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Free Verse Son Poems | Free Verse Poems About Son

These Free Verse Son poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Son. These are the best examples of Free Verse Son poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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O' Middle Child

O' middle child, dear son of mine, you have always let the others shine
All through the years, you have stood behind
---I want to say, I've noticed you  

Your sister's charms, of course, we knew...
And your brother's skills were multitude
But, my quiet child, though your words were few
---I want to say I've noticed you

While people cheered, and guitars were played,
 as your siblings sang upon the stage
You cheered them on with no restraint
---but, I want to say I've noticed you

Such wit and charm, a heart of gold, 
More generous soul, I've never known
A shoulder you will always lend
---a brother, friend until the end

I love you all, .....of course I do
I have watched you grow, each one of you
My quiet child, you are still the same
---you'll step aside from all acclaim

As parents now, all three of you
I am proud beyond the words I hold

My middle child, I hope you know, 
while you've always been a one to sow
a quiet gift to all you've known

---I want to say I've noticed you........



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Poet Destroyer-It will be ok

I know first hand the
pain in your heart,it
will be okay,soon you
can make a fresh start.

Your grandson Beal will
be watching over you,and
he knows everyday how
much you love him to.

Sometimes GOD does things
that we don't understand,
but he created your friends
to lend a helping hand.

Reach out to the people
that are here on the soup,
they help through hard times
and are a wonderful group.

There are to many to name
as this you know,
they will take you by the
hand and won't let go.

It will be okay and
soon you will see,
the new joy's in life
and how happy you'll be.

           You will get through this it just takes a little time.

                                                Love your poet friend,
                                                Colleen Marie Bono
                                                  April 11, 2013

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Home Run

It wasn't because he brought her flowers....
 It wasn't because he wined and dined her....
   She loved him because he spent hours on the computer
       trying to track down the 1970 Brooks Robinson baseball card
                                                                   for their oldest son's birthday
She loved him because he played with their kids, even after a hard day at work...
     baseball games in the big front yard...
            cheering them on...
                not getting angry when the youngest son 
                           knocked a homer 
                               straight through the living room window

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Your apology
Changed me
Opened me up
Helped me to feel
Understand the gift of you
By illuminating my understanding
Of who you are
The we-ness of us

You broke down
The walls I had erected
To protect myself
There was no need to fortify 
Or keep you at my fringes
For your love
Is my completeness

Yesterday's sorrows
Invaded my heart
Caused me to restrict my voice
Holding back
I made the wrong choice
Denied what was important to me
Kept my heart at bay
Yet you opened me in a different way
As I listened to what you had to say

Your mind explored
Deep within me
beyond my words
It was my soul cry you heard
Bringing on a wave of tears
You listened
With more than just ears
Unpacking a treasure 
Dissolving shadowed fears
Revelatory images
From my broken mirror
I was comforted
By you being near

In the end
An apology
Was your greatest gift for me
It showed me a different way to be
I rose up from the muck
To a place where I could see
Where I touched and was thankful
For the you in we
Who helped me finally be
Emptied of those things I held back
The long lost 
parts of me

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Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am sad.
Sometime I sing, sometimes I stammer

Sometimes I dance on the music of my soul, Sometimes I dance on the fingers of 
one single person
Sometimes I expect so much from others; sometime I myself can’t meet my own 

Sometime I make fun of others and feel bad later, sometimes life makes fun of me 
and I smile
Sometime I win and sometimes I lose, sometimes I don’t even understand whether I 
won or lost.
Sometimes I laugh as if whole world is with me,
Sometimes I cry as if I am alone wandering in a strange land

Sometimes I give up so easily
Sometimes I work so hard that no one can stop me to achieve what I want

Sometimes I am dynamic person, who wants to change the world,
And sometimes I am a kid who expects anyone to embrace him tightly.

Sometimes I feel happy about the achievement of my enemy
Sometime I feel dejected with my own success.

Sometimes I help others and show them the right path
Sometimes I feel totally helpless and don’t know where to go

Sometimes I ask god to please give my past back
Sometimes I pray to show me the way forward

Life is composed of SOMETIMES and I just flow with that.
U admit or not but you are also sailing on the same boat.
So join me and enjoy it EVERYTIME as SOMETIMES life is very short!

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A Tribute to Jayson, My Brave Warrior

A Tribute to Jayson, My Brave Warrior
My dear son, Jayson When you called late last night to let me know You were deploying to go overseas tomorrow In spite of my great resolve I broke down and sobbed.
The little boy I lovingly nurtured So witty and good-natured So kind, compassionate, and loving You’ll always be my sweet boy Even though the world now sees you as a grown man.
Recalling special times when I showered your baby face with kisses Or tickled your armpits Howling with laughter, you would beg me “Do it again, Mommy, I love it!”
I remember all those moments we had At times rocky, sometimes sad But most of all memorable and enjoyable. I remember your growing pains All your questions, anxieties, and mixed-up emotions Yes, we made it through hurdles you and I Making me laugh, making me cry But taking that journey together was quite priceless!
You’re now a strong, valiant, young man Willingly putting your life on the line Many have thanked you for your service And, my brave warrior, I am so proud of you When I hear your humble, heartfelt reply, “Glad to do it!”
You’re just simply the best! While you took a minute to leave the nest I’m grateful for the extra time we were given But I know It’s time to let you go – Go take your rightful place in the world.
You’ve grown wings like a fierce eagle It’s your time to fly high! Now soar! But remember that you are always a part of me And even though we may no longer hold hands We are still holding hearts.
These tear-splattered pages Reflect my anguished heart Knowing you’re prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for your country I pray that you will return to me safe and sound I love you, my hero - my precious son. Godspeed! ¡Vaya con Dios!

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The rose colour of your mouth stirs something primordial inside of me – I smile along with you. Plump little hands reach for my face. I hold still while you explore my heart with a feathery touch.
When you are asleep, I look over the papers of your college fund. We could make it if we would forsake frivolities. It will be no hardship for me to do so. I smile contentedly. The boxer puppy lying at my feet; quite content– its stomach pink and extended: he ate too greedily (as usual). You will grow up together and share our unconditional love. The cricket bat, signed by the national team, takes pride of place in its brackets on your bedroom wall – a pale dove blue (matching the colour of your eyes). A gift from your dad – sure that you would follow in his footsteps. A rainbow of possibilities prostrate at your feet.
I check every now and again whether you are breathing. Sleeping soundly, neither a frown upon your smooth face, nor a care in the world. Your long, black eyelashes quiver slightly, as though following a dream – a dream we all shared: a dream of boundless expectations …
************** Exhuming long forgotten memories; mingling with my fevered tears – echoing my breaking heart. They lead you away. Assaulting the arresting officer had sealed your fate.
Mildewed expectations best laid to rest together with the memories of you.
The sky has lost its colour, as I step outside the courtroom. Inspired by: Closer By Chris Aechtner “If frozen within caged snapshots of mildewed expectations” 3 July 2013 Sponsor Debbie Guzzi Contest Name Referential

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A Lover's entrée to March

How far can you fall and get back up 
How high can you jump
And keep your feet in the sand 

To touch grace and fall from within
Next to you I was out of my skin
I missed you yesterday and you leave tomorrow

A life spent in the shadows of lushly tint 
Smoke your waves 
Exhale the freshness of your menthol scent 
Home is what you call shelters that need no defense 

I’ll send 
You’ll say goodbye
I’ll send again
You won’t reply

If love 
Is the appreciation of another’s existence
Then goodbye
Is the anticipation of seeing you again

You and I, we’ll cruise the shores
Together we’ll settle with the wind 
The joy of a small hut, a lovers den

You’ll send
I’ll wonder why
You’ll send again
I will not reply 

"our songs for sale"

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Love from our son....(his poetry)

note: this lovely poem was presented to my husband and I on the day of our anniversary, 
this past November (Thanksgiving weekend). 
hope you won't mind if I share...written by my son Scott   (we are blessed)


It said, as I sat by firelight reading
In the eve of a long, full day.

"He was not the son of a king
She was not the daughter of royalty
But when they were in each other's arms,
He was a prince, she a princess.

It was a small cottage,
Not a castle, no towers, no servants
But there were two who
Adorned the walls, planted the garden
Warmed the rooms,
Created a home.

Some days the storms would blow,
And beat upon the home
That was not fortified with stone.
But as the two held on to each other
The walls held fast,
And indeed grew stronger with every storm.
And together they saw many rainbows.

Along their path, children were born
Three, young and strong
Who played games of their own making
And grew
Not by nanny or boarding school master
But by the love that filled their home.

I did not read of captains of battle
Or regents,
Or a princess in the forest
Waiting for a magical kiss.
But I read of heroes,
And sacrifice,
And courage,
And love.

And they lived happily ever after".....

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Letting Go

       Letting Go  								
Mama I love you
While I open the door for him while he carries a laundry basket full of cloths
“Thank you mama, 
“I love you mama.”
While he goes out to his car to go to work at a prison as a prison guard, I say,
“Be careful,”
“I love you”
While I watch him walk out I shed a tear,
As I watch him walk off, I think of wishing he was small again so I could hold him and protect him of what is waiting for him out there in this world. 
But then I think of what I have been taught, Let him grow up and leave him in the Lords hand not mine.
I think of moments like this is when I fall little of God’s faith, 
And remember, to please trust in God and his Word, 
For my faith in Him has always guided me in my life. 
By Eve 

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I remember that night as if it were yesterday,
sitting and watching your chest moving rhythmically 
up and down as you took each breath.
Your face was that of tranquillity.
Your cheeks were scarlet from spending hours 
on the beach in the November wind. 
As your little eyelids began dancing in the moon lit room,
I couldn’t help but wish I was there in your dream.
The skylight allowed the moonbeams to shine down on you
and you were that night; my star.
I rushed to get my video camera to capture this rare moment.
Then sat there filming you, not wanting this serene moment to end.
Soon my son, you shall graduate from university.
So much has been lost since then, and the video?
Yet still when I close my eyes, I can see you there,
that warm feeling wells up once again in my breast, 
and that night has become one of the most 
treasured moments of my life.
It has been branded in my heart and soul forever.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans
Contest: A poem you have not entered in a contest #12
Poet Destroyer A

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Walk With Me

Walk With Me

       I said, "Look at the mess I've made."
He said, "Take my hand and don't be afraid."
       I said, "But I feel so ashamed."
He said,  "I love you son and you're the reason I came."

       I said, "What about those dark days ahead?"
He said, "My love will be nourishment and keep you well fed."
       I said, "I'm not brave tell me what to do."
He said, "Believe in me and I'll carry you through."

       I said, "Okay Father, teach me to be a man."
He said, "I love you my son now take my hand."
       I said, "My soul is Yours for eternity."
He said, "I'm proud of you my son, now walk with me."

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Noah counting love

I woke this morning
yes, this morning
and felt the warmth of love
‘pon mine forehead
and my face
and my ears 
and my nose

I woke this morning
yes, this morning
and heard the warmth of love
close to mine forehead
and my face
and my ears
and my nose

I woke this morning
yes, this morning
and heard his words of love;
“Don’t worry Pops,
I washed my fingers before
I counted the wrinkles on your,
your face 
your ears
and your nose

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A mother's treasures

A solitary piece the diamond
precious rare gem most treasured
by those lucky enough to hold
Once in possession it is rarely out of grasp
Like the gemstone the mother 
requires very specific conditions
in holding fast her (family/) childrens love
Treasured forever in her heart
she will go out of her way
to preen and protect them
holding them dear to her
deep within her maternal safe – the heart
closely guarded by the mind
Her infatuation of all treasures to her 
are totally understandable
especially when you think to the complexity
of structure and process taken in creation
Just as from the ‘unbreakable’ in ancient greek
this alletrope of carbon
with strength of bonding between atoms
is representative of that strong love
between mum and child
The maternal being could be compared
to the superlative physical qualities of the stone
Even the characteristic luster
of this gem so prevaient from its ability
to disperse light and colour
compared to the many strengths, roles and qualities
of the mother
seen by the many she deals with daily
A most high pressured job 
versus the high pressured temperature
within the Earths mantle
that forms the delightful rock it gives birth to
Infants delight and ignite the forbearer
just as the jewel would dazzle the room
a mother’s love encaptures the magical luster
of those she’s birthed and nothing
stands inbetween this richest of cargo’s

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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ABC Love Poem

                            ~My Trip With Love~

A arrival from Montreal to San Francisco seeing my son and his children.
B beautiful red roses on my approach expressing their love towards me. 

C for caring to have an eye contact honoring my motherly devotion & fidelity.
D for dreams come true when i sleep at night in my own studio. 

E for enjoy having our breakfast first day while exchanging our life time stories.
F for faithfulness towards one another was so important since his childhood.

G good friends who invites me to their homes to meet their families.
H for happiness when I run to the restaurant help greett his customers at work.

I interfering with my sons life is a long forgotten issue, a perpetual respect . 
J for jokes we exchange together through evenings laughing endlessly.

K kissing me good night when the night is over for me to retire.
L for love that I get from both of them when I cook an oriental dish.

M morning ride on a tour with family & soft music while driving.
N for never do I complain about any subject when shared together. 

O older, but I don't let them feel my arthritis pains when I am visiting. 
P for pictures are taken as souvenirs from this fabulous journey once a year 

Q quite evenings when I leave my son and wife to have an intimate night.
R for roll up my sleeves to clean their home to amaze them out of love.

S surprise when home from work to a house clean & table set for dinner. 
T transport for me is the subway my independence not to bother him.

U unique love between a son and mother, he is my rock. Best friends.
V variable outings touring the city while discussing his children's future.

W wanting those happy days to last forever. But will return next year. 
X xylophone for enjoying the music of our last dinner together.

Y yearning from my depth to have wanted my stay to last longer.
Z zone when we said farewell at the end of the visitors area. Tears of joy.
Visiting my sons once a year is my dream come true forever. The love for my children has always been, "The Endless Love Of A Child".

Therese Bacha
. 28/5/2013

 An ABC poem :For Alfred Vassello

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"As a boy, I believed her to be indestructible....
....then there came a day when my Mother felt so light and frail. 
This moment helped me to become a man."

Admiring the frost blossoming 
in-between the antique window panes,
for just as snowflakes,
no two blossoms of frost are identical --

A fractalized, crystalline collage
of kaleidoscopic pyramids,
moving in and out of this frozen web 
which catches sunlight as prey,
instead of ghastly house flies.

The new shoots of an indoor spider plant
add a whole new level of nature's artistry
by casting shadows of spiders
into the ever-growing icy web.
The play of shadow and light,
invokes a plethora of memories,
including the time when only her eyes
could be seen through breaks in the frosted panes.
Those eyes.
Separated from the other features of her face,
they had taken on a whole new meaning altogether.

She wasn't as invincible as formerly believed,
wondering if life had something more to offer;
if she had the strength to make the right choices.
Exactly like a cold winter's day,
filled with so many depictions and details
of chilly death and crisp, brittle branches
swaying in the biting wind and frozen landscape -
all of the time knowing
how power and renewal lurks beneath the surface.
One simply needed the strength to wait it out.

And just as this frost growing 
in-between the window panes will melt,
Mother's struggles had also melted away
into a warmer pond filled with lotus flowers and koi,
relishing in the golden years,
possibly wondering if her son still remembered
the unguarded glance shared so many years before.

Her son had been on the outside looking in,
and now, for this frozen moment in time,
he is on the inside, looking out.

Chris D. Aechtner       All Rights Reserved

*An older post that has already been entered into a past contest.  

Constance's 'Mother' contest

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The Wooden Swing Set

Quiet and still now.
The swing occasionally catches the air.
The tire never moves. 
There’s no one there to care.
The jungle gym beside it is played with by squirrels.
The sand box below holds creatures quiet and shy.
Tiny plastic men are lost in the sand deep below.
A metal car is with them, once favorite of them all.
Leaves stir in the clubhouse, with spiders in its loft.
My son hadn’t played with it for a long, long while.
But I hadn’t noticed while he was here running in the house.
And now when I see the Wooden Swing Set…
It’s connects with my empty heart.

A touch of Empty Nest Syndrome brought this poem to me.

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In Noah trots

In my arms,
in the depths of mine heart

In the shadows,
in the bright

In the pastures,
in betwixt the trees

In his thoughts,
inside of mine

In Noah trots
into Pops life 

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You're Easy to be Proud of

You have grown to be such a man
yet, I cannot help but see the boy in you
you are my Son, who wears many uniforms
as your father, I cannot help but be Proud,

I see you march in the Orange and Black
your new horn, the one you have polished to a glow
every step you take, Orchestrated to perfection
with every note played, My pride, Crescendo 

Then, you have worked hard, and Matured
a letter arrives, Office of the Governor, the Man himself
an invitation, Ambassadorship, a Musical one
Travel Europe, Summer next, Seven Countries

A Father, busting with pride, Why? I'll tell you!

        Because, " Your Easy to be Proud of"

Yet as proud as I am, there is this other Uniform
the one you wear with Honor, Duty, Love of Country
the one with Medals, Braids and Epaulets 
the one with a special pin, a hometown pin

Five Stars Golden, enveloped by Black and Orange
Tenne' a Chevron, a Chief, a Ring of Life
of the First Argent, A Scroll in Black
an inscription, " Classis Adhaereo Adstringo"

A Motto, In Latin, ascribed by the Navy
for Five hometown boys Lost in War
of how they lived and died " We Stick Together"
Albert,Francis,George,Joseph and Madison Sullivan

In that Uniform, I see the Man, not the boy
I cannot help but be caught, in solemn thought
This Man, with Anapolis in sight and mind
on this, the Eve of the 9/11 tragedy and War

That solemn thought reverts to Sacrifice
the Sullivan's sacrificed,9/11 over 3000 sacrificed
all did so,willingly or not, for Country, for God
I think you have foreseen Your Destiny, Your own

Josh, whatever Uniform you decide to wear,
whatever path, you may choose to walk
I'll always Love you, Be there for and with you
and be So Very Proud of You, Why? Because!

             You're Easy to be Proud of! 

             With all my Love.....Dad

Copyright 2011 Richard Pickett

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Saved My Life

I went back into that dark, dark place 
Were demons dwell 
Lives are taken away
Through the pain 
Through the tears 
You were there and kept me near. 
You saved my life by loving me; 
Your silent strength was the key. 
Gentle touches and silent words 
Let me know that love was the cure. 
Depression is my evil curse, 
When it planted the seed of death
Your love washed it away 
Gave me the strength
To seek the help I needed to keep it at bay. 
I’ve walked that dark path so many times 
I’ve done lost track, 
Things have change 
And God’s given me a special tool 
To help me through, 
I have you and Joshua too, 
Rooted deeper is the knowledge 
Both of you want me to stay a little longer. 
So like a drug addict that has lost their way
I start the road back to brighter days,
There are not enough words to say
I Love You 
In every way 
May God bless us ever day.

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The first time
or not
the first time I saw a man’s parts
I was five…….

Such confusion, such disbelief
hide and seek we played and in a a box he hid.
Sears had delivered a new frig
his sons and I “ally alley out free……..”
we called and ran from room to room 
in giggling search for each other.
Closet ……….no..
Behind the kitchen door ……no
Upstairs we ran His son and I to the kids bedroom.
Under the bed….nope!

Downstairs we ran and out the door,
the boy went left I went right.
The backyard with all the sheds and trees and….
a huge cardboard box……….
His eldest son squealed from the front yard…
baby boy was no where out front!!!

The flap on the cardboard box moved.
Ever so quietly I approached ……….
“I got him!” I screamed and lifted the box flap.
Inside the box sat my friends Dad?
In an over coat and nothing else….
“Wanta see what I got?” He said?
Between his hands stood a rigid rod
he petted it. Looking down at it and up at me….

I screamed. I ran. “Grandma! GRANDMAAAAAAAAAAA!”
And that was my first exposure to man.

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Die alone and born again

The man with the plastic bug in his head
monopolized my dreams last night
in the place that the horsefly of my dignity
finally surrender to the impresario without a fight.

Seven days and 7 hours transplanted in my memorabilia
reminding the rustiness of the purple child
flatterers danced beneath the clouds of melancholy
and morality spreader the master plan inside my mind.

The disinheritance of my immortality the final day
discouraged my desire to see the forbidden love
restored my will to escape
manipulated the deep of the uncertainty above.

Released from the plastic bug in my head
try to cover my yellow child in the purple sky
seven days and seven hours before he dies.

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My son Eli

You came to me before I was ready
I cried when I heard of your existence
Over night my youth was gone
Worried sick that I wouldn’t be good enough for you
Clueless on what expect for the future
Carrying you under my heart for 9 months long
I knew that I love you
I just never knew how much
Then I saw your face
Those beautiful brown eyes staring straight into mine
My heart melted 
And I asked myself how can a person love someone so much that they just met
But I did
I love you more than life it’s self
In that instant I knew my purpose on this earth was to protect you from all evil
I would give my last breath to you
I would kill for you
I would steal for you
The little keeper of my heart
My ray of sunshine during a thunder storm
So much joy have you given to me
My life is meaningless without you
I taught you how to walk and how to talk 
You taught me that life’s most precious gift is the love of a child
Your smile gets me through tough times
Your laugh is a symphony of music to my ears
I dedicate my entire life to you
I make I lot of promises that I can not keep but the absolute promise to love you till Lord stops my beating heart is one that is forever 
I was young and clueless
Wondering around the word deaf and dumb
Until the almighty sent you to me
I am now wiser and understanding
Selfless, patient and gentle
You, my wonderful son, are the reason for this
You changed me
You saved me
I am forever grateful for you 
My little pitcher
My soldier
My kung fu ninja
My super hero
The joy of my salvation
Life makes so much more sense when I’m looking at you
Where I go, you will go
I will starve so that you can eat
Go without so that you can have
Sleepless nights and empty bank accounts is all worth seeing you happy
Many will disappoint you, leave you, hurt you, and scar you
But remember momma will forever be right here for you
You are the number one most important thing in my life
You will never come second to nothing or no one
No matter how big you grow you will forever remain my little baby boy
My heart and my soul
My beginning and my ending 
My tiny angel without wings 
My meaning, my reasoning, my inspiration and my motivation
My one and my only Elijah William Tippett

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Black History

The past
I am a black prince
Who use to rule over a kingdom 
But now my people and me are enslaved 
Force to pick the white mans cotton 
I see my brother and sisters 
Being whipped and branded like cattle 
They think we are cattle 
So we are treated like cattle 
But my people dream and sing of the future
Where we are free from our shackles 
The future 
I am the black preacher 
Who has been freed from his shackles
But now fighting for our rights 
So my son and daughter
Can go to a pool and not be separated
By the racial line.
Or when they go outside to play 
They don’t have to worry about the KKK
Trying to hang them from a tree branch
That is the reason I fight that is why I want equal rights
For there can be a better tomorrow

The better tomorrow
I’m the son of the preacher
Who was the grandson of the black prince.
Here saying that enslavement and segregation
Is over
An now the only problem remains is
The fact that we are killing each other
Over money and women
This makes no sense
Have we as a people suffered enough?
Have we shed enough blood?
So I ask you
Put the gun down spread the word 
Tell our brothers tell are sisters that the 
300 years of enslavement and segregation is over
We have our black president 
We have the power 
To show the world that
We as a people are united 

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Ode to the Lineman

Pulled himself to the very top 
Looked over the world on high 
Felt the warm and stirring breeze 
falling from the sky 
Knowing this was how it felt 
to soar above the land 
To feel so safe away from things 
so free to be alive 
Yet down the pole we all must come 
to touch the very ground 
This is where we laugh and play
gives us what we need 
The loving smile of a young girl's face 
a women's tender care 
For up above the pole to fly 
is nothing but the air 
But on the soil we grow and live 
to reach out, to touch, to give 
So keep your feet upon the ground 
take a good long look around 
and see if flying above the pole 
isn't like living in a hole 
from where you never see  
the reaching hands pulling you down 
pulling you down to be

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My Children are Mexicans

out in the county and up the highway
anger hangs like lost voodoo over Miami
dances on bumperstickers
floats on airwaves
scars faces with perpetual glares
colors perceptions darkly
alters moods and
drives young men to football coaches
then army recruiters

anger that beats stepchildren
hunts coyotes for pleasure
and hangs corpses on barbed-wire fences
anger that asks
have you seen many Mexicans today?

just my wife and kids so far but it's still early
i hope to see more
he calls me a race traitor
he's to old to hit and i'm to old to hit him
so i suffer a fool
he tells his old wife only a homo would marry a Mexican

middle-aged men in Ford 350's
scatter brown children at bus stops and crosswalks
then pull guns to protect themselves 
from the older brothers of the children they harass
and... hey why did you do that to my little sister?
can get you shot in "self defense"

it gets to me too as anger leads to fear
fear for my Mexican son and daughter
who have records but have committed no crime
but out in the county and up the highway
the police put up roadblocks
issue tickets without cause
and brag, every Mexican in town will have a record

they told my son "what's the big deal everybody gets pulled over
everyone has to pay their share"
even if they
come to a complete stop
obey speed limits
use their blinker
don't tailgate

tell it to the judge, my son and my daughter
the judge who gives out four month sentences
for a third non-offence
or you can pay the
take it off your record fee
we lost your paperwork fee
you live in the wrong neighborhood fee
you drive an old car fee
we don't care if you did it or not fee

then after you pay and pay
re-arrests because the clerk didn't enter the payment
leads to
lost jobs
missed classes
and retracted scholarships
my children are Mexicans


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Tears running down her cheek
So many hurtful words
So many left unsaid
Eyes swollen with the agony of his memory.

A horrific nightmare
Dead to all
Broken to pieces
She's fragile and ready to fall.

Eyes dripping with sadness
Her heart growing colder than ice
Out the window and into the night
Swearing the last tears were cried.

A horrific nightmare
Dead to all
Broken to pieces
She's fragile and ready to fall.

Losing control of all emotions
Sanity slipping from her fingers
Wanting memories of him to leave
Wishing the pain would wash away.

A horrific nightmare
Dead to all
Broken to pieces
She's fragile and ready to fall.

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The Dead Vintner's Diary

I wake-up to a sudden wail
probably, someone passed away
the whistles of the melancholic tune 
of the passing winds made
a woman weep, as the angels trumpet 
in no tune now chanting in unison 

without reason in the midst of 
forgotten tombstones, of marble 

rubble, where in silence lies 
the diary, in which the secret of growing 

vines could be found, the gardening 
ways of the ancient gods, yet 

in flick of time the vineyard will not
be the same, as the rake stand 

rusting as days go by, and his 
epitaph, engraved from own sweat 

and blood has revealed that the sweet 
wine, the true essence of his spirit

the glory that he had kept 
for years, is nothing, but me…

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The Seed

How like the pumpkin you seem to me; arriving full-blown from the seed planted in my womb. You grew wild and free among the tamer fruits of life. I can still hear an echo of your laughter. Vines and tendrils wound about you in infancy long past. We were pulled apart by my growth and yours. I long for the blossoming days of infancy and childhood, for the wee small one who never failed to make me smile, for the adult who sprang Jack-o-lantern whole into a world of normalcy refusing to accept the mundane. Can you not see me? Did you not know me? Was I never the gardener to you? The garden now lies, overrun by last years Halloween's delights, allowed to run their course, and in doing so trampling the ripe tomatoes, and green bell peppers as you do, my heart, by forgetting.

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Eyes of Innocence

I look into his soft blue eyes
And see the face of two before him
The sweet innocence and wonder
Of all that the world possesses

For in him lies the possible
Those things that escaped before
As our time is too short
To experience all the beauty before us

His smile and giggle so enchants
Free of the worldly weights to come
Unencumbered by life’s many roads
Choosing all rather than some

Such possibilities await this one
As with the two before him
Which ones will he choose 
What path shall he take

But not today, for time seems endless
For now, to explore all he sees
When joy is the only decision
And beauty in everything abounds

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Adorably cute
in my hand-tailored suit...
searching for my Cinderella missing her shoe;
among the prettiest faces, someone will stand out
with eyes that are somewhat blue...
and running into a handsomer guy,
it won't discourage her from finding her delight...
hiding behind others without the perfect alibi! 

Come out of the loud crowd,
beautiful every apparent charm:
the delicacy of your womanly gesture;
and I'll reach out in kindness,
to subdue the fears of your first encounter!
Come out of the dim shadows,
incredible one, and accept my dance...
a request from my eager lips;
think of where we'd be tomorrow indeed,
when everyone has left and we ecstatically breath!

All the glamorous girls on the dance floor,
drinking heavily and laughing hysterically,
can't be compared to you; and what I'm looking for
is not just another amazing beauty,
but that certain winkle of shyness and more ingenuity!
Be that Cinderella missing her shoe, looking straight at me;
letting me gently slip it on,
so that this tender moment can become reality...
before our memorable, romantic night is gone,
and we'll remember nothing more than fantasy!

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'till my end

This poet did mention 
in awareness of the sylph’s
soft shoulder,
‘bout mine lips,
that did 
oh yes
caress !

I was the love sick fool

And then
the soul,
the me and you
did protrude !

Oh, there be no such love,
though obtrude

I the poet was,
So I care not now,
for out ‘pon this earth
my love
‘till my end

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Jesus You Know His Heart

Once soft meadows so full of life,
now hold shadows, blocking the light.
Words unheard, and dreams untouched,
once your eyes laughed so much.
Distant sounds, still call your name,
within a body silenced by the game.
Love can't touch, and tears can't clean,
that part we know as self esteem.
Yesterdays of you, bring me joy,
recalling back when you were a boy.
Shiny blonde hair, and smiling blue eyes,
my heart forever hypnotized.
As tomorrow comes, and life goes on,
somewhere happiness must belong.
My prayer for you I humbly ask,
may light surround you within God's grasp.
A blessing for me, when you were born,
but somehow evil has sent this storm.
Jesus You know him, but he has lost his way,
hold him tight, don't let him stray.
Bring him safely to me once more,
as the waves get higher on unknown shores.
Lost is lonely, and screaming for help,
but I can't save him all by myself.
I give him to You, as I sit and cry,
a mother in pain, I cannot lie.
Your mother watched, as you died on a cross,
a mother in pain, for her son she had lost.
You gave her comfort, You called her name,
now I give You mine, my heart feels the same.
Bring him safely back into the flock,
as You guide a lost vessel from hidden rocks.
Let him know joy, let him feel rain,
as Your Love gently brings, my son home again.

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The Seventh Son

This is your new world
A new age of cooperation for change
Of the hovel's life.
A growth managed not by seven nations
But twenty chosen friends
Marginalizing thos who have no arms
To declare a nightmare
On the dreams 
Of children sweating
In straw beds at center of the world.
A world where the invisible seventh son sleeps.

So our president
Of the free world speaks from a podium
Where G-7 is now G-20
And cannot understand why
Mexico and Afghanistan
Is at war with this new century
Pitting country
Against individual currency
In the market of survival.
Too narrow this table
Of the fortunate few in democracy.

O give me a voice
I am the seven son whose time
For slow unveils is past
Whose power shakes the kingdoms like a patch of grass
While they deny the things I know
The gift I wasd born with in me to show
My other consciousness
Beyond material glow.
And your might be new
But I was here before
And long ago.

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Rebuilding the Shed in the Backyard - Again

My son is out fixing up the shed.
Winter is coming on. Needed doing he said.
He had the time and the bound-to’s.
I’m not used to this thought process, I’m not. Not from a child.

I watch him for a while.
Opening and closing gates as needed.
The dust, sifted into powder from summer’s heat, poof’s with his steps.
The heels of his jeans dragging strings on the ground, erase the tread of his 

The shed is old. There is algae or lichen on the north side boards,
where the wood is splintery gray.
Some of the lichen florets are the color of sage, some the color of a bright orange 
Circled with gray ones and black, their life cycle played out.

He hammers nails and screws in screws while holding boards in place.
Sweat glistening where skin is exposed, making long dark stains in his black 
Veins standing out against the strain, and
Muscles laboring to prove he can do the job well, without a mother’s help.

While he works I think about his father and how differently they work.
His father preferring team work and orchestrated smooth motion
working side by side, no extra movements – and he whistled.
My son needs to prove his skills first – alone.

The shed is done and it will brave another winter, keeping the horses sheltered 
from the elements.
The wind, snow and horses milling about, will obliterate the trail of pant cuffs, 
Along with the memory of one cool day at the end of summer, 
When a man worked hard to rebuild their shelter.

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One Love, A Tribute to Bob Marley

“One love…one heart, let’s get together and feel alright…
As it was in the beginning (one love), so shall it be in the end (one heart); give thanks and 
praise to the Lord, and I will feel alright…” Bob Marley, Prophet.

I and I, 
and together, we,
are one.

We are, but before we can be, we must realize,
that the only way TO be, is I and I – the trinity;
the I and I makes the one that was, is, and ever
shall be – 
the one yearning to be set free 
unto its brothers and sisters to its beginnings 
and endings, 
and on and on and on, and led into infinity
by its singers.

It is the one that does not seek, 
and can only be found; rediscovered 
like the greatest treasure the earth ever buried, 
and the heavens ever knew –
                                the reason for all things…

So dance as one voice; sing as two feet 
the earth with your glory; 
free the one rhythm that has been vibrating between toes 
for all of time –
dance beneath and above all things,
and sing the songs of freedom!

Rise up, rise up, rise up and dance!
Free the chains from your bound feet,
And feel the weight released –
A trinity of I and I;
One love, one heart, let’s get together
And feel alright…

I and I, 
and together, we,
are one.

*Inspired by Michele's Music to your Pen, contest and my brother in vision, the man himself, 
Mr. Bob Marley who as soon as I put him on, I'm smiling and filled with great light. :)

From ONE LOVE, by: Bob Marley

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You are the newest thread in the tapestry of my life - once neatly-patterned, but now criss-crossed and sig-zagged with the vibrant strands of your sister. You, too, will be interwoven into the fabric of my life and be interlaced through its brightness and hues and be intricately entwined and securely knotted with one golden thread - Love.

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Sun of my Son

I see in your precious smile
An endless road, 
Perhaps infinite,
With a wide eyed innocence 
That journey’s beyond 
What sight can see.
Contentment fills your face 
As vivid as a rainbow’s arc 
Through fine mist
Ever hinting of a loftier place--
A sacred place that dwells within.
My gaze falls upon a mature soul
Still nurtured in the bud of youth,
Who retains a wisdom of many lifetimes.
Your gentle guidance inspires your
Parents to reach for the unattainable.
I remain awestruck 
By your radiating aura
As it intermingles with mine, 
Leaving me exalted in knowing 
You are a gift divine.

*Dedicated to my two year old Grandson Brody

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Off To The Ballfield

Off to the ballfield
Where I once used to roam
From sun up to sundown
I'd call my home

No worries
No cares
Left all my troubles

Great times were had
By all those who played
I remember each moment
Like it was yesterday

Now I'm taking my son
And a group of his friends
To hit a few balls
And bask in the sun

I hope he remembers
This time that he'll have
Playing in ballfields
Putting troubles behind

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A Slow Pitch

In the dirt of the diamond, my son’s eyes
Burn below the rim of his red hat
And he pulls his hand back,
looks at the score yet again,
digs his small toe in as his chest rises.

From my place in the stands
Every muscle has become tense 
And my heart is pounding in my chest
As he draws his arm back and then forward
Releasing his breath and the tiny spinning ball, 
A wild pitch bouncing off the wire fence.

And I finally exhale, wonder if he knows 
I am throwing with him and that was my wild pitch 
because I forgot to breath when we released the ball
And I was trying to throw it slow.
And I should just let him throw the ball 
Because I am not a good pitcher
Because how can I possibly throw with him 
When he is a lefty and I am a right.
But all of me grows tense, as he has the ball yet again, 
And then we are winding up again 
Because I cannot let go
Because his dreams are now my dreams 
Because I don’t know how to love him
Any other way. So I will wear his little hat and  
Must remember to exhale when we release the ball.
And I can play with him for a few more years 
So we wind up, and we pitch, and that fast ball down the middle,
It wasn’t even trying to be avoided, 
And so I know he threw that one 
Because he is ready for the fast ball
And I would prefer we pitch it slow,
Just for a little while longer. 
Long enough for him to know I am out there with him.
Long enough for me to learn how to let a fast ball fly.

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'Altering Decisions'

You made a life altering decision
That changed your life.
A choice that left mine empty,
I hated you for 
taking my son away
with one bullet… 

I hated you for pulling the 
trigger that day
I wished you were dead too…  

I wanted you to 
feel my pain, 
to experience my heartache 
I never thought,  
I would ever forgive you
until that day,  
I realized that the anger 
that made you pull the trigger 
are consuming me,  
drowning me… 

The love that I had for my son 
almost completely gone 
wasted energy and time, 
time that would not bring my son back
neither would the denial
that you needed my forgiveness, 
in the end your sin 
would not be a continued cycle…

My life might have changed forever that day
but I also learned the divine gift, 
forgiving someone can bring about... 

Even if it took me years to embrace. 

*loosely based on a true story of a SA mother who forgave her son's killer.. The story was highlighted on Reconciliation Day* 

© All Rights Reserved

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My name is Catastrophe

Hell hath no replete replica like an Ohiohell
memom memoboys dispelled with lovelessloss lorn laments
measured in misgiven gravid neutral grautities of cool compromised cruel
capsid cascades of dreary demented drowsy dump deep demented deny desires
with wilfull wallowing in unsupposed not to be here
herein two boys born to a numbnuts army husbodad and a 
WTF what is happening in/outside this family 50's acircle
what comes next in the uneducated female nonintuition of a
deaddad accidential with a pity piss payoff and a whatdoIdo anal attitude
totally in reverse of an arkansas hope of upheaveal. GDMFSOB, who could I/we haVE
BeeN in the assinine scheme of things with someone in an intersomewhateducated semistate of minimal MFconsciousness. We play the hand we are dealt in the vast unscheme of unness. 
WTF, and where/why does God take part and lessen a small boy's dream of donated dadhood by taking it away and leave him left to faulterflounder in a boyhood abyss. Dead, devoid, denied to the manmale circumstance of what the future folds to be delivered to doting descendents, like my three sons. with whom I struggled to 
shower, impart, enable, enbibe, instill, foster, enliven, and all that I did not experience yet faux provide with an inner soulsense to a measured milestone of mannered man manufactured love and tendered texture of all mine to give with that that is mustered macro from a micro counteanace of humocapped coperal deliverance. All's fair they say unless u have been there and then it's every man for himself---and then, I dare u to get in my way---------no holds barred, look out for I am a survivor, all the way.   
Hi, my name is Dave, and according to my grandparents, I wasn't supposed to live to be raised. Go figure.

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Thank God for Noah

Father in heaven,
Father of mine Christ;
this soul throbs deep
within mine chest
causing limp these limbs
and my heavy breath, for,
the miracle, You have
blessed me with

I love his reach
and tender kiss,
his; rough Pops up, and
ice crème drips,
the notes poets affix
cheering Your gift

My loving God
in Christ’s precious name
I don this lyric
with You in mind

Yes, in your sublime
magnificent gest’
each day I note;
Your love for me,
Your doting gift

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If Old Men Fought

An old man looking out his door,
gaze fixed on a distant shore,
reminiscing to a time, not of happiness,
or, the prospect of a bright future,
to when he was sick to his very core,
to when as a youth, he went to war

A time before infallibility had meaning,
patriotism and bravado the craze,
the future was still unknown,
vigor for life at its all time high,
a time for romance, partying, buying,
no thought of pain, deformity, dying

Too young to understand or question,
ship to foreign shore, medals abound,
will impress the girls next time in town,
sacrifice not temporary,
forever more,
a legacy etched into a wall, few will remember,
flesh shredded, burned, torn,
families mourn

A time, when he willingly went to war,
will happen no more,
all lost in youth, now unrelenting,
no blind obedience,
minimal risk,
long life, his number one ambition

As he turns back from the door,
he thinks of the youth,
here now, soon no more,
lessons never learned,
the call to war,
to common the roar,
complacency the mood,
another generation removed

The old man agonizes
over what was originally not known,
war is preventable,
life too precious to waste,
the solution simple,
his vision, maybe too late

Send old men to the front to fight,
arthritis, heart disease, poor eyesight,
let the youth enjoy their life,
his near over, its only right

Send old men, to the front, to fight
ask them to give up their life,
patriotism and bravado, still alive,
will and desire would not last the night,
old men do not rush to death in their twilight,
failure inevitable, the old man smiles,
knows he's right

Wars not possible,
if old men, are sent to fight

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The Old Salt

The Old Salt was a special man who came along in a time
when he was needed most.

A time that is now gone forever.
When men believed and sacrificed, when hero’s walked the earth in mass.

When patriotism was not just a word
by what men lived and judged the worth of each, 
a man who lived a life most of us cannot comprehend. 

An era now gone as this warriors tour of duty ends at this station, 
and begins anew in the heavenly fleet. 

Sail on Sailor into your unaccompanied tour,
we salute you.

What greater honor, that when a man moves forward, 
he leaves behind in each of us the best of what he was. 

A defender, protector, supporter, victor, a warrior, 
the last of the breed from an era when ships were made of wood
and men were made of steel.

The Old Salt has reported for duty that takes him away from us for now. 

Those of us who remain behind,
remember, and will continue to remember, 
because he now resides forever in our hearts.

As I look up at night, I envision The Old Salt,
a beret draped just above the eye, 
as he draws upon his pipe, 
quietly he waits.
The guardian of heaven’s gate.

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Just Like Father

01 March 2011

Just Like Father

For every single day you’ve watched me
Remember how’d I express my thoughts
My feelings you would express as yours
Daily routine, together we stumbled to practice

In your humming, I fondly put words and we sing
In your asking, I become a learner and perceiver
In being inquisitive, I should rationalize
To prove certain things, you would not understand by now

We go on same haircut as always the crew cut
We paired off dresses in every outdoor moment
Have the same craving in foods and things to do
Like spider web, hanging out, interweaving close ties

“Just like Father,” words come out from your lips
I am proud to hear this coming from you
“Just like Father,” means you want to be like me
You are my son and only true admirer
I wish I could give you the best of me

You are my little hero 
Wakes me up, when I fell into uneasy sleep
You are my little angel
Guard me through the walk in the darkest pathway
You’re my son and only true resemblance

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Mama Didn't Tell Me... (Anaphora)

Mama you did not tell me….
 I would be faced with days like this.
 Raising teen-age sons whose turning into thieves.

Mama you did not tell me….
 As I am fixing up my house, 
 Things would disappear all through-out the night.

Mama you did not tell me….
   There would be knocking at my door.
   Detectives standing tall and looking for my baby boy.

Mama you did not tell me….
   I would be faced with sleepless nights.
   Tossing and turning and wishing things were right.

Mama you did not tell me…..
  One day that you would be gone.
   I would be faced with life situations and feel so all alone.

Mama you did not tell me…..


  Facing the anniversery of my parents death. Packing up and
finding so many things missing. All I could hear is...Mama you didn't 
tell me....

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For An Abused Child

If I Could Have Gotten Your Embryo
Before You Were Born
I Would Have Sheltered You Safely
and Protected Your Form ...

I'd Have Put You In My Womb
& Flowed You Knowledge Like In A Tubric
& Patted My Expanding Belly
As I Played You Music

And As You Got Ready
To Arrive From The Birth Canal
You Would've Known My Breasts
Would Be Ringing Like Welcome Bells! ...

Eager To Suckle You
Breast Feed My Own Flesh & Nourish
So You Could Grow Strong
... In Love's Encourage

I Would've Held You In Wonder
& So Close Tenderly
Amazed At This Little Bundle,
Breathing, Piece of Me ...

And When You Turned One
Or As You Sucked Your Thumb
Or Eating Baby Food Jars of Plums
... I'd Have Given You Trumpets & Drums

... And Building Alphabet Blocks
& Superman Capes
& Stuffed Teddy Bears
& Oatmeal Cookies & Grapes

I'd Have Read You Stories
From Capt. Adventure Books
You'd Have Known You Were Loved
By My Proud Mama Looks

I'd Have Spent Time With You
Showing You How To Tie Your Shoe
Rocked You If You Caught The Flu
or Any Sniffles You Went Through ...

I Would Have Played With You
& Prayed With You
From Crawling To Walking
Paved The Way For You

Yeah, I Would Have Fussed At You
& When Needed Even Spanked You Too
& I'd Meant: This Hurts Me More Than You
'Cause You're The Little Symbiot, Mama Grew

So, You Would Have Known
You Were Loved & Treasured
You Would Have Known
Your Worth Couldn't Be Measured

Nor Compared To Anyone Else
At Any Point In Time
'Cause You Are The Best
Because You Were "Mine"

* * * * * * *

But I Never Knew You
But Believe Me If I Had ...
I'd A Made Sure You Had 
A Loving Mom & Dad

And You Would've Never Been Abused
Or Treated Bad ...
But From Now On Find Your Joy
To Replace What's Sad

            Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/12/2013 
             by:  MoonBee Canady

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The Joy of Children

My Grandkids had a sleep over with me
we had such fun colouring and drawing
they are so delightful and lovely boys
we watched Nat geo wild a while

They were fascinated seeing the animals
loved watching the Osprey feeding his chicks
ten fish a day he had to catch to feed them all
Ryan said what a busy bird but he kept one for himself

This morning  we watched the Moray eels
as they swam around the wrecked ship
and a rare sight of them courting so gently
and saw the little Elvers swim away to sea

Means I was not able to write last night
or even to comment on others poems
at two, five and six they kept me very busy 
soon they will go home with my daughter

They asked can we sleep over again nana
we really like it at your home it's so fun
bless their little souls so innocent still
they brought much joy and happiness

I will feel rather blue when their mum
comes to take them back home
the house will seem so empty
without their laughter echoing

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Mother and son

I cherish you,
If you cherish me.

You brought me to life,
We began to meet through time,
Even though,
Sometimes you don't comprehend me,
Sometimes you don't understand me,
That sometimes time isn't enough,
That sometimes instincts get uncontrolled...,
But still,
You were designated for my life,
And you profile my living...
We share lives...

Time brings maturity,
And time doesn't last forever,
As well as we don't last forever...

There is no such thing,
As total perfection,
Even though,
Thank you...

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How am I to Live

I praise You the great Triune God:
 the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
who was; who is; and who will be
forever and ever through the ends of the earth
Your heritage is beyond measured time
The earth formless, void with darkness
You moved over the surface of the deep

Larger than time or space
Yet, gentle as a little lamb.
You’re the color of sunshine’s radiance
of twilights last gleam of reds and gold
of the rainbow arching from horizon to horizon.
I see you in the mighty ocean and the lady bug beetle
I feel your presence as the wind blows softly
Or when the spray of waterfall kisses my face

You walk in the world; the world does not see
You tell mankind how to walk
	“He has told you, O mortal, what is good;
	  And what does the Lord require of you
	But to do justice, and to love kindness,
	And to walk humbly with your God?”
But, how am I to live?

I praise you Lord Jesus
You came and walked healed taught and loved
You bore the sins of mankind
Your shoulders heavy with the weight of generations
From alpha to omega
You died that I might live forever;
But, how I am to live?

I praise you Holy Spirit
You came down as Jesus the Son ascended
You live within me because I believe
The Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior
Sweet Holy Spirit stay here with me
Empower and enable me to know;
How am I to live?

Open my eyes that I may see
Those hungry -- physically and spiritually help me
Those thirsty -- a simple drink to quench their thirst
Those naked – my closet is full
Those in prison – but, there are so many who are different
Those who are sick –a kind visit touch of hand a smile
May they see glimpses of you in me

I praise you God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit 
King of king Lord of lords
The Yahweh of history
Ever-present ever-powerful everlasting
I am but a speck in your grandeur;
Yet, you guide me and show me
How I am to live.

Micah 6:8

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Murderapolis Streets, Claim Two More Young Heartbeats

Native, Liteskin, sun kissed
sit, talk, get to know me 
a while
for I am not my skin and 
even though the tan pigment
runs deep
I am my heart, thoughts
and actions,reflection of
I keep
A car accident took
my Homies brother this morning
and as we sit and talk to him
now, through faded room mourning
Young man, stole pop’s keys
from sleeping pockets
joy riding with friends
headlights beaming, MN
summer star sky gleaming
Dad's unaware, boy & friends left
 till woke, by early morn’ meeting
God opened the skies and took
two good ones away
I felt it rained, clouds crying briefly
for them today
70 miles an hour, Murderapolis streets
took two good homies heartbeats
jus’ a mile away, a close
friend heard the tires screech
Driver yells to him, “get a knife & cut me out!”
Neighbor, like doe eyes in headlights
filled with doubt
ends up dying after all
at the hospital
down 29th Ave and McKinley St.
Two of the Five Souls involved
God, now, does keep
I recall seeing the drivers smile
less than one week ago
why Mista Watkins & White Jr.
was it yo’ time to go
your loved ones may never know
We don’t always understand
the Lords plan
but He surely knows
heartache and sorrow
is how July fourteenth does go
two significant young Southside sons 
at 3:30 am, drove into a utility pole
crushed glass ridden streets
two homies, with us no mo’
I pray Jesus be with them
and theirs
as they grieve, and friends
surround them with the love
they need
car accidents & tragedies
like these
close to home to you
tend to place things in perspective
defrost a persons mind
set it into view
cuz’ its not about the color, of
your skin, or where you came from
it’s the way you impact the world
in the end, who you’ve grown to
the lives lost, were good peoples
Stood for good values like Church steeples
vibrant athletic youths of the future
barely 14 & 17, gone too soon
I hear the sad, cry, lonely night of our
Murderapolis streets, claim
two more young heartbeats
you will forever be remembered
and loved, keep an eye on us
from above, we know you’re
in a better place, were all running
an impossible to win race
for we all have a time card to punch
under the Lords undying grace
your Influence and charm, young men
is locked within us
and we shall all party again
in the Kingdom of Heaven
our final resting Place

7/15/2010: R.I.P.- Patrick Watkins (17) & Duane White Jr. (14)- South Side, Minneapolis, MN
you are forever loved and missed, but not forgotten, watch us from Heaven, Amen

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Grandma Aesop's Apples - Finale

Grandmother pointed out warning signs on the apples.
Her strong voice resonated as she referenced bruises and marks.
Her wrinkled hands brushed over minute holes and obvious incisions.
She clutched the apples in her weather-worn palms
without uttering a single word.

She carefully lifted each apple to her nostrils
and then began discarding them respectively into the two bushels.
By days end, both bushels were full.
I softly said...
"What shall I do now with my bushel, Grandmother?"
She laughed and kissed me on my cheek whispering...
"We shall bring them back to Grandma's kitchen.
We will then transform these delectable fruits into an exquisite pie.

A pie pleasant to the nostrils.
A pie warm and sweet to your tongue.
A pie brilliant to behold and soothing 
to your little tummy and giant heart.
A pie that will make my grandson feel happy and content inside.
A pie baked with love and truth and honesty".

And I replied..."And what are you going to do with your bushel, Grandma?"
"Well, my dear,
I will OVERTURN my bushel and THROW these apples OUT!" – 
she dramatically replied.
"For they are bad and serve no purpose in my kitchen."

It's been many years later, my dearest one.
And late this evening I have been reviewing our union.
I fetched myself a writing tablet and a pen.
I leafed to a clean page where I then assembled two bushels.
To the left hand side of the page I situated your Advantage bushel.
The right hand side of the page underscored your Disadvantages.

I began to think as Grandmother would.
A keen eye for detail and clarity
whispered her loving observations into my ears
like an invisible windsong.

By midnight,
the blank page was now devoid of it's once white canvas.
I looked at the bushel to the left -
then quietly stared at the bushel to my right.
The bushel to the right was sated
whereas the bushel to the left was sadly barren and almost empty.

I reviewed the two bushels a final time.
I took a deep breath and 
gently placed my pen and tablet atop my writing table.
My dearest one,
although you're not here tonight -
I realized my life 
needs to have the bad apples banished.
I silently apologized to you 
as I picked up the bushel to the right
and without uttering a single word -

I finished my last fork full of apple pie 
and switched off the light.
I shed a solemn teardrop that bore your name
puffed up my pillows
gently overturned the bushel

and contentedly

threw you out.

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10 Little fingers 10 little toes 2 little eyes

10 Little fingers 10 little toes 2 little eyes everyday they save a life.
Every day she will arise to go to work 9-5 flipping burger's and dunking fry's.
10 Little fingers 10 little toes 2 little eyes everyday they save a life.
Every day hold's a new surprise from those 10 little fingers 10 little toes and 2 little eyes.
one day shell realize 10 Little fingers 10 little toes 2 little eyes are not so little any more.
Those 10 little fingers get bigger and one has a ring on it.
Those 10 little toe's get bigger no longer barefoot a boot on each.
Those 2 little eyes no longer so little looking strait up the middle ready for combat.
10 Little fingers 10 little toes 2 little eyes everyday they save a life.
Her 10 Little finger's 5 little toe's 2 little eye's finally come home.
and like I said 10 Little fingers 10 little toes 2 little eyes saved Their life.

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Giggles and goose bumps

Unexpectedly, his miniature hand
bathed mine arm

Attached to it,
the query;


“Yes son,
I love you too”

And his giggles raced on

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Dad Son Dad

is all weather umbrella
is what they say...

             rain or shine 
             there to protect 
             is what they say...

                         But then don't we 
                         open and close it as per our need
                         is he a puppet I wonder ...

                                         When torn and rusty 
                                         we discard to buy new 
                                         is he object with limited validity I wonder...

When Dad needs protection 
Kids hestitate to be his umbrella 
is dad's not someones son and son others dad I wonder ... 

             Cycle continues, many a Dad continue to suffer
             often at hands of son till he is dead     
             is dad derivative of dead I wonder...

                       Many a dad are taken good care of
                       Sons compassionate as to their own kids
                       is son derivative of bright sun I wonder ... 

By Hitendra Mehta
For June 2012 Poetry Soup Contest 

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Made in Heaven

When God made you,

He knew you had

to be special.

He took the finest

shade of blue to

make your eyes.

He searched and searched

to find the right bright yellow

for your blond hair.

For your mind He

took from the

wisest men who

ever lived.

Most important,

He searched heaven

far and wide,

to come up with

the most perfect

heart to place,

in your little precious

body so you could

give out your love

and be loved by all.

wrote 4-11-11

For my grandson Brandon Age 10 months yesterday.

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Quiet Little Child

Quiet Little child, so at peace

you are as you sleep on,

such dreams you must

be having.

Watching you lying

there without a care

in the world.

Waiting until you

awake, so I can

see your beautiful smile

that you always give to me

and to tell you how much

I love you.

written 4-17-11

For my grandson Brandon

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Spring sky

the squinting child,
with hands firmly fixed
and stride in rhythm 
with his proud smile,
off he did scoot
my precious my

As he sung of joy,
and his loving
off he did scoot
and oh, 
tumbled off !

not a tear did he shed, 
he did not cry

he simply laid back and stared;

at that blue
spring sky

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My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

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On February 6,2010,
a little miracle came,
my daughters son,and
my grandson Spencer
Scott is his name.

To watch GOD's gift come
into this world is the most
amazing thing to see,
another family member on
the branch of our family tree.

At 5lbs.14oz.he is as 
cute as he can be,I hope
he knows in troubled times,
he can always count on me.

We hope that as he grows 
he will see how much we care,
and tell him all the stories,
and the memories that we share.


                              LOVE GRANDMA

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The Door to Forever

We exchanged harsh words
Harsh words over nothing, nothing at all
Harsh words over something long forgotten
Harsh words which are so critical
so critical now to recall and to relive
over and over again…

You were ready to drop the matter
You were ready to relent and apologize
I was not ready to drop the matter
I was not ready to relent and apologize

You were the adult, I was the child
I reversed the roles, you reversed them back
You offered your hand, I refused your hand
I refused and let you walk out that door

Yes, I let you walk out that door
That front door, that door to forever

the last time I didn't talk to you
the last time I didn't say I love you
the last time I saw you
the last time I saw you alive…


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Dominik, I want you to 
Understand why your mom
Feels so light and free. 
I believe I have flown
Through life.

I remember flying from
The sheltered wings
Of my family as I flew
To Saskatoon Saskatchewan 
Thinking I would be a 
Free bird out from under 
Glaring eyes and uncomfortable 
Comments parents seem to 
Smother you with.
As reality sunk in that 
Holding an apartment, 
Job, and car did not mix 
Well with having a social life
I was once again in flight frenzy.

With head in the clouds I sailed 
Back to Ontario were I 
Lasted a few years until 
Once again my wings needed 
Airing and I took a ride 
On the wind a little
Westward bound for nowhere
Getting nowhere.
Days were happy and that’s
Where I was engaged,
The first time.

After three years I
Literally flew, this time
Over the ocean to Europe 
Where I met the love of my life.
Now although my wings were
Itching for the clean air above 
The clouds and I wanted
To fly this coop on several 
Occasions, I soon had 
Two little birds that needed
Tweeting and so I only flew
On occasion but always 
Returned to my main
Breeding area. 

On the day I became a widow 
I started planning my next flight
Which took you and I over the ocean
To the land I love.
Now here I sit on my sofa
Writing poetry and reminiscing 
All my flights of the past and 
Hoping with all my heart to 
Become a Snowbird.

I want you to know
No matter where I fly
You are now always in my heart.

Contest: Free Verse Poem
Regina Riddle

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The Name of Jesus

Whisper me the sweet sound of freedom,
The sweet sound found in Your Name,
Holy and Heavenly freedom,
All in the Name of Jesus!

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A Far Away Hug


Though my eyes will not be there
To see how you touch our baby
I’m sure you whisper to him my name
This is your father’s far away hug

Though my ears will not be there
To hear his first cry in the morning
I’m sure you whisper to him my name
This is your father’s far away hug

Though you won’t hear my voice
To say how happy I am to have you both
I’m sure you whisper to him my name
This is your father’s far away hug

Though my hands will not be there
To feel and touch your hands
I’m sure you whisper to him my name
This is your father’s far away hug

Though I can’t see you now
In my mind you are perfectly pictured
That I was holding both you and your mother
With feet to take you where you’d go
With eyes to see you enjoying the sunset’s glow
With ears to hear your laughter
With arms to comfort you both
And will never be a far away hug.

Posted also in poetry site: 4/22/2009

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What Easter Means To Me


As spring joyfully arrives
brilliant blue skies and vast green fields come to life

peering from the rich soil 
an Easter Lily opens with beauty

with large white trumpet shaped flowers
and gracious green stems climbing high

the music of the lords returned began to blow
streaming far and wide

a celebration had begun 
a celebration of eternal life
I gaze at the cross in deep loving thought 
as each miraculous miracle came to light

O' Lord God Almighty
this day brings gratitude and thanksgiving
for you..... staying faithful to the point of death
and giving your life, so that each may dwell divine

I thank you Lord
I thank you

peering from the rich soil
an Easter Lily sings praise



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Our breath

Snap !
Crackle !
Pop !

Like the Fourth of July
in this crisp cold…the
lil’ boy !

Least we forget;
that jump for joy

Our breath
still meets

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Welcome Aaron

Just want to shout it from the roof top
The special news that came our way
A new grandson arrived yesterday
His name is Aaron Alexander
Our second grandson has come
And now that today is done
I want to say the heart is glad
Our first son has now become dad.
We are very blessed 
to have this new bundle of joy.

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Ma You're Driving Me Nuts

Spun web way up high, too far to reach from the floor-
Slightly bent forward, working with gloves and a broom,
Swinging away, causing the ladder to wobble even more,
She let out a scream when the spider crawled onto her broom.

I softened her fall, when she tumbled down, landing right on top of me.
"Ma you're driving me nuts, you're not that young anymore."
I was mad as hell, but we started to laugh as we lay there on the floor.
What can you do with an old stubborn woman like ma?

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The Never Ending Battle

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

JS Lambert

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Among us.
Not alien
But more
Like us than
You will ever know.
They are
They live
Next door
Behind walls
Not of stone
But of fear.
They are
Ad dictions
Flesh from
They are
They are
But not

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Wisdom of Heights---Climb with Me

This morning
bells toll
a trumpet sounds
but refuses to blare
it just doesn't know 
how to harm
what it takes
to infect the living 

and sound
survive sadness
out last the past
bond brothers and sisters
of sky
and water
as it loses 
to a force

some days...

this morning
it wins
because the vibration knows god
and is ONE

and though human imperfections
sit in the shadows of it's path
perfections will
and forever will

so arrogant 
we choose to destroy 
but how can we concentrate 
on methods of malcontent
when god sits at our breakfast table?
as father urges child
"get up!"
"move on!"
"stand on two feet!"
"breath child!"

he tolls the bell
as we lay on deaf ears
he loosens ties with anger 
as the path warns and wears
driving this cosmic ship 
of no loses
only tiny
arrogant setbacks

and he smiles
for he knows
what we yet
have to find...
and all is well.

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The World is too much with us

We have no time to stand ,look and observe
How the Trinity runs the affairs of the Universe
Hinduism accepts both male and female
Aspects of nature and worship the Supreme.
If we have the Holy Father, why not Holy Mother
In Hinduism man and woman are viewed
As the two wings of the same bird
A man is incomplete without a woman
As a bird cannot fly only on one wing.

Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh with one head
And are aligned – Shiva, the transcendent God
Vishnu, the cosmic lord, Brahma, the cosmic mind.
Like Christian Trinity-the Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Brahma is the Lord of creation and birth
Vishnu is the Lord of sustenance or preserver
And Mahesh is the Lord of Death or destruction.
Constitute the Trinity of Hinduism as much as
Christian trinity the Father, son & Holy Ghost.

*I am inspired by Wordsworth for the title of my poem

Male Trinity assisted by female Trinity respectively
Sarswati  - is the Goddess of speech and knowledge
Lakshmi - is the Goddess of wealth
Parvati    - is the mother Goddess


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A Cloud Within a Cloud

A family sitting in a living room; the living room made of sofas and chairs
The sofas told a tale of antiques; never a complexion, even to the brain’s follicles of hair
Her grandfather, and other members of the family sat there; 
laughing; nourishing the air
There she sat, opposite to her grandfather’s left side
She looked at him, at his laugh, and smiled
Everyone around them seemed to be damped with fog;
nothing was seen except; herself, her grandfather, and a picture that seemed unprepared to 
Her grandfather held that picture and saw his grandson
Immédiatement*, he smiled and admired the photo’s photon
She then spoke and told her grandfather that his grandson has now grown;
thus calling his grandson to come; to be shown
There, his grandson arrived, and his grandfather held him in his hands and placed him on his 
It was a beautiful scene without any empty gaps
But then, she noticed her grandfather didn’t look at her;
it was as if she was out of the picture…
It was then she realized like she was talking to him, but he didn't hear her...

It was then she noticed that it was a dream within a dream...

She had seen her grandfather when she was three
But now, she misses him a great deal…

‘May you rest in peace’ 

*Immédiatement: Immediately

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My son
A gift from God, he has blessed me with
A son that the Holy Spirit leads
My son is
A gift from God, I have been blessed

By Eve Roper  9-30-2014

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Waiting for the Son

A father’s head,
Which is hooked to sleep in an armchair,
Swings like a pendulum,
Awaiting the shocking knock on his heart.
Wandering in a street
In the hashish lit nights,
Dear son always fades the spectrum of love.
As the venomous leaves
Hide the moon of innocence,
A pair of eyes glares among the lawless twigs.

Thorns on a stepmother’s tongue
Had pricked him constantly.
He washes out the wounds with drops of rum.
A midnight fox howls,
And the father’s disquietude deepens further.
But he never thinks
He is always among the defunct domestic goods
In his son’s shed.
Dear son walks miles through the graveled road,
When the father’s shoes wear out.

Hinges grate as usual,
The son passes by in silence, mindless of the midnight.
Now the father can sprawl on love’s pain in his bedroom.

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The Farmer

The farmer thought out his plan
How he would prepare his land
He knew the seasons to come
And how  to prepare for each
For his son he began to teach
How all thing sprout from this seed
And to protect it from this weed
For, if the weeds hover around
It blocks the sunlight for it to grow
Therefore, can not produce or show
Not knowing which way to go
But if you take away its weeds
It grows toward the sunlight 
Standing strong and producing many
He says now son 
We will give them water
For they shall absorb and stand firm
Growing above others for all to see
We shall plant them in 
the most nourished soil
Providing a solid foundation
Not to blow over
As the storms come
Looking after their every need
For their shall be many for us to feed

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Maybe the Guff was empty, cancer full moon eclipse

Maybe the guff was empty—Cancer full moon eclipse

Left field call on the black wall phone
faint cry from the distant end
spoke with throat lump of capital
disaster and a troddened womans most
everydom—lost before found—somehow Jan
knew and put forth a celestial no comment with 
I-hope-I-am-wrong-love gesture for the
love torn bull awaiting a cancerfold friend
offspring no spring-perhaps next spring. Anna
soild Anna so poised of classic stock sometimes
never bending to an antiflexible Taurus mood
was caught in a never place,  why of questions-
depleted character strikes. Will the blood
hordes rally for the fallen “fetalrade” and
heal the internal emohurt temperature 
inferno of unknown bliss. Does it ever come
at the right instant? Like where’s a cop when
you really need one—maybe 7-11 therapy would 
bring solice and peace. Forgive the forgiver
and pass your sense into another ability
Keep your mind and your soul for the little 
lost egg. I don’t know know or could never compromise 
no more of a complex juxtaposition of life
and death than that of biobeings so
closely connected that share the same
existance, one within-one yet
percent infinity bonded in a tidewater
liquid symbiosis that no manbeing in time
past or future will hope to match let alone
entertain. Be that as it may, you’ve felt the
sting of life and the creation of flesh for a brief
moment of time in time   and time is that holder of all
events we hope to achieve—your time in both
will come to be—you will share
and create from within, and not waiver
about the fallbacks we run down for
no explanations from anyone will suffice
or reason to make a whole sense of such
a fathomless inconsistency. I felt your
loss deep in my knees and thoughts flew
to your little soul upstairs. There are words
and there are no words—my deepest senses
to you and Dana—I know it will happen for you
as all things come to pass for those deserving                          dave collins

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Grandmother's Joy

           for my grandson Richard III

My grandson is a "Big Boy'' -
He is a Grandmother's joy.

With my grandson we are one team:
We read, we play, we walk, we swim.

He shows me his school grades,
Shares private little secrets.

We like to ride the bicycle
Around the pond's circle.

His dream is to be a policeman
Protect the people from bad men.

My grandson's smile is sunny,
He makes the world shiny.

My grandson is a " Big Boy''!
He is a Grandmother's joy!

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The Harvest

I would that your need
be to find the path straight
that your hearts rise above
and be harvested in glory

I would that the seed
Which was planted with love
be fruitful by faith
and be harvested in glory

I would from the start
that your minds be the same
as the standard you were made by
and was worthy of me even then

I would that your innermost parts
do awake and remember my name
and the hope therein gave I
of glory that transforms the children of men

Whereby understood, when this truth be told
will the doors of my trapped unlock
For the day of my wrath is ever so near
and the time of the harvest of glory

Seek the sheep that are without the fold
for the shepherd soon comes for his flock
Seek the lost that his voice when they hear
may come in and be harvested in glory

For behold I give sight
when the hearts for old reins make amends
for I would that you yet see my face
and great be the harvest of glory

For my flames scorch the night
till they destroy its end
till my waters of Life flow with grace
and you that are mine shall be harvested in glory...

Matt 24:30-31:  And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven:
                          and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the
                          Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great
                          glory. And he shall send his angels with a sound of a trumpet,
                          and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds,
                          from one end of heaven to the other

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Take Time

Slow down Son
Don't go so fast
Enjoy today, here and now
Planing, prodding, deciding
Takes time, and that's what you have

Enjoy your life 
Enjoy each day 
Feel the joy, feel the pain
Take time, that's what you have

They say Rome wasn't built in a day
Your life doesn't need to be either
Find your strengths, feel your passion
Take time, its what you have

You don't need to decide right away
Find out what feels good, don't stray
But if you do that's okay
Take time, for what you have

Build your life on your dreams
Set goals and follow full steam
Never give in to futility or whim 
Take time, for all you have

There may come a day when you say
I wish I could longer stay
But you'll need to move on 
Take time for all you can

Each day I see you become
Stronger where you've come from 
Learn from the past, slow down not so fast
Takes time to see all you need

No matter how fast
No matter how far 
I'm behind you all the way, 
Take time to feel what you need 

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Men and the moonlight

The moon shines so beautifully in her misery
Grace the world with thousand ribbons of silver rays.

There was a young man,
A pleasure slumber seeker
Eyes bares love and faith
The hands grip the dreams and expectations
Steppin definitely in spirit
To the unknown life ahead

Forty years have passed
Two young men sit together
One with gray hair and wrinkled face
Other, a fresh and naive young soul
A bond of flesh and blood
Talking about life and living

And the moon..? A loyal companion in solitude
For the happiness of every soul, she craves.

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Cody's Christmas Wish

Cody got his Christmas wish
Santa visited him
He passed the CDL test
And those license will serve him
He can drive a huge truck now
Out on the open road
Hauling what cargo 
Only heavens knows
They won't turn him aloose
On the road all by himself yet(aren't we all glad)
He has hours with a trainer
Then he will have to ride double
Sleeping in a camper
Sharing such a tiny space 
With a person who is unknown
Heaven only help him
To get a job close to home
He's going to make some money
So he can bring a woman from 
Afar like Issac in the Bible 
Whose bride came from a distant place
Lord help him to respect her
Let love shine from his face  

Cody called yesterday eve and said that he got his CDLs.
He still has more things to accomplish and have orientation with the company of hire.

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Rock on, sailor of dreams.....

My cousin Dennis wasn't born like you or I.
But he came the way Creator intended, I suppose.
He walked and talked later than most,
But he always had rhythm.... uncanny... purposeful.

Now, any tennis racket or broom or rake could take on a whole new life
As a guitar, microphone, mic stand...but he prefers real guitars.
Real guitars mixed with far-away dreams of the spotlight, sand, girls.....

He likes cheeseburgers and a "pair-of-dice", and navigating his way through Margarita-ville.
He's a son of a son of a son of a sailor, and a son-of-a-gun to boot!!
Once the roadies break this set down, it's on to the next town.

Yeah, you can catch his show several times a day in his own back yard.
Cheap student guitar (from the clearance store) I gave him, on his hip
Oh, when the show's over he's humble enough to come down and shake your hand.
Just don't be surprised when he says "Pleased to meet ya! I'm Jimmy Buffett!!".

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dinner in a mess hall


dinner in a mess hall... his first Christmas away from home
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (In honor of my oldest grandson who is aboard a Navy destroyer somewhere in the Atlantic, and to the other fine young people who are also spending their holidays so far from home)

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Three days Saved

It's been nine years, I have counted the tears-
  they have made trails of guilt
  worried into my heart 
  then filled with loneliness and bitter despair
but by your grace I have been shown...

For the first time, in these nine years, I have not wept
  nor held a vigil to honor our grief
though the loss still burns, this time it is transformed

Peace from your love still reaches through death
  and through your eternal love I am reborn
 It is Good Friday. 
When God took your spirit home
  and left me dying to know,
  how to love him for his sacrifice
  when he asked me to give up you?
How do I heal this death and rise with you in his arms?

Through your love I was born, and in your arms I grew
 and it has been your love the kept me whole
 that taught me how to be reborn
    for even though your body has gone
    your words lost in the wind and breath no more
The essence of grace and strength you lived
- it grows still in your daughter soul

My being and existence came from your womb
  my heart and mind shaped by your enlightenment
I have lived a life you gave me and for once
   I live it in pride to honor your sacrifice
your words giving me the guidance I'd lost nine years ago.

Alas, I've come to know, that as you died
  and went home with our Lord, you saved me from my death
not in your dying, my grief and love can attest,
    but in your living strength and loving example
       you showed me how to live a life
             open to our Father's gift

We knew it would not wait, but the parting was too fast.
I sat in thought three days before your sleep and asked,
"In three days time my savior died, I wonder hence
   what of my soul will rise with his?"

And now sitting Easter morning, 
  holding my sons candy-filled basket,
I realized Three days passed.

  He took you home Friday morn, but left me love,
that eternal love that never dies
whose comfort is unending

I honor your love by giving it to my children
         and Easter morning I felt your hug, your kiss, and knew 
                                 you have never left me
Though God took you home Mom
I know you have never left me
for as our Savior died and rose
you too still live in my heart, 
showing me proof our Father's blessings

    because you, my love, are my soul and all ready there
there fore I am strong enough to give this pain up 
       to honor his sacrifice and transcend,
           to be humbled by the grace and mercy
          that could forgive such lost lambs as I

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How Old I Am

My oldest son's birthday was yesterday he turned 45; 
it sure lets you know how old I am
I’m tired of getting old and tired of being tired, 
but I would do it all over again

Eve Roper

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The Year 2012

With two months left to go, in the year of 2012, I must not be too complacent.
However the first ten months have brought much joy and few sorrows. 
The most exciting events have been the four weddings of young relatives.
My youngest grandson's wedding came first and I was not invited.  
He and his intended flew off to Hawaii for the wedding, with their attendants.
The rest of us had to be satisfied with an invitation to their reception after they returned home. My wedding gift to my grandson and his bride was a professionally framed and sealed and museum glassed copy of my double poem, "The Bride's Prayer and The Bridegroom's Prayer". in hopes that it would last as long as I deeply wanted their marriage to last.  

The other three weddings were the results of many months of planning and I received a formal invitation to each one. In late August my great-grandniece married her fiance in a military wedding.  The reception was held in the Officers Club and was planned to the last detail. In September my own great-granddaughter held her wedding in my 
yard and the weather cooperated beautifully.  It was small, around fifty guests.  Rented decorated tables held a feast worthy of a more opulent wedding. The groom was as handsome and the bride as beautiful as those in the wedding magazines they had consulted in order to avoid the high expense of a wedding planner.

The last wedding was held the last Saturday in October and the bridegroom was my favorite great-grandnephew.  His beautiful bride was dressed in a lovely formal gown, under which she wore...cowgirl boots. Her eight attendants wore flirty. short, black dresses and...cowgirl boots.  Western music was played and a catered meal of Western food was served to the two hundred guests.  No expense was spared for this wedding.  It was held at a remodeled cattle barn which has been turned into a beautiful social hall and rented out for just such occasions.  The minister said it was the twenty-fifth wedding ceremony held in that building at which he had officiated.

These were all joyous affairs and my prayer is that all parties will all be able to observe their 75th anniversaries and are still as happy as on these, their wedding days. 


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Thanksgiving Family Tradition

My sons eyes opened wide, 

when I pulled on the slide,

 on the airplanes opening door partition, 

I had took the time, 

without being sublime,

 to explain the Reith Family's Thanksgiving tradition, 

Maybe he had thought it pure jest,

 his bulging eyes processed, 

as his parachute opened, he wore a look of derision,

 His body had spun, 

his look registered stunned, 

like this was some kind of unreasonable decision,

 It was expected of the youngest born,

 before Thanksgiving morn, 

to bring back from the nearest forest, a bird,

 after a mighty and fierce war, 

with piles of blood spilled galore, 

he registered a look,

 that I mistook, 

as if my demands were patently absurd, 

After the last desperate howl, 

of the game but defeated fowl, 

he would drag the beast back to where we were living, 

and as hard as he was able, 

slam it down on the dinner table,

 and holler loudly, "To all a  Happy Thanksgiving"!

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There Was A Time

There was time when I thought you would be there forever,
When I thought you would be there for me when I needed you,
Yet I was wrong for time separated us and I had to let you walk your path.

Yet I wished to follow but I knew it was not my time,
So I had to give up and not look back,
But look forward carrying your memory with me in my every step.

I realize that all that I know now is because of you,
That you were a guide placed by God for me,
To prepare me for my next step.

How I wish you were there in my graduation,
How I wish you would be there next to me on my big day,
How I wish you would be there to carry your grandson the same way you carried 
me when I was born.

Looking back at old pictures makes the tears come pouring down,
Seeing you looking up at me through the frame on the wall depresses me,
It reminds me of the time I wasted when I could have been there holding your hand.
Thinking of all this will remind me to hold up your name,
To see your judgment before my every step,
To understand your wisdom in all that you thought me.

Even though time has separated us physically,
You are there inside me burning brightly like a candle that’s light will never fade,
For I am the living part of you that will stand up to your morals,
For there was a time.

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My Grandfathers Dying Wish

See problems they no worry Timothy
He was raised by his Great Grandmother
One day she taught him
Miho you can make life beautiful or ugly
Work hard, find a woman who has a strong back
Beauty fades it doesn’t last long
Now let me tell you 
A woman with a strong back may not be your perfect companion
Times are changing, I think Faith is more important these days
I say okay Grandma, can I have the horachata now that you made me
No hush up! You can have it when I’m finished talking
Timothy come your poor Grandfather wanted you to have this
It is his Journal and I have never read out of it
She hands it to me
I am struck by it’s cover, it is brown and plain
Yet it spoke to me by it’s elegant style
These words were printed on the cover “Blanco Vendetta”
I was drawn and pulled in untill I was covered by the spell
The first page I open too it says “My first Mil Besos”
The Temptess that blew my heart away
I turn to page 33
It says “The story of an Apache Warrior”
There are no rules to an Apache Warrior when it comes to fighting
He says if you are my enemy I don’t care how but I’m gonna kill you
Page 41 is like a fist full of words thrown across the page
Barrio boxing, The protection of the Shield of Faith
Brokenhearted for my careless speech has left her heartbroken
Strengthened by Love “Amor”
Nourished by the sunshine in her hand
There is healing in its beams
Blessed by her presence Del Dios I am Greatful
I’m like Grandpa what did you say wrong
Then these words come to me
Give her your full attention when she speaks to you
Because the Heart of the Wise studies how to answer
So I close it and my finger brushes a bookmark
It’s the Last page
It says To: “Timothy my son who is as mighty as an army”
I Thank you for the Greatest Gift
For the Greatest Gifts are as small as your small hand that touched me
I plant these seeds and they will take root and grow because you are good ground
Timothy let me say That without you I would of never found my Faith in GOD
Listen for it is your Grandfather who is dead and speechless
Timothy you see the good in everything
And I know you will understand my words clearly
If a man gives you his word
Promise me not to plan your future on it
And if you give your word my son
Do everything in your Power to fulfill it
AND NEVER Promise more than you can deliver 
For it is better to put out more than you promised
Everyman is considered unwise when he appears foolish
I wish I could give you some insight about women
But your Great Grandmother may help you better than I can
But never timothy, Never be quick to fall in Love 
Or give your heart to a woman
Listen carefully to her words when she speaks to you
Cherish Her give her your full undue attention 
Because the Heart of the Wise studies how to answer
Love your neighbors as yourself
And do not strive against another man
If he has done nothing wrong to offend you
AS much as it is possible live peacefully with all men
And it is okay for you to speak these things with your Great Grandmother
She is a very wise and God-fearing woman
Amor take the greatest care of her, I Love you Son
Timothy when the time comes to avenge my death
Hit harder then you ever have before
But not in a Duel son, not like an open Vendetta
Marry his daughter Maria
The one who is pretty and Two years younger than you
Oh! He will suffer greatly!
And it will kill him to know that I chose this way to repay him
And remember son to be ready to fight any man at the drop of a hat

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The Littlest Angel

Taking my gold black tipped pen
Words flow on white parchment
Like tears intermittent streams.
My baby you are in heaven now.
Son you're in God's arms, not mine.

Looking down at my verse,
Before I could comprehend,
As if influenced by a spell
My paper like wings on wind
Gently lifted, flickering in air.

I shield my eyes from the sun.
A hum heard, as I turned to see
My penned words on parchment
Laying back on my writing table.
Golden flecks dusted my verse.

Psst, can you hear me?
A tiny angel whispered.

For Skat Aces's contest, 'Angels'

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To my son with love

I don’t know where you going
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know how to save
Your own life and you

So many years went by
When you left your home, your nest
I always wanted nothing more
For you to have the best

You let yourself so easy
You choose wrong path to live
You are so good in heart
You have so much to give

Life is so fragile and frail
Life is like mist in the rain
We have only one life to live
Only one life, and never again

Why to waste your life 
On things that makes you weak
You are funny, and smart
Handsome and unique

So many people love you
How hard it is to see
Your biggest fan of all
It is of course - me

You put yourself together
You turn your life around
The love you seeking for
One day I’m sure you’ll find                                       

I wish for you to have the best
To see the world, have fun
I wish for you the best in all
Simply because, you are my son

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Beautiful Children

Singing around in love;
Smiles built from the ground.
Holding hands in the dance;
Laughing with brothers and sisters,
All in His Glorious Name.
Throughout His perfectly sculpted land:
Look around because this is it;
Look around because this is love;
Look around and know, understand, comprehend,
Rejoice because you are perfect;
You are God's beautiful children!

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Turbulence in the atmosphere,
Dryness and sickness around the sphere.
Painfully tears while being cross with a spear!
Mean while, my soul groans out of fear.

No rain in the dry-land.
I could taste the bitterness of exile,
When I speak of your Glory -
People act like I speak Of the X-Files!
But my spirit tells me to walk one more mile.
Since God does not like anything mild.

Sorrow in my eyes,
Isolation with blurry sight -
I hear Whisper surrounded by Knights.

Who dares to speak to my broken-soul?
Who dares to know what my spirit shouts?
What is this whisper that calls me?
Pssst....Wisdom spoke.
The Word revealed in the flesh!
I dared to look!
I gazed at Him,
And I got lost in the Universe of His eyes.
“I know who you are”
“you are a prophet”  He said with a smile and walked away.
I saw the face of an angel with much knowledge,
revelation and wisdom glowing from His hair and brows.

I am not worthy of your love!
If I had winds like a dove,
I will fly away to avoid being swallow by a whale.
Who could ever hide from You and kiss you – farewell.

I got on my knees with tears of light and joy.
And I told Him: “I know who you are!”
He turned back with the Sun on His eyes and stared at me.
“You are Jesus My Savior” I said “You are son of God”
He Smiled again and left.

Sweet smile like honey.
Eyes deep as the universe.
Walks on patients.
Speaks light.
Whispers wisdom.
Acts on love.

That is Him. Jesus The Son Of God.

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Sabbath Morning Rap sequence 1

Learn not too late to halt the hate,
Bound to be ground in the dust of disgust
We're pierced and fierce, fulla rings and things
We're blued and tatooed and God is booed.

Crude dudes are misconstrued
with actions vulgar,vile and lewd.
We're found down ground in sound,
totally tatooed in terrible taste,
in a mindless race for the loudest base.

Hate to dis your myth but God exists,
'Tis a truth deduced by the less obtuse,
You understand He did become man
For His love of us all because of the fall.

He suffered and died being crucified,
He pulled His people from the pains of hell
and rose from the dead He's alive and well,
I tell you no lie He's got no rival,
It's right there written in the holy Bible.

He arose to heaven so to send the Spirit
to His brothers and sisters who wished to hear it,
He said I leave you my Love I leave you my all
but you gotta say yes to heed my call.

Don't follow the world that ain't the place,
You want to be with Me when you finish this race,
Orphans you're not  you have been taught,
I will help you find Me if I'm sought.

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Love always - a poem to my boys

Looking down upon your tiny 
Soft to my touch
Gazing into your beautiful eyes
Bringing pe!ce
My heart beats for you, and you 
Each precious moment
A joyous gift
My world changed
Was given new life
New breath
New reason
Devouring the moment
Savouring the feeling
Tears of joy
This tiny bundle
Became my all
Forever more
I shall protect you
Love you
Cherish you
You have. My heart
In your tiny hand
For i gave it to you
That sacred day
When you became my all

My son, I love you always

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A True Credo Of Love

(To All Who Believe It Can Be Achieved)

Caucasoid, Mongoloid,and Negroid
Colour the conscience progression 
of Man's ethical Truths...
The cultural aggressions of violence
and ignorance must end!
Extend your heart, hand and life
Towards the Precious Don of Honour...
Freely, keeping the sincere
Brotherly Creed


Comments:  Brothers and Sisters it is time that we stand up and let the Love of God in, after 
all we are all one in the same under the skin, so why not give it a grand try... One Love and 
Many Blessings in Him Always, Adell

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As If He Knew

He loved
his sisters and nephews and nieces
his friends, his enemies and Skittles
Neil Young and Hendrix and Dylan
LSU, the Astros, the Saints
crab boils and back-yard basketball
running the roads with his buddies...

Yes he loved
many things and hated very few
Like sitting up late and talking
about good music and bad movies
about prancing, primping pre-madonnas
about good and evil and wrong and right
about God, the Universe and human folly
about the why and when and what and where
with insight that defied his young years
as if he knew...

Oh yes he loved
trying anything he never tried
trying, almost desperately trying
to cram a whole lifetime
into twenty-one years...

Oh how he loved, oh how he laughed
Oh how he sparkled and shined...

(Yet there was that faint tint of sadness,
a tiny shake of the head, a far-off look
as if he knew...)

For Daniel Ryerson
3/24/1980 - 4/9/2001

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Man O War

If I were an animal it would be a horse, Man 'O War to be exact.
I could then answer the  question that the whole world wants to know,
 "Who was the fastest,  Man O War or Secretariat"?  

Being a human only gives me the ability to research and know
that the movie Sea Biscuit. while entertaining, was not authentic.
Movie makers claim Sea Biscuit was small when he took on 
War Admiral in the match race of the century (and won)! 
The truth is they were both the same size!

The aggravating part is the movie depicted Sea Biscuit
as being inferior to War Admiral and stated the Biscuit did not have good 
bloodlines.   That's a bummer, considering Sea Biscuit was Man O Wars grandson 
and War Admiral was his son!

I suppose you could say, "Well it's just a movie"!  When actually these two horses 
are our history.  Both gave our country hope in a time when America was in the 
Great Depression. Just as Secretariat,( who was on the cover of every leading 
sports magazine) and the only honest thing in the country, who gave us  "hope", 
during the scandals of Watergate and the Vietnam War. 

When Secretariat won the Belmont by 31 lengths giving him the 1973 Triple Crown, 
it was almost supernatural as if the Lord whispered in his ear , "GO"  and he went. 

Secretariat will be remembered as one of our nations greatest horses because  like 
Man O War and Sea Biscuit they gave us  "hope" and isn't that what life's all 

Contest: If I were an animal what would I be
Submitted by:  Judy Konos

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To Mother-Nature

I seek immortality in two days’ life, Preserve me mother-nature,in your greenary. I seek no mutability My destination is not grave, Save me mother-nature, in your lap. I seek peace in your surreal beauty, Permit me mother-nature,to play with your colours. I seek longevity like that old mountains, Entwine me mother-nature,in your essence. I seek no disappearance like that morning dew, Let me flow mother- nature,with that river. I seek joys In your broader chest, Hug me mother-nature,with your strong boughs.
[to my mother and also to beautiful nature ]

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John and Yoko

I would do anything to have
The kind of love that two people once shared
One was a famous British peace activist,
Guitarist, and one of the world's most famous songwriters

The other was a Japanese artist,
A very successful businesswoman,
And a very strict disciplinarian
Together they both shared success

As one of the many couples
That became both famous and infamous
They had a son who was their destiny child
One worked as an artist and managed their finances

While the other remained at home
Baking bread and becoming a househusband
Doting on their son and making his come back
Into the music scene on the billboard charts

I wish I could go through all the trials,
All the tribulations they both endured
But when it comes down to it
I wish I could love like John and Yoko did

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Child of Mine

You are my love,
my hearts content.
you are my life,
a life ideal.
you are my joy,
and you are my happy.
happiness like no one else can bring.
you are my hopes,
and you are my dreams.
you light up my life.
you are my everything.
you are my fear,
and frustration.
you are my pain,
and you are my anger.
you bring out the best of the worst in me.
you are someone to blame,
someone to hurt,
someone who is no one who deserves the anger inside of me.
you are my child.

A child you should be,
I should love you as God intended.
I wish someday our bond can be mended.
I have made choices, i can not take back.
I can not make up for the motherly lack.
circumstance and situations have put me here,
feeling hopeless and living in fear.
anxiety has stricken me,
I have succumb to my disease.
giving up on what i believe,
I have become someone in need.
I can no longer give my love,
my patience has run dry.
my heart has grown cold, 
my eyes can no longer cry.

Forgive me for the mistakes I have made,
forgive me for the pain in your heart,
forgive me for the tears in your eyes.
I too am a child, learning how to become wise.

I love you child of mine

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Blame it on the Moon

          Underneath a magic moonlit night as 3 shooting stars take flight

          twinkling silver blue shimmers , it was the passionate love that night

          The moon and stars held a party and sent one of their own    

          a creation in the making , a star rising from one star fallen

          entranced with the magic night and my solider Fitton ~

          it was an Angel's decision a gift bestowed one to cherish and hold 

         Never a doubt in my mind through watching him grow well Fitton ~    

         Full of creativity and charm , the young women that follow him enchanted 

          character and wisdom , success driven , as the moon whispered one night

         This Son will be one all will know , he will be loved by many .. your gift given

         poetry in truth of fate on a magical moon lit night , a story told

          Blame it in on the moon , or blame it on love and desire Fitton ~

          I know I was chosen by he , Your given Mom and Dad in code ~

      For my Son in Film and 1st AD "House of last things " 3rd season of Grimm :)

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Futyre child syndrome exposed

In a moment there was time a child could grasp corporeal and gracious
It stopped and I carefully gave non notice to educasees
that paused me to bleed blend assinine inaccurate aforementioneds
to preprocure a mule measured primrose pathos of interposes to analyze the ex ever jutaposes of irrevelant psuedo spawn spellings intrinsic of piss patterns nego 
nero nitro nuego of lunar literant intent grating gravity gunite givings presupposing cannon quantites quotient of add, substract, multiply, divide, die in my seat work consistent of soulservitude a prisoner of seatzenda, a great book read poised to a 
selling of elementary sealed solvent sedintary solices sleeveless saints of sanitary sectors sanctioning soulful sensibilities senitent of sailable sanities. Boys will be boys, ADD,ADHD a cool cover up for 80 % legis lay teachers to drugafy, deamplify, villify, castrate, humilitate, propogate the post predisposition of that which is normalcy to a degree of zombie cumulo butt compliance for the powers at be be-gone, biploar bulimec, blandering, blistering, bloging, bifurcating blog bog billows, stress all that is pharmacorelative with respect to the adultoparentive coaxial moneyisms that speaks to a bygone exoera of residio responsibile valiumviscous banailty. Cool calm creepy excel expenditures procede pre positive parental protocals procreating patterened presentials to predictive humo end hiatial hemorroids. In the end we prosperspire in pain pile potentials. Predictable predicates promise postmortem primal preordinates. Enjoy eating educational entrails!

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The Healer Part IV (from my life story)

Two years after the birth of my daughter a son was born to me. Three years had also gone 
since my daughter's warts had vanished when my son turned five years of age and warts 
began to spread all over his hands.  I tried all the Traditional Medicines and herbs once 
again. But when I looked into his big dark eyes that tried so hard not to cry I knew what had 
to be done. My mind couldn't wrap around the improbabilities while my motivation spurred 
me forward with my quest. Would The Spirit of The Healer Ms Agnes come to my aid once 

Taking a deep breath I sat my son down and repeated the story I had told 
his older sister just three years before. With his hands in mine I gently touched and 
counted all the scaly knobs that I could find. When I was done reliving every detail his
where still in mine.  As I opened mine to see his awestruck eyes I gave my sons hands a 
gentle squeeze.  Then I said "Maybe. Just maybe there's enough of the Spirit of The Healer 
Ms Agnes left in there for you too.

On the fourth morning after that my son slept so late. Sleeping late was uncharacteristic 
of him so I went to check that he was okay. When I pulled back the covers there they 
were on the sheets. All of his warts fell off my sons precious hands during his sleep. My 
shock and amazement left me with so many mixed emotions and questions. I was 
speechless and I hugged my son in congratulations. As I left his sight I looked down at my 
hands to see if my warts had returned. They had not.

It was ten years after the birth of my son when I gave birth to another beautiful child. 
A daughter with blonde hair and eyes so blue. Of course, without surprise at the 
age of five the warts began. This time I took no other action and knew first what to do. So 
before she could even cry I sat my youngest one down and took her hands in mine. Closing 
my eyes I touched and counted all the scaly knobs I could find. Then I re-enacted the story 
of the Healer Ms Anges one more time.  

When all was told and I opened mine to see my youngest ones awestruck eyes, I gave her 
precious hands a gentle squeeze. And I said, "Maybe. Just Maybe there's enough of the Spirit 
of The Healer Ms Agnes left in there for you too". On the fourth day after that I asked to 
see my youngest one's hands.  I knew deep inside before she stretched them out to me that 
her warts were no longer there. I hugged her in congratulations and didn't check to see if my 
warts had returned.
Cont'd in Part V

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Laughter 2ft tall
Charging up and down the stairs.
Laughter in my arms and
Around my neck.
Laughter tickling my feet with teddy.
Now laughter in the garden
Hiding in the bushes
And rolling in the grass.
Laughter in the kitchen
Amidst dinner and juice.
Laughter and the Tweenies.
Laughter in the bath with Winnie.
Laughter in the bedroom with 
The three little pigs.
Laughter tucked away in bed.
No more laughter.

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Scam of the Con Man

Who hasn’t heard of the Nigerian Letter or the Australian Lottery won?
So what about you’re kids in college… what for them is going on?

My son found a job posted on the University’s Nursing jobs bulletin Board.
Apparently several students applied to take care of an old man coming into town.
They were each approved separately, and then sent a check…
Plus a list of nursing supplies and a wheel chair they had to pay for and pick up.
Apparently, the place to work with had already been set up.
Once everything was paid for, they were ready for the job.

Instead all they got was their accounts cleaned out.
And the Nursing supplies were another part of the scam, my dear.
In the end the money they had was gone with everything saved from the student loans.

Now the problem was made and you know what? Guess who didn’t care?
The police, University, and bank said it happens all the time.
Of course they turned away saying it wasn’t their concern.
The bank told my son he owed $3400 more, even through he was the victim of the fraud.
The Banks fraud department yawned and said they wouldn’t look into what was done.
In fact, they were sending his accounts into collections to attack him even more.

Slough it off, and attack the victim, and of course none of them would do their work.
Mail fraud, money fraud, and con men involved… across state lines meant nothing at all.
Attacking the victim is not where the Banks, police, and university belong.
So let me tell you The States’ Attorney General is the next on the list.
The Attorney General and the Federal Government is where to go, my friend.
Don’t give up on the internet, there are help groups there, that abound.
Tell your children of the game… to keep them far away.

The bank wants my son’s next student loan money for collections on the debt…
And he will have to work full time at minimum wage to survive.
You might say everything at the moment… is truly upside down.
But we will fight unendingly… to straighten everyone out…

What a Christmas job deal breaker… and what a way to find out…

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Paris my prison

another world for me
a soul that I be
a freedom for life
free by love for liberty
for living — Paris my reason
Paris my unfulfilled desire
Paris my prison

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Mamas Boy Oh Boy

Why Are You So Hurt
Can I explain today is a difference day,
But the same old excused.
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
Rudy to in conscience to ,
Just pick up my food I have hard day well.
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
To day you was suppose to pay the bills,
But instead you state in bed in till twelve.
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
It’s our anniversary you forgot to make reservation,
And you don’t even open the door or bring flowers any more.
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
When we first meet it was hard to see through the blur lines,
Or was everything you told me from the start all lies.
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
Mom Why Are So Hurt Cause I Can See IT In Your Eyes,
I Guess I Am The Man Of The House At Such A Young Age,
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
I wonder who can related, young brother young brother no
Matter your race, age ,origin, or creed I consider you my young brother
I’m not a man lacking wood but would like here my story.
Mama’s Boy, Oh Boy!!!

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Open Letter to you,

I hate my speech today, yesterday and the day dust rises.
I was there opening my eyes carelessly, smiling like an idiot
I was gazing shamelessly, walking like an idler without course
Little did I notice my vehicle lose direction; little did I notice my head bleeding
I was just there; the settled dust rising, tables turning, grenades and bullets are now apples
Little did I know the power in my lovely hate speech. 

What pride did we get after slaughtering fellow Kenyans like goats,
What are the stuttering rifles rattling about, are humans turning game,
What are the grenades doing in civilian pockets, are they keys
Why are the churches burning, you cannot tell me tis the holy ghost fire,
What has that neighbour done, why is that policeman lying there,
Why is no body answering me, am I alone, or are you wondering too
Should I assess the power in my lovely hate speech, am concerned.

My love speech I hate you, my hate speech I love you
Both speeches are one, are the same, of same taste, I hate my passion for you
I love my fellow politician, i love his dirge during my friend’s burial
You bleeding mammoth my friend, I like your corrupt tummy
You scavenger of your own carcass, I like your greed for power
You megalomaniac virus of a beloved country, we love you, let us be
Little do we know death will let you release us, How uncertain are we of you.

My eyes are full of your ocean, the palace you exhume immorality
My ears are preoccupied with your desert, the desert devoid of trust, and the just
My nostrils have your pungent infamy, your callous greed, your everything
My mind can’t decipher the thought of your sanity, your policies and you
You make me lose taste, you make me look like you, you make me you
I am youthful to the economy, i am youthful to the wise, am not youthful to your “youth”
Little do i know death will let you release me, How uncertain am i of you.

Am talking about you, what have i said about me? What?
I hope I know the promise in my Kenyan Anthem
I hope I have a plan of getting rid of the chaff, the you
I hope am not you, i hope you don’t like seeing me wise
I hope your son is listening, the son that wants my very own daughter
I hope am the government, the government of me, for me and by me
I hope i know peace, the peace am preaching, the peace you hate. I hope.

Yours Kenyan,
Mzee Emmanuel Mwau.

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Utilitarianism A Man

A man has ego,
A man has pride,
A man has lied,
A man has tied,
A man has daunt,
A man has courage,
A man has conscience,
A man has hearted,
But honestly does a man believe he has no flaws,
How can a Son forgive a Father,
I say my young brothers just tried,
A man is the better man.

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Winter's bright

Attached to mine paw,

As his smile lit the winter's

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Our Love

Our Love (written in the style of spoken word)

My world eclipsed itself in the shadow of your moon
In the fading of your breath, the gasp of your final death
blacked out to me was the image of your last re-birth
Visions of your glory blind to my infantile sight
I cried out to God "take me lord, for to take my light
is to leave me unto darkness."

Crippled and shamed I crawled to my side
and wept to feel the fingers of your memory
sweep my hair from my cheek
As a child I raged that all he left of you for me
was the ghost of a life losing vitality in time
The world was numb but for the pain
and I rolled in the evanescence of it
wrapped like a proud shawl of mourning
that in this right I would sacrifice
and pay dignitary to what I failed you in
If I could have died, I would have born your stripes
I would have carried your cross
and welcomed the nails home
that all I could have of you 
was the agony
of your leaving...

My Mother I felt your tears too
as I felt in them in your fading
I felt the trails of your sorrow 
as you wept for your baby
Just as your comforts were
love and despair in one
 to me
(for how could I know your life lived in me)
	your regrets were mine misery 
then my comprehension of a Mothers love was foriegn.
Your presence drove me mad
Your death erased my dreams
and your life fed my memories.

Some where the blackness of years
numbned-greyed and I breathed
Some where in a moment I could not name
your presence gave me stregnth as I accepted
the world I now lived

But the majic of the moon faded, 
the faith you gave me staled
the world spun because God commanded
but my heart beat because you breathed it

God is a jealous God, I whispered
Is my loss my punishment for loveing her the more?
The tears trickled to moisture and days cycled into years
and I listened to your whisper, feather kisses
tucking me to sleep, some where in the depths
of the self I did not know, you loved, you prayed

You wept for my loss and yours, but you loved
you held me at night when I longed for you
you cheered for my each new step
and when I first held my son I heard in my  heart your first words to me
" My baby, My Baby' 
so then I understood and gave them to him

In learning this new love of my life I began to understand
not your death, but your life, your love, and why you still 
hold me and miss me as I miss you
but I hear you, I hear him
and I see my son I thank you both

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why daddy

dad you were my hero!
the one i wanted to be just like.
everything i did was to make you proud...
you walked out on us...
i know i wasnt a perfect child...
i just wanted to feel love from you

mom always told me that you would be there for me
you were until i disappointed you...
i thought parents were supposed love their children no matter what...
you didnt do that
 you always put me down 
told me i was such a shame to the family

now that i have grown up
i relieze life is better with out you in it...
and i no longer wanna be just like you
i could never walk out on my kid
you sicken me...
how could you give up the child that you gave your name to...
i understand you have other kids
but to just give up and not have anything to do with one of them
and to not let that kid know his siblings....
i could never do that 
no matter how much my kid disappointed me...

i found my hero...
he stepped up even tho he didnt have to...
he treated me like his own...
he was there when i needed a daddy and you werent there...
he was there at my worst....
and he is there at my best...
he will be my best man when i get married...
my kids will know him as grandpa...
they will never know you 
cause i cant risk you hurting my kids
the way you hurt me...

the thing that gets me the most is....
how you made it look so easy
did you even think about the lil boy
who carries your name and...
has your blood running in his veins

i dont think you did...
and if you did you are
a heartless piece of crap

even after all you have done to me...
physical, emotional, and mental abuse...
i forgive you...
not for you but for me so i can move on with me life

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Sincerity - A Gift Of Healing Through Gods Loving Light

...of sunbeams that shine endless light
the heart gift show loving patter 
O' the glorious grace that fills my heart
for each soul sincerity shower

How fortunate am I
for the beauty of love I see in others
A gift so priceless my soul elate                       
reining down from God our Father

with summer lighting in sky of fear 
and winters cold unknowing 
by your side I stand in armor
as life storm leave shrouds of pain

in confusion I shield a weakened heart
with words that simply encourage
for each I cuddle with warm compassion
with song of love and grace                                          
...of sunbeams that shine endless light
the heart gift show loving patter 
O' the glorious grace that fills my heart
for each soul sincerity shower

Contest ~ "Love Me Why"
Poet ~ Rick Parise

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the Father visits his son in the dark of day
The son is abed, pale in the light of night
For the sun and moon are witness in this hour of twilight
But the sun is not heat and does not shine as bright
And the moon is not rigid rock
The sun is a warm hope, fading ever so slightly
The moon is softness, the dark is soothing

The son is abed, covers sprawled over his listless form
The son is restless, he doth not sleep
The son is ebbing, his heart does weep
and his Father lifts the covers up tight around his chest
and kisses his brow;
The son blinks wearily, smiles wanly, whimpers meekly

Sleep my son, the Father whispers

But I cannot sleep - Sleep eludes him
I want to play - Rest prances about him
close enough to want, just out of reach
And how can I sleep father? - How can he rest atop this fated bed?
When I wish to wake? - When his heart doth weep restlessly?

the Father wavers, he caresses the son's brow, but not his heart
For the heart is within, the caress without,
Rest my son, he says, rest and forget
The Father, gently, lovingly, pulls the covers up, tight around the son's neck

But father, father why
My heart will not sleep
Five more minutes? Just five.

Sleep son, the hour is late, the time is neigh

And the Father, always lovingly, he pulls the covers tight over the son, and lowers him into 
the ground.

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This Is War

Bring the rain! It might 
be wet but it wont 
dampen my spirits!

Bring the blazing sun! 
It might burn me but it 
wont dry me out!

Bring the strong winds! 
They might blow me to 
and fro but they wont and 
I repeat they wont stop 
me getting where Im 

Try me! Test me! I might 
not be battle tough?
But my spirit is built to 
out live life's war.

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Sweet and Sour Notes

Over and over, the music churned
Burning ears with strains unheard
I'd practice daily for an hour
Prodigy child to be, forever?
Most would say, oh never, never! 
First a sweet note, then a sour
Just a faint resemblance of the way
A composer's notes were meant it to be

First year students play these notes
Some play well.....some who don't
It seems that every novice child...
Builds a base from classical
Must learn, and memorize.. "Fur Elise"
Does Beethoven wince from the grave??

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Dear God

Dear God,
I ask for forgiveness before going to bed
I pray for some peace, please replace this heartache instead
I pray for my Mom and me to get along
I pray for my son to be happy and strong

Dear Holly,

You asked and are forgiven
You have been given peace for your heartache that stretches the day
You will find strength in your mother for that is her way
You will see your son amidst friends with me watching at bay

Dear God

I ask for forgiveness before going to bed
Thank you for my peace it feels good this way
Thank you for my mom she will not lead me astray
Thank you for my son, I know with your guidance he is going to be okay

And, tell Jesus thank you for dying for my sins
I know when I get to Heaven; I will see family and friends.

© 4/13/2013 Holly P. Moore

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A Child's Training Part 2 of 2

(Prov. 22: 6 /  Heb. 5: 14  /  Deut. 6: 6-9  /  2 Tim. 3: 13-15, 16  /  Matt. 19: 13, 14)

- cont. - from Part 1

And The Same Can Be Said
Of A Young Child’s Impressionable Mind
It Needs To Be Nurtured At Home
Or It Will Eat Every Junk & Stuff They Find

And You Can’t Let A Child
Follow Its Every Whim …
No Matter How Brilliant or Smart
Dumb Things Will Make Them Dim

But Parents Try To Remember
Just When You Were Young …
Didn’t You Just Want To Act Stupid
And Have Some Friends & Fun?

Every Child Needs To Know
What & Who They Can Trust …
This Is More Important Than That Job
& Making Big Bucks

Every Child Needs Guidance
Even If Parents Are Just Guessing
But There Is A Book of Instructions
To Keep Parents & Child From Stressing
(2 Tim. 3: 15, 16)

It Is A Compass & A Map
& Its Like Reading A Diary of  Confessions
Where Both Parents & Children
Can Learn About Real Life Lessons
(Matt. 4: 4  /  Matt. 19: 13, 14)

And We Need To Start Training Them Young
From The Crib & From The Womb
Give ‘Em Plenty Space & Privacy
But Know What’s Going On In That Room!

‘Cause Newsflash! … Now Hear This
When Children Get Wrong Ideas or Tears
It’s Up To Loving Parents & Families
To Steer Them Free & Clear

Yes, Newsflash! … Now Know This
Children Don’t Know Nuthin’!
It’s Up To Responsible Adults
To ‘Try’ & Teach Them Somethin’ …

Their Bright Little Eyes & Minds
Are Looking To Us For Advice
And We Have To Watch Their Little Heads
So They Don’t Get Infected With Lice!

Yes, Their Bright Eyes & Minds
Are Looking To Us For Advice
& There Is Not Enough or Too Much Time
That We Could Sacrifice

And Without The Rod of Discipline
Whether Spanking or Time Out On The Floor
Loving Communication Is What Keeps Them
From Being Spoiled & Rotted To The Core

Look – Grandmamma Used  To Tell Me
“If Everybody Is Sticking Their Head In The Fire
And They Tell You It Won’t Hurt …
You Tell ‘Em ‘You’re A Liar!’”

Listen, We All Can See That This World
Is Going To You Know Where In A Hand-Basket
But You Don’t Have To Let Them Group You & Yours
Into That Casket …

And When A Child Wants To Eat Candy
‘Cause It Tastes Good – All Day Long!
When You Tell Them “No!”
Listen … You Ain’t Wrong!

                        Written & ©:  7/16/2013

                        By:  The MoonBee

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Oh Son Of Mine-

Oh son of mine- Oh son of mine’
I reel and rock sit marking time
Can’t you see or are you so blind
Oh son of mine- Oh son of mine

Oh son of mine Oh son of mine
mother can only do so much
I do love you and feel your touch
Your wrong choice has made my heart crush

Oh son of mine- Oh son of mine
You are pulling at my heart
Strongholds are keeping us apart
Choices you’re making are not smart

Oh son of mine- Oh son of mine
I don’t know what else I should do
My prayers are with you all year through
I will stand in the gap for you

Oh Son of mine Oh son of mine
This is certainly no facade
Road you chose I refuse to trod
I must now release you to God

* For this child I prayed, and the Lord hath given me my petition
which I asked of him: Therefore also I have lent him to the Lord; as long as he liveth, he 
shall be lent to the Lord...I Samuel 1: 27-28

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The Song of Father

My son, dear son, the artist of my future
Fixing the broken pieces of my every day
Breaking the sorrow of the massive turmoil
Giving the calm spirit made by the dungeon 

From your warm little hands, we rode
Together with the cause of the love of Narra
Pieces of your flowers joined in our laugh
In the eyes of many showing joyful smile on us

My son, dear son! Let me hold your hand
The balloon of yours uttering with the air
Your tame eyes figuring crystals in my sight
Reaching the rising action of this unknowing occurrence

My son! don't look back and stay with papa
Don't run! Don't move! Don't follow it!
Hold my fist firmly, don't walk away!
There it comes! Hit the angel, God's sake! Keep your breath!

Oh my son, my dear son feels my hug
Don't call the cold air will change you in trouble 
Show your crystal eyes to ease the pain
I command his soul, remain in him, meet me again!

My son, how darkly, how painful the end
Your story in the world unwritten by your father
Looking at you featuring the fairy tale
A tale that ended in ever after lonely song!

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From the Fiery Pits of Hell to My Glorious Home in Heaven

It started when I was young.
I chose to take a walk on the wild side.
I drove my parents insane with my deeds.
I pushed everything good away.
I was bad, evil to the core.
Lying, stealing and cheating were all I knew.
Then the drugs and sex overtook me.
Riding on the slippery slope to Hell.
Satan had my heart, mind, body and soul.
He wouldn’t let me go.
I didn’t want him to.
I wanted my life of misery.
It was good to me.
I fell hard into his snare.
I really felt that was where I belonged.
It was a place to call home.
All my friends egged me on.
As I played games with the Devil.
I drew closer and closer to him.
Through Tarot and the Occult. 
Witchcraft, casting spells.
It was so intense.
I never wanted my ride to end.
I was on top of the world.
Living in the fiery pits of Hell.

He reached down to where I was.
He took my hand and pulled me out of the muck.
He saved me.
Showed me a new way of life.
No more lying, stealing or cheating.
The need for drugs was gone.
I was taught how sex could be beautiful and pure.
I was free of Satan’s grasp.
He no longer had control over me.
My heart, mind, body and soul now belong to another.
He loves me.
In spite of the terrible things I’ve done, he really loves me.
He’s forgiven me.
Can you believe that?
Sent His Son to die for ME!
It was on a cross on a hill far away.
The Father couldn’t even watch as His Son paid the price for me.
All for Me!
Now my sins are all forgiven.
The Devil’s hold on me broken.
I am free!
Free to have faith, to hope and to love.
The best news of all is that the Son is coming back for me!
Right now, this very second, He’s working on my place.
My glorious home in Heaven!

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Shaking The Lily Pad

I have a big, old froggie that lives in my ornate lily pond, so refined.
And every time I have a guest, he Farts and spurts water from his behind.
My son has named him bubbles and tells everyone, how he is so fine...
Now, you must know he’s only five with potty humor on his mind…

It started as I included my son, while finding a fountain for my pond.
But he came home and told his dad, who now also had to come along. 
While I kept looking for a fountain, you know… with exquisite flair.
My son kept asking me for a special one, that farts water out his tail.

Now, as I watched my two beloved gentlemen, I knew something was afoot.
I found retreat a better thing, as I high tailed it away, with a serious hotfoot.
Sure enough, my birthday present turned out to be that froggie for my pond.
And I certainly couldn’t hurt my son’s feelings by saying no, to respond.

My hubby laughed as he pointed out a place, they had agreed it should go.
Yes, you guessed, it’s the first thing you see, that your eyes can bestow.
Perhaps my plight is really not so bad… or at least, my hubby now tells me so.
Even though the guests’ eyes grow big, and their walk becomes really slow.

As I see their looks, a better conversation piece could never have ever been.
As I gently explain my son’s love for me, is touching, don’t you think? Again.
Of course the little froggie keeps farting and wildly smiling, throughout it all.
But the smiles are never near as big, as my guests’ smiles… that suddenly grow…

As they become enchanted with the understanding of it all.

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Life found in a Dream

Life found in a Dream 
Today I’m a lonely man living in a cold, cold world filled with indifferences and malice. As time marches on a harsh reality come to my mind, time is on no one’s sided, it is only given once and all must die and tomorrow is not guaranteed. This seems so mean because having no one to really love or so it seemed, I was just a lone no one was on my team.
I started to think and reminisce about the think in life that I missed. Tears appeared in my eyes and my heart skips a beat so I lay down and felled into a deep, deep sleep. Suddenly and to my surprise I was on a beach with soft sand underneath feet. The sky was so blue and the air smelled oh so sweet; it dawned on me that this was a place few have ever seen.
I walk down to the water and what did I see; the sea was strange so let me explain; it was made of crystal with a glow all of its own and the waves gave off a musical tone. As my mind adjusted to sounds and the sight I spied out another wonderful delight. There across the sea, a city brighter than the northern lights, oh what a beautiful sight.
I fell down to my knees overwhelmed by the glory that was before me. I thought that I had died and stepped to the other side. I knew what I was seeing before just could not be true, such beauty, it could not exist, not in my world, never like this. A melody that I have never heard before arose from the City across that crystal sea. It had to be played by Angels, the music was so, so sweet; that I felt a joy from my head to my feet and knew deep in my heart that was where I belong,
Just when I decided to dive in and swim to the other side, I heard a soft voice call out my name. I turned around to see who it was that called out my name. There He was this gentle looking Man with sadness in His eyes. He spoke to me and this is what He said; my son, my son you cannot dive in and swim to the other side. So I ask Him why I can’t swim to the other side, that’s easy for me, am going to try.  No, no, no it not for you it not your time was His only reply. I did not understand His reason but I felt His command and suddenly my feet was stuck in the sand, I cried out with hurt and pain in my voice; what lies on the other side, who are you and why can I not go on the other side?
                                     This is the story that He told:
The city that you see beyond the crystal sea it belongs to me and it has streets that are paved in gold. Many mansions lining the roads and in each one there are treasure that are a wonder to behold. There is no hunger, sickness or death, life everlasting and there you can find rest, for all eternity you will be My guest.  Now I will answer your second question, my son, my son; I Am, who I Am! I came to earth a long time ago prepare The Way for all my children to come home. This is some that you should know, for it was written for all a long time ago and I am always with you in your times of needs you are never ever all alone. Last but not the least you ask me why; my son, my son it not your time. 
Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open, and until you love Me, it will never be. Now go back and remember what you seen and what you have heard, because time grows short. Spread My words that My kingdom draws near, repent, repent and stop causing Me tears.
I suddenly opened my eyes and I was home in my bed and I start to cry. Never have I felt such joy and peace deep within. I went down on my knees and I ask the Lord Jesus to please come in and would you please forgive me of all of my sins, please live inside of me until the end. I sow the seeds and when the harvest comes you will know where it can from. Keep this in mind cause when it is time He will separate wheat from the weeds and set all of His children free.
(Warning, Warning)
The time is now, and do it before it to late! 
Time is on no one side.
Everyone want to go to heaven but no one want to die.
You do not have to worry if you have Jesus inside.
He there for the asking want you try
Do you want Him? He want you, it about free will and you must choose.
The Gift is free, Heaven are hell which will it be?
I hope that I have sowed a seed and it will grow, but it will only grow if you truly believe and have faith deep within your heart and soul.
Time waits for no one!
Faith is something sight unseen will you not set your spirit free? Is it so hard for you to believe that Jesus is the answer and all you need? The door is open want you please come in? Don’t you think it time to find that Kingdom that is way up high filled with riches up in the sky?

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Heart to Heart

Mother, I feel the weight the spinning world. I feel each parental nudge, as a rock, in the cairn of my life, the weight coats my fragile fleeing thoughts, dulling. The spinning child teeters to adult whirlwind, still, sloughing stale nudges. Worlds appear and disappear within the turmoil of my roiling mind feel each parental nudge declined, as a rock standing firm against a gale of fright in the cairn** of my life, I will reign. Son, I know I ask too much, am too much, give too much, hold me. I know, you know, I too spin, and teeter in the winter of my years. I ask only that you see my love, in the absences, as we grow. Too much of mewling mother has melded with you, I weep. Am too much, and in being so, feel never enough. Give too much of my own fear, though unintended, it bleeds. Hold me close as my time is ending, and the rocks of my reign fall.
* This is my original form called Et Cetera a subcategory of Free Verse **cairn is a pile of rocks made to blaze a trail

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A Real Father

Any guy can have a child
But it takes a real man to be a father
Any guy can get annoyed
But a real man don't get bothered
Any guy can give money for his kids
But a real man is there for them
Any guy can work all the time
But a real man is takes care of her or him
Any guy can justify his position
But a real man proves his spot
Any guy can get upset with kids
But a real man never gets hot
Any guy can talk whatever
But a real man goes with the transaction
Any guy can buy stuff for their kids
But a real man's love is out of action
So many guys nowadays fall
But real men step up to the call

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Serpent of Corruption

Worthy of love, unbreakable togetherness, and lasting compassion would have been instilled
strongly in the vessel of thirsting heart and unstable mind of a child.

But, why soup of hatred, a platter of pale love and a bowl of spoiled unloving thoughts
are laid in the niche of the child’s sprouting character?

Family ties were untied by a father who neglected his pure actions and encouraging words
and translated into unspoken greediness and unnoticed carelessness of expressed thoughts
that form the growing character of his son.

The family bonding is disbanded by a mother who works in the scope of her comfort where
eyes and mouth are only the weapons of her love and care for her curious daughter and for
her wandering son.

A father who offers a well of gold and silver, a mother who clothes sparkling dress of
worldly wealth to her offspring!

Their children have worn ever the brightest smile but not for a while,
The pleasures of their tongue were satisfied but not their hearts.

Corruption begins at home.
It creeps to the nerves of the heart of your son.
It envelops the innocent soul of your daughter.

For every dishonest  word that is pronounced by the indifferent father,
For every unchecked actions that mother has imposed,
Are a sure lifetime shaper to the values and character of the children.

Family brings serpents of corruption in every corner of the home.
It blows very hard like a destructive wind of the storm.
It is like a starving lion that preys on the flesh of good virtues and leaves nothing but
dead soul!

Father, Mother, May I appeal to your deepest conscience and understanding!
May you be vigilant and be watchful of your actions and your ways of life!
Your most beloved children are at stake in the breaking and making of their character!

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Reflections of Royalty

Time changes all things 
Subtracts and adds to life 
The most one can see is 
Five generations  at a time. 
Strange how history fades 
with each passing day. 
Memories become
 harder to hold onto. 
We forget who begot who 
Royalty and purple cloaks 
Is there a prince in me? 
Is that a king I see? 
Reflecting on what I used to be.

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Tear in My Heart

My mother never knew what to do with me.
I was an obligation that needed to be. 
But I wanted her to love me.
Simply… love… me.
I would do anything to please her.
Wanting her to be proud, I worked hard at everything I did.
But she viewed me as her competition, not wanting to be out done.
Needless to say our relationship wasn’t what I wanted it to be.
I dreamed to have a family of my own to simply… love… me. 
I had a daughter who didn’t live. 
And my mom said someone like me shouldn’t have kids.
Though she didn’t know about my epilepsy and other problems with my health.
Then my life fell apart with hard times everywhere.
I didn’t show it but hidden…my health wasn’t all that good.
My husband’s diabetes affected his mind. And epilepsy was working on mine.
I ignored that fact. I worked hard as my epilepsy kept tearing every thing apart.
Finally with a hard earned job… Fourteen years later I had a son. 
The son I’d always wanted to have.
I was so very proud but was attacked by both health and son, at every turn.
He was wilder than most creating problems everywhere.
He blamed me for everything and everywhere something went wrong.
My health did it again at work as my relationship continued to crumble with my son.
He hated a mother who had to work, had epilepsy, and just wasn’t there for him. 
I was slowly dying when he was 12 and I was 52, when finally I was saved.
That night… I met God and he said I had more to be done along the way.
I came back and did every thing I could to help my wayward and unruly son.
But way before I helped him go to college… I knew I had lost my son.
But his best friend needed a mom so I was there for him.
It seems so strange to tell, but as my son moved out… His best friend simply moved in.
And it’s even stranger to tell that… 
The son who will occasionally smile at me, is someone else’s son.
He’s my heart-adopted son and has brought my first son closer again.
Jesus was always here and… the tear in my heart is gone.

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What is logical, in this world of chaos, violence 
Nonsense. Nothing seems to clean this dirt 
Stains I cannot rinse. 
Social wounds take their toll 
Attacking every angle, there is no dependable defense. 
Only duck and dodge, never stand still. 
With media, the law, and terrorist threats 

Stayin' alive is pretty intense. 

And keeping open eyes, when constant 
brainwashing attempts until convinced 
We need to realize,
 these lies they sell make no sense. 
Then we may try to live free then die, without their interference.

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The Son of Love's Union

The Son of Love’s Union Two hearts swelled to twice their size the day that you were born As we counted, very gently, ten fingers and ten toes then your daddy sweetly touched your little turned up nose Two hearts fell in love with our new squirming bundle of joy Wrinkled pink skin did not deter our feelings within As tiny hands grasping our fingers gave our world a spin Two hearts, joined in love, now have two children between As father, mother, sister and brother round out the score Only death could break the bond with these children we adore
By: Debra Squyres for the “Gerber Baby” members contest. Note: This poem was written from a photo of my husband and I after our son was born. I’m in the hospital bed holding him; his blanket is unwrapped so we can see all of him. I remember us counting his tiny fingers and toes and my husband being so choked up with love and pride, he reached down and simply touched his little nose. This was our first son, second child. Sadly, death did break the physical bond, but not the bond of love of Son for father. Deeply cherished photo.

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I Got Next

I came from projection I came from hood
The difference being in hood ten year ago and now
Kids and women used to matter, knowing the struggle
I Got Next
This may not matter to you but when you witness children left outside
With nothing to eat with a ball next to a bench
You tell me what is cold and man I thought my mom was cold?
I Got Next
Were talking about role models for this generation 
Time after time I tell people I’m not the guy
But growing up I could not tell you how a role model was supposed to interact 
I Got Next
In till the state gave me a One on One and 
She looked at me and told me you are going be a bachelor one day
Yeah, whatever but oh my god she was so beautiful with a college degree!!!
I Got Next
Don’t get it wrong I was not a bad kid put the environment and 
Crime was terrible and key word was an index of “8” “The City That I'm From” But
We strive for perfection and my name is not even important but these kids’ are
I Got Next
The scares of my chest from arm to arm you would think it was tattoos,
So I been told!!!
Tiger stripes is what they call them and I’m not a people person But 
I Got Next
If my story could help someone else story fine 
But I’m not the guy or even trying to be anyone role model
Just some time in this community its push on me to be the guy I was put 
In newspaper at three and half for preschool when it first open no pressure though!!!
I just had goals dreams and aspiration is that so wrong for a child!!!!
I Got Next
I know people that goes to prison and think that is where they should be?
But I’m going to mention for the incarnation things have chance drastically
And some kids don’t respect anything but who is to blame?
But starting today I take the blame!!!
I Got Next
And the phone never stops ringing!!!
I Got Next 
Went and check the mail today got another credit card offer as usually 
But this time It was” THE” Black Card Visa 
Thinking to myself I’m never going have no money to join why offer?
But I do have great credit if I may add!!!
I’m going keep this Brochure or as I call it Bro Sure and 
I’m Sure one day what some us did for our community they will say
I Got Next!!!!

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Almost, Christmastime

	Almost, Christmastime

I am unwrapping my gift.

Unwrapping [his love] he left in a Christmas stocking with

My name (Ayesha) on it.

Seeing my baby boy for the first time.

I love just hearing my newborn son cry, scream and I love his baby babble.

He is adorable.

As a new mom I get excited I finally have my 1st baby.

Believe me I have goosebumps as I write this poem.

Days after he is born I decide to get 20 Birth Announcements made and to
send them to family and to all my girlfriends.

I sit up in the bed in my private hospital room and I look into my baby boy’s eyes.

I adore his dark cocoa skin that resembles my own and his papa’s.

I vow I will teach him to love himself so he can love the way God made him.

As I look at my newborn son’s face I see a tiny miracle.

He is mine.

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I was over forty-four years, already old,
when I boarded the Titanic to sail to 
New York.  My grandson was ill.  I
needed to be with him.   My daughter Helen,
had been traveling with me but was staying on 
and I would be going home alone.
“Mrs. Margaret Brown,” I signed in
and was ushered to my cabin,
as luxurious as my own home.
This would be a trip to remember.

Four days later.....
I had been dining at the Captain’s table
as he entertained us with
adventure stories of the sea.
He excused himself early to attend
to duties.
My dining companions and I sat for a while,
conversing about sundry things, before
leaving one by one, or two by two,
to retire to our own quarters.
It was nearing midnight when the jarring crash
occurred.  Instant blackness ensued.
Glad that I was still dressed, I 
grabbed my coat to grope my way to the deck. 
People were crowding, frantic
to reach the too few lifeboats. 
Men were bravely shouting, 
“Women and children first” as 
wives clung to their husbands.
The men prevailed and the lifeboats were
filled up with wailing women and children.
Someone shoved and pushed me into
a lifeboat just as it was pulling away.
Knowing that if the massive ship began to sink,
we would be pulled down with it,
I took up an oar and began to row.

Most of the occupants of the boat
had left loved ones on the sinking ship
and were unaware of their fate.
I appointed myself as guide
and counselor to these frightened
After being rescued by the Carpathia,
I found my services to be sorely
needed and offered any help
I could give to the distraught survivors.

Later on in life I was lauded for my 
actions during this disaster.  I accepted 
as humbly as I could, while knowing
that the true heroes were those brave men
and women who had perished in order 
to protect others. 

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My SLAM 2 Me (How PD's should have been, but PD's too weak)

BILLYtheKidster, BILLYtheCryBaby, BILLY, the pathetic loser that is he.
So you lost your oldest son to someone driving while drunk
and now you sit around appearing so sad, just to attract attention from everyone.
Pretending to still be in mourning the loss of your son 
you've managed to seduce many women.
To think this young man once called you DaD. You Do Not Deserve Such A Son!
and your other son, the surviving one?
theKidster drove his son into the incurable mental disorder known as schizophrenia everyone.
This child's suffering never ends
What does theKidster do? theKidster abandons.
theKidster puts his so called loved son into an institution
and now never pays a single so called DaD Moment with him.
theKidster has driven his son possibly into permanent vegetation.
The child is now an adult. Not once has Kidster visited him.
You drove him to this and then you abandon him.
You're the lowest of the lowest Kidster. You're beneath being humane,
and Kidster, what about all of those great women who tried to help you?
How did you show towards them your attitude?
More times than none you were ungrateful and rude
So many women loved you and you let them all down.
You are a true SKUmkBAG Cleator. You take the crown.
These women are now dead that you claimed to love,
but you never loved any of them, with you it was always lust never love.
All they ever wanted was to make you happy and you smacked them in their face.
You deserve to go to hell Kidster. You're a human disgrace.
Your so called best Friend Sonny killed himself. Suicide wasn't it?
You pretended to mourn, but you really didn't give two bits.
If you truly had given a true thought to your so called best friend
you would have taken the time to speak with him and find out what was troubling him,
but no, like all the others you too abandoned him.
You left Sonny feeling as if he truly had no one, so his life he did end,
and you claim still to this day that Sonny's your long missed friend.
You are the lowest of hypocrites Kidster and like all true hypocrites, 
I know how your life will end.
All bets are open everyone, 
I'm giving great odds on this one
I'm betting that when the Kidster, alone, miserable comes to see what he has truly done
theKidster will one night blow his own brains out, with his own finger triggering the gun.
and then all of our dealings with the Kidster will all be done.
God Riddance BILLYtheKidster. Rest In Eternal Torment! C'mon, Join Me Everyone!

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Like the first dawning 
dew drops
Like the fresh scents
of morning
Like cut grasses in
spring time
Like a flower 
in new bloom

Your beauty enfolds me
Engulfs and abounds me
Completely unveils me
Makes my heart cry for more

Like the depths of your
Like the gushing of 
geisha's     (hot springs)
Like the turn of the
Trickling streams 
down the mountains
Like the mists upon 
Gently rise 
Gently fall
Guess not often
I tell you
Just how much 
you mean to me
That my life 
would be worthless
Without you to adore
Yes, I'm saying
I love you
And I hope you
are listening
For it seems like 
a lifetime
To speak out
surface and soar
Like the eagle 
flies on wing
Like the clouds
In the Heavens
Like trees
rustle above
My life trembles
with passion
Let me show
my adoration
My courtship and 
My sweetest amore

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White Helium Balloon

white helium balloon
not quite taut
from summer heat and long ride
in the rental car

let fly
by a son
to picture a father
going to a better place

crowd of friends, family
circle round
watch the orb
rise ? just slightly

then hover
just overhead
string dangling forlornly
barely out of towhead's grasp

sad eyes turn to adults
unspoken comes the question, "Why?"
"Never one to leave a party early"
nods a bearded desert-rat

slowly the drooping symbol
wafts past onlookers
barely skimming yard, garden
comes to stop over newly-mown alfalfa field

Gravity persists
drops it slowly
string entwines 
among the green stubble

a calloused hand finds 
young boy's shoulder,
shaking, as tears fill 
saddened brown eyes

"Heaven's whereever he most loved to be, son.
That'd be right here. His flight was short."

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Our Eyes

Our eyes   (written in the style of spoken word)

My child hood is slipping away from me 
my memories fading in light of new.
Parts of me still lost in loam
searching for your face in fading grey.
     All I have left of you is me.

All I have left of your words
are imprinted in my soul 
so that when despair at our seperation
becomes to great
I can hold, caress, and run them through my mind
like the silk of the blanket you wrapped me in
and put around my shoulders 
to look in the water
and find your eyes
and see you
in mine

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free cee

                                            NEVER LEFT ASUNDER
Did you ever notice that the letters in the word “love” are sequestered inside the word “evolve”?
Because to me that is what love appropriately does
It evolves
It revolves
It solves
And after sixty-plus years together love does, 
in many ways, 
change its ways of wonderment
and is often altered on a course to sheer contentment
for that is the result of the continuation of a consecrated commitment
an abiding faith that the other’s faith rests upon the other’s shoulder
as they grow ever so much older
remembering a time of working hard together to get through the hard times together
that old fishing boat she hated so that became battered and eventually succumbed to the weather
while all the while smiling because each year seemed a bit brighter than the last
and all the joyful events that are now part of a bejeweled and fulfilling past
a past reflected in each partner’s eyes which gaze upon a tribute to dedication
a coupling worthy of adulation
he being content to make her content proves the content of their cohabitation
a union rich with rewards that come in the mail bearing pictures of their first great grandson born
a baby with beauty by an angel at birth besworn………………………
so there they sit sharing a couch and swapping a calliope of memories
he talks of fishing and she of a cool Autumn breeze
as each agrees
sixty-plus years weaves two souls together as tightly as any weaver ever wove a sweater
and for some fated reason the last decade seems somehow, in retrospect, better
well……. not so much better as just plain more comfortable
no surprises, no red flags, and no warnings to heed
just a mutual and spiritual type of need
the need to talk away a partners tears
while knowing that his partner truly hears
and dries her eyes compliantly
to face yet another hardship defiantly
ever eager with a gentle finger to wipe away the wet that it might no longer linger
because these are two who vowed with strength that forever, to them, actually meant forever
through the trials…….. through the riches ……….and through the smiles
but most notably through all the determination together to damn away their fears
Yes……….it seems to me that love evolves ever so softly after sixty-plus years
       © 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE..~free cee!~

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Set You Free

Set you free I'm on the outside looking in i hear your words, as they're sinking in my head's filled up with your promises but what remains is so much less I'm on the inside looking out i see the signs as they're singled out redflags pop up and the end is near i might be blond, but not dumb my dear SO if you wanna go out and see pretend we're not exclusively I give you my blessing darlin for you no longer are with me I set you free, i let you be I set you free I'm on the edge of no return u take my hand but i feel it burn it's like the devil's keeping score while angels speak & I cant ignore Intuition is something I've learned to trust upon as to not get burned Surgesting hell, I know it's sad the devil's own is someone i had So if you wanna go out and play seduce and excuse your ways into the world of rock n roll where lust rules, love's on hold I'll set you free, i let you be I see you free Oh if you wanna go out and see pretend we're not exclusively I give you my blessing baby for you no longer are with me I set you free, i let you be I set you free, I set you free I set you FREE!

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(Dedicated to Oluyemisi Janet Akinwande)
God empowered you mother to be a channel
Through which I found my way from heaven to earth
What a great privilege to come to the world through you
What a great privilege to come through your world oh mother,
I’m most grateful
You passionately took care of me from cradle unto maturity
Your love for me as an adult gave me
Hindsight to your immeasurable
And unconditional care for me as a child
I’m most grateful
Even after the call of father to the place of rest
You did everything decently possible,
leaving the state of convenience for the city of hardship for me to have a paradise of life
Many sleepless nights, laboring to make me a responsible figure in the society
I’m highly grateful
I declare with a loud voice and humble heart, by the anointing upon my life
Your world shall be established as long as Christ tarries
You shall be a great example of honor of motherhood
You will live to see the fruitfulness of your fruits in wealth and good health
Your heart shall be made glad and joyous
Women shall call you blessed and young ladies shall come to learn from you
Foreigners shall say of you, what a blessed mother
Dear Mother

© 2007

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The Game Master

The Game Master

Here is the tale of the great game master
No Matter what game there can be no disaster
We all consider this boy such a whiz
At games he is more of a bang than a fizz

In comparison to the others we know
At computer games he just is not slow
He is super fast can clear any screen
In a very few seconds just like a dream

Gameboy playstation or computer game
The outcome will always be just the same
Finds hidden levels, loves killing bosses
He’s just never known to have any losses

Although he is only eight years old
He faces games and is so bold
Each level comes and goes with ease
He leaves other players down on their knees

He is just so good I will repeat
No game I know can he not beat
The only way to lose is if the game is stolen
The game master name our grandson Kieran Nolan

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With angels' kisses
   dear little one hushed now to sleep.
With angels' breath 
    fanning your pearly cheeks.
Between unharmed breaths
    a trace of angels' smile on your cherry lips.

Tell the story, sweet one
    of the dream you're dreaming now.
Stories of angels that only you can tell.
    Angelic mystery foretell.

Little babe, tucked now to bed.
A blissful slumber
    with angels together
       the heavens smile they all remember.
I'm sure you're slipping into some place
    adorned by the heavens.
Songs of whispers and lullabies - 
    your quietude; the heaven's melody.
Fluffy pillows and soft blankets -
    encircling your softness;
        comforting your presence.

Little tucker, those tiny ticklish feet
Will they take me with your angels' fleet
To some place you keep?
As I too now fall asleep.

(A mother's special tribute for the Little Ones whom I had lovingly nestled in my 
bosom and nourished to sleep. And, in special memory of my son Bryce who 
should be turning two today. I wish you were blowing your candles and toying 
the colorful balloons. The baby giggles are surely missed at home. Our short-
lived memory of you is only a heartbeat away. Fateful day : close to midnight of 
Nov. 29, 2011)

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I Stand Before a Piece of Stone

You took your life and left mine behind
It was before God's own time
I stand before a piece of stone

Etched in memory is your name
Feeling numb, how long will this remain?
I stand before a piece of stone

I see others that have come and gone
The flowers galore represent their song
I stand before a piece of stone

You traded your life to go to heaven
If I had known your pain was so laden ~
Mom now stands before a piece of stone

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

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Three Ghosts on Hallow's Eve

I was visited by three ghosts
Each night until All Saints Day

Unlike Scrooge
I asked for the ghosts to visit
the ghosts were known to me
in life

The veil is thin
on Halloween or the Eve of the Hallow (Holy)

The first ghost was that of a young man and son
He was lost to my world when he was only 24
died in a car crash 

His ghost visited  the day before Hallow Eve
read me a confessional letter that he will prove his love to me
I did not know him because he as been dead for 13 years
But he said that he died on the 24th and his funeral was on the 31

The second ghost was that of an old women and friend
I remember her because she died less than two months
She made an appearance on Halloween

She was having trouble adjusting to death
naked and disoriented
She was looking for her clothes and jewelry
I told her that we thought that she was dead
and that she will take on new clothing

The third ghost was that of a father figure
he played one of his favorite singers who is also dead
Frank Sinatra

“The summer wind came blow-in' in
like painted kites, those days and nights.
From across the sea they went fly-in' by

The Autumn winds and the winter winds,
they come and gone. And still the days, those lone-ly days.
They go on and on”

I was listening to New Age music at work on All Saints Day
but some how I heard the song in the background for 15 minutes

Unlike Scrooge
I asked for the ghosts to visit
the ghosts were known to me
in life

They are not ghosts to me
because I miss and love them but 
“they go on and on”

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The Legacy

When you have a child,
it is a responsibility like no other
a responsibility that consumes your soul
if you take it by the horns and run,

By that I mean this,
look at the times, trends, life
and you begin to teach
and they begin to learn,

You teach them of love, respect,
not to lie, cheat or steal
you teach them the value of friends
you teach them responsibility,

You teach them to learn
the value of education, further education
you teach them the value of a dollar
you teach them how to be independent,

I have had the pleasure to raise 5
5 independent children, educated
respectful, trustworthy, loving
they have many friends

they are successful, have families, mostly
I love them all, with all my heart
though I must say my raising style has changed
And I must beg the oldest 4, their forgiveness

The last to raise is not my Legacy
he is a Legacy, to his Step Mother and me,
he has all the aforementioned, plus vision
at 15 he has GPS for his future

I play 12 Musical instruments, he plays 11
His Brother and I write, he writes,
He excels at all he does
I was not as hard on him,

Josh, you are not my Legacy

You are a Legacy, Created by God, Serving God
Truly a Son of God,
But you are still my Son and I am very Proud of you,

Staff Sergeant Joshua Pickett JROTC, 

To all my Children, I love you all equally,
I just wish I raised you all equally, you all deserved it!

Love .....Dad

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The youths of our nation
Is like a "Fossil" floating on the sea of humanity
Nothing more than "a Vestigial Remnant"
A generation destined to disappear
So let us reclaim our disconnected youths
They are the future and they're our fruits

©Copyright December 27, 2009 by Brian Pierre-Alexander 
© All Rights Reserved

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Interview on pleasure

What's your pleasure?
Happiness all around my pleasure

Why this?
Gives everlasting pleasure

Is this just a fake?
No, everybody love this

What you do to gain this?
Try to find sorrows, then try to overcome

If you see a beggar, then how will you help him?
Give him some work to earn living

If you meet a father left away from home by son then?
I will show, let the son understand the importance of father

If you meet a child doing labour then?
I will listen to him and then put him in school

Define: Pleasure
Pleasure is something which
             lights the heart,            
             removes pain,
             overcome stress
             & spread love.

Now give me pleasure......
Report the media correctly


                             Vrushani Thaker


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Valentine's Day

A Valentine's Day dedication for those who have lost a loved one.

I know you're watching from far away.
So I'll find the strength to kneel and pray,
and send you our love this Valentine's Day.
God gives me the power to understand,
that we can no longer hold your hand.
The sands of time pass graciously,
until we meet for eternity.
My unconditional emotion has no end.
Like the flowers in the spring and your spirit in the wind.
My hands are empty without you to hold.
My soul cries out alone in the cold.
My tears still fall and I wipe them away.
God gave me the strength to kneel and pray,
and send you our love this Valentine's Day.

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Time Passes

I will hang on, not let time escape
I just do not have the strength of will
Yet seasons vary, it feels unreal
Time passes as the moon changes shape
I found your toys and the old red cape
The love is still there, no hands to hold
I wanted to see you growing old
Time passes as the moon changes shape
People just do not understand me
My time does not pass as the moon changes shape

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

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My Son

To my son I did not birth, For the world no papers are worth, My heart that beats beneath this chest, Is dormant a vessel with much repress, These feelings inside are only for you, No other can have them no not from you, My life has been made with complicated reins, Yet once we met I'd happen to discover, Our ages made no difference for me as your mother, I've no need for my own by some man's seed, In this lifetime your who I need, I'll never give you up, I'll never let you go, When your world feels like its crashing, Just calm down, My arms are right here, My love in you strong, I'll hold onto you my sweet baby boy, I feel complete with you near, I hope one day you'll love me the same, Sweet child of another I'm grateful she bore, My heart would seem empty if not for you, I smile without reason, Your the cause to my loves change of each season, We run through trials like bumps in the road, Several hurt an some don't matter at all, I'll always forgive you, I'll always love you, For you are my son that shines through the fog to me everyday.

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Leader of The Pack

Wake up sleepy head is all that’s left to say. Get up I say!
But of course it didn’t help… This was sleeping at it’s best!
The bus was due for school soon, and still in bed he slept.
So out came my hidden weapons, that are better than water splashed.
I crept quietly up beside him… and here is what I said…

If you don’t get up I’ll release our monstrous, fearless, great cat.
He’ll jump and walk all over you… before sitting on your head.
Then I’ll bring in our loud 66 lb lab to lick you everywhere to death.
Then I’ll bring in our 86lb lab that’ll jump up to join you there, instead.
Don’t be surprised if he stretches out taking up most of the bed.
He’s really good at pushing with those really good, strong legs so…
It won’t be long before there’s nowhere left but on the floor to sleep.
And now let me introduce our 55lb forceful, herding cattle dog.
If he can’t get you up and going… believe me it can’t be done...
He’ll nip at you gracefully while never leaving a single bite.
He’s hungry and wants breakfast leftovers before it turns twilight.
And me I’ve reset the alarm. There’s no more music left to play.
Every five minutes the buzzer will be there just for you, I say.

Now I’m going away and you’ll notice the smells of bacon, toast, and eggs.
And if the dogs are in the kitchen first… it’s cold cereal for you this day.
And once they get a taste for leaving you far behind…
You will have forfeited your place at the table I know they’ll think you kind.
And when the animals are gone from your bed…
Who will protect you while you sleep?
Remember there’s an 8000 lb dinosaur living in the living room, that I keep…
And I know for a fact that he’ll come in and drool all over you…
He’s the problem we all run from…we walk around him every day. 
And I named him Mr. Report Card… for all the damage he can play.
Without him there’ll be no Xbox, Play Station, or fancy fishing trips.
So get up my sleepy young man… The world is waiting for you today.

These are my secret weapons and they work every time…
We haven’t missed the bus you see… in a very, very long time. 

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FREE CEE live to evolve

                           LIVE TO EVOLVE
Have you ever noticed that the  letters in the word love are sequestered inside the word “evolve?
Because to me that is what love appropriately does
It evolves
It revolves
It solves
And after sixty-plus years together love does, 
in many ways, 
change its ways of wonderment
and is often altered on a course to sheer contentment
for that is the result of the continuation of a consecrated commitment
an abiding faith that the others faith rests upon the others shoulder
as they grow ever so much older
remembering a time of working hard together to get through the hard times together
that old fishing boat she hated so that became battered and eventually succumbed to the weather
while all the while smiling because each year seemed a bit brighter than the last
and all the joyful events that are now part of a bejeweled and fulfilling past
a past reflected in each partner's eyes which gaze upon a tribute to dedication
a coupling worthy of adulation
he being content to make her content proves the content of their cohabitation
a union rich with rewards that come in the mail bearing pictures of their first great grandson born
a baby with beauty by an angel at birth besworn
so there they sit sharing a couch and swapping a calliope of memories
he talks of fishing and she of a cool Autumn breeze
as each agrees
sixty-plus years weaves two souls together as tightly as any weaver ever wove a sweater
and for some fated reason the last decade seems somehow, in retrospect, better
well not so much better as just plain more comfortable
no surprises, no red flags, and no warnings to heed
just a mutual and spiritual type of need
the need to talk away a partners tears
while knowing that his partner truly hears
and dries her eyes compliantly
to face yet another hardship defiantly
ever eager with a gentle finger to wipe away the wet that it might no longer linger
because these are two who vowed with strength that forever, to them, actually meant forever
traversing together mile after mil
through the trials.. through the riches and through each smile
but most notably through all the determination together to damn away their fears
it seems to me that love evolves ever so softly after sixty-plus years
       © 2012....copyright PHREECEE..~free cee!~

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Letter to My Son

Letter to My Son
My son, my son, You broke my heart And split my soul When you abruptly went away.
While I never had the chance to say goodbye, I knew it was not your wish to leave like that. But it was a cold cruel hand That delivered that awful lethal blow.
But God in his great wisdom and mercy Has comforted me in my sorrow, And I still miss your words that echo in my heart, “Mom, please don’t worry, I love you so.”
Even though it’s time to say a final goodbye, I’ll never forget the pain of losing you, my child. You are in my prayers daily. ¡Adiós, mi hijo!

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Then Cronus, son of Heaven and Earth
    accepted steel    and cut the twain
Dead Earth descended low in sterile regions
    of the sundr'd Soul
And a cry went up from mortal'd man -
    "Great one    what hast thou done to us?"
A part of time is cut in twain
    repeating o'er and o'er the strain
And A begat him B    and B begat him C,
    and on    and on
The boredom of the turning ball    the reaching out
    the anguish'd call -
"Great Cronus    Son of Heav'n and Earth
    why hast thou done this thing to us?"l

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My old Gran

When you hit life’s low
in deep confusion
of which it seemed no end,
I recall you thanking God
for one’s family also I
your grandson a very good friend.
Whilst your body racked with pain
torment you could not hide
an instance of loving charms,
when from your heart
a welcome sincere
within ever open arms.

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A Child's Training

(Prov. 22: 6 /  Heb. 5: 14  /  Deut. 6: 6-9  /  2 Tim. 3: 13-15, 16  /  Matt. 19: 13, 14)

(Part One of Two)

If A Child Wants To Eat Candy
All Day Long …
When You Tell Them ‘No!’ - -
Is It Wrong?

If A Child Wants To Stay Up On School Nights
And Not Go To Bed …
Will You Leave The Matter At That
And Do What They Said?

If A Child Wants To Run The Streets
At All Hours of  The Night …
Would You Allow It
And Say ‘It’s Alright’?

If A Child Fell Into Hanging Out
With The Wrong Crowd …
Would You Do Nothing
Thereby Showing It’s Allowed?

If A Child Gets Some Silly Notion
And Is Being Misled …
Will You Not Try To Talk
Some Sense Into Their Head?

And When Your Child Makes A Mistake
(‘Cause All Of Us Make Life’s Errors)
Are You Going To Be Loving & Forgiving
Or Come Off Like Some Holy-Terror?

If You See That Your Child’s Life
Is In Imminent Danger …
Would You Leave His Soul’s Wellbeing
To Some Ulterior-Motive Stranger?

All Children Need Education
That’s Why We Send Them To School
But Isn’t Home Training
The Best Place For Understanding Life’s Rules?

Before Your Child Gets Polio or Smallpox
Or Some Other Life Threatening Situation
Would You Not Seek Out Preventative
Medicine or Cures Thru Vaccinations?

If A Child Just Wants To Play
And Not Do Chores or Homework …
Would You Not Try To Find Out
Why A Lazy Streak Is Starting To Lurk?

If Your Child Is Depressed
Unmanageable or Confused …
Would You Not Put Extreme Effort
Into Finding Just What You Could Do?

If A Child Needs To Be Shown Love
and We Withhold Our Kisses & Hugs
Are We Guilty When They Grow Up
Into ‘Crypts & Bloods’?

If Your Child Doesn’t Want To Talk
and Retreat In Hiding From The World
Wouldn’t You Do Everything In Your Power
To Help Your Precious Boy or Baby-Girl?

If Your Child Has Low Self Esteem
Or Shows A Lack of Character …
Wouldn’t You Want To Be
Their Value & Virtue  Narrator?

If Your Child Just Really Needs
Someone To Listen & To Talk To …
Would You Not Prefer
that That Someone Be You?

I Once Knew A Police Officer
Who Had Said of His Beat …
A Child Can Get Discipline At Home
Or They’ll Get Their Beatings In The Streets

And The Same Can Be Said
Of A Young Child’s Impressionable Mind
It Needs To Be Nurtured At Home
Or It Will Eat Every Junk & Stuff They Find

(Part One of Two)

                      Written & © :  7/16/2013

                       By:  The MoonBee

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Puff The Magic Dragon

Once upon a time there were the golden years…
Where Miracles and Fairy Tales in my family did appear.
When my son was very small, magic always wandered all around.
Summers we went to visit Grandpa where wonderful boats did abound.
Grandpa kept them on a lift, down at the great boat dock there.
Food was always waiting nearby to feed the little fish.
We always told my wee son that the big fish down below…
Were the Mama’s and the Papa’s waiting to protect their brood above.
And when we visited, we always cruised in the boats, by a little cave…
We told my wee one; Puff the Magic dragon lived and dwelled there every day.
And not only did he live there but he also visited at our dock…
For no one else but him had the ability, to lift the great big boats up.

Of course, we knew it was the lift that did all the lifting work.
And it was all air powered, and when full bubbled air from underneath.
But the wee one didn’t know that and the fairy tale lived on…
So we would have him call for Puff the Magic Dragon, His pal from faraway, 
Whenever someone’s’ boat needed lifting, up at the dock each day.
He lived in this fairy tale and called Puff his very own true friend.
For Puff would blow the bubbles at his request to fill the lifting box.
And one wee little boy giggled at Puff’s great work, every time.
My dream for my happy family lasted a long, long time…

Now Peter, Paul, and Mary wrote the song that brought Puff to life.
I sang the song Puff The Magic Dragon to him in the bathtub every night.
I wish to thank them profusely, for the happiness it brought into our lives… 
Thank you, again, for bringing a song and a fairy tale into my family… 
And especially to my one little guy. 

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Truth is Decieving

I, I made a big mistake of letting you go,
Yeah I know.
Your so much happier now.
When your laughing,
I am crying cause 
I have to think of you
Kissing her and hugging her 
And just being next to her, 
Holding her.
I wish I was there 
Holding you and kissing you.
But I guess I was so dumb I let you go,
I know,
That I broke you into a thousand pieces.
And I know I was dumb enough to let you go.
I through your stuff on the floor.
I remember the days so clearly,
And then I knew that I lost you,
Cause I had a ridiculous fit over something 
so, so stupid.
I should've of known that you didn't cheat,
but I was too stupid.
I thought you did 
I thought you were cheating when you weren't
when you weren't,
when you weren't.
I was dumb, I was stupid
I know

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I Hear A Symphonie { Vignette}

reconised as one of the greatest harpsichordist 
his sonates for flute and harpsichord remain
an attractive part of chamber music repertoire
with six string symphonies he had written for
baron von swieten and arbiter elegentium in vienna
music by cpe bach is often listed with a reference number
from the catalogue of his works by wotquenne {wq}

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel

Can find his works at
Classics online .com

Entry For Brian Strand's FanFare Contest

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When is he going to understand 
that life is harder than what our eyes can see.
Its work, its pain, its suffering,
Its love, its time, its energy.

When will he know the struggles life brings

When will he feel the love that I feel
the pain that I feel
the anger I feel

When will he learn the responsibility of life.
Its not always easy to provide.
There are times when its much easier to give up.

When will he have children all his own
and learn to take care of them just as I did.
When will he hold me and say
I love you, thank you for all that you've done.

When will he know that it was all done for love.

When my heart beats no more and my body lies still
Will you still love me?
Will you still see me?
Will you wonder why
When you were little why I held your hand so you wouldn't cry.
Why I would kiss you and then smile.

Life is too short to ponder what, when, where and why.
So I leave you this message
So when you are older and wiser
You'll read whats in it
and maybe then you'll understand
just why I did it.

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Starting to get hair on his chin
No I cant belive it is true
Now my baby is hitting puberty too

Dang if it ain't my luck
Just last night he was playing with trucks
Now it is girls and rock music blaring
Him asking is it time to start shaving

No it has to be a bad dream
MY baby can't be almost a teen
My other one is over half grown
This one has to stay at home

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I Lay Down These Stones

I lay down these stones
And hope you will see
I do this for you
And what may one day be

That I am always there
And truly love you
Worrying about you
Is all that I do

These stones have meanings
This I did learn
When you turn one over
Progress is earned

One stone means faith
In what you can you do
Count on yourself
Make dreams come true

The next stone means hope
And all that I pray
Is the man you’ll become
With each passing day

Some stones cause pain
Since they show what you’ve done
Don’t run away
You’re never alone

But most of the stones
That I did lay
Are there for guidance
And light for the day

Light in the darkness
Is what I pray
I can give this to you
Don’t turn away

Accept what you’ve done
And change it from here
That’s how you grow
And then learn to care

To care about those
Who have been here for you
Waiting patiently
Is all that I do

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The Crib

My friend said her little darling pulled himself up in his crib.
I told her she's lucky for mine’s older and can crawl back in.
But mine doesn’t like being lonely and brings another friend.
Not in my house I say… as he tries to sneak her up the stairs.
Friends with benefits he called it… as I sent him away to school.
Perhaps there at College they’ll teach that missing golden rule.

My hubby’s favorite crib is in the living room, at night, you see…
He relaxes with a blanket while watching late nighttime TV.
He says you can’t go to bed too early, for that is only for the old.
So I wake him up at midnight and that seems just right, I’m told.
But don’t think I’m complaining… For I’m surely not…
I fall asleep on the couch next to him before my show is out.
And when I usher him up to bed… I usher me up, too.
After all we’re not old folks… We can stay up late like you…

My father came to visit and met me nap per nap…
Now that really began to worry me… For I’m not that old yet!
When he heard me say it… He told me, “He’s not old at all”…
So I got him a lazy boy recliner, and he watches TV late, so bold.
Now I usher my hubby, me, and my father up to bed, late every night.
We all seem perfectly content to ignore all the years that we’ve got.
Why at midnight you may ask? …My excuse is the nighttime shows.
For you see... we seem to wake up as off the air they go.

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Talk to your Grandparents

There's something important I would like to stress,
as a piece of advice, from the top of my head.
It might sound small now, but nevertheless,
one day when you've grown up, it will make sense;
Talk to your Grandparents.

Ask them a question, another and more.
Ask them what this world was like before.
Inquire of Life, Love and of marriage.
They've been there, they've lived it, and would love to share it.
They'll talk to you gladly, if you lend an ear.
They may make your day, and you'll make their year.
It will be like discovering the best long-lost friends,
if you talk to your Grandparents.

There's something important I would like to say;
Visit, or phone, do it now, and today.
I promise the greatest of disappointments,
is time passing by when you don't know it went.
So don't miss this chance, before it's been spent,
to talk to your Grandparents.

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Keep your Head held High

I see you walking through the halls at school
You used to look so put together
but now, not so much
I've heard rumors
and nasty words,
but I don't really pay attention
I only know you now have a baby boy
and I know you're proud of him
You are not ashamed.
For a while you weren't around
You had to be at home taking care of Baby
Your boyfriend is still loyal
So many these days aren't.
You're one of the lucky ones
Your parents didn't disown you
they may be disappointed
but they still love you.
You must be tired, staying up all night,
taking care of Baby.
It must be hard
dealing with the stares from your peers
I know I couldn't do it.
I'm not that strong.
You have to keep holding on
and make a good home for Baby
Maybe Baby will make you proud
and you won't regret this one day.
You're not the only one
You're one of millions
Don't listen to the harsh words.
Stay strong gorgeous,
Because everyone's just waiting
to see you fall apart.

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Sorry's not enough

There are no words powerful enough to say

The sorrow and regret she feels everyday

No excuse great enough to heal 

All the pain and shame she feels

She rises with memories at the break of day

On bended knee for them each night she prays

That wherever they may be today

That her love would comfort them in some way

On her mind and heart they will forever stay

Through her soul they were born

From her life they were torn


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Growing Up

He hadn’t been happy for a long, long time.
He blamed his frustrations on every one else.
He couldn’t wait to be on his own.
Life held him back, and this tore him apart.
He wanted to be free, but the time wasn’t right.
Now he smiles… His time is his own time.
Freedom made him happy to be his own man.
He now looks back to where he did hate,
But now it’s with memories that it wasn’t so bad.
To be sure… he has regrets for an action or two,
But all and all he’s happy with the view.
He’s seen the world now as his own man.
Now it’s time to wait and see what he will do.
There are plenty of opportunities in this vast land.
And try them all he will… so now I must say…
Goodbye little sweetheart… Hello worldly man.

Carol Eastman: Impress Me Small Poem 3: Motif Philosophical

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a spec on a screen

i attempt to take a breath as structure slips away,
two lips and a whisper changed a universe today,

patterns contort and minds tilt ajar,
my soul is dumbfounded in sight of this art,

head in the clouds, where home isn't far,
seems ages away, knee deep in the stars,

i know not, the language,
i can not define,
but i know that its coming,
it's growing, it's mine.

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I am 18 years old
I just found out that I spend most of my time sleeping, 
I am obsessed with it. 
I have lived for 9,460,800 minutes
Most of which I waste on sleep
Sleeping is my personal heroin,
It lets my arms as a pair of wings  to fly me  to paradise.
When I want to escape from reality,    
I shoot it up my veins.

One day, my mom was chatting with her friends, 
When they discussed my studies, 
I looked down at my shoes while their children smiled smugly.
Their smiles struck my wings like lighting
The path to my paradise began to disappear 
I thought I could use my broken wings to open their eyes 
so that they would see my true face
But this was just my imagination
I needed a hit so bad that I slept for 3 days
Feeling likes a puppet, no pain as my strings are pulled
My dream leads me into that sense again,
I looked at their lips and heard their words, proudly I say to her friends, “I am better than your child.”
When I awake, I feel my emotions flood back to me stronger than before

When I was in high school,
I worked so hard but I still couldn’t achieve a score to be proud of
When I see my father’s rough hands, I am shamed by my B Grade Paper.
Then I begin to think what I can do for him, 
I ask: “DAD! Can I go to get a part-time job?

“No, getting back to your studies!”

I prepared to take another shot of heroin
To help me pretend as if nothing happened
I used to think that sleeping would solve my ailments
    But I realized 
I realized that I am escaping
   Like boxers hide behind their gloves 
Like timid warriors escape from the battlefields

These years, I am search in for peace
But opiate feeling blinds my eyes 

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The Trial of the Brazen Boy

Inconsiderate Brazen Boy 
Who knows not what good to do
You forget your manners
Respectful to none but those with a gun
And thus having broken all the rules
Inconsiderate Brazen Boy 
Who in spite of a good mother’s love
Shows no kindness, sympathy, nor compassion
You follow not the Golden Rule she taught
But seek only ill-gotten crimes of passion
Inconsiderate Brazen Boy 
Thy callused heart strings untuned
What innocence is left with in your breast
What values have you for those that adored you
Having their hope replaced by your dope
Is this the life you envisioned
Inconsiderate Brazen Boy 
Your once good name now vulgar
Your pants hang low so your butt can show
And you believe it’s sexy
Inconsiderate Brazen Boy 
Death and violence amidst your comrades 
Will bring about your destruction 
Thy family of gang which kill, cheat, and steal
You lay still in a red pool of clay as they mock you
Inconsiderate Brazen Boy
Stand before thy creator
For your life for right you tossed for the left
Only now do you weep for the Savior

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"God(love) is All Things

Contest: Palindrome Poetry 
In Honor of: Jared Picket 
Example Thought #15

“God (love) is All Things”

God is love.
God is everything,
He is Love the source.
He is great, the mind cosmic,
Creator , the mighty counselor. 
One only begotten Son example.
All of life is love in action.
Action in love is life of all.
Example Son begotten, only one.
Counselor mighty, the creator,
Cosmic mind the great is He.
Source the love is He
Everything is God,
 Love is God,

Jared this poem is written in the frame of mind, that is of the notion, that God is all things 
both physical and paranormal. Ps. I don’t have means of centering  this poem, as I think it 
would look better.
Honorable Mention

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That's Where The Lord Lives

I walk outside to see all that I can see.
Over there is our house, our home,
In the distance, you can see.
And that place of hallowed happiness
Forever has been our home
And forever will be so evermore.
That house is small but raised us tall,
From the perfect parents who loved us so
To the perfect sister for which every man would want.
The house built us all up strong.
More than a mere building,
It is a place to love and be loved,
A place that hands you hope that you give right back, 
And a place of everlasting faith.
This home is where my parents taught me about God
And opened me up to Jesus.
They opened the eyes of the blind for all to see,
And the blind included me.
They taught me to be the best I can be;
The best things in life are free.
They have taught us so well,
And they all have saved my soul.
Even if I am not there now,
I carry Him with me.
I carry them with me.
I carry Their values and Their teachings with me.
In this house, this home,
We reside.
We cannot forget this.
This is where my Mother lives.
This is where my Father lives.
This is where my Sister lives.
This is where We live,
In this loving, caring, beautiful home
They made just for us.
We cannot forget this either.
This is where it all began. 
This is where the hunger and thirst was created;
This is where we are fulfilled.
We cannot, we must not forget this:
This is where God lives.
This is where Jesus lives.
This is where The Lord lives;
The Father and The Almighty.
This is where We live;
This is where We reside.
We must not forget this.
We must not forget this:
What a beautiful and perfect life this is.

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The Two of Us by the Sea

I look forward to a long weekend spent with my son.
Lets just hope the clouds show some sunshine.
So that we may take a trip in the car.
Run along the beach; actually no matter if it should rain.
Enjoy time spent together as we laugh and play.
My camera will be in our company, for taking pictures; I love.
Fish and chips by the sea most definite.
Arcades; well that's gotta be done-the Teddy and Two pence machines.
A stroll around the shops to buy a fridge magnet and an ice cream, of course.
I will watch my son throw pebbles into the sea.
It's by no means the best beach, but the excitement in his eyes says no matter.
Getting away to the seaside is special to us.

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Moment to Reflect

Today I’m a lonely man living in a cold, cold world filled with indifferences and malice. As time marches on a harsh reality come to my mind, time is on no one’s sided, it is only given once and all must die and tomorrow is not guaranteed. This seems so mean because having no one to really love or so it seemed, I was just a lone no one was on my team.
I started to think and reminisce about the think in life that I missed. Tears appeared in my eyes and my heart skips a beat so I lay down and felled into a deep, deep sleep. Suddenly and to my surprise I was on a beach with soft sand underneath feet. The sky was so blue and the air smelled oh so sweet; it dawned on me that this was a place few have ever seen.
I walk down to the water and what did I see; the sea was strange so let me explain; it was made of crystal with a glow all of its own and the waves gave off a musical tone. As my mind adjusted to sounds and the sight I spied out another wonderful delight. There across the sea, a city brighter than the northern lights, oh what a beautiful sight.
I fell down to my knees overwhelmed by the glory that was before me. I thought that I had died and stepped to the other side. I knew what I was seeing before just could not be true, such beauty, it could not exist, not in my world, never like this. A melody that I have never heard before arose from the City across that crystal sea. It had to be played by Angels, the music was so, so sweet; that I felt a joy from my head to my feet and knew deep in my heart that was where I belong,
Just when I decided to dive in and swim to the other side, I heard a soft voice call out my name. I turned around to see who it was that called out my name. There He was this gentle looking Man with sadness in His eyes. He spoke to me and this is what He said; my son, my son you cannot dive in and swim to the other side. So I ask Him why I can’t swim to the other side, that’s easy for me, am going to try.  No, no, no it not for you it not your time was His only reply. I did not understand His reason but I felt His command and suddenly my feet was stuck in the sand, I cried out with hurt and pain in my voice; what lies on the other side, who are you and why can I not go on the other side?
This is the story that He told:
The city that you see beyond the crystal sea it belongs to me and it has streets that are paved in gold. Many mansions lining the roads and in each one there are treasure that are a wonder to behold. There is no hunger, sickness or death, life everlasting and there you can find rest, for all eternity you will be My guest.  Now I will answer your second question, my son, my son; I Am, who I Am! I came to earth a long time ago prepare The Way for all my children to come home. This is some that you should know, for it was written for all a long time ago and I am always with you in your times of needs you are never ever all alone. Last but not the least you ask me why; my son, my son it not your time. 
Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open, and until you love Me, it will never be. Now go back and remember what you seen and what you have heard, because time grows short. Spread My words that My kingdom draws near, repent, repent and stop causing Me tears.
I suddenly opened my eyes and I was home in my bed and I start to cry. Never have I felt such joy and peace deep within. I went down on my knees and I ask the Lord Jesus to please come in and would you please forgive me of all of my sins, please live inside of me until the end. I sow the seeds and when the harvest comes you will know where it can from. Keep this in mind cause when it is time He will separate wheat from the weeds and set all of His children free.
(Warning, Warning)
The time is now, and do it before it to late! 
Time is on no one side.
Everyone want to go to heaven but no one want to die.
You do not have to worry if you have Jesus inside.
He there for the asking want you try
Do you want Him? He want you, it about free will and you must choose.
The Gift is free, Heaven are hell which will it be?
I hope that I have sowed a seed and it will grow, but it will only grow if you truly believe and have faith deep within your heart and soul.
Time waits for no one!
Faith is something sight unseen will you not set your spirit free? Is it so hard for you to believe that Jesus is the answer and all you need? The door is open want you please come in? Don’t you think it time to find that Kingdom that is way up high filled with riches up in the sky?

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Forgotten Memories

She sits by a dying hearth, an album open in her lap
The cold silent room startles like a slap
Mouldy images stare back from the past
Prints are all she has now
Memories that still cling
To the old Silverfish ravaged photographs
Like slips pegged to a line, flailing in a gale
One minute they’re there, the next they are only an apparition 
Burnt to a retina searching the void, of a memory long forgotten

Her finger now rests upon the “rising sun” of the AIF
Of her son’s slouch hat, to which casts a shadow
Across a face too young to shave
Only but a boy, learning how to behave
In a moment etched in time
Yet those moments before it
Remain immortalised within her precious album
And those that came after 
Lay buried in the Somme

He leans on a stool, one hand in his lap
The other supporting his shouldered rifle strap
His mouth blurred delivering a sentence
She closes her eyes, with thoughts of his independence
Sifting through the years of a boy in this room
Searching for his laugh through a cheeky grin
Probing for those silvery words etched in gelatine
Of a boy leaning on a stool, a conversation frozen
A mother’s memory of her son, reduced to yellowed images
A mother's loss between these pages

Shreds of the past fog the room
Pieces of a boy lay mute, 
Within her reach
Creases form on her brow, a tear escapes

The memory slips, it flaps uselessly from the line
And hangs by a thread
Then it’s gone…

AIF = Australian Imperial Force (1914 – 1918)
Rising Sun = AIF Insignia

Isaiah Zerbst’s Poetry Contest – Pick a Title
23 Oct. 2014

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Co Co

Her eyes are of golden brown,
they look to you for reassurance.
Every move you make, she is there, 
not wanting to miss a thing.
She's like a little human being,
wanting comfort and cuddles.
All the while, she is loyal and ever present.
Her young age is apparent in the way the energy she expels.
Running, leaping, jumping through the trees and streams.
She is adorable and so very obedient.
My son adores her like nothing else.
I watch them play in the garden;
time is forgotten as they are lost amongst their games.
They enter the house, panting with joy, only to exit again
after a long drink.
I smile to myself as I hear my son talking to her like a friend.
Funny thing is, she listens almost like she understands.
This is so endearing.

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When Enough is NOT Enough

woeful dreams of shattered hearts
bode cries of weary souls adrift 
in sorrow’s  impossible embrace

its deathless spirit forever longing 
unknown questions  overwrought
in darken corners without sound

till quiet whisper’s passing hope 
their bosom bursting with secrets
in vain consciously disappeared

a shadowy mystery’s forgotten
nightmare knowingly awakened
in blindness’ forbidden retreat

a senseless loss yet unexplained
engulfed by continuous despair
in a maelstrom’s hidden depths 

its tipping point deeply mired 
by nonstop waves of lost tears 
in a tempest of howling winds

of returned dust e’er scattered
from east to west and beyond
in the cycle of life now undone

when enough is NOT enough
and Hade’s thirst is quenched  
in limbo men’s souls remain

© Eugene Harvey

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Just Men

Yes I bow my head low sometimes I even cry. 
I shake my head and wonder how much more can I bear. 
If I really express myself who would care? I’ve heard statements,” You’re a man.” True
enough, I’m also human. Yes we do at times take things for granted. Perfection isn’t a part of my DNA.
My thoughts are mixed up; I know that I am a man. 
A man with struggles.
I once thought I was loved but was betrayed. 
I gave and gave and yet parts of my life was stolen. 
I listened and embraced sweet kisses and was shrugged off like I was a no body; to others that I thought actually loved me.
I’ve been beaten. 
Look at my scars. Not only physically also mentally. It hurts to walk with my chest out sometimes. Its called pride, having this self image of a man. 
Generally speaking, we feel the pain too. 
We are fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands. We sometimes lack the compassion and we are men with mistakes and a past that no one can judge us. 
Still in need of love and understanding. 
So women don’t look down on all of us, we do try. We love, hurt, cry, and die trying because we are just men.

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Being Free

I Wasn’t enough to just be myself I had to be what you wanted of me Plastic—Mainstream—Liar Without any creativity And a façade for a personality So I Guess I Just Live a Lie Just to Satisfy And surely survive Your torment spitting opinion but then, A Semblance of the independence I held inside No matter how small it let out a cry I will redeem my pride And be perfect, free, me

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One Moon

“Mommy, I miss you when I'm not here.”
 “Oh I miss you too Hun, You have no idea
But don't you be sad while we are apart
We’re always together, home is in the heart.

When we're not together look up at the sky
The moon you see there Is the same one as I.”

“Mommy it is ? How do you know?”
“We share the same sky, Sweet,  where ever you go. 
There's only one moon in that sky up above
 when you miss me look up, Its filled with my love.”

That child now is grown, 
A young man tall and strong
I hope I did well, maybe a thing or two wrong. 

Tonight's the last night I will still have a boy
For tomorrow he flies.
My pride and joy.

Talking and laughing
Precious time we did share.
Just being together, so glad I was there.

The time flew  too quickly
Just it wasn’t enough.
The moment closed in, 
It was going to be tough.

“Mom, I have to report now.”
“Yes son,I know. 
I’ll miss you so much.”
So hard to let go.

A hug like no other, both held on for so long.
So much pride in my son, now its  time to be strong.
Staying true to his choices and knowing they’re right.
Tomorrow’s the day, a new chapter, new life.

The morning did come as it does everyday
But this one is different, he’s leaving  today.
We hugged long and hard, not a single dry eye.
He was called to the plane, the hardest good bye.

I turned one last time and I gave him a smile
Didn’t know when I’d see him,  would be quite awhile.
Made my way through the airport with tears flowing free
Felt both sadness and pride inside of me.

Weeks passed, not a word
How tough that was. 
Wondering, worrying, that’s what a mom does.
I knew in my heart that he was alright, 
and that moon helped me through many a night.

Then today came a letter, the very first one. 
Couldn't wait to read it,
Hear all the things he had done. 

Said he had his head shaved
Got his boots, uniform, a gun
Push ups and running
He was tired, sore when each day was done. 

He's proud though and happy, good with his choice. 
Miss him so much-
His smile and his voice. 

At the end of that letter
Hard to read through my tears-
PS “I looked at the moon”
He remembered, all these years.

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The march of the penguins

The little penguins march along the ice
Battling against them
The might of the long winter’s crisis 
The small ones under their mother’s bellies they crawl 
Into a world of cold, their eyes opened
Marching weeks and months 
Just to find
Some miracle rough food
The mothers and children stay 
The fathers leave
Walking and marching for miles
And in between 
The Crisis changes into the worse
Where the large bird descends 
Toward the small penguins
The ones who have mothers
Run to them 
While other shield themselves
By squeezing tightly together
As the merciless bird strikes
Some mange to run 
While finally one is caught
In the ugly beast’s claws 
And eventually gets eaten cruelly…
And when the dads come
Some find their sons 
While others
Just endure another crisis similar  
And for some
The dad recognizes his son 
By his or her song
And beautifully they unite again 
The father, mother, son
Together, proud and remarking 
How beautiful their son is 
And patiently the season changes
Summer comes, the ice melts
In the water they splash and swim 
Day by day 
All of the small penguins
Grow up
Their parents leaving them to a path of their own 
They march again 
How significant and enduring 
I can’t describe how
A penguin really suffers…


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Yea baby on a universal scalerole and on its entity, u know the rest

Hi keep me in your visage,
keep me in your sociostew
quote me in a passage
or hey, F U
themes, ideas, sonnets, 
mambypamby contrivances set to words
tell me your thoughts are merely
terds. No creativity, stilitd patterns, 
prose passivity and illcreated 
rhytm lanterns given to pre cunni
lingual callings set to teen tonal
twitterings of anal adult annoyances
of prepostadnoidial fake frontal toe the line
godforbidugetpregnantwhileI haveuinthe
sanctifiedmarriagewithalloftheaccruments beguiledgiven to the EverWaiters
of sexo satisfied vagino villified vanilla wafer
wishes until the wounded wedding night cherry bursting
(yea right)
bomb blast blemishes. Keep it in in novative organ aztional
invigor ative essence to stand by yr manwomanpersonit
as statedstated by state in a reverenced supreme courted not society
given to a biased"What the hell do we do now guys/gals and inbetweens", SFHD.
Guess it and get the prize, or play our home game 
as your consolation gift.
 We r un evolving without the neutral notion of 
core capacity locus of control and seminal socialization. 
We r what we BE and all else is con
trivity. Sons/daughters noncompliant with the so be its and told u so's
do as I do keep it simple, we as boomers ahve set a style too conseropliant to 
reinvent the self. youth recapitulate your entity and serve no one unless it
benefits those insufficient to a misnomer antiquated to a universal device 
dead to annoyance and brevity. Unforgiving to a future promise. 
All for one and one for all.  

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Hunting the zero man

A spoilt photo,a wasted life,
failure as a father,the experiment didn't come off.
So great was my abhorrence at the sight of humanity
that i decided to give her the go-by.
Ladies and gentlemen i introduce you,
the disintegration of my personality.
Brand me with a red-hot iron,iam the killer,
Lynch me ,who will struck the first blow?
Be stunned because iam the zero man.
Fully aware of the danger,iam the cracker man
so don't be soppy.
Sentimentalism is the reason of stupidity
and the end justifies the means.
Nothing ever put me out,no shiver all over my body.
I will save my skin once again,believe it or not
and i will do this with fussiness,take it or leave it.

A clenched-fist salute to the dead child in front of my car.

I killed again giving birth to nothing.

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Pain it wells inside of me 
Its lifts its ugly head.
His words they speak so deeply
And this is what he said

Oh Mum he says, it’s what you said
So very long ago
It hurt me then, it hurts me still
I just can’t let it go

The memory is so very dim
I can’t remember them
The words that I spoke long ago
That cut my son to threads.

I never could just understand
From whence his pain did come
His angry words, his smoldering hate
That I’ve felt from him so long

I’d like to say, if it’s enough
That I’m very sorry son
I loved you then, I love you now
Can’t take back what I’ve done

I never meant to hurt you,
If only I had known
I’d never have uttered a single word
I wish that you would know it.


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facing the first time
her wheel-chaired son on the move
saddest vale of tears

driving his wheelchair
his face splashes happiness
enjoying his ride

watching two people
having their own point of view
I can relate to

we meet now and then
all those years I saw his smile
ten inspiring years 

an impressive guy
cleaning his second wheelchair
for tomorrows ride 

Note: 11.30.2012: message from his wife: "I did not expect my husband to be "on the internet' in such a unusual and also very special way. You have touched me very  deeply with your poignant poem.  Thank you so very much."

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I had  forgotten them because  it was long ago
But nothing is forgotten  
It is all written in the book
The great ledger showing credits and debits
Used to think of Judgement as being 
A guy in a white beard  totting up 
The debits and credits and  then awarding 
Some sort of final gift based on the balance
Now it has suddenly become clear that
There will be perhaps a small handful of  
People from the past, now long gone,
Facing me as I approach the teller’s grille
They stop me as I try to join the line, 
And draw me aside to their small group
I can’t remember them -  but they remember me
An old woman all wet from the rain,
Two guys looking down-and-out without jobs or hope
A schoolkid with broken glasses from some class of losers
And an African child, way too thin to be healthy.
They all smiled and talked about incidents 
Where I had touched their lives somehow.
With my weekly cheque, the African had survived and become an engineer.
Glasses-kid graduated school,  grew up and found a wife in Chicago.
One old guy had died soon after I met him,
But with a warm meal inside his belly and  hope.
Other guy liked the job I got him in some recycling place.
Old woman had spent my cash on lessons for her grandson -
Every bag  of her pickled cabbage I bought on that windy wet street
Sent him to school and he earned enough to look after her
In her older years, much to her relief.
I said I was glad to see them again, looking so well.
Even though I didn’t remember them –
But that I really had to get  in line for the grille
They said listen up  - you can 
Skip the line, go straight in the white door over there,
And say we  sent you  -  you’ll be ok.

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SEXY FRENCH GIRLS encounter an American 15yr old boy

 in the eyes of an
15 yr  American old boy


My son
Sweet naive
Raised in China
Where MTV and YOUTUBE are banned
Where no girl kisses
Until her university days end.
Raised in China
Where knees are covered--
Lips are sealed--
Where boys
Only dream
Of the wonders of Red sex.
My son
Said he loved Paris
     For the Eiffel
     For the Louvre
     For the Seine
     For the wine.

But I knew
He loved Paris
For the
Blackest  panties
Barely hiding
Knowing smiles
Short tight skirts.

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The Very Last Dog

She watched her son shovel the earth,
The still shape in the blanket gradually disappearing,
Resembling a mound of soil in a hole,
And finally the ground was flat.

She wiped her eyes and went indoors,
Her son made her coffee but had to go home.
The house was empty without them both -
There was no son to chat and no dog to pat -
And it wouldn’t change.

She feared she wouldn’t outlive another dog,
And her son couldn’t take it.
She looked at photos of dogs in the past,
All loved, but dead now.
Holding the last dog’s collar, 
She knew it had been the very last.

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The Road

The old man sits on the edge of his seat
quiet in manner with words you can't beat
dust swirls, his inspiration in the clouds
at the stroke of his pen, he can silence the crowds.
the young man stands in the nook of the room
anxious to be seen but always swept by the broom,
he blows away with a shutter and is lost in the sky
right then, the old man leaks tears as he begins to cry.
as dusk turns to night and the stars show their eyes
the young man floats down and passes on by.
at the front of the porch the old man now resides
he watches the young man take leaps in his strides.
astonished by this amazing feat
the young man has got him up out of his seat
thinking of things that could and will now be
he follows the young man on an un-found course he'll soon see.
the young man trembles undoubtedly into the unknown
briskly walking on thorns and reaping what he has sown.
going further and further down the barren road
baring the burdened weight of an undeserving load.
calling to attention the sunrise
as the morning has now arrived,
the young man turns bewildered by the silence
to see the old man quiet in manner, but revealing his guidance
before them is the course that's much less trodden
but as they walk, it slowly begins to broaden.
their days journey turns again to night,
two paths now lie, one with no light.
the young man whimsically follows the path lit by torch
to find at the end, the old man sitting on his porch.
the old man sits on the edge of his seat
quiet in manner with words you can't beat,
the young man stands at the top of the porch stairs
"father you've guided me home"
he proudly declares.

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December the 8th

I used to have an eerie feeling
Of a certain date

Never knowing
Why I felt that way

I had even said
There was something
About it
But I could never
Wrap my head around it.

Such a curious thing to wonder
Why a date in your head
Would be stuck on
For you to ponder

But I realized
I'd come to hate 
That date
Later in my life
When you met your fate
You were taken from me
On December
The 8th
Is it a coincidence
Or a prediction
Of fate?

Oh how...
How much I hate
The date
Of December... 
The 8th.

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Lewis Leary's shawl

Lewis crept into Harper's Ferry
at cool dawn's light in '59
with angry John Brown,
pursed keen and unkempt
to bleed over his shawl,
then died for his wife

Mary, grew old and gray
and left that stained shawl
for grandson Langston Hughes,
to inspire him someday

Langston took Grandma's shawl 
and took oppression to his heart
to rise up in other words,
"where people suffered 
in beautiful language"*

© Goode Guy 2013-02-03

* Langston Hughes

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''Undesired Ache''

To see pain in eyes of purity.
If only a way to help you?
I fear your future.
Only to let you know my arms will always cradle.
Love live inside behind this unfair curse.
Breathe easy,my heart against yours.
My loyalty surrendered shall always keep you safe.

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Wearing a dishtowel around his shoulders as a cape
This gleeful child claiming to be Batman
Jumping off the footstool,
Leaping around the room,
Determined to save the world

Now grown, a world of worries of his own,
The enemy,    a mighty foe
This Batman, has nowhere to go
A deeper furrow in his brow
Can this super-hero still come to know
the answers to life's Riddle's, thrown
or defend against a Joker's scorn?

Or will life tear you into two? ......
Till someone comes to rescue you? 

For P . D. 's Contest #3

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The Train Ride Ended But Love Never Stops

"I've never rode a train Mom." 
he said with eyes lit up.
So, we bought two round-trip tickets
 to my mother's house.
(She lives a short walk away from the train station.)
Our trip would only be forty minutes 
but that would be long enough to say
"We've rode a train!"

The day of our trip 
was the day after
his eleventh birthday.
I'm pretty touched
 that he would choose
to spend the day with me 
instead of his friends.
Our train arrived at seven A.M. 
and we didn't leave until nine P.M.
This gave us plenty of time
just him and I.

I thought everything went great.
We played games like "Catchphrase" 
for about 5 hours 
and laughed and laughed!
No talk of "my childhood" came up.
He and I took a couple walks together
spending hours in antique shops
until he found the perfect
antique "survival knife" to buy
with his birthday money.
We stopped into the ice-cream parlor
and had the biggest ice-cream cones known to man!

When it was time to leave
we walked to the little restaurant 
for dinner first.
We shared our meals 
and talked about our day.
I saw a young man 
sitting across from me,
looking at me through the eyes 
of my baby boy.

After our meal
we walked back to the train station.
Our train was late but
we didn't mind
that just meant more time to talk.
When I saw his eyes fill with tears
I had no idea what was wrong.
I was chilled to hear what he said.

"Mom, I just feel so bad for you.
I can see how sad you are
when you talk with your mom.
I just wish you didn't have 
the childhood you had.
That's why I took so many trips
to the bathroom today...I just couldn't
look at you sitting there with her.
I knew how you were feeling,
I could see it in your eyes."

It took some convincing 
to make him see
that I don't focus on 
what my mom and I don't have.
My focus that day was on 
what he and I 
do have
and that is priceless!
I wouldn't trade that kid 
for anything in this world
and I'll never forget
how we spent his eleventh birthday.

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Suicide and the Butterfly Boy

Suicide my untimely death
I can no longer take another breath

I feel empty inside
No one hears my cries

I do not know how to handle this
It is not something that I can dismiss

I used to be happy and kind
But now just never mind

I have just become a disguise
For everyone’s eyes

Would it be better off if I commit suicide...?


What is wrong with you!
Just because you have the “blues?”

And, what are we supposed to do
If you follow through?

Spend thousands of dollars to remove the rope
Your dead body set free, leaving us with no hope

What will happen to the family?
Do we just step aside silently...?


My son is gone, you are in my dreams
Every night it is always the same theme

Beautiful mountains and scenery
Amazing butterflies, I cannot believe 

You are just a little boy
Maybe three or four

Do not go, I say
Please stay, please stay!

So what do I do?
I just open my eyes...

To suicide.

"Survivors of Suicide Contest"

Holly Moore
November 2012

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A Private Battle

The war The war is long past… But the scars remain Itching and hurting Every day. The war is long past… But the nightmares haunt Tormenting and terrifying Every night. The war is long past… But the shrapnel tears Burning and fragmenting Every movement I make. The war is long past… But the gunfire resounds Exploding and shelling Every thought I take The war is long gone… But the wounds are fresh Bursting and bleeding Every day. The war is long gone… But the darkness is dank Stifling and suffocating Every night. The war is long gone… But the muscles are tired Cramping and shackling Every movement I make. The war is long gone… But the smoke is dense Clouding and darkening Every thought I take. The war is long gone, for ages past But its dark memories will always last For however much I try to take pride My tears of hurt and anguish I cannot hide For which parent cannot, for a son he proudly sent Pay for that piece of hatred with which a young life was spent? Yes, the war is long past, into oblivion it has since gone But, for me - a parent - a private battle begins each morn.

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'Man' - Part I

See, I try to make sure my facial hair is
symmetrical on both sides of my face.
It’s not. I know it’s not. You may not be able to tell, but it’s not.

I don’t get much chest hair on the right
side, but there quite a bit on the left, so I just end up shaving it all off
because, well, who wants one hairy peck?

I switched to boxers in the 7th grade
because my high school actually had changing rooms, and I figured briefs were

I’ve never hit anybody outside of a martial
arts class, and even then it was mostly me getting hit. Well, that’s a lie. I
punched my friend when I was three because he pulled my sister’s hair. I still
feel bad about that. Also I don’t know martial arts.

I don’t like to hurt people or kill things;
I’ll follow a spider around forever with a napkin or a box just so I can carry
it outside. This one time I accidentally drowned a daddy-long-legs and it
ruined my whole damn day.

I like to feel things. I like that I’m so
easily moved by other people’s suffering; that I have to bite the inside of my
cheek in the movie theater just to keep it together sometimes, but I don’t like
that I feel the need to keep it together.

I am... a man. Am I?

Who sets the beat to which I must
Align my gait, my stance, my stride?

Who draws the lines of should and shouldn’t?
These lines embedded in my grandfather’s
As he furrows his brow to scold my
shoulder-length hair

See, I come from a land of chivalry
Where all men are (men men men men manly men
men men)
Where gender roles are rooted in fear and
And every man is a threat because I am not a
man without a leash on my woman

How low must this bladed pendulum swing?
How long my beard? How trimmed my hair?
How unchecked must my rage go?
How low must this pendulum swing?
No, how low must my scrotum hang?

See, I come from a line of angry men
Old and hard, with saddened eyes
Men of principle and veracity
Traders, merchants and builders.

But see, I come from a line of free-spirited
Socialites, teachers and artists
Who look their best and speak their minds
And hardly age at all

I am not a creature of honor
Shame brings with it the comfort of my own
I am not a creature of honor
I am not a creature of lineage or conquest

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Son Oh Son

Home is far, so far away
Dear country calls
Distant bases will be brimming
with men who rise, who march
who run, who fall for country
Blood is the price for peace
Peace is like the rain,
coming and going, and going and coming
When country calls, Son must part then
Goodbyes said, tears shed, and Son must part then
Her sunlight will be dimming, her laughter ending
like a song, like a dream
When country calls
Men will be bleeding on every front, 
on every field where children once played,
Where life like flowers once thrived
Because country called
He left, he saw, he returns
Statue-still in a coffin wrapped in flag
Country and glory have become one
But a woman's heart is drowning in grief
Son, Son, O! Son
She sees only the coming coffin wrapped in flag

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When the folds of my cloth collide with the firmament

I can see you in the corner of my eye
I will keep you here as long as you like
will you respond to my calling?
How will I know you are the one?

what are my intentions?
another path that leads to the house?
another house that is the same house
where the floor is torn away
where I can see the cars and other worlds go by

To hold you in this place
stars streaming in real time
I am longing for the dawn
of a sun I have never seen

we lived before the moon
remember the time spent in the sea?
under the crashing waves 
I can tell it is you

when can we talk together 
like I talk to this page?
will you find me, 
will I find you finding me?
in the basement, the attic , 
or on the wings of a great bird

I fly to you in my delirium
when my spirit hits my matter
when the folds of my cloth collide with the firmament

we will know

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The Good, Green Earth

Once upon an early dark, upon the cusp of time, 
way before the planets came, and way before the light. 
Deep inside the black of space, a spark was to ignite, 
against all odds it grew into a fire that multiplied. 
And as the fire stretched across the waiting canvas face, 
particles were born and strewn about the empty space. 
Temperature would heat until new plasma was infused, 
radiation came along and jumped into the stew. 
Atoms came to form and bond while temperatures cooled, 
and when the fog had settled there, the first starlight shown through. 
Now amidst the chaos and the melee came a stir, 
of gravity attracting matter, packed and soon preserved. 
This would happen many times, but of these, one would yield, 
from an iron, lava core, a magnetic field. 
A celestial body would impact the second one, 
while pieces made the Moon, the mass collected near the Sun. 
This great mass was hit upon by shards from outer space, 
the impacts would perform as catalysts to what took place. 
What took place was an atmosphere of hydrogen that formed, 
it cooled and steam escaped the crust as clouds gave the first storm. 
Rain brought oceans, underneath; the plates lifted the land, 
the tilt would lay the weather as the seasons would command. 

-And this is where we leave my story, now yours must be heard, 
Goodnight to creatures, big and small, 
upon the good green Earth.

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Taking It All In

I see your smiling face
You're just an image in my mind
Looking back at me seeing you

You’re standing on a mountain top
Electric blue butterflies everywhere, beautiful scenery
Colors like a rainbow...yellow, blues, and greens

You’re in your favorite clothes now
The fedora upon your head, nice and clean the way you like it 
It feels good to see you this much

You stand there for a while
Taking me all in
I keep staring at you, noticing your silly grin

You look just like your father
Handsome, tall, and thin
But he is gone also; I know you are with him.

Yet, it feels like thunder and no rain
The trees you cannot hear falling
Wind you cannot touch 

This aching in my chest will never go away
Like having a stroke without really
It’s just here to stay..

Holly P. Moore
September 2012

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i am in this place i am not use to i look around in try to figure out where am i,trapped and alone nowhere to go screaming and yelling but no one can hear my cry, Everyday i walk around trying to figure out this unknown place, where am i is the question i ask myself everyday until i hear a voice that answers me of a reply i am not happy with but i continue to listen to this voice because i am trapped with no where to go then it hits me that this place is called hell because i have no where to go my soul is free but my body is trapped,you and i know that i will not be happy with the thought of being slaved and kept hostage until they set me free, my body and soul is now starting to let me be who i wanna be which is free, so i cry and plea til i can't no more that's when i realize i have to changed to a new me in i am set free in a world of happiness where am i now is the question i ask myself now then the same voice replies your in a place of FREEDOM

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Surviving Life

The water felt good.
I fell from where I stood.
Knees are both weak;
Been under a spell for a week.
Now that it was broken,
I'm left shaken.
In the water I sunk,
Letting my body get drunk.
I needed some more;
I wanted so much more.
Took the dose
Until I overdose.
It started with one,
Now I'm never done.
It takes everything away.
Leaving me numb for a day.
Forgetting the pain,
Happiness, I hope to gain.
In my mind was a vast space
Couldn't remember my own face.
I felt so very high
Not thinking it was all a lie.
Believed I am free,
That my troubles had let me be.
I took every pill
Until I lost my own will.
A friend is what it seemed
In a promise of bliss it beemed.
I couldn't accept my fate
And for a time I lost my faith.
That night, in the hotel room;
And after, in every other room.
Over and over --
Til I could no longer remember
How it felt to be pure;
Or if I ever was, I wasn't sure.
Touch that made my skin crawl
Stares that made me feel small.
I wanted to forget and not feel
Hoping nothing's real.
I let myself drown in ecstasy
For a while I lived in a fantasy.
Until one day,
In the middle of all the dissarray,
I saw the son I hold dear
In his eyes there's only fear.
I knew then for a time I was lost,
His fears touched me the most.
I had to do something
For him I'd do anything.
I took the easy way out,
This I knew without a doubt.
So I took each pill
Flushed it down as I stood still.
I know I will get better
For my son deserves better.

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Goodnight, Orion

Goodnight, Orion;
Sleep well, brave warrior.
Lay your head in the hills of the heavens,
And rest those weary eyes.
Put your sword away;
The battles of today are done.

Sleep well, Orion;
Dream of the tomorrow
That you’ve already conquered
And dance in the celebration of its defeat.

Hear me, Orion,
Do not be proud,
As too much pride can kill a man.
Revenge comes to the proud like a scorpion
With his stinger ready for that one chance,
And one chance is all he needs
To bring you down.

But you, Orion,
Have the chance to escape the monster
That craves your destruction.
You have the opportunity
To surprise the hidden enemy
And heap fiery coals on his head.
With unconditional love.
Though he seeks to hurt you,
You must love him like a brother,
And what can conquer such love?

Sleep well, Orion.
Tomorrow comes, but it doesn’t know.
It never knows what you have in store for it.
The world is waiting for the wonders
You will leave in your wake.
Everything ends eventually,
So make well of the time you have,
And in doing so,
You will carry yourself closer to eternal life.

But for now,
Sleep well, Orion, 
And goodnight.

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Lost Where They do not Belong <> End Line Poem

Parents and spouses to their photo's they look,  Another
           hero was killed fighting for our freedom.   Lost  
                       so far from his home and family,   Today
       we continue to send our sons and daughters,   But
                                there will come a day when,   They
                                      will live as free as we do.   Will
                         we ever learn from these theatres,    Never
                       again should we out live our children.    Be
  cause' another was lost today, but they will never be,    Forgotten

" I hope i have done this form devised by Dane Ann and HG proud "

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A Living Legacy

A Father and his Son
No relationship like this one
An uncommon bond between two
In each others hearts through and through

Love like no other
Masculinity now uncovered
Shielded hearts by manly domain
When together they feel no pain

A son’s second shadow
Rest assured he’s always there
When times are at there worst
He assures there’s nothing to fear

Advice and good wisdom
A Father gives these each day
A son takes these words to heart
And uses them another day

Teaching skills of his past time
A son watches from behind
Playing catch in the backyard
And Fishing for the first time

A father and sons relationship
It is something truly divine
Heart warming emotions flowing
 Something every father and son finds

A Fathers living legacy
The Holy Grail in a son’s hand
Through his son without knowing
A Father lives again

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Year 1983 Lord You gifted me a special child I thought then, he was a penalty Now I realized, he is an earth angel A priceless present from heaven. He has cerebral palsy, total blindness and quadriplegics I can’t replace his erratic muscles I can’t give light in his eyes I can’t change his feet. I can’t modify his physical condition. Listen to my heart Oh Lord I am your humble servant You make miracles I don’t pray for miracles now I supplicate for continuous strength! “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change”
Written by: Dalila G Agtani 1/21/12 Entered in a contest sponsored by: nette onclaud Contest Name SERENITY RESPONSE

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free cee I will bet you VIENNA would make the same plea

sorry Vienna, but i need to use your name or no one reads me...but i know
you will agree with this so don't be angry, thanks and i am e-mailing all my
friends that your tribulations will end and you can once again smile and make me smile
              DEAR OR DEER PEOPLE
Please stop doing that
it's creating havoc
and making people and animals angry
half the world is drinking parasitic water
the other half doesn't give a damn about what happens
so long as their stocks rise
as I sit here with reddened eyes
because you will not stop and listen
the universe is speaking to you
in explicit terms
it begins by saying what I said above
stop and feel the love
the love every man should feel
and make it real
the universe is begging “please stop doing that”
it's simply not right
for our children to be left with blight
the deer are crying
the eagles are dying
and liars are denying
they claim to care
about this planet we all share
so please, 
stop doing that
a Styrofoam cup will last where it lays
for four million days
a cigarette butt will be around for my grandson and my great 
great grandchildren to find
so please be kind
because Mother Nature went through a lot of trouble to
design that which we behold
the beauty that to me is more precious than gold
so please stop doing that
if I could i'd hand you all a lot of cash
before Mother Nature gets a ravenous rash
so please stop doing that
for as long as you live, day by day
think before you throw something away
         © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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When my father died
I was not there,
I thought it was a dream,
And one day soon
I would awake,
And I would see my father
Eating breakfast before work.

When my father died
I made my own excuse.
I thought he worked for MI5
And he'd had to go and hide,
He'd had to leave us all,
But one day would return
When it was safe again.

When my father died
My soul felt numb.
Would he be ashamed to know
I never cried?
I guess I never faced the fact
That when my father died,
My father died.

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'Man' - Part II

I had a cat that marked his territory right
into our TV – fried the whole thing
But I will not graffiti my alleyways with
crude phalli,
Spewing armchair warrior slogans across the concrete

My best friend growing up was a real whore,
in the kiss-and-tell sort of way
A real ladies’ man... He was a real bastard,
I’ll tell you that
But I will not line the walls of my den with
taxidermied lovers
Nor will I cage my dove for fear of a hawk.

Does the absence of glimmering swords
Take away from the radiance of her smile?
And what good are these powerful minarets,
Without the sweet, sweet song that echoes across them?

I have not fallen in love with a fish in a
I have not fallen in love with a fish in a
bucket that will dart away
Never to be seen, if she ever touches the
sea again...
Which raises the question: why the bucket?

I have no interest in the bucket.
I have no interest in being the fisherman.
I bait no hooks and reel no lines.

I would much rather be a sea horse.
We can all learn a thing or two from the sea

So enough with this nonsense of honor and
Enough of this predefined manliness and
rhetorical dick-waving
Enough of cages and lures and foxes in the
chicken coop

I see a lioness and her fawn under acacia
While my thirty-something year-old
compatriot playboys
Are on the prowl for pretty young things in
search of a fantasy
Wearing cravates of woven chest hair resting
over shirts not quite buttoned,
With Ralph the Polo Player getting bigger
and bigger

I have no fur coats, and I won’t sport any swag
I have no car horn to honk at your skirts,
No sly comments to mutter as you pass
No scarves to force around your heads
No honor to vest in your purity

I have only my faith in love
And whatever flaws that may bring
So what is it then,
to be a man?

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No Less A Man

Adventure on, my son,
Beyond the mountains yonder
Into the country of the Matae
If you find no pastures
If their maidens be plain
Come back home, son,
You will find our land
Overflowing with harvest.

Adventure into the heart of the Wagikuu
Plant your spear in their midst
If you find no match for you
If you read deceit in their eyes
Or find a lacuna in their faith
Return to your fatherland.
Your stars will take their places
Beside those of your ancestors.

Adventure on, son, beyond horizons:
They were not made for your clan
Nor were seas made to tether our warriors
Nor the span of earth and sky
To kill our determination:
For man is man
And master of his fate.
And you, my son, are no less a man!

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Not Just another Love Poem

Love is discovered in so many ways
Different kinds we share today
For love is near, not far away
Have you discovered your love today?

Every time a mother gazes at her new born baby
Love is discovered in another way
A mother’s love does not change
It only grows as her child changes

A Father’s pride is how he shows his love
Love is discovered in another way
A father’s love is always shone through pride
In the works his children have done

When a child gets a pet
Love is discovered in another way
A child’s love is unchanged
Tears fall when the pet finally goes away

As we grow and as we change
Love is discovered in new ways
Be you a husband, father, mother, or wife
Love is sure to follow you all of you life

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To Fly with the Eagles

There was a time when I felt like an ace
I hovered over hills quite green
Swam above waves of soft white lace
Flew with the eagles in pursuit of my dream.
And I knew I was loved
And I knew what was true
And I knew who I was
And I knew what I had to do.

Along the way, as I walked life’s maze
I came to face a forest of pine needles
Got caught in the undertow’s embrace
Ran into dark clouds where I lost sight of the eagles.

And I forgot I was loved
And I forgot what was true
And I forgot who I was
And I forgot what I had to do.

I ran into dead ends that ate at my tenacity
Took up work, harvesting a farmer’s crop in the valley
Fought my way and prayed the sea would not swallow me
Took a break to rest my weary wings and keep a low key.

And I remembered I was loved
And I remembered what was true
And I remembered who I was
And I remembered what I had to do.

And in that time, I met friends who shared my load
I found a family who made me feel I belong
Someone grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the sea’s hold
An eagle came by my side and made me feel so strong.

And I knew I was loved 
And I knew what was true
And I knew who I was
And I knew what I had to do.

By CarolineCécile, June 12, 2009.

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Your Common Response

You’re nineteen now
Yeah, I know
You have a record
 Yeah, I know

Not a good thing
Yeah, I know
Life can be hard
Yeah, I know

Were things normal
Yeah, I know
Life would be easy
Yeah, I know

You do understand
Yeah, I know
How much you’ve screwed up
Yeah, I know

You really don’t care
Yeah, I know
I get that now
Yeah, I know

You think its okay
Yeah, I know
To do what you want
Yeah, I know

But do keep in mind
Yeah, I know
I’m clearly not blind 
Yeah, I know

I try to let go
Yeah, I know
Of thinking you care
Yeah, I know

Your favorite phrase
Yeah, I know
All it tells me
Is what you don’t know

You know nothing of me
And how much I cry
And worry about you
And where you will die

You can’t live your life
With nothing to show
So much potential
Yeah, I know

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A history of mysterys

You sleep with your eyes open
Your memories showing
Your mind is racing
Your imagination roaming

Leave your reality
And you will soon find
That you'll never have answers
Or understand mankind

By Janetta's Grandson Mac

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To My Sons and Daughters

Lovely little children
How you play
While the day
Goes on!

And how you look,
With that simple glance,
Into my soul!

Surrounded by you
May I stay
All days
And in every wayside
And inward place.

Loving you little ones
Sleeping now
Is as easy as loving you
Was yesterday.

Perfect and whole
Little spirits,
In your innocence, resting now,
Traveling miles in short steps
And in long strides the day after.

My little ones.
You are as strong and flexible
As the reed.
And full of joy to meet the future.

Show me that joy as I
Travel with you.

May 17, 1979
Ozark, Missouri

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I Dreamed of Jesus (Part 2)

My pupils met his, and immediately my eyes opened.
He saw my past, my present and the future to come.
Simultaneously, my body fell to its knees in submission
As I began to wail and confess, "Jesus-!  Jesus-!
I am sorry!  I am sorry!  I love You!  I love You!"
I knew He knew who I was and all I had been doing.
My heart begged for His forgiveness, longing for his love.
With his eyes still fixed on me, I trembled in anguish.
He overshadowed me, and the fear of torment
Particulated off of me.  Then, I saw my mother's face.
(I knew she had been praying for me with great concern.)
Then, without a word, I saw Jesus reach out to me.
He touched my back as if to lift me up with great force,
But with one last cry of His name, "JESUS-!"  I woke myself up.

I was kicking and moving my arms when I came to.
I was still on earth, but it was real.  I confessed my sins again and again.
I went to the bathroom to rouse myself, then to the opened window.
I was hot and sweaty and too afraid to sleep.  I sat up in bed, 
Turned on my bedside lamp, and began to write this dream.
Mirjana, turned toward me and asked me why I could not sleep.
I simply told her that I had to write, and she turned over.
I finally finished, turned out the light, wrapped her arms around me,
And closed my eyes.  I could still see His light brown eyes and outline of His face,
As if I had gazed at the sun too long and its image was x-rayed in my mind.
What was He going to do?  Would He have taken me somewhere?
Was he going to show me something?  Would he come again?
I do not know, but this was the second time I saw Him like this.
All I know is that He is perfect, and there is no darkness in Him at all.

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And One Day We're Gone

I’ve been there for him
Every step of the way
From the day he was born
And then every day

Though the errors he made
As a child scared me
It made me wonder
The man he would be

And now he’s a man
And my fears are now real
He does not understand
The pain that I feel

The questions I ask
Have a purpose, you see
I want him to be
The man that I see

But questions mean nothing
When it’s all said and done	
If you can’t empathize
You’re truly alone

The lost empathy
Is the worst thing, you know
If you feel nothing for others
You will never grow

And growing means life
And the changes we see
Can do so much for others
And all we can be

If you choose not to change
At the end of the day
Blame everyone
And say you’re okay

You will never own
All that you’ve done
Don’t think you’ve not harmed
And one day we’re gone

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Zring sissity rib rang

Dada or Dadaism is a cultural movement primarily involved visual arts, literature—poetry, 
art manifestoes, art theory—theatre, and graphic design, and concentrated its anti-war 
politics through a rejection of the prevailing standards in art through anti-art cultural works.

This is my attempt at Dada.

Zring Zang
pinggity prong pang
jumping across from train to train
Bring Brang
sissity sis sang
circling round, round the storm drain
dring drang
ribbity rib rang
Trains and drains, over my life reign

This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. Reprints must be requested in writing to 
the original author. © Alisha Groves

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Forever Young, or Evan The Sage

Of all the Little Kings climbing
Hand over foot towards viciously tantalizing, grandiose
Constellations of which whir and buzz as wind up toys,
Glow worm manifestations
Of hanging mobile stars suspended from thread
Woven by The Fates from dreams vicarious
And still-warm brick oven hopes
Nestled sweetly in the ribcages' soft marrow,
My chest, agape, crackling with never quite dried blood,
The wound steaming fresh loneliness--a shrine
To the Stillborn--
Is stuffed clumsily on chubby, greased palms
With fresh wishes on old pennies,
Words teaming with glimpses of goodnight kisses
And soft, innocent breaths stirring upstream like salmon,
By the tenderness of only one Tarot Sage
And my Heart's desert riverbeds
Eagerly absorb a rain. 

"Forever Young, or; Evan The Sage"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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It's Not A Cult

It's not a cult:
It's a Savior saving my life.
It's a Savior saving your life.
It's our Savior saving our lives.
It's not too late.
It's never too late!

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A Dad In The Past

He asks me all the time
Mom why did you leave dad behind
I told him it was never the plan but, you dad is not ready to be a real man
Like attend doctor's appointment or take you to the park
Or a trip to the beach to play in the sand
Or make trips in your room to turn on the night light because your scared of the dark
On Christmas and birthdays no cards or no toys
But the worst part of it all you never even call and when you do your a lying fool
Making promises that you know you will break
How much more do you think we can take
So I'm ending this now for my son's sake
Your a dad in the past and your lies were a blast

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A Holiday Note

Merry Christmas, my Joshua
And, Happy New Year

We have the same Christmas tree 
Year after year (LOL)

Jonathan put it together	
And, I helped with the lights

We decorated your place
With a Christmas spray, nice

Put a lighted Santa Claus
On top for display

We had a pumpkin to remove
It’s Christmas ~ time to improve

I will miss your gifts, they were always unique
Boxes I collect, decorative and ornate

Cinnamon in the air
Cookies we baked.

God Bless you, my son
We will see you one day.

Please do not worry about us.....
We will be okay.

©Holly P. Sullivan
   November 2012

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When I jump into your shoes,
And see what you see,
You feel warm inside,
And I see you kissing me,

When I jump into your shoes,
And feel what you feel,
Your hurting inside,
And I see you can't finish your meal,

When I jump into your shoes baby,
I see what you see,
Now something feels cold inside,
And I no longer see me.

By Janetta's Grandson Mac

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Yesterday Born

My man child born yesterday
New and peeling purple
With black and brown
Splotches of color.

Your father love you.
Your mother love you.
But still you have yourself.
You must love yourself.

My man child born yesterday
Still soft and wrinkled
With bright black eyes
That have pools inside.

You are my charge.
Yet my superior.
We gave you life
But are Beholden.

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Trapped in a prison with walls so green
Their very nature cannot be felt
Each day I yearn to escape
Grasping for the motivation
But every time I'm built up
The will deflates and slows to a crawl
Being brought to an unhealthy sort of low

Trapped in nights
Starless and black
The only illumination
Is of artificial nature
Daily cycle and nightly trend
Wears the treads on the toughest leather soul

Peppered in my mind are seeds of pain
Angst and nihilistic blossoms of hate
Rituals of automatic smiles and laughs
Forgetting how to feel and taste
Love is a carcass, long decayed
I am not longed for, just wished away

Pressure cooked contempt
Salt stained tears
Black night stretching
Walls are falling
Oh god ****
What did I do?
Was I ever right?
Am I ever?
So cold now
Tremors and quakes
Throat bleeding
Screams collapsing
End it
End it
End it
End it all

Author Notes
I know this breaks traditional formula.
 I wrote this a few nights ago when I was drunk and in a very dark place. 
Instead of rewriting the ending to fit the flow of the poem, I figured it felt 
better just to have that weird ****ing thing at the end happen. So there you go.

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An Emperor's gift to his son (the story of the root of all evil)

There once was an emperor who had a son
a son who would need to learn lessons in mastermining
to govern the world 
thus he gave his son a gift
the lottery

By doing proper math,
formulating teams
to purchase every possible ticket
to win his own lottery
a life lesson of a bribe to demonstrate his ability of doing some excellent math

by mentioning this one day
the emperor's son was ostrocised by society
shunned, introduced to temptation after temptation
drugs and alcohol
held hostage by society

driven to madness
the emperor's son
lit a house on fire to serve his prison sentence
away to a mental institute where he was mentally and physically tortured
through an abusive therapy of medications
reverse psychology

Not sure if my father is still out there
if i'll ever get to meet him
if i was kidnapped or switched at birth
this is my story of a gift an emperor gave
turned society into a disgusting life long experience
while living constant punishment of how pointless life was
formed their own teams
using the emperor's son's formula
rubbed their happiness and succes in his face
proceeded to use their funds to keep their hostage miserable

There is nothing worse in the world you can do to me
it's all been done
nothing worse than existance
i know this from personal experience
many of you were bribed and ready to do the wrong thing
many of you who looked upon a tortured soul and couldn't see his pain
just retaliate with more punishments for his imperfections
nothing more than perfect emotions anyone would feel

This is my story
a truth i've never known or been told
desire parental tests by some doctor who is not going to accept a bribe
i deserve to know the truth
it is definately my turn to have something good happen to me
for the first time in my life

when for the first time in my life
don't be surprised to find it to be an overwhelming experience
of one person's struggle to defend their own life
discover their truth
outwit their suppressors
and overcome the knowledge a disgusting life experience
that will never happen to anyone again

I lived the root of all evil that you used as a weapon
as i was claimed victom to your comandments you used to blackmail me with   
make me look like i was the 
do not lie about this
start talking
i'm sure there is a higher reward in freeing societies captive
so he can meet his own father
im tired of trying to comit suicide on christmas and my birthday

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A Son at War

From “Daily Given & Other Poems”

God be with thee, my beloved son – God be with thee
Until you return.

Many treacherous there be
Before to reach friends and daddies
But all of them are going to wait for the same sun’s light.
There shall not be farewell or a yellow ribbon or blue
And there cannot tears from us just smile behind the whole life into taken.

Alas! I can see you as a son at war
Working in a height way and honor.

All shall reach thee.

God be with thee, my beloved son – God be with thee
As the last fading from a lovely cactus! 

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Double Dechastic-A CARING PERSON

How would I describe Linda-Marie
with words never written for a caring person? 
Kind, generous, responsive, courteous and lovable,
but many more qualities shoud be
attribuited to this extraordinary individual...
and I congratulate her for the battles she has won!
Mother of fine children, one fighting for this country:
Eric, the brave, young soldier defending our precious liberty!

How can I not be moved by what she writes?
Sometimes emotions become a well of tears...
as reality conveys much truth by proclaiming her a poetess!
Linda-Marie is a definite success, and one 
needs to ponder over those verses to understand her well.
She's never disheartned, always encouraging someone...
she has touched me deeply enough to call her a caring friend!
Thank you, Linda-Marie, for showing me where the road leads!

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I Cleaned Your Room Today

I cleaned your room today,
while the scent of you yet lingered
in the impression where you laid your head,
caressing linens my heart hesitates to launder
for want of holding you near.

I long for this morning’s sweetness,
still cherishing that embrace long shared,
remembering how you let me linger
in your own reluctance to pull away
and how I prayed it not be the last.

From your window I watched today,
as the snow became earth’s chalky quilt
somehow angry at its indifference as it
dared to frolic with the very breeze
that now carries you away;
to a people of desperation in a
land whose heart feels only winter’s harshness
never tasting her sweet alabaster blessing.

How I despise the circumstance of this desolate place
yet selfishly hate that it is you she has beckoned.

I pray God’s protection as your coverlet
warm and thick in the unfailing assurance
of a love which will hold you safe at breast
as would the troubled and rambling mother
who cleaned your room today.

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My Me

Somewhere along the way,
I lost my me.
Where did he go?
He must be somewhere inside of me.

I know he’s in there somewhere;
Hiding behind the Dad I became much too early.
Or perhaps behind the façade of the professional
businessman I had to become to meet life’s obligations.

Come on out me.
Where are you?

I heard him crying the other day while I was reading “Old Yellow” to my son.
I heard him chuckling this morning when listening to the “Knock, Knock” song on the 
radio I intentionally left on “Kids Place Live” after dropping my son off at school.
I caught just a glimpse of him in the mirror I passed rushing into the family room to 
catch the kickoff of the Super Bowl.

But he always scampers and hides from me when my son needs to be tucked in;
Or my wife needs help around the house;
Or the mailman drops off more bills to be paid;
Or my phone dings with another email from work;
Or … whatever “or” happens to be happening.

My me used to be so fun.
My me used to be so spontaneous.
My me used to get up in the morning and be out of the house before anyone else 
got up.

I hope my me comes out again sometime soon.
I think I would like to meet him again before it is too late.

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Nathan (son-in-law to be)

You are a true

Inspiration to all

That miles cannot separate

A love meant to be

May you find

Happiness within our family

For we have found

Happiness with you

Your wife

The Army

The mistress

My daughter in waiting

I know

You will 

Protect us all

Please protect her first

I am proud

Of you

For all you are

All you will become

Your patience

Is profound

May it continue

With each step you take

So, with my blessing

I will tearfully

Let my daughter

Go to you

To start 

A new life


A new adventure


All my love

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Family Portrait

On a hill sits a mansion.
Resting on the wall within this mansion
is a family portrait of a 
wealthy family of four.
Two parents, two children.

A mother with hair raven black
in a wonderful expensive
blue dress, a father in an
expensive classy black suit
with hair sunny blonde.
One son of year twelve
With hair like mother, 
blue eyes of the father and
wearing a costly navy blue suit.
The last and youngest son with
hair like his father and
almond brown eyes like the mother.
He’s wearing a costly black suit
and like everyone else smiles with
perfect bright white teeth.

A perfect portrait for a seemingly
perfect rich family.

But a family portrait is
just a family portrait.

Only showing what the camera takes
Not what really goes on within this place.

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I Made It This Way

As time passes
So do all the new things you learn
	Unable to watch you grow
Hurts more than  I can handle
Pain so deep
Hidden within
	Fighting its way to the surface
Wanting to explode
My heart  never  as whole
	As it did the day I held you in my arms
Looking back at me
Your innocent eyes
So precious ~ So pure
	Perfect little baby
My perfect baby boy
How can you forgive me
Letting you go
	My son
Never know how much mommy loves you
	Replays in my mind over and over again
Why you’re gone
Reality of it all
Mommy let you go
  Gave up on what I was born to do…
Love and protect you 
All the wonderful things mommy was supposed to do
Kills me inside
	Leaves me numb
Realize ~ I didn’t choose you
When all you needed was me
I failed at what God blessed me with
  Baby boy
I miss you everyday
Want to lie down
	Just die
           Alone inside
I made it this way
My baby
	Not you….

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Momma's Joy

When I awake in the morning

My kids are all I see

My rich mans family

that's enough for me

You bring me smile

you bring me joy

you my princess

and my handsome boy

My reasons for being

Thing one and thing two

I am so happy

that I have you


My babies My babies

I love you both

hearing mommy all day

is what I cherish most

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When we touch
I feel something happen
When we breathe
All the world is humbled
Stay with me
As my heart surrenders
Comfort me
As I fall apart

When we flee
Darkness brings us release
All you need
You can find it in me
Stay with me
As my heart surrenders
Comfort me
As I fall apart

Written by Janetta's Grandson Mac.

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prayers on mute

Some of us are built 
For harsh conditions
Suffrage held
Within a wicked vision
Reprimanded as a man
How can your father reprimand this hand
Discipline disciples 
in a cycle that would not turn in sand
Held in Carthage 
A piece of a Martian
Some say I’m soon to be departing
Pieces of gold in a bronze room
Shining through chivalry and doom
Sterile silvery praising a ring for the groom
All prized possessions of doubt now loom
Pushing the broom
On a straw bed 
Don’t u love this coon
You can be kind to the cruelest person
And at the end of the day 
They’re still cruel and worsened 
This worlds got to end
No sanctuary circles my morbid realms
I’m away from peace
And aware that it will never cease

Only time can stop me now 
Wishes sealed over a candle in a darkened hall
Head down I just might die on this wall
In this race I’ll survive somehow
Only time can stop me now 

I’m so scared 
Where are your prayers
I was so scared 
Why weren’t you there
I’m so scared 
should I have been spared

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Wake up and Breath again

God gave us a reson to live
He gave us life
We could return the favor
He gave his son for our sin's
He brought him back to
His son our savior has walked among us
Wake up
smell the air
Take a second
And breath again
Wake up and Breath again

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On this Life's sorrowful barge I doth float

On this 
Life’s sorrowful 
barge I doth float 

Much too 
much a traveler 
Alas too far 
from any 
hearing and 
caring Being 

me not 

Hamming distance
in the 

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"Holiday Hell"

Bells will be ringing
Blaring inside my head
Another Christmas is upon us
Welcome's a Holiday Hell

In stores for hours looking for that special gift
Everything's picked over, knowing you should of started in September
In line for another hour
Surrounded by people who act like they have the holiday cheer

Snot nose children are crying
Wanting things they don't need
Parents last nerves are pinched
No money in wallets, craving a stiff drink

Ungrateful family members
Gather around and b*tch
Look at the presents you bought them
With disdain and that look "Exchange or money back."

Bells are still ringing
Pounding inside my head
Christmas is definitely here
Everyone welcome the Holiday Hell.

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For Chris

As all things pass, you must
   Beyond, no earthly future lies
No limits be secured

Chosen by the hand of God
   You pass before our eyes

With arms outstretched, we reach
   To hold you back

In looking back we see ahead
   An emptiness surrounds

How fragile now we feel
   The clutch of sorrow's bounds

With time strength will return
   And clearly then we'll see

The message of this mournful day

For we, too, shall pass dear Son
   And with you, then, we'll be 

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This poem

This poem could have healed,
Could have done anything,
If it had been revealed,

This poem is lost,
Between two pages of an unknown book,
Maybe indefinetly tossed,

This poem is constricted, binded by society,
Yet freely sways like the tree it once was,
And its open minded artist bursting with variety,

This poem is me.

By Janetta's Grandson Mac

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They Fight,,, 10-13-08

they fight all the time.
they fight and it never stops.
they fight and it never gets better.
they fight and it always gets worse.
they fight til they're blue in the face.
they fight til i can't stand it anymore.
they fight and i cry cuz there's nothing i can do.
the fighting and the crying never stop.
there's nothing i can do but pray.
they're always fighting.
it won't stop.
they hide it so well...
the pain they're in...
it's like they've never fought before...

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Like Father Like Son { Essay }

I know now I'm no longer who comes first
When I stare into my newborn baby's eyes
Dear God show him your love through me
this little bit of heaven I hold in my arms tonight
it all became so clear we're an ultimate team
that cannot be broken for this I vow 
giving you my  love for all eternity 
as I stare and rock you gently off to sleep

tiny fingers curled up to make a fist
 lips curled looking like your mad at the world
cowboys and Indians blanket wrapped around you tight 
thumb sucking and singing sweet lullaby's
I watch you gently close those brightful eyes
wondering was it  me but only in a smaller size
have no worries my newborn son 
your new daddy will keep you safeguarded from any storm

How will I explain the birds and bees
or monsters hiding under your bed that you see
will you take my hand when your afraid of the dark
or be a brave little soldier who's marched off to war
never fear for your daddy will always be here
will ask God to watch over you each passing day
for there's alot of things I still must teach to you
like your abc's and your 123's 

taking you to your first ball game
eating  your first footlong hot dog
cheering for the hometown team
and just recanting the past  when
you were tightly wrapped in your daddy's arms
looking at the world like  you were so darn mad
but fell fast asleep to a lulabys sway
of daddy  rocking his newborn son on that first father's day

Though I  Only Have My Jenny
Would Not Trade Her For The World
But Would Of Loved To Had A Son Also 

Tribute To All The
Wonderful Father's 

Happy Father's Day
RIP Daddy  {1925-1981}



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On The Beach At Dusk

On the beach at dusk,
you say that someone has
thrown sand into the sky,
and please won't I sweep
it away so you can play
awhile longer with your
sand castles and little plastic boats.

You are confident I can do anything,
and, Son, I've always tried.
But even I cannot hold back the night.

Darkness closes in around us,
and for the first time you look up at me,
and see that I'm not God!

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Hard Green Tomatoes

Two boys gathered hard green tomatoes
from their neighbors garden
This would be ammunition against 
unsuspecting cars 
We hid behind a stone wall
A brand new 1973 MG and Bam! 
The passenger door had a Giant dent

We ran up a steep hill
changed our clothes
and walked calmly to the action 
with a football as a prop
My father knew…
He was looking out the bathroom window
When everyone left
he whacked me hard
I hit the deck 
I was 9

Mindless of Authority 
Programming essential at birth

Many years have passed and the boy
now a man is still learning
That was the only time my father showed
me attention

I was just  broken … that’s all
Still am

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to our darling son

God blessed us with a son who is turning four today,
Everyday we see His love in you, true as the purest gem.
from His all knowing heart, His very best He sends,
May He keep you always in his tender loving care.

We thank God for all you our son, we're glad for all you tend,
From a strong yet tender heart and a core that never ends.
As cute as a bug, you are so precious to hug,
A dear child who brings out the sunshine to those who are near.

How adorable and loving with every morn you turn to be,
How charming and exciting as into the big world your eyes peep,
The warmth in our hearts you keep so alive,
Treasured are the memories you are engraving in our book of life.

Our vows we pledge that by your side we'll always walk,
Our anchor we'll throw to keep you safe from any storm,
Our love will nourish you through the path that you will take,
Our promise to cherish that our bond will never break.

When your eyes are shining brightly it is so nice to see,
That one day you will for certain become all you're meant to be,
You are to simply everyone a special little man,
Who brings the kind of happiness that nothing is greater than.

Everyday you bring to us all the joy that life could hold,
you're such a special little boy from the day you were born,
Like teardrops on the roses kissed by the morning dew,
You're the treasure that gives us pleasure in everything you do.

Happy Birthday to our dear son who couldn't be more loved,
We turn to God each day and night to keep you safe and sound,
We join you in your night prayers as to the guardian angel you call,
Please protect and keep your light on for this cute little boy.

May God Bless you our sweet angel
Especially on this day,
You are our masterpiece that only God can create.
And as the candles, your breathe will blow,
Our endless wishes,
Like shooting stars, your life forever will glow.

May God Bless you Today, Tomorrow and Always
In Peace, In Health, In Happiness and In Love.

with love
Mum and Dad

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My Mark

I see you,
thumb in
blankie draped
   your head
rubbing your cheek . . .

And holding
your own
   dwarfed by
daddy hands

comfort zone found

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The Life Inside Of Me: My Blessing

Never thought a life of another would be growing inside of me 
It came as a surprise to me but a baby is not what I need
Abortion is never an option I see, adoption is not where my baby will be.
For the next 9 months it’s going to be you and me.
Having you nurturing inside of me will give me the strength to be strong.
At times I will break down and cry 
Other times my smile will shine.
I can’t wait to see you grow.
To see pictures of your fingers and toes.
You tossing and turning inside of me inflicts pain but that fine with me
Because that lets me know Mommy’s baby is okay.
As your body constantly grow
My stomach will start to show.
Our bond will get stronger and stronger
Seeing the features of your face will excite me 
Makes me wonder if you will have big brown eyes 
Or those of your father
It really doesn’t matter because I will see.
I wonder if you are a girl or a boy.
Will I buy blankets with pink flowers or blue trucks.
With you growing inside of me, I began to think of my importance
How you will be a blessing to me and how blessed I will be.
Months have passed and I can no longer fit my pants 
Stomach sits out big and far
I can’t but think there you are.
Can’t wait for you to be in mommy’s arms.
From here on out you are all that matters to me.

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My Sweet Baby Boy

Had you for just a month,
Only a month.
Wasn't sure if I was,
It was hard for me to believe.
I was happy when I found out,
Glad I had you.
The Lord showed me what you looked like,
Just like your father.

You would've been tall and strong,
Sweet and kind,
Generous and handsome.
You would've been a great person.

I had you for just a month,
Only a month.
You were my little boy.
The best thing I would've never regret having.

Only a month.
That's the longest I've had you.
Turned out to losing you,
From the stress at home. 

Only a month,
And now your gone.
Gone to be home.
Home up in the sky.

Mommy and daddy loves you.
You'll always be in our heart.

This was written for my unborn son, 
Thomas Michael Bridges.

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How long is a long time?
Or: How long is a life?

If one second passes between the end of two lives,
Enough time to see a shooting star
Enough time to feel the change to winter or spring
Enough time to breathe fresh air...
Was not a lifetime lived in that second?


A hand shake,
Shaking and straining to squeeze
That last bit of toothpaste out
For the little brother of a son
Waiting to clean his teeth.
Nerve-racking anticipation but soon
Off to a bedroom one-fourth the volume
And three times as occupied as a sitcom,
No story tonight, sleepy thoughts by streetlight
Bleeding through the blinds,
From a kitchen halved by a fridge
Four times its used size,
And a goodnight,
All fe no male, a hopeful prayer unanswered,
An uncertain tomorrow in a certain tomorrow.

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a midnight wish

There’s a chill in the cold 
And it’s going nowhere 
She says it’s going to get worse 
Before it get better 
But we’ll hold on like stormy weather

If midnight falls then I’m homeless 
She says so calmly 
The winds going to take me away
But I don’t want to go lonely 

She likes to think
That you can carry on for sometime
She marries for the day
But she yields from the moments 

There’s everything you hope for
A map for the road
A picture for your wall
A lasso around the moon
Dawn, she's going to come to soon

She smiles softly
If midnight falls then it’s hopeless
She says so calmly
The winds going to take me far away
But I don’t want to leave you lonely 

She concludes
You can’t take away from a man
What he’s already lost 
But she insist 
That bubble baths and a warm massage
Will take away your Sunday misery

i fear it all sometimes
i hear your screams
and i wonder
if you're calling
but i can't reach you 
no i couldn't reach you
i tried but i just couldn't save you

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The Men's Room

Today I used the men's room. The light was dim and flickering. My mind wondered a bit, then stopped. I remember the flickering light of a prison cell. I was locked in the basement, you know...the hole. This wasn't like the S.H.U. unit, like you see on reality t.v.. This was like the hell hole you see in fiction movies...ironic. I don't think I even had a matress. Just a cold slab of metal, in a psychotic looking cement cell. No blanket, just tiny, circular wholes in a steel door forced me to strain my vision. I could barely make out images behind the opaque, frosted window across the hall. An insane, younger man, in the next cell over yelled, screamed and spat on his only visitor...the psychiatrist. Twenty-three hours and forty-five minutes a day locked in a cement cell with a flickering light. They let me out fifteen minutes a day to walk and/or use the phone. There were maybe five cells on the tier (the hallway). I passed by all five and was handled a reciever through steel bars. How did I do this to myself? How did I make decisions wrong enough to put me in this position. I was there only a week, then transported to segregation.  Seg...this was where they sent you for causing infractions during your time within the prison. I was put in a cell with an asian gang member. The guy looked like a felon.  All tatted up, his face, his arms. One of the nicest guys I met during my time there...also very ironic. He taught me how to "fish" with string torn from a matress or socks. We pulled in food, cigaretts,  all types of things we weren't supposed to have. This might sound entertaining, like I was having fun, but it was the exact opposite. I was bipolar and didn't know. I was getting arrested on a regular basis until eventually I stood in front of a superior court judge who offered my attorney my first plea...twenty years in a state penitentiary.  By the mercy and grace of God I didn't do the twenty years. I actually did very little time, because it was my first adult offense. I was detained in some way for a total of nineteen months. This was my first major incident. I got out, went back, got out, went back. Finally, I was diagnosed as bipolar and prescribed medication.  Unfortunately,  I was so used to acting crazy that it took a while for the meds to level me out. In all honesty, sometimes I say crazy shit, but I never want to see that fickering light again. 

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I am living just opposite to you, closer
So, you are rosy, I am dark
When you sleep we work awaken 
So we are in the bed when you go to jobs

I am living just opposite to you, dear
Reversed of the earth, next door house
That you say good night
I heard good day

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Sledding with Sea-bass

Snowflakes arrive upon the scene

Showing off in grand fashion

Doing somersaults as they approach the ground

My eyes begin to sing!

Coating my city like icing on my favorite cake

Angel food cake with almond butter icing!

One more slice please!

I'll have a second serving!

Soon I'll be at my favorite place sledding with my grandson, Sebastian

Tossing and turning on our inner-tubes at Stubb's Park and sipping on warm cocoa

Snowflakes paving the way for one extraordinary day!

My city iced like the most delightful cake

We got our sleds in the trunk and we are on our way!

For my bud, Sea-bass
Love, g-ma!

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The night lingers for as long as you would
On mine mind, back and forth, with my eyes closed,
You and those eyes, how uneasy I feel,
I kept wishing you'd stay longer, and voila, you're here
In my head, you're there when you're not around,
My special friend, you come over and we paint the town red
Or blue, I love you, pains wishing I could tell you the truth,
I keep on saying stupid things, but I'd rather stop and do nothing,
I'll fare just fine looking at you,

You said, "Let's swim and play with the waves",
Should have "I hope they're strong, I'll be ready and waiting
To help you right up should they knock you down", 
Or something like that, I wished I was charming,
The line playing over and over in my head, would've said it but didn't,
Wondering if I'll have the chance to say it again, though I doubt it.
All good things end,  (I hate that being with you is so awesome!)
I got all teary eyed wishing we never ever had to say...
"Goodbye", dammit, you said it (how I wished you'd stay!)
Alas, I know that it's hopeless, failed to tell you how I feel
And so farewell and thanks, at least you gave me a reason... 

To over-think, that is, of all those things unsaid,
And what should be fine wine sunsets with peaceful thoughts of you 
Turn to crass old beer I'd-drown-the-sad-thoughts-in-my-head
'Til I'd pass out and wake up to the same sad story - 
That I'm here, you're away, and I cannot forget,
Regret - it's been driving me crazy.

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Your Greatest Sin

Please don’t bother
Is what I have learned
Nineteen years 
I now feel burned

He will never see
That he did this himself
He will always find blame
In someone else

So easy to do
To not take the blame
Pass it off
At this point, so lame

I’m angry right now
After we last spoke
Take ownership
It’s not a joke

How long can you go
Doing all that you do
You think you hurt no one
The joke is on you

I’m hurting right now
One day you will see
All that you’ve done
What you’ve taken from me

You’ve taken the love
That I could one day share
To both of your sisters
Who are still there

There for me 
As you have not been
This I do know
Is your greatest sin

And still all my focus
Is right back on you
I wish life were better
But what can I do

You’re laughing and thinking
It’s not a big deal
Reality is
The pain that I feel

The child I knew
Is no longer there
At what point in life
Do you say you don’t care?

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I Dreamed of Jesus

His eyes, they do pierce...
Sharper than the points of the nails
That punctured his hands and feet,
More accurate than the blade of the spear
That drove blood and water from his side.

Last night, I was sitting at a drawing table
(Whether I was writing or drawing,
Or preparing to do so, I do not know.)
In a room without walls with the table lamp on.
Both my arms were on the table top
As light from the west stretched shadows
To the east until they were no more.
His figure drew near, but He was not alone.
Mirjana held his left hand like a royal.  
Her hair was up, and she was in a long gown.
She was enveloped with light like one of his angels.
Her facial expression was that of Eve in the arms of God
Being carried to Adam, who was about to be touched.
When I looked at Him, it seemed my eyes closed;
But His face still came to me.  Through my eye lids,
I surveyed His image.  It was the whitest white
Mingled with the gold of sunrise, translucent 
From head to toe; He was floating toward me
With a smile on His face.  His hair was long and brown;
But the light made it look white;  His teeth were straight.
His full beard appeared like his hair, and then...

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Russet Skin

Russet Skin 
Figure clad in white 
Soul clothed in white 
Body soaked in wine 
Youth entrenched in mind 

Foreign name on paper 
A specimen of mystery 
Unseen splendor 
Timeless experience 
A living dictionary of life 

Your body, scarred by time 
Face disfigured by “love” 
Hands scarred by money 
Hair, grey from thoughts 

U have lived a millennia or two 
But your origins, 
Not a soul knows 
Some say, “Descendents of David” 
Others, “Remnants of Solomon” 

They have dug out graves 
Gone through caves 
Climbed up Kilimanjaro 
Even looked into the Nile 

Some look up to the stars 
& talk about, 
But No! 
You are son of the soil, 
Daughter of the sand 

Mother earth breast fed you 
Father sun baked your identity 
Ostriches are raised for you 
Cattle Slaughtered 
For your honor. 

You are a black man 
Born of AFRIKA 
Blessed by the stars 
Cloned by the night 
Rise above your feet 
Be proud 

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Angel In Disguise

A woman had a child
The child was unexpected
The father wasn't happy
He did nothing but neglect it

The father up and left
After his little son was born
The mother cried in disbelief
Because her baby was deformed

The mother plead god with questions
Of why her son was struck with pain 
Yet every time gods answer was
"You'd still yet more to gain"

She never understood those words
Till her son had finally died
The boy she raised to be a man
Was an angel in disguise

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 5

My first happiness
True happiness
I was pregnant
Rasheed, my husband, was pleased
He wanted a boy to replace the son he had 
The son that had drowned
He was careful with me
He took me to the bath house once
I bled
I lost the baby and every child after that
Rasheed hated me for it
The beating started
Nothing was right
I tried
I tried so hard.

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Graveyard on two feet.

She walks alone
down a busy street
Fear painted on her face,
and blisters on her feet

Car horns are honking
People bustle by,
Not seeing the brokenness 
of the girl at the traffic light

but they wonder why...
but they wonder why...

Such a beautiful girl 
is alone in this world
No one to pick her up
when she's down
No one standing by her side

When you look in her eyes
you see the fear that's inside
her walls come tumbling down
but you'll never get the chance to see her cry

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listen, my son

listen, my son
to the wind's unspoken words
(as subtle as moonbeams)
carried on wings of the birds
for no man made pleasure
can fill a man's soul
no synthetic sunbeams
can pay heaven's toll
so, listen, my son
to your young beating heart
authentic and fierce
you've held it right from the start
so, listen
so closely
and never forget
that a father's great love
(for you and forever)
has never compared
to a Creator's love yet.

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Spinning Head

As the music is playing
My head is spinning
The notes of the guitar 
Seem to pierce deep inside

Wrapping its icy grip
Around my heart 
And tug tug
On my heart strings

As I sit alone in the dark
With the cold air of winter
That drifts through the  cracks
Cracks of the house

I imagine a better time
A better place in my life
A time when the sun was shining
Down on me  and warm smiles 

The warm smiles of summer 
Were all around 
I guess that's why
The expression is fair weather friends

When the storm brews 
In the distance 
The first sound of thunder
They scatter and leave one alone

Alone as you were at the start
In the end we're all alone
And no one will ever be standing by us
Just us and our maker

(This is not mine but my grandson who lives with me and suffers from depression. His name 
is Cody Waldrop.)

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The Missing Piece

She has always loved jigsaw puzzles
as far back as he can remember
she gets at least one a year
and leaves it on the kitchen table until it's done
she gets the 1000 piece puzzles now
her latest one is of lighthouses

They talk a lot on the phone
he started college a couple months ago
she loves to hear about his day
anything, everything he does
it doesn't matter what they talk about
because all she really wants to hear

is his voice

"I've been working on this thing since August"
he can tell she's really irritated
"1000 pieces, and I can't find the last damn piece"
he tries not to let her hear him chuckle
she has no idea how funny she is when she gets mad
it's November and after all the time she's put into it
she's sitting there on the other end of the phone
totally pissed because one piece is missing
"And it's right in the center where it's glaringly obvious"

When he walked in the door, he could smell the pumpkin pie
it was great to be home for Thanksgiving
he almost fell over when he came in the door
because she ran through the kitchen
and threw herself at him, laughing
and crying, and he spun her around

She's so happy he's home for a few days
he's going to help her put up the Christmas tree
just like they've been doing for years over the Thanksgiving holiday
she's also hoping she can talk him into steam cleaning the carpet
and replacing the balcony screen door

"Tomorrow I'm getting the turkey in early so we can eat by noon"
Any time was fine with him, as long as he can be here
"I'll make you a sandwich while you put your stuff away"
He walked past the kitchen table towards his room
"And if I'm lucky, maybe he'll find that damn puzzle piece" she mumbled under 
her breath
With his bag slung across his shoulder
He glanced at the jigsaw puzzle
"That's great" he thought to himself as he noticed

The center piece isn't missing anymore

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My Son

Enticing skies course to dim as summer’s florescence gives way to winters tint.
Eyes dry up as rain takes its course and somehow my heart still travels its current remorse.
My naked arms betray my might; there empty space remains reaching for you.
The weeping dust as thick as fur as nothing shifts, just consumes the flying moths about your room.
My solitude pushes my strength to the ground until in my head your voice resounds.
Dreams come like visions as I wake, too loud like the television you bleared so loud. 
A crisp can be heard dropping on carpet that makes no crunch, yet in the swamp of silence small sounds become tall.

Pictures remain splattering the walls but fingerprints fade, as I will to you.
Through memories, I’ll be a face, an un-known the future will replace.
My gentle song and silent whispers will be the joy of another who answers you wishes.
As days turn to years and fly so fast, my son to me they will be like minutes that drag on and on.

My precious boy who held such short time in my sight, will last an eternity in my memories and I shall still hug you in my sleep and I shall still sing there and when I wake you will again be a shadow of loss from my past.

But in heart, I can keep you.
In soul, I can still hold you.
And forever I can love you,
                 My Son. 

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Why is there a light?

On a night so cold
We have heard the Angel's on high
A Christmas concert memory
Our Ride home not yet complete

My Son so precious
Beaming through a frosted window
Out of his babe mouth......
"Why is there a Light up there?"(on a pole)

My mind on the road ahead
Not giving a thorough process
the words from my mouth....
"Why to show where the pole is"

My son so sweet
Looking with innocent eyes
Continued his words with.....
"Why is the pole there?"

My brain still focused on driving
Not following the last request
my words flowed from the storage
"Why to hold up the light"

My son so tender, quiet for an hour
Then laughed out loud......
"Does God hold us up?"(as the pole)
"While we Shine to show where he is?"


Athena Charlotte

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I Got Dough {Solfege}

Do -  do   -        a female la beer
Re -  re    -        a drop of re beer
Mi  -  mi             without my mi beer  
Fa-    fa -           place to drive to get ti beer
So  -  so   -        you ran out of mi beer
La   -  la   -         la de da la de da I'll wait for la beer
Ti  -    ti    -        spilt spilt ti beer so no more more of la beer

Do - Do              Do la la think I'm sexy after about six six so beers  LOL 

Got Beer !
Over The Lips Thru The Gums
Look-out Stomach Here It Comes LOL

Also Entry For Izzy Gumbo's Solfege Contest

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Only a mother can feel him cry

It doesn’t make a sound
his world is turned around.
His heart, it hurts…
The mind, fragile with thoughts
friends don’t know
they see a young man.
School of taunting
He's overwrought
begging for free thought.
I feel it, you’re screaming inside
Pleading, just make time go by.
Bullies don’t hear you
they don’t care, they want you to suffer…
His cry’s they don’t make a sound
Time and time again, his screams for verbal freedom
Are bound!
It doesn’t make a sound

A Poem for “Sounds of a Cry”

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Good Afternoon to you God

Good afternoon to you God and your son Jesus too,
Millions and millions give you thanks as they say grace.
Asking for your blessings upon family and friends
We are taught these things as a young child.
You are the one and glorious God in Heaven above.
Guarding us with Angels, you send from your abode.
I am sure; I am not the only one, who you have seen today.
I truly do not know how I would react in your presence.
But these words that follow are what I hope I could say.
My heart, always warmed, by just the thought of you,
I feel more then blessed that you gave your Son for my sins.
I too ask for blessings for loved ones and family at times.
I also say to you my God; have a wonderful day and more.
That your days and nights, so filled with peace and love,
That you are protected and cherished each new day,
That you are not forgotten, ever; upon our planet Earth,
Along with all the planets and worlds, you have created.
All the creatures that we take for granted every day.
Each new day I am honored to share what you have given.
Though I know I am a sinner, I know that so many times.
If I should happen to be worthy of your forgiveness divine,
These things and more would I pray that I could give,
Possessions mean little to me, this I know you know.
Money, only needed in the life we have here on Earth
You have given me enough to live each day in peace.
To allow my giving to others who had less than I do.
You my God have been so gracious to me in the past.
My spirit and soul is all you want, I elatedly give to you.

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Welcome Back Child

The tears of her heart began to fall
In pearl like droplets of pure rain;
Words cut like sabers caused such pain,
Eyes shot daggers, backed against the wall,
It seems you hate without cause.
Patiently, she takes it all in stride,
As a mother, stands e’er ready 
Welcomes you back from the dark-side…

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Chico the Wino

He drifted into town one day.
We didn't ask his name
Or where he came from.
(Some guessed way up north.)
They called him Chico the Wino.

We didn't muse or ponder
That he was some mother's son --
Jack or Joe or Jim or John --
Who went over there
And couldn't go home again.

We didn't know what he did in the war
Or what the war did to him.

We were just boys
Not quite men,
But he let us be his friends.
He was old -- maybe 25.
His hair was thick and white.
We marveled at that
But we didn't ask why.
His skin was smooth and tan
Except for a circle
Where a ring had been.

He wasn't melancholy or grim --
He could tell a lie or spin a yarn
Or joke and laugh with the guys
 (Except for his eyes)

We found him one day on his cot
Clutching his last bottle of Muscatel.
In his other hand an ancient tin
Crammed with medals
And one golden band.

Somewhere a mother mourns
For Jack or Joe or John or Jim --
For the son who went over there
And never came home again.

Somewhere a young bride
Touches the pillow where he had lain --
The lover who never returned --
And weeps for what might have been.

The mother's son,
The young bride's lover
Were lost far away
In a violent land
And now Chico the Wino
Has at last found what he sought;
His war is over; Peace is bought.

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He 3

Our flag crumbled the fell crushing its HONOR.
We the people felt humbled, not swell lusting new power.
TRUST finally gave way, now tragically lost.
For more dust we pray, even knowing the cost.
Confused because facing two separate ways,
   RESPECT was desperate and left in a maze.
MORALS were abandoned, now new trends left free to spark.
The moon's royals became short handed it only stays dark.
In the end our PRIDE, it was drowning.
As we the people cried, ( please no frowning ).


this poem of the future should be read in a chant form.


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Lost In a Crowd - 82nd Airborne

Letter to Kim

We were young lovers, you played a game
I am leaving my love; take with me my dream.
Your magical charm is sweeter then wine.
I am yours; I am yours; not sure, you are mine
All longings are still; I don't know what to say.
I don’t know how to leave; I don’t know how to stay.

I am lost in a crowd...far, far from home
like a golden ray of a fading blue moon,
memories and moonlight enshrine your face,

your laughter, your tears in a far away place.
I count the stars in an alien land
and dram of the gentle touch of your hand.

Tonight on guard, time is walking so slow.
A teardrop fell in the silver-white snow.
In reaching his goal, a man travels alone.
In a far away country, I am dreaming of home.
Life is a task! Love is to blame,
when in search for an answer I hold on to my dream.

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Which Son of Eve?

If you were to be a son of Eve,
which son would you be, my son.
Which of the two are you most like,
           according to deeds done…
               …which would you be, my son?

Are you most like Abel,
Serving  and obedient to the Lord,
Is this the one you are most like, my son
Willing to take the risks of life
         To  do the  right for the Lord, 
        ….and to serve your soul, my son?

Or are you more like Cain,
Envious, selfish, and revengeful, my son,
Is this the one you are most like?
Not willing to change for the good
        Without guilt to inflict pain
          ….wandering aimlessly, my son

You know which I would choose for you
Which life I would want you to live, my son,
But the choice is  yours is to make;
It is your life that you lead
        Your consequence and your reward
           …your salvation or your ruin, my son.

But, remember you are not a son of  Eve,
You are forever a son to me,
No matter which son you would most likely be,
I will always be there with you, my son.
            On your journey of life
                …for you are a part of me.
Godspeed to you, my son.

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Time's vacation

Spring's here.

Birds sing as they flutter.
Honey drips from the sky.
Plants explode like champagne.
Sun penetrates my soul.

It runs like a river through my veins.
Flushing out the winter frost.
Barbecues drift through mossy fences.
Invisible pleasure sifts past me.

Time slows down, practicing for summer.

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The Angels Hover

The angels hover over you as you breath, as you sleep.  
They rejoice over every breath you take as your lungs expand 
with and expel the air.  The window of Heaven is open as the angel 
of the Lord encamps around His chosen.
None are more precious to Him than they... His Son asked His 
Father if this flock could be His... His Father said yes, "but you realize 
what this will mean."
Jesus told His Father, "but see, they are everything to Me also, 
let this plan of their redemption and their salvation be because they 
are worth everything to Me."
"Because You love them so much my one and only Son they are 
Your inheritance, Your portion of all there is that you see.  Whatever 
is Mine is also Thine."
When His children are in that other state of being, when they are 
in that other place they cannot ever look away from their Lord and King.
It is likened to a groom who has taken a wife.
The match of a lifetime where either spouse cannot look away, 
both are apt to blush because of the forever eternal honeymoon
that they share.
That's why the Love of our lifetime is always by our side because 
He is our groom and we the Church are His Bride.

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Sibling Bond

In a moment of passion
He seek to do righteous
Torn by temptation’s lust
Sibling bond keeps him near
The path of destruction

Looking at the forbidden fruit
He plays with fire
Ignoring the flames that burn
Sibling bond like crazy glue 
Is hard to part

Will he win the war within? 
The battle with right and wrong
Spirit forces tugged at his heart
Sometimes the son of righteousness triumph and
Some days the son of unrighteousness is victorious

Whether the right or the wrong one will prevail 
The one he nourished will reign as king over his loins

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For my children

You are the beauty that I see from my love.
You are the prayers answered from God above.
You are the sea that rolled like thunder.
The hope for me to not fall under.
You are the air that keeps me alive.
You are the reason that I thrive.
Hold fast to memories made 
just between you and me.
Always knowing I will love you endlessly.

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My Son to Come

Arrange rays of sunshine 
to make my son shine 
with light or dark he is my heart
although his existence 
is just a figment. 
I count the days until his age. 

One, two
then he'll learn to tie his shoe
three, four
and he'll learn to build a fort
He is not here 
but my heart is filled,
with love for him like no other

I am his mother

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she defeated death

She Defeated Death
She should have left the city when the chance was there.                                                                                         
Before the Nazis came, closing the noose.                                                                                                        
She has so many regrets, except on her actions.                                                                                                     
Now she's at the wall, the reasons crystal clear to her.                                                                                                            
Some things are priceless, unique.                                                                                     
Like you my dear, now against the wall.                                                                                            
Your dark brown locks hang by your shoulders,                                                                                       
your pretty eyes scan the heavens, still defiant.                                                                                                                        
Your lovely beautiful face stern.                                                                                                     
With death bearing down upon you, victory is yours.                                                                           
Crack go the rifles.                                                                                                                   
Your murder witnessed by the shot down RAF airman.                                                                                                                                                                                                           
You, the heroine, when the others were silent.                                                                            
Imagine your legacy and what you stand for fifty years from now.                                                                              
That matters.                                                                                                                        
Though I don't know your name, I remember you and what you died for.
(dedicated to an unnamed woman that a shot down RAF airman saw executed by the Nazis)

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My Mister

My mister is so small still,
Cries for me when he falls off his bike.
Training wheels still in place,
He races down the sidewalk. 
Mario Andretti on two wheels.
And I race toward his tears, his little bleeding knees
From where I stood feet away on the grass.

And I want for him to slow down. 
But now the training wheels have been removed 
By his father when I was gone for an hour
For milk and cumin for soup.
And now he is popping the front tire 
And jumping curbs
Because he is truly amazing.
And I do a great deal of breath holding,
Atheist prayers to a nonexistent God
From where I sit on the front stairs.

And I want for him to simply slow down
As he races through the street,
Wheelies, look-ma-no-hands, side saddles.
And I have images of him crashing onto the side walk 
Cracking his head open, bleeding the pavement red 
Which he doesn’t do but which could very well happen
And I remind him of this risk 
With shouts out the screen door.

I want for him to wear the helmet
Which I provided for him and strapped under his chin
While he grimaced and pushed me away.
Hanging now by a nail in the garage
A relic of some time long forgotten
When I still hoped I could protect him.
And he just races away
And I stand looking out at him through the window
With no choice but to watch him go.

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Mothers screaming
Daughters watching
Fathers leaving
Brothers waiting

And for all the things we do 
Nothing is accomplished
And when you think about it
All we do is kill

From straight lines
And single shot rifles
To hiding in bushes 
Waiting for the enemy to go by

We become more aggressive
In unholy acts of power
For Power, Wealth
Superiority, and Revenge

Now Its high powered rifles
Anything goes and the past is forgotten
We watch the casualties mount
But we can't stop the flow

Only one group suffers 
Through all of this
It's not the government
The men or the enemy

The only group that suffers 
Are the ones screaming
And the ones
That watch

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Involuntary Release

Remember those days?
When you though I’d let go
Of the love that I had found
In you, I believed in myself;
The dreams that made me smile
Continue to befall upon my conscience.

Then, suddenly, we were lost;
No map for the memories
We kept for each other;
It is gone but
Why does forever last so long?
It doesn't seem to exist anymore.

A sight not to be seen
By sore hearts that silently
Cry in the night;
Remember those days
When we used to act 
The pages of our lives?
So pure in our thoughts
But never perfect.

So when can we see
The broken shards fly
Out of existence, once more;
It used to be so easy
Leaving the bygones in refuge;
The logics are befuddled by
The wondering mind working overtime
To save the strays of justice.

What momentary gesture 
Lurks behind those orbs of emotion?
Is it too hard to ask
To contain the rabid fear
Maddening the black lies, forlorn;
Throw away the forsaken gratitude
Of a happy life now morbid.

Here, take it back;
No more, no lack
Of intimacy shall cut
Through the skin sewn shut.
You were a fever
Destined to haunt forever
The tidings of my heart.
Lest I tear you apart,
I will remain
Bound by your chain,
Condemned by the both of us.

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Whirlpool of Sorrow

Pulls the trigger…
Blood and nothing else…
Screams, shouts, horns
Rain, wet, soaked

Ringing bell,
Cheerful faces full of hope
Colorful clothes, bags, umbrellas
 A worried look, anxious to get home

A cloaked figure 
With malicious gaze
At the passersby
Crawls into darkness

A ringing sound…
No movement, no answers…
Answer machine mourns
Over the sad message

A shaken figure,
With torn clothes
Holding the last drops of money
In her clumsy hands
Falls into a drunk pit
Calls out for her son

Knocks on the door…
No movement, no answers…
A piece of paper
Words shrouded in sorrow
Waiting to be read…

Cloaked figure reaching into his pockets
For the little pink and blue boxes
Tears the ribbon…
“Oh … a silver ring”
“Oh… a teddy bear”
The bear soon finds itself 
Lying on a pile of trash
The ring glowing in a shop window

The worried face reaching the doorstep
Afraid to knock
To enter
To call his mother…
A note awaits him
To take him deeper into 
Whirlpool of disillusionment

The shaken figure has managed to get up
Fumbles in the darkness of water
For her dropped coins

The cloaked figure is at home now
Stretching its evil feet on the sofa
In his cozy house there is fire
Dancing flames of warmth
Ensuring him of his happiness

The worried face is now drenched
Not with the rain but watery lavas 
Of his volcanic eyes

The shaken figure is on her way 
To her home
Where her son may be waiting
For bread and butter
Their royal food!

The worried face hears 
Knocks on the door
Rushes to see his mom
“How should I tell her?”

The shaken figure comes home
Only to see her son with 
A mourning look
No need to ask 
No need to say
Sorrow has devoured 
The only possession left to cherish

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She told me quietly

"He will hurt you"

But she also said that the energy that

surrounds and protects me is

the child that I gave birth to in the last life 

and is waiting for you to

find a suitable mate to

step up to the plate.  

Fill that plate

with fruit

fruition and the nutrition

that will bring new

life to this world and 

our lives.

She also said that

the sky is green and birds fly upside down.


This energy pertains and is

sustenance for

a family kind of life.

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My town

You know this town was everything
My momma, my girl
Her diamond ring
From birth though, this was the world
The world, again my everything
I lived my whole life
Anger without fraction
With all the words I said 
A tone, but no ration
I just want to have a peace
To settle my mind
One gun shot, bloody weep
didn’t come in time
Like I said to my wife
I destroyed it, last call
I ruined the life
Of my son, dead for all
And even at the end
I still try so hard to stall
God, but where to begin

Just a bullet in my brain
Removing the curse
Chilling the pain
Please better not worse
My son you see
My son knew
Dead nodding at me
Its not true
He no, cant be alive
Its not real, not real
Blast myself inside

He’s so afraid
I know my better   
Cursed parade
Boom bloody white sweater
Say that he is he
This is not
Not what I was meant to be
But down, down I go
Gun in hand out the window
I think I should frown
But no, I fall
Fall to my town
My town for all

But am I better dead
Well I think I am
Up metal to head
Against skull a bam
That sound
I hate the scream
Repeated over and over
Wait what, a dream
Oh man, what a day
Or I guess a night
One more check, down hallway
I see sleeping son, blessing sight

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a letter to a broken hearted mom

Why do you cry,why do you cry mom
You don't to cry no more,I'm luck to have
with out you I wouldn't be living,you gave me
I don't want you to suffer no more over us now
even though I had sadness in my life with out 
I still love you.
You was in my heart for so many years,all my birthday's
graduation for high school, but i always had a empty heart,
thought never seeing you again was madness,
I heard of stories of you,to me you was a mire shadow to me
and was it really true I had sisters,was it a lie
Or was I just stringed along like bait.
my heart struggled for so many years,when my dad said you
left and didn't want nothing to do with us.
I was angry mom,my hatred towards people was bad
and my hatred towards you was in point of hatred and sadness
I felt like I had no where to go.
but one day my aunt sat me down and said don't hate your
she told me always remember you and make her proud
but my words to you mom is
mommy i'm ok now,your son is ok..don't worry no more  

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Point of view

The old man sits on a bench in 
the late afternoon sun 
his walker nearby,
his little dog, 

the last day of summer
they watch the line up of trucks 
coming to retrieve their
boats from the water
as the sun crawls
towards the sea

Like the tide, 
the same people who 
lined up in the morning to launch their boats,
now line up in the afternoon to retrieve them 

Someone says to the old man, 
they must truly love their boats

The old man replies, 
once, I loved my boat
I remember being on the water in the sun,
breathing the sea air, feeling the wind
and the spray of the water on my face,
feeling the force of the waves, 
the pull on the heart to the open sea

Feeling the anticipation
of the day, the chance of it all,
the good and the bad;
dry feet or wet clothes,
an empty net,
or a full belly

And the freedom
Oh, the freedom
I haven't been on a boat in so long,
that I can't even remember 
when it was, son 

I miss it so, but I'm happy
just that I loved it once

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There's a spot in my life that's 
been void filled and I cry with
a morbid intensity when I think of
him as I do now. He's healed
something baggage born so I can
leave it in a waste basket. I can
stare at his innocence for hours and
plead for his happiness in all that I 
dosay--I double dare to be all he
sees and desires not to dread. Swim
pool water eyes glimpse his face, his
manner mighty in cause and jolly at
what his fantasies are. I've not missed
anything so like this moment that I
carry his picture, his soul, his incarnate
within me---at all times. Worthy worry
span my capabilities to challenge me for the
"mirror mirror" my reflection is his
reality; am I ready for/to be the casual
task bearer for him to model to be
himself and unlinked to the scattered
Sociopotpourri he's likely to ever encounter.
Not to shield or shell his karma
Not to woe in his wilfulness
Not to denegrate a copious freedom format
for fatherson ambigupatriarchophobia decline
but to hold him to my dear heart chest
to die for him in allways to make him
at no cost in allways a human being.
a Bull for all seasons. I love you Evan.

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Man, if she could be the one

Tell her you love her,
reassure her
Hold her close and cuddle her 
Treasure her

Go see her, 
no matter how far away she lives
Always make an effort
let her know she is worthy

Let her know 
that she is beautiful to you,
worthy of your love
Hold hands and kiss her

Be unpredictable 
send flowers, love cards 
tokens of love, letters
and appreciation

visit her when sick
Be there for her always
Hold her when sad or upset

Do not be afraid 
to show your feelings
Nor share your hearts desires
Share secrets with her

Spend time together,
relax, have fun and laugh
Give up your seat,
tidy up and play your part

Open doors for her
Guard every word and breath
Make sure she gets home safe with a call; 
better still see her home to the door

If you’d give your life for her 
die for her, defend her, protect her
Then wait for her,
however long it takes

The sex can wait
Man, if she could be the one
with whom to share a life-time together
Respect her …

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Please Lord: A Soldier's Prayer

Please Lord: A Soldier's Prayer

Dear Lord,
Please tell my son that I was sorry 
that I was not there when he was born
Tell him that missed his first step and
the first time he said "dada"
Tell him that his first day of school was a
story his mommy told me in a letter from home
Let him know that I wish I could be there to play
catch with him on a hot summer day and I will not be the
one to cheer him when he pitches his first no-hitter.
I will not see the light in his eye when he brings home
his first of many true loves
and I will not be there when he finally chooses the one
I will not be there to hear his son scream
at the first moment of life.
and "papa" will not be there to hold him.
Dear Lord, please do not tell him that you last saw me
I was laying face down in Iraqi sand stained with my blood
but make sure to tell him that with my last breath I said for
you to tell him that I love him.

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Dakota's Poem

I am finally home with you...
To show you Mamas love is true...
I love you my baby boy...
You fill my life with motherly joy...
I am sorry I had to work so many years...
I wanted to take away your fears.

Now you are eleven years old...
Your eyes tell the stories told...
You had me believing that Benjamin Franklin 
got eating after he died...
I really didn't know you lied...
So I had to read your book...
As you and Daddy smiled with a look.

You bring such smiles to my face...
I love you my son with all your grace...
When you sing to me I love to hear your song...
None of the lyrics seem to long...
You are my precious baby boy...
Thank you for bringing my heart such joy.

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My son was one
My one son is one no more
My daughter was two
And her sister was two too
At five they were so alive
All seven around the dinner table
At eight it was already late
And to bed they had to go
The one that was six
Got in a fix
Got in a bind
We lose and we find
We had four of one kind
The one that is one no more
Is with the Three
At heaven’s door

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No Mommy

Sleep tight, 
Without fear, 
There are no monsters, 
Under here. 
No, mommy, 
They fill my head, 
When darkness comes, 
And I'm in my bed. 
Oh, child, 
How sweet you are, T
hat imagination, 
Will take you far. 
No, mommy, 
My dreams are true, I
f only, 
You had a clue. 
Darling boy, 
I see it all, 
Now go to sleep, 
I'll be down the hall. 
No, mommy, 
Why can't you see? 
In the end, 
You'll kill me. 
In a week, 
You'll be mad, 
And tell me, 
That I've been bad. 
You'll take a knife, 
Slit my throat, 
But in my dreams, 
I'll escape by boat. 
Oh, silly boy, 
The things you think, 
You can't escape, 
That boat will sink. 

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The Calling Sun

These walls are blinding,
Holding no reflection, 
Revealing no tone, shade, or hue.
Swallowing all life and personality within.

These walls are weighted with sadness and neglect.
Wonders and horrors of the world barred off.
Alone she sits, needle at bedside.
Along with the spark in her eyes this four-cornered room has long since gone dark.

Her sun once brightened her world,
Illuminating the four-cornered abyss.
But alas, the night always comes for the day's bright sky.
Alone he sits, at her bedside,
He's lost her again hasn't he?
Day breaks, the sun is rising,
A little boy calls for his mother to come home.

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The Complications of a Son

Correct me if I’m wrong but is not love built on trust?
And if love is built on trust, do you trust me?
God teaches us to look past ones actions,
Yet you continue to judge.
I work so hard for a sliver of your approval,
Only to be crushed by my own imperfections.
If you have taught me one important thing,
It is this:
You are my mom,
Not my friend.

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Somebody stop me, or The way of the respondent world to be, I hope

I will keep this one simple as it invovlves one with love
to get the full impetus this song fits like a glove
I am a lover, or prostitute/giglo of love, but a guitar 
reigns all and rises above all. Thank God for Youtube and the offerings
it promotes from a antique man that its presents promote. So much I have l
istened and so much I've lost to vinyl, tape, 8 track and more than it cost. 
Whatever the measure the venue that speaks is all that ask for and all that
bequeaths. Way past, past, pre present now forward, lends ears to all measures
that motivate pleasures to all that appreciate without no man clatures to ageless
yea man playtatures. Music is all to one and all rergardless of age and for one for all.
My middle son suddenly I heard him of Frank like I did as a boy in Ohio a dank. Is there 
something to astrology, heredity, DNA, that speaks to the aforementioned
in a word yes foretay. Hidden, hiding, promising, pre emienent, ever prominent
evasive, compromising maleovenent. This is where parental promotion is prime
where u forget about convention, discipline, and sublime. Letting them be, 
and be and be be, without social shitface premises to see. My sons r the greatest
as they think unarraigned,unassigned, unhinged, to favor fathom their existance
in line to their own place in the present time/place/passion position equitible
and free forth coming to a future fashion fusion frankness filled with
love, caring, forgiveness, and global nurturance for all things human. Yea, 
right. It is possible if u drop yr ego and give yr other other self half a f-ing chance.
 A mirror works both ways my friend.

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' The Baby-Talk Song ...'

‘ The  Baby-Talk  Song … ’

It’s Been 30 Years Ago …
But the Memories are Starting To Flow
Going Thru These Newborn Clothes …
Oh … How Fast Children Grow

You Were A Beautiful – Baby Boy !
That Teething Cat, was Your Favorite Toy
You Were Precious to Your Dad and Me
As Was Your First Words … in The Nursery
goo-goo  ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo  ga-ga    Ma-Ma

We Tried to Get You to Say It Again
So We Could Bragg to All Our Friends
You Were The Apple of Our Eyes
Going:   goo-goo   ga-ga

We Loved to Hear Your Baby-Talk
Especially … at Your First Baby-Walk
Going:     goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

… Laughter; Tears
Curiosity or Fears …
Always, Tell Us What You’re Trying To Say

… New Things; Mistakes
Triumphs or Heartaches
We Just Love To Hear You Anyway …
Ever Since:   goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

When ol’ Burke, was Put to Sleep
You were so Hurt, You wouldn’t Speak
I Said:  ‘Don’t Be Afraid To Cry …
‘Cause I’m … goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

And The First Time You Came Home High
Hanging with the Wrong High-School Guys
Daddy Explained, it to You Best …
He Helped You Get Out of Your … Mess
He wasn’t Shame and Here’s Why …
‘Cause He’s …  goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da

Laughter; Tears
Curiosity or Fears
Always Tell Us What You’re Trying To Say …

New Things; Mistakes
Triumphs or Heartaches
We Just Love To Hear You Anyway …
Ever Since …  goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

… Pa Took Pictures of Bride and Groom
You Held Her, Like Your First Baby-Spoon !
… Now, Today … Our Family Gathers ‘Round
Overjoyed … At Your Baby’s Sounds …

goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma
goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

for: ('Great' Aunt –(smile) Carolyn Devonshire… 
Who just told me she’s doing 
Baby-Care Duty for Newborn in Family
A Precious Time Indeed
… I Dug This One Out (smile)


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Mothers, Sons, Drugs, and Rum

Death's a bitch,
I was cheated by wrath,
Don't follow my path, 
No matter the itch.
I'm protecting you,
From the events to come,
Mother, please listen,
Put down your rum.
Dad always said,
To love and learn.
I'm your lesson,
I'm your happiness,
I'm your cries,
Your constant yearn.
We'll get through this,
As we always did,
Just when Dad left us,
I was only a kid.
Worry not Mother,
All will be swell,
Do it for me,
Life is yours,
Time will tell.

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My Baby Boy (Septet)

Devil in disguise
Yet this boy is so caring
He is also so considerate
He’s a diamond in the rough
My athletic boy
Proud of him

Septet syllable count is 3,5,7,9,7,5,3, unrhymed

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a beautiful life

A beautiful night
In the blue skies I die
Why I try to better your cries
A beautiful night
In the truth I strive
For what I realize 
In this beautiful night

A halo of dreams
It all comes to end 
And when my balance offends
My decisions to blend
There is no escape to pend
Whether or whether not I bend
To mend with days of disbelief
The failures I achieve to circulate and lead
The hemp around my neck may bleed
And when I have found my peace, I leave
Keep my determination at my sleeves
The facts at the end of my beard I scratch
My spirit and soul seem to be at a mitch-match
At twenty-two it’s a catch
The cache is you’re twenty-two
Which means it resides within you 
The memories of the holidays I wished to pursue
Broken news is nothing new
Ever shall I do 
Emotions are a motive
Purposely affiliated with going unnoticed 
When on all your desires you seem to only focus
And against the wind 
You assume you can maneuver some hocus pocus
To become a Brutus locust 
You assume you can shoulder us 
Out of proportion you can only folder trust
Hold out for a colder thrust
I told her I must 
Her own passion out sold her for lust

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Remebering Michael

It's been 17 years since I saw your tiny little ears your precious little fingers five on the left, five on the right your adorable ten little toes... You were so little the day you were gone Your three sisters are maturing into young adults looking at them I wonder who you would have grown to be... I miss you and think of you daily how I wish I could hold you tight one day I know we will be together the day my life ends on earth and begins in Heaven... Until then my beloved son I love you just as much nothing has taken my love away not even your deathly depart... You're forever loved... Michael Thomas Gosselin August 1994

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With much efforts and tolerance, he created me,
like a bird making its heavenly abode upon a tree
he later sculpted clay and became the universal potter,
and then i was blessed with my son Adam and Eve, my daughter!
they were innocent and contented like a devotee in a temple,
but soon marked my downfall by eating the forbidden apple!

Today my heart is bleeding the blood that nourished you,
oh!its the dumb sore of your daggers its true! 
you have constructed skyscrappers by trimming my hair,
my fields are becoming deserts but none to care.
You've made polluting factories to satisfy your needs,
Oh! you forgot its these gases that your earth breathes!

you've drilled holes in my heart to run your cars with my blood,
but my son these are melting my hands and ill result in flood.
my veins that irrigated your farms and quenched your thirst,
are blocked by the garbage that you accumulate on my crust.
you've made colonies and marked boundaries amongst you,
Once there was only swords and now there are missailes too!

Oh! I am helpless, i can't oppose,
but will you survive, if I die suppose?

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My Son

I love you, Jonathan ~~~~ Sometimes I look at you, Full of wonderment and grace. You came from two people who Loved you and were always amazed. Your beautiful eyes are full of green, Like the meadows are part of a scene. The mind you possess continues to grow And expand all the while, this I know. The excitement I feel inside myself, I know you will go on with style. You are special, talented, and smart, Always answering my questions with a smile. Now life goes on and soon you will leave. But, I know this and you believe Wherever you travel, whatever you do… My heart will always be with you. For you are making your dreams come true......
~~~~ Dedicated to my son, Jonathan Holly P. Moore February 2011

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the traditionalist

throws down his coat in the 
puddle, always wraps his arm 
squeezes her in public, goes to
church on sunday, shows her off to
his mom, takes her to his favorite bar,
lets her wear his sports jerseys, 
considers himself “the provider,”
considers himself “the head of the house,”
considers himself 
at the peak of his masculinity---
has a big gun in the crib, has a big truck in
the driveway,
tucks in his shirt at all times
except on weekends,
wears shorts & has a perpetual beer in 
hand on saturday---
reads the bible like he never read it before,
or the torah, or the koran,
but never wavers from the three so as to
not seem
plans a wedding in the Spring,
accumulating the bank for a rug rat in the
move in with her,
move with her from the apt. to a house,
move from rent to a mortgage,
got a lil’ green lawn that he cuts when in
his shorts/beer on Saturday,
flirts with the MILF across the street,
gets a dog & talks to him more than
“his woman”---
uses the word “*****” 
more frequently, as the wedding grows near,
then abstaining for a clear month just before that
“blessed event”---
puts up a white picket fence round his lil’ lawn
when they get back from the honeymoon &
after she finds out she’s pregnant,
he sits down to write out what his son will become,
because that is what works with the plan,
he’s got to have a son,
because there are things that he didn’t take the time
to do,
which his son will do &
there are things that he had a short ambition for & then wrote off,
which his son will run the long run on &
accomplish &
if she has a daughter,
well, then, she will have 
another & if she won’t, if she can’t,
he’ll “convince her” or he’ll 
trade her in &
as his thinking begins to grow darker,
as he begins to spin his webs 
behind the television that’s always on &
the white picket fence,
he’s just perfectly ready to become a father,
to condemn someone who
never had a chance.

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The man with the plastic bug in his head
monopolized my dreams last night
in the place that the horsefly of my dignity
finally surrender to the impresario without a fight.

Seven days and 7 hours transplanted in my memorabilia
reminding the rustiness of the purple child
flatterers danced beneath the clouds of melancholy
and morality spreader the master plan inside my mind.

The disinheritance of my immortality the final day
discouraged my desire to see the forbidden love
restored my will to escape
manipulated the deep of the uncertainty above.

Released from the plastic bug in my head
try to cover my yellow child in the purple sky
seven days and seven hours before he dies.

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i wish

I wish life had a backspace key,
One that could only be found,
Inside of me,

So I can start to hit the button until,
I'm back to a fresh page of life,
And have had my fill,

I wish stress had a volume knob,
One that can suppress,
And stop my silent sobs,

So I can twist to a more silent serenity,
Live life on life's terms,
And be happy for the clocks infinity.

By Janetta's Grandson Mac 

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A beaming reflection

Precious little flower of
or is it; 
shining little star
so bright 

Yes to my surprise
here you are,
a gift from Jehovah
all for the likes of I,
to teach
to hold
to love
with all of my might !

Oh precious little
all the glory to Jehovah
and many thanks to His Son
Jesus Christ !
Yes, there is the greatest
love of all !

next is ours;

a beaming reflection
of the light

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Son with the  Air Force in Korea

As a child
you drew boats and ships
and kept their shapes in mind
while you were growing.
Large battleships safeguarding
a small boat
sailing fearless wayward
on the high seas.
Now you walk the actual steel
and feel real salt against your face.
I pray
for the continuing safety of 
your sketched harbors

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It's All I Can Do

I’ve been told don’t bother
Don’t waste your time
He’s too far gone
It’s the end of the line

He has a father
Who will not come through
His time is done
His son he will rue

He will not waste time
On his only son
He spent seven months
And now he is done

So I tell him
That I need to choose
I have to live with myself
Only one will lose

Our son will lose
If both of us turn
Away from him
And all he will learn

If neither of us
Were there for him
What does that say?
And so I step in

I know it looks bad
The choices he’s made
But I will not give up
My love will not fade

I need to be there
And let him see
He has someone
It will always be me

I will be there for him
For all of his days
And then perhaps
He’ll see through the haze

The haze from doing
Everything wrong
You won’t touch feelings
Inhaling a bong

That’s what he does
Every day
Not in front of me
I won’t have it that way

But it is being done
It’s in his eyes
He can’t hide the effect
He can’t hide the lies

Of telling me
He’s no longer using
You’ve been arrested twice
In one year? We are losing

The connection we had
When you were once young
Is what I want back
And where you belong

Into the arms
Of the mother who had
The child of her dreams
And then he went bad

But there’s good in you
This I do know
I know your heart
And all you can do

We hold each other
You cry in my arms
It breaks my heart
You cause your own harm

But never think
That I won’t be there
You are all that I am
Your pain I will bear

If it one day helps
To get you through
And past this time
It’s all I can do

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Poets Anthem-------VS--2--& Chorus

close yours eyes let me in your dreams
to skinny dip in a mountain spring
i'll lay you on a blanket baby, i'm your king
a fetish for one another
time is on our side
my hands in motion
you come alive
turn around so i can see into your eyes
i want to catch your reaction when i push inside
our bodies close
the time is near
this is the moment we both have feared
love is intense
the clouds have cleared
in the shower water trickling down our backs
listening to R-Kelly as he spits a bumpin' track
our tongues interconnected
the water continues to pour
grab the soap and lather every inch
our bodies wet
steamy and slick
which direction do you want it baby
take tour pick
position myself we both are lit
coming out of the water we are quite clean
but the love making mood is strong
our steaming bodies everlasting
this, our passion song


i dream in the future us having a kid
at that time living in the same crib
like a prisoner taking a shiv
that's how i feel when we're apart
when we met i felt that spark
fell in love, you made your mark
i dread the day if we were to part
lets get rid of these thoughts 
we are together forever

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The ghost must live
in a different time zone.
Or it waits until 
just before dawn
to make its rattly noises.
They live in a yellow hive of four
in the old wooden house
where the snow comes early
north of where the long trains go.
They live in a blue
knot of three, spiring
in a Vancouver tower.
We are two
green on an eastern harbor. 
I can only
hear the breathing.

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The Song of bangle seller

The Song of bangle seller

He sings in all nights to his crying son
to sleep with smile and to forget his mother
Though he is a poor bangle seller
his  poem will be too high and luxury
There he compares his son as a prince of his empire and
he leaves his son with the angles to take care
Many plates of royal food  will be waiting for him but
his prince Plays with them to his fun
His princess will be from that heaven and
She will bring moon and stars as her gift to that life
River from the Himalayas will come 
to wash his palace and his dishes
Rain will shower milk to  their bath and
Clouds will come to wipe his wet
Breeze will serve as his maiden to blow air
There his son will smile as Prince of the world
Sun will come and raise him from the bed and
Larks will play wakening notes to his wake up
There he stops his poem  and goes 
to have his own meal from  his broken pot
He saw his sleeping son from that corner  and
Pleasingly went to his bed with peace

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father paint me a rainbow

A seven year old boy and his father are going away for the weekend. 
The father notices the look in his young sons eye, when he tells him they are going hunting. 
The sparkle of adventure that captures his eye, roaring in like a lion.
The energetic pumped up child so eager to go. The boys father gives his mother a kiss as
he always did as the two of them leave the house, she watches them load up the truck with
everything that is needed to make this an unforgettable trip. The father and son sit there
with their riffles loaded and ready to go. The wind blows through the young body of the
boy as it rattled the leaves on the tree, on this cold crisp October morning. The son
looks at his father and asked What is the meaning of life? The fathers look and expression
was speechless and he did not know what to tell his young son who was full of like and
needing to understand. All the father could think of to say was you'll find out someday
when you are older. 
Your answers will be painted like a red, blues and yellow rainbow. When the time comes
you;ll understand what all the colors stand for. A father and son go on a hunting trip
years later as an old man and now grown with a family of his own. Nothing had changed
between these two men even years later. The same two men sat under the same tree where
they had carved their initials into. The son turns to his father and says "I know what the
meaning of life is!" 
For my wife and kids are the red, my job sand friends are the blue and you and mother are
the yellow. You guys gave me life, put me on the earth to find out for my self that my
rainbow is painted forever in my heart where it can grow.  

cory long

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Pulled in two
Not sure what to do
One a friend and lover
The other I am his mother

How do you take sides like that
Him calling my son a brat
No I wont see it his way
I wont give in not today

My baby may be hard to deal with at times
But you know what he is mine
I did not ask you to be his dad
And if you can not deal and have to go I wont be sad

My boys are first no matter what you see
If you try to make me choose you will be set free
I do not have to have a man in my life
I had one like you that why I am a ex-wife

So do not push me or try to pull me apart
Cause I love my boys with all my heart
If you care at all you will understand 
So please do not try and force my hand

You say that you love me 
And happy is all you want us to be
Well darling see here is the deal
First I am a mother than a woman that real

I will not play games with my kids hearts
Its them not you who keep my world from falling apart
So if you love me they come to
If not than sorry I do not need you 

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To keep the sun to our backs. (This epidemic is epic!)

I can finally believe that the sun shines beyond those clouds
To signal the end of the shade 
Uncovering the world’s insecurity’s

If we can find solace in somebody we’ve never touched
Their words enough to give us hope
In a hopeless race
The means to turn the page
And start the next chapter of the book
To move on holding hands

Marching as one into the sunset
Into the title waves
Into the hurricane
Making the best of every moment
Dancing in the wind and rain

To move on hand in hand

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Release Him, memory of Uchy

Release Him (memory of Uchy)

BORO's 6 foot angel  son  father  brother  friend  cuzzzz
sweet devil
lay to rest  
red white blue 
you know  boricua style
at it's best
corners  blocks  towns  cities 
OUR WORLD  won't be the same
whispers  pounding echoes of  your name
of the blazin   rough ridin   drinkin game
call the mayor or even the prezzz
Uchi Way    Uchi Ave    Uchi Court    Uchi Road    Uchi Boulevard    Uchi Street
drive by  
blastin  fist pumpin  head bobbin
not skippin a beat
BORO'S 6 foot angel  son   father  brother  friend  cuzzz 
sweet devil
lay to rest  
red white blue  
you know  boricua style
at it's  best

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Padded cell

He can drive me crazy
Sometimes he is so lazy
He is disrespectful and rude
Never get enough food

He is thirteen 
A high strung eating machine
However He is also my baby boy
At night he still sleeps with his stuffed toy

So yes sometimes I am lost and scared
Cause with a teenager my life is shared
But I will do what all moms do 
Put up with the teenager who should by all rights live at the zoo

If you have one you know what I am saying is true
If not than lucky for you
And those moms with little one beware
The teenage years have to be handled with care

You will go crazy with worry and stress be put to the test
And you will have days that are the best 
Just remember that they are still your little angels
Just now they have horns to hold up their halos

But do not let me scare you please do not despair
They do make great coloring for the gray in your hair
But don't think when nineteen hits you are though
I am thirty four my mom says I give her gray too

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Lonely and alone, single now with the children my only comfort and yet a reminder.
The divorce a tug of war between me and her for what once was mine, I thought.
My heart lies languid and still a deep dark mountain pool, without flutter or ripples.
The waves and white water emotions will come flooding in after dark.
Our little ones must not glimpse in me the ugly cuts and scars of your infidelity. 
 I force myself into our once cramped now too empty bed.
 I can now cry quietly in solitude for love and affection like a wounded animal.
I silently scream to be touched, to be reached for, and to be desired.
I miss you I still love you I would forgive you I still want you, Joe where are you?
I hide in the shadows of my despair, dream of killing her, torturing painfully and slowly?
I’ll be gouging out her eyes with one degrading glare a smile and a snicker.
I’m gutting her slowly with only the nightly beckoning of my little finger.
A tryst in the Sykes parking lot in the back seat of our car inches from your son’s safety seat.
Pass a silent gift a potential killer and ruin her womanhood and child bearing potential, almost taking her life.
Rip apart her family with whispered AM phone calls and PM come hither stares.
Strip her self-esteem and ego depositing them without remorse in a blender set to puree.
I would do to her all that she has done to me and more, I am lonely, alone, single now and only them to thank.

                                                                 Summer Gratias

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My Dad

I look at my dad and don’t understand
Why are we so different
He’s always in a rush and seems stressed out
I just play with my toys 
Sometimes he yells when I do something wrong
I have to stay in my room
He leaves early in the morning to go to work
I don’t see him all day
On the weekends he makes me do chores
I don’t have any fun
Once a year he takes us on vacation
Oh I love my Dad

Now I have grown and it all makes sense
I have become him in every way
I’m in a hurry, stressed out, and tense
Work to the bone still can’t get it done
Why can’t it be when I was young
All I remember is all the fun
Playing outdoors under the sun
Laughing out loud with everyone
If I had a choice to be old or young 
It would be hard because of my son
I look deep in his eyes and see myself
Thinking why are we so different
This I cannot answer nor can he
And perhaps should not be asked
But just enjoy every moment… as time goes past
Enjoy every moment… as time goes past

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Scratches On The Wall

I contemplate often,
How everyone seems to be going a little mad.
But then I think: It's not possible for everything to be crazy,
So perhaps it's just me.

Sometimes I hear things they don't hear.
They say it's not normal.
But surely the voices inside my head
Are asking me to listen.

You lose track of the days here,
Whether it's morning or night,
Just a lonely red dot in the corner, blinking,
Monitoring, observing, intruding.

I wish the walls were more colourful 
So I could feel a little less like a corpse in a white coffin.
It's suffocating. 

I count (but what for? I don't even know when the days start and end) down with marks on the wall,
In one of the corners. 

There are a lot of lines.

Maybe one day they'll let me out and the voices will stop. 
Until then, maybe I'll ponder a little more about whether or not I'm just a little crazy.

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The Price is Too High

When I put my hand to the wall.
I can feel young soldiers as they fell.
I seem to be viewing hell 
as only the soldier can see.
Knowing full well
that all I can be
is thankful; 
because of them my land is 
still free.
This grief attack 
I’m fighting back
No small price to pay.
O God, bring my son back,
Even at the price of Liberty.
I need him here with me. 

No, I don’t have a son in the war and I truly ask 
God’s blessing on the families who do.  No, one
can freely give a child up for any cause.  How can
we blame or fault someone of the persuasion of my 
poem.  Gratis to all who believe it is God’s will 
when sacrifice has to be made for the right cause. 
© Apr 11 2010

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The Mother

Sad hands
soft sighs
Felt a loss
Her son away now flies

Alone and feeble
A scrapbook on her lap
Because she can't get it back

Elementary Photographs
2nd grade
Proud of the Boy
And the progress that he made

High school Basketball
6ft 7inches tall
Mom took a picture
Forever displayed on Bedroom Wall

Son moves away
Just got married the other day
The mother called
Two voices had a lot to say

Missing Boy
Now D.A.
Time is gone
Then is Yesterday

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Oh, my little boy is dead

Oh, my little son is dead
They killed him in that war
That has nothing to give me

Oh, I love my boy
The only I gave him away
Like a bad father
I cannot believe I let him to go

He's there somewhere in cold
Without I give him a funeral love
Why I have to do that
To let him to go without me

My little son who dead
At that awful night
And alone and tells to the moon to call dad

Oh, God I rebound you
Of my boy's death

I have to run far away
To throw myself over his dirty body
Of my boy's death

Who killed him having no heart?
The only one I have
Where can I find one?
As my little, handsome king's boy

Oh, my little tiger where your body
Has been thrown away?

My son you heard me
Tell me where you are
Your dead body or alive
Help me to find him
Please God.

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Soggy Rings of Victory

early Saturday morning
I wake up to
coffee brewing and
cartoons blaring

making my way into the kitchen
I hear Looney Toons
from the living room
and the shower running

I quietly enter the bathroom
smiling and undressing
to surprise you

pulling back the shower curtain
with the Technicolor duckies
I find our son in
full snorkeling gear
desperately trying to sink
an entire box of Cheerios

I grab my robe and
head to the living room
to find you laughing
through your Cocoa Puffs at
the hilarity ensuing on TV

after a quick good morning kiss
I lick the dribbled milk
from your goatee
and head to the kitchen for
that much needed coffee

before my first sip
our son emerges from his adventure
covered in soggy
rings of victory

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[her foreign language]

    her foreign language
rubbed my chest to 
empty my lungs of recent
smog. glazed eyes begging her
to close them.    to help.
         each word danced 
its rhythm, silhouetting
mockingbirds pace their
movement into my
ears. vulnerable lids try not
to shut.    makes it easier.

“And if that mockingbird   
don’t sing  ”     ()

               she promised a lot. promised to
show me what it feels
like to smile. that lobe to 
lobe smile.   and she worked to 
keep it.

                     she worked a lot. lived by
paper week to week. but
we didn’t notice when
she cuddled next to the cold imprint
where he, where we, where I
used to sleep. we didn’t notice her
tears either. we were already
taken away by her song.

    she cries a lot now. sixty minutes,
half-a-state from embrace. her song, 
still as mystical as years back, when my feet 
reached three squares down. mystified.

          still, through distant words I 
 need her song to put me to 
sleep. to fill my lungs with life. and
grace me with smiles only deserved
for a son.
     for her little man.
    for her only man.

“ Hush little baby don’t 
say a word       ”    ()

()->  traditional verse

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Dual Failings

The sins of the father 
Are visited upon the son
But the failings of the mother 
Come calling as well.

I hear the blows land 
From down the hallway
Helpless to intervene
Powerless to prevent them.

One decision from the past
Haunts everyday.
Reiterating my dual failings
As both a mother and a daughter.

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Missives from a Pessimist

My youthful friend, when I was a lad 
such as you, I was dismayed to find 
that running a stick across the lathes of a fence 
did not make music. 

My hopes were the regular beat of a stick 
on slats would compose a song. 
It scratched the bright, white paint of the pickets, 
it oscillated my hand, 

it made a noise equal to the rhythm 
of my steps but it did not make music. 
Remember this sad story, my young fellow, 
so that you too will learn; 

life’s expectations should not be too splendid 
for I fear you will find it is the only 
means by which your disappointments 
are diminished. 

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Teen's Court in Section

Entered the court hall at 8:30 a.m.
Sit and Sit and nothing began.
Every name called as I patiently waited.
I was beginning to wander was his name on the slate.
He was finally called at 11:15 a.m.
The judge acknowledged mom and the charges were read.
Nathaniel tried hard to plead his case.
The judge listen closely but would not break.
“I’ve given you chances time after time.
Am I crazy or are you so blind?”
You’re going to school and not learning a thing.
Disturbing others and causing a scene.”
The public defender tried to speak up for him.
Wanted the charges drop so he could remain free.
The judge stood his ground and would not bend.
Looked at the mom and said, What should I do?
Mom help me out, I need to hear from you.
Mom spoke up -He did break the rules.
He made a mistake with the choices he made.
I can not uphold him in the wrong that he done.
He must learn from his mistakes although they were wrong.
I will agree with you Judge with the decision you made.
Nathaniel dropped his head to the ground.
He needs to learn this is his wake up call.
He will be detained thirty days in juvenile hall.
He will go to school there and bring up his grades.
Learn to make wise choices was what the judge said.

 11-30-07 took the papers back to court. Nathaniel thought he was going to come
home…Wrong….He did the he must do the time. Tough Love..It hurts but he must
learn from his mistakes.

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the beginning

A final song to sing
Life is getting hard
Not a thing you can do 
Day dreaming
Thinking of what tomorrow may bring you
One more song to sing

Voice of an asylum forager
Choice to become a cultural voyager
Pictures are taken
But perfection is split and edited 
I move mountains if I could
But that state of mind is not understood
The price you pay 
For having a small paradise in hell
Like loving a widower 
An Achilles with a sense of compassion
Minus the expense and lashings 
Was going to sell my bed to pay rent
Some of us appreciate the absence of zero
But no one truly admires a fictional hero
If all A is B and all B is C 
but doesn’t equal something
Then C is the unsound value of nothing
An outcast because I have a sense of morals
A list of things to do, plural
Only in triumph
Will you find a cure for your fall
Hitting walls in my mind
Did you forget you were human
Brush your hair away from your eyes
For god doesn’t cry
Poets getting scarce 
I’m starting to paint
Portraits of where you are
I’m beginning to faint

Ask your lord for help
No Mercy
He’s not listening to you
Enjoy your final breath
Are you worthy
The worlds a fast place 
But you’re in no hurry
I’m alone
No tomorrow 
To reach for
And I miss you

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Damn shame

                          It's a damn shame they say honor thy parents

                                                But I had none

                                     They shot my only love grandma

                                                   In a drive-by

                                               Now I'm all alone

                                        What a shame bout my pops
                                              Rolling Stone he was

                                             sucka was never home

                                             Even in heart and soul

                                              What a damn shame 
                                            Wanna talk about Shame

                                           How about my sista Trisha

                                                   A junkie a ho

                                         Was found two years before

                                     sprawled on some basement floor

                                            What a shame what a life

                                       God Oh God I want to blame you

                                             Lord I want to cuss you

                                        I want to ask why why why me

                                            But can only blame myself

                                              As I sit here in the joint

                                    Staring at these walls and my thoughts

                                                 Doing twenty to life

                                         have no pity my little brotha man 

                                            You see you have but one life ..

                                                      One damn life

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Sunday Carolina

My life’s apart 
My toes I’d touch 
But I could do 
Without the rush 

Midnight calls 
Again Liquor’s saved my day 
I see you not 
I guess I’ve lost my way 

Morning comes 
My coffee’s stale 
Let us 
Check the mail 
The door bell rings 
T-shirt with no jeans 

No class today 
Wide awake 
And I might not 
Last the wait 

This evenings cloud 
Have shaken my doubts 
I wonder 
If I’ll ever make it out 

Home from work 
Dreary eyes 
I lost my paintbrush 
In my shirt 

I’ve spoken soft 
Worded cloth 
But my quill 
Has written dry 
And to my dreams 
My days 
Might not say goodnight 

Lost my wave 
Astray in change 
There’s no tempo in this trap 
I am in dire need of a nap 

"Her songs after brunch"

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A Song

A Song from my book in progress - The Boatman’s Song
Its part 1 to 26 already on Poetrysoup.

NOTE:  For my Poetry Soup friends: I may not be posting any comments and new 
Poems from 18th Feb onwards owing to a minor eye surgery I would be under going
On 19th or 20th. Feb. As such I hope to resume my writings around Feb. last. Till then
I would be taking a short leave from all of you. With love……. Ravindra

A Song 

O beautiful indicator of the season of Vasant*
How blooming you feel in the wake of spring
My heart is still in the grip of autumn
Trying to wipe out the hidden agonies and pains
I am waiting for the clouds to shower some rains

O beautiful indicator of the season of Vasant*
The Earth is spreading its beauty in the colors of spring
And yellow flowers of mustard are singing a tune of love
The Sun has started spreading bright light on everyone
To wipe out some of my agonies and pains
I am waiting for the clouds to shower some rains

O beautiful indicator of the season of Vasant*
The colors of Holi* are waiting to get mingled in water
And the beloved hearts are trying to embrace their lovers
Dipped with the heart touching color of Tesu*
Which arouses powerful sensations in every lover
To get lost in the arms or dreams of their beloved 
To wipe out some of my agonies and pains
I am waiting for the clouds to shower some rains


Kanpur India  15th February 2010

*Vasant = Spring
*Ritu     = Season 

Holi*     = Color festival of Hindus in which water colors made from flower
               Tesu only used to be played to truly celebrate Holi. Use of other
               types of colors are a distorted form of Holi and should not be played.

*Tesu   = A natural flower which leaves its colors when dipped about 12 hours
               Have a beautiful enchanting effect on the skin and mind of its players. 
               Now very rarely used during Holi in India,  but it leaves a lasting 
               impressions on the one who plays Holi from Tesu colors.

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Here in my driest days
I can’t complain
Holding on 
To a piece of home 

How late my brother sings

As I wash my face
I put my hands in place
Inside my window pane
A perfect picture plain

How late my mother sings

How I wonder when
If when, this season ends
As I sip from my coffee cup
This fragrance loses touch

How late my brother sings

Up and down 
These county roads
Snowflakes tease
My driest palms
Within your hands I place 
My purity as a man and race

how late my mother sings

"songs from insomnia"

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Dock Of The Bay

Back in the summer of 69
                            I remember sitting on the dock of the bay
                                     watching the boys of summer
                                   build their love shacks love shacks
                                    girls were playing twister and
                                   sipping on pina coladas all day
                                     feeling kind of groovy  groovy
                                    I couldn't get much higher higher
                                     with these such good vibrations
                                     from the summer in the city
                                     way down in Key Largo
                                watching my beach baby beach baby
                                           from the dock of the bay

Just Something I was working on
for a song Used all summer songs LOL
Hate to see the summer fun end

This Song Is Written By Me 
And Now Is It Is Published Thru N.W. Alabamba

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THE SENDING saying goodby as teen leaves home


The Teen, smiles 

with bag in hand, tickets for escape
       Anxious to stand in another hall
       Anxious to eat the junk of college life
       Anxious to sleep in another bed
       Anxious to discover the embrace of sweeter younger arms

The Parent, smiles

with bittersweet baby memories flashing, Fear choking words, Stoic shake of hands


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Lullaby of my native mother

Lullaby of my native mother

Aahraro  Aahraro My dear son
You are born to rule this land
with love and everlasting peace
Aahraro Aahraro My dear love
sleep my son by closing your floral eye lids
to work for this land and to your people
Aahraro Aahraro My Sweet honey
Talk my son to write many new epics
for enriching your mother tongue
Aahraro Aahraro My beloved soul
play my son with lions and tigers 
to fight with the cruels and devils
for establishing the empire of peace
Aahraro Aahraro My rising sun
wake up my son from this bed of poverty
to pave the way to our prosperity
Aahraro Aahraro  My sweet memories
work for peace of this world
to raise this world as heaven
Aahraro Aahraro My dream product
work in the fields as much as possible to you
to eradicate hungry from this world
Aahraro Aahraro now you sleep my son
to realize all these in your life
Now You Sleep my son as a sleeping Ocean

[Aahraro   Is a word Used by our native mothers to make their children to sleep]

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Mother! Mother!! Mother!!!

Mighty you are with others,

Your son is in another man



Your beauty as wide as 23, 074.425 s.qkm

You lie between Latitude 4.29 north and

5.49 north equator

And in this mountains comes

Him that enslave your son


Exploiting, ranging and making

Empty in the sun.

Brother (Bakassi) your brother

And sisters, cry, fight, fast for your

Freedom from Friends


Labor hard us eighteen but your

Slavery made us seventeen,

Mother was not bless with children

The family tight is high


Your sacks are in a located Sister.

Mother your son is not like a

Doctor that goes out, not

Coming home.

Mother, mother bring brother


Back so he can pay our fees.

The son of cross River and Calabar River

Grand-son of the Atlantic

Come back brother, come back.

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If they knew

Watching his son build a castle
Watching his wife as she laughs at the ocean
What would he do if they found out?
If only they knew

That he fathered another child
How there once was with another woman
Not a wife, just a partner
If only they knew

Would his wife still stand beside him
Would his own son let his dad tuck him in
Would they move away from this nightmare
Move away from what they become

Would he ever tell them?
Could he face this battle alone
Would he want to take back what he did?
Did he really regret what he had done?

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Behind the Wallmart

on rolling hills they were laid
given a tomb stone and honored grave
up right and at attention
all standing in formation
on peaceful and silent hills 
they laid
in rows, government issued graves
a place to stay until Resurrection Day
a place with a Name, on visitors day
a place to put flowers
or drop tears on a grave
they lie there waiting, still serving
as hero's are laid
on the rolling hills of Jefferson Barracks
cemetery they lay

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Fluttered by on angel wings 
only moments did you stay 
a dream never fully realized 
but a gift never so precious 
wouldn’t trade a moment 
not a tiny instant 
the blessing of you 
altered eternal 
heart branded by your love 
forever changed by you 
all too soon called home 
premature departure 
nearly ripped me in two 
but I know it’s not our end 
there’s no doubt to be had 
no our story's not over 
we will be together 
I'll hold you once again 

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Found Object

Objet Trouve*

diverse assortment of art
on the stoop, enticing allure
bright clay pottery
welded lawn ornaments
photographs and paintings

             inside the gallery
             traveler's treasure trove
             time slows, snail-like
             eyes dining, sumptuous feed

walls, steps, tables
crowded with creations
eloquently speak
     the artist's message
snagging emotions
     louder than words

son's poetry penned
     honoring father's sketch
childhood memory
     treasured tree house

             Instant Sale!

*Found Object

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When they are little they make such a mess
Then they get big and cause such stress
Why do we love them so much one might ask
Because they love us and need us I guess is the task

They are bright and playful and so much fun
It is like spending your day in the sun
Always changing and learning something new
Time fly by as they do what they do

From new born to adult hood in a blink of a eye
Like watching the clouds fill the sky
What will they become when they are grown
What seeds will flower once they are sown

Will they be okay alone out there
Your heart will despair
You will teach them all that you know and can
Then you will let them be a man

It is our job as mothers to cry and scream
It is our hopes and our dreams
To see our little boys grow to perfection
Under our loving protection

But sometimes I wonder if I can pass this test
All I can do is hope for the best
My boys are half way up the ladder now
But some times I wonder if I will know how

To let them go into this big world alone
I just hope they remember what they have been shone
Since the day I brought them home with tears in my eyes
My Darin boys have made me sigh

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Great Hunter Son

Great Hunter Son

This morning my son, his wife and I went walking for a short while
Didn’t make it too far, my son and wife spotted a pheasant
He got so excite he had to ran into the house, took out the 22 aimed
Then had to trek through the deep snow to retrieve it
He then gutted it, now we’ll definitely have it for supper on Sunday
Now all I can call him is my, “Great hunter son” he sure knows and shows
Great ability to take care of his wife and her soon to be baby to arrive.
My son Peter is truly a well gifted young man in everything he tends to do.

Written: 2/4/15

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Prelude to abrasion

Of all the things I could mean
The little dreams we come to be
Beneath the porch lights dim
My mind begins to wander slightly grim

And if you can’t help me seem
A little less worried now 

I touched your lips this morning
And walked out on life
Broken beneath a crush
I sat out all night

And if you can help me sing
A little less worried now 

Up and against the dawn
If you could help me settle in 
A single gasp to bring me to my feet 
No reasoning beyond this measurement

And if you can’t help me seem
A little less worried now 

Dianna, sweetheart
They let me know of your fatherless damn
Your savior, your breaded Jesus
That’s not who I am 

And if you can help me sing
A little less worried now 

"Articles from a revolver"

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A Place Called Hell

They tell me to just hold on, everything will be ok
But all i can think is that they've never had to live in this place
What they call my ''home sweet home''
I call hell
This is a place where ill never have the chance to be myself
Im stuck in a world where everyone around me thinks they're perfect,
like theres no wrong to anything they do
So i just try to tune them out
I stuff myself inside this little box where only me and my son can fit
No one can see past my smiles and laughter to this pain im feeling inside
Its like on the outside im all happy and smilen'
But on the inside im screaming for help,
but no one can hear me
Im stuck in this world all alone 
this place aint reality i just want to go home
Im just waiting for the day where i dont have to wait ne more
And when it gets here i swear ima RUN out that  door
With my son on my hip and bags in my hands
And i promise you 
these people will NEVER see me again
They've pushed me to the very end
I hate the thought of being here for 2 more years
But all i can do is cry these unstoppable tears

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S p inning

The pieces of 
In my hands

To the pulse
Of your being

My fingertips

The anger
That threatens
To kill me

Beautiful land
Just enough
Of enough

Full coloured

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when he has had enough

when Gods son is tired when the Holy Spirit has called when Jesus comes back to earth the protected will be gone Jesus may be calling he will soon have had enough we will be freed and let go from the bondage Satin has put upon us. protector angels defender souls are now watching and keepin us safe but Gods son will soon be tired the Holy Spirit will soon call Jesus will soon return and the protected will be gone.

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Dear Killian

Dear Killian     

Though you and I have had it rough at times
I must thank you for the way loving you has changed me
You proved to me that a mothers love knows no bounds
And showed me how strong a mothers love for her son can be.

I dream of the man that you will become someday
You are truly one of the best things in my life
Tears well up in my eyes because you are growing up too soon
In strength and spirit as well as weight and height.

Know that blood carries no greater worth 
Than the pride and love I carry in my heart for you.
In every success you have, I share your joy
When you need me, there is nothing I wouldn’t do.

You have proven to me that I can be strong when I need to
You have taught me how to want to rise above
Because you take up such a warm place inside of me
I would be lost without a son like you to love.

Your humor, and your thirst for knowledge amazes me,
The love in your eyes for you family brings me to happy tears.
I’ve never known a greater or more fulfilling accomplishment
Then watching you blossom over and over through these years.

I want you to take my love with you wherever your life takes you
Don’t be afraid to grow up, because that won’t mean our love is done.
I will continue to walk beside you no matter what path you take.
I will always love you Killian, because you are my wonderful son!

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My baby girl! (For my mama's love)

As we sit here on the couch
In each others arms
We wait an see

Do we have that spark?
You know the one that all are friends are fightin to.
For, Bore the one we can create

That little smile on your face
The glow of the morning sun
God your so beautiful
That look on your face makes me fly

You make me wanna cry
For all the little things you do
For me, you and for my mama too

You know that 's the reason i get up
Only for you
Boo, my candy so sweet can be sour too

So please don't leave
My morning star
My one and only
the only one i can realate to

Is just you
So let's recreate
The way people look at the world
Our world, the one that you created
Just for us
If you must, know
I am the one you can cry for, too and forever more
You are my baby girl!

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I found the power to turn beauty to a pig.

As we sit at the edge of the bridge
Do you expect me to jump?
I found the power to turn beauty to a pig
and my methods are out of control.

I only pushed you away cause I love you.
I only hope to satisfy your smile.
In a world with endless possibility .
Is it possible to make this worthwhile?

Maybe I fight because I'm used to playing the victim.
Either way what kind of savage am I?
I'll put this switchblade through my  neck.
If I knew it could keep you from crying.

I Love feeling sad does that make you sick?
I find love in being sad haven't you noticed.
I love feeling sad does that make you feel sick?
Now step away.

I only pushed you away cause I love you.
I only hope to satisfy your smile.
In a world with endless possibility.
Is it possible to make this worthwhile?

The dawning of the last day was a massacre.
Is there nothing I can do to make this right?
I eight balled the neglected.
and I wonder why she hates my eyes.
No blood loss nothing left to lose.

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the dancing machines
please stay away from everyone's knees
you very nasty


Please please please
stay away from especially
my knees you very nasty 
and honorable theives


so please fly off to those daisies
for these these these are the only way I want it to

{ bee's }

Little Song Jenny And I came Up When She Was 4 LOL 
Thanks All For Stopping

Also Entry For Matt Caliri's Contest
Funnest-hardest Poem Ever

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First Trial

He says we must take up our cross
to follow him and that his yoke is easy.

One must hole back the rushing river
made from desire melting at the peak.
Standing, awaiting, the wall of water.
To hold it back. To keep it from allowing to grow
terrible and evil things in the fertile soul.
Yet every moment, the weight increases.
The Son melts the cold, hardened ice
to give the soul liberty from its threshold.
Eventually, at long last, it lessens.
The soiled water begins to evaporate
as the Son continues to work.
It heats the water asunder into ether.
The fist burden is through,
but what water passed through your grip
has begun to cultivate evil below.
Evil that grows in the soul
is tougher to destroy than
that of the infertile peak.

Alas, another trial awaits.

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A Night To Remember (continued)

A Night To Remember (continued)

Quick, turn off the light.  Don’t move. Shhh... Shhh!
“Not a word,” I said.  “What is it, mom?”  
“What?  What’s out there? What is that noise, ma?”
“I don’t know!”  I replied.  “Be still. Shhh!”

My heart began pounding fast and loud.
Terror!  I tried to think and stay calm.
I had never seen anything … No!
Nothing like it hovering, whirring.

I tried to be brave.  My son peeked out.
Don’t move.  There in the darkness, I prayed.
Please protect us from this U.F.O.!
My daughters would…  Oh, the tragedy.

My son and I snuggled together.
Stiffly, afraid to move, we waited.
Praying, hoping for a solution.
Thoughts passed faster than those blinking lights.

Then, I had an idea.  Intelligence!
If they are from somewhere far away,
They must have advanced technology.
And if they do, they might understand.

Okay, I’ll try it.  Nothing to loose—
They already know we are in here.
Otherwise, why are they not moving?
Softly and fearfully, I began.

“If you’re up there listening, please don’t…
Besides my son, I have two daughters.
There would be no one to care for them
If you took me, they would suffer, much.

So, please, if you want to study us,
P l e a s e reconsider and let us stay.
I know that we are at your mercy.
But don’t take us away.  They need me.

Not another word or a motion.
Frozen, feeling vulnerable and praying,
My son and I waited in silence.
The noise stopped.  I crept to the tent door.

They were gone!  How unbelievable!
Somewhat stunned by the experience,
We left the lights out and went to sleep.
Day, weeks, years and almost forgotten,

Until, in disbelief, I saw it!

Yes, right there on the Internet pictures.
Never before seen in outer space.
Photos of the huge hovering thing
Somewhere in the universe... Now seen.

 © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen 11-11-09

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My Son's Cats Got Out!

Now I'm glad your all not a neighbor
I'm embarrassed enough
The kids left the screen door open
Out ran to balls of fluff

There's nothing better
To cause a community bicker
Than two call for your cats
"Pus-y" and "Licker"

Pardon me while I track down my son...

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Rebeca, Didn't they tell you I'm a Flintstone kid?

Hey! I'm a bi polar mess.
I ran out of Paxil and Klonopins
I see why you love this bar.
My friends and I snort cocaine off of trash can lids.
The drugs are free and I'll drink to that.

How could I be so criminal
This substance makes me sad and paranoid
Could this cause the death of the Opera
And if it all goes down hill I guess we could always
Throw our hands in the air and ride this out.

Baby, I'm sorry for causing such a scene.
I'm sure that guy wasn't me
I know I've been acting so obscene
I've been mixing uppers and downers
and it's kept me on edge.

I have her face carved into my eyelids.
A hearts nightmare every time I sleep.
I understand I'll stand alone
Idolizing something I know I'll never have.
And abuse substance more.

I don't want to get better alone.
My will power's low, my batteries dead.
You can be my witness, weakness, goddess
I could be your witness, weakness, Nitwit.
Until then I'll try to give up.

Hey! I'm a bi polar mess.
I ran out of Paxil and Klonopins
I see why you love this bar.
My friends and I snort cocaine off of trash can lids.
The drugs are free and I'll drink to that.

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Dave Percell

Dave Percell

Dave Percell was many men,
Many of them were meaningless.
Five faces we will talk of here,
Some of kindness, some of fear.

The first I will attest to
Rises with the morning dew:
With ruffled hair and smiling fun,
Dave Percell says, “Morning son!”

He tarries late and leaves for work
Fighting traffic in New York...
This face curses, absent mirth.
Just in time, he reaches the yard,
Steel beams rising, like windows barred.
Blue-collar friends Dave Percell has,
They leer at woman as they pass.

Saturday finds Percell’s son gone.
At a friend’s ‘till morrow’s dawn.
Dave's at home with the boy’s mom.
Beers are out, along with wine,
They strike a rhythm in no time.

Gentle he starts, as a rule,
But soon, his movements are cruel.
He gets angry and chokes,
Savoring the screams the action evokes.
Like a serpent Dave does strike,
Laughing at her screams of fright.

On Sunday, the sun does not rise
Behind a sea of clouds lies the bright prize.
The two souls awaken early,
His hair straight and hers so curly.
Dave Percell?s wife has a bruised face.
She puts on make-up, like a race.
Dave smiles, ignorant her pain.
They crawl to the car, through the rain.

At church early on that day,
They heard their good pastor say,
“You should never hate, rather pray.”
At that, Dave?s wife turned her head
And to God she silently said,
“LORD, take not Dave, but me instead.”

So now you know, the story’s been told
One forever new, yet ages old.
You’ve heard of Dave Percell and his life,
You’ve learned about his lovely wife,
You’ve listened to their marital strife.

“What did happen,” you may rightly wonder,
Well, just listen to the heavens’ broiling thunder,
You’ll sense the scrutiny Dave Percell’s under
You’ll know his fate, on Judgment Day... asunder.

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My father whispered the word in my ear...


All of a sudden life turned into great fear.


Such an awful sounding word.


Makes me think we live in an awful world.


Will power...

Crumbles just like a flower.

Left in pain and agony for all to see.

That someone could lack so much care.

It's hard to even take a breath of air.

Will power...


My father whispered the word in my ear...


All of a sudden life turned into great fear.


Such an awful sounding word.


Makes me think we live in an awful world.


Plaguing my mind with intruding thoughts of death.

Maybe this will be my last breath.

Insanity is the only thing left.

With decades of torture and silence.

The only thing left to do is die!

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I wish nothing more
than spiritual blessings,
being completely happy
and spreading the Good News!

Material things will come after,
an abundance will overflow this empty cup,
and I will drink from it forever...
to taste God's goodness, purity and glory!

I wish nothing more 
than spiritual blessings,
and comparing misery to joy,
I choose none other than holiness!

I got lost in the madness of mundane things;
following bad habits and indulging in them...
not knowing that I had fallen to darkness,
and my anguish nobody could ever hear!   

I'm heading home...that home I never found,
and all the chanting angels, waiting in Paradise,
greet me with their bright smiles...
I won't be a corpse in a forgotten grave!

I wish nothing more
than spiritual blessings;
having realized the duration of wretchedness,
which withheld all good things from me!

Entered in Carol Brown's contest, "If My Dream Could Come True"

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i am here

I speak for many
But not for all 
He was a military veteran
Awaiting a September fall
I put my song in your heart
My heart is your song
Until I crawl beaten
Back into your womb
Days they seem to stretch
For how long
Could I have been wrong
For how long

As I journey 
Through my darkest days 
Of sunshine
Nothing but cold winters 
On my mind 

Enlighten the darkest killer
I died of amnesia 
I don’t want to pray anymore
A forgotten ritual
Seen too many have-nots
Plastered to heavens doors
Remember me
For I shall not return
Remember me
A beggar at arms
Mother’s last scar 
Lost his soul
Seen it slither homeless
As I tempt passion
This cognac in a jar

Journey through 
The darkest sunshine
Nothing but cold winters
On my mind

Seventy-two on clear sheets
Father where can your savior be
Are you comfortably numb
Or numb and can’t find comfort
Living off the hand of a locust
An honest man attempting
To stay focused when hurt
Turnover and sleep
The piano speaks to me  
Violin creeping down my spine
Nothing but cold winters on my mind
As I journey through the darkest sunshine

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Exhibition in Memory

Abstracts hang:
sterling silver frames,
matted in motif,
celebrating Artist.
An exhibit, ten years old,
collects dust, forcing recollection.
The mortuary – Boyhood Curiosity.
Mother: Naked. Stretched. Stiff. Grey.

Tin baking dishes engulfed the counters.
Great aunts and second cousins crowded our sofas.
Somber chatter and pats on the head stung.
Clasping my girl’s hand, I twisted my door knob 
quietly. Their chatter continued. 
I escaped into her for my first kiss: 
tear salt and cherry lip gloss.

Tuna casserole and ambrosia slopped
into lunch boxes. The cold steel of fresh
cut key tapped on chest, pulled the string around
my neck, leaving a rash. I walked into our empty house.
The walls echoed.  Odor from cold spiral ham
replaced aroma of fresh cookies and oil paint.

Art followed Artist.  Canvases were laid on the autopsy
table, framed for their wake.
Dressed in their Dynamic Blue, 
Electric Lime and Habanero Red, 
the dirging dead
hang on wall.

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why god

From what i have heard
there are people at there
that say why god?

For i am not god nor am i jesus but,
always think about this before saying why god?

god made a perfect child in his image and sent him to earth
he allowed his only begotton son to die on the cross for me and you 
he allowed his son to be beaten for me and you 

and then he forgives us for whatever crime we commit
from stealing twenty- five cents, to passing a kid in line, to murder
which leads me to believe this any man so kind would never give us any chanllange we couldnot edure so take on every challenge with a smile and open heart and always remember there is no reason to say 
why god?

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HE is so CUTE

WE rush to hospital, to the maternity ward : OUR first GRANDSON.
The SON of MY SON, wrapped up in blue : HE is so CUTE.
Pale blue eyes, a little pug nose, small but certainly HANDSOME.
I lift HIM up, hold HIM in my arm, HE is so small; HE is so CUTE.
I look LOVINGLY at HIS Grammy ; She is small, Therefore cute.

I look into my GRANDSON‘S smiling Eyes , HE is so CUTE.
I put my pinky in HIS hand and feel a squeeze; a SMALL SQUEEZE.
IN HIS other hand : The first squeeze, I found was just a Tease.
YOU have a very strong grip, MY  Small, CUTE, Little MAN.
WE have ourselves a Southpaw, a very strong LEFT hand.

The sparkle in MY HeartBeats’ eyes, She lovingly holds HER Grandson.
Amongst the stars in the Arizona SKY, gazing upon His face: wondering WHY?
A NEW born: be they Boy or Girl is always born : SMALL and CUTE.
In 15 years the CUTE is gone: the Small replaced BY tall.
The CUTE replaced by Handsome,  GRANDMA STILL Beautiful: BEAUTIFUL!

     Dedicated TO  " MATT "

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Louisville Avenue

We’re living in a great divide
Up and down Louisville
No where to run or hide

And I know it’s not easy
When for others you’re trying to provide
I can not seem to get much further
Guessing whom to give what to 
Hoping I bother no other
A dollar here and a dollar there
Says they won’t stop or stare

Do you see this great divide
Up and down Louisville
Just no where to run or hide
We’re living in such a great divide

Out the window of this bus 
I ride
Never going to stop to slide 
You’re starving 
And I’m just alive
Living in this great divide

One side of the city’s playing up 
The other side’s a falling kingdom
There’s a daiquiri store
A beat down place to dwell 
When did paradise become such a hell

Don’t you want to see the sun
Out in a moon lit open
Just no where to run
But don’t you want to see the sun
Make it home to the love of a mom 
Just to be a child 
And say there’s nothing wrong

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The Joys of Motherhood

When he pulls my hair
When he steps on my feet
When he throws a fit
Oh, the joys of motherhood

When he screams for hours
When he spits his food at me
When he, well you know, in his diaper
Oh, the joys of motherhood

When he looks up at me with those big green eyes
When he smiles real big with his five teeth
When he puts his head on my leg to let me know he is tired
Oh, the joys of motherhood

When he gets excited to see me
When he gives me a great big hug
When he says mama, or at least tries
Oh, the joys of motherhood

When I can't wait to pick him up
When I think that I wouldn't change a thing
When I see his beautiful face
I know I am experiencing
The joys of motherhood.

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Mommy's Gift

You came along into my life,A precious gift sent from GOD.You're little heart changed my life,And filled my heart with warmth.
Without you here it's not the same,
But I know you're looking down.
Mommy loves you more than words,
And I always keep you in mind.
My precious gift from GOD.

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Kansas City Brunch

We were at an Oklahoma halt
Sitting on a grey hound bus
Second hand smoke and dust
Just when I thought it was, oh too much

A painter in ballerina slippers
Singing her way onto our stop
An artist with a pen and a pad
A worried free smile is all she had

Strangers on a bus ride
From Oklahoma to Kansas ruins
She rode with me
The theory of a fallen city

We were strangers
On a Jefferson line 
Sitting two seats apart
In her notebook she's relaxed at ease
Visions of a passenger before she sneezed

Sitting close
Gazed upon a fading ghost
In my slacks and proper ware
She offered me her apple and cheese
A scented breeze from her unclean jeans
Ginseng and evergreen leaves 

I took her hands 
Junction city, we could barely stand 
Reassuring I sang my songs to her
She sat close, her toes uncovered and pure
How lovely was this simple allure 

Oh Kansas city
She finally made it
Missouri head lights 
In a southern sun
A city sitting on fallen lungs

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Like a little boy who wants to be a Marine
Just like his Marine father was a hero in Vietnam
Like a Harvard professor who teaches literature
His son becomes an honors student at Yale

It’s just some of the wrestlers
Of World Wrestling Entertainment
Like “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes
And his two boys Cody and Dustin

Not even in the world of sports
But in the branch of politics as well
Like Presidents George H.W. Bush and his son George W.
Or John Adams and John Quincy

So it’s as you can already tell
It is all about a matter of legacy
Whether it’s in the politics of a nation
Or in the simple things like professional sports

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Jimmy My Son

Jimmy my son, so
many years ago,
when you were such
a little tot,
your sister and you,
would pay me a visit
every Saturday.

Miss those days of
so long ago, had
many memories to
go with them.

Jimmy I was so
proud of you my
son, day you were

you were my pride and
joy, as every father who
has his first son is.

so we named you
James W. Foulk Jr.,
can't tell you how
happy I was.

It broke my heart
when your mother
left me and I thought
the world had ended.

Heart ache was with me
but got by ok, still had
you and your sister Christine
to see each week.

Many years passed and
I moved to Denver in
1977, so we lost touch
after a while.

Saw you for last time
in 1994, not thinking it
would be last visit
with you my son.

On September 20, 2005
at the age of 39, you left
3 sons behind on that fatal day,
I did come home to see
you for the last time
in your coffin.

Like my dad, I
stayed away from
you and am now
paying for it,
Jimmy my son,

love you and will
miss you so, life
is so short, as I found
out my son Jimmy.

wrote 9-23-08


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What Do You Know

don't turn around to be longing at the mirror 
that just images the past of yourself
float, leave behind all the Autumn leaves that fallen
just discarded from the branch of that time.
and if 
if you can
could you sing into the wind
all the memories that carried you down

let them sing
let them sing
let them sing to someone else
a tune they haven't heard
maybe they will learn not to drift away

let them sing
let them sing
let them sing to someone else
someone that needs help with their life

O god 
why do you do me

no need to fool me

o god

O god

why do you school me

don't need to use me 

o god

O god

why do you choose me

I just want you to lose me 

o god

now say,  now say  again
NOW SAY! now say again...

How much more water could I flow into your mouth without drinking it

all this time that you have been searching when your all buried deep in it

what could grow in a hallow mind if there's no words in feeding it

If alone cherish all your life cause we don't no the end of it

What's more to ask? What's more to do? What's more to feel? What else could I do? What
happened to these? What happened some? Why not let die? Why not let live? Why not just
take? Why not just give? Why not be slaved? Why not be free? Why not stay glued to the
T.V. screen? Where are the heroes? Where are the saved? Where are the unused empty graves?
Where are the children? Where are the old? Should we leave? Should we go? O God, tell me!
tell me! What do you know!

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Forever Safe

She knew that he was leaving
They had a baby on the way
He’d definitely miss the delivery,
Most likely the 1st birthday
He knows that she’s a fighter
She’d have to do this one on her own
He was leaving to fight a war, flying out today
He’d call her when he could,
He would write her everyday ,
But most of all he’d pray to God
That if anything -  
she’d  be forever safe

We do what we have to do
To live life,  to love
We’ll always fight for freedom
So the world is safe for us
And the love of our family
Let’s  pray to God each day,
That  he will always  keeps us
 -   forever safe

The letters, they kept arriving
They made her laugh and cry and weep
She’d read each one again out loud 
Every night before she’d  sleep
Then there’d be a note just for the baby
Words of love sent from his daddy
Telling him one day soon,
Soon,  they would meet
After each letter she’d kneel and pray,
To God and the Heavens above 
Please God,  if anything, 
please keep him safe

We do what we have to do
To live life,  to love
We’ll always fight for freedom
So the world is safe for us
And the love of our family
Let’s  pray to God each day,
That  he will always  keeps us
 -   forever safe

He shouted words of love and encouragement
Through a static phone line that was fading out, 
He could hardly hear, with the explosions all around
She cursed him like a sailor ,
She pushed while screaming out his name
He said, I know that you’re  a fighter
Fight now and give him life
In the heartbeat of a second, 
The world went silent - all around
No more static on the phone line and
He heard the new life of his son cry out

A son and a soldier cried  together
A mother and a wife was in between
She said, my nose, your eyes
And he’s a fighter like his daddy
So, fight and come home, there’s someone you gotta meet
Just promise me,  you’ll keep yourself – safe

We do what we have to do
To live life,  to love
We’ll always fight for freedom
So the world is safe for us
And the love of our family
Let’s  pray to God each day,
That  he will always  keeps us
 -   forever safe

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bedtime stories

It was an old crow medicine show
At the border of Louisiana 
I was looking east toward savannah
Caught a train out of Jackson
Now I’m stranded somewhere near Atlanta 

Sing me asleep, in a midnight hour
Sing me away, like a folktale crier 
Sing me asleep, on the back of the bus
Sing me away, you’re the only one I trust

Back in Kansas City
Lost my shadow on the rails
Found myself no pity 
In the land of poverty tales
Vouching for a pass 
Last stop for the Jefferson bus line
Bed time stories 
Were nothing more than lies
Found a trail of tears
Collecting my wildflowers in spine

Sing me asleep, in a midnight hour
Sing me away, like a folktale crier 
Sing me asleep, on the back of the bus
Sing me away, you’re the only one I trust

Heard the banjo playing
Missed the band wagon
Trying to hear
What the old man was saying
Heard the last call for supper
Persimmons unripe with a pucker
Learned the art of resilience
From a west bound trucker

"Tales of a no one"

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Your Key Judgement

I hang my head
As freezing cold insults are projected onto skin worn out by scars
How could you have ever thought you want me?
I'm locked in my own body 
Like my joints are only accessible by skeleton key 
Arms over my face liked a shield
Who could smile in this kind of cage?
I didn't even feel like I was in my own skin
It's slip stitched
Doubled with iron thread 
No one is getting in
I love you
But you don't love me
You're getting too close and I think it's time for you to leave

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On The Front Line (Free style "Slam")

       It was a hot June./  Late afternoon./  I stormed into that saloon / like a 30 men 
platoon!/  The bartender says, "Gentlemen not in here." /  I smiled and said, "Old man have 
no fear."/

       You wanna take this to the street?/  I can hear your racing heart beat./  How dare you 
try to compete!/  Call me a poetic athlete./  I hold the title not you./  My verses are sicker 
than swine flu!/  You probably never been in a fight in your life./  I'm that damn good - go 
ask your wife!/  OOPS - did I mention something you didn't know?/  Someone ring the bell 
it's a TKO!/  Someone call his mom./  This is going to be bloodier than Vietnam!/ What?! You 
heard it through the grape vine?/  I'm a poetic fighter on the frontline!

       You reap what you sow./ I slaughter any foe,/ and just in case you didn't know./  I'm 
the great grandson of Edgar Allen Poe!/  So what cha think about that?/  I'll beat you with my 
wiffle ball bat!/  I'm trained for combat./  Walking over poets like the bottom of a doormat!/  
Someone turn down my pens thermostat!/  I think this paper is about to catch fire!/  My 
words will wrap you in barbed wire!/  I will own your soul./  This pen is my pistol!/  N. C. is 
where I'm from ./  My lyrics will set you ablaze like Napalm!/  Read the headline,/ I'm a 
poetic soldier on the frontline!

       Yes I will haunt the night./  I feel guite / comfortable on the frontline./  Call me Dr. 
Frankenstein!/  A freak of nature, not of this world./  Don't talk smack/ Jack/ It's a fact I'll 
take yo girl!/  A cassonova from birth./  I'm not of this earth./  I know you can't stand it./  
But I was born on another planet!/  You hear my voice,/ and my weapon of choice,/ a razor 
sharp scimitar!/  I can hear/ the fear/ I'm the fallen star!/  So as I drop the H-bomb/ I hop 
back in my UFO./  You know where I'm from/ beyond the rainbow!/  At last you feel the teeth 
of my canine!/  A poetic soldier on the frontline!!!

* This is just me venting, not written toward non of you guys...hehe

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Sinner's Exile

you seek retribution but you leave with no courage inside
you’re looking to fill the hole in you, but you love having an empty mind
you say you can see now but in reality you are horribly blind
you think you know who has a heart so cold its mine
you hold on to all you have when all you have is a wicked mind
ask me to show you how to change but I cannot help to change a soul that’s dead and confined
you wear that mask just to hide 
just to hide all the hatred you hold inside
how can you see with eyes sewn shut and no light to see is in sight 
you confide in ignorance, you’re asinine actions defile
in misery pain knows no boundaries and love is constricted all the while
hide in that god forsaken wasteland you call hallowed ground
come into me and be true to your wicked mind now you’re mine and I am your sweet cyanide
for the rest of time you will sit on the throne in a self inflicted perdition 
you can call it sinners exile

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My Oldest Son (Septet)

He’s brazen,
But downright smart too
He’s the eldest of my kids
Blonde, blue eyed, smart and handsome, he is
He doesn’t know that at all
Honest and humble
That’s my boy!

Septet syllable count is 3,5,7,9,7,5,3, unrhymed

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Lost But Not Forgotten

Touched by heavens hand,
Swept up by angels wings.
Lost, but not forgotten.
The pain seems unbearable,
But one day we'll be reunited.
Happy memories left behind,
They'll be rekindled in the light.

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As I became him

I love you, my son 
Simple, wayward, spinning complacency 
Father loving deeply, inside his mind 

He guides me to a boil, scared, scarred 
This messy pot of scalding loving scorn 
Bubbling for recognition, a job well done 

The innocence inoculates him 
I dreamt I was you, I was 
A callow young man, as you become me

As I became you

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My Beautiful Gift

So many things in my life are different 
I'm not the girl I used to be 
I was funloving, carefree, and loud
But the Lord gave me a gift 
A gift that will change my life forever
I had to grow up before I should
I had to be mature
Not only for me, but 
For my gift
What is this gift, that changed my life?
This gift is my son
The most wonderful gift
I could have ever recieved
He is so beautiful, so precious
I look at him and cry a little because
Such a wonderful human being 
Was brought into the world to me
I don't mind that I had to grow up
I don't mind that I am different 
Because if I was who I was
Than I wouldn't have 
My beautiful gift 

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out of your way

Don’t you be so careful
You better watch
What you say
Now you know
I’m out of your way

We lobby in and out 
The only secret is to win
Everybody’s got their story
Here’s a little price
That runs along with glory

Don’t you be so careful
You better watch
What you say
Now you know
I’m out of your way

Lets just say
He was a young man working
Just out there 
Making his way
What if today was the day
To reckon with all you say
Karma sleeps 
But a little hunger 
Is out your way

Don’t you be so careful
You better watch
What you say
Now you know
I’m out of your way

Now days are exactly  
As they appear
Now who do you call 
When you’re out there 
All but near your own
And now your merely gone
Since I’ve been fitted along
With you
I want to know 
Where’s your home

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When I Look At You

When I've had a bad day
I just look at you
And my day suddenly gets better
When I think I can't make it
I just look at you 
And I know I can make it through anything
When I want to scream
I just look at you 
And my voice is silenced
When it seems like my world is crashing down
I just look at you
And my  world is shiny and new
When it seems like nothing's going right
I just look at you
And nothing's wrong
When I just need someone 
I look at you
And I don't need anything or anyone else but you

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Drop down
Heaven sent,
Catch me with your final breath
One wish,
To rule them all,
Try your hardest to survive the fall
Tick tock
The clock is ticking
Seemingly my hear it beating
For you
And now I'm screaming
To get away
From everything that you do 
To me
Now I'm trying so hard to see
The way you believe
Believe in everything
And I'm dying to hear you say
You will love me everyday
And I'm just dying to hear you say
You will love me in every way
So drop down
Heaven sent,
Take me away from this awful mess

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Ode to Brock

He's so spirited and free,
Hardworker and sweet.
He's a follower of God,
And a holder of our love.
From lawn mower to drumer,
From son,
To significant other.
He'll always be here.
He'll always be near.
He'll never be forgotten.
He's my cousin through and through.
I love him dearly and that won't ever disappear.
So here's to you, Brock.
Your strength inspires us all.

For those who read this and don't understand, my cousin Brock was diagnosed with a 
cancerous brain tumor many months ago. He's been battling it quite a long time and seemed 
to be doing much better. Recently, I learned from my aunt that the cancer has spread and 
he's not going to make it. He has mere weeks left. I love Brock dearly and pray for him 
constantly. His strength brought me courage to overcome stupid fears in my life. Instead of 
mourning his impending death, I've decided to celebrate his life and what he gave to us 
without having to say a word for that's how he's always been.

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to your dismay

I saw a family starving, striving to survive
The father couldn’t get a job
Purses being snatched
The old man was too noble to rob
Passed two white children with dirty faces
Their smiles we’re worth a thousand daisies
Their hopes been misused, and abused
And it’s far from racial 
Because poverty doesn’t equal places
My stomach worries 
But my appetites been driven tasteless
I’ve been viewing your post 
Reading your comments
And at times it’s torment
I write to comfort my conscience 
But there are times 
Life can knock us unconscious 
I guess in this inhumane world 
We can only be monsters
You either move along or you are moved on
A response to value
To those who seem to want to sooth my songs
The poetry runs deep and touches home
Our most tempered moments unknown
Someone to carry you on, to and from 
My worries going nowhere
Thieves running with liquor
Lost on welfare
Trading stamps for clothes and worse
In case she wants to make a deal
She carries her wic with her 
And it seems no one notices anything 
Until it’s too late
Gunned down, hit twelve times in the back
No mercy, I guess it was a due fate 
It’s a constant battle of ignorance versus change 
Telling me not to hold so much hate
But it’s the resentment I feel
That’s why I’ll never change
And to whom shall I pray 
When it’s the same god 
Whom shelters my enemies

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It’s almost 
I’m longing 
I’m lost 

From chaos to chaos
You know how they treat us
And she sang
Have you gotten down on yourself
Kicking up dust 
When there stands nobody else
Have you gotten down on yourself

So homely
I’m only
So homely
We grow
So lonely

So you’re welcome here 
Just as long as you stay
This morning is not goodbye

And she sang
Have you gotten down on yourself
Have you found yourself kicking up dust
When there stands nobody else
Have you gotten down on yourself

It’s almost 
I’m longing
I’m lost
So homely
I’m only 
So homely

You know me now
This don’t mean no
It doesn’t make easy to speak
But you know me now

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No More Tears

I hold back the tears as I watch his crippled 8 yr. old body be pushed into the operating
room for how many times now, his small hand waving at me, a look of fear partially covered
with a faint smile. His life uncertain, his destiny out of my control, but the touch of
his hand as they wheel him in to but another surgery gives me hope, hope that this time
will be the last and he'll come out whole and happy for the first time in his young years,
please No More Tears...

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God, Mary and Jesus

Can a good person give his lover grief 
If he himself possesses all the powers? 
Can a good person make his lover mortal 
If he himself is immortal? 
Can a good person deprive his son of a lover 
For many years 
If he himself has a lover? 
Can a good person deprive his son 
Of enough power, wealth and prestige 
For many years 
If he himself has all that? 
And so forth.

There are many people still now
Who do not give grief to their lovers! 
There are many people still now
Who sacrifice their lives for their lovers! 
There are many people still now
Who arrange marriage of their infants! 
There are many people still now
Who give many of their belongings to their children! 
There are many people still now
Who sacrifice their lives for their children! 
Is God a bad person then? 

There are many people still now
Who have more than one lover! 
There are many people still now
Who have more than one child! 
Does God lack sufficient amount of love? 
Is there no other girl who loves God? 
Does God dislike children? 
If one son is enough for God, 
What about a daughter?

Holy Spirit is no one else but Angel Gabriel
In the Holy Koran He is sometimes called Ruh 
Which means Soul or Spirit
Because he is so near and dear to God's body 

So please, don’t say, More than One; 
There’s only one God.

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Precious Little Life

Precious little life,
Don't grow up to fast
Precious little life
Don't listen to what other people say
Precious little life
Smile all the time
Precious little life
Cry a little too
Precious little life
Try not to say bad words
Try not to get into to much trouble
Precious little life
Have fun, love life, and live well
Precious little life
Stay precious forever

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the man, the man...
like Samaritan of lore, he comforts the down
turning about he sees 
his loins laid bleeding on the street
all those years flash his eyes
as he cradles his son once more
and tries to keep him there

the man, the man...
on the street, within hours
speaks to the world, his neighbor
as even then, ignorant anger swirls about
"today we stand here to plead"
"calm for our communities to stand united"
"why are we doing this?"
"step forward if you wanna loose your sons"
"otherwise calm down...and go home"

the man, the man...

© Goode Guy 2011-08-11

for Tariq Jahan and son Haroon

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I Just Smile

He looks at me with those big brown eyes 
I just smile 
His little hand touches mine 
I just smile
His little feet kick 
I just smile
He spits up his food, all over me
I just smile
He pulls my hair
I just smile
Oops dirty diaper
I just smile
Through the good
And through the bad
Through everything he does
I just smile

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Why was I shocked?

When a person got a shock,
A film acrossed into a mind,
To identify the truth,
I watched in television, I were shocked,
When a Hindu group provoked valentine Day.

Also burnt a skeleton of Saint Martin,
My mind touched known and unknown,
A Tragic gaps of human development,
They tacked my sleep in pain,
Why did I so shock?

Mary was pregnant,
But nobody touched her,
Nobody raped her.
She got a Birth, ’Lord Jesus’
He is known the son of God.

He sacrificed for him,
To establish the image of God,
Justice and equality,
Liberty and fraternity,
Faith and worshipping.

But in Mahabharta,
Kunti also got a baby Karan,
Nobody raped and touched her body,
Her lover was a divine ‘SUN,
His warrior son was accepted as untouchable.

He has his fight against insult,
Equality was a matter for him,
When Kunti realised herself ‘a mother,
He sacrificed himself for Pandavs.
Lord Krishna failed to identify ‘Karan’.

Lord Shiva didn’t touched ‘Anjani,
He dropped simon in her Ear,
With a support of a Bamboo stick,
She got a baby, ‘Hanuman’
He supported Lord Rama to win Lord Rawana.

In Ramayana, when Hanuman, 
He went to search Sita,
Sita got her Pregnancy,
Lord Rama banished Sita
And denied, ‘She hasn’t got her Child’.

But Lord Rawana also denied,
He didn’t touched Sita,
Who was unknown person who met to Sita,
He was Hanuman,
But history didn’t reckon his face.

Nature always delivered,
A message of God when human denied him,
He served natural disasters,
Or He sent Prophets with his message,
God never born himself; what is a distinction?

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cradling his head in my lap
he soaks us both with tears
he rocks slowly hands around me
crying aginst his fears
too much of him is paralyzed
reality is just too big
he hides until he can't
explodes with anguish and fear

There is no cure for this malady
a brain with crazy wires
a wise and gentle beautiful young man
chasing anxiety and fire 
looking out at the world, afraid to go
to step out and be magnificent

cradling his head in my lap
tears mingle with tears
of this certain painful sorrow

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Walking In Graceland

I'm moving up to graceland
you know that mansion over the hilltop
to have just a little talk with jesus
for I don't knock upon his doors
for I know the gates swing open
how great thou art
that we're blessed
in the wonderful grace of jesus
for it's written in red
as I was made a christian
and saw the light while
strolling down beulual lane
out in the sunshine
dear father in heaven
we all can do good
something beautiful
even a whispering hope
sitting down by the old rugged cross
take my hand
precious lord
don't leave me crying in the chapel
move me to your higher ground
crossing the river of jordan
fill my cup lord
to let me rise again
for without you I haven't got a prayer
so please take me as I am jesus
for I'll remain tried and true
for I know there's somebody bigger than you or I
in this wonderment of thy amazing grace

Tribute To 
The Father 
Holy Spirit

Also My Next Gospel Song   LOL

Song Is Complete Now
If You Would Like to Hear It
Please Drop Me Your Email Addy
And Will Send It To You For Easy
Listening Thanks All

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Where is The Man? Reply

The  Man  you  seek  is  in  His  Father’s   house.  He  is  Jesus  Christ,  the  Son  of  God…

The   Son  of  God  has  felt  our  pain,
The  blood  He  shed  was  not  in  vain.
Christ  knew  our  fears,  the  tears  we’d  cry;
And  He  comforts  us  when  we  draw  nigh.

He  provides  for  us  in  time  of  need…
We  do  not  have  to  beg  or  plead.
His  example  leads  in  how  to  live,
Teaches  how  to  love  and  to  forgive.  

His  abiding  Word  feeds  our  souls,
And  brings  lost  sheep  into  His  fold.
Through  prayer,  He  taught  us  how  to  pray.
In  Matthew  5,  He  shows  the  way.

Christ,  seated  on  His  Father’s  right,
Will  soon  return  like  a  thief  in  the  night
and  take  us  to  mansions  in  Heaven  above,   
Where  forever  we’ll  praise  Him  and  sing  of  His  love,

Angela  Usher

* This is a response sent to me from a dear friend. She wanted me to share with you if possible.


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he wonders during the day
mean and angry
as if someone's made him that way
at night it leashes out
as sickness,  uncontrolable,
any minute he runs to the bathroom
to rid himself of the evil

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if my life is mine

I miss you like yesterday
But I figure that you’re okay
I’ve gotten this habit 
Of not meaning what I tend to say

I don’t bleed blue
For air feels me
Like disappointment 
Often chooses you

I made you read my life’s line
Now you lead my life’s line
I made you live a life’s line
Now you give a life’s time

I can’t stand sitting 
Alone at your table
I hate life because
Realistically it’s a fable
And too often it leans in your favor

I made you read my life’s line
Now you leave my life’s line
I made you live a life’s line
Now you give a life’s time

The moon if it’s rising
The tide is surprisingly 
A matter of circumstance
I can’t stand you 
Might I have this dance

With me you lived a life’s time
Now you lead a life’s line
I made you read my life’s line
Now you see my life’s fine
I let you see my life’s line 
Now you leave my life mine

"Roses, Portraits & You"

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Let us rejoice!

This is the day!

A baby boy was born,

in a manger far away!

His name is JESUS,

born of a virgin birth!

Our Heavenly Father sent Him!

He was sent to save everyone on this earth!

Today is His birthday!

He is the reason we have Christmas!

It's not about mistletoe!

It's not about reindeer!

It's not even about St. Nicholas!


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Until I Had You

I didn't know how it felt 
Before I had you 
I didn't know sacrifice
Until I had you
I didn't know real love
Until I had you
Now I do 
Because of you
You have changed my life forever
In a way that I can't imagine
You have brought happiness, beauty, and wonder into my life
You have made each day
Better than the last 
And anxious for the next
I don't think I could have been given 
A more beautiful, magnificent, amazing, wonderful gift
Thank you for
Changing my life
And making me realize
What it's like 
To be truely happy

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Son Rise (from Scenes from Above)

Wave goodbye Tomorrow 
Die, drown another victim in yesterdays sorrow
This is goodbye tomorrow 
No tides to borrow 
So goodbye tomorrow 
Yesterday gone, tomorrow not shown 
Today just a repetition of a sinners definition 
My hopes shattered 
How do I cope with my tears and matter 
Drooling of fantasy's when you had her
A poor mans paradise 
Adversity and no cares about life 
Living in hell and loving it 
Pivoting through bail and shoving it 
Shoulder blades cracked, collar bones crumbled 
Older, outdated, fact is to remain humble
Cemetery lust 
Post marriage life and fussing is a must 
Burning eyelids 
Is there even a such thing as baby's dying of SIDDS 
Irresponsibility, parent-hood and no agility 
Rapper and murderer's 
Yall are cursed, so don't even refer to us 
I'm blessed with stress, my life's a mess 
But for me happiness is only a test 
And when you see that sudden glow in my eyes
And the room flow's with goodbyes 
It will all come as no surprise 
That as I pray for tomorrow
I'll be taken before sunrise 
And maybe I'll get to witness again his Son Rise

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Love For Mother

I know mama that you love me
And I want you to know that I love you
Though there may be times when I make you mad
And times when you, do the same to me
But I still hold everything
That you have taught me
And so I plan on treasuring all of my lessons

I love you, my mother
And I understand what you had to go through
Just so that I can grow up to be who I am today
(I want to thank you)
Though there may be memories
Of you that may still bother me today
Through all of that, I still hold you dear in my mind!

I don’t know what gift to give you
Nor do I know how to repay you back
I know at times I was rather difficult
But through all that, you never gave up
Now I can take everything
That you have taught me
And apply it to your very own children

I love you, my mother
And I have no hard or ill feelings towards you
In fact, I still to this day wonder how you are
(How are you at this moment?)
It won’t be very long
Till the moment when I see you again
But for now, you’ll be in my mind and in my heart!

I love you, my mother
And I understand what you had to go through
Just so that I can grow up to be who I am today
(I want to thank you)
It won’t be very long
Till the moment when I see you again
But for now, you’ll be in my mind and in my heart!

My memories of you will live on!

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Another Form of Bondage

There’s a message I’m receiving in these last and evil days.
When I look upon my sons wearing a bracelet upon their legs.
Enslaved now like criminals locked within the house.
Can’t go beyond the walls without a beeper or a box.

Whatever happened to the good old days when a belt on the                          
behind would do?
We are living with the memories but we learned our lessons too.
We read about the different forms of slavery from our history books.
But today it’s being displayed with  a different look.

The Electronic Monitoring Program-
Oh what a fancy name.
Still keeping us in bondage to the systems game.
It may have it’s advantages to keeping our children in line.
But everyone within the house is affected- I’m not blind.

I can’t even stay online for hours during the day.
The line must stay clear and not be busy in any way.
So it keeps me locked out from my friends you see.
I feel like I’m in bondage too, don’t you all agree.


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the stars are brighter on the outside (of the world)

a view of my current state of mind
minus the tour guide
rather the annoying person who acts like they know it all
but really doesn't have a clue

sometimes i think i might just be one mood swing away from doing something incredibly stupid

maybe this is the creative breakthrough we've all been waiting for
probably just another breakdown from another underachiever

i've been waiting a year for something good to happen
my whole life is divided by a series of time spent waiting
multiplied by many slips and falls

beginning to think that maybe this storybook ending is for the birds and not the boys

i've been longing for an adventure
but to busy planning a funeral for my greatest failure

i'm well aware that i think way too much
when more time is spent on thoughts than on make outs (houston) we have a problem

can't help but feel like the world is passing me by in the night
i struggle just to get out of bed every day and start it over

what if 3am didn't exsist?

i forgot what the morning looks like when you wake up to it
compared to beating it to a sunrise.

life as of late
sleeping less and thinking more
working my way out of certain tendencies by lying to myself

everything i do is as pretend as you make me feel

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as you go.

Seams like yesterday you were going to your first day of school, now twelve years later
your moving on to start a new, from father to son here are things to remember oh ya have fun,

hold your self with dignity, for no likes collage kids with stupidity,
always use your manners and have class, we taught you well enough to not show your ---,
remember to be your self, yes that means you will have to ask for help,
always wake knowing it's your life, and your going there to learn not to find a wife,
remember we all fall down, and what your mom and I would do when you would frown,
don't second guess your self, you know you can do this even with out help,
call home if you ever need something, if its only for money the phone will only ring,
you know how your moms love will be sent, in packages behind my back with good intent,
don't drink to much, we know you'll drink alcohol just don't be a lush,
call home every day, your sister and mother will think you have so much to say,
just call and send your love in a minute or two, or just call to have some one to talk to,
wash your cloths and keep your self clean, not like at home, you know what I mean?
do all that you can to learn what it is you need to know to do what it is you want to do,
make friends don't put your self in the wrong place and don't act a fool,
remember who you are, and that we love you no matter what near are far,
keep your trust in your faith, it is God who helped you to this place,
trim your nose hairs, keep your feet clean, don't stress, don't get over whelmed stay calm,
don't let no one are nothing get you down stay positive like your mom,
you have to watch your self now your a big boy growing into a fine young man 
and I know we taught you well,  stand up striate hold you head high and take a stand,
son we'll miss having you here, but we know we have to let go regardless of our fear,
this is your life now and we wish you all the joy and happiness that you brought us,
and if you ever want to just come home, just do it  we love with out any fuss,

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Home. Home home.

my little dog 
white chest and grey whiskers
floppy ears and bark that whimpered
they were the best of you
of the things that i remember
the best of you besides
what you tendered
companionship from you alone
even when i had a mate at home
i'm glad i gave you freedom to roam
you; i always knew would make it home
but one sad day i had to send you home
home home
and now my hopes of heaven
are to hold you in my arms
when i come home to you
where ever are
i pray to God that i am
somewhere where you are

Dedicated to Rhodas cat

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Celebration Song

 You are my song.
I sing you tonight!!
Under the canopy of my heart,
You shine through the night sky.
Waiting for the dawn to come,
You dance and glow in my arms.
The bells are ringing,
Mother Earth is singing,
You are the song of love..
By your tender whisper of sapphire breath,
I am swept away.

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Expecting You

My feet are swollen
My hands are huge
My back hurts
My breasts ache
I waddle when I walk
I can’t fit anything
He thinks I never looked more beautiful
I think I never looked more fat
When I feel you flutter under my hands
My anxiousness for the day we meet increases
I love you so much 
Even though we have never met
I look around your newly decorated room 
Glance in your freshly made crib and imagine you lying there
Waiting for me to hold you
Kiss you 
Soothe you
I can’t wait into I gaze into your eyes
And see pieces of me
I don’t know what I did to deserve you
But I am so grateful for the opportunity to have you
I look through your drawers and smell all of you’re freshly washed clothes
I envision how cute you will look in them
When it is late at night
While your father is holding me tight
I wonder if I will be a good role model
Will I set the right example for you?
Even though I didn’t plan to have you
What most consider being a permanent accident
I see as an endless gift
Who would have known all those passionate nights?
All of those sizzling kisses
All of that lust covered love
Would give me my son


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coming from me

where are you?
are you ok? 
why did everything have to get so messed up?
I'm sorry if it was my fault
I'm sorry that I didn't accept you until the last few years you were here
I was scared you would leave
and I didn't want to get attached to a false hope
Look at what happened
I've never had a fatherly figure to look up to
I had my uncle and my grandpa 
but no one I could call my father
you're strong and positive
why did you have to leave?
everything you needed was here
i was going to buy a house in Puerto Rico
for you and my my  mom to retire to
i know you miss your daughters and you want to be with them
but you can't sacrifice your family here for a dream
maybe YOU can but YOU lost a good thing
you're my father and I love you more than even your real children ever will
and my  mother loves you more than you'll ever know

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Cigarette Man

Just another day waking up to a cold empty house
The breath dragging deep outta my lungs
I walk outside and light up the morning's cigarette
Breathing in the smoke deep deep in my lungs

Emptyness as far as I can see against the shining sun
And brillant blue of the morning sky
But inside the gray clouds and storms brew, roll
Prayer that goes on don't let anyone see inside my heart

(This is a writing by my grandson who lives with me.)

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Our Lady of Assumptions

Turning sides of the spinning coin
guesses of mere uncertainties
Across pedestals, care to join?
Among people, intricacies?

Oh mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest among them all?
Need such a shoulder to lean on,
or grabbing people's attention?

Living in vain and insecurity
shooting blanks with accuracy
brewing on concocted conspiracy
Isn't that they call insanity?

All assumptions, are you that lost,
deep in the labyrinth of fear?
You will pay dearly of what it costs
and ending up shifting your gear.

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the things i don't do

I don’t think your happy 
I don’t mind you so much 
Do you lose your laughter often
And even my conscience softens 

And I don’t need you so much 
Days dreams across Okalahoma
Sweepstakes, hopes, to many wishes  
Don’t you ever, mind your business 

No Cinderella stories 
Door to door and right before me 
And this won’t last much longer
A west coast love, romances of a loner 

And I don’t need you so much 
I don’t think you’re happy 
And I don’t mind you so much 
Day dreams in Okalahoma 

Tuesday lies
Wednesday, you never left me 
A missing tide
The message your anger left me 

And where were you 
Reasons you left unto 
No one ever leaves you darling
Someone left her nights in Harlem 

And I can’t choose 
Life or muse
Me or you 
The things that I don’t do

"May, June, someday soon"

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                                                THREE IN ONE

Father God,
The Omnescient One,
The Alpha and The Omega,
Almighty, Powerful, Unfathomable Love,
The Head of The Holy Trinity.

Jesus, The Son,
Love incarnate.
Son of God, Son of Man,
Savior and Friend,
The Lamb of God is He.

Holy Spirit,
The Light and The Essence,
of God The Father, Himself.
Convictor, Teacher,
Seeker of Souls,
Sent to comfort you and me.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
There's three in one you see,
And we are created in His image,
So again there's one in three.

Body, Soul and Spirit too,
Again there's three in one.
He said,"We'll make him in Our own image,
And to teach him, I'll send My Son."

                                                          Judy Ball


                                                                                                   Revelation 1:6

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O' Holy King

O' king of the world
give me words to speak
words I would say
and can't take away

our beautiful king
our king of the world

O' king of the world
I will rise
for there's no looking back
as the lost get found
when you encourage yourself

our beautiful king
our king of the world

O' king of the world
I give myself away
while I'm waiting just waiting
to follow you

our beautiful king
our king of the world

O' king of the world
I desire more
for there's a hole in my pocket
and it's justified

our beautiful king
our king of the world

Tribute To Christ Our Savior

Also Next Gospel Song

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Tears For My Son Michael

I shall water the foliage
Upon the grounds
In which he has grown
With my tears.
For he now is
in route to a war
by his own choice
May the army
prove to be all
it is meant to be
and bring my son
home to me
not in a body bag.
God speed my son
May your brothers
find you in the
desert across the
seas. I will be 
praying every night
for all of you upon 
my callous knees

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Suicidal as Kings

I couldn’t tell you why I died
I couldn’t reason with your hurt
I know you’d like to know 
Why I couldn’t further my efforts

Time tears ripples in us, you know
And nothing seems to last forever
So you might as well get over it 
And the rain continues its descent 

Here’s to the tyranny of we men
I’d kill myself on paper
With only revolvers left to spin
But only my sorrow leaks 
From within the quivers of my pen 

I can touch a little bit of Listerine
I can’t seem to get my hands on my liquor
Will someone tell me exactly what it’s about
Or will the weather wash away my doubt 

I used to think I was unbreakable
Now I just want to sooth my sore throat
Why don’t you have another cigarette? 
And all your fears you just may forget 

Here’s to the tyranny of we men
I’d kill myself on paper
Evolving my thoughts to an end
But only my sorrow leaks 
From within the quivers of my pen 

I couldn’t move you 
From the vaults of your worries
I tried but I couldn’t save you
We are but suicidal kings

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Through The Eyes Of My Son

I looked into the eyes of my son and saw emptiness.
An emptiness that his life held no meaning…
I looked into the eyes of my son and saw hurt.
Hurt that his father refused him until he was grown.
I looked into the eyes of my son and saw hunger.
A young man eager to find his own way and strengths.
I looked into the eyes of my son and saw anger.
Anger that the men during my lifetime soaked me dry like a sponge.
I looked into the eyes of my son and saw confusion.
Confusion that his mother, beautiful and giving could allow it.
I looked into the eyes of my son and saw regret.
Regret that he was responsible for some very costly mistakes.
I looked into the eyes of my son and saw rebellion.
Rebellion that made him smoke, drink, steal and worse.
I looked into the eyes of my son and returned love.
Love to envelop his hurt and shower away his pain.
I looked into the eyes of my son without judgment.
Judgment would only hinder and he needed guidance.
I looked into the eyes of my son with prayer.
Praying that he’d see into my soul and find peace…
My son then looked into my eyes and finally saw me…
…and laid down the gun.

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father to son

open my arms your blood flowing through me. fults are not yours,my loss is not you.
the greatest hope given a chance in you little one past does not hold you but made you.
eyes not yet open heart aready beating given a better course.

my son never ment to be though ment to happen love is not broken  another part of me that always wanted to be flows in you with a family of two. both worlds now have a home. will your eye shine brighter then thines

dont look at the thing bares its fangs in fear but be the protecter of the worlds hope you can not fail me for there is nothing exsept open arms and a exstended hand take whats yours and dont hold back 

malikie alexzinder cain this is fother to son not son to fother

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Father, Father are you there?
Can you hear me?
I've prayed to you for two days!
I'm just curious if you're listening.

Listening, I hear all things
That are to be heard.
I see all things that are to be seen.
I Am that I Am.

I am sorry but, I wondered
If maybe you had forsaken me
As you had Your Son,
As He died on the cross.

Forsaken you! Forsaken My Son!
How dare you speak to Me so!
I did not forsake you,
Nor did I My Only Begotten Son!

What I gave you was and is a gift
At the cost of My Only Begotten Son
Is and was forgiveness of your sins.
And my son you sin. Yes, you sin.

So you dare ask if I forsake you.
No, my son I love you,
As I did my Only Begotten Son
From His mother Mary, Joseph's wife.

I have many children, as you know.
Many who love me, many who don't.
Yet, I love you all the same
and I answer those who call, or don't.

I do all this in My Time!
I have created all things including you.
I created My Only Begotten Son!
And allowed Him, taken, for you.

Have I forsaken you!
No, I gave My all for you!
I gave My Only Begotten Son for you
Because I love you!

Have I forsaken you?
Ask yourself that question my son.
Has He forsaken me?

In the name of The Father, The Son, and my Brother Jesus Christ. 

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I CAN'T (The Incomplete Parent)

People say there is nothing you can't do if you just try.
But there are so many things I can't do, it makes me cry.

I can't ease all your pains, although I try my hardest.
I can't love you enough, although I go the farthest.

I can't solve all your problems, some you will have to figure out.
I can't choose your friends, but good decisions I will teach you about. 

I can't hold you close enough, eventually you need to pull away.
I can't put into words the way you make me feel, it's better everyday. 

I can't always understand your ways, I know you need to grow
I can't make you love God, but God's love I will show.

I can't make you the person I want you to be.
But I hope you remember the behavior modeled by me.
So when you have children who look up to you,  
You will realize how much it is that I have loved you.
And you'll be able to teach them the many wonderful things that you can't do.

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David Peltzer

I sit on my hands
At the bottom of the stairs
When will she call?
When can I move?

My mind wanders in the darkness
My soul takes flight
And my mind has wings
I am free
I see the cottage
The Red Woods
The stream
I am home

Being called back to reality
I stand and run
The Mother calls once more
Once again my world has stopped
Her unloving hand
My unloved face
Once more they meet

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Darling boy



Monkey arms swing by your side,
You still love steam-trains 'cause of Thomas.

Simple and pure as the dew are your desires,
Your smile more real than the sun's first rays.

A heart untainted 
...but unrefined.
Right now it never can be mine.
My heart caves in.

Baby boy, I'm not your mother,
Puppy eyes beg me to smother
You, your heart, our life together.
An Oedipus complex we just can't weather.

Darling I need more than you give
We're not dead but we don't know how to live
My darling, my baby, my love, my hope
Ebbs quietly, softly away with my smile.

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Mama Told Me

mama tell me the story again
for I know my redeemer liveth 
and walketh upon his higher ground in graceland
let there be peace on earth mama
as we kneel and pray beside
this old rugged cross
let's celebrate new life
and sacrifice to be born again
mama what a friend we have in jesus
for he makes us feel complete
as I get a second chance
thru devotion
my lord I was made to worship you
as I need thee every hour
for morning has broken
and I'm free to be me
for this too shall pass
as christ the lord is risen and
now watches over my family
for I know lord you are thy healer
who can take it all away
so mama turn your eyes upon jesus
as awesome is the lord most high

Tribute To
Christ Our Lord
Also Next 
Gospel Song In Making

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The Cultivated Mind (Home Grown)

Father and Mother 
With golden determination 
Focused to open my thoughts 
in several ways of revelation -- 
My manner is... Homegrown 
The once green mind still looks back; 
at all that has been revealed to its now browned shell… 
and with that same determination of gold 
I pass down the revelations of old 
to my children, as I have been told 
The mind should always be 
Cultivated to the best of ones abilities.... 
Its focus should start within the home 
That is why I feel blessed 
When I tell you my children 
Most assuredly -- I am Home Grown.

Author’s Comments: 
As a farmer tills the earth and toils to harvest that which he has sown and the wife 
prepares the table before him, produced from within the bounty reaped thereof... 
 Thus, we should take the time to cultivate the minds of our children, to also 
acknowledge their surroundings and the people there in. 
To stay focused on the blessings at hand, that they not live stagnant lives but to be 
productively responsible for the gifts which they each so uniquely possess. 
 The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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Do not dismay

This is the longest write I shall endure ‘pon you all my
dear poetic friends.
First let me say this,..Jehovah our God knew when He 
created all things, that man in which he created in His
image, male and female alike, would need this helm,..
Leadership from Himself, in order for His will to take place.
In turn,..Jehovah gave us, you and I, the freedom of choice.
A simple choice. Jehovah knew beforehand, those who would
not accept His helm,..yet He loved us, His creation ! He gave 
His only begotten Son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice. My dear
friends,..our Lord and Savoir died a cruel death,..but left a
great message,, ”Love Jehovah God with your whole heart, soul,
mind and spirit” ! And also,…”Fear not those who can destroy 
the body,..but fear the one who can, destroy the soul” !
Jehovah God is not slow. And all of us who follow this scripture,
Ephesians 5: 1-17, will understand, that when Jehovah's great day
comes, and He sends His son to resurrect those who have passed,
He made this promise,…Revelation 21:1-8 !
I love you all ! Have faith !   James,..your friend in Christ !

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A mothers dream

To be bless with two,to have a son whose heart is as pure as gold
To have a daughter whose thoughts are as white as snow

To love them,to carry them
To nuture them,to protect,to call them my own.

To watch them grow as the wind blows and years passes
How time ages and devours them quickly

As I stand in the background and watch from afar years go by
There innocence wither like leaves on a tree in winter.

I call upon hope to hear my prayer
To see joy knock on my door
As the morning sunlight makes its way threw my window.

My son now a man as stong as a ox
My daughter a virgin awaiting her groom
Time has only lead me to believe
I have done something right.

Copyright ©2009 Patricia Howard Bramble

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A Day at the Little Beach

Walking down the graveled path
For a day at the little beach;
We picked up ripened persimmons
And purple muscadines along the way.
Butterflies fluttered around my wife.
Blazes of color lie under the trees.
Thousands of diamonds danced on the lake
Around several ducks with their bottoms up.
We took our shoes off on the little beach
And splashed along the shoreline.
We picked up rocks and skipped the stones
Between the passing boats and waves
That pushed and pulled us in shallow water.
Soon, I had to search for more stones
And persimmons, and I found a winged horse,
Pewter, on a black stringed necklace.
I tied it around my son's light brown neck.
He ran through the water bare back
And swam with his mom in shallow parts.
After our lunch of found-treats we walked,
And played and threw rocks in the water again.
My son drew my face in the wet sand.
We sat in the grass, soaked in the sun
And enjoyed the laughter and fun.

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What Hasnt Been Named

The blood was so red,
Mixed within the water,
I tried not to look,
At what my eyes where ashamed of.
Yet it held my gaze,
Like a lover lost,
In his angels soul.

I held you tightly,
Embracing our pain,
I could feel you shake,
The fear in your tears,
Overpowering what was suppose to be,
As you called out my name,
I pulled the plug,
Wishing for forgiveness.

The tornado came,
As I watched what was once my dream,
Spiral and spin,
Its sound of thunder,
How can this be such a perfect storm,
That has yet to be named.

I ran more water,
Hot became cold,
In library time,
I recalled what was told,
Just hours before I had accepted,
Everything was suppose to be ok,
It wasn’t going to rain,
Not today not ever,
I can still see the stain.

I silently asked why,
You so loudly called out my name,
Over and over again and again,
Both asking questions,
How can we fix this pain,
Of flooding confusion…
The answers never came.

I tried not to get sick,
I tried to be strong,
As I hid your eyes,
My chest wet with your dreams,
Things started to spin,
All I could do was pray,
Please give me back,
What hasn’t been named.

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somewhere to go

the wind that creeps
that softly speaks
that constantly weeps
which loudly pleads
its case to be free

the sky of gray
sky of gray
treacherous days
treacherous days
this wretched phase
in which i fade

the storm that howls
from seven sea
the rebel cries of revelry
the trees that whisper
their tales to tell
the ring of bells still frightens me

give your pain a sheltered hide
look for vision in the sky
let all of the people know
behind the sky is a place to go

keep on running
keep on keepin' now
you've got to keep escapin'
the beasts are on the prowl
the beasts are on the prowl
And they're comin' now

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Looking at you I see myself, young playful and full of pep. 
With little brown eyes and a big imagination you bring a smile to my face in any 
situation. God bless me with you. A gift that can never be topped. I am so happy 
you are my son and elated that I am your pop. I give you my love my wisdom and 
pride.I will be with you in spirit for the rest of your life. When ever I am not around 
and you want me near I wont be far away just look in the mirror.

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He will miss it all

My big brother is locked away
for taking away a child's innocence
even in prison he can't hide from the shame
it will be something he will always have to live with 
I hope he knows that I feel no remorse 
and that this poem is just a reminder to myself
of what he would have been able to see 
if he hadn't done that deed

He will miss his daughters smiles
and even though he did the damage
he will definitely miss their frowns
I however will always manage 
I did without him for years
and incarceration doesn't mean 
that I am going to shed any tears
because truthfully he deserves the years

He will miss the liquor bottle 
and I know that's not a positive thing
I'm hoping that locking him away will 
some how make him clean 
He will miss his son 
who hasn't yet even turn one
I will miss my nephew because
without my brother the mother won't come

I know he surely missed the altercation
and the way that my family hurt 
he missed the disgust on my mother's face
when she found out what her son 
was really worth

I know he will miss me
his self proclaimed favorite sister 
but I just want to banish him from
my mind, I'd take a pistol to the head
just to delete his memories 
If only it didn't end in death 
I would contemplate anything to forget

To forget that I care 
because even if I bottle it up 
these feelings are still there 
I can't deny that I love him 
or that I worry about his well being 
I was the one to always give him 
the benefit of the doubt when 
no one would hear him
but now I shout 
" why did you have to do this"?
you always were a screw up 
but this time the metal bars 
have clanked down for a while
and you will miss it all 
I hope you know this

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Beauty Tree

The window holds the setting sun, 
Orange marmalade burning through cold sky. 
I watch my son cradled to sleep, 
Vanilla face blooming into slumber. 
Father’s arms holding him tight as an orchid bud. 
Ra bestows his ancient illumination upon 
Our little prince, tiny sage, master shaman. 

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Kyle (Mrs. Bodners Poem)

“There is no one to blame
No one to blame. . .” I used to; sometimes I still do,
Whisper these words over and over
On nights like this endless eve
Telling myself, telling myself

The night is silent and still
Like the moon and the stars
The very heavens are quiet tonight
Quiet like his soul through these leaves
Do they know?
The stars I mean
Do they know of the chasm across my heart?
Can they see the rent through my soul?
And do the stars
Do you cry out at night in frustration, horrible sadness?
Do you scream out your soul?
Because my friend, her son is dead tonight
Do you hear me do you care?
That his mother sits alone
Crooning softly holding his empty shirt
Like she holds the memories
Of his smiling face
His laughter

Does any of this matter to you
As you sit there gazing down at me, at her, at us?
And when his light vanished from our lives
Did you notice?
Did you notice his light missing from the universe?
Did you feel it like I do, like she does, we do
Like his mother does, always will
Like emptiness inside her womb
The sudden and irrevocable gulf inside our lives
Did you feel the hole
My friend, her son
His life
Left behind

There is no one to blame no one
For the death of my friend
So why do I blame myself?
Why do you?
Why do you wonder once more all over again?
What more you could have done
Why do I?
I know why, I know, I do
I do

I love my friend
I miss you
She does, we do

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Moon beems and silly things
That is what you are
Race cars and bugs
And lots of little boy hugs

Hold tight to your self be true
know i will always be there for you
I will do my best to teach you right from wrong
just trust in yourself and you will be strong

So close to being a man yet so far
Stay my sons right were you are
Never lose those little boy grins
Never know the loss of your best friend

Raindrops and sunshine
In this heart of mine       
lollypops play on your smile
hold on to your innocence for just a while

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Changing Identities

Changing Identities

I was born as a son to my mother and
Grew as brother to my sisters
I gained knowledge as a student and
I moved with my dears as a friend
I rushed behind the money as a worker and
married a girl as her husband
I had sons and daughters as a father and
Chased many businesses as a topper
I had son and daughter in laws as an  In law and
followed the words of nobles as a follower
I prayed my lords as a devotee and
hold a stick, wore a glass as an oldman
I was taken as a procession in bed as a body and
burnt in to ashes as a  Hasthi
I am now in the air as air
Who am I? My Lord !in this world 
Created me with a lot of changing identities

Hasthi is  the ash of human body come after funeral it will be mixed with in the 
Holy rivers to fulfill the life of a human soul

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Looking out 
Of our upper room window
Over looking the garage
Where my old court stand still, with
Its ring attached to the cemented wall 
I see my dearest son, five years old
Playing basket by himself
Dribbling the ball
Zigzagging, against the unseen opponent 
Then he jumped, releasing 
A long range shot
And the ball landed into the net. Shoot, three points
So happy to see him, playing
Thou, as he walks to recover the ball, to do it again
I can feel his breath
Heavy and discontented, touching my heart
That made me whisper to the wind
Don’t worry, son
Dad’s rushing enough to give you happiness
I promise you
You’ll have your own playmate
Your beautiful mom is now one month late

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I'm old, older than yesterday but yesterday is dead. 
Sighed its last breath, stroked its last caress, on me. 

They make you older you know 
Grate on you, love you and you cradle them and they spit on you. 

Like I did to them in turn out of purity 
Oh the innocence, malevolence born evil and they kissed me. 

They will breed and destroy me. 
Age, you're in my eyes weighted lines now in my face cracking and splitting at the seams. 

I hold him close to my breastplate drawing a bridge to shelter me.
Building a wall that will break me

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The Gamin: From the Diary of Herald Hermit

I visited my sister-in-law at the hospital today
She had a beautiful baby boy of six pounds, seven ounces
His hair and eyes were painted brown and his brittle body had a big belly button 
with a bright bouffant tattoo on his bottom
He looked at me with eyes ironic of a curious cat; and quickly stared at his 
mother who was motionless asleep
With failed attempts to gather words to speak....
He cried, and cried, and cried...
Awakened by his tears she fed him

(An excruciating pain bites my body when the future breaks my present mirror)
And then the sky clouds filled my eyes
I watched as this baby boy inhaled seven years
Walking the streets as a gamin
No whereabouts, no nothing, my nephew...
His eyes were painted brown as was his hair
With eyes ironic of a curious cat
Upon the grave of his mother, motionless asleep
He cried, and cried, and cried

The pain had left my body
Six pounds, seven ounces
The mother awoke

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Untitled #288 / Life and love

Life and love! Twins separated at birth,
to be reunited in the holiest of moments!
Mothers and fathers, and sons and daughters to each other!
like autumn leaves, each individual manifestation must wither in time
but, oh, the springs are endless! The leaves return!

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his hair dons dark and light
falls against little elf ears
blue eyes twinkle in the light
his smile shows a full set of pearly whites
and laughter can cause a clown to blush

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The Reckoning

Bound and gagged, the prisoner 
Struggles in bloodied chains. 
Within his forsaken cell, 
Shame pours like sweat
And drips at a maddening pace, 
The deluge drowning him for atonement.

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His gift

His Lord gave him a set of eyes, not just any eyes
Brown pupils, resembling a bursting star
Little did he know of such gift, to know of others cries
In them he too saw many other things, including all of their lies

Lost at time of words, speechless he found himself in front of those he held dear
O' what would he do should the part
Alone he was at a very young age, to his shadow he toasted on the holidays
Eight years later, on his knees he is always trusting in his prays

Every soul is different from the next, we see it all like we see our reflection in the mirror
Pay audience for I surely tell you that some spirits believeth so to be superior
Yet other although they sit up high still feel inferior
One must learn to love the interior and not the exterior

Some say they posses magical powers, of great wonder
Only God is all mighty, at only to He will you pay worship
For He is a jealous God, creator of all, with love He gave His only son for us
As a token to eternal life, only the hearts the believe in His son 

A freeway of problems, tears and smile traffic his everyday
He stares in amazement of how human kind came to be
a belief that has set him free, as he truly understands of God
Alas he writes for its his gift

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Glory Be To GOD

Glory Be To GOD
that Jesus is the LORD to the GLORY of the father   (King James Version)
Philippians 2:11   (Read all of Philippians 2)
And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of 
God the Father.
That every knee shall bow and every tongue confess That Jesus is the LORD to 
the Glory Of The Father, that we may ZOA at the second coming of Christ. 
Everyone is welcome and none shall be cast out though thy sins be as scarlet 
just say Jesus and believe and just say Jesus dare to breathe HIS Holy Name 
and live. AND then my earthly friend we must learn to live again a different way in 
love. A wonder full of love at GODS Graces from above, the light and light the 
silent night the Power of HIS Might is not the flesh we dwell in but the SPIRIT that 
gives us life. First say JESUS then continue on to live
its a peaceful easy feeling in the MIDDLE of the earth in the middle of THY search 
for GLORY be to GOD. Then find Jesus the ONLY name of GOD.

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Icarus Wings

 Icarus Wings 

IN our quest for scientific exploration can we ignore with indication of failure 

as we turn back the clock to enter time machine once more?

the age old story of one Icarus flying.

How he worked his father watched him from the place he hides to watch.

The feathers for the wings look how he binds them and then pastes them and 

pitches them so carefully entwined to shed the rain and other elements.

Why he thinks he can fly with me what have I taught him why does it bothere me 
so much.

He is just a boy. The day started out so gracefully we soared.

But worry engulffed me and I was soon startled from my reverie by the sound of 
hurried wings

beating oh so frantically vanity is try to hold the thing afloat in air gone madly into 

My son My son Icarus use the wings oh no what is the use what have I done.

He flew too near the sun. The wax and flaxen wings have come undone.

Just yesterday I saw my son making his wings to come undone today to mock 

It was not raining it never even rained it was the sun.

He flew to high and drank too much decay.

Icarus Wings are gone.


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It is never far enough away,
the dark that descends
and swims through me.
It stole my soul, my joy, my dreams,
as it numbed and distorted
the sense of my reality.

My boy they took,
how could I ever describe,
ever explain,
the feelings that engulfed
me on that night?

A vow was made to
my god high above,
and a battle began to wage,
so resolute I stood
on the precipice of today.

Inside I hear the screaming,
hear the beautiful babel
of my babe,
It's haunting, still lingering
in the shadows of
all my yesterdays.

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The Paratrooper Comes Home

This blots the names of battlefields
away. That bloody butchery. There 
he is, standing on top 
of the old chicken coop. My boy
standing four years old
like he’s on the top of that world
we tried to fix. All of us. 
The ones who didn’t come back 
to kids.

My boy and I, we’re not afraid. 
I’ll hold my arms out
to him, standing on that chicken
coop. I’ll tell him,

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True Love

a mother lost her son today
not to death, no not that way
but to love more glorious than life
her son found the woman to be his wife.

a mother watched her son transform
love glowing from his eyes, 
his gentle touch upon her arm
her hair
her waist
intimate and private, telling so much
the mother hid her tears, turned away

not sad tears
but tears of joy
no longer a mothers little boy
no longer a student, a starter, a fresh out young man
ready to be a husband, ready to begin

it is said that parents have done their job
when a child can go out and live in the world
but truely it is when your child finds his soul
in the keeping of his true love.

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My Friends Brother/I guess it was his time

My friends brother,
Died Sunday, July 8, 2007
Born September 19, 1989
But I guess it was his time,

My friends brother,
He was 17 years old
A senior in highschool
He almost made it
But I guess it was his time,

My friends brother,
In about ten years nobody will remember
That faitful day at Franklin Creek
Except for his grieving family
I guess it was his time,

My friends brother,
Brandon Earl Peterson
York Highschool
Son of  Janet and Earl Peterson
Brother of Courtney Nicole and Amber Brooke Peterson
I guess it was his time,

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For Mikhail

Sometimes only to myself I wonder why
I permitted you to go that day
You seemed to know then better than I
I cannot shake the thought like a tree
I cannot make the leaves of memory dry
Deep roots are here, burried in the clay
Of feelings, fossils of my pain
The loss - that we shall never run again
Along the street and laugh until they see
But cannot tell what separates a father 
From a child. How smart you were, how
Brave to go, knowing it was the end
But I sometimes from sleep cry out
Where the blood stain carpet plagues doubt
A father's heart broken must never mend
Mikhail, Mikhail, Mikhail, why did I not see
I could have hidden you from the tragedy.

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Where is My Son?

Sitting and pondering don’t know which way to go.
Where is my son I really would like to know?
Left the house the other day and did not say a word.
It’s been five days now and I still have not even heard.

Where is my son? I really would like to know. 
What is he into out in the world so cold?
Wandering the streets from day to day I just don’t have a clue.
I just don’t understand and my heart is feeling blue.

Don’t he understand a mother’s aching heart?
Can’t he feel the pain when we are far apart?
Many sleepless night I have when he’s not in this house.
Where is my son? Where is his where about?

Father where is my son, I really would like to know?
I just don’t understand why did he have to go?
Why does he choose to run the streets from night to night?
Can someone please tell me..Why he can’t do things that’s right?

  Nathaniel has taken off again. He's 15 years old. The police feels that he is 
mixed up in gang activities. They searched my home last Wednesday looking for 
weapons. I wasn't home at the time. Hubby said nothing was found. As soon as 
they left he took off again. Came in on Saturday, took a bath and took off. Haven't 
seen or heard anything since. Please keep him in your prayers...

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Just the way I taught you

I want to go play baseball
I want to ride my scooter
I want to play some marbles
for I am quite the shooter

But Dad says Son not yet
you've got a lawn to mow
do it just the way I taught you
not too high nor low

And after it's all mowed
you must trim the edges fine
do it just the way I taught you
I want a perfect line

Then I want my car washed
better than last time
do it just the way I taught you
I don't want tar and grime

When finished take the trash out
this time get it right
do it just the way I taught you
make sure the lid's on tight

OK Dad, it's all done
can I now go out and play?
I'll do it just the way Mom taught me
before she passed away

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Do You Remember

Do You  Remember when you first saw him smile,
       And he reached out and took your finger

Do You Remember when he took his first steps,
      And you reached to stop his fall

Do You Remember how quickly he learned
       To assert his independence

Do You Remember how proud you were
       But you didn't want him to know

Do You Remember when he lost his first tooth
       And he placed it 'neath his pillow'

Do You Remember the nights he would stay
       And amaze you with his questions

Do You Remember the sports events you attended
       And the concerts to hear him sing

And Do You Remember the plans he made
        As he worked so hard on his first car

Do You Remember?
       Of course You REMEMBER!

But Always Remember how peaceful he looked,
       Asleep in the Arms of Our Lord

                                              Cile Beer

This poem was written to a friend at the loss of his grandson in an auto accident

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a poor man
broke my father
                            's back
but spared his      s
so he never
              ever raised his voice
            save to yell,
              over the lawnmower,
Dimensions of The Labyrinth,
ankled to the grass.

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Voices Beyond The Grave - Fictional Poem

As I walk through the cemetery
Looking at the many headstones
I come across one of a mere infant
Whose life expired well before the time
Of her impending birth 
A flood of memories fill my mind
I hear the cries of little babies
I hear the sound of children playing
And I hear a child scream with rage,
"How could you do it Mommy?"

I thought I could escape from my demons 
That won't let go of my mistakes
I scream and sob for I thought it was over
I thought my sins died with my children
Who were butchered at my behest
Blood drips from my hands
All of a sudden a bloody knife appears in my hand
And I hear the taunts of many childlike voices hollowing
"You slaughtered us! You left us to die!"
I hear the tiny footsteps of children approaching
I was horrified at what I saw
I see the faces of my babies 
Ghost white with tears of blood 
Dripping down their cheeks
Trembling with fear I shake violently
Begging for an end to my torment

At that moment I felt a light tap on my shoulder
My husband trying to wake me
From my haunting nightmare
He knows what I was dreaming
So he takes me in his arms
Giving me a long embrace
Then he tells me that it is 
Time for me to forgive myself
Because my children are resting peacefully
In Heaven with Jesus
And that one day I will get to hold them in my arms
And look at their beautiful faces
Finally getting the chance to be their Mother
After a lifetime seperated from them

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Secrets to a Long Life (English hexaduad)

Stay young
My son
Let your heart set you free
Be who you wish to be
Let not society rule you
Rule in return, with all you do
Then, you’ll be strong
You’ll then live long

English Hexaduad: A rhyme couplet, written in
2, 2, 6, 6, 8, 8, 4, and 4 syllables

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All Great Things Must Fall

What is getting in the way of our love?
My parents, we both agree.
Lets show them, What our love can be.
We'll proove them wrong.
Show them just how our love will grow strong.
Here we are holding hands.
The day we know we'll last forever.
Saying I do.
While I rub my stomach.
A daughter on the way.
Oh my god!
Today is the day!
Here she comes, oh honey I do.
I love you more then words can say.

Now ten years later.
What else can I say?
I still love you more then words.
You still love me.
Our little girl now ten years old.
Two little boys, seven and four. 
Another on the way.
My parents still trying to get between.
Saying we wont last.
We've got to proove them wrong.

Now twelve more years.
Our first turning twenty-two.
Two reaching nineteen, three coming sixteen.
Four and Five coming on twelve.
Were did we go wrong?
We feel like we're falling apart.
But we know, we love each other more then words.
We fight, yes we know.
Teenagers and babies, 
Parents and all.
What can I say?
All great things must fall.
All and all we were right.
Love was the truth, 
We'll never change that.
We prooved my parents wrong,
Because here we are, 
Still pushing our love to go strong.

Though we may feel our love is fading.
Each time I kiss you, 
I remember when we were dating.
The roses, the kisses,
We still hold them dear.
Twenty-three years later,
You and I are still here!

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Too late to Change

Can my son ever forgive me for what I have done?
Can he ever forgive me for abandoning him?
To throw him away, like he was yesterday’s trash
To forget that he was my flesh and blood,
The one who came from my loins

His teary eyes filled with pain and sorrow, 
Shall always haunt my dreams 
They shall show me the pain I have caused
The pain that I made because I did not understand
I hope he can forgive me for throwing him away
To leaving him out in the cold

Leaving him out to fend for himself
To face the worlds horrors at such age
Years pass and go by and now I see what I have done

I wish I can tell him I love him
I wish I can tell him how much he means to me
I wish I can have my child back

But it is too late
He now lies on cold marble
In a tomb to keep his body,
To lie with those that have passed on.

He was killed by those that hate,
By those that fear the unknown
I wish I could go back to that night
To that night when he told me a secret,
To the night where I lost him

I wish I could hold him one last time,
And I wish I held him that night he told me
That night when he became lost to me

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I don’t come very often anymore
to the edge of this rancid waste dump
     to pick at the scars
     and bleed anew . . .

To stand and welcome it all
in its abscessed pustule
     as plump as summer milkweed
     ready to be lanced.

I hold the images in my heart
and await the rolling thunder
     to bring blessed relief
     with loosed blood and infection.

My penance.

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Winter clouds hang so low
pregnant with snow
    gray and solemn.

Sweet laundry hangs
heavy on the line,
    stiff with February frost.

Soft curls escape wooly hat
as he sits on his Big Wheel 
beneath his
     crispy blankie.

Reaching fingers caress silky binding
        Thumb plugged in.

Life is good.

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My Hands Are Tied

I am a mother,
I have such pain,
looking for my son,
calling his name.
Caught up in a world,
his mind is a blur,
feelings shut down,
trying to endure.
My hands are tied,
don't know which way to go,
been everywhere,
but nobody knows.
My body can't sleep,
my mind won't ease,
will someone help me,
Visions of nightmares,
I hear his voice,
staying from me,
is this his choice?
Does he need me,
would he come home,
these are my thoughts,
that won't leave me alone,
I pray Dear Jesus,
please bring him home,
two weeks, and counting,
since he has been gone.

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Sounds of Morning

Weak morning light wiggles through 
closed shutters
little feet pad down the stairs
sweet whispers
Saturday cartoons
audible enough
urgent scratching at the back door
open.  close.  rattling blinds.
Crackle of the big bag in the pantry
metal dong hitting the tile
crunch crunch crunch
comforting sounds of morning
absent Bobby and Brad on the radio
big yawn
big feet clomp down the stairs

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Locked away in the tower
In this dreary dungeon
You are trapped in
Under the disguise of loving concern
Diabolical tyranny is really the motive
Of the one who torments you
You have been there so long
You no longer know how to escape
Battered in this abyss 
It is hell
But, it is all you know
All you can decipher is darkness
You only wish you could remember
What the light looked like
How it felt
How it radiated off your smiling face
But, then you forget how happiness felt
You forget how it feels to be free
You have forgotten how it feels to be yourself

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Fight Back

I reached out to get a tape today.
It had taken legs and ran away.
The many different series I once had,
They are now gone and that is sad.

Another son fighting an addiction I see.
He is stealing what he can to purchase his weed.
He will look at you with such a straight face.
Then tell a lie, oh what a disgrace.

I am so upset with this addiction you see.
I must take back what the enemy has stolen from me.
I need you out there to stand in agreement with me.
For the Lord to intervene, so my son can be set free.

Pray for Nathaniel- call out his name.
He needs to be delivered from the enemy’s hand.

Ó 2007 Mary Ann Duhart
October 9-2007

Matthew 11:12-And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of 
heaven suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.

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I Cry Motherly Tears

When I sleep at night it's your face I see,
     Living for your addictions and not me.

It's your fears I hear,
     Not my own or anyone else's.

All because I cry motherly tears.

My knowledge is far beyond my years,
      Your life is my fear.

And yet i'm supposed to be the child,
      And I live for you and me both?

You don't know the pain your causing me,
      All I ask for is to be free.

So when I cry ,
      I cry motherly tears.

Your the parent and I'm the child,
     Your the hot and I'm mild.

I cry motherly tears cause,
     It's your face i wear,
     Your voice i hear,
     And your soul I care.

All cause I cry motherly tears.

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Love bites

How often do mine eyes
walk the crevices of your face,
as you lie there peacefully sleeping?
Listening to your rhythmic nasal breathing,
as your body gently stirs
in midst of dreams.
My love for you surprises me,
each day not thinking it possible
to love you more -
but I do.

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He knew where it was hidden
beneath the bed frame.
Assumed safe.

    By you.

The reason it remained so --

He was afraid he would

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New Birth Announcements

Angels express good tidings
Of great joy throughout Heaven
When one soul is born again
Because God has a new child;
A new name is written down
In the Lamb's Book of Life.

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At This Hour

Tonight ends tonight
for morrow comes morrow
The gasping breath
of gentle moon fades away
It’s already three in the morning
Still, I’m sitting, at the terrace
where once again, I spy
Silent thief tiptoed, leaving its
mistiness on my face, as it
tried to snatch the last blink
of weary eyes, worn
by yesterday’s gloomy
looking fire-red sky
And, this frequent creaking
of a sagging rocking chair
gives soul, the last hope
that you’ll come
ere, the great orb
finally, wakes the sleeping prince

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Pour Un Ami De Panda

Le soleil a perdu sa lumière en plusieurs années
Dans l'autre face de la grande Meditteranee;
Et, avant que je retrouve cette sliver,
Qui ma aidé a rentré au quai des Milliardaires;
Vous aviez déjà établie une place dans son monde,
Par les grincements des petites roues rondes;
Quand vous avez montré une flip-flop dans l'air ;
Etant bien apprécier ainsi que…des twitchers,
Qui aiment la sérénité et la beauté d'Antibes;
La veille ville, où mon esprit reste à vivre;
Mon coeur ne s'arrête pas à rechercher son amour,
Malgré, qu’il ait pris mon retour
Comme juste...une petite nouvelle;
Mais, pourquoi suis-je triste ? Si, lui est dans les cieux !
Savez-vous ? Que les temps partagés…
Ont donnés une histoire de fraternité qui restera gravé,
Sans être de même sang et de même chair,
Mais, par l'amitié, qu'existera jusqu’à la fin de la Terre.
Jusqu’au jour, qu'on ne se retrouve plus à respirer;
Ah voila, le panda à coté ! Qui vous considère comme son aîné ; 
Comme un frère qui se tiendra toujours là près de toi,
Et, qu’il donnera n'importe quoi...
Sa caresse et ses larmes pour les bénéficies des autres;
Lui, un vrai trésor sans prix pour une certaine vie…la Notre !

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I Called His Name

I called His name,
His answer came,
pulling in the driveway,
in the pouring rain.
Hey mom, I'm home,
did you make any tea,
I was so stunned,
was he talking to me?
So distant he has been,
ignoring my love,
the questions I ask,
he would give a shrug.
Prayer after prayer,
small steps every day,
I am very thankful,
God's way, is the only way..

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Life Lessons

Another day before the judge.
Nathaniel told the judge-he wanted to come home.
Judge asked the dad, “If he agreed”?
Stipulations were made and he was released.
He came home with a bracelet on.
Can’t go very far or he’ll set off an alarm.
Life lessons are hard but must be faced.
Even read his Bible from day to day.
Went to church and said his prayers.
For the next thirty days he must act like he care.

August 1-2007-My 15 year old came home today. He said, it was tough but he 
learned a lot while in juvenile hall. Even accepted the Lord. He has thirty days 
before he goes in to see the judge again. 

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What's His Name

Tell me if you know
Who He is that has established
All the ends of the earth and designed each flake of snow
That falls and blankets hills
Like His holy Child at birth.  Tell me if you know

Who has gathered up the wind
In the hollow of His hands and calmed torrents that rage and blow
As He walked on the high seas
And gave them His commands.  Tell me if you know

Who has wrapped up those waters 
In the bosom of His cloak wringing it so that they will flow
And shower down from above
Like the Word He has spoken.  Tell me if you know

Who from Heaven has gone back up 
And seen God face to face, who first descended below 
But was resurrected by His Father
And gave the Way to the heavenly place.  Tell me if you know...

What's His Name and His Son.

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I have a father like every one else; I never met him,
This got me crazy, searching from house to house;
An obsession, that became a way of my whole life.

I asked mother what he looks like, yet, she gave me
Such details, in which pompous neighbors disagreed;  
I can’t live under false pretence, that I don’t need him. 

Nor, I lose the eagerness of knowing him, but 
These charades keep on racking my aging brain; 
I just can’t believe why he doesn’t remember me.

Thou, unseen since I took my first grand step, 
Still, he has control over many things, and I don’t; 
I really tried to escape from reality. 

But, his ruthless strength constantly reminds me of 
The past; as fleeting time vanishes like morning fogs,
Pushing me harder into holding the sliver of light. 

And, my crimson heart still beats what it has believed 
Right from the beginning, which he’s a potter; and I’m  
Just one of his many works: a good reason, to trust him. 

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missing you,

As I awake to an early spring morning I find my self with out your presents or maybe it's
because I just need some one to talk to,
I don't like to be unsure of my self I mean it is one thing to doubt your self but to fill 
unsure of who you frustrating,
you knew who I was you seen who I could be and you always knew I am just being me 
and to change I would be a fool,
but why do I fill lonely some times not in the sense of being alone just different no one
to talk with in my time of's damaging,
you use to say I was different because I'm special, or because I'm a leader not a follower
even as a child I was quite and keep to my self,
now as an adult I can't seem to find that happy medium I talk to alot of people but I have
no friends at least nothing in common with them,
every body dreams different, thinks different wants to be some one else I just want to be
me yet I sit alone like waiting on a shelf,
I walked a frozen path lit by fires of destruction I've turned away from hands of the devil 
I don't broad cast my past, my scares or show my weapons,
I broke down the walls that held me inside but for what? I could run with the best of them
but I prefer to walk,
I don't need things to show who I am I don't need to be phrased to be I am as simple 
as a cold November rain,
you were my friend you were energy and it's times like this I wish I could hear your voice 
as we sit to talk,
writing this I could almost hear you almost see the ghost of you sitting drinking a cup of
coffee telling me...just play your game son just play your game.


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Miss Nonine

I wish
That I had a chance to know a mother
Like the ones others have
Like you
I wish
She had been one to care
Like a mother should
To love us equally
As we are
To love me a little
I wish
I could say I’d cry when I lose her
But all the tears I’ve ever known 
Were beaten from me
With vicious whips and cracking words
What would I grieve for?
I wish
I had memories like those I hear them recall
Of a mother who held them close
Who whispered softly “Things will turn out alright”
Who didn’t bribe them to hide their shame 
Who didn’t hide them to lock them away
Chase them away
I wish 
I had a mother I could call my mother
One I could call “Mom” just once and mean it
Like they mean it
I wish 
I could look back on my life and see the happiness there
Only this time unmarred by harsh words and deeds
Where I was given a blessing of faith
In hope and in a promise of happiness
Instead of despair
Instead of broken promises
I wish 
I wish I had a mother like you
Just like you

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Changing Identities

I was born as a son to my mother and
Grew as brother to my sisters
I gained knowledge as a student and
I moved with my dears as a friend
I rushed behind the money as a worker and
married a girl as her husband
I had sons and daughters as a father and
Chased many businesses as a topper
I had son and daughter in laws as an  In law and
followed the words of nobles as a follower
I prayed my lords as a devotee and
hold a stick, wore a glass as an oldman
I was taken as a procession in bed as a body and
burnt in to ashes as a  Hasthi
I am now in the air as air
Who am I? My Lord !in this world 
Created me with a lot of changing identities

Hasthi is  the ash of human body come after funeral it will be mixed with in the 
Holy rivers to fulfill the life of a human soul

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One Day When I Was Born

Dad celebrated my life, with a resounding cheer---
wishing that the great orb would always shine on me.
Mom maintained her posture, holding gently her treasure
she said, in hushed voice, “Oh yes, it will.” 

And so it is, there is his giant orb, smiling.
I feel its golden touch, leading me ever warmer 
to the beginning of my morrow; I uttered not a word 
thou, I smiled and stare at them. What a joy!

“Honey, come on--- 
let us walk him our ways
as we cherish 
our olden days,” mom said.

“Gee, I remember well--- 
the day when the first cockcrow met the dusk
I sung you my old song, “All I Wanted To See”--- 
your favorite, in a soft falsetto,” he recalled her. 

I know I’ll live longer; their love never grows dim.
They’ll have a Korean tea, in the morn, at the swing garden
whilst I content myself watching them, intimately sharing 
more times, ere they part and confront the cares of day.

“Give me, O give me your morning kiss once more---
feel your sensual, fiery lips and keep it inside me;
hold my hand and say you love me. See, the wind ripples
your bluebells, as I whisper you the echo of my heart,” he said.

She replied, “Hmm, kiss me, O kiss me--- 
morning, afternoon, night, for as long as you like
‘cos that makes me feel young and pretty---full of life.
Let me be yours, forever!”

…One day when I was born, I saw two love-birds…

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Moth, Moth

Moth, Moth
Flickering flame too near,
Attraction to your death
You're too hypnotized to fear
As you flirt with your final breath

Moth, Moth,
Your mother off and
to the side,
Watches you do
your dangerous dance
In frustration she has cried...

Moth, Moth
Return to your Mother Moth's
protective love
Don't dive into that flame
Can't you hear the cries above?

Moth, Moth...
Meth, Meth...
Flickering flames
You fly too close
to untimely death.

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       Teenagers I don't understand,
       I sound like my old man.
      They say its the hormones ;
      I dissagreee.
      For those not blind its plain to see.
       You hang around with the wrong boys from town,
        you follow them around and around.
       with other people your o.k,
      what did we do to make you this way.
       The lack of respect you show your mum,
       she gave you life, our beloved son.
      Six years you were on your own,
       then along came Jerome.
       since that day things changed in you,
        no longer number one,
       I think thats when it began.
      now your going your own way,
    I wish you luck every day.


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Daddy Doesn't Know

D’you enjoy the rhyme- 
the name game o’ my soul 
as it dances, childishly 
in the crazy rain?

D’you hear the call-
the craving
o’ my word, as it cries out loud
across the road?

D’you feel the touch-
the lonely tears
o’ a poem as it runs down the night
wanting to be dried, by you?

all these concern you, 
why haven’t
you return the thousand rings I made?
Come, O come home soon
dearest mommy o’ mine
‘cos Daddy doesn’t know- 
how to sing sweet lullabies o’ thine!

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A Night, With My Father

Thou, I did not beg 
My wants and my wishes
Yet, my father felt it, as he saw me
While he sat
On his sagging rocking chair 
How I childishly made 
A wish 
Upon a star
On a lonely night, when
No one dared to meet
The sleepless fireflies
I was, alone, I thought, staring 
At the twinkling star
I didn’t notice, he was listening
Thru the passing wind, gently 
He touched me
Speak unto me, my son
For what your heart desire 
Will be granted, the life, the happiness 
The wisdom
And, into the light, I’ll bring you 
Where darkness, has no power
If, you promise 
To serve and to obey me 
Daily, I’ll give you anything
In response, I said: if this is your will 
So be it
Only please, help me
Lead me, O my Father

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Today a son misses his father, a daughter thinks about her mother today a 
mother cries for her son as a father sheds tears for his daughter,
1825 days ago love was lost for millions 52  weeks ago our nation morned,
5 years ago we remember .... we remember the fallen  we 
remember the senseless slaughter. 
today we will always remember as taps is played on the horn.
 Today  5 years ago a nation came together 1825 days ago we prayed for one 
another  52 weeks ago we raised our flag from the ashes, 
Today we stand and salute those over there, today we look to the ski`s for the 
ones up there today we think of the ones left alone,
Today around the world we relive 9/11 with tributes, vigils on radios in churches 
in schools with all the stations showing news flashes .
today 5 years ago TWTC was turned to stone.
Today Americans stand in honor, we pay our respects, and stand united,
5 years ago today tears fell from heaven,
1825 days ago and our anger still has n`t subsided, 
52 weeks ago on Nine Eleven. 

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For Brandon

You came to us so quietly
so sudle, with overflowing innocence
such excitement in the air
with thoughts of the first view of your beautiful face
such eagerness in our blood
to kiss your perfect forehead for the first time
To picture life without you now
is as impossible as digging to the center of the earth
to watch you grow
builds a back draft of love that consumes my heart
a smile on your face 
put a smile on my face
no matter what tribulations the day brought
no matter how foul your diapers smell
or how many times I have to say no
its worth every breath I breathe
every blink of my eyes
because every ray of sunshine is on you
and you are the rays of sunshine that shine upon me
your my investment for better days
and a reason to be here tomorrow

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My Little Man

My father taught me everything he knew on becoming a man. A vow I have with 
God is helping you become the best that I know you can.

You inspire me in such a way only a son could. You learn and pick up on thing so 
fast the way a son should.

No matter what happens I will always be your dad. Proudly playing my role as 
father and best friend, so don’t worry or be sad.

Though circumstances are not always how I wanted them to be,
remember this always you’re the world to me.

I love you son as I will forever. An unbreakable bond between us is what will keep 
us close together.

From the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul, without you son my circle is 
not whole.
I love you.

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Always in my head
At times there is darkness
A brief relief
From the constant hurt
I feel lost and afraid
Whats happening to me
Why am I tormented
Hated so?

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The Argument

The Voice to write,
to pen His name
and speak a prayer:
Most Beneficient, most Glorious,
the All-Wise, the All-Bountiful
Mohammad, Buddha, Christ,
of You from whence I Am.

The Voice is weary 
crying to be heard by One Son
who turns away in judgment,
that I who speak
within conviction of My Truth
am reduced to an accusation of being ...

Perhaps to humble this tone
the Voice still and soft,
resonant as a dove that only coos,
striking a Peace not found in the
cacaphony of a blue jay,
may speak.

Oh, Son of Mine
I cry in your pursuit of greed
while praising the compassion
you show ... to other Souls.
Yet now to me you peer
from lofty heights of

The Voice that will hold you calm,
that  wants always to never Condemn,
never Judge,  never Criticize, never Fault,
never Blame, never Shame.
Only speaks:  I love you no matter
what you do.

A Voice crying, crying for
this subtle life so short and sweet
as the ever-deepening twilight 
brings the hope 
of yet another tomorrow
upon this greatest of earthly love.

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Does My Own Faith

Does My Own Faith
Does my own faith extend to others can GRACE apply to them? Just go and ask 
the ROMAN Centurion that asked a BOON for his own son. His son lay dying of a 
sickness brought on no DOUBT by leaded wine, and the HOMO stood there in 
perfect health just asking GOD for his own son. “eye am a roman soldier with 
men under my authority eye say to one come and to another go and it is DONE.” 
The LORD JESUS marveled at this understanding so rare in the gentile race. GO 
home embrace thy son it is given to me and now it is done. The boy was taken 
up from his sick bed at that very hour the MAN who believed RECEIVED his 
GRACE from GOD’s own POWER. Eye was plagued by doubters, who fashioned 
me to lose my faith; today they are all liars, for prayers are always heard iff the 
throne of GRACE is active then prepare to get them back prepare for health at 
last. Does my own faith extend to others there yes in all my prayers my hope is 
given back.

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War Call

And you too are not God

"I know that."

Go away little boy
with your war games.
I don't want you to play 
with my son.

There is no war
so small or so great
no war to be played
with him.

And I too am not God

"I pray that"

We shall stand
with pen and plow
the lion and the lamb
before the time
my son is a man.

You cannot have him.

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Let Me Walk

let me walk thru the footprints 
in the sand, with laughter

like the joyful rhythm 
of a marching band

and if I spend time at the vanity 
you know that’s not my intention

whenever we’re together 
strolling, side by side

it happen though 
when I’m with you

for I could feel the essence 
of own existence

i could sense wind’s gentle whisper
as it passes over the breathing sea 

leading me to unknown destiny
as yours ever grows dimmer

let me walk…
remembering your name

that someday I may give
you, something to be proud of


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June 17, 2007

Sitting on the front porch steps
I looked at the man
The weathered skin
The squinted eyes
Listening to him speak as he stared
Into the distance
Never flinching
As he reminisced
He told me of times past
When he was young
Happy times
The war had ended
He came home to his wife
His first born greeted him

The smile on his face at that moment
Told me all I needed to know
That this man, though strong
Was a person with heart
A person with feelings
That required the many
Touches of life
That only others could provide
Though older now
Not looking like the boy
He described in his stories
The man he was to become
He now resembles
A man of leather
Where nothing could permeate
But I can see how
My tone, my questions
Entered his mind
And how he spoke through his heart

As another father’s day
Comes and goes
I think back to my youth
Listening to you
Your stories
Your music on the violin
I smile, knowing
That I touched you
As the memories
Of you touch me now
I love you
As you look down
From the heavens above
I wish to say
I couldn’t have asked
For a better man
To guide me
To be my father
Happy Father’s Day

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Dimly Lit Street

He walks down
The dimly lit
street of drug use
His body and mind
Take abuse

his mother waits
Eyes turned inward
Pain never abates

How could this
happen to me?
What is it
that I don't see??

This is my baby
Born innocent
and pure...
Who stole him
from me?
Will this horror
long endure?

How do I
reach out?
What to say?
How much pain,
must I pay?

God, give me strength,
God, give me hope,
God help my child,
Be weaned from dope.

I'll pay whatever price
you ask,
If you help me,
with this task...

Take my soul,
Return him his
Let his life
return to its
proper path,
I will bear
any wrath

This is all
I ask of you
Please show me
dear Lord,
I need to do.

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Is You Wondering?

I’m a child of God
 I knew it may seem odd
 since I been through a lot, since day one
 but I want you to know I’m your “number one”

God has let me know I’m truly his little angel.
 Sitting or lying there watching over me 
         with his right angel

Keep trust in me mother, and that’s a must.
     Everyone know me by miracle,
    because I’m strong as I can be
  waiting for you and me to be together
So you will really know Im yours “free” 

Mother, I’m glad God gave me to 
 you with no charge
 I know to others that may seem odd
 Me and you are the greatest, while
 others might be left wondering what a test
 A child and mother God know 
              are the best.

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Little God

My son doesn't know
His own strength.
Shadows flicker across the room,
Ducks, rabbits
And wolves.

He has made them
With his hands
And watches them dance
Across the moonlit wall.

He laughs as he creates
Creature after creature,
My little god.

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All Tastes of Life

My son had a penchant,
for soft and sweet,
he would discard all that,
which was not the above two,
I had been observing for long,
and he had maintained his dates with these two,
I wondered what was place of hard,bitter and rough,
in his life,
he probably knew,
that these non soft and sweet would come,
and they did come,
to my horror,
he let them be,
and bore the cost,
while he picked up soft and sweet,
he was covering himself in a coccoon,
and refused to come out of it,
I knew the scene had to be remedied,
and remedied soon,
I studied his soft and sweet,
and marked them as such,
next when he approached one,
I had hidden hard under soft,
and bitter under sweet,
he discovered them soon,
and thought it was a piece bad,
next he got about the same,
I had to work hard but did not mind the same,
I carried on with that,
till one day my son came,
and identified hard and bitter himself,
now he had recognized these two important ones.

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The Captives

In a Norwegian slumber they came to take us away.
They used shovels and torches.
But mostly arms and strong fingers.
We were the final ones out of the terminal.

The cockroaches sing with us now.
We live in utter parlance.
Askance, downward goes our drives.

But this is not about us, no-no-not us.
We call our song the soul’s vertebrate.
And we refer to the question of a soul as an angel with its hand over its mouth.

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Battles - Dedicated to my son, Jordan

War of words
Power struggles
Between us
Make us drift apart
Make us estranged
What happened?
When did our hostile words 
Turn into silence?
It is so quiet
I can hear a pin drop
I can hear the pounding of my heart
I can feel my aching soul
From being separated from you
Out of touch
With who you are
I want to know you again
I want to be your Mother again
Let me be your Mom

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Aching Heart

Sitting here stewing and brewing with an aching heart.
Often wondering when did things fall apart.
Around and around this circle again.
Constantly thinking when will it come to an end.

Sitting and staring at the open gate,
Wondering will you walk in it or continue to stay away.
My heart continues to ache from day to day.
So I will bow on my knees and continue to pray.

Father above please hear my earnest plea.
Look upon my son wherever he may be.
Send your angels of mercy and protect him from all harm.
Place your loving arms around him and guide him safely home.

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Bluebell Park

Only you,  
I want in my arms,               	
Yet I feel you don’t want my own charm.
You know I love you,
“O, run not from me!” I asked; and     
You said: “I’m not, but I want to be free!”

See, your eyes
Are tinged with desire; 
Though you whispered you love me, but…

The way 
You kissed me, 
I fully understand; ok then, you’re free.

Be careful,
When you play, out there, my dearest son!


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cowboys in heaven

just the other day
my young son
out of the blue
as me
dad he says
dad are there cowboys
in heaven

well i thought
what do i do?
so i tippet back my hat
and said son i
know the answer to that

yes there are cowboys in heaven
they ride herd over the stars
they play there guitars
and sing to the angels

they water there white horses
with mains of silver
in a crystal clear river
there saddles are laced with gold
they ride were it is nether hot nor cold

they only open the gate
for those who ride true
and shoot straight

so you see son there are 
cowboys in heaven
you better shoot straight
and ride true
or they will never
open the gate for you

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If Only

If only I could reach,
deep inside your mind,
and free those demons,
that have made you so blind.
If only you would listen,
to my constructive advice,
maybe we could beat this,
but you won't try.
If only those friends,
that are really not,
would just leave you alone,
the whole lot.
If only you were younger,
and I still had control,
things would be different,
but you are now bold, and old.
If only I could find you,
and I try each day,
maybe you would listen,
to what I have to say.
If only you had not met her,
and never heard her name,
you would not be her victim,
and drive your mother insane.
If only.....

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Where Demons Play

Take a good person,
with a very good life,
surround them with evil,
that fills them with lies,
Watch how they change,
as they follow the beast,
the good advice you give them,
they can't seem to reach.
Things once important,
now fall by the way,
their head in a fog,
where demons play.
Signs all around,
as one life falls apart,
when did good end,
and evil start.
So called friends,
shackle your mind,
while laughing at you,
for being so blind.
Nothing good,
do they ever do,
just keep you in bondage,
and away from the truth.
God Almighty,
is your only Hope,
as you lie in the sewer,
with nothing to show.

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They Just Don't Think

Some of our children just don’t have a clue.
The choices that they make affects others too.
A boomer-rang effect they will surely cause.
It will come back and may hit us all.

Awaken during the night from a bang on the door.
From a drug dealer who was very soar.
Stated our son Andre'  had stolen his weed.
Looking high and low for him to answer for his deed.

All we could say was our son was in jail.
Not getting out soon or posting any bail.
The man looked like he was packing a piece.
Nothing we could do but call the police.

No names were exchanged from this party you see.
My husband stayed cool as he could be.
All he could see was a son ending up dead.
Over a foolish choice- Now what could be said.

Thank God I was not home when this happened. Hubby was
Very shaken up when I got home. He called the police and 
They came out and took a report. They said, Andre’ was locked
Up so maybe they were making a mistake.

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Dan...I miss you

Your son lays
Within a coupla feet of me

Sleeping blissfully
upon my couch

I see you in
everything he does

Your picture is on my desktop
so I can talk to you

I miss having
someone who understands

Understands love
Hate children life

Your other son is
growing like a weed

I need to jump on them both to 
reach for a hug

They look like you
Talk like you
Laugh like you
Listen like you
Work like you
Drive like you

But they are not you.

I will keep them safe and happy
as they are now. You may be gone
But I will stay as long as I can.

I will see you when the time is right

Keep twinkling the stars for me...

Love hugs and kisses

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Caught Red Handed

Caught with his hand in his father's safe
"Oops"-is all he could say.
Constantly telling lies after lies
The truth is now out 
all I can do is cry.

Please pray for Nathaniel. A stronghold that needs to be broken.

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Finally Can Say Goodbye

There hasn't been one day past
where I havn't thought about you
I wish there was some way to forget
this time has past 
and our baby looks more and more like you
what am I supossed to do
I can't get you're eyes out of my head
especially when there staring at me from our baby
I know we can't talk
but there's so much I have to say
how am I supossed to do that
when I feel like I'm locked in the chains
I know you'll never read this and you'll never see
if we weren't always so screwed maybe we could've been 
the family, I always had dreamed
I'm stuck with this fantasy that wasn't ever meant to be
I wish you could just see and we could just speak
so many lies we wound up this way
if I could tell you the truth and nothing but , maybe you would have stopped 
from being that way and being all the shame
I never knew what I did wrong but im sick of living this silence
I don't think I'll ever win I don't know how to tell you and I loved you everyday
and with all my heart I'll love you until I pass away
Kenny Moses, I'm telling you the truth
now thats what i have to say to you
and I can finally say goodbye
goodbye blue....

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The Decision

I was once happy with this man because he was my true love and he said he 
    loved me
But he caught me on my blind side and did something I've never thought he'd do 
    to me
And now I'm in a fight with the same man
Because he doesn't understand that I'm doing the best that I can

Now I have to face off with him on Wednesday
The thought of it makes me sick and brings so much to my head that I just can't 
I can't believe this is happening
I never thought this man of all would do this to me

The day has come
And the thought of facing this man has made my mind, body, and soul go numb
Now I sit in front of the judge and the jury
Worrying and stressing what's going to be read to me

As I sit and wait, so many things are going through my head
As in if this reading doesn't come out right, I'd rather be dead
I look as if I have control of me
But I'm nervous, I'm shaky, I'm stressing, and I'm jittery

Tear me apart
And you'll find out how this man has broken my heart
You'll see what's going on inside my mind
You'll try to describe, but the words, you won't be able to find

I see the man stand
I try to hold myself together and be as sane as I can
He read what was written
Then my feelings revealed and could no longer be hidden

I jumped and was filled with joy
Because the court let me keep my little boy
I grabbed him, hugged him, and told him,'I love you!'
He let go of me and said, 'Mom, I love you too!'