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Free Verse Sister Poems | Free Verse Poems About Sister

These Free Verse Sister poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Sister. These are the best examples of Free Verse Sister poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Summers Eve

~Summer’s Eve ~

I am a woman!
I am proud-

I am everything you want. 
Plus more
The adoring wife,
A beautiful mother, 
A grandmother a granddaughter 
A daughter, a sister,
A lover, the aunt.
Your enemy, your friend.
I am the working lady.
A widow left behind.

  I AM!
The Spawn of Adam's rib-

  I AM!
A mentor throughout this world. 
A lady with class, sometimes a material girl.
A flower, and the sound of rain.

I am the color of the rainbow. 
I am deeper than the sea. 
I am the pink ribbon you wear.
I am delicate like snow.

  I AM!
The sun and the moon in your eyes.
A twister during dark skies.

  I AM!
The Daughter of Eve-

And, here is the only feeling I want to endorse. 
 Summer's Eve.

In honor and appreciation to all the women of the world.
Happy Mother’s day!


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There you go again little Sly fox P.D.
Another game of tag and jeopardy.
Clever, clever, little fox so bloodthirsty.
Chaos roams through your veins of liberty.
You walk the ground, prancing around your hostility.
Marching down with the dignity of mis-guided anarchy.

I'm gonna hunt you smell end it well.
Hang you up from your trophy tail. 
Kiss your night one last farewell.
By morning dawn your foxy tail,
Won't live another tale to tell.

I'm gonna find ya' ~ pull your hideout from where you hide.
Smack you around in your everyday rebellious ways.
Thinking you can defeat my crowd with your lawlessness..
I don't need no hounds to track your unlivable Holy-mess.
You created a selfish character of kindness for the blindness.
You prey on the sheep's and linger on their wall of hopelessness. 
Your sinfulness grew from the boldness, and bitterness, 
Of growing up parent-less.
My dear Sly Fox are you on alert with your ears of nobleness.
Did you not hear me creeping while you were sleeping.

Sly fox the destroyer!

You are right, you are a mischievous game of hunt!
My trap is set and waiting for you by the river front.
Go ahead, take a drink, pull one last obnoxious stunt.
Run and run, as fast as you can!
You can't out run this one game of Skitty Skat fox hunt.....


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My Tricycle -

~My Tricycle~

Christmas  eve,
I could not help but peek.

There it was, a blue and pinkish bike.
With streamers all for me...

A ride, I wanted to feel inside.
A surprise, I ruined for my eyes.
The joy I felt, a naughty kid like me could not hide.

Running back into my room, jumping with glee. 

Waiting and waiting...............................................

Christmas day, comes to life.
I'm all excited.. With the biggest grin...
Mommy walks me to my bike.
My grin slowly fades away.
A red tricycle, I start to cry.

I did not understand, why my older sister got the pretty bike.
My Christmas, ruined by a ruby red tricycle.

Mommies, hug did not comfort me.
I cried all night, and asked my daddy'
"How can this be?"
"It's not fair!"
"it's not fair!"

Daddy, had only one response..
"Sweetie, soon you will see."

New Years Eve**

I sit near the windowpane.
Staring at my sister ride her blue pinkish bike.
Even the streamers were laughing at me.

Night fall comes around..
It's cold and everyone is asleep.

I sneak my way into the barn. 
I stare at it~
My sisters bike!
The smile on my face, I still can't erase.
"This bike will be mine tonight."

I grab the bike by the handles bars.
I walk the bike under the stars. 

Two hours pass, and still I can't operate the pedals.
Finally I remove my shoes, and reach the pedals with my toes.
I'm off into the night, than suddenly I fell upon them rocks.
If only I waited for that push from daddy's hands.

:To Be Continued:

Lesson not learned,
My scars all accounted for.

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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Worst Love Poem Ever Written

I suck at dying poems
Chemo poems, Metastatic Cancer poems,
Hair falling out in the shower poems
And I told a half truth
When I told you I could write you one
In less than six months (It's been eight)
I apologize for being so late

I wanted your poem to be pink and graceful
Like those ribbons
I see all over the internet
Filled with cheesy generic rhymes
That read like a Hallmark audition

  But already my metaphors are melting
And my similes are getting soft
 I guarantee you the rhyme meter will be off

 When I went to Google
And the typed in the word 'happy'
Three billion links came up

Not a single inference to
Breast cancer, hair loss
No redirects to mastectomies
Yahoo wasn't any kinder

The only thing research could teach me
Is that a good day on chemo
Is when your stool doesn't come out tar Black
And has no blood in it

Or when your urine
Smells better on Wednesday
Than it did on Tuesday

Sleeping less than 12 hours
When 24 would be better

America has more poets
Than it does alcoholics
   And Pot smokers combined
And you chose me to be
Your Breast Cancer
Poet Laureate

Trusting me to write a poem
About the biggest battle in your life

So I refuse to finish this poem
Without something bright and hopeful
And don't think
I didn't notice your Facebook activity
Had decreased by 88%
In the last three months

And you aren't really
Coming to any more of my poetry shows
Ever again. Are you??
But we still have March, April
Don't we?

But even if you had one breast
Or no breast

Or if you had less hair than I do
I promise to look only in your eyes
And never ever even notice
Or even think about it

And never for a moment
Would I feel sorry for you

Yes I suck at lying too...

But I don't suck at loving you
Or at hoping you wake up tomorrow morning
 With no Cancer at all
And that The Eiffel Tower will be right outside
Your bedroom window...

And I would be right there with you
Holding your hand while we look down on Paris
And you can impress me with your French again

And if I ever make it
To the Pulitzer Poetry board
I might lose a thousand points
Just for this poem alone

And my hopes for the prize will be smitten
And some old person 
With white hair will say
That was the worst love poem ever written

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~What Make A Best Friends~

Best friends are hard to find 
Just like among the lovely stars at night we’ve to pick the best one 
A priceless gem of God’s Loving Divine. 

I finally found you Linda (aka pd)...
My heart is in triumph 
My desolation is gone 
You’re not only like a star, but my rising sun 
Someone who tenaciously raises me up when I’m down. 

When a shroud of gloom hangs over me, 
You cheer me up 
Whether you are far or near 
Your listening ears give me a breath of wind. 

You offer the loveliest rose in your garden 
Smile…. Laugh and cry with me 
One of those who anchors to the fulfillment of my dream 
Hone-in-on to a friend’s sake 
Offers a mighty shoulder to lean on 
Or to stand to see further.   --From: L.G.

-A dearest sis, from heaven send-
I share my muse, with your beating friendship
Never would I force you to answer or say something
When I'm hurt or crying, or feel like my life is over
Just knowing you are there listening, brings comfort--
--Whether you are near or far
I know you will be there caring in every step of the way

In you I see a woman who highly respects herself
A beautiful person who goes a long way, making others feel the light 
I would never trade you for someone who can't prance and dance like you
Your best quality, comes from being yourself no matter who's around
This is how I know, you have the perfect ingredients 
Of what makes a special best friend

So, fun, unique and interesting, Leonora you are so sweet
You understand, with support, you carry a soul of trust and beauty
You were there through my good times and bad
A positive shoulder to cry on
Without casting judgment on the things I've done,
I smile with glee, enjoying your sincerity
Leonora, my BFF, I hope you don't mind that I gave my secret away 
The perfect ingredients, of what makes a best friend.  --By: P.D.

Jan. 10-17,2014

- collaboration poem of Linda/PD and Leonora

~ It’s again my great honor to have been invited to collaborate with my most all time favourite, my greatest poet,  loving poet sis and forever BFF, PD/ Linda. She's a very special poet sis & friend/BFF of mine . I’m in tears of joy to know that I’m also special to her. Word’s are inadequate to thank you enough for everything my dearest sis!  My biggest & loveliest hugs ever to u!  Lovem4evr sis & BFF Leo

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Don't leave me hanging

 Don't leave me hanging sis!

I came out of nowhere with an agenda on the mind
Joining the soup to be near my favorite love
a game I did not plan to play
Until he called upon the first round.
giving it my best shot
Then came round three and more. 
The poets here I started to explore
Not taking my poetry seriously
The writing just happens naturally
now I see why she visits everyone at the soup.
My sister who puts on a show with words
Is adored by her very own group
the Destroyer was my pet name 
She gave me when I was young
So envious of her, I broke the head of her only dolls.
using her poetry was the way she tortured me 
Inside me, she bestowed a poet of mischief
Now I like to tease everyone mind with words

I hate this poem..... Lol..don't read it... It was a joking way back then

(((for contest**Leave me hanging)))

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I never told my mother the truth
about the autumn night my sister died
The sad secret that churns in my soul
struggling to escape    holding my breath hostage

Wakened by a sound puncturing the silence of our sleeping room
Our bedside clock with numbers that flipped every minute 
bore a dim glow illuminating the time    12:16
Gentle moonlight drifting through the window 
fell on my sister    sitting on the side of her matching bed 
Her auburn curls tangled and frizzy     sea blue eyes glazed with sleep  

She coughed into cupped hands
A hard cough    racking lungs    clenching her chest
I threw back covers    dropped bare feet onto a cool wooden floor
headed for our mother’s room
She waved a hand as coughing eased     shook her head
Said she was all right    didn’t need Mom
Slid back into bed on her side    facing me
Snuggled her head into the pillow with one arm curled under 
The other arm lying on top of the covers    hand curled under her chin
Closed her eyes

Clock numbers flipped to 6:00 am    time to get up for school    
She still lay in the same position    skin now drained of color     
Once rosy cheeks paled as if buried in a sudden snowfall
Her hand    cold where I grabbed it to shake her awake
Stiff joints locked in place

My screams locked in place 
banging against clenched teeth    drawn lips
At thirteen I couldn’t imagine what to do with guilt 
that descended on me like a sodden wool blanket 
It was too heavy to fold and lay aside

Knew I couldn’t survive if Mom knew my secret
That I slept peacefully while my sister    her first born child
slipped away beyond our reach
Images flooded my mind of Mom’s soft loving eyes
hardening with hate    her comforting touch withdrawn 
Some actions cannot beg forgiveness

Mom has gone now to be with my sister
But I am not worried     
My big sister always kept our secrets

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Since First I Saw You

Since first I saw you, it was your eyes,
mesmerizing, your gaze transporting
me to a realm, not of fantasy, real,
where young men go when cupid’s
arrow takes root.

Since first I saw you, it was your lips,
captivating, holding me frozen 
in anticipation of our lips brushing
for the first time.

Since first I saw you, it was your voice,
a crescendo, light, invigorating, 
each word you speak intensifies 
my hearing, enveloping each
note, time ceases as I hang motionless
savoring, memorizing.

Since first I saw you, it was your hair,
long, flowing, gently rising above
your shoulders as a slight breeze
passes through sending waves
of your essence my way. 
The sun magnifying each strand, 
highlighting the minute
variances of invigorating color, 
creating a halo effect, a portrait of
your beauty forever imprinted.

Since first I saw you, It was you,
my love forever more for you,
only you.

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Spirit From the Past

As I sit upon the cloud, my sister SPIRIT, we shall call  ----  “ ALWAYS “
Visits : bringing Her inner Soul with Virtue of  the Heart  ----  FOREVER
 I believe I know YOU from “ Yesterday “  Please help me --- REMEMBER
As She spoke : the Lyric of Her voice : brings memories   -----           I
Envision YOU “  my little Sister ’ Long ago Lost in LOVE; in  ---   LOVE
Through the mirrors of YOUR EYES : Brother, Sister : Me and  --  YOU
Loving Parents , from a Time in History :  where my Heart is of   ---  MY
Searching Soul, “ alive comes the past “ :  growing up with MY   ----  SISTER
Together we speak of “Forever LOVE” with an opened Heartfelt  ----  SPIRIT
As we meet AGAIN in Time KNOW ALWAYS that I LOVE YOU  ---   L Y N E T T E 

     Dedicated To My Kindred SPIRIT Lynette Chachere  “ Spirits Together “

Author’s Note : The origin of  “ End Line Word “ Form Is a Dedication Where the
Vertical Line is the “Dedication” and the Body  “ IS the Why “ Thank-YOU to all 
Who have Supported Dane and I in Our Endeavor To create a New Form of POETRY
Dealing with Honor to Each Contemporary YOUR Participation Is Astounding ALWAYS YOURS…

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I think sometimes we are more enemies than friends.
When we scream at each other, I think about how much I hate those dark brown eyes of yours.
Your hair are soft downy feathers that I wish I had.
The way you speak your mind to me is like a river, carrying fish but also debris.
We disagree over the smallest things, neither of us willing to back down and determined to have the last say, no matter how insignificant they are.
Your childish personality often clash with mine.
You don't ask, but my favorite socks will somehow end up on your feet.
I wish I can turn back time to the way we were before.
The two of us were like puppies, playful and inseparable.
I remember our balloons being blown away, sailing up into the blue and beyond.
Hand in hand, we'd walk into school, only letting go when we go our separate ways.
We'd play outside even in the musky, gray fog.
You once defended me like your life depended on it.
I miss those times.
But I love you anyway; even though at times you make me see red.

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I stare through the rear window as 
the car begins to move away  
With tears running the gamut of my 
Face my body trembling and wet with 
I choke with anger as the contempt
For this separation grows deep
I wail and I wail 
It is then that the memory of her tear
Filled puffy red eyes as she is cloaked
In a moment of sadness
Is imprinted on me 
And I became a broken child
On a journey to a world that seemed
To be without conscience
For no longer could I be her 
Protector and me the center of her 
As the weeks turn to years the years 
To decades
A bitter emptiness haunts me
For when I search my memory  
Nowhere do I find ever saying  
The goodbye word 
To my little sister 
And I cry 

Earl S. Jackson
Mar 1996

Copyright © 2010 Earl S. Jackson, all rights reserved

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The Baby Blue Bonnet

The smile on one's face makes them feel glad again
My sister always had a smile to share
Once came time for her birthday,
A handsome boy came to call
And along with him,
A baby blue bonnet that pleased us all.

The smile on her face showed us she was glad
She leaned in a gave a sweet little kiss
Then the Civil War started and he had to go
She would be crying for him.

The bleak war raged on
Many were dead
She was pining for him.

The sheets of casualties came and they left
Many were torn to pieces
My sister dear cried,
"He has died and left me!"
She hugged the dear baby blue bonnet.

The time was bleak when she claimed the body
Sister dear had to wear black
When came the funeral,
She brought with her
The beloved baby blue bonnet

She refused to wear the hideous black hat
"Instead the bonnet!" she cried
For she would remember
The sunny day when,
He gave her the baby blue bonnet.

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Remember what I taught you

A dedication to my grandpa, 
i love you and miss you,
Your legacy lives on within my heart

The sun can shine
So bright, it makes you blind
Fooling, deceiving.
Very misleading .
The world telling you it's a good day
With just a simple ray.
Penetrating your mind
Telling you to leave all that behind.
So you leave it … Searching for anything to find.
To fill that hole in your heart ...with something kind.
So you go for a stroll in a park
And see a dog with a playful bark.
As you step near
You start to grow in fear 
Foam in its mouth 
You notice your head dropping south
Chin down
And start to frown.
You realize it's not so sunny anymore
Rain pours
No more birds soar.
Drop to your knees
And freeze
Start to cry.
Then wonder why.
Why do I feel this way?
Looking for answers, you go to the bay.
Watching the storm come in, you hear someone say, 
"Remember what I taught you,
You have to be strong.
Find the right
In the wrong. 
Everything will be okay.
Some days will rain. 
Some days will shine,"
Looking around to see who it may be
You continue to listen to the voice from the sea,
"some days you need to stop everything
And pray.
The Good Lord will take it away.
I've always been your strength
Strong for you and yours sister both."
As you realize who it is 
You start to cry, from sadness…
And bliss.
"I know you miss me…
And I miss you too.
No need to cry, 
Oh Catelyn, oh me oh my. 
But just always know I'm here,
In heaven 
watching over you. 
If you ever need me.
You know where I'll be. 
Watching over you from the clouds.
No need to worry.
Don't stress so much.
Life happens.
It peaks
And it stinks..
Given , I wish I was down there to talk to you. 
But it's all in God's plan.
Everything will be for the better. 
Now I'm sorry I have to go,
Check on your sister and cousins you know
Whenever your feeling rough
Whenever life gets tough
Remember what I taught you. 
Rain may continue 
Life will happen in different Venues
But go dance in the rain
Let go of the pain. 
Enjoy the life God granted you
…it won't last forever.
Don't plan out the future 
God has his plan
Live his will out
Not yours
Remember your still a kid,
So smile and I love you Catie did"
Tears rushing down your face
Tears of joy or sorrow 
You don't really know.
Remembering what your grandfather taught you,
With his strength You stand up 
Something in your chest starts to bump
Your heart, it's whole
Beating once again.
Pain is gone 
And you live on.
Dancing in the rain
With only life to gain.

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I hear you in your room
The words he shouts are unclear
But I hear every tear that escapes your eyes
I feel every tear that is replaced inside


I hear you calling out
Begging for him to stop
I'm frozen with fear
Picture clear what he's doing to you
What he's done to me


The sound of every time he hits you
Bruises deeper than the skin
I hear a smash and know
He's vindictively broken something you love
Stinging more than his punch


Children no longer allowed to talk
Fearing a beating for simply looking at each other
Now it seems clear why he kept us separate
Suffering in our solitude
Though for me yours will always be..


When you said to me
Your childhood ended 
When you were ten
When Dad died and we moved in with him
Where you summed up our childhood
In words so powerful in their few 


Knowing that your sad
Knowing that your crying
Knowing you can't forget
Knowing you feel what I feel
Knowing so much of what he did to you 
The guilt for not being able to help you
Then, now, always.


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Priceless pearl
my hidden diamond
love's sweet jewel

Heaven sent
Angelic countenance
Beauty so pure

Lovely daughter
your character delights
my devotion forever

Heartbeat on screen
My unbelief ceased
the moment
first squeezed my finger

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A Sisters Tears

Broken hearts
Black as tar
A sister’s love burned away
Forever replaced with irreversible hate

Reach for light before the night forever takes
Your soul away
Fight the night, seek the light
Sisters’ love
Can be an unbreakable bond

A soul slowly baptized
In Lucifer’s detestation 
Chipped away until only the shell remains

Once sisters bathing in the rays of life
Separated, in pain, for losing the way
One sister reaching for the other
The other sister stretching her hand down

Down into the very depths of hell
Were Lucifer holds her very soul
And basks in the very pain
He so easily created

Lucifer prince of pain
King of darkness
Walks among the broken hearts
Seeping in his blackened tar
Until the shell is all you see
And the soul is but a memory

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Dear Lil Sista

Dear Lil sister. .
Hey pretty girl how you doing these days.  How's life treating ya,  hope it 
hasn't been to cray. I noticed you were down,  well how bout u talk to me. I 
just wanna uplift ya, see you become who you were born to be.  I know your 
life has been crazy,  Lord knows it to.  But all those trials and tribulations 
they won't break you. I know you hate that man from your past for touching 
you the wrong way, you never told no one n it bothers you to dis day. It 
created a dark cloud that covered your heart,  now you have trust issues 
can't tell the enemies apart. Night after night you pray to God for a fresh 
start.  Low self esteem,  but baby your a work of art. Yeah i know you was 
sad growing up without a father. As the years go by life seems to get harder.  
I know you wanted that affection, the love you deserve as a daughter. Moma 
tried her best but some things sh couldn't have taught ya. I know you wish he 
told you, how beautiful you are over n over again.  How all of your power 
cums from deep within.  Those weren't the cards you were dealt so you seek 
refuge in other men. Trying to fill that void that has always been missing. 
Now your in a situation and too scared to leave cause you think to yourself 
nobody will ever love me for me. Countiuosly talking to yourself,  and crying 
secretly.  But baby girl that's a lie I say differently. Your a daughter of a king, 
so that makes you a princess.  Your father hates to see you cry, that's why he 
wants to give you his best. You are heirs of royalty don't u ever forget it. You 
ARE victorious let me hear you admit it. Please baby girl don't be another 
statistic this world wants to see down, so handle your business. Never follow 
the crowd honey be independent. Cause when those checks come in,  they'll 
have a lot of digits. Always remember to remind yourself how beautiful you 
are.I don’t care if your tall, short, white, black or covered in scars. Being 
beautiful starts from the heart, so love yourself first. And always know that 
the best comes after the worst. Hang in there hun, I know life's a twister.  But 
you can always count on me. Sincerely your big sister.

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Ridiculous Me

Watch this scene with both eyes and try not to blink C: --> 

I stood there... silently
Like a predator near prey 
I sneak behind YOU

You weren't even aware of it!! Ha-ha! 

I made YOU jump hIgH
Like a startled hare
I chuckle and smile

You know that mischievous smile of mine? 

Your reaction was
PRICELESS - you were so upset
But YOU forgave me

Well...I'm flattered. . . 

We laugh'd together (just like the good times)
In a chorus - our volume
Picked up extreme sound

Believe me - I could hear our laughter from a mile away!

But I'm glad I did
My best to make you giggle

Ridiculous me... 
Wouldn't you agree?

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GROUND ZERO Today as I stand here, With your name engraved not just on stone But in the hearts of millions who thank you For not letting them cry, I feel proud that it was you… We wish you were here, There’s not a day we don’t think of you. There’s not a minute we don’t miss you. But we’re glad you ran into death So that a thousand others could walk into life. It was not your duty, You weren’t meant to be there, But you took it up, Did what you had to do As a citizen of the global world. The little ones will never know What a wonderful person you were. But they’ll always know that You were a hero… How you died for the greater good… Tears, grief, pride, longing - a blend of everything. Its been ten years, ten long years But the memory’s still fresh and cutting. It still hurts to know That you could be here had you stayed back. But you didn’t and that’s made you a hero. You ran straight into it While a thousand others were running away. Your death is history…. Millions died with you But you stand out ‘coz you made your choice. As I stand here, I know that a decade ago, today You were here somewhere, Running into a cloud of dust and ashes Searching for the smallest sign of movement To bring them back to life. Somewhere between the despair and hope You forgot to breathe… I pray every day that History would rewind itself Back to that fateful September morning, Not because I want to hold you back… But because I want to come with you… It would have made a difference. I know it would have… I know you’re with me In my dreams, in my daily life Laughing at my blunders, Guiding me through hardships. My guardian angel… On this September morning, Not exactly the same as before, Here I am telling the world That my twin brother died Saving the victims of 9/11.

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Happy Valentines Day

My Dearest Little Sister, Hope this finds YOU and YOURS Healthy and High in
the Spirit. Happy Valentines             Day            Flowers, Candlelight Dinner
would have said chocolate                 !                 but I think YOU said to me
YOU don't eat chocolate                                         maybe a Family portrait
Kisses from big brother                                         Hugs from a big brother
You will ALWAYS be my                                          Sweet Little Valentine
MAY GOD'S LOVE BLESS                                        YOU this Valentines Day
Blessings all that You LO                                    VE, hold dear and Cherish
As Sun Rose this Morning                                 I felt the warmth of your hand
Look past the rising Sun I                              see a Sister's Loving Smile
I feel  little sister's embrace                         as I also embrace Mandy
Tear of Love fall from my eyes                   A desire to cross the big Pond
A VALENTINES DAY Handshake               To my Brother in Law
The man that lavishes Love upon        My Sister, Mandy Tams
May LOVE surround each and Every ONE. HAPPY VALENTINES DAy     

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The Last Thing I Remember

“Anna, put on the shoes your dad gave you.” I obeyed.
He had given them to me for my birthday before he
Was taken away.  I haven’t seen him since that day.
But, mom tells us that we’ll see him again someday.

Melancholy had masked my mom’s face all morning.
My brother and sister sat on their bunks with sorrow.
It began to run and grow down their pale pastel cheeks 
As mom somberly told them…

“Your sister and I are going away, promise me you’ll
brush your teeth and always pray.  Peter, you take care 
of your sister, you’re the man of the house now.  It’s not 
that bad, oh my beautiful babies—don’t be sad. I love you!”

“Let’s go!” as the guard pushed me and my mom.  She picked 
me up and placed me in her arms then harmoniously 
hummed my favorite bedtime song.  Then, we walked into a chamber.
She said “Close your eyes” and that’s the last thing I remember.  

Submitted for Abe’s “Leather Voices” contest

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Hearts dearest companion,
 My sister shines,
Mine protectorates against, 
Harms deepest heartache.
A sheltering umbrella,
 Repelling tear drops
Painful moments.
 Comrades council, wisdom’s
 Listening ear,
Defenders outspoken adviser,
 Ever ready
With tissues in hand. 
When in hearts sorrowful,
Shadows do I weep,
No other embrace holds, 
Me closer then you.
Loves everlasting angel  
Resides within her,
Behold our spiritual connection. 
 Softly whispering tender
Champions warrior stands,
 Tall beside me.
Built strong resolves,
 Foundational roots,
She never yields, against
 Challenges winds. 
Spirits kindred, a flame burning
 Clarity's light, 
We’ll meet together.
On the other side, always drifting 
But never apart. 


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The Best Little Sister -- Trevor Depugh

"Dear God, give me a big brother. I'll be the best little sister ever. I know its not possible for my parents to go back in time. But I'd love for a big brother that is all mine. Make him kind, and make him sweet, He doesn't have to be perfect, as long as he loves me. Dear God, can he be taller, with big soulful eyes, And when he smiles, can it rival the sun's shine? Give him strength, as fierce as a lion's roar, He'll swear to protect me forever more. He would wipe my tears from my cheeks, And with a laugh easily calm me. He would understand my heart and head, In a way that no one would ever fully understand. Dear God, can he teach me, All the things I would never know. He doesn't have to come from where I come from, But can he takes me to the places that he goes. Dear God, I am begging, Please grant this one plea, I realize that it may be a hard request, I know you are not a Genie. But here I am alone and cold, With no true love from my family, I'm lonely and I'm longing, For someone who will care for me. Dear God, please give me a big brother, I promise I'll be the best little sister ever"

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Natasha with her dark raven hair and ebony eyes, the most beautiful of rouge smiles


Radiant in soft glowing skins perfection unto, allurings wishful eyes


All whom have been so enchanted in their knowing; desiring her silkened touch...


She my twin sister although one would rarely guess given, my long golden hair 


Emerald eyes yet, both, gifted in the physique of a goddess; bequeathed at our birth *


Sharing a lifes delicious common interest in this our love for, beautiful girls ~


Candles aligning the walkway as gently she takes my hand; paradises passage


Hourglass desires within a rose petaled fragrant bath; laced, amid vintage red wine... 


Waiting in this their loveliness, the joy of our arrival; these, maidens of our craving


Fondling and playfully enjoying one anothers beauty, as dreaming, of our love ~


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

...“Sweet-Blood-Line-Lust” *

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The Good Ole Days

Families sat together when I was young
Ate popcorn had fun….
Around the coffee table we’ whine
Pass the chips gimme mine!
Black and white TV had just come to town
The neighbor had it, it was around.
But, oh the board games we’d play
Parcheesi, dominoes, monopoly!
We’d all sit on the floor on that mustard shag rug
My bratty little sister would get all the cat’s hugs.
The bowl of potato chips would be twixt Dad’s knees
And Mommy would ask to pass the bowl please.
Babe our dog would nose all the pieces
And the monopoly money would get covered with greases??
Boy, we’d laugh cause it always seemed
Baby brother would get thrown in jail, double-teamed.
Well, we never did get rich
But you know what’s funny?
I’d give anything…..
Anything for one more chance
At family…and that Monopoly money! 

Monopoly the Game of Life
D. Guzzi

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Who I Am

I am many things
I am everything
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am a niece
I am the baby
I am the friend
I am the fan girl
I am me 
There is nothing I could be better
Nothing the world wants me to be
I am just me
I am me

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Sister: A Lament

For Maxine

Sister, was there forgiveness for she who bore you?
For us, your siblings and sometime charges?
For all who would not help, but hastened your demise?
The marble coldness of your corpse,
to my touch, is like an electric shock.
The limbs, the torso, with sudden strangeness,
now bear you slight resemblance.
You feared all pain, but died without complaint.
Who can fathom what you felt?
Was there a last, sharp stab?
A welcome to oblivion?
Or even an awareness of your loss?
Or was death no more spectacular
than a tire deflating, slowly,
quietly, unrecognized?
And was that the shame of it?
That your life ended, so early,
so silently, and death
was no extravaganza?

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The black cloak wrinkled from a restless night 
Worn that day despite its negative appearance
Deep, deep black eyes look darkest from grief
Time only wears away the cloak's black color
Washed to a dull gray-black lacking luster
The fabric worn nearly through from its constant use

Each night's journey into the land of terror
Accompanied by the cloak so real that coated every dream
She would sleep, rest, and dream of reaching for her baby girl
Relive the horror of those black eyes a mirror image of self
Staring back at her set in death's grip, wide open and black
A dream that never went away for it was real life event
Dead at nine months old from pneumonia
Found by those living, deep black eyes that never lived again

My adoptive mother and father had a baby girl who died at 9 months old from pneumonia..My mother fed her at 2 A.M. and when the baby  did not awake in the morning as usual mother went to see about her and she was dead..

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Sisters Forever

Sisters forever
Working side by side
Closer than ever
Distance means nothing
For one day soon we will depart 
And like the waves of the ocean will return back again
One day we will bask in God’s light
And illuminate the others along the way
Soon there will be no more sidewalks to traverse
No more lost and hurting people to minister to
Soon there will be no more hungry children to be worried about
And prayers going up for their wayward mothers
Soon there will be only joy and singing
As we bask in the light of God’s love
I will never forget my sister’s heart
For it is a huge piece of my Savior’s 
Staying up late making candles for neighbors for the upcoming three days of 
I envision you standing there working the soil with your bare fingers
Planting seeds for food for those who are left behind
And collecting seeds for the new spring harvest
What will we do when there are no more sidewalks to preach on?
What will we do when the wax has burnt down to the end of the candles?
What will we do when the Great White Throne Judgment has been executed?
And there are no more souls that need saving?
I will never forget the days that Jesus placed us together for this harvest
I will never forget the nights we stayed up all night on the phone in prayer
Just a few short days is all we have together
The rapture of the bride is at hand!
Love you forever!
Your middle sister, Gwendolen

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Though the winds of hardships blow,
And the storms of life, have rocked
Our worlds surroundings.
You've always been there for me,
As I've been so for you.
Turned upside down, and inside out,
Crushed beneath emotions tidal waves.
We've waited out together, the currants
 Shifting tides of life.
Symbiont siblings, cast outwardly, into
The vast expanse of humanity,
Struggling to survive, against the harsh
Reality’s of life beyond, our safety net,
That once we called home, is now gone.
Only in memories photo albums,
Can one recapture it's warmth, and 
Embrace the inner innocence, of
Childhood again.
Orphan’s of ages regrets, lingering
In tear stained silhouettes, I'm
Still here for thee, my sister,
A brothers love remains, to comfort,
And console, such a kindred spirit
As yours.
I'll try to brush away pains sorrow,
Easing a trouble  brow, leave your 
Wows aside.
Until the healing day of tomorrow,
Does shine upon us, not to worry,
Dearest heart for it will dawn.
So while yee rest, in your quiet
Slumber, remember I'll be
Watching over you,
My dearest sister.
Hopes faith lives within me,
I'll shoulder it's responsibility,
For the both of us.
Until you awake, and are
Restored once more, 
To be cherished by those,
Whom love thee the most.


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Eternal Breath

See the chuckles of your children something has missing
The silent day that we used to have
The last cry that I ever spilled
Never know what brings me to these days

I don't have any clue nor any sense
Of the day when you tired of living
Your destiny seems like to be haywire
You rested on a beautiful thistly desire

Nighty night the moon sent its lambency
As your eternal breath continued your journey
Back to the nursery room through the gloom
See the babies asleep on your silent creep

In a second of gasp you're gone
I've been torn down by the barrier of my sanity
No tears that I abled to drop
For crowds already bathed you with their melancholy 

I still see you amid the empty space
I still sense you among all of us
Throw some jokes about sweet bitter of life
Your eternal breath continued in our times

Yanny Widjanarko 
Eternal Breath Free Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle

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Life is to live and to chill in. Just relax and lay back and enjoy your living. Do not worry about crazy ass leaders in your country. Law abides and that should tell them something. If it does not, oust. Egypt has done this to two. Adventurous the world maintains. You want to sightsee life insanely. Skydiver you are. You are on flight to the Republic of the Maldives. A political escapade you have partook. You are foreign blood from the United States. This is your family origin and you want to connect. Therefore, you donate to the cause to project. Exploitation you do not mind. You want a fulfilling life and one that enshrines. No matter what the big picture is, your consideration is that life was given to live. Thus, you contemplate with an inner focus. You will enjoy life and all its trinkets. ____________________________________| PENNED ON AUGUST 31, 2014!

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A Sinner Like God

“I have forgiven mother”
She tarries with hope
that the good woman will pray her clemency for her own sins, 
but that hour is expired; 
Gee grew a strong wit
"Mother is no longer my burden"
Jesus came from hard conscience to corroborate her lies
The WORD written in black and white:
“Us twain is now one; for this reason I depart from her”
Three moons less than time in the safety of the womb is slight

In the past mother was necessity, 
but she grew weary of the pace;
her birth city received her
The old Jewish woman was left
with stage three pressure ulcers
while the twain bender in Atlantic City
Their backsides were not masked by mother’s conformity
My mother's now defiant fingers work dutifully in another excrement, 
goat stool in her callaloo garden

Before the recession, money was tossed in all directions;
I took hold of a few green ones.
She lived to outdo her alliance, 
but high seat killed Miss. Thomas’ cat
Mother watched her outshone the Jones
The recession was never her downfall;
immorality got the better of her. 
Jesus was overlooked
“put the WORD to work,
compensate the guardian of your youth”

She had to let a nation know how well off she was
Her enemies know her silver spoon was achieved
Her splurges buried ethics, and smiles were wide as graves
She let me know in scripts:
“A new being I am now; My shine is unlike years ago”
Vanity is not here in show, but her heart remains the same
Like the Jewish elder, mother is spurned 
with bruising on her heart.

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The Times

Yes these days were hard, tough, and stripped from fun. These days they give us unwelcomed memories, and unwanted fights. They forbid us from living, from being, from once and for all becoming family, becoming blood. 
Each day we fight, each day we hate one another greater, each day the bond of love once tied among us loosens and fades. Yes I do regret ever being good to you, because what good is done, you disregard, diminish thought for, repel to take in the same actions course. 
I have forgiven you perpetually, eternally and tenderly, reminding myself what a better person I would become. But all this forgiveness you throw away in vain. All these memories, you forget, what all made us the same? 
And now I sigh, why? Because I pity the days we lived like no other, we laughed like nothing was ever wrong, we consoled and been there for each other, in the times of sadness we did cry, in the times of hard, we held the hands of each, in the times, in many times, we knew these were the years we’d live for, these were times we’d grow old to remember. 
But now, and what’s worst than ever; we no longer remember the times, we no longer laugh or smile, we no longer be there for each other, and why ? 
Because you were too stubborn to listen to your mistakes, too centered to say the right words, too young and foolish to realize you were wrong, too ruthless to want those memories once more. The good in you; I saw it; it was gone for good. And I still wonder; why?, why have you not said the right words, why have you not listened to me for the answer, why did you not be my sister and why did you not allow me to be yours? 
Now the days I spend them alone, bothered, and annoyed. Smothered by the air around me, I wonder what’s left of me to do. What good have I got to offer? More helping hands to be extended to people who would not do the same. 
The times, make us stronger, but also consume our internal glee, and replace it with misery and desires.
And what’s worst than ever sister; you complain to our parents, our grandparents, maybe even your friends, saying you hate me from the bottom of your heart, though I did nothing but ask for the right words, saying you do, I say; that’s if you had one in the bottom of all that shit. 

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Among us.
Not alien
But more
Like us than
You will ever know.
They are
They live
Next door
Behind walls
Not of stone
But of fear.
They are
Ad dictions
Flesh from
They are
They are
But not

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Wisdom of Heights---Climb with Me

This morning
bells toll
a trumpet sounds
but refuses to blare
it just doesn't know 
how to harm
what it takes
to infect the living 

and sound
survive sadness
out last the past
bond brothers and sisters
of sky
and water
as it loses 
to a force

some days...

this morning
it wins
because the vibration knows god
and is ONE

and though human imperfections
sit in the shadows of it's path
perfections will
and forever will

so arrogant 
we choose to destroy 
but how can we concentrate 
on methods of malcontent
when god sits at our breakfast table?
as father urges child
"get up!"
"move on!"
"stand on two feet!"
"breath child!"

he tolls the bell
as we lay on deaf ears
he loosens ties with anger 
as the path warns and wears
driving this cosmic ship 
of no loses
only tiny
arrogant setbacks

and he smiles
for he knows
what we yet
have to find...
and all is well.

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''Myself as a whole''

Lost at times.I feel movement but, mind is still.Haunted by memories of my mother.God rest
her soul.Longing for my little sister Nicole.Where have you gone?I miss you so much.I wake
up to baby,his soft skin I touch.Housework,and books most of my day.I can't stop writing,I
can't put my pen away.Passion in my heart floods,like a river rising.Every day is
new,always surprising.

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What is a family

It’s not the location of the family, it’s the location of your heart.

It’s a smile that fits like a glove made especially for you.

It’s a tear that erases the years of your absence.

It’s the love that binds your heart, yet never confines your spirit.

It’s an unspoken acceptance and forgiveness before you require it.

It’s the gratitude of birth and the grace of life. 

It’s born of blood, or an alliance of kindred spirits that cannot be broken.

It’s not always who you have chosen, but who has chosen you.

It’s the people around you that encase you from the world.

It’s the people around you that rejoice in your courage to face the world.

It's the people that you have the honor to cherish, encourage and inspire.

It’s where your spirit feels at peace and at home, 

It’s where your being belongs.

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My Living Sister

That place where memories linger
beyond the towering pines

Where a limb held swing 
Once tethered on higher hopes
That stretched the ropes
On laughter that knew no bounds 

That place where memories linger 
Just there beyond the pines

And on that minute past, 
when all of light turn dark alas
And time and weather hungered ever
That wood and rope 
could not last

But out such things did  
a goodness hold
on laughter swung out 
fearless, bold
higher, ever higher!
to time and weather 

That place where memories linger
Just there beyond the pines -

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Sister, You're Remarkable

You’re truly unbeatable…
I’m so tired of living in fear
You’re remarkable…
And yet…I feel the total opposite…I wish hope would draw near…

You’re truly irreplaceable…
It’s so hectic outside…
You’re very vigilant and I’m very irritable
My eyes are sweating…I’m a coward by your side

You can call it jealousy
You can call me horrid names
You can call it envy
But, I look up to you… because you’re a better writer than I
Laura, promise me you’ll be by my side
I love you…though it feels like hope has dried
Don’t crumble me up…consider my voice…
I trust you…you’re like a best friend…but it’s your choice…
To leave me behind…
I know…it seems that I’m blind…
I’m greedy and your beauty shines on
Your writings amaze me…you are a lot of fun

You’re truly amazing
I’m, on the other hand, not a good enough poet
You’re so fascinating
And yet…I feel that we’re not on the same boat…and I know it…
And that’s not all of it…

You’re truly a genius
It’s so cold outside…I’m freezing out here
You’re very nice and full of greatness
My heart is beating profoundly…I’m a loner, wandering away in fear

You can call it jealousy…you can say that I’m weak 
But, I respect you, Laura…I love you immensely 
I love my whole family…they fill my heart with glee, not bleak 
I don’t envy you…I appreciate your sympathy 
Towards me

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Happy Birthday to my Sister Sharon

June 22nd Summer unknown to me; My younger Sister Sharon Enters --- The World
Her Heart holds the secrets of the  universe , her mind Artistic : Pure-----   Receives
The gift of POETIC Knowledge: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. I LOVE --- Y O U
I watch YOU grow ; from crayons to the Golden Pen of a Legendary ------   POETESS
My pride in YOU , shines  through; my Little Sister the Impeccable -------    Laureate
I stand in the crowd, my Heart beating loud, my little Sister is being ------   Crowned
Her name, Poetry, the bust of Sharon Weimer inducted into History---- --    With Laurel
Placed upon Her head by her Loving, admiring brother; the Honored ----     Wreath
With all my LOVE Happy Birthday My  Sister, Sharon Weimer LOVE YOU--    Forever

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Not so blue

If she only knew what she could do?
We all see the problems that have blemished our door 
Missed holiday dinners where she left an empty plate 
Promises that were never kept 
Most of us would never dare to speak of it away from the family 
But I must dare to speak of her it hurts my heart so 
She left on a trip to nowhere and didn’t look back
Sure she thinks we are stupid blind at that 
All her lies and phony tales trying to hide the unbalanced scales 
Her dreams failed to see her through so the pills just grew 
They grew a place to hide away from us 
They grew a place to settle at best 
But now they’ve taken over her life
She fights with everyone she once cherished and enjoyed
She has grown to be more and more demented 
And the constant need for drama and disorder
The younger members in the family don’t ask for her anymore 
She just drops off presents when she feels like it at our doors 
No warm family interaction it’s just too hard for her to do 
Why she needs to save her energy for her family in a bottle that just grew 
She’s always conniving and planning to take something for free 
While she settles for less and goes on a taking spree 
If she only knew what she could do with a prayer from God? 
Her addiction would break through 
And we’d be a family not split, and not so captive and blue 

 Written for the Unmentionables contest by Debbie Guzzi 
(This poem was about my sister’s addiction to pills!)

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Two To Tangle

Two To Tangle -Dinda Minardi


by~ Dinda Minardi

Do you still remember how we played around? 
Mocking each other over our guys 
We were princesses in our parents’ lawn 
Bonded by our laughs and cries 
When family downtime crawled 
We hold each other as we’re the older 
Our maturity has been boiled 
Ready to serves as a breaker 
We are one and stronger 
Always love and respect for you, sister
To fight with you, is all I willingly to do 
When you give up, I’ll be your whip
As you‘re a jolt if spirit’s asleep

by~ Poet Destroyer

I could never forget the way we played around.
Yes! We played patty cake to showoff in front of boys.
We built a white castle than, brother tore it down.
You were never afraid to show how much you care,
Especially when we played tag, and you never played fair.
Now your heart is filled with greater love.
Your like an angel that fell from above.
Your invisible wings protect me in every fall,
When we where small you protected me from nightmares.
I secretly enjoyed the way you pushed me around.
You held your head up high, and never let me down.
Our fights where silly ways of building a better bond.
My stubbornness came from trying to be just like you.
Now "the strength of me",
Comes from "the strength of you."

A collaboration with * Dinda Minardi

my collaboration contest

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Examples-I call you

The World can be Bruising, to the flesh, Battering, to the soul, Beating, upon the mind , trying the whole body, to control. Brainwashing, a dowsing of it's trials, negative, as I live, invoking grief, purposely, by design, trying, at times, to replace what's rightfully mine. My thoughts, my beliefs, my smile, my dreams. But it's time, that me and the world, get a whole new, understanding. YOU SEE. When the world tries to sow it's seeds of: Fear,Worry, Doubt, Hate, Shame, All of those terrible things. Followed by: Humiliation, Degradation, chased with Devastation, and such. I hear you, my brothers, my sisters, say to the world: "ENOUGH!!!!" Then the world can't SHOW or TELL me NOTHING about Striving, about struggling, being pushed backwards, falling down, but not staying down. Getting Up!!!! Rising Up!!!! Standing Up!!!! FEARLESS, WORRYFREE, DOUBTLESS, CONFIDENT, I'm restored, PROUD, & PROFOUND. My brothers, My sisters, My examples. I CALL YOU, &....... NO matter the subject, the matter, the topic at hand, Me and the rest of the world are about to get a better understanding . Then the world can't SHOW or TELL me NOTHING about PRIDE, DIGNITY, OR LOVE. I CALL YOU, & I GOT THIS, No matter what the world's throwin' or showin' but that's another matter, stay tuned, a different Poem .

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Packed up
Wedged together
Shut out from light and air, 
Little creatures indifferent to life or death
Of what comes
With the open door.
Looking for the first opportunity
To Leap
This intolerable life.
The Mass grave
Of a two-dimensional reality.

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I was waiting for you
With an open arms
Your arrivals was such a happiness
That I was longing for
You left this world
Before you even seen it
This was the deepest sorrow
I ever had
It really tear me apart
I had so many dreams for you
That just gone with the wind
Without achieving anything
The bible says...
...never ask the Lord why
But, everything that happens
Happen for a reason
I never get the chance 
To tell you that I Love you
Neither to hold in my arms
I never had the chance
To prove to you 
That I am your protector
Your role model
A shoulder for you to cry on
Someone that you can rely on
I was so happy to receive 
A new born in our family
But the day that I welcome you
Was that same day that I say...
...goodbye, farewell to you forever
You now belong to heaven
May your soul rest in peace
You will always be love and missed sadly
May the Good Lord
Bless and keep you always

I wrote this poem for my little sister who died during birth.

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On Turning Sixteen

On Turning Sixteen

At sixteen seconds you cried
And so did I 

At sixteen minutes 
I held you and you held me
by the heart

At sixteen hours 
We were heading home
and our family now 
numbered four

At sixteen days 
Our family was conflicted
Our little man now had a
problem; daddy had another 
child in his life …

At sixteen weeks things 
Were getting crazy
Long nights, loud nights
Son and daughter now
Starting to find companionship 

At sixteen months
little sister stare,
her hero brother.
Steps becoming strong and sure
Beautiful golden-brown hair
The skin, the smile on waking,
Umber eyes

At sixteen years
Driver’s license
Self-assurance, doubt
Edge of womanhood
Brother and sister BFF
Fleeting childhood
Undying love
Happy Birthday

To Ceci from Dad on her 16th birthday (7/01). Much Love.

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Sister To you sister - I want to say - that I love you, just as you are. I don't expect you to change. You are alright just as you are. I will not criticize you if you make mistakes. I will only try to help you, if I can. If you reach your goal in life. I will be happy for you. If you you have problems, I can not solve them for you, but together we might find a solution. If we are walking together and you stumble - I will give you my hand so you won't fall. I can not live your life for you, we were each given a life of our own. All I can do, is be there if you need me. If your heart gets broken - I can not fix it, but together we can pick up the pieces. If one day I hurt you, I will apologize. If you want to stay away from me - I can not stop you. All I can do is give you my blessing and wait for you to come back. So dear sister I want you to know, that you are special and always will be. When you get lonely, sad, or blue - call me. I will always listen to you...
10/22/2012 Written by lucilla M. Carrillo

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She Never Met A Stranger

I hated it at times, it could be so annoying. 
It meant we were always waiting dinners
and you hoped when you were out she wouldn’t 
see anyone she knew because that was sure to add another
half hour or so to the outing. It meant every where she went she was  l  a  t  e. 
More than once I had called the hospital worried she had a wreck

However, it also meant that there was always a smile,
a kind word and encouragement ready at all times. 
She could be loud and boisterous and enthusiastic about life...she loved people.  

It’s different now.  I see her in the lobby and go to sit by her,
 her head is down, propped by her hand.  I sit beside her, nothing. 
 I rub her back, nothing; I talk to her, nothing.
 I jostle harder, talk louder and she comes to life. 
 Life, do you still call it life when it has evaporated,
 slowly faded away into the bare minimum of existence

She used to babble a nonsensical jargon that she herself could not reason.
You had to train yourself not to look away while she was talking because 
whether anyone understood the gibberish of irrational thought
that somewhere connected to voice she did understand rudeness
and impatience and you could read the sting in her eyes.

I want words so badly now.  Questions that beg answers,
 words so scarcely uttered. 
 Nursery rhymes started by me that she may join in,
 mostly wrong words but the rhythm still there.

She loved to have her hair combed so I do it now
 but it brings no response of comfort or liking.
 I bring something she enjoys eating but she does not reach for it.
 I touch it to her hand but she does not grasp.
 I put it to her lips and soon she opens and eats. 
 Does she know what it is?  Does it taste good to her.
 I cannot read the expression but she will eat if I feed them to her. 
 I start putting them to her fingers and she eats

Time goes on.  When do you leave?
 Nothing really changes from beginning to end. 
 Do you watch the clock and leave after the time allotted.
 I don’t know.  I still have this need to fix it. 
 She’s my sister, she’s too young, make it stop, give her back.

I leave her with her strangers as I’ve now become.

She’s always with strangers 

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She was my sister my once valiant hero

She was my sister, so pretty so strong
She made me feel as though I belonged
She sang to me of angels and god
She came to me whenever I called
But then one day an evil overtook
My loving sister I found as she shook
I found her one day on her bedroom floor
A bottle of pills and needles unsure
With tears in her eyes she told me one thing
That I was her hero
She asked me to sing
The song that I sung was of angels and god
But this one last time it was me that she called
And with one last hard breath
She breathed no more
And she died right there on her bed room floor
I started to scream I stood just to fall
My mother came running and was shocked at what she saw
She picked up the phone and called 911
With tears in her eyes she told what she saw
Only minutes later we heard the sirens near
The doctors rushed in announced she was dead
And silently took my hero to her bed
My sister the angel still helps me along
She sings to me of angels and god
And she answers me now whenever I call
She was my sister my once valiant hero
She is my sister, who’s now with god.

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Defied Kisses

Blasting sounds of tears
Fears are doomed to be passing
Mountain of affection provoke fake emotions
Raining thoughts of tress grow broken branches of feelings
Tribulations and trials in court cases
When Species promise you kisses
From the roots of hatred
Growing fears of affection
It’s a sip of a pois0ners kiss
My words avenge my time of death
It’s a kiss from the pois0ners snake
Never mind my brains
I am the prisoner of hate
You owe me a healthy kiss

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My Sister


How much I had prayed for Friday the 14th
The day I’d see my only sister
The day I’d cherish her smiles and laughter
The day she’d come to this city
The day we’d walk hand in hand at the edge of the ocean
And that day was today
The Friday 14th

All through the night I could see the sunlight
The brightness it always brings in my life
I knew, very well
The dark clouds of study fatigue would be brightened

In my dreams 
Happy days I saw behind us
Splendid days I dreamt ahead of us
But every day is an important day
In making those dreams a reality
And today was a good day

She is more than a sister 
For we share more than that

She is a beautiful flower 
In the garden of love and harmony 

She is a smiling Angel
The beauty of the true heaven

We are friends 
For she will never lie to me

We’d walk together
For she always finds my hand and squeezes it

I love her company 
For I am complete in her presence

I’d trust her
For she gat my hand when am down

And for that
I’d always make her happy
And today was a good day

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Shattered Reflection -- Trevor Depugh

the pain in his brain burned the clarity into my eyes
fuzzy from tears, 
misunderstanding these fears as i felt he would die 
the sting that once was in my throat from screaming through the smoke
high, flying high 
where harm couldn't reach on wings of those who would destroy us, 
bleeding with rings red from another face, 
his own reflection shattered at his baby sisters embrace

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Need for healing hands

Need of healing hands.
Dear God,
  Lay your healing hands on those that need.
May your hands take what's wrong away.
Don't shy away from this call.
We all pray for their needs.
Lay your hands on the sick 
And take the pain from them to fix.
Lay your healing hands on their head.
Bless them as we pray in your name 

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A Stone

Loss (2/11/2014)

It is a stone that cannot be lifted
Planted into the earth of the soul.

Buried under the cat that he drove over 
Pressing it into the ground in the ridges of the tractor tire.
And the jungle gym of his arm that I swung under
Long hair, laughing.
And tongue sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, an old apple
Brought in a brown bag to the field at noon.
Shouts and a broken plate, his fist to my face.
And his hands under his head folded in worry.  
The girl he loved was getting away.
A single red rose in a small crystal vase 
on her concrete steps.
Talking on the green couch downstairs of the past
Of the future.
And the letters from San Francisco, 
The letters from Carolina, 
The letters from Japan,
Begging for baked goods and promises not to enlist. 
The launch off the rope swing into the Missouri,
Profanities screamed over the current into the bright sky.
The stick to Harley’s leg for one more day.
Sneaking out my bedroom window
Drinking a bottle of rum in the tent in the front yard
In a marijuana haze.
My white dress, dancing, his blue and gold uniform,
My manicured nails in his hands and his head over my shoulder
Tears on my back.
And the new girl who wore her own white dress.
And his eyes reflected in his sons
Tiny pieces of him in his arms.
His voice so gentle, so close to them.
Jumping and screaming, laughing bedtimes, 
Children being thrown upside down 
Tickles and goodnights in the nightlight
The darkness in the windows waiting.
Cold beers on the front porch, 
The hum of the crickets call 
To the moon.

Dirt on a stone, 
Dirt on a stone.

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Ashes to Ashes

From ashes
she rises, 
face, hands, feet.
Four months, 
Ten days, 
She mourns.
She weeps.

She clothes herself now
in an adornment of white
bowing privately, 
praying fervently, 
as bitter fumes
of acetone
seep beneath the door.

Her source is god.
Her destination is god.
She pleads with god now
for peace
As men mix and pour
A holocaust
Just outside her door.

Her sisters wail.
They bathe her lifeless arms
And shroud her
as Iris Albicans- 

The imam, he stands, 
Praying silently
As men convey her
towards Mecca.
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.

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Sabbath Morning Rap sequence 1

Learn not too late to halt the hate,
Bound to be ground in the dust of disgust
We're pierced and fierce, fulla rings and things
We're blued and tatooed and God is booed.

Crude dudes are misconstrued
with actions vulgar,vile and lewd.
We're found down ground in sound,
totally tatooed in terrible taste,
in a mindless race for the loudest base.

Hate to dis your myth but God exists,
'Tis a truth deduced by the less obtuse,
You understand He did become man
For His love of us all because of the fall.

He suffered and died being crucified,
He pulled His people from the pains of hell
and rose from the dead He's alive and well,
I tell you no lie He's got no rival,
It's right there written in the holy Bible.

He arose to heaven so to send the Spirit
to His brothers and sisters who wished to hear it,
He said I leave you my Love I leave you my all
but you gotta say yes to heed my call.

Don't follow the world that ain't the place,
You want to be with Me when you finish this race,
Orphans you're not  you have been taught,
I will help you find Me if I'm sought.

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A True Credo Of Love

(To All Who Believe It Can Be Achieved)

Caucasoid, Mongoloid,and Negroid
Colour the conscience progression 
of Man's ethical Truths...
The cultural aggressions of violence
and ignorance must end!
Extend your heart, hand and life
Towards the Precious Don of Honour...
Freely, keeping the sincere
Brotherly Creed


Comments:  Brothers and Sisters it is time that we stand up and let the Love of God in, after 
all we are all one in the same under the skin, so why not give it a grand try... One Love and 
Many Blessings in Him Always, Adell

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The seven wonders of my life

If the world has seven wonders, In my world there are seven more. All of of which for special reasons, that I truly adore. Each possessing their own style, grace, class and sass, with a beauty and esscense upon the surface, and wit, intelligence, underneath, mastered with endless potentials, no matter the time, date or place. My sisters are my 7 wonders, that simply keep me amazed.

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Dedication to a dear Sister

My dear Sister!

You have the innocence of a flower,
Yet like a tree you possess strength and power,
And your thoughts are straight and sturdy, like a tower.

You’ve stood by each of us with all your might,
You have always helped us do what is right,
Even though each one of us wouldn’t spare you without a fight.

My dear sister what can I say about you,
Because your voice gives me a certain high,
That lasts long after you’ve said good-bye!

We may be miles apart,
But you will always be in my heart,
Even when forever we will part!

Sharing with you, lengthy talks,
The joy of being with you, on walks,
May be a thing of the past,
But it is in my memory, stuck fast,
Because for a lifetime it will last!

There seems so much to say,
I wish happiness comes your way,
Hoping that the Golden Ray,
Will Shine on you each Day!

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Throwing Sand

Ludicrous childhood - 
It's a sweet, sun-drenched day at 
The beach with family!
Spunky and childish - 
Throwing sand!
I aim at strangers ~x~
Craaaazy memories
I still remember Summer
And its beach wonders! 
Obnoxious laughter
Is heard as we step foot in 
Freezing, salt water...x.x
The beach is God's pool
It's like a playground - tides come
ROLLIN' IN...splashing!
We can't stay in one place
We're drifting away 
Into a phase of youth's bliss...
We can't keep a steady pace 
We're slippin' and fallin' and slidin'
But we wrap around our merriness 
We're swimmin' and playin' around
Without a single care 
We're playing
A game of 

/Truth/      /OR/      /Dare/

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Miss you sister

Oh! Ye the flying birds,
Just be a courier for today,
Apprise a brother words,
For his lovely sisters today.
Be careful to bring a smile on their face,
That when they call, "Salim here are we",
And hiding themselves anxiously,
Jst trying to scare me,
Then use to laugh melodiously.
Oh! Ye the flying birds,
Just make her remember today,
Apprise a brother words,
For his lovely sisters today.
Make them smile as much ye can,
Say to them i miss them, so much,
My door always miss you,
Memories of our past is as such,
Still i miss you, because you all flew.
Oh! Ye the flying birds,
Just make them remember me today,
Apprise a brother words,
For his lovely sisters today.
I wish to god,the merciful god,
May you shine,bright as the sun,
May you glint,with beauty of moon,
Wish you always stay in fun,
Wish you come and visit me soon.
Oh! Ye the flying birds,
Just give thy wings to them forever,
Apprise a brother words,
Make my angels fly so they depart never.

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Celestial Mask

So many times, have I cried your name, and you do not answer. I know not your face nor your name, yet I only know you are a sir. Perhaps now married, perhaps still single, nevertheless, You are my big brother, the longing for you makes me restless. The labyrinth of my life, it is everlasting. Everywhere I turn, I find more sadness that becomes unbearable and strangling. I will keep my eyes open and wait for you, but even if you cannot return my feelings, please know, Us meeting was no mere accident, I believe God sent you to me to show, I needed a chance to change, a chance to smile! So those who like me now, they have you to thank, While, Those who despise me can kiss my derrière, Because I will not drastically change myself for them, so there! Don't you agree that it was fate? I could have met anyone else, but it was you who opened the gate. When I was alone, self-loathing because of how my relatives treated me, You comforted me and told me I could talk to you, and through tears, I can see, Wait for me... Please... We will meet once and for all, You are my savior who saved one child from the darkness that loomed over so tall. However, my heart is already the color noir and full of madness, corruption, hatred and sadness, But you have only seen the loneliness in my heart, the depression and suicidal thoughts, yet with you, the impossible was possible, it was my happiness... I shared my thoughts with a few others, but you are the first, the only one I truly feel comfortable not hiding from. Everyone else, for some reason, cannot be trusted or be burdened with this weight of incredible sum. But the reason I trust you the most, the reason I love you, is because you, out of all the people in the world, told me it was okay to... Be me... Everyone else after was far too late and by then, I would have been found dead in the sea. To cut out the heart that pains me, to shoot the brain that over thinks, to drown in eternal sadness or burn away the impurity of those who influenced me... To destroy it all and leave. That is what will happen, therefore, I cannot risk strengthening the bonds I have with others, for soon, I will disappear without a trace, because of what I believe. When I exact revenge on my family, I will be wanted dead and will have no further purpose. I will revert to nature's soil. So, my existence will be a nuisance and though I will plunge everything in a hectic turmoil, I shall not regret a thing. May 1st, 2013; 5:13 pm

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Sister's Love

A Sister’s Letter

In a letter I found written to your sister,
you wrote no problem existed too large or small
she could not bring it to you for counsel and support.

Best sister in the world, I read on, whereupon these
moist old eyes gave way to sobbing at the intense sincerity
of a closeness unrepeatable now.

You stood there beside her as she faded from us,
a circumstance utmost love of family could not alter
even in devotion so great I shy at its summoning.

Could a mother find anything sadder or sweeter as each of you,
a testimony of sororal love born to me.  Harmony is silent now
mid-tune in a song whose chorus cannot come round. 
©Kathryn McL. Collins
June 12, 2004

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The alterior motives conqueror

He's the product of a ladies man
He knows how to take command
Grab her hand
Livening up those strolls throuigh the sand
And for you he will speak to the sea in a voice so deep
It could lull troy to sleep
Although nothing will become of it you"ll love it
Since he did it for you in public
And now your defenceless
To his sexual advances to his advantage
He's not a player but a slayer
Wants her body for unmusical chairs
So young ladies stay youthful  be aware
More wolves than sheep and they bleachin all they hair
This beast that roams these unleveled streets
Has many names like hidden grief
Or he who eats but wont provide meat
The one who sleeps like born without feet
The passive addict with an aggressive come down
Your babies baggage that dont never come around
Mr no benefits and no working background
Or Mr she's headed east He's tryin to meet her westbound
He's that monster that would even ponder,
having her introduce her lil sister to the corner 
So I emplore you be stronger, live longer,
and be a alterior motives conqueror 

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Smile anyway

It is better to love and lost Well, you have heard the saying                                               but what I was trying to say is to never love at all                                                             that would be sad and that would make a clown frown                                                       while searching for words to make you smile                                                                     Is that a trick question you are the one judging                                                                with that poetry police and destroying going on                                                             What thinketh a poet and you did not know it                                                                    it is all fun and games until you have won                                                                    Who made this a contest anyway needless to say                                                              I am going to give you a peace of my mind pardon pun or not                                   whether I win this contest or not I think                                                                          You should know You have already have one                                                                And by the way I hope you find all you are looking for                                                     love you like a sis and this I would have no one miss                                                        Jesus loves you  Thanks for sharing always                        *                            *                           - scientist find blue iceberg/ A blue iceberg is visible after the ice from above the water melts, causing the smooth portion of ice from below the water to overturn. The rare blue ice is formed from the compression of pure snow, which then develops into glacial ice.

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The Dream Captured

A deep sleep guided me to the land of quizzical
Where the hallucination acted immortal as the souls from delusional
Those who ever filled the classic story of our time
Declared their presence in the shackles of uncertainty

I embraced my desire within
I found my anguish bloomed betwixt
I sank into the soul of crisis
Sensing the seconds of my fragility

Those lifeless souls grasp me there
Grasp depth as they would never be seen, again
A moment I was awakened from the dream
Along with the shadow which deserted to be fade

And the sense still there.. obscure...
My longing which buried by despair
Melting as the tears fell down
And let the dots of my dream be a dwelling place for my stained soul 

And let those retentions sealed in every pieces of the journey

Author's Note:
For the deceased beloved Father (November 13, 2002)
For the deceased beloved Sister (February 27, 2011)

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You stood on the battlefield
with no man-made weapons
in your hands

You held GOD'S greatest weapon
called FAITH to help you stand

JESUS was your Commander
HE guided you everyday
HE ordered your footsteps
through your PRAYERS and FAITH

you stood proud with
your head held high
You fought the good fight
You fought for your life

you lost the war, but,
your battle was won

You received the highest Medal of Honor
All of us, hope, someday we will earn

Your Medal of Honor is the Key to Heaven
No more battles for you to fight

In Heaven, you have a new body,
a new soul, a new spirit
Your Badge of Courage is
Eternal Life

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Das Ein Mannlein

Das Ein Männlein

The silent echo reflects through the lodge,
Ein Männlein Steht im Wlade ganz Still und Stum…
Repeating itself in the young boys head.
He is not yet a man, but stands proud enough to be,
Coming back here to relieve himself of his past.
Crying out as he reaches the splintering and tilted door.
The memories of the cold, the blistering cold overpower him.
He spends time collecting himself as the moon moves across the sky.

He had been here with his family-
Says the toppled dining room table.
He also wasn’t the only child in the lodge-
Says the curled up paper dolls in the fireplace.
There was music- Ein Männlein Steht im Wlade ganz Still und Stumm…
Echoes the toppled ivory-keyed piano in the corner.
There was a war, as the Russian Graffiti on the wall complains.
The crashed bomber-plane with the seat full of bones assures that fact.

He came back to the rotting lodge in the forest
Back to the overgrown pile of shambles to find something
As he digs he picks objects out of the rubble, a boar’s head, jewelry, dog-tags,
And finally the thing he seemed to have been searching for.
A baby’s bathtub, with a scrolled handle, stares at him through the dust.
What happened to the other child?
She still has all of her baby teeth in her sweet little baby head.
She’s been sitting in that bathtub ever since that horrible night.
When she was boiled to death by hungry war criminals. 

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The rain once again paid a visit.
His thundering laugh warming
And his blinding smile familiar.
He knows me more than anyone.

I stare in his eyes and I am calmed.
On the days I am too far gone,
He masks my tears with his own.
His presence is something welcomed.

This time he brought me a present.
He has returned my precious stone.
It was filthy, but I readily cleansed it.
Washed, it almost looked the same.

But I saw the fine chips and cracks.
I saw what could not be fixed.
I tried to forget, to no avail.
My precious Jade stone, so loved,

Will never be the same.

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A Gift Of Real Love

As I sit and gaze at your picture
I travel back to days of yore
To the ranch on the Nebraska prairie
And the place where you called home.

I came to teach their school
And was introduced to you
My life changed at that moment
For what I saw was a man honest and true.

A man who since age fifteen
Has been on his own
His reputation it was good
And he worked nine years for the former 101.

He had just moved up the valley
To their uncle's ranch
When I came upon the scene
A city girl it seemed but I wasn't really green.

My mom was from her dad's Nebraska ranch
Not to far away
And her sister taught an Indian Government school
On the Rosebud Reservation..

My brother and sister 
 A cousin my age and I
Shared a life similar to the life
My Billy had.

Well, not really I'm afraid
We were a few years younger
And though most of our time was spent on horseback
There were no cows involved.

We played in the White River
Rode calves and hogs
While Billy at this same age 
Had himself  to support.

Now it was my turn to grow up
I took up teaching to go back to the plains
And met the man of my dreams
Who my life did change.

Snowed in following a blizzard in March
And five miles away
Billy rode down the valley horseback
Just to see me one day.

By then we already had marriage plans
But we hadn’t told a soul
It wasn’t till April Fools Day 
We finally broke the news.

We ranched, raised our kids
And worked at Truck Parts
Forty-seven years and 2 weeks later
God called you home.

I had truly been blessed
With a good, honest, hard working man
Who is still here for me.
I thank You God with all my heart, 

Three Christmases you have been gone
For Cathy it is four, it just doesn’t seem fair
But God has taken from you the pain you had
And I will always be grateful for that.

I love you dear and Merry Christmas.

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A lady I am proud of

A twin beauty beside me 
Shared my life to a new beginning
And to a kind ending 
A companion in the magical world
And a cheerful team mate

I shall never dissolve our memories
You have created and played before my eyes
As I go through my travels of life 
I go through it with you beside me 
A guiding light
A soft, calming spoken voice
A protector without fear
A girl with a motherly instinct
And a lady I am proud of

Dear sister you are loved 
A love that is shared by your brother

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A wrongfully incarcerated brother

I grew up with my little sister, Betty Anne Waters
Until conviction took me away in 1980, for a murder in our town.
Which, I would never do! Betty wouldn't let  me stay, and wouldn't believe. 
She got her ged and many years of college. Passing the bar! 
Bringing out evidence from 16 years. Losing her husband and children. Losing everything for, Kenny. Her only brother, my only sister. She won to set me free in 2001.
Betty showed the world, I was a wrongfully incarcerated brother.
The sad part is I died, six months later, enjoying whatever little life I had left. 
So I leave this poem to show, my Betty, I appreciate everything, and
give you my last thoughts. With a kiss. Love Kenny! 
A wrongfully incarcerated brother.

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Forgotten Brother -- Trevor Depugh

        Day by day cant get you off my mind,
        once screamed for you now left behind,
        eyes sodden stolen joy from youth,
        swore you would never leave me behind,
        your absence is proof,
        stars burst into brilliant flame,
        I looked up and worshiped you without shame,
        You were the sun, the moon the world,
        I was your sister, a forgotten girl,
        tears frozen on the asphyxiated plane,
        a black abyss, cosmic space,
        broken knuckles, battered head,
        in my arms your body bled,
        a shallow breath, a gentle brush,
        your whimpered pains at night I shushed,
        cant forget the love that grew,
        did God give you to me or me to you,
        Your gone now, left me behind,
        without a care without a cry,
        rings bloodied on another face,
        your own reflection shattered by your little sisters embrace,
        is everything you say a lie,
        if you told the truth would you die,
        i try to hate you, i try to forget,
        but it never works, your memory is stuck inside my head,
        you made a million promises to me,
        I don't even know if you continue to breathe,
        you could be six feet under the floor,
        but still I pray one day you'll knock on my door,
        day by day, cant get you off my mind,
        once swore to me you would never leave me behind,
        screaming for you, your absence is proof,
        you never cared, and that's the truth...

~For Trevor Depugh

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Systir Min

Systir Min

You and I are in the echoes of the past
Two toe-blond heads, lit like fire in the never ending summer
Folded in the smells of the desert 
Brightly colored clothes, that bob up and down in the fields
Like ornaments that decorate clay and dust

Do you recall, the sound of our Sunday dress shoes
Slapping the silence away happily in cement courtyards?
We tossed those carnivorous things aside in favor of crab grasses
And chasing droplets of waters down sun spattered noses

Systir Min

Do you recall, all the summer dresses Mamma sewed? 
The hum of the motor whirling round and round, 
Pedal jumping fiercely under her solid Scandinavian foot
Love-filled fabrics built like armor
With all the threads she had to give, to send us into the world

No amount of turns I gave you on our bike
Could fill you with enough memories in which to hang your dreams
I know this now, that no strength in any armor, or any thread could save you
To keep you pushing through shoes, trying on dresses, driving to work

Systir Min

I will find you someday again
Spinning in floral patterns in our never ending summers
And only then, will I have learned enough about the secrets 
So that I can teach you this time, how to believe

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She can be a mother When a brother just lost His mother. Sisters are more than Just a sister. They are close friend, Best of friends. As our relationship matures The bond strengthens Between sister & brother. A sister is a gift from The heaven, A friend to the spirit, A golden thread to The meaning of life. A sister is someone who Loves from their heart, Someone who knows Our every need, When bad time comes & we cry, Her heart would really bleed. Sisters don't need words, They have language of Snarls and smiles. ______________ Thank you for reading. Chitta.

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his sister

i have a best friend and he is really happy
and is loved by everyone around him
especially his sister

you see usually brothers and sisters 
fight all the time
if you have one then you know what 
im talking about

but his sister is paralized....
it happened to her
that one and a million chance
that someone would get hurt
and it happened to his sister

now he takes care of her and shes almost 21...
her whole body is paralized
and he just informed me that
she doesnt have much longer

he loves his sister more than he
loves himself
he is so wrapped up in helping her
and he refuses to give up on...
his sister

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Sister's Spirit

As we ran through the fields 
Our childish conversations 
Oblivious to the future 
Rolling in freshly cut hay 
Giggling at our imagination 
Free from the world's burdens 

Your stunning hazel hair 
Blown in the farm air 
Still untouched by foreign product 

Eyes that reflected 
Both our parents 
Filled with hope 

Days passed, we grew 
Sisterhood and friendship  
Unbroken by fate 

Soon your smile faded 
You hid in the shadows 
Forlorned by others 

Yet your grace remained 
Your kind heart still pure 
Shined through darkness 

My goofy sister prevailed 
Your beauty continued to grow 
Untarnished by sickness 

Years flew by 
Laughs were rarer 
As the mirror tore us apart 

Somehow you were blind 
To your natural allurement 
Unaware of what you possessed 

Sickness struck you 
Life drained away 
Yet your soul still genuine 

Your elegance always a fantasy 
Your glamor unchanged 
From childish days to grown age 

I will always love you 
Miss our naive days 
Cherish our time togehter, though rare 

I hope that one day 
You will know that 
You've been beautiful 
Since you graced the Earth 

You may never know 
Or understand how I feel 
But your my angel in disguise 
And my magnificent little sister.

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You might have never known it But once upon a time You And I were equals, without giving Our ranks a single sliver Of our thoughts Now called to my attention, I'm unsure Of the things that I could Say To make you feel like you're superior Better than I ever could Be Just once, you'd like to win, but Can't you see I'm not Competing? I lay my sword down long ago, The one they placed inside My hand You reach out again and stab me It's not the first time You've Broken the illusion of a truce But dear, don't you recall I'm Not the one who hurt you So please try not to blame me Because I'm not sure what I did To be raised upon this throne of Shame while you were thrust Beneath The gallows and forced to try and Live I might be their favorite, but Please never forget That I am just one half of you Without you, I would not Be here

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Through her window,she could see nothing in the clear blue sky. 
Its deep colour was reflected in the calm waters 
Of the estuary  which spread out in the distance. 
Even the normal busy shipping traffic 
Seemed to have been lulled to sleep this hot summer afternoon. 
There would usually be the sound of ships' horns 
Out in the Elbe as they signalled for the lock gates to open.
Water was calm, sky was calm.
It felt to Petra that she was looking at a painting where nothing
Was really alive but only replicated in oilpaint. 

The ever-growing buzz in the sky was the only indication that the scene was real. 
Others had heard the sound as well.
Like hundreds of bees,  but these had a special sting

The temperature was  high and it was very dry
There had been no rain for some time.  Now there was  a rain of bombs.
Petra saw the explosions through her window before she heard them
In the distance as the skyful of   B17 s unloaded their cargoes.
Petra and her little sister were terrified, struck immobile in fright.  
Their window bellied in like a giant glass balloon suddenly over-inflated, 
And jagged, face-ripping shards of glass snarled across the hall 
And embedded themselves in the cushions of the sofa.
The woolly innards of the cushions spewed out, 
Dangling lifeless from the slash-wounds. 
Luckily the girls were not cut.

Suddenly, the whole area became one big fire 
With air being sucked in with the force of a storm.
Fires  joined together, temperatures rose to melting lead,  
Wind speed picked up to hurricane levels, 
Trees were hurled into the flames, furniture, cars, even people hurled in.
Fire trucks unable  to get through roads blocked by rubble.
Dying by carbon monoxide poisoning
When all the air was drawn out of their basement shelters,
The shelters were filled, but few people were really alive.

And then it was over. As the exploding fireballs gradually died away, 
The drone and throb of the buzzing B17s faded off 
To the blue sky of the east, to torment some other part of the city. 
Walls crashed to the ground, gas lines exploded, people cried and screamed,
The girls shook with terror, but the B17s had gone. 
History called it 28 July 1943  -  Hamburg firestorm.  
Petra always called it  Day of the Bees.

.. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Entered in Debbie Guzzi's Contest  Hot Time Summer in the City 

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Kids Again

There I was serving up the coney islands
when in walked a friendly stranger so
unknown but somewhat familiar
"Can I help you?"I asked then suddenly a
bolt of recognition
a shot of electricity
The thrill that cannot be washed away
in a sea of happy tears
"Is it really you?"I asked in barely a croak
a hissing whisper
Trepidation-what if I'm just crazy?
But no,it was her
The oldest of our brood
Now I am the middle child again!
This is not right brain,left brain
This is pure emotion-run to her
Embrace my long ago lost sister
She wraps me up in her arms
I'm five again
She's twelve
Years are vanished and memories are blooming
Ever since then we've been making new ones!

By Deb Wilson
for contest"One Stand Out Day"

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Father Sun And Sister Moon

Father Sun and Sister Moon

Father Sun and Sister Moon
Sharing the sky above a twirling blue planet
Never seen together they travel in endless orbit
The planet below needs them both to survive
The sun gives life to everything he shines upon
The moon gives all below her a chance to rest
She has influenced so many thoughts
So many first kisses are shared when she is sitting on the horizon
He creates so many varied colors in nature
Such beautiful rainbows as he breaks through the clouds below
The mere beings below know and some worship each
They are part of everyone’s lives
Lonely siblings drifting through endless space
They know not how they affect that lonely blue planet
They do not know the beauty they bring
They just travel through the darkness forever

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Woman from Congo

I am woman … 
Of Congo, 
Spat out,
And bestowed with straw basket
To fetch water. 
You set upon us 
Wild dogs, 
Stretching our legs wide,
Ripping out our genitals and dignity
To nurse your children’s 

‘fore you design gods;
Ones who create dolts, 
Small-minded folks, 
And feast on minerals – 
Congo was a lady
And I … I am
Strong black woman.

I bought some views 
On black market; 
They are rare commodities,
Sat down with glass of nsamba
on the rocks
And seriously contemplate …

It is hard to buy
Black market stuff;
We are set up
To think
East is inferior to west,
Barring them Europeans
Who broke their necks
To dwell in Canaan.

One thing is for sure,
They alleged a better name
And substitute 
The ones we were given;
Those with implications.
Oh, what things we see
When we start looking
From our own eyes.

I am WOMAN …
Woman alone
And taken against my desire,
Ravished by the corporations;
The gods who create your children
I am WOMAN, 
Woman from Congo.

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Lost in a Fairy Tale

The Mother Moon laughed and sang a song,
But it seemed to die
Upon the leaves.
Mother Moon
And Sister Stars
Watch me as I dance my way
Through these green fields.
Guide me on my way,
With your magical song.
Without you I don’t know 
Where I am
Or what this place can be.
But I will let there branches reach for me.
In this dream,
The leaves stroking my face.
The wind whispers softly my name,
With Mother Moon guiding my way
I know who I am,
Where I am,
And where I can be.
Laughing and singing all the way
I will get there 
Some day.
But today
Mother Moon
And Sister Stars
Watch me as I dance my way
Through these green fields.

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Peace at last was not found on earth

I live my life wondering why I’m here
Trying to right the wrongs of the tormented
When the wrong has control
And no one gives a darn

I wander trying to make sense of a way of life
People trying to make the American Dream a reality
When the Dream is an illusion
For the Middle Class and the Poor

In the midst of all the world’s drama
A young man mourns for the loss of his brother
A little sister tries to hold on to the brother left behind
Only to lose him just like the first

First love, young love stops short of forever
A young girl devastated by the loss of innocents
A dad trying to help his little girl through it all
The loss of her mother now her lover

A best friend, a little sister, a girl friend, and a father traumatized
By a young man choosing to follow his bother into Sheol

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Best Friend

She said that we were drifting apart.
But I feel that we were close from the start
My heart was torn out from deep within
She said I had changed from what I had been

I didn’t know what to say
We used to talk every day.
Now that things had changed
I felt that I had gone deranged

Dear friend, the one who was the best
Why have you left me alone with the rest?

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For my Beloved Sister

I fled his tyranny
Not thinking
Not considering
That you will be next

The only thing 
I thought of.

From the pain
The humiliation
The bruises
The hurt
The suffering

Never look back
Never think of it
Never consider the consequences
Of being free

Your beautiful cheek
stained with the tears
of my actions.
A young life shattered
by my desperation

I am sorry
I should have thought
That you would be next

In your innocence
In your beauty
You were perfect
For his perversion

You are the porcelain doll 
I dropped on the ground
Shattered into a million pieces

I may have escaped
But the guilt
Will never leave
Will never go away

It will gnaw rodent like
at the fine interior of my soul
at the casing of my heart
Till I can take it no more

I am sorry sister
For not realizing 
That in my escape
I have brought doom
Unto you

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Lullabies from the stars

When the blazing sun is gone
Show your little light
 in the dark blue sky 
let it shines upon through the night
Serenade of stars up from above
Sing your lullabies 

This princess wants to sleep
Cuddle her with soft music 
hush to the wind.
Sleep princess close your eyes
The night so long rest your mind
For tomorrow would be 
a brand new day.

Sleep princess, sleep
where the moonlight kiss you
and the twinkle stars whisper
sweet lullabies
Sleep princess, sleep.

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The Rivers

Before my sister came to us 
we lived on the river, near the sea,
where waters pooled close to rocks
and where my language was taught to me.
And many were the people who sang songs 
and many who talked with me.

When my sister came to us, she was put into my care,
I told her many stories and  watched her learn to talk, 
and we lived the life of the people who share
in the bounty of the river and dreamed the dreams of those 
who breathed the fresh water smell of  the air.
But some people went away and sang another song.

We talked and talked  and our days were filled 
with the lives of our children and our men 
and we talked of the times that the river turned her back
and brought fear and death to our kin.
And people left and didn't return, their lives took another track.

My Sister was my very life, she was my daily song,
she was the flood of my happiness that carried me along.
We buried our dead and bore our sorrows,
we talked and shared our lives
and we heard how our language flowed,
how the torrent that it was, quietly become a trickle.

Then we were old and things had changed 
and none spoke our language anymore
And when I spoke in the old way 
there were none to hear what I say. 
But when sister was there 
we were like the sounds of the river, 
Like  the water chatling on the rocks, 
like the breath of the wind in the tree tops,
and our talk talk talking never stops.

One day the talking stopped.
I called to her and she answered not,                       
I searched and found her by the river side,
And I watched her, sitting, back to a tree, 
And a great black void opened under me.
She was beyond my warmth and love,
and I sat down there beside her. 
And that river.... didn't stop.  

My sister has left with my tongue,
Now it belongs to no other but me.
and never again will my true name be said 
And none can whisper secrets to me.
No more will I hear the old songs sung
And never, ever, again will I hear my sister's call 
along our rivers shore.

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For a friend in pain

you're a silent person inside, that i know..
so a single insult or pain would pose a great blow..
When in pain close your eyes and drift..
think of of happiness and joy, that would give you a lift..

Anger and grieve, please don't let it rust..
In your heart don't let it last..

know that jokes come and go..
sometimes jokes go far beyond "tolerable"
so when hit in the heart so hard,
stay with your guard..
Maybe tomorrow's a better joke..
maybe tomorrow's your day..

Because every "tomorrow", we change, we grow, we love more and joke more..

Sorry for today..

We had to see those sad, sad, eyes..

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Box-Set Glue

My sister Bridget loves her widgets,
the box-set goes beyond her digits,
never mind, she is addicted,
that's not what we predicted.

To save money, she tries to convince,
as no TV licence does she subscribe,
but a million box-sets no word of a lie.

It's ironing I need the boxes for,
it piles up from the floor,
her lies galore, we try to ignore.

Twelve hours a day she watches gore,
neglecting those at her core,
she simply can't fit in anymore.

But that's okay cause life's a chore,
it's box-sets, so I'm not a bore,
Hustle, Spook's behind closed door.

NCIS, Gibbs isn't for me,
nor is the notorious box-set Glee,
It's Grey's Anatomy, that's fine with me.

Bones, a forensic scientist I am,
Shield is the agent I want to be,
but ironing is my destiny.

I shame myself through box-set guilt,
instead I should be making a quilt,
but on the sofa I tend to lilt.

My son is home, husband too,
there's no time for box-set glue,
a family I know, we are but true.

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What i think of love

The sun in my eyes is like the feeling in my mind. Buring and frying space and time.
Im lost now dont think i can go ever go back to trying to love anyone. I loved her with every part of my being and i can honestly say i gave her everything. And after 2 years of struggle she left me alone. I was the only one around for her for 2 years and now im nothing? Just text me and then never see me again. After two years! I see how its gonna be. But thats over now and im back. No time for love only time to come an go. I know thats low but some times you just have to party and let everything go away. Wake up in the morning not knowing what happened last night. I cant say i dont like that. Im an adventurer at heart and thats what i do. Try to experience everything while im young and have time for the fun. Whats wrong with that? Not a damn thing in my eyes. I tryed to love one to many times. Mom left me at five years of age. Then big sister and little sister went to. You cant trust love becuase in the end. Everyone leaves. Eventually. Time will passd and they will die or they will just walk away. Leaving you alone and confused with no morals like me. Now i blast this music and put my pain on this screen for others to read. Ive done some things. Bad things that i will burn for but in the end.
I wont regret a damn thing.

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My Friend

	Mother, daughter, sister, friend,
She is all that and even then,
She is more than words can describe,
When I’m around her I get a good vibe.
	I love her even though,
She doesn’t like the words that flow,
Out of my mouth all day;
She always listens to what I have to say.
	She is someone that I love,
Her spirit’s gentle like a dove,
About me she always cares,
She hugs me anywhere.
	Mother, daughter, sister, friend,
I hope our friendship will never end,
Of one thing I am quite sure, 
I am really glad to have met her.
	She turns my frown upside down,
By sometimes acting like a clown,
She makes me glad that I’m still here,
To me our friendship is quite dear.
	I’m glad to have her as my friend,
Our friendship is strong like the wind,
And I end this poem at last to say,
I thank God for my friend every day.

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im sorry i never told you that i was a intimidated by you

the way you talked and walked and acted so strong

when i ran away you were left alone to deal with the ramifications of my life

you were just a little girl and i abanded you

we were best of friends as well as sisters but i left you all alone

you found out you had cancer and it tore you apart

a 13 year old young girl forced to face the world alone

im sorry i was a coward and lied to you about my life

the things i did were embarressing and i was out of my mind

i couldn't hold your hand or wipe away your tears

i wasn't there to comfort you or tell you it's all right

i never lied about loving you that was always true

inside  my head i was dead and didn't want to destroy you

your best friend died and you were a wreck

again i wasn't there but never did a day go by that i didn't care

you had two children through the years and this aunt wasnt's around

they grew up not knowing that your sister loved them so

you struggle with pain on an everyday basis and im three thousand miles away

i ruined our relationship once again when i told you i was gay

the drugs destroyed my inner being to the point of no return

i did the worst and hurt the best but never no more than i betrayed you

im so sorry little sister that words are not enough 

id trade my life today to take all my ugliness away

behind these eyes lies a remorseful soul longing to love you and make this whole

i try to reach out and talk to you but you never answer my call

i guess this is all my fault for hurting you long ago

in time thats your time ill be waiting here to see your face and hear your voice

saying that you still care

i love you sister!!!  


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I wonder if you think
Do you ponder
Question why we feel so drained?
Do you place yourself
are you even aware
do you plead with your conscience to be silent?

Do my eyes jolt you?
am i a moral prick in your side...
a reminder of who you were?
Do you miss me?
Simple words with no answer....

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I am gay.
I'm not a disease, I'm not a problem
I'm not an affliction
I don't need treatment.
I don't need help
I'm not sick
I'm not confused
I'm not a sin.

I am gay.
I'm your daughter
Your sister
Your friend
Your co worker
Your classmate
Your acquaintance
A complete stranger

I am gay.
I need love, just like you
I need smiles
I need support
I need a hug
I need a friend
I need a family
I need acceptance
I need understanding
I need you

I am gay.
I know what love is
I know what pain is
I know what hate is
I know what life is

I am gay.
And I need you to love me
The same way you loved me before you knew

I am gay.
And I have experienced hate
From more people than just you

I am gay.
And I wont change. 
I wont give up.
I wont back down.
I wont pretend.
I wont lie.
I wont deny.
I wont hide.
I wont hurt.

I am gay. 

And that's okay.

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I love to eat; and I always wanted to learn how to cook
But mama said I wasn’t capable yet
She would always let my little sister stay in the kitchen and watch her make Sunday 
I guarantee you if mama let me do that, I’d be the best cook you bet
My sister was seven and I was nine
And for some reason my mother thought females were more efficient in house labor and 
But that doesn’t apply to me because I have a passion for making food and comestibles
And if I don’t become a good chef, I might end up in central bookings

So I called my aunt to see if she can teach me and she was so happy
Every Saturday, she would pick me up, put on my apron and teach me dish from dish
After she taught me everything, one day I snuck and made my way into mama’s kitchen
I decided to cook a six-cheesed lasagna and smothered teriyaki fish

Suddenly, the light flicked on and off
I turned around and saw mama there with her belt
As I trembled, she walked up to the stove and tried a piece of meat
And when she smiled and licked her fingers, I knew how proud she really felt

I felt proud that I was able to stand up for myself
And when mama had me cook on Thanksgiving I felt even better
As I built up my arrogance I went to my sister and said…..
Anything you can cook, I can cook even better

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That's Where The Lord Lives

I walk outside to see all that I can see.
Over there is our house, our home,
In the distance, you can see.
And that place of hallowed happiness
Forever has been our home
And forever will be so evermore.
That house is small but raised us tall,
From the perfect parents who loved us so
To the perfect sister for which every man would want.
The house built us all up strong.
More than a mere building,
It is a place to love and be loved,
A place that hands you hope that you give right back, 
And a place of everlasting faith.
This home is where my parents taught me about God
And opened me up to Jesus.
They opened the eyes of the blind for all to see,
And the blind included me.
They taught me to be the best I can be;
The best things in life are free.
They have taught us so well,
And they all have saved my soul.
Even if I am not there now,
I carry Him with me.
I carry them with me.
I carry Their values and Their teachings with me.
In this house, this home,
We reside.
We cannot forget this.
This is where my Mother lives.
This is where my Father lives.
This is where my Sister lives.
This is where We live,
In this loving, caring, beautiful home
They made just for us.
We cannot forget this either.
This is where it all began. 
This is where the hunger and thirst was created;
This is where we are fulfilled.
We cannot, we must not forget this:
This is where God lives.
This is where Jesus lives.
This is where The Lord lives;
The Father and The Almighty.
This is where We live;
This is where We reside.
We must not forget this.
We must not forget this:
What a beautiful and perfect life this is.

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O, beautiful one
How I love you so
Like the big'un that I never had
Yet life had to happen
Our human ways had but to play a part
That it lead to us departing on grounds of our very Source of life

When that had nothing to do with everything that is everything
We were for growth instead we created conditions that only fed our twisted ways
Where I became clay and you mould
I seemed to moulder, loosing parts of I
Confused with everything that is
Only way I could be was but to drink from your very cup

Which is but a displeasing form to our very Source
This form presented itself in a way that hurt I
And I couldn't bear it
Clouded by emotions and obligations
I had to depart (regardless of them)
And our very Source was made an excuse

Or this very fact took form in an area
So sacred
Your very essence
Was but essential and I know not how
Some junction are but limited in time
Yet fruitful in occurrence for both
And departures so sour never hoped for

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Inter States of Being

"What are these people

doing in my living



A querulous, trembling,

serious query


furrowed anxious brows


fear floods

        his toes –


"What are they doing



The people who weren’t there just

watched him,

arms crossed




They just stood there


        and watched him


Across the room,

across wide, saddened, tear-drenched miles,


A sister

   calls 911


from another state

of mind than his


He’s afraid of them –


She’s afraid for him –



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It's Hard To Tolerate

I stubbed my toe-- OUCH!
Attempting to get order right given by my pregnant sister who yells out:
"More mustard servant!"
So I spread mustard on top of her sandwich-- YUCK!
I Attempt to cover the problem by adding a slice of bread on top of that
It's hard to tolerate my pregnant sister... 

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woman's rant on a hot summer day

just because you see me walking down 'ho boulevard does not mean i'm for sale...
i don't have an advertising sign up inviting you to taste and see
a woman can't walk down the street in broad daylight
dressed in a baggy t-shirt and sweats 
rockin' an afro puff on a hot summer day
without being propositioned
in violation of my rights as a woman to be free from sexual harassment
and I’m mad about it
my “NO” to your obnoxious offer is real talk
and you should know the difference between what’s for sale
and what’s not on the auction block
so g’long
an' lef’ muh tuh walk in peace
makes a woman want to carry a concealed weapon
and go blasting
could never walk the hallways
play in the yard
or even pray
without somebody bothering me
pulling on my clothes
or grabbing at me
for some sick reason
the next one is going to get a surprise
so g’long
an' lef’ muh tuh walk in peace

~in honor of the women who have walked ahead of me...

(c) 2011 PoetryofMotion!
All Rights Reserved

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A prayer for my brothers and sisters

A prayer for my brothers and sisters

Dear Lord I come as humbly as I am,
Asking you to give my brothers and sisters strength,
So that they will make it through their life.
I know the road ahead of them is going to be ruff ,
give them faith in knowing that in you Lord they can trust,
in you Lord.

I know it’s not easy for them and their going through so much,
I ask that you give them guidance Lord and let them feel your 
Loving touch.

I can begin to see the pain they must feel about life, 
But when I look into my brothers and sisters eyes the hurt 
Is all to real.

So Lord I come to you as humbly as I am,
Asking you to give my brothers and sisters strength to make 
it through the their life.

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright 2014

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With Eyes That Saw Your Shadows

The old men defile the little girls
their lurid charm stabs the fragile screen of innocence and ignorance

The fathers are traveled or dead or down, or never known
The mothers weep, hands in air hoping to grab something helpful

The young girls, like rat to hawk become clutched by predatory hands
The old men squeal, cackle, and trumpet their victories
vile names for the captured,the newly shamed are shouted in complete revelry
The tricked lost their chance at being children

This calls for a smile from the most sinister observer

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Comforting words
Smooth, quiet tones
complete confidence 

Long nights spent reasoning
In total understanding
Twin thoughts 
twin minds
twin miseries
and twin fates

Now it’s so quiet
Too quiet
Complete and utter silence....
Oh my God, 
What happened to the good old days
When we both made sense?!

Lost in blurry dreams of childhood
Colorful, wonderful, windy days
Subconscious cradled memories 
of the times when we 
were eachother’s only friends

Only you, 
	the sky
		the earth
			and me...

				No betrayal

			No lies
		No fire

	No hate

No regrets.

I think I can understand 
why you won’t face me
But your sudden silence
is so confusing

Did you ever know me well enough
to know my affection for ultimate honesty?
If you wanted me to go away
why didn’t you just say something? 

Only this emptiness is left
Inconsolable grief...
For what never again can be 

No warning
No parting words
No ceremony

You went and had the funeral 
for our friendship
but did not invite me

From the start
I thought these ways would always be
But in the end,
All I wanted, my friend 
was to say 

I can’t trust anyone

All alone again
shame on me

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Sea Turtle

Small, beautiful face stares up at me
When did you become so exquisitely you (so entirely other than me)?
I've spent my life consumed in myself
You, the rock in the background of my sorrow (listening, understanding, comforting)
The waves of my emotions and actions
Rolling off you
Leaving you the same (innocent, sweet, content).

What a lie.
Sailing through scenes of times that seem to float up from another lifetime
I realize that rock was alive--
The back of a sea turtle (head tucked inside)
Who felt every tear and cut
Who love and love and love
And grew

You are you (so fundamental and yet amazing)
With worries and dreams so unconnected to me
No longer my shadow
But always my sea turtle

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A Sister From Many Lands(My Sincere Apology)

When I first met you I was elated
Filled with much awe
I dreamed of the presently elapsed years
Of great happiness and rich excitement

I watched the birds as they flew past
And squeaked
My naked eyes were fixated
On their sudden movement and their return

Never did I strew my thoughts on the land
Upon which I stood
The charms I could trace on your face
The broad smiles you gave
Lowered the thick tall, solid brick walls
Of my heart

My passions lighted
My yearnings glittered
And the taste of purely refined soft-drinks
I sipped through my throat
Simmered down every feeling of doubt
I contained for you.

Scarcely did I consciously brood 
That some day I would struggle
For relief and solitude
From a white woman’s domineering rule

I grew up fast to think she was white
I disdained and disliked her
I pressed hard at her
Till she felt an austere uneasiness
I fought with her
And sought for what I called liberty 
From her presence

She sobbed, wobbled and left my coast
With spasms of sorrow surging
In her youthful bosom
And bled from pains for untold days

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knobby-knee’d, toes that stop 
bend and pick up 
penny, marble, rock 
outside chalk 
on concrete, begging, for me to turn around 
for one more try 

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no pictures of me have i seen
for so long
no mother hanging on my wall
i miss so much
would love to see the smiles of my little brother
and little sister everyday

'my pictures are down
empty halls
no familiar ground
i know my mother
when i see her

you look so familiar are we kin
regrets and cinfessions of sin

i never tried to be a joke
anger at laughter again
worst case scenario

the lie i'm living
makes me bleed
i've been making a game out of you
for thiteen years
subconcious routines
prove it to me when you catch me
in the rye

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I wish a lot

I wish there was a way to say the right words. To do the right thing. To rule without being a king. To laugh without having someone take offense. I wish there was a way.
  I wish there was a way you could brighten my day when its all ready raining. To comfort me when im already alone. To sing to me and have every single note be your own.
  I wish everyday could be a better day than before. That the weather was just right all the time. That there were no obstacles in my way. That crime didnt pay. But im doing all this wishing for someone else. A special person who i hold close. Its my little sister who was just born today

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Wide Awake

Alone, isolated in the dark,
In fear and tears she was led.

To a place of night, so stark,
Her innocence taken, she bled.

She'd set out so independent,
So stubborn, to make it on her own.

A trust broken, a love bent,
The love that was never shown.

Now, alone, she cries and weeps,
For the time so wasted and past.

And in the night she does not sleep,
How did the time pass so very fast?

Maybe if I'd told her that I missed her,
If I could have put down my pride,

And admitted my love for my sister,
Maybe if I had just tried.

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Mrs Doris Delph

	To the “mother” I wish I had,
To the sister I wish I knew,
I want you to know this,
I love you!
	I want God to bless you,
Even more than me,
When you die, I want you to go,
To Heaven for eternity.
	May God lift your voice,
To Heaven up above,
And may He rain down His blessings,
To you in love.
	I wish your voice to be strong,
For all the times we meet,
Your voice will be so wonderful,
I’ll fall in my seat!
	To the “mother” I wish I had,
To the sister I wish I knew,
I want you to know this,
I love you!

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Tortured Memories

My rational and irrational thoughts 
as always come out and 
start to spar with each other
in an all too familiar 
bitter sweet and obnoxious way:
identical twin brothers
who don’t even have the energy
and wherewithal to  
despise each other
but continue to have  
the ‘wisdom’ to loathe 
the people they have become
to the detriment
of an adult who still 
aspires to embrace
and caress the inner child
with a knowing affection
even though his parents,
in spite of themselves,
contrived to present  
a  marriage, a family refuge,
(don’t make me laugh)
which all too often resulted
in so many angry 
and aggressive arguments,   
night after night 
as my sister and I tried to sleep
upstairs in their so called 
marital bed.

My sister and I,
well, we haven’t spoken for years.
When I see her again
will I embrace an adult, a sister, 
who is now fifty years old,
or like me,  a still terrified 
four year old child
who has spent his life, alone,

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Your Gun To My Head

You broke me down,
You tore me apart.
I hope your happy.
Sisters are supposed to be there for you,
not the one against you,
There supposed to help you with your problems,
Not cause them.
So go to your friends,
Wont they be happy you have your gun to my head.
Just go tell them all.
Bring more tears upon my face.
I cant have one happy day,
All because of you. 
SO go,
Tell all your friends,
About your gun to my head,
I bet there all be happy.

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With My Sister Alicia

Sitting next to a dear friend,
Watching me on here,
Funny type such strange things,
Just to get her started. :)

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Remember this for me,

The sweet and familiar scent of summers spent together
by the pool, or at the lake with old friends
and new.

And new family we made belong together-
not reliving the loss of it.
That was us.

Or the times spent outside where we laid out
on the deck by the woods and the musky scent 
of Texas wildflowers, and along the way 

Laid out a path where we'd always be friends
as we were blood.

And the rare moments where we ran together
through the Texas snow, constructing

A snowman with a muddied body covered in loose grass and twigs
and as always laughed and fought and loved.

And that together we constructed
a past that forgot-

That certain coming of age we each knew, that brought 
me to leave you aside for friends.

Or that I constantly dreamed of being somewhere else 
across the great lake and just knew of a place that brought 
in the wake of adventure all the capabilities of youth.

At first your dreams I never knew.

And I had to learn
as we grew together not to call you names through your tears 
and not mine.

That it took me awhile to learn how to cry
at all for anyone but myself.

But you were always mine 
to look after no matter the bitterness,
when you thought 
I wasn't watching. 

And I never forgot.

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There she was, looking at me with the love that only an older sister could have.... a sister who existed before time began.
She told me to come with her and I could not say no, nor did I want to.
She was beautiful with her pure Spanish heritage, very fair skinned and long soft, slightly wavy black hair.
We halted our journey as she turned to me and asked, "Why are you so down?  Why are you so sad?  What is that you say?  You say that you just don't fit in?  What is that you say... your friends, your true friends seem so far away?  And how you don't know if you can go on another day?   Come here my sister and sit here next to me, place your head upon my shoulder.
Rest while you may, sit, breathe, relax and enjoy the day... let your sisters dance and make you laugh for awhile so that you might forget that your life seems on trial.
Then one day when you are able, as the spiritual music which plays works its healing power upon you.
Get up and dance as you are led, remember that you belong to the ancient of days and that you have always understood Him in a different way.
Woe is you when you forget who you are... a daughter of the Highest.
So now, have compassion and mercy on the ones... the other children who haven't made it that far yet; that the world is under a cloud of darkness created by a creature who kills from the inside out by creating confusion in a person's mind which then kills their heart."
My sister then had me follow her for a bit longer, she led me towards a beautifully made black iron gate.
I followed her through this gate; a new family, or perhaps not so new family awaited me there.

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a regret of a thought

While I sat at a sofa
In the living room
I looked everywhere
No one was there
My parents sleeping, my sister sick 
And I am waiting for the bus
Suddenly the made called for me:
The bus louzana
So I carried my stuff and off I went 
Sitting in the bus…
My sister and I not looking 
At each other
My shoulders, back and arms paining me like hell
I await my death that is in my mind everyday 
While I spoke to lina & she so stubbornly acted
I tried to act grown- fully
I tried to let down my temper 
And so I thought and regretted 
I didn’t do a thing to say 
I did not hurt a soul to cry
Then I got sad and very mad 
I wish and so I wished
If he will ever talk to me again 
Its been three weeks 
And there was not even one reply 
And so I looked and I thought
I tried to change the topic
But it remain grabbing my mind’s attention
Oh I humph why, why and why?
Where did my rising sun go ?
Where did my angel of love fly?
I am left alone,
Not to be loved…
Not to be taken…


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Lost Where They do not Belong <> End Line Poem

Parents and spouses to their photo's they look,  Another
           hero was killed fighting for our freedom.   Lost  
                       so far from his home and family,   Today
       we continue to send our sons and daughters,   But
                                there will come a day when,   They
                                      will live as free as we do.   Will
                         we ever learn from these theatres,    Never
                       again should we out live our children.    Be
  cause' another was lost today, but they will never be,    Forgotten

" I hope i have done this form devised by Dane Ann and HG proud "

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A sister hold a special place in the heart
One you can laugh and cry with.
Someone who knows your ups and downs
One who will always be around.

Wendy, ,my sister, my friend
Always ready to lend a hand
No challenge is to tough for you
Love you for all  the little things you do.

So today is your birthday 
So what a better time to display
All the love and affection
We are sending you today.

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Sisters From Different Misters

I lost faith in the world for the shit I'd been through. Walking down highways, always confused. I think I've seen more happy families driving along the Trans Canada than I've seen in person. You ever take what someone important said to heart? You ever had your closest accomplice -- your sister "from another mister" -- leave you at the door, feeling colder than you ever had before?

You were a liar and it made my anxieties perspire and I trusted you to make it through but you never gave yourself a chance. I listened to you on your bed and you put your dreams in my head. Maybe it's funny but I kind of didn't have the heart to give you my honesty. Ya know, cause you'd build me up and never be there for me.

Remember when you had that nasty school bus rumor and I said I'd smash a bitch who talked shit like that to you again? I wasn't lying, I was telling the truth. When you say you're sisters, it means I'd be there for you.

Sure I admit I say some bad things but it's only 'cause you grew a bit and disappointed me. Bragging for dick when you're better than that. I know you had artistic dreams and I fueled them with high grade gasoline and tossed you the keys but you were afraid to leave with me. I just wanted to see you soar after all the open wounds Pencity let you wore. Take you away from all the bullshit and show my little sister some passion worth living for again.

But hey, I guess it doesn't matter if your siblings are blood related. They'll disappoint you in the end no matter where they came from. Either beat you down and lie to the cops or save you from being scared of making the wrong shots. Just thought you'd be there for me like I tried for you -- thought we were sisters, albeit scared little girls who grew up together in this confusing world.

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Daisy Days Bloom

Flaxen- haired maidens
frolic fresh meadows,
laughing and skipping
under a sparkling sun.

Their nimble fingers 
weave daisy chains,
delicately braiding 
wind tangled tresses.

Plucking on petals
a promise of love,
they clasp lily hands
chanting, circling.

With lips of pink roses
eyes of powder blue
skin of sweet jasmine
youth yearns to bloom.

MMC © 2011

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Neece and Humbug

It was Valentine when I lost someone dear. This poem is that reminiscence. _____________________________________________________________________| You and I were close. Of course, we were. You my big sister and I am Humbug. Your nickname is Neece - Rosie in school. I remember how you looked when I was only nine. You were a beautiful girl full of life. Us both liked the wrestling and watch this a lot. I became disinterest in the sport. You watched because you said you really enjoyed seeing a man as a punching bag instead of a woman. We would go out uptown and party. We laughed together in our mutual environment. We dance when we wanted to dance. I truly miss you Neece. We are six years apart. Made a difference when I was a girl but now it does not because both of us are adults. You left me on Valentine in 2009. Five years later, I write these lines. I am bereaved; however, I now rejoice in your life. My beloved sister Neece, Rosie such a beautiful name, I see you are in tranquility through an hourglass. Farewell _______________________________________/ User Name: Verlena S. Walker Nom De Plume: Oblivion Dark Sunshine Sponsor: Nette Onclaud Contest Name: Take Two Date of Entry: March 31, 2014 ~This poem was entered Poet Destroyer A Contest Name Any Poem Goes #14 and I do not, for the real of me, know why it did not place in the top three and from there, not at all. Therefore, I am submitting it in your contest Nette - Take Two.

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Sister's Stumbling Blocks

My disability builds high brick walls
Barricading the bright parts of my brain
My disability holds the inner woman hostage
While the little girl is left to run
My disability sets fire to my fears
Flames of anger and jealousy consume me

My disability prevents me from living on my own
With the white picket fence and family dog
My disability makes it impossible to love
A boyfriend or husband in my adult life
My disability reduces my dreams to rubble
With the remains of my self esteem

My disability leaves strangers around me
Confused and scared
My disability leaves my family 
Asking why I don’t smile and laugh
My disability is a shovel digging in the dirt
Happiness trys to climb out of the holes
I am disabled…hear me roar

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Things You Must Know

You must know-
 you have to make her a happy wife
 give her a wonderful life
You must know-
 she is special to me
 make her as happy as she can be
You must know-
 her first marriage was unbelieveably rough
 his beatings made her very tough
You must know-
 her life has been hard
 forever her heart is scarred
You must know-
 there will be days when all she can do is cry
 she'll scream to God
 he was to young to die
You must know-
 there are no words to make her pain go away
 understand she has to take it day by day
You must know-
 she is a daughter, a big sister
 an aunty, and a mother
 compare her to no other
You must know-
 my whole life she has took care of me
 there are days we need each other you'll see
You must know-
 she has a family that no matter what, we still love
 we'll always be there when push comes to shove
Finally you must know-
 she is one of a kind
 someone better, you will never find

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Heavens gates won't open up for me.
All the sin in my past life.
All the deceit I put my family through.
Heavens gates won't open up for me.

I tried to connect with my mother.
She pushed me off the the back burner.
We never really liked each other, it was a bad relationship.
I tried to connect with my mother.

I tried to talk to my dad.
But tools and work were all he thought about.
If a problem rose, he was out the door.
I tried to talk to my dad.

I tried to speak with my brother.
But his fiance took up most of his time.
I hope they have a beautiful wedding.
I tried to speak with my brother.

I loved my sister dearly.
She was the person I woke up everyone morning to talk to.
She was the problem solver, the angel of my life.
I loved my sister dearly.

But when I was home alone that night,
Everything changed. I couldn't control myself.
The doctor said it was depression,
I said it was life, my daily routine.

I found the pills in the cabinet,
and I just went buck wild.
I opened the safe, and there it was.
The most beautiful weapon of all, the gun.

I cried for a long time before I made my decision.
This is the last chance you have to make everything better, my muse told me.
But my head ignored my heart, and the gun was loaded.
I cried as I pulled the trigger.

Now my mom wishes she connected with me.
My dad wishes he talked to me.
My brother wishes he had spoke with me.
And my sister wishes she had gone with me.

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    Forgiving Oprah

Today I’m going to forgive Oprah
After twenty-five years
I am settling all of our differences
I had no right to expect her to be
A stimulus for Black progress
And though I would rather have seen
An Oprah University 
Or an Oprah Medical center
Instead of an Oprah magazine
Those were her billions
To spend anyway she chose
And it was selfish of me
To expect her to make Black life any better
Or even different
Just because Harriet Tubman did it
With no help from a single celebrity
Or Martin Luther King made us better
With little or no money
And no television show
But Black heroes are like space ships
They just appear once every twenty-five years
Out of the Blue
I apologize for thinking it was you

I forgive you Oprah
And I forgive you
Tyler Perry 
And Lebron
I forgive you too

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I will leap, cling and protect

I remember leaping through there air 
and clinging to you.
I honestly cant remember why.
I just remember it was to protect you,
to be there for you,
to comfort you .
I was your big sister then 
Now I am nothing more to you 
than a voice on the phone,
a thousand miles away.
I want to leap through the air again 
cling to you 
be there for you 
comfort you again 
This time I don’t even know why.
You shut me out of your life long ago.
Made it perfectly clear no more. 
No more leaping
               or protecting you.
I know I have made some mistakes 
I know we have had our fights 
and yes I know how much you hate me now.
But know this 
I will always leap through the air 
cling to you,
protect you 
be there for you 
to comfort you 
even if I have to do it from miles away 
For I was your big sister then 
and I am your big sister now and always.

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Living Angel

Her eyes spoke of love beyond any comparison.
Simple glances she could speak volumes of words.
No language spoken by voice though much power,
Intently she was observant to her surroundings.
Graciously she painted concern with attitude.
Sometimes so sternly advocating her desires,
Strong and dainty from her facial expressions,
Strong and firm her deliverance was given.
Protector of family for eighteen years she gave.
Her mind was efficient and carried life high.
Not a companion a family member so dear,
She witnessed illness, took action quickly.
Strong mind but weakened body, driving forward,
Asking in her gaze, she told of needs and desires.
Her name, Heidi, a game she played when young.
Carrying it forward to daily actions she had won.
Hiding her eyes from anyone, no one could see.
Upon her face as she gazed back, unhidden now,
Was a glory and loving smile, with sparkling eyes.
She shall be remembered with such affection true.
Lost we are now without her presence each moment,
Quietness passes our days and nights without her walk.
No “Tick Tick Tack“as her paws use to tap the floor.
Missing her yawn upon her first wakeup each day,
Her presence no more still reminded by our hearts.
Her spotted coat remembered by all our surroundings.
Dalmatian by breed, Living Angel, now Angel in Heaven,
Upon a future time, we’ll be reunited, with a living Angel.

Written in Memory, for much more than a dog,
She was a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, protector, friend, buddy, pal, neighborhood 
watcher, along with so much more.

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~ a muse of golden brown a beautiful dark etched love my sisters, my brothers fly free in this day so vivid a clear path pushing toward completion a unity.... solidarity.... shall we dance a sub-Saharan prance collective rhythms, a shuffle step a long time coming this freedom bright colors adorn overflowing spirit of love....... so grand , so free grab hold of my hand together we shall prove common! ~

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I hate the fact I was so tied up in marriage and neglected youin the past
I love the fact that you are a one and only sister 
I hate the fact that you had no other sister
But I love the fact that you kept the family together

I hate the fact that you are burdened by my burdens
I love the fact that you see through life for me when I can't
I hate the fact that you are not respected by your Brothers'
But I love the fact that they know they are wrong not to

I hate the fact that you cannot have instant results on legalities
I love the fact that you are now a solicitor of note
I hate those letters coming to your door to detract from the day's purpose
But I love the fact that you now resolve to deal with them head on

I hate the fact that you are good with the public as I am not
I love the fact that you like the craic with all those you know
I hate the fact we live so far apart
But I love the fact you have given my future a new start 

I hate the fact that God gave you and the family a twin a priest 
I love the fact that I am re discovering my new brother your husband
I hate the fact we you may never engineer our family back together
But I love the fact that God made sure I had such a wonderful wonderful sister  

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If That's What It Takes

If that’s what it takes

An ocean I will give
If kisses were water
Sequoias I will give
If hugs were trees
The Milky Way I will give
If you needed milk

All nine I will give
If you wanted a planet
A galaxy I will give
If you wanted a star

All that and more
I will give
If that’s what it takes
To bring Mari back
For she truly is missed by all
She is missed by me.

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A Southern Lady

There is a lady I know
She is not considered slow
She is my sister Lex,
She is no hex to me

Southern born and Southern raised,
She is a true Southern Lady
Born and raised in NC,
As country as can be
She is rough and tough and loveable as can be, 
You couldn't touch her with a 10-foot beam

She is as kind and loved as there can be
She is often compared to honey from a bee
She is as slick as grass in July, 
Golly oh me, how lucky can I be?

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SOUP (*FAM..*)

CARMA 06-19-12


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For every time you beat me
I smile
For every time you told me I'd be nothing
I smile
For every time you stood over and threatened me
I smile
For every plate you threw that turned the dinner table into place of fear
I smile
For every time you told me I was a black bastard
I smile
For the time you held before me my pet rabbit and said you would kill it
I smile
For every year it took for your legacy to dissolve
I smile

For every time you punched my mother
For the drips of blood that flowed from her wounds
For the time I soaked in fear when the ambulance came for her
For the time you kicked my sister in the stomach
For everything you did to her
For every time I hated myself for not being strong enough to defend my sister and mother
For every time we begged you to stop
I smile

For the time you broke my record player
For the time you threw my TV out the window
For the time you burnt all my books
For the time you smashed my bike I loved
For the time you threw my tenth birthday cake out the window
For every torturing word you swore at me
For the time you threw the pavement slab at me
For the time you opened every window upstairs and told me to jump
For every time you told me no one would ever love me
For the time you pinned me against the kitchen wall
For every time I cowered from your fists
For every time you locked me in my room for days
For every time I cried and wanted to die to escape from you
For every time I thought you were going to kill me
For every time I've learnt to forget
I smile

I smile
because I know everything you did and said was wrong
I smile
because with time and the love of others I have been able to move on
I smile
because from so much hate I've learnt that to love is greater
I smile
because I'm proud of how far my sister and I have come
I smile
because despite all you did to us
we can hold our heads high
and smile

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Night and Day

I Nephthys
Sister of Isis:
Energy of birth and guidance of growth,
guiding life to live and the people praise her.
Her strength so wide, it's bright, making her smile visible.

I Nephthys
Always her shadow cast by her light;
I am the moon and she is the sun.
The people's adoration strengthens her strife
and their cries and pleas to me, weakens my heart.

I am invisible
Just a watcher of children and a care taker of ages.
My presence not be known, till their time has been interrupted
or their string has been sowed to long.

My sister receives the tears of joy when a child comes to this earth.
I receive the tears of sadness and hate when I cradle their womb away.

I stick to those that mourn for their husband to wars long past
and hover around the withering sick in their beds.

I guide the fearful souls to their penance or grace,
But I may not comfort them to which they'll be placed.

I and my sister
I am the night and she is the day...
And though our works are different,
we are both needed, for we make a circle;
a cycle for this race.

How I wonder of a smiling face.
That plays along the light touched meadows
and frolics on a golden pace.

But I will not see such images, for If I am there,
My work must be in place.

Now In a house, a husband cries,
for his wife is laying ill.
I sit beside her bed and watch her health.
No, her time will be hers still.
I leave this room and then the wife decides to wake,
the husband cries and then he prays:
Thank you Nephthys for letting my love re-awake.
A hug was done, a kiss stayed strong and together they were made.
I watched so long, that I could not help to watch some more and stayed.

Is so wondrous, I thought and a smile had spread on my face.
The night is going and the day is coming, 
and my sister will be taking her watch.
And still smiling to myself, a thought gained my health;
without the night, the day would be lost...

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my sister and the drone

there is a drone in a transparent jar
on the stool
my sister is watching him intently
her cheeks raised and teeth glittering

she scrutinizes as it flaps while climbing
it crawls up and pauses midway
it takes quick breathe, 
pumps its abdomen and pulls up again
its almost leaving the jar when...
my sister chuckles and vibrates the jar
with her little finger
the drone crumbles and falls on its back
its feathery wings stuck at the bottom
and feet kicks the air.
my sister burst out laughing...and... stops
the drone is turning over 
heading for the dry corner of the jah..
my sister rolls her eyes and waits...

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A gift for Nine

It’s 3pm and so it shall begin…First comes the drinking then the fist…if I am lucky he will miss…if he succeeds I will pay a great price…under my bed I will cling to my life…finally it is late and he passes out on the couch…I am safe for now and must make like a mouse…quiet and careful to not wake him up…his wrath I will endure if he begins to stir…so I tip-toe around and out the door…to a place I know where I am safe…the tree house he made me when I was 8...He will not venture far into the night…here I will hide until tomorrow night…when it all begins again and I must try to overcome the things in this life that make me cry…one day I will go and never return…but for now I have no choice but to give in and go on…if he takes it out on me…she shall be safe…from the wrath of a father who no longer embraces…My gift to her is whole and selfless and pure…she is only 9 and would never be able to endure…I am strong and have faith that this trail will end…one day I will be free…one day I will be a man…who is gentle and loving…filled with care and compassion…I will never be him nor even mention…the name of the monster who strikes in the night…I am safe now it seems until the break of light.

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Being a woman is a gift.
Whether you’re black, white, red or blue.
It doesn’t matter as long as you are you.
Being hurt and punished by the men you love.
Is it their fault you f**ked with no glove?
Beaten, bruised, obeying all his rules.
Why not just refuse; refuse to be his slave, refuse to be his punching bag, refuse to be his last choice.
It’s time to stand up and raise your voice.
Tell him whose boss and why you took it all.
Remember the time he f**ked your best friend
Remember the times he said
“Baby I’ll be there until the end”
Remember the beatings, burns, cuts and bruises;
It’s time to tell him who loses.
Be the woman who can stand on her own two feet.
Be the woman who refuses to be with a man and be beat.
Life is too short to stay locked down
He continued to knock you down 
But its time to get up and get off the ground.
You’re free to be the woman you were meant to be…

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God IS a Mighty One

Dad blurts out in fright:
"I don't know what to DO!?"

Dad's abandoning God...and I'm striving, 
With all of my effort, but with little doubt, 
I assure dad that he's strong and he could always rely on us
With all of this dread, without a doubt,
Dad's hating the traffic...while he's driving

God knows I'm very uncertain...
And my garbage-like depression (misery)
Outruns my cheerfulness again
And our dejected repression (cruelty)
God knows for certain we are uncertain...  

Our uncertainty zooms on and on...
As our garbage-like obstacles  
Ship us away from happiness time and time again
But, throughout the troublesome obstacles,
God works with us dawn to dawn…

And God knows what he’s doing, father!
God knows we’ll win this fight with His might!

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for Maggie

I remember the day you were born
I exclaimed Oh God not another one
As you grew older it was plain to see
The lovely woman you’d turn out to be 
Maggie my dear, we shared a room through the years 
I combed your hair, wiped away your tears
Tried to keep you happy, and calm your fears
My dreams for you were always many
Hoping you’d marry a man with plenty a penny
And here you are all settled and grown,
With a family you can call your own
A beautiful woman so deep so sincere
With so much love for her family it is quite clear
So my dear sweet sister, I proclaim with no fear
That I will love you forever year after year.

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Quietly the disease crept into the family. Away from home for the first time and far from her mother’s cautioning words, she fell in love with and married her college sweetheart. He had told her of the mysterious disease from which his mother had died when he and his twin brother were very young. Alarmed, the bride’s mother researched the disease once know as Huntington’s Chorea, now simply as Huntington’s. What she read terrified her. Their little girl weighed a mere three pounds at birth and after reaching five pounds went home to their loving and tender care. She was a beautiful and strong child until after her sixth birthday when she started exhibiting disturbing symptoms. The doctors denied their fears. This inherited disease does not show its dreaded presence until adulthood. She was an exception. By this time, her father’s sister had been diagnosed with the disease. He also had a twin brother and along with a sister who died at birth, that made four children born to this unlucky carrier. The chances are fifty/fifty that a child of a parent with the disease will inherit it. In this case eventually, every sibling succumbed to the horror. The only good thing about this terrible affliction is that if a child of a Huntington patient escapes, all of his descendants are safe. It does not skip generations and it cannot be passed on by anyone but a parent. This child’s disease progressed rapidly. She went from a bright, articulate, happy youngster to a voiceless, chair-bound invalid in a few short years. At eleven and some months she died in her sleep. Her lungs had simply forgotten to function and she stopped breathing. ------December 10, 2011 Won No. 4 Huntington's is one of those fairly rare genetic diseases that is not well funded and researched as are the the more prevalent diseases. It should be. This is one of the most terrible afflictions known to man and its victims are helpless. There was one other granchild in the family. He too died of Huntington's in early adulthood. It had rampaged through the family and had now destroyed itself. Both the family and the disease had come to an end.

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What I Hope For You

I hope you face never loses its openness
I hope your heart never leaves your sleeve
I hope your eyes never lose their wonder
I hope your fingers never cease to weave

The strings that hold us all together
The strangers, the family, the friends
I hope you’ll know which bonds to cut and which to make stronger
So you won’t be alone against the blows Life sends

I hope you continue to greet everyone with a smile
Even when all they’ll offer back is a frown
And on the day you find you have risen to the top
I hope you’ll be kind to the jerks that put you down

I hope everything you want, you must work for
And I hope you appreciate what you have, too
I hope you never lose sight of what is important
And always come back to the ones that love you

And I hope you will walk beside Our Lord
And listen to what He has to say
I hope you understand He has a plan for you
Lesson and mission for you, each day

Most of all, I hope you realize that:
You are all you need to become all you want to be
And finally, as both a sister and a friend
I will always be there when you need me to be

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They Fight,,, 10-13-08

they fight all the time.
they fight and it never stops.
they fight and it never gets better.
they fight and it always gets worse.
they fight til they're blue in the face.
they fight til i can't stand it anymore.
they fight and i cry cuz there's nothing i can do.
the fighting and the crying never stop.
there's nothing i can do but pray.
they're always fighting.
it won't stop.
they hide it so well...
the pain they're in...
it's like they've never fought before...

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Love Restores Peace

At 8:30 AM,
"Get up, LAURA! Charlie! Wake up...Robert...Wake up."
No reply...just ignore my wake up calls...yell at me all you want
You make me cry...cry...just shatter me like place me in the trash, but I still feel this discontent
Deep inside of me...
There's a sea of remorse swirling around me...
At 12:15 AM,
"Hey Laura!"
No reply...
"What are you doing?"
I just want to cry...a river...why?
She still ignores I'm feeling the anxiety...
She still jokes around with me, but I feel so angry...and so empty...
She's texting her friends again...I must talk to her sometime
She still doesn't answer my calls...she doesn't care to wipe off my grime
Sponging inside of me...
I guess I'm left with my chores for today
My heart is swelling up in dismay...and my sky turns to gray
And I pray...for relief and I just want to say...
I love my sisters and brothers, but they truly don't care for me...or at least that's what I think till this very day
This lonesome feeling sufficates me...
Go ahead and ignore me, sister
You just added another blister
In my mouth, my hopelessness avalanches all over the ground
You make me frustrated...and now my head spins round and round
And I feel bound...
By stress and torment! 
Go ahead and neglect my voice
My heart is seeping out misery...pumping with fret...
while you text your friends and rejoice
In my head, my painstaking regrets torture me profoundly
You don't care to listen - live your life without me
My soul is left in the cold...
Oh! Go ahead! Let me mold...mold...
I worry about you, sister...
But you left me to dry like made me suffer
don't beg to differ...
Go ahead! Blow fire in my direction...
I warn don't want to see an eruption
I don't want to be ensnared by my corruption... 
Please God...pick me off from the ground...
and show me some direction
Or I'll be broken down like the titanic...
And You don't wanna see me panic...
At 1:00 AM,
I decide to pray to God for protection...
I pray...I pray...
I wait for His reply..........................
He helped me fight 
my depression wars
He unchained me from the cage...
and taught me how to fly
He cherished me...
He understood me 
and He still does till this day...
He healed my sores...
And He doesn't ignore my calls! 
He makes me feel content 
even in the midst of hardships - 
I pray...I wait...I cry...
For His comfort daily...
to nourish me 
when I feel ignored
Or when I'm stabbed in loathe...
I pray that Your peace be restored
In our family once more.
I wait
For peace
To fix the broken fix the emotions breaking us all
I pray
For the chaos to cease
To make the whole world encourage us to stand tall
Will love make us whole again?

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she received no love-

she was a beautiful baby girl,
born in love but grew with none
that would teach her it’s meaning,
her mother, an alcoholic/bi-polar

her father never around to guide her,
starving and love neglected, this child
soon became a big sister to a baby girl
created out of deceit 

at five years old, she watched over
her sister, when mom was passed out
or with someone other than dad,
yet she received no love…

she sometimes went for days without
food for herself or the baby
mom spent the money on cigarettes
and beer, mom couldn’t understand

at ten, mom and dad divorced, she and 
her sister were now in her mom’s care
she was all alone and frightened
and she received no love…

neglected, abused,  she struggled for
acceptance from someone, somewhere,
her mother was good at hiding their
situation from family members

soon, mom got so bad she gave the
girls to their father and step mother
who abused them, locked them away,
still she received no love..

at fifteen, she begged to live with
her loving grandparents,
they loved her and guided her to 
jesus, where she got nurtured in love

she graduated high school
and married a young man who
her aunt arranged for her to meet,
she loved where she received no love…

she bore two lovely girls 
whom she raised with love,
endeared by the family that raised her,
saved from a home, where she received no love…

Copyright © 2010 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Is she not a woman,
and a flower, her children,
petals of flesh still inside,
even when deciding to die,
leaving a white wilting flower,
on the kitchen floor.

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**In memory of Jocelyn Elizabeth Smyth RIP 3/27/10 You will always be loved**

The one I had tea parties with.
The one I played games with.
The one I loved unconditionally.

She was the best sister ever.
She was the smartest sister ever.
She was the prettiest sister ever.

I don't know why she took her life.
I don't know why she isn't with us now.
I don't know why she did this to me.

I loved your personality.
I loved your sense of humor.
I loved your chats on the bed with me.

When I cry myself to sleep, I think of you.
When I garden in the summer, I think of you.
When I do a swan dive into the pool, I think of you.

You will always be loved by me.
You will always be loved by mom.
You will always be loved by dad.

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Banal Secrets

Banal secrets…

Just another night.
He leaves 
a bagful of snacks, 
cans of emptiness
scattered on the lumpy couch, 
in front of the tube 
now broadcasting 
a series 
on those who are yet to return, 
the traceless ones
the lost ones. 
The verandah on which
he comes out at night
comes out amid night,
is touched by a sudden gust. 
The wind has passed rivers and mountains. 
It whispers the name of a sister, 
full blood sister of this middle aged man, 
who has kept her in heart
and in lungs, there is those nicotine sponged.

The waft calls his lost sister 
Traceless, fade away. 
He face the brazen night. Dark.

A clueless dog is barking. Is there an entity?
May be just a shadow from the life 
he has buried in the town they used to live; 
a town which has consumed
a girl returning from school; a town which has always
known this man’s, this brother’s folly. 

he has only pushed her teasingly; a mere play; 
the canal, the greedy canal, which has sucked a girl
sure is the one to be blamed for.
he harks the screams in his suppressed dreams. 

=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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Sisters of hell

You should be caring 
You should love us 
You should have some respect 
You should not ignore us
You say you’re sorry 
Today comes you’re not sorry at all
I try so hardly 
But by all means
You don’t try at all
You’re just there to cause us problems
And whine about you’re fake innocence 
To mom and dad?
How pathetic 
How soulless
You’re always there
To gain what’s best for you
And leave 
You change your tones 
Seeking a joke of ours
You get jealous 
Because of us
You team up against me 
So that no one believes me
How pathetic 
How soulless 
You’re never sorry 
Even if you say it 
I try not to waste life
But you try harder to waste it
I try not seeking you’re attention 
And do what mom says 
Then it’s always me 
I’m the bad guy? 
Hell no 
I didn’t do a thing
But thus
They always believe you…
Of you’re fake tears 
They always do…
I’m glad I’m not fake 
Unlike you!

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she is a sparkling jewel 

all can see her shimmer 

she is a throb of daffodils

and lilies in the garden shore

she is a captivating police

and arrest my Spaniard eyes

she is a word spectalamo!

and that is still unheard of

she has got strength in her smile

and it spreads to everyone around her

yet she is for me...

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My Power Story

My Power Story

As a child, I only saw 
the power of three,
my Mom, 
             my Dad 
                      and me.
                             We were a solid three.

When my brother Jon was born
I adopted the power of four.
Because he I adored,
I learned to make room for four.

When I was eight,
I learned to value
the power of two,
me and my best friend Sue.
Without her by my side, there was
nothing I could do!

Then my horizons began
to broaden and I learned
the power of five, six, seven
Eight and ten…
My numbers of friends
kept increasing.
My world was 
constantly multiplying
and dividing, as soon as 
puberty bloomed in me.

But when chirping blue birds
and naked cherubs started  
spinning around my head,
when the love struck and
set in at age nineteen,
I seemed to go backwards,
back to the power of two.

Those were the glory days
when we could sit and
gaze into each other’s eyes
for days.  We’d walk through
the park and the zoo
holding hands and saying
I love you.

Clueless was I, that the
misuse of this mystical power 
of two, could leave
me battered and bruised,
and emotionally
used and abused.

Once my stone tower of two
came tumbling down,
the power of two didn’t seem as
fresh as spring dew anymore,
as before when I thought our love
was strong enough to last forever!

For years the soured 
power of two made me
want to run endlessly,
to distant corners
of the earth just to escape
the painful memories
of ever being a part of this
dreadful duo.

Now I am starting
to enjoy the warm rays of sun
and the dynamic fun
that I’ve found in
the best power
of them all,
the power of one!

Just me,
by myself in the
day to day grind,
learning to stand strong as one,
to love and to nurture myself,
enjoying my life
without any strife.

There’s a lot to be said
about the power of one.
Learning to find joy and peace,
just being me for a while.

One day I’ll probably
be ready to move on to
whatever power is next for me,
when loneliness
starts to sour this 
single power.

But for now,
I’ll enjoy the
power of one,
to the tenth
just being me!

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My Sister is leaving me,
she's going away today.
How will the palms sway,
while she's away?
Our names are the same,
from a different birth canal she came,
but I have so much in common with this dame.
She's a Sister to me,
she likes women,
and I like men,
but she's a sister to me.
I love her like a best friend.
I'll love her till the very end.
She's a Sister to me.

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Honey Doo

I love soft green honeydew melon hues
I hate tear soaked soggy bathroom tissues
I must be heard each day with my voice so loud
Or somewhat overlooked via my head relentlessly in a cloud
I don't ride on two wheel bikes or 18 wheeler semi trucks
I simply move on two feet and two hands and run a muck
I am not a muck maker, however if I try to be careful I fail
I try to be smooth in my travels but simply derail 

Choo choo, huff and puff this away
Type the morning mist away
Spring into summer today

The sun is shining the weather is cool
And messed through the dawn I am a renew and honey dew
Green sweet honey doo


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  My sister had a clean bill of health
  on her return from Egypt
  took a turn for the worse,in three months
  from a cheerleading choreogragher

 To a bed ridden, gaunt cancer patient
 she fought and fought without a murmer
  until her fight did succomb
  my mother,best friend and pillow of strength

 We recieved a call from the hospice
 a drastic change from the night before
 family called from miles around
 in my view,poor lass held on

 For us all to gather around her bedside
 as she took her final straw like breath
 slipped away,out of pain
 each leaning forward, our kisses goodbye.
Diagnosed July Called to rest, October. 2008

My last hour .  Rest peacefully Shirley 

SPONSOR .Robb A. Kopp 

Title . " MY LAST HOUR "     Paul Beadnall 20/7/11

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Flying Saucers

A plate smashes against the kitchen wall
In the middle of another Sunday lunch war
For a moment I feel as if I'm not really there
As I stop and stare at this world I live in
But do not comprehend

Across from me
Been drinking again 
Since he woke
Fueling his senseless hatred 
Driving his rage
He's shouting at my mother
Telling her she's an ugly useless witch
His mouth moves slowly
As I watch every cruel word come alive
Perfectly formed
To exhort in so few words
The maximum hurt 

His hair combed over
Attempting to hide his baldness
Dry and graying
Betraying his denial of age
His fat belly hanging through his cardigan
As I rush to eat before the arguments start 
The stains on his fingers tell of at least 30 a day
Together with the evidence collected
On the kitchens ceilings, cupboards and walls

Behind me the door to the garden 
Behind him escape to the hall
I know how long it takes to reach them both
I know how long it takes for him to get up
Expert in the pitch in his voice
Where he starts using his fist
Professor in when to fight and when to play dead

As I look on I hardly taste the food
I rush before the time
When more plates begin to fly

Today it is my sister
I did not know but today she would leave
Finally had enough she threw her plate
And stood screaming at him
Of all the horrible things he is

She threw her plate 
Peas and gravy
Run from his hairy chest to fat belly
You'd almost want to laugh
If you knew the joke would last
But he did not see the comedy
For a moment the whole kitchen seemed to be in the air
My plate and food had become another tool
This raging Sunday afternoon

Through the house anger raged
Battles scarring every room
Today I was but a witness 
As his focus turned to my sister 
And what she had dared to do
With words only falling silent
When replaced with the thud 
As he punched my sister in the stomach
And a child years a way 
Joined his list of casualties

As he returned to his bottle
To lose what he had just done
We took my sister away
But in those senseless times 
My mother and I returned

And when my own time came to leave
When his fist met my face
His dog bit at my legs
I guess I always knew
I would never forget
Flying saucers and plates
And my sisters wonderful aim

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My Sister's Home Made Chili { Epulaeryu}

                                               Sister's chili hits the spot
                                               Big bowl makes you plop
                                               Beans pepperoni sausage
                                                  Crackers light butter
                                                   Large glass of milk too
                                                       Cools down The

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It's Her Beauty

its not the wave of her hair, its the color of her laughter. its not the color of her eyes, its the way they smile at you. its not the form of her mouth, its the way it lights up her face. its not the smoothness of her skin, its how it glows with her love. its not the frame of her legs, its the way they skip with joy. its not the beauty of her looks, its the beauty of her acts.

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Joyful Melody

a soothing song of the wind
of which none can compare
a lightly flowing quiet breeze
that takes your breath away

a irresistible glowing smile
an inviting joyful melody 
a rare gift shared with style
that makes one feel alive

a true heart-warming delight
uniquely designed to impress
a dearly expressed appreciation
that genuinely inspires the soul

a sincerely given endearing hug
kindly saying stay for awhile
a simply hush of romantic bliss
that speaks of love’s first blush

a gleesome special moment
to wonderfully bright the day
a living example of happiness
that gives joy freely to all 

© Eugene Harvey

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The End

I count each second waiting for my life to unfold
And I can't help but to grow another year old
My message of Death that I send
(Is often intercepted)
As a young girl's life is at its end
I wish not to control Death, or whom it takes
But it's a deadly game, and I hold the stakes

Death chooses as he may
(His victims)
But I helped him 18 months to the day
Yes, I have many of such regret
Yet, I have only one pay to debt
My heart, each night, starts to ache
As my soul in Hell starts to bake

On the battlefield of Good and Evil
I won the battle victoriously, with decieval
My soul, I cannot heal
I played my cards, there is no deal
I had my chance to make life right
I have no chance left to see the light
My life and it’s lend
And the one chance I was given
Is now at its end

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Lost in a feeling

Lost in a feeling,
Thinking of my friends.
Thoughts reeling,
When will this end?

Friends in war,
Endless conflict.
What is it for?
It just kills and raises debt.

For control of oil,
To stop mad men.
So much turmoil,
Why did this begin?

I wish they could come home,
My brothers and sisters in arms.
I know they feel alone,
I wish them well and free of harm.

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Just Throw It Away

I am disposable-
No smile can illuminate me
No song can make me dance
There is no rhythm in my family
I cannot make harmony
With a voice that’s belting a different tune
I was not made for this
I may look like watercolor paint
But I cannot blend
I am oil paint
I stain
I am not right
I can only be me
I am disposable

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more and more apart

We both have much different lives,
and grow father apart as the years go by.
You were once quiet and timid
I more vocal
 to the point of obnoxious and rude 
I was the tom-boy 
you were the "prissy" one.
Seemed like even back then,
we couldn’t be more different
Back then we accepted our differences 
Sometimes reveled in them with pride.
Now days I feel defeated more than ever 
by those same differences 
Where did it all change ?
Where did we go wrong ?
Was it me ?
Or was it you ?
Not sure how we got here 
to this stagnating place 
but I miss you..
I miss us 
with all of our differences 
and all of our faults.

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I worry about you.
It scares me,
because I do believe
you are making 
the same decisions as me.
Did you see me?
barely able to sleep.
I know life is hard,
and something 
must make us feel,
but sister dear,
please don't go there.
I know 
I don't have room to speak,
but I don't look back,
because of the pain
it all caused me.
Please sister dear,
face life with something more.
To knowingly, 
and willingly,
intentionaly forget,
it heals me,
and helps me.
but not what I wish for you.
Sister I pray that
you hear me now,
face life with more than I did,
so when you pass through the pain
you won't mind looking back.
You are worth so much more.

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Love's Easy

Were all victims
(and mutual in that way.)
You have to feel for everyone.
We're all hiding something.
A secret
-That no one else has to know-
So don't ask.
Wonder, Don't ponder
Feel my eyes on your soul
And I'll fell yours.
That's really all it takes.
What am I but a niche in your life?
And you in mine?

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Sister Death

 Look at me, Sister Death.
Raise your gaze
Dry your brow.

Come to be, Sister Death.
Pour your soul
your pain unto me

Listen close, Sister Death.
Starvation leads not to salvation

Let time develop
Wade on through your youth

There is no need, Sister Death
Cut the rope
Untie the noose

It is no use, Sister Death
To rush the day
To lasso the sun
to try to drag it inside you

Close your legs, Sister Death
Quantity of partners
equals not physical age.

Put away your eager breast, Sister Death
The time to feed will come,
But, not quite yet.

Give it time, Sister Death
Forlorn not the day
Forlorn not your tears
Your heart beats slow
Your tears stream swift

Wait for the dawn, Sister Death
Awaiting you, a most precious gift.

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five years ago

Good morning she said to me,  twas a Sunday morn
Outstretched arms, asking for a hug, with a yawn.
As we embrace, the sun shine through the window,
I kiss her forehead, and tickled her tiny little toes

In a beautiful red dress and shiny curly locks
She brought her little purse loaded with her snacks.
As we walked along she held my hand so tightly
I smiled at her, "i'll never let go, don't you ever worry."

We played at the park, oh! Twas a joyous happy day.
A balloon in her hand, you should have seen her play.
"I'm thirsty," she said, "hold my balloon,  don't let it fly away"
I smiled at her, "I'll never let it go, don't you worry,"  I say.

It was dark when we got home she was half asleep
I took off her shoes,  tucked her between the sheets.
Soon she was sleeping,  her face angelic and peaceful
I'd say a prayer, thank God for a day so wonderful.

And as I lay down on my bed that night to sleep and rest
I realizes that all these was just my imagination at best.
See, for last time I hold her was exactly five years ago.
But then I smiled, don't you worry, my sister, I would never let go.

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Friends till the end 
My friend ship I always lend
When you cried I was there
I tried to whipe away every tear
Even when you werent there for me
I let it be
Im tired of holding back the unsaid
I can not get away from this dread
I can not believe who you have become
Your life you say has come undone
But really your life has just begun
The problems you have are what you make 
And you make your own heart ache
You say how your heart broken
Your heart has yet to have spoken
You think you love someone
Then you run away and say your done
Its the same every time 
Its the same old line
Again and again you pull it
This you have to admit
You are codependant 
It leaves you distant
When you arent with them 
You talk constantly about them or want them
You always think your so bad
Its rather sad
You cant keep doing this
Its the old you we miss 
We miss the sober
We miss the old Amber
I miss my old sister

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Remember, Sister

The voice that woke you up in the morning
The arguments that altered into mourning
The affectionate memories that we cherish the most 
Don’t consider 
The horrifying hours that we have not spent with each other
Reflect on
The blissful Sabbaths that we’ve kept with the whole family
Don’t reflect on
The unholy conversations that we bring up at the dinner table

But do remember
The joyful dreams that we share with each other! 
But do remember
That you are beautiful and you are worthy to find your true love, 
My cherished sister

Do you still consider our eccentric, dreamlike characters?
Do you still consider our imaginations soaring like a golden eagle, flying triumphantly?

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When I sit in the night,
I think of the one I lost so long ago.
Then I remember,
Of the one who I love almost as much.
When I look at her and think,
She reminds me of that girl.
So beautiful and innocent,
With all the love of the world.

I treat her like my own,
But she will never replace my sister.
She tries to make me hate her,
But I can see the beauty within.
No matter how much she tries,
I will always love her like a sister.

I know it's strange,
Maybe even bizarre;
But I love her like my own,
No matter what she does.

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little sister

I walk down this dark path knowing where it leads,

holding a small flower gently in my hand,

As i walk the air is heavy as if the air is pressing all around me,

I reach my destination a large old decrepit building,

Still showing the burn marks on the windows and door,

I hear a scream in the distance,

Looking around knowing that no one is really there,

Just that this building holds so many memories,

Memories that are so hard to shake,

Walking up to the steps to the door,

Memories of lost ones flow in my head like a flash flood,

That day I lost her,

I lost my baby sister,

I wish I could take it back,

Take back what I said to her,

"I hate you, your the worst sister ever",

But really I don't hate you,

I miss you every day,

Wishing I could turn back time and change the last thing I said,

But I can't,

So every year I bring you your favorite flower,

Hoping you'll forgive me one day,

I think placing the fragile Daisy down on the first step,

Turning and walking away,

Looking back at the scarred house every so often,

The wind blows,

Faintly heard in the wind "I forgive you"

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Voices Reign, 
She stands alone. 
In a mirror, 
She sees beauty. 
Here and now, 
She doesn't imagine the coke-bottle waist only attainable by purchase of the latest Barbie.
She sees beauty. 
Colors like the sun and the moon, 
The vast oceans to the unfathomable skies. 
Here in the mirror, she sees beauty. 
Until she opens her eyes, 
And voices reign.

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Am I Shiny?

Cover up the blemishes
Hide the little blackheads
Smooth over the redness
Creating perfection
Covering emotion
With thick black glue
Darken in those brows
To match stained expectations
Rosy red cheeks
And sparkling pink lips
You’ll never see my deception
In a purely natural state
Dazzled by fluttering eyes
Seduced by sensual lips
Underneath the false
My plainness sneaks away

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the big one eight

today, sister, you are an adult
among the hurried ones in suits
attention cast to watches and briefcases.

today, sister, i cannot look 
upon the numeral of your age
without the feeling i have missed something.

today, sister, it is not just a birthday.
the whole house has fogged up
with unknown feelings.

today, sister, my throat is dry
when i try to show my joy
of this day when you were born.

today, sister, perhaps
it is i who simply cannot fathom
that you are the child i grew up with

no longer.

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a love not to be forgotten

A love not to be forgotten
After the disaster, after the misery
Little sister of mine begged my dad for chicks
He tried to convince her what a bad idea it is
How a hard caring takes to keep them alive
How a rise in temperature or decrease in temperature
May cause their death.
She didn’t get convinced, she is so stubborn
So dad said louzana so do you want one?
I my voice was weak, my sorrow increased, and I said no...
I went to the room, tried to study, and then fell in tears
I couldn’t imagine how life is without him
I couldn’t let go of him, I couldn’t believe he was gone
Dad, sisters came, six chicks they brought
Dad the room entered; told me the news:-
I two chicks have brought you 
I smiled untruthfully at him and went to take a glimpse
Six chicks sticking together seeking warmth; their sight softened my heart
Gave a feather to my stone -frozen soul 
I looked at them, carried them out of their box resistance
They started to poo, the other drinking the pee of another 
They seemed stupid and small 
The room called I went back to it 
2nd day,    somehow better, selected two of then and marked them red and blue
3rd day   , took one-hundred and something pics of them.
Day 4   ,   someone died.
Day 5,    someone died   .
Day 6,    someone died   .
Day 7:-     blue disappeared and was gone.
Day 8:- three were left: red, green and green
My love grew wider to red, he started to love me 
He started to sleep in my palm, and run after I go 
I love you red, forever, and eternity
I gave them all the love I can afford
My sister made a woolen jacket for him 
He wore it and slept in it a thousand times
The days past and his strength became sightless and the day became darker,
I looked at his little- small yellow face 
And see him trying to sleep on his fellow friend green 
Three days past, and he continued his suffering in them day by day, hour by hour, second by 
second, breath skipping breath
The days in their youngness and the chick in his last age…
My tears fell from the breath-taking scene and heart rending moment
I prayed and cried and begged and lied, what shall I do?
The 3rd day first morning woke up, the maid threw him away; found him all over ants,
All without breath.
I knew this day would come but I never thought it’d be too close
I never wanted his death to be too slow
But this is life, some people die, others are meant to stay 
Don’t know what is comin, feelin some guilt, never know who’d be the one 
Who would stay and share a partnership of a lifetime 

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South Carolina in the middle  of summer, '96.

Windswept heat brushing against the nape of a young boy's neck.
The sound of the rock music he and his father so often listen to going into the canals of his 
ears and making it's intricate path into his heart.
Not a care in the mind of the ever-ignorant child as he catches lizards and harnesses them 
into a small bucket.
Oh how this world is his to take!
Nothing to stop him from the always changing desires that his brain piles high, much like that 
of a young girl wishing to be a princess and a movie star.

Then his mother leaves and the hue of the world has changed.
As the moon flips the light into dark, so has this happened to him.
The change effects his family, turning his older sister away and bringing his younger closer.
Just what had he done that was so wrong? 
If he hadn't cared as he should have, he made up for it by crying at random intervals of the 

He voices this to his Grandmother.
She knows his sorrow and shares it through heart felt talks with a six year old. 
Something he can never be truly grateful enough for. 

He speaks words of hope to his younger sister and sentences of doubt to his oldest, 
searching for an answer.

Thirteen years later he realizes that the answer is unimportant, but it was the cause of the 
question which shaped him. 
That struggle to stay afloat in what seemed like an infinitely deep sea of darkness, created 
the man who now writes this prose.

After all, what's more nostalgic than remembering the bad times as well as the good, and 
being able to see the good in them?

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Your Earthly Prison

My dear Christina
Your life was cut short;
Like a boat at a marina
You sailed from the shore.

You were trapped here
In your Earthly prison,
My loving sister -
Just take a minute
And listen:

You lived a life of Earthly prison
Filled with agony and pain;
But your soul had once again risen
And your angelic wings flap free again.


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One Last Chance

Each night I spend
Thinking of my sister.
How fast her life life did end.
'Bless you my dear
Long lost sister.'

A bed you so lied,
How I wish you were here,
Standing by my side.
Standing at the door,
To the world of life.
Heal the pain and sore
On which your departure
Did cause.

That great lever
On which you stand,
Which on does sever
My love for land.
You my love for you is
How could you go
And leave my wait
So much longer.

'Bless this body
In which my dear, dead sister
Did once live in.'

For Holy body
and Holy soul,
I would give my life -
To hold.


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I let the pussy go today; he scratched me to get away
I told him to take the tool with him
Because it would prick me instead of helping me
I took the arrows out of my back
There are bits of stone left behind from the arrowheads
But I don’t feel them anymore
I took my four small bottles of Holy Water
And gave them to people who respect me
Then I went to the ocean
I took my heart shaped shell
It was broken in two
I stepped into the waves and let the waters cover my feet
Slowly I opened my hand
And let the pieces fall into the water
I watched them for a long time as they tumbled to and fro in the waves
This was the hardest to let go of
I knelt in the water and pondered how the shell moved toward me
And then away from me with the tide
Some people believe all life came from the sea
But I know this letting go is best for me
And as I get up and turn my back on the ocean
I walk slowly but with a confident stride
Not looking back
Not ever looking back 
Forgiveness has been given
My footsteps in the sand will disappear over time
Like I already have
And that’s alright
The boulder has been lifted off my chest
And I look straight ahead, walk through the sand
Up the steps, along the fence
And into my future

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She understands me

only the second

to ever have that gift


I'm incomplete without her


Two lives created

in one single moment


This world

we greeted

only 6 minutes apart


Confusing our loved ones

with identicalness

too newborn to be unsimilar


When feeling alone

she was there

holding my hand

faithful as my best friend


Age assembled 

a superficial wedge

between us


Now older


seeking independence

longing to be an individual


The everlasting bond

between us

hung on

as she walked with me


My heart trusting

always next to me

she'll be


My Twin 



This is dedicated to My Twin Sister Bianca :-)



Copyright March 07

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The Rising Moon

Slowly the sun sets down
And the moon begins to rise
The blue falls all around you
As I find myself
- looking through your eyes.

The light from the moon
Gathers from afar
And forms around you
Creating that Heavenly halo
That which vanquishes
- all evil things I do

So come to me 
While the moon is still high
A brother will hold his sister
Under the Heavenly sky.
Here, we dance till the coming
Of your Heavenly Fathers' becoming.


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let's speak of the unspeakable
the horrid, heartless, maybe headless tale

let's speak of small children, 
gaunt with indifference, both of and for
the sunken eyes, the distended belly
the insects hovering about...waiting

let's speak of hospital corridors
hushed conversations with green-scrubbed
doctors and nurses, the welling of tears
unready to find peace in the parting

let's speak of nighttime raids under 
star-filled skies, the flash of tracers
and night goggles with green eyes
and anguished old mothers seeing
young men with sandals and Kalashnikovs

let us speak of morning mothers
calling children to breakfast
seen hanging around closet hooks from 
taunting things they could not stand
and family forced questions of why

let's speak of dear souls we
would do anything for but are unable
as they refuse their meds and
talk to the un-seeable and listen
to what the voices tell them to do

let us speak of shiny nights on
florescent streets with young women
the richly dark men, lady killers, driven
telling them to climb on in
she's a lot like the daughter

let's speak of visits from
the local police or sheriff,
equally bereft, the color-guard
to softly express their deep regret
as we crumple on the porch step

let us speak of paneled rooms with
mahogany meeting tables and white-papers
recommending divestiture of expendables
who are actually people, with lives

let's speak of our own fears
that we hold each to heart
well closeted and cloistered
maybe even from ourselves
let's shine some light to banish shadow

let us speak of the unspeakable and
thereby remove its interdiction
take its power, and throw it in the air
to the wind, to be blown free,
free of fear, the anguish of unsaid...said.

© Goode Guy 2011-08-18

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Daddy's Little Girl

Always turning the tables
Making me the bad guy.
I treat you badly?
Look how you treat me!
Look at how you treat her!
Choosing sides, picking favorites.
You say you don't
But look at all the attention you give--
The attention I never get.
I'm not jealous---I don't want it.
I just want to be treated fairly.

She sucks up to you,
Making it seem as if she does nothing wrong.
But you don't see the other side--
What she does when you're not looking.
You don't know.
And if you did know,
You'd be sorry,
Sorry you didn't listen,
Sorry that you didn't believe
That to her this is all a game...
And you're losing.

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Happy Women's Day

Nature’s first successful science project, 
The fate of the galaxy relies on the changing of your mind.

Curses and gifts.
 An uplifting redundancy surrounds the pronunciation
Of all your phases.

Kin to the world.
Keeping the earth well feed
With the fruit of your consideration.

In love with all things young and old. 
From high valleys and low roads,
You display many moods and modes,
I try my best to play catch up.
Truth is I’m lost with or without you.

You leap to your feet for good luck,
Only to pass it to the next man.

A fan of peace and laughter,
Determined not spend life cornered by strife.
You stand for right. 
But no one understands your plite.

Do you know whom I speak of?

The person with the biggest smile, 
And the nicest compliments.
The one that will stay to help you clean after the party’s over.
That hardy cooker. That class act.
The one that got your back, no question about it. 
So who could it be?

It is she!
That woman,
That mother,
That girlfriend,
That lover
That gay brother,
That best friend,
And cousin.

The ones you’ve borrowed time,
 Love, money, 
Space, ideas,
 And expectation from.

And since I never will be able to pay you back,
I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! 

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Last Monday

The Catholics came to Junior school last Monday
And took my sister out of Maths
The rules had changed
They'd read The Book
Averages could no longer be taught in class

"One, plus one, plus one, the teacher said, equals three
And divided by three is one.
But Jesus, plus God, plus the Holy Ghost equals,
And divided by three is

Infinite Power!"

My hamster passed away last Monday
His soul left to be judged
I hope that when the good are numbered
That God knows how to count.

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Jimmy My Son

Jimmy my son, so
many years ago,
when you were such
a little tot,
your sister and you,
would pay me a visit
every Saturday.

Miss those days of
so long ago, had
many memories to
go with them.

Jimmy I was so
proud of you my
son, day you were

you were my pride and
joy, as every father who
has his first son is.

so we named you
James W. Foulk Jr.,
can't tell you how
happy I was.

It broke my heart
when your mother
left me and I thought
the world had ended.

Heart ache was with me
but got by ok, still had
you and your sister Christine
to see each week.

Many years passed and
I moved to Denver in
1977, so we lost touch
after a while.

Saw you for last time
in 1994, not thinking it
would be last visit
with you my son.

On September 20, 2005
at the age of 39, you left
3 sons behind on that fatal day,
I did come home to see
you for the last time
in your coffin.

Like my dad, I
stayed away from
you and am now
paying for it,
Jimmy my son,

love you and will
miss you so, life
is so short, as I found
out my son Jimmy.

wrote 9-23-08


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when i thought and thought

In class so quietly I sat 
Solving the math I had
Everybody writing 
Some people answering
My back paining me
My body deceiving me 
While I took a scrap book out 
And used a pencil I had
To write this poem 
While I wrote I thought
Of life & afterlife 
Heaven & hell
Health & sickness
While my back hurts me like hell
I thought and thought 
I awaited my destiny, my faith
My love towards others &
All of my hate
My duty towards life
My responsibility my sisters await 
I thought about mom, about dad
About love I filled my head with desires
With sacrifices I want to make
With responsibilities I have to take
While I wrote and wrote 
And my heart pounded like it was in a race
I said oh God oh mighty lord
Forgive me
And my pencil dropped off my hand, and I in memories
& wonders fell… 

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My Family's Resolution of 2008

I pray to God in that 2008
The bad qualities of my family will change
All need to be changed into good qualities
Especially in my sister and me

I pray that we'll go to church much more
And get to know God a little more
I pray to God that we'll get saved
And never go back to our old ways

I pray that my dad will no longer nick-pick
And stop accusing so quick
That he'll go to work everyday
And help pay the bills so that we won't get evicted

I pray that my mom will go back to work
And change her attitude
Or that she'll get a financial blessing
And no longer be held down by headaches caused by stressing

I pray that my sister will become a better person all around and a better mother
And that she keeps going to school to get hers and stop following others
That she won't drop out of school anymore
Stop running the streets, be home with her son, because it's nothing but trouble outside 
        those doors

My prayer for me is to get a better attitude
To do good in everything that I do
To remain stress free
And to pass all my classes so that I can get my degree

My prayer for me and my family is that we will all get blessed with a well paying job
And get to know and get closer to God
To stop all the arguing and animosity
And to just be a happy family

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I'm losing my first friend

When I see her my face drops
All that I knew
All that I dreamed for her
So profoundly misplaced
Deep in the pit of my soul
She is my sister don’t you know
When my tears fall like rivers
And that thought of what my Mother to me sends shivers
She was always there holding my hand
How I cried when she left my side
I would rush to the corner and weep and hide
Now her life is shattered and fail
My sister is absent of her color
The rain has turned into hail
She’s lost her way 
Day after day 
The drama and the scene 
She shakes with a trembling horror 
I just wish I could restore her 
To the sister I once knew 
Now the pills are her friends 
What a sad message it sends
How can I watch her decline so hopelessly, and dear? 
I ‘m losing her I fear  

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Good Bye

My sister's soul is all around,
And my heart is spellbound.
My heart has went away,
18 months to the day.
My sister and I,
We never got to say good bye.
Though I wish I had the chance;
To dance the Forbidden Dance,
To sail the Seven Seas,
But I had to pay the fees.
My chance is gone and so is she.
And now I see,
Life is done with me.

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My Sweet Sister

My sweet sister
Calling from above
I am on my way
Riding on a dove

Here I come
On my way
I'll be with you always
Till death that day

I am happy 
Alive with you
All 18 months
Till Death does do
I will always love you

Can I pray
If I may
 - For Holy body
And Holy soul
I would give my life
To hold -

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A Mother's Kiss

The footsteps of the children
ring through out the town.
Gallaping fast,
Gallaping slow,
Listening to the tiempo.
People hear,
People stair,
Now everyone cares.
Mothers call,
run to the dinner hall.
Time to go to bed.
A glass of water,
She remembers what mother taught her,
And a Mother's Kiss sends her right to sleep.

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The loving Sister

We left one day and never came back.
Watching as my home fades away.
Leaving my sister and brother behind.
As a child I didn't know the reason why.
I didn't know why my sister would stay.
When a better life was in reaching distance from her.
I think she just didn't want to take the risk.
Haven't seen her in so many years.
I hope she is still the loving sister I know.
She was the best sister I could ever ask for.
She was never mean nor bad.
Now she has a child of her own.
I hope she will love him as much as she loved me.
I think she will love him even more.
I wish that I could see her just one more time.
I want to tell her how much I love her and have cried for her.
I wish I still had my sister.
I want to talk to her about my problems.
I need her to understand me.
I need the sister I never had when I went away.

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My Sister's Death

I sit in my room
Reminiscing over a past blister,
Remembering the gloom
And the death of my sister.
The death of my sister;
A pain long past due,
Hidden 'neath the blister.
Nothing I could do.

This four leaf clover
Can't do a thing for me.
My sister's life is over,
And my turn is soon to be.
I'm trying to be brave,
But it's hard to be a brother
When she's lying in a grave.

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I Will See You Again

Every year around that time,
I get in the car and drive on by.
I walk through the park and stop at the same plate.
Just a plaque of metal with your name,
But the memories are still there.
(In my heart)
And so are you.

I dream of you every night.
I remember your little fingers,
And wished I could hear your giggle,
And the pink-shaded sheet.

Now the years just pass by,
And I still cry.
I think aout you every night.
Wishing you were here,
Holding onto my hand.
Every day you'd come home from school,
Whisper to me about the boy you like.

You were the love of my life.
Then before I knew it,
You were gone in the wind.
Left without a trace,
I cry every night.

I know one day,
When the music starts to play,
And the night turns to day,
I will see you again.

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When my time here on earth is done

When my time here on earth is done

Written By Dean Masciarelli

Monday, December 28, 2009

It has been very difficult

Living my whole life
without my natural parents

And for the longest time

I never knew there names

But I did find out that 
they gave me a name

And then I found out 
that I had lived with them

For eight months 

But then for some reason

that I cannot explain

The state had intervened 

And they took myself 
and my two brothers
and my sister away

So that we could all 
be put up for adoption
and live in a stable home

And then two years ago
I was reconnected with two 
of my other sisters
that I had never known

And they were the only 
ones who were raised
by my birth parents

And they are both younger then I am 

And when I finally met them they 
told me that my 
natural parents had already passed on

And I think that is the main reason
that I have hardly ever been able to 
trust anyone or to get to close to them

Because I was always afraid 
that I would get hurt all over again

But I will admit in 
the past two years

I have started healing

And I know that it will take me 
a long time to be whole again

But it is just a crying shame
that I never had a chance to meet
my other sister who is still around
and my two brothers that passed on

Just like my Dad and my Mom

Because I would have 
having the opportunity 
to get to know all of them

So that they could all see 
that I am a beautiful
loving and caring human being

That would have loved 
them all until the very end

Because I learned to forgive them

But as the old saying goes

Some times things happen for a reason

That we cannot explain

And only God will be 
the one 
to explain everything 

When my time here on earth is done

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I Need You Again

A story is starting
And this story ends
And I feel like I need you again

The music is playing
Of someone great
Love is saying
That it is too late
And I feel like I need you again

Her light grew dim
As mine soon will
My life is grim
And love will send you a bill
And I feel like I need you again

Death comes like an elderly friend
Who sits on your shoulder
And claws at your soul
As you grow older
I feel like I need you again

This story is ending
And the music has stopped
My light is dimming 
And I am at my end
And I feel like I'll see you again

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I Am

I am a nice, caring sister, I wonder what what my sister is doing right now, I hear her laughing and giggling, I see her playing with her toys, I want to be with her right now, I am a nice, caring sister. I pretend she is sitting right next to me, I feel her breath on my arm, I touch her hand to my hand, I worry that she will not stay, I laugh when she calls my dad funny names, I am a nice, caring sister. I understand she might not stay, I say she is my favorite sister, I dream she will never leave me, I try to say she will stay, I hope she will stay with me my whole life, I am a nice, caring sister. This poem is dedicated to my amazing sister who was adopted in 2006

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Opened Eyes

Slowly I walk weary down the street
Staggering forward feeling so weak.
Thoughts of death roam my mind,
As I leave thoughts of life behind.

I give out a call for Kristy,
That responds back so bleakly.
As I wander around these churning halls,
I wonder of God's supposed miracles.

I sit here so quiet and lonely
Softly my sister comes near to me,
Saying this is not my time to be -
People would be in misery.

I wake to a sound back in my head;
Only those who love themselves
Can lay in God's flower bed.  
The voice now echoes clear to me,
My sister saying; "now you truly see".

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Sweet Memory Minister

My sweet sister
In passing memory,
You had a minister.
Such sweet misery,
But you are gone.
My loving sister
In loving memory,
I am your minister.
I have your misery,
I miss you.

My long-lost sister
In forgotten memory,
I was a minister.
Gone is your misery,
Everyone forgot you.
What else is there to do
Now but ...

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Together Once More

I know one day,
When the music starts to play,
I will be with you again;
With all the stars of Heaven.
We will walk the clouds of Heaven,
With you right next to me.
Just how a brother and sister should be.
We'll dance till we make thunder,
And we'll be together once more.

God giveth and God taketh away,
And God giveth you back.
Oh, how my heart aches,
Every night you're gone.
I couldn't live another day,
Know my sister left behind
All the love she ever needed.
So I fly to you,
Like the untouched messenger of Heaven,
To return the love which was lost.

My sister,
How I miss you so.
I know one day,
When the music starts to play,
I will be with you again.

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One Day

One Day

I know one day,
My time will come.
And I'll be in Heaven,
With her once more.

When she left, 
I thought my life was over.
But in reality,
It has just begun.

I know it's stupid,
To think
That I would see her again.
But it's the only thing,
That keeps me going.

But I will see her again.
But until then,
I'll miss her.
I'll miss her
Till my time comes.

And when it does,
I'll be right where I belong,
Right by her side.


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My Dearest, Dearest Sister

My dearest, dearest sister,
My life went black
When you left me behind.
I kept asking;
When will you come 
Back for me?

My dearest, dearest sister,
Where are you?
Are you in Heaven?
Perhaps even Hell.
Do you remember me,
Your brother?
I was almost four,
You were only 18 months.
Every night I cried.
I missed you.
I now realize it,
You're not coming back.

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Brother And Sister

Dearly departed;
I still think of you
From time to time.
I still dream of you
And wish you were here
   one last time.
You are my sister,
That will never change.
You have passed life on
But your soul is here to stay.

Stay here - with the light you will
Stay here - till the sun goes down.
Stay here - with me
    Till I can join you in Heaven.
We will be as one -
    Brother and Sister
  In Heaven and on Earth

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Haricot from Baton Rouge

(Aieee! We Gon’ Pass A Good Time Yeah Cher …Enjoy et Laisez les bons temps rouler)

Haricot was tall and quite lean
In English they would call him String Bean
Haricot would often travel down the Bayou
by way of pirogue to visit with his sister Sue  

Every one knew when Haricot came through
The morning would start with the smell of Roux
Caf Noir, Hot hush puppy’s and biscuits too
one could feel music of the zydeco by mid-afternoon 

And Haricot would shout Laisez les bons temps rouler 
The town folk and kinfolk alike would gather that day
Some found sipping on bourbon  and café au lait 
while awaiting the succulent taste of Cochon de lait 

Oh the savory taste of Lagniappe which filled the air
All truly possessed  la Joie de vivre 
Consuming Andouille and Boudin flavored with the Bouquet Garni 
Children could be found nibbling on sweet Beignet 

While elders could be found playing a game of Bouree' 
The women would have prepared jambalaya, Gumbo’s, Grillades
As the sunsets all will have ate every thing from their bowls and plates
And all would begin again to dance  Fais-do-do 
Haricot would shout too all and his sister Sue 

Mon cher, mon cher sûrement ceci est la vie
Good music good friends, family, dancing and cuisine
ceci habite véritablement Sue et tout agreed


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True Friends

To wander in life, what does this do?
Going day by day, wondering where the next meal is.
Where I am going to sleep at night?
What is out there for me?
Is God even watching what is happening to me?
Does He even care??
Wandering aimlessly in the dark valley!
Will this ever change?
It doesn't seem like it ever will! 
I have found one friend; a true friend.
She tells me that no matter what she will be there for me.
I cry, because what she tells me is true.
She says, " At the end of the day, my momma's still my biggest fan!"
With tears in my eyes I get in my mom's car and promise her that no matter what 
I love her!
I am glad I have her as a friend, A TRUE FRIEND!!!

this is dedicated to my friend (she knows who she is) I LOVE YOU

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As I Lie

I lie here thinking,
Wishing for but one thing;
To see my sister's eyes,
Her Baby-blues before I die.
To hold her in my arms,
And feel her soft skin.
To see her magic charms,
Before she goes to Heaven's Inn.

I lie here waiting,
To see her one last time.
To hold her like she were here,
Before that final chime.
Thinking what I could of done;
Something different,
Before God played this cruel pun.
But it was too late.

So as I lie here wishing,
And wondering;
What would it be like,
To see her here -
Standing close and dear.
But it's all over now,
Nothing left to hear.

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Dear Sister

Dear sister
For which I care for,
I miss you so,
And your mind
That I adore.

I am sorry
That no one noticed,
How fast your life declined.
Even though
In body you're gone,
In spirit
You will live forever.

Dear sister,
For who
Is now a Goddess,
You were limited by body
But now
Infinite by mind.

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One Will To Live

Every day I lay awake
And dream of the life
 - That brought me happiness
I go by each day
With the memories
 - of that life - dying
 - before I can see
   the future
 - before I could live
   the present

   I pray each night
Hoping -
   the happiness I once lost
   will come back to me.

   This is my
   One Will To Live.

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Cold Don water floods my mouth
And people laugh  oblivious.
My  young  life is lost, 
But as cold arms clutch  me, 
My sweet  finder-sister 
Challenges the flow – Lena.

The nightmare’s black fingers choke 
Me, alone in the terrifying dacha,
Stars calmly unblinking at my panic.
My ordeal ends in your arms,
My sister - pulling at my frock, my hand :
Lena  pulling me from the black depth,
Out of the cold,  my soul saviour.

Lena  flows  on  forever -  *
Siberian life-mother -
Nothing is really gone. 
Oh!  Do not leave without  me:
Let our lives flow together  
Wherever they may.

*~~~~~~The River Lena is one of the longest in Siberia

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My Sister's Tears....

The morning rain
will hide my tears
the inner pain
my sister fears
as time draws near
it's hard to bare
this loss we share
for whom we care

So as I walk
release the crying
must be strong
my niece is dying
time spent long
my sisters trying
avoiding fog
her hearts abiding....

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In The Night

When I listen in the night
I can hear that familiar sound,
Of footsteps in the distance.
The soul of the departed,
And the love of life.
As I start to imagine,
I see someone before me.

My shutters swing open
As a dove flies in.
My door creeks like it used to.
Someone, sitting in the middle of my room.
She whispers; "I miss you,"
As she rises to her feet.
She walks toward me
And the light from the moon
Pierces the shadows as her face becomes known.
Christina, my sister.

For hours she stood there,
Just looking at me.
So late in the night
That I fell asleep.
I wake the next morning.
She was no where to be found.

I pray; "For Holy Body
             and Holy Soul,
             I would give my life
             to hold."


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I Need Her

When I fall asleep,
It's eleven at night.
Most of the time,
I cry to sleep.
But sometimes,
I don't get the chance.

When I close my eyes,
I can see her
Laying there so lifeless.
I know she can feel me,
Staring at her.
And now I can feel her,
Staring down at me.

I know she wants me
To be happy.
But I can't without her
Right by my side.
Right here,
Where a sister belongs.

I need you,
Come help me.
I need you,
To tell me what to do.
I can't live alive.
There's people who love me,
But not like a brother.

We would have been great,
We would have been the best.
Just like
A brother and sister should be.
I wish you were here.
I need you here.
Right here
Where a sister belongs.
Where my sister belongs.

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The Cultivated Mind (Home Grown)

Father and Mother 
With golden determination 
Focused to open my thoughts 
in several ways of revelation -- 
My manner is... Homegrown 
The once green mind still looks back; 
at all that has been revealed to its now browned shell… 
and with that same determination of gold 
I pass down the revelations of old 
to my children, as I have been told 
The mind should always be 
Cultivated to the best of ones abilities.... 
Its focus should start within the home 
That is why I feel blessed 
When I tell you my children 
Most assuredly -- I am Home Grown.

Author’s Comments: 
As a farmer tills the earth and toils to harvest that which he has sown and the wife 
prepares the table before him, produced from within the bounty reaped thereof... 
 Thus, we should take the time to cultivate the minds of our children, to also 
acknowledge their surroundings and the people there in. 
To stay focused on the blessings at hand, that they not live stagnant lives but to be 
productively responsible for the gifts which they each so uniquely possess. 
 The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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Hey pretty girl, it’s your choice
If you decided sitting there alone, he said
Taking a sip of his starwars--- a vodka, with coke
He let the smoothness of it fills his throat.
But, can’t get your eyes out of me, she said
Having a continuous puff of her cigarette 
In her candle like fingers;
Well, then you can join me, if you wish? 
He asked;
His face brightens,
With hope.

Having a second thought of joining me,
If you want to meet me, have a seat
I’ll give you my address, she replied.

Yes, yes I like meeting you;
As he looked at her smiling
He said, I think I’m in love with you;
You’re so beautiful, young lady.

Oh please Mr., don’t corrupt my mind, she begged
I know you already belong to someone else;
I saw how you removed your wedding ring
And slide it secretly into your pocket.

Still want my address? She asked
See that convent, opposite this bar
That’s going to be my home; I belong to the Savior
And I’m going to meet him, today.

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Dear Sweet

My dear, sweet sister,
Who is not here;
Will you come back,
He holds her dear.

My dearly departed,
Where ever she is at;
Don't leave me for long,
He lays lonely as a mat.

Dear missed one,
come back for him;
It won't be long,
His light grows dim.

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Christina Marie
Has left in a hurry
Running for the light
Into the light so bright
Silently I weep
Till I fall asleep
Indeed I cry
Needlessly to die
After all to say "Why?"

My life may start
Altering my heart
Insightfully weeping
Endless sleeping

Terrible pain
Hearts are slain
Over and over
Running for that clover
Never living alive
Take the dive
Over the wall
Never to get the call

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The gifts

Two gifts you gave me, the day I was leaving school
My mother planted them like a will
I went to see my sister yesterday
And one is nowhere, a casualty of the drought perhaps
You blow too hard
From the mountains wronger side
The clouds over there hold no hope of rain

The other plant my sister cherishes
Love and faith were they together
The one that's left
Shall it be there when I come again,
Or shall some rain come
Before the dry wind weeds my mind agaiin?

A gift of love must last forever.

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Little Sister

You are beautiful

You are smart

Don’t continue to think

You are just some body parts

When GOD created you

For sure we know

That within you

Our population continues to grow

We are mothers, sisters, aunts

Nieces, grandmothers and friends

We feed off of each other

From beginning to end

Don’t allow anyone to break you down

You are strong, powerful women

Who wear a mighty Crown

You deserve the best that life has to offer

Don’t believe your only worth

Is lying on your back

And being treated like dirt

Carry yourselves with class

By the way you talk and the way you dress

Keep your mind focused

And others will be impressed

But don’t live for others

You must live for you

Be proud of yourself

And all that you do

You don’t understand

The power that you have 

From where our sisters before us came

And looking at our successful sisters now

Little sister you are Fabulous

You are nothing less than a Queen

Don’t you let anyone

Strip you of your self-being

I love ya!

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Into The Bliss Of Time

Into the bliss of time
Is this where you stand, watching?
I hear the whisper of your soul 
Calling out.

I see you there, standing,
Watching me
A smile so large to comfort worlds
Dancing in the rainbows of lilac.

The world is ours in thought
On clouds and floating high
These beautiful dreams are ours
Of lilac and rainbow
Incessant in the sky.
We chase the stars together
Holding hands as we are
I have three and you have four 
Firestars in a jar.

Back into the bliss you go
Dancing angle
Swirling in the rainbows of lilac
Into the dreams of reoccurrence
Standing, watching.

I will feel your love within
Riding the wings of the zephyr
The beauty of a sister
Holding the heart of her brother.

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Little Girl Birthday Bike

My sister Darlene little friend
wanted a bike for her birthday
more than anything.

On that special day, she
got her wish, they took
turns riding it all day.

We lived so far out in
the country, along a
lonely stretch of highway.

It was her friends
turn to ride the bike,
she didn't see the

car that sad day so
long ago,
it came up on her so fast.

She died right away,
only 11 years old, so young
to leave this world.

It was my first person
to know that died,
my sister Darlene was,

so sad, she loved
her friend so much,
I can remember this,

awful thing that happened
in 1948, when I was only
5 years old, like it was yesterday.

A day that had started out
so happy, such a tragedy
to take a life so young.

wrote 10-16-08

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in the check cashing line on friday 
she stands, frustrated, calculating in her head
how quickly the paycheck erodes away 
like sand through a sieve &
her hands hurt from the manufacturing she’s been doing
for what seems like her whole life
“on the wrong side of 30,”
she has little tread on her fingers
from maneuvering the hard rubber all day &
her wrists ache so bad she coats them in
Bengay the minute she gets off the warehouse floor---
she overhears the conversations amidst the others in the line
who have credit so bad that they can’t get a bank account &
though she can’t make out all the words (after all, she’s not privy to
she knows all too well the tone
which comes from years of strife & anger
a lethal combination in the country where all the folks in the line
her daughter at home is a toddler 
who gets traded between her older sister &
her mother, while she’s at work,
doing one job full-time & another
part-time, so the two of them can stay
and for now, it is working----
where the man went who got her pregnant 
is anybody’s guess,
she’s found that the best way to answer her daughter about him
is to just tell the truth,
“best she find out early what the world is really like,”
she tells her mom,
who had told her & her sister the same
when they were younger---
a domino effect of men bailing on the three of them
has brought them all closer together but
made it impossible for any of them to trust 
anyone outside their circle---
best that they have each other,
best that right she has work,
best for now, she can still

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Her Phantom and The Ghost

Her Phantom and The Ghost
Waking from a slumber
where light could never touch her
And to coax him from her dream
her smiling shade to comfort him
wishing he should recognize
the familiar shine of her eyes

Take him now on your moon washed cloud
together between the sail and prow
Wicca sister is this the night before
as you rest some where beyond his recall
I ask
do you love me even now
So he was drawn to the premonition of her knife
her reception in the emptiness
a binding twist in his restless sheets
whispered from my pillow
Her the phantom and He the ghost
a whispered name from tear damp pillow
and look the soul
and take this soul
to the emptiness that harbored you in her forgetfulness
now asks that you confess one simple thing
Wicca sister are you sleeping now
are you hung between the sail and prow
does the ship of the moon still wonder how to carry you in a cloud
Pale body clothed the disguise of the undressed
a prison looked onto her naked place
the inquisition of the countless curves of her beauty
as my mind hungered for infinity
did his heart rejoice to be so oppressed
I Held you then like broken glass
A shattered face of tomorrow's sun
drawn to the augury of her knife
when it spit the dusk of blood about your naked feet

Cold mist dews the morning
cools the foot prints left in the grass
as I carried the pedestal of her heart
it is the morning that I remember
the day before my debt
when the light can hardly touch her
waking and not knowing where
the dawn has spilt his shadow on her sheet
Here I stand in the guise of a ghost
the acolyte with his offering
he shall hold so close the broken glass
kneeling in old broken bones
moves as limp as a slave
to the head stone of my grave
Wicca sister you are sleeping now
hung somewhere between the sail and prow
yet the ship of the moon has no time to wonder now
on how to carry you in a cloud
Wicca sister on this last night before
as you sleep some where far beyond my call
I ask
do you feel love
even now

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Untitled #210 / Nancy Wilson #2

Nancy Wilson
your voice, and that of your sister
must have been “sponsored & angeled in heaven”
for they sing together in harmony
like two lovebirds in springtime

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Accepting our loss

Such pleasure you gave 
in the short time we had,
but you were chosen
and though we are sad;
you're away from the dangers
your earthly life had,
away from things ugly
those awful things, bad... .
You brought us peace,
we can't be mad;
for your crossing over -
means an angel they add.
So proud of you,
so very glad;
from loving friends, family;
Mum and Dad 

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Loving You Through Hard Times

Times of change vents in breezes,
whistling sorrows...but for a moment.
Pleasured diamonds shine like spring
in seasons of dull haunted misgiving.

Kindred spirits entwined together
standing against all life's battles.
A blessing here to finally see through
the horrors into a wonderful friendship.

My heart reaches out with undying love
to comfort emotional anguish inside.
Prayers sent to heavens thrown room
to bring peace back into your sweet life.

I’m sorry it took so long to write you
for sickness had settled within my body.
But know that my heart goes out to you
and loves you with all that’s within me.

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The Jellybean War

She would never give up her battle as it would be too much a sacrifice
While he stood his ground and faced her, unwavering, head on
This battle was one of importance, power and most of all, right
While his inclination was to fight her for the very same issues
She presented her arguments, facts, demands and expected compliance
He defended himself from this verbal onslaught with a verbal counterattack
“To arms! To arms!”, she shouted as she ran to one side of the table
As he, too, ran but to the other side, ready to take aim and fire

At that moment, two sides catapulted their very first black stones
Each received the warning shots but, discouraged not by the closeness
As the battle of black jelly beans went on and on until one victor stood
Standing then to take possession of the red jellybeans of which this war was waged

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My Twin

One writer said, when it rain it pours.
But I must keep my focus on what God has in store.
Just received a call from my hometown.
My brother called to let me know my twin sister is down.

She was found unconscious laying by her bed.
She had tried to call her daughter but passed out instead.
The number appeared on her daughter’s phone.
But she kept getting a busy signal so she went to her home.

She was taken to the hospital to see what was wrong.
Had taken to much medicine and she could have been gone.
The Lord had dispatched his angels to see to her needs.
Found her in the nick of time so death had to leave.

  Remember Martha Walker in your prayers. I know there is no distance in Prayer 
and the prayers of the righteous availeth much. She lives in Tulsa Okla. She had 
forgotten she had already taken the medicine and ingested more. She is in the 
hospital and if all goes well she may get released on Monday.

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Chugga became our hero in third grade
and he passed into myth in eighth grade.
Chugga wasn't a Catholic, but his parents
sent him to school with us anyway.

In third grade, one early fall afternoon,
Sister Mary Grace was going down the line
hitting each of us on our up-turned palms
with a large wooden ruler.
She swung the ruler at Chugga's hand
when, poof, he pulled it away
and Sister hit herself in the leg.
We all laughed.
Of course, Chugga was marched down the hall
where Sister Mary Bertha made him kneel down,
smacked him across the face with her hand
and then struck both of his hands with the ruler.

I don't remember what he'd done wrong in eighth grade,
but Sister Bertha, all 4' 8" of her,
yanked all 5' 11" of skinny Chugga
out of his desk and dragged him across
the hall into the bathrooms.
He told us after school how she had made him
take down his pants and she
got her rocks off by
beating him on his ass and back
with a piece of oak wood that was
the foot rest from the back of a student's desk.
The board was over a foot long,
four inches wide and over an inch thick.
Chugga told us that Big Bertha had
broken the board while smacking him
across the back.

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Search Fun

Search Fun
Remember when ewe could not remember some forgotten thing lodged deep in 
your heart not your mind and everyone said it was on the tip of our tongue and try 
everything to remember it’s gone oh what fun to search for the thing we forgot try 
looking on your own web site search for a poem written over four years ago do 
ewe remember everyone of them poems that ewe wrote eye cannot recite all my 
poetry one by naked one not even trying to remember them that is what the 
search button is for and the list ah the list starting with one  go to 235 on the list 
see if that is the one you are searching for then add it to favorites save it and then 
send it to ewe or to mee searching is fun.

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Weep Not For Me

Weep not for me.. oh saints of God.
The road I have traveled has been long and hard.
It is now time for me to take my rest.
I want you to know I have passed my test.

Weep not for me… please dry your tears.
I have lived on this earth for many years.
I know to you the time has been short.
But only the Lord knows when enough is enough.

Weep not for me… my dear child.
You will understand it all better by and by.
Remember what I have taught you down through the years.
Cherish the memories and keep them very near.

Weep not for me…for it won’t be very long.
Your days of sorrow will end and you will sing a new song.
Weep not for me… for I have made it to my new home.
I am now resting safely  in my Savior’s Arms.

 A dear friend and sister in the Lord passed 8-8-2007.

In Loving Memory of Sister Andrea Johnson-York-Dangerfield. Thank you for 
sharing your life with us all. You will always be in our heart. We love you. 

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Sharpness of Siblings

It happened when my sister was first born,
A sensational feeling came to heart.
The sense of protection as a fresh storm,
Her essence giving love from the start.
A bond was formed that day that won't let out,
She will be loved forever without doubt.
The swish of her hair gives me such a pride,
Even as she grows into a young bride,
She'll always be a baby in my eyes.
I love her this is the undying truth,
And this piercing protection is my proof.

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My Rose

She's pure as gold
She's so sweet as an ice cream
I love her so much 
I adore her so much

Under the same roof we grew up 
And together, under one flag we were raised
We share a special bonding that keeps us close
Never shall I leave her alone

She always looks up to me when in need
With the beautiful eyes that shine 
With purity and innocence
Spreading her love

She is a unique bead many have
Yet, little acknowledge her true identity
Little discovered the true symbol she beholds
But many treat theirs in a bad way

She is so expensive where...
No one would use for bargaining
A pearl of love lies within her
I know her so well...I can never let go

Snow, rain, hail, and sleet hear my call....
That person I love and adore
Is a treasure I can never expose to danger
For she is my beloved sister I have....

She is the wind that blows my hair when I'm feeling sad
To make me feel better and forget
Each and every speck of sadness that fills me
To you, my sister, my rose, I dedicate this poem
To show my sincere love and care I shall always share...

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dreams coming true

dont worry everything is going to be alright,
i will be here to hold you through the night,
even though outside is cold,
i am here yours to hold,
sleeping right throughout the night,
i am here to tuck you in tight,
protecting you from all thats wrong,
keeping you safe and strong,
whispering softly in your ear,
erasing all the bad you hear,
staying all night by your side,
knowing that your dreams are inside,
all of them are coming true,
because you know i'm loveing you,
dont worry everything is going to be alright,
i will be here to hold you through the night.

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Pink Bullets

From the time she was nine
all she wanted was a nine
every birthday brought more dolls
and cute dresses for the fall
watching her brothers play 
shoot em up and jumping in the hay
all she wanted was a nine
she would grit her teeth so hard it would pierce twine
twelve years later she got her will
a shiny new nine with bullets she would fill.