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Limerick Fear Poems | Limerick Poems About Fear

These Limerick Fear poems are examples of Limerick poems about Fear. These are the best examples of Limerick Fear poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Wonderful Star

                                   There once was a wonderful star 
                                 Who thought she would go very far
                                            Until she fell down
                                         And looked like a clown
                                   She knew she would never go far
                                     She would land near the moon

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What is this, a friendly ghost
Casper was nicer than most
He had a show 
It had to go
No one liked a friendly ghost

We want a dark ghost that's mean
Terrible fright makes us scream
Boo with a bite
Unending night
Where nothing is as it seems

Contest: Kelly's "Ghost"
Date: 10-27-14

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There once was a real scary clown
Wore neither a smile nor a frown
Just a scowl and a stare
Guaranteed kids he’s scare
Without even making a sound

I was scared of all clowns as a kid
When I saw them I went and hid
The red hair and red nose
And the baggy old clothes
And the terrifying things that they did

A pie in the face or a squirt
Slapstick that looked like it hurt
Be they grinning like mad
Or painted quite sad
My eyes I would have to avert

I hope that you don’t think me daff
But when I hear a way too loud laugh
I quick look around
To make sure there’s no clown
I’m not scared to death, just to half

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There was a very young girl
Hair of gold that was in curls
She saw a big bug
Dad gave her a hug
That bug went down in a swirl

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The Midnight Hour

Late in the midnight hour
When fear gains its greatest power
Dreams transform into nightmares
And tiny mice become gigantic bears
Causing sleeping children to cry and cower. 

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I Don't Like Spiders

Spiders and I have a deal,
They don't come near me and I won't squeal.
But sometimes they forget,
Then I get upset,
And I squeal cause they broke our deal!


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One Resolution

I had resolved one year,
To never again have a fear
But I feared sitting down,
So I walked all around
And that's how I ended up here.

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From Rocket to Little town

There once was a knight from Rocket town
Who lured and let his amour men down
But on a night not too young
Nemesis caught up with Doung 
When his archers incursed Little town.

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Sobbin Robin

Posted on 8/20/2013
Updated 8/21/2013

Sobbin’ Robin kept hoppin’ around.
His beak in a downward frown.
First time out of the nest
Unsure of his Baby Bird Quest
His meek chirping was his only sound.

Sobbin’ Robin was too scared to fly.
So scared that he didn’t even try.
He chirped out a loud sigh
That shifted the sky
And a breeze stopped his next chirpy cry.

Unknown to Scared Sobbin’ Robin
Was that Mother Nature kept him hoppin’
When the wind caught his wings
He started to sing
And now flies with birds sans any sobbin'.

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Blood Lust

There once was a man who thirst for gore
Biting the necks of your average whores
Stake to the heart
He's falling apart
Spreading ashes and ashes galore

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Darling, it's time we had a chat,
" Don't hurt me like Bernardette,
she stirs up jealousy
with the same stupidity;
just ignore her and save your breath! "

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Shock Begins

The close family was all called in Four days since hubby to home had been The snooker hustler played High stakes for which he stayed In the door he came, our shock begins
Written: May 13, 2014

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After the ice age, dinosaurs
appeared and roamed the wilderness;    
wasn't it chaos to hear
wild beasts stump and roar?
Weren't they afraid of loud thunders? 


They became exinct...
by the time the stone age came,
Man's epic had started.

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Ms Jack And Tack

There was once a lady called Ms Jack
Who lived near a grass region called Tack.
When prickled by the grasses
On her way with her glasses.
She let down her glasses and her Jack.

For Andrea's "Show Me The Funny" Contest. 

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Bath Salts

There once was a guy who was crazy
Took bath salts to make him not lazy
Bad trip to say the least
Human flesh was a feast
Dead carcass was pushin' up daises

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contrast between our lives not one soul survives contagious how they leer i am allowed no fear destroyed, my sanity dives

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Always broken

Never spoken 
Always broken
Secret tears 
A thousand fears
Darkness creeps
I will always weep
Lights fading
Are my dreams worth saving?
Continuous silence
Sadness and hate, no violence
Whatever is right 
I will fight
No more tears
What are my fears?
Your word don’t hurt
My thoughts convert
Never spoken
Always broken

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War on Terror

I am a defender of democracy

But not its lies and hypocrisy:

 And I detest Jihad terror,

  Its soldier and flag bearer

Who defend their own atrocity!


Not funny I know. Limericks 
Are supposed to be humorous.
I apologise for that.

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People Watching

Perhaps I am a frightful boor,
But your looks were a visceral lure.
I stopped and I stared.
What if I had dared
To ask your name? But I demurred.

I'd have followed you without a thought
By your face I was utterly caught:
Like a fish in a net
My whole world I'd forget,
And misfortune would then be my lot

People say it is bad to be shy.
Maybe not, as your smile was a lie.
Looking back I can see
You are stronger than me.
I'm glad I could not meet your eye

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Her past formed her life

As a girl she always wanted to be loved
But no one ever showed her what it meant to be loved
She tried to be joyful and make others happy
But nothing ever changed her life was still crappy
One day she met someone that started admiring her
He started to show what love meant to her 
It was pleasant at first fun and gifts
Then something happened she felt like jumping off a cliff
He started doing things that didn't seem right
Every time she tried to stop she lost the fight
She thought she caused it she really didn't know
She didn't get why this man would act so low
She felt very guilty hid it in her heart deep
She forgot how to sleep all she did was weep
As her sadness grew the man finally started to see
He decided to leave and she was finally free
She started living her way started to forget the pain
But as she moved forward it was in her heart as stain
While she grew older she started going the wrong ways
Men did whatever in bed while she just lays
They came and went but never wanted her as a wife
Drugs boos and men became the definition of her life
Depressed she knew her life was going down the drain
Behind the doors she cried hard like rain
She envied the happy girls never would she have that luck
This was her life always she would be stuck
Her life turned upside down things started to go well
She met her first love she was finally out of hell
He was there all along she just didn't know
He finally revealed himself when he started to glow
I think you may know him
But may not have seen him
His name is.... God

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Merciless Thieves

The tiles upon the floor
are creaking like the door.
We're doomed to the thieving,
their wicked hearts beating
for money, we have no more.

Our windows freely swing,
letting in horrible stink,
we live by pure luck,
but mostly it sucks;
items are stolen in a blink.

The neighbor's hounds are dopes.
they allow the thieves to roam.
Burglars invade,
thieves come to stay,
My, I think I am broke!  

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Cops and Cookies

Here come the Cops
We are here to serve
A whack from a baton
That's all you deserve

Here come the Cops
The cutters of crime
Protectors of people
Not in my time

Here come the Cops
Stealing the cakes
From an upturned truck
Which had dodgy brakes

Here come the Cops
Don't break the blue line
You may get the leftovers
When we take the prime

Here come the Cops
With what can we fine
Did you take them cake crumbs
That we left behind

Here come the Cops
Serious time
Did you steal a custard
Did you do the crime

Here come the Cops
Answer they said
We know that you took it
That piece of brown bread

Here come the Cops
It was you, your the taker
No officer no
But I murdered the baker

Here come the Cops
Never mind that
We want back that doughnut
It was sumptuous and fat

Here come the Cops
We're after you
When we say take one crumb
Don't you dare take two

Officer officer, 
What must you think
Such depravity I would not sink
I admit that I killed them
Then burned the house down
Then stole the vehicle and left it in tow
I threw the dog in the river
The kids in the stream
But I never ever pinched no custard cream

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She has completely unleashed all forms of hell
What power she’s unleashing she won’t tell
Absolutely hurtful
Very purposeful
You’ve unleashed all this pain so very well

Entrant into Paula Swanson's "Unleash" contest