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Free Verse Rose Poems | Free Verse Poems About Rose

These Free Verse Rose poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Rose. These are the best examples of Free Verse Rose poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Rose Bowl

The sky is one gigantic bowl of pink turned upside down, spilling soft rosy petals that peeked out from beneath snow white billowed clouds till - fully blossomed - they burst out. Growing radiant at the edge of twilight, they’ve scattered as rubescent streaks falling, lush and luminescent, as we watch in solitude. No parade this evening - just you and I aglow, wishing for an eternity to be like this: so splendidly in love. . . in the pink. One of my favorite free verse poems

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich

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The power of your words collaboration with Mystic Rose

Speak to me in volumes of raining sheets 
Empty your blotter and write me a poem 
Use your feather quill your wax seal amp 
And draw me in with words upon my door 

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do 
Let your emotions flow from your heart 
Let your blood transform into ink 
Unfold the myths of the mystic, don't be silent 

Speak to me in single lines my friend 
Use the power of your words to inspire 
Send parables of truth and blessings 
Learn my ways, and give the rose her ray

The rose's mystical petals will heal you
Steal your silence and restore your speech
Your words will become your legacy,
what once was your pain, will be your cure. 

Collaboration with Mystic Rose
27 August 2015

Copyright © Silent One

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Where Crimson Bleeds Its Rose

Under a blue moon He becomes my dream A secret uncloaked Emotion unveiled A mystery revealed Existence of warmth between my subconscious and implicit knowledge ..And it is there `Neath the soft spot of this heart where crimson bleeds its velvets upon his bare breath It is there where my blushed lips loose their virginity Where my fair cheeks suffuse with rosy glow It is there where fiery needs are fulfilled Fervent desires scorched Candlelit pleasures beheld It is there where alluring visions embrace my suppressed memory and take over this barren soul As his ardent voice calls in an enticing whisper and a unique accent into my left ear My love... Mon petite fleur.. Mi amor... That is a preserved time An uncloned moment where my unwholiness becomes whole That is the minute His glancing eyes capture my own Only until... Mr Sandman leaves behind Dry proposals on wet sand Early mist envelops the bridge Aurora glows in new awakening Last zephyr breeze fades from my cheek Then He is gone Forever gone
A revised repost~Not for the rose contest..but thanks for Vie's Roses contest and wonderful Rose poems I decided to revise this post and repost,till the muse plays along.

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop

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Where Crimson Bleeds Its Rose

Under a half moon He becomes my dream A secret uncloaked Emotion unveiled A mystery revealed Existence of warmth between subconscious and implicit knowledge And it is there... `neath the soft spot of my heart where crimson bleeds its velvet upon his bare breath Its there where my blushed lips lose their virginity Where my fair cheeks suffused with rosy glow It is there where fiery needs are fulfilled Fervent desires scorched Candlelit pleasures beheld It is there where alluring visions embrace my suppressed memory and take over this barren soul As his ardent voice call in an enticing whisper in a unique accent into my left ear My love~Mi amor That is the preserved moment when my unwholiness becomes whole That is the moment those glancing eyes capture my own Only until... Mr sandman leaves behind wet proposals on dry soil Early mist envelops the bridge Aurora rises in new awakening Last zephyr breeze fades away and once again He is gone,gone.

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop

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Roses Roses Roses

                                In all her glory, dawn has burst forth,
                          With a slight glow of early morning brightness 
                          I sit in the bower, listening to birds in concert 
                             And admire wonderful, Rosebuds unfold,  
                                    Revealing a beautiful red rose
                      With a precision wisp of light prancing around them 
                         Emitting a velvety feeling, so tempting to touch 
                                      Long green stems, prickles,
                              Full of scallop trim leaflets all in green,
                                         With brown thin veins 
                                    Around the red velvet leaves, 
                                   Music playing on cool fresh air 
                           Coursing through the whispering leaves 
                       Sweet aroma of moist dew and rose perfumes 
                                   Floating gently on the breeze  
                    Gives me an intense curiosity to embrace the rose
                                  Just the sight of the red roses
                                        Reminds me to breath
By: Eve Roper 12/17/2014
Contest: Roses Roses Roses 
Sponsored by: Mystic Rose

Copyright © Eve Roper

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Evergreen Rose, tribute to Mystic Rose

Many a rose has bloomed, but never one that is evergreen
As her petals fall, another grows, such is the magic of Mystic Rose
Her beautiful nature blossoms happiness into our hearts
Her words heal those who are fragile and bring a smile to their face
The Mystic Rose holds an enchanting pen that captivates your mind
Her writing flows so smoothly, like rivers flow to the sea
If heaven has ever lost and angel,
then that surely is our Mystic Rose..

A tribute to Mystic Rose
The Silent One
1st September 2015

Copyright © Silent One

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The Flower -part one-

“A Flowers Wilt”	

Witness the small existence 
that abides the beauty of-----------
Freelancers all around,
Just to get a good look.

A baneful abrasion, the flower took
It captivates you -------------
Reels you, steals from you, 
Until you pick the right flawless touch.

Dandelions swaying thin,
Here we fall like petals.
Ready to exploit, the beauty of-------
Inhale the fragrance,

Courtyard azure eyes, 
Embarking in a wishful eternity,
A crush they become, when loveliness up and left. 
A bully against arrogant threw feminine perfumed veils
Tulips waiting for the better auspicious sky
Asters claim the eclipse's,
-dinginess censors it from the brilliance of the sun.
A lonely rose
In My Helix World-
The out-and-out are born.
Cries in the dimness, 
A sweet Lotus echo 
Slight yelps of agony carried off by pollen breeze.
The earth revolves to fast,
Injections of herbal essence in the wind
For a split second, we feel pixie dust
Channel the essential, it fades
Earlier beauty, calmness-
A flourish smile,
Rusk of flower, a bluebird’s bread.

Like candles and dew, they stream and limber energy
Opposing others of its humanity, 
Against the command of its importance,
Pierced by its own elegance,
Thriving slowly of its own will, 
A short story, gone astray!
Tonight, we plant a tree, 

The Flower wilts
The gardener cries


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A

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Rose Colored Glass

He sees the rose in her cheeks
She sees the wrinkles of time in her mirror

He sees the long, flowing brunette of her shining hair
She sees wisps of grey, dull hair that she can't manage

He sees shine and twinkle in her blue eyes
She sees her reflection through corrective lenses

He holds the soft, smooth hand that wears a gold band
She feels him squeeze her weathered, gnarled hand

He sees her running through the garden to greet him
She feels the pain, as she walks with her cane to meet him

He sees the girl he met and loved at seventeen
She sees the love of her life

He sees through rose colored glasses
She adores him

Dedicated to my grandparents
Contest Entry, 'Love Me Tender' sponsored by Miss Kristin Reynolds

Copyright © Carrie Richards

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Winter's Rose - My Spirit

white frost streaks her hair
smooth ice-sculpture skin of youth
     stroked by cracks
            wrinkles that have weathered life
                 skin once firmly packed sags

in the mirror a figure she doesn’t recognize
    but she laughs
          budding spring beauty
               summer rose that danced through seemingly timeless evenings

restless rebellion came with fall
     withering, yearning

but winter, sweet winter
fills her heart with warm memories
     resignation, acceptance of a life well-lived
               a spirit that will never die

winter’s rose smiles, prepares for eternal life

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire

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Wild Rose

scarlet streaked with yellow
I lean to breathe in her scent
I reach out to feel her touch 
she pricks me
and I bleed...
bleed her scarlet fever
bleed her yellow fever
she needs me to bleed
so gladly I bleed
scarlet streaked with yellow

Copyright © Tim Ryerson

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Where Roses Never Die

I remember the first roses I received.
I was going on my first official date,
and my beau brought me a beautiful 
bouquet of red roses. At the time I was 
so embarrassed when I had to bring them 
into the house and put them in a vase 
with all my siblings grinning at me.

Our relationship lasted a little longer then 
the roses, but eventually they both died.

I remember the roses I picked out for
my wedding day. I insisted they be yellow 
because that happened to be my
favourite colour of roses at the time.
After the wedding I put them in the freezer 
where they lived in a frozen state for many 
years among the steaks and rouladen.

Although I treasured them dearly I eventually 
had to throw them out and they died.

I remember the single red rose my seven
month old son, with the help of his father
 brought me on my very first Mothers Day.
It was one of the proudest days of my 
life actually holding the title of all 
titles, Mother. I had held that dream 
in my heart since I was a young girl.

Time past before my son said the word Mother,
And long before he did, that rose had also died.

In the years to come I received many roses.
Red roses, yellow ones, white roses, blue,
orange roses, pink roses, rainbow roses too.
For Mothers day, wedding day, birthdays,
holidays, date days, Sundays and just for fun days.
Roses were always there from the day of marriage 
until they filled my husbands grave.

Now all those roses, every single one, all gifts
of love, have died. Every last one.

The most amazing thing occurred over all
those years, although the roses died
memories of each and every one of them
live on till this day. I still see them in their 
original beauty, smell their sweet scents. 
If it wasn’t for those roses, would I still
remember those special days? 

My eyes have taken the pictures of each rose
and filed them in my heart, where roses never die.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Contest: Roses, Roses, Roses

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans

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Beautiful Rose

She stands at the garden wall
Smells the sweetness of the pink rose
A sweetness only matched by her beauty
A color only matched by the blush of her cheeks
The warm summer wind gently blows
Her short hair shining in the sun
It appears to be moving in the breeze
With the petals of the rose
I stand mesmerized as woman
And flower are one
Their beauty interchangeable
I catch a scent riding the wind
My nostrils flare
Is it her or the rose I smell
She plucks the petals one by one
I see her lips as succulent as the nectar saying
“He loves me, he loves me not”
I am caught up in this game
Feeling as if my love hinges
On the outcome of that last plucked petal
“He loves me,” the petal falls
Lightly to the dew filled, plush green grass
I breathe a sigh of relief for my beautiful rose
Lucky that it lives in my garden.

Copyright © Travis Tapley

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A Rose

A red rose whispers of enchantment And the white rose reveals the depth of love O, the red rose is like that of a falcon, And the white rose is symbolic of the dove. But I send you a cream-white rosebud With a flush on its petal tips; For our love that is purest and sweetest Has a kiss of desire on our lips.

Copyright © Rollo West

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The Softness of a Country Rose for Mary Jo Hoose

A stranger lifted me up today
While I was lost in my own self-centered universe, 
Silently crying about nobody else reading, commenting or caring 
About anything I’ve said, 
Considering myself poetically dead.  

I’ve been more concerned with the encroaching materialistic  
Responsibilities, requirements and concerns of living 
Instead of turning my attentions outward towards others 
And lifting myself out of this whirl pool of self-pity 
Into the ocean of giving.    

When to my wondrous delight dark turned to light 
As out of seemingly nowhere a fellow poet spoke gently and composed: 
“Your poetry is like the softness of a country rose.”
And while I know not where she lives and breathes
This furtherance of feeling was shared with me:
“I too am blue as sky is gray and nothing more will do today
Except ethereal connections are how we poets play.”

I was more than moved, to say the least
How this gypsy out of cyber space 
Renewed my poetic vow:
To speak the truth simple, plain and clear 
As I know how.  
And how 
My words and hers connected 
Through the vacuum of space and time 
Is a story for another day and rhyme. 

Until then, I stand transformed  
By those few words she engendered – 
And would give anything to tell her   
How sweet and kind her words were rendered.          

Copyright © Terrell Martin

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Where Crimson Bleeds Its Rose

Beneath a half moonlight

you become my dream

a secret uncloaked

emotion unveiled

existence of warmth

between subconscious

and implicit knowledge

And it is there

'neath the soft spot of my heart

where crimson bleeds its velvets

upon your bare breath

Its there where blushful lips

loose their virginity

Where my fair cheeks suffuse

with rosy  glow

Where fiery needs are fulfilled

fervent desires scorched

candlelit pleasures  beheld

Its there were evanescent  visions

take over control

take over this barren soul

As my ardent voice whispers

beneath the tender of your ear

~~~ Mi amor~~

That is the preserved moment

our unwholiness is whole

The moment, your eyes 

capture my own

Only till......

Mr sandman leaves

early mist envelops the bridge

aurora rises in new awakening

and you fade away like zephyr breeze

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop

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Oh sweet rose

Beautiful rose
covered in 
your petal finery
sweet silken
satin soft feelings
singing in praise
touching deeply inside

Gentle heart 
of sweetness
tenderness flows
from your sweet
scenting aroma
floats inside 
the scent

Heavenly emotions
enchanting beauty
looking amazing
red in passion
hot soft whispering 
pink blushing
orange warm
as the sun beams glow

Dressed in white
you crown angels
petals softly 
Whispers flow
on scented air
words inside 
I love you

Kissing and hugging
my love deeply darling
surrendering to you
without doubt
purest rose

I trust 
from the petals
into my heart
a crowning jewel
you are queen
amongst flowers 
amazingly baby

Copyright © liam mcdaid

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rose-colored passion

it's raining again,
been this way for days;
swirls of graying clouds
hiding the blue of skies
and my eyes

my lips 
seem wetter
than everything else
that rises
without sun,

the river's rising again,
perhaps higher than my own ego
as i lose myself
in the pockets of current.

current, and past events
build this dam 
against what it is
that i love,

damn her
and them the same.

i lay, head down,
in the only breath i know

your chest 
and falling
between the sighs
that bridges
reality and dreams,

and i'm not giving up my last breath
through any of these storms
that fall from winded words,

instead, i'll keep breathing
deeper and deeper
attuned with your own breath,
as we make love, reality
from dreams

last night,
i saw a rainbow
through your eyes
and i settled myself 
deeper in your heart
long before
you ever drifted off to sleep

this morning,
your gentle touch,
the arousal
of my dreams,
becomes the sun
through rose-colored passion,
and love again blossoms
blending all that is real
from little pockets of rain.

Copyright © Sandra Adams

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Women are roses:  
God’s embodiment of beauty
In a plethora of dazzling colors
The soul of man captivate 

All roses,
Endowed with a mystic aroma are
Only the initiates to scent are able
For that reason, divinity,  
Wishing, His finest of creations to 
Armed guards all around them
Has placed:
The vigilant sharp thorns,
To keep the profane  


© Demetrios Trifiatis
 25 SEPTEMBER 2014    

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis

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Enchanting Roses

Enchanting Roses
Nature’s pride, lovely enchantress, roses a font of love and romance always inspire lovers, artists, and poets. Eternally exquisite… Roses
Shower me with lovely regal roses, all varieties, colors, and sizes. I love them all - pink, orange, yellow, white, red, old, modern, miniature, or hybrid… Roses
Gently seduce my senses, with alluring natural perfume. Wake me up in the morning with soft caresses of silky petals… Roses
Captivate my mind and emotions. Soothe my aching heart, and delight my yearning soul. Purest of beauties… Roses

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez

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Years Of The Rose

Have I not heard the calling of day's gone by
or sat in careless prose and wondered why?
but years are as the rose
which are but reflections
that no one person knows-

I have sought with wonder
the diamonds in your eyes
but when the memories came
as falling rain
I couldn't help but cry
for my soul was wracked with pain-

The beauty of your heart
is always mine to keep
and knowing so much loss
each day I cannot help but weep-

But hold you close I always will
the beautiful star you are
for I know that no matter how far
each day I will love you still-

'' My verse was inspired by the lessons I have learned in this life....A canvass with so many colors, a book with so many blank pages, Let me be as the rain and nourish those I touch with my writing"

Copyright © angel Padua

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One rose budding 
all silken wrapped 
in soft pink 
petal feelings 
parting emotions 

Her heart blushing 
red crimson passion 
intensity grows 
beating love starts 
slave of desire 

Flying on wings 
rising tension 
excitement landing 
on nectar 
tasting sweet mead 

Desiring royal jelly 
queened goddess 
beautiful honey 
you bloom so sweet 
wearing the heart's core 
embraced in love

Copyright © liam mcdaid

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The Lily and the Robin

The Lily and the Robin 
I was dead then I returned to life
I was mad with laughter
And insane with tears
Until love owned me
I became as fierce as a lioness 
Then I returned as a quiet star 
But he said: you aren't made for this madness 
You belong to this home. 
I planted my feet in the wilderness
Tied my hands to a stone
Then danced as if I was a cloud
Loosening her braids, tired from travel
But he said: you aren't made for this madness 
You belong to this home. 
So I broke the dish of joy with these tiny hands!
But he was not satisfied
He felt pity for what I did,
He said: O Rose of the wilderness .. 
You are full of imagination
And I had no doubts
So I rejoiced 
I started removing my feathered wings
Until I became foolish and clumsy
He said: now, then paused 
You are now like a mad candle
No I'm not, I said 
I'm only a smoky cloud, can't you see! 
You are the radiant light for that road, he said! 
But when I stripped my feathers, paused---- 
I was choked by the sadness of my longings
He said: you have wings if you wish to fly!
I would love it if I had his wings, 
I'd fly high above the horizon
But I am only a tiny lily 
No matter how I grow
I will never fly

Copyright © Fatima Nusairat

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Wild Rose

Scarlet streaked with yellow
I lean to breathe in her scent
I reach out to feel her touch 
she pricks me
and I bleed…
bleed her scarlet fever
bleed her yellow fever
she needs me to bleed
I need her to need me to bleed
so gladly I bleed
scarlet streaked with yellow...

Wild like the rose, I must have
vicious when in bane
Swallow the aroma... Passion
acknowledge the tropical beauty
enjoy the inspirational tease
bondage and bandages of needing, 
aroused by the pain
aroused by the danger
Inviting... Touch my wilderness 
I stick, you bleed
stroke, with fever, chills
viral & unexpected, "I am The American Plague" 
Wild like the rose, you must have

This poem is a collaboration by Tim Ryerson and Linda (PD)
Submitted for: 'The Heart of Seduction contest sponsored by Justin Bordner

Copyright © Tim Ryerson

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Bouquet Of Peace

A delicate pink rose brings me a new voice A bright red rose takes my breath away A yellow rose melts my heart like no other A white rose shows me the purity of life A rose bouquet of peace to share with all
Entry into contest of Moses New Contest: New or Old poems, Beautiful, 10 lines or less 2nd Place Winner

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown

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'God selected the perfect rose'

your voice now silent never to see you smile again you left us heartbroken unprepared shocked to silence we remember your laughter and your “I can go on attitude” never complaining just being you even when fighting this battle we'll never know why you had to leave us so soon we'll always wonder we'll always have questions God knew your journey was complete when He selected the perfect rose for His garden today--- IN LOVING MEMORY OF A FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE, MICHELLE SCHULTZ 26092011 We, at BABS miss you already

Copyright © Wilma Neels

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Fairy Dust, Upon the Rose

It happens while the world is sleeping They tiptoe in from hide and seeking They yawn and stretch and wash their faces And welcome dawn with morning graces Upon each blooming garden rose A gleaming speck will splash and splatter Sprinkled droplets, rainbow blue Tossed about from tiny shoulders Upon the petal's velvet hue They dance upon the luscious grass Wearing fragile tiny slippers With twirling, dancing feet of glass Each pirouette is choreographed And sprinkle dots of magic glitter On gossamer wings, they will arrive To music of the sunrise The fairies dance in crystal shoes To surprise the day with sparkles bright With showers bright of morning dew

Copyright © Carrie Richards

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Time Means Nothing When You Love

you can love 
in a just a single moment 
so deeply 
that the loss 
is felt for a lifetime 

it doesn't take time 
to form love's bond 
sometimes it is immediate 
a connection of heart and soul 
that defies logic or explanation

these thoughts crowd the mind 
as flowers she lays 
among her memories 
silently filling 
petals with tears 

for blue eyes now closed 
forever gleam brilliantly 
smiles given so eagerly
with tiny lips of kisses 
still hold her heart captive 

so she lays a white rose 
for every day 
that her little girl
blessed her with her presence 
and one red bleeding rose 
to represent the pain of her loss 

for even in the agony, 
the joy far outweighed the pain

time means nothing when you love 

the gift is to love at all...

Copyright © Bernadette Langer

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The loss of the rose

The rose has been raped of her beauty 
Stolen by hordes of dreary lines
And to be leached further still 
Until nothing remains of her   
But yellowing birthday cards 
And sugar-free quotes, in italics 
Like a rose is like nothing at all 

Copyright © Jeremy Martin

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Image if one will, a field where paper roses grow,
Each color an emotion, it's variations symbolic to 
Feeling felt, and yet expressed.
Compositions of love letters, shaped into delicate
Blossoms, growing or dieing within the fragile human
A unique species of floral design, enchanting the
Raw essences of it's creator, with a mystical fragrance
All it's own.
Passions spice crimson red, romantic sensuality
 A white splicing with reds undertow.
Blues calming peaceful shades of hew, 
and a navy's hardened edge exposing devotions 
Everlasting love in beauty's open petals of the divine.
A golden sunflower opens wide, a visions friendship flower,
Seeds cast to the fertile soil beneath the kindred of humanity.
Compassion's evergreen bouquet, 
So many multitudes of description,
It is impossible to describe all,
 For change is the one constant rhythm
Of life itself.
Death's black rose, a crumbling love letter that melts away,
A disintegration of thoughts emotion unto the river of dust.
Not completely forgotten, 
Living only by memory's remembrances,
Of past echoes, 
Left alive in shadows contrasting shades faded by time.
Fragile is the human heart, made of crystal glass, 
Shattering easily to the touch, if handled to roughly.
But even more delicate are the emotions held within, 
A prism of reflections.
It's light leads to the inner garden of the spiritual soul, 
Where the paper roses do grow.
Imaginations field of wonders, thoughts glorious
Bouquet of possibilities to draw from.
A limitless expressive well, for the poet's ink pen,
Lightly dripped onto the empty page of white, 
To write upon, vivid are these roses to the poetic heart.


Copyright © cherl dunn

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My Crystal Rose

Tears blur my eyes 
Wet my cheeks, fall on paper
Cause the ink to run 
Like a crystal the tear drops
Crystal yes you my dear 
You rose of optical circumstance
Brilliantly changing color at every        
You light of relaxation giving energy
to solemn soul 
Your petals full in the harmony
Of life
Your three-dimensional beauty 
Surpassed only by your love 
Understanding and friendship
That immortal bundle of joy
We were friends who fell in love 
We are lovers who are friends 
What happiness we share 
How could I shatter you my dear
My Crystal-Rose 
My love my friend

Earl S. Jackson 
Apr 1985

Copyright © 2006 Earl S. Jackson, all rights reserved.  

Copyright © Earl Jackson