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Limerick Work Poems | Limerick Poems About Work

These Limerick Work poems are examples of Limerick poems about Work. These are the best examples of Limerick Work poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Dandee Donuts Guy

A tall and short-tempered fat man was a boss I once had named Dan. Both his kids and his wife worked there too. Oh, what strife! They fought like a hillbilly clan. Dandee Donuts was Dan's small café. I served donuts and meals for small pay, wore a stupid hair net and what small tips I'd get growing fat on free donuts each day! A “yeller” was Dan; a disgrace! He’d scream and get red in the face. If his business slowed down, he’d say, “Don’t stand around. Take a rag and wipe down the whole place!” In spite of Dan’s awful ways, he said he’d sure like to sponsor me as Miss Muscatine. I said, “What do you mean? Your food’s made me fat. Can’t you see?”
(I chose the second one here for the contest. Did I make the right choice?)

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Working Man

Working all night, five til four

Oh my feet, damn they are sore

no time to play

stuck on replay

Nap, shower, eat, back out the door

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Cranky Boss

I worked for a cranky old boss
who came to work always quite cross.
Finally found out,
he developed gout,
when stocks took a capital loss. 

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Horrible Boss 1

Twirling his Hitler’s moustache, he would dwell
On do’s and don’ts and would create all hell
Shout he did and showed great ire
Till someone  called and told ’ FIRE’
That his boss had fallen into the well.

Note:’ FIRE’ means  Fire services  who carry out  rescue operations.

By: S.Jagathsimhan Nair,  17th aug 11
For: PD's cotest

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At Dandee Donuts Cafe

Dandee Donuts was Dan's small café.
I served donuts and meals for small pay,
wore a stupid hair net
and what small tips I'd get
growing fat on free donuts each day!

For Carolyn Devonshire's
Single Limerick Contest: Horrible Bosses (and more) Poetry Contest

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that fascist scrapes her paws like a bear hissing orders, crossed-legged on a chair sent a rumor mail in haste that prexy's gal has bad taste…. revenge! boss works now as our sweeper
© ‘’’’’’’’’’ Carolyn Devonshire’s Contest Single Limerick… Horrible Bosses

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A Whole Week Color-Mania

Colors will always make my  life happier,
They also make my whole world brighter
       What if there’s no color?
       I think,  I’ve  no life galore
And I cannot make myself much prettier.

So, I’ve got a more fantastic idea,
To show everyone my color-mania
     For Monday Luck,  I wear red
     From my feet to my head
Like a  dragon of New Year in China.

Then comes the next day, it’s Tuesday
Keeping  aura,  I’ve color of sun ray
    Yellow dress  and jewelries,
    They say,  I’ve  hepatitis
But, I don’t care no matter what they say.

Then comes the third day of the week,
More work are done making me weak
    To conceal my exhaustion 
    Green color shows pretention
That my life and vigor are still at peak.

Thursday comes so perfectly great,
I wear purple , also my favorite
    Purple  fingernails and lips,
    Its on me up to the tips
And I get smiles from whoever I meet.

Friday, the last day of my  office work,
On this day,  rainbow color over perk
   I use multi-colored things,
   Feeling of joy they’ll  bring
 No one says I carry myself like a quirk.

Saturday and Sunday are weekends, 
Still, work and activities never end
    Two days, I’ll be all in pink
    People see me can’t wink
Tickled pink that I look so young my friend.

Sept. 22, 2012

First Place
Contest: Colors
Judged: 10/15/2013
Sponsor: Poetess Skat

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Miss Priss

<                           once there was a boss we called miss priss
                             like to give orders with snap of wrist
                             file fax make coffee
                             phones radio golly
                             when not looking I blow her big hiss

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A Halo

There was once was a lady from town
Who wore a halo like a crown
Told her daughter-in-law
Dresses should wear like squaw
Wore one to work and naked frowned

The loom grabbed her dress and wham bam
Naked from the waist down~life in jam
Supervisor gave coat
Took her home and I quote
"I put my blue jeans on grand slam"

My mother was a very stern believer that women should wear dresses..
My brother married late in life and his wife worked in the weaving department..
She did a job called filling batteries..She had to walk between the looms to do
her job..They had suggested to the women that they should wear tight fitting 
pants or blue jeans..To please my mother she made her a new dress and wore 
it to work..First thing, it got caught..It ripped it and her slip off..She was left 
standing naked ..


Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan
Contest: Any New Limerick

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The She-Demon

Our boss locked her office door every day

The She-Demon locked it so she could play

     Her boyfriend hid in there too

     The only sound heard was "oooh"

Making love to her own boss - she earned pay

Written for the Horrible Bosses (and others) contest

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Microwave slave

I thought I knew the way things work
The twists and tweaks and all the quirks
I thought I knew my way around
At fifty three a man of town
From my birth until my grave
I cannot work my microwave
I read that damn book upside down
Inside out and round and round
Things don't cook early
Things don't cook late
They just stay static on the plate
They don't go up
They don't go down
Left or right or round and round
Cook them once, cook them twice
Plated meals are cold as ice
One min, two min, even three
The damn thing just won't work for me
So I sit here and grow so thin
Are you supposed to plug it in

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Notice to all employees: New Dress Code

Important work matters get screwed
By thoughts at the office too lewd
So it seems normal
To have work less formal
Make casual Friday all nude

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Good IMPression

I once had a boss called Mister Reviere
Each lunchtime for ages he'd disappear
What he was found wearing
Kept everyone staring
Oh my, the padlock was stuck by his ear

Contest : Single Limerick Contest: Horrible Bosses (and more) 

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Scotland in Pawn's Dreams

Scotland in Pawn's Dreams

A visit to Scotland in Pawn’s dreams
Means grinding and riding little steams
Bout clouds know how to mark
Send battered skin as stark
And then kitty cat walks in sunbeams


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Threat Regret

“If I claimed you sexually harassed me,
Who do you think they’d actually believe?
You – the convicted felon,
Or me, with my large melons?”
“You…so I might as well take what I please!”


Received 4th place in "Horrible Bosses Limerick" contest

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Twelve Seconds

<                    Once was a bartender named Louie
                      Thought my tales story was quite screwy                                     
                      Asked how many seconds
                      Was in year he reckons
                      Twelve shouted out by cousin dewey

Entry For
Confession To A Bartender


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         ~~~~ He-Who-Hides~~~~

"He-who-hides" just snuck out the damn door
Leaving a list we just can't ignore.
Put the customers on hold
So we can do as we're told.
Oh! the joys of working in this store.

 for Carolyn's "Horrible Bosses" contest
 * not a current boss
syllable count 9,9,7,7,9

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Winter Woody

There was an old man in the nude,
His wife was a bit of a prude,
As winter got chilly,
He played with his willy,
And asked if she’d rather be screwed.

For Andrea’s contest

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My Pole Dancer

This Pole Dancer she was with me
All other men must pay her fee
Still I must confess
My family’s stress
But Polish dance lessons aren’t free

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A Girl On A Mission

              A Girl On A Mission

There once was a gal who sold china

Tested rockets in her vagina

She sat on one hard though

It made her a martyr

Blasting her & her china to China 

                                                           6/24/14 Bawdy Limericks II Contest

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Gay Clown

I am ‘eebygum’ the circus clown
who’s face when working a painted frown,
without suffers stage fright
courage returns each night,
when this queen wears his improvised crown. 

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Mean Boss

I had a mean boss called Heather
Requests were met with a "NEVER!"
When asked for a rise
Wearing a disguise
She said "that's clever but NEVER!"

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John Milton's Paradise

I once had a boss called Milton,
Who thought his shop was the Hilton,
He sold ancient clothes,
All full of big holes,
And always put an old kilt on.

John Milton was Scrooge – truly the tightest person I’ve ever known!

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Shaky Heights

A foreman for the city does reap
Lots of overtime and city heap
The streets covered with snow
My heap’s heater says “no”
I just long for that thing they call sleep 

I spent the last 16 years of 30 as a city foreman

Randy Steele
Horrible Boss (and more) contest

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How Much You Got?

Speak “your” truth, and I’ll tell you “my” mind"
"Did you or did you not commit the crime?"
Client says, “No I did not”
Lawyer says, “How much you got?”
The witness will leave for Vegas, to night

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Conceal and Carry

I will whip out my hot gun,
You hold the barrel, have fun;
Stroke with your finger,
Then pull the trigger 
And hit the target anon!


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We sweat, and sweat, and sweat some more
for a freak of nature... we're sure,
his yell - like no other heard,
his demands are quite absurd,
we'll all dance when he's out the door.

For "Horrible Bosses" (and more)" contest sponsored by Carolyn Devonshire.

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Man from Tashkent

There once was a young man from Tashkent 
whose job was very hard and it bent 
him double.  "No trouble; 
I believe a pub'll 
unbend me," he said, and so he went.

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Don't trust the Smile

The boss has a smile all pearly white,
When we see it, it gives us a fright.
We know he's found something new
On top of our jobs, to do.
I bet he sits up plotting all night.

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There once was a young milkman called Quilk,
Who was often found drinking the milk.
As a woman named Buppa
Asked him in for a cuppa,
He said, ‘Coffee? I’m here for a swilk.’