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Limerick Dream Poems | Limerick Poems About Dream

These Limerick Dream poems are examples of Limerick poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Limerick Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Everyone thinks since i smile
that everything is good
no one knows its been a while
since i last had good food. 

I live in a good neighborhood
My neighbors, all quite wealthy
just snacking when i could
and trying to stay healthy

everytime you go to school
your stomach starts to rumble
always looking like a fool
when you trip and stumble.

i know what its like to feel sick
the fuzz that passes through your brain
people acting like a prick
not knowing your in pain.

i go to school like normal
i tell no one of my issues
no need to make it formal
i just grab a few more tissues.

you may not even notice me
im just your everyday dumb teen
you cant see what i see
or know where i have been.

i go to school each day
and go to work each night
working for my pay
so i can grab another bite.

we go to homeless dinners
and i feel my heart clench tight
not feeling like the winner
should i really have to fight?

so now i lay my head
and dream of a full tummy
and as i lay in bed
i dream of yummy yummies.

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Nigeria of My Dream

A place that gives wings to my dreams
And hushes my fears, worries and screams
Where I’d develop stronger wings to fly
Rising so higher, touching the blue sky
That I dream and pray it ends not as dream         

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There was a girl from across the sea
In every way she seemed right for me
She showed me her art
I thought next was her heart
But alas, this dream was not to be


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There was an old fella called Bill,
Who joined dating sites for a thrill,
But he failed to impress
Anything in a dress:
At ninety he’s over the hill.

For Scott’s Hill contest

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The Midnight Hour

Late in the midnight hour
When fear gains its greatest power
Dreams transform into nightmares
And tiny mice become gigantic bears
Causing sleeping children to cry and cower. 

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Dream on-2

Dream on

Be it white rabbit holes of wonderlands
Or black holes  of never-here flounder lands ,
Dreaming on and on
Vaunted  webs they  spawn
In  this ‘ uni-verse’ that ever expands*.

Expanding like vapor, fluff and  free verse
In eccentric  quest,  new frontiers traverse
Dreamlands roaming
Ideas beaming
Procreating,  creating  things diverse.

Diverse, like what is extant, are  all stuff
From the  nutsy-feverish  heads of buffs
Their ways are damn strange
Their worlds  like deranged
Salt of earth, they are, above all rebuff.

Kneading up, weeding and leading the earth
Right , left or centre  , ever, two cents worth
Although they  grandstand
And get praised or panned
Of their wisdom, world should not be in dearth.

*Science tells  that the universe keeps on expanding by itself.
Black hole is a region in space- time whose gravity field is too strong for anything including light to escape from it.

S.Jagathsimhan Nair
22 jul 2013,   Limerick

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The forgotten language

Mystery symbols in our dreams
Are night's telegrams with strange themes
To grasp the message
Of what these scenes presage
The ancients knew decoding schemes

Author's note: Our inability and lack of desire to interpret dreams in the "modern age" is partly the result of our reliance on reason and science.  Our predecessors would be shocked at how illiterate we are when it comes to this skill.  Eric Fromm's book with the same title as this poem makes this exact point.  It is unfortunate that modern man can not properly decipher these gems of information from the subconscious.

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Dream World Star

I desire to enter the light of the dream world Where everything has hope, so I may get the girl The stars all shine above Giving off a special love Nothing is as bright as the star that gives a twirl
Russell Sivey

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Some thoughts come in code

When unsurpassed greed's uncontrolled
King Midas' story be told!
The steps to his stash
Cast his daughter for cash
She's an allegory of gold

Author's note: I had a vivid dream a few nights ago.  Part of it included a feeling that I needed to check my personal stash of valuables.  I thought the items were locked in the basement.  However, when I came to the door to the staircase leading down expecting it to be locked, it was ajar.  I opened it all the way, and there was a child coming up the steps.  We looked at each other, and the child tumbled down the stairs and appeared dead.  It was a terrible feeling.  The poem above is one interpretation of what I might have been trying to tell myself.  There are other interpretations as well.  However, I am left with the idea that our society's focus on the material is destroying our love for each other and our families.  This is a huge problem for me and has taken a lot of my thought time over the past few days.  Meanwhile, I tell myself to enjoy each day, and I try.

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The Little Girl :Between Nightmares And Dreams

Everyday she walks  more than a mile,
Through the woods to live her dream for a while.
With friends, to enjoy, to play,
After school, longer her stay.
When she starts towards home, she loses her smile.

She walks on a path she has always known,
Still it seemed a nightmare, all alone.
Though Scared of what would befall,
Went on ahead,after all
She clutched in her hand , a sacred stone.

Clouded skies,everything seems a blur,
But beyond the field is a light, no err.
An end to tonight's worries,
To dream on mom's lap, hurries
Who is at the window, waiting for her.

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Husbands Are in Heaven Whose Wives Scold Not

All night I dream of life without wife,
Peaceful and heavenly, without any strife .
No scolding, no nagging,
Like ‘sake’ I’m having.
Alas! Its morning and gone my life.

Dt.  23/02/14

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Dream Lover

Like it or not it is the best place to be in the MORNING.

The mimosa; often where I did meet MOURINE.

Pretty thing, she caught me with her charm as she danced the "HOLA"

In a trance, her cold lips whispered in my ear "DARLING"

Gosh 'twas just a dream stolen by the vapid noise of the STARLING.

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A word in your praise

I love to write a word in your praise.
My weakness is, I like your image,
Blue eyes as wide as an open sky,
As deep as ocean never speaks lie,
Tide roars when moon disturbs craze.

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There once was a fellow named Dave
Who had a secret ambition to rave
Not that he won a Soup race
Just that he somehow placed
So more contest were entered by Dave

Limerick Poem