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Limerick Childhood Poems | Limerick Poems About Childhood

These Limerick Childhood poems are examples of Limerick poems about Childhood. These are the best examples of Limerick Childhood poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Eying the Babe

Ah, my brother is finally sleeping
Through my head mischievous thoughts are creeping
     It’s my time to shine now
     To him I won’t kowtow
All of the attention I’ll be keeping
I’ll make the best use of this special time
Beg for more after each nursery rhyme
     I’ll play with his best toys
     Till he makes the first noise
Because then I’ll just be admired part time

By Carolyn Devonshire
For Miranda Lambert’s Brotherly Love contest
April 23, 2011

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There's No Place Like Home

Once was a gal who felt so alone
Tornato came up rooted farms home
Landed on wicked  witch
Munchkins came out of ditch
Gave dog lollypops instead of bone  

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The Good the Bad and the Ugly Divorce

Let Him Go (Limerick)

Our mom told us how she chose her beau,
With an “eeny, meeny, miny, moe!”
Of course it didn’t last,
With a choice so half-assed!
But at least it taught the fool to grow!

Child Support (Haiku)

Parental disputes
Had placed us in the middle
Of their divorce wars

Divorce (Couplet)

He left her to fend for us alone, blasé with his remiss,
She chose to break this conjugal bond without marital bliss.

For (Destroyer ((Poet’s ~DIVORCE CLUB~ Contest

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The Monster Mash

<                              dancing to the hit song monster mash
                                frankenstein and werewolf got real smashed
                                took the witches culdeen
                                and boiled up mummys spleen
                                Quasimodo joined in on the bash

                                witches brew of brains spleens gizzards hearts
                                illuminates party from it's start
                                Dracula and zombies
                                lurking for free bodies
                                poor old frankie's wife just fell apart 

                               the bewitching dance came to its end
                               when bats flew in frenzy around den 
                               on this all hallows eve
                               trickery was up sleeve
                               sent my 3 black cats in to defend

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Randa's Little Bears

It's a picture of Lucas and me.

We're cuties you have to agree.

     The love that we share

     with our Mom "Randa Bear",

is in the smile on my face that you see.

Poet: Ralph Taylor  5/2/11
Contest:  Brotherly Love

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Worthless Bear

A cuddly toy Mr Edward Bear
a boy's comfort joy and fresh air,
lost his ear one stormy night
the dog jumped in to bed in fright,
the button on his neck gone where?

@ Harry J Horsman 2013

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There once was a real scary clown
Wore neither a smile nor a frown
Just a scowl and a stare
Guaranteed kids he’s scare
Without even making a sound

I was scared of all clowns as a kid
When I saw them I went and hid
The red hair and red nose
And the baggy old clothes
And the terrifying things that they did

A pie in the face or a squirt
Slapstick that looked like it hurt
Be they grinning like mad
Or painted quite sad
My eyes I would have to avert

I hope that you don’t think me daff
But when I hear a way too loud laugh
I quick look around
To make sure there’s no clown
I’m not scared to death, just to half

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Pretty Little Ladybug

See the pretty little Ladybug
In summer she'll sit on your mug             
Pose in her polka dots                 
Delighting tiny tots
Play a tune and she may cut a rug


Note: Nor for a contest...just fun : )

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February Funny Bone

                                 Once came along a groundhog named Phil
                                 Looked for shadow in winters chill
                                         Even top hat and coat
                                         Didn't stop whining's gloat
                                Stuck six more weeks paying heating bill                                 

Written by 
Katherine Stella 2/4/12
Entry For
Linda Marie's
February Funny Bone Contest

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All In The Family

<                          once Edith laid her hot iron flat
                            husband Archie called her his dingbat
                            then son-in-law ~ meathead
                            put iron on dam bed
                            boy fire did make Jefferson scat

Written By 
Katherine Stella 10/30/11
Entry For Techno - Limericks Contest 
To Be Co-Judge  G.L. All

Just Gotta Love That Archie LOL

Note Please Never Leave Your Iron On
Can Really Ruin Your Day Yikes

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Prep Talk

<                                      Peter ~ Piper ~ picked ~ pickled .... peppers
                                        Ate ~ one ~ turned ~ into ~ hot ~ salsa ... stepper
                                                Cherry ~ Banana ~ ....  Bell 
                                         Boy - his - tongue - throat - did ... swell
                                         Couldn't ~ even ~ yell ~ at ~ packs ... prepper

Entry For
Destroyer {Poet's }
Pickles & Tickles Contest
G.L. All

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Pickle Pucker

I once gave my toddler a pickle
I bribed him with a shiny nickel
He took a big bite
And to my delight
His puckered face gave me a tickle

Copyright © 2010  By Caryl S. Muzzey

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You Stink

<                            Once came along a super ninja
                              Dagger Nunchucks Gi sword Wala
                              Hiding in the sewer
                              Got covered with manure
                              Fear not his weapons but hands haha


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First of May

"First of May"

When I was a child I ran away
To live with the circus in Bombay,
Where all things were new
And possible, too!
So, for this they called me "First of May"!

I started out selling concessions:
Hot! Popcorn! Hot! Peanuts! Confections!
But in my spare time,
I'd secretly climb
Into the Great Cannon--for missions!

My costume and cape were blue and grey,
Spark'ling like stars with each flight--Away!
By day selling fare--
Nights--Fly Through The Air!
Dreams do come true when you're "First of May"!*

deborah burch©

*Note: "First of May" is a circus term used to describe 'newbies' who come to the means that everything is new,exciting, fresh, and anything/everything is possible! :)

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Fire In The Hole

<                                        once there was ten devious children
                                          oh how they did a poor little sin
                                          brother had passed some gas
                                          they lit match to his ass
                                          dam dog was even wearing a grin

Entry For
John Freeman's
Giggle Poetry Contest # 2
G.L. All

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Message to My X

I fell in love at thirteen
You might say I was quite green
I held his hand tight
He was out of sight
But now he’s being so mean!

At camp, spent days in a tent
His pride had taken a dent
We made up just fine
That sweet boy of mine
But now he seems so hell bent.

He needs some joy in his life
And though he has a great wife
A friend’s always nice
To add some more spice
But he’s afraid of the strife.

I’d shower him with such joy
But he's a silly old boy
He won’t come to play
He must have his way
My heart he’s used like a toy!

“My dear, why can’t you be nice?
Before you end it- think twice
Between you and me  
Let’s make harmony
You’ve made me pay a high price!

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Little League

He looked so darned small at the plate
For the pitch he just couldn't wait
Got a high fast ball
He swung for the wall
You'r out! But to mom he did great!

For the Favorite Sport contest....

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Rock Paper Scissors

<                          I once played rock paper and scissors
                            never dreamed theres so many gizzards
                            somehow loves this game too
                            well I just said oh phoo
                            and had to show them who was wizzard

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Wind Sock Kite-Mare

Wind sock kites can be seen along the beach
Couldn’t afford one; always out of reach
     Until that Wednesday
     When one got away
“Please, Mom, let it be mine,” I did beseech

No other kids were in sight on the sand
I grabbed the string; the kite took off as planned
     Seagull in the way
     Tangled right away
Snarled in the jetty, I saw it crash land

*Entry for Gwendolen’s “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” contest
Dedicated to Alexa Brus who has helped me hone my writing abilities and gave me the encouragement to continue writing when my muse escaped.

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I'm Cuckoo For Coco Puffs

<                      once was an  cuckoo bird named Sonny
                         tagging along gramps as first  gunny
                               shooting up cereal bowls
                     with dark puffs @@@ nice ~ and ~ slow
                            Oh how trix rabbit did so runny  

Entry For Poets Destroyer 's
Your Favorite Cereal Limerick
GL All                                  

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These Coming Summer Days

Tis splendor in the grass these coming summer days
America’s youth can have their privileged adolescent ways
Swimming and playing or simply being laid back
They have little worries without any teacher’s flack
Enrich they youngish self before the inevitable groans of early Mondays

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My Antics

There I was an eight year old girl
On an adventurous whirl 
We had a thing for hanging
I ended up dangling
With a driver that wanted to hurl

these things happen when dramas befall 
I got stuck between the van and the wall
out cold I was lying
driver almost crying 
vans were forbidden, for fear of a sprawl

*Naughty me, ended up unconscious 
from hanging onto the back of our neighbors’ van,
poor man needed shock treatment, luckily
I lived to tell the tale lol * 

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Dick's Stik

There once was a thin man named Dick
Who got paid for doing slapstick
Van Dyke was his name
And fame was his claim
He played on his wife dirty tricks!

Old Dick was called Rob so it goes
Mary was called Laura, you know
Mary did not bore
She got laughs galore
And this was my favorite show.

One night the two had a nightmare
Of aliens, walnuts, and scares
They dreamt of invasion
And four eyes gazing
And two eyes were under their hair!

Strange eggs filled with absorbatron
left for shoppers to munch upon
man lost his thumb
his humor dumb-dumb
they both woke scared witless anon.

The humor was quite a sensation
The two brought much jubilation
I’ll never forget
And never regret
That masterful comic creation.

* The Episode of the Dick Van Dyck Show
was called "It May Look Like Walnuts!" 
   and gave me my first belly whopper!
Poet: Debbie Guzzi

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Mama's Mad

Mama's Mad

That woman there is my mama
Make her mad means certain trauma
With deadly aim
Your butt she'll claim
Its all part of mama's drama!

Taken from the phrase..
If mama's not happy, nobody's happy!

For Joe's contest.

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Pay Up

<                    hes my banker and my heads horseman
                      calling bounty on anothers land
                      hark the herald angels
                      I think this game is swell
                      now thimble owes me sixty five grand

Written by Katherine Stella

Entry For Judy Konos's
Monopoly The Game Of Life Contest
G.L. All

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Tales of Gurt & Harry

Tales of Gurt & Harry 
(Pickles & Tickles)

There once was a tart child named Gurt
Who sucked sour balls ‘till it hurt
A green apple pucker
And dreams of her sucker
Made naughty Gurt act very curt.

Now Gurt’s brother was named Harry Larry
his back was so hairy it was scary
When he entered a room
They all cried BABOON!
And they ran round like loons or canaries?

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A Child of Nine

When I was a child of nine
I thought I had all the time
Time to live and be happy
Time to fish with my pappy
But death had crossed the line

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No, Monopoly isn't too speedy
And the deals you make often are seedy.
Common sense then, forbids
Me to teach to my kids,
But I did, and it made their dad greedy.

Now, my daughters are sweet little dears,
They're eleven and nine (in earth years).
So we sat down on stools
And I taught them the rules,
An hour later, someone was in tears.

I was mean and I pushed and I bossed,
Played to win, didn't care what it cost.
But my kids are too smart.
Despite daddy's black heart,
The next thing I new, I had lost.

So a word to the wise from a guy
Who's afternoon plans went awry:
If you can't stand to lose
To your kids, then don't chose
Monopoly, they'll see you cry!

For "Monopoly the Game of Life" contest
by Jason Talbott

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The Legend of Smelly Nelly

Smelly Nelly was quite a charming girl,
She wore her hair in braids instead of curls,
Bathing several times per day in the Jewish way,
Yet many scoffed and sniffed,
exclaiming she smelt like manure in hay,
Nelly used expensive oils and attars,
some came from lands very far,
Her raiments were made of the finest silks
but people still told her she smelt
like days old milk,
They shunned and booed her,
talking behind her back,
hoping and praying she would have a heart attack,
The gripe they harbored had nothing to do with
Nelly's smell, it was because her family owned
several oil wells,
Neverthelss, she brought her own lunch which made
her naysayers feel as if they were incompetent bunches,
The farce of living as the Joneses do, never appealed to
Nelly because she knew the value of a dollar,
So while folks snickered and stared, corking their noses
causing her despair,
She sat and ate her snicker doodle sandwiches with her
little pinky waving in the air,
Smelly Nelly they chanted everyday, but she shrugged
her shoulders and continued on her merry way,
Cartier, Chanel and Youth Dew were always in her backpack,
but she knew it was hard for critics to understand her modest lifestyle,
They all rumoured that she lacked!
Afterall, she rather "enjoyed" their ignorance,
watching them treat her as if she were a rotten as mere happenstance,
But Nelly soon conquered her critics by blossoming into a
lovely swan, forgetting about the negativity, and meanness,
leaving the penny section to stew in their own mess......

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Fathers Cute Little Words

My fathers’ cute little words and sayings,
Like, that is just for the birds, in lashings.
Akumpucky in way,
Epigutis he’d say.
My father was big man in displaying.

Akumpucky was cream or compound.
Epigutis was the disease he found.
His words were so very cute.
You would never try dispute.
Powerful man would win any round.

Written for

Sponsor Francine Roberts 
Contest Name My Parent 

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Transformation – cool to fool

I was on my way to school 
joking and acting oh so cool 
we knew about the drain 
we always tried to refrain 
on this day I became a fool 

I was still chatting to the crew 
suddenly I was out of view 
with two feet in the drain
only my head remain
not cool, it happened in full view… 

*True story, it happened when I was in 
Grade 10, luckily I wasn't hurt, 
just my ego took a plunge, pardon 
the pun ~ lol*

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Ginger whinger

There once was a terrible whinger
Whose hair was incredibly ginger
No one liked him at all
So he ran off from school
And went out to train as a ninja

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My baby dreams.

There once was a dream in my sleep
I was out in the fields with my sheep
I wanted to pee
Let it out with glee
I woke up with in a puddle in my keep.

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The Dog With Clean Teeth

There once was a dog by name of Tiger
She belonged to Kendricks who acquired her
Doris brushed her teeth each week
With Jr.'s  tooth brush so meek
When he learned, said, "Why?"..(She)I did not want mine dirtied sir..

In honor of Brian Strand....

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'You're Going to Break Your Neck'

~~~"You're Going To Break Your Neck ! " ~~~

I see red and orange amidst the green.
Occasionally faces can be seen
hiding in the branches there, 
climbing trees without a care
and I order them down 'cause I'm just mean.

They're up above the ground, oh so high.
Any closer and they could touch the sky.
"Hey you, get your butt down!"
I bellow , with a frown
and they grudgingly climb down with a sigh.

Memories are short and they're up there again.
My nerves are starting to feel the strain.
"Get out of that tree right now!"
I holler like a mad cow.
Acting responsible is just a pain.

The sun is out and the kids are wild.
The poor trees out front are now defiled.
Beneath the tree is now found
broken branches all around,
but at least no broken bones of a child.

~~not 'the end,' I'm sure~~~

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You're Going To Get It Now But Good

<                             once there was an old cat named chessur
                               only listened to alice for sure
                               but sometimes dissappeared 
                               and left behind grins smear
                               so I've gone mad and shaved off hides fur

Entry For Debbie Guzzi's
Go Ask Alice Contest
        G.L. All

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Job Interview

There once was a boy, named Abdul;
Went to get a job, fresh out of school. 
All dressed up like July,
With a bow and a tie;
But left his fly open, what a fool!

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Roman Wedlock

A baby, pious, was born by aide
He named it Gaias, and felt like a jade
While he cried,
Cause mommy died.
His wife hired yet another maid. 

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Lock Up

<                             once there was a girl locked in closet
                               dear old dad said well thats what you get
                               little did he come know
                               let out by little bro
                               but recaptured by moms fishing net 

Entry For Leighann Anderson's
Sea Of Words Contest
G.L. All                               

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dean wood

dean wood,
 is no good,
chop him up,
for fire wood.

a rhyme my mum used to sing to me when i was a child?
go figuire.

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Old Christmas Tune

There once was a lad, he was two. 
Christmas always did make him blue.
In Santa he believed
But gifts he din receive
Cause granny believed in Santa too.

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Indian Giving Brother

Received gift one day, from another
Given in love, from older brother
Borrowed back at one time
Not returned, what a crime
Worst Indian giver, than any other

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Sweltering in sweater

Sweltering in sweater

On a hot day, a certain granddaughter
Makes her grandpa  don  a  woolen  sweater
To play with her. Her strange whim
One can’t ignore. But, for him,
Than its roasted feel, nothing was sweeter.
15 Jun 12

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Momma ate all the childrens' food

Momma ate all the childrens' food!
as she watched the little ones in the neighborhood,
The event created quite a ruckus
and many said she was rude,
yet, what they didn't know about Momma,
is that she was a diabetic,
and had waited too long to snack,
her world started spinning,
It almost faded to black,
She had one biscuit, but that
didn't seem to suffice,
after several, the color began
to come back in her eyes,
for a monent there, we all thought she was
a goner, we didn't care that people revolted and carried
on bad, as her children we felt realy, really sad,
We offered to pay them back from our piggy banks,
but they stoicly said, "No Thanks!"
What were a few packages of Lorna Doones?
Especially for someone who takes care of us rain, shine, even 
during monsoons,
I guess as toddlers it is never too early to learn about class,
What's a person's health worth when it is trickling like an hour glass?

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Fine horses they ride through the glen
A beautiful maid sleeps within
Brambles hold them at bay
Letting love find the way
Even knights give up in the end

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The Birds and Bees

When I learned of the birds and the bees
I got dizzy and fell to my knees
I saw two flies "dance"
My friend saw the chance
She taught with a doctor's expertise 

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, February 16, 2012
for Birds and the Bees contest (Royal Trevino)

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Introducing the Benaminis: The Gypsies from afar

The Benaminis are a family of rodents,
who live their lives capitalizing on other
peoples' residences,
They scope the homes when they're not 
or invade it when only one member's alone,
They scamper up and down,
acting like confounded clowns,
going through closets and secret hiding places,
at the end of their visits , they carry satchels on their backs
filled with delicacies and knick-knacks,
The familes set traps of honey and cheese,
hoping they all will fall to their knees,
But they just keeping rambling and showing up at
the oddest times,
even when polluted with coffee grinds,
They run a muck, taking what they want,
Their sniveling looks seem to haunt,
making families edgy, and promoting dreams 
that taunt,
Oh, they give the children quite a scare,
by climbing everywhere,
They cover their bodies from head to toes,
for fear that the Benaminis grizzly hands may take them
out the windows,
The gypsies who traveled from "Nowhere",
have put enmity and nervousness everywhere,
helping themselves to life's delights,
only stopped with traps and horrible fights.

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Cougar and Cub

There once was this gal – much older
And I being young but bolder
Took hold of her hand
Said I am your man
But she gave me the old cold shoulder

Now I – being not a quitter
Thought how am I going to get her
I must make her mine
The very next time
My parents get a baby sitter

Written - 	6/19/11 by mdailey
For Dr. Mehta's contest - Cougar Effect

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Doris' Brontosaurus

There once was a sweet girl named Doris 
who kept a big pet brontosaurus.  
All day long they would play 
after which they would pray 
and sing the Hallelujah Chorus.  


*With thank-yous to Ms Mary Druce and Georg Handel.

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His Trip To The Moon limerick

There once was a boy we called chase-face
he dreamed of reaching outer space.
With this dream in his heart
our family will part
and this boy we never could replace.

We all dreaded that day late in June
when we knew he would fly to the moon.
So a party we had
even though we were sad
as the countdown was scheduled for noon.

Chase couldn't get rid of the grin
or the drool that was right on his chin.
He was laughing so loud 
while we stood watching proud.
His journey would finally begin.

The trip was a total success.
Of course, we expected no less.
We've done all we can.
He now is a man
and all that he sees he will bless. 

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Latchkey Kid

A latchkey kid was I,
A fact I cannot deny.
My mom started working,
Which caused some tear-jerking,
As I kissed my freedom good-bye.

I was the eldest of three,
So responsibility fell upon me,
To make sure chores were done,
And supper begun,
While my siblings reported to me.

Mom knew I could be counted upon,
To keep an eye on things while she was gone.
But at times I resented,
My time with friends prevented,
Since I was the oldest one.

Looking back I truly can say,
I have no regrets to this day.
Growing up as I did,
May have been rough as a kid,
But it made me who I am today.

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Born Again Mary!

Chef Mary serves vegetable patties
cause she knows they don't have any Daddies!
She the vegan Queen
of the San Fran scene
for no meat does her store front carry!

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Those days when the hours fluttered by
Like the wings of a bright butterfly.
Suntanned skin and bare feet--
And the breeze was as sweet
As the fragrance of blueberry pie.

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Show your man

Dad let his beard grow
I asked,
"what for?"
he said the horns
show his man.

I asked,
no more.

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In the Meadow

Sunshine, daises, and purple marshmallow In my meadow which the humans left fallow Lovely flowers I greet Glad to give their fruit sweet To the sounds of my stream so shallow
The sky is grey, the sun is dead For it would follow where my sweet-ling led Plants crunch 'neath my boots Dead for still having roots In this meadow where from all he fled
Something has upset the drowsy air So I rise from among petals fair Creatures bolted in fear At me she stops to peer Not one of my homes did she spare
A monarch floats nearer, an old broken toy I reach my hand forward to crush out its joy He once was as weak Wings brush my dry cheek In this meadow, at last, I can cry for my boy
By Grace Williams

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Time t'was the ol' Cap'n for me
Them Crunchberries coated my teeth
Once I came to my senses
Granola's pretenses
hugged me to firm grounding beneath.


Ahoy there!

(for PD's 'test)

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A Hungry Bird

Oh there once was a bird in the sky
Till he said " I am Hungry Oh MY!"
He hopped on the ground 
Till a fat worm was found
Then he swallowed it up with a sigh.

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Chirty Limerick

There once was a girl we called Chirty.
She was happy just when she was dirty.
She would sleep with the dogs
and play with the hogs
and stay up catching bugs till 2:30.

She just loved anything that could crawl.
When she'd show me, you know I would bawl.
I can't stand the bugs
but I'll still give her hugs.
(even when she hangs them on her wall) .

One day she was catching a snake
I was praying it only was fake.
It was not only real
but a really BIG deal
when it joined in our swim at the lake.

She's an animal lover, no doubt
and she never stays in.....only out.
When she's old she may change...
that would seem oh so strange
cause this is just what she's about!

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Money isnt Joy

there once was a little poor boy
who hadn't a single toy
he had figured it out
and to the world he'd shout
money isn't the way to joy

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Bertha who had a cute little nose
one day at the beach took off her clothes.
Her mother said “Bertha!
“get dressed or I’ll hurt ya.”
Bertha just five, could care less what showed. 

©Kathryn McLoughlin Collins

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Really Glad

I was known as the Wrockwardine lad
But I left it to find my own pad
Seems wherever I roam
It will always be home
And returning makes me really glad

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This Limmerick 
There was an Old Lady she hailed from Nantucket 
She carried her fish in a red paisley bucket 
She wore her hair up in a honeybun 
She thought it made her quite the looking young 
The Pelican came with a busted wing 
The Old Lady was trying to catch it 
She chased and she chased and she chased it 
She carried a stick made of glass 
She has lippstick it is gloss 
She applies it to snakes and scorpions 
The glass stick not the lipp gloss 
She makes a poor lump of it 
The lipp gloss is read like two lips 
Tulips is many and varied in hue 
She walks in the way of the shrew 
She carries her stick to save birds 
The bird not the woman in the shoe 
That was Old Mother Hubbard 
She has tea in her cupboard 
The Nantucket not Hubbard 
She makes it in gold bullion cubes 
The tea not the shoes 
Millions of bags are hidden away 
Shoe bags not tea bags 
she has shoes for her children 
Yes Hubbard 
In the Cubbard 
The teas are all black and some green 
The shoes are all pink 
Her children are blue 
The Lady from Nan not the Shoe lady too 
The dog eats better than the yew 
A bone from the woman 
Hubbard not Joan 
There was an old woman from Nantucket 
Joan Hubbard was from Shoe Rhode Island 
She kept teas in the millions 
The Nantucket lady not Hubbard 

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I Must'a Been a Beautiful Baby...

I must'a been a beautiful baby,
but that ain't true any more
But try as I might, 
I'm still a pathetic sight,
One that no one can any longer adore

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The firecrackers are so loud;

they can draw a very big crowd.

When they pop they form a cloud;

Lit my first one, sure was proud!

     Copyright McCuen 2008

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The Ape Climbed Up The Drapes

The Ape climbed up the drapes
 just to get to the juicy grapes!
The Ape filled up his pajamas
with very sweet creamy bananas !

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' Sweet, Little Man ... ' (Limerick # 3)

             ‘ Sweet, Little Man ’

There Was the Sweetest, Little Man, Named Nate
    Who was so Bald… He got a Headache
      From the Kisses, that were Planted
On His ( 2 Month-Old Head )… He Demanded …
“Why Won’t Mama, Put A Cap On My Pate ?