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Inspiration Haiku Poems | Haiku Poems About Inspiration

These Inspiration Haiku poems are examples of Haiku poems about Inspiration. These are the best examples of Inspiration Haiku poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Stars

The stars in the night
Giving light like a sunlight
Satisfy my heart

I want to reach you
Just to say something 'bout you
You are beautiful

Oh Looking at you
Remembering all my days
Hope he thinks me too

I know you're not gone
Come with me 'till the night come
Show your smile again

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A Little Reflection

The notorious gang
Clearly stated in the news
Is now declared Saint

And a pretty slut
Infamous to everyone
Is now called Mary

This political thug
Who attacked lives' belongings
Is now made the judge

In a time like this
Where vices are made virtues 
What's that all about

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Strong Tears

Because tears are meant
To be a symbol of strength
Even in hard days.

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One Spirit

Shine, courageously
To block out any darkness
You, the only light

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Above the clouds

Golden sun rays flow
above the clouds - and below
silver linings glow.

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the last leaf
with a gust of wind decides
it's time to go-- gone

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Is it off

reading this
race is stopped
is revoked


what IS up
why wherefore
work it out

clammed up

© Elly Wouterse

PS. Because some of the Soupers commented the way they did or wrote me personally:
The situation leading to this poem.. Suppose you've submitted a poem for contest after all your struggles to write the best you could ... and then contest is cancelled.. 
Frank H.'s contest... with exactly this title  - I think very original title - made me write this set of haiku... nothing more and nothing less.........  
This time no double or tripled layers........ :-) 

The contest was temp. cancelled................

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Sometimes vision breaks
stone walls and hardened hearts
and leads to freedom.

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       White to bluish skies
Lively glows: trees and buds
       Picture of vibrancy

       Fresh, clean waters
 Fishes swimming alive, see!
          Ripples of life

       Cool gust of breeze
 Blowing rustling earthly life
        A wane of touch

     Fruits and each youth
     Productivity emblems
        Nurture's effect

       Chirping of birds
Twitting, singing on the tree
       Nature's melody

written by:
1:34 am

motif: nature
contest: Impress me with a small poem written in February or March 2014!
sponsor: Giorgio A. V.

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When her harp sings a minimalistic symphony

doughty fingers dance
strumming intense soft and strong 
on thin steel harp-strings

spring breezes' equal
myriad strings resonate
mesmerizing piece

floating on sound waves
thoughts wandering far away
heart and soul travel

oak butterflies soar
from strong transparent wired strings 
and stroking trumpets

life's rhythm vanishes
breath and heartbeat adopted
by gently touched strings

tantalizing clouds
enchanting passionate sounds
dictating life's rhythms

through alluring notes
I nestle from head to toe
in soft cushioned chairs

from intimate depths 
muted and exuberant 
gusts of warm heartbeats

heartstrings in music
angelic and hypnotic 
crystalline oak sounds

Harp player Anne Vanschothorst just does it... with her music... as described in this poem.  

Under "About this poem" two of my favorite pieces of her.