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These Life Girl poems are examples of Life poems about Girl. These are the best examples of Life Girl poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Indian Girl

--Virginia Slim--

Different eyes, the same world 
Ancient skin, dirty Indian Girl 
Smokey, eyes, exotic raven hair 
---Now listen to  the colors, of transformation, 
On the day she was born, the wind blew in, 
A blessing ---her soul, fallen from the heavens
A  gorgeous puff of smoke, Miss Virginia Slim

Able to walk the world with an open mind, she twirls
Pocahontas, one of her many names. 
She carves, and climbs on trees, this little Indian Girl, 
Her feathers ride with the wind, against her red titian skin
Daughter of Chief Powhatan, a powerful tribal, red man 
Peace and love with the Indians of her Virginia Lands,

Many myths, many stories, maybe a mad woman, 
A new Christian, living sad poverty, a silent hero, 
Twisted tales, from savage green to ivory white religion
In her eyes, life never was about greed and skin
Her new look, attained an altitude precision
Pocahontas, tricked and captured, 
Set to sail another tribe, lands were taken over, 
Boat sailed out of Virginia Lands

Tribes acclaimed her to be wild and ambitious
"The naughty one," searching for admission
Native American child, before princess, 
Her beautiful soul, a short auspicious beginning
Leaving her world, beautiful and fearless
Forgetting her roots-- From Mother Willow's Vision 
Pocahontas, the Indian Legend from, The Virginia Lands


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Frosted Panes - re-post

When winter paints those frosty ferns on my windowpane
I find myself a little girl up on your lap again
In that old house, where you wove that coloured tapestry
With all the glorious memories of your life upon the sea

With weathered palm so deeply etched with every season past
You rubbed a porthole in the center of the frosted glass
Where outside in splendour lie a winter-wonderland
As halos rose above your head from a pipe bowl in your hand

And there upon a rocking chair as smoke rings filled the air
We rocked across a sea of dreams wind tangled in our hair
To lands I’d never been before we stepped upon those shores
And through your eyes I saw each one and still I wanted more

The morning passed in dreams between two pairs of eyes of green       
As the world outside held its breath in a sea of snowy cream
And when the chill of winter melted from the windowpane
The whistling kettle on the stove brought us home again

You held my hand and looked at me with that twinkle in your eyes
And told me you would be my Captain 'til the day I died
So when winter paints those frosty ferns on my windowpane
I find myself a little girl up on your lap again 


Written:  Jan 15, 2011

Author:  Elaine George
First Place in Brian Strand's contest:  Let's See
4th   Place In - Anything goes contest

In loving memory of my Dear Papa 'Captain James George'.

Authors Note:
When I was a child of three, I Went to live for a year with my Grandparents in Nova 
Scotia. At that time my Grandfather was a retired Sea Captain of a Three Mast 
Schooner. He had spent most of his life at sea, taking lumber and coal to New 
Brunswick and various ports in the U.S. and in the winter months, would carry on  to 
pick-up and deliver  cargo in the  West Indies. Although my time with him was short, 
the memories we shared have comforted me through-out the years.  



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Sweetest Love Note

One night a guy & a girl were
driving home from the movies. The
boy sensed there was
something wrong because of the painful
silence they shared between them
that night. The girl then asked the boy to pull over
because she wanted to talk. She told him that her
feelings had changed & that it was time to move on.
A silent tear slid down his cheek as he
slowly reached into his pocket & passed her a folded note.
At that moment, a drunk driver was speeding down
that very same street. He swerved
right into the drivers seat, killing the boy.
Miraculously, the girl survived. Remembering the note, she
pulled it out & read it.
"Without your love, I would die."

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She Hulk

When I was a child I only ever wanted to be strong.
I wanted to be able to compete with the boys
and when I foot raced them at recess I won every time.
They called me ‘She Hulk’ because of my muscular frame
and from the way I only ever wore soccer t-shirts and sweat pants.
After that nickname was implanted into my brain like a growing weed,
I’ve only ever wanted to be feminine.
I started wearing skirts and dresses 
and in middle school they shrieked at the site of my makeup and done up hair.
But that weed inside of my mind only grew, and grew, and grew
until I became a mixed drink cocktail
with one part anorexic and two parts lonely,
because I thought that the definition of feminine began with the word frail.
No one ever realizes how greatly words affect us,
how a simple nickname can turn a pretty girl into a skeleton.
I stood at five foot two weighing seventy nine pounds,
so cold and frozen,
yet I still considered myself a ‘She Hulk.’
You could see my ribcage through my t-shirt
and my spinal cord protruded loudly through my weathered skin,
as if somehow my bones were dirty knives
just trying to cut through the flesh of judgment.
As I grew older I became the girl that was never enough.
Not good enough to speak poetry.
Not good enough to lay paint on a canvas.
Not good enough.
Not tall enough.
Not big enough boobs for them.
Not primped to perfection.
Not undeniably straight.
Not smart enough.
Not dumb enough.
Not ditsy enough.
Not cool enough or fun enough.
And I began to believe, too, that I wasn’t enough.
I never told my mother that I had been in madly in love with a girl.
I never told anyone about the night we first kissed 
because I was too vulnerable for the judgment.
And parents always justify saying that ‘kids will be kids’
But when we are kids our brains are still growing
and the smallest of seeds that get planted will one day bloom
into one giant regret,
will one day affect the choices that we make,
will one day influence us about the clothes that we wear,
will one day shape us into the person who we thought we would never be.
I only ever wanted to be strong,
and as a child I thought strength was only about being able
to lift a bar stool above your head.
I thought that strength was only about being able
to beat the boys in bare foot running races.
I was told that strength was something only
a man could have.
But as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that strength
isn’t about muscle at all,
but it’s about weakness,
and the ability to overcome the social anxiousness.
It’s about carrying around a lifetime of baggage
on your broken back
because the ones that kicked you when you were down
are going to be the ones that were  ultimately wrong.
I thought that the definition of woman 
began with the word disappointment.
And I became a mixed drink cocktail
with one part freedom
and two parts Sailor Jerry
because every girl needs a stiff drink once and awhile.
We are not disappointments.
We will never be the ones who gave up on hope.
We will never be the ones who gave up on each other,
or god,
or our mothers.
We will always be enough;
enough for the ones who shunned us 
enough for the ones that cursed us
enough for the ones the hurt us
and destroyed us
and beat us when we were covered in bruises.
But you see, bruises fade
and the scars of our flesh are only stories
things we have overcame
and there are things out there that we will overcome.
When I was a child, I only ever wanted to be strong.
I hid my vulnerability.
I hid the parts of me that were true.
I never told my mother about my girlfriend
because I was afraid she wouldn’t understand,
kind of like all those people who never understood 
just how much words effect us. 
I can’t say that I can beat the boys at foot races anymore,
because, well, I smoke cigarettes now.
And I can’t say that the nickname of my childhood didn’t affect me.
But I take that name now and embrace it.
Because I am strong.
I am the ‘she hulk’.
I am a mixed drink cocktail
with three parts greatful.

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A Broken Lover

People look her way
But they don’t understand
No one knows the pain she’s felt
The tears she’s cried
And the life that has died.

There was once a time
When the love was alive
The tears never came 
And the smile never faded

The girl up above was the one who knew to love 
The one who’s heart and smile was free 
The one who used to believe in her dreams

Now that girl is gone 
Replaced by one who slowly fades away 
Destined to walk her own death 
Fading to a broken lovers grave.

Walking as if the life was gone
Speaking to a ghost of her past
Screaming to be free 
And wanting to believe again.

Will the life longed for 
Ever be relived?
Will the love she searches for 
Ever be received ?

Or is a broken lover…
 all she has come to be?


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A Girl

As light leaves us,
the truth is unveiled.
A girl lies with sorrows unscaled.
To wither and die, 
without hope on her side.
She can no longer see a light,
to guide her through those forsaken nights.
She waits for a sign,
that all will come in line.
She is in pain,
with no one to help, all efforts sought in vain.
When will the girl see,
there are others like she.
Others share her pain, 
others like me.
Her light once pierced through the shadows,
it was a beacon through the night.
Now it is only a dying flame,
leaving the world to darkness,
cowering in shame.
A girl lies dying in her pain.

Details | I do not know? | |

Why would a 12-year girl want to die?

Why would a 12-year girl want to die?
What would make a 12-year-old girl end her life?
Why would a 12-year-old girl want to say goodbye?
Now I lay here with an empty bottle of pills by my side.
It was just too much to hide.
My little brother found me on my bathroom floor.
He went screaming out the door.
The ambulance came and I heard voices fading away.
I can still make out what they say.
Why would a 12-year girl want to die?
What would make a 12-year-old girl end her life?
Why would a 12-year-old girl want to say goodbye?
Now I lay in a hospital bed.
He can’t hurt you anymore the nurse said.
Thank god the gun box was locked.
Now theirs a knock.
The cops came in and said my sister talked.
They said after what my father did he will never walk.
Why would a 12-year girl want to die?
What would make a 12-year-old girl end her life?
Why would a 12-year-old girl want to say goodbye?
He came in my room at night.
Something’s a child just cant fight.
Tired of living with this dirty feeling.
Tired of all together feeling.
Why Daddy Why?
Why would you make me cry, lie, and all-together die?
Why would a 12-year girl want to die?
What would make a 12-year-old girl end her life?
Why would a 12-year-old girl want to say goodbye?
Mom didn’t know.
She said it wasn’t my fault and beyond my control.
They said there were more.
They just were scared to come forward before.
Now I’m on the stand facing a child molester.
The lawyer asks my father.
Why would a 12-year girl want to die?
What would make a 12-year-old girl end her life?
Why would a 12-year-old girl want to say goodbye?
What did you do that was so bad that your daughter wanted to die?

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Knowing Kelly

The name Kelly means "bright-headed",
according to the internet.
A fine attribute that doesn't quite describe me yet
because, you see, I could not go to college
and be properly taught.
I came from a poor background
where a good education could not be bought.
So, I have no choice but to write from the heart,
it's not perfect, but it is my form of art.

My first name is Irish, though my ancestry is German.
Just to make sure, I looked it up on Wikipedia.
I am shy, so you're not likely to find me
on any form of social media.
I am very careful when I choose a friend,
they have to be someone who I can trust and depend.
My friends know that I'm loyal, and when I listen, I hear.
I will always be there for them, 
through every smile and tear.

When I'm not writing my hobby is photography,
which inspires new words from the beauty I see.
Often you will find me reading alone in my room
with classic rock music turned up on high volume,
or watching an old movie filmed in black and white
whether it be a comedy or a thrilling, silent fright.

I am no one's wife and no child's mother,
and I never had anyone to call a sister or a brother.
I was a lonely, only child, and I am still,
an empty shell that only poetry or love can fill.
I work at a factory job on the graveyard shift,
being a true night owl causes my mind to dream and drift.

My middle name is Robin, which means "bright-fame"
though, I am not here just to play the fortune game.
I am known to be sweet in the comments that I write,
yet, my poems can be sad and as dark as the night.
I guess this makes me a mystery to many of you
but, really read me and you will discover the clue.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
SKAT's Keep It Real Contest

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A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

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Have more respect for yourself


Lord forgive me she says she is on that sophisticated wine and dine, 
she says her lips are sweet, hips full bliss enough to put your mind at ease. 
Damn girl where did you get those degrees. 
She feigns knowledge, pledges abstinence but lets loose to the first fool she sees
Then pledges again and lets loose and the cycle continuously, continues in a loop of ignorance. 
Strange you are, a woman you are,
so when will you take a stand, and understand your lips and hips... 
momentary satisfactions. The ratings of your visage an illusion which fades over time. 
Rude... me... no, truthful yes, knowledge is a blessing the king you seek is not 
dwelling in the slums in where you hum your tunes
Lord forgive me she says she is on that sophisticated wine and dine, 
she says her lips are sweet, hips full of bliss enough to put your mind at ease. 
I won't beg, I won't cry so the more power to you girl, cause ignorance is truly bliss

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Confessions to a Bartender

BARTENDER! BARTENDER! Pour me a drink if you please
strongest you got...get the lime twist it, with a squeeze.
Had a rough night last a bug for your ear
Pour yourself a stiff one..buddy... come-sit right here.
Remember the man I told you about -I saw the other day?
Said it's his playground....ask me to come out and play?
I went over that night…my husband’s out of town-
Bartender…let me tell you..let me tell you  what I found..
Mansion..pure mansion..from the front to the back
Money everywhere..he definitely has no lack
Bartender.. when he turned down the lights
He got closer asked me to stay even spend the night.

The dim lights, soft music, scent of his Drakkar Noir
Girl..I was ready what else could a girl ask for?
Just when I prepared to form my lips to say “yes”
What happened next.. go ahead take a guess
I tossed my head back to masculine scents of his cologne-
Another song began to play, girl it was my phone.
My husband was calling me.. he was on his way back-
Bartender, I thought I would die.. have a heart attack!!
I hurried up and got my shoes..coat and all the rest
If it hadn’t been for that… know, I must confess!

Confessions To A Bartender

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There was once a young girl,
Who wish upon the stars,
Looking so bright in the sky,
She dream and soar up high.

Opportunities knock in front of her,
She think, she decide, with a prayer,
Go on, walk alone and prove to everyone,
That no matter what, she will do her plan.

Roads are not as smooth as she goes,
But strong enough to dream and pursue,
Thinking of the wish she promise to herself,
And she asks God to give her more strength.

To be strong to face challenges in life,
And dedicate her wish to God above,
Now success is within her reach,
With her determination not to be rich,
But to help for those who are need.

A girl who once wish upon the stars,
Is now a woman of example and virtues ,
For she is the already the molders of the youth,
Wish granted and she is now contented,
For God is really good if you believe and have faith

9th Place Winner
Pd's "New Poem" Contest

That Young girl

9th Place Winner
For Nathan's "oOne of your Best" Contest

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In Her Fathers Arms

The evening star glowing in a dust choked sky. A girl stands by a window, with a tear in her eye. She stares at the scene, hardly visible through the grime. She whispers in the wind, “Bring my Dad home this time” She opens the window, and climbs outside, Having a flashlight, in her hand, as her guide. Its glow shows the sides of the street. She’s afraid for what the light will meet Bodies piled everywhere she turns, She wants to go home, and never return. What brought this fate upon her town? All her emotions are stripped and torn down. A frightening sound explodes in her ear. Shadows in the road now appear. She run and hides behind a broken wall Praying to god the rest doesn’t fall. Footsteps coming closer to her She can’t tell who because it’s all a blur She backs away further so not to be seen in light, Quieting her heart pounding from fright. Gun shots and screams fill the air, All these sounds, her ears couldn’t bear. A slight whimper slips from her lips, And over the broken stone she trips. The shadows run closer, showering her heart with fear, She wishes they would just disappear. They pass by her; she fills with delight, She just wants to see her dad tonight. She shines the light, to show her place, And to the shine comes a familiar face. She doesn’t understand who’s to blame Because on the tag shows her father’s name. She holds in her tears and refrains from crying. She falls to the ground where her dad was lying. She lifts his arm and buries her face in his chest. She closes her eyes wanting to forget the rest. The shadows emerge yet she doesn’t see, How close the end for her would be. They look down at her, aim, shoot, and fire. Being with her dad is her only desire. The night had ended causing a little girl harm But she took her last breath, in her father’s arms.

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Boy and Girl

I feel my mind go wondering back
And let the years unfold
To when I first met you
When we were only twelve years old

So innocent and young we were
Just holding hands together
When we shared our first kiss
I thought you’d stay with me forever

But then as we grew up
I left behind my school girl days
It broke my heart to turn our backs
And go our separate ways

And as the years passed by
I tried to put you from my mind
For I had family ties now
Leaving memories far behind

But you and I had something
That forever would be there
A love that grew from innocence
That no one else could share

And though I tried forgetting
In my heart you did remain
For deep inside I knew one day 
Our paths would cross again

We couldn’t hide our feelings
Though we both knew it was wrong
For we were man and woman now
The boy and girl had gone

But deep inside we’d always known
That 'we' could never be
While you were tied to someone else
I had my family

So once again you walk away
But never will you know
The sadness and the pain inside
The tears I'll never show

The heartache that will stay with me
Until the day I die
For you will always be the love I lost
Who said goodbye...

By Raina Hutchins 
(written for my friend)

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Stuck in a world, she can't find her place
Feeling like noone cares, 
looking for away out of this evil crule place she calls home
her mother pretends like nothing is happening 
she pretty much raises her 7 year old brother and her 9 and 10 year old sisters
she thinks that she isn't brave anymore
that all happyness is gone
she tries, so hard, she ends up with a fork in the road
noone sees it coming
she can't leave her brother and her sisters behind, 
they are the only things keeping her alive, 
her father is crule, sick, twisted, so many ways to discribe him 
she's afraid that if she tells, she'll be taken away from her siblings 
she's tries to hide behind her walls, she paints up her walls
she tries and tries and yet...
She's still stuck in a world where she can't find her place

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Farewell To Her

I grieve a life that can't exist
for things that could not be
of cherished plans that upped and left
of a girl no longer me

I grieve my dreams that slumber on
that I can not wake from sleep
and as another does drift away
for it's emptiness I weep

I mourn the loss of who I was
of possibilities and more
and wave farewell to a life not had
as she walks out through the door

I sit and ache for what is not
for the girl that can't be me
of things that only might have been
for the she that can not be.

Brian Strand's contest 'A first 50 posting' (July 2011)
1st place

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Girls Like her

Pieces of my mirror crash to the floor
As I throw it against my bedroom door
I’m sick of seeing what I see
I know that other girl just can’t be me

She looks so ugly I’m not surprised 
To see the loneliness swimming in her eyes
That girl just doesn’t know when to quit 
And quite frankly I’m getting sick of it

From head to toe she’s just a mess
To lock her away would be for the best
I really don’t think anyone would care
If she went to her room and just stayed in there

For girls like her there is no hope
Just trying to find different ways to cope 
Girls like her don’t get the cute guy
No matter how hard they try and try

Girls like her grow old and alone
Never will there be a child in her home
She’ll die one day but no one will care 
They’ll just put her in the ground and leave her there

No one to bury her in a proper grave
Just think of all the money that they’ll save
With a nameless headstone and a coffin made of wood
Won’t even use nails though they know they should

Girls like her have no future ahead
Girls like her know their better off dead
As tears fill my eyes so thick I can hardly see
I realize that the girl in the mirror really is me

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Sonnet to Thoughtful Women

I did not wish to leave your warm embrace --
   I did not wish for our sweet love to end --
And though your chauvinism's a disgrace,
   I cannot help but see you as a friend.
Perhaps someday a sweeter girl you'll find,
   Who'll do just as you wish for her to do --
A girl who doesn't have a thoughtful mind,
   So she can focus all she is on you.
She'll nod her head, and brainlessly agree
   With anything you say, to make you smile --
She'll cook your meals and serve you honeyed tea,
   And never stop her chatter all the while;
So when your brain cells rot from lack of use,
   You've only you to blame, and no excuse.

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The girl

See the girl living on the streets? does anyone know she is there,
Do you see that girl down in the dumps? and does anyone care.
We don't know the reason that she left her home and do any of us want to know?
She's out in all weathers without any covers in rain, hail and snow.
Does anyone wonder if she's ever lonely when we're all tucked up in our beds,
when she's wet and cold,  and we're warm and cosy does it ever enter our heads.
She might have been beaten when her home she left, she's sad and she's lonely and often bereft. 

Does anyone see me alone on the streets? trying to smile at all that I meet,
asking for pennies for a warm cup of tea, we're not all on drugs, at least not me.
I'm trying to avoid going down that road I try to remember the things I've been told.
Stories of people lying in the gutter, and people passing by all of a mutter.
Do they care, what they see there? I suppose they think it's everywhere !
But I would like to say to all of you . I don't take drugs, I'm one of the few.
So to all of you sat home by your fires, spare a thought for me,
when you pass me by tomorrow, I'd love a cup of tea.

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The outsider,
the girl who doesn't fit in,
the one who hides,
no one knows her within.
She sits alone everyday,
still no one cares.
They treat like she's 
some kind of stray.
She walks through the halls,
with a lonely attitude.
She calmly traces the walls,
with great gratitude.
She's in love with a guy
who doesn't even know she exists.
She trys and she trys 
to get him to notice,
but he's one of those stupid guys
who think unpopular girls are bogus.
At night she crys 
all alone in her bed.
She wishes he would love her,
but he chooses the pretty girl instead.

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A Kis

A Kis



 Do eye need a kis. Eye need a girl to kis. Eye have a girl that eye can kis. 
Eye have kis her in the rain. Eye have kis her in mye heart. Eye have kis her in 
mye start of every day for years of love. Eye have only to the kis to go to read more 
into kis to find the place she dwells in this old mortal frame of yearning 
dwelling place. The kis is purple bliss of alarm blazing love waking me from 
death like a Snow White Charmed young man a captive smith to Pocahontas 
fame. A dandelion flower lost in the caverns of the depths Ianthe drowning mee 
in sea ward tufts of left and right bouts of beating on the air to keep from sliding 
to the depths of drowning in her arms of love. A leap at faith a death reprieved 
from Grounded Grave a leaping portent making waves of Gragon wings. An 
attitude of love refrained in every tuft of wind again the sound of love the beating 
of the water on the roof of tin the sound of kis inside the wind and rain. A younger 
man and woman would have hardware in the way the nose and yes the nose gay 
and the corners of the vampyrific fangs. The center of the tongue is one the belly 
button too. The snooker table has a cue it’s called the ball extender bridge it's a 
cheater it’s made to let the basest man to reach her in the wind. There is so 
many problems with people the gas is oughta sight at the pumps this country is 
no longer prominent but a third world country going south. The end of time has 
come and arrived the ruthless and worthless rule in the name of god money and 
time. Take a number wait in line what’s your name please fill this out and wait. 
The number of his namme. Have you got a credit card or payment of any kind iff 
you can give me seven dollars for an office visit eye will help you the doctor is inn. 
The man was lighting a candle in front of the computer and the lieberrian asked 
him what do you think you are doing he said eye cannot see the screen. There is 
not very many rich people in all those cars on the highway whizzing by the most of 
them is middle class or less the plastic hose on the back seat is a siphon they 
use it to get gas. Eye had too many problems at home growing up to ever be a 
father. The age factor plus the drug indicator keeps me from trying to further my 
benefactor with fodder or with mudder. The morality of this hurried fable of 
dividing documents is this a kis. 


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The Highway Of Life

From the day of birth,we are so innocent and fair,
With nothing on our minds, no troubles no cares.
Learning to talk was a major deaster,
For no one could tell exactly what was the matter.

We cry and we screem ,to show we are in pain,
They dont seem to understand and we though that was mean.
So of to the doctors we went that day,
Only to have the doctor tell Mom im ok.

Learning to walk got me bumps and bruses,
But its what we must do ,im sure no one chouses.
Climbing up the stairs , got me in trouble,
On the way down, i wished i were in a bubble.

After mastering that feat , it was off to school,
Because my mom said im not raising no fool.
In grade one i had a hard time with girls,
They would walk up to me and flick thier curls.

Things start to look up as i got older,
But you know those girls only got bolder.
They made me laugh,and they made me cry,
Some made me happy and filled with joy.

Then came love and next was marriage,
Two years time i was pushing a baby carriage.
Going back over my trials of life,
I knew my baby girl was in for a long fight.

But its the highway we all must travel,
In order to get to this level.
My little girl will be doing this one day,
Ill be in heaven  watching her in every way.

You see im much older and dont have a lot of time,
To watch my two baby girls grow up and look so fine.
God is calling me to another life,
But he said on this highway ,there will be no strife.

Your fears and your troubles will all go away, 
When you take this highway ,your with me to stay.
They will come joing you when its thier time,
But for now they must follow thier own minds.

So if you have kids , guide them with care,
They will grow up with nothing to fear. 
Teach them right from wrong each day.
For the HIGHWAY OF LIFE isent always what they say.

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The Girl With Everything

The girl with everything
is what I wanna be,
and I'd give anything 
to make her me.
face so beautiful,
hair so right,
my dreams are shattered.
She's the star 
that shines bright.
The perfect polish 
on her nails,
I'd rather be her
than anyone else.
Everyone knows she's coming
but the scent of 
her signature perfume,
you feel an envious vibe
whenever she enters
the room.
She can have 
any guys she wants,
and she's got 
the perfect body.
People think
she's nice and sweet 
and the guys think
she's such a hottie.
I'd give anything 
to make her me,
the girl with everything
is all I wanna be

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Who Though

Who would have thought the girl with the bright smile and joy enflamed in her eyes 
Sits' in the corner crying herself to sleep every night 
Who would have thought the boy walking the halls always giving a hand 
Wishs' that when he sleeps the gentle light may seep him off his feet 
Would would have thought the girl that ended her own life 
Was raped, beaten and bullied at both home and school 
Who would have thought our childrens children 
Have sought to use weapons and let eragancy become them making them a fool 
Who would have thought that no matter how we try for peace 
We show our children war is the answer
Who would have thought that our guidence
Has be clouded and no longer is pure 
Who would have thought teenage life is harder 
When your getting bullied or picked on in school 
Who would have thought that a person couldn't walk out of their house 
With out fear of being raped, shot, or stabed and death is finally at your door 
Who would have thought in life know a day's 
Death is more near to our lives then ever before 
    Who Would Have Thought

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I remember as a young man dreaming of falling in love
my dreams were for a special girl made in heaven above
the kind of girl you come by only once in a while
then she walked into my life with her precious smile.

I remember when I first saw her in the middle of the room
next to the dance hall, where we’d dance our love tune
and when we became friends how it was never enough
as I had already fallen in love.

I remember how she smiled when she danced a certain way
and when we became a couple, one September day
I had at last got something in my life so right
I could hold her in my arms, not just in my dreams at night.

I remember when we were married, how it rained and rained all day
but we did not let it spoil our very special day,
I looked back down the aisle, as she came to me dressed in white
and was greeted by her smile, shining through her veil so bright.

I remember how much I loved her, so glad that she was mine,
I remember I gave a promise to love her for all time.
I remember and I will, for no one could love her more
and I’ll hold her in this heart of mine, for now and evermore.


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Nobody Knew

Nobody knows the pain she hides,
No one cares to look inside.
This little girl that’s only nine,
Has to fight to stay alive.

Her mom’s an alcoholic,
And her daddy does drugs.
She gets beaten and bruised,
Instead of kisses and hugs.

Nobody hears the little girl’s cries,
Nobody notices her wet swelled eyes.
When her mommy is drunk and her daddy is high,
So she doesn’t get beaten, she has to hide.

She’s sick of the pain,
That she suffers from every night.
She’s sick of getting punished,
For her mom and dad’s fights.

So, she went downstairs and grabbed a rope,
And hung it way up high.
She stood on a chair and put her head through the noose,
And jumped and hung there to die.

Her mom came home drunk that night,
Her daddy came home high.
To find her hanging by the rope,
To find out she had committed suicide.

Nobody knew the pain she hid,
Nobody cared to look inside.
The little girl that had wet swelled eyes,
Committed suicide and no longer has to fight to stay alive.

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Broken Tree (2005)

A dysfunctional child lies in a heap of mud
If a parent couldn’t help do you think a stranger would?
Holes in her heart 
A family that torn apart
Not a bad girl just a poor outcome
Just bad labels like 'stupid' and 'dumb'
In this tree lies a damaged root
That’s why we see no flowers or fruit
Broken trees can’t grow wings
So this little girl resorted to other things

a true story about a girl and her family

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My First Kiss

Today I was thinking
About my first kiss
It’s really hard for me
Because it was so long ago
And to be brutally honest
   Have taken their toll
              On what is left of my memory
It was back in the time
Of building hot rods
                     And cruising Main Street
Which for me was Chester Ave. in Bakersfield, Calif.
I was perhaps 13 
                     Cruising the strip
         With a buddy of mine named Warren
            Though his last name eludes me 
Lost forever in the archives of dust
At 13 I looked 18 which was a good thing
Because the girls we met 
                                 Bordered 18
And I do remember
That I was scared to death
One girl was ok
The other was, “Oh my God”
And I latched onto her
                   Like a junkyard dog
Does a thief in the middle of the night
And the one girl rode with Warren
               In his car
And I rode with the other
         In her car
And I suggested we drive 
Out to Hart Park
We all sat together
                         Drank some beer
                        Smoked some pot
Then her and I walked 
                     Down by the Kern River
Near the spot where I 
                         Had watched my Mother drown
                              And I told her the story
And there in the moonlight
Lost in the beauty
                        Of her eyes
She ask, “How old are you anyway”
I wanted to say 18 
                       I wanted to lie
But she was so beautiful
                         That all I could say
     Is that I was 13
I expected her to get so mad
But instead
                She asked,
       “Have you ever even kissed a girl”?
The answer was
And as burnt out as my memory is
I will never forget
                     The mischievous look
                                         In those beautiful eyes 
Like a lioness
                About to pounce on her prey
How her lips
                Seemed as soft as a cloud
And her skin
                Was like nothing I had ever touched
And she took me away
                          To a place I had never been
She taught me
                     How to love
                              Far beyond my years
And through all the years
                                Known as the hell of my life
She is the only person
                       I only knew for a minute
                                     That I could never forget

Written for John's Contest.

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If Your Girl Only Knew

I was the girl next door
five five, nice shape
and the perfect hips
that got you licking your lips
you know hot to control yourself
and approach me like a man should, but
If Your Girl Only Knew

We became best of friends
but yet feelings grew
upon us both
now you in this situation
where you have to choose
Is it going to be her or me?
If Your Girl Only Knew

She comes around
and you show her love
she doesn’t know 
you’re in love with another woman

As you see me walk by 
your eyes follow until I’m out of sight
now your girl put her hand upon your face
and ask you why you look the other way
now you’re lost for words
If Your Girl Only Knew

Only if she knew
your man is in love with me
Only if she knew
you are on the phone with me 
for hours when you tell her you are asleep
Only if she knew
late nights you creeps with me
Only if she knew
that you’re trying to be with me
but you don’t know how to tell her
because you love me
Only if she knew
you will break her heart soon
and the sooner you’ll be mines

If Your Girl Only Knew

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She was only 5

She was only five and this is what
happened when she was alive

Ser dad was a drunk her mom was an addict
They always kept her locked up in the attic

Her only friend was a toy bear
and it was old and worn with patches of hair

She always talked to it when nobody was around
she layed there and hugged it with not a peep of sound

Until her parents unlocked the door
some more pain she'll have to endore

Bruise on her leg scare on her face
why would she have to be in such a horrible place

She grabs her bear and softly cries
she loves her parents but they want her to die 

She sits in the corner quiet but thinking
god why is my life always sinking

Such a bad life for a sad little kid
she got beaten and beaten for anything she did

And then one night her mom came home high
and she got beaten as the hours went by

Then her mom suddenly grabbed for a blade
it was sharp and pointy the one that she made

She thrusted the blade right in her chest
you deserve to die you worthless little pest

The mom walked out leaving the girl slowly dieing
she grabbed hey bear and again started crying

The police showed up at the small little house
and quickly barged in everything quiet as a mouse

One officer slowly opened a door
to find the little girl lieing on the floor

It must have been hard to go thourgh so much harm
but at least she died with her best friend in her arms

A child dies every day from child abuse and if you have an ounce of pity in your 
heart for little auorura and you hate child abuse do something about it and let 
them know that someone cares about them

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A Restless Girl In A Pink Bedroom

A restless girl in a pink bedroom 
  Scans the implacable ceiling, 
Or buries her face in a book 
  To subdue the hurting feeling. 
And the days fall flat as roadkill, 
  Grind on and cool their heels 
In minutes and hours of deadlock, 
  Like rusted cogs and wheels. 
Childhood sneaks to closure, 
  And nothing does no good 
On the border between confusion 
  And the bloom to womanhood. 
In the tangle of ebony hair 
  Lank and listless on the sheet, 
And the summer-kiss tan of her skin 
  Lie the sorrowful signs of defeat. 
She could cry for the ending of times 
  Rose-tinted with visions of love, 
Now a restless girl in a pink bedroom 
  Sighs and stares at the ceiling above.

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in the corners of my room i place all my chapters of life

each one consists of a new beginning and an end

living in the streets covering up with newspaper

eating out the garbage wearing someone elses shoes

all were apart of my life

i never thought id be that girl who begged for a quarter

or the girl who snuck onto a strangers porch to sleep

conflicted and confused constantly in a daze

my life was like running through a maze except worse

people were my targets as i tried to scam them all

hey when your living from moment to moment

you run fast until you fall then call for help

but not the police they are the ones who kicked

me off the streets 

i seen alot of people die and witnessed many crimes

a thirteen year old girl sentneced to doing time

never dropped a dime or snitched on anyone

this was my life nothing about it was fun

throughout the years i grew up learning how to get by

made money hustling this and that spent nights getting high

was violated by men three times for sure 

emotional scares for thats there is no cure

lived the fast life with ballers and king pins

committing moral and cardinal sins

my time was running out the feds were on my trail

no way was i gonna cut a devils deal

i had two choices so i picked number one

i begged GOD for forgiveness from HIS only son

the journey was tough so say the least

but in the end i enjoyed a great feast


now im out and life is good can take me far away

but never from the hood

i closed those chapters in my life straightened myself out

and stopped living trife..



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Birthday warning!

A cold autumn morning, 
new rains have arrived 
today not so ordinary 
A little girls birthday goes by 

she had an accident 
she awoke in her bed wet 
today she is six, a present she did 
not expect 

A day without the jug cord 
would be her birthday wish 

Her hope is soon faded, 
for there her mother stood, 
A birthday beating just begun- 
her mothers' way 
of a little fun 

"you dirty little b!#@h"! 
I'm sick of washing your sheets 
this will fix you...and fix you good 
till you're black and blue 
...or till I'll make you bleed"! 

Happy Birthday to me... 
through aches and tears 
I am happy 
I survived to date six years 

alone in her closet 
she'd make this her car 
travel to far away happy lands 
go shopping for a star 

once she bet the jug cord 
she collected up the sheets 
took her mums' old coal shovel 
buried them under the house 
darkest corner beneath, 

her father gave her sixpence 
every time she was dry, 
or if she wet, he'd make her wetter 
he'd put her in a cold bath 

the little girl would trick him, 
moving the sheets about 
her mother would come in the room 
catch the little girl out 

the little girl did such things 
out of fear she lied 
the little girl was in a place 
she was trying to survive 

she adapted to her father 
she adapted to her mother 

though difficult it was 
it affected everything 
looking back the way she was 

she changed her life completely 
eradicated the fear 
her life gets better and better 
year after year 

her mum and dad to this day 
the little girl forgave 
she understands the way they were 
a woman she has grown 
forgiving to her grave 

she struggles on her birthday 
preferring to enjoy 
her spirit accepts what happened 
on that day the present 
she avoids 

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Shades of Black

    I remember way back when I was real young, my brother and I used to have adventures 
    and we wouldn't even leave the house.

    Games full of hide and seek and afternoon cartoons. 
    We were two peas in a pod like twins at least that's how we bonded.

    All the neighborhood kids loved us, were addicted to our energy.

    It wasn't until we grew up a little that I started to notice the difference 
    between us.

    I was light as day, he was dark as night. 

    Same father same mother just out mind sets were different. 

    I got treated like a white girl even though I was full of soul. 

    I begged for his darkness because I was naive.

    To him it didn't matter. 

    He belonged to our family no matter the difference in color.
    I would stand by him just so people would see that I was black.
    Even though I knew every song, I knew how to dress, and shake just like a video
    girl some of the ignorant still just couldn't except that I was one of them.

    I got teased and beat because I had brown colored hair that fell down my back like 
    long silk. 

    My skin so light eye shadow wouldn't show when I put it on. I would stare in the
    mirror and wish for a darker complexion. 

    But this was me, I lived a few blocks from the projects, a beautiful neighborhood 
   with lots of houses we were upper class but still knew the struggle.

    A few gun shots here and there but my block was like the suburbs compared to them 
    mean streets that I had never crossed. 

    But I went to school right in the project area, you turned a corner and you were 
    right in the middle of it.

    I've seen many fights, weed smelling bathrooms, girls bringing knives 
    to school, alcohol in the cafeteria milk.

    I experienced it all right with them. I even had an temper that got my butt 
    kicked sometimes.

    But it was always the same comment you can't be black, maybe Hispanic but not black.

   I would always wonder why, just because I was light to me this made no sense in the

   But I've grown up now and it doesn't bother me anymore because I love my curves and I
   know that there are different shades of black in the world.

   Especially since now a  dayslight skinned girls are the new trend.

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Who are they Really?

The girl you see is not all she works out to be 
Got no troubles Dont care Never has a downed moment

The girl your used to seeing has what?
A nice house A Lot of friends but what does this mean 

The Girl you know is not what she seems
sensitive emotional stressed??

The girl that people thinks is like this 
Needs to change

Then people can follow her steps 
become what they need to be 


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Who will Love this Girl

The girl who spent most of her life doing what others expected.
The girl whose good intentions, by others, went undetected.
The girl who saw to it she wouldn't be a statistic.
No children, no drugs, or jail memories to forget.
The girl who didn't fit into any one crowd.
But never minded having those people around.
The girl whose tried relationship, one after the other.
The girl who wants more than just another lover.
The girl who tried hard to get the "American Dream."
Then stopped! Looked around and realized it's not as it seems.
The girl who established herself in this so-called society.
A car, a place, a degree, and yet so much anxiety.
So you ask what's the harm in being alone.
Nothing really till your heart starts to moan.
Moaning for a companion who listens and understands.
Longing for the sensual touch of a real man.
Wanting to be a wife, a mother, and friend.
So who will love this girl, I ask you again?
If no one else will, I'll embrace her to the end!

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Little Girl On Bended Knees

She’s a little girl abused in so many ways.
She knows for everything theirs a price she pays.
She doesn’t go where other children play.
So much lost.
So much at cost.
She’s berried with in her pleas.
Clothing tore to all degrees.
She runs to the church knowing everything he sees.
Maybe he can set her free.
Little girl on bended knees.

She can’t wash his smell away.
No matter how much she bathes.
Do you really have to love daddy this way.
Day by day she prays.
So many memories will prey.
She wishes they would just fade away.
In the bushes she hides.
Daddy is dead inside.
To god she will confide.

“God who will believe me?
Who will see?
Mom always said it was just me.
Now she has to see.”
Little girl on bended knees.

Her life is so hard in part.
Yet not compared to what she sacrifices in her heart.
He slices it up and rips it apart.
She wants to point blame
But lowers her head in shame.
God taking over this little soles hope 
And his heart is breaking.
There is so much she is staking.

She raises her bloody hands high.
Deep down she wishes she could die.
But she made daddy finally say goodbye.
Six years old murdering daddy to finally be free.
Little girl on bended knees.

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No Inner Child

I feel so trapped 
I feel all the walls closing in on me 
Forced to be someone i'm not
Someone iv 'e never been able to be 
A Child,
But what they don't realize is
I'm not a child
I have no inner child 
Because I've never been able to be a child
So how can you expect me to be someone I don't know how to be
Someone I'll never be
You may not see it or feel it
But I've seen it and felt it
Between the scuffle and the fights
So much drama so much chaos but its only life
From no restrictions 
To all the restrictions in the world
Treated like a little girl
A little girl who's always been sheltered and never been exposed
A little girl who's never been shown who's always been told
Never able to see

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Another girl

 Your the type that gets attention 
     girls get weak for you 
      and you listen 
      cause you crave females and can't settle down
            So I don't know why I bother
            It just pains me that you tell me another story
                When the truth is so obvious
             You tell me you can be faithful to me 
        Yet every time I come around there's another girl on ya leash
           you tell me that you aint never gonna hurt me
             BUt my heart hurts more and more with your excuses
              I'm tired of being niave 
               I'm tired of waiting
                cause truthfully there will alaways be another girl 
                 There could never be just me and you
                      There will always be some excuse
                        Some situation 
                         Something in the way
                     That should tell me something 
                         It tells me were not meant to be
                            Unless something drastic happens
                          over the next few weeks 
                             at least that's what i'm going to believe

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Loving You

If I covered your eyes would you know it was me, if I wrote you something 
beautiful would you open your heart so I can see, with you by my side my heart 
never feels lonely, it takes one look at your life to know what you’ve been through, 
but it’s a girl like you that makes my life worth living for, I don’t know how to say 
beautiful things, because it’s hard to find an angel like you with wings, I want you 
to take me to the top of the world, so I can give you a kiss and tell you I only have 
eyes for one girl, because even though the grass is green and the sky is blue, I 
only have eyes for nobody but you, a poem is a poem a song is a song, and with 
a girl like you my life can never go wrong.

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The Definition Of A Real Woman

(W)- A real woman knows that the wages of sin is death so she is not concerned about the wages of a real man, because money comes and goes like day and night; but true love comes just every blue moon. A real woman isn't loud and doesn't have to be the center of attention. Money is a gold-diggers virtue, while patience is a real woman’s virtue. A real woman is always wary of the image she displays to the world because she knows her children are watching her every move. A real woman’s wisdom comes from the teachings of her elders and the experiences and hardships life brings. A real woman is the wings that help a broken man learn to fly again. When you become the object of a real woman’s affection, winning is the only option.

(O)- A real woman’s main obligation is to better herself, before she attempts to become someone’s better half. A real woman is very obliged with all that God has blessed her with. When a man takes a real woman for granted, she makes up her mind to put him away into oblivion. A real woman is use to jumping hurdles because overcoming obstacles in life keeps her on the right track. A real woman doesn't spend her time worrying if failure is around the corner, because she occupies her freedom chasing her dreams in her most comfortable running shoes. A real woman is a hopeless romantic ready to be wooed with an odyssey of love with a real man by her side.

(M)- A real woman’s presence is magnanimous and captures attention because of the poised and elegant stature of her classy nature. A real woman is like the magnet of ecstasy. All women don't attend college or hold prestigious employment, but for many being the Valedictorian of mothers everywhere is the major of their lives. A real woman respects the art of marriage and believes in monogamy. A real woman’s life is the motion picture of sophistication. The mythology of a woman began within a man’s ribs and ends in the beat of his heart.

(A)- A real woman sticks to her man like glue and never abandons his side. A real woman has the ability to do anything a man can. A real woman has the power to fill the abyss of a man’s pains with joy. A real woman prays with her other half because faith is the key of remaining on one accord. A real woman will amaze you with the way she adapts to changes in her ambiance. A real woman is the architect of her own destiny.

(N) A real woman needs a man to understand and love her for everything she is and for everything she is not because a good support system is a leading factor in longevity within relationships. A real woman is the nexus between love and happiness. When you converse with a real woman you will realize that she is nimble with her every response. No man can ignore the nymph of a real woman, because it is in her D.N.A to be notable.

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Fake Words

Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

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Thank you

Thank you – Zamreen Zarook

Thank you is a sweet word in the nature,
You may be a guy of adventure,
May be you are a person of agriculture,
What matters is your architecture.

Never forget the people, who guided you,
In no degree neglect who were with you,
Don’t ever overlook a creature, who gave a smile to you,
Because, you will meet them above you.

People forget the past due to selfishness,
They have no time to remember their unawareness,
Society, most of the times behave in awfulness,
They will understand when their lives come in to bitterness.

Be a person to thank and remember,
Don’t consider them as December,
Because, you might need them in November,
So, always be as a good subscriber.

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Wild Flower

Wild Flower
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 In Death Of A Rose by Nate Spears
Rescue this sunflower
It's capable of being a ray of light
Nurture it, value it, and love it
Its petals are more delicate than they appear in sight
 A wild flower it is; but it displays beauty
The facts of its species remain unknown
Its fight to reach its true potential is admired
It’ birth to existence is undetermined
 It’s roots shows trauma
Its presentation brings hesitates to potential caregivers
No one's prepared to take a chance
This flower is destined to win
All earthly roots sprout from above
At some point in a life’s span; we could use a kiss or hug
 He who refuses to display any element of the wild
Is merely real
An artificial representation of life
Stuck in Styrofoam surrounded by fake moss and dust
No breath, no soul, non-existence
A human being choked from an outer dimension.
Rescue this wild flower with love.

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Me Myself I

                        A girl was born a beautiful summer day
                 She had beautiful blue eyes and light curly hair
                            The girl ...... it was me myself I
                      My mother has told me that I was a kind
                                     and happy baby
                    The baby became a chubby girl who liked to
                          play with soft teddy bears and dolls
                           Chaunted and singing all day long,
                                 yes I was a happy little girl

                             When I was seven years old and the
                                 commitments hour had come
                       First day at school, dressed in a dress with
                                  flowers and ribbon in my hair
                        I wanted out of the classroom, I wanted to be
                      free to play, sing and dance.... be free like a bird
                          Plus, minus and A-B-C... yes it all could wait
                      School years passed by and I learned: plus, minus,
                                   A-B-C and more than that

                   "Almost adult" - a teenager, yes waithing for the time
             Girls with menstruation, and acne wich we covered with powder
                         Boys with pimples, wich reflects like flashlights
                           Girls who "giggled" of everything and nothing
                          Boys who speakes with deep voices that bursts
                                     Interested in the opposite sex
                                       It`s was an exciting time ... 
                                     Distance love, blushing cheeks
                                              Will you be mine?
                             Go hand in hand and perhaps a gentle kiss
                               Heartbreaks....well who has been there?

                But as in a fairytales the princess meets her prince, they are
                   in love....married... and have many other commitments,
                                         work, home and children
                               Fairytales have always a happy ending
                                          What about the reality?

A-L Andresen

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Fun in the Rain

There’s a young girl that delights in the rain She wants to play, to fool around within There’s not a better place to run again The field that’s wet, fun’s about to begin She wants to play, to fool around within Nature has ways of bringing some beauty The field that’s wet, fun’s about to begin Nothing has more life than the rain you see Nature has ways of bringing some beauty As the shower allows for fun to come Nothing has more life than the rain you see The girl sure has a lot more fun than some As the shower allows for fun to come There’s not a better place to run again The girl sure has a lot more fun than some There’s a young girl that delights in the rain
Russell Sivey

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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday I was a baby on the farm
Precious being held in Mommy’s arms
Yesterday I said I was Daddy’s “kecaw”
And, smiling, I was my mother’s “doll”

Yesterday I was a little girl playing
Out in the grass where my dog was staying
We – he and I – would share the precious moments
The brown Collie-Spitz dog would follow where I went

Yesterday I played with my brother at night
In the clover with lightning bug’s flashing lights
Placing them in a jar with hole punched in lid
Watching them flash their mystery that was hid

Yesterday I watched as the men cut the hay
Piling stacks during the high heat of the day
The men would work hard but laugh with happiness
Sweating as they went about their busy-ness

Yesterday I picked big, juicy blackberries 
While June bugs buzzed around my head all merry
O’er in the field far out of sight time I’d spend
As Goldenrod and Queen Ann’s Lace waved in the wind—

Yesterday farmer’s gathered to share work
While wives prepared steaming hot meals with no shirk
Tobacco cutting was hard labor to yield
Tobacco in barn meant money from the fields

Yesterday just before twilight fell to earth
Little sister and I walked through fields with mirth
We brought the cows to the barn as our habit
We laughed and sang as our dog chased the rabbits

O’er in western sky where dreams lie far away
The brilliance of gold and red were quietly sprayed
God’s had dipped His paintbrush into His vast supply
Displaying His beauty in love not denied

Yesterday’s chores were laborious and hard
Without fancy motors or pollutants to mar,
But with Betty and Billy pulling the implements
Somehow their nearness gave natural presence

Yesterday I became a young girl tall and skinny
Old enough to do chores and there were many;
Carried three buckets of water for the night
All day I starched and ironed clothes to look just right

Yesterday within my minds’ eye sees the past
It s’ amazing how bits and pieces seem to last
Good and painful surface then regress
Down life’s road whenever -- wherever; I’m blessed

Today’s tomorrow will become yesterday
Stacked days upon days filed deep and far away
Stored within recesses of God’s fine array—
There for retrieval in tomorrow’s someday

               -Evelyn Pearl (Carpenter) Anderson               

Note:  “kecaw” was cushaw.

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Tropical Rainforest

As the first man alive to be king of a tropical rainforest

I can guarantee this reign will be far from the shortest

What I'm trying to say is my heart is the forest

The trees are the veins, the animals are the cells, the river is my blood, and my girl is
the tourist

When we are on good terms all the little birdies chirp

On the phone at night, I'm relaxed like a bear when he burps

Kissing slowly like a sloth when he shimmy across a tree

Sucking on her islands like pollen being sucked by a bee

Not all rainforests have life full of bliss

A bolt of lightning nearly hit the Tree of Heaven but it missed


Now I see a stratus cloud coming, that's what I really hate

Now all of a sudden, birds quickly scatter away

Like feelings of my girl thinking go or stay

Floods drowning all life as the land animals die

It rains it pours like the tears falling free from my eyes

Trading saliva when we kiss wetter than a waterfall

Lions, tigers, kangaroos, giraffs, it is a free-for-all

I'm swinging on her heart, like a monkey swings on a tree, I pray we both don't fall

She bit me, now love is in my blood, like a mosquito carries malaria

The storm ends and the sky opens up from happiness because I can marry her

Down the aisle I will carry her

Like a cheetah carries her young

Not cold in the heart because here the snowfall never begun

Attack those hunters who dare carry a gun

Like haters because love...they don't get none

In the forest animals have fun

In a relationship couples become one

My heart is a tropical rainforest

Locked in her embrace, she's warmer than porridge

I got her now, I have it all, and my heart and feelings are no longer in storage

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Prayer Poem Dedicated to Malala of Pakistan

Prayer Poem Dedicated to Malala of Pakistan Malala has dedicated her childhood to championing education for girls like her in Pakistan. As she lies in a hospital bed, a tragic victim of Taliban gunmen, let's help make her dream come true. Pakistan's constitution says girls should be educated alongside boys, and the government has the resources to make it happen. But politicians have ignored that for years, influenced by extremist religious groups, and now, only 29% of girls attend secondary school. Study after study has shown the positive impact on personal and national income when girls are educated. Courtesy Avaaz I have Twitted My Photo Poem on 17th Oct 2012 for Malala!/kapoor_/media/slideshow? A Prayer to God (Khuda) Let knowledge & education Touch and shape the dreams Of every girl child Of Pakistan. Let the flowers of real Happiness As it blooms, on the charming face of Malala Touch the smiles Of every citizen of Pakistan. Let the light of Khuda (God) Flashes on the minds Of all the citizens of Pakistan Who want to see A prosperous and Happy Pakistan. Let education and knowledge Bloom to spread their fragrance For all the Girl childs Of India and Pakistan. Ravindra Kanpur India 17th Oct 2012 Note: I pray to God to save the life of this precious girl Malala, who was trying to save the lives of hundreds and thousands of girl children of Pakistan from getting lost in the darkness of Illiteracy. Ravindra

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A Woman's Worth

A Woman’s Worth
By Nate Spears

Her purpose in this world is hurting
She’s never been a designed of perfect
But she is a mom, so she’s super
She works
She cleans
Then roll up her sleeves ; and
Take care of the kids; and
The house 
Making it a home
For a beautiful family to roam
Building wonderful memories
Becoming a woman of worth
Keeping her faith through Christ
Keeping her pace through health
Keeping her sanity through managing
This is a woman’s worth 
I’m giving you

Despite of all the stress 
She receives her family with open arms
Through all the mess
She’s a fantastic mom
A wonderful woman 
Deserving a round of applause
Plus a standing ovation
For always being an American sensation
That held this continent down since day one
Since the Plymouth Rock landed on us
Thank you for her giving
Thank you for her living
Thank you for her children
This is ,
A woman’s worth.

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Let the Deicide commence.

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart is beating out of your chest!
And you have slayed the ones whom would love you for anything less
Ready to consume the final fragments of innocence,
And for you there is no forgiveness,
On your knees pleading, screaming to a tyrant in the skies;
The father of lies.

I will never be enslaved in your superiority
The people agree: jaded of your false dichotomies.
Know: I will be whomever nature intends to be
Apollo and I will share our dreams,
and you will be forced to see
your failure!

I know who you are...
Readily the first to present your scars
Chained by some despot or mental czar
An emotional homunculus in your mind, behind bars
Reluctant to escape - even when proven fake
Your demented mind - depths no one will penetrate!
...And you see me suffering
Not caring of any casualties
Just as long you recieve your safeguard of sympathy
So very wary of the masses and their Anarchy; Liberious ways

Solipsist - Is there no one you can see?
Even if she was presented burning?
Solipsist - Is there no one you can believe?
Even if Sophia was screaming?
Solipsist - Know you have killed and abused me
Imprisoned in your own  personal reality 

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

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Brown Eyes

Brown eyes that matched her hair
Sad and unhappy as she stood there
Waiting for her love to return, maybe yes
maybe never, only time will tell
Such sad brown eyes that matched her hair
Tied from behind in the most romantic way
Head slightly tilted gazing down in despair
Looking, but not looking staring into space
Memories, dancing inside her head
As she spoke silently “He promised to return” 
Talking to herself said… “I had to believe
What am I to do this is just my grief”
Time is just a lie man invented it to be wise
When two lovers are together
It doesn’t need Einstein.
He gave such a wonderful love
Love only known to a lonely heart
For what is life if not with him, I prefer to die.
Fool I am to think he will return
He’s been gone so long maybe minutes
maybe days.

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Soul Sisters

Such an Amazing girl god put into my life.

He knew i needed you at that exact time

Funny when we met I thought you were to good for me

But when you approached me the sweetest girl I did meet.

From that day on we have never truly been apart cause I

carry you around everywhere in my heart. You have been the

rock when I needed a friend around, you have been the light

when the darkness consumed me and took away my sunshine

Even when were miles apart the phone connects us and keeps

our strongest bond. 17 years feels like such a short time but

I feel I have always had you in my life. Soul Sisters we were

meant to be.. You my beloved friend are such a fresh breeze

Even after a year apart it was like yesterday that we did part

so through the many miles and through the long hard road

I know this friendship will always survive. Your a burst of joy

to me each day I thank the Lord for the sweet blessing he gave!

BY:Christina McCullouch


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An Ode To My Beloved

I just wanted to let you know
That I have this love for you...
Although I'm not fast to show
For you, there's nothing I wouldn't do
And I can't control this love
No matter what I try to do...

While I know our lives are separating
Which has got me pretty blue
I just want you to know
How much I love you...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

Oh how I still see you every night in my mind
You're the best girl I feel I'll ever find
And when my eyes would fall upon your smile
My heart would be put on trial
And so if nothing else, I want to let you know
That I'll always love you, that my hearts beat
For you, won't ever slow...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

So I wish you happiness beyond compare
And sorry for the times I couldn't help but stare
Caring, passionate, smart, and loving
From my heart, to you, I'll never be shoving

You will always be in my heart
No matter where we go, how far we drift apart...

Goodbye My Love...

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Girl Rising

Based on a true story from a television documentary on Human international crime with participants from a broad spectrum of society...occuring on a daily basis. I have only seen documentaries on the trafficking of young girls between the ages of 5 and above!! Law enforcers, it seems are fighting a losing battle against the men and women who sell and enslave young girls and I have no doubt, young boys as well.

Somewhere this day on planet earth
A Mother-to-be, while in labor, cries
Not so much for the mounting pain
Nor the fear of possible death
So many fears for the future…
“What lies ahead in the coming years?
What “fate” will meet my child?”
And added to all her heightened fears is…
Will she be there to protect her child?

Those dark years have now passed into decades
When Tanya walked the shadowy streets of the city at late night 
While kids her age slept peacefully in their beds
They made her dress up so she’d looked twenty one
Days were spent locked in a room, under watchful eyes
She was fed cheap fast food to her young heart’s content
Soon she'd lose all hope of liberation
This was the second man she had been sold to
And after a while she’d adapt to the situation 

Still fresh in her mind was that last day at school
In her backpack was her favorite teddy bear
Her Mother had chosen to believe her step-father again
Now that her twelfth birthday would be in a month 
As no one cared, she decided to run away
While at the bus station she met this “nice” couple
Who listened to every word she spoke
They promised her a ride to any place she wished
And she’d always wanted to see Disney land

“Maybe, she thought, it’d be a birthday treat”
 However, that would be another promise broken 
Weeks dragged on and they bought her “stuff” 
Although treated well, sometimes she still felt alone
Then one day came the grown up clothes and make up
That night her innocence was stolen once more
Later she’d try to make an escape
Only to be caught and tied to the bed post
‘Make it easy on yourself and accept your “fate”, she was told

That was years ago, although it seems like yesterday,
When arrested by a new officer on the vice squad
Who saw the flaw in the picture before him
The pimp gave no reasonable answer to the simple question
‘Why are you parked late at night on the street corner with a minor?’
Looking back over the years, she came to conclude that “Fate” is just another word, made up to cast aside blame; when we do not want to see the path we’ve chosen which has led us to our present state
When Pilate symbolically washed his hands, though he had power in that moment to act..
When there before him stood truth and innocence, 
Yet, he chose to make a comfortable bed for his conscience

Today, Tanya is a college graduate and a Mother who has vowed not to leave anything to “fate”. She’d teach her children to take responsibility for the choices they make… 
She would teach them that no one is of lesser value than another..
 Male or female; black or white, all hues; rich or poor 
All have a God given right to live free!
For:  Richard's "Girl Rising" Contest

(3rd Place Win)

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Love, Death, and Rebirth

The signs started in December
When she started waking up in tears each night
She was a normal girl with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes
She had plenty of friends and a loving family with just one thing missing
Her father. 

Days passed by and turned into weeks but only felt like a few seconds
Her life just whizzed by faster and faster until it was just a whirr in front of her eyes
Darkness filtered into her heart and mind until she didn't know if she could go on
But she had to. She couldn't let her mother and her sister drown in this same pain
She wouldn't let them.

She pushed all the darkness into the depths of her own heart
In hopes to save the hearts of the two people she had left
Because what else was there to live for now?
The rest of her world had crashed and her mother and sister was all that was left 
She wouldn't let them drown in pain too. 

She watched as they started to heal in her loving arms
Their hearts started to lighten up once more
But hers was just as dark as it was before 
And growing darker day by day 
But she wouldn't let that stop her. 

Suddenly a year had passed... and then two 
It only seemed like seconds to her but everyone else started moving on
Her mother and sister no longer needed her nurturing care
But she needed someone to hold on to

With nothing left for her to take control of, the dark pushed past her boundries 
It found a way into her soul
Until all she could see was dark and no light 
But her mother and sister were healed now
They didn't understand

The tears came back and engulfed her soul
Bit by bit until she wasn't sure why she was still alive
The grief took over like knives 
Piercing her skin over and over and over
It hurt so much.

She started to wonder what it'd look like to be dead
She could see him again if she was
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to endure this pain?
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to live knowing she'd never see him again?
It would.

So she started to hate herself
All that negative energy was starting to take toll
Everyone around her was breathing while she suffocated more and more by the second
She wished she'd just choke already instead of living in constant pain
If no one would put her out of her misery, she'd have to do it herself

She couldn't see any light anymore
So she grabbed the pill bottle off the shelf and just hoped it wouldn't take long to die
Deep down she still had a spark of light, but she just couldn't find it 
And now it was too late in her mind to change, to turn back and try to look deeper
She was done living.

That's when people started to notice that everything wasn't as peaceful as it seemed
They started to see how deeply depressed she had become
They wanted to help her see the light again before it was too late 
So they sent her away to see doctors and to take pills to make everything better
It was a start.

She didn't see a change at first but suddenly she could think clearly
Maybe what they were doing was actually going to help her see the light again
Yes, she still wanted to die, but maybe that wasn't the only option anymore
They cared,  and behind all their own problems they were trying to understand
They really were trying

Six months longer she would be treated and cared for
Until suddenly she was sent home from her treatment and care with a smile on her face
She had a new perspective
Someone had helped her ignite that spark in her heart until it was a glowing ember
She had been reborn

Sometimes you have to be able to experience the worst of it
To come back shining brighter than before
And if she had died that cold day in October, she wouldn't of ever seen the best of it
Or known that it would get better
and it did!

And she now sits at her laptop, with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart
It's never been an easy road and it won't ever be
But at least she knows she's lived through the worst
And it can only get better from here

So whenever she feels lonely or gets back into that dark spot again
She can look back on what she's learned and can read this poem
And remember that she survived the darkest depths of depression
And she will continue to survive it as long as she lives
Because she is stronger now than she ever was before ?

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To Shakespeare I give all due respect,
But the world must be a huge theater I suspect.
Woman’s the major player if not the star,
For she influences all with love from afar.
The main acts of her drama as one envisions,
Occur for my audience in seven divisions. 

First the helpless infant in her nurse’s arm,
Fresh from God’s hands smiling and warm.
Yet guiltless and untouched by worldly strife,
She is but a stranger to sin in this dawn of life.
In her pink crib she looks cute and pure,
With a smile on her lips so modestly demure.

Next as a tender young girl of school age,
With pigtails and grace she enters the stage.
An innocent young girl loving dolls and toys,
She has no taste for bruises, math or boys.
Her voice is like music whenever she speaks,
Explaining with emotion the desire she seeks.

In the sweet summer age she becomes a blossom,
And weathers the waves in the role of stardom.
Now she’s a young lady with a pure, creative mind,
Nursing dreams of a life moral and refined.
When put into the orbit of heart-consuming men,
Overcoming dying hope, her world she has to win.

As a wife she makes her home a true nirvana,
 Winning from the man she loves her merited honor.
 She is in hard times his source of consolation,
And in times of pleasure his joy and elation.
As a lover and a mate she continues to perform,
Keeping house and home through every storm.

Now for the most blessed age of female life,
She assumes the role of mother as well as wife.
Like God's miracle, the first is released with a hurl,
Then with tears and a scream from womb to world.
Before long baby laughs aloud and pleads for caress,
And mother love with playful smile grants the request.

Next the vestiges of youth appear a distant dream,
And spring's lovely buds now attest to her final esteem,
As she enters her mournful stage of the widow's woe,
Her glance upon her children falls as her eyes overflow.
She has lost all her young heart once fondly enjoyed,
And in the business of change of life she's fully employed.     

 With the final division, youth is now a faded flower,
 And she can bask in the coolness of the evening hour.
 As she enjoys the reflection of her progeny having fun,
 She is reminded that maternal pleasures are not yet done.
 She continues to impart knowledge necessary to sustain,
 As she guides their hopes to reach for the heavenly domain.

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True Valentine

True Valentine
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 in “Death OF A Rose” By Nate Spears

A lost woman the mirror reflects
Young; and it’s apparent
I can see it in her eyes
No focus and childbearing
Just ass, legs, and thighs in mind
No marriage

If she knew better
Learned better; and
Wanted better,
He would show her a better way of living
Instead of dealing with cowards
Seek a man with moral and merit
He’s stealing your joy
He’s bringing you pain
Removing your youth
He’s playing games

The truth at heart is
Reality should be your first thought
Loneliness is not your fault
It’s a part of life for most
Don’t let it destroy your values 
Just wait,
You’ll find a true love to treasure you.

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Dear Rapunzel

It seems ages since we met over your long, golden hair
an hour glass on the table keeping the meter.

It seems like too many dress up doll days when we played
take me to the river but don’t get our feet wet.

It seems we lost our inner selves painting our faces
painting our nails, singing karaoke at the bars.

Oh, to regain those lost years of our youth, unwrinkled skin
turn back all the pages, like winding gold on a spindle.

Instead we have just leaves, grieves, and grandchildren
with their laser guns, plastic skin and smug attitudes.

They never challenged gamey little midgets with foul intent
they had us to pad them safely with money, love and scent.

Dear Rapunzel, do please let your hair down one more time
and play climb out of the cellar and up the apple tree with me.

Signed Your Dearest Play Mate.

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The number the brand

When I met her , a very old lady she was , yet inside lay a frightened child .
I felt my heart cry , I felt as if I was touching history itself , as I made this older lady, child,  chai .

I remember the day , and so many tears I have cried
I have cried before she and I met 
As a child , so many tears, left confused inside .

Not understanding Why , and how could we stand by and live our lives as if this never happened ?

It happened , we are left in dismay of the movies seen the accounts taken of History 
My self ..I have caught stereotyping the very people whom did this to she , the rest of her Family erased .

The white candles we light , we try and forgive , or just simply block this pain out completely.

It occurs , over and over , as it has been said History will repeat .
When thinking of my children , when I think of that little girl losing ,  cold and scarred , feeling only defeat .

There is a lesson here and I pray , that all whom have been taken from life , have no pain and are gifted spirits throughout eternity . May they be warmed with love,  and reunited with the ones they lost .

The first time I met her , her old hand I took and warmed it with mine , I held it for a long time . 
You could not,  but notice ..the Evil imprinted on skin , the Evil only to remind.
This very old Soul , in her eyes you could see . 
The child that once lived , so innocently free, not aware yet,  of the Hostility .

I speak of a Little girl, I speak of a old woman , I speak of a Jewish,  chosen Religion.

There as I held her frail , old hand  , a brand , a number stamped in Evil a long time ago .   In 1945  , once in our distant, yet Frightening  past . 

We should never forget , never forget it happened , never forget all the names .
If we do , we have learned nothing , A World living in Shame .
                                " Etta Babooshka Kofman  "

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When I grow old

I will grow old
I tremble in the cold
None to care
I have nothing to fear...

But my love is alive
Though I strive
Beautiful roses to pluck
Yet I am stuck..

I grow old with wrinkle
Yet I will kinker
You will always remain in my mind
This is how you will find...

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She writes her songs and her poems,
not one person know 'em.
She listens to the sound of her music,
she's stuck to it like a tick.

If someone took the time to listen,
her true colors would glisten.
She's put on a mask,
and hid everything when someone asked.

She was the type of girl who would always laugh,
making you wish it would last.
She was the type of girl who would smile the day away,
too bad it is no longer that way.

She is now the girl who is depressed,
I bet you're impressed.
Since no one could tell
that she was going through hell.

Everyone thought she was happy, 
when really, she felt crappy.
Everyone thought she was having the time of her life,
who would have guess her best friend was a knife?

She spent her days alone,
she seemed to do everything on her own.
Never once wanted help.
Thought she could do everything herself.

Then the day came,
when she lost the game.
She fell apart,
and everyone saw her broken heart.

They saw the way she overreacted.
Oh, if only you saw the way she acted.
She bruised herself, scratched herself, and made herself bleed,
no one knew what it was that she needed.

They saw her tears,
and that was what she feared.
They found out she wasn't okay,
oh, she hated that day.

Everyone found out about her secret,
and she wish they'd just forget,
but she knew they couldn't,
and that they wouldn't.

She left that town and started over,
no one knew she went undercover.
She said she got better,
when really... something else occurred. 

She secretly hurt herself,
and walked away from help.
Everyone thought she recovered,
when really, she was undercover.

She secretly wanted to get worse,
no one knew of course.
No one cared to ask,
if she was wearing her mask.

Now it's too late,
she locked the gate.
Killed herself,
everyone had forgotten she needed help.

Goodbye cold world,
this was a story of a girl
who once loved everyone
then feared who it was who won.

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Lost and Confused

Lost and Confused, with life.
My Pain and Fear is all I have Left.
Standing alone with no place to go.
Just another Piece in this puzzle, I am.
Playing a role, that shall not be remembered.
But a piece that will be forgotten.
One that got lost along the way.
Lost and Confused, with Life.
Love is all but what we have.
Its what drives us everyday.
A motivation so deeply encouraged.
When achieved, all is but of greater value.
Lost and Confused, with Life.
I leave this place with one memory
but of you, and all its glory.

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Jennifer Part 3

She has so much pain inside of her,
she doesn't know how to address it.
So she turns the pain into anger,
after she explodes, she becomes quiet.

She goes up to her room, upset.
Why does the world hate her so?
She thinks to herself, “That’s it!”
But in reality, it isn't though.

She lies on her bed,
Pulls out her book and reads.
As she turns the pages, she loses her head,
In her mind, she thinks “This is what I need.”

A place to escape the world,
Somewhere she can run.
For it seems everyone hates this girl,
And nothing she does is fun.

She plays her cello 
And loses herself in the music
She does this when she feels low
Then she plays the song of her pick

She listens to the beat she makes,
Trying to make it sound perfect,
But oh, she keeps making mistakes,
She thinks that she will never get it.

She leaves the cello alone
And watches her shows
She then grabs her phone
And tells her best friend the show as it goes.

She leaves the TV on, 
Then she enters her laptop.
She stays on till dawn,
She just can’t seem to stop.

She loves the idea of leaving the real world
And entering an imaginary one.
That’s the story of the girl,
Who is never done.

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I wake on the sand
Right near the beach
You have yet to awake
Far out of reach
And Daybreak has arrived
A beauty unlike any other
Comparable only to us, girl
And how we love each other

So I gaze up alone
Marveling up at the sky
The warmth of the sun
Drying my eyes
I'm reflecting on us
Oh how each other we trust
I'm just so happy we're together
And I think to myself,
Just as this sun, we'll last forever

Then returning to be with you
I lay again now
Place my hand gently
On your warm tender shoulder
While I think of our lives today, love
And how they'll be when we're older...
I know there'd be no other way
So "I Love You" I make sure I say
To you, each and everyday

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The Little Girl with Pigtails

She’s the little girl with pigtails,
who sits quietly at her desk.
Whose eyes lift to meet no one,
whose clothing is always a mess.

He’s the little boy on the playground,
whose strays alone without a friend.
Whose countless cuts and bruises,
are too deep for those to mend.

She’s the little girl in the lunch line,
who stares at classmates having fun.
Her mouth never forms a smile,
her long sleeves cover what’s been done.

He’s the little boy, who lashes out in anger,
as his classmates stop and stare,
in wonder at the skeptical, of a little boy
who seldom had a word to share.

She’s the little girl who recites excuses,
for every injury her tiny body may bear.
A rehearsed story told so perfectly,
no one notices the blankness within her stare.

He’s the little boy who startles so easily,
and jumps at the loudest sound.
A little boy covered in shades of blue,
inflicted by an abuser his fate is bound. 

She’s the little girl with pigtails,
she sits alone, without a friend to tend,
a black tinted heart of abusiveness,
hidden injuries never to mend.

They were the little boy and girl in the classroom,
who sat quietly alone, concealing the crime,
of living a life-time at the hands of an abuser,
who raised their hands of abuse one last time.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Date Rape

I am a victim, never thought I would but I was I said it would never happen to me 
but I 
was SO wrong what turned out a be an innocent fun turn out to be the worst day 
of my 
life now that it's done there's nothing I can do but warn you to be carefully of the 
people you hang around, and the worse part about it is he still out there doing the 
thing to some other girl because I never told anyone what happened to me; 
devastated by 
the fact that it was by one of my own best friends I thought I could trust. Nine 
and a child to take of for eighteen years, eighteen years that I'll miss out on like 
prom and ever other thing a teenage girl would do who would've known my drink 
was drugged 
and who would've guessed one of my own friends would betray me. Now I have 
no trust and 
scared to death for the rest of my life believing it might happen again and I'm one 
the many statistic of more than one hundred girl's that was date raped.

Details | Light Poetry | |

True Hood

Let me tell you about, this girl I know, that has a heart colder than snow. She live's the life of the street's, that's all she know's, that's all she could be! She stay making move's... It's now time, to play the game by her own rule's! She drops out of school, in the tenth grade... Money is what she know's, money is what she made! Get's engage to the street's, tried of all the lame's, tried of the weak! Her life was remade, It's now time to pave a new way! Reborn... right from of the grave, of life! All chip's in... She just rolled the dice! Here come's new life... At the age of fifteen, here come's a new scene! Her first son was made... Now it's time to step up the game! Had three car's, all in her name... The car's was never legit, A chop shop, made all those serial number's fit! As her baby boy, had the Jordan's he couldn't even began to fit! Paying all the bill's, even the rent. Both brother's on the block,... for the crib, wouldn't get hot! A dopefiend dream, If you know what I mean! Living the scarface wife! Pushing key's of coke, rocking fur coat's! Going on boat ride's, with white guy's! Now the landlord, smoke's... Renting the Lexus, for a dub of coke! *****es envious, Nigga's is scarred! Fronting' pound's, to help nigga's get on! Baby's momma's, eating out of plams. Wishing they can take her on! Her baby daddy, is proud to have her on his arm! Living the life.... Coming from the project's, to owning, complex's. Strugling from being a minority, coming from society, living in poverty! ... Copping to Drug Court, while other's do, 2- 4! She's taking trip's, Living lavish, Looking flawless, Living hood rich! Devoted to the game, living all the hood fame! Putting, Erica Cane' to shame!.... My swagger so tight, It's cutting into you, like a knife! You can feel it swelling,..... Cause your girl "TWANNA" is so ....... "OVERWHELMING"...

Details | Ballad | |

My addiction

I have an addiction...
It dont matter what time of day it is my addiction is there...
Not always in the literall since...
But it is always on my mind...
I lay my head down to sleep at night thinking about you...
I sleep dreaming about you...
I wake up thinking about you...
Your always on my mind...
No matter what I do my addiction is always on my mind...
Even if your not the last one I talk to before I lay my head down to sleep...
I still lay my head down thinking of you...
I just cant get enought of you...
No matter what my addiction is there...
My addiction has a name...
Her name is Shelby Nestle...
No matter how much we text or talk on the phone...
Its never enough...
I cant get enough of your beautiful eyes...
I cant get enough of that beautiful smile...
I cant get enough of kissing your soft lips...
That feeling I get inside when our lips touch...
Or holding you in my arms...
This is a new addiction to me...
Never have I been this addicted this quick...
It scares the shyt outta me...
But then I love it...
You are my new addiction baby... 
You are my...
My heroin...
My ecstacy... 
My cocaine...
You are my own personal drug...
I cant imagine and addiction stronger...
You are my addiction...
I wouldnt even think about trying to break this addiction...
I wouldnt go to rehab for this addiction...
I like it to much...

Details | Free verse | |

Only in You

Through the lonely woods, I may head,

Upon the autumn leaves, I may tread,

At the secluded horizon, I may stare,

And only you, I may see,

In those symphonies of silence,

In those melodies of calmness,

In those euphonies of quietness.


By the silent lake, I may lay,

Till the twilight fades, I may stay,

Then in reclusive silence, I may walk,

And only to you, I may talk,

Through those toungueless emotions,

Through those wordless attachments,

Through those voiceless sentiments.


In the lone meadow, I may wander,

Along the untrodden paths, I may waver,

In companionless seclusion, I may hide,

And only in you, I may find,

The depths of oneness,

The bonds of togetherness,

The cozy feel of coalescence.


In the wilderness of emotions, I may die,

At the merciless daggering, I may sigh,

Through a million wounds, I may bleed,

And only in you, I may seek,

The balm of love,

The warmth of affection,

The heal of inseparability.

Details | I do not know? | |

'Give me drink, rest, and solitude'

Give me drink, rest, and solitude--
these are all the things I long for.
Give me as well your finest food
and I'll ask of you, lass, no more!

My bonnie lass, what's the matter--
why are you all sorry and alone?
Don't be sad because you're fatter
than most, lass, for love loves its own.

Sweet lass, I'll tell you a secret.
If I were a young lad again,
I'd pursue you without regret!
But as I am three-score and ten

years old, indeed, I can never
be the youthful lad you most need.
But your pain won't be for ever:
for your heart will refuse to bleed.

Details | Crown of Sonnets | |

For My Unborn Seed and Girlfriend

Dam girl when Im locked up you set me free/ 
When Im not myself you set me free/ 
Im behind the lock and you got the key/
 Im blind with hate but you helpmy love see/ 
WhenIm lot and alone you take the lead/
 Without you I could have never planted my seed/ 
I hate to say it but you make me better/ 
You know I love you even without this letter/ 
When Im cold with sadness you my comfort warm sweater/
 I know I can be a bad boyfriend but Im going to be a better father/
 I might have wanted a son, but it really didnt matter because now you having my daughter/
 Im guess Im too stubborn girl with me why you even bother/
 my heart gets heart gets colder but for you it only gets hotter........

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Summertime Re-Lyric

Summertime…and the livin’ is easy,                                                
Flowers growin’ and the sun’s sittin’ high.                                    
Your Daddy’s rich and your Momma’s so good lookin’;               
So hush, pretty baby…you got no reason to cry. 

One of these days, you’re gonna rise up smilin’.
Take a look around and think you’ve got it all.
You’ve got your Momma’s looks, all your Daddy’s money,
And all the boys in town are at your beck and call.

Summertime…and the livin’ is so easy,
Laughin’, singin’, havin’ so much fun.
No time to stop and think about your future
And what life will bring when your Summer’s  done.

‘Cause Summertime, it don’t last forever.
Breezes cool and the leaves begin to fall;
And in your quiet moments, you sit and wonder
How you've come so far, but have no love at all.

Yes, Summertime…and the livin’ was so easy; 
Ain’t it sad how fast the good times fly; 
And now your Momma’s looks and all your Daddy’s money
Another sweet, warm Summer’s day they cannot buy. 

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60's Cruising In Western Kansas

Around the square, Camaros belching flame,
in hot pursuit of Mustangs on the prowl,
we'd change the rules but never change the game
and love was what brought on the midnight howl!

Two sisters in a Plymouth, Daddy's curse;
hair rolled up tight into a flowered bun, 
with gold from Colorado for their thirst,
would look much better as the night drove on;

and at the magic moment, loosed the hair--
the swap was on--and to the back seat of
the rolling boudoir waiting for them there,
as echoed from the pipes, the sound of love!

Their skinny feet left marks of show and tell;
For weeks the boys would pray, she wouldn't swell.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Details | Limerick | |

A Distempered Horse

There once was a skinny horse name George.
Poor ole soul lived alone in a gorge.
Three fit sheep came his way.
They were traded that day.
Matted, bony, his belly engorged.  

Onward He forged, living on the brink.
I’ll save him, one young maiden did think.
Head hung; life was his game.
George, his infamous name.
She prayed; from his needs, she did not shrink.

George would not drink; lips were cracked and dry.
She asked God, “Please don’t let him die.”
Water was his kismet.
Sweet feed filled hope’s bucket.
She cut out mats; whisked away each fly.

Six months later, George was still alive.
Lips were moist; he ate; began to thrive.
With some flesh on his bones,
And relieved of his groans,
The day of her moving would arrive.

The time came when George had to be sold.
Half Arabian, not very old
Registration papers.
The old trader’s capers,
You promised them, the young girl cajoled.

How could he live; does he have luster?
Papers lost; no death by distemper.
Confessions on that day,
The girl went away.
Compassion to the horse did whisper.

New owners bought him, his health still poor.
His price and potential was the big lure.
They quickly changed his name.
Greener pastures, the game.
Star’s beauty became his life’s encore.

© June 7, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: A Horse Story 	 
Sponsored by: Carol Brown

(Based on a true story)

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The Poor Little Black Girl

She sits on a street corner with a teardrop in her eye
Wishing she were in the cars of the people driving by
Her mother left with some john about two months ago
The man with the eviction notice didn’t care she had no place else to go

She carries in her small backpack everything she owns
The coming of the winter colds is in the winds that have blown
The bed she made on a City Park bench can comfort her no more
Her absences in the public school do not entice anyone to go looking for …

… the poor little black girl that nobody cares about

She has potential deep inside of her buried beneath the hunger pains
But nobody in this busy world recognizes what there is to gain
She is doing everything she possibly can to stop from turning tricks
But the only thing her mother taught her was how to hide the bruises from her kicks

The Styrofoam cup she holds out to strangers hasn’t collected any coin
People just leave her looks of disgust as if she is at fault for being forlorn
Shadows cast by the high-rise buildings grow longer with the setting sun
As commuters begin their journeys home she stands up in front of everyone … 

… and the poor little black girl lets out a booming shout

“I don’t do this because I want to; being abandoned was not my choice;
I tried quietly to ask for help – but today I will use my voice
I turned thirteen years old today – the anniversary of another girl’s mistake
Is it too much to ask for, just once, a piece of cake?”

 “You can pretend that I don’t exist; you can pretend that you’re better than me;
You can long for that future day when I am no longer here for you to see;
You can hate me and fear me and just turn your head the other way;
But you will see me again, sitting by our Father to hear your excuses come judgment day”

Businessmen and businesswomen stopped for just a minute
They looked around at one another not sure of the message or how to spin it
Then continued towards their taxis, subways, ferries and their cars
She stood alone after the sun went down beneath the twinkling stars …

It is up to you, now, to determine how this story turns out

Details | Personification | |

Walls of Years

~ I am but four walls painted purple, I remember that day, the girl of raven hair, standing on a ladder painting me. I was laughing because her hair had streaks of purple, and she was dappled all over with dots of me, you see. The next few days, I was left alone to dry in quietude, then came the antique furniture and mauve drapery. Art work was attached to me in hues of purple, my whole essence was lovely and I rested peacefully. I liked to watch the girl dance around in her pretty dresses, looking at herself in the ornate, oval mirror, so pretty. Often she would sit at her desk writing in her diary, with tears in her eyes, head bowed, I was full of sympathy. One day, she wore an elegant dress of white lace, she danced and pranced around the room smiling happily. I was so happy for her, but not exactly sure why I was, but I should have been sad because she was leaving me. Years my door remained closed, the furniture covered, then one day, an old lady walked in holding the hand of girl. She stroked the raven hair of the girl she called granddaughter, and told her, "this is the room where I used to dance and swirl." ~ Written September 4, 2012 For the contest, If These Walls Could Talk, Sponsored by Black Eyed Susan

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Just For My Sweet Beautiful Boo

I think about you every hour throughout my day/ I dont know what it is about you that makes me feel this way?/ but I want to let you know Im going to try to comprehend them in the nest few wrods that I say......
 Dam girl I stillcant belive you my boo....after all the drunk bull-sit I put you threw/ You make me better at everything girl I cannot lose/ Right now you the only woman that I choose/ You bring light to my rez life blues/ You make ,my heart beat faster than it normally moves I dont life being alone because I'm better off when my life is spent in two's/ Without your pretty face around girl I dont know what I would really want to do/ No matter what mi lady because this poem ws written just for you my sweet beautiful boo........

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I am

As i sit here wondering, thinking 
i write everything that comes to my head,

Then almost instantly I feel a certain pungent dread.
This is my life therefore i must accept it,

I'm an ordinary island girl, a girl of the world
yet i do not feel defined by who i am

i am exotic, my wavy hair flows
my small eyes dart and with my voice i sing like a lark.

Beautiful i am. I am beautiful.
and yet i really don't know who I am 

is my olive skin with yellow hues the true essence of me?
it certainly is my individuality.

I am every girl out there that hates to love their hair 
their skin, their diversity and not really being one or the other. 

I am, I am that sea breeze, fresh like a rose with dew.
beautiful and delicate. 


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Just Like you

I have dreams too
I have hopes too
I have plans too,
I cry too,
I laugh too,
I fail too,
I succeed too,
sometimes my world is
in black n white too,
sometimes so coloured 
and beautiful,
I make mistakes too
sometimes am so right too,

I pray too
sometimes I just forget tom
I care too
sometimes just 
I try hard sometimes too
I relax sometimes and 
just let things be,
I'm just like you,
 just that
you'll never find another 
VIRGINIA like me,
am unique,

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Death by Beauty

A smile moves across her lips
She gazes at her crime
A scar across her flesh and soul
To haunt her for all time
She’ll waste away for all she cares
Never stops to use her brain
Doesn’t care about the ones who are close
All she cares about is pain

She wants to be what the others expect of her
Doesn’t care about the self-respect for her
A rose can’t be a forget-me-not
Can’t she see what all she has got

Never to go back again
She feels the world is at an end
She will never show her grief
Although she’ll cry in empty streetS

She’d sooner live like a desolate mole
Living in fear in an empty hole
Screaming silent wails alone
Content to live in her mental home

A final tear falls from her eye
It hits the ground, it’s followed by
A beautiful body, mutated by hate
A kind word could have stopped it, but it is too late
One two many bricks in the wall in her mind
Molding her demise because her heart was blind
This self conscious being could never have won
For she was destroyed by the beautiful ones

She wouldn’t fight back, wouldn’t respect herself
In the end, she managed only to wreck herself
A rose can’t be a forget-me-not
Little did she know, she had all she had sought

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Love me tonight girl we won't meet again ,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby, ha ha ha ha,
Let your body decide what it does ,
It's okay baby cause everybody ****s,
I know it's straight to the point,
But I'd rather be straight up and straight forward,
Instead of playing with your heart and your mind,
Games are waste of time, now we can do the nasty,
And do what the do and see what the does,
Either we gonna love what we do to each other,
Or just let it be what it was,
No harm, no foul, no commitment, no vows,
Maybe a contract or two,
But by that time I'm already tired of the way you like it, oh,
And let your body decide, exactly what it does,
But it's no secret baby, everybody fücks,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
Love me tonight girl we won't meet again,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does, it's okay baby,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby cause everybody fücks,
Now I can hear your body calling me,
Tell me what it is, what's gon be,
Only got one night cause I'm...,
Lil mama is a bad one, ain't she? 
Maybe she might be a little timid,
Love when I get it,
Or I might even give a text when I'm finish,
Been doing all this talking, let's get it,
And you can tell me what you wanna do,
I guarantee you can do that,
Or you can teach me like a thing or two,
But I bet you I already knew that,
So one night one time baby girl,
Let's take this chance,
We ain't trying to be love strung,
But I know that Everybody ****s,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
Love me tonight girl we won't meet again,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does, it's okay baby,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby cause everybody ****s,
Let your body go, let your feeling show,
Say what's on your mind, I already know,
I can read your eyes, see your body sign,
(Every sign you give baby) with a little bump and grind,
Nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
Baby there ain't nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
There ain't nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
Baby there ain't nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
Love me tonight girl we won't meet again,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does, it's okay baby,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby cause everybody ****s,
Believe that believe that baby,
Everybody ****s…

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She is bronze colored in complexion...
She is not too tall nor too small..
She is found along high rise buildings to sidewalks..
She dresses according to the 90's, to the latest moda...

She has her own unique style...
She has of brilliance undefined..
She has the hands soft to caress and rough to grip..
She has of eloquence: smile that soothes...

She is from the southeastern seas..
She belongs to islands of myriads history..
She comes from the land of the tropics..
She stands out among the crowd..

Empowered through high quality education..
Unbreakable by dozens of life experiences..
Molded flexible enough by Her culture 
Zest enough to face the whole world..

Wether in the most sophisticated way..
To the simplest servant you can see at home...
What makes her so captivated...
Her full blown nationality of being a Filipina...

© O. E. Guillermo

Sponsor	Poet Destroyer A
Contest Name	a poem you have not entered in a past contest # 11 
Placrf 9th


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That True Girl

 she's human,
Not so fun to be with,
Not so pretty.

But she choose to forget that,
Walking with her head up high,
The pretty girl that is so damn fly,
Sweet you don't want to tell her bye,
The better version of independent mind,
She young wild n free,
Not to mention she living her life,
She don't need you to keep reminding her of her negative side. 
 For she don't live on that side.

Details | Haiku | |

What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

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Lisa Maree

Dedicated to my darling daughter. Lisa Maree, the kindest girl in the world

Lisa Maree

Lisa Maree, you baffle me
You just don’t seem to care
You throw your money all around
And people who won’t share
Will try to take you for a ride
And you can’t always see
What some folk try to do to you
You’ve too much trust in thee.

Lisa Maree, it’s plain to see
That you’re a special girl
Though sometimes you go off on one
And mind goes in a whirl
Your heart is gold, pure solid gold
You’re as soft as heated honey
You have a sense of humor too
You even think 'you’re' funny.

Some might find you hard to take
These fickle kinds of folk
Will run you down for being you
And treat you like a joke
But fickle folk don’t mean a thing
You’re far above the rest
When you are helping someone out
That’s when you’re at your best.

23 August 2013 @ 1817hrs

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I Want

I want to sing you
I want to write you
I want to watch you
And describe you

I would like to compose you
You, my ninth symphony
To put you on a stave
To play your melody

I want to sculpt you
Without engraving too much
Hardly anything to change
Some details to fix

I want to photograph you
Under different lights
To whip with the flash
All those artifices that are hiding you

I want to break your records
Go through your body's limits
Jump higher, run further
When man an athlete is one

I could go on with other arts
But none of them seem good enough to define you
So I'll go on in which my words are the finest
For you, I'll never stop writing

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The Tin Man

They said he had no heart at all.
They said he felt no pain.
The stone-faced man just gave the facts.
No feelings would he feign.

He talked of floods and accidents.
He spoke of deadly quakes.
There were reports of surgeries.
He spoke of bites from snakes.

But then one day a war broke out.
It was one of the worst.
The man that was most seasoned.
He would report it first.

And so the tin man was sent out.
Across the world he flew.
He would report of countries torn.
A place where hatred grew.

Day and night, the two sides fought.
The massacre was brutal.
Leaders said they saw no hope.
They said the talks were futile.

One night the man reported late.
The sun was going down.
The light was still enough to see.
The story done in town.

The bullets came from everywhere.
Small fires raged around.
The camera man had focused in.
It seemed there was no sound.

The little girl had stumbled out. 
She could have been his own.
Her face had blood, her skin was torn.
The building had been blown.

The girl appeared as in a daze.
But still their eyes did meet.
Amidst the terror all around.
She walked across the street.

She looked just like an angel.
Her dress was burnt and torn.
She held her hands out to the man.
Her face was so forlorn.

Not more than thirty feet away.
His eyes fixed on the girl’s.
A bullet flew and she went down.
The blood had drenched her curls.

The man just stood in silence.
Like time had stopped in space.
The tin man’s heart had melted.
And tears streamed down his face.

They said he never was the same.
The damage pierced his soul.
They said that you could almost see.
How the bullet made a hole.

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Packed up
Wedged together
Shut out from light and air, 
Little creatures indifferent to life or death
Of what comes
With the open door.
Looking for the first opportunity
To Leap
This intolerable life.
The Mass grave
Of a two-dimensional reality.

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The Traveller's Unclaimed Land

He says he loves me then he says he loves me not
He loves me today but by tomorrow I'm forgot 
He runs from my love but returns wanting more
I guess I'm to blame for letting the traveler explore, 
See travellers just wander and are never here to stay
They admire the scenery and enjoy the display 
They tour the land and ride the attractions
So memories become their only subtractions,
They search for an experience that is what they yearn
The condition once they leave is none of their concern!
So how can the land be devoted and true 
When travellers come and go out of the blue.
The present is now and where he's travelled to,
But the past he calls home so he must return soon
Most likely just a visit although time can only tell, 
But what he lusts is in this land and he knows it very well
He may call that place home but its this land that he seeks
Travellers on a mission never realize until they hit their peek
He continues to damage this land down to its core 
So what's left to offer when their is nothing left in store?
The resources were depleted and the land left bare
He comes and goes as he pleases it doesn't seem fair;
See this land has been abused time and time again
Seeds that were planted, were means to an end
But pleasure and satisfaction was always accomplished
Because this land provided where the homeland was disadvantaged!
But despite the history and despite the trust
Submit to his urges is something he must.
So this time around his departure is permanent 
Lack of faith and loyalty was the final determinant.
The damage he caused cannot be rendered,
So his visitation rights he has surrendered!
So leave this land I say and never look back
This is the path you chose I hope you can stay on track,
Cause travellers have memories of the lands they have stained
But the land only remembers the one that remained!

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Red Haired Girl

Her hair flows smoothly It’s red as the morning sky Her eyes are so green There’s freckles on her kind face Looking unique, she’s gorgeous
Russell Sivey

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Crimson Slippers

Opening the doors to the old studio I find A playful capriole sprinted across my mind Into a sashay and a glissade I drifted back I could hear the teachers stick go tap.tap.tap Once a prestigious ballet school of great poise Filled with music as our slippers sounded with noise The mirrors are cracked and the floors dusty Rain soaked wood left the room smelling musty The charm stayed behind as if waiting for me Spotlighting a ballerina to The goddess of the sea The young girl danced flawlessly then took a bow Then sashayed off the stage without a moistened brow An old battered piano appeared across from me Bearing red ballet shoes like a crimson canopy Charm embraced her while honoring her memory As I looked into the mirror I saw that girl was me Carole Cookie Arnold 2010

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Mother of Emptyness

Unfamiliar grounds  scare my emotions,

Hand which holds me safe no longer exist,

Each glance behind reveal vacant spaces

where are you Mom?

The emptiness I feel around me  is vast,

Familiar warmth no longer extents to wipe tears,

Very routine footsteps never walks alongside,

Where are you Mom?

Bond that linked was brutally cutoff,

Before I learned to sense essence of life,

The very dept jolt me to be bold for age,

Where are you Mom?

Each gray hair reminds me of time left,

Pangs of pain quiver me out of my gloom,

Arouse to stand up straight to face time,

Where are you Mom?

The very Mom within me shudder,

With the same pain I once poured,

Into thy very bosom  with  vengeance,

Where are you Mom?

Are you never going to  hold me close?

Why heartless to watch the  river of tears?

Mind  skilled to paint a shadow of you,

Where are you Mom?

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To Be Apart

Her smile always greets me
As I close my eyes each night
The love in her voice is comforting
With passion, she's burning so bright

A sparkle in her eyes
And a fire in her heart
Let's spend together our lives
Couldn't stand To Be Apart

To Be Apart would destroy me 
Reduce me to the tears
Without her right beside me
All throughout the years

I don't know what I'd do
If I ever had to restart
And oh how much I'd lose
If we were To Be Apart

The most beautiful girl I'd ever seen
With every desirable too
She was everything to me
When we're apart, oh what will I do?

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Never seen such a sexy girl in my life

Never felt inside so much love before
Never seen such a pretty girl for sure
Baby I want to love you more and more
Never felt inside so much love before

Never seen such a sexy girl in my life
If I could make you my wife baby my wife
Baby you can make me work nine to five
Never seen such a sexy girl in my life

Never seen such styles the dresses you wear
I will love you always baby I swear
I want you so much I have got no fear
Never seen such styles the dresses you wear

Never seen so much love in those eyes
My heart is happy but my eyes cry
Song is in soul when the music dies
Never seen so much love in those eyes

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Step after step I move forward.
Into the abyss, 	
Into the pit
Black, thick, silent,
The pool is filled
 Yet the tar is so bleak and empty.
Fully submerged there is nothing, 
Nothing but me
Nothing to smell hear or see
So I focus on me
My weaknesses
My faults
My mistakes
I feel all the pain as the air leaves my lungs
As the pressure of all that I’ve done bears down upon my chest and back.
Bones bend and muscles contract.
That last bit of air
 Right before sweet eternal sleep
 Escapes into the darkness
And for that moment the pain stops and the pressure fades…
I am cold.
I am lost.
Floating back to the top…
I inhale 
And life is restored…until next time.

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In My Community

Our Ancestors fought to the death,
Just so we can live a brighter day,
So before you light up that blunt of meth,
Think about what you’re giving away,
It was a glad day in history when Obama rose to victory,
The first black president was all we knew,
Dark skin is in!
Haven’t you heard?
That even in our community, 
You can get burned,
It’s a sad day when people would rather stay home and “Crank That Amber Cole”,
Than get up and run to a poll,
In our community,
Rockin’ Luis V is better than having a college degree,
And teen pregnancy is not only a trend,
But the single motherhood that follows should end,
Young girls learn of a wonderful prince to take them away,
Nothing should change thought their mothers prince didn’t stay,
And as the tears fade away,
She grows stronger every day,
In our community,
Fighting is no longer a word,
You argue with someone and shots are heard,
Girls showing places the sun don’t show,
So how do they expect the community to grow?
Where love is a figment of imagination,
Making a young child question her creation,
Young mothers would rather buy the iPhone 5,
Then satisfy her baby’s cries,
While her new man’s eye,
Wander up another girl’s thighs,
In our community,
Where #team dark skin vs #team light skin,
Makes others not love the skin they’re in,
Love, lust, hate, and trust,
Giving a rose on Valentine’s Day is no longer a must, 
Where bad is good and good is bad,
Who would think to see their grandmother sad?
Her hurt and pain,
Shows how our community has lost everything her parents fought to gain.

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For Men Everywhere One Billion Rising

1 Billion Rising.

For Men Everywhere.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!


Stop the abuse!

Of grand-daughters,

all women.


Listen to the voices!

Of grand-daughters,

all women.


Think of how you treat,


all women.


Act now to change yourself!

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

stops when you stop,

the violence,
the abuse,
the rape.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

is perpetrated by,



all men.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

stops when us men stop,

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

today, now.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

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Lost and Found

She was lost, alone in the world
With no one to help her in life.
No one to listen and be her friend.
She never smiled, rarely laughed.
She kept to herself, talked only when she had to.
Everyday she slowly died inside
Could feel herself slipping away...
Further and further in the dark abyss...
Then she met him and she was found.
Finally she had someone to listen and be her friend
She smiled and laughed and talked all the time.
She felt herself coming back, bit by bit
She began to live again,
and she owed it all to him.

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Life Less
By: IzaDonna

Such a lonely girl along the road
No one helps her, no where to go
Tears are falling from her face
She wipes them away with disgrace
Nothing but the clothes on her back
Once standing in light now in black
N I'm hoping she still has drive
N keep pushing to stay alive

As the memories come flooding in
She realizes shes lived in sin
Can she change it, starting today
Before her life fully slips away
Can she finally fight her fight
Cause if not she'll die tonight
Can't u realize she isnt a soldier
All she really wants is someone to hold her

As she looks at the poison
Her soul has finally chosen
She lifts it up n throws it on the ground
Thanking the strength thats deep inside
Finally free again, dont have to hide
Erase the slate, n take a stand
This is it now, one last chance

Chorus X2

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The Golden Girl

The Golden Girl as named by Vienna (thanks girl) Appointments here appointments there Rushing round yet getting nowhere. I would love the time to stop and stare At the golden daffodils waving in the air Strong and tall, basking in the sun Nothing to worry about, having daffodil fun. I am going to take the time to see, The beauty that’s surrounding me. The golden trumpets of daffs in the sun I am going to learn the names of some. My little car was a Burnt Gold Daf My first car Limerick raised a laugh To Vienna that named me the Golden Girl I am going to stand and let my trumpet twirl I thank you for the name suggested, I thought about it and inwardly digested. The Golden Girl I am going to be From now on that Golden Girl is me. Follow the sun and enjoy life while I can Stop and stare at every gorgeous man Look but don’t touch while I can. The golden sun sets every day None know how much time we have to play. So take the time to stand and stare At gorgeous things everywhere Every day try to fulfil a dream You never know when you may roll in the stream
This is inspired from my limerick " My First Car" if you did not read it you will not understand the last line here.

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Dinner For Two

In the beginning a girl meets a boy
A connection felt like shock waves
An entire lifetime seen in each others eyes
Still only babes barely out of school
Will you come with me and dine with me 
Dinner just for two

Time passes on but still feels like only yesterday
What was challenging is now made easy
Together boy and girl grew
A night on the town, a little playing around
Dinner just for two

Moving on in the world, finding their places
Never straying far from each others hearts
No longer does just a girl meet just a boy
Emerges woman to man, innocence gone
Responsibilities now playing their role
Days changing all on their own
Sacrifices made a sing song trade
Dinner just for two

Life continues somewhat different from the start
Younger days gone and spent believing 
In each others arms days and nights spent
Memories of a lifetime built together 
Days of yesterday the same in their eyes
Destined to be together for all time
Fate uniting their hearts and souls

Stolen moments, quick kisses, sweet embraces
Dinner just for two

Learning to hold on tight through life
When everything around you changes
Sometimes time stops when the rainbow ends
The pages of their journey's story still evolving
Reality and fantasy trying to hold their own
To make for an interesting adventure
Waves of emotion wash over each other

Come let us run away, get away if only for the day
Dinner just for two

Written by:  Shannon Deane
Written:  June 19th, 2011
For: P.D.'s Poetry Assignment

"Can honestly say that was the hardest form of poetry I have tried to attempt to 
date, I don't think I did enough justice, but this is the result of my rough copy, my 
apologies for the rough attempt"

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Nothing But Chalk

She sits there in the back of the class, doodling on her paperwork. Getting lost in 
the scribbles, tuning out the teacher, forgetting all the madness around her, her life 
fading in the paper. Slap! The sound of the ruler splintering across the desk. PAY 
ATTENTION! Head jerking upward, she sits up in her little desk. Pencil dropping from 
her hand, rolling off onto the floor. She looks straight ahead, back straight as a 
board, eyes glued ahead as the teacher drones on. Drilling things into their heads, 
eyes sharp like an eagle. Looking for every chance to catch someone falling asleep, 
to catch someone passing notes, to catch someone whispering. The little girl quietly 
picks up her pencil and her mind drifts to dreaming of playing dress up, drifts to the 
path the lead makes on the paper. The curves of a woman, not a little girl. Dreaming 
of growing up into a woman. Confident, pretty, smart, strong....someone people will 
notice....a woman with a voice. Slap! The ruler across her hand. She jerks it back, 
clasping it to her chest. Instant sting, instant redness and she feels the tears start 
to pool in her eyes, her lip quivering to hold back the yelp. Pay attention! You’re not 
listening! I asked you a question young lady. Should I repeat it? She’s so scared 
that she can’t even speak so she just meekly nods her head. Hard as steel, cold as 
ice, the teacher repeats the question. She hangs her head and answers but her 
voice is barely above a squeeking whisper. Speak up! says the teacher. The class 
can’t hear you, I can’t hear you she says. The little girl raises her head and repeats 
her answer. WRONG! Slap! The ruler across her other hand. See if you had been 
paying attention instead of DOODLING, then you wouldn’t have gotten the ruler. 
You’ll make sure next time you will listen now won't you. The little girl doesn’t 
answer, doesn’t speak up. She doesn’t want the ruler again. So she carefully and 
quietly lays her pencil on her little wooden desk that bares the markings of many 
ruler slappings. And on her little wooden desk, she rests her hands that bare the 
scars of many ruler slappings. She stares straight ahead at the chalkboard, 
unwavering, searing a hole in the chalkboard. She tries to find the dream of dress 
up, tries to find the girl dressing up as the woman she wants to be. But all she sees 
on the chalkboard…no matter how hard or how long she stares...all she sees on the nothing but chalk.

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One Billion Rising

Today we rise.

No more hiding in the shadows,

of culture,

No more silent complicity,

defensive arguments,
sickening pretences,
shabby excuses,

for the actions of men,

brutal and coarse and vulgar and obscene and murderous and abusive.

Today, we rise,

as one.

Today the change starts,

with me,
within me.

Today we rise.

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The Kids of Divorce

Mom and Dad divorce; the kids are damaged for life; but some are relieved.

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Like the frightened Jackrabbit, I run away from Love

Jump up and down like a jackrabbit
running through meadows
running from what?
Could it be heartbreak,
a venemous snake that hides in the grass,
hiding with fangs ready to pierce the tender skin
upon the tight, bronze flesh of everyday life?
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now!
I need a vacation a long way away from the faceless smiles
and ignorance of young girls, who don't look at you,
who don't show you love and respect.
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now,
as jumping spiders hop everywhere, crawling eight legs around me
my soul black like carcoal, but my heart still beating
slower this time, not like the days before
and like the jackrabbit running from anything and everything,
I run to seek love and vanish away from the empty voids
that people call, their souls.
Recording a film with no tape,
talking to a woman you love, but not having the guts to tell her how you really feel
Jump my boy, like a jackrabbit, take my advice
tell her before she leaves
turns down the endless avenues of endless dark love
the trees grow taller, taller than you
and you sit there feeling away yourself die, missing out in life.
I cannot see you lose your love.
Say it, say it, Say it!!! Tell her! Tell her! Build the guts up!
Build up the courage, tell her how you feel. Take her by the hand and never say goodbye! Never say goodnight, stay with her till the flight comes in the morning
of the first rays of sun shine through your dorm room take her and love her!
Do not be like me, the jackrabbit! I see no happiness
Reading poetry it makes me sad,
to write of others falling in love and I never finding the one.
People tell me, you'll find yours, have hope
but I am a frightened little jackrabbit
who flees from sounds of deep emotions, not having courage to fall in love,
not building the guts up to tell her how I really feel.
She walks alone, I find my oppertunity and sing my love song
She smiles and moves on,
please tell me I cannot fight anymore.
All I have to say is Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye
I need a vacation
to go to some sandy beach on an island of love
and write and write and write, the same poetry that depresses me
but makes you all fall in love with words!
Fiction about love stories, please kiss me
Blue eyed death comes, plays a game of chess with me
I bet twenty, he bets my soul
Kiss me death, the only love I'll ever get,
besides my poet friends who kiss my ass
Listen to my heart, truely, I don't write of beauty
I write for the sorrow soul, the fleeing jackrabbit
running away from love.....

Details | Pantoum | |

A Father's Sun

To be born a girl to a father with patriarchal dreams
born a disappointment to himself was all I could claim. 
A pretty little thing, a trinket, a space holder, a seam,
to be a man is to be wanted to be woman's a shame.

Born a disappointment to himself was all I could claim
Mother cried, and tried but one more girl she bore to his frown
To be a man is to be wanted to be woman's a shame.
I watched and did not wonder as his lips turned upside down.

Mother cried, and tried but one more girl she bore to his frown
If I'd been a boy, his joy would have saved my Mother's heart
as I watched and did not wonder, as his lips turned frown down
I learned being male was something desirable and apart.

If I'd been a boy, his joy would have saved my Mother's heart.
I'd lead the pack, ride the rails, see the world, eat it all whole.
I learned being male was something desirable and apart.
But I'd not use my powers to break countless hearts untold.

Many children I'd seek, daughters and sons, all wanted each one
born a disappointment to himself was all I could claim. 
But a man, such as I'd be, would cherish daughters not shun
to be a man is to be wanted to be woman's a shame.

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L O M L Always

The thought of her smiling gave me faith
From when we were little we bathe
My mother and her mother is best friends
They both took care of us and gifts they send
We pulled each others hair
And she was always quick to dare
When I smiled at her she knew it was no good
She learned to pull me up and she understood
I just wanted her attention and that she gave
She knew it in her heart love was my slave
From when we were a child with full of energy I had my way
She was the one who was my guide and she did not push me away
When I saw her cry one day and her eyes was so sad
I gave her a flower and I smiled at her and made her glad
When some one special leaves her heart
I sat by her and never wanted to depart
She is the love of my life always
She is the one who gave me my hope through out my days
So I gave her my heart and love from within
And I did not make it thin
I stood by her side since I was a child
I gave her my support when we were wild
She knew who I was and I let her go the distance
I did not hate her or give her resistance
My mother and her mother are great friends and their virtue will never end
Because of their love they both trusted us to live our ways to transcend
So my childhood friend was my best friend, and now my wife
She new it from the start that we part of each others life

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Sometimes everything seems fake to me, and I am so tired of people acting like they remember what love is. 
Everyone says it. 
“I love you, I love you, I love you.” 
No words are more meaningful to me when sailing from the lips of a true friend or a kindred spirit, but the rest of you have to be careful where you point those syllables 
because that’s like taking the closest thing to

 the Lord’s name that I ever understood
in vain. 
I was walking back from the gas station a few weeks ago and some girl I didn’t even know looked at me and said it. 
Her lip gloss opening and closing like some kind of sea creature fishing for plankton, and I just happened to be the nearest thing drifting past.
“Love you!”, like it was hello. 
Now I have just one question
You have no idea what I am. 
My smile’s like this because my parents had the money. 
My eyes are not the windows to my soul. 
They don’t mean jack except for genetics that I had no control over, and what my mother ate when I was in utero. 
That’s like acting like my poetry is who I am. 
Like how myelinated the neurons in my linguistics center 
I can feel the right to decide that I am more or less, valuable. 
It happened again earlier too.
I was sitting on the greyhound back home, having a conversation with a girl with guys all around her like fire ants with their mating tubes out. All of them with ink, piercings, and sizing me up 
because my six-foot-four stature could not speak for itself.
I’d like to think we talked about something more important than my assets and destination, but as she turned to disappear out of the bus with her escorts, she cast the three words back on me
like throwing a fishing line on the off chance something might bite,
“I love ya.”
….what in the world. 
After this, I think of the only one whose words held their weight. 
I don’t mean no harshness, 
but if I could go back in time and have half the balls my poetry does, I’d take you aside, and tell you something you wouldn’t understand. Something like, “BAM! I am a tulip field on fire at sunset.” 
Something like, “My shirt, is from the Goodwill.” 
Something like, “You’re telling me Christ could have saved the world with His cheekbones?”
“You’re telling me I’m viable and worth a few minutes of your attention?”
“You’re telling me tall, black, and attractive is what’s in this century?” 
But let me tell you.
You don’t have any idea of the size of the planets you’re saying you want to try and swallow when you say those words to me. 
I’ve been waiting to be able to hear, feel, taste, smell, and know those words for too long. You have to mean them to say them. 
But you see, I was a philosopher before I was a poet, so I have to take that back and reflect it on myself. 
The truth is, I’m so confused that sometimes, I don’t know which end my head is at.

Poetry flies in my eyeballs that should never make it past my lips, but I’m getting tired of trying to impress people. 
In this past month, I’ve been day dreaming about the girl smiling at me and it meaning more than
“You look like you got good genetics”
“Could I please date your self esteem?”
I’ve been day dreaming of the girl who reminded me of what those three words are supposed to mean. 
Like when my acne came back, and you told me not to scratch at a handsome face.
“I love you.”
Like when my poetry departs, and all I can do is ramble things too big for my head. 
“I love you.” 
Like when I didn’t feel like just a romantic stereo type anymore. 
“I love you.” 
What those words meant to me, before I made the world make them less.

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Love In All The Wrong Places

The words I Love You taken to lightly misused guilt cross the mind of many.
Truth of the matter is I believe that she is lost.  The many paths she had chosen. Somehow, something happened and time seem to have just jumped from one point to another as she blames the world for her misdeeds that lead to something in life she wasn't able to understand.  She talked about change though need to focus on changing her ways.
Blurred out the words I Love You so much she's out of touch of her own personal life an how she should feel.  She's struggling with an emotional bond.  What she does isn't right but she believes her speed is all natural and we can't question her beauty.  Only sometimes when her attitude makes her so ugly you can't stand her presence.  She wants sympathy from others.  Attention hungry.  Just having a pretty face doesn't get what you need out of life she knows she needs to improve her inner beauty.  Though she has all the wrong answers. She believes Back seat of cars answer the questions needed allowing men to touch her soul, and her boyfriend wasn't any different, closed doors.
Many men know her past better than she does, small town girl wanting to be in the real world.  Body worn damages taken toll a nasty attitude spread even her so call friends seem to make excuses for her past.  It's the same story shared by them and compared.
Damages made, it was too late to save her because she blames the world around her along with the people that loves her. Whats next? She been passed around already and daddy's little girl never have been so little or innocent, just bent.  Confused, no understanding of her own life and a child hangs in the balance, as she cries wondering whats wrong with her.  Her short term relationships always suffers situation gets worst.  Protection kept close because her bed tells stories of so call love encounters.
Whats next? Who will be the blame for relationships gone wrong?  So many excuses made and love never played its role. Just spoken words, meaningless.  Just like the thoughts that come to her mind.  Times tells it proven facts.  The ones that cares are pushed away, she loves the pain she feels inside.  Holding her umbrella that rains, yet she smiles. Rain boots wet inside, shell grow up one day just praying time doesn't catch her looking for love in all the wrong places.

Details | Romanticism | |

Goodbye my Summer Love

Though the midnight summer rains
as we sit together under the geraniums,
hanging low and at full bloom,
we hold hands and talk of old times;
times that were kind to us and our youth.
As summer storms light up the night skies
We kiss the storm away, as it rolls through the grey skies
and the lighting cracks the clouds in half,
riping a hole in the universe, as we kiss the night away.

We sit throughtout nightlong summer dreams
and talk, and we hear the storms roll into the golden hills
of summer meadows filled with roses and a field full of daisies.
Love rests in time to see us grow old together,
and love strengthens its walls and pulls us closer together.
We shall go now, as day turns to night,
into our chamber of love and sleep the night away, together.
Hold us close to each other, as I rest my head on you sweet bossom,
and you nurture me to life of talks of love and beauty.

Nature whispers and sings us songs,
as we kiss and go for walks through the countryside
looking at the golden hills soaked in the rolling storms
that summer offers every year, upon a silver platter.
Sooth me, my love as I tell you of the sorrow I have witnessed.
Embrace me with your curiousity and tell me of the beauty in
the secrets of life and its hidden messangers
that hold secret letters from Devils that send temptations
to destroy something that we share, that is so beautiful and true.
Tell me that life will be okay, and my love is still true and with you.
Tell me my sweet and beautiful love, tell me if everything will be alright.

Love has seen us come and go, through the narrowed and sprinkled streets,
as we move through life fused at hands and eyes blind, not noticing the possiblities of death at any moment stalking us with knives jabbing at our backsides.
We are blind, for we see each other and only each other.
As we live life eyes a blazed looking at the sun, we do not notice the obvious between us.
Caring from me, at my time of need I never noticed the betrayal of our love.
My heart sees, but I deny the obvious and see what I hear.

As I see the knife drive deep in my heart,
you with a suitcase in hand,
I stand on my front steps and I watch the summer storms
come back over the golden hills to say, "hello"
Love is the same everytime, like a summer storm;
beautiful to watch, but when it leaves, it is depressing to say, "goodbye"
Now I sit, as the geraniums dry up and die
and the wrinkles at my eyes make me blind,
I see love walk past my house and mock me with lone kisses.

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Together Again

A girl whom he'd forgotten
At his door, showed up the other day
The one he'd always wanted
Just knew not what to say

The boy she longed to hold
She caught his eyes once again
Of her love, to him, she never told
But this time, all her love, she will send

Once in a lifetime, and not one time more
Fate takes hold, luck is lent
From out of the blue, a miracle occurs
Hearts reunite, Together Again

She greets him with a smile
A sparkle in her eyes
For his love, she'd run for miles
To try this thing called love, just one time

Gazing at her beauty, he feels her in heart
Remembering those nights, with her, in his dreams
And how he felt at this whole love's start
Where they'd be one forever, to him, oh how it seemed

Well this girl's name was Katie, and his Steve
And oh how tears were shed, by them both, when they were forced to leave
But in the past that was, so now he holds her hand
Two angels together, forever they'll stand

Once in a lifetime, and not one time more
Fate takes hold, luck is lent
From out of the blue, a miracle occurs
Hearts reunite, Together Again

An old couple now, a lifetime of love
They've conquered all, risen together, above
Together, all the years, oh how they've spent
And to each other, all their love they have sent

Feeling each others hearts beating every morning
Through all the decades, all the happy years
Steve's heart though, one of these days, stopped without warning
And Katie's wrinkled face, moistened with tears

How could Katie live now, without her beloved by her side
Knowing that beside her, his heart slowly died?
She dreams every night now, just as he did before, of heaven
Where they'll be Together Again

Once in a lifetime, and not one time more
Fate takes hold, luck is lent
From out of the blue, a miracle occurs
Hearts reunite, Together Again

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An End to Aloneness

In my life I often feel I am alone; alone in my thoughts, alone in my musings, alone in my day-to-day movements and unsatisfying activities. I move like a ghost through hallways and down sidewalks, unnoticed and, at times, gratefully so. 
I do not wish to be eternally alone. I long for togetherness. But despite this desire for a real connection, I find myself regularly retreating from that temperamental beast that is human interaction. 

“Come on now, sweetheart. Don’t lower your head. Don’t look away. Look up! Smile at someone! No! Don’t go back into your bedroom. Don’t lock the door! Why are you doing this?” my brain will plea. 

I can’t help myself. Aloneness is comfortable. In being alone, I don’t have to worry about anyone but myself. I don’t have to please anyone else. I can think anything I want, wear anything I want, listen to anything I want, and laugh at anything I want. 

And still there remains that nagging desire to be loved and wanted and needed by somebody. I do not know the feeling of being truly desired. I do not know what it is like for someone to crave my company, my smile, my kiss, or my touch. 

                                                                              But I would like to…

I cannot make someone love me or like me or want me in some primal way. It may hurt, but I cannot make that handsome boy want to hold my hand or brush my hair back behind my ear. I can only struggle on. I can only work within myself. I can only try every God damn day to hold my head up, keep my eyes fixed ahead, a give the world the best smile I have. I and I alone can bring myself out of the safety of my bedroom and into the bright world that lies beyond that locked door. 
I often find myself alone with nothing more than my thoughts and the ever-strong glow of a computer screen. But no longer will aloneness be the constant in my life. It is true that never having known the caress of a man’s hand on my thigh doesn't make me any less of a woman, but I fear that if I stay confined within myself much longer I will begin to become less of a human. A flower cannot grow if it retracts its leaves and petals every time it feels the warmth of the sun or the kiss of a gentle spring rain.  
And I want to grow. I want to grow so tall and blossom so big and beautifully that every place on earth is touched by my shadow at some point in the day. And I will grow. I will push myself and share myself with the world, and finally
know the closeness and comfort of love and honest, unabashed companionship.

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Why do people fall for their act?
These girls who walk around
with their faces painted up like a clowns 
acting as if they are gods best creation 
As if they walk on gold 
well I am here to say one thing
you are not better than anyone, or anything 
you are maybe worth the world to the people who gave birth to you 
but to someone else you are just another pretty face in the crowd 
I’m sorry to break it to you but you’re just like the rest of us.
A regular person who is not famous
Is not on the cover of a magazine
Or has 1,000,000 at their fingertips 
If we did, we wouldn't be here,
dealing with fake people like yourself.

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California Girl

Saw a girl walkin’ down the road
Stopped to talk, then that pretty face glowed
"Hey there girl, where ya headin’?"
"California, babe. You’re a swinger I’m bettin’."

California Girl was her name
Thought life was just a game
Lived too fast, lived too hard
Now she’s been dealt her last card

We were drivin’ down the highway
Told her she was goin’ my way
To California, the place of dreams
The place of lies, the place of schemes

California Girl was her name
Put her momma to shame
Endulged too much, had a little more
Now she’s left this world, what for?

Made it to California, what a sight to see
We were gonna rule it all, just her and me
Stopped into this little hotel she knew
Not a lotta people were there, only a few

California Girl was her name
Never wanted to be the same
She had everything, she had it all
But then her life took a horrible fall

This hotel was heaven, you know
They offered grass, they offered snow
She vanished for hours then came back
I knew our lives had left the track

California Girl was her name
Knew she was destined for money and fame
Played the good boys, loved the bad
She never even knew of the life she had

A month into our hotel stay
My baby California Girl had begun to stray
Woke up late one night to find her dead
Layin’ on the floor right next to my bed

California Girl was her name
Thought life was just a game
Lived too fast, lived too hard
Now she’s been dealt her last card

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Music is my escape
I sing along every second I can
It is the only place
Where people seem to understand

I sing at the top of my lungs,
Sing every word from my heart,
I eventually start to feel numb,
And soon I will fall apart.

I start crying and choke on my words,
I can no longer sing, too busy crying my eyes out.
My vision starts to blur,
That is true, without a doubt.

I’m crying because the music I listen to,
Seems to know my life story,
And it seems to know my feelings too,
These songs just scream out my whole back story.

I relive the moments the songs are talking about,
How they are all gone, or how they had hurt me. 
I just want to get out,
I wish that you could only see!

That I’m not that happy person anymore,
I’ve changed, but for the worst.
In my eyes, I only see closed doors,
And believe me, this isn’t the first.

If you saw me now, you’d hear my music,
See me shed my tears, and wipe my eyes, 
You’ll see the life drained out of me, as if there was a tick.
Oh, you’ll also get to hear me confess to all of my lies.

I try to forget everything and lose myself in the music,
Sing along to get any emotions out, 
That’s pretty much the basics,
What I’m all about. 

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Children Listen

This is a poem.
It's not abstract.
So if you just sit back and listen,
you'll understand
I'm going to say this poem twice,
so listen with your heart the first time
but listen with your heart again

Say good morning when someone says good morning to you
Speak when spoken to
Look a person in the eye and be confident even if you're not
and be willing to learn what you know not

Don't be so quick to speak out loud
and then cover your mouth in shame 
once you realize what just came out
It's too late - so think before you shout

Be accountable for your actions
Your character is defined by what you do when people aren't looking
because when they are
They see in your behavior all the doings of the heart
So be honest with yourself and do the right's not hard

Use life's resources
I know what it's like to be in dark places
going through trials - unhappy child
But learning and reading and growing is all relative to your future
So escape in a poem or good book
and don't let the enemy defeat you

Stay in touch with positive members of your family ties
Record yourself saying wonderful things about your life
Recite them daily...then write

Be the first to offer respect
Stay calm
give others a chance to talk
Be humble, but never nobody's fool
Don't allow others to mistreat you
Stand up for your rights and have a voice,
but do it with dignity and be tactful.

And girls...
Go ahead..wear your skinny jeans and your bangles
but accept other for their style, their view
see things from their angle

And fellas...
Pull those pants up..tuck those shirts in
and stop trying to be gangsta
If I can see your underwear thats unacceptable behavior 
and it's not okay
It's embarrasing to the struggle and it's a disgrace

It's time to move past the stereotypes of race
I know you got alot to face
but once you learn what your ancestors did to get you to this place,
It will seem like a walk in the park
and you'll be proud to have helped the case

Young people I tell you
if you follow these rules
You can change the world
and become a generation renewed

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A Girl On A Mission

              A Girl On A Mission

There once was a gal who sold china

Tested rockets in her vagina

She sat on one hard though

It made her a martyr

Blasting her & her china to China 

                                                           6/24/14 Bawdy Limericks II Contest

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The Cowardice of the Taliban and The Silence of The Good Muslims

The Cowardice of the Taliban and The Silence of The Good Muslims.

When hot lead tears the flesh of a 14 year old girl,

ripping through her skull,
leaving her to bleed out and die,

does Allah not recoil in horror,

to see His child whimper,
to see His daughter cry.

Where is the indignation,

the anger that often boils over and manifests itself as flags and books and videos are burnt in mass orgies of hollow piety,

where are the voices that scream so loud,
that denounce all but their own creed,

where are the men, the impotent men who crave for nothing more than their fascist egos to feed,

where are the voices that so loudly proclaim,
enemies here and enemies there, always quick to condemn,

where are those voices when the enemy walks amongst them.

14 year old Malala Yousafzai was shot in cold blood,

her crime?

Advocating the rights of girls to an education.

Shame on you, men of bigotry and men of cowardice.

Shame on you, silent and mute accomplices in this carnage.

Shame on me,
for my inaction,

Shame on us all,
who proclaim lofty ideals,

yet are conspicuously silent,

when a 14 year old girl is shot in the head,

by fascist fundamentalist bigots who only worship bullets of hot lead.

Not in my name!

Not in my name,
shall the cowardly men rain down abuse,

Not in my name,
shall the bigoted men light the communalistic fuse,

Not in my name,
shall Malala Yousafzai be shot in the head,

left to bleed out,
while countless mothers' tears are shed,

not in my name,
shall religious murderers,
be left to wander free,

not in my name,
for I dare all believers to open their eyes,
to see!

To see,
the innocence of a 14 year old girl,
wanting only an education,

as the men of the cloth,
prance around with their pathetic self-righteous indignation.

I write this today,
the anger raging in my veins,

yet I fear,

that I shall write more of this,

unless we stand up and say 'no more',

I fear that I shall be writing this again,

until we all,

reclaim the true principles of humaneness,

until we silence the voices of bigotry,
of rage,
of fanatical insanity,

I fear I shall be writing this again,


until the muck-ridden bile,
is not excised,

I shall continue to say,


Or else I shall have nothing,

but my unending shame.

(for Malala Yousafzai, 14 years old, in a critical condition after being shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban, for her work as a young activist advocating the rights of girls to attend school)

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3 people in a room
Each doing their own thing
I wonder what each of them think?

The boy playing computer football,
"Save the game! Now!"
"What is she doing writing? The Poof!"
"Mams falling asleep again!"

The girl scribbling to herself,
"That'll never work, I'll rewrite it."
"I don't see the appeal of virtual football.."
"Why does mother keep looking at me like that?"

The woman sitting on the sofa,
"The cat looks so adorable!"
"That bloody computer clicking is annoying!"
"That girl is writing again, whats wrong with her?!"

If each of them could hear
the others thoughts, would they be offended?
Or do you think they already know?

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Skinny is the dream

It's the goal isn't it?

You won't be happy unless you're skinny, unless you're a clone

Boys won't give you the time of day

You won't be the first in line for a

But you know what?

You're you, and that is better than any clone out there

You are different

You are special

And no one can copy that, no one can take that away from you

Yea there's a number on the scale

However I don't see why that has to define you

People worry about image, but no one seems to care about the personality part

And that is what is wrong with people

It's something like that that starts the self-hate

Once it starts, it doesn't stop

You will feel ugly around people, you will stop eating to look like the other other girls, and you will harm yourself out of self-loathing

But there is someone out there who loves you just the way you are

There is someone out there who sees you for your true beauty 

Someone who wants to see your smile

And if you don't have that someone, I'll be your someone

You are original, don't ever feel bad about it

So as just another teenager, I'd like to say to you....

F*ck skinny

Skinny is not a definition, it is an adjective

No one is skinny

Everyone weighs a different amount of pounds, everyone is a different shape, everyone is a different size, nobody is skinny

Skinny isn't real, so don't revolve your life around an imaginary term.

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Come and Go Chicago

Come and Go Chicago – Zamreen Zarook
Where are you going my lady?
Where are you from my sweetie?
What ever you ask my buddy,
You won’t get the paddy.
She became a liar,
Because of your chore,
Two questions that you murmur,
Master, don’t forget that you were the rear.
You became a sinner,
Without knowing what is inner,
Now you know the manner,
So, never to forget the dinner.

Cease to care for those questions,
Nothing you gain from the considerations,
Everyone has their own equations,
So,they do have their explanations.


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Friday night in the Ghetto

It's Friday night 
In the Ghetto
From the dark ring out
A little girl crying
Daddy don’t hit mama
Sit down and shut up
On the walls
As neighbors threaten
To call the cops

Drugs in the hallways
Drugs on the streets
Who will that pretty girl meet
To make the money 
To feed the habit or pay
The bills or just to eat.

And still around the corner
Near the shops
The people stand 
And talk about the promise land
Its Friday night in the ghetto and the
Promise land is
The pawn shop
Fried chicken
Peanut butter and jelly.

The music from the barber shop
Makes a fellow stop
And touch fists
With a friend 
From around the way
Hey remember the day
Then out of the night air
Shots ring out

That little girl
Sitting on the floor
Playing with her dolls
Ken and Barbie
Dreaming of a time 
When she will meet her
Ken and maybe
Falls on her face
This is the place
The ghetto
And its Friday

Poem by SGSteverson
From the book"Four Pieces of a Silver Coin"
Posted 09/14/2011

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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

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:….      …..        .. .     …..

“Double that martini, Joey, my mood is quite drastic
I’m freaking too wired for being poster girl perfect,
Submitting to his whims suffocates me, I look too plastic
Like tonight, do I have to wear that shirt and purple lipstick?

Got to tell you, he showed me off then flirted beyond fantastic
Zooming off with a dumb trophy girl for thrills, pathetic!
I played too; red hot overnight with his buddy was the technique 
Why am I in this pit when guys swoon over my mystique?

Another shot please, this bar is the only gig that lights true magic
Darn life is torture but with your listening eyes, I feel terrific
Knowing you tuck my dark secrets and liquor binges in the attic
But I’m just a girl who grew up clinging to love painfully unrealistic

Got to tell you, I’m a sucker for bad-boy types, that’s romantic
Heart on roller-coaster rides pumps my drooling senses magnetic

You still there, dear older brother; or have my ramblings gone cryptic?”
“Yeah, ” Joey sighs,” grab a snooze before you become sorely dramatic."



Natalie’s Contest: Confessions to a Bartender
Based on stories of friends, partly fiction

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At the edge of life (part 1)

Joy, happiness, pain, sadness, love, passion, hatred, greed, tears, pleasure, grief, lies,
regret, pride, addiction, suicide.... 

Lots of emotions
Lots of feelings
Lots if confusions
Some are nothing but act, lies and performances
Some are truthful and painful
And Some are helpless and hopeless

I stand as a baby bird ready to fly
I blunder forth and back, Left and right
Where ever the wind takes me
 Just like the voices in my head moving inside my mind
The sound of the screaming nights, the stormy lands, the raging hungry oceans, the cries
in every drop in a rainy day and the broken heart of the earth.

The floating sea animals, the burning forests!! Because of the intelligent acts of human!

Thoughts, poetry, stories scrawl across the white empty pages... Meaningless words!!

Safe, secure!! Look at them no houses, no families, no shadows... Nameless!

They're hungry for hugs and kisses for a bosom and we get angry for getting a bad payday
and they aren't getting any!
Their only shield is the naked trees!!

The mask of blessings and the beliefs of belongings are wilting with the fires of
loneliness and guilt.

The music of the weddings
The screams with every new birth
The voices of the crashing bones when a body hits the ground...another suicide!
The shouts of a girl lost in despair holding her father in her arm screaming for help to
save him...another heart attack!

War, human, peace, god!!

Voices of thunders - god creation - Reach from the farthest, vast skies burning houses
trees and cities.

Human creation crashing the skies blowing homes, women, babies... Blowing them into pieces!

Soulless men!!

Somewhere in this world in this minute a girl weeps
A child cries
many dies
somewhere in this world humanity fades
Some are killed
Some are hurt
Some lost in dreams 

Lots of voices I can't handle 

The thoughts of an addict living with a blue hole in his arm barely losing it
The thoughts of a daughter brutally beaten from an alcoholic father
The thoughts of an hungry child of war dreaming for a family to love him
And the thoughts of many more

I should have helped them all, but I can't! 

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Baby Fawn

Im scared
Im absolutely terrified
My knees shake 
Like a baby fawn learning to take its first steps
I want to leap into this wondrous field of possibility
I just don’t want to be dropped like a hot potato 
Like so many other times before
I want to believe and have an abundance of hope
But how can I when I’ve been left with a broken heart
Picking up all the jagged pieces, one by one
How can I believe that this time will be any different?
How do I dare risk it all again
Knowing that im putting it all out there once more

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Work With It

Girl, everyone is different.
No one can be you.
So,do what you do.
If others dislike you, don’t  fret.
They just hate because they haven’t,
Found their true definition yet.

Every girl in the world 
Has a baton named destiny to twirl
And if she doesn’t it negatively affects the world.
You have your own heavenly DNA
That God gave and no one can take away.

Girl, you are as precious and tough
As  the hardest stone the diamond
When you strut your stuff.
The world will be cured from chronic illness,
If every girl in the world would 
Twist and intertwine together
Like the DNA’s double helix
And  correctly use their gifts.

Every girl on the planet,
Should not take life for granted.
Wave your sacred smooth silk scarf of skills
To do God’s will
And not your own
Live your life to the fullest
Live healthy, be happy , have fun,  
And most of all, use your talents,
Work with whatever you have.
Continuously cultivate them 
For the ultimate harvest,
That is when God calls you home.

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The Girl Who Could Never Understand

There was a girl so free and young;
untouched by the darkness she was yet to become.
Not yet grown up but wishing she would.
She didn’t realise it would make her numb

There was a girl who dreamed of the future,
who wished of being smart, pretty and free.
She told herself it take years to understand,
When it actually only took three.

There was a girl who became obsessed
with things such as looks and grades.
Every time she ‘messed up’ her confidence slipped:
until someone told her about a blade

There was a girl who was once so innocent,
never before heard of self-harm,
but suddenly she knew how to cope!
All she had to do was cut her arm.

There was a girl who was dead inside-
Not understanding the darkness she had become.
She grew up too fast just like she wished:
Now she’s dead because she felt too numb.

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Canadian Sally

Canadian Sally with red ribbon strings
tightening an apron fit to the seams.
Canadian Sally with jet-black hair
bound in a hat of bright red beams.

Canadian Sally with pockets of fortunes
sowing them out to us all.
Canadian Sally of sombre spirit;
patience like that of a doll.

Canadian Sally a twilight bust
who's wreath circles 'round like an aura.
Canadian Sally from love and joy
who spreads it around like a flora.

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When she dreams of following streams,
of childlike castles in the sand,
with ancient pebbles in her hand,
seen through brown eyes that gleam.
As the tides leave tales untold,
she sits among the scattered shells.
The sea gulls sound like ocean bells. 
With sand too soft for her to hold.
She molds the dough into an art, 
and knows that it will fade away.
Like secret whispers in the dark,
yet still she builds it everyday. 
With girlfriend longing in her heart,
for sandcastles that will stay.

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Life's Sneaky Mirror

I looked in the mirror and shook at the knees
T’was enough to give a gal, the Hebe jibes
Where was that young girl men looked at with glee
Who was that old ding bat, No that couldn’t be me
Wrinkled old prune with aching vertebrae
Mutton dressed as lamb in a silly red beret
You’ve got to be dreaming, it’s a temporary disguise
Wake up girlie, time passes, the mirror never lies
I’d like to be the girl who still should be there
But with her, past memories, I just cannot share
Inside I’m still that youngster filled with jeux de vie
No use complaining of things that used to be 
So get on with it gal with no tantrums or sighs
Dress to the nines and remember to exercise 
Don’t worry if gorgeous hunks no longer at your stare
Find lots of new beginnings and great moments to share
That mirrors very sneaky folks and it will come visit you
So embrace life who cares about a wrinkle or two!

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Words can not describe how I feel
when you put your arms around me.
When you kiss me, I am whole.
When you tell me that you love me, I still get butterflies.
When you are not with me, I feel empty - 
You bring me so much joy and love 
even when it is tough to deal with me.
You are the sweetest man to me, 
you put everything ahead of you.
You make me smile when i cry, 
laugh when I am angry.
I trust you with absolutely everything
I know you will never hurt me.
You are truly an amazing man.
You are my best friend, 
my love,
my forever.

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What is next

I have been looking for my dream car, 1971 Chevelle. Carrying out dreams and goals are not bad things at all. There is a positive on this. I have a very vivid mind and it goes to work from time to time. Thats a feeling. It is hard for Ek to remember things. How i Feel. Song. Everyone thinks people are there to help them but everyone is out for themselves not trying to help each other out. It is all a dream she would have done this and she would have done that but she did not reply. Where did the girls go was the questions asked by all the guys and then discussed by the girls as they drive off. You were drunk, rambling, and you ran them away. Pure 3-2718space240Dash Bravo. What is this you ask? You can put pure in front of anything and sell It.

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Dandelion Wishes

Dancing through a field of awakening childhood dreams
Anticipating summer days, life bursting at the seams
Nature calls a shy, young girl outdoors to explore
Dandelion heads of vibrant gold, beauty she cannot ignore
Eager to wish upon the wind, she picks a bunch to blow
Laughing as she chases fluff, seeds search for soil to grow
I remember that young girl and all she dared to wish
Often I slip back in time, soft memories I embellish
Never again have I felt that young, hopeful and free

Waiting for my tomorrows and life's possibilities
I could wrap myself awhile in ornate dandelion dreams
Savoring memories made in the summer sun's golden beams
Happiness danced along with me and petals in the wind
Each time I see dandelions, the joy returns like an old friend
Someday, perhaps I'll pick a bunch and chase childhood wishes again

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Relationship Epidemic (Females)

I'm now in the 3rd chapter of the Relationship Epidemic as I focus on the role of the female
They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, so my girl is my seashell
Since before time, women were loyal before a man is
The backbone of a family, hello, they give birth to the kids
They rarely get lazy
Unlike men who complain about labor pains, but can't show you the baby
Being deprived of attention is what a woman can't stand
If you can't keep up, they grab another dude by the hand
Females left and right can be lovable
As well as gullible
Giving, receiving, and at times also 
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" saying is so true
Bite her first she'll bite back twice as hard shame on you
If there's one thing they hate
Is never being on a date
Never comfortable with a nice night in the house
Because they feel trapped like a mouse
That's what I see with girls that are younger
More likely to look for love in the wrong places to satisfy that hunger
When they get cheated on 
Or beaten on
They can't trust a male so they turn lesbian or bisexual
Love/sex life is more perpetual
That vision can be perplexible
However it makes life more flexible
It's easy to understand why they want the finer things in life
After all who doesn't, it cuts like a knife
They value commitment, its extensive
We all know women are sensitive
All of that serotonin in the brain
Mistrust on her heart, what soap will wipe off that stain
Mothers, sisters, wives bring some of the pain
Aunts, girlfriends, grandmothers turn snow into rain
A female will never love you in vain
They crave attention,  if they don't get it they feel shame
Cheat on a guy and say they're the one to blame
Messed up right?
Do the Right Thing like Spike Lee
No, that's ok girls rather be sneaky
Coretta Scott King, she's so royal
Even after Dr. King got shot, she stayed loyal
Asked my girl if I died, will she get over me
She said not so quick
Replace me? Who will?
That's a different pick
But that's neither here nor there
Good and bad females everywhere
Love attracts girls like plants and meat attracts bears
They can be a man's best friend 
To the end
As well as nightmare
Break a woman's heart if you dare

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The Sad Girl Walks

The Sad Girl Walks

Walking through the cemetery
Her eyes stare blankly ahead
A veil of silk covers her face
Hiding her pale white skin
Her mouth is locked in a frown
There is nothing in her world to make her smile
She tries to talk but she has no voice
Not that anyone would listen to her
It is still easy to see what she feels
The pain that she had suffered
Tears have stained her dress
How long has she been crying?
Has anyone ever told her that she’d be okay?
That life has moments of pleasure
Who is this girl who walks among the dead?
What secrets do her mute lips hide?
She is all alone
Condemned to walk without a life
Just a sad girl in a sad world
Walking among the dead
Hoping that she will find a life
A life that will probably never come

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Our QT Savior

In the cold of the morn with a crisp cloudy day…
A flat tire assailed a young girl, as she went on her way.
Young and full of life but definitely overwhelmed…
She was late for work and her husband had just nearly died.
She sat in her car, sniffling, worrying, and crying some wails.
She’d never changed a tire, a young husband always there.
But hurt he’d become, and in the hospital now remained…
It was up to her, suddenly alone, to make things right again.
She fretfully tried AAA but the wrong number was wrung…
Till Old Granny Goodness appeared with hope, and some fun.
She quickly got her out of the car, and found everything there.
Explaining what to do, Granny decided to entertain with flair.
Together they’d use a spare tire to fix that rickety old car.
They figured out the jack and successfully lifted the car.
But lug nuts are hard and need strength to unleash…
So granny fussed and she bug-tussled but never gave up
Till the young girl laughing, knew what she must do herself… 
Grabbing deep into her courage, she ran into the QT for help.
Sure enough, a worker volunteered to help that sweet young thing out.
And the lug nuts came off lickety-split with laughter on top.
The young man was gracious, and ever so kind and…
Yes, he finished the job with his best smile and in record time
And of course he helped put everything away, too, you can bet…
He even helped Old Granny Goodness up off the ground where she sat.
Then with a salute and fare thee well, he went back inside…
While Old Granny Goodness, and the girl put air in the tires.
By now the girl was the lead in the work as she smiled and laughed…
She was empowered; you know… there’s nothing wrong with that.
Yes, the world was saved as all found their way home, with a wink, at last.
Yes, with gratitude, a hug, and a smile… many a way can be found again.

Contest:Write me a Happy Poem 10-31-2011 CSEastman

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Angel to Beast

Raised to believe she was beautiful and special
a look in the mirror reveals a ferocious beast,
with empty eyes and a sinister smile.  Wicked
thoughts fill the head of the angel
in disguise whose eyes used to sparkle until she became addicted
to booze and her best friend Mary Jane.  Origami

swans fill every nook and cranny.  Origami
creations, folded neatly from paper, hold a special
meaning to the girl who is addicted
not only to Mary Jane, but heroin, that ferocious beast
that goes around stealing lives like the one of that angel
in disguise, turning even the most innocent people into wicked

monsters who care only about themselves.  Wicked 
hangovers don't stop her from making origami
swans because they take her back to the days she was an angel,
when her mom and dad loved her, told her she was special.
Now when they see her, they weep at the beast
she has become and long for the days before she was addicted

to Mary Jane, heroin, LSD.  They wonder how she became addicted
to so many things when the little girl they raised didn't have a wicked
bone in her body.  They wonder who the beast
is that wrecked their daughters life.  Origami
swans, folded carefully, precisely, for someone special.
Every nook and cranny full, she fills bags full for her angel,

wanting to give the most amazing gift to her angel,
the gift of time.  Time is all she has on her hands.  Addicted
to shrooms, Mary Jane, booze, she knows she is nothing special, 
she longs for the days before that wicked
man came along and taught her how to fold origami
swans while smoking weed, snorting coke, turning her into a beast

that nobody wants to be with.  Now that she is a beast
she can't be with her daughter, her angel.
Her daughter loves swans.  It is her daughters birthday.  Origami
swans are all she folds, until her fingers bleed, addicted
to Mary Jane, she smokes herself to oblivion all because of the wicked 
man who never made her feel special.

The wicked man who got that angel
addicted to Mary Jane, and taught her to make origami
swans was her boyfriend Bobby, the beast who never made her feel special.

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Spell Us Both

Betroth her to me,
If she will never stop amazing my spirit.
Bring her to me, 
If she will never stop beautifying my heart.
Hand her to me,
If she will never stop spoiling me with love.
Entrust her to me,
If she will never stop till she fight my war.
Leave her to me, 
If she will never wish for my death before the hour.
Send her to me,
Let our hands lock in wed.
Send her to me,
Let our oneness soul united.

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Unfinished Life

Unfinished life

Joey was the girl that I married
For the years my name she carried

We made a family my wife and I 
When she passed I did cry

What will be with the rest of  my life
Someday again to be with my wife

I would like to say to my wife thank you
Also again to say I do

I wish she was here to see
What our grandchildren will grow to be

From a young girl to a woman to my wife
She’s gone and left an unfinished life

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Discovering Love

What is this? This way I feel?
I've never felt before
A desire for a love to heal
A heart so cold and sore

Out with the old
And in with the new
To my past love, I never told
But I'm happy at the chance to meet you

Discovering Love is pretty overwhelming
In my heart, so many feelings assembling
So much beauty in so many faces
Spread across the world, in a million different places

I want someone to hold dear by my side
Each and every night
To be there when I want to hide
And tell me everything's alright

Meet someone with their heart so open, their eyes so wide
Who reminds me of the one I lost
To pick up the pieces, while to my life revive
And breathe love's warm fires on a heart of frost

She's out there somewhere, thinking of me
As I am of her
Just a blank face in our minds
For which our hearts slowly burn

Discovering Love is pretty overwhelming
In my heart, so many feelings assembling
So much beauty in so many faces
Spread across the world, in a million different places

And my past love will do the same
Meet someone kind, and new
Know he'll grow to love her name
Just as I did, and still do

What will come of them, I'll wonder
Pray she finds happiness beyond compare
Under the sun, rain, and thunder
But to share these feelings with my new love, I wouldn't dare

Discovering Love is pretty overwhelming
In my heart, so many feelings assembling
So much beauty in so many faces
Spread across the world, in a million different places

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My Fantasy Sister

A rewrite of the previous,,after reading it again the one before this,,, I felt it was sending the wrong message,,,,,,at first to me it was what I wanted to say about my make believe sister,,,,,,only that the lines I wrote, could be mis-construed to another meaning.

She is a dream girl, sibling, I never had.
Not to sexy, or even beautiful to see,
She is not exactly good or even bad.
She is just my fantasy, designed for me.

Not to sexy, or even beautiful to see,
She is mostly happy, hardly ever sad.
She is just my fantasy, designed for me.
She has no mother, not even a dad.

She is mostly happy, hardly ever sad.
Impossible you say, this could never be,
She has no mother, not even a dad.
A dream girl as my sister, oh gee.

Impossible you say; this could never be.
Though it is true, she is my abnormal fad.
A dream girl as my sister, oh gee.
What I always wanted, since I was a lad,

Though it is true, she is my abnormal fad.
She is not exactly good or even bad.
What I always wanted, since I was a lad,
She is a dream girl, sibling, I never had.

By Cecil Hickman

Written for
Sponsor Paula Swanson 
Contest Name Pantoum 

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Crazy how when one problem is solved,
Another one arises,
When one thing is lost,
we find another one,
When we give up
someone else moves up,
When we think its the end of the road,
the journey has just began.

Crazy how when one stops hurting,
worry wants to take over,
When we are down and crushed to dust,
freedom calls, wanting to sweep you away like the wind.
Crazy how when i cry,
I realize am normal,
I have emotions and tears.

Funny how When my life is out of control,
When am broken and hurt,
Scared, thinking that this crazy world,
Is going to bring me down,
i find a reason to smile

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Comfort in my arms

As you lay right beside me
Snuggled tightly in my arms
I haven’t got a care in the world

Your sweet smell envelops me
Your soft gentle, skin caresses mine
As warmth is shared, our bodies curled

Stress and worry dissipate
Finding comfort in each other
As our two souls become one

We drift gently off to sleep
As our breathing begin to sync
As if our love has just begun

Waking still in my embrace
Not wanting to leave each other
But we let go all the same

Now we’re off to seize the day
Knowing we will return again
To that comfort we will reclaim

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As she held her pretty little friend
She promised it was not the end
Nine little wounds decorate her wrist
Nine little wounds that want to be kissed
One self hating girl took her last shove
One self hating girl that wants to feel love
The pretty little razor held in her hand
Can decide when this pain will end
The pretty little razor touches her ivory skin
Making her nine little wounds now ten
She cries out in pain with each touch
Only because she hates herself too much
One by one ten turns to twenty
She looks down and thinks she has plenty
She looks in the mirror and still hates what she sees
She looks in the mirror and she sees me
She cries when she sees the fat on her bones
She hates how much she's grown
How much bigger she keeps getting
How nothing seems to be fitting
She just wants to be perfect
She just wants the respect
That every thin girl gets
For having visible hips
She wipes away the tears
She hides all of her fears
She puts on that smile 
That will last her awhile
She tucks away the pretty little razor
She promises it's not the last it will see her
She tucks it away
Just like its another day
The smile she must maintain
To hide her everyday pain

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Surreal Love

I pray to God that it will be a brighter day; 
I want his warmth to clothe me day after day 
Someday, the sun will erase all of my doubts
 and push away the clouds…
I want to be a positive schoolboy – but the clouds 
Cover me like mesmerizing, despondent shrouds  
I want to be a positive youngster – I need to stay
 True to my unaccomplished goals everyday

Lord, I know life has its ups and downs – but, I must keep a steady pace…
I want to develop a stable mentality with no trace of pity 
Lord, I know life gets problematic in the long run – I FEAR I might fall on my face
I just want to be content – I want my dreams to become a reality 

I'll be loving you forever… 
for you’re the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep at night
I’ll take a moment just to ponder… 
About you and our time together – thinking about you restores hope, joy and might

our love is wholesome and so much more…
our love will grow on forevermore…
our love is real and it’s a great deal…
our love is beyond measure and it’s totally real…
Our Love is oh so surreal 
You melt my anguish away…
Our love can heal a broken heart
You cherish me in the month of May 
You blow away winter’s dismay

I pray to God for a more optimistic mindset…
Hopefully it doesn’t result in forfeits  
 Push away the gray…and laminate it with a striking sunset, 
I’m drowning in his inclement, rainy regrets

I’ll make sure to embrace competition…
for you're my reason I run the extra mile, winning honor and applauds
I’ll take a moment to pursue my ambition...
Of being with you always and forever – I fear I might lose all of my odds 
With you…your heart isn’t pumping with vile frauds 
Every single second spent with you…
Makes my spirit soar anew...
I never experienced such surreal love
Our love flourishes rapidly from up above 

I’m sick with a love flu *cough* *cough*

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I will be all woman...

I will be the mother...
A mommy who will tenderly care..
A mama who will prepare..
A mom who will be her "kid's saver" .

I will be the wife...
The lawfully other half..
Who will stand on his husbands behalf..

I will be the light of a home..
Each will feel happy not alone..
Giggles; laughters will be heard..
If there are tears, sure it's rare..

Despite these, still i'll be a lady..
Even if there'll be malady..
I'll remain gentle yet sturdy..
I'll be jolly ready...

I will walk in grace..
I will attempt "eloquence"..
I'll not live in tight fence..
Rather i'll be alive knowing sequences..

Even if wrinkles will steal me..
Even if illness claims my health..
Even if old age squeezes life from me..
I know, i have live as a woman..

***Hope you can check my personal blog as well: Thank you so much for reading my composition… God bless us always….. >> Olive Eloisa ? 

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Winter Winds

Winter winds blow all around. 
I’m astonished by the sounds of Jingle Bells and reindeer stomps. 
All of this should never stop. 
Snow lies on the ground, if only that weren't too profound. 
Time only leads to decay, but not on Christmas, not today. 
You should see the angels pray. 
Toy trains, and rag dolls are the things kids used to want. 
But time has changed, yes so have children… 
Santa seems as if a villain. 
So much fighting, so much crying, it sounds as if the kids are dying. 
“I want money, I want fame, and these toys are just so lame.” 
But that’s the product we provided. 
Second chances are no more, Santa’s plot we wait for. 
He’s sick of this, he doesn't care, it’s as if he’s not wanted here. 
He gets ready to take it all back…. 
There’s still one toy left in his sack, it’s for a little girl, half a world away. 
Now how could he have missed this, on the perfect Christmas day? 
He turns around, not time for war. 
This toy, the girl is waiting for… It’s not a toy like you’d expect. 
She didn't ask for electronics, or stupid games such as Sonic. 
She just wanted one small thing… 
She’s waiting for something EXTRA special this gloomy day. 
In a bed she sits and stares, at the window near a chair. 
She’s so weak, and all alone. 
She doesn't even have a real home, not where there are bright lights anyways. 
They've decorated a weeping willow, the only tree around the “home”. 
So she has lights to see. 
It’s Christmas after all, but there’s no way to calm the raging sea. 
She’s dying, it won’t take much longer, and she doesn't care about the tree. 
She needs a new heart extra bad. 
So, Santa’s bringing her the one thing, that will stop her parents from being sad. 
He rushes to the hospital in his golden sleigh, and climbs right down the vent, 
He’s saving Christmas today. 
Santa rushes in just in time, finds a doctor, the girl is dying. 
It’s not what he usually does, but he stays and watches as they save her life. 
He waits for her to wake up. 
“Santa, you saved my life, oh thank you so much! I needed my heart to be touched.” 
He just smiles, and kisses her hand. He’s so glad he didn't destroy the land. 
Christmas is still a special day. 
There’s no more sorrow, no, not today. Santa smiles though some are still ungrateful. 
There’s that one child, standing in the snow, her life can now be started in the evening glow. That’s life for the grateful, loving, caring, and the thankful. Most of the time Santa just gives toys. For all the good girls and boys. But not today, and not tomorrow, once a year he gets rid of sorrow. So sleep tight and say your prayers, Christmas time is but once a year.

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Impending Night

The impending night has fallen upon us
It woke with much persistence
Our hearts fled from its rage like a doe from a rifle
But the blast had already been made. . .

People fall like rain
The clouds are crestfallen with grief
And the darkness has no mercy 
Rain soaks...leaves an impact
The falls are devastating...

She was so strong, like a diamond she shined
Only to burn away and be one with the grime
I never saw her go
But the angry darkness of her essence—strangely glows...

He choked on his words, his memory
Like a child swallowing a pill
It is sticking in our throats
Against our will
And the dose ever grows. . . 
Who will stop the night?
You wicked thing how achingly stormy you have become!
Rich in your light as it smothers you whole
Leaving the rest to the droll sound of its toll

She burned
As they watched in angry happiness
The smoke of her spirits filling our hearts
No expressions...heavy depressions 
He was left to melt and rebuild

His wick ignites—burns are second nature
Though images are hard to swallow
She still talks to our souls
Her story still to be told
Like diamonds never found

A flame of hope hovers
We remain instilled in the rot
The darkness smothers
Its heavy slumber always waking

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For My Baby Girl By Dustin J Palmer

As I sit here cold and broken hearted
my life was over before it started.
Until I met this girl that
turned it around, she turned
my frown upside down. This
may sound funny but she is the
love of my life I put down
the knife and started a new life
with my lovely wedded wife.
So as I sit here and cry and I
look to the sky and prayed for
the perfect girl that is my world
God gave me you Briana Lynn
Palmer since you came along I
have been a lot calmer and more
of a staller because you're on my 
mind all of the time I see your 
face and baby you shine like 
my glass of sweet red wine
you're my drug just the way 
you love my precious white
dove I swear you fell from
the heavens above when you're 
gone my heart bleeds for you
so when you're gone to me
you're really not you're always
in my head. Baby I love you.
Dedicated To:Briana Lynn Palmer
Written By:Dustin James Palmer

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The Girl

I knew a girl once
She played the victim very well
Let you know how much her life sucked
How it's a living hell
I knew a girl once
She pushed all this guys buttons very well
Let him know how much pain she had
It made him feel not so swell
I knew a girl once
She blamed all her problems on life
Never once admitting
That she was the cause of her strife
I knew a girl once
She never grew up and chose to live in her fantasy world
The man in her life finally grew up
And the woman remained a little girl
I knew this girl
And maybe you do too
Just don't be conned into feeling sorry for her
For she has put this "pain" on herself and you

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You are ugly too

Talk behind my back,
Discuss my weakness,
Prove them all that
I'm the worst but
I'm still standing.
I don't mind what
You say to them.

Tell them the secrets that
I shared with you being trapped
Within naivety.
But I'm so glad I did.
I destroyed my weakness,
Transformed myself for now,
Became indifferent.

Keep being dishonest
When you talk to them,
Represent your lies that
You prepared.

I know how good it feels.
You know I'm not denying
Because you are ugly too.

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The Mask

I once knew a little girl,
She was innocent and pure,
But pains of many bites and burns,
Have changed that girl for sure,

She always used to cry at night,
Her pillow getting wetter,
“It’s alright I’m sure”, she’d always say,
“Things are bound to get better”,

But as she grew she learnt,
That this was not the case,
So she changed and built a mask,
That would cover her true face,

This mask did help protect her,
From all emotional bruising,
But never did she suspect,
All the things that she was losing,

One day a few years later,
She took off that strong mask,
But no longer knew the girl underneath,
“Who is this girl?” she’d ask,

She’d cried that night only wishing,
She could go back to that day,
When she’d made that mask of cold heart,
And throw it far away,

But by then it was too late,
The damage had been done,
She’d lost that girl from underneath,
The one that was bright and fun,

So she decided to do the next best thing,
Get back what she had lost,
And though troubled by the future,
It was worth all that it cost,

Though she’d tried so hard,
Can I say they are the same?
The new girl and the first one,
No I think not, what a shame,

Though I do say she is better off,
Then those who still wear that mask,
But how should I know such a thing,
You probably do ask,

For I was once that little girl,
The one that made the choice,
To lose the mask; begin again,
And regain her old voice,

The moral of this story is, 
That there is no worse pain,
Then losing yourself and realising,
That you have to start again,

So just know one thing for sure,
And take it all from me,
That when you’re at your purest,
Then you should just leave it be...

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You and the Moon

I complained
 To the moon, 
All I have is you 
To gaze at the sky,
Every time you leave me,
 With out telling me why.

 The moon responded,
 "When I leave 
I don't take my beauty,
beauty is worn by 
A girl of this city.
 Look at her eyes, 
You will forget my brightness,
 You will forget my beauty."

 "You really thought 
I could be around,
 When I observe the most beautiful girl of this land?
 No one can express her beauty,
 When she appears with the cellphone in her hand."

 "I am just one color,
She is pink one day,
The other day she is blue."
 That is when I realized,
 The moon was
 Talking about you.

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There's this girl that I know who misses her home
The place filled with laughter, her joy, and her hope.
This girl, she is sad, and I've seen her heart break.
She just doesn't belong here, and she doesn't want to stay.

When she's at the beach she just sits and she stares
Across the water to who knows where.
The ocean is the one place she has found on this Earth
That fills her with any kind of peace and hope.
Though still she is sad, she's not where she belongs,
But at least at the ocean the fierce homesickness calms.

She'll walk down the beach and look out at the water,
Totally uncaring of those who might watch her.
She knows she's not normal, that she isn't like them.
But she knows that they cold never understand.

This girl that I speak of, how I know her well. Yet at the same time I hardly know her at all.
It seems to me as I walk down that beach that
I'm never gonna know of who I truly speak.
Because as long as I'm here, so far from my home, my heart, my pain there, my hope,
I am only half here. 
I am only half home.
And all that I want....I just want to go home.

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My life had no color
Just black, white and gray
There was never excitement 
Just a regular day

Just a plain piece of paper
 From a note book page
Just like a wash out actor
Booted of the stage

There was never a time
When the sun would shine
On this darken 
 Life of mine

Then one day she says hi to me
And my life starts to glow
Red,, green, blue, yellow 
Like a bright rainbow

All the changes in me
 Are so clear to see 
The day green eyes give 
 The joy of writing back to me 

But still I’m skeptic
No way can this be 
But when I look in the mirror
 Happiness looking back at me

Maybe I’m dreaming
One day I will awake 
And all this happiness 
Will just be a mistake

But I can’t hide it 
People say it show
Red, green, blue, yellow
Like a bright rainbow

Every one in this world
Have their own   rainbow
Just let it in your heart
And your life will glow

They say at the end of a rainbow
There’s a pot of gold
And at the beginning of my happiness 
There’s a girl with a golden soul

So I can denied it
From now till tomorrow
Red, green, blue, yellow
Is the color of the rainbow?

And in a town in Wales
A girl smiles to all she knows
And bring out red, green, blue, yellow
Like a bright rainbow

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Crying out

Crying out loud,
Crying for no reason,
A girl without future,
A girl stuck in the prison.

Where dreams are coming out?
When they take her dreams away?
A girl without future,
A girl without desire.

How many things are missed?
How many words are left unsaid?
A girl is crying out,
A girl stuck in the world.

Where is an explanation?
Where is a hero?
Is it fine now when
Girls within are still believers
But outside they hate
Every detail and season
Hidden in the eyes of men?

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A Trinidad wedding story

I hear that a girl in Trinidad
Looking for a very good husband
My brother says she father rich
Will give me house and land

Well I must admit I thought
This sounds like a good plan
So I decide go to Trinidad
And become she loving husband

When the plane land in the airport
It was getting kind of late
So we drive straight to her house
And we pack up by the front gate

We see the girl from the window
And we find her looking nice
Ah tell myself I make up my mind
I don’t need to think twice

Then we hear a fellar crying hard
Next door in a hammock
First time I hear a man bawl and cry
So I was kind of shock

My brother say boy see that man
He has some serious tabanca
He maybe likes some girl
And get run by she father

Turns out the feller next door
Well he wants to marry she
But she father says they poor
And they don’t have no money

So he trying to get a man
From America to come down here
But he really don’t know in America
Most of the men does live on welfare

Now I feeling bad for the feller
Because he really love her bad
How can I marry the girl he love
And take her away from Trinidad

But what if I don’t marry she now
And the father finds a next man
This poor feller might get a piece of rope
And hang his self in the cocoa land

So I say yes I want to marry she
I love her from head to tail
But he only way I marrying we must
Come out side cover up with a veil

Well we take the feller san Fernando
We walk in ram mohess tailoring
I Said make us two identical suits
We have to go to a set up wedding

The feller wears the suit
And he comes through the window
The pundit ready for the wedding to start
So he wears the veil and walk out the door

All the father rich friends from Trinidad
Gathered for the wedding day
But when he see is the poor man she marry
He gets heart attack and faint away

Well to make a long story short
The next time I when to Trinidad
I see she father with two grandchildren
Playing foot ball in the back yard

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Time to Let go

Time to let go
Drops of rain 
Streams of moving water 
Trees clothed with colour 
Time for change

A thought in mind
A picture in hand
A change of heart 
A choice to make

Still holding on to hope
Still feeding on yesterday
Yesterday cannot secure my tomorrow
Yesterday must become history

Every hug; every kiss
Every smile on her face
All a memory; all gone forever
Cannot hold on to yesterday

What I need is more than this love
More than a memory
More than a dream, in the night
I deserve more; you deserve more 

Time to close the chapter
Time for restoration
This love has proven to be too weak
Time to let it go; forever 

                                                                                                                29 January 2013

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You're My Plague

You plague me with your sweltering disease My heart throbs in unease You carry me off to a far-off island Your breeze keeps me flowin’…scraping sand Your names escapes my lips I tell myself, “Get a grip, dude…” But you decided to intrude... My blood drips to the floor I’ve been losing balance… The instant you pushed me aside Your quietude devours me… I can’t help, but hide… I feel horribly disheartened…feelin’ too insignificant To start my day with a good note Too discouraged to be motivated to run… You trade me your pain in the past I consume it like a bear My stomach is churning persistently…you’re running too fast… I’m dowsed in despair My eyes stare vacantly…into space…they roam happily Your vigilance keeps me safe and sound…I dwell in your tranquility Your dreams caress my own… This intriguing comfort never makes me feel alone I’m under your dazzlin’ spell… This is heaven – not living hell! I’ve been bruising myself over you…for a while now The moment you abandoned me that night… Your rejoicing mends my gash…heals my mind… I think better of you – everything’s black and white I feel so exquisite when I’m around you… So inspired to reveal my might…just shine your light On me…and remember to meet me at sun rise… But I still feel malnourished… By your sweltering disease My heart refuses to beat in perfect rhythm – my high hopes nearly perished By your forceful breeze…pushing me on my knees I’m stumbling off my feet – I’m not at all pleased I’m not in the mood to be teased… I’m suffering…I’m not discreet How did you push me off my feet? Why do you make ME feel so damn miserable and incomplete? You plague me with your sweltering disease My heart pounds as I fall upon my blood-stained knees You carry me away to an unknown place Your voice still rings in my ears… I glance at your admirable face I’ve faced you way too many times – Your sparkling with majestic brilliance and pure grace

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She was Returned

It has been many years since his daughter was lost
If he could bring her back, he would at all costs
Ever since that day he has wandered and roamed
Turned his back on his family, and their loving home

His life on the road left him dishevelled and broke
When he thinks back to the past, it leaves him in choke
Another day on his lonesome travels
A stranger he meets and their discussions unravel

This old man he has met all mysterious and dark
Told him of times going back as far as the Ark
Tales of the Templar's and Merlin the Magician
After hearing the mans story he began to begin

       "I lost my daughter a number of years ago
        She drowned whilst on holiday under a still water flow
        I couldn't comprehend the loss of her life
        The pressure of living, I left my home and my wife"

   "What would you do if your girl could be returned
    Have you ever wondered if fate could be unearned
    If this was possible, would you offer your life
    For your daughter to return to her mother your wife"

   "Remember, many years have passed her death by
    For her past to be relived, there is a reply
    Knights of the ages will descend from their dark
    They will then strike you down, as you begin your embark"
       "My life I have not lived for many a year
        For me to lose mine, I gladly volunteer
        I will die happy for all eternity
        Knowing my daughter will grow old, as it should be"

The old man chants a script of the past
Of an ancient time when fate was cast
The power of they to be able to reverse
To balance their return, they have to reimburse

   "Midnight skies will turn to purple cobalt blues
    Six Templar Knights will stand and surround you
    At your request they will strike you down
    On the sixth stroke, you will face your death gown"

   "A light will appear of which you'll travel through
    But before you do, a young girl runs to you
    Your daughter, in pink and red will run from the light
    She'll run through your soul, as your sleep starts tonight"

The old mysterious man continues on his way
As he passes a house on a hot Summers day
In the garden there sits, a daughter and mother
Discussing the loss of her father, as they begin to recover

She tells of the day whilst on holiday years ago
My husband your father, lost under a still water flow
As we comprehend the loss of his life
Leaving behind his daughter and wife

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Be Her

You see her?
Why don't go be like her?
No one likes you,
so this is what you must do.

You must stop being yourself,
get off of you shelf.
You must please everyone,
to do that, you must be number one.

She's the perfect girl,
you're the no one in the world.
So go ahead, and give yourself away,
since you're going the wrong way.

You are no longer you,
see what you can do.
You are now her,
that's better than what you ever were.

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Just Like The Others

" Just Like The Others "

They found her near the rivers bank
as the sun rose in the mornings rain
her body beaten and bloody with no clothes
her precious life went down the drain.

This young girl was such an angel
her feathers ripped from off her wing
they found her broken golden halo
as the church bells softly ring.

She was a families special daughter
her loving heart was full of glee
her childhood was love and laughter
she had a closeknit family.

Soon she faced her teenage years
Just Like The Others can't you see
they all had some fun with alcohol
which led to speed and ecstasy.

All teens will bow to peer pressures
she tried these things onto the next
and of course she had no creed
not until she boast of sex.

Sliding down further a twisted spiral
sadly another young wasted life
drinks, drugs and sex will take their toll
a young childs life is full of strife.

Many bad things done to fuel her habit
had caused her to lose her self control
to feed her cravings and ease the pain
this young girl has sold her soul.

She is so young and just turned twenty one
the last few years have not been kind
her pride and beauty is now all gone
the drinks and drugs have destroyed her mind.

Now she has taken to using needles
this young girl has fully given in
no more speed nor ecstasy
she is using heroin.

This young girl now street parades
in high heels and real short skirts
gaining her money for her drugs
and she is treated just like dirt.

Now there is no longer any help for her
she has thrown it all away
trying bad things unto the next
soon with her life she will pay.

Its sad to think we all have failed her
by ignoring all of the destructive signs
because we always let this happen
repeated again time after time.

We blame the media and this age
by branding the young folks all the same
citing the drugs and a drunken binge
its sad we never take the blame.

These precious youngs ones are our kids
why have we let them all fall down?
Were we too busy not to see?
To watch them flounder and slowly drown.

Yes, they found her near the rivers bank
as the sun rose in the mornings rain
her body beaten and bloody with no clothes
her precious life went down the drain...

Penned By MPK

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion.

Quote: The Best And Most Beautiful Thing In The World Can't Be Seen Or Touched.

It Must Be Felt With You Heart...

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and I will come

…and I will come.
When the first snow falls down/ 
when the fall gives its rights/ 
to the winter/
you know I will come/
for good or for bad/
I’ll board the train/
Passing by / stations/ and countries/
I promised/ and I remember/
You said “there’s no fortuitous meetings/

…and I will come.
When the first snow falls down/
When you’ll lose the trace/
When my firmest snickers/ wipe out/
I will/ I will come…
Unexpectedly/ knowing solely the door/
Just the road / for sure/
Before/ take you I’ll ask/
“are you ready to go?” / 
You are ready/ I know/
All the noise doesn’t matter/
I don’t haste/ will be later/

…I will come.
When it finally turns out/
That November is overthrown by December/
When the first snow falls down/
Will be clear/ that nobody is remembered/ 

And I will come…
Somewhere in chest/ between ribs/
You slashed me/ with thoughts/ 
I can feel it with lips/ crawling under my cloths/
Our world is alive/ our life/ we’re alike/
And I….

I will come.
When the first snow falls down/
When the death is changed into fate/
When the winter gives up/ 
To wait/ for spring/
to stay with shining sun/
I will come.

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Just To let You Know

I’ve eaten the chocolates you brought last night
   in the box that was prettier then the taste of the candy
forgive me, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful
I’m not that kind of girl you know 
  one who is bribed by roses and Whitmans 

am I likely to fall for fluid practiced lines
  meant to make a girl swoon and fall in love 
for a careless hour of your time
  with your hungry, shallow anticipations…
of removing my pearls and chemise
  you know…
the one who waits with excited expectations
  for your silvery seductions...
just yearning to be seduced 
  by your lover boy’s touch
  or …
for a midnight tryst 
  that ends before it even begins
  oh yes... 
I see your majolica, opaque heart 
  It reveals the opacity of your dull mind 
you interest me not 
  my heart rises to the golden boy
the one who laughs with his eyes
he really does see me with his heart
  the one who listens- who knows the color of my eyes 
he spends $1 on my favorite kind of licorice

$20 for a meaningless box of chocolates or…
  roses meant only to impress
he's the one who learns quickly 
  he really wants to know things about me
those little endearments…
  you know...
like what my middle and last names are
  he knows and sees what I have to offer
it will be appreciated by a true heart 

for I am not an empty headed
  young, seductress 
to sweep you off your feet 
with empty lines and ploys 

I am not that she 
  who expects fancy gifts 
unloading your checkbook of it's contents
  putting out her soul for sale

I'm not some plastic Tinker toy 
  you put together and then pull apart
I think I’ll just wait until he comes along
  If not…
when I’m alone I’m happy 
  the smell of the dogwood
their fragrance in the breeze
  I’m okay with just being me

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Je veux

Je veux te chanter
Je veux t’écrire
Et te décrire

J’aimerais te composer
Toi, ma neuvième symphonie
T’étendre sur une portée
Jouer ta mélodie

Je veux te sculpter
Sans trop buriner
Presque rien à modifier
Quelques détails à retoucher

Je veux te shooter
Sous différentes luminosités
Balayer d’un flash
Tous ces artifices qui te cachent

Je veux battre tes records
Aller au delà des limites de ton corps
Sauter plus haut, courir plus loin
Quand homme et athlète ne font qu’un

Je pourrais continuer dans d’autres disciplines
Mais aucune ne semble vraiment te définir
Alors je continue dans celle ou mes analyses sont les plus fines
Pour toi, je ne cesserai jamais d’écrire

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Girl On A Train

In the early morning rain
I saw a blossom fall
landing softly on the garden wall
and for a moment I tried to recall
that girl I met on the train

I had a second cup of coffee
as I tried to remember her name
looking out on the rain,wondering if she even liked me
Well, beauty is only skin deep all the same
But would I ever see her again?

Indeed it's a small world
My friend told me he had also met a girl on the train
as he described her to me
I knew it was the very same girl that I had met

He had gotten her phone number
And said that they might soon go on a date
But he couldn't remember her name
I wondered if her heart he did win
But I found out later she had a twin!

           From the Title: early morning rain

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a love story

With the ringing of a horn and a man yelling all aboard. I knew I had to get on somehow. I saw a line that I climbed Hid out in a pile of boxes that laid below deck. When the ship set sail I knew I was going somewhere. Knew my life was soon to start. The first night I laid low, the second night I met a girl who stole my heart loosing myself in her eyes I slowly let her into my life. She saw who I was an unwealthy and uneducated man, with a life of unknown adventures ahead. The ship hit and started to sink. We grabbed each others hand and ran quick. Wish I would have met her in another time where we could have laughed and cried. Never thought it would end like this holding the hand of a girl I never kissed. As our souls drifted away and we became one. Our bodies lied limp together and the sea won.

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                        SHE RAN AWAY WITH THE CIRCUS

                         The neighbor‘s daughter ran away
                         Gwen is gone .....her brothers say
                             When the circus left the town
                            She was nowhere to be found

                       I heard them whisper –all the biddies
                           While they tended little kiddies…
                               …..With the circus.....
                                  Did you know it?
                          How that mousey girl could blow it!
                             Throw away her farm girl life
                           Plans to be a farm boy’s wife .

                        Who would want to see a  city
                           Drink excitement with the witty--
                         Who would want to fly the coop
                        Jump the jump and hop the hoop?

                       Oh-- those biddies dream their nights
                               Of Gwen-stolen guy in tights
                          How he grabs that sly trapeze
                       Sails the tent with cat-stealth ease.

                              Me--I wish that girl the best
                           Hope she’s happy and the rest
                                  Wish I had the guts to run
                              Find out what is west of sun

                                 But I’d rather read about it
                          Let the others scream and shout it
                                  When I think about her daring
                                 I envy her for not despairing

                                  May her dearest prayers come true
                               And her skies flash starlight blue
                               Hope the circus shapes her life
                                 Wilder than a cardboard wife.

Victoria Anderson-Throop

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dancing at odd intervals

I find myself
dancing alone
at odd intervals

I'm that girl 
the one 
with crazy dreams and a heart full of nails

I'm the girl no one knows
and if you listen real close
you might figure out this is all a dream

something make believe
I created
and if I erase myself out
will you put yourself in?

I'm sure you have all these lies to tell about my soul
and if you pay attention you could learn something
dancing with yourself at odd intervals you could be the person nobody knows.

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what makes a woman a woman

<  >A child is born and with pride
       they say 'its a girl'
       a baby girl grows to  a little girl
       that little girl grows to be a girl
       then comes a teenage girl
       this beautiful rose blooms desirably to a woman

       have you ever wondered what makes a woman  a woman
       is a woman defined by her past
       can one's child wood complete an identity
       is a woman defined by her life experiences
       i wonder
       is it this invisible warmth this gender turns to have?

       as nature takes its cause 
       child bearing is life threatening game
       still a woman takes an oath to be a woman
        she never wonders what she might have done
        to deserve to be a woman
        woman are for ever proud to be who they are

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angry woman

shes an angry woman when she was born her fist where clenched and at first she didnt make
a sound till the doctor poked her foot and she cried real loud. As a little girl she didnt
want to share toys she took what she wanted out of her brothers toy chest theyd wrestle
around for a little while then when she had won mom said stop and made her give the toy
back. SHe never took her daughters side. 
  She felt this was unfair thus she became the angry girl swearing and not caring she lost
a lot of friends that way. Boys turned away. 
  But her anger was understandable no one had a nice thing to say so why should she be
happy when all she understood and knew was anger and rage and as long as she was treated
that way the angry woman would show through and the beautiful women she truly was would be
dragged behind in her shadow with nothing to do  

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Jar of Love and such

She walked around this earth with a jar filled with love
Dipping into its commodities when she saw someone in need of

a smile, encouragement, understanding and compassion
Her jar was always running over bringing others satisfaction

Oneday while on a daily routine she saw a tattered old man
Sleeping on a bench, in his right hand he had an aluminum can

She dipped into her jar and pulled out a mysterious note
She had held it for quit sometime a poem she had long ago wrote

She parked her car around the way
It was a cold and rainy November day

Then walked up quietly to this sleeping guy
and suddenly formed tears in her sensitive eyes

She took the poem from out of her jar
Put it inside his portable bar

Then quickly tip towed away
Hoping to God he would read what it had to say

The poem was a love letter to anyone
That had given up on life and had completely shunned

the world out because of many horrible trails
The poem was written to encourage someone and inspire

It was signed with just a smile and a phone number too
A nearby church and rehab center who

Took men in for absolutly free 
helped them to discover who they were really meant to be,

A week later this girl drove that same way
There was no sign of this man she so often saw on that bench during the day

A month later, on a Sunday morning she could not believe her eyes
She was in church and to her surprise

The same old man that had been dirty, drunk and out of social reach
Stood in front of this giant congregation and made a beautiful speech

All bright, clean and with tears in his eyes
He told a story about an angel who stopped him from suicide 

He said there had to be a God for he woke to take his last sip
And in his “jar” of beer he found a poem and decided to read it

And now he had been sober for thirty days
He found his two lost sons and he just wanted to give God praise

This girl and her "jar" never said a word
She just sat in her chair as her soul sang like a bird

So never be afraid to carry goodness in your life jars
For you never know when you may be a persons saving star!!!

Sabina Nicole
Based on The contest :JARS

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Cant believe your not here

Lost inside

Trying to  erase  the fear

I didn't  get to say goodbye


It wasn't that long  ago

That i had you in my arms

 Hugging you  to let you know

That  I needed you more


I breathe  a little  deeper

trying to hold  back all the tears

Remembering the times

You  was always here


The days and years

Months and weeks

Went  by  so fast

I couldn't  even  think


Memories  of you

Wonder through my head

Times where you would "Baby" me

Daddy's little  girl is what you  said


I couldn't deny it

How  true that is

Not trying to believe

That your not here

I know this  won't  be easy

Apart of my heart is  missing


As  tears  roll down my   face

Thinking  about you

I hold  tight to  the good times

and  let the bad  ones slip through


There  will be times I'll stare in space

Wondering how things would  be

If  you didn't leave this place


The  times you  would sing to  me

 The  times you  would cry

The   times where you'd smile

I'll  never  let that slip by


You'll always  be in my  heart

 No matter what i do

I didn't  think I'd  have to picture

 My life without you


All the birthdays  cards i  made you

Ill hold  close and dear

Just remember

In my life you'll always  be here


I'll  remember the mornings

I'd  wake up and see your  face

I didn't think I'd  ever  have to say

Goodbye this way


Daddy's little  girl is what I'll always be

 I'll never forget you

Please remember  me.


 I love you Daddy

 R.i.p  6.5.11

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There was a girl that no-one knew her name
Everybody took for a silly little game

Every day she was crying
Every day she was lying

Until one day, she found a place to hide
And then she tried to commit suicide

But she was saved by someone very nice
But then tried to do it twice

But the second time she was afraid to do it again
So she started to get rid of her hate and pain

After a few days, she was strong and happy
That girl was I and my name is Julie

Now she doesn’t forget her powerful beauty                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Lives every day knowing that she’s lovely

Not worrying about what people say                                                                                                                   For great things were made from muddiest clay

Holds in her heart her power which is love                                                                                                         For she was made from the Creator above

She doesn’t try to be somebody that you’re not                                                                                                                  She learned to be content and appreciate what you’ve got

She doesn’t forget whom she’s meant to be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Never giving up she stays as bold as the sea

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That's Where The Lord Lives

I walk outside to see all that I can see.
Over there is our house, our home,
In the distance, you can see.
And that place of hallowed happiness
Forever has been our home
And forever will be so evermore.
That house is small but raised us tall,
From the perfect parents who loved us so
To the perfect sister for which every man would want.
The house built us all up strong.
More than a mere building,
It is a place to love and be loved,
A place that hands you hope that you give right back, 
And a place of everlasting faith.
This home is where my parents taught me about God
And opened me up to Jesus.
They opened the eyes of the blind for all to see,
And the blind included me.
They taught me to be the best I can be;
The best things in life are free.
They have taught us so well,
And they all have saved my soul.
Even if I am not there now,
I carry Him with me.
I carry them with me.
I carry Their values and Their teachings with me.
In this house, this home,
We reside.
We cannot forget this.
This is where my Mother lives.
This is where my Father lives.
This is where my Sister lives.
This is where We live,
In this loving, caring, beautiful home
They made just for us.
We cannot forget this either.
This is where it all began. 
This is where the hunger and thirst was created;
This is where we are fulfilled.
We cannot, we must not forget this:
This is where God lives.
This is where Jesus lives.
This is where The Lord lives;
The Father and The Almighty.
This is where We live;
This is where We reside.
We must not forget this.
We must not forget this:
What a beautiful and perfect life this is.

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the descriptive injury: part I

someone asked her what she was looking at
as she stood in front of the large picture window in the kitchen
in the abode where she presently resided---
the question came aloud from another room,
as if the questioner was busy themselves & only in passing
did they see the girl standing
with eyes focused,
arms at her sides,
as if in a private state of wonder
(& why a private state of wonder seems to be ample food for the
popular & public, pedantically preposterous, who prey upon the
rest of us---we’ll never know) &
so without hesitation they rambled out their comment,
not sticking around a moment for an answer &
as if that itself was not an answer to such a question,
the girl standing in front of the window
neglected to say anything, instead,
taking an extra moment to enjoy what it was that she
had been privately concerned with,
whatever images appeared out there
that her own sense of sensory perception
was devouring, free of the babble
swirling all around,

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Sliding Down

I’m hoping for my dreams to become a reality
I’m hoping for a phase of gratitude
I’m rejecting my hopeless fate
I’m accepting your side of the story…but don’t intrude 

Unexpectedly, I believe in love in first sight
I grab the rope for extra support
It burns like a vertical line of fire
I’m unable to climb, but I seem too far from my desire 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down… 

I cherish you like my own belongings
I designed you on my bedroom wall
I have you displayed deep in my heart
Believe me – you’ll never split it apart 

Every day I long for your touch – you changed my life around
My heart is blazing like the zealous sun…I prize my freedom and progress
The world is spinning endlessly as I kneel upon my knees 
And I imagine the memories we share with each other 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

When I reflect upon the joyous times,
My heart never fails
To pound vigorously for you
I’m sliding down 
I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you 

I see the light in your eyes
I don’t see an insidious nature in you…
I wish I hadn't believed in the lies
I never felt like a hopeless victim until I gave in to the darkness 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

I’m glad I've met you in the first place
We’re a perfect match – 
Don’t deny it…you made me feel handsome
We’re on the road of victory
We’re making great progress
We’re hanging on the edge,
But we were rescued 
From sliding down…

At least we’re kept ourselves alive……

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The Window Glass

Looking at the window glass 
the reflection began to appear
Ever slowly I could see
the looking girl was me 
Behind me in a long long line 
others began to show 
Each one awaiting for their turn 
to see what they could see 
I took my time and really looked 
and saw a second me
Now this one's who I really am 
not who I used to be 
The first one's light was fading fast 
gone before the looking glass 
I grabbed the girl and pulled her through 
she's who I want to be 
There's love and peace etched in her face
The old one's gone she's been replaced 
to look no more into the glass 
I've found my life it's here at last

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=============================== the edge of neverland
where spring butterflies dance in dream
a loving salutation rang through the valley 
as softy I sang..

a great gift
had arrived
with a breath
of loving promise  

a tendril of life
twirling and touching
in search of loves nurture   

outstretched and reaching 
my girl of cherry blossom beauty         
opened her eyes of felicity
with blue ocean innocence
and topaz starlight 

in that precious moment of silence
cathedral bells rang
for a beautiful gift of gods grace was born
an angel named "Brittany"


Contest ~ "My Children"
My Sweet Girl ~ Brittany

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Thirty Years Ago

Man and woman, pledging no more to be single
Bride and groom, excited that their lives would mingle.
Husband and wife, in love, with hopes and dreams aglow
We were married at the chapel, thirty years ago.

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Too Close Am I

I shattered my own heart,
Wrecking balls, tumbling decisions,
It fell upon me too late,
Forever and now I will lose what I held so dear,

But I held it out at arms length,
I let it fall, the uncurling my fingers,
Sinking into an emotional seat that engulfs me,
I so desperately buried the threat,

Happy once, I have not forgotten,
The taste of joy upon my lips still,
How could one ever forget the ecstasy that is happiness,
For we all seek it within the nil,

Berserk and rampant in my head,
A beast set loose upon my mental state,
So silent am I, my comfort so walks away,
So silent I can hear the screams echo within the blank,

Damp and dark are my thoughts of late,
Cramped tight inside, no prison break,
Hoping to find my way,
Before fear swallows me in regret,
And I become lost in my own wake.

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They Left so Abruptly

They Left so Abruptly

(for the countless South Africans, of all colours, who dedicated their lives for freedom and democracy)

the valiant ones
many known
many more nameless

the truest sons and singers
husbands and poets
lovers and wives
daughters and farmers
workers and sisters
brothers and friends

they left so abruptly
with quiet pride
steely courage
gentle dignity

they left so abruptly
leaving us our tomorrows
filled with promise

they left so abruptly
so that we may breathe
the breath of liberty
the air of freedom
the warmth of justice

they left so abruptly
leaving with us their parting gift


they left so abruptly
yet we remember them all
in the days that slipped away
and in the many more that we await

they left so abruptly
yet they remain
hewed into our memories
etched in our consciences
engraved in our hearts
they left so abruptly
and yet they endure
with us
within us
now and forever more

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Should My Time Here End

My heart,
I have lived within you from the day we met
Now the passing hours seem to be shorter, still
Before I leave I must confess the reason why I drifted away
For had I known of your true desires from the start, 
I would have saved you all the grief
I tried to show you what love is but wouldn’t give you my soul!
You found it hard to trust ‘til I spoon fed it to you
It’s just too bad, late in the game, the picture became quite clear
So I stepped away though it hurt me to; I did bid you move on with your life
I’ve told you time and again, how very sorry, I am
I pray God will send that special girl so you can settle down
That finally, constant searching will end and peace will build a bridge
Have no fear, all will be well, and your angel I'll remain

Then come the day when you’re ready, God will send that girl for you
Know that, the many times our wills would clash, I wanted you to see
That, words come easy and are sweet, yet untill you truly love
That pain which haunts you still, will ever be
I am grateful for the times- good and bad; we saw one another through
I wish that you'd give God the chance to love you as you should 
We'll be forever in each others' heart no matter where we go 
With all my heart I pray, you find the happiness each soul deserves
Should my time here end this day  
Should the sunshine light up your world no more
It'll be my  fervent prayer to see you inside of heaven's gate! 


Notew:  For Waylayee Whitlock's "If I Had One Last Day To Live" Contest

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Fake Reality

You see those girls, always,
wearing bright colors all over
and they have too much
nonsense to chatter on about.
The ready, pre-made smiles,
and perfection shines from them.
They have "so much" to offer.
They are the cover of society,
and everyone loves them dearly.

I'm the girl with the scars.
The girl who can't always smile,
who sometimes can't be nice,
and doesn't like wearing makeup.
I have problems, and can't always
paint over them with happiness.

Which of us is more real?
Someday your silly dreams
will vanish without a trace.
and you'll face reality.
One day, I will face it too.

Or perhaps I already have?

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This is Me

I am who I am and that’s all I can be.

I’m sick of trying to be, someone other than me.

if you want to know who I am,take a good look.

You can’t read the story without opening the book.

On the first page,a little girl you’ll see.

A little girl that looks,quite similar to me.

She’s got chubby cheeks, brown eyes,

and two ears to soak up all the lies.

She sits atop the stairs, night after night,

Looking down below,seeing her parents fight.

Her brother is there near her side,

He tries to wipe the tears his sister has cried.

Flip the pages,skip ahead a few years,

The girl is little no more, she hangs with her peers.

She puts on her smile, day after day,

And at night she lays her head down to pray.

She prays for a time,when she doesn’t have to cry.

She looks out her window, up to the black sky.

Trapped at home, with no hope for tomorrow

Her body is filled with years of sorrow.

Halfway through the book, she’s on her own.

Her brother is gone, she is now alone.

No one to run to when she got scared,

Facing them alone, she was unprepared.

Time to grow up, no time to hide

No more tears, they have all dried.

Time to step up, time to be brave,

No more being a kid, her childhood away she gave.

Now that little girl is grown, she is strong.

This new strength she has had all along.

She’s no longer afraid to speak her mind.

The words she says aren’t always kind.

She stands her ground,getting in between,

her fighting parents, at the age of sixteen.

He shoves her down, she gets back up,

He doesn’t realize she’s no longer a young pup.

The last chapter begins, that little girl now eighteen,

Just another night, same old routine.

She pushes back, with hatred in her eyes,

“I hate you” loud and clear she cries.

So much anger built up, so much pain

All of these emotions, she just can’t contain.

She slams her fists into the back of her door.

She loses her strength as she collapse to the floor.

I’m that little girl from this story book,

You wouldn’t have known, from one little look.

Just like everyone, I am who I am,

If you don’t like me, I don’t give a damn.

My life has been rough, but don’t pity me,

This is me, and me is who I will always be.

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Heart And Soul

I see in your heart I see Inside your Soul

I feel the feelings only you can see or know

I feel your pain from deep down inside

And know the hurt and feelings combined

Your an Amazing,Sweetheart this you should know

Don't let anyone take that from deep inside your Soul

The hurt you feel the anguish deep down inside

will only go away if you learn to let go and cry

The release is so great and healing. Refreshing I would say

That your heart will grow warmer and warmer each day

The Love you have inside shows in your outer glow

So let that glow reach deep down to where it needs to go

You are Beautiful on the inside and out dont let anyone

ever make you dought. Take control and let your inner

 light glow.. Come on girl let's give them a beautiful show

Don't lighten your glow for anyone you know let it shine

 and always abound..

Just know this to me you are one of the most Beautiful Souls

One of the most precious I have ever encountered on this earth

Although our friendship is beginning to bloom in leaps and bounds

I feel in my heart there is plenty of room for it still to grow

You are the most open, welcoming, sweetheart of a girl that I know

It feels like our friendship has been around forever your already in my soul

I Love you more than words could ever express I'll always be here

to help with any and all Stress or obstacles you go through

So know in me a True friend you have found one that promises to

NEVER let you down!!!!

Written By: Christina Kirks McCullouch


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"Great-granddad," the little girl asked,
As she sat on the old man's knee,
"Can you remember long ago, 
When you was as big as me?"

The old man gently laid a hand
On his great-granddaughters head.
He cleared his throat and nodded, 
And tried not to laugh when he said:

"Oh, I somehow still remember
Sitting on my grandpa's lap,
And he'd tell me of the olden days
When he was just a little chap.

"And in my book of memories, 
When I turn to another page, 
I see your grandma on my knee,
When she was only about your age.

"There is yet another little girl
Who means the world to me;
Your mommy spent her share of time
Upon her granddad's knee."

The little girl hugged her great-granddad,
And patted his hair, so soft and gray.
Then, she quickly slid down off his knee,
And waved, as she hurried outside to play.

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Girl of My Dreams

The girl of my dreams, who but she could understand 
of that deep desire, as a burning fire, for her hand
her  hand in friendship, her hand there always to hold
her hand in mine, our souls as one, smelted as with gold

The girl of my dreams, who but she could understand
always to be by her side, never to run and never to hide
a true soul mate, through thick and thin, oath of a bride
with trust and loyalty that only loving souls could abide

The girl of my dreams, who but she could understand
that growing void in my conscience, is but a reflection of my fear
a fear that paralyzes my ability, preventing me to express my care
but you are my healer and rightfully so, to whom my heart calls dear

You girl of my dreams, were created as perfect as can be 
given a mission to help me be complete, and to eventually see
your love and warmth, these qualities how they do provide
this ability for me to overcome, my own shallowness resting inside

You my better half, fashioned for me, by whom else but the One above
my life has new meaning, since you choose to share with me your love
know my dear this truth, even if my love for you could be divided in two
nothing would change, for it could never remove all the love I have for you

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the way i feel about you

The spaces between your fingers were created so that my fingers could fill them in.When you hold me in your arms my heart and soul meet yours and are content.I love you the moment I closes my eyes and the moment it opens. I breathe for you, my heart beats for you.and you are the reason that I smile and u will be the only reason that I live You are the reason why even at the saddest part of my life, I smile. Even at confusion, I understand, even in betrayal, I trust, even in fear of pain.I want to be the girl who makes your bad days better. The girl that makes you say, 'My life has changed since I met her.I know I am in love with you because I see the world in your eyes and your eyes everywhere in the world I love you so much with all my love, your the only guy I always will want, you show me your love to me like no one has, you make me blush when you look straight to my eyes, promise me you wont ever leave because without you I’m lost.You brighten my world like no one else in my life would, you make me smile and warm my heart like no one else, you make me feel like I’m in love for the first again, just come to me and tell me that its only me, you bring the light to my world like no one else in this life will. sometimes your nearness takes my breath away; and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart.Love is patient, love is kind, and what our loves express is true. No amount of tragedy can tear, or break the love I have for you.i guess i am trying to say is baby i love you i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you

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The List

How do I love thee,,
Let me count the ways
That seems even hokey for a poet to say
But hearing your voice and feeling your heart
Brings the lists alive that I’ve had from the start

As a young girl watching Cinderella
The prince such a handsome, loving fellow
You learn to wish, you learn to dream
But as time marches on its not all as it seems

The young girl chooses her first beau
She falls in love and wants the fairy tale to be so
But the pain and torment of unequally yoked
Soon shows on her face,  she tries to sugar coat
Her family can’t know the sadness she feels 
She must lean on God and learn how to heal

Three decades have past, her heart free at last
No longer a prince charming to be in the cast
The list packed away as a young girl’s obsession
She realizes she needs no one save for God’s own affection

Then quite unexpectantly God turns her around
Could the love of her life still be found
She doesn’t want to wish she doesn’t want to dream
Can this man really be what he seems
His heart full of God, his words full of truth
All of her boundaries just started to poof
She tried not to love him, she tried not to care
But this man was offering his life now to share

The list she thought gone, now came to the light
But by the guiding of the Father she had to rewrite
What’s important to her now so different than before
Its okay to trust now but trust in the Lord
For He has shown what love truly is
And the man in her life she now wants to be his.
The man oh so loving, his heart full of God
His words are so precious on life’s journey they’ll now trod

A list is okay when God tempers your hand
Just give Him your heart and on His word always stand

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Angels fall first

 In a blink of an eye
 The angel appears on the sky
 I see the innocence in her face
 While she tries to fly with grace

 A broken wing under a devil skin
 Her face is full of lust and sin
 She can not reach the sky again
 She sinned so much she will remain

 She is so perfect for this world
 But she will stay, she gave her word
 Even the Heaven closed its door
 And let the girl sleep on my floor

 No more wings and no more grace
 She is a human in a place
 A place of beauty, joy and sorrow
 The girl won't stay until tomorrow

 The gates of Hell have opened wide
 To get the girl that sinned with pride
 There she will pay for what she gave
 Beauty, joy, sorrow and all with ave

 But will she ever meet again
 The one that crossed her path, the man?
 Will she have the everything
 Even though she has now nothing ?

 But the memories remain
 And they bring her joy and pain
 She fought the war and she has won
 And now she bears her unborn son

 The gates of Hell await the muse
 She wants not but she must choose
 The being that she will gave birth
 Will mum or she return to Earth ?

 A soul has fallen from the sky
 Born in a family, but born to die
 Which one is she, the she or mum?
 I do not know but she will come!

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When I say that I am I
People say that I am not I
When I say I am not I
They say that I am I

When I say I like it
They say I must not like
When I say I don't like it
They say I must like

When I say it is my life
Let me live the way I like
They know it is my life
But they want me to live 
as they like

When I say that I am I
People say that I am not I
When I say I am not I
They say that I am I

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Rain, The Story

in the midst of a lush meadow
there stands an impressive sight
a slip of a girl on a giant white horse
poised on the verge of flight

poetic in their beauty
they begin to move
and they appear as one
from head to back to hoove

you can see the giant beast
respond to invisible cues
as he begins to accelerate
to a place just out of view

you begin to sense the urgency
as the pair picks up speed
and you watch the desperation
as she pushes the giant steed

faster, just a lil faster
and it will be all right
all the sorrow of reality
is lost in the midst of flight

just a little harder
we're almost at the end
and the beast gives her everything
on him she can depend

the vision on that meadow
is enough to make a soul ache
watching a free spirit
and her horse make their escape

gradually they slow
his coat glistening in the sun
she leans in and hugs him
and thanks him for the run

looking into his deep brown eyes
she whispers her gratitude
stroking his white mane
they begin to walk on cue

slowly they walk the meadow
as desperation evaporates
leaving bewitched bystanders
in awe at the look upon her face

the frantic pace lost
by the run upon her beast
sorrow left in their dust
upon his back she finds her peace

they stop again and she strokes him
with all her aching heart
and knows he's her freedom
protecting her from the start

he nuzzles her soft cheek
as if he understands
and wants her to know
he's home beneath those hands

swiftly as she mounts him
agile and with grace
they begin to walk the meadow 
looks of peace upon their faces

as they reach the meadows edge
they begin to fade from sight
the girl on her magnificent white steed
disappearing in the night

written by: Lori Thomson
contest: Rain, The Story

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Friendly Love

There are a lot of things to say
Why do I feel so alive when you're around?
There’s so much to do today
But how do I get rid of the clouds – shadowy and gray
We're lying on the ground...
Looking at the stars overhead... 

You are my beloved friend – 
Our love won’t break or bend
I’ll love you until the very end…
I’ll love you endlessly…our happiness blends
Like coffee and cream– yum! 
I know…these rhymes are quite dumb…aren’t they? 

Our light will shine and burn out the night 
Maybe there’s a star in the sky that scorches with love 

You are my superb friend – 
Our love won’t wear off or wither away
I’ll love you until the day I die
I’ll love you every day…our delight will be
As sweet as pie – how appealing 
I know…these words are overused…aren’t they? 

Our flight will be as dazzling as the elegant eagle 
Trained to ascend for more than half his life – or we’ll be like the seagull!! 
We could fly there and catch it someday
Fly……with me! Shoot the bull’s eye!
Our love will never die…so don’t say otherwise
Or I’ll sink in dismay

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living in a dream world

you were there
and so was i
you in youre world and me in mine
yet somehow we werent there at all
and our worlds were just to small
together we would unite
leaving our old worlds behind
creating a new worlds together
one that we would share forever and ever
now here we are
as we have and always will be
in a world that we created
for only you and me
no longer in our own worlds 
but in our dream world

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Waiting for the last drop of  the sun to be evaporated,
And the last bus of my day to pack me away to…
My eyelashes fluttered from   piles of human to piles of human 
 Wriggling …
A girl with eyes bended over mobile and spreading pink flushed cheeks.
Had someone just told that she was the last beautiful girl alive in the earth?
A middle-aged man frowning furiously with floating head.
Who stole his happiness?
An octogenarian woman oscillating like an octopus.
How life was draining away from her!
A crooked nose with sunken eyes eyeing me up made me tighten my face.
Did he somewhere in his life dream of an unpolluted soul?
On the other…
A boy busily took his gaze away when mine happened to meet his.
How was he designed to disbelief?
A restless kid pouring the pinks and yellows of the sunrise.
Where is life going to land him?
Oh! Never will I know!
Perhaps the answer  will remain untouched forever.
How many unknown faces I meet every day!
Do they even exist when they are not covered by my eyesight?
Is it so mandatory for these piles of human to flood into one quoted part of my life?
 And stay just for a while and float away?

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Broken Bridge 1 And 2 - Haiku

Broken Bridge 1 And 2 – Haiku

     Broken Bridge 1

suspension bridge breaks
jungle covers snapped, collapse
people disappear

     Broken Bridge 2

too much suspense, tons
rope gives way, bridge breaks in two 
girl trips, bonnet falls 

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Trinidad girls

Trinidad girls

Meet a girl in Trinidad
She like to eat plenty pepper
But if you see the girl  
 She sweet like sugar

She likes to sing
And she can dance for so
She likes to go shopping
Gulf city and San Fernando

And she has a lot of respect 
The girl is pure class
She says good morning 
To every one she past

She likes to make chow
With half ripe mangos
And every Sundays with her mother
To the movies they always go

I seen a lot of girls in America
From the east coast to the west
But I have to tell you
Those Trinidad girls are the best

The Mexican girls are to feisty
Some does cuss for so
When ever they look at me
I just bend my head and go

The American girls are pretty
 Drive around in their fancy cars
And almost all of them
Looks like famous movie stars

But some girls live in McDonalds
Them complains how they’re over weight
So they orders a diet coke
But the same food on their plate

The girls them from England
They are a little to cold
It will take a really hot fire
To try and warm their soul

There are some nice ones
You will find them in a bunch
Walking down London
Eating fish and chips for lunch

But I am a true trini
Like my roti and tomato
I like the old fashion girls
From Trinidad and Tobago

A girl picks cloths from the line
Fold and packs in a heap
Clean the front and back yard
Them go and take asleep

She boy friend don’t have much money
But he treats her very kind
In the evening they goes to naz cuisine
And have a very good time

Some girls are down to earth
Don’t like the glam and fame
That’s the kind of girl
I want to carry my last name

Please don’t get me wrong
Girls are beautiful all over the world
But some thing about them Trinidad girls
Is like mystery waiting to unfold

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Behind Closed Doors

 You know that kid on the play ground,
  That you always called a geek?
 While behind closed doors he's silent,
  One more word will get him beat.
 You know that girl from your math class,
  Through your gossip you call her a whore?
 While she's not a virgin, 
   Because what her dad had done behind closed doors.
 You know that girl at work,
   The one you say who smells of sweat and dirt?
 While she's trying to picking up the pieces,
   While raising 3 kids struggling behind closed doors.
 You know the person you call a thief,
   And warn to stay away?
 Her mother taught her at age 7, she had no choice.
   She was taught to not know any better behind closed doors.
 Everyone has a story, some a nightmare some a gift,
   But before you judge the person standing next to you,
 Concider might go on behind closed doors.

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It's Time

Theres a momment when you  realize your not a little girl anymore.

Mommy and daddy arn't there to run too.

You have to make your own choices.

Your finely free.

You get to do what you want.

No one setting rules for you...

Your life is perfect...


This momment is the one you've been waiting for...

But now that its here...

Your eyes are getting teary...

Already longing for the "good old days"

The good old days where...

Mommy would sing you to sleep...

Daddy would rock you in his lap when you where scared...

You knew you where safe...

You didn't have to worrie about being judge...

You knew when you got home there was someone to love you...

That was the good old days...

Now its time...

Time to go...

Go out on your own...


Its time...

To go out and start a life of your own...

All grown up...

You're not a little girl anymore...

It's time...

You're ready...

To start a life of your own...

Little girl...


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The Little Girl

There was once a little girl everyone called an "old soul"
This little girl had far too much self control
All the time she wanted to beg and cry
To be let out of this life, to be buried under blue sky
But she never did cry to die
Not out loud, but all the time inside
Everyone thought she was just quiet and shy
They had no idea that she wanted to die
Of course you wouldn't think a child of that age
Would be tired of life at this tender stage
But tired she was, tired of the nights
When he would come into her room
And turn off the lights
She wanted to die yes, each and every time
But no one knew and she could not tell
She would just peer over ledges
And wonder "What if I "fell"?
She often wondered how she could "accidentally" leave
Because in her life she only ever grieved
Grieved for her innocence forever lost
She wanted so bad to die at any cost
She did not die though, she was not brave enough
To take her own life no matter how rough
So she just went through the days listlessly wandering
Everyday, every year the same questions pondering
"Why do I continue to live this life
When all it ever had for me is strife?
I'll tell you why, because I' a coward
Too scared to take my life, too scared to be empowered
Too scared to live and be free
Too scared to know the deepest parts of me
I have to do something I can no longer abide
Living everyday just to die inside"
The girl made a promise, to herself and no one else
That she would put her pain on the shelf
She would leave it there and try to forget
Everything that happened, all the torment
There was a life she wanted to live
She decided it would be in her best interest to forgive
Not forgive him, that she could not do
But forgive herself for everything she went through
And try to live the life she always wanted
Being happy and vibrant but not haunted
Haunted by the ghosts of yesterday's past
She hoped she could be happy now, free at last
But the girl did not really believe deep inside
That from her pain she could actually hide
Pain and suffering was all she knew
What if this plan for her life also fell through 
The girl did not know what else to do
So she just went on with the days
Pretending to forget what she had been through

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loves embrace

all I wanna do
is fall into loves sweet embrace
and telling you all this 
as I stare into your beautiful face
lovin you forever is my goal
for you have the key to my soul
I think we are both falling
and knowin we'll each b there
to catch the others fall
as we hold onto each other
into loves sweet embrace

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Oh! pretty nature
This is eye-catcher
On the wet, wet grass
There were few dew drops
Shelly and I
Reeling, in pleasure
Selling, our leisure
Rolling, in great measure
This is big pleasure
O, I love this season
It's spring,
This is the reason...

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In commemoration of your eighteen years
I will weave you a story fit for all ears
Of a special girl who is very much loved
A precious gift who was sent from above

A fallen angel who we are blessed to be
That her soul chose us, her family
A cousin, a sister and above all a daughter
Who has delighted us all with years of her laughter

But the road for this girl has not always been clear
At times she has been filled with a great fear
For to bear the weight of life’s choice’s on your shoulder’s
Your feet sink in the mud and the inner fire smoulders

It is from those ashes that your inner phoenix does sore
Bringing back the light and hope and oh so much more
The path of your life, untrodden is unique
You will blaze down that path, to any goal that you seek

With determination and an iron will
Your strength of conviction is a special skill
She knows her mind and what it is that she wants
She will never give in to life’s  do’s and don’ts

For her to live her life the way that she needs
Sometimes she will be forced down on her knees
It is at that point her strength will shine
And it will guide her through life’s complicated design

She must forge on ahead, beat back all the doubt
Its the choices we make that sets us out
For life is full of sheep, directionless and lost
Always searching for the life that they want the most

A part of that group she will never be
For she is too clever, too much like me
She fights for herself and others she loves
Her soul is as pure and free as a dove’s

This is my weaving, filled with warmth and light
The life map of a girl who I have kept in my sights
For only eighteen years it is that she’s lived
I look forward to all the rest, the greatest gift she can give.

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Sweet Lucy - Final Part

Lucy, sweet little thing, life was boring for me,
She made me wonder. She woke me up
A sweet sound, barking excited as always.
I reach for the door for my daily newspaper, 
On the back I saw an ad, a picture that looked like Lucy.
The owner was a little girl, quote “Please, if you see her, bring it back to me”
A reward was posted, 500 dollars! 
Money was something I was not interested in.
Lucy, Her name was actually Susie.
What should I do now? Deciding to stay true to myself,
I took her to the rightful owner,
I drove all the way to the little girl’s apartment in Manhattan
Room 307, I must have hesitated at first, I could just walk away.
But to see a sad little girl, because of me…is not what I do.
I looked at Lucy, sweet little thing, 
She stared at me again with those eyes of hers
That sweet face of hers’ made me gloomy. 
Barking and wagging her tail.
Even before I could ring the door bell, the door suddenly opened.
And I knew it was over between Lucy and me.
Little girl must have recognize that sound of sweet Lucy.
She ran towards me and pointed and said
"I found her, Susie!" I was saddened.
Lucy sweet little thing, I looked at her for the last time and pet her saying goodbye.
She kept on making a noise, the same noise when I found her on the alley
But it sounded different, like she knew this was my goodbye.
As I got on the elevator, I saw her playing with her real family
With the little girl parents, I didn't bother about the reward, for I have already gotten my reward from Lucy…that is when I met her on that alley.
She gave me a new look at my life…Lucy Sweet little thing..Goodbye!

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Inner conflicts

Trees are falling down in my world.
The sun has gone down and it's not hot anymore. 
The season is winter.
I find more and more that the dark side is speaking to me in tongues.
She wants me to be bad and lean over to her. 
I am in a tug of war match.
But I don't want to be.

I run screaming into the church to forgive me for I have sinned. 
I ask them to wash away my unpure thoughts. 
But than I remember that were all human.
I am allowed to make a mistake.
I leave a paper trail of my regrets and I detest littering. 
I am hopelessly in love.
I am hopelessly in lust.
But the bottom and the top of my heart
belongs to the one that I have fallen for.
She owns my heart.
She owns my eyes. 
She has the ability to make me cry.
The daggers she throws I deserve them I know.
So I take them as punishment for my lustful thoughts.
Home is where the heart is and my heart is with her.
She will never realize how sorry I truly am.

In these last couple of months I have devoured her trust.
I never realized how big of a part I would play in destroying us.
"I will never hurt you" people say that and that's the biggest lie.

We hurt unconsciously. We hurt without even meaning to. 
We leave little stab wounds every so often.
We run off and leave each other bleeding everyday.
People are not afraid to hurt their afraid of the outcome.
Death, loneliness, prosecution. 
People will lie in love until the world is ending.
I sincerely meant it when I said I never thought I'd hurt her.
When I told her that I would be different.
I will never say those words to anyone again. 
I won't promise that I won't do it again. 
After all humans were created from eve's great mistake. 
I craved the apple but I never did taste.

I looked in the mirror and I barely recognize my own face.
This girl I see she said many things.... 
She didn't keep up with the many promises she made.
But this girl she is still learning the rules to this game.
She sucked at life just like she sucked at chess. 
At the age of twenty and three she is not done 
growing yet. 

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please don't take from me

should i make it there to save you
would you still feel the same
live my life by the moments
pleasured in the rain
but with in these memories 
i choose to stay

if i gave into you 
where would that leave me
tomorrow evening
i'm just a drifter 
living the night by shame

death is a writers angst
the older you get 
the less you care 
to be monitored by it

happy new year, baby
this here is my last song
may god bless you 
and keep you strong

if i told you fortune sleeps
where we lay
would you change your mind 
lie with me and my prayers

life is running vastly on its way
feels i'm like we're dying everday
death warrants me forbidden
living lost in tatters unforgiven

kiss me lonely and goodbye
this world may not end 
but you and i 
we're finished baby
you see i got this fever 
running through me 
not color efficient 
but you're paleness 
feeds my suspicion 
so bye bye pretty girl
you're not the only woman 
in this world 

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lets just walk away.....for now, that is... the war is still on buddy.

ok.... let me cool down. lets use some logic
lets not make this truly manic
i dont want to fight
no, not tonight. 
lets save it for next week
if a war is what you seek
you know me too well, too much
you know that i have such
a fiery persona
that i burn like the Corona*
that no matter what, 
i can take what you say and make that
sound like your one of those jerks
yea, thats one of my many perks
that you tried to slam
and you say your a man
you are the little boy
that lost his best toy
and does not even know it
that i wont take your sht
and that your new girl wont either
maybe i should tell her what you said to me, she wont like you either
i could find her on facebook. i saw her page
she looks kinda young, you sure she's your age?
i dont know, im just so tired of all your sht
i really cant stand it
i cant stand you 
i thought this would never occure, but what should i do?
should i just take your sht and say it makes you a jerk all the more
i was fine until you called me a whore
then i got pissed
that you would say that to the girl you kissed
that you loved and lied to
i didnt do that to you
i said i did, to make you hurt like i do
but i did not, i loved you through n' through. 
you make a fool of me
so now what and see
what i will do  to you
the next time i see you
i will truly slam you, face to face
in this place
with in this space
im not ms.Friendly, i can make you cry
and no, i did not feed you a lie
but i wont get into that
you selfish little arse of a slimey rat
no, i wont
my respect for myself told me "dont, 
he does not deserve your time, leave it be"
so that is what i will do, until you slam me
then the storm will come
and you wont know, unlike some
so prepare yourself
cause i will make you try to disembowl yourself and put your spine on a shelf
oh wait, you dont even have one, never mind. 
i will just leave you behind
im a new woman now
so right now
i will be the bigger person and leave

(Corona is latin for "the sun")
hope this is the poem you recieve
on your deaht bed, tight before you die, you will know what you did
who your hurt and what you said.
Good Bye Ryan Dimaio. 
Good bye.

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Can somebody please explain to me?
Why is it that she hates what she sees?
A seemingly perfect life
She is forced to hide behind a smile
Scared to face the truth
With a glance in the mirror, she doesn’t recognize her own reflection
A young girl’s view so distorted she feels so lost
Terrified to disappoint, she forces herself to smile
The girl trapped inside, so desperate to break free
And with every passing moment, the beauty inside begins to fade
It fades further and further away
She has lost herself
So desperate to belong, yet she is unable to move on
Unaware of the damage she has caused, she lives in a dream
She is trapped in the fog
She continues to live her seemingly perfect life
Never showing the fear
Never showing the pain
Never showing the tears, she hides from herself
Her reality is one where the truth can no longer be found
Why is it that no one can see the beauty of the girl trapped inside?
Why it is that no one can see that this girl is me??

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A bird lays an egg
She keeps it warm
It starts to crack
And it hatches, during a heavy storm

It was a beautiful Lorrikeet
You could tell mother bird was proud
So out of her own happiness
She joyfully tweeted aloud

Time to fly, little Lorrikeet
Mother Bird encourages him
So he jumps off the tree
And swoops through the sky like a queen bee

On a quiet night 
A van pulls up to the tree
A shadowy figure scales it well
And he was tranquilized, faster than you could to five

Daybreak in a pet shop
He was in a cage, that's all Lorrikeet knew
Surrounded by a rainbow of birds
Name a bird and It was in view

The other birds learnt of Lorrikeet's intelligence
But then they bullied him for it
Lorrikeet grew depressed
There was no bird to make him not want to throw himself in a pit

So Lorrikeet was trapped
Trapped in a cruel world of hate
One day he'll be free
But there is no specified date

But then a little girl walked into the Pet store
But like anyone her age, she was looking at the puppies
Little girl asked Mum for a pup, but she said no
But then the tears roll down her face, What a sad show

Then something is spied in the corner of her eye
The beautiful Lorrikeet looking out of the glass cage
The little girl runs up to the cage and admires the beauty of the birds
Which are staring at the girl like one giant herd

The little girl decided for ages
Deciding which bird. There were cages and cages
But then Lorrikeet tweeted. Oh It was beautiful like a flute
The Little girl said it was a lovely toot

And so Lorrikeet was chosen
Chosen to be taken home by this sweet innocent child
Lorrikeet was happy to leave the cage of sorrow
He'll be playing with bells and eating the finest seed this time tomorrow

I wrote this poem to teach that through the hardship of bullying, victims can go on to
live long fulfilling lives. Which is the only thing that keeps my head high :)

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From the heart of society

Theres a girl 
she pours out her heart 
gives him everything
changes her hair goes to get 
fat sucked out of her cause no 
one tells her that she really is 
beautiful she goes home to see him in bed
kissing another girl, then get up and smack her around
people ask where she got her brusies and why she hides her face
but behinde that mask hideing her scars is a girl fearing for her life 
scared to go home to that man that just might give her more scars.
Theres a guy 
who takes care of his brother
comes home and covers his brothers ears 
while his mommy and daddy make him fear
fear for his life his mom brings home different guys 
every night, daddy is never home but when he is 
they fear for  there life that just maybe that might be the last day 
the last breath they live to take
Next day he comes home and sees mommy on the floor bleedin 
his little brother tied to the bed stabed in he chest 
he tries to run but trips and falls
three week later the found him floating down the river..
These are the  people we ignore every day 
the ones that cry out for help
 the ones that need us the most..
The ones that are pimped out and dont see there beauty
 the ones that hide the scars that the one they love put on there face
This is our world and society today

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The Color Green

A green eyed beauty living the life of luxury
A woman who only wants one thing
Green money

A green eyed beauty living the life of passion
A woman who strives on being perfect
Green envy

A green eyed beauty living the life of lies
A woman who is powerful and rich
Green money

A woman who only wants one thing but knows nothing
A woman who only wants to spend the truth
A woman who knows what to buy, but not what to own
A woman who knows no limits
Green envy and Green money

A life of madness
A life of passion
A life of lies
Green money, Green money, Green money

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Today Is September 1 2007

On this day 16 years ago a beautiful baby girl was born.
As I cried they took her away.
My grandmother watching as if nothing were wrong.
Photos came for a brief moment then stopped
She was gone never to be herd from or seen.
It seemed as if she just vanished.
The agencies said her new family had moved.
No forwarding address to be found.
They apologize for the inconvenience.
Trying to convince me not to give up hope.
Hope what is this, something I find hard to have.
Years have come and gone and not a word.
The last photo I reserved she must have been 3 or 4 years old.
My search it still continues today, 
but not a trace of her or her family do I see.
On this the anniversary of her birth
 I still cry for the loss of my baby girl I bore so long ago.

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Casey, your a friend that is never forgettable. Your like the sun that always shines down on 
me and brightens up my day. Guys have dreams and my dream came true by meeting you. 
your hugs send warmth to my heart and without u my life isn’t complete. Your smile, hugs, 
just everything about you makes my life want to go on and never give up. Just thinking of 
you makes a guys heart flow with love and character, without you the world isn’t completer
	What I see is a girl that was lost till I found her and I wont ever let her get lost 
again because she was the one that my heart wouldn’t let go.
Your more then everything to me and no girl could ever replace u because you’re the one 
who keeps my blood flowing and keeps me warm when it could be freezing outside. Your love 
for me is so strong that even my dreams dream about you

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Shame of Silence

In the year, nineteen an’ thirty-nine, 
in a small town that seemed not to care,
a little girl tried her very best
to dress well, and groom her dark hair.
She’d fight for her life—whatever it took,
an’ survive her father so cruel,
her heart would stay strong , she’d try hard to belong
in this town, and much harder—in school.

Her mama had passed on to Heaven—
five years since she’d  breathed her last breath…
Daddy had tried to hide how he cried,
but then chose to live life in the past.
He drank every day of the week then,
and worked—but seldom, at most.
His life seemed meaningless—useless,
lacking life goals he might boast.

Food was quite scarce in the cupboards,
and her thin arms and legs bore the tale
of bruises and stripes from the whippings
she received every week without fail.
She was only a girl in the fourth grade
but her will and good marks got her thru’—
nobody would come to her rescue,
in those days—t’was the wrong thing to do.

Her dresses were hand-me-down clothing
with ties hanging loose in the back—
bright calico colors were faded
but worn proud no matter their lack.
She tried hard to comb her long tresses
and bathe whenever she could,
but water was heated on a potbellied stove,
and Dad wouldn’t chopped any wood.

The house, feeling cold and so lonely,
was never fresh cleaned as before,
looking neglected and run down—
crooked shutters and broken screen door. 
Kids teased her at school on the playground,
and shunned her when seen about town.
Her soul was burdened with sorrow,
and her eyes looked sad-blue tho’ dark brown.

Suspicion and rumors abounded
but folks minded their business back then—
they stayed out of another man’s family
no matter his obvious sin.
She struggled each day in her hard life,
making plans for a future to live
but fate was cruel and decisive— 
too soon, she had no more to give…

The town had just turned a blind eye—
neglected to care for this child,
protect the poor girl who lived in their midst,
and was known to be quite meek and mild.
Now, a grave lies stark—unattended,
her birth date and death carved in stone—
murdered by her drunken father, 
ignored by a town—left alone.

(dedicated to Donna who survived abuse)

              Tamara Hillman

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I'm In Love with a Hispanic Girl

I'm in love with a Hispanic girl because she's attractive. I'm in love with a Hispanic
girl because she's beautiful, she's smart, kind. and I love her. She's the sun that shines
daylight, the moon that rises at night, and my shining star. When I look into the eyes of
a Hispanic girl, they shine like expensive diamonds worth $1 million. Her hair is so
smooth, so silk, it's like holding a silky cloth made from Persia. Her face is the
complexion of the golden sun and the beauty of a Hispanic girl is like a batch of pink
roses.If this attractive Hispanic girl had a good guy like me in her life, then she
wouldn't have to worry about anymore drama. I know that she's feeling sad inside out. I
also know that this Hispanic girl shouldn't be taken for granted. And I don't want her
beauty to go to waste. Right now, I see this beautiful Hispanic girl as my future
girlfriend, my future wife, and the mother of my children. Until the day I die, I will
spend the rest of my life with her. There's more to life than just talking to Hispanic
girls; it's being with one.

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Dreamy Girl

She was within the greatest of them all
The strong but sensitive heroine
The sweet yet sassy, spirited girl
Who harbored thoughts that could inspire the world
She sang with a voice that could sparkle the skies
She drew tears from the earth with her cries
The ground she trod engraved her steps
The memory of her presence it kept
She molded life from a drop
Of what lay in her heart
And released dreams into the atmosphere
With the misted breath of her mouth
She stood on the brink
Of what is and what could be
She gazed into the distance
And dreamed

She was, in actuality, a frail thing
No brave warrior or beauty queen
A quiet and withdrawn soul
Hidden within a physical mold
Her only garment was invisibility
She could only boast of not being seen
And living in a world of sights and sounds
In which her own could not be found
She stared at the world from behind a glass
They stared back at her, but stared right past
A soul that was burning bright and long
And they couldn’t hear the reverberating song
The tears in her eyes
They couldn’t realize
And the dreams in her hand
They wouldn’t grasp
And so she went from day to day
With only thoughts and never a say
She stood on the brink of what is and what will never be
Turned her face from the skies
And cried.

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Average Girl- E

This average girl isn't nice
and she isn't mean.
For this average girl has always
been something in between. 

You cant choose between left and right
if they look exactly the same
Believe me 
this Average Girl has tried
and always lost her way.

This average girl has got 
a bit of everything
and it hurts her to think
that she will always be that way.

But It has never stopped her
from dreaming
for this average girl can dream
Though very down to earth
and realistic as she seems.

This average girl cannot
and will not fall in love
This average girl is never an 
always : 'none of the above'

This average girl continues
to live life in a dream
for this average girl
sees life as average as it could seem.

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A letter to Mother Nature 
Dear Mother Nature 
Outer beauty is a gift, inner beauty is an accomplishment, and I want them 
Lend me your makeup kit, wipe my eyes to black and beautiful and melt my lips 
to a hot red and yummy 
Lend me your makeup kit; paint my heart with joy, generosity, peace and 
Outer beauty is a gift, inner beauty is an accomplishment, I need them both
Make smiles and laughter my maiden costume from your fairy wardrobe 
Wrap me in your mermaid gowns of crimson red and white speckles
Outer beauty is a gift, Inner beauty is an accomplishment, I need them both
Buy me the classy African pearls, those of highest price from uptown shops
Lend me your pearls of forgiveness and patience; let them hold my neck and 
my head high 
Outer beauty is a gift, Inner beauty is an accomplishment, I need them both
Build me a tight and smooth feminine muscle; ready me to run this contest  
Teach me a mastery of grace and swiftness, let this heart race on and on
Outer beauty is a gift, Inner beauty is an accomplishment, I need them both 
Dear Mother Nature
Outer beauty is a gift; inner beauty is an accomplishment, so give me both

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New Years Ring

N-  Never say never, please don't say No this day
E-  Everyone see what I have to give you in a surprising way
W- Ways to tell her you love her, so many things to say
Y-  Yet another year, until your here
E-  Even the Baby New Years 
A-  Argue if you want I expect you there
R-  Raving about the excitement, News Years cheer
R-  Revamp, count down, kiss, ring, question, your reply dear
I-  Interested in only one word to appear
N- Neal I mean kneel down, ok clear
G-  Gently put the ring on and then the crowd again cheers

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My New Life

Alone in this world. In this big wild place. Dreams of peace and love are what I seem to always to chase. Treading up this climb at a nice, steady pace. Searching high and low. Just to see your face. 

One-by-one, seeking my perfect girl. Failed attempt once again. Deeply craving that perfect pearl. 

A team of two, undivided in half. Uplifting feelings, she always wants to hear you laugh.

A true girl likes helping out any way she can. You love her too and she loves her man. 

This girl of the future, she is kind and nice. Not a moocher. Made of sweets and spice.

Once this person is in my life, I will try to ask her to be my wife.

With her, life becomes more amusing. Along that, the game becomes much less confusing.

Then on one clear, cool morning night, you walked beside me. That town seems to gives you an awful fright. 

Us just talking and walking, long passed eleven. There beside me, she was a gift from haven. 

So nice and so kind. This one was very hard to find. A sweet young girl with a brilliant mind. Even past her beauty, in every way she shined. 

At last! Now, I feel complete. The search is finally over. No longer must I compete.

Now Hun, it will all be good. Defend and help each other. The way true lovers should.

Some day, like I said before. “We both should get married. By our spot on shore.” The power of our love and our commitment can never be buried. Many more blessings of ours are to be carried. 

I'm glad, I'm here to be. Finally dear, you found me. 

Standing alone in the night frost air, 
You saw me, as I looked quite lost there.

Sad and confused. But knew, mostly hurt and used. 

Hart was tired from the last girl's end. But this one's different. She has a kind warm hart.  She's the perfect friend.

My life. It's gotten way better. Like warm and cozy, in a big fluffy sweater.

I'm blessed that you chose me. In this big wild world Hun, it's only you I see.

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check out those heart shape lips..
trace their sharpness and fullness tips..
not inviting for a soft nor torrid kiss..
yet with a glance one take a shift..

these lips open when it needs to speak..
mumbling words to soothe not to trick..
fumbling when nervous and in doubt..
yet, pouts and smiles in between gaps..

softly moistened to touch..
doesn't need any artifacts..
it is maintained each day intact..
avoinding anything that scratch..

lips a whole lot of nerve endings..
when close to someone else's lips..
who knows it might be a beginning..
of some calls it by the name "loving"..

by: olive_eloi
aug.28, 2013

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Afraid to Care

I see a girl and I ask myself,
	Isn’t she a beauty?
But I’m reminded of a scare.

I see that girl and I wish to myself,
	What a picture we’d be.
But I just don’t dare.

I see that girl and I tell myself
	To try and see,
But I’m afraid I’ll care.

I see the girl and berate myself,
	Tell her of me.
But I’m afraid to bare.

I see that girl and I ask myself,
	What does she see?
And I wish I could share …

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(PART 1 of 2) Where the Sky is Black, And the Cold Wind Blows...

This is 'bout a girl from just a while back
It's a grusome, sad story, I know
It begins where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...

She's got looks to kill
And an attitude to match
She's lookin' for a thrill
Lookin' for a soul to snatch

A mind like a knife
She's sharp and she'll cut you
She can change your life
Nobody thinks like she do

Not one can out run her
She's quick as a whip
No magician could trick her
She'll just make your mind trip

Got some patched up jeans
And shorn off hair
She can act real mean
'Cause she just don't care

Got a heart of gold, she did all she could 
Had lots of romance on the brain
She acts much older than she should
Because this girl knows real pain

Now she might look bad
She might look rough
But you forget to look beyond the mad
And see that she was decent enough

She's been through a lot
Thinks she's seen too much
So she gets to smokin' pot
And she's felt God's touch

She runs further from the law
And closer to the light
Harder drugs hide in her bra
She can't hold up this fight

Starts trippin' too hard
While she's runnin' from the cops
Her brain is being scarred
And her heart begins to stop

Her eyes are rolling back
And her world begins to spin
She's run right off the track
Her life is caving in

She sees the angels cry
As she walks up to the gate
She asks her Father, "Why?"
He tells her she must wait

Sex, Drugs, and Crime have one goal
And messing with that could cost you your soul

She plummets on back
To her body below
Where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...


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The day I died

Today is the day I died
Young girl who loved the forest
The wind and all that’s wild
Young girl who used to sit
Under an old oak tree
That offered her protection
A cradle for her thoughts
Young girl who didn’t care 
About this silly world
That kneels us down
And makes us weak
Goodbye young girl
With curly hair
Goodbye sweet purity
Goodbye my youth
Will we ever meet again?

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Girl power

Today girls are so different
A lot of mix attitudes
Some are so nice and friendly
And then some are so very rude

I tell one girl how she pretty
She told me to go to hell
Then I did a little observation
And the results now I would like tell

Some girls are so shy
They won’t even show their face
And some think they are so sexy
Only dress in leather and lace

Then some girls are so sad
They will only share their sorrow
And when the attractive girls passing
All the guys will start to follow

Some girls can think they are weak
And have no confidence within
Then the bullied girls feel like losers
And think they just can’t win

But when god created woman
He gives them unimaginable powers
Women can be strong like a mountain
And still beautiful like a bunch of flowers

Women has powers to make peace
And the ability to start a war
For when a man loves a woman
He would do anything for her

Some girls just like to be alone
And will do everything on their own
Some girls are so chatty
They will live on the phone

Some girls can be suicidal
And don’t want to be here tomorrow
Then there is the selfish girl
Whose heart is so shallow?

When a girl is embarrass
She wishes for a place to hide
And you will know the naughtily girls
They are ones who lost their pride

The adventurous girls
are the ones who is out and about
And the victimize girls
They stop and no longer go out

Some girls are tomboys
will see them falling off a swing
And the slutty girls well?
They will just have a one night fling

and the rejected girls
walking around feeling empty
And then the lazy girls
they are always feeling sleepy

But what ever types of girls there is
Their powers will have no end
A lot of guys will hate me for saying this
But women is more powerful than men

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The Little Girl on the Porch

Sitting on the front porch watching the clouds roll by
Sat a little beautiful girl that she seemed a little shy
She didn’t talk to strangers from what she’d been taught in school
She did her very best to follow the golden rule

She always sat there quietly as if not to scare away
The pictures in the clouds that floated by her everyday
It was as if she was dreaming of things still yet to come
Of what her future held and woman she was to become

I never noticed her move she just stared up in the sky
Even when I waved on the days that I’d drive by
She sat alone in silence letting the wind blow cross her face
The beautiful little girl whose dress was made of lace

One day I saw her mom on the driveway at the road
I noticed a sign in the yard and on that sign said sold
I stopped just to say I’d miss the little girl
That I saw sitting on the porch the one with all the curls

The mother started weeping as the tears rolled out her eyes
Was it something I said? I was sorry I made you cry
She said her little girl has been dead now for many years
As her lip began to quiver when she tried to hold back the tears

She said she was sitting on the porch when a car lost all control
It crashed into the porch now in my hearts a great big hole
She loved to watch the clouds slowly drift cross the sky
She was taken way too soon by a drunk driver passing by

I stood there in amazement not knowing what to say
The little girl on the porch I saw her plain as day
I drove off down the road and it really made me think
What makes people want to drive after having something to drink

You never know whose life you affect when you get behind the wheel
It may be an innocent little drink but a life you may just steal
Next time when you drink think of the little girl
With the dress made out of lace and the head with many curls

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It tells a story.....
It shows emotion..... 
The story of a girl....
she wasn't excepted..... 
her parents......
her family.....
her peers.....
no one ........
except one thing.....
It calmed her...... 
No ridicule from people......
Even though there was no love.....
It was better then a world of hate.....
others hatred......
the judging......
the name calling......
The abuse .......
It hurt but when it was silent.......
The world faded.......
she read.......
She wrote........
She sang.......
silence was her savior....... 
silence was her bliss........
silence is bliss.......

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A Slick Girl

She’s so slick a beautiful girl Sitting on a rock, solid stone She envisions dreams of the world Every sight breaks into her bone Enlightened she does stand upright She’s so slick a beautiful girl Timeless her beauty in the light Shines brighter than what is unfurled Water flows to her and her curl Covering her feet with wetness She’s so slick a beautiful girl Her demeanor is a kindness Her life spreads over these wet stones Seeing her makes you want to twirl Joy fills your heart with wondrous tones She’s so slick a beautiful girl
Russell Sivey

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Skin Deep

I stare blankly ahead of me;
stare into the cracked soul of the being who used to reflect a smile
- the girl I used to love unconditionally.
That love evades me now.

Where has it gone?

I search desperately, but I fear it is lost forever
- lost forever in the turbulent streams of my --self--consciousness;
lost in the dark recesses of my mind,
in the shrunken cockles of my heart.

I fear I may never find it.

But surely nothing is ever truly gone;
surely it is simply hiding from me
- playing a twisted game of hide and seek - 
or creeping in the shadows of my despair until it is needed again.

I need it now.

Words cannot express how deeply, how utterly, I want to love that person;
to see something of worth or merit in those dark eyes,
to smile back when those pale contours
find their pride again.

But somehow, I just can't see that face the same way.

All I see are lips chapped from saying "no"
- from constantly repenting sins they will soon commit again and again.
All I see are those blank, empty eyes staring back at me
- the cracked soul within beating herself bloody to be freed.

I wish  I could see it - I wish I could set that girl free - but somehow I can't find how.

I want to see it again:
the eyes so full of promise and hope that they blossom,
the smile of a girl who knows the world will keep spinning.
the face of a girl who may be chipping away piece by piece, but is still trying.

But you can't see what just isn't there.

I'd like to think that with enough wishing, that face will return;
that somehow the withering girl - bound by her own will - may find the sun again.
That against all odds, the cracks will begin to fade - the splintered child will heal -
and maybe, eventually, time will turn back and her smile will find its way through the pain.

I'd like to think that miracles are a stones-throw away -  that all you need is a little bit of pixie dust.
I'd like to believe that love does conquer all - much as the world would like to prove otherwise. 
I'd like to believe that, beneath the face of a girl with only bad days left, there hides another girl.

I'd like to believe that inside those soulless eyes,
buried deep within a chasm of depression,
hiding, timid, in the shadows,
there lies another face:

A face that, maybe,
I can love
- or at least smile back at in the mirror.

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My Manderin Orange Calvin Kleins

Everybody was after them back in the day
I tell them this is not the King, you can't have it your way 
I still have them and they are still sought after
When I wear them, I don't understand the laughter
A policeman stopped me and gave me a fine
He said I was violating the noise ordinance with my Manderin Orange Calvin 
My niece is due to inherit them for her generation to enjoy
They are unisex, made for a girl or a boy
I try to make sure that disco is still rockin'
Right now I am jammin' on the song Jive Talkin
I am wearing a shirt the color of red tomatoes off the vine
This shirt will go well with my Manderin Orange Calvin Kleins
I have to dig a chest to find my three inch platform heel shoes
The color has kept well, the brilliant Robin Egg Blue
The shoes are tight, but the read a size nine
What a great combination of clothes all built around my Manderin Orange Calvin 
As I go to a club to dance, I clear the floor
A bouncer shows me kindly to the door
I wonder what did I do wrong to deserve this
I lift my arms and smell my pits
A girl calls me Austin Powers and tells me I am way ahead of my time
I tell her it must be my shirt or shoes, I know it can't be my Manderine Orange 
Calvin Kleins
I guess I will move to a place where they show pity
Maybe a place where I can fit in, I know such a place, it is called Sioux City
Maybe then I can get the respect I most certainly deserve
I will wear my  Argyle socks and throw them Sioux Cityans a curve
I hear the Carmens and Brewers are cousins of mine
They will all be jealous of my Manderin Orange Calvin Kleins

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written 30th Nov 2001

Lost and alone
 for she doesn't know where to go
This mother is now stuck
 she weighs up her options
And see's she is fighting against gossips 
 she stops, and takes a look at this world
What have they done, to this lovable little girl
 as she open's her eye's
Only to be faced, with all there lie's
 feeling alone and tired
She walk's on, to only find
 she is saying good-bye..
Taking one last look around
 before she lay's down on the ground
As her eye's completely, silently close
 she whispers, her final prayer to die
Still she walk's on, lost and alone
 but the difference now is quite clear 
For you can see her soul.....just disappeared...

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Mixed Feelings

You wanna know why I read?
I read because books are my escape.
I read because the friends I have in books are so much truer than the friends I have in real life.
I read because in books I am as breathtakingly beautiful as the heroine in the story and not a one-hundred-thirty-three pound white girl with a black girl’s ass. 
I read because the stories are either so good, I can try to wish myself into them
Or they’re so horrid they make my life look like a fairytale.
You wanna know why I read?
I read because the parents in books don’t yell at me for failing a test that I stayed up until 1 in the morning studying for
Or tell me I’m getting cellulite when its clear that I already hate the way I look.
I read because the little brothers and little sisters in books are adorably hilarious where mine are annoyingly bothersome.
I read because when my nose is in a good book, my mind is where that book is, not in the reality that is my life.
I read because the boys in books are more kind to me than the boys in my classes at school.
You wanna know why I read?
I read because I love to read.
But you wanna know why I don’t read?
I don’t read because reading is shameful in the world I live in.
I don’t read because reading is something tedious, a chore you do simply to make the grade in English.
I don’t read because the stories in books remind me just how much my life sucks.
You wanna know why I don’t read?
I don’t read because every page I turn is another homework assignment not turned in, another failing grade to show my parents.
I don’t read because every time I read I want a snack to munch on, and every time that snack is a chocolate bar I think to myself “You fat, ugly girl, you don’t need that chocolate, you know what they say: a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips.”
I don’t read because what boy wants a girl whose prince charming is not ever going to show up on her front porch with a dozen roses and a devastatingly handsome smile?
You wanna know why I don’t read?
I don’t read because every time I finish a book that was a new obsession, I have to find one just like it and there never is one.
I don’t read because when the hero dies, so does a piece of my heart.
I don’t read because every book I read just reminds me that I’m the freak brainiac of my class, and that’s all anyone sees when they look at me.
I don’t read because the perfect characters in books make me hate my imperfect self.
I don’t read because I hate to read.

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As we stand

the stage was set,
nerves escaped
moments before.
Our eyes connected at
a distance.

Now they're locked,
the audience shifts and 
As they are blind
behind the door 

your lips burn,
your thighs feel 
of velvet

my hands play 
hide and seek,
reaching the summit and
flying through the valley.

our bodies seperate
our energy one

your love was so 

the clueless bar,
if they only knew , 
would sword my soul
to reach you 

but you were mine,
and I was yours

locking passion in a room

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Silly Little Girl

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I'm not perfect. I'm only human.
When I have a bad day, I get moody and
Sometimes, I take it out on you.
But I do the best I can do.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I write too much, but I can't stop.
I refuse to pretend to be someone I'm not.
When I'm home alone, my favorite thing to do
Is turn up my radio, sing in my brush, and dance around the room.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I have a million different dreams.
I want to be a million things.
I need ten more lifetimes
To accomplish what I have in mind.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like. 
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I sing too much and dance in the car.
My friends are my world and we usually go too far,
But we're just silly little kids who love to have fun.
We won't let your dark clouds cover our sun.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I wish I could change the problems I see,
But I'm just one person. I'm only me.
I'm still going to work and I will try,
But I need you to help me kiss these problems goodbye.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

I'm the biggest dork you will ever meet.
I laugh too much and love to sleep.
I have my own style and I hate my hair.
If you don't like me, that's ok. I really don't care.

I'm just a silly little girl
Dreaming of a better world.
I smile when I hear a song I like.
I laugh when I watch a girl fight.

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A Girl at a Bus Stop

I saw her at the only bus stop
In our little, forbidding town.
She seemed to be on the top -
The girl was getting me down.

I wanted to be just like she –
A young girl of the world
With a hand luggage- so free -
In a bus on the provincial road.

Colorful lights of a big city 
Were on the lookout for her.
The bus departed, I felt pity –
I had to remain here forever.

Where are you, girl from the bus?
Where is your destination?
There was a difference between us,
Or... it’s only my imagination...

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Another Girl Rocker

She is another girl rocker
she is just another girl i fall in love with
Another girl in school
probably a girl i did not get to notice

she loves music
i love music
she plays guitar
i play guitar

i play rock
she plays rock
she got a band
i got a band

what else we have in common?

we are perfect
we can be together

can she be the one?
even if she is too young?
i will try
a try worth my life.

a try

just another girl rocker 
and she rocks my world better

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In A Nut Shell

What girl you know with a flow like this 

hypnotize mesmerize 

with my sweet touch and kiss 

the girl you let go 

and an hour later you miss 

got the ability to provide total bliss 

like a genie in a bottle I can grant your wish 


this female gots tails to tell 

my hearts been used abused and put through hell 

but I perservered 

and only God knows how 

always kept my faith and he gave me strength not to throw in the towel 

now I am blessed and shined through some hard test never quit cause I'm determined to do my best and won't rest cause I'm on a quest to provide a good life for my daughter and son teach them not to do what I do but to learn from what I've done

Instill morals and values watch the path they decide to choose never want to see their name on the late night news cause they chose to hang with the wrong crew

let them know they're destined for greatness and got the ability to shine if they never lose who they are

they'll shine bright like the north star know determination takes people far 

God gave me this family so I'd open my eyes and see these three complete me and nothing in life is free

A good mom and someday wife is who I want and long to be!*!*!*!*!*!*!* 

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This Is It

The new chapter. The new chapter of my life.

A happy, healthy chapter…the one that I deserve.

I searched deep within myself, and finally found the nerve.

The nerve to move on...

The nerve to forget…

About the past, about the pain, and all of the regret.

I am not the person I once was…. for this is my new start.

I am no longer the girl with a broken home, a broken heart.

I am now the girl with a bright future of love, happiness and success;

So now is it time to go out, and buy a new dress?

Because my old clothes just don’t fit like they once did…

So now, they hang as ghosts of the girl that I have been.

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if I cant have you Lesbian verson

If I cant have you
then I dont wanna see
you with another dude
tell me what I gotta do
cuz girl I wanna be with you

I been hurt before
But I want to be with you
I want it all
I want all of you
let me show you
what this girl can do...

If I cant have you
then I dont wanna see
you with another dude
tell me what I gotta do
cuz girl I wanna be with you

girl I get so weak
when you come around me
your lips taste so delicious
everytime you kiss me...

But If I cant have you
then I dont wanna see
you with another dude
tell me what I gotta do
cuz girl I wanna be with you

If I cant have you
then I dont wanna see
you with another dude
tell me what I gotta do
cuz girl I wanna be with you

im the sketch of your own
so stop playin
put me on your throne...
I know im dating a dude
but I want to be with you

But If I cant have you
then I dont wanna see
you with another dude
from coast to coast
chillin with you
the more and more
I want to be with you...

But If I cant have you
then I dont wanna see
you with another dude
tell me what I gotta do
cuz girl I wanna be with you

"If I cant have you"

"if I cant have you"

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Not the average teen

I dont fall in love with every guy I see. 
No, I don't give my body out to just anyone.
My heart has been broken only once before.
Yes, i am a teenage girl but not the average one. 
I am boy crazy but i can control my actions and thoughts.
I know what I want in a guy and those are the guys that I go for.
I want him to be kind, caring, gentle, considerate, passionate, and above all a gentleman. 
I would like him to open doors for me, ask me about my thoughts and care about what I think.
I want my man to care about my mind and feelings, not what is on the outside of my body. 
So yes I am a teenage girl but not like most.

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After All These Years

I'm looking into winter's face
The sadness wraps itself around her 
Like a blanket of grey fog
A face so pale, so ashen and cold as a winter's day
Betrayed and abandoned by her youth

The girl she used to be....why can't I find a trace?
A youth taken away by choices,  
by circumstance, by life experiences 
by things that I cannot know?

My memory of her has been stolen away!
How dare it! How dare this truth reveal itself?
How dare she not be who I've kept
within my heart's own memory?
I want that girl from yesterday....!
Is this ghost someone else? ...someone's way of fooling me?
I swallow tears, and my grief, in our idle chat
Our surprise brief encounter, that I can't take back
Why does it hurt that it's not the same?
Is it regret, or is it a guilt I cannot name?

A friendship born in childhood, so young, so carefree
She, with bright eyes, and blond hair that curled
Around her high cheeks and rosy smile
She was the one who shined so brightly,
Who's charm, who's gay laughter I had so admired
A childhood where we danced together in sweet grass under sunny skies
Where is the innocence, the radiance?
No longer there, not even a glimpse of the girl I knew
Oh, how I weep inside
Now, here, this meeting by chance
After years that had taken us to seperate worlds 
In my mind, and in my dreams, she had always been
The fair maiden, the one who had held my hand
Two little girls who made promises
Who sat in the dark, under a summertime sky
By the light of the moon and wished upon the stars.
The stars now gone from her sad eyes, the look of weary miles
Now fill the void one more time.....
                                         we say our goodbye.


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The final destiny

As the plane takes off in the blue sky
I’m leaving my home and life behind
And I am going to meet the girl I love
And together a new future we will find

I am nervous going in a strange land
As the engine of the plane starts
But so excited to see her for the first time
And hug her and feel the beat of our hearts

We have waited so long for this day
Now its just distance by 13 hours of flight
And I feel like kid going to a candy shop
Knowing my dreams is coming true tonight

I like to hear her voice when she says
You are going to see just an ordinary girl
And I would tell her no way 
You are the most beautiful girl in the world

And she would laugh and you’re crazy
And she would make some funny emotes
And then will say please take care of yourself
And If it’s cold make sure to wear a thick coat

Yes she is a person like that
Taking care of me form so far away
And now just a few hours from now
Going to look in her eyes for the first time today

And I know I will just melt in her presents 
Just like the snow in the morning sun
And my heart will be fill love an emotions
As the joy of our new life has now began

And I could never return home again
And ever leave you behind
So if you want to live here or in New York
Doesn’t matter for our happiness we’ve already find

To walk, to play, to talk, to hold, to cook
Every little thing that I get to do with you
Will be timeless precious memories
To cherish our whole life through
And on the day that we get married
And we take our wedding vows together
Will protect, cherish and cover you
With my love from any kind of weather

For your love has made me complete
And I feel strong as the lion in the wild
And can’t wait to see the glow in your eyes
As you becomes pregnant with our first child

As you start to eat a lot and smiles
Saying do you think i look like a fatty
And I will kiss you on your sweet lips
And say you are always looking perfect to me

The plane has arrived and I walk out customs
And the most beautiful woman smiles at me
And when she holds me in her arms
My life has reach its final destiny

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Like the girl with golden hair
awaiting her fateful kiss
you came from outta nowhere
my knight, my graceful prince
My hand you hold my heart you took
like the fairy tale told in that story book

Happily ever after
was on that last page
this girl that you captured
became a puppet on your stage

This Knight that you promised
turned black by day
This soul slowly vanished
and life began to fade

Happily ever after
was on that last page
this girl that you captured
became a puppet on your stage

My hand you hold, my heart you took like the fairy tale told in that story book
my hand you hold, my heart you took my tears fall cold with one last look

Happily ever after
was on that last page
this girl that you captured
became a puppet on your stage

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Fifty-Seven Years Ago Today

Fifty-Seven Years Ago Today

With new dress and suit, flowers, and hair fixed just right
The dreams, plans, and labors of our lives would unite

My brother and his gal stood beside us on the spot
To give witness to the world that we tied the knot

We stood nervous before the preacher at his home
Promised to cling to each other; never to roam

Said “I do” to the questions; gave the preacher his pay
Man and wife; fifty-seven years ago today.

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Moments Went By

Thunder roaring
Lightning blazing
Rain falling
Sky rolling

The streets are bare
The shops are closed
The windows shut
The doors wont open

A single girl 
Hiding in her room
A single candle
burning bright
A single hope
Being sent out into the storm.

The night went on
And the thunder went on roaring
The lightning went on blazing
The rain went on falling
The sky went on rolling

The little girl fell asleep
at the window
The candle died out
after all that time
The hope sent out into the storm
showing its work, one by one

The thunder stopped roaring
The lightning stopped blazing
The rains stopped falling
The sky stopped rolling

Moments went by 
and the sky was blue
Moments went by 
and the sun came out
Moments went by
the bird songs began
Moments went by
and the little girl woke up
Moments went by
and hopes work was done

Moments went by

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, Its about learning to dance in the rain."

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The Life She Has Always Wanted

There’s a girl, sitting at the back of the bar.
Waiting for a glimpse of the life that she’s always wanted.
She’s not looking for a fairy tale or gold.
Just a little work, and some love not from the usual mold.
He walks in with promises, ending in heartbreak and tears.
She drowns him out slowly, with new dreams and a few beers.
The girl sitting at the back of the bar.
Waiting for a glimpse of the life she’s always wanted.
Two years have passed, not much has changed.
She still comes each week to sit at her corner table.
Some work, many dreams, and a few beers become her label.
The women all judge her inside their private mind.
Small town men buy her a drink, wink and smile, but aren’t her kind.
The girl sitting at the back of the bar.
Waiting for a glimpse of the life she has always wanted.
She has big dreams of life, love, and the woman that she wants to be.
I sit across the bar, wishing she’d look just once more to me.
I turned my back, messed up not long ago.
She told me that she loved me, but she had to go.
I failed to show her my love, I’d hurt her badly.
Breaking her heart blindly, while loving her madly.
That girl sitting at the back of the bar.
Waiting for a glimpse of the life that she has always wanted.
Pulling the ring from my pocket, my jaw stubbornly clenching.
I push through the crowded room, and voice my intention.
Dear Beth, I will love you forever. I’m down on my knees!
Just give me one last chance, and marry me please.
That was two years ago yesterday.
And still my love grows more every day.
For the girl sitting at the back of the bar.
Waiting for a glimpse of the life she has always wanted.
As I nod and thank the bar tender, and add to his tips.
I pick up two drinks, turn to the back of the bar, a smile on my lips.
Cause there is my girl, sitting at the back of the bar.
Living the dreams of the life that she’s always wanted.

                                                                                       Summer Gratias

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What's Your Question

What’s your question?
Do you really have one?
How much longer are you gonna complain?
Cause it’s insane
To keep saying 
The uncouth 
Which is removed
From your tooth
You’re too busy with smoking weed
Instead of firmly planting a seed
Now you got problems 
Created without knowing how to solve them
High and drunk makes you sound foolish
Your actions juvenile and childish
Like a baby with a wet diaper
Always griping 
Not knowing how to wipe it
Cause your blinded by the smell
Of something less than purell
And you can’t even tell
That you’ve created your own hell
Your clenching fists of dissent
With thoughts of resent
But only the kids around you can squeal like pigs 
Before you start to vent
About how movies bore ya
Music’s an excuse to ignore her
Art’s not as interesting
As being arrested
Your truck’s missing payments and parts
When it runs it sounds like it farts
There’s lots of accidents inside and out
Which can be measured by screams and shouts
You wasted time for her and you
She even thought to call you boo
Unfortunately for you
She wised up and gave you the boot.
But I can’t wait forever 
hoping she’d wise up
I’m not made of feathers
Or have the heart of a phoenix so I could rise up
It’s not my job or place 
To let what happened be my disgrace
You couldn’t even say goodbye
Or look me in the eyes
Instead you stayed disguised 
Under your lies and your make up.

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Life Of A Hurt Family

What life holds for a loved one out there,
Who choose the life of the dark streets,
Instead of living here,
What she has choose didnt make the two ends meet.
My beloved little sister choose the addiction of drugs,
And my mother and I sit in agony wondering when god will save her from the devils work,
We miss a part of a family wishing we can give her a hug,
We put all the pain and worry in the hands of the Lord.
We pray that he gets her off the streets in a safe way,
While she's out there throwing herself out there for the men to make money,
We pray we can hold that little girl we once knew again some day,
And be able to know we have that girl back and seeing she is as sweet as honey.
Not have a loved one use and steal off of us,
Just to know the streets won't kill my sister first,
All we can do know is have faith and trust,
All of this right now is just a curse.
We recieve a phone call one night,
The police arrested her for robbery,
We finally see the light,
My sister sitting in the jail house wishing she could win the lottery.
God answered our prayers,its better then the death of a family member,
Today I thank him and always will for saving her from the dark path she was heading to,
I'm glad that her life won't hither,
My sister would have killed herself and the unborn two.

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What Do You See

I found this old poem while helping to clean out a house that was vacant. I hope you 
don't mind that I didn't write it but it was too awesome not to post. Enjoy--------

                                   What Do You See

What do you see, nurses? What do you see?	
What are you thinking when your looking at me? 
A crabby old women, not very wise.
Uncertain of habit, with faraway eyes.
Who dribbles her food and makes no reply.
When you say with your loud voice, "I do wish you'd try."
Who seems not to notice the things that you do,
and forever is losing a sock or a shoe.
Who unresisting or not lets you do as you will.
When bathing and feeding, the long day to fill.
Is that what your thinking, is that what you see?
Then open your eyes nurse, your not looking at me.
I'll tell you who I am as I sit here so still.
As I drink at your bidding, as I sit at your will.
I'm a small child of 10 with a father and mother.
Brothers and sisters who love one another.
A young girl of 16 with wings on her feet.
Dreaming that soon now a lover she'll meet.
A bride soon at 20. my heart gives a leap.
Remembering the vows I primised to keep.
At 25 now I have young of my own.
Who need me to build a secure happy home.
A women of 30, my young now grow fast.
Bound to each other with ties that should last.
At 40 my young sons near grown will be gone.
But my man stays beside me to see I don't mourn.
At 50 once more babies play round my knee. 
Again we know children, my loved one and me.
Dark days are upon me, my husband is dead.
I look to the future and shudder with dread.
For my young ones are busy rearing young of their own.
And I think of the years and the love that I've known.
I'm an old women now and nature is cruel.
It's her jest to make old age look like a fool.
The body it crumbles, grace and vigor depart.
There now is a stone where I once had a heart.
But inside this old carcass a young girl still dwells.
And now and again my battered heart swells.
I remember the joys, I remember the pain.
And I'm loving and loving life over again.
I think of the years, all the few--gone to fast.
And accept the stark fact that nothing can last.
So open your eyes nurses, open and see.
Not a crabby old women, look closer,  see ME.

This poem was found among the effects of a patient who died at the Oxford
University Geriatric Service in England. Author is unknown.

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My world

 A dreamer some say
 a quiet girl living in fantasy
 like an alice in wonderland, she writes
 my world I see up side down, but it's o.k I like it that way
 I had a need of wanting to belong
 people & their understanding
 I crave reality in the reflection of my life
 as words drown me
 Life has come together 
 I have made plans
 through the many years, tears I've cried
 I finally found what's been missing
 I haven't been a good friend
 I have ignored & let myself fall
 I haven't loved this little girl 
 I haven't loved who matter's the most 

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Don't wait

Here I am trying to make it to the top
and when i get there i just wont stop
but ive never felt like this before
you walked out of my heart
and behind you i just slammed the door
and now i think i forced you to go
you couldve let me know 
what the hell i was doin
but then again i stand alone
you say you love me
but what i do you just cant stand
you say you pray i choose to be your man
and everyday tears race down your face
and if i do to there is no trace
im sorry my pride
makes me run and hide
im that afraid to lose
you say its alright what im keeping inside
cause you think this is not how i want it to be
baby girl dont wait for me
this is all i can be
you say i will never run out of time
even if it takes the rest of your life
all because you want to be my wife
to bad its to late for me
i can not change who i am
and what i do is me
if you truly feel like that
you're better off free
you say its alright
what im feeling inside
cause you say deep down i know this is not how i want it to be
baby girl dont wait for me

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Caught Up In The Rock And Roll Game

Don’t get caught up in the game 
Don’t get caught up in the fame
It will drive you insane
It’s only you to blame 
When you get caught up in the game*Refrain: 

Because you walk through the crowd
They all know your name
The road twists and twists
 With a surprise each turn
Try to stay above it all or you’ll soon learn
 That the eyes looking in are hungry for your blood
Don’t mistake it for the love
Cause they all want a piece 
Of the music, rhythm, and soul
They love the Rock n Roll
Then there’s the girl who writes the rhymes  
Loves the love and soon you’ll find
Her spirit is so real and her sex appeal
I know you feel 
The fire that burns from the words she writes to you
It’s a powerful heat that makes your heart feel new
She loves the melody you put in her soul
It warms her heart, it makes her whole
Her spirit soars so high 
When you look into her eyes
The fire is so hot between the girl and this rock n roll guy               

Don’t get caught up in the game
Don’t get caught up in the fame
It will drive you insane
It’s only you to blame
When you get caught up in the game

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Stolen Petals

Little girls gotta grin,
bruised legs
shaved skin
red burns
frozen like a mannequin.
bowing to her audience
applauding her commence
calling her an on-core
little girl so heart sore
pouring her life down
upon the dirty floor.
crowds got an uproar
raping her like a new whore
petals, petals surround this girl
weeping, screaming so eye sore
hearts been ripped off its stem
laying alone in guilty flem
helpless, broken,
little girl torn,
all thats left now are her thorns.

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The Conversation

I was a manager of a very respected place,
When I overheard a conversation that made a tear run down my face.
A mother and daughter were having a normal day,
When I heard the young girl ask her mommy and say,
Whats the difference between love and hate,
And why does daddy come in so late?
Why don't you whisper on the phone,
When daddy isn't at home?
Why do you and daddy argue late at night,
Whats the difference between wrong and right?
Is it me mommy,am I the reason for your tears,
Am I the one that daddy fears?
I don't understand why you two don't kiss,
Am I the reason too for this?
Are you two no longer in love,
Is that why you argue,push,and shove?
I know you love daddy and he loves you,
Even when you argue it shows through.
Tell me mommy 'cause daddy won't,
Please don't cry mommy,please don't.
This conversation made me think a bit,
About my little girl when me and my wife split.
We're together now in exhalation,
Thanks to that little girls conversation

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Who I Am

I’m trapped
But not in the normal sense,
My minds trapped
In this body.
Everyone calls me a girl
Because that’s what my body portrays me as
But that’s not the case
Yes…I’m in a girl body
But I’m actually a boy
To be more precise…
I’m an F.T.M.,
Female to male transgendered.
I was born this way
And it’s actually natural
It’s not a defect
Or anything like that
It’s just who I am
I can’t change the fact 
That I’m a guy
I just deal with the girl body
And accept who I am
I know that it’s weird
And probably hard to accept
And to wrap your head around
But all I ask is to try
And to not judge me
If at all possible.
This is who I am…
I’m an F.T.M.,
And I’m proud of it!

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If You Only Knew

My best friend, My x boyfriend, and the one I’m still in love with.
I know I have a boyfriend and he just happens to be your best friend too, but if I had the chance to tell you everything I would.
You and I still love each other like we did 3 years ago, but there’s nothing we can do about it.
I cant leave my boyfriend because I to scared of everything that will happen. 
I do love him and I do love you, but Who do I love more?
The one weekend I Saw you this year was the best weekend I've ever had.
We walked around like there was nothing else going on in the world.
The biggest smiles on our face, My lipstick on your lips, and the love in our eyes.
You and I even sang together on the park bench for the world to hear.
Shinedown is our favorite band because we both fit like perfect puzzle pieces in all their songs. 
I can't describe the way you made me feel with your big blue eyes, and the way you lifted me up like I was as light as a feather.
I know people might say if I love you so much then why don't I leave him. 
My answer is simple: I'm scared of being hurt… again.
Sure, every girl is sacred of a heart break but this girl? 
The bipolar , depressed, starving, love hungry, emotional, girl isn’t just scared she's terrified.
I do I love my boyfriend, but I don’t know who I love more.
Sure Dustin you broke up with me on my birthday 3 years ago, but we all make mistakes.
So for this years birthday you got me a beautiful “J” necklace, the color of my birthstone.
I know it might not sound like that makes up for it but the way I feel with you makes me feel invincible.
Every night we would go up to the hill, smoke a cigarette, and just hold each other. 
So if I had the opportunity to tell you  one thing that I regret not telling you.
It's that I love you and the way you make me feel more then everything in the whole world... except for Tyler, my boyfriend.
I'm sorry Dustin.

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A spare girl

A spare girl

This love you say is true
Is just a hoax,
Nothing more than a way to use an innocent girl for sex.

I thought what we had was real,
But it was only a fantasy,
My only use to you was pleasure.
Not love.

You only come crawling back to me
When that beautiful girl learns that she can find a man,
I don't understand why I can't learn this lesson.

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One night with her

Shirt first 
lips second
succulent and flavorful, girl I want seconds.
I run my fingers through your hair 
man I've been dying to do that forever.
I could go further but instead I just grip your chin in my hands
and stare into your face 
I admire the heat in your eyes
All along I've been longing for this day.
There are no need for words. I can feel the desire in your expression.
I start to trail kisses down your body. 
I've never witnessed such perfection.
I can't believe that I'm here and that your right beside me.
Body on top of body. We collide into each other. 
No preventive measures needed as our bodies mold into one another. 
I make love to you like it's my last time because
your straight and I might not get another chance.
I don't know what provoked this sudden change in plans 
and it doesn't really matter to me.
All I know is that for this moment I'm in bliss
because I've got the girl of my dreams underneath me.
Her black hair is sweating out and sticking to my body.
I suppose for tonight we got a little naughty.
I lay my head on the pillow and sigh.
I am physically and mentally exhausted. 
I'm no fool I know this won't end the way I want.
Cupid doesn't often shoot for the same team.
I didn't plan on shooting for anything.
But she changed everything.

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The Grime

She stands by the door waiting for 
her to come, the days finally here 
going home with her mum. 

She's 4 now, almost a year to the 
day, since the childrens aid workers 
came to take her away. 

When she was taken her mom was 
addicted to crack, pulled in by the 
streets and not looking back. 

Mom hustles the streets, living blast 
to blast, hoping this  will help her 
forget her past. 

But now her heart is filled with 
sorrow, "don't worry honey ill clean 
up tomorrow." 

Tomorrows come and go but she 
stays on the street, the drug that's 
too hard  to beat. 

Then it happens a sign from the 
gods, something makes her defy all 
the odds. 

Her boyfriend arrested sent off to 
jail, won't be a while til he can get 

Now the light goes off in her head, 
she realizes that the street will soon 
make her dead. 

She leaves downtown and rebuilds 
her life, she can't believe why she 
caused all this strife. 

After a few weeks she gets a visit 
supervised, and she changes herself 
seeing her kids eyes. 

She goes back to school and gets 
her own place, help from family and 
friends she rehabilitates. 

Her boyfriend from prison promises 
her the world, says when he gets out 
it will be them and her girl. 

7 months go by her man gets out of 
jail, now this is not the end of the 

Now the little girl stares at the door, 
which I'm sure she's done many 
times before. 

Todays the day, ribbons in her hair, 
pretty pink dress her mom will soon 
be there. 

She hears the door handle and yells 
"Mommy",   door opens its not what 
she expected to see.

The lady walks in sad look on her 
face. The young girl knows she won't 
be leaving this place. 

"Sorry honey, mommy can't make it 
"Why?  Where is she?  What did she 

Her mom sits in the crackhouse, 
drugs in her hand, staring across the 
table at her freshly released  man. 

"Does anyone have a pipe I can 
"Don't worry honey ill clean up 

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There was this girl who I took in at a glance Would have missed her if not perchance In her early twenties, frail and tall Wearing hand-me-down pinks, near a shopping mall She was looking for someone, perhaps a brother Possibly young and playful and doted by his sister But her eyes were sad And the glance at her made me feel all bad Battered by rocks on a turbulent sea Family fortunes may have sunk to an unfathomable deep Deprived of strong foundations which make a girl walk tall Unable to claw back, crippled by the fall That haunting look still depresses As I see confident girls with swinging bags and long tresses Jauntily skip through the doorways of the mall To shop with carts in the well-stocked hall That look in her eyes had a story to tell Of reading the future from her present life of hell It reflected shock and portrayed loss And a life without hope or sheen or gloss

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  When the weight of the world wants to crush my soul
splintering my heart into tiny pieces
  Sometimes ...
I’ll just sit at my window -staring through the glass 
  as the rain quietly drips down my window panes

I feel the child that sleeps inside of me...
  wanting so badly to be hugged - to be loved
It nibbles greedily at my heart strings 
  these pangs of wanting - needing 

As I feel my tears quietly stain my cheeks
  leaving their clear, salty trace - I hear her voice
and I listen to the hopes and dreams of my needy child 
  this little girl that sleeps inside my soul - my mind
I quietly pay attention to her heart 
  her unspoken words- held so deep within 

I imagine her dancing - laughing - playing carefree
  Watched over lovingly by those who were supposed to care
Those too busy to notice
  Those who failed to pay her mind…
Failing to connect the dots that made her smile
  Failing to help her blossom into a woman

Through my window - I watch the rain cry its tears
  As they silently drip down the window panes of my heart - 
my child’s heart
  Peeling back the worn, torn pages of my mind
I reticently watch the world go by - wishing 

So many of my pieces missing - 
  leaving raw, unfinished edges on my skin
Elusive, tainted memories of a childhood never given
  Love never shared 
Left alone - neglected

Tracing the rain as it drips quietly on my window pane
  I touch the wetted tears on my face
Reminiscent of my own failings as a mother
  Evoking the sad memories of my wounded, lost childhood
The weeping tears of me - her 
  My little girl within


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The meat

A few toys were her trade standing on the side of the passage. Bearing the daring of a beginner she had being long hours frustrated. Seaming week enough a close forties male approach. Never looking at the toys he whisper at her ear. The toys were cheap but the girl choose to have no price. The man turned to go away. But what a price is to buy if you care for the one you wanted for party.! The girl looked down at the toys in tears wiping the edge of her sharp eye.

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Dream in her head

There once lived a girl, 
With a dream in her head.
She had a plan,
A goal,
A husband she would wed.
And as the years flew by,
And the girl grew up.
She realized how living a dream, 
Could be so tough.
And the girl tried and tried,
For the goals she could not achieve.
The plans she could not complete.
The husband she could not meet.
So the girl gave up on all of her dreams,
'Till one day a boy stitched up some seams.
They fell and love,
And soon got married.
And a few years later,
A child they carried.
Then the girl realized that her plans and her goals,
Were never met and were far too old.
So her husband helped her achieve her plans,
For he was kind and sweet a a civil man.
Once her goal were met and her family carried smiles,
She found that she lived a fine life, 
But still, 
Her dreams went on for miles and miles.

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To thine ownself be true

I look into my rearview mirror and see a glimmer of my past
I try to see through the eyes of the child that I once was
Everything was black and white, every choice so easy to make
Yet I wanted to grow up and belong to the world of grown ups
They could so whatever they wanted, do whatever they felt like
I remember wishing so hard to grow out of my clothes
Maybe buy some other fashionable clothes from Gap
And maybe then wear some mascara and lipstick, wear high heels
Why, I would look just perfect, and that would be all that would matter
So on that magical night with stars shining bright in the dark, 
I made a terrible wish- to be perfect without a single flaw
And so I resolved to be the first and to be the best
Everything must be perfect, from the start to the finish
And bit by bit, I grew out of my childhood 
And entered my teen years, doomed to be hard and bad
Oh, but I was perfect! I would say to myself
And I resolved to be that way
It was not surprising I had the perfect hair and the perfect looks
The perfect figure eight and the most beautiful smile
It felt wonderful at first, to be in all the attention,
To smile so gaily and feel so wonderful
It felt wonderful at first, to be invited 
To all the parties everyone held
Yet, one day, when I looked in the mirror,
And tried to find the little girl who had tried so hard to be perfect
All I saw was the teenage girl laughing and having fun
I realized there was really no me, I was no one
Just the perfect girl who could laugh off any thing and every thing
Yet, yet my laugh sounded so fake in my ears
I wondered if anyone else could see that too
I was straining to smile, I felt uncomfortable in my skimpy dress
I wanted so bad to be that little girl again, with freedom to choose
Whatever she wanted, whatever she liked
I wanted to be that little girl whose only pain had been her skinned knees
And she was true to herself, told herself the truth 
even when she was walking in a web of lies
I looked for her in my mirror, trying frantically just to see a shadow of her
But all I saw was many faces, all different.
My mirror was crowded with all the different masks I wore everyday
My smile was strained; my eyes had lost their twinkle
And I just wanted to start all over again

Be that little girl taking away that dreadful wish
So before you make a wish to be perfect, think again
To thine ownself be true,
you can never turn back time
To take back your wish to be perfect…

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Rush Hour

Heads bowed they scurry,
In formation, but each to his own,
Like great lines of supplicating ants,
Flowing in polar directions.
A horn honks, hardly heard,
As the girl in a world of her own,
Steps out across the junction.
Tyres screeching, hearts beating,
A shout, A greeting,
Old friends meeting,
Across the street as the girl keeps walking.
They move, they rush,
Too close, they push,
All for one and none for all,
The people keep on scurrying.
A crowd, oblivion,
So many, alone.
This, then, is Rush Hour.

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Just One Drink

What did she say when you told her you still loved me?

Did she turn away or try to disagree

Did you think about her or how she would be?

No you were only thinking about me.


She stands there now, all alone

Facing her fears of the unknown

Turning her head on what she's once known

Realizing now, she's on her own


With no one around to help her choose

She stands her ground, not ready to lose

Her head held high while hearing the news

To accept her fate, she must refuse


She tries and tires with all her might

To win you back every night

She has no plans to give up the fight

Any hope is out of sight


Her heart is now filled with hatred 

Will all the love that you desecrated

With just that one sentence that you stated

Her entire life is now dated


Did you ever stop and try to think,

Just how far she would sink?

How close she was to the brink?

Or how it could all end with just one drink?


Just one drink to end all the pain

Just one little sip to break the chain

Just one to do the job, to her disdain

Just one and she will die in vain. 


You don't even care to attend her funeral

To you she was just a girl that you could treat cruel

How could you be such a fool?

You don't even know of the fire you've fueled. 


You come to my door and ring the bell

You send thousands of messages to my cell

Repeatedly the words "I LOVE YOU" you yell

But for all I care you can just go right on to hell 


I don't want you anymore you Silly boy

I am no longer your stupid little toy

As for the loneliness you feel now, I hope you enjoy

Because you had your chance and my love you destroyed. 


I am my own person without you

I no longer rely on your every move

I am no longer clueless on what to do

I know now I can move on to someone new.


As for the girl that you threw aside

I hope you think of her every time you cry

You're the whole reason that she died

If you wanted someone to love, she would have been there by your side. 


She would have loved you the way you love me

But you never opened your eyes and seen what there was to see

I'll never love you no matter how hard you plea

So wallow in your self pity, you'll get no remorse from me


I hope you drown in your misery

Thank God that sad little girl is finally free

Thank God I knew it was time to flee 

This is goodbye, so don't bother calling me.

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Lost love lost life

Do I hold any value
to you?
Cause you are a
million dollar bill
Guess it all depends
on the world view
Truth is im ill
Paper can be so
Life has set us
I'm in its left hand
while you're its
Know you're still in
my heart

You still make my
broken clock tick
Get in my head
Your that chick
Otherwise im brain
Truth is you deserve
the best
Go and do what I
I'm failing gods
Just use my strength
I forgot

10 bucks to anyone
who understands it

Edit - 8/9/14
I'm gonna just say
the meaning behind
it line by line
since no one gets
it, haha.
Am I worth anything
to this girl, she is
everything to me.
But then again that
depends on how
society views us two
individually since
most peoples
standards of the
opposite sex is also
determined alot
by social status.
I have issues.
Paper ( money ) can
be light and
but people would
really take care of
a million dollar
bill if it existed.
aka the girl
Weve been apart.
Im in a totally
different state of
mind and life then
she is now.
But she is still in
my heart.

Shes still the one i
think about.
Am I still what she
I need her help to
escape my issues.
However I understand
why were apart and
you deserve the
Do life at its best
cause the girl
really is an
achiever and a great
Im failing but you
should continue to

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Little Refuge

Little girl goes down to the water.
Little girl climbs up the hill.
Little girl wanders in the woods.
Little girl collects little things.

Creatures and curiosities.

Puts them in her pockets.

Skipping and running and playing at hunting.

Now and then she stops, and rests.

Her every heartbeat,
her every breath,
conspires with the fragrant moist air,
the rocks and the trees,
to forget her home.

There she waits before the sunset.

She waits as long as she can.

Oh, how precious is this place.

Her refuge.

To the sea and the hills. . .
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

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It's easier to break yourself
In tiny pieces
To show them how you suffer.
It's easier to cut your hands and
See your blood flowing out of
Your body filling the silence which is
Killing you.
It's easier to say goodbye,
Pretend like you don't care and
Always smile, and smile all over again
Because it is nothing that
They want to know.

It's easier to walk out the door,
Easier to disappear when
You feel nothing holding you
To anything that in the end is
Nothing at all,
Especially all of them who were
Trying to be a part of your life
Occupying your mind and heart,
Steeling what was real once inside of you
But then they were all gone.

It's easier you think but
You don't know a thing.
Nobody is going to show you the real
That you pretend.
It's easier to say but
There is the hardest out there.
To prove you wrong
When it is needless
I'm not going to.

Because there is no sense
To teach the dead to feel the life.

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the descriptive injury: part II

it would have been an injury to them both
to attempt a description,
to bring what it was that compelled the girl to silence
(if she had not chose silence beforehand---one outside can never be sure)
to formulate an image, to dispel some kind of physical qualities verbally
which to the person outside
might have made some impression upon them,
because that unique allurement of which the girl did focus
could never truly be brought into any kind of distinction for the rest of us,
in fact to try would only taint it & do a disservice to the whole of the
rather, even a more considerate onlooker, who stopped when crossing into the other room, in order to ask the girl about her moment in awe, 
would only force a quick death to what was happening,
like waking up from a dream involving the two,
neither can make the other understand
anything but the attempt at understanding,
for what is to be understood 
exists solely on its own---right out there in the focus,
or it lies dead in our savage

and when the questioner came back after a few minutes,
unsatisfied with the absence of any answer
(as so many of us impatient imbeciles are),
after turning, the girl spoke a few phrases 
which to the questioner seemed only nonsense at best,
as if she’d been spoken to in a language that she didn’t know---
what had been said was simply a description also,
one that felt only like another installment,
a domino in the falling, predictable effect,
wherein one person tries to get at the heart of the matter,
while the other tries to help them &
a million conversations begin, part ways &
begin again,
constantly picking up the baton & then dropping it,
be it like the boredom of rereading a “choose your own adventure” book,
or a fresh new mistake
found when the collision of the selves within
mess up the overall stability of the

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Another Day

I feel so trapped I cannot breathe,
someone please, please rescue me.
I sit in my room with a pillow over my face,
wishing I was in a better place.

I need some help I will admit,
The only thing is I can’t commit.
I’ll try to get up, get up and go,
I know I won’t be the only one who doesn’t show.

As I sit here on my bed,
So many images pop into my head.
I try to think of the good times I’ve had,
The only thing is, I’m only seeing the bad.

I see all the stupid fights,
Followed by all the sleepless nights.
I get to look in the mirror and what do I see?
I see a girl who looks just like me,
Who has a hole in her where he heart used to be.

Tears start to roll down my cheeks,
I don’t know if I can make it another week.
I’m so tired, sick of it, and depressed,
I’m staying in my pajamas I’m not getting dressed.

Screw my family, friends and school,
I never was very cool.
When I began to break down and cry,
I stopped for a second and asked myself why?

I don’t know why I am this way,
I want to live another day.
I don’t want to be this way anymore,
Yeah I am pretty sore.

I’m gonna be strong, I’m gonna get up and go,
I might be the only one who does actually show.
No more sad thoughts while sitting on my bed,
I’m gonna keep up my pretty little head.

I’m going to show the world what I can do,
I don’t need help from either of you.
I’m done breaking up the stupid fights,
I’m gonna get some sleep tonight.

I’m going to look in the mirror only to see,
A girl who has a heart where he heart should be.
No more tears running down my cheeks,
I’m gonna make it another week.

No more being tired, sick and depressed,
Heck, I’m throwing out my pajamas I’m getting dressed.
I never want to go back feeling that awful way,
Hey, I just lived another day.

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Emily's Song

Many days have gone and past us by, Still in my memory live cherished stories of an angelic voice and a girl named Emily. A young lady of no more than sixteen years with a beauty few could see. With tattered clothes and dirty face, she lived in poverty. But a blessed voice was given to her like an angel, heavenly. She sang out from an innocent soul with love and harmony. She shared her gift and praised God's name. Light shined on Emily. Though, she could not enter the house of God, with clothes and face grimy. On street corners, she sang to the Lord. Her songs carried from sea to sea. Until all the countryside knew the angelic voice from a girl named Emily. She brought God's message of peace and love to all with hearts to see beyond the station given in life to the gifted Emily. Then one cold day in the little town, a young stranger blew in to see if he could get a glimpse and hear the song from a girl named Emily. He walked the streets from dawn 'til dusk listening for her melody. When he heard her voice he was not prepared for it's soulfulness and beauty. He fell in love with the angelic voice and fair girl immediately. He did not see the dirt and rags only beautiful Emily. The stranger was a handsome prince from across the sea. The church members who ignored the girl now all loved Emily. She bestowed on them love undeserved from the heart they would not see, and sang for them in the same church where she was once refused entry. Emily married the handsome prince and moved across the sea. But she never forgot from where she came and her life of poverty. Until the day before her death, she sang for all, songs heavenly, and gave her fortune and riches away to children in poverty. She used her gift to spread love and joy, this girl named Emily. Her life to God was a gift returned, the song of Emily.
By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, June 4, 2012 for Heroes and Heroine's Contest (David Williams)

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the route to newtown

I take my seat upon the bus
taking in my close surroundings,

the envious faces on the street
the ceaseless noise of tramping feet
envious stares from foreign eyes
trying hard to break the binds 
held together by the ties
of life in a big city, 
yes all of this from one quick peek
of common life from my bus seat....

There's quite a few en route today
i make a few assumptions,

the man in fresh ironed suit and tie
a briefcase or a bag of lies
slightly disheveled looking eyes
probably been out most the night
possibly a marriage fight
maybe afternoon delight?
or holding up the common fight 
of life in a big city,
yes all of this from one quick peek
of secret lives from my bus seat....

A reflective face from near the front
holds my attention as my mind begins to wander,

never turning head around
for any loud disruptive sound
eyes fixed upon the ground
at gravel roads spinning round
is this city mighty pretty?
not so sure im feeling gritty
spent my money what a pity
is this life in a big city,
yes all of this from one quick peek
of desperate lives from my bus seat....

The bus doors creak into action
in walks a girl like a slow motion movie....

cursing the man on the end of the line
talking mean and looking fine
wish it was some other time 
in some other place
i picture her in a tropical breeze 
i pull out a ring she drops to her knees
love blossoming beneath the trees
im dreaming now help me please
im rudely awaken by a sneeze
the girl calls out
'next stop please' 
and she's gone like wind and a feather
back into a bustling city street,

yes all of this from one quick peek
through poet's eyes from one bus seat....

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a real man

1.A real man doesn't kiss and tell. 2. A real man notice your hair and nails. 3. A real man calls you beautiful,not hot, sexy, or fine as ****. 4. A real man calls you on a daily basis no matter how busy or tired he is. 5. A real man looks past what he heard about you or his friends think about you. 6. A real man wants to spend as much time with you and never gets sick of you.7.A real man kisses you on your forehead just because. 8. A real man doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear, he tell you what's real. 9. A real man knows how to put your ass to sleep.10. A real man doesn't ask question when you say you need something...him, sex, or money. 11. A real man lets ho's know that he has you. 12.A real man doesn't play games. 13. A real man doesn't leave his girl to go hang out with his homeboys,when he hadn't seen his girl in a week and then call her at 4 in the morning because he need some love.14.A real man doesn't think about sex with other *****es when he is making love to you.15. A real man open the car door for his lady,,brings her roses,and rub her feet when she is tired.

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Little Girl

Little girl in striped tutu
Standing out in the crowd
Little girl in sparkles
Whose Mom is so proud
Don’t be too eager
To take centre stage
When they flatter and tell you
You’ll be all the rage
Remember fame is fleeting
And youth is soon spent
Your child hood is precious
It’s a gift from God sent.

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All I want to do 
Is hold you in my arms and claim you
Mind body and soul
For you are the half 
To my whole

I want you to be my one and only girl
The one I call my own 
the one that has my heart
And the keeper of my soul
The one that watches my love unfurl
All I know is that im feeling light headed
And at peace
And like the part of me that was missing
Is back and feeling whole

All this time we were waiting for each other
All this time I was waiting for you 
We have all these words 
And we write them for each other
My words for you 
And yours for me
And the expression of love 
That has yet to be

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How Did You Know?

How did you know
Behind her bright blue eyes
A sad girl cries
Reaching out for help
The mother just stares
As the father just doesn't care
She sits there in the dark
Tears fill her bright blue eyes
As the sad girl cries
How did you know

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Christmas Desire

Each and Every December 
the material things surface
I want, I want 
But what if the thing you want most 
You cannot buy or have ?

Each and Every
gift given or recieved
One after another
Is not the thing you long for most
Tears surface as it hits you 

Each and Every
tear that is shed
Drop after drop 
Cannot bring you your desire 
as the thing you desire is gone

Each and Every 
wintery night that comes
Snowflake upon snowflake 
melts just as your heart does 
as you look at that picture

Each and Every 
smiling child
smile after smile
reminds me of what i long for 
my beautiful girl 

Each and Every 
Christmas season 
Santa comes Santa goes
reminds me of what my girl has missed
and deepens the hole in my heart

Each and Every December  
people of this world
nationality after nationality 
all desire something they cannot have
but yet this happy season 
does not bring them comfort 
but pain and memories
What is it you want ?

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Someone's Baby Girl

You kiss your pride and joy,
Your beautiful baby girl.
Your every prayer was answered
When she came into this world.
You crawl into bed
And your husband holds you tight.
You turn on the news,
Like you do every night.
When there on your TV,
Is someone’s baby girl.
They show an old picture,
Big blue eyes and pretty curls.
Now she cuddles on her mother’s lap
As they conduct the interview,
Her mother cries and begs for help,
And you’re thankful she’s not you.
“My daughter’s sick with cancer,
And her daddy’s not around.
She was diagnosed four months after
We laid him in the ground.
I work two jobs, and it helps some,
But still is not enough.
Dealing with her treatments
Has been so very tough. “
You try to close your eyes,
But just can’t fall asleep.
That baby girl stays on your mind,
Her pain makes you want to weep.
You walk down to your kitchen
And pour a glass of milk.
You notice on the carton,
A little girl dressed in silk.
At the time she was only give,
and somehow disappeared
playing in her own back yard;
that’s every parent’s fear.
Time has passed, and her mother prays
She’ll find her way back home.
Others tell her to give up,
But her heart will never loose hope.
It really gets you thinking
About your precious baby girl
And how lucky you are to have her,
Your light, your love, your world.
You peak into her room
As she sleeps gracefully,
And you pray for other children
To be as safe as she.

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Sprouted in soil,
not rich nor poor
surprisingly the seedling grows under
the toughest conditions.

Nature is false, though one may not believe-
the burning in the blistering summer,
the drowning in the spring
the Identity ripped away in the fall
and the double edge of winter,
beautiful and bitter.

Only time has shown appreciation
towards the seedling, giving it
on a daily basis, now a sapling
strength and wisdom acquired
each new year; something gained
nothing lost

But nature furious at time's progression-
takes the rage out on the sapling;
a branch broken
Time heals this injury
but more are sure to follow as the anger rises,
so does the intensity of these wounds
later a storm progresses
and lightning strikes
the sapling suffers at the rage of nature.

A sole protector stands Alone
guarding the Treasure,
as old and beaten,
Alone, against the world-
Always fighting,
refusing any help, this is Her fight.
heartwood exposed
to nature's elements and insects
that attack the vulnerable possession.

Another joins the fight-
waving away objections
bringing tools to heal,
helping to guard
accepting help-
now two brave the world,
burdens shared, protection from harm,
a sacred Treasure.

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Everytime the ink flows

Everytime the ink flows
Its because I’m feeling low
This girl has me dancing on my toes
She broke my heart, I guess it’s the way the story goes
Another day 
Another knife
I cant seem to get through this life
Without the pain
It’s a wonder that I’m still sane
I’m drowning in this freezing rain
And what’s left of me is slipping down the drain
Falling into an endless pit
Sometimes I wonder if I should just quit
Around the corner is just another bend
So I can be stabbed in the back by another friend
They whisper words but its just the wind
Flowing through my head
Going against what they just said
When I needed they turned and fled
And left me in the cold for dead
Everything that was before
Is just another page that this girl tore
Leaving it on the dirty floor
Another scar to add to the list
Cut there by a last kiss
Just Another memory that ill miss
It times like these I wonder if it was worth it
I curse it
Filled with resentment 
And I nurse it
Will it ever be the same
Or was it just a game
To be played
Another hardened boy to be made

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The Last Letter

Its been 4 years and nothings really changed
We grew apart and stayed that way,
I guess that fate.
I sat up late, so many nights
And thought about the times,
When talk and laughter, even fun 
Came naturally.

But now I sit here, feeling alone
And reading the words
You once wrote:

"We'll always be together. 
No matter the distance,
No matter the time, 
I'll be with you forever
And ever. All time"

Its been 4 years and everything has changed.
We grew apart and stayed that way
A decision that was made.
So here I sit
Yet another night
And re-read for the who know what time
That last letter that you wrote.

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They Forgot?

I wonder where that girl could be?
The one that hides behind the tree
Sitting with her back to the world
Thinking of nothing, nothing, but swirls

She wonders where on earth could love be?
The kind that keeps your tears from falling free
Where are the friends others have told her about?
She's wanted no where so her souls full of doubt

Me. I just know where that girl could
And why she hides behind the tree
I know how she feels when there is no love
Not even from the man that hides above
I know her feeling of wanting a friend
Hoping one day her storm will end

I know the lonely girl without a friend
The one that still prays for her pain to end
The one who doesn't know anything about love
No kisses and hugs, no kisses and hugs
I know the girl hiding behind the tree
Hiding from the world
That girl is

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Not another Girl I would rather forget

Love ain't a feeling, its a state of being
So if you feel in love, you probably ain't.
The anger and frustration will build up
Lie to yourself and your bound to erupt

Hes greasy, hes slimy, hes lying
He laughs behind you back when your crying
You don't know how you got onto his ride
Who hurts a 'friend' when they are crying on the inside

Don't be surprised if your dreams never go away
At night it is all connected like a rape
Feels like we were together just today
Just think about your father and what he would say

How could you do the things you did?
How could you live with the things you hid?
It is okay to be alone sometimes
Life doesn't always have to be a lie

You sold your soul for a glass of wine
You lost your mind at a bad time
And now you don't even know who you are
But deep down I still know you are a star

I don't know if you ever told me the truth
You looked after me when I had a bad tooth
And then we had that crazy new years eve
That is when I knew it was meant to be

But the lies they build up and broke me down
Still I will never forget our time in Cape Town
When the trust is gone, the trust is gone
But the love lingers like a ghost

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Graveyard on two feet.

She walks alone
down a busy street
Fear painted on her face,
and blisters on her feet

Car horns are honking
People bustle by,
Not seeing the brokenness 
of the girl at the traffic light

but they wonder why...
but they wonder why...

Such a beautiful girl 
is alone in this world
No one to pick her up
when she's down
No one standing by her side

When you look in her eyes
you see the fear that's inside
her walls come tumbling down
but you'll never get the chance to see her cry

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Must I Forgive?

Why did you do it?
I'll ask you again,
You had so much to live for,
And you were my friend.

You said you were here,
Whenever I needed you,
But you're not, and won't be,
Now who will I turn to?

I think of the sparkle
That lit up your eyes,
Was greater than any
I'd seen in the skies.

I knew that one day
You'd set a girl free,
But we'll never know now
If that girl should've been me.

I might learn to love,
But never forgive,
Because you, my dear friend,
You should have lived.

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Hopeful Waiting

An adolescent living his life day by day
Who had once gotten into a fray
Tries to find his soul mate
As his life piles up with unwanted hate

He is searching and waiting
While life is using him as baiting
Life have attached him to a hook
For he was mistook as a crook

He  once found the love of his life
And wished for her to become his wife
But she mistreated him like he was a crook
Forcing him to live in a nook

The girl betrayed him and left him all alone
Leaving him on the ground in a prone
Sometimes he curls up and wept
Because the girl's promises were never kept

After a while he pulled himself together and stood up
He slowly live life day by day and bought himself a pup
The pup lasted for a day until he was returned
Which caused his heart to be burned
After that event he went around searching
He searched here and there while lurching
Hoping to find that girl that he love
Like someone who is missing their other glove

Soon enough his love found him
But she left him back into a grim
She wanted to be free
And soon enough she wants to flee

He forgave her for her betrayal
Causing him to be a portrayal
He decides to change for her
Like the kind heart Gir

And now he waits all alone for her
Seems like he was being a chauffeur
While she plays her game and live her life
And now he seems like he was a wife

His soul mate is like the boy playing games
As his hatred boils up in flames
But he remains true to her since he loves her
Because he believes their love will recur

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To B

Look child I'm done, this is enough 
Why are you still interested in what I am doing 
I'm flattered by your concern but I'm sorry 
We are not friends, nor are you worth enough to be considered an enemy 
Go away live your life stop bothering me 
There is no war here, no fight to be won 
I am a Goddess, a Woman, wholly me 
Still you play at your childish games 
As if the police would ever believe your lies 
The truth prevailed with only a nights disruption 
Cut your losses and move on like a good little grown-up 
Your insecurities have brought you down and held you back 
No way shall I allow you to strip my spirit with your ugly words 
You sit in your house behind the closed doors of your mind 
And claim my soul is ugly, while it is you and your kind that 
Judge and condemn in an attempt to oppress those whom 
Oppose your way of thinking and the cruelness of your souls 
I do not fear you. You are a child throwing nothing more than a temper tantrum 
" Mommy mommy pay attention to me, I am angry" 
Your pathetic life has pigeon-holed your womans soul and all you have left is 
Anger, so your contempt for me is understandable. I am free 
Unbound by the chains of dispair and fear 
I cannot say I feel sorry for you, You do not deserve my pity 
I have moved on from you without a moments hesitation 
The black hole of your soul shall not consume me 
I wish I could say I miss being your friend 
But I can't. Truth is, it was all too easy to say goodbye to 
Your crude humor, your promiscuity and the ever-present 
Knife ready to stab the backs of those you "love" 
You were right about one thing I will never be you 
I will never shun those who care or turn my back on those in need 
Nor will my soul ever be as black as yours 
Still it is my sincere hope that you can save yourself 
From the hells you have created 
Grow up little girl stop your foolishness 
Do not reply, no one wants to hear the ramblings of 
A barely literate girl in a womans body attempting 
To condemn the soul of a Goddess. You will only succeed 
In making yourself look weaker and if possible even more stuck-up 
Stick to what you're good at like consuming the love around you and turning it to hate.

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the mistake

I never knew my heart can hurt this bad.
You broke my heart,you shattered my heart
into pieces.
I was always by your side,i'd always thought
you was my center of universe,part of my world
I can't get you out of my mind.
I should have stop dieing my feelings for you.
I every time I see you,I feel like my body is in
a state of shock.
I never thought I can be lonely in this world.
I should of thought of your feelings to.
But I put my image first,you was second.

I just can't believe I made a mistake of a life time.
you were the girl I loved,you made my life whole
your girl in my life.

but my chance is over,and my love is too..

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The Cover

Life is a struggle, this is something we’re all aware of.

Some cower down when it decides to give us a little shove.

To some people life is something to hate.

Rejection and sorrow, they fear was their given fate.


They are at a crossroad in their life right now.

They want to escape their doom, but they don’t know how.

You see these people everyday.

Walk right past them and think they’re ok.


If someone would stop and look into their eyes,

Only then may they see their silent cries.

Cries that showcase all the pain they’ve endured,

So much hurt that they simply can’t be cured.


We all know the girl who has it all,

The one who walks like she’s ten feet tall.

What we don’t know is how she feels inside.

She was always taught to smile, her real emotions to hide.


If you knew her like the four walls in her room,

You wouldn’t be so fast to judge, so quick to assume.

I’ll tell you this, something you may not believe,

Her biggest fear in life, true happiness she’ll never achieve.


How about the star athlete?

You know the one who never accepts defeat.

He walks around like he’s the man,

You definitely aren’t his biggest fan.


You don’t know what is going on in his head.

He probably wishes he could be back in bed.

You see he was up again all night,

Pillow over his ears, listening to his parents fight.


On to the next one, the girl without the looks,

The girl who walks in the hall with three or four books.

You call her the loser, geek and nerd,

You walk right past her, story unheard.


She studies hard to get good grades,

With hope to get away from her parent’s tirades.

She can’t stand being at home she needs to leave quick,

Her mother’s on drugs, her dad an alcoholic.


I hope you’ve learned that people aren’t always as they seem.

Don’t tear others down to boost your own self esteem.

Before you judge take a good hard look.

Remember, the cover doesn’t always represent the book.

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Whole day in the kitchen
Making my girlfriend favorite dish
I cooking for her tofu
With tomato and salt fish

Tofu is a food can be cook
In so many different ways
She really love it
So I surprising her today

Tofu is made from soybeans
Can absorb flavors of spices and marinades
Is has been a nutritional value
For Asian cuisines for hundred of years

It’s her first time in America
So I want to make it right
With tofu for dinner
Serving under candle lights

I can’t wait to see her smile
When she sees the food I cook
I know she will watch me 
And give me that special look

My girl friend is amazing
To me she means the world
She is more precious than diamond
And the seas full of pearls

I really wish to tell her 
She my heaven on earth
And I mean it from my heart
And I miss her so much it hurt

She told me about tofu
Very popular in western cooking
There is even a tofu festival
Every year they does be celebrating

I have never try tofu
But my girlfriend is very sweet
So what ever she likes 
Bet your dollar I’m going to eat

And I never eat onions
Don’t like how it feels in my mouth
But if she cook it for me
I will eat it all with out a doubt

My girl friend is the best
I’m really in love with her
And she loves tofu
So I will always cook it for her

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My own little garden

My dearest little garden
that grows my plants
The finest yard of numerous
that holds my beauty
My wholeness that grants my draft.
My obese garden that stays and stands
Even though you know I am a Yokel.
I owe you much
My till, till and till.
My own mine, I whole you all
Cos you have stood by me
In no place and less vacuum.

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I'm Looking

I'm looking for someone I can kiss Oh I'm looking for a good girl but finding a good girl is like surfing the web and not seeing porn. I'm looking for someone to hold at night, Oh I'm looking for a good girl but finding a good girl is like going to the strip club and not getting glitter on your lap. I'm looking for someone to love and love me back. Oh I'm looking for a good girl but finding a good girl is like going to the beach and not getting sand in places there should not be sand. Oh I'm just looking for a good girl.

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I just want to curl up and away
Forever lost in the land of dreams.
Where is that happy land of sunshine?

Lost in a perpetual storm; am I
The storm or is it around me?

The dark Beast forever stalking my
Light, my life of laughter, smiling.

I thought I was safe but then
The grief tore my soul apart
Once again, I was broken, ruined.

The circles, the fears and desires
All mockery of me, the joke.

Escape but not for me, chained to 
Walls of the pit I’ve fallen into.

Too much of everything yet not
Enough and the paradox is heartless.

Raving mad and angry at the world,
At life so cruel and beautifully still.

A hope, a whisper so frail like frost
In the shining light of angry morning.

What am I, anyway, except thoughts
And a bundle of torn up skin?

Tired and wracked with thoughts so dark,
Peace must be found or I shall


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forgotten blanket

Take me out of here! Ran through my mind. Then poof! I was out and in the arms of a loving blue eyed girl. She held me with such a raw and pure emotion of love. The first night was just magical, I knew we would have a life long bond, that never would be broken; or so I thought. We slept so wonderfully for the first time, her arms wrapped tightly around me with such glee, never wanting to leave me. I was entangled in her arms, around her feet and everywhere that first night. I was the happiest thing on the planet. We would be inseparable at the beginning, doing everything together. It didn’t matter what was going on in the world. I and the blue eyed girl had it all with each other, and that was all that mattered to us. We would spend whole weekends laying in each others comfort. In that time it never occurred to me that life could be different than that. 

As time went on though, we would have fewer moments together–I should have seen it coming. We would share a magical moment much less than I was used too. But in those priceless moments I would be reminded of the first time we were embraced; feeling all the same raw and pure emotion of love that only the loving blue eyed girl could give. As time kept passing, we would only share special moments every few months – I really should have saw it coming. The loving blue eyed girl wasn’t the same. The raw and pure emotion of love was gone, only appearing randomly. This was new to me; I would be left on the bed, thrown on the floor, or stuffed into a closet. Where had the life long bond gone? I didn’t dawn on me that through the time we had spent together things were different now. I wasn’t the new, exciting, soft, and cuddly thing I had once been. I was now boring, old, dirty, and sad. 

Then it finally happened, the moment I had been dreading but should have seen coming. The loving blue eyed girl had finally thrown me in a box in the middle of the hard wood floor and never came back.   I was left there until her dad came to clean the rest of the room after she moved out and took me to a warehouse. In this warehouse I was thrown here and there. I was in the goodwill office. I finally was sorted through after many days of being tossed and dragged on the dingy floors. I ended up on a shelf in the back dusty corner of the goodwill. I have been here for weeks, waiting for someone to come pick me and take me home with them so I can be their blanket; keeping them warm and cozy until I fray away.  

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where is caylee rondolet

Where is Caylee?
A little girl with smiling eyes
Where is Caylee?
No one’s seen her around lately
But her mother swears she’s alright
Now Grandma’s nose smells homicide
Where is Caylee?

(*this is supposed to capture the moment in time before they found her body --. for those of you who don't know the story, Caylee disappeard and her mother Casey Anthony told lie after lie about where she was. Caylee's grandmother got suspicious when she smelled the scent of a dead body coming from Casey's trunk. people and police searched for the little girl and eventually found her body buried in a trash bag, duct-taped. Casey just went to trial for it and was acquitted of the murder, much to the dismay of the general public.)


for Dr. Ram's contest

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why do you judge me?

look at the girl drowning herself with the vodka and booze

like the city winter on the methane gas

and most of the guys would pass

its the the color in your eyes

they scare away the other guys

with the i dont care stare

with your twisted and matted hair

heavy on the blush and heavier on the flair

seeing no way through

her life was broken and screwed

if it wasnt for the vodka and booze

she would see the what and the who

but it wasnt the booze

and it wasnt the coke

it wasnt the pressure that made her smoke

i can see it in her eyes

just behind the clouded jade

the sad story between a father and daughter


he loved her but she did not

and her ignorance made him so hot

a sinful lust which he could not bear to stop

he snuck up the stairs like the bad cop

he heard her cry but in her sleep she cry

he grabbed her and whispered in her ear "kiss your virginity goodbye"

but then she butted his head

then she kicked and wailed him right off the bed

you coulda sworn she was black

then she heard it (crack!)

the body fell right to the floor

and the police standing at the door

she cried he would not stop!

hugging his body paying no attention to the cop

he loved me forever

and under her breath with the quivering lip

but i killed him and won't forget him ever...


so here is the bich

drinking pitch after pitch

not giving one care or the other

only having one after the other

do you still care to judge her

did you ever ask why it was

every time you got near she would cuse!

so the question is who's the bigger bich?

the girl who got screwed over because life is unfair!

or you who judges with no care your jacket and strait hair!


don't judge even if the treatment is unfair you don't know what they have gone through

there is no good in judging somebody and things never seem to get better.

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That Girl in the Corner

Jocks and cheerleaders,
Punks, Goths, and freaks,
Gangsters and thugs,
Nerds, weirdoes, and geeks.

Of all the possible categories,
I belong to none.
I don’t fit into all of them,
Or belong to only one.

I’m just that girl in the corner,
So quiet and content,
I speak mostly when spoken to,
Each word I say well meant.

I’m just that girl in the corner,
To myself, and all alone,
Never wanting to be noticed,
Or to let myself be known.

I’m just that girl in the corner,
Observing the “café crowd,”
So shy and unassuming,
With my head up in a cloud.

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The broken fairytale

Once upon a time there lived,
A beautiful girl and a man she loved.
So true was such their love,
There wasn't anyone who disapproved.
It had been love at first sight,
A fairy tale since that day.
The maiden had found the man of her dreams,
No one else needed to have a say.
They had done it all,
Candlelight dinners, shyly holding hands,
Kissing in the rain, dancing around trees,
Leaving intertwined footprints on white sands.
But it wasn't just another love story,
It was uniquely special like every other one.
They had eyes for no other but one another,
The best part of their lives had just begun.
They traveled around the world,
And she kissed her man at the seven wonders each.
People would smile at the storybook couple,
As they counted stars standing on a beach.
With her, he was the man he wished to be,
The one who wouldn't think twice,
About pulling her up to dance in a crowded train,
He'd protect her, keep her happy at any price.
He'd see through her weak smile,
All the way to the tears inside,
He'd whisper sweet things in her ear,
Hold her till all the tears dried.
Though they did have a fair share of problems,
They always came together again,
No matter what happened,
Like raindrops on a window pane.
On a rainy day, she had sat waiting,
Wondering about the surprise he had promised,
But he never came,
For the winds of fate had suddenly changed. 
Five years after that day, she found herself alone,
Sitting on the porch, counting stars on her own,
As she recalled the day he had been taken from her,
'An unfortunate accident' on the next the papers had shown.
She hadn't cried on the phone, she hadn't cried on the way,
She didn't even cry when she had to identify him,
Not a single tear or a heartrending sob.
She just stared ahead with an expression so grim.
It was only when she had received his belongings,
The remnants of his last minutes, did she react.
She screamt and cried, laughed and wailed,
For among others, was a diamond ring beautifully packed.
His surprise, the laughter in his voice,
The excitement, the secrecy of the evening.
He had been right, it had left her breathless,
But he wasn't there to see the sorrow it did bring.
Even now her eyes brimmed with tears,
As she looked at the ring as it sparkled,
And thought of that time when there lived,
A beautiful girl and a man she loved.
- Miliya Parveen

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You Are What You Wear

Ya walk around 
With your butt hanging out
The media tells you yes!
But the heart is 
Filled with doubt.

No body told you
That fashion made sense
It has stupid rules
And the morals are bent.

But still, you put on
Those uncomfortable things
With insanely tight trousers
Mini shorts,
And stuff made of strings.

. . .

Out of the many
Things you could wear
You choose the clothes
That make ya look bare.

With tops so darn low
They let nothing hide
Maybe trousers with holes in
Ooops. . .
There goes your pride.

Your body is special
Yet you treat it like trash
Copying everyone. . .
So you "think" you look flash

But . . .

Seriouslly, honey.
Where's your sense of decorum?
You think that will attract a good guy?
Nooope. . .
It will lead him to boredom.

If you really want
The right kind of guy
Treat your self as special
And hold your head high

The truth of the matter is...
If he really loves you
You could wear a sack
And he would still think
That you were cute.


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Snow Angels

She said, "Daddy let's make snow angels, 
Before the snow begins to melt"
She couldn't have known how much she'd grown
And the pride that her daddy felt

She was ten years old going on twenty
And her angels were always the best
But I'd let her win just to see that big grin
I'll bet you've already guessed

Her angels would always disappear
In the Spring, Summer and Fall
But before Winter came I learned a new name
When leukemia came to call

I would sit with her, beside her bed
As the snow came tumbling down
She said, "Daddy can you see, she's as pretty as can be,
In her beautiful snow white gown

When I looked around the empty room
My little girl closed her eyes
"My snow angel's here" she whispered so dear
And then my little girl dies

She said, "Daddy let's make snow angels, 
Before the snow begins to melt"
She couldn't have known how much she'd grown
And the pride that her daddy felt

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A Dress Masked Revolution

Most people only see the outside girl,
Some only see the revolution created

But I’m the girl with that revolution
I’m the real thing,
Not imitated.

I’ve gone past my insecurities
I’m free from clichés,

Living with everything I’ve got.
I’m confidence with security,

What you see is what I am,
I got a beaten up heart but here I stand.

I’ll go beyond the skies, create my own dreams;
I’ve got it in me.

Look at me all you critics,
I declare my own independence,
I’m a one girl clique.

I’m nothing according you, I can’t impress
But the world freed me,
I’m the revolution masked in a dress.

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This anger that is inside me now is tearing me apart,
    After all this time I find you had been lying from the start.
I am hurting so much from the pain you have caused me,
    By using your beauty and charm so I would not see.
All the lies and deceit while loving you and giving all my trust,
    I will expose your evil ways and mean doings this is a must.
Never  should another endure what you have put me through,
     This I will make sure of if it's the last thing that I ever do.
How dare you break my heart and then treat me so bad ,
      It  takes a lot to upset me but girl you have made me mad.
You've no idea the rage that I am carrying inside me now,
      I will make you regret this one day I will figure out how.
If it's the last thing I do I am going to make a example of you,
      How and when I am not sure of but trust me it will be soon.
You walk away from me as if you've done nothing wrong,
      Believe me girl I will show you and it wont take me long.
Seriously do you think you can get away with treating me this way?
      So wrong you are for that and you will know this one day.
That deceiving the man thats so in love with you ,
      Is something you are going to learn not to ever do.
Why would you ever do this to a man that loved you so,
      I guess this is something that I am never going to know.
This anger inside that is slowly tearing me apart ,
       Blinded by your ways I was completely in the dark.
Just one more thing I must say to you before I go ,
       You are evil  and that's something everybody will know.

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i am me

i'm proud of who i am 

i'm proud of what i've become

i'm proud of my growth

i'm proud of myself

i'm happy to have found love 

i'm happy that i can smile no matter 


i'm going through

i'm happy to just be me

i'm the girl in school who expresses herself 

the way she feels

i'm the girl who doesn't care what no one thinks

of her but herself

i'm the girl who always smiles like there's no tomorrow

i've learned that i don't need anyone to define who i am

i've learned that if a guy can't except all of me 

completely than hes not worth my time

i am me,there is'nt another like me and that makes me happy.

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Only a monster could do that

(I'm sorry to say that this is a true story.)

A man did something horrible when his stepdaughter wet the bed.
He beat her violently and sadly she'd soon be dead.
He beat her with his fists and even with a baseball bat.
She was only four years old, only a monster could do that.
Her mother just stood there and didn't even try to stop the attack.
That sweet little girl was murdered and nothing can bring her back.
That situation was very disturbing and it outraged me because it was so grim.
People were waiting outside of his house because they wanted to get their 
hands on him.
The police arrived and put that animal under arrest.
During the four years that the girl lived, the world was truly blessed.

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The Ballerina

The Ballerina

A little girl no more than three or four
She spends her day listening to the music from her mother’s radio
She dances a beautiful dance for her age
Even the clopping of her feet is magical
Yet, she will not allow anyone to watch
Stopping the moment she feels eyes upon her
Years go by and the little girl never gives up her dancing
Schools and practice are a daily routine
The rest of her life is a mere dream own by her talent
Sore ankles, swollen knees and bloody toes are her curse
Yet, she never gives up the dance
She dances in untold choruses with a thousand other girls
An unknown she dances every night in one show and every day in another
Years of practice grow and strain in every muscle she uses
Audiences applaud every performance but it is not for her, never for her
Yet, she never gives up the dance
One night she is called to be the central character of the show
Her dance is flawless in its technique
As graceful as the swan she portrays she glides through every moment
This one night is the fulfillment of a life of dreaming and work
All the classes, the pain of strained muscles and the blood-filled shoes fade away
The audience…they are not there
She doesn’t care that no one knows her name
Fame is something she had not desired since she heard her mother’s radio
At that minute the music and the dance are the only things she knows
And all of her life has led to the moment
So many years of her life she strived for this
She still does it just for the dance

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To the End and Back Again Part 2

I found a knife in the kitchen and started cutting my wrist. I kept cutting until I lost so much 
blood that I went unconscious. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital with 
Jania beside me. She told the police and the hospital that she was my sister so they wouldn't 
contact my parents. 

When I could leave the hospital, I started to drink. I drank more then a 30 year old man 
could. I ended up going into AA where I met 15 year old Noah. Maybe it was because he 
reminded me so much of Connor, but we bonded so quickly. Noah was in a band that I 
became a part of. I then met one of Noah's friends named Brandon. We started to date, 
Brandon and I, and I thought he was everything that I needed. Brandon turned out to be 
abusive and controlling. I couldn't leave him up until the night he raped me. The only reason 
I could was because I hit him so hard in the head with the metal bat next to his bed that I 
gave him a concussion. I ran from his house, and I ran right into Noah's arms. We dated for 
a short period of time but ended up breaking up because we were too good of friends. We 
still are friends to this day.

I dated a few people after him which led me to high school. I went to a school in a different 
town. I met my current boyfriend named Pat. We were only dating a few months before I got 
social anxiety and didn't leave my house for 6 months. I ended up having to transfer schools. 
I had to come to my towns school so I could be in a special program for other people who 
have the same problems that I do.

Jania joined the army about a year ago, and I met someone named Kevin. He was very 
sweet and made me feel safe in Jania's absence. Like everyone else I've come to know, 
Kevin left me alone, making me worse then I already was. 

I found out a few days ago that Jania was killed in the war. Her legs were blown off and 
because she was so small, she lost too much blood to survive. The girl that helped me 
through everything is gone now. The people I've loved have all passed again and I will never 
see them again. Nothing will ever be normal for me, and I will never feel safe. Maybe life 
was planned out for me and all of this was supposed to happen. Maybe I was meant to be a 
suicidal girl with anxiety, depression, anger management issues, trust issues, abandonment 
issues and a recovering alcoholic. My life has given me the opportunity to love and cherish 
every moment. So that's my life so far. 

Sucks, doesn't it?

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I'm riding the cloud of bright blanket dreams, 
The coconut smoke entwines with the mist, 
The potion of madness in violet streams 
Is carving the urge that I cannot resist. 

The mysteries find me still lying in bed, 
Enjoying the pleasures of drunken grapefruit. 
Just several gulps, and a room painted red 
Will turn to a princess' incredible suit. 

I'm a swift errand girl of my fortunate fate, 
When my fantasies leak, the reality hides 
In the weirdest world I could ever create 
With my eyes tightly shut, with my heart as a guide. 

A rose with sharp yet invisible thorns 
Will bloom in my gardens in endless July - 
The country of fairies and pink unicorns 
Beneath the enchanting and welcoming sky. 

I trust in the might of the element Earth, 
However, the Air attracts me much more. 
I'm hovering free, and I feel the rebirth. 
This madness is tempting like never before. 

I'm a swift errand girl of my fortunate fate, 
When my fantasies leak, the reality hides 
In the weirdest world I could ever create 
With my eyes tightly shut, with my heart as a guide. 

I giggle and slap the reality's face, 
I found salvation in madness' embrace. 

I'm a swift errand girl of my fortunate fate, 
When my fantasies leak, the reality hides 
In the weirdest world I could ever create 
With my eyes tightly shut, with my heart as a guide.

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That Girl

I'm the girl that the boys attract
I'm the girl that's never alone
I'm the girl that puts on the good child act.

I'm that girl you see having fun
I'm that girl who's always laughing
I'm that girl who hides from the sun.

I'm the girl that always gets kissed
I'm the girl that talks too much
I'm the girl that never feels missed.

I'm that girl who feels ignored
I'm that girl who feels alone
I'm that girl,while being good, feels bored.

I'm the girl that feels used
I'm the girl that feels nobody hears her
I'm the girl that feels so bruised.

Yep, I'm THAT girl.
The one who's sick of all of this!
Yep, I'm THAT girl.

I'm the girl who's stuck in a cage
I'm the girl who nobody takes seriously
I'm the girl with all this rage.

I'm that girl that watches as blood runs down her wrist
I'm that girl that punches the couch
I'm that girl that put you, on the kill list.

I'm the girl who flips out
I'm the girl who does'nt seem to care
I'm the girl who wants to scream and shout.

I'm that girl you want to turn in
I'm that girl you didn't expect
I'm that girl you don't see burnin'

I'm the girl who can't hurt a fly
I'm the girl you dont know on the inside
I'm the girl who knows how to cry.

Yep, I'm THAT girl
The one who's sick of all your fun.
Yep, I'm THAT girl.
The girl thats done.

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A Sad Story

There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she was blind.

She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. 
She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend.

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her, she could see everything, 
including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, "now that you can see the 
world, will you marry me?" The girl was shocked when she saw that her 
boyfriend was blind too, and refused to marry him.

Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later wrote a letter to her saying. "Just 
take care of my eyes, dear."

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Honestly read this and become aware

We don't see it in our everyday lives.
Its not one of our husbands or wives. 
We don't think about it on our daily drives. 
I'm here to tell you about the few who survives. 

I'm not talking about cancer or some disease.
Its about something that goes on in our borders and over seas. 
We need to wake up and walk out of our caves,
because I'm talking about human trafficking and human slaves. 

I know its not something you want to talk about, 
but its here and all around, no doubt. 
Everything I write in this poem is nothing but true. 
It is as hard to write as it is to read, I assure you. 

In several countries, girls are sent out on a date. 
They are sent out at the young age of eight. 
No one around to hear their cries in their vicinity. 
When a forty year old man steals her virginity. 

These girls are ripped from their homes and families and sold. 
They can never talk about it, so their stories go untold. 
It is disgusting to write this and talk about this crime, 
but in some countries, it costs a quarter to sleep with a girl for her first time. 

Then with no anesthesia and no pain medication, she sees a surgeon. 
She is sown back up and sold to another nation, as a virgin. 
Now this next story was told to me in session and is perturbing.
I am a counselor and when she told it to me, I even found it disturbing. 

An 11 year old girl and her 13 year old sister were sold as objects. 
They were sold for their bodies and for sex. 
When the 13 year old was ordered to go with a man to bed, 
she refused, and her 11 year old sister saw her get shot in the head. 

Sadly, that isn't the worst thing I've been told. 
But these girls, always close to my heart is where I hold. 
I wrote this so you people can open up your eyes. 
So you people know whats going on, and so you can hear, the unheard cries.

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The Stallion

A horse walked in the ring, 
Alone but bold,
A man hollered to move him around,
His tail held high and his neck bowed,
He snorted and bucked in defiance.
The epitome of a spirited beast, 
He looked every bit a stallion.
No one bid,
But save on gal,
A tiny thing who most thought a fool,
At least on that day.
But as time went on, 
That horses spirit never caved.
But the girl was patient, 
And kind,
After a long time that horses will bent,
He was defiant and spirited still,
No mistaking the Stallion he was,
But save for one small girl, 
to whom he gave his heart to.
And day after day,
He willingly rode with her,
Over mountain and field, 
After cow and game.
He loved her you see-and she loved him.
And after a time, 
she went back to that auction ring, 
And with her was that Wild beast
Wild still or so it seemed, 
As he snorted and bucked freely.
But no worries-he wasn't for sale.
He was to be a father this year,
He'd earned the right,
And when she stepped in that ring, 
No defiance was seen.
As he bowed his head and silently gave to her,
Their will seemed unified.
She flowed upon his back, 
And he stopped spun and slid
Like an invisible hand guided him,
No movement of the crowd was seen.
It was true beauty in motion,
A Girl and her horse- One
Suddenly they all wished they'd seen what she'd seen,
Not a horse to be broken,
But a spirit to be fixed.
A partner she saw,
Not something to be controlled.
All crave this with their horses,
Dogs and loved ones too,
But rarely can it be found,
Too busy trying to break them, 
We fail to join them.

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im a war by sean kingston and lil wayne

Lil Wayne
Yung moola baby
I'm at War 

I'm at war
Fighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly need
I'm at war
Shawty I take a bullet for you girl
cause you mean the world to me
I'm at war

Sean Kingston
Me love you girl, you loving me
So don't fight together cause it was meant to be
Me feel like, I'm in the army
Cause to be with you, that's where my heart wanna be

It's like I'm about to die just to get with you
Feel like you're putting me through World War II
Got my soldier suit and my Timberland boots
Girl I'm down for whatever cause my love is true
So I tell her I'm at war with the love of my life
Sweat from my brows running down to my eyes
Everything you are's what I need in my life my life my life

I'm at war
Fighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly need
I'm at war
Shawty I take a bullet for you girl
cause you mean the world to me
I'm at war

At war, at war, at war, at war, at war.
I'm at war

Lil Wayne
Salute to all the veterans
And girl your love's like a nuclear weapon
I'm a five star purple hearter purple sparker camouflage
Follow my every command and order
You can just call me Captain Carter
So let the missiles rain on your parade
Cause my love is a soldier
and my heart is a grenade, kabloom
I'll bomb any platoon, just call me World War II

I'm at war
Fighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly need
I'm at war
Shawty I take a bullet for you girl
Cause you mean the world to me
I'm at war

Sean Kingston
Your mother said, don't talk to me
But it went through those ears girl, as I can see
So make me know whats your fantasies

Cause baby girl I think that stands to me
I'm on the front line and Im risking my life
I'll make a sacrifice just to have you by my side
You're the one I love, you're the one I trust
I'll hurt someone that come between us

So I tell her I'm at war with the love of my life
Sweat from my brows running down to my eyes
Everything you are is what I need in my life my life my life

I'm at war
Fighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly need
I'm at war
Shawty I take a bullet for you girl
cause you mean the world to me
I'm at war

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Lonely Girl

There sat a lonely girl all alone in a life of shame
no friends, just problems
no smiles, just frowns

Her nights was filled with tears of why
 and her days filled with lies
no hope, just failure
no outlook on life, just dead ends

There sat a lonely girl who never saw 
 the beauty in the sun
no light, just darkness
no awakening, just slumber

Her days was filled with questions
 and her nights filled with misery
no chance, just demands
no pleasure, just abuse

There sat a girl finally accepting her being
no hate, just love
no mistakes, just achievements

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Dream of Me in Black and White

You can only see me
in colors that you can handle
in colors that you choose yourself, 
colors that you put me in, 
and force me to wear,
every time you look at me with your piercing eyes.

And it makes no difference 
what I wear, 
how I paint my nails, 
what shoes I put on,
or what color I dye my hair.
All you see is

Black and White. 

Because that's all you choose to put me in.
No matter how vibrant
the colors I sport,
it's still

Black and White.

the easy-to-read, easy-to-control colors
that really aren't so easy at all.
I'm complicated.
And your

Black and White

is simple,
easy for you to see,
easy for you to understand,
easy for you to make me be.
easy for you to stuff me in your choice of clothing,
make me into your "perfect" girl,
your little Barbie doll.

you say that it's "your right"
and that you have "earned" it
with what?
certainly not respect.

you say that it's "fair"
for you to be 
this controlling,
this demanding, 
this emotionally abusive.
but when I say something about it,
you counter-act.

"If life is so fair, 
why do roses have thorns?"

you ask me
as you are mentally counting, measuring, calculating, and documenting 
everything wrong with me.
as you are mentally molding me,
shaping me,
and dressing me
into your favorite

Black and White.

it's easy to pretend 
that you're not looking at the girl next to me,
wishing that I were her,
when you put me in

Black and White.

You can take your habits
and selfish, demeaning ways,
and stuff some other girl
into your chosen

Black and White.

because no girl, it seems, is quite good enough for you, 
and your double standards,
and your controlling fingertips
that know just how to press in on a girl's heart, mind, and soul.
And yet, 
you manage to make every girl ask herself
if she's good enough for you.
But the real question still stands.

Are you 
good enough 
for any girl?

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I am not getting sleepy 
But i need to get some rest 
Don't take this the hard way
Think of of it for the best 
Given that we have tomorrow 
And it is another day
Lets go to sleep now
And see about this other day

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A Walk To Remember

It was a Friday night, and I took a long walk around
Just to ease my mind which stress seems to surround
It felt so great, the warm breeze hit my face
As I glanced at the constellations shining from the east
So I step forward, and continue to reminisce
Moving silently, to what Atmosphere acknowledges
And the moon moves an sadly grins from the view
As a young kid walks off the emotions he once knew
A cow moo's, I see it standing in the dark
Another sleepless soul, looks like were in the same park
I glance up, just in time to see a comet
Close my eyes and make a wish, maybe I can stop it
And pocket it, cause the luck it holds I need
I'm tired of being out of money for this toll of dreams
I look away, towards the long road ahead of me
Push the memories from my view, and walk into another scene

Now a new scene, I see this young girl of fifteen
Staring in the mirror as a tear reflects from a dream
All she wanted was to be a witness of compassion
Yet instead she became a witness of verbalized aggression
Now she stepped forward, and crossed the lines into depression
Eye's pierced with the tears of absolute neglection
Mentally altered, this girl took thee abuse
Later to encrypt her wrists with a knife she shouldn't use
Another fight, so she turns to a heaven's view
Cries and she prays to a God she never really knew
Never understanding why life takes it's sways
While she sees a loving family when here life turns to gray
So she sneaks out, to walk off all her memories
Walks down a boulevard, yet it's like a country street
Kicks a stone in the light shining from the moon
As I watch in the distance as she walks outta view

Now a Veteran, straight outta World War Two
Stares out the window, with his eyes so blue
Remebering the times as a strong young chap
Now he sit's in his wheelchair, he's now handicap
Cause he can not forget all the blood that was shed
Young growing boys live's end before it begins
Haunted by the image, it now pillages his brain
Can barley even speak, without hearing bullets ring
He dreams of, taking back what he'd seen
A young Jewish boy left slaughtered by his feet
Wondering, what kind of human can achieve
Such a gruesome status, and still be an elite
It penetrates his head, even decades after war
But still he dreams nightmares of both blood and gore
He closes his eyes, and he prays for an escape
From this terror that has haunted him through the life he's made

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Trinidad boys

Trinidad boys

Have a guy in Trinidad
He says he’s a ladies man
So I ask him to tell me how
t very slow so I can understand

He has on a polo shirt
And Michael Jordan sneakers
He driving a Toyota
He just put in some new speakers

He sees a girl passing
So he stand up watching she
And when leave and gone
He said boy that girl was marking me

He said say he takes a girl to kentucky
And he not a shame to talk
Spend all he money, put she in taxi
And said your love will make me walk

So I ask my brother lights
If he have plenty girls in usine
Lights say the only girls he has
Is the ones in them magazine

He say he have the talks for the girls
And it sweeter than honey
All them girls does fall for he
Although he don’t have no money

But still nobody ever see him
With a girlfriend anytime
They he have lots of women
But all of them in his mind

Trinidad produces some saga boys 
And they spread out around the world
Using their home ground sweet talk 
On some pretty young girl

I myself use some sweet talk
And it smooth like silk
But if you don’t know how to use it
It could spoil like milk

Trinidad has some saga boys 
And they are world class
They see a girl coming round the corner
Before she even past

And every country in the world
You must see a saga boy Trinidadian 
And I bet if you see him
He looking to sweet talk some woman

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The evil

This is the evil that come out
From their mouths, and they
Made you feel the things wrong way.
You are a believer, sister.
Better put your faith in God than people.
Then you will survive.

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Jessie's Drum

Jessie’s Drum

A little girl with an imagination 
That went on forever
One day a cowgirl
The next trying to plug in your stuffed rabbit
We never knew what you were going to do next
You never ceased to amaze us
You knew who you were from the start
And you always marched to the beat of 

Jessie’s Drum

So much has changed
Through the years you have grown
The streak in you has gone
And as much as I hate to admit 
Won’t be long before you are all grown up
You are still just as sweet
And you are beautiful as well 
Marching to the beat of 

Jessie’s Drum

The biggest thing being that you know who you are
Not letting others talk you into things 
You know are wrong
Or that would compromise who you are
A teenager with a good head on her shoulders
A girl with a dream
You know you are who you want to be 
So no matter what others may say
I know you will always 
March to the beat of 

Jessie’s Drum

And because of that I know you will go far

By: Jean Shular

For Jessie
I know your dreams will come true
Just like I know you will always be you
We love you 

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Dancing to the Emotion

She glides across the stage,
thoughts concentrated.
Connected to her hands and feet,
loosening the body.
Her emotions flow easily,
The slow, melodic notes in
her ears guide her,
like a master and his apprentice,
he takes her to unexplored realms.
She travels forward,
never looking to where she came,
yet her body always returns;
back on the stage.
The crackling, booming applause surrounds her,
reminding her of a fire;
She's dancing to it's flames,
breathing in the stale heat.
encouraging it to burn even brighter,
to light up the sky,
take the world with it;
Her movements are sharp,
as sweat starts to bead on her forehead.
The heated beats stop,
taking her back to the darkness of the theater.
The dim blue and red spotlights envelop her,
complimenting her tan, sequin dress.
She refuses to stop
as she turns to the next dance,
music following behind,
letting her take the attention
she deserves.
Now, she's in the mountains,
dancing in the rain,
thunder cracking above
as if a whip.
She jumps through the air,
touching lightning,
feeling its energy course through her.
Shes unrestricted,
and free,
gliding on top the sky,
but only for the song.
Once again the song ends,
forcing her back to her
place of origin,
leaving her alone with the faint faces,
watching her,
praising her.
Shes baffled,
as she recalls the adventures made.
She never did anything
beyond losing herself to the music,
and let the true,
natural thoughts and emotions
of a carefree dancer
guide her.
She bows.

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First Love

I met this girl when I was 14
Prettiest thing I'd ever seen
We met in a field, she asked me to dance
Her green dress and perfume put me in a trance
She told me she loved me
She told me she cared
She told me we'd always be
Together, she sweared
Late one night we went for a walk
I felt a little tired so we stopped and talked
I kissed her on the neck and whispered in her ear
"I'm your vision and you're my seer."

I love her
I'm sure

Loved this girl from when we first met
Our hearts were pumpin', our minds were set
We'd be happy forever, she'd never go
We were actors and life was just a show
I told her I'd love her
I told her I'd care
She was my cure
That I wanted to share
Everybody loved her, but she loved me the most
Everyday she was my guest and I was her host
But one night I woke up from my dream and I found
That my girl had left without a word, without a sound

I miss her
I'm sure

I searched and searched, but to no avail
She didn't leave me nothin', not even a trail
I think they took her away, we had too much fun
It was the man who makes the rules, the man with a gun
I missed her dear
Oh, I missed her so
This was my fear
That she would go
So I went for a walk, without my girl it was weird
But then I started thinkin', my mind had cleared
This girl clouded my mind from when we first met
I didn't need her love, my mind was set

I'm alright without her
I'm pretty sure

I haven't seen her since that dark starry night
I don't know why I feel this way, it just feels right
I think about her from time to time
Too bad lovin' my girl was a crime
I wonder if I'll ever see her again
I think I'll just wait 'till then

Maybe one last ride wouldn't hurt

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Once on a yellow piece of paper with green lines

he wrote a poem

And he called it "Chops"

because that was the name of his dog

And that's what it was all about

And his teacher gave him an A

And his mother hung it on the kitchen door

That was the year that Father Tracy

took all the kids to the zoo

And he let them sing on the bus

And his little sister was born

with  no hair

And his mother and father kissed a lot

And the girl around the corner sent him a valentine signed with a row of X's

and he had to ask his father what the X's meant

And his father always tucked him in bed at night

And was always there to do it.

Once on a piece of white paper with blue lines

he wrote a poem

And he called it "Autumn"

because that was the name of the season

And that's what it was all about

And his teacher gave him an A

and asked him to write more clearly

And his mother never hung it on the kitchen door

because of its new paint

And the kids told him

that Father Tracy smoked cigars

And left butts on the pews

And sometimes they would burn holes

That was the year his sister got glasses

with thick lenses and black frames

And the girl around the corner laughed

when he asked her to go see Santa Claus

And the kids told him why

his mother and father kissed a lot

And his father never tucked him in bed at night

And his father got mad when he cried for him to do it.

Once on a paper torn from his notebook

he wrote a poem

And he called it "Innocence: A Question"

because that was the question about his girl

And that's what it was all about

And his professor gave him an A

and a strange steady look

And his mother never hung it on the kitchen door because he never showed her

That was the year that Father Tracy died

And he forgot how the end of the Apostle's Creed went

And he caught his sister making out on the back porch

And his mother and father never kissed or even talked

And the girl around the corner wore too much makeup that made him cough when he kissed her

but he kissed her anyway because that was the thing to do

And at three A.M. he tucked himself into bed

his father snoring soundly.

That's why on the back of a brown paper bag

he tried another poem

And he called it "Absolutely Nothing"

Because that's what it was really all about

And he gave himself an A

and a slash on each damned wrist

And he hung it on the bathroom door

because this time he didn't think

he could reach the kitchen.

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The Cycle Lives On

A girl child is born given life brand new
To a mother so proud and a daddy too
Elsewhere mother gives a baby boy life
Daddy's not there he's at home with his wife
One day daddy's gone Baby girl wonders why
Baby boy hides his hunger so mommy don't cry
One mommy works from morning into the night
The other works streets sleeping thru daylight
Each mother making the best of her situation
Children denied mothers love and appreciation
Each child raise themselves all, alone
Kids with no childhood forced to be grown
A two parent love they'll never get to learn
15 years old to each others they will turn
Not knowing true love thinking theirs real
Only both parents love they sought to fulfill
A mother gives a girl life as they do a son
They're but babies, at 15 innocence gone
Reality of broken homes, the cycle lives on

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I'm on my Hustle, not pulling alot of doubles
Try my best to stay out of trouble
Got me out here filling like I den fell
Life fill like I been buried under in hell
A Girl shouldn't go threw this to get what she want and need 
A girl should never have to beg please
I'm on my Hustle, trying to come up on a double
Do my best trying to stay out of trouble

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A Youthful Girl In Cold War Part I

Deficient air I breathe in my lungs
In this world now I live, daddy's are careless
The children feeling helpless
Mother's have to play two characters
All I can see is the tears
That flow down their cheeks
Why am I disrespected by the one's who I look up to
I stick with my boys, because I never understood 
Why girls constantly hate each other 

I'm just a youthful girl in cold war
I'm constantly going through it
misjudgment and jealousy constantly bothering me
I'm just a youthful girl at cold war

Trying to fit in is so called being cool
Its just another word for being someone else fool
If they smoke, dislikes him or her
Then that person does the same
Now its all eyes on me so I have to go along too

Since I look at life at a different angle
I chose to go my own way
If my clothes ain't tight then he isn't going to like me
Being nice it's just a bad finish in the end
I guess I come last, some still say I'm just stuck in my past
As much as my pulverized heart been through 
I learned to put off love as it corker, belittlement, and depressed me for years

I'm just a youthful girl in cold war
I'm constantly going through it
misjudgment and jealousy constantly bothering me
I'm just a youthful girl at cold war

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Their Souls Departed

   She walks the streets
Of dim lit lights
The heart broken homeless woman
Lady of the night.
   The world was yours
Gold and pearls, a platinum life
Married to a silver spoon
You were once a rich mans wife.
   Your husband befriends the spirit king
A storm of abuse and alcohol rain
Now you run to spare your life
The only hope is to escape the pain.
   State to state with blackened heart
Into the night is where you sleep
Within the darkness led astray
Where lonesome lives and gutters weep.
   To your new home
No key no door
Emptiness squared
Of paper board.
   He walks in silence all alone
Seeking out divinity
Mile upon mile on worn out shoes
Through the streets of un-lit trees.
   Contrition holds his broken heart
Bound to earth by saddened love
His soul was taken within a glance
He is now the lonesome dove.
   Once a father, a husband, 
A man
A wonderful life
Of dreams and plans.
   Until that night in the car together
Unknownst the evil seed
A green light passed and through a yellow
The devil in drunken speed.
   A wreck to fell the family tree
Within the night of silence brings
A horrid vision imprinted the mind
Of a soulless man with broken wings.
    Even while life continues to shine
    There comes a girl of only nine
    Abandoned, alone to hope adored
    Mommy is gone to be a whore.
    This child walks in huddled arms
    Frightened to be where evil charms
    She finds a box to crawl inside
    Alone to live, alone to cry.
    While tears fall down upon her face
    A sound has startled her in her place
    Unbeknownst the box with broken tape
    This nine year old girl will now be rapped.
   Now as I sit
In the comforts of home
I knew none of these people
Or the streets they called home.
   I lived like most, in ignorance
To those poor and suffering lives
Never once did I adjust
A thought or even an eye.
  Yet on the set the news I stare
Police lights shine in heavy glare
Those unknown people, those broken hearted
Lie still in the night, their souls departed.

     Placid Poet

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Skin deep (part 2)

Is there anyone,
who has it all?
The perfect everything?
The perfect skin,
height, weight,
mind, mentality?
The kind of person,
who has it all.
If so,
is it the ones,
we’ve seen on tv,
magazine covers.
Or is it,
the prom queens,
beauty queens,
or even the supermodels?
Or maybe,
is it someone,
we would never suspect ?
The girl next door,
The girl who takes your order?
 Or maybe even me ?

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Just Another Girl

I was sitting alone at the airport bar,
waiting for a connecting flight;
When she sat down on the stool beside me
as the day was turning into night.

I had a sense she was a beauty,
but didn’t want to be so rude as to turn and stare,
so I just played with the ice in my rum and coke
pretending like she wasn’t there.

I noticed heads were turning and looking our way,
and I heard them whisper, “Oh my God, it’s her!”
When I looked straight ahead I saw sunglasses and a hat
hiding a face in the bar mirror.

Then a young man asked her for an autograph;
She whispered to me, “Please make him go away”;
I turned to the boy saying, “Maybe some other time,
she’s having a pretty bad day.”

She turned toward me pulling down her shades;
stared for a minute or two at my face;
chuckled and said, “You don’t have a clue who I am;
You must be the only one in this place.”

“No ma’am, I don’t keep up on my current affairs;
I wouldn’t know one celebrity from another;
Even if you didn’t have those custom shades on,
I wouldn’t know you if you were the Queen Mother.”

“If you don’t throw touchdown passes
for my favorite football team;
or haven’t pitched a no hitter yet,
then you’re somebody I probably haven’t seen.
If you aren’t a sportscaster;
or the guy who makes the betting book,
then the odds are pretty heavy,
upon your face I’ve never ever looked.”

She said, “Now that’s refreshing,
Bartender, buy this man a drink.”
We sat talking to each other about nothing,
for about three hours I think.

Finally, she said, “I’ve got to leave,
It’s been real nice talking to you, Joe.”
She put back on all of her camouflage,
and quickly got up to go.

Then a young girl came up to me
and asked if I would autograph a picture; 
She said, “I don’t know just who you are,
but you must be someone if you know her!”

I never found out just who she was;
in fact, I never even made a try;
For that one night in that airport bar,
she was just another girl with just another guy.

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Living Reflections

I have fallen into the depts.,
Crumbling only on the inside,
Shaking in desperation,
My life was always a lie,

I can no longer hear their voices,
Or what they have to say,
They simply look at me,
And I’m pushed away,

Blown back into their world,
Where no one understands me,
I stare into my eyes,
Trying to set my soul free,

The reflection can do nothing but stare back,
And mock my silent screams,
And display a reflection,
Of a girl trying to be me,

But is she all I have left?
My worst enemy,
The one who can tell me everything I do and don’t want to hear,
A sad soul is all I see reflecting,

A soul that shakes with every beat,
From a heart that lives on every breath,
Of a girl who cries at the thought,
That the purpose of her life is death,

It seems that at the end of the day,
We want our heart to have the loudest beat,
But with our hearts working so hard,
Our souls become weak,

They always say to follow your heart,
But life has other things on its shelf,
Things so incredible,
They are just as good as love itself,

Life is a struggle to find happiness,
To please our living reflection,	
Sometimes we smile in the mirror,
But more often look the other direction,

I stare into my eyes,
But there is nothing to see,
It seems this reflection is all I have left,
But sometimes even it, leaves me,

I have fallen into the depts.,
With another one of their lies,
Shaking in desperation,
Don’t let another part of me die,

Life is a struggle to find happiness,
To find our every dream,
But when I stare into my eyes,
I find none in me,

When I stare into my eyes,
I come across a block,
I find a soul who wants to live,
And a heart that wants to stop,

Life is a struggle to live,
And I find my only protection,
Exists in the most complicated of images,
My very own reflection

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Because she still clung to his promises

The girl was legend

All empty eyes & purple painted smiles. Every sweet white inch of her. And everyone knew 
her name

She danced in satin skirts that only moved when she took them off. She was everything 
delicate, everything demure. She was beautiful even when she wasnt

She watched the world with terror filled saucer eyes & the world looked right back with eyes 
that were unmistakably green

It was clear glass, they envied her & she wondered why

She knew they hung up her picture, plastered her to walls&books&frames that made her 
their prisoner. They stared at her when they were alone & forged a kind of intimacy she 
could thrive on

But it was temporary & in the morning she was left to sing her own self to sleep since no one 
cared enough to do it for her

The people that loved her, that glimpsed the real her when she uncovered it, all those people 
left her at the end & she saw what they'd done

They'd led her down the wrong track but they peppered it with glitter & held her just right so 
she was blind to every bit of it

She was the diamond dying in the night, she was the candied rose melting in the morning 
dew. They lured her with promises of love & took her innocence before she even knew it was 

She hated them but started to love them almost obsessively. The love hate became another 
prison & she thought she was free because she always got nine seconds of pleasure before 
the sun rose

Back bars catered to her kind & she walked in just to stand there & let their hands go places 
she'd never gone herself. It felt like the past & she convinced herself it was right

One night she walked in, skirt past the legal limit & eyes bright like they used to be. It was a 
shock-making moment, she hadnt looked so sweet in oh so many years & they were afraid 
to touch her

She'd been their girl forever, passed around & used like an old movie that cant be rewound. 
They knew every mark on her body, every scar where they signed her, a kind of "I was 
here" of the human body. They couldnt recognize her. It was the first time she walked out 
alone. Faintly she hoped to be pressed against a wall & killed but it didnt happen

She kept turning around haunted by phantom-feels & ghost-touches. Her body just wanted to 
suffer. It was instinct & who was she to fight it?

Every step was agony. She walked so carefully as though she was afraid of falling in a river 
of her own dark thoughts

But it was hopeless, darkness followed her wherever she went

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Not so sure

Slowly getting tired and frustrated with the situation that's at hand, 
but yet I'm trying to get a good grip on it and not let it go,
cause when it goes its going to fall and once it falls its going to explode,
the feeling that I'm getting gets stronger by day and weakens me by night,
I try to remind my self this is how it was since the beginning,
I'm not suppose to neither am I allowed to let it affect me like this,
slowly ill start pushing away.
I been hurting,
that empty feeling is coming back slowly the hole that was once patched up is simply 
as much as I try to maintain it shut the pain knocks at it making it crack. 
And it's not a feeling of loneliness because this feeling has just been growing 
waiting to escalate just building one on top of the other forming into this giant tOwer not well 
I'm not losing interest just focus on what's in front of me and what I have 
needing something to pull me back saying look I'm here,
words are slowly just turning into words 
I can feel like I'm hurting not in pain,
just hurting that discomfort in my chest is annoying 
to the point where throwing up seems like the best option
as I hurt I know I'm hurting you to 
trust me its not my intension to. 
I love you 
forgive me or forgive me not but I blame you 
you have me so rapped around your finger you don't even notice how much I love you or 
need you 
when I need you the most your never really there your presences maybe but your mind is far 
I'm sorry I put you threw this the headaches and heartaches cause trust me i feel them too,
but you chose me and I chose you and we chose each other 
knowing that we
us aren't actually perfect 
we each have our problems you have yours and I have mine 
once your problems becomes me and my problem becomes you 
the world we have builded starts to drifted apart 
you on one side me on the other 
yet we still hold hands trying not to let go 
hoping and praying for the best to make it come back together again
I know there's a purpose to why our paths were put in the same direction  to each other
I'm still trying to figure it out
I love you I always have I just need to get reuse to being use to the beginning and how it all 
started and what it use to be,
But yes things are changing 
I'm still trying to hold of grip of the change
But at the end of the day,
It will forever be me and you,
Together again.

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As the cowboy's ride...

As the cowboy rides...
The sun at his side...
The scarf given too...
Him by a girl he knew...
As the cowboy rides...
What warms his inside...
The girl he's left to do...
The range under the stars...
As the cowboy rides...
What brother's do...
Lead and drive...
The great herds outside...
As the cowboy rides...

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Your Baby Girl

Can I be your baby girl? Boy when I first saw you I knew from that moment on that I had fell 
madly in love with you. Baby, you are my world and you mean oh so much to me. You put a 
smile on my face and you make everything right when I am down. Let me be your baby girl 
and show you what is right. I will show you how a girl is supposed to treat a man. You are 
the love of my life and I want to with you forever. Just hold me and I will be just fine. Allow 
me to be here for you and be the one that you spend the rest of your life with. Let me be 
your baby girl.

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When she really wanted to grow up,
she used to think it must be easier
to be grown than to be small.
She used to think, and she had faith in it,
that if she were a little more skillful,
dreaming would be worth it,
because the girl used to believe
that dreamed dreams
became true
with time.
And all the girl wanted then
was to see all of her dreams
racing through time
so they could become reality.
She became less confused
when a wise teacher
helped her understand
that we grow up faster
the more perfect
our learning is.
In every possible way
the child wanted to learn.
She wanted to know everything,
not just the fact, but the reason
for stars hanging in the sky,
for gravity and centifugal force,
for storms and for flowering.
The more the time passed,
the more she tried to learn.
And she touched everything
and she felt everything
and she read everything.
She used to eat
with the hunger of someone who wants to have
and to understand them,
science and philosophy,
arts and eruptions,
names and abbreviations.
But when girl had finally grown up
as all creatures
a deep sadness
overtook her completely.
Now that she knew
about colors and transparent colors,
about Gregorian chant and itchy skin
about moons and circumferences,
about the world, about onomatopeia,
she could easily understand
that dream and reality
are parallel lines.

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Page Twenty nine

This story goes as follows back when I was 19 a hot boy 
my vision it was hollow she was 17 the sweetest girl that I 
ever met, we wrote each other poetry but she never knew 
the real me or rather the me who I was when I wasn't 
with her how I was drowning in sin slowly trying to clean 
up my mess like a swiffer but despite the street life I was 
never the type to mistreat any woman so I choose to 
break it off....a few months later I got knocked off and the 
whole time I was down I was trying to get back what I 
had lost...the sweetest girl I ever knew I dropped her off 
because the street life came before her so emotionally I 
was singing the blues, trying to find her, I went to places 
where we met and hung out @ hoping to find the one 
that was so right for me but I was the one who went left 
now I'm a I let it go. I always told myself if we 
met up again I would told her what happened to me and 
its 8yrs later she's single so am I and her feelings haven't 
changed for me, feels like a movie right it has to end in an 
happily ever after we spent some time together and I 
know now no other woman could make me feel how she 
does new chapter and no other woman matters...long 
story short we're taking it one day @ a time and I no 
longer have to wonder or day dream what if she was 
mine true story.

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I Am

I am a poet writing of my pain 

I am a person living a life of shame

I am your daughter hiding my depression

I am your sister making a good inpression

I am your friend acting like im fine

I am a wisher wishing this life weren`t mine

I am a girl who thinks of suicide

I am a teenager pushing her tears aside

I am a student who doesn`t have a clue

I am the girl sitting next to you

I am the one asking you to care

I am your best friend hoping you`ll be there

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Star-studded visions in a different dream
I think I like this place
It's not yet clear as to why I'm here
Maybe I fell from grace

All I know is that the rain has stopped
My visions are now clear
I don't know why I fly so high
But I know I like it here

My mind is hazy but the fog has gone
It has been replaced by sun
All I care is if the weathers fair
And If this place is fun

My Shangri-La used to be so far away
Never thought that I'd arrive
Now that I'm hear I think it's quite clear
That I am now alive

I met a girl down the road from my dream
Star-studded visions come
I tried to speak but my voice was weak
And my mind was quite numb

She took my hand and led me to that place
The ocean beach in her dream
Before I could ask she began to bask
In the bright morning beams

She would not speak so I laid down to rest
Down on the golden sand
I knew my fate would end up being great
If I could just stay in this land

When I awoke I found myself back home
My dreams all faded away
I don't know when I'll go back again
But I'll be ready to play

I wonder about that girl inside my head
I hope we meet again
Maybe I'll return when this life gets stern
I guess I'll wait 'till then

Bye bye bye bye bye bye baby, bye bye bye bye bye bye
Bye bye bye bye bye bye baby, bye bye bye bye bye bye

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Unseen Pain

Once upon a time, I knew a happy little girl 

She had gorgeous sea blues eyes, which looked better then pearls

She was a happy young girl, her life was so very perfect 

On my very down days, I picture her and reflect

As her life was great for a five-year-old, 

nothing could go wrong

Her life was like a beautiful unwritten love song 

She would dance, sing, laugh and play

Who would have thought all of this could be taken away? 

This little girl has grown up now, I wonder where can she be? 

But the harsh reality is, she is deep within me

She has forgotten who she was, and sadly who she is

For that five-year-old girl she truly does miss

Where is that smile? 

The laughter? 

That cheeky little grin? 

It has to be somewhere, it must still be deep within

So I’ll fight for my friend to submerge again

But for now my tears will continue to fall, as unseen pain. 

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Brown-eyed girl loving

Down you upside hanging
By me danger dangling by
Bellybutton unsweatering

You sprite! Grin giggling
At me look laughing at
Legs in blue jean wrapping

You and tree branch playing
Just me girl game watching just
Wrists undressing, lil' tushy out peaking

On you keep swing-a-linging
For me song singing for
Finger gifts wind-dancing

By magic kisses you blowing
To me mush gushing to
Face o' yours flushing

You red from blood rushing
And me too blushing and
Feet maryjaned still on holding

To you boy-toying
After me trick scheming after
Hands stretch straight reaching

And you too much fun having
With me joke teasing, fooling with
Hair clean scenting the air swim-swishing

Around you and your Mom's calling
For me heart racing for
You and me to play without falling

For you too young for boy friending
For now me too young for dreaming for
Brown-eyed girl loving.

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Little Girl/ Little Boy

Little girl (Little boy), so small and insecure, whose world has crumbled in, and when it
rains it pours.
Little girl (Little boy), you were never able to bloom, so your world seems so dark, and
full of gloom.
Little girl (Little boy), you've been so hurt and abused, always reaching out for help,
but it always seems you're refused.
Little girl (Little boy), it's all right... Please cry, scream and shout, but don't give
up the fight.
Little girl (Little boy), we're here to help you now. You are ready to live, and we're
going to show you how.
Little girl (Little boy), you should be so proud! You have come out of your shell and have
mingled with the crowd.
Little girl (Little boy), you're doing great, even though there are a lot of unresolved
issues on your plate.
Little girl (Little boy), it's okay, because we're all here to help you get through it,
day by day.
Little girl (Little boy), you are starting to grow, and soon it will be your time to go.
Little girl (Little boy), do not fear, because we'll still always be here.
Little girl (Little boy), you are no more...
Beautiful woman (Handsome man) now, so confident and strong, ready to go begin a new
journey, with our love and support, to guide you along.

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the girl behind this picture

The girl behind this picture has a sad past
the girl behind this picture feels responsable
the girl behind this picture hates the life she lives now
the girl behind this picture wishes it will all go away
the girl behind this picture is lonley from the disaster that has become her
the girl behind this picture is terribly mess up
the girl behind this picture believes the only way to make it go away is end it all
the girl behind this picture has hurt people in the process of living in the life that has
become of her
the girl behind this picture her eyes hurt from crying 
the girl behind this picture cuts her arms and lets the blood hit the ground like stone
hitting concrete
the girl behind this picture is lied to and manipulated
the girl behind this picture is eatin up by pain emptyness  hate agression 
the girl behind this picture needs to go back to the day wen it all started 
the girl behind this picture hates everyone thats held her back from being herself
the girl behind this picture hates the way she looks 
the girl behind this picture had her life stolen before it was her time 
the girl behind this picture lives a life of depression 
the girl behind this picture thinks its best if she ends it right now 

                                                                       SO BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Heather Honey

Do you remember a song from not too long ago by a popular singer of the name Tommy Roe? This man had many hit songs credited to his name. Some were certified gold records that brought him much fame. From all music by this man of popularity, one song became stuck with unfamiliarity Not going too high on the charts, unfortunately; this was a selection from his album called “Dizzy”. Apparently not making him very much money, the one I am referring to named “Heather Honey”. At a fast food restaurant where I would often go, there was a girl working there that I wanted to know. Not too pretty, but I was interested in her. She worked almost everyday at a cash register. Never noticing me when I gave her my order. this young lady considered me just a customer. One day, another co-worker was sweeping the floor. While I was seated at a table near the front door, she said, “I know you’ve been watching that girl over there. I will bet you like her by the way I am seeing you stare. You are here almost every day in all kinds of weather. If you’d like to know her name, I’ll tell you, it’s Heather.” I was frustrated thinking to know her would be nice. If maybe, there is a subtle way I could break the ice. Then I remembered the song by Mr. Tommy Roe. So to the nearby record store is where I would go. Getting this bright idea while thinking to myself, going to the forty-five RPMs on the shelf, there was one copy of Tommy Roe’s song remaining. I bought the record with three bucks I was retaining. I returned to the fast food restaurant the next day: “I have something to give Heather” is what I would say. While I sat at a table, a manager then said: “She’s busy now, so could I give it to her instead?” So I gave the record and said: “say it’s from me”. From the back, I heard conversation very faintly: “That guy gave Heather a record called “Heather Honey”. In the time I was there, she never came to see me.

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May Day in Oregon

We stumbled out of the professor's house drunk and dazed
Cackling in that conspicuous way about something his wife had said. 
The outdoor air was tight and crisp in contrast with 
The kitchened cat-haired aura of the professor's home
and my companions' eyes glinted in the reflection of slick streets and sweaty moon.
New flares of laughter and I turned back to see the most beautiful girl 
Sprawled face-up on the sidewalk,
Her lilac tutu once gaudy now rendered lyrical when placed on misty cement.
She rose and we trudged onwards, shattering the suburban night
With shouts about Boston, hidden summertimes, and pending separations. 
The most beautiful girl shone unaware of sticky leaves clinging to her tutu
But I said nothing, for tomorrow would bring blinding desert and crushed-leaf memories
And I needed to save words (and leaves) on this last night of being broken with strangers 
Like this most beautiful tutued girl
Who saved me far more than any other had dared under this indifferent moon.

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And Even If

Walking into the bookstore with my mind as heavy as a drooping satellite,

I look up at a cafe timeline of the famous thinkers who split mind

and matter apart and onto a piece of paper, and I am granted with the pleasure of 

enjoying my first silent movie. My steps follow forward, and my eyes capture each

author’s life story portrait by portrait. 

And then I bump into her.

It takes me an entire ten seconds to realize it has taken me ten years

to realize what tough love really feels like. I rub my shoulder, look up,

and immediately I forget what time my heart told me it was.

And even if I only stare into your colors for three seconds, and I stand fixated

to the sticky floor since my frappuchino splashed

across my feet, the magic of a planet's rotation, atmosphere, and gravity has set

my satellite on a course to love again. 

And to believe that it is until just now that I remember that I forgot to ask, "How are you?"

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I never did like onions
Or how it feels in my mouth
Try it once when I was small
But then quickly spit it out

I never did try it again
And I say that I never will
And so many years has past
haven’t change my mind still

When I got to buy fast food
I will always say before 
No onion and mayo please
Then ill double check for sure

But love make we do funny things
Especially when your love is true
The girl I love says, she love onions
And I said OMG I love it to

When you really love someone
There’s nothing you wouldn't do
You will sacrifice anything 
To show Your love for them is true

At that time I wasn't thinking
Guess I put my foot in mouth
Now I spend the whole day thinking
Of a way for me to get it out

I have to go by her this Sunday
To meet she mother and father
And if everything goes well
I plan to give her a ring after

But she said her father is a chef
From a long line of generation
And when he cooking food
He does use a whole lot of onion

Onions are one of the worlds 
Most popular vegetable,
And she father cooking Sunday
So I feeling very uncomfortable

Sit down at the table
He really cook allot of food
He put a lot of onions
So my fear for it got renewed

Comes time for dinner now
I ask for paper plate
Then I start picking out 
The onions to make separate

They all quiet watching me 
Waiting for me to explain
Trying to think of something fast
And idea comes to my brain

So I say to enjoy my onions
I have to be home watching TV
So I taking this home with me
To eat while watching C.S.I, Miami

Later that night told my girl friend
I don’t like onions I’m sorry
She said you do all the for me
So she drop a big kiss on me

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Never trust a nice girl

Never trust a nice girl cause they use it to their advantage
Thinking their all innocent you won't when she takes your man
Never trust a nice girl cause there's evil lurking
Nice girls want what bad girls get therefore they try to take it
Never trust a nice girl cause they hold many secrets, she said this and she said that come to
find out she's the one who spread the rumor.
Never trust a nice girl it's always the ones you least expect 
The sneaky types who seem like they wouldn't harm a fly 
Bet you wouldn't think that if you really knew
Never trust a nice girl cause they stay plotting to deceive
Gotta keep up with this nice girl image or my reputation will be ruined
Think real hard why do all nice girls try so hard to appear nice
Is it really cause they have hidden agenda's under their belts
Never trust a nice girl especially around your man 
Cause while your thinking she's just a friend she's plotting to steal whats yours
Never trust a nice girl unless she's not just nice but has a little additude mixed in 
cause that's alright. The more outspoken and mean you are the more you can trust that person 
cause their insecure. So never trust a nice girl. I know cause i'm one of them.

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She's the Type of Girl

She’s the type of girl who will make you hold your breath ‘till your head explodes

She’s the type of girl who will never pick up on her cellular telephone

I saw her Wednesday watched her walk by
I call her Thursday to no reply
Then I tried on Friday would you be mine
I got no response I’m done wasting time

This chick thinks I’m stupid she must be crazy
Every part of her body is amazing
My jaw gets weak and my mouth goes lazy
I’m done trying to reach her is this hasty

Then On Monday to my surprise
She called me back and she replied
You think you’re so smart so realize
To be my man there’s compromise

So let’s get together and if you make the right impression
I will show you what love is and teach you a new dimension
So grab your note book make room for a life lesson
I’m a tender lover who needs all of your affection

She’s the type of girl who will make you hold your breath ‘till your head explodes

She’s the type of girl who will never pick up on her cellular telephone

Listen to me because I’m willing to be
The best thing you’ve ever received
So try to conceive try to believe
Every thing I say is every thing I mean

You think you’re so bad you think that you’re queen
When all you do is sit there your attitude screams
You need attention that’s why you called me
I’m not that foolish these eyes they truly see

I think you’re obnoxious oh so irritating
Your soul is toxic as well as degrading
So talk your garbage your looks they are fading
To hold my heart hostage is complicated

Like you said lets get together I hope you bring a personality
Welcome to my reality all in all you are a fallacy
A true walking beauty a beast undoubtedly
Not just a plastic princess lacking individuality

She’s the type of girl who will make you hold your breath ‘till your head explodes

She’s the type of girl who will never pick up on her cellular telephone

I don’t need this I hope that you know I mean it
I would get between it but I would never eat it
You are misleading your outward features fleeting
That is why I am fleeing because you are being
A bitter little chick that gets every thing she’s needing
Unfortunately I’m conceding this conversations bleeding
Me dry that’s why this here guy is saying goodbye

So, so long I wish you all the best long life and all the rest.


I’m just playing lets do this again some time.

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All she wants and needs

Another guy hands back her heart broken,

No matter how hard she tries to be the dream girl they never stay,

And every time those three simple but powerful words are spoken,

And for once she wants someone to mean what they say,

All she needs is for someone to love her with no conditions,

She wants to be treated like a princess,

She needs someone with good intentions,

She wants someone who will randomly give her a tender kiss,

She wants a good guy to miss her when she’s away,

She needs someone who will stand by her side,

She wants to know that being true to her self is what wills him to stay,

She needs to know that he has nothing to hide,

Every night she prays to god asking him to give her the strength to forgive and forget,

She prays for the most fragile and valued thing she owns to speak loudly and grow strong,

So when they crush her she wont let them she her upset,

She will have the strength to fight back the tears until they’re gone,

One of these days she will find the one who looks at her like she is the only girl alive,

And will want to stand by her side for the rest of his life.

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August 28th

Aug 28th 

The sky is clear for far

My pants are old navy and have visible holes 

A lady with a smiley face umbrella enters and a man removes his cap


Only to replace it


The leaves are starting to fade and many to fall

We pass the intersections which house the wealthy—but only pass 


I'm leaving my element 


As our minds do pass the thought of riches—the institutions of wealth fly past 

Large oak trees scream into the sky reaching for something of substance 

A boy—no a man with wild hair steps up walks quickly, sits 

No roses but other flowers are in bloom—that of the unrecognizable but 


White shoes, clean studious girl perfect hair, time taken 


A young face smiles at me 

Cheap clothes swaddle her she looks into her holder's young face. 

Their dark skin is one but their minds are waves that beat against each other—
she holds her pretty face and smiles 


A woman who looks older then she should, spent her time feeding addictions 
she sits near

Stares into an abyss—something she sees there that we cannot 

She is unkempt and laughs at nothing from time to time 


The studious girl shuts her book


The lost lady plays peek-a-boo with the child in front of her…


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A Trip to the Store

It was a regular day, she came home from school,
her homework done and getting ready for her favorite cartoons,
just before that, a regular trip to the store for her favorite sweets,
She's filled with Halloween's excitement,
as she is going out the door a father's request,
please look up and down before you cross those streets,
Smiles on her face as she looks back and replies yes,
Now she is out the door, skipping and strolling down the street,
while she glimpse's the old men playing chess,
and the young girls playing  double dutch ,
Now she is at the store staring at her favorite sweets,
Caramels, cry babies, peanut chews, she doesn't know which to choose,

So in a lil brown paper bag, she gathers a bit of everything,
now she's out the store strolling back down the street,
old men still playing chess, now the girls hopscotch,
just  before she reaches her building's door,
she's grabbed from behind, candy left scattered on the floor,
now being dragged up these floors, hands over her mouth,
Loud! Yet silent cries, dragged to the roof top, staring in the eyes of a stranger,
"shut the hell up or off you go", is all she hears.

Tears down her face, but no explanation for the pain she feels inside,
young girl at the age of 9, being raped by a savage in his thirties,
a young girl damaged, a young life tormented,
sorry for the mother that had to hear this. 

Sorry for the dad that had to feel this,
what was just a regular day, a regular trip to the store,
now a father's wish; his lil girl never went out those doors.

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Love Splashing On Blue Lake

Love Splashing On Blue Lake

Words I can never fake, I love blue lake
a splash in delight and love at midnight
skinning dipping with my sweet gal
do I ever love it and how!

Beaches sandy ,long and ever so very wide 
places for hot lovers to cleverly hide!
blue waters to cool off over-heated hearts
of lovers never wanting to ever be apart

Yards above a shady and very nice little park
nooks there ready to hide in and hotly spark
mid week deserted except for empty park tables
sand castles there to decorate our sweet fables
Words I can never deny, I love her, she knows why
we have the bind that forever, forever holds and ties
our passion a treat we can never ever dare forsake
in our sweet paradise , joyously loved blue lake!

Words I can never fake, our love at blue lake
cherished memories of bliss we so love to make!

Robert Lindley  06-05-2014

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She walks to school and studies 
all day,
Hoping her A’s will make her 
parents notice her in some 
But they open another bottle 
and raise it to the sky,
Ignoring the sad little girl who 
just walked on by.
She lays the paper down with 
an A marked in red,
But her mother is lying face 
down, passed out on the bed.
The same little girl comes to 
school the next day
Bruises blackening her eyes 
and cuts scarring her face.
The teachers wonder but none 
of them ask, 
It’s hard to see the pain behind 
her smiling mask.
For the little girl who tries so 
hard not to cry
Every day is a battle, a 
struggle just to survive.
But one day she’ll shine, 
escape the pain and fear,
She’ll find a way to love when 
all she’s ever known is hate,
But only if you stop it before it 
becomes too late.
So listen to the child with scars 
on her face,
Unknown to the world but to 
you she is Grace.

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So lonely, so lonely
The little girl cried.
The little boy stared,
With tears in his eyes.
The mother just laughs
The father sighs
The angels are calling,
As the little girl dies.

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Your Queen Looks Like a Pawn to Me

I’ve spent my whole life learning all the words to make you fall in love
Just so I could use you, and leave you for dead, just like the others before
I’ve practiced my art of controlling your heart while trying you on like a glove
I’ll find out your weakness, exploit it and then girl, I’m on my way out the door

You’ve become so naïve in your innocence you entrust in me
Sorry girl but I’m not as innocent as you want me to be
My motives are something you can’t understand, these words a part of my plan
I’ll keep you guessing while I’ll play along, but I already I know how it ends

‘Cause I’m the kind of guy that knows the words to make you fall in love
And you’re the kind of girl, who’s so naïve, to think that I’m in love
Well love to me… oh, is just game, that I will always win
Breaking hearts and… ruining lives that’s how my story ends
‘Cause I’m the kind of guy that knows the words to make you fall in love
And you’re the kind of girl, who’s so naïve, to think that I’m in love 
Yeah I don’t… Fall in love
I just drag you to the edge
And push you into it                    
Yeah I don’t… Fall in love
This is just a game to me

You’ve spent your whole life waiting for the right guy to make you fall in love
So you could hold him, and keep him close, not like the others before
And through my art of controlling your heart you’re in the palm of my hand
But after I get what I wanted; I needed, I’ll drop and you and your heart in the sand

I’ve become so prideful in my charmingness and my abuse of you
Sorry girl it’s true, I’ve manipulated you with all of things that I do
My motives and promptings are way to distracting for this to get out of hand
I’ll keep you guessing while I’ll play along, but I already I know how it ends

I Move my pieces
You Move all yours
You think I’m on your team
But I’m out for more
I’m out for blood
And you’re out for love
Not to distant of goals
But mine lives alone

‘Cause I’m the kind of guy that knows the words to make you fall in love
And you’re the kind of girl, who’s so naïve, to think that I’m in love
Well love to me… oh, is just game, that I will always win
Breaking hearts and… ruining lives that’s how my story ends
‘Cause I’m the kind of guy that knows the words to make you fall in love
And you’re the kind of girl, who’s so naïve, to think that I’m in love
Yeah I don’t… Fall in love
I just drag you to the edge
And push you into it                    
Yeah I don’t… Fall in love
This is just a game to me

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She Said.

The Girl Said To The Boy Do You Love Me?
Cause Sometimes The Things You Say Make 
Me Wonder... The Boy Replied I Love You 
More Than You'll Ever Know Even Though
It Doesn't Show Sometimes. We Yell And 
Fight But That's Alright. Girl I Want You To
Be Mine Until The End Of Time. We'll Live 
Together Until We Die. Then They Can Lay 
Us Side By Side Underground With Noone 
Else Around.l

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I Can Feel It In The Air

We're in a bad state of our life.

The nation is in a uproar over simple-minded things.

Why we let a thing such as oil run our life?

Women in short skirts.

Known in the "Hood" as female dogs.

But we don't see how much they really hurt.

Gang shooting two young black males hurt one dead.

Ten seconds later there's a Ak shot in the air.

"This just in! Five year old girl hit by a stray bullet!" That's what the reporter said.

Seventeen year old girl three kids one on the way.

Babydaddy stay knocking her off her feet.

He leaves no money, but two darked eyes, how will the kids eat today?

"He was such a bright son, I don't know what went wrong." That's what the upset 
mother said with tears in her eyes.

Docters said the bullet can't be removed.

Her son dies just because he had to nmake them look past his size.

"Dear Nation, we're at war with Japan, Cuba, China!" Said the president of the 
United Sates.

We push them to make toys. shoes, and food.

How much did we think they could take?

People I write this not to get you mad nor sad.

I'm just trying make you all watch out ffor that day.

Take hold of every good time you ever had.

Naw, I joke you not sir!

The Lord Jesus might show up out the wood works.

Call me crazy if you want, but look I can feel it in the air!

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Birthdays come but once a year
A day we celebrate, a day to cheer
We all know the day we're born and our age
For birthdays bring us joy or change of stage

The day I celebrated my fourty-ninth year
On the other side of the world fear
Horror for a young girl named Heather
Who was swimming in ocean waters from boat tethered

Swimming around the ocean deep 
Working up an appetitate for something to eat
Was a great white shark fourteen feet, whopper
Jaws powerful enough to bite through copper

At home I thought I had turned fifty
I figured this year would be very nifty
My father who was in his nineties
Reminded me that I was only fourty-ninty

In a land way down yonder
A girl named Heather was pulled under
Great white figured she was good meat
Nice and tender a very tasty treat

A girl named Heather was saved
That very day lived to be one to praise
People who worked to keep her alive
She praised God who lives in hearts and on high

Sara lived many years
Saw her grandsons through tears
She was the strength and glue
Who saw her family's problems through

Just in recent years in a land down under
A fourteen foot great white shark did blunder
Caught in a fisherman's net
He'll probably live this mistake regret

No, the fisherman cuts the lines
Frees his catch and shark from bind
Now the shark he named Cindy
Follows him around even when windy

Follows him everywhere he goes
Let's him pet her on her nose
Rub her belly and dorsal fin
She even grunts and tries to grin

Which of these do you think is the most grateful
Heather who is now disable
The shark who was spared his life
Or Sara the mother, grandmother, and wife

(The story about Heather is true. The shark circled and bit her right leg.  Then circled and 
grabbed her left leg.  The people on the boat were hitting the shark and try to pull her into 
the boat and the shark took her whole left leg off.  She was only attended by a nurse who 
was on the boat and radioed a doctor on shore as to what to do.  She was 20 hours away 
from the nearest doctor.  She was lifeflighted to a hospital in California where she had to 
have multiple surgeries and now has an artificial leg.     The story about the shark caught in 
a fisherman's net was really not true.  The grandmother here was a true story.)

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She's a Runaway

While on patrol Down by the beach A shadow in the water Just out of my reach It's off a young girl About sixteen years old What would have troubled her For her life to fold We report it in And await the coroners van To unscramble this enigma As to why this all began Down at the morgue Through her belongings we look A bracelet we find And her diary book We check on the computer Under the missing persons file This girl so young Still a juvenile We sit and ponder At her watery stray This girl so young She's a runaway We head back to the patrol car For we have sad news to tell How do you tell her parents For inside me it dwells We knock on the door And her mother appears May we please come in As her smile disappears On the beach front tonight A young girl was found In the shallows by the pier I'm so very sorry, she drowned On the way back to the precinct I'm thinking of home Of my own young daughter Pray-fully, she'll never roam A week has passed Since they laid her to rest They said, look after your daughter I sure will mam, I'll do my best

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Princess and Ninja Turtles

A little girl 
Sitting on the floor of her room 
The walls are decorated with princesses, knights, and dragons
The little girl not playing with dolls or ponies 
But playing with boy toys like transformers or ninja turtles.
Her face painted with greens and black paint
Her pink clothes painted the same colors
Her dark brown hair cut short that she did herself.
A mother wanting a girly daughter standing at the door of the room 
Rushing to her daughter to look what she has done. 
Takes the toys away from the little 5 year old girl
Yelling at the child 
The child just looked up at her mother and smiled "Momma, its okay to be different."

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I look into the mirror and see a girl.

Could this girl be loveable, valuable, and worthwhile,

Or are those words just something people tell her to make her not feel bad about herself.

I step away from the mirror before the tears start pouring out.

I take a deep breath and then walk up to the mirror with a new weapon in stored.

I say to myself,

You are loveable,

You are valuable,

You are worthwhile.

A new door seems to open as I see a brightness come  from her smile.

In that door the girl is happy and that girl is me.

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I have music in my heart
And a song in my chest 
That reverberates through my rib cage
As you play my bones
Like the keys on a xylophone 
Every time I kiss you
It's like the first time all over again
And I see the stars in your eyes
The swirling constellations
That you'd swear I'd have to be drunk to notice
But I do
I do notice you 
And all your perfection
Your flawless beauty
Makes my lungs swell 
Each time I breath you in
Drink you up 
I never want to hurry
I never want to catch up
I want to stand here and sway in the breezes
Because if I hurry the wind will also pick up
And I am so scared that it will blow you away
Like it did to the balloons
That you got on my birthday
And though they may float away
The memory is always there
Just like you
Your always here 
Even when we are inches, feet, yards, miles apart
You are always here
Laying in my heart

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Norman Bates Tells His Story

Norman Bates Tells His Story

By Elton Camp

Nobody seems to care about the fix I’m in,
So it’s time the true story of my life to spin.
I’ve had no father ever since I was a little child.
Reared by a mother who’d drive anyone wild.

“You have to do anything I tell you to.
Any disobedience you will come to rue.”
She said it would bring a life of strife 
If I ever dated or dared to take a wife

“A boy’s mother is his only true friend.
If you forget that, my life you will end.”
And so since didn’t want her to be gone
I obeyed her and grew up so much alone.

By her rules for me, she didn’t abide.
And then a second marriage she tried.
Her new mate made my life a living hell.
And then he spent her money on a motel.

“Norman will do all the work,” he said.
“Clean room showers and make the bed.”
The motel made bushels of money at first.
Then what happened was about the worst.

A highway was built to by-pass the town.
Then only a few travelers did come around.
The lack of customers made him get mean.
“Lazy Norman doesn’t keep the rooms clean.”

My Mother backed up his talk so tough
Until I finally had heard quite enough.
I decided what it was I had to do
Quickly, quietly I did kill those two.

But afterward, I felt much like a louse
And pretended she was still in the house.
I found that it made me feel better,
When I imitate her voice to the letter.  

When a pretty girl took a room for the night,
I found that put me in a state of pure delight.
If she gave any encouragement to me,
The face of my mother I began to see.

“Norman!  That girl is just a whore.
Why did you let her come in the door?”
My mother’s words I just had to obey.
To remain alive I couldn’t let her stay.

Nobody will know she was ever here
I dump her into the swamp so near.
I did that very way, time after time
Till it didn’t seem much like a crime.

The day finally came. Luck ran out.
The sheriff took me in with a shout.
“Norman, I’ve learned about your sin.
Now be prepared, prison time to begin.”

The psychiatrist found out it wasn’t me.
But that Mother did the murders, you see.
While I was wearing a wig and a dress,
To those horrors my Mother did confess.

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In a Love Story

A girl named Zoey In a love story Love’s all she can Throughout the land Her heart went out To this lonely lout This girl so sweet You’d like to meet A story so grand She’s give her hand To marriage For love’s carriage Forever she’s true Love give’s its due Being as friends May their story end
Russell Sivey

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Not Just Like a Girl

A girl you always think
Is a showpiece to blink
Just for you and like ones
But you must now rethink

A resolution I have made
To throw away the cascade
And join hands with thorns
To change and to upgrade

I don’t want to waste time
In the hesitations of a prime
I want to win over hurdles
And with world to rhyme

I want none of decorations
Or any childish temptations
I want to present examples
For my coming generations 

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Black Girl

Who does she think she is?
She does not belong here. 
This is not the Ghetto..
She does not belong here.

Is she like, lost or something?
Can she not find her way home?
Who told her that this campus 
was here for her to roam?

Walking to the front of the class
like she'll last more than a year
prepared to learn and eager she is
but the girl doesn't belong here.

She should've went down south
to an all black institution
That way she won't stand out
and make no contribution

Taking up all this space
for no important reason
give it next semester and,
she be gone like the season

It's been a couple of years
and that Black girl is still here
Still making her way towards the front
knowing good and well that she does not belong here

How does she even pay tuition?
Does even know who her father is?
Does she know that her tactics aren't working
and her time here is useless?

She is not going to graduate
I'm surprised she made it through high school
Might as well go on back to the hood, 
get pregnant, and marry a fool.

Here she is again, 
wearing the same cap and gown as I
Walking up front to the pulpit
How did she make it and why?

What is this girl talking about?
It doesn't matter what she is
I'll always be better.

Steady trying to prove a point
all up in my world
It doesn't matter what she does
she's still a Black Girl. 

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A Youthful Girl In Cold War Part 2

I shouldn't have to feel like this
Why I'm treated as property
I'm crying inside but I'm filled with pride
Jealousy, I'm never scared
I''m still focused, only ready to win
My critics will always doubt me In the end

I'm just a youthful girl in cold war
they won't bring me down
I know my value, I'm God's precious jewel
I refuse to let someone overrule
I'm just a youthful girl in cold war

Why is everyone trying to catch me
When I tell them about my problems
Trust me, I won't fall
Besides me and you, there's people in need

Too much rank, too much going wrong
The U.S. is a big party, don't anyone seem to care
I plan to share, but there is only suffering
The world is at misery
Father's and children at war
All a mother could do is cry

I'm just a youthful girl in cold war
they won't bring me down
I know my value, I'm God's precious jewel
I refuse to let someone overrule
I'm just a youthful girl in cold war

Why is it only little on people's mind
We only up for our own kind
Still war on poverty east and west
Take the time out to pray for our people in New Orleans
I don't bother to look at the news
Its just confusion, we'll never know what goes on behind closed doors

I'm just a youthful girl in cold war
they won't bring me down
I know my value, I'm God's precious jewel
I refuse to let someone overrule
I'm just a youthful girl in cold war

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Dream Predictions

Do you believe dreams are by random chance?
Or can they tell you something in advance?
I've had a few dreams that came true.
Is this only me, or has it happened to you?

A few weeks ago, I dreamt a that girl I like a lot got a diamond ring.
Later I saw on facebook, she was engaged and planning her wedding.
A while back in my sleep I saw a white car and one side was rammed in.
My brother called that afternoon, saying someone ran a red light and hit him.

I only bring it up because it happened again today.
One of my good girl friends called and had something to say.
She said I'm pregnant and want you to be the Godfather, will you?
I said yes, then remembered last night I saw her with not one, but two.

She went on to say, “I get the best of both worlds, its a boy and a girl.”
“I'm having twins,” my head got light and the room started to swirl.
I know I'm not Nostradamus, but there has to be an explanation.
Or maybe I'm just going crazy and need a vacation.

I hope I hear some similar things from you,
and if not, I don't know what to do.
I don't think I'm going crazy, my life is quite boring, 
and all the voices I hear in my head are usually just snoring.

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The little girl

The little girl who wasted years
Ignoring precious time
Has given love a second chance
By mending what's inside
And thus by healing her broken heart
Two were saved to find
A friend they lost, far out of sight
But never out of mind
And the  little girl with an empty hand
Now holds her mother's tight
Free to talk about the pain 
Of time that passed them by

And though the years once lost are gone
It's now that holds the key
It's not how many seasons change
But time before we leave
To tell the ones we love the most
With measured time to share
For a fleeting life, comes and goes
But love's forever there,
Was a lesson learned by the little girl
Who closed her heart one day
But given to so very few
A second chance to say
That love is now between us
The wall's been taken down
The daughter's found her rightful place
Beside her mother now

Kevin D. Fix

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Simple Motion

Swish, swoosh Sky high she goes A wondrous movement Taking form in the air She moves rapidly A back and forth motion Quickly she moves Twisting within heights unknown Hollering with all her might Listening to her voice As she sways She hears herself As she’s moving Through the air Swinging She swings with soul And with a joyful Giggle
Russell Sivey

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A Second Chance; dedicated to Haleigh Poutre

A little girl so badly abused
A spark has come back and restarted her fuse
The child is still stuck in her hospital bed
But some action has slowly returned to her head
I still remember the bruises we saw
The guilt inside still burns so raw
We only saw Haleigh once in a while
We didn't even know any reports had been filed
If only we'd known every reason she gave was a lie
Maybe this little girl would still be completely alive
Why did she fear being taken away
Were threats made that made her think she should stay
Little Haleigh will never get to live out her dreams
No more dance class or playing with friends on sports teams
How close will she ever come back to being whole
Will the world ever again get to see the love in her soul
The request from DSS to end her life was not denied
I'm so glad she showed hope before they allowed her to die
Things in life all the rest of us just expect to be handed
For Haleigh only come from the second chance she's been granted
She can now breathe and eat as if there was the flick of a magic wand
To simple yes and no questions she's now able to respond
Hopefully more function will return to her brain
Hopefully her entire life won't be filled with pain
If only those who knew hadn't been scared
This sweet little girl could have been spared!

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A boy and a Girl

Love is such a powerful thing to feel people tell teens you dont know what love is ..Your just full 
of out of control hormones. Its so much more than that. what adults dont understand is we 
would do anything to be with theone we so very much adore. Take my little story for example. 
A young independent girl starts falling for a much older guy. There is a four year span but they 
both think age is just a number. The boy tells this girl she is beautiful an gorgeous every waking 
minute he gets. he makes sure she is all in tact making sure she isnt falling apart because they 
cant see each other b/c of their amazing age difference. They talk to each other whenever they 
can. Everytime they hear each others voices they start falling for each other even more. They 
had a long talk about what they wanted to do to be together. They both decided that the girl 
would wait three years until shes of age. He keeps telling the girl hang in there b/c patience is 
always the best way to deal with this situation. They both talk about the great memories they 
already have experienced. The boy tells the girl she is amazing an worth the long, painful wait. 
He says we will make it through this little bump in the road. The end of the tunnel is far away 
but soon that light is going to shine as bright as it can an im going to run as fast as lighting 
strikes this earth an jump into my future with him. My future looks so bright an amazing with 
him. finishing highschool then college is near. But after my school days of highschool he is all 
mine. This guy an girl are going to wait for each other. In the mean time they are going to 
remember the good times an focus on the positive things. When the girl starts thinking 
negative the boy will tell her its all going to be over soon an a new beginning will come.

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My Imperfections Thats Just Me

I'm a girl of imperfection, that's just who i am.

Sometimes I give up doing things when i don't think i can.

I'm a horrible liar but i sometimes still try.

They say my give away is something in my eyes.

They tell me I'm to passive and that i need to stand my ground.

Yet when i become a brat(altered for site)....

nobody wants me around.

I am Sagatarious and as stubborn as can be.

I bet on number 9 cus false hopes tell me it's lucky.

My number never wins but i play it anyway.

The dreamer inside me is waiting for that day.

I use bad grammer and stumble on my words.

Sometimes i talk so's hard to be heard.

Some friends call me pokey cus i move at my own pace.

I will get there eventually cus my life is not a race.

I'm a girl of imperfection...that's never gonna change.

Even when you know me, you'll still think i am strange.

Sometimes I'm frustrating and even annoy myself.

I take things for granted and I envy others wealth.

I love the smell of roses but i think Daisy's are the best.

Sometimes I eat the pettles and throw out all the rest.

I love to drive when theres more then just me.

Slug bug gets boring with just the car seat.

I have been known to snore when i sleep.

Bad dreams cause me to grind my teeth.

I was once told I was laughing hard in my sleep.

Still today i wish to remember that dream.

Forgotten forever like a stranger passing by.

The one that made me laugh without saying hi.

Occasionally im clumsey and I'm often being rushed.

Be careful with feelings are easily crushed.

I'm modest about my feelings so you would probrably never know.

But if you lie, cheat, or steal from me their sure to one day show.

I consider myself a passive woman...never lookin for a fight.

I was raised to use my words to stand up for what is right.


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In my head and In reality

 I know a place where many people would like to visit but cant. I know a place where a lot
of people don’t know I go. I go to this place when no one can get a hold of me. This place
is full of music, it got vivid bright colors. The music plays all the time. I have a
husband with no face and kids with no faces. But lately those faces are blurry. Getting
clearer, at least for the husband it does. The colors though, bright and beautiful, show
all the meaning in this place I go to. The blue so blue that its bluer than the ocean. 
Bluer than my eyes and yours as well. The house is built just to my liking. The cat walks
by and looks up at me and meows. The dog barks in the back ground, the fish makes bubbles,
and the kids giggle in the other room. I’m in the kitchen cleaning and making dinner while
I hear the TV on in the living room and he’s playing a game while talking to the giggling
kids.  I walk in there to see the colors on the screen of the computer as beautiful the
ones I see. The red of the shirt he is wear and the blonde of his hair. The giggle that
pierces my thoughts and I turn to see the little girl all full of joy. The couch ruby red
just like the ruby I wear around the neck. The diamond on my finger is shinier that I've
ever seen. The earrings in my ears dangle around my neck. Then the cry of the little boy
needing his diaper changed laying on the dark emerald green blanket with the yellow
giraffe on it. In walks the sandiest of brown and white dogs with so much energy that her
face looks like its almost smiling.  The cat comes in from the other door and rubs
affectionately on the little girl whose laugh punctured my thoughts just moments before. I
look back at the little boy on the couch whose cries now have punctured these thoughts. I
turn and walk over to him. I pick him up and say why you crying my little man. His tears
fade and a smile comes to his face. In this place I'm finally me and I'm finally happy
again. This is my place and no one can take it from me.

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True Love

A girl asked her husband do you think i'm pretty?
Her husband answer noo...
The girl stays quiet and asked do you love me?
Her husband answer noo...
The girl gets tears in her eyes and she is willing to ask one more question 
DO you think i'm a good wife for you?
Husband answered noo...
So the girl sadly gets her things ready to leave with her hear broken and then he says baby i 
dont think your pretty i think your beautiful I dont love you i couldnt live a day without you!
I dont think your a good wife ur perfect and i'm the luckiest man i would die without your my 
heart my soul my life my heart would be full without you it would be crush in pieces! YOUR 

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Things Aren't Always What They Seem

I’m so pissed 
I’m so sad
Holding all this back 
It’ll make me mad

This piece of paper
Is all I have to confide in
To get this life
I don’t know what I did

The pain hurts 
And so I bleed 
There’s no hope 
And nothing to believe 

I’m all alone 
In this dark world
This sad cold
Depressed little girl

And who’d have guessed 
That girl was me
Starting inside 
I’m letting go of my dreams

How did life get this bad 
With nothing but hurt and pain
Has it only started
Or has it always been this way

It’s hard to believe 
It was all a lie 
Just cheating and deceiving
Time after time 

I’m dying on the inside 
And bleeding on the out
You judge me
Though you don’t know what I’m about

The sorrow never stops
And tears never end
Pain is always there
I can’t look ahead

I hide the hurt 
And painful secrets so well
Look me in the eyes 
Can you honestly tell

I’m the girl you may want to be 
But look a little closer
And then maybe you’ll see, it’s the truth
Things aren’t always what they seem

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The girl shouted for joy in the middle of the velvet full moon.
The little dog barked twice interrupting the high-handed act of argument.
How many words will describe the perfect purification as we proceed to knavery?
"I must run to her before it is too late"my heart was singing repeatedly.

I relapsed when i saw her acting in the theatre of sobs,in front of thousand pearls.
I blessed all this time i was struggling,tried to bring myself to life.
How many times i had to apologize when her majesty sparkled into the dark?
I tried the e4 move once to estrange the defense of her black pieces.

The girl started to cry as the final stroke with a brush blinded the canvas again.
She saw her long golden hair dancing among the colors of omnipotence.
How many architects may manufacture the texture of her smile?
She wrapped me up with her wet deep eyes,burned me with her mind.

"I have to tell you girl, that my best friend is naphthalene."
"Ssssss....My name is Friendemy.Don't worry.Be my best friend not my best 
Suddenly the girl disappeared and i alone face the discouragement.
Today,tomorrow and the day after.

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Story of a Child

A little girl walked to school one day to find her friends already playing. She stood 
wordlessly, and watch them pass a ball about. They ran and frolicked, and 
jumped with glee. With out even a word passed her way. As silently as she came 
she turned and left. 
In the school she went down turning halls, and up twisting stairs. To the highest 
point she could find. Here she sat near a window facing her friends down below. 
She removed a book from her bag. Its cover was black, and lacked a title. She 
opened it, its pages were blank, and began to write a story. 
Many years came, and passed, her friends had all gone on to different schools. 
Some stayed in contact with one another, but as they grew so did the distance 
between them. The friendship that had meant so much years ago, had all but 
vanished, But the little girl always remained.
One day a teacher approached the little girl, and asked her why she wasn’t 
playing outside with her friends. The little girl dropped her pencil, and looked up 
at the teacher with a smile. 
The unity between friends will never last, but in my story it can last forever. 
The little girl picked her pencil up, and began to write once more. The teacher 
walked off still astonished to hear such words from a child. She was almost out 
the room when she turned, and faced the little girl. 
Your right friendship doesn’t last, but it will also never die. For every persons life 
you touch a part of them you take as they take a part of you. New friends will 
come, old ones will leave, but that part will always be yours. Yours to keep, it 
helps unite us, it helps make us one. 
The little girl closed her book, and then she vanished. The teacher walked closer 
to the desk, but found only dust. The book still laid atop the desk. The teacher 
picked it up, and began to read its story. She cried while reading, she cried at the 
end. The story of a child who’s life had come to an end. 

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oh ive been so wronged

in these past couple weeks

by women.

making myself vulnerable has led to certain regrets

for instance,

i regret letting myself be lied to and manipulated

i regret giving myself completely

only to be taken and used

but these are not things i can control,

i regret we ever met.

oh im not entitled

to get what i want.

just because i treat you one way doesnt at all mean i'll be treated in kind

and i dont expect it.

that whole golden rule thing is a bunch of sh*t and i know.

i deserve nothing from anyone

yet i still would appreciate a f*cking medal

or a cookie

or something


some f*cking thing

at some point

has to prove

the legitimacy

of my way

because i have given so much

received less than nothing in return

let go of my ego

and i still love.

all this, carefully;

i suppose

it isnt the universe or karma who hurts people

it is the people who hurt people

so when i ask for recompense,

im asking you.

not that i expect or deserve a damn thing. i hope you enjoyed my poem. thank you.

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The girl of my mind

There’s no one like her in the whole universe!
No one can drive me crazy the way she does!
I would change everything if I could reverse!
I want to love her, no I don’t want to curse!

Only she can kill the beast that is in my mind!
Only she can heal the wound that I have in mind!
It seems, if I can't have her I will not find
The girl of my dream O the girl of my mind!

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My eyes.

Look into my eyes
Tell me, who do you see?
A girl in misery?
Who’s lost and incomplete?
Or a girl who looks for more?
A more meaningful message to this world.
Look into my eyes
Tell me, who do you see?
Just Me….

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A girl I used to know

She walks towards me in the street
Matching me stride for stride
Each step closer 
My vision takes her in in increments
Hair, face, breasts, hips, legs
All so achingly familiar
Memories in waves crashing through my soul
The innocence we shared
Before life took hold
Before days passed
Then weeks
Now I feel like I'm 10 years late
For everything
I see in her the girl who knew the world was fair
That knew the party would never end
That saw the future as an adventure
Not a slow battle to stay afloat
But now I am closer and I can see
Time has stolen her bloom
Robbed her of her wonder
But I remember
The girl inside the woman
Who knew life was to be lived
Not just survived
And as I reach out to brush a hair from her face
My hand only bumps the glass 
And as I search my own reflection
He takes my hand and asks me what I see
Nothing I reply
Just a girl I used to know

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Treasure Me

This girl I know
stays hidden beneath
the Winter's snow
She doesn't want to be seen
by those who never understand
by the ones so unclean

Her lies come free 
with every purchase
That's what she said to me
when I gave her my soul
to keep and do as she willed
she was the Devil's personal mole

Hidden in plain view
so no one could truly see
the pain she really knew
the horror she only told me

This girl I once knew
was a little like me
and a lot like you 
Blinded, so you wouldn't see
what was real or what was true

She told me
that her lies came free
with any purchase of choice
so I paid the price for choosing my voice
She kept her end
told me that the reprocussion scars will mend

She told me to speak my mind
to never leave a thing behind
and I did just as she told
before long, my will began to fold
I became bent and broke
Heard the things that I spoke
Regret and pain, the wounds started to show
Her lies were true, I soon would know

A devil's advocate
A sinner's ecstacy
Who could have thought
that the fallen angel would be me

Tomorrow I take the girl's place
To betray my own race
Turn my own kind against myself
for the common good 
or the blinded wealth
The cycle never stops
it will never end
because where there are choices
the human will can bend

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I am only that girl

I’m just a girl with ragging hormones.

I’m just a girl that has a sex drive of a door knob.

I’m just a girl who gives what they want without getting what she wants.

I’m just a girl who is a slut by soccity but a fun person by heart.

I’m just a girl who doesn’t always care.

I’m just a girl who can care to much.

I’m just a girl who enjoys a great drink.

I’m just a girl who is always tired.

I’m just a girl who apprecates waking up in a bed, even if it isn’t her own.

I’m just a girl who wants love but doesn’t think it’s true.

I’m just a girl whoms fate is twisted and brain is boiled.

I’m just a girl that always wants to cuddle with boys.

I’m just a girl whom doesn’t like her father.

I’m just a girl whom has trust issues.

I’m just a girl whom normaly feels ****ed up.

I’m still just a person.

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Hold On

She falls like the winter snow
cold and fragile
left to melt without
Why hold on
when there’s no more hope?
Why press on
when there’s no one left
to press on for?
And so she cries herself to sleep at night
And all the demons 
rape her memories while she sleeps
Being used, 
always the best thing she could do
But she’s such a good girl (such a good girl)
She’s such a nice girl (such a nice girl)
But she’s such a sad girl (such a sad girl)
such a sad girl (such a sad girl)
She does not
does not deserve this
She cannot
cannot fight this
Her last kiss
was filled with poison
And now she’s crying
because he was lying
And now she’s crying
And now she’s crying
And now she’s dying
no longer trying
But beautiful girl
it’s not the end of the world
Just please hold on
Just please hold on
for another day
and eventually
your pain will
it will go away

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Average Girl Life

Sometimes they say follow your heart but I follow my intuition

Sometimes they tell you to follow your dreams but I live my dreams

Sometimes they say the sky is the limit but I reach for far and beyond

Sometimes they say its better to have the finer things in life but the simple things are just as good

Nothing in life is free that's why we're given the opportunity to work hard for what we've been given

Nothing is just an easy step away reasons why we walk the path of life to our adventures

Nothing about life is ever a mistake its just the mistakes we live and learn from

Nothing more than your extra-ordinary average girl who needs nothing more than what she already has in life

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Where Did They Go

The girl with the lustful eyes and the mini skirts, where did she go?
I see her physically but for some reason the wondering eyes and mini skirts no longer show.
The guy who would drink every night until his eyes closed, he is no longer here.
I see him physically but for some reason the drunken nights with Vodka, Whiskey and Rum have disappeared. 
Where did they go?
Where is the girl with the piercings and tattoos that were placed at the small of her back?
I see her physically but for some reason now piercings and tattoos are what she lacks.
Where is the guy who danced in the club Sunday through Saturday with no day to rest?
I see him physically but for some reason he will not step foot in the club anymore, he confessed. 
Where did they go?
Where is the girl who treated every man like her husband and gave him lust on another degree?
I see her physically but for some reason she now does not have sex before marriage no matter how much he pleas. 
Where is the guy that hit and curse women like his mother and sister since the age of fifteen?
I see him physically but for some reason now he treats his mother and sister like queens.
Where did they go?
Where is the girl who was so depressed that she cut her wrist just to get attention when she felt alone?
I see her physically but for some reason the cutting has cease and now she is getting help to make her secret problems known.
Where is the guy who had sex with girls night after night just to prove to his friends who was on top?
I see him physically but for some reason the random sex acts with random girls have stopped. 
Where did they go?
They were tired of the life they lived and decided to kill what held them back the most,
They stopped feeding their flesh, until the flesh became ghost.
Giving up the ways of the world, and started living like the ways of Christ they were born again, 
No longer wanting to stray away from GOD and live their life through sin. 
So where did they go?
They went in the direction where there is everlasting life,
Living for GOD, now saved, now a husband, and now finally a wife. 

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I Am

                               I am
that little girl, who cried herself to sleep,
keeping secrets hidden beneath those spoiled sheets.
                               I am 
that voiceless child with nowhere left to turn,
shivering in her silence trying to endure.
                               I am
that unkempt girl in the back of Science class,
wishing last night’s episode would finally be the last.
                               I am
that unseen girl in the corner of life’s stage,
strong enough to smile at you in her inner rage.
                               I am
that willful teen who seeks her champion,
hoping soon to find it in some thing or in someone.
                                I am 
that hostile woman screaming in God’s face,  
arms crossed in defiance “Where, Oh God your grace?”
                                 I am
That I Am He said who wept along with you,
whose heart was truly shattered by what I saw him do.
                                 I am
That I Am He said who longed to wrap you in my arms,
hold you here upon my breast safe from any harm.
                                  I am
That I Am He said the one who’s been here all along,
urging  the voice within to speak up loud and strong!
                                  I am
That I Am He said who hopes that you will be,
the champion of that little girl and love her spirit free.
                                  I   am!

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Spice - Eyes

The Little Girl Had Spice – Eyes…
They Were Brown, Like Ginger
Big In Size
Sassy As Cinnamon
And Warm Pepper – Fires…
That Welcomed Guests
And Said Mace – Goodbyes
The Little Girl Had Spice – Eyes

The Little Girl Had Spice – Eyes
With A Sprinkle and Twinkle,
Bright – Bursts, Like Chives
Fresh And Pure As Mint
True As Salt… No Disguise
The Little Girl Had Spice – Eyes

Sweet As HoneyCakes
(That’s No Surprise)
But Sharp As Garlic
When Chastised
And Sour As Lemon – Drops
When She Cries
The Little Girl Had Spice – Eyes

The Little Girl Had Spice – Eyes
They Were Smart As Sage
In Her, ‘Asking’, “Why’s”
Thyme After Time
She Always Tries
To Win Love’s Prize
She Had Sugar And Spice Of Life Eyes

The Little Girl Had Sugar And Spice
And Everything Nice – Eyes…

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Dearest BJ

when i say i love you you should know I mean it.
Now I'm dreaming about you tonight, tomorrow, for the rest of my life.
there is not other place i rather be then right here in my bed dreaming of my dearest 
dreaming of how insepreiable you are how much all the girls wanted you and how they 
wished it was you holding them staring into there eyes singing them all including me a 
lullybe, falling asleep in your arms waking up and never looking back man i wished i had 
my dear friend BJ back.dreaming of all the hugs you use to give and never letting go you 
drove all the girls crazy you made every girl feel special when you touched 
them on their arm.
you use to set me off in a daze dreaming of how you stare into my eyes.thinking of our 
friendship i so miss tears start flowing from my eyes now all i want to do is cry, 
dreaming of what you would say to calm me down you'd say hush baby girl it's all gonna 
be okay, your brush my tears away one by one then you turned your head and looked down 
at me gave me a kiss and called me baby girl.
dreaming of you lying right here beside me telling me of how you miss me like i miss call my baby girl and i call you baby boy and you start to cry i lean up real 
fast and say dont you cry i love you and always will, dry those tears and I'll pretend 
that your still here.
now you are gone, you stay in my dreams at times i feel like your right here beside 
me.I't been along time since the day you past,but yet it is still so hard it's even hard 
to catch myself to see me smile all I won't to do is frown because my best friend BJ is 
no where around.I miss you so much, my dear friend your in my heart and live in me each 
passing day to bad your not here with me in the right way,funny how things change,I use 
to think you loved her you wrote her a note with sweet loving words you wrote.
No one expected you to leave so fast or in the way that you did, but no matter what your 
in my heart, so to me you will be with me where ever I may go no matter rain or snow.
Dearest BJ you were the best you stay dearest to my heart and i still love you your a 
great guy friend any girl would be so lucky to have.dearest BJ i miss you so bad.Dearest 
BJ stay sweet and cool .and please remember we all love you in our own little way .

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A dog that gave a barking sound.
A  girl that ran to her mum.
She tell’s her mum can I sleep here today.
Her mum agrees they sleep together in a cold night.
A puff of air that disappeared.
The girl see’s it she tries to wake her mum up.
Mum it’s here again the puff of air.
The dog left the house and never came back.

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Pass On By

He remembers the days of laugher, the warm rug by the door.
But now he watches from the street; deserted by the family who didn’t want him anymore.
The children laughed and played with him for a while,
But now nothing’s left for him, not a pat on the head or even a smile.
So now he lies by the tree with critters as his only friends
Wondering if this loneliness will ever end.
He begs for food with sad empty eyes,
But he goes unnoticed as they pass on by.
A girl sees him one day, a girl walking alone
She takes him to her car and offers him a home.
This same girl feeds him, plays Frisbee during the sunny days, 
And at night, by the foot of her bed he lays.
For even though his fur is mottled and he’s too thin,
She looked past the physical imperfections and saw his heart within.
So now Max has a home, a friend, and has been named,
So many things are different now; everything has changed.
Max would like to ask you, that if you see a dog with sad brown eyes, 
Please give him a home. Don’t pass on by.

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Just Another Girl

She's just another girl who cries real 
Another girl with absolute fears.
One who longs for comfort and 
A girl ignored that has constant 

She's just another girl so very 
Who looks and thinks just like you 
and me,
She goes through life looking for 
Not knowing that there's One that 
willl always be enough.

The girl goes wandering from man 
to man,
Feeling regret over and over again.
Her body longs for that one time 
That one small joint to make her fly.

And as she takes that one time puff,
The police show up and slap her in 
They haul her to the county jail,
The only place that she calls her 
personal hell.

She's alone again in a cold, dark 
Wiping away the salty tears from 
her face.
Opening her eyes looking around 
the room,
She sees nothing in the weary 

Trembling on the floor and scared 
of the dark,
A light burst forth similar to gas and 
In the middle of the room stands a 
man in white,
From all around him comes a 
blinding light.

He speaks with gentleness and a 
voice so clear,
His words are kind and ever sincere.
"Don't fear, my sweet child"
He says with the most beautiful 

Fatigued from crying, she is out of 
She begins to think she is faced with 
He grows more stunning as he 
continues to speak,
His words are generous and so 

"I've come to advise, help, and save 
This is all I ask you to do.
Listen to the words I have to say,
And when I'm done, ask me to stay."

"I've seen you search for a certain 
One not true and always spoke of.
Open your heart and let me in,
Rid your soul of every sin."

"I love you so much that I died on a 
So that your life wouldn't be a loss.
Look at my hands, look through the 
I did that just for your soul."

"If you put your trust, your faith in 
A marvelous life I can guarantee.
Free from hurt, free from pain,
You can toss aside the spiritual 

The girl weeps and falls to her 
Her soul calm and at ease.
He puts his hand on her head,
As these are the last words he says. 

"Don't ever lose faith or burden 
your heart,
I'll always be with you, we're never 
Remember who I am and that I love 
And with those few words, He was 

Once He leaves, the girl gets to her 
With a feeling inside her so new and 
The darkness was brighter, all fear 
was gone,
A peace she wants, her soul is won.

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Darling Darla

Take your crucifixes, Your holy water.
Immortal love of a vampire's daughter.
Silver stakes and a garlic deathtrap.
Like a Priest's slave and a fatal attack.
Your final need for Darla's blood.
Reaping with the gift of Life.
The sun finally sets,
You owe us the price of your regrets.
A destiny that slays,
A life where the demons do not stray far from your gaze.
But you'll never steal Darling Darla.
My words, Your weapons.
Your strength, My lessons.
Queen of Liars,
A king for hire.
Remember when you were baptized,
The day when Darla died?
Remember the graveyard in Transylvania,
The vampire's resurrection in her coffin?
Like an angel that is burning,
Caught between Heaven and Hell.
Damned to Earth with the burden of the Apocalypse's birth.
The sun finally sets,
You owe us the price of your regrets.
A destiny that slays,
A life where the demons do not stray far from your gaze.
But you'll never steal Darling Darla.
A stake through her beat-less heart,
The end of our new start.
Share her blood,
Drink her pain.
Your mother, Deadly Darla, finally shows her sorrow and you never again question what is sane.
Soaking wet in the Devil's Hellfire.
When the sun finally rises,
You owe her the price of a slayer's disguises.
A destiny of decay,
A life where humans are your pray.
But you'll always live with Darling Darla's blood.
The sun finally sets,
You owe us the price of your regrets.
A destiny that slays,
A life where the demons do not stray far from your gaze.
But you'll never steal Darling Darla.

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My black hand bag tucked under my arm.
A rush of blood to the head.
Come on let’s release the energy today.
The arrival of the meeting parade.
A peep through the haunted night.
A year on things had changed in there lifes.
A picture frame in a human form.
A normal driver of a taxi does his routine journey.
There is nothing new in what he does as he sees a 
female passenger near a taxi stand.
The passenger get’s in as he drops her off near just after her 
house to her request.
She say’s she has no money the taxi driver see’s her daughter 
in her so he let’s her off.
The taxi driver glances in the back mirror to see a black bag on the
He quickly get’s out of the taxi with the bag and goes to the house
where he dropped the girl off.
A door slowly opens an old women appears, who are you she say’s to him.
Can you give the girl her bag she left it in my taxi he say’s
The old women looks at him in shock, she say’s to him I have no one anymore.

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Forget you not ( front side)

Hey girl or hey love its all one in the same, i do have feelings but along the way i 
forgot the name. but please keep in mind i remember the times and above all 
else i remember the smile, the smile thats yours when it`s focused on me. 
something is busting loose but i can keep it in chains please i lie and i know it i 
don`t want to hold back you`re stronge enough for the two of us so you say no. i 
flow to off beats of hearts old and young, maybe you can open yours and i can 
flow to you. maybe another day another time another letter, nahh i think it`s about 
to come out now. 
the first time we met i wasn`t sure if you got down a smile ear to ear with lips 
chocolate brown. i didn`t wonder till later would you inhale with me and let me 
stuff your blunt with my L-O-V-E, most definitly we can get higher than the clouds 
that watch the sin shared between you and i. can`t really say i know much about 
you, can`t really say you know much about me. the meaning of my journey is to 
find true love, but at times i wonder do i know what love is. deliver them from evil 
and deliver us from me, i`ve been told i share forbidden love so stay away please.
i remember the letters and how they started off, hey girl whats up with you. i`m 
just chillin never illin because i got that can do feelin. yes i can do it, but only if i 
wanted. maybe i just tell myself that because i can`t stand to fail nor do i stand to 
fall, ain`t that a hoot because we fall to stand and stand to be taller; look at me 
don`t i stand out. i must be out of my mind to write this way, lets go out on a date 
out on the town let the night pass and slip outta this world. whoa look out i think i 
fell in some love, but i don`t think she noticed so lets move on.


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My First Love

I remember my first love
she had white blonde ringlets
and she laughed when we kissed
and I knew I’d love someone else

Details | Imagism | |

Little Girl No-Name

In the shadows of others
Unseen by all who pass

A lonely little girl sleeps
With a broken heart

She longs for love
A little girl who bares no name

Forgotten by the world
Many people stare with disgust

Dressed in rages
And starving for a month

She lays on the sidewalk
Not moving or making a sound

She dreams a never ending dream
Reunited with her family

In peace at last

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In My Eyes

In My Eyes You're One Of My Best Friends...
'Cause You're Always There For Me,

In My Eyes You're  One Of The Strongest People I Know...
'Cause You Take Everything On The Chin,

In My Eyes You're The Girl I Go To When I Need Advice....
'Cause You Always Tell Me The Truth Even If It's Not What I Want To Hear,

In My Eyes You're The Girl Who 's Got No Fears...
'Cause You Don't Move When You Are Face To Face With Danger,

In My Eyes You're The Girl Who Gets What She Wants...
'Cause You Keep Trying,

But That Night When You Cried Into My Lap Needing A Certain Someone...

Then In My Eyes I Knew Heroes Do Fall

Details | Light Poetry | |


Been looking for love
And I know it’s very near  
But every time I find it
It always seems to disappear

Maybe I don’t know what
It is really I’m searching for
What if I had it already?
And let it walk out the door

I feel so lost in this world
With a monkey on my back
Finding some one to love
Is like a needle in a haystack

Though I found some one
But I was so wrong about that
She made it crystal clear 
When she hit me slap

So I said ok no problem
Just another notch on my knife
Another pair of high heels 
Stepping all over my life

Went down the road too far
And I can’t make my way back
 Just left wondering lost
 Like a needle in a haystack

Why do we hurt our self? 
For those who are not worth it
If my grandmother was alive
 Would say stop being so stupid

My Grandmother was very smart
It’s like she can see the future
If she says that girl is trouble
Bet your dollar it ends in disaster

So from today I’m done
 Stop looking for love completely
If a girl wants to give me her love
She has to come to me

We know it’s not going to happen
So why give my self a heart attack
When it’s clear for me to see
I’m just like needle in a haystack

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This Is How A Gril Should Be Treated

This is how a girl should be treated!

To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait"
To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful."
To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her.
To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down.
To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls.
To every guy that said he would die for her.
To every guy that really would.
To every guy that did what she wanted to do.
To every guy that cried in front of her. ....
To every guy that she cried in front of...
To every guy that holds hands with her.
To every guy that kisses her with meaning.
To every guy that hugs her when she's sad.
To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all.
To every guy who would give their jacket up for her.
To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe.
To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten 
To every guy that would give his seat up...
To every guy that just wants to cuddle.
To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what.
To every guy who told his secrets to her.
To every guy that tried to show how much he cared through every word and every 
To every guy that thought maybe this could be the one.
To every guy that believed in her dreams.
To every guy that would have done anything so she could achieve them.
To every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams.
To every guy that walked her to her car and opened the door.
To every guy that gave his heart.
To every guy who prays that she is happy even if you are not with her.

Not many girls appreciate nice guys anymore...
And because of this, there are not many left out there...

I guarantee 90% of the men on your page will not repost this cuz they care more 
about their image

If you are a nice guy repost this with:
"This is how every girl should be treated."

If you are a girl that thinks every guy should treat a girl this way
repost this with: "To Every Guy

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	I stare into the mirror as the make-up slowly comes off . And the girl 
that stays in hiding all day comes out . The girl with blackened eyes from crying 
all night . The one that cuts her wrist just to watch the blood slowly drip down and 
form a pool . She does this every night to reassure herself she still has control 
over her own life . She stays up thinking of you . You’re the last thing on her mind 
before she goes to bed every night . She falls asleep holding on to every last 
memory you share . All along knowing you;ve forgotten every single one . 
	I fall asleep hiding her in the back of my mind . All night long 
dreaming of old times and how I used to get the butterflies in my tummy just by 
seeing your smile . Then realizing it was all just a dream , I wake up , go to the 
mirror and see that girl again . I start throwing things at the mirror , hoping to 
make her go away . I punch the mirror praying she’ll disappear . The mirror 
shatters and shreds my knuckles . Leaving a blood covered mess across my 
bedroom floor . So I get up leaving the mess behind wishing it would take the 
memories with it . 
	In the bathroom putting the make-up back on hiding the girl with the 
blackened eyes and cut up wrists . Getting ready to go through another day of 
walking around the halls seeing you and her together . The way we used to be . 
Back when things were good and life was good and everything made sense . 
Back when that girl that stays in hiding didn’t even exist . Then he comes up, 
wraps his arms around me, kisses me and stares into my eyes . I stare right 
back into his eyes all along wishing I was staring into your s. but all along 
realizing I never will again . So I go back home , start taking the make-up off 
again, bringing out that girl from her hiding place .

Details | Free verse | |

My Familiar Stranger

We took some gorgeous pictures yesterday,
I wouldn't give in until I got you to smile
After spoiling so many with your scowls...
Since when did you not smile in photos?

I shuffle through them now and I think,
If I didn't know any better I'd assume
We were having a wonderful time.
You always were
A cunning little actress.

The flash goes off and your normal face returns,
You hate this party, you need to get away.
Despite everything, I still
See through you,
And insist on accompanying you
Though for all the use I am,
I may as well have just danced on.

So in silence we walk,
And in worry I wait;
Just eighteen, yet you need
Two bottles,
Where did you get the money?
And you know I don't drink.

Stumble along to the park,
Oak trees shading your sensitive skin
Though it's already burning.

I look sadly into your face,
Faint concentration as you pour out your poison,
It's only the two of us here.
Empty eyes as you gulp and shudder,
I couldn't have less in common with this girl.

I don't know this obligated embrace,
I don't know the awkward brush of that hand,
I don't know those cold, grey eyes,
Looking anywhere but at me,
Cloudy with no trace of that
Beautiful blue.

I avoid the alcohol
And drink you in instead;
There's no denying that
You're not the girl I fell in love with.
If I met this girl on the street one day,
Would I feel the same?
Or would I pass her by?

As I hold you and mop you up,
Considering the latter,
I realise it doesn't matter.

I don't know who you are,
But even now I'm here to save you.
Let them think it's out of pity,
For I know it's out of love.

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So am a witch to your friends because they can't win and a home wrecker to your 
women who don't even no me, but when your homies are gone and your are 
away from home I am the one you come lay up on. I want to grow in improve not 
grow into you I am throwing my life away trying to love you, not to mention when I 
need you the most that's the time you all ways get ghost. I don't like who I am 
because of this life that I choose I am good enough to sex but not good enough 
to come home to. What's a girl to do when she finds herself loving a fool and her 
heart is weak and totally subdued how could she every fall in love with you. You 
tell your girl your at work, and you tell me you  have told her about us yet we still 
cant go out to eat in public in such. There is nothing worst to do then to be play 
just like a fool and you are searching for a dream that is to far to be seen, how 
will my life ever be the same with all the hurt that my heart is in because I choose 
to be with a man who has made me his other woman.

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He does not answer when I speak,
     the severed head in the picnic basket,
nor do the swarming flies on the muslin sack,
     buzzing on the dried blood, concern him overmuch.
I still speak to him as ice chunks melt
     about his rotting skull, and he rolls with a soft bump
on the passenger seat.
     “Al, baby, we’re gonna find out what this is all about.
You and me, Al, we’re gonna find out.”
     Mexico shimmers and burns through
dust and dirt, gunfire, filth and murder, and we drive
     the backroads in the hammered paint scarred red car,
backfiring clouds of exhaust, pollutant patches of hell.
     Gunshots echo through my mind,
bodies pirouette in slow motion, tissue quake ensues,
     jetting blood through ripped cloth:
“Why? Because it feels so damn good, that’s why.”
     I never had much to speak of, dreams, a girl and a piano,
now my girl is dead and all I have left
     is a car, a gun and a severed head in a picnic basket.
And in place of dreams, a heart of darkness and
     this impregnable death wish…

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The Girl in the Mirror

The girl in the mirror is slowly dying.
She’s suffocating in people’s lying.
She doesn’t know what to believe.
She wishes this life was one she could leave.
She feels like her life is just one nightmare.
She can’t awaken; she feels a scare.
The inside of her is dying in pain.
She’s stuck in a room that’s full of rain.
Her tears are flooding the blood on the floor.
She’s stuck in a room without a door.
She never keeps the love she wants.
Shame, guilt, blame is all that haunts.
Catch her before she hits the ground.
Nobody’s around cause there’s no sound.
The girl in the mirror; who could she be?
Is the girl, is she really me?
I don’t know, don’t know who I am.
Is that the blood of the dead lamb?
The lamb of God; please save me, save me.
I think this lamb just hates me, hates me.
Cause I’m not worth even having a life.
“Hey, Lamb, could you hand me that knife?”
To bring it in the skin on my wrist,
Is all I need to clear the mist.
I can barely see what’s surrounding me.
When will my savior come to save me?
The girl in the mirror, oh crap, it was me.
Now I’m fading; the blood’s falling down.
My reflection will never be found.
Now there’s no more girl in the mirror,
Cause now she’s dead and you’ll never see her.

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this girl feels so weak and courageless.

everyday of her life this girl feels worthless.

she hides behind the makeup and all the laughs.

but in side of her there is nothing left.

she knows the truth but she hides from the world.

shes just a young goofy girl,

and she feels judged by the world.

she cares of what they think of her and what they see.

she wants so bad just to be free.

the make up and clothes dont change,or prove anything.

you cant change what people will think.

she looks in the mirror and see worthless.

she doesnt feel like life is really worth it.

she feels so weak but she knows shes strong and,
she never quits.

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7 First time I saw you

I’m thinking of you, thinking if you’re thinking of me, because I’m always thinking 
of you and I can’t stop thinking of you because I’m so in love with you.
Since the first time I saw you, I couldn’t stop thinking of you, when I want to sleep 
I dream about you it was if like I was addicted to you everyday of every hour of 
every minute of every second I thought of you I couldn’t explain the feeling I was 
feeling inside everyday I saw you and you smiled at me, it was everything I 
needed to make my day happy every time you’re around me ,I feel like hugging 
you and never let you go, hold you in my arms and tell you that I love you, tell you 
that I need you, that you’re everything to me and without you my life would not be 
complete. I would take care of you and let no one hurt you, I would protect you 
with my life because you mean so much to me, no girl could ever take your place 
because no girl has made me feel the way you do I’m so in love with you.

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Ms. Jealous Girl 3-1-06

Ms. Jealous girl thinks she's better than me
Why should you be mad at me for the things I can do?
I live my own life and do my own things
Why are you so jealous of my life and such?
Ms. Jealous girl wanted to where I go and who I chat to
It is none of your besswax what I do and don't bother to ask.
I am sick and tired of you telling others that you're jealous of me
And sick of you telling my man things that you made up about me.
Ms. Jealous girl stop asking the girls at work if I'm there or not
Because I had it with you and ever since you left, I don't want you coming around 
starting trouble with me.
I don't want to speak to you or see you at all and leave me al alone.
Ms. Jealous girl, you're not welcome at my home and see my friends there
Because we all don't want to be your friend.
Lies and Lies and I was sick of it, really from you.
You got mad when I went out drinking with friends from work
You got mad at me when my man and I went out or away for a while
You got mad at me when I wasn't scheduled for work and yelled at me
You got at me for things I can do, even cleaning around the house is one thing 
that you never ever did in your carppy life.
Ms Jealous girl, stop calling here at the house, cuz your ex Kevin doesn't want 
you back and not allow to step foot in the house
You call crazy hours of the night just to get a hold of him but he also has a life 
and you get jealuos at him going bar hopping with his buddies and you got mad 
when he goes out with my man.
Ms Jealous girl, if you come to see me at work and start things with me, 
All I can say to you is this,
"You have been totally JEALOUS of me for the things I can do and where I go and 
leave me alone. No one at the house want to hang with you." 
Ms Jealoud girl, you have your own things to do and don't worry what Iam doing 
next week, next month, or next year. I have better things to do.
Ms Jealous Girl, let my pals and I do our own things and don't call my place when 
I go out.
Ms Jealous Girl, everyone is sick of your lies and you gotta stop that or everyone 
around you won't want to be with you.Ms Jealous girl, want to know her name? 
Her name is Tiffany and she is known as the 
Ms Jealous Girl, I have a life and better things to do and screw you!

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Lovely Precious

She laid in bed sobbing of what he had done to her. she didn't know what she was going to do. it had been a few months and yet she still thought about him. he left her for someone else. he yelled at her.
she began cutting her wrists
she tried everything in her power to kill herself..then she found out she was pregnant.
she wanted to tell him so badly that it hurt more than the cuts did. she screamed herself to sleep when she found out. the only thing had left was that baby. she lost her mom when she six, lost her dad when she thirteen...and lost her boyfriend a few months ago.
she's only sixteen and pregnant. she didn't know what to do next. she kept thinking she wanted to get rid of it. abortion or adoption? she didn't know...but then it was to late to do it. then that precious little thing was born.
she looked down at the hopeless little girl she had brought into the world. how could she be so stupid to try her and baby. she look down at the little girl in her arms and said "your name is Precious" and thats what she really was. a precious child. a precious life. a precious soul brought into this world by a lonely girl who made one mistake.

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A teenage girl living a crazy world

I’m just a teenage girl living in a crazy world
Sitting in this green chair
Looking at the beauties of nature
Two black birds flying in a pair 
You can see they look up to each other with care
I’m living in a crazy world with drugs and alcohol everywhere
And when you pass by those who are addicted they just look at you and stare
I’m a teenage girl living in a crazy world 
I see many people hanging out with gangs 
But I never see them lending others a hand 
I’m living in a crazy world 
Where there exist abortions 
The word for killing babies 
And all those who abort, they are all who were to be mothers
It is not necessary to abort a child, 
So tender and mild
It’s a crazy world out there for a teenage girl 
Im living in a time of war were people are stupid and they go killing each other 
And so many of those people have left
Their mother and fathers 
And all those who said I will be there ‘till the end
It’s crazy out there for a teenage girl who doesn’t know why she’s here  
A girl who only fears reality and the consequences 
When she passes the wrong fences
I’m just a teenager living in this world
So many things that I can’t change but no matter what it is,
It will still be my world,
Because this is what was given to me at birth

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I had to pay with my life

(This is a fictional poem)

A little girl was in the highway and she was about to be hit by a speeding truck.
I pushed her out of the way in the nick of time but I got struck.
When that truck hit me, it sent me to be with the Lord.
I saved that little girl's life and now Heaven is my reward.
Up here there is no illness and everybody is kind to one another.
Now that little girl is grown up and she just became a mother.
People probably mourned when they learned that I was gone.
I had to pay with my life but at least I gave that sweet girl a chance to live on.

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I'm Free

I'm so lost, so confused
It's seems my life is over without you
but i know that's not true
it's hard to move, hard to breathe
i don't know what to do
i should hate you
but i don't
 you tore my world apart
 you made me someone i didnt want to be
and all i hear you say is
your nothing without me
i dont know who i am anymore
ima scared little girl again
walking on eggshells everytime your near
wondering when it will happen again
wondering how i can make it stop next time
but your too strong
im a scared little girl again
crying in the corner
feeling more alone than i have ever felt
i have never felt so low in my life
or so scared
my heart is breaking
it hurts to move
it hurts to breathe
everyday that goes by
i cry and cry and cry
i dont know what i did so wrong
to deserve this
i change into who you wanted me to be
i changed for you not me
and still i was never good enough
will i ever be
my world fell apart
and you didnt care
you werent there
well now im not walking on eggshells anymore
and i am happier than i was before
im not a scared little girl anymore
im not waitng for the next time
im getting on my feet
im finding out who i am
and realizing i can live without you
it still hurts sometimes and my heart breaks
and i cry and cry and cry
you made me someone i didnt want to be
but guess what now im free

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Silly Girl

Silly girl get your mind out of the sky and your head in the books. He prefers a girl 
with brain over a girl with just looks. Silly girl pick up you pride and unravel your 
confidence. You can't always have someone to cling to you have to have some 
independence. Young lady protect your temple and show some respect. You 
keep showing off what god gave you ,you will live in your regret. Silly girl 
upcoming woman you are but a little child you have been. You have to keep up 
with your age your not ten. Silly girl of you to go against what your mother has told 
you to do. You mother is a one in a million and a one of a few. Silly daughter don't 
let that boy fill you head with nonsense. Listen to what mind is telling and lead 
with you head and not your body. Silly mother box up your past and unpack your 
future. This little girl needs a positive role model to look up to. Silly woman throw 
away your disrespect and take back your frame of mind. You can always change 
your ways but you can't change your heart. What a silly girl you were and a great 
woman your are now. I'm proud of you so keep that point of view.

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I Knew

You make me laugh, and then make me cry,
I am going crazy inside,
You hold me close, then push me away,
All I want to do is stay,
You tell me I'm your world, then go out with someone else,
I just want to be only one,
You call me at night and say the most amazing things, but you never say them in 
the light of day,
I just want to hear them all the time,
You say I love you more then life, I want marry you, then you wont even call me 
your girlfriend,
I just want you to decide,
I can't be yours 1/2 the times,
I am the kind of girl that loves so hard that 1/2 the times, isn't worth mine,
I would do anything to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you,
But I don't know how much more I can go threw,
I just want you to hold me like you once did,
Tell me I'm the only girl you will ever love,
Just make up your mind,
I don't care if we are going to be a part,
I just want to know I am your one and only,
The time of me saying I'm waiting forever has passed.

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9 Darkness

I was lost in the darkness with no way out, until you come into my life and you become my
light and I found my way out of the darkness, sadness and pain, when you come into my life
everything every problem want away, but before you come I was stuck in the darkness with
so much pain  because for me love did not excites for me love was just pain, dark days,
rainy days, sad days, depressing days, everyday was the some. I set in the darkness with
so much pain saying to my self love was not made for me because every time I love a girl
she never loves me back. I kept on trying no girl would love me, like me not care about me
and the one that got hurt was me only me just me, as time passed by it got worst for me
darkness was covering me depression was killing me slowly, so much pain in my heart
suicidal thoughts run through my mind I was out of my mind I did not know what to do,
nobody  knew what I was going through every time I saw my friends and family I smiled and
laughed and played around so they wouldn't see how bad this pain was killing me,destroying
me slowly, I was so lonely I wanted a girl to tell me she loves me, that she cares about
me, but it never happen, everyday and night I cried thinking to myself why is this
happening to me why can't I find someone that loves me and when I thought there was no
hope for me you come, you made me believe that love still excites because you brought
sunshine into my life and took away the rain and the darkness of my days, you brought love
into my heart and took away the pain and sadness of my days, you brought happiness, joy
and took everything else bad away. now the darkness that use to cover me day to day is so
far away now there is sunshine covering me everyday since you come, I'm so glad that you
come into my life and changed my ways

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How could i know on the day we meet
we end up this way
How could i know the strength of your heart 
by the way you walk
How could i see your kindness
by the way you talk
How could i see from that day 
that we would be 

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Woman love

She's the nurse by your bedside, who tends to your wounds;
She's the giver of hope when springtime's in bloom.
She's the girl at the window that you see from the train;
She's the woman that saves you from the on slot of pain.
She's the light of the day that the dark can't hold back;
She's the one who stands with you to fight off attacks.
She's a creature of beauty that gives you your will;
She's the girl with the flowers at the top of the hill.
She's the dream of a lifetime that you think can't be yours
She's the magical lady with looks that allure.

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Not in those first hours
When the tears rolled,
That, first hold,
When the twinkle in your eye
Set shore in a kingdom,
You believed, was yours,
“a girl at last”
Not in those first steps
When you were my navigator,
Nor the first word,
That was your name,
Those syllables expressed
You had some claim.
This was no impulsive death,
But slow and degenerative,
Like the heart
you now carry in your  bosom,
And the first pang knocked you,
Shocked you,
Your  little flower began to wilt
(oh but I was blossoming,  could you not see ! )
You so loved the girl,
That rewarded All your silly faces,
With rumbles of laughter,
So when I did not laugh so eagerly,
Did a part of you die,
Or a part of me?
And when I questioned,
That you what you said
Was not definitive,
But simply, what you say,
Which part of me then, slipped away?
You so loved the girl, that looked
To you for answers
So when I found my own,
Was it then that the pangs came
Like tidal waves of pain,
Rocking the foundations
That you had built our dreams upon?
When did I die finally?
When you were put aside,
And some imposter became my center
And my core?
When I made a  life myself,
And was a girl no more?
When I found my place,
And you could not see yours?
You so loved the girl,
How could you accept the woman
That took her name
And changed her form?
The truth is I began to die
The second I was born
When the tears rolled
Down your eyes like hope
That first hold
Slippery as soap,
You must have Known then
You had to let me go,
What an untimely death
You so loved the girl
Now the woman, you don’t know.

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The girl that said

Sitting one day upon my wall, smiling at one and all
Taking in the warming sun so happy with the things I’d done
The birds floating on the breeze that brought a smile with graceful ease
Until a girl came to say
“Take my hand let’s run away”

I felt the grass between my toes and the scent of flowers in my nose
As we ran headlong across field wide with the joy of life bright inside
At the sight of this pretty thing, my heart sang and took to wing
Then the girl turned and said
Three little words to make me red

Hand in hand we skipped down our track never once looking back
Sharing tales and jokes of past, sharing all down to the last
Lying down in grass so tall, embracing we let our shields fall
Staring in to eyes so blue
I confessed my love deep n true

The days that followed we many and long, filled with dance filled with song
Hand in hand and never apart, just a little piece of the others heart
We danced and capered until evening came, when we laid heads on pillows plain
Each night she’d say to me
“I love you monkey you set me free”

Then one morning I woke to find, the love I had left me behind
In that girl that she left behind, not a scrap of my love did I find
With teary eyes and failing heart, I watch my world fall apart
Her next words brought me low
“I think its time for me to go”

Now I’m left chasing shades, and memories of summer days
Alone with nothing but the past, I lost myself so very fast
What happened to the boy on the wall? I’ll tell you now he did fall
With no one there to help me rise
I’m guaranteed a quick demise.

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Soul battle

I have a battle within my soul
It creeps up to my brain
which magically pushes a button
and trickes down the tears
I have a battle in my feet
cause they can't stop running
and I have a battle within my heart
cause it doesn't know why it falls
I have a battle within my eyes
cause it can't see past the disguise
I have a battle within my noes
cause it doesn't seem to detect
how horrible his breath smells 
before he opens his mouth
I have a battle within
the good girl in me 
fights the bad girl 
and the bad girl kicks a.s.s sometimes
cause she wants the glamarous life
while the good girl just sit at home
I'm currently having a soul battle
where my reflection shouts 
and my mouth won't stop lying
  My insides are at war
     So don't you tell me to stop crying   

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Manic Mary

          There she goes the Bi-Polar Queen on her typical manic daydream
          steppin to the tunes in her head, while hanging on her manic ledge.
          Girl don't you worry, girl don't you cry,
          Step out of your box, step out of your mind,
          Let go of  that  ledge your gonna be fine.
          I know it's hard for you to let go, when hanging on is all you've known
          Though if you let go, you will see, that in letting go, you'll set yourself free.

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Behind Theses Hazel Eyes

Behind these hazel eyes is a broken heart,
a young girl being ripped apart,
hidden pains tearing her up inside and out,
killing her softly about,
screaming lies haunting her soul,
hitting her so hard and taking its deadly tole, 
but deep inside she's a hopeless child trying 2 survive,
making her way in life so she doesn't break down and cry,
Behind these hazel eyes,
is little girl in deskies, 
faking a smile so everyone gets there way,
she wants to die now any day,
this girl you call names  is just a poser trying to make it through life,
trying to be popular by making a sacrifice, 
this girl tries to laugh,
tries to share ones joke,
until they tare her down,
now she's broke,
Behind these hazel eyes is a sad girl blind,
cause she did not see her self going out of her mind,
this girl you hate,
this girl has no hope only fate,
this girl u see,
is not really there,
she's just a broken heart just standing there,
the girl u love to be with,
u think she's fake,
and hidden beneath your eyes you think she's just a big mistake

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son of a gun

Son of a gun

Wake up this morning
Just laying there in bed
The sun came thru the window
Pulls the sheet over my head

Don’t have a job again
 The factory close the doors
We all lose our wages since
 George bush start those stupid wars

Now he is in Texas
A triple billionaire
And my bills are piling up 
But what the hell does he care

Ran out of coffee, this morning 
Just my dumb luck
Maybe will go to McDonalds
And get a coffee for a buck

Then my girl friend calls me
And my stress just went away
When ever I hear her voice
It always bring sunshine to my day

And I wonder why she never 
Take her love and run
Then I said to my self 
You’re one lucky son of a gun

Call the record company
Ask if they got my demo
The girl on the phone says, no
No kindness in her voice just plain, no

I think she was very rude
Maybe she’s having a bad day
Some times you’re in a good mood
And someone just takes away

So I went in to Bips deli
Going to play some quick draw
Went in with a twenty
And was broke when I walk out the door

Use the .ATM in ShopRite
Got some ice cream French vanilla
Going to watch the twilight movie
I like to see that girl Bella

Then my girl friend 
Surprise me and came over 
Now we are having ice cream
And watching twilight under the cover

And I wonder why she never 
Take her love and run
Then I said to my self 
You’re one lucky son of a gun

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Mirror I am staring but I don't know what I see
Trying to figure out who I am
But I don't recogniaze the stranger I'm looking at
A stranger in my reflection looing back at me.

Mirror I am staring but I don't believe what I see
I used to be happy, I used to be fun
I can't imagin how I became this
A stranger in my relfection looking back at me.

Mirror I amstaring but I just don't see
The girl I want to be, is she in reach?
Could I get to her with the touch of a hand cause
The girl in my reflection, well she isn't me.

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i wish

I wish I never gaved him another chance
my boyfriend for 3 and a half years
he went back to that girl he screwed on me with
emotionally hurt
I shed so many tears
after all the pain
I stood strong and believe
I will find that one
but first I need to get over
the heartaches and pain to move on

time can only make me stronger
healin my woons and movin on
living day by day
prince charming will come my way
there is someone out there for me
but i wont go looking for love
cuz everytime I do
I come across the ones who hurts me...

I wish I never gaved him another chance
my boyfriend for 3 and a half years
he went back to that girl he screwed on me with
emotionally hurt
I shed so many tears
after all the pain
I stood strong and believe
I will find that one
but first I need to get over
the heartaches and pain to move on

its so hard, but im better off without him
I wont look back, I wont think twice
to be with him
my ex tim got the boot
now just let me be
im glad im movin on
to be stress free

I wish I never gaved him another chance
my boyfriend for 3 and a half years
he went back to that girl he screwed on me with
emotionally hurt
I shed so many tears
after all the pain
I stood strong and believe
I will find that one
but first I need to get over
the heartaches and pain to move on

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Never Heard

The night is still, darkness dead
Yearned for tears, shall soon be shed
The end of existence hopelessly lead
By the girl who was never heard

The tranquil moon breaks amidst the night
But beauty is lost in this unspeakable sight
As the silver of the stars catches the light
Beside the girl who was never heard

Awaiting across the midnight sky
Lay this girl with tears in her eyes
Nothing ever seems to be right 
With the girl who was never heard

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World full of darkness and hate.

Young black male trying make it walking through these streets.

With a pen and a dream to make it just you wait.

With god in his heart keeping him from growing weak.

Also a girl that he would give the world up for.

She keep him on his path forward to greatness.

The girl make him feel like she the only one god gave him from what he prayed 

He can talk to her about anything that upset him and still keep it hood.

To tell her his feeling he knew it was all good.

He told her one day he going take her to the top.

Just as long as the love she give him never stopped.

In his mind he knew that would never stop being.

They plan they whole life out together already.

But the boy,he still daydreaming.

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Ode To Jamie

I'd never know the joy, they said
To hold, and kiss, and nurture.
But all too soon we did find out
That God had planned my future.

That beautiful baby girl I had
Came to my life a' crying.
 She brought so much love to us
To her there was no denying.

The terrible two's, the trying teens,
The years passed by so fast.
I knew she'd grow up, and pull away
Her dependency wouldn't last.

So as I placed her hand in yours,
you quietly changed her name.
My little girl grew up that day.
My life won't be the same.

She'll always be my baby.
Thank God for blessing me.
Although we share her love,you see
She saves big hugs for me.

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YOU part2

why do i feel so bad 
why do i feel so sad 
at this point im beginning to feel mad 
why do i feel like you don't want me 
when I already knew how it was going to end 
in heartache 
I should have never gotten so deep 
I knew it was real 
so I thought 
not for you any way 
i put my all into it 
and you act as though you cant see the light 
is it not bright enough 
am i not shining it in the right place 
or are you just to dump to see it 
tell me what am I doing wrong 
never mind that 
i'ma tell you how i feel 
and trust that its not me 
i was there for you 
when you needed a shoulder to lean on 
i was there when you needed someone to talk 
to someone or anyone about what you were going through 
i sat there and listen 
to you tell me about how in love you are with this girl 
when you already know what i was thinking 
that , that girl you were telling me you were in love with was me 
i listened to the poems you wrote just for her 
and wished they were written to me 
i could hear how hurt you were 
and put on a show for you to hear 
just so you wouldn't know i was hurting just as much as you were maybe more 
because i sat there and listen to you say 
over and over again 
about how much she meant to you 
and that it was going to kill you when she went back home 
i sat there and listen to how you were trying to get over her 
by trying to put me in her place 
telling me you love me 
when you knew in your heart 
and in your soul 
that you were saying it to her 
i was so stupid 
i should have known 
i could never be that one you truly wanted 
i could never be the girl friend 
you were proud of 
all i could be 
was that great listener of yours 
who told you what she thought about the problem and not how she felt 
i let you put me here 
now i have to get myself out 
we could never be happy together 
because to you im just the second best 
the one flying back home 
will always have that number one spot in your heart and i cant touch that 
so stop dragging me in your sorrows 
i have my own........YOU 
but believe me when I say I will for love you and you will for ever be a part of me 
as she is with you. 

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In this position

Just hearing your voice on the telephone 
makes my body foam like it's never done before
I want you, yet I barely know you.
It's like both our bodies are singing the 
very same song.
I hate that I feel this way about somebody
who already has somebody.
I don't want this situation to turn into wishful 
I can't have my heart missing something 
that I shouldn't even be pining for. 
It's just that  you have this way
about you that seems to click with me
I know if we ever did do something
that it will go down in history 
but I'd better hang up now 
before I start falling in love.
It's not me your calling girl friend.
it isn't me that you'd be hurting.
If you go and do what you know you want
than a girl I barely know will end up hurt
just because we took it too far.
I don't want this position,
we can't change any of the conditions.
That's why it's better to hear the dial tone
than to be caught creeping on the low.
That would be a whole new low.
So I'm afraid to say it but I have to go.

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DO you want to know what i hate ? i hate how when a man sleeps with a whole bunch of girls
hes a pimp and master like a god to men and women but when a woman does the same shes a
whore slut or even a piece a trash and women call them th same first  of all its wrong and
second is that is totally sexism  so next time you are sleeping with a whole bunch of
girls and your girl does the same before you call her a slut or anything think  you did
the same exact thing  also another thing is  when a girl does a sport or there is just a
girls sport its dumb but oh no not a guys its so mean and cruel listen guys if a women
does the same thing as a guy ITS THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO unless you men or women have a better reason to make me say oh there different well
then tell me  cause its really ticking me off

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Constrictive Skin

Wearing new skin, this lady's all anew
 Brandishing epidermal camouflage
A new sense of comforted composure
  Gallantly striding in a way she never had
I dare not ask to see a layer below this show
  She is showing me the preferable version
Nodding I approve...yes a better you
  a newer you
    a different you...silently I disapprove
Fearing I knew the little girl hiding underneath
  would peek from time to time
Seeing if her costume served its perfunctory purpose
  fooling them...pleased...she traipsed in hollow garb

The masquerade wore on and a newer audience appeared
Performances went from weekly, to daily, to constant
Consuming and constrictive
New skin clung tight to a suffocating girl
A different girl
  A frustrated girl

The game had transformed into a maddening display
The girl I knew, a shell of herself, feeling trapped
Crying out in a confused scream of fit
"Why don't they understand"!!!!
I couldn't bring myself to tell her what she wouldn't see
A facade of outer strength was weakening the core
No one understood her...because they didn't know who she was.....

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girl on the side

you had a girl, but i was young and didn't care.
never knew the meaning of breaking up a happy home.
i thought one day ill have you on my own.
a fool in love.
driving around with another girl man thinking that was cool.
believing his lies, in his dark brown eyes .
visiting his job, with my head held high.
thinking our love was real, thinking our love was strong.
can't believe they let me get in too deep.
friends and family didn't tell me what i was doing was wrong, now my feelings i 
can't keep.
so young and naive.
thought he was a pimp because he had two girls in his world.
i let him get the best of me.
in my heart i knew it was meant to be.
listen to his every word
thought he was Mr. perfect, thought he really care.
he told me my feelings i should never hide.
reality hit i was the girl on the side.

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Down the Corridors She Still Walks

There was a little girl
So different from the others
With internal heartfelt cries
Her existence in lonely smother

She never fitted in
Her parents became so lost
A decision they came to make
To their paternal cost

To a place where they have taken her
This girl from their hearts
They are now lost in their limbo
Heavy tears as they depart

The doors close and sever
As they fade away
Into her distance
From her future stay
To her room she is taken
Her world now torn apart
Scared and visibly shaken
Her past and them apart

Many months have passed
As trauma's fill her years
Happenings so horrific
That left so many fears
Deaths became so common
Objects would fly at speed
As all around her panic
She's called the devils seed
It's been two decades now
As this place has died it's death
This girl that came so young
Left so many reft

Her life was finally taken
One long cold winters day
In a bath full of water
She let the razor play

This building she called home
Where people passed and talked
This young girl, the devils seed
Still down the corridors she walks

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The life of a girl of twelve

My life was difficult,
Even from the start,
My mom had me and Russell,
And started at 16.
She married my father,
After she had me.
He was gone,
I was three.
So I lived with my mom and Russell til' four
When a man named Scott came knocking at our door.
Seven, and three years later 
And still together
Him, mom,Russell, me
At seven came Ryan, 
Mom twenty four,
At the age of nine came Connor Payne.
 Robbie was there, Russell's father,
Now Scott just a stupid memory
Of a time when I had more
So I turned twelve and two dads were there,
But, where was mine?
I went around and pretended I was fine,  
But I always cryed on the inside.
So the life of this girl rarely happy but always sad,
Until Sky comes and our troubles abound no more
The life of this girl has turned around
From the worse to the better
The life of this girl of twelve, 
Thirteen in four months
Is hard and filled with work
But thats okay,
I'm fine anyway, 
And I know that through the struggles,
We will help each other.
And besides with brother number four on the way, 
I got to be happy and close the door,
Cut off the stem of my unhappy life
And live for harry potter, poetry, church and my family
So I guess this story of emotional rags to riches is fine
But noone will ever experience a life like mine.

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Have you ever

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurts to be a part?

There love burns like the eternal flame deep within your heart.

Have you ever needed someone so much that without them you just cry?

Like a love that last forever and will never die.

Have you ever wanted someone so much that they never leave your mind?

As if to be with them some how stops all time.

Have you ever found someone that is truly your best friend?

Someone who always has the time with you to spend.

Have you ever found someone that makes your heart race?

Just thinking of her kiss and the way that she tastes.

Have you ever found a girl who tastes like a sweet peach?

A girl who with one look can stop your speech.

Have you ever found a women who will give her heart to you?

A women who will promises to always be true.

I found this women who i thought was just a dream.

Now i know what true love is i know just what they mean.

Many poets talk of women and compair them to many things.

Like the beauty of a flower or the song that a bird sings.

But she is so wonderful that nothing ive experienced can even compair.

To the way she feels when shes in my arms and just knowing she is there.

So as i finish this i would just like to say.

Deanna i love you more each and every day.

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The pursuit

  Me and you flat like melted butter. You on top of me, me on top of you. We create a sandwich 
just us two and all that's on my mind is what I want to do. No other inturruptions, No loud 
contridictions telling me to stop cause I want this. Can't nothing disturb this process of releasing 
my oppression. Can't nothing prevent this pure hot aggression. A passion so strong im almost 
fighting you cause your not taking me fast enough. Im tired of this lock and chain that I have 
been carrying around for centuries. All I see is that im locked and have you have the key. Im 
offering myself and your willing. Nothing can ruin my plan. It's going to happen. He's two inches 
away from the goal, my whole body is shivering and he sure is delivering like promised.  2 or 3 
more seconds and I would have been pure no more until the door slammed open and his girl 
walked in and witnessed the whole scene what a perdicament. Now it's me him and her and if 
looks could kill I would be dead but that last part wasn't a joke she just pulled out a blade and im 
afriad. He told me he didn't have no girl I thought as I struggled to detach myself from tangle 
sheets. His girl's face showed it all and I knew I was in for some trouble. I could tell that her 
motto was no regrets and she wouldn't have a problem burying me in her families cemetery. 
This is some deep ---- and to think this is all because of my stupid pursuit to lose my virginity.

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Gone Are The Days - II

Remembering my classmates,after few years,
My eyes are filled with tears,
Everyone now is busy a lot,
No one escaped destiny's plot.

Saw the girl whom once I thought was my best friend,
Opps! Today she is somebody else's girl friend,
After months,remembered her for a little while,
Heard she's happy,that made me smile.

Project reviews to campus interviews,
Nick names to last bench games,
Casual rehersals to love praposals,
Short term crushes to classroom blushes

Everything is fresh in our mind,
Wish Life could just rewind,
Let's laugh,play and rejoice,
Once again become college guys

Chatting and laughing , we are all in elation,
Till the painful moment of separation,
When it was time to part,
We returned to heavy heart

Today life is full of commitments,
And too many worries,
But those cherished moments,
Will live forever in our memories.

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Who Shall I Be Today?

Sunflowers are blooming and my sky is looming,
The sun sets behind the caramel iris of my eye,
weakness shudders my lips and strength gives my knees a push,
I speak, no I do not, do you? Yes you do,
Who shall I be today? That girl with a question blazing her warm face,
The sea whispers in my ear a secret of its possession, 
A bird sings it’s song; should I sing mine?
How can I sing when speak I cannot,
Ah a wandering spirit, to it I may speak,
Judge me, it will not; lift me it may,
Pretty flowers speak softly to me,
Trees sway in authoritative means,
Sleep caresses my mind, dreams flourish,
Intrigue paces the tunnels of my mental existence,
Happy places reside in the dreamland of my resting place,
The world I shall awake to each and every day,
Meaning I lack, confusion I possess,
Oh curse the forever thinking mind of an adolescent!
Leave me alone, it never shall!
You call me inexperienced, sensitive and extreme,
May you share the fear and forever hold your peace,
So I ask, who shall I be today?
The girl who’s fear rests beneath clouds of denial,
Or the girl who’s mind continues to wonder; continues to wander and will never stop to rest, 
until meaning is given.
By Laura Wilms

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To all the people

i want to be famous more than anthing
so dont judge me!
to all those boys 
that are to afriad to make the first move. 
to all those girls that feel alone at night. 
to all those people that never feel loved. 
there's always someone wishing for you to be theirs 
and to be with you to make everything perfect. 
it may be hard now but be strong. 
because later on you wont regrret all those silly love notes. 
and think maybe you should of told her how you really felt. 
the road ahead wont be easy but it sure 
as heck will be fun if you have those that love you to guide you. 

i believe everything happens for a reason. 
im not a perfect girl and 
my hair dosent always stay in place. 
i eat when im bored and 
i spill things alot. im pretty clumsy and 
sometimes i have a broken heart. 
my friends and i sometimes fight and 
maybe some days nothing goes right. 
but when i think about it and take a step back. 
i remeber how amazing life truly is and 
that maybe. just maybe i like being unperfect. 

right beneath the make-up and behind the smile 
im just a girl who wishes for the world. 

she smashed the rearveiw mirror with her fist 
because starting today shes never looking back 
shes so tired of pretending everything is ok 
her tears are starting to show and her smile is fading away 
just turn up the speakers. 
so we can sing like rock stars and dance like were famous. 
cause we are just silly little girls who fall for stupid boys. 

[[help by a friend]]

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The Unborn child

It’s really dark and wet in here;
What are they giving me?
Is this beer?
Closing my eyes and lips,
I am hiding behind the hips;
Oh my, I see smoke,
Watch out I am going to choke.
Trying so hard to hide,
I open my eyes wide,
I hear somebody beginning to cry;
Is it a girl or is it a guy?
The crying makes me sad,
The smoke makes me mad,
The beer does not taste good,
This is a girl that I am hiding in,
Why is she committing such a sin?
She decides to give me life,
She might as well kill me with a knife.
I am not even born yet,
And already life is such a threat.

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Inside this girl is a woman contradicting what she’s suppose to be.
A woman is imprisoned inside this little girl’s body and face.
The girl hides the woman you can’t see.
Innocence gone without a trace!
What happened and where she gone?
This is the story of a childhood lost.
It will be too late when it comes dawn.
This is a story of a child that paid a fatal cost.
She lost who she was.
Where is god when suffering consumes grown up children fighting to be free.
She suffered defeat by rages enabling cause.
This is the story of a nine year old and the woman inside me.

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This I Know for Sure

many people read the Bible and doubt the very story
that a virgin girl gave birth to a child who became God's glory
why is it so very hard for people to just believe?
that God can do anything that we humans can perceive

it's not a question of man's logic nor a question of man's reason
to believe that God appeared in the flesh on earth for one brief season
the one thing that man must understand about the spiritual world
it's that it does not always conform to whatever man has seen or heard
the spiritual realm deals with matters on an unseen astral plane
it's not just black and white but shades of gray that can't always be explained

miracles themselves are acts and deeds of a Godly manifestations
improbable and extraordinary occurrences that defy mere explanation
it's unlikely that many non-believers will or even can comprehend
that a girl from that time could become pregnant without intercourse coming in
we're in the age of technology, logic, sound reason and thoughts
but the spiritual realm does not apply to the principles mankind has been taught

Mary was touched by the Hand of God and then she did conceive
it was the desire of our Lord God, HIs Holy seed she would receive
a virgin, a young teenage girl untouched by any man
specifically chosen to be an integral part of God's master plan

it's not so hard for anyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ
to know the He was God in the flesh, the Word and the light
He was a gift, a present Himself from Father God above
He came to show us mercy and grace and God's unconditional love
the Son of Man, the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel is His name
Our Deliverer, Our Salvation Who died for our sins and our shame
He came to show us how to live and love the right way
God's initial concept  from which mankind had strayed
born to Mary,a young virgin girl and her carpenter husband-to-be
Joseph, a descendant form the line of King David, thus fulfilling the prophecy

from Gensis to Revelations for over a thousand year time span
Prophets, Judges, Kings and disciples revealed parts of God life-living plans
how is it possible that so many different people from all walks of life
and for so many years
could tell a continuous and complete narrative, 
if the presence of God was not here?
it's not about logic nor sound reason it's about so much more
that Jesus Christ was God's begotten son and 
this I know for sure

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Whatz Love

Whatz Love-Does it mean anything in your mind
Tough Times-With that one girl in your life
Whatz Love-So many dayz have passed by
Tough Times-Sleeping by yourself every night
Whatz Love-Baby-Whatz love to you

Love is a word
That holds two hearts together
Never separated in spirit
Holding each other forever
Never confused
‘Cuz you’re my soul mate
I thank the Lord 
For sending a beautiful angel to hold me
This never was a role play 
A life long dream of romance
Tryin’ to hold on
Her love is the only way
It’s like Novocain
To numb and ease the pain
But still I feel that “cold rain”
That’s when my flows change
Can’t you see my words contain
So much sentimental value
Still lovin’ everything about you
Whatz love baby
Whatz love to you

Whatz Love-Does it mean anything in your mind
Tough Times-With that one girl in your life
Whatz Love-So many dayz have passed by
Tough Times-Sleeping by yourself every night
Whatz Love-Baby-Whatz love to you

Love can mean a lot of things
Good and bad
Sometimes leads to diamond rings
Thatz never sad
Beautiful sparks
Maybe broken heartz
But right now
Itz just you and me
In this world of Godz
Alwayz prayin’ for strength
When we’re apart
Lonely thoughts in my head
Sad remarkz 
Love wordz never said
All our special times
Dreamin your body 
Close to mine
Thatz what makes love real
So tell me baby 
How do you feel
Whatz love baby
Whatz love to you

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Diary of a good girl

         You look at me and think that I am so innocent, but don't you know what your 
really seeing because I think your eyes are tricking you. I can be ms. goody two shoes 
but don't you know what I wanna do? it's impossible to make a blind guy see that good 
girls are really closet freaks. I walk around in jeans and a nice shirt but you only look 
at the girls with short skimpy things and who act like they know. but you know it's the 
quiet ones that really know how to put it down, were not afraid grab my hand and I will 
show you I've been around waiting for this chance.When are guys going to grow some common 
sense you won't get anywhere with a chick who think she been there and done that.  I'm 
serious so if your laughing now then you have learned nothing new because i'm not going 
to be the one to school you unless your with me and then you'll know. I don't need 
attention it's when I want it that I truly get it. Don't need to wear flashy clothes 
because it's inner confidence that will make me grab what I want when I need it. See were 
special and I don't appreciate comments and opinions about how boring we can be? Just 
think all this time I've been restricted wait until I open. You won't be able to stop me 
I will be traveling so fast you might need an advil. This is me and during the day I work 
to get straight A's but just think about what the night can bring. I'm devoted and i'm 
kind and when you need it I will supply. So next time I grin, or a good girl is sitting 
next to you give her a chance she will not disappoint because shy good girls really 
command when it comes to what they know. So before you think a good girl is strictly good 
read this nice handy manual and then you will see what fun a good girl can be... peace 
don't forget this Diary. 

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The Lost Children

The homely girl crying in pain,
And the odd boy wandering like insane.
They have their stories to tell;
Deep down in their hearts that dwell;
The rainbow,nobody to view .
(Listen for you may learn something new !)

The iceberg that floats above the surface, 
Is small enough for you to judge.
All the more lies beneath,to let unbrace;
Is unfair enough for you to grudge.
(Listen for you may learn something new !)

Learn to like people with candor,
And do them no slander. 
The homely girl crying in pain,
And the odd boy wandering like insane.

The homely girl crying in pain,   

The odd boy wandering like insane......    

(Listen for you may learn something new !)   

(Listen for you may learn something new !)

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A girl like you

Yeah you’re broken hearted
So, what else is new?
And no you can’t deny, 
The fool he made out of you

After all the guys and all the lies
I guess you never learned
If you ask for fire and desire
You can count on getting burned

You’ll be better off without him
And girl you know its true
I’m singing you this song 
Cause I was once a girl like you

And just when you think life couldn’t be better
And nothing could go wrong
You find yourself listening 
To another pathetic love song

“How do I live without you” and
“We belong together”
“It’s just a little to late” and
“Always and forever”

You can drown yourself in sad songs
And cry yourself to sleep 
Or you can get yourself back out there
And forget about that creep

You’ll be better off without him
And girl you know its true
I’m singing you this song 
Cause I was once a girl like you

I’m talking from experience 
I’ve played that stupid game
I finally let go and realized
That they’re all the same

Stop trying to figure it out
Because there’s nothing you can do
Stop trying to win him back
Because it’s him who lost not you

You can dream and you can pray
But what you want is miles away
Don’t be fooled by love again
It’s a game you just can’t win

You’ll be better off without him
And girl you know its true
I’m singing you this song 
Cause I was once a girl like you

Yeah I’m singing you this song
Cause I was once a girl like you

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I used to be

I used to be a geek. 
There's nothing bad about that. 
But I just want you to see the drastic changes i've been through. 
You see I used to be alone. 
No friend in sight. No one cared about the girl who stayed quiet and silent. 
I was in a deep depression cause no guys would look at me.
I was completely envious and jealous of the girls who seeked attention and received it.
Thoses girls used to be my worst enemies. 
It's funny how they became my best friends.
How quickly they came once I become ok with myself.
Once I stopped caring so much what others thought.
Once I got a sense of fashion. 
People flock to those who embrace themselves, people flock to people they can relate to.
Now I don't want to make it all sound like an instant transformation cause truly to get these 
people's acceptance I had to change everything that I stood for. 
Change my quietness to loud and my shyness to bold. 
Change my baggy pants in to tight and my no name in to designer.
Strighten out the naps and lotion up the bruises.
I had to throw all my mixed up emotions in a closet and lock the door for good.
Now the new me seems like all i've ever been.
The new me seems like home. 
Now I critcize girls who look how I used to be... now i'm the dime piece every guy wants. 
Now i'm the girl with tons of friends and it's not just image. 
They really truly have embraced me.
    But there are sometimes in my new life and my body that I wish I could go back to that 
invisable geek because sometimes being under a daily microscope gets tiring.  Sometimes I 
wish I could go back to how I used to be. But things can never be the same. This is from a 
former known geek. 

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accidental observer

had a hankering for praline pecans &
so, as one with a hankering for praline
pecans will do, when the appropriate
funds are available & one has the time
to go praline pecan search, 
off to the grocery he went.

the first store didn’t have exactly what
he wanted & so back in the car & the
search continued, but rather than pop
from store to store, not finding the perfect
can, like Goldilocks & the porridge,
he settled for a bag of some fancy 
black pepper & cranberry pecan 
concoction, which while in reality
were probably better for him, they just
didn’t hit the mark, like the pralines
which he’d envisioned in his head
(and eventually in his stomach), only
a half hour or so before the
black pepper purchase.

rewind to right before he went up to
the register to buy the nuts & you
find him walking down an aisle in
which at the end, only a few paces away,
there stood a little girl, a toddler, pushing
one of those teeny lil’ carts which 
kids are able to push around beside their

now, her cart was pretty damn full &
the little girl had somehow got it
teetering, so now at this point she is
struggling to keep the cart from completely
falling over & the squealing scream/cry
that only a little girl can muster, starts to
emit from her mouth simultaneously 
with a reddening of the face, which is the
pre-balling cry period that children
seem to have.

our praline-seeker, he sees the child screaming
& ponders the scenario, that if her ran to
help the child, the parent might not 
appreciate a stranger in the midst of their
most precious, while on the other hand,
it’s perfectly possible that she will let the
cart fall over & cause her some kind of
pain---either way, the child is not the
responsibility of the praline-seeker,
so he simply watches the event unfold
as he continues down the aisle in her
direction at a casual walking pace.

within seconds, the father & his even
younger daughter (being dragged by her
arm round the corner of the other aisle)
come to help out the struggling child & 
suddenly her screaming stops, with all
the pre-balling cry reddening 
disappearing, as if nothing had happened---
the father looks up, smiling a stressed
out smile at the praline-seeker and 
gets down to the level of his child, 
brushing hair out of her face &
telling her it’s going to be alright.

as all three of them move on round the
corner to the next aisle, our praline-
seeker stops & decides on the black
pepper & cranberries. 

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Sugar coat

This pain in my heart 
goes far beyond my pout 
I'm in need of a drainage 
that's how deep the bleeding 
in my soul is raining
I used to be a nice girl
Now I'm the statistic

I never knew how far 
the transmorphication had gone
until I saw the disappointment
in my mother's eyes
It showed me I was less loved
They flickered cold and sad
When they rested upon me 
As if she remembers 
the daughter she once had
I'm disappearing and it's quite sad

I remember what I used to be 
This new girl shall be the death of me
Sin leaked in through open wounds
pretending to soothe 
I trusted it's deceit
I liked what evil was doing to me
Such power oh what a rush
never seeing that inside I was changing

God no longer laid any fingers on this
future delinquent that I was becoming
the shimmer in my eyes went out 
like two dead light bulbs 
and I barely survived the struggle
Before I realized how deep 
the devil had pulled me under

I know now that I need my mother
I'm not gonna sugar coat the pain
cause life isn't candy it's demanding 
and it can turn a good girl out
Like pimps do to their prostitutes 
and I wonder everyday if I will continue to sway
I grow numb thinking about what 
will happen if I don't make a change

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Take a sip, dip your fingertips in it,  take a swig, don’t drink too much just a taste 
of the lust. In your mouth you will feel the sensation the embration and the motion 
of it all  in your mind this BGJ will takeover, it will take you to another place
 maybe even put a smile on your face. It will make you so in touch with your skillz,  
the lack of it will make you kill. Peanut-butter, caramel, mocha, dark chocolate, 
white chocolate  all sorts of flavors and kinds 
It tastes so sweet, it makes our life complete. It takes you to another world when 
you get a taste of this black girl.
It’s what your life is made of, it’s even said black girl juice is better than love
It’s the sweetest thing around, but the best of the BGJ is downtown 
You will forever crave for this BGJ because it gives you the use of your knowledge 
and skillz 
It’s calling your name so much you cant deal to be away from it for too long cause 
the BGJ is so strong
Only the most special girls hold the BGJ power inside and since every black girl 
is special this such good stuff cant hide
 Any special black girl can provide you with this feeling that takes your breath 
away. You can sip, swig and dip all day. Stay hooked on this such good stuff 
through the rain and STORMS 
 This BGJ will stay the same sweetness, petiteness, bitterness that puts you at 
your weakness 
They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice 
Well even the light skinned to almost white tend to be the same BGJ 
So don’t be choosy still don’t go with the cheapest floosey 
Go with most of the things outside still see past it all and see that this black girl
 has a lot of BGJ inside…1996"

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New Leaves (but she is sinking)

A girl with hollow eyes 
stares from behind 
foliage rich with greens and yellows 
but she’s in black and white 
no Technicoloring here 
and the leaves are closing in 
spiraling around her face 
pulling her off to the side 
so she can dwindle away 
in peace. 
This shadow of a girl 
who used to exist 
in as much varied splendor 
as that which surrounds her 
is now fading 
lackluster lips 
not even trying now 
to speak out against 
her oncoming disappearance 
though her eyelashes 
lush and thick 
still hold on 
trying not to let the colors 
into the void of white 
not wanting change to enter 
what used to be the center 
steadily silent and solitary 
expanse behind those eyes 
where everything 
was lulled to quiet and inflexible. 
Perfect in every way 
she is humorless 
unsmiling and her only flaws 
are the missing so-called 
windows to her soul 
so that while she is blank 
a clean slate she is not 
her various markings and stains 
are there 
though unseen. 
She accepts her fate 
silently fighting 
all the time 
but her façade stays intact 
even as she suffocates 
and eventually dies 
under thousands 
of overturned 
new leaves.

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Permanent Scars

Once upon a time I was a girl who had dreams
I stood out and brought light to a crowd, making life easier than it seamed
I was a young girl who looked forward to the blue skies and the morning wind
Always wanted to run, scream, and play, never wanting the day to end
Sometimes picking flowers, making mud pies, or climbing apple trees
Too busy to stay in one spot, to much to do in one day, starting off with loosing my
mothers keys.
I miss those happy sunsets, and my pillow full of wondrous thoughts and dreams
So sad, a story so happy ended at age 6, now life is harder than it has ever seamed
Now age 17 and each new day means a new permanent scar
Loved ones ripped from my heart, no light is left, each was the light of a star
Smiles replaced by frowns, laughter replaced by tears, and love replaced with hate,
People say it wont last forever, your special day will soon arrive, just be patient and wait.
No more sunny days, or morning winds, just rainy days and cold nights
Will these days last forever? I'm lost! Which way do I turn, left or right?

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Who I Am

The way I am you can relate,
I can sometimes be tough to break,
I act childish time to time,
Sometimes I still wish I was a kid,
My age only brings attitude,
Sometimes good and sometimes bad,
I have a hard time sharing who I am,
I try real hard not to get hurt,
My heart has built a wall around it,
I don't know if it can ever be knocked down,
It's hard to just open up,
To let everyone see the real me,
I'm scared to know what people might think,
After they see the scared little girl within,
Sometimes though I open up a crack,
Sharing just a little of who I am,
Don't get me wrong I am a nice girl,
It's just sometimes I feel like I have to hide,
I have been his way ever since I can remember,
I don't know if I can ever change,
I have been through so much bad stuff,
and then I try to keep it all inside,
I hope people can accept me for who I am,
and not judge me so much,
One day I will open up all my heart,
Opening up a little now is a good start,
Maybe someday I'll like who I am,
and share with everyone the girl that can

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The Girl With No Middle Name

The girl with no middle name
Seeks no middle ground
Her success with people
Leads to racy rumors
She must cover up on her own
For no one else is willing to help
She was once in my arms
And she once stood under the roof of my house
But now, the short distance dividing our homes
Grows grossly
And we stand in the middle
The girl with no middle name and I

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(Teen baby boom not cute)

is fragile
are cute
but add on their
and than the love
begins to fizzle
             like a soggy pancake
            that once tasted sweet
              your love is bitter now
            You sometimes imagine
               what it would be like 
                 if you had chosen
                    a different path 

Maybe you can at least
dream that this isn't your life
 the babies crying grows louder
maybe it's because she misses her father
The girl he sneaks off to see 
is young vibrant and free
the girl you use to be  

                 Your trapped feeling sorry
                  trying to be the mommy that you
                         thought you could be 
                                at eighteen 

Lies are what he told you
when he said he would be there
Your heart is what broke
now that you know he doesn't care
                  Your mom warned you that an abortion
                   would be the best way out 
                   but you were in love 
                   you guys were gonna be
                   the perfect family  
                   at least it's what you thought. 

Sometimes love is fragile 
and than there's the times 
when it didn't exist to begin with 

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Lonely Girl

She sits alone in her room 
This pretty little girl with no one to love 
Tears run swiftly down her cheeks 
They show anger, frustration 
And now she feels weak 
She lays there and thinks about life 
Feeling stricken with nothing but pain and strife 
People talk behind her back 
Leaving her helpless and draining her soul 
But not a word she utters 
No emotion does she show 
Until she gets to her room 
Nothing but a pillow to hold 
She thinks of ways to end the pain 
But knows that it just can't be her end 
She hides away in her books instead 
Letting the happy endings sweep her away 
She drifts along caught in her stories 
Hoping that one day Prince Charming will come through 
"Foolish" she thinks to herself, 
"Prince Charming is only a fairy tale 
And wishes weren't made for you" 
This girl feels no hope 
No out to the things that make her sick 
She's alone in her room 
Crying with her nose in a book

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There’s no point in hiding things detested
When they return once more, undigested,
  Forcibly ejected from the inside tract
  And flushed away like a guilty act.
When the bones and joints poke and snap,
Lollipop sticks against cellophane wrap,
  They’ll guess what you’ve been trying to hide,
  Eyes will gape and then turn aside.
Diogenes masturbated publicly in Greece,
Debauched like a dog, raddled with disease,
  If only, he mused, amidst ifs and buts,
  I could satisfy hunger by rubbing my guts.
But that’s not the way it works for real,
For the riches of man can never reveal,
  Why the skeleton girl with button moon eyes
  Sees reflection of self she can only despise.
Blood from hands can be washed away
Yet the mental stains will forever stay,
  And the skeleton girl with the zombie grin
  Cannot eat from without, yet is eaten within.

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The girl I love most

The girl I need most
There is no one like her from coast to coast.

The girl I love most 
Has broken my heart like a crispy toast!

The girl I want most
Has possessed me like a pitiless ghost!

The girl I care most
Does not give me in her heart a good post!

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Is this my sentence

I'm reaching critical 
will the doctor please save me
Do I need to get hysterical 
before a blessing can re bath me
I should be eternally great full  
and trust me I don't need any confirmation
I just need a little blanket to sheild 
me from all this breaking
I fear taking an antidote 
because those things can make you crazy
You cure one major enigma 
but another one is chasing 
I want to know about my life
but a prophecy is too revealing
All I want to know is if these 
wounds I feel will eventually heal
So doctor take your time 
I'm maxing out all my life lines
I will be just fine 
I know I'm  far from the due date line
I'm just a young girl whose lost
I know this isn't anything new 
So what's the rush? 
It's just that these constant blows
Can confuse and eventually 
make a weak girl want to choose

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Beneath this stability of my mind, 
Beneath what seems to matter,
Beneath these stolid eyes you'll find,
A girl is about to shatter.

Beneath these walls I've built around me,
Beneath what's proud and never humble,
Beneath this light that seems to surround me,
These walls are about to crumble.

Beneath this devilish smile I wear,
Beneath what's alive and vivid,
Beneath these fiery eyes that stare.
A girl lies small and timid.

Beneath these arrogantly arched brows,
Beneath all bold words spoken,
Beneath this head that never bows,
I am torn and broken.

Beneath it all, this girl has lied,
Beneath it all lays empty dreams,
Beneath it all, deep down inside,
Nothing's what it seems.

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My Little Girl

There's a little girl who lives inside of me.  I know she's there but only few can 
see.  She hold memories that are close to my Heart some are happy and some 
are not.

When I look into her wide green eyes, I see innocence, a kind heart, and a 
magical smile.  I can also see how much love she carries in her heart; so much 
that it makes her heart hurt it seems that no wants her love and this maks her 

She loves very few, but there is one very special person close to her heart; who 
she gains strength, hope and most of all trust.

She see's herself growing up and learning not to take things for granted and to 
be grateful for everyday we have on this earth.

Now she see's that things are not as bad as they could have been.  She thanks 
God in her small voice that her special person is getting stronger everyday, and 
will come back to her soon someday.

It's funny, but when I look at the little girl who lives inside of me, I look deep into 
those green eyes, and I can see this little girl is really me.

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Cotton Candy Girl

   She's cotton candy sweet a whole line to buy her as hungry boys waited patiently. But 
Once they got to the front of the line and handed her their money and took a bite out of 
her they tasted staleness and there's no receipt. No refunds just move on so the next 
sucker can pay for their idealistic fantasy. She can transform into god if she wanted to 
while the guys admire her from a far everything seemed picture perfect. That's the 
problem no one's perfect sick and tired of immature guys judging only on looks. They get 
upset after they try it and it's not as good as it seems spitting out the contents they 
get angry and mean. Let down by the cotton candy girl they try to rap to the milkshake 
and the Oreo all leaving them resenting that they ever consented to them. Now poor eraser 
girl walks down the block it's love at first sight because not only is she special there 
is more to her than her sugar coating. Inside and out she had a heart that only breathed 
compassion; a brain that gave her reason and wisdom. Her beauty was the last thing on her 
mind, in fact she needed someone to tell her before she could realize just how wonderful 
she was. No cotton candy girl in her but the resemblance was remarkable. She gave no 
tooth aches or staleness. Her heart was available for free and she would always share no 
matter how small the bundle. The guy was mesmerized as he glared deeply into her eyes. He 
felt foolish and felt a smirk coming on at his stupidity for ever wanting a cotton candy 

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from his point of view

i saw the headlights but i was very  brave
 i knew my life i could not save
but my last thoughts were of you
and our baby girl  nicole to

she watches from her play pen as you scream an cry
you hold her an try to tell her
but she doesnt understand the word die

in just 2 days she will turn 1 
and you have to try and explain why daddys life is done

i watch from heaven and theres nothing i can do
just sit back and hope both of your dreams come true

when you tell her about her daddy
 please tell her my very last thoughts were of you
and my  wonderful  baby girl named nicole to

i saw the headlghts but i was brave
i knew my life i could not save

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The girl I used to be

If you’re looking for the girl I used to be, she is gone.
Never to be seen again.  She is from an easier life, a past
life.  The girl you see now is the one she has become. 
 She has become me.
She is stronger, harder, tougher.
She is colder, angrier.
The girl I used to be is still a part of me.
I still cry.  I still hurt.  I still want. I still feel.
I still wish.  I still hope. I still want to dream, but
as it seems, I cannot.
The girl that had dreams is gone.
She is now the girl of reality, running from the truth.
The sweet little innocent, perfect, beautiful, harmless,
Saint of a girl is gone.
I am here now.  Full of fury.
Full of rage.
Harmless, but tempted.

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Life Goes On

A little girl
With a grown up mind
She always felt
Like she was left behind

In a world so broad
She was all alone
The last place to go
Was her broken home

She couldn't love
She couldn't cry
All she could do
Was stare at the sky

She would wish
Every single day
That someone would come
And take the pain away

The girl grew up
With a very hard life
And now she's gonna be
Someone's wife

She can't go on
Something's not there
She doesn't want to live
Forever in fear

That sad little girl
Is the only thing in her mind
As she thinks again
About being left behind

A beautiful girl
So ugly inside
Every one seen her strength
Though all she did was hide

Hide from her fear
Hide from her past
Hide from the world
She always came last

She found the missing piece
But couldn't put it into place
There was one last thing
She needed to face

There was a woman
To whom she must speak
But the thought of that talk
Made her weak

How to tell her
Words of hate
Words of resentment
The girl is irate

The woman ran away
Never even looking back
Not caring what she left behind
All she wanted was more crack

The woman destroyed her life
And pulled the world down too
That girl is me
And that woman is you

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Push And Press

Push and press just have one more
Come on son lets have a ball
Drink as much as you can take
Please won’t you put on the brake?

Have a Whisky or a Beer
Come on now join in the cheer
Brandy, Rum, Vodka as well
Far too many drinks to sell

Drive me home please what a state
Not in his condition mate
Ah you’re alright, you can make it
Just get behind the wheel and sit

So he did the stupid fool
They carried him from the barstool
Off he drove without a care
Suddenly a shout beware!

Speeding down the road was he
But the girl he did not see
When they shouted he broke hard
But she folded like a card

Police and ambulance on the scene
Broken parents cry and scream
Driver drunk and yet quite sober
Cries how did I run her over?

Now the girl by luck is well
But for him life is a hell
Licence gone and job also
Even the drink has had to go

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Deceptive Reflections

There she is again
That girl in the mirror
I see her mimicing all that I do
I even see her with my friends
There are times that I wish 
I were prettier than she
And sometimes I wish
She would just leave me be

I look in the mirror
And all that I see
Is some girl who dresses
And acts like me
Who she is I may 
Never know
And right now
I wish she would just go!

I fear the dark
Only when I am alone
For I know not how
Empty the dark really is
She is my dark
My empty spot
I know not 
Who she trully is

I look in the mirror
And all that I see
Is some girl who dresses
And acts like me
Who she is I may 
Never know
And right now 
I wish she would just go

Why does that mirror lie!
I can't stand it!
Almost to the poing I could cry
I want to banish it
My reflection
My deception
My mirror 
My lie

Why wont you leave me be
Why wont you just dissapear
Why must you torture me
Why must I fear
That maybe, just maybe
I am that girl
In the mirror

I look in the mirror
And all that I see
Is some girl that dresses
And acts like me
Who she is
I may never know
Sometimes I wish 
She would just go

Now I turn on the light 
And now I see
That girl is 
My past
My present
My future

She is me

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I am living in this world
thats full of evil and hate
I feel suicidal
theres no more I can take
my pops beaten my mother
made her life a living hell
is there any decent men
well I cant tell
broken up families
Im from a broken home
my father left me strunged out
my mother raised me on her own
few years down the line
hes tryna make it up
I made up my mind
theres no makin up
promises been broken
lies are told
I wish i had a life
living richer that gold
black and bold
my brown skin is beautiful
emotionally disturb
thats why im so lyrical
I have a boyfriend at home
sometimes he do me wrong
even the ones I had before
they even did me wrong
whispers of deceit
tellin me, im the girl of their dreams
its so obvious to me, they only settled for me
since they cant have wat they want
the girl of they fantasy
they saId im the one they want
but its not wat it seems

"so suicidal"

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What Am I

have you ever felt alone when you weren't
have you been terrified at something so much it was hard to beleive
well it doesn't happen to us lately does it
well it has to me
i've been having these visions that won't go away
about this little girl around my age nearly getting killed in every vision
almost every thing i hear tells me i'll be nearly killed in a car crash
its scary how the voice i hear speaks
its cold and squeaky
but the voice i've heard is trueful
for i was nearly killed in a car crash this night
now i know who that little girl was
she was me but she looked a little younger than i am now
my heart started thumping
it felt like it was about to just pop out
little by little i'm learnig from my mistakes like every one else i'm not just one 
but a delightful creature of another species
this is my story to tell and what a beautiful one it was;

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It's Happy Father's Day?

I wish you could see
Just how beautiful your daughter is
And when her heart
Is tickled
She smiles
Just like 'you'
I wish you were here
to tell her
That her daddy loves her

That girl is me
And now im just another
Lost girl....

How am I to know
A King
When you never showed
Your crown
Instead I love a man
Who throws me down
Or either my love
Is in vain
Only to hide
From the pain
But I refuse
To be another
Lost girl

Im a survivor
Im a fighter
Highly favored
To blessed
To be stressed
And I will make it
I won't be
Another lost girl

But through this all
I have learned
I stand with my head high
I don't have to be
Another lost girl
And neither do you...
So fight
And don't every feel like
You can't be your dreams
Dont be another girl lost...

I wish you could see
Just how beautiful
I am
When my heart
Is tickled
I smile
Just like you
I wish you were here
To tell
That my daddy loves me

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Love You Ma' Ma

 Even though it's going to get better everything seem to be torn -
I wonder what life meant to my mother on the day i was born -
Her first child it was i -
Growed to be her little girl that was quiet and shy -
 Im sure she endured some of her own pain before i came in this world -
As all mother's , Im sure she prayed for the best for her first innocent little
girl -
As i growed to tell the time , able to understand the difference between day
and night -
 Through this cold world i pray not only for myself but, for my mother because 
we' ve both seen the dark and because of her i've also seen the light -
If it wasn't because of her making me go to church ; I wouldn't have known
how to follow direction's in the dark -
This world is like living in the ocean and my eye's is like that hungry shark -
 Everyday, I swim around this world looking for some good food to eat -
I know a shark will eat a human - being but, on the flip side we will eat a animal
that we care so much about we call it meat -
All im saying, is when life do get better i want feel so torn -
 I will stand on my two feet and i will know that this is how my mother felt the
day i her little girl was born -

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I am 5'2, brown eyes, 115 lbs., 20 years old, and I am worth way more than 

I am the one that can make you happy when you are sad.
I am the one, that towards you, I will never be mad.

I am courageous, talented, and unique.
I am the one with the small yeet nice fasique.

I am unstopable and noone can hold me down.
I am the girl that can make heads spin round.

I am independent, meaning I do not depend on any man.
Iam also in control and in demand.

I am the girl you don't have to worry about being shy.
I am the one, that for you, I will always stay fly.

I am not perfect, and there is not a soul on earth that is and will ever be.
I am totally and completely everythin that you see.

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The Story of the Dumpster Diver

 I asked him what he did?
    As he stood up and opened the lid.
He said some people call me a dumpster diver but hey that’s okay.
     He said I just reuse what people throwaway.
I asked him aren’t you afraid you might catch some incurable disease?
     He said you can do that just breathing the stuff that floats in the breeze.
I said it just seems like you’re taking an awful big chance.
    He did not speak but his eyes met my wandering glance.
I asked him did you choose this life or was it thrust upon you?
    He said I once had a home a really nice one too.
A little girl and a wife every mans dream.
     Everything was perfect like a fairytale theme.
One evening quite late we started home from the park.
     And I saw this car coming and saw flashes in the dark.
It was bullets they were firing that struck us all three.
     One hit my arm and one struck my knee.
One struck my wife they said it went right through her heart.
    The one my little girl caught ripped her apart.
My money all went for paying doctors, and morticians and such.
     In six months time I lost my family, home, and job that’s why now I don’t care 
too much.
I could have drawn unemployment, welfare and stuff.
     But instead I just turned to the streets I’ve just had enough. 
I said man I’m so sorry, I just didn’t know.
     He said that’s okay I catch it everywhere I go.
Well I bid him fair well and silently turned away.
     I often think about that old dumpster diver and the words he had to say.
I guess if this were to have a moral: How about never judge a book by its cover.

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As I glare towards the glass opposite me,

A question begins to swirl in my mind,

Why do I feel this gust of uncertainty?

What is so extraordinary about this frail reflection?

Staring back at me?


I look back at the girl in the reflection,

Surely, there must be a friction,

Why are her eyes staring thoughtfully into mine?

Every movement I make,

Every step I take,

It seems like she is inside my mind.


Why is it so difficult to believe that this girl is me?

Is that what I look like when I am in misery?

I know this plain glass doesn’t lie,

It shows me for who I really I am inside!

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on this site.

I love to read the poems on this site,
poems from the broken hearted, from love birds singing there tune, young poets of tomorrow
and poets longing to get out from yesterday,
to read about their grief their joy their pain their lives their journey, poems of lost,of
finding, poems that lift your soul and others that help you find your way,
I read a poe