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Funny Daughter Poems | Funny Poems About Daughter

These Funny Daughter poems are examples of Funny poems about Daughter. These are the best examples of Funny Daughter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Limerick | |

Princess Needs A New Car

Princess just wants a new car.
I have told her that hers will go far.
'Oh, it's really not cool
driving this crap to school.'
'Do I need that emotional scar? '

'The kids will all laugh at the rust.
When we race, I'll be left in the dust! 
I will save up some cash
then we'll make a mad dash
to the car dealer surely you trust'.

'He will make us a wonderful deal
and I'm sure you will know how I feel.
I will love you so much, 
My siblings... I won't touch.
Just get me behind a new wheel'! 

Now she'll be cruisin in style.
She'll be happy for only awhile.
There will always be better
and we'll try hard to get her
a car that will make princess smile.

Details | Free verse | |

Its Raining...

                          Its Raining…

God’s Cleansing Tool
Cloud-Concerto… How Cool !
Plop-Plop Plopping into Pothole Pools
On the Grass, Pavements and On My Own-Sweet- Fools…

who, don’t have Sense enough, to get out of the Rain…
… I think I’ll go Join Them… Again


Details | I do not know? | |


I never wanted it to be this way, I never wanted to feel the pain. Bruises all over me. 
Invisible but I can see them.

You hurt me everywhere. My heart is shattered and the blood has frozen. But I won't be 
your victim.

Stare at me like this all you want. Try and hurt me with your words just as long as you 
don't use fists.

I don't ever want to be your victim. I refuse to be one of those few girls who end up 
losing their whole world.

Love isn't supposed to hurt, but maybe I was just naive because the moment I loved you my 
heart never stopped bleeding. 

I won't be your victim, I won't run away. If you have something to say I won't avoid it. 
I'm not scared I can take whatever you try to throw.

Don't hold back I promise you I will not cry. The moon is shining just like all the 
diamonds that you called pretend love I can't even imagine why I fell so hard.

It's never clear until the glass of water is gone. But now that you've gulped me to the 
last I want you to know I won't be your victim.

I kissed vulnerability goodbye the very last time I cried over you and I won't be your 
victim your not even worth it.

If you feel like you must shove a door in my butt but don't make me afraid because I 
don't want to be I don't want to be your victim. 

Let go of my hand so I can peacefully drive away if you want me to I can drive over you 
as well. But don't make it seem like i'm causing you pain because it's obvious to see 
that I've been a victim and it's a shame.

But I don't want to be it anymore then you so just let me go and I won't have to run. I 
promised you forever I laugh at this now you were never eternity love in my mind.

 I kept counting until the madness in ourselves would corrupt. Tears flash down my eyes 
as I speed down the lanes. Two bottles of Gin and I think i'm going insane.

It wasn't until I crashed into a tree that I realized I was never your victim I was 
merely your suicide mission. 

Details | Rhyme | |


Many years ago, when we were all young,
We really thought life, would be so much fun.
While playing dress-up, trying on mom’s stuff,
Putting on make-up, we found to be tough.

Then came our schooling, and boy things would change,
“Those aren’t our parents”, when they acted strange.
Sometimes they were hip, but old-fashioned too,
That’s something I swore, I would never do.

Wishing you were older, adults had it made,
They would do nothing, yet still would be paid.
That is how little, we all had known,
We surely found out, once we were grown.

Loving the twenties, we’d go out with friends,
When we went shopping, we followed the trends.
Doing what we wanted, and staying out late,
It didn’t matter, what time we all ate.

Then came the thirties, and most of us wed,
Watch what you wish for, my parents had said.
We had to work hard, many bills to pay,
I guess they were right, what more can I say?

Raising your children, was hardest of all,
Needing some advice, your parent’s you’d call.
It seemed so easy, they needed no rest,
So now it’s your turn, you learned from the best.

The forties arrived, that was a shocker,
We’d spend lots of time, just at the doctor.
Back aches and headaches, so tired you’d be,
Trying not to cough, or else you would pee.

The fifties would come, and your grandkids too,
Where were your glasses? You hadn’t a clue.
You searched here and there, and under the bed,
“Hey grandma” they laughed, “They’re right on your head”.

Here come the sixties, now let’s have some fun,
You are retired; your work is all done.
To dinner with friends, you dressed and you wait,
They never show up, you have the wrong date.

Now the seventies, with friends playing games,
If only you could, remember their names.
You try hard to hide, those under-eye bags,
Gravity happens, and everything sags.

Enjoy every day, and have a good laugh,
All the steps you took, led down a new path.
Live life as it comes, each year a new page,
One thing is for sure, everyone will age.

Details | Verse | |

Mum's Advice Ignored - "Don't Talk to Strangers!"

When I was young, an urban lass, and not gregarious,
I’d never dream of speaking to a stranger on a bus.

I’d sit, demure, my eyes downcast, and hope quite desperately
That none of those weird passengers would try accosting me.

But, now I’m “fair and forty” (ish!) I’m bolder, and what’s more,
I’ve lived so long in Somerset I’d clean forgot mum’s law …

Until I went to London town to see my student daughter;
She lectured me for doing what I really didn’t oughta!

“You shouldn’t, mum! It isn’t safe!” she cried, in some alarm.
“Some folk round here are really strange. you might have come to harm!”

I’m sorry I upset her, but  I carried on regardless.
I found most folks in London are quite friendly … even harmless.

Oh! I do love London Transport, and its camaraderie!
I had such fun, and lots of laughs and all completely free (!)

But now I’m home, I realise …
That weirdo, then,
Was me!!

Details | Verse | |

Enigma's Calling

Extraordinary, I am 
Craving for unusual thoughts
Endless exploration without boundary
Understanding  the gift I shouldn't fought
Invisible drawings in my mind
Playing with the words in my head
My passion
The food of my soul
I feel so lucky
The random thoughts
A lifetime companion
A self esteem builder
A goal planner
Be my forever life saver
I write more
I talk less
I want to please
I chose to bore
What tickles me the most
Is to know what I'm for
Thinking is my love
When  my mind goes empty
That's when I hate
My day dreaming lust
Organizing things in my mind
Playing roles of simulation
Where images of art is my vision
And words of attitude is my heart

Details | Free verse | |


.                                       Cutting off its top
                                        inside the flesh so fresh
                                        and easy to scoop out
                                        art hides intentions
                                        for the model's on my mind
                                        depicting her face
                                        her scowl, monstrous frown

                                        "my daughter needs..."
                                        "my daughter deserves..."

                                        Onto the outside surface
                                        and enjoying my thoughts
                                        sharp knife to hollow 
                                        out the gourd, the pulp
                                        oh! dexterous spoon
                                        Madness shines in its design 
                                        Trick...trick...not treating

                                        "If my daughter would have thought..."
                                        "If my daughter had listened to me..."

                                        Her scornful smile, her last
                                        of orange teeth, putrid breath
                                        As the natural
                                        empty and scary
                                        At night a light will be placed 
                                        inside...deep... to illuminate 
                                        or perhaps an ardent candle 
                                        to burn from within
                                        I still listen to her
                                        pumpkin voice

                                        "What is he doing instead of..."

                                        And I smile like Jack...

It's just fictional! Mine is my second Mom. : ) She better be... : )

Details | Free verse | |

Pure Love and Holy Cow!

Teeny tiny tornado....

Indestructible force
Pretty fits of laughter....
She shreds the house to pieces…

I thought I cleaned that!

As I wander behind her
     Like a lunatic
picking up the rubbish
that she scatters 
       with such glee

A gleam of mischievous
    in her blue eyes….

“I need sleep!” 
I think
“Come back here!”
        I yell…
As she tears through
     the house
Wind of wild child
and fits of happy
a universe of little 
A cosmic egg of love
     She bounds 
          a free spirit
and innocent....

So Beautiful her soul
So pure her heart
     Just look...
she is so perfect
when shes sleeping...

Holy Cow!
So destructive to my home!
Who would have known
Someone so small 
could wreck such havoc
on a house and a heart?

“What is that?!" 
"Did you pull that
from the toilet?!”
Yep, she did!

Have I mentioned 
I need sleep?

My precious
Teeny Tiny Tornado....

Details | Light Poetry | |

' Boot-Legged Mama '

Mama and Daddy was always Love-Dovey
She is His Sweetheart – He is Her Honey
First Love… Real Love  -  Forever True
Pa… I Pray to find A Man Like You…

Daddy Laughed and Put His Arm Round My Shoulder
And Said, “I’ll Tell You Somethin’, Now You’re Older
It’s got to do with Your Mother’s Fame
And Why I gave Her, The Nickname…

               … Boot-Legged Mama

                  Boot-Legged Mama
Blue-jean Shorts and Vintage Tony Lama
Walked thru the Door… of A Liquor Store
… Packaged so Pretty… Pa Just had to Pour

               … Boot-Legged Mama

Ma… Was there, to get 6-packs for A Party…
Pa… Was there, ‘cause of a Taste for Bacardi
He took One Look and Knew He Couldn’t Waste Her
Pa… Gave-up ‘Drank’… Just so He Could Chase her !

Dad, Said, ‘He’d Drowned in Dark-Eyes and Sweet-Aroma
Fine-Wine, Crystal… But Tuff’ Nuff’ to Down-Drama
Pa Claims, Mama’s Labeled by the F.D.A.
And Listed on Her Driver’s License is,  A.K.A.  …

               … Boot-Legged Mama

                  Boot-Legged Mama
 Genuine Woman, Who Made Him Wanna’
Take Her to be His Lawful Moonshine
… Married at Midnight – ‘cross The County-Line

               … Boot-Legged Mama

Alcohol’s in Trauma;  and Prohibition Told Her:
"Boot-Legged Mama… Done Drove Pa Sober !"
Now, Homemade-Hooch… is His Acquired Taste
180 Proof… Kicked All Over His Case !

Right Then, Mama Flowed into The Room
Pa, Teased and Said, “Still Full-Bodied and Perfumed !
Ma Hugged Us, then Handed Me – Old Boots and A Dress…
    (and good advice)… “Go Git’ My Elliot Ness…

               … and be a Boot-Legged Mama!

( Hey !... Did I Hear Somebody, In A Country Drawl ….
          Order Up A Bottle of Kicking Alcohol !
         Well, Here She Is… Y'all ! ...
                  Boot-Legged Mama ….

Well John (Moses) Freeman... You Said You Needed
Somethin' :)  to Read tonight, before kicking up your
heels...  Well, Here It Is (Have Fun - Son)


 (Thank You For All Your Wonderful Comments
Now, I Can't Get Thru The Door for My Ego.. (Smile)

Details | I do not know? | |

Ava's Night

My little girl, she could not sleep
so toss and turn, she pulled the sheets
and, ba ba black sheep safe in tow
to our dark room she chose to go
A creak of the door and then there she was
she wanted to sleep with us because
she heard a noise, she was too hot,
she tried to sleep but she could not
I hauled her up to our bed at three
before too long she was fast asleep
but I, on the other hand, was wide awake
for, someone did my pillow take
and someone elbowed me all night
and had the blanket pulled too tight
Someone’s hand flopped on my head
(I wished we had a king size bed)
By six I finally gave in and rose
eyes swollen tired and stuffy nose
hair looking like I had lost the war
all out of coffee so I went to the store
and when I got back, when asked how she slept
my little girl sighed, and said “good, except...
I thought I would sleep all snugly and tight
but MOMMA bug kept me UP ALL NIGHT!!!!”

Details | Free verse | |

Those Were The Days

                                     Rebuilding America 
                                     My little Jenny and me
                                     Remembering a time
                                     When Laurel And Hardy
                                     Brought such classics to T.V
                                     My Jenny asked mom can you see me
                                     Just cruising home in a big jelopy
                                     With my Feathered Friend Buddy
                                     Perched on my shoulder and you Yelling
                                     Smile Your On Candid Camera
                                     That had to be such a Jungle Fever back then
                                     Think  I liked it better When you used to sing to me
                                                 That  I'm A Big Girl Now 

Just Putzing Around here
with my last 10 poems
But Love to watch 
Old Classic comedies on T.V. with Jenny
And Trying To explain  to her about Cinema

Details | Limerick | |


The Pancakes are ready to eat
My Granddaughter's help was so neat
The eggs she did crack 
The smiles did not lack
As eggshells were part of the treat

© 2013 Rick Zablocki 

My 4 year old granddaughter helped me make breakfast this am, pancakes from scratch.  Lots of fun.

Details | Free verse | |


Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Details | Couplet | |


There sits my bonnie girl, frilly, lacy, all pink and pretty She boasts of an enviable collection of cute stuff - all Hello Kitty! A pearly, stone-studded shiny pink Kitty bracelet With matching rings and hair clips to tame her silky ringlets, A stylish pair of pink comfy kitty flip-flops To go with her smooth stretchy night wear tops! A sassy little Hello Kitty cross-sling bag she wears Pairing up with chic pink-framed kitty glares, Kitty pencils, erasers and rulers in a well-stocked tuck box Her fancy kitty pouches and folders she invariably locks! A multi-compartment kitty wallet to hoard her loose change All geared for summer with her Hello kitty swimming range, A glittery Kitty lunch box to pack her school snack As she sets off with her pink kitty back pack, Water tastes better in a kitty sippy water-bottle Pink all the way, for nothing else she'll settle! She'd paint the world kitty pink, if the choice is hers Well, I wouldn't be surprised if one fine day she purrs!! 19th Jan 2013

Details | Free verse | |

I declare myself blessed

As a child I wanted to be a pilot and writer I wasn’t interested in much else.
I became a Marine at 17 a husband at 20, a father at 23 a grandfather at 50
I am a happy middle age fat man with the same wife of 41 years and she
is still all I will ever need.  I am blessed. Much more than I deserve
A more than wonderful wife, 2 fantastic daughters and 3 sweet grandchildren. 
A son in law that loves my daughter and their children
Oh yea, and a crazy dog. 

I can hear our granddaughter asking daddy over the phone 
if they can go somewhere after work when he gets home
while her brother and his dog play happily out back 
Grandma and aunty entertain the youngest of the pack

and now mommy puts them all in the tub 
splashing is followed by laughter and more splashing 
and laughter and splashing until all have had a scrub 
Just in time for daddy
And that is exactly why I bought this house

Details | Narrative | |

I Do Not Want Eggs - Do Not Like Eggs


                        Little Laila was on overnight visits to Grandma
                   Early in the morning Grandma made Sunday breakfast
                     Little Laila came into the kitchen where the smell of
                freshly cooked coffee, freshly baked bread....and "boiled egg"
                  Little Laila does not like eggs....and says to her Grandma
                             "I do not want eggs - do not like eggs"
                                But Grandma had not boiled eggs
                             she had farted and it smelled like eggs
                                     Grandma got a good laugh
                              And I hope you will laugh at this too.... :)

True story
Anne-Lise Andresen :)

(5th in the contest)

Details | Ballad | |

Rubber Duckie

Rubber duckie you're the one
You're the reason I'm the one
Rubber duckie
You're the one for me

Details | Epitaph | |

Silly Epitaph 5

As a baby, an angel;
In youth, a bother
When she turned eighteen
She forgot what we taught her.
That is why
We now lay her to rest.
In retrospect;
It's for the best.

Details | List | |

Rules in the eyes of a toddler

If it is off, I must turn it on.
If it is on, I must turn it off.
If it is folded, I must unfold it.
If it is a liquid, it must be shaken, then spilled.
If it a solid, it must be crumbled, chewed, stepped on or smeared.
If it is high, it must be reached.
If it is shelved, it must be unshelved.
If it is pointed, it must be run with at top speed.
If it has leaves, they must be picked.
If it is plugged, it must be unplugged.
If it is not trash, it must be thrown away.
If it is in the trash, it must be removed, inspected, and thrown on the floor.
If it is closed, it must be opened.
If it does not open, it must be screamed at.
If it has drawers, they must be rifled.
If it is a pencil, it must write on the refrigerator, monitor, or table.
If it is full, it will be more interesting emptied.
If it is empty, it will be more interesting full.
If it is a pile of dirt, it must be laid upon.
If it is stroller, it must under no circumstances be ridden in without protest. It must be pushed by me instead.
If it has a flat surface, it must be banged upon.
If Mommy's hands are full, I must be carried.
If Mommy is in a hurry and wants to carry me, I must walk alone.
If it is paper, it must be torn.
If it has buttons, they must be pressed.
If the volume is low, it must go high.
If it is toilet paper, it must be unrolled on the floor.
If it is a drawer, it must be pulled upon.
If it is a toothbrush, it must be inserted into my mouth.
If it has a faucet, it must be turned on at full force.
If it is a phone, I must talk to it.
If it is a bug, it must be swallowed.
If it doesn't stay on my spoon, it must be dropped on the floor.
If it is not food, it must be tasted.
If it IS food, it must not be tasted.
If it is dry, it must be made wet with drool, milk, or toilet water.
If it is a car seat, it must be protested with arched back.
If it is Mommy, must make her dirty
If it is sibling, must slap,kick,and fight.
If it has four legs, must squeeze tight until makes noise
If big person is on phone, must make lots of noise
If tv is not on cartoons, scream until they are
If food is not good, throw it, refuse to eat it and cry until big people give you something good

Details | Limerick | |

Best School Play Ever

I cannot afford to miss
A school play such as this.
My son plays a big tall tree.
My daughter plays a bumble bee.
At the end a pig and a hippo kiss.

Details | Haiku | |

Dancing Angels

Angels in heaven
Dancing on a small puddle
Always stay afloat

Details | Verse | |

Family Dinner

Everyone is dressed just right,

with our smiles slapped on tight,

we are having a family dinner.

The mood is tense,

yet we have to make sense,

and we can always talk about the weather.


We blow kisses and show our love,

everything is just right.

We shower praises over each other,

and pray that the night is over without a flight.


Ignore the bitter-in-law,

she needs some sugar.

She vowed to deny herself happiness,

since she lost her lover.


Pay attention to the chatty uncle.

He claims to be rich although he eats like a savage.

just nod your head and seem interested,

and hope the topic does not turn to marriage.


Sit away from the young brother,

once an answer to his question, he is on to another.

To the old man he asks,"So what do you do?"

and to the orphan child,"Where is your mother?"


The room is beautiful, the food is delicious,

a night with our near and dear.

This could well be the perfect family dinner,

but only the flowers in the room seem real.

Details | Rhyme | |


Scene 1 
I am cornered by troll mother on the playground

Hey there, Barbie, your plastic smile crackles,
Desperate Housewives called, they need a new star,
Your playground antics have raised my hackles, 
Just who in the world do you think you are
photographing my child without consent?
You then offer to email me pictures,
snarling at your girl. Is sand unpleasant 
for your manicure? Next, you conjecture 
that I need a facial, say, you sell Mary Kay,
I crush your small card, think, please go away.

Scene 2 
The troll turns out to be my husband’s boss’s wife. Guess who came to dinner?

Hi there, come in, your pretty smile sparkles.
Was that you in Vogue? I love your pink car!
Oh, you were right! My look was matriarchal! 
Watch out world, cause you will be going far!
Thanks for the photo, what a nice present,
How kind, that touch up was a nice feature.
I love your perfume! Is that a new scent?
Yes, women are like old architecture
and we need spackle! God bless Mary Kay!
So glad you came. Care for a canapé? 

About this poem

There are days I want to write a blog entitled “Mommies Behaving Badly.” Seriously, I have seen some horrid behavior in parks. Last week, a woman wearing high heels (in a sandbox?) teeters towards my daughter and starts taking pictures of her. We’ve never met. I’m like, EXCUSE ME? She sits down, tells HER daughter to, "not make mommy dirty" and proceeds to offer to send me the photos. I give her my phone number (she types it into her hand held device) and then begins to tell me about Mary Kay. One day later I’m left a message on my answering machine that she thinks a spa treatment would ‘help me.’ Sheesh. Scene 2 is imagination. Scene 1 is fairly accurate. Make that scarily accurate. Shameful business practices 101, how to gain contacts the nasty way.

Details | Senryu | |

Quit Running

mom say's
quit running !!!!

Details | Ballade | |

An Ellice Island - In search of KindRed Soul

Long miles of tedious journey,
Missing my darling honey.
Travelling impatiently, spend thousands of 
Hope god will bless me with ma lucky soul 
at this season.

Equatorial island exploring its amazed 
beauty, glittering with immersed grasses.
Wrapped by queens necklaced small lake 
aside, at the outskirts of dalhousie.
My heart dwelled into its god gifted 
When the night lime lighted,
Millions of stars scattered around 
charming moon.
As if its was a wondering boon.
Lucky enough for landing with my next 

Eagerly waiting for my heart chaser,
Girl passed near by, few seconds later.
Flaming beauty mould my soul.
Topped with innocence, ready for my 
auspicious goal.
Her chic appearance,
Her innocent appeal.
Strucking heart raised with high beats..
Awaited for our romantic date in ma 
upcoming meet.

Frequency of our nature matched.
Stolen Eyes of each other were catched.
Strings of our heart whistled 
Everything had happened miraclelously.
I rebelled the three precious words of 
romantic dictionary.
Accepting my red rose, She blushed.

At event of recreation, campfire were 
Nobody around us, private moments 
between we two spotlighted.
Playing guitar, she sinked with every beat,
That's the coincidence our eyes again 
Hand in hand danced with the soothing 
romantic theme,
Sparkling smile on her face beamed.
Getting closer to her, because of her 
fragranced cream.
Expecting the light around us to be dim.

The romantic moment again came,
Flaps of my soul opened for the grand 
She looked too pretty in her gold lame 
My heart awarded her an order of chivalry.
Don't know who are you, but baby you are 
the one, I am in love.
You live in me, You are my love
I feel you in my heart,
You are my world, I just cant stay apart!

Please don't hesitate, please don't lie,
Whatever you feel, my heart can buy!
Angel of life, Its just you.
Completeness in life can't be without you.

Wanna Carry journey happily together.
Tickling nose, Queenly beauty of my white 
Hold my senses, its caught by you.
Don't let be just memories, wanna feel 
ecstasy of love towards you forever.
Promising to hold your hand throughout 
life in this lovely weather.

Will be your shadow, because your pain 
will be mine.
Its destiny that our heart clicked a 
snapshot of each other's soul.
Stopping by my question, Will you marry 
me, my Kindred Soul?

Details | I do not know? | |

The Princess Diaries

My granddaughter Charlotte e-mailed: 
"I love you, Nanny, and can I have a poem about princesses?"

Away in some enchanted land
Where every day was Spring,
There lived two fair princesses – 
Twin daughters of the King.

They grew in grace and beauty,
And when they reached eighteen
The King said, “I’ll throw them a ball!
The grandest ever seen!”

The guests were all astounded
At the splendour of the dance: 
And when they saw the birthday girls, 
They all gazed, quite entranced.

Enter their Fairy Godmother!
Said she, “I’ll grant them each a wish …”
But Amy did not care to touch
Stuff that’s green and rather dampish … 

Now Charlotte’s happy with her Prince,
Three children and their dog … 
But Amy’s sad and lonely … 
Well, she wouldn’t kiss her frog!

Details | Choka | |

The Bulldog's Car Wars

She and vehicles,
Adversaries forever,
No quarter given
And none asked on either side.
The metal beasts smell money,
Wound themselves to devour it.

It doesn't matter
How she tries to hide her cash -
Spitefully they sniff it out
And die gleefully,
Knowing she must resurrect
Their thankless, thieving thick hides.

O you willful ones,
You steelclad dromedaries,
Do you think you can defeat
The Mighty Bulldog?
She never wants Will - just Ways.
Once found - you're dispensible.

Details | Burlesque | |

Suburban Spring

Suburban Spring	

	Springtime fills the air, 
			like laughing gas.
		(Or maybe more like whiskey.)
The suburbs are drunk on the nectar of it's dawn.
	Middle-class houses 
			are starting to dance.
		(Or maybe they're just wobbling.)
They vomit whole families onto their lawn.

			I watch them the same way dogs watch TV:
				Confused and intrigued, 
		with a slight urge to pee.

	The father cuts grass, 
			like a sleepwalker.
		(Or maybe more like a zombie -
Ravenous for cheap beer, instead of brains.)
	A six pack later, 
			he starts washing his car.
		(Or watering his driveway.)
He's spreading on wax so he's set when it rains.

	The mother kneels in dirt, 
			tending the garden.
		(More like digging in a sandbox.)
Her spade is rusty.  (Figuratively, at least.)
	A sunset later, 
			she cooks family dinner.
		(Or maybe orders some pizza.)
(If every mouth is fed, she can call it a feast.)

			I watch them the same way dogs watch TV.

	The son plays war games, 
			dying for fun.
		(Or maybe more for practice.)
He whines about fruit drinks, as well as the heat.
	A full pitcher later, 
			tweaking on sugar,
		(Or maybe just corn starch.)
the war escalates, 'til its time to go eat.

	The daughter makes a picnic, 
			inviting her toys.
		(Or maybe not.)
(Her plastic spread can only spread so thin!)
	After the tea time, 
			she's off picking flowers.
		(Or maybe weeds.)
(As long as they're pretty, there's a vase that they'll fit in.)

		They gather, as a family, at the table to say grace.
		They hold each others' hands and say, "Amen."  
			(And proceed to stuff their face.)

	The dog sits by the boy - 
			Loyal and true.
		(Or maybe just hungry.)
He drools as he stares from the corners of his eyes.
	After dinner, 
                     he offers to help with the dishes.
		(Or maybe he demands it.)
The boy sneaks him a bite.  The dog is not surprised.

	Bedtime comes soon after.  
			The kids are sent to brush their teeth.
		(Or maybe just to run the sink.)
They put on their jammies, and to bed, they go.
	After tucking them in, 
			the parents watch TV.
		(Or maybe they just dream they do, 
					sleeping in its glow.)

	The dog is changing channels, 
			looking for a better show.
				Confused and intrigued, 
		he pees on the carpet below.

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Seemed Like A Routine Day

Being a nurse I had a good understanding of medications for pain, Explained to my Obstetrician I wanted everything, I was not insane, This was my first baby and being in healthcare had very few perks, I’d be given an epidural when the time came, but not by any jerks. Worked full-time then started maternity leave 2 weeks before my due date, Of course I sat at home for another 5 weeks, oh my first baby was really late. I read every book in the library and cleaned my house more than one time, Everyday the neighbours would drop by, I was tired of the door bell chime. Walked into the hospital to have a non-stress test, done every other day, My doctor laid his hand on me and asked “how long have you been this way” I replied “ for about 11 months, you should know you’ve seen me every week” He firmly instructed the nurse to call my home, for my husband they must seek. My husband knowing my test was routine, had driven to town to go to the Gym, What is that you say dear doctor, “I’m fully dilated, I’m soon going to be slim” Well first I’ll I just zip home to grab my luggage and I promise I just zoooom, What’s that- “I’m bypassing the labour and going straight to the delivery room” So I hopped onto the table, took deep breaths and put my feet in the snare When finally my dear husband arrived ~ with more than five minutes to spare “It’s a beautiful girl with dark hair, 8 lbs 7 oz ” I heard the delivery room nurse say, My love has never been stronger, my greatest moment, our most memorable day. Written by Lee Ramage October 6, 2011 For Frank Herrera’s contest “One Stand Out Day” Won 4th place

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A cockney from over the water
Had a wife and a tasty young daughter
They would lead him a dance
And he stood not a chance
Cos they both never did what they oughta

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Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, go. I'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
years. Someone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down below. A magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

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I am sorry,
I am very sorry,
This is for my daughter
I mean my young, beautiful pet.

That was it, the voice of my friend
Who now prides himself
Of another daughter across the street
Only God knows how many of such
I mean those susceptible to his carrot.

Indeed, very young
Full of life to live
Looking innocently attractive
Until he crept into her life.

Her Aunt’s door left ajar
She fell like a pack of card.
He dazzles her Aunt with intermittent gifts
He branded the girl “My daughter”
My innocent friend became a father
And dangles before his daughter a lanky carrot.

As times tickles away,
The daughter not only eats the golden carrot
But she swallows it gently with exactitude

Yet, her Aunt saw no changes
When carrots thickens her sister’s hips
And her flat buttocks getting curved roundly
While her chest pointer getting shaped
Her Aunt still blinded with gifts of “Suya and bread”.

Here comes this day knocking
As my friend’s daughter
Vomits and coughs repeatedly,
She feigned to be well before her Aunt.

“Nothing, I’m okay”
She smiled to her friends
And pretends to all
But grim only at her father

The act got caught short
Not for too long,
Now we all know,
That she has swallowed her father’s carrot
And it got stucked in her throat.

When?, Where?, Who?, her Aunt queried
Three months ago, she retorted
My . . . My . . . My . . . father, she replied.
Before eyes got blinked,
My friend’s was out of town
In search of another daughter.

Alayande Stephen T.
4th August, 2007

Spiced up for my good friend Tope and his daughter.
It all happened on my visit to Abuja.

Suya- An Hausa language (from Nigeria) for roasted meat.

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Lisa Maree

Dedicated to my darling daughter. Lisa Maree, the kindest girl in the world

Lisa Maree

Lisa Maree, you baffle me
You just don’t seem to care
You throw your money all around
And people who won’t share
Will try to take you for a ride
And you can’t always see
What some folk try to do to you
You’ve too much trust in thee.

Lisa Maree, it’s plain to see
That you’re a special girl
Though sometimes you go off on one
And mind goes in a whirl
Your heart is gold, pure solid gold
You’re as soft as heated honey
You have a sense of humor too
You even think 'you’re' funny.

Some might find you hard to take
These fickle kinds of folk
Will run you down for being you
And treat you like a joke
But fickle folk don’t mean a thing
You’re far above the rest
When you are helping someone out
That’s when you’re at your best.

23 August 2013 @ 1817hrs

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Missed it by-THAT-much

Missed it by *that*much

'Missed it by *that*much'
is what I am told when I  'run '
*Barry Bones and *Karma Lee
the fastest of legs ,with my fingers.
I run, I swipe ,I slide,I somersault
still 'nom nom leathery', the sharp toothed monsters
eat my bones as a tasty treat.
No idol I  do get,my running reflexes
chased away by demonic monkeys.
A feeble under 50 meters and skinny 9 points
hoard as the score my  sweat earns...
I say, I quit ,to my ten year old
and sneak back to the tab track
when she' s not around.
Insult to injury ,she pokes at my scary scores
mmphh, I really quit ....
(till she snuggles deep in her bed-..s shh)

...and this  is how I ''Temple Run',for all I know,
in my daughter's virtual run track!!

**I refer to playing Temple Run ,a  virtual adventure game ,for winning an idol from a  temple .             *  Barry Bones, and* Karma Lee, are  fast running explorers. ..Demons chase the explorers  who get inside the temple,so you have to run real fast. I run like a kid myself..Enjoy.. 

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The Prom Purse and Dress Approval

Its Quality! ... Its Class
Yes, Its Classic Style Will Last!
Its High Clique', Trés Chic'  ... Demure
Its Fashion-Forward - Hauté Couture!

You Look Like Duchess Kate
You'll Really Wow Your Prom Date
It Looks Like A Vera Wang
What's The Price? ... Oh, Luv - Go Change!

I Ain't Paying That Much - For That Thang' !!!

                     Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/12/2013 
                             by:  MoonBee Canady

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For the Man Who Has Everything

While one of Bob’s daughters bought him a wardrobe of new shirts. The other one said, “I know what to do, I’ll make him some desserts.” While the first daughter gave him polo’s that made him look so neat, Then the second got busy in her kitchen and baked him things to eat. Through the year Bob lapped up his desserts like cream for a cat, And his shirts started to grow tight because he was getting fat. Next year for Christmas the daughters knew just what to buy, And everyone who saw said that Bob was one lucky guy. One daughter bought him clothes in the next bigger size, And the other one got him equipment to help him exercise. If you would ask the daughters about his fluctuating pounds, They’d tell you that this idea wasn’t as dumb as it sounds. You see this yo-yo weight scheme was their plan right from the start, So each Christmas they’d have something to warm their old man’s heart.

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The Ugh-gy Little Duckling in Dixie

Tha lil ugh-gy duckin...

...Waa-uh-uh...a BAT lookin baby!
An somMO (I don mean jus maybe!)
Growt up in a house-boat shack
Way downt-ere in ole MAN-chac
Ain lyin!! (An I AIN hat no toke)
Ugh-gy baby make BU-tam-ous foke
All LAFIN an bubbly an-DIN!
Dat black hair and daak Creo-skin!
Guess who I be TALKIN abouts??
Wha-uh SWAN dat de LORD dun turnt out!!

For my beautiful black-haired Bayou Manchac granddaughter - DIXIE!!

This is rural southern African American dialect. It is used in the present-day Delta and central Mississippi regions...I tried to state exactly how a good friend of mine from that area might describe my grandaughter, who was am ugly baby but turned out to be beautiful both inside and out...

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She didn’t say no                   exactly
But    I couldn’t catch her eye
She surveyed the ground
Danced                  swayed
Looked ALL around
Looked FAR off – clear through the red brick of
                               Old Main Science Hall
Wrinkles of invention shown
                                        a certain element of surprise
Her “High!” had been distantly friendly          BUT!
         With a definite hint of a hasty

Now I was sorry I asked
Just a moment of daring
She was SO popular
And I?
The school nerd

Oh, NOW to be invisible     instead of mentally prostrate
     before the Queen of Sheba 

This isn’t a true story. I never had that much courage.

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The Broken Girl-not me

Is my life not tortured enough for you to see? 
I am broken as can be. 
My heart is torn. 
My tears stain these perfect floors.  
Why are singing with glee? 
Why do you not care about my every plea? 
I am trapped in your arms. 
I am the hopeless moth. 
How did you pick me? 
What is it that you see? 
A girl untouched by life? 
A flower blooming in the desert? 
I have said goodbye to my loving integrity.  
You took that from me through R-A-P-E.

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Fur Ball

<               my little girl came to me and asked for a pet
                 to me my heart just hasn't been quite set

                 but who could resist those baby brown eyes
                 and all those little wimpers and desirable sighs

                 so off we went in our broken down wagon
                 where the rear end you could tell was sagging

                 to petland is where we went
                 pocketbook really took a dent

                 odie and garfield was their chosen names
                 two bunny hampsters very different but the same

                 oh my little girl was not yet done
                 said mama we need hampster ball so they can have alot of fun

                  and don't forget their bedding liners
                  so their living will be much finer

                  but first you must buy them their cage
                  oh my little girl is quite smart for her age

                  she knows they like fruit and snacks
                  so she doubled order with ten sacks

                   ring ring ring ding ding ding
                   did it's cash register ever so did sing

                   eighty five fifty
                   well ain't that nifty

                   handed lady one hundred
                   mumbling under breath was said

                   left store in a hurry
                   with our clothes looking so dam fury

Written By Katherine Stella  7/3/11

Entry For Francine Robert's
Pick A Pet Contest
G.L. All

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People Help Survivors After Storm Drives Through a Town

The people who were still alive
Helped other survivors revive
All this didn’t bother
An excellent father
Who just taught his daughter to drive

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Gabi wakes up with a frown,
Gabi drags her feet around,

Gabi’s room’s a real mess,
Gabi cannot find her dress,

Gabi’s lost most of her toys,
Gabi has a squeaky voice,

Gabi’s homework may look shabby,
I cannot live without Gabi.

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I Shouldn't Have Watched Girls Gone Wild

I used to watch those Girls Gone Wild videos but I stopped.
The last one that I saw was so shocking that my jaw dropped.
At first everything was fine but then I suddenly screamed "No, not her!"
The reason why I suddenly screamed was because I saw my daughter.
Seeing her on that video nearly gave me a heart attack, I was in a bad shape.
I called the Girls Gone Wild phone number and I ordered all of those tapes.
I burned every one of those tapes after I doused them with gas.
Then I told my daughter that if she ever removes her top again, I'll kick her ass.
I made a firm decision right there and then.
I swore never to watch Girls Gone Wild again.

(This is a fictional poem)

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Tainted love 
or tired love?
Smug attitudes
and weak games
Look at you!
Your such a lame!
Me cry?! Ha! Not no more!
Five point five years
What a joke?!
All you do is lie
Keep smoking your life away!
Wake up before its too late!
Before this love turns into hate!
Your too old to act this way!
Your too comfortable
You cant stay!
In my life!
In my way!
Goodbye to you!!!

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Warning for Future Parents

What to do when starting at 1

2 at a time now 3 is done

4 is fun yet 5 has come 

and 6 is here should we've begun

Oh no now 7 could this be true

and 8 and 9 what to do

add a 1 and no more too

that makes 10 what a crew

Remember though when starting 

at 1 that making the kids is part of the fun

So I warn you all when starting at 1 

be responsible in your love with your daughters and sons 

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A Sister's wish

"It has to be a girl," she had firmly announced,
My sweet little daughter, always craved for a sister!
So the news of a would-be sibling, did make her glad.
She had jumped and bounced.

"A girl would be perfect, boys are messy,
"I'd play my dolls with her and read princess stories",
Said my daughter, who was all girlie-girlie
She kept things in order, was neat and tidy, even a bit fussy!

She'd shopped for pink blankets, rompers, spoons and forks!
Smart girl that she is, she very well knew
"Babies don't come from hospitals nor gifted from temples
Neither are they dropped by visiting storks!"

She would be there for pregnant momma, a helping hand to lend.
She'd pat the sick mother and soothe her with a touch
Fetch her a glass of water
would not allow her to bend!

"My sis would look like me", so said Sara
Ecstatic she was about the brand new arrival
she promised even her stuff to share!
Found a rhyming name, "I'll call her Aura."

One fine day, mommy gave birth to a son
Hale and hearty, Sweet and chubby.
The family rejoiced but the sister said,
"Its not going to be fun."

"Give him back to the doctor, We won't keep this boy",
She said over the phone and with a frown on her face
She came visiting. Took the baby in her lap,
Saw his Angelic face and was filled with joy.

"He is cuter than any baby in the world can be", said she
Stroking her brother
"His skin is so soft and his fingers so tiny,
Well, we'll take him home, he looks just like me!"

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Ma Dropping It Like Its Hot (Limerick)

Ms. Potter caught her daughter Lollipop
There dancing in the grocer’s parking lot
And scolded her profusely
‘Til someone cranked up “Juicy”…
Ms. Potter stopped and dropped it like it’s hot

How soon some forget that they were once young too. If the power of dance is ones 
passion it is not the worst vice a child can have, in fact it is good exercise.  One 

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Walking with you all the way, because I missed you night and day. 
Holding your hand to help guide the way, in the light of the moon? 
Sunshine brightening our lives whispering ways, hold my hand, 
I want to be with you, up lift your soul in oh so many crazes. 
Hold you in my arms and remembering when our lives took us, 
Each to two separate places, what am I to do now? Eyes so clear, 
Pull your likeness... 
Closer to me now and cling to you at closed in spaces? 
Whisper in your ear that I have no grievances to spare, so come to me, 
Come to me now, I want you to be here, love me now, I have a life to share. 
The effects are rollin over our bodies, like it can’t decide, 
Caught in between here and taking you out to be the ride of your life. 

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My Family and Me

It's amazing how quick things can change.
First your running with the kings, and then you're knocked out of range.
It's strange. I used to worry and stress over friends.
Now I've grown to be a man. Maybe know a few of them.
All that time I could of studied. Did better in school.
Got a job and made it big. Maybe now I'd be cool.
Who's the fool? Now who's the bull? I know that's not me on the top.
Life is always making turns weather you like it or not.
The past will always be the past. My glory days may seem gone.
But, now its time to start a new.The stories keep coming on.
I've got a new girl. She means the world to me.
She keeps me warm at night, my best friend, my new dream.
Since my car accident, still got a limp on one side.
Still working with my memory, still need a friend who can drive.
I love to Karaoke. I get noticed in bars.
My mom's always there to catch me. Tom's working with my mom's cars.
My sister's in the Army, my niece is a big part of my life,
Friend Zach keeps assholes off me, and God is my wife.
AJ's always there to help, Brian is my LOST bud,
Mary's out of school, Lil cousin, Hunter's a stud.
Grandpa still is my idol, JT is still the music man .
The Adam's still can party. Chris, living good on the sand.
I may only use one hand, but I plan to be the best.
At all I do in life, cause there's not that much time left.
The blood test that I took says Landon is mine.
I hope this all works out fine in time and help to make my son's life shine.
JC who's down in Georiga, my heart is screaming for you.
I hope that you recover well. It can't be worse then what I went through.
Uncle Jimmy where you at? Where's Matt, Corie, and Pete?
I know you all are doing good. Serviolo's are a hard team to beat.
How's the rest of the family? I love and miss you all!
I hope you all are standing tall and I pray we never fall.
These last words that I say, I say only to you.
We've got the best family in the world and you know I LOVE YOU!

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Truck Driving School

 She wanted a job that was good
One that would pay like it should
So she found one she thought was cool
And headed on down to truck driving school

You see, truck drivin’ s in her blood veins
So this decision wasn’t all that strange
Her daddy was a truck drivin’ fool
So why shouldn’t she go to truck driving school

Her favorite uncle had taken her on the road
She knew, like him, she could pull a load
Her honey, Craig,  drives a large car, too
She could handle this truck driving school

To San Antonio, she drove on down
It has always been a favorite town
Passed the written Dot after learning the rules
She was strutting her stuff at truck driving school

Without much money, but a lot of guts
She knew she had to get out of her ruts
She’ll be like her daddy, a gear jammin’ fool
When she graduates from truck driving school

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The Farmer And Tom Bell

The farmer beat up Tom Bell,
Smacked him up pretty well,
High on moonshine he was,
The farmer beat Tom Bell...

Tom Bell flirted with
the farmer's daughter,
Tom Bell did something,
He shouldn't had ought'a

High on moonshine the
farmer got,
And beat Tom Bell to hell...

Tom Bell had a fractured skull,
Broken ribs and bones from dull...
Blunt force trauma,
And his medical insurance was quite null,
High on moonshine, the farmer was,
As Tom's injuries he did cull...

Tom Bell wound up paralyzed,
From those lecherous traveling
salesman's eyes,
High ho, Tom Bell did want to know,
Where the moonshine was kept,
Before of injuries he dies.

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I had the upper hand and was in command, after all, it was just ...a potty,

When I showed her the seat so pink and sweet, she gave me a look quite haughty,

It was made for a queen, hey, that princess scene should have made her dotty,

Full of glee, I imagined flushing her pee and my willowy girl looking... squatty,

But up went that chin and those small heels dug in, my lass, my fiery Scottie

would have none of it, my finger she bit and went from behaved to full out naughty,

Such howling she made and comfort she forbade, so her nose got kinda snotty,

I recalled lazy days spent in dim cafés where I sipped lattes and dunked biscotti,

But I kept on course, felt some remorse singing praises like Elmo meets Pavarotti,

Somedays she kicked it about with a pretty pout, where did she learn to do karate? 

And that nappy she wore smelled like it bore hunks of century old havarti,

When I bared her cute bum her motor would hum like she was a Maserati,

Then off she’d run having more fun than a lecture hall filled with buzzed literati,

Now, all would be fine, it’d just take some time, not that I am a toilette illuminati,

Just all moms know when you gotta go, you gotta go, we, the wee-wee culturati,

Sure ‘nough, things were rough, but I treated piddles like the Saraswati*

Lest I forget, I searched the net, gobbled info as though I was a digerati, 

Every Sunday when I was meant to pray, I considered making her an oblati,

Then it happened! she thought panties the fashion, my sudden glitteroti, 

It took a week, a couple of leaks and I confess... a dozen chocolate gelati,

Oh, glory be, at last, we're diaper free, so worth the rug looking... spotty!

* the Saraswati is a sacred river that is worshipped 
Written August 5th, 2012

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I was born in Babylon
Everyday I want to be alone
I prayed not to get low
Everyday Babylon claim more soul
I just have to go, seek for more show
I grow with no shoes under my foots
Ganger is my food, 
Mosquitoes sing the reggae allover my room 
Webs block my views, killing my crews
What can I do to survive when am buzz

Where is that place to get crazy?
That place you cannot erase,
That camp with more space,
Where you don’t have to get late
That place where you just want to be free from
“Babylon” Babylon” Babylon…I want to be free

If there is a question, it should be about relation
My action will generate your reaction
Is substitution the way to be free from Babylon?
The game is always ON, grow horns like Capricorn
Cut the vegetables; let’s be able to be stable

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Little Children

Oh, what a joy little children are ! Juice in the video, sick in the car. Untidy bedroom, scattered toys, girls playing nurses with little boys. Dogs' tails being pulled, a cat's on fire, interrupting the moments of love and desire. Passing the blame for their little crimes, playing with frogs all covered in slime. Screaming their heads off in a plush restaurant, having a tantrum when refused what they want. Arriving home late covered in mud, not going to bed when they know they should. Non-stop talking while dad's watching telly, splashing the walls with ice-cream and jelly. Chocolate stains on their Sunday best, painting funny pictures on granddad's vest. Why do parents' voices echo from afar, Oh, what a joy little children are !

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On the Beach

Welcome to my house on the beach,
Where there are condos for $5 each

I, for one, am an interesting figure,
With my siamese fish who likes to paint pictures

And my single daughter Rosie,
Who's immune to posie

This place is somewhere with two sides,
You live your life first, and after you die.

I died at thirty-eight
From tripping down stairs just after I ate

Welcome to my house on the beach,
Come on inside and we can enjoy a peach!

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Hot Oil In China

We have hot oil in China,
  Rising slowly from the ground
  There is a deep dense fog hovering round

The air is smokey, so dense it seems green
  The sun so hot it's making everyone lean
  Curfews so early all think it's obscene

And the hot oil keeps rising, if you know what I mean
  Hot oil keeps rising, it doesn't go down
  It's been well over a month since it covered the ground

Machinery moves carelessly all through the night
  I bothers us so much we boarded up the windows tight
  I bought ear plugs but I gave them to my brother Mike

Bells keep bleeping on and off go the lights
  So another pair of ear plugs I bought
  School won't let me wear them, saying I'll rot

So I decided to grow my hair long 
  Hide my ear plugs under it all day long

But when I go home at night 
  And I cover up really tight
  And I pray because theres nothing else we can do
  Oh hear me Lord, don't let my mother find the ear plugs in my shoe

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Family Commandments

Family Commandments

Thou shall not pull thy sisters hair. Thou you shall chew thy food.
Thou shall not stay out until Midnight. Thou shall be in a better mood.
Though shall not answer me back. Thou you shall brush thy hair.
Though shall not wear that in public. Thou you shall behave in here.
Thou shall not give me cheek and run as fast as thou art.
Though shall not rush thy homework. Though you shall begin from the start..
Thou shall not scream at every opportunity no mater  if thy lungs be strong.
Thou shall not dance in tantrum. Thou you shall stay home where you belong.
Thou shall not eat me out of house and home. Though you shall get a job.
Thou shall not sit round like a bum. Thou you shall turn into a slob.
Thou shall not fight with your sister. Thou you shall give her a cuddle.
Though you shall not bunk away from school. Or Thou shall be in a muddle.
Thou shall not make noise while soaps are on, if you know what's good for thy ears.
Thou shall not blame your brother, Thou you shall see his tears.
Thou shall not ever worry, Thou I am here for you.
Thou shall not ever be sad. Thou you shall be happy It's true.
Thou shall not ever fret, even though we shall have our fears.
Thou shall never be alone. Thou you shall know we care.
Thou shall always have a life, Though u shall be happy and care.
Thou shall not have a problem alone. Thou you will know we are near.
Thou shall not take for granted, That shall be full of pride.
Though shall never wish for more, with thou family by thou side

By Shirley Moody

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Graduation Day

Her eyes dancing with excitement
The joy cannot be contained
Today is graduation day
My sanity regained!

Her red gown pressed so neatly
Cap perfectly on her head
Tears are coming to my eyes
No matter what I said!

Call her name, Come on let’s go!
Across that stage so brave
One hand open, One hand up
Tell me she’s not going to wave!

The crowd goes wild for my little girl
She blows kisses to us all
Hands are waving in the air 
Please look out for the wall!

As she disappears from my sight
Her big debut’s been made
I can’t believe it’s finally over
Here we come 1st grade!

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How come mothers scold?
How come mothers yell? 
Then when they say they love you,
Sometimes you just can’t tell!
And sometimes when they yell all day, 
“I hope you burn in hell!” you say.

But then you have that talk,
And then you feel so bad.
You try to go apologize,
But think that she's still mad!
So you let her blow off some steam,
And pray it’s not as bad as it may seem.

You start out by saying, “Sorry,”
‘Cause you’re trying to be mature,
But the rest of it just won't come out,
And you’re feeling insecure…
You throw away your fears,
And express the rest in tears.

You know what you did,
And you know that you were wrong.
You've let your feelings out,
You know that you've been strong.
You pray she understands,
Your punishment is in her hands.

You regret those things you've said,
You say things when you’re mad.
But you've made matters better now,
And for this, your mom is glad.
She gives you her forgiveness,
And so your guilty feelings grow less.

So when your mother scolds,
And when she starts to yell,
Just know it’s ‘cause she loves you,
In case you just can't tell.
So when you feel like you’re in a ditch,
Remember, “Tough love can be a – well, you get the point I’m trying to pitch!”

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A One Year Olds Shoes

I lined them up there on the floor
One pair, two pair, three pair, more
Black and brown, white and pink
You can’t have too many shoes I think
Tennis shoes for running round
Dress shoes for a trip downtown
Sandals to show off my toes
And that is just a few of those
Some are flats, some little heels
I love the way a new shoe feels
I look at my shoes and think “dog gone”
I wonder which foot each goes on
Until I figure where each is put
I just might have to stay barefoot

Mdailey	1/19/12

3rd place in contest

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Ain't Dreamin' of a Daddy

I'd like to do so much
With you
But that's
A hell of a lot
To ask of
A drinking man
Father-Daughter Dance
I'm from the South
And I ain't ahamed 
To say I ain't dreamin'
Of a Daddy
I got all I need
I got my Mommy
She's just as good 
And better
She's a fighter
We can live
Without you

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KiddieKat Crawl

Pitter Patter kitty's natter,
meow on the wall
eight to go after the fall-
what a whisker risk-er!
And such a minxy tinker!
The paws at the door
straight to the cupboard crumb
sneaky biscuits for the tum,
and into the hall a cry "Mum!-
What's for dinner?"

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what is family

Blood doesn't always make you family to me its loyalty and respect if I need you right beside me is where you'll be To me blood is not a big deal,To me it matters whos real and whos around when im up or when i fallen to the ground thats how i feel for me always ready to chill and for me will kill the people who always been there before and are here still

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I’ve fallen in love with a mermaid
We were splashing about in the water
The aroma was gross
But we got pretty close
And now we’re expecting a daughter

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Still, and again
“Ogongo” crept into my mouth
As I behold the two nocturnal creatures

We have waited endlessly
No longer in my Aunt’s place,
But we became unsolicited watchmen
At the streets gate entrance
It was an ungodly hour 
Darkness had key to everywhere

Still, and again
I winked at my cousin
He nodded, and murmured
“They are on their way”

But when midnight started knocking
Out of the furfuled dusk
Appeared the two nocturnal  “Ogongos”

One bringing back the memory of the famous Yokosuna
Of the Heavy weight with an heavy duty
To her chest, 
Were a very big size-less eve’s apples?
Her mean look compliments her dark complexion
Her burnt lips. .  . Reddish eyeballs speak of her as a chimney
My cousin I pity from within my heart
Her hyena-like laughter
Turned me back to the second “Ogongo”
Of a lesser weight to the former
Her Eve’s apples were almost not there
“Bad catch, worst choice”
I echoed to myself until I saw
Her roundly shaped protruding buttock
Speaking louder than a loud-speaker
It overshadows her duck-like ugly mouth
It was an undeniable asset

Indeed, the “Ogongos” are both endowed
With a Unique Selling Point (UPS)
With these, I had taught they can never
Run out of good prices in the market.

Lo and behold,
At the crucial product delivery point
I rushed out of my room
Only to see my cousin outside too
Looking worried and dejected 

The “Ogongos” are over-used products 
The expiry date lapsed long ago
The USP was a flash in the pan
We both slept in the parlour 
Leaving the “Ogongos” in their different rooms
It was a bad deal in a bad day.

Alayande Stephen T
20th June, 2007

NB-Ogongo is a coinage for Prostitutes.
In Iba, with Ayo  and Yemi, expecting 
An Izobo daughter and Tobi’s call. 

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Coming of Age

Wow! drinking, smoking and partying all night
Mini skirts, low cut blouses and pumps too
Look at what turning twenty-one can do
Coming home later and it's my choice
Waking up early to almost no voice
Time for work now, cause I'm grown
Can't wait til it's over so I can go home...

Coming of Age
Adrienne L. gresham


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The saga of the dusty road

The Saga of dusty roads of Utah 
(To the memory of Don W. Esplin, father of Kathryn Esplin-Oleski)
= =
There he was playing with some mild explosives, 
in his own backyard, a resolute boy he is; 
the June month had swelled like the taut belly of 
a neighborhood lady; the boy wanted to be 
a scientist which he became. He, of course could not 
envision that all these sepia dust of Utah, 
the noon backyard and a young scientist’s narrative 
would be remembered by his explosive daughter 
and a strange Indian was going to pen a saga. 

Alfred Nobel was smiling from a page of a book 

The boy rolled a cigarette, the smoke’s curlicues 
swirl up to grain the picture. A blast almost choked
the bright blue jays and robins. Defused sun slanted.
The end of the road was just an end of the road 
where sun could meet earth, warm grass shook off the heat 
and the covert window of the farm house would yield 
a father and son talk. Strong argument on
future, on an university, on money 
on a world that could differ in generations;
of course the boy, as a father, understood 
his girl, then living apart. But distance is in heart.
He would grow up midst dreams. A quirky wind would blow him 
here and there; navy, marriage and science, 
pharmacology and marriage again; a gust
of wind would take him on a ride that, if he could 
read this he would have said, resembled his truck rides 
down the roads of Utah. But at that point of time
he was wide awake inside his misty night’s sleep 
and an American novel is shooting up 
its multiple heads in search of fresh oxygen. 
The waves of moon were enjoying a full tide.

=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

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Good Girls (vs) Skanks

So maybe you don't party.
You don't think drinking's cool.
There's more important things to do
while you are still in school.

Next time they call you ''Good Girl''
just give them a big ''Thanks! ''
Cause later on those ''Party Girls''
are also known as ''Skanks''.

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The Mysterious Person Under My Bed (written by 9 year old)

The mysterious person under my bed
Is my Mommy
But, at the time
I had no clue who was under my bed
So then I was scared
And I did everything I could
Then I looked underneath my bed
And I saw my Mommy
Then I chased her around
Because she scared me

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It's Time For Me To Get Tough!

That's it! 
No more excuses! 
I'm laying down some rules! 
Just so you don't misunderstand...
I'm tired of you fools! 

It's time for me to get tough! 
No more ''Oh, that's ok.''
I've had all I can take from you
And things will change...

I mean it.
I'm not kidding! 
You'll be begging for a break! 
No matter how much you may beg
That's it...for heavens sake! 

What's that? 
A tear? 
Don't do it.....I said I'm being tough! 
Now you want a hug from me? 
I guess you've suffered enough! 

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A Notion Of A Whisper

A flower will start off as a simple bud/
It then will grow forth !
As when birds in Summer tend to move North/
Yet as the flower may bloom/
There is often found room in which to grow,

Have a positive mindset in life,

Longevity !
There will be many storms !
Yet we all must not allow them,
To dictate what may happen in the future/
Today be a positive light to a darkened place/

Live by example !

Cause many people are watching !
They will be looking for some hidden quality,
Hence, a bit of understanding/
Perhaps it's determination or a great sense of integrity !
Yet without cement to hold a brick it will eventually fall/

This isn't some store bought item that one gets at their nearby mall,

Let all your words be few yet sweet and sincere/
For far too many people in life,
That don't even bother to care/
Just then a little bird had whispered in my ear/

Yet none the worse for wear,

The heart is deceitful above all things !

Still who can know it ?
A true friend is rather polite and sincere/
To the one who will often show it,
Set the standard high for yourself !

For whether you fall,

You will know in your heart/
That you gave it better then some college Joe try,
Try to keep your mind on just one thing/
For this is the essential key to your success !

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2 Lil Girls

Two little girls came into my world
Two little girls more beautiful than life
So blessed am i in every way
So blessed am i to this very day
Two little girls they couldnt be more different 
Both reminding me of when i was younger
Me, a little girl with the same hair and color
Two little girls that look like a mirror reflecting back
Two little girls that lives i hope dont ever lack
The same little girls that will one day give me grays
For this i cherish the sweet times i have these days

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As a dad of three I’ve got your measure
We love you protect you give us lots of pleasure
But……mums and dads aren’t as daft as you think we are
Dads give us a fiver and ill wash your car
Mum….can I take a couple of pounds out of the copper jar

My car barely sees water and a sponge because it’s too much mither
And the copper jar that held a tenner now holds just a fiver
And so it goes on

Dad….can I stay out as long as Paul his dad lets him stay out till eleven
A quick call to Paul’s dad guess what Pauls in at seven
We love you dearly but you kids think were daft
But were on to you it’s almost become a craft

And the classic dad can I have my pocket money mums give her last to my brother
A quick word with mum reveals you’ve just had a tenner
Me and your mum we do talk to each other
Clean your room up I’ve asked you 4 times if you don’t that’s it your grounded I said
I’ve done it dad you tell me I go check it’s clean but it’s all under your bed
That’s it your grounded
Toys out of pram and don’t give me that look
You know the one open mouthed astounded
You see mums and dads aren’t daft it’s all part of the game
But…..through all your tantrums and tears
We still love you all the same

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' Mama's Foot (or Giant Step For Mankind ...' 37th Senryu

A Warm Heart, Cold Feet
Girl Told Guy, Now Marry Me …
… Kick Him In His Seat !

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Toothless Angel, Mary Grace

Mystifying, magical melody
      your first laughter is to me;
As blissful and as joyful as bliss
      and joy can ever be;
Really you're much too young
      to even smile, my dear;
Your lilting giggles, such
      soothing music to my ear.

Gleefully you pinch my nose,
      grab my hair, you little rose;
Readily you enchant me with
      that toothless angel's smile;
And you bounce mirthfully
     up and down my tummy;
Clapping small hands, innocent
     eyes that let me see;
Eyes that mirror love for life,
     for you from mom and me.

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We belong together

        When I left I lost apart of me, It's still so hard to believe she's not worth it 
baby we belong together. I threw away all my other friends so we could be together but 
your not even happy with me how could this be we belong together? I spent 3 years on you 
for nothing and we were suppose to be something. How could you just walk out that door? 
How could you leave me here crying for more? How could you walk off and go marry her? We 
belong together. I couldn't sleep since that night when you walked out my life, I called 
and call and listen to sad songs on the radio. I always think of you and it's making it 
hard, your the one who left and i'm the one whose left here to mourn it's not fair that 
i'm left with this we belong together. She doesn't tuck you in tight and your always 
slipping off her mind she flirts with pretty much everyone. I saw her in the store 
kissing some other guy and you claim that i'm jealous of her. How could you say something 
like that when I had you first you walked out of my life and I didn't ever ask for the 
wedding ring back. Why are you constantly lying like a jerk with a big ego I just wanted 
you to know that we don't belong together. Maybe I was right when I wrote you a dear john 
letter, and slam the door in your face when I caught you with her. Though it hurts me 
deep inside I finally realized that we don't belong together. I can sleep at night 
without you by my side, I'm not lonely anymore. I only think of you when i'm on a date 
and I can smile and thank god that this one is nothing like you. We don't belong 

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The Reason Why There's No Market in Poetry

"Only other poets read your poems"
Said my father, to my great appall
So I plastered a poem in spray paint
To the side of the town's harbor wall

Then the bobbies saw my piece of artwork
And they dragged me away to a cell
Then they threatened to brand me a vandal
And they called up my parents as well

When my father showed up, he was yelling
"What in blazing God's name did you do?"
I replied "You were wrong 'bout my poems
The policemen have all read them too!"

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once there was an old man on a lane
he always had many cats
then he took a train
and went down another lane

Details | Couplet | |

Who Love's Ya Baby

who loves ya baby
hmmm now let me see

I know my mommy did
even though her shoes I did hid

I think my daddy did
when I didn't make him snid

brothers and sisters well maybe just a little
when I didn't get in the middle

my grandpa and grandma surely does
for I'll do anything for them just because

I know my little girl loves her momma
even better than president Obama

my dogs and cats loves me
even if they continue to make me sneeze

even my close friends new and old still spark the love
for we will alway's go on and well above

paperboy surely does
cause I tip him for keeping my paper out of bushes and shrubs

milkman used to
when I didn't make him shu

bill collectors oh yes
for I'm their baby who they love the best

so who loves me
well lets just continue to see

Tribute To Love

Also Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's 
Who Love's Ya Baby Contest

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Ho Ho Ho

Go to sleep 
Go to sleep
My little ones

Or Santa
Just won't come

For he knows when you are awake
For He knows when you are asleep

Close your weary eyes now
And I'll go take a little peek

Tap Tap Tap
Upon the roof

It's santa coming 
For I hear reindeer's hoofs

Hush Hush now
Don't say a word

Better hurry 
And fall fast to sleep
Or he just may leave you a big turd

Let sugar plums
Dance in those pertty little heads

As I made sure
Santa was nice and fead

Cookies and milk
With nothing else

Oh thank you my dear Lord
For this nice little cord

For they are fast to sleep
Now I can go back to bed
And count my own lost sheep

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' Can She Pick 'Em ... ' 26th Senryu

‘ Can She Pick ‘Em … ’   26th   Senryu 

Boy, Can She Pick ‘Em !
From Machiavelli-Boyfriend

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The Piece of Hair and the Little Girl

The little girl was in her bathtub.
She was minding her own business.
When long came floating by a lonley piece of hair.
Omg the girl screamed bloody murder.
Her mommy came running in only to find a piece of hair,
All she could do was laugh and tell her child to calm down its ust hair.
The mommy left and the girl screamed again, so the mommy came back in
only to find another piece of hair floating in the tub and a piece on her daughter.
She made her ge out of the tub and told her again
It's only a piece of HAIR!!!!!!!!

Details | Narrative | |

Heritage Sponges

At least once a month
the stench from my kitchen
sponge gets so bad I refuse 

one more soap saturation
of this primitive sessile. 
Why is it that I can’t toss 

these replicas of marine life, 
amongst the simplest animal form, 
free of tissues, muscles, nerves 

and internal organs? After all, 
during the course of one day I toss out 
all sorts of rubbish—paper towels, 

chicken bones, cheese rind, empty cartons,
newspapers and rotten fruit, but have developed 
a deep attachment with this soggy, smelly 

two-dollar purchase. I take it into my hands 
and scan it,  as if looking for the spot 
of defending stench or to hear the ocean 

from where it came. Finally, I decide 
to toss the thing into the dishwasher 
with my daily load, to keep it vital 

a little longer, perhaps a day or a week
or at least until I’m able to establish a degree
of separation from this rectangular block.

My only explanation for this drama
is my daughter is a vegetarian and animal rights’ 
activist, and like her, I want to save all creatures.

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Talking To Kids Of A Whole NEW Generation

Note:  This is not my kids.  This is dedicated to a......friend 

Now my children time has come for me to talk to you. 
I've let you make your choices in what you wear and do. 
But this has gone way to far and way to fast. 
So let me touch on some points that had better not last. 

Daughter, with multi rings on your fingers and 2 on your toes. 
I know sooner or later they'll be one through your nose. 
Then do you know what will happen next time you sneeze? 
You'll be shootin' big 'ol snot globs out that hole at me. 
That tattoo that you've got on your big left breast 
You think it's sexy now, but let me tell you what to expect. 
Right now it's up there sitting pretty as you can see. 
But when you reach the age of 60, where do you think it will be? 

Son that tongue stud that your sporting doesn't look to sweet. 
I'm waiting for you to swallow it, the next time you eat. 
You swear it is  in there tightly and you have no fear. 
But when you tried to demonstrate you choked on it my dear. 

Daughter, that eyebrow bar is just the ugliest thing you've done. 
It looks like you had an accident with a pneumatic staple gun. 
Oh!, and lets not forget that sexy belly button ring. 
When you get old and forgetful, you can hang you keys from that thing. 

Son?  Just what were you thinking when you picked out your new tat? 
Homer Simpson eating a donut?  Couldn't you find something other than that? 
And to have it proudly spread out on your behind 
says you'll never have a girlfriend, unless she is blind. 
Then there is the subject of the ear plugs in your lobes. 
Just how big do you intend to let those puppies go? 
They're going to hang down like some ear handle 
Folks will think I dropped you twice.  Oh god, They're going to dangle. 

Daughter those clothes your wearing don't make you a looker. 
I won't pay the bail when you are mistaken for a hooker. 

Son, you'd better be pullin' up your pants, you hear? 
No one wants to see you walk like you've a load in there. 

Last and certainly not the least, your choice of hair salons. 
I never thought I'd see the day my daughter and my son 
Both with rainbow spiked hair, it all just says so much 
It says "Please don't hire me because I'm a big butt munch

Details | Chastushka | |

Cold Busted

Papa, you should blame me not
For you were kissing that girl, 
Your in and out’s got you caught hot
That’s why Mama rocked your world

Details | Chastushka | |

Other Love

Sweetheart, sorry, I forgot to tell
Outside, I’ve other love, waiting
Will you let her in, and, do not yell
For she, got your blue eyes, smiling

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Bathtime Babe

I knew a little babe who was naughty as can be.

How did I know the babe? 

Well, because that babe was me!

When ever mum said, " Yes",

Babe would always just say, " No"!

When ever mum said, " Stop"!

Babe would always answer, " Go"!

Bathtime for mum, was a terrible time of night.

Cos she knew, with good reason, just how much her babe would fight.

The tears would be flowing, and the babe cried all the more.

With shrieks and wails aplenty,

Babe was readying for War!

"Oh, my little babe, how I wish you wouldn't  fight".

" The bath's not so bad, and the water is just right".

"Please, come and wash; you can splish and splash with vim".

"You can soak me if you wish; I'll just sit here at the rim".

As bedtime fast approaches,

And babe yawns with all her might.

"What a brilliant bath"! Thought babe,

Then she slept right through the night.

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Tabloid Minus Page Turning Equals TV

========== O

Monday night. Moving magazines. Aimed dead at killing an evening, my fingers target =========
These same old four buttons; < < > >.

1, 2, 3, 4. Five’s a pipedream. Gaudy, small-minded and trapped in affected Americana.
Just like whatever the hell this is. Too much smiling.

====== > Diseases. An old man’s mouldy cock. Right there, mid-screen. Mid-bite, I choke,
as they mumble about vulvas 

======== > A dog rolls in a mound of white paper. Whimpering at the softest arse tickle.
Like his little tongue? He’s running! With T.P! The Hilarity! Ho ho

======= > A mother and daughter swing together on a sunny day. One is singing like a
xylophone. They bond across a yoghurt.

Processed fried chicken cracked open with a wry smile and a twinkle in those white, white

======= < Psoriasis and bubbling skin, oozing puss and cracked smiles. Bloody stumps.
Dripping bandages. Wild premonitions of vomiting onto;

======= > A familiar street, full of families too awful to hate. Bald men stomp, cheeky
guy’s grin, heart throb’s pulsate. Young filly’s flounce, old hag’s huddle and all moan
mournfully. Other’s pass in between, and outside of, the broad spectrum of emotional
alliteration and post-modern punctuation without so much as a smile ==== >

Kevin Bacon and Kyr =========== > Michael Dougl

========= > Widescreen TV’s at my fifteen inch window

========= > A man with a silly haircut, waving a knife at a pepper with intent

========= < Crying mothers, acting emotional. So you don’t have to?

=============== > Women in windows waving enhanced monstrosities at the wanking and eager.
Tittilitation for the text buck, a half-filled screen of despair. Tribute to the madness
that grips young men through the night

========= > Still, writing this keeps me sane. More sadness

======= > More sales

============ >                        ============= >

	============ <

That’s a thought these images do not create ==== >

That’s a thought.

These images do not create ======== O

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Cornfields Have Ears

Mother warned 
Never make love in a cornfield
For the corn-- has ears 
And they just may tell...

Upon hearing this 
I laughed and replied mom
They might have ears 
But they do not have lips 
With which to speak...

Not so fast, Careful daughter said she with a smile
They have husks that are tough 
And when shucked the silk and shucks will make you tell

Yeah, I've ran through the fields 
Playing hide and seek
The itch form those husks --
Sure did make me shriek...

Ahh… Shucks... I guess you're right Mama
You don't have to worry about me
With great bliss--I promise you this... 
I'll never make love in a cornfield.

Comments:  The lesson was corny but true to form as I will never make love nor hide in a 
field of corn -- ears and all 0;-)

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I’m a control freak, for this much I know,
I hate to admit, but I can’t let go.
For I must face it, there’s no turning back,
But then who’s counting, or who’s keeping track?

My friends always know, that I’ll drive my car,
Even when traveling, not really that far.
I won’t fly on planes; no it’s not the fare,
They will not give me, that darn pilot’s chair.

I feel the need, to always protect,
Bad things can happen, so let’s not forget.
Kids think they know all, and safe they will be,
But what if high winds, take down someone’s tree?

Going on field trips, they won’t make a fuss,
My kids don’t want me, to ride on their bus.
“Bus drivers are good, and go somewhat slow”,
They will assure me, so I will not go.

When they start driving, I’m nothing but nerves,
“Make sure you go slow, especially round curves”.
“Where are you going to, and coming back home?”
“Don’t text while you drive, or talk on your phone.”

“Alright mom” they say, while walking away,
“We sure do love you, we will be okay.”
I worry until, in the door they come,
I ask them calmly, “Did you both have fun?”

I know when they’re gone, I cannot patrol,
It is very hard, giving up control.
When they grow older, a family they start,
They too will control, it comes from the heart.

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My Son's Enemy

Instigates trouble
Innocents bubbles within
My Daughter torments

Nathan Bane Leccese
© All Rights Reserved 05/20/2009

*My Son is 3 yrs. old and my Daughter is 2 yrs. old. I'm sure that will explain everything. :-)

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Pistol Princess

Only 4 years old and if looks could kill
Definetly different with a will of steel
Butting heads and not getting along
Sworn enemies in a little girls world
Better than Barbies
Claws out like cats
Battleground and  Playgrounds
Strong willed and hardheaded
Little Princess is a pistol,
And she’s about to go off
Little Princess is a pistol 
And she’s about to go off
Screeching like a banshee
Firecracker blowing her top
My way or the highway 
Little Princess is a pistol,
And she’s about to go off

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Why do we need laces?

Why do we need laces?
To tie up our shoes
Why make is so difficult?
To tie that annoying thread through

Mum makes me wear lace ups
I don’t know why she tries
For tying is the thing I hate
And have come to despise

I see my friends with sandals
Or thongs to walk around
Why mum makes me wear sneakers
Is really quite profound

I try to tie the laces
But end up in a fit
For I tie the wrong ones together
And that just makes me trip

And so I keep on trying
To make those laces stay
In a pretty bow upon my shoes
So I can run and play

And when I thought I lost all hope
My mother sat me down
She handed me a present
In a box big and brown

I opened and there they were
Pink and glowing bright
A new pair of sneakers
And oh to my delight

No laces could be found
But velcro to strip them tight
No more fighting with my laces
To do my shoes up right

So now I love my shoes
I wear them everyday
And though one day I might get lace ups
Right now its velcro all the way!

Nadine Hof 23 February 2007

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Two Little Ducklings (written by a 9 year old girl)

Two little ducklings
Went on a journey
Because they were looking for their Mother
They went in the pond
Then they saw a Mommy duck
Then the Mommy duck punished 
The two little ducklings
Because they are not supposed to leave home

Details | Limerick | |

Lefty Louie

Once was a man named lefty Louie
Tried robbing corner store Oh phooey
Little did he come know
Ten sensei's Ready go
Here there nothing felt but Ka Pooey's

Tribute To 
Marshall Arts

Details | I do not know? | |

The worlds greatest invention

I’ve got a great invention
I use it all the time
It does the things that I should do
It always works just fine

It cleans my room it tidies up
And puts my stuff away
Does chores I don’t have time to do
So I can go and play

I never have to worry
If I run a little late
I find my meals are cooked for me
And ready on a plate

It doesn’t  need much maintenance
To make it sweetly hum
Just a little oiling, 
With the words “I love you mum”

© John W Fenn  14-02-2009

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Bobby Burnett bought a barrette    
For wee, bonny Barbara's long braids.  
Braw Bobby beams on wee bonny Babs       
As she gaen through the glens and glades.      

Details | Quatrain | |

Try This On For Size

She doesn't like my style of dress 
her taste is different so I guess 
I must confess her clothes are nice 
all put together with pizzazz and spice 
Soft and big, warm and comfy 
she says it makes me look so frumpy
Her body's tall, sleek and slim 
she can wear clothes that hug her skin 
My body's aged from giving birth 
it's changed my shape, my walk, my girth
Some day she'll find that just like me 
her body slim will no longer be 
And I do know some future day 
you'll come to me and you will say 
The old baggy jeans and flannel shirt 
may I borrow to wear instead of my skirt 
And your old worn slippers may I keep 
the high heeled shoes don't fit my feet 
Those worn out pj's look so good 
I'll get some like them, I think I should 
So together in the rocking chair 
feet put up, down with the hair 
Sitting in our comfy clothes 
we'll be together under the throws 
Oh dare to dream that'll be the day 
in the mean time I will say 
Just smile at me when you come around 
all dressed up to go out on the town
And know that I'm now warm and happy 
you look just fine so cold and snappy

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Potty Training and Capitalism

Potty Training and Capitalism

“My Bobbie was potty trained by 13 months”
The wicked lady drawled

As she cast a sideways glance
My direction

The glance
~was noted!

My 2 year old daughter toddled around
The palpable silence
Conspicuously diapered

My wounded motherhood
Bled silently
As I vowed to the sky,
“…as God is my witness
My daughter will be trained!!!”

I worked

Potty Training is a Myth!!!

when she finally
the diapers disappeared
only because she wanted the cool pull-ups
on TV

Two points for capitalism
And motherhood loses in overtime…

As I smiled slyly
When my second daughter was born

And waited patiently
For the TV to work its magic…
I’m not a bad mother,
I’m just a devoted capitalist!

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Ugly Betty Just Isn't Me

I’m sick of being an Ugly Betty wanna be.
I have better inside of me.
To hell with all that being pretty inside.
I think the outside should matter.

All these magazines tell me who to be.
They tell me how act and who to like.
Always talkin’ about the newest thing.
To hell with them and what they think. 

I am me and they can’t change that.
They want my body, 
And they want my soul.
All they’ll ever get is my dough,

The plus size is the new in,
It seems a sin to be thin.
One thing these models don’t know,
It’s not worth the dough.

All these shows tell me what to do.
They tell me how to act and what to like.
Always talkin’ about the newest thing.
To hell with them and what they think.

I am me and they can’t change that.
They want my body,
And they want my soul.
All they’ll ever get is my dough.

No need to be a Barbie doll,
Or anybody else.
Be your own true self
Don’t sit on anybody’s shelf.

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The Man Who Was So Dumb

Driving down the interstate it didn’t take long to see
It was clear through the pouring rain what was ailing me
There’s a sign up ahead, 
Welcome to Tucson it read
I’m coming home where I’m supposed to be

There’s a man thumbing for a ride minutes from the town.
He’s soaking wet so I stop my truck and I turn around.
He climbs in, 
With a big, fat grin,
Grateful for the ride that he’d found.

And he said, “thank you kindly mister, I’d given up all hope,
My wife and baby daughter are waiting there at home,
I’d never want to hurt her, the way her ex had done,
He ran off to go and have some fun,
And I’m grateful to the man who was so dumb”.

I asked if he was willing to have a bite to eat,
He said, ”sure don’t worry, it’ll be my treat”.
Walked into a bar and grill
Shaking off the chill,
He started talking a’soon as we found our seats.

He said he was coming in from Phoenix where he’d gone to find
The ex who hurt his loving wife and left her in a bind,
Just to set things right,
He didn’t want to fight,
He just had to shake the hand of a man so blind.

He said, “thank you kindly mister, my car left me stuck,
I sure do appreciate a ride in your old truck,
My wife must be worried, that I’d do what her ex had done,
He ran off to go and have some fun,
I’m grateful to the man who was so dumb”.

He said, “I just have to show her, not all men are bad,
See she was carrying his child; he was all she had,
She never got to tell him,
Things were looking grim,
It’s been two years and now she’s not so sad”.

He showed me a picture, I couldn’t believe my eyes,
The woman I thought be waiting for me had found a man who’s wise,
He wouldn’t hurt her,
He’d never desert her,
I knew right then I’d have to break those ties.

And he said, “thank you kindly mister, I’d given up all hope,
My wife and baby daughter are waiting there at home,
I’d never want to hurt her the way her ex had done,
He ran off to go and have some fun”
Then he shook the hand of the man that was so dumb.

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In Search of Desi's Pot of Gold

When Desi Lou was little an obsession she did speak
Of beautiful bright colored rainbows
As many colors as one could seek

Every time a rainbow appeared; Desi would jump with joy
Pointing at the striking colorful scenery
Her search for a pot of gold I could not destroy

Leprechauns and four leaf clovers also in the midst
Laughing, bouncing hysterically
Over a simple act of nature which exists 

Encouraging my daughter’s yearning 
Of a child’s fairytale dream to come true
Bright, colorful and dreamy, but not near as beautiful as you

© Stacy Lynn Stiles 

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Close To You

I would climb the highest mountains
cross the great big divide
cayack down a raging river
Move Heaven and Earth
roll in some of the deepest  thorn bushes
let bees swarm my entire body
ride down Mount Everest without brakes
poke a sharp needle in my eye
drink from a dirty stilled vact
Let cats and dogs gough my insides out and
stick a fork in me and twist
all this just  so I can  be close to you

Missing My Jenny
Mama Loves Ya Peanut

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Florida Turkey

We will be visiting the land of the sun.
To see our little girl and have some fun.
We are going to have, Florida Turkey to eat.
While we all go shopping for black friday treat.
It will be a quick trip,only a week we will spend.
Family get togethers are almost a forgotten trend.
Feasting together, I know we will get our fill.
Shopping with both, my daughter and wife till.
Truly there will be many stories, that will thrill.
I was told if I did not go, my body she will kill.
Within this little poem of my journey to come.
I wish, poetry soup, Happy Thankgiving, from,
This humble and learning poet, to everyone.
Now it is off we go, to the land of the sun.

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"Our family isn't normal!",
you often like to say.
What's wrong with popping wheelies
in a mower race with Ray???

So what if dad likes mooning
and showing off his rear.
You might see when you're older,
You will face your biggest fear.

Your house will be just like ours!
Your kids will all be nuts!
I hope you're ready for this life...
Do you think you've got the guts?

Will you laugh it off
when your "sweetheart" needs a ride...
(even when she say she hopes
you'll duck your head and hide?)

I hope you will remember 
how it felt to be thirteen.
When your family isn't normal,
and your dad's "King of the Bean".

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My Mother

There's a lady in my house,
who looks just like me,
talks just like me,
moves just like me.
 We swear we're not related;
you want to prove anything, go get a blood test.
She didn't give birth to me, fifteen years ago,
I don't belong to her; 
I need to stop following her.
 She acts as if this name I've given her is somehow alien and foreign to her.
So sometimes she simply goes by "lady".
 We often disagree,
but since she thinks like me, (sometimes)
and I might know why.
 She swears I showed up on her doorstep, 
in a basket, 
and never left.
Especially when I mess up,
act goofy
or make dumb mistakes,
she swears I'm not her child.
 But any guest, visitor or passerby who sees us,
knows right away,
that this lady, 
who lives in my house,
looks just like me,
moves just like me,
and talks just like me,
is none other
than my mother.

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Bad Luck

My daughter is a magnet,
to disastrous trials indeed.
Everywhere she tends to go,
bad luck follows her lead!

I tell her it’s just coincidence,
then another misfortune I see!
My new truck broke down again,
mom, please come and get me?  

Extra cell phones needed on hand,
just one for her will not do.
I’ve already seen the calamity,
of not losing one, but more than two.

Maybe coincidental I was mistaken,
and her streak of bad luck will end.
For these catastrophic incidents, 
are becoming way too many to mend!

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Tea With Ava ~or~ Up Since 3am

With teeth like gold sunshine 
and ears made of mint 
I'd give my right leg 
(if it wasn't so bent) 
to catch up with sleep 
that I lost in the night 
My head is of clay 
(it isn't quite right) 
My tongue feels like marbles 
I've got two left eyes 
My nose has gone white 
and I now feel to cry 
My brain is an ocean 
gone out with the tide 
My organs in crystal 
like diamonds inside 
I wish to be better 
I wish just to sleep 
but I've got a noon tea date 
and THAT I must keep..

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Voices in the wind

    A tear drop falling into space I hear you voice and I go crazy. It's something I 
can't explain. Maybe it's someone that sounds like you, But I can hear it and I know that 
it's you. At least that's what my mind tells me. I get all nervous and look your way, 
maybe this is a mistake because I could deal with that. I want you so much and then I 
don't want to see you again because I don't want to deal with it. Isn't that smart? I 
want you with my body and soul but then my soul plays tricks and I just want to let you 
go. I can't feel like this, this isn't natural. I wanted all of you and now i'm afraid. 
What if you did suddenly appear out of thin air and walk right over to me. I wouldn't 
know what to say I would be completely star struck, your now a star but in my heart you 
make me weak to my knees and I can't stop. Shivering, stuttering being around you can get 
me that way. Maybe it's not meant to be. Honestly please, I don't want to be that nervous 
wreck girl see what you do to me. I can't hold on and I can let go but then again this is 
me and as I hear you voice in the wind I faint.

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Locked Out

I locked myself out of my house
And also out of my car
It wasn’t the brightest thing I’ve done
Not the brightest thing by far.

I called my mom and daddy,
Thank God I have them still
I asked them if they could please
Unlock my house if they will.

They drove about eighty miles
They had the only spare key
They wouldn’t do it for just anyone,
But they did it just for me.

Yep, I locked myself out of my house
But my parents came to rescue me.
I got spare keys made, so the next time I do it,
I can leave my poor old parents be!

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Writing on a calendar page
It's June
Really July today.
5:30 AM
Blurry eyed 
Hardly awake,
About to take
My daughter to work
Realizing in sync date,
7 / 7 / 07
And thought..
...A great day to marry,
And my daughter is late!

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Kim's Carnival of Care

She's a sweet young lady
Smart as a whip
Determined, and trustful too
As my ex-coworker
I got to know her through and through
We shared thousands of meals
And thousands of laughs
While this poor girl did all the work
I sat there, shameful, lazily like a jerk
Eating pretzels, reading my book
I'll never understand how she took
Such responsibility at such a young age
With school, and work, and more
Their's only one thing i'm sure of
This young lady I most adore
She's like the long wanted daughter
And best friend as well, you see
When I do something stupid (moi?)
She'll strongly chastise me
When she thinks I've been bibulous
(hey ,I snuck a $10 word in here!)
She'll ream my very soul
She's never very frivolous
She'll just dig me a new ___hole.(  ha ha ha..oooow, that hurts!)

So darling Kim I tell you
How proud you've made me be
A Master's degree is coming!!!
Oh wow and woop woop wee!

I trust you won't get too, too smart
For me to understand
With brains like your's I know for sure
You'll have the upper hand!!

All my love, all my respect...
Keep on truck'en kiddo!!
You're the best!!!

tom the tramp (pretzelman)

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What Took You So Long-? (Mixed Rhyme)

You mastered the art of my father;
He treats you like his younger brother,
Side by side, so happy together
Sailing with you, stead, of his daughter;
You caught big fish, for my sweet mother.

She always welcomes you with her holy kiss;
I’m in charge to cook your favorite dish,
Whilst you and father drinking ouzo, at ease;
‘Cos of you, I forgot to serve the fish---

From the sweat and blood of these men, 
Bound by a brotherly kiss;
Yet, I never have a peace
Of mind, so ere you leave again

I promised myself, you’ll be mine, only mine; 
God, forgive me, I planned to commit a sin, 
Of kissing my father’s friend that my heart’s bind; 
I just don’t want to send this man to the bin. 

Hence, when father was not around, 
I grabbed…kissed him, without a sound; 
He blushed, by my own surprise; 
And, his manly breath intertwined  
With mine; his eyes’ shine, 
And my heart no longer cries. 

Gosh, how sweet ‘twas, his lips; and, ‘cos of the heat
We did not hear my own father’s teasing psst… 
Too late to untangle our lips; we did it, 

The kissing, even when father’s around
From no where, he came without any sound;

He chided us not, for he wanted him 
To be with me, till his last days go dim.

He’s spoken over-used words:  “I love you!”
In a hushed voice, I said, “I love you, too!”

What took you so long…to say you love me?

Don’t you know, in waiting, how hard to be?

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   Nothing is ever free.
   My body deserves your energy
   but I won't give it up without
   payment says the corner prostitute.
   She's locked up in her deceit, no one
   trusts her and leaves her alone to 
   sulk in the shadows of a ugly home.
   She knows it's wrong, she knows it's
   bad but she won't stop. She can't. 
   Moving faster, not remembering any face
   that left the twenty after the act.
   confused little girl, nothing to live for.
   Searching for the one thing that will
   make her whole again and that's love.
   she would conquer the world, but she
   would never be free until love touched
   her at least once. Tears fell down her 
   eyes as she lied in the dirty gutter. 
   Awaiting the calls that never came.
   None from her family, they didn't 
   care. None from a secret admirer the
   only ones who touched her only did it
   to help themselves. She held the envelope
   in her hands touching the green money.
   Love for the paper now became her new
   high and she worked hard to get hers
   because no one cared so why should she?  

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25 Short Steps

O, it is only 25 short steps, 
For you to take your feet, 
To reach the blue bell.

Don’t turn away from your path,
Nor have you looked back, son;
Go straight ahead. Just there.

There at the majestic blue bell, 
We all will be meeting you,
To listen to its divine sound.

O come on, do not be nervous,
What you’re going to do is simple;
Walk, listen. Then say: yes, I do.

That’s all; can you do that, son? 
Yes, I can do these 25 short steps,
Thou, I’m really nervous. I sweat.
But, knowing your loaded shotgun,
Pointing at my back scares me a lot, 
Than taking your princess to a vow.

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          Talk to me, Don't you know your my everything. 
          I spend every waking moment with 
          you next to me. 

          I feel you and I heal with you, your what I do when I can't sleep at night.

          If there weren't room for you then I wouldn't know what to do your just apart   
          of me and sometimes when I feel weak I call on you. 

          I remember your words of wisdom and use them on paper to express how I

          It's real, it's right the way that it flows I need that feeling every night.

          Hold on tight for another wild crazy ride. 

          I'm good at doing you, your good at not controlling me. 

          Helping me to flow free in an unexpected way.

          You know all of my secrets before  I even know them.
          Sometimes you say dumb things and force me to erase you but when I really need
          you your always there for me.

          That's why when I finish a sentence it's perfect because you listen
          without judging me.
          All and all I want to be with you forever... your my passion and my love and if 
          I fell I know you would rescue me.

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Sittin' At A Green Light

I honked at an old woman sittin’ at a green light
She was sittin’ at a green light, you see.
After I honked a few more times
She looked in her mirror at me.

Just sittin’ at that green light, what was she thinkin’?
But I guess that’s the elderly for you
What shade of green was she waitin’ for?
So I did what others would do.

I was impatient, I was running thin
‘Bout the old woman who was sittin’ there
The light just might turn yellow again
Just go. Go anywhere!

That old woman that was sittin’ at that green light
Was a woman just like no other
The only one who would sit to annoy me
Who else could it be but my mother?

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Friendship will it last?

When I was falling you never let me hit the ground, I felt like I was on rock bottom and 
you helped me back up. All this time i've been searching for friends who like me for me. 
It's right in front of my eyes and I can almost reach I hope we don't fall apart summers 
looming just around corner. I know what can happen when you have nothing to do, Numbers 
get lost and no one calls. But I wanted this to last why does it always end like this? I 
wanted my happy ending. I hope everything turns out ok in the end, next year is coming 
soon and when I walk through the doors I hope we hug. I don't want this one to be like 
all the past friendships that i've had because it only leads to destruction and leaves me 
weak and I hardly talk to them anymore. I wipe my tears and leave and move on to another 
team and now here I am again hopeing that this one is final. This one is real enough to 
survive the currents that life throws. One time, one wish and here we are it's the end of 
the summmer and I have my pink ring on will you when I reach out to hug you?