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Love Rose Poems | Love Poems About Rose

These Love Rose poems are examples of Love poems about Rose. These are the best examples of Love Rose poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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.                                              She sleeps in her rose wood bed,
                                                  under a blanket of velvet red;
                                                   old and alone and forgotten,
                                           she dreams of the love she once had.
                                              Once again she recalls his caress
                                                      on the curve of her hips
                                                                and her breast
                                                         as he moved his bow
                                                      on the strings of her soul,
                                                             playing her sound
                                                    'til his passion was spent.
                                           They traveled the whole world over,
                                                      to every city and town;
                                              the maestro, his bow and violin,
                                                 bringing each curtain down.
                                               He died in a cry of sweet refrain,
                                               clutching her strings to his heart; 
                                            as he fell to the floor in a final encore,
                                                       tearing her world apart.
                                           So she sleeps in her rose wood bed,
                                                  under a blanket of velvet red;
                                                         her strings still filled 
                                                    with the song of her soul,
                                                        etched by the maestro
                                                               that loved her
                                                               so long ago!


                                                          Author:  Elaine George

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Wild Love

The blackberry's love for the garden rose
Brought down the gardener's wrath.
The blackberry sensed the danger
As he wended the garden path.

" A love so true as mine", he sighed,
"Must dare to brave the hoe.
Just a few more feet to reach her,
My true love she must know."

He crept along so quietly,
Sometimes quite out of sight
Until he nudged his darling's feet.
Did he dare to trust the light?

He heard the gardener's heavy boot
And hid in craven shame.
He knew he'd soon be weeded out,
A seedling with no name.

"Have I no worth since I don't rate
Some Latin nomenclature?
Without a well known parentage
Am I a freak of nature?

His darling's line was long and pure,
No skeletons in her past.
He had to make his feelings known.
Those boots were treading fast.

Gently then he wrapped his vine
Around his loved one's spine.
In great amazement he opined,
"Her thorns are sharp as mine".

The sweet rose felt his tender touch
And realized his fear
And wondered at his bravery
In coming to her here.

She heard the swishing of the hoe,
She heard those nearing feet.
Quietly letting down her leaves 
In a manner so discreet

She covered her wild lover.
The gardener unaware,
Stopped but to view her beauty.
He saw naught hiding there.

She whispered, "You are safe now".
The blackberry's heart was light,
Thankful that his dear sweet rose
Had not exposed his plight.

"A rose is still a rose." she said,
"By any other name
And in our distant ancestry,
We share some of the same".

"I'd rather know your wild love,
Than a love that's dull and tame,"
Cuddling close, returned his kiss
Without a bit of shame.

Next season there were seedlings
Of a very different kind.
The gardener delighted, cried
"A horticultural find."

The moral of this story?
Things aren't always what they seem.
The love you look down on today,
Could be tomorrow's dream.

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The Special Rose

She sits and rocks, so gently back and forth
Her chin leaning heavily on her chest.
In her hands she cradles, one flat waxed rose
And sighs as pain is swelling in her breast.

Her long grey hair, now tied up in a bun
Is what I see when entering the room.
I helplessly watch, her tear drops flowing,
They look like dew, upon the lonely bloom.

Slowly she looks at a picture nearby,
A glimpse of a smile creases her face.
Granddad with her, stand on their wedding day
With red roses, and a dress of white lace.

After the wedding, she said with a smile,
I took this one rose and waxed it back then.
Granddad had laughed at me wondering why.
I said, for the special memories when…….

And now this old rose, I hold in my hand,
Precious memories kept in my drawer
I pull it out remembering the day
When granddad loved me, and I loved him more.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Contest: Encounters with Flowers 

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By Any Other Name

If love could have a color, I suppose
it wouldn’t be just any common shade.
I’d name it for the colors of the rose.
In heaven’s hues this flower is arrayed!

From chaste love’s hush of pink to heady rush
that’s shown by cardinal or crimson red,
the rose reveals the grades of ardor’s blush
unto the time it’s thought that passion’s fled.

But in the tint of amaranth, the fire
endures; in purple deep it can transcend,
while yellow blooms in bliss that does not tire,
and white’s fidelity will have no end.

Though black the bud, a red will grow thereof.
By any other name, the rose is love.

For the ROSES ROSES ROSES Poetry Contest of Mystic Rose

For PD's any rose will do. ....... (poems of roses contest) old only.... Poetry Contest

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A Rose In The Heather.

So still and beautiful lays the rose in the heather,
Lifeless and dying, given to bring you happiness,
So fragile is this rose laying in heather,
Slowly withering and drying, crumbling to a powder,
I look at you and see this rose ever fading,
Once growing, living, accenting its surroundings,
But now gone, plucked from the bush by one mans lust,
I could never compare you to this rose laying in the heather,
For your beauty surpasses its own,

So still and beautiful lays this rose in the heather,
Now dried cracking and dead, stored in a book to bring memories,
So weak and faded is this rose in yellowing heather,
Slowly falling apart as you touch the fragile petals,
I look at you and remember the flower when it faded,
That germinated and grew where I had sown its seed,
Now gone, plucked from the ground by one mans hope,
I would never compare you to this old heather and roses,
For its life was surpassed by yours,

Now I tell you I love you with cellophaned roses in heather,
Draining lifeless this dying confession of my dreaming,
This rose is more fragile then the first had I gave you,
But I could’t approach, my courage eroding at your sight,
I look at you now and see the love I sought inward,
Once alive and growing but only within lost confines of myself,
But never quite gone I hold this consuming fire close inside,
I could never combine your world with mine,
You always looked passed never noticing me,

Now I open my book that holds the first rose, wishing I gave it for the sake of 
Instead I hold a created memory that never came passing, 
That never could I fear,
I hold tight to the lie that through wonted silence I painted,     
But that chance for your love died with the first rose wrapped in heather.

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The Rose and the Thorn

I shall nay know all the wonders - you hold
For all too soon the winds of winter blow
Scarlet petals withering in the snow
How cruel the breath that kills the velvet rose 

Tears - that canst’ bear the thought of letting go
Forever frozen in this empty soul
A broken heart forever turned to stone
A broken stem left now to stand alone

Alas! I find that life is bitter-sweet
As I stand holding only memories
Of a rose blooming in the summer breeze
Here beneath this old weeping willow tree

Once I held the sweetest rose - ever born
Now – in my grief – I hold the bitter thorn.


                    Author:  Elaine George

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You Know I Love You

Winds may howl,
Wild animals growl,
The forest grows cold, 
For I am lonesome and old
As the sun peaks through the clouds, 
I hear your soft, young voice so loud!
And though you speak dead man's lines,
You speak them with majesty divine
As I am wrapped in  my woe,
I only want you to know...
...that roses die black and violets lose blue,
But I will never die
And you know I love you!

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Rose and Rose Marie

‘Twas on a morn’ in early spring
When I met Rose Marie
In a garden
Where she sat - upon a bench
Beneath a willow tree

Where - with a glance
My heart was stabbed
With pangs of jealousy 
For it was  - very plain to see
She was - by far - more beautiful than me

She spoke -  with colored words - like rainbows
Spun with  threads of gold 
As she described the man she loved
With all her heart and soul

She told me - of his beauty
Raven hair and eyes of green 
And as she talked  - he appeared -  before me
As in a  -  living dream

She told me - how she met him
On the Shore of Evermore
There in the fields - above the cliffs
Amid the mist - an ocean roar

She told me how -  with their first kiss
He carried her away
As he poured his love - into her soul
There - so high above - that wind-swept bay
With Heaven  - but a breath away

Her words - like magic - in that moment
Cast a  spell on me
For I too now - had fallen - so deeply - in love
With Cannon Lee

I longed to feel his breath 
His lips upon my velvet skin
I longed to quench - the lustful thoughts
That now  burned  - so deep within

So - when Rose Marie - stood up to leave
And turned her back on me
I dug my thorns into her wrist
And  sealed - my evil deed

My jealousy - now turned to poison
Ran quickly through her veins
And as she tried - to pry me loose
I clawed her - once again

"Tainted blood" - is what they say
Stole his love away
And that is how - I came to be here
On these cliffs today.

So tenderly - he holds me now
And  finally kisses me
As his tears - fall on my open petals
And trickle  - down my leaves

Then - from his lips - there comes a cry
Of such despair - it cracks the sky
“ My darling - my love - my life 
Why did you have to die?”

And here so high - above these cliffs
These cliffs of ‘Evermore’
I hear her name - resounding -  above  the ocean roar
‘Rose Marie’ - ‘Rose Marie’
As he cast me  -  with a final kiss
Into the raging sea.


Author:  Elaine George
August 29th, 2009

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Where Roses Never Die

I remember the first roses I received.
I was going on my first official date,
and my beau brought me a beautiful 
bouquet of red roses. At the time I was 
so embarrassed when I had to bring them 
into the house and put them in a vase 
with all my siblings grinning at me.

Our relationship lasted a little longer then 
the roses, but eventually they both died.

I remember the roses I picked out for
my wedding day. I insisted they be yellow 
because that happened to be my
favourite colour of roses at the time.
After the wedding I put them in the freezer 
where they lived in a frozen state for many 
years among the steaks and rouladen.

Although I treasured them dearly I eventually 
had to throw them out and they died.

I remember the single red rose my seven
month old son, with the help of his father
 brought me on my very first Mothers Day.
It was one of the proudest days of my 
life actually holding the title of all 
titles, Mother. I had held that dream 
in my heart since I was a young girl.

Time past before my son said the word Mother,
And long before he did, that rose had also died.

In the years to come I received many roses.
Red roses, yellow ones, white roses, blue,
orange roses, pink roses, rainbow roses too.
For Mothers day, wedding day, birthdays,
holidays, date days, Sundays and just for fun days.
Roses were always there from the day of marriage 
until they filled my husbands grave.

Now all those roses, every single one, all gifts
of love, have died. Every last one.

The most amazing thing occurred over all
those years, although the roses died
memories of each and every one of them
live on till this day. I still see them in their 
original beauty, smell their sweet scents. 
If it wasn’t for those roses, would I still
remember those special days? 

My eyes have taken the pictures of each rose
and filed them in my heart, where roses never die.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Contest: Roses, Roses, Roses

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How A Blue Rose Came to Be

Once upon a time, many years ago,
There was a sweet and lovely -  red, red Irish rose,
That was plucked prematurely, from the garden vine;
A budding beauty, taken in her prime.

She was laid to rest, upon the death, of a lovers dream;
Upon a chest of ebony, where lie, his would-be  Queen; 
Lowered deep into the depths, of the church yard cemetery;
Her scarlet petals, wilting in the summer breeze.

Then the earth begin to fall, like autumn leaves;
Upon  her petals, and the chest of ebony,
From above her tomb, where stood the grieving groom
Weeping , weeping,  like a willow tree.

Then the sky begin  to disappear, amid that mournful cry,
As  tears - from above, fell from that lovers eyes,
And came to rest, like dew drops on that  Irish rose, 
As she disappeared beneath the earth, 
There in his grief below.                                      
In time, he laid a stone of ivory - upon her grave;
Etched deeply  - with the promise he had made:
To love his Irish Rose - forever and a day.

The years and all their seasons came and went,
And a million lonely tears were cried and spent,
Upon her grave where everyday he knelt and prayed,
And dreamed of her until his dying day.  

The epigram has long since faded on the ivory stone,   
That still stands alone  upon her grave,
Where from the million tears of love he gave,
A seemingly impossible - blue, blue rose has grown.

 Written:  June 18, 2010
Author:  Elaine George

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Red Roses Fade To Black

Red velvet petals, only I, seduce,
With hidden danger under the disguise,
My fingers feeling shyly, I reduce,
Thorns sharpen, ready, waiting the unwise.

Before me, bleeding poison, I assume,
This flower withered, shriveled the entire,
A dark extracted substance, the perfume,
No beauty, only sorrow, I admire.

Withdrawn I wept lamenting the depart,
A rosebud, crimson, youthful, I erased,
A lifeless flower, never I impart,
nor taken with affection, I embraced.

Written by Kelly Deschler  October 23rd, 2014

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Rose and Rose Marie - A Re-post

‘Twas on a morn’ in early spring
When I met Rose Marie
In a garden
Where she sat - upon a bench
Beneath a willow tree

Where - with a glance
My heart was stabbed
With pangs of jealousy 
For it was  - very plain to see
She was - by far - more beautiful than me

She spoke -  with colored words - like rainbows
Spun with  threads of gold 
As she described the man she loved
With all her heart and soul

She told me - of his beauty
Raven hair and eyes of green 
And as she talked  - he appeared -  before me
As in a  -  living dream

She told me - how she met him
On the Shore of Evermore
There in the fields - above the cliffs
Amid the mist - an ocean roar

She told me how -  with their first kiss
He carried her away
As he poured his love - into her soul
There - so high above - that wind-swept bay
With Heaven  - but a breath away

Her words - like magic - in that moment
Cast a  spell on me
For I too now - had fallen - so deeply - in love
With Cannon Lee

I longed to feel his breath 
His lips upon my velvet skin
I longed to quench - the lustful thoughts
That now  burned  - so deep within

So - when Rose Marie - stood up to leave
And turned her back on me
I dug my thorns into her wrist
And  sealed - my evil deed

My jealousy - now turned to poison
Ran quickly through her veins
And as she tried - to pry me loose
I clawed her - once again

"Tainted blood" - is what they say
Stole his love away
And that is how - I came to be here
On these cliffs today.

So tenderly - he holds me now
And  finally kisses me
As his tears - fall on my open petals
And trickle  - down my leaves

Then - from his lips - there comes a cry
Of such despair - it cracks the sky
“ My darling - my love - my life 
Why did you have to die?”

And here so high - above these cliffs
These cliffs of ‘Evermore’
I hear her name - resounding -  above  the ocean roar
‘Rose Marie’ - ‘Rose Marie’
As he cast me  -  with a final kiss
Into the raging sea.

Author:  Elaine George

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How a Blue Rose Came to be

Once upon a time, many years ago,
There was a sweet and lovely -  red, red Irish rose,
That was plucked prematurely, from the garden vine;
A budding beauty, taken in her prime.

She was laid to rest, upon the death, of a lovers dream;
Upon a chest of ebony, where lie, his would-be  Queen; 
Lowered deep into the depths, of the church yard cemetery;
Her scarlet petals, wilting in the summer breeze.

Then the earth begin to fall, like autumn leaves;
Upon  her petals, and the chest of ebony,
From above her tomb, where stood the grieving groom
Weeping , weeping,  like a willow tree.

Then the sky begin  to disappear, amid that mournful cry,
As  tears - from above, fell from that lovers eyes,
And came to rest, like dew drops on that  Irish rose, 
As she disappeared beneath the earth, there in his grief below 
In time, he laid a stone of ivory - upon her grave;
Etched deeply  - with the promise he had made:
To love his Irish Rose - forever and a day.


The years and all their seasons came and went
And a million lonely tears were cried and spent
Upon her grave where everyday he kneeled and prayed
And dreamed of her until his dying day.  


The epigram has long since faded on the ivory stone   
That still stands alone   upon her grave
Where from the million tears of love he gave
A seemingly impossible - blue, blue rose has grown.

 Written:  June 18, 2010

Note:  To late for the contest,
but I thought I would post it anyway. 

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The Rose

Once bloomed a rose so young and fair
With dark brown eyes and long black hair

Beside her be a tall dark tree
Whose branches stretch to smother thee

Too close beside the shadowy bark
That soon begins to leave its mark

She cries for help, but none shall hear
Her thorns too sharp, who’d dare go near?

To save this rose, who’d risk their life?
With naught to gain but pain and strife

Alone, afraid, she lays to rest
Her heart beats low inside her chest

And with the hour growing near
She sheds her final grieving tear

And so the rose soon falls asunder
Her final day, eternal slumber

She lies beside the old dark tree
The only one who mourns for thee

Details | Pantoum | |

The Blue Rose

Blue velvet was the rose gifted my heart.
Poet was he and blue the blood from his thorn,
a rose as blue as the summer skies
a rose as blue as his ice blue eyes.

Poet was he and blue the blood from his thorn.
So gifted was he with the blue roses form.
a rose as blue as his ice blue eyes,
with thorns as sharp as his beguiling lies.

So gifted was he with the blue roses form
a rose as blue as the summer skies
with thorns as sharp as his beguiling lies.
Blue velvet was the rose gifted my heart.

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Oh sweet rose

Beautiful rose
covered in 
your petal finery
sweet silken
satin soft feelings
singing in praise
touching deeply inside

Gentle heart 
of sweetness
tenderness flows
from your sweet
scenting aroma
floats inside 
the scent

Heavenly emotions
enchanting beauty
looking amazing
red in passion
hot soft whispering 
pink blushing
orange warm
as the sun beams glow

Dressed in white
you crown angels
petals softly 
Whispers flow
on scented air
words inside 
I love you

Kissing and hugging
my love deeply darling
surrendering to you
without doubt
purest rose

I trust 
from the petals
into my heart
a crowning jewel
you are queen
amongst flowers 
amazingly baby

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Ode to a rose on a sunset

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as the clouds dip into the sea.
A kiss from that rose as the waves fall,
over the beach to a rose kissed me.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as we wrap in lovers embrace.
A kiss from a rose as homeward we go,
to a bed clothed in satin and lace.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
with passion and warmth do we grasp.
A kiss from that rose that blossoms and blooms,
my hand in her labour pain clasp.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
that wanton and curvy young bride.
A kiss from that rose that huddles our babe,
so loving, in motherly pride.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
without whom I'd not share my life.
A kiss from that rose who selflessly filled,
the place of my darling rose wife!

(c) anaisanais - A M Docherty - Wales, United Kingdom. (7/8/2013)

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A Rose

A red rose whispers of enchantment And the white rose reveals the depth of love O, the red rose is like that of a falcon, And the white rose is symbolic of the dove. But I send you a cream-white rosebud With a flush on its petal tips; For our love that is purest and sweetest Has a kiss of desire on our lips.

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Love in my veins

Your love flows through my veins
like the Nile River flows through
the sands of Eygpt.
Love flows through my veins
like rivers that break off into endless streams
and water the gardens of the green stems
of torn covered rose bushes.

In my veins, you flow, as a sparrow
flies through the blue skies in beauty.
You are the blood that flows through my veins
and later settles deep in my heart
and embraces me with a hug of intimace.

Love flows through my veins
like endless notes played by the sweetest composer
along with his private orchestra playing a lovely melody.
Rivers, streams break off and flow into lakes and oceans,
Like my veins that lead to my heart,
you are always there flowing through my veins.
Your love flows through my veins.

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Farm Girl

On a Sussex farm works a golden haired girl
Surrounded by guys as she makes their hearts twirl
But her love and soul are miles away
In a Highlanders heart, she hopes to meet one day.
Its nearly a year since they were first in touch
As she's grown to adore him oh so much
Her delight will be, is too invite him down
And show him round her lovely town.
Her joy and smiles, as she holds his hand
Her heart pounding as she feels a million grand
Stopping for cuddles as they share a kiss
With her Highlander she's in sheer bliss.
The countryside where this English Rose stays
Flowering crops grow and animals graze
Noisy tractors Harvesters reap
Under a blistering sun, the baaing of sheep.
In her yellow dress, flowing golden hair
She takes his hand, as they climb the stair
Above up here is where we keep the hay
Again she takes his hand and down they lay.
Facing each other they start to kiss
This English rose in her mind she wish
To share her body with her Highlander
To adjoin their bodies as their loving stirs.
As they undress each other on this summers day
Bare skin warms the golden hay
Passions flow as their hands explore
Loving scent from their loving pores
Joys and sighs, they feel their bodies mix
Emotions and feelings in adrenalin fix.
Warmed and content,consumed in each others arms
Two heavenly bodies sharing each others charms
Kissing and cuddling on the flattened hay
As they stand up and look where they just once lay.
Dishevelled clothes, hair astray 
This loving couples summers play
Standing embrace their bodies quiver
Holding hands they head to the river.
At the river bank they undress each other
Under a shaded green leafy cover
Her naked body and long golden hair
Makes him proud to be standing there.
As they enter the river 
They caress and wash each other
Under this shaded leafed cover
They kiss and embrace to share their love
Under the leafy tree, chirping birds all above.
Heading home hand in hand
This loving couple feeling two million grand
They head to bed, spooned and cosy
This Highlander and his English Rosie.

Details | Ghazal | |

Take The Leap Into My Heart

Frolic into these open arms that need you.
Melt into my lips, and let them feed you.

Let the breath of love's kiss
and my eager feet lead you

into my heart's majestic garden.
Bloom freely, my beauty. I'll never weed you.

There is one trophy in this growth,
and it is, indeed, you.

Should my rare rose be cut,
my garden will truly bleed you.

For Debbie Guzzi's "Take The Leap" contest

Details | Free verse | |

Bouquet Of Peace

A delicate pink rose brings me a new voice A bright red rose takes my breath away A yellow rose melts my heart like no other A white rose shows me the purity of life A rose bouquet of peace to share with all
Entry into contest of Moses New Contest: New or Old poems, Beautiful, 10 lines or less 2nd Place Winner

Details | Quintain (English) | |

A Wedding Day Rose

A wedding day rose pale in dress 
'twas as fair as the maiden bride.
Vanity’s breath in two hands caressed;
tendrils warily pruned, implied.
Quiet beauty bequeathed filled with pride. 

Budding flower in light cascading, 
veiled imitation none could foresee.                                                     
Blushing petals fall, brittle and fading. 
Sunset bore weeping groom’s last decree.
Then into darkest night, he did flee. 

A wedding day rose in graceful frock
shall charm all attendees eternal.
Apart from the bud with thorny stalk, 
head silently rotting internal.
Dewdrops cloud o’er the earth infernal.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, 10/11/13
for Giorgio Veneto's The rose (Allegory) Contest

Details | Romanticism | |

Pursue Love

Pursue love,
the love that has no meaning,
the silver ports of the moon,
shine so bright,
that it blinds you in the twilight
she is beautiful and she is divine
she is the song sang by the sweet nightingales
in the gardens of worthy, overgrowning and blooming roses,
like wildfire grow tall and the thornes of the vines
tangle around her feet and drag her ever so slightly
throughout the garden of beauty.
As the roses lay along a table,
as she sits at the table
and she waits for me, the wordman
to come to the dinner table at the stroke of nine
and sit with her,
start a scene or two of romantic setting,
to pursue love in her name.
Love is around us,
the candlelight shines and reflects in her silk hair,
as her evening dress glitters and shines
and her bossom shows itself in the nightsky
as we lay together,
we pursue a dream together,
forever we live together forever,
as we stand upon the belcony of Romeo and Juliet's love scene
we swim in a pool of sweet divine care and love,
we swallow grapes and drink wine
hand and hand on Persian rugs and virgin white cloth sheets,
we dance to a simple, yet sweet Chopin's masterpiece
of his beautiful nocturnes,
which make such a sweet and romantic song in our heads.

We stomp out the flames
as we dance the night away,
and you lay in my arms,
and I kiss you upon your lovely head,
and you hold my hand,
and I hold you tight
never thinking of letting your love go away from me,
I would take my own life,
before I lose your love.
See us together,
it is a painting that lasts lifetimes,
that needs no touch-ups.
I care for you and love you!
Love me, I know you will.

My sweet and loving portrait lady,
who in reality is more beautiful than a fully bloomed rose
that sits on its green stem,
in the garden of beauty that sits outside my window.
Come up to my chambers
as I picked roses for you and pettles litter the atmosphere
as love's tension grows
and suspence brings us together,
let us make love tonight
seal the passion
and pursue love once and for all.

Then shall we wake with the first rays of the blazing of the morning sun,
I shall wake next to your beauty and glory,
and I shall point my attention to the heavens
and thank the Gods for sending you on the open road,
toward my chamber door, I call my heart.
Then we shall dress, and walk the pathways
in the garden of beauty
and I shall pick a bauquet of roses
and we shall sit by the lake and pursue our love
for one another
and nothing, not one earthquake shall shake us apart.


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By All of This - Ah, Wanton Bliss

That passion’s night, to make me sigh, my love seized several beams from sky and shaped a ring of moonstone bright. To make me sigh that passion’s night. My darling beau, to make me smile, then star-shine stole so he could style a necklace rare with diamond’s glow. To see me smile, my darling beau. Dear Valentine, to dazzle me, took whitest pearls from twilight’s sea, with starry strand to intertwine. To dazzle me, dear Valentine. My true love wooed with more than these, not only sight, but ear to please! Two birds he brought that softly cooed. With more than these, my true love wooed. With rose bouquet, with kisses sweet, he made my heart then faster beat. Artisan of romantic play - with kisses sweet, with rose bouquet. By all of this, in motion set was what I’d never known as yet. It burst, then flowed. . . Ah, wanton bliss, in motion set by all of this! (BTW, this is pure imagination, people!!! So don't be jealous!! hahaha This is a form called Swap Quatrain, PD. Happy Valentine's Day to you!!) For the Get your Valentine's Day poem in... any Valentine's poem will do.. (new or old) Poetry Contest of Poet Destroyer A

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Loved Up

Diamonds smile in her solferino sky tonight.
Henna rose tendrils twine the trellis of her cheek,

lilacs twist and hiss in her hennaed hair,
snaking against the violet velvet backdrop of night.

Behind ecstasy-wide eyes her untold dreams
etch sinuous illusions on psychedelic silk screens.

She'll trip the fantasy light with him tonight,
dancing the razor edge of danger and delusion,

candyflip kisses clinging needily on her loved up lips.
Their iridescent amethyst laser light ride;

treading tracers, wading twilight's violet tide,
twining together in pulsing purple light.

An acid house glasshouse lavender love:
their forbidden hush-hush finger-to-lip love.

The single beam of her mind's strobe light on these nights
when a mauve mist envelops and enraptures her,

ambient trance chants entrancing her ear,
henna rose tendrils clinging damply to her cheek,

the tickle and pull of the dancefloor tormenting her feet.
Twisting and twirling in techno beat heat,

colours swirling, amping in lilac love-light,
whirling the purple heart party haze tonight.

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Time Means Nothing When You Love

you can love 
in a just a single moment 
so deeply 
that the loss 
is felt for a lifetime 

it doesn't take time 
to form love's bond 
sometimes it is immediate 
a connection of heart and soul 
that defies logic or explanation

these thoughts crowd the mind 
as flowers she lays 
among her memories 
silently filling 
petals with tears 

for blue eyes now closed 
forever gleam brilliantly 
smiles given so eagerly
with tiny lips of kisses 
still hold her heart captive 

so she lays a white rose 
for every day 
that her little girl
blessed her with her presence 
and one red bleeding rose 
to represent the pain of her loss 

for even in the agony, 
the joy far outweighed the pain

time means nothing when you love 

the gift is to love at all...

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A girl, a boy, a rose

Act I
Evening. A boy offer to a girl in a balcony a white rose.
Flower among wild flowers, white flower, white rose,
Come now to the balcony and stretch your hand fair.
I shall boon you with a flower worth to be your pair:
Flower among wild flowers, white flower, white rose,
If my name do not cause you shame or a light blush,
Then give it to the four winds and offer me a trade:
Your name so I can follow the open road ahead
In the woods of ancient trees and newborn lush.
I climb to you under the crimson lover’s moon
And leave after in your lips I see a new bloom.
Even for the sun, it is hard to go in a maiden’s room,
The window’s glass does not mean to halt his strike,
Both heat and love can be gentle and scorching alike:
Even for the sun, it is hard to go in a maiden’s room.
Without a key, even the wind will remain outside,
A key with gold and silver blending also so rare
That truth and beauty merge with the same share.
Is it true? I will keep my purity and forfeit my pride.
Oh, give me a full moon night to dream and return
With another boon to make my face and heart burn.
Act II
The girl goes to the backyard of her house where we see a rose tree.
Oh, my heart wakes with such sweet melody.
I wonder if angels are dancing while hearing.
How is it possible? My heart is under custody
of three small words, my eyes are now tearing:
what do I see in the three of my youth days?
A rose is gone? And the same rose that I hold?
Now a sharpening grasp on my heart I can feel,
Why the truth was hidden, why didn’t he told
He came to steal? Better if he also tried to steal  
Red Rose, proud Rose, sad Rose of all my days?
Before the balcony. It is morning. The boy is alone. With another rose.
The girl came with a hand on her bosom,
Carrying white roses on an osier basket.
“here” ,she said and then a white cascade
Appeared and covered the young lad,
“do not stand still, why just one blossom?
Better to love as many as you can get,
Make all flowers, all white roses be mine,
And my heart will be your love’s shrine.
The boy danced under the white rain:
“Tomorrow”, he said, “I will steal again”.  

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The Salted Leaf

Crystal sapphirine salted leaf,
The forlorn friend of aqua rose.
Memories of ages, only the leaf knows.
Bright blue tears of eternal grief.
The wedding bands confirm our love.
Passion, ardent affection for life.
I and Lenore forever my wife,
Beautiful as a pure white dove.
The eye of the rose reflects all,
You see the past in a single glance.
The aqua rose: Lenore, did me enhance.
Away she flew, to kingdom hall.
Why? Did she die; I do not know.
Answers in the blue crystal salt,
Sapphirine leaf will sorrow halt.
I eat the leaf for status quo,
My heartbeat quickens, then a smile.
Lenore, my wife doth call me hither.
Aqua rose begins to wither.
The saga must continue.

HGarvey Daniel Esquire

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love how i see it

        To love is like holding a freshly cut untrimmed rose ..... you would never want to
drop or lose such a beautifil thing. so you hold it tightly,but the tighter you squeeze the
deeper the thorns cut in to your endure the pain until the point comes when you
must losen your grip and in turn the rose falls to the ground but, as time passes and the
bleeding stops you try to forget,but then you look at your hand and the scars remind you of
the beauty that comes with the pain and you pick the rose back up.

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How to entice a rose

Tame your wish to unfasten
the shut bud ‘til she’s willing!
Give her sweetest thoughts of spring.
Attract her, softly thrilling
with your words and compliments.

If the sprout of rose is closed
you need gentle kindheartedness.
Warm alluring breath of love
may touch cheek with such caress
that first petals open slow.

Now ensure her - and yourself –
that there is no other one
that deserves such attitude
under shining moon and sun
no one that compares to her.

But you have to say the truth
or you will feel painful thorn.
If you do, you’ll see delight
Beautiful as dusk and dawn
when the rose unlocks herself.

Ensnare the ears with kindness,
enmesh with care her splendor.
Cautions stroke her fears away!
Then may your fingers tender
detach the outer casing.

Coat the rose with water drops
from your lips – fresh summerkiss
over body, mind and soul.
Feel with beating heart the bliss
when the trembling bud unclench’s.

Shivering the petals spread
ample to receive delight.
Open are the calyx’s thighs
that entangled day and night
the straight erected carpel.

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A Red Rose for Mama

Her eyes of blue skies and skin of a pure pearl that shines so bright
And golden sunshine of hair that has her smile, always at heart.
In her dreams, a promise of tomorrow will bring much light,
And send a red rose for Mama, and a kiss to say "goodnight".

In times of sorrows, I am her second daughter, who wishes her best,
For she has left her footprint on my heart, words can never be less.
As I wouldn't trade another, thou' I have known her to be kind,
When prayers to God that will give her peace, and strength in mind.

For a better tomorrow, we all love Mama and keep her comfort with you,
May you always be encouraged, may you ever hold on too!
As God holds you in his arms and wraps you with his shield of trust,
And words alone is different, than a red rose for Mama, filled with lust!

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The Beautiful Red Rose

        As Expression of True Love , most every man shall show his love this way   

unto a woman, by giving her a beautiful red rose. There are roses of many colors. 

But there is only one rose that holds the “Radiant light of love” this color stands 

alone.   The “Beautiful Red Rose” That is meant for love between two, man and  


       The beautiful red rose, with its, slightly intertwining soft petals, within folds. The 

softness beholds such a glow of radiant love. Within the petals are interconnecting 

perfectly within each twining, of its lining, enabling its soft radiant ruby color to 

shine within light. The smell of the delicate rose beholds within a beautiful fragrance 

through each one of the soft rosy petals lining that lingers through the air.

       As each petal of the rose is enriched with its radiant red color within its 

intertwining curves, connecting underneath laced around the radiant red petals is 

deep emerald green leaves, attaching from within a long dark green stem.

       The “Beautiful Red Rose” is given on or before Valentine’s Day, by a man unto a 

woman, in hopes to enriches a love, between them both, man and woman

                   God's Beautiful Delicate Design Of His Divine Love Shown...

                                             "The Beautiful Red Rose"
Gods' Love Is More Everlasting than this...
Come Believe in Jesus... Receive Gods' Divine Love of Grace given..Eternal Life...

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The prettiest rose unfurls

Just as each tender petal
Of the prettiest rose unfurls
Its fragrant silken form
I hold in my mind
A memory or thought
Of each tender moment
I have graciously shared with you

Just as each tender petal
Of the prettiest rose unfurls
Releasing its natural beauty
To an awe-inspired world
I hold in my heart
A love that grows evermore deeply
Despite thinking I’ve given my all

Just as each tender petal
Of the prettiest rose unfurls
Till it blooms in radiant glory
I give you everything I am
Protect you and cherish you
Knowing I am the luckiest
Most blessed person in the world

Just as each tender petal
Of the prettiest rose unfurls
After which blooms wither and fall away
I remember how much you 
Need to know daily you’re cherished
By someone who loves you more
Than words can ever express

You are as each tender petal
Of the prettiest rose unfurls
My love my life my future

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The Beautiful Red Rose

        As an Expression of True Love , most every man shall show his love this way   

unto a woman, by giving her a beautiful red rose. There are roses of many colors. 

But there is only one rose that holds the “Radiant light of love” this color stands 

alone.   The “Beautiful Red Rose” That is meant for love between two, man and  


       The beautiful red rose, with its, slightly intertwining soft petals, within folds. The 

softness beholds such a glow of radiant love. Within the petals are interconnecting 

perfectly within each twining, of its lining, enabling its soft radiant ruby color to 

shine within light. The smell of the delicate rose beholds within a beautiful fragrance 

through each one of the soft rosy petals lining that lingers through the air.

       As each petal of the rose is enriched with its radiant red color within its 

intertwining curves, connecting underneath laced around the radiant red petals is 

deep emerald green leaves, attaching from within a long dark green stem.

       The “Beautiful Red Rose” is given out of Love, by a man unto a 

woman, in hopes to enriches a love, between them both, man and woman

                   God's Beautiful Delicate Design Of His Divine Love Shown...

                                             "The Beautiful Red Rose"
Gods' Love Is More Everlasting than this...
Come Believe in Jesus... Receive Gods' Divine Love of Grace given..Eternal Life...

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And filled with stars and the land
A pale gentle hand turned the hourglass 
Of my soul

Stalking the alabaster moon 
I rejoined once more
Those who follow the dream

Cutting through crests 
Time the scythe of a barque
Treads a song of brothers to sisters of paradise

The prow our ship a searching 
Arch-ed carrying the whispered will 
Of wishings an ambition to our hearts

Pursuing the alchemy of the moon 
Leaping from the shoals 
A single white rose this beacon to follow 

The mariners we of her phantasmal
Blown by the hunger in blood and breath
Drifting in the calm thunder tethered to a single kiss

Full of stars and the land 
A pale gentle hand turns the hourglass 
Of my soul 

The ghost in our throats calling
Seducing answers to the lamplet
Painted faces of splendour in her horizons distant 

She softly sings us closer 
Passage through the veils 
Drawing on this our meandering ark

An endless ribbon of red flows behind 
The vein of each passing quest
As this ship awash the glinting semblance of her face

I have chosen like my brothers, my sisters; to be the seafarer 
To search her shadow
Pursue the alabaster moon

Her pale gentle hand 
Filled with stars and the land 
Turns the hourglass of my soul

Isis the light and by Dianna named
Magdalena’s rose of mystery proclaimed 
The witchcraft of the feminine

Thus the sail-ed cutter of waves and dreams
Billowed on clouds

The diamond sea we gather
Compass point to reflection
The full moon risen alabaster 

Her pale gentle hand 
Filled with stars and the land 
Turned the hourglass of my soul

(Acciaccatura; An ornament note that is one half step or one whole step below a principal
note and is sounded at the same time as the principal note, adding dissonance to a
harmony. a note in a music deliberately played out of key )

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A Rose with no Thorn

A Rose with No Thorn

In the Garden, the bouquet of life
There bloomed a rose whose beauty caught my eye
Incomparable is this rose’s design
Unlike the others, she is not the prickling kind

I know they say that every rose has its thorn
But here blooms the exception, of the spirit she is born
One of a kind, the rarest in form
For she is a rose with no thorn

Oh what a fragrance, so lovely and fair
A scent of sincerity sweeps through the air
A pristine beauty from the realms up above
For she is the flower primeval of love

And as I bask in her blossoms of compassion
I find I am fashioned by love that’s everlasting
And in my heart she’ll always be adorned
For she is a rose with no thorn

Though weeds, thorns and thistles have tried to choke her
The rain has wet her; the sun has even scorched her
But she’ll not wither, neither will she wilt
For she is rooted in the love that God has tilled

Amidst great turmoil, never to be foiled
Arrayed in glory that could never ever toil
One of a kind, yes the rarest in form
For she is a rose with no thorn

Copyright2008 by Kenneth J Thompson

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Ode to Mi Corazon

As I pull weeds from cracks in sidewalks
Yout sit on top of thrones made of solid gold
And I pay no mind to the women around me,
Only to your beauty do I hold an Ode.

I see my fair Spanish lady
my daring, sweet rose with thorns,
That run up and down her spine.
As she stops in the daily parade
Waving at the peasants,
She looks at me and summons her guards
Too take me away.

Her beauty is unbearable.
I cannot take not being with her
For a single moment in my life.
Her hair,
Black like coal,
Her smile is bright, as the first rays of the Red Sun
In the dawn.
Her lips painted with ruby lipstick,
her silk laced dress and shawl wrap around her,
Like a beautiful butterfly in her cocoon.
Her skin of olive, dark color and her green eyes.
My God, those sweet and piercing green eyes
Oh, how they hit my soul and make me shiver with excitment.
She is intoxicating and I am intoxicated in her beauty.

She is like an angel, a Latina beauty who walks the streets paved gold,
As I walk the cracked, cobblestone walkways.
She shines in the Spanish sun, like a dimoand in the ruff
As you blow the dust off her sweet brow,
she glows and sparkles with extordinary excellence.

She is beautiful and sweet and kind.
She loves me, but her father minds.
I am only a peasant, and she royalty.
Can our love ever be together in one holy matrimony?
I pray to the Lord, of all that is good,
Please give me a sign that she loves me.

Soon a storm came over,
blowing me down to the ground
And a cloud of dust swallowed me whole.
A great Conquistador on a great white stallion
pulled me up and told me that she wanted to see me.
I shacked with nervous of joy as I followed the warrior.

She was there, under a palm tree
Near a beautiful beach in Barcelona.
She smiled and a glow covered me with passion.
I hugged her and kissed her upon her sweet lips.
I tasted virginity and she tasted loyalty.
We both tasted beauty and harmony.
As the warrior left us,
We made love upon a vigin white sheet,
Soon covered with a flowing river of red.
She moaned with exticy and love was in the air.
The Ode to my sweet Spaniad, Mi Corazon!

We lay there in each others arms
Looking up at a clear night sky
The twilight glimmered ever so softly
And a shooting star blazed across the sky
I kissed her and she kissed me.
I whispered in her, "My love forever"
And she pushed me back upon the sheets
and we made sweet and ever lasting love again.
As we looked in each other's almond colored eyes.
I said to her, in a soft voice, Mi Corazon.

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A Woman Like a Rose

The rose bud is small and the smell is so sweet
 And no other flower in the garden quite so unique

When the petals unfold it makes a beautiful rose
and  the fragrance of that flower fills the air 

Take the thorns from  that beautiful rose
and the beauty can no longer to be found

When the morning dew falls softly on  the rose
it's like a  tear on a woman's face when she cries

 And when a woman's pride  is  taken away
 like the rose her beauty is faded and gone

So never make a woman cry and men be very aware
her beauty may be hidden but the thorn is still  there

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A Symbol Of Our Love

I long to see this love we have blossom daily with each passing day 
The beauty of which we can't see but we can feel it all the same
I love it when the sun comes up and the birds sing sweetly too
This rose will be on our bench every day of the year I spend with you.

This bench of love is reserved for us for many years to come
Sitting here now I say to you that I want you for the rest of our lives
The rose is a symbol of all that is pure, our trust, our hope and love
Two hearts shall not be broken when they've been blessed by God above.

I promise you that each year will be better than the one before 
A  rose I’ll leave on this bench as each year we’re married passes by
I’m always going to be here for you my darling you’re the one I adore 
This rose represents the longing  in my heart, I want you forevermore.

To show just how much I care I will plant a rose bush here just for you
When I look at our little bench each year and think of how it all began    
I'll remember with pride, that eve I proposed and you said “I will marry you”
As I slipped on the ring, you'd tears in your eyes, as the moon came into view.

When times catches up, grey hair sets in, grandchildren running wild at our side
I hope you'll be by my side on our bench with our roses still growing with love 
But if you're not with me,It won't be hard to remember that night of my life
When I proposed  one beautiful eve, we married and were husband and wife.

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This Human Heart

My brother is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. I still remember that day

His Human Heart He laid red rose upon white casket Tears were hidden behind dark glasses People are such righteous asses This question I just had to ask it A wounded heart will not outlast it This human life quickly passes This human dream was love’s excess Why was his love so very wrong? Gender doesn’t really matter Human dreams are still shattered He laid red rose upon white casket Was their love so very wrong? The question I just had to ask it His human heart still sang love’s song.

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Undone Hidden Flaws

There once was a garden in Thomaston
But all the hidden flaws show now in sun
     Bombarded by winter cold
     Delicate Easter dress bold
Became frozen, tattered, falling undone

Now that lovely garden in Thomaston
Back in early spring's golden rays of sun
      Rose blooms, tulips open tips
      Flawless are flowers no thrips
Remember Rose Trellis_ love's embrace spun

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The only rose

After the wild roses stopped to bloom,
I visited your backyard each afternoon.
I counted the thorns of your rose tree,
wondering if a new bud I would see…
You didn’t come and lean by the window,
combing your hair under the afterglow.
The night wind carried you to me instead,
as I pillowed my head on the root’s thread.
You left the door open on the morrow,
when a new pink rose started to grow.
Should I leave the rose – young and pure -
or Should I follow your lead – 
                                             The future
gave to me no more than one queen
blossoming in a garden left unseen.

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

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My Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon;
Sweet suitor, Holy wind;
come blow upon my heart;

My heart has drifted
let your fragrance flow again
Let us sip together the pure wine;
that I may feel again your tender embrace
that I might be forever at your side;
still my hearts cry; my longing.

My Loves pain;
the thorns, the scars

Loves perfect gift!
Sweet fragrant Rose of Sharon:
Perfect Love,
written with loves pure heart,
on fleshy tables of my heart.

Your heart that bled
Love that cried,
My Love never to deny;
A Love that waits.... for me!

My beloved stands without;
Arise my heart I say
unlock the door,
Open, see,
the blood stains
on the door

Let Your Blood
wash away 
my sins of youth,
loves exacting toll;
her fragrant petals
her bed of thorns.

I am washed my beloved;
Clean, white, like the milk
that flows down mountainside
like a herd of sheep on Gilead.
My heart skips like a lamb
in springtime on fields of green;

Nourished and loved
nurtured forever at Your side;
My father, my Mother;
My Savior, My Lord,
My King, Holy Suitor,
Your Bloom, Your fragrance;

My sweet Rose Of Sharon. 

                                                           Brenda V Northeast 18/April/05

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Tender of Roses

Beloved, lovely roses: gift of God and lover’s flower,
Spread your colored petals and cradle tender showers.
While admiring the blossoms with their beauty to behold,
Ought we not to know the Tender of such lovely garden groves?

For He lovingly and thoughtfully wields His pruning shears
To cut away the stems of old for fuller future years.
He cultivates and feeds them. He attends them as a Father
Looking daily to their needs; so faithfully He waters.

From the dawn of morning dew until the setting sun arrays
Caring always for His own until that great appointed day…
When the Gardener comes to claim each one the earth held as its own.
He gently picks it at its peak and for His pleasure takes it home.

As God did one glorious morning, when the Perfect Rose had bloomed.
He rolled away the stone and met with Mary at the tomb.
There the sweetest Rose of Sharon rose that we die not alone.
But be gathered for a garden grove, surrounding heavens throne.

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A Daydream

My fingertips lightly travel
down these worn piano keys,
the memories now unravel
as I hear your favorite melodies.

I reminisce within my writing
about a time that used to be,
when your arms were so inviting
and they would hold only me.

The quiet whispers on the breeze
the first kisses that were soft,
we sat underneath the willow trees,
as my heart then sailed aloft.

I can still smell the roses, red
their petals pressed upon the page,
where your old promises lie dead
they have not withered with age.

I am daydreaming of the past
when our love seemed to be true,
a relationship that will not last
but, back then we never knew.

Isaiah Zerbst's contest - "A Daydream"

Based on the painting. "A Daydream" by Sir Edward John Poynter

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'--the sweat of lovers'

Fragrant, erotic, red and swollen, the rose smells like the sweat of lovers.
1.) poembender; 2.) Nature motif; 3.) for "Impress me with a small poem! (New / Old)" Contest

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Red Roses

Their petals are falling as their colors change
It wasn’t this way before but is it strange?
These roses are dying in delicate sweet sorrow
Will their love shed too? Or will it see tomorrow?
Petals and love falling slow like soft snowflakes
A little change in season is all it takes,
But will these roses bloom again in a new morn?
Will their love come back to greatly adorn?

Will their beauty be gone forever once it fades away?
Or will it come back to make everything okay?
For what will the roses be worth if their beauty dies forever?
Will the image and value from them permanently sever?
Will the light in their eyes suddenly become dark?
As their splendor and significance steadily grow stark? 
Or will they rise like light at the beginning of dawn?
And be reborn more beautiful than a swan?

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A Rose is a Rose

Love in life is ill fated beauty of love’s face often abated a rose is a rose no matter the face pose a rose in a garden is still a rose... no face of love graced, faces of life are strife laced all wilted and covered with mildew of Excellency of grace… a rose often glows in beauty of grace beauty in a Greek nose Love often shows... though a rose is not a nose nor is love the face pose for life’s face is not grace... Love faced is love graced toward we quicken our pace as we see in a dark mirror… light of beauty’s grace though no beauty in life’s race and a rose is a rose... regardless of its pose has a face… Beauty Graced! ========= Note: "It is my belief that everyone was created as Love, whatever condition that love might currently be in is simply a reflection of each person's wellness, his past choices, and his ability to deal with life. Often the inner power of love has been neglected, disbelieved, abused or denied. A rose in a garden is still a rose, even if it is wilted and cover with mildew. The weary and troubled faces you see around you are the faces of those whose love is broken or denied." 'LOVE WITHOUT END' by Glenda Green

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A Flower's Funeral

A sweet flower's funeral
displayed in the cold months
of snowy weather and bone chilling shivers.
A sweet flower burned away, dried up;
buried six feet under.

Oh, my sweet flower,
how you once bloomed with no remorse,
like a madman blooming with beauty
and a glorious halo over your head
shinned with such power and blinding glory.

Oh my sweet flower how you have gone now,
resting in peace in the land of paradise.
Oh, my heart it is weak when I see your face,
of once beautiful smiles and warm embraces.
I can hear your crying out to be free.

Snowing and bone chilling cold ripes at my soul
and feelings of sorrow rage through my blood,
boiling my hatred to the world, for losing your
sweet and ever glorious beauty.

What I would give away, if I could be with you
one last night, one last night together
to hold you in my arms, to smell your sweet perfume
that brings back sweet memories of you and I.
What I would do to be with you,
such romance travels through my heart in the highways
of my veins in my body, love is all throughout me,
and my heart breaks when pictures of you start to collect dust.

My love for you, my sweet flower,
is still ingering through the air,
as I travel and look upon a tombstone
which shows your beautiful name.

Come to me my dear flower,
when spring comes,
come to me my dear, sweet flower.
And bloom once again,
twice as large as last year,
and ten times more beautiful then last year.
Come to me in the first months of spring
in my dreams, so I could sit and talk with you.
I miss you already,
and my heart crys,
my eyes flood with tears of sorrow.
I miss our love we shared.
Long walks,
cosy talks,
warm cuddling embraces
and beautiful displayed in a picture frame.
Now I hear the tapping of raindrops on my window pane.
That is all that keeps me company,
that and the rose you gave to me
and a picture of you and me.
Love is endless, even when blue eyed Death comes to visit
and play a game of chess with us,
we all play our game, my love.
I shall go tonight
in my sleepy slumber
and dream of you in the times of our height in our love for each other.
My lost love, you are gone, resting in paradise,
but never forgotten my sweet flower.


Details | Rondeau | |

carousel in roundel

The carousel round goes to circle feasts
The scent of dusk is solitude's  primrose
- beloved her stare with light shall fade in mists
- the carousel round goes. 

And the enfolding of the silence slows
forsooth advances her response sole kissed
betimes the corteges of night depose.

Disporting round trajectories persist
their merriment of altered times disclose;
- Two loving forms in raindrops dance amidst,
- the carousel round goes. 

© G. V., 08-04-2013

roundel - Iambic pentameter

contest: "carousel in roundel"
sponsor: nette oncloud 
placement: 1st

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When I grow old

I will grow old
I tremble in the cold
None to care
I have nothing to fear...

But my love is alive
Though I strive
Beautiful roses to pluck
Yet I am stuck..

I grow old with wrinkle
Yet I will kinker
You will always remain in my mind
This is how you will find...

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Rose Parade

. The flames 
. . inside 
. . . cold blue
. . you made,
. Watch a wilting 
. . rose parade
. . . Drowning roses 
. . losing color,
. Beauty, all, 
. . will kill another,
. . . Killed by 
. . crashing blue 
. cascade

. . Burning hatred; 
. . . frozen blue
. . Searching for a 
. golden hue
. . Where's the 
. . . sunlight 
. . casting light
. On rose parades, 
. . clear cascades,
. . . and all the life 
. . we thought
. we knew?

Details | Free verse | |

Holding always warm

Dazzling golden beams 
star spangling 
when I look into your eyes
dreams enchanting magic 
Sparkling treasure gems 
through sun smiling thoughts 
Warm rays in her deep fingers 
one touching light beaming 
In your smile stands out 
A rose blossoms heart of this soul
flowers so hot amazing beautiful 
blooming embracing light 
as your angel rays dances 
outside this world with the heart
in each beat that pounds loving you 

Details | Dramatic monologue | |


Good morning sunshine! I do wake
I speak with drowsiness slurring words
Stimulated by the daybreak and prominent hues
I talk! You listen! For heavens sake!
Some days I see the skies, beauteous be the blues
Dancing in my head and the wind it breaks
The breeze on my mind , it meditates
Hypnotically the sun takes my breath away
And the dance ! we waltz the sway
Dawning on me with clear visions in my head
I see the images of the roots of my rose
And the love that I feel sometimes, I do suppose
I ponder through life always wondering
Wandering eyes on my iridescent face
Depressed thoughts suppressed , I see no trace
I sit by my window pane - brightness fills my soul
I see the light - loving you is better this way
Waking up lifted by your beauty , I still see
That your beauteous mind certainly inspires me
I paint the pictures significantly in my brain
Still meditating with the trickle of the rain
The roses they bloom - infatuating thee
The buds and their delicate velvety petals in view
While you listen to every word - they capture my love with you
I stand tall - My mind is traveling thoughts real clear
And the dance we sway ! embraced - I love you, dear.

My book  "Beauteous be Poesy" is available on line -  Googles. Amazon . com and Barnes and Noble.  if you visit the sight please leave me a rating, it would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you, also my BLOG of another book plus, various poetry is  Http://  Merry Christmas!

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Bath for Two

B lindfolded he leads her down the hall,
A nticipation makes her start to giggle.
T here he lets her dress slide slipping to the floor,
H anding her a red rose he removes the blindfold.

F ascination shows in her excited face,
O ver the floor is a carpet of rose petals,
R ed candles have turned the washroom into a spa.

T he scent of perfumed water fills their senses,
W ater spills as he draws her into the tub.
O ne heart and one soul become one.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Regina Riddles Contest: Romantic Acrostic
1st place win 

Details | Free verse | |

On meeting most beautiful

On meeting most beautiful 
adoring maiden kisses in thoughts
Deeply inhaling one warm 
breath a sip off the finest old grog
auld mountain dew breathing pure
Golden leaves sweetly float dancing twirl
Shining inside vision sweet
walking hand in hand on golden sands
waves unfold a carpet blue 
to white ebbing thoughts pure crashing love
Against the deepest walls warm
soft light silent echoes whisper true 
sweetly melting emotions 
Brewing kisses clouds peach fading out
to shades of grey tuning kiss
Silver treasuring thoughts I love you
peachy beautiful dream gem
dancing petal flowers one red rose
I have visions of you dancing in my
dreams as I sleep most wonderfully
on soft clouds in the azure sky
At times I gaze skyward on days
bright and beautiful seeing your
face in the sky and feeling always
your most wonderful presence
like texture and scent of most 
sensual red rose petals gently
landing on the sweet dew ground
On meeting you most beautiful
maiden my thoughts always turn
most instantly to love and happiness
with my emotions and my soul on
fire in storms of unbridled passion and
pleasure I can only say I love you
forever and forever 

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Free Verse Poem
November 13, 2014

Details | Free verse | |

Two Hearts full of Love

I am a heart full of love
that shook the pilars that held her colussium up
her heart filled with sorrow,
I swing such fury toward her heart and soul
she cowards away from me,
in fear of falling in love and not knowing what is in black
and not searching what is in the light of pure white.

I am a heart full of love,
she runs and takes the long dirt road,
through the raging mountains of the quiet countryside,
as the meadows of lilacs slowly die when Spring comes,
the blooming of the rose,
like the blooming of my heart,
a blossom on a cherry tree fall and harbour in the wintertime.
I swing toward her, she falls in fear of wanting attention and love.
Lost in the midnight twilight,
the flaming torch guides her through the dark holes of meaningless souls.
and like a frightened hummingbird,
she flees away from the secrets of falling in love.

A heart full of love ready to love,
it is diffcult to feel and to show,
but as if a rose that blooms in Springtime
my love is ready to bloom.

Pettles lay along a darkened atmosphere
lit up only with four wax candles
a portrait of a woman hung over a mantel piece
in honour of my one true love.

As the twilight shine though my bedroom window,
I show a heart full of love,
to take and to hold for eternity.

And as she slowly moves forward,
she takes me home with her,
and opens her chest and shows me her heart
with a glass of red wine and charming cigarette.
She sheads tears of pain and sorrow on my broud shoulder,
I curise her hair, silk laced hair,
shining against the twilight and the moonlit sky.

My heart full of love,
so divine, so original
a one of a kind.

We make love in the midst of the twilight,
as my dream girl is now reality and my pain is no more,
her pain is no more.
Too show such love makes a man feel free
and his soul lighter.
She holds him there,
as the sun rises over the mountains.
The birds sing a tune of cheerfulness,
and they talk about everything beautiful and kind,
that is still left in this cruel and empty hearted world.

Romance and love shared
with a heart full of love,
smile and kiss upon smooth lips,
feel me against your tight body,
and love me till the morning
when Blue eyed Death is staring us in the face.
and we go with him,
and play a game of risk,
and together forever,
onto a diffrent world
we shall love each other forever,
for you and I both have a heart full of love.

Details | Sonnet | |

So many roses I saw today

So many roses I saw today
On the same bed they all lay. 
With roses I will dream tonight,
Pink, red, yellow and white… 
If a single rose I free and smell
The garden will frenzy and yell,
I aspire to be like a bumblebee:
Invisible wings to nestle and flee. 
The breeze carried a whiff adrift
Dancing within the edifices rift 
On my chest I pinned four medals
Pink, red, yellow and white petals:
A single rose can guild me to Eden 
Or linger on Nature’s bosom hidden

Details | Free verse | |

Dewdrops Shine

Darling you honey are a picture
goddess posing inside beholding 
Kisses blushing lips pure magic
Sweetest music plays in a song babe
blossoming rose living memory
hair falling down great Niagra falls 
silk fine satin, down sweetly, softly
Caressing jewels touching deep shines
Dark mysterious beauteous lips 
ruby blushing red inside desires 
Warmly with never ending feelings 
within the softest emotions smile
everything about you darling sings

Honey draws for me a picture sun 
rising love sure shines true beautiful
Pure in the west your the sun's dewdrops
crystal clear whom rises so many 
smiles how I see you in the heart flies

9 syllable count dreaming in the clouds

Details | Lyric | |

A paper Rose

Who named the rose the flower of Love?

Or is it the flower of passion  or maybe undying lust?

Was there anyone who wasn't pricked by its  thorns?

Wasn't there  anyone who wasn't fooled by its beauty?

Wasn't there ever a wife who tasted the salt of  her tears

to the betrayal of a husband's lover?

Wasn't there ever a lover who  opened the diary of life

to find the wrinkled red petal of years still in waiting

What is the rose,except the scent of imagination

choking  with the  fragrance of never be mine

What's in a name?Who is the rose?Who baptised this flower?

the flower of seasons,the flower who lives in the rough 

hiding its nakedness of pain in delicate and strong

All a rose ever will be is a  birthed  flower which breeze in the  feeling of 

'You are so special' till you realise,all that you have in your hand is,was

                              A  PAPER   ROSE.

Details | Free verse | |

A Letter To My Love

I am writing you a letter, dearest,
Because if I were to say what is in my heart,
I would be struck dumb by your beauty.
I write this to tell you that I love you.
I love you more than my own life,
And I always have,
Ever since I first met you, those many years ago.
I love your smile and how joyful you always are.
I also love to hear you sing.
Your voice is the prettiest voice I ever heard,
And you are the prettiest girl I ever met.
I love you for who you are.
You are always so thoughtful and caring,
Helping people, giving them a smile 
And word of encouragement or praise.
I have yet to meet a person
Who does not like you and say nice things about you.
And of course I admire your faith.
How you are always singing your favourite songs from church,
Or offering to pray for someone who is downtrodden or sick.
You have a beautiful heart; I am sure God hears you.
P.S. The florist ran out of pink roses,
(I wonder why :) so I am sending you some red ones.
All my love, all my laughter, all my heart... Yours forever.

Details | Romanticism | |

When I Look Into Her Eyes

Every time I'm feeling down, or feeling so blue
As if there's nothing I can do
My spirits always seem to rise
When I Look Into Her Eyes

I'm new at this, this game of love, but got no shame
Get excited when she calls my name
We're trying on love for the very first time
When I Look Into Her Eyes

Their beauty takes me to the depths of forever
Where we are so happy, and together
Oh how I'd love to just hold her tight, and never let go
Into Her Eyes, oh how they glow

Comforting and loving with passion to spare
Those two heavens with my world, I ache to share
I'm trying on a first love, a first love for size
When I Look Into Her Eyes

The fires of my love they're igniting 
And to our future her eyes are exciting
There's rose gardens and sunny skies
When I Look Into Her Eyes

Their love, with desire is burning
She's got my world upside down, and turning
Oh how the world stops, yet the time somehow flies
When I Look Into Her Eyes

But when I think about what will happen
I realize Into Her Eyes, how deep I am trapped in
Soon I will have to kiss her softly with the goodbyes
How long will I live without their beauty, how will I survive?

Details | Romanticism | |

Love needs Two Hearts

Love cannot bloom,
love cannot go on,
love cannot persue it dreams,
love cannot be what it is meant to be,
love cannot be where it is supposed to be,
if love doesn't have two hearts.

Love needs two hearts to be true,
Like water to a dried rose
makes it bloom in spring weather
with such glory and beauty.
Love cannot be true if one heart
doesn't love the other.
Care, trust, honesty and loyalty
in love it has no boundaries,
it has no color, it has no age,
like a fine wine or an aged whiskey
it grows better with time.
But love cannot fullfill without the other half.

If a woman loves man,
let her love him,
if you love me,
than love me, but if my heart is gone
and cannot be found in such relation with you
then I must halt, till my heart comes around.
If it never does show with the first light of morning,
then it wasn't meant to be with thee.
Come now, do not shed a tear for me,
a simple heathin, who cries havoc
when something doesn't go his way.
Do not cry, do not shed your one of a kind tears
for a souless man, for a heartless man like I,
but do not blame me,
if my heart cannot be found.

Love needs two hearts,
not one or the other can survive
without each other.
Love is patient, love is kind,
but with ever lover comes another.
And we will all fall in great and deep love,
be intoxicated with each other,
and our sweet kisses that God himself would shed a tear
for such beauty that still exisits.
Love needs two hearts,
you cannot have one, without the other.

Details | Romanticism | |

She is like a Rose

She is like a sweet, smelling rose
blooming in the month of May.
Blooming with large, red peddles
sprawling and conquoring with beauty.
She is like a Spring Rose.

Her heart, like the rose is beautiful.
She stands there, blooming mad.
Her hair flowing, like the rose's peddles growing.
Standing tall and posterious, like the green, stern stem of the rose.
She is glorious and beautiful, just like the rose,
the sweet smiling rose, in the month of May.

Glorious and brave.
as the rain washes her peddles away,
and the gardener coming with his rusty clippers
to cut her away. I hold back and slowly burst to tears.
For I do not want to see my love go away.
But, like the rose she will grow and bloom once again.
And she will come back bigger, brighter and taller.

She is like the rose.
She is beautiful, like the May weather roses.
She is the red, ruby hearted rose,
that sparkles with the afternoon raindrops,
slowly dripping of the peddles.
She is like the rose, for every time I touch the rose,
I get stabbed by her pointy torns.

She is just like the May Rose.
Perfect for admiring, but not for touching.
She is like a rose.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

The Rose Garden

      They say there is a rose garden that blooms inside us now and again.
I remember how your breath was so sweet I wanted to swallow it
Whole – gobbling up your gasping wind – to drown my screaming
Passion, ignited by your soft molasses coated tongue, with the scent of rose
Blossoming inside me, where my blood rushed your love home – yes!
      Later I thought how strange it was, that it could last for so long, with me, 
Still breathing after you had left – for three days – I was exhaling your fumes! 
But, that memory was not distressing, no! Mildly hallucinogenic; it was swirling	
There in my blood, like the alcohol that washes away your scent – sometimes – 
Life is like searching a beer garden for a bottle of aphrodisiac potion you’ve lost.
      What’s more troubling is that all the other flowers continue to bloom.

Details | Rhyme royal | |

Dreams - An iota of Hope

A poem based on relationship…”A girl in her own dreams” 
wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare :)

DREAMS - An Iota of HOPE 

“Waked up 7 :00 am in the morning..
saw my beauteous dreams transforming..
ohh yeah..with a drowsiness yawning..
Suddenly I found myself refreshing.
Excitedly Gone near by emblazoned window..
Fearfully Viewed a gloomy shadow..
Suddenly he smiled at me through haze of smoke..
Like a fantastic sizzling coke..
Soothing music on its full swing ..
Like a glittering diamond in the ring..
He ought to give me red rose..
On his bended knees he bows..
He tickled on my pierced nose..
With which I got glaciatedly froze..
Like a tempting dark fantasy chocolate melting in the mouth..
We strongly decided and took a royalistic oath..
He Embraced his hand on my shoulders..
Which Got intact like file and folders…
Like the moon  shines in the sparkling night..
Enduringly felt to hug him so tight..
Dazzling  Eyes immersed  in each other..
Tuned together like a romantic lover..
Every nerve of  us conjoined together..
Because the love lasted forever..forever…

Suddenly a glimpse of sun came and shattered all my zestful dreams..
“”Ohhhh.. ohhhh No..Not again. Not again. No more illustrations. No one can dwell my heart like you. Please come back. No more dreams please..””

 Yep this feeling arised at once and will be still till our last breathe. Lasting forever. Just forever..
 We trapped in each other’s heart and now no one dare to break our love-life’s part.. Apart..

Love is the essence of life and it is measured not by the count of breathe we take..but by the moments we share together till our last breathe..

Wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog. Pagare

Details | Free verse | |

The Red Rose

amongst the trellis
woven in green
thorny vines
a splash of crimson
peeks through
is this delicate rose
a symbol of love?
incipient desire
begins to flourish
within the depths of lust
allured by touch
velvet skin blushes red
through gentle stokes
passion drops 
beads of moisture
beneath soft folds
a quenched thirst
through ecstasy 
then blossoms full
yet love's thorns
can pierce the heart
bleed it dry
until it withers
and dies
or becomes
hard pressed
in mind's book
as it fades to black...

Details | Lyric | |

Garden Rose

Written August 21, 2013

There's a girl in the garden
She's messing with your rose bed
Plucking weeds out from your head
And watering the seeds in your bed

But where will she wander
When the roses are dead
Will she come back for more
When they turn back to red

She can run all alone
Write this story in stone
On concrete slabs
Of skin and bone

Details | Romanticism | |

The Four Letter Word

Four letters put together to create one word,
with an impeccable definition.

It is a strong word,
Close to the heart, yet
far from the woman you Love.

Butterflies flying, flapping their
orange and white wings in the summer heat.
The butterflies flap, flap their beautiful wings
together in the summertime of Love.

For Love is beautiful, like the summer preludes!

Four letters composed, to a Chopin's masterpiece.
The Romantic pole reaches out, to touch, to hold, to Love.

For these four letters are easy to read
and put together to create a complex concept
with a universal definition.
A four letter word, easy just to say,
but it is harder to show.
For Love is a simple word made up of simple letters,
but a complex meaing that takes most lifetimes to comprehend
and others a short while.

For I've seen hearts broken
and hearts put back together,
with this simple word.
My heart burned, brused, stabbed
knows the dangers of this simple, four letter word.

Love, some think it is a game
to play when you are bored.
Destroying self-esteem of girls,
who are already weak and nieve.
They long for love, but find surrealist dreams,
and see the Man of their dreams slip away in the night.
Gone without a trace.
While she is sucked into false promises,
from simple minded boys,
with only one thing on their mind.

Love..., it is a joke to some.
"I love you," is a laughing stock,
while a slap in the face, and disrespect is in fashion.
Girls, foolish girls walking in lonesome heartbreak,
saying they are in Love.
It is sad to see, and hard to hear, I know it is.

And to me Love is sometimes fair,
and most times a cruel joke.
Love, this four letter word is simple to say, but hard to comprehend.

Love me and I shall take you by the hand
show you caves of mystery,
and skies of grace and meadows, filled with flowers,
dedicated just for you, no one else, but you.
We can make Love on the sandy beaches, under the moonlit sky
under the still stars and shooting ones too.
Have a romantic dinner of oyster-shells and champange and kiss each other,
till we drown in intoxication and fall asleep in each others arms.

huh, Love... A simple, four letter word, that is easy to say,
but even harder to show.

Details | Ode | |

Notes of Love Chapter

The horn blew as the wind picked the same moment

The note carried over the field and picking up speed

All memories of him drifted away as the bugle went silent

But she remained until the last rose

Later she would remember his last words

He had told her he would never forget her

And like the last star that goes where stars go

She went there as well

She went to that last rose and was comforted

She could feel his hands

She could smell his scent

And she saw the uniform and the horn

They met when he returned from the war and he had limped

He limped with warmth and with no complaint

They had one son  but he did one too many bags

He carried his bags up his arm

And there was no bugle or wind

But there were roses and tears

They got through it with love and his limp

They sat on the porch rocking and remembered

Until his limp grew slower and the horn played

But the rose ...............

Details | Pantoum | |

If you Could Tread on my Heart

If you could read my mind
if you could tread on my heart,
a rose waiting to bloom you could find
a waterfall about to start.

If you could tread on my heart
in the love garden you could see,
a waterfall about to start
waiting for your nod only.

In the love garden you could see
moon beams hanging in the sky,
waiting for your nod only
to come down and kiss your eyes.

Moon beams hanging in the sky
stars waiting you could find,
to come down and kiss your eyes
it's time you read my mind.

Stars waiting you could find
a waterfall about to start,
it's time you read my mind
if you could tread on my heart.

A waterfall about to start
a rose waiting to bloom you could find,
if you could tread on my heart
if you could read my mind!


By: kash poet

Details | Monoku | |

Fading Love

          dark red roses fade-

                              our love withers


          Contest: One Broken Monoku
          Sponsor: Rick Parise

Details | Narrative | |


By Nate Spears
Published 2013 in “Death OF A Rose” By Nate Spears

A diminishing Rose Bush
With every pedal plucked, beauty is fading away
Losing its essence of greatness
As we proceed to deplete its history
Life flows away,

I remain standing above
Polluted soil
Stems are bare and exposed
Vulnerable to the world and its nature
I give woes
I give worries
I give troubles
These are my possibilities
Then the death of a rose and destruction
Hits home

Bare my green,
My DNA shows traces of the best soils
Traced back to my mother’s land
Surrounded by fellow planted gold
Some will never know

Doing well isn’t doing well
We can’t bloom unless we unfold
Reproduce the best again
Stop dying daily for less than a win
There’s nothing we can’t do
That we’ve done once again

The next season will bring new pedals
I will never grow pass go anymore
Next year, beauty will flourish
Next season remains to nourish
Each season we should cherished
In our best moments
Each year is the best one of your life.

Details | Free verse | |


Oh, how I would love that, starting today, you would become my skin
So that I could take you places where I have never been.
We would ride from rose to rose, our souls floating in the wind,
And when the time to rest comes, I would lie on your chest,
And we would meet again underneath this same strange sky.

And through a long, long kiss,
A kiss as long as your body,
I would realize that not even a dream
Could have been more tender.

Oh, how I would love to be perfumed by your breath,
And to know that there will be no parting,
That parting that makes us leave each other at a certain time,
Since people think that Love requires a moon
To allow its honey to run freely through our hearts.

And through a long, long kiss,
A kiss as long as your body,
I would realize that not even a dream
Could have been more tender.

Oh, how I would love to turn you into my guitar,
So I could hug you freely and make my poem out of you
And have your loving words become the caresses of my night,
So that the breaking dawn would compete against our light.

And through a long, long kiss,
A kiss as long as your body,
I would realize that it’s no dream,
And I would tell you that I love you.

© Karina Galvez

Details | Choka | |

Revenge of the Trampled Rose

In the beginning, their new life together was a bed of roses and nothing could smell as sweet! Her heart opened up - a delicate red beauty. One day - foolishly - he trampled that rose red heart. Soon he was to learn there’s no rose without a thorn, and that scorned beauty left her sharpest thorn for him. Alimony’s sting pricks him endlessly, and now. . . . nothing’s coming up roses. Inspired by Paula Swanson's "Trample" Poetry Contest

Details | Romanticism | |

My Beautiful Penelope

Oh my sweet and beautiful Penelope
Oh how beautiful you are, and when I see you come down
to the pearl gates of immortality and come down to see me,
as we join hands and walk the shorelines
I see you my beautiful Penelope, she you who walks through beauty,
We shall join in immortality.
Your heart built of stone and paved in golden
you born out of the beauty of a rose and maturity of a lady
you are the one who never sings a depressing and low melody.

My Beautiful Penelope,
The one beautiful lady form Napoli
Oh, how you walk in such glory.
See me look over you and hear my heart beat
for you, I love you, see me for I care about you.
Take it from me, for I shall take you by the hand
and as our shadows rise to meet us in the morning
I can make love to you, then we shall love the night away.
My beautiful Penelope, as I take you through the twilight
we dream of shooting stars falling from the evening skies,
as we hold each other close,
take me and I shall take you and bring each other together,
and fuse us together with a sweet and loving kiss.

She is my beauty and I love her
she takes me by the hand and curels me to her warm chest.
Cares for me,
Makes me laugh,
Makes me feel good and uplifts my soul
everytime I lay my almond eyes upon her beauteous body.
My beautiful Penelope, oh how I see the glory in your blue eyes,
your luxurious, long flowing hair colored golden
like the rays of the morning sun.

Dare to care
about such beauty in her eyes?
Dare to care
about such beauty in her cries,
as she tells me of her suicide struggles?
I hold you close to me
and I hope you to be
my love for all eternity.
See me and I see you to tell me about you and your day,
as you come home and say,
That you love me.
And I shall say I love you too,
with a zealous attitude in my voice
I shall take you into our room and you shall tell me about your day.
You shall tell me, under the shadows of the trees, the houses, the red rocks.
I shall show you love in a handful of roses,
deliver you a bouquet of roses and violets,
as we see the breeding lilacs grow tall,
we shall lay in the grasslands and look up at the clouds,
that shape themselves into beautiful paintings in the glorious blue sea
we call the sky.

Oh My beautiful Penelope
my glorious maiden lady,
who sings such beauty in her melody
that it brings tears to nightingales' eyes.
My beautiful Penelope, you are my love
here are a dozen roses for you to express and show my love for you,
my beautiful Penelope.
Love is eternal with you.

Details | I do not know? | |

My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

Details | Sijo | |

Temple Of Life

 I tease the fragrant petals off deep red roses fresh in bloom

And strew them with gentle care on virgin matrimonial sheets

Where I shall lay with loving hands my blushing bride tonight.


Author: Paul Callus ~ 4th May 2014
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud
Placing: 3rd

Details | Romanticism | |

I'm dead without my Love

I am dead without my love.
It is simple as that.
I cannot breath without her,
I cannot eat without her,
I cannot write without her.
I cannot live without my love,
I am dead without my love.

I cannot prosper without her warm embrace,
I cannot think without her by my side.
always thinking of her, sharing her love I once had,
with another.
My heart breaks,
and my mind is gone.
I weap... I weap...
I cannot handle the betrayal of my once love.
I am stuck, sitting in dark corners of dark rooms,
staring at blank walls, thinking of what once was.

Her beauty,
her smile,
the laughs shared, and the tears we weaped together.
Holding hands, you and I, walking down sandy beaches,
and beautiful highways, full of love.
How we sat on park benches and kissed the night away.
I cannot believe you are gone, with another.

I did what I could,
I loved you endless time on my hand.
Our time spent together was special and near to the heart.
Do not expect for that happiness to come again.
For that has sailed, to far East, to the rising of the new day.

But, I cannot live one more day without my love.
For what I had with her is unexplainable and beautiful beyond definition.
I have seen the wayward signs point me to the direction of you.
But when we see each other, you don't spare a passing glance,
as if I was a ghost, an invisible man, like air.
That is when my heart breaks, torn in two, I cannot see me without you.
Walk with another, shall I go, now this without you.

For she is my everything, beauty and nature.
She is my rose, my violet, my nightingale singing her songs, in the twilight.
She is the sky, the sun, the moon, the trees, the grass.
She is everything to me.
She is even the summer storms and Winter blizzards that roll in and destroy,
beauty and harmony.

I cannot live without my love, for she is my one and only.
I do not like to beg, but love me once again and live with me forever.
For you know and I know, and the world knows,
That I cannot live without you,
I cannot live without my love,
For I am dead without my love.

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |


                      The miracle of love is like a rose bloom in spring

                      That sees the day, bedazzles, stings then decays

                      The miracle of love is like a rose bloom in spring

                      The flame that is born never to fade away

                      The miracle of love is like a rose bloom in spring

                      The miracle of the renewal of the break 'f day

                      The miracle of love is like a rose bloom in spring

                      The swing of the heart between the day past and ‘

                      The sought-for one the future will ahead lay

                      The miracle of love is like a rose bloom in spring

                      The passage 'f a shooting-star:

                      The magic instant one ne'er truly takes the time 

                      To enjoy as it flies away ere the scent 'f its spark

                      Twirls one’s senses away




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A Rose That Never Fades

There is a Rose that never fades, a bloom that never dies, a blossom brighter than the sky, yet, soft as angels' eyes. When I tell people of this Rose somehow they can't conceive that such a flower can exist. They say it's make believe. They ask me why do I engage in such absurd charades. I smile, then say, "I'm loved each day by a Rose that never fades."
Author's Note: This was written for Valentine's Day some years ago.. It was framed with beautiful Rose graphics and now hangs over the kitchen sink where my wife can see it every day... Her name is Wanda Rose.... Jake

Details | Couplet | |

A Beautiful Rose

When speaking on flowers it’s true as can be
My wife is by far the most beautiful to me

She has the scent of both beauty and love
She is a beautiful Rose that I hold above

Like the Rose she burst of color and life
She is the single Rose my beautiful wife

I don’t know about flowers as you can see
But my wife is a beautiful Rose to me

For Brian's Contest

Details | I do not know? | |

White Rose - E

That of a different kind
A different colour
A different breed
Its colour pure and simple
From a complicated mix of genes

Petals of the White Rose
have never been plucked
no questions were asked to it: 
'do you love me or do you not?'

Only one has ever smelled it 
embracing its full allure
for others tossed it to the side, 
unable to endure

That person also of a different kind
a different colour too
black as the darkest of nights
so very sinful and untrue

Step by step he took 
walking through the forest path
until a little shimmer caught his eye
dragging him close by

Both knees on the floor
as he acquainted the pricks of thorns upon them
but for the pain he did not care
for the White Rose had grasped his stare
he lifted it to steal
to keep for only him and not to share

And so the white rose lived 
and died upon his shoulder
making the eyes tear slowly,
the eyes of their beholder.

Details | Heroic Couplets | |

A true rose of Jericho

 I come whence I go the Lord alone knows 								            like this wheel in the sky this a true rose 									              without recognition rolling along  												done in the green Him alone life belongs 											in the dry what will be done prophesied 											weeping for love His children despised           									           marred  until  latter rain received         											 with one drop again we must first believe      										new life resurrection no longer weeds                      									with a certain dwelling place which is free                                                                                        		              these three agree so are we in this earth 										 drinking all we can until the new birth                                                                                        -  by john Beam based on Anastatica  The rose of Jericho. A resurrection plant is any plant with the habit of reviving after seeming to be dead or of seeming to revive when being in fact dead.

Details | Tanka | |

Orange Roses

Orange roses

A lonesome starlet
And a lusty lover-moon 
Scarlet thoughts of  tides
Of deep passion and romance
I dream of orange roses.

Roses fresh and rare
Covering you all over
And I flick them one 
By one to find my love bites
Wherever the roses were.

10 apr 2013, Form: Tanka

S.Jagathsimhan Nair
For Skat's contest

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The wind crept up - the skies ever so dark
Black, slick, clouds and calamity enters thy soul
Dreary! It chatters and limbs they fly
No sun upon thy face - beaming with hue
Those clouds they swarm in darkness
Rain - it pours - flooding the earth
Bewildered I look up at this blustering sky
The trees are dead, It's spring - yes death
Roses in the ground with the trickling raindrops
The April showers - You haven't a clue
True grit! The soil now nurtured
The roots - feeding on this phenomena
And yet when the sun shines soon
Day after day - trees will come to life
And roses in bloom- life after winter death
In awe I see this beautiful imagery
In my brain, as I see the pouring rain
My mind - I visualize - the beauty
Thus, why does it expose calamity?
Beauteous be the wonder in my eyes
And how I love those dark dreary skies
A rosebud in my teeth - I see
Is extraordinary and so is the tree
Let there be rain as it nurtures the soil
And with the chatter of the wind, let there be turmoil 
Again in my brain, I can truly love this day
I see life in the rain that is pouring today.

Details | Rhyme | |

Good-by Blues

The tears fell on my pillow,
as I clinched the flower tight.
The meaning of the color
would keep me awake tonight.

I found the single flower
as I walked through the door.
It had fallen off the table
and, was laying on the floor.

I bent down to retrieve it and
the sweet scent filled my nose.
I held it tenderly, admiring the,
beautiful color of the rose.

A letter from my love was 
sitting on a table close by.
I picked it up joyously, to read
words, that would make me cry.

It seems, that he didn't love me  
words that he said weren't true.
The rose was only a reminder,
that's why the color was blue.

No red, to say he loved me
Not pink that's for a sweetheart,
Nor yellow for the jealous lover
Blue, forever we would be apart.

Thorns pierce my fingers as the
petals wilt within my hand. 
Good-by my precious blue rose,
I'm moving on, you understand.

For The Blue Rose Contest

Details | Rhyme | |

13 Roses

As your valentine gift I give you 13 roses, meaning I'm your secret admirer, 
each rose has it's own meaning, because you are what I desire.

1 Dark Red rose for the beauty you hold, the elegance that can been seen.
1 white rose so pure is your spirit, always running free,
1 pink rose for all the times that you were never appreciated,
1 dark pink rose in admiration for your endless perseverance,
1 light pink rose in awe of your grace such a beauty to my eyes,
1 yellow rose for the joy you bring every time I smile,
1 yellow red tip rose for your friendship, for which I truly cherish,
1 orange rose you are the one that  I deeply desire,
1 peach roses in appreciation for the person that you are,
1 pale peach rose for the humility you show, when I am by your side.
1 lavender rose an enchanting touch which makes me blind, 
1 blue rose for a love that might never be, because you may never be mine,
finally 1 single red rose, this one I hold in my hand,
representing the love I have, yearning to be your man.

Dedication to P.D for Valentines day - from Muzz
M.Mahauariki © 2012
1st place

Details | Free verse | |

My Rose

My rose, while growing in a garden not my own, is mine all the same
Do not my eyes smile at her beauty and lose themselves in her scent?
Do not my fingers tremble with anticipation just to touch her silky skin?
While there may be pain when I hold her in my strong embrace
It compares not to the loss I feel when at last her I release
Others may measure her beauty and pen such odes to last in infamy
Yet words can never paint her essence, or do poetic justice to her true loveliness
My Rose, my perfect one will grow always in my heart for it is, and will remain her own.

~Christopher Thor Britt

Details | Rhyme | |

The Silence Of The Rose

The silence of the rose sets herself to sail,
Midst oceans of early morning breeze,
In my garden misty, gray and pale,
Scares off my nose to sneeze,

The silence of the rose whispers into my ears,
Her voice sweet as song of the bells,
A longing that leaps over bridges of years,
The truth that stretch my ears to swell,

The silence of the rose deafening and harsh,
Swooping over me too overwhelming,
Ripping the solemn nights all it's smiles in the stars,
Stripping all my worth left me hurt and groaning,

The silence of the rose is sharp and piercing,
Deep into the scars of the long healing wound,
And clear crystalline  tears so naked fall and breaking, 
Merge into the dusts of the dry thirsty ground,

The silence of the rose creeps and crackles’
Through the slit of the closed door of my heart,
Bouncing on it’s  chambers scraping on the walls,
The pain so it cause tears bursting from the start,

The silence of the rose bottomless in it's depth,
Lulls my helpless soul to faint in his grief,
Cuddling my heart so cozy in my death,
Lay me in the cradle lone in peace and safe, 

Details | Haiku | |

A rose in field love haiku

My love is a rose
Not a rose in a vase
But a rose in field

Details | Haiku | |

The Rose

Fragrant, erotic, dangerous and red, the rose smells of love's odor.

Details | Quatrain | |

A Rose by Any Other Name

All the names are just the same
If you are sweet like a rose
I confess, I’m not impressed
Oh, how little that bard knows

For the name of your loved one
Can make you completely melt
When it’s breathed in your heart
Its vibrations are deeply felt

The name of your loved one
Is a promise in one word…
That his love is eternal 
His unfaithfulness, unheard

The name of your loved one
Is with passion intertwined
Your lips caress each letter
Your heart echoes it in rhyme

The name of your loved one
Is salvation’s greatest treat
Though you pass through gates of hell
It’ll take you to heaven sweet

The name of your loved one
Is simply beyond compare
No other name can match it
No other would even dare

And so it is, beloved
When we’re making love sublime
Your name bursts out from my lips
Making your sweet name… divine

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Details | Free verse | |

In My Community

Our Ancestors fought to the death,
Just so we can live a brighter day,
So before you light up that blunt of meth,
Think about what you’re giving away,
It was a glad day in history when Obama rose to victory,
The first black president was all we knew,
Dark skin is in!
Haven’t you heard?
That even in our community, 
You can get burned,
It’s a sad day when people would rather stay home and “Crank That Amber Cole”,
Than get up and run to a poll,
In our community,
Rockin’ Luis V is better than having a college degree,
And teen pregnancy is not only a trend,
But the single motherhood that follows should end,
Young girls learn of a wonderful prince to take them away,
Nothing should change thought their mothers prince didn’t stay,
And as the tears fade away,
She grows stronger every day,
In our community,
Fighting is no longer a word,
You argue with someone and shots are heard,
Girls showing places the sun don’t show,
So how do they expect the community to grow?
Where love is a figment of imagination,
Making a young child question her creation,
Young mothers would rather buy the iPhone 5,
Then satisfy her baby’s cries,
While her new man’s eye,
Wander up another girl’s thighs,
In our community,
Where #team dark skin vs #team light skin,
Makes others not love the skin they’re in,
Love, lust, hate, and trust,
Giving a rose on Valentine’s Day is no longer a must, 
Where bad is good and good is bad,
Who would think to see their grandmother sad?
Her hurt and pain,
Shows how our community has lost everything her parents fought to gain.

Details | Haiku | |


"My love is like a red rose It may be beautiful now But my sharp thorns will hurt you My love is like a red rose Yes, I may be fragrant But the closer you get, the more I’ll hurt you." -Lee Hi
Darling rose buds bloom Newborn angel unsullied Snow white untainted Darling rose buds bloom Wrapped around unwary hearts Fangs of vampire Darling rose buds bloom Painted red with trickling blood Crimson burning skies Darling rose buds bloom Clinging where they leak of oil Unmoved by fire Weeping to red death Set aflame by those in pain Darling rose buds bloom

Details | Sonnet | |

The Rose

Once upon a time there was a single blooming Rose.
The world rejoiced at all the beauty given her to show.
But as with every rose her time was shortly bestowed.
After, the world felt hollow, so intense did its sorrow flow.

They sought a reminder of the beacon they once did truly hold.
They found a small flower of white that in its purist form did unfold.
The thorns reminded all, that the original could never be theirs again.
But still it did impart hope, for another one, like their virtuous friend.

Eventually the flower was cultured and created into what we hold to now.
For even the present is needy of something so precious to hold some how.
And though no one remembers how the flowers’ name was earlier sown…
It still holds us tightly to the purity, hope, and beauty its known to bestow.

There are many legends that have traveled down to us thru the years.
But there are none so beautiful as the one that became the Rose so dear.

Details | Free verse | |

Rose Colored Glass

He sees the rose in her cheeks
  She sees the wrinkles of time in her mirror

He sees the long, flowing brunette of her shining hair
  She sees the wisps of grey, dull hair that she cannot manage

He sees the shine and twinkle in her soft blue eyes
  She sees her reflection through corrective lenses

He sees her running through the garden to greet him
  She feels the pain, as she walks with her cane to meet him

He holds the soft, smooth hand that wears a simple golden band
  She feels him squeeze her weathered, gnarled, vein ridden hand

He sees the girl he met and loved at seventeen
  She sees the love of her life

He sees through rose colored glasses
  She adores him

Dedicated to my grandparents 

Details | Free verse | |

My Love Intended

My love intended for the girl of my dreams,
she walks from side to side,
not knowing that I walk alone.

She is beautiful than any other thing in this simple world,
everything around her shakes and trembles
as she walks on by without a spare of a passing glance.

The wine is drunk
the last cigarette smoked,
the pain of heartache gone away.

It feels good to see her go my way,
to take the pain with her away from me,
as I sit in the wayward cafe on the river of ashes.

A beautiful girl she is mine,
but that course of life shall no surpass mine,
and my heart beats and takes me away
in hope of falling in love.

Irony of love and hate,
it is similar in many ways,
as I sit and think of her.

She angers me,
but when the vail of anger falls over my eyes,
the passion of love enters my mind.

Come now, take me away,
hold me in your beauty,
and love me with your gentle body.

Go into the gardens,
where the nightingales sing,
and sit at the patio's crossway.

Watch the artists paint pictures of the garden,
watch the writers write about the garden,
and watch us go and pick flowers in the garden.

The air smooth and wind breeze calms the nerves,
the pain of my sorrowed heart is soothed,
by her sweet intellegence and beauty.

Her eyes, orbs of blazing sunlight,
blind me with the beauty of her beauteous face,
her lips and skin smooth and pure.

She is glorious,
My love she is the dream girl,
who comes and takes my nightmares away from me.

As I sit on the park benches,
I light my last cigarette,
and reminicse on the days with my love.

I close my tired eyes only for a moment,
and the moment is gone,
my beauty is gone.

The tears are all gone,
the pain has gone,
the feelings of everlasting love are all gone.

Where did it all go?
Where did my beauty go?
Where did my love go?

All gone now, all gone now,
as I grow old,
the feeling of death takes me by surprise.

The park bench is cold,
the cigarette is burnt out,
I am longing for a drink.

I lay in a wayward cafe
drink a coffee and talk to myself
discussing a book of poetry.

Looking over to the right
I am blinded by beauty once again
this time this is no dream.

Alas, my dream girl came
that appeared in my sunny pleasure dome,
who has walked barefoot in the gardens of my mind.

She sat with me,
I looked at her
and we smiled together.

We held hands together,
and dreamed together,
forever and ever.

Love everlasting,
everything everlasting,
cigarettes smoked together.

A cloud over our heads
in the shape of a heart
my love.

Details | Sonnet | |

Keep on like you do

I love our conversations day to day
I laugh at the awkwardness in the hall
I love how you are mine, my sweet blue jay
If this were a movie the snow would fall

The perfect scene that everyone desires
The paramount picture movie nights out
I love that this love does not require
Sadness and despair, the miserable pout

I want to see you as you always are
I want to laugh and share my memories
So you call to me, and I won’t be far
I want to cheer and hear your melodies

For it is a rose in any other name
I am foolish, but who am I to blame?

New found friendship in the darkest areas
But it’s not like we are from dark places
You are the light that disrupts hysteria
There’s no need to hide under fake faces

Thank you, my search for that place is finished
That place where loneliness finally dies
That place where joy is, as it should, cherished
That place where despair meets its true demise

I no longer have to travel today
To travel to that place where sadness ends
Because I have found that place, my blue jay
So from now on, what we do shall depend

Shall we travel together tomorrow
To keep fighting everlasting sorrow

What I say and do I mean completely
What I say to you I mean with honesty
But Please do not take my words so feebly
Don’t shrink in front of the face of modesty

You are marvellous, true in every way
You are graceful, so keep dancing like you
You are beautiful, so smile my blue jay
Smile and I shall be marvellous with you

Please take my words to heart, never forget
They are nothing but spectators tonight
You are the main attraction, don’t leave yet
You will rock, no need to be polite right?

You are awesome in each and every way
You are pretty no matter what they say

Details | Haiku | |

Valentine memory

From a hospice bed
To a special dinner date
And a wet Red Rose 

I hold in my heart 
The memory of that night
My Rose bush still blooms

In my night garden
My Rose bush exudes that night 
My heart is embraced

A gentle rain falls
Creating weepy puddles 
Reflective mirrors

© Brenda V Northeast 6th Feb. 2012

Details | Free verse | |

Loves regrets

As pure as a frozen waterfall 
Dissolving in spring
My winter heart melted at your touch 
I gave you my all 
I sparkled like effervescent water

My youth blossomed 
Like springs dawning 
Filled with light and joy
My soul I dedicated to you
I bled for you

Like a red, red rose unfolds its bud
At the warmth of the sun
I longed for your embrace 
Your ardent advances-
Your deep kisses reached my depths
Unveiling me – I yielded all

Your hands held my heart
So tenderly - at first
Your love grew me
I so yearned for you
My one and only - true love 

Until your longing for me 
Turned to lust-I wasn’t enough 
To gorge your appetite
You became like a darkened well
That couldn’t be filled

You grew bitter and discontent
Enraged you grabbed and destroyed-
You tore to pieces the very love you craved
Crushing it beneath your sullied feet

I lay bruised and tattered by your abuse
There is nothing left in this broken heart-
Are you satisfied? Is your longing quelled?
Look at what is left of my beauty 
You once called, your noble, red, red rose 

© Brenda V Northeast 25th Jan. 2012

Details | Rhyme | |

The name

Not all flowers I call by one name
Not lady, miss or even Madam
All beautiful, all just the same,
But one flower I call by one name.

She answers with a single word
Not sir, mister or even milord.
Every time I hear a sweet Chord
when she answers with this word.
May everyone find one flower,
Not in a garden, road or tower,
With this same uncanny power:
To be a love-named flower.

Details | Free verse | |

Rose loved

Rose loved

Rose my love for you was honest
Rose my love for you was pure
Small in my heart

I was afraid of you
I was afraid you ar
I was afraid of my heart
I was afraid of everything you

Rose did not know what lurks life
Rose did not know you're going and keeps your heart
Rose did not know that your image will not go away
Rose did not know that my love is impossible

Rose, but I've learned that love will not die and will last a long time

Details | Free verse | |

the nose of the rose

the nose 
of the rose
sweet red

in bloom 
in memory 
when dead

Details | Imagism | |

My Timing Love

                               I need you my Love
                                 the Time is right
                         I want to feel your touch's
                          your smile tickles my body
                          in the embrace of our love
                         I choose to make your world
                          please do name your price
                                  I'm always here
                                  to love and hold 
                                 in our Timing Love.

        © Greg Jones

Details | Free verse | |

Shadowed Path

Thru a shadowed path, down a shadowed lane
Two lovers walk, the moonlight to gain.
The beauty of the walk is as beauteous as their love,
Shared thru a kindness, a reverence, and the touch of a hand.

A meadow comes into sight to eventually espy
Mists swirl in mystery as they begin to walk by.
But a fragrant rose pulls them, their attention drawn 
Thru the gates of an old house they gently begin forth

Who in love lived here long ago, now unseen?
What trials, what future, had they seen?
Their love built a life, and of course this home
Would that their lives could be so generously strewn.

Two lovers that lived so very long ago
And thru the years were repeatedly, celebrated so.
Now, two more have come as the man goes on bended knee
He picks the rose and delivers it up with a ring

He has bought this old house, a glorious old thing
To inspire her to wife, to repeat once more, an old beautiful dream
May the tale of this house and the old love it has seen
Inspire a new couple to a great life once again.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

sentiment of a rose

speaks in silence
volumes of the heart
for the giver
the warmth and eternal love 
fresh in the morning dew
 a rose  presents
a blooming bud
of a glowing true love

Details | Romanticism | |

A Dedication to my Darling Mystic

Dedicated to my darling Mystic Rose...

For my everlasting rose,
for my darling Mystic Rose,
Charished deep in my heart,
for generations to last lifetimes,
on this Beautiful gift,
we all call Mother Earth.

Oh now my dear
come now and do not fear,
I shall take you by your sweet and loving hand,
as we set out in a band,
of two lonely hearts
that both need to be loved.

At first when I came
to this desolate Wasteland;
I was a lonely heart
with poetry that was my art.
You were the first to come to me,
with a smile and a hug.
You read my work,
I won your heart
and you praised me,
looked at me in anew
and treated me diffrently than any other.

My darling Mystic,
Oh how you make me feel;
so grand, so new, so happy.
As I lay my head to rest
I reminisce on your loving words,
that spoke such truth to my soul.
As you praised me through my heights,
and weaped with me through my sorrow,
as I uplifted your soul with the arrangement of words
I wrote from deep down in my weak and weary soul;
You were there always to touch my heart
and cure me of sorrowed tears.

It is impossible to express my love for you,
but see me, to feel my love,
for you my darling Mystic
it tears me apart to not
see your face, to hear your voice,
only to read your loving words
comments on a poem
that was written on a page;
It tears me apart.

Oh, my sweet and everlasting rose,
Blooming in every season,
at every hour,
a beautiful poetess at her midst of an evening twilight
as the nightingales sing outside your window,
I come and show you love and compassion.

Let us go, you and I,
I take you by your hand
and we sail off,
two poets writing of beauty
both in ink upon a blank piece of paper.
To write of love,
My compassion for you
my beautiful rose,
my darlin Mystic.

We shall part seas,
bloom in gardens of beauty,
roses and violets grow tall
around us,
reminding us of our everlasting friendship.
Lilacs and tulups stray long away,
to show my love to a stranger,
but you are no stranger to me.

You are an everlasting rose,
which blooms evertime at the stroke of nine,
and there you stay,
growing in a large and beautiful garden,
that is located deep in my heart.

Now take me, my darling Mystic
your LoveSlayer,
and charish this beautiful write
Charish it at all times,
every hour of the days! 
In honour of your beauty and inspiration
I am a fool in love,
intoxicated with your beauty at heart.

Details | ABC | |

Amagic rose

A beautiful magic rose
hypnotized my eyes
I can't move them or close...

Among the flowers so far
I'm smelling it now
but i want its nectar..

It's harder little bit
to reach my magic rose
than to observe it...

I dream to have just two wings
and i know most of people
are dreaming to be kings...

I wish i were a bee
I can fly to my rose
that's all what i hope to be...

Stay in its heart and live there
leave all for one day
or eternity , i don't care ... 

Details | Rhyme | |

The Season Of Rosemary

The last rose of summer gone
Air soon will be chilled_dry
Good climate for all outside play
Rosemary only scent that stayed

Gather a few green bundles
Put on the range_ steep for her
The essence of warmth of summer
When that rose kiss occured

Details | Rhyme | |

A Rose

A Rose is a special flower
that is sleek and smooth to touch
 A Rose is a flower that i cherish very  much
a Rose has a lovley fragrace and always looks nice
a Rose has a way to a  girls heart
where love it can entice
a Rose is more lovley than the rest
for you are the Rose 
and i adore you the best
A Rose grows in the garden
of my heart
where i will water 
and take care of it everyday
for you are my Rose
that is special in eevry way.

   for a special friend who is a rose to me,  you know who you are and you hold a place in my heart always xxx

Details | Ballad | |

The Blue Rose

My true love asked me for my hand.
Before I answer, I demand
He first must bring a bright blue rose.
"I'll search the world for one of those,"
Was his reply and off he went.
Then  many weary months he spent
In searching for elusive blue.
I turned away each offered hue.
Heartlessly, I bade him go
To every flower and garden show.
"Come back with rose for which I pine,
I long to claim rare rose as mine."
His spirits sagged each time I said,
"I do not want a pink or red.
I'll only settle for a blue
If I'm to give my heart to you.
He answered, "Love, I've done my best,
The impossibility of the quest
Has weakened me unto my death.
I've sought blue rose with my last breath.
With these last words, my true love died.
For many days and nights I've cried.
Where it has come from, no one knows
But on his grave grows a blue rose.

For Blue Rose contest.  Placed first

Details | Free verse | |


I had a dream last night
fogged by an uneven frost of the morning
guessing if the sun rose.

It dawned on me
it was night still
with forehead engulfed by the fallen hair.

I figured her out
against wealthy gold streaks of sky
while flowers kept merrying in the garden.
Sitting cross-legged in the pavement
She awaited a long cherished arrival;
the pavement turning
          BLACK , white	
          Black , WHITE

Time danced on the cross roads
  with a series of its resonant restrained movements.
Its hand drew out for me
and I trying to grab them
  found the sun shining
  illuminating everything
  except shadow of my own construction.
The very next moment
  ate up its hands
  and shadow intermingled with the silent darkness.

Vehicles tossed up the roads
flooding the pavement with light
  Alterations marked the vivacity of vagueness
  to fathom the unfathomable
and fragmented mirth wetted me from within.
    WHITE would make my shadow flee, I thought.

Sitting there,
she snatched stars from the moonless sky
and buried in the boisterous soil.
I climed up the hill 
  and fell from the precipice
  and she followed
like unshed tears of void eyes.

I kept stringing up my instrument
  as I had only songs to offer
  that of my own disintegration
And she stood
in front of the church-gate
in deathly austerity.

The deity rose in protest,
Melodies evolved from the ocean-cradle
  -filling the air with its uncommon pitch
  and my songs kept straying in the corner
  looking for fortification.

I dreamt then-
     trees stretching themselves upright
     trying to peep into heaven:
     Deep fragrance of incences rising
     where I stood
     draped in WHITE
     praying with vague distrust.

I rose from the bed rubbing my eyes
  and at the breakfast table
  I sat dismayed 
  as I remembered all.

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The Rose Of Avalon

Across the ocean far away
Angeles looks to sea
For weeks she’s been expecting him 
her prayers an anxious plea

The winter season has arrived
an angry ocean roars
The other ships have come back home
and all securely moored

The only ship uncounted for 
the Rose Of Avalon
Angeles worries desperately
her faith she falls back on

Each day her hopes are dashed aside
the image disappears
There are no ships beyond the sun
her hopes give way to fears

An then an image reappears
A mast with all its sails
It is the Rose of Avalon
her guns begin to hail

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A Rose By Night

Softly bathed in pale moonlight
I came to greet a rose by night
Delicate was this blossom fair
That spread her perfume through the air

So captivated by her charms
For want to hold her in my arms
But passing through the shadows deep
This love I saw I could not keep

Another held my lovely rose
As the moonlight sadly did expose
Tight and warm was their embrace
As tears of heartbreak streaked my face
This is my soul of ice cold fire
That burns with rage and sweet desire
Crumbled fragments of heart remain
Shattered dreams and endless pain

I’ll tell it to the nightingale
So it can sing the woeful tale
Of how true love was lost from sight
When I came to greet a rose by night

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The Sun is leaving my room by the window
Oh, do not abandon my lips alone, a breeze
Is barely a kiss, return and lay in my bed now
Lock our lips and pay the fee of your Release
Fast, before I recall the last night and blush,
And while my house silently sleeps, remove
Your shirt and untie my gown last bow, Rush
Because I hear the coo of the rooftop’s dove,
Let me hide your face among my bosom,
if you leave a scorching mark, Do not frown
with worry, it will bud like a rose blossom
poured by joyful tears and will overgrown.
I will not look by the window, even a glimpse
My sun remains with me, love is an eclipse.

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Catalina Rose

It seems like only yesterday.
Catalina Rose and me,
running past her gardens gateway -
My nose smelling scents of universal poetry!

I would kiss her delicate dulcet hand,
that adorned her ancestors ring.
My Catalina came from a distant land,
where her father reigned as king!

Catalina's beauty was just breathtaking;
The magical drawing on her face was exotic.
Thinking of her now is heartbreaking;
For our lovemaking was like my narcotic!

I was so addicted to Catalina Rose,
in ways I can't explain;
from her head to her toes,
I craved her like a junkie does cocaine!

Catalina had the prettiest lips,
with long dark wavy hair.
She had my heart doing flips,
and I use to follow her everywhere!

My princess is now gone from me;
All that's left is her picture in this frame.
I was glad to share her memory,
For Catalina Rose was her name.....

Details | I do not know? | |

3 Things You Stole From Me

For you I put a rose away,
Hoping you'd come back another day.
I have always truely loved you,
I always will and I still do.

To pour out my heart into this poem,
Is more difficult than it seems.
For black on white, either typed or written,
Cannot express how my heart,by you, was taken.

You took it all and you didn't know,
But to love you dearly is all I want to show.

That rose may be dying,
But I am too.
For every second that passed,
Is my life without you.

Yes, we're all human.
Yes, we may falter.
But to hear those three words from you,
Would make my heart alter.

My heart would change from a landscape of a battlefield,
To the most perfect, undying rose: unbruised and yours for eternal.

That rose was stolen away by you,
My undying love was taken too.
Although you may not know this,
It was stolen and taken ever since our first kiss.

Three things you stole from me:
My heart, my rose, my undying love.
I'm suprised you didn't take my sanity.

I love you for always and forever.

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There Ain't Nothin' Better Then A Cowboy Lover

He was her part time lover
even though he was her only one
A man you could love
But she’d never let him know…
she had a full time heart            
Although her strings
had some wear and tear
throughout her years.

She wasn’t going to let him put her heart in his pocket.

No, she wasn’t about
to give her heart away
She’d play it cool.
Never let him see her fears
Pretend she was tough
Never cry or show any tears

He was a man,
raised right by his mother
He’d lay a rose upon her pillow
He was a man like no other
There ain’t nothin’ better
then a cowboy lover

His name was Jesse from Montana
He had skin the color of lightly roasted coffee 
from being out in the sun so much
His smile, a bit crooked
made him look a bit mischievous,
in a teasing sort of manner
It could knock your socks off 
if you gazed too long

She met him at a little café’ in Big Sky
leaning against the counter
like a long, tall drink of cool water
Boots, hat and all the makins'
of a real cowboy   

She had slayed the paper dragons of her past
Put them all behind her
She was bold and brave; 
asked for his number
which he willingly gave
with a smile, a little bit crooked,
a bit mischievous
in a teasing sort of manner

They’d cuddle in their blanket
under the stars and the moonlite
listening to Hank Williams songs
drinking coffee around their campfire
telling stories from their pasts;
laughing, snuggling
Before she’d go to sleep at night, 
he’d kiss her cheek 
and hold her close in his arms 
One night as she lay in his arms,
he stroked her cheek 
with his tender touch, 
kissed her lips and held her tight

He said, “What would you do if I asked
"Ask what”, she said?
"Little lady, do you know I love you,
would you kindly be my wife”? 

When he said that to her that 
wonderful nite under the stars
she realized...

She wanted him, to put her heart in his pocket

That was the night 
she gave her heart away

  She wasn’t playin’ it cool
  She let him see her fears
  She wasn’t really all that tough
  Then, she cried and showed him her tears

He was a real man,
raised right by his mother
He laid a rose upon her pillow
He really was a man like no other
Nope, there sure ain’t nothin’ better
then a cowboy lover
                                                    *~The Sweet End~* 

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A Birthday Rose

Today I went out and bought a rose for your birthday.
Its been a long time since I've seen you, not sure what to say.
I don't know if your going to be angry or upset at me.
So I'll just get you this and come visit and we'll see. 

I am sorry its been so long, but I've been afraid.
I had reasons why I didn't, but it was excuses I made.
From now on I promise you, I will not make any others.
I miss seeing you and talking to you, we are brothers.

You probably already heard, but I graduated.
I just thought I'd try and keep you updated.
I need to ask you something, I just don't understand.
If you were in trouble, why did you not ask for my hand?

We are brothers, that's what were here for, that's what we do.
I mean there isn't anything I wouldn't have done to help you.
But I guess that is the person in this life you became.
I am asking because I am beginning to feel the same.

But I stopped by to say happy birthday and to give you this.
I am going to come by more often, so I can reminisce.
If it is at all possible, I want you to try and behave.
For now I'll say I love you, and leave this rose on your grave.  

**In loving memory for my brother Kevin.**
***For Carol Brown's Contest, “Write a poem for yourself.”***

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Hey little rose,
white, white, lofty and bright,
I want you to accompany me tonight.

Stir your sweet smiling petal,
scatter your fragrance over my head,
come and lie with me in bed.

Sweet rose of the night,
familiar with my breath,
come a little closer and make me sweat.

Open your strong shining petals
and mesmerize me with your flavor.
Oh sweet rose of the night
 you are a mystical savor.

©2013 Christine Phillips

Details | Senryu | |


Master of passion
Oh! how lovely that rose
Queen of adoration

Details | Ballad | |

Language Stillest

Language Stillest

I gazed
I saw
The little rose petal
Red, violet, blue, pink, white
Colours hazed
Flying by the lip of the bridge

Put my palm 
to own it
Zoom! It shuns
just an inch away.
Follow it again
the millionth time
can’t hold it still.

The fragrance tells
The warmth! Belonging!
Warmth is
Language stillest
Unsopken but 
Wholly apprehended

Sweet rose be mine,
I pray.

(c) Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Moonga Nsamu. 2003

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''I love a lovely girl, a Flower--''

I love a lovely girl--a Flower
from the shore of gorgeous Brazil;
lovely, she by clock's ev'ry hour
makes the time be perfectly still.

Though blonde and easily pretty, 
she yearns to be loved and adored
for her soul and inward beauty
where lovely things are dreamt and stored. 

She's queenly and wears a rich crown,--
a regent who sits on my throne.
A rose, she's praised and of renown
and prized for her grace alone.

Ne'er having held her gentle hands
or knowing whether God has a plan
for us, I know she understands  
that I'm her love 'ere time began.

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Love Justice

Love, a curse or a boon
a query that has grown
there exist a lucky few
who hath tasted this feeling true

Young love likens a rosebud
pure and delicate, unshed
canst not get enough of the other
forever dying to be together
hearts thudding furious
pulse racing and curious
earnest to explore in negligence
the new world bathed in brilliance
like a bud eager to bloom
and bee to devour

(Love is justified)

Time flies in dalliance
love blooming with experience
with it comes trust
and assurance a must
here and then they falter
unable to alter
bud devoid of the dew
fragrance fading in lieu

(Is love justified?)

The rose now in full bloom
as love on its way to doom
arduous is the test of love
withering away if not shove
chiding and belittling the other
love start its decline and wither

Its happened time and again
repeating itself in vain
alas! In the minds of those
the answer still remain!!!

© Nadiya (18 Jan '15)

*Honorable Mention on 25 Jan 2015 in the contest 'Love justice' by Justin Bordner.

Details | Limerick | |

To Grace a Pink Rose

It's my desire to grace a Pink Rose Scented attraction, attracts my nose Gardener man in me sees Scents sensed so wonderfully Natures stem to the Rose grows <*>

Details | I do not know? | |

a white rose from heaven

a white  rose fell from heaven 
and graced the earth below.

soft, beautiful, tender.
as though touched by the entities above.
each petal dripping, overflowing with emotion
radiating with love.

blown, tossed about by the wind
no one knew its source.
determined this rose was to wait
and accomplish its purpose

picked up and put in a vase one day,
this rose knew that this wasn't its place to stay.

then at a time when all seemed fine
a fern was pushed into its space,
but there wasn't enough room in this little vase.

so out the white rose was thrown into a place cold and 
trodden upon.
its radience no longer shone.

like the palm trees that thrive in the dessert
and the seedlings that sprout when blessed
with water from above...

remember this,
this gentle beauty wasnt alone
she had God's love.

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Roses for P D

The rose, memorialized by William Shakespeare, Has been on this Earth for some millions of years. Did she dazzle in her pre-historic existence? Did her beauty bring the dinosaurs to tears? Despite her age, the rose is still a winner. She's the queen of all of flowerdom today. New varieties entrance and scents enchant me As I linger on my rose lined walkaway. No other flower has so long a season. None other comes in such beguiling dress. A lover chooses her to woo his lady, Who accepts his gift and holds it to her breast. She comes in all the latest styles and colors. Her scent is mesmerizing to the nose. With nothing in this whole wide world so lovely, My valentine for P. D. is the rose. By: Joyce Johnson dedicated to P. D. The Rose of our pages. Won a 2nd

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Yellow Roses

    Never accept a yellow rose,
For it's the symbol of love's jealousy.
Soon I'll envy every young man
Blessed to be found in your company.
    If you only knew how long
I've held you in my highest esteem;
While wishing for other circumstances
in which I, to you, would closer be.
     My yellow roses are unseen--
As invisible as what might have been...
     If you only knew how much
Regret will fly with me abroad,
And how much sorrow I'll feel from your absence,
Because I chose a distant road.

Details | Sonnet | |

His Favorite Amongst Flowers

His favorite amongst flowers
The pale pink running rose
This quiet still morn in wee hours
Take Rose note__he will compose

Thinking of her as he writes love
How he ardors her  petals
So soft to touch his cheek__ write of
Perfume on mind settle

Just to touch and inhale_beauty
Her beauty at day break
To steal  kiss wonderful fruity
Under rose trellis_quiver_ shake

His favorite amongst flowers
Rose that gives scented showers

Details | Rhyme | |

About a Rose

I found this poem I want you to see
This Poem was written, And it was just for me
It's about a rose that has its thorns 
Resembling how ones life can suddenly be torn
This beautiful poem has caught my eye
Because it was written without any disguise
I never saw the thorns on that beautiful flower 
Is a poem about love and it's heart binding power
love can be strong and sometimes it's blind
ceasing our hearts and controlling our minds
love is something you should never throw away 
but remember be careful it can easily astray
that flower i picked was just right for me
as i knelt back up from off my knees
if only i knew and if only i could see
the thorns on that flower were strong while i was weak
they sliced me open and cut my wounds so deep
now all i can do is sit back and weep
as i pick my heart from off your feet
Your rose has turned to black satin and died
And in another red velvet rose, i will confide. 

Details | Free verse | |


Your love is an endless melody played just for me
Sweet notes in spring and all SUMMER long
 A single ROSE for a lonely heart. 

Your love is a joyful afternoon RENDEZVOUS. IT IS MORE
than just the spirit of my leaping heart. It is as rare as a
LAVANDER ROSE. It is the MASTER OF all loves, an enigma
Never to be understood.

It pulls at every invisible heart string. It is the DELICATE cloth which binds my soul.      it causes me to aspire 
To that which has been silently DESIRED .
YOUR  Love is a MEADOW filled with VIOLET blades of grass
Each blade has its own unique name whispered on winds with

It is each and EVERYTHING  every single day and all that sings

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Lady Bella

"Lady Bella"
By Rachel Heffington

Bella Rose, the beauty of the land
Steps softly o'er the hills of sand
Beside the raging, dark'ning sea
And calls her Love in anguished tones
That echo through the maze of stones
And shiver back to me.

Six years sweet Bella Rose has tread
This shore, though all vow He is dead.
By daylight Bella Rose is tame
But nightly roams the beach with tears,
Her voice haunting the one who hears,
Repeating her Love's name.

Her dark hair tumbles loose and free
Bejewelled with the spray of sea;
Her cheeks are rose, her eyes speak hope.
Her voice as sweet as fairy-harp
Is broken now with sorrow sharp
And rings against the slope.

"My Love! My Love! Where canst thou be?
Dost not thou love thy fair Lady?
Come hither, for my heart is sore!"
She calls and waits for his return
With eyes of hope and love that burn,
And treads the lonely shore.

Details | Imagism | |

From a gape arose, a rose divine

From a gape arose, a rose divine
The waves whipped the beach sands bare 
Bones bleached and unhinged 		
The flesh and shell, the fish and spine
Electrons changing orbitals
four tons absorbed
specters educe an infinite line 
A gape arose, a rose divine
And with one ray of light did grow 
A quantum with each fraction of time
From a gape arose, a rose divine

Details | I do not know? | |

You and I

You and I.


Your heart blazed,
with a warmth of spirit,



soaked in truth.

Your smile burned,
branding me permanently,



enveloping my being.

Your love was complete,
from the depths of your soul,


yet fierce,

bathed in silent knowing.

Your dreams were poetic,
fluttering in the afternoon breeze,
infused with the distilled essence of rhyme.


I squandered your generosity of spirit.

I vainly discarded your priceless poems.

Now I stand,




wasting away,

rotting inside, day by day.

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First kiss

Who gave the Rose the first Kiss?
Was a man or was a woman?
His heart faint with aching bliss,
Dancing the tune of old Pan?
Her hands trembling with fears,
Her rosy face washed by tears?
Only a prophet could foretell
Who first loved the Rose smell
But, only an angel could see,
while farming the heavenly fields,
the first kiss…given by a bumblebee:
against a sting, no flower yields. 

Details | Couplet | |

The Best of Luck

Remember me,
In every sun set and every rise.
Let no cloud dark your skies. 
When the rose has withered upon it's last peddle,
I shall no longer mend or meddle.
When I shall not meet your eyes anymore
We will be what was before. 
I will not be there to hold your hand,
Or guard behind you as you stand.
I will not be your soothing succor,
Or your sweet and subtle future.
Gather all of your fond memories.
Remember me. 

Be me something that you once cherished,
And let my lasting words never perish. 
Be me something you could never sever,
I shall go away forever. 
Into the plains to lay my head,
Where I can lay my worries to rest.
In this place you'll find me not,
For it is a secret place I long have sought. 
I do not know if we shall meet again,
So know that I will always love you until the end.

If you should find yourself at a loss,
Remember me for what I was.
When the rose has withered upon it's last pedal,
I shall no longer mend or meddle.
Love me if you can, like me if you may,
But the winds have come to take me away.
Please keep them safe, all of our memories
And remember me. 
With life's new seed that I have safely tucked,
I now wish you the best of luck.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |


My thoughts I bare center around your love
I climb mountains - I acknowledge trust
Bound to care - the memories on my mind
I am infatuated and I blossom like that of a flower
I blush - when you open those loving arms
In my head - I vision the bud , yet I find
That loving bouquet -I see develops before my eyes
And the garden grows like the beloved feelings , I bare
He listens - he cares about each thought I think
And again my eyes - Love binds with thus a wink
I said , she said - words of wisdom come true to me so wise
I am beauteous - I have a beautiful soul
Your love I see completes me making me whole
I am gifted - I see the light shining down onto me
Then silence! still he wraps his loving self around
My heart it throbs - it pounds - the music plays
I see beauty transpire, I truly remember those days
I sleep ! My dreams in the wild, wild nights
Praise God I met you - in my life it may seem
I boast of fragrance with the aroma of the bud
And thus in my heart , the rose - then too with prose
I meditate! I journal my thoughts with self esteem
And the self love I feel , loving you is so real
At night I blossom with roots of personality
And may the petals on my heart impel me to say
I bless the loyalty of our love , day by day...

Details | Lyric | |

'She's, My Melodies' Remix

(hook1)       shes sooo goood
                                        that I never have a bad day
                   shes sooo hoood
                                        she knows just how to take me

                   shes sooo goood
                                        that I never have a bad day
                   shes soo hoood
                                        she knows just how to take me

(myverse)   I wish _ that-I- could tell her
  But my words_  would- make her- momma jealous
 its True_ Im consistent- known- as a risk taker
  she blows me a kiss- my foes- are knocked over
I dash in_   her heart   (pausehere

Details | Sestina | |

First Red Rose Of Summer

As the first red rose blooms
The first bloom of summer__see
It reminds me of you dear
For I know how much you
Love roses especially those of red
I long to see you soon

But our eyes won't gaze soon
I'll have to enjoy the blooms
All by myself__ they are red
Like all my blood flowing see
From my broken heart that you
Broke when you left my dear

I loved you so much my dear
But you found another love soon
I just could not share you
But miss you when roses blooms
There is another that I see
And he really doesn't like red

I'll just dig up roses red
Then I'll forget about you dear
This new person I finally see
I will really enjoy marrying soon
We will marry when pink blooms
Adorn the running rose__ forget you

I'll just forget all about you
Except now when blooms roses red
Next year there will be blooms
Of pale pink everywhere dear
I will enjoy planting them soon
I hope that you will see

All the red roses disappear see
Soon they will go then you
Remember our lost love very soon
Every time you see roses red
You will remember me my dear
You'll remember when red roses blooms

Red roses see over there red
Ones that you really love dear
Full bloom soon red rose blooms   

(First try at a Sestina...Thanks for the challenge Jared.)

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To the land of ancient kings

I meet a blind boy on the road, 
and relieved him from his load, 
Holding hands and we did walk 
but he refused to drink or talk . 
As one we reached the horizon
And without apparent reason 
He stabbed my naked heart 
With a rustic wooden dart. 
He flew with unseen wings
To the land of ancient kings.
When my pain was gone 
I discovered I wasn’t alone:
Under a crimson waterfall 
A white rose- I now recall -
Was sheltered by a dove,
hiding from me, my love.

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The Blue Rose

I sent my love in the form of a rose for you.
I hope you don’t mind, but I sent one that was blue.
It’s my favorite colour and of course, yours too.
So I sent my love in the form of a Blue Rose for you.

I wanted to send something expensive like a watch or ring jewel. 
But realized that nothing was more priceless than a rose blooming full.
Something simple yet so elegant that will always be with you.
It may be an ordinary rose but its one that’s most blue.

This rose is special and will last seasons long.
Just like our strong father-daughter bond.
I choose only the best which your deserve,
A single long stemmed blue rose with a slight curve.

A rose so unique and one of a kind,
That in any other garden it will be most difficult to find.
Each petal so silky soft yet together they hold firm.
Nature’s most prized beauty has been confirmed!

I sent my love in the form of a rose for you.
I hope you don’t mind, but I sent one that was blue.
I impressed it with my hugs and even butterfly kisses,
So you will receive them with all of my very best wishes...

I tied a white ribbon and wrote your name on it too.
So everyone will know that it was sent just for you.
I stood by the riverbed under the beautiful evening stars.
Said a prayer and watched the rose drift quietly afar.

It followed the light from the ethereal moon,
So I knew it would reach you very soon.
Tears began to collide with a smile,
As I longed to be with you for just a while.

I closed my eyes, imagining you hugging me tight,
While the rose slowly disappeared under the moonlight.
So Dad, when you receive my love in the form of a Blue Rose.
Remember me always, as you forever hold it close. 

Details | Senryu | |

To -- nette onclaud -- 2

“Awhh, liege -- you live life”
“Like a rose that never ends”
“ Amidst Challenges” 
These are the Words of “ nette onclaud “
To My POEM, To -- nette onclaud , below is my Response

The Aroma : of a ROSE 
Daring to Challenge

Inspired by and Dedicated to “ nette onclaud “

Author’s Note :  With LOVE in my Heart, may I
Ask YOU : Nette Onclaud, may I capitalize YOUR
Name. If you read my POEMS I Capitalize Did YOU read the Capitalized
Words in my Response : “ YOUR FOREVER ROSE “

Details | Romanticism | |

This is for the one in Pink

This is a poem inspired by a heartbraker, who had no remorse for me.
   - She is now with another, and I haven't seen her in over a year.
     Last I heard, she recieved a black eye, and a brused ribcage for talking out of line.
     I pray for her, but she left something beautiful, for something that was painted in gold
     and offered tempting items, that grabbed her attention, and pushed the Love we shared. I miss her from time to time, I won't lie, but she did this to herself.

This is for the girl in pink.

I write in Red ink,

for the Love I shared with you.

I now wear blue, too represent the sadness
you put me through.

I gave you something so wonderful,
and you turned it in for something so horrible.


This is for the girl in pink,

The same girl I wasted precious time on
and wasting endless and one of a kind love
for her.

She wasted time and effort...

I lost faith in love... for a moment I wish everything would stop,
but that wish dosen't come true.

The one I wasted ink on,
the one that I wanted to grow old with
who got my hopes up into a hot air ballon and made me fly high,
then taking her dreaded neddle and popping me to the ground of depression.

I sculpted a bust of Athena,
and you traded it in for a tattoo of a heart in two.

I gave you something so wonderful
and you gave me something I would never forget.

A broken heart.

It is easy to forget, to pack you in a box
to put you in some corner, so I collect dust,
but it's harder to take the framed picture of us
of the fireplace mantel of Live, Laugh, and Love.

I don't want to lose the memory of you,
but as you did the same to me,
I shall not make you blind, just because you made me blind.
I shall cherish you, and make you think of the blind thoughts
of me that ring in your head, and you shall cry.

I don't want to make you cry,
but to notice you were given love
and you traded it in for disrespect and disloyalty.

I am sorry for,
I cannot make decisions for you,
but you must know for love doesn't stand around
for long, you must catch it in a single, skipped heartbeat
on the first encounter of when your soul meets with passion and love.

I write this for you, my dear woman, dressed in pink.

I write in red ink
to show the love I shared with you

I wear blue, to show the sadness you put me through.

I give you something wonderful and you turned it in for
something so horrible.

You traded in a beautiful dream,
for a nightmare.

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Today is a big celebration
Its in the honor of you,
Since I have no money
These roses will have to do.

Yellow is for your wisdom
You proudly passed onto me,
Your never ending confidence
Helped make the person i was to be.

I send a white rose for triumph
Never setting yourself for a fall,
You showed me how to keep going
Anything can happen if i give it my all.

Pink stands for your committment
Never once have you let me down,
You've stood beside me all the way
Made me smile rather than frown.

Green is the color of grass
Also the sign its now spring,
But its much broader to me
For it shows the happiness you bring.

I give you a purple rose next
To show how much I care,
For you are my one true friend
Next to you, nobody can compare.

At last i chose a red rose
It come's with important words to say,
I'm so glad to say your my mom
I love you, Happy Mother's Day.

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Rev My Throttle

As last rose of summer opens wider
Night is drawing nigh, rose cutter in hand
The rose clipped in its best stage; placed in cider
Jar that was used up, cleaned_now it will stand

Jar of cider was enjoyed long ago
Remember that day on our honeymoon
You were so young with raven hair my beau
We found that road side stand that afternoon

Bought that jug of cider that was so cold
Refreshing after long ride around mountain
So eager for life that we would build_hold
Hold each other_life; wanting to obtain

I clip that rose_place in memory bottle
One memory revs my motor throttle

Details | Crystalline | |

A Rose

A rose so sweet
Like perfume in the night
It is my dream to be like you
Strong and gentle

I will turn and look at you
As the velvet sky grows dark
The love you give
A rose

I may not have another day
With you
I know not what the day
Will bring

We will have peace
At our final goodbye
Flowers will come
The sun will shine

Will you hold me
Give me your love
A rose so tender
Yet so strong

Don't turn me away
Or pain will come again
I need to learn a lesson
It's just not easy

I will not give up
A rose
How hard it will be
I do not know

I just have to believe
It will get better
Here is a grin for you
My rose

Storms may come
Winds may blow
Hail will fall
A rose will be there

I see your shadow on the wall
As I see your face in the mirror
The moon is watching from afar
The stars are glittering

By my side you will be
That is good with me
No goodbye I will not cry
A rose

Every night I Pray for you
Remember me always
And the day we met
Don't ever forget

How we fell in love
With roses at our feet
The love we made
On a bed of roses

There was tears
Of pure joy
Plenty of smiles
A rose

We laughed a lot
Fooled around
Played with each other
Such a thrill we got

A rose for me
Today, tomorrow, and forever
No regrets
No sorrow

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A flower started to wander

A flower started to wander,
Not Far from her homeland.
Earlier, she laid on my hand,
I recall her scented existence.
Then she came to my lips,
never nature tasted as sweet.
Before our eyes could meet,
The rose rested on your heart.
And now I cannot foretell,
If the blush masking your face,
Is the rose remaining trace
Or our love fresh blooming.   

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The Unusual Fragrance

The unusual fragrance looms above my room, 
Its owner not yet known, 
Its purpose still a mystery I assume 
Sweeter than any other fragrance I ever own, 

Its mood is ataraxia, 
Cold soothing scent, texture so smooth, 
Like dying in a peaceful euthanasia, 
I have it trapped in a booth, 

Smells like angels on a spring break, 
Dancing gloriously in the water fall, 
With a rattling feeling like an earth quake, 
Its particles bouncing from wall to wall, 

Clogged in my mind is a fog of disconcert, 
As I battle my feeling to a perfect stranger, 
The feeling of unrest causes discomfort, 
As the unusual fragrance puts my heart in danger,

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If you could accept his rose instead of gold

If you could accept this rose instead of gold,
It will be the first of a many-colored garden.
While the coins would be just grey and old,
loved only by an ailing and aged warden.
The richest woman on this side of heaven
will lean over the fence to pluck a daisy,
and after they plucked more than seven,
They will throw coins in delighted praise,
But gold, only gold, has no safety in here,
The ravens will fly and take to their nest
And every pine will have their fair share.
Now bring the rose closer to your chest:
The soil is fertile and with motherly care,
Paradise will be a garden blooming on west. 

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The uncertain rose

Roses are red some are blue i wanna be like a rose an be inertwined with you
     Imlike a rose when it comes to love the more love iget
          the more beauty my face lits.
But down an all where a rose dies an comes back to life
   my love dies an will never come back to life.

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A Rose in the Desert

A single, red rose
ruby colored rose that shines in the twilight
and reflects my love over years of single
and tragic heartbreaks.
A single, red rose sits in a beautiful and calming oasis
sitting there giving me hope for love to come around
and knock upon my weak and weary door.
A rose in the dry and hot desert grows tall and blooms
with beauty and such glory
that it could make a grown man weep, if it wanted too.

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The Rose

You confessed your love for me through a single white rose I smiled genuinely, yet then you turned to hurt me, leaving me behind...lost and alone The rose was nothing but poison to my heart, for 'twas you the evildoer, pressing my finger into its very thorn As the blood inside of me ran cold, deep red drops from the cursed stem silently fell into the snow. I couldn't believe that your intentions were as such, I thought you once promised that you would forever love me... Why risk betraying all of my trust? I cannot see the angel I once glimpsed in your beautiful face... It is now replaced by a mysterious raven, forever intending to be my disgrace My like will remember that winter of December, when you gave me that simple white rose now stained red will fade to black My tears fall and the love I will soon take back as I return the very rose into your cold hand, pale and scarred Your body frozen, so cold and numb as you lie abandoned, mutilating my heart, throwing it in the blood-trickled snow I think of the end of life, holding but one white rose No pain shall I feel, so perfect, so innocent, no horror in my mind, no nightmares now It is time to whisper the final goodbye I have been given the strength, I can now peacefully bid thee farewell Do not forget me I look down at the soft white petals and embrace the only token I have left of you, my little rose so beautiful and pure Forever stained by the blood of my soul is this single white rose The rose of my one true love...

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The Rose

Like a withered rose with thorns,
planted in dry soil,
you're something so once beautiful,
living now in turmoil 
for have not Earth given love with rain
as it dies in need of thirst.
Like such a rose as this,
are you experiencing the dreaded worst?
At a loss of love and care 
we are in a state of gloom
For it is love and care that
brings our spirits to its fullest bloom. 

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Dreams of Summer on the Winter Solstice

	Dreams of Summer on the Winter Solstice

ah love, 
the scent of roses
at first bloom, 
new growth
that extends skyward, 

they are a wonder to me

let us sit here and drink tea
inhaling scents of lavender,
bergamot and roses

it is all so lovely, 
to be here with you

these moments 
are my treasure

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Wilted Rose

A rose is just a rose is just a rose is just a rose 
I truly have always felt they fill too many words of prose. 
I tried to fit the image of some plain old rose you see 
I'd rather be a daisy, sunflower, daffodil morning glory.. 
I held my tongue when after I said roses have always bored me 
of all the flowers that i love he chooses that one to pin me. 
He casts the blame on a stranger that did nothing to him at all 
they both know stoop with fevered plea
such arrogance will cause a fall. 
I find it dumb, ridiculous because my friends I'll tell you this 
I've never meant a single thing to him he plays pretend. 
He needs revenge so here I am my arms splayed wide for pain 
he calls me jealous, delusional and even took my friend. 
She won't talk to me right now and all because of this.... 
foolish crap and hateful words and tons of words so meaningless. 
And just in case it's been implied there's a man that cares for me, 
well no there's not my poet friends I am alone you see. 
A girl can't be amazing sweet 
and then a jealous ***** 
You don't know just what I know 
or how I even feel. 
Fancy words wrapped up in verse 
and petals lead the way 
a rose is still a boring rose 
pink, purple, paisley grey. 
I never want to hear the words rose, bud or petals now 
it pricks me with the thorns of hurt 
I can't believed I tried to fit the typical rose part. 
I'll take it down and be myself 
although he has his vision 
go find it now and let this be 
I'm done with love 
it's my decision. 

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Oh, heavenly Rose

More, more? What else may she desire:
a whole garden shelters her in heaven?
The sun bathing her petals is the holy fire,
a cockerel is not her awakening warden 
but a chorus of angels playing flute and lyre. 
Yet, she asks: more, more! Oh, Heavenly Rose! 
She does not sleep, what upsets her repose?
What a rose could not be, if not all I can see? 
Should I dare and give a rose to another rose? 
Will she accept, can the three fates foresee 
when the golden gateway will unclose? 
Why can’t you sleep? Oh, heavenly Rose!
Maybe, I dream within a dream and there
a rose is all other roses, her keen lips 
are one too and her homely belly where
a blossom still to bloom calmly sleeps 
is a meadow that other buds will revere?
If I dream, why waking? Oh, Heavenly Rose!
Drop the dark eyes, sweet scented maid,
the mysterious twins of your scarlet face,
answer if the heart where a seed is laid 
is not a flower with the same cherry grace?
Dawn approaches, the scents of night fade,
Tell with your shy eyes. Oh, Heavenly Rose!
A hidden rose do you save for the night,
the moon concealing her silver radiance, 
when a beggar dressed as a bright knight
lay at your side and with his word’s dance
incite your petals to bloom with white light.
Wait, wait for the night. Oh, heavenly Rose!

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Rose Bud

Hardly would she smile
like a rose bud on the twig
reserved, shy, stealing looks
I could readily figure out
that she was a virgin ,.
Then suddenly there came a change
the rose bud bloomed
with all it's glory
spreading its redolence all around
its verdant hue transformed into the pinkish red
of a freshly kissed cheek
or the rosy sweet lips
of a beauty
It was then I came to know
she was no more a bud
but a happy smiling girl
neither coy nor shy
bold, confident and sexier
like a Rose  Bud crossed.

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Bed of Roses

In a bed of roses.
I felt the sweetest touch,
The coolness of its petals,
The thickness of its thorns.

In a bath of roses.
The warmth of the water,
the scent of its face,
the popping of the bubbles,
the way it moves with me.

In a room full of roses.
I feel the love in the air,
I see their redness everywhere,
Happiness and fondness through me,
its just a special place to me.

With all these beautiful roses.
I know that I'm loved.
I will keep this moment in my heart,
Something so tender to me, 
Hope we'll never fall apart.

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Love Blossom

My love is fragile but alive, 
Like a newly budding flower 

Longing for your warm touch 
Like a soft springtime shower

Where I will colorfully blossom, 
Pedals stretching out to you wide 
Fragrantly releasing its emotion 
Held deep inside  

It will be prime for the picking 
A bountiful harvest you could reap 
A succulent gift of pure love 
And forever yours to keep 

It’s your magical life giving light 
That’s all it will need 
Or it will shrivel and die 
Like a lonely forgotten weed.   

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Buds of love bringeth thy breath
Buds of love - on a sun shiny day
The rosebuds bloom in the womb
The womb of the soul in a sort of way
Shines the sun - nourishing thy bud
Awakening thee - to then be in bloom
Gorgeous the flower to see with the iris
Promotes the feelings of love if only to then see
We perceive the beauty glorious to then be
The roots of the flower we bring into view
Saying I love you if then you only knew
Walking paths of life if only then the clue
Loving you my love a long stem is divine
So are the climbers we planted on the fence
To say that I love you dovoted I am and hence
Forth each spring we grow such a flower
To cherish our love everlasting, planting the seed
And cultivate the weed - opposing the bad in life
We love each other - morality, and so we do need
Each loving moment we cherished with the bud
Buds of love , we sought to mean to one another
The love we endeavored to only each other
The rosebuds bloom! And I love you forever
Like the sun shining down upon my face
Glowing a radiant hue of beautiful rays
Still cultivating! The sky I then trace
Looking too at colors of the rainbow, I see
After the rain pours down , I oppose the blues
Buds of love, your true love , I be
And in the womb of my heart, I cherish
This beautiful feeling that overwhelms me
Each bud that blooms , blooms in my soul
And my soul walks with you day by day
I truly love you, This i can say
So therefore buds of love I welcome
I know in my heart they will bloom
And the weed is disposed of
Voila I'm on love!

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The Bleeding Rose

"The Bleeding Rose" 

A rose so beautiful with crimson lips

Slain by pain, and drowned by drops of rain that drips

Into the stem that locks in venom,

Stunting her growth 

Staggering strength and thorns that grip

The hands that touch her tips

                        They Bleed

Her petals needing to be caressed

      But her thorns are sharp and continue to cut

Deep inside her gut lies a love that lost its luster

                     A heart like steal but cannot be stolen





Nothing poetic about the process

   And words go unspoken so nothing is heard

                        Yet, her heart is silenced in Spoken Word

She suffocates as she tries to break free

    She can't breathe 

She searches for an air that taints her lungs

          Skies remain unclear and it feels like her spirit's been hung

What a death to die

     Too many times they've tried to tackle the thing that makes it tougher than tar

A prisoner chained, gagged, and mocked behind bars

         She cuts herself over again to escape the pain

And bleeds in the battle of shame

           Once again the rose is clipped 

She is tormented by mind games

And wishes she never knew his name

        But she knows,

And still 

her stem grows

             So close…

She starts to bloom

But the water drowns her at the roots

And once again it's too late and her petals begin to close

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If you ask me to prove,
I will tell how I feel.
If you think it is a love
Worth of your zeal,
give a bloom to me
under the rose tree.

But it is hard to show
what is my belief.
In this field I plow  	
but my time is brief, 
give a bloom to me
under a rose tree. 

This is how I explain:
keep our lips close.
I will explain again
why the sun rose, 
give a bloom to me
under a rose tree. 


Details | Free verse | |

my heavenly angel

flashing inside
lights up green
golden shades 
of blossoms
flowering under
this one spell
enchanting words
sweet beautiful rose

petals touch
casting kisses 
magically dances
with the shadows 
of light kisses
silvery glitter
sparkles inside
exploding beautiful

blasting fountains 
pearl drops
of treasured joy
inside happiness
falling stars 
winking trail 
under a smiling moon
rocking side 
to side 
spellbound in
this universe 
inside the eyes

wishing golden honey
sweetheart of love 
beyond all kisses
dancing within 
silk ribbons
dripping blood
sweet rose
i desire

nibbling gently
softly feeling embrace 
tenderly come together 
warm emotions kiss
 the sweetest heart
of a dream
baby its you


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African Rose

Genes of motherland made her, black, tender of lips of praise.
Her kind hand, wise mind and loving heart never fails.
Like the rose of covers but bear, of unders, but there.
Though sterm is thorny, rosiness is clear.

There’s a Rose in my heart, rooted deeply via art
There’s a Rose in my heart, weeds rounding her I cut
There’s a Rose in my heart, alive I sense the tune of delight
There’s a Rose in my heart, peer in my soul and uncover my insight

There is a Rose in my heart, flawless of reality finally discovered 
There is a Rose in my heart, balling my crystal this time I thee wed 
There is a Rose in my heart, introspection I made sight of beauty I gained
There is a Rose in my heart, providential I became thorns of disaster I destroyed

A hell of toy once folded my well, and then the rose came by
And uncovered the dark, and I now once again have a well of joy
Oh! Sweet Rose stay, then forever stay
Oh! Dear God I pray for this sweet Rose I Pray 

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Of Love and Pain (I staked my claim)

I’m a glutton for love you know
Yet I’m a sucker for pain
Heart on my sleeve everywhere I go
Not wanting sustenance of refrain
Red on my palms entwined with another
Parading around like a stalking saint
Spreading the word to innocent lovers
In message of insight and finger-paint
Thrown into the renovation trade
Rushing the blood to cheeks of the pale
Lessening trounce of quake’s tailor made
Damaging ratings on life’s Richter scale
Mourning profusely, smile without sound
Inventing new sketchings on solar graphs
Mending cracks in the walls all around
Stopping leaks from pipe burst hearts
Filling back up the tear of the hollow
Then swiftly moving along to the next
Extending hands with pride left to swallow
While keeping rejection within its context
The irony of this whole situation
Almost so vague it kinda begets me
Knowledge from past and foregone conclusion
Prolonging a word called simplicity
I’ve seen this before, I’ve loved and lost
Not sorry for wanting to share what I feel
If pain means healing or trusting at cost 
At least then I’ll know of feeling surreal
That’s better than not being able to live 
It’s so much better then nothing at all
With bountiful bouquets of love left to give
I listen for rose colored voices to call
The aroma next time around will be such
Allowing mitosis that seeks to enthrall
And stroke the face with a gentle touch
In the aisle to wildflower entrance halls
Reach out the hands forgetful of catching
Pick up the broken shards of metal
Trailing emotions while sympathy snatching
Garden bound barefoot on lying rose petals
Healthy and wholesome food for the soul
A soft patch for landing on feet with grace 
Creation arranged in colorful holes
For the next time we fall into love’s embrace

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How A Blue Rose Came To Be

"I have dipped my pen in the sublime, it is my gift to you . . ."


Once upon a time, many years ago,
There was a sweet and lovely -  red, red Irish rose,
That was plucked prematurely, from the garden vine;
A budding beauty, taken in her prime.

She was laid to rest, upon the death, of a lovers dream;
Upon a chest of ebony, where lie, his would-be  Queen; 
Lowered deep into the depths, of the church yard cemetery;
Her scarlet petals, wilting in the summer breeze.

Then the earth begin to fall, like autumn leaves;
Upon  her petals, and the chest of ebony,
From above her tomb, where stood the grieving groom
Weeping , weeping,  like a willow tree.

Then the sky begin  to disappear, amid that mournful cry,
As  tears - from above, fell from that lovers eyes,
And came to rest, like dew drops on that  Irish rose, 
As she disappeared beneath the earth, there in his grief below                                      
In time, he laid a stone of ivory - upon her grave;
Etched deeply  - with the promise he had made:
To love his Irish Rose - forever and a day.

The years and all their seasons came and went
And a million lonely tears were cried and spent
Upon her grave where everyday he knelt and prayed
And dreamed of her until his dying day.  

The epigram has long since faded on the ivory stone   
That still stands alone today, upon her grave
Where from the million tears of love he gave
A seemingly impossible - blue, blue rose has grown.


Author:  Elaine George
For the contest: Writing In The Sublime ~
Awarded: First Place

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Shade of pink

The flowers are some shade of pink, 
I couldn't really grasp the exact color because I was in a rush to get them to you,
I didn't want that color,
I wanted the color blue,
Because I really don’t love you,
Like that, 
I see you as a person I can talk to you,
Not a person that I can lay next to,
I want to break up with you,
I don’t have the courage to so,That’s why now,
I’m sitting next to you and your pink flowers,
Wishing that I have powers, 
To change myself to someone that is not a coward.

Details | Ballad | |

Through rose colored glasses

Through rose colored glasses
I see your faults
Your lies
But I vowed it all 
When I came to your bed
Even if the thorns scratch
The rose still offers me 
Besides my pain
A sweet aroma
My love for you

©? Brenda V northeast     29 Dec. 2011

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The Mystery Rose, A Love Gift From Beyond

The Mystery Rose, A Love Gift From Beyond

A dark, dark shadow crept into my room at night
   a mist or vapor that so set me ill at ease
Strange that my confusion so limited my fright
   then it moved things around as it pleased 
Soon began eerie sounds that loudly cracked
   next my bows fell from their hanging rack
Suspended in hazy fog or time it did so seem
   motionless and quite unable to shout a scream
As I finally jumped out of my now shaking bed
   I tripped and fell hitting my frightened head
Early morn I woke, to my great and epic shock
   a wilted flower lay upon my antique clock
A long and so very dry ancient red, red rose
   yet a fragrance still so strong hit my nose!
A mere dream that had been my horror to have had!
   except red rose was always favored by my dad
Three decades gone since he had sadly passed away
   I know that red rose was his love gift sent my way!

Robert L... 06-07-2014

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The Rose's lover

Once upon a time, far upon a distant land,
Was a field so beautiful, it would take your breath away.
For, for acres and acres out tulips fanned.
A beautiful reflection of the sun's bright yellow.
But in the midst of the baskets of the sun,
A tiny red bud popped its head,
It grew unnoticed, seen by none.
But as she blossomed, things started to turn around.
For among the yellow tulips, the rose was a novelty,
A sight that every passer-by would stop to acknowledge,
To appreciate the possibility, the rose's color, her beauty.
And the tulips' monotonous color only enhanced hers.
But even as she was constantly valued and admired,
Even as the whole world seemed to love her,
The only thing that her heart truly desired,
Was the soft caress of the dew drops from heaven.
Because you see, under the tulips so towering,
The little rose only had a small window to the skies.
She only watched as the tulips danced in the rain glowing.
Her heart ached for when a tiny drop would fall upon her too.
Among her many admirers, one started to visit frequently,
A young man, lean and handsome was enchanted by her.
He would gaze at her and at times stroke her gently,
For he was enraptured by her beauty and fragility.
He would sing songs, write poems about her,
And soon the tulips cleared a path for him,
From the edge of the field to his pearl.
But soon the rose was nearing her end.
She knew it and despaired, for she never lived her dream,
Even as she revelled in her admirer's love and affection,
She would never get that chance, it did seem,
For she was losing her petals one by one.
The last day arrived and she held onto her last.
He was there by her side looking melancholy,
Remembering her vibrant days, visualising the contrast.
Afraid to touch her, he sat by her side.
He couldn't help it as a tear slipped out,
But the little drop landed straight on her only petal,
Her heart lifted and her soul soared, for she had no doubt,
That the dew hugging her was more special than any from the sky.
In that fleeting moment she felt truly at peace,
She had realized the true meaning of love,
And so the last petal she did release,
To move onto her eternal ever after.
- Miliya Parveen

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My Rose

My Rose
To be honest I'm obsessed with the rose
The way its beauty shines and petals pose
I love its violet red shade truly,
though its thorns can make one so unruly
oh the beauty of a rose
I am almost drawn to the way it's shaped
The way the petals fall down from its drapes
and oh how I'm pulled to what it once meant
That passion, that love, and lust... now I'm bent.
On the glories of the rose
But my rose is much more than a flower,
It is my love, my will, and my power.
To survive a world which is full of pains!
And prosper in such with many more gains,
Oh the love I have for the rose
Thus for now I am left with just the stem,
broken hearted, with no petals, so grim.
Till the day she finds her way back to me, 
thus my petals shall bloom stronger you see...
Because my rose and me... are truly meant to be


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Loves glory

Dreaming in the clouds
a stag of elegance 
gracing with royal beauty
An emblem draws peace
inside the heart

You're eyes 
dazzling smiles
travels inside
to a whole new world
Leading me into
the promised land

With a sprinkling
of sweet smelling 
rose petals
Sending one piece
the foundations stone
to begin building 
our palace on feelings

Dream embracing beauty
soft velvet 
satin touching emotions
caressing within
The crowning glory
enchanting magic sings
Heaven's purest angel
the one of love

Each heartbeat 
steams this ship 
sailing with you
closer into 
the sun setting
Paradise kisses you
in a spin 
of daisies 
One chain darling
draped around 
you're neck

I believe 
in you love
As the sun 
sets beautiful
inside honey
golden happy

~ ~ ~ ~ 
I wrote this for someones special birthday 
only I sent another one instead with a forever promise in love

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A Rose Arose

Standing in a valley
Of which no one knows,
A rose arose
Between my toes.

Watching in awe
For magic is what I saw,
The rose still grows
Even as wind blows.

Smiling happily,
The rose so lovely.
A rose arose,
Feelings arouse.

Seeing her in my mind,
Just as the rose, one of a kind.
The rose still flowers,
Even when against nature.

Standing in a valley
Of which no one knows,
A rose arose as thoughts of love
Flown to the sky above.

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Beauty before a mirror

There is a mirror on the wall,
smooth and seven feet tall,
where she saw her own face
In a merry wedding day
and her mother’s necklace.
Still as Canova’s Terpsichore,
she couldn’t hold anymore,
the wind moved her around,
like a cloud in a sunny day,
with a long whistling sound.
Her feet glided over the land,
she dissolved like cotton candy
escaping from a tight embrace,
she wanted freedom that day
to beam with maiden’s grace.
Beauty is content like a child,
who found a rose in the wild
underneath a verdant tree,
blossoming in a spring’s day
and said: “This rose is me?” 

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A rose that I loved...
I handed to you:
you smiled.

A certain feeling
of happiness...  
I sensed.

That rose never wilted...
the flame still lives

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Michael J Falotico's contest,
" Eyes First Met. "

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The Beautiful Rose

I have a tale to tell to you Of a love which ruin'd my life. It is a tale of caution, too, So heed my grave advice: Strolling through the woods one day To rid my mind of woe, I did spy a red rose that lay Betwixt the sky and snow. Oh, what joy was it to find This rose so delicate and free. I was certain Mother would not mind If She simply lent to me. The flower became mine. To be for me alone. But the sun would not shine If only had it known. I then gave my life to it, That beautiful red rose. The stars became less elegant, And time began to slow. No more did family matter, No more did my needs. But the illusion soon shattered, For my rose had sewn no seeds.

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Sonnet Eight

Flaming rose bush how do you do and (do you see)?
The distance from here to sometimes (is to near)
for exactly according to almost always. (So we)
say to God: "grant us half-smiles," (in the mirror)
above evenings white-bellied bed and (she dancing)
says to me: "God likes to giggle," (do you)?

I say: "he-he," believe me differently (romancing)
you in your world somewhere watching (fire works too)
far to see the shapes of afterwards (clearing)
in yellow puff-puffs of plus or minus (while)
tonight is gargoyling and tomorrow is (nearing)
the distant haze of almost rose smell (you smile)

And say: "look at all the crazies!" (here and there)
And that is how you do it (pretty lady) of everywhere.

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What Is this feeling of love

What Is this feeling of love

I was told that falling in love was like falling from the sky, but that a lie. Falling in love is like soaring up into the sky and caught by this shadow being engulfed by the gravitation of the two souls. When thinking of love you want to be taken and slowly devoured by that person, giving them as much love as they give you. Can you say the hardest thing is to give up your heart and forgiving your past and fears. In all still I want to be the one you want to holding at night. If you've traveled too far I'll follow you all around the world and back. I can't believe how high I'm going and that soaring, my heads been in the clouds since the day you told me you loved me, that I was the perfect piece your puzzle. Mysterious and kind, gently and firm, you speak no words but your actions say a million things. The world can be so cruel but your braver then me who fears to leave the safety of her home, braver to not let your restriction to be your limitation. It was a lie when they said that falling in love was like falling from the sky, grief, pain, and rejection or what makes us fall. But falling in love is like soaring, soaring into the sun then into the shadow that goes past the sun. Past the Milky Way just floating with your head above the clouds, not even cloud nine could match this feeling. Oh I don't know what love is but if I ever find it, I hope it just like this feeling I have now.

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Your reservation has been accepted... 

Your itinerary is as follows: 

Exec. Bridal suite, rose petal bed... 

scented candles, champagne and rose petal bubble bath... 

Jazz music...Glass sky-lined, open ceiling...

Room service upon request...

his & hers massage by request only...

Welcome aboard!!! 

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Our Love Can Be

Each and every year, Valentine’s day draws nearer
Each and every year, I can’t see what is clearer.
Not having someone to be with, that special person
Not being able to share, a precious day might worsen.

Not having that someone special, for many moons
Then getting someone, to spend with all my afternoons.
Quite the change, not for the worst but for the better
The way it could’ve went about, her reading my love letter.

This lovely letter letting her know, that she is quite deserving
I see her flaws I see her perfections, for I am always observing.
Why is this day so special, isn't it just any other regular day
Love on this day, is a lovely feeling for some might say.

No clue on how to spend it, although it doesn't really matter
For if I am just with you, our love shall never shatter.
Just this fact of loving you, should be enough to show
How much I care for you, you should've noticed ages ago.

Our love can be romantic, our love can be routine
Our love can just be “I love you”, right on a cell-phone screen.
Our love can be a whisper, our love can be a touch
Our love can get us through the days that we don’t like so much.

Our love can be “I’m sorry”, our love can be a smile
Our love can even be, “I want to be alone awhile”.
Our love can be imperfect, our love can be ideal
But most of all our love can last, because our love is real.

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Here is a Rose about to die

Here is a Rose about to die -
So beautiful and so serene -
But I hear no mourning cry
 No sorrow acts in this scene. 

Cupid seized her with his hand
His Bow and arrows left aside 
“A Rose crowns for her own end,
Her beauty scattered by the wind.”

“Should I strike with your stalk
Or pin your stem near my heart?
Do you want to fly swift as a hawk
And be Cupid’s enchanted dart?”

His aim is holy and cannot miss,
I see the rose on my love’s eye,
Just before she shot a last kiss,
I discover that Cupid was truly I.

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The Rose

The rose has died
As our love has to
It faded away
Into the deep blue

The rose is no more
Same with our love to
It broke into pieces
And away they flew

So what should we do
Just shut everything out
I fall to the ground
And do nothing but pout

Our love is no more
And I have to let you go
I turn around and leave
Never turning back, letting you go

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To admire that of the precious babies breath
The sweet aroma of the divine beauty of the rose
Roses are true, they are red , some purity of white
Pink - they are the beauteous of the beloved
Friendship domains that of the yellow bud
Courtship , day by day , dozen by dozen
Miraculous the meaning of thee. with true insight
Fondness of the true love the romantic fellow
A kiss on the cheek , sparkles the attention
Onto the lover's intention to therefore be loved
Admiration of the eye of the beholder, I see
Line by line, rhyme by rhyme, to be or not to be
Thee rose with a thought of loving praise
Divine my true sweetheart , sweetheart roses with prose
My oh my, I say , beauteous be then
True love - my heart may never mend
But as I admire - this wondrous bud
Still line by line - the petals then said
I love thee the most - each rhyming moment
And no lovers' quarrel be left unsaid
Then the rose I give of this the flower
That sparkles with attention seeing the light
And kiss and tell , we make up too
And the eyes glow deep in the night.

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You do not know

You do not know
when someone will present you a red rose
You do not know
when you will fall in a deep  love.......

You do not know
when someone will remember you
You do not know
when someone will love you......

You do not know
you may light a candle in the dark
You do not know
you may find out the path in the night.....

You do not know
you may shine like a full moon
You do not know
you may write a nice poem on love

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Sweet loves confussion

Blue eye's looked into the night
A tear formed at the corner of his heart
A silent tear
A silent scar
A golden rose forever blue
golden virtue lost tonight
A silent though
past moments true

The rose sweet silent thorns
The scars sweet silent storms
Taste the power of thy love
Risk the violence of thy strife

Trust the broken heart of rage
Suffer then your silent cage
Blue eyes looked into the night
forgive that you might start again
The rose of love is still the same
A stranger to lifes guessing game
Should thee stay or should thee go
The thorns of love won't let you know

My heart knows pain, mistakes
Should I become the master of my lake
Should I test the rivers of the free
Love binds my life to thee

Sweet rose my heart
sweet love my life
pray that we can find the key
Improve our lives for thee and me

Yes transgressions, we have know
mistakes, bad seeds, have planted grown
The pain has torn us limb from limb
Now we must climb above our sins

Yet change the light of night time blue
build with trust the love we knew
relax the anger, fear let go
trust we'll find the way to grow

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My Love for You, Loveliest Among All Things

My love for you
is like a rose,
a rose that blossoms
in the spring
Precious, graceful full
of depth,
Loveliest among all

It leaves me like
a gust of wind,
knowing who it’s
going to
Moving at a fiery
So it can quickly
get to you

Its trust is there
for you to see,
showing you that
it’s sincere
True affection
felt by me,
and it’s all for
you my dear

My love for you
is like a rose,
a rose that blossoms
in the spring
Precious, graceful full
of depth,
Loveliest among all

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'Yellow Rose of Texas' (Haiku # 14)

‘ Yellow Rose of Texas ’ Haiku  # 14

         A Lone Star Shone On
         A Yellow Rose of Texas
         and Bluebonnets Grown

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After reading a poem

Red, red, red, like the blood drop on your fingertips
Or the petals of a fresh Rose - What was the purpose?
Or did the Fates pull our strings together: to my lips
bring your fingers now so I can heal the pain, my Rose.
Wait, wait, wait, a hurricane may twist and throw
But a girl’s heart cannot be moved, not so fast,
Or it will crack and break with the first moon’s glow.
Which do you prefer? Beauty or time to last?
Oh, time, time time, because beauty will ever win
And her victory must endure more than a smile
From the angel when he saw God’s love within.
The bosom of first maid halting time for awhile.
Words, words, words, I must be very watchful,
They can make my face red as the same rose
that drew blood from my fingers: Never dull
but dangerous for a girl with so much to lose.
Silence, Silence, Silence, the Sun and the Moon  
make no sound facing each other in the above
sky, then, why would a bride and her groom
needs any words to continue with their love.

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Bountiful Love

There’s love forming next to me…
Sometimes it gets me thinking…
What is it like to be loved?
Maybe it’s the most precious rose in the garden
Maybe it’s like the sun ascending…
Maybe it’s the cocoon releasing a butterfly

There’s love brewing here and there…
Sometimes it catches my eye…
When will I experience it?
Maybe it would be the best part of my life?
Maybe it would be nourishing to my heart?
Maybe it would be the stars gleaming in the night?

It’s an afternoon...that feels pleasant 
Love, merriness and joyfulness sprouting beautifully  
It’s a somewhat unsettling moment…
With me around… soaking in remorse that breaks me 

There’s love succumbing in my heart…
But, my passion is slowly sinking…
What if love isn’t worth my time?
Maybe it’s the weeds that choke the vegetation 
Maybe it’s like the moon darkening…
Maybe it’s the bird facing his first flight…

It’s shocking at first,
But it gives young lovers 
The chance to venture
Into the bright side
Of bountiful  love 

Give me a taste
Of bountiful love

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Dear Mom(A sons goodbye)

                                                 Life is delicate like
                                               a rose on a cool fall
                                               morning then without
                                               warning life is taken away.
                                                 I cry not for the rose who's
                                               petals lay scattered at me feet
                                               but for everything else that has

                                                 I cry for the leaves who's leaves crush
                                              like power in my hand and for the flowers
                                              which droop and sag...

                                                 A mother who left this world too
                                              soon and for her pain in till death finely

                                                 The world is a lot different place
                                               with you gone... But a son has to
                                               move on he can't keep thinking 
                                               something wrong...

                                                He can't keep being sad and blue
                                              don't worry I'll always love you... I'll never
                                              forget the love we shared and how much
                                              you cared...  I love you

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The Rose

I kept the rose on my table
The most beautiful flower I’d seen
Given to me by someone I love
Perfect and pristine

The rose lay on my table
Its romance with the bees just finished
Away from the virgin gardens
Picked and plucked

The rose had no regrets though
It had seen this happen; every-time
A love sacrificed
To see a love blossom

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The Darkness in You

How long can I take this?
What you say,
it hurts my heart 
in so many ways.
How I wish 
I could show you the truth. 
Open your eyes,
help you see the light.
But you thrive in the dark,
thrive in the evil ways,
and my heart aches
when this pagan passion 
is displayed.

I knew  from the first day
there was a darkness that thrives,
deep in your soul.
I should have known
that there were still secrets to hide.
Now that I stand on the outside,
and put my rose colored glasses aside,
I am seeing everything different,
and truly realize
there are unintentional lies,
half truths that I never perceived,
and my hope will never be conceived.

You'll never truly understand,
the pain I feel inside.
You may not ever know the truth,
the way my feelings have changed.
I still care for you,
making my heart break more too.
I couldn't see
through my rose colored glasses on,
I didn't see there was 
a darkness too deep to cut through.
I truly want to believe there is brightness that hides,
but I am seeing a darkness,
that will keep consuming your life.

I truly believe,
there is greatness in you.
And after you confided in me,
I realized a battle has been fought for you too.
A part of me thought it was still going,
a war was still for your heart.
I am now realizing the truth,
the war has been won,
blood has been shed,
and very little can be done.
The light will never give up,
but your darkness overwhelms,
and hides you from the truth.

You are not as free as you say,
not a God,
but an unknowing slave.
and this truth will never come through.
The lies are too deep,
for you too believe,
that you could be anything less,
than your own king.
Kings all become fallen,
their lives are all lost.
Even they will have to stand up,
to a higher God,
their pride is their highest cost.

I'll sit here on my knees,
and I'll pray and pray.
I've told you once and believe,
I will never push on you my ways.
But I will continue to cry,
maybe the tears will help the light thrive.
I'll sit here in the background,
battling for your life.
Though I feel like the battle is lost,
and you will never know
that the battle won over you,
didn't make you a king, a God,
but made you a slave.

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Roses From Heaven

I took a single long-stemmed rose to one I loved so dear.
I laid it at the headstone and quietly shed a tear.
A flood of memories filled my soul, the tears began to fall,
Then through the gentle summer breeze I heard a familiar call.
It sounded like a voice I hadn't heard in oh, so long.
The voice of my dear Mother, sweeter than the angels' song.
"My darling daughter, dry your eyes," she whispered in the wind.
"Your pain is temporary.  Someday we'll meet again.
I'll be standing there with Jesus as you cross the great divide,
And together we will wait for you and welcome you inside.
We'll stroll down Heaven's golden streets, walking hand-in-hand,
Just me and you and Jesus as we tour the Promised Land.
You can't even imagine  the beauty that awaits.
I cannot wait to see the joy as it overcomes your face.
I appreciate the rose you brought to symbolize your love.
But I must leave it here below.  We have plenty up above.
So take it with you when you go, and remember what I've spoken.
And try to smile when you think of me, don't let your heart be broken.
Remember all the good times, and the times that are yet to be.
You know I love you with all my heart, and I know that you love me."
As quickly as it had begun, the wind faded away.
Her voice was gone and so I turned to where the red rose lay.
I blinked in total disbelief.  I rubbed my tear-streaked eyes.
There in the place of the single rose was an incredible surprise.
A dozen long-stemmed roses were scattered in its place
I gathered them up quickly, as a smile came to my face.
I took a single long-stemmed rose, and she sent down eleven.
I never will forget the day that roses came from Heaven.

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Red Rose

What a beautiful scarlet rose!
The smiling petals surround your heart
What a charming blood-red flower!
While approaching,
Your sweetness fulfills my chest.

Who thought of this blood color with scent?
I could not satisfy for just standing,
Smelling, and admiring.
My hand then tries to reach you,
My head plans to pick you up.
Violently your barbs bleed my heart,
Oh Dear!

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Rose Bush

Love is like a rose bush.
Winter comes and you think it has died.
But blooms again,
for it has only dried.
Some have thorns,
so handle love with care.
Cause a rose won't be a rose
and love won't be love.
If thorns weren't there.

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Pleading For Eternity With You

Pleading For Eternity With You!

Can you speak those words, that very sacred needed vow
  no my dear, not so much later, do it sweetly, do it now

Pledge your heart, your sweet love and all your sexy charms
  your life, your eternity resting in my strong loving arms

Whisper that faithful oath ever so tenderly if you must
  say it loud , say it with joy, seal my very needed trust

My darling , I have vowed to love you forever and true
  forsaking all others and clinging desperately only to you

Now my tender heart, my mind and my ears need to hear
  romantic love, desperate love that will remove all my fear

Say it now, say it quick, scream it out without any delay
  you will love me dearly, hold me tightly, forever and a day

Must I sadly cry and wait as you contemplate , tease and hesitate
  scream those words, loving words , forever sealing our fates

Delay no longer my darling, spare my very anxiously aching heart
  start that clock, time spinning our eternity, this day start 

Twilight awaits you forever joining our hearts this very minute
  as our true love, sacred love , locks eternity so deeply in it!

Robert L. 06-02- 2014

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Valentine Rose

You are the rose
   that filters my air with fatal fragrance
   yet saturates with sweetness all my senses.
Yours are the thorns that dug deep
   and scarred my heart,
   now healed by your love with no pretenses. 

You are that rose
   of which love songs are sung
   and with which gardens do grow.

You are my rose.
My eyes behold your beauty.
My lips tingle by your touch.

You are my valentine rose.
I love you, oh, so much.

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A Rose and A Woman

A rose represents beauty
Much like a woman 
They are unique
Not one
Is an 
exact replica

A rose in its glory
Is beaming under 
A buttermilk sky
Freshly radiant
With raindrops
Of sky-water

Like a woman
A rose slowly
And methodical
Unravels its core
Will Let go
And mesmerize you 

Their embrace
Of unending 
Lingering passion
Their mate
A Sea of fertility

Renewing a promise
To return to
For up to
Eighty years 
Or death 
Of old age

Their skin soft 
As velvet satin
As fragile 
As porcelain
They unfold
Their Blossom

They come in many 
Hues and colors
Blood-silk red
Glistening Ivory
Fresh goldenrod
Baby blue

A rose and a woman
Cannot endear
Without tender affection
And nourishment
If their mates
Take care

They will
Awaken their spirits
And become
As bright 
As moonbeams
In a sea of starlight

Their intoxicating Aroma
 Pheromones entice
Both rose and woman
Will unfold their souls
Year after year 
For your delight

Copyright, Heather Mirassou   June 28, 2010

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Rose for all Seasons


As He looked down from the heavens above,
He created spring and prepared the earth.
He decided Eden needed more love
and made this the season for a new birth.

A perfect garden but man was alone.
One night He caused man to dream in his sleep
and opened his breast removing a bone.
A flower was planted for man to keep.

I am that mate, I’m man's flowering rose.
I was planted in spring in hallowed ground. 
Created in beauty the gardener knows,
the flower of man, to him I am bound.

No longer will man be alone to toil.
Planted in spring in God’s loving soil.


Now is the season I have come to bloom.
Thriving in summer, the gardener’s plan.
Born as a flower within the earth’s womb.
A beautiful rose created for man.

His gift of a flower since time began.
Companion for life, a loving soul mate.
Blossoming strength in the summertime span.
Flowering beauty at the garden gate.

I am that rose, such a wonderful fate.
Strength in beauty, I’m the gardener’s rose.
Created for man so we can relate.
I stand behind him where the garden grows.

Grace in beauty and feminine power.
Standing with him, I’m the summer flower.


Fall is the season of power and might.
A soul mate I was created to be
and placed in the garden at God’s decree.
Behind my man in the gardener’s sight,
a feminine rose is the male delight.
As I stand next to him, for all to see,
my mystical power that set him free
and the gardener smiled for it was right.

Fall is the season I start to relax,
the breeze is provoking my rest and sleep.
It is the season, our work is now done.
Together all year we learned all the facts
and memories that we, forever keep.
For we have been blessed together as one.


Winter lends a blanket of snow
here in the place where gardens grow.
Blossomed all year beautifully dressed.
Winter has come, it’s time to rest.

The gardener knows the reason,
my beauty doubles next season.
I gave him strength, held to my breast.
Winter has come, it’s time to rest.

My man smiles because of the rose.
A winter sleep is just repose.
A rose for a man, passed the test.
Winter has come, it’s time to rest.

Winter lends a blanket of snow.
Winter has come, it’s time to rest.

Author Notes:

Spring:  Shakespearian sonnet
Summer: Spenserian sonnet
Fall: Petrarchan sonnet
Winter: Kyrielle sonnet

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If Suddenly

You should know...
A few things:

If suddenly,
You seek an egress,
Your soul I'd love to caress,
If I can not prove my love, 
Like I used to do so,
Then with words I would preserve it,
Through eternity, and infinity.

If suddenly,
You stop thinking of me,
Read my words,
And with words you will remember me,
It doesn't matter if time has passed,
It doesn't matter if you cry,
I will be there.

If suddenly, 
You feel alone,
With no one to turn,
With no stone to throw,
And no shoulder to cry on,
You can always come home,
Fragile rose...
You will always be my rose,
You will always be my love,
No matter the cost,
I will be there for you...

If suddenly,
You feel like the sun doesn't shine,
And that the moon is lost, behind the clouds in the sky,
If your world has turned black,
And your nightmares take over your nights,
Close your eyes,
Forget the world, forget everyone...
And I will be there...

- Sek Chavira, January 13, 2015.

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Roses are still red  -  and
True - pink and velvet silk of ivory
Rosa Glutinosa - the species of Mediterranean
Stunted by the growth, Native be Europe, Turkey and Iran
A shrub - at most three tiny feet high
Beauty it be of whites - 5 petals and true of thee
Gold- centered a bud - Her devoted majesty
For European culture - thee limbs hairy and of thorn
Fresh - be it- be - the leaves aroma of pine
Roses are - what to determine true love, and mine
Look thee - Rosa Glutinosa - the love doth flow
Like a daisy - with petals true and fact every time
He or she loves me , loves me not, loves me , loves me not
Matter of fact - gimme five , He or she ends always
With that - that is true - LOVES ME
Controlled by the daisy - by the European  Rose!
And true to a point - picking the petals then see
Glutinosa - your true colors special to know of how rare
To know to start out with HE/SHE loves me not - HE/SHE loves me
Loves me not - loves me ends like this with
A fur of thick - thorn - and 3 foot slap
Right in the face - loves me not too for also and end
True how 5 petals waiting
Too the daisy , shall it known the rose is close
And each petal bore by the bud
Feelings are then beauteous - they flood
Determining love - I say it with prose
Loves me - pick the petal that beautiful rose!

In true love shall we pend in life  .  The point I get to say in my song Lyrics as a songwriter too!  MY SONG  Sir , Don't You Understand ?  sung by singer Sharon Zee
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A Dove

I am just an innocent dove
Who only know how to love
And I am in deep love with someother female dove
But She said , she has no belief in me and love
She is the only one who listens to me
She is the only one who stole my lonliness
Many times I said I love you more than my life
But she used to laugh at me
Then she said,'' I will believe in love and you
When I see the rain drops in red
When my body became wet in that red drops''
I am confused and said it's just impossible
Again she laughed and said this love is also impossible

I want to make her believe my love is true
And I can do anything for her
One day, I am with a red rose to her
She is in deep sleep and my be in a dream
I don't want to disturb her
I am just flying above her and waiting to express my love again
Then she suddenly wokeup from the sleep
Because of the red rain
She became totally wet in that red drops
And she is the happiest person to see that miracle
But those are my last moments
Because the rose is just in my mouth
But the thorns are sucked in my heart
That is not the red rain but my red blood
I gave her the rose and proposed again
She accepted my love with the tears in her eyes
Those are the last words I heard
Just for those words I lived

Details | Personification | |

An Undying Rose

A rose buds-
Reaches its arms
Out into the world.
They are felt,
They are given,
They are sold, 
They are picked, 
And they describe love.
It grows as petals do,
Fair, lovely, and bright,
Then wilt, but are not done...
They cry petals-
As they fall, 
The rose will recieve 
Special care 
Or be thrown.
The love that they had 
Is cherished
In a sweet scented potpourri,
To be kept forever.
I love you in this way.

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The Rose

      The rose is a symbol of love.
       It was given out of Gods love
       to each and everyone.
       It blooms each year to let us know
       that God is always near.
       It's beauty is beyond compare
       to any of the other flowers
       that God has placed for us here.

       As we go through our daily chos
       we all should take time
       to think of the rose.
       just as God has made the rose 
       with all it's splender and beauty
       He has done for us also.

       He has made each of us with special care
       And if we falter he doesn't care.
       His love is unconditional
       and for this I am so grateful.
       It makes him smile to see us grow
       and bloom with his love
       to share one to another.
       So always remember the beautiful rose.

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Like A Rose

Why cant you see what you mean to me,
I love you the way you are,
As time went by, your love for me started to slowly fade away,
You left me alone and I just can’t live my life this way.

We had lots of good times,
Do you remember our first day?
When you took my trembling hand,
Then you turned and kissed me that way,
Lip’s so warm and tender,
Touch softer than a rose,
I never wanted to part,
Now I cry for that thorn in your rose is now a thorn in my heart.

I fantasize about holding you tight and taking you in my arms again,
I miss your love so much,
I need your touch and to hear your voice calling my name,
My love,
The rose’s I gave you are still in the vase you put them in before,
Now there dieing away,
What can I say to make these rose’s bloom once more?

Like a rose in the rain,
Tears roll down my face.

Like a rose in the sun,
The memories start to come.

When I think of you the good times start rolling back,
And now your red, red rose,
Our red, red rose,
Has turned black. 

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a black rose

a rose as black as night
a rose of pain 
a rose of love
the pain from being without you
the love from being near you
this is my way of saying i love you

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Dreaming Of You

My starry, starry eyes upon you this very night
In the starlight, in the world of beautiful roses
Walking in the gardens among miles of buds blooming
The vision I find in loving you, I find clear
Is an exquisite mesmerized wondrous sight
Not boring but extraordinary beyond the best dreams
The farther I step, the brighter each day gets
The more my vision drives my senses clear
My starry, starry eyes therefore giving me utmost pleasure
Through the years of my life of which I seek to hold
To find the innocence of the flavor of love 
My eyes focus and pleasure , I look beyond compare
To seek the visual beauty of the rose in prose
Everything colorful in hues when my eyes set on you
And my soul hungers for the pleasure I found
The attraction to you like that of the rose
And with the stars - I gaze at the moonlight
Shining down upon my radiant face
I visualize the beauty with these eyes of mine
My senses still wonder if true love be true
And my sight  shows true colors in loving you
Yes , I found the love of my dreams
In my mind , he could be real it seems
And with the rosebud this I could then see
The aroma then so very sweet
As  the petals bloom, I breathe
This beauty! Then toss the bouquet
Charm me , you I might then meet
And thus the bud blooms in my sight
My starry, starry eyes seek into the night.

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priceless gem

from out off
one billow 
of smoke 
taking form
in the mist 
sweetly vision creates 
a maiden 
who draws on
that of beauty

kidnapped taken 
into another space
standing upon
the carpet magic
one regal jewel
enchanting heartbeats
crowning rose
sweetest princess 
cut above divine
sparkling priceless feelings
treasured gem 
emotions sparkle
they gently 
then silently flutter
inside a whispering 
cool warm 
loving breeze

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In one piece all respect

Not so easy shading the skin
We all rose in dirt in silence 
All against the wall as we’d rose
As thought in living condescended
In earth to roll its spine in shine
As many dreams as blown by ruler
As many voices  rose  washed  shores
As sounds echo to wall raise our voices
Rains in mussons stops melting ice 
In balance seek in love as drop the ruler
Gathered all in one piece in respect to live

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The Rose

This immortal rose that lovers seek
will be glimpsed by all in youthful peak
for her presence will be on every corner.

And those who confuse that heady perfume
with a lust for love,
will only find winter in an unknown heart
for beauty was always a fragile thing.

 We who have seen this gift from above
will always get burned by its light.
The poet and the painter
have perfumed our existence
with loves testimony to this.

The pain and tears fall on empty shield
 for love will break your heart
but when we reach out to hold the rose 
picked from these fields of hope,
a moment in life unfurls,
 love will kiss your soul
and the world belongs to you.

Fleeting are the petals of time
the rose is a symbol to love.
For others it is the pain of life,
to find and lose this immortal gift
leaves a desert where life cannot breathe.

 The laughter replaced by silence
the smile that is kept in darkness,
the kiss exiled to the memory.

Love is lost in the deepest pit
of your despair,
the thorns will bleed your soul red
but she can never die.

Love will always leave a spark
that will lead you to redemption
and only death can take this from you.

The rose was never yours to pick
but its creation yours to admire
for your being was made for this.

And as our mortal bodies die
 the spirit will seek the rose once more
for in death its petals fall too
blessing the ground of your resting place.

The rose was always yours 
and its beauty a source of life
the chains of doubt will always 
break in its presence.

The rose is pure
as is your faith in mankind.
It can show you a deeper meaning
for you are the petals of life
she is the perfume of your existence
and it is you that made her life complete.

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Still Waiting

Oh! my rose flower

I am waiting for you with a rose in my hand

I am waiting for a moment just to express my feelings

I never thought that moment would be as long as my life

And I am ready to wait whole my life

But suddenly water flowing from my eyes with out my knowledge

And I am unable to cope myself with the truth that you are not existing

I am screaming out loudly

I am crying out madly

And atlast

I am waiting at the same place

With the red rose turned black

With my clean face turned beared

With my neat dress turned torn

With my tears turned blood drops

My heart beat now stopped

My breath now ended

But I am still at the same place and waiting for you.

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A Rose without Petals

Of what color is a rose without petals?
Is it not?
A cloudy window of imagination or reminisces of a moribund love?
Of what scent is a rose without ‘wings’?
For in the sweet rich pinkish color, we savored the breath of a life 
And in the pulpit, the preacher declared with candor, a conferment of our promise
For what reasons are your secrets so hidden like the anger of a calm sea?
Those little cancerous sores that keep your heart bleeding
When the town sleeps, your sobs drown the tranquil of the night
Of what reasons are your tears so stinging?
Leaving your eyes a shadow of their radiance on the day of our wedding 
You have betrayed the innocence of my hands?
That lifted your face of the veil before the priest
And unto those who bore witness to our solemn procession.
Down the aisle
Shall we repeat our vows?
Our love shall endure, all seasons; and for all reasons.
That like flowers of the spring; our faces shall glow in radiance 
But your ways, are not the ways of love Vanessa
Am always filled with veneration for you
How do I see beyond your gloom? 
Because every new day, your smile dies into its gradual paucity
Painful tears of your eyes wets your bosom with every rising sun,
You set my mind reeling back in time
The earth beneath me, and forth my feet, swim in pirouette
And I shall not stand anymore
Tomorrow, I will leave with the first cock’s crow:
I shall leave in the endeavor of my destiny 
I shall leave.
I shall leave a rose without petals.

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One Thousand Scars

She was bleeding, pierced and bruised 
To love she ran, but love refused 
With a thousand ugly scars on her heart 
Her smiles faded, her life fell apart 

He gave her a red rose 
As a sign of his love 
But the thorns pierced her hands 
The rose was filled with blood 
She trembled as the drops 
Stained her white dress 
Her heartbeat dared her to stop 
She was drowned with guilt; depressed 

With a life full of hurt 
From the very ones she loved 
She prayed a prayer to the skies above 
They answered her with the rain 
She stood silently, feeling no pain 

Her mistakes, her past were all forgotten 
Her distress, her fears became nothing 

She dropped the rose 
She stopped the bleeding 
Her dress was white 
She was still breathing 
She closed her eyes 
For a second or two 
Then opened them to see 
She was somewhere new 
Never again she would be alone 
She left the strangers, she finally came home.

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Roses----the odour of love.

Bravely young lieutenant standing in the battle field hurtlessly.
He captured their enemies very lightly.
His stylist, romantic war, the shield dazzled to see.
He is fond of war and kissing delightly !!

His shiny hair leap and mould prince of wars luminous.
Once he passed, seeing the valley of roses.
 He ponder slightly odourless flowers of roses.
Amazingly, he allured aura inside the valley of roses.

He dreamt that he is in the world of roses.
His heart fluttering and his eyes filled with roses.
The sudden fragrance pouring with gems festival rollick.
But the veiling  Rose  disappered with ivory smiles.

His shying dawn bring coloring lunar reflect his love.
Rosy thorns narrating the gregarious story of loveth.
His rose-world sprouted rootlessly and moths kissing rosy-cheeks.
He seek flower's bazaars also rose wreath.

He sculptured the statue of rose express his love.
Her eyelids feared, roses winging for flowery love.
His rose-blood beloved rose-girl and forgets the bloody war.
He feels like nestling, rose nest covered by love.

The beautiful love period perfumed, the white roses flare as of love-lyre.
He lisped love-language to the fairy rosing.
His enemies pursued and watching his actions  in hidden.
In a night of rain  he sung songs of love, roses floating !

His enemies played their sword at his rose-fairy.
At most joy, her heart fell, gushing rose-petal.
Rose petals mixed his blood and irrigated the valley or rose.
One who see this valley, roses sprout the odour of love natural  !!

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A Dream Of You

Sweet, tender, collected thoughts of you.
As I sleep they awaken in me.
Pleasantly, peacefully you take my hand and we begin to walk.
The flowers are beautiful roses in a bed of glistening pebbles.
The path which we walk upon is lighted by dimly lit red candles.
As we approach the end of the path there is a bench covered in red velvet 
cushions with black trim
 We sit and you reach behind you and take one of the  red roses and hand it to 
As you hand it to me you say in your own little way.
Look  closely into the center of the flower as you do this, react as you wish.
 The rose is in my hand and you reach into the rose and take  out a ring.
You then take my left hand and place it on my ring finger .
As you do this you begin to smile and say I love you,
you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Baby you would make me the happiest man alive if you would be my bride.
Before I could say anything you kissed me and smiled at me.
I smiled back and said..............................................
Then I was awakened by the ringing of the telephone.

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The years has truly gone by 

Not saying it’s that time 

For you to be my valentine 

My heart of love continue to fly 

And you have made me cry

Here is this rose of mine  

Because I know you look so fine

Your lovely rose is all sublime 

For God to create you

You’re worth more than a dime

You’re my passion 

My trusted fund through the life of pyridine 

This valentine 

Let us place the molecules in line

 Gather all the gardener scent 

Put on you’re gorgeous lint 

And I’ll know the hint 

You are my splendor

God grateful wonder 

Doing this valentine season you will surely make my heart ponder 

 Luvs Stan

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My Roses

                 My Roses

I love roses for they are so beautiful
At a wee time I was a rose 
I have a rose that always blooms 
I have two as a matter of fact
They are my world never dies in my heart never abandons me
I couldn't live without them for they are my roses

Her smile could light up the world if it ever crashed 
In my moms heart there would be no hurt no poverty nothing that goes on in this world
She always protected me always shielded away which I grew to love 
I would want my wee rose to see that as well
For my roses will always bloom in my heart in my mind in my soul they will never abandon 
They will stay with my spirit and we will be three roses that always will bloom
Every season every second of the day and night

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Rose Petal Kiss

I'm a rose petal kiss
a lilac embrace
a warm summer breeze massaging your face
I'm a ray of pure sunshine
a moonbeam of gold
inhaling your essence
may I be so bold
caressing your body
kissing your skin
hold me sweet darling 
please take me in
I'm drenched with your passion
I'm lost in your folds
wandering forever in your mysteries untold
I'm a rose petal kiss
a lilac embrace
a warm summer breeze massaging your face


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-Truly Yours-

He gave me a rose that has lasted forever
Has never wilted or died for thirst
Petals are still in tack, blood red as ever
Tagged -truly yours-

As my eyes glimpse this rose
Try to remember the times we smiled
Way I'd lose my equilibrium after your kiss
My heart skipping beats when you held me in your arms
Tagged myself -truly yours-

Countless tears I've shed
Believing your lies, you were never going to leave her
Three years of being your secret
Afterwards you spoke the words, "See you later."
Tagged yourself -truly only yours-

My memory fades
Unlike the rose its not lasting forever
Not needing to be quenched
Blood red flows evenly, my heart never misses a beat
Tagged -truly yours never more-

have fun making mistakes, but learn from your regrets, cause nothing lasts forever.

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The Rose


In A Field Of Green
Under Sky Of Blue
A SIngle Rose 
That Grows So True
Held With Care
Not Pricked By Thorn
With Tenderness
So Loves Not Torn

A Poise That Is
Forever Time
Holds A Heart
Within It's Mind
For Not One Flower
Can Contend
Compare It's Love
A Rose Can Send

It's Blossomed By
Sweet Nourishment
Yearns For More
Tis' Not Content
In Passed Time
The Petals Fall
That Shielded Core
Beneath It's Walls

It Withers
As The Days Flow By
Behold The Beauty
In Ones Eyes
A Tattered Shell
Shed's In The Wind
To Return...
To It's Begin

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I cut the petals off of a rose
To see if I could feel alive
But I faltered
I forgot to cut off the thorns
And they cut my hands open
Setting the rose down
I realized how twisted I had become
I'm a demon
With the mask of an angel
That I wasn't at fault
When truly
Everything was my fault
The rose has slowly died
Because of my hands
Because of the darkness within
The thorns are still there
More pronounced than ever
But this rose
Will never live again

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Rose Patch Hands

Shall I plant a rose patch to explain your scars
So the world may never know how you treat your beauty?

Shall I hide the blades that oblige your compulsion
To shave away the flesh that burdens you so?

Shall I distract you with gold and glitter
And pull your eyes away from those scarlet stains?
Shall I bind you with thornless rose stems
If not for pleasure, then for a moment of peace?

Shall I pull down my plaques and papers
So that I might trade them for your undivided affection?

Shall I salve in scripture and pray to the wind
That this apparent affliction may wander from you?

Shall I mire in melancholia, and exchange my hope
As a sacrificial lamb to ransom your amour-propre? 

Shall I remove myself so that I may no longer prod
Your beauty to suffer the lies that only your eyes see in the mirror?

Shall I plant a rose patch to explain your scars
So the world may never know how you treat your beauty?

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Only the rose

You know there's that little place in the inner wrist

where it's so soft and tender?

Where I need your touch;

Where I touch you

Wrist to wrist,no-one will notice;

But we notice,

I feel your pulse beating,

Or is it mine?

Take the rose,

Take the rose for your table.

And when you see it


Remember everything

What we said,

What we never said but implied,

And only the rose will listen

As you sing your song

The rose will be there

In the heart's garden


Dreaming us back into being.

As we fade gently away

With evening time.

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'Tis A Rose

from afar tis a rose in hand
with no thorns to prick your finger
closer this rose is transparent
... made of everything that can not be touched
but that does exist

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Black Rose

She is my friend
With whom I shared my every moment
She is some one
Who is more than my life
She don't want to hurt me
So, every time she lied with me
When i expressed my love with this rose
She lied again and accepted my love
But there is no love in her eyes
And my red rose is on the road

She don't want to see the tears in my eyes
So, she lied again and said that she will never leave me
She don't want to see me moody
So, she lied again and said that she cares for me more than anyone
But I can see the truth that she never loved me
And my red rose is still on the road

Why she is doing this? She never talked to me
And I know that she is lying everytime but I cannot ask her
Every day I am with a fresh red rose
Just to plant my true love in her as this rose
But everytime my rose is thrown on the road
When I asked her
She lied again and said this was never done by her
So where is my red rose
Where is my true love
And I found it is still on the road
Now its not red but black
My request to her to come back with my true love
Where I can wait for this till my last breath

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My rose unfurled, withered in my eyes,
And thorns endured where dainty petals aught;
On scented breath exhaled beguiling lies,
And morning weeps, unblushed, for love is naught.
Farewell to lusty shadows creaking bed, 
And crackling hearth before which lovers laid,
And belvedere where innocence was bled,
While moonlight specters pranced in flowered glade.
Adieu my rose, forgive my early spring; 
Between my youthful urges lay thee pressed,
And not a single sympathetic string;
Do angels chord within my sorrowed breast.
My garden dampens neath a summer’s rain,
Yet never will I bloom a rose again.

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It is not time for the roses to bloom

It is not time for the roses to bloom, 
The wind whistles a chilly melody,
Clouds veiling the scarlet moon,
Grass field beneath snow’s custody, 
And yet, a rose I see, everyday. 
Her scent fills the blank page, 
The pipe’s smoke refuses to pine,
Silent night seals the cottage, 
Candlelight brighter than sunshine,
And yet, a rose I see, everyday. 
I sleep and wait spring to come, 
alike the bees in their hive,
The snowman in his glass dome
longing to be shaken alive, 
And yet, a rose I see, everyday. 
There must be flowers on winter, 
the gardens may be lost again,
the dragon winged sprinter
Is quiet, bounded by a frost chain,
And yet, a rose I see, everyday. 
The ice is cracking on the lake, 
Near the aspen tree mound. 
A squirrel is startled awake 
By the howling wolf sound, 
And yet, a rose I see, everyday. 
A rose I see, everyday, and yet,
in her flowerbed she stays,
the petals I can kiss and pet,
even if her season is faraway, 
because, a rose I seek, everyday.

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Wild Yellow Rose

Tears for the yellow rose mirrors in my heart
cause of the loss of you. Once a year you 
would always hand pick me a wild yellow rose.

With the tears leaking from your eyes
and a kiss on your cheek, I'd hear take 
this home cotton, And remember me.

The thought of you never handing me a 
yellow rose hurts me so, Knowing I got one 
for years has to last through all my tears.

Till the day I see the leaking from your hazel eyes 
as I walk through heavens gate with a wild 
yellow rose I'll be handing you we have to wait.

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Three Roses

You hand to me… A rose A rose most red Behind you are… Two roses Both roses white Silently said… Two white roses Are each of us And the red rose Is our love I grab all three roses… A rose pierces my skin Blood spills… Representing Our dedication To one another This sentiment… I am touched By the love shown And by the piercing A love greater… Now that we’re together May our hearts Carry roses With dedication Thank you… For sharing your love Silent But caring love
Russell Sivey Entrant into Debbie Guzzi's "Touched " contest 2/24/2012

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This rose died for love

This rose died for Love,
And was laid on the hand
of the queen of the land,
with the bless from above.
lost is her sweet essence,
departed is the last rose –
but why do I feel close
to her Feeble presence?
The rose died before
On the lips of a maiden
In the Gardens of Eden,
Beneath the tree of lore.
To die like a rose I pled:
For beauty I can be dead.

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A Rose

A Rose 
A Rose is a symbol of 
God greatest love 
To remember his son 
That died for the world 
God is holy; we are 
His creation 
He made the world 
And every nation 
A Rose is a symbol 
Of beauty within 
It has no measures 
It goes without ends 
A Rose is sweet with 
Beautiful colors 
Why can’t we be like this; 
And love one another? 

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the rose

                                                    (love story)

She was only 21-when her fiancés life
Was taken with a gun.
They had three years together
And life was getting so much better.
They had plans for a wedding in June
But it ended much too soon.

He had given her a long stem rose
Then he fell to one knee, and did propose.
She took the rose and with loving tender care
With her diary she would share.

She took the rose and cut the stem
And she knew his love would never end.
She knew with time this flower would wither
And die- and that it was a love between he and I.
So she got the silica gel, And preserved the
Rose very well.

She put it into a plastic bag 
and vacuumed out all the air.
Then put it into her diary
Where only she could see.

They said it was a down right shame
That he was in the middle of a shootout
Between two rival gangs.
That was when he lost his life
Before she became his loving wife.

As the tears rolled down her eyes
She started to visualize
Of how her wedding day would have been
Had he not been in the wrong place
At the wrong time.
Their life would have turned out fine.

As she placed the rose upon the diary page
Growing inside of her was a sense of rage.
Why can life be so cruel, and people so full of hate?

But looking at the rose, her heart started to melt
Relieving her of all the anger she felt.
Their love for each other was “ oh so pure”
Of a happy life together she was sure.

Life can be comical, and you never know
What it will bring.
But she got pregnant doing her thing.

Then one night when she fell asleep
Into her mind he did creep
And told her these words:
Now you have three things I left behind
My love, a rose, and a child of mine.

When she awoke, she knew he did not die in vain
For he left a part of himself to relieve her pain.

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Forever-Part 2

Pacabells cannon starts to play. The gates open and everyone looks my way. Beautiful black and red roses line the red carpet that leads to you. You look amazing tonight too. I look at my white dress as I step into the setting sun. The light catches the black sparkles and roses on my dress and makes me look beautiful, makes me feel like one. A black rose on this beautiful LA sand. A black rose that belongs to a wonderful man. I slowly walk down the aisle. I walk up to you and I smile. There's black and red roses on the alter and I get up ther. I can smell their sweet fregrance in the warm evening air. The paster starts as I look at you. You say you vouls and I say mine too. You say "I do," and I do the same too. You slip yet another beautiful ring on my finger and kiss me so sweetly. We hold hands and walk back down the beautiful rose lined aisle.


We walk to the peir where there are beautiful lights hung up everywhere. I spin to look at the beauty and you lean in close to me and say, "wait here." You walk up to the DJ and request and smile as a familure tune comes on. I continue to smile and I take your hand. you walk me back out onto the beautiful sand.  "Our first dance," you say. My smile gets bigger when I here Amazed starts to play. You pull me closer to you as we start to move from side to side. My nourvousness is hard to hide. "You okay beautiful?" you ask softly as you gently run your hand through my hair. "Yeah baby, I'm fine," I say as I see people gather around and stare. We dance and we sway sweetly and quietly. We kiss and dance slowly. We kiss again and you start to sing along with the song. I've been waiting for this day, I've been waiting so long.


We'r walking on the beach again. hand in hand. you still in your tux, I'm still in my dress. This is our future. Together. Forever. The setting sun catches my ring. It shines brightly. "I love you," I say and we kiss again. "I love you too," you say and gently pick me up.

You carry me back up to the house. You carry me up sairs and lay me on our bed. You lay beside me and gently kiss my head.

We lay there and talk for hours and hours. We smile and laughas our future stretches on in front of us.

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A White Rose

It was a night full of stars
The moon shined upon the land that was green
As the sky was blue
The stars moved in the motion of circles
And the grass let out a sound as beautiful
As a rose itself
A rose, a rose, one of white pedals to shine
A rose fuller than a swine full of slop
Majestic and divine
An untouchable rose, one that I could not own
A rose whose roots were deeply rooted on a green hill
Its throne
A rose who’s beauty had been covered and shadowed 
By a tree’s branches, that rapped around its stem.
Its life being chocked and squeezed ‘til life was no more
That one white rose was the one I adored
I swore that I would free this life from its horrid prison
And allow it a life of growth
The ability to spread its seeds to gardens across the horizon
A life in a vase that I shall own, hold, and cherish
Til the day I too become a prisoner of the earth
And in a way I already had
I trekked up the hill to the place where this rose
Lay is roots, but pulling the plant 
Would do the task not
The branches of the tremendous thick hold were to stay as they were
The rose pedals began to fall to my feet, and my duties had become clear
With my axe, the stem of the rose I cut and in my arms I held tight
And with my axe I pierced my heart and I too fell
A victim of a hold that could not be broken
But though our physical appearance faded into the sky
Our bodies both became a part of the rich soil
Left to father future generations

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               WITH A BEAUTY VERY RARE,
              IS THE THINGS I SEE INSIDE, 
              AND WILLING TO BE A GUIDE.

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The Paper rose

 This Rose was made just for a special lady like you, 
And it would'nt matter if it were red or blue. 
All that really matters is that it represents truth. 

This Rose is just for you who I would kiss over and over again. 
You are my better half, my life my best friend. 
Out of everything I rate you ten times past a ten, 
I rate you a hundred million. 
You stand out in a crowd of se7en thousand civilians. 

This Rose is for you as good as you are even though as bad as I am, 
I feel like I dont deserve you as a young savage way of a man. 
But as good as you are Im just as good as you be, 
As bad as I am whether Im locked up or free, 
Girl you definitely make me better than the old choatic me. 

This Rose will never wilt away nor will it ever die because it is forever, 
Just like it seems at the moment me and you will be together. 
So let us two young love lost souls grow old...... 
because in eternity only you and I will ever truly know..... 
The true meaning of THE PAPER ROSE......... 

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Why Would I

Why would I wish for
a huge house and a career?
I have never had them,
nor I ever will.
Why would I wish for
all the money that exists?
I could never hold it
only in my fist.
Why would I wish for 
expensive cars and clothes?
They could never give me
inner warmth, nor a rose.
I can only wish for
your everlasting presence.
Because you,most of all
could make me feel pleasance.
You most of all
could make my soul heal.
You most of all I'm not letting go
nor I ever will.

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A Rose

Should I mourn each falling leaf?
Distrait of beauty in my grief
Observe the rose in such pain
To stay a rose there to remain
Watching one by one they fall
Leaf by leaf and petals all
Naked now there unadorned
Beauty lost but hardly mourned
Knowing each one as they fell
Left the love they came to tell

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Red and White Roses

A story told in roses, red and white;
Each fragrant bloom revealing a new page,
Of destined love, a battle against fate.
The maiden dancing in the lunar light,
Her spirit free from any earthly cage,	
She is the rose of deepest velvet red.
Yet petals soft and purest white; her mate,
The rose of innocent dreams of delight,
That calls out in whispers of love and sage,
Such mysteries no man could ev’r relate
Unspoken words yet know all things are said
As nightingale sweetly sings romance’s tune,
No rose may know the path on which it’s led
But journeys on by the light of the moon.

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Your smile

Your smile is like a red rose that grows to a sweet smiles, and the smell 
of a rose is as sweet as sugar on your lips.
Your eyes are like emeralds that shines in the sun, and you can see the love
that a flower has to give.
I can feel your heart beat with the love I feel for you. And know one
day I can tell you how I feel about you.

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Behind the Green Door


Cessations tying balloons; glittering now amid the colours of the wind

To build this fairytales city while as closing obtuses intangible eyes....

Animations sparkling fortress afore dangling, majestic manifold crowns ~

Heliums manifestations, lifting these walls atop their monolithic pillars

Foundations, to be pasted unto the rose gardens heirful bouquet skies

Analgesias dreams in flightful hues; higher and higher within florals arrays  

Ascending; reaching for the kingdom born, betwixt prosceniums buttercup stars

Parfaits chalices of golden promises poured from poincianas royal fruitful palms....

Picturesque montages in memorabilias souvenirs; portrayals unto bluer realms ~

Gregarious volitions harbored amid the ports of chamberlains tangible truths 

Cessations tying balloons; colours in the wind building this fairytales fortress

Beyond analgesias momentary dreams for you and me; heliums manifestations

Coming to life their breath atop the monolithic pillars, rose gardens floral skies....

Betwixt prosceniums stars and poincianas fruitful palms; heirs of eternal promise


...."Behind the Green Door" *

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My Rose

One day I shall be your shield
And block the dark arrows of the world
Tearing apart who we are.
I shall be your compass as we sail across the world
I shall be your torch lighting all your dark paths
That you have walked alone so long.
And moments of self doubt
I shall be your music.
No more the chaos of being alone 
Even amidst friends and family
But with me you shall be free
Like the wind blowing through the trees.

And when voices of despair speak to you 
Then smell my rose I have left for you
A scent that shall help you dream away.
Never shall these petals fall to the ground
A secret scent sweeter than honey 
Forever reminding you a love so true.

Now I shall strum these heart strings all night until dawn's light.
I shall play until my fingers bleed
Until I paint a picture with my sound.
A picture painting my rose in the heavens. 
Inscribed across the night sky
Every light in each star resonating our dreams.
So times I cannot be with you
You will look up and remember my love for you.

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FREE CEE as red recedes

             AS PETALS FALL

Upon the soil a pile of petals
Fallen from the strains of time
Once a rose bush rooted well
To sanctify a love sublime

Petals fell from buds of red
As Autumn neared to summer’s end
No cold of winter’s breath yet felt
Yet no help could heaven lend

As petals fell buds bid adieu
Day by day did piles grow
Higher past each noon gone by
Petals feared a fretful snow

A rose remembered red once owned
My lover and I past in the hall
Silence proved its point quite well
While me and that plant both feared the fall

Sometimes love fades as a plant
‘Tis then when Autumn comes to call
Now sit I with senses dulled
No longer loved as petals fall
     © 2008… cee!

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A Rose Doth Be But What A Rose Doth Be.

That flowering petal is the flag to a nose...
It's signal's is it's beautiful but uncommon sense of one lone single rose.

Leaves often than naught fall all due to a lifely end...
This lone rose does often wilt and fall and likely bend.

A rose cannot fight off and fend for itself but yet, without it's only, lonely thorn... 
A rose is always planted-To never be born.

A rose's beauty is only matched by a nature's lonely girl...
When'st in full bloom-T'will thrill to all it's full beautied, viewable unfurl.

Why be it this my sweety doth love the beauty of this one lonely rose
so much? ...
This one lone rose's beauty is only surpassed by a smell and it's well softened 
petal's touch.

Doth be a diamond as a girl's best friend? ...
Only doth a rose doth one truely knows.

This fact be known only 'til time's eternal timely unexpected arrival
and decidedly unexpected end. 


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I gazed upon the trees 
The beautiful trees 
A bramble rose in full bloom 
Framed in a castle window, 
a soft breeze 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

Soft light fell 
On a day... 
When only a Prince, 
can take you away 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

Oh Juliana! 
You cannot believe, 
unless you feel 
Deep in your heart 
The soft kiss of love 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

You returned to a castle 
Bathed in light 
Faeries and butterflies 
On a day,so bright 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

In a walled garden, 
of bramble rose and foxglove 
You cannot believe 
Unless you feel 
Deep in your heart 
The soft embrace of love 

Faerie princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

Oh Juliana! 
Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
You captured everything, 
under your spell 

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No end for LOVE

A big smile on my face
A huge hope in my heart
A great thrilling just to my life
Because it's thursday evening
And I am waiting for you at this temple
I am searching for you in every breath
And I am calling your name with my heart beat
I can see you and I can feel you
Many years gone my love
I am still with a rose in my hand
Please listen to my words
Please accept my love
I know I am not visible to any one
Because I already died for your love
But my soul is still thirsty for your love
And now I cannot leave you
Many years gone my love
And I am still with a rose in  my hand
Please feel my love

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A Rose and A Woman

A rose represents beauty
Much like a woman 
They are unique
Not one
Is an exact replica

A rose in its glory
Is beaming under 
A buttermilk sky
Freshly radiant
With raindrops
Of sky-water

Like a woman
A rose slowly
And methodical
Unravels its core
Will Let go
And mesmerize you 

Their embrace
Of unending 
Lingering passion
Their mate
A Sea of fertility

Renewing a promise
To return to
For up to
Eighty years 
Or death 
Of old age

Their skin soft 
As velvet satin
As fragile 
As porcelain
They unfold
Their Bosom

They come in many 
Hues and colors
Blood-silk red
Glistening Ivory
Fresh goldenrod

A rose and a woman
Cannot endear
Without tender affection
And nourishment
If their mates
Take care

They will
Awaken their spirits
And become
As bright 
As moonbeams
In a sea of starlight

Their intoxicating Aroma
 Pheromones entice
Both rose and woman
Will unfold their souls
Year after year 
For your delight

Copyright, Heather Mirassou   June 28, 2010

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Remembered, A Desperate Plea

Remembered, A Desperate Plea

Summer of '74, sweet one you promised me
in a couple years I'll return you'll see
Forty years have now swiftly flown by
I see not you sun nor your sweet sky

Did you get so very lost out West
go on another mighty far away quest
Step into that gentle sweet goodnight
or catch angels on a homeward flight

'Twas July the eight that you flew away
O' how could I ever forget that sad day
So happy that you were California bound
you forgot to send word of what you found

Forty years and no word ever sent to me
never forgotten was your desperate plea
Wait my darling,  I will return as we plan
to my sweetest  love , my angel , my man

Summer of '74 so sad and so very long ago
you left me in loneliness no man should ever know
I saw your spirit as it took you away from me
never forgetting your cherished, desperate plea

Life and time could never, never fully erase
your love , smell , and beautiful smiling face

Robert J. Lindley,  07-08-2014

A man can love too much, too deep and too often,
the price he pays is as great as was the pleasure he 
thought he freely gained.Those lost often come back to 
haunt in sad memories the failures of youth!
Life takes it's payment and nobody gets by without paying 
one way or another..

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The wind is quiet, wearily quiet this evening,
(and they say that winds do not age)
and I,
I am fondling the wild rose
with the inexplicable hope
that I shall find your tear on its petal.
Since you have gone, many a night has lost its brilliance,
and they tiredly walk my dark paths,
as if they grew old too,
just like our memories.
Those wonderful young nights
- in which we used to look at turquoise nets
woven by singing crickets during silky nights –
now they became completely tired and dark,
and they aimlessly wander my dark paths.
The wild rose's petals have long since stopped dancing,
because the wind no longer touches them.
They say that winds do not age,
perhaps not the desert winds,
but the cemetery winds certainly age and die
along with people and flowers.
It is so quiet and dark
in nights without you.
Everything died inside me
apart from the hope
that I shall see your tear on the trembling face of the wild rose,
the same tear
that was conceived in your dear, warm eyes
when I first kissed you.
How the night shone, how the wind was singing youthfully,
and the rose pensively sighed
when your tear slid onto it.
But now, everything is so quiet and dark,
and that wild rose
you used to fondle during storms,
like a lost child,
is perfectly quiet now,
perfectly abandoned.
Our wonderful young nights
grew old amidst our aimless wanderings,
just like I did.
The wind is so quiet this evening, so tiredly weak,
it pushes the night along my dark paths like a tired old man,
and I,
I am courting death like an aged old man,
because I know the end is near,
that our young nights shall become older with each new day,
and that your wild rose shall fade and completely disappear.

© Walter William Safar

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Winter's solace

Cold sent shivers down his spine 
His soul aching to be complete 
Quenching his thirst with blood he calls wine 
Thuds of his heart on the street
Just for tonight his mask no longer worn
Winter sympathizing his state
For he was pricked by a thorn
A thorn that belonged to his dearest rose
A rose he no longer held 
Mind wandering to the time he found solace
In the arms of his rose he lays 
Her  porcelain face still lingers in mind 
Flashing eyes in anger as he betrayed 
Eyes of eternity will never leave him 
His solitary ground no longer steadied him 
Forever wandering with no comfort
With no hope, no tears left to dry 
Heavens above heard his cries
Finally joining in sadness
Wind blew sending shivers through him
Surrendering he waits for winters solace

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I Remember the Rose

For most, a rose is romance.
A rose is the passion within -
The forgiving flower.
The tenderness that is, pure love.
But not to me.
A rose to me is sadness,
It’s essence and it’s scent,  
I recall a painful memory -
A lonely reminder of a woman,
I never got to meet.
It’s velvet beauty surrounded her,
So pale and still she lay
My grandma.
I recall my father’s face;
The first time I ever seen him cry.
On his knees by his mother -
At her coffin.
So when I smell a rose’s love,
In retrospect, I think I understand
The beauty and the essence it demands.
For it was the rose that I remember -
and I think about her quiet face,
My Nana, 
the gentle rose
The woman that brought my father
to his knees.

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Full of Love

i love to talk to you.  i love being in love.
i love lots of things.  i just love life.
i am so happy today 
and i am not sure why.
is like i smelled the sweet rose 
it stayed with me, reminding me 
how sweet your smell is.
how beautiful a rose can be
it can hurt as much as it gives me joy.
my life is full of love, love everywhere
and i cant help but smile all day.
wish i could keep feeling this way 
but life is hard as well.
storms come when you least expect them,
but that's just to test your love and faith.
i feel like i was born again.
i feel like feel like i have opened up my heart
to something i was trying to hide.
i can not longer hold this inside.
i got so much love i want to cry.

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I would not greet you with a "hello-howdy doo" I would hand a smile attached to a rose in your hands soft and true.

I would leave one by your door because you deserve to walk on petals and not hurt your feet...Id leave a rose by your shower because Id shower you with love...granting u power for all your days complete.

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Petal crowning

The softest petal touching
heart within blossoms,
flowering with love 
for only you .

As the sun warms each rays,
kissing each breath 
on a breeze blowing
gently whispering ,
golden fluttering inside
upon this dream.

Silver stars dotting
the dark velvet sky,
confetti sprinkles softly winking 
sparkles all over you.

With paradise trapped
in your smile,
gleaming jewels 
treasuring one vision,
rising from out of this ocean
crowning you babe 
my adorable queen.

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A Rose and A Woman

A rose represents beauty
Much like a woman 
They are unique
Not one
Is an exact replica

A rose in its glory
Is beaming under 
A buttermilk sky
Freshly radiant
With raindrops
Of sky-water

Like a woman
A rose slowly
And methodical
Unravels its core
Will Let go
And mesmerize you 

Their embrace
Of unending 
Lingering passion
Their mate
A Sea of fertility

Renewing a promise
To return to
For up to
Eighty years 
Or death 
Of old age

Their skin soft 
As velvet satin
As fragile 
As porcelain
They unfold
Their Bosom

They come in many 
Hues and colors
Blood-silk red
Glistening Ivory
Fresh goldenrod

A rose and a woman
Cannot endear
Without tender affection
And nourishment
If their mates
Take care

They will
Awaken their spirits
And become
As bright 
As moonbeams
In a sea of starlight

Their intoxicating Aroma
 Pheromones entice
Both rose and woman
Will unfold their souls
Year after year 
For your delight

Copyright, Heather Mirassou   June 28, 2010

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To See A Dream

A rose that looks like sunshine,
Bright, but soft, butter yellow, with an edgy crimson outline,
floated in a vase alongside soft splatterings of Baby's Breath.

'Twas a gift.
It lived on the dresser;
my dresser in front of my bed.

Every morning, when the sun began to shine through my window,
the rose was the first thing I saw.

It had no thorns, it was perfect;
Perfection in a single flower:
I took a picture.
To capture the moment,
to capture the beauty before it began to wilt,
before it lost its perfection.

I would dream,
imagine that I would become an aspired singer,
that I could dance,
that I could be in the "In" society.

I would dream the impossible,
that I could be the first to count all the stars,
that I would sit on the porch with my love and enjoy morning hot chocolate,
that I could see the future God intended.

My reflections bloomed, like my rose.
They grew into a young woman of no horror in her life,
sheltered and nurtured under the love of parents and a close friend.

I woke up to my animal's playing and a resounding crash.
My shattered vase.
My gorgeous rose,
Baby's Breath and water all over the floor and under the dresser.

I cut my feet.
I cut my hands.
My rose had a tiny thorn under the wilted petals.

For you see,
I never saw the withered, ugly flower with a covered thorn.
I saw what I wanted to see;
A soft, but brilliant, yellow rose with edgy crimson outlines.

My dreams blended into the blood on my feet.
Reflections became none exsistant when I felt the pain of glass in my hands;
I saw my sheltered life sink into the puddle of water, slowly drifting under my bed.

With tears, I cleaned.
I scrubbed and threw away the pieces.
I bandaged the wounds and washed my eyes and cheeks.

Without aid,
I moved on.

Time told me of scars on my feet and hands.

All I can do is remember and glance at my framed, wilted rose;
the brittle petals cracked,
the stem a deep brown,
the thorns prominent and sharp.

I saw what I wanted to see.

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As You

The rose is as your eyes
therein love lives
and never dies-

The river is as your voice
which sings to me
as gentle falling rain
soothes my tears
and takes away my pain-

The sunset is as your heart
for rose and rain
can never part-

The moon your smiles
crystal refuge
makes life worthwhile-

Sanctity's shores
your beautiful soul
golden dreams
of love forevermore-

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Essence of a Rose

The rose must grow to taunt all other joy's,
with it's beauty can humility be,
such triats never to be equally poised,
for beauty sets those ill-composed thoughts free,
To undrape the skin of this lovly thing,
in the hopes to find a fairer essence,
beneathe this rose a true purpose to sing,
It must be that I'm in heavens presence,
to find the rose beautiful inward out,
to find the rose that soothes the hearts of men,
but that this rose exists I am in doubt,
for this would be a rose bereft of sin,
still I search for this elusive flower,
that my heart will be soothed in my hours,

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Roses of a Tear Drop

I was given this rose
to put an end to these endless tears
He told me he loved me
instead he shoved me around
thinking I’m supposed to stick around
I was given a rose not out of love
such as compassion
but out of hurt and tears
Roses of a Tear Drop

The rain had begun to fall
struck a petal
as he watches it begin to fall
Didn’t bother trying to pick it up?
just look at it and step right over it

The rain that fell
Were my teardrops?
he watched me fall
and didn’t bother picking me up
He just looked at me all drowned in pain
Later on realizing he lost in the game
He gave me roses of a tear drop
not a rose out of love
such as someone to have compassion for
but given me a rose out of his hurt
and thinking I supposed to forgive him

Roses of A Tear Drop

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sweet love

Oh how I feel the love that I earn for you, My love is endless when I feel my heart beating as one for you,My love is going through my sol like a rose thatis growing on a hill where the grass is green, And that one rose on that hill is the only rose that will always be the most beautiful rose to me.

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"A Rose"

The flower that most touches my heart is a rose
For Rosanna is my wife and that's where my heart goes..
She could be hard to hold and could cut to a glide..
But only I know the rose petals have a softer side..
When she awakes in the morning its like blooming in the spring..
They close so slightly only to bring better things..
Her scent so alluring as a rose does the same..
Her love so intoxicating, my love you can't tame..
So a rose is my flower that stays in my life..
And I'm so lucky to have Rosanna as my wife..

inspired by "Flower Contest"

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First Rose

As Spring so softly yields to warmer days
The first rose of summer shall bloom alone,
Her loveliness sets the garden ablaze.
The rip’ning world takes on a brighter hue
As queen of May, she dances round the stone
Beneath the cloudless skies of vibrant blue
And all I can do is sit here and gaze
On beauty found within a single rose.
I see the moistened pearl of morning dew
Upon her red petals it takes repose
And I can’t help my dreams that drift to you
For love had come so gently on wind’s blown
My eyes have seen so that my heart now knows
The first rose of summer shall bloom alone

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Black Rose of Love

       The dread black rose has such  dark meaning to it.
       It can never find a way to a heart .
       The Thorns are deadly t all who touch and hold .
        The Black pedals on that on the rose show pain and suffering and loss .  
        A Creation of such darkness such Agony and Despite  in it .
        How  does a person turn such a creation a Black Rose into a Red  Rose .
        The Black Rose of Love is  heart ache , pain , hatred  for your love of people and things .
 For that is the Black rose of love  

                      Stay away from the Black Rose of Love.

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A Rose Is, But A Rose by Kenny Davis

A Rose Is, But A Rose by Kenny Davis

A rose is, but a rose
Its illustrious petals has me drawn to her
With every one that blooms and blossoms I yearn for her
For with every one that drops and withers away I mourn for her

A rose is, but a rose
Holds such beauty like that of the Garden of Eden
Thanking god for the gift of this rose, I find myself pleading
Hoping that the beauty found in this rose is not misleading

A rose is, but a rose
With its true essence hidden under its thorns
Cherishing, treasuring, and loving it beyond its pain and scorn
Hoping that through all the love I show for her, that its spirit is reborn

A rose is, but a rose
Through the storms, finds the strength to continue to bloom
Where most would have been doomed to allow life’s rage to be consumed
Through my admiration of her creation send a sensation to have her faith in love renewed

A rose is, but a rose
Though there are many, none like her
Much like the fiery red of her petals, my love for her continues to burn
Blessing me with privilege caring for her, she allows me to shower my love for her in return

A rose is, but a rose
Gardening every inch of her nature overwhelmingly fills this void inside
I gained an everlasting love for life, when my world with hers collided
Much like a rose without water, without my rose, I would wither and die

© May 2011 k.davis

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Sweetest Breakup

Caught a Flight out of town 
Hadn’t seen you in while
Wondered if you’d still look the same
Still want me to be ya number one dame
At one time you offered me your last name
Then in a blink ya mind changed
No hurt feelings 
Some times dealings can get touchy
But I loved you too much to see 
See that neither of us was really ready
Still kicking it like our bad days don’t have a place on a calendar page
Still licking and kissing like if the sun rose then the moon set 3 times consecutively it
still would only be the beginning to a race that has no ending
Still wondering if ya heart is still pending the transactions of vows
But as of today you no longer are allowed
No longer endowed with the riches of this misses
No longer enriched with the bliss of my lipgloss kiss
I’m No longer available to answer your call has been missed
Don’t even remember the names of our imaginary kids that I gave birth to on our way to the
top of superstardom and you were such a good dad changing diapers and making bottles not
time for postpartum
I forgot about the whip I bought you on our 20 year anniversary to the hall filled with
our closest friends our imaginary kids and both sides of our family
I didn’t even dream up a thought of how you would look when ya sexy grey grew in ya goat t
and you aged like pinot noir 
Nope I promise I didn’t let my hopes and dreams get that far
I only got to the 2 days reserved on my Microsoft outlook saying “going to see my baby” in
the subject line
Didn’t even realize this would be the last time
You was there to pick me up the embrace was in the best taste with the golden touch
 single rose to arouse my nose you took the luggage filled with mine and your clothes
yes…clothes you left when you left 
clothes that I remembered not to forget on my trip cause when I came home I just wanted to
forget that you ever did exist
butterflies in my stomach from the first time we kissed
you was talking about plans you made and all the places we had to hit
all ya friends wanted to shake my hand and all them jealous chicks you went to school wit
wanted to see if I was that bytch
 and yes I did bring my cutest fits
with them shoes that only look cute but really hurt like shiit
got my hair colored pressed and clipped bikini waxed and all that just in case we took a swim
but anyway where was I, yeah the sweetest breakup had began
in the car just quiet holding hands
playing jams like you’re all in need to get by
 by mr meth and mary blidge then sweetest thing 

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a rose 
a rose 
had bloomed in my presence
is it love 
is it love 
my nose 
smell your perfume
what beautiful 
i'm told 
i'm told 
that your love is  a present
like christmas
i get butterflies 
thinking about opening 
you should i expect the 
i believe with you
my heart is resurrected

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Why Should A Rose Be Red

Why should a rose be red?

Danger, caution, blood.

Why should a rose mean love?

Heart break, betrayal, lust. 

Why should I have listened?

Naive, young, a fool. 

Why should I have believed? 

Ignorance, fear, hope.

Why should you be dying?

Revenge, justice, hate.

Why should I follow?

Remorse, guilt ... pain.

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Eternal Rose


Yes a rose has its beauty
Only seen by the eyes 
But as a rose matures 
That beauty fades and dies 
But a women 
As she matures 
Only grows more beautiful day by day 
For unlike a rose 
Her beauty is in who she is 
And that never fades away 

By Mr. E. Jones

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The last dance of Romeo and his Juliet

the moon lights our early demise,
close your eyes for loves lost dream,
leave my rose the thorns deceive me,
for even a prick it bleeds for she,

portraits painted of my heart beating,
Eros burns me with her flame,
sold my soul to the Virgin Mary,
held in my hands eternal pain.

Forgive me lord for times of treason,
she is my sun, my mist, my snow, my rain,
the last dance with my juliet,
 a rose by any other name,

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black rose

once to divin lovers
nothing to separate them not the world
when they set a converstation, their lips would curl
they would smil, when they were together nothing could put them down
not so much as a frown
the boy would clown around
the girl would enjoy
the two, madily in love, nothing could separate them, not the world
but hell turned its eyes on true love
saten stared with a grin, ideas to separate these two doves
one day the boy walking along found a rose the color, black
so he set back
ideas in his head
that he would not dread
once home he come upon his wife
on the floor a knife
she had cut her throat opening a package
that on the label said love forever
a marriage cake
what a fate
days later he couldnt take it
this had to be it
so with that same rose
in his hand 
and in the other, a note, one so cleaver
it said and i quote "Love Forever"
and with that knife, rose to his throat, same bloody knife
on that night, same place, beside the cake
lay the two makes
the moral of the story, love the one special some one, always
and never give up, no matter when death is over do this couple loved
through and through

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Winter Rose

I lay here in the stillness of night
Like last night, the night before 
Alone with no one to hear my voice
Echoing in the silence against these walls
That slowly close in each night, tonight, every night

I watch these winds outside my window
Brushing the cold snow across the valleys between trees
And I cannot help myself from wondering 
If the cold chill scratches at your window
Whispering in shivers across your shoulders of our pain

Does it echo my love instead?
Does it dream of you like I do?
Does it hold our love like a rose?
Does it breathe across your neck?
Like I do, have done, will do again

I watch the languid snows falling to the ground
Down through the canopy of remembered leaves
A many folded memory they cup fast within
Of you, of me when in these arms you bathed
Inside the rhythms of our hearts beating like one

I shiver within the memory of your body next to mine
Of the way you fit beside me as we two slept to dream
Until dawn broke with pastel shadows across our bed
To fall upon you the Rose of lush and vibrant life
In each moment cast of whispering light from dawning day

I remember watching you in those moments
As if it were this morning, yesterday, the day before
And this memory fills the bed that yawns beside me
Of your waking eyes and smile beneath the first ray of light
When you looked so fragile with a foreshadow of strength

I see you my love everywhere these eyes do fall
In the roses of winter only these eyes can see
I see you smiling in the falling snow bathed in moonlight
In the wind billowing across the twilight earth
I remember you in every shiver to touch my shoulders

Each an echo of your love
Each a dream touching my skin
Holding your soul as if it were a rose in bloom
For this heart still singing of your embrace
And I do, every night, each night, this night

I think of you
And of the day, the morning when . . . 
My Winter Rose
I see you smiling

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sitting in the fields of four oclock flowers
thinking of the times the illusion disappeared
the roses that led me to your secret room
cartomancy told me one thing about quivering leaves

simplifying everything
me in the middle
simplify all these strings
lets fall in love all over again
destined to look like laughing demons

Sullying the estate of guarantees
never surrender to the broken breeze
tulips and we meet at five
dandelions and three oclock in the afternoon

a place for me to lead you there
lead you there
will you find me 
hiding there
match stick man
sipping on this lemonaide

simplifying the new world order
here in my living room
the leprachauns
the pumpkins
the mismatched easter bunny
all i can think is the times
destiny was sweet
the memory of the beast
the illusion to defeat

five oclock smells
two days to reply at the wishing well
the language of the bouquet
you can love me this way
in the garden
ever spring
the story of lovers
forgot in the cartomancy
we imprison this beast

the rose that violated me
rusting like a pianting
never forget the simplicity of the hearts tied
to the aura of my black ballooons
the rose made me fall to my knees
dont kill this beast
the parades for the fools
i'll be walking circles around times illusions
smelling the flowers in the midnight garden

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Three Roses (Gaelic English)

Roses, a gift from me heart
to show in art I love ye.
Each bloom presents part of me
for nae te see, only thee.

A rose that shines purest white
brin' delight before thine eye.
Spake tae ye of love divine;
I nae define or deny.

A rose of red, crimson hue,
me passion's dew, I love ye,
in words that within this tryst,
ye ken me kiss, ye tease me.

The last rose the hue nae ken,
bud waits for when softest skin
shall touch me heart beneath thee,
ken I love ye, we are yin. 

Form is Awdl Gywydd

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Her Love To Me

Her heart is gold and so is mine.
She is like a red rose in the meadow 
so soft and so sweet.
The scent she has is like a tropical orchid.
Her love to me is like a peaceful dove.
The way she sings makes my heart ring,
Oh! This voice, such a voice that would 
sooth a wild beast.
Let her love come like the red rose on a
warm day in spring would bring to me.

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My child, My Rose

 Today like so many, I said a prayer for the families. For the students that lost 
their lives to a man that many didn't know.

  Heavenly Father, I ask you this day to watch over the families. Watch over the 
souls of the students that lost their lives to an intruder of evil. Evil has prayed 
upon the innocent and those doing your work. I pray for these families, in hopes 
they may find closure to such a tragedy.

 So many lives have been taken. So many hearts have been stricken with grief. 
Allow them to know that only the body is put to rest and not the soul. For the body 
is made from sands of thee earth. To thee earth may the body be replanted to 
sprout new life. May their tears replenish thee earth with water to feed the new 
life. In thee end may life be brought back in the form of a rose. A rose that may 
grow with the darkest shades of red. For it is the color in which signifies "Love". If 
your will. Allow the stem and leaves to be as green as thee pastures for which 
they lay their heads to rest. May the thorns be sharp to protect them for intruders. 
May their rose grow from now until the end.


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my rose

as i wait to see i find that my life is over and i cry for days to be and i see that i can 
not stop this my black rose is the death of me and i can not wait to see the rose 
for my own eyes my life is as black as night my love is no longer with me for she 
has seen the rose before me why was i born to die and why must i die to live i do 
not  understand this and my life is fading fast the fogs of my darkness is in my 
head my hell night is as bad as i make it.and i give a rose to my love only now 
may my  rose has come for me

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The Fairy tale

I don't believe in fairy tales
Never thought I'd have a prince
My lips aren't red like a rose is
I'm just ordinary girl
Stuck in an ordinary life
Shattered inside til you came into my life
That night

I swear I've tried not to get caught up
Not to be swept off my feet
But you're out of a fairy tale
A movie
The land of pretend
I don't really know
But it was a failing battle to resist
You can't blame me for falling for you

I know we don't live castles
Just simple homes
You're not prince
But you would be mine
We don't wear crowns
I'm not a princess in a ball gown
But I'm loving what I've found

So the story goes on
The girl falls for the guy
She's hoping he will be hers
And she won't wear a million dollar dress
But she would love him better than
Any story could say

I don't believe in fairy tales
Never thought I'd have a prince
My lips aren't red like a rose is
I'm just ordinary girl
Stuck in an ordinary life

I know we don't live castles
Just simple homes
You're not prince
But you would be mine
We don't wear crowns
I'm not a princess in a ball gown
But I'm loving what I've found

So the story goes on
And on
The girl falls for the guy
She's hoping he will be hers
And she won't wear a million dollar dress
But she would love him better than
Any story could say

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The Rose

He spoke... as she turned him away
“Let this a rosy day be”...
The intent, known not, was to warn
for to him, not a rose had been she

To pluck a rose midst the bush
plays possibly a thorny prick
reasoning not for the fragrance,
only relishing pain’s piquant nick
Advancement bold, brings retreat
Egos succumb to depose
No cad, but a ‘gentleman’s’ hand
Could offer a redolent rose

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For Spite

Of fair love I dreamed
Of true love I received-
What rose could be
So sweet?

But now my heart grieves
For the love far from me-
What thorn could be
So spiteful?

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Black Rose

A rose of lustrous black sits in a field of nothing but grey, When shall it bloom, the marvelous color that so entices me. Thy thorns pierce my tender flesh, Blood dripping from small unhealable mends. Bud of darkening black as the night is young, When will you blossom into a rose? Beauty is but eternal sleep; your stem is of an ashy essence, Everything about thee makes me want you to blossom. The day you finally open, what joy you will fill me with, Your petals are soft to my smooth skin, Your beauty is everlasting. My rose, when will you blossom, I have waited forever to see your beauty, Whether it is inner or outer makes no difference to me, Love is all I have to give, Oh sweet rose how much love I give to thee.

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Beauty of White

She walks down the shore to the quiet beech,
She's looking for a hand in reach.
She dresses in the beauty of white,
Hoping what she's doing is right.
She wears a rose up in her hair,
Her arms are very thin and bare.
She hopes that she will do no wrong,
And she's been crying for very long.
She slowly drops down to her knees,
But yes she still absorbs the breeze.
She takes her rose down from her hair,
Gets up and walks out to somewhere out there.
To where you no longer can see her,
And walks to where the waves go above her.
Now that you can see her no more,
The waves begin to quickly roar.
Her rose comes back down to the shore,
The fine red pedals slowly tore.
They slowly drifted far away,
But they'll return another day.
For as of now it all is gone,
Yet it all shall return as dusk turns to dawn.

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Roses of a Tear Drop

                                                   I was given this rose
                                     to put an end to these endless tears.
                                                He told me he loved me,
                                        instead he shoved me around
                                 thinking I'm supposed to stick around.
                                     I was given a rose not out of love
                                                 such as compassion 
                                                but out of hurt and tears
                                                 Roses of a Tear Drop.

                                            The rain had begun to fall,
                                                        struck a petal, 
                                            as he watch it began to fall. 
                                         Didn't bother to try to pick it up 
                                just looked at it and stepped right over it.

                                                     The rain that fell
                                                    was my teardrops,
                                                   he watched me fall,
                                         and didn't bother to pick me up.
                                 He just looked at me all drowned in pain.
                                   Later on, realizing, he lost in the game.
                                      He gave me Roses of a Tear Drop,
                                                  not a rose out of love
                                 such as someone to have compassion for,
                                but giving me a rose out the pain he caused
                                    and thinking Im supposed to forgive him.
                                                 Roses of a Tear Drop.

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And The Rose Said This To Me

And The Rose Said This To Me... by Rick Rucker I was talking to the Rose I held in my hand, A long-stemmed red Rose, perhaps the fairest in the Land, You see, I was a bashful guy, who really never knew, 'Bout the Power of the Rose, and the things that it could do. I poured my Heart out, there were Tears involved, I had serious issues, many of them unresolved. As I prattled on, trying to talk, not whine, I told the Rose, it took a tragedy, for me to grow a spine! I went on and on, 'til something I detected, The Rose was talking back to me, wholly unexpected! The Rose offered to help me, like it had for others too, If I would give a lovely Rose to Someone just like You, That I would be rewarded by a big old juicy kiss, Finally, The Red Rose also told me this, In order to not Build your House of Love on shaky sand, Never meet Your Love without a red Rose in your Hand!

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A Rose

Today I picked a single Red Rose
with overpowering beauty, warmth, and flare.
The love,joy, and  happiness it once represented
is diminished for you are no longer there.

A Rose is given for a joyous and special time
to express the love we have in our heart.
But a Rose is also given after a storm,
to express the loneliness when we're apart

My Rose for you is for your beauty
for your warmth and for your smile.
Because of this single Red Rose,
I'll think of you as I go each mile

Your memories will always bloom in my life
as bold and beautiful as this Rose.
I'll cherish each and every single pebble
so your memories will never close.

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Thou are a leech upon the tender rose bud
When thou comes to find with it thy cosy warmth
And fare very well with it as this rose wax under the rays
And blooms with thee to flower thee to thy prime.

But how senseless anon, thou blight this fair rose
Thy life now expose to sunlight that finds thee a parasite
And thy shelter from hard wind, rain and frozen winter
As thou now makes it lifeless, where thy life springs!

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The Rose In Winter

	Once upon a time in the gardens there was a beautiful rose. It's beauty was rapturous. Of to 

what could it be compared? Each year in Spring it would cry it's rebirth and announce to all 

the world of it's glorious beauty but as with all flowers it's veiled reflection dimmed with

the first snows of winter. Sleeping it layeth to once again with Spring's awakening be born

unto vastness of majestic jewels. A precious gem that rivaled the most wondrous of exquisite

deities. Pious reflections of nature ingrained into the threshold of life's beauty. 

	It so happened that while walking amidst the flowers a little girl stopped to 

admire the beautiful rose. She thought about the differences and looked up to her mother 

only to say to her" Mother, always when things are bright and cheerful this beautiful rose

amazes the world with it's colors but in times of darkness and despair you see this rose

wither but it never truly dies as other flowers". "Why is this mother"? Lovingly her mother

replied " The rose is as love. When in times of happiness love is as a shining star but in 

love as with rose there are oftentimes thorns which betray the valley's of sadness and to

all outwardly appearances love would seem to wither and die; but true love though not seen 

is strongest when definitive bleakness and darkness fill the soul". So the rose when seen 

through our eyes should remind us that truest beauty comes not in Spring but in darkest

night in Winters keeping.

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To Endure a Thorn

Life is garden full of various fauna.
There will be brush that appeals to the touch and other vegetation that appeal to the other senses.
You will find flowers with the most intoxicating of fragrances. Witness flowers with the most beautiful of petals.
You will hear the buds come to blossom. Here you will taste the most exotic and comforting of nectars.
But the rose you seek will have the most thorns. 
This rose is called joy.
But to hold this rose means one must endure its thorns.
We must ignite the passion that can melt away the pain and rekindle the flame so it’s warmth can dry our eyes and rid us  of all our previous shame.
We do this all to hold a rose, spend restless nights , shed tears, feel scorned,
....all to endure a touch of a thorn.

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A Rose Short-Lived

In the early days of March, at the very start of spring
I saw people plant roses, and praise the love they would bring
Well, at that point I had been saving a special sort of seed
And that spring I would plant it, even though there where warnings, I did not heed
And now loves rose is dead, and with it, burnt, is loves creed

Woe! That seed I had saved, held close and took care of from a very early age
That seed I had obtained from an accidental meeting, on the swings, at a very early age
Now I fear that this seed is ruined, and I fear I’ve lost a friend
It’s a fear that digs deep into my cold, melancholy core, I can’t pretend
For it was a beautiful friendship, that I never intended to end

Yes, I had planted this seed in the early days of March, the month of my birth
And though at first the rose was shy, it slowly stemmed out of the earth
 But it was soon growing faster, faster even than the fabled roses of lore
It grew with such a haste that one might have thought that it wouldn’t grow anymore
Yes, this rose, that might have frown too fast, had put love in my core

Now, on the last day of March, the very date on which, many years ago, I was born
This rose gave me a gift as it hid from me every thorn
And this rose, it seemed, had given me the will to succeed 
In my life, I had finally had the confidence to take the lead
I loved, more than anything, the rose that sprouted out of this seed 

And the month that followed, I can’t lie, was bliss
And it’s time I will, forever more, miss
For the month following, I regret to say, my rose died
Indeed, it was the only time that, for a flower, I had ever cried
It left me weeping, with no ego left to gloat, with no self pride

Yes, early in May is where you may date my death
Call me death, for without that rose, I’m not living, though I still draw breath
Lay me on my death bed, and let my quietly pass on, away
For any place without that rose is no place I want to stay
So please, lay me on my death bed, and leave! Let me lay

Woe, that rose died, and I can only guess why
Perhaps I watered it too much, and forced it to be too un-shy
Perhaps I was too ignorant to say the words it needed to hear
Yes, perhaps, perhaps, that all I can say
And I will say it all the while 
While I walk away

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The God Of Abraham

Do you know the God of Abraham 
El Elyon, the great I Am
He’s called Yahshua and he can save
The spoils of Egypt Pharaoh gave
By El Shaddai he’s know to some
The nurturing God, the tender one
David’s precious Yah of Psalm
Of Gilead the Healing Balm
The Rose of Sharon wont depart
If you let this rose grow in your heart
The Rock of Ages he’s always been
Who came to earth to bear our sin
Our guilt our shame, he took our loss
And carried it upon his cross
He gave us hope and peace and love
He restored our friendship with God above
The Great Shepherd has many names
But forever and always he’s still the same
He’s known as Jesus to you and me
And with that name he sets men free.

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Winter Rose

A rose is as delicate as a snowflake.
It blossoms then wilts when it gets cold.
A single rose which lasts through the winters fire,
is a lovers chance to enhance their souls.
For if the love is true, the rose turns blue.
Of the love is not to be found,
the rose wilts onto the ground.

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From Me To You

Take me to that place...
The one where everyone's away
And the one where you keep me safe.
Hug me in your arms and say

Tell me what you like about this,
Because, maube we can exist.
Just whisper in my ear,
And make me smile,
When no one's near.

You walk towards me,
And you make me see
everything there is to see.
Cause your standing in my heart,
And no way, will anyone keep me apart
From you.

Bring me into your world,
Where I'm the only one
And the only one who stole your world.
And let you see me,
And than tell me

Let me know what you like.
Let me bring you a girl, who knows
That the rose 
You gave to me,
Is forever going to be ours.

Have this place to hide,
And not ever leaving a site,
Is exactly what I dream.
And everything is what it seems
From me, to you.

And forever is going to be ours.
This rose you gave to me.

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I Miss you

I miss you, I miss you
I cannot live without you
My lone heart feels sad
Of you only, it is mad
My heart beats for you
My breath feels you 
My eyes look for you
Where are you, where are you
I cannot live without you
In a deep thought I stood in the garden
Looking at the rose bud till it grow to a rose flower
Yes I felt the likes of you in the rose flower
For I always see you every where
But to the imagination that I swear 
I'm madly in love with you
I miss you, I miss you
I cannot live without you
Those were the lovely days when there were no fears
But now, my room  is all wet with my tears
I'm weeping and my heart is calling you
I cannot live without you
I miss you, I miss you....

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A Faded Rose

  Once there was a strapping young man that gave a beautiful red rose to a 
charming young woman. She loved him so much that she would have given her 
every breath for him.
  One day he came to her and said,"I don't love you anymore. I am so sorry but 
this I say is true. I can no longer live this lie. I say this for it is not fair to you that I 
stay. It will only prolong your pain ad I will not be responsible for that. You are  a 
young and beautiful woman and some day you will find someone that is worthy of 
you and your love, but that one is not I. This you must understand." As he turned 
and walked out the door the tears began to fall like ice dripping off a roof top. She 
cried for days and finally the tears no longer came.
  The day all her loved ones knew would come. She had finally got past the pain. 
She was gone, never to feel the pain of his loss again for she had given her every 
breath just as she vowed to do. When they found her deceased body, she was 
holding a faded red rose from days gone by.

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Let Love Grow

A rose bud while still tightly closed
A promise of inner beauty 
Each day finds tiny changes
Until the rose opens and blooms

Your love is kept so tightly closed
In your heart without letting go
Like the rose before it has bloomed
Open up to show feelings within

Roses need sun and water to grow
Rich soil to feed the lovely blooms 
Your heart needs love freely given
Without anything asked in return

Nurtured by loving hands, a rose
Will bloom so exquisitly
A heart that is tended with love
Will bloom with true love endlessly

Fully bloomed roses are such treasures
Whose price can be measured with gold
Real love can not be bought or sold
Open your heart to let love grow

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Left Handing on a string (2005)

Since she left this world, everything went dim
Family broke away and he was left in a pool where he couldn’t swim
As a lonely child no one offered a single hug 
Siblings fight for resources like a war of tug
Fathers love was nil 
Only a hand ready to batter and kill
Brothers let loose on a war field
Hard times now only you’re back to shield
Have you ever seen a rose amongst weeds?
You are that rose that grew up from a broken seed
Your mother’s love is what was holding you on a string
I wish I was there so I could take you under my wing

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Rose Garden

Sitting in a rose garden with the one I love,
A warm summers evening,
Sipping nice cool wine, so devine
Hands touching hands, the scent from the flowers,
Heaven on earth, singing birds, tweet, tweet, tweet.
The setting of the sun is like fire in the trees
As their branches shimmer in the breeze.
The trickle of the fountain, calming of our spirit,
Sitting in a rose garden with my wife.

 This is my entry in the five senses, five elements competition

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The Vase

When just a child so young
I saw it in your home
The very beautiful vase
That sat on a shelf alone

A vase of glass cut so fine
It held a single rose divine
Admiring it from afar
At home we only had a jar

Our furnishing were simple
In our home there was no plan
It was not designed by a master
We did the best that we could demand

How could I ever imagine
A vase just so refine
You would put in my trousseau
So I could have a rose divine

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Pantoum to Touch

Write me a poem to touch 
So sweet but hard to bear. 
A rose would be too much 
To show me that you care. 

So sweet but hard to bear. 
To give a gentle thing 
To show me, that you care. 
To make my poor heart sing 

To give a gentle thing 
Love no other is a must 
To make my poor heart sing 
Love is a touch of trust. 

Love no other is a must 
For heart to know such ache 
Love is a touch of trust.
My soul your love could shake 

My heart to know such ache 
Without your loving kiss 
My soul your love could shake 
And I could not stand this. 

Without your loving kiss 
A rose would be too much 
For I could not stand this. 
Write me a poem to touch.

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Dear rose,

A soft yet delicate rose I do see before me, I can still see a hint of pain from years 
gone by, yet the rose pedals still remain firm and unchanged, just a slight miss 
trust of the men that caused that rose so much pain...yet the rose remains 
closed before the rain falls that could make it blossom once again. Dear rose 
open up for me and let me water your dried stem and nourish you back too full 
health once again, so you can blossom into a full bloom in the morning sun? 
Once again the most beautiful rose in the garden again, open up and let the rain 
come longer just a rose that stands alone I do share your pain. Now bask 
in the morning sun and quench your thirst from my rain.

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when autumn begins

When Autumn Begins 

20 hundred hours…is that nautical enough for you? Evening sky was marvelous, 
I should have been a painter my anemic words cannot justify the awe the world 
still can offer us who are not blind. Blaring horns, the road back home is narrow 
and impatient drivers wanted to pass I pulled over and a driver shouted: “fools 
like you should be banished from driving. “ Guess he was right. It was darkening 
quickly big juicy drops hit asphalt drummed on the roof and hollered: “save us 
take us home we don’t want fall on a useless road, we’ll water your rose bushes, 
the thorny ones that cut your arms when you try to prune them, we can promise 
a dew fresh rose for you lapel.” Right! Like I should be a city gent, I haven’t got
a suit, so there.  Afar a fog horned blared melancholically, once I was a seafarer 
but the roses I met in harbour bars, had only vulgar beauty to offer. At home rain 
fell on old tiles, I made a whisky mixed with rose dew and thought of lost love.    

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Written In Blood

My neighbor Jenny ran for my door
wiping bloody tears from her chin
Just like a hundred times before
Bobby was beating her again

I stared at Jenny's overnight bag
knowing she would never unpack
I gave her a rose and a wash rag
Then watched her go running back

I tried to make her understand
Real love isn't written with blood
t's stenciled with a gentle hand
like soft petals of a rose bud
 Real love isn't written with blood

 I heard the fire from Bobby's gun
 as Jenny neared the garden gate
 She'd never see the morning sun
My gift of wisdom came too late

Repeat Chorus


 She clutched petals of a rose bud
 and whispered with her last breath
Our vows weren't written with blood
You can't love somebody to death

Repeat chorus

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Love's Rose

True love is most similar to a very simple rose;
Because, like the flower when cared for, it grows.
Each petal is precious and holds many memories,
Yet a rose is still a rose throughout every century.
The bud represents all that a lover can hold dear,
From a very tight embrace to an unexpected fear.
The stem is the foundation one must not forget,
That when one loves they should have no regret.
It's the support which holds us high in admiration,
And why love is true and not at all an infatuation.
The course of love is not paved with simplicity,
A lover can change and is filled with duplicity.
Love's quarrels are grave as even time only scorns,
These are the precarious obstacles, the stem's thorns.
Still in the flower's radiance it must wither and die
We mourn, for even love's not wanting to say good-bye.
Like the rose one suffers to make its beauty last,
The feelings I have for you no one can surpass.
Roses might not last forever, yet love is still true
Unlike its temporary existence, I will always love you.

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The Thorns And The Rose

We sprawled along the fence that day,
two Roman soldiers passed our way.
They came not today to smell the Rose,
twas we, the thorns, the Soldier's chose.

The beautiful rose most all came to see,
never speaking of or seeming to notice we.
But this overcast day we heard the word thorn,
then King Of The Jews whose head we'd adorn.

To protect the Rose had been our only role,
but today a Crown on a crude shaped pole.
Being forever remembered, and cruelly said,
that at death we adorned the Savior's head.

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Rose now set in Stone....

My desert rose has returned to water
home at last is all that matters
no more distant seperation
thirsting now expectation

Butterfly feelings beat their wings
our joyfull hearts together sing
half now whole,soon we'll know
splendor in the field of gold

Each a light to sear the darkness
support to both from all the madness
as seperate lives we've learned plenty
now together we're surely ready........
....a rose now set in stone.....

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She pursed her lips to say adieu
And over her shoulder a blossom blew.

"Twas from a rose went blowing free
It's fragrance tease the air you see.

She loved the scent of a rose
Which touched her heart and tickled her nose.

She sat aside all thoughts to leave
Her lover had pulled the rose from his sleeve.

C. Alvez

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My Love For You

  My love for you is like the winds that blow. 
It is like day and night, my love for you it fits so well.
It is like the song that never looses it's rythem, rime, 
beauty and grace.
  It is like the stone that has no value, but has more meaning 
than can be defined.
  Your love for me is like the rose you gave to me, it was
so very strong. But like the rose you gave to me, I picked
you. I claimed you and that was wrong of me to do. And also
like the rose you gave to me, your love for me died. But
the memory still will always remain in my heart. My love
for you it will always remain.

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I saw a rose with petals red.
I reached for it in haste.
But thorns pierced my hands instead.
That was a sad mistake.

Like that precious rose that bloomed
thus did my love for you.
I should have known that I was doomed.
And now our love is through.

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A Faded Rose

A faded rose from days gone by
Just sitting in the dark
Faded petals and dried up leaves
On my soul there’s a question mark.

Why is this rose all dried up,
And faded by the way?
Why is it sitting in the dark
And not in the light of day?

In three more days, will things be better,
Will this rose bloom once again?
The reason this rose is in the dark
Is because of mankind’s sin.

This rose is not really faded,
But it’s a temporary death.
Soon this rose will live again
So we can take a spiritual breath.

The Rose of Sharon rose again
No longer lying in the dark.
But living saving, healing and filling
On our souls, He’s left His mark.

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Black Rose

I am hanging on to this rose
In where I am hoping you will come
My hope for our love is high
Couldn't imagined what we had become

You surrounded me with your smiles
My fantasy built up with you
Colours of red only in my sight
And saw you always dress in blue

Love was in my mind
When I realised we had our first kiss
A way to figure out
That love was not actually a risk

I finally found her towards the end
Where no man could survived that far
My Hope was to build a new beginning
And to be as what we are

I know our love was strong
It was never wrong
I know this is what you want
Where we truly belong

When that one day comes
The sky turned dead black
Filled my world with emptiness
She would not go back

She left me but a note
A note that did not change my world
But it was a note
That change my heart

I could not forget about her
Her face, mind and soul was in me
I wish I could get out
To a day when I could be free

I know she still had my rose
I know she still had my heart
Our lives could not move on
With us staying apart

I wonder in my own fantasy
Where love did not exist in there
I couldn't erased these memories
These haunted memories I couldn't bear!

From here till the present
Where her figure started to fade
I wonder if the rose still had the same colour
That rose which I Believe will no longer be red

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Deep in summer wood 
where beauty grows 
This garden, 
home of the bramble rose 

This high wall 
bordered in pink 
The bramble rose, 
high above us all 

Soft ferns of jade 
This green,                                                                                                                       
does not fade 
Hidden delights to be seen 

Delicate blooms with petals of pink 
nestle with flowers of deep yellow 
Such colour, makes you blink 
Fills you with wonder so 

Moss covered stone, 
gentle trickle of stream 
I am alone 
In the garden of my dream 

Blue butterflies abound 
Hear the bird song, 
all around 
Soft hum of  bees, 
through the trees 

The bramble rose 
encircles the dell 
How wonderful is grows, 
by the old well 

The soft scent 
from the bramble rose 
Its' pastel pink flower, 
enriches me so, 
as I sit beneath this shady bower 

This garden seat 
beneath bramble rose 
Away from the heat, 
leave behind your woes 

Sit back and enjoy, 
hum of bees through the trees, 
Colours to make you blink 
from flowers yellow and pink 
Deep in summer wood 

This garden, 
deep in summer wood, 
where beauty grows 
Home of the bramble rose 

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Sweet Blood

…And there’s the wine
Of red, rose and white
In a slant cellar

Red as in red of your blood
Rose as in rose of your lovely prose
White as in white of your purity of life

If, one must choose
I chose you, sweet blood…
For my lonely heart

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A Rose 4 A Rose

A Rose 4 A rose to make our love grow,
being with you is like being in heaven 
No worries except one saying goodbye, until tomarrow.
A kiss from you is like touching an angel in the sky
whenever I see you I feel as if I can fly.
Please, oh please sweet angel in the sky, don't say goodbye.
I have fallen in love with you as time has passed,
we have grown close in life as time has passed by,
you have flown in my life and stolen my heart, my love,
goodbye, for now until tomarrow.

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Letting Go

You're still the song that sounds in my soul,
You're still a dream, so far, no longer real,
Me, love and you... Three halves of something whole,
If one is missing, everything is clear. 
You can't recall my warm and loving glance,
I can't recall your glare, full of anger,
And... turn away; love left me no chance
To be your sweetest sin or perfect stranger.

I loved my own pain
When you could be a shield,
I seemed to be so weak,
Still not ashamed of it...
I was so weak, yet was so strong,
Like pretty rose that has its thorns,
And now these thorns are all
That's left of me...

In darkest corners of my soul
Alive are memories, so sweet.
Can't be with you, can't be alone,
Cant bear my truth or your deceit.
Each of your words I'll always treasure,
But won't respond - I have my pride
And quell this love that can't be measured,
I can't afford to lose this strife. 

You'll always be with me,
But only... in my thoughts. 

I loved my own pain
When you could be a shield,
I seemed to be so weak,
Still not ashamed of it...
I was so weak, yet was so strong,
Like pretty rose that has its thorns,
And now these thorns are all
That's left of me...

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Contradiction And Reflection

Contradition And Reflection 
Contradiction and Reflection 
Nothing can compare to love there is no way to word the thing the love although 
poetry comes close. A rose has thorns and colors and smells while a violet has 
odors' and eye sniff a perfume a smell not unkind but hard to describe like unto a 
mothers love like unto a poets pencil working to make the message seem like 
love to seem like the only thing the most obvious thing without false hope. Every 
song that calls itself a love song sings of some strange sickness some sort of 
illness as the words make a melody and everybody listens as the crooner sings 
this a bit off key ___---“eye could not get to sleep at all last night”---___ and the 
electric organ and the guitar man make everything sound all right again. Love 
can make me sick can make me hurt can make me yearn but that's okay that is 
the way of love. When she says yes is when it makes me strong and the 
sickness is at rest and the love has won. Ewe aer a violet rose no thorn in me. 

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Four Nights

The first night I arrived on my own.
Streets were darkening, yet kept alive
by lights in café’s and couples
walking arm in arm.
The driver carried my forlorn bag
into a bright, over ornate foyer.
Preliminaries over, I checked into
a room that at first glance
was sultry to my eyes.
I sat on the bed and, taking
out my red not pad,
doodled lovers’ scribbles
and the vagaries of life.
I drank one glass of
heavy merlot, and as tiredness crept
I slept alone beneath covers
of tightly cocooned childhood.
Breakfast was solitary,
as families chattered.
I held my cup between two hands
indulging myself in wonderings.
He would arrive by lunchtime
and so I placed myself behind ferns
in an over-panelled side room.
It’s strange people watching,
their lives re-enacted
like a drawing room drama.
I watched, and he arrived
as nervously as I,
love on foreign soils
without familiarity of lies.
Beneath rose glow we made love,
then rose and explored,
tasted food, drank wine
Copious sensations as if
before we had only fasted.
W indulged in the pleasures
of opulent enjoyment
where we are strangers
and not conformed by rules.
The remaining nights
we looked into each other’s eyes
and on the fourth, I left

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Loving me exactly

The rose stands strong
prideful and protective 
Thorns cover its stem
Providing protection from the harmful:
the hands that can caress it

But the bud, the bud is light
and soft, and beautiful
The bud is the key
the center, the heart
Only it can be broken
and loved

Because of this, petals fall freely
they lay in the breeze 
and drift like a gentle song
I am that petal, because
He knows exactly how to love me.

He holds my hand
when we walk
And he listens to my words
when I talk
His lips lay soft kisses on my eye lids
to take the tears away
His fingers caresses my stomach 
to take the pain away

With his arms, he holds me tight
welcoming, allowing me to drift even farther
With his hands, he massages my feet
comforting me, after a long long day

On his knees, he prays for me
With his mouth, he sings to me
He feels me up with wisdom 
and courage for the next day
He stays with me, no matter where I go
I speak his language
because he’s created mine

He’s nurtured the rose in which I’ve fallen from
And taken my thorns away
Leaving me with a gentle beauty
I flutter in his presence because
He’s the only one who knows 
exactly how to love me

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Angel of music, I cry at night.
Angel of sorrow, hidden from man's sight.
Will this angel ever know true love do you suppose?
The Phantom's only friend, a single red rose.

He listens to her sing, the woman he loves.
She is his angel sent from heaven above.
He sends her a rose with a velvet ribbon of black.
Hoping his true love will win her heart back.

A mask hides a face that no one will love.
Bur his voice is a wonder no one has heard of.
No one would listen, the angel of music sings.
His music of the night to the world he wishes to bring.

As she walks out of his life with the man she loves.
His heart breaks once more as she returns to the world above.
As the Phantom's rose is crushed and torn apart.
A lonely man's spirit dies of a broken heart.

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Frozen Rose

We cast away our rose,
Borne upon the breeze
That carries with it those
Summer memories.

Our wind-borne rose descends,
Petals floating down,
And summer love now ends
Like a rose turned brown.

There’s rose-dust at our feet,
Autumn in our hearts
That turns to snow and sleet:
Love’s long winter starts.

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Mahogany Rose

There's a mahogany rose that only grows, within this heart of mine, and can grow 
old if let outside, for its fragile to the flow of time. Frozen in my heart to see, to 
remember what once belonged to me, her love I thought would always be, I can 
only feel now, through memory. 

There's a mahogany rose that only grows within this heart of mine, a rose so 
special, that it does not need, rain or even sunshine. It grows and lives from the 
tears I cry, and images from a past that long ago died. So strong it seems deep 
down inside, yet drapes a little more, remembering her goodbye.

There's a mahogany rose that only grows, in a place where loves memories 
move slow. Trapped now in this hypnotic maze, where remembering all of what 
used to be continually change. Simply seeing her walk away, now I know that 
nothing stays the same. 

There's a mahogany rose that only grows, within this heart, now made of stone. 
Tried so hard but can't let go, u told me that you'd love me so, and now that this 
pain is all I know, I'm cold, for all I have left is this mahogany rose...

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Loving The Thorns

The beautiful rose is quite misleading
So red the color, red so bleeding
So sweet the smell unique, familiar
As if I've felt this way before
Something in me keeps repeating
Lovers I can't cease from needing
Requests that I can't cease from pleading
Requests of having pain no more

Two halves included in everything
Like the beautiful rose, a sign of spring
Taking the good means taking the bad 
But I find I want it even more
Addicted to the ever-stinging sting
A rose is lovely, but the stem is king
No matter the beauty it will bring
The rose's thorns will leave you sore

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The Rose

The rose so delicately picked
Pricks and bleeds its life blood from the thorn,
The droplets marring the green grass;
Tingeing the blades with death.
Watch your hands,
Don’t get caught.
Life lessons are learnt
As lies are taught.
A world with no morals
And a hell with no bounds,
Luring the damned
As the demons dance round.
Petals turn to dust
As the fire of depravity
Turns morality to rust.
As the years unfold
The story is told
Of how the roses colour
Came to be.
A fair young maiden
In the fields does wait
For her brave young hero
Who has being slaying enemies in battle.
He did arrive, wounded badly
And hardly alive.
The maiden ran to him as he did collapse
And held him in her arms.
As his life slipped away.
Thru sheer despair
The young maiden did weep.
She cried for so many years
Her eyes had bled,
Making the ground so wet
That the flowers she did weep upon
Soaked up her stained tears
And that is why
The rose is red.

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Broken with eyes missing,
Just as two souls were kissing:
Missing spirits in search of merit.
As the wind rose up into the sky,
Circles of ice and hail formed. 

Upon the whisper's scream,
In the horizon's echo:
A return to the primal.
Instinct desires them,
As the sunset's fire burns through their skin.

A token love casts a spell,
Of black magic onto the throne,
Blood-stained and lined with nails,
She sets her eyes upon his image,
Scarred into woven silk cloth.

Centuries old now;
As if for the first time,
At the feel of sunlight,
She lifted up her veil.
The moon rose up into the descending darkness.

Her eyes looked up to the starkness,
Of yesterday's possibility.
As his eyes told her goodbye,
She flashed her sharp fangs at him:
Her dark brown eyes shocked his whim.

Natural, and to effect, her platinum hair:
She was a tigress;
Who moved like a ballerina.
Grace and extravagance defined her;
The way lines cut by a blade bleed.

The sunset gave meaning to the moment;
To the plans he wasn't scheming;
Over the end he was just dreaming of,
She would wear that black fedora,
Then attend his would-be funeral.

For a decade he would hang on,
To the snow in his image.
The mirror is the sky's vain.
He took her up on an offer,
She made in vain.

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Rose, Precious

To my precious Rose 
To what do I owe thee
To someone special 
To look inside of me 
And you were right
It's what's inside that counts 
Now my dear rose 
to what might I amount 
Personality shed the truest feelings 
Sometimes tears are emotion killers 
But now my dear rose 
it seems your petals need healing 
And I could never turn my back on you 
Cause you never once 
Pretended to act what's true 
If it is love you see 
Then it is love in me 
And never again 
From your precious face 
Do I want to see a tear fall free 
Cause I know 
In my precious rose 
A tender heart there'll always be 
And sometimes beauty kills 
But from you 
My heart is what beauty steals 
Though we face temptation 
I only bring what's real 
And sometimes what's deep 
Is so hard to feel 
But for my precious rose 
No one else knows
But for you my heart grows

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The Forlorn Sea

The grasses were the first to arrive
Sprouting slowly all around me
Hardly more than enough to sway in the hushed wind
Steady, steady they rose to shroud him
Days became a flooding of months
Still he lay where he had fallen
Silent, barely moving to breathe
Empty inside
Like his eyes echoing his heart
Beyond despondency he lay

The grasses parted to give way to the rise of trees
Struggling under the rainless skies to climb ever higher
And they did all around him
Reaching higher to touch the cloudless skies
Still he lay hardly moving
Silent as the gentle swept wind
Hallowing through the canopy of many leaves
That filtered light down across him
And no shadow did he cast
For he was empty
Bereft inside

The years became decades and in turn they to gave way
To centuries while he lay still where he had fallen 
Rains came and went, fell into snows
And gone again many times as seasons rose to fall away
Giving birth to a pond become lake and finally a sea yawning
Endlessly save for his island of trees and grasses
But he would not move
He would not stir from his place
The spot where he had fallen
Hollowed like his heart
Barely moving to breathe
His eyes never closing
Never blinking

He lay there . . . he lies there still
Unstirred by time, nor day, nor night
Unmoved by life all around him
Alone on his island in the forlorn sea
Where the trees sway quietly
And the tall grasses shush
In the murmuring wind
To fall with a hush into night
For his heart echoes deeply inside one breath of love

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Elemental Shift

With the beauty of your face,
 and the touch of your skin,
I cannot picture you as the rose,
 who stares at the heavens,
No, you are the raindrop,
 that falls to the Earth,
With every waking moment,
 as the rose grows,
It reaches towards the sky,
 asking for more,
When the rose reaches upward,
 and finds heaven,
It shall open it's bud,
 and emanate a smell so sweet,
Every man, woman, and child,
 shall open their eyes and look up,
At that precise moment,
 the world will be at an awe,
All because of one fallen raindrop,
 that brought life to a rose.

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Mother's Garden

I stood on my knees in her garden
staring at my inexperience
and a few leftover memories of her,
in her spot, by her rose bush.
How she loved roses. 

I can feel her nursing, caring, 
pulling weeds of her heart
and tossing then into a wheel-barrow.
This little garden smells like her.

I can find her here, I can hear her humming.
I will water her roses with my tears.
I will pull the weeds -for her.
I will start with that large, ugly, thorny,  
emptiness, the one that is larger than 
the wheat fields of Kansas
and free her rose bush.

How she loved roses
and now I love them too.

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If I Were The Last Red Rose...

Should I fade with the light of dawn;
the last of the pure white roses.
Would you notice that I am gone
as the sunlight then imposes?

Should I wither within the day;
would you know I am nearing death?
Would you then stop to look my way;
or, ignore my last weary breath.

Were I adored by someone new
would you give me to them freely;
or would you keep me just for you
though you no longer look at me.

If I were the rose of desire;
instead of the pallid and pure.
Would you look to me to inspire
passionate beauty and allure?

Oh, if I were the last red rose;
instead of the innocent white
perhaps at last you would expose
the doors to your heart and invite?

But I am not the bold red flame
and I cannot rival love's shade.
There are none that can bear the blame;
as one by one my petals fade.

I was not born to seek great fame;
nor could I ever catch your eye.
I am a rose without a name;
and like everything I shall die.

If I were the last rose of red
you'd hold the promise of love near;
cherishing my petals though dead
and forever hold me as dear.

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At the graveside...

I held the strap taut, bowing down at the dirt,
six feet or more, the rectangular hole,
no sweetness or welcome, just earth on the lid
where resided the bones of the previous soul.

Lowered with care, my brother and I
and two other bearers toiling behind,
the cheap gleaming wood decked with cheap plastic brass,
to a standstill of rest, to an end of a kind.

“The Lord is my Shepard,” we murdered off key
as the wind blew accompaniment over the hill;
ravens took flight to the overcast sky,
rain fell sporadically, spattered with chill.

I remembered her photos of when she was young,
spread on the frayed pinafore there in her lap,
a patchwork of sepia, white and grey dreams
she no longer remembered, her mind set to snap.

The scant recognition then blurred in her eyes,
drained simian brown, no more clear and blue;
her head wisps of silver, mere gossamer strands,
adrift and unkempt, no light shining through.

Her sad loss of reason, the slump of her spine,
the cloud-bank rolled in with no instant of pause,
the stealing of dignity, ravage of time,
the theft of her life, of the woman she was.

I cried her no tears, assigned her no grief,
brushed the rose in my pocket, the flower I hid;
when no one was looking, I bade her farewell,
dropped the rose and a kiss down onto the lid.

When asked about tributes, the family replied,
“She didn’t want flowers, so we’ve done as bid,”
I sat there in silence, bit down on my tongue,
for I knew, from one person, she did.

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remembering a love of insperation

mind is weak,
with the faint feel of laughter.
careful with the antique, i call my soul
caresses no longer feel pleasent,
the roses no longer smell sweet.
and for you my dear i will repeat:
laughter passes the time,
the memories i have made with you.
coffee helps the ryhme,
fatal dreams collapse in fallin dew.
and in all my pain i have forgotten face.
your face and my place.
in this demented world of loney.
maybe i'd love again, if only...
mind is melted 
with an odd sense of anger,
careful with the fancy, i call my spirit
caresses encase the feeling of pleasent,
the rose is the rose to my love,
and you have picked at it too long.

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I am The Rose

I am the rose 
i fall to my knees 
I am the rose 
you violate me 

If life is just a stage 
and we are all meaningless actors 
I'll add that to my list of complaints 
and we can write another chapter. 

If life's just a journey 
and we're approaching the end 
then we'll just say 
I've been too busy counting blessings 
and asking questions 

I am the rose 
I fall to my knees 
I am the rose 
you violate me 

If life's just a dream 
don't wake me from this coma 
to the whispers 
if life's just a test 
we'll just say i passed with flying colors 
like the rest of them dead souls 

I am the rose 
I fall to my knees 
I am the rose 
You violate me

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Meaning of a Rose

A rose is given by a person,
Who knows they’re in the wrong.
A rose is given by  a man,
To further things along.
It seems the true meaning of it’s purpose,
Has faded over time.
And I am here to tell you,
That’s why I pen this rhyme.
The Rose is a symbol of true love,
A simple, unspoken bond.
Yet many of us tend to see,
A relationship magic wand.
So if you’ve read this once or twice,
And still can’t understand.
You must have never had your heart,
In the palm of someone’s hand.
But do not fret, all is not lost.
Because you will someday meet,
The only person that you feel,
Could make your life complete.
And when you wish to be near them,
In every waking hour.
You will finally comprehend,
The true meaning of this flower.