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Husband Hero Poems | Hero Poems About Husband

These Husband Hero poems are examples of Hero poems about Husband. These are the best examples of Husband Hero poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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This Very Day

Make a wish then live that way
Me, I don’t know what to say

Since one and one equal two
I simply do what I must do

The hardest choice I now make
I prefer my icing on top the cake

My taste is set I will never roam
In your heart, I’ve found my home

Your love is like a rush of power
A thorny rose of tender flower

I swear of this I could not joke
Be still the thorn inside the poke

Like a lake aside a mountain pass
Your eyes are pools of liquid glass

Inside those pools what I see
A hero is what you see in me

You’ve made a hero of a villain
In your arms, I’m happy Chillin’

Days to weeks, months to years
To you who comforts all my fears

I reckon that, which I wish to say
I would die for you this very day

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Autumn's Glow

A cool mist hovers o'er water lilies on the sleepy pond And bathed in declining sunrays is a blossoming bond of love Through the crowded park they go oblivious to noise around them Warm hands brush, then slowly lock, as heartfelt thoughts lay bear Sweet murmurings softly fall like autumn’s golden leaves Upon the grassy knoll beneath wise, old oak trees, listening While the crisp wind churns, envious, as he steadily blows Quite unaware is he, Autumn love has taken its hold While mischevious Cupid, chuckles with glee at his work, well done A perfect hit! Once two friends; now two hearts made one! Lost In their reverie, a beautiful world of their own Stealing kisses while watching the last geese fly home. ~*~
Written by Annalise For Michael's"Falling in Love in the Fall" Contest

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Human or Humane

Human or Humane – Zamreen Zarook
The precious creature of the divine lord,
One differ from other as the playings of harpsichord,
Every single was a pass chord,
So as to go for their fatal reward.

Muscular system is a part,
Nervous system is an art,
Skeleton system is again a handcraft,
Things matters on the beauty of the heart.

Showing kindness and sympathy,
You become a man of empathy,
This leads to be healthy and wealthy,
Where as it makes your life lengthy.

Dummy body is human,
Love and kindness within it is the humane,
decide and alter your membrane,
Before you reach the torture of the hurricane.

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If I were a boy, even just in a dream. 
I'll give my girl flowers everyday. 
I'd let her know how much she's loved 
and assure no tears fall from her eyes. 

If I were a boy one day I wake up, 
I'll kiss her eyes 'til she drops. 
I'll lay her down in a bed of roses. 
I'll carry her 'til we reach the heaven's door. 

If I were a boy even for an hour. 
I'll tell her exactly who I am. 
I will not cave in the shadow of my past. 
I'll give her the happiness that lasts. 

If I were a boy, 
I'd keep the love on fire. 
I'll respect my mom, sisters, and wife. 
I'll be my kid's greatest model dad. 

If I were a boy, 
I would be a real man. 
Who knows exactly what makes a man, 
who can't be moved by other woman.  

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Cold Journey

The old draught horse with weary hooves will slog
through wet snow pulling hard and breathing fog

and he glides still near farms and fields where we
dream warm of home and fireside's reverie

The motion lulls--my anxious thoughts depart.
We wander, but we know the way by heart

For I was caught by night, but moonlight shines
o'er hoarfrost-painted flowers on the pines 

It's nearly silent, daylight's din is gone
save padding fox feet, snow break, night bird’s song

Far down the path I know where you will wait
with arms outstretched to draw me through the gate

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My Hero

Everyone has a personal hero,
they look up to and adore.
Firefighters, Police Officers
even comic character galore!

Look at our Doctors and Nurses,
who selflessly save our lives.
Or at the unselfish husbands,
who idolize their beautiful wives.

What of our Social Workers who
help children who are in need.
And our wonderful teachers,
who help our children to succeed.

The world has so many heroes,
all worthy of their title indeed.
My hero is the American Soldier,
who ensures that we all are free.

He doesn’t ask for much, nor does
he require a throne to sit upon.
Just an ounce of true appreciation,
is all he needs to bravely carry on.

My hero will fight for causes that
we as some Americans see wrong.
My hero will go away from home,
to a place where he doesn’t belong.

He doesn’t do this for fame or money,
or for a promotional value to obtain.
He does it for this great nation and
all of us dwelling within this domain.

So you see my hero may not be classy,
or wear a tailored suit for all to see.
My hero is loyal and dedicated so all
of us will remain forever FREE!!!!

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King David and my David

I knew a little shepherd boy,
handsome and full of courage.
He once slew a bear,
with a hand bare of weapon.
He had snuffed out the life of a lion,
And giants were toys he could break.
He was strong at heart and body
A man after God's heart he was.
Yet, he had his flaw,
and was weak as any man could be.
He once hewed coal on his chest,
and was burnt to the marrow thereof.
Though, great pardon he got when he repented,
yet, the scare was too much to fade.
Biblical King David is my hero indeed,
For I have learnt from his strength and weakness.
Another David now I have.
He is my hero and prince charming,
A kind and loving husband,
who can give out his precious eyes, 
for another to know the joy of seeing.

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Diamonds or Gold

When I first met you
all those years ago. 
I never would have guessed
honey,did you know?
We're still going strong 
there's no end in sight.
Your still the spoon 
I want late at night.

I want to scoop you up 
and put you in my bed. 
I know what you want.
No words need to be said.

I know my lady inside.
I know my girl out.
That's why you love me.
I know you inside and out.

When it's late at night
and your fast asleep.
When your nestled in my arms
I know I'm in to deep.

There's a fire in our hearts
that will never die.
No one could ever put it out 
and they better not try.

It gets better and better
as we grow old.
Your love is more precious
then diamonds or gold.

I want to keep you safe.
I call you my own. 
I want to return to you
all the love I'm shown.

Your the last thought I have
when I sleep at night
and the first thing I reach for
come the morning light.

It can't be any better
in any ones life.
To still love the same girl
that you call your wife.

Note: For my dear friends. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you and God bless.

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Heartache Savings Time

Summer has come and gone,
There's a chill in the air.
A touch of frost on the lawn,
Takes my mind back there.

All the good times,
The laughter and smiles.
The bad times came,
And took my heart away.

The leaves turn red and gold,
My hair's a paler shade of gray.
The change of season brings the cold,
Longer nights and shorter days.

Reap the harvest that we sew,
Turn back the hands of time.
All we are is what we know,
Our fate ticks to a different rhyme.

What if we could set our clocks,
To get better days over shorter ones.
To live our lives,
On Heartach Savings Time.

copy write@2005 Dianne Raymond

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Kiss for Life..

Kiss for Life..

Hypnotized eyes
Quivering In my insides. 
Luscious lips, soft tenderness. 
Lip gloss, the right tastefulness. 

Our tongues was churning just right. 
Sending numbness of pleasure with great vibes. 

My body felt like it wanted to melt. 
I held her tight below her belt. 

That was the greatest kiss I ever had. 
It drove me crazy wildly mad. 

That woman is now my wife. 
I do plan on keeping her, for life.