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Haiku Tree Poems | Haiku Poems About Tree

These Haiku Tree poems are examples of Haiku poems about Tree. These are the best examples of Haiku Tree poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Tree's Seasons

spring wakens my tree - a bejeweled perfumed bride. . . . love birds make their nest summer’s yellowed lawn beneath my tree’s sombrero. . . . grass breathes sweet relief fall’s quick change artist - from green to gold to crimson. . . . disrobed, my tree naps For PD's All About Trees (old/new) poem Poetry contest

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fallen fruit exists
earthen harvest and ground meet
jars in the pantry


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Silent Voice

--Tree Silhouette-- 

shimmering tree
there’s no footsteps around       
but fallen leaves 

afternoon twilight
heaven is listening
peaceful lonesomeness
Autumn waits 
wind blows the mind   
leaves falling softly


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Ripe Mangos

Ripe Mangos
overripe mangos falling from a pregnant tree- worms ready for feast

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Weeping Willow

Aphids like to dine
on the hardy willow tree
deciduous treat

Lay down your burdens
Weeping willow; cry no more
A new day has come

Let the morning mist 
Plant dew drop kisses upon
Wounds of yesterday

Let the noon day sun
Kiss your ground sweeping branches
With wild abandon

Beautiful yellow flowers
Graceful and refined
Cleave to bended boughs

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Halloween Trees

twisted shadows creep
into yards and fertile minds…
autumn moon on trees

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Cherry Blossoms

Down the avenue
Under arches of blossoms
Hand in hand with you

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Love Like A Mighty Oak

you dried all my tears
i stand proud now like the oak---
no weeping willow

your splendid branches
wrap me into your shadow---
shelter from the storm

wind blows me down
your light lifts me up---
might i dwell in your arms?

written January 28th,2013
for pd's Valentine contest

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Haiku 9 Life

lodgepoles pines fall 
dead, beetle attack, new life
emerges -- aspens

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Haiku Calendar

Haiku Calendar 
(January to December in the Southern part of the U.S.A.)

snow and more snow falls 
cold wind and more cold wind blows 
all branches are bare 

starving and weak birds 
a chill grips before sunrise 
fall from bare branches 

warm afternoon wind 
thin morning ice melts on pond 
a song bird is heard 

poppies hide in grass 
drink from early morning showers 
bees drink from open buds 

warm ruffles new weeds 
clover covers budding ground 
crickets find their song 

hawk hunts small rabbit 
green hedges give good cover 
blood drips on clover 

sun waves off dark soil 
flowers grow only in shade 
bees hive drips sweet wax 

in shade cow chews cud 
waits for dark to find water 
sleeps on top of mound 

east winds pull cool rain 
quinces bright hill flowers thirst 
streams roar then fall quite 

squirrel hides acorn 
digs hole at foot of oak tree 
barks at gray wet sky 

leaf fall from elm tree 
vacant bird nest are exposed 
geese sound over head 

deer move over trail 
fawns loose baby spots and jump 
graze on holly leafs  

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Haiku 4 - flowering weed, dancing leaf, life force

at the roadside
solitary flowering weed
vision of loveliness

leaf falling from the tree
does its last dance in the air
then settles to the ground

in the crack in the concrete
the grass pushes upwards
unstoppable life force

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the  tree  limbs  respond 
    to the beckoning w i n d s . . . come
dance with us awhile

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Lookin' after pests
Keepin' a CLOSE eye on 'em
"Those wild animals!"

Roamin' around zoo
Searchin' for sneaky monkey
Hidin' in a tree

Zookeeper gets mad
"Where's Marty, the smartypants!?"
"He TOOK my cage keys!"

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Rainforest Blues

Rainforest Blues
flora and fauna, rainforest teeming with life - hungry bulldozers

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In between the mountains

A thinny tree stem

On it I am

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a precious white floret
smelling the gardenia
sweetens my botanical

they have freedom
pines far from here in green land
the desert cries thrist

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Haiku 33

                                                       giant sycamore
                                             branches reaching to heaven --
                                                        a shady haven


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All Creatures Big and Small

In his wisdom God
Created all creatures with
Deep love and purpose


Beautiful bird perched
on tree limb under moon's glow
elegantly dressed


Clouds rest on tree tops
lumpy feather beds billow
horses graze in snow
Jan. 24, 2007


Proud bird perched so high
silently viewing the world
We await his song
Dec. 23, 2007


Sun and humming birds
mingle while rainbows arch high
drawing eyes skyward


Tiger baths his wounds
cold water soothes like medicine
he will fight again
October 1, 2007


In him peace abides
Little fellow young and free
God's true gift to me
Dec. 19, 2007

A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Naked, Shivering

there… solitary
on the street corner she stands
naked, shivering

Note:  Sorry, but there's no mystery here.  There is a little oak tree on the street corner (I've taken photos of her since her leaves began to change colors).  Then two days ago after a long, cold rain, all her leaves were gone!

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Trees of the Dead

Beauty even dead
Still guiding souls to the void
A beauty with death

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Planting a Tree

What can a man do

To plant a seed in the ground

So strong a tree grows

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Haiku 11 - butterflies, dragonfly, old tree

gossamer wings pulsating in the air butterflies in flight a dragonfly skimming the water's surface taking a drink rugged and gnarled the bark of an old tree home to many insects

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About those boys

~Contextual Tale~

Five days endurance
Trek in wild animal kingdom.
They 're group of boys.

For:) Charles Henderson's contest

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Swinging through the trees,
Gathering nuts for winter,
Life is not a breeze.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans

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Cherry Blossoms Jamboree

Cherry blossoms bloom; the townspeople sing, laugh, dance: hope springs eternal.

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A Tree

Clothed at its top so green leaving its huge trunk bare has many hands and legs

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Skeleton Tree

"Skeleton Tree" withered branches wane buried bones beneath tree trunk mummified death chant. legends lifeless limbs haunted hurricane swallowed breath of bloom denied. whispered memories hidden skeletal remains infest tainted tree. brittle branches bough parched to perish in black dust screams in effigy.
*For Nathan's Skeleton Tree Contest. *Written by: Linda-Marie The "Sweetheart" of P.S.

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The Birds and The Breeze

the seed carriers nature's tree planters at work the birds and the breeze

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Haiku 38

                                           Spanish moss draped limbs
                                           sway in the summer breeze --
                                               whispers from the past

For SKAT's Any Haiku will do contest.

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cherry blossom haiku

short life of beauty.
   sign of spring like robin's chest-
       blooms deep pink to white.

written 4/13/2013

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The Tree and The Wind

The wind rage furious
Howling and blowing madly
Tree swayed clinging tight

Her leaves flew away
Carried by the mighty wind
Plucked off untimely

How ruthless the wind
Taking away her green leaves
At their tender age

Now that storm has passed
The sun is shining brightly
A new hope is born

The lone tree stand tall
Bare and naked stripped of leaves
Basking in the sun

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A Flower on a Branch

A flower petal

Blossom on a long tree branch

With a bright color

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Pinky Bloom Delights

Against a Full Moon Sakura petals captured Such a bloom delights .

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Christmas Tree

finally straight
a bird's nest

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Cherry Blossoms Bee

Cherry blossoms call, beckon nature's majesty-- and the humble bee.

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tree gains ring each year
some are thin while some are thick
memories fill void

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Autumns Gentle Outcome

Autumn colours bloom Gently they drift on the breeze Skeletal outcome .

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singing birds
early in the morn sounds
trees hold 

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Haiku 10 - tree lizard puffing chest, fireflies dancing, buzzing bee

perched on the branch tree lizard puffs up its chest like a balloon dancing in the dark fireflies paint lines of light in exquisite designs a buzzing bee the sleeping dog awakens then bolts from the room

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                                                 big old banyan tree
                                        twisted hanging vines ear rings
                                                  elegant with dress

                                                  branches to the up
                                       bowing down to the earth's world
                                                  patience's example

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hanging around

as the wind blows south
the poplar tree saps black blood
soaked are roots with pride

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Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Cherry tree blooms love
Its beam flowers invite sight
And mood shower tail.

Inspired by and enterd into: 
Black Eyed Susan's "1 Cherry Blossom Haiku" Contest 

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Winter Scene - Haiku

     Winter Scene - Haiku

pine needles hold snow
ice, like broken glass, cracks roads 
winter sweeps it clean

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Tree welcomes each drip
Rain hangs on leaf, awaits fate
Lucky ones absorbed

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Haiku 9 - iguana on the treetops, mister spider, 6 am and falling rain

perched on the treetops iguana closes its eyes soaking in the sunshine the new doorkeeper of this deserted house - one mister spider 6 am and falling rain bed! how cosy you feel this morning

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Brisk winds chatter through the trees
Revealing secrets

©2014 by Regina Riddle

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                 Unyielding yet humble.
                Centered in this garden,
                    Meditating like me.

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Fall Opens the Door

Fall Opens the Door  (Haiku)

morning sun dapples
trees in a  polka-dot dress
shines soft green and light

chill hint of autumn
smells of summer, loam, and pause
visions of winter

sap returns from leaves
to store deep in the tree heart
yellow, red, orange, burnt

Trisha Sugarek from
The World of Haiku

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A tree stands alone
filled with lights and garland
family gathers Christmas morn.
               Teresa Skyles

Entered in Andrea  "Christmas tree haiku"contest

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Bamboo warrior

by the fire crash snap                                                                                             bamboo stands tall the light casts                                                                               shadows like Kanjii

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calypso darting
peering through open windows
rufous hummingbird

an old gourd hanging
blowing gently in the breeze
its peach tree abode

this hummingbird has been hanging around all season, at first i thought it was simply due to the feeders. after doing some lawn maintenance today, i saw it entering a hollowed out gourd i put in my peach tree last summer. i figure, s/he is now part of the estate, may as well give it a name: calypso.

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.....Tam-tams in jungle
Play for Hippopotami
That dance and tangle.

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A faraway lantern

wickery shadows                                                                                                            palish yellow light reflects                                                                                          nest lonesome mistletoe                         *                                                                            - An evening view of sunset through the wood line

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The Windfall

The maple tree leaf
	Sheens of white upon them lay....
		Crystalline manna

Grass lying beneath
	Sticky to tennis shoe sole....
		small sounds as I walk

The diligent bee
	gathering, gathering, fast....
		Quiets at twilight.

Some would not return to the hive.  
Too heavy to fly,
to far to crawl.  
I’m sure they will die...

Inspired by a hive of hornets, deluging
a huge maple tree in my back yard, 
which is weeping sap from the leaves.

Feb 2011 Charles Henderson

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Haiku 11 Wind Tree

      a tree deformed by
years of wind stands bent but not
              broken, calls to you

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Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce Standing Tall

Clothed In Snow, Sky's Purest White

Shielding Life Beneath.

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singing birds
early in the morn sounds
trees hold 

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Sakura mountain

a mountain bouquet                                                                                              cherry dias spring from green                                                                          blossoming color

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apple tree --- itty bitty

lone apple tree---

flourishing on its own

becomes an orchard

Itty bitty Contest #2: Doing it Again!
New Poem  Modern Haiku

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springtime green

morning air still crisp
sun tickles the early buds
soon all will be green

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Where The Wind Blows

Bough fresh with new leaves.
Following its partners lead.
Dances with the Wind.

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Spring Blossoms

Blossoms on pear trees
Tiny parchment-like blossoms
Beautify my yard.

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Nature's Meter

ancient redwood gleams
softly through the mists of time…
mayfly flitters by

-08 Jun 2014-

Average Lifespan:
Redwood Tree - 600 years
Mayfly - 1 day

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Haiku 8 Dogs

looking out a tree 
stands, a deep growl vibrates, a
heedless squirrel plays  

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tower over me 
the forest bows when you fall 
angry men cut you 

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Tree Mystery - Haiku

     Tree Mystery - Haiku

stolen from the oak
leaves snap off, accosted, cold 
another blast, wind

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lost in summer breeze
fall sunshine on leafless tree -
diamond on river  

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                                                 thousands swaying leaves 
                                             hot summer's bright breezy day 
                                               machine counts huge notes

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                                              boughs sway in high breeze
                                             flapping dance on the tree top
                                                     leaves' rustle music 

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Leaves blow on the wind
in infinite directions
the choice is all yours.

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Cardinals from my window seat

hanging on the tree                                                                                                         like red ripe apples snow scrim                                                                                         postcards view winter

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Montane Monday

like a white shadow                                                                                                                                                       a snowcapped day seized                                                                                                                                           by an eerie calm                                   

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Taboo Haiku

     Taboo Haiku

Bamboo skirt lifts scents
Flavors of river desires
Absorbs each other 

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Red Cedar

Red cedar soars high
back lit by ruby red sky
as day fades to night

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many fruits slinging 
and tree bearing  many  leaves,
Just one seed was sown.

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Mighty Oak

A mighty old oak
Like California’s redwoods
Tough old sentinel.

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Streaks of sun through trees
Dewdrops glisten in delight
Birds declare their joy

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Dormant Beauty

Golden Thread Cyprus,
Crusty brown in the winter;
Flourishes in spring.

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Singing Shadows

Bright, cloudless sunlight
shines down on forest bound lake
while the shadows sing.

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Lessons From The Leaves and The Tree I

Lessons From The Leaves and The Tree I
( Life's Journey)

Life was beautiful
for all the leaves in the tree
in spring and summer

They flourished and bloomed
under the warm summer sun
and sweetest spring rain

Their color brightened
to a lovely shade of green
that glowed with beauty

Flowering blossoms
from the buds of the fruit tree
brought joy and delight

Little birds would peck
as they sit on the branches
on the lush green leaves

It was the best time
of their lives atop the tree
filled with happiness

But life has seasons
that never stay all the time
they come and they go

Spring and summer passed
autumn came and its cold winds
changing all the leaves

Turning their color
from bright green to brown and red
yellow and orange

Their brightness faded
their loveliness spent and gone
making them pale and weak

How seasons changed them
tempering all their nature
through adversities

Winter will arrive soon
and do her task of sweeping
the bough of the tree

The faded leaves will go
and leave the tree to herself
to make room for spring

When new leaves will grow
to replace those that have gone
in the cold winter

In such a lifetime
they have gone through all seasons
in smooth and rough times

That is how life goes
for all the leaves in the trees
in the cycle of life

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Jade Bonsai - Haiku

     Jade Bonsai - Haiku

low light tolerant
wax green by black rocks landscape 
small tree, giant dreams  

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Haiku on Willow Trees

Willows - umbrella
Pisces thou shalt prune with moon
Whispers - Virgo stars

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Lotus Tree Exposed - Haiku

     Lotus Tree Exposed – Haiku

Lotus falls to earth  
To addictions harvesting

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Evergreen Forests

Green and blue firs dot Forests wide and so…silent; Mother Nature’s hat.

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Tree Frog's Long Silence


                                          Tree Frog's long silence
                              Thunder, lightening, pouring cool rain...
                                           Tree Frog's voices sing

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Sakura's favourable conditions

Hannah under cloudy                                                                                                   pink tree petals drop like snow                                                                                     winter passed peace

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THE BOOK I open a book pages made of wood pulp trees. on the pages, words. IT'S PROPAGANDA !?! A tree was destroyed for this? Would the tree object?

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Haiku sycamore

Wind carrying seed

sycamore helicopters-

sister spinning wool.

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treehouse God Strong haiku

treehouse still stands strong
unmoved by obvious change
its roots are God Strong....

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The leaves fall slowly Beetles veiled in falls blanket The wind blows gently

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God's Blessing

The maple tree leaf
	Sheens of white upon them lay....
		Crystalline manna

Grass lying beneath
	Sticky to tennis shoe sole....
		small sounds as I walk

The diligent bee
	gathering, gathering, fast....
		Quiets at twilight.

Some would not return to the hive.  
Too heavy to fly,
too far to crawl.  
I’m sure they will die...

Inspired by a hive or hornets, deluging
a huge maple tree in my back yard, 
which was weeping sap from the leaves.

May 24 2010  For Rick's "Haiku You" contest 

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the trees' breath blow peace haiku

the trees' breath blow peace
consumption is always there
needfully enjoyed....

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old trees never underestimated haiku

amongst the old trees,
i know my secrets are safe
and never bothered....

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                                           A dollar

                                           Birds yellow
                                                  Tree of life
                                                      A painting


                                              Two brothers
                                                     Beautiful woman
                                                                War war

                                                 Blue eyes
                                                      Red boobs
                                                         Sky apples

                                                   Heaven dews
                                                            Silky grass
                                                                  Autumn girls

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The Woods Uphill

Stately,slender trees-
Procession towards heaven
From the woods uphill

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Shivers -Haiku-

A lonely tree sits branches dancing in the wind shivers in the cold. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.21/2013

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willow tree

willow tree weeps

as red owl hoots on frail branch...

clinging to old age 

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Root Level

fallen  autumn leaves

to go to the root level

void yearly attempts

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Bullet Fantasy - Haiku

     Bullet Fantasy – Haiku

Bang! Bullet took flight
Branch swayed to take it in stride
On a bamboo breath 

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while climbing a tree haiku

while climbing a tree,
nature taps me on my arm
and simply says 'here'

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Holly Trees

Holly greens year round Remind us of Christmas cheer Even in summer.

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pine tree on the ground haiku

pine tree on the ground
makes me remember the days
when Stars were Alive....

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here is my head haiku

rows of trees heal me
relaxed is my head to think
about nothing more....

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leaf on notepad
nearby paper factory
claiming its lineage

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the breezy weather 
aroused the feelings of tree 
and she’s swinging with joy; 

© R K Chowdary

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Bent Tree -Airless Suburban Haiku-

A tree bends over not to smell the sweet grasses but to pick up leaves. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Sept.17/2005 Just having fun with words.