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Love Places Poems | Love Poems About Places

These Love Places poems are examples of Love poems about Places. These are the best examples of Love Places poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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When Love Creates

Eyes to eyes now meet Tenderly our lips touch We, adventurous Rhythmic vibrations rejoice When love creates little ones .

Details | Ottava rima | |

Soul Mates....

A familiar ambiance…she had known this air….
This sand she had felt on her feet before
Ripe red strawberries grew wild somewhere
For, they’d shared them on a quiet shore
Her soul felt stripped…..naked…left bare
A man once whispered love ever more

    These eyes of hers had never seen this place
         Yet her soul sang of his hands on her face

His fingers once kissed a gentle caress
On her starving mouth that craved his touch
His lips made her an angelic mess
Wild eyed passion…a brush fire crutch
His hands reminisced her summer dress
Love and fear that she could feel so much

      Yes, in a sometime, somehow she’d been here
            How she missed those distant near....

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Leprechauns, Fairies & All That I Need

Way back in the woods all nestled away
I found the place where Leprechauns play

To find the place I had to first find the door
Keeping it hidden is what the Waterfall is for

Behind the falls there lies a mystical cave
To scale the cliff one must be very brave

As you enter the cave these words are true
The most magical of places is waiting for you

The cave is not dark in fact it’s rather bright
For thousands of crystals are beaming with light

As you pass through the cave it is so clear to see
There are places on earth where men shouldn’t be

As I stepped out of the cave on the other side
My own amazement I could never hide

There were waterfalls, Rainbows & Butterflies galore
I felt as though I had stepped through Heavens door

As I took to the path it suddenly occurred to me
This path is made out of gold, as gold as could be

I looked at a tree stump and got lost in the spell
For the sign in front said, “The Leprechaun Hotel”

A hundred tiny windows were all beaming with light
For the sun had just dropped, dropped clean out of sight

A whole world had lit up right before me
Mushrooms were homes for Fairies you see

Sometimes in life we embrace the magic of a spell 
Mystical creatures in heaven, far as my eyes could tell

The fairies were tiny angels that lit up the night
I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and bright

Then all at once a feeling took over my soul
And I truly felt that it was time I should go

As I turned to leave I heard a Leprechaun say
From all of this gold you’ll just walk away

The fairy said, “One wish is granted to you”
“Make any wish you like and it will come true”

I explained how wealth was once all that I sought
And my dreams and wishes were already bought

You see God sent an Angel who planted a seed
That sprouted our love, which is all that I need

Inspired by a wall painting at my Dentist office
and written for my wife.

Details | Narrative | |

Pride of the Motherland

Riding an elephant
Down the narrow trail looking triumphant
Scanning the golden landscape
Like Hannibal with enemies in flight
Sight from a lofty height
King of the jungle moving
With lioness by his side

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
Guides by my side with packs on their backs
Some paths steep with rocks
Boots slipping below our tired feet
Beautiful birds in unison flight
Moving with terrestrial light
Stunning sunlight summit on the peak

Praying in an Ethiopian Church
Preserved in rocks built by humans’ hands 
Never touched by conquest plans
Protected from the invaders’ footsteps
Queen of Sheba and Solomon’s nest
Touched by Arch of the Covenant
Mary, Joseph, and Jesus once slept

Eating yam, sipping palm wine, and tasting milk
Freshly squeezed by experienced hands
Taste of life in the mosaic grassland
Sustaining and soul refreshing
Cradle of humankind adorning
Invaded for its gold, riches, and human capacity
Birth of life on earth with tenacity

Respecting its living and arduous journey
Essence of life once was and is again to come
Riding a camel across the hot Sahara sand
Once wet now dried, exported gold from Mali…
Treasures from the hearts of once African empires
That which was, is, and shall forever be
Africa the birthing Motherland
We still love and respect thee!


Seventh Place Winner
"African's Pride" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Adeleke Adeite
June 30, 2010


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Tea Leaves On The Bosphorus

Tea Leaves On The Bosphorus

Seated at a table by the stirring water,
My eyes absorb the shore of Asia.
Minerets and aged worn stone
Stand haphazardly along the banks.
Istanbul is a lady with secrets
She'll lure you with her unrevealed virgin beauty,
Then seduce you with her ancient lovers.

Grilled sardines filled my charger
Fish pulled from the strait just minutes before,
Lay garnished with parsley and mint .
Red pickled turnips and warm flat bread
Are the implements that help feed me 
And scoop up the humus,
Turkish nourishment for my soul.

The empty plates are cleared by a handsome waiter
With dubious intentions I feared,
But I was flattered none the less.
A bowl of yogurt was placed before me,
And my admirer arrived with a comb of honey.
He held it high above the creamy cloud and let the heavy ochre
languidly pour atop the milky whiteness of delight.
After his seduction,he left me alone to my pleasure
As I lapped at the sweet and sour heavenly temptation,
that parted my lips and elevated my being.

As I recovered from my rapture, two eyes caught mine.
The heathen that destroyed my diet approached the table uninvited.
He pulled up a chair and sat down across from me.
In his hands, a cup.
He offered to tell me my future.
White, small, as fragile as an eggshell with the top lopped off.
Within was a dark tea with floating leaves.
In a chivalrous attempt at English conversation,
He handed me the libation and the offer to read the remains.

I, alone in a man's world, unmarried, and of a certain age,
Did not need encouragement and I accepted his offer.
I drained the tea in one gulp and returned it to his hands.
He placed the cup in one palm , then turned it upside down,
Allowing the remaining fluid to drip out around the cup and onto the table.
Once the cup was upright again he studied the leaves, then he spoke.

His voice was soft, at times , unintelligible
His reading was honest, and truthful, and painful.
His prophecy, amusing, and entertaining
His vision and it's accuracy were astounding.

Fifteen years later, the leaves delivered on their promise.
Long fluid lines inside the cup foretold of a marriage,
To a man who  would cross a sea to find me.
Two shorter drippings were the children that now delight me.
The  tea ring that he was able to complete around the cup ,
Was the warmth of a love that would soon envelop me.

Tea, anyone?

Details | Limerick | |

Viagra Falls

There once was a man from Niagara
whose wiener's so long it would stab ya'

but when it got little 
his pills became skittles   
until he O.D.'d on Viagra

© ~JSLambert  2011*****A classic "stiff" competitor, standing "firm" amongst other "members" in the "thick" of the competition:) hope everyone gets "a rise" out of it!

Details | Senryu | |

Rain Dance

We smile, it's raining Jovial in dancing joy Soaked to the skin Warm hearth welcomes us Naked to bare, towelling Goosebumps diminish Pillows, rugs, two lie Face to face, lips now caress We, attraction flows Candles flickering Undulating shadows grace Unification .

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Remember the day
Apron strings loosed,untied
as maternal voices faltered and cried
Remember the day
When a soprano voice lost its elan
and a boy became a man
Remember the day
Peer pressure would not hide
and diffidence was replaced with pride
Remember the day
Desire,with warm whispers heard
questions,answered with just three words
Remember the day
Filled with joy and love
a union blessed from above
Remember the day
Holding a first-born,so wee
as two self-absorbed,became three
Remember the day
Trust was born-a-new
a changed life came into view
Remember the day
Genesis as a work of art
with gifts to share and impart
Remember the day

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Yes I Would

I was walking along the shoreline with a woman on my mind
I was thinking of an island, lost somewhere in time
A place where two young lovers gazed into each other's eyes
A secluded beach, a summer night, a touch of Paradise
Dreams still haunt me of those tropical nights walking in the sand
As we made our way along the shore and I held her gentle hand
Fishing boat lights and tropical nights made such a beautiful scene
I stop for a while and think of her smile, a memory so serene
I can see the village and picture the harbor as if it were yesterday
The palm trees and pier as I shed a tear for that island so far away
I asked myself if I would go back to that island if I could
No need to reply as I began to cry. The answer was yes, I would.

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I love rain

I love rain

It's a month now into spring
And still the rain pours down
Hey, is it ever going to end
There's many here that frown
They want the sunny weather
That will come soon enought
But right now, I'm enjoying it
Rain, I love the stuff.

Next week we're off on holiday
Now it really does rain there
And I'll love very bit of it
As it soaks up everywhere
To hear it's rhythm on the roof
It makes me feel so grand
Though many think that I am strange
They just don't understand

We don't get much rain in WA
So when it comes,  for me
It makes me so excited
I guess it's how i be
So keep that rain a coming down
Let me feel it's soft, wet touch
I don't know what is wrong with me
But I love rain so much.

23 September 2013 @ 0624hrs

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A Palindrome Tale

A Palindrome Tale

I’ve got a tale to tell you of travel, love and lust
The travel, it was joyful, my love life was a bust
I met a girl in Tulsa, next day my diary read
A slut nixes sex in Tulsa; “Dammit, I’m mad” I said
So I went off to Europe to see the Mona Lisa
I thought it was in Italy; but as I pee, sir, I see Pisa!
A Delia saw I was ailed; I’m a fool; aloof am I
When she offered me spaghetti, I said “I prefer pi”
And then I found Naomi – Naomi did I moan?
I did, did I? I can not lie.  I headed back to home
And then I met this Madam; as mad as Adam, she
Evil did I dwell, lewd I did live; God saw I was dog tired
Live not on evil they did say; Then my luck expired
Revered now, I live on. O did I do no evil I wonder ever
No sir, panic is a basic in a prison where I dwelt
Ned, I am a maiden; not a banana baton had I felt

Mdailey	3/31/12

A slut nixes sex in Tulsa; 
Dammit, I’m mad 
as I pee, sir, I see Pisa!
Delia saw I was ailed 
I’m a fool; aloof am I
I prefer pi
Naomi did I moan?
I did, did I? 
mad as Adam
Evil did I dwell, lewd I did live
God saw I was  dog
Live not on evil 
Revered now, I live on. O did I do no evil I wonder ever
No sir, panic is a basic in a prison 
Ned, I am a maiden
not a banana baton 

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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Lover, touch her with a gentleness
which maker her quiver with passion;
when whispered words matter,
a delightful thought can enlighten
her sublime smile lost in happiness,
what else will she desires more than love?
Inside the fire is unquenchable,
and the joy is unsurmountable:
when it is started and given
by a lover with gentle hands;
a lover whose trust in her is pure!

In that meadow where wild flowers
are a dazzling red and invite fragile butterflies,
the waving grass of the fragrant hill
turns a solar yellow in extreme heat...
as two lovers  weave amazing dreams
by the shade of a willow tree;
and who knows this season better than they?

Lover with gentle hands,
never take those hands away;
keep caressing her, never pretend; 
and whenever she asks for another kiss:
be generous and make her delirious...
as the  southern wind brings
another fragrance of distant memories
that a forgetful lover leaves behind!

Even this memorable day is coming to its end,
and the kisses intensify as you wish for stars...
chasing away the scarlet sunset with impatient eyes;
and she gladly expresses that intense imotion,
never refusing, ever obedient and silently
she lets every sense be taken by imagination...
only feeling the gentle hands of a lover, who demands
nothing more than faithfulness and generosity!   

Details | Personification | |

Whispers Within

I am the spirit of satin stardust and the antiquities of golden memories alive I call to you from the rising warmth of the sun and greet you in the misty morning light I am the steady and rolling drum beat echoing from the jagged heights above I am the mysterious curves of the raging waters' and the freedom birds of love I rise above the white summer clouds in lilting songs of grace and roam with the western tail-winds to take you home again I am a Spirit of our gracious Lord God Almighty of love hope and faith I have come to tell
Dedicated To P.D.

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Memories etched in the sand

Sifting warm sand 
through my fingers,
shimmering fine grains 
glitter my palm.
filled with life’s memories
of nut brown days
of summer.

A soft silk breeze 
formed dunes
with our dreams 
that summer
when we danced to the stars.
My heart laced yours
listening to the sea
undulating waves of emotion
as we kissed 
on the velvet strand.

I still hear
the rhythm of the ocean.
Waves tumbling in unison,
a sweeping sound 
gently caressing
as we lay silently 
listening to sand
shifting over stone
to the faint chiming
of seashells.

My first love
a sea salted embrace
on a breast of sand.
The memories
forever held
in the sand
in glitter on my hand.

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She lets me put violets in her hair,
good-humouredly, calls me Ophelia
in such a way that I spout, But Shakespeare
pushed war, not love. Resplendent, Thalia

strolls the peaceful paths of Victoria Park,
taken with the interplay of people,
the signs of change, bridges like love at work;
Often, her hands become divine steeples

of calm prayer. Yet there is imminence 
heard in fervencies, a tremendous will
wrought with words of truth and tolerance 
that dare to preserve all that is spiritual.

Three share our views in comfortable silence,
Me, hope and a Goddess of Non-Violence. 

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Fluoroscope Eyes

Shimmer glowing
     twinkling water
             softly flowing
                   New moon casting shadows
                         Penumbras shifting
                              Lakeside silence
                                     Silver dances
                                                 Liquid shine of peace

   Why do I sit agitated?
     Eyes drawn inward
           Naked soul 
         stripped down
 Barren like the winter trees
     A skeleton of myself
 Solitude surrounding me
    Like a heavy snow
     a January Shroud

A billion stars are upward
    whispering your name
       Chanting with their twinkles
           of my eternal longing
               Their brilliance mocking
                  Reminding me of distance
                       and my infernal sorrow

The moon casts an eerie glow
Across the rocky cliffs
taunting me with loneliness
The place beside me empty

I close my eyes
          Lashes slightly damp
                      My hair falls forward
                               I take a deep breath in
                  and I conjure you

      I see you there 
      in ghostly form
You wrap me in your arms
     Suddenly the stars 
       cease taunting
the moon glows a sweet hue
    and i feel warm seep in
    you smile softly at me
     you seem so very real

My aching heart is full
Your sexy smile stirs me
   I feel such peace
you whisper words
   that cause a laugh....

Is this happiness?

If I open my eyes 
you will disappear
      like a puff of smoke
Like the phantom you are
So I keep them 
            squeezed shut
tightly, heart pounding
        and I smile

A Mona Lisa smile
          all the mystery 
              of woman and love
                   and the infinite universe
             resting on my face

How long can I sit here
         I wonder.....
before my eyes must open?

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Fresh Pillow (Kyrielle Sonnet)

At night I lay my soul to sleep,
Closing my eyes there is no peep,
This soft bed is just so mellow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

Forgetting the stress of the day
I am in bed without delay.
Soul at ease— the mind must follow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

Satin sheets over my shoulder,
Keep me warm—not getting colder.
Fantasy dreams I now billow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

At night I lay my soul to sleep,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

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The Owl and the PusyCat Sail

Together the Owl and the PusyCat were married
Then again sailed out over the deep blue seas
Searching forever for the great Land of Nod,
To the place where they could find true peace.
True peace, true peace… Where they could find true peace.

The love that twined forever within their hearts
They sought throughout all the wonderous lands
Going to the place where they would live in peace,
A place where true peace, rules and lives in the hearts of the land.
The land, the land… Where true peace lives in the heart of the land.

Alas, the love of the heart, though truly not easy to find…
Is easier to find than the love of peace, found throughout the land.
So it’s said they will continue to sail, until that day comes true,
And when they land for the final time, will be up to me and you.
Me and you, me and you… That day will be up to me and you.

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On Golden Sands - For Adults Only

On golden sands in naked lay
Adventurous hands in touching display
His Maidens skin like fine porcelain
Lips in touch, loves to gain

So caressed she becomes so moist
Groans of excite in wanting voice
Her perfect pink lips lure me to kiss
Sweet she is in hungry bliss

In spiral licks to her lips I head
As she welcomes me home on natures bed
Slowly I enter whilst warmed by she
In kissing touch sharing her honey we be

To her nape I kiss whispering words of love
On natures bed, blue ceiling above
Our movements of joy like the oceans waves
Excite her firm breasts, her pertness I crave

My head in her hands as she entices my bite
Kissing, licking her pert nipples in hardened height
Our bodies now joined in writhing glow
Sharing words of love as our loving shows

My pillar of man between her Vee
In rhythmic motion thee and she
Spontaneous we are in pleasurable voice
Arched she becomes as our bodies rejoice

The release of man cascades her inner walls
Warmed and pink my eyes now befall
A gentle kiss to her heaven I plant
In loving groan, my Maiden now pants

Up her torso I kiss to her lips I share
Sweet tasting honey to her eyes I stare
In gentle touch our moment now lived
Memories we share, for our love we give

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If I Were To Work a Miracle

If I were to work a miracle I know what it would be
In selfish quest I'd ask to grow in someone's company

Then we could prosper sharing precious moments in life
If I could have the same children, I'd pray she would be my wife

I would treasure the ground she walks on, in joyous harmony
For before I requested this miracle, she opened my eyes to see

Many things we share, architecture and music are two
There's history and geography, she says binds me and you

But it's the music that cements us, especially with Queen
If I were to work a miracle, then this would be my dream

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I didn't want anyone
to have a sad Christmas,
so I roamed Manhattan's star-decorated streets,
where many a homeless weeps...
where was I to find that someone,
if not in that corner where a barrel fire was?

By God's grace, I found that unhappy person in ragged clothes
to give my four presents to,
ending the drama of his woe
by bringing coat, shoes, gloves and a long scarf
to erase the misery of a beggar whose cold night was rough;
he widely smiled when I leaned forward and offered him my gifts!

Bewildered folks wearing the latest fashion attire, did not have
the decency of stooping down and give him a single quarter,
and doing so they killed the Christmas' spirit entirely...
a generous spirit well-known in this city;  yes, my anger
could have made me lash out at them with indignation,
but realizing how greedy people can be withholding love:
I gasped in relief to discover a creche of our Savior so cheery 
along the festive Fifth Avenue to get rid of my frustration!

What I found there was a Heaven-inspired sight
of gleaming angel's hovering the stable announcing Christ's glorious birth... 
while beneath bang-pipers and trumpets players, glowing with mirth, 
accompanied the youngest choir singing, "Holy Night."
Perhaps venturing out in the cold of the wealthiest city,
gave me the opportunity to realize the hidden goodness of kind souls
that give away their humble presents in various forms,
not expecting anything in return...but rejoice in the delightful sound of harmony.

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Average Age 19

Once again, the powers that must
In rise again in what we trust
An overseas conflict, another war
Just what in the hell are we fighting for

Families are asking, Korea has just passed
Generations again reft, how long will it last
A country in need, to rebuild again
Flags at half mast, in wind and rain strain

Once again into war, sent by the Washington Post
To send back reports to hit home the most
Military observers were the first to be sent in
Another chapter of man entering existing sin

I'm witnessing our ariel power, Lam Son 719
US planners determine their incursion, saying all will be fine
Along the Mekong River, we'll carpet bomb their supply trail
Tons of munitions and napalm, this spread surely cannot fail

Many sorties are being flown, for the wounded and the dead
Whilst Nixon and his cronies, aren't thinking with their heads
The news of losses has reached me, nineteen have been killed
Eleven missing, fifty nine wounded, more American blood spilled

Seven fixed wing aircraft, more sons in action loss
Whilst back at home more protests, fading the dyeing's gloss
To to this job that I do, I was never prepared for this
To witness such bloody scenes, and ignore that life is bliss

How can I write about a soldier, whose name I'll never know
Killed at nineteen years old, his family he'll never see grow
Or even explain to his parents, when carried from the AH-1
His body bullet riddled and limp, when lifted it bloodily run

I never went back to the theatre, called the Vietnam War
Having witnessed the wanton killing, what were we fighting for
This colonial conflict that started, us on the side of France
So many came back as strangers, many to live in trance

James Fraser's entry into the contest " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

Details | I do not know? | |

Dew of Love

Silky shadow
Reminiscent of a rivers flow 
Delicious streams
Voyage into desire
Dulcet wind playing the dew of love

Details | Couplet | |

Marble in Columns on Green

On a slope graced with green
White marble stands in proud salute

For beneath these engraved pillars of memory
Lie the resting places of heroes

A solitary green fir looks down
As if sheltering the lost and the taken

So many names, from all walks of life
A father, brother a girlfriend or wife

On a sunny day, they glow radiant like their lives
On a dull day, they stand out against the greys

For the living, life goes on 
Tomorrow is another day

Details | Ballad | |


To love your country,
you must commit yourself indefinetly;
there are no doubts, or fears
when it comes to defend it fervently..
do it for the sake of  your family,
or your countrymen who wish for peace!

They will send you to distant lands,
away from your loved ones...
to uphold freedom and its sanctity,
and you'll shine with bravery!

Anytime peace is threatened,
you'll retaliate and engage in combat,
true soldiers always fight with self-confidence,
never retreat in any circumstance!

There'll be days of fright , of darkness and despair,
and nights to shed tears on cold pillows;
no tender eyes to glance into or arms to embrace,
but  surrendering distorts your honor! 

As the mission comes to its end suddenly,
and you are one of the surviivors to declare victory,
although you'll also grieve for the fallen ones:
you'll wave your flag to the calmest skies!

To love your country,
you must avail yourself of dignity
and protect its borders vigilantly;
be aware of its tremendous cost:
risk your own life,or allow
the enemy to toast!  

Details | Italian Sonnet | |

All Through Tuscany

The afternoon outlined. The sunny strokes
of a samurai blade on her body
revealing things the eyes feign see.
Tempted, wounded, the virgin parchment floats
between her skin and satin cloak.
Artist; afternoon, craving company
draws her inside-out so innocently,
on purpose leaves the yolk indwelling.

The painter in the corner moans,
he jealous of the afternoons artly
sensual oration.
Improving skin, bare olive tones
of subtle pastel, the moment partly lost
to the constellations.

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The Universal Man

I shall live and die By my own accord Only my God may judge me To him I've proved my worth I am still here fighting It matters not what for On my ship of righteousness Headed for waters unexplored The clear night sky will darken And the clouds seem ominous I take heed to the sure signs From them I won't digress They are in the way of my dreams And hopes that fill my sails Like the wind from my heaven Keeps my skin tough as nails Evil comes to tempt me I am not immune Sometimes I play the hero Other times I'm just a fool Either way the choice is mine I make it with my free will For that's the gift he gave me And for what I fight for still The government is coming To bring a chaos they call order The line has been drawn Between two sides there is a border I feel myself being torn To choose a fate in stone Let this be a lesson Why I wander on my own Minds can be controlled I see it every day The weak wills fall like dominos That lie littering my way An obstacle before me I iron will it to the end And when the devil comes to dance with me I have already started to transcend into everything around I am the universal man my true form I shall disguise I am hiding it from this great Satan they say will come for my demise I know he will find me maybe he already has in a long gone nightmare that my soul he stole at last if I remember correctly I can't say I recall ever escaping his grip or did it ever touch me at all?

Details | Verse | |


to awake
and then to dwell,
pillowed on your breasts,
there to pause awhile..
draped in tenderness..
muffled in love's caress!


Details | Epyllion | |

This Dream

She sits in the dark
Gazing out that window pane.
She's there every evening.
She sees the stars as anything but plain.

She looks so lonely there.
She appears as if one day
Someone special enchanted her,
Then had taken her heart away.

Suddenly, she stops her gaze and gets up.
She stumbles in the dark for her other shoe..
That lovely grin, I swear, seemed as if
She knew she had someone, somewhere to run to.

She walks out to that lamp-lit
Cobblestone street, and, with one whistle,
Calls a stagecoach to go north to that
Green valley full of thistle.

Once she arrives, she stands and looks
Down at the valley so full of beauty.
She then begins to walk closer to what
Appears to be a tall oak tree.

Still grinning, she draws closer to this 
Tree standing beside a river...
What's this? It would also appear
There is someone there awaiting her!

When she gets to this scene, she dantily sits
Next to him. He wraps his arms around her tight,
Kisses her, and tells her not to cry,
Holds her closer, then told her everything's alright.

With a tear in her eye, she looks at him,
Then rested her head on his shoulder.
They then begin to fall asleep 
Gazing at the moon's reflection on the river.

The couple falls to a deep sleep
Just after admiring the moon above,
While I'm sitting and crying to see
There are two so deeply in love.

It brings tears to my eyes 
To see such a beautiful scene, 
But also to know I have to wake up
Because they fell in love in my dream.

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They are all in my head, all day and all night
I hear them talking, telling me something's not right
They come from all directions, my ears never rest
recalling words from the ones I thought I knew best

My family my friends, those closet to me, telling
me things I refuse to see.
They've been buried within so long and so deep
like angry little children refusing to sleep

Some yell loudly, some whisper soft
they speak of the times and the dreams that were lost
and all these times I've refuse to hear, from people
and places I held so dear.

I've been so let down, my pride has been shattered
My heart has been broken, as if I didn't matter
It's a harsh lesson these voices within
makes me realize I've only one true friend
Thank you lord for opening my eyes, to people
that hurt me and tell me lies.
God's comfort and love will pull me through
from all the bad things these voices do.

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A walk with me

Waves crash the rocks in ecstasy
as I pass the archway 
to the sea.
Onwards to the village, 
busy cafes,
the aroma of coffee brewing,
as a power of teens gather, texting.
I venture down 
a chestnut lined road
under a canopy 
of Copper Beech
where bright shafts of sun
illuminate a lane of lavender 
a sea of perfume
wafts the air.
Climbing an incline, 
hills in view,
the distant sobbing
of water sounds
a trickling brook emerges
ambling through magenta heather
and thorny gorse.

I reach a stile, 
entrance to the woods
where a carpet 
of frosted red cyclamen 
bleeds down to a deep dark glen.
A chicory lake lies there, frozen
as a mist uncurls between reeds.
The granite hills,
 soft with snow,
luminous against a whale grey sky.
A copse of pine trees
surround a curving river
where trout pout, bubbling.
At the fold of day, 
returning hom
The pale sun sinks the horizon
as stars tremble
into a velvet night

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Amidst a Flowery Meadow

Amidst a flowery meadow we walked this sunny day
Two in love a wandering to find a place to lay
We happen across an Oak tree, as old as old can be
Below it's green filled canopy, we lay in love so free

We chatted and chatted for ages amidst this greenery
Our minds knowing our eventual, to be naked and so free
We turn to face each other, leaning in we share a kiss
Our eyes know our looks, to be in desirable bliss

Lips now touch like whispers, in gentle delightful flow
Urging excites our wants, our desires in us grow
Slowly I undo her buttons revealing charms so sweet
Her body reflects my attention, in pertness rising greet

Cupped I kiss her gently, her hands run through my hair
Her torso openly naked, whilst the Oak can only stare
Sighs now resonate across this meadow of colour
She whispers words of crave, delight my wanting flower

I touch, I kiss and caress, this bloom in radiant pink
Two now become one, as we start to love in sync
Frantic kisses now shared in lusting craving require
Our orchestrated echoes confirm our wanting loving desire

Amidst a flowery meadow we walked this sunny day
Two in love a wandering to find a place to lay
Our passion and love flowed in this lovely flowery place
Below the oldest of Oak trees, lovingly we graced

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Different Hearts, Beat on Different Strings

How different we are
And in the way we act
In love and romance
A heart filled pact
It can start out so good
To a thunderous applause
And fall by the wayside
Just because
Corners are turned
Sometimes we go the same way
And sometimes round the same corner
We can go slightly astray
At the start of it all 
To the table we bring
But somewhere along the road
Different hearts, beat on different strings

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Today Is Terrible----

The cracked spine of
the book I dropped
at the call.
A chip in my
windshield left by a
pompous *?#@! in a
red sports car as I
drive to the
Rain expectorating
from an ashen sky as
the dirt is turned.
Today is terrible.
Though this is less
terrible than the
crack in grandma’s
spine from her fall
down the stairs.
The chip in her
amazingly smart mind
after eighteen years
as a teacher.
Tears running,
dripping from my
Mothers ashen face
as she cries “My
mama’s dead.”
Today is terrible.
Though this is less
terrible than the
cracked family
emotions left raw
and empty.
The chip in Grandpas
numb mind at the
gathering… “Where is
Irene she should be
Faces gone ashen
with dread, do we
leave him numb or
remind him that his
wife is dead?
Today is terrible.
Though this is less
terrible than the
empty silences,
missing the jokes
Grandma used to
Grandma’s laugh and
her endless smile
which always exposed
that tooth with the
chip in it.
Without her the
world has become
empty, bleak, and
Today is terrible.


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Mountain Poem

I love sky I love trees
and sometimes I can feel the breeze.
I feel like I can fly
With the wind pushing my hair back so lightly the trees are waving
My hair is swaying so is yours as we glide together
as we watch the sunset go bye
and once again I can feel the breeze
the mountains are high
so so high
they are so high
see them see them
to protect me as I walk across the lake
I love the lake
it is so big big big big
I love big
do you like big?
I like the mountains
do you?
they are so straight like a statue do you think?
the mountains are high in the sky
I love to just watch the sunset go bye
so quiet and slow like the clouds I soar through the sky
I love soaring through the sky

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holokauston Page 1 of 2

Around that table, picture the scene
Self appointed leaders if you know what I mean
What were the topics on the Agenda that day
The Jewish race is about to pay

Who gave the right for this decision that's made
Who has the right to cleanse and degrade
To decide who lived, to decide who dies
Another chapter, I still wonder why

They came in the day they came in the night
Women and children pulled out of sight
Herded aboard like cattle and sheep
Many a family awoke from their sleep

Dazed and confused as they are taken away
Where will they be at the end of the day
From their warm houses and their warm beds
What must be going through their heads

As they travel through days and through the night
Up ahead, they see lots of lights
They depart the trucks and board the train
Their faces scared under the strain

Asking questions from family and others
Generations, sisters and brothers
Why are we here, where are we going
Windowless carriages with no way of knowing

We come to a stop, soldiers aplenty
Towers and wire, topped with sentries
What can this place be they have taken us to
As we head to large gates as they shuffle us through

Families separated, herded in file
Women and children, not one did smile
Taken to rooms where our heads were shaved
Is this the way humans behaved

Clothes discarded, as we enter the shower
No signs of water no signs of power
Doors slammed as we are all crammed in
History will recall this evil of sins

As we stand in the dark, chanting Jewish faith
Can hear the voices can't see the face
Noises above, do the showers start
The event has begun that tells us Humans apart

Questions and sighs, as walled vents show daylight
Some thing is falling then their slammed tight
A strange aroma starts to fill the air
As all around are screams of despair

Twenty minutes have passed and the quietness is rife
Two thousand people, two thousand lives
Pellets called HCN, or Hydrogen Cyanide
Contribute to this Genocide

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The Only Answer

   I have searched and read and plodded,
through books and places and time.
Blindly searching for the answers, 
to this feeling which is mine
I would travel unto the ends of the earth,
in places most perilous and dire.
Herein lies the question,
of this burning fire.
So I sat and donned my thinking cap,
to figure out  this riddle ,
no fear of the cost.
For you see if I cannot 
my sanity ,
surely will be lost
 In my mind I've pondered this ,
over and over again,
Probably at least a million times,
honestly no more than  ten.
I was thinking about the longing,
ache and loneliness,
when at my minds door ,
my heart ,
it did knock.
Non sense ,
I am sure with reason 
this mystery to unlock.
At once my heart broke down the door
betwixt it and my mind.
Listen to me just this once,
not your thoughts at all this time.
Then the answer came shining, clear 
from far up above.
The answer all so hard to figure out,
was simply  it was Love

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our colour of yellow

The lake was still sleeping
a light mist rose above,
a weathered dock could be seen,
its aged wood; full of memories.

The air crisp, breeze light,
trees majestic; watching all.
Squirrels  busy scampering,
as a flock of geese soared above.

Way over yonder
clear across the still lake,
shining brightly were yellow shutters,
on our cabin; our special place.

We had toiled the garden
planted yellow roses with great care,
we had painted the old wood shutters,
yellow paint; speckled our hair.

The roof  we re-shingled,
one painstaking nail at a time,
we even counted the ouches;
when our hammers got out of line.

With nothing but smiles
on our weary, aching bodies,
we held hands, and went running,
into the still of the lake; giggling.

We swam out to the dock,
it was a race; he won,
my hand he took laughing;
as he quickly scooped me up.

Our toes dangled playfully
sending ripples in the lake,
as we gazed at our cabin;
yellow shutters; fresh with paint.

The trees swayed slightly
as if nodding with approval,
for our cabin by the lake,
was our private sacred jewel.

As we cuddled together
warmth filled our souls,
for our bright yellow shutters,
symbolized, our love's blossoming growth.

It was on this very dock,
air crisp, breeze light,
when he gave me a yellow rose;
and asked me to be his wife.

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holokauston Page 2 of 2

After the quiet we all have to go
Dragged and carted by the Sonderkommando
To be dumped in pits covered by lime
A race to dispose by it's Human slime

Auschwitz, Buchenwald & Dachau slaughtered
Many a son, many a daughter
Experiments on children women and men
Some aged 90, many under 10

In 45, their end was near, how many alive would reappear
As Russians, British and US troops
Chased the Hun to their German roots
Each camp reached showed it's sordid past
Where millions of me, were massively gassed

In Auschwitz, to this present day
Birds don't fly, no animals play
The reminder is all for there to see
Those terrible days what happened to me

It's 1948, our Nation is born
From histories past, populations torn
To all who survived I wish you well
And our new born world, called Israel

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Indian Tales

When night settled down
Pow-wows rose to a climax
Giving the world joy

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Georgia Muse

I went to Georgia without my bonjo in my hand I knew it would be great after I landed and took a stand I told them my name and they asked, "What's your fame?" I reached for my muse and turned it loose like a goose They straightened their ties and said “O’ me, O’ my!” “We made a mistake about this poetic rhyming guy!” Someone handed me a bonjo and they all joined the tango My muse had its way and we had a wonderful stay As we departed for home they started to sing, “Hurry back poet, may your muse give you wings!”

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He Left Her a White Rose

Its the morning after the night before
As i leave my new wife, whom i lovingly adore

My orders came through, overseas i head
With my band of brothers, not knowing what's ahead

    Married for days, whilst conflict takes him away
    Holding sheets where we slept, my memory bouquet

    At the bottom of our bed, there lies a virgin white rose
    With a note beneath i am in momentary froze

    I sit and stare as to what it might say
    Knowing this is the day my love flies away

My darling Tinks i leave this white rose for you
Its pristine appearance describes my darling so true

It symbolises you, so innocent so pure
With your love in my heart, i will return i assure

Think of the day, from these distant lands from beyond
For the morning after the night before, we will respond

    This virgin white rose, so bridal so pure
    You and its safety i will secure, for you to return for our future

    The day you come home, it shall lay on our bed
    And we will continue our lives, as you have always said

    I will go about my tomorrow's, thinking of you every day
    And prey that this virgin white rose, never turns deathly grey

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Horses Cantor

Saddle up and ride the ranch
and get to Texas, fast as you can
Where open land past Dallas grand
will let you conquer it freely
Raise your stallions, cast your lot
and face the wind with all you’ve got
Fence the hard-packed earth ~ Don’t stop
‘till it soaks through the hooves as rain
Heat the chestnut mare with sun
and brush the colts hair, one by one
They prance on stilt legs, my they’ve grown
They’ll face the moon in no time
So step off the subway, brace your mind
for dreaming air is what you’ll find
Amidst the freedom of the run
your horses cantor, one by one.

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Letter Dreams

Somewhere beyond at the end of these letters

Is a girl in a funny hat that answers them

She is small and pretty, a gentle soul

That touches the earth as it touches her

She is the dream this letter is made of

A dream rich in tenderness

And the florid colors of hope

She is that quiet place I rest my weary soul

A place far away where dreams lie down

To hide their faces beneath a clouded veil

And wink at those who would believe in them

She is my distant dream place -

A place of soft eyes and open hearts

Where smiles shine like summer rain

And tomorrow never comes

It is she that this letter dream is made of

That special place where beauty still lives

And letters are written in the hand of hope

For the gentle soul that will read them

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Celebration on the Bay

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
Watching star bursts of wonder
Sparks with flair in the evening sky
Streams of light moving in splendor
So beautiful one must say, “oh my!”

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
As the grand orchestra played away
Sweet melody makes me give a sigh
Music and light blending a display
Horns and trumpets blasting high

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
Watching fireworks over the bay
Music rocking with soft thunder
Such a sight for ending a fine day
A celebration without a blunder

I sat in a porch rocker and looked!

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Mediterranean Love

The Highland Princess
Sails again
Its captain and dove
To the Mediterranean
Now so much in love
To an island they go
To celebrate their engagement
For their love truly flows
This archipelago of seven
In this sea of blue
Aboard our babe
As we enjoy the views
Marina we berth
Settle in for the night
For tomorrow, our interests
Its historic sights
Early start
To the blue lagoon
For in the evening
We will love in tune
History surrounds
Every where we go
In its harbours and towns
Evidence shows
This island of class
With it's World Heritage sights
The Megalithic Temples
Still stand upright
These icons of age
To this island their worth
They are the oldest free standing structures
On this planet Earth
As the evening draws in
We head back to our yacht
To absorb our day
And what Malta has taught
Dinner and drinks
As we settle down
In comfy pose
Naked, but gowned
I take the hand
Of my golden dove
As we know in our eyes
Our evening of love
To our cabin we go
As our gowns are thrown
This captain and dove
Whose love keeps growing
Naked we fall
On our heavenly bed
Spooned together
To be sexually fed
Our bodies merge
As i grow inside
This gyrating two
Flowing with the tide
As i caress my dove
Her body and breasts
Nibbling her nape
In wanting zest
Our souls release
Potion so pure
Our bonding engagement
For future, sure
In the morning we awake
To the sounds of life
On our next voyage
She will be my wife

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I came here with flowers
held gently to my sobbing chest,
to bring them to my dearest;
I have departed from the living,
to come face to face with my ending...

I lay my flowers at this cold tombstone...
engraved with a name too sweet,
and yet so painful to call it out;
the heat in my throbbing veins
could warm it up with a loving wish before dawn;
but who can resurrect someone from death?

This morning is dazzled by an intense sun,
carnations, flags and tombstones
perfectly blend as the swaying pines 
offer their breeze and soothing shade towards noon;
why are the noisy larks hiding,
and melancholically sing?

I rushed here to release these tears
and let them roll from these eyes,
like raindrops falling on this very quiet place:
where tranquility is as eternal as Paradise...

I lay my flowers at this cold tombstone,
feeling a presence so known;
others before me have knelt and cried, 
not to forget whom they lost and dearly loved...

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Natural Reflection

Just like a flower
Sunshine stimulates her face
Sparkling with love

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Golden Delicious

Who would have thought
That a few days before
As we clung for our lives
Cast on yon sandy shore
To see Carolyn there
Against the tree
Not a care in the world
Her mind roaming free
Long blond hair
Shouldered slight
Captured by the sun
Golden delight
Her long white dress
Frayed and torn
Visible image
From our previous storm
Revealing shoulders
Back home would be frowned
You should see her now
Like a sexy gown
In her hands she clasps
A flower unknown
Something we learnt
To take back as her own
It's reddish pink colour
Matches her lips
To be so close
Makes my heart skip
The breaking waves
To her beauty they applaud
Seabirds in flight
In fly by, awed
A lapse of time
She raises her head
Eye to eye
The evenings read

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Sautéed scallops on the skirts of Italy
Debutantes of a chardonnay shimmy 
Mediterranean terraces of broached stars
Gucci wallets moonlighting baroque hearts
Manolo Blahnik legs lavishly luring
High heel sculptures of effusive Etruscan art
Olive ties stirring perfumed Sicilian thighs
Inhaling fragrant glasses of jasmine jet eyes
Rosy secrets saturating burning blotted lips
Fiery fertile plumes of Pompeii's fresco kiss
Vesuvian silence preening suave sable hair
Folded napkins of toasted Venetian affairs 

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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Into the wilderness you chose to walk,
away from safety to a world so distraught.
Nothing you took, but a worried mind,
leaving me a mission, you I will find.
The flock you have chosen, they wonder in grief,
everyone of them the same I believe.
How many years must someone bleed,
before they realize, they must break free.
Destruction, and pain is all you know,
can't you see, I love you so.
You call them friends but they are not,
their hearts are empty, their souls full of rot.
How could they do this, no remorse within,
call them your enemy, not your friend.
Another day I'll take my search,
into your wilderness full of hurt.
Until the day, I walk no more,
my search for you continues,
just like the day before.

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Bittersweet Memories

Walks around the lake are bittersweet memories
that leave tears in my eyes
tears in my eyes
I remember the way your hand felt in mine
how the world seemed fine
the world was mine
I remember staring into your eyes
knowing that you would always be there
My mind is full of these bittersweet memories
leaving tears in my eyes
tears in my eyes
I remember when I could make you smile
when I could make it all worthwhile 
I remember when I was all you needed
when no one else would do
We used to waste nights away
talking about anything and everything
sometimes even nothing at all
I’m choking up with every thought of you
as these bittersweet memories are leaving tears in my eyes
tears in my eyes

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What Is This Church All About

What Is This Church All About?

Is this church meant for people like me?
Is this where God really wants me to be?

They claim to be filled with God’s spirit.
When it comes to HIS truth...  Can they give it?

I’m sure there’s many who come and attend
It’s more than “church on Sunday,” that we must spend!

We must reach out to the lost and the oppressed!
After all, Christ gave us his very best!

May we all preach the gospel and God’s holiness!
And strive to seek his awesome righteousness!

Living for Jesus must be a daily walk and experience!
Not simply based on our “ambitious self appearance.”

God isn’t interested in a denomination or a title…
He wants to know…  Do we really believe the Bible?

He’s not interested in the money put in the offering plate.
He wants to know; “Are you ready
 to enter heaven’s gate?”

May we strive to serve Jesus with a zeal and passion!
And be filled with his holiness and compassion!

May we serve Jesus from a heart of humbled confession!
And making our commitment to him,
 our #1 possession!

“Unless the Lord builds the house.”  
They labor in vain that build it!
Let’s seek the power of God! 
May his presence completely fill it!!

By Jim Pemberton    

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My Love---a very special original Japanese poem

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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Of Isis Love Lament...

Oh of Isis love lament
Raging against Ra’s morning light
Where could the time have went
Racing through the desert night

And by the gods of Karnak
We bow to let their power in
And make a solemn promise
To return time and time again

Now to meet my princess
On the banks of the Nile
To embrace forever more
Never to lose my lovers smile

Blessed by the gods
Granted and gifted light
On our lips a promise
And then we rush into the night

Of gay Paris’s happenings
Oui, oui I do recall
That covered balcony
That overlooked it all

The torrid love affair
In the heat of passion true
An ancient promise kept
Memories along the rue

And then I met my lover
Well down by the shore
On the banks of the Seine
We embraced each other once more

Granted and gifted light
Our passions wildly burn
And once again my love 
We submit to the nocturne

Flores De la Noche
How they do intoxicate
As I stand so anxiously
Aside a Spanish lake

And then my lover’s face
Graced with “luce a lun”
Our vows reaffirmed
And not a moment too soon

For there on the banks
Of the lake Asturias
The strength of our promise
Is there to carry us

And then as before
We’re graced and gifted light
In the favor of our Father
We go once again into the night

And here we stand today
Reunited yet again
Same love and same heart
Only under a different skin

And on a beach Pacific
From a distance I see my love
And I give thanks and praise
To the mighty One above

Meeting brings us round again
To fulfill our ancient ties
This I knew the very moment
That I gazed into your eyes

For once again the gods
Have granted and gifted light
And our promise afresh fulfilled
We go perpetually into the night

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Home is Where the Ocean Is

Summer is here once again.
The breeze is warm,
I smell salt on the wind.
The same sandy beach between my toes,
The same waters I learned to swim.
Sun burn on my nose,
To the Ocean I dive in.
I submerse myself in the waters of the Atlantic
Warmer than the West Coast Thankfully
Cold, I simply cannot handle it!
Further out I paddle faithfully,
For my mother ocean to keep me sane,
this is my therapy,
to soothe this migraine.
This place gives me energy,
a weakness with a name.
Pleasure Island, NC.
A place hidden with fortunes
and undiscovered fame.
Never could I stray from the ocean
my passions would never be fulfilled
and I would never be the same.

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

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Over the tranquil place where love suddenly grew,
night carved the tender image of two souls breathing together,
to delight themselves until the sky turned dark blue;
we watched the stars come much closer and get brighter.

Night carved the tender image of two souls breathing together,
and it united them with deep passion and a solemn promise;
we watched the stars come much closer and get brighter,
we pondered the new distant was the sunrise.

And it united them with deep passion and a solemn promise
as a memory which can't be easily erased or even forgotten,
we pondered the new distant was the sunrise;
in awe we stood, while we could no longer see the horizon.

As a memory that can't be easily erased or even forgotten,
our minds remembered the tenderness of each hug and kiss;
in awe we stood, while we could no longer see the horizon...
the nightingales came to listen and learn words of sweetness.  

Our minds remembered the tenderness of each hug and kiss,
to delight themselves until the sky turned dark blue;
the nightingales came to listen and learn words of sweetness...
over the tranquil place where love suddenly grew.

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My Persian Queen

From the Gardens of Babylon,
to the walkways of Palestina,
to the grand temples of Jerusalism,
to the sandy beaches of Syria and Cyprus.
Went my Persian Queen riding,
upon her golden, firery chariot.

Her black hair, like silk long and flowing.
Her royal robes white and purple, bare and pure.
Her sword by her side, ready to strike.
Her spear fastened, ready to stab the dreeded heart
of the Fire Dragon.
On the firery chariot, riding with her armies,
Went my Perisan Queen.

O, how my arimes fight your armies,
in the midst of night fall, under a full moon.
Let us stop this foolish fighting.
And have fellow brother, love fellow brother.
And so we can fall in love forever.

And don't act like you don't show love for me.
I see you in the dawns, standing upon the sand covered battlefields.
Standing proud behind your armies.
With your black hair flowing.
You almost making me want not to fight the battle of the Day,
for if you were killed, what victory would that be then?

You pull your armies back at the last minute, before I am slayed
by your fellow brother in arms.
You retreat your arimes back over the hills, not in fear of losing the day,
but in fear of losing me.
You and your armies had plenty of chances to kill me, yet you do not.

My Persian Queen, O come now.
Come down from your firery chariot
and into my restless arms.
I know you are tired
and wanting to sleep.

Listen to the nightingale
sing her love song.
Drinking the sweet necture,
from the gardens, in your vase Persian Empire.

Come now, and kiss me,
Hold me, let us ride,
far from the simple minds of the Old World
and fall in love in a New.

My Persian Queen
O how I love you so much.
I cannot bare to see you in a life you don't want to live.
Come let I, your Knight in shinning armour liberate you.
Take you by the hand, run through the great bazzare in Old Istanbul
running away from the Janissaries of your father's Imperial armies.

Let us leave this place of hate and sorrow.
To start our lives a new.
My Persian Queen,
Now dressed in silk lace,
with golden jewlery hanging
from your beautiful and tender neck.
Along with the silver pattened belt around your harmonial waist.

It is time for you, to come with me.
No more shall we act like we dispise one another.
As Romeo and Juliet's love failed,
shall our love take course, and we shall love
till the oceans swallow the earth, the mountains crumble,
and the Sun engulf the sweet Earth.
And on and on shall our love go on,
My adorable and lovely Persian Queen.

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Awa' aff the river shore

Awa' oan the Firth of Forth, 
high oan the famous brig', 
a laboring lad toils tirelessly 
in the cauld and bitter wind.

Awa' aff the river shore, 
a braw lassie waits for him, 
scourin' and roastin' tatties 
in a bonny wee but and ben.

The carls would hae him drinkin',
The cummers would pay him 'ahind the door,
but he oany has wan thing oan his mind
and she's awa' aff the river shore.


Away on the Firth of Forth,
high on the famous bridge,
a laboring lad toils tirelessly
in the cold and bitter wind.

Away off the river shore,
a braw lassie waits for him,
scouring and roasting tatties
in a bonny wee but and ben.

The carls would have him drinking,
the cummers would pay him behind the door,
but he only has one thing on his mind
and she's away off the river shore.

Glossary of terms:

* the Firth of Forth is the estuary of the River Forth in Scotland
   braw means fine looking
   tatties are potatoes
   bonny means pretty or handsome
   a but and ben is a modest two room cottage consisting of a kitchen and a main room
   a carl is a laboring man
   a cummer is a woman of questionable moral character
   to pay behind the door is to engage in sexual activity as a form of 'payment' for favors, services, or goods.

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Silent Beauty

The silence now pervades my soul and mind.
I smile in wonder at the scene sublime.
The silence now pervades my soul and mind.

I wish to hold this moment for all time—
The beauty of the flowers full in bloom.
I smile in wonder at the scene sublime.

There is no need for dustpan, rake, or broom.
The roses in their glory make me cry—
The beauty of the flowers full in bloom.

I want to understand why when I spy
Upon this garden planted by a man
The roses in their glory make me cry.

It must be all a part of God's own plan
To show the awesome beauty He creates
Upon the garden planted by a man.

When I discern the plot, my thoughts abate—
The silence now pervades my soul and mind.
To show the awesome beauty He creates,
The silence now pervades my soul and mind.

Details | Free verse | |

Let us walk together

Let us walk together
to a garden of flowers
beneath a clear
blue sky of spring weather

we will when we get there my love
while away time
sitting under cool shades
of sinuously swaying trees
as we listen to the mellifluous
harm of nectar sucking bees

and the enchanting songs
of flower birds and watch
as butterflies of all glorious
colors grace the place

and when we are deeply satisfied	
I will pick for you the flower
most admired by bees,
flower birds and butterflies
and we shall walk back home 
dreaming of love 
which does not wither 
as time grows old
with a vivid picture
of a never aging flower garden 
painted on our minds  

Details | Elegy | |

Where are you

You flourished and blurred
like a spark on wind

Gracefully and quickly like a frightened hind
in pursuit of light

You harvested through bushy meadows
taken by blight

In struggle with plight
had you lost your might

And gave out
although never you gave up.

Where are you?
For you must be still there.

For I still can feel you
somewhere in the air.

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Bon Jour

An eighteen year old sailor on the Riviera in the Spring
Mademoiselle Your smile can make my young heart sing
Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo who could ask for more
I volunteered for the USO, so on duty days I could be ashore
I held her hand and said bon jour, i danced with her that day
Looking into her eyes, Aime-moi, s'il vous plait
Stopping by a sidewalk cafe, we had a glass of Beaujolais
Then I walked her home and promised to meet another day
Two days later I returned but she was nowhere to be found
I saw her one more time before my feet left solid ground
It was a one time memory, a love not meant to be
She returned to college and I returned to the sea
I still have those memories and the wonders that we saw
But to cry, i'l n'est pas necssaire pour cela.
I think back sometimes and it cuts me like a knife
France will always be a special part of my life.

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Diana Dalton -Bio Poem

Diana Dalton 

Creative, curios, playful & loving
Sister of a brother who is not here
Lover of Life,Photography, Hubby and more
Who experiences love, longing, excitement, 
Who dislikes High fructose corn syrup
Love to see, England again, the Sea & Australia (with hubby)
Resides in Grand Junction,Colorado

Diana Dalton 
10 Aug 2012

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Deal Or No Deal

<                             Once was a gal shopped all garage sales
                               Nuts ~ bolts ~ screws ~  all found in one big pail
                               Husband said had nice rack
                               Wife turns ~ gives him.... good smack
                               Loaded - buckshot - and - boy - did - he .... wail 

Written by
Katherine Stella 
Entry For
A Poets Garage Sale

Details | Quatrain | |

On My Every Wall

My spirit resides in a small family’s home. I serve to divide up the rooms of that place. I haven’t got legs; therefore, I can’t roam. I guess what they see of me there is my face. . . a surface, which smooth, is painted beige-white. No ears do I have, and yet I hear all. No eyes, yet I see everything day and night. No lungs, yet I breathe; I am every wall. When holidays come, I inhale such delight: the sweet scent of cinnamon and fresh baked bread. I love it when sun through the drapes casts its light, and also I’m warmed hearing everything said . . . and sounds of the children laughing with glee, the soft sounds of love making from their folks’ room and their music, when played, which permeates me, dispelling those lonely times I feel such gloom. . . . for there was a time the kids colored on me. Their mother got angry, but all I recall is how small hands scribbled on me eagerly. Now I long for their touch on my every wall!

Details | Romanticism | |

The Princess of Beauty

                         Please, write a letter to me.Describe your feelings.
                              What do you think about, a time like this?
                    Write down your heartache, and write down your songs.
                            You first travelled to Paris, and then to Nice.

              When you arrived at the Rivieran, you kissed the seashore for me.
                    I´m dreaming of dancing the flamenco with you, in Spain.
          I would like to kiss you in Barcelona, and the sculptures would watch.
               They would like to get us married, but you´ve still got your pain.

              Once in Nice, but now in Venice, and probably hidden in a gondola.
                     Is that the place, where your dreams will become true?
                      Is that the town of arts, which will change your visions?
                    Venice by the waters, but are your paintings gonna be few?

                           And finally, in Greece, you felt the warm breeze.
                          You walked in the old footsteps of ancient poets.
               You, the Queen of poetesses, who always are rhyming by Athens.
                  She, the Princess of Beauty, who has caught me into her nets.


Details | Etheree | |

Gather Around My Children Pentecost {Etheree}

when the
day of the
pentecost has
fully come they the
apostles discples
were all with one accord in
one place to hear ingathering
of Peter's Sermon on how christian
pentecost marks beginning church of christ

Entry For Brian Strand's Pentecost Acts 2.1-4

Tribute To Christ Our Lord

Details | Rhyme | |

Tender Memories

A quiet evening alone by the shore
My thoughts return to the island once more
A young woman still haunting my dreams
I Was a sailor in love with her charms 
We spent a summer in each others arms
Living now isn't all that it seems
Paradise once was well within reach
Two lovers together on a tropical beach
Finding the answers without asking why
Watching the colors of the setting sun
Touching the ocean when day is done
Southern Cross hanging high in the sky
She held my heart in the palm of her hand
We walked together in the Caribbean sand
In the distance the harbor lights
Castaway dreams we shared with each other
Vowing forever to love one another
Embracing the tropical nights
I heard the ocean calling my name
Knowing my life would not be the same
I boarded that ship and sailed away
I lie awake nights and question my choice
I see her face and I hear her voice
I only have tender memories today.

  Vince Siuzadail Jr.

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On An Airplane (at 18,000 feet)

patches of green, shades of blue,
cotton clouds floating down below,
soaring like angels dressed in white,
silently drifting from such a height.

looking-glass mirror of the blue sea
to where someday I'm longing to be;
lonely mountains like giants they are,
rising and trying to reach a distant star.

where am I heading, where am I going?
when will a restless soul stop roaming?
ask the cold wind or ask the trees,
ask the birds that sing, ask the bees.

the lazy river flows along the way,
a twisting snake like a long highway,
never tired in its journey to the sea,
to the home where it dreams to be.

my home is your soft arms, my love,
your tender lips are all I want to have;
a lake of joy, like a rainbow you are,
I am the earth and you are the star.

Details | Couplet | |

I Woke up in a Dream

I woke up in a dream on a coast I've never seen But somehow in a way, I knew I'd be here one day I'm detecting a touch of Spanish, language it is not All I see is leaving Galleon's, raped, now forgot I'm seeing centuries before me, colonial now so free The Japanese like them before, ravaging in spree On a beach I walk to the light, attracting I to enter I'm there, as I walk through, my viewing now centred Into this lush land I walk, not knowing where I'll be There's something that desires, I'll know when I see Walking, walking, walking, it's all I appear to do Clearer my mind becomes, I know I'm walking to you Further my weakened feet, stride through their weak I know at the end of my journey, I'll meet whom I seek A village, a town nears, as I look back to whence I came Awakening in this dream, praying this person feels the same .

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Morals Morality and Ethical Direction

Morals, Morality and Ethical Direction… We often hear of morals, morality and ethical direction. What they mean, I suppose, is “one’s discretion.” Very seldom, is anything from the Bible being heard. Why obey God’s commandments? Why, that’s absurd! Many claim, that as adults, just about anything is “o.k.” As long as you don’t do what they do, but what they say! Many are “bombarded” with sexual type of temptations… Often leading many to get into perverse addictions! We set up boards of people to try to be “ethically clean.” When it comes down to it… What does this really mean? Can a person be totally immoral, but 100% ethical?’ Does this, in some way, seem kind of “heretical?” Why believe in God? He’s been ruled “unconstitutional.” While many listen to the news, which is often “delusional!” We hear of perversions, that are often “glorified.” Do we hear of those wanting to be Godly sanctified? If you’re confused, and need some kind of spiritual guide! Look to God’s word! He has nothing to hide! The kind of morality and ethics that you’ll ever need… Can be found in the Bible! Open it and read! Why not read from Genesis through Revelation? We can all find what we need! Across our nation! God and his word give us a true moral compass for living! His life for our own lives, is what he’s freely giving! Won’t you come to Jesus for godly direction today? He is here! And wants to help you find HIS way! By Jim Pemberton

Details | Burlesque | |

Un Beso Épico (A Spansih/English Crossover Song)

Un Beso Épico (A Spansih/English Crossover Song)
  Un Beso Épico
(An Epic Kiss) 
Desamparado en su rapsodia
(Helpless in your rhapsody) 
El descubrimiento dulce encontró
(The sweet discovery found) 
Bajo su cuerpo
(Under your body) 
Perdido en su abismo
(Lost in your abyss) 
Perdido en sus brazos... sus piernas envueltas alrededor de thee
(Lost in your arms...Your legs wrapped around thee) 
No hay lugar que estaría algo.
(There is no place I would rather be.) 
El gotear en sudor apasionado
(Dripping in Passionate Sweat) 
el atontamiento es su silueta.
(stunning is your silhouette.) 
el osculating, acariciando
(osculating, caressing) 
Nuestro amor que confiesa.
(Our love confessing.) 
' Neath la luna
('Neath the Moon) 
Las Estrellas
(The Stars) 
Solamente en naturaleza... es los nuestros.
(Alone in Nature...It is Ours.) 
Para ver su resplandor
(To see your glow) 
(It does show) 
Su felicidad
(Your happiness) 
Como usted pone en mina se arma.
(As you lay in mine arms.) 
Usted fijó de mis alarmar sexuales.
(You set off my sexual alarms.) 
Tomado Más arriba
(Taken Higher) 
El cuerpo de Thy fijó sexual en el fuego
(Thy Body Sexually set on Fire) 
Mi corazón llameante y despertado
(My heart flaming and aroused) 
Como usted se presenta con la invitación sexual.
(As you present yourself with sexual invitation.) 
Su sabor dulce del sabor... I
(Your sweet flavour...I savour) 
Olor del chocolate de las fresas...
(Smell of Strawberries...Chocolate) 
Dentro de su cuerpo colombiano marrón profundo
(Inside your deep brown colombian body) 
El Palpitar, Pulsando 
(Throbbing, Pulsating) 
Rítmico En Amor
(Rhythmical In Love) 
... usted tiene thee con su beso épico
(...You Have thee with your Epic Kiss) 
... Su Beso Épico
(...Your Epic Kiss) 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn  

Details | Tanka | |

Black Cascade

~ Jet black hair, I stare ~ Cascades against her tanned skin ~ Undulated she ~ My hands in clasp, brushed ask ~ Sighing contentedly, we ~ .

Details | Rhyme | |

My Future

My future shines like the rays of the sun
brings my inner power to the outside
and even though I just lost a battle
(a battle of ignorance, not stupidity)
it makes me happy to still be alive
and to understand the choices I have made

Change is at the door, challenging me
now that the time has come
and for myself and my dear family
(the ones I love very much)
I am taking the inevitable 
of a better future I am capable

My future shines like stars in a clear night
dressing my wife, children and I
dressing my brother, parents, loved ones
(real family and friends)
in elegant clothes for the event of our lives
a graduation from the lessons learned

Responsible I am of my own mistakes
of my unlimited passion and blind pride
however there is something I can recognize
(because that is the final point)
I was not born knowing it all
therefore, in ignorance I was wrong

My future smiles at my present, offering ...
a new alternative, a new way in a new place
a place where all my children can play
(where we are finally going to stay)
surrounded by ideal conditions at home
where everything makes sense after all!

Carlos Mongrut

Details | Alliteration | |

Banana Boat Bob

<                        Banana ~ boat ~ Bob ~ is ~ a ~ slippery..... Boob
                          Thought ~ that ~  this ~ town ~ lost ~ it's .... groove
                          No ~ spice  ~  no ~  life ~ no  .... nothing
                          Little ~ lost ~ boy ~ now ~ looks ~ for ~ his ~ Lucy's ....  ring

                          When ~ where ~ what ~ or ~ even ......  why
                          I'll ~ inquire ~ insist ~ innovate ~ or ~ even  ..... lie
                          His ~ history ~ of ~ having ~ such ~ big ....... hamstrings
                          Maybe ~ even ~ mighty ~ magical ~ musical ~ fruits ~ and .... greens

                         Or ~ having ~ big ~ over-sized ~ onions ~ olives  ~ and ..... Kiwi
                         screw ~ this ~ he's ~ scum  ~ skewered ~ tossed ~ back ~ to ... sea
                         Poor ~ precious ~ pretty ~  Lucy ~  got .......    pranked
                         Cause ~ curious ~ Bob ~ couldn't ~ control ~ love ~ so ~ he ....  sank


                        All ~ alone ~ and ~ now ~ very .... angry
                        Drowing ~ deep ~ in ~ own ~ do-do  ~ droppings .... whopie 
                        Luscious ~ Lucy ~ now ~ can ~ look ~ long ~ and ...... hard
                        For ~ another ~ fast ~ floating ~ free ~ salemens ~ not ~ selling.... lard

Entry For
Linda Marie's
Luscious Love Lingers Contest
G.L. All

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O h i o

*OHIO*     O     O     OHIO     *OHIO*
 H     H      H     H         !         H     H
 I      I       I---- I         !          I      I
*OHIO*    O     O      OHIO    *OHIO*

Details | I do not know? | |


We are Tausug Nation
Defending independence
Free from the enemies
Stood not to get oppressed

Our Nation ruled
Of the country’s independence
Never conquered from then
We shall develop our land

Our country, nation is known
Home of courageous person
Bound only in one faith
Never care of the death

Tumantangis, Dahu peaks of our land
To Bagsak, Sinumaan
And to all the mountains here
Only one God is aimed

Zamboanga, Basilan, North Borneo, Palawan
Centre is in Sulu land
Ruled by the Sultan
From the early point of time

Our nation is united
In the name of faith is complete
Only God is firm
Determined not to get conquered

Land of the pearl garden
Sulu Sea in the world is famous
From the South and North
And East and West

Blood of Martyrs flowed in the vein of the Sug Nation
Fought to defend
Flag rose like Vinta strip
Eternal pledge appeared

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I don’t need the flowers, vases
Sure they’re pretty on the table 
But they’re proof we live a fable 

Trips to warm, exotic places
Could bring the love that we let go 
Back to us; we can take it slow

All I want are your embraces
Let’s try a few, to remember
Where we were, just last September

I know you’ve been other places -
I’m asking you to give them up
A year’s gone by, a year too much

With them around, I am faceless
Please try to see me, here, instead
Rekindle this love; leave their beds

I don’t need the flowers, vases
Trips to warm, exotic places
All I want are your embraces
I know you’ve been other places -
With them around, I am faceless


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If I had lied like everyone else who achieved their goal,
I could have spared myself an useless headache,
and it seems late to realize that my honesty caused a mess!
There was a table for two sweethearts
in the finest restaurant, my first date supposed to have been perfect
with all the enthusiasm and the sorrounding athmophere:
a boutique of roses and scented candles! 

The girl's name was Amenda with big eyes of sapphire,
the boy's name was Andrew a little outspoken but funny;
everything went smoothly, the food was superb and the waiter
with an Italian accent was humorous and helpful,
but happened next is something nobody would believe.

Amenda had too much wine and started to talk non-sense
asking me, " What kind of work do you do?" 
I promptly replied, " I am a chief ! " and boasting with pride,
silly words flowed from my mouth, " You should see me
in my uniform...everybody loves it! "  Amenda with angry eyes
yelled, " Everybody...including the dumb blonde
and the red headed who order food just to see you? "
I jolted as if in a powerful earthquake, " How do you know that? "
But she with a malignant glance exploded, " I saw them
flirting with you while they waited for their order! "  

" Oh, pretty boy, you brought me here to listen to your aspiration,
I must be stupid enough to believe everything you say? "
I stood up, pushing back my seat and swore, " I never intented to lie,
Amanda...I am sorry for getting you upset, and if my honest caused a mess,
I apologize with all sincerity. " Ah, you even mention the word sincerity:
here's you reward, fool! " And splashing a glass of wine all over my sharp suit,
she left...while the crowd started to laugh, thinking it was a movie scene.  

Here's my deepest reflection on telling little, white lies,
" Guys, on your first date...don't say what you actually do for a living,
invent a profession that brings in tons of money, like a surgeon or attorney;
go ahead and have fun, and the more excited you get her,
the more she'll believe you...who wants to be a loser on his first date? "

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I Went To Church Last Sunday

I Went To Church Last Sunday… I went to church last Sunday, and much to my surprise. I got up real early. It was just before the sunrise. I wanted to be with others in worship to my Lord. But when I arrived, so many there look so “bored.” When they were singing the songs, some didn’t seem to care. As I looked around, hardly anyone noticed I was there. By the time the people were asked to sing another song. Some greeted the worship leader with just another “yawn.” Did anyone really want to worship Jesus the risen king? Is church a place to simply “get bored with everything?” As the preacher arose to preach his “Sunday sermon best.” “Fill between the lines,” he said… This was to be the “test.” Shortly after the outlines were filled, there was a “closing prayer.” I noticed many of the people were “happy to get out of there!” I thought to myself as I left and walked out the door… “Is this what the true body of Christ meant for?” “Where is the sin-cleansing power of God I’ve heard about?” “Has the power of God in many churches been ‘kicked out?’” I pray that the presence of God will get a hold of our heart. May our worship for Jesus be evident… Right from the start! May our relationship with Christ be very important to us. May we give him our life! Our heart! And our trust! May our love for him not be a “boring Sunday experience.” May we serve HIM daily… Expecting a divine appearance! The Jesus I know is bigger than any denomination might be! And only his blood has the power to set men free! Serving and loving Jesus is an opportunity with living! A life in totally surrender to Christ is what we much be giving! By Jim Pemberton

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Highlights of New Jersey

"Highlights of New Jersey" New Jersey is quaintly known as the Garden State for fun with sandy beaches kissed by ocean waves beneath golden Sun amusement parks and midway piers stream wooden boardwalk arcades offer magic machines with flashing lights that talk. boat rides on blue Atlantic coast and fishing by the bay surfing upon white capped waves as marble tourneys play shopping at the mini malls, stopping for frosty treat funnel cake or snow cones to alleviate the heat. racing monster wheels doing 'wheelies' in beige sand as lovers stroll the promanade in love while hand in hand bed and breakfast hideaways to feed the appetite miniature golf on hotel rooftops close to the Moon at night. Memories in Margate with The Geeter With the Heater* Convention Center marathons for dancers digging beaters casino trips for tourists and residents alike a visit to the Cape May Zoo or riding cool mountain bike. roadside stands selling vegetables and fruits plants and flowers beautiful from full grown or from roots the scenic drive through highways or back roads share greenview still munching on hot Curly's fries in circled crunchy chew. a seashore paradise and a Summertime resort with Christie at the helm with a positive report museums of great art and historical conquests a friendly atmosphere New Jersey loves to welcome guests. sports reign supreme, with many choices of teams to cheer fans follow scores from near and far in sports clubs drinking beer good education for all children schools excellently rated and seniors are protected in communities so gated. a native of the Garden State am proud to boast and say once you visit all the magic places to take your breath away even Hurricane Sandy could not dissuade the residents everyone joined in unison to assist with dire events. New Jersey towns will build again in love with this great State positive outlooks count so much .. even erases hate and when we lay our heads down at night to pray we thank God for His blessings in a very special way. *The Geeter With the Heater - Jerry Blavat, D.J. at Memories in Margate Club. *For Richard Tarr's New Jersey Contest.

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There's A Web of Temptation And Sin

There’s a Web of Temptation and Sin!

There’s a web of temptation and a lot of sin…
That brings slavery and a strong bondage within!

Throughout this land, there’s an evil surge!
While many lives, seem to be getting “submerged!”

Being submerged, into a life, that many believe in.
They become perverted, but want all to receive them!

The “love and acceptance,”
 that many desire.
Puts them on a tightrope!  A very thin wire!

As the web of temptation and sin begin to grow.
It brings a bondage that damages the soul!

They may want to have “love and acceptance.”
But in their hearts, needs to be a godly repentance!

May the holiness of a righteous God be stirred!
That all will come back, to the truth of his word!

His son Jesus, came to the cross! He bled and died!
That through him, our lives can be totally sanctified!

Only the power of God, can bring a needed restoration!
He gives to one and all… 
 A heavenly invitation!

Whosoever will… Come now!  And accept him!
Won’t you take the time, to really know him?

Don’t allow the web of life to destroy 
and overcome you!
Come to Jesus now!  He really does

By Jim Pemberton

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Is It God We Trust Or Leave In the Dust

Is It God We Trust? Or Leave In the Dust? As our courts remove God from this great nation. We are left with a confused and lost generation! As God is taken away from our public schools. A huge tide of immorality is what “rules.” The Bible is often mocked and discarded. It was on it’s principles this country was started! Just about anything of God seems to get scorned. So many “rush” to worship many ungodly forms. As God’s name is often tossed and thrown out. We tend to forget what HE is all about! Too often, his plans for living are tossed and abused. No wonder, there’s many who are lost and confused! As people forget God and worship the fallen creature. They look to themselves and “glorify” their features. Many ignore God, and get involved in deep addictions. And with this, come disease, heartache and afflictions! As God looks and sees this nation “bleeding.” It’s his righteousness, that we need to be seeking! If we would humble ourselves, he would hear our prayer! He loves all of us! And he really does care! Won’t you come to HIM, And invite him in? Won’t you allow him to be your master and friend? He brings strength and nourishment to the soul! It’s only in him that we can be made whole! By Jim Pemberton

Details | Shape | |


                ___________   _________
               /ohio ohio ohio) (ohio ohio/
              !ohio ohio   ohio( ohio ohio/
             /ohio  ohio   ohio# ohio //
               !ohio ohio  ohio# ohio//
             /ohio   ohio ohio)  ohio/
            (ohio ohio  ohio ohio)   (
                    -ohio    ohio-

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Beautiful Italy

I stood on top the leaning tower of Pisa
And watched as the tourists walked by.
I felt just a little bit closer to heaven
When surrounded by her bells in the sky.

I visited Rome in the springtime,
With its colorful flowers galore.
Seeing Saint Peters sparkle in sunlight,
You couldn't ask for much more.

I have ventured down and around
A narrow cobblestone street,
And marveled at ruins near the edge of the city
Where the old and new come to meet.

While viewing the beautiful fountain of Trevi
And watching as young lovers kissed,
I could feel the cool breezes blowing
As the fountain caressed my face with its mist.

I remember the wonder of Michelangelo's David
And the pigeons that flocked to his arms.
How proudly he stands in the city of Florence
With her glorious art that defines her charms.

Beautiful Italy, where rolling hills of 
Vineyards produce the finest wine,
And its grapes so plump and juicy
Can withstand the test of time.

In Venice, the city of romance,
Where lights in the evening dance on the sea;
Where all of one's cares seem to vanish,
And all of your worries will flee.

Oh beautiful Italy,
Where lover’s dreams come true.
A land of love and romance
Where I fell in love with you.

Italy - for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Contest" by Debbie Guzzi

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Boney Bonny Dames and Old Money Games

Until I've seen, Melbourne days
	was not just emptiness in play
I know I'll see
What I didn't see,
the September soaked symphony
	of Vivaldi vines climbing,
jacaranda booms,
tremolo spilling eaves

Until you know this suburban kid's righted the wrong
I'll verse on my way, you as the bridges in my song
Making choruses of dreams that could soon belong

And urban princes and their Porsches
Lost in winters, cold in summers
They adore to ornate you, over muskwood and glassy silvers
But can they look up to the night,
And know wonder in the sight?
In that blue-hued veiled Van Gogh I see your stars

These hardened hands carrying letters I send
	will wear me down to some sorry end
And this I know
But I'll go knowing
the Chapel charade was the pretty noise
	of sonnets chasing sunsets,
drunk Welsh poets
tearing tails for London wisps

Until it comes, a northern boy without southerly blues
The swaying Yarrans, sparkling flutes, Victorian flues
Keeps Flinders Station stepping full of over-priced shoes

And boney bonny dames, old money games
Skirts for winters, surgeons for gains
They climb to lower you, for fifteen lights upon their names 
But can they look up to the night,
And know wonder in the sight?
In that blue-hued veiled Van Gogh I see your stars

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Bao - Yu

<                                         Bao - Yu
                                        precious jade
                                    your angelic font 
                                  cast mirrored images
                                      off stilled pond

                                  orchids in woven hair
                                  garments of satin and lace
                                  you lying in fetal position
                                  upon granite's stone
                                  tell me heavenly Goddess

                                  Why Do You Look So Sad  ?

Written By Katherine Stella

For Rambling Poet's
Reflection Contest 


Name Of This Poem 
Is Entitled
Bao -Yu

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Sunset. Synergy is moving between chairs
that don't quite match, widening tight circles   
of rovers. Muses Cafe, a small cove where
views internalize, so we heave heavy troubles

outside. Minstrel Mary Anne Epp shelters 
songs about happenstance .When a server drops
a plate, she ad libs, Save cracks for later.
Heads nod to her witty vibes, bite-sized bops.

Inspiration strums as parlance sighs, Good grief,              
my journal's at home.  You say, All's fine.
but your purse offers only ONE loose leaf,
curiously room enough for TWO to lay lines.

Pens groove. Friend, you prove that poets can wage
self-determined verse while on the same page.

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I do not long for yesterday no grief my soul can find
for everything is just in the end of our time
questions left unanswered can make you seek to find
but in the end it is our destiny that wins our mind

Life is a beautiful tragedy for goodness and glory are divine
how would we know how blessed we are if to hate we remain blind
it is only through those darkest days we truly learn to love our life
so as I lay my quill down finished with each dear line
I must instill in all love and honor will always remain firmly by your side

This is something I came to know in the last few weeks. Sometimes love has always been right beside you. It may be inside yourself. Grief makes us stronger and as they say time heals all wounds. One day you will wake happy and glad to love again. Stronger than before. It is not always easy to forgive those we love or love us, but take it from me it is worth it in the end. You will be so happy you did not break or turn to others. A new friend can not fix the problems in us only we can. When we see that we can be a friend and not just have them. I am proud to have been through hell and know I am finally free from my memories.

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Indigenous I Am, from the Stolen Generations

This is a journey, a trip call it what you will It follows the footsteps of my ancestors, and allows my thoughts too spill Firstly let me take you back, to tell you so little of my past Indigenous I am, from the "Stolen Generations" I did not last This is why I must make this journey, to allow me to find the real me To retrace the few steps I made, to rediscover what my young eyes seen How ironic that the person I'll ride with, is the son of the then official Whose deliberation to round up us children, the scene, locale It's now the morn of our travel, where I look I find hard to see The peripheral of the distant horizon, is all that really captures me The town where I grew up so young, barely to the age of five Perth, now bustles like a termites nest, zig zagging in busily strive Into the bush we go, to a place where us youngsters so enjoyed Moore River Native Settlement, which soon became children void As I walk my arid lands, patterned in the heat of this day I recall with every step, where us Indigenous children played We could survive on the smallest of fruit, water we could easily find Even the son of the then official, said that we are a superior kind He marvelled when I spotted tracks, traces of where animals crossed Remembering back to when I was five years old, our lands always talked We opened up as we led our horses, introduced all those centuries ago They opened up my lands, rivers we walked, now the white man flows This is a journey I had to make, it's called, it's in my will No more "Stolen Generations" no more will my culture spill

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Angels Among Us

in line they marched proud
and in death, they remain so
on it's marble stance
proof, angels are among us
a beauty of nature shows

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HEAVEN THROUGH THE EYES - - a collab with JA Fraser

HEAVEN THROUGH THE EYES Won't you tell me places called heaven on earth? for so long, so long, I tried to search and search Come east. Come west. North to south, I all reach. my quest began since day of my birth. . . It's pre-historic paleolithic age, this beautiful place Karnataka's architecture amidst it's greenery. Heaven through my eyes seeing such scenery to walk it's ground my thoughts gently grace. Meandering many miles from a dripping spring, the Fraser River in it's glory catches my eye, heaven through my eyes as I stand nearby to hear it's lapping waters as it sings. This magnificent fissure, one of earth's abyss, the Grand Canyon on the Colorado Plateau. Heaven through my eyes, in erosion flow resided the ancient Pueblo whom lived in bliss. Supple strong arms cradle me from harm Salty tears they slowly fall, to flood cracking gradually sadness that long clog Heaven reveal to my eyes your charm behold thee not by a necklace of glitter but a love so peaceful and oh so tender that 'til this life is through I'll remember no longer do I want ever be shut! as all these infuse in me reasons to smile and again take a look at yellow horizons with it's curly shaped clouds white and some blue Heaven is revealed to my eyes by the presence of you! Evergreen leaves so lush cluster among trees Daisies, magnolias, orchids they paint a beauty Ocean blue touch the sea's face of purity Heaven through my eyes displayed for free! Beyond this life, beyond this whole wide world-- do you believe a place called heaven up there? If you do, won't you tell me a clue to exactly know where and what to do for so long, so long there I like to curl? ©J. A. Fraser and O. E. Guillermo 01:00 pm, December 26, 2014

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Hugs That We Once Shared

Hugs that we once shared, lasted just a glimpse in time
If only I could read her mind, and imagine what I'd find

Would I find a woman of truth, or a woman of trust
Or a woman with a mind, whose mind has turned to rust

To drift into another's world, and promise them the earth
Hugs that we once shared, does it really make them worth

They only lasted a glimpse of time, happened they never should
If I could turn back time, your damn right I would


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Sexy Kiss

We share a look from across the room and I saunter into your arms,
No matter how hard I try to defy, I can never resist your charms;

You slip a hand behind my head and drag me into your kiss,
You tantalize my senses as I lose myself to bliss;

Desire takes over my body as you take my breath away,
We stand in utter silence, we’ve nothing left to say;

There is an overpowering smell of whiskey and cheap perfume,
But locked in a passionate kiss, we’re alone in the crowded room;

Your kisses taste so potent, I savor the exotic flavor of you,
Your intoxicating to my senses, like the sweetest morning dew;

Wrapped in a fervent embrace, our bodies meld to form one;
I lose myself to you and it’s only just begun...

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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

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                                                    PHIDELLIA'S TEAHOUSE AND ANTIQUES

                                                    121 Peel St
                                                    10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily


There, you're here, but it was inevitable  
that we would rewrite the plan. Loose leaf tea
has such allure, pulling us from our table
at Phidellia's. Those shelves are as giddy

as girls, all dolled up and flaunting cups. Blends
pester affectionately, brood like sisters
seeking attention. You sniff jars, find a friend
in Sweet Almond, but a look almost lists  

for I've dwelled overly long on Alcott 
and we haven't yet touched on Millay, Sapho
or Bronte! Two a-mused by more than pots.
"You see haiku. Well, I see Meg and Jo-"

"-Love, Et Cetera," You tease, such soft praxis,
so I kiss those cheeks with tender ekphrasis.

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Changing Life's Script into a Happy Saga

Life is a happy adventure when you reach your dreams.
Finding you, my Ingrid, has filled my days with sunbeams.
Two hearts that God has bound together as one, are we.
Laughing and playing, walking through life, soul mates, spirits free!
I love you.
Are we not drawn onward to new era? 
Changing life’s script into a happy saga -
Before you, I walked through life with sorrow, bleakly.
Many years of loneliness, I had to face bravely.
I thank God above you came to Florida from Norway.
One day in my doorway, mayday became a parfait…stay!
True love arrived, unplanned.
I wanna hold your hand.
Always and forever, our true hearts sing in cadence.
We agreed; pledged our love with secure assurance. 
Time is bursting with thought, serenity…joy.
Happy tears fill my eyes for I am not your toy.
When I feel like I am running on empty, you take my hand.
You and I strolling through life in our woodland.-
New tingling hearts embrace their sweetest spark.

ã June6, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Mish-Mash
Sponsored by Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver

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My Latina Rose(Spanish)

My Latina Rose(Spanish)
  Los soplos fríos del viento en el blanco de la nieve que cogía una ojeada de 
usted que caminaba como una Latina se levantaron Le atestiguo a las alturas 
del cielo que no puedo dejar la mosca cerca Esta Latina se levantó la manera 
que ella me mira con cierta prosa brilla intensamente mi corazón Su sonrisa le 
ha hecho todo el de mérito mi Latina rose 

Peter LeBuhn Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Our Abandoned Theme Park

When we first met here, it didn’t have such a dead feeling like it does now. This place used to have a soul, it used to be alive. Now it stands alone like a nameless grave. Forgotten and empty. Isn’t it funny? A place that once made me so happy, now feels like I’m walking into an angry cellmate’s prison cell, waiting to get shanked in the heart repeatedly. I walk past what used to be our favorite wooden roller coaster which is now rundown and rusty. It’s in shambles; parts of it are not even intact. The broken half of the wooden roller coaster looks as if it’s trying to reach out to the other piece that has fallen apart to become connected and complete again, but the overgrown vines keep them apart. I finally stop walking to look up to admire what has become of this thing that now reminds me of a torture device from a scene from the movie Saw. Just as I thought, looks worse than it did before and each day it begins to look more and more like an old woman who needs help standing up.  As I stand here my mind begins to play tricks on me. My focus is now shifted from the wooden roller coaster to ground level of the vacant theme park.  From a distance I see him and I laughing together, looking at each other as if that was exactly where we wanted to be and nowhere else. Then my mind starts to flicker the scene on and off like a light bulb, kind of teasing me saying “now you see it, now you don’t.” When my mind does this, I know what’s going to happen next. This scene that I’m watching from afar will soon be put into my imaginary basement of haunting memories for me to save for another dreary walk in our now least favorite theme park.

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SOUP Spoonin'

Online tonite
looks like 
a whole lotta' spoonin'
goin' on in the "Soup"

nosin' around the comment coral
I see love 
amongst the group

hot Soup!
not shaken
marriage scent in the air
no fakin'

where it leads...
we shall see
I know some 
are dippin' crackers in the "Soup"
but Lawd' knows 

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part I

Gathering grey clouds
Whip crack of frothing thunder
Is this Africa?

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The Traveller's Unclaimed Land

He says he loves me then he says he loves me not
He loves me today but by tomorrow I'm forgot 
He runs from my love but returns wanting more
I guess I'm to blame for letting the traveler explore, 
See travellers just wander and are never here to stay
They admire the scenery and enjoy the display 
They tour the land and ride the attractions
So memories become their only subtractions,
They search for an experience that is what they yearn
The condition once they leave is none of their concern!
So how can the land be devoted and true 
When travellers come and go out of the blue.
The present is now and where he's travelled to,
But the past he calls home so he must return soon
Most likely just a visit although time can only tell, 
But what he lusts is in this land and he knows it very well
He may call that place home but its this land that he seeks
Travellers on a mission never realize until they hit their peek
He continues to damage this land down to its core 
So what's left to offer when their is nothing left in store?
The resources were depleted and the land left bare
He comes and goes as he pleases it doesn't seem fair;
See this land has been abused time and time again
Seeds that were planted, were means to an end
But pleasure and satisfaction was always accomplished
Because this land provided where the homeland was disadvantaged!
But despite the history and despite the trust
Submit to his urges is something he must.
So this time around his departure is permanent 
Lack of faith and loyalty was the final determinant.
The damage he caused cannot be rendered,
So his visitation rights he has surrendered!
So leave this land I say and never look back
This is the path you chose I hope you can stay on track,
Cause travellers have memories of the lands they have stained
But the land only remembers the one that remained!

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Images of She

Everyday I view images, of a creature beautifully be
Through my eyes I see a maiden, such beauty in she thralls thee

It does not matter what she wears, or the way it's worn
She would look beautiful wearing rags, shredded ripped or torn

To her locks I mention, draped against porcelain skin
Like a magnetic I'm now drawn, her beauty draws me in

Next I value her loves, such intelligence abounds her soul
History, the arts and music, knowledge has been her goal

Everyday I view images, of a creature beautifully be
I can only feel so honoured, that she's fallen in love with me


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In a Hotel Room

I sit on the edge of the bed thinking Wishing you were here or that I was there These work related trips keeps me hurting But then my heart, I come to you and share I sit in the middle of a moon beam That comes into the room’s hotel window A lonely bit of light, lonely it seems Opens the room to its cool silver glow I pout as I lay onto the hard bed Seemingly to sure keep me up all night I texted her with my whole soul, I sure pled Hoping she’s up and will respond tonight It’s hard to be away from by loved one But soon I'll be home, my love will be shown
Entrant into Black Eyed Susan's "In a Hotel Room..." contest 2/7/2013

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' Golden Harvest ... ' 40th Senryu

    Golden, Full Moon Shone
On All The Harvest, That’s Grown
    Welcome In Our Home

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This Touch

Lips are just a touch
But a touch in every way
It's this touch that touches most
That entices this touch to say

This touch even makes our eyes
Magnetic touch, though no metal shows
For it welds this magnetic touch
From this touch, life can grow


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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Going Home

What is it to see the soil of home again?
A welcome, snow-struck and a return
To cold; sharp white contrasts sunburn.
We converse in broken tongues to men

We know, hooked on holiday language
Comprised of wandering hand signs.
Collect the car and pay parking fines,
Drive through towns and over a bridge

Until we reach the Western gateway.
Oh when will we arrive at our house?
No camels there, only field mouse
Which are eaten by our cat anyway.

The plane flies for an age, slyly yawning
Through the stretching, pealing sky,
A knife through air; what it is to fly.
Our travels over; a new day is dawning.

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Time does simply fly passing clouds on it's way Dark or fluffy white below them life has say Even the likes of I, who I met, where I went Sporadic, or for a reason, I to there was sent It's where I went that matters, and who I went to meet For me it was a she of beauty, I'm swept from my feet She, this dark haired wonderment, I soon to greet Four days beside my side, gracing ones cities streets These days of happening past, two years on passing clouds If I were to show my heart, inside this Scotsman proud For in it time can't change, or ever to tear it apart If I had to go back to our together again, I'd joyously restart <*>

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Color of a Man's Character

The Color of a Man’s Character
We all bleed
And cleave to 
Those we leave

We all smile when we are greeted
And cry when we are mistreated

Why do we choose to abuse others 
For the color of their skin?

Why do we think that only 
Our own color should win?

We’re all the same underneath 
We all deserve peace 
When we lay down to sleep

Love one another while you can
Show your son how to be gracious
The color of a man’s character 
Is how he treats his fellow Man.

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Blessed I Am

Everyone’s heart should beat fast Especially when it's kissed Blessed I am, awoken Tomorrows entered .

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Riveting words written, imprint vivid visions in our minds.
Often leaving a brand upon our soul. Majestic places, heartfelt
Memories, and feelings oh so tender, are created, forever treasured in
A special, sacred place all our own, where we can always embrace,
Nearby, or faraway, outloud or in secret, shared or kept to ourselves.
Cherrished deeply, just a word, a verse, or a phrase written of 
Epic grandure. Each word, kept silent or spoken, is a riveting romance secured.

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I remember all the songs, the songs of love and broken hearts
The music that I adore, soft, gentle and a caring flow
Thoughts from present and past
The wonderful melody of long lost loves
The caring words and admissions of love
I to this day love, to be serenaded by Barry Manilow

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Down In Memphis

This poem came about by a discussion at work describing a memphis burger and a classic one. I told someone they flowed together and they didn't believe me so I wrote this:

I went down to memphis
There was this, classic chick
With them hips, and red lipstick
A kiss so delicious that
I promised to this miss I would not dissapear
But I was dishonest, I thought I made it clear
That this situation between the two of us
Was not serious But she was delrious
Became so furious that
That month she had two periods
It only takes one to end my sentence
25 to life, Im not doin the time on that sentence
Doesn't matter if she gets me presents
Don't care if she gets madder that I am not present, 
yet she gets sadder cause she still feels my presence
It wont be pleasant, if she doesnt let me leave peacefully
So I packed my things in the middle of the night
Took off asap so she couldn't pick a fight
Flew right back to my little house on the right
Split so fast like Kim Kardash was my wife
Realized that I just dodged a couple of knifes
It seems whack, But I just had to run and hide
This commital thing isnt for me
I am brittle, I crack too easily
Got to be careful cause I need Room to wiggle cant be
Strangled or tied down, I know It'll come back around
Hurt triple the times when karma
Shoots me down from the sky
So for right now, sayonara, beddy bye
Nice to know ya, good night

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What Will I Do Where Will I Go

 UNSUPPORTED CODE What Will I Do?   Where Will I Go?

What will I do?  Where will I go?
Which direction I’ll take…  I don’t really know!

In just a moment, I lost all,  that I worked hard to get…
I’m thinking of “letting go.”  
But haven’t done it yet…

The things I held so close...  Have all disappeared.
It happened so fast.  It’s kind of “weird.”

Those I call my friends, don’t really know
 what to say.
Most of them shake their heads, and walk away!

I’ve cried myself to sleep many days and nights.
It’s like someone has “turned off the lights.”

The only one I know, that I can turn to, is Christ alone!
I need him to heal my broken heart and home.

Dear Jesus, will you take some time to help me out?
I know that helping people is what you’re about!

Please help me to pick up the 
pieces that are scattered!
Help me to focus on the things in life
 that really matter!

I need to give you, all of my focus and attention!
I need your word to show me
 some clear direction!

You’re the one that I always need to hold on to!
I need to do this, and to completely trust you!

Thank you Jesus for listening
 and answering my prayer!
I’m thankful that you’re someone who really cares!

Thank you for restoring my life,
 that has been “up-ended.”
With your love, my heart has been
 healed and mended!

By Jim Pemberton

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Dream on

I dream on, from my dome to my chest
to my toes and to the tips of my palms. 
We dream on, in the land of the free,  
but where freedom comes at a cost and 
sacrifice for others the achieve their dream. 
I dream on, flying over an icy mountain top,  
To the sweat taste of lemon drops,  
To the cool relief of mist burning over a  
desert black top as I brain storm lessening 
to heart beat of my favorite song.
We dream on, from the top of 
lonely tropical island hill top  
to the sit and the smell of a breath
taking Forrest and to a falling
sun afflicting a shining sea
that is the best part of the day 
I rather spend ending enjoying with a beautiful
woman... the sit and the breeze. 
Poetry by Keith K. Relf

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Samuel, Time Hates Us

Did you know time can slip by 
when we're not having fun?
Samuel, it hasn't been fun
These days that we've spent, 
it's felt like hours
And remember when you came 
to the door with flowers?
But time, Samuel-
it's never odd or even
Samuel, time hates us
We don't even have a moment 
that's just ours
Yet, chance made us friends
Sitting in Niagara, staring at the lights
Honestly, you and me, we could be free
And yet we're imprisoned
Steadily being caged in by time
We were from the beginning, 
we were from the start
Time hates us, dislikes us, 
loathes us, despises us
We're the eyes of it's storm
And yet I can tell in your eyes that you're happy
That even with a car running on empty
and not living a life we had envisioned,
We've made a world that stretches far

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Let's Have A Party

<                                       wedding's party together
                                         leave space missing attendents
                                         brides grooms best man maids honor
                                         forget not thy rings

                                         petals strewn on red carpet 
                                         notable winks for moms dads
                                         confetti strewn high in air
                                         board open carriage

Entry For 
Dr's Ram Mehta's 
Wedding Rehearsal
Dodoitsu Contest  
GL All

Written by Katherine Stella

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Heartbeat Is A Love Beat { Broken Monku }

<                 seventh grade third hour spelling teacher

                                    heartbeat is just a silly love beat

Tribute To
Teenage Crushes
On Teacher's LOL

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His Love is a Red Sea

His smile is like sunlight
He moves like poetry
His voice is an Arabian night
His love is a Red Sea

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Urging Approach

I glimpse, she naked Tanned, excited to pert Curvaceousness lures In urging approach Whispering kisses befall Hands to waists, eyes meet Wandering, roaming Exploring in joyous thrive Declaring pairing .

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Winter Beach

After the rain, 
the speckled glint of shimmering sand
is now muddy brown.
Like a blind, closed tight on the warmth of summer,
the winter beach has shrunken in,
changing the colours of my day into
a darker palette, shades of grey.
The sun shriveled
pale faced and worn
as the cold season begins.

Seagulls a beacon
against a slate November sky
their sound, comfort to a lonely beach.
The steps down to the water, pea green,
slimy weed on stone
bright against an ink-rippled tide.

Seaweed colours bleed into my mind while
textures playfully mingle.
The salt air stings my nostrils
caresses my lungs with wellness.
Sea sounds carry from the shores of Wales
as I crunch the length of the ebbing milk tide.

I look to the horizon and imagine another me
walking a beach somewhere over there,
listening to my thoughts, 
as they channel the sea
Grateful for this beauty, the gift of the nature
I look over my shoulder, my footprints remain
solid, as in a freshly cemented path
their sound, echoes in the shells.

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Emigration comes full circle

I left Ireland in the 80's with my husband and two babies for Holland. In 2003, we 
returned so that our children could have an Irish University education. Dublin was 
buzzing with life at the time, it was very expensive but we were home. Now in 2011, 
my daughter is emigrating, back down the old ancestral path, she is going to Madrid 
to teach English there. Our country has collapsed so badly, there is no employment 
here so we are exporting our young, educated children by the day. A sad day for me 
as my daughter leaves tomorrow. I wrote her this poem.

To Sarah
On the wave of emigration
I want you to know
That I see you, a fellow female
An equal on every level
Not just my daughter
My little pink princess
I see you as a woman
A power within this world
With oceans to offer
A lifetime still to learn
Go to your new life
A teacher in Madrid
Be free and fearless
Spread your wings and fly
Take the opportunities
Shape them to your dreams
You have all the tools
You can use them now.

Your analytic mind
Will help you make good decision
Fair and just rewards will ensue.
Your radiating heart
Will gift you new friendships
Maybe even a new love
All in good time
You will never be alone
Because you have a deep sense of self
This will be fortified
With this new tide
Your feet firmly planted
Will always serve you well
Balancing the ups and downs of Libra
Always true to yourself
Life will be true to you too.

We live in a new age today
This global world is small
As we email and skype
Fly back and forth to visit
We will continue to love
As mother and daughter
Our journeys through life
Forever together
My love
I will hold you safe
In my heart.

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Men were given total dominion
over all living things, and when
they subdued their enemy:
they were granted immortality!

Beside every great warrior of old, 
there was a strong woman of humility,
who gave him a victorious  sword;
and helped him change the course of history! 

Emperess Theodora was one of them to show adversity;
when Noka's revolt broke out:  she decided to stay,
while her hushand, Justinian, fled the city;
what an admirable act of feminity!

Beside every great warrior of old,
there seems to be a look of invincibility,
a defying moment to obtain glory;
and the cost for a golden crown is well-known!

Be the warrior of modern times, treatened by fear and fragility, 
seek out the man you were destined to be;
trust that woman who posseses internal beauty,
and beside this warrior, her courage will guide you with dignity!

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My Inner BOSS

Take my hand and walk with me, 
ill show you side of a world that you never seen. 
Ill show you where its ends meat and where gangsters meet,
this is where all the goons come out to play and steal the street. 

No one goes into my hood,
we done really care for you angry mood.
Music will blare everywhere around out street,
it's always dark and you cant see anything but peoples feet.

Your eyes open up so wide and a smile appears on your face,
you tell me you love this part of my village, and your heart stands no chance.
You ask me if you can stay with me and i answer, "ill need some more protection for you,
and make it seem like i had nothing to do.

It is my hood, don't get me wrong, i protect what i love with all my heart,
even if it means to kill one of my own demons for you, and put you as the start.
You walk me out to the streets where every one is dancing to the blaring music, to give me another chance,
we walk out onto the floor and begin to move your body in a way i never seen before, than you lean to me and ask, "would you like to dance"?

Dedicated to: Esther Baleva! 
PS: My one and only Angel. I Love Her!

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Senorita Sorrow ( Spanish Rain )

Any teardrops that I can borrow?
In those Spanish eyes of yours
In those big brown Spanish eyes
of yours
Senorita Sorrow
Can you run away with me tomorrow?
We can chase our dreams around
And make love
And start wars
In those Spanish eyes of yours
In those big brown Spanish eyes
of yours
You have never lived
It's very hard to explain
I got lost in Senorita Sorrow
somewhere in San Sebastian, Spain
somewhere in her Spanish eyes
somewhere in the Spanish rain
We had the time of our lives
But she cried there on the train
She couldn't hold back the pain
She knew there was no tomorrow
My Sweet Senorita Sorrow
As she stepped out into the 
Mid-September Spanish Rain

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Stolen Hearts

Cold, callus, crying, shivering,
and covered in sweat.
Wondering what has happened.
Not yet understanding this fate I’ve met.

What of a guy that stumbled around,
just trying his hardest to show he’d been found,
after all he had just been purchased
from the human pound.

That promise to you.
Man I broke it.
I told you Id stop,
and for a time I did,
but that stuff two blocks away,
my will power just wasn't work-n.
My wrist watch again broken.
Always from the look on my face,
you could tell Id been smoke-n.

You tried.
You tried so hard,
but the mind wasn’t mine.
only a shell of what used to be,
all of me you were trying to find,
and I didn’t get this till my alone time.

I was pushing.
You were pulling.
Then it all pushed you away.
It was all down hill from here,
so naturally you couldn’t stay.

I sit here so sad
for the way you must of felt.
Let alone how you dealt.
Ill never understand how I could do this to you.
You're so prefect,
even your aura dances in ambient light.
You’re the best friend I could of had,
and that leaves me really mad,
that the rest of the world
may never know what we had.

The thing is I know now,
that you loving me.
This really was Much more,
than I loving you.

~Ha,Turned around this insecurity was always mine.~

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The Wisdom of Angels

Do unto others, as you would have done. Listen for guidance, while up comes the sun. Quietly, softly as you sit and pray, you’ll feel in your heart, they have plans for your day. Bask in the goodness their presence imposes; just listen for signs, until the day closes. Savor the people, the places and things, and all of God’s creatures, whatever He brings. For unto your path that you walk, you’ll soon see, God’s message unfolding for what you’re to be. If you feel a slight tug, just follow their guide. Your actions of goodness will come from inside. The wisdom of Angels is here in our lives. They’re constantly working to relieve our strife. Soft and furious the candlewick dances. Our lives are filled with second chances. Believe that Angels are caring for you, especially when you’re feeling blue. Whatever your worries, whatever your fright, just meditate lovingly, on the candles dancing light. Then let your eyes wander to God’s beauty outside; and know that your Angels will be your guide. Ask them to stay with you throughout your day, when you are working and even at play. Moments of silence renews our souls! Carry this goodness and watch what unfolds. We all are so busy, but if we take time, we’ll come to the place where we’ll feel sublime. Breathe it, allow it, feel it, dream it, know in your heart and then you will see it. The wisdom of Angels is a present from God. He sends them to you with a wink and a nod. It’s a playful and kind and loving thing, to be touched by an Angel, will make your heart sing! B E L I E V E !!!!! Michelle D. ©4/28/2011

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Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

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Midst the mulga and the gidyea out beyond the old Paroo 
runs a road which leads to Yowah and a great place it is too. 
Where the populace is smitten by an urge they can’t withstand: 
Its the lust to find the queen of gems, beneath a timeless land. 
With her tantalising beauty and her taunting, twinkling eyes, 
Its the radiance of this desert child her lovers highly prize. 
Suitors come from every walk of life, from countries quite diverse 
and she keeps them courting tirelessly exacting quite a purse. 
And the charm of her charisma casts a spell they can’t escape, 
so they’ve built a little township there amid that red landscape. 
Quite relentless is their quest to toil,  a constant ritual, 
and they love their leisure moments like their Opal Festival. 
Chris and I were asked to join them and present our bush verse show 
through the festival proceedings and replied, “We’d love to go.” 
First we entertained the children at the school there for a spell 
then our host, Gwen Burney, took us for a tour that went down well. 
We were shown the local opal fields and dug for Yowah nuts, 
then we lunched and watched some golfers sink some rather dubious putts. 
But the opal bug had bitten and we sought a licence out, 
for we planned to do some noodling or at least just poke about. 
But the torture of the digging with just handpicks proved too tough 
and we chucked the towel in quickly as we’d simply had enough. 
Down in spirits we decided to search out the mulberry wine 
there at Roy’s, not far from Gwen’s place, which was said to be real fine. 
After scoffing down a sample we were feeling mighty good 
and old Roy was sympathetic to our plight and understood. 
He produced a bar and shovel and a bottle of his brew, 
then we headed back to noodle with our outlook all anew. 

Well we dug and sipped and dug and sipped, oblivious to pain 
and the next two days we carried on and did it all again. 
We were up each morning early and sat cracking all our nuts, 
though our hands were full of blisters and a mass of little cuts.  
We were both now surely smitten and could not resist her will, 
for the bug had surely bitten and we talk about it still. 
Yes, its tantalizing colour and its taunting texture’s fine   
and we’re flamin' well addicted to Roy’s home-made mulberry wine. 

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The Fourth Of July: A Lie 'or The Star Spangled Banner

We clad ourselves in colors as we march,
saluting independence through a foggy dream;
gazing at the night alight with flashes,
and firefly screams.

Rockets made in China, cascade/
to the backdrop of the Star Spangled Banner;
a flutter to the wind blown flags made in Brazil
and "I Love America Pins" upon our lapel;
(made in Mexico).

We stand on oceanfront (it’s owned by France)
gazing ‘pon the open sea,
the port is owned by Saudis/
but at least we stand here free.

Our hands steadfast upon our chest,
saluting whichever freedoms still remain,
those freedoms, their going fast;
and they’ll disappear one day.

We gaze into the abyss of night,
the twinkling tears that kiss our cheek,
immersing ourselves in awe of moment,
before it fades our dreams to sleep.

We stand enamored with this land,
the love that lurks within our hearts,
we celebrate this love/ part;

fore tomorrow, standing is banned.

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Springtime In Singapore

Tropical currents generate warmth.
Palms fronds and wild nectar drift lightly along.
Busy, manicured streets run straight.
Where can I hear that pure song?
The tune from your heart so divine,
it's melody can never be gone.

Is this meeting the first or the last?
Can chains be unlinked and finally stand broken?
Fears have been realized and shaken.
Too much has been written and spoken.
Your intoxicating persona has drugged me.
A wounded life cannot be bought with a token.

I have dreamed of caressing your cinnamon skin,
running my hands through your raven strands of hair.
To be united with your soul in this world,
on a distant  island without a care,
where stolen moments must last a lifetime.
A permanent home is what we should share.


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A Poem for her Majesty the Queen on her Jubilee

To be English above all is not just a given, from the beginnings of time to the new world position.

It is of bravery and honour that has built the empire we know, that no matter what we may face no matter how big the enemy or challenge we will not quiver we shall not shudder nor walk away, our upper lip will remain stiff and the lions heart our enemy will feel in protection of Queen and country.

In a world of corruption and deceit, floundering morals as sources try to wash them away, inside this mayhem will always lay a loyal army to her Majesty and country that will fight tooth and nail to protect.
No matter the hatred or non believers we shall not fall. 

The most powerful family in the world that has ruled through generations of change and is echoed through the story of time this is my promise to you your Majesty we will always be here waiting on your every word to follow and serve as your loyal army. 

May GOD save the Queen and protect her people through time,
For we are ENGLAND . .  full of love . . . full of Pride! 

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Palawan Pleasure

Paradisiac isles Turquoise waters, caressing sands Tanned undulations, sigh Paradisiacally Palawan pleasures unite .

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I Am There

I'll be there watching when you awake,
this silent morning on Christmas day.
The children plaing in the snow,
I'll be there too, I hope you know.
The snow drops falling, that is me.
I'm the one that kissed your cheek.
I'll see your tears silently fall,
though you will not see me at all.
The childrens laughter fills the air.
I hear it all, I am there.
The garland and lights that trim the tree,
the bright star on top, that is me.
I hear the distant church bells ring.
I hear the angels sweetly sing.
I see your sadness and dispair.
I feel your heart and I am there.
Now dry your tears and wipe your eyes.
You will keep my spirit alive.
Remember when we use to be,
and cherish then the memory.
I see the children full of joy,
and watch them playing with their toys.
The house is full, people everywhere,
and in the corner an empty chair.
I am there.
Then everyone has taken their place,
and gathered around the table for grace.
Look outside through the falling snow,
I'm the one with the halo.
I am there.

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No Parachutes,safety nets,souls,or hope

Love is whispered and not forgotten
If this be so
I deaf to soft lipped invitations seek no thought of hope
I of no past collection hold thought
To forget is gruesome and beautiful

My eyes, swift allies in my war of world tell no lies

Silent in the 4 walled chalkboard blue
Shakespearean mad men twist their tongues with words of bland hue

I believe the concept of Ugliness is more profound than that of beauty
Dreams of my bladed face fill up behind my eyes...scratching my mind

Nothing goes SURPRISE! anymore
To love and lose is not the exciting protagonist to never having lost love

the optimists run in circles
pretenders of despair hunt themselves

Every street is Desolation row and my window is covered with blood

Nothing comforts anything
No advice

....just surprises

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Stay with me

you are
I see you

you are
I hear you

So where
you are
you must be

You still exist
I still miss you

Thy sight
to me
by memory

you are
I see you

you are
I hear you

So where
you are
you are

stay with me
I need thee

a mere
unit am I
without an ally

you are
I need you

I feel
you are

I believe
you are
from Nowhere
to Somewhere

I believe
you are

stay with me


I need thee.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part IV

Culminates in a washout
Stuffed camels get soaked

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7,100 islands, you are made up..
Pearl of the orient seas, that's how you are..
Cradle of four civilization, historians says..
Only Christian nation, even they speak..

Abounded with vast green forests..
Surrounded by shallow to deep trenches...
Choose wether to white and black sands of beaches..
Each island is an enticement...

Every province has it's own native delicacy...
Each one is known for its festival felicity..
Poor as it may seem yet great in hospitality..
Enabling each tourist to feel welcome in grandiosity...

Look around, you will see a smile..
Scattered genuine friendship in mile..
Wether you are black, white or yellow skin..
They don't care as long as you're clean...

Clever and intelligent...
Creative and truly magnificent..
Small probably by height..
Yet, if known you'll be full in sight..

God fearing - spirited by nature..
Responsible enough for the future..
Families implants love to nurture..
Obviously seen in each Filipino creature...

By: olive_eloi

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An Angel

An angel did befriend us, on earth, before one Christmas day.
Some say she was a comet, some say she was a star.
I say she was a gift from God, here to light our way.
She was a thing of beauty that shone across the land.
Leading to a humble manger, found in Bethlehem.

And what could be so important, for her to come our way?
A savior to our lands, and yes, our hearts and souls…
Triumphantly born on Christmas Day.
That day he was born the heavens truly did rejoice.
And she, a glorious light, continued to beacon forth God’s love.

Such an important part, that angel was given on that day.
She was a beacon to our hearts and the gifts of love… 
Guiding the Wise Men and shepherds endlessly along their way.
Thru her we learned lessons, such as: patience, hope, and how to give…
And yes, she led us to the Wondrous Man, who taught us how to live…

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Long Live Love

A toss of the head
A flick of her hair
The wave of her hand
As her beauty did flare
Her bountiful step
The spring in her stride
Her laugh as we waked 
Hand in hand through the tide
Her mouth with its smile
As we wrote in the sand
Her cries of frustration
As sea coated the land
Those little I love yous
Meant so much back then
That on annual vacations
We repeat them again
For least we forget 
In the daily ado
Our marrital vows
Mean forever I do

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Angel Of Stone


I wandered on through gated stone through lavish beauty where wild flowers roam A place of rest where beauty cries and angelic hymns flutter pastel skies Along the path of purest rose where sunbeams dance and poetic thoughts roam I rest for a mere moment to marvel at grace in a place of angelic flight where eternity lay.....

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I'm Not Finished With You Yet Mister

<                                           feet in the Sand
                                              stars dance Planned so
                                              take Hand my love

                                              dock of the Bay
                                              where we Lay catch
                                              moon Rays nice hues

                                              here comes the Sun
                                              new days Fun I'm
                                              not Done with you

Written by 
Katherine Stella 4/11/2012

Entry For
Nette Onclaud's
Than Bauk 
A Twilight Contest
G.L. All                                              

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Below Skies of Azure Blue

The setting was lovely and blissful, the company so divine
In a flowery meadow we sat, this girl soon to be mine
We talked and laughed and cried a little, under blue azure skies
Reflections so true, of two in love, looking into each others eyes

So many things we discussed, about our today and tomorrows
Ahead in life are trials we'll face, being elation and heartfelt sorrows
The one thing that absorbs us two, is the wanting to extend our hearts
Children so very much wanted, will cement our future start

Our moment warrants distraction, hush! as we listen to the sounds around
Nature resonates in abundance, in her beautiful tranquil grounds
The symphony of insects and birds, our choir on this day
Colours that curtain our presence, in graceful rainbow display

We lie looking at the sky, and the freedom of the birds
Who glide and soar their thermals of life, their liberty never earned
Whilst we lie in this flowery meadow, two souls so free to roam
Freedom is granted to us, on this planet that we call home

For the rest of the day we embraced, in silence and loving bliss
Sharing kisses and moments of touch, with no other I would wish
When the time came to leave, over our shoulders we looked around
For this was the day that our future started, amidst natures beautiful ground

It's many years later now, and our children are as free as can be
We all should live this way, and raise them in liberty

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In Return

Those places I go, you have to bare
I never meant to take you there

Not wanting to break anymore,
We must stop keeping score.

Abundantly you made it clear
Of what you wanted dear.

Displeasing you is my greatest plague
Crushing me with each crashing wave.

We share enough to be sure,
Some things should feel more pure.

Our pieces fit closely in this love,
We come together with just a shove.

What I’m saying here and now
Is I love you so much, so near, and how.

Those places I go, you have to bare
I never meant to take you there.

I’m sorry for troubling our thing.

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On West Wittering Beach

Along the golden sands
Walking and talking
Holding hands
Splashing and frolicking

On West Wittering we are
Hearts thumping 
Our wants increasing
Urges pumping

A blanket we spread
On the sands of time
As we lie together
Our bodies primed

Our hands in wander
All over we roam
Our lips melted in kiss
As they find their way home

Under the clear blue sky
Our flesh is revealed
Two lovers in join
Our unity sealed

In rhythmic rhythm
On the sands we dance
The breakers applaud
To our loving romance

The wind whistles
Over our curves in delight
In a crescendo of joy
Our inner lava ignites

As we lay on the blanket
On the West Wittering sands
We were orchestral in love
With our wandering hands

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The Caravan that Rocked

Now this is a little story of the caravan that rocked
Whether parked in roadside lay-bys, the locals were never shocked

They travelled from the Highlands and motored so far and wide
Exercising their freedom, oh my! that you couldn't hide

They lived just south of Ullapool, and further north than Perth
But no matter where they parked, they always made it worth

Now this couple they liked to journey, to places so far from home
To York, Scarborough and Edinburgh, so capital in their roam

Where ever they went they took in the sights, so beautiful they grace
But every so often their caravan rocked, but never in a windy place

Their holiday nearly over, it's time to head back up the road
Passing places where their caravan rocked, their travelling home abode

They pass such lovely places, like Stirling and Callender
Stopping of at Granton On Spey, their holidays take them afar

Now very close to home, boo! it's work in a couple of days
But they don't mind, for their caravan rocked, without a wind to sway

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Always I Miss You

When I'm home sick, sulking half the day because your not here,
 And getting sadder if I say madder because your not there,
 I remind myself in an unusual way theres worse fared,
 If you don't mind being compared,
Repeating the many ways you cared,
 The experiences fondly replayed in many ways,
 Thoughts and memories that make me gay,
 Every recipe, every taste,
 Looking back it all seems in an awkward haste,
Now it is what I use to fill my plate,
 It's what I use so I won't be late,
 Staying here learning to appreciate,
 All the miles, trucks caring freight..
For your Christmas gifts the children just can't wait,
 But if you visit my mind would quake.

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Paris It is My Home (French)

 Paris It is My Home (French)
La lucarne de Paris brille sur votre pièce rose en matin tôt. Portraits des portraits 
de mer scènes de canotage de Monet et de Renoir... de serene Vous saunter à 
votre miroir intégral vous vous peignez les cheveux soyeux mous. La joie est à 
votre coeur... que vous avez trouvé le paradis. Votre promenade de matin vous 
commence passage que le sourire de de jardin A de fleur de Luxemborg 
Gardens Le Belle scintille outre de votre visage l'arc De Trimphe... le symbole 
des libertés De France La beauté continue les champions Elysees et la 
Concorde À Paris vous avez trouvé votre coeur votre amour votre maison Peter 
LeBuhn Copyright ©2005 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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There was a time when we picked those lilies. 
You don’t quite remember when, but I surely do.
The mid-summer sun kept the fields warm,
And caressed the phlox as it slow-danced to the breeze.
And the light held on to our eyelashes
As if it needed them, pleaded for their existence,
Like a child with the eyes of a butcher
And the smile of a poet,
In need of shelter
And love
And attention. 
We danced to that Indian summer-
Little did we know that it was our last.
And our laughter, filling the heavens,
With our present and our past
Echoed throughout.
Seeping, consuming, lingering,
Echoing even louder at the touch of our hands.
Little did I know that life would grab you away,
Borrow you for a dance and
Never give you back.
Little did I know that this purple phlox-
Where lively things flourished to our company
Would crack and break
Like a twig fooled by the storm.
And now all that remains of you and I
And our dreams, lives, past, future, beginning, end,
Ambitions, and existence
Is this place –
So bittersweet 
Grotesque yet beautiful
An ant stuck in Baltic amber
Worn in a necklace around my chest
Where my heart is a cave
And it’s cold and it’s dark.
And there’s nothing left but these lilies 
Which laugh and dance to the breeze. 

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Times Were Tough

I come from down in the valley, there, my father's house shines hard and bright in the darkness on the edge of town, like my memories calling so cold and alone troubled times had come to my hometown times were tough, love was not enough to feed us and keep us warm the greedy thieves that came around brought death to my hometown my father once told me, with every wish there comes a curse now, I understand what he meant you choose the chance you take still, at the end of every hard day, people find some reason to believe My hometown lays waiting for rebirth maybe everything that dies someday comes back By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 5, 2012 for Sing a Song a Poem contest (Tracie~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver) Eighth Place *Bruce Springsteen lyrics I come from down in the valley - The River My father's house shines hard and bright - My Father's House In the darkness on the edge of town - In the Darkness on the Edge of Town Calling and calling so cold and alone - My Father's House Troubled times had come to my hometown - My Hometown Times were tough, love was not enough - When You're Alone The greedy thieves that came around brought death to my hometown - Death to My Hometown With every wish there comes a curse - With Every Wish You choose the chance you take - The Price You Pay Still at the end of every hard day, people find some reason to believe - Reason To Believe Maybe everything that dies someday comes back - Atlantic City

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Heel Turn to Wave

Sun sprites fill my eyes
crystal brilliance synchronize
all my thoughts in Southern skies
sugar tasting wind~

Nerves of needle nights
condescend the Northern lights
as I turn to say good-bye
and make my way to him...

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Hurry Home

My dear,
As I'm lying on your pillow here

I pray for God to watch over you each night
And help guide you through your daily plights

I can hear sounds of wispiring winds
And see through window's pane a mighty stars spin

Just knowing your battling on foreign soil
Over someone else's turmoils

Makes me just love you that much more
But please hurry home hun to finish your own dam choirs

                                                Meowwwww LOL

Tribute To Our Troops And Loved Ones
Hurry Home
God Bless U.S.A.

Also Entry For Brian Strand's 
My Dear Contest

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Storms in Life

Quiet is the ocean and then erupts a hurricane
So much devestation and people crying out in pain
Serene are the drops of rain that turn into a storm
A journey through the cold snow with no place to keep warm
A day will come when all shall pass and souls will be at rest
A desert storm of sweeping sands it seems that life is just a test
Deliverance will come at last just follow the brightest light
And on earth the storm will end and life begins a new flight

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Let's stroll down the London old silent streets,
where the stones of cathedrals never age,
when the orange sun sets on the London Bridge,
and the grotesque, historical Buckingham Palace;
look down: the Thames River gently flows like perfect rhyme,
to revive with its waves' sound someone's lost dreams,
while lampposts await darkness to arrive...
isn't this the city that Charles Dickens loved as deeply as Catherine's face?
Pride of England: the glory of what it was and
still is for all the English that adore their land...
even Shakespeare with his theatrical mind, must have felt great emotion
in contemplating it near dusk to give him an instant surge of inspiration.

London's Dawn-7:40 pm

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My First Love

 My first Love
  Dedicated to Sabrina, the Belle of Paris who taught me what love is

I met you at Cafe de Margots
A beautiful sunny morning in Paris
Me...The american man in a foreign land
You...The belle of the land.
We takled and spoke of life and love
You took my hand and made your stand.
'Meet me at L'Hotel D'Paris' you said
Fearful I paused but my heart said yes.
I agree.
The hour approaches
I am wearing the colours of your country
Blue jacket, white pants, red striped shirt.
WOW! My heart beats as I see you
wearing your turqoise taffeta sundress.
We are to dine at L'Tour de Eiffel
I am living a dream
I offer to pay...She insists she must
for she asked me. We venture down the
streets of Paris We embrace in a waterfall.
You taught me the meaning of Love.
Walking Hand in Hand...Arm In Arm
Approaching The Hotel Of Paris
Dripping Whet
Ascending to the room
Undressing and Drying each other off passionately...simultaneously
You wear my white cotton dress shirt and a beautiful pink thong
Putting the Beautiful French Music On.
Sabrina...You Dance Around Me
Take Me in Your Arms
This Man in a Foreign Land...Fallen Prey to your charms.
We Make Love all night inside each others silken bodies.
The morning comes early
Things to do...Studies ahead
Understanding that this may come to an end
'Sabrina I understand if you are not here when I return'
Responding quickly 'No, No I will be here I want to be with you'
Sabrina, Thank you
For You Have taught me what Love Is
You Have Taught Me What Love Is. 

Peter B LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Sixteen - A time where innocence shouldn't exist 
Parties, dancing, drinks and drama 
Devil horns and feathered wings 
Sleepless nights, Lazy afternoons 
School activities 
Greasy caf lunches 
Learning how to grow up 
without changing for anyone but yourself 

Sixteen - A canvas of neon colours 
Birthday Parties and Campfires 
Favourite Songs and the brilliance of Vampires 
Waking up to a brand new day 
Taking in the beauty of the little things 
Crying so hard you think you could drown 

Sixteen - A year of firsts 
The first time you locked onto his sweet brown eyes 
The first time your heart beat so fast it hurt 
Your first Valentine 
The first time you told somebody you loved them 
The first time you felt your heart break 
The first moment you realize you'd die for someone 

Sixteen - A time for mistakes 
You finally let yourself believe he was all you ever needed 
The people you can't trust 
Not following your heart 
Losing your best friend 
and so much more.. 

Sixteen - A year to admit who you are 
Learning that family is more than the people you are related to 
Laughing too loud at 4 a.m 
Home made t-shirts 
Drinking games late at night 

Sixteen - The last time you feel prepared 
Wasting days wishing everything could change 
Seeing yourself in the mirror and not knowing who was looking back 
Choosing courses 
and Final Exams 

Sixteen - Welcome to all your new beginnings 
The 3 girls that never let your happiness escape you 
Forgetting the boys that have forgotten you 
Finally talking to that special someone 
Weekend Girls nights 
Summer Parties 
Hook-ups and heartaches 
Teacher Crushes 
Saturday morning head rushes 
Hockey boys 
Dancing & singing without a care in the world 

Sixteen - A year to look back on 
Believing in lies that are too serious to forget 
Taking back the people you should have left behind 
Waking up and knowing who you love 
Fighting for what you want 
Running in the rain 
Screaming at the top of your lungs 
Crying in pain 
Pushing the people that hurt you aside 
Allowing yourself to change... 

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Yonder Setting Sun

I have taken my final arrow,
My race has now been run
I’ll depart from here and go in peace
Into yonder setting sun

I will climb aboard the ship of death 
And cross the chilling tide
I will go to yonder setting sun
As on this ship I will ride

I will not fear what lies ahead,
Or what I cannot tell
I’ll stand upon the bough and wave
To this life farewell

I will now close my eyes in death,
Weary from the race I’ve run
As upon the bough of death’s ship I will ride
To yonder setting sun

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The Garden

The night air is cool and collective,
Running through my hair and face.
Even when I’m with people, I feel alone
In this cold blooded space.

It’s like walking through a garden
Of all your favorite foods,
But none of which can substantiate
For that one so special mood…

That mood, 
that beautiful frame of mind.  
I only go there with you,
And only you can make it unwind.

I discovered a passion unlike any other
And in my finding I opened a world,
A world I did not know existed.
I’m on cloud nine every time I think of you,
Just the thought of you brings joy to my heart.

This garden holds many beautiful things
Many delightful pleasures,
Many cold nights,
Warm nights,
Difficult frights,
Ecstatic times and unsystematic times!

But they mean nothing to me,
While I’m alone…

Walk with me through this garden.

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There's an ancient temple* without windows or doors,
where the beautiful goddess Hera held her daily rites; 
she looked up and saw golden clouds and heard the sweet echo of delightful moans,
wishing for her handsome lover's face to appear and appease her fervent desires.

Isn't it also your dream to spend a night there...engaging in sensuality?
And looking above as she did, you'll lose yourself in my exciting whispers;
and all the erotic words coming from this mouth, are the same as Eros's... 
eagerly waiting for the deepest silence to arrive, then break it suddenly.

Where could we find another place more perfect than this...where winds don't hiss?
Here, the balmy breeze is brought in by a sea that inspires lovers to weave dreams, 
and they without the fear of being seen, explore their warm bodies emitting screams;
speak no words,let me fill your night with pleasure...taste the sweetness of my kiss!   

Temple*-The Temple of Hera is in Paestum, Campania-
 Southern Italy

Copyright (c) 2014 BY Andrew Crisci

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Amidst a Heathery Hue

Amidst a heathery hue below a towering Ben
A beautiful maiden graces this proud of Highland men
From overseas she sailed her visions now finally clear
She lies before me in witness my heart pounds she is so near

Face to face we are chattering like birds on the wing
My hand she takes to her bosom her heart now starts to sing
Of melodies about love and the wanting of loving arms
No more hurt and sorrow just days full of romantic charms

Future days in blissful awakenings, just as it should be
My arms like canopies of green all wrapped around this loving she
Many kisses and cuddles that anoint this blissful pair
Speechless amidst a heathery hue, for all I can do is stare

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A Resolution for This time

A Resolution for This Time
(Based on Eccl. 3:1-15)
©2011 C. Brent Cloyd

I long to see the beauty of my time
Hear music from eternal bells that chime
Enjoy earth, till this good life I sever
Look toward heaven that last forever

I’ll grasp my part in each life occasion 
Banish thoughts and deeds of ill persuasion
Accept God’s design for each life season
Submit that I need not know His reason

I will celebrate life so wondrous born
Understand that death is not always scorn
Propagate goodness and wholeness in life
And uproot that which causes pain and strife

I’ll concede it’s sometimes proper to kill
But until convinced I’ll promote goodwill
Useless things I will tear down and destroy
Then plan to build, and work efforts deploy

I will comfort the hearts of those forlorn
Together find God’s healing as we mourn
Dare to dream, love, have hope, and take a chance
Embrace the moment, laugh, and learn to dance

I’ll speak with passion, let pieces scatter
Gather the fragments, avoid the chatter
Engage opinions, proceed with a shrug
When acceptable, open arms and hug

For things of value I’ll search at great cost
When searching is exhausted count it lost
When usefulness has ended, throw away
But don’t allow important things to stray

Now is the time to tear some things apart
Then with care I’ll mend and make a new start
Learn the lesson that silence is golden
Of words fitly said men are beholden

I pledge to hate what is cruel and unjust
Teach that kindness and fairness are a must
In war, anger and malice find release
But I’ll use my voice to encourage peace

Yesteryear’s events once again will be
To measure their success we wait and see
God’s deeds are good, lasting and without flaw
Of Him and His works I will gaze in awe.

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Arterial roads led me back home to
sidewalk cathedrals and cafés
where thick-thumbed minstels
strum guitars between smokes.

Deep in the heart of old Montreal on
cobbled lanes, a Muslim mother strokes
plump cheeks and her unveiled
gaze speaks of love universal. 

Ethereal seems this snatched day.
I stop at a neighbourhood bistro,
Read a chalk menu, order pâté chinois
before I head to the memorial.

From a stereo, the past regales 
us like a troubadour angel and 
the lonely find kind company,
while upon memories I almost choke.

Mireille’s notes linger, sweet and long,
A tune from decades ago that broke
hearts. Several conversations still,
faces turn to savor her song...

Dans le silence qui m’inonde
J’oublie la folie du jour
Je retrouve la joie du monde
Mon Coeur se remplit d’amour

Dusk doesn’t dismiss the city,
as I travel Metro’s tunnels
a couple argues across from me,
passionately, in sign language,
their rapid words are deafening.
A man with dreadlocks eats sushi,
watching each gesture, covertly.

Then I board a bus, lowly humming,
a woman with silver hair wears
a sari of forget-me-not blue,
and weeps as she reads far off news.

My stop approaches, I wrench
myself from the lull of traffic
and disembark, see the benches
that guard steel and stone markers, 
a tribute for ghosts in the park.

Names of the unjustly taken stand
fourteen strong, young women forever
forsaken, and yet as I lean against a 
tree, words I’ve heard echo in me,
I was right to view this wrong...

Et je prie que le monde                                          
Vive enfin dans l’harmonie
D’une paix douce et profonde
Alors, les temps seront benis.

Stars appear, offer simplicity,
I give thanks for my country,
Its blessings, culture, diversity, but
in a land where so many live in peace
war was waged on the sacred feminine.

I bow my head, whisper a prayer,
It weaves between the monuments...

Let us for each other care and if 
hate festers behind old church doors
or new schoolyard fences, teach us 
to love all our differences and let no man 
ever again spill the blood of a sister.

Je prie... l’harmonie...Je prie...

Song: Mireille Mathieu,click about poem! v6:in the silence that engulfs me/I forget the clamour of the day/I retrieve the joy of the world/my heart fills me with love. V10and I pray for the world/comes to live in harmony/of a peace soft & deep/then times will be blessed

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She is red, a riot, 
Rolling with recklessness and 
Reaping the rewards of passion.

I am carpet blue.
Bubbling with banality, bursting
Boredom with silent fashion.

Colliding in the corridor 
We pace a purple paradox.
We’re her favourite colour.

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Our God Reigns

Our God Reigns…

Our God reigns in the heaven’s above!
Behold the mighty works of his power and love!

Our God reigns in the mountains on high!
His power reaches down to the deserts so dry!

Our God reigns on his heavenly throne!
He wants to be the Lord of our hearts and homes!

Our God reigns over the majestic seas!
His creation is magnificent!  This you can see!

Our God reigns over governments here on earth.
He gave his son, so we can have a “new birth.”

Our God is mighty!  Everyone shall kneel before him!
He longs for us to worship and adore him!

Our God has made a mansion for you in heaven.
He wants to be your God!  Won’t you let him?

Our God stands knocking at your heart’s door.
Won’t you let him in?  What are you waiting for?

By Jim Pemberton

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Love To Immortalise

Strong storm blew the boat until it did strand
Upon rock_ shore so very far away.
Please my gentle lover give me your hand
There is no way you would let me be prey

Row me and the boat ashore to assay
This beautiful place we will immortalise
No! we did not go down in depths to decay
Nor did guardian angel go down likewise

Didn't matter what nature will devise
Lived through shipwreck we will go down in fame
Thru this somehow we will be eternise
The whole wide world will remember my name

Now this small green isle we'll surely subdue
As our great love grows and somehow renew

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A Posting to Remember

We met during the war on this now famous sunny isle
Like a moth to a flame, was her infectious smile
I was in the Navy, stationed aboard an MTB
Keeping shipping lanes open, for the Mediterranean Fleet

Whilst the war years progressed you could sense the islands bravery
Heavily bombed and damaged, under threat of Axis slavery
Although we lived amidst, we could only marvel at their spirit and guile
They fought hard for their liberty on that famous sunny isle

I'll never forget the times, endured during this terrible war
Camaraderie became their strength, for what they had fought-en for
Simple life went on, amidst the cafes and the bars
My new found love from this famous sunny isle, became my married dove

We still recall the radio broadcast, declaring that war is over
As we headed back to my homeland, to Scotland and live in clover
The day that we embarked, many a tear fell from our eyes
Looking back at this famous sunny isle, under peaceful azure blue skies

Many a word we spoke, whilst we sailed to Southampton Port
Now demobbed, to a civilian, hopefully the war mongers are brought to court
Although the war years showed their horrors, respect was never far away
This famous sunny isle, wears the George Cross in deserved display

Heading home to Scotland, past fields in harvest bloom
This proud Royal Navy sailor, with his bride and he a groom
We cried as we passed the war torn, not only was it the famous sunny isle
For the war had been so expansive, in it's putrid inhuman vile

We settled on the West Coast, amidst the heather and the glens
Bringing up our boys, praying they'll never be fighting men
Many nights we stayed up, answering questions of our past
From that famous sunny isle, our true love would always last

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Christ Stepped Down From His Heavenly Throne

Christ Stepped Down From His Heavenly Throne! Christ stepped down, from his heavenly throne. He came to earth… For 33 years, he called it his home! His mission had one purpose and desire in mind! He was to one day, be a sacrifice for mankind! He taught and gave us his words, powerfully spoken! He knew that one day, his body would be broken! He desired that all, would one day, come to know him! Because of his resurrection, all can receive him! He’s alive today! And reigns from heaven above! And desires to touch us, with his endless love! Won’t you humbly come, and accept what he’s given? And experience the power, of being forgiven! This can be your moment! This can be YOUR day! He loves you much more, than words can say! All honor and praise, to Christ Jesus, our king! You are our righteousness! Our everything! By Jim Pemberton

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A beneficial mediation for the mind...
being immersed in peaceful thought,
seeing clouds drift towards sunset,
imagining places pristine and wild.

On a shining rock facing the breezy West,
I lay whispering what comes naturally...
to make a connection with the Almighty;
I praise His creations being laid down to rest.

Colors are lively images of the fading evening,
the slower the ruddy sun reaches the horizon,
the stronger the jasmines smell without repulsing...
picturesque valley, tarry much longer and glisten.

Feeling and looking happy and so serene inside,
I breathe in and out to let gladness overwhelm me...
looking in a certain direction with my glance of intensity
to connect with the spectacular planets that seem to glide.

Let this face glow without denying its deserved joy,
let my contemplation carry me to the ends of infinity
to bring back healing secrets Mankind never discovers...
see me immersed in peaceful thought among marigolds!

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Why did God create angels
to wander behind the gates
of Heaven to protect it from Hell,
or to obey the command of His will?

Without my knowledge, or comphrension,
He assigned one of them to protect me...
why would a mortal like me defy His intention?
Everywhere I go, that angel safeguards me.

Perils on the road multiply as countless miles,
blind corners can kill, if someone is not keen;
pedestrians cross boulevards at red lights,
signs warn to cross them when they turn green.

I often feel that a spiritual being is walking beside me,
he doesn't breathe, cast a shadow, or can be seen...
but that angelic presence is strong: that's why I feel safe and laugh
as a babe in the arms of a mother whose endless love surpasses death.

Everybody thinks that the mission of angels is to read sacred books
and sing of God's glory, not watching us who dwell on this planet of fright;
how wrong they must be for their limited insight when their life is not bright!
Think again: they are in search of good souls to reward them with miracles!

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s- is or the slithering sound youre tounge makes when trying to think, the star in the 
moonlight sky that catches yur eye, the sight you once seen and will nevr forget in yur 
drems as u follow up into quiet peace.
l- is for the light that makes the magic happean so you cant deny stareing, the laughter that 
makes u giggle and want to shout out at the same time, the love that is shares and brings to 
yur heart
e- is for exciteing, the exciteing heartrenching dream you soon encounter while trying to 
hold back yur giggles and smiles while trying to close yur eyes and sleep.
e- is also for the extravagent and endless memorys and journeys you once fullfill in yur 
dream, the encounter of ones hopes, and sights never seen or forgotten just rememberd.
p- is for the people you meet in yur cloud, the peole you see and remeber and once loved or 
are trying to think about all the time and every day until the day u see them again it seems like forever.
also the places, you travel so beutiful, and detailed, only created by yur mind, only yur mind 
can see them and noone else can but you, pictures, that will last forever as you take trying 
to capture all of those memory's by casting a photo here and there, but youll never find 
whats in yur dreams unless you just sink yur heart into one sync of yur own creativity and let 
go of everything and just lay in still peacefull silence as the wind sweeps youre tight muscles 
and acheing pains away, far away to the very botom of yur soul, let yourself dream, let 
youre dreams cast you away, let yur heart dream, just fall into a quiet sleep forever where 
only you can dream away and forever fall into sweet rest.
just let yur heart open up wider then yur eyes can see, just fall into loveing paralyzeing sleep.

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Here you are
standing in the midst of enchantment
this is my backyard
these are the loving grounds
where I dreamt.

This is my backyard
this was my childhood
this is where I dreamed of... 
me a few years older falling in love
who would've known it would be you?

Spring in the air
but all you feel there
is me.

My innocent eyes.
My curly hair
sugar and spice
you wish you'd been there
to watch me grow up
but you're here now
to take it all in.
Soak it all up.

This is my backyard
this was my childhood.
This is where I dreamed of...
me a few years older,
falling in love.
Being grown up.

Never was there more innocence.

This grass is the bed 
where I slept,
this is my Dreaming Tree
I climbed as high as I could reach,
this is where I'd swing
while I planned all my dreams
where the tree house lived
and the poison ivy itched,
I owned all the soil I could touch 
and loved everything I could love.

This is where I laughed, 
this is where I cried,
this is where I napped,
this is where I lied,
this is where I bled,
this is where I won and where I lost,
this is where I said 
exactly what I thought.
This is where I became me,
this is where I dreamed...

The Big Tree where Jacob, Adam and I played,
the Sidewalk Josh and I raced,
this is where Corey walked me Home,
Rhiannon and Brittany told me secrets no one knows,
Jason told me to grab my bike 
when we were going for a ride.

This is my backyard
this was my childhood
this is where I dreamed of...
me a few years older falling in love...

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Rocky Mountain High

There's nothing like the smell of fresh air
So come join me on this expedition there

High above the canyon ridges
Of Colorado's mountain's and bridges

Pikes Peak Cheyenne to name a few
But let me tell you oh what the view

For there are fresh water streams
Cascading down the slopes of green

Then there are countless winding and twisting roads
Slowing down the engines cargo load

Top of Cheyenne's peak
You can almost hear God speak

Voices in the wind
Not to hear it would be such a sin

And if your lucky enough even capture an eagle in flight
Encirciling Pikes Peak now wouldn't that be a sight

So for your next viva vacation
Remember the mountains of Colorado who also holds great sensations

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Peter Pan Envy

Peter Pan Envy 

I envy Peter Pan
He never get’s old as a man

He can fly back and forth to never-never land
To his lost boys a merry band

If I had Tinkerbelle’s fairy dust and could fly
I would go up and up into the sky

I would fly up to my wife who’s in heaven
And take her back to nineteen fifty-seven 

The fifties were a great time in life
It was when I met my future wife  

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The Cobwebs that Smiled and Tick Tocked My Teeth.

I wondered about midnight, with the


of my tongue standing straight up in between my teeth, my hair fell to places that were
begging for his fingertips, for the smooth warmth that occurs when he kisses my skin...

I laughed at moments we shattered, because destruction is amusing when you are in love,
and I was untouchable then, my breath sounded like time and time...

bit me...

leaving bruises that resembled....


I wanted to submerge his inebriated head with the secrets I hid behind my smile, and if
spaces were eventual then surely I'd reach for him, but he'd never remember the corners of
my mind when he slept, he'd never have nightmares from the knowledge that my cobwebs have
captured his smile...

I walked through us as if we were ghosts, I saw the images of our every mistake, I bit my
lip and threw my shoes to the bottom of forever just to see if I could hear them tumble,
so I'd know what I'd sound like if I...

were to fall in.

I begged for quiet with the twisting of rings and my thumbs seemed naked despite the
donning of Seattle, and you know the mountains there, they whisper secrets when you're too


to hear them, when you're too caught up in the beauty of possibilities to listen...

so I found myself quite possibly caught and I wondered if his webs glistened in the
moonlight that dropped from sleep

I wondered if they smiled

if their tongues clicked

if they felt



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Love Is In The Air Tonight

Baby lets take that drive today.
Its the right time to get away.
Lets go to that same old spot
that we both know so well.

Its there. The sun
is always warm and nice.
And the river runs so cool,
always flowing thru our minds.

Love is in the air tonight.
This time, this time that we share.
Being here, being here without a care.
Love is in the air tonight.

When we're here we feel free.
So plentiful, just you and me.
We know its here for sure.
We'll make love all thru the night.

Love is in the air tonight.
Holding hands below the stars.
Below the stars, we begin to dance.
And we'll dance all thru the night.

Love is in the air tonight.
We'll sleep all day,
just to wake all night.
To wake and love and dance.

Under stars again,
love in the air to share.
Another night again,
always hand and hand.

Love is in the air tonight.

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While wandering with my grandfather

A red rose in a white rose’s tree,
How unique could this be,
For the first time I see,
A red rose in a white rose’s tree
For how long will the red rose last?
Did it blossom in the past?
I wish it wouldn’t wither fast,
For how long the red rose will last
Should I pick the red rose for her?
Maybe this rose lasts forever,
Will it be missed by her forger?
Should I pick the red rose for her?
Perhaps the red rose must stay.
I am glad I saw it today,
she may bloom next May,
Perhaps the red rose must stay
A red rose in a white rose’s tree,
Can be so rare, but for me
There is more beauty and glee:
A red rose in a white rose’s tree
The poet was walking with his grandfather when he saw two rose’s trees, with entangled branches; therefore a red rose seemed to flourish in a white rose’s tree. Then those jiggling lines were naturally suggested. After sitting in the silent and peaceful inside of a mosque, with paper and pen, he wrote verses which mixed the red rose with the rare muse by him loved.

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The soldier, the war, and I

The soldier, the war, and I

Today I am home and thinking to my self..
What would I be doing if I had a soldier coming home to me and my family?
What would I be doing if I was the soldier looking to going home to my family?
And then, I look back at all the years passed since this last war..

Many children have grown to become men, Others have grown to become soldiers
Where would I be if I had gone to the war and fought for my country?
Where would I be if I had gone and came back safely?
Where would I be if I had not gone at all because I was not qualified to go?
Would I be with my family or in a hospital injured?
Would I be standing proud, and laughing with my friends and family?
Or would I be dead, as I never got to come back?

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
Thinking of all of those brave soldiers, children still
Who are out there, suffering.. And some ill

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
How many woman are crying because of their gone loved ones
How many men are crying for their loved and missed ones
How many children are fatherless or motherless, or both!

And at the end I stop. I think no more..
I am grateful for the things I have, 
I am grateful for the people who surround me...
And I am sure grateful to never have gone to a war; yet, 
I sure appreciate the thoughts, courage, life, and suffering
Of all of those who have been touched by it.

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SHIPWRECKED for white contest et al


He was lost in white surprise
Of drugs and doctors quips
His mind was filled with flapping sails
Of white that guide the ships
To dance among the white capped rocks
In North white nights of June
Bring in the catch to catch the maid
Who’d be his wife so soon.

Wild hair so white it shamed the sheet
That soft caressed the grass
The grass-plagued daisies held her there
As clouds triumphant passed
In columns white the bossy clouds
Marched brisk across the sky
But none of them could match the spark
Of whiteness in her eye.

And then his shocked brain shifted
Jigged timed across his life
How many white nights had escaped?
The maid now was his wife!
Saw breasts so white that milk they gave
Seemed paltry in contrast--
To feed the babe that snuggled there--
The fruit of love surpassed.

Then shipwreck banged into his head
The white-flashed lightning zing--
He tested feet and moved his legs
Seemed he’d  survived this fling
Of nature’s whims again he’d live
 to tell the lusty tale
of how north winds had jumped from waves
to grab their ship's main sail.
Before the White Christ
Had emerged from his Semitic genes
The sailors would have cried for Thor 
To ease his hammerings.

Sailors lost were prices paid
To live in northern shores.
And, lost at sea was ever feared
By them, and wives adored.

He’d play a trick, they’d think him dead--
Would make a crafty tale!
By his hearth and in his bed
would sound a mourning wail.
His house would be a feast of black
Mad weeping would impress--
Then his imagination called her tears
He vowed each tear to bless

He smirked to think of their surprise
When he stalked through the door--

       An unsuccessful leap from bed—
                       He’d rest a little more.

And being man-- he pondered sex
And pleasures it would bring
There was no sizzling passion like                            
His lover’s offering.

Needle rudely poked-
Morphia drew him in
To dream the dreams of healing arms
       delightful prickles of his skin
       He found her far beyond his pain--Oh,  that smile that could disarm!
       In dreams , with wife, in languid bliss
         created white hot charm.


Winter wild of flurries
In ancient minds
Was a shelter
  From white fear

Wolves roved
  Stayed in packs
   Howled their presence
   Hating snow

Bears slept
 Hidden away
 Violence and terror
  Only a summer dream

White drifts
  Blazing blizzards
  Wrapped safety   
   Around fragile human life.

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There's this girl that I know who misses her home
The place filled with laughter, her joy, and her hope.
This girl, she is sad, and I've seen her heart break.
She just doesn't belong here, and she doesn't want to stay.

When she's at the beach she just sits and she stares
Across the water to who knows where.
The ocean is the one place she has found on this Earth
That fills her with any kind of peace and hope.
Though still she is sad, she's not where she belongs,
But at least at the ocean the fierce homesickness calms.

She'll walk down the beach and look out at the water,
Totally uncaring of those who might watch her.
She knows she's not normal, that she isn't like them.
But she knows that they cold never understand.

This girl that I speak of, how I know her well. Yet at the same time I hardly know her at all.
It seems to me as I walk down that beach that
I'm never gonna know of who I truly speak.
Because as long as I'm here, so far from my home, my heart, my pain there, my hope,
I am only half here. 
I am only half home.
And all that I want....I just want to go home.

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The Taj mahal-w

If one goes on compressing everything
In one’s own self,
How one is going to prosper?
This selfishness could be self-killing.

Make the others laugh,
Laugh and be happy.
Extend your happiness
Make everyone happy.

Shahjahan built the Taj Mahal,
One of the seven wonders,
To Make Mumtaz, his wife
And mankind happy to look at.

Seventh place winner in
Contest: What is civility to you

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Tactless Travel

Let’s travel to the edge of the earth

With sunshine in our veins

Let’s see how much this life is worth

As we leave out all our pains


We’ll go for miles, and we won’t stop

The sun will soon attack

Our lives we’ll trade, our hearts we’ll swap

We’re never coming back


A whole new start, a second chance

Floats softly into June

We’ll wade our time in cheap romance

As we howl at a transient moon


An ice cold flood of independence

Forms our own wicked sense of style

Our world needs more transcendence

This world just needs to smile


The ringing in our ears is no longer just a sound

The image of freedom is no longer just a dream

Because this limitless world is just a playground

Or so it may seem

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Another Year That Came and Went

This has been another year that came and went!
I often wonder, where has my time been spent?

It  seems like yesterday, we rang in the new year!
But, very quickly, it has all just “disappeared.”

I think about my accomplishments, goals and dreams.
Do they matter anymore?  Do they mean anything?

This life I have, is just but a brief moment in time.
One day, I’ll simply leave everything fast behind!

My relationship with Christ is what really matters!
Everything else in life, is just “empty chatter!”

I pray that as this new year comes and goes…
My relationship with Christ will continue to grow!

The older I get, I’m beginning to see!
I need much more of Jesus, and less of me!

He is what’s needed!  Whatever this year holds!
I need him more, as each year I grow old!

With each year, that comes and passes me by…
I want more of Jesus, until the day I die!

He is my friend, what is certainly needed!
With him in me, my life is completed!

Thank you Lord for this brand new year!
You are the one I’ll hold ever so dear!

By Jim Pemberton   

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I'm Sleeping Outside

I've tried to tamper with such precious time
Looked forward and back with open eyes
I wonder about the day I'll die
Will there be rain or shine?
Maybe both, maybe none
As I speak another life has begun
Wish them luck as they carry on
Bewildered within these starry nights
I thought of time when I have lied
Oh such precious time
It flies
(im sleeping outside)
Signs and dreams lead me to believe
That somehow, some way
I'll be something great
Do I choose to be nieve?
They'll never know
Do I choose to be so weak?
It'll never show
(I'll be sleeping outside)
Love is such a clishey it seems
Something I could only see
Her eyes drew us in like summer heat 
Cupids arrows were made of clay
Oh yes I've longed for this day
I knew I wasnt lying anymore
(I always sleep outside
where the weather is nice
I can feel everything for what it's worth
dont give me signs or written lines
give me your solid words)

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...a darling dear of time is when the  tick-tock, of the clock stops, during a dancing wind chimes rendition of just how invisible things move me, to write, darling dear a rhyme, 

the peak of a mountain top experiencing, 

the soul

O' darling dear

a love letter,
a rhythm,

a liberty,

just one of those things that

of the everlasting.

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O mysterious light
as the eyes of my faithful sweet-heart,
inspire the distant soul
of this poet in distraught...
whose poem is still unfinished;
give him the rhythm and flow
to embellish his heart-felt verse
with sentiment and thoughtfulness!

Beyond the rolling waves,
ships carry secret lovers
who deride and defy their fate 
and set their souls on fire...
without feeling a need in dire,
or admitting an awful mistake!

O mysterious sea...
take their ship away
to a shore where nobody will see,
and let their fornication be 
as crude as the awakening
of everyone who's not afraid of indulging;   
I will take no part or joy
in their pleasure so openly and willingly! 

Could I forget that she ever existed, or
ever loved me with trust and sweetness?
Wouldn't it be unforgivable and wrong...
to waste what was blessed by holiness?
In this era of unfaithfulness,
many choose to do harm to someone else...
thinking only of self-gratification,
breaking the vows of dedication!

O mysterious sea as deep as the love
of my changeless woman,
who contemplates every sunset and dawn
with the purity of a dove:
let no beautiful eyes deceive me,
and sadly erase the innocence of her memory!

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Splish Splash to Pash

To the summer blue they enter
Creating a lovely splash
Two in falling clench
Feelings relate to pash

Frolic's lead to cuddles
Amidst this pure of blue
Wetted lips in caress
Hearts touching oh so true

Exiting the water
In awe he looks at she
Her clothing hugging her shapes
As she slowly walks to me

What I see allures me
Investigative is my mind
My hands she takes intentively
Impressed in loving kind

Below a greened canopy shade
Two in slow undress
Naked torso's stand in wait
Soon to be addressed

Hands in liberty wander
Roaming undulations
Kissing leads to loving join
In sharing loves sensations

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away— I met the person whom I shall love. It was summer season—in the month of May, when I found my dearest dove— my life; my beloved; my prized; my cherished with no name. In that land far, far away, surrounded by the seas, by the name of Puerto Prinsesa, we tasted the sweet scent of its breeze— I and my cherished with no name— as little seraphs of heaven sang in bliss. Stealing glances, that’s all we had in that land far, far away; and also in stealing glances, our tale has ended, as we witnessed ourselves falling away. The sun never rises without bringing me trances of my cherished with no name; the wind always whistles but I never had the chance to hear the voice of my cherished with no name; and so, my heart desires of revisiting our land far, far away— to bring me back to the scenes, to bring me back to my once upon a time that my yearning heart once has seen.
Author's Note: Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee

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the gravity that pulled all of this together

                                           the star dust in your soul
                                                      amazes me
                                         it spills between my fingers
                                              between my synapses
                                                      unto ground 
                                                      made of air

                                         i see the places i have been 
                                         and the places i need to go
                                             when i lay witness to
                                           the star dust in your soul

                                                  it's all consuming 
                                                       the big bang
                                                    within the brain

                                                     just to observe
                                                    your effulgence
                             the nimbus that crowns your lovely head

                                                        this is worth
                                              the 5 or 6 billion years
                                                    i've been waiting

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An Afghanistan Wedding

The swift and silent missiles swept,
The quiet well kept neighborhood.
They ran like hell, those that could,
While the reposed laid in their best dress.
With evil-doers upon the earth,
Vigilant must be the pursuit.
To cut the sickened by the root,
And banish vile impure thought.
With white-collar crime for collateral,
It matters not the costs.
As pockets line, the death toll climbs,
While the positioned take sabbatical.
And I cannot hide my bastardness,
For when we kiss   my lips   fall dead.

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I'm all around!

Take yourself now to His beautiful scape. Our vast green earth is His human drape. This ‘backdrop’ if you will, in this play called life, with His props that are free, they’re all within sight. Look around – and then take a seat. Lift your palms upward, cross your legs and your feet. Indian style will ready you, for what you are about to do. Now look again at your props at hand, a tree, or a brook, a bird or a man. Let your spirit be still and listen now. He’ll begin to direct you. You’ll soon see how. Quiet your mind and let Him in. This consultative measure begins from within. Breathe now child, you’ll hear Him say. Take me with you throughout your day. Breathe once more and open your mind. Be gentle today, and loving and kind. I send you My love through all that you see. When you look around please think of Me. No matter where or how far your day leads, Come back to this place when you feel the need. Your stage has been set, go out for My cause. Give your love to others and feel my applause. I gave you this life for a purpose you know. To love and share, and continue to grow. Walk with Me in the today’s and tomorrow’s. My arms are yours in times of sorrow. Remember I’m here, while awake or asleep. I will wipe away tears, kiss your face as you weep. My direction for you is to go out and be, all of the things that remind you of Me! Soon night will come, let the curtains just fall. Take a breath and then stretch, and hear My call. It’s time my child to get tucked into bed. Relax and rest your weary head. Breathe again, you’re safe and sound. Remember this morning? I’m all around!
Michelle D. ©August 8, 2010

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If We Lose Everything There's Jesus

If We Lose Everything… There’s Jesus! We have seen the destruction of various storms! They come swiftly and in many forms! So many people have lost everything they had. I see their look on t.v. And it’s very sad! I wish I had the money to buy them a home. So many look lonely and feel all alone! I wish I could “wave a wand” and make it go away. I wish to encourage them, with what I have to say In spite of all of our nation’s goals and ambitions. It can’t make up for life’s adversities and afflictions. Calamity and heartache can quickly appear! And much of what we have. can soon disappear! If I can encourage the many who’ve lost so much… I pray you’ll be strengthened by God’s loving touch! Won’t you let him help pick up the “broken pieces?” He can bring hope and total completeness! He’ can build and restore that which has been loss! He does it willingly! And already paid the cost! It may seem like you have just lost everything… You have no idea, what kind of comfort, Christ can bring! Won’t you allow him to restore your life today??? He’s more than able to do it, in a gentle and loving way! By Jim Pemberton

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The Serenity of Love

The serenity of love
cascades from above
far up from the heavens
like teardrops of rain
from angels in pain
crying for the lack of compassion

Searching for the source
that motivates with force
that attracts the opposites
who are tired of the same
all of them say that love
made them almost go insane

The peace that comes with age
is never presented as a promise
you must find it but I'll be honest
it hides behind a wall of trials
that make it harder and harder to smile

But when you arrive 
arrive for yourself
for no other desire
for nobody else
when nothing at all
is ever enough
seek out the serenity of love

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Buffet

Arabic labelling on bottles of water,
Room overlooking bricks and mortar,
Men want tips for being your porter,
Getting to food is a pitiless slaughter.

Piles of olives and eggs sit just right,
In bowls coloured an abyss of white,
Odd cuisine makes a peculiar sight,
This is the date I’ll be having tonight.

Cold meat and ham sit on your plate,
Plenty queues; too much time to wait,
Stomach rumbles, hunger won’t abate,
Hurry it’ll all be gone if you arrive late!

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hard ice for days like cocain

as a child
It felt a bit safer 
knowing that everything
would eventually work itself out
and in the end 
though we failed 
to remain concise 
in-between darkness
we were only men

i'm looking at my little red gauge 
sitting peacefully on E
looks like it will be 
another empty day for me

and i apologize 
for the wrong turns
all the long sermons
and the little wishes
that hold life in format
the cold winter nights
that left me at your doormat

when i was alone
you brought my days comfort
a touch that misery couldn't sponsor
a tragedy to never disappoint
and now i wonder
was it us or the fact that together 
we'd never go under

in correspondence to my 
thoughts dancing along the windshield
i'm moving fast and forward 
despite the rain indoors 
it feels i'm going nowhere
my little red gauge sits at the back of E
looks like another empty day for me

"just like motivation everything else fades"

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The beauty I see in things 
makes me so sad....
For when I find something beautiful,
It may never be quite that way again.

A summer day
an autumn breeze
a color in a sunset....
your warm hand held in mine.

Why do i still hear your name....
in my head....
so tired.....
almost dead.

My soul still whispers to God for you 
without me even thinking....
So thoughtless,
sadly dreaming. 

That sweet old dream of being in your arms 
my frame stood secure in yours
You were thin and warm and sturdy.....
soft coat of yours so cozy.................
Your face emanating ‘happy’....

Too soon, you began to fade away......
In tears I closed my eyes 
and held on tight.....
Oh, I couldn’t bear to watch you disappear again
But I felt it, all right.....

Your memory....
I’ll stuff in the dark of my mind 
in an ebony box
And keep it so tightly shut....
Tied with a long, dripping ribbon of blood

And thus my healing has begun.....
But I’ll still be on the run.........

No love deserves to live so long...
then die alone, so painfully.
Never again will this soul feel so trapped---
so helpless----

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Gulf Oil Spill !

Man to blame,
Once again to his shame,
His record continues to destroy !
The beauty he did not create, nor can he save…
He will never learn how to properly behave…

Nature screams pointlessly once again ?
Fearing where next we’ll drill ?
Gulf oil spill.

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i love you i love you not


Beirut I love you.
My feisty grandmother
is throwing rice from 
Bullets, bullets,
in the sky
shooting fate in the eye
what a merry wedding. 


I saw Abu Saed
The cab driver in debt
Weep, weep,
Children overdosing
On your streets
Falling one after the 
a domino
act after act after act
a foreign show
Or are they 
of a brighter tomorrow? 


Your women are beautiful.
rounded and sharp almond eyes 
sticks and twigs for thighs
sea-shell hearts that open and close
they’re asking why


Why didn’t you write back?
Was it the booze?
Was it the smack?
Was it the young men I saw 
dancing in the forest 
to gods they don’t understand?
Was it the girls in their 20s
Walking out of bars
10 minutes and 23 seconds pregnant
when it was unplanned?
Was it your fertile land
and your sky pink and blue
your cedars your views
that you had to screw
over the only thing
that might’ve been good for you
your people.


Beirut, I love you not.
I can't walk straight anymore.
Your teens are
deep-throating life
vomiting their futures
in the toilet.

I love you.
I love you not.
I love you.
I love you not.

It's raining rose petals
God is bleeding
I see him

Details | Dizain | |

Light Within the Heart

Power behind the middle of the heart Incredible feats that it carries out Every day, inside, outside, with each part There is a light that tells what it’s about The heart levees strength that is strong and stout Even through the city, love is within me My surroundings brings me to Sicily Where hearts beam with a great, mighty white light My life is warm with heartbeats that truly Mend all hearts, working with wonderful sight
Russell Sivey

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Sandy dreams

Free yourself from the pit that bogs down like marshes.
Run with me to a land of sandy dreams and starfish.

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My Love, -name-

Your skin glows like warm, silky milk chocolate,
   blossoms better than a rose in the purest hope of spring.
My yearning heart rises to your comforting voice
   and leaps like a kitten at the whisper of your name, -name-.

The evening ascends in on a great Blue Jay wing.
I am calmed by your presence that I carry into 
    the twilight of moonbeams and us holding each other hand-in-hand.

I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of
    sadness, happiness, and joy that are mixed together. 
As my mind wanders to my bank of memories, I remember
    the times you were wild with passion.

In the hushed, I listen for the last chirp of the spring.
My heated heart leaps to my chest.

I wait in the crystal moonlight for you to show me your
    secret place you say has beauty beyond imagination, 
        so that we may jump as one, heart to heart, in search of the
            glorious times and the spiritual tree of love.

*Dedicated to the one with whom I fell inlove with...may you be blessed each day

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That's Where The Lord Lives

I walk outside to see all that I can see.
Over there is our house, our home,
In the distance, you can see.
And that place of hallowed happiness
Forever has been our home
And forever will be so evermore.
That house is small but raised us tall,
From the perfect parents who loved us so
To the perfect sister for which every man would want.
The house built us all up strong.
More than a mere building,
It is a place to love and be loved,
A place that hands you hope that you give right back, 
And a place of everlasting faith.
This home is where my parents taught me about God
And opened me up to Jesus.
They opened the eyes of the blind for all to see,
And the blind included me.
They taught me to be the best I can be;
The best things in life are free.
They have taught us so well,
And they all have saved my soul.
Even if I am not there now,
I carry Him with me.
I carry them with me.
I carry Their values and Their teachings with me.
In this house, this home,
We reside.
We cannot forget this.
This is where my Mother lives.
This is where my Father lives.
This is where my Sister lives.
This is where We live,
In this loving, caring, beautiful home
They made just for us.
We cannot forget this either.
This is where it all began. 
This is where the hunger and thirst was created;
This is where we are fulfilled.
We cannot, we must not forget this:
This is where God lives.
This is where Jesus lives.
This is where The Lord lives;
The Father and The Almighty.
This is where We live;
This is where We reside.
We must not forget this.
We must not forget this:
What a beautiful and perfect life this is.

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You promised me
New Zealand 
in the springtime
virgin beaches
mountain air
day and night
without a care

and then you were gone

your lies 
were to immense
on both sides 
of the ocean
when you walk 
the streets of Bangkok
does your heart 
still yearn for me?

On the day you left

you told me to swim 
to the surface
to come back up for air
but I cannot
I cannot
I cannot
I am still drowning 
in my sorrow

© Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
(December 8th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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Photo Testimony

Somehow, We've been everywhere together
Place us against a back drop
Superimpose us and we'll smile
A perfect fit and sun-shined
against the sleeping moon
Somehow, We are invincible now
Hold the quiet in our hands
Break a breath in photographs
A silent testimony 
Enigmatically in tune.

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The Sacred Path's

Follow me to the metaphysical plains where spirits graze, 
we'll get lost in the darkest parts of the forest for days, 
following any direction that nature sways, 
ocular perceptions in a Kaleidoscopic maze, 
ascending infinitely in a spiritual phase, 
psychedelically extracting thoughts the mind never portrays, 
nostalgia quickly decays, 
there was never a place for us among society anyways.

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A dreamt event
for the newly-wed,
both looking sharp;
how many hand-written invitation cards
have they sent
with the reddest heart and lovely words? 

Down the church isle they will go with a tight-sealed tounge;
an organist will play the famous wedding song...
be ready to greet them with wide smiles,
despite your approval or disapproval, don't show your intent! 
Oh, never try to crash a dreamt event 
for the newly-wed, you may get unpleasant surprises
from that priest or reverend performing the holy matrimony!
Be quite and listen, or don't bother to attend the cerimony!  

Some envious eyes fix their manacing, inappropiate glances
on them...dreaming of what could have been;
why can't anyone openly admit their sin?
Don't be a pretender and continue the dance,
anyone can sense those thoughts of anger
and resentment...why are you looking so ghostly?
Let go of all stupidity and don't use puffery...
congratulate them with a cheerful toast and a hearty laughter!

A dreamt event 
for the newly-wed,...
kissing passionately
without embarassment,
but as others watch with contentment...
the flower girls follow them gracefully 
as they hear the wedding bells at twelve!

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Love is

Searching in the night for the springs of Rhone
the asphalt embraces the stone like a snake.
"It is the only way"
said to me William Tell
at the gas station of Saint Alpine.
And when mountains stood up all around,
when we were surrounded by dark forests
and the dawn seemed to be totally lost,
you showed me your body under the starlight.
Fire and sweat gushed
from the springs of desire.
Signals of oblivion
from the wells of fear.
Love is a disease of the mind.
It gives a touch to illusions.
It makes bodies shiver.
It makes dreams bleed.
And loneliness to creak the stairs at midnight
and terrorise us.
Pledge your eyes to the lake of Geneva,
your laughter to the fireworks.
When your nights become endless
you will have me to remember.

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Fairy Tale

You woke something that had slept for a thousand years
Wrapped deep in thorns and history
You gave me something real
Currents that could never be fathomed
The tidal waves engulfed me
You reaffirmed something that I always knew existed
Filled in the gaps with crayola
You made it seem so simple
You are everything I am not
And you’re all that I am

Details | Narrative | |

My Birthday Wish

I sit on the floor and wait from dusk to dawn, for a new day will soon be reborn. I count all 
the blooming flowers, and count down the long hours, while mum takes her shower. 
Today's the day, for it's my birthday. I hope I get A car, or A guitar or maybe even become 
A movie star, but that's asking A bit too much of me. I walk around singing out A loud, 
acting proud feeling as if my heads in A cloud. To my surprise I start stumbling over my 
words and begin mumbling. Maybe mum just forgot about me, or are they just hiding the 
presents from me? I walk through the hall, with my head dragging looking at the floor, 
and go to bed with my heart feeling torn. It's getting late and I can no longer wait. I turn 
off my light, and close my eyes and cry having so much things go through my mind. I 
drift to sleep but then I see, mum walking in my room in the middle of the night with A 
light. It's so bright. She raises my heart like A kite, taking of it flight and she says, good 
night, and turns of the lights. She raised my hopes high and then shot them out of the 
sky. I break down and cry, it feels as if I've just died. No one remembered why today was 
A special day for it was my birthday. I look at the sky and wonder why? I light my candle 
and close my eyes, tears dripping down onto my thighs, and I start to whisper in my 
mind. "I don't want A car, or even A guitar. I don't even want to become A movie star. I 
just want to be free of this disease called poverty, I just want people to stop running away 
from me. Free me of aids so I can stop feeling afraid. Stop me from being poor, so I can 
afford to stop sleeping on the floor. Make me smile for there is no reason to smile, but 
please make my life worth while. Take me away from Africa, for all I see is people being 
raped and all the kids hearts filled with hate, I'm loosing my faith for I am living each day 
even though there is nothing to live for". A Tear drops on my candle, And puts out the 
flame I whisper in pain,This is "My Birthday Wish"
We wish for luxuries that only money can afford. They wish for water for they are poor. 
People need to learn to smile, for kids living in poverty have A legitimate reason not too. 
Be happy for what we have, and never complain for what we don't have.
- Wiko Te Maru

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Professional Divorcé

Lost in emotions
Two souls approaching new path
Bitterness adorned

Forgetting love, possibly they shared.
Reasoning on the fights, they had bared.
Manly disfiguring blow.
So possible you know.
Now departing, both no longer  paired.

Marriages four, divorced three times now in this life of mine.

If another comes my way, next lover shall be a glass of wine..

Sponsor (Destroyer ((Poet 
Contest Name ~DIVORCE CLUB~ 

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World We Live In

I sit in the classroom
Start of a brand new year
I am really nervous
New students, surround me
They come from diverse cultures & backgrounds
None that I am familiar with
It’s like God gathered the whole world 
And placed us together
In one, tiny classroom

I admire the beauty of their different coloured skins
It’s like gazing at a mesmerising masterpiece
Neither human nor artist can replicate that kind of beauty and colour
God’s colour palette, extraordinarily vast!
I love the way their eyes stand out
Beautifully matching, their shade of skin tone
Warm and welcoming eyes
White, shiny teeth
Hearty laughs
Everyone’s so friendly!

Going about my school work
I listen to them talk
Talking in their native tongues
The rhythm and tones of the sounds, so fluid
I noticed they think before they speak
Where most people I mix with ‘blurt’ stuff out
I love the way they pronounce things in English
Faces full of expression, lots of hand gestures
Wanting to be understood, validated

I like the clothes the cultural people wear
Bold and bright colours 
Shiny, printed and patterned fabrics
Where I choose to wear black, most days than not
I turn my attention 
To the others in the room
They are dribbling on about nothing
Nothing, worth listening to!

Drawn back to the cultural people 
I notice some come across as sad, scared or timid
Often too shy, to speak up
To say what their thoughts or opinions are
I wonder if each knows how beautiful they truly are
I can’t wait to learn from all these new people
I am blessed to be surrounded by so many races and nationalities
What an amazing, wonder-filled world 
We ‘all’ are privileged, to live in!

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where the heart is strong

When I was young, I had no desire to grow roots.
Home happened where ever I kicked off my boots.
Now that I have traveled many lands,
I wish only to go back home.
To feel it, to see it, to hold it in my hands.
I wish no longer to roam.
Youth tends to be arrogant and blind.
Not knowing what I had, for home was mine.
Now it is the place for which I yearn.
The place from which I came, and wish to return.
The passing of time can have a strange effect on the heart.
After many wasted years, one wants to be back where we start.
Funny how being away for so long can change a soul.
Just as equally strange how coming home can make one whole.
This is where I will always belong,
For this is where my soul is at ease and my heart beats strong.

Sarah Comstock

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Beautiful Cycle -- Leaf of Nature

Gentle breeze caressing joyful cheek
Blooming blossoms in its shadow
Dancing in the wind it waves
Autumn colors so grand
Winter makes it sigh
Spring budding new
Summer blooms

Comments:   The nonet poem has nine lines, with the first line containing nine 
syllables, the second line eight, the third seven, then six, next five, then four and 
continuing until the last and ninth line has one syllable. The nonet poem may be 
written about any subject, and rhyming is optional. 

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Once A Stairwell

I lost myself with you here
Where the heavens and trees weave a canopy
Of silhouette and starlight
A safe haven of innocent love
To which only I now reminisce 

Here I fill the void with phantoms
Forlorn moments of you and I 
Almost remembered feelings of discovery
Where exhilaration blanketed us
In impulsively tossed protection

On those oppressive and humid summer nights
Sleeping in the protection of your embrace
Breathing sweet ardor
I silently confessed of my spirit
Parching that eternal thirst of you

With no care for consequence
We discovered paradises and agony
Sitting upon this crumbling staircase we once ascended
I spy the traces of the moments once shared
Pallid confetti blowing away

And stepped over in the unseen cracks…

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Safe And Warm Inside

    Outside the winter winds are playing.
The beat of the drums,blare of the horns,
the strings that are strummed,
sing forth jack Frost's melody.

    Safe and warm ,within these sheltering walls,
tis a treasure to be found.
A life to be sought,
a place most warm and inviting.
On this day of icy symphony.

   The pleasing scent of the wood,
an ethereal smoke rising,
into a leaden sky
The warmth of the hearth,
chasing away, 
this wintery quagmire

   There surely is nothing ,
on earth to compare.
To snuggling under a blanket,
with a loved one.
Close by a crackling fire. 

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In Wonderment, They Stared

What a joy it would be to see you walk the Glens
On purple bloomed heather, on the lands of the Highlander men
To witness your aura, your smile, amidst the Ben's atop with snow
For no matter who stands beside you, being there they'll surely glow

Being there they'll surely glow, proud to be standing there
To your beauty they will look in awe, in wonderment, amazing stare
Whilst all around there grows, many ferns from a forgotten past
For no matter who stands beside you, your beauty will always last

Your beauty will always last for it's captured in many hearts
In wonderment amazing stare, from the Highlands you'll never depart
Now imbedded your heart runs free, to roam these Alba Glens
And this Scotsman chosen beside you, your choice of Highland men  

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about the ashes

Mnemosyne's colour wheel glitches through August,
on that candid orange the dogs howled into
during our autumn countdown.
When we still had a countdown.
When we still had August. 

I remember the moonlight traveling westward 
and seeing your face lined with silver.
I remember Artemis taking an emergency exit and landing,
landing in the closest pool of warmth. You, you, you.
And I remember dreaming. I remember testing 
what the world was like outside of you.

The singed leaves remind me how to breathe
on this street, the same way you used to.
I am learning about the ashes.
Sometimes we must burn the atlas
before charting ourselves from scratch.
Sometimes love must die, first.

In heaven's attic, even angels lose their meaning.
Returning only, when someone remembers:
the attic is still a part of home.
When touching means dust on your fingers.
When suddenly, you are intruding.

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In Time She Wakes

In time she wakes; I, the the sun, that kisses her face. 
No lies or disguise, just the radiant reflection of African skies on the rise in her eyes.
Beauty unmistakable, incredible, unforgettable;
My eyes drink the scene until I'm full. 
Her hair, her face, that skin, where to begin? 
So smooth the soft surfaces surrounded and swirled in swirling sheets that keeps my amber bright morning light tight in her sight. 
She can't quite fight the bite to ignite with all her might. 
Yet before the day slips away she'll sway and play in Plettenberg bay. 
And from her lips drips the sips from oceans where now sleep the ships and slips of men that crashed and smashed from sirens singing and calling out their longing and wanting so haunting - the sound spilling from that same coy style of a Mona Lisa smile. 
She wants to linger on but horizons blue, orange, yellow and red hint of bed instead it must be said. 
Soon to the night she'll wed but before that rest she shares her shape in shadows on the shore. 
A dance does she once again as I gaze with the last blaze of my rays across the waves, 
until again, through the morning haze, I'll wake her just to see her eyes kiss the skies that light up from the light in my eyes. 
For she is my earth, my world, my purpose, I am her sun. 
This breathing circle, this vision, no dark nightly dream would it seem could ever forever our helix make undone.


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Tale of the White Snow Turtles

In the deep of the snow, In the dead of winter,
Under the Aurora Borealis taking our breath away.
The snow turtles jostle, and skittle, and Skim the snow,
All in a beautifully quiet nights, bountiful, wonderful play.

Man has seldom seen this recluse, so gentle and so renowned. 
White as the snow packed earth itself, they simply can’t be found.
They sled and slide and scurry to hide before the break of day,
No one knows they’re even there, for they make not even a sound.

Animals respect them for they can’t make them into prey.
Even the polar bears leave them alone, except for to play.
And no matter how much the bears bat them about, I say!
They just close up and go wherever they are conveyed.

Magical, they can swim waters quite cold and really deep.
They eat the little fishes and enjoy whatever they can reap.
A man will never find their den as they dig into the frozen snow,
For like the tundra gophers, they live in the frozen ground below.

I swear they do exist, for a baby once came to me, admiring my fishing pole.
For I had lots of little tasty, yummy, fish that he wanted my son and I to throw.
We obliged him just that once, and then for more nights before we left his land.
But if you're going searching there’s something I should let you know, offhand.
They only show themselves to the pure of heart with a fish offering in your hand.

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Do My Children Know?

Do my children know how much I love them?
No, of course they don't.
They weren't allowed to know.

Do they know how intense the pain is,
to go forward,
while not being allowed
to be their mom, or their dad?

No, but they know the intensity of heartbrokeness,
while going forward,
without their parents,
whom they should have never been taken away from.

They know the depths of lack,
that they were never meant to know...
They know the fears and the terror
that a "supposedly good place"
will unmercifully and maliciously inflict.

They knew the courage, as babes,
that grown-ass folk
won't walk in.

They know that you can't trust
the government,
or the agencies,
or the people in those agencies,
that are suppose to protect them
and their family units.

How could they possibly know
the depths of my love for them?
When they are still
stuck there
surrounded by people
who destroyed
their family
and screwed with their beginnings?

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The Raging Sunset in Her Eyes

She the succulent pixie of delight
Eyes a glow in a blazing light
The sunset glistening through her light blue gems
Watching the waves as time contends 
To escape away from her beautiful gaze
As the light shines down and slowly fades
Mesmerized my Apollo's trance 
The wind swaying her body in nice little dance
A scene truly marked in the essence of serenity 
Her stance showing her beautiful virginity
Naked in a sense to all seeing her thoughts
As her figure cringes like a scared wild fox
Biting her lip as she dreams away 
As the day resends and goes away 
Looking for hope, dreaming a dream
Or imagining the man that makes her gleam
Know one knows of what she truly hides
As the sunset burns in her eyes.

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Through The Trials And Valleys

Through The Trials And Valleys…

I’ve been through trials and difficult situations.
Many times it happens with no explanations!

Whatever I’ve had or have taken with me.
I’ve been there when everyone has left me!

The uncertainties I’ve had and struggles I face.
Have brought me to my knees in a “quiet” place.

The journeys I’ve traveled and the storms ahead.
Have brought worry and stress in the words I said.

Whatever trials I’ve  faced...  To Jesus I cried!
A comfort and strength .   He did provide!

I know a truth that is important and most certain.	
Jesus can take away any hardship or burden!

If  there were no trials...  How could I trust him?
Because of what he’s done  How I love him!

If I had no hardships or trials, I’d probably “forget him.”
Giving him my whole life?  I don’t think I’d let him!

But he’s proven to me just how much he loves me!
He reached down from heaven and touched me!

He’s my comfort and joy and enduring friend!
He’ll be there with me…  Till the very end!

This Jesus I know.  I recommend him to you!
He is God!  Our provider! This is so true!

Won’t you give him a chance in your life today!
He can bring hope and take 
all of the dark clouds away!

By Jim Pemberton

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Joanna Davis

Bulging bags, a half eaten bun
Scribbled postcards penned on the run
Victoria station, just two stops away
From the end of another short holiday
Summers over, time to return 
To cooking and cleaning, the list goes on and on
Souvenirs a plenty; a mug of the queen
Galleries and gardens, no sight left unseen
Last hugs and kisses, watering eyes
No time for tears, or long goodbyes
Days we’ll long remember, You and I
Funny how quickly, the time’s flown by
I’ll write you; I promise, a letter each day
Until it’s your turn to come over, and stay

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Steamy Windows

Amidst the steam on the panes of glass
Are breasts of pure of my Maiden lass
Firm being loved as our hands are clasped
Pressed to impress as our bodies clash

Naked we are sharing as two become one
Again through steamy windows our loving's begun
As the water cascades down this naked of two
Impressed into thee as I stand behind you

Lustful we are sharing moments of bliss
As we turn our heads in tongue lashing kiss
The noise of the water drowns joyous groans 
Our excitement reaches peak, to one another we're sown

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A Veteran's Cry

I found my things, I found my past
It took my breath, I was in its grasp
The memories start, the present stops
The things that were, I thoughts I forgot

The Navy days, I miss them all
In my prime and the start of my fall
It is the only thing, to bring tears to my eyes
But no one hears my prayers, my cries

To bring back that joy of honor and pride
To bring back that view of the Great Lakes' side
The friends I had, the comrades that were
The main reason the job was not such a spur

I do not know why it bothers me so
I cannot let these memories go
Trying so hard to find better things
But nothing compares to happiness it brings

Please Lord, please tell me why
I was discharged for a benign injury in my thigh?
I told them the truth, I let them know how
A non-Navy doctor stated, “Son, you are out of the Navy now.”

I felt so alone and so very afraid
And was sent home with nothing, no hugs, no parade
A dark airport with not even a uniform worn
My dreams with the Navy, were completely torn

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To Show, To Share

I write you down to myself,
Little notes, things you say,
And keep them to myself
Because we don't want to be found out,
I want to keep you safe in me.
There is so much we will be
When the distance between us
Is measured with fingers, not miles.
There's so much to show you,
So much to share with you,
I see nothing without wishing
You were seeing it too.
One day is what I wait for.
Follow you, follow me:
This is all I know.
Then let them dare to say
That we don't know love.

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Living with Mother Nature's Bruise

We turned to each other when we heard on the news
Our daughters place of work, enduring mother nature's bruise
She worked on an island now swamped with wrath
To her we now travel to retrace her last path

To go there blind never knowing if she breathes
Thoughts think the worst as we subconsciously grieve
Our daughter, our life, as we make plans to depart
Facing hours of torment as our minds tear apart

To this island we head where she enjoys life to the full
Thinking back to her young years, learning in school
This paradise as she calls it, in the Indian Ocean
Our minds picture, her love to live notions

We step of the plane into a world far from home
Praying we find her, dead or alive, to never roam
To the north of the island, Aceh is it's name
Is this where we find her, with no one to blame

We reach the village, it's where our daughter calls home
Teaching the youngsters English along the beaches they combed
We wander dazed and confused, joining the crying and the grieving
Emotional rescuers surround us, they just keep on believing

Hand in hand we stare hoping, as our eyes glimpse the lost
Our daughters not there, as we join the emotional exhaust
Suddenly I feel a tugging on my sleeve
Lady lady, you my teachers mama, come with me please

Looking down, my eyes cascading with tears
A beautiful young girl, momentarily relieving my fears
Lady lady, please please, come with me please
To a makeshift hospital she takes us, our hearts so in unease

To a door we arrive, she cries, mama's teacher mama's teacher
As she is led away by the hospital preacher
We are greeted by a doctor, taken through corridors of death
The relieving earlier felt, now replaced by inner reft

The stench of death drifts, lost souls we feel crying
Resonating sounds echo, the last breaths of the dying
Cubicle after cubicle, every curtain our hearts run
In broken English, is she the one, is she the one

The second curtain from the last, the doctor once again opens
Despair and tears increase, parents lost in their hoping
Before us lies, a broken twisted bandaged soul
The tattoo on her ankle, I cry Nicole, it's our Nicole

Engulfed with emotions our cheeks streaming with tears
Viewing the earlier posters, parents losing their fears
Living this moment, realising their daughter has lived
As we look back to the pictures, knowing families are sieved

Words we will remember until the day we are gone
That moment we heard, is she the one, is she the one

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Often I've been accused of being too righteous and wise;
a zealot putting all his efforts in an unquestionable faith,
and my trust is never weakened by a delayed promise.

Others have gone from this earthly place, to rest in unattended graves;
I've been derided by their indignant, loud laughter,
and you think I would have been intimitated by their offensive words?

Never did I react unkindly, just ignored them and walked away,
not knowing that they would have been cursed and faced punishment;
and with premonition, I had foreseen every event of their destiny. 

Today, confiding in someone who will take time to listen... 
will give me a reliance not smeared with absurd ridicule;
I can give good advice: unforgettable words that will remain. 

Confide in selfless, trustworthy friends who show concern and self-assurance,
by their deeds you will know the trueness of their evident honesty;
so why wait and not run to one as I... and not start living without reluctance? 

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...this is so intimate of time, as a first kiss of time close of soul, so near, so dear of heart beat, so precious a rhyme that flows so intimately,
deep of time, down by the Crystal Seas...
...this is so intimate of dreams,
dreaming reality,
as the Crystal Sea so reveals of destinies galore,
destined as the night light of the moon-glows of starry eyes,
upon the waters,
...seeing tranquility upon the waves...
watching to the depth of a dream,
and a sun-rise
being so true...
for underneath and within this a moon-lit poem of starry night eyes, down by the Crystal Seas, a vessel sets sail upon the deep...into a kiss of dawn...
Sea to shinning Sea.

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Dust and blood on an iPod that plays,
Hole, for love of country, for love,
Of the scope on a fine bolt action M-40  rifle.
Cupid was a sniper, for love of Psyche.
Like the marksman in the minaret that shot,
Lance Corporal Miller in the face,
He will have a thousand virgins at his feet.
As Corporal Nick Ziolkowski loved to kill,
Having taken three mortals in one day,
Was a badge of honor he would proclaim,
Now he lives under that shining city on the hill.
The world loves it’s patient heros,
How gently they lay in wait, divinely,
Saving humanity    from it’s dark Eros.

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I Stand in Awe of Nature

The power and beauty of Nature fill my heart,
Sometimes, gazing at a mountain's grandeur make the tears spill,
Thunder and lightning at eventide, give me a thrill,
Yes, I stand in awe of Nature.

A bird's sleepy chirp at twilight makes me take notice
As I think of the hard life they lead, but still they're happy,
The clear, blue water of a lake gives me a glow,
Yes, I stand in awe of Nature.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes all speak of Her power--
Then I watch a horse  trotting around a track, and I think
"What raw power and yet what beauty we live with"
Yes, I stand in awe of Nature.

If you ever watch a sunset over Earth's waters,
Or listen to a tree whispering to another,
You can't help but feel the power And the love of our planet,
And, like me, you will stand in awe of Nature.


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Trumpets sounded loudly towards dusk
as they did in ancient times,
to warn all warriors of an imminent battle,
there I saw throngs of angels
with glorious Jesus in their mist....
a thick book was opened by Gabriel;
below, Satan was waiting for the condemned souls.
A huge crowd looked up gleefully
and was raptured as He called out their names,
I waited and waited, but there's was
no mention of mine through those pages;
could have Jesus, so perfect and just,
have overlooked, or forgotten to call it... 
I wasn't wasn't called!
I looked inside to scrutinize my non-so-spotless conscience,
and guilts of past deeds surfaced instantly
as the remains of a ship-wreck floating on a turbulent sea;
and to realize this tragedy, it took plenty of tears!
I wept and no one heard me, but Lucifer was hysterical and joyful
to have won and ready to torment me in Hell.
Oh, no...did Dante describe it well, if he had never seen it?
Horror, fright, despair, darkness and crackliing flames
were the awful feelings and eerie images of that vision too ambiguous.
I fell on my shivering knees and cried out:
" Lord didn't you promise from the cross,
 "You will be with me in Paradise, today?"
"If you forgave the Good Thief, why can't you forgive me?"
There's was no reply from the Savior whose blood
had the power to cleanse all inequities with His sacrifice...
I called out again with a frightened, louder voice,
"Lord, my Redeemer, have you searched for the other stranded sheep
which can't find his way back; is he stuck in a shrub with thorns?"
I looked around and all the raptured people followed Jesus,
leaving me behind as Lucifer laughed and danced down below,
but a terrible thought came to me, " Was I going to be his next victim, 
and allow my flesh to eternally burn in that abyss called Inferno?"
The first shadows dimmed the orange-colored sky,
I started to yawn and suddenly I fell asleep. When I woke up,
I saw Christ, the Redeemer and King, leaning over me softly saying,
" I haven't forgotten about you, Andrew...I wanted you to feel
the disappointment of not being raptured and saved;
even an imperfect person like you can enter my kingdom, if his heart repents.
My sacrifice is enough to wash your past and present sins with my shed blood."
My awe and disbelief surpassed the realm of my reality...
yes, indeed I had another chance for redemption and salvation! 


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In a river marsh, where pondweeds and cattails grew in warm clime,
the fair girl found a tall, black egret  
with whom she could have a chat; 
and was it the same one that her parents rescued from the wild?

Among bulrushes taller than she actually was,
the anxious girl told that bird one of her wishes:
to hop on his back and fly as the happiest butterfly,
and find her mom whom she remembered singing a lullaby.

" Take me to my mom!"  she begged the wading bird.
" Nobody ever takes me there to visit her" she exclaimed.
" She may be miles away from here...way past the blue ocean!" 
He replied with little confidence, lacking a sense of emotion.

The fair girl kept on begging, until the black egret finally nodded.
" Thank you, kind let's fly and depart from this marshland!"
So the two of them ventured into a cloudy sky expecting no rainfall...
not until they had gotten there safely and heard that sweet mother's call..  

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To the Glen's She Came

There will come a day, when a Maiden graces the Glens
Alba is where she'll stand amidst the land of Highland men
For her hand will be chosen to be at this clansman's side
And render her heart to he, forever she'll reside

To a place called Inverness, which will claim her heart
Leaving her hurt behind allowing her life to start
For in this tranquil city surrounded by hues of green
Many times we'll capture these views, oh! to be seen

Along the River Ness in whatever season one walks
It's beauty always abounds allowing us to talk
There's no better place to stop to share a loving kiss
In the background her waters flow, soothing, so bliss

Many years have passed, we still walk the riverside
To my Maiden who graces my heart, and leaves me full of pride

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You think you might be in love.

You think he/her might be in love with you.

You think about a lot of things. Do you really know those things?

You think a lot, you worry a lot. 

But do you really HAVE to think or worry about those things?
  Or do you WAN'T to think or worry about those things?

Now that there is something to think about.


              *please leave a comment if you like it or fav poem if you might*

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Forever Somewhere

Watch me as I shoot across the midnight sky
Looking almost as beautiful as I am fast
I do my best to try not to die
But we both know that I cannot last

Flames and faith blazing as I go
Because I know that just up around the bend
Is forever somewhere that I do not know
Is forever somewhere near my sweetest friend
Is forever somewhere where I still love you so
and forever somewhere near my bitter end..

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The things that we take for granted
are the simple words we hold from our tongues,
much more thought should be given
to understand their deeper meaning...
have you said," Thank you. " to someone?

When I incidentally bump into people in the supermarket,
I say, " Sorry. " They smile back saying, " It's okay! "
That makes you realize that not all folks are rude....
yes, courtesy is another form of unseen kindness
that we should use more often to improve social behavior. 

When making a turn, give the right of way to pedestrians,
a courteous driver gets a stranger's smile on the way to work; 
even when there's no stop sign at the corner, let them cross,
they will react as the stranger did...remembering your gesture. 

Opening the door for anyone entering the store
makes that person's face light up with thankfulness,
and letting one go ahead of you when she or he has a couple of items,
shows your regard for that individual, never mind who's complaining behind! 

When riding the subway, train or bus on the rush hour which is entirely urban,
getting a seat is never easy...give yours to an older man or woman,
or an expecting one regardless of'll surely get a flash of gratitude!
As you can see, the things that we take for granted can enrich our lives.

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The Crucible

I can only begin,
To express what its like,
To have gone through such things,
As the crucible hike,
54 hours of torturing pain,
Which only got worse,
When it started to rain,
6 hours of sleep,
Issued 3 MRE'S,
5 recruits dropped,
Overcome by the heat,
After 2 days of hiking,
We were issued our masks,
Taken into a chamber,
Were we get CS gassed,
With the rest of our strength,
We head for the reaper,
Into the mountains,
We hike deeper and deeper,
80 pounds on our backs,
M16 to our side,
Ascending the mountain,
Screaming painfully inside,
The Reapers a monster,
It can swallow you up,
A truck had to follow,
To pick recruits up,
though it felt like forever,
We had finally arrived,
Beyond exhausted,
and sleep deprived,
Then the DI's scream out,
lets pack up our trash,
its time to head out,
So get off of your ass,
The hike back was torture,
But as we got back,
we ate a meal fit for warriors,
then marched straight to our racks,
Some thought they'd been dreaming,
Some wild cartoon,
But we had really overcome it,
As a team, a platoon!
Copyright © 2009 Zachary Jackson

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I do my best but
It's still not good 
enough for them.
They compare me to 
something Im not nor
Will ever be.
They may be adults,
but they shall not
be better than me.
They yell and scream
and I flee.
This presure they put 
on me hurts.
It's a burden 
of pain.
I want to leave, 
I want to flee.
To a place where peace
is always near,
And love is never
To far off.
With womenm, children,
And men laughing.
Where love is home
and home is soul,
And soul shall be home.

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Life Is No Picnic

the fourth of july
is no kind of picnic for
our fallen soldiers

You Are Not Forgotten

Happy Fourth Of July To All

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An Immersion Of Perversion

It seems like there’s almost been a total immersion… Of so many people engaging in perversion! Many are “sin’s slave.” And don’t know what to do! Be careful! It could happen to me and you! Just turn on the television! And you will find… People with very warped and confused minds! All you have to do is read Romans chapter one. And you’ll see the “moral fabric” is being undone! In this passage it makes it so very clear… The wrath of God against evil is very near! The wrath of God is revealed against unrighteousness! He’s a God of truth! And demands holiness! No matter how many laws may say it’s “o.k.” We need to really read what God’s word has to say! God is here and he really wants to teach us… No matter our sin… He can always reach us! The wages of sin is death… But God gives life everlasting! A victorious life in Christ… Is yours for the asking! Why not serve the God who created the heavens above? And be filled with his peace, mercy and love??? By Jim Pemberton

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our children dacing
dacing at the sight of lighted bulbs
like when the eclipse occured
but their hope dashed

but his wealth  is intact
for his greatest grand children
children that are more equal
more equal than the others

our mouths now salivates
on seeing mere nuts
like dogs for bones
bones of our lost sons

sons last seen on april
april of the pools
pools of ballots
ballots of inec

our stomach now speak
speak like the dogs
dogs that came beyond the sea
but they have learnt
learnt to look
look since their demands were not meet

our youths now play in moonlight
play games in the sand
games out of fustration
fustration  due to lack of job

our graduates now employed
employed in barrow pushing company plc
with first class honours
obtained from war front

our universities now battle fields
our wards soliders
only to come home
with paper to prove it

all their hopes in it
in the designed paper
paper that cannot feed
even the fetus in the woman

they made him believe them
them that are beyond the sea
that his wealths are safe
though they beautify their land with it

he knew not that the value of  
his wealth has been used
used to tare their roads
used to build schools
used to build hospitals
used to make things better
used to empower their people
used to make them what they claim
those beyond the sea

though his wealth are safe
it have generated hundred times
to say the least, its worth
he claims to be rich,

the cock that crew
the dogs that bark
the cricket that creaks
the youths that riots
the children that cries

all are saying in Unison
wake up and behave
like a black though are
for our blood flows in you

let them know that we have an origin
our origin so strong
our strenght so wisely use
our wisdom cannot be decieved

wake up and take from them
the wealth they took from us
wake up and suprise them
and make our homes the dream land

the dream land of our fathers
those that fought till sleep came
and those that still wait for sleep to emerge

wake up and let them know
that our wealth we can manage
to make our homes eden
the eden our fathers lived in

For our tribes are stong
as strong as the lion
the lion accros the equator
our home the heart of Africa

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House Of Cards

I forget that I’m in trapped in a house of cards
until the wind comes blasting through
And I’m left again with nothing
Nothing but grief and this pile of all that I knew

I had to forget how much I cared for you
Something no one should ever have to do
Can you remember? Do you remember?
Those darkly happy days when you felt that way too?

Love so many bitter times unrequited
Two hearts broken----too broken to break anymore
You’ve become my dark horse in this race against time 
And I hope to God we’re not about to lose 

And all around absurd 
Is what this nightmare without you has been

We shouldn’t have to work so hard
To fall flat down on our faces
again and again

I wish you’d come out of your shell
and back to life in the warmth of my arms once again

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A Soldier's Memorial

It is built on pain and on sorrow
To always beware of what comes tomorrow
Although to some it burns from the past
Like the flames of hell rising fast

But yet be happy, there is some hope
Some happy things to help those cope
With problems that come, but memories gone
Into the ashes where only death belongs

A voice could say, “Beware what you seek.”
This voice wants all to be dreary and bleak
It calls for a unity of past damnation
It wants the world to have a remorseful sensation

Though, it cannot be stopped but can be fought
The memories from those that can be forgot
So live life well, allow no worry to fly
The days of sorrows and lies have gone by

Think of the days where it will be perfection
From the day of birth or the grave-sites reflection
It can never break what was built in a heart
Never worry, only love, for love is thou art

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I have not eaten today,
But my heart is filled
Not hungry of affection.
I had a fill of you last night
A fill of you for a life time

All around us are walking corpses
Corpses of political disregard
Humans of no nations
Even when they are bona-fide citizens
Your blood and mine flows in them

The government abhors the poor
Feeds them with empty promises
Shoves them through the door
They pay the bills
For social amenities they can’t find
Pay taxes for their castles 
Government built in the air
But we know their ancestors
Filthy dogs eating from the king’s crumbs
No; Lets not unknot the knot
Soon a messiah might heed us

In heaven’s book of life,
I heard the poor names are there
In here’s book of life
It is deleted.
Thus, in your head,
Lays your kingdom and glory 
Get rich or die trying
Or; be their poor and keep sulking.

Well, like them I saw… 
I have not eaten
Flesh gone weak to skeleton
The solitude of love within
Keeps me living; I am breathing
But I am moving,
Towards your direction
I see your beam

I feel new
When I see you
From my heart 
Seeps through the rays of the sun
Its fun; this love on death line
We survived the genocide
We survived the war
We survived love
We survived us
I love you too.

This poem is dedicated to the abused tribes of Rwanda and Nigeria during their respective civil wars resulting in near human annihilation. Though time has passed, we still feel your pains chilling our bones. The survivors.

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In My Head

So  in my head I've made a land,
Where far as you can see,
Is beauty, bliss, and truest wonder,
Overcomes our dreams.

And in this land I swear to you,
Its light is such a splendor,
A place for only you and me,
For both our hearts so tendor.

The aura mists around our souls,
are frosty yet it's warm,
And I know that when we're together,
we'll conquer all storms.

The water ripples, branches tickle,
The sky is dim yet brigt,
And though we make so much desicions,
I know we'll do what's right.

I promise to you Jacob,
I'll always be your girl,
I also promise to you dear,
We'll be safe in our world.

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BENCH by Anna Lo P

The wall photo on your FB page
I liked and made a comment,
Which I know you cannot hate
a photo taken in a park that's snowy
in the land where you lived called Turkey.

And commented with a happy smile,

-"all alone in a bench waiting for HER 
to sit by HIS side for always!"..

You liked it too, I guess I made you smile.

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All the beauty of decorations point to a folly reason, 
and everywhere our curious and astonished eyes turn this  season:
is about commercial profit and insane shopping sprees...
no, nobody seems aware of the glory of the forgotten Jesus!

If money squandering weren't on anybody's mind,
we would have less worries and sleep soundly as a child;
ever wonder if the Devil had something to do with this?
Believe it, He is the cause of unrest and unhappiness!

We can still redeem ourselves by washing our souls of greed;
imagine how sad and inhuman is to watch the forgotten Jesus
with no visitors rushing to the stable to proclaim Him a King who'll lead:
let's all greet Him and and really value the true meaning of Christmas!

All children may be disappointed about this, sudden drastic change...
getting neither expensive toys nor stuffed stockings on Christmas Eve;
and they may cry...believing that we are the Scrooges of a modern age,
but once they come to visit the forgotten Jesus, they could never leave!

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Lost Where They do not Belong <> End Line Poem

Parents and spouses to their photo's they look,  Another
           hero was killed fighting for our freedom.   Lost  
                       so far from his home and family,   Today
       we continue to send our sons and daughters,   But
                                there will come a day when,   They
                                      will live as free as we do.   Will
                         we ever learn from these theatres,    Never
                       again should we out live our children.    Be
  cause' another was lost today, but they will never be,    Forgotten

" I hope i have done this form devised by Dane Ann and HG proud "

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Breathy theatrical silky oak voice

Hotel terraces art nouveau  ironwork  and  interiors
Mother of pearl cufflinks painters actors musicians
Scooters racing around an antiquity filled Italian city
Mediterranean charm "How do you like your breakky?"
Feeling faint she lay on the comfortable chintz couch
And began to doze off to sleep...two cherubs red hair
Sea-green eyes  turned up  frecked nose sniffed  air
Clove cigarettes perfume of sandalwood musk rose
Fresh  strawberries  slithered  onto  his awaiting  lap
Beautifully chiselled shaven jawline elegantly  poised
Handsome  blue  eyes  dazzled  like secret treasures

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' Vacation Play ... '

Calypso, Bèlè, Limbo,  Reggae
And a Pool Boy, Called Lonny Ray
Margarita and Coolers, by The Bay
All With Umbrellas at Seaside Café’

Like Caribbean Pirates, Taking A Chance
Shaking Our Lala, Wining-Dance
Vacation Adventure, Love-Romance
Worth Every Penny of Check-Advance

Barbados, Tobago, Jamaica, Fun
Songs, Soca, Sand, Surf and Sun
Float To The Bar, in Another Run
Frozen Daiquiri, Screwdrivers, Coke and Rum

Xylophone, Steel Guitar, Cymbals, Steel Drums
Almost, Made Us, Want To Be Beach Bums
When Asked, Were We Happy, We Did Come ? …
… Yeah Mon,   Yeah Mon,   Yeah Mon,   Yeah Mon !

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Little Lady

Little lady, with face so blue,
What is it that you cannot do?
Did Mommy say the awful no?
Did Daddy say you cannot go?
Why is all the world against you?

Lovely girl, always number two.
In all the things, you try to do.
So many things you do not know.
Little lady.

Beautiful girl, I will save you.
Pretty face, shades of porcelain blue.
Enlace our hands and we will go.
To places far that you not know.
There forever I will love you.
Little lady.

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A Soldier's Love

Hello my dear, my other half
I miss you very much
Someday soon I will be home
And once again feel your touch

Your warm embrace gets me through
The tough days in the field
But when the plane lands to bring me home
For nothing I will yield

The enemy is strong and determined to win
But I cannot let that be
For if we are defeated and put on retreat
What would you think of me?

Although we are hated for our every belief
That does not define my role
In the nation’s defense and constant struggle
Coming home to you well, is my primary goal

I will press on with my brothers in arms
And fight for you everyday
But rest assured my darling, my love
You are mine, no matter the miles away

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Soul mate Souldiers

Wrap me up in rainbows
Compact and stuff me in your duffel bag
Travel with me to parts unknown
Scale mountain peaks and valleys
When you’ve reached the summit
Insert your flag of wisdom
And proclaim the new found “wonder”
Show me beauties, unroll me downhill
Sail down in the redness of love
Without fear of carpet burns
Do that, then join my side
Place warmth of trusting hands
and bleeding hearts firmly into mine
Into minds
We’ll climb the stairway back up to heaven
Together as one…

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Hues to Blues

     Its perfect here.
     I love it.
     Here...Peace and serenity fill and warm my heart.
     Out here...Its like Im someone else.
     Its so calm.
     Its a place where I can finally find myself.
         That was before.
         This is after.
     Here it was green and every hue you could imagine.
     Now...Its black and ash.
     You knew I loved it so you took it.
     You took it from me.
     I've lost it.
     I've lost myself.
     You took this cluster of nature from me.
     And with it you took a peice of me.
     With or without you,
     I'm stronger.
     Although its nothing,
     but black ash and smoke,
     I still love it here.
     I will come here
     and loose myself as I did before,
     Even though it is after.

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I Shall Always Treasure You

For the person I am and the person you are
For the times we are together and the times we are apart
For the times we have cried and the times we have shared
For the times we have laughed and you showed me you cared
For the places we have traveled and the places we have seen
From the moment you proposed on a bended knee
For the honesty you have shown and the truth you have told
I know in my heart our love will never get old
For bringing out the sun on a most dreary day
For going to the doctors to see that everything will be okay
For the little notes and the little letters 
For letting me know things will always get better
I Shall Always Treasure you for so many things
And always be grateful you loved only me..

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Beautiful Flower

Pollination bee
Tasty flower for the soul
Fragrance at its best

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Hope is More than a Word

Hope is wonderful, it's a word I have come to appreciate
It appears in my life presently, hope knows I can wait
For in the coming months freedom will open my door
To a new life I'll lead and rid my past of sores

Music will be my capture, whilst my art will re-awake
To be more free in years to come, I need to for my sake
Whether I'll be alone in life, only time can tell
Inside my soul I'm reborn again to rid my saddened hell

To concerts I will go, many bands I have still to see
Buggles, Asia & Bryan Ferry, thrall their sounds in me
Maybe Queen will tour again, pasts efforts I should have made
Fingers crossed I won't be alone to share my Gigs cascade

Hope is a wonderful word it can open up future doors
To cross that threshold with open eyes, new horizons to explore

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Premiere Passion (French)

 Première Passion(French)
  Consacré à Sabrina, la belle de Paris qui m'a enseigné ce qu'est l'amour Je 
vous ai rencontré au beau matin ensoleillé de Cafe de Margots A à Paris je... 
l'homme américain dans une terre étrangère vous... la belle de la terre. Nous 
takled et rai de la vie et vous aimons avons pris ma main et avons fait votre 
stand. 'rencontrez-moi à vous de L'Hotel D'Paris que ledit craintif j'a fait une 
pause mais mon coeur a indiqué oui. Je conviens. Les approches d'heure je 
porte les couleurs de votre veste bleue de pays, pantalon blanc, chemise rayée 
rouge. DÉFAUT DE LA REPRODUCTION SONORE! Mes battements de coeur 
comme je vous vois porter vos sundress de taffetas de turqoise. Nous devons 
diner chez L'Tour de Eiffel I vis un rêve que j'offre au salaire... elle exige qu'elle 
doit pour elle m'a demandée. Nous osons en bas des rues de Paris que nous 
embrassons dans une chute d'eau. Vous m'avez enseigné la signification de 
l'amour. La marche de concert... bras dans le bras approchant l'hôtel de 
l'égoutture de Paris whet monter à la salle déshabillant et se séchant outre 
passionément... simultanément de vous usage ma chemise de robe blanche de 
coton et une belle lanière rose mettant la belle musique française dessus. 
Sabrina... que vous dansez autour de moi me portez dans des vos bras cet 
homme dans une proie tombée étrangère de terre... à vos charmes. Nous 
faisons à amour toute la nuit à l'intérieur de chaque autres les corps de soie. Le 
matin vient des choses tôt pour faire... l'Arrangement d'études en avant que ceci 
peut se terminer 'Sabrina que je comprends si vous n'êtes pas ici quand je 
renvoie 'répondre rapidement 'non, aucun je serez ici je voulez être avec 
vous 'Sabrina, merci de vous m'ont enseigné que quel amour est vous m'avez 
enseigné ce qu'est l'amour. 

Peter B LeBuhn Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Spanish Sweetheart

My heart runs faster than elevated trains passing by.
It is all because this Spanish sweetheart has caught my eye.
As I walk past the rows of homes in Lower Kensington,
an attractive Hispanic girl has snared my attention.
With olive skin, and long hair as dark as a raven’s wing,
this sweet Chiquita is getting my heart ready to sing.
“A rose is growing in Spanish Harlem”, says Ben E. King.
However, I will stay in Philly to pursue this thing.
I know attractive women are found in a plethora.
There are so many to see here in Philadelphia.
This doll I have just found is now number one on my list.
She looks so sweet.  I wonder if she has ever been kissed?

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On the shores of Dammam

I followed the bubbles toward the light
To what I thought would be
an everlasting, undying love
I broke the salty water barrier
like a killer breaching restraint
Reaching skyward toward the stars
…and freedom
The drops that graced my cheeks
was a symbol of things yet to come
Of exactly what, I did not know
Sometimes, going through life
with your eyes open can hurt
Salt burns open wounds
Reassurance can be a prudent 
reminder of just that
I had no idea that the heart
I imprinted into the sand,
Engraved into the earthen beaches
of the foreign, would set up camp there 
I planned on making it my ritual
When I ventured and returned to you
My spirit would be left behind,
Left to protect your name
Like on the beaches of Dammam
Even though we’re no longer together
That’s where I will stay
Stranded, deserted, confused
But never lost
And never alone

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Being born in the postwar fifties,
after darkness and catastrophe
ascended on all Europe,
I didn't experience cruelty and horror... 
but hope came from the defenders of freedom
from North America and England;
and their military supremacy crushed
Hitler's vanity and his inhumane empire!
I was given birth by a courageous mother,
who saw bombs drop on buildings,
and escaped to the countryside with a few belongings...
dragging grandmother to safety!

Fear was everywhere...people had to hide,
and liberty was a forbidden cry;
even in the Vatican City, and rumors...
if not facts, confirmed that some
were afraid to speak against this evil,
but continued to tremble,
and in doing so they let many die!
Wasn't God angry at their hypocrisy;
and if they had taken a stand against the evildoers...
wouldn't it spared many?

It's my turn to protest the evil
that destroyed the life of big and small
for their faith, religion and race;
those voices are still ignored,
but  they are finally heard;  
their thirst for peace and justice
will be quickly quenched!
It's my turn to heal their wounds
with sweet and consoling words of kindness,
and alleviate their fears that what happened yesterday...
must not be repeated in our history;
and wil I be able to do this without facing controversy?
It's my turn to use the written word,
to outshine everyone whose interest is greed! 

Nobody more than I
was saddened by this tragedy,
so powerful and overwhelming,
to promptly modify the traits of my personality;
to be more considerate and caring,
and partake in Humankind's destiny!
An Aquarius has many
distinguishing qualities
and talents, and I intend to use them wisely...
listening to their struggles 
with much sympathy!
It's my turn to use the written word,
to declare war on the state of unfair things,
proceed with caution on flapping winds...
to land where I am welcomed,
and see every hand touching mine;
only when the their joy returns, I can certainly smile!

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En Paris Ces't Ma Maison

 En Paris Ces't Ma Maison
En Paris Ces't Ma Maison
The Paris Skylight
Shines upon your rose room in the early morning.
Portraits of the sea
portraits of Monet and Renoir...serene 
boating scenes

You saunter to your full-length mirror
you comb your soft silky hair.
Joy is in your heart...You have found

Your morning walk begins
You pass the Luxemborg Gardens
Le Belle fleur de jardin
A smile glistens off your face
The Arc De Trimphe...The symbol of Liberties de France

The beauty continues
with the Champs Elysees
and the Concorde

In Paris you have found your heart
your love
your home

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Louisiana Support Me Today

Monroe*,Shreveport, Alexandria*, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge*, New Orleans*, 
support the  woman who has either visited or lived there before. She's coming straight from 
the top of the bottom of the map. She wrote sevn books of poetry give her a hand clap in 
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wrote 12-10-10

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Why is “someday” such a sad word?
When one like “never” is so much worse?
Why....why “someday”?

Why is “someday” such a sad, sad word?
Perhaps the saddest one I’ve ever heard...
Why “someday”?

has somebody
Except me, it seems
but that's not why I want to leave

So out of it
feel “out of it”
Never was in
can't find the way 

"Life’s one big bluff
Keep a straight face
Don’t let ‘em see your cards."

Yeah, life’s one big God-forsaken bluff
and I’m about to jump off

Someday, I thought you’d find me
Someday, I thought you’d love me
But someday ....
someday NEVER CAME

“Someday,” they say, “You’ll find somebody.”
“Someday, you will be happy.”
“Someday, life will mean something.”
But someday I'll be SICK of waiting

Someday, you’ll see why it can’t be
Someday we’ll ALL be sorry
One day
sweet day
I’ll find my way 
out of this body.

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Anemones and shells my childhood

As I recall my past, it was a sea kissed life
summers spent roaming the Rabbit Burrows
cradled by dunes, beyond Tramore strand
towels stretched out on Woodstown beach
soft powdered sand, surrounded by forest
adventures in the Saleens, daring quicksand
of swimming with dad, high jumping waves
falling, laughing in great gulps of salt water
free and fearless, in our bare bronzed years

It was a sea salted life of wave-washed castles
of tide pools, alive with translucent shrimps
carmine anemones sucked tight to the rocks
periwinkles, hermit crabs, a world of shells
baby pink crabs moving sideways over stone
textured algae, salted, crisping in the heat
our faces stinging with sand and hot sunshine
we spent hours with nets, exploring the pools

After months and years of living near the sea
the landscape became an essential part of me.
I saw fuchsia ballerinas pirouette the breeze
sea pinks, grassy rosettes swaying on cliff tops
rocket, tiny lilac petals with succulent leaves
valerian, a candy floss pink, sweetly scented
We picked them and pressed them into books

I recall my child’s life with a skipping heart
when summers seemed to shine eternal
The rock pools taught us to treasure nature
togetherness bred a strong sense of self
a respect for the sea, the taste of freedom
when I open a book, I often find a flower
and shells -  this child is forever combing

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Written By:


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I haven't turned ninenteen yet,
and in this white-linen hospital bed...
that horrible scene of the car crash
keeps on flashing back and makes me sweat.

I could have died, but so grateful to be alive and out of danger,
breathing air despite the acute pain I endure,
my mom keeps watch and praying she awaits a miracle...
even doctors firmly believe that's not impossible. 

Will I be able to walk pain-free and think clearly as before within a year?
That still remains to be seen, but I trust as mother
in the power of prayers...and believing in a God
who always keeps His promise by proclaiming Himself an awesome Lord. 

The tremendous support I get from all makes me stronger in my fight.    
and they bring me get-well cards and lots of flowers and teddy bears,
I stare at them and they comfort me when I look back and shed tears...
two weeks ago I felt invincible, now this tragedy has changed all that.

Will I ever forget what happened on that narrow, dim-lit street...
when I lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep?
Ambulances and firetrucks wailed, but nothing I heard...
I could have died and not have been a witness to the story I've told!

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Another Kind of Man

To be intrusive to another's mind to taste what the hells going on
To be different from other men as they sing a different song
For this, this blind man seeks to be the seeker to see and scan
To go inside the mind of another, another kind of man

History has shown and reminded of the monsters that have been
This trait of human man, as each generations scene
What makes us be so different, to hurt whom we care and love
Is it some form of weakness we allure, against family loving doves

As I enter their minds even deeper, the appalling rise to view
Standing proud in their deathly mask, their hurting of others true
Rapists, serial killers and dictators, or even the family man
What possesses their power to indulge, that this blind man can't even scan

My thoughts go out to you all, who have suffered at the hands of man
Evolution is not the answer, to really be who they can
This blind man he said to me, if I look into you what will I find
My reply to him was simple, I'm just a different kind 

Details | Dodoitsu | |


Ah, lonely woman watching
the rising of the full moon,
which gives off intense brightness...
you seem a phantom!

Trees are stately sentinels
who protect you from danger,
but they too need to be protected
from the foul weather!

Ah, lonely woman why wait?
All you'll find is tiny stars
that surround the oval moon...
oh, what hope is there? 

Snow has already fallen,
the cold wind will freeze your tears!
Oh, only spring can melt them
when sunshine returns!

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Alabama Snow

The long never ending landscape of southern Alabama never runs cold. Today it decided to. The wind was at 
ease and all the snow flakes were about. The cold ground shuddered beneath me but I could tell it was a good 
kind of shiver. The snow fell down in a hurry yet it still took it's time swaying in the wind. All the snowflakes 
danceing around soon started a low tune far off on the wind. The band played a song that the world has been 
playing for centerys. One of love and peace. One that has no bounds or experation date. The song was cold 
enough to freeze the earth but here I stood warm as I basked in my happieness. The world seemed still as the 
orchestra played it's beautiful tune. The wind swirling and twirling as if it were a finely tuned violin. I couldn't 
bare to close my eyes for it was just to beautiful to look away from. As the wind picked up in it's gusts the 
snow felt ever so heavier and the skys begain to melt the love within the snow as all the snowflakes fell down 
as rain. "What a beautiful conversion" crossed my thaughts. The snowed over feild grew dreadfully quiet as the 
beautiful tune escaped into the wind. This was when I sudenly realized I was soaked and freezing. Almost killed 
me but I steped inside away from the Alabama snow. But I knew she'd come back for me.

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A tender child is sleeping in a warm manger
watched by a sweet,happy mother;
joy bells ring in glory,
in the blue Heavens
shines a yellow star!
This night is too cold for the sheperds
watching their sheeps over the hills of Bethlem;
the Angel of the Lord will surprise them:
as they'll tell them,"The King has come!"
That star will lead them,
and they will find the little King...there;
kept warm by the breath of his mother Mary!

Joy bells ring in glory;
the Wise Men are coming from the East,
to bring Him the precious gifts of destiny...
to worship that humble child
sent from a caring God:
to show the hearts of men His love at last!

Details | Senryu | |

That September Day in 2001

Two thousand seven Hundred and fifty victims Murdered, Rest in Peace My entry into Nathan's 9-11 contest

Details | Limerick | |

He Fashions Loves Games

I know of a Highlander called James
Whose poetry fashions love games
So sensual they are
He never takes it too far
If you've read them, you know where he's aimed

Details | Free verse | |

half past nine

Tonight at half past nine, meet me
in the olive grove. Deconstruct your sweetness:
I like it when you steep your voice in venom.
Tell me the names of graveyard flowers, and pluck,
pluck them clean, pluck them
at your knees, 
pretend they aren't for me.
Bring me stories of caves in their nakedness,
?bring me my Atlantis.
And under this mustard streetlight,
remind me of your secret,
for tonight at half past nine,
only the moon is culprit.

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Vertical Entwine

Torso to torso, pressed to impress
Internally we share our loving zest
Loving and proud in our moment of bliss
To your nape I whisper a loving kiss

Your imprint of pert against my palms
Whilst I savour and sense your womanly balm
Slip sliding thighs in vertical entwine
Torso to torso we lovingly grind

Details | I do not know? | |


Years of indecision 
Ended in an instant 
My life in third revision 
Starting in the present 

Touching everything I've owned 
Importing their very essence 
Of each and every feeling they borne 
History rearing it's very presents 

Boxed and placed on an empty truck 
My very existence held in transit 
That is when the melancholy struck 
Walking out this door would be a heroic bit 

On the other side of town a lady waited 
Patiently for me and for me to decide 
That my wild single passions were sated 
And to face and enjoy life by her side 

I fired up that truck, my heart, soul and mind 
Pointed them carefully to the other side of town 
Arriving at a place, I knew, true love I would find 
Truly amazed at the acceptance I had found. 

rlm '09

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Tragedy is a spinning wheel
which stops at its own will,
and when it does an earthquake, flood or tsunami strikes
poisoning the pristine environment, wiping out endless lives....
such was the fate of unlucky Japan,
the island off the Asian mainland.

When destruction was everywhere and fear was deep,
people miserably wept searching for survivors through the debris and mud...
feeble voices were occasionally heard from underneath;
how helpless, and frustrated and sad they felt not to be able to pull them out!
Fakushima resembled a graveyard with sprawled corpses,
unfolding the horror of a massive catastrophe before their saddened eyes.  

Let's show our heartfelt sympathy
with a kindness which surpasses all credibility,  
remembering that tragedy is a spinning wheel
never telling where it will stop to make a kill...
and as Japan asks for our help, we should gladly offer it
with open hearts and arms and they will thank us for it.

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Lisa was the very first love of my youth,
even her voice had the sound of a flute;
how funny she looked with those huge, black sunglasses
matching her blue bikini...honestly I had plenty of laughs!

I surely approached like any other boy would,
trying to mentally rehearse my intent...
and finding courage took a planned incident,
which made me conquer her with an insincere word.

"Sorry for messing up your clean blanket,
the hot sand burned my feet and I got mad!"
I humbly said with the tenderest voice to win her favor...   
" No need to apologize. " she replied, touching her red hair.

And suddenly a summer steamy love began...
how delighted and how lucky I was to have gotten away so shamelessly
with my pretense, then she asked me to get off the hot sand
and sit on her blanket to listen to Cher...oh, she longed for her Sonny!

Lisa was the very first love of my youth filled with sensation;
when I open my cluttered closet, a withered carnation, 
she put in my tuxedo jacket, still evokes our last date...
the eighties were a joy to explore with her without any haste.

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'Moon-Rock... ' (Haiku # 12)

‘ Moon-Rock ’  Haiku # 12

Moon Rock, Craters, Crust
What Does This Terrain Adjust …
“ Earth Was Made For Us ! “

Details | Quatrain | |

Below the Palms

On golden sands hands on hips
Faces close, moist touching lips
Orchestral sounds of natures bliss
Two hearts desire their joining wish

Under palm tree shade, two in lie
Above even higher azure blue skies
Kisses lead to caress in softly touch
Hearts pounding in desire so much

Naked to bare amidst natures sounds
So splendid they arouse on sandy grounds
Whistling leaves in admiring wave
Bodies impressed in touched engrave

Echoes of passion fill this islands air
Waves gently lap, their way to declare
Resonating sighs, romance shared by two
Blissful love can be, and be so true

Details | Free verse | |


     This is the place where I grew up.
This is where I took that first unsure step.
Right here is where I snuck  my first Love 
up to my room.
This wood and glass and cracking mortar 
makes not this a home
There were dreams and hopes here 
that hold these four walls together better than any bond.
Within these walls I have loved and laughed and cried.
Is this what  makes a home?
All of my hopes and dreams were born within these walls.
I have learned the lessons that made me a man
growing up in this abode.
Does the warmth and love and family 
make a place to dwell?
Then the answer clear came to me 
as i look at this house in disrepair.
I realize it's all the memories that make
this place of life a home.

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The virtual reality of marble spoon pancakes

imagine on your four walls
you have a digital picture frame
all set with the perfect timing
of a roller coaster ride
i know what i would do in myspace


Imagine a round treadmill
a rounded sort of platform
to stand on
and with the sensor hanging around your neck
the floor moves in the direction you face
the timing of the four movie screens coincide
with this picture perfect mindgame

i know what i would do in myspace


an innocent disaster
of a goose chase maze
when it rains it pours
and with the depth perception perfected
the four seasons rotating around you in your own living room

all for you to figure it out
a basement of your own virtual experience
that you will eventually owe me for
cause you know it started here
i know what i would do in myspace


The time machine begins
with your dance dance revolution floor mat
and it carries on with the sensors on the wall
that works your plastic guns
and allow the floor to move if you step toward the screen
always keeping you at bay

enjoy my suicide
day by day
knowing a homeless person
who should be a billionaire
i know what i would do with myspace


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what I hold close is all of this...
the songs you sing to me
barely audible whispers in my ear
hands that touch the places they know
fingertips that trace a familiar path
excitement rendered anew

what I hold close is all of this...
the places we've been
the trails yet to forge
together we go hand in hand
footsteps in sync
love warms our way

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I'm Not A Politician

I’m Not A Politician… There’s one thing that I make no pretention. I’m in no way what you’d call a “politician.” I don’t try to get involved in the “politics of the day.” But I do try to listen to what God has to say! I’m not interested in what numbers the polls will bring. I’d rather trust Jesus, who can take care of everything! The good news, is that the bad news is all wrong! My life with Christ, is where I certainly belong! Christ is my hope and focus! I’d rather believe him! I don’t trust what I watch or hear from the news men! In God’s kingdom there are no politics involved! Every problem facing me.. Christ already solved! I want Jesus to be my life’s focus and attention! May the Holy Spirit guide me into a Godly direction! With Jesus in my heart… I’m joyful and glad! I know I’ll never see him in a political ad! He is and will always be the one that I’ll need! He’s not corrupted by wickedness and greed! No matter how you may believe this world will end! Christ will always be the one you trust and depend! You don’t have to wait for a ballot to come to you! Vote for Jesus today! His presence is all around you! There’s no limit to the terms of life he’s giving! He’ll bless you within and give everlasting living! By Jim Pemberton

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Drifts of Blossoms

Daring drifts of blossoms dance along the water's edge 
And count their blessings for Heaven's sake 
And drown out a lover's pledge 
And the other sounds that two lovers make 

Nature's ways harmonize, climb and chime 
The wind whispers and moves on its way 
Souls search and get lost in time 
And find forever and somewhere to stay 

Cherries burst and dreams explode 
Deep breaths and a sudden sigh 
Dangerous curves down a slippery wet road 
Twists and turns against a dead end sky 

Trees bend into a gripping gust 
A grey ghost rides and hides the light 
Rain falls into dripping lust 
As daydreams dip and dive into night

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She and I, Await to See

I stand in awe at the arrivals gate As she walks towards me, my heart now waits In-trepidation now sinks in My hands to touch her Spanish skin I feel a feeling never known before Emotions of love ooze through my pores Closer she walks into my world I joy to witness her hair being twirled I understand after we've talked for a while Mitigating circumstances, but we still smile Tomorrows take their time because of this As we continue our holiday, in hope and wish I reflect on the days that we spent together How happy she was in the Scottish weather Now she has returned, I'm again left all alone I hope and pray Scotland will be her new home I meditate, contemplate, in understanding to believe In wonder muse I marvel when we met my eyes did see As she walked towards me, my heart now awaits Will she ever return, through the arrival gates

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Oblivious Summer

Dedicated to my forever lost summer of ((2006))

Splashing all your cares away
And drowning in a fruit cocktail
Your sunglasses are costly but very sexy
And life's about just letting loose
Tonight my inhibitions will freed
Summertime's never been this fresh
And FEEL the wind
I HEAR the music 
I'm floating now
Hold my hand
Caress it slowly
It’s you and me
You're my one and only
Let me run wild
Let me dance
Let me sing
Till the sun
Returns and fades
Let the stars 
Watch and burn
Let me splash
My cares away
Be released 
And soar away
Light colors
Careless whispers
A dream I can't describe
Coral dreams
Down under, it seems
Sapphire sensations
Sunny hallucinations
Drown into a strawberry milkshake
Tropical fruits and sunny islands
Sit in the shades and drown in life
Stars are blind
Away from strife
Celebrate and smile
Breathe in the light
Music, sounds, songs of heaven
Palm trees, clouds—a summery dream
Now we're beautiful
We feel so beautiful
Life is beautiful
It started out so scorching, so intense
Beautiful summer
Made so much sense
The shadows, the shades
The snowflakes and rain
Apprehension and pain
Restlessly insane
A world of change
A wealth of sin
Were waiting for me
Behind the sunny winds

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Down the garden path

When radiant blooms of springtime abound
in every humble garden grows
many a fancier flower to be found 
though noblest is still the rose

How gently do the ivy vines cling
like sunshine on mossy walls
how lovely does the little bird sing
his sweet, throaty enthralls

Where blazing morning glories climb
in shades of violet and blue
they grow like memories entwined 
with seasons spent here with you

In a springtime of soft lovers' strolls
we walked the garden path
across verdant and dewy knolls
echoed the river's laugh

As we grow old and lose our faith
there is a truth that will console
the footsteps of our fleeting youth
leave balmy imprints on our souls

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Life and Death and way beyond

Between birth and death, is the lifedream most lead
when two parents soweed that loving seed
their elders cautions, they took no heed
a baby was born on umbilical lead.
A Mum to nurture, a Dad to protect
from their love was borne this project
a golden nugget, with love they did prospect.
But, so many people seem to think
after life, it's all down the sink
maybe why they live on the brink?
When you die, over, that's it
ooh, what a crock of...summit!
I've got a few things to say on it,
Walk through the door, there's so much more
make that wall take a fall
the things we all could be
lift societies veil on Reality
you are you, but also me!
Other side of this curtain, wait and see
it really is something else, all so differently.
Why is it hidden when we are alive?
when earthly bodies still survive,
we only see one side of the ride
the rest only appears, once you have died!
But it's not the end, just something else
many other life stories, yet to tell
when the soul and fresh body does gell
a new tale to yell
I'm so glad that wall, it fell.
Putting on my brand new skin
my old lives ashes in the bin
so much of life remains unseen
a lifetime of unconscious dream
the power is within you
deep down, you know it's true
there's Absolutely, nothing you can't do!!

The varied planes of existence
separated by a virtual distance
by what some deem, Realities curtains
But, Everything IS, of that i'm certain!!
Written for the Life and Death....and in between contest
by Mr.John-Ovan.P.Hull

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circle in the sand

what would you believe to be true?
a sun in the sky and the color of blue?
check to see what time it is…
and is this time a true truth too?
for you?
if we’re to count what really matters
would it be the drops or the oceans of waters?
Maya have a cycle and they call it Long
Consisting of ‘days’ that cycle to One.
Scholars translated the related data…
Stating in dates from a dated stela
That an ‘end’ was to come
For the world as we know it.
I asked for the rest to show it.
Modern cycles of time are related
To the point, I say, of being the same.
In the beginning, it was just a game
But a truth came out the more I played.
And if this truth is really true
Then what might it mean for me and you?
If the Mayan cycle to One it just means
That the rest are too.
We’ll start with a Great date of understanding
The Winter solstice of the 12th upon ending
Will complete the days count of three colors
Red Green and Blue…....... 18.7.2 000
We have the same color in the minutes it’s true…
1300 days is a count of Red Green and Blue.
1300 days as minutes are a 18.7.2 000 Too.
And how do I know this you say?
I only know it in the English kind of way
But 18 = R, 7 = G, and 2 = B see
Which makes black when the zeros are three
Too, this includes them all.
The trick was a spin in the eyes
They said ‘add’ to my surprise… and so I did
Add sum, because it’s said and is so
That once in every seventy two you know
There is the movement of One. Degree.
It was a mystery to me and something unseen
Like the physical physics of godly thing.
“Golden showers” Albert kept saying
Don’t be a coward his dare kept teasing
Could it be true his mind kept pushing
He wants to finish what he thinks is worth knowing…
So what can you touch in 24 miles
If you’re faster then light but stop for smiles?
A kiss from the color of a mind called hOurs
7800 days are the exact same colors, and
18.7.2 000 are used the same ways
1872000 are the hours in 7800 days
Two cycles combine to show whats true
And it is inDEEd; what I can show to you
Because I’m not an ’’... or a phd
But I sure can count, in geek.can.ease…

7800 + 1300 = 9100 Soo, I counted…

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91 oo… a lot.
...2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 90 o….. and became a square for it ;)

9100 / 20 = 455
9100 / 13 = 700

20×13 = 260 Tzolkin sacred number…
Because we walk on them (26 bones each foot)… all five of us.
... see… there IS one more… and then it’s new.n

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May your only wish be...
rosy sunsets with chimes
that welcome the smiles
of those seeking serenity! 

May your day never end,
and if it does: be gratefully glad;
look above...there's nothing but Heaven,
as those orange and red colors blend again! 

The parting petrels have swift wings,
and emitting their last shrill: they let Nature repose;
oh, just one wish can bring new dreams...
as the harmonious song of the robins seems to pause!

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A happy man's tale

If you've heard
The things I've heard
If you've seen
The things I've seen
If you've been 
To the places I've been
You would know what I mean

I flow like the water
No cage can hold me
I live to find laughter
I live to be happy

I hate to cry 
I hate to be sad
I love to try 
I love to be mad

No boundaries define me
I know where I stand
No thoughts scare me
I wish you'd understand

I am penniless
with no money on me
I am rich with happiness
All the good things in the world are free

I don't let life bury me
I dig myself out
I don't let anyone brand me
I let myself stand out

I have no worries 
That's not a lie
I have so many memories
To keep them with me forever I try

I don't shy away from a challenge
I always think I can
I don't believe in revenge
That's why I'm a happy man

I have no enemies
I have not one grudge
I have many families
The path of friendship I trudge

If you've heard 
The things I've heard
If you've seen
The things I've seen
If you've been
To the places I've been
You would know
What I mean.

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Love's Light Shining

I’ve found dark places in my mind
but I’ve seen the light there too.
You’ve been the light of my life
since the day I first met you.

You shine your light in my heart
so I’m never lost in the dark.
And I can just look at you
to see love’s light shining through.

If you’ve dark places in your mind
I will do the same thing too.
And shine a light from my heart
of all of my love for you.

I’ll shine my light in your heart
so you’re never lost in the dark.
And I will just look at you
so you see love’s light shining too.

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North Carolina and the Moment in Which People Kiss.

I sang the words of


and pretended to own barstools as my sweaters lost color, I scribbled words on napkins and
slid drinks underneath them, I pretended to be...


“Buy me something, something I can wear around my neck and place pictures in, something
that sparkles, something.....pretty,” I asked him.

He shook his head because he knew about my tendencies to break chains when I felt too
locked up, he knew the way I loved to run.

I stopped for a second and paused the moment we were supposed to kiss in, I placed my head
on his lap and told him of North Carolina~

only because I loved the words.

I stopped there, sometimes, on the borders that separate Virginia, I've thrown my life on
hotel room floors, losing it under the bed just so I could sleep, I've walked out and left
myself behind, and I've wondered, those times, about the meaning of forever.

We met, he and I, you know, in a hotel, in a room where the key unlocked me, and I had
thrown myself to the floor with a black skirt and a pair of fishnets and 

h i d

under the bed while he smiled...

I kept my eyes open, on top of bedspreads and headboards and I kept thinking that we'd

stayed too long
stayed past the moment where people kiss...

and I wondered, that time, if that moment meant forever, but I forgot to ask and was too
frightened to hear the answer.

Years later, we slept, we dreamed in North Carolina, after I sang him

Joni Mitchell

after he gave me something pretty,
he gave me his name
to dangle

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The Long Walk

As we walk through life forget all the hard times,
we remember what we were taught, 
and how hard our parents fought,
for us to live the lives they couldn't ever imagine to have.

We walk through this world with a few good friends, 
a shelter, and a god given plan. 
to be the best we can, no matter how hard,
to make the right moves, as we walk through the dark.

As we walk through the trials of pain and defeat, 
we soon realize, it takes more to be beat,
we built up our guards, and made up the walls,
so what's stopping us, from moving on through it all. 

We walk through this life, with love in our hearts,
a notion of what love is, but never a real sense of how it starts,
we fight for our passions, others break down our walls,
we let everything go, just to give a person our open arms.

Because, as we go through this world,
all its hardships and trials,
we learned our ways, our manors,
and walked the long miles,
to get to a place, where we can finally lay down our heads,
open our hearts, stop our motionless hands,
and rest in the dark.

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This Perfect Spot

There's a perfect spot
Just a climb from the beach
Its my desire to be there
With my blond haired peach

It's secluded and private
Is this rocky edge
Where our love of tomorrow
To her I will pledge

We will lie on our backs
Our eyes caressing the sky
Watching cotton wool clouds
Floating gently by

We will close our eyes
Open our ears to the sounds
Of natures orchestra
In symphony surround

The sun will beat down
On us two naked souls
For soon we'll be one
Is our perfect spot goal

We turn to each other
As our lips gently meet
Undulations, discovering
Our sugary sweet

We mimic the waves
As they pleasure the shore
Voicing in sync
Echoing their roar

With the cooling breeze
Serenading our skin
As we unite our love
To each other, from within

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Canyon winds caress the soul
Grazing sheep warm the heart
Dine' children play in the creek
childish giggles that make us laugh 
With you here beside me
The journey begins
The horses nicker
breaking the silence 
Silence wraps around us, 
Mother Earth holding us to her
As we journey deeper 
Ancient drums begin to stir
Can you hear the Ancients calling?
Welcoming us to the tribal fire
Dancing in celebration of our Love 

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A Day at the Beach

Textured jewels approaching the horizon
Funneling velvet water 
With exhilarating sky
Lush beach fingers the sunset
Delicious day ends 

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The Journey

Sit beside me.
We will travel far away.
Driver...our fantasy.
Destination...the dream.
Luggage...our souls.
There are not limits for the dreams
Don't wake me up baby

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Past Love

In awe of him I stared as if he a mountain
of grey glaciers where black butterflies
drooped wings eyelids of the miserable mourner
our wasted limbs entwined, celtic knots half drawn
wilted wanderers wanting a feather bed
on which to lie, under glinting satin sunsets.

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My baby
My precious
My warm and glowing light
I cannot seem to sleep at night
For dreaming while I'm awake.

I dream of the kindness I see in your eyes
And I yearn to be able to hold you.
I dream of what Dubai is gonna look like
And how happy I think I'm gonna feel


Over and over I say your name, and only because it brings its you I've fallen in love with.
My Suki
are my
Lol, my friend I can't say it enough and I absolutely love it.
Love you.

Aw man, if ever there were words, I'd sing them to you.
If only there were actions that showed you strong enough, I would do nothing else but
dance them for you.

But let me tell you this, my sweet love.
I have my whole life to sing
My whole life to dance
My whole life to dream.

And I want nothing more than to spend my life doing those things with you.

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By the lily pond

How beautiful it was when the sun shone
And I walked with you,my dear husband, through the gardens.
How happy I was to sit with you by the lake
and to hear the water from the fountain splash.
It's our our favourite music now we cannot visit the sea
To hear the tide rush in,then fall sucking on the shingley beach.
But I see it in my minds eye.
Aldeburgh,the fishing boats go out at sunrise.
I awoke early and saw the sun across the sea
and the boats setting out in the soft light.
Dunwich,the heath filled with birds
the cliff and the beach where sometimes one can find marble
from one of the many churches washed away by the encroaching sea.
And Southwold,the marsh so quiet I heard crickets.
We went across the Blyth in the rowing boat
And saw the place from which our picture of Walberswick was painted...
If only life could be captured,slowed, for a few minutes
for us to receive the beauty and hear the sound of the sea
The everlasting music of the heart

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She flew in on a Sunday

She came to me.
Moving inside the winds of change and I saw her.

Opening my eyes wider than wide, 
a newness washes over me
as though the previous years just melted away,
into something more, something real.

Stumbling, the floor opens beneath me and, 
I'm falling
unaware of my directions, I fly to her.

Fear only exist in her absense therefore, 
I must clothe myself in robes of her spirit.
Her lips full, fill my daydreams,
Her eyes consume my nights.
The chess game of 10 years prior seem like an unessential waste of time 
Yet, it marks our story, 
traces our land,
flavors our history
Without it, she would be another's,
and I, 
would be caught in the wind of something else.

Something loud and noisy, 
empty of spirit,
closed to her and everyone else,
flying in circles, 
lost in living
without love, 
without passion, 
without life.

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So alone and pensive, he stares at the paved, glaring square below
admiring an elegant lady strolling by...
with a vibrant spirit in his blood, his enthusiasm will flow;
what kind of reward will he have, if he doesn't try?

Young man, have you done enough to get ahead in life?
Oh, you desire a marriage and many kids;
they will come through fortitude and sacrifice...
put aside every useless fear and beat all the odds!

Big town youngsters' dreams are awaiting release
from a heart, which will see his dream realized...
when triumph, fortune and glee will never cease;
he stands at the balcony with a look so mesmerized! 

Entered in Iolanda Scripca's contest,
" Untold Secrets "

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You'll Get A Rise Out Of This

The rise of Atlantis
For this I don't want you to miss

Coming of the new world
With Justice dressed as it's girl

An apple from God's slate
Filling the hunger for ones plate

Safe harbor to now call home
Empowered by minds that love to roam

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Are Chruches More Worried About Money Than Holiness

Are Churches More Worried About Money Than Holiness?

I believe many churches are in a “spiritual darkness.”
As many “run away” from God’s call for holiness!

Scripture says; “Without holiness…  
No man shall see God above!”
Many churches are more focused on  “preaching on his love.”

God is a God of love, but requires holiness too!
What…  In the name of Christ…  Are you going to do?

You can put money in the offering that passes you by…
Or you can focus on Godly living and give Jesus a try!

You can go to church on Sunday and try to feel “good.”
 But God’s purpose for your life needs to be understood!

Heaven…  Not some building…  Needs to be your goal!
Allow the blood of Jesus to cleanse and make you whole!

Religion is really not the answer that you need to seek.
Get right with God!  And seek him each day of the week!

Forget all of the “religious gossip and chatter!”
Living for and obeying Christ is all that matters!

He is and should be your main source and supply!
Come and drink of his eternal water that never shall run dry!

Give him your love, heart and all of your attention!
May his word be the focus of your life’s direction!

Allow his spirit to create a hunger for holy living within…
He can give you the power and victory over sin!

Time for “playing games” with God needs to be in the past.
So you can enjoy a freedom in Christ that will always last!

By Jim Pemberton    05/21/12

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H Farmall

You know a tractor is not a toy
Not a play thing for a little boy
But when cradled in its seat
Life became for me a treat

Behind its wheel I learned to drive
Found happiness in being alive
Released her clutch without a lurch
My world had fullness from that perch

But these are the tales of a day gone by
I remember them sometimes with a sigh
The days grow duller with the passage of time
But these are the memories that make life rhyme

I’ve gained knowledge from scholars face to face
Benefited from their degrees and grace
I gained wisdom on an H Farmall
From an old man in bib overalls.

I have traveled this country far and wide
I have crossed the ocean to the other side
But some of the finest things I ever saw
Were on the farm, with the H, and my Papaw.

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Burlap & Barb Wire

That's why you have boot straps, she's heard the old vaqueros say
But she'd throw away all her tomorrows for one single yesterday 
She wishes deep down for a better day somewhere down the road
But for now the grief, loneliness & tears make a heavy load
She's much too young to carry the burden she's been thrown
But there is no other choice, she will push through on her own
She'll ride to hell & back again trying to outrun the pain
But no matter how far she rides, he'll not come home again
Her very own Cowboy Charming, a fairytale come true
Until a cruel twist of fate painted her world faded denim blue
How long will she replay that single moment in time?
A day & forever, she'll still find no reason or rhyme
She has tasted love's passion & felt its cruel sting
Felt both the elation & misery that only true love can bring
She once carried her heart like a balloon, bright & airy
Now she locks it away deep inside & is wary
She's sworn never again to give in to desire
Now, its covered with burlap 
& wrapped in barb wire 

(c) October 2003

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Prayer of Thanksgiving

I thank you Lord for life,

 health,and strength.

I pray for the haters,

Who think they have me bent.

I love you Lord with all of my,

Heart, my mind, and my soul.

I know that even if I strive,

To live right and allow you

To rule my life, then all of

My battles for me you'll fight

And win. I will then see

You and I'll walk the paved

Streets of gold in Heaven.

I pray that  each  day,

I help someone to come,

Your way. I love you Lord,

To express it there's not

Enough to say.

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About Kameron by Taylor

I stood in the room staring at that hard wooden floor.

Thought of him and then closed the door.
I looked back up and everything was black.
Suddenly I knew the pain was back.

But he loved me.
I knew that much.

Black and gray rags were scattered everywhere,
And all I could do was stare.

But he loved me .
I knew that much.

I sat on his bed and noticed that the tears started to shed.
Then I saw a very dark closet.
I heard our song and wanted to pause it.
I felt my heart slowing with the rhythm.

But he loved me.
I knew that much.

Light began to shine through the enormous window.
I looked over,
And there...was a shadow.
The giant black drapes turned blue.
I thought to myself:"This can't be true."

Because I knew he loved me.

The roses came back to life.
And the bed turned white.
The rags turned into his clothing.

The music slowed and I didn't know what I was being shown.
But I loved him.
A light came from the closet.

A light that was brighter than any of the stars in the sky.
I saw a figure,and again,I started to cry.
I saw his face,saw his smile,
And knew that this was our special place.
And he said I love you.

Those three words meant the world to me and him .
And I said,
...I love you a whole lot more.

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The Choice

Disappointed and angry on myself I am
Couldn’t just let this feeling go away
That annoying test I have to take again,
But I won’t let go so easy of this dream.

The moon is watching with stiffness,
Just a couple of stars appear on the sky,
My lips are getting heavy and dry,
And I can’t do anything, I am worthless.

I need to drink to wash it all away.
I must evade and destroy my way,
‘Cause nothing can make me better,
And my heart is getting colder.

Walking on my bicycle with speed,
I’m thinking of you and nothing more,
Just this road to cross it I need
And getting to that place for sure!

I can’t see myself apart from you,
Or you not laying next to me.
I think I need you now and badly,
This is perfect, you love me too!

Then your scream I heard
I am wordless but I do not fear,
To you I cannot get, it’s hard,
It’s almost darker than everywhere.

I entered the nearest little bar,
Looked on left, looked on right,
Something’s holding me up tight,
I am letting go of this thread.

So there I was, on the road again,
On my bicycle, and it started to rain,
On my way back home, alone,
No one’s going to stop me then.

I hopped that once I’ll get home,
You’ll be there to easy my pain,
And then holding each other again,
My heart will be no more alone.

But some friends I met tonight,
And they asked me to party,
I could not refuse a friend on Friday,
So I stood with them all night.

How could I forget about it?
You needed help, and so do I,
I’m sorry that I had to hit,
Your soul and leave you to die.

It was the hardest part... the cost...
To have a choice and not to choose
I had one love and now is lost,
Like my soul, and my mind I lose.

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Carmen Electric

I'm ripping out my lungs
So breathing isn't labored
Not for my sake
But for the gentleman
Laced with bowties

I'm hunched over the bus seat
Spilling blood
Back into the cup
Reminding the window
That my hand still exists

The world doesn't care
For my diaphram leaping
Or my feet sketched skidding
All they wanted
Was my skeletal mass
Grounded for cocaine
That is sniffed in opera boxes

This word
Will never change,
So why should I?

I dot care if I stain plush seats from golden gates
I'm finished playing fair
They took him
Growing inside of me

It's only prin pricks
Along their toe nails

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Do The Rumba

down by the sea shore -
silhouette conjoinment dance -
under cloud's cluster

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Cabin in the Woods

Someday I’ll have my cabins in the woods
Where I find peace, where everybody should
Where I told you before, my heart does belongs
Where waking up early to the birds morning song

In this cabin just me and my love
We will share our blessing from God up above
We will show our love with in this serene place
We’ll never get tired at looking at each others face

In this Cabin that is in the Woodlands So Dear
Is where I 'm  complete and loose all fear
Where when I inhale the fresh pine smell
Where I see the rabbits running past the old water well

Where when I walk on the porch, I will see
Squirrels running freely and playing in the trees
Where the noises that I hear are the birds love song
Where holding my lover makes me feeling so strong

Where, when I walk in the woods, puts peace in my heart
Strolling hand and hand, knowing we'll never be apart
Where my loves grows stronger with each suns ray
Knowing we'll be together at the end of the day

Where I hear the creek, with its wonder and its flow
As we're sit there enjoying this creek running slow
We suddenly see coming towards us oh so near
What a beautiful site, it’s a mother and baby deer

This cabin in the woods will make me shine so well
With the wonders to explore, wildflowers I can smell
With the night coming in all the stars to be seen
Listening to the crickets, in natures love scene

Details | Diminished Hexaverse | |


Rain pelting on roof   
when there should be snow...
visions of lilies
on descending slopes.

Let's climb that hill,
and then lay down...
to feel heartbeats 
of ecstacy.

Our sweet voices
on soft winds...
seek Heaven. 

can urge


Details | Rhyme | |

Ireland's Journalist Jewel

The dedication of this journalist gem
Whose writing, brought down
Drug dealing men
Eire's Sunday Tribune
And Sunday's Business Post
Newspapers of note, for in them she wrote
But it was the criminal world
And her writings so splendent
That craved her to write for the Sunday Independent
This brave reporter put her life on the line
To reveal to her country
Their drug filled slime
To avoid libel
Pseudonyms she chose
To protect the paper, from legal blows
Drug dealers uncovered
Showing their ill gotten gains
Irrespective of lives and families pains
Threats turned to visits, firing shots at her home
To deter her uncovering
In her investigative roam
Three months later she was shot in the leg
But the dedication of her
Thousands of newspapers were read
Near Newlands Cross
On the outskirts of Dublin
On a motorbike, two men with a gun
At a traffic light junction
With a Magnum .357
Ireland's Journalist Jewel, was taken to heaven
The name of this gem
Veronica Guerin
" In memory of a brave woman, wife and mother who took on the 
                      criminal underworld in Dublin, Eire "

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The Sierra Nevada

Would one want to attempt to claim
The land atop these mountains?
Or just enjoy the view from afar
And play in the lakes and fountains?

Although some would agree
That is not worth the time and patience
But who are they to decide one’s fate?
They are not your masters or agents

Climb that treacherous mountain chain
And never look back down the cliffs
For all that will become of that
Are the repeating ‘Buts’ and ‘Ifs’

If you begin to lose your hope
Do not let go of the dream
Use your heart to guide your strength
The climb is not as unfeasible as it seems

Once you reach that highest peak
Look back at the world and smile
For the mountain you have claimed as yours
Could be wanting you to stay forever in a while

Details | Sestina | |


When a teen disobeys,
innocence becomes insolance,
but malice is caused by exernal influence;
banners with explicit sexual indulgence,
conversations with obscene words
and gestures that can offend passerbys.

There are signs that can detect
any danger, watch the sexy way they dress:
tight clothing and that glamorous look
so irrisistable and provoking; and it
may not go unnoticed, and some teasers
even approve of it...adding to their lustful taste.

Even before modern times left their indecent mark,
these teens had a plan to run from home,
hop on train or bus and head for the big cities; 
and on those thriving sidewalks, the predators 
wait and they know how despair can turn into need,
an urgent need to eat and sleep.

Beautiful children, why do you constantly disobey,
and refuse to listen to your parents and elders,
who were raised in kindness, respect and dignity? 
Innocent children, before that delusional fantasy
steals away more irreplaceable dreams...ask yourselves:
shouldn't a dream, such as yours, be trashed? 

Unpack your back-packs and stay in a wam environment,
before silly thoughts become your biggest fear
and you will follow them to their destructive end...
not ever feeling any absence of the parental heart,
where there is a happy home you don't consider 
the greatest place to nurture love with loving cheer. 

When a teen disobeys,
love loses its profound defination...
as its pure essence is taken away by the rampant indignation
of an embittered truant: cursing, mocking justice,
stealing to feed bad habits, and in doing so they allow grief
to overcome joy, and replace it with a tragic death.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Ballad | |


Many wonderful voices are heard...
the brighest star is seen;
o joyful bells ring in glory!
In the blue Heavens....see
the angels proclaim God's Word;
this night is cold for those 
sheperds watching their restless sheep
on the Bethlehem's hills.

A shining angel startles them,
as he tells them...the Child
prophesied long ago, 
has born! And that star will lead 
them to the manger, where He
sleeps so calm and mellow;  
doesn't Mary know that Her baby
will soon save Humankind?

O joyful bells ring in glory!
Let every angel praise
the glorious birth of a Prince,
who'll be the Sheperd of many...
whose hearts have longed for real joy!
O sweet child sent from God,
you've come to redeem the sinful world!
O joyful bells ring in glory!

Details | Free verse | |


i remember those nights,
you showed up with your Russian haired hood,
it was as the restaurant at the end of the world,
more like a diner;
you don't remember,
you weren't always there.

it was the night i fell off the wagon;
the lady in red,
riding hood, you remember?--
the cloak and dagger ramble?
the first night i said, 'i love you,' in anger;
the next day you were all perturbed,
as you told me a few days later...

there were too many zombies
out on friday nights,
when we had our dates,
so i don't remember.
but i remember now,
i went there without you...

a darkish red reminded me of my nights with you,
a glowish fire over the surroundings,
that glowed a blue, on nights before,
but red with you.
you added an ember to my idleness.

i want to go on a roadtrip.
this is all a little premature;
any given night is not the same
when we just go on random
on a trip that never plans.

i have too much to say...
what i see,
to show you without
with you...
i had a lot more to say
'sgood i forgot.
so i don't ruin then, now.

i'm there without you.

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Ode of Rain and Veil

She’s the princess of the world of silence.
Existing outside our normal human touch,
She sees every good, bad, deed we do.
She passes no judgment, just perseverance.
Realizing this world has choice, as such.
Caring not what we decide, or even a clue.
Her soul was guided by plain experience.
Her mind unrivaled, and new very much,
Her name, Rain; with eyes of light blue,
Lips that glimmered, true, effervescence,
Her name was given from her first touch.
Upon the day she was born, it came anew.
Christening with name in natures balance,
Her destiny preordained in gentle touch.
Who would win her heart, capturing dew?
Dew, one of her two faithful acquaintances,
They chatted in a language, Double Dutch.
Mist, the second, now you know of the two.
Stallions, white twins, with no ambivalence,
Only she could speak, hear, revealing crutch.
No other could tell differences in her crew.
One to be her prince in adoring excellence,
Must win confidence of dew in his touch,
No mistake, no second chance for woo.
Many have tried to no avail in adolescence.
Only one pauper’s son left to offer such.
One chance to know, to choose right skew,
His mind, unconsciously knew adherence.
When he prepared his choice, a quick clutch,
His choices correct, all others they bid adieu.
Her companion was chosen, forever attendance.
He rode mist, she road dew, in blissful touch
His heart and soul was, sincere, more than true
Princess and pauper together, rode into silence.
Peace prevailed in their land, never violence.
Princess Rain, now Prince Veil road in balance.

Written for

Sponsor Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ 
Contest Name Rain, The Story 
Written by cecil Hickman

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Night By Night
Day by Day
My mine swirling in continous confusion
Searching for a soulful melody 
That would feel that empty position

A staircase that takes me to a place of no where
A door that is open
Though it does not promise a place of growth, comfort, and acceptance
Rather a place that is indescribable
No one person can describe its power

A place of silence
A noticable place of tranquility
But by creating its tranquility
The tranquility is disrupted
A place that controdicts itself

A place we all find ourself lurking upon
A road that we are forced to travel
Yet a choice that we make
A choice that will possibly lead us to self incrimination

A door, a room, a space that we are left to design
To alter, to perfect, to make a haven, a paradise
But by creating this paradise, we may be forced 
To fail, to die, to burn
And learn from previous mistakes

An oppurtunity to transform your world from
Inconsistancies and disappoints
To a world of 
Fortune and ultimate fame
Or easily vice versa

A key is offered unexpectedly 
Into this full but empty apartment
Of love

Details | Free verse | |


Tiffany's rare creation is
an awesome three stone ring,
which a lucky girl proudly wears
strolling down 59th Street; 
and why was she so humbled 
when her fiance proposed?

He wasn't the handsome Prince Charming
offering her a castle with chests full of treasures,
only a simple life of pleasures: promising 
faithful love; and he didn't drive a Macerati
and owened a splendid villa in sunny Italy...
besides true kisses, happiness was a guarantee!

And she rubs it with a gentle cleanser daily,
to make it dazzle even more than gems;
oh, how beautiful is the three stone ring!
I waved at them them down Madison Avenue towards evening:
they hugged and smiled in a royal coach pulled by four white horses
that neighed loudly when pedestrains invaded their privacy!

A true princess she was indeed just by feel, not reality;
and it didn't matter how ordinary her life would be...
perhaps she was happy with the man of her dreams,  
showing a gentleness not seen in men hiding deceits!
Yesterday I met them again in Central Park...
as they tried to get closer to an adorable lark!  

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Hidden Chapel

As we walk through the dense woods,
With trees like an endless hallway,
I suddenly see as we round the bend, this hidden chapel
I love it here.

With the sun making a hole through the woods,
The chapel was like an actor in the spotlight, vying for attention.
Then.... we go inside, this hidden chapel,
I love it here.

We pray to God for help and forgiveness,
And birds chirp quietly, far away.
I often wonder "How long has this chapel been here?"
I love it here.

Inside it smells unused, like no one has been here for at least 20 years.
The tile, which covers the once wooden floor, is as pale as an elephant's tusk.
Stained glass throws rainbows across the floor,
Uneven, grey stones make up the walls of this hidden chapel.
I love it here.

The tan color of the pews that are in uneven rows does not match the dark ceiling.
And music plays over the radio, the voice singing
"It's something deep within/ It's just beneath the skin/ I must confess that I feel like 
a monster!"
And we sing along, in this hidden chapel.
I love it here.

I love this place,
That is beautiful in it's own way.
This hidden chapel.
I love it here.


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It's Saturday and 2:00 A.M.

The helplessness I feel
increases as we approach the door
I can’t take this missing you so badly anymore
I grab your waist to pull you in real tight
then I hug you with all my might
And sadly I must kiss you goodbye
and resist the urge to let tears in my eyes
because it will only make missing you that much worse
This distance between us is such a curse
Slowly I walk towards my car
turning to face you with every stride
as I sadly wave goodbye
Reluctantly I open the door
and blow you kisses to say goodbye once more
Sadly I must drive away
and watch your figure disappear
And with each mile
as you grow less near
I start to miss you more and more my dear

Details | Free verse | |

A Cup of Tea

stepping out into the open air 
i feel a course of light running through my veins 
the sky, the sun, the grass 
some things never change 
and i pray they never will 

underneath this tree i built 
i gather from the shade 
a sense of belonging for what it's worth 
i could never taste the touch of your lips 
or the incessant nudge of a friend's reality 
but i can just as well sit here 
and become the earth again 

it's just me now 
and that's okay 

i take a trip up the countryside 
my jacket across my shoulder 
waving to any passers-by 
it's not as lonely when everyone knows you 
i find a diner off the side of the road 
and stop in for a drink 
i sit alone in the farthest corner 
and ask the waitress for a pen 
she obliges but she wants it back 
then asks me what i'd like 

just a cup of tea 

i pull a napkin closer in 
and write what i see/feel now 
the sun reflecting off the window 
and the glare in my glasses blinding me 
it's beautiful out there 
and it makes me wonder 
how much more beautiful it might be with you 

but it's just me now 
and a cup of tea 

Details | Narrative | |

Invisible Music

My ears are ringing, singing
to the tune of invisible music
as I fall into bed after a
short, scalding shower after a
long, exhausting night of dancing at the clubs
after I left the game with that beautiful,
beautiful young black-haired lady after
I spirited her away from her friends in an old sedan
after I called to see if it was okay after
I spent an agonizing hour eating in silence in a
restaurant with my friends who all had dates
after she called to say she couldn’t come,
her little sister needed her, her friends were coming over,
after I thought we’d set our plans into stone
after we spent hours on the phone talking the night away
after I had asked her to Homecoming,
after I had first laid eyes on her,
after I had changed my schedule from Film
Studies to Creative Writing
on a whim.

Details | Rhyme | |

Midnight Pizza

Twenty one, young, sexy and witty
Midnight craving, pizza in the city 

North Beach late at night, warm breeze
Artichoke salad - cilantro and feta cheese

Chianti red wine in an over sized glass 
In line wearing Ralph Lauren with class

My boyfriend leans in, handing me a rose
The smell of fresh basil wafting past my nose

Dishes clambering, sounds of laughter in the crowd
Palate salivating, conversations intense and loud

Rich Italian spices and the smell of Parmesan
Open windows, warm nights make this memory strong


Details | Quintain (English) | |


Let's embrace and comfort each other,
because today is the day of sad memories:
awakening both the agony and the pain;
and should tears fall, don't wipe them...
let them gently flow into the fountain of grief.

Did that tragedy change us entirely,
bonding us together as a stronger Nation?
And shouldn't we pray and sing together
with the survivors of that horrible morning...
remembering that today is the day of sad memories?

No rain will be falling as it did last year, and how could we mourn
as yesterday and not understand that our beloved ones
do not wish us to grieve anymore? Perhaps sending smiles 
to Heaven will help us realize that our prayers will make them smile...
wishing that today wouldn't be the day of sad memories.

On Ground Zero, where the mighty towers fell,
thousands will gather around the beautiful Memorial
with flowers and candles in their hands, being assured
that angels will guard this most sacred place...
to remind everyone that today is the day of sad memories. 

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of September 11

Details | Free verse | |

Our Ride To The Moon

Let's go to the moon
And never look back
All of our troubles
Left behind
Let's start anew

As we ride on the wings of Pegasus
And drift through space
Nothing else matters
But you and me

Maybe in another place
Things will be just fine
Keeping with us all the memories
Of a life left behind

Details | Rhyme | |

For Everything There Is A Season And A Divine Reason

There is a time for each season…
To everything made…  
There is a divine reason.

A time for purpose under
 the heavens above…
A time for meaning from a God of love.

A time to be born.  A time to die…
A time to farm the ground
 under the beautiful sky.

A time to kill.  A time to heal...
A time to tear down and
 to build up with a passion and zeal 
A time for weeping.   A time for laughing…
A time to mourn.  A time for dancing.

A time to keep...
A time to throw away.
A time to tear.  A time to make amends today.

A time to get.  A time for losing…
A time to keep.  And to give
 away at our choosing.

A time for silence.  A time to speak…
A time for each hour
 and day of the week.

A time for love.  A time for hate…
A time for war.  A time for peace at your gate.

How will you spend the time
 God has given to you?
What is your choice?  What will you do???

May this be a time living in 
God’s purpose and design.
He created you and made 
everything beautiful in his time!

By Jim Pemberton  05/22/10
Read Eccl. 3:1-11

Details | I do not know? | |

Abortion at seventeen

Abortion at seventeen 
The shades of black within you surface
before you lose consciousness on the 
sanitized bed of the hospital.
No friendly face is waiting outside.
Your age is seventeen… almost.
This is the age of the quick use and throw.
The shades of black make you take an oath, 
just before sleep, medicated sleep,  
that you won’t attach yourself to
anyone for long. You are cured
from romances, immune from love.

These are the words that belong to past, 
I urge to tell more to see if tears 
are going to make you less of a goddess 
which I think you actually are.
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

Details | Rhyme | |


Rivers come and rivers go
Bringing faces to and fro
Rivers here and rivers there
Rivers never stop to care

Lakes and paths and rocks and beds
Rivers raging in our heads

Rivers come and rivers go
Oh, how I wish 
To slow the flow

Details | Rhyme | |

The Reason For The Trip

    She is the reason I smile sometimes,
and feel way down, 
deep inside of me.
Mysterious , a glimpse of a face
or a smile on the same,
can cause this kind of glee.
I have taken to doing the silliest things,
not a clue to reason ,
or to rhyme.
The eyes are the window to the soul,
and these green
have surely ensnared mine.
If this window be left open to crack,
and a single tear  falls in pain.
I feel the hurt and loneliness,
left standing,
in the heartless rain.
This affliction leaves me tongue tied,
tied in knots,
standing on my head.
I cannot find the definition,
in any of the books I've read. 
It's an E-ticket ride,
on a rollercoaster,
running straight to the heart.
Through the dips and bumps,
through lifes ' curves
tis a journey I am  a part.
For me ,it's not just the journey,
not knowing ,whats around the bend.
It's the place where life leads,
and where my footsteps end.

Details | Free verse | |


A lovely sunset..
A state of mind for the
Truly inspired.
A night light for the 
Truly romantic.
Really stunning for the
Truly interested.
A real idea for 
True painters.
A gathering place for 
True couples.
A beautiful sight for
Truly anybody.
It differs, but is always
Quite a sight to see.
A seperation of 
Day and night,
Awake and asleep.
They turn a broken heart
To a new oppurtunity.
Strong, yet gentle,
They heal you but also
Leave you comforted.
It's not a surprise 
They remind me 
Of you.

Details | ABC | |

Knife and Lust

Walking these streets of manhattan so aimlessly 
All alone in the dark only lights by the city shops 
I'm scared alone feeling out of love now lost the knife was rough 
You stabbed me in the back all I can do is Cry on my knees veins hot as fire 
With mixed emotions running through 
It's Like this dagger killing me more inside all this love and all this hate burns me away 
Deep inside passion urning for another lusting after another 
As if I were a lion in a jungle taking that prey and burning up with tense desire 
It's like a knife with loves wounds after the lust 
This is very hard for me in a world you left me bleeding alone 
Never picked me up left my heart to die out 
With my tears hitting the city pavement times like this just burns me away 
Love can go off like a loaded gun a love  vanishes just like a knife with lust 
-- by Brian OToole jr. 

Details | Rhyme | |


I dated a girl whose hair was blacker than night,
and eyes green as grass...what a knock out!
And spending nights together,
we counted small and big stars...
and began to dream of another
world owned by the two of us. 

When we touched and kissed,
passion wasn't there...was it my fault or hers?
I'm the kind of guy who loves intensely,
expecting to be loved the same...
she was the kind of girl who fantasized
giving less, not because she was afraid;
this question remains, " Who was to blame? 
Would love have survived without sincerity? "

And this relationship went on for years,
the gap got wider, causing distance...
she used to call me eight times a day,
making me feel special like no other gal would,
but that warm feeling inside started to get cold;
no text messages, no phone calls...a reason for tears!
It couldn't have ended without an explanation, or excuse!
I went to her place one winter evening to say goodbye. 

There she was laying in bed with another girl with purple hair;
she jumped off and wanted to apologize for her stupidity,
" That's the nastiest secret you have kept from me! "
I said with fury and this was the right time to end the lies.
She realized that secrets will surface even on the clearest water...
when one the least expects it, but who was going to pay the prize?   

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Night Traveler

Goodnight to the glazing moon,
don't look back,
I'll be home soon...

Details | Free verse | |

Callous eyes


Every tiny things matter in a young world, 
and then with callous eyes, he is used to pick
days and nights as they pass him, as they pass beyond.

Sometimes he panics, fears that she’ll go away 
and he won’t feel any ache, just be watching her
moving away, erasing; looking at the place
where she has been seen last; with covert anger.

A tiny butterfly flies, in and out, in and… 
the patch of rain raises smells, smells of musty dusk.
The callous eyes follow the hands clutching heart 
where past is blending in pains and agonies.  
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

Details | Blank verse | |


So this is what it’s about
sitting under the darkening sky
hoping to finish the last red drop
before the first rain drops

swirling burgundy around the crystal
grape puddles breathing an oily fog
spit seeds of perception—
the acidity of intellect
eating through the rinds of remorse
as she speaks
and speaks?

Details | Romanticism | |


At the melting of the heart, with glass flowers blown,
  Intricate patterns aquaplaned upon the sea,
Skimming the surface, their complex designs,
  Paint the horizon with exotic tapestry.
So pretty her face framed in front of this tableau,
  Blonde against orange petals of the sun,
Pale skinned, red apple lipped, eyes of jade and opal,
  Wherein the dreams of ecstasy are spun.

Details | Sonnet | |


Every second passes by me unseen But I can feel the weight of one minute After each hour my mind becomes keen: That these days are adding up bit by bit. Each week my personality alters A year goes by and my mind starts to twist Decades pass and it seems as time falters, My mentality gets lost in time’s mist. Yet when I am with you the clock stands still If only I could exploit these feelings I could stop the sands of time at my will But I’m not capable of these dealings Time now steals what I already forgot My mind starts to fade but our love will not

Details | Free verse | |

The Moon Did Spill That Night

I remember a place
with a heart concrete
that lived and breathed the night.
It was a place that glowed
pulsed in time with the pounding of the night's workmen,
stewed in the warm, wet flood of autumn streetlight
walks past stoops that lined the blackened stretch of tar
sneakers and scarves so cool
that they melted and smoked at the touch
And from your window,
you could see it all;
you could see the birds and the beetles
contented in their coats of cold,
And you could see me stop
every evening at the foot of your door
and tip my hat to the wind
that blew like lips to horn.
Your window was a gateway
to a place too good to live,
too good to believe in,
too good to taste and smell and touch
when the sun was up and shining,
for everything that happened
happened at night,
when the pipes lit up and the children's shoe-soles
sounded loud and echoed proud through the alleyways,
and the TV sets ceased their roaring
for a moment long enough to keep the hopscotchers on their canvas-clad toes,
and the radio merely tickled the air
with notes of a blue
deeper and truer than the vastest, most empty starless sky...
And spilled on the sidewalk-chalked walls of brick and young love
was a moon,
a moon whose dusty, yellow glow
was all that we thrived in
all that we loved and hated and wished and kissed in,
all that we sang and shouted and drank and pissed in,
and all of us missed it
when the hours on the clocks of dark dried up,
leaving us with little more than empty gazes,
empty bottles and empty beds,
empty arms and empty heads,
promises broken,
desires unfulfilled,
but with sweetest day dreams
of the night to come.

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I'm pushing this heavy cart 
without any strenght left,
and through isles swarming with shoppers  
I'm confused by the above signs;
I rush to the one I missed dismaying onlookers.
How can I be so forgetful...
shouldn't I have a list of all items
I use thoughout the week?
I admit that guys are different from gals
with their minds focus on household things!

Yes, we guys aren't as patient as they are,
looking for bargains is a thriftiness that bugs us;
and down those isles we go..not reading labels,
not comparing prices...just filling up our shopping cart
with food we don't really need!  And who will be embarassed
when the cashier tells us annoyingly that the credit card
has been declined! Oh, good grief...we don't carry enough cash,
to avoid blushing in the publice eye while the the line gets longer!  

My advice to you guys: before you venture out shopping, stash your wallet
with enough cash, or check the balance on your credit or debit card;
it's another way of being smart! And besides being admired, you may also find romance
while you are in line and a pretty girl smiles, trying to start an intelligent conversation...
leading to a date or even marriage! Do you get it? Look sharp, flash lots of money
and really get lucky! If you fellas do what I have suggested, 
you'll have broads flocking to you and your buddies will envy you for your luck!

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Punting Along The Avon

Down by the Avalon at the Christchurch Square
Weeps the living willows, serene, free from care
Nature’s own exotic home, a garden set in greenery
Here the Avon River fountain flows majestically

Victoria Park rest near the Christchurch Town Hall theme
Punting on the Avon is a relaxing pastime dream
This Avon runs along the botanical gardens to view
The Copthorne Central hotel overlooking Victoria park too

You can dine A La Carte while you travel round the city
Punting the Avon without seeing the cathedral would be a pity
Seeing the Bridge of Remembrance over the Avon is awesome
Sort of like Autumn before springtime helping life blossom

Avon River at Victoria Square is Heaven’s garden summery
It runs through Hagley Park, in Christchurch, breathtakingly
Nearest the Train Station Tramway, a few miles from my home
Check out some of the photos here of places where I roam 

Details | Blank verse | |


Stone stone heart
Here I go a wandering again
Never sit still
Never keep still
This way that way
Which way do I follow?
Round and round in circles
On a dented track
Patterns repeating
Years fleeting
Where do the years go?
When there has been nothing given and there is nothing to show
Goodbye goodbye
The constant beginning and ends
The never ending transient cycle
Through learning learning constant yearning
You leaving and never returning
Has left a strong dent sir
Denial runs deep in your blood
Choosing a path and sticking brave
Not my constant craving changing rearranging
Eternal enslaving of my soul
In a sickness of deceit and lies
Never trusting the others that surround us
The guardians
They turn and sigh
They watch me cry
Moving faster laughter no happy ever after
In this book I can never write an ending to
Arrogance dwells in my soul
And fear, a fear of being left behind
So good at hiding my psychosis
Can only see it glimmer in my eyes after midnight
My rattling soul empty and wide
A valley seeking you dear

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O my Bangladesh of Gold - National Anthem of Bangladesh - Original By Rabindranath Tagore

O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O my mom! Your sky and your air
Attract me like a flute-player!
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O my mom!
In spring in mango gardens
I have smelt holy fragrance!
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O my mom!
What have I seen in autumn?
Fields full of crops so handsome!
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O the beauty and the shadow
Where my affection and love grow
Under the banyan trees and
On the shores of rivers that flow!

O my mom!
Your words are sweetest to me!
If you look pale and gloomy:
I shed tears in sympathy.
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

Details | Free verse | |

Her Vessle

So long ship,
go on your merry way!
I hope I'll see you soon,
when you come
stumbling back to Bay,
to Bloor,
and Yorkville 
where we last docked,
and rocked,
and dawdled,
into the night...

So long ship,
farewell my love!

Details | Light Poetry | |

The Visit

I saw you and my thoughts were unkind
 I wanted you so bad that I was out of my mind
 Deciding that the feelings were true
 So I picked a day to go see you
And it's down your street I drove
 Eyes wide open like a scared little doe
 As my knees almost caved
 One last look in the mirror I gave
And my finger bent as I rang your bell
 My mind was racing in a temporary hell
 I leaned over kind of in a craze or a magnificent daze
 For these were the directions you gave
Maybe I could see you a different time
 The relief made me want to lie there maybe die there
Immediately prepared to become your slave
 If and when for any time you gave
 And as I began to hate
 The crack around the door gave
 And standing there looking so great
 My emotions swelled my efforts had been paid
 I whispered, "So how are you?"
 You answered, "Good, so how about you?"
 We both instantly knew
 It was the love shinning through

Details | ABC | |


Throughout the world's history,
we read compelling stories
of the defending soldiers of the tenderest age;
and we can be moved to tears
by the purity of their courage:
they died on the battlefield,
never breaking their promise
or fall short of integrity... 

Defending soldiers of the tenderest age as handsome
as the daffodils of the undulating fields,
nothing scares you when it comes
to protecting your motherland with that freedom: 
as intrepid as the eagles in the open skies...
Defending soldiers as true as warriors,
you push forward with the victorious thought
of becoming nothing more 
than the boldest soldiers:
seeing the smokey sky blast;
rescuing the wounded and closing the eyes
of the fallen ones bleeding on the burned grass...

If I were younger, and I had the same resistance,
I would fight with the indomitable spirit you own;
but my contribution is merely sympathetic words on paper,
which one of you will read on your return
to the homeland when all wait on you united in fond prayer:
with ribbons on trees and flags in their hands....   

Defending soldiers of the tenderest age,
all past heroes had one special trait:
the persistance and will to prevail,
and the final victory on their breath;
when everything else seemed to fail,
an indisputable faith prevented another threat...

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Terza Rima | |


More days await underneath the solar's resplendant sheen,
dishevelled hair battered by michevious whirlwinds;
and slowly approaching my bright chapel, I promise to commit no sins.

Lilies and daisies are held by a cautious hand which has known love,
she accepts them and gently kisses me on these unspeakable lips;
what need is there to whisper anything, if looks can replace all words?

We carefully plan the adventurous years with happy moments,
sitting on the shining marble steps of a medieval church shaded by pines;
and who is listening to our secrets, if not the hesitating and intrusive swallows?

November departs in a hurry, to permit the gelid winter take over the scenery,
leaves detaching from the melancholic trees, the robins shaking off the light frost;
this is their home, shouldn't winter show kind and not impart the worst?

I stretch my tiepid arms, to embrace all trees and creatures, like saints in their niches;
and yet they're too small to save them all, to protect them in the safest place of the heart.
and give them the warmest feeling...when the harsh winds will bring those frightful blizzards.

By the ice-covered pond, where pretty ducks glided on soft waves lured by a steady breeze,
I breath hard, letting all the ice melt and allow them to swim so elegantly and so free;
they are my eternal friends, more than humans are...they perceive kindness and return it.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Rhyme | |

Broken Promise

As i waved you goodbye the day that i left

A loving embrace and the tears that were wept

To the poppyfields of france we answered the call

So many young lives lost and its here that i fall

My mind wanders back to when i last saw you

My promise to you that this we would get through

The crossing of my heart to our young son and daughter

That daddy would be back home come hell or high water

Remember me.......

Forgive me my loved ones for a promise spoken

Im sorry i wont be coming home i lie here bleeding and broken

Forgive me.........

To the left and the right of me my comrades lie still

But never to see my family again though is the bitterest pill

I see in my minds eye the life i am leaving

I see the pain of my loved ones there crying there grieving

But be still my love for you have no more tears to weep

My pain will soon be over then eternal sleep

So think of me warmly and this price i have paid

And when your time comes my love do not be afraid

For i shall be waiting here to take you by the hand

To kiss you embrace you and lead you to gods golden land

Together again in eternity.......Forever

Details | Free verse | |

Kissing Moon

My longing desire beckons
Go kiss the fair faced moon!
Though its reflection lies 
beside me
giving forth a priceless smile
than why oblige to go
kiss the fair faced moon?

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Everybody Falls

On those lonely days,
When the sky is pouring rain,
You look out through haze,
And see memories that bring you pain

The only woman you hold dear,
Walked away and out the door,
You can’t help but shed a tear,
As you watch it all once more,

Oh, everybody falls sometimes,
From the high places in our lives,
We land down among our crimes,
The lies cutting just like knives,
We try to read between the lines,
Yet we all seem to shrink from our dives,
Yea, everybody falls sometimes,
From the high places in our lives,

The wind that chills you to the bone,
Will push you onward when you roam,
And when you’re weary and alone,
The fire still burns back at home,

When life gets you down so low,
Where you can’t even find your way,
Well I’ve been there and I know,
That tomorrow’s a whole new day

Oh, everybody falls sometimes,
From the high places in our lives,
We land down among our crimes,
The lies cutting just like knives,
We try to read between the lines,
Yet we all seem to shrink from our dives,
Yea, everybody falls sometimes,
But we all get on with our lives,

Oh, everybody falls sometimes,
But we get on with our lives,
Yeah we get on with our lives

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It was a Day 
He wore his cocoa-brown shirt
not silk sort-of
sort-of splayed with sinewy
filamented palm trees in  
green fibrilangulared leaves
no coconuts; draping to him
like a cosy vestment tucked
deeply beneath...

St. Bernard de Clairvaux,
Oh, this sunny Sunday Morn.
to know beatitude, of a place
traveled stone by stone 
stone upon stone remade 
for It's Image imparvenue,
about the nave, there
a photo-snapping Song and Stepping
Borne with the Smile of Day
East to West they children
in a Rhyme... Sublime...

Alas, now, 
The Day apass
from East to West
His vestmeant for cocoaed-brown
draped to him
like a cere-cloth, & tucked beneath deeply
recalls to the Day-nearly
and the Massacre of the Troubadour, &
a felo-de-se, en Masse!


Details | Limerick | |


Poor octogenarian Darrell,  
At Niagara with his young bride, Carol,     
The love struck old geezer,              
In order to please her,
Plunged over the falls in a barrel. 

Details | Free verse | |

Dream House

I have built 
a house on the hill 
of dream

We both have craved about it
overstating the travail it was taking us 
to get things done, but in reality 
I was more impressed by the swift 
and gentle tempo of our hearts

We unpacked boxes 
of chocolate memories
The welcoming blinds grappled 
with sea wind breezing in 
Last night, we greeted 
the quiet hill 
with our breath panting from such usual rite 
into the contentedness of desire

And the stars photographed 
our blushful thoughts, engraving them 
into the house 
that we both wished

Details | Alliteration | |

my mark

a proud flare in my uplifting joy
all the people pray in there coy
a cownless madow to bare
as we stay out of freedoms way
take a look at what u say
a lost boy was found
around the bent feather

Details | Senryu | |

NEWSFLASH: Charmer in Jail

charmed four wives--same time;
loved each 'til  her cash dried up--
charmer in jail now

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Thoughts Within My Mind


If what I thought was what you meant, Then, " What If " 
we stroll to the back woods
of satin black shadow below heavenly boughs
perhaps a slow dance among the fallen leaves 
with white wine and innocent breeze
a place where you lose yourself in me
and I, I conform to your every need

what if............


I dream...........


Contest ~ what if?

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Pecador Island

There's an island to the west
Where our dreams lie and rest
The people are nice
The people are fine
They'll feed your vice
What's your's is mine
This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
Snort the snow the villagers offer you
It's free, it's fine, you don't owe a due
It'll make you feel no pain, no cold
It's taste is bittersweet, you won't grow old

This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
Run your race here until your done
Party all night, all day, have some fun

The huka here is powerful and sweet
They often call it the Verde Treat
Just try it
Can't you see
One beautiful hit
Will make you see
Take it all in, don't cough it out
You'll be flyin' high, I got no doubts
The Verde Treat doesn't interest you?
Then join the slakers, the solemn few
They'll offer whiskey, gin, rum and coke
They'll fill you up till you're a joke

This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
If you can't recognize your face, you've won
Party all night, all day, have some fun
Pecador Island is a place to retreat
When your life has won, when you're beat
Forget the bad, remember the good
Do what you want, don't do what you should

The women here are frisky and fun
Beautiful as the setting sun
Take them to bed
Go for a whirl
Don't let them in your head
Don't dream of these girls
They'll love you as long as your rollin' it in
They'll love you more if you offer them gin
So get your glasses, fill their minds
Bring 'em up, throw 'em down, just unwind
You won't have to worry about 'em in the morning
But protect yourself, boy, just a warning

This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
Live your life like a loaded gun
Party all night, all day, have some fun
Pecador Island is a place to retreat
When your life has won, when you're beat
Forget the bad, remember the good
Do what you want, don't do what you should

The land of sinners, the land of love
A place to fly away, to fly above
To get away from the world around
The only way to leave is in the ground
This is Pecador Island

Details | Diamante | |


No no no this stuff has got to go I am tired of your attitude in and out my door. 

My heart is not a revolving door In and out, out and in a vicious cycle a constant 

Why must this all way happen like this? 

why must you always argue and hit?

I often wonder can love really win? and I think to my self, only if you both try the 
very best that you can.

So no more o No's just go a head with the flow and when love knocks you down 
go out of that revolving door.


Details | Free verse | |

Where I Long for You to Be

Sunlight’s hitting me in the eyes
Pillow’s warm against my face
Feet uncovered and cold again
This is not the right place
I’m waking up where I don’t belong
because once I get up
the bed will be empty
You weren’t sleeping by my side
which is where I long for you to be

Details | Rhyme | |


Love tribute to a NATIVE AMERICAN MAN 
By Victoria Anderson-Throop

In Alaska

By gray sea

Walks a man

Who looks for me


Predator at ease

City burdens cast aside

Grace in every stride

Burnished face of natural pride

Eyes of love personified

As we meet beneath red oaks

Summer sun our golden cloaks

What delight sweet love can be

breathes ecstasy

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

Wrong Places

Lose your mind
Doing time in all the wrong places

Got some friends
Lots of friends
In all the wrong places

Choose which one
They're all fun
Pretty faces

Dressed their best
Wearing less
In all the wrong places

On display
Come what may
Lined up like vases

Take your chance
Cash advance
In all the wrong places

Lose your heart
Here's where to start
In all the wrong places

Details | Quatrain | |


Sleep well, Emily
on a soft pillow
resembling a willow
courting the starry sea...

And should a storm arrive,
I'll shut the windows,
and keep serenity alive
for the sake of precious dreams...

Sleep well, Emily
dreaming of August' breezes
when the gleaming waves
reflect a dark blue so pretty...

Covered by a transparent satin sheet color sapphire
softer than your own glowing skin,
your feminine curves induce an incredible desire
in the palpiting heart of this tempted man....

Sleep well, Emily
putting all thoughts to sleep,
unless passion arises an intense heat
to allow me to touch you softly... 

And exploring our sexuality
without being ashamed of nudity,
we are those lovers seeking total darkness
into a place where there's deep tenderness....

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Free verse | |


At my birth, something happened up there...  
into the wondrous constellations,
God Himself made them shine brighter
for this new born trascending life 
into a destiny of greatness;
and my grateful smile deepened His delight!

Astrologers study the heavenly bodies: 
stars, planets and the wondrous constellations
to predict  the events of an individual's destiny... 
from an ordinary the most extraordinary;
fame is measured by a monetary value,
but  greatness is a spirituality laid open to view!

Nowdays simplicity is looked upon with suspicion,
it seems a bit too spontaneous and impractical; 
the modernist confounds it and confronts it,
treating it like an incurable disease of the outcast,
but no great man has ever been
ashamed of expressing it and propagating it!

We are building monuments of wonders,
and go far into the boundless Universe...
instead of undoing pain and disharmony,
curing the plagues that inflict this Humanity;
our society is too proud and arrogant...
nothing frightens us, and we still remain defiant!

If  your fate favors you over the others,
who only can wish for such glorious moments
consumed in prosperity and greatness;
start cultivating the seeds of wisdom,
seeking out those truest friends living on the Earth...
to admire and share the wondrous constellations above!

Details | Free verse | |

Locked And Blocked(In A War Torn Part Of Africa)

A forceful pungent smell
Hits me from this piece of land
Smeared with the precious blood
Of countless innocent people

Many vultures here hover
Over carcasses
Of several dead

I hear syllables
Of the long familiar refrain
Tightly knit together
Sounding clearer and clearer
At each virtual instance:

Don't leave me in the dark
Don't leave me in complete darkness
Sweet sister

For long have I waited
The light of day
Passionately have I endured
The troubles of the gloomy hours

The sky is unusually starry
And overcast
Morning seems a thousand
Years distant.

Proclivity gave birth
To rapid procreation
Insincerity paved the chance
For lust and greed

Alas, this country is in prison
And constant fears
In morbid grief
And mortal tears.

Details | Lyric | |


Hear him singing from Heaven,
his soft ballad is so humble and soulful;
feel the intense emotion quivering again
as his rich and soft voice appeals to all...
who wouldn't cherish the sweet memory
of a singer with a voice so extraordinary?

The lyrics express his intense feelings,
and he deeply feels what he expresses...
and he embarks on a long journey, taking us along,
allowing us to appreciate love's faithfulness in song.
Listen carefully to his superb singing and accept his invitation;
allow him to take you to the serene Heavens...that final destination.

Details | Rhyme | |

At Any Moment I Could Leave This Earth

At Any Moment…  I Could Leave This Earth!

At any moment, I could leave my earthly home!
When this happens, I won’t be alone!

At any moment, my life could come to an end.
When I leave, I won’t be taking any friends!

At any moment, eternity could come for me.
Then I’ll leave this world beneath me!

At the moment, when my life shall disappear.
I’ll be with my Lord.  This is so clear!

At this moment, when I meet my savior above.
I’ll have a new body as a gift of his love.

After the moment, when I depart
 into the life eternal.
God will find my name in the
 “book of life’s journal.”

I remember the moment when I invited Jesus in.
And asked him to forgive 
my every sin.

I remember the moment I received his salvation.
In Christ…  I was a brand new creation!

This moment with Jesus can be yours as well!
The choice is clear.  It’s heaven or hell!

Won’t you take a moment with him?  You can know!
Where in eternity God will place your soul.

This moment can be yours.  Jesus is talking!
He stands at your hearts door,
 patiently knocking!

By Jim Pemberton

Details | I do not know? | |

Midnight in Johannesburg


Calm descends,
feathery, misty, settling gently on this city’s breath.

Elusive sleep,
hiding amongst the clouds,

while silver ribbons of moonlight, caress the concrete.


Midnight in Jo’burg,
alone, in this wild-eyed, crazy city,

warm and cruel at once,

ragged, torn, sublime,

brimming with African life,

alive in an African summer night.


Zimbabwe, you are us,

Morocco is infused in our veins,

Nigeria lingers on our wet kisses,

Malawi, we are you.


A continental mosaic,

the smells of Cairo,
and sounds of Dakar,
soaked in tastes of Addis,

mingle on my city’s streets.


We are all, African.

‘They’ are not the other,

we are ‘them’, tossed in a communal pot,

sipping mampoer*,
and chowing pap and vleis*,

in my city,

my Jozi**,

your Jo’burg**,

our eGoli**


* – a home-brewed drink, and a maize-meal porridge and meat.

** – all names refer to Johannesburg.

Details | Ballad | |


I remember seeing you walking downtown,
flashing such a revealing smile in early fall;
and I,attracted by your charm,
could not resist you at all..
because pretty is too incredible
to describe you and not to pray for a miracle!

I've walked in this noisy piano bar...
unawarely of you being there,
and he's touching you with his jealous hands,
giving me such unpleasant glances;
oh, he's making you the center
of his attention...noticing how I stare!

Pretty is too incredible to describe you otherwise,
'cause you deserve a guy who has a sweet voice,
and runs his fingers on your quivering skin so fair:
to make you feel sensations you never felt before...
turning you into a more passionate woman,
who desires the touch of a real man!

I wish you were really free,
so you'd be part of my wonderful destiny;
and with these emotions exploding inside,
there's no hope for me go wild...
having you on those nights, filled with bliss,
until you are in a flood of warm kisses!

Pretty is too incredible to describe you,
and that thought can't keep me apart
from your sad eyes that speak of hurt;
dream of me and I'll dream of you...
let's make believe we are this close,
and that an impossible love we never choose!

Details | Lyric | |

Dreaming To

I’m staring in
your chameleon eyes
wishing that our lives
were much closer like now
I can see you now
I can hold you now
Somehow I wish
now could last forever
There are moments when
I know you need me and
there are moments when
I know I need you then
but we must go without
One day this will change
and one day our domains
they’ll be in much closer range
and I’ll get the pleasure of
daily seeing you
daily holding you
Being there with you
and for you
like I’m dreaming to

Details | Blank verse | |

On The Edge

I drank all of the brandy
I smoked every night till three
All because the man
Won’t come back to me

I talked online to an ex-boyfriend
I slept on the couch for a week
I cried and cried on the underground
Won’t you please come back to me?

I hung around, my pyjamas on
I didn’t clean my face or teeth
I thought for a while
With a sad frown and a smile
Is he not coming back for me?

I flirted with boys
Who left me empty inside
I cried whenever alone
I looked at myself 
I felt quite ill
And thought he’s not ever coming back here for me

Grief stricken was I
Friends took me aside 
And showed me how to drink
It numbs the pain of love you see
When he’s not coming back for you

I changed my hair
Ran around the block
Tried to pretend that I didn’t care
I asked myself why
Over and over again
Is he not coming back for me?

Hospital strikes
Drip in my arm
I smile the morphine takes me on
It seems to say with a wink and a smile
That he’s not gonna be back here for you

Another week goes by
My appendix has died
I receive a costly call from New York
As I lay in my bloody hospital pants
He says with a croaky voice
That he’s probably, maybe not coming back to me

Now I’m out
I’m scarred
My hair is short
Apparently to all it was plain to see
That my baby, my darling, the love of my life
Was always going to run from me

Life is short she thinks
And love is cruel sometimes
My body has died a thousand times
And all I hoped
And all I wanted
Was for him to come back to me

And long did it echo
The emptiness lingered
The touch of love that he had brought
And as she imagined his face
And the world he must chase
She then didn’t expect
To ever see him again

Details | Blank verse | |

Fly Away

A model tries to jump in my cab
But sweetie you’re idiotic
Kissing boys
Not one two three
But three four five
The number of me
Trying to forget
The one who stirred within me
Like an elegant sleep
A dream not so real

A place I’d like to slip my paw
And paddle deeply the blue rivers
Blood pounding the streets
Of a place I’ve never seen
Oh it was only a dream
My blessed sweet one
Into the night I fly
In my shoes which sparkle like
A thousand jewels
But cost five pounds

Take me I say
But there’s no answer
In this deserted street
Of this run down town
Lying awake till five AM
The truth comes knocking

Details | I do not know? | |

To Eternity

Take me away,
you and I.
Go somwhere,
where our love can survive.

No one to say no,
where our hearts be set free.
Take me away,
to eternity.

Details | Rhyme | |

God's Kingdom Is ETERNAL

God’s Kingdom Is ETERNAL! I think about civilizations, future and past. No matter how large... They never last! Every kingdom has crumbled to the ground. The “great empires” can no longer be found! As I think about this... I began to wonder. What’s happened to man’s “glory and splendor? There is a kingdom which will never end... The entrance is narrow, to those who want in. The way to get in is through Jesus’ shed blood. It’s inhabitants have received his gift of love! The beauty of this place is a sight to behold. So glorious and wonderful… The half hasn’t been told! This place can be yours! An eternal home! Through Christ… We can approach God’s holy throne! Won’t you make plans for a life eternal? So your name can be placed in heaven’s journal! The kingdom of God is an opportunity to share. I plan to be part of it… And hope to see you there! By Jim Pemberton

Details | Free verse | |

Our Countryside Liberty

It was a hot summers day, in our garden in the countryside. Sheltered from noisy
cities and towns. Where we are able to approach life so differently. My girl my love, always 
in liberty flow, so enjoying the rays of natures orange orb.

Close by you can hear the cascading of crystal clear waters, eventually reaching 
us after negotiating meandering contours. In this heat you can sense the rocks
secretly smirking, as they are constantly cooled by translucent gifts.

On a blanket of green, naked as birth. Her peachy skin delights the vista that 
captures my eyes. Her blond hair adorned with a daisy chain tiara. She is my princess
my queen. She lays on her back, looks into the clear blue sky that ceilings our above.

As natures rays are absorbed by her delightful shape. She moves, touches as if in a dream
state. Her body reacting with thoughts of unshared dreams as insects buzz and birds sing
as if they are party to her thoughts. Their orchestral notes, their musical score playing
in symphony to her movements.

In momentary gulps of air, Koi carp rise to the surface to share this vista of pure.
Tails splashing as if they have been summoned to be part of the scene, slapping the water as 
if applauding. White water lilies catch the gentle waves, dancing like backing singers
to the sounds of the insects and birds. A gentle breeze catches the tired leaves, as they 
whistle their inaudible notes. As insects dodge their sway to carry on their journey of 

Late afternoon arrives as clouds close the sun, like curtains informing us that the scene
in today's play has ended. Sporadic sounds from distant birds echo, where earlier they were
in riotous volume. The white water lilies are now graced with the gentle undulations of 
the trickling waters as the Koi settle from the frenzied applause. Our afternoon closes.

Details | Free verse | |

La Isla Sets me Free

Amor, you allude like a cloud
To something great
Your name, a promise of Jerusalem
Your exclusive mouth, like water
on my dry lips and deeply vacant chest…
I’ve never touched a cloud
Nor known the inevitable fog
Of falling into you
But now that I know…
You’re not even Tel Aviv to me
Nor San Juan, nor Bayamon
You’re a makeshift castle
A colonizer
Pressing your smooth arms
Tight around my shrugging native heart
At the chance
I offered my hair, my amber perfume
I made my eyes a place to bathe
Your obviously filthy feet
Offhandedly, you spoke of the sea
But all I see- is violence in your city
You spoke of passion as though
It’s synonymous with love
But I see fatherless children
You’re not that man who saves
But the tide which takes me away…
A convincing title
A bait and switch
A hook for virgin lips
And now I’m a bud among weeds
That are due to be cut down
You are among me
Take your shot now
Since I know you shoot me down
Leave me alone, cabron-
You always leave me wanting
And I’m not fighting anymore
I’m dancing on the shore, Puerto Rico
This is my story, here
And la isla sets me free

Details | Rhyme | |

Reading Clouds

I love to crane my neck to read clouds;
They can be so unpredictable.
I love every single one and crowds,
Each time I can look up to marvel

At their shapes against the blue background
Or the wind chasing them away forward.
Now they are meandering around;
The air stream seems the best wizard.

I love the way they reflect sunlight,
And their moving shadows over hills.
What a wonderful, excellent sight
Bringing the nice excitement and thrills!

I try my variable luck
At weather forecasting for today,
In the sky I’m watching every track
Of each cloud, but they lead me astray...

I love looking up to read the sky;
It can be so unpredictable.
I try to find a clue or reply,
But the clouds remain impenetrable...

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The Coming Judgement

Escaping God's Judgement

Judgement shall begain 
at the house of God/
We shall all face God's "correction rod."

It will begin with the righteous... 
What shall the unsaved do?
They can pray and run... 
where will they run to?

If the righteous are scarcely saved. 
 Where will the ungodly hide?
Every "trick in the world" has already been tried!

It's time to "stop playing games"--
no more "pretending."
This world(as we know it)will soon be ending!

Come before God now... 
Kneel before his throne.
It's only be accepting his son can 
you have an eternal home!

You can try fooling the people 
you meet each Sunday.
But a day of reckoning with God
 will happen someday/

"Forgive me Lord. I have sinned!" 
must be spoken.
So every weight and bondage 
can now be broken!

He loves you so much and desires 
to make you whole!
By his blood... your sins can
 be as white as snow!

When God's judgement comes... 
You needn't be ashamed.
Reach out to him now...
 and call on his name!

By Jim Pemberton 

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in the debris of the past,
scraps of casually discarded emotion.

in hastily trashed yesterdays,
an inkling of moments flung away.

in heaps of rubbished words,
that tiresome sigh of defeated thought.

in the layers of moulted skin
the wilting self that once was true.

in the reflections between the ripples,
for the whispered pangs of roaring desire.

in the blank eyes streaming endlessly,
an echo of the faintest sigh of new life.


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Without a home
Without a future
Missing the luxury of life
The love that we buy ourselves
But they have smiles…
Real ones
They have beauty…
Natural and irreplaceable
And love…
Innocent, sincere love
That they give away freely 
Giving all they have and more
We are the ones who are alone
We’re missing the picture
Through less they have more
Through more we have less
Think about it

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The snow becomes slush
its whiteness is gone,
it turns into rain
as people in grief.

Passing sails glide
like gondolas
in old Venice,
no lover sings.

Can sunset
bring surprise,
with real hope?

isn't found

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a day without

dark pavement 
covered with wind-blown leaves
tonight, every object
shining in the midnight gutters
is at first a quarter.
my hand fights 
to keep the hair out of my face
the shape of the gesture reminds me of you
& places less cold
than the sidewalk
of this forgotten town.
something about the way 
you mentioned my wings
as though they'd be obvious 
to every eye
that touch 
in a not so distant moment
this dream made real
something i'm scared i'll wake from.
i think it will be a while,
before i find that quarter.
how long until morning?

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If you don’t sow the seeds
Nothing can grow

If you won’t alight the fire
We shall all grow old in the cold

If you dare not raise the sun 
We must live in the blackened night

If the moon then forgets to rise
How do we both see our way in the dark?

If you cannot and will not tend to the land
We shall watch all we have built crumble and die

If the animals are unfed 
There will be no food for us all

If the signs are ignored
We must all perish and then fall

If the plants are not watered
This valley will cease to breath

If you forget to feed the birds
Then no longer can they sing

If the flowers refuse to open 
What will there be to see?

If the bread isn’t made
Then the people will grow weak

If the eggs do not hatch
New life cannot exist

If you toss away the gift heart of truth
A chance may not be found to put it right

If the god’s close their ears
Who will listen to us speak?

If the wheels become trapped
If the Earth pauses on its turn
Will you take your seat in life then?
Sweet sacred one?

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Oh day of promised rapture from final resting place,

The first desire of heart to see my Savior’s face!

The beckoning of trumpet will pierce the Eastern skies,

I yearn so much to greet him and behold him with mine eyes!

Shall I awake in dew clad morn or velvet star-lit night,

Anticipating robe and crown and wings of silver bright!

Enduring grace, sweet love divine did span thou earth’s creation,

Great Son of God who lived to die for sinners soul salvation!

I long to hold thy nail scarred hand and kiss your thorn pricked brow,

Though birthed in sin he snatched me from Hell’s fiery bowel!

Twas stately mansions glistening in heaven’s glory gleam,

Their beauty was astounding as nought I’d ever seen.

The prophets were conversing of ancient days of old,

While children laughed and played on shining streets of gold.

A reunion day is coming dear loved ones and missed friends,

Where we’ll always be together and time shall never end!

Nor tear did dim an eye, and daily cares were gone,

Thousands gathered there to join in angels’ song!

Hallelujah to the Highest, holy praises we did sing,

To lift our voices as one to Christ, The Mighty King!

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Murder of a Betrayed Soul

Have you slowed your busy pace to take notice of a drop of rain? 
 As the sun glints through it, do you see its natural and quiet beauty?
Becalm your soul in the exquisite burst of color from a leaf after autumn’s first kiss.
Have you tuned your ear to the fall of the first snowflake of winter?
Become mesmerized by the quiet order in natures every soft footfall? 
As the season’s tiptoe past, do you draw inspiration, or blindly immerse yourself in the bland cares and concerns of your daily rush?
Grinding your soul into nothingness on the treadmill of society’s thoughtless whims.
Imprisoned in a self-made sightless box of disregard. 
Your spirit slowly snuffed out without so much as an objection to the lack of trial or jury. 
Will you call a mistrial, or will you pray for a last minute death row pardon? 
Have you betrayed your soul?

                                                                                                                                Summer Gratias

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The Ballet.

When I was a kid I wanted to be in the ballet  I just love the ballet.  I really wanted 
to be in the ballet but I wanted to be a brownie and a fork or spoon.  Better than  
Iever thought.  I love my family.  I love my parents and grandparents.  I really need 
to relax and enjoy the day with a cup of coffee or water.  I want a mug of coffee 
and I got one and have coffee all the time.

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Bourbon hours

I’m looking forward to more than winter seas
Young and warm we sat across the barn
Bristled against the ground, crushing misted leaves 

Yesterday I slept cold and worn
If I leave you now, we may never be
I’m growing fragile as my nights are torn

She says she’s coming home tonight
I guess she’s got no better place 
To roam tonight

I often wonder why you stop and go 
Relaxed against the soil, never mind the snow
My eyes may close, awaken, surely your to go 

Within the wind, we live, we mend
As the night begins, we start to end
You rub my chest, you tell me morning comes

She says she’s coming home tonight
I guess she’s got no better place 
To roam tonight

I think she sees me write 
Empty songs 
For lively nights 

I hear them speak, they say we could never be
But here against the wind
There’s only you and me 

She says she’s coming home tonight
I guess she’s got no better place 
To roam tonight 

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Dreamers in Dreams

Eyes in dream shall meet, as they lie on silken sheets 
Where lips in moisten touch, caress in loving greet

Where hands address undulations, curved shapes of he and she
On silken sheets where they lie, in wonderful tenderly

In pause I kiss your lobes, you nape, your porcelain skin 
Two hearts in tender touch, both welcomed from within

On the coldest of nights, we held in warm embrace
Our faces touching softly, in our private loving place

On separate lands we walk, but dreams can be the same
Maybe some day one day, we walk the same loving plain

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Prison Song/Love Prison

Hands and feet shackled
You are traped and can't get out
Doing time away from me and our son 

Love, god,and our son is making you strong
You are in place you don't want to be
I miss you like crazy 

The life we was going to have we will have in time
You are sick of that place 
You have to keep a low profile
How can we deal with this 

I'm not going to cry because I can't anymore 
I am going to be strong for you and our son
I feel like my hands and feet are shackled too but not in that way

I am in love with you and in the love prison
Think about a special place and me 
We can be in the love prison together

We will be together in time in the love prison
I can't wait til you get out of the other prison
I still love you 
I have your back til the day I die
I am not going to leave you
I am never going to leave  this love prison that we are in
Prison Song/Love Prison

Vanessa Brown-Woodberry

For my Husband Antwan Woodberry I love you Baby

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When I think of you dear
My thoughts go back a ways
When we were there together
Back in our younger days

You loved your Albuquerque
The enchantment it fulfills
From down along the Rio
Up to the Northeast hills
And the lofty Sandia Mountains
With their watermelon hue
But when I think of Albuquerque
I’m thinking dear of you

I could have stayed in Albuquerque
I really think I could
I can taste the chilies cooking
Still smell the pinion wood
I can hear the coyotes howling
They’re calling to me too
But when I think of Albuquerque
I’m thinking dear of you

The azure blue I see there
Lights up the southern sky
And all along the valley
I smell the bread they fry
The layout of its Old Town
Where nothing there is new
But when I think of Albuquerque
I’m thinking dear of you 

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Do You Feel Trapped Within

Feeling “Trapped” Within??? Perhaps you feel like you’re Satan’s pawn? His “toy?” Do you feel discouraged… And have no true JOY? Are you often filled with fear and apprehension? Just living day by bay with a lot of tension? Maybe you’re at a “low point” and very “distraught.” In life’s circumstances… You feel ‘caught?” If you feel confused… Like you’re in a “trance…” God’s word says to TRUST HIM in every circumstance!… All of heaven invites you to accept Jesus as lord! So eternal life with him can be your great reward! By Jim Pemberton

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
My childhood home
Is cherished 

Memories filled with
Silver and gold
And sometimes pure cold.

No one told me
It would go with me
Where ever I go 

When I roam from
Town to town
I carry it with me

I open the door
Each night when
I go to sleep
And dream.

I can’t shake
What I learned
And what I didn’t 
Learn inside 
My honeycomb

I can’t stop
About that

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Midnight in Montego Bay 
Found me quivering in the debris 
Of my Captain's fantasies; 
Profound yearnings 
Yielding to something deeper. 
It brought me to my knees. 

Fire and amethyst scorched 
This breathless and willing hostage, 
Alienating inhibitions 
With a sense of urgency, 
Begging for release. 
Wonderment could not be contained. 

Surrender came easy 
Beneath the pulsating and aching throb 
Of love's impoverished need 
Manifested in secret touches 
And whispered words. 
Yes, you are my Captain. 

So it is here, 
Where lovers gorge themselves 
On imagination, 
That I relinquish to the power 
Magnetizing us, 
And it brings me to my knees.

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Same Soul

Looking at your soul through the windows we’ve been given

Fills mine with all its been missin’

Years could crawl by and I wouldn’t mind

Showing what your soul is made of, so full of life

Growing with passion as it is joined with mine

Search more and you could not find

Two stars bound so close, as one they surely shine

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Drive Home

Late at night
a forced drive home
In the dark 
they’re both alone

She lays in her bed
with thoughts of him
in her head

He stays between 
yellow lines
Counting the time
until he sees her
On the radio
one of their songs
How he longs
to be driving
the other direction

She squeezes a bear
and holds real tight
A gift given 
for these nights
She worries as time
quickly passes by

The towns drag by
but he’s home and alive

She receives his call
and breathes a sigh

They say goodnight
and their I love yous
wishing they were
by the other’s side

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Son with the  Air Force in Korea

As a child
you drew boats and ships
and kept their shapes in mind
while you were growing.
Large battleships safeguarding
a small boat
sailing fearless wayward
on the high seas.
Now you walk the actual steel
and feel real salt against your face.
I pray
for the continuing safety of 
your sketched harbors

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Let Love Live

An American Marine On tour in Bahrain Falls in love with a Princess Love is his blame The lengths that he went to To protect his Meriam Bring her to his America To live and be with him For although she was a princess She wanted more from life A prisoner in her royalty She left and became his wife Because she was an illegal Asylum she has sought Lost in the system She became a forget me not In May 2001 A Green Card came her way The 9/11 bombings Their marriage in disarray Then came that final hour Divorce was on the cards Las Vegas night life grasped her Their marriage, now in discard This became the end of their journey They went their separate ways What could have been of a lifetime Distance has had its say

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Here We Go Again

With you it is always on the run
Up every morning with the sun
Go to places I have never been
So I say here we go again

It is never dull to be with you
I enjoy every thing we do
But some times you scare me
The places we go and things we see

So when I am older and can no longer rome
I will have lots of memories here at home
I can think of the mountains and waterfalls
I can dream of the blue skies and all

I know when I am with you i am safe and sound
Wondering the hill seeing everything around
So I love to be able to say every now and then 
Watch out world here we go again

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Body Heat

warmth of summer sun

blades of grass to soon receive

bodies, skin to skin.

(January 28, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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He was crucified by the Romans with the sharpest nails
by the will of an angry mob;
did anyone hear Jesus's sob?
Pilate refused to find him guilty and washed his hands.

Betrayed by Peter, hated by rebellious Barabbas;  
whipped at every fall, He patiently carried that cross to Calvary,
but a kind, humble woman felt much pity for Jesus 
and with a clean cloth wiped off his blood as an act of mercy!

And dragging His heavy cross through the narrow
streets of chaotic and uncompassionate Jerusalem,
someone, who had heard him preach about God's Kingdom,
picked up his cross and relieved some of the pain and sorrow!

Many believed Him to be the Christ, 
but the envious Pharisees did not,
and accusing him of blasphemy, they mocked him...
not noticing how the April sky was becoming dim!

He was laid in an empty, cold tomb amid palm trees and stones 
and on the third day, as Jesus promised the twelve disciples;
He miraculously rose...ascending the heavenly throne,
where God the Father handed Him the glorious crown!

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Prone,lying side by side
Lapped by an ebbing tide,
Together upon passion's ride-
In love's embrace enlocked
This watershed,no longer shocks.

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Heaven or Hell or Earth

The home of god and all good,
Every one thinks its THE best place to be,
Some might think it's the worst place to be.

The home of the devil and all bad,
Every one thinks hell is THE worst place to be,
Some might think it's the greatest place to be.

The home of war, love, and nature.
War is killing violence and blood.
Love if you lucky is great and beautiful,
or could be the killer of most people today.
Nature with storms, hunting, and dyeing.

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Some mental notes about the poor

Every time I pass by Flushing, Bedford, or Lee Street in Brooklyn
I see Jewish people in complete uniform; most of them in black color,
their faith and loyalty to the Book of Torah makes me reflect
about my own relationship with God, along with my own people.

It’s become a reminder for me as I connect my own journey
to the mysteries of being called to serve and witness to faith;
certain things to develop and deepen along with inner longings
fidelity stressed by the Gospel marks the sign of being one of them.

Discipleship is truly costly as one invests his whole life in it,
there’s a radical shift of lifestyle that follows like a measure -
gauging that genuineness in dialogue with life and other cultures;
needed as a fundamental criterion to carry on God’s mission.

It’s in this way that some highlights of my faith enable me
to see beyond the texts of the Holy Scriptures, images of truth
that convey love relationships with people particularly the poor.

Being open to welcome some wounds and other afflictions
in today’s world where everyone competes with other factors
amid strong forces of secularism and cultural impositions
on life’s situations where the Lord’s teaching dwells.

Although God doesn’t give us all what we really want,
but he provides us with certain things we really need;
it’s a familiar wisdom, a continuing hope as Christians
that his great love for us is often reiterated in many ways.

A priority to “be mindful of the poor”  and have love for them,
an attitude with an evolving deal of surrender to God’s will
no matter how rough the roads will be in reaching out to them
reference to the poor connotes a constant clarion call for all.

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The Road

The road of life is winding
With no defining path
To keep our souls from straying
Or the heart we give from breaking
From a love not meant to last
Just given for the moment
But lives forever in our past

So no matter where we journey
There's a lesson to be learned
With every step, there's times we're lost
Within the darkness
Till faith and light returns
To find the road
That's meant to be
For each to call their own
A place that takes a lifetime
Just to find the end unknown

Where fate has waited for us
Watching how we stand and fall
Reaching beyond peaks and valleys
Needing both to cherish all
In this gift we call a lifetime
Hand in hand 
Or all alone
What a privilege we've been given
Just to walk along the road

Kevin D. Fix

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It Takes Two {Caricare}

It Takes Two




Tribute To Those Lost
In The Twin Towers
You Are Not Forgotten

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There was a wave of emotion thrown from the crimson bathed sea. As the warmth of the morning sunlight wrapped it's blanket around me. The water below being thrown against the rugged rocks with ease. Then instinctually followed by a luke warm breeze. I stand by the seaside and watch the colours off the morning sky. It fills me with so much pleasure that I feel a tear fall from my eye. I watch as the colours of the sky Mix and match together as if moved by an artists hand. A brush stroke here and a brush stroke there until it looks elegant and grand. An image of beauty, the summer morning sunlight. An image which my memory will hold tight.

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Lonely space traveler

I sunbathed on the surface of mercury. 
I windsailed on the sand dunes of mars. 
I gazed upon venus and from my memory. 
It was the most lovely by far, but that 
was until the day I saw you, 
from across the universe. I couldn't help 
notice how beautiful was your blue, 
and that's all it was worth. 
   and I like to fly far away from here. 
across the galaxy to be within your 
atmosphere. Whoa, time is just an ocean 
that i'll brave to sail. 
For a chance to say hello to you. 
I bid farewell. 

   Raindrops are falling on my head 
as I rest on a lonely world that lies 
between us. But don't think for a second 
that I've been mislead. If you look out you'll 
see me riding on the back of pegasus, and a 
million years i'll still be on my way. So don't 
dare try to say it's all a lie, because if you're 
willing wait then baby marked this day until 
the day you see me streaking through your sky. 

   and I like to fly far away from here. 
across the galaxy to be within your 
atmosphere. Whoa, time is just an ocean 
that i'll brave to sail. 
For a chance to say hello to you. 
I bid farewell

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Winter Sounds

Find myself digging through snow, 
a tunnel with no light at the end;
blistered hands crimson and sweat stain'd.
It looks to me like a cast iron heart
will bend with a little touch of warmth,
even in the middle of a vast snowstorm.

I only asked for the truth,
but as long as your heart still has a beat,
I'll sing of you.
And you know, it really hurts,
to be cast into the blue;
it's a feeling not worthy of words.
Like a perfect seed that never grew.

Every step forward is like two steps back,
spiraling deeper down into the ground;
deviated, less motivated...
Sing me your song, and I'll play the keys,
throw back a few and melt away this freeze.
And kiss the fabric's sweet reprise.

I only asked for truth,
still as long as your heart has a beat,
I'll sing of you.
And you know, it really hurts,
to be cast into the blue;
a feeling not worthy of words,
like a perfect seed that never grew.

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Angelic Statues

Amidst the shadows of loved ones past, there is something.
Nearer to humankind then we would ever really know.
Great and small works of stone stand watch and quietly sing.
Each one piece of art, a tribute of what heavens bestow,
Light from morning star embraces what the new day will bring.
I have seen the gracious glimmer from above as statues glow.
Carefully they watch, greeting, allowing visitors hearts forego.

Stone is their form, though love and compassion their creation.
Treasure to be found in each different Angel that you will see,
Angels guide, while guarding till the end of times duration.
Trace their feelings, embrace their love, and seek it for thee.
Unknown wonders to many stand quiet, serving salvation.
Everyone can view the power of these in a new found decree.
Sculptures by man, Gods images of faith, they give regeneration.

inspired by contest Angels In Cemeteries

by Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~

not for contest.

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Not that Type of Lover

Not that Type of Lover, 2012
V. Ortiz Vazquez

I am not that type of lover
You know, the one who softly caresses you with her gentle touch
Take you places by whispering sweet words into your earlobe
Out of no-where brushes you with her warmth breathe
I am not that type of lover
You know

I am not that type of lover
The one who open your door like a “gentleman”
Put her coat on you to keep you warm
Or places her Blazer on a puddle
You know, the one who brings flowers just because
I am not that type of lover
You know

I am not that type of lover
You know, constantly sending you hearts via text
Writing love songs, poems, stories
With pen, pencil strokes capture her effortless thoughts of you
Gesture drawings render her live heart
I am not that type of lover
You know

I am not that type of lover
But, I would walk beside you every moment; endlessly
Synchronize my breath to yours
Listen closely and become enraged for you
Transfix my days on the next time we see each other again
Inject your wishes deep within my veins
You know

You know, the lover whose heart turn to rock upon your dislike
Melts by the winks of your eye
The one tattoo by your words of “I love you”
Where skin deep shows the true colors
Perplex by light shining through your soul
Rhythmic waves encourage bloodstream flow
You know
A lover with secrets, hidden past—not so much
Moments of threats dismantle by a simple thought of sweetness
Sweet emotions
Daily intoxication, production of your morning kisses
Night kisses

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Black and White Never Looked So Beautiful

I tickle the pages
As I turn trough the ages
And i find things i didn't want there

I find regrets and heartache
What more could it take
For me to understand that life isn't fair

I find old faded photos
of the places i've been
and the places i long to forget

But life isn't meant
To be like this
A photo album full of despair
but still all i can do is stare

I'd tear out the pages
And crumple them up
If i thought that it'd do any good

I've tried it before
But they always return
Torn and tattered but they are still there

I tire of old fade photos
Of the people i've met
And of the ones i just can't forget

But life isn't meant
To be like this
A photo album full of despair
It's meant to be closer
To bright colored photos
That leave a feeling of hope in the air
Instead of the dust thats now there...

And i know it's my fault
I'm the one who decided to look
And i know it's my fault
I'm the one who created this book
And i know it's my fault
i know it's all my fault...

but life isn't meant
to be like this
a photo album full of despair.

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An open window, by the shore
His love doesn’t live here anymore
A sadness crept up long ago
He made his choice to get up and go
Shattered her heart, crack!, until nothing was left
The memory of that night she always kept
A book of memories, open on the floor
She hopes and prays he will walk back through the door
It swings and shifts against the wall
Maybe, maybe someday he will call
Years have passed and she’s still there
Rocking back and forth, in that old rocking chair
Grey and worn, small as can be
She’s like a stick that no one can see
A forgotten soul along the coast
Singing her sad song like a ghost
Her life and dreams sing along too
She wishes that his love, was true
Now, inside that house upon the shore
Her cold lifeless body, lays upon the floor

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At Last, Eternally Yours

My love,
We saw the last of each other, holding hands and dying.
Memories flashing ever so familiar, from past lives.

From a time together walking with Jesus in the Holy City,
From a time together watching Michelangelo carve David,  
From a time together dancing the ball of Bonaparte,
From a time making love on a yacht in Monte Carlo,

Tears fall from our loved ones left behind, 
as more and more remembrances are recalled. 

Returning to dust, our closed eyes open upon heaven.
We reappear, unknown to each other, oceans apart.

No longer able to speak, no longer able to feel.
Gazing below, seeing people walking, watching us, 
dancing, sailing and making love,
living life the way we once lived.

We continued to gaze deeper onto our reflections,
And upon the sea, we found we were both birds, 
flying together into the same horizon.
With more memories yet to be written,
At last...
Eternally yours...

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When the well-rested rooster woke up at noon, he found himself in the lap
of a gorgeous boy and he was telling his mom with urgency,
"I want this rooster, he can keep the lonely and moody parrot company!"
And staring at him," It's a rooster, not a pet!" she exclaimed.

Mothers always try to please their kids, and sometimes they really spoil them,
not according to their customs and beliefs, controversially fathers are stricter than them;
"I'll take care of him and soon he'll be living in our ranch home" he promised...
and continuing,"From now on, his name will be Harbor: the lovely place where I found him!"

The gentle boy kept his promise and Harbor became part of the family,
and the talkative parrot taught him to say the exact words he said;
and months went by, but nobody knew that he could speak so humanly,
and how did they find out that Harbor was smarter than an ordinary bird?

They overheard him in a challenging conversation about finding a perfect mate, 
in the shortest time and the shrewd parrot thought he surely would have been the winner,
but to his surprise, Harbor used his accumulated wisdom and searched the nearby farm,
where chicks were bred and then put in perforated carboard crates on a freighter.

Harbor looked around and didn't really like any of the chicks he saw,
and was he about to give up on his search? Suddenly not! He trotted past the noisy farm,
and to his bewilderment, he spotted a young chicken on the grass below...
and gallantly approached her, and with a chat started a romantic affair by keeping her warm.

Harbor and the young chick clicked and they quickly were talking about marriage,
lots of baby chicks to feed: the ultimate dream of two domesticated birds; 
at first, the upset boy wasn't too happy about their agreement, and exploded in rage,
but realizing what was best for Harbor, he finally gave him his blessings.

On the same farm the newly-wed live, and have big plans for a large family;
one more thing, if curious folks decide to visit them anytime soon, they need a reservation.
They will show them around with their fowl hospitality, but rule out temptation;
none of them will end up on their plates for the next Holidays or any other special festivity!

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This Road I Travel

Are you looking for joy and satisfaction
 that you “haven’t got?”
The peace and joy which you seek…  
Simply can’t be bought…

Do you seek some kind of fulfillment
 in your daily activities?
Meanwhile, pushing the envelope,
” with your liberties?

There’s a road of “good intentions.” 
 It’s wide and easy to find.
But there’s a narrow road… Which I have in mind…

This narrow road, to many, may seem strange indeed…
It’s only on this road, where you’ll find
 an answer to your need

This road eventually leads to a life that’s everlasting.
This brings me to a question, which I’m asking…

Are you ready to take the road that
 leads to heaven’s gate?
Will this be your choice?  Before it’s too late?

Jesus stands at your heart’s door 
and he’s knocking..
The choice is yours…  Which road you’ll
 do your walking…

Please take the narrow road… 
 It can be difficult to travel…
You should do this...  Before this world begins to “unravel.”

Jesus.  The prince of Peace...  Rules the earth
 and heavens above…
Won’t you enter his haven of rest,
 and abundance of love?

He is here waiting for you.  So loving,
 patient and kind…
Only in him… Will you find satisfaction and 
joy every single time!

By Jim Pemberton   

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furnishings make the house - possessions make it home
possessions make the house - family make it home
family makes the house - children make it  home
children make the house - devotion  makes it home
devotion makes the house - love makes it home

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'Twas on a sunny day in May
Along the banks of Fundy Bay
When I met… my dearest Anthony

From a distance…I could see
His rugged frame…and symmetry
And the glint of Irish eyes…of bluish green

With manly strides… he lingered there
Along a path of grasses… where
The sun reflected on… his golden hair

And with a glance… he stole my breath
I could not still… my heaving breast
With every step he took… I nearly died
Overcome with… such profound emotions… that I could not hide
'Twas in that magic moment… that we fell in love
Blessed by heaven… and the angels up above
And with their keeping…we were married… in the month of June 
Underneath a pale misty silken silver moon
We built a house… upon a hill…that overlooked the harbour
With a winding path… to the door… that walked… between the arbour
And there… among the sea salt roses… and the ocean breeze
We lived and loved and raised our family

The years went quickly sailing by
Sometimes we laughed…sometimes we cried
But through it all…we never left…each others side
For…we had that kind of special love… that never dies

A love…that asks the reason why
I stand upon our path and cry
As I look out to the ocean...where you lie
So overcome… with such profound emotion… wishing I could die

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Rhythms of the Night

 Rhythms of the Night
Seduced by the rhythms of the night
The English Air
The London Night
Sounds of People Laughing
People Singing
People Dancing
Entices me nearer to the source
The night streets covered in fog
I venture down the cobblestone streets
to find the source
The sounds of the street beat
that move my feet
The music eminates from a dark alley
through a side door.
The music Pumping...Thumping
set afire by the music 
The music and my soul become one
My feet dance aflutter 
Shutter I think to what the future holds
As you and I embrace into one body
Engulfed into One
Nothing around us matters
Just You and I
Peter B LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn  

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Believe this kind of stuff

You are still a stranger to me baby
But you are my sweet dream O my baby
I look for you in the reality
I look for you in the megacity

Believe this kind of stuff
I am your better half
I wait for you all night
To feel I am alright

Suddenly I have found a clue
Your two eyes are sky-blue

I am your better half
I ask for your sweet love
I wait for you all day
My soul goes far away

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The Vagabond Within

The Vagabond Within.

I slip through cracks,
my memories dimming,
as thoughts of yesterday swirl,
down dreary tunnels of decay,
into the chasm that is today.

Waiting, forever waiting,
to belong, yearning to fit in,
taking solace in transient cities,
wearing masked faces,
tailored for fleeting places.

 I stagger each night, lost,
wasting precious breaths,
drawn from a lifetime of sighs,
no consolation from the cruel,
while donning the skin of the fool.

Wrestling unseen demons,
dreading tomorrow as it nears,
ripping away my shallow smile,
withering into a hollow shell,
seeking comfort in everyday hell.

I stumble, I falter,
words slipping off pen onto paper,
fickle doleful murmurs of distaste,
at the gradual emptying of a soul,
needing to shed it all to be whole.

Stray dogs savage each other inside,
a body lathered in deep muck,
soiling my pants, wetting my being,
whistling promises that turn into lies,
the plaintive songs of a clown that cries.

I am momentary, 
a soap bubble on the breeze,
just smoke clearing into thin air,
wasting away in my cocooned lair,
too old to change, too young to care.

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I Do

Admist the rocky mountains
And the natural springs 
Comes a better place I remembered things

under this lamp post is where
you first asked me to take 
your hand in marriage 

I remember you down on 
one knee and the snow was 
just starting to fall 

You looked like a little lost puppy 
looking for a way to speak I
took your hand and said yes

That was over twenty years ago
And to this date we still come back
to the Springs of Colorado and say I Do

Tribute To Colorado
Rocky Mountain High

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May It Be Love

Unexpected is the best
Something wonderful occurs e.g.
When you rest
When Really you are somewhere else
Floating above of what you dreamt 
Busy working , Dipped in depth of thoughts 

All of a sudden ,
 Serendipity takes over
Out of excitement you hover 
His eyes bound to yours
You stare in disbelieve 
Wow to what  you came to receive 
No realisation , big reaction... hearts sparkle
May it be love?

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Of Canada, Canadians We Are

On the top of the berm
One Canadian soldier stood
His head bowed
Heavily understood

We sign up to do
What the duty ensues
To our flag we obey
Our enemies, we pursue

This tor of abroad
In a distant land
Four lives so free
Leaving families bland

As we awake tomorrow
Knowing of yesterdays gone
We do for the right
For on this world we belong

We are a nation of many
Some days we will scar
Of Canada
Canadians we are

My tribute to the many Canadian soldiers who have fought for not only their
Countries freedom, but to preserve world peace, i bow to the living and fallen.

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nor shall I morn few
                                  In a place made just in true
A secret is kept

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Profound and sad thoughts
seem to overwhelm in solitude,
but  the heart and mind seek a crimson sky
as the evening gathers big and small stars;
and quite often they lead me there...
whenever love doesn't grant me my wishes,
then eternity is the choice I follow! 

Making decisions can drastically change 
one's life...there shouldn't be regrets, or second thoughts; 
it's either triumph or defeat, nothing can be rearraged!
You can try with the heart and mind seeking a crimson sky... 
take my word for it, you won't be in for many heartaches!

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October Breathes

October loves me
September baby
Virgo across its face 
Out of it’s play pen
This child 
decides to spin

In a vacant scenery
Thinking back
On what yesterday 
meant to me
He’s going on
It won’t be long
As he’s carried home

Don’t you love me sober
Days I’m drifting
Along In October

She just sits there
Someone hold her
Kiss her sober
Missing all the fun
Just growing older

Flowers ale
Paint you pale
Broken, shapeless
Only strangers notice
The rain 
That follows hail

Jesus Seekers
Leaves bristle 
a fallen preacher
your father’s gone
Running home
No ones worried 
That your gone

Don’t you love me sober
It’s almost over
For days I’m drifting now
Alone in October 

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Youthful Memories

                               Ducks quack and waddle toward us, grabbing food 
                               from your tiny outstretched hands 
                              Bread crumbs fall onto dusty Earth; they eat.
                              You run toward the cedar box 
                              kicking chips, and sit
                              on metal swing 
                              “Jess, push me.” 
                               hair flaps behind
                               and giggles 
                               fill us 

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You've come to me, out from the time of in between
the midnight dark and where first morning light is seen,
in all the wildest dreams of me
I never thought such love could be,
but now love takes me places I have never been;

you've come to me, from dreams that only love can know
and taken me to places only love can go,
although I thought love couldn't be
so swift and sure--you were for me;
and made my life reveal things only love can show.

you've come to me, when least I was expecting you
then made my heart believe some things it never knew,
and then you took the love of me
the love I thought could never be,
and made of me what only love can do.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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I feel invisible. And Christmas feels like another terror crisis for families. I design 
every city, feel no pity for this except, and  can't travel and have romantic sex in the 
cities with my princess Jaclyn. I will make the Da Vinci Code book come to life as 
I read out loud at any (crowded place.) I will prove why the United States of 
America is invincible, how I make all people and products possible. Can display 
any where, we are in my supervision, which is a controlled environment.  I am a 
super power who created the best super power country, I have and continue to 
bless North America. We are one world divided by religion.  So we are still 
divisible. Anybody who knows the english language should be able to tell nobody 
chipped in to create the language and titles of companies. The rhymes, the 
articulate ways to play with sound. Only one person could do this for the reason 
of trying to reach you.  All I can do is play with tv and family. Only if I had allies 
there would be no defects. I hate marketing our life spans. You can believe or if 
not, you just sided with the devil when youdon't believe, and I hate to make 
people decide on their lives. Example is suicide.I hate to be evil. Need money to 
get out of my house.   Its lame to see people blame. This is not a game, I want 
change. I am royalty with not enough loyaltists. If this persists, people will keep 
on perishing. Allah is allowed to have a career in reality, since I am the most 
creative.. All I know is I is he, he is I. I even 
created the aloe plant. We can start to heal families, and I prove I gave all "Family 
Ties". I build on what I build. The world is mine. One day it will be ours. If read 
this I wouldn't  wait till my ressurection of making the future making cycle , 
beacsue I don't feel comfortable. I hate to create insurgents, I created the internet 
to reach the world.  I designed the internet. You bet its a playhouse,like Wynmoor 
on Cococnut Ceek Blvd. I get illusions from the word conk=cock or (count.) I get a 
scroll or dimensional pop up before me of the pearl of a girl.  Love handles really 
means for drawers on furniture. Don't pull love handles but put you weight on it, 
like railings at banks and Disney World. I made the design of slang for the 
reason to rap it up. People are using the wrong words which makes our lives 
miserable. I would like to progress, but still no progress of reply. All I need is one 
mic, and money to come out and play. My souls' sold on dvd's and cd's around 
the globe! Its a goddy god world."

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As I lay on my back and watch the stars roll by,
I think of different things as I stare at the midnight sky.
I think of places I've been and places I would like to see,
Like watching old faithful or the briny foam upon the sea.
I remember thoughts that I realize are mine and mine alone,
Like the smell of a hot apple pie being cooked at home.
Or the sound of the fifty-five chevy when dad would fire it up,
The smell of coffee in the morning when he would fill his cup.
The feel of mothers hand when I had a fever that would burn,
Or remembering the wrongs I did and my father being stern.
But the thought that I have that rises above,
Is remembering a family with a lot of love.

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Hearts Ascend

My heart ascends With you, ballooning o'er Paris My heart ascends A stunning view that never ends Near the Eiffel Tower, pure bliss I desire no more than a kiss My heart ascends Our love ascends As we soar on ballooning spree Our love ascends O'er Paris, my broken heart mends You ask with ring on bended knee, "My darling, will you marry me?" Our love ascends

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Symphony of Broken Things

Is it a dream or distant memory?
An Italian Concerto begins
The alto singer bellows
A passionate tale
Proud and stout
Commanding attention

A classic narcissistic symphony

Balancing a tight-rope
A thunderous crescendo begins
Strumming your violin
Drums rattle and roll
You tip, waddle and fall
Boom, Bang, Ting, Tang

A symphony of broken things

Your white walls marred
Sheet-Rock littered floors
By years of crimson scarlet
You know this scene by heart
This is your life
A dramatic melody

A symphony of broken things

You muster your courage
Hit your knees and pray
Picking up the pieces
Hoping his tune will change
You begin an ensemble
Piecing remnants together again

A symphony of broken things

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So Nice

The last time we met I noticed
the bright red flowers in your hair,
Milk soft skin radiating through 
heaven’s gate I wanted to kiss 
your tender hand.

Knees buckling from the sweet scent 
of your perfume, our bodies locked like
falling birds, We kissed and ran as fast 
as we could like two kittens playing with 
a ball of yarn.

Landing on our feet, we walked along the 
crimson cobblestone streets, At our favorite 
sidewalk café we talked and shared this 
wonderful moment.

We celebrated life with French bread and good 
wine. It was nice to see your lovely smile remain, 
on an empty glass of wine and a bite of bread.

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You're My Light

What is this? The light I see?
That shines so bright and heavenly?
The light walked by and stole my heart
The light, that in my life became a part.
The light that whispered I love you so
The light that took my hand and didn’t let go.
The light, it wiped away my tears
It held me tight and chased away my fears.
You took my hand and said lets go!
To many places I didn’t know.
You opened my eyes to unknown things 
To different places with different themes.
But those different things mean so much
The random smiles and softest touch.
The little kisses when you hold my hand
It takes me to a foreign land.
And when your hand runs down my spine
There are so many thoughts running through my mind.
You pull me close and gently kiss my lips
As you place your hands on my hips.
And at that moment I look at you
And I see something that I never knew.
As a tear rolls down my face
I feel like I’ve finally found my place.
And next to you I stand so proud
As my heart beats ever so loud.
And every beat of my heart is for you
It tells of a story of a love so true.

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The Captain and his Dove

The Highland Princess
Berthed again
Freshwater Loch
Beautiful Highland Glen
Tranquil pined hillside
Log cabin picturesque
Captain and his dove
Lovingly blessed
As winter sets in
Snow falls so deep
This two in the warmth
In cuddled keep
Roaring log fire
Birch logs a sparking
Face to face
Their hearts a starting
The Captain stands up
And asks for her hand
As he leads her to
A room so grand
Large window they stand
Over the loch they view
He turns to his dove
Declaring, i love you
His manly hands
Undress her so
In her heart she says
Undress me slow
His dove unfeathered
Hands running down her arms
Torso caressed
Her chesty charms
Heaven reached 
His hand grooming
As he kisses his dove
Her heart cooing
Four poster bed
Their impressions are made
Moonlight through the window
Passions played
Delicious whispers 
In the ear of his dove
As they spoon together
Like a hand in a glove
Together in dreams
Heart to heart
Their next journey
A new start

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Have You Ever

Have you ever felt like you wanted to escape life?
That you just wanted to runaway
To a place where it's calm, where you can find solitude
Where you can live your fairytale?
Have you ever felt that way?

Have you ever gotten angry at time for running away and not waiting?
Ever imagined that your life belonged to someone else?
Ever thought what would happen if humans stopped pretending and be themselves
Did you wonder about travelling all around the world?
Or staring into the sunset with the one you love?
Have you ever felt that way?

Do you wish to stop time and do everything you've wanted to?
Meet back old friends, reminiscence
Did you wish for the perfect lover, family and job?
Or how about going back in time and erasing all your mistakes?
Have you ever felt that way?

Well I have
I've felt all those ways
But life is multi-coloured and rainbows only last for minutes
Love is a poison that only speeds up time 
Friendship like a story that unwinds

Well, What if today was your last day
And time didn't care?
Would you run and tell the one you love how you felt?
Would you hug you friends and shout out how much they meant?
Would you forget your mistakes and live for today
Because you knew there'd be no tomorrow?
Would you live each day as if it were your last?
And consider each day a gift and not a prize?

If only you would
You'd see the true meaning of life
You won't ever be alone, everything would be alright
Because at that moment

You would finally start to live.

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When a Continental 
Met an Oriental,.
He thought it detrimental 
To his mode of life.
But soon this Occidental,
Growing sentimental, 
Wed the Oriental,
And she became his wife.

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All Said and Done

Artist- Unknown
Hebrews 2:11 New International Translation-
Both the one who makes men holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So
Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers.

Let it be said of him when it is all done.
He came the distance to meet all men.
He first loved so we could be meek.

Seek him the one that within the
distance of it all.
Stood tall and took up his cross.
When it is all said and done,
and there are no more heroes none.

Let it be said one was true till the
Made of flesh and dwelt among us.
Not a formed concrete imitation of
a God.
Let it be said he was a living,
flesh Savior.

Let it be said and done,
Almighty God sent his Only Son
so he could gain more than one.
He is the one that died for you and me.

The distance he walked to the skull
the heavy load of his cross he
carried to Calvary let it be said
and done.

He did it for his brothers and sisters
to come.
All Hail Praises to Jesus!
The Living Savior of the World.
None other than God's only Begotten Son.

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A great nation,
Came together in a cause of separation,
Brought together a whole new way of life,
Through many struggles and fights.
Uniting the ones who believe,
It was their aim to succeed.
Making a mark in history,
To make all the others see.

Even today,
It still remains the beauty,
And the Pakistani pride,
To see my fellow friends,
Hand in hand,
Side by side.

The country was built,
So women were given rights,
People could practice and preach what they liked.
Punjab, Sind, Sarhad and Balochistan,
Are the four beautiful provinces of my Pakistan.
Lahore is famous for its beauty, food and delights,
Whilst Karachi is known to be the city of lights.
Along with its culture, fashion and tradition,
Pakistan is known to be a proud nation.
We love our nation as a whole,
It doesn’t make a difference what cast we are ,
We are united as One to go far.

The green and white,
Shows who we are,
We have the rights,
Power and might.

No matter what others think of my country,
I still love it for the name it has given me,
I am proud,
To be part of this crowd,
And will always remain,
Until the last day.

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I'll Meet You There

Don't wait for me; 
Don't waste any time-
Don't stand by me;
I'll meet you there.
Don't bother running;
Stand where you are;
I won't be lonely;
I'll meet you there.
Don't miss me too much;
We'll be together soon;
Keep going your way.
I'll meet you there.
You'll know where to find me.
It will be obvious.
I promise you that 
I'll meet you there.
We have to go our separate ways..
Two different paths we chose.
We're both going to his heart; I promise you that 
I'll beat you there.

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My Garden March 2000

I love my garden,
my beautiful place.
The perfume surrounds me,
of scented flowers abound.

There is so much love in my garden,
my special place.
where I often sit and contemplate,
the endless love of my family...encircles.

I love to sit here in my garden,
where a head full of thoughts unfold.
I love to sit in my garden,
my very special place...

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When first I saw London, it was in a book in the library
Then I came to England, and experienced its history.

The Bridges over the River Thames, like Sentinals over the city stand
While the long Buildings of Parliament lay beneath Big Ben's command.
The Palace Guard at Buckingham, who keep safe her Majestsy 
Marched so smartly on parade...and were a wondrous sight to see.

The Cathedral at Westminster, final home to Kings and Poets too
Along with Heroes of the Realm, are honored and given their due.
The bustling floors at Harrods, with all the things to buy
Finding the right one for Granny, too soon home we fly.

The imposing Dome of St Paul's, its Windows of Stained Glass
Will not be erased from memory, so long as life will last.
The Double Deck Bus ride to Picadilly or the Tube to Trafalgar Square
Where stands the Column of Nelson, rising into the air.

Standing on the deck of the Cutty Sark, with the Moth laying close beside
A trip to the Maritime Museum, and a quiet Hansom ride.
We'll not forget the Museum of Art, the British Museum, or the Rosetta Stone
We'll long remember Traitor's Gate, where Ann Boleyn once entered alone.

Within the wall of The Tower are kept the Jewels of State
Lingering still are the Memories past, of Those who here met their Fate.
Alas, we'll miss this Great City, as homeward soon we go
But it is the People we will miss most of all, the Londoners we've come to know.

Though we know not your Names, your Faces will with us remain
As too soon we fly back to our home, and oft think of you again.
These few lines cannot begin to tell, the Cherished Thoughts we keep
Of your City, your History, your People...across the ocean so wide and deep.

We hope You always will be well, in your Country on the Sea
As Friends we part your Historic Land, our Best Wishes and Prayers are offered for Thee!

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Someone very close to me has hurt me me badly,
vile words have come out of that vicious mouth,
condemning me of many unjust deeds,
am I to remain silent and defenseless as Christ...
while I'm lashed and stripped of dignity?
More bitter than a lemon, which has never enough
sunlight to sweeten the juice within it;
I have endured evil and have learned how to be patient,
not to fight back with the same viciousness.
O, hurt me again, I will not say anything...
a saint can be martyred for his belief,
but never he will be tortured in the next life!
He holds my weakened hand tightly,
giving me courage, keeping me safe; 
I look to the Heavens and glory is mine!
I am not as bitter as a lemon anymore,
forgiveness has taken long to come...
to make me realize that my agony
is nothing compared to the reward awaiting me!
Every angel smiles and welcomes me with joy;
every gate is open for me to enter freely,
and I wish that person could feel loved and be like me...
walking towards God to know how kind and forgiving He is! 

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Hurricane Katrina

Awesome power is it natures wrath
To devastate all in its path
Twisters, winds driving rain
Leaves no place to look the same
In a way as it gathers pace
Never in a human place
Hidden killer out at sea
Land urge where it wants to be
Building strength, gathers speed
To destroy any breeds
The one i recall in this worlds arena
This phenomenon called Hurricane Katrina
Louisiana, New Orleans
Was subject by one so mean
Her awesome might hammers home
We are not on this world alone
The sights viewed all around the world
Natures torture from her living swirl
To consternate these Southern Lands
The rains and winds spew from her glands
The aftermath and splatter view
Killed so many, survivors few
City blocks submerged and broken
A legacy of natures token
New Orleans Jazz continues to play
Although nature won this day
Resilient folks, awesome place
Human nature won this race
Undercover we will rise
But in mother nature we will not despise
She gives us life, we share her hope
To view her strength, we can not gloat.

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I think its unimaginable
A place on high
A place with no death
A place with no pain
A place without heartache
A place without headache
I think its unimaginable
Can you imagine?

Imagine the place out of this world
Where the spirit of God dwells forever
Where the angels sing of his Glory
Where the angels sing of his Mercy
Where there's day and no night
Where the light has an undespairing glare
I think its unimaginable
Can you imagine?

Imagine the land of complete victory
The land that's roads are paved with Gold
The land that's Mansions are separate for everyone
The land that's Love never deceived
The land of Greater and Greater Heart
The land that's made with Gates of 12 at each end
I think its unimaginable
Can you imagine?

Imagine me dwelling there with God
Where I'm of complete victory
Where the Psalms are never ending
Where I'm singing the Psalms that are never ending
Where you may dwell with God forever
Where we all spend forever as eternity ahead
Where imagination is reality
Where reality is of imagination
I think its unimaginable
Can you imagine?

Can you imagine?

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The Night So Long And Lonely

With you right behind me,
We set out into the night,
Riding thru the country,
On my brand new bike.

It is here I feel your presence,
So close as never before,
We ride in total silence,
As we start to explore.

The road is long and winding,
As we coast thru the night,
I feel your arms around me,
As you hold on tight.

I needed to take a ride,
To get away from here,
Torn up inside,
Things hard to endear.

So it is you and I,
Riding thru the night,
Going nowhere,
But feeling so right.

The animals out in numbers,
As we pass them by,
Looking at us in wonder,
But they are so shy.

There are deer and opossums,
A raccoon or two,
They think this is awesome,
Me riding with you.

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Land Of Milk And Honey

In the Land of milk and honey
where everything wears lights.
The people are perfect and shine like stars.
That is, of course why they are called such.
In the glamour you are entwined,
encircled and  enam
You smile, and Times Square fades into darkness.
You cry and Lady Liberty wipes your tears.
I could never compete
I am not a flawless beauty, nor am I an aristocrat,
so I would never be your hearts desire.
But I will sit in the audience of average people
looking on at you shining on stage
teasing me with your utopian song,
knowing that I will never be the one your longing for.
I know I'm destined to spend my life watching,
wishing and wanting you.
Beautiful, immaculate you.
Loved by imperfect, inadequate, inferior me.

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Twist of Fate

I am remembering you when it was all so good.
Simply because you will never lose your shine!
On top of your head is a radiating golden shrine.
One by one and row by row is where we all stood.

If you wouldn’t and they didn’t, then I could.
Embedded in these visions is a sight so divine.
Looking back at you or me is where I do twine.
Leaps in faith bound following us as it should.

Midnight skies speak so clearly to me,
And every Star I know and you know,
In every granule of sand it is you I see.
That’s why the Sun and Moon still glow.

It is not certain if time runs too late for anybody to wait.
If vision still serves me well I’m looking at a twist of fate.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009 

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Simple dreams

A field of grass
Beneath bare feet
The smell of rain 
In early spring
The wind that blows
Through waves of wheat
That's why I wish for simple dreams

The birds that sings at early dawn
The sun that melts the morning frost
Once shimmered by the winter moon
Now drops that dance on every roof
And wake the flowers from their sleep
That's why I wish for simple dreams

To count the stars that light the sky
To close my eyes and dream at night
Or lie beneath the rolling clouds
With intervals of shade and warmth
Nestled by a rippled creek
That's why I wish for simple dreams

Kevin D. Fix

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How wrong is the notion than having two great loves...
doesn't make a heart absorb what it immensely adores.

My natural motherland is that southern European country
kisses by the warm waves of the Mediterrean sea,
where a great empire rose and conquered others,
only defeated by the barbarians like the Huns.

My adopted motherland was discovered by Columbus,
who with three ships sailed the Atlantic Ocean confidently, 
hoping to find a route to India, the land of spices and mystery...
and he thought all along it he had found it without any loss.

The first one made a dreamer out of me overnight,
and inspired me with her breathtaking landscapes and skies;
who has ever see Mount Vesuvius throught a teenager's eyes,
and be somewhat moved by the magnificent sight?

The second one nourished my erring and poetic spirit so sensible:
seeing snow-capped mountains, green vallies and sun-drenched canyons;
there all thoughts fled to find kids playing with crayons,
attempting to draw with ingenuity images very awesome and beautiful.

These two countries are loved by me as I loved sweet mother;
the old one holds her strict religious values and the other has more realistic freedom,
not suggesting to quickly discard one, and embrace the other;
I will definitely love them both and honor their flags with the joyful beats of my drum.

How happy and grateful I am to have had these friends fulfilling my worthiness
that  daily shaped my character and broadened my avenues towards success.

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The story of Louise de Lorraine

The gardens of Chenonceau look so beautiful and bright
But I prefer to keep them out of sight
As I mourn in this room of black and white
I sit tight and wait for my love
He gave me his word and that is enough
However, my heart knows the truth and it is breaking

But I still spend every waking hour
Hoping he’ll come by
I don’t know how many days, years or months have past
But the air in here is starting to turn sour
Hopefully soon I will die
For I have cried a million tears
I speak not a word to anyone
And if people should speak to me, I do not hear
For their words fall upon death ears

I cover my walls with symbols of death
For it seems like that’s the only thing in my life that’s left
I pray every day
That God will see it my way
And end my stay on this earth
Because a life without my husband is not worth living for
Please God, when the time comes open that door
For I wouldn’t want anything more
But until that day, I will stay
And I will wait

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The Legends of The Bridge of Sighs

~Two different legends - one stating that lovers who passed under The Bridge of Sighs to kiss at the moment the sun 
set and the bells tolled would forever be in love, the other (instilled by Lord Byron) that the bridge received it's name 
from the sighs of prisoners who passed under it for the last time on the way to their execution~

Perhaps The Bridge of Sighs becomes to each
a haven or the last to bid fare well
as happiness in channels seem to reach

the prisoner, the lover's hearts to quell
A last to Venice sunsets to elate
A last epitome to wishers well

the bells to toll, a kiss and then to wait
as lovers see forever in their eyes
the buildings seem to breathe and contemplate

with curiosity to passers by
as Sargent captured blue under the bridge
so to the prisoners do let a sigh

to know full well the weight of what they did
would leave lagoons and islands with a glimpse
to execute they glide the waters bid

and lose the soothe of sunsets in a wince
as lovers pass into forever more
the other holds the key to recompense

Perhaps the Bridge of Sighs is either or
to Venice skies a promise or a curse
as under pass sweet love or prisoner

reciting under breath this very verse
as mist and darkness break under the bridge
we wait to see which one emerges first.

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Through the graceful cones of your loud speakers,
Prayers go out to Alla al Akhbar.
And like a flag waving in a prophetic breeze,
You are a blindfolded hostage weeping on your knees.
In your fair root neighborhood of Shudada,
Stryker vehicles crackle past your ancient walls,
As tanks smash through deserted homes. 
And the endless stockpiles of artillery shells,		     
The mortar rounds, rocket-propelled grenades, 
Electronics for making bombs, were simply small caches,
Left by nomadic insurgents, cells long slipped away.
But you, sweet holy city of Falluja, you will live on,
For when the foreign snipers on your roofs are gone,
You will live on as the city of mosques, city of graves.

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No Color or Relgion, Ever Stopped a Bullet from a Gun

I heard on the news
Another two are lost
That makes 206
Is there, a whatever the cost
We are there to assist
A country so reft
Inner fighting
To help the rest of the left
Guerrilla warfare
Tactically strong
Thousands of miles
Where we don't belong
The people we vote in
Would they go in their place
To show their people
Dying is no disgrace
I will never allow
My children to fight
A war so improper
A conflict not right
To show our presence
As we parade their land
A remote explosion
Blown up on demand
How can we serve
A regime so unfair
They can starve their women
Because he can't have her there
To fight for their freedom
As they fight themselves
The decision should be made
To save ourselves
The Russians failed
So now we try
Coalition troops
In daily die
The modern wars
Will always be run
No color or religion
Ever stopped a bullet from a gun

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Lingering memories, those
I yonder,
I yearn for the marvel,
As I wonder,
All emotions grasped, 
I am torn asunder,
Thoughts of mine, all squandered,
Taken by its oblivion,
 Its beauty I ponder,
Stolen away by its prolonging

In England’s streets I wander…

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To The Men That Stand Against The Dragon

The dragon is nor man or beast 
But destroys all to say the least
If your not careful its fire you will see
Every gust of wind is the dragons feed
The dragons travels across the lands
Destroying everything that it can
The dragon can settle anywhere
And get stronger with every breath of air
It sleeps in are forests hides in are fields
Waiting to be fed so are lands it can steal
And for all the fire fighters that stand to fight it alone
I salute to you for protecting my land and home
Over time many men you have lost 
Still you stand against the dragon at any cost
Protecting a wife's dreams a child's hope a mans pride
Always knowing the dragon never meets death it only hides

In memory of my father Paul Thomas who was a firefighter in Ancaster Ont
And to all firefighters that we have lost  in  the world 
And for the fire fighters that protect are lives everyday 
                                    Thank you and god bless

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Forever Roam

Into a silent valley we walk
Into a golden meadow as the birds talk
Into a wild unknown land
Into the middle of a marching band
Into the air filled with mist
Into a twirl with a twist
Into a bog consumed by mud
Into a battlefield spurted with blood
Into the ocean's billowing foam
A world where we live forever and forever roam.

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The great question

There is a place where life and love cease. Do we see this place? Can we touch it, feel it, taste it? Is it tangible? Does it matter?

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Rwanda Wrongs

In 1957, there existed a plan
To rid Rwanda of the Tutsi clan
Power they had, too much for one side
The foundation for, future Genocide
1960, the monarchy was gone
Will both sides sing the same song
Sadly not as the persecutions start
Ripping this African country apart
1973, under a new regime
Juvénal Habyarimana promised restrain
Progress and reconciliation proposed to be
For this country to unite, finally
1994, Habyarimana gunned down
His assassination, country drowns
This killing of him, the carnage starts
Population half, ripped apart
The killings horrific, no one spared
Machete slain, heads caved
Hacking, be-headings as families fall
As CNN tune in, the world appalled
The continuance, of the slaughtered tribes
Men, women and children you can't describe
Women raped, and the unborn slain
This horrific act of human pain
Most of the fallen, in their own villages dead
By another clan, they thought were friends
Indescribable to the world as our televisions show
The massacre of innocents, as we watch blow by blow
Where does it all end, can we try the same songs
How many more of these Rwanda wrongs
It appears to be a human trait
To kill each other for the sake of it

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Goodbye and farewell

How do you do justice
to the moment of good bye?
Cradled in these bosom like hills.
Held and yet free.
Freedom that allowed me.

The beach walks after tough days.
Hard words like grains of sand,
gulped into lungs;
around which pearls grew.
Pearls I now treasure
and give out as wise, love words.

That sea salted air of home
cleansing young and open soul.
The rolling waves of truth washing over me:
me a mortal beheld
and beholden.

In your homes; my friends I knew love.
By candle light the healing balm.
And in your voices true melody:
healing wounds past;
holding wobbling hearts fast.

The warmth of cups of tea,
made with care; a glimpse of eternity
showing a hope,
and lovely humility;
Teaching a young heart;
whispering love into the dark.

Those walks on hill and shore
silenced the voice of "are you sure?"
And the walks to the caverns in me,
knowing that I trod not alone.
suture in the hours of need.
cutting between flesh and bone.

When Striding, stumbling and sitting.
When smiling, writhing and weeping.
We were together in love. 
When the tears and blood flowed:
We were one.
How do you do justice
to the moment of goodbye?

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Mullet Party

I went to a mullet party
With all my rowdy friends.
And People came from far and near
Mick flew in with Lady Jane, 
Jimmy sailed in with his shaker of salt, 
Stan was entertaining the crowd
Yeah, they got pretty loud
rocking the mullet.

Ah, I love this party! 
Feel the rhythm in your feet
It's my kind of party
and I don' t want it ever to end.

Ah, I love this party!
Come and get down with me
It's my kind of party
and I don't want it ever to end.

We got thirsty, tanned ,bikers
From the open road.
Queen Mary
Strolling the dance floor
Looking for love for evermore
and Billy Ray over in the corner
with an Ackey Breaky Heart.

Ah, I love this party! 
Feel the rhythm in your feet
It's my kind of party
and I don' t want it ever to end.

Ah, I love this party!
Come and get down with me
It's my kind of party
and I don't want it ever to end.

We got cold beer to unwind,
Well endowed, hot women scantily clad,
music close at hand and Mullets
frying on an open fire.
We’re having the best time we’ve ever had

Ah, I love this party! 
Feel the rhythm in your feet
It's my kind of party
and I don' t want it ever to end.

Ah, I love this party!
Come and get down with me
It's my kind of party
and I don't want it ever to end.

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Stream Cannot Change Course

long, thin, slenderness

pathway leading to remorse

stream cannot change course.


(January 24, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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The Heights of Love

 The Heights of Love
...Oh The Heights of Love  
  The Heights of Love
Gentle Stroking
Sensous cloaking
Coming before thee Bare, Open and Raw.
Your Gentle Hands
Slide across and down my body
In tendor motion.
By The second...Going Faster 
Like A Steam Locomotion.
Gripped By Your Soft Supple Hands
Taking Me Deep...Into Your Throat
Thick Into your Body 

Throbbing rhythmicly, Pulsating Strongehold
Over My Shaft.
Truly this is a pleasure craft.
Generous with your fellatio
Thy stimulation takes thee higher
My heart accelerating, flying in delicious Passion
Ejaculate over your sensual palate and tongue
You express your pleasure
as we enter a Passion Of No Return.
The feeling mystifying, gratifying.
You tasting my Love Potion
With all your Emotion.
I thirst, crave, desire for you further
As Our affaire endures.
You have brought me to the Heights of Love
You have brought me to the Heights of Love

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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O Quebec! Do Remember Me When I'm Gone

       A man who is yet to find for himself a maiden
       Absolute success yet, is he to find.
       If a sailor on his compass, found
       A permanent route without a storm enclosed,
       Thither eternally, his route may be.
       A maiden, a sweet thing is
       And you, my found maiden of course is
       Gibraltar of America, many call thee by
       My maiden laid ashore the golden Sea,
       Yore of days, I’ve adored thee.
       Tho’ a pauper boy me
       ---------still, a string of topaz for thy neck
       In the stormy and rainy African nights
       I labored hard to inherit.
       O fair maiden of mine, I respect thee.
       A man who respects a lady not
       Shouldn’t be blessed with a lump of gold
       For he’ll never know its worth,
       When a lady,
       The unique eximious and exclusively expensive
       Heavenly precious stone
       --------he had failed to treasure most.

       O Quebec! My maiden laid ashore the golden Sea
       I’ve always dreamt of hugging thee
       Hoping when to Africa, with me you had come
       In my mud molded room,
       Behind my old raffia patched door
       --------on my new wunwuned mat, we’ll both lay;
       But now, old age is what I rapidly approach
       My head, gray hair will soon arrest
       I fear that,
       Kissing thy red lips, I may never get to do
       And lo! Marrying thee, that as well, I may never do
       But even in my heart, when in my 6feet home
       I finally lay interred,
       The memory and love of thee, still I’ll bear.

        My maiden laid ashore the golden Sea
        --------incase thy lips before I die
        I never get to kiss,
        O Quebec! Do Remember Me When I’m Gone.

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The Tapestry Of Who We Are

Thy conscious journies wistfully, 
Into The Past, 
Respnding Passionately to the present
Through this journey
The mystique of you
Erotically defined and redefined

On second thoughts is just evanescent. 
Reveal your sillouhette
Coming unto Thee
Presenting yourself over Bent Pillow
Enjoying My device
Delighting in the vigour

High on the bed canvas, your soft belly  cushioned, 
Your fingers  tremble knowing not what to do with themselves 
Forgotten dissuasion? Then wait for the motion - 
Tight rhythmic stroking, an insistent delve 
Of snaking tongues as you are taken, 
Again and again in your riotous mind, 

Forever, beliefs can be shaken 
Love Taken
Since cosseting verse hardly serves to remind. 

Now is the instant to crawl on those knees, 
You make your plea
Bent over pillows, 
You'll steal the show, 

Love of magnificent tapestry
Nothing will soften the blow. 
To Find a New Truth
Sharing complicity, 
The threads that weave 'tween us
This is the tapestry of who we are
The tapestry of who we are

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn

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Am I Truly Concerned With Reaching the Lost

The lost souls of this world—
am I concerned?
While so many without Christ
 in the wrong direction have turned???

With each day that
 passes me by...
To many of my neighbors,
 I’ve only said: “Hi!”

I’m too busy to give anyone
 part of my time...
I go to church on Sundays...
 I’ve “committed no crime.”

I’ve never led a person in
 the sinner’s prayer...
“Why should I waste my time?”
 “Why should I care?”

I know that Jesus commands 
me to reach the lost...
But I’ve never sacrificed
 what this would cost.

I know that when Jesus
 comes back again...
He’ll expect me to reach
 the lost souls of men.

If one day I plan to make
 heaven my goal!
There must be a desire in my heart
in reaching the lost soul!

By Jim Pemberton

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Its all in a Night

Her barstool has six legs,
two are hers,
it plants her to the bar
and she is blooming like spring flowers.
Drinking in the spirits
from the bottles I serve her.
The smile she wears is false,
its from the bravado she drinks.
She lives with me,
calls herself mine,
but its the bottle that is really her home.
I only visit her 
and hold her dear,
because those moments seem to disappear.
I'm laughing at her as she shakes her butt 
                     to Johnny Paycheck,
while my hands move with speed and grace,
I'm serving the rednecks, cowboys
and other dubious charactors.
The girls are trying to look like movie stars
as mine waves at me,
she is teasing her way to a free drink,
but she always comes home with me.
Its past midnight
and everyone is tight,
laughing and being fools.
I'm the bartender,
leader of fools,
mixing their delights,
I light their smokes,
laugh at the bad jokes,
listen to their problems,
fix marriages
and broken hearts.
I'm the law 
and sometimes a nurse.
The night is over,
everyone is gone.
They're satisfied,
some found love for the night,
while others will be sleeping lonely,
but medicated.
I count the money,
peel my wife out of her barstool
and go home thinking,
its all in a night here at Cleve's,
I'm really just an actor
and the bar is my stage,
because all this isn't really me.
I'm just faking it,
lingering in the shadows
waiting for something else !

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Birds are coming down to rest on the 
Burnt-out bones of Brighton Pier.
Wish you were here.

My eyes lie well, tell me you're here
With the birds, and the pier, and my bones
Are no longer lonely.

The burnt-out sun comes down to
Kiss the sea, and through the peering birds
Your voice is heard.

Birds are coming down to rest on the 
Burnt-out bones of Brighton Pier...
And you're here.

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The Filigree Tree

Presents from the filigree tree
out in the back, for you, for me
with filtered limbs to lift the air
We know it well, I met you there
A ring of broken, braided twigs
We dined on wine, and cheese and figs
and gazed beyond the silver bough
out in the back, I feel it now
Many a book was read aloud
on hazy days, without a cloud
We laughed until the flowers fell
and graced our brow, we knew it well
A thousand stars to sing at night
out in the cold, you held me tight
with whispered frost upon the air
It chills me still, left frozen there
But now the filigree tree has died
I buried it, and wept and cried
for every inch it bloomed and grew
resembled love, from me to you.


There under the filigree tree
where memory was lost and found
and made and breathed
we tethered the sky on a stormy day
and lapped up the dew from the metal moon
There under belted, velvet boughs
we circled the earth
and glistened the brow
of every moment we left to ignite
like a wound to be healed and kept out of sight
There we fell to love's embrace
a shadowed laugh
a winsome face
to sew the fabric of our time
when I was yours and you were mine...

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Narrative Of Mind Verses Heart

The moon sat so dark,
In my velvet memory.
The stars remained stark,
So complimentary.
It's here you watch yourself from afar,
The light catches your fire.
On a rooftop with razor stars,
You stare with lost desire.
You sit upon the most recent edge, 
Contemplating life...
But if you die Tonight.
I wouldn't know until the morning's light.
And though I'll fail I'll try and save your life.
But be warned,
Immortality doesn't mean never dying.
It means everlasting life.

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A Parisian Dream

Supposing she agrees to come
To Paris with me in July,
It sounds like all I've ever waited for...
So why am I feeling so shy?

Two nights in the City of Lovers;
It could be magical or a disaster,
Even the thought of spending time with her
Is causing my helpless heart to beat faster,

We could wander around the town centre,
And feel smug that we understand signs,
Making fun of the people who pass us,
As she pendantically sips at French wines,

If we happened to discover a nightclub,
And she insisted she wanted to stay,
Then all evening I'd dance with my darling,
And I'd get her back safe the next day,

She's not one to savour sightseeing,
And heights can sometimes make her cower,
But holding her hand, I'd still take her
To see the view from the Eiffel Tower,

She can act as mature as she wants to,
But I know that she loves Disneyland,
And since nobody cares to come with us,
We could play even longer than planned,

Yet beneath all this thrill I'm still worried,
And if she agrees to come, petrified,
For I know we don't share what we used to,
But perhaps I could bridge our divide?

But how can I fill the space between us
When I fear the gap is getting wider?
And how can I sleep for a moment
When all night I'll be lying beside her?

Well, I'll push those thoughts to one side now,
And concentrate on planning our trip,
I think she'd enjoy visiting the Louvre,
Though I shouldn't let this thoughtfulness slip,

And never under the Arc de Triomphe
Could I my soaring love concede,
But I'll have spent three days alone with her,
And that's enough triomphe for me.

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The Dance Exotic

 The Dance Exotic
  Marvelous and exquisite
Plentiful breasts
Stunning posterior
Shaved and soft
She is glorious
Stargazing her belly dance
Sensuous movements of the hips 
Watching her belly dance
Watching her stomach
maneuver to the melody
Arching her back
Tossing her hair
She is dancing a ritual dance for me
She is dancing, prancing for me
Kissing me with her eyes
As I kiss you with mine
You are nearly through
Following you from behind
Waiting for her to follow
It didn’t take long
Grabbing a handful of your silky hair
Pulling you close to my bosom and kissing you with passion
Soft and gentle at first
Then not so soft
Sliding my tongue down your body
Taking my time at her nipples
On her belly, on her clit
Plunging my tongue into her treasure
She tasted sweet and tart all at once
I slid my fingers into her tight body
You tense as I caress your g-spot 
Nursing on your clit
I felt her body rock
Feeling her body rock
Seeing her eyes roll in pleasure
Heard her cries of X-T-C
Your body spasms
Silken ribbons of her nectar ran down my chin
I climbed her body kissing her deeply
Letting her taste herself on my tongue
She would dance for me again 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2005 Peter LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Since I must Love

Since I must love without you
I must dumpster dive for food
and dream in ruckus rainstorms
with claps of thunder to shake me up.
Since I must love without you
I must write dark poems.
And walk the streets alone
with tattered clothes and no shoes
looking into bookstore windows
as words crumble to nominal.
Since I must love without you
I must dig a hole where the buzzards perch
by the ditch weed and hog grass rows
and thread my thoughts into the earth
as I strip-down to the marrow of my bones.
Since I must love without you.

Dean Walker

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I'd Like to Love You

I’d just like to love you but, you love to just like me.
I really want to have you but, you’d have to really want me.
We are at different places in our relationship,
So all I can do is sing about you, but at least this song’s a hit.

Seems people everywhere can really relate to this song,
About love going nowhere in a relationship all wrong.
Everywhere I sing this song the fan base really grows,
Because it’s full of music and words that they already seem to know.

Sometimes it’s a guy who loves a girl, a girl who loves him not. 
Sometimes it’s a girl who in her heart cupid’s arrow has been shot.
Sometimes they’re young and sometimes old, sometimes straight and even gay,
It doesn’t matter who they are they all hurt in the same way.

I’d just like to love you but, you love to just like me.
I really want to have you but, you’d have to really want me.
We are at different places in our relationship,
So all I can do is sing about you, but at least this song’s a hit.

People tell me everywhere that I am singing their life’s story
And wonder how I knew their feelings in all its heartache glory
Seems their misery loves my company when I sing their song
And after the first verse is nearly sung they can already sing along.

The sad thing for me really is that you haven’t even got a clue
That when I wrote the words to this song I wrote about me and you.
You think we have a beautiful thing being friends through and through
And it never clicked inside your head why I’m so good at singing the blues.

I’d just like to love you but, you love to just like me.
I really want to have you but, you’d have to really want me.
We are at different places in our relationship,
So all I can do is sing about you, but at least this song’s a hit.
So all I can do is sing about you, but at least this song’s a hit.
So all I can do is sing about you ...
But at least this song’s a hit.

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Our Exhibition Before an Ignorant Audience

The scent still lingers on my fingertips
Of days and nights and houses on fire
We are the nostalgia of nothing that tires
A metaphoric phrase amongst the most literal of days
The poise and the name will always remain
My recent awakening, a beast nonesuch
And our mothers never knew as much
A stroke, a glance, a branded touch
So we dance within this hourglass
As if time is whipping by
For we neither have such a thing to waste
Nor are the fools to turn awry
We’ll continue these weightless rounds
Our limbs contently extended and sound
Tongues that talk of shapes and escapes
Oh, the routes we’ll take

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Family Vacation

As we warm our souls,
 with the summer sun 
and refresh our spirits,
 by getting away
we share together our love
merging our characters for this 
single moment in time 
 for one another while experiencing
life's adventures as a family

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I am Home

Warmth consumes me. 
The feel of a cool breeze ignites my senses as it crawls over me. 
I can smell the sea salt in the air. 
My body gravitates towards that smell, like an addiction. 
Fiery, electrifying sand squishes between my toes, 
the gentle wind plays with my hair, 
and the sun gazes upon me as I walk toward this phenomenon. 
My eyes are entranced by the beauty ahead of me, and then I feel it. 
The rush of cool water wraps around my ankles, pulling me further into my fixation. 
A steady current guides me while my feet explore the mysteries below. 
Waves surround my figure, and I dance to their beat. 
My soul is gladly captured in the astonishment of the ocean. 
I am home.

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Walking in Chicago (Thinking of You)

So many steps you have taken
So many lanes you have run

I have followed you here too late
only to wrestle with memories absent

Brick walls echo my song
trying to brighten the morning gloom

The clatter of trucks and trains
drown out my pitiful wail

Through gardens of lavender and sage
past silent fountains and groves

Morning light finds active patrols
residents on their early watch

Treading paths behind them all
thinking that their footfalls follow yours

Gulls wander in aimless patterns 
searching for what others leave behind

Whispering in remembrance
of your generosity and flair

Purchasing each breath with a sigh
Seeing each stone through your eyes

Wanting to see your expression
at each new discovery...hoping

I keep the pace steady to meet the present
The past cannot supplant my obligations

Distances are real but the heart travels further
Still searching for that captive moment

Seeing you pass in a shop window
Industrious and steady of gait

Sparing a smile for the aged, 
a grimace for those bent on dysfunction

Could your have passed this way?
Could I have felt it somehow?

Time looms against me
Reality calls me back from where I long to be

Walking silently in your footsteps
Seeing you just step ahead.

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Inflected Speech

 Inflected Speech 
Inflected Speech 
She said “is this all that you are getting this morning” 
OH the connotations of that speech 
There is at least three interpretations of inflected speech in me. 
Eye was in the Market and the bread was spendy to me eye added peppers not 
so many seven in the bag to total out quite less the two dollars for the me. Was it 
not enough? was she the gruff store owner selling stuff or just concerned for the 
young man's anatomy the love inside the heart? Eye turned to stone and got rock 
hard and answered not. But wait it could even be just simple courtesy. 
She is not in love with me but she is a girl endowed and wondering 
at a man so poor as to buy only bread and peppers instead of meat that most 
Neanderthal sportsmen eat. Mabe just mabe she thought of me. Or like a lover 
and a wife and a mother yes eye did eye heard all that from such a young young 
woman behind a counter of command. But then she is nice to other men and 
they buy none. 
They push the envelope with me they grunt. 
Who pays for all the meat they eat they do not complete my smile or ask for bread 
afforded me eye smiled in vain to help no one today. 
My meat is added to the bread to make the table for my head the meat is meat 
you knoe not of complete. 
If she thinks me poor than t'was a miss. Amiss she is the miss. 
And now eye smile at this my poem made in jest. A test of one more day of life. 

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Ode To Marla Ruzicka

Died in Baghdad, April 17, 2005

Nothing can stop her!
Not a  rocket
or an improvised
explosive devise
in spite 
of her untimely
Just 28
and amongst 
the Greats.
Unyeilding campaigner
with unwavering faith
in something greater
than all the grenades
in the U.S. arsenal.
The greatness of love
of truth
eloquently spoken
by this petite woman.
Yet, a Goliath
in humans.
Her work
the simple act
of counting victims.
and compansate.

Marla dared 
to ask
who were 
the 100,000 plus
innocent civilians
that have died
in Iraq.
The sisters, brothers
fathers, mothers
caught in the crossfire.
They had names
faces and dreams.

We sing to you
dear Marla.
There is nothing higher
than the acknowledgment
of life
and the strife
the grieving
the loss
the pain. 
Marla sweet angel
your work
the most dignified
the most humane
of endeavors
in this
insane world.
And no one 
not the president
and his mongers
not the apologist of war
can ever
take that away.

Dean Walker

Marla was the young founder of the nonprofit organization Campaign for innocent Victims in Conflict. To learn more about Marla or show your support visit her website at

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Two A.M. Poem

I told a stranger about you last night
in a dim place
where people only need to know
the name of
what bottle they're drinking
no others really matter
all are seeking the same
its a cure
a temporary fix
after all  
who wants to be lonely tonite
the old gal I'm talking to
fancies me
I wish she'd quit rubbing my leg
she keeps buying me 
my tonic
mixed by a vixen who's shirt is too tight
she is sucking in my words
like a vampire
I told her all 
the passion and romance
all your talents
the beauty you have
how I let you down
and how you did it
without me
she ask questions
and I 
indulge in a full highlight
of your life
its 2am
the vixen behind the bar
turns the lights on
we know our time is up
the old gal and I
look in each others eyes
and she says,
I wish I was twenty years younger
you deserve better
than what you got 

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Beauty of the Maliced-Night Come to me, Wake me up Forlorn I've been for Centuries My heart beckons for the day of the thought of You Glimpsing in my dreams I see you fighting through The Iron-Gate that held me too You ordered my death in such a Beauty-Blinding way How can I refuse? The dust and sand of the desert's wane Has left myself to Blame The lust and land of the Desert's Wane Suffocated me with the forlorn days I've met you my lover I've met you my execution I've met you my Loving Shame I've met you my Salome Salome, Selfish Lover Salome, Gates of Jerusalem hold you In Salome, my Beauty The Dust and Sand of the desert's wane The Lust and Loving Shame Has left Myself to Blame I've Met You My Salome

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What gave them the Right

On this September day
From the air they came
Cowards in flight
For what to gain
Airliners hijacked
For their pathetic cause
The praise they choose
Were religious flaws
To take ones life
Is not their write
No where is it written
Or hidden from sight
A phrase i now mention
Is " The Scum of the Earth "
This chosen few
Are just not worth
Heroes and martyrs
Are they supposed to be
What gave them the right
To attack, the land of the free
What do we do
In the years ahead
Do we sit back and watch
As they instigate dread
The excuse we call oil
Is now in the past
For our soldiers will continue
To be maimed or lost
Can you imagine our countries
As they attacked on mass
The world needs democracy
We are in it, to the last

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Living Together

We moved in together,
about 2 months ago.
Sharin' a place with
someone you love and know.

It's hard paying the bills
and paying the rent.
Trying to understand,
where all of our money went.

I check the mail
when I come home everyday.
Hopin' and prayin',
that theres no more bills to pay.

We have gas,electric
and heat.
We have soda and food,
including meat.

We have water and phone,
and Cable TV.
It's so nice at night,
just her and me.

Its tough at first,
but I want to make a change in my life.
I've asked her to become my  wife.

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The book the wizard wrote part three

find the messenger and shoot
she smiles and looks art me and says
you don’t know do you?

plant the seed to take care of number one first
censor defaults of sentiments left to chance
head east head west head north head south
It makes me blind s
Save some time and ask may I go
It might save some time
Just wake up 
I feel like nothing
Nothing at all
I cant take it no more
BY E BYE baby

in the morning and know you’re doing right
Slide slide slide
May I go
Ask yourself
Chant for the ending but ask where do I start?
Would I crumble
Up or down the stairs
I’m oblivious
Such a stupid riddle

And out the door

Right or left? 
blind man leading the blind its gonna be something else 

I will survive
and in this world where I lead this brainwashed believer into the realm 
where the sucker patrol saw him coming 

Dear Jesus
Right tight left Lucy
Whispered Mary

What you’re doin to me!
I think the lambs of god are dieing
And the words that lingered slipped and fell

Because you wont believe a word I say!
So what is it like for you she asked
As long as I know how to love oh go on now walk out the door

we'll all predict his surrounding and his reality have prayers of virtues and 
poisons to discover our own brave and cowardice selves 

but the clincher is this 
every family has this book
I don’t want to miss you baby 
and the last page reveals another hidden truth sparkling
shining tired defeated 
another layer of this perfected riddle of missing layers 
and oxymorons  
stay I go

if I go I stay
If I stay I go
Coast to coast
Smooth smooth smooth
Coast to coast
My operator

Nothing at all

Coast to coast key largo
Nothing at all
Lover Boy we’re face to face
With this champagne
Shadowboxing the double crossed

around the block and method to the madness totally beaten of every 
alliteration ,made easy to hurt
this major puzzle 
is a conspiracy fast love poem and its slow masterpiece of every easy families 
hurting creation 

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The Happy Place

Mornings delight is present with the laughter of so many little children.
My street is filled with pitter-pattering little feet that are out and about.
Each home impressively stands tall with a very valid gift on this street! 
Each home esteemed by many splendorous seeds yielding viable sprouts!

Laughter and joy fills up in my air allowing the child in me to cheer again.
Little hearts pound with excitement from all that is complete and genuine.
These streets are always stirring up in sounds of my own pure innocence.
Many of my screams are carried out through many of their tiny shouts.
Their little lives engage with my own will to thrive alive on this street.
Not one shimmering smile is shaded by a stunting glimpse of doubt.

This is The Happy Place and exact with what my eyes can clearly see.
It is my place of comfort that carries me back to where I've already been!
The Happy Place holds the master key to my life of many, many things!
My warmest images are portrayed by the innocence of a child's smile.
The Happy Place holds my essence in presence of many, many memories.
The face of my own authenticity identified is what this child's smile brings.
The Happy Place is a true gift in this world freely given by a precious child.
A genuine smile dignifies my world restoring my truth purified by my honesty!

® Registered:  2009   Ann Rich

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What is Love?

The one eternal question, What is Love?
The answer some say, is from up above.
Some say it is this great feeling you get.
One you've been sensing but didn't know yet.
My love for you, will it make me feel whole,
Will I know it is true, body and soul.
There is still time for you and I to meet,
But for now, alone I'm feeling complete.
If being with you means settling down,
I've still yet to finish running around.
I have things to do and places to see,
Right now, I feel great just being me.
I have to see the world, travel around. 
Before I chose one place and claim my ground.
I know there are places that you want to see,
There will still be time to see them with me.
So, What is Love? I am still yet to know.
When we are together, the love will show.
Til then, I am happy just being free.
Til then, I am happy just being me.

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Velvet gown faceted as a gemstone

Night and day rythmic crash of the sea
Reflection of the red sunset in his eyes
Extended into the ocean from the coast 
Summer sea Spring storms biting wind
Sun on  water shone like brilliant jewels
Long dark  skirts trailing on stone steps
Rustic gown green overtunic amber silk
Long drawn breath crackle of fire glances
Distant sounds festive drums celebration

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dressed as a lady in waiting
You come unto me
In the myst of the night
The river so bright
The moon shines above
smiling on the stars
The tide roars in
almost speaking in voice
On the sand 
You approach 
Through a cloud of fog
First your legs
Then your arms as they swing
Followed by your glorious body
with a mysterious smile
You come upon me not stopping
We are engulfed
Waiting No more

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2005 Peter B. LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Six Seconds of Romance on Randolph Street

Curbside cartons serve dinner for eight,
steam rises up from a subway grate.
Bare hands numb in pockets of overcoats,
while spray paint dries on forgettable quotes.

Newspaper blankets, cardboard box dreams,
three-fingered gloves frayed at the seams.
Shopping cart wishes and .44 tears,
waiting for something all of these years.

She was outside the station, trembling and cold,
when he offered her his hand to hold.
Suddenly her face became flushed with the heat
of six seconds of romance on Randolph Street.

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The Lineman's Wife

In vision's breath
sugared frost
I see your hands
knuckles cracked
Padded coat
and eyes in tune
to every hissing
In this mind
cold signified
inside your warmth
I long to be
and waste my days
like frozen dew
never reaching the earth
In lines of vigor
pristine heat
I see you struggle 
to join, complete
and only with
this chill in the air
can I truly envision

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Just After Daylight

Pale yellow full moon
So close seems that touching trees
Still shining this morn

Touch in distant lands
Come shine on ocean water
Touch this distant shore

(For you)

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Just Look At God's Beauty

Just Look At God’s Beauty! Just look at this earth and how it was made! Think about it and the awesome beauty displayed! Just look into the mirror… And you will find… A beautiful person by God’s own design! Just look up into the stars and heavens above. God created it all and made it with love! Just look into the beautiful crystal sea. God made this all possible for you and me! Just look at how everything “fit’s into place.” We’re all here because of God’s mercy and grace! Just think about the work Christ accomplished on the cross. He died for you and me... No matter the cost! Just think about this savior who patiently waits. It’s only through him, you can enter heaven’s gates! Just think about what God has done and so much more! He is knocking! At your heart’s door! Just think about the life he offers is pure and everlasting! His awesomeness and glory is beyond our understanding! Just think about this for a moment... This very question... Won’t you accept him now? He gives an invitation! Just think about this choice. A life changing decision! Jesus will give you a new life and a Godly vision! Jesus paid it all! Your soul has been blood bought! Won’t you come to him now? He loves you A LOT! By Jim Pemberton

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Global Trot

I’m out of my mind but I am just perfect and just fine.
I went around the world and what a blast it was for me.
I’m sent with a message from a golden gate master key.
I shook I rattled and I rolled brand new maps I did align.

I founded you and I demolished you but swam like a fish in line.
I ran to and fro as I was left behind thrown forward but I did see.
It is a global trot I tell you to survive naked or dressed just to be.
And then it came to be true and real that this was mine all mine.

So I sit in the seat with no defeat.
The world goes stupid and so mad,
But I stay clean and of course neat,
It’s just a silly little one time life fad.

Pain and suffering has just about killed me and you,
Together or apart it is a world we will always renew!

®Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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with a
giant crack-
a temple for 
against Jesus'

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You've come to me, out from the time of in between
the midnight dark and where first morning light is seen,
in all the wildest dreams of me
I never thought such love could be,
but now love takes me places I have never been;

you've come to me, from dreams that only love can know
and taken me to places only love can go,
although I thought love couldn't be
so swift and sure--you were for me;
and made my life reveal things only love can show.

you've come to me, when least I was expecting you
then made my heart believe some things it never knew,
and then you took the love of me
the love I thought could never be,
and made my life a joy, as only love can do.

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City built on Sin City of Light City that never forgets --- never can forget --- Walls are meant to Defend But where are the Guards?

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If I could take away this distance
move this school nearer Denton
I'd do it within an instant
I wish that I could walk to see you
or take a minute drive
I could see you a lot more often
whenever you were on my mind
I could walk up to your front door
and ring the bell all the time
And if I did not have schoolwork
we could go out to dinner
almost every night
I could always kiss you goodnight
just pull you in and squeeze you real tight
I could be there if you were real sad
I could hold you if you felt real bad
In the summer we could take walks
and sit on swings in the park
When winter came I'd get a blanket
and keep you warm on the couch
And you could see me in my dorm
to say hello on study nights
It would be such a pleasant surprise
you would be such a wanted sight
It would be so nice to see you
It would be so nice to see you

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A Favor?

  Time is difficult to figure out.
We don't know where it starts, or where it ends,
When it's real,
And when it pretends.

   We don't realize that we want time to move,
But they are all minutes we can't get back.
Once we realize this, life is too long.
Now it is youth that they lack.

   So please, do me a favor.
Move the world under my feet,
So that I may be with him.
I know that then I can live my life in peace.

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Oh Glory Days

Oh glory days!

I'm on my way!

Ready to leave this sinful world behind!

Ready to meet my Jesus in the sky!

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Heart Strings

Childhood days are only stories to my children they are told
I found myself traveling down the old country road.
Up and down hills around the bend there it stood.
Old country house empty and bare near the woods.
Held in my hands was the skeleton key.
Childhood days came to life as far as I could see.
A water pump then there was the cold stream.
In my mind I can hear laughter and childhood screams.
There was the barn where we worked and played.
Fond memories of our animals and how we played in the hay.
There it stood the oak tree, what memories it brings.
Lots of laughter and fights over that tire swing.
Faded paint showed years of time upon the house, the porch still had our rocking 
It was the place we gathered around to complain how life was unfair.
On the corner of the porch the soft wind blows the old wind chimes.
The sound brings a rush of feelings of all the golden times.
Kitchen window was half open, fresh baked goods were always in the window 
Homemade meals tasted so good back then it was everyday no big deal.
Stepped into the house I didn’t find it empty and bare.
I felt all the given warmth and love still there.
On the wall in the hallway is the old coat rack.
Thoughts of family creates emotions came rushing back.
Over there is the stairway, where I had my first kiss.
Amazing the family, friends and childhood days that are deeply missed.
It was here my first steps and my first heartbreak of tears.
This is the place of mixture of laughter and tears of childhood years.
To you it may be just an old house; this place has my heart and soul.
I will always call it my home; it will never be forgotten, as I grow old.

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The Way

Growing up as a little girl,
Jewedism was all I had ever known.

I didn't understand much about the religion.
I only went by what I was told.

That's what they would always say.


As I became a woman,
a friend introduced me to THE HOLY BIBLE!

Shortly after that, my life started to change.
I began to feel a presence! I even started seeing ANGELS!

The more I read about JESUS,
the more I had to know!

So my son and I packed our bags,
got in our car, then we hit the road!

THE LORD brought us to Arkansas.
That night we walked through those church doors.

I accepted JESUS into my heart,
repented for all of my sins.

My past was in the past!
I had no reason to worry about anything anymore!



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Finding Love On the Streets

On the streets 
On the roads
With all of our routes 
Strangers cross
Crowds of people 
Run across to their destination
With sure obligation
Or pure confusion

All know where to go,
But where would the heart want to stop?
One of passengers could be so special
A stranger , It might seem strange...
But how much they can cause you advantage

Sometimes one can be the one to matter so much,
to such extent future life could be spent together
in harmony and happiness, a new family would gather
Within your array , memories happen.

Walking on the road , 
See that person in front
Feel your heart begin to pound?
Your chest begin to squeeze?
You cannot get your eyes if them?
If so Don't pass
Even if you do ,
 If it's meant , remember them 
Small world can pull you both together.  

On the streets on the roads
Why walk alone
If you could walk 
With the person you love.
Not always this way can be the way you Start your story , 
But if it can last a life time 
After you said hi
Why not give it a try?

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She Took me by the Hand

She took me by the hand
My heart so true and sure
She whispered in my ear
Be prepared for love so pure
We headed to a secluded beach
As we lay down on the sands
We kissed and cuddled for some time
I'm now putty in her hands

Her hands so warm and gentle
I'm like a rose graced by the breeze
We join as two on these sands of gold
Our audience, the waves and the sea

The moment as we capture
Orchestral joys abound
Our unification, our bonding souls
In this wonderful surround

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Gradma singing her passionate Neapolitan songs 
from a balcony adorned with scarlet roses...her deep voice
not a soprano's, but delightful and expressed in humaneness;
her long golden hair brushed by the summer's aromatic breeze, 
to spark a new passion in her lively blue eyes!
And has she ever told anyone about 
carrying along that secret?

When grandpa left Italy, in clandestine  disguise,
for a long, hopeful jeouney to America in the late thirties,
grandma sacrificed and suffered much;  and when the Nazis
invaded the peaceful town of Baiano,
grandma made trips to the  small mill in Arciano,
to grind grain and make her delicious bread:
encountering many dangers and fears ahead...
making her the heroine History won't recognize! 
Have the historians overlooked her incredible courage,
and let her carry along that secret?

Women  and young ladies, including grandma, adored
the handsome and fearless man Mussolini,
who resuscitated the old concept of the Roman Empire with evil ways...
manipulating the puppet' hands of the loyal Fascisti;
woe to me, if I had lived and rebelled in those dreadful days:
I would have been imprisoned and possibly been killed!
Out of grief and anger, I speak against 
every injustice and not carry along that secret! 

My uncle, Stefano, was taken to England  by the British
as a prisoner of war...a coerced man so torn;
and Emma a kind-hearted English woman ,
and a lovely nurse with an impeccable humanity,
visited him often and brought him a home-cooked dish;
someting wonderful could have bloomed between them...
but all records and details have been lost instead,
and mine rely entirely on faded pictured filled with memory!
What unthinkable steps, the dictators of this earth take, to gain
their day in an unpromising sun:  suddenly power and pride...gone;   
Hitler's land devastated by the armies of justice...
with no shot-down bodies falling into self-dug ditches! 
Powerful people could have prevented this inhumane slaughter with haste,
but  silently watched them die... carrying along that secret!

Details | Senryu | |


Hue of joy colors
Embers of past wilted scenes;
Memories relived…



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Power of Choice

Who’s this kind fellow I’m beholding @ Facebook
Wearing a very nice apparel well-fitting for a Val Day’s
Am I a genuine brother to this good-looking lady
And hence where’d we quickly get to, to unite, 
Exchange some few words, and say a dedicatory prayer?

If we’d planned to get to a brothel house some inmates 
There’d come fast to us,

Why not forget all your norms, all raging storms
Get set your tents with some little cents, take these condoms
And wildly explore through whoredom?

Surf with gently your web browser, launch deep, find ex-friends 
Without measure, Oh the pleasure, the thrill, just enjoy the 

If we’d decided to get to the mosque, lo a most happy welcome
There’d await us; we’d get some water, wash our hands, our ear-lobes,
Our legs
We’d get in there with our earnest songs and prayers,
But remaining in separate quarters there’d be our sole choice
And too difficult a solemn task.

If we’d agreed to get to church ushers there’d smile with us
We’d hear the din of Jesus’ disciples who told the violent 
Blind man to live in silence, they might see us in a panorama 
Our blessings would seek to grab from us like clear manna, 
Distract our attention, retract our petition
While to God we express our real penitence;

And here do we stand to affirm our hearts desire
We wouldn’t relent in efforts our gifts to present, 
We’d call upon Christ, and surely get out from the mire.
We wouldn’t stay here long to stain the excellent aroma, 
On our gold, our frankincense, our myrrh.

As joy and gladness are partners together
May our friendship last forever; these two virtues may
We never miss: Hold my hands my dear, grant me a hug
My beloved, but I need on my cheeks first a holy kiss.

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She Sees Butterfly Dreams

She closes her eyes
And dreams away
Off her man overseas
In a foreign country

She prays for his safety
And the flag that he serves
To do their job and come home
It's what they all deserve

She knows of the dangers
But her heart remains strong
Back in her arms
Where he will always belong

She hears on the radio
And she views on the news
Another patriot lost
Their country all solemn and blue

She lives day to day
For that moment to come
On Edwards runway he lands
For she knows she will run

She will sleep tight tonight
With her butterfly dreams
All loving and tender
For into his arms she will stream

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A visit in Munich, Germany

What a sight to behold! A home to immigrants,
a spectacular city rolled with a wealth of arts!
predominantly Catholic with its many facets
its historical resonance and genesis of existence.

While it’s a welcome contrast from other countries,
there’s evidence that it’s replete with triumph and fall;
just after Bolzano, Trento, Rovereto, Verona Porta Nuova, 
Peschiera del Garda, Desenzano della Garda-Sirminione and Brescia.

That from Milan Central Station the train arrives in Monaco.
Indeed, I was so impressed to see the main city
its combined history and culture; a satisfaction
just on the horizons they gave me an enormous impression
to the so-called civilization that München defines its soul.

Churches can be found almost in every corner
with their baroque or lavish rococo architecture, 
some artifacts and gothic designs in some parts
in the eye of the beholder, they’re indeed a treasure.

People from all walks of life converge at the epicentre
the bustling footpaths, crowded shops and restaurants
with families from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Pakistan
Asians or other Europeans in common desire
this place holds a promise for future and families.

Germans in general, love to drink and hang out with friends
a place like Hofbräuhaus where huge crowds can be found
a good description, the best picture to recall.
Deutsch, the language spoken but difficult to learn
gave me an impression of its beauty in articulation.
With their conventional greetings like in many other cultures
respect is the by-word along with courtesy and reason.
like the Olympic Park, Marienplatz, Nymphenburg palace, 
English Garden, Königsplatz and many other sights
They’re beautiful places steeped with history and connection
to the people of München who love their own culture.

I may not be keen about other European cuisines
however, as  a person drawn to taste them all
with a sweet tooth I couldn’t resist a typical German version
of the American pancake served in the morning
kaiserschman, its name and it’s common to all.

Details | Ode | |


His legendary name will be immortalized
in America's books of history,
and his bravery and heroism 
always remembered by us:
the biggest heart driven
by an immense generosity!

When rushed into the thick smoke,
his searching eyes shone 
even brighter than the clear morning;
the danger ahead
could not keep him
from saving people trapped in strairways,
people who wailed and waited
in the tower's darkness!

He left behind an indelible legacy,
to let all see what he truly loved;
to inspire them with motivation
and he never was afraid to show affection,
or his unique side of humanity:
that's what he fervently believed!

John,even this total stranger
proudly calls you by name
for having been so brave;
a mother, a father, a son,a sister or friend
who didn't lose anyone, because of your deed,
remembers you in prayer:
and I, a total stranger,related by blood,
praise you in words that'll never grow old!

John,you may be invisible to all,
but your presence is still felt by us;
your handome sons and lovely wife grieve,
but their grief has turned
into something wonderful:
a duty that has been fulfilled
by your call and sacrifice;
a destiny willed by God!

If everyone judges an individual only
by what one has achieved in a lifetime:
you were one of the truest heroes of our time,
who has left his mark on this twentieth century;
and if anyone doubts you did all that,
your devotion can testify and reject that!

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Home Is A Home

Home is a home...
Where family keeps love
Georgia is not my homeland
But...I'm home now

Details | Quatrain | |


I have many qualities and talents 
that make me popular and likeable for my kindness,
and unpretentious gallantry;
ask me if I'm blue-blooded like the gentry!

I exist for a purpose and I intend reveal my cause;
honesty and shrewdness will guard me against errors...
do weeds grow in a well-maintained and embellished garden?
A grubby garden attracts gloominess, mine appeals to sunshine!

I have traveled down rough and dark roads,
grabbing the attention of bad-wishers,
who handed me gooseberries, not gorse;
it was a clumsy course swarming with rocks and thorns!

I exist for a purpose that puts fear into my unseen enemies,
who grumble and judge more than the-assumed-righteous-ones,
they are obsessed with their perfection and like to impose it on me;
but do they know that I control my destiny by spinning my fortune' wheel?

My belief is not to accept anything of worthless beauty,
I love to hide myself in the grain fields,and shake their stalks...
to celebrate a harvest more bountiful than sunflowers;
and I imagine myself gorging on fresh-baked bread daily!

O golden grains, your seeds satiate many that earn their hard living,
saying grace at God gives them His blessing;
and those hands that cut the husks off are much detested   
by the elite with a feeling of inferiority and a lack of gratitude!

I exist for a purpose to bring glory to the Heavens,
that magnificently dazzle upon me in times of desperate need;
pity is an unacceptable word whenever they attempt to make a deal;
I change no direction and try not to fall into the trap of moral weakness!

 Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Rhyme | |

Have You Taken The Time To Let God Know

Have you taken the time to tell 
God how much you love him?
He is awesome and there is no greater
power that's "above him"

Have you taken the time to tell
God how thankful you are?
The one who formed the earth,
the heavens and the stars...

Have you taken the time to thank him for his grace?
His beauty and glory are seen all over the place...

Have you taken the time to meditate
on his words given?
The Bible needs to be the direction
for the way you're livin'!

Have you taken the time to think
 about all that he's done?
You're here today because
of the sacrifice of his son!

Have you taken the time to think
 of his beautiful creation?
He rules above all kings, presidents, or any nation...

Have you thought about the planets
in the heavens above?
All that we can see is a reflection
of his power and great love!

Have you thought about the relationship
 this God wants with you?
He's waiting to come into your life.
What will you do?

Think for just a moment of heaven's
special invitation...
Won't you accept the Lord 
and his free gift of salvation.?

Think about God's gift of life that is
offered to you and me...
Christ can change you and give you life abundantly!

By Jim Pemberton   

Details | I do not know? | |


                                           Let freedom ring
                                           Far and wide
                                  Carry old glory by your side
                               If you want to be a part of it all
                            Hold your head up ,and stand tall
                            Take a stand,be proud of your land
                             Obey the law and be true
                           And honor,the red white and blue.

Details | I do not know? | |

Rhoda in the sky with diamonds

i see you in lavender
bathed in my kisses
i look for my Mrs
and look to the sky

something then beacons me 
i answer quite slowly
the girl in pajamas
is asking me why

hills never end
where does ocean begin
and pillows lay down
when we sigh

where is the truth
when we dream in our youth
and hope for the best
and besides

where in our sin does sin stop pretending
and offer the reason why
why is the truth of no longer good use
when love is the reason why

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Antique Store Find

A wall of printer's blocks, in rows, in ink, in metal, wood
Jumbled letters, thoughts exploded, chaos in unsteady line's eyes
with dusty vacancy slots formerly spelling: "I love you".

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Amber Leaves

Amber leaves drifting seaward,
floating home downstream to you
where yellow moonbeams dance
upon your windswept shores of blue.

And how I long to gaze
into the depths of your Atlantic eyes,
cool and icy blue,
wouldn't Newman and Sinatra be surprised?

But I'm a million miles away,
drowning in Lelystad rain,
dropping amber leaves into the sea,
wondering when I'll be home again.

Details | Ballad | |


The insatiable passion 
inside our blood, out of control,
flowed quicker than a waterfall...
made us profoundly intense;
that determination, not to waste moments,
was affirmed by our earnest intention!

Where will I find pretty Monica?
She can't be replaced by witty Erica,
who forces me to forget...
until there'll be no memory left!

This sky was so crimson and cloudless,
a reminder of those evenings of tenderness;
now this boring rain pours down on that maple tree:
erasing everything we wrote on its bark;
and it even glowed like a star throughout the dark,
inviting us to spend a night...drifting in a dream!  

Where will I find pretty Monica?
Even the beautiful face of Angelica
doesn't offer me hope and consolation; 
she truly was the perfect woman in all creation!

I speak of a name so unheard by others,   
and foolishly fall into the stranger's arms...
those cold arms that can't make me feel comfortable;
I cry out  words that seem impossible
to be said in silence with certainty,
because nobody wants to hear them...except me!   

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The Louisiana Lantern

There’s A Lantern in The Window of A Louisiana Mill
There’s A Lantern in The Window, ‘cause All The Water, Spilled
Into Basements and Stories of Houses on That Road
And People Rushed Up Here, in the Power Overload

There’s a Lantern in The Window, of A Louisiana Mill
It’s the only Glow out there… Shining from a Muddy Hill
It’s Shining down on People, Passing by in Crowded Boats
It’s Showing all the Cars and Trucks, Stuck or Afloat…

It’s Showing All the Neighbors, Hanging on Their Roofs and Try
To Hold and Calm the Kids; Waiting for Helicopter to Come By
It Showed Us, Little’ Janie and Her Rag-Doll, Didn’t Make It…
Lord Have Mercy… It Showed, Her Mama Couldn’t Take It ! ….

Now, The Lantern’s Blinking so Much… Like It Just May Go Out
‘Cause It don’t want to show Another Body, Laying About !
… It Faintly Flickered … the Resumed with All Its Might
… Looked at Our Hopeful Faces and Tried to Give Us Some Light

There’s A Lantern in The Window, of A Louisiana Mill
We’ve got to keep It Lit… and Believe that It Will
Show Us The Reason, Why We Must Go On …
… like That Louisiana Lantern, In The Window … Burning Strong

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We Will Remember Them

Dying for Freedom
American and British soldiers
Will be remembered


" Dedicated to the losses our countries are taking to fight for our freedom "
                                 Haiku or Senryu matters not

Details | Light Poetry | |


Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow but an easier path to to follow dowm a lonely 
dark road. A road that the heart did not deserve, a heart that would easily serve  to 
every curve, groove or bump in the road. The bump in the road can build but 
instead it killed the burden beast.

The burden beast has gone east in search for some ease. Ease please,the this 
aching heart of mine. Relieve this pain and soothe the tormented mind.

Rejection is not the path that is not the less traveled ; but a road that many will 
travel, a road that will be travel again and again.

Will this pain ever end and will I ever win on th a road less traveled?

Details | Ballad | |


Spellbound by the shimmering moonlight by the silent lagoon,
the oldest witness to every lover's secrets in enchanted Venice,
whispering soft words, afraid of being stolen by that stranger
who could be a wanderer or an intruder...
the dry leaves, beneath the drooping pine trees,
will crackle if he attempts to hear them too soon!

Moments lived into a silver night,
when the narrow streets are empty and dark
and the gondolas rest at the quite docks,
are as magical as the warm glow in these cheerful eyes;
and if our hands seem so frantic,
our quick thougths may be less romantic!

Following the trail of the ascending moon,
how loneliness is detected in her glance...
if we stare at her melancholic face!
And should we bring her a little comfort
by singing her the tune of a lovely song,
but how long will her presence loom?

Moments lived into a silver night...
are wonderfully remembered through a lifetime,
even more than that one unforgettable kiss...
while the gondolier rows the gondola through the canals
of a city that still withstands the fury of tides;
will another city be as beautiful as this?

We'll die before Venice will completely
disappear into the Adriatic Sea...
so let's cherish these moments of ecstasy,
and leave something to remember us by;
I'll write the words and the melody,
and you will sing it to her sweetly!

Moments lived into a silver night... 
linger among these strong and old walls of Venice: 
where the legendary Marco Polo slept, 
where ordinary and famous people wept;
fall asleep on my chest and feel the sea-breeze,
by morning we'll be awaked by a brilliant light! 

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Find places for meditation,
a strawberry path leading
to mysterious backwoods;
hear the woodpeckers drill through bark...
how frightening they are at dusk!

Meet the jolly woodscutter
gathering the fallen trunks
of cherry oak for a winter's fire...
or for furniture like coffee tables and desks;
have you ever seen his fine workmanship? 

Find places for meditation
on a breezy shore in early evening,
marvel at the spectable 
so radiant and soothing, quenching
your spirit as woodwinds start a quadrille!

No witless clown is allowed
to spoil the fun of beachgoers, humor pravails
and draws crowds to the boardwalk;
catch the glow of wonder on every kid's face...
as those clowns amuse them and deliriously laugh!

Find places for meditation,
in the quitest cathedral or chapel to revive your entity,
and prayers murmured by the soft-glowing candles
renew your belief and trust in the Almighty...
in such a holy place, angels are found by the thousands!
Extreme peace overhelms your thoughts of victorious love
exulting in the vespers' hymns played by the loud organ
above the incense-burning altar of glacial marble;
humbly pray and flee incertitude and damnation...
the incantation is being broken and incapacitated by your will!

Find places for meditation
by a calm river feeding its waters to the distant sea,
making your vessel of hope reach it's destination;
someone will wait to board it and start a stupendous dream;
and dream you must to end your string of defeats!

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Curve Balls

Funny how life 
throws you curve balls, 
once you haven’t signed up for…

Who says I want
to reminisce
about our past?

Who says I want 
to revisit places that hold
so many memories, 
some happy, some sad... 

I'm so ready
to move on, in
 fact I already did…

Why take me back?
To things and places 
that were... 

Curve balls sucks, 
don’t you want yours back?
because I don’t need it… 

I'm not looking back; 
my life is ahead of me, 

with new adventures 
and new challenges!! 

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In Thy Father's House

come on come on get up
it will be worth it
for there is a King in you
in this spiritual love
the love of confession

in thy Father's house
in thy Father's house

come on come on high lift Him
cry no more
for Jesus is love
through the power of Christ
hail to the word of power
the power in thy house

in thy Father's house
in thy Father's house

come on come on I'm ready
bring in the noise
for it sounds so beautiful

come on come on let's dance
dance to His grace
for there's no one better then you
in the sanctuary

in thy Father's house
in thy Father's house

Details | Dramatic monologue | |


I can't forget so I toss and turn but I can't escape what's forever playing in my 

I can't let go so I do things and say things because I can't accept being told no.

I can't think straight because my thoughts are twisted up in knots and since it's 
all your fault I don't sleep and stay up late.

I can't move because every time I do, I keep going to the same old places and 
that's bad news since all those places I discovered with you, so what am I to do?

I can't die because that's too easy for me and I need to live beyond my memory 
and walk - no run to reality - without you.

I can't stop breathing, though each breathe hurts beyond the moment, but since I 
must breathe to live and live I must - I relive the best part of all this because I 
need to do this for me.

I can't hold helplessly on so I must reclaim my dignity - not so you can say you 
helped me - but to prove once and for all that I am strong.

No, I can't and I've said it before but believe this time it's fore sure. I know that's 
true - for a long time we've been through-  but I refuse to go crazy so I must move 
on and be over you, but I can't.

Details | I do not know? | |

Our House

Empty halls
staircase silent
without a painting or portrait
To enliven the solitary walls
A house without occupant
Voices not heard
Gables and pointed peaks
not welcome for any lonesome bird
It was built from long ago hands
Several generation before
Antiquated WELCOME ALL YE sign
posted on the century door

during the present age
It became unoccupied(or devoid of)
The absence of conversation
A Milieu,filled with family and welcomers
Laughter of the little children
who have left this house(or aboad)
A sad reminder of Yesterday that is gone

Everything is silent around
The plaster and cement
Not a Memory(or a house member)to befound
Once surrounded with pride and hope
Momentos of treasures that emcompassed a spectrum scope

The house asks herself this:
Patiently quiet and somber through the day
A last echo outstretched,
quickly fading away

This standing foundation
A once lived-in urban dwelling
breathes no more
No one is around any longer
to hear
Embrace the briefest air
which,sad to say..
has evaporated today

Every now and then
I drive down to Boston suburbia
and gaze every so often
at my birth place now at rest


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Pass It On

a piece of bread
is what god had said

take it for it is I through the body of Christ
now to me that is quite a sight

as it lays amidst 
my hands tonight

for I often think of my brothers and sister in africa
and often think of them not being tucked in their beds

I often think of their innocent children 
who are lying dead

and I often keep thinking
of what God had said

so tonight I come to 
share my wine and bread instead 

with those others who may
have not been watered or fead

as my tears start to now shed
and start flowing beads of red

for it's the blood of christ
lost during his plight

so as I stare at this cup also tonight
I sip and pass it with being so polite

to my brothers and sisters in christ
for it leaves me feeling sheer delight

Tribute To Our Lord

Also Entry To Sami Al Khahli's
A Piece Of Bread Contest

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One Day Soon

One day soon,

You'll come for me,

and I will fly away!

To a place of Heavenly Bliss,

I will finally walk through those Pearly Gates!

I'll see my Father,

and all of His Glory,

and all of my loved ones

who went Home before me!

I'll walk and talk

with my Lord and Savior,

Jesus Christ,

and live with Him for all eternity!

One day soon Lord,

one glorious day,

You'll be coming back for me,

and I will fly away!

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Runaway Day

Tickets? Two,
On our runaway day 
To the capital.
To these streets,
We are strangers,
So my hand and your hand can
Mesh, quite happily,
Being blatant companions
For a while.
Oh, nothing can cancel
My smile today,
And it’s clearly contagious, 
Yours caught from a kiss.
These skyscrapers shade us,
Keep us secret,
Keep us safe.
Lovers? Two.
One runaway day 
Will be our last.
Can we, shall we,
Run away
And stay away?

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God's Kingdom

As Children we are taught to know
When Our Time on Earth is Done,
there is A Most Beautiful Place
where Our Father's Only Son,
will come and take us by the hand
Straight to Up Above,
where we will spend Eternity
with Angels filled with Love.

This Place it is called Heaven,
It's God's Kingdom up there,
There are No More Tears or Sorrow,
No Pain, No More Despair.

For God has filled This Place
With Love and Magic from His Grace,
It Fills His Heart with Happiness
to see us in This Place.

For God loves every one of us
and that's why His Only Son,
Will take us by the hand,
When Our Time on Earth is Done.

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The Nihilist - Five: Dog-Tired Days

Parallel went the universe someplace along the line
When autumn French-kissed winter with tongues of leaf and ice;
The lamp-posts dripped drab amber with a dark and dreary shine,
A devil's brew of garnished sleet, elemental egg-fried rice.
Night caved long and colder as day fell short, sedate,
And I felt somewhat older, in my heart a dying spark;
Crying out for love rekindling to alleviate the fate
Of departing in pitch-blackness and returning in the dark.
Tedious treadmill grinding as the Christmas pines were sawn,
Down in the valley decorations sagged and popped and spat;
Sizzling bulbs of neon death, ramshackle and forlorn,
Greeting cards from no one close had piled up on the mat.
My eyes blurred red and jaundiced in a fiery bourbon haze,
Well-past midnight I still sit and hungrily imbibe;
Toasting all the ghosts I knew throughout my dog-tired days,
On glitzy wrapping clawed the wishes I wished to inscribe.
Never has the relevance of nothing meant so much,
The face of unrequited love recedes in mist and snow;
The angels on the Christmas tree bestow no healing touch,
Pull up the covers, settle down, there's nowhere left to go…

Details | I do not know? | |

Control yourself

Moving faster, your hands are touching me everywhere and I just want you to do things to 
me that I ain't never seen. Oh baby don't stop, I feel my clothes jumping off it's like a 
maragoround and i'm screaming control yourself. Oh baby your kissing me, got me on my 
knees shouting baby please slow down your moving too fast. You know just what buttons to 
push on me, you know what makes my body weak. One touch and I get really stupid, Oh don't 
you know what your doing to me? Control yourself I try to tell my body but it's no help 
boy you got me excited and I can't stop not until i'm finished what you already got me 
started. I want this so bad, hopefully my mom won't find out. With that thought I push 
you off I thought I had more self control. Oh but you smell so good. I know you would do 
my body good like milk.I smile and hop off but I know all the while, your watching me 
walking away whispering this isn't over.

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Gentilly Clouds

Love comes in colors
and April
(dressed in 501 blue rain)
chases winter
and her guardians of the heart.
Blackred roses bleed
through a cornerless sky
and lovers hide their eyes
from the hot pink iridescence
of it all.
Painted horsemen
canter by in full regalia,
flagwaving to the brokenhearted.
Black and white rainbows
and grey days fade
into technicolor dreams
and neon nights.
My canvas,
your landscape.
Still life moves
from a palette of pastels,
reflecting in your eyes
the color of Gentilly clouds.

Details | Free verse | |


Money and fame are sought with greed and desire;
and a desperate soul is willing to give all that it has gotten
for that golden moment to hear the praises bestowed upon...

Be free, feel younger and live longer, discard the obsessive impulses of want;
your jewelry,your wardrobe, and the noticeable looks of false happiness...
look around yourself, why do the common people have more fun and love themselves?  

And the riches can offer anything, a villa overlooking glamorous Hollywood,
or even allow you to purchase a palace, where Kings and Queens dwelled in solitude;
when each need is fulfilled, your possessions become a burden, rather than a relief...  

"Be free, feel young and live longer," is a wish for great news to come;
happier days without monotony, to soak up the warmest sunshine on an exotic island,
jubilantly open your window on life, to admire and love what you never thought of...     

Why worry about thieves and even close friends you can't trust,
works of arts must be hidden in volts with unusual combinations;
you go to bed worry-stricken, and rise with a malcontent sentiment too intense...  

Be free, feel young and live longer, and into your fate's absurd demands don't give in;
indulge in the simplest pleasures that make life less stressful, nonetheless more livable,
wealth relies on fortune for abundance, but not on the strength of your-inner-self...

Details | Pantoum | |

Benefits To Living To Be A Centurian

One hundred and seven years old Wok Kundor from Malaysia
Needs her lover to be her savior
Married Mohammed Che Musa who was seventy years younger
After four years of wedded bliss in rehab does sit because of his hunger

Needs her lover to be her savior
From her forlorness, empty bed and reason to live her life superior
After four years of wedded bliss in drug rehab does sit because of his hunger
She's afraid when comes from rehab he'll reject her for one younger

From her forlorness, empty bed, and reason to live her life superior
Married Mohammed Che Musa who was seventy years younger
She's afraid when he comes from rehab he'll reject her for one younger
One hundred and seven years old Wok Kundor from Malaysia

(Saw this article on MSN about this lady who said that after 21 failed marriages that if this 
young man rejects her after coming from rehab that she will marry again.  Another article 
about a lady from Asia somewhere was the same age and was seeking a husband who was 
young enough to care for her because her nieces and nephews were too old to care for her.)

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My Summer Love

The sound of airplanes in the air
And sprinklers ticking everywhere
The sun upon my freckled face
Watermelon juice on my chin

Clouds in shapes of animals
Neighbors tending fresh cut lawns
Snails to search for in the shade
Hours to dive and swim

Playing hopscotch in the street
Tromping around in my bare feet
Dragonflies all over the place
My hair blown in the wind

The Winter is my acquaintance
The Autumn, my splash of color
The Spring, she gives me flowers
But the Summer is my friend.

Details | Couplet | |

Half-forgotten Song

Before I go, my love, before I go,
     could we together watch the afterglow?

It won't be long, it wouldn't take too long
     to you I'll be a half-forgotten song.

Now let us watch the slowly setting sun,
     so soothing sweet, though end has just begun,

so brightly beaming, yet, so sadly sighing,
      the day's farewell and now the light is dying.

Behold, my love, the sweetly seething sky,
     the blazing burst of colors draws a sigh.

The flaming purple clouds float by on high,
     the sun's farewell and now, my love, goodbye!

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |


I do remember myself in my childhood -
The time which outran soon,
Just as a lonely ray -
In a night without the moon.

I do remember going to the fields -
Which remained flooded with pond water,
And watched  the cows going with their tilted head,
From beneath trees as the 'drops. dripped on the bower.

I do remember the playful fights -
With my little friends each with weakened might,
And it was love of course
Which was bond's source.

I do remember playing in the mango grove -
Along with some of my dears.
And when it went long-
I was moulded with punishment fears.

I do remember my grandfather-
Who with his stories
Made my heart as light as a feather
And still it was for nothing could I miss either.

Most of the sibling stage hath passed by-
Mothers's love ,fathers strength are amongst the left few;
My cousin too hath remained and he-
Is amongst the smoked hives left bee.

Like a lonely boat in ripple-less water-
Like a beakorn in a moonless night-
I would like to cherish them rather
Losing them like a ray of light.

Details | Free verse | |


I pine for the reigniting of our flame
The chance for us to once again share
Intimate walks along Lakeshore Drive
And listen to the daily heartaches
Of one another face to face
I yearn for the feel of your embrace
To seek asylum In your beautiful demeanor
As it eases the restless traffic of my mind
I long to relive the nostalgia 
That shows its face
Every time I see a glamorous show of lights
It all brings me back to you
I am ready to mend my broken promises
Of dropping in from time to time, Of staying
I await contently gazing 
At one another through daybreak
Not even letting the awe 
Of a Lake Michigan sunrise
Detract us from each other
Chicago, I’m already with you.

Details | Ode | |


Today is the saddest day of September...
to commemorate the horrible attack on America, 
the serenity in the untroubled sky 
reflects the calmness of that memory not yet
laid to rest by us, who are still writing a memoir;
flowers and prayers are the sublimest ways of comfort
that give us a sense of sought consolation...while
bagpipes play the beautiful hymns of America! 

These devastated hearts silently shed tears...
like a torrential rain, waiting for a rainbow
to appear and release the intensity of our pain
to the bright and wonderful colors of hope,
the promising colors after a sudden transformation,
which gave a new meaning to determination:
to turn a tragedy into triumph and losses of lives
into a monument outlasting time itself...
to gleem over our sadness when they pierce like swords!

Today is the saddest day of September,
remembering the infamy of the vicious enemies,
who themselves perished amid concrete and steel
for having believed in a mortal, deceitful creed;
revenge,not compassion ran into their vile blood...
what kind of reward will they received from their god,
if  they never had love for Mankind or themselves? 
The fury they inflicted upon us,sparked in us
extraordinary acts of kindness towards 
our kindred...unable to ascape from that fiery hell!      

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Music Hall Funk

 Music Hall Funk
  The moon has risen
Venturing down a dark London back alley
The night is misty

In the far off distance
Hearing music
....people playing
....people singing
....people dancing

It is a music hall
down a cobblestone street
Slipping in the side door
The music overtakes me
....into a fierce dancing beat

Noticing two ladies by the bar
checking me
Playing to them and dance increasingly seductively

They are coming upon me
The dream has begun
The fantasy...Set in Place
....The dance we will make
....The future is ours is to see
....The future is ours to take 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©1998 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Lovers On The Bridge

lovers on the bridge
watching shallow river flows,
two birds on the ground

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Another On The Way

Seemed all was perfect,
in her carefree world,
an only child,
this perfect little girl.
Spoiled to perfection,
nothing she lacked,
a life to dream of,
everything right on track.
Graduation came,
the top of her class,
the gifts were many,
and so much cash.
She told her father,
I want to be a nurse,
but there is something else,
I have to do first.
So she joined the service,
she wanted to serve,
all her friends thought,
she didn't have the nerve.
Up in the ranks,
she started to climb,
such a caring person,
so hard to find.
Then overseas,
she had to go,
her future about to change,
but how could she know.
Into a hospital,
to check some charts,
she had no way of knowing,
someone would capture her heart.
When their eyes met,
she knew it was love,
a feeling like no other,
sent from above.
Now her father,
is tickled pink,
his baby's coming home,
wearing a ring.
Now she is busy,
nursing all day,
the twins are a handful,
and another on the way.

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Then land of rivers is my motherland –
I love her greenery even her sand!

In every season she wears a new dress
And of course she changes her mood to impress!

Her air of villages is so fresh
Anyone will love my Bangladesh!

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Baltimore City

No Love in childhood, it's understood why we love our hood, 
Raised by the village so I feel it,
Afeni says a child needs knowledge in the realest,
Everyones a teacher, so I listen to hear it, 
Keep my ears to da street, cuz it speaks as it rots, 
wit drugs and cops, posin mixed wit rock, 
On my Block, You either survive or get knocked.
This Man we call Tube Socks, Lives outside 711, 
wit a sign that says waitin on heaven,
Cant give um cash, cuz hes on crack, wonder why he gotta be like that?
Sometimes I just stare, wonder why hes there and Im here.
It was tough growing up, I saw to much to soon,
Seven years old open the curtain in my room
see a gang out back, always said I'd never be like that.
But life changes like a river,
and I became a fiend for the liquor,
Get high and Prophesize while smokin da swisher. 
Don't think I'm a saint, cuz I'm just a sinner,
I see da bigger picture, its all connected, 
Im to young to understand it,  but I try and respect it.

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Fire and Water

Wild Mountains
Cool Breeze
Wild Woman
Your Fire Powerful
My Waters just as strong
Will your Fire put out my waters
Will my Waters douse your flame
The challenge is yours to accept
Fire and Water
Two Passions...Powerful
when married as a force
Are you the one I am to explore
of the least of these? 
The one who will understand my passions
and my actions.
Wild Woman
Firey Woman
Let me douse your flame
Engulf yourself in my waters
Engulf yourself in my waters

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Kings and Queens

Sun dappled shadows
Reflecting spirit’s form
Moss covered standing stones
From afternoon still warm
The kings and queens of yesterday
Yet hold the evensong
Prayers for peace prosperity
A right for every wrong
With every war that has been fought
Upon these sacred grounds
Run fast the blood of future lives
And yet the drum deep sounds
Calling soul to hold a place
Upon the earth still fair
Stay the sword for truce by might
Lends your grace to bear
A heart that bleeds for all life held
Within the hands of fate
Behold the truth where patterns meld
And time she runs too late
The past and future meet as one
Where power thickens still
And stately folk are seen at night
Still gathered on high hill.

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Tender Heart

I long to see you       become forever well
filled with life and happiness  that from which we fell
I love you for the character               things in you I see
the unpolished gems you contain    your inner quality
I see your desire          and searching to be loved
your tenderness to the prison   there what you dream of
I've considered the places       where your mind does dwell
the heights you have aspired       but far from them fell
I see into your inner core    not just upon your face
the mind residing in you    that your soul encase
I love that you know      you can count me a friend
and your confidences           I'll keep until our end
I know those places      where the hurting went
with childhood abuses         were treated with contempt
I know how criticism         did with anguish fill
and how the remains        are in there living still
I have seen you alone     crying in the night
with no one there       to say it will be alright
you put on a brave front     as we all display
but despair rides your soul     each and every day
And there did I see  beauty    that lives you within
the part you have protected                 from violence of men
from the words and deeds      from their actions cruel
dispensed by those ignorant           the unthinking fool
But I am only human          can only see a little part
the results of mankind's thoughtlessness                 effects upon your heart
so little comfort can I impart             that effectively touches you
until the Son of God                  his love on earth will do
Just know you will always   be within my thought
though not there present               you're in my mind allot
I'll look forward till next I see you       and look upon your face
wrap my arms around you     hold you in my embrace
Know that your sorrow         Gods intends desist
through the only Kingdom         these governments resist
those who hurt others       will become restrained
until the hearts of men                                can become retrained
These are the promises   that through Christ will come
that which resides in heaven        his will on earth be done
and not another soul   will ever hurt your heart
for Gods promise is             that Love          will never you depart
COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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You loved your Albuquerque
The enchantment it fulfills
From down along the Rio
Up to the Northeast hills
And the lofty Sandia Mountains
With their watermelon hue
But when I think of Albuquerque
I’m thinking dear of you

I could have stayed in Albuquerque
I really think I could
I can taste the chilies cooking
Still smell the pinion wood
I can hear the coyotes howling
They’re calling to me too
But when I think of Albuquerque
I’m thinking dear of you

The azure blue I see there
Lights up the southern sky
And all along the valley
I smell the bread they fry
The layout of its Old Town
Where nothing there is new
But when I think of Albuquerque
I’m thinking dear of you 

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The Bonfire Blues

Hard times memories
I can't let go
Her actions broke 
Into my soul

We go to parties
And thats for sho"
I almost choke
At the door

At the bonfire luckily
I feel good
I cuddle with her
As I should

That night her X is 
Acting like a fool
She calms him down
Tries to soothe

An hour long talking
She's got to go
So she leaves
With this fool

My heart is broken
My feelings flow
Her friends nicely 
Try to cure

I say got to leave
Go to the store
By needle and thread
To mend my soul

I go home crying
I slam the door
I fell asleep
On the floor

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Is there somebody out there?

is anybody out there?
talking to genies
with the perfect three wishes for the world
where we don't hold up some bodies
dead bay?
Is there someone haunting you hunting nets
with you need therapy?
can you sing this
horrible blasphemy and not feel
like you are crawling
through the tunes of dishonesty
can you hear the sway or am i still falling?

I'm not getting any closer talking in circles
im not getting any better repeating the same thing
it doesn't matter ill force on anyway
get around it
and keep somebody companyyessssssss!

now the applause and cheers
and the joke of tea and how addicted we are to harps in perfection!
how rich people are for deadly instruments of fools and telepathy!

Just follow me and
now we're another identity at the crime scene
somebody who left something in the bathroom
who in the future will run away from crawling
who will never understand the horrors
of having no friends
and now this new beat is saying wah wah wah
what about me
and love has no destiny
can we figure it all out
is god gonna forgive me?
oh dear oh darling!

im not even welling
you're just sensitive
darling we were just pretending
and one day when you see
you will 
know the joke we're not telling
to those
whop won
world war whatever
and we're trapped in our own paranoia

it never goes away 
back to repeating
look at your family portrait
everybody is smiling
everybody is saying
I'm glad to be me
and love my family no matter what
i love this world
jest because i can
in this family portrait and the children are still singing innocently
everything is happy
Wand normal
and i just dance following you lead
looking for my partner to play a trump
and this intelligence of fools gold
leaves us all laughing happily ever after
happily ever after
the joke im not telling
im not telling
locked in a treasure chest
somewhere where the shadow fiends

its okay sweetie
don't be afraid
you've crossed over and now watch out for the body snatcher
and the mental vampires but you're not crazy we'll bring you there
to the place where they
ask you whats the matter with your life!

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Pink Sunset

In these waters of warm
Of the Bermuda coast
I stand with my love
As our bodies encroach

Hips lathered
Brushed by the waves
Undulations discovered
Impressions engraved

Salty sprays
Flavour our lips
As a gentle breeze
Between us slips

The pert of she
Excited by touch
Her pillar of man
In each other they clutch

Naked as birth
Two tanned souls unite
Kissing, caressing
In their pink sunset delight

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In Your Heart

There's a deep, dark place no one knows
For in this place only i can go.
Twists and turns are everywhere
I take every one without a care.
Hidden demons here lurk
Resembling old moments of hurt.
I stroll by unarmed
They can't do me any harm.

As i come closer i hear the faint beat
I move faster knowing this is where we'll meet.
A pulse is thick in the air
Getting to this point is usually rare.
My body throbs with the lust of fate
Hoping and praying I'm not to late.
I see you standing in the open door
I sigh knowing I'm with you forevermore.

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We All Helped Eachother In Someway

I Saved someones Life today,
My heart felt crazy,
And my eye's couldn't believe,
But I didn't give up,
I kept running,
To Reach them in the End,
To get to the spot,
Where they had been,

I Heard there Voices Call my name,
I felt the water Pull back and forth,
The Rocks scrap my legs,
But i kept going,
Deeper I got,
And thicker ,Darker it looked,
Two little Boys I knew,
I saw it on there Face,
The Fear I'll never forget,

He should have listen to me that day,
To not go in the deep side,
But He's just a kid,
I only had to look away for a second,
I Saved someones Life Today,
I'm Not the hero I have to say,
We all helped eachother in Someway.

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I love my country-I love this land,
Her mountains and deserts, aint' they grand,
Her oceans and prairies-the great skies of blue,
As a child I loved the trains, and oh! what a view.

This country has been good to me, and my family too,
We have never been hungry or had a reason to feel blue,
I have lived in seven states and travelled many more,
Yes, I guess you could say I'm American to the core.

I'll tell you about some of my favorite places,
Many of them have wide open spaces,
Niagra the Falls, the mountains of Colorado, the oceans blue,
When I think of how lucky I am, the tears fall down like dew.

I love the prairies of Texas and Kansas, too,
Wheat fields waving in the breezes make a great view,
Oklahoma is a light in my life--I love that state,
Yes, I'm American through and through, now isn't that GREAT!

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Treasure Hunt

You were here such a long time ago.
I knew you not nor did I have a clue.
I was just a silly giggly little fool.
Days passed by until the Sun set too low.
So I memorized the Stars at night watching them glow.
I’d swear I’d never have believed you much less knew.

Until, I went back into the past and chased the future ahead.
That’s when I saw the trails and the paths lain from before.
Some were laid in gold, others silver, even diamonds and lead.
The Sun struck down on them and they shined even more.
It was obvious by the color of branches in the trees that were dead.
I could taste the honeydew trickling down my lips feeling my heart of hearts.
I chased the birds and plucked a feather of a white dove just for you.
I ran along the Sea shores and the Oceans belched a many a roar.
Salt on my lips and free with the wind I knew I wanted more.
The Moons beams shined down on me so I followed the shore.

I found seashells and rocks of all kinds and saved them all.
I even cleaned them up and gave names to a few too small.
The Stars began twinkling brighter here and there.
I watched them naming a few and one I made mine.
Then I found the Mountains and how tough they fair.
I rock climbed the highest ones and drew myself a line.

I saw the snow fall and watched it melt.
I just can not tell you in words how that felt.
I ran through the fields and the prairies took my breath.
I was alive inside just feeling my best, there was no death.

The rains came pouring down watering the splendor grass.
Thunders and lighting's all came in a great big flash.
I’m alive inside and just feeling great.
Passing through time I can never be late.

On plated trails of past, present and future I am so alive.
It’s a treasure hunt of buried beauties buried deep inside.
And each vibrantly strives simply to thrive.
And each one seeks where you hide.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2006

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The Keeper

I was washed ashore with Mountains looking over me and I could hear roaring Seas.
The sand covered me and my toes curled with sand dollars by the dozens.
I saw dolphins gaming and fish were everywhere, I even met their distant cousins.
The Sun was shining down on me and the Moon was jealous but the clouds gave way.

And I looked up to see the Stars shining and they told me it’s a most perfect day.
Salted lips and these palms fanned, I knew right then I was meant to be.
I stood alone at the shore and blue skies fled taking notice of little old me.
I was touched and moved balancing these visions I began to breathe.

I thought I was by myself, but I wasn’t, not this time.
Looking up I say leave me alone, be gone I’m on my own.
Looking down I am amazed at how truly this is so sublime.
You are the keeper of my secrets and I am of all the unknown.

Shining down upon me you are always standing right there,
Here I shall share myself with you and then I will begin to care. 

® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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To dream... 
                    To see orselves as we really are
                     To travel near and travel far
                     To know our fears and fight them well
                     To climb to heaven descend to hell

To dream...
                    Of life and death and one true love
                     To know our father high above
                     To dream of roads we didn't take
                     To overcome our old mistakes

To dream...
                     Of things both old and new
                      Of days gone by when i'm with you
                      To dream of lovers, foes, and friends
                      Of lives long gone and back again

To dream...
                     Of all our favorite things
                     Of happy times and evil schemes
                     To know that all we see or seem
                      Is but a dream inside a dream.

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