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Life Song Poems | Life Poems About Song

These Life Song poems are examples of Life poems about Song. These are the best examples of Life Song poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Epic | |

Song in the Dark

There are legends I've heard, old songs in the dark
of the old folklore tales, and the old gypsy trails,
where traveling caravans of rugged old wagons
still echo, with longing, in valleys below...

Where each treasured belonging,
was packed in a hurry 
all the stories, all the worry, all the heartache would travel
all the sunshine, and the sorrow, celebrations to marvel
and  dreams of tomorrow, were kept on the road....

The trail was a friend, and the loam was their home
Their needs were quite small,
For,  they didn't expect, to be wealthy or rich.
All the riches they had, were scarce and so few...but they knew
that happiness could be the sun on your back, or a sky, wide and blue...
Not much to expect,  and not even respect...
would be theirs to be owned.

As the twilight would come, under a red setting sun,
with the fragrance of loam, and the tired walk done... 
they would bed under trees where the heather was strewn
they would burn a small fire, and prepare a warm meal,
with smoke in the breeze, while the whippoorwill's song 
and accordion tunes, would drift by the face of the moon

On their heels was the dust, in the noontime sun
They rose with the dawn, and the gold of the past, 
wearing the colorful hope of tomorrow's new task 
Working wherever a meal, and dollar would come
Then moving again with their band until dusk
over, and over and over again...

Some called them tramps, and some called them small thieves
But the heart of the matter, was the love of the sun,
the love of the life that came from the moon,
from the stars, and the grass, and the rust of the leaves

For those who encountered, and who gave them a chance
could learn many things by watching them dance,
and learn many things by hearing them sing,
and pay close attention to how much they knew
that fortune is something that comes from inside
It comes with the pride, of knowing what matters
The tattered, lost life of the old gypsy tribes  ....
      might be the saddest of stories, or loneliest song... 
                    a song that has faded,
                                that has dwindled and died....

5/18/12   2nd place in PD's "Epic" contest

Details | Rhyme | |

The Songs & The Makers

My soul understood Lynyrd Skynyrd
Like Ronnie I had monkeys to
Just simple boys chasing life’s joys
With our needles playing our blues

My soul understood Pink Floyd
For I have lived inside the wall
Comfortably numb and ignorantly dumb
Living my life forever tasting the call

My soul understood Nirvana  
The White Horse has lived in my stall
I’ve tasted death at the edge of my breath
As my soul just nodded through it all

Like Creed I am my own Prison
No appeal on the docket today
What I learned from John Lennon
We all need to learn how to pray

Morrison took me to the roadhouse
Like Merle they locked me away
And I guess just like Creedence
I’ve seen rain on the sunny day

You know I do love Hank Jr.
Especially when he sings the blues
It seems so many of us just hop on the bus
Forever lost in the Addictions we choose

Sometimes I feel just like Kid Rock
I’m just sitting here in search of myself
I have great respect for Garth Brooks
For his family he put his career on the shelf

Johnny Cash sang of San Quentin
I heard the song in one of its cells
Locked up inside of that medieval prison 
You feel like you have made it to hell

Like Jerry Garcia I fried in Berkley
Like Hendrix I dropped acid in my eyes
To this day when I hear Janice Joplin
 I just want to break down and cry

The Eagles played the Hotel California 
I have led the dance on that Prison yard
Guns & Roses sang of the Jungle
Prison is a world very cold and hard

These are a few of the songs and the makers
Ones that have shared my story and plight
When I die just play dust in the wind
As I ride the stairway to heaven that night

If my song is granted one purpose
And the music I’m allowed to choose
Let it be said that the song in my head
Was country rock with a touch of the blues

And let that song forever tell a story
A horrible story that ended so bright
For when Jesus Christ grants his mercy
Even the most blind can be led to the light

So Lord let my life be your lighthouse
Lord please guide my story as it’s told
And whatever you do Lord I beg of you
Help me stay worthy of the heart that I hold

Details | Free verse | |

I fell in like with you

Inspired by one of my favorite bands, Rise Against, and the song is called,
“Ever-changing” (Acoustic). Please listen to this song if you don’t know of it. It’s raw &

“Have you ever been a part of something? That you thought would never end. But then, of
course, it did.” –Rise Against

“I fell in ‘Like’ with you”

With her smile
I melted unto oblivion’s redemption
Candy coated perceptions, windows’ gap
Seeping brilliance refreshment

Uncertainty resolution, polished
Absorbed into closeness sun
Yet these eyes still…see
Butterflies taking notice, missing you…as you stood in front of me

Strong, yet soft legs
Foundation of my face to rest upon
A cremated sin 

Yet, elongated moments of silence
Created abruption’s new face

The face of change
When she turned to me and said
“I’m not sure, anymore”

Emotional lullaby, rocking me to sleep
New battles with spectral flashback
Trying to get under my skin, a drunken tick facing demise

Phoenix’s sunrise, rejuvenating my recycled defenses
Yet, today, these rays just aren’t bright enough to burn sadness away

And with these sounds of storm clouds & Fall on horizon’s breath
These grounds are so familiar, yet bittersweet
This heart doesn’t want to be enlightened by karma today

It wants to be held for how it shines now

Denied…distance wins again today
Slavery whipped punishments in miles and blocks
This must end

Because I try to keep lines open to get a call from you
Yet all I hear are booty calls with busy signals

And yet something has kept me here too long
But can they leave me, if I’m already gone?

Something has kept me here too long
Karma’s laughter

But, through it all, I will shine


How I wish my mere presence can bring joy’s tear to her eye

Sadly though, now, the lines are drawn
Yet I wonder if this feeling is gone
Have the best parts of this…come and gone?


Maybe I’ll never know the truth

Perhaps she was misguided by jealousy’s deprivation
Deteriorating heart’s splendor

While I fell in “like” with her

Perhaps “Better Man 2.0” appeared from Cloud 9’s fallacy

While I fell in “like” with her

She held onto the past

As I, drawn to waterfall’s edge
Allowed myself

To let go…and F

© Drake J. Eszes
“We adore those who hurt us. Yet, we hurt those who adore us.” -Anonymous

Details | Free verse | |

I know (Oppression)

One thing that I know all about, without any doubt
        The meaning of “Oppression of The Soul.”
               I once shattered all my dreams, with ill-gotten schemes
                      Along with every single goal
Emptiness is a real dark thing
        As it eats its way through your soul
              I found the bottom of the pit, all I can say of it
                       It truly was a very empty hole
I guess every story has a meaning
         Just as every game has a price
              If you look closely at me, you’ll be able to see
                      A lifetime of pain in my advice
Oppression is a real dark word
        Regardless of how the word is used
                 If you’re in the shadow of it, the bottom the pit
                          You know what it means to be abused
For years I walked in the shadows
      I had nothing but hatred for the Son
                I just couldn’t see, why it had to be
                        All the things in my life that had been done
If you were to look into my eyes
      And read all the stories they have to tell
            All you would be able to see, is pain and misery
                   A shadow that was in a living hell
I know all about oppression
     For it rolls upon the shores of hate
        I once looked in the mirror to see, a ghost living in me
             Just a skeleton walking through his fate
I also know all about redemption
     Behind every shadow there rest some form of light
                   With in the breath of a prayer, I learned how to care
                           Thus changing the course of my plight
Every story has a meaning
        There is a way to right any wrong
                Grasp to the light, and then hold on tight
                          As you search for the meaning of your song
My song once was heavy metal
         I truly loved to bang my head
                 An empty soul, with a bottomless hole
                          A never-ending hunger to be fed
Now my song is a ballad
        A story that is full of hope and love
                I learned how to pray, and give it away
                       Accepting grace from the Lord above
Oppression crosses our paths everyday
        It is everywhere to see
                You know what’s right, learn to stand and fight
                       You will have learned to be all that you can be

Written for the "Oppression of the Soul Contest)

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

the day you flew to Heaven

           We knew , it was if a moment stopped in time 
              hearing the news before most of the World did
           He loved to fly his plane from Colorado to Monterey Bay
           He was a avid golfer at Pebble Beach respected 

           He had loves and passions from many places 
           deciding to fly low through the overcast red sunset
            Not only did he love music and inspire all 
            He loved his Plane , he will always remain a beautiful Soul

              The next day it was confirmed ..all saddened 
             It was John Denver's plane that went down
             Today in Pacific Grove stands the Memorial 
             So Kiss me and smile for me we will ~
              always in loving memory 
               OH babe ,  do we hate you go ~    

         Inspired by ; contest in Music and Loss of an Artist
                   "Leaving on a Jet Plane "

Details | I do not know? | |

I've Scribbled This Song For You

I've Scribbled This Song For You...

I'm wasting my days,
my empty nights too,

I should have held on,
but I simply lost you,

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

yes, I should have kept,
you close to my skin,

soaking your warmth,
but you were laughing,

at my foolish grin...

now I'm all broken,
and torn apart,

but what the hell,
I was always late,
for the tolling of the bell,

and now...

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

so kiss me now like you once did,
I'm tired of being so carefully hid,

la laa laa la laa laa laa...

(repeat to fade)


Details | Verse | |

Rites Of Passage

lllllllllllllllllllll I haste not I fear not in harmonious cries, I plead where flight has called this mighty warrior red paint upon my cheek O cleansing smoke of wild grass high of resin and sacred bead a vision has taken this warrior's cry anon, to capture a dream I crawl through gates to reach the ledge where spirit and smoke arise and pluck the painted Northern Flora and gaze through Savanna's eyes ^^^^^^^

Details | Rhyme | |

Suzie Haus

I had a horse named Suzie Haus when I was twenty-one.
I had wanted her since I was seven, the waiting was finally done.
She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, in the World up to that day.
And forever in my memory her beauty will continue to stay.
A painted mare with a black mane and tail, then brown over white.
She became the best friend I’d ever have, you might say we were tight.
I fed her every morning, as I talked to her as I cleaned out her stall.
Then every night I did the same, plus cleaned four hooves all.
I brushed her to a shine, I was so proud of her each day.
Then with a saddle, reins, and me…we were on our way.
The stable was near a river, on top a great big bluff.
A dirt road shadowed with trees allowed us to strut our stuff.
As we danced down the road, the lightening bugs rejoiced.
And gentle breezes touched us, giving the leaves their voice.
Then peace would settle round us, as off to trails we would sashay.
This was the stuff that dreams were made of, and I had it every day.
Birds could be heard throughout the woods, the serenade complete.
I saw the river far below, and the sky with clouds of fluff so sweet.
Sometimes we were with others, but most often we were alone.
But it didn’t really matter, for we always knew the way home.
As we turned to go down the bluff, the river urged us to come below.
Deer danced on the land beneath, in the fields a buck and does.
The gentle angle to the floor below, allowed us to mingle in.
They let us close within a few feet, they thought Suzie was a friend.
At the river the blue sky with a reddish sunset had lite everything aglow.
Soon river barges came floating by, and it was quite a show.
Fishermen sat there minding their peace, until the moon began to glow.
The moon twinkling on the river below, was always beautiful and clear.
We’d talk a while, and breathe so deep, the air had a different flavor here.
Once I met a young man looking for inspiration to write a song.
At that time it began to rain so I helped him quickly get where he belonged.
He thanked me profusely, as he made it to his car.
I had helped him save his love, a very beloved old guitar.
From inside his car he played a song he’d written, while he had been there.
I sat upon Suzie beneath a canopy of trees, that sheltered me, I swear. 
Finally the rain and song were done, my serenade complete.
Then I rode off back to home, later achieving more memories and gentle treats.

Details | Pantoum | |



As a peaceful wind pushed long and free
simple love had arrived in perfect time
with a song of jubilation rolling pure through the valley
a seed of love took flight in summer winds  free

simple love had arrived in perfect time
as I lay naked upon ancient rocks of graceful light
a seed of love took flight in summer winds free
Gods grace in delicate strokes touched me

as I lay naked upon ancient rocks of graceful light
with a song of jubilation rolling pure through the valley
Gods grace in delicate strokes touched me
as a peaceful wind pushed long and free 

Details | Free verse | |

The Song of the Christmas Snow

There is nothing with so much life as a Christmas snow
The crisp air is still as little dancing stars float to the earth
Strong old trees become burdened with drifts of white upon their bows
But seem honored to be dressed in such finery and appear almost to move
In fact, everything has come to life to watch the snowfall.
Then everything is quiet
There is a whisper in the air
It ripples through the trees
See the birds, they are the first to recognize the whisper
As the Masters of Chorus, the birds know it is a song
They sit as true musicians memorizing the lyrics and rhythm
So, the snow speaks, the voice is old, like it has sung this song many times
As the squirrels could tell you this is a lullaby, and they begin to search from their 
perches in the trees for the newborn
And life and love has never felt as strong as now
A horse in its pastures stomps his foot disturbed
Though he hears the song the birds do and the lullaby the squirrels hear, he, 
along with all of the worlds creatures, could swear he just heard a cry
The squirrels chatter with laughter, knowing they where right and the birds take 
up the snow-song to welcome the child they heard cry
And then they stop and the world is silent
The snow has stopped falling
The cry was only a memory from Christmas long past
The child, a child of time whose
 Voice comes with the Christmas snows,
To give every soul the chance to hear
The song of joy and love and beginning,
So it is never forgotten;
The song of the Christmas Snow

Details | Quatrain | |

Part of Me

There's a part of me that still lives on the water
A part of me that you can never keep
Tears fill my eyes as I dream  of the ocean
I see that island paradise in my sleep

My fishing boat lies sleeping in the harbor
Anchor weighing heavy on the ocean floor
I still miss all those nights at sea
My fishing boat will sail again no more

This was the life that I had chosen
From one port to another I would roam
Never stayed long enough to be familiar
Never knew a place I could call home

Sometimes I walk along the shoreline
Listening to her song out on the sea
That's when I know that someday I'll be leaving
The song she's singing is calling me

There is something magical in a night at sea
There's a million stars hanging all around
Untold stories lying behind me
New horizons yet to be found

Now that my sailing days are over
And my life is shifting gears
I can still resurrect those memories
When I taste the salt in my tears.

Details | Quintain (English) | |

With Angels Waltz

"I have a dream, a song to sing"
About an earth seen from up in space
Like an Agate marble swirling green
How much longer will that be the case
When the broad picture viewed be defaced

"I have a dream, a song to sing"
About an earth that now has many faults
People here are fighting death to brothers bring
When our leaders to us say what is false
But I believe in angels with them I waltz

"I have a dream, a song to sing"
When I cross that river stream
On my way over I'll turn and see
An earth that has healed been redeemed
As I cross that stream_into my everlasting dream  

Quote from the song "I Have A Dream" by ABBA
Sponsor: Joe Maverick
Contest: Occlusion
Form English Quintain
Written by Sara Kendrick
Click on "About This Poem"

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

The Boatmans Song 2

The Boatman’s Song        2/ Many

Urvashi’s heart was aching to hear and to see the elegance  
Of the boatman, while he sing those melodies on earth 
A great longing started sprouting in her bosom  
To visit the earth and to listen those heart touching songs 
Which like a powerful magnet were pulling her towards earth
Where flows the Ganges and lives her unseen love 

To control her ever increasing desire of hearing those songs 
And to see that unique boatman, who lives on earth 
Urveshi tried to engage her more and more 
In the courtly dances and engagements for Indra
But the more she wanted to escape, more she became enchanted
By the echoes of boatman’s songs 
Which were tearing her heart and 
Making her mind almost intoxicated,  
By the melodies of those heavenly songs

The pleasures and comforts of heaven began to pinch her 
Like the piercing thorns 
Even the dance and music, which were her pride and passion
Became dull and charm less in the wake of those songs
For which she was hailed 
As the best among all the Apsaras in the entire universe  

Heaven seems to bring no joy and rejoicing for her any more
Her dancing steps, which were the symbols of perfection and beauty
Even started betraying her 
As her own heart was no longer in her possession any more
And she found that her mind and heart
Were swept away by that unseen boatman
Sailing his boat somewhere on earth

Apsara Urveshi after finishing her dance that day 
Told the God of heaven, Indra
That she perhaps can no longer perform any dance
Owing to agonies of her heart and restlessness of her mind
And her legs were not in tune with her mind to perform
A flawless dance and song by which she had captured the 
Hearts of all Gods and Goddess, what to say of humans on earth

She thought and thought and found that she can only normalize
If she can hear the songs of the boatman 
Singing in full throated ease on earth 
The echo’s of which were hovering in her mind like clouds
And twisting her heart to see that singer sublime


Kanpur India 5th January 2010 
* Apsara   =   A Nymph dancer of heaven in the court of Indra as per Hindu Mythology 
* Indra      =   The Lord of Heaven as per Hindu mythology
* Urveshi  =   One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra 
* Saraswati = Goddess of knowledge, music & arts
* Jungle      =  Forest

Details | Sonnet | |

A Dawn Duet

Her breathing moves a strand of golden hair
that lays upon her pillow, next to mine, 
yet in this evening birdsongs on the air 
awaken me to listen and recline.

This errant bird, whose song dispatches sleep,
is laughing at a long forgotten jest
or maybe woos a distant mate who, deep
inside her feathered nest, finds better rest.

I watch the window, night begins to fade
and so do I.  As slumber beckons me
I hear a distant answer softly made:
A dawn duet resplendent in our tree.

A single song brings answers in the air
as my beloved sleeps without a care.

Details | Terzanelle | |

The Lady I Love

The lady I love is true to herself
and in that respect she is true to me.
She has cast her eyes to see no one else.

Such a love as ours is ordained to be.
To loves sweet song our hearts beat as one
and in that respect she is true to me.

The game of life, it seems, we both have won.
With our children raised grows our family.
To loves sweet song our hearts beat as one.

Although we are old, we live cozily
our days pass quickly in a hurried style,
with our children raised grows our family.

When I close my eyes, I can see her smile.
Our love is still strong yet our time grows short
Our days pass quickly in a hurried style.

We will be together in Heaven's court.
The lady I love is true to herself.
our love is still strong yet our time grows short.
I have cast my eyes to see no one else.

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

The Boatman's Song 7/ Many

The Boatman’s Song                       7/Many

Inner Conflict of Urveshi

While her mind was cautioning her to retain
The comforts and luxuries of heaven
And not to go to earth, which can take form her
The blessings to live in heaven
Her heart again tried to murmur in her mind
Was she really happy? In the heaven sublime
Was not she tired of living in comforts and 
Was not she fed-up with the non ending joys?

What was this life without anything to sacrifice
Without the joys of pains and pleasures after sufferings
Where everyone meets, but no one departs
Where everyone sings, but no heart rejoice
Where everything is gained, without ever any loss
Where seasons remain same, without any change
And never the heart moves, to sing a sad song
Where no Koyal* sings, its melodies in spring
Where no flower fades and always remains the same
Where no one feels tired and no one ever retires
Where no one fails and no one wins

Urveshi’s mind felt fed-up with these never ending comforts
Her heart exclaimed in utmost uneasiness and pain
Even these non ending comforts are useless 
Without love, loss and gain 

Urveshi’s decision

She made-up her mind to at least go to earth
To listen the songs of the boatman first 
Songs of the boatman, for which she has fought
So much so, with her mind and heart 

Lord Indra’s reaction

When Indra came to know
The decision of the heart of Urveshi
He was stunned for a moment
As the decision was beyond his imagination
His mind could not conceive 
That someone can think like this
And can take such a dooming decision
It was beyond his mind and imagination 
That Urveshi can decide to leave the heaven
Which is her most prideful possession
And a place for which every one prays
And waits and waits to find such an abode of 
Their hearts longings and wishes

Indra knew that without Urveshi
Even the heaven would loose its luster and shine
As its prime beauty would no longer be inspiring to smile
Or would no longer be dancing 
To enjoy the songs of Urveshi

Urveshi’s Visit to Earth 

While on way to the earth from heaven
Urveshi was still thinking and trying to find a way
How to go close to that boatman’s voice
Whose song echoes had already 
Captured her mind and heart so tightly

Ravindra				to continue….
Kanpur   India 10th January 2010  
* Apsara (A Nymph dancer of heaven as per Hindu Mythology
* Indra (The Lord of Heaven as per Hindu mythology
* Urveshi (One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra 
* Tarang  (A name
*Koyal ( A singing bird of India like Nightingale

Details | Rhyme | |


Yesterday my life was full of sin
I had no peace within yesterday,
Yesterday I had no song to sing
I had no joy within yesterday.

But now the Lord has turned my life around
A new song, a new song I've found
He's given me that joy and peace within
He's taken away yesterdays sin.

He's taken away my sin
He can take away your sin.

Details | Free verse | |


Come and hear the song,
The song of the angels,
As the heavens open.
The split of the sky;
The cascading colors.
As the gates close,
Darkness falls over.
The darkness twinkles,
Twinkles with beautiful lights,
Now come hear the song,
The song of the night.
It sings out in a Capella voice.
Sway to the rhythm,
As you succumb to darkness.
The song plays on and on,
Until the morning fires blaze.

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

The Boatman's Song 10/ Many

The boatman’s Song				10/Many

The beauty of that black horse got doubled
With the glittering beauty of the princess on the horse 
Who was elegantly riding that black horse beauty 
While coming towards the boatman with a speed 
He had never seen earlier, when a lady was on a horse 

Her shining long black hairs and few locks on her face, were
Blending with the ravishing beauty of her charming face
Which even the sunbeams were trying to penetrate
To kiss her rosy lips and her glowing lovely face
And with each gush of morning beams
A blush came on her lovely face
On which hundreds and thousands can live and die
And can wait for a whole life to see that face

Her body was glittering like a gem
Because of her teenage and beauty excelling her age
And her youth over sprouting from her bosoms
From her princes sly top and riding trousers
She was dazzling the eyes of the boatman
As there was no one else 
Who could dare to behold her beauty and grandeur
Which was par excellent, any where on earth

She stepped down from the horse back 
With a beautiful sharp jump on the sand
And stood beside the heavenly beautiful horse
She saw the boatman was standing near his boat
And was singing a melody unaware of her gaze

The moment the princess heard that voice
Her heart jumped from her chest
Which had just calmed from thrills
As she had stepped by jumping from the horseback
And her body had calmed only few seconds back

Enchanted and allured by the beauty and heaviness of voice
And totally stunned to see his manliness, so warrior like tight
She forgets her princes sly pride and got lost in adoring
His song and his enchanting voice
Coming from the depths of that singers heart
Suddenly she found herself standing before the boatman
Lost in his heart capturing eyes

There was no one else except these two
And the boatman could not believe
Whether it was a dream or a reality come true
He too was lost in the charms of her eyes
And even forgot to finish the song he was singing
And felt only that someone was penetrating 
In his heart and mind, deep some where very deep

Ravindra				              to continue….
Kanpur   India 12th January 2010  

* Apsara (A Nymph dancer of heaven as per Hindu Mythology
* Indra (The Lord of Heaven as per Hindu mythology
* Urveshi (One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra 
* Tarang (A name of the nymph) Tarang is a Hindi word means waves both 
    Visible or invisible like sound waves
* Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge, music & arts as per Hindu mythology)

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

The Boatman's Song 9/ Many

The Boatman’s Song       9/Many

After taking some passenger, the boatman moved his boat
And while oaring the boat he started his singing 
Tarang felt as if, someone was pouring honey in her ears
While her heart and mind got enchanted by the song of the boatman
It was a rare pleasure for a nymph, to hear such a voice on earth
For a very long time she could not know, how much time passed away
She found the boatman was about to reach the other bank’s end 

The Boatman was lost in his own world of thoughts
Tarang* thought to find more from his mind
As she was capable to enter in a human minds to know its 
Past, present and even future designs
She took a dive deep into his busy mind and 
Traced all that she wanted to find, within no time

But to her surprise, there were many things
Totally different than what she was expecting to find
The boatman was a prince in exile, escaped to save his life
From those who were trying to kill him
To rule his fathers kingdom and he was living in disguise

From seeing his body Tarang had felt herself
That this man is not an ordinary Youngman
Having all the qualities of a true warrior like body 
But what shocked Tarang was the knowledge 
Of the boatman’s love affair with a princess 
For whom he was looking at those sand dunes
And for her only he used to sing those heart touching songs

Tarang* knew that this truth would be devastating for Urveshi*
Who has come to earth, all along from heaven
As she is deeply in love with this extra ordinary man
Who is so appealingly charming and handsomely bold
In spite of his just crossed teenage, he looks like chief of an army
Only his soldiers appears to be missing or at rest 
Such was the real beauty of that boatman
Whose entire life was open before Tarang* like a book
And she could see even his future so bright
But Tarang* was sad to know all that 
As her friend Urveshi* was going to affected badly
When she would know that the boatman was 
Already in love with a princess of alluring beauty 

Boatman’s love story

Tarang traced the love story of the boatman
Which began one day, when he was waiting in his boat
For some passengers to come to move the boat 
From the river bank side
Suddenly he saw someone coming on a horseback
The riders black horse was shining
In that white sand spread all around, he could see that side

Ravindra				              to continue….
Kanpur   India 12th January 2010  

* Urveshi (One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra 
* Tarang (A name of the nymph) Tarang is a Hindi word means waves

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The Mighty Kern (The end of many dreams)

You’re not real deep as rivers go
You’re really not that wide
When it comes to my feelings of you
They’re feelings I just can’t hide

Through giant boulders you descend 
Winding through canyon walls
Inside you many have met their end
As rapidly as your water falls

Merle Haggard wrote a song of you
You took someone he loved
His song is very beautiful and true
A gift from God above

At four I stood upon your banks
Watched my mother die
Like those before and after her
So many left to cry

Your pools are pools of death
Calm and still they seem
Whirlpools lurking underneath
The end of many dreams

For Brian's contest

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Radha's Song- A folk Song of India 2/2

Radha’s  Song-   A folk Song of India  2/2


This folk song is based on the childhood incidents 
of naughty 8-10 years old Krishna, who use to 
please everyone of Gukul village, Gokul is the 
place where the divine Krishna  was brought up 
by his foster mother Yashoda.  

O,  Please tell me,      what  should  I    do,
Speak a word,  to   extinguish  my worries,
I   cannot   live,                 without   seeing,
The  alluring face of  our  naughty Krishna.  

O,   please tell my friend,                how  should  I  manage it,
What plea and excuse  dear,            I can tell     in my  home,
How to go back to home,           without  Gagariya and Chunri,
Even without water, which would create only difficulties for me. 

Stunned  and mesmerized,  by the magic of our   Krishna, 
I stand here only,        in a state of being sweetly robbed,
Instead of searching my  Chunri and Gagariya,    O Sakhi,
I am trying to touch his alluring image only,   in  the water. 

Kanpur India 26 10 2010

(Protected under copyright provisions of Poetry Soup)

*Radha.   Radha was the childhood friend and was one of the most beloved Gopi of Lord
Krishna. She was the   beauty, power and aura create the ethics of love. None of the
scriptures consists of the power to verbalize her beauty, for it is clear enough that when
beauty of Sri Krishna makes several hearts leave their boundaries, her beauty is so
mesmerizing that it makes Him loose consciousness.
*Krishna.   Krishna is often depicted as an infant or young boy playing a flute as in the
Bhagavata Purana  or as a youthful prince giving direction and guidance as in the Bhagavad
Gita. The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and
theological traditions.] They portray him in various perspectives: a god-child, a model
lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being.
*Gagariya. The earthen pot used still in Indian villages to collect water from river, pond
or wells.
* Chunariya.  A long strip of cloth to cover the beauty of a woman. It normally hangs on
the bosom to cover them.
Punghat.  Is the word used for a place from where water can be collected by village women
of India.
*Sakhi. Hindi word means female friend

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The Jazz Dream

Underground French café
Sun has gone astray,
Gone home for the night,
I sit in dim half-light
Seated alone in my booth
Feel calm, distant, aloof
Cool breeze coming from
The creaky door at the front
Live jazz, delicately playing 
In the background, I’m swaying
Laid back, to the beat
The hi-hat moves my feet
The snare and the kick
Compel my fingers to click
Index digit taps on my table
Only here is where I’m stable
Amongst all the others
Alone, like me, not bothered 
Atmospheric transition,
Here I am free, before in work-prison
Stuck in the daily grind
Working the dreaded nine to five
It tries to steal my mind
Sucks away my precious Jazz time
Misty room; smoky and sensual
My time, Jazz is my cherished jewel
Oozing class, style and flair; 
Sophisticated; naturally debonair
That cannot be imitated 
Its natural, not replicated
It’s Jazz, ‘Hmmmm’, I relax
I sit back,
Waitress strolls by, I sip my drink, 
Feet up, no one cares, at least I think 
Sultry singer takes to the stage
I smile and lean back, an audience awaits
Blissful sounds escape her lips
I hear the purest Jazz you could ever wish
I close my eyes, and think of the notes 
Hear the song this singer conceived and wrote
The Jazz dream; she unmistakably has captured it, 
The song she sings, 
Well, you’ve just read it….
The Jazz Dream….

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Way We Live

Culture is beautiful when expressed in the right light 
It is the drum we walk to, dance to
Everyday down city corner streets
It is the obstacles we walk through, run through
Everyday common as the passing faces we see

It is the temptation we indulge in, survive in
Everyday it rises 
like the sun 
and sets over horizons
It is the songs we hum to, succumb to
Everyday on the mornin' radio
constantly setting the mood 
givin' that vision to our way of life

Beautiful culture yields to beautiful life

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We Welcome the Sun

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 

A gleaming sunrise is seen in the distance – shedding relief 
Bursting forth like fireworks in the dark blue sky 
Hues of beauty and sincerity washes away our grief
The cheery clouds come together like lovers embracing one another

I’m never waving goodbye
It’s so surreal… and magnificent to see this scene unfold
You lift up the sparkling light… you’re an angel from up above
It’s so vibrant – the illuminated sight never dulled 
You bring us luck and excitement – 

You’re as pleasant as a dove 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the love
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To omit the darkness 
To abolish the distress
To conceal the darkness
And reveal the halo
Hovering around your head
Burning away the dread 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun

An ocean of love is rubbing against my feet
Blankets of comfort embrace me now… our love will never dry
You treat us with reverence and I repeat – 
You’re as pleasant as a dove – taking wing from on high 
We welcome the sun in the morning 
We welcome the sun with open arms
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun 

A speedy breeze is whistling in my ears
Spiraling mad like a spinning top
Spiraling mad with all of its might 
You’re very intriguing – you casted away our fears 
Your gorgeous eyes
Project bright green and blue
You’re special in His sight 
He welcomes you
We welcome the hope 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To lighten up your load 
And lead you to the mercy road
Where you and I will escape to paradise
To drive out all of the negativity
To conceal the wretched farewells
To reveal the light in goodbye 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome you
With open arms 

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Her Dream

She slept limply beneath a lantern glow
a stitch of frown upon her brow
through her dreams wove a song she did not know
a distant lullaby from long, long ago.
Outside the cold was muffled with snow
that sailed through the night and against the window.
Her sleep gave a sigh that deepened the woe
It rustled the worn blankets that crouched below
The winding song dove and sprinkled the morrow
and behind closed eyelids she smelled the sorrow.

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Black and White

You’ve maddened me to the core 
You singed me with your ferocious fire
We’re opposites… we’ll never integrate  
We can’t blend with each other…
Your love and I’m hate 
We’re contrary to each other…

So don’t even think about 
Getting us back together 
Because without a doubt, 
We don’t click with each other…

So let us go our own way…

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to be deleted from my mind…

I’m not the one that should pay the price
You act as if you’re an angel from heaven
But, you’re a fiend…a devil from hell...who needs your advice?
Could someone unchain me from this prison?

So let us prepare for that day…

Fear and bewilderment build inside of our minds
Taking over us…we’re wasting valuable time
Terror and wrath injects into our veins…time starts to unwind 
I’m regaining my glory…this moment feels so sublime  

You think you’re innocent?
I can sense your guilt…bleeding through you
Do you live to feed me anguish? 
Don’t deny it…you crafty demon…no wonder I feel blue

Let’s get ready for battle…
I’ll watch you decay…
Taste my fury and my agony 

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to be defeated…

I scream before nightfall
I close my eyes to kiss my demise
I want to disappear 
Scratch away my desolation
Wipe away my tears…
Spewing out of my eyes…like a waterfall
Tonight, there will be dismay
There will be suffering 
After sundown…
Failure and glory will expose like stars in the midnight sky
Who will earn the crown? 
No one knows in silent wars – who can reveal the light in goodbye
Why are we black and white?
Are you too afraid to know the reason why? 

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to suffer alone…

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Forever Changed

June 18, 2013 our world was Forever Changed
We where a few minutes from home
When we got the call from our baby sister

Said we need to get back home
We need to come as fast as we can drive
Mom really needs us
Something’s wrong with Daddy
The whole way we drove 80
Hoping & Praying we’d make it back in time

Our Family & Friends were weeping 
By the time we got to his side
We knew then our Daddy had been taking
And our hearts they were breaking
We never got to say Goodbye
We each softly kissed that man
We four sisters climbed in his bed 
We laid down beside him 
And cried just like babies
For our world was Forever Changed 

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A New Day

I might sparkle in the night but I'm not the only star you might not see them in the sky it depends on where you are Am I the only light in your eyes that makes you smile when you cry if your favorite's what you say don't you blink it might fade away Only when we give everything we're truly ready for better things we invite ourselves off to drift the steam rises and our spirits lift Follow me, into sun sets be brave and strong with no regrets and when the sea takes the light we'll find a new day after the night there's still a new day after the night

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mr right

Love gone ,
but love that is never meant to be ,
guys that i know are growing up in their minds too fast
chase after me.
how do you choose from the good and the bad , 
and how can i keep from being sad,
Mr.Right may never come along,
but I'll keep patient and sing my song for loving the wrong guy
could make  me wind up getting hurt.
So I'll sing my song and judge him for myself.

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You Alone

Look at you, you have found my heart
With love I stare into your eyes
With passion I devise
I can not part with you or can not stop the things I have started

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Look I walk by your side and I found my self crying
With your hands so soft with gentleness
With your smile so beautiful with carefulness
I do notice life with you without sighing

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Without a fear of losing you, you are in my visions
With beautiful roses by your side 
I love you more than twelve times
Without doubt I do love you, I care for you and you alone

So do not walk away 
Please lets talk about things anyway
With feelings of letting you go is make me ache in the heart
Do not stop believing my passion has fallen apart

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Look I want us to grow old with each other through years of journeys
With hope of sharing life of fulfillment that gives us memories
With this I hope to give all of my faith and I hope it is not to late
I Look into your eyes with such full life because you have been my life date

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

And you alone

So I raise my hands to embrace you

you alone

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But when the rain falls

The dryness of the land 
reminds me of my lost dreams
the ones that could 
not find their ways
in droughtful seasons
the whistling of dry leafless 
trees blown by a sharp wind 
is a song of sadness to me
a song which tells a story
that my tongue will not pronounce
for my tears will refuse
to remain calm in the eyes
But when the rain falls
i feel deep down inside
a wave of fresh inspirations 
sweeping through
and a new song of hapiness
telling a story 
of a great, joy filled future

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Swan song

The passionate young man on his way to his love
Walked by a lake carrying a snow-white dove
Inside his shirt he held it close to his heart
When he heard a song - an enchanting work of art

The melody was captivating, full of sorrow -
The cries of a soul for whom there’s no tomorrow
An unknown fear gripped the young man’s heart 
Dark crevasses of life to him were an unknown part

So full of life and hope, inevitability he never had to face
The source of the irresistible sound he wished to trace
He looked behind the dense brushes hiding the water
On seeing a wondrous swan his agitated mind grew calmer

He stood there mesmerized, the scene not comprehending
And a chill he felt from the bottom of his spine ascending
Why does something as beautiful as this must end?
Against a dark premonition himself he could not defend

The song told him everything that was, and ever will be
As he stood there listening, in his mind’s eye he could see
The birth of dreams and hopes, the path and the finish,
The igniting spark, the flame and the death of every wish

The swan sang his last and was swallowed by the lake
Slowly the young man from his vision did wake
He felt the dove in his shirt frantically flutter
He gently held it high and let it go, not a word did he utter

Innocence cannot build his nest in a bosom laden 
And burdened with knowledge so dark and craven
The young man continued his journey to meet his darling
A long shadow followed him in his footsteps crawling

Across the lake on yonder side, hidden by the morning fog
An old man, frail and haggard, sat quietly on a bone-white log
He heard the swan too, and watched it get swallowed by the deep
But at this lonely funeral his half closed eyes did not weep

He felt it in his bones, and knew the end was near 
So the swan song filled his feeble mind with fear
Since he was a young man he searched for the answer
The question being: What comes when to death we do surrender?	

He looked to the sky but in vain, he begged but to no avail
The heavens did not open; his body and spirit were broken
When with the last notes of the swan song resounding
Asking for a sign, he saw a dove above the clouds climbing

On his crooked legs he stood as straight as he could
Raising his hands he pleaded, “Take me, if you would”
The solemn swan song became a victorious celebration,
A joyous symphony of the never ending glory of creation

The frail old body fell back onto the bone-white log
Never again to emerge from that otherworldly fog
But a peaceful smile on the old man’s face remained
Having his long-lost innocence of youth finally regained

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The sun smiles down to send it's greeting.
The wind sighs as it runs through the trees.
Birds long since have chorused their welcome
And in the gardens flowers are tended by bees.
The people now their day are pursuing
Just mundane or perhaps over too soon.
The earth is singing the song of creation
While all of life dances in time to it's tune.

Comes evening ,the moon is on watch now.
The wind's whispering at last come to cease.
Tiny heads dropping on breasts gently beating
While bees and flowers are in their own little peace.
The people now sleeping,spent bodies resting
With unfulfilled dreams,memories tucked away.
The song of creation has once again ended,
Yet life makes ready for the dance of another day.

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The Milky Bar Kid

In years gone by before the web
we had an advert on TV
it featured the milky bar kid
his slogan was 'milky bars are on me'

This kid just loved chocolate
but especially the white kind
they were so smooth and creamy
bringing a relaxed state of mind

Nowadays you get variety of sizes
chunky, large, medium and small
they taste just great
but you know that's not all

The milky bar kid had a song
it was a great sing a long
so get your milky bar
the best choc by far


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Radha's Song- A folk Song of India 1/2


This folk song is based on the childhood incidents of  8-10 years old Krishna, who use to
please everyone of Gukul village by his loving playfulness.  Gokul is the place where the
divine Krishna was brought up by his foster mother Yashoda about 5000 years back.  

Radha’s  Song-   A folk Song of India  1/2

When the golden rays of Sun peeped,
From behind the hanging dark clouds,
My mind bloomed touching the rays,
As flowers bloom seeing the Sunshine,

O my friend, I came to Punghat*,
To collect water from the   river,
And was about   to dip and fill it,  
In my empty earthen, Gagariya*,

Suddenly   Krishna,*    appeared   there, 
From where,   I do not know,      Sakhi*,
My Gagariaya*,  slipped from my hand,
Even my Chunariaya* also drifted away,

Now, how to go home tell me, my friend,
Without,         the water pot and     water,
From where,     I can get my Chunariaya*,
To cover myself,       before I reach home.

Such  is the magic of Krishna &  his  flute,
They enchants our  mind & heart,    Sakhi,
O, even  I hear,     the melodies of his flute,
When he is nowhere, around me, O Sakhi,

You   also   feel,         as   I  feel,  for  our  dear  Krishna,
Suffering as I suffer, still smiling in our hearts my friend,
Does the melodies,                of his ever enchanting flute,
Lives in your mind and heart,   like me,              O, Sakhi.

Kanpur   India    23 10 2010
(Protected under copyright provisions of Poetry Soup)
*Radha.   Radha was the childhood friend and was one of the most beloved Gopi of Lord
Krishna. She was the   beauty, power and aura create the ethics of love. None of the
scriptures consists of the power to verbalize her beauty, for it is clear enough that when
beauty of Sri Krishna makes several hearts leave their boundaries, her beauty is so
mesmerizing that it makes Him loose consciousness.
*Krishna.   Krishna is often depicted as an infant or young boy playing a flute as in the
Bhagavata Purana  or as a youthful prince giving direction and guidance as in the Bhagavad
Gita. The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and
theological traditions.] 
*Gagariya. The earthen pot used still in Indian villages to collect water from river, pond
or wells.
* Chunariya.  A long strip of cloth to cover the beauty of a woman. It normally hangs on
the bosom to cover them.
Punghat.  Is the word used for a place from where water can be collected by village women
of India.
*Sakhi. Hindi word means female friend

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I sing a song of praise I sing it for many days. If you learn my song of praise then you 
can sing it in many different ways. I hope it will be remembered for many days the sing I 
sing my song of praise to Jesus Christ the KING.

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Mountain Birds

“SQUAWK, Squawk, squawk” ,the Bald Eagle’s song of Freedom, Liberty and Serenity

bird Houses, in my backyard are filled with baby Chickadees , Whining , is their Song
If they Knew by the end of Summer, in stillness before the Rain: Phoebe - Tranquility
 the clouds Thicken and Blacken : the Chickadee puffs her chest, sings Phoebe song
The rain  softly Crying a Phoebe’s resounding  echoes , Chickadees, duel Ability
 the sky is blue:  the wind is calm: a single Phoebe "warning" believe in Her Validity

His Bright Red Plumage
He can not hide from my Eyes
Tapping and rapping, His song 
There’s no Special  beat
A Redheaded Woodpecker
Tap, Tap, Tap, Rap, Raps his Song

So close sits this Robin beside me
No Songs, just the Promise of Spring

Inspired by the Contest : " For(Four) Beautiful Birds" 
Sponsored by CONSTANCE~~A Rambling POET~~
Written :  May 1st - 2nd, 2011 By HGarvey Daniel Esquire
                              5th Place

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Hood fellow, pull her hair like I do the trigger
Plenty of cash, don't care if she's a gold-digger
She broke-up with her ex and got me, lost and found
Get in bed, take out my pistol, let off a round
Shoot her up, shoot her up, bang, bang
Blowing on my mic', the best song she ever sang

The chick's riding me, she started to pant

She dropped down low, started giving brain, transplant

She's eating that wood, like she's a termite

Got something to quench her thirst, but it's not sprite

I think I might go down-town, to get some dessert

She's like a water gun when she climax, squirt

Always takes showers, but she's oh so dirty

Started at three, it's going on four-thirty

Make sure I meet her needs, you're a minute man

She say I got flavor, but you're kinda' bland

I'm speeding, you get home at six, it's rush-hour

Gotta' clean up for you, hit it in the shower

She's so wet, it's like swimming in the ocean

Hop out the shower, dry off, wipe her down with lotion

Starts to get upset, said she wanted me to stay

Ain't in Florida, but she might go M.I.A

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She is Everything I Need to Know

She is my life and love and everything I need to know.
She is my strength and health whenever I am sick and slow.
her light sticks to my heart all day long: she shuns my shadow.
Comfort springs from her arms: she is my pleasant pillow.

A lovely lady, so bright, bold and beautiful.
A priceless princess, so cute, cool and colorful.
She is the sweetest song in my mouth, I can’t stop to sing.
She is my dearest dream, a courteous queen for a kind king!

She is an immortal image, a perfect painting… an alluring art.
She is every blessed blood flowing through my humble heart.
She soothes my soul and spirit with her cheerful charms.
She takes me to a wonderful world whenever I’m in her arms.

A darling dame whose sensual smiles rock my ribs.
She tames my heart and head …with her tender tease.
Her fine face and figure takes me to a sensual space;
She has got a pleasant picture that old age can never deface.

She is the smile I need to make me go the extra mile;
the unsinkable ship that can sail me safely on the Nile.
She is my hope  whenever it seems my life is wearing away
She is a home-maker with a radiant role to perfectly play.

She is an immortal image, a perfect painting…an alluring art.
She is every blessed blood flowing through my humble heart.
She is a passionate poet, with terrific theme, thrust and tone.
She has got rhymes and rhapsodies that thrill me on my throne!

She is a dazzling damsel: a sweet angel sent from above.
She is the reason I am singing this song of life and love.
She is a trailblazing tale, only a wise man can truly tell;
She is that flawless flower for whom I finally fell!

She is my sun at noon and the shining star in my sky at night.
She is in every picture I see, whenever I look left and right.
She is a sweet story without end because words are not enough...
cool, calm and careful but sometimes she appears to be tough.

She is an immortal image, a perfect painting… an alluring art.
She is every blessed blood flowing through my humble heart.
She is lovely, lively and laudable; faithful and full of fun.
She is every thing I need to know, … ‘Is she the one?’

(c) Adeleke Adeite

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Softly sipping honey wine

Softly sipping honey wine

Sipping softly honey wine
I hear the rivers song
Lovely lady by my side
With love so sweet and strong
How the river sparkles
It’s on its way to meet the sea
As softly sipping honey wine
We sit here you and me.

Softly sipping honey wine
There’s only you and me
As Pelicans fly us by
This essence, endlessly
Seeps in, as a boat goes by
And trees dance in the breeze
Softly sipping honey wine
We sit here hearts at ease.

Softly sipping honey wine
I know I love you so
No one, my love, could ever love this true
Softly sipping honey wine
I feel loves tender glow
As I look at you, and know you love me too.

Softly sipping honey wine
The two of us together
River reflects the somber skies
They’ll soon be rainy weather
Here in this cosy chalet
Telling you that I love you
Softly sipping honey wine
And sharing love so true

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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Like trees extending and rising,
there's a sameness in our being...
to grow under a nurturing sun
'till we reach our end and begone!

If existence is an illusion of reality,
less thought is given to mortality;
and engaging in song and dance,
who expects fate to pull a prank? 

As clouds appear to cover cerulean spaces,
rain is anticipated: our first reaction is fret, 
and by freezing smiles, we expect the worst;
why be afraid of something that amazes?   

There's no cessation to relentless fear, 
and so denial persists to block senses;
what's the true purpose of being here:
to exult ourselves and our ambiance? 

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Where In The World Has Our Passion Gone

Where in the world has our passion gone Like when I couldn't wait to see you everyday It somehow slipped off, and left us here all alone I always thought love was gonna be here to stay We're no longer holding hands, as we walk through the park Like we did when we were kids back in the day No more laying in the grass, under the stars in the dark I never thought we'd be liven life this way Where in the world has our passion gone Like when I couldn't wait to kiss your sweet lips everyday Now all that's left is this cold and lonely home And it looks like that's the way it's gonna stay We're no longer making love, until the cows come home Like we did with every chance back in the day No more "I love you" goodbyes, when we hang up the phone I can't believe life has changed for us this way I'll tell you right now, where our passion has gone It's gone like the love tune records, you used to play Only thing left is cold shoulders, that chill you to the bone All gone with the "I love yous" that you no longer say
Danny Boy: 9-19-13 Another one of those songs I just had to get out. :o)

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It's Not Over

Don’t say it’s all over (cause it’s not)
“Sorry” won’t cover it…so don’t go on your knees and pray for my forgiveness 
Oh baby…don’t listen to the commotion…I’m done taking cover (it’s all for naught)
I’m plummeting in slow motion…into the remorseful pit…I’m plummeting in my nightmare’s abyss

I want to carry you through the night… 
I’m swimming in the ocean of my tears… 
My sodden wings lost its ability of flight…
You've been swimming in your distress for years… 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we’re breaking bit by bit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to discover 

I want to remind you to fight the good fight…
My misery pools are brewing inside of my head…
I’m backing away from the light & exploring the night… 
You’re giving in to sleep and I’m wide awake on my bed 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we’re breaking bit by bit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to discover 

Please don’t tell me…oh, don’t tell me…darling!
You’re giving up today… (I beg you to stay, despite your inner pain) 
I’m scared I might erupt – it could be quite startling!
Someday, things will change for the better… (Don’t turn the wrong lane)
I’m waiting for that day to arrive – perhaps it will wash away our dismay…

I promise you a tranquil reality 
I want to stray with you tonight 
I still have hope that He’ll set us free
I was wondering if you could stay the night
Maybe the Lord could grant us 
Pure, incredible delight 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we've plunged into our own pit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to gather…

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No More Hallelujah

My love for you will never fade You locked the door; my bed I’ve made A face in the crowd reminds me: so you The smile at tilt; the voice that lilt The auburn hair; the skin so fair My tender heart skips a beat: Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah Your eyes held mine, a magic spell The pain I felt was a pleasing hell No one could e'ver compare to you You touched my face with your hand The time all round came to a stand From my soul I moaned: Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah Love’s tender touch now in the past Around I’d see: Nothing e'er last The things I did could’ve blew’ you The cars I drove at such high speed The fast life our friends would lead We did not understand the Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah I tempted you with a bit of *snow You didn’t at first want to know If y' didn’t know how I’d show you The surreal dream showed on your face Everything moved at a faster pace You shouted my name: Hallelujah! Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah You pulled away then from me I was begging for you please to see What this was doing to us; to you All that mattered was the crave Your life given over to a rave You’ve shut me out in this Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah Your beauty faded before my eyes The pain you caused with all your lies I couldn’t bear to see what we did to you Your dreams had fallen and paranoid The reality, now null and void A syringe, your only Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah On our true love I will always dine To’ve turned back to another time To happy times I loved and knew you For bringing you into this ruin Sorry! This was all my doin’ For me there will be no more Hallelujah.
NO MORE HALLELUJAH, © 17 January 2013 Suzette Crous *snow: slang for cocaine Inspired by the song HALLELUJAH copyright © Leonard Cohen Lyrics: "You say I took the name in vain I don't even know the name But if I did, well, really, what's it to you? There's a blaze of light in every word It doesn't matter which you heard The holy or the broken Hallelujah" >b>Sung by ALEXANDRA BURKE (If this does not move you, check your pulse...): (X Factor winner) and (at the Royal Albert Hall, London) For those who can play guitar: "Hallelujah chords best version":- For Frank H's Contest: Hallelujah 17 January 2012

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Death by Beauty

A smile moves across her lips
She gazes at her crime
A scar across her flesh and soul
To haunt her for all time
She’ll waste away for all she cares
Never stops to use her brain
Doesn’t care about the ones who are close
All she cares about is pain

She wants to be what the others expect of her
Doesn’t care about the self-respect for her
A rose can’t be a forget-me-not
Can’t she see what all she has got

Never to go back again
She feels the world is at an end
She will never show her grief
Although she’ll cry in empty streetS

She’d sooner live like a desolate mole
Living in fear in an empty hole
Screaming silent wails alone
Content to live in her mental home

A final tear falls from her eye
It hits the ground, it’s followed by
A beautiful body, mutated by hate
A kind word could have stopped it, but it is too late
One two many bricks in the wall in her mind
Molding her demise because her heart was blind
This self conscious being could never have won
For she was destroyed by the beautiful ones

She wouldn’t fight back, wouldn’t respect herself
In the end, she managed only to wreck herself
A rose can’t be a forget-me-not
Little did she know, she had all she had sought

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dreams or illusions of living in peace and harmony
In thinking about life's problems I didn't come undone
images still float in the wind, music of the Harmonie
The magical dream of people on earth living as one

An adolescent desire of a world with a lasting peace
let us justify a bad decision to stop sowing seeds
or are we nomadic people, living like a flock of geese
Life is following the one in front, unsure of where it leads

with ideas, seeds are sown, establishing a path to peace
Can we transcend innovations, to stop following the flocks
to learn people exchanging views possibilities will increase
listening to people and stop throwing metaphoric rocks

"Yesterday, trouble was distant  life a game to be played"
Our people may be gone, but our past lets us be unafraid
My angel seems far away, but memories will never fade
all dreamers, vying in the game of life will never be swayed

I still believe and long for yesterday

for Beatlemania! contest
of Heather Ober

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It's all the seasons,
All the seasons in my world;
Storming all around.

All these thoughts may fill my mind,
But my time is memories.

It might drive me crazy,
Fulfilling all those needs.
And all the seeds of "maybe"
Won't be planted with my greed. 

And you'll thank me one day.
Three birds, they told me so:
"Learn from the thorns in your side,
Roses always bloom too slow". 

And the room yells "Maybe"!
Surely I'd love to go.
But riding on the winds of maybe,
Surely I'll never know....

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All About the Music: Bodies

Blundering bodies
Find fulfilment in rhythm;
Let the Music in.

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I Want

I want to sing you
I want to write you
I want to watch you
And describe you

I would like to compose you
You, my ninth symphony
To put you on a stave
To play your melody

I want to sculpt you
Without engraving too much
Hardly anything to change
Some details to fix

I want to photograph you
Under different lights
To whip with the flash
All those artifices that are hiding you

I want to break your records
Go through your body's limits
Jump higher, run further
When man an athlete is one

I could go on with other arts
But none of them seem good enough to define you
So I'll go on in which my words are the finest
For you, I'll never stop writing

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A Gypsy Moon

Of Roma blood, gypsy am I, black of skin and eye
fair Dooriya named for the sea which calls to me.
For tribe and violin, I live, to God alone, I cry.

The road is home and children are my destiny, 
as night descends a fires burn, I play and my man sings.
Fair Dooriya named for the sea which calls to me.

We are tinkers, tramps, thieves and wild wanderers who bring
the wheel of life, your karma's get, comes on dancing feet,
as night descends a fires burn, I play and my man sings.

"Kaska san," we say to you "Whose are you?" we greet.
Do you belong "Kas zhanes, Who do you know?" 
the wheel of life, karma's get, comes on dancing feet.
No claim hold we to earth or sky although,
we own our own with laws which often bite.
Do you belong "Kas zhanes,Who do you know?"

a crystal ball
gleams by fire light
a wolf howls

If no known answers comes there's oft a fight,  
of Roma blood, gypsy am I, black of skin and eye
and under fair or stormy skies, we will unite
for tribe and violin, I live, to God alone, I cry.

Contest: Let the Music Play On

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12 days of kiss-mas

On the 12th day of kiss-mass my true love sent to me
12 dirty undies
11 socks a stinking
10 shoes a humming
9 shirts for pressing
8 trousers 
7 days of take-out boxes
6 flagons of beer
5 D V D's
4 mischievous children
3 dozen wine bottles
2 ex partners
and an engagement ring under the tree

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

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Quit My Job, Smashed My Car

Quit my job, smashed my car
My back does throb, need to learn guitar

So I can make, a silly song
And I can sing, it all day long
About how, my God is strong
So that even now, nothing’s wrong

Even though, I quit my job
smashed my car, my back does throb

Life is hard, but I’ve got God
So I won’t let any thought
Any worry or fear
Convince me you’re not near

Even when, I quit my job,
Smashed my car, my back does throb
Life is hard, but I won’t sob
I need to learn guitar

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The Earth As I See it

Atop the mountain, watching “Earth Live”
Struggles, Created by Mankind
Mother “Earth” You  overcome : THRIVE
Love oozes from Your “HEART, SOUL, MIND “

Struggles, Created by Mankind
Thoughtlessness  ; You have Forgiven
Love oozes from Your  “HEART, SOUL, MIND “
The survival Pact, we both are Driven

Thoughtlessness ;  You have Forgiven
Memories of the day  of  “ Rebirth “
The survival Pact, we both are Driven
To “ Re-Supply “  His GIFT, Called  “EARTH”

Memories of the day of “ Rebirth “
The song of the Birds; the Tears of Tomorrow
To “ Re-Supply : His GIFT, Called  “EARTH”
Replenish  the LOVE; it will never know Sorrow

The song of the Birds; the Tears of Tomorrow
Mother “Earth” You overcome : THRIVE
Replenish the  LOVE; it will never know Sorrow
Atop the Mountain, watching Earth : ALIVE

Inspired By the Contest “ Pantoum “
Sponsored By Paula Swanson
Written By HGarvey Daniel Esquire

Dedicated to Paula Swanson; Thank-YOU for YOUR inspiring
                                   “ Pantoums “

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Her nature was gentle, and as soft as the rain
A butterfly so fragile, with procelin skin
Fragrant blossom, nectar sweet
Bathed in humbled innocence...
Entrapment came regaled in white 
With western charms, this wasp would sting
He picked this budding branch with false intent
His kisses spent, upon her dainty cheeks
So into bliss she flew, caught by wily arms
and promises of love, with no intent to keep
With fickle breath he stole her heart
And played the part without a thought, without a care
He was an actor upon this stage....the cage
a nuptial made as thin as air

He said farewell, with lies and smiles
To sail awhile, across the rolling seas
Leaving needles in her heart
Her frail wings pierced upon the day
And when those falsehoods sailed, her love impaled
While far away, he spent his charms in other arms

Her face would stare upon the tides
Her eyes would cry soliloquies
Her song would yearn...would he return?  
Her trust swept into waves...
And then a year or more would pass, 
The child she bore, stood by her side...
And still love lasts, and while she waits, the ocean breeze
would carry on,  those restless seas, the haunting song ....
Would carry on and on....she calls.........she calls his name...

With futile hopes to ease her pain
Her shame to learn the truth, and then to finally learn
Another shore......another bride!!
Another shore......another learn such truth...the final dread!
She cannot lift her head...the loss....the pain.....! OH! Hide thy face!
Oh! Such honor black with shame
What cannot be erased.......too much is dead!

Her death will free the fragile wings
Upon her knees, the final bend
By her own hand......her father's knife
Will take the life of Butterfly.                         BUTTERFLY!!      Butterfly!        ....butterfly!....

("Man's love of his life a thing apart............'Tis woman's whole existence")

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Skirl Of The Piper

There was an awful caterwailing and clamour 
as the pipes filled up with air and swirled
today it was for an orange march
playing the protestain songs of inflamitary verse.

Many were the songs and events the piper was called to skirl
one day it would be dirges the next for highland dances
where amidst the laughter the pipes sang their tunes
some were ballads of times long gone, others were clan songs

Once he had played for a royal wedding in Balmoral castle
now that was a grand occasion with the final dance of swords
pretty girls kicked up their heels showing the odd glimpse
of underwear neath their kilts whilst their sash's flew freely
Nimbly they stepped around the sword circle
high on pointed toes for all like ballerina's
and still the pipes skirled as the piper blew the notes
the bag wheezing with the effort and force of air

Red faced he played on for hours downing the odd dram
to keep his lips a-pucker and to fire his blood
until at last all were done and sat quiet around the fire
and agreeing it had been a grand Ceilidh as the piper rested.

The pipes now quiet and deflated stood in the corner
tomorrow at dawn they would again skirl welcoming the sun
as over the horizon it slowly crept darkness changing to light
until there it was in all its glory greeted royally by the skirling pipes

Ceilidh is a Scottish folk gathering where much whisky is downed and many
reels are danced made more joyous by a good piper skirling and tall stories 

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Last Sonnet

Hither I stand, at crossroads,
And then I gaze, at the yonder end-
The vague horizon from where I began;
And all that I may ever deem
Is that- my days
Have been a waken dream.

Hither I stand, at the edge of my dream;
Then I wonder, at the depth of my trance-
An adventurous journey through the wondrous woods;
An idyllic stroll through the vicissitudinous meadow;
And from the final station as I depart,
All that I can ever say, is that
Perpetuation has been a rouge
Of fleeting phases of my life.

Suyash Saxena 
St. Stephen’s College.

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Look what you've done for me
you helped me find my song
You had the faith to believe
even though it has been so long 

Listen to this amazing melody
it was still right there all the time
Until your lyric touched my heart
I had no rhythm.. I was blind

You began to play your music
the voice within me moved in sync
I was reaching out to you girl
and in that moment I could see
In that moment I could see

My life's ballad was to be a duet
now I knew what had been wrong
For years I'd been singing solo
Yeah, I had needed you all along

Together we've got sweet harmony
oh girl, I just love the hard beat
Making music with you all night
when this song ends gonna hit repeat

So play me all your music now
let's groove we got chemistry
Our songs.. let's move together
let's explore how good we can be

You began to play your music
the voice within me moved in sync
I was reaching out to you girl
and in that moment I could see
In that moment I could see
I could see
I could see
I could see
I could see

Date: 7-6-14

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Filled with Song

My fingers brush the strings of an old guitar, hidden away in the closet in my room.
A small smile plays my lips and I close my eyes, picturing me playing that guitar.
Me singing some song on a bench in the rain.
Singing the music that makes my heartbeat pulse through my whole body.

I can sing. I know I can, I just need practice.
I laugh as I picture the look on my friends faces when I tell them this.
I smile and put the guitar away, all the while thinking of how I'd love to learn to play 
that guitar.
To go to a friends party and sing. To make them feel what I do when I ride a high 
brought on by nothing more or less than music.

Breathless, I sit on my bed, my face glowing.
I will learn. I will learn to let out the song that makes my heart fill with so much joy I 
feel like I'm going to explode.

Still smiling, I put on my favorite music and let that high take me to a higher place.

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Drawn in Harmony

The phrase "Music to my ears" has been injected toward the 
wrong part of my body, and most unpleasantly personified. 
There is a record player that I let skip and scratch on purpose, hearing 
colorful sound of life back when truth kept us both inside the lines. 
I thought order was helping me draw closer to you, while you began on the next 
page without me. The needle digs it's way into my ape-shaped forearm. 
I'm directed by the guitar string shaped veins 
that only play notes in the keys of D# E# A# F# and the sharp sounds pierce 
my perception to the point I can hardly hear your voice anymore. 

At times, listening to the same old sad song on repeat makes me think
that I am just an old soul getting repeatedly tossed around in God's 
big barrel of human paradox. "Lord what was I made for? Surely it wasn't 
to repeat the mistakes of my forefathers, because I'm certain I am the 
only one you molded with forearms so large, that the record got lost 
and forgot how to spin in circles. Music is all about art, and art all about 
perception. Perception has nothing to do with your eyesight, and 
you use your ears to envision the painting on a blank canvas before picking 
anything else up but sound waves. I drive myself crazy sometimes when 
I think that my inspiration is speeding away from me in the 
opposite lane, but I didn't even ask for directions. Mostly because I'm a man, 
a stubborn one at that, and I always think I know where I'm going. 
But this time, I swear I had gotten the map right. So I transformed my open 
hands into tight fists to make music burst out of my arms, and the needle went 
faster and faster until it broke off, and the high pitched vibration 
disintegrated the steel into my own blood. I blame myself for letting this 
be the first time to let myself draw some air into my body. A surgery of 
scalpels cutting into my physical, and an orchestral symphony of sutures, 
threading my life back together again. My blue blood turns crimson as it kisses the air. 
Why do we associate the color red with life and vibrancy, when it clearly shows that we are letting our own blood run down our arms? Why do so many women where red lipstick; the kind that sticks to your collar, screaming to your wife that you clearly sinned? 
Why do we see sin so clearly; transparent enough for others to correct us before we really we even grasp the desire to fix ourselves? AND WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS MUSIC PLAYING SO LOUDLY NOW; when my needle broke off into my body a long time ago, and I can hardly hear you anymore.
Good thing my life's song still isn't completely written yet. Let's add a more positive climax to this. One drawn in harmony.

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Hopes Come True

I was hoping to find my true love in the city bars at night, but I just couldn’t meet a woman who, for me, was a match just right. I was starting to lose hope of ever knowing love that way, when I met my darling, sweetheart in the grocery store one day. I was hoping to find knowledge in the schoolbooks that I read, but I just found the facts and figures getting all mixed up in my head. I was starting to lose hope of ever becoming really smart, then, when I stopped analyzing everything, my education began to start. I was hoping to make my fortune by winning the lottery, but the money I spent on tickets just added to my misery. I was starting to lose hope of my fortune coming along, when I met a country singer and he invested in my song. I was hoping to find forgiveness by confessing to my priest, but I found even with all the penitence my sinning did not decrease. I was starting to lose hope of saving my mortal soul, but when I allowed for self-forgiveness I started to reach my goal. I was hoping to find happiness by purchasing luxuries galore, but I found no matter how much I had I just wanted to own more. I was starting to lose hope of ever becoming a happy man, when my wife gave me some children and happiness I could understand. So, never give up hope of realizing your lifelong dreams; things can always become better, no matter how bad it seems. And, when you least expect it your hopes will sure come true - This I know will happen because it’s now what I hope for you.

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Life Less
By: IzaDonna

Such a lonely girl along the road
No one helps her, no where to go
Tears are falling from her face
She wipes them away with disgrace
Nothing but the clothes on her back
Once standing in light now in black
N I'm hoping she still has drive
N keep pushing to stay alive

As the memories come flooding in
She realizes shes lived in sin
Can she change it, starting today
Before her life fully slips away
Can she finally fight her fight
Cause if not she'll die tonight
Can't u realize she isnt a soldier
All she really wants is someone to hold her

As she looks at the poison
Her soul has finally chosen
She lifts it up n throws it on the ground
Thanking the strength thats deep inside
Finally free again, dont have to hide
Erase the slate, n take a stand
This is it now, one last chance

Chorus X2

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Paper Thin

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
For kicks is why I do it now.
You tell me to love but I never knew how.
Our feet hitting pavement,
We spent the day in sunny California with sun kissed skin.
I’m learning to forget and how to fade scars,
And you let me let myself down so hard.

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
And now I just do it for smiles,
We’ll never see flower girls stumbling down aisles.
I’d lose my head just before that chance,
But if you want we can still have a first dance.
Cause I think I say things that I don’t mean,
Once upon a time you meant the world to me.

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
But I’m trying to refrain,
To make this not all end up in vain.
Maybe I can learn to love like some people do,
And you can learn to love yourself a little too.
Or it is in all fairness to let this go?
I guess we can try but then we’ll never know. 

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My LOVE has been gone; Forty Years, come August ,Twenty fifth
In Three Eons of FOREVER, I am with YOU, Pain and Sorrow : just a Myth
The Brilliance ! Of Her Green Eyes, the Softness  of Her Long  Auburn hair
The Rapid Beating of my HEART when Awaiting For YOUR Kiss to Share

The Birds sing a song of Ever-lasting LIFE, at the end of the Rainbow : sits My WIFE
Watching a Colorful Sunset, off in a Dream, Walking the tips of Every Moonbeam

My Heart Entwines, Enveloping Around Her, My Soul grows strong With-in Her LOVE
My Heart  Breathes with the effervescent Aroma,of Everlasting Life, from God Above
My Heart Lives in YOUR Heart, YOUR Heart LIVES  in MINE , Eternity, Eons of Forever
My Heart  Sings, Together, Forever : Your Angelic Voice soothes for Eons of Forever  

The Birds sing a song of Ever-lasting LIFE, at the end of the Rainbow : sits My WIFE
Watching a Colorful Sunset, off in a Dream, Walking the tips of Every Moonbeam 

LENORE, my LOVE, my Heartbeat , my WIFE, Together Entwined  in Eternal Life
LENORE, YOU walk with my Soul : YOUR LOVE makes me Whole : I LOVE YOU
LENORE, the song YOU Sing, above the Rainbow ; is the song of Ever-lasting Life
LENORE,  in the Hues of Sunset, in Moonbeams I dance, with my Only LOVE : YOU

Birds sing a song of Ever-Lasting LOVE, at the end of a Rainbow:I sit with my Wife
In a Colorful Sunset, Waltzing the tips of Moonbeams with YOU my Eternities' Life

                 Inspired by Paula Swanson in Contrast to her Contest “ Cheatin’ “ 
                                Dedicated to all WOMEN : The Gift from GOD

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You Are the One

She lays in his arms
he asks her what's wrong
the silence you keep
and the smile you fake
I know that something's on your mind
She says i don't understand
how someone like you
could love me the way you do
and he says

You are the one
that makes my heart beat 
that completes me
never look down upon your soul
you are the one
that makes my hands shake 
you're my whole life babe
you make me feel so whole
so don't underestimate 
what you do for a wounded soul
I looked everywhere for someone to save me 
and finally 
you are the one

they sit down for dinner 
he says it's been so long since we've been together
and there's something that I have to say
he gets on one knee and pulls out a ring
I cant't imagine why you're here to this day
but I hope there is not coming our way
and she says

You are the one
that makes my heart beat 
that completes me
never look down upon your soul
you are the one
that makes my hands shake 
you're my whole life babe
you make me feel so whole
so don't underestimate 
what you do for a wounded soul
I looked everywhere for someone to save me 
and finally 
you are the one

the preacher speaks
God's words does he say
Faith has brought us to this day
they look in each others eyes
and only they can see

You are the one
that makes my heart beat 
that completes me
never look down upon your soul
you are the one
that makes my hands shake 
you're my whole life babe
you make me feel so whole
so don't underestimate 
what you do for a wounded soul
I looked everywhere for someone to save me 
and finally 
you are the one

no one else was there for me
no one else stopped my heart form bleding
only you can make me feel this way
only you can find my true smile
among the hopeless and the broken
you are the one that saved me from it all

you are the one
that makes my heart beat  
that completes me
never look down upon your soul
I looked everywhere
for someone to save me
and finally
you are the one

thank everything 
In this beautiful world
That made for me
you were there for me
you are the one

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Bird Song

The birds sing a song

On a tree that is very high

Music fill the air

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Can't Be Friends

Before, while, and after I said goodbye
I couldn't help but sit there and cry.
I cried on and off for 7 hours and slept one
Woke up and cried again, I still wasn't even done.

Two more hours…wake up again.
Every so often a tear falls in the open.
I literally feel an aching pain in my chest
Thinking of how I lost you, wanting to forget.

I'm feeling sick and I still haven't ate.
I want you…my thoughts aren't straight.
Mane, almost every about you
And almost every thought…is about who?

Someone who could have been playing me
Or showing me where my desires could lead.
I wanted to tell you everything, I wanted to say more,
There wasn't enough time and now my broken heart's feeling so sore.

I just wanna be alone and listen to this depressing song,
I can't get you out of my head... it hurts. Is that wrong?
I understand that I may be foolish wasting my time hurting over you.
But in all honesty my dear, I really wanted us to be something too. 

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morning arrives

song breaks the stillness
calling the sun from slumber
dawn chorus begins

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Unravel Me

Tears stream like water, rain in the night
A heart that still hungers for all to be right
Stoned by a circle, mocked while on stage
Emotions grow heavy from pain into rage
Scabs that were healing I picked them apart
All to uncover, I had to restart.

The essence of the soul, Purity
Only in your arms, Security
For the ship is overtaken by rough waves
I know that You’re the one who saves
Hear me while I sit
In the dark.

Carelessness, comes from movie clips inside my mind
Walls built to last start to unwind
And I can’t take the ache within the knots
It’s as if all I’ve learned I just forgot
For the flames of bitter yesterdays just ignite
Restless with this walk, I lose my sight

The essence of the soul, purity
Only in your arms, security
For the ship is overtaken by rough waves
I know that You're the One who saves
Hear me while I sit 
In the dark.

But I’m not alone
No I’m not alone
Going to the otherside
I must resist this fear 
Come alive!

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 4-8-12
Song written for the piano

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Oh I get down...

Oh I get down,
I still know how,
To go downtown,
And get real loud.

Save another of those whisky shots for me,
And put another song on the box for me,
Rack 'em up - c'mon let's play some pool,
Flirt with the girls...
...and act real cool!

Cause we're gonna get down,
And go downtown,
Get real loud...
...'cause we still know how!

I shake it up,
It's never enough,
I play real rough,
And love it up.

Save another of those whisky shots for me,
And put another song on the box for me,
Rack 'em up - c'mon let's play some pool,
Flirt with the girls...
...and act real cool!

Cause we're gonna shake it up,
And play real rough,
Love it up...
...'cause its never enough!

Save another of those whisky shots for me....

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Sonnet X or The Bluebird Sonnet

O why’d they misconstrue your colour against you?
When the song is swift imagination, so sweet and full
Why’d they whisper of weariness, of idiomatic blue?
When pause is ponderous play not a dark silent lull
It is the bluebird’s song that warm thoughts entice
That unexpected exuberant bout of welcomed joie de vivre
That instant intoxication of all virtue and all vice
Oft’ heard from coffee’d morn till the day’s end receive’
When beguiled by melody left to lilt through wistful air
That beacon of curiosity which so quickly is consume’
Cheery embrace – the listener enraptured is divided ne’er
Till the final bar closes only then may the day resume
Though for tunes of waking night the bluebird composes nigh
Alas, her song is for bright day not for moon’s sleepless sigh

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The Summer of the Winter Sky

It was time for the leaves to fall,
The fields to turn white,
The birds to leave for faraway lands-
And the long cold lonely nights.

Seemed like for eternity
She hadn’t had a smile -
Frozen was the world around
Lonely she walked  for miles.
Dead were the blossoms in her garden,
And love was about to die-
And yet she prayed to her unseen friend -
For the summer of the winter sky!

Not a song was heard at dawn,
Only the echo of the wind-
In the misty field of corn
Not a farmer was seen!
A wait so long, so painful to bear
Left alone with no one so near
She was lost in her own reverie-
With tears in her dreamy eyes.
And she prayed as her heart cried-
Longing for the summer of the winter sky.

No one knows who heard her prayer
Lost amidst the silence
And yet an early morning bud 
Blossomed in her garden!
Suddenly a little sparrow was seen 
High on the branch of the willow tree
Singing a song as if to welcome-
Amidst the grey sky, a sun so warm.
And love then again knocked her door
Promising a life like never before-
And like a happy child  she opened her eyes
For it was summer for the winter sky!

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Triumphant Tears

_ __ ___ Mother earth pout your tears cry your song of authority for in your tyrant of rage and dismay I find a simple poem As rivers spill and oceans weigh and ruby flowers lose their story I hear your song upon the wind behold my soul lest dreary With streaming cords and crashing symbols a jasmine symphony plays true from my window through rain soaked eyes plays triumphant hymns of tomorrow.... ___ __ _

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Strange She is

I felt her there
Seems so strange
Lost in memories
Hope maybe fading
By and By
The seas are changing
Seems so jaded

These clouds are greying
This place i be leaving
This life i be changing
Strange she seems to me

Love once there 
Gone for sure
No chance of feeling
Years have gone by
She can't haunt me no more

The clouds are clearing
This place i be leaving
This life i am changing
Strange she is to me

Memories i have
Smiles I'll enjoy
Won't see up close
Her heart is in something great

This sun is shining
This place I'll leave
Never will return
I let her be free
So i can be me
These clouds will not grey for us no more
She's all strange to me for sure

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I once used to be ‘hot’ for old What’s-Her-Name,
That girl that set my first fire aflame.
Just being near her would make my blood sizzle,
Then suddenly she was gone without even a fizzle.
I sadly regretted that old What’s-Her-Name,
And wondered what went wrong, who was to blame?
I got over her, then another, and another,
Then I found the one that I chose out from all others
I sometimes still think about old What’s-Her-Name—
Just passing thoughts without regrets or shame.
But if I dwelled on her, I would be most ungrateful
For the one that I love who’s always been faithful.
I found online my old What’s-Her-Name,
Though she was listed by his other name.
Maybe someday I’ll just send her an email,
To say I’m happy for her and to wish her well.
(Chorus)  We meet new people and change as we grow.
She whom I love now, back then I didn’t know.
Like waves crashing on a weathered seashore,
That which once was is now never more.

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Drifting Mainly

You belong to me mate 	 ( Intro )
And that be that!
Get on board
And grab your hat!

The ship was aghast at its new passenger	( Verse )
Like disdain for the lives that they now left behind,
Newcomers were scarce 
And they never would last
But I held up my chin nice and high.

The bloke who took me screamed	( Pre-chorus )
“Mop up the deck we’ve got things to do!” 
But I said sir, 
I’m just a boy and don’t know what’s to do.

And he said		( Chorus )
“Drifting mainly
Sailin the shores
Taking what’s mine 
And leaving what’s yours
Cause you know, we ain’t dead yet.”

Taking the seas for more than eight moons
We found islands and loot
That was bigger than most.
The taste of sea air 
With its wind in my hair
Took me away to this new life I lead.

After mopping the deck 
He grabbed my hand and screamed
 “Steer this ship boy!”
But I said sir,
I’m just a lad and don’t know where to go.

So the crew yelled	( Chorus )
“Drifting mainly
Sailin the shore
Taking what’s mine 
And leaving what’s yours
Cause you know, we ain’t dead yet.”

Surprising to me 
Was my unshaven face
The captain looked on 
And smiled with grace,
We stopped at a place 
Where the women were loose and didn’t mind
If we took a peak.

He said “Now you’re a man so let’s get on that boat,
We got places to be and some people to rope,
So grab that sword and drop that mop
Cause you’re no longer a boy in my eyes.”

I practiced the duel with the men in the crew
The captain took eye to my devilish pride,
And he took me aside and said 
 “Even in death I’m gonna miss you boy 
But don’t let it strike you 
Or kill your spirits
Cause even time can beat out the Grim.”

Then in the darkness came fire and screams,
Our vessel had stopped after fourteen years,
The crew fought hard and beat most of the men
But now, my Captain was dead.

We took the new ship watching ours sink deep
Saying goodbye to our drowning escape,
The crew turned towards me and asked
“What do we do?” and I smiled,
And they did to.

And we yelled    ( Chorus )
“Drifting mainly
Sailin the shores
Takin what’s mine
And leaving what’s yours
Cause you know, we ain’t dead yet.”

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The Song Of David

Enlighten days have past
He comes excel in all, so he thinks
"I am greater than man,
I know what ignorant man does not.
Come to me for knowledge unsurpassed!".
He points to the blue heaven,
"Where is thy wisdom? For I know all.
Where is thy command? That makes the ground shake
And brings forth water that lives?"

At the great gatherings,
He flocks the shepherds, blind, mute and deaf  
He answers to the multitude of questions
He asked the shepherds, "but what are thy questions?",
“I know not what do ask a man of your wisdom, but what  is a dream?
What is life?” asked the young herdsman.
"I know not what you speak of", said the Man.
"I only know what i can feel, touch and see"

"A dream is dream that passes us by, like gentle breeze of fresh spring.
Life holds all things mystery and doubts.
Shepherd knows to flock, not life or dreams".
"The shepherds are those who are humble, noble one", said the herdsman
"The blind cannot see, the mute cannot speak and the deaf cannot hear".
"Who are you preaching to? Silent and amaze, the man looks on.  

"If the blind could see you, 
They would say, 'look here is the man who tried to humble the blind
For they can see what others cannot,
If the mute could speak, they would humble you!
And if the deaf could hear they would shamed your wisdom".
"Was I a fool?" said the Man "or are you not that young herdsman?
Who knows nothing of life and passes his days tending the sheep's?
What could you learn from such simpleton life?"

"Life I live is simple indeed, 
No one knows that the shepherds are those who protects the weak"
"Nature is a friend of the shepherd; we sing the song of David
And rubs the olive oil to our young sheep, to keep away the flies".
Insulted, the man's fury turns over to the young herdsman
"Nature? Protect the weak? The song of David? Flies?
How can nature befriend a lonely shepherd? Protect who?
Song of David the Shepherd who became the king? 
What flies would harm the young flocks?"

The young herdsman smiled at the frown face of the man,
Left without a word
The blind, the mute and deaf ignored the man.
An unyielding shame kept the man humbled
He wonders why the young herdsman smiled about.
He came about a bridge and crossed the rocky roads
On the hill top he stood 
And saw the young herdsman singing the Song of David.

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Let's go see
This maybe all we need
Roads wide open
Hearts a racing
This time is now
This dream worth chasing

I hold you close 
You guide my eyes
You made up my heart
Time to let me be

Seems so yesterday
Those wonder years
This place was all I needed
But something lead me astray
Caught in a moment
No chance of changing
Won't rethink all that has happened

I hold you near
You make up my soul
Life is about reliving

I can't take that anger away
I can't make you see
All i will do is make you believe

Let us go see
What is in store
Shed no tears
Because your baby I'll always be

Hold me close and you shall see
How proud i will make you be
Let's just go see how your love will grow

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I have a God given talent
I rejoice but not ever lament
They said it is a wonderful thing
I must do share and sing

Some may or may not listen
Even though as long as I win
Not of fame but of joyous hearts
For so long been gloom and apart

The high and low notes, I'll reach
Tactful enough to be on right pitch
I may swing in a fidget ditch
It's fine as long as I'll not miss

I will tunely swing both my arms
Harmoniously to the music at hand
I may open and close my eyes 
To feel each lyrics in vies

It's not only my voice that sings
Also does my heart it rings
Uncaring the people's glances
Displaying this in chosen chances

By: olive_eloi


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Now I Am Free from My Step-parent

A life of beauty and happiness denied, of innocence 
smothered like a flame, I have always lived; but when 
I hear your lovely voice, my Lisa--

now I am free.

I was dead before I even entered into this world, a
place cruel and without feeling, cruel and without 
the love and understanding I finally know in the rich 
harmonies of your voice, my Lisa--

which sets me free.

Before I could even hope to bloom like a sensual
flower caught breathless and naked in the first, rainy
sunbeams of spring a great evil--the threatening, 
inner hostility of a dark figure overflowing with 
bigotry--transformed me into a joyless 

waste of ashes.

From that terrible moment on I fought all the ugly
and horrible assaults as his unwilling possession, a
gladiator in the arena of his constant abuse and 
myriad threats, subject to his occasional hostile 
looks from 

across the dinner table.

But when I hear your voice and imagine its tender-
ness and compassion as an unearned gift meant for 
me despite him and my child-like self-loathing: 

I feel the love and self-worth denied me, taken from
me simply because it was too easy to not rape from 
a child whose only fault was that he was born 

defenseless and

O Lisa! Because of the music of your lovely voice--
now I am free! Free from my years as a gladiator in 
the arena of his constant abuse and attacks; 

free to bloom like a sensual flower caught breathless
and naked in the first, rainy sunbeams 

of Spring again!

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Making Up for My Mistakes

Writing this cuz theres nothing left for me to do,
I hope you know im trying to make up for all of my mistakes,
Im trying to make up for all the promises i have broke.
Im sorry for ever trying to see if we would work,
Im trying to tell you that i will leave you be if you want me to,
But know their is nothing that i would ever put above you.
Im making up for all of my mistakes, 
Im trying to prove that im not the person you saw,
its never too late to show you the real me, the person you never knew.
I dont deserve to tell you i love you.
Ive done too much to you,
Im sorry for everything.
Im going to sing this song to you,
One last time,
And i hope you will understand.
Im making up for all of my mistakes,
Im trying to prove that im not the person you knew,
Its never too late for me to show you the real me, the person you never knew.
I know their is nothing that i can do to make you change your mind,
But i hope this song at least helps a little,
Im trying to make up for my mistakes,
Im trying to make up for all the promises i broke.
Im sorry for trying to see if we would ever work
I cant tell you i love you
I just hope you know,
That ill never put anything above you,
And im trying to make up for all my mistakes.

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Pitch Black Notes

Well, I've been thinking;
Are songwriters awake,
Writing and rewriting,
Going through several takes?
What days do they write?
Perhaps, at midnight,
Before the sun shines bright;
After they find plight.

©2014 Honestly JT

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Words to a Lonely Song

Each night I sing my lonely song
Hoping it may find its way to attentive ears
But no one seems to hear it
Its forlorn melody calls
Throughout the night
Wishing it had one to feel its cry
But no one comes to its call
Each word of my lonely song
Carries the hopes and dreams I once had
Saving them for times of need
Someday when this lonely song fades away
Someone will respond to its forlorn cry
Hoping to hear my lonely song
But when this day comes
This song will be no more
For the words to my lonely song 
Will be lost forever in the wind

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Life's Complexity

Look deep within the light my love
My gentle caring sleep
the song of nature drifts along
at times the wind is steep and strong

The heart a hollow empty song
the drain on life complete
but then from out of emptyness 
the song of love grows strong

The energy returning
you dance upon your feet
the cuddles that you're yearning
returned you are complete 

my mind delves into darkness
it fights with dreams and scheemes
it struggles with the truth of life
I need to know whats real

I need to know the truth of life
to know whats really real
we study then the body 
the life of man complete

look to see the beauty 
complexity so sweet
interwoven nature 
our thoughts of glowing flame

We study terminology
we study anthropology
we study then biology
with thoughts that do compete

In truth this sweet compexity 
holds answers over time
who did design the human brain
who did design the mind

The arguments from science
I then do not believe
It simply was by accident
we came to be conceived

the body's so complex my friend
I think they self deceive
I do believe in science
the study of our life

I do believe the bible
that god created life
I do not see your problem
I do not see your strife

It say's that god created man
it does not tell you how
Could evolution be my friend
the tool that god made to make man

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It's Summer and I'm Twenty One Again

A sensory nerve catches a chord upon the wind
Home alone, I raise the volume ‘til I’m reeling
Fingers snapping, feet tapping, hips gyrating 
Just the right song to dance as boredom sets in

“California Girls”, blares on the radio I hear!
In an instant it’s summer; I am twenty one again, 
Not a care in the world not one reason to refrain
Slippers fly off feet as book is tossed in the rear

I have no care whether I am seen per chance
This song saturates me through and through
Caught up in the moment of its upbeat groove
I lose myself in youthful summers as I dance

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In The Darkness

The word tore through
The silence.

A silence as thick
As the darkness
That wrapped around us.

A darkness
Inhabited by people
Equally as dark.

"Sing and raise us
From these shackles,
From our misery,
From our fears,
From our reality!"

This command 
Was not for me,
But the woman
Who sat in a distant corner.

Her voice rose 
Like the sun,
Steady and slow
Warming our souls.

The clarity of her voice
Was like a dew drop
Magnifying the lines on a leaf
Upon which it sat.

Her voice was as beautiful
As an orchid,
And like an orchid
It was a parasite,
But instead of a tree or plant,
It got it's sustenance
From her soul.

And still
It was not enough.

"Stop, stop,

"I do not want to hear
A song as sweet as
A ripe mango or
A freshly chopped sugar cane."

"I want to hear a song
That is rich in pain
As well as triumph.
A song drenched 
In the tears of brave men
And steeped in the sorrow
Of their women folk."

"I want our song."

The silence stretched
Like a sunset
Under a cloud heavy sky.

Then the song began,
A song we all knew.
A song that had brought
Tears to the eyes of kings.
A song that grew courage
In the hearts of cowards.

The song was infectious,
Leaping from man to woman
And woman to man
Like a great sickness
Found deep in the jungle.

Before long,
Voices rose into the darkness,
Vibrations bouncing off of
Unseen walls crashed against
Or bodies.

In this moment,
We were one.
One voice.
One people.
Bound for one place
And from that moment
We shall remain
One people.

One people 
In the darkness.

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Howl the Moon

So like our two footed selves moving toward extinction.
Ranging far and wide, loving, killing, birthing
With a familial loyalty to be admired,
paired for life and wise in the ways of nature.

Ranging far and wide, loving, killing, birthing. 
The moons rise pulls song from their throats
paired for life and wise in the ways of nature
the mountains ring with your calls…….

The moons rise pulls song from their throats.
Fear of the unknown labeled in fairy tales,
the mountains ring with your calls. 
Your sharp fangs peek from behind a knowing smile

Fear of the unknown labeled in fairy tales
your deep dark liquid eyes penetrate.
Your sharp pointed fangs peek from behind a knowing smile.
Soon man will be the only wolf prowling the land.

Your deep dark liquid eyes penetrate.
Two million once roamed, two hundred thousand survive.
Soon man will be the only wolf prowling the land.
Weep, weep, oh weep for the wild wolf, howl the moon.

Two million once roamed, two hundred thousand survive
with a familial loyalty to be admired.
Weep, weep, oh weep for the wild wolf, howl the moon.
So like our two footed selves moving toward extinction.

*dedicated to my spirit gaurdian long may they roam

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satin pillow fever

it's kind of funny 
how time walks away
i don't feel like 
saying grace today
everything hurts 
much more then they say
tuesdays no longer 
remember your smile
scars are the souvenirs 
of the loneliest child
the memory itself 
writes you away

i don't wanna be here anymore
my hearts felt the dust
no i don't wanna be here anymore
sail on sooth sayer, sail

it's like sometimes you can't win
but then again i feel like 
i could never really fail
through the mirror 
i image an image pale
restricted for commerce
like a prostitute 
trying to make the proper sell
here we are behold unearthed
true to the soul, 
spirit, body and mind
it's kind of crazy
how you can capture more momentum
starting up from the bottom
being beaten and coming up 
from the land down under
may the perpetrators be kissed briefly
slaughtered later
love letters from a bastard 
to kind of a raped mother
grab the extinction cord
i already duck taped the other
the youngest of nine children
last man standing
out in the wonderland withering
see the ocean set apart from the sea
relax the your head darling 
and come hither

i don't wanna be here anymore
my hearts felt the dust
no i don't wanna be here anymore
sail on sooth sayer, sail

she said
i don't understand 
your goodbye
all these questions
why, why, oh why
I told her i said,
every thing's rhetorical
despite you and I

stars burn
in the sleepless sky
as the candles dim
and night falls alive
between you and I
and it shines so bright
that i can't see a thing
but sometimes
i see it all

i've been used 
to losing touch
but i'm kind of wish 
too far gone
a shooting star
one miracle away 
from being
exactly who you are
the rain dabbles
in the face of the sun
and sometimes life
is all heat and no fun

but sometimes
you have to say goodbye
to where you're coming from
and kindly walk away
to a better day

and just like that
she went into the dark
she sang out, 
i got seizures to spark
and true life
it's some kind of bizarre
she put the needle in her arm
and sang out
never mind who you are
never mind who your are
I don't give a Fck who you are

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I Sing A Sad Song

I sing a sad song for the cold, lonely
Moments no one will admit to aloud.

I sing a sad song for all of the broken promises
Made with thoughtless illusions.

I sing a sad song for the faces pressing
Against the window panes in longing.

I sing a sad song for wild anticipation
Of days with happy endings that never come.

I sing a sad song for the telephone
that never rings enough.

I sing a sad song for all of those who
Waste time singing sad songs...

Like you and

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clocks that picture time

these days you barely see
the colors of people as they are 
tomorrow looms 
in places that i can't be

still i wonder will it all fall down 

these days you're either right or wrong
sit back on ease and find rhythm to a song
running on e and i'm almost there
thinking maybe we'll make it
hell, we're almost there

still i wonder will it all fall down

these days it's you or me 
i can picture 
the things you're left to say
winters calling 
and the darkness is sinking this day

still i wonder will it all fall down

these days you're either right or wrong 
calling forgiveness it's either you or me 
tomorrow turns in places that i can't be 
the color's of people you barely see 

"maybe i'll see you when you get there"

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My wife

My wife.

She closed her eyes as I kissed her once more
A sweet tender kiss between two lovers, one soul.

My heart fluttered to the touch of her lips,
Two minds tuned together to a song we’ve missed.

A song we wrote together in moonless night
Two people together passionately in love.

That was many years ago too young to realize
So many obstacles lay ahead in the path of love.

Thirty three years passed like a gleam, and 
Three beautiful boys became our joy and dream.

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Songs Always End

Off in the distance-
A song can be heard, silence!
The song is over now...

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The Twisted Kudzu Vine

Remembering America when clothesline displayed wash
The yesteryear clotheslines of our country have mostly gone
Gone with the same way of old fashioned outdated panache
Panache as when women dressed decent_men tipped hats agone

The yesteryear  clotheslines of our country have mostly gone
Disappeared from view like Johnny Cash's song "I Walk The Line"
Panache as when women dressed decent_men tipped hats agone
Morals, good principles have been twisted like Kudzu Vine

Disappeared from view like Johnny Cash's song "I Walk The Line"
Gone with the same way of old fashioned outdated panache
Morals, good principles have been twisted like Kudzu Vine
Remembering America when clothesline displayed wash

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Amity Paramour

The resonance invitation does my intention deliver… Discover your prince; your best friend, your knight… Say yes to your dream; your wish, your desire… Flow with the nudge coming from within… Allow your greatest love experience to begin… You are the Goddess, priestess barer of life… Wholly complete this universal wife… Gazing through your eye window caressing your soul… Gifting unto you my cosmic song of enchantment… Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung… Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung With certainty, confidence, certitude and concivtion… Free from limitation, inhibition or angst inclination… My love is resolved, courageous with Assurant solution… Present moments of our togetherness beaming blissfully the radiance of light… Knowing this feeling of united union repose; fused are the two flames, behold their might… You are the Goddess, priestess barer of life… Wholly complete this universal wife… Gazing through your eye window caressing your soul… Gifting unto you my cosmic song of enchantment… Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung… Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung… From across the universe have I journeyed, guided directly to you from your hearts essence... When life blesses me with your presence, I am consumed within the timeless vortex of the original emotion… Piercing my being you’re spiraling has bloomed in me the white lotus Illuminated; floating above the realm of fear… I am prepared to experience your affection… Walking alongside your path the devoted life companion… My simple request; merely holding your hand with passion… You are the Goddess, priestess barer of life… Wholly complete this universal wife… Gazing through your eye window caressing your soul… Gifting unto you my cosmic song of enchantment… Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung… Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung…

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Lone, I sit at rivers edge complete
a song through the trees mingle love saturate
calm the flow content as I seek
a solitude of grandeur floats fulfilled inviting spring
a song through the trees mingle love saturate 
compassion abound my soul permeate   
a solitude of grandeur floats fulfilled inviting spring
I drift in completion of spirit loving way
compassion abound my soul permeate
calm the flow content as I seek
I drift in completion of spirit loving way
lone, I sit at rivers edge complete 


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Teenage Pregnancy

With broken heart and all alone, she cried.
“I love you.” were his words, but he lied.
A sweet young girl now lost in deep despairs.
No!  Teenage pregnancy; God knows and cares.

She always was her daddy's little girl.
His precious child to womanhood was hurled.
A father's love surpasses anger's flares.
No!  Teenage pregnancy; God knows and cares.

She went to church to learn the right and wrong.
A choir angel singing heaven's song –
Brothers, sisters solemnly sit and stare.
No!  Teenage pregnancy; God knows and cares.

Her rounded body feels the life within.
Motherhood lives near to her chagrin.
Her mother held her close; the tears were theirs.
No!  Teenage pregnancy; God knows and cares.

“Sure, she's nice,” he said, but we are so young.
Fatherhood was not for him; his song was sung.
“She should have been more careful,” he declares.
No!  Teenage pregnancy; God knows and cares.

© May 22, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen  Often, teenagers don't receive 
timely prenatal care, and they have a higher risk for pregnancy-related high blood pressure and its 

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Puff The Magic Dragon

Once upon a time there were the golden years…
Where Miracles and Fairy Tales in my family did appear.
When my son was very small, magic always wandered all around.
Summers we went to visit Grandpa where wonderful boats did abound.
Grandpa kept them on a lift, down at the great boat dock there.
Food was always waiting nearby to feed the little fish.
We always told my wee son that the big fish down below…
Were the Mama’s and the Papa’s waiting to protect their brood above.
And when we visited, we always cruised in the boats, by a little cave…
We told my wee one; Puff the Magic dragon lived and dwelled there every day.
And not only did he live there but he also visited at our dock…
For no one else but him had the ability, to lift the great big boats up.

Of course, we knew it was the lift that did all the lifting work.
And it was all air powered, and when full bubbled air from underneath.
But the wee one didn’t know that and the fairy tale lived on…
So we would have him call for Puff the Magic Dragon, His pal from faraway, 
Whenever someone’s’ boat needed lifting, up at the dock each day.
He lived in this fairy tale and called Puff his very own true friend.
For Puff would blow the bubbles at his request to fill the lifting box.
And one wee little boy giggled at Puff’s great work, every time.
My dream for my happy family lasted a long, long time…

Now Peter, Paul, and Mary wrote the song that brought Puff to life.
I sang the song Puff The Magic Dragon to him in the bathtub every night.
I wish to thank them profusely, for the happiness it brought into our lives… 
Thank you, again, for bringing a song and a fairy tale into my family… 
And especially to my one little guy. 

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Exist in Dreams

A dream that dances in waves, and mirrors all you do
So you dance, and hope that some day the song will come from you
This dream is all that exists, and all you’ve ever known
The song is picking up speed, so it’s follow or fail alone

A flame that flickers in sync with the shadows by your side
The rain puts out the light, and causes you to hide
This nightmare is all that exists, and all you’ve ever known
But this song still hasn’t stopped, and so you dance alone

You cherish sand on the banks of a path winding through a storm
This desert trail is all that you see; too blinding to look beyond
This path is all that exists, and the only way to go
Holding close the sand as you sing, just so you’re not alone

The sand is part of the storm that makes you close your eyes
But now the wind starts to slow, and the scenery makes you cry
This life is all that exists, and the only way to go
The sand falls through your hands, and you carry on alone

A love that blooms into being beneath the darkest skies
Is a life that will venture out despite the lonely nights
So scared, but so unafraid to find what you need to be
Despite the fear that prevails, and tells you what to see

The flames steady and still, and a shadow kneeling down
The rain cleansing your heart as all your fears drown
The sand creating a path, and shielding you from pain
And now, with the wind at your back, you remember why you came

To dream a light shining out for all the world to see
To be more than you think, and beyond all that will be
To create a desire to be the creators of our dreams
To become the mirror of self, and reflect our unity

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Solitude (A Quatern, 20140805)

The solitude weighed heavily,
Most especially late at night,
When I had no one close to me--
Meaning no one to hold me tight.

Loneliness sired desperation.
The solitude weighed heavily
Enough to sire inspiration;
Giving birth to my poetry.

In time I made a family
(Both positive and negative).
The solitude weighed heavily,
In the past where I sometimes live.

I got older; life moved along.
Today I still write poetry,
And compose lyrics for each song.
The solitude weighed heavily.

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What if

if love could talk what would it say?
if love could sing what would it sing?

if love could talk it would say that, you are in the most happy place in the world, and that no 
matter how hard you try no matter what you do no matter what you say nothing and on one 
can take that from you.
if love could talk it would say that, every thing your felling is going to be with you for the rest 
of your life and no matter how hard you try you will never forget how you felt at that perfect 
moment. even if your not with that person anymore you will always remember. you may 
even brake down and cry and wonder why it had to end. but no matter what it will always be 
with you, you will never forget and no one can take it from you.

if love could sing, it would sing the most sweetest song that when life seems to be at an end 
brings you back to those most sweetest memories. if love could sing it wold sing out the 
song of your life and remind you of everything that made you the person you are today, it 
would sing the song of everything that ever happend witch brought you to that most perfect 
moment that you were once at
if love could sing it would sing to you in the most sweetest voice that would remind you that 
you were once happy and if you tryed and oppend up to someone if you let someone in for 
once you could be happy like that agin.

but love can't talk and love can't sing.. so you may forget, and someone may take it from 
you. there is no song with the most sweetest voice.. all there fear. the fear that you 
will forget the fear that someone will take it from you. the fear of lossing your happyness 
and the fear of letting someone in. 

(i know my spelling is bad please overlook this flaw)

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Let us whisper you and I 
In a dark little corner and no candle light.

W'll wait until  dawn and watch the sunrise. 
Then catch a gentle breeze or watch a fading star.

We pick some flowers and catch a butterfly

We cross a small stream, sparkling water 
catches the corner of your eyes.

We make a sailing boat from paper then
write a little song.

Soon will be breakfast, then at dinner w'll say a prayer,
And at night time w'll light a fire, and then we retire.

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On The Highway Of Love

The voices that come out of the fog in the night
sound like rhyme :
O…my young lover
Hasn’t it come the time for you 
to open your hazy and lonely heart
and get involved in my sparkling light of love
in the rest of life of yours…
About the very long days
and the great deals of happenings which have gone
you’d better forget them
Never mind.
But just come really closer to me
in my embrace
there will be a warming song of longing for you.

O…my young wanderer on the highway of love
Wake up from your cradle of your passionate lust
Stand up
Be ready and adorn yourself
with the bead of my yearning.
If my longing hum is heard by you from a far
at the crack of dawn
first thing in the morning
give it a hug of yours
because together with the chilly dawn
my warming song of longing will come through.

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Our Song Unsung

"There is something coming over me"
Love in everything_its amazing
Must be spring has pronounced decree
Great romance aflame blazing 
All the birds, crickets in song praising
Memories surfing corners of my mind
The spring of my life when we were young
The young love that we have left behind
Young love amazing, all reason to wind flung
Oh! For that spring again, our song unsung

Contest: English Quintain A Spring Day
Sponsor: Francine Roberts
February 02, 2012

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Your Whisper

You whispered in my ear,
a breathy secret, hushed.

“I love you”, you murmured.

I said nothing,
lost, in your arms,
I found a home. At last.

“I love you”, you said,
I said nothing,
lost in my thoughts,
I found peace. At last.

“I love you”, you said,
words failed me then.

They still do.

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Thoughts of A Song Writer

From my thoughts on the paper in which it lies, 
My everlasting passion is inked as it dries.
The way I feel inside, you might want to spy,
But if you pry, how will my lyrics surprise?
A song for thought will only leave a thought.
May sound difficult, but that’s just how I talk.
I was lost, but I found me.
Dreaming and believing that writing was my key.
The way it flows and the way that it goes pumps me to speak
the very thoughts that many minds chose to keep.
Many rocks I’ve kicked and many decisions I’ve made.
Any wrongs I take the blame.
Tic-tac-toe is only a game.
I plagiarize your eyes with the notes that I’ve taken,
A high note here and a low note there-
You’d swear I’m in your head when my song hits your ear.
Pain recognizes pain
And I’ve have my share of bandages.
 My vibes from life heals the permanent damages.
Thoughts of a Songwriter,
Reaches farther beyond the beat,
Over the lyrics on the sheet,
Not only is it about the speech,
 But more of what the message seeks.
True enough a theme is touched and a heart is rushed.
With the mind-throbbing picture disappearing 
Through the ink of my pen and revealed through your lens,
You can’t hear me, but do you feel me?
I cherish my talent and where it could possibly sweep me.
My doubts and my worries are beneath me.
I love for brighter days and pray for more things to pave.
Call my life my number because its infinite.
Thoughts of a Songwriter,
My mentality drips it.

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killed the ego in the alley

stopped the cross look 
when walking out & down the steps
(humming a song within),
did a little jig to miss the cracks when
progressing along the sidewalk
(making sure as to not “break momma’s
sure was in his/her better Autumn 
dancing gear
(waiting for others with the energy---
full of song & love in the heart) &
there weren’t enough frowns in
the afternoon overcast that could
shed dark down upon her/his 
impending afternoon delight
(now the world is said oyster if said
eater digs the oysters),
kicking her/his kicks like it’s going
out of style, ipod ringing a special
rhythm (new favorite song---connecting
him/her with everyone),
don’t need to be in front or even part of
a crowd when the selves when the 
selves are getting down
(making a scene in order to be seen),
when the sun shone down &
park benches full of folks
start to come alive,
come alive, come alive,
come live, come alive!
s/he paid tribute to all the artists that
s/he adored when
s/he killed that ego in the alley on
her/his way to work,
falling in love with those dancing
with her/him, casting out those 
trying to do him/her in & for a split
second (long enough to set a precedent
for a lifetime in perspective),
started to really enjoy 

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the song that i will be singing

it's by the group "Switch"
for memorial service 9/29/10

i'm not worried bout a doggone thing
i'll take anything you bring
although i love the sunshine
i still accept the rain
and when i'm in a lonely mood 
and i just can't be with you
i try everything to occupy my mind
but there is no substitute

thinking about all that life would bring
when your not around
i just can't seem to find my way
i dont even know up from down
but sence i've had you in my life 
all things can be found
strong and true baby
comming from you
yeah yeah yeah yeah

i don't worry about what the people say
in my life today
although they try to say 
your not the one for me
i loved you anyway
their intentions might be cool
and if what they say is true
there is more to you than they can ever know
and they don't even know you

thinking about all that life would be
when your not around
i just can't seem to find my way
i dont even know up from down
but sence i've had you in my life 
all things can be found
strong and true baby
comming from you

you, i call your name girl
when ever i am lonely
i call your name
when i'm in the of love
i think of you and it eases the pain
take away the pain

(the morning i was working for some reason i played this song over and over and over 
again and again the whole morning. later that after noon i receieved my tragic news 
about april. later it came to me that this is the song that she want's me to sing. it truely 
is a song about us.)

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Behind the song

Some you know some you don't                                                                                       Riders of the muddy gold                                                                                             Few good folk told the stories rode                                                                              The music falling in your ears hits                                                                              Behind the song nobody knows                                                                                Behind the song nobody knows                                                                                   The chords upon your heart like you've been there                                                       from the start of the blood sweat and the years                                                            Hero's of the open pains riding tall                                                                               the lower grange where it was not for fame                                                                  Behind the song nobody knows                                                                                 Behind the song nobody knows                                                                                        They were already somebody it got them through rain                                              Though he ran it down and branded a name                                                                  So you could feel the stories of the likes the same                                                          to live again you are somebody you're not alone in the rain                                                Behind the song nobody knows                                                                                  Behind the song nobody knows              *                                                     *                                 John beam -  for Steve Earle  the song/writer

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Together in the wind

All we are and all we wanted to be                                                                                 Free spirit’s entangled in the breeze                                                                             You go your way I’ll go mine                                                                                         But circling time has its own way - (Duet)                                                        * -Together in the wind                                                                                          Watching the earth spin - (Chorus )                                                                                  I am sorry you feel that way                                                                                    Words are spoken out of turn                                                                                         It just may be, too late.  Please stay.                                                                            Out the door I go but it is home - (Duet)                                                            -Together in the wind                                                                                                 Watching the earth spin - (Chorus )                                                                            How long does it take, so many mistakes                                                                       Our love stands still, while out of control                                                                       So many times but broken hearts heal                                                                         And when it is still, you know it is real - (Duet)                                                      -Together in the wind                                                                                                   watching the earth spin  - (Chorus)

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We are done

Goodbye childhood my sweet friend
We laughed and cried as our world begin
Our lives felt safe and time was long
We celebrated each day with a new song

Goodbye youth so strong and bold
We were proud and we felt owed
Our lives were fast and time was long
We drink the wine of night's song

Goodbye adulthood we did it all
We made the big world feel small
Our lives were full and time long
We cherished living with our song

Goodbye old age you came too soon
We reminisce as the end looms
Our lives grow slow and time is fast
We sing songs of our glorious past

Goodbye death my final friend
We knew we would meet at the end
Our lives are gone and time is none
We sung our songs and we are done.

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Oh! pretty nature
This is eye-catcher
On the wet, wet grass
There were few dew drops
Shelly and I
Reeling, in pleasure
Selling, our leisure
Rolling, in great measure
This is big pleasure
O, I love this season
It's spring,
This is the reason...

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Poem Written at the Sussex Hotel, London,04/04/04 After Death Threats

Because I have so little time, I only hope, for what is mine-- in my blood so dark and hot is a bright and fevered spot-- O let me be, to sing again without the penalty of pain, lest I, before my time, be torn from life, and to the grave be borne-- my nostrils full of soil, my ears stopp'd by grave and ritual tears-- O let me be, lest they will tread --my children-- on their mother's head before my song for them is done, before my course on earth is run, before they learn the song I sing: that love can conquer everything.
this poem is written in the shape of a funereal urn

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Songs of Silence

Darkness envelopes the plain Moving stealthily among Unsuspecting rows of houses Filled with unbroken sleep The wind, afraid to move Lest it were to awaken Even one from the grasp Of this wretched sleep. And yet one feels a cry A long lost song of hope Silent, yet unnerving It strives to be heard. The long hands of despair Seek to embrace them The singers of these songs That reek of loss, irreplaceable. Tired hands work on The day progresses and yet An end is not in sight The sun sets, they work on. They feast upon the dregs Dropped from the heavens That are found on earth To subdue their hunger. Fate, they say is to blame For their woeful condition For their pathetic existence Fate and fate alone. Nature herself anguishes Over the painful loss Of her many children To the unruly hands of men. A carcass floats down the river Its stench numbs the senses Is it a man or an animal? No one knows and no one cares. The song of a newborn Muffled by the gruff hand That binds and drags it Across the river of death. The song of hunger Slowly rumbling through Like thunder on earth Silenced only by tired sleep. The song of sorrow From deep within the hearts Of people young and old Softened only by time. These are but three Of the many songs that are Heard only by deep silence And no one else. The gods above in heaven And the gods below Carry on with their mirth Not hearing these songs. Songs of silence, of blood Songs of death, of decay Songs of yesterday Songs devoid of joy. They are everywhere and yet They are heard by none They are sublime and merge Into the void that is life.

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butterfly shutters

i feel down like this 
your the only one
who can break this curse
don't you ever feel 

oh i feel down like this

life is beautiful 
the piano leads me on 
seemingly touched by strays 
sunlight frees my rage 

well i feel stepped on now 
sometimes life is rough
i feel done with this 
cause i feel down like this 

oh i feel down like this 

life is so compressed 
i need you right now 
don't you ever forget 
i fell down like this 

sunlight cures my eyes 
when i feel down like this 
and your the only one 
don't you ever feel

"we take chances until chances take us away"

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A letter for you(2)

You must be patient. Look the world and don’t say anything
look at you :The language is source of misunderstanding;
And your rebel golden hair is waving through  
The maze that is golden, too: it will remind you…
I love the round of the wind in the maze.
I love the sound of the breeze, while I gaze
A playtful bird in a the sky an other bird whom run 
-Karen calls this ,challenge, the moments of sun…
Bogardo`s song: “Forests` Fairy, be child again and play with me…”
I saw a green kitten that grew as cat whetting her claws on a tree;
Then ,as Green tigress running a stag in the silent green ;
Impressing dress, swinging long dress lovely waving so green…
This dream ,Daniel ,you may translate at the court of your Queen
You must come back at the same poem,at the same time
I’ll wait for you in the same blessed unforgettable rhyme
Happiness always tip-toes and suddenly brings 
Not only words of optimism, but certain things
Ready to fly with us above the Fallen Crest 
Brave Caryl, the most verses usually unwritten rest
Outside the entrance with many mirrors and wonders.
I’m trying to reply with verses to wonderful senders:
I don’t know why your names as fresh as a daisy                                               
Sound me so familiar that they make me so crazy
To think I learnt your poems by heart once, in the past.
From my monastery called tomorrow, covered by light’s dust
Michael ,you wake up a dream whose echoing like rain 
In my heart's joyous exile, has broken that  chain:
Rapping, tapping, slowly entered my prayer
Taking part to the  River Prayer, my  dear;
But don’t bet on me, because I don’t know if It is written
In the forest to find what you search: I am a silent birch
With the inner song and the feelings of our High Church.
I am the happy lark who meets you, old pelerine Mark
I found …!I found good earth. I’m resting now on this Ark.
From swirled clouds ,the splendid lasting mark
Is hold in frozen seasons and forests dark?
As secret flame of love of life ,of kiss  Of Mark 
Admiring the flight of birds and, the song of the lark;
I stayed a lot and meditated in a hot milk afternoon:
Sue’s  dunes like shapes of acratered 
moon .                                                                       

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Heavens divine song

Tranquil sounds of rain collides with concrete.
Birds flee to refuge. A grey skin covers the body of the sky.
The rhythm of rain beating on roofs,
in sync with my heart beat.

Droplets of rain trickling down window shields. 
Rain surreptitiously creeping through 
the cracks of a slightly open window.

Roses at peace,
their rosy red heads upwards. 
listening to the rains song,fervid rain. 
Rain embolden the land,
embolden us sound of tranquility.
Songs of tranquil rain,wet moist,
peace,tranquil songs,calming the soul. 
Sounds of tranquility dropped from divinity. 
For this peaceful song I have an affinity. 

In my cool bed, I lay enjoying my companions 
femininity, as she embraces my masculinity.
Wet rain drips,wet rain drips,falling from divinity.
We kiss to the song of tranquility.

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Your touch I feel subsiding 
Your presence no longer near. 
Tell me why the one I love 
So faint I cannot hear.

Your silence is so deafening 
I strive to hear your voice. 
The once delightful melody 
Is now a silent noise.

I long to hear your laughter. 
Your song I grieve today. 
The loving sound of guidance 
Not here, but gone away.

My loneliness consumes me. 
Repose within is spent. 
Until your voice I hear again 
My withered heart laments

What have I done to lose you? 
Where in our love did fall? 
I must have caused between us 
Transgressions after all.

I heeded not your warning 
With sin you cannot live. 
Repentance is my only hope 
Will you, with love, forgive?

I knew your love unblemished 
No spot with you reside. 
But loneliness now bruises 
My heart, with sin I hide.

I must regain your presence 
Confess my hidden sin. 
Wash clean my heart with love's refrain 
And bring your song back in. 

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Silly Little Girl

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I'm not perfect. I'm only human.
When I have a bad day, I get moody and
Sometimes, I take it out on you.
But I do the best I can do.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I write too much, but I can't stop.
I refuse to pretend to be someone I'm not.
When I'm home alone, my favorite thing to do
Is turn up my radio, sing in my brush, and dance around the room.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I have a million different dreams.
I want to be a million things.
I need ten more lifetimes
To accomplish what I have in mind.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like. 
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I sing too much and dance in the car.
My friends are my world and we usually go too far,
But we're just silly little kids who love to have fun.
We won't let your dark clouds cover our sun.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I wish I could change the problems I see,
But I'm just one person. I'm only me.
I'm still going to work and I will try,
But I need you to help me kiss these problems goodbye.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I'm the biggest dork you will ever meet.
I laugh too much and love to sleep.
I have my own style and I hate my hair.
If you don't like me, that's ok. I really don't care.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

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Love Song

Open your ears As your eyes let down their tears Upon hearing my song for you, A song of a love that is so true. This is my love song. It's not that long, But it does portray The feelings that I cannot say. So, to you, I will sing Of the love that will always ring In my heart, my dove. Listen as I sing this song of love, A song to describe you And all that you do. My ears will ring And my heart will sing At the thought of seeing you. I only wish you'd love me too. And now I must go, I will see you again, my wonderful doe. My time is nigh, I love you, and good-bye.

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maybe now you'll notice me

how is it you  didn't you hear her scream
she cried it all in a song for you

how is it you didn't  taste her tears
she served them to you in your precious china

how is it you didn't see her hurt
she painted it all 
in a mural for you
on the walls of your own home
in your bedroom

how is it you didn't you feel her pain
she knitted it all 
in a blanket for you 
 wrapped you in it
how is it you didn't smell her fear
she made you a bottle of perfume 
the smell 
overtaking it 

how is it you didn't read it
she wrote it 
all on your my space
maybe because you were blinded
but the again 
i wrote it in braille for you
i danced it for you
you never loved me
i wasn't really yours to love
i was just rose bud 
you tended to time to time in your garden 
of beautifully bloomed long stemmed  roses
nothing special to you
i hope you regret it when i bloom
oh wait
and you do regret it
you even wrote it in a song told them to play it on a radio only
i didn't hear it
i turned the radio off
and pick up a book
i like reading better anyway

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It’s late at night by candlelight while I’m sitting here at home 
picking on this old guitar without you in my arms.  
The lightning flashed and something crashed and 
all the lights went dim – ain’t it funny how 
the storm outside is how I feel within.  
I don’t know how it happened that you 
up and went away and don’t know how 
the weather works on any given day.

And all I know is the wind still blows no matter what I do 
even when I’m picking on these six strings without you.  
As my life goes on from song to song 
while you’re out running free.  
I’d burn every candle I could find 
if it would bring you back to me. 

Every time the light goes out something 
changes in my mind; the love we had not long ago 
is drifting down the line.  Like a rolling train 
in a tunnel made inside a mountain high; 
I feel so lost without you now it feels like I could die.  
Right here in my sadness and these low down hurting ways; 
this candle fire lifts me up higher than all these rainy days.   

And all I know is the wind still blows no matter what I do 
even when I’m picking on these six strings without you.  
As my life goes on from song to song 
while you’re out running free.  
I’d burn every candle I could find
if it would bring you back to me.  

I sure hope that the light returns 
in my house and in my soul; it’s hard to see 
right front of me ever since you hit the road.  
It seems all I have are these memories and melodies 
and dreams; and every night the lights go out 
you’re all that I can see.  I’m like a blind man 
in the darkness all my colors turned to gray 
so I’ll keep this candle burning 
hoping you’ll come back some day.  

And all I know is the wind still blows no matter what I do 
even when I’m picking on these six strings without you.  
As my life goes on from song to song 
while you’re out running free.  
I’d burn every candle I could find 
if it would bring you back to me. 

As my life goes on from song to song 
while you’re out running free.  
I’d burn every candle I could find 
from now until the end of time 
if it would bring you back to me.


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Footprints in my heart

It should never end
Says this hungry heart of mine.
The lyrics and tunes keep ringing in my head
Even when though am put to rest

The list I've ever played is endless
As much as the sand which is countless
But many of them could not stand the light of day
And without regrets, I threw them away

But what is in this song
That I can see no wrong.
It has become a part of me
Or lets say taken over my whole being

This song will soon end
My heart bleats
But I must enjoy every bit of it
And this I know
That the song never stops down below

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Sing a Song of Harmony

I think I’ll tell you all about,
the things you should not hear.
About the reason for our life,
why your God placed us here.

We’re given life to sample sin
of flesh and mind and soul,
and grab a bit of devilment
to take back to the whole.

For when at last our life is run
we pass to greater things,
and grow our wings and float back up
to where the harpist sings.

To sing a song of harmony
and smile with joy all day.
Oh God, if that’s what heavens about,
that’s not a place I’d stay.

For in heavenly fulfilment
my soul would rot away,
I’d shed my wings and tumble back 
.... to live another day.

For life is for the living,
not for dead beats on a cloud.
To be born again is better
than to always wear a shroud.

Join your Godhead if you must,
stay for eternity.
But I’d go back to dwell below,
where life is meant to be.

To share a bit of hell on Earth
and have fun every day,
for living I’ll have a beer to drink
and different tunes to play.

So sing a song of harmony
and joke and laugh and dance .
for when you’re dead it’s possible,
……… may not get the chance!

Ivor G Davies

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Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings

you sit and wait for the sunrise
painting pictures on the walls of your wounded heart
sitting by the window writing words on the frosted pane
hoping that they'd come to life and wash your failures away

you sit and wait for the firelight
sad thoughts dancing like the shadows of a flame
sitting by the bedside knees to the ground
throwing prays down your wishing well

you fly on butterfly wings
looking over mountain tops
for that everlasting love

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Ascending Amygdala

The human being…
Who is worthy to bestow this title or its meaning…?
Mortal beginners naming us damned sinners…
Begotten is this son; created in the image, the human being the Holy Grail…
Inquisitions; manipulations cloaking divine knowing with a consuming veil…

My soul sings the truth of your wisdom…
Joyous the song of the kingdom…
I breathe you in from the breeze; touching your essence communing with trees…
I have been alive here before…
Sailing the seas while walking the shores…
Feeling the wealth of love and life all the while considered poor…

Advance intuition understanding the power of cognition…
Focused attention paired with reasoning, will and concentration…
Abilities from the divine; creating the human magician…
Thwarted from dogmatic idiocies…
Perception of proper perspective; Cloned are individual and collective frequencies…
Reality manifesting from our visuals and emotion feelings…
Hence the need for spirit based emotional healing…

My soul sings from trusting your wisdom…
Joyous the song of the kingdom…
We have been lied to about god, now is my own divine conceiving…
I breathe you in from gratitude, giving and receiving…
I have been alive here before; making green tea, cleansing soiled floors…
Feeling the wealth of love and life all the while considered poor…

I am that I am…
Spirit, light and matter…
Free to be me; using my inner eye to see…
Living from passion love and enthusiasm…
Remaining unattached to the created human cataclysm…

My soul sings from knowing your wisdom…
Joyous the song of the kingdom…
Individualized drops of the divine ocean
I breathe you in from making sacred loves unconditional devotion…
I have been alive here before; walking on water, pray believing…
Feeling the wealth of love and life all the while considered poor…

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Come Shine Your Heart-Light

You shine your light
With each new write
Helps me and others 
Carry on...

Your Honeycomb heart
Sweetness you bring
Rejoicing unto our Lord
For All our Hearts Sing

You do have a way
Every time I must say
Your Wisdom... Shines
Each word you express
here on line...

True from your heart
You bring... such Joy
Oh... Blessings you give
Each word melodies’
Rings a note.. Love within
Beholds All Keys...

Keep on Shining
Ever so Bright
Beautiful music
as My heart holds on tight
as words of song 
still plays.... lingers on
Words song from Lighthouse "You & Me"

As I Thank God
For allowing me...
to be Blessed with knowing you...
For "You are More"
More then I-anyone could ever ask for

God made you unique... Precious.. 
Come Shine your light for Jesus Christ

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Large porcelain clouds drift lazily across the endless and unbroken cerulean sky 
The wind softly blows through the many trees, filling the air with their whispering voices
A meadow, filled with vibrantly colored flowers and knee high grasses sits peacefully
Undisturbed, untouched by human hands
Bees hum as they hop from flower to flower 
Birds chirp and squirrels chase one another playfully 
The sun sleeps, the stars awaken giving birth to an entirely new world
Celestial beings silently step down from the heavens filling the night air with their sing song voices
Granting life to the unborn creatures of the meadow and forest
A twig snaps, the song ends…
Car horns, people cursing profusely at one another, cell phones glued to their ears
The serene dream lost in oblivion.


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The Final Calling

*** ** * in that final hour ye calleth homeward of wispy light daybreak upon feathered love my o my a song everlasting play of valley's soft beauty infinite in one love o how the final trumpet I await...... splendid in cashmere a lit fortress of diamond white love so tantalizing love so complete a song immortal in justice my last hour...divine... * ** ***
Contest~ "My Last Hour"

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My Song

Verse one:

This old world gets awful lonesome and cold.
And some days it leaves me feeling broken down and old.
And since I’ve spent the better  part of my life alone,
I guess I’ll just live out the rest of it on my own.
So I just hum out an old familiar tune.
I sing to my self, myself and the man in the moon.


It’s the sound of a whiperwill, singin from a willow tree.
It’s the wind a blowin, across the plain wild and free.
That’s my song and it’s playin just for me.
I never wrote down the words, but I’ve been singin  it all my life long.
It’s carried me down the road, and onto my way home.
So I sing to my self, when this old world leaves me feeling all alone.

Verse Two:

It’s the song I’ve been writing all my life,
And it carries with it, all my pain and strife.
It’s the one thing I have when there’s nothing left to hold.
And the music comes together as the story is told.
Even though it’s a sad lonesome sound.
It keeps my feet standing when there’s no one around.

Verse Three:

I’ve known for a while the only thing I’ll ever have is m.
I guess that’s the way the Maker, intended it to be.
No one to hold onto but no one to hold me down.
This is the life that I have found.
So I just keep on singin my song 
And it keeps me going, so I can stay strong.

Sarah Comstock

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Looking back
It is beauty that is carved into
Every moment of our lives
Every moment of our near deaths,
Every moment of our death.

A song reached out to me
In my winter bed,
A simple song of simple love.
Transcending me back eight years
Into that lonely street where I stood
Looking down at every one.
Proud and haughty.
An absolute sense of right.
Self destructive.
Yet like the Phoenix, capable of
Raising one up towards the truth.

It was the brittle line between life and death
I saw it that night.
When my mind split into two.
When time halted.
When death kissed me in.
And then wonder of wonders,
I saw the three dimensions of the 
Most beautiful face on earth,
My angel.
I was over joyed.

In the busy consultation room
Patient after patient buzzing in.
All seem to fragment in front of me.
The drama called life ran figments
I connected with their woes and miseries,
I knew they will all vanish.
I smiled an all knowing smile.
They smiled back half cured of their ailments.
I smiled at Maya.
I couldn’t help smiling.

The people who fought for me,
They made me who I am today.
People who left and who still pray for me,
People far off who have given me a hundred reasons to smile,
People who have bruised and battered me and moulded me into who I am.
Why did God send them to me?
Was it not a mirror He sent through all of them,
A mirror into which I had to see,
With my mind open.

In a painting, Xibalba radiates with such beauty
Such absolute glow and fire,
Transporting me to the after life.

The paradise called peace.
Where all goodness lives and perishes not for eternity.
There I see myself, sitting, meditating,
Looking up.
On the glory that was life,
On the glory that was death,
On the glory of the One.

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Life's Next Tune

Oh just like a winding river,
blue notes trickle down
and streams along the ocean
where they were heard all around.
unique each in their tempo
sailing in a whirl of life's dance;
with distinct flow in sweet motion
to be adorned as one long song.

Still a rhapsody has its fading 
as with a prelude there must be an end,
like seasons with ellipses that pause
only to open new lilts of fresh cycle;
my passages turning into another tune
awaiting the chances of a river's journey
to sail and be taken away by its flow.

Mood Music Contest

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The Greatest Song

Name of song artist: George Harrison   -   Song Title: "Isn't It A Pity."

Poem below:

The greatest song of all time
shows how all people are blind
we either can't see the forest thru the trees
or we simply don't care about anyone's needs

The greatest day we will find
is when we unfold the love in our mind
when we cure violence of all kind
we can peacefully learn to unwind

What greater deed can there be
when all people can finally see
the words sung in such a great song
It's a pity, you don't sing along

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Sad Song

A sad song is being sung
By a beautiful creature locked inside a cage
Although surrounded by loved ones
The creature feels a terrible loneliness
She is neither freed nor liberated
Neither happy nor enthusiastic

A sad song is being sung
By a beautiful creature locked inside a cage
Alone she grieves
Alone she dies
She has never experienced the world outside the cage

A sad song is being sung
By a beautiful creature locked inside a cage
Passing on to a better life
Away from all the agony locked inside her

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What fills the Air

What fills the air?
The song of birds?
The song of nature?
At a football game is it the sound of cheers?
the people taling aloud?
The marching band?
I feel that this in my ears is all wrong...
What i hear is the song of my heart wanting you <3

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A Season's Flip

Spring was a darkness bliss 
Summer was a rage to find the truth 
When fall came and the eclipse was out  
I closed my eyes... 
I think I just needed some time. 
I think I just need some time to cry over you. 
When winter came, I sang  a Taylor's swift song about a flower  I never got. 
I drove around way too much looking at places I  had already seen 
I guess you could say I  took a ride. 

The lightning flashed and the seasons changed 
A world to be  
A world to know 
My strength revealed 
The flip of the coin 

Spring was a blissful wind  
Summer gave truth to see  the light 
When Fall came and my son was born 
It sure made life a whole lot clearer 

A bliss it was to see his eyes staring back at me. 
When winter came  
I  had to watch you walk away and sing Foo Fighter's song, "Learning to Walk Again" song remembering it was me who gave you flowers in those December months. 
I drove around and looked   at places I  had never seen 
I guess you could say I  took a joyful ride 
I stopped crying over those flowers I never got 
I think I just needed some time  
I think I just need some time to let you walk away 

The thunder roared  and the seasons changed 
A world to be  
A world to know 
My strength renewed 
The flip of the coin strength  revealed the seasons of time  
The flip of the coin  
It sure made life a whole lot clearer.

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Sing Me a Song

Sing me a song to dry my tears,
One that chases away my fears.

Sing me a song when I am down,
That tells of the love that we have found.

Sing me a song both day and night,
That tells me everything’s alright.

Sing me a song, soft and low,
One that makes my heart to glow.

Sing me a song, loud and strong,
One that lasts two lifetimes long.

Sing me a song from far away,
One that says by me you’ll stay.

Sing me a song both near and dear,
That reassures me your still here.

Sing me a song to lift me high,
That helps my fingers touch the sky.

Sing me a song that’s tried and true,
One that says, I love you.

Please sing me all these songs and more,
Because life is knocking at the door.

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When He Died For You and Me-.. Were You There?

Sometimes it causes me to tremble
When I remember that country preacher
Telling the story of Jesus
Being crucified when I was little
I felt bad that He did nothing wrong.

And in college,
 I learned this song 
A Negro Spiritual
Were you there?
When singing this song 
It caused my voice teachers’
Body to tremble 
As the vibrato spinned
As the words sprang out
About the story once heard
Of how my savior died,
And how he on was lied. 

And now that I’m older
And I’ve gained knowledge
And now grown
And I’m on my own
With no one but the
 Lord to depend on

The story means more to me
Than when I was that little girl
Without a care in the world 
When that country preacher
Told it about how the nails
Pierced him far from gently
How the crown of thorns 
Was crushed blood vessels
In his head.

How he knew he had
To face the sinful world
Just like how I know
I have to face it because
God is calling me 
To assist in ministry

I want to be more like Jesus
Everyday and in every way.
It deeply convicts me
To see on movies
And to visualize in my mind
What He did at Calvary
That day at any given time
It causes me to tremble
And tears to fall.

I know in my heart 
I have no other choice 
Than to accept His call
And give my all and all
To gain victory for His people
Because He died for it 

It doesn’t matter
If you were there when he died
He just wants you
To know that He did
And all you have to do 
Is come to Him like a little kid
And he will do the rest
This is what He does best.

I hope that it causes you to tremble
Whether or not we resemble
Each other in Him we are all
Sisters and brothers
Were you there, then?
It doesn’t matter
Be here now
He died and rose on the third day
For those who were then
And now trembling in sin.

wrote 7-14-10

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A Morning Lift

Each morning the song birds will sing,
perched on the evergreen trees so high,
little chicks tucked beneath their wing,
with a backdrop of the never ending sky.
A gentle breeze can be felt in the Spring air,
the warming Sun dries the dew on the ground,
young birds dive bomb as if they’re on a dare,
while their mothers watch with a sad frown.
Simplicity of life in mother nature is found,
in the creatures that roam the forest so deep,
land of enchantment if you just look around,
animals showing joy, sorrow and even weep.
The realm of reality beckons nature’s door,
mixing danger, excitement, joys and pain,
the sky is nature’s ceiling, dirt is her floor,
a place called home so constantly sustained.
The song birds reminds us of nature’s gift,
morning they sing the sounds of eternal joy,
their chirping give lonely hearts such a lift,
soon it’s muffled by playful girls and boys.

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A love song for Sommer Long

A love song for Sommer Long 
And a tribute to summers gone 
Face Painting and tire swings
And friendship rings

Four square and basketball hoops 
Capture the flag and camp outs 
All Star teams 
Softball games under the lights 

A smile as big as the world 
And a heart to match 
she sure could play a game of catch 
First base and Ace of base 
Short stack and return of the mac 

A childhood cut so short 
But not untouched 
your print here on earth was left 
And your memory is not unkept 
This is a love song for Sommer Long 
And tribute to summers gone

This poem is dedicated to Summer Long RIP

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Life Is Like A Song

Life is like a song I sing
To the world whether or not, they’re listening
And cast into the atmosphere
Notes and bars of love and tears
I suppose if my song is a worthy tune
I will have the attention of the sun and moon
And maybe some people in the bargain
Will turn their heads during the refrain

I could sing loud and powerful
With vibrato and volume
I’ll force my voice from deep within
And shatter the earth with its dynamic pitch
And maybe when I’m finally through
I’ll have a perfect note or two

I could sing soft and fairy-like
And tip-toe round the edge of night
And whisper to the air around
With silver, trills of sweet, soft sound
And maybe when the end is nigh
My spirits will be lifted high

Life is like a song I sing
Someone must be listening
To ensure someone remembers me
When all has faded into infinity
I’ll find a kindred soul like yours
That inspires me and opens doors
And when my song is finally through
I’ll have sung it all with you.

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like a person

some of you don't do well 
well i'm afraid to fail
losing time
losing mine
i figured i'd prevail 

i feel like i'm away

somethings i don't wanna do 
somethings got to give
if i don't live
i never will 
forgive these miseries 

i feel like i'm away

bring me the alcohol 
i want to feel the way you do 
bring me all of you 
i want drink and never feel 
leave me be 
let me sleep 
i feel like i'm awake
wake me up 
let me stay
i feel like i'm away

"i want to feel like no one else"

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Silly Song of life

Sing a Song of Misery
I’ve carried through my life,
not relieved by living with
my children or my wife.
My children cost me money,
and my wife just nags at me.
Hear my song of misery,
when will life set me free?

Sing a Song of Happiness
Oh, such a lovely life,
in sharing precious moments with
my children and my wife.
My children keep my spirit young,
my wife's love feeds my soul.
Listen to the melodies
that fill life's precious bowl.

Sing a Silly Song of Life,
it's you who plays the tune.
It's you who writes the lyrics
and decides the way you croon.
For life's the same for everyone,
it's just the path you choose.
It's you who makes it Rock and Roll
or fills it full of Blues.

The wife, the kids and everyone
you meet along the way
will have to share to some degree,
in how you choose to play.
Are you the music to their ears
or chains around their heart.
It's you who makes the world go round,
how do you play your part?

Ivor G Davies

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Throne Room

The voice of Love is gentle seeks your heart to mend
screaming and abusive speech to shield from defend
kindness you have robed in the heart of your Son
whose disciples are collecting all loved old and young

Grant he will the prayers of those seeking peace
those pursuing righteousness and from tyranny release
freedom from what causes harm to walk in Liberty
to find your joy and happiness to vision given see

God has made the promise in which he cannot lie
the hope of everlasting Life in Jesus never die
Love is as strong as Death a seal set on your heart
when you truly know his Love never from it depart

How pleasant it receives you with joy and delight
like the most beloved when standing in his sight
made like the savour so like honey sweet
a song with it's enchantment no other voice can meet

It cannot be compared to anything but God
for he is its source its living waters laud
the fairest of the fair where desire is complete
this is the throne of God on heart it must take seat

The elixir in the goblet intoxication of sweet wine
how the taste and smell and touch majesty divine
unspoiled and unpolluted its embrace is clean
never will mistreat you be violent or mean

To dare to look upon it and in its depths be found
water it does all life and gives fertile ground
without it there's no Light to life where in darkness set
those who follow hatred live in Death forget

Awake awake oh sleeper lift your eyes on High
Love is the only thing we're assured can never die
It holds the universe together exists for all Time
like God we hold its passing memory deeply in our mind

Fall I do in worship beneath its gaze I bow
that into his presence by Son he does allow
to let us stand before him and take us in embrace
when we become like him we will know his face

sources Song of Solomon 8:6-7 Galatians 5:14-25
1Cor 13:12 1John 3:1-6 Titus 1:2

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Nature's Chant

Oh song of life,
Hears animals croon their mating chant.  
Oh song of life,
Resonates precisely, no strife.
Passions of love never recant. 
Sounds vocalized bound to enchant.
Oh song of life,

Nature’s mantra,  
Flora and fauna greet life's fate.
Nature’s mantra,
Guiding all living by karma.
Sweet chants that through the woods vibrate.
As per Mother Nature’s dictate.
Nature’s mantra!

© February 10, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: ALPHABETS OF RONDELET 
Sponsored by: Nette Onclaud

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The world is slowly turning
We're all danncers
The song is full of depth
Drenching us in meaning
I watch you as you dance
In the arms of the moon
How unaware of me you are
I'm a long faded dream
Or perhaps a nightmare
That you've forgotten
My heart is clinching
My emotions are spinning
The song fills my ears
Your voice fills my heart
We're dancing so close
And yet we're so far apart
Separated by two realities
You no longer exist in mine
And I no longer exist in yours
The rose bears corrupt thorns
Stabbing me in the heart
In the middle of the dance floor
I slowly fall to my knees
At the end of it all
You're the only one who could
Bring me back to life
At the end of it all
You're the only one who could
End the life devoted to you
The world is slowly turning
We're all dancers
The song is full of depth
Drenching us in meaning
I watch as you slowly fade
Into the arms of the moon
The music comes to an end
And I'm dying all alone

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Sing a song

Sing a song. Sing it in the rain. Sing it loud and clear and dance it out into the entire world. That is your song; the song that keeps you going through the good times and the bad. It’s the song that makes everybody listen and smile happily, without a care in the world. It’s the song that makes the birds sing along as well, so sing it loud and sing it clear. Dance your melody clearly into this world.

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The lark of life.

In the green fields of Summer
I opened my eyes,
And dreamed of a time
Where I’d climb to the skies,
And as I grew up
With a song in my heart,
I knew it was time
For my dream to depart.

So I opened my wings
And I started on up,
For my song was my wine
While the air was my cup,
And as I looked down
To the place I was born,
The green fields were bathed
In the light of the dawn.

Then I sang such a song
In the vale of the day,
While my spirit kept faith
In a strange sort of way,
As I kept rising up
In my Abbey of blue,
I knew it was right
And I knew it was true.

The world that had borne me
Was far, far below,
At the birth of my dream
In the morning’s soft glow,
 And my song was aflame
With the fire of the sun,
As I started back down
To where I had begun.

I passed through the clouds
And my feathers were kissed,
With the light Summer rain
And the softness of mist,
I remembered my birth
As I fell through the haze,
In those green glowing fields
And those soft Summer days.

Then all of a sudden
I reached earth again,
And I looked to the sky
As I sought to explain,
How the ups and the downs
Of a life in the air,
Help my heart understand
How my life is a prayer…

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Musical World

This world was created, by talent of musical means
The world now a musical one, music listened to by teens.
Each one of us has a taste, for this musical love
Slightly listening to music, watching the notes fly above.

Now hearing his or her voice, dozing off into a trance
Asleep from the melody, this music I will enhance.
Whether it’s the genres, rhythm, or even the efficient beat
You must like some form, listening in depth to repeat.

The beautiful tunes meaning, behind the blinding eye
To this tune that is clear, for this blinding eye can not die.
An eye that’s blind is one that learns to clearly hear
Listening to hear well, is the way of musical life’s ear.

This music is now rushing, faster than the speed of light
Hearing until no end, even heard higher than musical height.
A deaf person is someone that can’t hear, but still listens well
He listens through music vibrations, even hearing the silent bell. 

Music is made of vibrations, sounds put together
Sounds are musical notes, now here for the better.
These notes were created, to make up a harmony
Our ears listen well, listening to it beautifully.

This world that coexists, why must it be hidden
For the common man, he said ‘good-ridden’.
Of this musical world, what is your thought
For you that can not listen, to you is this a lot?

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Just One

Just one look can change the way you feel
Just one smile can change the way you think
Just one word can change the way you live
Just one song can change your view on life
Just one person can change the way you work
Just one move can change the way you groove.

With just one look there will be one less lonely person
With just one smile there will be one less grumpy man
With just one word your world will change on child's life
With just one song there will be one more cheer girl
With just one person  there will be a new world order
With just one move there will be a a lot less heavy people

Just one dollar can save a life
Just one good deed can give some faith
Just one talk with an elderly
Can let them see, their not alone
Just one laugh with a little kid
Can show them that, theirs happiness
Just one hug to the homeless 
Can show then that there is love

Wouldn't these little things i pointed out
Make you want to be Just one.
That one person to change a life
All we need is one.

Just One!

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Flourishing Love

Flourishing Love

Though I thought I wouldn't be able to love,for i have loved and lost.But you,how did you fill that hole that resounds inside of me? Can't I even think of anything else then what i have lost look at what i have gain so beautifully.This love in which is in both of us this love which resounds over and over again in my heart.How do love know how does it build until it is certain I am in love because I found you.You are now all I think about your everything I want.I no longer hurt myself I no longer feel dead,I am once again alive.There is love between us there is love where there shouldn't be for I thought I had lost all meaning to feel for love.But here it is and I hope it stay forever until I die or at least until we fall in love more with each other or for someone else.This beauty pure love shall grow hall be our harmony and we will sing to it forever even if i road shall split this shall be our song our song of love.Our flourishing our pure our our love is perfect.

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I’ve been saying
Saying I’ve been on my own
And I’ve been saying
Saying I’m all alone
Don’t wanna be away
Away from your holidays

Yesterday it snowed
Somehow we lifted a lighter load
And I wandered
I wonder where you went
The beauty in fallen leaves 
The bronze and auburn tint
Shaded by a breeze

I’ve been saying
Saying I’ve been on my own
And I’ve been saying
Saying I’m all alone
Don’t wanna be away
Away from your holidays

I’ve cursed my aptitude
And to no one I allude
What more is there to prove
A warm touch is something I could use
I used to say, “I don’t know how to lose”
But lately I’m walking in everyone else’s shoes

I’ve been saying
Saying I’ve been on my own
And I’ve been saying
Saying I’m all alone
Don’t wanna be away
Away from your holidays

My holiday song this year
I’ve brought myself away from tears
The cold, it chills my bones
But my stones are rolling home

"a song i wrote to john mayers "waiting""

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The Desert Edge (part two)

On comes a traveler from lands that I have not wandered only visited
Bringing with him memories of the pains I have borne through my life
Like the desert whose dunes I dared only once to climb when youth held me fast
A fleeting grasp, a tentative hold that was as it must be for us all I have come to see
In those valleys of sand where the sun drank from my body ravenously to crack my skin
I saw only once the whispering vision of life in the distance
Shimmering in the heat of the burning sands stood an oasis many miles deeper
So I set out with that vision hardly in my mind across the desert
Over mountainous dunes and into abyssal valleys with the sun raking my back
I walked and then I crawled when my feet became blistered stumps rubbed raw
I crawled until my hands and knees bled
I crawled until I held my head high no longer
Still I wandered, still I moved despite the sand choking my eyes closed
I crawled my body burned and my eyes blinded by sun and sand
Only to find my way back to this shack on the Desert’s edge
My journey had betrayed me I believed
My journey had twisted me all around I thought
Until today when came a wanderer through the desert forge
To sit down and rest with heavy sigh and cloud of slowly settling sands

On his shoulder sat a grey old owl watching me silently with eyes of tired wisdom
In his arms the man carried his second friend a satyr with ivory pipes to match his horns
I nodded in quiet solitude rocking back and forth in my old wooden chair

So it was that we listened to the gentle creaking of the wood
Listened to thunder rolling in off the great Blue Divide
Listened to wind shushing through the leaves of Heaven’s Gate
Felt the heat wafting over us from the Desert’s edge

Neither of we two speaking, only listening until at long last with the sun beginning to set
The satyr stirred just enough to lift the pipes to his lips and then to play
A hauntingly sweet song of blissful sorrow like age-old memories of lost youth
And we listened to him play his song long into the night
Until the stars failed to shine and the curtain of day touched the veil of dreams

“Time to leave, time to go, time to say farewell
For there are roads still to travel and I have yet much to see
And so long a way to go,” he said with a quiet voice of strength

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This same song I’ve listened to 72 x 72 times and for some reason I feel different every time I listen to it. Same beat, same hi hat, same song. Although I’m like the waves in the ocean this song controls my emotions .For the life of me I can’t figure out why this melody mellows me,how these verses bring me virtue, why this chorus corrects me, and why the bridge besets me.If I knew this song would have this effect I would have still pressed select for this song tells the story of my life how even though I’m not good enough god thinks I’m just right, why every time I cry there’s someone beside me how 
even though I upset him he still accepts me. 
The song has got the best of me so, on I listen 
till I find a new muse. That will make me understand when I’m confused, to take away the pain when i've been bruised, or to simply listen to when I cruise.

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Beltane Night (Pantoum)

We'll raise the flames of Beltane night,
in song and dance we'll celebrate,
espoused by fires in Pagan rite,
our god and goddess incarnate.

In song and dance we'll celebrate
among the flames of love's desire
our god and goddess incarnate,
my promise made beside the fire.

Among the flames of love's desire
a heart and soul have been declared
my promise made beside the fire,
and now my life with you is shared.

A heart and soul have been declared
to you my love, my Queen of May
and now my life with you is shared
as we unite upon this day.

To you my love, my Queen of May
espoused by fires in Pagan rite
as we unite upon this day,
we'll raise the flames of Beltane night.

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The Poet's Song

A poem is a song that our souls need to sing
Written to the music our emotions bring
The meloncholy tune that our spirit dreads
Cause the words to sing that's inside our heads

Through the poet's quill a poem finds its voice
His paper made a stage for it doesn't have a choice
The poet, just an instrument for the songs to play
His muse writes the words, telling the poet what to say

The poet finds the rhythm through the beat of his heart
While doing his best to perfect his art
The letters all audition while the music is made
Praying to be the star when the song is played

As the meloncholy tune starts to slowly die
The poet knows the ending is now drawing nigh
He lays down his quill that he's held so long
The poet's finally finished with his poet's song

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Babies Silenced

Hello abortion my old friend
I've come to you again__
Because a period not creeping
He left his seeds while I was sleeping
And the baby that was planted in my groin
Still remains
Within my fear of silence

In disturbed dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
'Neath the halo of the moon lamp
I turn my heart to be cold and damp
When my eyes were struck by a flash of
Small insight
That split  my night
And touched my heart of silence

And in the night light I saw
Ten million babies maybe more
Babies crying with much weeping
People hearing without really caring
People writing names of murdered child never shared
For no one dared
Disturb the cry of silence

"Fools", said I, "Abortion kills
Silenced permanently babies still
Hear my words that I might nurture you
Take my arms that I might hold you
But my words like silent stardust fell
And echoed in the womb of silence

And some people bowed and prayed
To the God of love today
And the song flashed out it warning
In my words that song was forming
And the sign said, "The word of the prophets
Are written on peoples hearts
And that is a place to start
And they're whispered in the silence

(Used /"Sounds of Silence__Paul Simon_Instrumental on YouTube)

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Song of Songs

Oh to sing the Song of Songs
and within his arms belong
there to look upon his face
is the dwelling of heavens place
with ones tears to wash his feet
and know his favor is complete
to share his table and his wine
and be bathed in Love divine
Perfect Love does cast out fear
when you walk with God so near
and when I become his lover
proceed he will my sins to cover
When born from God your free from sin
because the seed of loves from him
but the planted seeds must grow
spirit will teach what you must know
Not every spirit is from God
but only those who Jesus laud
that Jesus has come in the flesh
was propitiation with his death
That no lier works the truth
the serpents tongue a sayers sooth
practice of transgression commit
doing what love does not permit
If you walk in love you will not sin
or practice harm to other men
if for Love one becomes hated
from the world such is fated
That whosoever hears his voice
knowing loves the only choice
will be the one to overcome
walking as if already done
He who does not love knows naught God
nor in his path will he trod
but he that gave his life for us
and in him we will put our trust
Love is always perfect but I am not
covering for sin has Jesus bought
to purchase my life did he pay
the possession of Love forever stay
know little children love is from God
and he who walks with God walks in Love
source 1st John
Apocalypse 5:9-10 14:3 15:1-4
and Song of Solomon

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Enjoy the Ride

Truckin' along the road of life,
    Facing the music head on,
Roadside entertainment
    and exits to the past
Fly by.

Wind in your hair,
    A song on your lips,
Desire to succeed
    fueling your life
Full speed ahead.

But in all that determination,

Don't forget to slow down
    and enjoy the ride,
LIfe is about the journey,
    not the destination.

Life can come at you hard,
   take a sharp turn off your desired path,
Bring you tears and pain,

But feel the wind in your hair,
    hear the song in your heart,
Stoking your desire,

So Live, 
Let Go,

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Leasing, Michigan

memories are like mistletoe
kiss them well and let them weep 
after all it's the subtle things 
we fail to keep
living like the poison seeps 
lay awake just to fall asleep
laughing like you meant it  
despair marks martyrs, 
no contest

painting my soul on the chapels 
of sixteen shadows 
it's the beauty we come to confess
drifting away 
on the late side of michigan 
holding on to a widow 
like you're forever missing her

i feel your shadow
i know your leaving 
it's getting closer
i know we're not suppose to 

memories don't respond to infatuation 
and melody's don't mock the sad 
tickles, trickle down like shame 
smiling like you're right where you belong

a moment here and a moment there
we were just a moment outside of home
thinking back like
time always leaves you alone
hiding in the shadows 
moving like there was no atmosphere 
vividly free falling 
no here-after calling 

you touch rivers
like the rush given
failed to deliver 
cursing labor 
like the child 
failed it's savior 

we were just moving along 
i hear thats all you can do 
holding on to the pain 
trying to make it last 
as long as you need it to 

i know your leaving
i feel your shadow 
it's getting closer
i know we're not suppose to

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My Old Music Box

I love the song of my old music box
Singing the tune of Joyful Joyful
Everytime I'd open it
There was the song, so simple
But so beautiful

I love when it would just open up a new light
Although I've been through a lot that day
Just hearing the sound of the song
The song which reminded me of love
Love so beautiful

I love the way it would brighten up the sky
I mean, everytime I'd open that Music Box
There, looking out my window, was the sun
The sun grazing the depths of the cement and grass
The landscape so beautiful

I loved it when it would make me smile from the deepest frown
I loved it when it would sound the song of the Triumphant and Brave
I loved it when I would open it and it play
I loved it when I would let it ring for hours, and hours a day

But that I have grown from my younger years
I can see myself walking further away
But as I fade into the dark, dark light
I can still hear my old Music Box
My old Music Box singing its song

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Heather Honey

Do you remember a song from not too long ago by a popular singer of the name Tommy Roe? This man had many hit songs credited to his name. Some were certified gold records that brought him much fame. From all music by this man of popularity, one song became stuck with unfamiliarity Not going too high on the charts, unfortunately; this was a selection from his album called “Dizzy”. Apparently not making him very much money, the one I am referring to named “Heather Honey”. At a fast food restaurant where I would often go, there was a girl working there that I wanted to know. Not too pretty, but I was interested in her. She worked almost everyday at a cash register. Never noticing me when I gave her my order. this young lady considered me just a customer. One day, another co-worker was sweeping the floor. While I was seated at a table near the front door, she said, “I know you’ve been watching that girl over there. I will bet you like her by the way I am seeing you stare. You are here almost every day in all kinds of weather. If you’d like to know her name, I’ll tell you, it’s Heather.” I was frustrated thinking to know her would be nice. If maybe, there is a subtle way I could break the ice. Then I remembered the song by Mr. Tommy Roe. So to the nearby record store is where I would go. Getting this bright idea while thinking to myself, going to the forty-five RPMs on the shelf, there was one copy of Tommy Roe’s song remaining. I bought the record with three bucks I was retaining. I returned to the fast food restaurant the next day: “I have something to give Heather” is what I would say. While I sat at a table, a manager then said: “She’s busy now, so could I give it to her instead?” So I gave the record and said: “say it’s from me”. From the back, I heard conversation very faintly: “That guy gave Heather a record called “Heather Honey”. In the time I was there, she never came to see me.

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Catch Me me now

I want to be numb
I want to feel nothing
I want to feel nothing at all
Hanging on to false hope
one last thread, I'm hanging high
go ahead and cut me down,
because I'm already falling, 
there's no ground to catch me now..
catch me now

I've never been desperate before
longing for that high,
just something to get me by
look into my dilated soul,
unspoken thoughts.. 
they will all explode
I'm longing for something more
this world lost me, lost me long ago..
you lost me 
you lost me long ago 
catch Me, catch me if you can
go ahead and catch me

 I'm hanging high above you now,
hanging by a thread...
go ahead and cut me down,
because I'm already falling.. 
there's no ground to catch me
no one can catch me
go ahead, try and catch me now 

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Blaze the Skies

This journey of my dreams is everything I’ve waited for
It’s all wrapped up with strings
With sweat and tears, with joy and pain
Through hills and valleys I have come
A thousand dreams I dared to dream
I stand here in this time and place
Where stars are born to blaze the skies

Blaze the skies with your life
We live each day and weave our dreams
Each life is a song that must be sung
As stars are born to blaze the skies

When I recall the years, the many fears, the hidden tears
The solid walls unseen 
The rocky road, the times I fell
The yearning grew, the struggles too
A million stars have shone their lights
Along the way to where I am
Where stars are born to blaze the skies

Blaze the skies with your life
We live each day and weave our dreams
Each life is a song that must be sung
As stars are born to blaze the skies

I’ll soar with touching songs that warm the heart that feed the soul
To heights beyond the stars, 
And light the path for all who dream
Who know the laughter and the pain
To give each song its wings to fly
To a higher place in the universe
Where stars are born to blaze the skies


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Sing Me A Song Of Love

Sing me a song of love:
A song of passion,
A song of emotion-
One that's true and genuine filled with everlasting devotion.

Sing me a song of love:
One that is sincere, 
One with compassion,
One of truth-
One that springs from the well of hope, eternal.

Sing me a song of love:
One of deep admiration,
A song of purity, of commitment, of family-
That bonds and can not be broken by the chimes of time
A song of love in rhythm and rhyme.

Sing me a song of love:
One so strong that it rights the  wrongs and
Lessens the hurts of past disappointments and makes life worth living-
Never to be taken for granted or given up on.

Sing me a song of  everlasting joy, peace and love-
One that as a child of All Mighty God, I am so deserving of.

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A Song

I write this words
Words underneath me
Words Within my Soul
I am trying to Set Free

I am writing a song
A song about you
A song that will change my feelings
To nothing new

I am trying to feel better
I am trying to feel good
But you always be my fear
And destroys all my mood

The days are getting darker
And all dreams I wished had fled away
I do not want to know you
But fate has been so cruel to me these days

I will a write a song
A Song that will show you
How much pain I have in me
How much pain you never even knew

These words I wrote
The paper that I hold
I am strumming my guitar
And I am trying to Show

These words of me...
The song of you...
These tunes from me..

This song is for you.

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She is everything I need to know!

She is my life and love and everything I need to know.
She is my strength and health whenever I am sick and slow.
She sticks to my heart all day long: she is my sure shadow.
She comforts me all through the night: she is my pleasant pillow.

She is a lovely lady, so bright, bold and beautiful.
She is a priceless princess, so cute, cool and colorful.
She is the sweetest song in my mouth, I can’t stop to sing.
She is my dearest dream, a quiet queen for a kind king!

She is an immortal image, a perfect painting… an alluring art.
She is every blessed blood flowing through my humble heart.
She soothes my soul and spirit with her cheerful charms.
She takes me to a wonderful world whenever I’m in her arms.

She is a darling dame; her sensual smiles rock my ribs.
She tames my heart and head …with her tender tease.
She has got a face and figure that takes me to a sensual space;
She has got a pleasant picture that old age can never erase.

She is the smile I need to make me go the extra mile.
She is the unsinkable ship that can sail me safely on the Nile.
She is my hope and stay whenever it seems my life is wearing away
She is a home-maker; she has got a romantic role to perfectly play.

She is an immortal image, a perfect painting…an alluring art.
She is every blessed blood flowing through my humble heart.
She is a passionate poet, with terrific theme, thrust and tone.
She has got rhymes and rhapsodies that thrill kings on their throne!

She is a dazzling damsel: a sweet angel sent from above.
She is the reason I am singing this song of life and love.
She is a trailblazing tale, only a wise man can truly tell;
She is that beautiful butterfly for whom I finally fell!

She is my sun at noon and the shining star in my sky at night.
She is in every picture I see, whenever I look left and right.
She is a sweet story I can’t exhaust because words are not just enough.
She is cool, calm and careful but sometimes she appears to be tough.

She is an immortal image, a perfect painting … an alluring art.
She is every blessed blood flowing through my humble heart.
She is lovely, lively and laudable; faithful and full of fun.
She is every thing I need to know, I need not ask… ‘Is she the one?’

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5000 Miles [blue suitcase version]

I knew the day when I saw the sun shining through the rain
And I pulled my blue suitcase out of the closet
Searching for some sweet way to say good-bye to you and me

After such a long month of vague wanderings
I'm ready to bid farewell to this and that
Quietly, my heart starts to hurt a little bit more
But it's time for me to start my journey
I'm sure now that what I'm searching for isn't here...

"Take your time, but I can't wait anymore."

There's 5000 miles between me and my home
I hope the wind will answer me and lead the way 
Because this life is too precious to spend
Just trying not to disappoint you
I'm going to walk 5000 miles to find my place
Maybe when I'm there, I'll send you a postcard

I took your sentimental smiles and teary-eyed confession and silly good-byes
And packed them into my suitcase right next to my favorite dress
I'm trying to promise you that we'll never have this kind of pain again.

There are so many people at the train station
That it scares me just a little bit
I feel like laughing and taking a picture for you
These tiny memories will be my treasure
Like you and me, I think someday you'll remember and smile.

"Take your time, is what they say, but I can't wait anymore."

There's 5000 miles between me and precious person
I hope that person will answer me and take my hand
Because this life is too short for me just to
Spend all my time worrying about your happiness
I'm going to walk 5000 miles to find my person
Maybe I'll send you pictures from our photobooth.

I won't forget you and I won't forget me
Like that tender feeling I could never grasp.
I won't forget the appartment that faced the forest
Or the wish that led me here or the dusty pianio
Now we lay our feelings to rest and separate.

For that place I'm looking for, for that person I'm praying for
I'll walk 5000 miles, dragging my blue suitcase along
Even if no one understands and everyone hates me for it
There's only one wish I want granted, it's the song stuck in head
I can't stop until that place; hold that person...

There's 5000 miles between me and my destination
The tears that fell on the southbound train become
My promise that this is the last time my selfishness will hurt you
One step at a time, I'm singing the song that's stuck in my head
I'll make a photo album for you, maybe I'll even send it.

I believe that you will find what you're looking for.

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the beginning

A final song to sing
Life is getting hard
Not a thing you can do 
Day dreaming
Thinking of what tomorrow may bring you
One more song to sing

Voice of an asylum forager
Choice to become a cultural voyager
Pictures are taken
But perfection is split and edited 
I move mountains if I could
But that state of mind is not understood
The price you pay 
For having a small paradise in hell
Like loving a widower 
An Achilles with a sense of compassion
Minus the expense and lashings 
Was going to sell my bed to pay rent
Some of us appreciate the absence of zero
But no one truly admires a fictional hero
If all A is B and all B is C 
but doesn’t equal something
Then C is the unsound value of nothing
An outcast because I have a sense of morals
A list of things to do, plural
Only in triumph
Will you find a cure for your fall
Hitting walls in my mind
Did you forget you were human
Brush your hair away from your eyes
For god doesn’t cry
Poets getting scarce 
I’m starting to paint
Portraits of where you are
I’m beginning to faint

Ask your lord for help
No Mercy
He’s not listening to you
Enjoy your final breath
Are you worthy
The worlds a fast place 
But you’re in no hurry
I’m alone
No tomorrow 
To reach for
And I miss you

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They say that nothing lasts forever
But why are you leaving so soon
When you told me that you’ll leave me never
Now this song will end soon

They say the time eases the pain
It has been years since you’ve been gone
But I can feel that I can’t regain
Now this is song is gone

Feels like forever is in your eyes
But ever since you started knitting lies
I feel like your love’s as cold as ice
But I had to stand up and be wise

They say that the best thing never last
But why did it happen so fast
So for now I have to rely on to the past
Hoping these tears will dry fast

They say time always heals
But there’s nothing I could feel
‘Cause my heart is now frozen
It’s better this way than be broken

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the process of killing a new favorite song

and so you’ve stumbled upon a new tune,
a new beat, 
a new assemblage of lyrics & distorted guitar,
beat & lyrics,
twang & acoustic guitar
all meshed together &
you cannot get enough of it.

at first you hear it somewhere that you had not 
be it on the radio, the television, at a friend’s house,
or any number of the ways in which people can
consume music via the net these days,
legally or illegally---
all the same,
you now hold the song in your possession,
so to speak,
downloaded somewhere in your presence,
pc, pod or phone,
or maybe if you can still find it,
burned by that laser onto those fossils that are called, um,
compact discs.

the melody, the riff, the hook,
buries itself within your brain 
just behind your retinas & it
stirs, it dances as you agree in kind to
memorize the lyrics &
encrypt the rest inside the walls of your skull,
tattooed on your heart,
flowing within the veins of your body
beating like the heart 
throbbing like an orgasm
electrified like some unlucky wanderer who got stuck in an open field in the middle of a 
lightening storm.

but you take it with you on the train
you take it into work
you listen to it on your lunch break
you listen to it walking home
you listen to it fixing dinner
you listen to it during dinner
you tap the vein & shoot
tap the vein again & shoot
drive the needle in
drive the needle in
drive the needle in again
cranking the volume more than the last time
like a junkie whose high is dwindling
like a whore/john who just can’t feel anything anymore
like a soldier/cop who no longer cringes at the sight of gore
produced by a violent kill.

desensitized & lost alone in a room with a melody that no longer means anything---
closing your eyes & 
staring down within at the death of
a song you only just stumbled upon a few 
days ago.

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Vasava - An Untold Story 11/Many

Vasava – 
An untold story                                                                        11/Many

It appeared that Rati* the wife of love God Cupid
Had come before the Shiva* the God of destruction
To charm and disturb his meditation
Thus taking the strength of God Shiva* 
For saving her husband the Kamadava*

By expressing shyness through her beautiful eyelids
She had added only more charms to her lovely face
And by filling a touch of passions,  in her slow movements
Vasava was adding only more restlessness among all those
Who were watching,  the legendry Vasava on the stage

By listening the heart touching sound of her Gold Noopurs*
All became enchanted, while listening the sound of its music
Even the lamps which were burning to spread the light
Increased their flames, as if they too wanted to see the beauty
Thus illuminating the beauty of the dancer more and many fold

King Udiyan and King Suyodhan, both were watching Vasava
Almost spell bound, as if her beauty had charmed them completely
As the beauty of a full bloomed flower 
Often takes away our heart and mind together
Udiyan was feeling as if, Vasava had stolen his heart completely

She started her first song of the day, by reciting a welcome song
Attributed to King Suyodhan, who was lost in the dreams of Vasava
She sang ‘Priya Tum Aaye ho dwar hamare, Vandan Abhinandan Hamare’*
The Alap* which she started from the slow pitch of voice 
Went high enough to touch the hearts of every one who was there

Ravindra 					26th March 2010

Copy write protection as per Poetry Soup automatic Copy write provisions also.

* The song lines are in Hindi which can be recited in English with its 
   Explanation in English

* Priya Tum Aaye ho dwar hamare, 		
   Vandan Abhinandan Humare’
   Nagar Dwar Sub Sujre Savre
   Aathitya Sewkar Karo Tum Humre

You have come to our door, O dear 
We welcome you and greet you 
All the houses and doors are set a new  
And are ready to welcome you, ( O God like) Guest of ours
You have come to our door, O most dear
Please accept and be our Guest. 

* Shiva		Constituting the trinity of Hindu Gods, Shiva performs the function 
                                    of the destroyer so that new life is created once again.

* Kamadava	Cupid or Kamadeva, the Vedic deity of Love astride his mount the 
                        parrot, whose form embodies Rati, his consort. Together these two 
            deities, Kama (Love) and Rati ( Desire) signified each other. 

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The Song That Plays

If you close your eyes listening to the song that plays,
You can be gone.
You can be far away.
You can be the sky above, the earth below, and everything in between.

You can become, through a song.

I’m sure there are many other ways.
Like in the written word or a portraits face.
But for me so far,
the only way,
is listening to,
the song that plays.

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We're Passing Through Life On a Song

From the nursery-rhyme tunes of the children,
To the funeral dirge played at the end,
You wander through life in the arms of a song,
And the music’s your favorite friend.

From those rock-n-roll songs with your sweetheart,
To the music on her wedding day,
The organ was playing and your eyes were blurring
As you watched her and him drive away…

The song doesn’t last, no, it’s fading too fast,
And you can’t hold the note very long,
It’s a little off key but it warms you and me:
We’re passing through life on a song.

From those uncensored songs when you’re drinking,
To the taps at the soldier’s farewell,
Those lullabies crooned to your very first child,
To those hymns that brought you home from Hell.

As hamlet might say, the question in this:
To sing or not to sing?
The answer’s so easy and I know you know—
Yes, your life is a song on the wing…

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Memorizing Song

as this song simulates something in my mind
something wrong, something goood.
something, that should have been gone.
as my thoughts crumble,
my walls fail
my sanity floats off.
i wonder how
i could jump and fall into air
and be safe into endless bliss
illl be singing my lungs out
with a beautiful sound
my feet will be keeping an impossible beat
that will drive anyone listening crazy
i dont feel like dying
but i feel like withering a way for a moment
into the walls
into the sky
into the ground.
i wish to be on top 
im not worried how, but when. 
and for what.
as words, thoughts, ramblings,
spill out of my mouth like vomit
the song goes on.
my fingers move faster along the 
l e t t e r s of my 
its all i have now.
what happend.
the song stoped.
my minds back

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Adieu To Unheard Melodies 26

The Boatman’s Song 					26 Last on PS
							Rest would be 
concluded in the book

This story of the Boatman’s Song is taking a break/stop here,
As enough of its Episodes I have already placed,
On this wonderful sight which we call and know as PoutrySoup. 
The love and appreciation which I got from you all 
Would linger and glow like a lamp light in my heart

Stories come and stories go
Poems also come flashes on board, illuminate us and one day go
Sometimes they leave an impression on our mind and heart
But often they vanishes like a Tarang*(wave)
Which after rising high and very high
Just mingles in the sea of life, leaving no impressions
As if we never saw them high or low

This is the beauty of life
Which keep on moving without ever stopping
Playing, singing, loving or hating, smiling or laughing
Reading or writing or singing a melody touching our hearts
Or get busy in life without wasting a minutes time
Or waiting and waiting for something to happen
Which sometimes takes place 
And often keep us only waiting 
But this is how the life moves on?


Note: What happens in the ceremony celebrations on Vasant* at the Kingdom of Malla*
And what happens to the Princess and Urveshi  who were in love with the Boatman,  who 
was actually the young Chandragupta Maurya,* of the Ancient India who ruled between 321 
BC to 298 BC under the guidance of his Guru Chanakya*, whose role was the base of 
establishing largest ever a kingdom in India and how he married the daughter of Seleucus* 
the Greek warrior whom Alexander* had appointed after he left India. Chandragupta  
expanded the boundaries of his kingdom up to Iran in West, while coving all most the whole 
of current India. He established a Great kingdom and his period is known as the golden 
period of India History. 

These & many more interesting characters would be things to be covered in the book I am 
writing as an epic. The book would also be coving what happens to Urveshi* who was waiting 
for the Boatman and how long she stays on earth to see more of his love the Boatman.

      * Chandragupta Maurya Boatman’s actual name in the ancient History
      * Chanakya. Name of the great teacher of Chandragupta. He met Alexander in      
          326/325 B.C
     * Vasant.  The season of spring  
     * Malla.    Name of a Republic of ancient India
     * Tarang  Means wave. Here a nymph 
     * Alexander.   Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king remembered as one of the   
        most successful military commanders of the ancient world

Details | Acrostic | |


If you listen to the words of this song your soul will display.
Nearer to the truth of faith, will all the words show truth.
Do it in the name of Heaven, be justified in the end.
Every time I recall this line, my heart flutters in dismay.
Lost treasure on mountain, to die for it would be uncouth.
Intelligence to be your guide, all their treasure would send.
Building greed and destruction, sharing was offered to all.
Let peace shine upon the earth, good will and love to all men.
Every war has been fought for good, though it served only sin.

“One Tin Soldier” is the song that had an everlasting thought and impression upon my life.

Details | I do not know? | |

The Drums

Every person holds within their a chest, a drum-
and it beats; the sound that keeps you up at night, the sound of your life throbbing,
pounding, thumping and pulsing as it creates beautiful music at all times of day.

You don't have to be a musician to hear it's rhythm, to appreciate it's flow as it 
throbs your very soul, it is your fire's coal; it drives you to wherever you go,
your followed by a drum role.

Then why do you ignore it? The song that's played within us all? You hear the happy- melodies 
and forsake the tragic songs. The songs of pain, the song the drum re-verbs-
when tears fall in plurals, is the song not as beautiful?  Does it's crescendo appall?
Every person holds within their chest, a song with meaningful lyrics as it's played,
a fountain of a cavalcade, it becomes your very being; don't deny these tragic tales,
for their meaning still pails compared to that which links us all.

Just a gigantic six string orchestra and every soul's a part...every musical role is filled-
and every section's filled with hearts.

How can we pick one song over the other? How is it that easy to choose?
Every life is a story and a song held true, do not close your heart to my sad song-
fore it still beats for you.

Details | I do not know? | |

Music speaks


Music speaks when everything else in life just wont work.

That song that reminds you of what life is worth.

Turn up the music untill the speakers bleed.

Listen to the words because the music speaks.

Hide behide the head phones so the world wont see;

Just who you really want to be.

That song that brings you to complete tears.

That song that allows you to forget about all of the pain and fear.

Music speaks fromthe heart.

From the moment thatthe beat starts.

Music is a story in som elses words.

It reminds us of life and our own twists and turns.


Details | I do not know? | |

Daniel's Song

Daniel's Song

all the tears I cried over you
all the heartache and fears
you put me through
the break-up of a lifetime
you were the love of my life
I'll never love another man
the way that I loved you
it was like a dream, the dance we shared
but you chose the road less traveled
a choice without affair
and now I sing Daniel's song
a song about you and me
Fort Jackson seems so far away now
memories of a love that could never be
do the stars over Korea look like Lubbock
does the moon ever make you sad
do you ever smile when you think about me
and all the times we've had
I think of you in the middle of the night
or when I hear a certain song
I can still see your bright smile
and the lips I was never meant to touch
and now I sing Daniel's song
a song about you and me
Fort Jackson seems so far away now
memories of a love that could never be

you wanted to know all my fantasies
and in you I could see them all come true
but how could I tell you that you were the one
I wish I could give my life to
you said I should be glad for the journey
not quite knowing how it all would end
my life in a world so far away from yours
a heart too lonely for you to comprehend

and now I sing Daniel's song
a song about you and me
Fort Jackson seems so far away now
memories of a love that could never be

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

The Boatman's Song 17/ Many

The Boatman’s Song                                    17/Many

Such was the beauty of Urveshi*
Who was trying to resemble like the YogMaya*
Who too was no less beautiful than Urveshi*
Charmed by the beauty of his love, standing on the sand 
The boatman sang an enchanted melody
The song was devoted to his love in waiting
It was a song in praise of her astonishing beauty

By listening the boatman’s song, Urveshi felt as if
She had lost her heart now completely
She got overwhelmed by his voice 
And hearing that song, which was touching 
Both her mind and heart’s 
And every nook and corner of her entire self so intensely 

The song took her into an ecstasy of unseen joy
Which was intoxicating her mind, like a strong wine
She even forgot the passing of time,
Till her friend Tarang whispered in her ears
Urveshi wake-up from your intoxication
The boatman is still in deep love with the Princess 
And all his songs are for her and in praise of his love only

Tarang* again reminded Urveshi, still you have a chance   
Avoid going close to him even unknowingly
As then heaven would not be a place for you
And the boatman can not be blamed, for not accepting you  
When he would find that you are not his love 
And you are Urveshi,* trying only to create an illusion  
While resembling his dear love only

Enough evening had passed by that time
Urveshi realized that what Tarang* was trying to say
Was the reality of her one sided love for the boatman

Again an Inner conflict in Urveshi’s mind

Her mind was still arguing and asked
Urveshi* stop the boatman’s beloved to reach him
You can still win the heart of this man
Forget about the ethics of life
Love is blind and it has no bindings
You can still make your own heaven here on earth

Her heart again intervened presuming well
That heart’s voice may not reach and break
The confusions created by her mind
But a miracle happened, caused by Tarang*
Her heart voice this time was heard by the mind
And Urveshi* realized the future of her love
Which would perish and may blow in vain
The moment his love actually arrives

Urveshi immediately decided to tell the truth to the boatman
That she was only his friend and his well wisher
Who has come to hear his songs from heaven 

Ravindra                                                                to continue…

Kanpur India 18th Jan 2010

* Urveshi an Apsara (nymph) 
* Tarang (A nymph) A name. Tarang is a Hindi word means waves both 
    Visible or invisible  
* YogMaya. Name of the beloved of the Boatman.

Details | Cowboy | |

The Old Night Herder's Dance

(2nd part continued)

Then late one night before coosie did howl,
I woke up and took me a walk by chance,
Down by the sleepin’ cow herd and ol’ Rowel 
When I heard his soft song and watched his dance.

He was just waltzin’ alone off his mount,
Like some ballroom dancer that was plum mad—
Kept twirlin’ around more than I could count—
It was all sort of comical yet sad.

I crept away thinkin’ then I’d done wrong
And climbed back in my bedroll on the range—
But I could still hear that night hawker’s song
And in my mind that lonely dance seemed strange.

Summers last forever for a young buck,
Yet somehow for me this one seemed too short—
But I knew my fate had changed with my luck
And that old chaff blew away in the sort.

Then one day Rowel packed gear in a hurry—
And I knew I’d heard his last herder’s song—
Said he was headin’ home to Missouri—
That he’d been at the ol’ dance much too long.

Then Rowel said something I still remember
About livin’ out your life as you age:
He said savor sunsets in September,
Because life’s a short sashay on the sage.

So now night herds are silently sleepin’—
And for years I’ve been here where I belong—
The night herder’s song is in my keepin’
And I sing it as I dance to the song. 

Details | Ballad | |


Sweet lady I remember 

doesn't seem that long ago

we were both so young and alive

in love's new born glow

laughing in the sunshine 

we could love away the rain

don't you think there's a chance to bring it back again

Started mixing our whiskey

with something much too strong

we both made a turn somewhere

and we both knew it was wrong

I know I left some scars on you 

I know how you must feel

Don't you think with some time those scars could heal

but we keep changing like the seasons

and we get uptight for different reasons

but that would make my song too sad

If we gave up on what we had"

Now we both settled down some

and loves' sweet glow is gone

If there ain't some way we can bring it back

I don't know if we can carry on'

There's no fire burning now

but there's still some coals I swear

I know we could get that fire burning 

if we gave ourselves some air

So I'm sorry I upset you

I'm sorry that I made a scene

I'm sorry that I got uptight

and said things that I didn't mean

but I never will forget you

and how the time has been

If there was someway I could make it right

I would do it all again

but we keep making up excuses

and it seems like trying would be useless

But I can't picture life without you

I still love everything about you

And we keep changing like the seasons

and we get uptight for different reasons

but that would make my song to sad

If we give up on what we had

sweet lady I remember

doesn't seem that long ago

Details | Rhyme | |

I wrote this song today for you

I sat back and took pen and paper to hand
Wrote down these words so you would understand
Made them rhyme in such a special way
To tell you of the love I have for you in the message I say

I hope this lifts you up when you are blue
I wrote this song today for you
Will you remember it for your whole life through
I wrote this song today for you

I never struggled with any word it all just flowed
What we have I easily wrote and it showed
I thought of you in each and every line
This poem is from my heart and should suit you fine

I hope this lifts you up when you are blue
I wrote this song today for you
Will you remember it for your whole life through
I wrote this song today for you

I wrote it so quick there was no time taken off the clock
I didn’t get stuck with writer’s block
I just put down what I feel inside
If I didn’t tell it all then I would have lied

I hope this lifts you up when you are blue
I wrote this song today for you
Will you remember it for your whole life through
I wrote this song today for you

The meaning will go on like the universe
I put all of my soul in every single verse
You’re my lover and my best friend
This chorus is over and that is the end

Details | Free verse | |

something like opium

she said the cold with out the snow 
is just stupid
and i always get down 
in the winter

i've seen the bad side of good
the good side of being down
and everyman seems to be his 
own god damn prisoner

some days are like tomorrow 
and mean nothing
i been known to lose it all 
sometimes i just calm it down
but it matters not what i do now

i'm searching for a feeling 
some what less than empty
something that feels like opium
after you breathe

i was once potent enough 
to wanna be left alone
now saturdays pester 
as if theoretically i'm gone

to tell the tale of a story untold 
winter sheers my patience pale
so i light a fire, exhale
watch my conscience 
pour mercury on a verse 

you see the trouble with the curve
is sometimes things seem worse 
than they actually are
hindsight i wanna feel like you feel 
like opium just after you breathe

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

The Boatman's Song 25 of Many

The Boatman’s Song 					25/ Many

The Boatman left the chamber of the Queen
And vanished in the darkness, to give shape to his schemes
One by one his men got hold of all the Guards
Some of them were totally eliminated
Some duly tied-up, were put behind a locked chamber like bar  

And some of them were made, temporarily limp like 
To take care of their master the Traitor
Before the dawn was about to approach, 
The Boatman got hold of the real traitor
And after a fierce fight, he got hold of him 

The dawn came next morning, but it was a different Sunrise
It was the festival day of Vasant* and 
The Sun came that day with a different shade and shine
The mist and long dwelling fog had vanished that day
Although the season of Spring has yet to set its music 
But the Palace was singing a different tune

After many years the Palace was feeling a thrill and joy
As its most beloved the King of Malla*, the Queen 
And the Princess were enjoying a new Sunshine
The Palace was free today, from all the vicious men 
And many of them were put before the King in his court
To put them on trial and to give them the punishment

It was a different Court assembly, after many years
When the King was sitting on his throne, with a face smiling
The court was full of all the courtesans and council members
Where all the respected citizens, of Malla* republic were invited
And they came to attend this extra ordinary assembly 
Called by the King, on the auspicious day of Vasant Utsav*

After many years the court of the King assembled 

The king heard the group and its head traitors 
And gave them a chance to tell the truth
And once he was convinced, 
Gave punishment of death to their chief traitor
Along with all those, who were hands in gloves 
Somehow, one black sheep escaped the Palace,
To continue the legacy of his father’s hatred
It was the son of the chief traitor

After punishing the traitors of the Kingdom of Malla*
The King announced a special ceremony
Which held in the Kingdom, never before in its history
To honor the Heroes of the today’s ceremony

Ravindra					continue on 26 ….

Kanpur India  23 January 2010   

      * Malla. A name of the Republic of ancient India of  340 BC
      * Vasant Hindus celebrates Vasant (season of approaching Spring) by 
         Worshiping Saraswati the Goddess of Knowledge, Art & Music
      * Vasant Utsav means celebrations of Spring. Utsav means festival

Details | Free verse | |

Words, Song of

Created by this ink
These words sink 
Unto a page
Forever Woven

I’m the creator of these words
Father of these letters
My soul, Fiery, ignites
Life born into shapes

Lord of Words 
I’m the weaver of this ink
Woven into a quilt
These words tell a story

With the breath of life
I read these words aloud
They are not words, alone
But another life unfolding

Beyond your wildest dreams
Words let you escape
Into a world unforeseen
Either cold or full of life

A beautiful life
Set for a strife
Or a deadly soul
Setting no goal

Blessed blood
A black heart
The running ink
Like blood in veins

A pen is a sword
Destroying a life
Or sacrificing one
From only ink

Separated by pages
Chosen by readers
A book only given life
Over only openings

Secluded on a dusty bookshelf
Or stacked a tower 
Seen by many
Read by few

Words are a song 
Singing a life
Into a book
Awakening a soul

Pleading to fly
Into the mind
Of a lover 
Of life

Beautifully written
A life unspoken
Words are wrote 
On a dreary night

Beckoning Elements
Fire, Water, Earth, Wind
Into its pages 
Scenery unfolds

Forever and ever
A book brings many things
Into this world
Such as a Song of Words

Details | Quatrain | |

Song of Pride

I sing this song of Pride

For those who have no voice.

I march this street in honor

Of those who had no choice

The Stonewall Riots, where it all began

Our fathers took to the streets.

To demand equal rights and justice

No longer will we take a back seat.

I sing this song of Pride

For Freedom and Liberty.

I march this street to honor

Those who've gone before me.

On Santa Monica Boulevard

On this cloudless, beautiful day.

My Gay brethren by the thousands

Are standing proud to say.

We sing this song of Pride

Equality is our demand.

Those closet doors been shattered

We're proud to take a stand.

Details | Romanticism | |

The Close of Chapter 19

Sometimes I just wish I would run out of tears
I’m so tired of crying, so tired of being scared
But I’m not the kind to let go, to give it all away
How can I set things right, if I can’t find mistakes

I take back every word that I’ve said
Every feeling, that I said I felt
Now I don’t care, can’t you see
You’re the one that turned your back on me
You turned your back on me

Stop telling lies your intents aren’t that righteous
You didn’t leave for me for things that you might miss
Your agenda is selfish stop saying you’re selfless
I can’t live through writing another song about this
Every thought that I think (Is about you)
Every word that I speak (Is about you)
Every line that I write (Is about you)         
Why do they have to be about you
Why do they have to BE
Why does this song have to be about you
Why can’t I just… move on without you

Sometimes I just wish I would run out of tears
I’m so tired of crying, so tired of being scared
But I’m not the kind to let go, to give it all away
How can I set things right, if you’re who made the mistakes

You lied to me with all that you said
Every feeling, that you said you felt
Now you don’t care, can’t you see
You’ve made yourself my reason for bleeding
You’re my reason for bleeding

You’re intents aren’t that righteous
You’ve never been selfless
You’re something that I miss
And move on


Details | I do not know? | |

Hands that Held the Rein

Locked in the history through the doors of his mind
Are the remains of an unwritten contract he signed.
The rules he lived by with his own flesh and bone,
Wrote in his blood and signed alone.
An Indian father or a Spanish bride,
The white mans greed won’t alter his stride,
The black mans courage with endurance within,
Mixed with trials errors and mortal sin.
Through the hardship and horses through courage and pain
These are the hands that held the rein.

Annie Oakley, Kitty Wilkins and Bell Star,
Combined lace with leather and created a gender scar.
From Picket, Custer, and Crazy Horse,
These are only a few who would not alter their course.
And those less know on Oregon’s trail, 
Who sold all they had and to the west set sail.
Chisholm, Goodnight and French, some of the Cattle kings,
They all are the reason a cowboy sings.
And their blood still flows through our veins, 
These are the hands that held the rein.

Forgive them for they knew not what they done,
As they settled the west with hand and gun.
Fought for open space they went through,
Not knowing that greed and politics followed them too.
Restless by nature a curious kind,
Searching for answers they will never find.
An unwritten code he rides for the brand,
It pumps through the veins into the soul of this man.
He gathers those memories and tries to remain,
These are the hands that held the rein.

Writing no letter for he can’t but he would,
To who he’s not sure but it is understood,
There is no place to send it anyhow,
So he saddles his pony and rides for the cow,
Sings a song and says a poem in rhyme,
To cut the quiet and pass the time.
That helps keep the stories of his horse and life,
As he sings of a friend and dreams of a wife.
Through the doors of his mind those memories remain,
For these are the hands that held the rein.
Like shuffling a deck he’s held in his hand 
He has gambled his life and made a stand,
And made a vow he will try to fulfill,
With the luck of the draw his blood flows still.
To the next generation, with changes in time,
We still hear his stories in song and rhyme.
And if one more day could be spare 
For the songs sung and poems shared 
Let him live just one more day,
Let him ride for the brand and draw his pay.
In our future let our history not be in vein,
For our hands are now what hold the rein.  

Details | Rhyme | |

Her Sad Song

Sitting in her room,
All day long.
She is sitting there singing,
Her own sad song.

A song about misery,
A song about hope.
A song about a problem,
and how to cope.

She wants someone to love her,
She wants someone to care.
But when she turns around,
Nobody is ever there.

She wants a family,
and some friends that she can call her own.
She wants all these things,
So she doesn't have to be alone.

She's hoping someone will love her,
She's hoping someone will care.
She hears something and turns around,
And notices that nobody's there.

Details | Light Poetry | |


Try to stop from falling
But it’s much too late 
 Left my heart open 
 Love walks through the gate

Love is strange to me 
 Don’t know what to do
 Watch the big bang theory 
And drank a beer or two

Morning is here 
 Still feeling the same
 Had a talk with my heart
But knows it’s me to blame

When love comes in your life 
 Turn your world upside down
 Can tear you to pieces 
When you hear a love song

Heard the song - if
 On the radio
It’s a nice song 
Heard it long ago

Now love’s in my life 
Why is she so far?
Got to fly to her
Can’t drive in a car

So what happens now?
She’s not in my life 
But my heart
Needs her to survive

 She’s sleeping now
So peacefully
I worried about her 
Being so far from me

But who do I tell this
They can’t solve my problem
So I think when I go home 
Will write another stupid poem

She know how I feel
And every day my hearts die
And if she leave this world
She don’t want me to cry

Sometimes she gets so tired
Think her heart will give
And how will I know
 The day she cease to  live

Know she’s sleeping peaceful
Won’t call her tonight
Hope she dreams of eating  ice cream 
Under a rainbow so bright

Details | Free verse | |


what happened to me
why is my head in my hands
for hours on the floor
im not crying
tears of boredom
the song rolls
the song rolls
couldnt see this happening to me
but here we go again
whats happening to me
my head on the floor
all day again
my hands on my head
caving in again
not sure if im giving up
not sure if im caring at all
what am i supposed to do
i think they won
won what
not sure what i lost
this was before my broken nose
before i was kicked out of the churches castle

i dont want to be me
im not sure im even an active participant in my own life
do i need to be here
do you even need me here
i dont even make noise
just drive the nails you give me in my own coffin
until this way the wickedness comes

my hands in the air never made it stop
the screaming
of false accusations
your sing alongs of my paranoias
i dont understand why im here to learn from my loneliness
the lesson of me as one and you as them being seperate from we
yet you are we to one anothere seperate from me
i wish i could be replaced
suppressed by this higher being
tormenting me inside and out
is this his only pleasure
is it a girl
does it even matter
will it ever be over
am i glad to be a monument of what forever feels like
so i can tell the difference when its taken away
i obviously dont matter

head on the floor
memories of the beatings
memories of name callings
memories of loneliness
cant do anything right
can't wait to die
just want to die my way
tired of your game
whoever you are
make me want something
almost achieve it
everyone else gets it easy
then its taken from my view and i forget about it 
to be left with nothing
to sit on the floor crying
counting my possesions in my head
badges of pain
never saw this coming
dreams for you to take away
and you live through them
rub them in my face
too ashamed to fight for them
what a waste
waste of everything
probably let you down
the only thing you could bank on is that i would fail
just sit here and complain
make up my own truth through the confusion
and then feel guilty for being wrong
wait for the punishment
for being me
and then hope to die
and never have control over my own fate
tell myself this is my destiny

all day
minutes to hours
the sun falls darkness
i get up
go to bed
don't know why i spent all day
all day with my head on the floor
giving up
head in my hands
on the floor

Details | Didactic | |

making it great in 2008 (part13): with a song and a prayer

life is filled with many problems and many struggles
but with a song and a prayer go to God with all your troubles
as death is a certainty on which you can rely
for as sure as you are born one day you will die
trouble is always on the horizon and some type of storm is coming your way
so how do we as Christians maintain our hope and joy from day to day?
the subject of math is teaching one how a problem is solved
but the math of life is a series of problems that we need to resolve

the citizens of Philippi were upset by those things that had prevailed
when Paul and Silas rebuked that evil spirit and were thrown into jail
falsely accused of creating an uproar when they preached the Gospel of God
beaten and then incarcerated for what was in their hearts
that demon spirit of soothsaying had called Paul and Silas out
so they then confronted it and in Jesus' name knocked it out
but while in jail at the midnight hour Paul and Silas knelt down to pray
to God who is always in the midst whenever trouble comes your way

with a song and a prayer they called on God's saving salvation
and then suddenly it felt like an earthquake shook the jail's foundation
all the cell doors were then thrown open
all the iron shackles were miraculously broken
the presence of The Holy Spirit was inside of that filthy jail
the presence of The Lord our God was inside of that prison cell
The Lord Our God was there at the midnight hour
The Lord Our God was there with His mercy, grace and power

with a song on their lips and a prayer in their hearts
Paul and Slas called forth the saving grace of Our God
they were accused unjustly by an angry and greedy mob
mad because without that soothsaying spirit the people they could no longer rob
but with a song and a prayer Paul and Silas called on He
The Lord Our God Jesus the Christ who'll always give you victory

for whatever in life you mess up
God will then dress it up
and whatever in life you happen to drop
God will lift it like cream to the top
make it great in 2008 by singing and song and to God start to pray
let the presence of the Holy Spirit revive you this day
and when you're in spiritual bondage and you need a wake-up
allow God and the Holy Spirit to come in and shake things up
Jesus will calm the storms and wrestle with your struggles
and the Holy Spirit will comfort you in your times of trouble
with a song and a prayer call on God and don't hesitate
let Him into your life and make 2008 great

Details | Verse | |

Armagh to Oklahoma - Song of My Soul

 ancient song of my soul,
a haunting melody 
that strains against the wind
and leaves me searching 
for my distant pasts.

Monasterevin, Armagh, Inish Mor…
I hear your voices.
The breeze on your emerald grass
like a pennywhistle plays, 
while the waves on your rocky shores
like boudrans pound out
“Come Home”

In the green fields,
Roots run deep,

Wandering trails, Armagh to Oklahoma,
Endless searching for the songs of the past,
 Riding ancient roads, St. Mullins to Claremore ,
Within the Circle that always will last.

song of my ancient soul,
a lyric chant
that floats across time
and whispers to me
to seek out 
Kindred Spirits of the Circle.

Tennessee, Trail of Tears, Tahlequah…
I hear your voices.
The breeze on your bluestem
like a cedar flute drifts upward,
while the rain, heavy on sandstone
like ceremonial drums beats out
“Come Home”

In the red dirt, 
Roots run deep,

 Familiar trails, Galway to Oklahoma,
 No fear of what the future will bring,
River Shannon to the muddy banks of the Red,
 Hear the spirit chorus of the Old Ones sing.

song of all ancient souls,
timeless hymn
that wafts through shadow-lives
and murmurs to me
to grasp and keep close
those with like hearts.

Green Country, Panhandle, My Oklahoma…
I hear your voices.
Your breath on the air
like pipes sings the song of forever,
while your hearts full of memory
burst with recognition and throb out 
“Come Home”

From one side of the Earth,
through the center to the other,
Armagh to Oklahoma,
Doolin to Chelsea,
Green fields, 
Red dirt,
Roots run deep,

 Boudran beats slowly,
 Cedar flute rings lowly,
 Singing the songs of the places I’ve been,
 From sweet Ireland’s green valleys,
 To Oklahoma red dirt beneath me,         
  My soul keeps dancing around the Circle again.

Note: Tsa-la-gi = Cherokee language for the name Cherokee.
Italics sung to the tune of “The Bard of Armagh”, AKA “The Streets of Laredo”
Adapted from the original for Oklahoma Cowboy Poetry Week, third week in April 

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The Boatman's Song 18/ Many

The Boatman’s Song                                             18/Many

As soon as, his song was over and the boatman 
Came near the place,
Where Urveshi was standing on that silver moonlight sand 
He tried to get convinced, if it was his love the Princess?
Who had promised him to come very soon, 

Before he could ask any thing from her
Urveshi uttered, in her most soothing and beautiful voice, 
“O boatman, I am not the Princess whom you love
I have come here from heaven, to hear your songs 
Your love the Princess YogMaya, is not safe in her kingdom
As his step Uncle is trying to capture her kingdom 
By killing the King and even the Princess you love”

The Princess came to know, all about his treachery
When she came here with her aged father the King, 
She could not tell you all that, due to sudden arrival
Of that treacherous Uncle and his father knowing nothing
When she met you here, 
On the bank of river Ganges,
She wanted to tell many things to you
She could not come, to see and meet you so far 
As her palace is in the grip of her Uncle and his conspiracies
Plotted by him to soon kill the king and the Princess

Her life also is in dangers, till she faces these conspiracies 
Although your love is a lady of high ventures 
She possess tremendous strengths in her body and mind
With her expertise in fighting, with sword like lightening
But alone she can not end such men of treacheries
The boatman gazed her altogether with a surprise
How an Apsara like a beautiful woman, is telling me all the story
As if, she also was here and knows everything 
Happened that day, when he had met the Princess 

He thought for a moment and questioned himself
“Is she a friend or a Guptacher* of his kingdom,
Or someone from heaven, who only could know everything
And has come as a blessing of God for him?”  
The boatman saw her a little more deeply and thought 
That in beauty and looks, she may even surpass 
The best of any artist’s imagination
As she appears to be much above the word beauty

But why and how she knows everything about him
And even about his love, whom he had seen 
Only for few moments, 

Ravindra                                                          to continue……

Kanpur India    20th January 2010 
* Apsara (A Nymph dancer of heaven as per Hindu Mythology
* Urveshi (One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra 
* YogMaya. Name of the beloved Princess of the Boatman. 
* Guptacher  A Hindi word meaning spy

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Never Find Love

You’ll never find anyone else like me,
Someone with so much generosity.
You’ll never be free from me.
I’ll be on your mind constantly.
No matter where you are or who you’re with,
Or who you try to get love from.
‘Cuz it’s like that song you’ll never find another
Love as good as this, 
‘Cuz it’s God whom I represent
And His love is the shhh the bomb.

You’ll never be treated like royalty again.
I gave too much for us to be just friends.
None of your fantasies will be fulfilled.
Your destiny won’t be revealed.
You’ll never find love as good as this,
Because the Master’s love flowed through me.
That is the reason for our long attachment,
And the magnetic attraction.

You’ll never be truly happy without me.
So, you can love that other girl.
It’s your loss to not have chosen God over the world.
You’ll never be able to look at anyone else with sincerity.
‘Cuz it’s like that song you’ll never find another
Love as good as this, 
‘Cuz it’s God whom I represent
And His love is the shhh the bomb.

1 John 4:8 
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Romans 12:2
Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that Ye 
may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect, will of God." 

Woke up thinking about this song by Something for the People titled My Love is the Shhh a 
song I used to listen to  before and after 
church choir rehearsal was released in  Fall 1997 I believe.

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sing a song of life

sing a song of trees
 shedding down its leaves
 shake all its branches
 till you get your needs in basket 

sing a song of fores
 running round its circuit
 take part in the contest
 to get your games arrested 

sing a song of streams 
sitting by its bank
 let in your hook and line
 to get the fishes evicted 

sing a song of the sky
 watching its wealth  bird life
 set your eyes and catapult 
to get the birds demoted

sing a song of dishes,
 sitting round the table,
handle your cutleries with car
to get your meal imprisoned

sing a song of fields
 playing round its corners 
lay on the leisure mat
 to get your nerves relaxed

sing a song of life
living in love and peace
 face the two sides of the coin 
till your story gets to the end

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My Lord and My Love

Take me , my love to the waters source
souls naked to each other and our course
my praise lifted the apple of  mine eye
art thou glorious , tis mine song to cry
You must lead my way in a walk thats True
for all the fine things I have found in you
gentle call so beckons you are my delight
your visions fill all mine day and night
You are too precious to leave my mind
for you I shall leave all others behind
gypsy soul has wandered the world lost
her dances with others behind her are tossed
You are jade like the sprouts are green
the life you've breathed into my being
like the spray of waterfalls tumbling down
I bow to what our God has crowned
You are gentle in a world thats cruel
and emollient that can heal a fool
you have taken whats broken and made it whole
from the world which has taken its toll
You are the song upon my lips
the clothing strength that girds my hips
you are the blood within my heart
the energy that fills every part
the breath of spirit which gives me life
the calm that eases all my strife
Your sacrifice has flowed crimson red
that you might give life unto the dead
I must meld my soul to you
so I might learn the things you do

You love me with a heart so pure
I know all time it will endure
My heart skips like the rams of mountains
you quench my thirst with your fountains

your pardon has released from the fall
tis only as I have answered your call
the melody of love did my heart soften
may you , my love enter here quite often
You are the shade of all the groves
the whitened wool of all the droves
the warmth that dwells in rays of light
the knowledge that gives to all insight
you are the flash of epiphany
the spectrum that brings us to our knee
as the universe moves to your will
you do with abundance our lives do fill
source Song of Solomon
COPYRIGHT © 2010 C Michael Miller

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You wear a ripped up slice of agony to show you what emotion is
that cuts and penetrates so deep you have a million tiny pieces
and never ceases
to remind you of your weakness
Weakness, a painful work you don't allow
created by the ones without the tools who are the fools that take the vow
of life
where the pain and ache is not applicable
and the only way to suffer is to make it imperceivable

If you block out the faces, places, silent spaces
rewind-erase it
come and take it here I am
splintered, broken - here i stand
and yet the song still plays and reprimands
the song of all our fears
a cadence made of tears
of sin and disobedience, and yet despite this
I hope someday to find a pocket full of posies
Ashes to dust and dust due to neglect
What happens when the ring around the rose becomes the noose around your neck?

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When the honey kissed sun falls between air 
and natures song replays. 
When it highlights your skin, defines your gloss 
and the purity of china veins. 
A mirage that appears on the back of a breeze 
suspended on the song of the birds. 
High pitched, controlled, shot from the depth 
each note is handled with care. 
The gold nugget blinks, crimson revealed 
an eye-lid restrains the majority. 
It highlights your body, devours you whole 
lacing your natural purity

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A girl like you

Yeah you’re broken hearted
So, what else is new?
And no you can’t deny, 
The fool he made out of you

After all the guys and all the lies
I guess you never learned
If you ask for fire and desire
You can count on getting burned

You’ll be better off without him
And girl you know its true
I’m singing you this song 
Cause I was once a girl like you

And just when you think life couldn’t be better
And nothing could go wrong
You find yourself listening 
To another pathetic love song

“How do I live without you” and
“We belong together”
“It’s just a little to late” and
“Always and forever”

You can drown yourself in sad songs
And cry yourself to sleep 
Or you can get yourself back out there
And forget about that creep

You’ll be better off without him
And girl you know its true
I’m singing you this song 
Cause I was once a girl like you

I’m talking from experience 
I’ve played that stupid game
I finally let go and realized
That they’re all the same

Stop trying to figure it out
Because there’s nothing you can do
Stop trying to win him back
Because it’s him who lost not you

You can dream and you can pray
But what you want is miles away
Don’t be fooled by love again
It’s a game you just can’t win

You’ll be better off without him
And girl you know its true
I’m singing you this song 
Cause I was once a girl like you

Yeah I’m singing you this song
Cause I was once a girl like you

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Sing A Song Of People

Sing a song of people
Walking fast or slow;
People in the city
Up and down they go.

People with their hats on,
Going in the doors.
People with umbrellas
When it rains and pours.
People in tall buildings
And in stores below;
Riding elevators,
Up and down they go.

People walking singly,
People in a crowd;
People saying nothing,
People talking loud.
People laughing,smilling,
Grumpy people too;
People who just hurry,
And never look at you!

Sing a song of people
Who like to come and go;
Sing of city people
You see but never know!

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Time Well Wasted

George talks about 'Them Cowgirls,"
While Willie's "Blue Eyes Are Crying In The Rain."

Tim talked about "Back Then"
And Bucky admits "It Was A Different Life."

Toby is a "Man Of His Convictions"
But Brad is "Better On Line."

Josh "Stopped Loving Her Today"
But Kenny said "She Can't Be Anything But Mine."
Does that mean one of them will have to "Walk The Line?"

Kenny says "Don't Blink"
Or you may find Tim is "Already Home."

"Tear Drops On My Guitar" has Taylor like Lambert
"Famous In A Small Town."

I arrived "Down In The Boon Docks"
Only to find Rodney was "Going Through Hell"

Rascal Flatts hit the "Long Broken Road"
Telling my Billy "You Are The Only World I Know"

Tracy Lawrence was talking to "The Keeper Of The Stars"
And Lee Greenwood was asking "God Bless The USA"

Toby Keith was bursting with pride as he said "I'm An American"
And John Michael Montgomery was busy sending  "Letters From Home"

Darell Worley asks "Have You Forgotten?"
Toby Keith replies with "The Taliban Song."

"Yee Haw" hollered Jake Owens 
While Steve Holy "Got A Brand New Girl Friend"

Direks says "Free And Easy Down The Road I Go."
While Tim and Faith were telling each other "I Need You."

Josh asks "Would You Go With Me"
As Dierks Bently agrees with me " Every Miles A Memory"

Kenny C. said "You Had Me From Hello"
But George prefers the "Beaches Of Old Mexico"

I saved this special song for the end.
Alabama's "Angels Among Us"

Every time I hear this song I break out in a cold sweat.  Many years ago my 
granddaughter Mariah in Casper, Wy was attending the summer camp, on 
Casper Mountain, for her boys and girls group. This group included handicapped 
children. Friday afternoon the children presented a program for the parents. It 
was magnificent. The children helped the handicapped children get on and off of 
the stage for their part in the program. The finally began with all of the children on 
stage.  They played Alabama's song "Angels Among Us" but the children all 
preformed it in sign language. There was not a dry eye in the audience.  A well 
deserved ending to a successful summer camp. 

God Bless, Cile

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As i stagger twoards two obsidian doors
They open in quentcedental appluade
Playing to borad of A quire
I feel apasied and upheld by their faces and persuaded by confiting empty 
The whole room shifts with quarling competing steps
In obsinite triumphet rythum 
Im putrid in the mOral oblagation 

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The Part We Play


As the wind rustles through the sycamore trees,
      It brings such a peaceful spirit that hovers over me.
It’s like the words spoken from a million foreign tongues,
      Hypnotizing and luring is the rhythm as the song is sung.
Ten thousand leaves all move in perfect harmony,
     As the trunk sways gently so majestically.
And the little brook that flows by this little forest of trees,
    Babbles it’s own little song not affected by the breeze.
And standing on her banks is a young whitetail doe,
    Just looking around not caring which way to go.
It’s so peaceful out here it’s like life has slowed down.
     Things are so beautiful when mans not around.
It seems like what ever God creates we have an obligation to mess it up,
     We act more like an unruly and disobedient spoiled little pup.
We’re not in tune to nature we never were,
     We are like the Vikings we’ve ravaged and pillaged her.
As long as we are comfortable no matter the cost,
     It doesn’t matter about tomorrow or if it is completely lost.
So who do we blame if tomorrow doesn’t show.
    It really could happen but who really knows?

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song that brings us together

it is song that brings us together--- 
sung amidst those that find themselves 
sharing feelings
brought through a just exchange of words & music 
for the dedication & promise to 

whistling through the workplace
singing the bits of a song remembered
in the grocery store, in an elevator at an office building
reciting lyrics with comrades in the line of
be it metaphorical or physical
life makes much more sense when
mapped out in melody.

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This is a song from the movie  JUNO I hope you like it

You're a part time lover
And a full time friend
The monkey on your back is the latest trend
I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else
But you

Here is a and here is the steeple
We sure are cute for two ugly people
I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else
But you

We both have shiny happy fits of rage
I want more fans,
You want more stage
I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else
But you

I'm trying to keep it real
And I'm in love with how you feel
I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else
But you

I kiss you on the brain in the shadows of a train
I kiss you all starry-eyed
My body swings from side to side
I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else
But you

The pebbles forgive me
The trees forgive me
So why can't you forgive me?
I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else
But you

No, I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else
But you.....

I would like to dedicate this song to my dearest friends of mine..........
Onissa MCcarley And Grant Joslin

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The Lingering Word

As we were driving down the road, it dawned on me just what I needed to do.  I 
turned the radio down and said I want to go home I need to talk to you.  And as 
we sat on the couch, a tear rolled down my face and you asked me what was 
wrong.  I said it's not about what's wrong it's about what's right, and why were 
sitting here tonight.  I took your hand and placed it on my chest and said can you 
feel it, my heart it's just like all the rest.  You looked at me and said what do you 
mean?  My dear, someone could love you more, much more than you could ever 
dream.  It's not that I don't love you, my sweet I do  just don't love you as much as 
I use to.  It's not that I wasn't happy or because you made me have to 
believe me, I don't choose how I feel inside.  You pulled your hand away and said 
that's enough.  Then you feel to your knees and asked the lord above; why did 
this happen to me I love her so much. You asked me is there someone else, and 
what makes him better than who I am?  I said, it's me there could be no other 
man. Then why do you act this way and why do you want to go.  I need to find 
myself I just need to know.  Know about what you yelled, I said who I am, and 
what I'm capable of, don't you understand. What if I don't want to understand, 
what if I don't want to hear; what if I held you close then maybe all of this will 
disappear.  I said it won't change a thing and I've made up my mind I have to let 
you go there is so little time. You see I have dreams and I want them to come 
true, but you stopped me in my path as I did of you.  I know you want a wife and a 
child of your own, but I want to sing, I want to write, I want a life of my own. You 
said I can change, I can be what ever you want me to be but please, please don't 
leave me.  I said you are who you are and that is why I feel in love with you. You 
shouldn't change for me or for anyone else, even if you have someone or 
something to lose.   You let me go and I walked out the door with out even 
knowing just what was in store.  I got in the car and drove away I turned up the 
radio and listen to what it had to say...and a smile appeared on my face and my 
heart felt light, it was then that I remembered that song you sang that night. I 
remembered the way you stuttered, because you were so nervous, but you sang 
with your heart. and as the song ended it's like my mind drifted away and the 
word lingered on my lips "STAY."

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My Home Sweet Home

As we pledge our allegiance to the flag
Together in gratitude, let us join in prayer,
For the millions before us who gave their lives
Defending our privilege to breathe Liberty’s air.

Oh say can you see the blessings we share
‘Neath purple mountains and spacious skies?
For our amber waves of grain grow in soil tinted red
By the blood of Patriots who laid down their lives.

My country, ‘tis of thee my heart sings
And upon whom God has shed His Grace.
My country, ‘tis to thee I pray you will always
Sing as one voice for our future children’s sake.

You’re a grand old flag; you’re our Star Spangled Banner
And I salute the virtues o’er which you are wavin’.
You fly proudly as a Beacon of Hope and assurance
For the tired and weak who flee to you for safe haven.

If tomorrow all the things were gone
For which we’ve toiled for over 200 years,
May we one day look into the face of our God
With no regrets for our efforts, blood, sweat and tears.

And, when in the course of human events
It becomes necessary to defend Liberty and Justice for all.
May we hold strong as brothers and sisters under one Father
Or together, we will most certainly fall.

God bless our leaders both here and abroad
May their souls be confirmed in self-control.
And God Bless us all with the wisdom to support the defense
Of Freedom and Democracy for all.

Our Father who art in Heaven,
I’d like to teach the world to sing,
A song that knows no language barriers
A song of love and peace and harmony.

From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white foam,
Happy Birthday, dear America,
You are my home, sweet home.

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Have you seen the man whom my soul loves
does spring boundless like the antelopes afield
whose consumations thus give to herds their yield
like lightly soars in thermals flocks of doves
The strength of pillars in the sinews of his limbs
so skillfully lifts the music of his hands
gathers those who so listen from their stands
and bring pleasures where he whose talents spends
I had searched the mountainous valley's long ago
to find a soul whose depth as rich as he
so many I had scanned though did not see
the like of him in any people I did know
Thus to my chambers I would him chance
but he would have to leave the fields flocks
exclusive is the devotion behind doors locks
or partake the tables spread in harlots dance
To waltz like winged bird upon the wind
whose unseen direction comes from whence
and depth of feelings that make not sense
didst this emotion upon mine heart descend
Tis now two years I have you letters sent
to give mine thoughts you by song I sing
that you might understand like bird on wing
the nature of the truth in word now lent
From the depths of what is true these words now formed
whose intent to be like rain upon the fields of grass
that might turn attention to so unbeautious of lass
whose God has these feelings within adorned
So has long in word have emptied out her soul
that he might read and see what is her past
so fashion to his reason and understanding cast 
thus the secret person within might come to know
Could he not know that every word was given voice
to paint a picture of what is of Love and True
a gift wrapped like music in a tonal hue
that he might clearly see and make a choice
Thus seen like wisps of clouds in boundless sky
whose movements formed by mists and winds
invisible from where all courses begot sends
and by word have fully fashioned what is I
Source : Song of Solomon
COPYRIGHT © 2011 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Scorful Song Of Sorrow

A scornful Song thats' undesirable and unstoppable. 
Where our flesh holds a thousand stripped souls. Dimminshed by its inablity of 

Our mind and soul manipulated, 
and blurred from all source of benevolence. 
Abducted by this incarciration
pulled by an abyss of departed spirits. 
We're compelled to compress into the compulsion of hellish proportions. 
And fed into our hearts'the compunction of betrayal and denial of his prime expectations. 

Departing from our flesh as were sitting at the core of ignited brimstones,
our souls are surroneded by flames left deathless.
With inflammation and suffocation surronding our nation.The trembles of it's terror are 
abruptly endless.
Where screams are seen but not perceived 
the heavy splash of blood is but a scornful song of sorrow in the temple of his 

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song of confusion

i think I'm lost
I'm so lost i don't know if I'm lost
i don't know which way is up 
and which way is down
which way to go and what i have left behind
what i should leave behind
who am i and who i will become
my heart sings a song of confusion
my mind wonders empty corridors 
explores new ideas and worlds
a whole new universe
and I'm trapped in my own confusion
and i don't know what to do
I'm scared ill loose what ever i am
and never become the person i am supposed to be
because I'm to lost to figure out anything
whats up and whats down
who am i and who will i be
where do i go
whats this song i hear 
is it the truth
is it a lie
my head hurts
my heart cries
i don't want to be lost anymore

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Momma's Love

The wisdom that I learned from her.
    Were like pure diamonds, oh yes they were.
The one true thing I can truly say.
    Is her faith in God and how she loved to pray.
And all the years that I created much pain.
    And I figured somehow I’d cause her faith to strain.
But to my surprise it only grew and it got so strong.
    Still determined as she was to help me along.
She prayed for me with a never ending and a faithful heart.
    She prayed to God that I’d straighten up, and somehow maybe I’d get smart.
Before she died her wish came true.
    I found redemption I was made anew.
 There was a song called “ I Was The Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised.”
     That was my song it fit me in so many ways.
Mrs. Christy wrote a poem called ‘That Mother Of Mine.”
     That got me to thinking on how my mother would shine.
A very kind hearted woman that always to her, her family came first.
    When grandkids came around you’d think she would burst.
I know in my heart she did her very best.
    And if she were given a score she'd get an A+ on this test.
I know I was a lucky man to have a mother that cared.
    And so her memories that come to mind is what I love to share.
The day the Lord took her He took a chunk of me.
     And I love her so and I just thank God for sharing you see.

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Close your eyes

   Close your eyes and think about the one person you can't wait to see in the mornings.
   You need no alarm clock to wake your body up when their in the room. 

   When you fix your hair and spin twice in the mirror you think of his eyes staring at 

   You can't forget a word he says, it's like an informercial forever in your head. 
   You sing the song he likes most... or the one song that desribes how you feel when he
   touches your hand.

   Your constantly aroused and think about dirty stuff like channels you should just
   skip but your curious to explore when he's gone.

   You want to hold his hand, if he's a crush you demand his attention. 

   When ever you see him your heart skips. Like Keyisha Cole says " Love" Never knew 
   what I was missing I found love.

   Can't really even explain just how much he drives you insane to the point that if he 
   doesn't stop staring and just start feeling that your going to murder him. 

   At night when you fall asleep he's in your dreams and helps you sleep. 

   You wake up with a smile on your face just to face another day just to see his 
                   Do you even need me to tell you what you are?

                             Your in love. 

   Open your eyes and look around if he's not standing next to you go and get him
   because life's to short to play around.    

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Set on a dissertation painted ebony
With the cancellation brushstrokes of despair;
Night in her starless petticoats
Curtsied on teraformed life
Repeating itself in stammered facsimiles.

Glazed by whiskey priest sermons
Slurred and deformed in gin-joint churches,
The blood of Christ mainlined the pulpit,
Seemed to rush hour in the veins
Draping red mist on the dream.

A far better thing never done,
Sacrificed caring and chain-sawed heart,
Grit of numb teeth against the hurt,
Ultimate reason for staying expired
And turned to dust-blown vacancy.

On the empty stoop with glitching lungs,
Sagged and wept a hitching song
Of desolate love in wasteland parameters
Impeached and curtailed by feeling too much,
Wept a song of the unforgiven.

Would she ever acknowledge his true blood,
How much the bankrupt soul aspired
To proffer in worship of her persona?
Unlikely, so in the hanging head of sundown
Wept a song of the unforgiven.

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Freedom's Song O' Joy

I sing a song O' joy
For antiquated times
O' how the people did fly...

Searching the starry skies
Listening for the babes cry
Still, sing I must O' joy...

Liberty frees girl and boy
Father's search the nights
A new mother soon sighs...

Viewing contemptible lies
Tearing at our young’s lives 
Yet, we sing the songs O ‘joy

Liberty’ freed girl and boy
As we hear the babes cry
A tear is shed from mine eye

Once as girls and boys so forlorn
Now as men and women 
Standing tall and strong

O‘ joy, we‘re singing -- Freedom’s Song
All eyes are on the prize
Because the people did fly…
We sing your song O’ Joy

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Writing my reading aloud

Reading poetry
and writing poetry i realize
that creative writing it is soo expressive that it is best produced
when actually talking almost
out loud in your head
slowly dramatically physically producing audible sound in your head
like tiny little speakers

and reading other peoples 
of art
out loud to see their pauses
and ponder the voice
as to wether the were
a las
lonely in a bed 
of thorns
or tired 
of coughing from a broken iron lung

and when you find the audience of which whom you entertain and they slide away 
and you rebirth your self again
and the major audiences are grasped at
the several voices of target audiences appealed to in on e piece
you have a best seller
and this is your royal novel sucker patrol routine

When i make a cd i pick the best song of every abulm i have on a disk
and the best song of those disks into themes
and write one line form every song into a data base then organize those 
sentences into rhymes and different themes
see what missing in the vocabulary of sang language
as we fit this and that memorized busted 
all you did in school all day when you taught me a s a teacher was read stuff out 
of text books and then regurgitate it anyway where you just made up the answers

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Eighteenth Fabel

 Eighteenth Fabel 
Eighteenth Fabel 


Praising Jesus 



Wondering uncertain from one day to the next working for survival never needing 
any rest building no foundation that has not already been prelaid but marching to 
my final curtain on the strength of HIS shed blood on the price of life HE paid. 
Rude self centered people all day long are teaching me a path not connected to 
my song the love inside of me is taken when they stride in perfect ignorance they 
glide on oily fingertips like some forgotten hide left in the center of a hunting 
camp with maggots all at work no one can use the hide for clothing no one can 
make it work. Suddenly remembered pain of death intended oh Jesus take me 
make me whole and well and keep them all away from me the naked and the 
dead they rise in misery to foster they beliefs upon a lame and morose figure a 
aged creature just as eye am beneath a clouded sky no moon is visible no sun 
but sonshines down on me today and life is hard and life is stirring in the clay. 
Devoid of Human life they are only interested in the personal perspective seeing 
nothing but the end of own nose and looking down it at others prose. 

Society of man is living in ignorance and darkness no hope but the grave 
atheists and deists marking time by taking up worthless spaces meant for 
others to occupy if you cannot do the work assigned to you get up and let 
someone else try the end is near oh GOD the end will come too soon for some 
of them. A half remembered song about the lyrics sung you cannot petition the 
LORD with Prayer? Yes eye can and hopefully it's there the Thorny Crown 
replaced with silver gold and brass or just the light that shines from Inside place 
of GOD? 

Not meant to ever resemble money not meant to be much more than love. He 
kept the life. He Loves. Jesus Lives. He Rules and as he Rules HE loves. 

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Song of the Dying

You don’t feel upon lying
So you sing the song of the dying
Sunday afternoons 
Pastors choose reign in a spiritual doom 
The sun plasters we coons 
Stand out and fade faster with the moon
I bid you the same old static and blues
The one always in favor of tempered news
The trail of adventures and rules 
We don’t heal upon crying 
So we sing the song of the dying
The highways haunts you
Night sky’s taunt the blue 
All life wants from you
Is the truth
The secrets they’re telling you
One just knows not what to do 
Feel like you want to cry
Coincidentally you realize 
It would be better to die 
We don’t feel upon lying 
So we sing the song of the dying 
I’ve given away myself in every song
Driven the bars last liquor home
No sympathy for an aging man
For I cannot feel your tears 
Upon my rough hands 
My scared palms 
My irrelevance 
bared in chapters of Psalms 
Until my ending is calmed 

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Rain drops.......

Rain drops Softly falling down .... 
softly falling to the ground .... 
can't you hear the sound .... 
of the rain coming down..... 

It sounds like a constant beat .... 
a beat that is so neat .... 
it makes you want to dance .... 
what a beautiful chance of a romance .... 

Or maybe it is a love song .... 
a song that goes on and on 
tender and romantic .... 
man is it fantastic ....

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My Own

Here from my waist, going sailing on for glowing flowing miles---
O beautiful waving gold, O giant Wheat,
My work of thought and hand and ringing dusty sreel,
My ocean of sunlight under the blue sky;
O Wealthy Solitude, perfectioning of love,
My real world's self, promised, fulfilled.

Yes, O Wind, now lightly
Flare out your melodies on these yellow fields,
Earth staff and I bar.
Stir and sway along in holy song of soil and you,
And my great deed between.

O Royalest Song I see,
Whirling away like a hymn from me,
I made you possible, and you fill me,
All around me, waltzing of sweet heads o'er,
Hearing the great plain floor,
"Whispering wonder, glad to be under,
The world's good, this lover of man."

Now soon to burn in long hours of thinking,
In the fueling of builders for the towering towns,
Yes! and with grandest statues of heroic manhood---
Soon! O Wheat, soon!
And one a woman, lookin up, proud, independent.

For rational ideas have been sown,
And very real people choose light,
And the glory of life is re-known,
And the wave of the world is bright.

O Song sailing at my waist,
Waiting my word of thought, my hand, my whirling machine,
My joy of triumph and my love of work;
O Life cresting at my waist,
My Own!

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What the Soul Wants

When we speak we sing along
We take this in turns
But within this dreary song
There is no rhythm
And if I say that we are lost
The pace will grow here
The beat is set and you will go
Why must the song become fear?

If we find the perfect rhyme
And if we follow
The love can grow and in time
The gaps aren’t hollow
Within this place we are so free
It’s where we live now
The lies were never meant to be
It takes away our souls

If only life knew this law
I know that it would smile
 Love is true and is meant for all
And not just for a while
So if life’s true and we’re alive
Why don’t we try this?
Life is short and soon we’ll die
So why not live for bliss

Just sing along and know you’re here
The perfect song for all kind
Just drift along and know what’s dear
What counts is what’s inside
So take what’s lost and grasp your thoughts
Just see you’re so blind
The perfect world cannot be taught
But it’s what we will find
It’s within all minds

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What the music means to me

The laughter of my baby boys is music to my ears, 
Music that means the whole world to a simple dad like me.
The sound of the breeze through the trees at night,
Is the music that makes me glad to be alive.
The sound of my wife’s sweet voice,
Is so much greater than the angel’s harp.
This music matters most to me.
It’s this music that drives my soul,
And enlightens my mind to such a high degree!
The music of this life, both happy and sad,
Is what keeps me aware of the good and the bad.
It is something made and heard all in one breath.
It is my companion when I can’t find one,
It is wisdom when I need some.
Just like a song keeps time to a drum,
A body keeps time to heart’s rhythm.
When the drum beat stops, 
The song will soon fade,
Just as one’s life moves on, 
When the most noble of organs has finished its’ parade.
It is the truest form of emotion expressed,
It is creativity at its’ best.

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Little Boy Sings A Song

The music plays hauntingly 
As he sings quietly along 
Just another sad and very lonely song 

For in his world, melodies
Are all filled with great pain 
Tiny heart full of nothing but aching blame 

Maybe if he could be better 
Then he'd be truly loved 
Every night he prays to the Lord up above 

But every morning he wakes 
To the same old tired song 
Wondering what he did that was so very wrong 

Only six years old now 
Already he'd seen too much fear 
Felt no smiles, but cried rivers of tears

He doesn't remember anything 
Except this very sad refrain 
It seems to reach out and call him by name

Someone should have noticed 
He had the bruises and broken bones 
It should have told them what was happening at home

But the music keeps on playing 
As people just quickly walk by
Each day he wonders, if it's his day to die

His dad is always angry 
He doesn't know what he's done 
All he wants is to be a very good son 

His Mom seems oblivious to his suffering 
Lost in her own music filled with shame 
Dreaming of better days, casting away her blame

With no love on the outside 
Little boy quietly climbs inside 
Looking for safety and a place to hide 

While he waits he sings 
This painful little tune 
Praying that help, will find him soon 

See the sadness behind his eyes 
It's where he's gone to dwell 
Lost inside himself, away from his living hell!

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Memory Lane

Come with me, let's remember the days
 when life was easy and free,
  let's turn back the pages of time
   and be young once again.

Can you hear the song playing,
 do you hear its haunting strain?
  do you recall the traces of the music
   coming down memory lane?

My life is so empty, I need to escape,
 those happy days are dead and gone,
  they will never come back again,
   so here I just pretend.

Can you hear the song playing,
 do you hear its haunting strain?
  do you recall the traces of the music
   coming down memory lane?

Yes, it floats down memory lane.

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If Song

If I had a song, it would wake me
in the dim before dawn with its buried
drumbeat of dogs breathing
beside the bed.

That song would tune up
past the window in a reedy piping 
of some bird I never noticed,
setting up reverberations of dream.

A song would march me out the door, 
where sun finds its notch 
between pines, so I’d hold my palms up 
open, soundless in applause.

If I had a song, it would keep me
going through the day, a tune I can’t 
get out of my head, puzzling out 
a word that seeks its rhyme.

A song would feed me, tease me, 
blow me kisses and taunt 
me with its triteness/rightness
till I became the song.

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Angel Song

I took a walk before a setting sun
The birds chirping all around
All at once, I stopped in amazement
As I heard the most beautiful sound

A song of worship, a song of praise
Such a wonderful melody
Just a glimpse I had to have
My eyes just had to see

Walking softly, not to disturb
Along the path I crept
My eyes beheld such a great wonder
I stopped, and with joy, I wept

I looked upon an angel choir
Singing a song so full of grace
Oh, how I wanted to join in
But I just stood in place

Since that day, I've changed my life
And when my days get long
I think about that joyful day
When I'll join in the Angel Song

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A Soulful Serenade

My heart sings a love song as
The red bird whistle..
A soulful serenade...

The white cap mountains open
Its door..

While each snowflake shimmer
Through the wind

Singing the sweetest melody that
Flow through the mountaintops

Such infinite harmony with such
Sweet emotion..

Felt and heard through all the land

Yearning for a romance of that of
Romero and Juliet..

The melody in tune with a love

As the turtle dove dance to the
Lullabies of love..

My heart sings a love song as
The red bird whistle..
A soulful serenade..

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realities of our life

The story of a two-sided coin :
Some are lively...many are hungry 
elephants are ruling while ants are serving 
golds are laughing but rust metals are weeping; 
this is the misty story of our life.

The song of a two-way road:
Some are eating ,many are hungry 
crowns are healthy but cross are sickly
thrones are dressed while huts are naked;
this is a cloudy song of our world.

The play of the marriage of good and evil:
Some are accepted, many are rejected 
robes are favoured but rags are as failures
cites are gorgeous while villages are as dungeon;
this is an obscure scene in our partial playlet.

The case of the union of ups and downs:
Some are in pleasure many are under preasure
cubs are upgraded  but lambs are downgraded,
dirty sceptres are acquitted while pure rods are convited; 
this is a closed case in our court of lies

Oh life! our life yor life:
The broken circle 
some are branded with quality colurs,
many are packed with quantity 
tyis the summary of our reality 

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I saw a bird perched in my willow tree
His song seemed to be mocking me
My mood somber as I awakened today
Not quite sure why I feel this way
Hoping this mood will not overflow
Must change this attitude this I know
While  listening to the song of a bird
Force a smile as I think to myself this is absurd
Have so much to be happy for
Get it together and get out that door
The rest of the day is better now 
A bird with his song showed me how

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Impossible Fools Wish

Im all alone

In a place unknown

I have nothing to hold but my fears 

I can fill up a city with my tears 

I can make up a song with the sound of my heart 

At the end of the song my heart falls apart

Im living in a shadow and I cant find the light 

My heart pitch black like a blind persons sight 

In a tunnel so deep that I cant climb out

NO one can help me they dont have time now!! 

Why has this happened is it because of hate? 

Was this destined to happen it because of fate? 

Oh I wish one day that I'll soon get through this.......

But as for right now...its an impossible fools wish 

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Peaceful and bright night
full of wanderous stars
catch us kissing...
feeling so lost
in the whispering pine trees;
and there's no shame in giving
ourselves to heartfelt joys to stimulate
sensations in our warm souls!

That song our lips sing
comes from the endless love we feel;
faithful woman...steal this childish heart,
longing for dreams never
dared to be sought!
That song our lips sing
was born  yesterday,right here...
when loneliness suddenly
turned into happiness;
when we vowed never to fear
the unhappy and envious
faces of others!

Peaceful and bright night
full of wanderous stars...
fulfill our needs and desires,
because only night was made for love,
for people who never have enough to give:
like that song our lips sing!

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heres my song to you

Heres my song about you the reason why my life seem new
Granted wishes came true of meeting someone like you
Never could imagine this pain it feels like my life has been rearranged
And although my feelings do change rim happy to know your name
New of meeting new hers
But I still fall back and depend on you 
Because never a girl could inter fair and take the place of you
And instead of hoping and praying to find someone like me
I must be happy with what I got Cuz its plain to  see I love her a lot
And although we argue and fight and rim mostly right 
AND she always tight ain't no place I rather be then here with thoughts 
OR apart and heres my song  about you and me

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neverending story

this song it like a neverending story
we both played a part
but you pretending
even though you a million miles away
you got me thinkin,
you still love me
not knowing that youre lyin

"neverending story"

you said it was me
but it was you
who was cheatin
changin up, everyday,
like diffrent seasons
you dissappear into the night
sleepin with diffrent creatures
with diffrent features

"this a neverending story"
break it down now!

breakdown part:
neverending story...
yeah yeah yeah
"break it down"
"this a neverending story"
oooh, oooh..yeah

neverending story
boy, you will never change
all your lies, you feed me
sayin youve been, real to me
let me tell you one thang
reggin, you say that losely
love- so overated
its beginning to lose its meaning

neverending story
neverending story...

"oh yes it is"

this song is like a neverending story
we both played a part
but you pretending
even though you a million miles away
your bestfriend keeps warning me
you pretending you love me
this a neverending story

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My Song

My daily life is one continual song
Bringing forth notes and chords
And harmonies and melodies
That will touch your heart and bless your life.
The song my life sings will not be enjoyed by everyone,
But the ones who appreciate it will dance at its rotation
And sometimes will joyfully sing along.
Others will join in for a while and then fade away.
Some will take my words and remake their own song
To reach the ones to whom they are appointed.
Meanwhile, my actions belt out a song that resonates forever.
My reactions hum and vibrate for years to come.
My voice is heard when I do not even speak.
My very life is one continuous, glorious praise.

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Choose To Dance

A song leaps from my heart at the beginning of each new day, 
A song with a melody that never plays a sad song, 
Never carries a tune that is wrong, this is just my way…
If I have the choice of sitting this one out, I will choose to dance! 
If there is breath of life there is always hope of life, 
Love and great things to experience and know! 
It is so important if there is love of the heart, to let it show! 

Some live a life that never knows real sorrow, 
Some face sorrow more than it seems they should. 
Some we say, have more than their share, 
But still face it as much as they could. 
If you have a choice dance, dance, dance! 

Even in the face of sorrow, I don't want to sit this one out, 
Even in the face of tears, I don't want to sit this one out, 
I want to choose to dance! 
I hope with all my heart, that no matter come what may, 
That you will always choose to dance! Dance of the heart, dance of the soul, 
Dance with all your might, dance with courage, never letting go.
Choose To Dance!

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Unity of Souls.....

Come with me baby,and sing your song
come...take my hand and follow along
never should we expect,any to be fair
trust in your if you dare

This world is huge,with the choices so few
can only imagine,a special place filled with you
if heaven can only be found in your eyes
then let it be so....till the day I die.......

Yet,even in death,there'll be a special place
a special face,not even time can erase
with you,I believe,we have already conquered
the world with it's challenges,leaving nothing to linger

So,come with me baby,your song we'll sing together
our song will be felt....when we have joined eachother....

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itune him out with my favorite song
That ironically makes me think of him
Because basically I dedicated it to him 
So typical of me 
My favorite song blasting
All the lyrics match 
the thoughts that are in my head
I try to find an exact emotion
that can link up with the one
I'm currently holding
It makes me feel not so alone
  itune itune itune... out everything
so when no one understands 
I know the song in my ipod will
It might give me a revelation 
I can hear the light bulbs flicking
Did I find a new Exsistance 
By just listening to these lyrics? 
Sometimes I stay quiet
There is no need to start a riot
With the on going thoughts in my head
I carry infinite amounts of batteries
Cause I fear going dead
Than maybe I might have to get brave
Travel back to his wave link 
    After all the venting
     itune back into him and just listen
      Cause technology may understand
        But he's my best friend
              So itune in