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Limerick Tribute Poems | Limerick Poems About Tribute

These Limerick Tribute poems are examples of Limerick poems about Tribute. These are the best examples of Limerick Tribute poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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To Charmaine

There was a girl named Charmaine
So sweet, not one to complain
Her words did ignite
Put flames in the night
Her rhymes are pretty not plain

Her use of each metaphor
Will lead to visions galore
Like honey and cream
They sweeten each dream
That’s why her rhymes we adore

She writes with class and finesse
Each line has her sweet caress
She flirts with the moon
And makes poets swoon
Her heart is sweet, I confess

So, Girl…here’s looking at you
You bring us visions brand new 
Your words are sublime
They have a sweet chime
For you're are a poet so true

Eileen Manassian

I’m blessed to call Charmaine a friend. I adore her heart and her spirit. She doesn’t have a shadow of malice in her sweet character. Her poetry is of the finest…and yet she is so humble about it. This was inspired by her latest poem….I Think of You. It is just…..sublime. I truly can’t do it justice. Love you, Charmaine….I truly do!!

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To Bring PD a Smile

Our lauded poet’s PD
With a soul sovereign and free
She knows what to write
It’s sheer dynamite
And her posts fill you with glee

Her work just drips with honey
As cute as she is funny
She’s one of the best
And this is no jest
Her words are oh so yummy

PD, our hats off to you
In this site, you are the glue
Your poems rank high
And that is just why
Our praise is honored and true.

In Honor of PD
NOT for A.O’s Contest- I didn't read the rules before I wrote this! :(
May 23, 2013

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Connie Marcum Wong

              My dear friend Connie Marcum Wong planted a rainbow tree
                   Under Luna's night she wrote a God's Kind Of Poetry
                              Embracing mother Earth she stood
                                In life's garden- bird in a wood
                    Laid golden eggs in silver beds for all of us for free

A Tribute to Connie Marcum Wong,Moon Maiden of Poetry

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To Heather Ober

The sweet girl’s name is Heather
Wispy…light as a feather
She read my first rhyme
She thought it sublime
Her words bring sunny weather

Straight off she made me a fav
My little heart she did save
She liked what she read
My starved heart she fed
A boost to my soul she gave

Oh Heather, this one's for you
You're a sweetheart through and through
You’re eyes sparkle bright
You light up this site
You’re a dear friend tried and true!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Some time ago, I was going through my first poems trying to find something out when I came upon this post from Heather on my very first poem published here, Dying Young:

"Oh, wow, Eileen... This is heartbreaking. I've had thoughts like these before. I am adding this to my faves - and I'm adding you to my fave poets list! You are awesome!"

Today I was reminded of it, and I just want to thank Heather personally for being so kind to a new poetess! How absolutely sweet. :) She is adorable, yes? And with one accord they all gave a resounding...."YES!"

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You're a Good Man

To the party, you were not invited. 
As anyone else, you feel slighted. 
When they turn down their thumbs, 
to hell with those bums. 
You are a good man who deserves to be knighted.

Inspired by another member's poem

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Economics 101

One to the next is its mother
Each fiscal cliff breeds another
There's no golden goose
Oh brother, this chain noose
Causes all commerce to smother

Kick debt ceiling blues in the groin
With Ponzi whose scheme we should join
He's someone now dead
For the platinum head
Of a trillion buck magic act coin

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oh what a wonderful group we make as we pen our poems and take a break our traits range from weird to strange in all probability certifiably deranged leaving legacies of genius in our wake

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There once was a man named Ed
Who really believed all he said
He'd rant and he'd rave
From cradle to grave
And always believed that he led

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Oh, that Ellen DeGeneres

Oh, that Ellen DeGeneres
Should be Ellen Da Generous!
She tosses those gifts about
That make you wanna shout,
"Hey, throw me somethin', glamorous!"

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To Buddy Stall From New Orleans

He sought all the mystery
As well as the blistery
With some of the grim
And the not-so-prim
In the city's ironic history

A story he would perceive
Seldom easy to believe
But always would back up
What came from the Cup
Of Cornucopia he would weave

He would oft-times humor
An unconfirmed rumor
Then blow it away
When he would say
A quip of his humor

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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc would never bark
A command out on a lark
But would save the day
In a saintly way
Forever leaving her mark

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Sally Field

You'd have to yield
To Sally Field:
She'd stare in your eyes
And as a surprise
Give you power to wield!

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To Our Resident Mr Funny Poet Jack

Jack’s the name of our friend
With him, a joke has no end
He writes about “shit”
Gives poor folks a fit
Drives Soupers over the bend!

His wisdom’s coupled with fun
Guffaws you’ll get on the run
Nutso’s and derriers
Hogs and teddy bears
But where’s Attila the HUN!?

You’ve asked that things be kept light
What of us lost in the night?
We all need to vent
Emotions to spend
Or we're in a sorry plight!

But we need poets like you
To show us funny things too
So don’t you dare stop
This kangaroo hop
Of funny writes, oh so new!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Annette Funicello

Annette Funicello sang so mellow
Charming many a good fellow
And then would smile
With so much style
They'd all want to kiss her "Hello!"

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Richard D Seal

There once was a man named SEAL
Whose posts made Orchid just squeal
He’d tease and cajole
For he had no soul
But still, he had some appeal

He gave her many a name
Pushed buttons- feeling no shame
She’d give him a slap
That quaint English chap
Their friends just laughed at their game!!!

His posts all brightened her day
He knew just what he should say
He’d make her smile bright
Right after each "fight"
Then chase her worries away

R Seal, here’s looking at you
But first, there's something to do
Come leave me a post
Or you will be toast
I’ll feed you my Orchid brew!

For Judy Konos' Contest
Write a Poem
Reposted on February 1, 2015

Richard D Seal was once active on the Soup. He gave me the name Desert Orchid, one that I cherish even though it is the name of a RACE HORSE! See what I mean?  He'd tease me incessantly...and drive me quite crazy, but I do miss him terribly. You can check his poetry out. He writes beautifully well. Of my opinion, his best piece of writing is about me! Hurricane Eileen- The Storm. You can read it here:

Drop him a line and say you've missed him so he will come back and post his awesome poetry. He's the naughty one of the Richard Pair! ;)  Thanks All! 

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Taking sides in discussions holily
About whether Uran used his willy
Means you're trapped in their game -
Either side is the same:
Cock distracts, cash departs, crowd stays silly.


The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand interprets important Slovenian affairs for the non-Slovene speaking world.

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Rodger Dodger

There once was a man named Rodger
Who became an expert tax dodger
He had boxes of papers
Documenting his capers
And kept them till he was a codger

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Andrea Marcovicci

Andrea Marcovicci was never witchy
Even though she would get pretty itchy
To finish her breakfast fast
So she could coach all the cast
Then nobody would get too twitchy

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Toast to a great icon

Reminded now of Albus Dumbledore -
The greatest wizard right since times of yore,
He was humble and tall,
Admired by all -
No one did dear Dumbledore abhor!

(Dumbledore is much, much neater, though!)
My first limerick (I read they do not have to be funny)
For contest - East Jesus

I could not paste it here, so I dragged the photo to to the browser. I chose this picture -

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The Perfect Limerick

Here lies O'Tool, Irish and Brother.
He treated his wife like his mother.
His poor wife, sex-starved,
On his tombstone has carved,
Under this grim sod lies another.

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Judy Konos

Judy Konos,
Beauty bonus,
Would loan us,
Enthrone us
Then own us!

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Richard D Seal

There once was a man named SEAL
Whose posts made Orchid just squeal
He’d tease and cajole
For he had no soul
But still, he had an appeal

He gave her many a name
Pushed buttons and felt no shame
She’d give him a slap
He’d give her a clap
The poets laughed at their game

His visits brightened her day
He always knew what to say
He’d make her smile bright
Right after each fight
Then chase her worries away

R Seal, here’s looking at you
If Nell will let you get through
Come leave me a post
Or you will be toast
I’ll feed you my Orchid brew!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Canadiana Folksingers

In nineteen hundred and sixty-two Canadiana Folksingers made their debut We appeared on TV Albums numbered three Had a ton of fun, what a hullabaloo! Played 5-string banjo and sang in a successful folk group called The Canadiana Folksingers © Jack Ellison 2013

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Memories of you rule every thought
Even though each day they are fought.
But never victor, thus am I fraught
With defeat to my love of you am I caught.

Your steady mind and strong will tell
Of your steadfast need to always excel,
Along with your sense of humor I know well
That you would never let yourself go to hell!

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Tim Patch Paintings

Tim Patch Paintings

There’s an Aussie that paints like no other
His paint brush of choice – well brother
Without being crude
He paints in the nude
Even if painting your mother

Over the years Patch has learned
Abrasive canvas and acrylic paints burned
So now he just toils
In waters and oils
And basks in the fame he has earned

I may or may not be correct
But me thinks he paints when erect
For anything less
Would be a big mess
I ain’t tried it but I just suspect

Mdailey	9/12/12

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Johnny Mercer

I wonder if Johnny Mercer
Was a prolific rehearser
He'd hit the spot
In his songs  - a lot
But when drunk he was a curser

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The Donald

The Donald stood atop Trump Tower
Counting his income by the hour
When it would go down
He'd hold back a frown
And when it was lost he'd glower

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Something about Mary O

Something about Mary (Oliver)                  

Where is Mary Oliver ?

I heard she moved away

Somewhere,  I think,  she'll put in ink

Those thoughts,  she thinks today

And wraps me warm with poetry

That keeps the hounds at bay

Where is Mary Oliver

In my home State she dwells

Upon the coast,  I love the most

I hope she does as well

And puts this paradise to words

I'm sure, that time will tell ?

Where is Mary Oliver ?

I've found Her in a book

It wasn't long and called 'Dog Songs'

T'was really worth the look

Now, I can stopped searching 

For, she's right hear in my Nook


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