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Haiku Dream Poems | Haiku Poems About Dream

These Haiku Dream poems are examples of Haiku poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Haiku Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The night shivers out
Hymns upon lonely gray wings 
They drift like a sigh 

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Stripping the Dream

dreaming of bright lights the novice actress bares all. . . in strip club neon for the "haiku on probabilities" contest of Marvin Celestial

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Out to sea 5-7-5 Haiku

The ship drifts to sea 
Behind left is a life loved 
Though it just can't be

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No Chain, No Charm

In Unison-
~No Chain, No Charm~

United we own
Firm, full of finest goodies-
Our ground of freedom.

United we stand
Firm from failure and horror-
On the ground of strength.

United we pray
Faithfully with open mind-
Our bliss is assured.

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shards of azure sky
weave me into future dreams...
captain of my ship

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Evening Haiku

Taste of the moonlight 
As the city begins to dream
Sorrow disappears

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- Haiku X 44 - Faith -

A full cup thank you
Let it flow over with love
Never lose your wings

When the day is blue
Always someone who needs you
Dreams are the answer

- A-L Andresen 22.01.2015 :)

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draw one’s own future
pass through certain tortuous roads
gift of nature’s voice

Honorable Mention
Contest: Haiku on probabilities
Judged: 8/8/14
Sponsor: Poet Marvin Celestial

June 8, 2014  (old poem)

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Haikus About God: II

Invisible chap
Bearded egomaniac
Probably not real

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A Symbolic Dream

A dream came at dawn
Tiny dragon spoke wisdom
Dog ingest its might.

Suddenly vomits
Everything swallowed goes out
Dragon turned piglets.

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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Hope's harbor serene 
Million dreams safely anchored
Beware of fear's subs!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  07 NOVEMBER 2014  

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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Sweet Dreams

All tasks done, at last...
time to tuck the kid in bed,
that's me peeps! Sweet dreams..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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The value of time

over 50's;  when a bed stops you to support sleep longer.
when your body stops you to eat stronger,
when medications stop you to drink alcohol,
when Dr. advises you to stop smoking if you live longer,
you know the time when value becomes a tease monger.

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 Aim for what is best
 keep on toiling day and night
success will follow

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Passion Like This

With passion like this
I asked her for a sweet kiss.
Dreams sometimes come true.

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Rest in Peace, Dear Friend

Flowers wilt
Dead carcasses are buried
Loved ones mourn

Rest in peace,
Your life on earth is no more…
Farewell, friend

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haiku 3-31-13

haiku pilgrims

forging upon tanka dreams

gaze in mirror pond 

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  -Dharga Nagar Safa

SEA is small,

FISH to live!

Letters wise!

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All About the Music: The Infinite Magic of Lyricism

Pop may be catchy
But not lyrically deep
Case in point: Chris Brown.

(N.B. Poem written after hearing "Don't Wake Me Up")

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Great expectations

Great expectations
of all metals to win the clay:
Seasons`cuneiforms ...

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In pink

I love the tradition in pink 
because rain sprinkles silence 
between two skins in fire

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A simple existence

I should stay a simple 
existence front of twelve bright 
souls immersed in the silence

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part VI

Water licks your feet
Far cry from the beating sun
Desert sand to sea

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The Dream

I had a good dream
I wanted to remember
Could not remember

Good dream so I thought
Took an internet dream course
Now remembering

My memory came
Somethings are best left alone
Scared me to death

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A broken light bulb- Upon the blanches

(Haikus from my short poetry collection in Greek: Se ?????? st????? ??????asµ????, Perched on a few verses, 
translated by me.)

A broken light bulb.
It’s dawning. The naked street.
A butterfly.
Upon the branches 
of dawn, the day’s rustling
silk dreams.

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i rarely dream
but when i dream
i dream big

beyond all imaginations
very impossible in fact
not only in the real world
but also in the dream

i can't still figure out why
guess its cause i live with 
my heads in the clouds
very far from reality 

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Loves of the street dogs;
Accompany even in death
Sticking on his friendship.

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Not to worry

Worry will not change
What happens this day in life
Good acts make good change

So not to worry
Enjoy this day in your life
And not to hurry

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gradational world
gravity in existence
attract my senses
Penned on May 21, 2014!
Form: Haiku - 5-7-5

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part IV

Culminates in a washout
Stuffed camels get soaked

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Got To Dance

Want to, got to dance
No obstacle should stop you
Pursue and conquer!

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Cherry Blossoms

The silk like blossoms

That bloom in the night time air

It captures moonlight

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     Lightning Bug Haiku
Like a fairy tale
in the dark it's glowing glowing there
then it is nowhere.
© ron wilson aka veebdosa the doylestown poet

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The Diamond goddess

the diamond goddess
whispers lust in her breast voids
loves dream of power

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How Hard

How hard must I train?
Practice, rehearse, go over
Repetition wins!

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Eyes of night and daylight

Dreamy girl
Wide eyes of night
Shrink within daylight

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waking life

When dreams in a dream
peel away like onion skin,
reality fades.

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woken dream

Last nights dream beats all
Early pinch on arm, no pain
Again, ouch, amazed

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Dream Season

spring dream
a rooster stirs the stillness
into dawn
calmness . . .
jogging into
the spring dawn
hot spring bath –
the nibbling fish
tingle my skin
I photograph
its mist of spring
train pane mist
she rubs on
the other side
spring rain
the scent of green in
the dawn breeze
february full moon
the beach tides deepen
the voice of children
spring moon
the scent of jasmine
spreading in the night

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A night’s happy dream
a trick for the mind and soul
Perfect Illusion

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Sad Eyes

Sad eyes are dreaming
Lost in visions of new things.
Strive to spark the soul

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it refers to a new type of HAIKU 
I'm a dreamer, it's the fact
This is what I'm able to deduct
After looking at my special tract
My dreams are like seeds, protected by a bract
'cause I wanna shine, due to my powerful tact
I shall fly, like a shiny bright light
I'm gonna be, in the perfect sight
Am still hoping, and I want to fight
Until my dreams will be accomplished, to be allright
I stayed awake, awake overnight
You couldn't know how I feel, because it's so tight
And deep in my heart, isn't that right
Listen to me carefully, mate
There's no time for us to wait
Our dreams to be real, we'll be so late
We must get them out, 'cause they're innate
Yes you believe me, we're all able to change our fate

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sunlight clasps the earth
and the moonbeams kiss the sea
what are kisses worth

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In a valentine day

A valentine day, he bought a bunch of flowers in a pot of desire,
and walked with running smile to plunge heart in the burning fire.
he reached at the spot and sun rays warmth his surrounding,
the charming birds 're singing a song and air has leaves curdling.
she was in kissing with someone he fall over in a different dire.

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                                                    hidden consciousness 
                                                   like under anaesthesia
                                                     lover's face in heart

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Haiku Two

, , 
Numero uno attempt, may be an answer to a new idea , ,
Numero uno:- one, first,...

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Jade Bonsai - Haiku

     Jade Bonsai - Haiku

low light tolerant
wax green by black rocks landscape 
small tree, giant dreams  

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Plugged-up Drain

A dream I had before summer:
"I should publish my poetry so I could become known forever!"
That precious dream went down the drain

The last idea I had in mind:
"I should take a cool shower so I could feel as scrumptious as ever!"
That foul idea plugged up the drain

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Forever dream you

I tripped over you
an angel cries in tunes
walking into love

Cinderalla you 
painting me such a story
falling into sleep

Hot most beautiful
the warm sweet love, sound of you're
echoing voice lilt

Stripped I am, to you
into the bone naked this soul 
stands in front sweetly

Walking along this
highroad to have you love kiss
holds inside beauty

Joy you sing out loud
seeing someone so perfect
finding a purpose

Such a dream shines you
looking to the east rising
jewels of sunshine

Finding that purpose
inspired and driven inside 
every single word 

My silence breathes out 
in you, sweet uttering gasps 
holding the air stops

Breathless in silence
what you have given me love
a brand new life, yes

Golden beautiful 
one in a thousand dreams I 
will with love, be one

Here forever 
to kiss you goodnight, as you 
babe always is true

Written in 5/7/5 count smiling

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passing a wink

how much time do i
have to wait to see those eyes 
standing before me

a dream awaiting an answers winks a star with affection

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Carl G Jung


visionary dreams
alchemy magic red book
history's image

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Forever Quiet with the Shadow of Black Noise

one day i shall sleep
My body still ,had been reaped
cold..., silent..., nothing?

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Shadows of you

just another dream
falling beneath your wink
calmed in the shadows of you.
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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Giant Leap

A globe wobbles in cosmos
A man makes ... a giant leap for mankind
A million hearts flutter on another.

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Golden Gate Dream

Walk Golden Gate Bridge
always been a dream of mine
westbound I must go

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the awakening
while you dream you are asleep
strews sand in your eyes

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen

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Still There

fog lifts, breif moment
Isle of Desire still there
distant wave returned

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dream you never knew
the true form the very scent
perilous - perilous - sweet

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Haiku: Collection 1

One man’s dream for all:
No more world in black or white—
 	Look at the rainbow now

Dancing in a field
Butterflies flutter-- BEEP! BEEP! CLICK!  
Wait—what just happened?

Children shriek in bed  
Wings of darkness haunt the night
The Oneiroi have come…

The sine of pi is…
That window looks really nice!
Oh—sorry! The sine of… 

Sweet are the travels 
At night in peaceful slumber
Where will I go next?

Stay dear restful dreams
Soft upon my weary brow
Butterfly kisses 

Morpheus come forth
Fill me with the dreams of old
Shape my mind like clay

Once I had a dream:
No more homework, no more school
What a silly dream! 

I can go anywhere
Don’t need a car, plane, or bus
I just need my bed 

Sweet like caramel
Are the dreams I have at night
I hope I don’t get cavities

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Criss Cross

A pitch black echo,
darkness encompasses light---
Paths criss cross.

c2013 Julie Rasley

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Where Do We Go To

When we are asleep
do we float or stay in bed?
Shall we meet in dreams?

I wake up travelled
My mind shuts down to my room
I go away to...

                         Somewhere I used to know

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Insomniac's Haiku

A thief craves money,
The glutton craves food and drink,
But the wise crave sleep.

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A smile appears for you
A joy only for you
Say all- cheer!

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Castles in the sea

great pull colors wide                                                                                               living beauty of ocean  	                                                                                  surf dreams never known

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                                              Dream in deep sleeping
                                               danger tiger attacking
                                              combating with strength

                                                  mosquito piercing   
                                                 sucking liquid sepia
                                                  no way to be safe
                                            sudden slapped on cheek
                                          under palm small tiger killed 
                                               sweats of fear rouses

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A Bridge between dreams

A Bridge between dreams
dreams in dreams in dreams in dreams
What is the real dream ?

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Shadow Of Thinking

 A glorious Sunshine
 came on my dream Cloud
 Blue sky as my mood Rainbow
 eovee was i staring the Sun ?

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Dreams are for sleepers
Goals without dreams are nightmares
I am awakened

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                                            on an excursion
                                     students are seen glorious
                                      their auras speak dreams

                                        few have no complain
                                    at the time of taking seats
                                            few do politics

                                     whistling train moves on
                                       talking many to other
                                         few reserve silence

                                         in all their coaches
                                  few are busy with own games
                                       few sing and few clap

                                        faces are tired now
                                      as stamina is finished
                                        journey is complete

Written on 8th Januay2015

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Lost Dreams

Fireworks in sky
are all the pieces of me
when my dreams are lost

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Lady Midnight

midnight approaches 
in her stilettos of stars,
flirting with my dream

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Holidays Past 5-7-5 Haiku

Holidays gone past
Hearts ate sad, yet happy
Why not in between?

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Every time I stare
at the unrelenting sun,
the abyss stares back.

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cat dreams of milk lake

                                         cat dreams of milk lake

                                      full of cream and seven fish

                                             that is my heaven

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Damn rock in and off 
I can live with breads
Not from the last winter.

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I dream that I'm lost
my friends say they dream that too
maybe we all are

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                                    Day's dream differs known
                                  Night's one colorful and flown
                                       Dream has no meaning

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Haiku on Dream

butterfly flying
chilly air-conditioned room
working peoples' dream

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Reality behind closed eyes actions so vivid and clear it all ends when the alarm rings

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Florida animals

Key Deer are tiny,
Prancing around on the islands,
Key Deer are mammals.

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Curing God, One Soul At A Time

GOD was the big bang
fighting evil is the pain
GOD's everythang

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seamless dreams, seemingly dreamless

"where do dreams come from?"
he lifted his head, perplexed,
and replied: "nowhere."

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good planning deposits haiku

a carriage ride dream
historic sites glistening
the tears fall within

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Clay, quartz, and calcite
Were in fast dream of shale
Over before when.

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Cold Street

In the dead of the silence,
I walked down the street,
alone and hoping,
that maybe around the corner,
you are waiting for me.