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Haiku Childhood Poems | Haiku Poems About Childhood

These Haiku Childhood poems are examples of Haiku poems about Childhood. These are the best examples of Haiku Childhood poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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alphabet soup

a small boy's
head in alphabet soup --
catching a few zzz's

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cherry blossom

laughing children throw
handfuls of cherry blossom - -
an old couple kiss

for Susan’s Cherry Blossom contest

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Pings on my window
Old clock hung with red and green
Strikes twelve sleepless times

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stretching for the moon
on tip toe

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Drop of water
In the river -
Sound of joy

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As he cast his line
through brown pipe smoke and fog,
Again, he sits and waits.

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Orange you Glad to be---an Orange---

     Contract Delete

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                                                 a girl runs around
                                                 an oscillating sprinkler — 
                                                 laughing rainbow

Contemporary...indeed! : )

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The Homeless Child

Street lamps still lighted
night has retired and faded
a new day unfolds

heavens rolled darkness
tucked it away for the sun
to give light and shine

in the horizon
a golden beam of sunrise
appears out of mist

in the street corner
a small child still dazed from sleep
awakens and yawns

trembling, feeling cold
he hugs himself to feel warm
morning air brings chill

to his fragile frame
that looks sickly, frail and weak
under the street lamp

for this homeless child
the street corner becomes home
to rest for the night

in a little while
he will move and will scavenge
for his morning meal

from the garbage can
full of piled litters and trash
he gets his morsel

living in the street
has made him vulnerable
life is hard and tough

for a little child
abandoned, uncared, unloved
is there hope to life?

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The horse

A black and white horse
My greatest childhood friend
Always by my side

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a green frog

a green frog
leaps to freedom –
a boy’s hands

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Fright Night

<                                       the ... be ~witch ~ing ~ hour
                                         ghost ~ and ~ gobblings ~ lurking .... for
                                         it's  ~  candies .......  bounty

                                        amidst ~ swollen ...... moon
                                        face ~ of ~ wicked ~ witch .....  smiling 
                                        bats ~ fly ~ in ....... frenzy

                                       great ~ jack - o - lantern
                                       menacing ~ halloween ~ glow
                                       on ~ darken ......... doorsteps

For Linda Marie's
Halloween Haiku
G.L. All

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Snooze School

The class was boring.
Some of the kids were snoring.
Well worth ignoring.

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Souvenirs from Playground

Message of the wind
Tucked in little girl's pocket
Ready for Life's Fall

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sticky fingers

ice cream truck
mom washes
sticky fingers

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hide and seek

summer evening
hide and seek
until mom calls

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Black smoke covers all
children animals run
but they can't escape

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shadows move

shadows move
on the bedroom wall
childhood nights

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Making wishes

grandmas garden
    wishing on

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false face ghastly garb

false face ghastly garb
bellows boos by porch light halo....
no fruit or mints please

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Sentimental You

<                                      amidst flocked needles ...
                                        woven ornament strewn ...
                                               a star is ... born

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a park bench

a teddy bear 
lies on a bench in the park - -
a little boy cries

For Susan’s Bench contest

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A Budding Super Star

Dressed in his PJs,
a hero in the making,
a five year old star.

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Halloween Haiku

<                                      amidst swollen moon
                                 creatures of the night stalking .....
                                          predator's bounty

                                          be ~ witching ~ hour
                                     beastly  mannerism   gone
                                          totally but .... wild

                                          black cat crosses path
                                          another seven years of ........
                                          having such bad luck

                                              culdron pot boils
                               hearts ~ gizzards ~ livers ... bat's hair 
                                          witches stilled brewing

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Children's Easter Hunt

    Eggs colored pastel,
Hidden all around the yard,
    Children having fun!

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Embrace Your Youth

Many often say:
“Youth is wasted on the young.”
Nonsense! Kids have fun!

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summer memory --sandcastles--


                    sunburned, sleeping child--

                    another summer memory

                    is swept out to sea          

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Halloween Haiku (for Linda-Marie the sweetheart of P.S.'s contest)

Halloween Haiku

Suburban parade:
A night to transform yourself,
and beg without shame.

Subsequent morning:
Pillowcases wear make up-
Wrappers and trinkets.

The Thanksgiving porch:
Mouth with one neglected tooth-
The jack-o-lantern.

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* Without Rules

Today, I Declare the child
that had been asleep so wounded lives
Without Rules she's finally Fee!

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Baby Talk

Bubbling azure streams
Are like grandfathers cooing
At newborn infants

My first attempt at haiku

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We've All Been There

Drift into childhood

It's jam-packed with delusions

Vibe with the insane

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               in colorado
   the geese recall the last time
     we threw crumbs on pond


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spring bouquet spans across the misty sky - a child dreams

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School's Open

The school bus rolls in
Eager students dart for class
Summer's over now

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Mountain Climbing

I’m climbing  
Above the canyon…the sun
Hits  		the 		rocks

I ascend
As 	I 	take 	risk 	after 	risk

I’m climbing
I 	rely 	on 	my 	own 	strength
I’m doing FINE!

I descend
While	 I 	urgently 	hold 	on
For dear life…

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Their silence kills me
They stare,i scare,my soul frets

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perspectives unleashed
an adolescent desire

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True Peace

Moonlight shining bright
Midnight sky now ever calm
Childhood remembered

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Life Of Death

Death is now Alive
Kid Conceived Deceased
A rebel of life

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Quick Summer Shower On The SandCastle


Sandcastle _ moat filled
                 Safety security sound
                                Quick summer shower

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My Halloween Horrors

Witches so surreal
Silhouettes  upon the moon
Flying on broomsticks

Jack-o-lanterns : smile
Through the flames of Hell, inside
Feigning , frightful sighs

Spooky ghost run by
On moonless Halloween nights
I, cower in Fear

Mrs. Linda-Marie's Contest " ***Halloween Haiku*** "

Dedicated To my Haiku Sensei " Raul Moreno "

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God's Discipline

God's criticism towards our life 
Is like a father-&-son relationship
-- he disciplines us well with peace

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lamps go out

lamps go out : from the darkness I hear giggles © Oct 26 2011 cgh

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Haiku 32

heavy summer rain,
owing his son thousands -
Monopoly money

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Tickle Me ~haiku

Happy silly boy
Dusty straw hair flying free
Mommy... tickle me


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---pink-cheeked baby

pink-cheeked baby
watches the summer storm
silver rattles

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the young girl
turning side to side
toward the mirror

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Haiku Cigarettes

Cigarettes are gross. They can really kill you too Dead. Gone. Forever

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I want my presents,
I want my money and cake,
I love my birthday!

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a clown

a clown 
aims his gun and fires - -
petals fall

for Gwendolen’s Gun-o-ku contest

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large family yule
big bird on christmas table
ostrich with stuffed pouch

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Rows of carnations
children grab, defying rule
time withers with them.

© ~JSLambert  2011

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Need a fix. Sweet teeth.
Tongue rolls the pieces around
Satisfying chew.

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School Days

School bell rings play time
Skipping,Laughing, Chasing, Fun
Happy play, school days.

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Elk Walk - The Rancher


                  Elk Walk

           elk walk in snow to
     find a morsel in warm fount
         beyond, fields beacons

                The Rancher

          morning frost twinkles
      while rancher sips coffee and
            whiffs new arrivals

          January Haiku Contest

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Alone forgotten
Abandoned and neglected
Alone in the dark.

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grands olfactory haiku

coffee best describes
papa joe's essence for me
coffee kisses- YES

fertilizer stink
paternal grandaddy smell
famous tomatoes

noxzema only 
for miss toby before bed
shakey hands slicked up

but then grandmama
whew! peach cobbler first of all
sweet corn, pot roast, ham

oh man, those fried pies
blackberry and peach goodness
beautiful mem'ry

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Born in Paris and I was
Tossed off in the last metro;
All what is left bile of laughers.

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Driving kids to school:
summons childhood memories
- walking miles and miles

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Chalk Marks

color bands
rainbows touching earth 
sidewalk chalk

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A bully

What makes a bully?
sarcasm and name calling
are a bully’s traits

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Delicious Food!
One more child dies of hunger-
Somewhere out there now!

*** And what can you do??? Try not to waste it!!!

Thoubert Larus in tribute to the hungry children dying out there right now of 

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Birthday Party

birthday party -- sweet icing slowly drips from my son's chin

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A Child's Heart

Broken cookie crumbs
across the patio floor
a child's broken heart

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The Carnival

Cotton candy treat
Ferris wheels and carousels 
Amazing fun house

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i ride my bike

i ride my bike - -
my father lets go
and i fall

for gwendolen's bike contest

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The Black Sheep

We had a black sheep
He used to follow us to school
He was such a fan!

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Child labor

Please stop child labor
Let the poor kids go to school
Please give them stipend

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cold white eggs

easter morning 
children grown...
a pair of cold, white eggs

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Slim Gaillard Remembered

Cee-ment mixer, put-
ti, put-ti…one lunger sound
Built houses—I watched. 

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The Music Box

A child’s music
box, painted in gold and dust
is left to the flies

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The Dew

Morning dew kisses
in every flowers petals
in every toddlers first walk.


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The Young and Free

tad poles squirm little hands slip through the slime Trapped When Old -December 15, 2012-

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Link Road Garden

Azure skies, turquoise back waters of dam by eve. Play park with joy rides.... Wind ruffled ringlets.... Quaint surround of lush green hills Squeaky joyous sounds.... Flock of homing birds, Laughing, bouncing, swirling kids Twin Nature delights!

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mud puddle

white, Sunday dress
on a clean-faced girl ~
black mud puddle

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The Photographer

Skies gray and rains blow;
Trees sway and creak like old stairs.
Thunder rolls and booms.

The den lights go out.
On the brown faux leather couch
Kids crowd together.

Whites of their eyes show.
"Shush! God is doing his work,"
Grandparents tell them.

Lightning bolt flashes,
Illuminates the front yard
And freezes the scene

Framed by porch windows;
He snaps candids from the storm,
Outside looking in.

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Wisdom's Gate

Knowing he knows

the old man leaps,
clicks his heels.

Young child on a

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Scouts on Pinecrest Lake

Distant thunder roars.
Another thirty minutes,
All scout boats grounded.

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Someday you'll wish you listened

Child I've told you so! 
Slow your pace of growing old.
Why won't you listen.

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Pastimes in Old Novato

crawling through tall green grass
making miles of tunnels
in fields all around

a lake, the yearly rain makes
floating on rafts
crafted from grandpa's woodpile

hot brown hills of slick dry grass
slid and sped down
in cardboard boxes

old knotted oak tree
climb up like a ladder
jump into leaves piled high

acorns falling
my childhood pastimes
wonderful memories of home

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At this very time
Is when the world stands still. Just
Not for you or me.

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tell me why you know
about the once icy cold
that was in my heart

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Little children play,
By the seaside, by the shore,
By the sandy coast.

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Fast, colors whirl by
In the springtime of our years
Now seems like a dream

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ON A SUMMER DAY - multi haiku

On a summer day
A day with children at play
Memories come back

The old neighborhood
How we used that neighborhood
So seldom inside

Our dirty    bare feet
At games   in constant motion
Lungs alive with joy

Drooping in at eve
And nearly too tired to eat
We lay down    at last

To sleep    dream away

A thousand phantoms linger
On a summer day

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                                              First day in school life
                                           sorrow blue innocent face
                                               one silent next cries

                                                Mom was in tension
                                           sister took care at that time
                                               seen tearing eyes

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Child of Summer

Tender joy of life
Breath upon the tidal wind
Hopes journey abound

Inspired by the light
Laughter on cumulus clouds 
Small footprints on sand

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when there was a drought
we raindanced across the lawn
splashing through sprinklers


Received 4th place in "Best Rain Poem" contest

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Flower Children

Young children at their best
are like growing flowers, 
bright and fresh.

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short pirate braying
one-horned horse falls apart
the tail chases ghosts

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Darling cute angel
Darling dragonflies are all over from other directions!
By the cottage-rosary field my little one is all enjoy! 

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Good bye Spidey

Spider Man no more
more than a super hero
like the man next door

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Summertime Sandcastles

Summertime is here Golden sands await the rush Territories shared Excitement abounds Buckets and spades in frenzy Silica shapes form Children creating Young voices resonating Sandcastles they show

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Can you hear it, son?
The bells that sound on Christmas.
They await your love.

Whiff your hand around.
Can you smell it - Christmas cheer!
Cookies full of love.

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those tiny puffs
can not budge autumn wishes-
dandelion seeds

*posted solely for enjoyment, mine and yours, me chums. A true life observation from last night.

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oatmeal cookie moment haiku

oatmeal cookies melt
in my mouth along with milk
recalling childhood

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All Hallowed Eve

Scary faces peer
Down the eerie pumpkin paths
Doorbells ring from fright

All the boys and ghouls
Spooky creatures of the night
Undead creep around

Keep those goblins safe
As they fill those bags with treats
Welcome Halloween!

* for Linda-Marie-Sweetheart of p.s. halloween haiku contest

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bare sun bronzed feet run
sweet clover fields fragrance kissed
honey bee sting hurts
August 1, 2014
Haiku "Aha" Moment contest
Regina Riddle, sponsor

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Forgotten but here
Remembered yet never there
Why do you exist?

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my chest feels so tight every breath I take is deep makes me feel weak

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female bear

female bear with cubs winter's hibernation ends... boy scouts on spring hike
Inspired by Charles Henderson's contest but not an entry..

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Enchanted Cottage

Wood smoke
rocker near the fire
Grandma's winter house.

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A Haiku

A frog unaware
sunning itself in silence
beware the child’s hand

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left overs

pbj toast the brown edges always left

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Koolaid Kisses

                              Long koolaid kisses
                          Red cherry lips frozen sweet
                        A smiling embrace

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aralimilic pardin

all orchured prayers
                                 wolking it's agavien deed
a possiable plead

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Wonder Wheel Delight

Catch a shining dawn
Before it lights up
the sky
You'll feel quite joyous

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haiku c

a golden curl
the child's blue eyes:
the camera snaps

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Love Thy Mother Much

Love thy mother much
For she's who gave birth to me
But won't let me

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Weed Becomes a Flower

freshly picked by a child
become a precious flower

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Precious Little Hands

precious little hands
bound together with promise 
the world starts anew

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Somber, forgotten:

Young taunting winds encircle

Lone-standing cactus.

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Born in Paris into a cubbyhole;
Someone tossed me off in the suburb;
All what is left a bind around my neck.

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The Raindrop Race

Watch the little drop,
Racing across the window,
Will it win first place?

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Migration of the Monarchs

drowsy cricket songs
call orange-black wings to rest
on yellow ragweed

hunting with broomsticks
bent coat hangers and cheesecloth
we chase autumn dreams

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Ha Ha xD

My tamahawk kills
You all better hide from me
Just kidding, i suck

(this is a Haiku about Call Of Duty: Black OPS)

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Monday Mornings -August 8-

I'm not an early riser-- I was wrong
I could say I am a night child
And I admit-- I love monday mornings

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The white snow shows through
A boy covered in white, laughs
Alongside his friends.

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My Monsoon Hairdos

Attempting to smooth and comb my hair 
My fist shatters the mirror-- splintered and bear
It shows how much I despise my hairdos

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Neverending is 
the magenta veil... Angels
play hide-and-go-seek.

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Slippery Floor Oo

Drip… Drip… Drip… Don’t let the water drip on the floor or you will Slip… Slip… Slip… Drip… Strip… Drip… Don’t let the water run or someone will Trip… Trip… Trip…

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Joy in the Morning

morning dew scatters,
  as hummingbirds fan their wings....
      a breath of fresh air

friendly rivalry
  between humming birds and bees...
     flowers beg notice

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Good bye Trains

waiting for the train 
where the depot use to be
trains run here no more

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A Boy's Wheels

Matchbox and Hot Wheels
I played with both as a child
then came Tonka Trucks

Details | Haiku | |

O' Canada Joy

O' canada joy
'tis my homeland and always will
'tis forever mine

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my bicycle

my first set of wheels
fringed out handle bars with horn
little red bicycle

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Hide and Seek

a cough in my throat
or sneeze tickling my nose ~
hide and seek woes

Details | Haiku | |

Breakfast Table

breakfast table~
smell of pancakes with syrup
on sticky faces

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

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Birth of the Future

the womb moves
no recollection inside

ready or not the present
hails future

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NEWSFLASH: toddler's tragic cry

a toddler crawls in
bank vault-- timed to close—door shuts--
darkness—tragic cry

mom calls nine one one
drill for four hours--door opens
mom hugs child tightly

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Lonely Love

There was a boy named Chew Too Who. He fell in love with a girl named Sue. He gave her a flower, But it was too sour. She fell in love with someone new.

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let this child be remembered --NYC

a lost boy asked a
stranger for help; was kidnapped,
killed and dismembered

an innocent life
snatched by evil hands ; let this 
child be  remembered

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Young lilies in spring
innocent, strong willed, fearless
blossom brilliantly.

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Building Blocks

Building blocks and dreams,
She's the queen of her kingdom,
Imagine Nation.

Details | Haiku | |


I swim rivers to rivers I think upon my challenging routine I reflect upon my life I splash puddle to puddle I reflect upon my blurred future…so— I set my mind on those days… I trekked building to building I caught myself thinking of cheery times That’s when I had hope in mind

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Butterfly Kisses

mildly tendered swab
droplets of sweet nectar flow 
butterfly kisses 

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Wonderland of Snow

Magical dreamland
Brittle whiteness of belief
Floating before eyes

Written for

Sponsor S K A T * 
Contest Name **SN*O*W** *HAIKU* 

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Bygone reflections
Bliss forever existing
Warm, sweet memories

Details | Haiku | |


I would like to see,
Snow, frozen  H2O this year.
It hardly does here.

Details | Haiku | |

Cut It OUT

I speak
without considering people's feelings--

I wink
foolishly in attempt to do a wicked plan--

I smack
my lips teasingly and annoyingly--

I think
before I prank on my siblings--

I joke
around until I receive a laugh--

I cry
out to get attention--

I chew
on my food loudly to irritate others--

I snap
my fingers in silliness--

I sneak
into my sister's room with a wake-up call--

I write
in gibberish verses--

I type
my gibberish verses on Poetrysoup--

I laugh
because I already posted my poem--

I got
what I deserved--

I slam
my fist-shaped hands in sudden anger--

I glare
at my bossy sister in disapproval--

I close
my mouth so I won't say another word--


Details | Haiku | |

paper boats

stuck in the rains
I watch the kids ride
paper boats

Details | Haiku | |

The Kites

On a summer’s day
Some boys are flying their kites
In the vast blue sky.

Details | Haiku | |

At The Beach

Scorching sun Waves lapping the shore My sandcastle floating away

Details | Haiku | |

Olly Olly All in Free

watching sunset and a game being played -- home free tag

Details | Haiku | |


neighborhood children

     board the old yellow bus...

           sad eyed dog walks home


Details | Haiku | |

Star Gazing

Stars unfold above 
I gaze at their majesty
And now fall asleep

Details | Haiku | |

The caterpillars

The caterpillars
Built their cocoons in our school
To become butterflies! 

Details | Haiku | |

The Gulshan Lake 2

The children of slum
Swim in the dirty water
Of the Gulshan lake!

Details | Haiku | |

Good Morning

How sweet dream worlds are
Their soft warmth heals mind and soul
Waking is painful

Details | Haiku | |

Parked Fun

Ferris wheel 
with empty seats
beacon of amusement

Details | Haiku | |


Children are like boon
They give us hope to live long
They fulfill our dreams

Details | Haiku | |

In Your Beginning

in your beginning,
God gave living water; at 
birth, air for living

Details | Haiku | |


                                             Up above the sky  		
                                 Sounds of Flight covers the cloud 		
                                         Children clap and laugh		

Details | Haiku | |

Sara's Pencil

Sara was so mad, her pencil snapped in two halves, now she holds one half.

Details | Haiku | |

Dishes Pile Up Once More

I sort bubbling dishes in proper place
I drown absorbed sink with soapy water and towering dishes 
They pile up-- what's the point of doing them?

I place a towel next to the filthy sink
I drown dishes and try my hardest to dry them without a drop
But what good would it do-- dishes pile up!

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The flock of white geese

A flock of white geese
Chased us when we were children
On broad daylight!

Details | Haiku | |

Pier haiku

warm coats dance the pier

laughter swept up in the breeze

spreads to every face

Details | Haiku | |

Santa's Night

Christmas Eve has come
boys and girls are so happy
Santa comes tonight

Details | Haiku | |


                                                   Moving body car
                                        Mouth plays engine sound, hands drive
                                               Happy childhood game 

Details | Haiku | |


Coins drop
 from palm to palm
~ Bubble gum

Details | Haiku | |


Tell me, can you tell that I'm only seventeen weary seventeen

Details | Haiku | |

Unwrapping Years

Sounds petrifying my ears
Unwrapping the years
That conceal remorse and tears

Details | Haiku | |


tiptoe through the rain
arms flung wide open ..  eyes smile
all things possible

Details | Haiku | |

Dust Devils

Round and round they go,
Hands criss-crossed in the middle
Of school yard whirl winds.

Details | Haiku | |

Life is Like a Maypole

Life is colorful,
Bright, vibrant and always fun
For children and fools.

Details | Haiku | |

HR Wake Up

H.R. Pufnstuf
greeted me in the mornings
at the age of five

Details | Haiku | |


old bones shimmy
in the pumpkin scented breeze
clowns and witches race

Details | Haiku | |


Sad sounds young apart
From mother longing empty
Joy when united

Details | Haiku | |

The red millipedes

When I was a kid
I touched the red millipedes
To make them look round!

Details | Haiku | |

Sunflower Delight

Racing with yellow
Flowers high above my head
I am delighted.

Details | Haiku | |

Cup of Cereal

I splash uncontrollably in a milky way
Paddle away my drowning fate-- cup me out of demise
I bump body on bowl spoon, soaked like cereal

Details | Haiku | |

Red Ball

bright sun shines as a red ball blows by -- children scatter

Details | Haiku | |

In the Playground Of Time

Wind bewildered,
Soft as rain, a summers day,
Children playing splash.

Details | Haiku | |

Finally Summer

sitting on the steps
counting flashes of fireflies
we welcome summer 

Details | Haiku | |

My Son Paints His Arts

my son paints his arts
on our snow-capped ground, praising
the November sky

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Plum Nelly

Plum' out the city 
And ne'ly in the woods- trees...
Wildlife and dirt roads

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Castle Friends

Knights, horses, shields, swords
Battle rams, motes, bridges, horns-
Catapults tower

For Caleb and his Lego Wars

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Batter on the Spatula

Let me lick the spoon
After you scrape the mixture
Into the cake pans.

Let me have the bowl
So I can lick the sweet streaks.
I will wash the dishes!

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Whiteness Excluded

I sat in class, way in back
looking at all the
colors, I thought to myself
in comparison how pale
I seem compared to
my peers, they said 'oh hey you!
so pale and fragile'
Had they known how strong I was,
whiteness excluded

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The slums children

By the Gulshan lake
The slum's children play cricket
On a tiny land! 

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Hawaii Five-O

As a little boy
Hypnotized by gyrating
Hips and bare navel

As an adult man
Light-skinned exotic women
Always more preferred

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Happy as they feed
Motion from their mothers' milk
As leaves to a tree

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Kite Flying

Circumscribe FALL winds
No soaring up to heaven
Not a chance at all

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First Kiss

oscillating wings
caressing soft pollen tips
sugary nectar

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haiku style

* The thoughts of a child- 
Peace is just a childish dream
Killed by the adults

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The Lizards

When I was a kid
I shook the tail of lizards
To make them tailless!

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Heat Wave

Heat from  the pavement
Rises in shimmering waves
Torrid  summer day 

Looking for relief
Fire hydrants gush cooling spray
City children play

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spinning slowly
the top falls sideways
her first pirouette

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Weeping in the grass,
Broken red balloon;
Sky still there…blue.

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'Just Play' (Haiku # 1)

      ‘ Just  Play ’   Haiku # 1

This Sky of Pale Gray
Cloudy-Mist and Silvery
Still… Children Will Play

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First Memory

Only four weeks old
Staring at a bare light-bulb
Screaming for my Mum

Inspired by Danielle White’s competition
“My Earliest Memory”

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Little Children's Toys

Squeaky and coloured
They roll and bounce like a ball
A child picks one up.

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The Doll

doll of porcelain, 
seemingly picture perfect,
she has several cracks.

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Sushi Girl

A girl small and pale,
Wrapped in a towel like sushi,
She smiles and cries.

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Mulberry Tree

Long berries droop high
Above the ditch made sweet with
Grainy edibles.

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saturday night childhood memory haiku

hot chocolate night
a scary movie playing
the furnace on high

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Songs of Summer

a siren squeals
from atop the old elm tree~
a mocking bird flies

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going back haiku

back to the Midwest
fond memories that return
rebuilding my core

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In the stream the thrill
things unseen testing my feet
with gentle nibbles

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Its long velvet reach
exceeds gold rose sheen into
summer's flick of days.

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Food fight

toss and quickly duck
two handfulls at a time please
toss and quickly duck
two handfulls at a time please

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Yellow, white blossoms
Along the barbed wire and posts-
Air drips with nectar

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Man in the Moon

A large face watched me
Bordered by shimmering trees
Along lit dirt roads.