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Haiku Love Poems | Haiku Poems About Love

These Haiku Love poems are examples of Haiku poems about Love. These are the best examples of Haiku Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Rush

in the woodland’s hush naked where the waters gush. . . the rush of fresh love Sept. 20, 2014 for the Creative Haiku Poetry Contest of Charlotte Puddifoot

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Haiku 30 Rock Love

                                  running to the rock

                                              a strong tower against foes

                                                                    her love a refuge

To strong women and their love

David Meade
Live Generously

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Haiku 32 Color Love

                           golden earth tones 
              brown - sky blue - red yellow leaves
                           your love colors me

David Meade
Live Generously

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The Convert

Part those sheets my love And I will worship your skin A true believer

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Now my tendrilled soul,
Has found its pergola-- Christ--
To wind its way up....

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Love Train Haiku


                    Eyes glued to body,
                    Roaming from head to toe,
                    Drooling mouth water...

                    A sudden attack,
                    Swept off your feet,
                    Above cloud nine...

IN LOVE,,,,,,,,,,,

                    Communication amazing,
                    Thoughts wave connect,
                     Heart beating as one...

               My first HAIKU

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- Haiku X 40 - True Love -


   From her eyes to his
   swap their hearts and find that they
   belong together

   A-L Andresen :)
   Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

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- Haiku X 41 - Friends -

     Of life’s simple things
     there is love on this rich earth
     Liam and Gary

   - One little thank you for the poem: "Sending Waves"
   - Written by: Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid

    A-L Andresen :)
    Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

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Signature of Life

Over the still pond
a leaning branch of Iris
Messenger of Love

sudden gentle breeze
flower kisses the water
whispering love talk

ripples in water
sending another message
signature of life


Iris:Name of a flower meaning"Messenger of Love"


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Buried Hearts

O travel bound
Tread gently
A million hearts in ground

Winner of No. 1 place in Haiku 101 Contest of Charles Henderson. Judged on 11/23/2012

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Living Seasons Through

Bodies together
Pressed against the cold, harsh night
We hold on to love

In the sweet, soft spring
We lay on a tall, steep hill
And hold on to love

Summer's baking heat
Hiding in the shade of trees
Still holding our love

The leaves are falling
Crunching beneath our footsteps
Forever, our love

We'll last through seasons
Enjoy our love together
Just you wait, my love.

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Amended-Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

A Van Gogh's "Starry Night"

gamboge moon and stars
dance haloed whirlwind marriage
in violet sky

while black cypress looms
past swirling clouds as fleeting
requiem for love

through bright starry eyes
secluded heart still searches

deborah burch

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Your Love

        this day, your love, I
will cling to for it is my
    strength, my hope, my life

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God Loves No Matter How Far

Moon in distant sky, Lights waves, rushing to the shore! Carrying God's Love!

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Haiku 29 Wind Snow

                                  wind snow – hard, cold, deep

                              creaking trees, sagging power lines

                                    sheets warm next to you

David Meade

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Babes Love

                                             Magnificent life
                                 Wondrous feeling of babes love
                                      Nestle between breasts

                                       By eve roper   11/9/2014

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You kissed me, my love
Your breath just once, I inhaled 
Immortal became!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
26 SEPTEMBER 2014 

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Haiku 18: Life Question

                                       what do you see

                      beautifully created   --   fatally flawed

                                       will you love me

David Meade

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                                             Devotedness gone
                                   Tender yearning relinquished
                                             Feeling powerless

By Eve Roper 11/10/2014

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golden dreams - haiku contest


burnished golden dreams
hide the ravages of time ...
on desires worn path


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kissing in spring’s rain your touch and sweet passion’s rush in summer meadows our bright autumn strolls warm embraces and that glow kissing in the snow just you and me in every season - isn’t it loverly?

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The dawn of true love
My heart feels comfort and peace
Falling leaves of red and gold

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Thy Valentine

                                              Your Valentine love
                                        Gifted from heaven above
                                          Pure delight , just right

                                               My Valentine kiss
                                        Stealing , revealing , desire
                                              Red wine on wet lips

                                                Hitches and sighs
                                           Hearts and minds taking
                                         Love me 'til morning light ?

                                                  2 / 3 / 2015
                 (double) Valentine Haiku plus Questionku #2 - Poetry contest
                                      sponsored by Poet Destroyer At

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                                        I Love You More Than
                                   All The Whispers In The Winds
                                             I Have A Passion

                                        I Love You More Than
                                   All The Secrets Of The Night
                                             I Hold A Passion

                                        I Love You More Than
                                      All The Waterfalls Falling
                                           You Are My Passion

© Copyright KC.Leake
3rd December 2014
All Rights Reserved

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Haiku 1

I bled myself dry
because of you slaughtered, drained

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Exploration Of Your World

rose petals red fall crimson lips deep kiss my soul full blossom my heart soft sand colored skin explore endless desert your oasis waits expedition of lover's terrain would you be my hearts guide? For Contest: Double Valentine Haiku & One Questionku Date: February 04, 2015

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haiku 9th February 2015

                                        birds sing sun rises
                                   how wonderful the world is
                                      dreaming in your love

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Haiku 3

the palm of your hand
lovely lines I want to trace
over and over

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Marry Me

Bright sun and gray clouds 
stormy waters and calm seas 
nature's yin and yang 

Trees slowly grow tall 
their bands show the whole journey 
nature's wedding ring 

Be my strong side 
and I will be yours,
Will you marry me?

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Pearls of Mother's Great Love

the pearls from your eyes are far more precious to me than any treasure your big sacrifice nothing more to compare with you’re my great hero I owe you my life mom, my heart melts when you cry your tears: pearls of love unconditional that’s the greatness of your love in you, I feel God mom, I’m so sorry sometimes, I make you lonely but you’re dear to me you bear all the pains pearls of great love on your cheeks every drop, I’ll kiss for I do believe you want only the best for me all your pray’rs and wish thank you so much mom those pearls of great mother’s love be kept in my heart you’re my only mom replaceable by no one comfort and best friend my ardent prayers may you live long in this world may God gives you strength March 24, 2013
Note: This poem was conceived both from the “Pearl” theme and one of my possible adorable picture themes of my latest contest, “Mother’s Love”- merged into one. It is also composed with the inspiration of all mothers in this world. You’re indeed the greatest heroes/heroines! I am so proud of you! I lovingly dedicate this poem to you dear mothers and friends! Big hugs to all of you! Of course, I include especially my loving/dearest mom who’s my greatest inspiration, refuge and best friend. This poem can also bring to us a message for this Easter Season as we remember Mother Mary who’d suffered much seeing her loving son Jesus Christ’s great sufferings on the cross at Mt. Calvary- a mother’s great love to her child indeed! HAPPY EASTER SEASON TO ALL! First Place Contest: Any Poem Goes Judged: 3/29/2013 Sponsor: My Greatest Poet and sis PD

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Haiku - X 16 Kissing in the rain

                            Silver shiny, careful summer droplets
                    Caresses and cool their naked sunburned bodies
                                 He kissed away all the drops

                                     Tenderness in his kiss
                         The rainbow, sunshine, thunder and rain
                                   Covered her with his kiss

A-L  Andresen :)

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Kissing In the Rain

rain’s paean is played with lover’s tender kisses cold breeze sways with grace water on the ground symphony of crystal drops kisses warmth their heart moonlight smiles with glee dark clouds shower them with bliss thunder drums so sweet one heart and one soul unselfishly shield, no fear rain’s concluding hymn
May 26, 2013 7pm Note Bueno Haiku 1 is for pictures 1,2 & 3 Haiku 2 is for picture 6 Haiku 3 is for picture 5 Haiku 4 is for pictures 4 and 7 First Place Contest: Kissing In the Rain (Haiku) Judged: 5/27/13 Sponsor: My loving sis & greatest poet, PD/Linda

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Diamonds in the Snow

A Diamond's Remnants beneath a full moon their kiss in winter’s first snow. . . her soft eyes glowing her delighted gasp as he opens the ring case. . . the night sky sparkles the months since she died he wakes sometimes to dreams of diamonds in her eyes in dementia’s fog the snow, the sky and her eyes. . . a diamond's remnants Written 12/28/13 by Andrea Dietrich (I am using the title Diamonds in the Snow to fulfill a rule of the contest, but the real title would be A Diamond's Remnants)

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Words are not enough
Language of April showers
Say it with flowers.

Gracious camellia
Daintily posing, but in vain
Begonia lost in thought.

Hopes teeming with ambition
Of a stargazer.

From friendship to love
Exchanging yellow petals
With the deepest red.

Delicate beauty
Of hibiscus in full bloom
Inspires iris.

A blushing lilac
Unaware of dawning day
Dreaming of first love.

Bittersweet flower
Ever loyal to the end
Won’t betray a friend.

Parting time is near
Save the memories within
And forget-me-not.

Yellow hyacinth
With a heart that knows no peace
Nest of jealousy.

Morning breeze scatters  
The rich fragrance of jasmine’s  
Deep sensuality.
* Hanakotoba is the language of flowers.
** each flower is bestowed with symbolism & meaning.

Author: Paul Callus
Contest: Any Poem#21
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Placing: 8th

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First sight// Form


 No Poet, eyes upon.
 My heart began to rhyme you.
 Get with the situation.

 First Haiku ever.
 Joy of write, Haikus delight.
 So cut me some slack.

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A Season lost

The season I lost A season which can't be found The past, never came Another season Approaching my vision now I cannot miss it This time, I will know The experience I'll gain from this new season If I miss this chance I will lose my fall feeling and the love I had The experience my experience will last if i hold my sight I blinked and it left the love I had left my heart the season has passed

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My Body

My Body is living in a broken Valley of Kisses Each Night longing to Be held in your arms until the Morning

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The Lost

                                                Innocent lifeless
                                       Pretty children rest in peace
                                             Let us pray for them

                                            The kids were victims
                                       The shooter was victim too
                                             Let's not put a blame

                                                 Exclamation sign
                                          Love family, love it right
                                        Don't loose, hug them tight

                                                  Dear educators
                                           Part of the victims as well
                                               The lifetime tribute

                                           Mourn traveled the world
                                         Burn by cause last on effect
                                               Careful in our steps

Author's Note:
Deep condolance for the victims of Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut,
Inspired by Zamalea George Poetry "Sweet Children, Sleep"
4th place
poetry soup VIGIL" Free Poetry Contest 

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In the rain

Beyond the distance
becomes the drops of mistle;
beloved existence.

her verse and songs fly
where flowers blossom splendid;
fiancée oaths reply.

Her lone figure stands -
she spreads her hands out to reach
the fields of far lands.

Conceived caress on hair
unending oceanic paths -
her eyes upwards stare.

On boat's seaward trail -
pure mistle she loved amidst
mizzen and main sail.

I kiss her smile in rain -
approaches in dusk conceived 
spelling our refrain.

© G. V. 05-26-2013

Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Name: Kissing In The Rain
Placement: 1st
Pics 3, 6, 7

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out of fragile mists
framework emerges slowly
bridge from me to you

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winter's last gasp

1st lover

winter’s last gasp
bone chilling loneliness ....
warm scent of your coat

2nd lover

reaching across miles
sending balmy loving thoughts
returning with spring
distance of  no consequence
cold weather unimportant

For Debbie's " Lover contest"  won no. 5

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Haiku 56 about Love

Her hands upon his window-sill a climbing jasmine

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Ice Cream

Vanilla bean skin,
Cool sweet breath and cherry lips
Make kissing dessert.

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As Autumn ignites,
The leaves burn with ember glow.
They fall like ashes.

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Oceans filled with tears
Shed by the angels weeping  
For souls fell in war  

Open hearts to love 
Making hate capitulate 
Let's give peace a chance

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     08 JUNE 2013


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Haiku 10 - Kiss

where is the rain -- my
heart is parched for the moisture 
of your love, your kiss

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Hurts so good

Would I lie to you...
love is like a butterfly
singing in the rain.

© Harry J Horsman for S.K.A.T contest define love. 

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Dare to dream of Wind

He ran away to chase his dreams
Short of a miracle was it not?

Yet the winds of change roared strongly at night
Enter- the fierce winds of time
It will be you alone.

As you dance, I cry
Blow the flowers toward me
Free to drown me now.

Like a DJ on steroids,
I won't allow you to slice through my heart anymore,
My beautiful daughter, Windstream.

John Monteblanco
Nature, Four In One

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Silence can deceive                                        
One's quiet to understand
Another to destroy

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sunrise in your eyes

ocean's blue
turning to molten gold...
a wake up call

in scarlet sky
a blooming flower...
smell of dawn

orange sun
rising behind me...
your eyes' reflection


Placement: HM; (Nov.2011)

Contest:Sunrise Haiku

Sponsor:Irma Linda

By:kashinath karmakar

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Nature's love

mom bird feeds her child
piece by piece she breaks the nut
nature’s love in view

                                                                                                      “This scene played out
                                                                                           in our front yard this morning,
                                                                                        another sign of God’s brilliance”

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I look upon you
forever the sun warms me ~
fate has a bright smile

June 8, 2014

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haiku and questionku contest


love is in the air
clouds like billowing hearts...
lightening hits target


noise of loud thunder
drowning out all reasoning....
body answers call


loves seed planted
well watered will grow....
Is wedding ring needed?

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Something to ponder

What if love is just chemistry?
Starts in the head and ends in the body,
Making us dependent.

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So fragile and tall,
as the big dreams that built it,
washed away by rain.

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Loving you for ever

Irreplaceable memories; killing my body very softly like crack to my addiction

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Van Gogh's Starry Night

Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”

gamboge moon and stars
dance haloed whirlwind marriage
in violet sky

lemon-greens and greys
calm sleeping childhood mem’rys
beneath white steeple

as black cypress looms
past swirling clouds like fleeting
requiem for love. 

deborah burch

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Love Like A Mighty Oak

you dried all my tears
i stand proud now like the oak---
no weeping willow

your splendid branches
wrap me into your shadow---
shelter from the storm

wind blows me down
your light lifts me up---
might i dwell in your arms?

written January 28th,2013
for pd's Valentine contest

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our name still together

divorce letter---
our names still together
on the bark of a tree


not my story :)

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Valentine Haiku

the tide sweeps the sand your name written by my hand gone, but not forgotten

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A King and His Beauty

A King and His Beauty

the audience stares
King Kong shakes shackles, breaks free…
     chaos, people running away

Kong’s mistress in crowd
once free, he cannot find her…
     crowd is in frenzy

the beauty nears Kong
he picks her up in his palm…
    Empire building scaled

planes appear in sky
protecting Beauty, he fights…
    even beasts can love

Kong falls to his death
Beauty lives to love again…
     Irony defies

*Entry for Tracie’s “Ku Ku Crazy” contest.

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Wisdom's Pools of Truth

nature’s love precepts

accumulate, circulate –-

    wisdom’s pools of truth

*In honor of John Freeman’s “The Precept: Nature’s Haiku” contest

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Falling in Love

Birthed in the Spring sun,
The leaves are virgins to Fall:
Fondled by the breeze.

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I Am Number Three

walking on water past evergreens and mountains wake my true love there
Posted: 09/19/2014 Birthdate: 11/28/1953 (My Path and Destiny Numbers Are Both Three)

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Interrupting Silence (JW)

Silence: no thought flushed
No message in the still pond
Of turbid waiting

Cradled in the hush
Time snails around the mute phone
Morning left me sad

The first call of day
The finches usurp your place
I long for your voice

This is the first change
Since love's season came again
A brown leaf of care

The woods counsel, says
What is one day to miss you:
A fountain of tears

Your voice belong here
In the tree top of my soul
Nesting in my ear

Let me write with light
On the blank virtual page
Electronic fright

Day's concern is deep
Brooding, can you still breathe there
Did you wake from sleep

O that all is well
Despite the storm in the nest
You will sing again

Irk the stillness now
The silent phone like the sea
Before the dark winds

Trees move not or bend
Legless clouds droop on the sky
Dismal pictures hang

I want to hear you
Tell me good morning like rain
Upon the loud roof

I want love splashing
To your voice like wet children
Playing in the stream

I hunger for you
The first fruit upon my lips
Breakfast in the mist

Pour your breast to me
White milk of songs on my tongue,
Sweet thoughts live again!

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Reflections of Love

Salty liquid lips,
Await the approaching sun:
While evening skies blush.

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they won't hurt you now
even though you hurt me bad
signed your best friend

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River Walk Contest Take 4

the morning sun rays
touch the small warm hands in mine 
the river fish thrill

Maurice Yvonne
August 26 2014
River Walk Haiku Contest

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wedding veil


                        gossamer laces

                   adorn the face of young love...

                        the veil of promise

a traditional haiku 5/7/5

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SPREAD LOVE (three haiku)

spread love    come on!    try!
be you like some growing tree
branching to the sky

no expectation
no!    love is a child of mind
no condemnation

love    not just giving
oh no!    to receive as well
you must be willing

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Water Dance

Dance with me darling
like the periodic waves
and end with passion.

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a true living word
nonexistent in life
lonely without you

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Broken Bottle

glass fragments on sand
crumpled words kite on sea winds . . .
love's last message lost
July 20, 2014

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My History

It Still Continues
Sorrow Pain Agony  GUILT
Please forgive me  LOVE

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Nurtured Peace

New growth of life blooms
Nurtured by water and light
Look within for peace

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An innocent love triangle

me and you love plant                                                                                                 three rising ambient light                                                                                               one parasol folds                     *                         *                                                                 Oxalis triangularis -the love plant

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Bottled Love Haiku

If love is a drug
my chemist doesn't have it.
Where can I find some?

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Unmatched Love

Hands clinch, bodies’ shake,
Your touch I cannot resist
My love for you pours.

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Among the Seashells

Forlorn, forgotten;
do tears still exist
at the bottom of the sea?

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Istanbul In My Dreams

Your expectations are carved into my eyes...
Their shapes melt in my dreams
The face seen in your postcards
Is not that of your soul Istanbul...
Living apart does not change your seas
Your waiting landscapes offer themselves
Thoughts do not remain still
Istanbul rests its weight upon my loneliness...
White fish swim in your living past
Seagulls float in your memories
Obliterated friendships stay awake till dawn
Anatolia rises from your horizons Istanbul...

by Uzeyir Lokman CAYCI
Traduit par Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse
by F.J. Bergmann., 2002

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Flowering words lost
Trying to say 'I love you'
Awed into silence

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Sweet Fragrance of Spring


                      Grandma's vase waiting
                     on Mother's lace table cloth
                         for lilacs to bloom

Inspired by Carol Brown's 
Haiku Waiting for Spring contest

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Dead Heart

Black clouds : Blood red rain
Thunder roars in agony
 A Broken Heart : Dies

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They Have Woven a Net Around Us

 A feeling of nearness to suffering
In our hearts
While we reduce the dimensions
Of the essence of light
With our eyes
In a local scuffle
They have woven a net around us.
Bearing the pains of life
While watching the people with sullen faces
And tired thoughts
All along the years
We have heard the whistle of whips...
With well-concealed thoughts
Never thought of us
And... without any mercy
Have woven a net around us.
by Uzeyir Lokman CAYCI
Traduit par Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse
by F.J. Bergmann, 2002

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A Ferry Ride to Pondered Decision

          The- ferry- sways left, 
Then right- in unison- pon-
                    Dering- whom- to love.

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Dew Kisses Of Summer



                                                               Purple Aster morn
                                                  Dew kisses soft moves slowly on
                                                               Tomorrow another

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Jew # 17

Jeweled morning glows
Echoes of birds from the trees
Withering the night

Juice flows in flowers
Eternal sap of our love
Wellspring of our joy

Jars of honey brim
Erratic flies the loud bee
Woodlands rich in bloom

Just us on these sands
Erecting castles again
Wading in sunlight

Joy is a fresh tide
Eloping from the cracked moon
Wan upon the sky

Jerk the wet branches
Empty them of silver tears
While the robin sings

Jar day open wide
Embrace the new beginning
Water cleansed with light

Joy is a swallow
Energized in clips of rain
Wet with old delight

Jew, my dreams are lit
Eternal as the bright sand
Waiting for your rain

Jewels of the heart
Every word the tongue fruits here
Whispers of my faith

Jolly good morning
Eking through the green of leaves
Wayward like a stag

Just brim me love's sweet
Embrace, in forest bosom
Wade me, desire pines. 

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Proving the Existence of Beauty

          The cool, humid plain,
Where the woman lays there bare;
                    Beauty- does exist.

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The Strength of Her Self

          Her body- glistens
The plains- illuminating-
                    From dawn, through her smile.

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Of an Early Morning

          The sun's- dimming light,
Over- the earth's morning sky-
                    With- a woman's- nude.

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Two Birds

Harmony, nature
Eagle and the dove unite
Two birds blossoming

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Of a Lost Love

          Racing- against time,
Her breasts- pressed against her lungs.
                    Lateness- vanished him.

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Two Quills And A Rose

two quills and a rose
on the same wooden table
love triangle

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Winter Turns Her Face

frozen river sleeps

man's desires go unbidden

winter turns her face


(January 21, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Water did fall

In the water falls
in their nakedness they kissed
a splash and locked lips

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total enchantment
 the time I shared with you
 long past the times, few

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What's Left Of Our Love

broken dreams of bro-
ken skies where broken winged an-
gels no longer fly.

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In the stormy light,
Each lover hears confessions.
The night rains passion.

contest Get Romantic
visual 2

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~~The Enemy~~
deep like the abyss
hating has drowned deep inside
pumping to get out

moment in the past
life will never be the same
future history

~~Feet Lust~~
please tickle my toes
caressing feel, in between
sweep me off the ground

~~Love Flows~~
love comes in circles
put them words right in my mouth
sweet like the river

~~Earth Core~~
deeper than a thought
waiting silent under ground
volcano loop hole

~~Silent Grave Yard~~
moon beam upon name
resting forever in peace
tears soon forgotten

darkness turning white
no where to run from now on
I belong to you

nature and it's will
boundaries between all battles
like a dead flower

~~Sweat or Honey~~
hot steamy liquid
yellow like a sun flower
flowing to release

~~Peaks Out~~
brown mountain rock soul
smells nothing like natures dew
wipe off till it's gone

.           SKAT
**Going Haiku Crazy** 
.  ~~~ Contest~~~

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Every heartbeat is bestowed upon,
Compassion embraces a child eternally
That uplifts a child’s soul in isolation in every way. 

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Broken faith

                                        traitors breath
                                         love betrayed
                                         broken faith

Lori Lucas McClure
For contest Ellip sponsored by Gigno

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Pour Love

Pour love everywhere
Veer fairy lilies gently
Thrilling spring’s beauty

Plant white carnation
Daisies are chanting “Holy”
Freeing harmony

Pour love everywhere
Palm branches cuddle lily
Wine is spring’s honey 

Plant dwarf gladiolus
A rosy crown is homey
Fairy’s sketch pretty.
By: Nadia Shahwan. This poem "Pour Love" won an honorable mention in June
2009, then became the winner in January 2010.

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Haiku - X 2 - A Tear

                A tear on my cheek
                I cry for those who were killed 
                Empathy and Love

A-L Andresen

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A Change of Seasons - Haiku 2


                                          crying a river of tears
                                             for winter is gone


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Rhyming Haiku

Rippling brook rushes
Swollen with spring rain gushes..
Eddie place bulrushes

Alligator suns
Basking her tough hide, sun buns..
Hippo destroys fun

Spring turns winter's tide
Nature comes quickly alive..
Bees buzz hopes  for bride

For: Carol Brown
Contest: "Whats' The Buzz"

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Rose Blooms

Spring in pretty blooms
Rose smells sweet, my sweet smells rose
Blooms, pretty in spring

Honorable Mention in 'The Palindrome'

Details | Haiku | |


broken promises
hurtful words said in anger
hope forgiveness love

Details | Haiku | |

- Haiku X 24 - Love

My heart lives for you
Vibrant life flow in my veins
Embrace with your LOVE

A-L  Andresen :)

Details | Haiku | |

Red Cardinals Comes


                                                   Red Cardinal comes
                                              First female male eat suet_
                                                    Gentleman inborn

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku - X4 - Heart

                                         A heart
                            learning language of love
                                    but also grief

                                       The grief
                            learning heart to go uphill
                                    death is heavy

A-L  Andresen :)

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Strong Tears

Because tears are meant
To be a symbol of strength
Even in hard days.

Details | Haiku | |


Amidst nature,
Imagining you,
I lost myself !

Details | Haiku | |

River Walk

on muggy morning
a momentous river walk
lulls our fresh sweet dream

Aug 27, 2014   12.50 pm

First Place
Contest: Solo Epic Senryu/Haiku-River Walk
Judged: 9/15/14
Sponsor: My Beloved Poet, PD

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haiku 20

tears fell
love up and left...
another door opened
For the contest of *P.D.* ~Your favorite or best HAIKU~ Written by: Carol Brown 5th Place Winner

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Into the sunset

Living lonely lives,
Cowboys are known for riding
Into the sunsets

8 May 2014

Details | Haiku | |


Allow me another moment,
A moment in your nostalgia,
The moment that stretches to eternity.

Allow me another mile,
A mile by your side,
The mile that transcends the dead-end.

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Haiku/Tanka/Haiku for Linda-Marie's contest.

Autumn has arrived
     the gentle years are calling
          love, life at harvest.

Friends like old armchairs
come to coffee the morning
glide in the porch swing
and we reminisce for hours;
pastel roses without thorns.

Come with me my love,
     take my hand; we'll go walking
          west, into the sun.

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'--the sweat of lovers'

Fragrant, erotic, red and swollen, the rose smells like the sweat of lovers.
1.) poembender; 2.) Nature motif; 3.) for "Impress me with a small poem! (New / Old)" Contest

Details | Haiku | |

HEAD(s) or TAIL(s)

summers’ last prayer

you’re about to lose your head…

while getting some tail

*For the Praying Mantis Haiku Contest

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Love of Money

the love of money
is the root of all money
money’s not evil

Details | Haiku | |

Love has no time

We long in the dark
Full of passion words of love
Fiftytwo years long.

So long time has passed
But love has never been sere.
Yet as the first time.

We are now aged,
The body youth has now gone.
But we still desire.

revisited to hold the 5-7-5 structure of HaiKu

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God's Grace

Your lovingkindness
Total forgiveness times ten

Details | Haiku | |

A Recipe for Successful Coupling

Close proximity Chemistry that makes you smile A common world view

Details | Haiku | |

Spring into Haiku

Smiling Sakura
blows kisses to Bush Warbler
Dreams of distant love

Details | Haiku | |

Sinless Moon

"Sinless Moon" Moon illuminates dark shadowy silhouettes clandestine coteriere' * Moon anticipates lovers secret rendezvous bramble bush conspires ... Moonlight masquerades expose' of evening sin Full Moon sips mirage
*For Joe Maverick's Haiku Contest ... *coteriere denotes a set as a couple.

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 21 Morning Coffee

                          the day is waiting

                  what will it hold – good . . . evil

                        yes -- also your love

David Meade
06 November 2014

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grains of wet whimsy

grains of wet whimsy
collapse in cascades of froth...
summer memories

Details | Haiku | |


Great joy together...

Hearts now torn by love and hate...

Solution: Divorce.

It all began with "For Better or Worse",

But the words afterward became very terse.

Divorce was the answer she decided upon

As with me she didn't want to go on...

The only other answer was to ride a hearse.

Two people in love end up in court and for a divorce sue,
It would never have happened...had they not said, "I Do"!

(Top - Haiku, Middle - Limerick, Bottom - Single Couplet)
For Poet Destroyer's Divorce Club Contest

Details | Haiku | |

Be Compassionate

be compassionate
share my smile with the whole world
love all equally
Written for Tracie's Contest ~New Years Resolution Haiku~ 6th Place Winner Yes Tracy I do believe I will achieve my resolution. I have this resolution every year and I always achieve it

Details | Haiku | |

as cold sudden rain

as cold sudden rain pummels our umbrella. . . . . your long soft warm kiss For the Poem with a theme of "Umbrella" Contest of Leonora Galinta

Details | Haiku | |

Singing for you my heart free

A bird escaped
From his cage
My heart free

Details | Haiku | |

Draped in Moondust

"Draped in Moondust" fragrant flowers fade 'neath starry moonlight was love as fragile? *For Richard Lamoureux's Questionku Contest. *Dec. 1, 2012.

Details | Haiku | |

Forever Love

forever love  ©

dance in a meadow
lovers whole in each other
no need for music

sun warm on our backs
creek singing in the background
hawk cries in the sky

warm lips sing the song
laughter lights a glow in eyes
sweet love sweet forever love

Trisha Sugarek
Moths and Machettes

Details | Haiku | |


              scent of the rose
           kindles love in her eyes--
             wine glass clinks

the lovers drink
wild thirst in their first kiss--
golden moon shines

              supple skin fades
             yet love swells over--
              is nature envious?

Details | Haiku | |

The Sex Complex

two opposite beings
appearance, thinking, outlook
made for each other

Details | Haiku | |

Wolfman Falls in Love

A car door opens
her long shapely leg steps first  
this is love or lust 

The heart beat flutters
he watches each moves she makes
deep within he sighs

Which move shall he make
I am so sorry Wolfman
this tail is taken

Her name is Molly
she does tricks for her master
rolls over and sits

Edward J Ebbs
Written for Contest - Wolfman Falls in Love - For Fun :-)

Details | Haiku | |

Natural Forces


atmospheric arrow parts -
spring kiss prevented


Details | Haiku | |


a gentle kiss --
I bask in the afterglow 

Details | Haiku | |

together, we are

together, we are crafted, in loving embrace a dazzling undress!

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 27

your scent lingers...
I smile

Details | Haiku | |

'ode' flame

he writes an ode 
and sees her kissing a man - -
crumpled paper

For Skat’s Ode contest

Details | Haiku | |

Kissing in the Rain

                                                     Under the rain’s song
                                               Witnessing the gay moonlight
                                                     Our kiss called blue sky

                                                     "Tik, tik" naughty rain
                                                Giving romance for lovers
                                                    Sticky kiss is reigned

                                              Breeze's dancing around them
                                                By the crystal drops of rain
                                                 Hide eye longed warm lips 

Kissing in the Rain Haiku's contest entry
Used picture # 5 for the first haiku
Used picture # 1 and 2 for the second haiku
Used picture # 3 for the third haiku

Details | Haiku | |


Once he winked, she blinked 
Soothing stars of love released
All their dreams came true!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  28 NOVEMBER 2014

Details | Haiku | |

Family of E-motions

loving and long hugs
embracing me on sad days
holding me, so close

arguing all day
saying I love you at night
truely liking me
when I am not likeable
taking the bad with the good

could not thank enough
for your overflow of love
even to my soul

Details | Haiku | |

Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

Details | Haiku | |

a treasure trove found

a blazing red sky romance whispered on the wind. . . . our island retreat strolling hand in hand along a secluded strand. . . . the brink of passion as long sun-warmed waves crash against the ocean’s edge. . . . we fall to the sand blissful on the beach true feelings at last revealed. . . . a treasure trove found Written by Andrea Dietrich for the "Treasure Trove" Poetry Contest of Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

Details | Haiku | |

morning's smile

warm and tender
you greet the skies
morning's smile

Details | Haiku | |

Salty Tasting Love

                                                     Under the moonlight
                                                clothes drop to a silky floor
                                                     two bodies drip slow

                                                      Eyes do the talking
                                           while tongues see the candy treat
                                                       all under night sky

                                                       Sunrise reflects us
                                               drenched in juices of our lust
                                                        salty tasting love 

"Sexy Haiku Contest"
written by Michael J Falotico

Details | Haiku | |

Chocolate love

Chocolate as love
Never last
For a long

Details | Haiku | |


                            unbreakable strength

                          a diamond's remnants glow
                              left in maiden's eyes.

Details | Haiku | |


Heart in love awaits   
Twin soul completes its circle
Centuries rejoice!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  26 NOVEMBER 2014  

Details | Haiku | |

Love At First Sight

A cloud I was given
            Had nose and brown eyes
                                       My baby...Christopher

for: Cyndi MacMillan's Contest "Creativity" Modern Haiku

Details | Haiku | |

Made a robot

made a robot
named it after him
programmed it to be compassionate

Details | Haiku | |

Where you are

       are they shining
            where you are

Details | Haiku | |

Green Grass Of Home

the green grass of home
other pastures desirable
commandments broken

Details | Haiku | |

Grape Haiku Two

perfect single grape
clings tentatively to vine
waits for gentle hands

perfect single grape
clings tentatively to vine
playing hard to get

perfect single grape
clings tentatively to vine
sadly never reached

For Alfred's Haiku Contest

Details | Haiku | |

Unconditional Love

with arms outstretched
brothers and sisters unite
love of God they share

Details | Haiku | |

Sex Appeal

When the lady walks
Men make full use of the eyes,
And women the spleens.

Details | Haiku | |



Your eternal love
That morning to me you swore  
Lone spent I that night! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  08 NOVEMBER 2013

Details | Haiku | |


melting of ice soup warming,
heart is where the ring should be,
Termites joy wait for it,

Details | Haiku | |


Each clan exchange hugs
After ten days of  bloodshed
They're now united

Details | Haiku | |



From the frosty eaves 
The winter's glass is hanging
Your hand in my hand 


The sun has risen 
The white rose is trembling 
You, always, always 


The heavenly lights 
Bathe her cheeks in red and pink 
Are the stars aligned? 

Details | Haiku | |

From My Hands

i carved out a heart
from an old red envelope 
be my Valentine

* Because of surgery I couldn't leave the house to buy a Valentine's Card for my husband so I had an old red envelope and cut out a red heart then Wrote, "Happy Valentines Day, Be Mine Darling"

Details | Haiku | |


Bouquet in mansion
Furnish by the most priceless
Can't outweigh her love

Agrarian harvest
And all the nature's beauty  
Can't surpass her heart

She's her children's spouse
A companion to her hobby
...Her caring tranquil

Right way sure her way
Her prayer is excellence
...Can't banish such soul.

Details | Haiku | |


a cricket in the eaves
harmonizes with
night rain
old river benue
a fisherman's canoe
ladened for market
graveyard's windy dust
sending papers and leaves high
every ones underground

Details | Haiku | |


Her frayed soul revels
for along came Adonis
her pain thus deserts

Details | Haiku | |

Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

Details | Haiku | |

Love Birds Haiku

Love birds sweetly sing
A valentine song they ring
A very true meaning

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 100

	Haiku 100
	by warm candlelight
	a strand of pearls gently falls 
	across her bare breasts

Details | Haiku | |

More Than Words

Many words spoken
words of love and words of life
some are forsaken 

True love is a verb
Love is more than a feeling
Love has to be earned

Edward J. Ebbs - 03/04/12

Details | Haiku | |

2 Haiku 1 Questionku


the doorbell rings-  

a love note

crumpled behind his back



dawn breaks through stained glass-

upon her naked flesh

a rainbow dances 


passionate whispers

upon her soft neck-

will she feel my fear?

Details | Haiku | |

My Summer Moments

Summer's sun ablaze
Rivers flow o'er mountain peaks
Jasmines wilt in the heat

Cool Caribbean breeze
Fan natures pearls of salted mist
Jasmines swell with honeysuckle juices

Summer's burning moments 
Become Autumn's glowing colours
A harvest to reap

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 24 Sun Life

                             mighty in power

                                      u   n
                                   a         c
      bright sun flares   l                 h    into space

                      your love-kiss consumes me

David Meade
Live Generously

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 31 Shadow Love

                          sun then a shadow
                     human silhouette sparkles
                           a full love eclipse 

David Meade
Live Generously

Details | Haiku | |


held tightly, yet soft
loves embrace with bated breaths
one awaited kiss

Details | Haiku | |

Moonlit garden

Underwater blue 
and still, the garden veiws a
breathless kiss begin

Details | Haiku | |

With You

Anywhere with you
Be it past, present, future
Prevailing as two

Details | Haiku | |


a passionate kiss
stirs forgotten desire
two become one

Details | Haiku | |


Your heart an iceberg
My passion, boiling lava
Deluge predicted!*  

© Demetrios Trifiatis
 29 OCTOBER 2014 

*Because of a malefaction three of my poems were deleted
  along with the comments! I repost only PREDICTION just to
  be over the 500 mark. I am sorry and I thank you!

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 28 Wind Love

                     hear the wind b l  o   w    i     n      g

                        wild, swirling, hurricane power

                                   i ride your love

David Meade

Details | Haiku | |

Valentine Haiku

Honeysuckle vines
Golden nectar from blooms tip
Honey for your lips

Details | Haiku | |

Riveting Moonbeams

Lover #1  
riveting moonbeams flood calm quiescent river loving eyes alight
Lover #2 In quiet moments Silently I wait for you Peering through picture window And suddenly you appear Ripples shimmer in soft breeze For Deb's "Love Talk" Contest

Details | Haiku | |


nature is nature
you are you as I am I
united as one

Details | Haiku | |

eyes of beauty

striking chartreuse eyes
   my true companion has these...
      beautiful kitty

written 1/11/2014

Details | Haiku | |


Burdened by your love,
wherever you go or why,
you rooked for money.

Buck… your nowhere ex,
he jobbed me for your money.
Oh dreck…We be broke!


Details | Haiku | |

I Need You

Black grief, I need you,
fill my mouth with laughter, my
tongue with shouts of joy

Details | Haiku | |

A New Year

Ring in the New Year,
with a joyful song of love.
Pray for the New Year,
to the awesome God above.

Details | Haiku | |

Starry Wish

You are every wish On every star in every Sky for me tonight.

Details | Haiku | |

Kissing In The Rain

Sparkle of kiss
Pitter-patter of raindrops
Therapy rebirth

Sparkle of rain
Seeking possession--a kiss
Sparkling clashes

Confiding through rain
And after the rainbows fade
Retired in your arms

Simple life we shared
I walked with you in the rain
All the blues drifted

Unbecoming rain
Heeded to lover’s advice
Moments of bliss to come

Bitty diamonds
Showered their naked bodies
Cuddled bright beauty

Gentle rain pouring
Never drifted us apart
Be still in the rain

Pictures: 1-7
Kissing in the Rain (2 Haiku) Contest of
Poet Destroyer A

22 May 2013

Details | Haiku | |

under your softness

under your softness my blooming magnolia~~ rain is imminent © kash poet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Placement: 5th; (Nov.2012) Contest: Natural Sekcy Haiku Sponsor:SandyIvyy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Details | Haiku | |

The Thing That Matters Most

The day I wed my soul-mate
It was a good day

Details | Haiku | |

Dance Therapy

Dance is therapy.
It gets your eyes off the world
and straight onto me.

Details | Haiku | |

American Flags

American flags,
the right to destroy is yours;
as is your freedom.

Details | Haiku | |

Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers of many colors
Always received openly
To warm the loved heart

Eve Roper 10/31/2014

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 25 Your Answer

                                            answer quickly love

                                      do not hide your face from me

                                        my heart quakes – waiting . . . 

David Meade
Live Generously

Details | Haiku | |

Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

Details | Haiku | |

Love Never Loses its Own

True love never dies For love never loses its own Love is only as far away as the tips of the fingers.

Details | Haiku | |

My First Kiss

My final morning 
With you in sunlit bedroom.
My first kiss was you.

Details | Haiku | |

On Valentines Day

embraced in wonder
sparse snow hugs the bare branches...
nature defends life.

Oh the sun and moon
does create the silhouettes...
light in the shadows.

Come on hold me
with your magic touch
create heaven on earth?

© Harry J Horsman 2013     

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 22 Love Life

    running  . . . denying

                                         I am weary -- where can I go

                                                                                         your love pursues me

Details | Haiku | |

He Loves Her

I love loving her
she loves me she loves me not 
daisy scent fulfills

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 23: Prayer Life

                   kneeling I pour out
              father  –   your love I need  . . . 
                   hold me, I shudder 

David Meade
Live Generously

Details | Haiku | |

HOME - 3

The Birch logs are stacked
Ready to feed the Woodstoves
My Soul is at rest

My Heart longs to be 
With my Most beloved : Lenore
I wait to go HOME

Details | Haiku | |

Confessions in the rain

impassioned sky mumbles tasteless rain
a soaking measly carapace collects  muddy remains
weather overbears a confessing cloud.

For Carol Brown's 'Nature comes to life' Contest.

Details | Haiku | |

Teardrops On A Rose

Absence pains the Heart Teardrops on a rose glisten Until you return © 2011 Kevin Stock

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 39

blue moon
reflects on the water
lovers kiss

Details | Haiku | |


Easter Sunday Morn
Tomb Empty Jesus Arose
Oh wonderful Day!

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 13 Bed

                                                                                               ravaged empty bed
                                           clouds building, gully washer
flood me with your love

David Meade
Live Generously

Details | Haiku | |

Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

Details | Haiku | |

Like Me

I am like him, he is like me only..
He smiles like it's morning,
and if he closes eyes, it's like cold dark..

Details | Haiku | |

Valentine haikus

Valentine haikus

East now meets the west
In  Valentine.  Melting hearts
Stay put on high crest

In its familiar
Script, the secret crush attempts
A delicate push

For electric touch.
Like a tremulous tangent
Does  at curves soft spot.

By: S.Jagathsimhan Nair
For: PD’s  contest,  13-01-12

Details | Haiku | |

Rolling Passion---Haiku

holding me softly
the sweat slowly dripping down
heart to heart embrace

Details | Haiku | |

Woman I Love

Beauty you can't cloak, Your Kindness as plain as day, My love, your treasure

Details | Haiku | |


Love is a life in
The valley of happiness
The nostalgic days .

Details | Haiku | |

Frozen Heart

          I will move away
from his winter bleached white heart 
       Redemption draws nigh

     The place I met him
no longer its warmth entice
     Serve me a red heart

   Thoughts of him gone cold
as red scorn bled love vein dry
    Green pastures I see

Details | Haiku | |

Summer Sun

Summer is fading. I will miss the way the sun paints your skin with light.

Details | Haiku | |

Valentineless Haiku

Sweethearts swarm like bees Stinging my loveless core sCUPIDity!
Glenn L. Sentes For Olajide Adelana's STORY OF VALENTINE Contest 02-02-12

Details | Haiku | |


Blind love may be, Forgiving, loyal, truthful, But never unsure

Details | Haiku | |

Morning Breeze

Morning Breeze
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Morning breeze so cold
Invites lovers to be closed
Warm bodies and talk

Details | Haiku | |

XOX World

The heart shaped white clouds
make lace kisses in red sky
giving hugs to all.

Wind brings love and hope
blowing on senuous earth.
Making valentines.

P.S. chocolate kisses to all

For PD's My First Valentine "contest" Haiku

Details | Haiku | |


Her lips on fire
His kisses extinguisher 
Flames both consumed!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   28 OCTOBER 2014

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 20 Heart Cry


     eyes empty dark pools
where are you my darling love

                                                         a lonely   j

To all who have been touched by Alzheimer -- To the weary travelers – take heart – love still abounds

David Meade

Details | Haiku | |



Painful long night passed
Tears on pillow ran many
Dreams forgot to come

Sun came through window
Found lonely suffering heart
Healing wound at once!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    02 June 2013

Details | Haiku | |

A Dozen Roses

A Dozen Roses:

Petals in the wind
crying a crimson river
on moonlit snow

deborah burch 

Details | Haiku | |

Aquatic Poems

Under star filled skies,
The ocean recites its verse:
For the pallid moon.

Details | Haiku | |

My Valentine

                a valentine card
         I will send to my true love
          not bought...handwritten

                  an invitation
         with a rose of deepest red
              to unlock her heart

              hopeful and daring
    I shall knock with trembling hand
               will she let me in?

Contest: (Double) Valentine Haiku plus 1 Questionku #2
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A

Details | Haiku | |


she winks with her right
and sounds her most tuneful croak
yet, he sits unmoved

she tries her fly skills
which should impress any frog
yet, he does not flinch

she gets impulsive
takes a leap onto his pad
yet, not even warts

she is all wound up
she hops away insulted
it is so his loss 

April 25, 2012
Diana-Marie Bombardieri
CONTEST - lilly-pads and frogs - LeeAnn Sidney

Details | Haiku | |


Chirping Bush Warbler
above the waterfall's rocks
Wet lovers in Motion

Details | Haiku | |


below blue depths

locked and hidden away

a pearl of love waits

Details | Haiku | |

There is a Reason

There is a reason
our love has seasoned
we received each other's needs
sometimes just a hug
sometimes just a tug
living our love as we knead

Working side by side
in sync is our guide
anticipating our days
even without rest
leaves us with less stress
in love each other's gaze

Edward J Ebbs - 08/13/2014
Meter: 5, 5, 7, 5, 5, 7
Rhyme Scheme: a, a, b, c, c, b

Details | Haiku | |


opposite attracts. . . blossom cool meets summer moon two become one fate
(c) Olive ELoisa 12:23 am June 06, 2014 CONTEST: A haiku with a theme and title, "Destiny" SPONSOR: LEONORA GALINTA placed 1st.. :D to God be the greatest glory.. :)

Details | Haiku | |


                                                   MISMATCHED LOVERS

                                                            gale flurry
                                                  foolish love-struck vole woos 
                                                         dancing leaves

                                                          high seas throb
                                                over shoreline smooth stones
                                                              futile love

V Anderson-Throop  12/1/13

Details | Haiku | |

sun and sky

sun and sky shine one
tears I cry joy embracing
gently caressing

Details | Haiku | |

Hot Days

I become a tree at noon, a great tree,
My sweat drips resin with myrrh scent,
As all trees in love, with grades,
Whenever she stands north to me,
Seeking carelessly for shades.

Details | Haiku | |

Sex with love

Sex is like our food
Love is like its sweet flavor
Sex with love is good.

Details | Haiku | |

Non-Judgemental Sex

Making love to her
Helps me ignore or forget
My wife's not perfect.

Details | Haiku | |

a closed chapter

her gait
reminds me of her name....
a closed chapter


Placement:9th;(September 2011)

Contest:Any haiku will do

Sponsor:Irma Linda

Details | Haiku | |

A Positive Poem

let us live laugh love
bounce back and grab the moment
to keep hope alive 

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku VS Senryu

Impetus of spring
   Beget invigorate life --
       Fruition with hope.

Shrill winds rip, tear, cry
   Heated verse under the sheets,
The songs of love grow.

Details | Haiku | |

Luscious Osculation

Honeysuckle smiles,
With hummingbird’s gentle peck:
Saccharine kisses.

Details | Haiku | |

This will be my FINAL poem on the Soup

no more Soup for me all of YOU have pissed me off April Fools Suckers
JSLambert ~ This is the fabulous "Prankster Haiku" Haiku from the Heart Contest ~This is not your average Haiku. But I am not yir' average Joseph, for my "Prankster Haiku" form is highly Ex-plosiPH! Ya' DiGG?

Details | Haiku | |

C (Haiku)

Souls guided with love
Forming radiant circles
Covered by feathers

Details | Haiku | |

A Smile

In the clear water

I see your face reflected

With a smile for me

Details | Haiku | |

Kissing In The Rain

Cannot wait do it
Clothes melt away in the night
Tongues part lips kissing

Rain drops falling now
Sensual dampness grasping
Nature's lubricant

May 24th, 2013
For PD's contest.
Picture #6

Details | Haiku | |

Still married

old couple walking
together, hand in hand - an
endangered species


Details | Haiku | |



You leave me after we make love
Moonbeam falls 
A poet shares my sorrow

She coils him
Autumn waits

A love bruise
Wicked parrot
Season of rain


His words were diamonds
Wizard of love phrases 
He stole my garments


She offered her warm breasts
To her lover in winter night
Icy wind roared 


Two leaves are tangled
The tree meditates
He does not know our raptures


Words are lost
Glances weak
Glaciered infinity


My neighbour’s wife
Pulls me
To a sobbing counter


Sighs heavy, hidden moon
Moans, pleasures of the night  
Cruel kisses bleed 


She fell on my chest
By the dart of love


Hold on some more and hold on
Until the fire is put out
And he would close his eyes


I would wager
He would leave soon
With a trail of cinnabar


He was a noodle
As her eyes were nearly shut
And bottom of the sea sloshed


I had to hold her like a python
Brute yes I am, I couldn’t lose time
To be ambivalent


His tired legs staggered
He fell again on her bosom
God is so ungracious


Incredible cavern
Big black cat walks on curling passages
In search of snail trail


Last night’s sleep
Washed out 
My lover’s petting 


My husband’s ancient kiss
Fades away
Like charming baubles


A young man hid behind his shadow
At the edge of the river
My bath aroma seeped through his skull


My wife was parabolic
She could not make love
Before her voyage to comet


I can go down her slit
If the river gets more time
To watch my owl


Details | Haiku | |

Love and Loyalty

Ways demeaning and fake
Pursue not Love and Loyalty
For when given you take

Details | Haiku | |

Tears Crying

Tears Crying Sorrow
Alone in the Darkness of Death
Will I see HEAVEN??

Details | Haiku | |

My own proverb

“ Love is the greatest portion of our lives, although sex is hidden in love as a twinkling star”. Proverb by - Ravi Sathasivam

Details | Haiku | |

Raven Stares

Lover One

Raven feathers fall
Darkness gleams in thick forest
Silent is the squall

Lover Two

May the stare stay locked
Tearing fingers ache in skin
Legs could not hold fear
Why was the past so full then
Now how can I fill this heart

Details | Haiku | |


Darkness in my room.....
the pain of your absence
suddenly vivid.

Details | Haiku | |

Mistress Of The Sea

                                  Song of the waves beckon
                           the heart calleth, deep unto deep
                                captive mistress of the sea

  This poem is dedicated to the fisrt time I saw
the ocean. I watched the sun rise over the Alantic Ocean.
I remember I stood there looking over the ocean, 
and it seemed as though the whole world held its breath,
 and then the sun came up! I was her captive from that moment. 

by Lori McClure

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Moonlight Tries To Hide

moonlight tries to hide
outstretched hands reach for her
groping in the night

June 3rd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)
(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved,

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Soul Mate

Desire rooted deep nourished by sparkling spring few ever find

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Unfunny Jokester

He yelled “Boo” real loud!
It was well after midnight!
She slapped him silly!

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I'll Always Remember - 'Haikuized'

The moment we met.
Haunting meadows in springtime,
Your slim silhouette.

A slumbering fawn
Awakes in new morning dawn.
The ghost of your eyes.

Your singular smile 
Feigning figures and fancies.
 The phantoms that guile.

Fair feathers were fanned -
Ruffled wing of a sparrow.
The touch of your hand.

Inside still a boy. 
Body burning aflutter
I jittered with joy.

The sound of your laugh.
Ocean waters were splashing,
A midsummer bath.

We strayed on the strand 
Your hair, long, tousled and blown. 
A moment, alone.

I started to spin
Beneath skies opening wide.
Your breath on my skin.

Being drawn aside 
The mysteries of love unwind. 
Two tongues are entwined.

Falling from above
Fires we shared in late fall.
The fury of love.

Passions which flowered,
Painted stars the night showered.
The brightness of day. 

Your name and ‘farewell' -
Two words tolled in winter’s sky.
A shattering knell 

She left while I slept.
A farewell note near the nook
I read while I wept.

 Note: this was an attempt to ‘Haikuize’ my rhyme “I’ll Always Remember” – thus, it’s a learning experiment...
Experts, please forgive... 

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Love and Tears

the warmth of sunshine
banish tears and dew on rose....
till lips meet in love.

© Harry J Horsman 2012   

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In the afterglow
Her head upon my shoulder
Hearts beating as one

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Haiku 11-10-14

sapphire twilight where the tonic blue hangs on like a new love

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Fearless Girl

Fearless girl they say,
but I'm not, baby you
are fearless. Baby I
love you for you, not what
you can do. I can
never let you go, If I
ever lost you, I'd die
Instantly. There
would be no waiting.
It would be quick,
I wouldn't feel it.
Fearless Girl they say,
I have fears, one fear,
and that's losing you forever,
please stay with me. You belong
with me; noone else baby!
I love you! 
By:Briana Lynn Palmer 9-15-11 finished: 7:10A.M.

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I love.
You love,
I love you.

© Dave Timperley 2012

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In Love

Love is sometimes sweeter in a dream; But, it is in reality, Where its sweetness is at the zenith. Loving too much isn't dangerous; It is more an adventure, So, keep on loving when you can still endure. In love, there is pain; In an unending pain, Love mustn't cease nor end.
First Place Winner Contest: Senryu Poem with a theme: Define Love Contest Judged: 9/4/12 12:00:00 AM Poet Sponsor: Poet SKAT

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                                                   room filled with echoes
                                                           killing her softly
                                                                with love

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Haiku 15 Wind Rain

wind rain -- greet me, your
                     laugh -- quick, bright . . .  tears sorrowful
                                                                             cleansing is your love

David Meade
Live Generously

Details | Haiku | |

old sycamore- Love

                                                            old sycamore-
                                                the heart between our names
                                                              larger now



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On Valentine Night

Goodnight to my love I bid you to sleep and dream May the night be wet With my own exhalt At being close to your heart Without any care For eternity For us to ring those church bells Shall Fate show mercy?

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Broken Promises

On a clear blue sky

Two doves fly, sadly unpaired

Broken hearted love.

Details | Haiku | |

a child

within the father
a child

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haiku 46

silvery moon
reflecting on still waters
lovers kiss

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Trampled Flower, Trampled Love

Crushed petal, crushed stem
Flattened flower, Trampled love
Dead and dry flower

Crushed love, crushed heart, still
Packed down against the pavement
Crushed flower, crushed stem

Forgotten love, lost
Dried between sun and pavement
pages in a book

Trisha Sugarek
Moths and Machettes

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Baby Talk

Bubbling azure streams
Are like grandfathers cooing
At newborn infants

My first attempt at haiku

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meeting halfway --- love

meeting halfway

       on paths of ice and darkness...

  lit ardour graced

Contest of Andea Dietrich
Nothing But Love

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In The Mood

Touch with no boundaries
Hypnotic scent of desire
Love joining as one

©2013 Rick Zablocki
For Catie's In The Mood Contest

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Holding Hands

The empty space that's 
between my fingers tells the
story of our love.

Those empty spaces 
there are waiting for you to
fill them with your hand.

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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

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he knocks at the majestic door broke her crystal heart and left her with splinters she shuts the door for life no gliding for love living to mend the pieces

Details | Haiku | |


she wont take my hands they release me from her grasp i always miss you

Details | Haiku | |

My true love

Not a day, week, month or a year, chased her non-stop.
I love her, she claimed, she has no solution of my madness,
my love is true, she said, you are boring, i feel stress,
you 've no dare to express feelings you tried me to bind with a rope,
why do i merry you, you are waste and has no hope?

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Our Goal


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Farewell in the Rain

Farewell in the Rain

rain drips through the trees
kissing soft eyebrows and skin
overflowing eyes

tongue steals a rain drop
from the beloved’s ripe cheek
or was it a tear

goodbye soaked in the rain
farewell cries the broken heart
more tears rain drops fall

Trisha Sugarek from
The World of Haiku

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

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Haiku Love

the cloud, pink from the
setting sun, floats on the breeze
your love lingering 

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Entwined souls in love
Perpetually singings
Eternity's song 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      11 JUNE 2013

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Tiers Of Joy

Icing masterpiece
Tiers of love cascade so white
Cut the wedding cake

Details | Haiku | |

cobalt blue clouds

cobalt blue clouds hang barely illuminated.. summer's full moon shines under the boardwalk my love kisses tenderly... rain drips through small cracks
Love the pictures Thanks for the challenge, P.D Contest: Kissing In The Rain(2 Haiku)Nature Style Picture #5

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                                                    two blooming flowers
                                              vibrant rhythms of their touch
                                                        sensational kiss

                                                     love is now in boom
                                               acoustic sound of two hearts
                                                      singers rainy song 

For contest:
Sponsored by PD

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Your beautiful skin
So smooth, so silky, so fine
My forbidden love.

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All I want for Christmas is a haiku

Who, what, where, when, why should I feel discouraged, hmmm? you and I are one.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part I

Gathering grey clouds
Whip crack of frothing thunder
Is this Africa?

Details | Haiku | |

The art of sex

For the human race
The game of sex is an art
One has to learn it

Details | Haiku | |


Plush velvet fingers
Wrap you in their warm embrace
Oh! I adore you!

Details | Haiku | |

Rains Freshness

The smell of fresh rain Is blowing through your hair and Wrapping around me.

Details | Haiku | |

Two Worlds Colliding

In a realm of gold
You lived and I born in mud
Now wed, golden grime.

You hit this core yet
Ruptured not the soul that loved
But left hearts entwined.

(c) Glenn L. Sentes
Written for Russel Sivey's "Two World's Colliding" Contest

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A heady perfume
fills my senses-
my rose awakens

Details | Haiku | |

My Sweet Valentine

My sweet valentine
Our hearts forever entwined
You are always mine

Details | Haiku | |

Forever and More

eternal embrace
euphoria in two hearts
living a life felt

aura of our love
vibrates a high frequency
an ethereal dance

our love grows stronger
still within our golden years
forever and more

For Catie Lindsey's contest, 'In the Mood'

Details | Haiku | |

SK- 4

Silence has spoken
From the roaring of the tides
God is a river

Details | Haiku | |

Nature's Breath

Nature's Breath

Only a whisper
Of heated smoldering lust
Lingers like morn's mist

Details | Haiku | |


My soul a manger
For You Jesus to be born
Love conquers my heart!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
 23 DECEMBER 2014

Details | Haiku | |

love through seasons

tender is love---

softening the harshness

of unknown seasons

Nothing But Love Contest

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Haiku 12 Stars twinkle

stars twinkle

in empty distance

my eyes wink

Details | Haiku | |


Together Bonnie
We set out on a love spree
For eternity

Blinded by no tear
We will always remain near
Never showing fear

You have not left me
We survive in infamy
Bloody destiny

Details | Haiku | |

Fallen Angels

Even together
Fallen Angels you and me
feel so lonely now

Details | Haiku | |


nostalgia  cycle 
Of my drought
and rain

Details | Haiku | |


Build one’s happiness, 
A Herculean pursuit,  
Hercules missing! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    04 OCTOBER 2014

Details | Haiku | |

first love

                                                      first love-
                                                I scold my dog for
                                                  chasing her cat

Details | Haiku | |

Divorce Club

Love seems endlessly
Then stalactites stalagmites 
Divorce comes for sure

She walk down the isle smiling in white dress
In the courthouse in black dress, what a mess
Lovers dancing on the sand
Divorce and money in hand
Got her money's worth, who laughs last laughs best

The guy thinks he can outsmart the girl
The girl knows after divorce she owns his world

~Divorce Club~
Contest for :  (Destroyer  ((Poet 

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Effulgent sun proffers love 

Above the undergrowth…of
Thorns and weeds

The moon unravels wonders

Details | Haiku | |

Look for Me

Look amidst the leaves They flutter to earths floor And find me waiting.

Details | Haiku | |

Love You

I say I love you
You may laugh or you may cry
You may run away

Details | Haiku | |


Under the cold rain
We walk closer and closer
Shooting obstacles

Details | Haiku | |


                           WHITE NIGHT LOVERS

                        your shadow calls in moonlight
                        sweet breath of Cedar 
                        Fills me with winter longing

                        sun and moon
                        white night celebrates
                        each embrace

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Valdez, Alaska

Details | Haiku | |

Winter love

Falling leaves on nod
Laying bed in a nude 
Winter nature in hug

Details | Haiku | |

together we were a pencil

together we were a pencil i would write down all our dreams then you would erase them

Details | Haiku | |


sun rises
hot flashes all night
my flame thrower

Details | Haiku | |

Vignette Polaroid Kiss

                                                     Nostalgic in noon
                                                  Apostrophe in desire
                                                    Linger kiss on you

Details | Haiku | |

Tickle Me ~haiku

Happy silly boy
Dusty straw hair flying free
Mommy... tickle me


Details | Haiku | |

Blind Love

They say love is blind-
Then why everywhere I look,
Can I still see you?

Details | Haiku | |

Unicorn's Demise


                                         The unicorn came
                              Drawn by fragrant spring flowers...
                                        Unexpected freeze

Details | Haiku | |


I love my sister
The way she smiled with her eyes
She smiles for the Lord

My sister Kathy passed last night.
Rest in peace little sister.You 
were too good for this world. 

Details | Haiku | |

Soul Calm

Watching children play
Happily in deep autumn leaves
Stills my soul.

Details | Haiku | |

Eternal Love

I'll call you by name
in the silence of my dreams...
for eternity.

Details | Haiku | |

A rose in field love haiku

My love is a rose
Not a rose in a vase
But a rose in field

Details | Haiku | |

Silence Says So Much

silence says so much
oblivious to all else
beauty stands alone

eyes capture meaning
words hold inadequacies
nothing need be said...

(April 27, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

Details | Haiku | |

unrequited love

growing collection
of empty whiskey glasses 
unrequited love

Details | Haiku | |

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part VI

Water licks your feet
Far cry from the beating sun
Desert sand to sea

Details | Haiku | |

Dog Kisses

Messy dog kisses:
Most likely are full of germs,
But make me happy.

Details | Haiku | |

Dream of you

Every time I dream
Of you I wake up to make
My dreams come alive

Details | Haiku | |

The color of love

If it is real
Love must be multicolored
Paint it, humankind!

Details | Haiku | |

You're My Only One Haiku

Two hearts beat as one
Your smile beaming like the sun
You're my only one

Details | Haiku | |

Autumn Blows A Kiss

Autumn blows a kiss
 mists dance amongst painted leaves
 Winter soon arrives

(c) Copyright by Christine A Kysely
(November 9, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

Details | Haiku | |

Taste Buds

Thick chocolate with a cup of tea

          A silk river of milk
   Exploding in my mouth so smooth.

Details | Haiku | |

Sunsets Glow

A sunset glowing radiates magnetic love hearts meld unknowing Lay

Details | Haiku | |

A Prayer for my Everything

When I pray to God,
And thank Him for everything,
She is in my mind.

Details | Haiku | |

Heartsongs Do Recall

passions radiate 

from a source found deep within

heartsongs do recall

(May 12, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

Details | Haiku | |

"For Rosanna"

Your eyes like windows
to my inner desires,
that consume my soul..

The way your hair flows
off your shoulders like candy,
sweet as your smile
that brightens all my being
to every step I follow..

Rosanna my love,
my sun still rises and sets 
because of your love...

"Harvest of Happiness" Linda Marie Sweetheart of P.S.

Details | Haiku | |


                                            Smiling expression 		
                                Two hearts dream love at first sight  		
                                       Sweet good night lasts long	

Details | Haiku | |



Ploughed earth my heart is
Yearning your love to receive
Ecstasy blossoms

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    12 JUNE 2013

Details | Haiku | |

The Rose

Fragrant, erotic, dangerous and red, the rose smells of love's odor.

Details | Haiku | |

Winter Lies Quietly

winter lies quietly
waiting anxiously for spring
autumn leaves her mind

© Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
 (December 16th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

Details | Haiku | |

This Place (Haiku)

(Paint me a picture with your words)

Clear rivers of life 
will flow through this handsome place 
Colored with true love 

© Adell Foster

Details | Haiku | |


A TALE THAT NEVER ENDS barefoot on the beach they hold hands amid moonbeams I do said the two their joints scream some pain tango is their most love dance oldies but goodies gray streaks kissed her hair unmoved, he caressed her face will death end their tale? _______________________ © 06:23 pm-- February 06, 2015

Details | Haiku | |

Our forever love

We are the dandelion,
and the rose intertwined...
for eternity.

Details | Haiku | |

I Love You

I love you so much,
But in a different form.
Accept it as such.

Details | Haiku | |


Love is as love does Peace begets peace; happy day Unconditional

Details | Haiku | |


"My love is like a red rose It may be beautiful now But my sharp thorns will hurt you My love is like a red rose Yes, I may be fragrant But the closer you get, the more I’ll hurt you." -Lee Hi
Darling rose buds bloom Newborn angel unsullied Snow white untainted Darling rose buds bloom Wrapped around unwary hearts Fangs of vampire Darling rose buds bloom Painted red with trickling blood Crimson burning skies Darling rose buds bloom Clinging where they leak of oil Unmoved by fire Weeping to red death Set aflame by those in pain Darling rose buds bloom

Details | Haiku | |

Good Morning Baby

In the morning light
I wake up to see your face
You open your eyes

There is that smile
Enchantment within the heart

Edward J. Ebbs - November 4, 2013

Details | Haiku | |



                                        His big brown eyes--
                                        --linger in A distance...
                                    I Smile back at him.

Details | Haiku | |

love's light

his eyes sparkle 
intensely - hugging me
with shining twinkles

Details | Haiku | |

Nothing but love

tiniest eye-wink
between two heartfelt heartbeats
lovingly touchdown

Details | Haiku | |

The curtain call

Between the curtains
I stand, my hands together
Brown like a clay dove 

A messenger they
Hold my letter to you written 
In scratchy black ink

Trostsky. These flowers
Piled into a sleepy mound
Pink, yellow and peach 

These flowers are like
Our love, no longer alive
But no less lovely

I blossomed beneath
your steady blue gaze searching
for an answer to

For an answer to
lifes many big questions I
hope you've found answers 
This is our farewll
The velvet curtain closes
Love. Always. Frida.

* Haiku based on "Between the curtains", a painting by Frida Khalo

Details | Haiku | |

Wind Massages Mountains

wind massages mountains

sends shock waves to inner core

valley grows wider

June 3rd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved,

Details | Haiku | |

Orange peel

         phone rings while she is 
     holding orange peel, somehow
              is predicting him

Details | Haiku | |


at the library
the wife and I hanging out
always together

Details | Haiku | |

lift your brothers and sisters (come together)

we are one spirit...

there shall be no division...

edify each soul...

Details | Haiku | |

A Fond Memory

A dream on my mind.
A far distant memory.
A smile on my lips.

Details | Haiku | |

lonely comfort

Pillow has now cooled
Your sweet smells remain behind
Held tight for comfort

Details | Haiku | |

Love in nature

Love in nature

Billing blue birds
Spelling out love to all those
Willing to see..

Seated apart 
On blooms, bugs  text  howdy’s,
Unstated  subtext: ‘ Love’.

Life by the night
Love by the light, to owls
On the dry stump.

Inspired by a video clip,” Love is in the air”.

Details | Haiku | |


crashing your orbit
gravitationally drawn..
i'm so into you

for the gravity contest (but I think I just missed it)
23 may 2014

*can you guys tell me if this is an actual haiku.. 

Details | Haiku | |

The butterfly-poet

A scent, a color …
he has to pick from heaven,
in no time amber.

Details | Haiku | |

Inspiring Love

                          Love ennobles the soul
                    Exciting a tender sympathy 
                          Truly Promethean fire

Details | Haiku | |


Why hide my sorrow?
It seems even the moon knows
how I weep for you.

Details | Haiku | |

child's first toddle

your mild nudge
made me open my eyes....
child's first toddle

Details | Haiku | |


Tall unicorn plants
sway in meadows of scarlet....
where a lover weeps

Details | Haiku | |

Vampire Haiku

His blood flowing warm
she drinks it like chocolate
grasping and screaming...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Details | Haiku | |

Gotta Do It

Summer night, scared stiff Trying to pay for condoms With a rubber check

Details | Haiku | |


      that kiss from you
   like footprints in the sand
 keeps my heartbeats ticking

Details | Haiku | |

Lunar Love's Mimickery

Lunar Juliet
I mirror your eerie glow
Romeo Reflects

Details | Haiku | |

Play with doves

After long day`s play
with doves ,they fly in the light
Let`s rest in the love

Details | Haiku | |

Greatest Loves

Sisters are great friends,
Oak trees whisper to the heart,
She rests in great love.

Details | Haiku | |


Canyon widens
River nearly dry
Are you in love with her?

Details | Haiku | |


Lost in thoughts of you,
I fantasize the day away.
The telephone rings!

Details | Haiku | |

Shadows Hide Secrets

shadows hide secrets

veiled traces of other lives

lavender desires

(June 2nd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved,

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku Seven

Kriss Kringle galore-
The sanctity of Christmas,
And blissful New Year.

Kriss Kringle: Germans word for 'Santa Claus' or 'Father Christmas',
 as being called in some parts of the world.

Details | Haiku | |

Our forever

Oceans moves in waves
each single heartbeat grasping
claws of steel holding

Trance like beautiful
your every wish come true wings
of a spirit spread

Flying majestic 
beauty one golden eagle
power draws inside 

Flying high one soul
from an imagination
a gravity pull

Sweetly emotions 
singing illusions, one dream
reality kicks

In the arrow strikes
what a fantasy dream sits
feeling floating rose

Essence butterflies
fluttering blossoms sweetly
Explosion hotly

A soul it sang in 
one heart that gave wings sharing
a meal delight you

You sipped wine with grace
an amazing smile I could
feel the blood rushing

If I lost you love 
a lone wolf will forever 
howl to her face sad

Tears sweet surrender
never ending searching space
full of love howling

Felt like kneeling at
your feet adoring beauty
you will always be

Oath of forever 
love that very night to you
smiling beautiful 

You lit up such love
flames on fire with your 
grasping talons hot 

Took hold of me deep
your smile was amazing cute
drawing one starlight

Eternity calls
the power of destiny  
one in a thousand 

You lit up such love
flames on fire with your 
grasping talons hot 

Wishes trance like hold
beautiful in every wish 
granted came true love

Silver shadows in 
the deep ocean treasure gem
dancing ripples leap

Liquid silver paint
shimmering moon reflections
mirror distant thoughts

Golden the pathway
walking across rippling in
body, one deep love

Feelings begin to
hold in, emotions sings out 
we join together

Passionately we
kiss with all inside my heart
I love you sweet babe

This I co wrote with an amazing beauty on site twenty one the key to the heart's door

Details | Haiku | |

Beauty Pageant

God made the flowers
To compete with your beauty
But they always lose

Details | Haiku | |

winter morning

winter morning
outside the blanket...
warm embrace


Placement: 5th; (Nov.2011)

Contest:Fall or Winter haiku

Sponsor:Debbie Guzzi

By:kashinath karmakar

Details | Haiku | |

Liquid Lovers

Intimate waters,
Ocean enters river’s mouth:
Osculating waves.

Details | Haiku | |

My Resolution

~teach my thirsty heart not to fall in love again... the mirage of life~ © 2011 kashinath karmakar ========000======== Placement: 5th ; (Decemeber 2011) Contest:New Years Resolutions Haiku Sponsor:Tracie~Indigo Dreamweaver~ By:kashinath karmakar

Details | Haiku | |


Heat waves cavort around your face
transforming it before my eyes
watching in fertile silence...
... through faceless days of scorching torture reeling
into darkness, ballet of countless veils - subtle need, vibrant with passion of
the soil,
and not waiting for dawn
a rooster is a muezzin crowing wordless prayer,
With their humming, plainsong tires, taxis thread the night
and leaves are strumming, plucking off-pitch wails
from air-guitars of searing depths unknown
while you are transformed - within me - though I know not
nor do you, nor do the taxis, leaves, the rooster, the guitars...
... the musky breath of living pirouettes darkly through your hair...

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Bed of the rose

a beauty in pose 
As your love peels away leaves
Freeing the soft rose

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Valentine memory

From a hospice bed
To a special dinner date
And a wet Red Rose 

I hold in my heart 
The memory of that night
My Rose bush still blooms

In my night garden
My Rose bush exudes that night 
My heart is embraced

A gentle rain falls
Creating weepy puddles 
Reflective mirrors

© Brenda V Northeast 6th Feb. 2012

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Snow and The Pine Tree

Snow and The Pine Tree

Snowy white pine tree
beneath the palest blue sky
firmly stands waiting

for the sun to shine
as he softly kiss the snow
before letting go

time to part has come
thawing has arrived for the snow
but her touch lingers

her memory lives
in the heart of the pine tree
winter world of love

sweet and gentle snow
slowly melts under the sun
her fingers slipping

its time for the spring
to dance with the pine tree
till she comes again

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silver penguin

silver penguin turns its head across thick haze… a mating call . . . . .. . * according to, adélie penguins (winter animals) live on the Antarctic continent and on many small, surrounding coastal islands. They spend the winter offshore in the seas surrounding the Antarctic pack ice (c) Debbie Guzzi: Animal Haiku nette onclaud

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Broken Hearted

impending crevice
these unebbing tears can't heal
world in the ruins.

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I miss you so much,
This aching in my heart is so unbearing,
It feels as if my heart is shattering,
And the only thing that can fix it,
It seems is your words, and your deep, crisp voice.
I miss you so much,
I am at loss of words,
When it comes to describing,
Describing how much I miss you.
It seems like I can't live without you,
Because you are such a great friend,
A friend I don't want to lose.
If I ever lost you, I don't know what I would do,
I would blame God, I am really starting to doubt him,
He has taken Pappy(grand-grandpa).
My sisters(best friends).
Ashley and Tiffany Brown,
And it feels as if he's trying to take everyone I love.
Always~N~Forever, Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To:CAZ

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heartfelt love

beauteous feelings
touching emotions deeply
embraces  the heart

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Lifeless Love

Desert plains, love dies.
Lust remains we say goodbye,
Pain is crucial now.

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Loves of the street dogs;
Accompany even in death
Sticking on his friendship.

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Scattered petals

                                                 she loves me
                                              she loves me not---
                                                scattered petals


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Haiku 33

dripping garments
loosely hung on a limb -
two sets

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part V

The English weather:
Rainclouds follow us from home
There is no escape.

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Running Straight to Divorce Court


a final lap---
the race ends before
crossing the finish line


They finally took the marriage leap!
They said the vows they hoped to keep!
But while in bed
She acted dead!
He claimed he used his best techniques!


They ran in circles on frozen ground
But when the marriage ends, winners crowned.......

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 My two-timing lover 
if only he were here 
the music mocks tonight 

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Incomplete Day

My days not complete,
never kissed my sweet good night.
I can't sleep without.

2nd version

I can't sleep tonight,
never kissed my sweet good night.
My days not complete.

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you kiss me goodbye
only for a little while
to be continued

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Soft Feathered Lips

soft feathered lips

wind wishes to gently kiss

never to fly not

(June 2nd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved, except the right to forward and 
to share with friends - with credit --which is held to be a good idea and thus encouraged.

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Spanish Gypsy

Guitars seduce me
With stacatto semi-tones
Spanish Gypsy scales

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Haiku 36

                                                            a red rose
                                                       lying on a grave --
                                                         love is forever


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No limits to love contest

                           Sunsets cherrish night,
                        Mornings glory, value's day
                           Shooting stars remind.

                            Meteor showers,
                   The heart that reached galaxies,
                            No limits, to love.

How high can my love reach?

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Secret To Success Haiku

     Secret to Success Haiku

Pour clean pure water
Become life, dance on the edge  
Build nests on high limbs 

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the ice

a four syllable for Chris

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Wide Deep Valley Waits

wide deep valley waits

hidden in wild tangled hair

never explored

(June 3rd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved,

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Do not just stand there By the door laughing at me. I can read your mind. Your love for me gone. Now clinging to someone else. I can read your mind. Now I do not care. Where you go away today. I can read your mind. Do not turn around. Try to explain why to me. I can read your mind. Do not ask my thoughts. For you would run a mile if, You could read my mind. If You Could Read My Mind

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Autumn Beckons at the End of a Summer Affair

Autumn’s leaves fall and 
The wind pushes through the branches
That sift the sunlight

Casting shadows upon
Their dreamy moonlike skin, soft
And damp like dewdrops

And their lips, the
Color of crimson twilight,
Kiss their long farewell

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Current of Love

An alluring tide,
Kisses the unsullied beach:
Philandering surge.

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Alluring Waves

Flirting with the shore,
Beneath an envious moon:
Seductive waves tease.

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I cannot say to you, rest in the night

When you get bored
Go at the edge of the Seine
Be the friend of swans
Divide some bread into pieces
To throw to them! 

Don't be in charge of shippers
Letters remain in consciousness
By dancing northward
Consider bottles
Carried away by fluxes... 

Never present yourself
Instead of others
Don't conform to others either
Rest as you are...
The art that is contained in you develops
I cannot say to you 'rest in the night'. 

Impose your existence
Like a rose
On the pages of society
In the mirror of a page
And in the middle of a mirror
I cannot say to you 'rest in the night'. 

Pretend not to see
The cold winds which pass
Near to you
Drink the sun
Dispel your sadness
Burn griefs one after another...
I cannot say to you " rest in the night ". 

Hardly believe what you hear
Weigh all that you see
Review all that you learn
Speak of your feelings
only to those you like
I cannot say to you 'rest in the night'.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI 
Bruxelles, le 05.11.2005 
Traduit par by Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse
by Joneve McCormick, 06.03.2006

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Passionate desire Moist, luscious, forest of love Butterfly flutters

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a wide-eyed child

a wide-eyed child
leaps into a woman’s arms –
a butterfly lands

By Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Copyright January 20, 2014

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Beauty 
Sponsored by Shadow Hamilton

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grands olfactory haiku

coffee best describes
papa joe's essence for me
coffee kisses- YES

fertilizer stink
paternal grandaddy smell
famous tomatoes

noxzema only 
for miss toby before bed
shakey hands slicked up

but then grandmama
whew! peach cobbler first of all
sweet corn, pot roast, ham

oh man, those fried pies
blackberry and peach goodness
beautiful mem'ry

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WINTER BLANKET contest haiku

                 WINTER BLANKET           

                       swirl white birch
                brittle leaves snow dance
                             Cocoa Kiss

Victoria Anderson-Throop

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Envious Sands

Whispers of the light,
Ring in the ears of the sea;
As jealous sands watch.

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My heart is a piece of 
with love, you must 
for you, the juicy fruit 
will not be late.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part III

An azure ocean
Displaced by mighty blackness
The horizon dies

Details | Haiku | |

first haircuts

the barber's scissors:
                my breath lost as the last of 
his baby curls fell

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winter of our love

feelings are freezing frost fingers nip frigid flesh - hearts hypothermic

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Love Stories

Tragedy and Comedy
Blended and Beaten
Memories last a lifetime

Details | Haiku | |

Pearls I See

The pearls around her neck
Remind me of how
She drowned in the sea.

Details | Haiku | |


After meeting you
I understand why storms are 
named after people.

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Winter Haiku

Snow falling softly
Mingles with my frozen tears
On your crypt below

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Loves Weather

Kisses, like rainfall Passion, cosmic tidal wave The storm of our love

Details | Haiku | |


at the moutain stream,
you never looked so alone,
or so lbeautiful...

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Love Divine

The sun finds its mark
passions love cease my sad heart
nights sail to a kiss

Earths beauty adores
a caress from your soft hands
mold me in the wind

This world is yours now
among your breathe divine I sail
Will it last always?

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New Haiku Entry

Flowers of love
Looking sweet and smell pretty 
Giving life to all 

Lovely Humming Bird 
Sings a love song to the soul 
Empty hearts renewed

Passion projected 
Valentines now on the brink 
Why only today?

Poems by Wayland bunch written 1/29/13 10:06pm Ok these are the revisions of my Haiku that have nature references

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Random Thoughts 55 A Haiku


The day growing near
I approach with fearlessness
Oh my! water works 

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Hot. Sweet. Stolen
Lovely little moment
Taste it in a breath

Details | Haiku | |


                                 The summer winds wash skin
                                   Kiss me deep like the ocean
                                       You'll probably dive in.

                                       The waters will refresh
                               As you drink in my sweet breath
                                      You will probably drown

                                      Our emotions will stir
                                  As your eyesight starts to blur
                                      You will feel so secure

                                        Regrets will not exist
                                      You will probably forgive
                                     This life is how you live

For contest: Probable options in life
Sponsor: Marvin Celestial
Date: 07-18-2014

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Haiku 15

This haiku has been deleted due to possible publication.

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Lover's Walk At Sunset

the flower strewn hills 

embrace the earth with garlands....

a bouquet of love

a bent willow tree

brushes against my earlobe...

whisper of a kiss

 lover's palette 

sunset of crimson...

is blood from mine own heart?

Entry for PD's Contest: 2 Valentine Haiku/1 Questionku)

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Sanka mountain house

snow covered nest                                                                                                     huddled hands in prayer                                                                                        dreams not forgotten

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Lost pearl

I asked for ur heart ~ u held out an empty nacre ~ declaring the pearl has been lost

Details | Haiku | |



   as pools wash pride

           Love stares at me silently …

                          pouring baptized light

copyright  ©

.   .    .   .    .   .

For John Freeman: "The Precept: Nature's Haiku"

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 The soft, moist, pink flesh
of her lips quivered, as he
came inside her room
By: Joseph May

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Passion Extreme

The flower passion Runs rampant between the two… Loving rain flowing Rain brings together Enhances lust quite higher… Nude ones coalesce
Picture #6 Russell Sivey Contest: Kissing In The Rain (2 haiku) nature style Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A 5/22/2013

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Fate of a Rose

True life of a rose
Carrier of emotions;
A sentence to death

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Cow, tender mother  
licks calf by cheek, brow, back and front-
mother feeds baby by breast

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Sweet Nectar

Hummingbird drinking
Heady juice from blossom’s heart
Sweetly falls in love

©2014 by Regina Riddle

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Truth will dominate

Before beginning 
Any relationship pray that
Truth will dominate

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Rainy Season


                                                     Lone Cacti awaits
                                             With hope for this very day...
                                                  Rain__restore all life

(Inspired by the picture of the cacti with the clouds but not an entry in the contest.)

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Song of Solomon written in haiku

lovely woman- - follow tracks of the sheep; by shepherd tents graze a favorite mare harnessed by Pharaoh- - beside you it pales your beautiful eyes sparkle the dark of midnight- - I feel your breath

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Nature's Valentine

Under a large tree Two flowers bloom at same time Holding others leaves The tree then sees them Provides loving shade for them Keeping them real safe For the light’s strength Can have great power Doesn’t the sun get love?
Russell Sivey Entrant into PD's "(double) Valentine Haiku & 1 questionku" contest 1/31/2013

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Pure Love

Pure as virgin snow
whiter than its whitest flake
Love i found in you

sweet as budding rose
that blooms in the early spring
amid the soft sunshine

pure love rare and true
a treasure i hold and keep
in my heart's chambers

forever cherished
in this deep and sacred place
love you and i share

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An Odd Shaped Heart


                                                         Swan and Gander touch
                                            Heads construct an odd shaped heart
                                                        Love the strangest thing

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part IV

Culminates in a washout
Stuffed camels get soaked

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My Love For You Is True

My love for you is true,
For noone else is as special as you,
Ich Liebe Dich My love Anthony James Haniuk.

I can never love anyone or anything but you,
Everyday I find myself Daydreaming about you,
At night I dream about you,
I keep wondering if you are okay,
When I am not with you.

I do my homework, thinking of you,
I finish my homework thinking of you,
My whole life is with you My love.

My love for you is true,
It's as sweet as a rose,
It never dies, 
Never wilts,
And is still going strong.

One day I will marry you my love, because noone in this world can even begin to compare to you,
You fill my heart as noone else has,
Noone in this BIG HUGE WORLD can fill my heart as you have. 

I can't even begin to think about what would life be like if something ever were to happen between us, 
I already know it won't.

My love for you is true.

Yeah I might get Jealous, 
A little too overprotective maybe,
But What girl doesn't?

I think this way if you aren't overprotective, and get jealous sometimes, 
That they weren't a real girlfriend to begin with.

Written By: Briana Lynn Haniuk @08/26/11 Finished at: 9:42P.M.

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Lilac's Heavy Scent

lilacs heavy scent

hangs about every breath

may coupled with june

(June 2nd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved, except the right to forward 
and to share with friends - with credit --which is held to be a good idea and thus 

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My Valentine

*** Lets dance *** Roses and champagne Soft flow of music, we dine- Let us dance as one *** Be mine *** Moving to the cue Drowning in your gaze i seek- Be my valentine. *** Yours forever *** An endless night and as we entwine- Would you make me just thine? © Nadiya (2 Feb '15)

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Never in focus

Try to photograph
You come out as colored blur
Never in focus

Contest: Any haiku will do
9th place win 

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Like The Birds And Bees

Lover #1

Like the birds and bees
the whisper of breeze on trees
scent of love abounds

Lover #2

The warm air kisses
sweet perfume drips from flowers
birds and bees enticed
dancing to a lovers scent
serenaded by the breeze.

Written by Emma Mantle

For Debbie Guzzi contest 'Love Talks'

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In a bottle

to dream drift away 
in a bottle to journey 
where I want to play

so empty to be
In a bottle then I see
you in there with me

Details | Haiku | |


blade to my belly
i smile thinking of my life
love and sacrifice

Details | Haiku | |

Sweet Red Rose


Sweet red rose wilting
longs to be kissed by the sun
looks fragile and weak

Her crimson color
turning paler by the day
losing its brightness

Under the blue sky
hidden among tall grasses
she patiently waits

For her sun to cast
His glowing warmth upon her
with a hopeful heart

Dreamy,wishful rose
heart burning with flaming love
wants to live again

To see a new spring
A season of happiness
and to bloom once more

A shower of rain
dose of flickering sunbeam 
is all that she needs

From her beloved sun
and live in his memory
as a sweet red rose

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Summer Breeze

moonlight cascading
summer breeze soft-warm-wafting---
lovers stroll in pairs

Details | Haiku | |


My destitute heart,
Saved by the sweetest Angel.
I love you, Sandy.

Details | Haiku | |


black and beautiful
expressive body and tail
my dog has it all

his body talks 'dog"
ears and eyes an open book
my dog 'writes' it all
endless love statements
provocative naughtiness
my dog does it all

his subtlety charms
his risible cleverness
our dog owns it all

I can read his lips 
and he's learning to read mine
my dog shows it all

clown and guardian
friend and people whisperer
my dog shares it all 

a walk with my dog
a playground and learning site
both learning it all

©Elly Wouterse

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Salty Kisses

Golden honey sands, 
Are caressed by liquid lips: 
Romance of the sea.

Details | Haiku | |


Tree welcomes each drip
Rain hangs on leaf, awaits fate
Lucky ones absorbed

Details | Haiku | |

Dirking the blues away

Drinking the blues away

tears of mascara 
taste with different option
smells like red wine juice 
tears of mascara 
taste with different options
worldwide white wine grapes
tears of mascara 
taste with different options
smoky blackberry

Alfred's Contest: Bacchus The God Who Loved His Grapes

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Details | Haiku | |

sunflowers do love


sunflowers do love
brimming with the sweet nectar,
no bee this season!


fall in love again,
your words tempting me to dance
in the whirl of love,
swirling and twirling my heart
a different spring this time!


By:kashinath karmakar (9th March 2011)

Details | Haiku | |


Love sometimes remains 
Like a fierce pain in a limb
 Severed long ago

Published in the 2012 - Spring Issue of " Paper Wasp"- An Australian journal of Haiku.

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Snow Flakes

first walk together
as snowflakes scatter and land
sprinkled on your cheeks

try to kiss them all 
they are melting on my lips
love covered in white

**SN*O*W** *HAIKU** contest by SKat.

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A girls night out

girl takes a night out
boyfriend takes her to a waltz;
they explore new world

Haiku syllable count 5/7/5
Contest 'A girls night out' by DARREN WATSON

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Valentine Haiku

My hero thou art My hero so handsome, true My genuine hero Yet, any feelings For others you shine and burn For me, you are blank My own valentine On that panaceaic day Never did heal me No call say hello Nor a card say I Love You Only mere absence My hero thou art Romantic is the story Of your and mine love Ironic is fate Sympathetic is fortune At the tragic day This Valentine Day Memory is never short Pretense is still here!

Details | Haiku | |

Self pity

Oh this self pity
Destroyer in the deep realm
Dark within my soul

Details | Haiku | |


went to see my folks
just about an hour drive 
seems so much longer

but each time I go
it's better than I expect
she is totally 

changing legacy
from control freak to kindness
beautiful to watch

this transformation
right before my very eyes
could probably learn 

to treat my fam'ly
to a lil bit of the same 
dad still sits silent

Details | Haiku | |


Rain pours with a blast
The mad symphony deafens
Lend me your hug shield

Details | Haiku | |

Heart beat

Cloudy sky, upset mind,
Falling drops, Rolling tears,
Soil longing to get soaked, Heart longing to beat !

Details | Haiku | |


Let that love flow like a river
Never let it end like December
I need it yes it is mine

Details | Haiku | |



                   Snow flakes dodge
                   Unrequited love beam

                   Street light's kiss

Victoria Anderson-Throop

Details | Haiku | |

Two Swollen Rivers

two swollen rivers
convergence deeply hidden
surface knows them not

(May 6th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

Details | Haiku | |

Thy Treason

Heeding thy blithe face,
Within me opaque disgrace,
Burn thy perfidy.

Details | Haiku | |

Scared of You

Scared of you leaving
this world to go far away.
I need you to live.

Details | Haiku | |

My Everything

As Sun is to day.
Air, earth, and water to trees.
You're my everything.

Details | Haiku | |

Two Hearts

Sky filled with roses
 Birds start singing a love song
  Two hearts dance and kiss

Butterfly kisses
 Flew across the rainbow sky
   Envelope their wings

Morning dew sparkling
  Shining thru cherry blossoms
    Lovers warming rays

Long path of river
  Flows like a love thru their vain
    Two hearts becomes one
Whispering waves
   Listening to their heart beat
     Saying I love you.

Sponsored By : Olajide Adelana 

Cheryl Aldea
January 31, 2012

Details | Haiku | |

XO's To the World

Seedlings seeking light First leaves exposed shaped like hearts Breaking through soil Water becomes warm Fish travel to find their mate Waves kissing the shore Birds in line flying Are travelling through the clouds Finding their true love
P.S. Love Greg Stanley PD's “My First Valentine” contest

Details | Haiku | |

Strangers on a train (Haiku)

you are on my train
I call you Rumpelstiltskin
you coddle your name

Details | Haiku | |


                                                     no, nothing can give
                                                   value of valentine kiss
                                                       billion dollars fail

                                                     all passionate hearts
                                                 from distant see closer by
                                                    feel the rhythm of love

Details | Haiku | |

Old to New

by Michael J Falotico

                                                    I reach out to hug..
                                                only air is what I touch..
                                                      so I kiss the sky..
                    embracing lost love..
             my hands met with only cold..
                   just a breeze and me.. 

                                                    lingering hope spills..
                                                 an old picture put away..
                                                   frame now new again..

            new buds have formed..
           all the colors lick the sun..
               today we stand tall..

Details | Haiku | |

Close Your Eyes

I close my eyes when 
love emotions are too much
The heart flies away

Details | Haiku | |

Guitars are sexy

Guitars are sexy;
Like a woman's waist, curvy,
Held intimately.

Details | Haiku | |



Christ, our savior, come, 

Elated hearts sing with glee,

Bliss in souls is born!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    22 DECEMBER 2013

Details | Haiku | |

my star,my Heart, My Valentine

bird displays its wings
above flowing water fall...
my heart flows with joy

beds of nice flowers
the passion of hope and love...
my heart beats faster

love shines like the stars
which brighten the night and sky
would you be my star?

CONTEST:"(double)valentine Haiku &one questionku "sponsored by PD

Details | Haiku | |

Misty Mystery



                                           Shadows taint the Moon
                                   Thick fog block the twinkling stars
                                          Darkness dress the sky.

Details | Haiku | |

When I Look At You

When I look at you,
I remember our 
First kiss, out first hug,
The first time you looked at me.
When I look at you my heart
Beats a million miles an hour,
When you look at me
My heart races uncontrollably,
And it skips beats.
When I look at you,
My heart finds it's home.
You know they said,
"Home is where the heart is."
Briana Lynn

Details | Haiku | |

Broken heart

My heart on the ground. Her heel coming from above. Then unto my love.
-Zach Kindell

Details | Haiku | |

Je T'Aime

In Paris, we kiss
when the moon is like croissant
and accordions sing

Details | Haiku | |

New Ozymandias

O How Great It Is...
To be alive on this day!
Heh, Most unlike you!

You're Deader then dead
Just like the wooly mammoth,
Who's also your dad

I'm alive in space!
Without a care or worry...
I'm forever free.

Remember highschool?
Well, I haven't forgotten.
But you have, my dear

You rejected me!
But not privately, mind you!
No, that'd be too nice...

Had to be cruel...
You told them all when I asked.
And I was left, mocked

But space is so kind.
Unlike your now burning Earth.
Fighting my cyborgs?

Sorry for the mess.
Death Stars aren't too accurate...
They get the job done.

Well, England is gone.
Your most favorite city.
I burned it myself.

I'm truly happy
Yep, I'm just floating in space.
Yes, Yes... I'm damn sure.

I do NOT miss you.
Or the goddamned earth, either.
Just stop guilting me!

No... I'm not happy.
I'm just alone in deep space.
I'm Watching you burn.

Please forgive me, miss.
I was so jealous, old friend
I was just so hurt.

I feel  terrible.
Like I'm Ozymandias
Only, I despair.

Details | Haiku | |


a little girl squeals
toddling through daises—
her mother smiles

January 20, 2014

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Nothing BUT Love 
Sponsored by Andrea Dietrich

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Special Valentine Haiku

Special valentine,
send me red roses and wine.
Have a real good time.

Details | Haiku | |

a permanent scar

a permanent scar an earthquake crack in pavement.. the broken heart bleeds one name no longer appears in the new poem list... sigh, heart racing gone romantic poems filled a gap in this empty life... would you write love soon?
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A Contest: (Double) Valentine Haiku Plus Questionku #2 Written: February 2, 2015

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cool north winds
trees scent in colors of
yellowish leaves

Details | Haiku | |


Nature’s primal drive
Sensual touches from thee
Raptures deep inside

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Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Cherry tree blooms love
Its beam flowers invite sight
And mood shower tail.

Inspired by and enterd into: 
Black Eyed Susan's "1 Cherry Blossom Haiku" Contest 

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Up and down for fun They abuse her filthy face Little Tramp Eileen

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I Miss You Pappy

Pappy, I miss you
so much, it's sometimes
unbearable, this pain, 
simple pain of losing someone
that was always there
for me, the one eho helped
me, and told me stories
of World War II, Pappy I
still cry sometimes, you
were my life, the center of
everything, the one who always 
came first, the one who is
still the world to me, I miss
you so much Pappy.
Why did it have to be 
you Pappy? Why not me
instead? No, Not me,
someone else? My 
heart is getting healed,
day after day. All I
have to do is think of 
you, if I am having a 
bad day and ask myself
"What would Pappy do
in this situation?"
I miss you greatly 
Pappy! Pappy someday
we'll be together 
again someday
very soon.
I love you
Briana Lynn Palmer
~Dustin's Faithful and loving Wife~

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Children make Life

Little cute buds
Playing, sitting, eating & sleeping
Children make life

Smiles to tears
They show all emotion in life
Children make life

Growing little everyday
They crawl, walk run to embrace world
Children make life

Innocent at heart
Simple joys they cherish live every moment
Children make life

Dear to every heart
They conquer anger with a sheepy smiles
Children make life

Learning and mimicking
They catch every world and act you do
Children make life

Source of joy
They bound the bonds of humanity 
Children make life

Daughters are blessing
Bringin prosperity to fathers and society
Children make life

Sons are strength
Mothers see their pride in them
Children make life

Son or daughter 
Let the joy bloom in every garden
Children make life


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Armin Babic

I cannot believe that I used to have a crush on you,
You are cold, heartless, and MEAN!
I never talked about you, never did anything to you,
I never deserved that, you had no need to be so mean.
You stooped so low, never had I seen someone do that,
People told me you were like this, I just didn't believe them.
I didn't believe her when she said you were a womanizer,
Didn't believe you were a Cowboy Casanova, well you showed me,
And never will I do that again, you made me believe,
Believe her, snf you made me believe you liked me, you led me,
Led me on, and then you were like, "I don't like you."
Well guess what I didn't care then, and I sure don't care now,
Cause I loved my hubby all along,
Love him more than anyone and anything, I love him and only him!
I cannot believe I used to have a crush on someone like you,
I swear you are the spawn of Satan himself,
And I feel sorry for girls who date you or fall in love with you,
I do, because all you do is play them like a game.
I don't hate you, but I don't like you like that anymore.
You led me to believe you liked me, and then you said it was all a joke,
Yeah well you were a joke.
You were a pill, I was willing to take,
I am glad I didn't take you,
You are an unmistakeable , unidentified drug.
I am a good-bad girl, I can tell a bad boy,
But even I didn't see this, didn't see that you like this,
The boy with beautiful brown eyes,
Are now dull, no longer do they shine,
That brown hair, that I loved, is now just a memory,
The boy born on February 18th,
The one that I thought was perfect,
God what the hell was I thinking??
Don't ask if I'm alright,
I don't have the answer,
But if you ask me if I want to hurt you badly, I will say,
Say yes without hesitation.
You have no idea how bad I want to hurt you,
But then again I don't.
Half of me hates you,
The other half can't bear to see you,
The game you played on me,
It was cleaver, but it was also cruel and hurtful!
I want to hurt you like you hurt me, but I could never that mean.
I could be as mean as you,
The person who doesn't know how much what he does hurts people,
I bet you don't care either,
Because that's just the kind of person you are.
They tried to warn me, those two girls, M&H,
But I didn't listen to them.
I didn't listen to them, because I am not the kind of person,
The kind of person, to believe what other people say, without,
Without knowing about you, getting to know what you're like, 
Until you do that to me.
Until I learn on my own, that's the kinda person I am,
I take the time to figure people out, instead of judging them,
Judging them by how they look like, and what people say,
That's the kinda person I am, I am a strong Redneck Woman.
And I will never change who I am, change myself for anyone,
I will not change for anyone.
If you don't like me for myself, then you don't deserve my time, or my words, 
Or my anything.
This is officially the end of me and my poem, 


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What happened to us? 
We were perfect together
You ditched me for him

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Blue eyes

Blue eyes sing
The scent of honey time
Romanian sky

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a righteous harvest
two seeds nurtured in Gods light
bountiful love flow

entangled  beauty
our souls drift free, pure, untouched
loving songs echo 
ecstasy takes flight above
graceful perfection painted  

together complete 
a moment sacred and free 
happiness surrounds


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A Quilt of Passion (for Joy)

I look out last night
To fondle the shining stars
How lovely your eyes

Bright asters glowing
Soft the liquid rivers run
I scoop joy's delight

A soft wind blows here
Where is the jasmine blooming
Naked to my sight

Love sings in the tree
The nightingale is awake
It's heart breaks for you

Far away the stars
Like dry grass of memory
Burns in water still

I need you tonight
The moon is late, I'm alone
And shadows haunt me

Stars all silent stays
Yet the wind will speak your name
Nothing mutes my heart

I love you, brown night
Your fragrance the heart's drum beat
Too loud for my sleep.

I fondle flowers
Soft as light upon your skin
Dreams are stolen keys.

Open stoma's door
Tiptoe the light on petals
To kiss the night gone

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i had a daughter
fathers love from fear and hope 
i learned to pray 

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Strawberries Ripen

strawberries ripen

from sun's sweet tender kisses

hardness shows desire

(June 1st, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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she cries

she cries as she waits 
through the wedding veil blows
a withering wind

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Whispering cold night breeze
Blowing out intense feelings
Making me horny.

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deeply, the last rose

deeply, the last rose inhales for a final breath farewell her perfume

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1. It's loving

Blossom merrily day
Caption to a beloved reign
And applauding way.

2. It's catchy

Schetchy scatchy love
Not catching on for far long
Just dawn to night love.

3. It's Fun

Powerful grace for peace
And reiterating Romance
Be mine tonight please?

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Love is just a red
satin sheet, blinding our view
of what’s underneath.

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Valentine Haiku

Sweet as kiss of rain lovely as ray of the sun blooms like roses grew.
P. S. love -- Cheryl MY FIRST 2012 VALENTINE *CONTEST* HAIKU~ ONLY~ XOX | Sponsored By : Destroyer Poet

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A Scorching Kiss

Your kiss is so hot
Instantly scorching my lips
And tauntingly fiery 

Dawn Kilby 
Copyright ©2008  Dawn Kilby

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Underneath this smile
see my source of endless joy:
peace, kindness and love.

Nothing I will fear
believing in tomorrow,
to find a rainbow  
stretching over that green hill...
to imagine what's beyond.

Show your sympathy,
share my happiness revealed
underneath this smile.

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moonlight nestles

into every curve...


for Catie

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*^* """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" why should I shatter impeccable petaled-rose when I know it's "NO". ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Forgetting my love It's hard here within my heart But it's fun in mind. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" HAIKU -------> she loves me not SENRYU -------> hard but it's fun

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i remember her
smile differently

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Lone wolf, curled

Chimney, curled

No no no..yes.

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Prior Wish

Cloud bank rolling in
Eve's shooting stars been obscured
Wish came true with you

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The Answer

Softly speaks at night Dreams of all tucked in very snug, Faith wrapped, loved always Imbues freedom with Ringing tones of peaceful notes Cuts the grey dense air Covers soldiers of Light, the wings enveloping, All hatred now gone Kissing devils and Hugging angels in hiding Curing ills of mind Minding the absence; Without which we perish, then, The answer is love _____________________ Please find God's love, it is all around us and my friends... it is the answer.

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Night Loosens Sun's Rays

night loosens sun's rays

covers her with his darkness

consumes all her light

(June 2nd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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I Hope This Can, What I Can't

You uncovered
Your heart, my lack of wisdom,
Remorse can’t describe.

If time was replayed,
I’d have shared more heart your way,
Seen actions fore hurt.

I intended no pain,
I thought we could break cleanly,
But my thoughts were wishful.

Now I can’t undo,
And choose the outcome anew,
I apologize.

I hope this allows,
Flow, where feelings were stopped,
Recall hurts, even today.

Unable to salve,
What callous things seemed right,
Years cannot dissolve.

I thought I could solve,
The world’s pain extent with soft
Words, instead of hearing.

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Flames Flicker Desires

flames flicker desires

seek to share unique light

battle rages on

(June 2nd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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What The Sun Saw

It's bizarre, but I
Envy the Sun because
Today, it saw you.

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Hidden Tears

Concealed by raindrops,
lonely tears rolled down my cheeks
when you bade farewell.

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It takes a long voyage to find the right road
A battle field that everyone has told
Face thy fear though heart may be shatter unto pieces
It might be a facade so hold thy tears with fears
Bravery in you and likeness
Of a warrior named Achilles
Be with a mighty sword as you face thy opponent
Victorious duel without bafflement
Anxiety strikes for illusions of being apart
Afraid to lose you with julienne heart
Love me for real my childhood dream
Even when the scene of sunset meets the horizon with hymn
We are all too fallible
We do commit some tidbits of failures
But for eternity, you will always be my man
And I’ll give you my heart for the best I can
It’s a far smile from those halcyon days
Though we undergo labyrinth in many ways
And at times I become lachrymose and weak
Your tender affection is what my heart seeks
But never be at daggers drawn
Life is definitely accompanied with storm
It’s a promise that I will never lose heart for you
It’s a real love for you my beau

 <3 <3 <3
dedicated to : JAKE O. DELA PAZ
July 2, 2014

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Bells and Cries

A lovely lady;
Growing inside, a new life.
A man in a tux.

Another bell rings now.
Final grades, balanced college offers,
Off to another adventure.

Damp ground, headstones.
Growing inside, a new life,
Done with their adventures.

-Caroline Youngless

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the moon and sun, breath before dawn, meet, And they kiss in secret?

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Moon is shining

                 The winds blowing 

                                 Love`s Butterflies descending on my memories

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Once you are near I want to be nearer to you, Blessed
I wish not to go back to my roots, that far
Evils I departed from and shall quest not

Only when your mercies grant me 
Not in bits but full to fulfill me
Enough to last me through the sojourns
To you my Lordship in Heaven above  

Lay me a bed of roses to call my sleep
Where you promise ages ago from the beginning
Bless me now
As I jump to reach you, Blessed


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Upon Learning

We reap and we sow,
an emergence of pleasure.
The harvest begins.

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Loves tune

field full of sunshine
wafting smell of spring flowers....
indents of loves tune

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Love began a song
It was not again a wrong
The night was quite long.

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white laced cotton lay
over the hard open ground
grandma's cup missing

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unconditional love with utmost sincerity haiku

God never fails me
He loves me despite my flaws
Tonight I Thank Him

Details | Haiku | |


Babe, you know I love you right?
I can't seem to say it enough.
I want to be a part of you, like be absorbed
Into your skin or something. Is that crazy?

I love you so much, I would die the worst
Possible death for you.
I will always be here for you always and
I don't want to lose you ever! you are my 
Life now.
You are the only one keeping me alive,
Letting me be myself, no matter how crazy it
You have opened your heart up to me, and
You have taught me a lot.
You also taught me I don't have to be so
Shy, but I am. I am working on that.

And baby I love to cuddle, love to kiss
You and hug you. I love to talk to you,
And I love laughing with you.
I love the way you smile, the way you laugh,
The way you smell, the way you  play with me,
The way you talk.
The way you are so fearless, and
How you are so flawless, and
How you are so flawless and perfect.
I love everything about you, and I don't want 
You to chance anything!
Oh yeah and babe, I love it when you play
With my heair! Is that too weird?

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the flower feels love

the flower feels love
Condensed in her heart and thrills
spills honey for bees

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Blatancy Ours

Take over control 
Nakedness raptures no thought
Deeper firmer still

written for

SandyIvy Davis
Contest Name Natural/Nature Sexy Haiku 

written by
Cecil Hickman

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A vessel of love
A tower of strength
Guiding me to shore

A vessel of love
My guardian Angel that
Always guides me home

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Don't cry

a drop on a leaf

rolling across .. morning dew ....  

please mother .. don't you cry n

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In this lovely world

There is a special being

That being is you

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Puck stole my thunder

                                               Puck stole my thunder 
                                             he kissed my wife Anabel
                                                   ere I killed a cat

Details | Haiku | |

The gift

a gift for him is 
     the first year cup, even if the
          second loved more

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Celestial Orison

Sacred moon love dance…
Quickens all chakra spinning…
Raises vibration...

Details | Haiku | |


I am sad today
So please shine for me once more
If you will...I'll smile

Details | Haiku | |


A cell will divide.
Hearts in love tend to collide.
Yet love will not die.

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Valentine Haiku Questionku 2

Just another day
Stopped on the way home from work
Drugstore leftovers

I just want to eat
Alone amid the couples
Save your pity please

Wrapped gift sitting on her lap
Did he lose his way?

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Filling up my lungs
Giving me a breath of life
Can't live without you

Details | Haiku | |

Preceding Dawn

A long kiss goodnight,
Atop the damp grains of sand:
By receded waves.

Details | Haiku | |

dried tea bags

dried tea bags --
her smile warm and

Details | Haiku | |

teasing photo

fogging up the glass,
can't reach those soft lips below.
these pixels are cruel.

Details | Haiku | |

Lonely River

yoru no âme
nagare hitotsu ni
haru toushi
night rain meandering
down the banks of the lonely river
spring is distant

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Not from earthly wells Spiritual fountain erupts Magnitude limitless Bow the head a bit The heavens cry healing, you Call for a forfeit Don't give up love It bleeds beauty through heavy stones Times three it shall bless

Details | Haiku | |

English Weather

April showers. Wet. Looking forward to summer. Sun. Bikini girls. Love.

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For a lost friend

air lips climb star skin
eternal love pearl soul kiss
dream to the pink moon

Details | Haiku | |


Long bright golden shafts,
Dance on vast verdant pastures:
Waltzing of the sun.

Details | Haiku | |


His ears are open as the waters 
Her words - dolphins singing in the sea 
In her voice there's a well of deepness 
In his mind - it's perfect harmony

Details | Haiku | |

Painting of Love

Your canvas mind
my paint-brush touches....
painting of love

© kash poet

Placement: 10th; (Dec. 2011)

Contest:Creativity-Write a Modern haiku

Sponsor:Cyndi Macmillan

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Of love

The heavens above
The long-sufferings of love
Faithful heart of you.

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5:44 AM

Holding my wife's breasts,
Spooning before the alarm,
All's right in my world

Details | Haiku | |

Broken Heart

one heart black an blue abandon cold immortal few love annihilate by you ~*~ bleeding in duress a knife stabbed thy love to death the heart is split into ~*~ life in emptiness blackened loneliness covered thorny wreath ~*~ please save loveless me love fountain do cleanse over thee father time repair ~*~ love overjoyed open heart wishful warmness amorousness gold

Details | Haiku | |

Senses Stirred

delicate perfumes
tickle my nasal passages
memory of past love

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Haiku Collection: two

Giant oak alive - 
If you could talk,what stories
Would you tell the world?
Ornamental sky~
Your melody of grandeur
Sings the earth awake.
Music of the rain,
Your melody is soothing 
To my weary heart.
The moon overhead
And you standing in it's glow-
I am overwhelmed.
Where bloom the roses,
Love can't be to far behind-
The two always meet.

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LOVE is LOVE forever

Details | Haiku | |


   Caressed Infatuation...
Feels Tender and Romantic
   Like blowing kisses...

Details | Haiku | |

Loves Essence

Pull me like the tide Lift my senses, like the waves Soothe me like the sea

Details | Haiku | |


lost seed of grains 
if found filled
with mothers' care.


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Love Haiku Potpourri

Passion…life’s heart beat
Reverberating in me
Relentless rhythm 

Caution to the win
Exposed to your love’s onslaught
I’m completely drenched

Basking in the sun
Love rays penetrate my soul
My heart’s on fire

In the still of night
With moon and star witnesses
I give in to you

Passion…life’s heartbeat
Pulsating through you and me
A fusion of love

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Love Haiku

Some love is stupid, 
Some love is fake and unreal, 
But our love is true.

Details | Haiku | |

woken dream

Last nights dream beats all
Early pinch on arm, no pain
Again, ouch, amazed

Details | Haiku | |

How Does It feel

“How Does It feel?”

So how does it feel 
to look at me from afar
million miles away

Any memories
of how much you wanted me
of how things once was

We had come so far
for you to just screw things up
us ending so bad.

We can never go 
back before we burned the bridge
too much pain remains.

So how do I feel
to look at you from afar
million miles away

Just sad…

Details | Haiku | |


Her-white marshmellow
Him-tall brown chocolate bar
Love-surrounding graham 

Congratulations Sarah and Chris on your wedding day!!

Details | Haiku | |

First Date

Ball of butterflies;
knots of anticipation,
tickling me within.

Pick-up at 7;
ready to go around 8.
patiently he waits.

Off to the movies;
holding hands, clumsy and shy,
ever so awkward

Horror flick on screen;
sharing popcorn and candy,
snuggled in close.

Walking home slowly;
lean in;first kiss at the door,
foot popping galore.

Details | Haiku | |

Law of Prosperity

Give love from the heart...

Creating happy joy smiles...

Intent brings ten fold...

Details | Haiku | |

Love Letter

Pink scented paper
   Quilted vows nicely written
       Torn two years after

Details | Haiku | |

Snuggle Bears

Mamma Snuggle Bear
Makes Pappa Snuggle Happy
Sharing her honey

Details | Haiku | |

Love's give and take

Love gives unconditionally
Steals both lovers’ hearts to lover’s rock
Dare to sail away uncharted

Details | Haiku | |


I will follow you
Always till the end of time
For you have my heart

Details | Haiku | |

My Caramel

Keeper of my heart
The heart that I love you with
You’re my caramel

Details | Haiku | |

Unseen Treasures

Gold, silver, jewels;
Material matters not.
Objects will perish.

Love, joy, happiness;
Untouched, but last forever.
These we should cherish.

My treasures are sealed
In the strongest treasure chest:
Deep inside my heart.

Details | Haiku | |

Are you good

I ask: Is it true?
You whisper: answer with you
A lamp within guides

Details | Haiku | |

A Quinzaine,

~a labor of love they say,
           is love the labor?
                   to prove truth?

Quinzaine for Dr Ram’s contest

Details | Haiku | |

Puppy Love

You play on the floor 
You fetch shoes by the door    
Oh yes, I adore! 

You’re lil’ wagging tail 
Says it is time for the mail 
Oh yes, I adore! 

That is what you are! 
Please be my Valentine?

Feb 02, 2015

Contest: Double Valentine Haiku plus 1 questionku #2

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Love- Haiku

love is the reason
Behind this world’s  creation
Its why I’m here

Love, a special bond
Makes me thirsty ,to belong
Illuminates  hearts

Nature reflects love
Love is the potion of life
Binding energy

Details | Haiku | |

I Love You Because You Are You

Baby when I think of you, my heart
longs for you, when I see you, my heart beats fast
and uncontrollably, and when you speak to me,
my ears hear an angel, and it's musical,
and I am right I am supossed to be.
When you say my name, I get butterflies in my
stomach. Baby, I don't love noone but you. The only 
guy that really attracted me from first sight is you. I
love being German, and I love being married to my
German. I can't love anyone else but you, baby
I've finally found my perfect match. I can't
stay away from you, when we are in different classes
I just wanna get up and find you, my heart always
leads me to you. Ich Liebe Dich Saugling!(I Love You Baby.)
Du bist fur immer.(You Are Mine Forever)
Baby you own my heart. Take care of 
my heart, I've left it with you. I Love You
Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To: My Husband Dustin James Palmer
~Dustin's Faithful and Loving Wife~

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Haiku on Kite

fleeting through winds
kite is crossing no-man's land
without visa

Details | Haiku | |


a shy hither smile
warmly rising radiance
whiff of mystery

lashes lowered soft
flutter of hope awaiting
a promising glance

Details | Haiku | |

A Woman Scorned

dry summer winds dance
dusting bridesmaids gowns russet
vixen sister laughs

Details | Haiku | |

Love and Pain

Sweet and happy it is...
Crests and troughs like a sine wave,
Bitter and painful it is.

Details | Haiku | |

Love's Song

Music from on high
Beautiful and clear and strong
Love's unending song

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 19

Intense sensation,
the essence of an instant.
Into liquid bliss.

Details | Haiku | |


Flowers of paper unreal and lying spring kisses without love

Details | Haiku | |


The brilliant hot Sun
joins with the glowing cold Moon:
Red Eclipse is born.

Details | Haiku | |

The Last Dance

Bell tolls at midnight
Her glass slipper he shatters
Danced on borrow time

Details | Haiku | |


Moon light Glimmered
Silvery sandy bed
Lovers in ecstasy  
Blushing fireflies

Details | Haiku | |


the spring's warming wisp                                                                                           heats the summer blaze sunshine's                                                                               delicate first kiss

Details | Haiku | |

Autumn Drive

Silken Autumn leaves Silently tallying miles All roads lead to you

Details | Haiku | |

Catch The Moon

The tree caught the moon
In his branches. The passing
Of night makes her leave,

But each sundown brings
Her back round to his arms again;
She always returns.

Details | Haiku | |


                                                      just a smile
                                             no word knocks new hearts
                                                      opens way to...............

                                                       face in mind
                                               talking with selves starts
                                                      silent words

                                                    night comes on
                                             dream after dream smiles
                                                      sweet fever

Details | Haiku | |

Clear silent lies

Her clear silent lies
bid farewell to any love that
could have ever happened

August 21st 2013
Collaborative poem via iku-poetry app by Jani Atienza and Igal Ram

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Haiku Suite

Haiku 2 Do About U

Should I tell U how
Love 4 U within me sings?
Swinging scatted tune

Haiku About U

Sound brought me 2 U
Feelings for U clear and pure
Dulcet notes on glass

Haiku II About U

Time always 4 U
Time 4 Me? When U want 2.
Metronome off cue

Tru Blu Haiku

Customer Service
Counter for unwanted things
Symphonies in blue

Haiku What U Do

U caused me true pain
My heart a minor etude
Composed in lieu of rain

Blue Haiku N Rue

Silence with me now
Heart pacing on shards of glass
Strewn beneath its feet

Details | Haiku | |

Love and hope in a winter night with moon

 Glance  winter night
The summer in your face
twice with the moon

Details | Haiku | |

poem #2

His hair is yellow.
His eyes sparkle baby blue.
Not my normal type.

Details | Haiku | |

Summer Love

Summer Love

Heat of summers day.
Cattails stand still in the calm.
Hearts melt together.

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 2

Wherever I am
Your breath on my neck
Feels like home

Details | Haiku | |

Talking to the Stars

                            valleys join mountain peaks
                                     what can bind
                             my aching heart to you

V Anderson Throop
November 2014

Details | Haiku | |


LOVE Love will conquer all those who fight it...surrender to lose is to win LILIES The lilies called me I sheltered in their flowers a casket loomed close BIRDS Sirens scream at dawn helicopters in pursuit birds keep on singing

Details | Haiku | |

Your naked beauty

Your naked beauty
Is like a sweet smelling rose
It drives me crazy

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The cool handsome moon
Hugs the cute recumbent lake
The light of love spreads

Ripples grow as waves
To greet the complicit banks
Kissing their lips wet

After the sneaky 
Date with flowers, emerges
An energized   breeze

Shades and corners watch
Fleshed passion’s SOS’s
For XOX’s

P.S. Love~P.D 

By: S.Jagathsimhan Nair
For P.D’s  XOX world contest,  Jan 5, 11

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SILVER STRANDS-the hairdresser

the hairdresser
cut my long silver strands—
locks of love

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Silver Strands 	Sponsored by: Susan Burch

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Mother's Love

three breads for four folks mother not hungry... nothing but love.
Date: 15-1-14

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When the drop of 
Cool water 
on a tender leaf
Giving a hard kiss

The leaf trembled
And screamed 
I hate your shivery touch!

Before denote its love 
The drop of water dissolved 
Over the leaf! 

Jayaratne Weerakkody

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you can't hate me

Love me?
Love me not?
You can’t hate me.

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Haiku 10

Then we are in flames,
strung like pearls on a silk thread.
Wrestling in the night.

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Let's all be seated
The table was filled of grace.
Feast of love was served.

No poor nor richest
In the blessings we had reached.
From God the Highest.

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Noodles of love

Moon's beams
In my bowl
I eat noodles with my love

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Haiku and questionku

Red lips awaiting 
natures  call to relieve stress....
Showered with loves rain

Birds and bees watching
as bodies writhe in passion....
seeds of love planted

New buds are forming
love of nature fulfilled....
Did the earth move for you too?

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Valentine beyond life

Walking shadow 
Untouched and selfless part 
Spanning different world 

Celebrate pure 
Beauty residing forever 
Valentine beyond life

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Haiku for Father's Day

Please have a good day,
For today we honor you;
I love you, Daddy!

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Good Bye to Love

Soft summer breeze blows
Lovers romance at an end
good bye embrace as eyes lock

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A Blue Note

a blue note left inside a white envelope -- stained with tears winter sun peeks through brittle leaves falling -- my tears dry

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A subtle memory

His aroma danced
Gracefully, resurrecting
Familiar seasons.

Whirlwind through the mind,
An aftertaste quite ancient,
Rhythms soon deceased.

BY:sabina nicole

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I Was Your Angel

!!...You Always Said You Love Me...!!
**...You Always Said You Do...**
!!...I Was Your Angel And The One Who Had Everything To Do With You..!!
**...I Know I'm Selfish But I'M Trying  To Make Myself Strong...**
!!...But I Wished You Told Me Where Did I Go Wrong...!!
**...It Makes Me Cry When I Wonder Why...**
!!...You Got Me Wrong Whenever I Tried...!!
**...I'm Just Done With All My Thought's...**
!!...This Is All What I've Got Tear's In My Eyes...!!
**...And Smile On My Face This Is How I Would End In My Grave...**

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Love never ending

Life's worth defending

Broken heart mending

Love never ending

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My Books

You can call me whatever you want,
but it will not affect me in the least. When I
read books I picture myself as the main 
character, like I am really in the story, and
then my books are written in a different 
way many people do not understand. Many people
have told me that I cannot write good stories
or poems, and some people say they love my
writing; that they love my creativity, but do you
see I don't believe I write that good. If there were
no books in the world, I would go absolutly 
crazy! I love books with a cover and paper,
and not those kindle things. I will never own one of 
those things, I need my books, I need my libraies!
Briana Lynn Palmer
~Dustin's Wife~

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love a sweet buffer
hardest  work a pleasant chore
poverty giggles

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The Color Of Love

she pulls the trigger
to end it for cheating on her--
dark night

CONTEST:"One in Five" sponsored by Andrea Dietrich.

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A wish

I wish I were dead
Long before you made me cry
Like rainy season

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Life conceived in womb
Should be one of growth and joy
Not a baby's tomb

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the flutter

against my cheek the flutter of an eyelash snow flakes fall

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A Mother's Love

Whatever species
A mother with her very young
Opens eyes to love

(Inspired from a worship video from Daystar TV and watching Animal Planet)

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Glory in the end
Sparkle, then faded lust
Left to love again.

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Post Love

A brief moment
she lingers softly
in time
forever tied to him

(vertical haiku)

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love truly simple…
though this life can make it hard
still so beautiful

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Secret Love

Secret Love       By Victoria Anderson-Throop

O Mighty Silent Mountain 
Shift  snow, melt his heart--
Secretly send him to me.

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The Journey

My journey begins Look up, the bright star, I'm near My love forever

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Auntie's Prince

Kyree' is his name 
The love we share is insane 
He is Aunties' Prince ? ?

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Hank's Grave

Forget-me-nots bloom
My darling's epitaph reads
Do you hear the whippoorwill

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I got sick with LOVE,
hence the *temp in my heart rose:
Yet LOVE is the cure!

*Temp is the abbreviation of temperature.

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Tears stream down her face It was so unexpected He was in a wreck

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Unhidden Love

her heart pounds
as he speaks to her--
sleepless nights

CONTEST:"Nothing BUT Love' sponsored by Andrea Dietrich.

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Honey bird haiku

Singing honey bird
Is flying for nowhere in
My desire of night

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The Junction

The softest of skins
Your hand reaches towards mine
The junction of lust

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In Your Eyes

Is love in your eyes?
(Penny for your thoughts Penny)
Or doubt behind them?

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The end (you and me )

twentyfour seven 

lost in battle .. war just begun 

you and me no-more

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Haiku Greeting

A haiku greeting
to my one and only love
seasons' greetings love

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First Kiss

First Kiss

Each time it’s a first
Same butterflies and raptures,
As in the first first.

14th Aug 12

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For My Baby Girl By Dustin J Palmer

As I sit here cold and broken hearted
my life was over before it started.
Until I met this girl that
turned it around, she turned
my frown upside down. This
may sound funny but she is the
love of my life I put down
the knife and started a new life
with my lovely wedded wife.
So as I sit here and cry and I
look to the sky and prayed for
the perfect girl that is my world
God gave me you Briana Lynn
Palmer since you came along I
have been a lot calmer and more
of a staller because you're on my 
mind all of the time I see your 
face and baby you shine like 
my glass of sweet red wine
you're my drug just the way 
you love my precious white
dove I swear you fell from
the heavens above when you're 
gone my heart bleeds for you
so when you're gone to me
you're really not you're always
in my head. Baby I love you.
Dedicated To:Briana Lynn Palmer
Written By:Dustin James Palmer

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This baby

Too young is my love
to ask this baby to wear
winter`s mind as glove.

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Hearts Abiding

Warm hearts abiding...
Nurtured in spite of pain
Safe, secure, intact!

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The Inspired Heart

One more poem, Lord
Let my heart diffuse in words
Candle wax of love

One more drain of grief
The songs that make children smile
Flower spoilt by fruit

One more gift of grace
To fence death in coming night
In eternal song

And much more for love
The moth upon flame ignites
The wonder of eyes

One more poem, I
Darkness of universe, light
Saints on pilgrim shores

Give me heart to write
Upon bright in drops of dew
I quench sun's thirst too

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Ebb And Flow

Ebb, flow, ebb, flow, ebb
Relaxation, silence with
Romance, sunrise

(Inspired by Raul's contest's picture.  Not an entry.)

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Double haiku

love is in the air
gifts of love seen everywhere
lonely heart sulking

a heart beating fast
wishing for a valentine
tears line lonely eyes

This day of love
Gave me scary wounds
I just ask you, why me? 

for pd's contest

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Better to Have Loved

The axiom reads
Better to have loved and lost
The lost disagree

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Pure Happiness

Consecrate others
A gift that is forever
Till eternity

Faith is a blessing
Composure will enrich life
Conviction of soul
Rings outward to many too
Delivering hope beyond

Destinies pathway
Harvesting happiness now
Feeds humanity

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Red like as cherry So lovely, sweet as candy Kisses it softly ---Cheryl Aldea---- July 18, 2012 LIPS CONTEST – Carol Brown

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Wonderful Transformation

Cool dew on petals
Warming rays of hopeful light  
Fog transforms, Cloud Nine

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Seven Layer Cake

Seven- layer -cake
Fudge-chocolate on top, sides
Mother in kitchen

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Love is in the air

Suddenly Awake!
Senses heightened in surprise.
Love is in the air!

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Rose Blood

My love gripped so tight 
Red, red essence of life, love
Rose is a rose is…

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Desert all delights
Dusk mine in dusky night
Dreams where desire

Details | Haiku | |


                                                    hidden consciousness 
                                                   like under anaesthesia
                                                     lover's face in heart

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Lost Love Haiku

They took you away
They stole you out of my life
Please don't forget me

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show me a rose

show me a red rose
ill show you blooming lust
bring me a white rose, ill show you love

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mon coeur 'my heart'

~~ I go in the rain words eternally engraved - the kiss of cold stone oh I remember kissing in the wet cool sand - my tears ever rain oh I remember kissing in a huge fierce storm - my weeping is the rain oh I remember kissing you in naked passion - wet with falling rain ~~ May 24, 2013 Haiku Written for the contest, Kissing In The Rain (inspiration from pictures #1, #4, #7)

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Gust of Love

Cloudy, sun filled skies,
The breeze composes its odes:
For the love of trees.

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New Love

Sitting on a bench,
a New York City couple, 
now falling in love.

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First glance I fell in;
Your always; Forever you'll;
Love, Loving, be Loved

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a cucumber plant

                                                    a cucumber plant 

                                       loves his master's young daughter

                                                 tendrils shiver thrilled

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Lovers dance

Pure, soft, velvet skin Foaming crest of ecstacy Dance upon my shore

Details | Haiku | |

the wave

the wave lands --
I wonder if she watched it
leave her shore

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The Perfect Valentine

Romantic and Sweet The Perfect Valentine Where Are You Hiding

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When Nature Speaks

Two hearts beside thee such warmth ready to explode captured we will be ~ Above the event melded souls meet combustion reciprocated ~ In their aftermath natures now vociferous have two hearts spoken? .

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Stay Away

You hugged me
My body stayed stiff
Not ready to forgive

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Haiku Contest

Love is delightful
Defining all emotions
Giving hope to all

Romantic beauty
A song that sings to the heart
Resonates within 

Passion projected
Valentines now on the brink
Why only today?

Poems written by Wayland Bunch on 1/29/13 at 8:54 pm for double-haiku contest

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Sweet and Sour

Oh, my Sour Patch Kids You are so sweet and so sour I love you today.

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New Dawn

new dawn arises--
I seek true love and comfort
bye to loneliness

My New year resolution is to find true love and say bye-bye to bachelorhood and also buy a house.I can achieve these by getting  more serious and romantic and also by financial discipline...

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Sadness Love

Origami dream
Bonsai blossoms illusions
Harakiri wish

For Brian's Noun Haiku Contest

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the last kiss

my cat raised
to touch me nose to nose
the last kiss

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Taste of Nature

To fill a life's dream Is to know how sunrise tastes on your velvet lips

Details | Haiku | |


Wherever life breathes,
love beautifies everything
He has created! 

Waterfalls nourish
what's lies underneath as ponds
hold their fresh water!

It's a Paradise
we have lost since their first sin...
let us take it back!

God needs our presence,
to walk with Him and obey...
we can be holy!

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She breathe life in me,
She turn darkness into hope,
Sees the complete me.

Details | Haiku | |



Plant dreams of me on feath’ry pillows

Dancing thru thorns—we blossom

Dawn into periwinkle glory

Details | Haiku | |

A Dream That Might Be

Perfection in one,
Nothing but beauty to see,
My baby Kaleigh

Details | Haiku | |


the trail less traveled
hides quick sand few will find
soft spot in the heart

^ feels a little like a trap and not something good

the trail less traveled
select few allowed to pass
soft spot in the heart

^work better, feels less negative

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Dark Love

Dark Love Is All Around Every 
Place Its Every Where Dark Love
Is Simple And Easy Nice And Slow
Happy And Healthy Is This Dark Love
Of Mine Is Here At Last Here 
To Stay And Here For Ever
And Ever Of All Times Of This

Details | Haiku | |


raging torrent
a heartfelt deluge...
just drowning in passion?

Harry J Horsman 2012

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Peaceful is a dream
Peaceful is a great big dream 
Peaceful is a dream

Details | Haiku | |

Opal Moon

Rainy skies disperse

Her face in a lone puddle

Now an opal moon

Details | Haiku | |

My Hubby Dustin James Palmer

My hubby, you see he's so perfect,
Never have done anything wrong,
To him, I write this song.
This song of love,
With a single dove.
My precious Angel,
My whole world, my life, my love, my universe,
My everything, My love for him, well words
Just can't describe it, it's like God gave me a
Precious gift, I am never letting him go, never letting
Anyone else date him, not going to let him marry the
Wrong girl. I love everything about you 
My baby! You are better than any other boy in 
The world, so just stay with mem as I sing my
Love songs about you. Stay with me Forever~N~Always.
My love, they can't keep me away from you, can't keep me
From loving you, can't keep me from singing about you. 
Dedicated To:Dustin James Palmer

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North Wind Speaks To Southern Sky

Seasons come and go

North wind speaks to southern sky

They will meet again.


(January 14, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Anwser love calls

Gentle night falls

Sleep walking halls

Anwser love calls

Details | Haiku | |


Igloo of ice gives
Light from warm fire, Aurora
Borealis out

Details | Haiku | |


Making my night bright
Filling my heart with gladness
Only you can bring

Details | Haiku | |


two cloth pools bedside
silk skirt, real denim trousers
a sport event-- splash !

Details | Haiku | |

Your smile

Colorful ribbon - 
your smile completes the wrapping
of my perfect day

Details | Haiku | |

Snow Angels

Snow angels in snow
I’m watching his every move
Can’t feel my fingers

My heart rate speeds up
Thaws out my fingers with his
Always holding hands

Snow flurries in sight
We should taste them on our tongues
Love delicious snow

I don’t want to share
But sadly he is not mine
We are only friends

Love fills up my heart
I could make him feel it too
I should test that out

Our lips barely touch
They are frozen from the cold
He feels the same way

Details | Haiku | |

What Would You Do

What would you do if you knew this was my last day to live??
Would you try and save or let me go?
Would you even care for my soul?
What would you do if I was a fallen angel?
Would you still recognize me?
Would you talk to me or ignore me?
What would you do if I died?
Would you have a funeral for me, so all my friends & family could come?
Would you cry or even mourn a 'lil bit?
Would you care that I was gone, or would be happy?
What would you do if I was a ghost?
Would you feel me right beside you, guarding you, Watching over you, protecting you?
Would you see me?
Tell me would you walk all over me, or maybe even walk through me, as if I weren't there?
What would you do if I was a demon?
Would you still love me then?
Would you still care and forgive me?
Would you just say "You are stupid, and I hate you?"
What would you do if I were and angel?
Would you love me more, or would you love me less?
Would you feel me touch you, and comfort you when you need someone and you think noone is there for you, well that's a lie, cause I am right here beside you to catch you if you fall, to dry your tears, and to heal your wounds of any kind.
What would you do if I was still alive?
Would you continue to hate me, and call me sadistic names?
Would this world still be cruel?
Would there still be a rule?
What would you do?
Briana Lynn Palmer
age: 14

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Lustful Pleasures

From the cocoa tree,
Chocolate sensualism
Hershey with Almonds!

Details | Haiku | |


It was in the swing of her hips
                                     The come to bed eyes
                                                                 The taste of her kiss

Brandon Harvey

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fourth of july

Fourth of July..

Dead bodies, a cry
People must come back home soon…
Enough with the war!

To all of those brave men who will never be home to celebrate our Independence 
day this weekend, and the years to come!


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Attempts at Haiku

How she devours fare
And still look fairly pretty
Is beyond me.


Her exotic eyes, 
Like clear December skies, 
Can melt hearts of ice.

Details | Haiku | |

haiku tavern

                                               lover a tavern
                                        wine of delight in her lips
                                               stupor a poem

© rajat kanti chakrabarty
4th December,2014

Details | Haiku | |


                                                 let the time be passed
                                               love for love only no hate
                                              hate wastes mind and time

                                                   beloved are own 
                                               time is limited of years
                                                avail God gift's chance

                                              who knows we will meet
                                           if not this chance will be last
                                                    sacrifice for love

Details | Haiku | |

The Fearless Arc

Two can never touch
Thunderhead lowly rumbles
The fearless arc jumps

Details | Haiku | |

Perfect Day

What good is sunrise If you don't have love of life To watch the sunset

Details | Haiku | |

Yellow Butterfly

yellow butterfly
gently kisses me with
her scented lips

Details | Haiku | |

My Clock Struck Midnight in Autumns Court.

The Darkness fills me
illuminates fingertips
my eyes turn jet black
our dark hearts shatter like glass
your skin is cold blue
once vibrant soul matches suit
paralized with fear
we dance on our graves
holding sober hands
childrens laughter fills my head
flashing dark crimson and white
the grounds set for our last stand
our features are blank
as our last breath expires
embrace and explode

Details | Haiku | |

Her Name

Her Name
By: Aziz M.Tehrani (Mashhad,Iran)

A glance,
Her name on the monitor.
What a severe heart beat !!

Details | Haiku | |

both of us

wading through the sands,
 both of us hand in hand ,
 wow!a dream come true.

Details | Haiku | |


      Happiness' abode
    Each day a new fulfillment
      Life's majestic robe.

      Waking beside you
     A heart pounding gentle notes
       When I see your face.
     Kisses to sweeten my day
     Emotions to show your love.

       My words only pale
     Your love has made life complete
       Hearts bound together.

Details | Haiku | |

Catch Your Breath

Whisper in your ear My hands, on back,draw you near I'll steal your breath now

Details | Haiku | |

Inexpressible Passion

                                       Passion's intensity
                                        irrevocable union
                                     heavenly spark ignite 

Details | Haiku | |

Such Calming Scent

Flowery fragrance
Blossoming from a sweet rose
Uplifting the soul

Details | Haiku | |

Miles Ahead

Run away today
With me, and I promise you
We'll never look back.

Details | Haiku | |

Fertile Spring

  Lover #1

cherry tree blossoms
sweet scented perfume distilled
your lush fruit revealed
  Lover #2

rutting buck rattles  
virile stag catches sweet scent
drifts through fertile fronds
nubile does snuggle closer
suitor fondles coy lover   


Details | Haiku | |


                                                 Mine means mine and ours
                                                 I keep in touch with them
                                                    distance no matters

                                                  love shortens distance
                                             connects all loving hearts too
                                                   remembers each one

                                                     may or may not be
                                                of liquid blood's relations                            
                                                  who loves own indeed

Details | Haiku | |

camp fire

Some dry twigs and wood
Rocks round a hole light a match
Friends come souls attach

Details | Haiku | |

Love Unrequited

Love unrequited

Quite the history to tell

Epic of hearts' ails

Details | Haiku | |

First Glance

beautiful strangers,
unrelenting rain...
steal furtive glances....

Details | Haiku | |

Your kiss

Dancing lips flutter
unforgettable desire,
tastes beg, sweetly love

smiling so sweet

Details | Haiku | |


Forgotten but here
Remembered yet never there
Why do you exist?

Details | Haiku | |

sudden release

the heaviness of 
        muscle constriction heaves easy
simple touch caresses

a pillar of strength
	apexes amongst the clouds 
a breath of fresh air
PENNED ON JULY 25, 2014!

Details | Haiku | |

Curved Ruffled Beauty

curved ruffled beauty

softness pale in morning's light

pink flushed with dew

(June 2nd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

Details | Haiku | |


                                              heart beats on when sees
                                               mysterious feeling cause
                                                    teenagers first love

Details | Haiku | |

To My First Guy

You captured my heart
With your utmost love and care,
My first valentine..

Details | Haiku | |

Forever dream you

I tripped over you
an angel cries in tunes
walking into love

Cinderalla you 
painting me such a story
falling into sleep

Hot most beautiful
the warm sweet love, sound of you're
echoing voice lilt

Stripped I am, to you
into the bone naked this soul 
stands in front sweetly

Walking along this
highroad to have you love kiss
holds inside beauty

Joy you sing out loud
seeing someone so perfect
finding a purpose

Such a dream shines you
looking to the east rising
jewels of sunshine

Finding that purpose
inspired and driven inside 
every single word 

My silence breathes out 
in you, sweet uttering gasps 
holding the air stops

Breathless in silence
what you have given me love
a brand new life, yes

Golden beautiful 
one in a thousand dreams I 
will with love, be one

Here forever 
to kiss you goodnight, as you 
babe always is true

Written in 5/7/5 count smiling

Details | Haiku | |

Just a simple dream

He kneels on one knee,
he asks her to marry him.
Shes dreaming; crying.

Details | Haiku | |


the rose blooms again and the lark will start to sing when I hear your voice years ago my love the breeze danced in the willow and I lost my heart the years have passed oh, the memories love, do you remember?

Details | Haiku | |


                                                 spring is under way
                                         male rain crow sounds cu-ckoo
                                                  female is in sight

                                             under hemlock's leaves
                                      sends sweet response in return
                                                rich bubbling chuckle

Details | Haiku | |

soul mate

In this lovely heart
Your image crested in love
And no longer mine

Details | Haiku | |

Loves promised story

Cast under a spell
never under estimate
the power that is

Love it generates 
inside out from one soul winks
with a heart's wings flies

Days spent together 
magic through happiness gold
in the sunshine smiles

Rays dazzling the sun
enchanting true love sweetly
always you're special

This gift when received
smiles one reason to live for
painted myself in

Coloring my way
out from awful pitch darkness
a soul softly speaks

Whispering treasure
swimming inside the deepest 
jewel of the sea

Blowing upon winds
loving you beautiful beams 
shines a golden path

Denial is not 
to choose a measure of peace
could not bare a world

Without such beauty
a blood eclipse falling drops
to the knees love deep

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku of simple love

At the end of the 
rainbow, lies a pot of gold.
it is you, my love.

Details | Haiku | |

Sunlight love

You are like the sun
shining in brilliant beauty
but I cannot stare

Too close and I scorch
flaring passion sparks within
burning out my heart

Too far and I die
frozen cold in lifeless ice
I die without you

Beyond my control
I orbit, needing your warmth
I cannot approach

In the sunset glow
the red flows like my blood does
when gazing at you

I cry at night time
moonlight fails to reflect you
and my spirit fades

At sunrise I smile
because I can spend the day
before your presence

Details | Haiku | |

Seven Haikus

they kiss with passion
the rain cools them-
still hot

you kiss me back
holding tight to my arm-
wet lips

i hold you up
you weigh nothing-
rain dance

friends like us
don't need umbrellas-
we shelter each other

the moon in the clouds
in the rain over the mountains-
is not alone

our bodies are washed
in this moment of love-
time stops

no space with you
is too small to share-
pink umbrella

For PD's Haiku Contest

Details | Haiku | |

Unlocked Love

Red-heart (masterlock) 
unlock' by the key of love-
hot passion released!

Details | Haiku | |

Heard not Seen

it’s more than a word
love is so easy to say
it is rarely seen

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 21

The hot breath of life
just this side of intimate.  
A dance of the soul. 

Details | Haiku | |

tell me

you told me one time 
you cared for me day and night
no im lost with time

Details | Haiku | |

Valentines Are For Lovers

Passionate longing
Here alone, yearning for you
Come here, my darling.

Your eyes caress me
Strength restrained in gentle touch
Hearts beating wildly.

Our love has no end
My soul longs for you to stay
Must you leave again?

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L'Origine du monde

                                            L'Origine du monde
                                       smegma musk odors of clit
                                            pervade my night sky

L'Origine du monde, the first realistic painting of a vulva in Western art (Oil painting by Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet 1866, Paris: Musée d'Orsay )

"I am fifty years old and I have always lived in freedom; let me end my life free; when I am dead let this be said of me: 'He belonged to no school, to no church, to no institution, to no academy, least of all to any régime except the régime of liberty."(Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet)

©rajat kanti chakrabarty
16 December 2014

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Story of My Life

To me you're still fine
Intelligent and pretty
But you won't be mine

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Shelter in the Storm

                           Elements gone mad
            Wind shrieks, rain pounds, thunder roars
                         Your arms- my shelter

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Kiss The Rain

Come and kiss the rain.
You’ll never know it is me.
Come kiss me, baby.

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The human brain's space
Contains storage room for more
Than three million years

The brain has branches
That looks like trees alive that 
Feed on chemicals

Fear produces bad
Toxic chemical that makes
Black branches in brain

Love cast out the bad
Produces good chemicals
That makes the brain well

(A book called "Who Stitched Off My Brain" tells about this and how to change bad into good.)

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Listening to Mother

Before beginning
She perches and breathes deep on
The edge of my bed

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Missing You

Snowflakes fly
Watch me weep 

Details | Haiku | |

Nothing Like A Kiss

Nothing like a kiss
on the forehead from someone
who loves you that much

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The whispers you utter Frolic through the air between us And excite my ears

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Koolaid Kisses

                              Long koolaid kisses
                          Red cherry lips frozen sweet
                        A smiling embrace

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A Night Without You

Orange moon rising,
Whippoorwill singing softly.
Nighttime awakens.

Details | Haiku | |

Flowing River

sweet love from a rock
like a river flowing down
a spring for new life

© Joseph, 6/12/08
© All Rights Reserved

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haiku love moonbeam

                                                 after we make love
                                       moonbeam falls on her red cheeks
                                                clouds stop to see her

©rajat kanti chakrabarty
16 December 2014

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Happy Haiku

Moonlight all around us
But inside
There is only sunshine

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Lost Hearts

Lost Hearts

We grew to love each other.
But you swayed away.
You turned an eye.
You started to break.
Now where are we?
Are you falling down.
Shall I end it here of this cliff?
That the end of you but you will always forget me
Never say whats isn't true I still love you.
You will jump before saying that again.
I love you even as I fall off this cliff.
As my lover fell to their death I could only see the tears as I wanted to be with them forever and ever,But who is to say that they died that day who is to say they did not live on.We were together but our hearts become lost until this moment love had only been a game now it was the place were we have died.Together we are lost together are hearts are bonded forever even if we are apart,love know no bounds.

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Ode To My Pomeranian

Fluffy little ball
You have so much energy
And bring me great joy

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Dark Romeo

cover my love with blood soke 
her in wine show her true dark love 
give her dark and bloody kisses tell 
her that you will be her true dark romeo.

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I Don't Have A Title For This One

I get marked by so many people I get scars, and battle wounds,
I get betrayed by everyone, everyone but you,
I got chosen to be your lover, lover for life, and your wife I will stay,
I am untamed , and I hope you can tame me,
I get hunted by those who hate me, but it's me they never find,
I get tempted to just run away to your house, and I don't because it would cause problems.
I got awakened by you my love, and it's you that's mine truly,
I am destined to be with you forever, and forever we will stay. 
Dedicated To: My Wonderful Husband Dustin James Palmer
Briana Lynn Palmer
Age:15almost16 Yeah Boii
~Dustin's Faithful and true Wife~
~Dusty N Bri Breezy!~

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White Purple Passion

Violets in bloom.
Hidden underneath the snow.
In a cold, white grave.

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Bitter Root

Pain inside my chest
from you, it stems an ever-
lasting spout of filth

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Haiku 12

Join one another 
in a zone deeper than breath.  
Essential moment.

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Denn Du Bist Mein Baby-For you my baby-Full German

Baby Ich Liebe Dich so wie du bist,
So perfekt, so wie du mich glucklich machen.
Die Art und weise du mich fuhlen,
Di Art und weise du mich lacheln und lachen.
Auch wenn Ich wu tend bin, trairig oder songar weinen.
Mein Hertz blutet dur dich baby.
Ich Liebe Dich Mein Schatz baby.
Ich kann mir nicht helfer, aber ruhing und glucklich.
Wenn du so wundershon und du liebst mich fur mich.
Ich Liebe Dich fur immer!
Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To:My wonderful and amazing Husband Dustin James Palmer
~Dustin's one & only faithful and loving wife~
I Love You Baby!

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Springs Gentle Breeze

The grass is green
The wind blows lightly through my hair, 
as we hold hands. 

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Love Thy Mother Much

Love thy mother much
For she's who gave birth to me
But won't let me

Details | Haiku | |

You left

What am I to do,
when you left while I was still loving
you. Now, I cry.

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A Beautiful Tragedy

This, for you and I, We express what writing can't... ...Where words simply fail

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Your Kiss

Sweet like a cherry Stronger than the ocean dance Gentle as a wind
AS YOU LIKE ONCE MORE any theme/any form 2 to max of 16 lines | SPONSORED BY : BRIAN STRAND

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love kissed

Rain kissing a rose 
spring happiness blooming joy 
in petal feelings

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Haiku Crazy

I try to stay calm
But my mind seeks her control
My wife, Haiku Chu

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I'm fifteen,
and can't get 
you outta my mind,
I don't want to,
Please stay there.

I'm fifteen, and you
are all I can think 
about. Fifteen till I'm
dead, can't get you
outta my head.

I'm fifteen
and I don't want you
outta my head, I never want 
you to go away, you are my life,
my love, my heart, my soul,
and my whole being.

I'm fifteen
and I'm in
love with you!
Written By:Briana Lynn Palmer 09-15-11

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intensive care unit
may recover or  take leave
by those ill and not

Details | Haiku | |


Bunnies on green lawns
Empty bench awaits returns
Faded tire tracks......

Details | Haiku | |

Quiet Fulfillment

layers of silence a chill that— fulfills nature’s song echoes escape into an emptied delight reaching far folded wings glimmer eyes shimmer hungry for more rest absent words flushed in fevers of chilled haunt caress blooms creating lush songs folded in— imagination

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Scent of Romance

                                             The scent of romance
                                              Electrifies each fiber
                                                  Sheer delirium!

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Lonely Valentine

Surges throughout the day, but
Is not rewarded.

Details | Haiku | |

darkness over a lake

Blueness in the waters,
Black silhouette I glimpse rowing,
Look! It is my love………………..

Details | Haiku | |


Promises broken
Hollow words disgust my ears
No honor no soul

Details | Haiku | |

the park

Yawning park bench
Filled up stone stools of lovers
Necking in the park.

Details | Haiku | |

Your two eyes

Your two eyes can talk
They can show your deep feelings
They can make me dance

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Valentine Haiku Questionku 1

Flower’s heart flutters
Bees pass off the love letter
Bed remains fertile

Alone together
He pulls out his sharpened knife
Names tattoo a tree

Current pulling hard
Water pulling you under
What’s the river’s name?

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THE DANGER OF SPRING THUNDER CLOUDS or nice guys finish last

                   the danger of spring thunder clouds

                            sunray glimmered love
                            wantonly enticed  darker wilder winds
                            chose thunder-- not me

May 29, 2013
Valdez, Alaska
Victoria Anderson-Throop

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sumptuous meal

cuisine if desired
sumptuous tasty yummy
always need to wait

Details | Haiku | |

an insufficient replacement service

when love is absent,
lost in the eye of the storm,
lust will just suffice.

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'Pon Sailing Clouds a Throne

Sailing clouds ply Nights azure seas
Like brooding wraiths.
By one alone is my heart engloved.
The Beautiful Dawn.

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arctic lovers haiku

                                              Arctic Lovers

                                              dance prism sky
                                        conjure never ending
                                           long sweet nights 

                                              faint March blush
                                     ice-fog conceals cool smiles
                                                 arctic love

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The tears start to fall
When you are sad and lonely
My heart aches for you

Details | Haiku | |

Breaking the Chains

I will punch your soul
With a fist full of love and
Break the chains that bind.

Details | Haiku | |

Love, silly love, wasted love, but still love

He moved away.
She promised she'd love him forever.
He still, don't know.

Details | Haiku | |

Losing her, Missing him

She promised she'd stay He promised he'd pray come nights But, they still fell away.

Details | Haiku | |

my husband

my husband--
passion vine
inviting flames

© January 28, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Posted for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Story of Valentine 
Sponsor	Olajide Adelana

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Attempts At Haiku - II

I am not the sun
Which your world revolves upon; 
To you, I'm nothing.


Such classic beauty
As hers aglow that Venus
Would die of envy.

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Broken Love

Child in a stroller,
His mother young and joyful,
Yet dad has gone away.

Details | Haiku | |

Majestic Romance

Mountains stoop to kiss,
Those cold lips of ancient shores:
Primordial love.

Details | Haiku | |




Stay, see the blossom
Promising bountiful fruit.
Pick cherries with me.


Musk roses heady scent.
Diamonds in a velvet sky.
Warm love in Summer.


The smell of wood smoke,
A bonfire of promises,
Hopes, dreams, drift - gone.


He left in Winter,
Snow covering his footprints,
Ice gripping my heart.

Details | Haiku | |

a dilemma

a dilemma --
what she could see
in his eyes

Details | Haiku | |

My Winds of Victory

The color of wind changes
Into the bliss sun today
A new change of sight
Tonight shall be the perfect night.

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     Love     (5-7-5 Haiku poem)

love is bitter sweet
it's like a fruit with two tastes

Written by Dr Ko Ko Thein (a) Dr Mya Thein
Salt Lake City.

Details | Haiku | |


I love reading,
reading soothes
my mind, and
take a lot off of
my mind. Reading
is my only weapon to
escape from this crazy
world, without reading, I'd 
go insane, more or less die,
reading gives me something 
to do when Briana isn't
there. When I read,
I see pictures of the story,
and I go in their world.
It's like I'm crazy, and
everyone else is normal, but 
really I'm just like everyone else.
Reading is Exhilarating,
I love reading.
Reading is my friend.
The stories I love most
are mysteries, action,
Suspense, and a little romance.
I am my mom's little
bookworm, and forever I will
Stay. There's nothing more
awesome than
reading on a cold winter 
day, you can also read on a
hot summer day, it doesn't 
matter, you can even read
on a cool autumn day.
You can read anytime, and 
at any place.
Always~N~Forever, Briana Lynn Palmer
~Dustin's Loving Wife!~

Details | Haiku | |


splutter splatter rain 
floods earth and greens countryside;
need to be with you 

Haiku syllable count 5/7/5

Details | Haiku | |


You make me happy, you
make me laugh, you help
me make sense of this crazy world,
What would I do without you?
I don't want to lose you, I want you
to be there for me always.
I want you to be happy 
with what you do in life,
just know that I am right beside you
trough it all, I will always be there,
I will never forget you, you shine
so bright, it's hard to miss you.
You have a great personality,
The one every girl wants.
The one everyone wants to be 
friends with, the one who stands
out of them all, that person
is you, My Hubby till the end,
the awesome one, the amazing one, the wild and crazy one,
the funny one, the charming one, the prince
charming riding up on his horse to tell me
"Everything will be fine my princess"

Details | Haiku | |


Her love is hotter
And his hatred is colder
Than desert climate.

Details | Haiku | |

His Face

Soft moon-pale skin holds
Green eyes forested by lashes
Over teasing lips

Details | Haiku | |


guy next door waits till
midnight; come in Balcony
distance in Light Hours

Details | Haiku | |

What love can do

Love can make us cry
Love can make us dance in joy
Love can change our fate

Details | Haiku | |

she left me

lost myself in time,
she looked at another way,
my world was shattered!!!!!!!

Details | Haiku | |

Fallen Sun


I. The Bloom

Delicate flower,
sleeping endlessly dreaming
Patiently waiting

White horizon, winter peace,
release tears reluctantly.

II. The Village

Boxes in spaces,
old wooden tatami floor
Summers breath still held within

Outside streets, shuffling feet,
their chatter less foreboding.

III. The Animosity

Blood-stained katana,
glinting insinuation,
fell against ground.

Details | Haiku | |


Paradise in thee
Deep beneath the walls of two
A treasure of love

Details | Haiku | |


Rain clouds high above
   A mirror of tainted love…
       Will fall to pieces

Details | Haiku | |

Lost Love

Not a gentle curse
Takes the breath right out of me
I remember you

Details | Haiku | |


                                            soft glow fire's touch 
                                           burning wick releases light
                                            warmth of orange flame

                                           two sights’ sweet touch
                                  warming smile connects two hearts
                                           flame of love’s passion 

Details | Haiku | |



White nights summer tryst
sweet grass smiles

Details | Haiku | |

And The Night Came

The cool darkness came.
Night envelops me in hurt.
Why did the sun go?

Details | Haiku | |

Celestial Fire

Your passionate flame
Burns brightly, gently for me,
As you call my name.

Details | Haiku | |

Better left unsaid

As you drive on off
I think we know I'll miss you.
Better left unsaid.

Details | Haiku | |

Will you leave before my beauty and youth do

Come... we are wet clothes 
clung to bodies clung to storm
where the rain falls up.

Details | Haiku | |

Northern Affection

Her eternal beauty
Pulchritudinous colors
Fondling northern clouds

Details | Haiku | |

Cherry blossoms fall

Cherry blossoms fall
into the fast-flowing stream.
A heart chases love.

Details | Haiku | |


Two souls connected,
Soul mates joined eternally,
Never spilt apart.

Details | Haiku | |

Mothers Charm Bracelet

                                                  Sparkling Trinkets
                                          Holding locked up memories
                                                   Ultimately mine

Details | Haiku | |


                                              Mother elephant
                                         kid is walking along with
                                                we happily smile

For contest: Sponsored by Debbie Guzzi
Written by: bldevnath
Date: 20/11/2011

Details | Haiku | |

Love Is A Flower

Love is a flower
 giving to the gardener
  hope after winter.

Details | Haiku | |

I Do Love You

I do love you,
I cannot describe it,
The love my heart and soul, and my whole being feels for you my love.

I do love you, 
I dream and daydream, of that day where you say I do,
Because that means you love me too.

I do love you,
You make me laugh when I am sad, and you pick me up when I am down, and you are the light of my bad day.

I do,
I do are just simple words, but they mean a lot to me,
You see, they are not just three letters, they aren't just two words,
These two words go a long way.

I do love,
You taught me how to contain myself, and not lose myself, and not get mad too easily, if I do, I can quickly recover from it.

So I want to say thank you my baby Dustin James Palmer, for being there for me and saying,
I do love you.

Details | Haiku | |


You knew I loved you
But you struck my heart with pain 
And left me lonely

Details | Haiku | |

Mistaken identity

The royal cat nips                                                                                                     from staring morning glories                                                                                      drunkenly pounces

Details | Haiku | |

the enamored prince

                                            the enamored prince
                                            princess gilded the lily
                                               the naked tigress

Details | Haiku | |

far from heart

         Far from eye sight,
         to far from heart.

Details | Haiku | |

Nothing But Love - Love

Puzzled, God said,
"Toxins are there in the air , I think,
For I showered Nothing But Love."

Date: 16/01/14

Details | Haiku | |


My boys unwrapping
their presents is God's gift to
my best memories.

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 9

Easy flowering
awkward smiles feel like comfort.
See your body sing.

Details | Haiku | |

Under Blue Sky

Birds of a feather
All do not flock together
There be two kinds

The lawgiver says
Clean be the distinguished ones
Doves similar to

Others carnivores
Possessed tyrants they do be
Which type of bird you?

Details | Haiku | |

Red Carpet

Watching mirror - 
on scarlet lips
- she spreads smile

Details | Haiku | |


love fills up the soul
casting out all other thoughts
love can conquer all

love flourishes most
in warm climes of hot passion
shared together

flowering blossom
full circle has now love come
soak up love's sunshine

love's shadow overcast
hidden away from our sight
trust sets our love free


contest: Nothing But Love

Details | Haiku | |

Love Poem

I am a slave 
To my desire 
So that makes 
Me your slave 
Because you are my desire 
for you will remains 
In my heart forever

Details | Haiku | |

Of a Setting in the Wilderness

          The birds- the squirrels-
Chasing. The plains- the trees- green.
                    Where the woman lays.

Details | Haiku | |


                               CHINESE SECRET LOVERS

                                      Bold frogs croak 
                                 Garden pond danger watch
                                      Carp smile deep

                                         Lovers halt
                          Frog-beckoned silkworms weave
                                        Worlds vanish

Victoria Anderson-Throop    ©1/3/13

Details | Haiku | |

Lost Love

So much feeling for
So many memories with
I can't have you back?

Details | Haiku | |

The color of love- Sun burst

brilliant rainbow fire                                                                                              eternal kaleidoscope                                                                                                   yet always the same

Details | Haiku | |

My Big Brother Sam

So my big brother
Samuel James, goes
by the name Sam, he
Started out as my friend,
but now he's my big
brother; the one who's
always there, the one
who will always stick up
for me, and help me anyway
he can, will never do me
wrong, always true, always
honest, always the Big Brother
I love forever~n~always,
To death and beyondm and that beyond
is eternally. Sam you always
know how to make me happy it's
hard not to laugh around you, then put
you and my sexy hubby together & it's
so funny, and fun, and Priceless.
I see a family full of love,
the one who can never hurt me,
The one who is amazing and fun to be around,
I love you Big Brother Sam!
Briana Lynn Palmer
~Dustin's Wife~

Details | Haiku | |

Fidgeting Thoughts---

With clenched teeth I wait.
The frost on your windowpane
comes from my own breath.

Details | Haiku | |

In my thoughts

Cool breeze, blooming petals 
Dancing colorful flowers-all welcome spring,
He runs over my mind.

Details | Haiku | |


Eerie break of dawn
Hear the taps in the distance
Mourningly bein' blown

Details | Haiku | |

How Much Do You Love Me?

Way up to the sky,
From depths of oceans and seas
Up on waves to sands-

All around the world...
Can you hear it in the winds?
See it in the stars?

From the sun and moon
Back to the ends of the earth,
I love you so much.

Details | Haiku | |

Follow your shadow

See your glow

Yearn to know

Follow your shadow

Details | Haiku | |

rose of love

my roses in bloom
as our love ignites the flame
the scent powerful

Details | Haiku | |

Through The Window~

hopelessly in love
she escapes into the night
moonbeams frown

Details | Haiku | |


together or alone
finds magic
in itself

Details | Haiku | |

Missing you warmly

If we do not get
married very soon might need
Electric blanket

Details | Haiku | |


                                                    sight captivates sight
                                                hearts start to vibrate mildly
                                                   unspoken words spoke 

Details | Haiku | |

Gardion Angel

Angels East, Angels West, North and South just do your best, To guide and watch her while she rests.

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku on Brain-flower

cool breeze around
aromatic desire
brain-flower blooms

Details | Haiku | |


Can you believe it?
His passion and devotion,
They will never split.

The way he sees her
Still fresh with fascination?
It will last I’m sure.

Details | Haiku | |


Their passion captured
in an intimate embrace...
sunlight on blue waves.

Details | Haiku | |

Tree of Love

two lovers pick-nick
a place of remembrance
loneliness of love

Written for Raul's haiku
Contest, God Bless

Details | Haiku | |


A mirror grimy
Dust, insect, fears, tears: my past
Reflect his image.

Details | Haiku | |

A mothers baby

~A mothers heart breaks little girl gets on the bus she's not a baby~

Details | Haiku | |



Details | Haiku | |

Love Hurts

Love hurts as i look around wondering why
their was ever love in the first place why 
does love hurt so badly when you dont 
want it to love hurts alot with out knowing
why it does or why their is ever a such thing
as love in the first place love just hurts.

Details | Haiku | |


                                                   beauty's honey sight  
                                             inscription carves over heart

Details | Haiku | |


               LOVERS LEAP

            Split rock heights
        Scrutinize stray lovers
               Slippery path 
               Hand in hand
          Lovers soar the abyss
                Leap through life

Details | Haiku | |

New Romance

First days are weightless,
Going up and coming down,
Rollercoaster glide.

Details | Haiku | |

Divine Creation

Clear water trickles
Divine creation of God
Drops Reflect His Love

Details | Haiku | |

In a bottle

                        Passionate words inked,

                          Letters sail in a bottle,

                        Send me some sunshine! 

Haiku- 5/7/5
Written on 18/7/14
Contest- In a bottle ( senryu or haiku)
Sponsor- PD A

Details | Haiku | |

the call

sitting on a bough

singing his song of romance

the mockingbird calls

Details | Haiku | |

awaiting dawn

-()- awaiting dawn the crisp cool air surrounds- I entangle her flesh -()- A Modern Haiku Contest

Details | Haiku | |

The Sunday bright

in the soul of my Lord
my lifeblood in peace
our pax in love

Details | Haiku | |


                                                     ARCTIC ROMANCE

                                                      Bequeath us rhythm
                                                      Come closer

Details | Haiku | |

Broken Heart Strings

Trembling, trying to 
resonate; not even a 
minor chord remains.

Details | Haiku | |


Even if I've lost you
To those mirrors
You'll always be
There before my very eyes
Perhaps I can no longer
Hold your hands
Perhaps I can no longer
Conceal your nudity
In white cotton twills
You'll be arrested
By those very evenings
where and when you'll see
It's all stopped, just like that 
Before your windowpanes, disappearing
Read my name in the reflections of light
Don't you forget it 
You'll be arrested by those very evenings
Don't you forget it 

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
Traduit par Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse
© by Richard Vallance, June, 2003 

Details | Haiku | |


is that adorable cupid
inciting love.

Thousands of poor hearts
break into small pieces...
some delirious.

to think of new romance...
they wait and dream.  

Who wouldn't 
how wonderful it was?

Details | Haiku | |

Worth More Than Gold

A treasure the size

of a chickpea, disfigured,

this soul I carry.

Details | Haiku | |

First Date - A

Our fingertips brush; a frisson passes 'tween us 'fore lips interlock.

Details | Haiku | |


The tip of my tongue
From the bottom of my heart
I just can't tell you

Details | Haiku | |

Without notice

stillness between friends
most heartfelt conversation
and softly killing

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen

Details | Haiku | |

a lovers lament

A Lover’s Lament 

July and blue sky 
But alone in my cabin
A film of sorrow

When I first saw you
A soothing day in July 
I had faith in love.

How my seasons pass
I am an autumnal leaf
Alone on asphalt 

Blow incognito 
Lost my will to fly once more
 Soon I shall be earth. 

Details | Haiku | |

Sunset Kisses

Sunset romancing
Natures dimmer switch turns on
Silhouetted kisses

Details | Haiku | |

nilal thedum penmai

Kaalai kadhir vendam,
Pon malayum vendam,
Thaagam thanikum thaneer vendam,
Urakam kooda vendam,
Alagiya nilavum vendam,
Andril paravaigal vendam,
Kuyilin osai vendam,
Mazhalai baashai vendam,
Anbae un nizhal pothum enaku!

Details | Haiku | |


You so young so tender
Very much lady like you are too
Grandeur just like pacific blue

Details | Haiku | |

Glory to God in the Highest

Thank You for today
These simple words I do pray
That all find Your Way

Details | Haiku | |


Love is link ever
Sometimes tragedy!
when love is link
Ties, combination and branches.
Tragic love story 
sometimes released, sometimes in handcuffs.

Details | Haiku | |

Taboo Haiku

     Taboo Haiku

Bamboo skirt lifts scents
Flavors of river desires
Absorbs each other 

Details | Haiku | |

Lovers Lament

Summer’s thousand shades of green
Roses cruel scent
Show no sorrow at your death

Details | Haiku | |


After the dark times
You brought colors of all hues
Enhancing my world

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Haiku 1 - Beauty and harmony

                                      Beauty and harmony,
                                              so close to the heart,
                                       my love is here to stay

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Her Beauty

She is perfect 
She is devine,

My forever after
My reason in life

To smile bravely, 
And face my fears

To forget about the sad pain
I have so cowardly endured;

And pull me into her heart, 
For all eternity, forever.

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haiku today november 28

                                             creeping of the flesh
                                         fondling in an old back seat
                                               spooky cab rattles

                         haiku today november 28 ©  rajat kanti chakrabarty

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Kneeling she waits, hopes, Hunger, lust, burning desires, All for her lover

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delicate charming 
listening soft spoken
kiss each touch

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You Are

you are all that i see
you are all that i hear
you are the whisper in the wind
you are every thing
you are the only one.

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It's my time

lonely battles, endless dreams,  with dark red eyes, my childhood screams
Nothing is going, on my way, "It's my time" is hard to say
How to move, how to fall, frustration is growing tall
Still I try to find my way, "It's my time" is hard to say
With lodes of hope of mom & dad, I stand tall.. cuz i can't fall
two pairs of never ending dreams, I'll make my way.. Someday

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Love's Waterfall

                                             Love’s clear Waterfalls

                                      Cascade upon stones of faith

                                            Ripple through my soul

                                        The Precept: Natures Haiku
                                     Sponsor: John Moses Freeman

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Your Summer Touch

There is nothing like
Your smoldering summer touch
I miss you so much

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Blueness in the waters,
Black silhouette I glimpse rowing,
Look! It is my love………………..

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Your gentle caress
renders me hopeless, stirs up
a squall in my heart.

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My Resolution

Love is the solution
This is my resolution
Nightmare is different from a dream
The sea is bigger than the stream
I sought to find out 
What the heart desire 
And there was nothing than love
That which will take 
You higher and above
Love will not treat you wrong 
But will make you strong
If love will be away 
Then for how long
Love  i will not gain 
For you to live in pain
If i do that 
Then i do that in vain

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Goddess cloud of Love

when mediataing
i am Goddess cloud of Love 
not just in my head

i like joining force
with all the lovers of love
peace love karma dream

sending that wavelength
creating a cloud of love
disbursing through out

the known universe
and beyond knowing it's  the 
only reason not

completely got to 
hell don't keep it a secret
gossip about it

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My roommate, Ippy,
     I welcome you to my life,
My cherished pet.

Note: I got a bunny recently. I wanted to write something about her.

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desert thought 2

Love almighty to Allah  


                                                     Me and desert
                                                    We are two but 
                                                   One love both we cry

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haiku of love and death

                                               musky abdomen

                                  deer's love perfume doe eyes closed

                                               lion reaches out

© rajat kanti chakrabarty

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river flows along
massaging against the stones
making them most smooth

P.S. Love in water & stone

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Destroyer ~ Poet 's "MY FIRST 2012 VALENTINE *CONTEST*"


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Shadows of the night...
The forest sleeps.
An April breeze bestirs me:
It is you.

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sun sets over sea

sun sets over sea --
waves lap around bare shoulders
caressing lovers

Sharon Bell

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Sunday Organist

What's the theme this week?
Songs of faith, hope, love; Jesus Christ?

                     ---Sunday Organist---

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Friend, you’re not the guilty one
The guilty ones are the evenings
See how they drag you down into this obscurity...
Trouble not yourself
Everyday’s "Love’s Labour Lost"
Vanishes away
Your eyes have learned
The meaning of love anyway
Learn how not to remember
Every point of suffering. 

Remember not those eyes, those eyes
Have gone and they’ve enticed you into smoky cafés
Don’t go and believe 
your eyes, they're just not
as sharp as they used to be
Friend, because you aren’t the guilty one,
The guilty ones are hopes
Leaving you to the shadows. 

So what’s the use of fussing
If they’ve never understood
The poems your own baggy eyes
Have forgotten? ... 

You’re alone in an unknown beyond
Your eyes are alone as well ...
You’re not guilty, friend
The guilty ones are hopes
Leaving you alone in darkness.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
İstanbul, 20.02.1975
Translated from Turkish to French by Yakup Yurt
followed by English translation by Richard Vallance

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Great Plains

Thunder roars on plain Not thunder storm, but Hooves Of buffalo

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Valentine Without You

February nights Cold and lonely without you Cupid forsook me

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Wake up People

I'll tell you whats wrong with the world today, Everyone all caught up in texing facebook and all this here say.

People so busy with their lives and making money, Did you dumb asses forget why GOD put u here it isnt even funny.

Whether you believe in GOD or not were here for one thing, its about showing love not whose got the biggest bling. 

GOD gave me one gift its called I keep it real, I'll call you out on your stuff and tell you how I feel.

Pick a topic any topic and I'll spit my shit, the only question is can you handle it.

If I had my way theirs a few things I would do, Get rid of the death penalty, change the drug laws, put child molesters on an island alone just to name a few.

 People can change this I know, We all got love its in our SOUL.

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You walked

You walked away then,
I found myself a new man
Now, you're just a friend.

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Love how you still shine
days beyond our aging love
My sweet valentine!

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Have You Known the Love

Have you known of love
Lasting and forever kind
That I feel for you

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Love Till Autumn of Life

                                         Love Till Autumn of Life

                                           Two souls amorous 
                                       Profoundly tender till time
                                          Nears Autumn of Life

By: Eve Roper 2/26/2015

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The one

If you don't mind me asking you
What makes you think you are the one?
Well if I see correctly,
the only one standing by 
it is me ,
and ......
no one else to see.......

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loves within

whispering winds blow
lightly  kissing blue feelings
lighting emotions

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I feel the distance
between the two of us now
Longing for my love

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Red berries Haiku

Sweet kiss
 Red berries lips 
 Are eaten at mingled

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The Firefly

her eyes caught its light
firefly- in the curtain, trapped
the wind freed them both

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Creation's plummet line

Never more void                             	                                                                 
God's love is brimming over                                                                                      
Life after His kind

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Ode to Misha

It`s been more than eight summers ago or so that I last saw you. But dear, not a day has passed that I forgot you or our memories. Your dark raven eyes, and silky ebony fur, how I miss them so! I love you, Misha, Your presence I still long for, every single day.

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Distant Thunder rumbled
Grabbed my sinuous wanton sunbeam
Who left without a kiss

June 5, 2013
Victoria Anderson-Throop

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Rainy Weekend

a rainy weekend
                frolicking in soft wet sand
                               ocean surf mimics


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Rainy Times

Comes and goes and goes and goes!
Moon chants and sun cries...

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love balloons


                                            blue sky cotton clouds
                                       our love balloons are floating
                                            threads of kiss go nuts

             love balloons/haiku©RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY  15 Nov 2014

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The Blood

My blood was running
hot and smooth through
my veins, now it is getting
clots, because my heart
stops when I see you
my precious babe.
My heart don't
love noone else but 
you. My blood is tainted
by your love, babe.
My blood it's you that it loves.
My blood running hot & smooth
through my body, but you see my
heart stops, everytime I see you and
sometimes I forget to breathe,
but it's okay, cause your beautiful
and you own my blood, heart, and
every single part of me big & small.
~Dustin's Wife~

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Silent celebration

Silent, celebrate,
never underestimate
the strength of a kiss.

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Your pure beauty

My eyes are thirsty
To drink the fresh sweet water
Of your pure beauty

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How long does it take,
How many days must you wait
For teardrops to dry.

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Haiku You

Love makes flowers bloom,
neglect leaves them weak to die.
Bees fly away mad!

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Lonely Love

There was a boy named Chew Too Who. He fell in love with a girl named Sue. He gave her a flower, But it was too sour. She fell in love with someone new.

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To sleep is to dream
As salt water is to tears
Awake with LENORE

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Contemptuous lover
confiding in the pale moon,
isn't loss a mistake?

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Lost and found

Seasons come and go.
Two hearts re-unite, embrace -
laughter, too, has tears.

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Seasons of Love

Autumn has started.
Yellow leaves found their way home
to each other’s warmth.

Then, there was Winter.
Embraced the foliage, coldly,
freezing the lovers.

Thereafter was Spring.
Rainfall began to descend,
drowning the floras.

And last, was Summer.
Ending the fourfold seasons
for the two of us…

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evening perfume

a flower blossom primrose

memory of you

Many older Japanese haiku poets wrote haiku without verbs,adverbs,adjectives ,hence my 
title today.Of course they wrote in Japanese so such a theory do not always easily 
cross/transfer linguistic barriers.

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Still Hoping

Unfulfilled desires The sun returns to morning She is still hopeful

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Squealing Brakes

Silent empty train,
Lush warm body presses mine
Slow down or derail

Eyelashes flutter
Blue eyes flash intense passion
Too late now, no brakes

Inspired by:

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Life Is No Picnic

the fourth of july
is no kind of picnic for
our fallen soldiers

You Are Not Forgotten

Happy Fourth Of July To All

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night falls silently
covering shades of violence
sunlight strikes horror

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your kiss

filling my hunger
your kiss tastes like chocolate
creamy,sweet, and smooth

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In the end

In the end i fell
your words paralyze me still
i can not move on

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Forgiveness is best
When God calls for repentance
Love answers the door

July 22, 2014
©2014 by Regina Riddle

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                                             AVALANCHE OF FEARS

                                                  tremble snow--
                                                crevice of oblivion
                                                   grab my fears

                                                    let May come
                                          flee ice gods--free sails from
                                                    harbors' hearts

                                                     mountains-- hail
                                               June sails --as my fragrant
                                                       love blossoms

Victoria Anderson-Throop


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Mr Frugal

Behold, my June bride My masterpiece of beauty Need real diamonds

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                                                 heart's wisdom of love
                                           the sun covers the whole world
                                                       universal man

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Take Flight

Let me feel the sky Let me soar upon the clouds Lovers hand in mine

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The Eyes Have It

Lovingly, eyes meet Artic blue, wide, alluring Eyes I could swim in

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remember me
when lost wind moans
my name

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crystalline water
descending on tree branches
marzipan on cake

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Small Talk, Big Thoughts

Hope you'll think of me

Because even if you don't

I will think of you

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Darling You

Darling, I love you.
You bring out the best in me
And placate the worst.

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Haiku on Love

love to bath under rainfall
uneven breathing

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Pure joy inside you
truly universal you
connecting people

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                                         Rhythm of Lovers hearts  		
                                       waits for the Valentine Day 		
                                            kisses with flowers		

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Fatigued, she slumbers Passions filled, lustfulness fades Dreaming of lover

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Midnight Delight

MIDNIGHT DELIGHT This midnight delight Indulging, beguiling time A lover’s moment!

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Forget our never
Know the truth of our present
Hold to our future

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Serene Waterfall

Flowing, Pounding, Wet
Spalshing Water Oh So Clean.....
Emerge, Light, Refreshed

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Ferocious Unexplainable Drive