reverend King preached from the pulpit
when he gave speeches in front of crowds
when the sit-ins were demonstrated
when the police locked Dr. King in jail
she stood by her man
as the water sprayed form the water hose at full blast
during the speech "Free At Last"
conveying the message about the Promised Land
when her husband raised his hand
Coretta Scott stood by her man

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Moving on by pretending it never happened

That night I left I was totally sure
I was happy we wouldn't’t argue anymore

Checking my e-mails just to see your name

Reflections in water are blurred and distorted
My mind is no different with happiness retorted

Checking my e-mails just to see your name

The water of my emotions runs clear
There is nothing to taint the memories I hold dear

Checking my e-mails just to see your name

But that’s not true what about the lies and fights
I wish I could hate you and stop imagining this saint

Its time to move on
Delete out box, in box and unsent

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The Rook

my mind is an open book.
read it and have a look.
"Open" said Crow.
"We near the brook"
"Stones are there and
little by little does the trick.

Love the journey... it's the
Mother of all invention.


Article By Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press
NEW YORK — From the goose that laid the golden egg to the race between the tortoise and
the hare, Aesop's fables are known for teaching moral lessons rather than literally being
true. But a new study says at least one such tale might really have happened.

It's the fable about a thirsty crow. The bird comes across a pitcher with the water level
too low for him to reach. The crow raises the water level by dropping stones into the
pitcher. (Moral: Little by little does the trick, or in other retellings, necessity is the
mother of invention.)

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The Ocean

The ocean mist on my face
Wind blowing through my hair
I feel the water as it envelopes me
Washing away all the pain
The water rushes around me
Soothing and comforting
Rushing to my rescue
Cleansing me of all my troubles
The sound of waves
The birds flying by
Dipping down into the water
Rising up and rushing off
The pain of the past
The uncertainty of the future
The turmoil of today
I pray for peace
Where is my god?
Is he here?
I pray but I feel no relief
I continue to have hope

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Johnny Wade

Occupied of dirty laundry
Comic books
And Chuck Palahniuk
This grungy fume
Smells of coffee beans
Stirred with cigarette butts
And dirty feet
Neutral Milk Hotel is singing
Through that dirty old stereo of yours
On top is a stack of
Scratched up mixes I created
Elliott Smith
Built to Spill
And Leslie Feist
Scribbled with my sharpies
24 pack purchased at Costco
This scene
Is all too familiar
And this room reeks
Of the late Saturday nights
Spent watching Spiderman one and two
Not three
Those summer days
Full of slices at Dream
And rooftop adventures
The miles soaked
In that dark maroon truck
Where your baby brother’s safety chair
Always got tangled up with the seat belt
You got frustrated
And I just laughed
Those kitchen afternoons
Full of Honey Bunches of Oats
And mouth-watering sandwiches
Light on the mayo
And heavy on the mustard
The lazy Sundays
Keeping our hands warm
With a cup of English Breakfast
Find us downtown
Wondering around Second Street
Notes left on the counter
Don’t forget to water the plants
And absolutely no guests
With an examination mark at the end
Love, Mom
You never did forget to water the plants
Hand in hand 
With a zip lock bag full of trail mix
Extra M&M’s
With the world at our feet
That smile of yours
Takes me back
Seventh grade
Three seats ahead of me
A small frame
With a big head 
Abnormally long arms
A devious smile
From ear to ear
No braces provided
Massive hands
And uneven bangs
A deep voice
For a little man
Stuck inside
A supernatural world
Full of villains
And superhero capes
Plaid jacket
Snatched from Goodwill
Cheated the soda machine
And smacked lockers
Just to hear the magnetic mirrors
The face is so familiar
And the past is vivid
But I know nothing about you
How are you?
How is she?
Do you remember that
One time we
Raced in the dark
Till our insides almost exploded
That night I almost fell
Off your rooftop
Pointing out the Big Dipper
These times
Float through my mind
By the way
Your hideous attempt
To draw a triceratops
Is still hanging on my wall
Thanks for that

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Loving flow 
Golden glow 
Water flow 
Sun so 

Light reflecting, 
on water so 
Golden glow 
Sun deflecting 

Water of gold 
Golden so 
Water flow 
Sun so 

Golden flow 
Your loving so 
I know......... 
Like the water below 
the sun glow 

Watery gold 
My loving so 
Your love flow 
Me........,to hold 

Watery gold 
Sun glow 
To hold 
Loving me so 

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Water Trickling.....

Your voice is soothing like  water trickling
cool droplets from a hypnotic water feature.

Cool droplets which echo and sparkle the green 
fountain of our crisp, breezy mountain.

The glistening sun on the water mirrors your sweet 

Harmonizing accapello voices gently
rain an entrancing lullaby.

Warm cheering from the depths of my soul echos how
beautiful nature is with a Spring of hope and 
promise in it. 

Two fawns with panpipes play a merry tune.
A deep voice like heat rising on a 
running engine of anticipation..

Says...... "Dearest Angel,
your complexion is flushed from the dance.
Come and relax a while...."

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Human Wreckage (Part 4)

I can’t walk out on this feeling,
The fat lady has just about sung the
Ultimate aria of her own selfish pain and loss.
The duality of my desires schism through my heart
Like a fuzzy scalpel, cutting and tickling at the same time.
I visit the municipal baths site of my hometown,
Find it gone, the pool filled in and grassed–over as if
It had never been; the only reminder a blue concrete
Fountain still intact; no water, just earth and grass,
Filling the basin, moss and lichen clinging there.
I touch the stone; run fingers where as a child
They had been run many long years before.
Contact with the past, bolts in the brain, I am back.
Hot lemon sun beats down on bare skin,
Chlorine fumes stab my eyes, water splashes, crisp
Packets rustle and I see the changing cubicles: cupboards
Of wooden blue slats with batswing doors,
And myself swimming through cold, clean water
Aged eleven and full of life and vitality,
Future mapped as some golden pathway of potential,
As summer goes on and on, feeling like forever.
Above, the rumble of twin engines, a plane draws
A vapour trail, silver cracking the intense blue,
My eyes narrow and tear from glare when looking up;
I see the plane fly away, on and on without crashing,
No engine failure, no loss of life.
And I smile in the chill of the water and 
The scorch of the sun when emerging to lie on
The grass or the sizzling concrete surround.
The skies dim, though, evenly cloud over that afternoon,
People pack up and leave before the first downpour.
Don’t go, I say, stay, it will pass.
They pay no heed, they do not hear me, ghosts are habitually deaf,
And soon I am alone as the first cold drops, big as shillings,
Spatter the ground; with shivers, the past recedes
I am back here; the pool is filled in and grassed over.
Modern rain, dirty, acidic, with trace elements of carbon monoxide,
Mocks my reverie; a junkyard dog cruelly barks laughter
In a distant scrap-yard of ruined machinations.

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I want it to pour all over me.


Here I lay,
exposed, vulnerable, embittered
 locked away from the world
In my bathtub
Closing my eyes, before the water pours over my head.
Inhaling before the water envelops me
Toes curling the porcelain edge
Do I even have it in me again?

To love, to open yourself up,
 to the great above. 
Can you really wash away, and forget, all your past dismay?

Should I let in Love?
The kind that
would pour all over me,
Like the
cat who stretches out, unafraid.
Purring, drinking in, the golden sunbeam it calls home.


The kind that cascades
Through my hair, gracefully trickling over my eyes.
Dripping down the nape of my neck,
Kissing my chest
Making me sigh.
The comfortable kind, where you can just be.
Be yourself, 
SIMPLY happy.

If I could just freeze frame this moment,
and it would be real.

Not just fleeting, you know when the water just ends up being cold. Making you shiver.

But no,
I want to feel real LOVE, pour into my heart,
lifting me up, bringing out the best in me
Cleansing my soul.
For, I do not wish to be this bitter girl anymore.

Your thoughts, grow intensely
when your thinking deeply about troublesome Love.
Sooner or later the bubbles in the bath pop,
And you realize, no matter what enough will never be enough
and you haven't given up.

There is a point, where you just have to know when to get right back into the tub. Just
lean back, and close your eyes. Let the steam rise. Feel your hair stick to your face,
just have faith. That love will pour all over you,

If you are not afraid.

Love is a journey, love is a surprise, love is heartache, and love is divine.

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Lemon rind smile
and three winks to the moon
brings us right here
where we stand today
On the ocean floor
with flowing hair
and salty eyes
watching the fish watch us
in wonderment and brine
And we hold hands still.
Bubbles blowing up
into the light catching blue sky 
and jellyfish stings in it's skin
And I'm watching you
with the sleepy peace
that the green undercurrents
of cool water bring
Perhaps we will stand
on weightless feet forever
Perhaps that's what love is.
I watch as you pinch
the tail of a yellow tang
pointy nose and big eye glance
of shyness in your direction
Never a peace like water affords
was found before the bliss of love
Not being "in love".
Not the new, heart gruelling
territorial mapping
foot stomping
dancing in moon tears
while you fly with undisclosed wings
type of love,
but solid, grounded,
swim to the depths of despair
and meet me there
to smooth my hair
and break my fall
type of love.
Three winks to the moon
and a lemon rind smile get you there.
Bitter taste in a kiss
with no thought to ever leaving.
You are my ocean
and I am the salt which makes you buoyant and free
Perhaps that's what love is.

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I stood beneath the waterfall,
my tears mingling with the
water as it cascaded down.

My lips were blue, my fingers
numb and purple, shaking
with the cold within me.
The trees that were once 
lush and green, were gray to me now.

My clothes clung to my body
as sobs wracked my frame.

It wasn’t true, you weren't gone.
Any minute now, you'd come and meet me.

Your green eyes sparkling with love,
fun, and mischief.

You'd join me under the water,
wrap your arms around me
and I'd be warm again.

You'd kiss my problems away
and everything would be alright.

I stared at the spot where
you would normally emerge
expecting the brush to part
and your loving face to appear.

I dont know how long I stood there waiting.
I felt the cold of the water
pierce my skin
tinging it purple and blue.

My teeth began to chatter
as me eyelids drooped, 
and I took a shaky step forward
to try and balance myself.

As my eyes closed, 
I felt my body tip forward
and fall as I lost began 
to lose consciousness.

Then you were there. 

You smiled and told me
everything would be fine,
that you were there for me. 

I knew you werent gone.

I smiled and told you I loved you
As I felt the cold water slap
my skin as I hit the water below.

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Wet Waters

The atmosphere is full of your perfumed smells,
The music is playing, so softly...
As I approach the bathroom door,
I hear the sounds of showered water.
I peep inside and I begin to stare at your beautiful wet body.
The wet water running down your lips,
Dripping and then pouring a image that is hard to foretell.

The candles are lit everywhere, especially where you are. 
I make my presence known, oh baby welcome Home you whisper in my ear,
While the wet water stains my shirt as Your wet body presses next to me.
The light steam of the shower is now Rolling down my face,
Your rich passionate lips begin to kiss me.
I can feel the excitement of your body,
And I am so pleased to be your lover.

Oh! I cant hear the music only your song,
The candle light is fading away.
Oh! How excited your loving makes me feel,
We toss and turn, 
The sweet and gentle moans from your lips,
Sounds so seductive to me.
Oh! Wait the wet waters they are coming Down stronger,
Your body tightens around me.
Oh! How strong is your loving...
I cant seem to hold on!

Wet waters of intensed sweat I awaken to Discover.
Where are you my lover as I had laid to Sleep?
Maybe in the wet waters that stain my Sheets.
By Sterling P. Davis

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Running Still

Let the purified water fill my soul with his truthful ways,
And the cravings of starvation show me the way to my truth.

That the very breath I take could be my last,
So let me not devour it but to cherish the life I hold in my hands. 

In him I find my peace and the will learn to make gone of my miserable anger.
My wrongness in the world will be changed to the knowledge I hold dear.

Knowing I am never alone in the darkest of the deadest hour,
Nor in the pits of the hottest sands where there is no water but empty dryness to 
be found.

For when we walk as the blind ones do and as we talk such as those who have 
no tongue,
Let us not walk in the evil paths and let us not bower of speeches we do not 
believe in.

For when we are stabbed with such a blade of hate do not wound it up and hide it,
But to let the blood flow out and heal if it has no regrets to shed upon.

Have our passion on friendships be passed to our corrupted enemies 
For we may see the night of Judgment will be lost and forgotten and all will hate 
no more.

Fight not toward the flesh of your own bones
nor the beating of our bleeding pains.   

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I Wish I Had a Happy Story to Tell

I wish I had a happy story to tell
I wish it were the color of orange blossoms
I wish my body were not my jail
I wish…I wish I had a happy story to tell

I love him
So I let him grab my wrist 
As he led me away
I love him I told myself again
I was struggling to keep up as he
Was dragging me to my feet
You see I had let myself fall
I must have lost my balance
When he slammed me against the wall
I love him
I wanted to believe
But my tears kept me from seeing
His weight kept me from breathing
And his hand kept me from screaming
So I yelled instead in my head
That I loved him
My body pressed against the bed
I love him
How ironic I had worn
A pretty white dress
For a pretty white mess
I had not imagined that this would be my end
But I love him I told myself again
And as his knee bruised my inner thigh
My voice was lost within a cry
He’d forgotten to undo his belt
So I took the opportunity to yell
And for a moment I could not see
As if a hot cup of water had been poured over me
I began to drown in it
But then I found in it
Not the water he chose
But instead a broken nose
I love him, now harder to believe
Please don’t 
I mouthed a silly symphony
Please don’t 
Was my silent soliloquy 
Please don’t 
And then it was as if the world were in slow motion
I saw every emotion
Run through his face
As he pushed me away
Could it be that he was setting me free
Unused just as before
I lay crumpled on the floor
And saw his iron boots heading to me
He stood there – the embodiment of all my fears
Careful to avoid my puddle of blood and tears
He said nothing but stood over me
And with one swift kick
He destroyed everything that was left of me
Then he walked out the door
Down the hall
And far away
Leaving behind in his wake
A girl so useless
Not even a proper victim for a rape
But that girl is gone now
She has been replaced
By another with a stronger face
A louder growl
And quite a bite
One who will always put up a fight
Until she finds that you are worthy
Until you are witness to her glory
Then and only then 
Will she tell you this story

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Deep within a mountain 
At it's heart 
A spring flowed 
From it, love 

Water is the source of everything 
Love, life 
An eagles' golden wing 

A gemstone 
Filled with love, 
began in a spring 
A Heartstone 
The water of love 
Such light 

Heartstone mountain 
Welling deep 
In its' heart 
Love to seep 

Keep the love 
Keep the faith 
A mountain spring 
Love, life 
Can give you everything 

The water of love 
Touched you 
Touched me 
For in the heart 
Welling forth 
Flowing you see 
There is no other way 
What was always known 
A living Heartstone 
Within you 
Within me 

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As the water flows through the rocks,
 bouncing from edge to edge,
  lights dance in the pools,
   we dance the dance of a lifetime.

We added many things
 to this waterfall we're building,
  only to discared and recollect 
   old yesterdays left behind.

I found a few frogs
 or maybe they found me,
  they seem to show-off my ugly flaws.

Then some turtles wandered in,
 just where they fit in,
  we may never  know for sure.

I hope the water never ceases to flow;
 and like the love in our hearts,
  I hope the water will
   forever flow.

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Picture This

Down by the river on this sunny day
Canopy of trees their leaves aspray
Shadowing the banks with genuine shade
Natures bloom in greens and fades

Blue waters ripple all stirred and nice
Fluffed clouds above look down on life
Sparodically shown against the blue
Striking colours all bold and true

Along the bank a patch of bare
My blonde darling i see standing there
Her golden hair captured by the sun
Flowing down her back to her curved bum

Standing there, now shes gone
With one leap lands with aplomb
The water opens as it welcomes her
Moments before it did not stir

My blonde princess in natures pool
As i grab my camera and fill the spool
Delight of shapes as she swims around
Splashing, rejoicing in summery surround

As she exits the water standing against the green
This striking lassie has to be seen
Her clothes sodden as she shakes her hair
I'm so fortunate to be standing there

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The waves crash against the sandy shore
The sun shines down upon the torrid sea
The pounding, constant rush of flowing water
Lasts, from here to eternity.

Here we are, as water washes our bodies
Entwined in a hold, refusing to release
The water enlivens the senses, desires
As even tighter, together we squeeze.

This love on the sand, ebb tide of desire
It brings out the animal in both you and me
Let’s not forget this, the sea, at this moment
Hold onto it darling, for eternity.

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To Walk On Water

To Walk On Water 

To walk on water 
To walk on water 
to kill a giant 
with a stone 
to have a home 
and not a house 
to be a man 
and not a mouse 
to love a woman 
and have my love returned, 
would I be a murderer or not. 
I will never know. 

Charles Robert Hice 

Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice 

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Losing A Man and Child

I stepped into the shower today
But before I could turn the water on
My tears had filled the bathtub
For the baby that is long gone

For many years I've looked at children
Trying simply to forget
My one true love
Wasn't ready yet

I have had no one to talk to
No one would understand
Except for the man who took me
To send our child to the Promise Land.

Who will hold me when I cry
Not calling me names
An ocean is waiting inside of me
But for now it only rains

So, for the man who took me
If you see water drops
It's only me trying to talk to you
Until the pain stops

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Cool water lapping at the edge of white sand, 
holding my hand 

Warmth of sun, 
warmth of hand, 
Warmth of love, 
Warmth of sand 

No one for miles, 
wearing nothing, 
but our smiles 

Footprints in sand, 
none but our own, 
walking along the shore, 
we know what it is all for 

Hand in hand, 
walking on sun bleached sand, 
no words we can say, 
on the beach of eternal play 

For, no words are needed, 
our thoughts,words are as one. 
You and I under golden sun, 
hand in hand 
on sun bleached sand 

Shade of palm, 
you by my side, 
serene and calm, 
the beach stretched far and wide 

Wearing nothing but our smiles, 
we can see for miles, 
paradise perfect, 
crystal clear sea, 
blue and green reflect, 
the love you have for me 

Cool water lapping at edge of white sand 
holding my hand 

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Cool water lapping at the edge of white sand, 
holding my hand 

Warmth of sun, 
warmth of hand, 
Warmth of love, 
Warmth of sand 

No one for miles, 
wearing nothing, 
but our smiles 

Footprints in sand, 
none but our own, 
walking along the shore, 
we know what it is all for 

Hand in hand, 
walking on sun bleached sand, 
no words we can say, 
on the beach of eternal play 

For, no words are needed, 
our thoughts,words are as one. 
You and I under golden sun, 
hand in hand 
on sun bleached sand 

Shade of palm, 
you by my side, 
serene and calm, 
the beach stretched far and wide 

Wearing nothing but our smiles, 
we can see for miles, 
paradise perfect, 
crystal clear sea, 
blue and green reflect, 
the love you have for me 

Cool water lapping at edge of white sand 
holding my hand