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Haiku Cat Poems | Haiku Poems About Cat

These Haiku Cat poems are examples of Haiku poems about Cat. These are the best examples of Haiku Cat poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Feline Night Presence

Cat howling, after
Midnight, before dawn, is darker than sound,
Made when no ones ‘round.

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Morning Pleasure

cat laying on top
dog sprawled across my cold feet
coffee tastes so good

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Cuddled Kitties in Dreamland

wrapped in mom’s warm arms we match her rhythmic breathing. . . . The world wafts away For the Adorable Picture Contest of Leonora Galinta

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                                laying down for nap 
                                 stretching out long 
                                 sleepy orange kitty 
                              snow sprinkles down 
                               paw prints all around
                                  kitty runs to hide 

                                 longing to get out
                            watching birds and squirrels 
                                  oh, no,  hot paws 

                            coming thru the trees
                                 lights turn on  
                               cat eyes shinning 

                              look into the sky
                                 wild and free 
                          bobcat on mountain top 

                            moonlight stars twinkle 
                             prowling the night skies                            
                           morning light cat sleeps 

                             morning walking path
                               sun gets in eyes
                             lingering heat cat sighs     

4 / 7 / 2013

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I saw the man run.
He was chased by a black cat.
Superstitious fool!

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eyes of beauty

striking chartreuse eyes
   my true companion has these...
      beautiful kitty

written 1/11/2014

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Haiku 5 - mournful cries, way of nature, flight into eternity

mournful cries fill the air
mother bird calling for its baby
eaten by the cat

mantis catches butterfly
I am sad: yet, that is 
the way of nature

loud feathered thud
- flight into eternity
deceptive glass pane

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Sleep is like a cat
Only attracted to you
If you ignore it

©2014 by Regina Riddle

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What Does The Cat Say

What does the cat say?
“That damn dog is getting on
my very last nerve.”

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Into the Sunset

window bed for two
rapt audience of magic
lazy calicos  


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A Hunger Caress

Wanting salmon now
Soft paw pads caress my face
Melting I spoil her.

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The Kitten

the look of innocence
hides a deadly secret
kitten's gentle purr

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Senryus 11 and 12

Attic floorboards creak
Something seeks a memory
Sleep and leave it be

I'm sure there are two
Another cat sneaked inside
My cat helps it hide

Gene Bourne

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Dreary winter days.
Warm house, full dish, fresh litter.
We are happy cats.

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We're feeding twelve cats
Each jettisoned at our house
Age induced softness

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Banshee screams pierce air,
claws sharp, eyes wide and angry,
good luck with cat bath.

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Lost pet

Welcome to my home
furry little wanderer
relax till home found

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Cat's Eyes

glowing emeralds
pierce the blackness of night
rare gems to behold

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                                                    night mare of two eyes
                                                black cat with two laser guns
                                                      pointing to the rats 

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                                              door opens moon drowsy
                                               a shadow slips into bed
                                                 furry darkness swells

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Cats eyes

Keen eyes of a cat
a feline Pandora’s Box
dare you look inside?

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cat dreams of milk lake

                                         cat dreams of milk lake

                                      full of cream and seven fish

                                             that is my heaven

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(TRIPLE HAIKU in fact...)

Awww...cats are so cute!
Rubbing against my 2 legs

I head to my room
They watch me like a shepherd
My sheep follow me!

My little buddy
Follows me into bathroom 
Hope she turns her head

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Seven White Fishes

                                 Seven white fishes
                                         A tabby cat washes his claws
                                                    Water cistern chuckles

17th October, 2014

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Mistaken identity

The royal cat nips                                                                                                     from staring morning glories                                                                                      drunkenly pounces

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The mighty lion
sees his own face in the pool.
Does he get frightened?

He drinks of the pool
after a meal of  fresh meat.
Is his parched throat quenched?

He lays in the shade
resting his weary eyelids.
What haunts his nightmares?

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                                       Eve’s eyes are cats
                                           Floating in a fish market
                                                    Whiffing the best squid

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What They Know

Cat purrs at earplug
Blue plastic dancing with paws
I lack their wisdom

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Tabby watching birds;
Sharp-eyed, poufy-tailed, statue;
Until squirrel arrives.

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                                   don't go against my teeth, right?

                                      © rajat kanti chakrabarty