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Limerick Pain Poems | Limerick Poems About Pain

These Limerick Pain poems are examples of Limerick poems about Pain. These are the best examples of Limerick Pain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Jogger and Logger

For "Show Me the Funny (part two)"

There once was a fellow a woggin'*
Who bumped into one who was loggin'
They had quite a spat
The ax was a bat
And the first had a lump on his noggin

* Woggers are those who get all dressed for jogging, but only go at walking speed, while vigorously pumping their arms to delude themselves that they are jogging.

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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Big Fat Looser

I Am a Big Fat Looser

Oh I am a big fat looser
I don’t deserve to live
I need someone to take a Gun
And shoot me till I’m dead

Yes I am a big fat looser
I really want to die
I’m looking for a violent guy
To shoot me in the eye

Oh I am a big fan looser
I really have to say
If this is life I realize
I hate it every day

Yes I am a big fat looser
And life is just the pits
I am a guy that wants to die
Not live another day

Oh I am a big fat looser
I really hate this life
If you the one don't have a gun
Then maybe use a knife

Yes I am a big fat doofus
I really have to say
If suicide is painless
Well then maybe that’s the way

Oh I am a big fat doofus
I live in misery
But I don’t have the courage
Or I’d blow myself away

I really am a doofus
I’ve one more thing to say
If anyone is listening
Then shoot me right away
So I can die today

Copyright © Justin Time | Year Posted 2014

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pain killer

Once there was a wise man called Dr.Dates"the truth",
preaches “love, a great cure for all pain”. great truth.
Tender affection from others surely,
removes unpleasant sensations nicely.
Bloody, this fellow preaches filthy philosophy as truth!

Copyright © POET. UNDERTAKER | Year Posted 2013

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death is good

Oh give me a rope
With a noose that is loose 
And i'll tie it up on a beam

Then give me a pill
That will give me a thrill 
And i'll end it all on a high

Death Death is the way 
For life is to sucky to play

So give me a gun
That is loaded for fun
And i'll blow my brains far away.

Copyright © Justin Time | Year Posted 2014

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The zipper

 (my tribute to Limerickmeister Jack Ellison, smile engine extraordinaire)

I remember the time when I caught a
bit of my body parts where I oughtn't a
in much pain did I struggle
with my bits I did juggle
it really did make my eyes water!

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2015

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Life on the corner

There once was this girl who was pretty
Who resided in New York City
Got mugged Friday night
Weak attempt at a fight
Life as a harlot is such a pity

Copyright © Dustin Craig | Year Posted 2013

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My mind wondered around the space,
The moon boring to my taste,
Lack of stars upsetting to my taste,
As usual the big muscled man flashed to my face,
The one who multiplies wounds in my heart,
Trembling in my jeans,
I was fashioned i pain,
I heard the voice of death,
My life was a breath,
My brains fixed to my stomach,
I tried to run,
Too late
He cuddled me like cheese,
A slap thrown to my face,
The pain took my flesh to my teeth,
Pleaded on my knees,
All labor in vain,
He marked me with tons of pain,
These are the eyes of pain that never fails,
He created a scene of terror,
My soul refuse to abide to his touch,
I gathered strength of a stone,
I shook the mountain out of its place,
It trembled,
I fixed lightening to my legs,

Elizabeth Lepapa inspired by Unwritten contest by Constance La France The rambling poet

Copyright © elizabeth lepapa | Year Posted 2011

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i feel his heart in mine

Pain drips from the cracks of my broken heart
They look at my face but are blind
I know were never truly apart
As I sit today he crosses my mind
I feel his heart in mine.

My cheeks soak up these past do tears
The hurt so deep it can never heal
They’re coming to life, all my fears
It’s still not real, it’s so surreal
I feel his heart in mine.

Copyright © ashlyn harris | Year Posted 2014

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Dental Procedure

Once upon a time recently
To dentist went confidently
He gave huge novacaine
Suppose to ease my pain
To my heart went incidently

The dentist chiseled tooth away
I didn't want to play rest of day
The morning after~Oh! well
I'll just say, upon pain did dwell  
But money to him still will pay

Sponsor: Black-Eyed Susan
Contest: The Worst Morning After
Written Monday, July 22, 2013
One week since the procedure
and I am still having some pain..
My heart still hasn't settled completely 

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013

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I Pray, Some Day to be free from all of this Pain

I Pray
Some Day
to be free from all of this pain
Free from the thief,
that has come 
since 2001
to steal my body away;

I Pray 
Some Day,
that this Lupus
will just go away;
but I know it won't go
it keeps me in the throws,
with my organs, it just wants to play.

I Pray 
Some Day,
For Christ to please 
find his way;
to please lay his hand
and heal this man
so I can get down on my knees when I Pray!

copyright 2011 Rd. Pickett

Copyright © Richard Pickett | Year Posted 2011

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On The Way To The Dentist

I have to get to my dentist right away. This tooth is aching me like hell today. Without a doubt, he will have to pull it out. A bad tooth is something that can't stay. Inspired by another member's poem

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2013

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Cracked Ribs and You

My shower last Saturday
Brought throbbing pain to my day
The soap made me slip
Got bruised on my hip
My ribs might be cracked they say

It hurts when I breathe or sneeze
Or if you give me a squeeze
The good times are gone
And so is the fun
My life’s no longer a breeze

The pain is constantly there
Even when I comb my hair
Hygiene’s getting tough 
So is “other” stuff
I’ve become a hairy bear

I wince with the jabbing pain
It’s sure to drive me insane
I can’t sit or stand
Need a helping hand
My bathroom trips are a drain!

My ribs reminds me of you
For no matter what I do
Your smile pokes me here
Your touch jabs me there
But your pain’s sweet.... through and through

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2012

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Dicks Prick

There once was a gardener called Dick Whilst in his garden he thought he was slick When in the shrubs he poses He's so stupid, their Roses And now he's starting to feel a slight prick .

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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Limerick: Once a tight Lobbyist in real pain

Limerick: Once a tight Lobbyist in real pain

Once a tight Lobbyist in real pain
Tried in vain to get his M.P.’s gain
So his Secretary
A laced Bloody Mary
Pumped M.P.s to P.M. to take reign.

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2013

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As I sit here in the shadows of what my life should be, I wonder if this pain I feel 
will ever set me free
. The struggles I have felt so deep are carved within my soul the torment of the 
years gone by will forever take their toll.
 Upon this world, there has to be a greater force then fate, for when my days are 
here and gone will I knell beneath the gate?
 Is there really someone who looks over all of human kind, if there is then why 
within my being the peace I cannot find?
 My hands they shake and my bodies numb from the hurt my heart does bare, if 
this is how my life should be, it does not seem quite fair.
They say life is what you make it; well then, I guess I made mine hard, for this I 
will pay the biggest price, a mind and soul that’s scared.
I will look up to the heavens for the strength that I will need to try to face the days 
that lay ahead, for the mercy I will plead.
Dear lord if you are really there please here these words I pray, grant me strength 
to face
this world with courage each new day.
 I am asking for salvation for all the things that I have done, please grant me just 
the peace of mind to feel a bright new sun.
The sun that shines on those with peace, who feel no pain within.
If you grant me this I ask I plead, my new life can begin.


Copyright © Connie White | Year Posted 2006

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A Big Pain In My Sacroiliac

Moving some boxes, holy crap Got a dirty big pain in my sacroiliac Not young anymore Like I was once before Must take care or my back I'll crack © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Limerick: Once a back-pain Man from Japan

Limerick: Once a back-pain Man from Japan

Once a back-pain Man from Japan
Who couldn’t even lift a can
Went to Geisha Palace
For much-needed solace:
Since then does Can-Can with Mama-San!

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2014

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2014

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Vampire's Kiss

Beyond vision, I see only her
an unsated, demanding hunger
the soulful dream each night
as I wish with all might
to bear love’s pain a little longer.

To ease the ache of physical need
it is the simplest of things, indeed
but to ease the hollow
my heart cannot swallow
I’ve often tried but cannot succeed.

I seek solace in an empty glass
as my heart burns for my lovely lass
my thoughts drift away then
I wonder how and when
love became such a pain in the… neck

Copyright © Jemmy Farmer | Year Posted 2011

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Nuke It Pain

The old microwave makes such a racket
I’d tell it to “shut up”, just can’t hack-it
My wife really hates the thing
It works, so endure the pain
Damn thing broke before I could attack it

Copyright © Charles Sides | Year Posted 2011

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Which Way

I twisted my ankle last night,
I started to cry at the sight,
for there on the floor
was bone, blood, and more...
Should my left foot be pointing right?

Copyright © George Aul | Year Posted 2015

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A Hit In The Groin

This is for men, is there anything more painful Than being hit 'tween the legs, no way to be graceful You clutch at your groin Animals do join Baying at the moon reverting to their instincts prenatal © Jack Ellison 2016

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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Unobtainable Love

There is a beauty that covers with clouds.
But even cries of help don't reach its careful sound.
Entreat and persist and it'll have you blocked.
Money and bling will only make you look ponged.
No covet will reach it but you still plead it out loud.

Copyright © Eduardo Soriano | Year Posted 2016