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Limerick Imagination Poems | Limerick Poems About Imagination

These Limerick Imagination poems are examples of Limerick poems about Imagination. These are the best examples of Limerick Imagination poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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His funeral

That he planned his funeral is factual
And being a prankster quite actual
He prerecorded his voice
So when we kneeled on the joist
He said, "Hi there! Don't I look natural."

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Viagra Falls

There once was a man from Niagara
whose wiener's so long it would stab ya'

but when it got little 
his pills became skittles   
until he O.D.'d on Viagra

© ~JSLambert  2011*****A classic "stiff" competitor, standing "firm" amongst other "members" in the "thick" of the competition:) hope everyone gets "a rise" out of it!

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I Met This Charming Moonbeam Last Night

The arms of the willow started to sway
and this curious glow rippled my way.
While flirting with my feet,
nature played a song so sweet.
The lake our dance floor 'til the sun's first ray.

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Where Talent Lives

While doing my daily internet loop
I read some poems at Poetry Soup
Some souls were bared
Emotions shared
By a wonderfully talented group

So many unknowns are gathered together
Brandishing their talents without a tether
Notable skills
From gifted quills
Flocking together like birds of a feather

Whether mundane or totally bizarre
Through words they express just who they are
Some young, some old
Some shy, some bold
Each as marvelous as a shooting star

To the nameless owners of this great site
Thank you for giving our poetry flight
No longer adrift
Because of your gift
You are the beacon that brings us to light

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Don't Disturb The Hive

Run, jump, scream, duck, dodge and leap 
Try to stay on your running feet 
Honey in the hive 
The bees are alive 
Run, jump, scream, don't fall and leap!

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Poets Night Out

<                                  dancing and twisting the night away
                                    karen O'Leary just had to say
                                    Joseph Spence and Dr. Ram
                                    our convention's quite jammed
                                    hope katherine Stella's table won't sway 

Poets At My Table
Myself   Katherine Stella 
Karen O'Leary
Joseph Spence
Dr. Ram Mehta

Entry For 
Michael Falotico's
A Table For 4 Contest  
G.L. All

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Just Desserts For Unfaithful

  Any pretty woman turned his head
  He liked them all so it is said
  Then one day to his surprise
  They no longer caught his eye
   His sexual desire totally died

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Everyone thinks since i smile
that everything is good
no one knows its been a while
since i last had good food. 

I live in a good neighborhood
My neighbors, all quite wealthy
just snacking when i could
and trying to stay healthy

everytime you go to school
your stomach starts to rumble
always looking like a fool
when you trip and stumble.

i know what its like to feel sick
the fuzz that passes through your brain
people acting like a prick
not knowing your in pain.

i go to school like normal
i tell no one of my issues
no need to make it formal
i just grab a few more tissues.

you may not even notice me
im just your everyday dumb teen
you cant see what i see
or know where i have been.

i go to school each day
and go to work each night
working for my pay
so i can grab another bite.

we go to homeless dinners
and i feel my heart clench tight
not feeling like the winner
should i really have to fight?

so now i lay my head
and dream of a full tummy
and as i lay in bed
i dream of yummy yummies.

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Seeing the posting of the zoo unicorn
Could not wait to go see his horn
My eyes just could not believe
The boy I had  been deceived
Poor horse got thrown a lot of popcorn

 a Linda-Marie   = (contest) =

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Gnarly Balls

Gnarly balls, gnarly balls,
Vladimir Putin’s got gnarly balls.
He wrestles bears
But he’s losing his hair.
Vladimir Putin’s got gnarly balls.

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There's No Place Like Home

Once was a gal who felt so alone
Tornato came up rooted farms home
Landed on wicked  witch
Munchkins came out of ditch
Gave dog lollypops instead of bone  

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Goofy Kangaroo

God had a great sense of humor when He created the large goofy kangaroo.
He gave it donkey ears, a deer’s face, teeny tiny hands and eyes of goo goo.
Then there is the kangaroo’s big honking feet which cause it to hop instead of run.
Don’t forget it’s long humongous tail that looks like the back end of a giant python.
Finally there is the mama kangaroo’s front pouch for the safety of the baby roo.

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Undone Hidden Flaws

There once was a garden in Thomaston
But all the hidden flaws show now in sun
     Bombarded by winter cold
     Delicate Easter dress bold
Became frozen, tattered, falling undone

Now that lovely garden in Thomaston
Back in early spring's golden rays of sun
      Rose blooms, tulips open tips
      Flawless are flowers no thrips
Remember Rose Trellis_ love's embrace spun

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Serial Killer A Limerick

There once was a serial killer His life was one sickening thriller From the bodies he’d saves And the ones in the graves His life was one bloody chiller Tho his mental state wasn’t quite normal And his social skills never that formal He loved people to pieces Even after life ceases With dead bodies he does like to dabble Now that sounds rather creepy you say That killing is how one spends his day While it’s not quite a profession More like an obsession In the end they’ll come take him away
Authors note: This was done as an exercise, we were given certain words (a wordle ) and it was the writers choice what form to put them in and how to use them.

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Voldemort, by contrast, was vanquished easily

Changed climate is not a surprise
With drilling for gas on the rise
Where can life forms hide
From carbon dioxide
And methane let loose in the skies?

Neo-druids auger gas wells
And add fluids with sulfurous smells! 
Are poisons they've tapped
With their magic wands trapped
Evermore by sorcerous spells? 

Votes and news seem not relevant
The unrelenting elephant
In all our best rooms
Is fossil fuel's fumes
And toxins we can't circumvent 

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This one town never knows gas pump shock,
with no windows or gas caps to lock.
Fred and Barneys' fast feet
move that crate down the street,
so, no smoke or no smog in ..Bedrock.

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  There was a time when I stood tall

             Especially in college, playing NCAA Volleyball.

   Oh, the trips we went on to the various meets

             Winning and losing in those much vaunted heats.

   We weren't great then, now I can't jump at all.

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out after dark

They warned me what might be in store.
But I heard all those stories before,
how they do not come back,
disappear in the black,
and I find them a colossal bore.

So I wade out at dusk with my vest,
bamboo rod and a hat with a crest.
Oh, so sure, that this time,
I will hook on my line
the one catch that will prove who is best!

When they found me, the next afternoon,
my remains made the search party swoon.
So, take heed and beware!
Do not venture or dare
to trespass his domain- BLACK LAGOON.

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Our Monuments Are Ours.

With precision we carved out the sand
here at home, down on your cursed land
We defy you to try
You will surely fail. Why?
We used nothing that looks like your hand.

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The Monster Mash

<                              dancing to the hit song monster mash
                                frankenstein and werewolf got real smashed
                                took the witches culdeen
                                and boiled up mummys spleen
                                Quasimodo joined in on the bash

                                witches brew of brains spleens gizzards hearts
                                illuminates party from it's start
                                Dracula and zombies
                                lurking for free bodies
                                poor old frankie's wife just fell apart 

                               the bewitching dance came to its end
                               when bats flew in frenzy around den 
                               on this all hallows eve
                               trickery was up sleeve
                               sent my 3 black cats in to defend

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A Backwards Three

A Capital E is a backwards three.
At least that is the way it looks to me.
I could be mistaken.
It’s nothing earth shakin’.
It’s just an observation from little old me.

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When I saw them coming I knew what to do

Straightened out the white sheets and pulled my mask down, too.

When the doorbell rang I yanked it wide
Three sets of eyeballs stood there white eyed~

They didn't expect my ghostly "BOO"!

"Trick or Treat" one finally professed

My staring gaze...they thought me possessed.

I grabbed a handful of candy for each

And with an alabaster hand stretched out my reach~

I thought, "Another Halloween Conquest"!

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Black Friday

<                     ladies ~ gentlemen ~ start those ...... engines
                         miss  ~ Ho ~ down - prices .... would be a sin
                                        best buy - circuit city
                                   black ~ friday .... how pitty
                        5 am ~ now ~ who ~ wears ~ smiling ... grins 

                          k- mart ~ wal - mart ~ target ~ pennys
                              red tag sales of many and plenty
                                 but you must buy in bulks
                        and ~  get ~ guy ~ like ~ the ... hulk
                to ~ push ~ cart ~ while ~ you ~ chat ~ with ... jenny

                         let's ~ all ~  hop ~ on ~ over ~ to ~ I - hop
                         your one stop for christmas breakfast slop
                                sure pancakes sounds yummy
                                     but wait till hits tummy 
                                 be sitting on stool till it plops

Entry For
Carolyn Devonshire's
Commericialized Holiday Humor Contest
Gl All And Happy Holidays
Love Kathy & Jenny

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Garage Sale

1221 Boiling Weather Drive
First customer gets a free beehive
With purchase ten bones or more
Food, drinks, desserts galore
Porcelain hitchhiker needs a ride

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Sisterly Competition

Delilah is hot,
Ruthie is not.
Delilah is smoking hot,
Ruthie is truly not.
Delilah is five alarm fire hot.

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Deal Or No Deal

<                             Once was a gal shopped all garage sales
                               Nuts ~ bolts ~ screws ~  all found in one big pail
                               Husband said had nice rack
                               Wife turns ~ gives him.... good smack
                               Loaded - buckshot - and - boy - did - he .... wail 

Written by
Katherine Stella 
Entry For
A Poets Garage Sale

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There was a fella I knew who worked with hammer and chisel

Made carvings in wood that could make your eyes sizzle.

One day he brought a carving to the store

Where they sell tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, and more...

And there it stands beckoning, even in a drizzle.

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Take Care Of Yourself

<                                 Once there were two monkeys in a tree
                                   Abandoned by their own family
                                   A hunting they did go
                                   Bananas they did tow
                                   For munching while watching the show glee

                                  Singing and dancing to happy tune
                                  Along came an hugh frigging monsoon
                                  Wiping out daily stock
                                  Grapes bananas what crock
                                  What's next grooming by pack of baboons

Entry For 
John Freemans 
Limericks Hilarious Contest
G.L. All

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Joe is a blowhard.
He is also a tub of lard.
He starts talking without even thinking,
especially after a bout of heavy drinking.
Joe thinks he’s a literary bard.

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There Goes Ethan

One day on the trampoline, my nephew, aiming for the tree,
overshot his leap and jumped as far as the eye can see.
If you squint hard enough
you'll see it in the buff;
a minuscule dot orbiting the galaxy!

NOTE: My nephew Ethan is one of those kids where it's not enough to say he's skinny (if he inhaled enough helium I wonder the possibilities of him floating away).

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Bow Pow

<                                    cakes and sausages on hot griddle
                                      uncle Leroy's dam dog just piddled
                                      slipped ~ slide across floor
                                      grabbed shotgun by front door
                                      now dam ole dog just plays an fiddle 

                            bow bow bow bow bow bow bow        bow ~ wow 
                            ow ow ow ow ow ow ow                       bow ~ ow 
                            with   tail    between     own  ~              legs 
                            now    dog    sings  ~    and  ~               brags
                            about cousin's daisies's  bad                 bow ~ pows

Entry For John Freeman's
Slapstick Limerick Contest
Gl All

Poor Ole Dog LOL

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Goat Cheese Boat

There once was a man,
Who carved him a boat.
It was out of the cheese,
That he milked from his goat.
The first one he failed,
So he made him a note.
Never use Swiss,
Because it won’t float!

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These Colors Don't Run Limerick

<                                 once were twin towers on horizon
                                   bombarded by Al Qaeda what sin
                                   then came many heros
                                   lost too at ground zero
                                   America's flag still flew in wind

In Loving Memory To Those Lost
On 911 R.I.P. You Are Not Forgotten

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It's In The Jeans

 The young man stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus
Along came the sexiest looking young lady he ever saw  
She had on tight, stretched blue denims that marked her curves
Her shape was as the Coca Cola bottle as the saying goes

“Hi princess, can I be of any assistance to get your jeans off
I can imagine it will be a challenge for you without some help”
Smiling and blushing the young lady pass her hands over her hips
Letting the young man imaginations run wild like wild stallions

The bus came and he let her go up ahead of him, like a gentleman
She went into the nearest seat, he sat beside her claiming his territory 
“So, may I come home with you so we can discard this intrusion to your beauty?”
“Well, since you ask so nicely and you are such a gentleman, of course you may”

They got off at her stop and she led the way to her apartment’s door
His eyes never leaving her blue denim clad sexy voluptuous curves
What a treat I have tonight he thought, I will make her want me over and over
I will slowly peel off that tight blue jeans while kissing every inch of her

“Can I get you something to drink,” she ask.  “Yes, may I have a cold beer please?”
He sips his beer, she her tonic wine, while they try to get more acquainted 
With every word he says he draws closer, destroying the space between them
Finally he touches her, peeling the jeans away, the prize within his grasp

He is kissing her all over her face, lips and neck.  Not looking from the face down
Suddenly he looked to where his hands were busy.  Hello!  He is thinking.  Where 
are all the curves?
What is this I am seeing?  All the loose skin kept in by the tight blue sexy denim was 
Things did fall apart, all pun intended, because the young man ran like the devil was 
after him

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If I were...

If I were a sonnet poem
A lover would read my proem
she’d recite all my lines
and would stress my end rhymes
and love the syllables iamb.

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Brown Bag Flu

I made myself sick with the brown bag flu,

     From drinking too much of that “Mountain Dew”;

          So here’s what I say,

          NO drinking today;

                I pray this never happens to you!

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February Funny Bone

                                 Once came along a groundhog named Phil
                                 Looked for shadow in winters chill
                                         Even top hat and coat
                                         Didn't stop whining's gloat
                                Stuck six more weeks paying heating bill                                 

Written by 
Katherine Stella 2/4/12
Entry For
Linda Marie's
February Funny Bone Contest

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Clip it on and don't think twice
Clip it on cuz it looks nice.
Clip it on so you know where it is at.
Clip it on maybe to a hat.
Clip it on so it does not fall off.
Clip it on so your pet don't runaway.
Clip it on so it stays in place.
Clip it on in outer space.
Clip it on every day.
Clip it on around the world.

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The Naked Truth

<                                our top story tonight is Lawyers
                                  a pain in the ass and real spoilers
                                  with  fancy cars homes suits
                                  fifteen hundred kaboot
                                  rather hire cowboy wearing just spurs

Entry For Carolyn Devonshire's 
Lawyer Limerick's Contest

GL All

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All In The Family

<                          once Edith laid her hot iron flat
                            husband Archie called her his dingbat
                            then son-in-law ~ meathead
                            put iron on dam bed
                            boy fire did make Jefferson scat

Written By 
Katherine Stella 10/30/11
Entry For Techno - Limericks Contest 
To Be Co-Judge  G.L. All

Just Gotta Love That Archie LOL

Note Please Never Leave Your Iron On
Can Really Ruin Your Day Yikes

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Prep Talk

<                                      Peter ~ Piper ~ picked ~ pickled .... peppers
                                        Ate ~ one ~ turned ~ into ~ hot ~ salsa ... stepper
                                                Cherry ~ Banana ~ ....  Bell 
                                         Boy - his - tongue - throat - did ... swell
                                         Couldn't ~ even ~ yell ~ at ~ packs ... prepper

Entry For
Destroyer {Poet's }
Pickles & Tickles Contest
G.L. All

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Wacko Wally

Wacko Wally says he will be a MC.
He claims that someday he will be on TV.
He practices in the park.
He drones on well after dark.
His public nuisance arrests now number three.


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Portrait of Esther and Mike

Started writing: 1996
Finished writing: March 2012
Note: Inspired by my friend Mike

There once was a woman named Esther
Whose feelings were known to quite fester
Unless her lawn-mowing guy
Cut her lawn down to size
So her lawn and spirit were not mess-ters.

As long as Mike was her lawn-mowing man,
Sweet Esther was his biggest fan.
But once Mike could not mow
Her lawn and dismay did grow
Cutting down her lawn-mowing plan.

Some say that her lawn grew so high
That her lawn grew right over the sky.
Grew over airplanes that zoomed,
Birds, and hot air balloons,
'Til the man in the moon was green-eyed!

Note: Part of the Portrait Collection

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You Stink

<                            Once came along a super ninja
                              Dagger Nunchucks Gi sword Wala
                              Hiding in the sewer
                              Got covered with manure
                              Fear not his weapons but hands haha


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Fire In The Hole

<                                        once there was ten devious children
                                          oh how they did a poor little sin
                                          brother had passed some gas
                                          they lit match to his ass
                                          dam dog was even wearing a grin

Entry For
John Freeman's
Giggle Poetry Contest # 2
G.L. All

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Rock - Paper - Scissors


Paper Snowflake


Upon the rock of summer that teem
with scissors I forge a winter dream
with paper of white
and visions of flight
each snowflake dance with sunlight gleam


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Oh Snap

<                              amidst afternoon's summer's pose / nap
                                are nana's two little handsome chaps
                                logan and just lucas
                                bonded secured by trust
                                brotherly love now don't make me snap
Written By Katherine Stella 5/15/11

Entry For Miranda Lambert's
Brotherly Love Contest

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Nine One One Call

Whoa! Whoa! Slow down a bit girly.
You are starting to sound a little squirrelly.
You say you saw a ghost?
And he looked like a TV game show host?
The best description you can give is that he’s big, white and burly! 

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Miss Priss

<                           once there was a boss we called miss priss
                             like to give orders with snap of wrist
                             file fax make coffee
                             phones radio golly
                             when not looking I blow her big hiss

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Miracles Happen To and In June

There once was a gal name of June.
Who wanted to kiss and to spoon.
  She made a big splatter
  falling off a tall ladder.
 When she married the man in the moon.

Her wedding of course was in June.
She wanted to marry him soon..
   She started to chatter
   but that didn't matter.
Their life was so much a cartoon.

The man in the moon liked to croon.
He liked to sing songs about June.
   But nothing was sadder
   when he made her madder.
Singing not of "June" but of June.

To get on her good side Old Lune.
Flew June to the moon via balloon.
  But she was much fatter
  and emptied her bladder.
Now he looked like a baboon.
To end this wild tale about June.
Know the man in the moon made her swoon
    He heard her feet patter
    when she mixed cake batter.
Turning into butterfly from cocoon.

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A Clowns 'Defeeted' Life

There once was a clown name of Marty.
Whose circus performance was one big party.
   He made people laugh
   but that's only the half.
His appetite was very hardy.

Not for food, though he did like to eat
but for people he wanted to meet.
   He went to great measures
   to bring them all pleasures.
But a clowns life was filled with big feet.

He wanted to try the trapeze 
and fly through the air in the breeze.
   But his nose started twitching
   and then began itching.
He lost balance and started to sneeze.

Agony of "defeet" made him funny.
He rubbed them with loads of bees honey.
   But being a clown
   kept his libido down.
Now he walks tightrope counting his money!

For David Williams Circus contest

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Let's Get Ready For Some Football

<                                   let's get ready for some football .....    Ya !
                                     Eagles   verses    da   .....   Bears   Well ... then  Hey !       
                                     Here's kickoff ~ by     da .......    Bears
                                     Ohhhhhhhh !  fell  off ....  T  .....    Unfair
                                     Second  ..... blocked  .....  Eagles    7 - Nay !


Entry For 
Linda Marie's 
Let's Limerick Contest
G.L. All    

Tribute To Football

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Rock Paper Scissors

<                          I once played rock paper and scissors
                            never dreamed theres so many gizzards
                            somehow loves this game too
                            well I just said oh phoo
                            and had to show them who was wizzard

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Quit Your Growling

<          once there was old woman on the prowl
            found younger man and begun to howl
            under silvery moon
            fead him with baby spoon
            now stomach does goo goo gah gah grawls

Written By Katherine Stella

Entry For Dr. Ram's Cougar Effect Contest 
G.L. All                                                                

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I'm Cuckoo For Coco Puffs

<                      once was an  cuckoo bird named Sonny
                         tagging along gramps as first  gunny
                               shooting up cereal bowls
                     with dark puffs @@@ nice ~ and ~ slow
                            Oh how trix rabbit did so runny  

Entry For Poets Destroyer 's
Your Favorite Cereal Limerick
GL All                                  

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Who Let The Dogs Out ? { The DogGone Dog Contest}

<                              tell me now   Who ! Who ! ~  Let The Dogs Out ?
                                bet Carolyn pulling them by snouts ......
                                fleas ...  ticks....  she started to itch /////
                                screaming  sons of  a  ....... b .i...t...c....h
                                poor neighbor's dog now takes different route
Entry For
Andrea Dietrich's
The DogGone Dog Contest
G.L. All

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A Homeless Man King


Paths followed are many, 
I, a slave to this dusty, dirty road
Destiny has beckoned me,
My past,  won't let me be,
I must stand tall & walk out on my own.

A simple plan with just, a bit of a twist. 
I have no interest in conflict,
Unless,  there's a conflict of interest
to be.
Lead me not, into the bowels of hell,
Keep me,  from the evil things I see.

Forgive me!  those whose paths I
did cross.
 Heaven forgive, they who 
put burden on me..
A poor man, I am told
Homeless they say, 
but still a man any way,
I sold everything,  to walk , these streets like a king.

David Bear Caldera

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Twins In Name Only

Pickles dressed up in black eight inch heels
Tickles snuggled in flannel gown with toy eel
Pickles danced all night
To waning moonlight
Pickles home late tripped over eel took spill

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Trader Joe

<                           once there was a man named trader Joe
                             could do nothing with hair so let grow
                             under big coonskin hat
                             fleas tick and his pet rat
                             mercantile's just say Oh Hell No

                            once there was saloon name lucky spur
                            where traders brought in their hunted furs
                            in walks old trader Joe
                            miss Molly said let's go
                            now both itch scratch from leftover burrs

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Pay Up

<                    hes my banker and my heads horseman
                      calling bounty on anothers land
                      hark the herald angels
                      I think this game is swell
                      now thimble owes me sixty five grand

Written by Katherine Stella

Entry For Judy Konos's
Monopoly The Game Of Life Contest
G.L. All

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Twelve Seconds

<                    Once was a bartender named Louie
                      Thought my tales story was quite screwy                                     
                      Asked how many seconds
                      Was in year he reckons
                      Twelve shouted out by cousin dewey

Entry For
Confession To A Bartender


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Just Wait Until I Get Home

<                        once popped cork on bottle of red wine
                          hit brother in eye oh how it did shine
                          seen him go pick up bat
                          boy did I ever scat
                          right to canadian's boarder line

                          feeling like her dansel in-distress
                          along came three county mounties best
                          asked if nipping bottle
                          at fast paces throttle
                          answered yes now did I pass your test

                           tossed in pokie for now twenty days
                           poor ole missy now won't and get laid
                           darn brother wins again
                           wearing smitten hugh grin
                           wait until that welt begins to fade  

Written 6/20/11

Entry For Francine Robert's
Bottle Of Wine
Limericks Only Contest
G.L. All

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On The Southern Alligator Farm

Down south on the small alligator farm
Alligators grown to size to alarm
All the workers there too scared
Of young gators as they aired
Parachuted food to keep them from harm

(Inspired by Carolyn's picture but not entry.)

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A Dollar Will Do

You can not win if you do not play.
Is what the gambler will always say.
One in a million.
A dollar will do.
To win it would be quite a coup.

For Susan Burch's limerick contest.

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Spishu, spishu shooting star flies
Noisily streaks across night skies
Lights life for split second
Then wonder if beckons
Which one is being called arise  

Please click on 
"About This Poem"

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A Mouse named Virginia

There is a Mouse named Virginia,
who goes out with a Squirrel named Spike,
She went to his house for Christmas,
and brought him a little Squirrel bike

He looked under the tree with excitement,
at what Virginia had brought him that day,
It's seat was shaped like a banana,
that would carry him and Virginia away

 This is meant to be a double Limerick.... Enjoy all my critter friends.... Taz

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Spaced Out

There once was a Vulcan named Spock He got sad when some people would mock His strange pointy ears He would burst into tears... So he finally had both of them cropped! There once was a Captain named Kirk It was well known that he was a jerk! When the Enterprise docked And he saw Mister Spock He scoffed at those chopped ears that hurt!! Each one of the Enterprise crew Knew that Spock's self-esteem was so blue So they grabbed Captain Kirk By his feet and his shirt And tossed from the spaceship he flew!! Mister Spock's ears had finally healed through He pierced each with earrings brand new Captain Kirk in disgrace Floats in deep outer space What became of him?....nobody knew!! All evidence was quickly erased And the killers have left not a trace Although Kirk may be gone... He lives now, in re-runs...., so,... "trekkies" are still seeing his face!!

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The soliloquies of my Imagination

A tale from the soliloquies of my imagination
Now I am thinking of evolution
My theory reveals the nature's mystery
"It all begins in the sea, our ancestry."
Scientists bow in my appreciation.

A tale from the soliloquies of my imagination
Now I am a doctor prescribing medication
My job is to keep diabetes at bay
"Please take this pill twice a day."
Patients are full of admiration.

A tale from the soliloquies of my imagination
Now I am an actor performing an imitation
My act amazes the most critical person
"It's elementary, my dear Watson."
A deserving Emmy nomination.

A tale from the soliloquies of my imagination
Now I am writer requiring direction
My book is a thriller
'Vengeance of a charitable killer.'
An interesting plot in formation.

A tale from the soliloquies of my imagination
Now I am an army officer defending my nation
My command evokes my army
"Today, we shall crush the enemy."
Daring acts of retribution.

A tale from the soliloquies of my imagination
Now I am a philosopher seeking a solution
My notion predicts the downfall of capitalist mentality
"Change we must for eco-friendly sustainability."
A guaranteed life time award and recommendation.

A tale from the soliloquies of my imagination
Now I am a leader of revolution
My speech inspires the people to fight
"Brothers and Sisters, it's our birth right."
A sea of charged up population.

A tale from the soliloquies of my imagination
Now I am building a perfect nation
My government is the epitome of socialism
"Minister, I see a populace full of optimism."
Few steps away from perfection.

A tale from the soliloquies of my imagination
Now I am a poet of aspiration
My prose is a limerick
"Hmm! It rhyme's with 'Blackadder's' 'Baldrick' "
It's a poetic exaggeration.

A tale from the soliloquies of my imagination
Now I am me dreaming about another impersonation
My brain needs to stop
"Oh God! need no more dreams to pop."
Wonder why I always keep dreaming a situation.

P.S  the soliloquies are in quotes

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Banana Surprise

Banana went to culinary college
Yellow, firm, wanted so much knowledge,
Standing up in last class,
Ending up in large mass,
Now was the time for all to acknowledge.

Written for

Sponsor Deborah Guzzi 
Contest Name The once was a man from Dunkirk.. 

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Whilst Dead Sunflowers Floated

I woke in a sweat, was it a dream
A heron and a girl near a stream
Whilst dead sunflowers floated
My mind drug induced coated
Have my thoughts reached their extreme

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Quit Wasting My Time { Edit }

<                               One by one they'll shall roll on and come
                                 Like soldiers marching to beaten drums
                                 Echoes  are acknowledge
                                 Cast across thy arched bridge
                                 Haste makes waste even for everyone

Inspired By
Carolyn Devonshire's Contest
Follower Or Leader
GL All

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Complaints Transpired

He complained, complained, complained
All he ever did was complain
Then suddenly he got fired
What next then transpired
Was he wished, he could complain again

(Limerick...Sort of...We have all heard that person who complains about their job instead 
of being grateful that they have a paying job that puts food on the table...So the thought 
came to me about this one.)

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Sofia, Kong Kee, the Dab and the Dory

Sofia the large sandy crab
Afraid of a life too drab
Took to the sea
With her cousin Kong Kee
And a six spotted floundering dab

Oh Kong Kee now this is the life
No worries no trouble no strife
Shoulda done this before
She got hit by an oar
And that was the end of her life

The dab and Kong Kee carried on
To finish their cousins swansong
The smell of fishrot
In a new fangled pot
Was the end for the cousin called Kong

Now the dab swims alone in the bay
While the sun shines he's still making hay
For he's back whence he went
Pocket money all spent
And so happily, blissfully gay

Dab met a small fish on the way
Who aspired to become a great ray
He ate as he must
Til his belly did bust
And he ends up as soup o' the day

There's a moral in each little story
So never go hunting for glory
You'll end up on a plate
Tryin' to mimic a skate
When you're really a small johnny dory

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Mo' Joe Skinny Legs and All (Limerick)

(Remembering the Great Joe Tex)

There once was a girl called Sweet Nellie-Rose
Who fell in love with a guy called Mo’ Joe
Guys said she was too skinny
‘Til Nellie wore that Mini
Skinny legs ~ mini skirt and all… wrapped Joe

I gotcha wondering just who’s mojo was working
that day :-)

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Just For Kicks

<             just like football i am like the queen
               now hand over remote or i'll scream
               black and blue division
               on my television
               Kicking Jay Cutlers butt I do dream

Entry For
Kristen Bruni's 
Football Contest
G.L. All

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I Must Tell

I have a friend, who makes money,
By telling jokes, while being funny,
He doesn’t do very well.
By what I must tell,
His suit looks like the Easter bunny.

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You're Going To Get It Now But Good

<                             once there was an old cat named chessur
                               only listened to alice for sure
                               but sometimes dissappeared 
                               and left behind grins smear
                               so I've gone mad and shaved off hides fur

Entry For Debbie Guzzi's
Go Ask Alice Contest
        G.L. All

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I Love Lucy

<          once there was a redhead gal name lucy
            now skit comes to mind is real juicy
            job switching with the men
            conveyer belt takes a spin
            chocolate oh how did she loosey

Entry For Shani Fassbender's
Favorite Television Show / Episode Remembered

I Chose I Love Lucy

Written By Katherine Stella 7/1/11

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Writer Heaven

I imagine a place where all writers 
Are gathered soon after they die;
I know it's true, (it's in my dreams too) 
So never do I need ask why.

There sit Dickens and Clements and Doyle, 
All sharing a pint at the bar,
While Shelley and Poe exchange stories of woe
And watch all the joy from afar.

Watch Mister Keats dance a ditty 
While Hemmingway drums to keep time,
And old Mother Goose peers down from her roost; 
A brief pause from writing her rhymes.

All these writers of stories and poems,
Too many of them to number
Share and remember their stories forever
In spite of their physical slumber.

I see them watching their stories
Being read over the generations;
It brings them pride that their works survived
And are shared throughout all the nations.

But one thing that brings them amusement
Is to see people study so long;
To explain the intent or what their words meant
when there is no meaning all along.

Sometimes our words have a message.
Sometimes we want to impart
All of our feelings and memories and reelings
To those who share in our heart.

Is it possible some words have no meaning.
What if we simply write what we dream?
And someday, somehow, people will vow
To figure out what my words might mean.

While up in Writer's Heaven, I'll laugh and sing
Because it won't mean anything.

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Limerick I

There was once a funny old-man,
Who wore for a hat, a flimsy pan,
Every Christmas he'd turn blue--
Out of cold, cough and flu--
And eat his beans from a can!

*My first attempt at a Limerick*

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Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock
It doesn’t matter about the clock
When you come down
Don’t break your crown
For Jack will watch like a hawk

Russell Sivey

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Lock Up

<                             once there was a girl locked in closet
                               dear old dad said well thats what you get
                               little did he come know
                               let out by little bro
                               but recaptured by moms fishing net 

Entry For Leighann Anderson's
Sea Of Words Contest
G.L. All                               

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Quit Calling Me

<                                          good tarnations  .......  to this darn nation

                                            economic woes   .......  our money goes

                                                      all we are is .....   numbers

                                                      to good ole ....... Uncle Sam

                                             don't you just hate being called ....... sometimes

Entry For
John Freeman's Contest
Citizen Or Subject
G.L. All

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TriSaratop eats and eats just can't stop
Munches on apples,grapes, corn flakes 'til pops
Can't catch a young male
They all just run_bale
For she is rotund and just falls ker-plop

trisaratop gone
three horns big pile of her bones..
spirit still earth roams

Contest..Dinosaur Quest

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The young fellow named Lee

The young fellow named Lee

There was a young fellow named Lee
Who showed how a fellow should be
Just eight inches long
So perfect, and strong
The ladies cried 'oh golly gee!!!!!.

@7 June 2014 @ 0627hrs.

For Roy Jerdan’s Bawdy limericks contest

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Let's Duke It Out

<                   Once came along an man named John Wayne
                     Winchester by his side causes more pain                           
                     Dusty trails ballroom brawls
                     Battlefield's muddy crawls
                     The duke of western inflicting gains

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Up A Creek Without A Paddle

<                              once this girl had seen her own shadow
                                got scared begun to wag and waddle
                                crossed over center line
                                hit by semi's behind 
                                now shes up creek without a paddle 

Writen by Katherine Stella

Entry For Rick Parise's 
Shadows And Lines Contest
G.L. All

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Fine horses they ride through the glen
A beautiful maid sleeps within
Brambles hold them at bay
Letting love find the way
Even knights give up in the end

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On The Public Square

There once was an old man from Thomaston Who was lying, cheating son-of-a-gun Out in public on the square Nailed was he in open air Still dodging bullets as swiftly runs
Sponsor: Black-Eyed Susan Contest: Nailed Or Failed Theme chosen: Nailed Click on about this poem

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The old lady called Nell

An old lady names Nell

There was an old lady named Nell
One day on her belly she fell
She let out a fart
That dirty old tart
Oh blimey! That woman did smell.

9 July 2014 @ 1317hrs.

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A Mermaid Tale

There once was a mermaid named Lea
Claimed delusional sailors at sea
So a captain set sail
Hopeful the tale to dispel
But returned with kelp on his knee

Once t'was a captain with kelp on his knee
Decided to pay sailors a fee
The ship they all dubbed
And the decks were scrubbed
As he sought the mermaid named Lea

Once was a sailor with story to tell
If he drank tankards of ale for a spell
His captain gone daft
Cast off on a raft
And there was Lea in the swell

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The Scary Sound

Tap, tap, bang sounds coming from basement door
Haven't been down there in over a score
Now afraid of that sound
Louder now with a bam
Open the door attacked by laundry galore

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Lime Green In Pool Filter

Praying Mantis at basement door
I had not seen you here before
So lime green you stand out
Scarey enough to make me shout
Died next day in pool filter__gore

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Overheard ( But Not Confirmed Yet.) By The Throne Of God...

Of all your constant transgressions, I tire.
Yes, you're pushing it down to the wire.
I even sent you My Son
yet His work stays undone.
Must I resort to one last trial by fire?!

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Introducing the Benaminis: The Gypsies from afar

The Benaminis are a family of rodents,
who live their lives capitalizing on other
peoples' residences,
They scope the homes when they're not 
or invade it when only one member's alone,
They scamper up and down,
acting like confounded clowns,
going through closets and secret hiding places,
at the end of their visits , they carry satchels on their backs
filled with delicacies and knick-knacks,
The familes set traps of honey and cheese,
hoping they all will fall to their knees,
But they just keeping rambling and showing up at
the oddest times,
even when polluted with coffee grinds,
They run a muck, taking what they want,
Their sniveling looks seem to haunt,
making families edgy, and promoting dreams 
that taunt,
Oh, they give the children quite a scare,
by climbing everywhere,
They cover their bodies from head to toes,
for fear that the Benaminis grizzly hands may take them
out the windows,
The gypsies who traveled from "Nowhere",
have put enmity and nervousness everywhere,
helping themselves to life's delights,
only stopped with traps and horrible fights.

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Oh Guinness

Iced-sweats seep down her ebony skin-
this sexy number 8 needs a take-in.
while she gawp, i stared back
only to drool and hijack 
her, for her name is GUINNESS, my sole kin!

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Boy Am I Hungry

Battle of the bulge
From greesy foods love to divulge
Over lips and through the gums
Love handles now do come
When will I learn not to indulge

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Sky-Scraped Ruins

The evening fresh, 
stars allure, 
birthed- ground-breaking. 

To look back, seems feeble
forward, Vigorous.

It is almost too late, 
I have hollowed a place
for each hope I carried, 
trickery twisted imagination. 

The sky littered, 
calling...all visions to death, 
each cup of soil, 
befriending faith with roses
as I walk away, 

There are no more stones-
upon stones, 
upon stones, 
only hours perhaps, 

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Nancy J And Her Poetic Twist

* ** There once was a gal named Nancy J. who broke all the rules each and everyday her words made you think within your soul they would sink a sweet slice of heaven you might say! ** * ______________________ Contest ~" Make Me Laugh"

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A Drunken Tale

Over lips and through da gums
Hooked minno is going down some
Depth by depth there she sinks
Hooked a dam dogfish oh how that stinks
Pulled anchor and now drowning in rum

Tribute To Fishing
Also Entry For
Carolyn Devonshire's
Sea Tale Limericks
GL All

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I'm Growing

<                                  economic woes
                                    say it isn't so
                                    fruits vegetables of divine
                                    artificial added such a crime
                                    sow garden  W.T.G     {Way To Go}

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Butcher Cassidy and the Sunshine Juice

There once was a butcher named Cassidy,
Who had a tremendous capacity,
To drink orange-juice all day,
And most will say,
He was good at this talent you see

Each day by one or two,
His skin took on a tangerine hue
And his eyes turned to two yellowish orbs
Yet he drank more juice,
And there was no use
In trying to squeeze him some more

Butcher Cassidy lived that way,
Till his dying day
And he was buried in a Chinese grave yard...
For he had turned permanently yellow
This juice-addicted fellow
That's just what OJ can do

And come next spring
To surprise evryone
From pauper to king
From the graveyard
Nature did bring,
A grove of orange trees

Some say when they pass
the orange-juice aisle
And if they linger awhile,
And urge for ribs and juice
Will come their way
And nothing else will do
So watch your intake of juice
Before the orange demon is let loose
And your life will end in dismay.

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The Shooting Star

Spishu,spishu the shooting star
Noisily flies across night bar
Lights life for split second
Then wonder if beckon
Which one is being called afar

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Meet Brad the snake, he lived in woodlands.
He loved to make music in rock bands.
Singing so strong and loud,
Hissing, wiggling so proud.
Now how did he hold mike, without hands.

Written for

Sponsor Deborah Guzzi 
Contest Name Limerick II The Amphilbrachinator!!! 

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Turtle lagoon

In my room I hold a turtle lagoon
Though it's dry to the eye and the touch
I avoid their disturbance, they require no survice
Simply, in my room they have a niche
Upon my selves I spy moving turtle shells
Without a turtle inside to see
As miracles they are hidden, by the use of this disguise
To negate the fact that they're free
They perform the former by winding the stormer
and forcing my room to sway
On their backs, I find my nacks 
That they travel and lose,
But in my space they stay
Only now is it obvious what my sight obligates
It is my responsability to find and write
But what's curious to me, but expected by we,
is that I'm the only one with this sight

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Fred the Martian

There was a Martian, whose name was Fred.
Who had a Venusian girlfriend, who said?
Fred is a ghastly lover.
He will only hover.
He has no feet or hair on his head.

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No Shame

This girl all day long could drink tea
though I spend half my time going pee
too much info, I'm sure
I may have the cure
No shame in diaper wearing for me

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Garbage Dump//For Limerick Game

In many and many ages hence
Standing on a hill that makes no sense
Archaeologist dig way down
Found way beneath a Royal Crown
Bad odor becoming intense

(This for Limerick Game or whatever passed from C.E.McMillen.  I pass the Limerick torch to 
Doris Culverhouse lovely daughter).

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Out in the World
A mind is found
And starts a life 
Of Love and Strife

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Seahorse Named Henry

There was once a seahorse named Henry
Oceanrider was he for he roamed slovenry
He met Mustany Sally
To change he did not dally
For she was dish told of in heathenry

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Four Limericks

There once was a girl named Ana,
Who loved to eat ice cream and banana,
THen her treat did disappear,
And Ana shed some tears,
Everyone felt bad for Ana Banana,

There once was a boy named Peter,
Who was known as the school's best cheater,
One day he was caught,
And detention he got,
Everyone felt bad for Peter the Cheater.

There once was a boy named Michael,
Who had a new motorcycle,
He went on a ride,
And fell off the side,
Everyone felt bad for Michael.

There once was a girl named Fina,
WHo dreamed she was a ballerina,
She would gracefully twirl,
Until she could hurl,
Everyone felt bad for Fina.

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Mistaken Identity

There was an eel on the ocean floor,
Sammy his name, he knew the score.
His friends said, he was smart,
Then upon a dinner cart,
He said, Hey, I am not an albacore.

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' Intelligence - Impediment ' (Limerick # 1)

‘ Intelligence-Impediment ’

There Was A-Lisping Professor, Named Panamo’
Who gave his Students, an Assignment on Plato’
… But he was quite perplexed in Mind
… When They, came with clay-figures of some Kind
Not Realizing, They All Thought, He’d Said, ‘Play Doh’ ...

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Holy Crap

Na- Nu Na-Nu
greetings earthlings How do you do
I'm captain Zendor from planet Sur Render 
shazbot someone crashed into my spaceship's fender
hit me so hard made me go krap-poo

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Politicians Gather Money

One thing said about politicians
They can gather money like  morticians
Who bring dead for burial
That go to meet Gabriel
While politicians greet contributions

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Chicken Code

A naked chicken crossed the road
He needed to get to his abode.
He was puzzled you see
About the mystery,
Chicken or egg question, was just a code.

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I Fell In Love

I fell in love; my heart goes thump, thump.
You, dear one, a beautiful tree stump.
Creases that shine so clear.
Your presence, calls me near.
Say you love me, while I have this bump.

My heart craves in desire, for your rings.
Fire burns inside, as the minstrel sings.
Your caress sometimes rough,
I am your man; I am tough.
Say you will be mine, please, my lust springs.

My darling, thus true, you are my stump.
Adore resting on you, on my rump.
I ache for answer, soon.
Before the budding moon,
My sweet love, do not make me a chump.

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The Storm

When the storm hit our town of Old Soling
It brought with it thunder a rolling.
My son said don’t fear,
As the angels are near
Because once again God must be bowling 

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I’ve a serious inkling to thinking
Which I do in the morning whilst tinkling
Oh no!  What is this?
Is he talking of piss?
“No, just playing the piano,” said winking

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Everybody thought that the green-looking Martians
were those aliens from Mars navigating in flying saucers...
who made up that silly story? Someone did
see them in a clear vision of a dream, indeed!
And still their existence seems a subtle irony to us!

Entered in Carolyn Devonshire's New Contest:  
Out Of This World Limericks

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Like a castaway on the cosmic sea,
life has been a mystery to me
what can I do now, or say,
but think of my yesterdays,
now my soul, and spirit will be free

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                                     One Mayday the girls of Penzance,
                            Being rather board with the lacy of romance,
                                                   Joined a Parade,
                                       With there Banners displayed,
                                          Offering sex to the Yanks;
                                     One was a Lady from Pecking,
                              Who indulged in a great deal of necking,
                                       But it seemed such a waste,
                                    Since she claimed to be chaste,
                           But that statement however, neads checking,
                                  Another young Lady from London's west,
                                  Had on an ankle length string vest,
                                        But there were some holes,
                                         For the respectable souls,
                            So she could have sex while  dressing
                        Now another young woman from Southend,
                                Had intended a love'ing week end,
                                         She waved to her mate,
                                             Good golly I'm late,
                                For her mate had a new lady friend,
                                        " THE WARRIOR POET"

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The Prince who remained a Frog (2005)

Upon his lily awaiting from his queen
But a sad reflection looks back at him in the algae blue and green 
Princesses came and then they went
Their vision of him was truly bend
Deceived by his distinctive looks but he royalty trapped inside
Not one of these eyes even tried
Tried to see the prince he was deep inside his aching heart
The frog remained a frog until eyes could tell his inside apart
Off he hoped on an old toad stool
Thinking of this superficial world so cruel 

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The Canvas

The canvas is blank; all blank
You could paint a picture of a plank
With a pirate on board,
That collects eggshells to hoard,
With some iron around his neck, going CLANK.

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Soap Opera Emotions

I sat and watched with discernment
As feelings became so fervent
I tried and I tried
To stop, but yet I cried
Smiles were then intermittent

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Top Ten

thirty-two poems in the top ten

if I write it just right, might win again

a dash of emotion

a thought and a notion

just give me a win, I'll scream out amen!!!!!

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Silly Willy with a worm
Had a pocket that would squirm

A Silly Willy was this boy
His pocket worm brought him joy

Don't mistake him for a toy
He is handsome and so coy

Silly Willy's naughty worm
Growing bigger makes girls squirm~

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Sea Parrot

Under the sea lived a parrot.
She loved to play with a ferret.
Then upon one day,
In the month of May,
They both shared a yellow carrot.

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Looks Are Pert Nigh Everything

An old childhood chum named Red Booker,
Fell in love and was married to quite a looker.
She caused men to stare,
But old Red didn't care,
Because everywhere she went, he took her.

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Ahoy Mate

An aging old sea captain named Hook,
Was a bloodthirsty pirate and a crook.
He leaned as he stood,
On his left leg of wood,
And from only his right eye he did look.

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Youthful Souls

If I were a fish,
and I could fly,
I'd turn the world upside down,
simply just to make it better.

If I were a morning dove
and I could swim,
I'd make sure that everyone is loved,
and the world would be happier.

If I were a parrot,
with a vow of silence,
all would stop and listen,
to the more important things in life.

If I could,
I would continue kissing you forever,
and love you like no other.

If I were a lucky leprechaun
I'd leap to the end of the rainbow
and share all my wealth with the world.

Flying fish,
Swimming doves,
Silent parrots,
Endless kisses,
and lucky leprechauns
may not exist in our world
but they could,
if we stayed young at heart. 

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Twice Through the Ice

Skatin' on dangerous ground,
Scared someday I'll be found,
My feet through the ice,
Don't think that'd be nice
When the spring thaw comes around

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Tootie Fruity Internet

I got on a jet, 
and flew to L.A.
Only to find.
I'd have a bad day.
My monitor was cracked.
My laptop a mess.
That's when I decided.
To pull off my dress.
Now I was naked.
With no underwear.
All I could do.
While the boss gave a stare.
That's when I decided.
To quit my day job.
I was no teacher's pet.
On the tootie fruity internet..

Funny Poem by Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2009,2015..All rights reserved.

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The Abuse of Chartreuse

The lady was dressed in” chartreuse;”
To which she made of good use.
Her honey spent money;
On dinner so yummy;
And came close to sexual abuse.

The lady was cloaked in “chartreuse;”
And her magic was that of a muse.
While mixing a potion;
She came up on a notion;
That the men in her life were no use.

The man did tighten the nose;
After giving the lady a boost.
She was a wrong doing woman;
And what ever he did she had coming.
She was his woman the Lady “chartreuse”

The man who sat at the table;
Had purchased his new girl a sable.
While she swilled her champagne;
 All she did was complain;
About her horse named chartreuse in the stable

“Chartreuse” is simply a hue’
Not black or not red or not blue.
It’s a color not primary;
Like Susan or Mary;
But it’s still on the spectrum its true.

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Old Bleached Gator

Old  granite face enjoyed  job in  sewer
He was king of the under ground brewer
Everyday he'd hide away
With the hot lines he did play
Then old bleached gator scared him away

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Forbidden Wells

                                     Echoed pealing of far-off bells

                        chases thoughts that swirl somewhere else,

                                                        each mile,


                                    thirst is slaked at forbidden wells.

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Oh POOHY { Limerick}

                     Once I made a batch of stew
                    Ingrediants made it grew and grew
                    Red Orange Green  Blue and Yellow
                    Made my guy not a happy fellow
                    Ended up on the pot and just  pooed

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I have an old dog, named Rover
he's covered in ticks, all over
a bath, he does need,
but they make him sneeze
so Rover keeps his ticks, all over.

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Guard on Duty

         he stood far back against the wall,

               nobody noticed him at all,

             there, mute and motionless,

                  but there nevertheless,

              listening close  to  a quiet call,

                stiff like  furniture in the hall.

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' The Domino Effect ' (Limerick # 2)

‘ The Domino Effect ’

There Was A Young Woman, Named Domino
Who Talked … about Anyone and So and So
    Well… She was quite Shocked to Find
             All Her Victims in a Line
Ready to Fall on Her… Just Like - G e r o n i m o !

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[Billy once spoke of our approaching doom]

Billy once spoke of our approaching doom.
Revealed stitched-cross against bare groom.
But fear never chilled stiff steel handle.
Then he ranted silent scandal!
Now Billy talks little in him white padded room.

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' Sweet, Little Man ... ' (Limerick # 3)

             ‘ Sweet, Little Man ’

There Was the Sweetest, Little Man, Named Nate
    Who was so Bald… He got a Headache
      From the Kisses, that were Planted
On His ( 2 Month-Old Head )… He Demanded …
“Why Won’t Mama, Put A Cap On My Pate ?