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Inspirational Thank You Poems | Inspirational Thank Poems About You

These Inspirational Thank You poems are examples of Inspirational Thank poems about You. These are the best examples of Inspirational Thank You poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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But For You

But For You

You tagged me 
And said such nice things
I’m at a loss for words
Perhaps I need to call for help 
Won’t you help me choose
Joseph S., Carol B., Tami M., Stella S.,
Mike J., Vince S., Stacy R., Lainie G.
Maggie O., Lynn M .and Michaela P.
Who, oh who should it be?

I know! I know the perfect selection
Won’t you all join with me,
I introduce to you my Friends
Our very own ' Poetrysoup Origination.'
For without them we might never have met.
So while they take the stage
Let’s all give them a hand, and say 
“Our thanks to you and God Bless.”

                                          Cile Beer

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A psalm to Jehovah

On my hands and knees
I came to you

In the gloomiest of rain
when mine taught became

of course,
on those days which I did feel
a hundred fold
Blessed !

Yet now Father;
erect I do feel,
for i know You !

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Andrea the POETESS

Three dozen Roses, Red ,Yellow and White
To show my affection for POETIC insight
Her Quilled POETRY : Inspirations; ignite
The Pen in my hand as I write through the night

When words from her Heart, in a new POEM appear
I read it twice over 'til message is clear
The image so vivid as Roses "Pure" White
My mind carries her words in Dreams through the night

I wake up refreshed, with a pen in my hand
Thank-YOU Andrea Dietrich; I now understand
I will shout to the World; throughout the whole land
With a feeble Tribute to make YOU feel Grand

As my pen tries to emulate YOUR Talented Quill
Roses for Andrea and Her POETRY skill
Inspired by the Contest "A Soup member worthy of a Tribute"
                     Sponsored by " Richard Lamoureux " 

                   Dedicated to  the LOVELY POETESS
                              " ANDREA DIETRICH "

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None Above God

Oh God there is no one above You.
We exalt You to the highest view.
We sing Your praises everyday anew.
Thanking You for everything You do.
Oh God there is no one above You.

For Adeleke Adeite's "Golden Gratitude!" contest

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Sir Joseph Spence

Juvenated poetry you'll only find
Opens hearts souls and some great minds
Speical occasions or just looking for a fine dine
Epulaeryu sonnets senryu lantrune of a special kind
Perhaps seven by seven a Whitney or relative compound that binds
Hurry don't be late for he's a knight and shining armor that shines

Shout from the highest hilltops and valleys that you can find
Poetry in bookstores or library shelves all in and row and lined
Ending up in your lap and reading while sipping on some fine wine
Now is the time to cross this path that has made me blind
Come a little closer and shake and rattle this flowering vine
Everyone I'd like you to meet author poet and dear friend Joseph Spence of mine 

    Tribute To 
Joseph Spence

Luv Ya Dear Friend
Thanks For All You Do

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Bob Marley

Bob was the greatest,
 Mr Marley was the best,
 Guitar in hand,
 Words from his lips,
 Puts your mind at rest,
 He left us great music,
 He left us great thoughts,,                                               All Bob Marley songs 
 Songs like "JAH LIVE",                                                          are on You Tube....
 Captured my heart,                                                             JAH LIVE
 "NO WOMAN NO CRY",                                                          NO WOMAN NO CRY
 Made me love my,                                                              THREE LITTLE BIRDS
 Mothers and kids a lot more,                                              BUFFALO SOLDIERS 
 And the "THREE LITTLE BIRDS",                                             RED RED WINE
 Are still singing for sure,                                                     ONE LOVE....
 "BUFFALO SOLDIERS" are partying in America,
 Drinking "RED RED WINE",
 "ONE LOVE", one heart,
 Lets get together and feel al-right....

For Michaels' contest,Song writer who inspire you..

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Write,express your views,your thoughts,your inner-feelings,in poetry,
Read,share your comments,after viewing others poems,
A loving family community of poets,world wide,
Sharing poetry about adventure,art,confusion,fear,death,war or devotion,
Life,childhood,family,philosophy,nature,science,sport or religion,
Helping to educate the world about different cultures,
And the way different minds,elaborate on the same topic,
I love this great poetry network, 
That gives everyone the freedom of expressing them-self,
POETRY SOUP,we love you,thumbs up....

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Give Thanks

The food is put away, I've cleaned up the mess
Thank you Dear Lord, my house, you did bless

Family and friends you led through the door,
There was plenty enough if someone wanted more

As I looked around the room, my heart swelled inside,
All of this was possible because you were my guide

The blessings you send, make my life worth living
To you I give the glory, Happy Thanksgiving!

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…… , , , , ,……

Anonymous in a pier, no one in sight. My dry soul needing repair, pagan eyes dipped in blunt air nothing seems right. Waters fold like requiem weeds all prayers lost. Raking sands of hope’s dragged sails, As blackness opens lonely nails alone almost. Until, a gentle drifting of scent and time, fireflies’ gratefully rafting on buoyant bay alighting , a bird tweet chime. Delicate breeze touches me with floral wraps. To let praise calm my sea, Glitters of blessings rush free fill vacant gaps. To seize these miracles tended in wrapped splendor. Thank you, small pleasures gifted flowing with earth’s brew tasted, I surrender. My wish to touch all hours with God’s soft tone, on people and stray flowers. For dark and light are showers of grace evensong. -------- © copyright ~Nancy Jones’ Contest: Gratitude ~

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Grateful Freedom

How to thank you, Service men,
I have not got a clue
the hardships that you suffer
for freedom, sweet and true

Deployed, away, overseas,
the heart break you endure,
away from your own families
our safety to ensure

I can't imagine living
that way from day to day
with greatest of sincerity
I truly want to say

Your sacrifice, your honor,
courage, faith and heart
will be a shining beacon
for generations to impart

Please accept my gratitude
humble though it may be
for through your selfless sacrifice
our land shall e'er be free.

Thank you to all the men and women who serve this wonderful country!
Trudy Diane Rider

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The Golden Key


                                                     ~The Golden Key~
                                              Gratitude is the golden key

                                              that unlocks the treasures

                                             God has bestowed upon me.

                                               In His blessings I delight,

                                      on eagle’s wings my soul takes flight!

This poem has been entered in the "Golden Gratitude!" Contest

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Sandi Rains

Sandi Rains
I am in pains
I can't find your 
Poetry page
I am in a rage
For how can I
Thank you
For al the nice
Things you say.

Thank you for your comments  on my poetry, Sandi

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Doggy Gratitude-Her Hero

Animals have no souls,say some
But soul is just what made her come
To her human hero and show her heart
It gave the fireman quite a start

He didn't expect a response like this
To be given a great big doggy kiss
From this loving pooch with all her breath
Cos' he saved her pups from certain death

His instinct took over,he did what was right
He rescued these pups from danger and fright
But mama's gratitude he didn't expect
Her reaction was swift and direct

With sloppy wet kisses and a nuzzle
This doggy mama answered that puzzle
That animals have souls and big hearts too
They recognize kindness just like we do

**for contest "Doggy Gratitude"
sponsored by Joyce Johnson

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Gods Little Hand Me Down

*******This Poem is dedicated to my little Grand-daughter, who is born as a result of this posting....In an anouncement to the World...So, let us TWITT this too.................*******

I have an announcement
I am making it today
On the behalf of all
Of God's Little Children
For the Lord has yet,
Carried the day..

It is for Him that
We must pay homage
Fore it is He to which
        We must pay
He has given me such
This is an awsome display
I swear that I should love Her
And consort Her
And let Him Lead the way
It is for God's Little Hand
           Me down
Something for which
He is so re-sound
She is known as My
Born to my Daughter
Malika Horton
I give them both,
To the Lord,
I give them to Him
        - Now -
This is my little
Hand Me down
A gift from all creation
Threw the blood of
She is just another
In the realm of reality
A boost to family relation
And Let Her New Soul
Be-seize Us...
As I give all thanks'
To Jesus//
Fore She is with
Us now, and I can
Hardly waite
But to see Her smile :-o)'s
She is with us now
Un-till eternality
Ever-end everlasting
        - End -
She has such a
Pretty smile
Such a pretty girl
One of the most precious
Things' in the whole
Wide world...  0-o)'s!...
I thank the Lord
For playing this part
Fore She too
Has place yet another
A compilation unot
My Heart...
Dare this be my pleasure
Some-thing that I shall
Never Replace..
Some-thing that can't
       Be erased
A case of simple Love
Love beyond measure
Love beyond compare
Fore this is one of God's
Things' for which I
Have, right now


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American Hero

Drop down, 
hit the ground, 
you hear the sound, 
your enemy bound. 
Stand up, 
lock and load, 
be careful now, 
everythings about to explode.  
No sudden movements, 
stay as quiet as can be, 
don't give away your position, 
remember, blind men cant see. 
Now slowly creep forward,  
toward the dangers ahead,  
try not to show, 
the fear and the dread. 
Inside your freaking out, 
as you enter enemy territory, 
and this feeling cant compare, 
to any classic war story. 
Your hurt and sad, 
you feel all alone,  
but buck up young soldier, 
for soon you'll be home. 
It might not be, 
the home were hoping for, 
but heaven's nice,  
and Gods waiting at the door. 
So clear your head,  
don't think anymore, 
you'll need all your senses, 
to win this war.

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To Helen

Helen, I love the poems you write;
They fire me up when I visit your site.
Some have been, an inspiration to me,
at a difficult time, when I've been 'all at sea'.

'Songbird' truly touched my heart;
'The Garden' kind of set me apart.
'My Prayer' brought hope in a time of need;
'Music of Life' is fine indeed.

'Resurrection' well, that lifted me up.
'Walk of Life' filled my half empty cup!
'Nature Concerto' brought a breath of fresh air.
I'm so glad your poems are for all to share!

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Gratitude For Nancy Jones contest

Lord, thank you for the gifts
That you have bestowed on me
I hope I use them wisely
To bring honor unto thee

I will always praise your name
And strive to make men see
The sacrifice you made
On the Cross to set us free

Sometimes we forget to thank you
For the wonders you have wrought
And often failed to follow
The rules that you have taught

And if, in some small way
I inspire someone to pray
These gifts will be well spent
And I will die content

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My happy mood

I have no cause for alarm
'cause I have nobody to harm
Nor have I harmed anyone and would revenge.
I'm happy 'cause I have no lurk to avenge.

I feels so amazed...
For my dad and mum have said
'Yes' to my Maze and wisdom.
I'm happy they're ready to pole my kingdom.

I am happy 'cause my fists are warm,
My mind is pure and my arm 
Is willing to hug my ally
And feelings to make my foes smile.

By: Abdulhafeez Oyewole

30th March, 2013. 

Donald Williams' 
"What is your primary 
emotion today" Contest.

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I need to calm down

My anger grows like tsunami
I need to calm down as fast as it can be
I fear it is the beginning of another Katrina
My real nature is beautiful as shallow water

My heart is beating very high
I think I will lose my control
It is not a good experience
I want to relax and have peace

I need to do something very soon
let me think what can I do for that
I fear I will explode like a volcano
It may destroy other peoples lives too

I don't want to do it
I don't want to hurt anyone
I want to forgive and forget
What others done wrong to me

I looked around for real help
I didn't see anyone with a specific plan
I closed my eyes and pray for a moment
Like a miracle I feel I am being helped

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Have you ever known someone so brave

Have you ever known someone so brave?
That for you and me they risk their lives 
Knowing they could end up in the grave
Because they are fighting for our Country
With a willing heart to save
And please never forget all the other sacrifices they have gave

And please remember when you see our flags colors
The red, white, and blue
That we were given this chance for freedom
Because of what our military men and woman
Risking their lives for me and you 
So please when you have the chance 
Tell them Thank you, Thank you,
For all you do

Oh- have you ever known someone
That you look up to that is a hero in your eyes
Some one better than any comic book superman
For me that will always be my military man
He has shown me what it means to be brave
And just give all you can give even
When knowing there is a chance 
that you can end up in the grave
Because you’re willing to save
Oh- These men and woman who fight 
For our country are just so brave
With a heart of gold they have gave
So please when you have the chance 
Tell them Thank you, Thank you,
For all you do

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Tribute on Labour Day

For the workers of Today,
We salute your efforts of every day
On this day you all must get some rest
To give us all your best

I wonder how they tackle their work everyday
To themselves, what all they say
Always filled with confidence they tread
Whenever a new task lies ahead

With a motto “work is worship”
They face smilingly all odds and hardship
They help further our economy
As our country grows in trade and money

A day for them to enjoy the sun
Rather than toil and have no fun
We all thank them on this day from our heart
All year they toil and deserve atleast this REWARD.

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My teacher

Shall I forget,
He that stooped to see me climb?
Shall I forget,
He who now rests on the arms of eternity?

He was a manly man,
And even as he lieth beneath the grass,
As food for the worms,
I will forget him not,

For he was my Teacher!

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"Communicate by Statement"

with a quick look of an eyes, we point and convey 
just as the tilt, juster a hey someone is over there, now look this way
to a suitably and noticeably hand, that gives a, come hither wave

waiting,wanting folding arm that wrap with warm embrace
saying hello
how are you?
did you know?
you mean, more to me than words could say 

now in making a small and respectable repeatable whimper
to push with love and comforter
to a mental and complaining member
of your composing mathematically eye dropping
friends and family, till concern is not needed
till friendship fills the air and meets with laugh's in hand

now way good by
now look away
and clear you voice and mind 
its time to start a brand new day

and may divine goodness be our defined enlightened lover
that touch our hearts and minds always...

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The new pope, Benedict XVI

His name is Joseph Ratzinger, the new pope Benedict XVI,
Installed as the two hundred sixty-fifth pope since foundation;
he’s a staunch defender of orthodox Catholic doctrine;
he’s German, an accomplished polyglot and theologian,
a good friend with sincerity and humility in every action.

He’s remembered too as someone who’s in opposition
to include Turkey as part of the so-called European Union,
his fear that this Muslim nation may dilute a certain culture
like Christianity in a particular continent vis-a-vis Turkey.

Born on April 16, 1927 in Markti am Inn, in Bavaria,
ordained in 1951 at the age of 24 in his own native town;
his theological studies punctuated with intelligence,
truly, a gift to the church and the whole society at large.

Cardinals from fifty-two countries who voted for him,
veered away from the traditional choice of an Italian successor,
for four hundred fifty-five years before a Polish pope,
Karol Wojtyla, known as Pope John Paul II elected in 1978.

He was fifty-eight years old when he became a pope,
while Cardinal Ratzinger was 78, the oldest pope chosen,
like Pope Clement XII in 1730, same age like his
showed strong leadership, competence and faithfulness.

Being a sovereign pontiff and Vicar of the Catholic Church,
he’s very articulate in a prolific academic achievement;
a man of culture, a voice of careful reservation,
indeed, an answer to the growing darkness of culture and corruption.

I love his maiden speech, his first words as the newly elected pope,
“the Lord will help us, and Mary, his most holy mother, will
be alongside us.”  
tat gave me a strong impact as I carry with me that same hope
along with my desire to be faithful to the Lord in my ministry
a a priest, a humble worker in the Lord’s vineyard.

As the Church in this generation faces a number of issues
so complex and ethical that enable one to be open and faithful;
to the doctrine that heralds its openness to the changing times,
a huge task for his papacy, for his governance and pedagogy.

He’s the right pope for me and I vouch for his abilities,
his gifts and vision as the new pope in this century,
will continue to bring us into the splendor of God’s light,
between believers and nonbelievers alike, he’s our bridge;
who’ll listen to the cries of the mother church and obey God’s will.

Hail to our Pope Benedict XVI, first Germanic pope! 
after nearly five hundred years since the pontiff was of the same background;
his pontificate is a celebration and affirmation of God’s love for us,
with his unwavering leadership - a continuation, a return to earlier traditions.

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What I love Most about PS contest

Each poem that is written on these pages
Welcomes the world to an individuals personal stage
We applaud with remarks and ratings to express our liking
Some are exceedingly joyous and intimately inviting
Comments are posted like critics from the New York Times
Everyone can find someone that’s poetry feeds their soul and mind
Contest are done regularly if not everyday
Refreshing our spirits and inspiring our written way
Feedback is given from some of poetry’s best
I can’t think of just one reason so I must simply contest
Aside from being remarkably clever
Poetry Soup allows poets to arise and pursue their future endeavors.

By; Sabina Nicole

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He Didn't Have to do it, but he did

He didn't have to awake me on time He didn't have to give me peace when I was about to lose my mind He didn't have to cover me with his blood He didn't have to show me in so many ways that I am loved He didn't have to keep danger and harm away He didn't have to make a way when I saw no way He didn't have to provide when the money was low He didn't have to say "Yes" when others said "No" He didn't have to heal my body when I was sick He didn't have to encourage me when I wanted to quit He didn't have to give me his hand when I was about to fall in the pit Many things he didn't have to do, but he did;

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Ride Em Cowboy (Cinquain}

                                             hired ranch hand
                                     tends cattle on horseback
                                     ignores potential risk factors

      Tribute To The 
American Cowboys / Cowgirls
      Ride Em High

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First name James

Golden pieces of beauty jump from your pen and onto your notepad.
 Some time modest are your words and sometimes scantily clad.
 I love to jump head first into your art and have a little something
 new sink down in my heart.

 Your poems I read today (and as cliche as this may sound) 
 they took my breath away. 
 You breathe life into the art of the majestic word.
 They reach the one who has read and the one who has heard.

 May your words spread far and first near,
 touching every heart and branding every ear.
 May your work one day be displayed in extravagant frames 
 and be known as the man that we know now, the magician of words.
 Last name Fraser. First name James.

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I've Got to Give Him Thanks

the conduct that codifies the laws of human behavior and such
involves phrases that are mandatory or by your parents you will get touched
to be mannerly, to be courteous and to act like you've been raised right
to use those phrases that society deems as being polite
excuse me, pardon me and of couse may I and please
words that we learned as children and as adults should use with ease
but the most important are the words thank you
the obligatory phrase that God our Creator is due

now Jesus was on His way to a town called Galilee
when He encountered 10 men afflicted with leprosy
now Jesus was One who would meet you wherever you are
no matter how high no matter how low be you broken, whole or scarred
He came not to save the saints but to help those who needed Him more
the sinners, the sick, the hurt, the lost and those who needed a cure
so when those lepers saw Him they cried out "Lord have mercy on us this day"
Jesus replied"you are now cleansed so to the priest go on your way"
but only one man came back and said in a loud voice "Lord thank you so much"
Jesus then reflected "were not all 10 men cleansed by My healing touch"

I've got to give Him thanks is what that Samaritan felt in his heart
I've got to give Him thanks for I've been healed by the hands of God
so why did the other 9 men not give Jesus what He was due?
why did they not show Him an ounce of gratitude?

we act like God is obligated to make us happy and whole
but what people fail to understand that in this life what is their role
we've got to give God thanks because He gave us the breath of life
we've got to give God thanks even during times of heartache and strife
and comprehend that God will always deliver if we have only a mustard seed of faith
and never to forget after being delivered we need to say to His face
thank you Lord, thank you God, thank you Jesus the Christ
thank you for everything that you have done in my life
it's not an option, it's not a choice, it's and obligation that is due
for everthing that we are to Jesus we simply say Thank You

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Compassionate beauty of her courageous spirit chases away blackened clouds, setting the world

Ablaze with a kaleidoscopic array of the fireworks of happiness-the graceful, awe-inspiring

Reflection of her extraordinarily passionate heart-her gentle presence the angelic colouring of magic in our greyed

Lonely world, the warmth of her touch healing the scarred, opening eyes to hope filled dreams and making hearts smile 

Alive with laughter yet eternally humbled at the immeasurable blessing of having her inspiring footprints in our lives

Written for Carla Nortje, 
One of the most beautiful people in our word
and a truly amazing friend.	
Love Always