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Limerick Woman Poems | Limerick Poems About Woman

These Limerick Woman poems are examples of Limerick poems about Woman. These are the best examples of Limerick Woman poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Chocolate

The Chocolate!

She is a deliciously smart gal,
For each and everyone's her pal.
Be it in the brownie or cake,
Or the icy cold milk shake.
She sure can change everyone's morale!

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Phantom of the Golfers

The green was bespeckled with putters
Till 'long came a singer, Miss Sutters
She started to sing
The golfers did swing
And now, poor Miss Sutters, she stutters

Entered in contest "Old or New in Five or Less." Placing: first. 
Catagory: Humorous, Old Poem

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She Wast As Inscrutable As The Sphinx

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

   (She with face inscrutable as the Sphinx.)

      Although she was nay forthright,

         Shakespeare wast somewhat polite,

            But saw through her nefarious high jinks!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

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I know a young lady so sweet
She swept me off my feet
Just one look was all it took
And wouldn't you know she's a really good cook
So now I have plenty to eat

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hey cutie

Your sheer arrogance makes me giggle
Your butt does the cutest wiggle
I really hope you like me
I want to call you baby
Or maybe my little piggle.


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Limerick croises: Once our 'Rita jumped into Sea Anne-Anne - 14

Limerick croises : Once our ‘Rita jumped into Sea Anne-Anne – 14

Once our ‘Rita jumped into Sea Anne-Anne
Sirens howled « panic stations » refrain
One Valhalla Rani
Offered her much money
For a shot sans mantilla – in vain

Our ‘Rita – you bet – a stunning beauty
Not given to falling for flattery
Was all of prime six feet
Which she tucked under meat
For Sevillan beds stood (on) two feet plus three ! 

So they put her up that night till Morgan 
Classified her as subterfuge weapon
NSA roped her in
To put one o’er Putin
Now Chinese wish her to test rat poison !

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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The House Of Ene

There was a woman named Ene,
Mr. Ferguson she did follow,
She lost all her house,
Much space she's without,
Let's feel for Mrs. Ene Ferguson!

Now this lady named Ene,
Mr. Ferguson she did dream,
Her house hard to clean,
Yelling a maid she not be!
Let's feel for Mrs. Ene Ferguson.

So our woman named Ene,
Ole Mr. Ferguson, a hoarder he be!
Her house is a mess,
To fight she confessed and lost I digress,
Let's all feel sorry for Mrs. Ene Ferguson!

Razorblade © 2012

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Limerick: Once an Anchor Woman at Sea Anne-Anne

Limerick: Once an Anchor Woman at Sea Anne-Anne

Once an Anchor Woman at Sea Anne-Anne
Interviewed OFPRA* doing Can-Can
She said: Will you?
OF said: You, too!
And they rowed off in a rude bed-pan.

•	Office français pour la Protection des réfugiés
 et d’apatrides (French Office for the Protection 
of Refugees and Stateless Persons)

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

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I'd heard of this woman called Esther,
Who much prefered London to Leiceter,
Coz you could stay up all night
And still have the right
To behave the next day like a jester

So I met that woman called Esther,
That the world and his missus did pester,
"I do what I can"
She'd say to the clan,
"If you don't like it then find it in Leicester."

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Something about Mary O

Something about Mary (Oliver)                  

Where is Mary Oliver ?

I heard she moved away

Somewhere,  I think,  she'll put in ink

Those thoughts,  she thinks today

And wraps me warm with poetry

That keeps the hounds at bay

Where is Mary Oliver

In my home State she dwells

Upon the coast,  I love the most

I hope she does as well

And puts this paradise to words

I'm sure, that time will tell ?

Where is Mary Oliver ?

I've found Her in a book

It wasn't long and called 'Dog Songs'

T'was really worth the look

Now, I can stopped searching 

For, she's right hear in my Nook


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There once was a cat who just sat
And he grew enormously fat.
We have cut back his feed
No mater how he may plead
For if not he'll die and that is that

There once was a woman who worked
All the time, and stress drove her berserk
She'd screech and she'd yell
At all those she knew well
Till in her house only gloom would lurk

There once was a girl who just wept
When she had free time she slept
Between woman and cat
She felt like a drowned rat
Till she watched as before trains she stepped

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This Limmerick 
There was an Old Lady she hailed from Nantucket 
She carried her fish in a red paisley bucket 
She wore her hair up in a honeybun 
She thought it made her quite the looking young 
The Pelican came with a busted wing 
The Old Lady was trying to catch it 
She chased and she chased and she chased it 
She carried a stick made of glass 
She has lippstick it is gloss 
She applies it to snakes and scorpions 
The glass stick not the lipp gloss 
She makes a poor lump of it 
The lipp gloss is read like two lips 
Tulips is many and varied in hue 
She walks in the way of the shrew 
She carries her stick to save birds 
The bird not the woman in the shoe 
That was Old Mother Hubbard 
She has tea in her cupboard 
The Nantucket not Hubbard 
She makes it in gold bullion cubes 
The tea not the shoes 
Millions of bags are hidden away 
Shoe bags not tea bags 
she has shoes for her children 
Yes Hubbard 
In the Cubbard 
The teas are all black and some green 
The shoes are all pink 
Her children are blue 
The Lady from Nan not the Shoe lady too 
The dog eats better than the yew 
A bone from the woman 
Hubbard not Joan 
There was an old woman from Nantucket 
Joan Hubbard was from Shoe Rhode Island 
She kept teas in the millions 
The Nantucket lady not Hubbard