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Free Verse Women Poems | Free Verse Poems About Women

These Free Verse Women poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Women. These are the best examples of Free Verse Women poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Dead Winter Stray~ By: Poet Destroyer

Nearby paces, Combatants lost under the cemetery walls,
“Blessed Men and Heavenly Remedy Women of Ages,”
Feelings of dance at the beginning of nightfall,
Scenery of fire, sadness passing this history page,
In that distant curve, somewhere nears the sundown stream.
Far away from the vision of mortal eyes,
A child plays as beautiful and pale like the sunrise.
She plays on the coast this beautiful but pale, sun raised child.
Pursuing nature, in a hushed angelic lucidity,
“In hushed angelic lucidity!”
Fragile fastened, to those adequate bones.
Profound deepness beneath the snow winder dust,
Below the memoirs of her floating vessel,
Reminisces of water drowning down rivers and streams,
A shattered female kneels in salvation.
An anvil so heavy it troubles the mind.
Lost in profoundness, in what might have been.
What was, for a moment in this period?
The grimness of her weak vessel dwells.
A lifeless winter strays around. 
An album so old and dusty,
A christening gown not ever embraced.
Infinite, the woman and pale child of sunrise,
Soften footfalls beating out the torments.
Countless nights seeing the day of unspoken headstones,
Feelings of dance will never rest this heartache.
Eternity, in a dance of unconditional need,
Their hearts unite as one...
A closing of mother and child…     
~BY: PD~

Dead Winter~ By: Catie Lindsey 

There walks Warriors in that graveyard,
Holy Men and Medicine Women of ages;
at night you can see their Spirits dance,
setting fire to history's pages.
In that far corner, up by the stream,
far from the eyes of publicity,
she plays on the shore, beautiful Raylene,
catching poly-wogs, in silent lucidity.
In silent lucidity.
Brittle now, those fine bones,
deep beneath the snow drifts of winter,
beneath the memories of her body afloat
down rivers and streams of Remember.
A broken woman kneels in prayer,
a heavy weight on a burdened mind,
somewhere deep in what could have been,
what was, for a moment in time.
The grayness of her frail body lingers,
in a dead winter of the unborn,
on page forty-nine in the family album,
in a baptismal gown never worn.
Together they dance,the woman and the child,
their soft footfalls pounding out the sorrows
of many days at a worn out headstone,
many dances to come, many tomorrows.
Together they dance, The Woman's Dance,
their hearts as one...
the woman and the child.
~By: Catie Lindsey~

(for Catie's: Re-write contest..) 

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My view on seduction, is that what you're asking me? Specifically love, my thoughts on loving a woman, that's what you want to know? Have you ever seen the image of a woman in the ocean while walking along the beach? You know how the shape is all there but void of definition. You know how the shape is sort of broken, how the lines are not distinct. I wonder if that is what we men have done to women, they who we treasure most. How often do they have to hide as a replica in order to protect our egos. To take a back seat because we have a need to drive the car to be in control. So if we don't allow them to be whole... but you know what else, what if they are perfectly defined the fault is in how we view them. What if that is them we have no role, no blame to assume. What if that is exactly the way they want it to remain, shadows of different intensities. What if they want to be a series of reflections. What if the ripples in the water are of their making. I want to hold a woman. Hold her completely defined. learn more about her everyday because I hold her like a book I'm reading. I will tell you this I don't have a need to know everything. If she wants a locked room that she has the only key to, that makes sense to me. Still I want her heart, her laugh, her tears I want the feel of her flesh and I want her defined. I want to see her not just her likeness. I want her smile I want all the expressions of her face. So you're walking along the beach. The relationship is new for the most part you are with her facsimile but if you look down you can see her feet, not just her impression. I can build from that. She is steady she is with me. You want my view on seduction? You have to accept a basketful of contradictions, you have to read the book accept there will be constant re-writes you have to at least see her feet from day one. If you want to make it to the top you have to start at the bottom don't forget there are some great stops on the way up. Seduction? love between two people that's important. You wouldn't treat your career lightly. Get it right. Make sure she leaves footsteps along the beach. That is how you seduce a woman... ...listen to her ...respect her interested in her career ...her wants, her needs ...her opinions ...remember ...don't talk a good game act.
07/10/2014 Sponsor Justin Bordner Contest Name The Heart Of Seduction I understand this is a extremely different view of seduction and might not fit what Justin is looking for. This is his contest and I wholeheartedly respect that. For my taste this poem is very seductive. In it I share what I believe it takes to seduce a woman.

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The Scent of Your Soul

The scent of your feelings clings 
To the fabric of my dreams
It never leaves….it lingers
Permeating everything
The scent of your feelings
Envelopes me

The fragrance of gardenia
When you are tender, sweet
Gentle and serene 
Tranquility showing through
In the gardenia scent of you

Seducing scent of jasmine
Surrounds you like an aura
Heavy, heady
Promising opulent luxury
Of flesh upon flesh
With you in control
Leading me deeper
Into the scent of your fantasies
Tantalizing, teasing, tempting
Endless jasmine ecstasy
Sensual and satiating
Is the jasmine scent of you

Perfumed in Damask Rose
Giving off the scent 
Of inner turmoil
Uncertainty, vulnerability
You are brooding and troubled
Guarded, disturbed
Needing to be reassured
Held in the strength of my arms
Quieted by my love
Till dawn’s light
When your safety is assured
And your scent finds release
Along with that of mine

Honey suckle perfume
Your need to nurture
To let me suckle
At your breasts
Your perfume speaking
In words my soul hears
That you live only
To care for my needs
Your perfumed hands
Soothing way the aches and pains
Of my rough and busy day
Honey suckle promises
Of womanly affection
In waves of comfort and light
I taste honey
Nectar that sweetens my lips
For I know it flows for me
I know I am nothing
A poor lost man
Without the fragrance of honey suckle
Wafting over me

Narcissus emotions
When there is venom in your eyes
Sparks fly all around me
And I know a storm is coming
A scent foreboding
Indicating the imminence
Of the unleashing of thunder and lightning
Torrents of rain
The scent of angered passion
I sense it
I smell your brewing storm
I’m unleashed in the elements
And yet….I know
How to harness your storm
How to bring calm
How to let you vent in my arms
Beat at my chest
I silence you with a kiss
Your arms pinned
The anger passes
Yet your 
Narcissus scent
Left on my chest
Leaves me shaken
In the aftermath
Of your storm

Orchid emotions
The perfume of surrender
Absolute abandon to my will
The sweetest fragrance
The tenderest emotion
A wilting flower
Waiting to be revived
Tenaciously wrapping around my body
Knowing its source of life, love, and happiness
Your scent moves me
Brings out my desires
To possess
To please and reward
To bring color to your petals
By my life giving stream
Lost in this scent
The most beautiful of all
The scent of surrender
To me

The scent of your emotions...
Your soul
Clings to my being
A perfumed eternity
In your arms

For Anthony Slausen's Scent of Your Soul Contest

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Does the past really matter?
 Does it set you free? 
I’m absorbed in the sin,
That is surrounding him and me. 

Lost in the curiosity,
Cold to the touch. 
Drenched in the poison,
With my dignity in his clutch.

Feeling like I was cheated;
I chose the evil instead of light.
I traded in the sunshine,
For what lurks in the night. 

I disobeyed his orders,
I gave up security to be unsure.
I went against the warnings,
Gave into darkness instead of remaining pure.

Once my bed was made of soft grass,
But now it is made of stone.
Was plump from all of the luscious fruit,
Now I’m starving to the bone. 

My curse is one of circumstance.
The punishment a crime,
I’m stuck inside this dampened cave,
For the rest of time. 
My world came crashing down,
The grief has not subsided.
My heart broke completely,
When my sons collided. 

My misery a token,
From the abandonment I earned.
Upon the time spent in sorrow,
There was a lesson to be learned.

Have I found the moral?
Only in time we shall see,
For all I did was eat an apple-
From the Knowledge tree. 

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The Perfect Womens Club

I invite you to join the perfect womens club
The application is sitting on the desk
The following will not determine acceptance
Weight, height
Hair color 
Certainly not breast size
Education will make little difference unless it's used wisely
There is no one to compete with
Acceptance is almost always guaranteed
What are we looking for you might ask
Have you cryed?
Have laughed?
Does your heart possess the capacity for love
Do you sing along with the radio
Have you smiled, really smiled?
Have some of your dreams come true?
Are there still dreams waiting to unfold?
You can be shy or outgoing
You don't have to be anyone else
Flaws are important
They are what make you unique
Doubts and confidence
Forward and reserved
Doing the best you can today
It's okay if you have failed
Are you still smiling?
It's even okay if you are crying
You just have to be you
No need to change for anyone
If you want to change that is okay
You will reinvent yourself many times
Perfect in imperfection 
A proud member of the Perfect Women's  Club

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Why me dear God in heaven's
Name why me?
Awaiting for a divine answers reply.
Kneeling at the lords sacred altar,
Lit candles flickering all about her
A bowed head in reverences honor.
In prayers hands tenderly cradling her,
She has been blessed by an angel's,
Healing touch.
Realizes not a mightier power stands,
Before her, shielding his lamb from,
 Harms way.
Faith guides this believers soul, 
Homeward unto grace.
She is truly not alone in this fight,
Rekindle a divine spark within,
Rage against the fading light,
And behold of a new dawning.
Humanities loving spirit everlasting,
Its our greatest weapon.
And many hands rest upon,
It's hilt.
Behold the sword of hope 
With it's sharpened edge.
And millions lend their strength
Of will behind it's wielding power. 
We are here my friend, my sister,
Let this evil shadow pass, give it
No binding power.
Shake off fears disbelief, know,
Sister warrior on this battle field,
Women must fight together. 
 United standing strong,
 Fixed on one single goal survival.
A pink ribbon may represent
The cause,
But within life's circle the
Human touch comforts a
Spiritual soul.
With faith's devotion as her
Guardian’s shield it will carry such
 A brave lady,
Through hells fire and beyond.
Remember your not alone
Against our common enemy
Named Cancer.
One day we will find a cure.




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I Love Passionately

i just wanted to watch her 
to look into her eyes
to listen to her thoughts
i just wanted to inhale her entirety.

her words were soft and tender
they flowed like seeds in the wind
i had no desires that would cloud her offer
and her offer was as gentle as the morning light
as powerful as rays of sun shine,

both and the same!

like the dove that flies effortlessly
but also defends the nest
and not an eagle anywhere.

she holds an olive branch as a symbol of peace
but like the mighty oak she too holds its strength.

i love women who dare to be women
i delight in how they hold us in their heart
without them where would men be 

i love women and their sensibilities 
quiet i listen and learn
later we’ll plow the field
for now i delight on all that she brings.

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The Roll Top Desk

She sits alone..
Everyone has said their final goodbyes
To her husband of sixty some years
Her seven children have never known
Or at least never mentioned..
How she never smiled

Just day to day
Did her job
Like the old man said
Bring me my......

Now there across the room
The forbidden..
His roll top desk

Head always hung low
Eyes never meeting his

She rises
Lifts her head
Approaches defiantly

Rolls back the heavy top
She's dusted a million times
She touches the things unfamiliar

 Keys to the truck she never learned to drive
A checkbook she didn't know how to use
Legal papers she knew nothing about
His favorite cigarettes she couldn't smoke
His stash of booze she despised
Sat in the chair that was no longer HIS

Was this feeling loss?

©Donna Jones

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Not Too Late for Tears- Girl Rising

She held her mother’s hand
As tears made their way
Down the face called
“Exquisite, beautiful, charming”…
The face that had been her comfort

She could not absorb the pain in her words
“Nothing…I feel...nothing
If I could only feel a little of what my friends describe
That feeling of”…she sighed
“Of….of giddiness…
They say it’s like…like…
The beating of a drum..faint at first and then
Beating louder and louder until…
Until you want to explode with the strength
of the vibrations
Tingling all over”…
She covered her face with her hands
“Instead…I try to imagine it as we lie together…
Hoping I can please, can satisfy…
Your father.”

Talking about private matters
Was difficult in her culture
Now, home on semester break
She heard her mother share
The horror of that night
When as a child they held her
Kicking and screaming
Exposing her most private parts
Cutting away the center of desire
The essence of her womanhood
That had been cloistered
In the folds of safety
Leaving her….scarred
She squeezed her mother’s hand
This woman whose every move
Made men stare
Exuding sexual charm
She was the epitome
Of every womanly grace….
Yet...unable to feel the fluttering
That some time ago
Had slowly awakened in her own frame
Mysterious sensations

Her mother’s tears
Now fell from her own eyes
She bowed her head in shame
Wanting to blame
Her grandparents for following
The stupid traditions of their world…
Thinking it was best…

Her mother enfolded her in an embrace
And rocked her
“Shhh….don’t cry…
It’s too late for tears now"…

“I’m so so sorry, Mama,” she whispered,
Pulling away
Her mother reached out to wipe her tears
“Feel sorry for your father
I see the pain in his eyes…
Knowing that I cannot feel what he feels…
Often, he won't approach me, but I entice him
I dance for him”…
She smiled…caressing a memory
“He stole my heart
The moment he looked at me with those eyes
How I wish he could see, the fire of his eyes
Burning in mine." 

It that moment, it took shape
The career that had remained
Unborn…in the womb of her mind
She would be the voice…of every little girl
Who had ever screamed in shame
She’d speak…
For the little girl her mother used to be
For all the others that were to come
So they wouldn't have to grow up
With eyes that reflected pain instead of passion
The pain she now witnessed
…in her mother’s eyes!
No, it was not too late to cry…
Her tears now would be tomorrow’s tears
Of some woman’s tender and sweet release

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Have more respect for yourself


Lord forgive me she says she is on that sophisticated wine and dine, 
she says her lips are sweet, hips full bliss enough to put your mind at ease. 
Damn girl where did you get those degrees. 
She feigns knowledge, pledges abstinence but lets loose to the first fool she sees
Then pledges again and lets loose and the cycle continuously, continues in a loop of ignorance. 
Strange you are, a woman you are,
so when will you take a stand, and understand your lips and hips... 
momentary satisfactions. The ratings of your visage an illusion which fades over time. 
Rude... me... no, truthful yes, knowledge is a blessing the king you seek is not 
dwelling in the slums in where you hum your tunes
Lord forgive me she says she is on that sophisticated wine and dine, 
she says her lips are sweet, hips full of bliss enough to put your mind at ease. 
I won't beg, I won't cry so the more power to you girl, cause ignorance is truly bliss

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The man on the porch looks out
over his property and towards his daughter.
Nervousness seeps through her plum-dark flesh.
Each eye contact signposts a wicked meditation.
Women are voiceless in those days, yielding to
males and manipulated Bible verses.
Poverty and childbirth loiters the screen.
White men protect segregation and Black men protect pride.
Are there no advocates or women’s lib
in that part of the South? Does anyone care about the mistreated?
Even the animals are sinister, and the young babes.
Horses burdened with stuff amble the pasture.
Fried ham wafts from kerosene stoves.
All the outspoken women are rebellious and prostitutes.
They wear thigh-high skirts, halters, and ruddy rouge.
Men swagger about in cut-price suits, wingtips, and thin-band ties.
They sweat into juke-joints or atop a squeaky bedframe
while records scratch against a dusty needle.
The girl in the front yard runs through hanging sheets
and swings bound books against Mister’s groin.
Her eyes are watery, her hair wild as those purple flowers.
She peers down at her attacker twisted on the red clay
and she shrieks.
Nobody shows up to save her.
She runs off into nothing.

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She's the one who carried you in thy womb.
Every day she counts until you grew.
A happiest moment she ever had,
Is when she first touched your little hands.

She's the one in charged to everything.
Twenty-four-seven,her duty never ends.
Do the house chores,nanny and cook.
Doesn't receive  salary for her hardwork.

She's the one who kept tears in the night.
Just to assure a family will keep in sight.
She endures all heaviness this life has bring.
To keep her children away from fears.

She's the one  gives unconditional love.
Forgive our sin, no matter how it hurts her heart.
She has a bag full of smiles.
A hug and kiss is all that she wants.

As she gets old, please love her back.
Repay her hardworks and multi tasks.
Take care the way she did for us.
We'll be a mom too,and do what she does.

~~ Dedicated to all Souper MOMs~~

**HAPPY Souper MOMS DAY!!!! **

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The Price of Freedom

A ghostly image of a Soldier
stood in the background, as
a Mother with a babe in her arms
stood by a grave site.

She lowly whispered, "Father
this is Your Son. Son this is Your
Father. He gave his life so that
others might live."

Being a Woman and a Veteran I realize that women die and leave behind families.
I wrote this poem before Women were allowed into battle.

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The Hands of Pain

My soul pounds with rage.
This heart has been scorched,
by your burning words.

My soul gasps for light 
slowly suffocated,
By your hands of pain.

I bare the mark of shame.
Your touch has maimed my body.
My mind drowned out my screams.

Blow by blow,
Shamed so low.
Never did you know how,
Your hands of pain marked me.

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Cigarette burns dot the seventies green vinyl chair and a floor television doubles as a table with a lamp and figurines. A six foot two inch three hundred pound strong man made the small room look like a doll house. I watched Big Daddy roll Prince Albert in a can on cigarette papers many times and he was precise, meticulous to make sure not to waste his precious costly addictive indulgence. I got the nerve to ask if I could roll a cigarette this evening and to my surprise he let me despite mawmaw’s protest. I was able to roll the paper without spilling a leaf he smiled and I felt I had accomplished something great. Life is simple in the summer time world of leisure and no school.  Big Daddy stayed outside from dawn to dark and worked the fields of corn, beans, tomatoes and okra. His old John Deere tractor made a "pup, pop, pup" sound when he drove down the road to our house. I could hear him coming a mile away and ran out to greet him. He had an idea that women were women and men were men when it came to working and he didn’t allow a woman to help him with the dirty work. A woman was to have pretty clean hands and delicate pale skin in his mind. Any other man said that to me I would give him a verbal lashing. But I overlooked Big Daddy’s faults he had a kind heart and never wanted to hurt anyone. He was generous in trading his vegetables and harsh if someone hurt his family or tried to cheat him. 
Sunday morning he rested and put on a suit and went to church never did he have his bald head uncovered except in church. He had a dress hat for Sunday to wear on the way to church. I miss seeing those fancy hats and suits. A third grade graduate knew how to dress and respect the lord better than any college educated wealthy man. He wouldn’t smoke at the church out of respect.
     Respect left
     With the man’s dress hat
     Equal rights

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They are the beign of my exsistence
But I'd gladly get cut just so one of them could kiss it
When I'm around one I stop in my tracks I get so submissive 
I'd like to smoke them like some gonja weed
and if you drug tested me they'd come up in my piss
When I'm underneath one I am in instant bliss
I wanna scratch them all like lottery tickets until I find the winning pick
You know what the scariest part of all of this is?
I'm not gay. Although I do stray like all dogs go to heaven
I love the way she looks at me.
She shows me things with her eyes that the mirror has never shown me.
I receive compliments from women better than I do men.
You see because women rarely compliment. 
Men will tell the ugliest girl she's beautiful just to get it in.
Some people look at me like what I'm discribing is a sin.
But I'd say it's beautiful.
We only have one chance to do it all in this world.
So why not live it the way we want to live?
I get shivers when her fingers touch my body
She's perfect for me and her touch reminds me. 
Its not just sex its mentally, physically and outter body.
While I was here I thought I'd let you know about my hobby.

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She Called Me Darling

She called me darling
And I felt my feet grow roots
While the ground swelled to meet me

She called me darling
As the wind combed the briers in my hair
And strange squirrels anointed me with nests

She called me darling
And the sun painted my cheeks rouge
While the sea spilled from my eyes

She called me darling
As my heart thundered in the distant sky
And the earth shook from its efforts

She called me darling
And a balloon in my chest swelled
Bursting forth with barely contained joy

Freeish Verse.
Just a little sweet poem to try and overcome my writer's block.

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At First Glance

        At First Glance

There are such women.
Those who do not so much
capture, as captivate.
Entering, they glide slowly,
seamlessly, across the eyes,
overshadowed by the more
stunningly stylish and
demanding divas.  Yet,
they are not overlooked.
As the moment fades and
the evening moves, so do
the eyes of those drawn to
beauty.  Thus it was I found
my eyes returning, gazing
upon her face, her presence.
There was no strain in her
beauty, no intimidation in
her stride, no drama in her
movements.  There was,
seemingly, a sweet music
to which she alone danced,
moved, mingled, without
becoming lost in the crowd.
She would, I thought, exude
this same air of confidence
and character in any situation.
It was not love at first sight,
for she was not the fireworks,
but the reason for the parade,
not the most beautified, but
the most beautiful.  At first
glance beauty can be eclipsed
by the beautiful, for beauty has
no need for darkness.  At first
glance - I saw - but did not see
the beauty that awaited me.

John G. Lawless
For Jared Pickett contest

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Sister's Anthem

Strength is the word
That exemplifies you most
For you endured the struggles the worst
Through all that you have persevered
No longer left in the rear
Your love is satisfaction
To my soul
Support and trust only
Makes me stronger
Your embrace could tame my
Wildest anger
Treason is the reason
That got us brothers believing
To be leaving our women we 
Put our seeds in
How could we treat our 
Sisters so cold
Going back to days of old
The courage to endure slavery
Only shows your tremendous bravery
Spirit the essence of your beauty
I am giving you the crown
For holding the family down
Let’s help our women in their everyday duties
Your skin tone various colors of the earth
Only your lips I desire to kiss
Any other I quickly dismiss
I fall on my knees
To feel your touch
My sisters I respect you so much
Let me keep it thorough
To pay homage to your name
A place for you to claim
And Queens is that borough

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The wedlock rose

The wedlock rose!


If our marriages are made in heavens, why are they broken in this world?

If we tie the knot for life, why so soon nothing is left to be said or heard?

You made me feel like the brightest star, now I'm under the darkest clouds!

My wedding dress with your dying love will be buried in divorce's shrouds!

I think I haven't changed, I am the same charming lady you loved so mad!

You tell me I'm not who you thought I was, how all good in me turned bad?

With you I were dwelling in the skies, in a galaxy of stars with the full moon!

Your change of hearts had me crestfallen, sending me down to this lagoon!

Holding the bouquet of fresh red roses you gave me bending on your knees!

Dropping their petals into water, I'm sending 'em on their separation journeys!

But once they are not the part of the flower, they'll lose their bloom and wither!

Just like we both are now lifeless statues, not the lively souls the way we were!

If only everyone who walks the aisle remembers that the wedlock is like a rose!

With so much fragrance, color and beauty, why'd a few thorns slit sacred vows?


Poetry by Dr. Asghar Nazeer (LinkedIn profile

Kindly read this poem with a lovely matching photo on LinkedIn pulse at and my other 28 poems with similarly captivating pics at LinkedIn main author's page at

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A seed of love planted in the soil of my heart

I sailed unaware into 
the ocean currents 
of her life:

smitten, I 
desired to ride 

them with her;
the ocean ways, a 

seed of love 

planted in the soil of
my heart had taken root 
and grew--only to perish 

a young hope 

that's fleeting:
though I loved her, 

still wounded

like a careless 

In spite of 
this and myself, 
I looked 

for encouragement
in her stare; 

at the outlines 
of her graceful 

I did wonder: 
she was 


a Helen of Troy, a prize, 
on whose loveliness 

so richly gorged! 

But never was 
a lonely man 
more wretched 

I was, 

as she could 
not return my

with equal measure of feeling.  

I would be more
glad had she been 
unwedded to another,

could easily be within 
my desirous 


In time, I 

her again;

and love, or the 
appearance of it--like 
an aborted 


flushed down the 

with her parting 
as well!

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- Is It Fair -

           I have heard: Women burn fat almost 10% slower than men
           It's does not feel justified
           I have heard: Women live on average 3 years longer than men
           Women have a better durability date (used before: .. - ... - .....)
           Men: (must be used within: .. - .. - ....)
           Why is it only women who are thinking about calories and diets
           I bake delicious cakes .... that can only be eaten by my husband
           ..... I think I'll try one more piece :)

A-L  Andresen :)

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Wrong Way Out

My knees have touched every part of this floor
Not for the satisfaction one would get from acting out a favorite animal position
But more from being dragged around like an animal 
My disposition was no longer sweet

Cuts and bruises covered my feet
I tried to run
Even tried jumping out the window
Since luck spared me from being thrown from it yet

But every attempt failed
I was jailed
I placed my hands  on the glass
Clear for the world to see
In hopes that someone, anyone
Would save me

Each day I placed another blood stained hand print  on the window
Passerby must have thought I was an artist
Red turkey decorations 
In the middle of summer?
They must have thought it weird 
As they just looked and passed by

My cries were heard only by me
Numerous phone calls made to the police
One time too many, I guess
Because their visits ceased

I was advised to file an Order of Protection
Since the police themselves couldn’t offer protection
My mind was boggled with the thought of useless police
With such closed minds and biased beliefs

It was my fault for being in the situation I was in
Thanks a lot to those women  
Who deceitfully mirrored my pain,
Willfully brought shame to  my name 
For women, they are insane
For thinking this is a game

I am a woman
And because of that
I get  choked with
The insanity cloak
From the first mention of domestic violence
I was so sick and tired of
My pleas for help
Being  greeted with silence

The first chance I got 
I filed an Order of Protection
Thinking this was my underground railroad to freedom

Just to think
I survived through all the punching, slapping, pushing
Rapes and threats
Just to have this order of so-called protection
Place the highest bet 
On my life

I made it under ground and realized
The grass is greener on the other side

But why did I have to die?

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Dear Mother of all
Sweetest mother of all Time
Queen of the world of women
You never aborted me
You raise me with your hard earn
You teach me the way of the righteous
You Bless me with the blessing of your mouth
Who will I praise if not you
Who will I believe if not you
Who will I trust if not you
You that carry me for nine months
You put me to bed on the 17th Day of the Sixth Month of the Glorious Year
You breast feed me till I am fit for the race
You put together your earning for my first birthday
You work under the sun and the rain just for me to be among equals
I understand it is not easy in this part of the world
Yet you gave me a reason to live
And even though I heard I use to be stubborn when I a little kid
Yet your love for me never ceased
Memories fade me not of my past failure
You hold me close to you and whisper to my ear saying
"Foluso The sun still shine, you can still make it"
No wonder I am reaching my goals now because your Sweet words still live in me
Words are not enough to express how I feel
But I have to tell you this Sweet mother
Ain’t a woman alive that can take my mama’s place

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Your Secret Place

Everyone should have a secret place
where everything is so beautiful, you just belong
as peaceful as a day is long, an out of your usual pace,
sounds of nature all about, where birds sing there song,

Meditation replaces frustration, along your happy trail
moving about streams, pine trees as tall as a waterfall
where pine cones grace a foliage landscape  so surreal,
woes are meaningless about green grass, lollypop bushes

A cool spring where skinny dipping hasn’t a sign to obey
trails going every which way, too choose, you can’t lose…
your way, this sunny day, misty spray, a couple out to play,
no weight to bare, deadlines to meet, nor fail too win

time only absent from laughter heard as children frolic there...
in a caressing manner, with her long hair draped about your face,
sounds echo off boulders where water flows by gallons everywhere
yes - your secret place, where good time memories are your true nature

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The Door is Always Open

Things get bad, then they get good again.
You can write yourself angry.
You can write yourself sick.
But never
should you write yourself sorry.

The world, to me, is many things:
A canvas, a movie, a place to store
everything you are and will ever be,
but never a bell jar.

As long as your hands can shake
and your voice can quiver,
never close the door.

Love the ground under your feet,
and your only sadness 
will be that a blanket of sky 
can't keep off the cold. 

Smile with every breath you take, 
and you'll realize that, 
no matter how much you weep,
you will never fill an ocean.

Look inside your heart:
There's answer there.
You'll find,
deep in an oblivion of night,
there is a light somewhere.

It may not be much light,
but it's brighter than darkness.
Follow it.

If you seek, you will find 
yourself always involved in 
and as long as that door never closes,
whatever something will be enough.

I promise.

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Only in You

Through the lonely woods, I may head,

Upon the autumn leaves, I may tread,

At the secluded horizon, I may stare,

And only you, I may see,

In those symphonies of silence,

In those melodies of calmness,

In those euphonies of quietness.


By the silent lake, I may lay,

Till the twilight fades, I may stay,

Then in reclusive silence, I may walk,

And only to you, I may talk,

Through those toungueless emotions,

Through those wordless attachments,

Through those voiceless sentiments.


In the lone meadow, I may wander,

Along the untrodden paths, I may waver,

In companionless seclusion, I may hide,

And only in you, I may find,

The depths of oneness,

The bonds of togetherness,

The cozy feel of coalescence.


In the wilderness of emotions, I may die,

At the merciless daggering, I may sigh,

Through a million wounds, I may bleed,

And only in you, I may seek,

The balm of love,

The warmth of affection,

The heal of inseparability.

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My Gift

It turns out, I'm still a little kid.
The little kid who cries.
The little kid who's afraid.
The little kid who clings on to mom.
The little kid who falls every time he runs.
The little kid who gets bruises, wounds, scars--- patching band aids over it.

Now I understand.
I understand why She would leave me, while dropping my siblings off to school
She didn't have enough.
She would come back and bring Champorado. Spaghetti when she has enough.
She would help me dress for school: putting socks over my feet, fix my imperfect uniform, give me kisses for luck.
At times, I would cry when she drops me off.
At times, I would cry with them, every time their parents drop them off.
Most of the time, I would be very happy to see her there, standing, waiting for me.
She would carry me when I didn't have the energy.
She would carry me whenever I'm sick.
She would carry me to show affection.

She didn't have enough.
She works hard every day.
She works hard to keep the house clean.
She works hard to keep the fridge full.
She prays hard to survive.
She prays hard for guidance.
She prays hard for strength.
She raised us with her own bare hands.
She was our father.
She is my Mom.

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Pure femininity glitters in a display  
at the antique shop, faux and filigreed,
yet I’m entranced by each piece 

of vintage confectionary, whimsical 
crystal and lucite creations. Brooches 
pin me down, shamelessly, with their 

gilded swirls of former attachments. 
A peacock preens one imperial feather,  
bluish green, observed by a silver turtle

who winks its onyx eye. When the cameo  
makes an appearance, somewhat shyly,
it seems to startle an out-leagued poodle

which still bark-les ever so becomingly. 
Two butterflies compete for my appraisal, 
shimmering in the low showcase, beside

a porcelain rose that clings to yellowed
lace. Under glass, the fanciful speak of 
mad money, slipper chairs, suffragettes. 

One unruffled owl refuses to tell who-who
wore the wreath of faded forget-me-nots or
the enamel heart a new beau once bought.

I look closer, almost count the tears, the
fine patina of women’s riddled years and
the remnants of love held by adornments. 

Oh, I wish I could unclasp each sentiment, 
free breastplate ornaments, now forlorn, 
for all badges of honor should be worn.  

*This was inspired by Francine Robert's Whimsical contest and I dedicate this poem to her. For you, toots. Thinking of you.

PS- I went adjective crazy. LOL. Ah, well. It felt sooooo good! Like bonbons!

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A Departing Memory

I know you.
Candles lit, incense fuming,
You like it when I bite your neck, just hard enough.
Blankets thrown about the room
So recklessly, they refold themselves.

And we roll down a hill together,
Kissing the leaves, tickling with our eyes,
Laughing with our hearts.
"You'll just leave me for the next girl you find."
"Yes," I say. Because only
Lasts forever.
And it spills through the cracks in your hands
The moment you grasp it.
Like water from a stone.
She bites my neck
Drawing lines of ecstasy down my back with her fingernails
Spilling into me, fighting my words.
"I leave when the sun sets."

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Among us.
Not alien
But more
Like us than
You will ever know.
They are
They live
Next door
Behind walls
Not of stone
But of fear.
They are
Ad dictions
Flesh from
They are
They are
But not

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My sweetheart

My sweetheart
Cover me
Be as textile of warm love
filling my breathes
Sing for me
Utter my words
Be as cloud of my heart
Raining my tones
Don't be like thorns of flowers
Wounding my dreams
You are the dancer of the first love
You are pulsation of the motionless sea
You are the light
You are the magic
You are the world of oblivion
My sweetheart
This is a pub and that is the place of worship
And this is my heart
Go wherever you want
Neither the night will ask you
Nor silence of eyes....

By Naji Almurisi

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My Heart Sings

As the first rays of sunshine
wakes me out of my sleepy slumber,
I sat up in bed and looked at my hands.
The taste of stale cigarette smoke of cheap red wine
stained my taste buds.
I walked out of bed,
turned on the radio
(to the classical station)
and my heart beats to the tune
my life and soul smile as the sun shines in my room.
I hear God whispering in my ear
I hear all the words of the world
talking to me,
and I can hear my heart sing a little.
I read my poetry,
get dressed go for a walk,
I smile at the faces that I pass;
The cars I pass,
the houses,
the trees,
the dry lawns,
burnt and that have not been watered in days.
I smile at them and they all smile back,
and my heart sings a little,
and I dance to its simple tune.

My heart sings and I dance too:
slowly melodies,
fast jigs,
rapid jazz and swing music
and waltzes to the chopin masterpieces,
and the romantic stories, novels, the poems,
that fancy your mind with its ryhme schemes,
and after I read such romantic beauty
I smile, and I listen closely to my heart,
and with every beat,
it lets out a verse or two, from a familiar song
that caught my ear on the radio,
and my heart sings
and I smile,
and the world smiles back.

Feeling such beauty
love and romance
it is such a good feeling to live with;
and as the night rolls on,
and the sun goes away
I sit at my desk
writing poetry,
with a cigarette slowly burning away with time,
and I am stuck,
getting drunk of red wine,
I sit back in my chair,
and listen to my heart,
and he sings alittle
and I can write again.
So, there we sit together,
writing poetry,
smoking cigarettes,
drinking wine
to the strike of nine
and we both sing songs of love and romance
together forever.

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The Barnacle on my bum part 2

My tale about the barnacle I bared upon my bum
has now passed into legend and folk law
The  battle I thought was over and now long done
Just when I thought I could sit down and relax
and lick my wounds
and heal my poor bum
I now have two barnacles
clinging on instead of one.

Their jealous of each other
and  like a porcupines
my bum is very sore
I'm stuck in the middle
and I don't think I can take any more!!!!!.
My telephone is melting
and they push love notes through my door
I'm divided down the middle
and I'm preparing for war.

I have no idea why they follow me around like flies
maybe it's my aftershave that smells so nice
There's nothing about me
I do declare
but everytime I turn around
there's always someone there.

Why couldn't it ever be
who I really like
I even tried to escape on my motorbike last night
I thought I was just saddle sore
but latter when I pulled my trousers down
what did I see
not two barnacles but three.

I darn't leave the house no more
and I've barricaded myself in
I'm now a nervous wreck 
and I've taken to drinking Gin
I've sealed the letter box and took the phone of the hook
and have been searching amazon for a useful book.

If your a poor sufferer too
have a hammer and chisel
we can help each other get through
just bare your bum like me
and maybe we could throw the barnacles back into the sea.

''Beware! their out there''.

Peter Dome. copyright.2014.march.

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Somber Tears

As the sun sets
and the twilight comes out,
as the birds and squrriels are no where in sight.

As the whores and pimps sit on street corners,
waiting for street lights to turn from green to red.
As cadillacs stop and roll their windows down.

I can her the faint cry deep in the darkness,
of dirty gutters and dark, dead end alleyways,
I hear the faint tears fall and hit concrete pavement.

I feel the faint cries of whores,
I hear the sound of backhand hitting face
and brused tissue and broken noses are everywhere.

And the somber tears fall onto pillow cases,
and white motel bedsheets run red with blood
and cheap Italian wine.

And you can her the poet over the radio,
reading his own work for the one millionth time
and you can hear his soul slowly wanting to die.

He drowns himself in smoke and alcohol
the whore takes her pay, or spends a night in a jail cell,
the pimp nowhere to be found,
with a shiny blade stuck deep in his gut.

And the somber tears fall gently on the concrete pavement,
the floors of a jail cell,
tears on the pillow case and tears on a lonesome stage.

Tears never present, but are seen by many,
pain aches and pain takes away,
and I pour one more drink for the whore.

She takes me away,
and I caught her salty, somber tear,
and she crawled into my warm embrace.

I was the one who stuck the blade in the gut of that pimp,
who broke her nose and made her bleed,
with a cowardess and souless backhand.

I walk into the moonlight,
hearing the somber tears all around me,
crash violently to the concrete pavement.

The Earth rumbles and erupts with these tears,
that are shead for fellow Men, and Women and Children,
but we all look at ourselves and smile.

Happy we don't pay rent,
happy we don't have cancer,
happy we aren't six feet under;

But we still all cry,
Somber tears all fall in one big wave

crashing violently on the concrete pavement.
Now the red light turns green,
and the traffic moves along,
the whore is still at her corner,
the pimp still with the blade in his gut.

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A Man's Point of View

A Man's Point of View

Oh woman you exist 
To feed my soul
And nourish my heart
With your full embrace

I savour the taste
Of your strawberry lips
And inhale the aroma
From your creamy skin

Oh woman you exist
To feed my eyes
And nourish my mind
With your pure wisdom

Without you my existence 
Would be cold and raw
A meal much lacking
In a full, satisfying flavour

Oh woman you exist
To feed my passion
And nourish my body
With your sweet essence

I drink deeply from the cup
You fill each day 
With your sultry smile
And sparkling eyes

Oh woman you exist
To feed my desire
And nourish my thought
With your feasts of fancy

With steady hands
You stir my spirit
And raise me up
To higher peaks

Oh woman you exist
To feed my inner child
And nourish my aching limbs
With your tender touch

My hungry thoughts
Return each night
Satiated by the warmth
Of your velvet skin

Oh woman you exist
To feed my life
And nourish my senses
With your presence

I exist to savour
All that is you

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Mama you missed a part….
You never told me;
You groomed me mama.
You taught me to walk and talk like a lady:
And that I did.
But Mama you forgot, 
Mama you skipped a part.

Mama, through your eyes;
I saw myself accomplished
A willed woman ready and mastered to conquer the world:
You groomed me to love the ones in my life
And I will receive the best in turn.
And that I did
But mama your words were of short.
Mama you skipped a part.

Mama, you told me…..
You told me to be of a strong heart.
To get up where men had stomped me down;
And Mama I did
I got up and fought when I was weak.
But Mama my strength is now void.
Mama you skipped a part.

Mama, you told me to guard my principles’…
I did, but Mama why can a man be so cruel.
Mama I guarded myself;
But with one flick of a page; 
I was robbed.
I was robbed by a man whose woes perceived my doom.
Mama you forgot ;
Mama, you skipped a part.

Mama, you told me to love myself.
I did, but how do I do so now.
When my feathers have been plucked right up to the stem;
Mama I can never fly again with a broken wing.
Mama I can never have a stride like that of a queen.
Mama, you forgot.
Mama you skipped a part.

Mama, I am a broken angel.
Mama, I am now incomplete.
Mama, I am now walking with a crooked heel.
Mama, I cannot conquer the world anymore.
Mama, you skipped a part.

Mama, how do I unveil myself from the shame of being devoured?
Devoured by a man I know not.
But a man whose barbarism I will remember for the rest of my days.
Mama, you forgot to tell me there would be such
Mama, it slipped your mind to inform me how to deal with it.
Mam, you did not,
You did not teach me to get up form such demeanoring savageness.
Mama being raped, Mama deflowered. 
Mama where did I go wrong...???
Mama you forgot.
Mama, you skipped a part...........

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I'm No Rat

What a ***** to find time to creep into another woman's bed
or maybe a rat to scurry under my feet for cheese and bread
askin for two shots ina each her toe, knee, chest, and head
Mi na ramp wit dem tings deh fi nobody but my own
My mother told me dat every man will chase fa gold
He'll climb til his youngest grandchild is grey and old
So why be one rat when you can be a Queen
mek him reach fa yu instead of looking cabinets between
Queen had to brush my teeth and wash my face
I had to fluff my pillows and pray for the day
Reminiscing on the bull**** that i just had to lay
Another day on this mutha****in paper chase
As horny as i thought i was i felt my walls pulsing
when i read " till her pussy dry and swollen"
But as i read on... i realized someone was cloning
Remaking the same NIGGA over and again
The life of a rap star. Does that mean you pimp
Does that mean I can ask you questions just like that hoodrat *****
You say you like what you see but you willing to fight yourself
One taste of this Queen melt yo Pimp Heavyweight belt
I told you your style was dope that i hadn't seen one in a while
a while meaning a year, said behind the same sly smile
Maybe that's the b.f you speak of that i'm creeping you with
the one that you reminded me of... with all these hot lyrics
I stay searching for real niggas because they seek me out too
They want a reminder we still exist even across a border or two
my single ass skipped the class on Game but made it to period two
the class on Guns, Poetry, Money, & Family.There were only me and you.
I thought.... Well damn, Any other real niggas but just a few?
Am i the only female left? Does no one have a clue?
That sex is all good from jump and beyond but money got me boo
Even if you aint got the green, ****, help me get on too
or point me in the direction of who to talk to
I'm getting a little Too fresh, it seems, for you
let me switch up my sexxxy back since I only gave you verse two

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Regrets contest

I didn't go I broke my promise
my fault  those babies died  my fault the mothers cried.
When I qualified as a midwife a promise I made
promised my heart I would give them my time
to help the poor women get their lives back in line
all they face is pain and shame

The male leaders have  no compassion
terrible  conditions, no hospital or drugs no anything
just  men who think sex is theirs for the taking.
Leaving women with diseases and the babies they're making.
Once my health is back on form off I  will go
taking drugs with me to help the poor.

Everyone is poor they are without
without health without hope so desolate.
Might be just a ripple in an Ocean of hell
many a ripple would  surely tell
Until that day I live with my regrets
regrets that my life held  such consequences

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Packed up
Wedged together
Shut out from light and air, 
Little creatures indifferent to life or death
Of what comes
With the open door.
Looking for the first opportunity
To Leap
This intolerable life.
The Mass grave
Of a two-dimensional reality.

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She is so warm and friendly

She is a woman of virtue and great standards

Her beauty cannot be compared with any other

She is innovative, hardworking and industrious

She cares for all and sundry and taking everyone as though they are from her loins

She is so distinctive and attractive in all ramifications

She is a representative of integrity and she upholds righteousness

She gives hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless

The African woman is the desire of those that love life they that place value on integrity

The African woman is a symbol of tenacity, productivity and creativity

I love the African woman.

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I lay my tender heart

I lay my tender heart at your feet
and my soul and very being I surrender
My desire and quest
to fill your heart with joy
and summer
by the sweetest of emotion and affection.

To stand by you
to provide and protect you
a bond so strong nothing can tare it apart
until death do us part
and later
we meet once more
in a much better place
once again

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

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She claimed her rights as a young lady
And in the coming years a woman
She don’t want to be an endangered species hunted by violence daily
She got rights too…she’s a human
Stand against this bliss
Gender Base Violence a sure diss
No more verbal abuse, emotional abuse or physical abuse
It’s your rights to reject abuse, so claim it, good news
You can only be his victim
Only if you allow yourselves to be used by him
You’re no longer going to be told…shut up!
You’re worthless, or what you say is meaningless…Just stop!
Or you’re stupid or call you names to graphic to repeat
After that, he says he loves you you’re so sweet
Well, decide today…that behavior is unacceptable
The truth comes before the love…Whether Sharon, Susan or Mable
Cause if he truly love you 
He won’t want to abuse you
Are my words credible, Gender Base Violence become a label 
Let’s take action and fight with all our might
“Claim your Rights”

©Copyright November 28, 2011 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved

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Unspoken Love

She saved herself from pick up lines though she looked vulnerable
She's sooo lovable her heart definition could ruin my poetic abilities 
You cannot put a price on her she's not billable
If only her lips where adjustable my soft poetry would define her inabilities and weaknesses for the mute to scream happily ever after  
She's untouchable i O you an explanation
Her tears tattoo broken spirits uploaded on instagram
She's no twitter baby though followers invite themselves its unbelievable
I could throw nice verses in our conversation but i'm afraid i'm love blind 

I'll tell you more about her if you ask me....ask me nice

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Organic Verses Plastic Women

What has happened to women and girls of today
Once natural and organic
The plastic surgeons and cosmetic companies
And Beauty magazines have blown all that away.

False hair lashes and brows
Face lifts botox Bigger lips 
Liposuction off the hips 
Nose jobs boob jobs
False nails on your finger tips
On your hands
Laser treatment on skin
Foundation and fake sun tans
coloured contact lenses
Not happy with what nature has sent us.

Society demands through books Tv and magazines
Are turning girls into Barbie dolls made of plastic
Stand near a flame and they'd melt away.
And an in possible dream of perfection
Give me a natural organic girl any day.

Be happy with yourself no ones perfect and shine and radiate sunshine.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.July.
What's wrong with being natural

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Be my life

When trees cry
Love dies
In your wounded heart
At night
Among colors of tears
I see nothing But your green eyes
Your eyes are my soul
Your heart is the perfume of my life
And you are the lamp of darkness
When I meet you!
When I hug your virgin soul!
This is you! !
Flower of spring
The beauty of days
Don’t leave me alone
Be the night covering me
Be the love protecting me
Be the eyes shutting my dreams
Be my life….

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To the lion-haired girls

I want to tell you
to keep your curls
but the allure of it
will find you one day.
You will spend hours
just to run your fingers
down the length of it,
and when you gaze in the mirror
you will see you,
but a different you,
You will put on red lipstick,
and the lowest cut blouse you have,
push up your breasts
as the strands waterfall down.
You'll pucker your lips,
just a little more,
sway your hips,
just a little more
and the men will say,
you're so beautiful,
I prefer you this way.
I want to tell you
to keep your curls.
They are wild,
full of truth.

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Divine Creation

Poets have tried to capture the essence of her splendor.
The artist's hands have worked hard to convey her sensuous beauty.
Like the painters canvas, man's view of her remains distorted.
Neither page nor canvas could contain the complexities of
God's most provocative creation...Woman. 

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A naked woman

She was walking naked
On the river bank
And in her hand holds the revenge dagger for honor
Ah! If she knows
How this dagger screams?
In her pregnant hand with ignominy
But what is the avail of that?
Dagger stays a dagger
Dagger is the color of blood
In her handgrip
Becomes a rose
Dagger becomes a greater saint

My lady
Don’t care

Life is naked trees
And naked mountains
And naked tears
And naked hearts
In a naked night
But are there dumb eyes?
Are there blind feelings?
Are there deaf birds?
And is there an Honorable dagger?
Revenge for a prostitute devil

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Perfect Woman

What makes a woman perfect?
Is it the shape of her hips?
The color of her eyes?
Her alluring smile?
I think perfection lies in another's eyes
The one who sees the invisible
The essence beyond the physical 
Words spoken, subtle movements
Stories revealed, dreams being lived
Private laughter, not so hidden passion
Mind body connection, experiential perfection. 

See above for entry to the Perfect Woman Contest.
I had more to say so I could not stop at 12 lines.

Being seen, understood
Feeling beautiful
Total surrender
Each woman perfect in her imperfection
Confident or shy the apple of someone's eye
I have a special gift
I see perfect women all around
Not one is the same
Each one unique
So many fail to see
The potential of them
The perfection within
If only they could see
Please look through my eyes
Please see what I see

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Freedom in Love

Keeping my head up, treading water
Cut throat surviving, struggling
Going under, death visits
Will to live, tested!
Selfishness Vs Selflessness
A Greater Love, encompasses me
God demonstrating mercy, for his children
Learning about forgiveness, cultivating, inner faith
Melody of Love, one can experience
In the darkest, waking hours, of everyday living
Self survival, learning how to live
Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart
Peaceful Spirit, Freedom in Love

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Gender Discrimination

Who are you
Your father's son or daughter
Or your mothers?
If you are your father's
You gotta have his surname
But if you are your mother's
Her name you don't take
But once you get married
Oh, boy! Your surname won't change
Hey girls, What makes you change your surname?
This is anomalous
Seemingly unfair
An assault on women rights
A blow to the fair sex
Whoever hath made this rule
He must be a damn big fool!!

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A naked woman

She was walking naked
On the river bank
And in her hand holds the revenge dagger for honor
Ah! If she knows
How this dagger screams?
In her pregnant hand with ignominy
But what is the avail of that?
Dagger stays a dagger
Dagger is the color of blood
In her handgrip
Becomes a rose
Dagger becomes a greater saint

My lady
Don’t care

Life is naked trees
And naked mountains
And naked tears
And naked hearts
In a naked night
But are there dumb eyes?
Are there blind feelings?
Are there deaf birds?
And is there an Honorable dagger?
Revenge for a prostitute devil

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What Am I-Niagara-w

I am the Antiope of Canada, Amazonian, but not breast less, Snowy bosom like virginal gems, Swelling lips moderately full, Savoury odor felt all around, Crystalline throat striking the eyes. Meandering, churning, darting, dashing, Transformed from blonde to brunette. Here alluring, benign, attenuated, There corpulent, colossal, capering, Practicing calisthenics all the time. Raquel Welch in ‘One Million Years B.C.’ Wily Cleopatra, the Scythian of Ordzhonikidze, Carnal Marilyn, matured Helen of Troy, Venus in Aries, Mars in Pisces. Broad bellied, middle-aged, deep, Now bulging belle of Detroit, Encircling the wooing Windsor, Yet the Blithe spirit of Pelee Island.
============================== March 15, 2014 Dr. Ram Mehta Form: Free Verse Eighth Place Win Contest What Am I by PD I have used: Personification,Alliteration, Hyperbole, simile, metaphor and synecdoche :

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One of God's greatest mysteries,
is the creation of women,
Always searching for perfection, remaining driven,

Society's greats born from their womb,
Their stories still shared, even from the tomb,
They are the mother of all creation,
A representation of past,present and future,

A women plays many roles in her lifetime,
Nurturing and loving till grim's calling,
She takes your breath away,
Gives you motivation, when all others fail.

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Niagara, the Antiope* of Canada,
Amazonian*, but not breast less,
Snowy bosom like virginal gems,
Swelling lips moderately full,
Savoury odor felt all around,
Crystalline throat striking the eyes.

Meandering, churning, darting, dashing,
Transformed from blonde to brunette.
Here alluring, benign, attenuated,
There corpulent, colossal, capering,
Practicing calisthenics all the time.

Raquel Welch* in ‘One Million Years B.C.’*
Wily Cleopatra, the Scythian of Ordzhonikidze*,
Carnal Marilyn, matured Helen of Troy,
Venus in Aries*, Mars in Pisces*.

Broad bellied, middle-aged, deep,
Now bulging belle of Detroit*,
Encircling the wooing Windsor*,
Yet the Blithe spirit of *Pelee Island.


*Antiope is a figure from Greek mythology. She was the only Amazon 
known to have married. Daughter of Ares and sister to 
Melanippe and Hippolyte.

*The Amazons (Greek: ?µa???e?, Amazónes, singular ?µa???, Amazon) 
are a nation of all-female warriors in Classical and Greek mythology. ...
These warrior women is said to have one or no breasts 

*Scythian noblewoman, 4th century BC The women's tombs found 
near Ordzhonikidze yielded several examples of war-gear for women 

Name of the actress-" One Million years B.C." name of the Hollywood movie

*Venus in Aries and Mars in Pisces (It is astrological interpretations 
for beauty and Strength respectively)

*Pelee Island where three oceans meet in ONT-Canada

Seventh Place win in:
Contest: Free Your Mind sponsored by Chris Aechtner

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Between soul and body

Why you seem sad?
How is for this moon to sadden?
Why pearls pour down from your eyes?
As the raindrops
What is the secret?
What is the matter?
What is the avail of sadness?
And we are hanging in ropes of the sin
And between rope and gallows
An orphan friendship
And between me and you
A new world
Between my eyelash and tears
Painful memories
My lady!
Between city and city
Long distances
Thousand barriers
Thousand souls immigrating
Thousand temples
Thousand priests
Thousand knights
Thousand nights
Thousand devils
And between heart and heart
Farness and yearning
Thousand mercies
Thousand pulses
Thousand love
Thousand addresses
Thousand words
Thousand lies
Thousand candles
And between eye and eye
Hidden Language and dialogues
Thousand tears
Thousand roses
Thousand tones
Thousand winks
Thousand whispers
Thousand touches
Thousand kisses
But between soul and body
One life.............One life.....

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Ashes to Ashes

From ashes
she rises, 
face, hands, feet.
Four months, 
Ten days, 
She mourns.
She weeps.

She clothes herself now
in an adornment of white
bowing privately, 
praying fervently, 
as bitter fumes
of acetone
seep beneath the door.

Her source is god.
Her destination is god.
She pleads with god now
for peace
As men mix and pour
A holocaust
Just outside her door.

Her sisters wail.
They bathe her lifeless arms
And shroud her
as Iris Albicans- 

The imam, he stands, 
Praying silently
As men convey her
towards Mecca.
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.

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She stands there, 
as the khols
and taals
to play.
If money had afforded, 
they would have found the
wrong chromosome.
Pat silk
and she
to sway.
the fish, 
life begins.
famished cries
A crumpled woman, 
abandoned child.
Now she is the tortois
lifting herself
from the milky sap
of oleander, 
castor oil.
fingers spread, 
She gazes, 
the boar.
She pulls
herself up
fingers dancing, 
feet stamping.
She overcomes.
She stands.
She spins.
Her worth measured
and found
A marriage worth
a decade of work.
She squats, 
The dwarf.
Her eyebrows lower.
Her lips pout.
Gazing off into
some far distance, 
she runs, 
She lifts her axe.
She sweeps her arms.
She holds her head high.
Her eyes twinkle
and she is free.
Shaking her finger, 
she sits
and takes up
her baby in her arms.
She strikes the floor
right to left
Neck.upraised foot.
A boy.
She joins
her hands
and slides them
her eyes.
her heart.
Lifting her finger
she philosophies, 
She lifts
her child.
He walks.
He runs.
She stirs.
She waits.
Her eyes
from left to right.
Looking up, 
she lifts
her arms
above her head.
She rolls
her neck
and cradles
her womb.
A needle stick.
A girl.
She falls to the ground
and she

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I take you to be the love of my life, 
To have and to hold and to hit and to crush
For better and for worse when worse is unspeakable
For richer, for poorer when money is spent on drugs and booze and porn
And there is not enough money left for groceries and school clothes.
In sickness and in health when I have to sneak to buy medication
and you call in sick to go to the race.
From this day forward because I have no place to go.
The shelters are full. No room in the inn.
I'm not serious, they say, because I did not call the police
When you choked me last night.
Instead I hid, huddled in the closet behind the locked door, 
Holding my baby and praying that she would not be next.
Until death do us part because I have tried to leave
So many times and you drag me back.
Love bears all things, 
Believes all things, 
Hopes all things, 
Endures all things. 
Love never ends.
Love never ends.
Love never ends.

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A Woman's Gaze

A Woman's Gaze For Centuries, men have tried to unravel the mystery in a woman's gaze. It can be full of torture, or it can be full of love. many men have fallen in love with the eyes of a woman, not even knowing why. They were just captivated by her gaze. Artists have tried painting pictures, to capture the beauty that lays deep within. What is it that they are looking for? Is it something in her past life, or the beauty in her soul? They don't know, but the search goes on. Could it be the mystery of her love? Only the true meaning of the glean of her eyes - conceals some of the torture, or some of the love, she has endured. Who can tell if there is hate, or she feels pain - or if she loves, by looking deep. Maybe it's a mystery that's far too deep. Each woman, carries a mystery, that can't be revealed to just anyone. The mystery she carries is the true meaning of love. It's like having a key to open a door" not all the keys fit. Do I need to tell you more?...
Copyright by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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I edward your poet

I come before you all, women of this era
Hear my romance, hear my heart sing of your beauty beyond description
Your touch, a smooth heart melting feeling of affection
Eyes of color, vision of art, fashion and love
In thy lips rest kind words of life and wisdom of time and past
Thy body a shape of hypnotizing the soul even
Soft skin, the smell of love, the smell of fortitude of ones being
Hips that call the heart out for a walk
O' how gorgeous are the women of today
Wavy hair, color of my page, brush of life paint on my soul your canvas
I shall give my all to thee if only you give me thy kiss of love
I will protect thee, I a loyal soul shall stand by thee for always
Voice of perfect poets, a rhyme to awake the spirit
Hold me that I quickly fall into thee
Speak of love that I may rejoice in your words
Make me yours that I yearn to be
Caress me that I shall sing a verse in thy name
Love, above all just love me and I shall love thee for eternity

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When a Man cries Himself to Sleep

When a man cries himself to sleep,
it is a sad sight to see,
tears roll off his cheek
and onto his bed sheets and pillow case.
When you hear his somber cries,
you can feel his pain
when he wimpers like a child who treds in fear.
No one knows what they do to a man
when they play with his emotions,
lead him on,
take advantage of him.
They don't know what they do to an innocent man
looking for love.
They break his heart that is full of love,
they stab him in the back
when he needs them at his most vulnerable moment
they laugh at him, and tease him,
Do they know what they do to a man?
They slowly kill a man, who just wants a simple kiss on the lips,
they kill a dreamer, a good man, with a big heart.
They drive a man to his bed,
with tears running down his face
and force him to dream of nightmares.
When a man cries himself to sleep, 
it is that saddest thing to see.
Goodnight and sweet dreams...

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Women are known to talk twice more than men
Men stick to the facts but women…
We love to go to the juicy details
When women open their mouths
The whole world is sure to know
Females are also known to shed tears in times of distress
Women’s uncanny ability to spread news 
The convincing emotions that go with it
Prove useful in spreading the Good News


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His wife and mother I would be

-His Wife and Mother I would Be-

I would love being a sheep like a mother
Whose thrust is for the betterment 
Of her husband and her children
Than being an arrogant goat of a wife
Who’d keep scolding and nagging at her spouse

I would rather be that humble and patient lady
In my husband house where he yells out and murmurs 
Than being a tough and thug wife and mother 
Who’s in every neighbor’s black book and bombshell.

I would rather be a virgin holding up with my stands
But if not corroborated and acceptable at home 
Would sacrifice it all 
For the sake of my love and my brood.
For there is nothing worth having and giving out for
Than a devoted husband, a family and a good home

I’d love being one of those wives who trade no word
With their men and who take them as to their hearts.
Would pierce not, greed not and humble all through my life
And would await that heavenly reward in the eternal life.


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But with the evil, came the good

All turned down to the worst
as the children lost innocence,
as the bums drank their last breath away,
as the man eating sharks finding their way,
to the over-crowded sandy beaches,
as the man turn to the woman
and gave her a slap across the face,
as the thef steals in the night,
as the coward goes behind his loved ones' backs,
as the oil lanterns spill over and burn the bridges
to salvation and paradise.
Something always happens to the good guy,
a knife in the back in the midst of dawn,
his woman leaving with another man,
he dying slowly of cancer,
or suffering from intoxication of the blood.
Poison. Poison, ravages his body,
oh, how could God let such things happen
to such a good man?
His life work, his social life, his nirvana
all destroied, burned away, turned to dust.

But with the evil, came the good.
Yes with time and time again
repeating itself in a circle of time,
across the crossed faces,
as blue eyed Death smiles
and as the girls grin,
Everything came into place,
Anyway with evil, came the good.
Indeed it had came right to his front doorstep.

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Devouring Carnal Desires

Lifeless, I lie here
On the bed of lust
Under the beefy quilt 
of mounting shame
With oozing hurt
And fading flame
To feed your lechery
with drops of salaciousness
Behind the closed doors
of raging prurience
As the rays of sun melt
In the heart of burning sky
I lay self down in gloom
And crouch down at your sight
As I bow, you drag me down
To feed your hungry soul
With the tender flesh
Of my puerile charm
And strangled glow
when the moon shines
Over the dying remains
Of my ebbing mind

My interpretation of the portrait named 'Sleeping Child'

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Southern Charm

Lies saunter through bent brow’d occasion,
teasing the elegant disposition of 
wilting Dixie flowers.
Glass clinks together,
in unison with a common cackle.
Snakes in the grass;
Coming to suck their eggs,
but there’s no ruffled feathers here. 
It’s just another warm southern night,
amid the fire;
Nature will take it’s course.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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TheTruth Of My Crime To All Soup Members Part 3

I have goals, I plan to enroll in a community college.  Get an associates degree in graphic 
design.  I plan to write a couple books.  I have a few novels in my head.  I love music still, 
singing, dancing - I can do it all.  I'm silly, funny, morbid, you can tell in my slams.  
     Now I've flirted with women on this site - I'm single, and yes I would love to find love.  I 
thought I found it, but it slipped away.  I do not "prey" on women.  I would love to have a 
good strong woman in my life.  That's why I've asked a couple to correspond via postal mail -
as friends first to get to know me.
      Soupers my times almost done.  I should not be prejudged or discriminated against!  
P.D., Nathan, SKAT I am sorry for the slams.  I guess I pushed your buttons where you guys 
would want to gossip about me,  Ain't no other reasons.  But I have nothing to hide.  I'm as 
real as they get!  
     I have not asked any women on this site for anything (unless they are my genuine friend, 
and a great friendship was already established.)  If "preying" on women for friendship, pen-
pals, possibly love, then I'm guilty!
     Some of you soupers are on my facebook!  Carolyn Devonshire is like my big sister.  
Audrey Carey is my dearest friend, whom I love, and no we are not an item.  Marty Owens is 
a dad I never had.  Laura McKenzie, BillytheKidster, Bob Hinshaw (I have good friends here 
on the soup).  And I want more good people in my life.
     SKAT was a great friend.  We collaborated on a great poem, so what happened?  Hmmm..
     Well I love you guys man.  The soup rocks, soon I'll be behind a PC screen and chat, 
webcam you guys - It will be cool anyone wishing to write please do so (And Nathan, I'm not 
going anywhere;))
     Peace and love "The Poetic Warlock"

Jimmy M. Anderson #0459587
P.O.Box 2405
Marion NC  28752

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A Rose

Some people see the thorns;
others the succulent petals;
others smell the melodious fragrance;
perceptions to what a rose really is.

A woman is like a rose….
Some people see her beauty;
others her vulnerability;
others her dressing;
others her personality;
others her dangerous seduction;
others her voice……
perceptions to what a woman really is.

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A Barren Antelope

____A Barren Antelope (Unedited)____

A barren antelope

Visits the world of the living

She is searching for the Messiah’s hands

To bless her womb with living

Kids, kids, everywhere, she

Wants to bear her own,

She wants to be a mother

And be called mother antelope

She cry and cry and cry over the Kilimanjaro

And Everest 

She weep across the Atlanta searching for

Messiah’s hands.

She want it, she want it

She want a good image

A bad image to be buried

To be buried and a good image to live on.


She wants a life to live

She wants a heart of her own

Who will help her out

Now that the rumour have

Spread that the Messiah 

Had gone…

Gone for life

To another life

Shadowy and deep

Yet to be know by Many.

Yet to be visit by all .

A berry paradise

A cherry light.

For: Worst poem contest
Sponsor by: PD

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Widow's Peak

Her name is now a legend 
Before her name was feared
The lady Henrietta 
Lean close and lend an ear

They say her status started
One night long time ago
She found her husband cheating
With the girl she knew next door

Her mind did snap
Her heart grew cold
With a knife she stole their souls
Cut the beating heart away 
Ate flesh when cold

Within her veins flowed the blood
Of the one who done her wrong
Gave her everlasting life
Her age in death was old

But one small thing that should be said
About the spell she cast
That beauty would always be her guide
In death she looked her best

Word spread quickly through the town
Where Henrietta lived
About the spell she cast the night
Her husband committed sin

Women came to ask for help 
To change their husband’s ways
For they had also messed around
Now love for them had strayed

With each one she gave the spell
Steps to end their grief
Now in the town such beauty found
In women who’s husbands cheat

With new found beauty each started life
Fresh and young again
And if the man they loved did cheat
Revenge was sweet again

Many many years went by
And soon the town was gone
Towards the end all that was left
Were women who were scorned

But in woods outside the town
In a placed called Widow’s Peak
You find plots of all the ones
Whose death came from a cheat

So this story lives today 
If you doubt then ask around
For the one you love and share a life
Could be a widow from that town

All men beware all women ask
Before you start your cheating
In every city and every town
A Widow’s Peak is forming

Believe me if you will or not
In the end you’ll heed the warning
Just let the one you love find out
To Widow’s Peak you’re going

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Lookin' Fer Some Way To Scribe

I set out lookin' fer some way to scribe,
that wer' a different, en catch yarn ear
Well first I'd try, 'ee hollerin' a rhyme,
with all CAPS, this only brought er tear,

This started me a thinkin' too look
elce-where, excep', per'aps this prose
isn't fer me, many have written 'ay book'
I'll need my style, somethin' too share

Sure fer this, they will laugh till they pee,
wouldn't it be a blessin', in this puddle
of tryin', findin' a style suited, right fer me
per'aps I'll be better off, an only doodle

keepin' this in mind, I started, I writ'
writ', en rewrit', like ne're before,
poundin' on my KeyPad, till all fingers,
akein' back, big butt twer'z bone sore,

So, If only I could catch er great line
if it wer' different, silly, too catch one's eye
I'd show 'em, too smile, durin' my life time
attain fame, per'aps, er piece of 'ee pie

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Man Power

A man knows he's been a man as long as time matruculates in calculation of seconds
A man behaves in public walking his manners to manhood his respect
Men mimic other men's flamboyant greatings
Tying suits that speak words from dictioneries amplifying dreams of a visionery
Strong men build prisons to lock themselves later incase they worship crime

A man secretly imprison his tears till that coffee spills
So stupid but brave
His eyes try to swim his freakness out of all running nostrils
Some men womanize women chasing shoe sizes painting we Men rotten since the day a woman secrificed her belly button
They size decisions in different pants breaking female necks wearing pants
They rap evil skills and walk manners to manhood their pubic respect
Some men google biblical meanings to attract missions

Men are just men

They kitchen flavour their favourite jaw breaking prayers
Females are easy belivers 
The study of Divas made easy by unbelievers
Evil Men repent and improve their lying skills

They try too hard to stay hard proving hard their hardness is worth chewable than your responsible hardness
The heros making headlines about fobbiden zeros
Humanless men father unborn babies while saving imprisoned monkeys
Those animals who jungle act crime like Al Pacino 
They climb trees and appreciate evil skills on news at seven
Seven or eleven depending on your country's level 
These men will always be monuments or stones
Stones fooled to please not to feed female heart-bones
The men i know are not cleanable like bloodstones

Their defination of human require spring cleaning
A man returns favours
He favours his physical K.O's
Knocking out cheeks so he can knock on female doors
Yes doors
Female thighs till thy condom trip and fall
Till thy flat tummy oven is crashed with no antivirus installed

Honestly i've been a man minutes pria painting my life in poetry
I was born in Congo next to Nigeria you know the rainbow nation wall separating zimbabwe, Angola, Ethopia 
Pass me the map
I got confused of my birth place 
my Africaness is too craving
My Africanness is too hungry for your ears
Men should be men with their hidden angelic wings

A man is a fly inviting himself on rooftops of rotten plates
Gangster plates
Some donate a portion of their worldly stains
But the truth we eat is never the original recipe 
Men are just men

(c) Raymong Ngomane

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I swear

When the cities sink nightly
In the sea of longing
I swear to drown in your depths

When you sleep
I swear to wander in your dreams

When you laugh!
I swear to melt in your breathes

When you cry!
I swear to freeze in your tears


In your eyes
I swear that silence is full of words

In your heart
I swear that love is full of wishes

In your lips
I swear that perfume is full of kisses

Far of you
I swear that world is full of darks..

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Woman... they're all over...
Woman, you know what I mean.
They stride along breaking hearts
with smiles when they see what
they want, woman... fine creatures.

Soft hands and tender hearts,
reflexies like cats, wild tigers
and conversations of dark passion
that would make a young school boy
Woman... they have no boundaries...
No faith, no religion... Love till their
hearts are broken,
Then blame everything on the good guy.

Woman, their long hair flowing,
their smiles so bright,
with clothes that hug their
tight and oiled-skinned bodies;
They laugh at you,
when you say you're in Love.
They take it as an advantage
to break your heart
and kiss another man in front
of your very own eyes.

My advice, stay away from the woman,
She is mean, she is cold,
Sure she looks good, but she is a trick.
The whores need love, the whores are nice,
love them, love the real women of the world,
love them,
because they're not afraid to love you back.


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we can't date if

I see you standing at the bar and I like you
Such a sexy body I could one night you
But it takes a lot more than looks for me to wife you
But we can’t date if the number of men you’ve slept with is higher than your IQ

I don’t mind if we speak every night
Don’t mind telling you how I feel deep inside
As long as you let me keep my pride
But we can’t date if you’re uploading half-naked pics for retweets and likes

Give me your all and you will get it back
You will get it returned with interest
Have no issue with treating you like a princess
But we can’t date if you can’t accept my past

Girl I don’t mind you being a diva
But we can’t date if you disturb me when I play FIFA
We can’t date if you use a knife and fork to eat pizza
Most importantly we can’t date if you try & make me listen to Justin Bieber

Why make me choose? I like feisty brunettes and tall blondes
I’ll pick you up where you fall from
And be there when you need someone to call on
But we can’t date if you talk when the football’s on 

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The Gracious Woman

The gracious woman is hated
She is not overrated but such a natural one
Morals and values dictated
Through her trials and tribulations her smiles stun
Family and friends created
Stay optimistic throughout the long run
The woman is so courageous
A strong heart is number one
She seems to be contagious
Her relationships are always undone
Her worthiness is outrageous
To find another is dreadful
To lose her is regretful
A woman of this caliber is so special

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desireable women

The warmth of your lips upon my cheek 
the touch of your fingers press on my skin, the sensation of your arms wrap around me 
your heart beating with the beat of my mine 
The eyes that spirk chills upon my spine 
Divine beauty undescrible lust for your affection 
Hands spread over the truth of mans will that my heart be shown pure in the eyes of a 
vitrious women 
No coner or space in my mind that dosent desire a women of your beauty 
Pleasing to the mind tempting to  the touch You have taken me my soul 
I desire your caring needs and i embrace your pains and hurts 
Take me as i am and for i am more than the world and lust 
My love is strong and my heart withstand I love u take my hand 
For I am in love

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i won’t stay with the men
who are waiting but what for
and are hearing the thunder ringing 
of their hollow bones 
and with the women i won’t be
the woman are always somewhere out
and searching searching but what for
the nude to find 
the land here is low 
land almost of nails
and of sermons
what kind of love is this one 
that should be touched
(male, female)
be broken to pieces 
be seen
the end

i won’t stay with the men
and women for knowing
“the rose and fire are one”*

T.S. Elliot, Little Gidding 
(No. 4 of 'Four Quartets’)

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The Garden

The night air is cool and collective,
Running through my hair and face.
Even when I’m with people, I feel alone
In this cold blooded space.

It’s like walking through a garden
Of all your favorite foods,
But none of which can substantiate
For that one so special mood…

That mood, 
that beautiful frame of mind.  
I only go there with you,
And only you can make it unwind.

I discovered a passion unlike any other
And in my finding I opened a world,
A world I did not know existed.
I’m on cloud nine every time I think of you,
Just the thought of you brings joy to my heart.

This garden holds many beautiful things
Many delightful pleasures,
Many cold nights,
Warm nights,
Difficult frights,
Ecstatic times and unsystematic times!

But they mean nothing to me,
While I’m alone…

Walk with me through this garden.

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The Parolee

By Angeline Star

The ad stated that
the prospective employee 
should have the ability
to prepare and serve food samples 
using small appliances such as 
microwaves, fryers, skillets, coffee makers 
and knives.

He had a background
with knives.

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Scars of an Inner Child

You are not the man, you want to be
You said you were my Father, till, I discovered different
Enduring, daily beatings
Bashing the living day lights, out of a woman and a child
Repetitive, bad ass attitude, nasty streak
Mean and aggressive!
Fists, knives and guns, your weapons of chose
Out of control, abusive, devious
Relentless, over – bearing!
Breaking me, piece by piece
Confusing a child, with unhealthy love
Hand fed your bullshit, brain washed
Using me as your human, punching bag
This innocent child’s blood, staining your callas hands
My child’s curiosity, asking you one day
“Why do you hurt me and Mum?”
Your retort: “I am not your blood!”
I didn't understand, back then
Now, as an adult, I clearly understand!
Believe me, when I say
There was never a day that went past
That you didn't remind me of that!
My freedom, restrained
My sanity, tested
Caged, like a wild bird in captivity
Behind bars, looking out
 Here, I am today, free from your grip
Nursing, this inner child’s, bleeding love

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Prized Possession

Prized Possession

When was it that society and religion
Became so afraid of the sexuality of women

Or was it just men who became afraid

Trapping and turning beauty into pornography
To suit the idealism of a capitalistic
Made women its prized possession

There was once spiritual prowess in her nakedness
Once long ago
The symbol of womb and breast
Gave birth to life

And a possession was once the sexual expression
Of both women and men
In an essence of a spiritual unity
Defined by the pleasure both received
In giving to life

So how did sex become a sin
Dirtied by morals
And then sold in a tin 
Of instant readily affordable self gratification
When did your own sexuality
Become a commodity
For them to sale

And poor Eve, lead mankind to ruin
And she alone made responsible for the fall from Eden
So shall she pay the price in cultural centuries
Of Christian and Muslim oppression

Such is the weakness of men
That by muscle alone defends them
Such is the weakness of men
That their God must of course; be a man
Such is the weakness of men
That in the face of beauty
It must be their possession

Such is my contempt of those men
Who cannot comprehend
Where their own lives began
And who’s wives and daughter now exists
In a poor excuse for love and worship
Trapping and turning beauty into pornography
To suit the idealism of a capitalistic
Made women its prized possession

Inspired by Brandy Megens poem “News at 5” 

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Queen Esther

(Esther 5: 2)

The King Held Out To Esther
The Golden Scepter
That Was In His Hand

She Was His Queen
The Woman Who Fulfilled His Dreams
One of The Most Beautiful In All His Lands

But It Was Persian Law For All
That Those The King Did Not Call
Would Be Struck Down Where They Stand!

Yet Brave & Beautiful Queen Esther
Whose Godly Faith Never Left Her
To Save Her People, Entered As Planned

Because There Was A Plot
Devised In Anger So Hot ...
By That Prideful, Wicked Prince Haman

To Kill All Esther's People
Haman Schemed So Evil
But The King Didn't Know Why It Began

... Or That Esther Was A Jew
In The Line of Hebrews
Who Worship The One GOD So Grand

But There Was No Hesitation
In Ahasuerus' Heart Designation
Towards This Woman Who Stood Royal & Serene

She Held Ahasuerus' Affection
and Did Not Suffer Rejection
As She Humbly Walked In, As His Queen

I Imagine All Got Quiet
Waiting For Swords To Riot
And See Esther's Head Roll Across The Floor

But At The Sight of Her Dignity
The Scepter Pointed Implicitly
To Grant Esther Whatever She Implored

And Oh, The Interplay
of Emotions That Day
Between This Woman & Her Loving Man

When The King Held Out To Esther
His Golden Scepter
... That Was In The Power of His Hand

* * * * * * * * * * * *

(Part 2)

Oh, And That Wicked Haman Was Hanged
And His Family Shared The Blame
But Esther's People Were Saved From Judah To Benjamin, To Dan

( Walk-On Hadassah - Walk-On ! )

                    Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/15/2013 
                    by:  MoonBee Canady

I have always loved the story of Queen Esther ... This is a love story that has it all - - a lovely-hearted, modest girl, (replacing a vain and arrogant queen) ... then getting royally pampered, massaged in expensive, perfumed oils, lots of clothes and jewels, winning a beauty pageant, finding true love, conflict and suspense and lastly the heroine saves the day (and oh, did I mention that she was an orphan?) ... 'Com' on Movie-Makers - we could enjoy a lot more of this ... MoonBee 

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Patradoot or The Messenger 26/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger26 /Many 
English version by  Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

These Indian women, who were called salves of man,
And even showed as degraded by the writer publisher Ms. Mayo,
You would see, what courage and bravery they have shown,
You can witness and see from your eyes, dear letter.

You will see them fighting fearlessly, dear letter,
While wearing beautiful saffron color sarees,
As if,  the goddess of courage is giving them strength,
To peacefully face lathe's and beatings on them,

Some where you will witness on your way, dear letter,
How bravely these women are struggling, while bearing,
Tortures and lathe’s in love of their motherland,
They go even to jails without fearing cruealities.

Such was the courage faced by brave and bold Indira,*
The only daughter of Kamla* on Zero Road, dear letter,
When she saved the honor of national flag,
While fearlessly struggling to carry on the procession.


Kanpur India 6th August 2010                                 to continue in 27

*Kamala …Full name Mrs. Kamla Nehru. The reference is for the mother of Mrs. Indira Gandhi or the late 1st woman Prime Minister of India.. Kamla Nehru wife of Jawaharlal Lal Nehru. She was a great social worker and Freedom fighter. My mother or the writer's ( Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor ) wife to whom the entire Patradoot is dedicated used to go with Late Kamla Nehru,  as her regular companion to awaken the women and men living even in poverty and slums areas of Allahabad

* Indira   or Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The reference is of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who later on became the Prime Minister of India. She was taking part in the non-violent movement of Mahatma Gandhi, even while she was quite young. Indira Gandhi was also from Allahabad.

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 


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A Small Craving

In the small morning of craving
And the tinkling Jezebel,
Women are stained through glass
And stained again in the experience.

Were I able and again to perform
The matchless abandon,
Coming out of desire aplenty
And out of thoughts aplenty
And wishes of the more than expected.

With an unleashed and flaming passion,
Who could match the ecstasy?
Bound not up nor yet destroyed
In letting go the flood -
Better than dreams and stretching
Into a pounding memory.

Every man's wish is to be the first
To have Delilah,
Then to cast her aside,
When trimmed and depleted,
We want no more of the world.

27 July 1971

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Pro Wrestling

Movement up and down the ring
Story lines made for entertainment
Competing for golden belts to display with pride
Stunted choreography happens inside and outside the ring
Wrestler and divas favored by many fans
Fans cheering and booing for who they like or hate
Face or heel is what wrestlers are all about 

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Surely to know the ambrosial quiver
Of stiffened fruit, ripe and swollen
With stolen fragrance and lovely flush
Of seeded solvent all down a furtive face
And up the greedy pink arms of cloud-ward reaching children

Is to know also the jealous rain
Her green glances gorge on mellow delight
Indulgent and impatient with quick eyes
Snatching strokes of waxy flesh
Torrid caress under an austere guise of gray
She is a lean and idle glutton
Who lashes in strife with quickness and lusty strikes

It will be a feast of soul
If you do not slay her first

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Vertical Lines

Don't forget to cross the Ts
and dot your Is
because if you don't do that
they're just lines vertical on a page.
Lets us forget about the imperfect words
that make us cry
the vertical lines,
like jail bars hold us back.
Stand up and out and roar like a lion!

she is mine, I love her,
but I am quiet,
held back by the vertical lines
the black oily jail bars,
that keep my hear caged in
everytime I cry and people don't listen
the guard taps his nightstick upon
the vertical bars,
the imperfect feelings of pain and sadness
feeling like this it bores me 
feeling like this makes me sick
and I feel myself wanting to vomit
and shake the nervous feeling
of falling into a dark hole,
so I sit behind these vertical lines,
like cocaine lines, ready to snort up your nose,
like cigarettes lined in a perfect and neat row,
like empty wine and beer bottles
littering around my feet.

The vertical lines take me away from reality,
close my already blinded eyes
with a black blindfold.
These jail bars cross my soul,
chain my the ankles and wrists,
and choking me, holding my head under water,
I can't breath!!! Help me!
These vertical bars hold me back in life,
hold my emotions from coming out,
to tell you how I feel for you!
I no more want vertical lines,
I want to be free.
Drive horizontal roads that wined and turn around beautiful mountains
too take a deep breathe and share the beauty
to watch the horizontal horizon.
Too sit on a beach shore and write till the sun goes down
and the mermaids sings cheerful tunes
that uplift my spirits and break the remaining vertical lines
that bind and hold my heart in place.

There is nothing beautiful in a straight line,
let alone a vertical one.
Horizontal, vertical all bad in their own ways,
always trapping us, like jail bars or barbwire that streches across the open lands.
Love has no lines,
no boundaries,
so why should I have lines that bind me together
holding my head underwater,
till a spark lights a powder keg and blows me sky high
and I finally set myself free
and roam the horizon for ever.

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I was over forty-four years, already old,
when I boarded the Titanic to sail to 
New York.  My grandson was ill.  I
needed to be with him.   My daughter Helen,
had been traveling with me but was staying on 
and I would be going home alone.
“Mrs. Margaret Brown,” I signed in
and was ushered to my cabin,
as luxurious as my own home.
This would be a trip to remember.

Four days later.....
I had been dining at the Captain’s table
as he entertained us with
adventure stories of the sea.
He excused himself early to attend
to duties.
My dining companions and I sat for a while,
conversing about sundry things, before
leaving one by one, or two by two,
to retire to our own quarters.
It was nearing midnight when the jarring crash
occurred.  Instant blackness ensued.
Glad that I was still dressed, I 
grabbed my coat to grope my way to the deck. 
People were crowding, frantic
to reach the too few lifeboats. 
Men were bravely shouting, 
“Women and children first” as 
wives clung to their husbands.
The men prevailed and the lifeboats were
filled up with wailing women and children.
Someone shoved and pushed me into
a lifeboat just as it was pulling away.
Knowing that if the massive ship began to sink,
we would be pulled down with it,
I took up an oar and began to row.

Most of the occupants of the boat
had left loved ones on the sinking ship
and were unaware of their fate.
I appointed myself as guide
and counselor to these frightened
After being rescued by the Carpathia,
I found my services to be sorely
needed and offered any help
I could give to the distraught survivors.

Later on in life I was lauded for my 
actions during this disaster.  I accepted 
as humbly as I could, while knowing
that the true heroes were those brave men
and women who had perished in order 
to protect others. 

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My SLAM 2 Me (How PD's should have been, but PD's too weak)

BILLYtheKidster, BILLYtheCryBaby, BILLY, the pathetic loser that is he.
So you lost your oldest son to someone driving while drunk
and now you sit around appearing so sad, just to attract attention from everyone.
Pretending to still be in mourning the loss of your son 
you've managed to seduce many women.
To think this young man once called you DaD. You Do Not Deserve Such A Son!
and your other son, the surviving one?
theKidster drove his son into the incurable mental disorder known as schizophrenia everyone.
This child's suffering never ends
What does theKidster do? theKidster abandons.
theKidster puts his so called loved son into an institution
and now never pays a single so called DaD Moment with him.
theKidster has driven his son possibly into permanent vegetation.
The child is now an adult. Not once has Kidster visited him.
You drove him to this and then you abandon him.
You're the lowest of the lowest Kidster. You're beneath being humane,
and Kidster, what about all of those great women who tried to help you?
How did you show towards them your attitude?
More times than none you were ungrateful and rude
So many women loved you and you let them all down.
You are a true SKUmkBAG Cleator. You take the crown.
These women are now dead that you claimed to love,
but you never loved any of them, with you it was always lust never love.
All they ever wanted was to make you happy and you smacked them in their face.
You deserve to go to hell Kidster. You're a human disgrace.
Your so called best Friend Sonny killed himself. Suicide wasn't it?
You pretended to mourn, but you really didn't give two bits.
If you truly had given a true thought to your so called best friend
you would have taken the time to speak with him and find out what was troubling him,
but no, like all the others you too abandoned him.
You left Sonny feeling as if he truly had no one, so his life he did end,
and you claim still to this day that Sonny's your long missed friend.
You are the lowest of hypocrites Kidster and like all true hypocrites, 
I know how your life will end.
All bets are open everyone, 
I'm giving great odds on this one
I'm betting that when the Kidster, alone, miserable comes to see what he has truly done
theKidster will one night blow his own brains out, with his own finger triggering the gun.
and then all of our dealings with the Kidster will all be done.
God Riddance BILLYtheKidster. Rest In Eternal Torment! C'mon, Join Me Everyone!

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Songs of Sorrowed Hearts

What makes this world go around?
What makes Death walk the Earth
and God sit on his throne and watch over us?
What makes love go around with such favour
and strut along side lonesome avenues?
What does a widow, a motherless child, a Vietnam veteran
and a boy who has had his fare share of heartbreaks,
all have in common with each other?

They were all promised a beautiful life,
free for all to love, free from the pain of betrayal
and anger.
We are what make the world go around,
I am the poet who sits and looks at love walk down the street,
and watch the blind eyes stare deep in my soul.
I am the poet, that feels the pain of a heart torn in two.
He his the poet who writes of smiles, to forget the frowns
and tears.
She is the poetress that writes of her success,
in order to forget her past that tortured her soul,
now he and she walk together writing poetry
sharing their love and smiles with the world.
But with smiles, also comes frowns,
with hearts full of love, comes hearts full of sorrow,
and someone has to stay behind and write of the bad
has to write and compose the songs of the sorrowed hearts.

We are all given love,
but it takes some whole lives to understand
the dark mystery that tags along with beautiful love.
Someone has to suffer the pain,
someone has to sacrifice his or her happiness,
so another poet can feel the beauty in happiness and pain.
I am willing to sacrifice my time and heart,
for my fellow poet to feel the smiles grow on their faces
and feel love uplift their heart,
while the black cancer tears apart mine.
I will go on, with what is left of my heart and smile,
and go into my room of creativity
and compose the songs of sorrowed hearts
for future poets, like that came before me.

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The Whores are my Women

I walk alone on freezing cold gutters,
with my jacket that has no buttons,
and shoes with the holes at the soles of my feet,
and the women look at me and gag,
they cry, they faint, they run away, they sigh,
they don't spare a passing glance,
they are the horrid creatures that have no soul.

Then there are the whores.
Yes, the whores stay with me,
they look at me and see a real man,
they see a real poet,
they see a real artist,
who really and truely starves for his art,
and they all admire me and what I stand for.

When I come around,
they tag along,
they sigh in relief when they see me
and they huddle around me
and they admire me
and I admire all of them.
They are my women
who ask nothing from me,
not one thing, yet they stay by my side.
They don't look at beauty, nor how big my bank account is,
they come as they are and look at me for what I really am.
They admire me, they love me,
they can't get enough of me,
and I can't get enough of them.
They all treat me right,
and I admire them for going out of their way for me.

Love is real, when real people appriciate real people.
Love is there when they sit there and listen to me
read my poems and they laugh and smile at me
and my creative genius.
The whores are my women,
and I love them for that, and I smile,
my heart laughs and they laugh with me,
because their my women
and I love them for that.


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What do you say of me

What do you say of me ?          

When ladies meet and throw up their men,
What do say of me? Who do say I am darling ?
Do you tell them what my bed life looks like?
Do you call me german machine or trojan ?
Who do you say I am darling?

A care free man of highest order,
Rascal with little or no time for details;
A defiant, leftist or nonconformist;
Tell me darling, what do you say of me?
A country side man that moves not with time,
Whose best tunes are oldies or folk tales
Who do you say I am ?

A rowdy one that throws here and there,
Who searches for socks in north and shoes in south;
Who eats before tooth brushing or shower,
What do you really say of me sweetie ?
A nonchalant that shaves only when being told,
Who seldom polishes shoe or changes bed spread;
Who do you say I am darling ?

One that doesn’t pray in the morning 
But jumps out of bed like sparrow out of nest;
Who does not pray in the night
But just retires to bed like cock to cage
Tell me what you say of me,
Who do you say I am darling?




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as God is our witness

     as God is our witness…

you told me you loved her
adored her
could see no beauty like her
worshiped her
would never hurt her

she was your queen
the greatest creation seen
then you changed
became deranged

cursed her
debased her
embarrassed her
raped her 
said you made love to her

like a mad dog
with the mange
you went and hit her 
forgot to remember
what I said 
‘bout gon’n up side yo head
that’s why you’re nearly dead
and I’ll gladly stand accused
of defending the abused

touch my baby a’gin
and ’om gonna commit a cardinal sin
take my case to the bench
plead the 5th and old testament

so you better look out boy
wallowing in your feigning joy
you better open your eyes and see
there’re a lot out here just like me
abuse our baby one more time
and  it’ll surely be your last crime:

as God is our witness
you need to start praying for forgiveness. 

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Beautiful Black Woman

Beautiful black woman 
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Beautiful black woman 
You're worth more than the finest gems.
Your love,
Holds the presence of God's healing hands.

Beautiful black woman
You're the reason why I breathe.

In this follow follow society
Zombies follow I gotta lead...

Beautiful black woman whom,
birthed me into this crazy world,
I came from your womb 
not to be cast down and quietly consumed,
By the rage and fury of a people in a hurry.

You born me...
To be a catalyst of change!
To stand against rape!
To fight for your freedom!
To bring on the new Kingdom!

Beautiful black woman
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Beautiful black woman 
You're worth more than the finest gems.

The world is starving for LOVE. 
We need you ...
For you are LOVE.
Your Unconditional Love holds the keys.
As a matter of fact you have the power to put the world at ease.
Create Peace.
Please forgive us men who fail to understand that
Your LOVE holds the presence of God's healing hands.

Beautiful black woman
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Your LOVE holds the presence of God's healing hands. 

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O'er here Lies Victorious Sin

As the dream went the women screamed for Chucky Baudelaire

Side scene alleyway dark night
Foot steps timidly trekked along the broken glass, sinner's hour

Oscar Wilde was alive and well with bourbon laden jovial tales

It was a languid night a night for lords to piss about, hens to cackle, ravens to make love

The ink was then my blood and poison, my god and death

As the dream went the women lusted after Edgar Poe
I was contently bitter and hidden in a meadow of urban shadows cast by tall,stark, unforgiving dens of 
depravity...these dens suit me well

The witching hour sky was wild and held the grin of my demon foe
Singing now are the cigarettes falling from the sky...
A most peculiar yet familiar night

I am awake again nowhere... pretending to be your chivalrous poet

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Women Lead With Intuition

Women lead with intuition.
Just for balance,
men lead in dancing--
	it is allowed.
Have no regrets after the dance;
We have eternity stretched out
	before us.
SHE knows the routine,
while HE hopes to learn.

Given enough time,
	HE will learn—maybe.
Time is just nature's way of
	keeping everything
from happening all at once.

So nature is kind to the man-fool
	as HE hops along one footed
like a flamingo, though not pink.
	SHE snares him with her loop.

Marriage?  Is that but 
	a fool's convenience?
Contrary to prevailing winds
	it can be dazzling to HIM

if only HE would behave
	and be no fool's fool
and cherish the moment afforded
	HIM in time and hand.

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Supernova girls

Pretty girls don't have to hide 
Scars with sweaters and lies. 
They don't have to cover up 
How ugly they feel inside. 
And lovely girls are not afraid 
Of the demons inside their mind. 
Normal girls don't cry at night 
And think of such monstrous things. 
And other girls don't have to smile
just to cover up their pain. 
Nice girls do not screw up 
And feel worse than they did in the first place. 
You may say that I'm lovely, or nice, or pretty. 
And you will see a broken smile shy upon my face. 
And at first you may think that I am actually okay. 
Until you get a closer look, and you notice 
The light in my eyes, is fading away.
I used to be one of those girls.. 
But I have been hardened. I have been changed. 
The innocence has gone and the darkness reigns. 
Years ago my bright eyes drowned 
Into solitary oceans of fear.. 
So don't mind my teary eyes
Thre next time you whisper those
Sweet nothings into my ear..

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My Rita

Rita, the feeling is so real
For you, of all the love and 
My Rita, how do I make you 
Loved, or out of fashion?

Rita, I’ll be the one for you
Forever by your side
My Rita, whatever it takes, I’ll 
Our hearts, we’ll never hide

Rita, you came to me my love
In just the nick of time
My Rita, tonight we’ll rise above
You’re in your red dress so fine

Rita, the feeling is so real
For you, of all the love and 
My Rita, how do I make you 
Loved, or out of fashion?

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FREE CEE champagne cheers and cheap beers jeers


Cheers to women who bend over a chair
Jeers to ladies who won’t bare what their bodies ought bear 
Hurray for every lady I lay
Hurrah for every bra that falls upon my floor
Praise to women going through a nympho phase
Applause for women who pause to f*ck me
I’m clapping for lovers who don’t have the clap
I’m giving a standing ovation for women who are not experiencing ovulation 
I roar for every whore and horny woman
And Lord protect the lord of protection
Because their ain’t no maybes
I don’t need no f*cking babies
     © 2012 copy write…..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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He happily gives you big, juicy steaks!
Pure and limitless water!
He keeps you healthy, he keeps you busy, 
Visitors admire you both from afar.

With him you are fed, but are you full, dear?

He lovingly keeps you sheltered and warm.
No more getting lost, no more feeling scared!
No more wandering aimlessly through the jungles of life,
Best to avoid all those choices out there.

This may be a roof, but do you see your home here?

You are your most peaceful, calm self with him,
Yet you fear the inevitability of your wild self rising up again.

My dear, you are lion! One day you’ll lash out at him.

You will bite this poor man’s hand,

Because you were born with something he’ll never comprehend:

Yes, I’ve come from somewhere he’ll never understand:

The fiercely complicated mind of a lioness.

My mother’s womb, the lion’s den.

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Determined for Sex

                           Men worship women
                       Great culture that we are
                               Man to woman
                                 Love for lust
                               Marry for money
                            Determined for sex
                     Pornography before marriage
                      Sonography after marriage
                                Choice is a boy
                         Result - sex determination
                           Girl ends up as foetus
                           Boy ends up as a man
                            To find a day where
                          Men wont get women
                               Homos will rule
                             Porno to sono to homo
                            The cycle might end here
                          Won't be seen at home ever
                     Women to be seen only in temples
                        Men will worship women indeed

                                                             Suresh M Iyer

Female infanticide is on the rise in Modern India, where sex is determined for 
weeding out females and selecting males.  Designer babes are the order of the day.

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Rest are Women! 
We worship Women,
We love Women as Mothers
We seek affection
from Women as Sisters
We are Men

We place Woman
on a Pedestal, We need Her
We use Her, We misuse Her
We are Men

We love our Wife,
We hate Daughters
We flirt Women;
We abuse Her
We are Men

When Women dares! and
Gets down her pedestal
We hate her,
we fear her
We are Men

Wonder! Why God fears
to get down from pedestal
The offerings will stop from all,
Shall ignore even the Lord
We are Men
The Rest are Women

INDIA, THE LAND OF GREAT CULTURE  is sadly named among the five worst places 
for women in the world in a survey.

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A Grand Carlyle Residue via 1989

Stymied synergistic stoolcumers synchronized
of gifted glib galb garbage run of mouth
nicotine rings of one night 
no promise quickly spilled
ever taxed gestured pocket
pool. tandem coulpling random 
access eye spew askances for a 
tainted night glow. Weak whitewine 
whispers office yupslugs curtaling on a 
Friday nnite feeding rampage
cock'll doodle do ya, hopefully, fixed
******l trans plant stilted blue
libidious carneverous ego ectascies
exaggerate trip the gonad fantasy fantastic
click, click, click, scrape,
click females ina crowd leave ina crowd
***** puffers everywhere cancer
croonies suck lips with sunken jaw 
jumping jill frenzy paste posted tooth
smiles--only gum grin where prohibited
white collar/blue collar share a
once beer of sorts, while linley smoke
figures haunt backwards in a sitdown dismal
denial comedy for the no show waitresses
geese gatheing empty of poignant personality
through bar riers of in-finite age range ripe
rituals for meta phor women to the restroom!
The plot hair thickens. my lungs hurt from watchexisting
Blue suit sancturary slugs offer office onslaughts through
oppulent openings via perservance in a temperate tampon 
express meal head long into a pubic partisian oblivion? 
True bar tintilation touting tempting tidbits of tumultious
temptations tilting time, tantilizing tremors, tracking
tricks of professional preference and sexosocial sinny
secular satisfaction. Gomer Pyle just pissed by. 
Judy, Judy, Judy. Poor Judy.   

occular preferences occlude 

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No one ever told me when I grew up things would be this hard. 
No one ever knew. 
Everyone just took one day at a time, being a puppet and working for lard. 
No one ever knew. 

Now here I am, living my life day to day in sickness more than health. 
Who never knew?
I have to get out of here, my children my health. 
I knew. 

It has taken over my body, it has made me incapable. 
I know now. 
The pain I ensure everyday has never been measurable. 
I know now. 

This is my life, this is how it'll end. 
I'm very confused. 
Where's my Angel that the heavens sent? 
I no longer know.

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I look in the mirror afraid to blink
Refusing to believe the image
Staring back at me is me
Wondering if this is the only thing 
Anyone else sees
Dark brown hair
Slowly fading to shades of gray
A shell that once cradled curvy hips
Now slums and hides through elastic strips.
Vibrant eyes that once gleamed 
No longer quick
Convictions laid at rest
A tired body that can attest to
How mind boggling self image truly is
Beauty isn't the curve
Where the leg is forced to rest on
Nor is it defined by the ogling of
An overexposed chest
True beauty is the story behind 
The image; The quiet resilience 
That truth we hide and refuse to embrace
I lost my youth but found my wisdom
Because I know what matters most
Now, I am simply a woman
Each and everyone of us is beautiful in our own way

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She Haunts

 by the way thanks for the reminder
I would of forgotten by now..
now I know where to find her
like a ghost..her skeletons shows,
her soul is quite frightening 
my home she haunts
with things she forgot
now I sit alone surrounded...
Can peace be bought..
this battle fought
does someone have the answer..
an exorcist.. please bless this house
please rid this home of evil


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Protect Me As I Sleep

Knows my real name
Is what I go by
I am freezing cold
I don’t have money
Just, the clothes on my back
I am a walking wardrobe
I am lonely
I smell like crap
I am starving hungry
I can’t find any shelter
My clothes are drenched
I look like a drowned rat!
Upon women
Is classed normal
Around here!
I wonder...
I will survive
Another day?
To wake up
Do this
All over, again!
“Protect me tonight
As,I lay my head to rest”
“I love you, dear God”


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Once Upon a Time I was One of THEM

Eyes dry, I look out at THEM. They crawl in the dirt with a trail of tears shedding like a
long haired dog's coat in the summer time.
Anger build up inside of me as I watch THEM.
THEY are the women children of this world. 

They want to be loved.

No. These poor creatures do not know what love is. They know of pain. 
They know of rising waves and riptides of anger and desperation,
but not love.

To find this treasure that they have heard about their entire life they change.
Change like the leaves on a tree. With every man that comes their way the colors change.


I hate the sight of them. They sicken me. Why?
Once upon a time I was one of THEM.
Once upon a time I was lost too.
That person is dead now.
Now I have the skin of an Indian woman, but my heart remains soft.

Looking for happiness, these women children turn to him, 
the one that brings nothing but pain. Their Frogs they try so hard to keep on their lily
pads. He swims off to the next one when he wants to get his feet wet.

Yes. My skin has grown tough, but my heart remains soft. He will not take that from me.
I stand strong and proud. May the fierceness in my soul boil over and illuminate the
passion that is me! I hold my head high and walk out of my house knowing.

I have that. I know that everything I have been through. 
Every trial.
Every lie.
Every mistake.
Every tear.
Every scar.
Every rumor.
Every hurtful thing.
Every careless word. 
Every scream.
Every man...
has made me what I am today.

May the light shine on my face as these tear tracked cheeks raise with smile. May the
strength within me help the others around me. For I know what I am.
I AM A WOMAN. Proud and Free.

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The Virgin

The Virgin

The virgin was the daughter of a retired surgeon
Who enjoyed imported beer and catching sturgeon.
At a seedy hotel with no blinds and garbage bags
For the provision of relief from the sun
They entered by the will of an old desk hag
With a hairy chin and breasts that would sadly sag.
Her father's disbelief as he circled the town.

In his car, no story about the library accepted,
He went through her wardrobe and suspected.
Still as he drove around and search the sky, the street,
The windows of restaurants, and the ground
His precious dirty little was nowhere to be found. 
An advert in the newspaper, $200 in bills, a hungry tongue
And she emptied her bank account, the act was her will.

She wanted a stranger, not a nice boy who told her to lie still. 
A monstrous walrus of hard flesh from the shower
Though she knew she was the one with the power
And she had appreciated his arrival upon the hour.
She found his instrument shocking to the senses
As she rubbed and 'polished' him back and forth
Cantankerous, red, and alarming in size.

The virgin soon realized the pleasures of her demise
She could hardly keep her speculation in disguise
Reminiscent of sharks out of the water
Ready to devour the girl, as was her wish. 
Her father kept looking around
But as she screamed in pleasure,
He found she was nowhere to be found.

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They always say you can't be beautiful
Without being skinny as a stick
But damn it society I want to be seen and I want to be...
beautiful in my own way
Before the blood drips on the floor
from the scratches in my arm
from the pain inside my heart
don't you understand

You're making this too hard on us
us girls with a little extra weight
us girls with bumps on our face
just shut up I'm sick and tired of this
This shouldn't have to be my fate

I don't want to die to be seen and heard
to be recognized as someone beautiful...
But isn't that the only way?
When a society you thought you knew is telling you that you can't be beautiful
without having to fit some social standard
that's bull*****don't you understand
That's why so many teenagers are dying every day 

I want to be pretty 
without having to change
is that too much to ask

I want to be loved 
without having to change who I am! 
By a girl instead of a man
Let me live my own life
stop telling me that I can't! 

Society you're killing us all
making us take our life because you all can't understand
that being who you are is what makes you beautiful

But we have to take a knife to our throat
to make you all see
the beauty inside of us
Can't you let us be. 

I want to be beautiful...
but I just don't know how
when everyone around me 
is telling me how to live 

Make this stop
This pain and suffering

Let us all be equal
A whole 
No more hurt
no more sorrow
no more suicide

Just make it stop...

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Moods With Hazel Eyes

blue-eyed wisdom.

water green
green-eyed wisdom.

draws shutters
suddenly withdraws
gray-eyed wisdom.

November 1970
Greeley, Colorado

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Groove of Things

Embrace me     my lover,
Let eager fingers identify your physical boundary,

Innocently caressing every curve leaving a surmounting temptation like no other,

Satisfying even those hidden pages tucked away in your precious diary,

Lovingly kissing such divine lips,
Every hand stroke encountering a quivering body,
While lustful hands clasp onto swinging hips,

Fair warning     it will be considerably rowdy.

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Coagulating Perspective

The seconds drift into minutes,
cascade into hours.
Relativity floats subtly past
and pools around perspective’s
Waiting is the fierce tick
of a sequestered heart.
Tracking time,
by counting blood cells sailing
through a clotting current.
Labored lungs grasp at
tiny red buoys,
flagged with markers of 
It’s become harder to
comprehend the notes I left 
myself. I tried so hard to
hammer that nail into memory;
I bruised knuckles from exasperated swings.
never thought I had the strength
to sever the yoke of what bound 
my soul to yours.
But I swung,
and I swung
              and  I swung.
Until I drove you away.
I thought it would kill
the pain;
fooled my body into taking the blame
so I could have peace.
But now I wish I could feel
anything but this sordid repeal 
of discernment I let my body
confuse with mending.
I clutch each cell between
aching hands,
and demand it’s clarity;
 tighten my grip when
they squirm and feel
the pangs of past;
remembering the agony
of losing you all over again.
For fear of suffering
I risked losing myself.
I couldn’t breathe…
burying myself in bloody denial.
I almost let my need of you
coagulate to the point of 
my body’s repose.
You were once something
vital, a brilliant spark of something
magical much like serotonin at the 
perfect levels..
I don’t know what made us bleed.
But you’ve scabbed over..
You’ll probably itch for a long time,
reminding me that love is often
less than divine. And every now and then,
 you might feel a sharp nail
grinding against your surface
like a dry tongue searching
for the comfort of water.
Don’t be afraid,
that’s just me counting the minutes,
trying to remember
how to breathe.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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dream girl

Flawed, scarred, and as far away from perfect as you could ever get
Doesn’t nag, but knows how to keep me in check
Realises I’m with her cause I love her and doesn’t stress over my ex
I’m just describing my dream girl even though we haven’t met

Hopefully she won’t shy away from dressing up
But I don’t want you dressing it up or trying to act brave
Just know I’ll hold you when you’re upset and always have your back babe
We’ve got each other so it doesn’t matter about anyone else getting us

I’ll hold your hand and show you, your heart belongs to me
Support you at your weakest you don’t have to be strong for me
Hopefully you will accept all that is wrong with me
Then I know you’re the one for me

I’ll always put you first babe
But let us make a deal
If you’re quiet when the football’s on, I’ll remember your birthday
When you’re hurt, my arms will be your place to heal

She’s been through the worst so I’ll give her the best of me
Can’t wait till I have you next to me
A fully committed love not just sex to me
I’m describing my dream girl even though we’re yet to meet 

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what do I do now

Nocturnal go betweens as I wish wonder why and
pine and ponder the thrill of you, in-sensed
enraged plight unforgiving unkind-blistered
human frality relentless fingers grip and squeeze
the terrified emotion from a craving heart strong
with beaded bridled bullshit; unsustained in a 
pisstrom of anxious delight paradise lost with a fabled man
truth sick honesty no trip to bountiful bliss 
love lost passion dismissed and the threat of
a dismantled ego leanloins in jerked off ruins. No
feelings everfelt inherent in the now metaphor of existent
fervor of that which I place myself in the present
tense of future fear yearnings. My skull, cosmic of crippled
cell thoughts---transient trenchings. Forbid my manual range
inept incomplete incoporeal disavowed--I wishI mayIwishImight
have the wish I-------------------Eternity Heights
upscaled past reason's dictates a surrender gorge.
regardless of quicksand times and blows dealt
regardless of "life goes on"--stop-leave-don't outcomes
regardless of mirror mimed politicolove entgrails whom shout "NO"
from their lovelung tops of false de-saintitty thesis. On&on&on
from charm to harm all in drop C alphabet olleyolleyinfree stew.
Slowly I lose a little more cranial fragment appetitie at yesterday's
testicular terminal power love lost lunch. 
Another naked being for the mating composite heap. Next!  

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Foreigners Now

My best friend and I
Keep ourselves secret
Within the soft whisper
Of our headscarves-
Yet a beginner 
In this disappearing act,
I still need her help;
In danger of falling over
Ourselves and each other
In the backseat of the car,
We giggle-
Over misplaced pins
And her mother's admonitions
From the front seat-
As my disguise is applied;
A blue scarf...
A simple, sky-blue scarf...
She wraps the fabric,
Adjusts folds,
Pins it down, 
Until a new blue frame
Edges my vision-
The different perspective
Is familiar enough to me,
And she as well,
But we know
To everyone else-
We will be foreigners now.

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Redundant Tragedies

Oh, how he loved you 
How he took your wants
And made them his needs 
How he wrestled with hunger
Before it fed on you
How he wiped your tears
To make trees grow
And you were love’s willing slave.

Before your moon turned to honey
His hands met your face
As you grew cold, bleeding
Blaming yourself for his bulge 
For how could he be the same man
Who showed kindness
Be the one who gave you a shiner
It can’t be, it must be your fault.

Love has long became your tragedy
As this is will always be the last time
He gets angry and beats you,
Leaves you laying on the floor defeated,
And you have to tell us you run into a door .

My dearest friend If  I can only say this :
That love will never be an excuse
That those apologies are empty
 And meaningless as what you called love

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We men are arrogant, vengeful, ambitious creatures;
With more ill will in them to fit into their thoughts,
And more time than they can hope for to carry it out.
Why should a prince crawl around between heaven and earth?
Men are by nature criminals and not to be believed.
To marry, will only bring down a curse on your head.
Even if women should remain as clean as ice;
As pure as the driven snow; they get a bad reputation.
The whiles of women drive men to madness:
Painting their faces; hiding their God given allure.
They dance and prance and cajole and ensnare
With their sexuality; their sensual ploys. 
Women are only fit to meet with men in chaste surroundings.
The nuns have done well, therefore: “To a nunnery, go.”*

Footnote: *Shakespeare's way of swearing. 


For a little insight into actual script and Shakespeare's Elizabethan England: Medieval Nuns - Middle Ages
Fast and accurate facts about the Medieval Nuns. ... Moral standards declined and Nuns became more careless about keeping the services



I am very proud, revengeful, ambitious, with more offences at my beck than I have thoughts to put them in, imagination to give them shape, or time to act them in. What should such fellows as I do crawling between earth and heaven? We are arrant knaves, all. Believe none of us. Go thy ways to a nunnery. Where’s your father?

At home, my lord.

Let the doors be shut upon him, that he may play the fool no where but in ’s own house. Farewell.

O, help him, you sweet heavens!

If thou dost marry, I’ll give thee this plague for thy dowry. Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny. Get thee to a nunnery, go. Farewell. Or, if thou wilt needs marry, marry a fool, for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them. To a nunnery, go, and quickly too. Farewell.

Heavenly powers, restore him!

I have heard of your paintings too, well enough. God has given you one face and you make yourselves another. You jig and amble, and you lisp, you nickname God’s creatures and make your wantonness your ignorance. Go to, I’ll no more on ’t. It hath made me mad. I say, we will have no more marriages. Those that are married already, all but one, shall live. The rest shall keep as they are. To a nunnery, go.


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just a kid in love

I was the class clown never good at maths
Hitting on girls looking at their ass
Passing love notes back and forth in class
Acting like a girl to make a certain girl laugh

She found it funny and thought I was cool
Every day acting up and breaking rules
Looking back now I guess I was a fool
But what kid didn’t do this in school?

It’s funny how stupid us boys act for the first girl we like
Age 14 thinking we’ll be together for life
Acting like a pro, hoping she won’t know it’s my first night
Giving her a haribo ring pretending she’s my wife

When will this class end?
So we can sneak off somewhere, I can’t kiss her in front of my friends
I tell them we’re not together I have to pretend
Even though I’m thinking about the next love note I will send

I guess all us boys did this as kids
Trying to impress the girl we were in love with
Sometimes too shy to speak to a certain girl so we hid
I think we all had a love like this as kids 

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The Greatest Proof of Love

The greatest proof of love:
Man’s desire to protect
His most endearing quality:
The role he shares with heavenly beings…
A guarding angel on earth
With his strength
Protecting his woman
From outer attacks…

And yet…
From the heart of every woman
A gentle voice pleads:
"Will you protect me
From the strength of your own heart?
I am most vulnerable to you…
Will you protect my heart
From your power
Over me?"

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Communion Wayfarer

A constant consistent tearing
reveals the I in the memory of me.
The brutal rent, the rip, the harvest
of flesh from flesh.

Rouge the ass cheek of an open womb,
drag forth the unknowing,
slap the next ass in the conga line
of flesh from flesh.

An un-whole skim a film of
transparent gore left, left, left
for time and machismo to bore
of flesh from flesh

Slice the pale sweet skin of desire
rent with teeth and pit with prong
imagine the delicacy as you dine
on flesh from flesh.

Cactus Fruits [1937] Frida Kahlo

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Enchantress Commander

The creature of beauty;
a curvature silhouette
with a sweet scent and tenderness
that can wittingly
lure and sedate the beast.
This Enchantress,
once sanctioned as weaker,
merely the bearer of offspring
has evolved
from a sex goddess 
into a commander,
able to rule
an army of warriors
by way of power,
remain true 
to her instinctive nature
as sensual,
the nurturer
a creature of beauty;
the woman.

by Ana Espinola Collins

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Dead silence

pictures available
we have phones
we have drink
we have all
and we try to keep us alive
because in fact we need a good woman.
and when we get home at night
turn on the light and we have no idea if something may happens too
wherever she may be
our eyes have that color
as can be love in the middle
and no
we are not so ignorant
're just blind.

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Fresh and clean

I love the way she smells after a shower
so fragrant fresh and clean
and how she sits there
so beautiful
in her dressing gown
brushing her long wet hair
until it dry's and gleams.

Her sweet perfume fills the room
and sets my heart on fire
heightening my senses
and filling me with desire.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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the pharoas birthday

the fool of the tarot is the pharoa
four royal families go into hiding to pull off winning a war versus torture for his birthday
its an under rug swept fool proof process that is hinted at in the zodiac and the bible

the bible is a guide of realising torture victoms and a reminder on how to heal them
it seems the bible stories are reminders of historical events that caaused the end of a war

satan was the pharoas name, jesus was hired to abolish slavery
mary was the nurse
the holy ghost was the black market that proceeded government

the zodiac is a weather channel of catastrophic events that took place while previous generations were alive
their mythological stories point to places on the earth where these tragedies occured, speculated by confused philosophers we call prophets

some hieroglyphs and numerology are similar its a simple language of numbers, crack the code of hieroglyphs into numbers
translate the numbers into meaning

almost everything we read or study and speculate points to how a past battle was won

figuring past lives are a math
the occupation you have now
and how those skills you use everyday would have helped you survive hardships of a previous period

ie toy store candy shop would be alive during saints
ie. casino goldrush or dirty thirties
ie. prison guards trojan war
ie. pornographers cleopatra
ie. teachers jesus
ie. fitness experts philosophical age

etcetera, the skills you use everyday would be useful in a previous time of hardship.

davinci hints at women being named after tornados
and other things women have been named after
the mona lisa may then be cleopatra

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I would scream between midnight and four 
invisible man is dreaming of an invisible woman
she disappeared from the many-coloured screen of joy
it'd say like a sigh
on the way to Amsterdam
I call it now Anasterdam
Anasterdam - I look at a big Mysteries
saddened I predict the return through the water
I do not know on which new coast
the clear river of love will throw us out
we may find ourselves face to face with a marriage
how lucky we are (what a happiness) !
I am trembling frightened with a wedding ring
it is not easy to defeat rather old dragon
I have heard strange stories about it
if she conquer your heart
you will look like a Lady called a Big monotony

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I am pretty. 
I know, because everyone says so.

I am so pretty that
Hoodies and lack of makeup
Translate as showing off
Natural beauty- as confidence
In the fact that everyone
Will love me,
Instead of disinterest...

I am so pretty that
Boys ask how old I am,
And say, "Too bad..."
Because I'm under 18.

I am so pretty that
My boyfriend doesn't like
To kiss me in public
Because everyone stares
At the Hispanic boy
With- The nerve!-
To touch a white girl-
And a pretty white girl,
No less!

I am so pretty that
Any boy will flirt with me 
And when I remind them
That I have a boyfriend,
They protest,
"But you're so pretty!"

I am so pretty that
When my best friend,
A Muslim girl,
Taught me how to wear
A hijab, 
People asked why
Would I ever cover up;
They would say,
"But you're so pretty!"

I am so pretty
That I know I could never
Say that I feel lonely-
People would just say,
"But you're so pretty!"

I am so pretty that
When I'm upset,
People will tell me,
"But you're so pretty...
You, know that, right?"

Yeah. I know.

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No Looking Back, M'lady

No looking back, m'lady.
to the long days spent in that garden. 
No looking back 
on the labors of love --	
watering and pruning and waiting.
You remember the vibrant smell
of un-cut lilacs on the bush.

You are no longer a lady in waiting.
For he has chosen you to
replace his first love.
Wearing now her fine clothes
which you helped fashion
into their loveliness.
Do not be ill-at-ease.

Recalling how often on your knees
you polished this very same floor
to perfection.
Be reminded of your new task.
Your new calling - you must make of him
the man he never was, the man he can be.
No looking back, m'lady.

by Reason A. Poteet

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Breeze part two

She's like the breeze 
That makes memories freeze
In the door ways 
Of my mind's hallways 
Each vision replays always
On the second day!
Goddess of my imagination
Leaving shadows of heavenly formation
In complete relation
To my ciphers rotation!

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The Wayward Cafe

I sat in a small wayward cafe,
the smell of coffee beans being crushing into submission
tickled at my nosterls.
The sounds of tin cans and cups
some of them being stacked and others
drop with a violent crash.
The tables all red and round
There sat the women, with their novels, tea cups and coffee mugs
sharing small talk of innocent love.
Some women quiet and others talking.
All of them drinking something.

The cool air blew through the windows,
what a mess that wind made.
Blowing papers all around
and blowing the women's hair back.
A man sat there, writing away,
with an endless cough, a tickle at his Adam's Apple.
Then again everyone had a cough.

I sat there reading poetry, writing poetry, embracing poetry
with a pen in one hand and my head in the other,
gently resting of the red round table.
I wrote of the cafe, the women, the man with the endless cough,
that shattered your ear drums everytime he put his hand to his mouth
and coughed away.

A woman who sat reading way,
drinking lemonade and sometimes
taking long glances up.
She was waiting for someone, I could tell.
I looked at her and she at me,
and we both smiled.
Then a sudden silence,
she looked away from me.
A man, who had an ego,
(Then again, doesn't every man have one)
brushed my shoulder and pushed me away.
He apologized, not sincerly.
They kissed and hugged,
I went back to writing with a frown.
They went away in love, I guess?
And I sat all alone in that
lonesome wayward cafe.
Nothing to keep me company, but smell of coffee and tea
and the laughs of the women sharing small talk,
and that one man with Earth shattering cough.

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America Walking

A full year had elapsed

Since last we came to pass

Her whereabouts I possessed not a clue

Notably I took interest in the fact

That she now was working

At the venue whence first we had met


Those sandy, brown locks wavering

Accompanied by the most provocative lips America did see

Caused me to re-visualize assorted levels of elation

She was a walking religion

Yet fearfully she was in denial

Though judging by the way our eyes locked

Ultimately I sensed that still

Something was there…

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Loves The Dead

Loves the Dead

My mother loves the
dead she has a curious
fascination with the

She loves to attend
the funerals of
family members
and even strangers.

My mother is the
first person to call 
and talk endless
about the dead.

Does not matter if
she does not know
these dead people
but she cries tears
of sorrow as if she

If she could be
hired at wakes as a
professional mourner
she would be a
millionaire because
she is very

But at the family
funerals she is very
My mother is the one
to watch because she says
that she is going to
jump in the coffins of
this cousin or that
aunt or that 
brother-in law or

My mother loves to
watch the local news
programs for news about the
dearly departed and
then she makes arrangement to
attend the funerals.

Once she took three
Septa buses to attend the funeral
of a little girl who died across
town in North Philly.

Another time she
attended the funeral
of a house itself.
She heard about a
run-down house that
was to be eulogized
and given a funeral
by local community
She said the food
was delicious

She is known for doing the hair of
the dead in the family.
I wondered if my
mother missed her
calling by not
working in the

My mother just loves
the dead she is very
emotional when a
family member dies.
My sister drives her
to the hospital or
the funeral home
because she must
view the dead body. 
She said they look
like they are

My mother loves to
talk about the dead 
with one exception
that of her own
mothers’ who died young and
left my mother behind
with her own six children.

Recently with loses
in the family.
My mother is re-living her
mother’s death. 
The wooden brown
coffin and the blue
night gown
and matching blue
shoes and the
painted on red lip

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Love's Exit

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Smooth Convicts

By Angeline Star

behavior of
the push-up 
bra- -

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What you will learn

You will learn it from a young age-

That there is a scale and you

Sit upon it.

It is not your choice

It never was.

Even back then when

Your mother told you

You don’t look pretty with your hair tucked

Behind your ears,

She was trying to push you up it

One more

Little notch.

You will learn that it does not matter what you dream about

So long as it is not him

That it does not matter what scars you inherit

From your ancestors

Only what percentages you carry

And where you carry them,

Latino lips, African ass,

Do you **** like the gypsies you come from?

You will learn it does not matter what struggles you face

How hard it was to drag yourself

Out of bed this morning

How exhausted you feel-

You are worthless

Unless you can stay awake whilst he screws you.

You will learn that sleep won’t stop him.

You will learn that

 ‘I will wait until you are ready’

Has a time limit.

You will learn that your words will get you into trouble

That he’ll love you better

If you use your lips

For what they’re made for,

You will learn that your worth will be measured

In how many inches

You can take.

You will learn to fear

Birthing a girl

Learn to fear your hand slapping

At her hands

As she bites her nails

Stay pretty

Up the scale

And she will learn to love boys

Who love the way she moves her hips,

She’ll learn that last names don’t matter

And school grades don’t matter

And poetry doesn’t matter.

She’ll learn that she’s just one of those girls

Guys want to sleep with

And that that

Is okay.

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the mad

only the women are loved. 
with men, it's only the madness,
in and of its self that's used.--
and we are literary, too.
but you don't write it down
or even think it, any more.
it's just a desperate kind of feel...


yes, only women bleed.
and are loved, their bodies,
for it.
their emotional souls are held close.
"but he doesn't care about my mind."
well, there's more to you, that bleeds.
--this ink doesn't come from my body.
if i held you like a squid, with many arms
like an octopus?
you'd only love me for my pen.

  not this madness that is a part of me.
not this root that grows a life
beyond us.--
madness is a kind of land,
of its own religion, of its own logic.
a pain to make the doctors see;
and a Hell to make the lover feel...

  so this is the boat we share...
love is a mental illness,
where the waters that keep us afloat
are what keep us from the rest of the world.
--and in your mermaid logic,
you still pretend to drown in a place
where, together, we could be perfectly at home.

  if others can see the many arms
of my mind, because
even my floating wreckage is washed up on the shore,
won't they be able to see the mirages
of your deserted dreams
when they well up in such dancing eyes:
that only the soul of a mad lady could form
a vision in such a time?

 as ours?
is this "together" part of the shape
of another world than this one we share?
if both of us are mad,
which one of us is sane?
--is this the land of Cana?
or are you wearing the atheist's ring?

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We shine bright like the sun that breaks the horizon each morning,
our hearts beat as one with the vibrational energy of the earth, our voice 
sympothises with every hurt. 
Through every trial hold our heads up, each day we strive for the better, all
our lif e we emphasise, we change cause we realize that day to day nothing stays the same.

Tears of joy, tears of pain fall from our face, emotionally out of place. The love from our hearts deeply hydrate a dry soul, our touches never feel the same, each one has 
it's own replenishings.

Do things we said we'd never do, sacrafice our life just to please you. Each passing day 
is a new awakening, the joy's of life, we'll soon find, our hearts may bend but never break, stand up straight, wipe the tears from your face, you are beautiful, trust and believe and you'll make it through.

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I love you so much more than the sun in the sky
Love you so much girl, and just can't tell exactly why
To confess my love, to you, is all I wish to say
Tell you outright, at the break of each new day

Our worlds seem to align 
And it's not by design
I want you in my arms forever, to be mine
Oh love, just give me a sign

I've had none before, and well, you've had nine
But with this I am fine
To the shores of forever, with you, I will find
If you just give me some Signs

Signs, from you and above, oh how I'm praying for
Please pretty girl, won't you open the door?
Leave me crying on the floor
Leave me girl, wanting so much more

How can lonely hearts mend?
Find others for their love to send
All across the sands of these times
Show me the way, give me some Signs

You could turn a whole life's world around
Without the utterance of a sound
You could halt his childish whines
If you just gave this poor boy some Signs

Signs, from you and above, oh how I'm praying for
Please pretty girl, won't you open the door?
Leave me crying on the floor
Leave me girl, wanting so much more

Yet here I am, sitting alone and broken
No words to you have been spoken
Why am I so shy? Where did the days go?
Oh how they fly and Oh how you glow
Nothing left to do now, but wait for new Signs

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With her skin all over the castle breath,
growing so fine and fiery,
waiting for men through the spring,
countless as a dozen, 
I wait for my turns to give her my passion 
in red roses.

Are they in full range, a moment for me,
which I need only a minute to comply,
the faith of a man in love?

Oh, my creole woman!
Crowned de bloom,
as the birds that was born
in which the world exposition is now mine
in full.

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The Social Theology Article of Faith
Social Theologist and Founder Ms. Verlena S. Walker is sending a message of prayer and worship for all to covenant via the therapeutic form of creative writers for the longevity of humanity through a greater determination and the norms of the omnipotent whom is God. Our Faith is Social Theology. Our Temple is DomKirk. Moreover, our belief is to covenant via the therapy of creative writers for prayer and worshipping of the omnipotent God who has given us life determined to greatness.
Our Creed states that…
1. We believe in one unity of the body as a theological vessel of the Modern Day Bible that is prophetic through our destiny and not spoken of by the written word until the truth has been shown and heard. 2. We believe in one unity of the body as a vessel of the omnipotent God for holistic purposes to deliver righteousness to those who have been falsified through others’ wrongness. 3. We believe in one unity of the body as a passage [way] of the omnipotent God to deliver righteousness to those who desire to be saved.
There are seven [7] sacraments to this Article of Faith.
1. Grace and Honor: Unto the omnipotent God, I give grace and honor. 2. Prayer of Deliverance: Unto the omnipotent God, I pray for deliverance. 3. Spiritual Worship: Unto the omnipotent God, I worship with mind, body, and soul. 4. Faithfulness: Unto the omnipotent God, I bequeath faithfulness in following “The” and adhering to his Holy Word. 5. Wholeness: Unto the omnipotent God, I offer the wholeness of one unity of the body through holistic means. 6. Togetherness: With the omnipotent God, I am one. 7. Fulfillment in Belief: For all is in my belief that the omnipotent God is the creator of humanity in which in [my] purgatory I am ready for Heaven.
~Hallelujah Amen!~
________________________________| ~Penned April 29, 2014!~

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How Do You Know She Loves You

If she says “I love you”, on the roller coaster
Moments after she saw you
Soil your shirt
She loves you.

If you find yourself at a karaoke bar
And she insists on singing a duet,
Then she picks ‘Just You and I’
But insists on singing the Eddie Rabbitt part
And when it is over, says,
“Let’s have a big hand for Crystal Gayle”
While pointing to you, and
She gives you a high-five,
She loves you.

If she dances with your friends
Without looking at you,
She loves you.

If she hides your shoes
Because you are late for work,
Then makes you hunt for them,
And watches you grow angrier,
Before she goes to the stove
Flips it open to reveal the shoes,
Laughing as you lace them with a scowl,
She loves you.

If she calls you later in the afternoon
Just to ask
“How are those shoes working out for you?”
She loves you.

If she wants you to see her
Playing with babies,
Showing you expressions
That ask your opinion,
She loves you.

After she has seen your worst,
Whether it be drunk or foolish
Or both,
If she waits a month or so
Before telling your friends,
She loves you.

If she never tells her friends,
She loves you a lot.

If she ever screams the words,
“I hate you!” at you,
She loves you.
Or, she once did.

If you try to get even for the shoes
And hide something of hers,
And of course she finds it,
When she looks at you
With eyes that hold no pity,

And says, “I love you.”
She loves you.

If she really loves you,
There is no way you could not know.
You will wake up to find her staring at you,
Enter a room to find her smelling your shirt.
She will call at any hour, “just to talk,”
She will laugh with you when your jokes are funny,
Or at you when they are not.
If she look past all of your faults
And keeps looking,
She loves you.

If she tells you, how she misses her mom,
Or how much she regrets fights with her brother,
She loves you.

If she tells you what you need to hear
Instead of what you want to hear,
She not only loves you,
She respects you.

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Bed Number 36

Lying in bed number 36
I'm here cuz I shot and missed
Took a chance a risky gamble
With my safety and security
I lost and lost big
Loan sharks are after me
Can't decide if it's time to flee
Too late to start over
Too big a chip on my shoulder
Lord I was born a ramblin man
Only women ain't sposed to ramble
Now what I think as I lay in my bed
Next to women that stink of poverty
The loan sharks are after me
Time to pay up or dead I will be
So tired of runnin
Gotta keep runnin
Don't know why I'm runnin
No use really runnin
Havin lunch with the mad hatter
Only hes the loan shark
Can't remember how much I owe
He looks mad like hes ready to blow
Or maybe that's me
I'm the mad hatter
Collecting the debts
That are owed to me
Still lying in bed number 36
Was it worth the risk?
Tryin to be tough
Only made it more rough
I'm runnin runnin runnin
But I ain't goin nowhere
Stuck on an island where
Even the coconuts wont be my friend
Alice is calling, Alice, the white girl
Calls my name, always calling me to
Do the evil deeds she can't do
I'm the mad hatter and I'm mad
Mad that I'm the mad hatter
Mad that Alice keeps calling my name
So mad the loan sharks are after me
The looking glass in front of me
Always looks greener on the other side
Only now the goats have eaten all the grass
Alice wants me to come over
Lying in bed number 36
Maybe I should succumb
I feel so numb
1 step 2 steps 3 steps 4
Guess who just walked through the door?

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troops are my hero's

your my hero everyday
all the troops in iraq
protecting our country
and providing for our future
you men and women give
your lives for us and i thank
you for that so ill make a promise
to you men and women i will join
the army and help protect our country
our future and our kids even if
i have to die i rather die then be old
i want to be a hero with you brave
men and women that 
is why you people are my hero's

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Our mother-land 
gave birth to our mothers
That gave us mother-care
I say Thank you,
Despite the rigours of mother-hood
You still showed ur motherly-love
Such is evidence of a mothers love
I say Thank you,
Even to our sisters,aunties & 
That loved us like their own
An example of mother figures
I say Thank you,
Even to my mother 
The mother to all & the mother 
amongst mothers
An epitome of all that motherly-love 

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Serious Poem

This poem is so serious,
that the content of it is mysterious,
Government claimed it as classified,
Did they lied?

I tried to make it public,
for everyone to see,
but two women came,
they started threatening me,

They also said that I'm endangering your life,
that I'm even endangering my wife,
which I don't have, as I was never married.
but hey,
who am I to say,
something against them.
That they are wrong.
Those women seemed freakisly strong.
And in a bad mood.

So I'm sorry,
I tried,
but don't worry,
Not even a goon
Won't stop me,
to write a new song soon.

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In Retrospect

My mother told me, as a child, how diverse a woman had to be.
She stated from this diversity solidarity could be found.
Woman, as a leader, confronts the world in a liberated form.
She is to say what is necessary and carry on.
If there seems to be no forum, one must develop for her in a man
political arena. 

My mother did show what occurred during her youth.
Formation is of a new school.
This thought gleams and is The School of Social Theology.

Today's woman shines.
She is in every facet of life.
Her statue stands strong with strings of living being in her loving smiles 
and unwanted frowns.
If she fatigues, she rest easily and tomorrow she advocates just as hard 
knowing she must get the job done.

I am the woman I speak of and I know many like me.
A new generation with no dream denied, activism we define.
To take this any further would state that a fight against Social Injustice is 
a fight for Social Justice!

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adaora mma

adaora mma…
Your beauty is irresistible
Your beauty is mind blowing
God finished his work on you
Creating you as the figure eight
At your sight every man will adjust to explore you
As I am already doing and will want to do again
See; if you don’t tell me to go back I will follow you

The way you walk is amazing and its killing me softly 
Your physical structure is tempting and killing
Your facial outlook is appealing and seductive
Your smile brightens my heart like the sunshine
You are so endowed, and so endowed you are
Maybe God is partial by given you everything as a woman

Your heart is soft and caring
I can feel the gentle state of your inner being
At your presence men whispers
When you walk bye, ladies pray for such beauty you possess
When you walk bye, nature is in love by your elegance

When I set my eyes on you I was amazed by your facial beauty
You do not intimidate men with your beauty, rather
You help men to find their way when they were lost in you
You respect the person and personality of every person
You care for the less privilege, even when you are one of them
Your humility and your originality astounds me

The way men respects you is so amazing
And you have proved your worth as a woman
That you can afford to work with every age in our society
You are such a woman we need to nurture in our society
Women who cares and women who loves
Women who respects and women who are peaceful
You are a role model…Adaora mma  

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Women of Tahrir Square

So why did they lose?
Is it because
of the broke goose!
Or what goes
Or man with big nose
Just some words
You choose

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I dream of a world with no boundaries
No barriers to enclose me
No hatred and malice to burden me
No hype to entrap me 
No prejudice to blind me
And no bigotry to limit my ability to love
Yes, I am a dreamer, of this I am sure

I dream of a world not fashioned by
The hands of man or brought 
About by some ‘big bang’
A world where right is right and
Wrong is wrong and no gray areas abound
I dream of a world where children are always wanted
And not the outcome of someone’s lust or 
Trophies to impress

I dream of a world where men and 
Women, unconditionally, love 
Where men are raised to stand
As men to love to protect and provide
Where women are raised to stand 
As women to love to nurture and support 
Where loyalty, justice, honesty, integrity
Live in the hearts of men
It is often said that dreams come through….
I guess I will keep on dreaming

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All hail thy – sweet – small – courtesies of life.
For smooth do they make the road of it.
Grace and beauty – they cut so deep not unlike a knife -
They beg all inclinations toward love at first sight.
Yes, ‘tis those courtesies which let the stranger in.
And those tones and mannerisms, they too have a meaning.

Oh - ‘tis a blessed thing,
One for which I could lose myself
To the honor of my aching.
I fear a heart which bears all to itself.
Oh yes, open – ‘lest it shut it all out.
So I ask, “Are not my eyes the scout
For which my heart journeys?
That vision, is it not flowing through my arteries
Bringing my heartbeat’s rhythm in tune?
Oh, let that beat be mine none too soon.”

With that said, she laid out her arm in front of me.
Taking hold of her fingers in my one hand, I aptly
Apply two fingers of my other hand to her wrist -
Firmly - and begin counting her heart's throb.
“One – two – three – four,” counting out aloud
Measuring each heartbeat as it happens –
Hoping to find the art of her fever.
I close my eyes as I continue to count – thinking –
There is no occupation in the world comparable
To feeling a woman’s pulse.
And when I had counted to twenty five
I looked up into her eyes and
At that instant I felt her pulse quicken.
She clutched my fingers tighter in the one hand
While pressing the wrist of her other hand
Harder into my account.

Is it possible for two to become one bone and flesh?
If that is true, what is everything else to become?
Sometimes yours while at other times the other has it?
All the while to be generally on par tallying up the score
As each of us permit the other to share in ourselves –
At least in as much as a man and a woman need to.
Not unlike a bag full of pebbles which started out jagged
And rough, with very little gleam.
Only ‘tis after being years in the bag together
Do the stones, having had many amicable collisions
Wearing down their angles and edges, do they
Become well rounded and smooth with the brilliance
Of their combined luster.
Nothing to either could have ever been
Accomplished alone.

She looks back into my eyes as she presses her wrist into me
and asks,
“How does it beat with you?”
Placing her hand on my neck I say,
“Feel for yourself -
‘Tis an improvement –
‘Tis my evidence.”

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Newsprint Melodium

Yiu can walk a mile in a mirror stance and 
never feelyour own re reflection. Your glaze gaze
bends on invisibility--a certain humor
crosseyed cleverly cleared like the rooms in the 
Winchester House or a traffic jamitis through
 the Mac maze at sundown. Feel ferr to co caress
your tired instep and take a loud load off
hope for that new impact that will tell 
 the torrid tale page by page compact dutiful
but united in a duffle bag born of poise
pronounced zipper closed but not finger 
forgotten-A minor standing at the Bebop
wishing well cool crammed
with apast B&W luxuries like a passed used
kleenix round for loose nose hits--picture 
frame elements often snotconceived, but
always matted for ignoi insignificance. Like 
clean tree pages waiting to be messed by
someone's illict penmanship, dry but butt bold, 
promising but hiding those grammar grabber
glib gratuaties in hopes of a chance for a fat
freeload advance and a creamy handshake which will 
sale set the ass o nine critics on their 
Keep pseudo salient the echo encrusted 
think thoughts you columinize- like a pants
pair without the cute cuffs--hope your midsection
is in tune with the public bulge extroadinarre.
Simple times, simple terme, simple thoughts
simple solutions knowtellseefree for all course
bookings on a thorny stitch stage- pious prowess
butt ugly unique paychecks pay roll a sham stabbing 
sliky slander most of the toime home prompt
legal-though low-some in in intent and
dubious dime parlor dance demeanor. Customize, cannonize that cowper's
culprit calamatious catastrophic claim. WTF?

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Words From Bottomless

I am dazed with fear
Your words are exuding from my eyes
Piercing pain in the soft corner
But you are listless...meek.

You are beside me
I assume the form of your body
Yet found me among the friendless
What will you name this
When you are not mine, though you are with me?
I am beyond your mind!

Light you love lighted every house
False light is flickering on my door
"Christmas" comes also in our home
But 'SANTA' is sad!
False smile is trying to go
Ha! It is tired of smiling...

Note:When everyone enjoying the festives, some trying to come on the track.They always attract me in any happy days.

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To Her, From Me

You’re such a beauty and always willing
Your gaze itself is oh so giving
Without a mask you came to see
What rightfully would and should always be

And here we stand our fingers locked
How can the world look on so shocked?
To know that you found happiness
Wouldn’t you know, it’s priceless.

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A stunning song of womanhood,
your beauty is plain and seen.
Charisma that belongs to shy,
yet you never run and hide.

A mirror made of your pure flesh,
reflects the light, a calling sign.
Like a rainbow in the sky,
a pot of gold for all come by.

Your slight dimples, crazed ...... so fine.
Your sprinkling eyelashes ...... butterflies.
Your dusky tone ...... seductive wise.
Your heated curves ...... pure divine.

You are a dream, could I see.
Your picture it just spoke to me.
I do not have you, I never will.
Heaven knows I do not know you.

That's not to say I cannot dream,
cannot wish upon your star.
Just had to write what I saw,
you are gracious ...... beauty queen.

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My Love Is Like An Upside Down Iceburg

I leave it on the page, 
more so than in my words, 
my love is like an upside down iceberg.
I burn blue with cold, 
and I feel the undercurrent, 
but I leave more in the air and hope that it’s current.
These stanzas and rhyme schemes
 mean the world to me 
but I don’t know what they say, 
are you the girl for me?
If I doubt that means I care, 
or atleast I think it does 
-though I don’t like to go there.
A few more lines for the thought, 
no matter what 
my love, still burns hot.
-like a volcano,
Or the sun, though not like in other poems
That is the ice that I could never show um’.
The ice that everyone knows and loves, 
you have to wait for, 
and you have to get wet to explore. 

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Top 100 Poets - All-Time Most Popular

Do i have to first change my name to Poet Destroyer to top the list, Or add my all three names like Carol Sunshine Brown to come second? Is it wearing sun glasses like Andrea Dietrich In my profile picture that mandates me, Or welcoming Soup freshers like SKAT-LOVE does To be in the top four? What does it really take? Is it all about the P enclosed in the yellow star Like the top threee? Really? What about suZ-D who is number 98 with that gold P, Did she not harmonize her name like Charmaine Chircop who is on 20 What does it really take? Should i say its all about being a lady To be in the top nine? Or else its because in poetry men come number ten? If so Thanks to Vince Suzadail Jr. who made it there And our own hero Becca Lucas who sealed the 100 Does it really take that? Should i say its all about the profile picture? Then i would have an answer for sharon weimer who came on number 11 Would Carolyn Devonshire say i am right on that? I dont think so not our number five Then what is it all about? Should i say its all about the US flag? If so then thats why Linda-Marie SweetHeart came on number 6 But what about Robert A. Dufresne who is below Vicky Tsiluma a Kenyan? On that One has P and the other lacks a photo I got it the former has no photo So am i right then? That to be on this list you must not be from Africa? No at last i disagree with my view Because Wilma Neels is on number 38 And…99 Adeleke Adeite At least that's kind of fair To Africa So do i have the answer i wanted? No. Nott until i went back to my poems And made a great discovery These are the same people Who put ink on my poems These are the people i read their poems And i curse my mother for feeding me With pumpkins These are the poets we all treasure The famous 100 who deserve to be on the wall of fame Even now i guess they are the people That will drop comments on This As others read, get bored and walk a way cursing my master piece Not caring about Killing my dreams of becoming 101 I think that's why my all links have that number 101 love poems from Rodgers Roger Yet i posted an elegy These are the book worms That know punctuation better And can determine a right type of their poem These are the ones who never post stuff like ,./;'' am trying ';./=/

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Music, – my Muse, my comforter, my companion –
the soul in, the spirit of, the cleanser of, – empty hours –
washing away all the debris, all that lives in the void ,
filling in that black hole abyss with light and substance

- elements, dormant - bringing to life that which lays within,
that which lives in the light and life of so many others.
In this state, I wonder ?, can it be my madness 
that drives my thoughts of you that become my folly.

Could it be ?, my desire to live out my dream
that now seems to leave me, inserting me into darkness,
in the cold, in another void, in another abyss
that leaves me to wonder ?, why another nightmare ?

Music, – my Muse, my comforter, my companion –
cloaks my soul, baths my spirit in light to enlighten.
to lighten that heavy load of pursuing many an illusion. 
We delude, and my world is but a tear drop in life’s oceans

B. J. “A ” 2
September 25th 2004

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Original of the Doc wearing fist cuffing angels

Baby don't walk away
It's true that the beginning is better than the end
Please hold that smile somewhere in your heart

I will give you everything that you need
Except all that you are and will be
Cause you are the first one of your kind

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
And I want nothing else tonight

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it

Somethings you shouldn't have to do alone
Like sleeping, waking and eating
Some people got way too much on their plate

I would give you everything that you need
Except all that you are and will be
Cause you are the first one of your kind

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
And I want nothing else tonight

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it
You'll never be alone, no
So sugar come on show us those soles
You've been wearing out when you collect the toll

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it
Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
The whole of what you got, the whole of what you got

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Is nothing more true

is nothing more real

is nothing more natural

is nothing more honest

as a mother and child

naked at birth

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This is the Letter I Write Myself:

Beauty is nice, but
it is not the best thing.
Your hair is not
your honor,
nor your memetic tee
your personality.
A selfie might be art,
but never
your epitome. 

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friendship or love

I already love the chest of you
I mean your heart not the breasts on you
It’s like I don’t want to have sex with you
But want to pull you closer every time I’m next to you

The other night we were cuddling
And it felt so good
But at the same time it was troubling
I didn’t know if we should

Sometimes I think we should just be friends and nothing more
If we try and fail, could we get back to how we was before?
On the other hand it could all go right
But I never want to lose you from my life

I’ve never felt nerves like this
If we try and fail I’ll never feel hurt like it
Trying to figure out if it’s worth the risk
But who would be the first to kiss?

I never want to see you hurt
Never want to see your eyes filled with sadness
We’re friends with the occasional flirt
But I want to carry your baggage

But this is something I don’t know how to put to you
Since we first met I’ve had a crush on you
No girl has ever cared for me as much as you
What will happen if it’s just us two?

We have a little to gain
But a lot to lose
Could our friendship remain?
If we tried and a relationship didn’t work with you?

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No Love Chemistry

I felt like you were the one for me,
As you said there is no chemistry between us.
Now I have to dig deep to find the right love for me,
I went from having high hope with you to no chance.
I still value you as a person,
But now I have no romantic feelings for you. 
I find it hard that you say there is no love chemistry between us. 

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Love strikes no more

We had a life together i went to sleep beside you every night and as i would lay there with you beside me i would think and dream to myself you as my man would one day make me your wife they say its funny how things can change with one strike from night to daylight or better yet how there's a thin line between love and hate but never in my mind would i ever dreamed of changing my mind but only time can tell fate cause now in present days all i can feel for you is hate which god forgive my soul its so great but over time i may heal and forgiveness may be possible but for now i don't forget or forgive all the horrible things you did like grab me up in front of my kids or pull my hair until the scalp balls or what about all the 911 calls or what about the times you almost choked me out whatever occasions you choice forever always i refuse to be abused by you or any dudes are you confused cause my head is on straight being with you was a god honest mistake living with you was like Jesus on a stake sacrificing my all for a fool like you how dare you put your hands on a woman who would do anything for you its too late to stop and wonder love for you is so deep down under rain has fallen lightning has flashed so has the sounds of thunder clashed i mean do you pay attention i do believe i mention i would leave you where you stand if you ever raise your hand i mean i do understand that this was no plan but DAT does not take away the fact that i had to fight back from your physical and mental abuse and all the anguish of being misused but in the end we cant mend together what i thought would be forever there could never be a we i let the abuse go so i can be free...

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I don’t have a cat,
I don’t need one
Because so many
wander in my
The females remind
me of miniature
So graceful,
elegant, and curves
in all the right
Real ladies, every
one of them
Of course all this
is anthropomorphic
projection on my
They don’t
They will never
ask,‘Does this make
me look fat?’
Yes real ladies
every one

©dbyrne Aug 2014 

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God's greatest creation
a sculpture of pure genius for man to 
marvel at
A living portrait art made flesh painted 
across the canvas of the world
Hues of brown
strokes of red
dabs of yellow
dipping his brush in the blackness of 
space creating the first Ms Universe
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Brown Philosopher aka 
The Green Poet

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Why should women go through labour pain
And even lose their lives in the process of giving birth

Why should someone be born into a certain home
Without having the right to choose the home that he/she would like to belong

Why should someone be born with autism or inherit cancer
Without giving the right to choose his/her own state of health

Why should women and children be the victims of war
Without having any idea about the cause of the war

Why should there be earthquake, tsunamis, hurricanes, drought
Why should people suffer for the imperfection of nature.

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Love is not just money 
Love is not just a kiss or
Mingling warmth bodies
Some times it resides in corner
Most part of heart, where you
Just are alone with that person
And between you both lies

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The Dream and the Drive

I have watched women's hopes of men 
and seen them fall away bit by bit.
I have watched  their love fade 
in the way that the freshness of morning 
dribbles to death in the hard dry heat of noon.

I have watched dreams of friendship and sharing die 
in the emptiness of two separate souls
both designed to procreate 
but one wanting to spread the seed to many vessels
the other to make a warm safe home.

Even though both obey a primal call
The male drive to spread excitement and exploration 
must mix with romantic care and dreams.
Then this thing that women give is sacrificed 
to the hot cauldron of man driven by sex and pride

And in our age we all look back
and see this thing and watch the dieing of the hope
in the brightness of the youth
 and watch it move into the brittle
truce of aged man and woman.

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Modus Ponens in Love

If Penelope
then Quirine.
is dead.
I will love
for fear of being

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Destruction of Women

Some men seek to destroy women to satisfy their own
pitiful images of themselves, subjecting the fairer sex
to lives of hell,

Whether its emotional, physical or mental abuse,
Either way, their distortion of women have grown obtuse,
Their respect has dwindled and they would rather treat
them like refuse,

The misguided men are really vying for their souls,
but strong women rarely acquiesce to the heinous
acts of hate and distress they cast upon them,

The godesses of earth outer shells may die, cry
and live with shame, yet their souls still roar with
beauty and a tireless flame,

Only cowards would seek to destroy whom God has created
to raise good girls and boys......

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One Too Many Times

It was one too many times

I felt that back hand
Rip fast across my face
My tongue no longer had a taste
For the rice pudding
Left sitting at my hospital bed side

The entire make up in the world
Couldn’t hide all the bruises
I started telling people they were tattoos
One of the many excuses
I began using so much
Until the point they were real to me

Forced myself into a new identity
That my lies could be true to
Since I couldn’t be true to myself

I wasn’t selfish

My heart and I were
Hand in hand
Racing to a beat
Only we listened to
Until my poor heart gave out
A shadow of doubt 
That I would take care of the home
That bore the very essence of my soul

Reality check
One...two...,  and

In two
Was my heart
Beating slow
Fading rhythms
Into a flat line

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You Don't Know Her

A beautiful women on the corner of the street;
Short mini skirt, leopard print blouse, and stillettos on her feet.
Gorgeous blonde hair flowing down her back;
Too much make-up on her face and a fake tan to match.
Selling her body to guys out of town;
How foolish she looks, almost like a clown.
There is no reason for a women to justify herself that way;
Does she even realize that it's the middle of the day?
I bet she does drugs and that is why she needs the money;
Then a women beside me states, "You don't know her honey."

She is sweet as can be and has a heart full of gold;
That young girl there is only twenty years old.
Two twin girls at age seventeen she had;
A faithful husband to her, he was an amazing dad.
She got married young, but it was love at first sight;
Her husband called for duty in the middle of the night.
A phone call recieved that would change her life;
News that will break down any military wife.
Her loving husband killed in war; their future together gone.
No money for her and the kids; she needed to move on.
She does the best she can for her three-year old babies;
Only does it to support their needs; No ifs, ands, or maybes.
This woman you judge, you have no idea where her life is at;
I apologize and say, "You're right; I don't know her like that."

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misogynist world



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Tribute to the women

Tribute to the women 

[In tribute to all the women on the auspicious eve of International Women's Day (IWD), originally International Working Women's Day with my respect, love and humility!]

I looked into her eyes 
Of the sky 
She’s so close
Living in my life 
And she’s my mother 

I looked into her eyes 
Of the world 
She’s so near 
Living in my heart
And she’s my sister 

I looked into her eyes 
Of my life
She’s so intimate
Living with my soul 
And she’s my wife

I looked into her eyes
Of the earth
She’s so personal 
Living in my mind
And she’s my friend 

I looked into her eyes
Of the Universe
She’s so special 
Living in my conscience 
And she’s my goddess 

She glimpsed at me
As I write this verse
With her eternal smile
And with that smile
I painted this write
So enjoy her light! 

By: R K Chowdary Jasti 
@all copyrights reserved


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Cracked : To Thia Vaspyll

Maiden with two babies
Devoured by its own histrionic intelligent delusion

Of wings and air
You got ragged
It might be true, but

Go pack your paraphernalia
Inside the box as square as your mindset
I speak and you did and nobody else knows what we said

Them surmissing,
Isn’t that what you want?

And we will never meet.

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C'est la Vie

the bar is crowded
and the smoke tickles my nostrils
i sneeze a few times
then find a place in the front
the band is a joke
lead guitarist sticks to power chords
except the rare occasion
he noodles like an idiot on solos 
some old hipster eyeing me
i look at him with a questioning stare
"have a seat," he says
two women to his side
his friends crowded around in the bunker
the round table shakes from shots landing
and the kick of feet and laughter

"what's your name?" he asks
"val" i say and waft the smoke away
"val... isn't that a girl's name?"
his two drunken friends laugh
"usually" i say and reach for a drink
"why ya here val?"
"to meet a friend"
"a friend, huh... where is she?"
"you gay or somethin?"
"unfortunately, no" i say with a sneer
he doesn't like my tone, but continues
"how long you been waiting?"
"an hour"
"an hour? he's not coming"
"yeah, we'll see"
"you're welcome to stay and drink with us though"
"thanks, but no thanks"
his eyebrows furrow at this and he leans over at me
"look at this kid. doesn't have any friends.
and when someone tries to be a little friendly
he shows just why he doesn't..."
his friends laugh harder, the two women sit uninterested
"look, val. this is my world...
where do you belong?"
my thoughts go sour as i climb my way out

clearing my head on the streets
i make my way for the subway
the walk is long and my feet are killing me
a waste of a night as usual
and thoughts keep going off in my head
as usual

the ride back is empty
besides a big college kid and his girlfriend
the entire time they are making out
but every once in a while they look over at me
and say with their eyes,
"this is our world...
where do you belong?"

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You Will Miss Me

One day, you are going to miss the text messages, phone calls, and emails I sent you.
You will miss how I used to worry about you when you were out late at night.
You are going to miss how I used to annoy you.
One day when I am gone you are going to miss how you actually had someone who wanted you.
And when I am not around anymore you will miss me. 

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seducing the pad

Holding the pen
Ink erupting on the page
Seducing the pad
Another verse getting laid

Thinking of different ways to please her
Trying to come up with more magic
It’s easy to say I need her 
But I’m trying to make every line orgasmic

Without her I can’t function
Every day she falls for my seduction
My head, heart and imagination come together
To give my pad another eruption

The amount of times I use her in a day
You’d think she was a nympho
Speak from the heart in every verse that I lay
But take my time and go in slow

She likes how I dress her up from her bare essentials
She told me she likes that I take control & that I’m experimental
She loves the way I use my pens and pencils
Most importantly she likes that she’s the one I vent to

She tells me I’m the best she’s ever had
She won’t give it up for anyone else
Every day I’m seducing my pad
There’s no love like my pad and myself 

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feeling guilty but i'm innocent

I’m single and she came to the club alone
She says she’s single and doesn’t mention a boyfriend at home
I know she’s interested by the way she looks at me
Now she’s on the dance floor grinding up on me

I’ve got my hands around her waist pulling her closer
We continue dancing until the song is over
Then we go and find a table
She proceeds to tell me her name is Rachel

I tell the bartender to bring us a couple of drinks
I’ve never been here before what do you think?
She says she’s a regular and continues to be flirtatious
It’s hard not to look as she’s so sexy and curvaceous

As we precede to give our drinks a sip
I can’t help but to look at her lips
She whispers in my ear, what she says I can’t believe it
I’ll be getting more than just a look at her cleavage

They tell us to drink up as its closing time
She’s already told me she wants to go back o mine
She said she doesn’t have a boyfriend so
We jump in a taxi and back to mine we go

I tell her we don’t have to as I’m respecting her
She kisses me and tells me to start undressing her
All of our clothes hit then floor
Then we go to bed for some more

But I don’t need to go into detail about what we did
I’m just glad I used protection as I’m not ready for kids
After a few hours we both fall asleep
Exhausted with a fast heart beat

The next morning we woke up
She has a look of shock on her face
Like she doesn’t know how she got tot his place
She’s panicking saying she’s not single so much

But her and her man had an argument
Which makes me start to think?
Why didn’t you tell me this last night?
She says she drank too much and couldn’t act right

I apologise and say if I knew you had boyfriend this wouldn’t have happened
She says how am I meant to look at him again?
I’m feeling guilty even though I’m innocent
She said she was single, why am I blaming myself for her actions?

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words for the wise

living for someone else and not yourself can cause trouble. They might not be there to catch you when you stumble . Live for today and not tomorrow . Forget about the pain and the sorrow . Have your own back and don't become a dummy . Never back down and don't become phony . You only get one life to live so choose wisely . Can't trust no one , shame what this world can do to so many people they fell for the tricks of the evil . Rise above them all and stay positive . You live for your actions not for the power . life is simple its just not easy so look out for the traps and take it easy .

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immature boy to grown man

Back then I was just an immature boy with a lust for any girl with a pulse
So many beautiful girls in the world lets get results
Does she like me? The mind wonders
If I ask 10 girls out I will at least get 9 numbers

This is the mindset I used to take to school
The more girls I have the more it makes me cool
To impress them I would break the rules
Now as a grown man I’m here to erase the fool

I remember dating an Italian Foreigner
She said she likes the fact I’m emotional yet brave like a warrior
Soon after she introduced me to her secrets which came from Victoria
I was only 17 so after a few weeks I was bored with her

Thinking she’d spend her whole life getting over me
She moved on quick and wasn’t even sweating over me
I apologise for my ways when I was just a young dumb boy
He said he didn’t want to be a playa no more, I thought I could fill Big Pun’s void

Grew up in care so my mother never loved me
Even if I liked a girl I’d be just as happy when another would hug me
I now know I was an idiot
But I’m trying to recover don’t judge me

I know I have an ugly past
But karma exists and it hit me hard
Fell in love with a girl who didn’t love me back
I deserved it but I’m still trying to fix these scars

Rebecca, Chantal, & TJ
That’s 3 heartbreaks in 4 years
I can’t take anymore tears
The mistakes of the immature boy turn me into the grown man you see today

I apologise to all the girls I hurt
I was young and dumb
Thinking a pretty girl would cure me from everything I was running from
I hope you all found happiness for all it’s worth

Now I’m only on the search for love
A girl I want to kiss, hold, protect, love and hold hands
The girl of my dreams to give her the world and above
My idiotic mistakes as an immature boy turned me into a charming grown man 

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In the Bedroom

In the Bedroom

Cool, callous, catatonic in the calm silence
  About to experience the virtues of violence
In his mind, the blind eye was violations seeing
  What flicker of light in her eyes, simply fleeting
He came to project what he was believing
  In order to justify the self-deceiving of rape.
Unable to move from her schizoid shape
  She rested motionless, awake, without
Possibilities of sudden escape.
  The removal of motion from the still body
Cold, clammy hands on a summer's day tawdry
  Then, the dripping of sex from a butterscotch sunset.
Without violence, he took her against her will
  To the visions of black nightfall.

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her phone call had the desired effect.
like always - it drew blood,
the way she dialed into the neglect of
a lifetime was no re-enactment,
it was all fresh, as if it had just happened.
“you never look at it from my point of view,’
she said, hoping silently to break her,
so that nobody won. love can be like that.
it means nothing unless it’s headed
in your direction -
& she, the wounded child,
exacting her revenge, would maintain
the punishment until that time
when her own child stared back
with the same exacting eyes, silently,
asking, where were you, then?

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The Bookstore

A brown man with a full beard passes I continue to read. A young white man--handsome-- stops and sips at the fountain directly my left An old women, wearing a winter coat with leopard print--wealthy looking-- hobbles by A middle aged women--indeterminate-- walks slowly by I catch a whiff of cigarette smoke I say a quick prayer for her I continue to read.

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We are the Women

We are the women..
Who full of life, 
pluvial in attendance, 
Fresheners in sweetness, 
Tranquil decorated with flowers, 
Spilling like spring, 
Gleeful, like the wind 
Flavored by the seasonings love, 
Wavey, glowing on the sands of desire, 
Adorer, lover, raring to love that never
'broken nor unfulfilled' 
Flirting under fabrics texts and above! 
So let him come to us
The one who is collecting the sea 
In our evening silk..! !

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Why is God a Man?

Why is God a Man?

Being a menopausal woman really sucks. At night, it’s like having a wrestler in bed with you 
without the sex. When you flash you wrestle the covers off because you feel like you’re going 
to spontaneously combust. When the flash is over you wrestle them back on since you’ve 
gone from sweating profusely to the ice queen. And what is sleep? I used to remember, 
but it’s been so long that I’m going back to school to re-learn how.

And why the heck do they call it menopause? It has nothing to do with men. Oh sure, men 
have to put up with we suicidal women when we’re going through this so called “natural 
progression of aging” but, during this time it’s the men who pause and say, ” My wife has lost 
her mind. She's frantically running around the house begging me to throw ice water on her 
before she bursts into flames.” 

After all, During menopause, everything dries up (and I mean that literally). It’s like 
someone took a wet vac and sucked all the moisture out of our skin, hair and other 
unmentionable places. And as far as sex is concerned, KY Jelly becomes your best friend, for 
without it there’s just no getting in. And what is a sex drive? We wish we could remember, 
but our minds are drying up too. Oh, I remember now. It’s all about the drive. That is, 
driving to the mall to go shopping. Now that’s a turn on. After all, who wants to have sex with 
a dried up woman’s body whose parts have all gone south? I guess that explains why we’re 
hot all the time. When our parts go south our body gets hotter. It’s like your body’s in Florida 
without living there. We do take small trips up north when the flashes subside, but 
unfortunately our body parts don’t.  

We try to workout, but someone needs to come up with a workout with minimal effort as the 
slightest movement causes us to pee ourselves. So if you want to make the most of your 
workout, go buy Depends. You still pee, but they keep you dry along with your skin and hair. 

Oh, and did I mention the bouts of uncontrollable crying? Your husband asks you why you’re 
crying and you tell him it’s all his fault because he’s going about his merry way while you’re 
slowly going insane. They can't empathize when they have no freaking idea what’s going 

So I’ve come to the conclusion that all women who make it through menopause have earned 
their place in heaven because they’ve already lived through hell on earth. To all my 
menopausal women friends out there. . . .

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You’ll come
By day
Or at
Night, Lord!
On your toes
On a
Or on

You’ll come 
A light 
Short dress
Soaked to
The skin.

I’ll sing
Sing soft
Long lost
And poems
Of Leaves
Of Grass.

You’ll come
At night
With the
Big thighs
The light
Or the
Sour lies

They’ll take
And light

I’ll sing
Sing you
Soft light
Long lost

Ydé 1999

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Soulful Cries

I scream, at the top of my lungs
No sound, comes out
Silent, curdling screams
Is, all I have left, now
I wrestle; I fight, with all, my physical might
While, being forced down 
By the mighty strength, of many men
The pungent smells of dirt, sweat and grime
Embed, in my senses
Their ghastly hot breathes; making me, want to puke!
Their hands, all over me
Constantly grabbing and groping me
Hollering and cheering each other on
Then, someone punches me
Someone, I cannot see
A large man’s hand, covers my nose and mouth
Muffling my soulful cries, terrifying, my insides!

I can’t breathe, now!

Many heavy handed blows, follow
In a blurry haze
I watch, my scarlet red blood splatter
Upon the snow white sheets, that surround
My sacred blood spilled
My salty tears mixed in with sticky men’s semen
My body, a raging torrent of scorching hot lava
Lulling into a translucent, entranced state
Surrendering, to the primal, animalistic frenzy
The men, taking what they want, anyway they want it
Devouring every morsel left ,of my weak and weary body
My body fighting, for its God given right
To live, now!
My life flashes before my eyes
The sounds around me begin to fade
My eyes glaze over, my body goes limp
My body betraying me, when I need her the most!
Silently, I pray for this is not my will, but their own
“Have mercy upon these souls” 
“Please forgive these men, as I do, now
“My love remains with you, heavenly Father”
Blackened tears of jet black mascara
Weave their way down
Through the bloody crevasses, of my black & blued skin
My body used up, a lifeless vessel, totally numb!
My innocence and dignity stripped!
No one, can save me, the worst is done!
Bashed, beaten, worn
I am nothing, no more...

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The Immunity - Chapter 9, Verses 67-68, Holy Koran

Hypocritical men and hypocritical women are all the same 
They urge the people to do evil things
And regarding good works they forbid them
And they are squanderer
They have forgot Allah the Giver
Therefore Allah will forget them forever
Surely every hypocritical person is transgressor.

It’s Allah’s promise
The hypocritical men and women and those who disbelieve
In hell’s fire they will live
They will stay there forever
Enough for them is hell’s fire
They provoke God’s anger
So they will be punished forever and ever.

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absinthe makes the heart grow fonder


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A Soldier Woman

What is she, but all that she is.
With that, a heart of a soldier. 
She submits into a battle within her so that she rises above the enemy. 
She lives. Her soul bleeds back into her roots to fight another day. 
And another day and another. 
She fights to fight better. 
She who sacrifices to hold a family together. 
She'd die a thousand times to cross over poverty lines. 
She has seeds to protect. 
Always second to man her struggle will forever be more than. 
Her word is her gun. 
With that, a heart of a soldier.
Her love deeply lies on the trenches. 
Holding her head above the dirt and mud, her tears reluctantly drenches. 
She who is emotionally intelligent. 
She who is is made to be virtuous and resilient. 
A Soldier Woman.

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There’s peace in every poetry
A poet, a writer, a dancer
A person so witty
A thought, an expression, a feeling
Painted with colours, bold and vibrant.
I told you so!
Oh, how sweet ole life is.
Yet the road always seems too long
Never ending twirls and turns
The pebbles on pathways getting steeper
The road to the unknown speaks to us

The skies plays a different tune, much sweeter
The feet, touched the ground so firmly
I, so small have nothing
Still chokes and breathe and continue, living.

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sarah and wodjan

sarah & wodjan 

debates over the presence
of Sarah Attar & 
Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani
at the Olympics raves on,
concerning whether or not
they have been used as pawns
thrown from the pools of women’s
oppression in the middle east,
as if their time spent was somehow
those talking on behalf of human rights
go on about how the real issue is the 
absence of women’s rights in countries 
like Saudi Arabia, that was represented by
both Attar & Shahrkhani,
as if having these two women competing
was not an valid inspiration to women all 
over the world.

even if Attar lives in the US and doesn’t
have to deal with a third of the bull*****that
Shahrkhani does, living in Saudi Arabia,
the outcome of the sound bites & images of
her running in the games should not be
discounted, for it all means progress in the
greater scheme.

though Shahrkhani has a greater challenge,
going home to horrible name calling
(dubbed an “Olympic Prostitute” by those
backwards assholes twattering
who see both these women’s participation 
in the Olympics as a slap in the face of 
muhammad) & slim to no Saudi media 
coverage of what has to be one of the most
exciting and meaningful moments
(not to mention amazing & historically 
significant!) of her young life, 
the fact remains, her Judo fighting in the
international arena, for all the world to see, 
means progress.

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Not Quite an Echo

By Angeline Star

Victims of paranoia
lacking sound.

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Phantoms Women and Love


Phantoms, nightly steeds, flared nostrils all aflame 
with their steely hooves thundering on my brain, as they came, 
these apparitions shrouded in blackness, to carry me off, conscious, 
into the darkness, into the mystery of the subconscious, 
they came to light the fires within, and within my soul, 
to shed light upon the darkness, for me to see, to know 
just how far to go, just how far one can go, 
is what these phantoms, nightly steeds, want to show.

B. J. “A” 2
March 26th 2002

Women and Love

Even when it is lavished upon their fragile, fractured hearts, 
their desperately searching, lost souls, their buried spirits.
Some women - with sex – are reaching out for security, financial gain,
for some, it is playing a game, reaching for the ladder they see,
reaching for material things they can touch, some out of fear,
some for a future that will take them passed their past,
some out of anger for that past, some out of spite,
some for revenge upon the unknown, 
out from the subconscious, some, 
just for the passion. 
Many – I do Believe – by the hands of Mother Nature, 
from the pure essence of purely biological needs.
Many of the reasons for a woman making love, having sex, just ****ing
are buried deep within the psyche, the subconscious, of which, 
most no nothing about and likely never will understand the mystery.
For those who do know ?, understand ?, little or nothing will change !,
as does, with those who live in ignorant, blind, bliss, for the patterns
form a lifetime rut, most remain the same, habit, ritual the game.
And so, for the self-destructive, the destructive nature, they doth permeate  
the heart and soul,  permeating the very essence of every relationship,
regardless of how shallow or deep, how meaningless or meaningful.
And so, are the reasons for woman
( let us not exclude men from the analyses, the meaning, 
the understanding of human nature as stated above )
to be many colours of butterfly wings ?,
shades of gray ?, or be the blackness of the whole ?
That journey, for them, most of us will never know !,
for we, after all, are not but human beings, 
products of our life’s journey, our life’s experiences,
our nature and our nurturing, our life’s march
through history, times past, present and future.
In their passing, in the here and now, in what is to come ?,
some of us have been most privileged to have tasted pieces,
moments of it all, and understood, and in that,
have come to know some of what it is that makes a woman
come and go, as the seasons, seasons with reasons untold.
Sometimes, even if we ( men ) cannot understand, only see
the unreasonableness that fills the air, our eyes, our minds
and our thoughts, we still climb aboard that ride,
that roller coaster turmoil, that is laid before us.
Leaving the mental anguish, the emotional whirlpool behind,
letting the intellectual analysis go, in lieu of the purely physical, 
is where my thoughts now take me, with my experience, my words
that will bring this monolog to a logical conclusion
To have “ tasted the pieces ” !, what a journey !, for one’s mind,
even as one suffered the searing pains of being burned by the
flames of a troubled mind, yet to have tasted, to have felt 
– not in mind but in reality – the “ fire down below”,
what a thing to have experienced, to have come to know,
that electrifying heat from the flames down below,
as they galvanized one’s manhood, and in unison,
in harmony one’s manhood electrifies,
sets aflame the motherhood in her.

B. J. “A ” 2
March 27th 2002

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Maritime Warfare

Gray ships
Docks and ports

Palm trees 
And mangoes

Fresh breeze
Wide relief

A night on shore
Red lips, hot breath

Oh, no
Baby wails

Woman sits on golden land
Bundle in hand

The choice.

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I am a woman in this society. 
I go by the name of 
*****, thot, hoe, skank, pussy, and many more
It seems to be okay
I guess it is okay.
I was born into this world Nancy
I was raised by parents who “cares”
They did a horrible job of showing it
With no real help from them
I grew up to be a very knowledgeable woman
At least I’m on the road to that point
I am trying to push past this norm
Push past all the negative
And push past all this disrespect 
But I would be lying if I said it was easy.
Every step I take forward
I take 5 step back
Every change I make
I face a new challenging obstacle
Every move I make 
There’s always disappointment
But I’m trying.
I’m trying.

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As You Are Leaving

Kisses, when too frequent,
become impersonal, postage stamps of 
regard, indistinct. That’s why, as
you are leaving, I lean down and 
rest, for a time, my forehead against
your shoulder, passing something from 
my mind into your body, a thought, an
abstraction scented with what? cognitive musk,
surprising in its sexiness, in its raw
longing after your return. 

©2014 William R. Macklin

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Wonder Woman

Like a flower what a woman knows 
Of her own essence that she holds
In her chest and in between her petals 
What beauty and grace she spreads  
Upon the surface of this world 
She knows not like a cliff 
What glory of height she exhibits 
Like a deer 
She runs frantically here and there 
But she knows not 
The source of fragrance is her naval

Honey knows not of its own 
Ask a bee what sweetness it posses
And only a man knows 
What depth of delight a woman gives 
Her kindness is like an ocean 
But ask not a woman 
Like bottom she is shroud in darkness
And about herself she knows nothing. 

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Lady Heroes

" Lady Heroes ... "

Sarah, In Her 90th Year Stage
Was Way Past Childbearing Age
But Just Like Her GOD Conveyed
Sarah, Got A Miracle Wage!

Sarah Shined ...

Rachel, Too Had Long To Wait
To Her, It May Have Seemed Late
May Even Have Given Up On That Date
But When It Happened, It Was Great!

Rachel Shined ...

Leah, Was The Wife, Less Loved
So She Knew The Heart-Pains Of
Keeping Patient, While Bearing Up
and Leah, Was Blessed From Above!

Leah Shined ...

Esther, So Humble, Had Risen Far
To Help Lift & Cast Off Her Peoples Bar
And On Every Purim of Adar
Lovely Esther, Still Shines Like A Star

?	?
So, If You Have To Wait In Line
Until It's Time To Fully Shine
Remember No Matter How Far You Go
GOD, Can Make You ... A Lady Hero ...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Mary, Accepted What Was Odd
Even Tho' She Knew It Would Be Hard
and Became Mother of Our Lord
She's A Shining Slavegirl of GOD ...

Mary Shined ...

?	?
So, If You Have To Wait In Line
Until It's Time To Fully Shine
Remember No Matter How Far You Go
GOD, Can Make You ... A Lady Hero ...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Just Like Jael and Deborah
Lady Heroes
Like Abigail and Lydia
Lady Heroes

Like Ruth, Naomi and Rebecca
Lady Heroes
Like Elizabeth and Hanna
Lady Heroes

Like Mary and Martha
Lady Heroes
Like Eunice, Lois and Priscilla
Lady Heroes

even Like Rahab, Synteche and Euodia
(Yes, They're Lady Heroes)
and May You, Your Daughters & Mommas
Shine and Be  ... Lady Heroes ...

        Written & Copyrighted ©:  1/1/2014
                by:  MoonBee  Canady

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Trouble with the endeavors of life 
punish with the words spoken of the men who once told me they loved me
walkers upon the darkness 
beaten with the fleshly judgment of women around me with there stead fast faith  
Believing life is an never ending pit a steady trial with weary roads with many bumps and rugged hills

Struggling to be better then what is expected hated by Christian women who once spoke to me with love 
Judge by my enemy lost in this lusting and desirable greedy world 
Body weary and  heart crossed between two paths 
For misunderstood by those saints that worship in there so called tabernacle 
But a saint  is just a sinner who once fell down i heard a wise man once say 
For i am just sinner searching for a  way  

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Prayer for the Priests of Mexico City

Prayer for the Priests of Mexico City

July in the streets 
of Mexico City:
One of the women 
one never would marry.
One of the women one sees 
for an hour, for an evening.
Taco, tequila, 
tequila with lemon.
Christ keep the priests
of Mexico City.

Donal Mahoney

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Eulogy to all women in the world

To all women in the world
You are the true love of heavenly sublimity

Born in beautiful form
Trusted to deliver a life
Blessed with genuine heart
Encouraged with suave mind

Won’t be easily tempted
Won’t battle with gloom or grief
Won’t get trapped in anger
Because of faith is their armor
And commonsense is their mentor

We can be so melancholy 
So frail and easily broken
But in love we trust 
And live for love, we all must

Be the mountain of love
Be the home when others got scared
Be the entertainer when others turned sad
Be the compass when others got lost
Be the fire when your dignity attacked  
Be in front of the line when equality being disturbed 
Be the justice and don’t give prejudice
Be the truth not the evil
Be as true not the lie
Be beauty from the inside
To all women in the world
We love you

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All the unknowns 
Floating in the air

Like the tiny drops
of vapour, 

unable to bear
the pain of the darkness

the early morning wind
out of colossal grief 

becomes numb 
thick and cold

after collecting them
one by one 

together, then 
it drops 

in the form of 
diamond dew

on the sharp blades 
of green grass 

reflecting rays 
in thousand colours 

making fun out of your 
glistering ignorance

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It Starts Within

Growing up you see nothing but the good
You’re taught that if you treat someone right, you get understood
Pure, that's how you enter the world
Most may say
But where does that all change
When did you go from loving with your all to disrespecting everything?

She was in middle school when she was called fat
She still remember to this day who said it to her
It stuck to her, and she's near her 20s
She don't think she will ever feel secure
It hurt
It hurts a lot
She felt disrespected
Yes she did
Messed her up mentally

Growing up her parents told her
"Sweetie, you are fat"
"Sweetie, you need to lose weight"
Insecurity, that's what she’s stuck with
The people who should love and cherish her
The people who should take her for who she is
The people who should respect her
Disrespected her emotionally.

Dudes hit on her like she is a piece of meat
With a 
"Let me see what’s under all that"
Or a
"Omg! Look at that ass"
And a 
"Girl, you know you want this D"
That’s the attention she gets
That’s the only attention she get
So she takes it and it becomes okay.

Emotionally disrespected
Mentally imprinted within
And she don’t even know

She grew to become a woman she never thought she’d be
Finding love in all the wrong places
She let that sorry piece of crap hurt her
She let him disrespect her
"Trash come here" 
And a 
“Don’t get that ass beat”
Ending with a
“You know who daddy is”
Disrespectful that’s what is.

Since when was this okay?
Since when was this just whatever.
When did this all start you may ask.
It all started when she didn’t get the love she deserve.
It started when that guy called her fat.
It started when her mom called her ugly
It started when her dad called her fat
It started when she gave in
It started when she disrespected herself.

Possible yes it is
She disrespected herself when she didn’t stand up for herself.
And when you don’t love or respect yourself, how would you know to see it.
And that’s how it is. 
Respect starts within, and without out no one will respect you Ever.

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i can't help it

I can’t help it I’m a flirt
I can’t help but to admire the beauty of her
I can’t help it I just love the ladies
I can’t help it this is how god made me

The sexiest thing a girl can wear is confidence
I get to know her cause I know she’s heard every compliment
I could buy her flowers but then again so could any other guy
I remember 2 girls form my past gave me butterflies

I’m not great at the whole romance thing but I’ve always tried
But when my girl needed me I was always by her side
I can guarantee you’re not a real man
If you don’t hold your girl or wipe the tears from her eyes

A few broke my heart even though I thought I’d spend my life with
But I was always faithful never had a side chick
I don’t regret one; every girl I dated was worth the risk
I don’t hate any of my ex’s even though I got hurt I admit

Sometimes a female can get lost in the pain
But I try to prove we’re not all the same
I always let her know how beautiful she is
But don’t hold your new man accountable for something your ex did

To make a girl happy I’ll do a lot
But wait around forever & be a second choice I won’t
Either you like me or not
Either you want to be with me or you don’t

I like when we go to bed for a rest
I put my arms around her and cuddle her
She lays her head on my chest
So she’s safe and happy and nothing can now trouble her

Girls say good guys are hard to find
Then you chase the idiot and us good guys get left behind
One day I will find my dream lady
I can’t help it, this is the way god made me 

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what strange wonderful clocks women are,
                        biological clocks,for they nest in time;
these gentle,smiling ones,
                         who own the good secret;
for what man,like wman,
                         lies down in darkness,
                                            and then gets up with child;
women,they make the flesh that holds fast,
                          and then binds eternity;
they live inside the gift,
                           they know the power,
                                              they accept it, and need not mention it;
for why speak of time,
                           when you are time,
                                               and can shape those moments into warmth, and action;
how often men envy them,
                           and, sometimes even hate them, these warm clocks;
for they know that they will live forever,
                            men know this too,but,does he really believe it;
for he has carried no burden,and felt no pain,
                             but,the woman,she knows it.

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The Rebirth Poem V - Beauty

Your face. Is beauty. Your eyes are able to make mine immobile. I look at you with pure awe and ask myself: "Are you mine?" A question I'm too afraid to ask because I know not your answer or better yet, the reason for your answer. I lack the knowledge and the understanding of what beauty is yet I say your face is beauty. I say that based on the feeling I have inside me. 

Your hands. Are beauty. Your fingertips are able to tickle a sensation only Angels were given. Those hands are the very same hands that make my world sane because in my mind I have a picture of you holding our baby and simultaneously it's cries immediately stop. Again allow me to say that I lack the knowledge and the understanding of what beauty is yet I say your hands are beauty. I say that based on the feeling I have inside me. 

You. Are beauty. You. Are beauty. You. Are beauty. I say that three times to make sure that if you weren't listening to me then atleast you heard those words. Yes. I do say that with the lack of knowledge and understanding of what beauty is but I say that you are beauty. I say this because I have a feeling inside me. They say that beauty, is skin deep and the feeling that I have is inside me so the beauty that I see is inside you. There is no compromise or meet me halfway. Let's come to an understanding here, I am blinded by crop tops and mini skirts. You make my brain tired. When will you grace me with that powerful dress that kisses your toes and let my brain begin to imagine. Women complain about their sex life when they are the ones who purchase clothes that once knew the word coverage. Men are not aroused by simplicity so do not simply think that less clothes give you a dynamic complexity. 

You. Are beauty. You. Are beauty. No really you are. There is reason to why a female dog is a B.I.T.C.H. The acronym stands for Beautiful In True Clothing Honey so when will you decide that being you is the most complex thing you could ever be. Following trends is easy, they have a direction but you my lady, you have a set destination so please. Reach it. You care what others say about you. Do words hurt you? Are you offended by what people tell you? If not you should be. Why do young women take joy in being called thick? Is it an achievement? You see God has been wonderful enough to bless you a figure because He wanted to give you a set foundation to withstand the heavy loads you carry on your head. That is never an achievement. That is being an African woman. Embrace it. Do not let scavengers try feast on you, you are human not food. Do not let any person call you hot, you are human not a temperature. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful, you are human not a simple thought from a delinquent's mind.

Your face. Your hands. You. Those things are all beauty. I care not about how thick you are or how low you can go. Beauty is skin deep. There is no surgical injection that can change that. I want you to feel your chest so that you can feel that consistent soothing harmony that is a reminder that no man can own you. They shall never be the reason you are alive because they were never apart of such a mesmerising experience and if you ears have been cut open by my voice I'll ask for permission to let them bleed because I will disturb gravitation and alter your balance with my last words. Your face. Your hands. You and everything inside you. Is beauty. 


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Many Women Passed

Many Women passed before thy face,
but they haven't read it.
countless women, passed through, 
they never left on your chest shades but the Ah
Nor with flavoring love,flavored joyful lips.
Many women Passed vainglorious on your wounds, 
Walked without paying attention,
planting your evening with fires and absent.

 ... My fate, I passed and read,and
Ah I wished, I wished I didn't. 
Neither I put down what they burned,
Nor as what they did, I did.

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in Your failure

in your Absence
                       in your Abandonment
in your Neglect
                       in your Rejection
in your Apathy
                      in your Inadequacy
in your Weakness
                            I Am
I am Strong
                  I am Complete
     I am Fierce
                     I am Found
I am Whole
                  I am Alive
         I AM FREE

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not the guy for you

I’m not going to waste my time and text you
You’ve already got a whole bunch of guys trying to impress you
I know you’re used to guys giving you their all
But I’ve met a lot of girls like you, so I won’t fall

Posting naked pictures getting comments from guys who are lonely sad and desperate
The picture didn’t even catch my eye, never mind make me want to leave you a message
You do what you want I’m not here to judge
But I won’t waste my time on a girl who chooses attention over love

You flirt with a lot of guys and lead them on
That doesn’t sit right with me
If I was still young and gullible I wouldn’t be as strong
But I’ve learnt love is more important than a girl spending the night with me

I could pursue you and flirt I know how this works
But I prefer girls with self-worth
Not girls who post naked pictures for retweets and likes
Then when the next guy comes along you’d leave my side

You want to tell the world I’m gay cause I refuse to show you attention? That’s fine
You want to tell your friends you rejected me? I don’t mind
Dr.Dre told me you can’t make a hoe a housewife
I’ve never heard something so true in my life

I’m not these other guys
I won’t give you the attention you crave
One thing I’ve learned from my past
Is nothing will ever be good enough for a girl like you no matter how much effort I make

Don’t worry there are a million more guys out there
Who will fall in love cause you post pictures of you in your underwear
Fantasising a girl they would never see
But I’m not interested in you, I know I deserve better for me 

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A Bullet For Darling Daughter's Mother

A Bullet For Darling Daughter's Mother
I should of listened to my gut feeling from what my eyes told me about you. From what I saw you looked like, the cheap disposable type. A trashy kind of woman that my home town is full of. And we call them varied slanderous names. 

You knocked on our door. I know your plan was well thought out. And it succeeded. Just as it had a dozen times with a dozen people before. My wife let you in and you sat there on the settee, hiding your lit fag behind you. 

I hate smoking and should have told you to put it out. You asked my wife to borrow a 1000. She didn't answer but I did. I lent a grand to you in good faith. Totally misplaced of course. I was hoodwinked by you, the bitch. 

You said you'd bring the 1000 at weekend. You never did. I saw thru your rancid lies. Your darling daughter lived next door. I got my wife to tell her of your borrow, to shame you. Darling daughter promised to pay your debt; she never did.

You're no better than a disease infested mosquito. Leaving your infection on all you cross. Even a prostitute is better than you; she provides a paid service. You ask, beg, borrow and never pay back. And die? The list is long, don't you think?

Guess it runs in your family. Not to be trusted. You did call round to our house and apologise but it was false. I never got my grand back. And my wife went to your house several times with no result. Your birdcage of lies. Trapping you.

A lesson here. Don't lend anyone you don't know any cash. Oh they'll tell you many a sob story: my baby is eating weeds, my rent needs paying, etc etc. You really need the cash for booze and fags. No less, no more. What no drugs?

So do me a favour and endure the karma I send back to you three times. Let justice be done against you and all of your type: The bitches, liars, slags, whores, alkies, druggies, illegals, criminals and more. This poem is for you. Enjoy!

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Cherchez la Femme

Beneath her breasts
lies a special place
where the soul and the heart rendezvous.
Between her thighs are the answers
to all of life’s mysteries.

You should have known you’d find them there.

In the palm of her hands is the cure for heartache 
and unrequited love.  Never will she ignore
a distressed spirit.  Calmness is inside her.  
There, she gently fights a war against 
dismal destinies and dilapidated dreams.
With the diligence of a child at task,
she retrieves you from the catacombs and breathes life into you 
so that you can begin again, as if you never knew death.

Look for the woman. 
Omnipotence is there.

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What to Say

What to say to a woman.

To a woman with doubt in her mind,
fear in her heart,
knots in her soul.

To a woman with lust in her eyes,
hunger in her gut
and desire in her body.

To a woman who wanders in the dark,
rejects the love of friends,
accepts the hands of a stranger.

To a woman who misses her companions,
her family;
and longs for arms at night.

To a woman who cries out for attention
and finds it only in the eyes
of a man hiding behind a mask.

They try to teach us so many things;
how to live, how to kill,
how to die,
how to win and to lose;
cook, fish, drive, read, write;
how to be honorable
and how to survive pain.

But not a one has told,
or even truly knows,
the key to giving comfort,
to listening;
to find solutions,
or to be the romantic
or the friend
as needed.

Not one, man, woman or beast
has ever told a man;
what to say to a woman.

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in love with a friend

I’ve never been this close to a girl before
When I’m with you, I feel like my world’s secure
I know I shouldn’t feel like this
I wish I knew how to deal with this

You’re not just another lady
You’re one of my closest friends
This is driving me crazy
But I just have to pretend

I want you to take my lost soul and make it home
But I can’t tell you how I feel
This is something I have to face alone
I’ve never known a girl as beautiful, smart and real

I even look into your eyes and not at your boobs
I can’t take the risk
Because I have a really good friend to lose
But you’d be mine if a genie let me make a wish

You’ve been through so much ugliness, yet you’re still so beautiful
Intelligent, kind and smart
My feelings for you are so deep; I wish I could prove it all
I’m in a constant battle with my mind and heart

I want to hold you and kiss you
Make you forget you’ve ever been hurt
When you’re not around I miss you
So I know how much your presence in my life is worth

Having you in my life as a friend is better than nothing at all
You know I’m always there when you call
Just like you’re always there for me
Maybe we’re just not meant for a love story 

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Women In White

The attack of Pearl Harbor
Such a devastating day,
Unexpected bombs, hit and destroyed
The Hawaiian Islands.

Other than the brave men
Who lost their lives trying to
Defend our blessed country,
there was another group who stepped up
To help with such a hopeless disaster.

They were not men at all,
But women in white
Wearing a red cross on their hat.
These women who took on big challenges,
That not only changed their lives, but ours today.

Even though we had lost thousands
Those women tried their best to give them life,
Some failed, but never gave up,
Even when they were exhausted and traumatized.

They were diligent and caring
We called them nurses, but they were more than that,
They were heroes, the angels of Pearl Harbor.

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Once I would like to be pregnant.
I would like to be a full flower
with ripening fruit,
a religious mound,
worthy of worship and godliness.
I would like to be the drink
that nourishes a seed
or nine syllables of the oldest language
telling the ultimate story.
I would like to witness the glint of envy,
flashing like flint on flint
in other women's eyes
as they bask in my glow.
What could be better 
than a queen responsible for her country
or the unblemished temple
housing the union of three bodies,
another version of the trinity:
mother, father and holy child?

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Masculine Feminine

A starry blanket covers us,
The grass wet beneath our
Warm naked bodies.
Sweat covers us like dew,
And I can't help but fall
In love every time I see you.
When I look in your eyes
And feel your body meld,
Blend with my own,
I can't seem to let go.
We're like the sea,
Boiling and brewing.
A storm and a wave on the water,
So weak that I'm forced to
Crawl through the sand.
Together we're magical hats,
Hiding secrets with secrets,
Hiding whiteness with blackness.
A kiss on your lips leaves
Us both wanting so much more.
The night is young,
And I hold the key to the door
Of a magical room containing time.
Let's make love like never before,
Let's hold each other until the ravens
Croak at us nevermore.
You are my everything,
Wrapped against me under
A vast starry blanket.
Hope lies on the horizon,
Our future is tomorrow--
Put your body against mine,
Let's make love out of sorrow. 

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A Garden

In this Garden that we call
There is a tree for everyone.
And at the top of this tree
there is a magnificent flower. 

But where is mine?
On someone else's tree?
Or is it simply not meant to be?

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Repitition, My Boy

When I think “next time I’ll”
And realize there will not be a next time,
A pressure pain twists my head a notch.
A mistake unfulfilled by repetitious learning.

A twinge says: if there is a next time,
You will err next time.
And if you err next time,
And you happen along the same path again,
Under mostly the same circumstances,

My Boy,
Then you will learn for good.

He continues:

But that’s the small lesson,
And so see it now.
Perhaps you repeat the mistake.

Think of the larger fracture
The event that lent your mistake.
Can you spot the break?

Point it on the print-out.
Were it an x-ray,
Would you worry malpractice?

You may get a call six-months time:
Misdiagnosis; there was no break.
Take off the smelly, itchy cast.
Hit the showers.
Soapy clean.

But in the amnesia,
Recall your other half.
Admit to guesswork.
Think how seldom you trust speculation.

The rational one
My Boy
Stroked it off easily this time.

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get to know you

You’ve heard it all before every said 
No matter what I say you’ll just think I’m trying to get you into bed
You’ll make me repeat what you say just to make sure I’m listening
Then something along the lines of “me naked” is all you’re visioning

You’ll give me the brush off and say you don’t date much
Or that you’re still getting over a break up
You’ll say there’s plenty more girls for you to flirt to
When truthfully you’re just scared to get close again because your ex hurt you

But I want to get to know you
Learn all the small things and everything you had to go through
I’m not going to pressure you about things you decline to say
I just want to get to know you but you won’t give any man the time of day

I know why you’re sacred to let people in
Your ex hurt you and you think every man is the same as him
But I’m not so give me a chance to show you
What do I have to go through just to get to know you?

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Avalanche and Aurora

they were up there, on the stage,
" exotic dancers", the term they 
gave; the tall one "Avalanche", 
the shorter, "Aurora"

long black limbs , Aurora's, graceful
steps so Avalanche, her marble feet 
pure snow

they intertwined and caught our men's 
eyes, as we looked and fantasized of 
being with one, or the other, (or both)

and the tepid rhythm rumbled on, from 
speakers in the curtained roof, while mouths 
dribbled and trousers moved, like stallions we 
trampled hooved

and as the caravan of tempting lust, swung the 
hip and charming bust, the distant sound of beer
and jar, chinkled from the busy bar

and down the mountain slope she came, Avalanche 
a wild chicane, lit by Aurora's northern light, 
G string gone and tassles free, thundered on
the mountain slope and sky, 

and soon on trapeze across the room, over tables,
drinks, and cloudy hush, the twin nature's beauties
wearing only their bush, and below, the valley
the mountaineers, sweating in expectant gush

and when I trek among the peaks in dangerous 
snow and coloured skies, I remember the twins,
one black one white, their avalanche and northern light

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What will fall apart

What  will fall  apart,too .. 
Your promise  weanling on deception! 
I am a woman weanling
on losses and myths .. 
I am her permanent guest ,unless how  
Am I going to live the surprise..
After all the disappointment?! 
What will fall apart too? 
There is no glory  to tell the stranger about, 
No fish in my sea, nor oysters 
No lighthouse in my forehead.. 
Guide the sea and the sailor. 
I am not but a hand, 
Squeezed from fruits of sorrow, 
And drank in glasses of tales.. 
Women tears plantings in scare. 
What will fall apart but my name  
Which rested too long before your masculine 
O you who swelled so much, 
From absorption my femininity. 
What will fall apart, 
But a woman in her femininity.

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Complaints as always do ever arise
in this journey which is self imposed..
with this lovely lady eve.. so complicated
one day shes alright. the next shes' brooding
i do try to fathom the depth of her deep feelings
but being just a man i am only able to perceive as much
them lovely ones called eves' always so complex yet adorable
at every stage of the journey a mans greatest companion will be
a daughter of eve.. they make the journey more so bearable.. Eva so

Lewis k. Nyaga

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Na Wahine O Ke Kai

The women of the sea:
Gentle vaginal giants
Rowing, rowing, rowing.
Then a fruit cup, a spray down,
And back into the Wild Blue!
Make room for more!
All you need, really,
Is a rope tied to a jug
To catch you some women of the sea.
Na Wahine O Ke Kai:
A hug would collapse a lung.

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Barefoot, blistered and bleeding
She wanders in from the street
People stare, flabbergasted
Very odd, unheard of in fact

She doesn’t know her size
So like Cinderella, she tries them on
Randomly selecting pretty colours

Silvery, glittery heels
She twirls for the mirror
Sales assistant sighs
Wellingtons for the garden
If she had one!

Satin ice skates
She would glide on the icy pond
Pretty sandals
To feel the sand between her toes

Boring, black brogues
With no pennies in her pocket
She wanders back to the street
Barefoot, blistered and bleeding

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dracula (the real deal):
you know he’s been rollin’ in his coffin 
since ejacula came & took over 
the whole vampire scene---
as if it wasn’t hard enough to try and live off the blood of
moronic humans
for hundreds of years,
suddenly these pre-pubescent 
high schoolers from “twilight,”
with their perpetually stoned eyes
(however, never actually
doing any drugs)
come along & 
taint his image.

yes there was a time when vlad prevailed
when the people of his kingdom feared &
respected the man who fought to keep 
wallachia free of the ottomans---
so much different was the man whose legacy,
illustrated for the west by stoker,
sat as a wonderfully unique novel delighting readers
for over a century,
taking its place next to shelley’s frankenstein on 
the shelf & followed by the likes of

but as the saying goes, “all good things must come to
an end,” 
and so strolled in ms. stephenie meyer 
whose excrementitious mix of once interesting 
vampiric lore & the quintessential teenage 
stumbling over sexuality
(of which she claims: "I don't think teens need 
to read about gratuitous sex.")
has become a new brew of 
non-threatening pulp 
which besides giving two actors who couldn’t
act their way out of a box high-paying careers
(as undeserved as the author’s),
has infected a whole generation of young women 
who now have a brand new template for
abusive relationships.

meyer’s “abstinence porn” (as it is now
dubbed by many)
brings with it the inevitable message that women will
lose their whole sense of self in a relationship &
end up succumbing to the supposed societal norm
of having a child, that is,
a ludicrous vampire baby who will no doubt grow 
up learning how to be abused just as the mother did---
this distressed damsel that stewart portrays
is so transparently based on meyer herself
that one would have to be intoxicated to a point of
not to see it---
the real choice of a young woman to have an abortion &
not have a child with an abusive vampire
might make for a less “romantic” statement
than the twilight-drivel---

if only independence was as romantic. 

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 Women are fragile and strong at the same time.

Women give life everyday and raise it with all the love it with all thier might.

Women are fragile you should not every hurt hurt one because when you hurt one of us you better be prepared to fight all of us.

Do not underestimate women because they are stronger than men can be left bruised 

 not a dime to their name and have babies to fed and the very next day they get up to 

look for work hustling to bring home the money to buy food and clothes for them and 

her children and does not even break a sweat as she pays the bills suriving from one 

day to the next keeping her head up high do not mess with women they are both 

fragile and stronge they can feel pain but be strong enough to wipe away the tears and 

get back to business the very same day.

Women are both fragile and strone and that is how we will survive through anything that comes at us and teach the next generation of women to do the same.

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Don't tell me about self worth
As if I should take worth and apply it to myself
As if I should know how to do that
How could I know
I was not genetically predisposed to it
We're you?
Cause you tell me
A woman should know her worth
As if it is a part of her
A gift from the womb
There's no organ within me
No living seed
No innate ability
For self worth
I have to look at the world
And take their word for it
I'm declared un-everything
Unpretty, unlovable, unworthy
My skin doesn't become a buttery version of Brown against too much sun
Only darker, drier, scarier to the majority
And my body rolls, curves are only coined pleasantries
And the flaw within me is the worst flaw ing the world
Well it must be
From my mother to my man?
All have proven Incapable to love me
Should I hunt for worth labeled self among the trees?
You would suggest this
out of my reach
This wilderness in which I live has lost me
I am lost in its brush
No one has come to look for me
I am without surprise
Is it from the lack of love that worth derived?
If true, I am well on my way
Although I can't fathom how someone like me
Someone lost, loveless
Could be worth anything

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Chocolate Swirl

Chocolate, nothing tastes better than rich creamy chocolate.
Such a delight.  Brown chocolate skin woman how sweet you
must be.  Such a savory treat brown chocolate skin woman.
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka The Brown Philosopher
aka The Green Poet aka Red Seven

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Men And Women

Men are men,
no doubt about that,
women are women,
is there any doubt about that too,
men have been given jobs,
so have been women,
but what happens when you do vice versa,
not my worry,
I am not a world's job describer,
But some things I can say for sure,
there would be time of immense confusion,
quite difficult to endure,
some jobs can be done by strong,
weak are at best for such jobs wrong,
whether women are weak,
or the men strong,
I know not,
but the exchange scheme,
is going to raise such cases,
and the world is gonna repeatedly ask,
for those days,
when they used to say,
men are men,
and women are women,
now the question would be,
for how long?

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3 months in jail

a nurse,4kids and a stepson,
then came the crystal meth.

she used it and liked it,
men beat her bloody and they loved it.

the highs helped the lows,
the lows of a drunken husband of 14 yrs
and a father doing 60 yrs in prison
for rape of his younger daughter.

3 months in jail with women just like her,
3months in jail with women worse then her.

the tattoo behind her leg said it all

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Real Women Sweat

My goodness but its hot
I'm wringing wet.
"Women perspire," he said,
"only men sweat."

Well, guess again buddy
maybe la-de-dah ladies perspire,
but Real Women sweat
and right now I'm on fire.

In high school my mother
would take me to the beauty parlor
to get me a fancy  dance doo
and then later I'd hollar

Because after a dance or two,
my hair would be dripping wet.
I was so embarrassed
all covered with sweat.

Air conditioning is just too cold
and it smells funny,
so I sit in front of a fan
when it gets too sunny.

But running out for chores
in 90-degree heat
is no fun at all
I just come home beat.

So you'all have a good summer ...
and I still say it yet ...
that ladies may perspire,
but Real Women sweat.

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It is my greatest struggle that mocks me 
To be at a distance of this pleasurable question
mark, a rose that I have yet to flatter, in this scene 
that is now haunting. 
Is it the mystery of your soft appeal, breathing in 
this heinous reality that solicits my quest?
If so, how could I not advance before death?

For it is from envious, that I’ve witnessed this negative
space unfolding. 
Perhaps I can shatter this wall of illusion before we 
waste ourselves into demise, and with an existence beyond 
this one-dimensional scent, we can dispel the devils air of 
confusion, and be released from our sinful absence. 

Finally, with envious tendencies forever answered, we’ll
rejoice in the contrast of regret, and be reborn as one
flesh, immune from living in this blunt separation entitled life. 
I pray that angels follow my envious passion into tomorrows 
unknown romance. 

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don't cry over a reply

I consider myself a student of human nature
and 'tis all too  true
i wonder what you women do
women precisely like you
it's as if you're whole life is a bad hair day
unwilling to experiment, to see what may be coming your way
you join the means  to meet a man but keep the monitor ever black
well i say enjoy it while you still can, baby, because tight skin and a size two ain't never 
coming back
you women slay me, especially  women such as you and your ilk
politely sipping on Pinot Grigio but all crying over spilled milk
shoot, if you're waiting for a dove to whisper," He's Mr. Right," as a clue
hon, that dove broke through his cage years ago and much like life that  lovely dove so 
swiftly flew
                              ~free cee!~
and yes, i do all the important things in my life as well as i write poetry, but there’s only 
one thing i do  better...MY DEAR, IN THIS YOU CAN trust
              THAT REMAINS IS DREAM dust 

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scarred lover

Girl hear me out
You want to know my fears and doubts
Well getting close to you is what I’m scared about
Girl just take the time to hear me out

Lay your head on my chest hear my heartbeat
I could lie and tell you I’m scar free
Just to get you close 
The truth is I’m more scarred than most 

Baby take my hand and feel it shake
It’s shaking because I’m scared you’ll grasp it and won’t let go
So many times I’ve felt my heart-break
So someone who loves me is something I’m yet to know

I’m a scarred lover
Before you love my heart 
You will have to love my scars
Please don’t make me suffer

See the good in me
Girl I have a lot to give
But I’m still scarred from things I had to live
But I want to be the man for you I thought I couldn’t be

I have so many scars
You will have to love them before you get o my heart
Single at the moment I’m just giving my future girl a warning
He’ll give you everything if you just stay there for him

I’m a scarred lover with a big heart
Even though I have a lot of scars
I have no issue with telling or showing a girl I love her
But it takes a  lot of time because I’m the scarred lover 

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V-DAY 2013

“The United Nations 
Development Fund for Women 
estimates that at least 
one of every three women globally 
will be beaten, raped or otherwise 
abused during her lifetime.”

1 billion women &
men who feel that 
violence against women
across the world has to end
will go on strike
this coming 
February 14th, 2013.

& this writer will be standing
in vigilant solidarity
in remembrance of 
my best friend in 
high school whose 
face had been smashed
through a glass door &
then was forced by the same
man to drive into a house
after he downed acid &
just didn’t give a 

& this writer will be standing
in vigilant solidarity
in remembrance of 
my first crush whose
boyfriend raped her, beat her,
forcing her to live in
constant fear even after she
put a restraining order on him,
finally moving across the country
to find freedom.

& this writer will be standing
in vigilant solidarity
in remembrance of my first
girlfriend who revealed later
that she had lost her virginity
to a rape at a party in which
all the ****s in her hick small
town had pointed the finger
at her, saying that “she had
asked for it”---a rape that
her own mother (who suffered 
at the hand of her crazy 
pentacostal loon husband) 
did nothing about when she 
found out what had happened 
to her daughter---
nothing at all.

thanks to Eve Ensler, we
will have the opportunity,
ALL OF US, this coming
February, to RISE UP &

will you be with us?


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This Love Might be Different

Two in love.
Together they are bound
But with each possessing a curse
Broken hearts to be are found
One never able to shed a tear
Even in the face of Death, whom she fears
The other only able to live off of drinking others tears
How can she survive?
She cannot stay strong for all the years she promised
But I give her my heart
And she holds it to her close
Knowing this will kill us
Maybe we will fare better as ghosts
Or maybe we are strong enough
To fight off Damnation
This love might be different
It does not have to crumble like our nation....

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beautiful girls

One thing I’ve learned is the most beautiful girls are usually the most insecure
Most men think they get enough attention so won’t even open doors
They’ll just stare making her think her body is all she has to give
So this is the life she thinks she has to live

Short skirts with her boobs on show
Club playing songs about rappers seducing hoes
I love Hip-hop but these aren’t the actions I choose to show
Not trying to dress it up but she’s attractive to me without removing clothes

Barely eating this is way beyond dietary restrictions
Almost skin and bones trying to impress him at home
But when she talks he never quietly listens
He’s watching TV and has his face in his phone

She’s comparing herself to the girls he looks at on the internet
But he’s not worth it he hasn’t even took you out for dinner yet
He doesn’t deserve to keep you warm when winter sets
You’re beautiful and don’t need him you should make him your ex

To me there’s nothing sexier than a girl who can take care of herself
So I can kiss and hold her and be there to help
By “help” I mean support her in whatever she plans to do
You will have a lot of guys saying they’re the right man for you

It’s quite clear everywhere you’ve gone men have been
I’m scared they love your body not what’s underneath your skin
But you’ll find me boring for wanting to treat you right
While you dream about the guy giving you nightmares in life

But you’re beautiful even if you don’t see it
I’m talking to every girl in the universe
Be yourself, keep your head high and find a man to show you your worth
Because you’re all beautiful even if you don’t see it 

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chained chained women

chained chained women in the “land of the free”

can you feel the jealousy emanating from the other first world countries
whose women watch the US government insist upon 
no universal healthcare,
making its own citizens eternal slaves to HMO’s & big pharma
if that wasn’t bad enough,
they watch the religious tyrants beating their “holy books,”
to feel as if it is ok to
deprive citizens of contraceptive coverage in the 
health care packages being provided by employers across the country?

this writer has a hard time doing so…for the record.

how long will this so-called “democracy” make the women within its borders
how long will the crazy crazy christians insist on
trying to keep women in a little cage where they cannot determine what happens to their own bodies?

as long as women are not allowed to gain access to contraception freely & easily,
they have to walk through a gauntlet of unnecessary bull*****
every time life decides to impede their progress by
throwing an unwanted pregnancy in the way of the struggle to get to where they want to be--- 
if they cannot climb the ladder,
they cannot achieve the financial status that would allow them to raise these kids in the
first place---
who pretend to have religious affiliations so that they can get more sheep to 
baaaaaaaaaaaa to the sound of their specific drum come november,
need to understand that there are more women in this country than men 
this country is already overpopulated as it is----
why not better the lives of the women who are already here,
alive & trying?

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Our Lady of Assumptions

Turning sides of the spinning coin
guesses of mere uncertainties
Across pedestals, care to join?
Among people, intricacies?

Oh mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest among them all?
Need such a shoulder to lean on,
or grabbing people's attention?

Living in vain and insecurity
shooting blanks with accuracy
brewing on concocted conspiracy
Isn't that they call insanity?

All assumptions, are you that lost,
deep in the labyrinth of fear?
You will pay dearly of what it costs
and ending up shifting your gear.

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Other Small Things

why do we put women on a pedestal, 
as though they're some kind of perfection?
why do we look aghast when we see their snot, 
hanging, unknown from their pert nose, or menstral blood,
on the sweet linen sheets, or emerging from their clothes?

they're not pedestal material!   that's the truth
behind their clamorous root,their two hours on
the phone and enraging interest in shopping,
make-up and other small things

and they fart and burp, but in places we cannot see,
(not known to mens' eyes), or cover each with a cough,
or well placed laugh

why do we worship their"purity", their virginal concocted 
histories; our disbelief that they could have fucked and sucked
others? (before they did the same for us)

is it fear that we men share, that before we came along 
and saw their sweet bikini song, they may have known 
someone better?

maybe; yet it's wearisome to tread this dimly lit invective 
path; because we don't know, we don't know; because we 
are their glorious prisoners to love; yes that must be it; the
answer to why they like make up, men and other small things

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See Title In Poem

*I couldn't use symbols in the title, so I posted it below in quotatations before the poem's start.

"You'll be fine. It's just another ending, sweetheart."

Is it, now
A something
A nothing
A dead and one-time-only thing
Is it just
A thing
Is it me, or is it you
Is it blonde, is it witty
Does it wrap its legs around you
Is it waiting in your bedroom
And who or what is fine
Am I changing
Or is it 
Another ending
One more coda
A one-more-time
Is it my sweet heart
Will you be fine
My sweetheart

- A. H. Sewell ©2015

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Mr. Sardino Sniffinhoof

Now most of you have heard of the Sniffinhoofs.
       Because they are a famous family who deal in roofs.
If you need one they always say
       A Sniffinhoof roof will always pay!

Well Sardino is a rascal turned 29.
       Has women you wouldn't believe doing him all the time.
The Sniffinhoofs would rather you didn't know it.
       Because they say his hot business keeps their hot business in the pit.

Well Poetry Soupers, you better believe that Sardino doesn't let that get him down.
       He keeps on taking his women out on the town.
The only thing he does that the women don't like.
       Is eat sardines out of the can while riding his bike.

He lives up to his name and is heir to these roofs.
       Don't you wish you belonged to Sardino's family the Sniffinhoofs?????

* The life of a ficticious person.

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What's My Type

What's my type? Now there's a good question that 
I'm sure a lot of women wanna know so, let's 
get right into it. I'm a man of God seeking 
companionship so, I like to take it slow. ya know 
everyone has there story to tell and mines... 
no need to go into details but when you 
get something or someone for wholesale 
don't sell it retail....If you're a woman that's
as hard as nails please pass me by...I'm 
old school as far as love so I'm highly attracted
to feminine women who dress nice classy
attire, passionate, sensual, good communication
and someone who hates liars. A woman who's 
virtuous in God's eyes on fire for him that woman 
who's sanctified because she loves righteousness
and hates sin this woman has to be mindful that
it's best to wait to we're married because we 
know it hurts God when we fornicate unto him
what's my type?

The "wifey type" to me is some relationship title for worldly
people but me...I see beyond that peep hole
I'm a king so in the kingdom that I stand for
I desire my mesmerizing queen
I'm in need of a woman who loves to kiss 
not pressed over me but is in need of what I 
have to offer like her this love I got is her next fix
I'm a fan of women that know how to dress 
a woman who looks at me 
with such promise because all her life I've 
been exactly what she's been wanting to feel
and that's real, and If you're one 
who don't know the difference between black people...
black males in particular and niggas....pass me by I'm not
your type of guy, but the question remains
what's my type?

My type isn't physical features but If you have to change
your lifestyle for me get away from me yeah I beseech ya
I'm on fire for God naw better yet I'm full blown ether
and If you're this woman "spiritually" we might not 
be right for a relationship but hey you're a friend 
of God so yeah I wanna met ya. I need a woman
who loves to express herself down to earth 
honesty & trust is the key and I'm the door If you're...
seeking knowledge wisdom & understanding I might
be what you're looking for, I'm a gentlemen in 
every sense of the word whether you hate it or love it
I don't really call this "my type" of woman 
because she's mine I'm hers she has a place for
me right in her left bosom so....forget my type
because that is her whom which I was promised 
so let it come to pass....what's in the dark always come to light

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The Clan - Chapter 33, Verses 35, Holy Koran

Surely the men who surrender to the will of God
And the women who surrender to the will of God
The faithful men and the faithful women
The obeying men and the obeying women
The truthful men and the truthful women
The patient men and the patient women
The humble men and the humble women
The almsgiving men and the almsgiving women
The fasting men and the fasting women
The men who guard their private parts
And the women who guard
The men who remember Allah very much
And the women who remember Him hard
Allah has made ready for them forgiveness and a great reward.

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Green Eye Shadow

Everytime he hit her
she put the green on her eyes
everytime she was made a joke or belittled
she dug out the green eye shadow
not something everybody knows
until that date and that time
women taking a stand for their lives
green eyeshadow
for the coldest of hearts
the truth we could no longer deny

Everytime he was cornered
everytime he was victomised
everytime he had to sacrifice his freedom
when there was no way for him to tell the truth
he would free another dead word
for other men to use
the times he was made to kill
the times he was made to hate
never again he said to himself
a wolf would never understand
among his dead words
the truth finaly comprehended

Jesus did this for you, to rise to the occasion 
simple logical equation of a complicated word game
facts are facts in the fiction
the dead words rise
the green eyes
under rug swept, never forget it
green eyeshadow saved his life
the dead words answered for men and women to have justice
level one of how to belong
green eyeshadow
of the dead words

an artistic expression
as we learn to work together
stop our own sacrifice as we continually crucify ourselves
dead words are dead words
nothing a soldier would consider
until the women showed the men their eyes

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Getting Alone

Why can't our women be a good sport
Instead of selling themselves short?
And why can't our women just get along
And leave each other's men alone?
It's not that hard, it's easy to do
Remember waht you do will definitely 
come back on you
Because one day when things seem 
to be going just right
Your man might just end up creeping
on you in the middle of the night
And no matter how much you think
that he is under your control
He is still a man and he might 
go out on the stroll
I know you might think that he really loves you
Then why is he out doing the same thing to you?
If you're wondering what went wrong
Just remember, It was 'Carma' that messed up your home

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 Women are fragile and strong at the same time.

Women give life everyday and raise it with all the love it with all thier might.

Women are fragile you should not every hurt hurt one because when you hurt one of us you better be prepared to fight all of us.

Do not underestimate women because they are stronger than men can be left bruised 

 not a dime to their name and have babies to fed and the very next day they get up to 

look for work hustling to bring home the money to buy food and clothes for them and 

her children and does not even break a sweat as she pays the bills suriving from one 

day to the next keeping her head up high do not mess with women they are both 

fragile and stronge they can feel pain but be strong enough to wipe away the tears and 

get back to business the very same day.

Women are both fragile and strone and that is how we will survive through anything that comes at us and teach the next generation of women to do the same.

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understanding women

I stopped trying to understand them a long time ago
What’s going on in their mind is near impossible to know
I made the mistake thinking I knew everything about them
All I know is it’s impossible to be a king without them

They may drive me mad and confuse me most the time
But I always have one on my mind
Their logic rarely makes sense
Yet at the same time make us feel weak and give us strength

Realised this when I used to sit with my ex
All I know is she loved the way it touched her and kissed on her neck
Right now that’s something she wished she could forget
We could get back together, but there’s plenty more fish for me yet

Every female is different that’s why I take my time to know them
When I like one I find different ways to show them
When we’re together their pain is mine
Even though it’s annoying how they change their mind

I’ve learnt if you’re going to argue with a lady
You are going to need armour
Even though it sounds crazy
Just accept she’s right, save a lot of time and drama

You should be scared when a girl says “I’m fine”
How is it possible to make us happy, sad, angry, and confused at the same time?
The only thing I know as a man
Is women are beautiful but damn near impossible to understand 

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Will I Survive Roe v Wade

Eight weeks ago,
my daddy's sperm 
connected with Mommy's egg.

A miracle explosion of living energy; 
molecules merged, 
cells divided, multiplied, took form.

My heart beats,
my limbs move,
and although I cannot yet see,
my ears hear, and I feel pain.

Smaller than my daddy's 
thumbnail, is the size 
of my perfectly formed little feet. 

Someday, they will carry me
across green grass, through cool water
and over burning sand.

 But only if I live to term.

© Faye Adams  1/20/2009

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Crushes And Misses

Parking bay, crazy slots, for the desperate,
The one way entry to women drivers meet?
Sole paparazzi shot with killer instinct,
No reserve for insane, sidelined, extinct.

Incredible passion in body positions,
Atop or under between rattling degrees,
Bottoms in play with a Casanova streak,
Head light flashes explode in their touch and kiss.

A rub to the left smashing colors in tights,
Tongue in cheek metal crunches the perfection,
Smiley faces ignore the big bang theory,
Waterloo for disobedient cars of might.

News-room rushes, the main agenda heaps displayed,
Urgent rental services now go astray,
Nervous women drivers take safe taxi's home,
Men aghast at the picture’s vagary?

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Folk Life

What will they sing of this morning
The women passing by
Coming down from the dry mountain
On their way to the city?
What long time memory
Surrenders the heart in songs?
What joy, what expectation
Through dim brown of dawn
Through the soft bodied mist
Perfumed with fragrance
From the whoring of the trees
With sun?

They carry baskets brim laden
With all the earnings of a season
Between the time of clearing the land
The sweet urge of sowing
And patient tending of what was growing
Out of their purpose,
Some kind of dream illusive before
Some hope of making something
Of the self better than the self
From the anxious reaping
In the back bending sun
To the market of doubt and faith
And relief
That for now its done.
The plans will change again
Children bring sudden emergencies
They do not plan for ...
And yet all of that is carried
In the basket of a song.

I remember lying there
In the passion of the mango season
Hearing the fruits drop
Thinking of them sweetly
Like Melveta
Coming through the guinea grass'
Spindly trail
Melbourne held her hands there
The yellow girl
And the brown boy
The certainty of money
In the color of love
What was I thinking
In my heart without a song?
O not this
Not here in the superficial wilderness
Not this journey
From which my being long
For women coming down the morning
In the mountain of a song.

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a Stain on the Sheets

trees whisper your name in the wind 
shadows form your figure in the night dancing sublime
no matter where I turn it’s to you

tempting me with consuming lies
promising a feast of heartbreak
I cannot look away

my will grows wane
your charms a poisonous dish I ravish
touching me with fingers of bloodied silk

leading me down a glistening path
to my doom between your legs
killing me with each thrust

I hear a howl in the distance
and realize it’s my own
ignoring it I push harder

your creamy explosion triggers my own
destroying me till there’s nothing left but you
a stain on the sheets

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And blondes whistle mightily

And blondes whistle (mightily)
Groove and rhythm supplied
By their accidental guardians
Feigning lock-down on these
Rancid, insipid rugged shores
It's what's expected
The triumphant stasis
The settling down of
Benign expectations
Mixed coarsely with the
Toxic waves disguised as hope
Fame and glamor
The settling in of those
Who (plead) their mere existence
Laconic persistence
To roam and dare
And acquiesce to forms
Much disparate from themselves
Where and who were they
Before the fall
Their (coerced)  lament
Wrapped and pressed
By an indignant Creator
Lie your amble shamble
Down square
With the cracks which
Suckle the (greasy)  heat
No scars to spare
Envelopes with deranged matriculation
Puncture the remaining pores
Now everyone, even them
Can wade (deep)  into December
Without barometric shift
Gastronomic rift
Or the means to remind yourself
Where the days have hidden
Somewhere plain yet hard to find
Wake me once if your pleasure
Grinds the senses weakly
Wake me twice if all's redeemed
The pageant gone
And once again the blondes
Tune their vacant chords
Hustling into naked ensembles
Flush with gravitas
Conduct the many
Swollen from the vagaries
Of plucking
One too many strings.


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silly silly santo

silly silly rick santorum
demanding that pornography go away
so that christians can pretend like
their way is the only game in town
(ban pornography, ban same-sex marriage,
ban sugar, ban television, ban books, ban
conversation not concerning “god” or “jesus,”
ban *****es & ban ******s (after they have
done their “duty” popping out lil’ rugrats like
it was going out of fashion in the name of the
so that the prophet santorum 
can walk behind the veil
pacing with head in hand
reciting to himself mantras of “holy truths” 
wherein he must convince himself first
that it is pornography
that causes violence against women
that it is pornography
that breaks up all of his sacred marriages 
under wraps of his all-caring, all-compassionate
silly silly santy, 
grasping for straws in the attempt to
gain all the adoration from the crazy crazy christians
(who want it to be 1950, perpetually)
in a race against a wealthy wealthy wacko
(who himself believes in joseph smith & his gold plates),
says that pornography is a prime cause of
(prostitution, which has long been referred to as 
“the oldest profession in the world” apparently did not begin
until two-dimensional photos of naked people were thrust into
the mainstream…guess that would make “mary magdalene” &
all those whores that jesus was getting blowjobs from, really
just saints like the rest of em’)---
well, have no fear 
the prophet santorum has come to us 
sent by “god” 
to save us from ourselves! 
his denial of women locked down in an abusive marriage
being beat on a daily basis by a man who still goes to church, who
still reads that bible, who still says his prayers,
who still believes that he will go to “heaven” when he dies,
is all simply part of his plan &
his denial of the bible being a prime reason that women have been treated like
cattle in the past while still being used to discriminate against them in every way possible
in the present,
are all simply aspects of his “divine” wisdom.

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A Vietnamese Wedding Party

a long parade of guests in pairs, longing for a chair or two,
a hundred or so, and their ice-creamed children, 
pushing through the market sounds, the glistening fish and meat,
against the dying piggy- squeals, by  the river’s flowing feet

wearing blacks and browns, some with prison- frowns, a tide against
the wedding's beach: and in amongst the throng, some young men in
bright shirts and Ray Ban shades, puzzled by the days significance, this 
coiling snake of women’s delight

and as the anaconda enters the marital hall…(like Caesar coming into Rome), 
the drunks, the pensive widows, the curious maids, their still  pert breasts and 
waists not yet destroyed by birth, dance in settled  joy, into the leery mirth.

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when is a hole not a hole?

when you allow it to be empty

and recognize

that you too are empty.

desire is chasing your own tail

needing to fill or be filled

is just a metaphor for internal restlessness.

i write this to remind myself

that a hole is not a hole

i am free from desire

i can get by one more night

without her

and i never needed her

while storms clench my heart with their jagged electric fists

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the C word

it’s said by women to women 
that the most offensive word
(in the english language)
they can be called is
the C word---
this word cannot be uttered by men around women,
it’s said by women to men, 
it’s said by men to men 
when conversing about the women who told them
amidst other women or 
without other women present.

all words stumble round its usage like 
a toddler
meandering across a 
fresh patch of ice in slippers made of

as cyanide in your favorite drink or
perhaps something of a barbed wire jockstrap
you know better than to tread that water,
best to swim instead of sink---
but men will call each other this word
like its nobody’s business
especially in england
and it’s laughable
how quickly its forgotten that women still
these areas said to be inhabited only by those with
it is still a word isn’t it?
one of many,
whose disgustingness has brought violence with them 
for hundreds if not
thousands of years.

so will this word be picked up by women who
feel its usage to be violent, misogynistic & vile, 
only then subsequently appropriating it for their own
giving it new meaning?

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Crawling through the bush, swinging
    grasses behind, soft breeze flows
    and grows wilder as the night becomes deeper.
Breathing and puffing she listens for the prey, amidst cries 
of crickets, in deal  with disappearing chuckling of birds.

Then she captures his bold staunch body 
Innocent but intelligent, he admires the beauty of the setting sun
Sighing to himself, astonished by Mother Nature
                 Then suddenly........

Hunting was once a mans game
Today; the modern day we live it to the women
Not that the end is near, no,
But the roles have changed
Time brings with it wonders
Culture is someone else, women are the hunters

Written 2006 
Just the young thoughts of the young mind

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The Women Dance

The Women Dance
The women dance they move the hand twere a man twould look so gay they 
bend and stretch they sway
they pirouette they even split while they are young they genuflect

they have some fun they never walk the women dance


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plan C

dear ms.
roman catholic 
secretary sebilius---
are you aware of what you have done to the young women
living within the borders of the 
empire, today?
are you aware that your 
have led you to stand in front of young women the nation over &
assert that they NOT be allowed
control of their bodies 
in this supposed
“land of the free.”

as representatives of the empire maraud the earth
speaking on behalf of the “freedoms” that women have here,
the drug plan b is stopped from being readily available to
young women &
the fact that we all make mistakes
that we all have impulses from which if we are lucky
we can only learn from in
this is all thrown to the side.

mr. obama, who “was not involved in the process” of 
reversing the FDA’s approval for plan b to be sold over the counter
now marches in line
following mr. bible-beating-bush
in the attempt to gain support from pro-lifers everywhere
by speaking of his own daughters 
as if they will ever face the same struggles as other young women
in the same way.

as long as believers in this country have any sway
they will beat their drums as loud as possible 
in hopes that all will get in line &
pop out kids like a pez dispenser
regardless of what the financial situation might be
in which a young single mother might have to raise it
regardless of whether a father is present or not
regardless of the young woman’s own future aspirations might have been
before she made one impulsive mistake
for which she now must abruptly halt her life completely
for the sake of

it’s obvious that women need a 
plan C---
they need to be able to circumvent these legal proceedings
which aim at nothing more than stifling their ability to
gain agency in a world that is STILL
male dominated---
but as such a practice might be unsafe or harmful
they continue to suffer
oppressed within the so-called democracy
where their opinions are supposed to

is not a 
that others make for 

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Regard the day if you regard it regard it to the LORD.
Regard it not if not regard it then do not regard it to the LORD
A bit of wisdom found from the ancient preachment of the old scriptures people 
preached and lived with stones tossed at them killing them they rose and walked 
and preached among the stone throwers bold. The day is only one. The time will 
pass away somehow no matter what it may seem like the devil won but the life is 
in the GOD not the worthless one. They missed me with the attitude the weight is 
not enough the bump has never come near me that can rally shake me up they 
grab at straws and miss them and then drown. They try to eat me up but eye am 
They fill the cup with excessiveness and cannot make a fist.
They howl at darkened moons on ice planets they miss me with the weapons 
they have formed they falter and they throb in lust with one another the women 
with the women the men with all the rest.

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Whose Preservation ?

Beyond this ocean of life I see those hard time,
Men sweated or toiled and did not go without a dime,
With greed, both learned to work for the extra prime,
The good bad and ugly thought this was no crime.
Then blew the wind with women preservation,
India's fifty-fifty, world remained unsure;
While half the Indian women earned to inflict,
The men lost jobs in pure protests and conflict.
Should women learn to fret and pull a tug boat?
Relaxed men enjoy these working lust beauties;
Pamper them with praise as they go through the maze,
Nice jingling bells as they run for work in daze.
Why should all men decry their conservations?
When women want hundred percent reservations:

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Hate It Or Love It

To all y'all poetry lovers I need y'all to really listen
because It don't come easy wit puttin together these writtens
at the end of this poem don't think I was just kidding
But I just wanna know whats up these Baltimore women
maybe it's just me, but if I go to any other city
and speak to a female she speaks back to me
this is for the women but I know the niggas can relate
y'all might say y'all love us but all I'm gettin is a lot of hate
Question? how would I know a good woman by the way she walks
image is everything especially by the way she talks
females in Baltimore can't find a good man because they lost their sight
and the complaining got so bad that they started marrying dykes
all these women here ain't bad  I just met the wrong ones
they really don't want love they just wanna have fun
so as for me I'm just gone fall back and stack this money
so black women don't get mad if I find love wit a snow bunny

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Brian was unrelenting in his passion. 
There was no hole to go through anymore.  
He had flipped the world upside down and 
had watched it dangle on his finger, 
And now he was sitting dejected. 
Stuck in the middle of his small apartment, 
Roommate-less, rent-less…

And then women appeared. 
Like small flocks of doves, 
They wafted into his apartment 
One after another. 
Looking for a bedroom. 
A conversation, 
A good time even. Maybe. 
Suddenly the world began 
Its old familiar roll.  
And Brian was no longer dejected.

I say this in the spirit of Old Vice; Love’s Creator.

That when Brian reflected, 
Not on the women appearing 
Like a bowl of grapes into his lap, 
But on the system of the stars, 
He was caught.  
In the Wonder of Time. 
And, moreso, the Brilliant Lyricist 
That is Time. 

Lost in his woods. 
Lost in his apartment.  
Lost in Grateful Waters.
His eyes swimming through hearts.

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Their Everlasting Night

Their Everlasting Night

The pain of night returns
carrying with it the horror
of the lost lives of the still living.
The shadows of the headlights,
the sounds of the boots,
the flowered names on the doors
pushed open, the eyes pried open,
the legs forced open by these soldiers
seeking “comfort”.

These Japanese Military Sex Slaves, “comfort women”,
coerced, bribed, abducted and transported
to battle zones to provide “comfort” to
the Japanese soldiers.  Children
stripped of childhood, young women
degraded, demeaned, disgraced
at the hands of still unrepentant rapists.

Who will comfort these women now,
in the pain of their everlasting night.
As of this time about 40 still live,
still dread the pain of sunset’s pall
the scent of the darkness.
They are but a few - yet wish to ensure
that the story of the many does not
fade into history’s silent acquiescence.

There is a shame that should be felt,
not by these women, but by all of
humankind, an ache that pierces the
soul of all, a question that must be asked
knowing that we will find no comfort
in the answer.

 John G. Lawless
submitted to – The Pain of Night – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Tammy Reams

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role reversal

She thinks she can decide when it’s off to bed we go
I didn’t reply to her text, she knows I read it though
You can play your games with other guys but not me
She’ll send a text along the lines of “you just lost me”

This is a new situation to her as she’s used to guys doing as she says
5 minutes after getting her number most men give her a call or text
She’s used to guys giving their all for sex
But with me she isn’t going to get a replay

I’m comfortable to show emotions other men are scared to show
And I’ll take you to places they were scared to go
But we’re swapping roles and doing this on my terms 
Then we’ll see how this love affair will grow

You’re used to being in control but I’ll decide the places I take you
And when you’re ready to get naked I’ll wait too
Make you wait until you can’t take no more and you beg for it
Until you realise I’m the right guy and you get your heart in check and head sorted

Whi9le you try to tempt me by wearing revealing clothes, some see through
I’ll kiss on your neck and rub your inner thigh just to give you a preview
But that’s as far as I’ll go
Making you wish I decided to be the start of the show

I’ll ask you questions and make you say how you feel
For the first few dates you can pay for the meals
Go for a few drinks and have a little flirt too
Get to know each other but this is a role reversal 

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Men & Women Girls& Boys

Men will be men,
the women said,
women cannot but go about their way,
said the men,
we are talking about men and women,
and not about boys and girls,
mind you there is vast difference,
not only of years,
but of things,
that make men men and boys boys,
and still lot more things,
that make women women and girls girls,
one girl was opining as above to other,
there was a group of boys mixed in there,
who agreed heartily to all that girl had said,
suddenly a man came accompanied by a woman,
so the girls and boys thought,
because they thought as such about those,
from whom they were taught,
teachers-one male and another female,
came rushing and shouted alound,
Voila,boys and Voila girls,
why do you stand here,
doing just nothing,
look at all that left in school day,
and follow us running,
panting and gasping,
as they ran behind,
all of them agreed,
girls& boys are more different than men&women,
more then ever before.

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because i'm a guy

Any actions I make now will be held against me in 10 years by a girl I’ve not even met
Simple mistakes will be brought up by her when she’s losing an argument and she won’t allow me to forget
She’ll try to get me to show my emotions
Then say I’m too emotional when I decide to be open

She’ll try and change me into the guy she wants me to be
Then call me selfish when I say I can only be me
What confuses me most is women say we only have one thing on our mind
But when we’re hurt they think sex will make everything fine

When I buy flowers I always get asked “what have you done wrong?”
I most probably won’t fully listen when she babbles on
She’ll tell me I care about football more than her
And I’ll reply I’ve already have this conversation before with her

When we argue I’ll be wrong and she’ll always be right
Even thought they confuse me, make me mad and sad I’ll always need a woman in my life
Because I’m a guy it’s natural for me to be an idiot and immature from time to time
And most importantly never will I understand a females mind 

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Difference Iz Vol. 2

I guess to me vol. 1 just wasn't enough
so I guess it's time I refill this lyrical cup
the difference is I gotta explain how different I really am
the depths of a real nigga has just began
concerning this world I guess it don't amaze me
how men & women use each other is far from crazy
but maybe I just reached my spiritual peak
like I told yall love is what I continue to seek
most men can't seem to look a woman 
expect by the way her body looks
I guess the difference is I'm on a different page
matter fact a whole nother book
difference is I'm talking to women to see where there heart is
I could careless how many baby fathers you got & how many kids
I'm on a mission just to talk to women because I respect their convo
it sometimes amazes me how a man could make a woman feel so low
but thats the world its lost and don't wanna be found
so if anyone hears God's voice they recognize this heavenly sound
difference is I'm on a love search yeah It might hurt
but one thing I realized is you gotta put God 1st
difference is I'd take a woman with a good heart gladly 
for the simple fact I know with this woman 
I'd be eternally happy

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the words out of our mouths

just the other day a radio personality 
made a disparaging remark about a group of women 
whom he had never even met.
this person has always been known 
for his acerbic tongue and cutting comments.
but he crossed the line, he went too far
it was cruel and unnecessary
but the point i want to make 
is that anyone,  be they black, white or indifferent
should be held accountable 
for the words out of their mouths.

rap artists and r&b singers who refer to women 
as b%#@!&s and ho's
shock jocks on the radios whose only purpose in life is to be
as vulgar and offensive as possible
newscasters and talk show hosts who say inflammatory things
just to stir up some controversy.
what has happened to society?
have we lost all sense of morality?

bigotry is bad for business
racism is radically wrong
there is no excuse nor will any apology make it go away
nor erase the words that come out of our mouths
because once it is spoken it can't be unspoken

Jesus made a comment to the Pharisees
when they rebuked His disciples for not washing their hands
before partaking of the meal
He said,'"whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and is eliminated, 
but those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart 
and they defile a man."   
so be careful of the words that you choose and use
for the words out of our mouths tell people 
what is on our mind and in our heart

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Do you see me?

What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see a lost cause
A hopeless future
Or do you actually see me?, a wounded soul
a child lost in a black pit of emotions swirling around trying to grab onto the right 
to either hate or love the women I can not escape from
Saddness I can not share with anyone because they would not understand
They could not understand how this women starves me, not only with my hunger 
but with my body and soul
I hunger for affection, I hunger for her touch, I hunger for her voice
But the most thing of all I hunger for  the women that I use to know
Who use to look at me like I was the last drop of heaven left
But now looks at me like I have fallen from the grace god
Where did this women go
Why did she leave me to be replaced by a women who's heart is hard as stone

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It's The Life

It's the life of a street nigga 
get money or die trying in the process
If a nigga make it 21 where Im from
that mean you blessed 
all the drama and stress that just goes with tha struggle
along wit the dope boyz moving bricks by the bundle.

It's the life. Everybody been threw it 
you can't avoid meeting ain't bout sh!t people
some take heartbrake harder than others
when they think about injecting some lethal
In my eyes lame niggas & fake women is see threw
you know a nigga crazy after a week
of knowing you they say they wanna be with you.

It's the life. We all then had it 
the 1st one we gave out heart to 
game recognize game but how
men & women use each other is a shame
women say niggas is all the same 
everytime they get their heart stepped on
but you know what gets me
a baby muva that think the nigga she had a 
baby wit is suppose to get back
wit her just because their child is born.

It's the life. Real talk misery loves company
most women is selfish and when it comes to love
I loved it so much my heart became helpless
but you would've thought that I'd learned from that
I kinda lost count of how many women
emotionally stabbed me in the back.

It's the life. Decision making comes wit a reasonable price
but honestly every question you have about life
forget a therapist take it to Christ
life ain't right but it gets better once
you get on that spiritual kite
but Im telling you this right here
ain't nothin but to street life