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Haiku Romantic Poems | Haiku Poems About Romantic

These Haiku Romantic poems are examples of Haiku poems about Romantic. These are the best examples of Haiku Romantic poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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*Scene is set * romance in the air picnic in the forest glen champagne is on ice **Anticipation** question to ask her wild willows bend to listen by the babbling brook ***Be mine*** red rose in my hand on bended knee I propose will you marry me? 02~02~15 Contest Double Valentine Haiku + Questionku#2 PD

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footprints in the snow follow them and discover the door to my heart Jan Allison 7th October 2014 ~awarded 1st place in PD's winter contest ~

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Angels flapped their wings
Stardust fell from blessed sky
Poetry flourished!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   21 OCTOBER 2014

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Haiku 3

the palm of your hand
lovely lines I want to trace
over and over

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In the rain

Beyond the distance
becomes the drops of mistle;
beloved existence.

her verse and songs fly
where flowers blossom splendid;
fiancée oaths reply.

Her lone figure stands -
she spreads her hands out to reach
the fields of far lands.

Conceived caress on hair
unending oceanic paths -
her eyes upwards stare.

On boat's seaward trail -
pure mistle she loved amidst
mizzen and main sail.

I kiss her smile in rain -
approaches in dusk conceived 
spelling our refrain.

© G. V. 05-26-2013

Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Name: Kissing In The Rain
Placement: 1st
Pics 3, 6, 7

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On the Paseo Del Rio

his eyes as we stroll to the rainforest café. . . bright flowers float by For the River Walk Poetry Contest of Poet Destroyer A

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Why Does The Ape Dance

Why does the ape dance?
Because he has a hot date
with a chimpanzee. 

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Spring into Haiku

Smiling Sakura
blows kisses to Bush Warbler
Dreams of distant love

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my own favourite haiku - so far

Haiku for frangipani in bloom:

nocturnal bouquet 
of frangipani in bloom –
olfactory fruits

teasing aromas
adorning a young girls hair – 
swaying moonlit palms

moths seeking nectar
flutter, flower to flower – 
new buds at sunrise.

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Haiku 100

	Haiku 100
	by warm candlelight
	a strand of pearls gently falls 
	across her bare breasts

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My First Kiss

My final morning 
With you in sunlit bedroom.
My first kiss was you.

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Passion Like This

With passion like this
I asked her for a sweet kiss.
Dreams sometimes come true.

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Two haiku and questionku for Valentines Day

your liquid smile flows
from those soft cherry pink lips
tender as peaches 

your sweetness is like
a delicious projection
of all that you are

when I follow your
twinned dancing orbs, am I lost,
or have I been found?

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poured the wine.
These two cups

Eye on eye,
face to face
...lips by lips,

hips by hips.
Hot and wet.
Rocked the bed.

Cold and bare
sweet lovin'
filled the air.

Only chance
made it right,
single glance.

Twisted and turned.
One night stand,
no return.

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your blue eyes


                                                 bluer  than
                                             the  bluest  ocean-
                                              your  blue  eyes



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Perfect Beauty

purest of all lakes
sweetest cake ever tasted
loveliest music not yet composed


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late afternoon flirt...
dusk a romantic sweet tease
melting into you

*sunset.. the romance of sun and horizon

Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Contest Name: Into the Sunset
Date: 5-14-14

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The Rose

Fragrant, erotic, dangerous and red, the rose smells of love's odor.

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More than a mere hug
If it causes ears to pop
And leaves you craving

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heartfelt love

beauteous feelings
touching emotions deeply
embraces  the heart

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morning bloom,
afternoon kisses,
and night blushing.

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A Fond Memory

A dream on my mind.
A far distant memory.
A smile on my lips.

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My Breath Meets her Breath
Pleasures Together Entwined
Ecstasy Fills Us

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My destitute heart,
Saved by the sweetest Angel.
I love you, Sandy.

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rainbow season . . .
warmth and coldness
in me

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Cherry Blossoms

The silk like blossoms

That bloom in the night time air

It captures moonlight

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the spring's warming wisp                                                                                           heats the summer blaze sunshine's                                                                               delicate first kiss

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When Nature Speaks

Two hearts beside thee such warmth ready to explode captured we will be ~ Above the event melded souls meet combustion reciprocated ~ In their aftermath natures now vociferous have two hearts spoken? .

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Loves promised story

Cast under a spell
never under estimate
the power that is

Love it generates 
inside out from one soul winks
with a heart's wings flies

Days spent together 
magic through happiness gold
in the sunshine smiles

Rays dazzling the sun
enchanting true love sweetly
always you're special

This gift when received
smiles one reason to live for
painted myself in

Coloring my way
out from awful pitch darkness
a soul softly speaks

Whispering treasure
swimming inside the deepest 
jewel of the sea

Blowing upon winds
loving you beautiful beams 
shines a golden path

Denial is not 
to choose a measure of peace
could not bare a world

Without such beauty
a blood eclipse falling drops
to the knees love deep

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Sunlight love

You are like the sun
shining in brilliant beauty
but I cannot stare

Too close and I scorch
flaring passion sparks within
burning out my heart

Too far and I die
frozen cold in lifeless ice
I die without you

Beyond my control
I orbit, needing your warmth
I cannot approach

In the sunset glow
the red flows like my blood does
when gazing at you

I cry at night time
moonlight fails to reflect you
and my spirit fades

At sunrise I smile
because I can spend the day
before your presence

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Celestial Fire

Your passionate flame
Burns brightly, gently for me,
As you call my name.

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First Date - A

Our fingertips brush; a frisson passes 'tween us 'fore lips interlock.

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The attraction

persian buttercup                                                                                                          a sunset rose without thorns                                                                                doubling sheer beauty

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My Christmas Rose

legend of blossoms                                                                                                        a gift given may flower                                                                                              dear your in full bloom

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                                                 silent face teases
                                        from five thousand miles away
                                                  heart bits of lover

                                               greeting all the time
                                         untouched sensitive feeling 
                                           sometimes sees in dream

                                          without words talks with
                                  hears all no sound of sweet words 
                                             link is fixed with mind

                                              rest in unrest ways
                                        smiles in front of a mirror
                                                nice romanticism

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Haiku 16


The air near the eyes,
the fragrance of eyelashes.
Red words of the heart.

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Maze in Romance

Lost in magnetic kisses
Trapped within your soul
Are you my maze?

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a whiff of jasmine

                                 a whiff of jasmine
                              as she unties her hair-
                                   hint of rain

                            kash poet(kashinath karmakar)



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Cold steel loosely hanging
Spirit wind passes by ---
A warm melodious song.

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snowflakes kiss our cheeks winter blanket keeps us warm hearts melt together 03~01~15 Get Romantic – Andrea Dietrich Visual Seven Traditional Haiku 5,7,5 Checked with How Many Syllables

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A signal for eros and love eyes recognizing its beauty but also cautions for danger