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Limerick War Poems | Limerick Poems About War

These Limerick War poems are examples of Limerick poems about War. These are the best examples of Limerick War poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The pen versus the sword

The incorrect usage of tense
And phrases of total nonsense
Wipe out brain status
With more apparatus
Than the Department of Defense

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Muammar Muhammad Gaddafi; 
'Brother Leader', dog of Tripoli.    
People of Libya 
happily say, "See ya! 
Here's for Flight 103 - Lockerbie."  

*Dead 10/20/11

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Indian Givers

The once was a Native American Navajo
Who served his country and to war did go.
He wrote codes by the score
Which helped end the war
But came home to no fame, “Oh, no.”

The World War II ends in ‘45
Choctaw and Comanche side by side
Broke the back of the Fuhrer
Our messages got through sure! 
With out their gift we’d not stem the tide!

It took fifty five years and more
For the US to give medals they wore
Many went to their graves
Still feeling enslaved
But, Congressional Gold the corpse bore.

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It's all in how you say it

While ours kill with flair and finesse
Banned weapons can make a fine mess
Since guys without class
Can possess poison gas
O-bomb-a will make an address

There's hype and there's hysteria
O-bomb-a needs criteria 
To send friend Bashar   
Wrapped presents from afar
His gift of love for Syria

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A Leader They Were Proud Of

Soon we all must enter the fray
And keep this injustice at bay
Thus said the major
Who tripped on the floor
Thus ending the war for that day 

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These Colors Don't Run Limerick

<                                 once were twin towers on horizon
                                   bombarded by Al Qaeda what sin
                                   then came many heros
                                   lost too at ground zero
                                   America's flag still flew in wind

In Loving Memory To Those Lost
On 911 R.I.P. You Are Not Forgotten

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Anzac Day

It's Anzac Day today
Or lads were sent away
To fight a war
And what the hell for
Because they had to pay

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Good Soldier Down

Another good soldier is down.
He was dead before he hit the ground.
His name is Diego.
He is from Key Largo.
His soul is now heaven bound.

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Wartime Blues

Ukraine! Iraq! Iran!
Then there’s Afghanistan!
Wars! Wars! They’re everywhere!
Every man jack should care!
The brave should take a stand!

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Farm Boy Lost

Farm boy Judd McFadden joined the army and was sent to Afghanistan.
Three months later he was shot and killed by a sorry jihadist from Pakistan.
His buddies crossed the border,
Despite a direct order,
And chased down the lousy dirty stinking rat bastard devil worshipping Taliban.

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Way Back Yonder

I was madly in love once upon a time way back yonder;
When a goose wasn’t a pinched ass, but a bird called the gander.
I was sent off to war and she went only God knows where.
Historians agree that it was all worth it in the end, but they weren’t there.
The old saying is entirely true, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

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Creating Graves to Rob

Prescott Bush proved his moxie
as war-profiteer proxy
with brother Harriman
since shame can't bury them
when suggestions turn Nazi.

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Hardy by Name, Hardy by War

In History, Nelson fought the Spanish
This powerful Armada did vanish
My ancestor was in thrall
Kismet Hardy had a ball
No invasion, the infidels, banished

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Hark--an Angel--The harbinger of all things good

What flies though the air up above
Disguised as a peace seeking dove
For those who've not heard
Drones can send you the bird
From the land of brotherly love

Author's note: Is this really how to win friends and influence people (for the long term)?

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To Patrick, I thank

When I was just a little boy
Aged seven I had so much joy
In Commander Job I was so fond
He was Ian Fleming's James Bond
A war hero, he's the real McCoy

* When I was seven years old, I had the privilage of staying with
   Patrick Dalzel-Job, feel free to copy and paste his link *

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Flesh vs. Spirit

hunger of the flesh , you must protest !!

Oh' this fleshly disaster , what a mess 

maybe just one more slice..

to much could bring a demise 

deny this flesh , wouldn't want to regress

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I think
I Clown

(Msr. Rene, for humor's sake, I hope you're not turning on your grave    :o)

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The bragging rites

A man named Erik sang a drunken lyric                                                                                                                                                         on the way up quicken this limerick                                                                                                                                                               a field for the horses the name of course                                                                                                                                              I will take it by force sang the drunken Norse                                                                                                            unleashing ire a land this limerick

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Wife No 5

After Amal-Ahmed-al-Sadah 
took a bullet meant for Sheik Osama’s 
head; said wife number five: 
“He’s gotta stay alive 
to watch TV in his pajamas.”  

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Power Structure

A tall white wanted some coffee
So he sent his guards off walking 
The guards came back
With some vodka and craps
Now the whites no longer have handle

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An eye for an eye

Who adores an ancient lore chore
And loves to see gore and wage war
Yet sore pouring pain?
This stems from an old brain
A story of man’s evil core

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They will never be like us

Jordan’s pilot caged in a fire
Was filmed and produced global ire
When we use napalm
It’s gift wrapped in a bomb
As our moral plane is much higher

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The End

For infidels it’s a rebuke
Iran will soon launch a great nuke
Allah seeks rapture
With missiles that capture
The gospel according to Luke

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The Pacifist

            They have kicked and kept him out of the military;

                  with the brutality of war he could not agree;

                                          ah, but you see

                                              what irony,

                now he's leading a batallion of a rebel army !

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Chain of Command

                You, topmost brass of the military chain of command,

       though it's your warriors who blast away humans from the land,

                                                     you're liable,


           you can never wash away the blood of guilt from your hand!

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To kill all the Taliban clan
We’ll dig up a best in west plan
General Custer’s
Old memory musters
A last stand in Afghanistan

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Social Snarls

When pit bulls square-off to fight
competition will incite
the rage underneath
when baring those teeth
since jaws lock-down with each bite.

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Invisible evil

We fight, we war
 With disregard for the gore

Horrible tragedies ignored
 Is any peace restored?

Attacks on innocents proceed
 While no warnings do we heed 

While we focus on what does not matter
 Our enemies hide and scatter

They are free to fight another day
 With our heads the price to pay

We fight an evil without a face
 They operate silently without a trace

Plotting their next move
 Even though the world does disapprove 

How can we fight what we can not see? 
Even though it stands in front of me

They are like an invisible force 
And we cannot track the source

Eventually our time will come
But will we chose to succumb?

Will we stand and fight?
Or will we run and hide in fright?

Will we stand up for our land?
Or witness its destruction firsthand?

Has our demise already been written?
Or will we just sit here smitten?


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History in a Nutshell

The commies we fought--they were red
We searched for them under our bed
They lost the cold war
But we want to spend more
So we're fighting osamies instead