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Dog Limerick Poems | Limerick Poems About Dog

These Dog Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Dog Limerick poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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There's No Place Like Home

Once was a gal who felt so alone
Tornato came up rooted farms home
Landed on wicked  witch
Munchkins came out of ditch
Gave dog lollypops instead of bone  

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The Doggone Dog Contest

I guess it would cause oohs and ahhs
if I wrote of the doggie's doo dahs
So I'd best keep it clean
even though it will mean
this 'tale' will be wagging the dog, haha.

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The Doggone Dog Contest.

 Rufus: Irish Rover Purebred and a Fortune 500 Pup ( As told by Rufus himself.)

Watch me snarl all the salesmen away,
ram the door, keep the mailmen at bay.
Each evening, I break
for a fresh T-bone steak.
The sun shines on my ass the WHOLE day.

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A Pleasant Trip

I stepped out the door to feed Doggy
The day was so beautifully foggy
I tripped on his dishes
And swam like the fishes
And now all my dress clothes are soggy!

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Bow Pow

<                                    cakes and sausages on hot griddle
                                      uncle Leroy's dam dog just piddled
                                      slipped ~ slide across floor
                                      grabbed shotgun by front door
                                      now dam ole dog just plays an fiddle 

                            bow bow bow bow bow bow bow        bow ~ wow 
                            ow ow ow ow ow ow ow                       bow ~ ow 
                            with   tail    between     own  ~              legs 
                            now    dog    sings  ~    and  ~               brags
                            about cousin's daisies's  bad                 bow ~ pows

Entry For John Freeman's
Slapstick Limerick Contest
Gl All

Poor Ole Dog LOL

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A Dog And A Cat And A Flea

A dog and a cat and a flea,
All sat down to some tea,
They all ate some ham,
With some bread and some jam,
And were all as content as can be.

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A Dog's Tale

There was a fat dog from Rhyl
That found it hard climbing a hill
He swore to eat less
But his life was a mess
When Weight Watchers sent the bill.  

For Debbie's Limerick II contest.
Rhyl is a town in north Wales UK pronounced Rill

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I Call Him BoJo

I met a young fellow not that long ago.
His name was Bocephus but he told me to call him Bo.
He could sing a real great country song.
I could sit and listen to him sing all day long.
I named my new hound dog after him, I call him BoJo.

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Just Do it

It was time to visit the vet With a specimen from my pet I scooped a lump of coal But the cheap bag had a hole Now, I'm driving in a cold sweat Nauseous, I cannot elude The smell of what Winnie pooed Rotten eggs are preferred Over smelling dog terds And her ripe farts are far less rude By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders for PDs Pooping Contest *Yes, my dog is named Winnie after Winnie the Pooh by my son. We call her Winnie Bear

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The Dog Gone Dog Contest

Pride and Prejudice A Dog’s Tale

Simply scratching is really not fair
said King Kong to the mut in his lair
you’ve laid down with me’s
and I’m covered with fleas
Now, Fay Wray will end our affair!

Oh well, said the pink Pomeranian
Find a pet, a bit, more pedestrian
Let sleeping dogs lie
too near to your thigh
or go for a prize more Wagnerian!

Brunhilda you see cares not if you’ve fleas
for horned helmets has she’s for releases
She’ll scratch your back
when fleas attack
That Fay Wray lacks tact and she sneezes!

~Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas
~~Let sleeping dogs lie

*The 1933 original version of King Kong 
  stared actist Faye Wray as the apes girlfriend.
**A pomeranian is a long haired German dog.
***Wagner is a German composer who wrote The Ride of the Valkyries
      Brünnhilde is one of the eight valkyrie sisters, commonly seen 
      in horned helmets who bring souls to Valhala.