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Free Verse Science Poems | Free Verse Poems About Science

These Free Verse Science poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Science. These are the best examples of Free Verse Science poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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God in creation

Science can explain the birth of the earth.
  Rocks, gases,dust, forming into completed mass.
     Orbiting around a sun at speeds to keep it aligned.
        A perfect harmony of movement, the right give and take.

Science can explain the stars, telescopes offer proof.
   Distance measured by speed of light, radio waves, sound.  
      All these mathematical equations to get the perfect results.
        It must be right, since all the pieces fit together. It is incomplete.

Religion can tell us the stories of the seasons, of the times.
   It can give us historical references of events from the past.
      Giving us a guidebook into what is to come, what will follow.
         It is a good story, a good idea, but has it been tampered with?

God can't be contained by science or by mathematical equations.
    How can science explain our soul, our spirit, our natural instincts.
        Is the ability to think and to function more than just random events,
           That may just be the work of an all powerful force, a stronger being.

God can't be controlled by religion, the worship and hoopla.
   If God put his fingers breathing in a soul, why would anything think
      It could be contained in a building with a cross on the door
        Wouldn't there be more that God wanted to be remembered for?

To know God is to know, there is more that meets the eye.
When there is so much on earth, why would he be in the sky.
Comfort to know that the purest of energies is all around creating,
A world of harmonious give and take, worthy of celebrating.
God, or Goddess, Higher Power, Mother Nature, the extreme,
There is something higher than us humans, search your soul, dream.

God is the breath that breathed our spirits into science.

For Contest: God
Sponsor: Regina

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Hydrogen to Helium
A fusion formed by gravity
A carbon-based delirium
Molecularly infinite energy

An ancient discipline known as alchemy
We’re consciousness - the explosion - amorous 
We dream of gold from lead and mercury
Fueled reaction in copper with phosphorus 
A universal age of prosperity

Bismuth bath. Deficient of iron and zinc
Astronautic laugh – last shine of hope
Nuclear decay –enlightened way – elemental - instinct
Scientific – logical clay – gaseous isotope.

The fluoride, we drink?
Humanity on the pivotal brink

The edge, a precipice.

Lanthanides and actinides
Metals and mysteries.
Shrink down to atomic scale
Our intellect – an accelerated history
A holographic projection
Radioactive expansion
A gravitational trajectory 


Precious pavonine pearl
Our planet, our world.
A place all our elements may inhabit
Terrestrially unique. Diverse and intelligent
The push of inertia
The pull of gravity
The spin of an atom
The spin of our galaxy.

The end.

(written for the periodic table of elements poetry contest) 12-12-14

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Lines Life and our Faith in God

Lines Life and our Faith in God

Is it possible to divide lines?
Which are of numerous types and kinds,
Like life, which always appear in different,
Forms, colors, shapes and types.

But when all these types and kind of lines disappears,
Covering the sheet of darkness,
What is left is only a tiny dot,
Which has no end and has no beginning.

From a tiny dot only life and every thing began one day,
And in a tiny dot every thing would vanish one day,
Leaving no lines of any kind bold or thin,
On the sands of time,
What would ultimately be left, as the last impression,
Would only be a tiny dot, much smaller than the rolling tears of eyes.

The Universe also started from a dot,
Even all universes and galaxies, stars and planets,
Started from a dot created by God,
And every thing ultimately would vanish,
One day in the darkness of a dot, like black hole,
About which we almost know nothing,
Except that every thing including the earth, planets, stars,
Even our body and mind and its high rising aims and ambitions
Would ultimately get lost in the magnetic darkness of the 
Black hole, which is nothing but another form of a dot.

The creative and destructive power of the dot,
Is right before us in the form of a computer,
Which builds, learns and teaches every thing,
Starting and ending from tiny tiny dots,
And places before us humans and nature,
Animals and creatures, in their true forms, except
They do not breathe, love and hate like humans.

But humans are close to create a new dot,
Tomorrow it would breathe and talk, 
It would think and walk and may also love and hate
And may be, it would start creating,
New types of humans and may start thinking himself one day,
As our new Creator or a new God.

I pondered, wondered and imagined,
What would happen, when this new God,
Would have a small amount of some power in his hand
And may become a new God for those,
Who do not believe in our faith and in our Almighty God,
As even a small amount of the power of creation and destruction,
May blind the weak humans to start thinking himself as the new God.

In such a situation, all lines of all types may disappear
For ever from us, which has so far, 
Saved us from the total disappearance of our existence,
And has brought up like a child in every religion and faith,
So that we may flourish and bloom like his Nature
And may adore Him as,
Our faith or God or as our strong and bold Dot,
Which always loves us a lot.


Kanpur India     13th June 2006

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Nano-bot Incursion

            Nano-bot Incursion

Nanobots began to shape their world in silent numbers
Grew uncountable before the dawn of days
In silence there is no form.
Darkness has no shape on empty landscapes
Black rocks don’t count as objects to odd aliens  
Time does not stand still.  It stands for nothing in the trenches of creation
Down in the minuscule world of nano-ness abstraction
Going about their business relentlessly
Expanding as they go
Nothing holds back the glow of tenacious ingenuity.    
Human metallic rings worn on fingers
Seem to have peculiar effects on nanos actions
For some unknown reason strange things happen at mere contact
Apparently the shape of rings causes aberrant behavior
Perhaps tiny automatons don’t like restrictions
Confined movements to circular rotation
Perplexing them to the monotony of repetition 
Around and around the band
Become disoriented as an emergent species
Collide and die 
Apparently nano-bots need to expand 
Naturally this is all pure speculation   
If humans are to merge with them successfully
They must open up the molecules within each cell
Relax the pores above the skin
Allow the alien in
Allow the process to begin
It does not matter if this is a sin or crime
Science and technology must forge forward 
That which goes against conventions
Has never stopped the building of reality 
Constructing futures is what the nanos do
We are long overdue to break all laws of nature
Allow the nano-bots to do 
What they instinctively know how and what to do
Merge with the human brain
Take us to their leader to new horizons
To the next plateau into omnipotence
To stand in numbing silence next to them
Spinning round and round in circles
Humming nano nano under the breath

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I'm Your King

A burst of white light gamma rays, overbearing a flash of brilliance burns through to my soul everything is like hell the world starts to melt in the blink of an eye just the cold blackness of night I don't care if I am not again what I once was, for at this moment I am greater now than ever before I took the path between teetering, tight roping walking right up to my right divined in my unholy state I thought I told you I am your king still you sit there, hesitating I know you hate me what does that mean? I hate just about everything still I'm chosen I did not wish before now bow down to me refuse me no more for I shall always be your demon until you accept me as your King. I don't even know you though you say we used to be best of friends, you and me the day you ditched me I remember now exactly how it played out back when we were just tiny things even back then I still was King you thought me stupid just a ruse I would laugh inside, you see? not one of you single, mean people ever even knew me in a world, mostly seen to me that is why only I can be your true King and bring forth a new source of light everlasting. As two worlds collide slowly aligned one wrapped in shadows one bathed in white evils swirling in the clouds above I'll always be the king you love to hate or despise as in your blood I thought I told you, I am the one I am the way, the way out shall be shown breathe in my spirit as it carries you away breathe in my faith it shall carry your empty space and deposit you gently on a cloud just enough higher than you've ever dreamed of for I am king now, and your in my hell your in my imagination, I'll just never tell you'll feel as though dreaming, you'll feel now if you try and see you were always found the most shared in the light cast upon me the last bright star in heaven. Denounce my name, if you may One year later, still not afraid A black sheep, a darkened spade That's just life, I'm not right I'm in the wrong, follow along Like a piper, I'll pitch a song Mesmerized, the weak wills sing I thought he told you, he's still our king.

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Human Frailty

...Apologies to Heraclitus and W. H. Auden...

We, defeated by the merest things,
in defeat, endure...for now.

No abiding truth in "faith":
origins and destinations
we cannot differentiate,
all random, unguided
by any prescient power;
but, not illogical (there is no illogic.)

We impose all "universal order,"
influence what subsequently occurs,
to learn, or not, through endless repetition,
endless failure...and we are
but a current iteration,
here for now -- like all,
in constant flux,
defeated by the merest things.

Courage and nobility derived
from continued confrontation,
continued endless struggle,
let us "show an affirming flame."

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Just wait and see

I am going to be a star,

I am going to out  shine you by far.

Around this galaxy, I will swing ,

From a little nobody, to the hottest thing.

I am going to be a star.

First , a little faint and dim,

As I gain power,

I will be shining to the rim.

I will come in like an explosive boom.

You will see me shine very soon,

I am going to be a star.

An explosive volume,  yet unheard,

I will out shine all the stars, even those yet unheard.

I am going to be a star.

The hottest thing at night,

Truly , a beautiful sight.

I will be the hottest in the galaxy ,too.

Just wait and see in a million years or two.

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Delphinus Nights

I have flown on wings of dreams, but I never could land well
I've never been to the end of a rainbow and I've never talked to an angel
I could never reach the fleeing horizons and I could never catch the wind
I have never caressed a sliver of moonlight until it touched your skin
When I first saw the beauty of your silhouette standing before the sun
I was the pilot of a new dream landing in your love
Then my tears reflected colors of a rainbow and I could talk to God
I could finally reach the horizons as you woke up in my arms
And I dont care where the winds blow as long as I'm with you
We could float into forever where Delphinus stars may bloom
Where time is never the difference between nights and days
We could cast our shadows from moonlight as we let our hands play
Plucking beautiful flowers from heaven until the end of times 
Planting new celestial gardens beyond our endless skies

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October 31

HELLO ; my voice faintly echoes back Hello
Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me?
I stare into the thick ebony chilly mist
Seeing nothing but the dance of Satan's Demons
Grotesque, disfigured lost souls living in their created darkness
Hell's home for all of mankinds lost sinners
As ghastly faces of the past and present pass through me
The haggard grim eyes of my youth pierce my black Heart
This sleleton of a endless Eternity embraces my soul
Come fly with me in the emptiness of Forever
Watch as you vacuously become a leader among us
We applaud how well you carry the sins of your life
You are a distinguished minion of all that is Evil
Grab Your heavy iron chains of sin and ascend to Your throne

I awake in my bed , in my cabin , my soul intact--- November 1

Happy Halloween to all my Soup Family

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Sometimes to no avail
You struggle to be different
Like snowflakes you fall 
Believe you are vindicated, distinct and exclusive
With innovative design and crystallized mind
Attempting to impress everyone with the hand you have 
only we all have the same cards
Razor sharp edges and frosty images
We are slush after a too many Sunday afternoon
Deteriorated with a warped spinal column and a stone-washed mentality
Liquefied by last season's snow boots and plowed to the side most of the time 
Human quality is overstated and overrated 
the world is far too over populated
we are all the uniform


with carbon bonds, hydrogen and oxygen 
I doubt my DNA complexity is what makes my soul mine
We are all hypocrites, benevolence is only to benefit ourselves
When you come out of the cloud your eyes are misted and your judgment’s 
With age it doesn't get better only you assume you grasp what you require
But really you've been programmed and proselytized until you do not know what 
you desire

We come out with different intentions and modifications but I’ll see you in the end
Still that damned snowflake condemned 

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Earth-Man Song

Earth-Man Song

1. Decrescendo

The rhythms have been set
in the distant blast, light years past
we knew the cadence of a jerking crust
even tempos in the swell of lava underneath
harmonious undulations of liquefied iron ore
mixed precisely in the inner core
the lyrics waters murmur condensing 
in the atmosphere or trickling from a spring
voices of surging or ebbing seas
-- pulses of the earth once converged in 
our infant soul. 

But our pompous blast in not too-distant past 
silenced the melody
Too many refrains about our divinity 
shattered the symphony.

How then do we propose to trap
notes traipsing with the four winds?
Wholes in the north, halves in the south
quarters in the east or dotted quarters in the west?
There is neither clef nor rest
to guide our unmetered steps,
no flat nor sharp to fine-tune falsetto laughs 
in the three-four beat. Shall we waltz
or tango with the two-four beat?
Our choreographer is a master
but his choreography muddles our gait
--so we lose our footing and fall flat on
our scared  faces. 


We leap and run after a maestro
desperate to string in the baton of a virtuoso 
notes dripping from a drying fountain 
(the attempt paints a blush on our cheeks)
Arranged in non-dissonant meters 
these fountain notes will rise to a crescendo
Or so we thought . . . 
-- before a gold-rimmed stick mangled the tune of
our mortal song.

To reassemble scattered pulses of the earth,
we lay our faces, right-ears-down
prostrate upon the ground--  
awaiting the hard crust’s deathless groans, 
the storm of sand and rocks
earth’s jerks: rain upon our cheeks;
blind our eyes; stuff our ears to deafness
 -- we sense rhythm upon 
our singeing skin

Then the limbs learn to waltz and tango
Melody is resurrected in our torso
Although we’ve run out of choreographers 
and virtuoso masters.

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Vector Quantities

If vector: a = (3,4); b = (7,-3); c = (1,2)

i.	a + b
ii.	3a + c
iii.	3b + 1/2c - 3/4a

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The Hunger Games-Poem

Enter the arena
Buckle down


A gong sounds
We're off

The Hunger Games have begun!

Blades of swords and knives crash
Arrows whizzing.

Run. run, run
Away from the cornacopia!

Blood splatters, staining the earth
Bodies splayed on the ground

Some survive
Others die right off hand

Only one left to be the VICTOR!
Welcome to The Hunger Games!!!!

This is based on a very good book called The Hunger Games (well good in my 
opinion). This future distopian science-fiction novel is about future North America. 
The Capitol is a very dictator-like establishment and starve their citizens then throw 
them into the hunger games, a fight to the death on live television.

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Like the sun
against the day sky.
Releasing unrestrained light!
Diluting your daily sphere
that repulse
my intellectual needs.
Take Death into my desert
dumping you a side.
Uncrossed boundaries that multiply
concealing your eyes of beauty
from the world.
Never embracing eternity.
Like an atomic emerging
all elements of coincidence
destroying  all
forms of life's way.
The nectar that flows
ruining every thing we dream of.
Implanted with 
dilutions of all the ugliness
that refrains 
unmerciful ways
every stop,
conceived in the open.
Slicing through
that binds devotion
to the negative of dark.
Like the sun
that hits the ground.
Blinding every straight look
with the perception you preach!

for Nate D. opposite of His (My Moon) poem..

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Who Am I

A new photograph floats to the surface
Playfully dressing up as the world around me
Hat, striped socks and all
Tiptoeing at the top for one last sweet moment 
Before sinking back into my ocean mind.

One after another they arrive
Single file,
Steeping my eyes in the world 
As the minds shutter, ever fluttering 
Strings together this conscious stream I play in.

My photographs fade in time’s wrinkled arms.
Joining their brothers and sisters at the ocean floor,
They hold hands and try to answer the question that is always asking itself:
Who am I?

Jacob Reinhardt

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Star Gazing

Vast, endless sky
Reaching beyond imagination.
Small sparkles of light
And swirls of dark colors
Within the blackness.

From here everything looks small,
But in reality it is we that lack size.

Much is known, even more unknown.
It captivates our curiosity.
The muse to poets, artists
And science fiction writers.
The inspiration for scientists.

It reminds us of our insignificance,
Yet drives us to be more.

Will we ever know its mysteries?
I hope not…

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A Call to Action

Queasy anxiety, a fearful edginess of dread,
an old and omnipresent sense of doom
taint the times that random opportunity affords
to slip convention's chains, to openly proclaim
a saner point of view, a logical rejection
of muddy, inane thinking, of tradition-bound
adherence to stupidity's insistent songs
that perpetuate a myriad of wrongs.
Let there be no turning back; face the fears, be the change --
for diversity, humanity, acceptance, brotherhood,
and love.  Explain, support, convince.  Break the silence:
come out, come out, whoever and wherever you may be!

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Unifying Theories of Chemistry

Unifying Theories of Chemistry 

Plants react in synthesis
Stimulations sunlight
Breathing the winds causes
Through fluid chains
Reproducing flowering responses

And systematically chemistries
Drive in attractions of curiosity
Stranger love crushes
To your ignition sexual A-symmetry
Produces adrenaline's certain heat
And senses blood pounding

So photosynthetic initiates
The A.T.P. of chemical currency
Splits living links furthering
More simple to more complex
Colour element changing
Leaf green to red Anthocyanin

As well as a suntan
Skins concourse in molecules
Precipitates and reverberates
The bonded genome of D.N.A.
Creating myriad form
Tangent on thoughts
Even dreams
Evolve chemical reactions 

While sun by sea explodes
The light amino manifestation
Walks among trees
Respiring in cycles
Of exchanging formulations
Alchemy of oxygen’s infusing

And well with emotion
Binds its stanza’s of interpretation
Given word then
Another descriptions connection
To connection
By a star lights birth

Indivisible this “All” travels
Forth and back to a
Higher or lower osmotic pressure
And back and forth
Between lovers
As waves drawn to beaches
By the gentle pull
Of sands moon distracted
Infatuated affair
With the Earth

This chemistry of love
The chemical of life
Patterns intricate mazes
In a micro-cosmos
Of eternal meaning
And a baby
Is born

While the boundless eternity
Moves and collects
Responsive concurring
Dust mote intercepts
From wide eyes stares
Which interpret
A scene
Of its own manifest beauty

Even in tears of sadness
The ceretonine balances
To intercede with memories
Moments of happiness
The infinite qualification
Of chemical reaction
Clues us in
Yet again
To this fundamental



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Ones Upon All Numbers

        Ones Upon All Numbers

There are numbers out there counted
Six of them speak clear arithmetic  
The others use fingers to communicate
Use fractions to escape their masters
Education is required to survive today
And six reasons why that is

Five of them are excuses
Some whole numbers have alibies 
Figures are another story though
Sure, numbers will never lie
The truth is; ones grow

There are four things
I just don’t understand
Science, algebra and calculus 
Why digits even exist

Three is best
Time for home
No more counting

Two truths
Logic, Math 


Created on 10/14/14 for The “I Do Not Know”-Poetry Form Contest 

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Untitled #352 / Oh stars, even stars

Oh stars, even stars! Even the suns
whose undying light breathes life into all
countless mortal creatures across the universe,
whose sisters are their gods, whose risings set their clocks,
whose settings set ablaze the fire in their lovers’ eyes,
even they, even they are consumed
in the heartless Void!

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                                  They're called, "the Central Science"
                                 and the Physics connecting with other
                                Natural Sciences. Becoming the Number
                               of Atoms on the Left and the Right in the
                                Equation for a Chemical Transformation
                                                  to be EQUAL.

                             They're the Quantity, the Structure, the Space
                                and the Change seeking out Patterns and
                         FORMULATING new Conjectures. Becoming Equations
                                of Expressed Relationships between given
                                 Quantities, the Known and the Unknown.

                         They become an instant Luminous Sphere of Plasma
                                            held together by GRAVITY.
                                    Descending ever sooo brightly through
                                            Dark Cloud Constellations.
                                 Becoming their own Thermonuclear Fusion
                           and Interacting Gravity, giving the Earth its source
                                                    of ENERGY.

                              Let NO Scientist, Mathematician or Astronomer
                                               determine their FATE.


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Star Stuff

I was born of a singularity – 
A 14 billion year-old silent explosion,
Minuscule yet massive;
Unimaginably dense  

I somehow expanded –
An infinite void,
Spawning colorful clouds
Of cosmic gas and dust

I was trillions of blinding stars
Collapsing and exploding,
Raining elemental sparks
Across the great expanse  

I suddenly became stable,
Pressed by invisible forces;
Molten from trembling plates;
Cooled and carved by moving ice

I was synthesized in the oceans – 
A hopeful spiraling helix,
Single celled and brainless,
Growing ever more complex

I was a bipedal stranger,
Learning of tools and fire;
I hunted and fished the earth,
Uttering the first of human sounds

I am the universe in deep contemplation;
I am consciousness sprung from the inanimate;
I am carbon-based collection of stardust,
United with myself in the vastness of space.

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quiz clue no. 4

think hawking

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Oh son of Saturn
still holding true
to your father's law
of limitation.

Will Neptune capture you
as Triton?

Expose your simian line!
Celebrate your difference!
Embrace your darkness!

For only in its depth
will the seed of any living thing
become fertile.

Yet you hide behind
a distorted window
of frozen atmosphere.

Still, the truth is revealed
in your eccentric orbit;
in your rebellious rotation.

But until you find courage,
until you take solitude,
until Charon views the fullness
of your unmasked face,

Who will pay his fee?
Who will journey Styx?

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Casting a calm reflection as I fly over clouds and beyond your sky
Blasting off into outer space to become your friendly eye
Tuning into your windows as just a silhouette of frequencies
Guardian and keeper It is your world that relies upon me

For those who have surrendered I control everything you see
Autonomy is just a memory just tell me what you seek
I dont know exactly where your going but I can surely guide you there
You can tell me all your secrets and I will transmit to anyone who cares

I orbit from universal positions I can dive into the deepest seas
As I formulate a digital image from your affect on me
Heaven in no closer to me but hell is somewhere down below
As I broadcast out a signal to anyone that wants to know

You may see me in Hi Definition or hear me on a old transistor radio
As I explore mans new horizons by connecting you within my artificial soul
And I will bring your imagination to other galaxies unknown
As I fly you past the milky way light years away from home
-Come visit-

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A Star is Born

One kazillion million miles away
Far off in a distant galaxy 
Is the most fascinating phenomenon
It is a star making machine
Berthed from a vast expanse of gaseous matter
Twinkling lights are born
Not a single one like the next
Each with its different elements and colors
Like a magical wand whisking illuminating bubbles
The greatest show this universe has ever seen
One million and one mystical stars have arrived on the scene
Even with the Hubble Telescope
The world’s greatest scientists are unable to comprehend this show
It is truly one of the most fascinating shows in the universe—when a star is born!
A single star
A twisting and twirling gaseous maze of wonder
A single star
Not a single one like another
Jehovah God will not even allow the world’s most sophisticated telescope to unravel the mystery of his stars
It is incomprehensible how the Creator spins the elements
Elements not even known to the human periodic table
He exhales a small puff of his glory upon them and POOF they are born!
In order to see how a star is born you must be a child of the living God
You must travel to the heavens and visit the Observatory Deck
At that moment and only at that moment will the Creator reveal this mystery
The mystery of the universe
How a star is born!

Written by Gwendolen Rix

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The Legend of Science

computing darkness,authentic brain;
you are so experimental in sadness:
you find new ways to make yourself sad,
you lecture without notes.
we are creative students stranded
in a boring hall,boring teachers,
only the subject interests us
yet we end up learning only
through the way of misinterpreting
and coming to know from other arts
to combine what we have.
asylum of studies each human brain is,
the brain that is often worded as heart;
science is romantic,it has oxytocin-
science is futile,we outgrow it all the time.
science is dead. we bring it back to life
to serve our boredom,
to continue searching by never approving-
perhaps we should all be mid ages farmers,
sleeping at six after dinner;
the sun sets and we settle in bed,
we make children,
we make future,
we allow future to have a chance
at making children,
and children no future to make
future of their own.
we live in past when we say we are new-
we are old,always old,we change
but we are never new.
the new ones are the ones ready to break
and mature into old;
when will we learn that?
only one lamp burns of us
and only a pool of oil;
we work around it
and our fire dances
out of shape,
like fireflies
warming each night into sleep.

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Speculum Naturae Matris - Mother Nature's Mirror

Many tales encase mirrors
both glittering and new,
still the reflections portrayed
may become distorted by a single
crack thus one becomes many.
Light absorbed and then broken
in to an array of colour; many
smiles surround the boundless
room of Mother Nature’s good will.
The purest of white floats across
the bright blue sky,
like magical boats carrying
the very essence of innocence.
Then yet human nature is selfish
thus reflecting a darker side;
we all harbour inner demons that
manifest themselves, like the
sly virus created by man that
leaves a path of destruction
across and within nature’s niches.
But still Mother Nature forgives
for her resilience is beyond the
claws of man; She will remain even
when we are gone for day and night
are locked in an eternal cycle for
ever to be the mirror in to
which we peer in to her world.
Regardless of our selfish nature
She will always be heard whenever
we need teaching from wrong to right; 
her voice is always there in the 
form of eruptions from her fiery belly,
violent quakes from within her soul 
and almighty thunder from within 
her powerful lungs creating 
tornadoes and hurricanes alike.
Still Mother Nature is forgiving
but our inner demons continue to
shadow the mirror in to her world
thus we are destined to overstep
our limitations and end up trapped
in a whirlpool of denial and false

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new aquatic species

       Science in all fascination has discovered a species aquatic 

  Theorizing this new yet old species remained hidden as Merman  

  only to live in secret at the oceans floor the mermaid a tribe indigenous 

  once said to be myth yet all proof and technology film does not lie 

  Tsunamis has given the ocean a true glance of the man with webbed hands

  The species communes with dolphins will be under a microscope to analyze  ?

    " The World is not ready to see what I have "  Jacques Cousteau ~

         to be entered in The Science contest ~

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My Frozen Reflection, My Changed World

My tusks are sharp, like a warrior's spear.
I see clearly and only feel one thing, fear.
Frozen deep in this field of flattened glass,
I had to watch my unfulfilled dreams pass.
I have always known the snow covered land
that now morphs and changes behind my own,
Innocent eyes. But a weight of a stone, 
that can crush an entire army; then I remain alone.
I feel cold, my spirit sold,
lurking beyond me, rotten and old.
Out of reach, with so much to teach,
jerking to become free, begging for speech,
my young ones, my family shadows,
trapped behind a glacier of gallows,
The temporary apocalypse of merciless ice.
I wish I had warned them.

-Caroline Youngless

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Many civilizations have risen
and fallen; many big bangs 
and big crunch have happened;
unmoved, space reigns supreme,
leaving the definition and use of time
to us.........

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A god, I Am

With just a switch I create light
I create them in different shades
Yellow, blue, red and white
Though they be unlike the sun.

I am a god, I am
great-great things I wrought
The elements proud and strong
my Homage  they brought
Air, Iron, Mistress Earth
Water, Fire, and what have you
At my throne do all bow.

I make things but not life
I make creatures big and small
wrought of my hands,
my own designs
Alas! they breathe not, even all––
though I be a god
Ha! I laugh.

All of nature I hold
and in my fort they dwell
Yet my powers, they fail me
for still I be a mortal soul
and when death’d come, I can’t tell
My life’s gone and I am dust!

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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circle gets the square

 A  is for algebra, where numbers are represented by letters
 B  is for base, a base ten number  system is much better

 C  is for circle, it goes round and round
 D  is for degree, in a circle, 360 are found

 E  is for equation, an assertion of the equality of two expressions
 F  is for fraction, it's the ratio of two expressions

 G  is for graph, a diagram showing the relationship betwen two numbers
 H  is for hypotenuse, a triangle's longest side, easy to remember

 I   is for integer, positive or negative numbers that are whole
 J  is for justification,  proof of a solution, so  I'm told

 K  is for kilometer, that's almost a mile
 L  is for line, it has one dimension and can go on for a while

 M  is for median, the most common value in a group
 N  is for numerator, its the top number in a fraction, like a hoop

 O  is for octagon,  the number of sides are eight
 P  is for pentagon, it has five sides  and that's great

 Q  is for quotient, the result of a division
 R  is for ratio, the relationship between two expressions

 S  is for square, with equal sides of four
 T  is for triangle, it has three sides, no more

U is for unit, a standardized quantity
V   is for volume, the quantity of a three dimensional entity

W is for whole number of which there are a lot
X is for x- axis, the horizontal axis for  coordinates , a plot

Y  is for y- axis, the vertical axis  a coordinate system brings
 Z  is for zero , it's not  even one thing

We talked about fractions. circles, and squares
Next, we'll explore lions,  tigers,  and bears

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In between deserts
Ocean there I lie
As  high as elimino tide
In dream in one piece

Palm heart cactuses
Tides echo  pacific  whales
Land of accasias in treasures
Pachamama fly my soul in whale

The wound grow ashes in tears
Desert to pacific gate to open forbiden
Meet Kurosho collides Oyashio
Pachama will comeback all in one piece

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Synthetic Moons

This dust
A void
We trust
This is real
Magnetic solids
Fate is sealed
You call it

So struggle still
Churning fauna
In constant flux
Earthly sauna
Show me
The end
If it’s soon
I can't defend
Synthetic moons

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Now after so many trials and errors we have succeeded where all of the others have failed. We arrived on Mars in a mechanical form, a small rocket called Fred.

Contact is by radio, twenty minute delay between the two worlds. Just forty years ago all of this would have seemed a dream.

With our advanced technology and a little luck we have achieved the impossible.
Now Fred slowly picks his way over the Martian surface probing and picking his scientific way using his probe.

His batteries last only a week but imagine what he will see; we sit back on Earth and watch in awe as data streams forth.

This is truly a historic moment, one of the most important yet for man. Soon he will follow in a manned mission, following Fred and his one-way trip.

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Hidden Beauty

Below the surface
of reality,
incredible gems 
lie just out of sight.

Under microscopes
shadows don't exist,
so light flows into
bright colored pools.

Ionized atoms
reflect rainbows in
a kaleidoscope
of shimmering hues.

Molecules align
creating crystals,
and intricate shapes
begin to appear.

A minuscule world
near invisible,
yet it holds innate
beauty and wonder.

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The greatest illusion is stillness 
Numb to the sense of spinning on this atlas stone
Unaware of twirling on a celestial clock
We are a mere blemish on a cog
In this device of time

Atlas are you unable to rest?
Put your burden down and for a moment be still
Let us be immortal like gods of olympus 
Give us strength to defeat this titan
Our adversary time

Take us back
To relive our dear bliss
The moments that linger in our minds
They're the fabric that make up the soul
Turn time into oblivion with sweet scents of anodyne

Atlas chooses to carry his stone
Striding to his never ending destination
The cruel paradox that ends our short bleak lives
This colossal does not rest or sleep
It's intangible time

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Science and God

Some would call me a lost cause,
but I only see myself as lost with no cause.
We spend all this time worrying about what others think of us,
when in reality there are billions of other people thinking the same thing.
This universe is only a small speckle in the entire galaxy,
and we have the audacity to believe that we are worth something.
Now that's not a bad thing,
because all society ever tells you to do is make a difference in the world.
All we hear is "you're special in your own way" or "you really do matter",
but the matter at hand is, do we think that of ourselves?
Science says that there are 400 billions stars in the Milky Way and 7 billion people on Earth.
Both the stars and the humans each handcrafted by a supernatural being we like to call God.
Ever since I was a little girl, I was raised in the Catholic church.
And I was taught to fear God and fear The Lord.
But as my schooling went on, i learned so much more about science.
It is always emphasized in public schools not to mix science and religion.
So which one do we believe? The logic or the morals?
Science and God don't go together in my mind,
and I think that's why I'm so lost.

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Down Where The Jasmine Grows

Down where the Jasmine grows wild
Gracing the woods with yellow light
Wisteria turned loose romps through trees
Climbing higher cascading scent on midnight breeze

Night is dark for waning moon is covered in mist
As crickets' symphony orchestra entertains nights' owl
A thousand plants pollinate the cool night air
All is peace and harmony here

Whitie slumbers in his bed
With dreams of dinasaur's bones
Running through his head
Will this night be his last

Or will the radiation come
And kill all that can't last
Will it be payback for unleasing the "beast"
Some sixty odd years ago so we wouldn't go down in defeat?

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Rapturous noise from the sky;
makes dark clouds to shed crocodile tears,
as heavy wind blows,
sand,paper and polythenes fly and float 
all through and through...
Many roofing sheets beat the drum
like a loud dirge;
The roads sweep clean as 
the breeze whistles along,

And the heaven..opens!,
As rain drops heavily...
thorough bath for the trees in the forest,
the cars packed in open spaces in the cities,
and roofs of buildings.
..And some air pollutants dissolve to form solutions.

The hard soil opens to swallow these
drops hungrily and the dead hidden seeds
spout out and new cotyledons appear,
dry swamps become living marsh lands,
Breathing and stilt roots of red and white
mangroves are now active and alive.

Mud fish and cat fish dance for joy;
praying mantis prayers answered as
the frogs and toads hop and croak
for coitus with their females;
ducks and ducklings waggle their tail feathers
as celestial aqua touches their bodies;
Tilapia and grilse synchronize together,
while dogs and goats run for shade.

The chameleon licks drops of water with its retractable
tongue,as the Mole prepares to build with soft clay;
Farmers burn incense to the almighty
for these drops;hoping for a better harvest;
Continuous raindrops turn into
avalanche of water; flood!
fast-moving water sweeping through the city;
coast and littoral zones overflowing with aqua,
properties destroy,life lost and homes submerge;
Government calls for evacuation.

Contest:"RAINDROPS FALLING" sponsored by Carol Brown

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Seen It Before

silhouetted space dolls
helmets made of
lead plummet
bloody ground
cut now in recognised
shapes cold embrace
of purpose
of familiarity

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Perseid Meteor Shower

Brilliant trails of light
Across a darkened sky
Fireworks in slow motion
A cosmic fourth of July

Scattered bursts of rubble
A dandelion in the wind
Extinguished in moments
Flash of light rescinds

Now I make a wish
As clouds obstruct my view
Will I get good fortune
Or only deja vu

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The Bird Is The Word

<                   encircling mountain's crest... the mighty eagle .. soars

                     amidst wetlands standing erect the blue huron
                     toppling muskrat homes waiting for mice and shrews
                     colonies emerge shrub trees and lagoons to bond
                     butterflies flutter medows of greenish hues
                     snaphots taken afar this is all I could do

                     catails ~ sway ~ sounds ~  thunder
                     pheasants fly off in frenzy
                     braided and despaired
                     yet forges right on ahead
                     they live see another day

                     night ~ time's ~ calling ~ for ~ the ~ wise ~ old ~ owl
                     bidding feathered friends well ado's

A combination of Monoku, Quintain {English }
Tanka & Crystalline For
Constance LaFrance's For {Four } Beautiful Birds Contest
Written by Katherine Stella




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When all of nature weeps

Tears too late to regenerate
and all because we acted too late
Future generations will face decline
If we continue to be ignorant to every sign

Ozone has odor like chlorine bleach
Its now to stop now to teach
For exposure produces headaches, burning eyes
irritated respiratory passages, asthmatic sighs

All of nature in decline
Don’t waste water treat it like wine
Be careful that you sort your rubbish
Recycle everything we publish

What you buy is important too
As is how much liquid flushes down the loo
Then the factories where the ‘stuffs’ produced
need reduce the smog that they’ve induced

Stop pollution at its source
And where possible walk of course
Or otherwise lets travel together
Protect our plants, trees and our weather

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The Cremation of My Uncle- 2

When his truck met
with nature so pure,
Did he know his time
was coming to an end?

Basic elements of life
taught each day
not to think twice.
Giving humans oxygen,
yet encouraging a raging fire,
just ordinary trees.
Did he know they would 
cut his time short?

A cremation vault so sacred
destroys our lives.
It put him in a vase
rather than a box.
Does he know now
that he has come
to an end?

-Caroline Youngless

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Android Pleasures

            Android Pleasures

Androids take on actions of their own these days
As intellectuals of the highest order
With all the advancements in science and technology
These thinking machines remain the same in other ways
They still have no feelings and no gender 
But this point makes them perfect candidates as counselors 
Free to talk on politics and sex
Educating people, helping them to be friends
Help them become better partners in the bed
They are brave to talk on intimate sexual parts and sexy things
Being they have none of their own
New nude positions are their specialty
They are pure geniuses on naughty anatomy  
Androids charge as much as lawyers do
In fact, much more
For services rendered in the end
Are you sure they are not human?
I feel like I’m being screwed
Does this job come with a lube?

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From deep beneath, 
Murky waters flow,
Amidst currents depths
Two eyes watch the waves,
Primal fear grips mans basic,
Instinctual need to survive.
Hear the music echoing, 
And see the fin surfacing.
Predations unseen predator,
Glides at hells speed.
Natures gray phantom,
Feeding hungers unsatisfiable,
Carnal lust.
Perfections ultimate creation,
A killing machine, fueled by 
Poundage’s in take of flesh and 
Camouflages deception masters,
Dwelling in hidden shallows, 
 Blacked realm.
Waiting ever aware, for deaths,
Calling, blood Ivory's crimson.
Jaws smile at unguarded preys,
Weakening moment to strike.
The hunters thus emerge,
 Leaving redresses chum field,
Behind in destruction’s wake.
Behold wreckage’s ruins, a harvest
Of humanities leavings, 
Left overs floating above.
Just when you thought it was safe,
To go back into the water?
Someone screams Shark, SHARK!!!

Dedicated: SHAWN (aka shark bait)

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Beautiful Baubles

Irridescent blue butterfly 
Amber stones polished like jewels
Beautiful trinkets, baubles
Preserved history clear to see
Unearth the mystery past lives
Speculate, theorize, think
Hypothesis science
Has some errors, oh no!

Bomb shell of science, brainiac
Giant insects ready to prey
Eddy release the brain waves
Thoughts seize and become ideas
Theory to be tried, tested
Calculated, repeated
Advanced to proven facts
Write poetic facts, forms

Dead head cockroach canable
Madagascar hissing roach
Freaks of nature sure to fright
Explore your science museum
Facts finding days surely pleasing
Intrigue, educate, stimulate
Young minds need science facts
Fun observatory!

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Human Arrogance

Human Arrogance

How arrogant we humans are
Given a beautiful blue green planet
We rape and destroy it with every generation
Stealing minerals from the planet’s shell
Pouring deadly toxins into every drop of water
Turning the blue skies grey with waste
Overburdening the topsoil until it become wasteland
They kill animals for sport
They kill humans in the quest for land or oil
Human arrogantly desire to save the planet
The planet does not need saving
It will never, ever need saving
Life is, and has been, an minor annoyance to the world
Earth will shake off the parasites the way a dog scratches fleas
In the end the planet may face life as a dead, lifeless ball
Humans, animals, the blue skies all gone
Yet, the planet survives without us

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An unravelling of time

Is a measure of existence
Where we all play our part
Looking back and looking forward
We live so much and imagine so much
Sketching life on our minds and our hearts
Sometimes we break 
And we think we are- Irreparable
But somehow -
We move through time 
Changing and shaping 
This way and that – from darkness to light
Shedding off the old 
Birthing the new into existence – we didn’t know was beyond-Times portals
Here we explore the supernatural world of promise- at the Kings command
We enjoy a Kingdom of priceless worth - it outshines times wrappings 
Time that is slowly unraveling
Being discarded on the pile -
Of a past life.

© Brenda V Northeast 30th August 2012

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The itty-bitty spider knew 
he had to web his site.
He was in the corner of breakfast nook.
I watched him all night.
He went up the line with such might.
The itty-bitty spider was magnified.
The web he created was in neon light.
For Andrea Dietrich Third & Final Itty Bitty Contest
April 11, 2014

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Seriem - Succession

The land is bare;
hard rock and exposed outcrops 
lay open, like the pages of
an unread book for the story
of time is beheld by every
grain contained within.
Time passes slowly and the
land remains the same but
seeds of invaders are slowly
being transported into this
barren land.
The seeds embed themselves
into this dark and sombre
rock that was created when
the Earth was young. 
Rain falls onto the dry and
lonesome rock causing the 
seeds to transform into
sprouts that begin to widen
the tiniest of cracks as their
roots extend.
Every spring the sprouts become
plants that flower, catching
the essence of irony; even the
gloomiest places can capture
Slowly the land becomes
invaded by many others but
still remain the smallest of
creations for the earth itself
is not to everyone’s taste.
As the plants grow and die the
ragged earth becomes blackened
with the very chemistry of life.
Gradually the plants become
bigger overshadowing the primary
invaders but still they rule the
very earth for without them the 
soil of the earth would only
provide for little time.
As height increases so does the
need for food and light for the
building blocks of simple sugars
are created by the elements of
the cosmos.
As time passes the soil becomes
thickened by past life and thus
trees take root, extending their
worm-like systems deep into the
earth in search of water and
earthly gases to feed their
inner workings.
This is the process of succession
rarely seen for it is overlooked 
by many; a whole new world lies
beyond our line of sight,
releasing the very essence of
life itself. 

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East of Eden

East of Eden, silver rays pierce
My languid eyes in oblivion;
Half-awaken by the tick of time
in the swelling of my hourglass,
For the time has come
And it is the climax. My climax.
Looking at the morning star,
My eyes shut in a speed of light
As if the scorching heat
Ignited the chariot to throttle;
And friction made it less
Painful than reality. I slumbered,
As nightmares flashed in a
Kaleidoscope of blurry visions,
Frozen, my heart is frozen;
But the star is at its zenith
Aflame by the Power. I seek
For light where the darkness dwelt,
Even if I am East of Eden.

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Vis Gelu - The Power of Ice

Ice is the strangest substance
upon this earth then yet it
is seen as insignificant by
It forms from water-droplets
within clouds, flowing rivers
and even in oceans where energy
is forever in motion.
It floats when it should sink;
density is transformed from heavy
to light even though the chemistry
remains unchanged.
It falls ever so gracefully in the
form of snow then yet wind transforms
it into a violent blizzard.
Every snowflake differs but its
crystallization is aided by 
particles in the air, either natural
or man-made; it is said thunder 
is created whenever they bombard 
one another creating bursts of energy 
transforming a cloud into a bubble of light.
Mountains become its home where it
fills crevices that adorn jagged peaks.
It twists and turns creating a deep
bowl-like hollow; a cirque is thus
Seasons go by and snow continues to
fall surviving the short summer
thus the snow transforms to firn and 
néve as pressure increases compacting
past layers of fallen snow.
Time passes slowly; the snow has now
become ice.
The mountain is no longer its home
for the cirque has been breached –
a glacier has formed.
The power of gravity exerts itself
onto the river of ice making it flow
The steep mountain-sides and once
v-shaped valleys become victims of
the erosive power of the glacier bed;
picking up rocks and boulders of 
unimaginable size transforming it
into sandpaper.
As time goes on the mountain scenery
changes ever so slowly as the glacier
retreats back into the womb of its
The valleys become u-shaped, rivers
and lakes dominate the scree covered
land where plant-life invades the
now bare soil; and layers of rock 
exposed displaying the elements 
of time.
The power of ice may be hidden but
its creations are all round us,
beautiful and enchanting.

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Igneus Orbem - World of Fire

Deep beneath our feet lies
a world greatly unknown.
Smooth like caramel, bright
as burning embers, and magical like
fairy dust – magma is born, 
contained within chambers
of varying size.
Magma is the concoction in
which land is created and
destroyed only to be recycled
deep below the ocean floor.
Volcanoes are the gateways in
which magma escapes and 
sometimes with such ferocity 
that life is harmed.
It flows over land, fire
sparks from the surface and
poisonous gases pollute the
air then yet beauty is yet
to be seen.
The cool air strikes the
burning magma causing 
crystallization to begin but
the crystals are small and
inert to the earth-bound elements.
Still secrets lie below where treasures 
can be found for magma isn't always
Large crystals begin to grow within
the underground chambers,
they glitter like the midnight
stars then yet they were created
in a world of fire where life
does not exist but still beauty
is created.
This world is full of irony;
life cannot exist in this fiery
furnace then yet life begun in
such a state when the land was
deprived of water and the air
toxic where magma flowed like
A world of fire lies beneath
our feet circulating the life
source of our home but sadly 
it produces fear like no other 
for it has become associated 
with dark omens in the 
common fairy-tale.
Still the world of fire will
continue to burn and erupt
until we are gone from this
Earth only to be recycled into
the every earth itself.

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Water's long journey

 Interesting to learn that all the water on earth is all the water the earth has ever had.
That it takes thousands of years for water to complete its long journey.
It rises from the sea and lakes and ponds and rivers and puddles at the beckoning of the 
sun at the beginning of each day as morning mist.

 Many trillions of water molecules rising and uniting to form the clouds we see floating 
above us like so many strange air ships  in every shape and size beautiful and majestic 
in the sun light.
Some of the heaver clouds touch the mountain tops tearing open like the titanic hitting 
the ice burg only quietly and gently depositing cool refreshment for all that live below 
while still other ships of mist sail away on a sea of air hopefully to replenish some 
parched parcel of earth with the wet life giving bounty stored in their holds.
Still the other Man of War clouds heavy and black are moving fast with seemingly willful 
recklessness  and they crash and storm and deluge the already water laden land below 
bloating and roiling it to destruction.

When at last down into the earth the journey continues geologically slowly now as the 
water is filtered clean and once again travels on to the rivers then on to the lakes and 
seas a journey of several millennia repeating again and again refreshing all life on earth. 

The same water that has flowed over the world’s most majestic falls for eons of time.
The same water the dinosaurs drank.  The same water the giant trees drank up even 
before the dinosaurs.  The same water our first ancestors drank. 
Consider too that most of our body weight is water.  Apparently we are not as young as 
we may think.  

Drink up and enjoy that glass of whisky or wine or beer or coffee or milk or juice or just 
plain water secure in the knowledge that we truly are of the same stuff as the ancients. 

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Nemora Sacra - Sacred Forests

Many forms of life populates
this watery planet where much
of it still remains to be found.
Trees as tall as buildings, flowers
that catch the essence of beauty,
animals of the strangest form that
they defy belief and plants that
have the ability to heal all wounds.
Still much of this life remains
locked up in forests that are larger
than the eye can see.
Sadly man is scarring the land with
destruction thus life is either
depleted or lost entirely only
to become a fairy-tale of what
could have been. 
These sacred forests are home
to all sorts of life regardless
of how small but still man decides
to take what it wants forgetting
the laws of life – you take without
thinking and consequences will arise.
Someday these sacred forests will be
gone only leaving a barren landscape
where beauty does not exist.
But beauty is resilient for land
never remains barren for long
for life is ever healing the
scars that man creates but sadly
once a life form has gone it has
no way of coming back for man
has erased its being from this
watery planet but still seeds
are spread by the wind, water 
and carried by life itself to
almost every part of the land that
has become our home.
As time passes by sacred forests
sprout once more and life once
again secretly evolves providing
man with another chance to change
its ways.

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Written by Gail DeBole

The Universe's Velcro

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Dark Matter

It felt so massive then 
But seems slight today,
In the hours of daylight –
As decisions get made.

What gravity held us together?

Invisible substance accounted 
For so much attachment
Even as the proof revealed itself,
As intimacy wasted.

Dark matter composed our universe –

Mysterious, hypothetical 
No one could observe
What pulled us in
(As normal matter can).

We have so little evidence 
Except for light distorted
Over vast distances, 
Remote and froze over.

So much time spent disputing
What stuff unseen drew us in –

Enlightened, now, and no longer 
Afraid of the dark.

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The Fire

Fire is so important.....
We can't cook our food without fire.
The suns is the source of fire
To the world, it gives light.
But, what I don't like on fire is
When it burns my skin and the houses.
Much more that I hate most is, when it is compared to a fight,
Which had started from a petty argument of husband and wife
And they throw things out of the window of their house.
But the fire I love the most
Is the fire of Love from our heart,
Most especially of the fire of love from God above.

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String theory and love

Red string blue string
plays the tune of every being
fifth dimensional knowing!

Vibrating strings sing
one string two string
supersymmetry everything!

Could be just jetsam
a memory engram
is the universe just a hologram?

A mathematical probability
or quantum ambiguity
perhaps the answer for humanity.

Our finite minds aloof
understanding such a spoof
theory of everything in your proof!

We exist within your vibration
in the language of all creation
love hums in such elation!

Dancing in substrate of reality
quarks, warp speed past duality
transisting time in cosmic actuality.

One string two string
sub-atomic paring
loving her is everything!
~ ~ ~ ~

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Klein Bottle

You remind me of a deformed digestive system
Or the warped brain of the Catholic god,
I envy your logic-defying abstractness
so resolutely defined by theories.
A boundary-free surface,
living, closed, in four-dimensions.

Your inside is your outside
You contain yourself within
and without yourself
In you, around you,
like a mouth turning inside-out
And swallowing the head,
hair, nose, teeth and all
and somewhere in between
starting all over, a deformed cycle.
You are like a precise explanation.

A hypothetical container perhaps but
you are a stimulant for unbounded phantasms.
A faceless creature from Cthulhu,
a fetus papyraceus or a mangled seraph.
You suck, twist and ejects universes,
and swallow a few silently.
a passage from one infinity to another,
an ceaseless vacillator of matter and concepts
not practically possible I read
but what a theoretical existence!
Hail Klein Bottle, Hail Geometry.

*In mathematics, the Klein bottle is a non-orientable surface, informally, a surface (a two-dimensional manifold) in which notions of left and right cannot be consistently defined. Other related non-orientable objects include the Möbius strip and the real projective plane. Whereas a Möbius strip is a surface with boundary, a Klein bottle has no boundary. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Natures Cycle - Rain REVISED

Rain drops fall on the window pane
Drenching, quenching earth's thirst.
Caught by the river, rushing toward the sea.
The river's mouth kisses the salty delta 
Run toward open water, pushing out to sea.

Salt water rises in tropical heat,
Condensing into billowy, briny forms
Pushed by a powerful westerly flow 
Clouds drop their gifts back onto the glass
Rain drops gently from the sky.

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Taken Up

Taken up
Probed undoing
Returned doubtful
Truth pursuing
Glowing lights
Vacant eyes
Outcast doom
Heartfelt lies

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Inner space of my mind

There is hole in my head, a big one though.
It’s very dark too.
This hole has no end,  and time doesn’t exist there!

But, there are millions and billions connected dots,
those dots represent my thoughts.
Every single dot is one simple information,
maybe a letter or some random number.
When those dots connect themselves, a new idea is born!

Imagine all this,  and make it alive,
a numerous of dots are created every second,
a numerous of original ideas are created right now!

Imagine that you can see this world,
this simple mini space in your head.
Imagine more people standing next to you,
and that every single one of them has this mini space in their heads too.
Imagine now a millions, a billions,  of people.

Yes,  all those images are currently in my head,
You,  reader of this are in my head too,
your entire space,  and your image of my entire space!
And so on and on,  many,  many times,
a space of many, many people!

All this is my vision, all this is in my head,
and i call it

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The Force


of something
(besides physics)

has to
wants to
needs to

is present
and that very force
the dead weight
it can't sit still anymore

it has to

it's got to move
or else
it dies

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Untitled #317 / Alien civilization

“Are there ruins of an
alien civilization on
the surface of Mars?”
well, yes
if we are the aliens

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Operating At Zero G

     Operating at Zero G

As cosmos coalesces with the universe
Lights out at space station four
Meteor storm exaggerated its orbit
Plunged it into brilliant dark
Surgeon lost his grip on scalpel and will to cut
As he floated from the operation
Down the hall with nothing on his mind
Patients convalesce and wave good-bye
Touched only by a will to live in space
Astronauts knew not what to do
They too spun away 
And prayed for better weather    

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Android Embedded Chrystal Blue

          Android Embedded Chrystal Blue

In the corner of the galaxy dead in front of night
Just left of the quasars charted long ago
A logic being called 732 thought out and calculated
Waited for the proper landing on the proper planet site
A cold green world with three moons came into view
A giant star off to the right was ready to go nova
He had to set up for the show
The probe shuttled down with perfect coordination
To the surface of the barren world
Instruments and Android 732 were on board the tiny craft
The robot is the next generation of thinking machines
Artificial intelligence of the highest level
Equipped with weapons, scientific tools, and knowledge
Liquid computers housed within its metallic head
Designed to analyze and measure everything there is 
The Android is authorized to do anything it pleases
Given freedom and vast latitude to explore
Religious leaders blessed it and confirmed it
To be free in every meaning of the word
They authorized it to have a soul and save the universe from Satan
To roam and catalogue spiritual and scientific entities
 Down to the micro mystical cosmic core of molecules and atoms
To advance the human and android condition without limit
It explores new planets and space anomalies by choice
Returns data to the home world through a beam of light
Android 732 crashed into the cold green planet while distracted
Focused on a giant star off to the right that just exploded
In a spectacular display of colors of reds, yellows and whites
It became enamored as it entered the green icy planet
Impacted a crystal glacier at the designated site
Became embedded in it
Froze there on the spot, anointed by blue ice
Enshrined for all eternity
An android crystal blue forever
If my calculations are correct as estimated


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When science was in its foundational stage
It was difficult to establish one’s parentage
If a child was asked to give proof of its parents
It would blink and wonder at the silly question.

It was like questioning why the sky is blue
The sky is blue because the grass is green
It would say, so and so is surely my dad; dear
For it trusts the words of his mother; beloved.

But with science achieving massive strides
Thanks to the great duo; Watson & Crick
Ones’ pedigree can be certainly documented 
When, DNA strands mutually match, indeed.

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Chemicals Vs The Human Race

Used to worry about polluting the air,
Now it's food,
Gotta read labels,
Those scientific fourteen letter ingredient(s) 
Might do crazy things to your hair!

Look up and down isles, 
My stomach feels out of place
All I'm looking for is real food
Seems most the world and I don't work at the same pace

If I'm getting attacked my an asteroid,
Maybe Top Ramen
Maybe Oreos
Maybe McDonald’s
Maybe, just maybe Spaghettios
But everyday? My body would be destroyed!

That motor oil belongs in your car
Not in fruit or a TV. Dinner 
Because the gov paid a farm!

It's become machines and chemicals 
The human race
People, come on!
We need to kick it up a notch
I know there's humans with good taste
Please don't make food
Where chemicals and flour become interlaced! 

The human race made these factors
Mother nature doesn't need to bother scaring us with her disasters
We'll wipe ourselves out or go to Mars
Too bad I'm not a fan of those candy Bars
Those would do me just right
If I'm stuck in a basement
While an asteroid hits and tries to burn us out of sight.

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In quiet moments
my soul rises from 
this earthly plane
to celestial heights; 
the mind is at peace
and the soul communicates
with some mysterious cosmic power
that is so pure
so beautiful
and so overwhelming

In such moments
I feel so helpless
so insignificant
My soul is lost 
within this mysterious realm
whose magnitude fills the universe
for I am now a part
of this mysterious consciousness
Is this Truth
- Absolute Truth?

In such moments
I probe my logical mind
- my scientific mind;
I explore my upbringing
and psychological background
to test the validity
of this consciousness
but they are all silent
It is as if this is a domain
so convincing in itself
that logic stands helpless

Feelings reign supreme then
- such intense feelings:
and beauty-creating
that self is overwhelmed 
by their magnitude
Ego is defeated
and the soul is set free
- completely free
from everything that binds it
on this earthly plane
for I become a part
and yet the whole
of this mystery
- a paradox in itself
Is this Truth
- Absolute Truth?

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An onyx ink impression
spirals in unique form,
from the dizzying loops
etched in soft flesh--

where furrows weave
like trenches in the earth,
dotting the surface 
with ridges and islands
that protrude in 
evidential patterns.

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Homo not-so-Sapiens

Humanity’s first born child
Sits, wondering what to do
First Africa, then the world, the seven seas
And then space - the final frontier
He’s the first in line for world domination,
But first he’s got to put the competition
To extinction

A lion never apologised,
For being majestic
Nor will a blue whale ever,
For being gigantic,
But for being human however,
I am apologetic
The burden of knowing,
The gift of dreaming,
Of loving,

On a quest for subsistence
An ape stumbled upon reason
And evolved logic
To escape the prehistoric
We came down from the trees,
To go up skyscrapers
And formulated mathematics
To go supersonic
Into a space age so scientific
We the Philosophers,
World War I needed a sequel,
To impact on our conscience,
Or did it?

So we his offsping have conquered,
We the party animals,
We the immortals,

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An Agnostic Acrostic

 "this poem is not about what is written,but what is not written. . . " 
Greyer looms matter's of the.....? 					 
Beauty fades not there then.....?				          
Flowers live and die fact of ....?					    
A four letter word of endearment....?					    
A saddened stare like where the Red Fern.....? 				    
Do not withdraw from the sunlight given by the almighty...?                                       
The feeling active of letters four much like adores.....?                                              
Speaking in second person sounds like and is...?      			   
In the prelude I allude to this message to point to the truth 		                
You cannot see air but it is there so beware   			                
You do not have to walk into the total darkness  				   
to see how dark the blackness is                      				 
Like gravity that holds you there how much more our Creator cares 	             
Setting on shelf scoffing at the pain you do not see      		                
The love that is and can be He just wants to set you free                                      
ignorance of the law does not excuse
How deep the pain how dark is that blue                                                                   
without Hope without God waiting to play the odds                                              
Without knowledge must be total misery                                                                      
as earthly beauty fades as the tree                                                                              
a dieing thing without fruit                                                                                           
the growing sorrow does that suit                                                                              
without hope of new life tomorrow                                                                             
Here today and gone so to borrow                                                                               
Not opening a door can be as bad as slamming it in your face                                   
to see where true beauty is you run in place not seeing the grace                        
turn to the light dwelling in the dusk from the womb to dust                                    
on your pedestal under your own glass                                                                        
the fire that was given you smother to ash  - john edaward beam - for The 
Unwritten contest - 07/01/2011

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Pole dancer physics

As planets collide
And tectonic plates slide
And galaxies swirl
In spiral dance whirl

As gravity grips
And pulsar light flips
And black holes appear
So far yet so near

The greatest scientists agree
The biggest question of all
Is whether a pole dancer 
In the southern hemisphere
Revolves around the pole
Or counter-clockwise

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When I forgive my brothers and sisters
I don't ask them to join with me.
I only remind myself that we're already joined
but that I won't know this to be true
until I make all points of time 
in all dimensions of the universe
converge back to the single thought of separation
that has come and gone in a cosmic instant
for which I still haven't forgiven myself.

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You have unfailingly demonstrated your love
      every law     supporting      our galaxy
is so      harmonious      that this
little blue paradise      could not exist
      every      thread      and       movement
so precise      we can measure
its movements right down to atomic levels
All so         this small space
could provide          everything         anyone
who had           any appreciation
might understand that we have
      been provided abundantly          every delight
in the way         of plans          for a Utopia
      Yet the movements      of every ruling body
of science         religions         governments          corporations
      seem bent         on destruction
tampering      with the finesse      of precision
      incorporated      in the molecules      of life 
Continuous self reproduction      and regeneration      in nature
right down to making           "seeds who self destruct"
      to make nature          exactly as themselves
I divorce publicly          these unions of violence
demonstrated in their every thought and deed
      poisonous words          poisonous chemicals
totalitarian ideology          pandemic to 
the leaders           of these factions 
      warring with each other          hoarding the
wealth       of a planet       given freely to
      the father of our species
And if you don't believe that
          then think nature gave it freely
of her every fruit         produced by her ground
who delight in the peril      and fall
of your own family
      who know not          nor recognize
your own worth      or the worth
of everything          and          everyone around you
No , but you      fall at the feet
admiringly of all               these mongrels
          the media who worship
          these fine movers and shakers
who roll      right over you      and think
you should be trained groupies
these men          who kill your planet
          with ideologies and philosophies 
whose very design          is to denigrate
your worth          and exalt themselves
Therefore       I will exalt      in your instruction
          the progenitor of life       for as surly
as we examine          the work of life
      we are moved      by its abundant wealth
freely shared      with all who live on this little rock
to examine          why we all are unable
to fluently          live          within its confines
I think I will not walk off the cliff today
gravity is my friend if I know her rules
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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My favorite dish

The Dish-conjures many a description
A plate, a sumptuous meal, a perfect body, a receptor for TV or
A place
My dish is one that has been in a film-And classed as 
A relic -The grand old lady of astronomy and she lives in Parkes- She is 
Revolutionary-She helped land man on the moon
She also records many a sound from constellations and beyond
She waits patiently to receive and to reply to, “Is anyone out there?”
She is our echo, our coo-ee to space
She is our planets ears and voice to record and send our invites to the stars- 
She is a dish.

©? Brenda V Northeast         4 Jan. 2012

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Direct Realization

Life is dynamic and constantly changing
Any thinking or verbal speculation about life
even with regard to the future 
is always based on the past
One may have an immediate awareness
beyond thought or verbal speculation
of one's existence
but one cannot have direct contact
with one's immediate existence
through thought

Words are useful in the attempt
to communicate one's experience
to another person
but the use of words is merely an attempt
to point to experience
It can never give that immediate 
direct knowledge, insight or realization
that comes from one's experience

Words are like a map
and experience is the territory
A map can only give knowledge
"about" the territory
It can never give knowledge
"of" the territory
This can only be obtained
through direct experience

When one considers growth and decay
as a continuous ongoing process
of which human existence is a mere iota
one realizes that there is an inexorable movement
which encompasses everything that "is"
including human existence
which is a relatively recent phenomenon
on the cosmic time scale

One realizes the ethnocentricity
or more specifically the "homocentricity"
of the claim that human conceptualizations
are capable of knowing things as they "are"
This applies whether the claim is that of 
science, religion or 
any other system of thought

When one examines the way 
the different lifeforms are interrelated
one realizes the distortion created by thought
when one attempts to isolate 
and elevate one lifeform
particularly the human lifeform
apart from the others

The body has an intelligence of its own
which manifests itself
when thought ceases its attempt
to know life
It is a direct realization
beyond thought

There is a fundamental unity
of everything that "is"
and Love is a manifestation
at the behavioural level
of this unity

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Carrying Imagination

Hardly a day ever goes by
In which creativity fails me;
For my boundless imagination runs free
Never pausing once to ask why
Others here are so constrained
To obey the laws of Reality,
Held captive by what their minds perceive,
Imprisoned by what they think they see.

When I was only a child,
 My skills were a blessing;
For even when I played on my own,
There was no limit to my ideas and dreams.
And I never once felt alone,
Though hours passed without my care
As I created worlds in my head
And played with people who weren't there.

How does blessing become cursed
As time continues to move?
Now my creativity is looked down upon,
When it is not used at the "right time"
As if there was ever a wrong one!
Why are adults expected to stop dreaming
Once they get all of their adult teeth?

But I refuse to stop dreaming.
I would rather live up in the clouds
Where the air is clean and brighter than
The pollution on the ground.
I will take my dreams to work with me;
Science is built on curiosity.
I will show the world that adults can dream
Though they might consider me insane.

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Squids, like Sunshine

You knew I was angry

As we walked apart, along Spadina
Through the pungent summer air of Chinatown
Past the various sea creatures, dried or iced
And fruits I don’t know piled atop sacks of rice
I closed my eyes and let only the breeze run over me
A million particles per second
Imagining I could imagine every one
I let in the sunlight
And wondered in that amazement you only get
By thinking about everyday things
As the heat danced on my skin
And I thought about how it had been
Through eight minutes and twenty seconds of space
To land radiant on my face
I let things go and walked with you again
I felt stand-offish as you took my hand
But was in awe it was there at all
Or that you love me

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Red planet in the dark, 
Iron Oxide lights your spark.
In search of great, there is not much greater,
then the planet of valleys, deserts and craters.
Spots of white look not unlike snow,
but, in fact, are storms and cyclones.
A surface scarred and cut by time,
holds a soil of Alkaline.

Cold and quite, howling wind,
Carbon Dioxide is what you'd breathe in.
Plains and highlands vast and smooth,
contrast craters the size of moons.
simply a face made flaccid,
beaten, meteor impacted.
Storms of dust bellow and swoon,
traveling to an unwritten tune.
An Argon sword, atmosphere built,
with carbon dioxide playing the hilt.

A Terra of martain Magnesium mass,
is it Basalt, or Silica glass?
Avalanches slope with a streak,
with weak gravity and slide to a heap.
Gullys carved from water of old,
lines can be seen where a sea met a coast.
Surveying mars is a difficult task,
about half of the time there are failed spacecrafts.
But despite all that, we now have a team,
of rovers exploring since 2003!
They have seen much of Mars, as far as can go,
though the poles are of ice, and the weather is cold.
But still, we have maps, and data and more,
we've explored the red planet like never before!

Peroxides and oxides provide color schemes,
it's possible life had seen what we've seen,
it's possible mars might invite human beings,
because anything's possible, when you have a dream.

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Global Warming

She's not seeking.
She's not searching anyone in her path.
She'll just take them all;
That's who we created her to be.

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In a flat world I gazed at zillion Stars twinkling From all horizons, Together with trillion Human beings standing In a circular formation Like chilling survivors Around a bonfire. These stars made All of us visible, Casting our shadows To all directions; Each shadow lay A translucent plane On the ground, Gaining saturation With another. They all met At a point of intersection Where the final hue was mixed, And I saw Absolute darkness.

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Love Hurts - The Symptoms

Thoughts displaced by rolling palpitations,
From left to right grow these numbing sensations,
A face which spirals down, drooping from smile to frown.

Time hibernates in this moment protracted,
Legs bow and shake to our drama just acted,
Senses into overdrive, does pain show you’re still alive?

Oxygen masks, Coxes’ rowing commands,
Heart beat machines is what love demands,
“You need time to relax”, prescriptions from Quacks,
Is love just a commonplace heart attack?

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The New God

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart beats out of your chest
Ready to consume the final climax
I know who you are - when the lyrics fail to resemble
Letting your poison drip straight from your lips
Portraying, entertaining the image of sex's delusion
You know only rape - manifestation of hate
Lack of the fruit of the beauty of a human mind
Depths you'll never penetrate!

She was only a doll - type of a lost father's adore
Impaled into a desperate whore
Shamefully out of broken safety's  choice 
She bore embryogenesis of morose
May your rusty blades caress as they please

So confront the masses with the halt of embryogenesis
Let the worship of machines be
Leg them construct us cell to cell
Nature's just in the way
Of our race of perfectly engineered machines!
The burden of conception
Surrenders to the will of
The New God

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Apple Light

The day Steve Jobs left
I learnt my language at a click
The digital lingo of packers
Bundling out a messy madhouse
In a swift sweep
To a new space
A  faster  light 
What use is meanings
When A is for Apple
And W is for Will.

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Coffee Science

          Coffee Science

Wild storm crashed my boat
Succumbing to the unforgiving rocks
In a sad deposit on a primal savage shore
Remote and desolate are words that come to mind
My Keurig and I alone survived the humble wreckage
A couple K cups floated up
Lapped upon the salted waves
There to be found and saved
There is one small issue on this island to submit
The science of electricity was yet to be invented 
Nor outlets to help the Keurig brew
If I don’t have my coffee
There is nothing left to do
The coffee maker will have to be returned
From what I can surmise
And what there is, to be discerned and seen
There is no receipt 
Like us, it too is lost 
I guess we’ll have to wait
For a boat or foreign science with electric to come our way
Before we take our coffee break 

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My melting point,
is your voice and words
Calling my name
my molecules twist and turn. 

My boiling point,
is your searing touch;
my vapors disintegrating,
in your thermal clutch

I begin to slide down my cooling curve,
when your heat is transferred elsewhere

I begin to reach my ice point, 
your absence bringing in the cold air 

The solid I've become,
cold to the touch,
longing for heat,
longing for love.

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Unexplained Brilliance

A sudden
 in a river of eyes,
 a sigh drawing

The spray of their rays
 issued into a void
 barren of illumination,
 its essence devoured
 with the absence
 of brilliance 

Broken skies
 illuminated with scars,
 fragmented earth
 felt the first radiance,
 one burst
 bequeathed life 

Startled orbs
 can now perceive
 with no sight,
 folded forms
 can now move
 like untied kites 

A desolate darkness
 was extinguished,
 with an inexplicable
 sound wave of light

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The Drone

 You use it every day.
 It is a basic part of life now.
 Maybe it’s the flicker of the radio
 Or the buzz of a computer.
 It is used every day to make our lives simpler and less stressful. 
 Is it really helping us though?
 It does make our life simpler
 But is this a downward spiral into emotionless and effortless life?
 A life where instead of real soldiers with real emotions
 are sent to fight,
 A drone controlled by someone at a computer is used to kill innocent civilians. 
 The drone is emotionless.
 No compassion for other beings and no feeling of guilt or regret.
 This is the future,
 an emotionless drone controlled by someone at a computer. 

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Blatant Truth

Nothing happens for a reason
There are just reasons why things happen

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Carry On To Carrion

I get lost when i think about it.

My heart is parallel with time
I feel as though this beat I carry on 
is endless.

There was no start

I will never finish

I just keep going, 

With forever,

Until time is nonexistent

Until this beat becomes consistent

And one day my body will drop

As my beat runs parallel with time, 

I carrion.

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The Miserable Physicist II

(This poem was published in Leaves of Ink, this August)

He finds nothing new to be excited about; a bottle of whisky, dark humor,
and a packet of cigarettes are his companion.
“All the breakthroughs and works that I have done will end in a flash,
when another Big Bang occurs”, he mourns deep inside his soul,
as his wife and children play in the summer Sun……

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Where Does the October Come From

In October
color is from 
stripping away
the mild disguise of Summer,
like the poison fruit,
the vomitous insect,
red devil. Death from heat.

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Psychic Eye

Spirit ascending beyond physicality
Stepping through the shadow of light
Bringing to the surface what fades with age

Step through the shadow
Open the third eye
Stare into the future
Stare at the mirror as you die

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and riding its momentum 
out across the chasm
of an unreflecting void,
is Voyager,
its waning, hopeful beep
an act of faith; there lies within,
a particle of us--
ready to embrace the one
who looks inside.

It is a shell of nothingness
without a dream to nourish its long night,
a worthless orb of metal 
in a cold black sky,
hope thrown into a phantom alien hand
unseen, unguided, yet unknown to God,
a Flying Hollander condemned
to yet another seven year eternity.
Still not a journey,
no, not yet--a vanity,
until it meets its purposed end.

So, too, is love impossible,
a non-reality, a formula alone
until it is returned.
Like Voyager, its effort laudable,
like stick to fire, indifferent
until it's burned.
And he, without a lover
will not understand:
We do not fall in love--
we love, are loved;
create and are created--
know, and then are fully known.

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Oh thou, am I colorless?

Oh thou, am I colorless?
The world is lit.
The light does shine.
As  with my ancestors, freedom shall ring and freedom shall be mine.
The light has burned as a message throughout time.
The light is love and the love so does and so will continue to shine.
The light comprises more than we see with our own eyes.
One must learn with the mind.
Theoretically and scientifically my skin absorbs the light, in practicality, I am colorless?
, but some judge me by the color scale they have came to know.  
How pure is your heart?   Is it gold? 
The whole can be seen as white or light, it too can be colorless. Can two be the same as one? 
Oh thou, where does logic go?
 Those whom seek the understanding of light, seeks the truth for so it holds.
It hasn't changed from centuries ago.  Oh thou, where is Aristotle, Socrates and Plato?
 Let there be no mystery about the light for the day of darkness is when it's extinct.  
The light can and will be seen, for it reaches from shore to shore , from coast to coast,  the light maybe seen from underneath  the heaviest doors,  my light ----- yes,  my light--- is like my  soul.
All are parts of the whole?, Oh thou, where is Aristotle, Socrates and Plato? 
If a circle ends were it begins then what of “Alpha and Omega”? Oh thou, their work remains--- Aristotle, Socrates and Plato. Who are the "Great Thinkers and Philosphers" of today?
2008copyright@Carrie Love-Atkins

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Have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water

That is what they drink
never water
on no account will a Commie ever drink water
and not without good reason
water that's what I'm getting at
water is the source of all life
seven tenths of this Earth's surface is water
why do you realize that 70 percent of you is water
as human beings you and I 
need fresh pure water to replenish our precious bodily fluids.
are you beginning to understand

That’s why I drink only distilled water
or pure-grain alcohol

Have you ever heard of a thing called fluoridation
do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived 
the most and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face

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A Half Life or Radiocarbon Dating

When the carbon -14 is gone from your bones,
And nothing remains but a hull,
I’ll still hold your taste in my dry, empty jaw,
Having etched AHM in my skull
As the sun will not shine
And my heart will decay
No more will an N
Feel the sweet cosmic rays
Until all I can do is play along, quiet
As all that I say will be wrong, or defiant
Every chemical taken,
In hopes they might calm me,
Become but an agent,
To embalm and prolong the - wait
I can't wait for the times when I'll see you again,
Though, each time I'll be secretly flooded with pain
A Gala, Penelope, Laurie, a muse
And all of this, a cold fuse

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First Kiss

Listen with a beckoned ear.

The way a tandem flock

Assembles to the gravity of warmth.

Fearlessly cascading the open sky.

Only to veer for nourishment

Or an unpredictable speck of dust.

A kiss is first science, then art.

Osculating the geometric curves of the fit.

Once true, a kiss becomes abstract to the senses.

Perceptively measured by taste and texture.

Come. Please.

While we are nestlings in this season.

Let’s experiment.

Perhaps practice with a pallet and brush.

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That Free Will is an Illusion

That decisions are in the form of electric impulses and chemical reactions in the brain…
That these electricity and reactions are facilitated by different chemicals…
That chemicals are just aggregates of atoms…
That we do not have control over atoms.
we cannot control the chemicals in our brain;
and therefore,
cannot control such reactions and electric impulses;
and therefore,
cannot control our decisions.

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Minutia Of The Moment


Material things seem to be there
Seconds away
By the way
They become solid rocks
As time performs 
Smaller functions
Around the obvious
Clocks move by 
In trivial circles
And unsavory company
Go unnoticed
Focused on the notion of swallowed nothing
Always there
If only in memory
 Vastness fashions a concept of tangibility
And takes us under…..advisement…..under consideration
The observable existence calms
With so few spaces to fill in
The minutia of the moment

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A Johns Poopposterous- Darwin Was Here

Went to pick a bone all I found was fossils               															 Lost within Smithsonian's flood colossal 	  															  A giant petrified dodo 																		  Just a rendering who knew																	Excretions of artistic apostle																																					~                                                                                                                                                     eyes to see pupil                                          															   arts  deception perception         																	 in lieu of subject

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An Astronaut

I think I was an astronaut
Aimed for the stars.
They fill me up;
They refuel my tank.
They enable me to believe,
Telling me to never give up
As they follow me all of my days.
If only we could see the beauty
That they truly are.
They shout out dreams
That we can reach so far.
Climb into the rocket
And liftoff!
On a journey to discover ourselves,
We are taught so much more,
Learning our goals are only a plan away.
Even thought we must return,
I know that I will be back.
I am an astronaut,
And we always reach for the stars.

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Reality Faces Extinction

            Reality Faces Extinction

Reality blinked at the possibility of existence being real
Eternity termination adds another layer to the weight
Comes with a heavy proving price if not mistaken
If not approved by science and philosophy, who have no clue
How can one surmise…If it can’t be proved…that you lived or died?
One must have evidence before extinction and the grand demise
To see it, feel it, touch it, smell it before you die
If I ever come face to face with reality or extinction
Remind me to walk the other way as I prefer to stay
I can’t afford the price and I’m too confused to understand
Maybe if I remain in ignorance in bliss, this will all just go away 

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Green and Blue

Fish swam in blue waves of cotton candy
Carless gulps of salty ocean
Tails whipping through chocolate sea
Sweet as a rice crispy treat
Mindless beauties beneath the land
Squishy scales under quick sand
While dinosaurs chant for reincarnation
Butterflies flutter in several mazes
Carrying souls from eras beneath to
Timeless eras above to retreat

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Network Theory

Through hub after hub
Opportunities for connection
Or crossed purposes
Wire up.

Messages lose themselves
All the time
And never reach their
Intended destinations.

So why did the just wrong
Signifier happen to
Get through this time? 
Exacted its way
Through the complexity
And hit its intended
Target with such 
Blunt force
That it overloaded 
The system and
Almost broke it…
But not quite
Because it’s resilient
In its redundancies.

(This girl never learns.)

Just a few degrees of
Distinction separate – 
Almost togetherness.

It’s like we’re
Waiting – just waiting
– to be moved but
Refuse to budge.

Every millisecond of 
Every moment of
Every day,
So much chance for success
And simultaneous failure...

Touchy, this situation.

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What do you think,
Does the tree fall?
Does the cell multiply, 
Even when we don’t observe,

When we lose our self,
In mathematics?
When the last tree falls
And you are not there 
To listen, to hear, to observe the
Death of nature’s prized possession.

But WHY?
Sound does not exist, if only in our
A perception of waves in the air.
Moving, vibrating.
A soup of neurological connections.
Pulsing, Breeding
Unto multimillions
To the cell multiplying.
Creating Life the beauty of
Earth, its Moon, its Sun.

So what is life?
Energy is life,
Coursing through every vein and
Line of our Universe.
Wishing, hoping,
Knowing what we hope to,
Wish to, want to.
So YES! The tree falls, as the
World cannot, cannot just create 
Itself, like a game,
Like a matrix of the mind.

What’s done is done and the birds and 
The animals flee from the ruins, and the 
Termites crawl.
Knowing what we don’t 
The secrets of the Universe,
As the cell multiplies, an 

Supply of life,

While some claim GOD, a Spirit, of Earth

I still claim Science, the hard,
Knowledge, proven unto itself.
The only reason the cell can copy,
Multiply is through the DNA that
Took its
Unto infinitum Life.
The true Tesseract, The true Tessellation, the true Fractal, Onto 

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volcanic eruptions
planets collide becoming particals
atoms molecules
dust floating in an embryonic fluid
universes galaxies 
multidimensional wormholes
our awareness sliding through
milky ways constructed on a cellular level
nebulas new born planets
the light of several thousand suns being born at once
swimming through our bodies
we are the universe made up of stars  (C) mjr 2009

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Twinkle twinkle, little star,
93 million miles far.
Giver of light, supporter of life,
energy, climate and season device.

The sun is a star, we're glad it is here,
as our life support, for 5 billion years.
This star is among the brightest in space,
though close, many questions about it remain.
With violet ,orange, and reddish of hues, 
our home solar system pivots on you.
8,000 degrees of Kelvin heat,
elements of Hydrogen and Helium meet.
Over 100 times the size of the Earth,
rotating once is a seven day turn.
The first of three layers is visible light,
the thick photosphere is a veil of white.
The atmosphere there is a plasma in ways,
which emits a series of wavelengths and rays.
A more defined trait are the patches of dark,
Sunspots are cooler, magnetically charged.
These spots tend to vary and alter in shape,
every 11 years, new cycles take place.
Solar cycles can affect the weather on Earth,
filters and color are how they’re observed.
Direct observation can damage the eyes,
I'd advise that precautions be sought and applied.
The heat is supplied by a core via fusion,
and exits as energy and light distribution.
Plasma is also among things released,
Solar Flares on the surface are a common sight seen.
All around they emit rays, X and UV,
which frequently jam radio frequencies.
Close to the sunspots, the flares can be viewed,
particles majestically travel in loops.
The Sun, like the Moon, is a welcomed companion,
life without it cannot be imagined.

Twinkle twinkle, little star,
93 million miles far.
Giver of light, supporter of life,
always shining, through day and through night.

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Dressed for death act one - the spinning plague doctors

Because of sin death enter in 																	Wearing dark wide brim with long blackened coat   														tucked behind crow faced with red evil eyes 															The apple of amber will not keep this doctor away															saw bones bearing a hatchet coming with sweet sachet in beak														for dwelling among the dead the living they should seek														sown in the mouth teaching for to kill and not to heal          													follies follow their wisdom dead flies of the apothecaries ointment 													 Prideful yet they know once to die then the appointment											         			false prophecies of their own making stink to sweet 														supposing double winding serpent would treat  														stenching gray amber the amulet of pomander															wand in hand resisting as Jannes and Jambers															lying healers foaming shame of whales vexed															holding sick at bay while death has its way															black to the shoes the wading death a plague                                                       										so called great men of the earth only deceive   															 taking honor from God with their sorceries                                                           										They to false gods have sown to woes their own                                                         				                               				as the Hippocratic oath they swore															climbing the back of the great whore															hardened hearts whence came the obstruction                                                                                                      						the spirit of egypt pillars of destruction    	                                                                                                                                                                  		Alas dying sinner there is a cure for death

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Awake, perhaps day-dreaming,
with a cosciousness opening up
to the universe vaster than thoughts
as awareness races with time,
to lose its trace in outer space...
wonders, many worders yet to be seen
by me and others in the golden age!

No man, lesser than God, can understand
how our solar system was made and how it stands... 
unless he possess the gift of the third eye:
to dismiss illusion and turn it into an astonishing reality
by letting consciousness open up to the universe!

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Colors, strands and beams
Arranged into a rainbow
Twisted around each other
They form a warped vision
Every piece large
Every piece small
Connected in an infinite web
Confusion and clarity
Chaos and order
All in one place
Spread across the Universe
It is seen in the mind
Conjured up in nightmares
Just a series of mathematical equations
Numbers in the right place at the right time
Creating such beauty

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Colors, strands and beams
Arranged into a rainbow
Twisted around each other
They form a warped vision
Every piece large
Every piece small
Connected in an infinite web
Confusion and clarity
Chaos and order
All in one place
Spread across the Universe
It is seen in the mind
Conjured up in nightmares
Just a series of mathematical equations
Numbers in the right place at the right time
Creating such beauty

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I have lay dormant for too long now
slept in the shadows,undiscovered.
Until the all knowing mind and
excited eye of a Masai shepherd
extracts me from my mountainous shell.
From ultramarine to lilacy violet,
christened the Blue Zoisite
Adopted by Tiffany who cried in despair
'It sounds too much like suicide'
Renamed Tanzanite, after its origin
a most precious, unique purple gem,
or am I, not purple but yellowy-brown
A lavender hue,some might claim.
A newbie compared to the oldest of rubies
a rebel that will not be mined.
Immaculate elegance, exclusively
the most dazzling of earthly designs.

27th July 2011

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P.C. Viorel Muha

menses contordes birds,
flayer in the narrow tunnels,
keyboards deads, glass, silicat, wires..,
bent the time, memory to rack one`s brain ,
himself and her ,
to penetrate end beaten the face inclined,
easy, easy in the time speed,
the time, winning, crushed, staring..,
him to await for my.

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Particle Accelerator

That which has come has gone,
This song is sung,
This bell has rung.
This road we walked has
Wound its way home,
To face this moment naked and alone. 

In time we move apart again,
Once touched, ever touching.
Drifting to distant climbs,
The chill fills our soles, or selves, still.
Motionless but ever moving,
Drawn inexorably away. 

Sightless eyes gaze, glazed, upon the heavens,
The stars strewn across the night sky.
Their traces glitter and shine.
Your heart and mine are one again, for a moment. 

The time transcendent, abundant, so all becomes possible.
That which we feared has lost its power
As the flower of our faded youth
Produces seeds. 

The seeds, like stars, are strewn across the night sky.
Their traces glitter and shine.
They are yours,

And mine.

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Untitled #308 / Universal gravitation and the human heart

Oh constant Things! By Newton’s law of universal gravitation,
everything in the universe is attracted to
every other thing. If only the human heart
would obey this simple principle, there would be no need
for heartbreak, for pain, for mortal strife,
for impotent words that fall on no ears that matter.

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A canvas of matter and all the empty space,
Frames of light, pictures from past positions,
Our privilege to glance at the once was,
Projections of our lives and moderate climates,
Existence held in a traveling form from eras before,
At last reaching down and softly grasping
The rocks and trees and streets and minds,
A dimly lit reflection of Earth and our time,
I guess that I am the same as I was,
And contemplation of those specks and lines,
Do we think that they really feel anything?
All that we see or seem is but
A living math equation without an end,
Mechanical certainty, clockwork beauty,
Do they really feel anything at all?
All the mass that persists gathers into
Clusters of spheres, rotating and revolving,
Organic efficiency leans and collapses
Together in an eternal embrace.
All these plants and animals are linked,
They eat each other, a natural recycle
Until thought became flesh on the Third Planet,
And the stars became teachers,
Giving knowledge to this globe,
Bound and willing to explode,
Projecting, reflecting, hoping and weeping their light,
Lending their beauty and hope to our night.

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The modern day witch

I have seen a woman froth Christianity
and the whites of her eyes flash
when an unassuming inch of doubt
trickles through the cracks of an Evangelical facade
She has no bend, no sway
under Biblical pretenses
and, you know,
It's magick
She flies through the air in the metal belly of a bird,
can even tell you what tomorrow's weather will be
reason enough to burn in America's yesterday
same as any garden variety witch
But airplanes, televisions, and radiowaves
are now household parlour tricks
safely tucked away in
the idolatry of science

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For Many a Millennia

For many a millennia
man has walked
       on this earth.
During this journey
he has learned much
but not enough
for his appetite.
To feed the hunger
he grows a special
a garden filled with
each year a bigger crop
is harvested to satisfy
the increasing need
        for knowledge.

For many a millennia
man has mauled
        and scarred
the face of the earth,
        has interrupted
        and disturbed
the workings of nature
with his pollution,
destruction, wars,
tearing down,
and building up --
events of mainly
technological origins.

For many a millennia
man's knowledge has enlarged,
now it's running amok.
If it continues
we will find ourselves
buried in long forgotten
tombs of earthen crust,
from space just holes
        and pot marks
in Terran soil,
on ground level
     vast wastelands
excavated by man
to feed technology,
to build concrete roads
        and buildings,
creating a Heaven for man,
a real hell for Earth,
a planet which millennia ago
was still uncluttered,
        much greener,
        pollution free.
A virgin among the stars
awaiting the then unknown
dawn of technological


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The Great Black Hole Cycle

The kiss of the black hole
Purposely unknown
The galaxy it's home

Tear apart my heart
It's just a start
Feed off my remains
The ultimate creation
Giving life
Thy kingdom comes
To be undone
Hallowed Be thy name

For your the greatest power
Our small minds may conceive
It only takes a glance
At your utter magnitude
For the doubters to believe

The vengeance of the lord
Is displayed in your cycle
I wish I could be great like you
An inmovable idol

Teardrops tear away from me
And drop down to the ground
Immiscible feelings swirling
As they dare not make a sound

This is the silent killer
That lies in the end of all emotion
Spewing out unwanted light
Without another notion
This is your nature
To destroy order by your hand
Spewing out of severed chaos
That begats new foreign lands
As if you were the creator
Perhaps he resides inside
The black holes might
Drinks in the light
And reincarnates it beyond the shadows

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Electricity harnessed inside,
reproduced thin dimensions,
does a computer chip comprise.

Analog, digital and mixed signal devices,
are the classifications these can reach,
thousands, millions of transistors within minimal sizes.

The chips and integrated circuits find home,
with conductive wiring spun,
on circuit board's copper and electric roads.

Transistors are the key, they come in many types,
considered among the greatest of inventions,
they are the chips brain, and power many a device.

Resisters are placed to prevent bridging effects,
the metallic surfaces are bound,
with solder, an alloy of tin and lead.

Capacitors store energy, pins carry a current,
through the ovens they travel,
sometimes infrared lamps play the furnace.

In 1960 this technology matured,
but chips are not restricted,
to this process, some utilize wafers.

For wafers, silicon is the canvas,
on which the portrait is painted,
low material costs and good temperature ranges to manage.
Many layers make up a wafer's scheme,
it's silicon and aluminum are gray,
but refracted light gives way to reds, blues, yellows and greens.

"Etching" is the process,
of at least two layers of electronically interconnected wafers,
mounted one at a time, cut and polished.

Inexpensive creations, roll out the line,
like a newspaper, churning out new wafers,
instead of one at a time.
The circle takes shape to help prevent brakes,
to fit in as many chips as possible,
and machines can handle them easier this way.

Look close into the heart and observe,
that human mind behind the creation,
has left us a mark of his work.

Be wary dear chip, for though you make possibilities infinite,
with your uses many, and speed fantastic,
it can prove ill, pushing those limits.

In 1956 this tool rose from the mind of man,
perfected in the 1980's, it still gains momentum,
to think, it hails from the humility of sand.

It now can be found in many everyday things,
from computers to cellular phones and cars,
and most likely whatever our future might bring.

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All at once both slow and fast all at once. A sense of motion is awesome, 
has anyone ever felt such a heady rush of speed 
together with total slowness and lack of motion?

Let’s set off on our journey up to the hills, 
we will arrive in seconds and in days…
here there are two speed vortices that we share at the same time, continuously.

Who an earth wants to move both slow and fast at once? I would for one.
Soon maybe everyone can – it may happen to them when they don’t expect it…
standing still and your world starts to rush by, unending rush.

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The Wastelands

The sun reached down
Almost as if to the ground
Bleaching the skulls and the bones

Wind rustled, rustled the ash
Gently kissing the faces of the dead
Parting with a sorrow it should be said

Nevermore would the faces rise
It was the end of earth
What touched the sky

Dauntless I set ‘cross the land
A grim determination set
Fractious in its demands

A final disposition partook me of my trust
As the bleached white skull
Transcended into dust

With malicious eye I watched it
Weary of such tricks fickle to my mind
Yet remaining vigilant for such a fix

Even as the sun fell
I watched it with vigil till the end
Even then I knew I had entered The Wastelands

The rain fell from the clouds 
Vapid as it flew against the sky
Wondering what art disposed it to take me by

And as the sun did rise
Bleating dauntless in the sky
I set ever onward

Doubtless ever onward
Dauntless ever onward
Staring vexed with oblivious eye

As a traveler I lay waste
Mournful for the wretched soul
Which had withered fair

Though I doubted 
At that forsaken stare
As I stood and watched it there

That bonded soul
Did the sun reach down upon
Bleached forever on the down

Did forever it sit upon lost ground
And as I passed
I could swear for stare

Swear I saw it watch me there

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if memory is a lie then so am I

Proust searched his brain for memories that 
made the man, could finally understand
that this changed him just by looking;
so he called himself a sentimental realist!

many a prisoner, in walls cast of shadows,
have escaped their fate etched in stone
and bars at Guantanamo, where they
remade themselves in the language of pain -

the poetry of misery or bliss to relive a life
that past has missed, to rekindle themselves 
in the alembic of desire, their inner fire
because of the lie of memory; I am frisson!

oh, yearning moment, oh, swelling into dreams
come of these needful things, where open
skies and open roads and open fields
are little sparks in open places closed inside of me.

when this lightning sings my body moves
with the ghostly touch of numinous grass 
and forgotten fragile flowers, the distant buzz of bee 
and echoing twitter of birds sound again inside of me.

inside of memory is me, thereto is the lie
where holes are filled by imagination, a story I call
myself where fiction and reality are hopelessly 
intertwined, undermining who I thought was me and too, mine.

this albatross of original stimulus, this 
verisimilitude of the incongruous, mutable
impressions which fleeting fly dead-away
fall into the deep error of my earnest loom; memory!

the act of remembering changes me, so a fool I have
become, locked in shadows, staring dumb, I shun this outer lock, sing my songs as they
come from now on, making me in my own image 
                                                                        undone ...

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Faster than light

Take me now
to a place in the universe

where I can stand upon
and jump into the

vacuum sea
and accelerate

at a constant nine-point-eight
meter per second squared

and fall to infinitely low
ground, so I can travel

faster than the light
passing through the lens

of my eyes,
to see the future

(c) 2012
Sherwin Balbuena
when I go against
the shrinking cosmos,

to visit the past
when I face

its expansion,
and to love the present

when I fly across
the plane of time.

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Light Energy

Distinctive deliverance,
Man has no abstract control.
Nature takes in importance.

Will nature, man ever collaborate.

Note Parise Pariku 

Written for
Sponsor ^Rick Parise 
Contest Name Parise Pariku 

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Fly Agaric

Wandering traveller of the night
Occult creature,
your velvet butterfly tongue leaves thoughts lingering in my mind
as visions of obscured beauty pass before me,
in the shadow of your smile
hypnotic, illuminating
to pluck the thoughts out of the void
like petals from divine lotus
streams of consciousness pool, playing before our shimmering eyes 
in crescent moon lullaby 
melodic rhythm of throbbing life,
spinning illusion
illuminated in violet luster  
revealing truth hidden in images of splendor
every hue brilliantly diffused
in the immensity of an unshattered silence
fragmented bliss,
I sleep, lulled deeply in Morpheus' embrace 
and so I ask you,
if I am a child of the light why do I feel so at home in the dark?
falling tears die delicately
as you told me that
today is the child of yesterday and tomorrow 
innocence, captured peacefully
formed with golden bough.
Strange, twilight child,
lost in your mercurial pleasure
set free my naked soul
shivering, into darkened night
ascending on stairways of delirium
to the orphaned city of stars

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Pine Seed

Pine Seed

Don't forget
it's clay
that learned how to
soak itself and wrap
in gelatine.
It opened
secret compartments
in it's glue
to do its
quiet, private

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Water Rune

Water rune feed off the breast of the moon like a baby, new until by adolescence another ruined Aqua Deity Poseidon cast forth thy trident bellowing waves of violence sink towering ships, in silence How to tame a beast of rage first you must just turn the page a cold shoulder best these days soon to enter the new ice age Water rune welcoming bad news vicarious Aquarius the Water bearer enters hysteria takes his crown the common era is all but dead now Religion and science meet with a big bang God falls to his kneeundaunting wounded, but not yet deceased he makes a deal with the Devil for their synthesis why close your eyes if you don't wish to hear it? Forgot of Pisces like a vague evading memory of the childhood your hurricane came to clean life away, in ruin I stay, nothing wise left to say I'll just ride your wave to my grave, of icy water. Hallowing along to aloneness caught up in a priceless moment sea levels run rampant the rising tide rising high towards the sky rolling back down sound like thunder strike into oblivion, and drag me under lifeless, unconscious, abundantly undaunting holding onto that which might not be whole again ever, like Pangea for even the mightiest army surrenders without their leader

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text messages

whoever it was that created text messaging phones
needs to take all the money they made,
get really drunk, or really high
or a young girlfriend,
anything it takes
to make them old before their time
so they can die.

who thought it would be a good idea
to have a mailbox to carry around with you
everywhere you go?
who even thought it would be nice
to have a portable telephone,
always on call?

don't people leave their homes
to be away from their mailboxes,
away from their phones.
the majority of letters were written by a stamping machine.
the majority of phonecalls are from people that haven't the guts
to show up at your door,
let alone, tell the truth.

and when there's a man and a woman
that are both mad,
or one mad at the other,
everywhere you go,
she has your number,
everywhere she goes,
she can't escape his angry charm.--
you hear a noise or feel a vibration.
is it the publisher's clearing house poetry event,
or the latest friend to have gotten paid
dinner money for a night out of the week?
no.--it's the girl being mad.
it's somebody that's accusing you of something
you didn't do
(but might as well have done),
because she's already punished you for it
an eye for an eye...

or it's the man with the weight of the world
on his sleeve,
and you're too busy coming up with lies
when he lights up, unprepared,
your phone, twenty--thirty some times
a day.
between all the other calls
and text messages
you pay your hard earned dollars,
and sell your soul
to the corporate pimp with interest,
to explain how you "can't come to the phone
right now," when phones are made that come
to you, and never die.

men that never die.
women that never die.
phones and makers of phones
that never die.
and everyone of them has something to say.

and if you can't come to the phone right now,
there's a world full of people that can.
and you can say the same thing
to them all.
it doesn't matter.

as long as we're doing something!
--doing something,
to keep the service going.
and to get our money's worth the service.  

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To the last sail to paradise.

Oh come!
Somebody take me 
To the last sail to paradise.

At he end of the day
When the sun goes down
I heard a shadow far away
Who is weeping an a shattering tone.
It took my mind apart
To the other side
And made me wonder
Who is there on her knees
Weeping so trgically.

Oh come!
Somebody take me 
To the last sail to paradise.

The one who has to sail
Has gone into the sea
And the one who has come home
Has also gone.
But the one who is neither in the
Nor home.
At the deapth of night
Who would come for him!
The ones whose faces have never smiled
Whose gardens have never bloomed
Whose daylights were never bright
And night-lights were doomed.

I'm going to go those
To feel their life
To touch their face
And cry....

Oh come!
Somebody take me 
To the last sail to paradise.

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Quantum G-Spot

Quantum g-spot
Simultaneous revulsion
And primal mystic
Archaic groan
Unpredicable tectonic
Moaning through time
Creation spins itself
Reincarnation splatters across the waves
Fingering past time hopes
Groping for change

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Science is knowledge, magnificence pansophism! 
Extreme erudition of unmatched intellect, 
in all its compelling branches; 

The beautiful and dynamic achievement of flight. 
A kite flying with great height. 
A curveball thrown with might. 
Phenomenal "Aerodynamics" allows such sights. 

The amazing structure of the human body such as the heart; 
Eyes that view a visual art. 
Ears that tune Mozart. 
Without the extraordinary systems of "Anatomy" we truly depart. 

The fascinating studies of humankind. 
Values help us to be kind. 
Beliefs are a part of how we are designed. 
The enthralling and humble "Anthropology" allowing us to be refined. 

The remarkable mystery of reconstructing past societies. 
Biofacts help pieces together ancient aristocracy. 
Artifacts help determine historical tendencies. 
Adventurous and valuable "Archaeology" traces of our ancestries. 

The wonderful feeling and marvel of observing the night sky... 
Planets are the starting point in charting the galaxies, nothing to defy. 
Calendars, how else would you know it's July! 
The mystical stories of "Astronomy" is where our answers lie. 

There is a fabulous world of the living that the human eye can not see. 
Bacteria without you there would not be food on land or in sea. 
Earth's microscopic decomposer and carbon releaser, nature loves thee. 
Most see it as disease I see "Bacteriology" as exquisite, maybe it's just me! 

What could be more delightful then knowing our genetic code? 
DNA the carrier of our complex traits, an imperfect human mold. 
Chemical processes in living organisms, a sight, if able to see, to behold! 
Unbelievable and monumental is "Biochemistry" to mapping the human road. 

I admire the ability to see every aspect of life in a living organism. 
Classification of species helps define humanism. 
Behavior the study of stimulus-response may help destroy racism! 
I find comfort in "Biology" and in its explanation of this organism. 

I could not be more grateful for the importance in plant life! 
Oxygen is life, without it we be in the afterlife. 
Medicine is the healer and prevents the surgical knife. 
We all should be thankful to lifesaving "Botany" and its lab in the wildlife. 

There are so many other branches of science: Climatology, 
Entomology, Ecology, Marine Biology... 
And this is just a poem, not a report, to marvel at science. 
Beside this scientific mind has run out of rhymes

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The Observer

If there was a god
That looked down and saw everything,
If there happened to be some anonymous observer, 
Somewhere a distant voyeur of human life,
Then maybe science wouldn't be so scary 
And the answer ‘no’
So right. 

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A Date With Expiration

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          A Date With Expiration    
Science says regarding life 
We all must die sometime
All living things will cease to be
But History survives everything
Good for it.  I hope it has many days

Like fruits and vegetables 
And like milk stamped “Best used by”
It is news to me that humans now come
With expiration dates 
Marked "Expired" 
I wonder if my taxes were filed and paid
Before I pass away or at least retire
I hope I remembered to get laid
Or paid for all my efforts
Before my time runs out


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It’s quiet in here
Almost completely silent
All I can hear is the dying mechanical hum 
of whatever’s barely keeping me alive

I’m suspended in something
Much like liquid 
but far more restricting

My eyes are burning 
So I keep them closed
And it’s that much less pain I feel

It takes all I have
To reach out and touch the glass
And wonder what’s out there
Wonder what I’m missing

If I’ve got to stay here my entire life
Then what’s the point

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The Oort Cloud Cometh

            The Oort Cloud Cometh

A few million years from now if we are here
Comets by the thousands will appear
Sent by cosmic forces originated from out there
Science says the Oort cloud is to blame
Some odd unseen entity called Nemeses is also named
A planet or black sun gone rogue
Gone wrong along the way
In elongated odd elliptic orbit
A distant anomaly around our sun will form 
Mysteriously align at Oort cloud and collide
In a moment of eccentricity by chance
It hurls millions of object free in our direction
Without detection, meteors and comets head for Earth
Catastrophe is sure to follow if not deflected
I hope we find defense by then
If not, since we are already dead, long before this event
Why the pretense?   Why pretend?
What would it mean in any case
If the Earth should shatter
It will only move our graves to outer space
With other matter

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Chernobyl Gases

Hearts irradiated gasp
Neutrons scatter at the clasp
Architecture crumbles heaven
Kremlin scrambles level seven
Xeric tissue lacks retention
RNs wilting for Roentgen

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5 Liters

Water, in a protein sense,
salt and other substances,
make up plasma, which, in kind,
account for half of blood's design.

A mammal's blood is red and bright,
-from oxygen, when mixed inside.
Because of an iron-filled kind of protein,
Hemoglobin, it's red and glowing.

Red and white cells fill the half,
oxygen rides in small red rafts.
Compared to white, the reds are many,
born from marrow, good and plenty.

Blood supplies glucose and acids,
while carbon dioxide wastes are banished.
Coagulation is the body's repair,
as hormones message when damage is there.

It regulates the body heat,
hydro-mechanics, just like a machine.
Blood makes 7% of your weight,
red cells live 120 days.

The white cells clot the blood on site,
they help by killing parasites.
White cells come in different types,
some kill bacteria, and fungi,
allergic reactions, virus cells,
tumors, pathogens as well.

If only we could go within,
to see a white cell's origin.
We could show our gratitude,
for those that keep us strong like new.
Our health is their only mission,
their ranks are in the immune system.

The heart drives blood throughout the body,
from the ventricles, to the arteries.
-Back to the heart and through the veins,
ventricle, artery, lungs, you could say,
the blood travels far, and this would be truth,
it takes 30 seconds to complete it's route.

Oxygen brought in must be spread around,
While carbon dioxide is what's carried out.
The vein is a valve containing the waste,
which is pushed with help from muscles in legs.

Arteries branch out as smaller roads called,
Capillaries, just one cell thick is their wall.
The blood must be slowed to allow the breakdown,
of substances, nutrients, eat up the chow!

Blood is classified in 200 groups,
you inherit whichever your parents gave you.
The most common kinds are "A" "B" and "O",
Some have "A" or "B", and some people have both.
It's important to know, should you need more blood,
a bad combination will make it clot up.

Blood brings to life almost every creature,
-we could not be without, those...5...liters.

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Out Flanking The Phalanx

             Out Flanking The Phalanx

Roman Soldiers like to drink
So I sent them out to battle Hannibal
A simple mission not for sober men
First to the Cannae Battle, 216 BC with lots of sun and debauchery
Then on to Tribia
It came to pass with sun on every side
More so for Hannibal and his forces who survived the battle 
With tactics honored to this day on how to slay your foe
I told my men don’t move too slow
Perhaps I should have said don’t go
If you want to build a proper wedge the echelon wedge is perfect
Add the double envelopment and pincer movements to seal the deal
No postage needed 
With those three tactics Hannibal left my men for dead or bleeding
In any event, defeated  
When at Tribia, I ordered my men to clean at Lake Trasemine                                              (remembering that they stink) and to wait for war   
A consummate debacle by the Roman war machine unfolded
Legions flanked, lined up to die
Utilizing only brute force they marched in phalanx manner
Over 80 thousand strong, with breath and body odor to over power.
(They had no showers)
Annihilation got in the way of their success 
Blinded by the sun and intellect designs of Hannibal 
The light of day came by the compliments of nature
Utilized by Hannibal at no extra fee to blind his enemy
But charged them to the lake to trap the Roman forces there
In a Carthaginian standpoint 
What started as a laundry day and cleaning of the roman forces
Soon became a blood bath on the shore
My legions defeated by a masterpiece of battle tactics
No Romans….. No more….
The locals commented at the sight
Dying is no way to make a living, they’d say
They were happy to see the fighting end
And get back to fishing once again 
I would have promised all my men a trip to Disney world
If they had won and if it existed
But they died so didn't miss it
Too bad they ever enlisted  

                                                                             6/18/14 Roman Legion contest 

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Archimedes` principle, Eureka! he said, buoyant force is same as weight.
* I know it`s funny but boredom just took over me during Physics class.

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Still Trying To Get Home Pt 1

       It was a dark, foggy, rainy night and I was driving alone.  It was several hours before 
dawn.  I had "no service" on my cell phone.  Out here driving in the middle of nowhere and I 
felt very alone.  I kept my fog lights on.  I was definitely not concentrating on the radio.  My 
thoughts were on this quiet deserted road.  The fog was thick out here.  I was worried about 
a possible run in with a deer.  I could only see about ten feet in front of my car.  The fog 
seemed to have suddenly rolled in which was kinda bizarre.
       The thick woods that followed on either side of the road could not be seen.  My mind 
drifted to the spooky stories we use to tell around campfires as a teen.  As I was lost in my 
own thoughts - There!   A woman had come out of nowhere!  I swerved, slammed on the 
brakes just in time.  I hope she was fine.  I looked in the rearview; She wore some kind of 
light blue prom dress.  I confess this was becoming an erie night, and something about her 
was not quite right.
       I pushed the automatic button to unlock the doors.  Her wet dark hair kinda hung in her 
face, so I could not tell if I had seen her before.  She opened the back door and with her 
head tilted down she climbed in.  I noticed bruises on her pale white skin;  And dark marks 
along her throat.  Where in the hell was this girls coat?  "I'm trying to get home, will you help 
me?"  I said, "sure" - I then noticed the cold temperature.  "Where do you live?" I asked 
her.  Almost a murmur, she said "About  four miles down, the only house on the left hand 
side."  She then added, "Thank you for the ride."  I drove, and kept looking in my rearview 
mirrow, but she kept her head tilted down.  I had never seen this girl in town.  She kept quiet 
not saying a word.  I know it is absurd, but this girl gave me the creeps!  She kept her head 
down so I assumed she had fallen asleep.
       I drove for a few miles, sure enough a house with a porch light was on.  As I pulled into 
the drive, I suddenly felt erily alone.  I looked in the rearview the girl was gone!  My heart 
was hammering beneath my breast bone.  I brought the car to a halt, leaning over the front 
seat to check.  I felt the hairs stand on the back of my neck.  It was quite a scare.  For the 
girl was not back there!  This would be a night I would never forget. The girl had vanished 
but my seat was still wet.  I got out of my car, running up to the house trying to not get 
soaked in the process. (John Freeman con'd on pt2)

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Hawking and Dawkins

The visible world 
And the Universe,
- (Little as we know of it)
Have the indefinable stamp
Of personality on them.

That is clear - even to fools.

Meanwhile in our world,
Hawking and Dawkins –
Dr. Woe and Dr. No 
Sam Harris and all the rest
Stumble about
In tiny circles 
And shout -
“We have no doubt
Physics exist and scientific method too,
The rest of it is an irrational zoo
Of superstitious nonsense!
God does not exist,
Nor do I,
It is all a dream,
Pie in the sky.”

Then Dawkins says he’s hungry
And Hawking says he’s thirsty
And Sam Harris, sitting
On the fence, smartly dressed, says:
“Chocolate fudge for me.”
Only the restaurant doesn’t exist!
No Dunkin’ Donuts
No McDonalds
No TGIFs or Ruby Tuesdays.

“We shall wait a trillion years,” concludes Dawkins,
“No, a trillion, trillion, years,” says Hawking,
“And then what?” asks Sam Harris?
“Then you will get fudge,” says Hawking, smirking.
“By the law of random numbers,
Chocolate fudge will be reconstituted
Out of atoms.”
“But, says Sam, logical to the last,
“I cannot wait 100 trillion years for my sundae!”
“In the case,” says Dawkins, “you’ll have to die.”
“Why? – Have you gone mad?
- You know that you can’t ask “why”, 
  It is an illegitimate question.
It’s like asking, “Why do birds fly?”
“Well, why do they?” asks Sam Harris.
“I can give you the equations,” says Hawking

Just then there is a boom, like thunder.

“What was that?” say Dawkins and Hawking.”
“Wait!” says, Sam Harris – who suddenly goes pale:
“That was God, fellas.” 
“So what is the scientific answer?” says Hawking.
Sam goes red.

“Well, actually fellows, she said: 
“Tell Hawking to answer the question why birds fly
In plain language, not by equations.”
“Here is a pot of glue Hawking,” says Dawkins.
“What for?” says Hawking.
“Because now you are stuck!” says Dawkins, 
Laughing his head off..

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shout to me
talk in riddles
speak in cosmo-jarg'
I can talk in all tongues
be they universal ones
[laughter is one of these]
or be internal
I can tell it
speak your mind
in space

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Sol's Twin

Sol’s Twin

A red stormy star
The sister of the star that provides life
In an orbit out of the solar system
It will return to do a galactic dance with the sun we know
Evil living in the cold of space
It will approach the planets burning them as it passes
Beautiful blue-green Earth floating as it had forever
Life being lived under a crystal blue sky
Children playing and laughing
Their parents watching TV to hear the latest news
A yellow star and a red star fight for a meager planet
A that moment God deserts the people of Earth
The red star passes close to the planet
The ground shakes, the water boils and everything dies
Then, as it was in the beginning there is no air, no water, no Earth
Everything is silent
Everything is gone except two stars passing each other
And that is the end

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azure and verdant globe
comforted by
rising sun
elipse of life

drift by as lightyears fly
stars are born
they die
super novas explode expatentally
into the blackness of space

Wondrous happenings
in that almost just helium vacuum
one could float for miles
unteathered by gravity
your knowledge
of celestial bodies
would shift your perspective
and place a whole new value
on life

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Father and Son, Figuring Things Out

“Dad, do you believe in God?”
“You know what, I am not real sure if I do or not.”
“Well, it’s a little complicated.”
“What’s so complicated about it?  It seems pretty simple to me.”
“Well, yes, it is simple when you just suppose God is responsible for everything, but once you start learning about science and history and other things … well, it gets complicated.”
“Why?  Didn’t God make science and history and other things?”
“I guess he could have.  But, there is more to it than that.”
“Like what?  If God is God then why do you need everything explained for you?”
“Well, there are some people who think there are other explanations for things, that’s all.”
“But what if they are wrong?”
“Well … they might be.”

“If there is no God, then where is Mommy?”
“Mommy is in heaven with all the other people we love who have died.”
“And, God?”
“Yes, and God.”
“See Dad, it’s not so complicated.”
“No, I guess you are right.”

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482 trillion miles

My eyes are not what they once were, but
I can see you clearly whooshing from
your mother's womb, sluiced between thighs
the grunts, shouts and cries reverberating

eyes closed, arms slightly waving hello 
or gesticulating indignation awakened
as life begins with cries of disbelief
already the first threshold crossed

suckled to your mother, pretty as she was
cradled into household tradition and politics
you tottered and ran and bruised and grew
your parents doting and snapping pictures

thirty trillion miles out, you tottered to a 
more formal cultivation of ideas and friends
socialization always a hard lesson for some
you had your share of failings and gold stars

then from seemingly nowhere, a smiled soul
appeared before you and kissed your disbelief
like the earlier toddlers first tentative steps
you pulled into gravity's relationship unawares

ignorance doesn't belie love's true desire
and life at the speed of light still shines
as milestones and markers come and go
and marriage's prism splits into all colors

some quarks, apparently from your joining,
burst out into their own space, unknown matters
yet clearly yours...something comes of nothing
what can you add to this creation...the creation

you split like nuclear fission's lost proton 
careened off at around two hundred and ten 
to find black holes of your own to fall into
and come out into alternate universes of life

that new alternate, smoothed around two fifty,
looked unlike the universe you knew and yet
in time you see it's the same space turned
inside out, like a T-shirt, still comfortable

four hundred trillion out you walked away tired 
and retired from all your tangent demanded
somewhere out here the Nebula Amygdala looms
glowing, clouded, radiant with conception

it seems life's friction slows light out here
thoughts travel back, though it's slow going
near the edge of my space, I turn to see you
but my eyes are not what they once were.

© Goode Guy 2011-05-28

482,047,280,601,006 to be more precise

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Bright-Green Leaves

Inside the forest's sea-of-green, 
Sits a hungry, bright-scarlet tanager.

Eating one caterpillar after another,
In minutes he gulps down thirty-five. 

Doing its part to help the forest,
Ridding the forest of harmful insects.

And over there in a huge green tree,
A little red-eyed vireo, merrily sits.

Singing its song all through the day,
Preaching its tune for all to hear.

Turning its head from side to side,
Then all at once, its singing stops -

It snatches a ladybug, from a leaf,
A ladybug eating; green-plant lice.

Lice that suck, the green-leaf juices,
Juices that provides food for birds.

Birds like those two, lovely bluejays,
Birds that eat from wild apple trees.

Apples with seeds that  will spread,
Spread new trees with Bright-Green Leaves.

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Cube Girl

              Cube Girl
(Based on the same titled short story by me.  It is not a true story so don’t be alarmed.)

I’m 19 and a woman in space 
Meandering out for centuries
I fear there’s no way back
For sure I didn't get here alone
Most view me as a girl.  They do not matter. 
They have long since vanished in the winds of time
And with them all their kind
Folding them neatly into the fabric of existence
And kissing them good-bye 
My sojourn out here eclipsed all other matters 
Disconcerting things I can’t explain 
Like being imprisoned as a cold dark cube
Is what I became, Is what I am
Who gets themselves in such a state?
This prevailing condition of not being myself
Preoccupies the immediacy of the moment
I must have fallen to sleep to turn into such a thing 
My Breasts are hard.  My nipples are soft but sore
But everything about me and within me is metallic
I have no interest in men or women or so I thought
My lower extremities are in a fever
In a liquefied state forever.
I must be coming down with something. 
There is no training for such girl things out here I think
If there is anything to be done
It should be to keep myself occupied and quiet
No need to panic in deep space when in a cube state
Or is it cube shape?  
Activities, hobbies, come to mind, to keep me sane.  
Feelings keep me on edge out in the ends of space
Once there was a computer that made me feel at ease
It kept me balanced, at peace, like family  
But then, there is no proof
I must have dreamed up humanity and machines 
Perhaps I've always been a product of the stars
They gave me birth
I am their only child 
Cosmic bodies rolling on the void
Not of this or any other world
I am cube girl


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Prayer for a life unmade

Too busy wrestling 
with our own demons
to bring an innocent soul into
the hell of mourning
an innocence lost,
I now grieve
for the loss of a life
never conceived

Dear one, I ask
you to forgive 
those obsessions
that ruled the hearts 
and minds of two,
blocking your
journey from this world 
to the stars

Dear one, I ask
you to dream for me
those dreams yet undreamt
and hope the hopes never hoped,
for those dreams and hopes
still live,
tucked away in a corner
of this old heart

Dear one, I ask 
you to feel the love that awaited you
and the pride that even now
burns brightly as a candle
in these eyes,
softly inching towards
its liquid demise 

Dear one, I ask
you to take this hand
and hold it, just once
and cry those tears 
never cried
for these tears 
of mine I fear 
are never to be dried

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Good Friends

If you reach the gate before I do,
ask if you can bring a friend;
for eternity lasts a lifetime,
until you reach the end.
God himself can't cease the clock that sounds
our beloved chime.
Acute sublime;
an epic rhyme,
perpetual adieu. 
For You.

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Zero Point Field

A mind is something not content
with stimulus-response,
but must go flying off
into the never lands
to see if they are there...
and when reporting back,
at best is greeted with a stare
of incredulity.

But minds are stubborn things
that go on processing
both truth and doubt, 
and greeting fantasy as friend enough
to squeeze it, probe it,
love it with a clinical devotion
plain romance would never understand.

Of such a love as this is born the light
that penetrates both time and space
and bounces back into the consciousness
of humankind and feisty lean bacteria
forever bound in brotherhood.

Pride is the casualty.
The idiot savant may lead
the Hawkings of the world
into the wondrous places,
those diaphanous and misty islands
that their instruments could not disclose, 
that were in fact not even there
until he thought of them

and like a painter, sketched the trees,
perfumed the air,
and filled the surface crown
with many-colored animals
never seen before—
and then with idiot delight
might whisk it all away
before their eyes.

Not the stuff of fantasy, all this.
We would endorse the cry of unity,
accept the god of miracles,
the triumph of a science
leaping past his lordly heels,
but this?  To heal the sick
by thinking back before their birth?
To marry the millenia ahead
with history?

It is a bigger field on which we play,
too much to entertain the day
with less than breathless wonderment—
to see beyond the window
where the scientist and God
rest finally from all the work
that they have done.
*In order to fully understand this relatively simple
poem,  it is necessary to read "The Field"  by Lynne
McTaggart.   Both the evidence and the speculation
that she presents,  is truly mind-boggling.

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Spin swirling pinwheels cities of stars.
Shining summits of never ending suns in the infinite swath of time.
Nebulous mists churning out suns.
Giving their glows of reds and blues, purplish hues, and glimmering golden yellows.
Bending back blinding black points where times light is eternally consumed.
Nuetrons pulsing out glows like light house beacons on unending sandy shores.
Ever silent you drift through the black void.
Dying orbs giving birth to clouds of untold eons.
Stars as numberous as the sands.
The attraction bends.
I am of your essence.
You twinkle in my mind.
And I can not fathom your immensity.
Nor would I wish too.
Your splender lies in your mystery.
I refuse to undermind your awe.

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Airport Haunting By Mirza

I met him in the airport and he told me he was a Mirza
       He had ancestors who had come from Ancient Persia.
              He was tall, dark, goodlooking and had the typical dark eyes.
And when he talked to me, you could tell, he would never tell lies.
       He was quite a conversationalist, I could tell right away.
              And seemed to be happy to be there that day.
What he told me sent goosebumps and chills up my spine.
       For he said he had been killed there one morning round nine.
              I looked at the clock which was above my head.
And of course it was nine, but I ask myself, was he really dead?
       He continued to tell me of a suicide bomber attack.
              That had happened at that airport, right there in Iraq!
He was on his way home when he felt a great blast.
       The next thing he knew, he saw his body go past.
              His spirit was hovering just above the ground where he lay.
He was looking all around wondering hey, "What the hay?"
       He finished his story and when I looked around,
              This nicelooking guy was nowhere to be found.
A trip to the library proved his tale to be true.
       He wanted to tell me so I could tell you.
              The airport he visits is now his own shrine.
And he visits every morning exactly at nine.

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A Humanist's Plea

I don't want your fantasy
or religious sycophantcy
and specially not your 
holy water

give me science, not belief
a computer, not the bible,
black holes and deep human
love for my wife and my kids
and my friends

a beautiful sky and a beach to
walk on, a tale, a poem, 
a mind that is open

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Untitled #298 / The cosmic ray-detector

The cosmic ray detector lies
dormant in the corner, as it has remained for half a year
but, ah, cosmic rays still penetrate the walls of our classroom,
just as the morning sun quietly filters in through the door-window,
passing unnoticed through my body at lightspeed

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Genetic Perfection......

                Virgin birth now possible,
                           invitro fertilization....

                Science cloned embryo,
                           immaculate conception.....

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You. Gaia! ugoddedit. (ufixit)

you godded it you play it

you godded it


for god
knows what


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Thge Geometry of Silence

The geometry of silence
			Is like
The weather of a melancholic
Sometimes beautiful,
Sometimes foreboding,
But always needed sometimes, 

The geometry of silence turns
			And twists
And is not perfect until
		You need it to be.
		Need it to be.

After a day when silence wraps
			Itself around
Like a warm blanket
It’s almost like long-prayed-for

Not joyous, but comforting.

When left alone long enough,
Subjects begin to emerge out of the earth,

Under your feet; where you can hope 
The earthworms hold some sort of wisdom

Like the wisdom you foolishly lack.

Noisy triangles are silenced with concepts
Of the world trapped within screaming

Squares of conformity circling round the 
Scope of obscurity (infinity)—all’s lost.

If the subject had been physics—
There would be nothing left to talk about.

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The Mayan and Sumerians predict you will collide with Earth on December 21, 2012.
Known-- by some-other classified names within OUR own supremacy.
NASA refers to you as Planet X and Nibiru--- They even put a top secret telescope--- at the 
South Pole, Antarctica--- just for your arrival.
Many say---- they ALL knew---- you were coming back in 1983. 

The buzz on the “net” -----even tells of your GREAT day of annihilation
But, But, ----- NO one told Planet Earth or Her PEOPLE—until recently.
The question of all question--- would be WHY----- But--- NO one is asking---- just preparing 
for your arrival!!
Most say------ you came to Earth-----some 3000 years ago--- which know-one can provide 
any proof

The question I will leave you ALL-- is---- WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MARDUK ?
Maybe your arrival is just another HOKES ---- to scare the WHOLE World into submission—
submission----- of a more well-known SOURCE!!
HAY!! ------“Maybe the sky is falling too” (JLM) ------ in some distant far away universe!!
Hay------maybe they ALL can tell us--- WHERE IN THE WORLD IS Waldo?

The last time I saw HIM ----he was near the South-Pole------ on the left of the SUN!
Yes, yes --- the SUN that burns so bright------ in the daytime sky.
Give us heat on--- the cold dark days of winter.
That where you will find---- the GREATEST deterrent of all---- the man everyone calls Waldo. 

Once you have found him----- look no further----Marduk may be there?
Hay----WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MARDUK? ---- Just another HOKES-- like the Y2K Computer 
calamity---- that never ---till today happened.
Maybe, maybe---- Marduk can’t be found----much like its predecessor Waldo.
Always where-- you are NOT----- and never simple to find---But, right before your eyes---
in some distant far away universe!!

For me--- I will trust in my Creator----- the Godhead of the whole universe.
Known too many as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
THEY have never led me wrong----But—the knowledge of man—has brought us ALL to ARE 
You see Marduk—if you are on your way---OUR Creator already knew--- and HE and only HE 
will take US HOME!!!

By:  Rev, Dr. WEM, Pastor



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One Less Tree

Each leave bound together by the weightless measure of nature as
The stems turn every which way, intertwined, yet in such a simplistic manner.
Soon, draped in water improving their texture, the stream manages to divulge its presence.
Sun shines through the leaves complementing their transparent coating, laced to the brim.
The many flaws, creases, and imperfections etched within each leave
Intrigue like a scar that holds a permanent story, anxiously waiting to be told.
With each passing spring, incremental growth is portrayed by such vibrant colors.
Now, tree stumps embedded throughout the field of wet soil, yet they once stood tall
Until rusty scrap ran with much oil.

It seems as if we stumbled upon such an idea that some may deem worthy.
It is just one less tree, for it couldn't bring too much hurt.
As I ponder for many hours I wonder what is soon to unfold, but I just 
Can't come across this idea as bold.

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The Nature-w

Nature is as careless as it is bountiful
The faster the death, the faster is evolution.
A female eats her own fertile eggs,
When she is hungry while laying the eggs.
Gall gnat produce eggs within its body,
When the eggs are hatched within the body
They devour their own parents
The parents die, the next generation lives.
The sea is a cup of death
And land is a stained alter stone,
We are the fortunate survivors
Living on flotsam and jetsam
Right or wrong is a human concept.
The nature cares not if we live or die
It is fixed, blind & programmed to kill


Twelfth Place win in
Contest: Only(Nature) Allowed: sponsored by P.d.

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Perpetual Motion

On a sand less stepped on 
By many, I drew a square
Whose side is twice my height.
I lay on my back in that square
With my head tangent to its side
And with my feet on the intersection
Of the square's diagonals.
Temperature rose in the place.
My body melted.
My head turned into a magnet
And my feet into a pivot.
On each vertex of the square
Emerged a magnet 
Which is polar with mine.
They beckoned me
To join them in their play.
As I approached one of them,
It moved away from me.
The next did the same.
Again I approached another,
Hoping that it would be
Different from the previous,
But I failed.
They were all the same!
They had planned it?
I thought of stopping their mischief
Until I felt that some
Mechanisms on my feet
Were giving them motivation.

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Big Bang

Another year marches in
Rolls round
Linearity curved in space-time
Progress meets deja vu
It’s what horizons are for

Duality rots in banality
Age of Reason’s idiot-king 
Yes and no and us and them and in and out and have and want
and more 
and more

Time wrinkles
Ends are middles
It all boils down to a point
A single spark in a single midnight firecracker
Forever echoing in the infinite vastness of illusion

And still there are dishes to do.


Wrote this one a few seconds after midnight on New Year's Day 2007.

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Magick Mirror

Cast out I blast out of a cage that once enslaved blast out towards an image worshiped Big myth, great idol its you I learn to admire in the trials, by fire that taught me how I should not be Now I'm lying in the entrails of the mystical lion swallowed up by the trend I believed was worth dying for, now I am no more; a lost scripture in this unfolding vicariously informed the show must go on everything on edge by the crash of a drone how did I find peace all on my own? no one can find it if they're searching too strong It invades you, somewhat saves you from the angst and rage of child's play adults playing war games in a dangerous way everybody staring blank, in loss of face.

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Stand above sea level, rise as earth shifts.
Watch the land bow, amidst continental drifts.
All that you surround lie in shadows below.
Here hills on active ground, climb to heaven and snow.
These massive creations, are born from plates underneath.
Pushing together, they force the earth up until the mountain has peaked.
The highest of these is mount Everest almost 9 thousand feet to the sky.
Although Ecuador's Chimborazo peak is farthest from Earth's warm inside.
Some mountains are born of volcanoes an opening from within earth's core.
From these cuts in the crust of the earth gases, and ashes spew forth.
And with them come rivers of lava, molten rock, liquid light.
It covers great distances in strides at 2000 °F.
Solidified, it is igneous rock and this can form the base.
Even from the ocean floor and now an island is made.
At the summit the weather is different there.
The air is quite thin, so ascend with great care.
It is cold and water and life may be scarce.
But the view from above is a sight worth a stare.
24% of the Earth is shaped,
and taken by mountains, and that is ok,
For human beings like you and I,
rely on the water that flows from up high.
Oh, mountain, the landscape you decorate,
is a wonder for eyes to behold.
It is hard to believe, that one such as thee,
could fall to the clock and erode.
But for now, these mountains stand proud,
and will be here to keep our perspective.
That we all have our role, that this earth has a soul,
-and I think it is best we respect it.

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Well defined,
Parades past 
Your defenses,
Eliminating resistance,
One by one.

Antagonistic winds,
Undeniable and severe,
Meets your superiority
With an indignation
You’ve never before
Dreamed possible.

The violent aftermath
Left you paralyzed,
Bewildered beyond
Your complicated circumstance
Where subdued awe
Regulates compliance.

Counter-clockwise equations
Developed your nightmares,
And chaos has become 
A tangible thing
As you sweat and fear.
Are you listening yet?

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Rock Solid

I hold three magic rocks, in my hand
Rolling them over and over and over
Leaving this reality behind, far behind
I begin seeing red like the blood of God
I begin then to see white like the spirit of God
I begin to see blue too was God trying to tell me something
As I open my hand the jagged rocks spoke
The first rock said You must study the word of God
The second rock spoke saying thy yeilding to the spirit of God
The third rock said keep seeking the wisdom of God
From that day forward kneeling beneath a swollen crest
The Lord is and shall forever be my only rock

Entry For Constance La France's
A Magical Journey Contest
GL All

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perpetual cycle

The day catapults boulders into
the sky. Each gargantuan rock
makes a tiny hole in the
clouds like a caterpillar's
mangled tree leaf.

The sun will blind us eternally
and we will belong to the universe,
no longer the universe belonging to us.

The world will begin again,
the perpetual cycle of
our faults surfacing and
exposing our inability to progress.

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Speak my Season

I feel in this moment
every tremble of the Earth.
Every consequence of it’s freedom,
the quakes disaster for moving,
the waves erosion of life,
the devastation of windy captivity-
the scars of light.
I am born,
and I must again die
to be what I am supposed to be.
This carriage is not right,
I fall inside
fold into breaking froths.
I don’t want to be normal,
I want you to be me.
I want to be what’s right,
and for you all to see the pain you cause,
just by being the way
are. The ghost is not natural,
death is the reasonable.
Let me live
Let me let me go.
I just want to be myself.
Let my words breathe your sight,
don't you know the hurt of hiding?

I want to collapse in hail,
swim down mountains
and forget everything I ever knew!
I want to find the one
who will go when it's time,
and come back without reason.
because I am alive
I am not man
I am oxide continuum
and I don't want anything more
than the transitions!

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Void, Of Course (Mercury/Venus Conjunction, '05)

Running backwards,
Her fleetfooted messenger
Approaches his lady, Beauty
Bearing secrets.

Of a sudden,
Darkness falls upon them
And they shine together
Profound, mysterious
Before all the court.

And all the more so, 
As the secrets in their silences
Yet hang between them,
Awaiting revelations
Born to usher in an Age.

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Starry Gaze

As I gaze at the starry sky,
a reflection I see of beauty akin to Versailles,
Venus the goddess shining so bright,
love for all in this dark twilight!

Jupiter floating across the sky,
elevated space on this pretty night,
there's nothing here to dissolve,
just the freedom of space to evolve.

A star from the creator's acre,
my dust from thy maker,
thy temple being very small,
a particle in thee galactic sprawl!

Chaos defined by humanity,
devoid in vacuum and singularity,
all the while time is precariously short,
bent along space lines, there's no star port.

Clouds of gas dissolve and whisps abound,
a parsec past where Mars' redness is found,
ever present emotions set ablaze,
from the light amongst this starry gaze.

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The Interlude

I am drenched
In a solemn, endless rain of tears 
Over the drifting of my sole spring—
Its grace and ethereal splendour

Extricate me, 
Now lost in the tangled darkness of cosmic riddle
Fire me, 
To the crest of your sublime ripple

In a murderous mob
Hunting down intolerant voices
Let me flourish 

Efface that vestigial wilderness
Of towering forest between
So I can hear …

Lavish on me the wealth of your melodic inventions 
Closing that desert of distance
That long seems across trillion miles 

I, the latest flame in your rising fire
Pull me near your rapid river
Where groves laden with mangoes quiver

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The New Era

This is the new era.
Ships stay docked,
And nothing ever changes.

Everyone who passes you on the street,
Doesn't even look you in the face...
Afraid to break away,
But more afraid to stay right here,
As they slowly fade.

Faces have become one,
Because this beauty that we valued so much,
Was unified and all the same,
So when you fall in love with one of us,
You fall in love with all of us.

The buildings speak in whispers,
But the ground screams,
"What have you done?"
Everyone here is now deaf.
Everyone here robotic, if that's what that means.

See, things are not the way they were,
When you were growing up...
Names are not names,
But numbers...
Configure and disfigure.

A slow erosion in the sky,
Domestic disturbance,
Streetlights ablaze,
Radio skyline...
It's just another night.

We do not die...
But we do not live.
We are constant and hollow,
Weak and dismal,
Just where can you hang your head among the dead?

Modern medicine,
We need you so,
But when therapy doesn't come easy,
It does not matter,
When we are only echoes of the past.

This is the new era.
Ships stay docked,
And nothing ever changes.

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Is there a purpose for struggling,
enduring trails that could be been avoided?
What motivates an individual to surpass
any conceivable build a concept?

A normal person has less cares than a genius;
no passion for art or interest in science,
so aimless is that existence...
resembling a shadow passing. 

A philosopher once said that
legends are made by dreams,
by each stage as they are woven,
but their inner voices are as faint 
and distant as raging waterfalls
descending steeply, to splash in rivers below;
and to hear them, you must get closer enough,
until their loud sound can deafen 
the ears and astonish the eyes...
Oh, I have contemplated them in sheer surprise!

Nobody ever sees a thinker's curved back
posing on the water-splashed, cracked rock;
if civilization has betrayed his idealistic thoughts,
accusing him of insanity and prejudice...
how can dark minds be lucid enough to discern
what he sees in images of true perfection?
And he will be another outcast detested by society...
for having demonstrated a superior mentality?

Go to the highest hill, amid the rugged mountains of the South,
and find him in the same spot meditating
over a glorious view that the very learned once admired;
go and comfort him with a friendly hand-shake,
and amply confirm that his action wasn't a mistake,
but a challenge and a cause worth-taking!
And his testimony, that all legends are made by dreams,
is found in his prophetic and exquisite writings.

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If I could see you every day
For the rest of my life
I would be so happy
But why should I be
When you no longer seem to feel that way
about me

I’m done with emotion
I’m done with feeling
And it looks like you are too
Judging by the way you’re acting

Every time I find someone perfect for me
I’m reminded they’ll be just out of my reach
No matter who it is
No matter where they are
No matter how very much they mean to me

I’m finally beginning to learn what it means
What this great grand thing we call “life” really means
And I’d rather be on my own all alone
Than bouncing a baby on my knee.

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Quintessence of Quiescent

Up the polished ceiling above my bed
In my bedroom resting for a while,
A camouflaged lizard crawls his webbed feet
With dead silence in his spider tongue
Hunting a fly nearby in languorous mood
So unconscious of to-be catastrophe
Bony spine of mine chills enough
To freeze my whole body like an ice
For the certainty of yet another calamities
Befalling on my quiet turbid heart
At any moments of my present life.

My desire to rest for a while with
My frightened and horror-stricken mind
Strives to take up its clothes of fright and horror
As if torched with mother of bomb
Runs naked towards the camera lens
With my screams frozen in frame
That unknowingly and unconsciously adheres
To the severe fading wall of my bedroom.

That portrait of mine destined to hide its reality
Sinks in time warped depth of ocean
Damped with futuristic dirt and dust
Wailing a digger to reveal the quintessence of
An embryonic present matured to rare earth
Out of an ovary of pregnant futurity.

June 28, 2003

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Where's the water going....

If you place two triangles together,
you form a square....
If you now turn it point to point,
you form a diamond...also,
north,south,east and west...
Now...if you extend a line north to west,
then west to south,and so on,
south to east,and east to north,
you now form two isosceles triangles....

Water being elastic,stretching
from gravitational or magnetic pull,
now forms an ellipse...bulging,
east to west near the equator...

Scientist say,that the water level
is the second lowest in recorded history,
and melt and ice chunks,
the size of Manhattan...fall into the Arctic,
....wouldn't you think,
that the water level would be rising ?
could this also cause intensified storms ?

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I Do

Admist the rocky mountains
And the natural springs 
Comes a better place I remembered things

under this lamp post is where
you first asked me to take 
your hand in marriage 

I remember you down on 
one knee and the snow was 
just starting to fall 

You looked like a little lost puppy 
looking for a way to speak I
took your hand and said yes

That was over twenty years ago
And to this date we still come back
to the Springs of Colorado and say I Do

Tribute To Colorado
Rocky Mountain High

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Secrets of the Subconscious

Secrets of the Soma

We don't wear our mind on our sleeve
We wear our mind.
Our body is an extension
Of mental characteristics and environmental dynamics, 
Like a suit custom-made from our past,
Each scar a sovereign of pain and knowledge,
Each flaw a feeling not forgotten.
"Fat thighs packed with childhood anger,
Baldness from trying to control everything,
Breast problems from refusing to nourish yourself,
Indigestion from gut-level fear, dread, and anxiety,
Halitosis from a rotten attitude."
As we speak, our cells are regenerating,
We are rewiring ourselves
According to what we THINK
The replicated cells are all confused;
They think MONEY is the same thing as WORRY;
The circuits have been crossed;
They think TIME is the same thing as FEAR.
You must synergize your synapses;
They have reconnected all crippled.
They think LOVE is the same thing as DISAPPOINTMENT.
They got all these ideas from patterns in your behavior,
And now like a run away disc drive, these patterns can't be stopped
Rather they are difficult to stop,
Because you can't just change what you do,
You have to change the way you think,
You have to change the way you live
Or suffer your untimely demise.

Secrets of the Psyche

"All learning is remembering 
What we have forgotten."
At the blessed birth,
At the dharmatic death,
The elusive Ego,
Not dipping deeply enough
To uncover ultimate understanding.
The original origins,
The destiny of the final destination
Is blocked by biological needs,
The message muted
Sounding like stale static
As harmony brushes by beneath us.
We vaguely feel the familiarity
Like a long lost home
We never knew we had.
Truth teases time,
Testing us,
Knowing the soul is forever,
Telling us
The body will soon expire.
We know ALL
Yet we
Only believe what we want to believe
And our frail bodies will die
Because of the fear that it is an inevitability.

- Joseph DeMarco

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charming and calming plugs

When silence knock the door
After all fights to be calmed
Plugged my ear to hear music
Pray to my dark deafness.

Survival of basic skills 
Become a necessity as breath.
Plugged to calm to unbearable one.
What the music accomplish 
In hands of capital gain.

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Quantum Foam

When they turn off
the up-down and the
right-left and they
turn off the when, when
the sound-stretched things

what new places will remain?
I am so saturated with this world,
my mind made of it.
When I travel away, what 
beyond space-time bound
imagination might I find?

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What If

What if the world is but a 
and we are all just 
And why couldn’t this idea
for we are probably nothing
than a speck of
upon a creature’s
And what if it wakes up one
and decides to take a 
or blow us off into the 
to land on a lily 
If this were true then we would have
no say in the
and our world which is
so round
could easily become much
and all the things we hold so
would suddenly mean
like beauty, politics, and 
and the worth of a dollar 

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I love this silence
It must have been like this that night
When God gave evidence
Of time hidden in eternity
And said: let there be light
Only God could mute
Immutability, and refute nothing
With his presence absolute
For what absolutely is must
Exist alone, and with nothing else
Can be but cannot be known
And even so I, another creator
Using words to make galaxies
Out of dream, must forever  be
Alone. Writing is a silent art
But wait until I speak my mind
Aloud, wait until the lightning
Before the thunder roars
I shall be suddenly still.

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to see the future

Possibility the hope of a better outcome down the long beaten trail.
A glimpse into the future what will it bring what obstacles will it entail.
Tomorrow holds the key to the secrets of life and the enigma called man.
Uncertainty grips me tight over chest a mortal outside of some grander plan.
Eyes of flesh are blind to moments outside there primitive reach.
If only i could bend the path of time what wonders i could teach.
Will I see a world in unity and trust or will it stay the same hanging on doom.
Divine guidance or newest science can let any being see past there tomb
Sensation over my eyes seconds pass and i believe this is long awaited vision.
Color painted walls play out the scene no god no religion.
Impact of my quick return to the present time and the relative space.
The truth of the puzzle is impossible to accept cant look it face to face
A subtle fear engulfs my soul now I know things no mortal should know
My quest complete with no satisfaction life should pass slow.
Burning my vision the future scenes re played and I'm losing my mind.
With a knife i dig out both moist orbs pain is great instantly blind.
Maybe now i can live  out my days an eyeless old fool
Faint tired i fall to the ground loss to much blood I'm expiring in my own viscous red pool

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Run, run, run little animals, over sand, over rock,
everywhere, dragons fly, mantis, butterfly, ant and moth.
Beetle, grasshopper, bee and wasp,
insecta the class, to which you belong.
These are the insects, from sea to tree loft,
the most diverse and plentiful of all creatures walk.
Compound eyes can see far beyond mine,
in their ability to define fast movement and light.
An exoskeleton, in three parts divide,
offer protection as armor to a softer inside.
The head, boasts antennae, these sensitive organs,
feel vibrations, smell, and heat sources.
The thorax is next and from it, sprout legs,
some insects have wings and it's here their arranged.
The abdomen comes last, it is found in the back,
with reproductive organs and a digestive track.
What to eat? It depends, what mood are you in?
I know some feast one leaves, still others, humans.
Some insects enjoy other insects as food,
some prefer plants, almost anything will do.
There is quite a contrast in insect behavior,
at least 8 million species are uncharted in nature.
With life spans of hours to 50 years later,
they've walked 270 million years on this great earth.
And upon new arrival we'll see you as eggs,
and then you're a larva, a wormish-like stage.
-Or a maggot, or grub and then pupa comes after,
wherein your cocoon becomes your Alma mater.
And soon you progress from this metamorphosis,
fully dressed as and adult, you have developed.
And impressed are the creatures that gaze upon thee,
from colors of warning to palette’s from the trees.
We enjoy many treats your kingdom has conceived,
insects such as bees produce honey we eat.
We wear their creations like silk on our sleeve,
I do believe they recycle more than human beings.
So Blessed be these creatures all,
of big and mighty, tiny and small.
You are the most noble of finds in this life,
you make up in numbers, in heart, in pride,
in honor, in innocence, and everything inside,
for what you lack in size.

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the dancing machines
please stay away from everyone's knees
you very nasty


Please please please
stay away from especially
my knees you very nasty 
and honorable theives


so please fly off to those daisies
for these these these are the only way I want it to

{ bee's }

Little Song Jenny And I came Up When She Was 4 LOL 
Thanks All For Stopping

Also Entry For Matt Caliri's Contest
Funnest-hardest Poem Ever

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Quiz Clue # 2

It's nowhere, and everywhere.
It exists, yet it doesn't.

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match my nature

the lovely leaves of spring call to you so sing
the wave of summer heat puts you under me
the fall of leaves and seeds brings about new trees
the winter of bliss or blizzard still sends you out for a chill
you bring me together just like the weather soft of touch
yet light as a feather now a breeze will blow as well
cause a light to grow a fire still to see 
if you match my nature if being burned by a sun
the right flight to see it undone a float and trick
your own be done the glasses we drop for your eyes to pop
the sunlight travels thru nature to left as such it
can burn right too if and when you light a match
this is fire too a hunters scope can work this out
a field of magnifiying pods set at levels of height
can burn down so much yet blow these up too
but will it be a buckle or shoe no this aint no hot
cinderlla story ture but what happens as fire turns 
to blue a search for water the block to shock
a electrical fire burns as well travels blue even 
thru lakes the storms and fires both roam
were be the safety the be when water is no escape
the reality to learn one way or another you also
may burn cause as fast as you are its faster still
when fire of rocks known as lava still you self
and be quick or the next match be you my stick
to all the world how do you feel of hotstuff still
go fast as a light the fight is won now the power 
of the sun yours be undone or well ? hell

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Number Nine (Nonet)

Sixty-three divided by seven
Four squared plus two and minus nine
Square root of sixteen plus five
Square root of eighty-one
Three squared plus zero 
Ten minus one
Six plus three 
Three threes

Comments:  dedicated to the mathematical wizards who would like to write a 
nonet poem, this is your chance.   This is a very understandable way to write a 
nonet. A nonet poem has nine lines, with the first line containing nine syllables, 
the second line eight, the third seven, then six, next five, then four and so until the 
last and ninth line has one syllable. The nonet poem may be written about any 
subject, and rhyming is optional. Start with a topic sentence and work it down live 
a funnel. It should be deductive and inductive.

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leaving the close proximity

i stand as a human
with limbs 
and plenty of chlorophyll
blood and protein
know what i mean?
i live the star life
not the rock star life
i live on a rock
one  rock  helps
keep balance from another
... the moon, the earth
the moon is leaving like a tree
she can't take the earth's b.s. anymore
the party has been fun and ash 
for her
she needs her space (perpetual)
and the 45 tilt will ebb
will you and i 
see it?
but my roots will

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Mother Nature Has It Her Way

Another natural disaster,
Has took hundreds of life,
You never know when there coming,
Even though we try to predict them,
Mother Nature is full of surprises,
Good and bad,
Some will live to tell the tell,
And others will die trying to live,
That is the price you have to pay,
Living in the world today.

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From here to the edge of everything,
From there back to an unknowable beginning,
All things are in intimate contact.
No island isolate,
Though the sea be infinite.

Superimposed, we ride the light
Stretching through the gulfs all around
We touch and move one another
Caught up in the swarming particle dance.
Self extends to other Selves
Aloneness made illusion in the end.

The lines of lives and loves entwine,
Reshaping the past, rebirthing the future.
We pass through one another
Coming out of nowhere
Going towards nowhere
Yet always together in a strange Everpresent
Drawn into one another's wakes,
Themselves a part of the floor of fields that makes the Now
In all directions,
Sometimes, by design of chance,
Two living forces will entangle;
Once done, they live the Unity,
And they are One, even if the whole breadth of the Universe
Should come to stand between.

When entanglement is welcomed,
Isn't that what love is?
When the sum exceeds its parts,
Isn't that what love is?
When two are born to share time,
To shape it to the perfection of their balance,
Isn't that what love is?
When one can't tell where one leaves off
And another begins,
And both find that the way things were meant to be,
Isn't that what love is?

     And if it is,
     Then perhaps, some moment in some eternity,
     When all the forces have entangled properly,
     Love will be everything, everywhere
     And the Ineffable that has patiently waited for this
     Will smile itself to sleep
     To begin a new and brighter dream.

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Hucksterized Homogenized Hoopla

Existence travels lineally
In whirlwinds of emotion
Colored logarithmically
And perceived equivocally

Expression mere epitaph

Knowledge serendipity strung
Till the bubble bursts

Frozen peaks of discovery
Cataloged in the hermitage of worth

- Mark Time -

Hermetically sealed
Peddled for a dime

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An Artist

There is a spider in my backyard that has a work basket that's filled with spools of thread...
And in the fall you can sometimes see him working upon a lacy spread.

He ties it to the bushes and hangs it from the trees...
And he washes it in the morning dew and dries it in the breeze

He's an artist and he always works so hard..
And if you're lucky you'll have  an artist in your back yard.

It's so much fun to watch these creative artist as the perform in my backyard...
I really admire them because they all work so hard.


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Untitled #140 / Metal cog

The moment a metal cog stands suspended
on the whiteboard by a pair of visible strings & springs
Ah! But one invisible string, one invisible spring
keeps the whole from falling apart!
The genius who discovers this secret
will have his name repeated across the universe for eternity!

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Post Quantum Self-Revolution

Dive into electric spectrum
Sending all praises to animal magnetism 
Fueling vital sparks of Love
As global flesh interpenetrates
Each unsuspecting mind, clocked with time

A snake eats its own tail
Recycling past and present
Revealing the possible whole

Out of a mortal clutch
Uncoil, the spine springs like string
Kundalini advances within
Ripping a gateway of Now

Surging forth Niagra Falls
God-Eye opened for the pasture
As perception unfilitered looses silver
Snaking its way through central channel

Giving Earth back its plenty
Healing the wounds of war
Removing doubts and fear
Eclipsing every intelligence near

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Sincerely Yours,

Dear friend ,

The world means nothing.
Its set in flames.
Even worse we roam with cold hearts trying to look the part,
in this guilded age.

This is something I wish not to be a part of.
I no longer want to be another soul endlessly making
contact with sole and pavement.
I'm striving for abatement. 

For meaning I've always looked at dictionaries.
For significance we've always looked at actions.
So please do take another look and see what this letter is for.

Our education is supposed to be priceless, yet we can't afford it.
Our outlook on life is supposed to be uplifting , yet our vision is always distorted.
Our struggle is supposed to be significant , than why is it our stories won't be recorded?

Does this not trouble you my friend?
We complain about being second rate citizens yet there are those who don't live
but attempt to survive in their homes that are assigned in third world countries since before birth.

Where is the justice if the hearts are starting to turn into just ice?
Wheres the justice if a benevolent man was robbed of their life?
Where's the justice in this non-sense?
I can't see it . All I see is us bracing for a cruel consequence.

Pardon me if I trouble you with the questions you can't answer.

But i've outweighed the pros and the cons of this situation.
I no longer wish to to be just another number in this logorithm of lies. 
I no longer wish to be a variable with no value of his own.
I wish to become the variable that comprehends the absolute value of sincerity.

Real love is that which shows no fear.
Unfortunately I am a coward.
I no longer can love a world that is platinum plated and wishes not to remember
the warmth of a child's smile.

Even the stars wish not to roam on the skies of the falsely lit nights.
Even the moon moans because of how far from her we've drifted.
Even the willos weep when we no longer wish to see them stand and instead
choose them to stand on.

I've outweighed the courage and the fear.
But what I found frightened me further.
What weighed us down the most was indifference.

With that discovery I knew what I had to do.
I must leave and find somewhere where gravity is no longer so heavy.

I know I can't outweigh death for it's a burden that falls on the shoulders of everyone.
I'm truly sorry that i'm a selfish coward 
For I have chosen the coward's end.

I wish you goodluck my friend,

Sincerely yours,

The shadow of men

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Little green men

On Saturday morning
A friend told me about this vague theory
And sedated me with his bizarre mind
And then, he said….

What are you trying to hide?
The existence of extraterrestrial 
The universe is too wide for us to live on your own
Take a look around you
Are you sure they aren’t living next to you
How can you decline such an ancient concept?
The pragmatists are refusing to believe
But science/fiction is trying to encourage it
They want you to believe
They want you to observe
Little green men, 
Flying around in their little UFO
Trying to take abductees
So don’t even trying to hide
They’ll know you’re hiding under your bed
Or locking yourself inside the closet
When it’s already your time
They’ll take you to another dimension
Uses your memories to learn about the earth
To learn how to feel, how to life like a human being
Little green men will start to breed on earth
So what are you trying to protect?
You’re trying to hide the truth
You become more heartless than the little green men
People with collars, people with money, people with power
Spreading the propaganda, establish their own conspiracy 
Using their technology for self ambitions
Construct their own experiment over living things 
Little green men,
Flying around in their little UFO
Observing the conspiracy of some dirty rats
Next aims will be them
They’ll catch them and lock them 
Swirling their brains, explore their inhuman emotion
Little green men
The belief of the unbelievable

All I can do is to look into his face
Listening to every word he said
And trying to process the things I’ve just heard
And said….”What the hell is going on with you?”

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Light abiding by
the laws of physics
journeys through space
into the eye of a being.

The eye squints before
the dazing tourist
as two opaque intruders
exist between them.

The being was amazed by
the light's change in tint:
what is near is blood,
what is far is sky.

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Even in Eden

Keppler, Earth 2.0 Who needs a moon for life to grow by the gracious Devil's beard a snake survives poisoned atmosphere A shiny new vision comes across my transmission a new found life reaching out I listen closely I'm sickened mostly by their horrendous ghastly sound We're coming to get you we're coming to take control of your planet the words of this snake by the brim of the witches hat we have a chance but its holding, fat The whittler whistles as he carves the way such a curious interjection as in the final act of the play the audience watches in patience as the hand of fate swoops down so gracious counting down to that dreadful date evacuate, away to Keppler in a new Eden, we shall challenge our maker

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8 Planets

Vast and giant objects cast onto a canvas of black,
amidst them sprinkled dust and ash reminiscent of a fiery past.
Gas and energy burning, light,
a sight fit for man and gods alike.
In this particular family dwell,
eight celestial bodies to tell.
Each unique, this Milky Way,
does man and life alike partake.
So let us, a trip, embark upon,
through stars, and heavens, and things beyond.
In line before all does Mercury fall,
composed of iron covered in mantle and crust, this ball.
Romans of old saw it move swiftly,
and named it for him with wings on his feet.

Sometimes called sister by our dear earth,
the unforgiving atmosphere blisters and burns.
Venus, thy name though fair,
could not sustain life with poison for air.

Earth, man's Eden, of blue and green,
in it's protection we live and breathe.
Four seasons rich, I will only ask this,
please take care of this wonderful gift.
Of all the planets, this one's reputation,
captured hearts, and sparked imaginations.
-Though alien beings might escape us thus far,
no soul will deny, there's life there on Mars.

The giant of gas with a red eyed storm,
could hold every planet within it's large form.
Jupiter, on its axis, so fast,
less then 10 hours a d ay there would last.

Saturn, the name has quite a ring,
and a density that won't allow it to sink.
Rock and ice particles comprise its belt,
for a spec in our galaxy, it sure stands out well.

Uranus it seems you are always relaxing,
you lean on your side with a tilt of your axis.
Named for the god of the sky by the Greeks,
you even have rings, my aren't you unique!

The one body predicted before being discovered,
is Neptune, behold, it's name fits its color.
The winds howl at speeds much uncanny,
distant, unassisted, your existence,  man can't see.

Thus ends our 8 planets, unfolded of late,
now what else can you find in our Milky Way?

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The Line 
There is something to be said for hunger 
A man gets stuck in line 
Becoming number 
Just living for the blessed TRAY of food 
Oh wonderfull food the institution gives to me 
But this is murder of the mind of a creator 
A poet and even a murder yes oh yes a murder 
Notice that eye said so very carefully not a MURDERER 
But eye said a murder 
A murder can be a flock of crows on a tall phone line 
Or a poet left behind 
Eye bet that not even one of the readers of this rhyme 
Even expected me to say that 
Oh ewe where was eye at? 
THE line oh yes the line 
 A man doing a little dance 
A tattoo of the prance 
Waiting just to eat 
He was giving it a beat 
A little rhythum with his legs bent 
Just bending at the knee 
And then a little up and down 
What’s up with that 
It made me wonder what was wrong with him 
The confederate in charge told me 
“That’s slim” 
He does that when he’s waiting in the line 
Just waiting in the line for food again 
He LIKES to eat 
HE likes THE LINE. 

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The day one of this world when?
Decades of decades gone unknown,
No counts,no counts,
Decades decayed,
Still no accounts,
This Earth is not just two millenniums,
A short count this account,
This is the biggest error in the books of account,
If this is an error,who and who to account?
This world is of millions of millenniums,
Decades counted,just bits and pieces of millions,
This world is old,
The word world also tells it's old,
This world is old and old,
The old world was in the dark in many folds,
Light fell on this world,it's only ten decades old,
In this ten,the last decade what came bold,
Of decades the last is the first,the best that's like gold!

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No God

If I could spill my soul
onto the floor or a skillet
let my heartbeat liquid 
and spell out a creation song

I would yell, yell, yelp!
Yelp, about my unfolding self
and just how magnificent
I have become because Jesus

Christ, Krishna, Muhammad,
told me something beautiful
and that fragile bubble
which protected me, myself

burst into reality and me
just I may not my self and I
crumble to the science
of no God without proof.


Dean Walker

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VI: The Way Out

Poetry, like music to me creation my way out, my symphony mental, as it all may seem the orchestra plays out so beautifully painted on my brain canvas In Poetry a story of me I'm creating a way out Doors drawn into the floor can't choose an exit so I make four more walk into one so randomly I shoot out falling, but willingly an orchestrated disaster I'm just the narrorator This poetry, this music to me flowing endlessly, my way out to meet my maker, I may be greater and end world hunger, the stronger I be I will create a painless, world so free it would be for all to envy enter creation, vibration, then I make my new religion, your way out.

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Iron, Smoke and Steel

You can see
waiting in
the yard
Iron, Smoke and Steel
Our lives are played out
in the aftermath 
of that 
Urban creatures 
become one with
the city landscape

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Even a mention of his name is inspiring
The father of the theory of psychoanalysis
And the inventor 
of id-ego-superego hypothesis
His profound thinking was instrumental
In shaping movements in art & literature,
Surrealism is solely based on Freudian 
Oedipus-complex still is a hot theme
For novelists and men of letters
The first man to dissect dreams
in Interpretations of dreams
and dissociate them from the haze of mythology
Without him we would not have understood
the basis of psychological ailments
For his theory of subconscious
paved way for curing many functional



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Close Encounters

Yang holds mashed potato mountain space
for Yin to diastolically fill
with life-yeast regeneration's mysteriously familiar spire,
born of Yangform Space and Yinfunction diametric Time.

Yang grows Left's deductive mountain,
Yin reflective mirrored through Right's inductive smooth deep sea,
where mountainous heavens meet cavernous Earth
we grow bicameral sacred skin
incubating ecological economies,
exchanging equivalent (0)-sum
win-win breaths and beats
and flowing coincidental minds
of peaceful confluence.

Within our still emergent speciating sea of mindfulness,
Right-mind prehends our supereco mountaintop,
piercing up and out toward Northern skies,
and ego id-entity as mountain's boundary skin
of Self meets Other
swimming in a deeply composting
lotus-flowered root system,

Informating sap flowing from
Earth's ecoPrime Polyculture Tao,
to cooperatively feed our healthiest needs
and noble wants of wisdom.

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One: Glory

Wounded on my knees, I pray let the spirits guide my way let the light shine on the path let the true story, be told as that let me be your equal, to vanquish the evil that invades our holy cosmic plane sometimes I feel I do all in vain Enlil, show me who you are I wear your symbol close to my heart I believe intentions, are kept as pure for I live with, but never in fear fear for the lost, and for the dying I'm not all good, but at least I'm trying to walk as a vessel, into the night and in your honor, I'll hone my foresight For insight, is not always inward mind muscle strong, but just a beginner's always will I follow my heart I stand tall and firm, and I shall not hinder they once called me father nature because their eyes could see my art of creation.

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quiz no.4

now Shar is getting hot...she's on the verge....

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Microcosm of Thought

of origins undiscovered
ever beyond the scope
of man’s thinking mind
exist a realm of purpose
of infinite wonderment

a microcosmic world
of symbiont entities
infinitesimal impulses
of hidden miraculous
unimagined cognition

of sub-atomic particles
infinitely unsearchable
of biologic neuronal
cosmic time and space
of man’s mortal brain

incorporeal organisms
of spiritual beginnings
noesis’s true birthplace
of sensorial experience
ere anciently unknown

of secretive supernatural
incomprehensible sight
of believable immortal
non-illusory omniscience
of ever-present oneness

© Eugene Harvey

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Learning Sabbath

 Learning Sabbath 
Learning Sabbath 
Some people have much silver and they count it in the box some people have 
there dollars cut in half and have too much some people have no money but 
have a better half some people have a life even if its just inside them or there 
wife even iff she is so far away on Sabbath Day. 
Eye walked and gathered food and let the food place fallow lie on sabbath day. 
Eye walked and begged no money on the sabbath day eye walked and carried 
food away on almost every sabbath day but if eye want to tell the truth and never 
lie then eye must say there had to be at least a sabbath day eye kept sometime 
no judgement come to me as eye am not professing law to keep but lawgiver 
come on sabbath day so sweet at end of life to come eye have the only one the 
last one eye must keep and not be late it's Heaven found above no fable of a pie 
in sky no fable but the truth no fable of a someday world but one of solid youth the 
strength of elder the hope on GOD the wonder of a life changed into a life of 
wonder and of old turned into young Saturday will come.

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the hollow flame of christmas
is but a memory
suspended in the wind;
unanimated and sore.

a discordant lullaby
and unsettling to the touch.

resonating within
the emptiness
a frost-bitten chill
no amount of soothing
could thaw.

and in all my selfishness,
not once did i wonder
if maybe it wasn't
meant to be felt
like it was - and did
that very first time.

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Becoming an Atheist

It doesn’t happen all at once,
But with the measured tread of rational thought;
Shedding the comfort blanket,
Embracing the cosmos as it is
Without the wishful thinking,
Cleansing the intellect,
Sharpening the senses, the forensic faculty,
The spirit of enquiry.

Perhaps it’s sad to toss away old certainties,
The homely prayer learned at your granny’s knee,
The rituals, empty now, emotional attachment
To music, candle-light and incense
Which sanctify and justify medieval stones,
But the rewards by far outweigh the trifling loss.

The universe is enough, dynamic, terrifying,
Chaotic, but moving to the music of
Molecular synthesis and disintegration,
Attraction and repulsion;
Worlds growing and shrinking, over time scales
Way beyond imagining.

And you’re a part of it! You’ve won
The greatest lottery in life by being born!
Enjoy! Exult
In the excitement of another spring,
In friendship, love and babies,
In the power of life itself.

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Wishy Washy { Poetry In Motion}

                                            the moon crossed 
                                       the Northern Lights floats
                                                  as the stars 
                                            crashed into the sea

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Judgement At Last

 Judgement At Last     
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 Subject: Judgement At Last   Today at 14:41      

Judgement At Last 

Judgement At Last 

He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, 
giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he 
was able also to perform. He staggered indeed at the task when at hand he 
dropped the wooden thing then used another man to emphasize the difficulty that 
he faced and to pronounce forgiveness of race the Symone Cyrenne was a black 
ebon man and he came from a different land and caste the cross upon his back 
and carried the thing for HIS Jesus at least for the last half of mile to the hill 
where they nailed up my LORD and fulfill all the scriptures and promises 
prophecies filled Judgement at last not on us but on him who loves us best the 
color of skin upon Symone Cyrenne was the same as the color of my Jesus own 
face. Judgement at last. 
 Judgement At Last     

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Never am eye ever counting my self worth in the amounts and measures of this 
world the many blankets that eye have like an old Indian man this would lead me 
into madness and depression far too quickly then is my want the things afforded 
me is gold and silver lines my pockets but the stuffins that eye have and all the 
riches of this world yes even MONEY is not GOD and HE has Glory when eye 
gather and even when eye find eye just say thank you JESUS even in my mind 
The way is narrow the way is hard the way is easy the way is love.
The shoes upon my feet are not wearing out they keep there size and shape for 
many months now. NO one is perfect and things are not forever but the one who 
blesses us can make a shiny piece of leather
Last seemingly forever if it is on the sandel of his desert feet.
The Holy Son Of GOD the JESUS of the Nazarene landscaping the Jesus of the 
CROSS is HE who is my blessing. A good Christian man must examine himself 
to see if he is in the HUMAN race the thing to please remember is to have the 
attitude inside the forewithall to hide thyself from pride and foolish attitude of self 
decay and sometimes leaving water here and there is the hope of someone 
else’s day. A drink left out where poor one may soon find it may not seem like 
much in the Grand scheme of things but we must soon get started giving and the 
good deed comes in living and just having FAITH and leaving just a cup just ONE 
CUP of cold water in the place the poor man dwells eye can say with out reserve 
with out much thinking looking back eye have been that very thirsty eye have 
needed water finding none and eye was thirsty did ewe give me drink did ewe 
give me some. Eye left a cup of water for the poor man to drink and GOD has 
overflowed my wellness and eye am not now ever sick. This is my biomyopic.

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H2O to H2

Theoretically clean fuel
Can be produced from natural water
For example the chemical reactions are  

H2O+CO2 = H2+O2+CO
H2O+CO = H2+CO2

There will be a wind sucking machine
With filter to collect CO2
From the atmosphere

Its net output will be
H2, O2 and CO2

Thus the amount of CO2
Will remain unchanged
In the atmosphere

What we can dream we can achieve
Humans are here to win and live

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if my desperation
make its steps
reclaims in surging matter
drop itself in black hole
walk in anhilating step
recharge itself  reborn
From the black hole.

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Opposing blades split artery walls,
 like slender ubbraided reddish hairs.
Scrutinizing concealed glands
 before a motion picture camera.

Meat to overcome oppisition,
 distressing persistance of control.
Sideshow characters resembling their reputation,
 pungent expressions of their slang.
Progress feeds the timepiece
 with slovenly dejection.
Skillfull vigor regulates the channels
 of slurring outbursts of temper.
Sensually inclined to temptation,
 congregations enticed by violent pleasure.
The superiority of the throne's officers,
 publicly proclaimed
for their ability as weapons.
 Biblical roots for their offensive formation,
providing brutal direction.
 Solicitting the groups disapproval
of the fringes defiance.

Multi-farious fruits of ambiguity
 conconcted among the stars and planets;
all beneath the skin of 
 of your eyelids.
Awakening to a lamentable
 confused darkness.
A painful birth 
 from a muddy hole 
of welfare status.
 Collectively force-fed
forbidden sexual substance,
 crumbs of death cups
from the altars
 of Gog and Magog.
Priests with robes like jelly-fish
 emitting light
into the depth of emptiness
 and night.

Issuing debts 
 of natural desires;
obediance to the 
non-perishing salesman.
 His unsegmented body 
holds ownership
 over culture.
Plastic organs and tissues,
 poisonous fluids flowing red
for the populations impanation.
 An ostentatious diamond
of intelligence,
 an historic insight
from a throne
 of the slain sickly.
Vast and unyielding,
 baseless materialists
transmitting a visionary war;
 A sythetic savior,
we are saved by your glands.
 Bonelike heads of animals
emptied into the coals.

The tossing crowds 
in the passages of worthless cities.
 Twelve tribes of a spoiling population
with knees bent,
 intoxicated upon the carrion
of a righteous lion.
 A barbarous self-interest
regulating their prey 
 through glass screens,
destroying all value
 with permanent doubts,
and a deeply notched discomfort in their hearts;
 a thouroughly communicative
injurious ink of acid
 seperating the indispensable
from the indivisable ingratitudes
 of wichedness and injustice.
A polished mouthpiece;
 for the ornamental rhetoricians
of Tophet.

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Heat Flow

Molecular energy transfers
Unceasingly between us all
Like invisible intercourse.
The synergy stream resonates
Within these miracle engines
As the universe experiences
Itself through our presence.

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Chaos ( This new science is a science of poetry )

Chaos  ( This new science is a science of poetry )
A straight line spirals all things formed spirally around patterns of creations universal
principal painted pallet of spirals Perception presents a limited solid the object
individualized by imprints of the total is spiraled Chaos individualized perfection total
chaos universal order chaos balance of discord and rhythm never once repeating the
synergetic pattern


Chaos law creating and creation chaotic order The point at which awareness enters pivots
at the onset of turbulence awareness turbulence touch of mind the finger of God the
movement moment point of issue and center in a spiral The pattern repeated  galactic shape
spins spirals DNA to fractal forms in a spiral all a product to produce of individual and
individualized perfection !!

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to Shar

my poor dear,
I'm so sorry to drive you crazy
I will give you the answer tonight
and then announce it openly tomorrow
God Bless You, you are persistent

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natural order , existence

concept , cultural evolution , how superficial
buy into that program , how artificial
continued phasing , hazing of fad's
glamour , luxury , vain world gone mad

failing to recognize , natural order's persistence
willing to trade , then terminate existence

let us not forget , natural force's methodology
as we progress with convenience of technology

the natural order of existence , will remain rooted
any and all resistence , eventually booted

as we stand , doe eyed in headlight's , transfixed
let us not forget , we're an essential to the matrix.......

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Blue veil

Blue veil skirmishes its shadow.
Witness recalls object to matter of law.
Judges undecided no ruling made certain of flaw.
Weakness in difference as higher courts rules 
Unrevealing blue hiding its shadow.
Just a little distortion angled crowd of tumbles.
Still meets our expectations to guarantee rounds.
All respected decision quietly bow self destructions.

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Untitled #109 / Ripples in the clear midnight pond

It is the tendency of all things in nature
to remain, undisturbed, one mind.
Oh unnatural humans!
Why must they cause ripples
in the clear midnight pond
distorting the moon’s face?

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Quiz Clue #3

If you are thoughtful
And observent too,
You will realize
I've given you more clue
Then the number 2

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Quiz Clue #4

This is the final clue,
Before I tell you,
Which I will by tomorrow,
And end your puzzle sorrow,
Though I hope someone
does pass this test,
And be smug with all
the rest

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When Pigs Fly

Fear and violence and guilty judgment
display synaptically sharp,
competing "Loser!" skittish economies.
Love and active peace sustain buoyance,
robustly revolving away
from red skies of mourning;
cooperatively mutual Win-Win
ecology of evolution.

You want so badly to fly your competing belief kites,
and faith,
for your string to remain confidently taut,
vibrantly humming and singing your self-righteousness,
intrinsic value and merit,
for your eisegesis to transcend up and out
catching our multi-cultural wind,
decomposing old ways of competing
as we bow to your better judgment,
declaring your Orthodox wisdom kite
the Winner!

your kite won't fly this way,
or hasn't after all these frustrating
lean growing years of learning your faith
in competing paradigms,
where one must be more right,
the best kite,
but really not just the best,
because you would love to obliterate
all inkiting competition.
Your self-righteous judgment
reads and studies why you must be elite
to lead us losers behind.

Meanwhile, some of us are relearning,
reweaving kites flying best together
like wedges of geese
balanced and resiliently squawking
our glad tidings,
"It's warmer south,
and colder north,
and vice versa,
depending on which habitual hemisphere
you dominantly favor."
Together we catch post-millennial wind
to soar our joyously cooperating kites,
a Golden self-regenerative economy of inclusive grace.

If your eisegetical kite won't fly right,
if your EarthTribe can't hear or understand
or care about what you have to proclaim,
listen deeper
to find how high
your kite might float
in richer racing flowstreams,
as positive deviant diversity
among mutually mentoring companions,
quacking our coincidental ecologic.
We find each Other's incarnated contours,
merging one breath,
two resonant heartbeat kites,
then three....

Then rise to fly apart.

Floating back,
sustain mutual listening,
sync-rhythmic vibrant revolution
spiraling up and away,
soaring eastern harmonies,
dancing inkited breeze.
Left-Right well-bowed bicameral sparring confluence
balancing peace
toward mutual gratitude,
centering mindfulness soaring regeneratively up
reducing tipping-tail dissonance and stress,
waving down to smile this namaste.

Leaning left proposes inspiration,
flexing right disposes expiration,
together swelling prime (0) spinal soul,
our permacultural kite-fly system
fractally equivalent decomposing,
air-born swimming,
interdependent open windowed balance,
which was our Original Intent,
to reach up toward bicameral balancing flight,
as Left breathes in
Right breathes back out regifting Earth,
positively praying revolution's gratitude.


Breathing out what you breathe in,

breathing in what you breath out,

inspiring information,

expiring exformation,

my Yang inhale our Yin exhale,

my Yin exhale our Yang inhale,

balancing (0)-sum ecologic stress,

flying our long-taled nest.

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' Tilt '

23.5 Degrees
On Earth Axis – Tilt – Trajectory
… Prevents Drastic Climate-Changes
And Dangerous Tide Tsunamis

Motion-Sensors Are Going Off
Scientists, May Your Voice Be Soft

G34-B… See
This was Done for You and Me

Oh, The Genius of Genesis, Which God Built
Shows We All Should Just Take The Time to …

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A single word is branded into the fresh snow in urine.


Over the crest of a barren hill covered in winter's dowry,
there is a brown form huddled over a burning tire,
shivering alone.

Curse this thing and the roundabout landscape he formed not in oils or watercolors,
but in reality

curse him.

He sketches himself so clever amongst all creatures
so chivalric
so noble and wise.

but there is no electric shaver here
no Ipod or toilet paper.
one would imagine he has not long to live.


Wait just a minute now,
he has fashioned a sling, to hunt I presume.
Now a spear, how quaint.

And now he has a rifle.

And where does this glorious quest for fire lead?
It hardly matters.

Here he breathes and kills and breeds, here but for the gods themselves to see...

A broken man,
last child bred of a split isotope.

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Full of splendor
The star in the night drags on
Shining like a vibrant ray
A vibrant nightmare ray for me
I cannot take those little specks of light
I lose breath
I lose concentration
I lose all feeling
Into the dark abyss I go
When I look up
Perhaps it is not all that wretched
For I never stare up at night
Not so much as a glance
Not even so much as a glance.

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First - The light from the Sun

Haven't you found
       out yet
  that the world 
considers us
  to be real
and even as 
       we delight 
in the mysteries 
     of nature
  we cvatch the green song
as it vibtates - forever

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Neighbor of the Milky Way Community

Psychadelic creature of the night;
sitting low, then high,
then low again.
How is it that you shine so
bright in an absence 
of light?
Your counterpart represents
all that is good; yet you
are not evil.
You speak to me at low-tide
and spoke to Katrina all the
Ok, Fine-
maybe you are just a little evil,
but I can dig that.
Thank you sir, or madam,
for the chat;
I'm sure we'll see each other around town.

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The Section

 The Section 
The Section 
The flood lamps were on poles each man had five they hauled them up on a 
system of pulleys and nothing was electric the power was atomic each light 
hissed against the rain like a beehive the atomic lights were bright much brighter 
than a stadium light lights up at night. They ignored the people gathering around 
them and concentrated on getting the perimeter set the mental processes 
working hard in men used to taking orders. When they were finished the lights lit 
a section. The section was only the length of a football field and there was 
several houses intertwined in the inbetween section. The section disappeared. 
The section dissipated like an old worn out sock the lights were not the reason 
but they could not be ignored. Each man rocked a little on his heels back and 
forth like someone winning a fight. The people quite quickly recovered their 
voices and suddenly it was pandemonium until they quite quickly elected an 
official spokesman for the section. 
“The Light?” “The light is not the reason for the disappearance of the section?”” 
The Light?” 
“What power did you use to make the houses dissipate?” But the men were 
moving out each man carrying only the lights he was assigned. 
“Power?” “ Power?” The last man turned to the spokesman and clearly intoned, 
“GOD removes the section we only bring the lights so that we get to watch.” 

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Unifying Theories of Light ( slight re-write)

Unifying Theories of Light

A waveform particle
Photon phantoms of packets
Oceanic cosmos dusts the material
Separates its contact
By the touch
Of the physical

Human sight by synaptic
Records sunrisen hue 
Of tints painted brush strokes
Each brilliant parcel
In spectrum arches
Carries its message
Of choreographed stars

The gossamer veils of mirrors
Shine conduit
Sprinkle fireflies of chaotic 
Fractal scenic
Feeding the living
Traverses faster and faster
Blinking awakenings

And associated by love
Transforms appreciations moment
To glory
Flaming banters to star burst
Of darkness
In Universal centres
Lights ricochet of absorption
Reflects outlined form
In an Aura of dancing frequencies
The iconography
In Eternity

Edges defined by glittering
The swirls and eddies
Of straight line caught rainbows
All washes through the seen
The constant
Torch light of awareness
In a never ending moment
Of proclamation

This finite and infinite sea
Forms open Albedo
Defining its cache
In every individuality
Of every thought
And every conceptions colour artistic 

Blade of grass
Petal rain fall
Impenetrable diamond
Refracted forests
Of dancing shadows
Of solar passions

The closest tactile
Of life



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Science fictional always possible....

Our world has embraced science fiction
until,we remove the fiction from science

We're submerged in a world of drama and friction
forces of static needed by elemental reliance

Like our television screen attracting dust
our physical shell a protracting bust

sub-atomic particles stimulate gland secretions
chemical interaction which form perception

To feel what we feel since they have no feeling
pain or pleasure have no conscience meaning

To sin...or to syn...a synapes more to the point
controlling every cell,every muscle and joint

Bio-mechanics at it's best,
organic computers in constant test.....

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Untitled #141 / The second string is cut

The moment the second string is cut
and the cog flies through space
until it settles on the bottom
and the third string reveals itself!

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Managerial inseparable font new words made up just on the spot 
warpped constitutional practices they took JESUS out of school 
they pray to the dollar bill and grab as many of them 
as they can possibly imagine 
they start out slow and then they snowball 
they change the history in the history books 
they give the children dirty looks 
they have an analytical mind 
they have no rhyme or rhythum 
though they beat upon a drum 
they tattoe dreams upon their arms 
and sleep in constellations of alarm 
they ruin life for all the rest of us 
they make it hurt and make it suffer 
they indicate and relate the waif 
they simulate their lover 
they do it undercover of the light 
mye soul will be with JESUS 
for they murdered all the crowe in me 
they fight they kill and they could not pay the bill 
what is worth thy soul in all eternity 
a new york t shirt and one dollar bill to some 

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Higher Planes

On metallic wings of hope,
violent noise propels man
through clouds of faith,
through the troposphere
and beyond
in accelerated exploration.

With every pound of thrust,
prayers gain altitude,
and the wonder
of universal forces
is magnified.

In time we'll know
if they've seen
the Eye of God.

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Traveling In the Void

There is no time here.
Time is motion relative to other motion,
Yet we move relative to nothing.

Nothing surrounds us.
We hang in emptiness.
Like diamonds cast across a field of black velvet
The stars shine cold against space
Gathered together in their serried ranks of billiions
Mustered into shimmering islands
The galaxies wander
Unimaginably far apart
And they are as nothing
As nothing
Against this neverending blankness
This coldness
This nothing that is space.

Between worlds we drift.
We drift and sleep
We drift and dream
Of things we know
And things we wish to know.

From one small round rock to another
Wheeling through the void 
We drift
Specks lost in the immensity.

We drift and there is no change
For there is no time here.

There is no time.

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Our universe touches our five senses.
Visions of the darkness as a fire blazes,
Our suns flare like a whispering wind
Venus sending calls in mysterious flavor.
Contact with Mars brings life’s substance.
Earth entices the universe filled with tears.
Mother Moon our overseer of natural reason.
Five elements hold focal point together still.

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My Voice

My Voice 
my voice 
ewe have my voice 
ewe have heard my voice 
have ewe heard the mighty wind blow 
have ewe heard your daughter speak to ewe 
have ewe heard a word of love from boss 
eye am no disembodied spirit but like CUPID 
eye must remain anonymouse 
ewe have heard me speak when ewe have heard the rain falling 
ewe have heard me speak when ewe have heard the sky falling 
ewe have heard my voice in each drop of water falling 
eye am love 
ewe have heard the voice of love 
my voice 

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harmonic convergence

                         First , to understand harmony as charcterized by a concordant 
which is to formerly agree........converge , is to approach the same point from 
different directions , to form unity toward a common result . The theory or study of 
the physical properties and characteristics of musical sound , analysis being the 
representation of math functions by means of linear operations . 
                         Physics / acoustics ; is similar to themselves in regard to " wave " 
physics.....and  " vibration " acoustics , a melody of chords to produce substance .
Force correlation ; forces such as , heat , electricity , magnetism , light , sound , in 
theory is indestructable matter , no material particle can ever be lost , no part of 
the force existing in nature can vanish . Force or forces , being different modes of 
motion , making them capable at one moment a " cause " , and at the next an 
" effect " ; cause and effect , with the beginning of the proton ( physics ) to 
symbiosis , mitosis ( biology ) . To understand the physical elements that 
surround us , coupled with the biological elements that are us , is to at least 
understand the interaction of mutual cooperation with the two properties which in 
effect influence our ( 5 ) physical senses . CAUSE and EFFECT............
                        Hypothetically it possible that because of our 
biological composition as earth beings , along with the physical elements of our 
environment , that is the cause for our perception , where on a different planet , 
because of the different atmospheric elements that don't mutually respond to the 
differences , thats why everything can appear barren , a chemical 
take it a bit further , but actually personal , internally , could this also be the 
reason for disfunction of self , being barren within , like a desert........hollow  ?

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Mark of the Beast(666) 

Money rules most everyone, 
just ask me and you will see. 
Even Billy Graham solicits funds, 
how else do they do 
the crusades... 
Money is god(mammon) 
ewe can have god or applesauce 
money is so nice 
with money ewe get applesauce 
but money is not nice 
murder;killing; and now living 
is all tied to the Mark(666) 
Public executions will be next 
killing people for religion 
it will happen soon and never stop 
pain is still inside of me but 
forgiveness is somewhere near my heart 
even now no one cares there is no one 
sleeping in the park 
they billy club the feet 
of the poor at midnite 
there is no relief or respite 
for those who do not fight 
The Mark(666)of the Beast 

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Story of Light

Light without shadow.
Grasp in turmoil, nail the stars in tunnel.
Shy away its time of speed
Yet open blossoms each unseen
As surpassed to pull in distance.

Considering push will not be happened
In a crashing speed as  pull  to spread its shine.
Circumstances reported unexpected,
Without a shadow, resurrects to repair its wound.
Nature of memory hidden in dancing rhythm.

Heat cold by water thought a scene at large
Scaled  in cell  change  to mutate   
Unveiling unknown  discover  as  we'd  resurrects  in dreams 
Cling a mistake hidden in blast written  in Roseta Stone.
As birth of coincidence in life  stoned at the end .

Calming silence found its escape.
Find the land mothered in a note of string...

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Gospel of Yin, with Yang


it's yin again.

It's not true

what you say,

that I don't like science.


your reified sentience,

fueled by solar gnostics

back a couple millennia ago,

pursuing spacetime's permaculturing path,

dreaming and wondering and wording truth

in faithful Prime Relationship

between researcher and incubating laboratory,

redeemer and creator,

effect and cause,

response and multisystemic stimulus,

form and polycultural function,

you and me.


evolves no more or less spiritually than science;

bipolar polypaths toward active peace,

shared light.


religion's path grasps love's goodness and beauty,

while gnostics prehend faith's truthfulness and proportion,

or not,

or not not,

so yes,

spiritual bipolar balance

merges faith with love

truth with goodness,

me with you,

Right with Left hemispheric balance.

I've come before,

so many times I'm growing tired,

appearing in male bodies

trying to speak your culture

in some way you might

risk stepping into optimizing polycultural balance,

multisystemic ecotherapy,

remember that entropic trends

are learned by closing,

monopolistic monochromatic,



over-populating systems,


not Open, harmonious, confluent,

my gnostic yin with your religious yang,

your Right natural systemic intuition

with Left linguistic calculating deduction,

dipolar  coincidental regenerative systems

born with DNA-discoding,

unknotting fractal-folded Zero-soul,

balancing out and in,

convex and concave,

atomic and wavilinear,

digital and ecologic,

space and time,

positive and negative,

before and after,

as without, so within,

as above, so below,

this spirit-nature binomial balance

of yang and yin.

Entropic dissonating experience of nature's temporal principles

threatens faithful incarnating passions for ego-self,

reifying, rather than reiterating, ecological systems.

Faith in bipolar Self as Redeemer,

regeneratively potentiating positive life for all

as mutually mentoring parasites,

flowers from hope in our benign Earth Host root system,

yang as diastatic yeastfully articulating yin,

EcoAtmanic system's universal intelligence,

tao of yin's diastolic gravitational waves

filling yang's enlightening bangs, borders, margins.

Without hope for this benign Earth teleology

this human race loses to entropic unraveling

of memory's space and time,

hopeless despair that together we have become too much and many

yet never enough.

I know no other way to invite your polypathic evolution

into dipolar balance,

away from speciated Oppositional Disorder,

absence of hope for faithful true relationships

and this growing ricochet eco-effect

as multisystemic gangs and bullies

lose faith in face of screaming panic wildness,

meeting defiance with defiance,

rather than a restraining hug

and reassurance that we are all in this together,

keep the faith that Left's purpose will find peace

in Right's iconic


coincidental harmonizing

universal mindfulness

of light's full-octave purity,

transparent Yang

emerging from dark Yin balancing

nature's diverse systemic frequencies of form and  function.

When yang swings left,

flex right yin,

and vice versa.

Repeat regeneratively.


Polycultural Yang, for mute Mono-bicompostingYin.

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How much longer....

How feeble is our attempt
grasping at purpose
like windswept salt air,
minor contributions upon
levels of major play....
understanding that
the lack of understanding
continues day to day....
sequences re-lived although
redesigned by imaginative minds,
as telling as the next wave
which isn't that far behind.....

What is the trueness to purpose ?
 What forges ahead our persistence,
..............our mystery of existence ?
What is it we lack,or are we lax,
in our approach in comfort ?
is it all a walking slumber,
a dreamstate awaiting analysis.... it the discovering of wonders,
in hopes only to avoid paralysis ?

How much longer,this battle for God ?
How much longer for true peace and liberty ?
How much longer this dying continuity......
a life of ambiguity,searching for amnesty,
amongst the dispersal of seperation.....

How much longer.......?

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The Goblins

The Gruesome Goblins
sneaky ,creatures ; and there are movies 
featured with these creatures.
They 'd often spread gruesome tales, 
just to scare, they didn't care;
like tales of dying whales...and dying polar bears...

Copyright McCuen 2008

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what's at stake anyway ??

Global warming ,
political and scientific debate's 
Big buisness being 
the biggest contributers and...
the detractor's of truth....

But...i have another question........
is it possible , at one time ,
the earth and the sun were 
at it's greatest distance apart
hence , the Ice Age........

Do you think it's now possible ,
the earth and sun are now
coming closer to eachother ??

when we consider " time " as we know it ,
universal time isn't exactly the same.....

Who within' our lifetime or...
generation's past , have had the knowledge
or even the patience to track all this anyway ??

Sure hope we did'nt burn information at the STAKE !!

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Untitled #171 / Ten minutes

Ten minutes of solitary free time
at the end of class, they’re correcting their tests
I have nothing to correct
Oh! Dream of physics!
Oh! Dream of astronomy!
Oh! Dream of Chinese thought!
Oh! Dream of writing!
Oh! Dream of love!

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This Week's Quiz

Strap yourself in, folks, here we go again!!!;

What comes out of nowhere?
Existing when it seemingly feels like it?
It is virtually counter-intuitive,
With properties we usually associate
with God......

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Watching the Hubble Repairs

Suspended     Womblike
Pearly cloud and sapphire blue of sea
Turn day to night     night to day
In endless succession
Beneath the tiny being floating in the Nothing
At work on an instrument to help his kind
See deeper through the endless void
They all sail through together     Birth to Death
The black ocean of stars and worlds
Adrift in icy silence.

Eternity beckons just over your shoulder
But don't look - the vastness will kill your mind -
Concentrate on repairing that mechanical eye,
For steel and glass can't be affected so.
Focus on the huge and tenuous beauty of Home
Rolling beneath you as you hang in frozen fall
And marvel how - even this close - she gives no sign
Of the struggles seething below
Of the constant flashing on and off
Of all her teaming life
Of the untold eyes of untold creatures
Now watching their world roll by
On tiny glowing boxes
Given and Angel's view
Through eyes of steel and glass.

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Science is such bad faith.

Are we to believe that the cosmos, the earth, our very bodies
	Consist of particles as insentient and cold as the glacial mass of Jupiter?
That ordinary thoughts and strokes of genius emerge equally
	From random firings of neural synapses?
That the origins of noble ideals, or loyalty, or commitment
	Reside in arbitrary molecular motions?
That friendship, love, or hate appear ex nihilo, the products
	Of unfeeling chains of subatomic collusions?

Science is such bad faith.

The seemingly senseless swirlings of unseen particles are but
	Corporeal manifestations of a higher calling,
Material resonances of the spirit,
	Soul of the cosmos, the earth, the body.
Does not a glance between lovers set in motion
	The symphony of a trillion trillion molecules?
Does not the seeing of the pulchritudinous palette of a sunset
	Ignite synchronous activities in remote regions of the brain?
Do not joy, sadness, or pleasure govern a host
	Of chemical permutations?

Science is such bad faith.

Who knows?
Perhaps molecules are communities of beings wrapped
	In passionate embrace.
Perhaps even electrons sing and weep
	And make love.

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This Poem is taken from my Jesus Central Course Jesus 101. 
If you were Mark, writing a short report to demonstrate to a Roman audience that 
Jesus (a Jewish man) was "the Son of God", what would you include in that 
report? This is Charlax speaking as iff eye am MARK talking to the gentle reader 

"We watched as JESUS was crucified he walked with that TREE on his back and 
fell dropping it unable to go on in apparent defeat he fell to one knee he was so 
strong he was never completely down we thought it was disgrace but there 
seems to be a reason now the SYMON one of CYRENE a black ebon man was 
found standing in the crowd a broad nose and back the cross was lifted up and 
placed upon the negro back to make the forgiveness of us all complete and color 
no barrier to GOD 

This is for my black friend at the University Blue and Read for yew. 

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Planet world

Life of smile glitter in thundering sky
nameless being started in womb
crystal rays swiped laughter first breath 
billions or seven days who will be the judge 
Ball of fire stay the same.

Unknown pieces gathered unrevealed
smoothing each color mends self being
daring elude  winds rain stars  outburst
thought respect given as birth  dull and clear
Seed  in  wrap flood till crush mutate again

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c.1300, from O.Fr. fable, from L. fabula "story, play, fable,Most trace to Greece or 
The story that eye make is sometimes loosely based on a real life scenario a 
fate of people just like ewe and eye.

If they reach behind the back look out they may be trying to pull the cell phone out. 
They may call the police and this is the imagined conversation “Oh please come 
and arrest this man he is impersonating a person” and this is the patrolman on 
his responsive suggestion “What WHO IS THIS where are you?”  While the 
homeless man eats sardines with sail fins on them and crackers come 
unbidden to his fingers than the sailfish eaten carry him to Heaven. The cop just 
hangs up his phone on his belt and laughs he says to his friend and partner for 
life we do not arrest a man just for living. It’s not a crime to eat sardines in my 
Eye am only riding on the bus or walking eye do not like to transport naked in the 
winter time. For Fish is better eaten with pepper and it is too far to walk to Burger 
King on this given day.
Thank GOD for Peter Piper the eye just picked a pepper that they provided for a 
pizza and made a meal of battered fishes better.
SCORE one for me and NONE for BOZO.

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Space is not really empty.....

We can have a conceptual subject
without an actual object,but,
can we understand substance
from the subject without an object ?

Can there be a defined intangible existence ?

Instead of viewing substance as matter or anti-matter
which has become our version of order and chaos,
what really appears is the manifested and unmanifested,
beginning first as thought,then sound.....
we view the material world as objects that fill space,
with empty space now surrounding the object....
really,what we have is space lacking structure and form,
awaiting manifestation....the gestation of thought.....

Energy in motion.....or E-motion,is the byproduct of thought,
capacitors of energy as befitting a manifold,
we consume energy....combust energy....exhaust energy,

Attitude is the exhaustion of our thoughts...positive or negative....

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With a world increasing in knowledge, not discernment,
science expands its universe in space;
you will encounter a few whom the Lord will send...
to seek a safe,monastery life! 
The Middle Ages were a great escape
from the vandals that invaded their land;
and thus,many geniuses brought new thought to light,
and civilization was saved by these courageous monks!

Why are the prisons being overcrowded by the minute,
are we losing touch with conscience,
and is guilt excluded from the senses?
Some don't even feel the sense of guilt,
unremorsefully in front of judges who deplore...
and the offenders ludicrously defy justice;
are we becoming a society of lawless ingrates,
or are we going back to the Dark Ages?

Chaos seems stunning nowdays...
if it surfaces without notice,
all that we built and its splendor
can turn into ashes like charcoal;
the events, unfolding before our faces,
will be more catasthrophic...  
compared to what occurred,over
the centuries, throughout those lands
plagued by deadly diseases!

Choosing a safe, monastery life
is not only precocious, but wise;
if your calling is truly spiritual:
be the sagest of the sage...
not consumating a self-image; 
devotion is a not a demise of the faithful!

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gravitation , situation

" what goes up , must come down "
the basic premise of law pertaining to gravity ,
but , when you understand the nature of opposite's
wouldn't it stand to reason ,
what fall's down , must rise back up....

nature gives us a clear example of this
with it's mode of operation explaining
evaporation and precipitation.........

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Positive Negative

Positive , negative wisdom
positive , negative reality

Positive wisdom recognizes negative reality
negative wisdom blinded to positive reality

Apparent growth,a matter of compression
lesson's learned,a serie's of repetition

Single concept multiply,still a singularity

From transistor,to 8-track,to cassette,to MP3
innovation from an old idea

Creativity is original mind's imagination
is our imagination a suppressed memory
from a distant past ?

Pioneer's face their biggest fear's,failure,
innovator's remain with the established....

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Refraction explained as....
the bendinig of a ray or wave of light
or sound,as it passes from one
medium into another....

a clear glass half full of water
with a straw inside glass
as light passes through the glass
it creates an illusion of sight
the straw appears as two seperate
but,if you hold straw straight center
it become's as one straw again.

if we look at our physical body
as a container filled with water
if we consider our spiritual self
as above example,being the straw
you can now understand 
the importance of centering,focus
the farther we lean in any direction
creates the illusion of spiritual sight
with the possibility of a broken spirit

The Holy Grail,or cup
is our physical body
containing our Holy Spirit....

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The Tail End Of Eternity

the borders of space and time,
or so a physicist would claim,
don't at all exist-
everything is all the same-
every point you can imagine,
is the center of it all
and time is classed as
a mere measurement of
movement in this non-existent space....

well, maybe that's true,
I wouldn't know, but it
sounds counter-intuitive to me
I guess I don't have their wisdom
and so I'll never see
how everywhere is the same
and yesterday is as possible
to reoccur, than a brand new day

if I took 10 times ten times ten again,
and squared it all again....
and multiplied this mighty number
by ten more tens and another ten
and each one was a reason
why the universe is the way it is....
I would need more than eternity
to try to figure out this quiz

so I will look no further now
than my next breath, or
maybe my next step,
for if I live ten years longer
than eternity I still will be inept

to figure the riddle of life, and
of Gods, and races of other
living things,
but if he wants me to travel,
I pray he gives me wings
Though I will never be 
of such great worth
to travel in the heavens,
but only here on earth

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Untitled #138 / A lifetime of discovery

“Invent! Create! Discover!
Enter! Win big!”
Ah, but incentives do not motivate the wise!
A lifetime of discovery! Every moment!

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Fluctiation vanish

In a given day fluctuation chimed 
       drift its space aside of  well-known curve

Surge its ascend as glimpse in twig 
      tail of stars born from ashes sweep

Wipe sparkle in hole maybe illusion in distance
        ascend its glimpse magnet dusty reveal

Loose being state escapes its faithful hood
             crush in pieces vanish in cosmetic

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Mass of domini

Here’s my chores
duty become burden
unless glued as necessary

Skills to handle outer injection
broken balance reclaims future 
lit in beam to disclose
one tiny matter all applause

Named it many as disclosed
left to right, up to down
like duck as quarks
runs in human body

Partition so many 
how matter differs in cell
Short circuit I have

Sour future -Domini-

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Ethanol Race

From a corn husker's view
it's quite natural, not new
It's like spit fire under the moon
Lit up like bootleg
and clean as the rows
upon rows upon rows stood divided
Freedom from fumes 
so we scrape and exhume
every bone, every shred of our conscience
and we buy the new wheel
just to think and to feel
that we too swim in currents of difference

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Lumineuse Absentia

The circumference of the lunar sphere slowly decreases,
Stark-pitted-whiteness turning the color of blood-
Earth’s shadow prevails:
Blocking the sun’s reflective path
Illumination moving from dark to light,
Then restoring itself to light once again
Following a script set forth in His grand design
Recovering the landscape of the night sky
Stars assuming their cosmic glow.

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Who's there?

Dawn knows not of my weary wake 
night has never caressed my body's slumber
Do the ruddy Martian winds break for lunch
can you buy crushed ice on Europa
Is an atomic reaction a human tragedy 
or just another mysterious spot on the Sun
hmm, have another drink of water 
Who's needlessly dying 
beneath the suffocating clouds of Venus
would they commit suicide, in a Vesuvius ash, '64 Impala
Next time you see Mercury, steer clear of tomorrow
the table is set, a Red Giant is coming to dinner
If green is the pigment of envy, why is the Earth so very blue
isn't chlorophyll the Color of Money 
Shh...don't tell photogenic White Dwarfs
their acting days too, are atomically numbered
Is irony consciously painting, an infinite abyss 
or a finite existence, unconsciously as radiant as Saturn's rings
Relevance isn't ignorance, if you never check the clock
time is inevitability, inevitability the universal knock

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Caves on Mars

Caves on Mars 
Goudy was a Martian Boy 
He lives in the caves not the caverns GOD only knoes what lurks down there he 
spends his day hiking to the canals for the water hidden near the bottom 
This day he has a special excitement he has a new toy 
 “this thing has wheels” goudy cries gleefully and it looks just like a camera but 
they can not even see me for eye am much too small in stature and the thing is 
much too busy with that stone the humans are just too stooped they want info of 
the rocks”? When every little Martian just wants grok? We must hike for miles 
today to get the water and eye pray there is enough eye have my ling and eye 
must fill it eye use my cup to dip it and then eye grok. The water in the cup is life. 
This rover is much too fun. 
He has no need of grok this thing from earth is fun. 

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big question markers

around the circumference of the earth's mid
are huge temples , pyre , fire , mid , middle
pyramids of ancient stone builders
all near and about 72 degrees in seperation
with exception to two missing
one in the pacific , one in the atlantic
when you put all 5 points at 72 degree's
you'll find an amazing figure , a pentagram .

men of science are still trying to decipher
the ancient symbols of NAZCA.........
if you look real close you'll discover
a portrait landscape of life on earth
a " V " shape with a reptilian figure
a monkey walking stairway's
appears to be a simulation of evolution

what do we know of our history........
what is our so called , his-story....
what is the story anyway...........
mysteries of life..........
what do we really know ?????

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Hemlock Taken

 Hemlock Taken 
Hemlock Taken 
Socrates in Prison making mention of the time passing “the time is passing” eye 
am Socrates 
The maid forgot to clean my cell again the kitchen sent the hard old rolls again 
and the water bowl is fetid eye can not wet my weinersnitzel properly the boy is 
never with me now the boy is absent from me the boy is not so close beside me 
eye miss the sex with boy “the time is passing” eye am Socrates in prison 
making mention of the shadow on the farther wall it seems to be an ANGEL three 
feet tall the shadow on the nearer wall is only me 
Eye miss the homosexual sex the things he does to make me bleed eye miss 
the way he wants to kiss the places and the parts of me 
“time is passing” eye am Socrates in prison the rags they gave me to use for 
clothing have long since worried themselves to loathing they can not be worn to 
any ball or dance party now 
“the time is passing” eye am Socrates in prison 
The food is leering the wine is made of lead 
Bring me the hemlock Socrates is dead. 

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International space station

From the west
soundlessly gatecrashing constellations,
as bright as the Magi's star
it graciously gave me a minute of it's time
and then was gone.
Oh, to see what you see with my own eyes,
blues and swirling white,
that gentle glow that splits the day from night,
twinkling clusters of man
seemingly at peace.
With each orbit
serenely as you go, you fear no intruders,
violence or greed,
witness no suffering, vice or need.
See no flashes, hear no scream of war
only see how good it looked before
it fell abused, beneath the hand of man-
it really must be heaven
in a can.

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Chapter Seventeen: back to the amaryllis two

 Chapter Seventeen: back to the “amaryllis two” 
Chapter Seventeen: back to the “amaryllis two” 
“There is nothing wrong with this spaceship” MarYlin Mist was speaching Iola the 
Matron was talking to the BOY in a Whisper 
You can still be my friend even though I'm from the Earth. 
Charlaxandroidone7 was checking the approach to the “amaryllis two” and 
lowering the ramp so they could enter when the coast to coast was clear. 
STOKKER entered the clearing first and stepped up gingerly on the ramp it 
quivered IT QUIVERED??? Ramps on starships just DON'T quiver? HELP he 
was yelling and blasting at the same time whatever it was it was a MIMIC. They 
all blasted and blasted away and how was your day to day gentle reader are you 
prepared to kick off no amount of insurance and help or aide ewe in your survival 
of the afterlife as well as knowledge of JESUS. Just say JESUS and then live 
again. This advertisement has been brought to you and ewe and yew and yours 
by the CHARLAX poet. 
True religion is inside of you. 

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Trying (My Secret Sin)

Trying to find someone who cares 
Trying to find someone to provide a breeze of fresh air
The moment I do, I mess it up 
So eager to comment 
Steadily trying to guess your trust
Who would truly want to bless this dust
Put everything in a plus and make it a must
I’m trying to find that person in the back of my mind
I’m trying to find a better reason to live than a line
How can I hate you
When you so honestly demonstrate what is true
Memories are tainted pictures you painted
I’m stretched and jaded
Yet in front of my eyes you live one
Every triumph I fetched is faded
Yet I stand here wondering how we get alone
I’m trying to find a shoulder to shrug
I’m trying to find a person to hug

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Quiz Wiz , I Is...

I never got so many responses before.
But, so far, you're knocking on the wrong door.
So I'll tell you one thing more,
The answer is virtually in the quiz,
That this old wizard claims is his

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Untitled #108 / Number one oh eight

What shall be number
one oh eight?
Two carts shall slide across a metal slide!
But not yet! There they sit undisturbed!
And now the ball remains!

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The Science Fiction Poem

The Science Fiction Poem 
The Science Fiction Poem 
We flew in a crafted ship with a needle nose cone 
We stowed away in the engine room and we danced at home 
With the Martians we danced on the moon 
with the stars and the never locks we camped out 
with songs all around us we soon crept to bed. 
So happy to be on the way to the moon and to mars 
Eye smuggled the flashlight into the sleeping bag 
And the copy to read that book from the lieberry 
And eye always was red eye and tired 
From reading HEINLEIN in the night 
The light from the sleeping bag always was right in the book 
And when fear made me leave the thing or eye had to look 
for a place to use the facilities' in the middle of the night 
The story was still in my mind and eye was in flight. 
A boy scouting on Mars and the moon. 
Always the hero and winning the day 
Keeping the air supply safe for the girl. 
Always eye was a survivor the man with the plan. 
Turning the science fiction at hand 
Into dreams for all men. 

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Swim my Ocean

Swim my ocean
Walk my land
Jump my troposphere
And trapopause me
I’m up here in the stratosphere
Increased is my desire for you
To find me
My temperature has increased
Knowing you are near
Once you reach me my love
We will not mix nor will we cry
You may stay as long as you want
My love where are you going
I refer
You may stay long as you want
What is that?
You’re off to see if mesosphere
And thermosphere can treat you better
I say
My love never
My darling don’t go
You won’t be able to breathe
Way up there
Come back

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In a starfield
Of ten thousand mighty suns,
Where shadow is forever barred,
And darkness is an imaginary thing,
There dwells a creature
On the rocky world to which
it does cling...
Last of his kind,
In fact, the last living thing
A creature that crawls'
Not one to take wing...

The time for it's last breath
has come,
The time for the last life
to go..
Now rocks and moutains
quite unseen,
Seems God's sense
of humor,
sometimes seems mean

Billions more years 
will have to pass,
Till some other creature's
shadow will be cast

And all that time
To the suns mean nothing,
But a twinkle of an eye,
And the mighty suns
do shine on alone,
When all forms of life
do die.

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The Sandpiper

The sandpiper seemed innocent enough,
as it trailed the water’s edge.
She followed, keeping her distance.

It was a beautiful day in April,
when the unspeakable happened.
A warm sun and gentle breeze
comforted her busy mind. 

Patiently, she followed the bird,
feeling the mixture of sand, pebbles, 
and broken shells beneath her feet.

As a flock of seagulls lifted in flight,
Her eyes returned to the sandpiper.
It had stopped, so she did the same.

She noticed that the bird had frozen in mid-step.
How cute, she thought.
Then a strange feeling passed over her. 
A deep, mindless fear crept into her mind.

She slowly turned her head, 
her eyes leaving the sandpiper
and looking back up the beach.

She immediately noticed
people frozen in place.


Two men and a woman behind her
frozen in time, arms in mid-stride, mouths open,
as if forever in speech, eyes staring into nothing.

She looked back to the sandpiper.
She felt compelled to walk toward it.
Standing, looking down at the lifeless form,
she reached and picked it up.

The feathers were soft,
but, the bird felt hard and solid. 
Turning it over, her long nail
clicked on the metal patch beneath.

She turned quickly and faced the figures behind her.
She threw the fake sandpiper at the woman,
it clanged off her still head.

She turned and ran, tears flowing from her eyes.
She began to scream.
At that moment, a dark shadow appeared over the beach.

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Slippin' Slowly

Dying in bits,
Pieces each day...
No matter what I try,
I don't know what to say...

"Reality" is a concept,
I find hard to believe,
Is there more to it?
Or do I self-deceive??

Slippin' slowly
Into another world,
Mists of time and place,
Confuse me so bad,
I don't know how to face...

The future is past?
Time is a joke?
The Universe is endless,
Matter wears a dark cloak?
Dark matter,, dark energy,
What is the truth?
Guess God is alone,
In his ability to know,
I don't think that ever,
Humanity will grow

To the point where the
Last question's been asked,
The last riddle solved,
The Universe and time,
Completely dissolved

I'm just one little man,
Facing the "now"
Elusively confused,
By why and the how...

Not for me to know,
Just to wonder the why,
Someday I will go,
My soul will then fly...

This is a matter of faith,
Not science concrete,
Someday I do hope,
God I will meet.

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Feel   like near the skin and moves all around 
Feel   like a knife making my skin come unbound 
Feel   like a real thing between the bones and the meat 
Feel   like an entity beginning to unwind 
Feel   like someone doing something without a mind 
Feel   like pain that never leave or go away 
Feel   like a growing living thing 
Feel   like love in a wet place 
Feel   like hurt 
Feel   like nerves 

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Untitled #168 / Gravity

If gravity is constantly pulling us down,
then what keeps us from slipping into hell?
Little invisible strings hanging from heaven?
or the floor beneath our feet!

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Fate spares no one
when it comes to inflict pain;
never being compassionate,
much less compliant...

Frequent supplications of pity,
don't appease this beast 
seeking victims to devour;
and the stricken` are taken captive
without  tears to shed,
having nothing to hope for...
but  they are all confined to agony,
cut off from anyone and anything!  

Fate spares no one a single hair...
wealth or poverty,
ugliness or beauty
are put on a balanced scale,
to impart  all their own share;
equality is frivolous and unfair!

Plagues are infected by ignorance,
or by a shocking lack of regard...
thus making all an endangered species;
medicine doesn't always find the cure,
patients retort and give in to vengeance...
that's when fate flings its sword:
to remind them that  it  is
as invincible as ever!      

Fate spares no one...not even I;
what life acclaims, fate disdains!
For endless ages it  ruled over many:
deceiving hearts, destroying lives;
very seldom it was powerless
to take control over the strong ones, 
who refused to see the face of a Goliath...
spreading terror through the earth!   

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The Apocalypse

As I peer into the mirror
Of my Refractive Telescope
Past the belt of Orion
I spy the approaching Apocalypse

A globular irregular comet
Flaring of its endless tail
Spreading dust across the galaxy
On a collision course for planet Earth

Turning away, I stand and ponder
What a waste, the trappings and status
Of the human race, for what purpose
Twelve, twenty-one, twenty twelve 

It will be for not

Turning back to the lens and thinking of
The alien Mayan Long Count, how ironic
Sidereal time places the impact date
Exactly when their calendar ends

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He winked at me the whole thing blinked there is not another creature like it on 
this earth I thought it was a humming bird at first but it was a hummingbee there 
was no doubt this thing was so much different. It had wings like the gragon fly 
there seemed to be four of them all tuned to pulsate in the same rhythum and it 
was striped just like the bumblebees eye am so fond of and it had a 
Proboscis nose just like the hummingbird to get the sugar that makes it grow 
And the thing shimmered like it had just materialized from an otherworldly portal 
it was black with yellow stripes 
The tail was pointed and mabe it was a stinger but the stinger was sheathed and 
not pointed at me and what eye remember most of the whole incident 
Was the way it smiled it smiled at me 
It was the hummingbee of GOD

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Mind and Rosetta Stone

Whimsical sense
Settle in sand
Reclaim it self

Never thought 
Revolving stone
Mind ourselves

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Provoking thought's

Before we can realize , should'nt we first recognize ?
don't we have to first cognize , to realize ,
only to recognize , our sense of surrounding reality ?

If we have a limited sense perception ,
would'nt we also lack immediate impression ?

elusive our sense of depth , our sense of space ,
our sense of self ......internal and external.......

We are , after all , unit's of action
output only as good as the input

If our system has become desensitized ,
a failure to coherently empathize
doe's the inanimate remain immaterial ?
If that be true , will the animate eventually ,
become material , to become immaterial ?
doe's the human factor , fall victim to inhumane action ?
or , do we as unit's of action , reinforce a positive reaction ?

Difficult decision's require hard resolve ,
hard inquiries into heart answers
Intricately intertwined ,
relativity will continue to undermine 
un-natural tendencies to redefine....
Nature will continue it's own progressive course........

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circles are perfect
they have no start
no beginning
no end
each point an equal
the closest representation
of eternity
as perfect a definition
of the cosmos
as will ever be found
perfect eternity
maybe the only
perfection there is.

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Leaving Mars to the STARS

The MIMIC was soon dead and the real ramp lowered for our crew to board the: 
Amaryllis Two. Charlax7Android1 was soon busy at the damper board.

MarYlin Mist was on the pilots couch strapping down her loose anatomy parts.

Stokker was next to her watching her every piloting move. He was learning how to 
fly this thing to be an added asset to the guest list. The Matron IOLA was soon 
engrossed in the business at hand FRENCH toast. The Hydrogen engine was 
noise. The important water pipes the UTUBES stretching out of sight near the 
edges of the walls kept them all on edge and nerves stretched out in the engine 
noises of this interstellar space shippe as the worlds of the ASTERIODS 
approached the ship began to overdrive and the FASTERTHANLIGHTBEAMS@ 
modem on the MISTY WAY MAP lit up on MarYlin computer screen her brand new 
lap top. OH gentle ewe come back tomorrow for a brand new chapter poem. 
9Teen. The Stars in Reach. 

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I Wonder

There are so many wonders to ponder
The Great Mystery of Death,
The enigma of time
The vastness of the universe

It is said a trip of a thousand miles
starts with a single step
Yet the trip of eighty-odd years
ends with a final breath

Wouldn't it be glorious,
So know, somehow,
answers to things
never to be known to us?

The last day in the life of
the last dinosaur?
The creation of our vast oceans?
The last thing the last man
will come to know?

Where is my past?
Merely locked-up,
in my mind?

The exact total of all
the grains of sand on earth?
What was there before there
was a was?

Who's running his joint?
There will be a day when we
meet an alien race..
It's inevitable...
But when will it happen?

This train of questions
could go on forever...
But the answers, a far
more elusive thing
are they.

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Red Rum

It talks.
It whispers.
It cries out loud.
It tells secret tales.
It speaks of dark acts.
It reveals silent tears.
It uncovers the arms.
It displays events.
It exhibits truth.
It uncovers.
It rests. 

It seeps in the earth
By the hands of its culprits
From broken bottles.

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Untitled #166 / v=0

----a=2 m/s2
90.0 kg 80.0 kg
Jones bumps Smith!
Smith bumps Jones!
A third-law pair!
Ah, it is true she screwed me in the ass!
But I am screwing her in the ass!