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Political Limerick Poems | Limerick Poems About Political

These Political Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Political. These are the best examples of Political Limerick poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Guiding Star O'er Washington

I pray a  bright star will shine in the air

    O'er Washington to guide some wise men there

        Bringing gifts of commonsense

            And harmony to dispense

                To a nation that is in disrepair

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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You can't have one without the other

The concept of gays in a marriage
One side loves and one will disparage
But rule supreme court
And one side must retort
Justice just had a miscarriage

Author's note:  Regardless of the outcome from the supreme court, I happen to favor gay marriage.  There really is no other conclusion since we are a land of equal rights.  We should do all we can to foster a society without discrimination.  The arguments against these rights reveal a lot about certain people of religious persuasion.  It would be comical if it were not so sad.

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Bye Gadaffi

Gadaffi!  That hole in your temple 
will put a full stop to your trample 
of the poor Libyans.  
So, now the Syrians 
say, "Assad, step aside; that's a sample."

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Kinky Sex

If having kinky sex was a crime,
A lot of your friends would be doing time.
The president and his cabinet would be too
For what they do daily to me and you.
Politicians may be worth two cents but certainly not a dime.

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I'll Tell You A Secret

At best, life is just mass confusion
Finding what's real and what's just an illusion
Speak of politics.  Do I dare?
When finding the truth is so rare.
Because politicians are just an optical illusion!

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Main-Stream Media Have-A-Heart Trap

Each day foul critters infest our house
Though not by slipping in like a mouse
We just press a button
Or buy a subscription
To get news wrote or spoke by a louse

These creatures of the two legged kind
Try hard each day to persuade our mind
With sly information
That helps the causation
Of the falling apart of mankind

They tout the need for unearned welfare
Claim hard earned profits are so unfair
And granting amnesty
Is a good policy
Plus growing our debt is fine they swear

For those who work hard earning their way
Give what they can and put some away
Are sick of the slackers
Prodded by the backers
Whose aim is using half truths to sway

It’s hard to ignore those talking heads
But it’s not right to tear them to shreds
Yet there’s a solution
And with execution
We can spread liberty in their stead

We’ll put Obama pic’s and golf caps
Along with a taped speech that he yapped
In a human sized crate
Coz it’s time to create
A main stream media Have-A-Heart trap

Like it or not, these traps are humane
But anyways, we’ll have much to gain
So, once we have caught
All those who have brought
Disinformation causing brain drain

We’ll squeeze all of them in through a pipe
Along with politicians who hype
And immorality
Into a sphere of the livable type

In there they can tax to the extreme
And promote their harmful fairness schemes
But when they’re out of dough
They will lip read our NO!
Since their bubble is a sound proof dream!

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Cutting the Cheese - Something's Rotten in Wisconsin

In the land of Cheeseheads, there came a call
Saying I’m a big donor, best of them all;
Just give me the scoop,
Some real union poop;
Oh Governor, how you did fall.

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There once was a bully who ruled
Thinking, man, he had everyone fooled.
	He did as he pleased
	With the power he seized
Sure that he’d never be ridiculed.

But the people who suffered his blows
Were delighted at what I suppose
	Was a foolish mistake
	For a bully to make
That reporters found ways to expose.

Now the papers all print up the news
Leaving readers to weigh things and choose
	If this bully should leave
	For most opt to believe
Such behavior he cannot excuse.

The moral, of course, hits a nerve
For most bully-types rarely observe
	That they cannot defend
	Hurting those they offend
And their punishment’s what they deserve.

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Limerick: Once the Great Leader gave a brave speech

Limerick : Once the Great Leader gave a brave speech

    for Charmaine Chircop, with thanks

Once the Great Leader gave a brave speech
Excused himself for his over-reach :
« I give One to save Ten »
His Poor in need live when
Even bomb victims still feed the leech.

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

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American Voters

I hear that Mit Romney is running
For Obama I hear he is gunning
Will Obama Succeed?
Will he get the votes he will need?
Or will the American voters be cunning

Will they give Mitt Romeny a Chance?
To go to the inaugural dance
Or bring back Obama 
To ride on a llama
Or will both be left in a trance

Well I hope when the votes are all in
You get the one you want to win
But bear this in mind
I’m not being unkind
It will just be the same old again

I only wrote this because we had an election and change of government and that was all that changed. Good Luck America.