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Haiku Pain Poems | Haiku Poems About Pain

These Haiku Pain poems are examples of Haiku poems about Pain. These are the best examples of Haiku Pain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Strong Tears

Because tears are meant
To be a symbol of strength
Even in hard days.

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A backache 
sound of bones cracking
needs a massage 

September 11, 2013
5th Place Winner
For SKAT's "Haiku" Contest

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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Lookin' after pests
Keepin' a CLOSE eye on 'em
"Those wild animals!"

Roamin' around zoo
Searchin' for sneaky monkey
Hidin' in a tree

Zookeeper gets mad
"Where's Marty, the smartypants!?"
"He TOOK my cage keys!"

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Haiku 65

	Haiku 65
	taut threads of pain
	darkness behind my eyes
	clouds cry
	(Written for a friend.)


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Beware The Skunk

Foam came from Pete’s mouth,
with a skunk biting his butt;
rabies on the run.

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Haiku 64

	Haiku 64
	Oklahoma heat
	roofers sweating at first light
	crucible of woe

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trigger fingers flex
innocent victims crumple
questions unanswered

For the "Gun"-o-ku poetry contest sponsored by Gwendolen R.

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Mountain Climbing

I’m climbing  
Above the canyon…the sun
Hits  		the 		rocks

I ascend
As 	I 	take 	risk 	after 	risk

I’m climbing
I 	rely 	on 	my 	own 	strength
I’m doing FINE!

I descend
While	 I 	urgently 	hold 	on
For dear life…

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Effulgent sun proffers love 

Above the undergrowth…of
Thorns and weeds

The moon unravels wonders

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Journey Through Life

Journey through Life  ©

happiness, the fire
forges our steel to withstand
pain and thorny times

laughter melts metal
cold bath sets the steel mettle
fine blade to cut life

blade wrapped in fine silk
until the next battle comes
pain and blood drip down

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A Prayer Interupted

I pray for you cause
I sense selfish confusion 
praying for myself

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A spider's web

A spider’s web torn
asunder above the doll
with the missing legs. 

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"My love is like a red rose It may be beautiful now But my sharp thorns will hurt you My love is like a red rose Yes, I may be fragrant But the closer you get, the more I’ll hurt you." -Lee Hi
Darling rose buds bloom Newborn angel unsullied Snow white untainted Darling rose buds bloom Wrapped around unwary hearts Fangs of vampire Darling rose buds bloom Painted red with trickling blood Crimson burning skies Darling rose buds bloom Clinging where they leak of oil Unmoved by fire Weeping to red death Set aflame by those in pain Darling rose buds bloom

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Venting, hurting, pain
Angry retaliation
Masking the torment

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rainbow falls from sky, no cloud with silver lining - dreams deferred drifting

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Summer is here

This Heat Is Intense
Causing Great Stress On The Weak
Children Are Playing

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part III

An azure ocean
Displaced by mighty blackness
The horizon dies

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head pounds all around
noise echos inside and out
must find quiet space

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from the ashes

sad song emerges
heartache's beautiful phoenix
pain fuels creation

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Dangerous Beauty


                                              Droplets on petals

                                      Barbs impale the reaching hands

                                            Fragrance for the soul

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Unidentified Feelings

Under a smile - pain.
Faces are good at hiding
Oppressive feelings.

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Living The Day To Day Pay Check

Count pay rent spend frame, 
minute cent send stay every day pain, 
feel lost of low wage,

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a relived stroll

a relived stroll down a creaky wooden walk… screams of hatred
Russell Sivey

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 1 Good Morning Laura
    Your words, my cup of Coffee
    YOUR pain ,my pain too

2 YOUR words Enhancing
   Waking the POETS of Yore
   Time stands still For You

3 Words of Melody
   A song of life Forever
  Use YOUR Mystic Pen

4 Unknown Feelings Flare
   Pen’s Black ink flows Everywhere
  You Know , Laura’s there

Inspired by the POETRY of Laura Breidenthal
 The Beginning of a Series “ Haiku for YOU “
Dedicated to “ LAURA BREIDENTHAL “ 

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Tears and Rain

Drops of rain dripping
Flowing down my sullen face
Blending with my tears

Sweet and salty taste
Drops of rain and tears mingled
Assaulting my lips

With my eyes half closed
I let the tears and the rain
Wash me of my pain

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an evening of sex

                                                    an evening of sex
                                              work for Billy he feeds me
                                                  my abdomen bursts

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Echo of the Night

Every time you go 
The silence has enough time 

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Love and Pain

Sweet and happy it is...
Crests and troughs like a sine wave,
Bitter and painful it is.

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Candied ache

Lips locked jaws 
Sweetened sense 
mounting migraine.
But sweet pain worth it.

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Mourn For Me

trees mourn my passing
warm caress now frigid grip
leaves shed in sorrow

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Cold Haikus

Look! Mingling with rain a teardrop hesitates once Ah! They didn’t see. A bullfrog just teased Bloating in its mockery A bug flies in, snap! It rolls by unseen Not even her closest friend noticed how it flows. Kokak! Kokak! Jump. Teasing and teasing kokak! All the critters laugh. © Glenn Sentes 03-06-13

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Hurtful Words

I tune in, tune out
Truths, lies, a mix in between
Now shut the hell up!

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We Girls Love Pearls

Painful grain of sand
making something beautiful
on ocean bottom.

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pain is

Pain is always sharp-
      I hate it but I should not-
            as it has taught me the most.

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I'm Done

It makes me sick, it makes
Me Die(just a little more inside), this is
The last time you make me cry. I'm sick of
Your bullshit, I'm sick of your lies,
I'm sick of the fights, I'm sick of the sighs.
I tried to be there for you, 
You pushed me away. 
I cannot understand why you are being this way.
This is the last tome you make me stay.
I can't go on, I can't live this way.
I'm done with this, I'm done with you.
I want you to know I hate you too.
I'm done with your bullshit,
I'm done with your lies.
I'm done loving the one who made me cry.
Briana Lynn Minard

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Icarus mimicked; epidermis cremated; sympathy withheld.

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Walking Through A Field Of Light

Walking Through A Field Of Light

then me and you see it the same way...i care not what happen to this body for the soul will still walk this earth watching over those it shown it love for

And yet the spirit of forgotten pain protects me, not wanting me to travel into the darkness that consumes the soul, for without this body, how can i protect those i love?

i watch and guide them for the body was lost but i shall lead them with a kind head and open arm. i protect their soul so they may keep watching there life grow into something beautiful.the darkness shall flee at the sight of the almighty light that watches my deed and my small soul

but for my last act shall be to vanquish the darkness that threatens life itself. but all things come to an end. what of the times, not yet past, but already forgotten, when i will no longer be there.....

when my fight is done i have no need for this unsettling place and with ever harming word will i walk into that everlasting light if i to be forgotten then that is fine for i have done them good and have made there life into something more then mine was.To be forgotten is fine for i shall not want a legacy

to have forged a life worth remembrance is fine, bu to make someones else worth remembering is all the better, for it means that they shall have a life worthy of my sacrifice, a life worth the pain once experienced, but never remembered, for i am now content.

after this body is lost i wish to be pay myself a gift is what is called.i will be content on not having left something a memory to be mourned for i with's no pain on those who have still they hearts where as i have walked this earth unknowing i died some time ago.let me be free for i am like a animal needing space time and needing that way of life.

then be free from the pain of the remembrance, and transcend to tomorrow, for that is where the future lies. i shall always remember you, but i shall not mourn, for we shall meet again

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Pain's Penmanship

           Pen hemorrhages
Rorschach ink blots reach in need
            Analyze anguish

1) Juliet Ligon

2) Philosophical

3) Old poem

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The lamp light illuminates My messy bedroom And brings me joy to my heart The lamp light turns off quickly The mellow midnight Has revealed its pure beauty The door opens and welcomes The priceless sunrise And inspires me to write poems The morning greets me again The lovely stars dim I miss the midnight wonders!

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The Arguer

You argue, mercy
is not to be found with you
Relentless you are

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Needle rakes through skin; in its wake – pain, blood and joy: an image preserved.

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''River of sorrows''

River of sorrows—
we shall dam up your deluge
of tears with logs of joy!

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heavy bliss

tonight is too dark for a midnight yet silhouettes of unfinished crescent moon reminds me of heavy bliss

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Death is black-

Death is black-
much more than pain
but not even near to hatred.

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                                         ants having bodies
                                      carry sense accordingly 
                                       speak own languages

                                       huge sized elephants
                                      carry sense accordingly 
                                       speak own languages

                                        average sized men
                                  they speak many languages
                                       in pain all feel same

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Wail Street

                                              raped, abused at six
                                           a brutal life in  sex trade
                                             she now in Wail Street

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Hidden pain

Abuse. A strong word.
Secrets that you bottle up,
can destroy your life.

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The Best Of Pain

Its more than we can bear
But through it we stand to gain
Yes, thats the best of pain

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Thief entered my wife's bedroom
Moonbird reported that and slipped behind a bush
I was shivering in cold rain legs sore

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slices of deep night

slices of deep night

cut through heart's embittered walls---

Dove's light passes by

Haiku On Enlightenment Contest
For: Marvin Celestial
Daniel Port

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Haiku on Parting

sunset is scarlet
red rose smiling with barbs
delightful parting

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Pain in Rain

Rain my enemy,
To the universe a friend
I cry with the sky

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Pain pain go away
Or do with me what you may
Won't last through today

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They Have Taken Their First Steps in My Heart

The pain first took hold of my wrists
In the heart within my heart
My sweet children
Took their first steps.
Rain drips on the windows
There is that which comes
From far away
With hands in handcuffs
I do not know the day or year of humanity...

Stars shine
Thanks to drops falling from trees
The moon springs tight a trap on my pessimism
For a night...

The pain first took hold of my wrists
In the heart within my heart
My sweet children
Took their first steps.

Copyright © Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
Bor, 18.08.1974
Traduit par by Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse 
by Joneve McCormick, 10.08.2005 

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Pain Through Time

Beneath the awning
I stand and contemplate life
All pain included

Hurt and pain gathered
Everything thought within time
Destroying all loss

Russell Sivey

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                                                       fleshy heart
                                                 feelings rise there in
                                                       mind informs

                                                      sense of pain 
                                                   pain love act react
                                                       face depicts

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Haiku on Partition

ants marching slowly
evening sitting on orchids
cruel partition

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Not her fualt

Always in my mind. Feelings that tear me apart. Your crushing my heart.

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Crippled Mannequin

No blank page to scribe
No empty spaces to scream
Should I down on knee?

Too much to be seen
Exhibition life had shown 
Privacy in threat

Fortitude concealed
Scratching behind walls of heart
Endurance break down

Love deep, better not
Sacrifice all, better not
Your life, your option