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Free Verse Rain Poems | Free Verse Poems About Rain

These Free Verse Rain poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Rain. These are the best examples of Free Verse Rain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Hiding alone in the shadows guarded, trusting no one silently watching, waiting Is life worth living? Can anyone save him? His vision clouded, blurred The sunless skies have him confused Rainfall begins a drenching and soaking rain pours down flooding the autumn bonfires Which blazed in once upon a time with ardent passion in the dense forest of happily ever afters

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Dear Ex

Dear Ex,

I know you and I had our differences.
We were always finding new ways to say I loathe you.

It was my blameworthiness that allowed the rain to enter your car,
because your window was down.
I’m sorry I didn’t carry my 9 months of pregnant girth, 
down four flights of stairs, to the
outside parking deck, in the rain to roll it up.

It was my fault when the bank account was overdrawn by 6 cents,
due to paying all the bills on time.
I apologize for keeping the power turned on
so I could cook fish sticks and green bean soup on your salary.

It was my fault the car was always out of gas,
since I never drove it anywhere.
What could I do but apologize for that?
It was totally my fault. By the way, I met your supervisor.

Like when I forced you
to have an extramarital relationship with a co-worker
because of the weight I had gained.
I’m so sorry my Motherhoodness was so repulsive to you.

It also was my fault our marriage didn’t last longer than 3 years,
because I chose to be happy without you.
I do regret that almost never. Did I mention my promotion?
But let’s not be sad.

For all the hurtful comments I made about your manhood because,
I couldn’t think of anything nice to say. I’m sorry.
I regret that I didn’t save some of those photos for Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

I deeply regret having never told you I entered you in an ugly man contest.
Or that your third placement, won me an additional $5 gift card. 
Did I mention my new job?

So Ex, 
I hope this heart felt letter of apology
finds you prosperous and in good health.
Keep those support payments coming, and 
Don’t forget to feed the kitty!

Love, your new boss 

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A Ray Of Sun On A Rainy Day

i stood looking outside listening to the rain  with its long slender fingers tap a tune against my window squeegees in hand i could see  the troops of drops clean the air for a clearer view while on their descent people some walking  holding their umbrellas others running attempting to escape the cruel barrage of knocks to their heads there are a few children  in their rainy day gear locked and loaded steady and ready attacking the puddles with a fierce offensive  crushing any and all puddles  dare question their authority  jumping and diminishing  the enemy ruthlessly the children's joy propels me to thoughts  of the gift ahead a rainbow large or maybe a double arc fully colored vibrant interrupted  my kettle  whistles me over meticulously  i proceed to prepare my rainy day cocoa in my neighborhood it's a law rain? hot cocoa cocoa in hand i return to my show the trees are soaked the rain unrelenting  the plants forced to bend under the weight of heavy rain all the tiny flyers  seek shelter while birds  bomb dive  for their landing worms however are in their full glory out for their unscheduled shower later aliens with lamps shinning from their foreheads will gather to pluck worms  from the earth poor worms my daughters will be glad never having  liked crawlies  of any kind i suppose  they would think poor aliens the rain now is descending violently  apparently in cahoots  with the wind but still no  thunder or lightning  this must be their week off a paid vacation  i gather my cocoa only warm and almost finished i decide to bid the rain  a good night i head upstairs for my  daily shower
Maurice Yvonne September 12 2014 Rainy Day Contest

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Her Name Was Rain - Collaboration with Casarah Nance

Rain, if you were warm I would dance in you, 
I would be like the breeze and whip around you 
Rain, since you are cold I'll stay away from you 
Its such a bummer cause I want to play with you. 

Thoughts of running through the rain with you 
Makes my heart go insane for you 
I'll hold your hand and slow dance with you 
Alone in the grassy meadow just me and you 

What would I give to beat along with you 
Dripping on the tin shed of the roof with you 
Making sweet music on the wind chimes with you 
Wet and soft on a blanket in the fields with you 

Rain, I'd spend the entire night with you 
Enjoying the touch and feel of you 
No looking back when I'm with you 
Rain oh how I would love to dance in you 

Rain how intense is that storm the comes with you 
The thunder and lightening that stays with you 
Its okay because I still want to change with you 
Rain oh how I want to become one with you.

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The Surface of Things

Raindrops don’t know themselves,
only becoming aware
when freed of their teardrop forms;
becoming the surface of things,
tracing the rounded stone,
the languid curve of a blade of grass.

Raindrops caressing the skin,
washing upon our teary faces,
disguising our sadness with their own.

Their rounded bellies reflecting
upside-down worlds,
raindrops, a millionfold,
mirroring each other,
as we are mirrored
in each other’s eyes.

This unified sacrifice,
dangling on precipice of cloud,
as each breaks, as hearts break.

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You and I make the rainbow

You and I make the rainbow!


You know dear why I love rain?

It washes away my soul's strain!

My hair fall free to go with the flow!

My face lights up, gets back its glow!

That's why I am letting me get wet!

I haven't got that dreamy feeling yet!

When water tickles under my feet!

Dribbling drops form a dance beat!

The breeze around asks me to fly!

Even if I know I couldn't, I still try!

I go into another world, while I'm here!

The sky that's so far, to me it gets near!

While I am afloat, under the cloud's gazebo!

Not the raindrops, you and I make rainbow!


Poetry by Dr. Asghar Nazeer (LinkedIn profile

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Let The Rain Fall

I could smell and sense 
the showers coming in the air
with an approaching storm.
I inhale this 
light little scent of heaven.
The rain will never dampen my spirits.
No umbrella for me tonight.
But, I don't mind, 
I'll walk in the rain.

I savor this 
sweet little taste of heaven.
The flavor is cool and refreshing,
with a purity 
that is almost indescribable.
It is cleansing to my soul,
I can feel it 
washing away my cares,
and making it okay to smile, again.

I experience this 
gentle little caress of heaven.
When it soaks through 
my jacket and my jeans.
My shoes splash
in the rain 
with every step that I take.
I can hear it 
tap dancing on the rooftops, 
with invisible feet.

The streetlights 
reflect on the wet pavement,
in pools of gold and silver.
The neon signs blink, 
red and yellow, 
blue and green.
Like drips of paint, 
it puddles on the street.
Bringing color 
to where there was none before,
only a flood of gray.
Now there is a palette
of fragrances to absorb.
Creating almost a rainbow 
in the nighttime.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
November 11th, 2013
For Nette Onclaud's contest - "Fragrance Of Rain"

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A Perfect Storm

In an open field of endless, noiseless distance,
Rolling clouds cast an impending gloom;
A welcomed and promised darkness descends.
My eyes shut as I breathe in the aroma,
In anticipation of 
The cleansing that quickly approaches.
I cloak myself in the breeze, as it promises a release..
The cool wind, calming, so gently serene...
Sweeping over my overheated skin.
Finally, the fury is perfectly unleashed down upon me.
The winds, gusting in a frenzied rush
My hair whipping haphazardly around, 
Stinging at my face.
I smirk toward the sky, as I silently, but eagerly
Await the onslaught - 
This desperate release that I longed for in secret.
It sought me out, and found me. 
I hear the angry sounds
The roaring, begging to weep alongside me.
When suddenly, the violent tears begin to fall
With a sudden, breathtaking destructiveness.
The thunder, like me, cries out in pain,
With such sadness, angry liquid bathing the parched earth.
It saturates my face, my body drenched.
As I stand in the midst of the deluge, in awe,
Crashing winds attempt to destroy me,
But cannot find the strength.
Until the tears eventually run dry,
The painful clashes and cries become silent..
The skies yield to light, as the great and
Terrible sun demands to be seen.
I open my tear-stained eyes,
And glimpse a different world before me...
Cleansed and made new.
And I cannot understand, nor
Fathom the reality...
Of the beautifully, perfect
Broken release.

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Aboriginal Sin

We made arrows from feather and bone
before burning down our homes,
our footsteps slinking 
over undulating, snow-covered hills.

The animals residing inside my head
follow me into the forest
where I cross streams to lose my scent.

Bugles blare in the distance,
but at my feet, the hounds lay open,
bleeding-out in morning's fresh snowfall.

These moments invoke an original sin.
I could fell a million men with the softest of blossoms -
slay a million men with a gentle, whispered caress.

And so I pray for my hate to be replaced by grace,

since you are the other half of my heart and hearth,
since you are also a victim to the plague,
it's all I can do, to atone for my Aboriginal sin.

~(2013 Halfling Remix)~
January 22nd, 2013

*Dedicated to Singing Rain: May your sacred arrows always fly true


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When the rain shall come

 When the rain shall come
 When the new day shall be
 You and I will rejoice
 For the rain will wash away
 The painful seasons of tyranny
 For the new day shall bring
 A dawn of a new hope
 The hope to continue living
 Long days of waiting for rain
 Have never been easy at all
 But when the rain shall come
 The drought shall run to hide
 As a gush of rain water
 Quenches the dilapidated dusty ground
 And you and I shall
 Drink the water of the rain
 As we curse the dying dust
 Of the dead drought,
 When the rain shall come

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Rainy Days

Vapors to vapors, many misty dew.
A dew refracts a magical band.
Dew drizzle, a tip tap song on plains.
A thunderous roar and the other clouds join the play.
Earth's parched skin awaiting moisture.
Clouds quench the thirsty land.
Trees witness the love scene match.
Oh! What a joyous scene when the lovers meet.
Jungle is now showered clean.
As fresh as new, smoothened sand.
Rainy Days, create a musical land.
Tippy Tippy Tap.....
I dance my blues away.

For Contest: Rainy Days
Contest Judge: Leonara
Place: 1st

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I need it to rain

I need to hide
to drown my sorrow
to not feel obligated to stay a secret
the darkness to blanket my self inflicted pain
the thunder to stifle my screams
the lightening to set me on fire
I need it to rain...

I need to be revitalized and invigorated
to feel serene and tranquil
to be calm and collected
the darkness to bring me peace
the thunder to direct my mind
the lightening to guide my heart
I need it to rain...

I need to escape
to feel the ground at my feet
to feel the wind in my hair
the darkness to blind my captor
the thunder to clap in approval
the lightening to sever my shackles 
I need it to rain...

I need to grow
to heighten my potential
to cultivate and thrive
the darkness to shelter my fraility
the thunder to ward off any imminent danger
the lightening to strike as my weapon
I need it to rain...

I need to be laid to rest
for someone to cry for me
for someone to long for me
the darkness to resemble my abscence
the thunder to echo my voice through your ears
the lightening to flash visions of me before your eyes
I need it to rain...

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rose-colored passion

it's raining again,
been this way for days;
swirls of graying clouds
hiding the blue of skies
and my eyes

my lips 
seem wetter
than everything else
that rises
without sun,

the river's rising again,
perhaps higher than my own ego
as i lose myself
in the pockets of current.

current, and past events
build this dam 
against what it is
that i love,

damn her
and them the same.

i lay, head down,
in the only breath i know

your chest 
and falling
between the sighs
that bridges
reality and dreams,

and i'm not giving up my last breath
through any of these storms
that fall from winded words,

instead, i'll keep breathing
deeper and deeper
attuned with your own breath,
as we make love, reality
from dreams

last night,
i saw a rainbow
through your eyes
and i settled myself 
deeper in your heart
long before
you ever drifted off to sleep

this morning,
your gentle touch,
the arousal
of my dreams,
becomes the sun
through rose-colored passion,
and love again blossoms
blending all that is real
from little pockets of rain.

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Spring Showers

Rain Dancer Days and nights of hibernation within the clapboard walls, winter winds have eased and only the sound of rain peals upon the storm glass panes. The desire to go out, to run, to scream is strong, yet, on the rain taps a tarantella. The parting soil unbound from icy grasp permits the spear of crocus and of daffodil and though the rain drones an accompaniment with the clock sleep does not come. Knots of lassitude untwine as child-like upon the open porch I stand reaching upturned palm into the falling rain watching as it strokes the waking ground. Cleansed are we all by sky and rain and wind rain on, bless the ground, let Spring begin.

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Blackbirds In The Rain

blackbirds in the rain walking among the fallen leaves under the old mango tree with dripping leaves bathing the grass below blackbirds diligently lifting the rain soaked fallen leaves peering underneath for insects and worms flushed out by the drizzling rain pausing to gulp one down then scooting off again searching for more sitting under the shed with raindrops playing their music on the galvanised sheet roof with a beat that resonates within my inner being putting me in a trance connecting me to the rain and the puddles on the ground with the raindrops gently tapping the water's surface creating rings that collide with one another disrupting their individual shapes creating a dynamic new pattern reflecting their unity and bubbling with energy in the drizzling rain O what a deep feeling of peacefulness and serenity with the rain the dripping leaves and the puddles serenading my spirit with the eternal song of Nature and merging it into the Unity Of All Things
It was raining today. There was a constant drizzle for hours. I sat in a shed attached to the house, watching the blackbirds in action in the rain, searching for their food. The constant rhythmic sound of the rain on the galvanised sheet roof of the shed and the gentle drama playing out in the backyard with the blackbirds was a spiritual experience for me connecting me with Nature and the unity of all things as mentioned in the last verse. .

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Remember Me

Remember Me

Cold wet coastal today
I escaped
Sat myself behind a sanctuary
The rain beating rhythms
On window panes
Hot coffee and brandy
Warm inside The Athena Café

Radio spends its missed tuning
Hissing tinny tunes
Love songs
Of losing
Love songs of having
Love sings
Of wanting

Blank the grey sky 
Flattering  dreaming thoughts meander
On emotions wandering
Focus themselves
With photographic memories

I see
The smile
White satin dressed
Curls of auburn red
All I fell for
All I lived for
My Princess

Her crown tilted
The mischievous angels
Of her

I sigh

As my fingers remember
They once ran themselves
Through your hair
As my lips in accord
Re-taste the peach
Of kisses
I once knew
Sometime so long ago

I can hear your voice
Silent echo
A touch in my soul
Sentient it is
Hieroglyphic speaks
Reverberating something
Deep and known

My eyes replay moments
Of vague tactile loving
These trespasses 
And these memories wishing
Batter at some-where’s
Inside of me


Word forms swirl
In printed pages of you
And send messages of distance
So far from me
So far
From you

To a horizon which is
Part of me
Out into grey meridians
My heart travels
While my seconds record
The splitter and splatter
Of rain on the window pane
Looking back at me 
With your reflection

Another cigarette 
My coffee cold
And nothing but froth
The heat of my brandy
Matches the twists of floating smoke
Sends my thoughts out riding point
To the cavalry of clouds
With the banner of love

Rides wing-ed horses
With fire on their hooves
Lifts all this nescient knowing
Rushes headlong
To you

Tiny rippled pools
Drop on the sheen
Dark colours anew
Of rain fall continues
One more coffee
No more brandy
Time to leave slowly
And some how find an end
For this poetry

Find a way to Morse code my heart
Out into expansive skies
And wrap my arms
Around you

I remember the home
Of holding you

The rain has stopped

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A Woman in the Rain

A Woman in the Rain

Rain falls on the lonely water’s edge,
is it a tear of a forgotten woman?
Sojourned on the surface of the water forming a bubble 
for a moment and sinking into a forgotten time to remain 
an oblivion because the bubble is incapable of becoming 
a swift current. It is moving alone.

Because the woman in rain wanted to shake off
lots of deep-rooted detestable memories and rancor
she rushed to the shore and flew in the air as a mist
after smashing into a break-water. She couldn’t get rid of 
her life-long ill-will she carried because she held onto false reality
that caused her to stray farther away from the actuality.

For her heart’s rending cry and struggle echoes vainly,
the water’s edge’s monotonous rain is the forgotten woman’s ill-will.

The rain becomes harder and harder
for the weight of the dark cloud hangs over her head 
that is too heavy to hold, the woman kneels down by the shore 
her poor heart’s lost grudge hardened as a piece of wooden block 
and drifts along the water with the current that will never return.

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Picture Perfect

(Gentle Summer Rain)

Listen to:
light pouring silver gray
enriched thoughts fall from the sky
complete path towards-
Blissful, Delighting Peace
small ceremonial rain dance.

Gentle therapeutic rain
on a warm summer day.
falls of heaven on my skin 
lovely healing memory
smiling tears 
embracing promise land
means of escaping
utopia in a cloud
light mist paints the Earth

"Drizzling summer rays"
Swimming in sunshine, rain.


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Her Name Was Rain

 .                                                        (                  )
                                                        (                     )
                        (          )                    (       /   /    /   )
                     (              )
                         / / /                              /  /       /    /
                         /    /                               /  /   /

Like the disappearing sun of yesterday                           (           )
So has her childhood dissolved away                          (       //       )
With two white steeds that are the trees                       (   / /       )
She is the leaf, marauder of the breeze                            /  /   
She rides against the wind
                        /  /  /
        Her name is Rain
        Born with the grain of knowing
        Sight to the blind who cannot see tomorrow
        Or view the valleys of the past

/  /        Tho', not envious of her rampant blood!
            Where origins are buried in another world
            Where voices speak in lost syllables
            In a language of no forgetting
            Where the laughter of the birds is still
            And clouds shed only a torrent of tears
                                /                   / /
                    For she would rather turn her face to the sky
             /      And feel the gentleness of the mist
                    She has a burning desire to be free
                    Free of the gift
       /  /         Free of the burden
                    Free of the knowledge that has taken her innocence
                                     //    //                 /
                        A voice of the thunder calls her
                        Invites her to fly beyond the clouds
                        So the earth can be beautiful                                    
                        Where the sun comes after the rain                         
                 /      Where the drought is over at last                       
/                       Where rain becomes rainbows                                   
                        She is the leaf.....maurader of the breeze                   
          /     /       Her name is Rain     

For Constance La France's contest "Rain, The Story"
By Carrie Richards

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Mourning Since Dawn

Why must the mourning come
with every dawn?

The sky is crying again today.
I heard her sobbing
as I laid in bed.
She would calm down
for a little while,
then it would start up again.
Did I do something
to upset Mother Nature?

I watched in solemn silence
all afternoon
as her tears
streak down my window pane.
I wonder what I can possibly do
to comfort her.
There are no tissues large enough
to wipe away
a streaming flood of sorrow.
Maybe this is just Mother Nature's way
of grieving,
and soon it will pass.

The newborn flowers
open their blossoms
to receive and embrace
her gift.
Mother Nature is so beautiful
even when she cries.

May 13th, 2014

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Soulless Windows

Soulless Windows

On the rain wet pavement I stand
The cold memory chills my heart
In the third floor window no glass
Just soulless boarded grey eyes  
No laughter reverberate the walls
or children’s chatter to lighten air
disturbing unknown neighbours
The scent of your love lingers on 
interwoven with cloying sad decay 
Walls remain but you are long gone
to a new life somewhere far away
not reachable to my inner self
That you are lost makes me bitter
but I understand why you had to go
Why did you not take my memories
that force  me unbidden to return 
to this cold rain splattered street
You are still in our empty apartment

 1st in Contest Empty Apartment	
Sponsored by: Matt Caliri

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More About Rain

The great Serengeti's broad 
face lies in the African sun, 
dry, weathered, cracked, 
thirsty for the season.s tears

Storm clouds gather on her 
brow like an old lady's curls
Promises, promising
An empty promise

...The rains are too late
The children of the Serengeti 
lie down on her dusty bosom, 
never to rise again
A desperate waiting fills the 

At last, a single drop of rain 
falls on the delicate skin of 
the vast plain, then another 
and another

There but for an instant, 
before it vanishes into the 
scorched earth

Another drop, then ten, then 
dozens, then hundreds, until 
the broad face that is the 
Serengeti smears through the 
Watering holes fill and 
breach, streams and rivers run 
like locomotives 

Mysterious fish pop out of the 
Sweet grasses leap up in the 

Yesterday the majestic 
canvas was devoid of life 
Today, overflowing, a palette 
gorged with color and life… 

the cycle begins anew
The Serengeti awakes! 

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Angel of mourning soup
Angel of mourning
Who gives birth to fresh morning dew who 
helped me pursue who showed me the light
when I was lost for clues in times of blues

Angel of assistance
From were did you fall
From heaven?
From where did you fall
From where did you
hear my call
I wanted to say thank you
that's all
that's all
You are the fairest of
them all and you don't
need to ask the damn
mirror on the wall.

You helped me build the ladder of saul but the others
couldn't help because they couldn't speak our language
at all and so if I ever fall I know you will be there to 
pick me up like a pen like a friend  I wish I can give 
you the sun but I am young enough to be your son 
so I give to you the stars of friendship ,I can feel your 
breeze its it make me want to fall to my knees and never
cease to rain my gratification on your being because what
I have been seeing is a lending hand when many ran I 
guess that's what separates a rock from a grain of sand 
size of heart so were should I start.  

Let me fill your shopping cart with the immensity 
of this poem so when you get to the cash register
 of  heavens doorway you can show em your appreciated
 hearts receipt  you have given more than I can take  
you have dotted my I's and crossed my t's you are the
 rain to my tree the beautiful shells in my sea the form 
of my key the correction and assistance of me the blue jay 
at dawn singing to me the heat to my tea the caps for my
 knee you are the back up stinger of this bee so tell me 
honey what you see because I see the better half of me 
may our friendship never cease catie please you are the
 cat and I am the flea don't you ever scratch me because
 friends tolerate the most annoying  things of each other so
 let the itch be any way I don't think the vet's can separate 
you and me there's just to much chemistry.

Angel of assistance
From were did you fall
From heaven?
From where did you fall
from where did you
hear my call
I wanted to say thank you
that's all
that's all
You are the fairest
of them all and you
don't need to ask the
damn mirror on the wall.

I will take the poison apple out
 of your hand and take the fall
You are the fairest
 of them all and you
don't need to ask the
damn mirror on the wall.

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Song of Evening Rain

,          ,                ,                 ,                      ,                       ,                    ,

We took no notice of a sky turned gray And the change of brooding gloom The autumn rain had tiptoed in We almost missed it's coming, but for leaves That murmured quick surprise along the eaves And tapped excitement on the window-pane But having heard, we left our cozy place And stepped outdoors to smell the air To feel the slope of rain upon the face And could even hear the rustling trees Dripping wet with sheer delight Gratefully welcoming tap-dance songs Of raindrops in the night

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If I Was the Rain

If I was the rain
I would be wary of friends like me,
one of those fair weather friends
that curse my unexpected arrival on inopportune days
but cajoled and then praised when I come when needed.
Is it wrong for me to feel used
when I am welcomed in the one and shunned in the next?
At sad times I'm told I contribute to the pain,
but then, a work of wonder as I meander on the window
or a tympany of pitter-patter on the roof.
I would just want to be me, alone and blue
if I was the rain...

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Spin of Time

The season is here
On this typical Maiden morn
 Of week days
It’s by this hour
Though slightly late
I rose to take my bath

The ointment was done and gone 
What’s more was to
Nestle on the well placed
Soft sofa by the corner
Of my reading room
And to await my breakfast
To be served.

Well has been done to the belly
What’s needed (from me) was 
After settling on the round
To dress up and find my way
To the lecture room

Alas an indignation
Though a natural inclination
That crept into the scene
When I was about stepping 
Out of the room

Here I picked up the cast 
Of the rolling sound
Escorted by the heavy gale
 At the fore
Of my chamber door 

The cloud I glimpsed
Beckoned on these 
Natural commotions
The rumbled 
Of this morn thunderstorm
Took me by surprise
As I felt the tremble of my abode 
As though the roof and the wall would cave in

How heavy this morning rush would be?
Certainly it’s heavy and took charge closely 
Three hours of the entire day

Blessing showery hours
Wasn’t it?
That would best be related
In the meantime
By the soaking swamp
The well wet weed
The saturated sea pool
And the colorful field 
Of bloom cherries and roses

Posted on 23/04/2013 

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Rain-Scent of Clover

One does not weary of the scent of rain nor mind the weeping after thirst for change The rain at last, that finally tiptoed in We almost missed the laughter, but for leaves That murmured quick surprise along the eaves And tapped with splatters on the window-pane But having heard, we left our cozy place And stepped outside to drink the fragrant air And feel the slope of rain upon our faces We heard the patter of dripping trees Against the chatter of the laughing breeze And watched the rope of silver fall in casement light with balmy incense, carried swiftly in the night We witnessed how it quickly scampered east Without a glance or chance to wipe it's feet Away it flew in fickle flight So brief it came, to quickly cover the leaves and grass, most likely us with showers, sweet, before our sleep and leave the scent, a mist of clover
......................................................... 11/13/13 For Nette's Contest: Fragrance of Rain Carrie Richards

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A Message from West Texas - Recited

She sent me a message while I was walking Mr. Reilly,
She said “Look up, and tell me what you see.”
I thought I would impress her with my poetical ways so I answered,
Bus zooming by…
Brown leaves on the sidewalk ahead,
And a shadowy figure that Reilly and I will soon pass,
The smell of the Indian bakery warming my insides on an autumn evening.
“I love fresh bread,” she said, “What do you hear?”
Crisp slate grey sky,
And the wind gently shaking loose more tan and brown leaves,
And cars sliding by,
Each with its unique sound of tires on asphalt,
 Creating its own steady hush.
She then messaged, “You’re very good at this,
I’m going to read that again!”
but I went on…
A few drops of cool rain,
The rain here, even when it’s pouring,
Seems to be made of a lighter liquid.
It’s not the hard thick drops of a West Texas down pour,
And it’s almost disappointing when
I don’t have the residual layer of dirt on my windshield after the rain,
They say there is thunder in the springtime,
But I suspect they don’t know what real thunder is,
Here in California.
In the West Texas springtime,
When entire sky is filled with all the mountains,
That are missing from the landscape,
You can feel the power and,
The threatening posture of the storm,
But you take up the challenge and face the lightning,
And it fills you with excitement,
And if you have a lover,
It is during these storms that your fantasies come true.
Silver flashes across your lover’s skin,
Passion filled faces caught in the strobe of lightning,
And the pounding rain beating on the windows.
The mix of cold wet air, 
And the sweaty heat of deep kisses and breath.
They don’t know what they’re missing here,
In California,
But I do,
And maybe someday I’ll have her.

Michael F. Lewis

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Old Excuses

To view this dawn through fading dreams,   
Aware of silver feet upon the roof
Eaves shiver wet, excuses spring
With murmured sounds, my reasons scheme

To burrow down and doze aloof
Remembering, now, a distant place
A childhood bed, the warm embrace
I stretch my arms with no regrets

And see that place...and rainbows, yet
From crayons of time, I can't forget
I loved the rain upon the grass 
Beyond the margins framed inside.
A sense of time with mute caress,
Will find the place my soul resides
I'm still a child, and so it goes
I'll play outside in rain drenched dress

I'll dance and play in soggy clothes
With sticky mud between my toes
My one excuse to stay in bed
          to dream,....and turn my childhood loose

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rain,you come often for, I would live sane

For walking, by early morning sharp 6,
Parking my cycle by children’s park,
Started I, round the park.
Breeze severe, drizzle slow.
Rushing to shelter I see rain, 
no welcome face in park.
happy inside I showed aversion 
my surprise! Flowers smile, butterflies dance,
bloody some flies too joined the dance.
passion in me got triggered .
I wanted to dance with flies
try catching butterflies and flies .
I fear for, all in the shelter may laugh,
my dignity my respect I bother much.
envying the butterflies and flowers
Lucky fellows gifted to dance and smooch!
I saw a boy near me in my spirit.
tried sweet talk to make him dance in rain.
too smart this fellow, he wanted me to dance first.
I cursed the younger generation for not loving nature
I told him, “In our days we would dance the whole day”!
fellow said, “you country fellow, I have a date today”.
I cursed him “go hell. Dance with evil spirits”.
I became very nostalgic of my childhood days!
By school days ,I try all eccentric things .
Believe me,I even lay flat on the ground 
and look at rain in all angles.
Even research on reflection of light on rain drops.
Today I could never imagine for that in all rain 
probably I have to take a picnic for that.
But for sure, the sense of rain
always makes me nostalgic, 
a great cure for many of my untold pains.
rain,you come often for, I would live sane……

15-11-2013. by Jenish Soosai anthony for 
"Fragrance of rain" contest by nette onclaud.

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Spring Showers

They bring new life,
Revive the old,
Spring showers,
Wash away the snow.
These showers make me happy,
When I am sad,
They water the plants,
Both good and bad.
My favorite thing about them,
Is they hide all my tears,
They wash away the pain,
Of all my years.
I don't like these showers,
When I want to go outside,
Because when it rains,
I have no place to hide.

Spring Showers

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After The Storm

I watch from my bed as the wind howls, 
Twisting the trees into unnatural shapes.
Too much water falls from the sky, 
And cascades over swollen gutters,
To surround my house,
In a waterfall veil.
The wind howls and screams, 
As it forces it's way,
Through tiny spaces in my window panes.
Mayhem is outside my window.
And I am warm and safe
Thinking of you
With a smile on my face.
Nothing can take away
That I am loved by this man
With his song in my heart
He pulls me in tighter
As if to protect me with his words
And I am as filled with calm
As tomorrows sky.

I am in love.

© 2013 
Ruby Honeytip

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Splash Dance

Let's take a walk where raindrops dance beneath the feet, in rainbow hue Where mirrored worlds, and twin skies meet, in puddles forming in the street Our umbrellas opened wide, while other people, scurry by Forgetting in their rush of day, to see the world is scrubbing clean We'll stamp our feet to make a splash, while those around us make a dash With diamonds in the morning light, to quench a tongue in sheer delight Perhaps the gentle rain is kind enough to wash away a threadbare heart, a broken dream, from yesterday... enchanting me to believe within, to entertain my child again We'll listen to the whispered winds, the sweet refrain of falling rain, as if we were the child again. We'll be as one, with earth and sun, and know that rain can be a friend Let's hold up hands to catch the sky,...our inner child is waiting in the wings
________________________________________________ For Leonora's Contest: "Umbrellas"

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Sticky fingers of unity,bonding one to another.
Linking chunks of glass to original form.
A glass brushed  off a counter by a child,who feared the united sound of rain and thunder.
Unity sticks again.
Binding thoughts of a poetic mind,like a bundle of sticks
Illuminating ones fluidity in chain of thought.
Grey cement and red bricks.
A solid mix.
A bound that builds a home.
Lonely brick red hearts,cemented in communication.
Consolidation is indeed unification.
Stars in the rested sky.
United by the eyes.
Ducks flying by in "u" shaped formation.
Disturbing the shine of the moon.
Feathers of unity.
Look up at the bond.
Separated rain drops,fall to unite with the wholesome sea.
Troops at war for united states.
Bullets soar with faith.
A helmet drops and unites with the floor.
A solider dies,no longer at war.
For each life taken,a bond increased.
Tho life taken.Unity we keep. 

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Tears Of Serious

            Tears Of Serious

Two rivers of silver approach you at a time by crying
Taking on water in rain as they serpentine by around black rocks
And other fears that gather up about their banks
One silver moving wall of water is shallow in its depths
Remains nameless all the same, once again, then evaporates
Hides, mourning on the shore and then it is no more
The other moving liquid body flows by, goes by Serious
It turns in pain, winds around the landscape meanderings
Serpentines, absorbing rain and young children to its depths
No one knows why the river runs so long so deep
But there are tears in it originating from old faces
Forming on old mountains as they trickle down, cascading
Tears of Serious are created from many deaths
Now in her depths   

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My day

As the wind grew, and the clouds rolled in, the droplets of rain hit my page. I continued to write. Nothing was going to stop me. I, was going to finish. It started to rain harder. thunder cracked, and lightning flashed. Soon, my writing was smudged. As I continued to write, a thought came to mind. Was this the life I had wanted? Or was I just a puppet, in the hands of someone else? I had finished, and just in time. My world grew dark. I knew this was the end. I had written my will, as I knew this day had come. It was time for me to go, and leave it all behind. I, was done here.

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Converging Daydreams

The laughter of a thousand years,
The tears of a thousand waterfalls,
Converge and reflect,
Rainbows of seven colors,
Raining on a misty morning,
only puddles in the street,
You sit by a warm fire,
Guessing when the rain will stop,
Building daydreams as you look outside,
Everything will bloom soon,
Violets will grow,
Catching butterflies,
Watching them fly away,
Swimming in cool blue streams,
Feeling the suns' warmth,
The daydreams of a thousand years,
Combined in one as I look outside,
The rain drawing out my soul,
Until I feel empty watching you,
You seem far away,
A blank yet peaceful face,
The rainbow emerges,
Far beyond our full sight,
The rain stops,
You still sit,
Beside a warm fire,
Reflecting on daydreams,

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Today if it rains,
and the skies get dark
I won't allow my spirit 
succumb to it , instead I
will grab my favorite 
sweater go out and walk in it.

Rejoicing with every single 
droplet of rain that falls 
bringing me closer to the light; 
I know, I've found traces of it
In my beloved eyes.
For That treasure more precious than
Gold that many seek and may
Never find is already mine .


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Rain Whispers

   Rain Whispers

Tender and fragrant
the tiny drops of rain feel feather soft
as they sprinkle my upturned face
the roar of the tide, somehow dimmed
as the rain on the beach whispers

Walking through the mists of an early morning fog
delicate wisps of icy tendrils lace between my ankles
the sand gives way to my footsteps
the ocean washes them away
all thoughts wash out to sea
feeling small,

tender and fragrant
the tiny drops feel feather soft
as they sprinkle my upturned face...
and the rain.....whispers

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Lost and Found

She once said
on a stormy night
before the first drop of rain graced tongues:
"Passion is overrated.  It's out of style"
The crack of clouds blew grey into her face at that moment.
Umbrellas turned their skin inside out
The surf tasted it's own salt and spat it out in disgust
The black beyond broke rain capsules and sang in thunderous laughter.
We caught her up in our raincoats and hurried her into the nearest cafe.
Three hot coffees and her chattering lips.
Steam in swirly rings 'round her fingers as she shook.
As she cried.
Passion swarmed out of her words and caught the cafe on fire
It burned while we sat there
Peeling paint and freezing fingers
Raining sky in midnight's palm
We listened as she brought up memories
All ignited, having slept long past deadlines of ardor.
We cried with her in conundrum dreams
and kept the burnt out structure erect by our finger tips to scaffold.
A woman grieving should not be disturbed.
Suddenly, her words made sense.
The sky cleared
Her eyes swallowed their blue and returned the ocean to it's salt
We held hands, stretched across a cherry red booth reflecting every broken capillary in her gaze.
Sisters united in empathy's grasp
a circle of an undivided enclave
We stepped over the ashes of her memories
and walked her home despite her obstinate refusal for one of us to stay over.
Count down to 3am
and the petunias lining her front walk
kissed her ankles with the thanks of rain
She smiled and passionately picked the velvet purple 
and placed it in our palms.
We saw the full spectrum of rainbows and heartaches
and growling thunder on the verge of lost adherence to love
all on her face in one evening
That night, she went home alone, to sleep on her side of the bed
with the shivering almost subsiding into the faintest scent of brewing hope.

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Rambles In The Rain

Pitter patter
            goes the rain.....
as my thoughts
       begin to scatter
Window panes 
      I watch them 
the sound makes
     me insane....
pitter patter
               pitter patter
goes eternal rain....

Twinkle twinkle
           little rain drop
as you meander 
on a journey 
        road to nothing
wearing such 
            a frown....
twinkle twinkle
             little rain drop
as your salty 
          breath falls 
        the dark of storm
creeps within my soul....
      splitter splatter
goes the tempest
......shreds the whole.....
the blackest cloud
          the onyx ride of pain
Sits upon a lost highway
   found within this rain

Thunder clapping
           in the 
lost in water shroud
    Lightning peels 
within an instant
and the sound
becomes to loud....
thunder clapping 
          in the 
pitter patter 
          pitter patter
          learns to dance....

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Folk Song of India Farmer, Clouds, Rains and Trees

A Folk Song of India My Video Song is also on You Tube Background Note: Its a story of a worried Farmer as his fields were dry because of no rains & the season of planting Rice was passing fast. His eyes were full of tears while thinking, what he would eat & earn if he fails to plant the Rice saplings without good Rains in his fields. The song conveys feelings of an Indian farmer, who often face such situations due to lack of rains. Rains felt pity & flooded his fields or his love for Trees & Nature. Folk Song of India- Farmer, Clouds, Rains and Trees The Farmer was thinking, While sitting near his fields, How, he would plant, The saplings of Dhaan ( Rice). The clouds keep coming, But fly away and vanish soon, There are hardly few trees in the forest, Who can call and attract the clouds. To tell the clouds, The miseries of the farmer, As, clouds never overlook, The wishes of their beloved trees. But the trees could not convey and tell, The tortures and pains, they have suffered, One by one they have been cut and burned, By none other than their own nursing Man. Because of this only , The clouds often do not come, And run away without showering, When they see such humans. The Farmer was thinking, While sitting near his fields, How without rains he would plant, The saplings of Dhaan ( Rice). But that old farmer, Had planted many many trees, Thinking that the clouds, Came down on the ground. The eyes of the old farmer, Were wet and restless, Tears were appearing and were, Coming out, every now and then. The clouds hovering on the fields, Saw tears in his eyes, While wiping his tears, The clouds too began to weep. Then, it began to rain all over, And the fields got flooded soon, The old farmer raised his head, And saw towards the sky. After seeing all around, The fields flooded with water, The farmer with gratitude, Again & again touched the Rain clouds. Tears started flowing from his eyes, With happiness, And the clouds again showered more rains, To wipe the tears from the eyes of the old farmer. Then the time came to plant, The saplings of Dhaan (Rice), Without forests and their darling trees, Clouds hardly showers their love drops. The Farmer was thinking, While sitting near the fields, He would again plant, Many more and more tree this time. Kanpur India 24th July 2012center> Sub in Hon of LisaCooper for her Silver Tear contest

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Like the rain that pours in the arid backlands,
making blossom the most shriveled of branches
I will work my days!
I will cultivate friendships
And, with all willpower,
I will perpetuate peace!
I will defend nature!
I will delight my eyes with such beauty.
And, by greater force,
I will compose from the primest melody
Charms of sympathy.
I will profuse embraces, 
I will cheer up souls.
I will walk together.
And even when I’m out of things to say,
I will bid cheers to silence!
And who knows, maybe one day, 
And seeing life as celebration,
I will be rain pouring in aridness!

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See how the rain

See how the rain oils
the dehydrated skin
and heal the excruciating pain
of the starving mother earth

see how it brings
long waited for salvation
to the malnourished 
fauna and flora

see how it brings
life to the dead
yet patient rivers
having waited for so long
under the hot burning
merciless sun

see how the rain fills
people with hope
joy and excitement
and washes away their fears
drowning them 
in water filled rivers

see then how the land is
dressed in colors 
captivating to the eyes
and how the air is
heavy with pungent aromas
and sweet with melodic songs
of birds caressing the skies

featured poem on home page from the 21st to 27th February 2011
8th position on ''Razzle Dazzle'' contest sponsored by Linda-Marie

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The Storm

The wild storm rages on like an angry giant,
Yellow lightning bolts through the sky like fiery weapons
As it’s thunderous voice shouts and echoes furiously.
The wind shrieks like a pterodactyl,
It’s icy feet grip the house as tightly as a brick in the wall.
The rain beats incessantly against the window like a hammer.
Inside, the fire greets us like the sun on a hot day.

The rain fills the streets with rugged floods
Driving people out of their ruined homes.
Trees forced to the ground making that spread far and wide.
Big bangs of thunder make people jump!
Lights whisper, then poof, a black out has begun.
Nobody knows where they are, families huddle to keep each other warm.
Shed roofs flying from garden to garden.
Don’t go outside,
The storm is horrendous. 

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leaving August

        Leaving the last days of August
          memories of the sea waves crashing 
        Tides that leave shells broken to find ~
        picnic memories ~
                      fireworks night 
                             Birthday cakes sparkle ~

    sunburns under a sage kissed dessert Moonlight 
         The Summer reminds us of happier days
             scents of coconut oil and lime 
            reminds us all of what is yet to come ~
              The rain comes down hard
          crying for all souls lost and left behind

             The birds fly in perfect form 
           reminding all of the September storm 
           begging for history not to repeat ~
                 ~   In war 
                        no wins 
                            only defeat ~
            two beams of light straight to the Heavens   
                stay through the whole month of September
                   they remind us to listen silently we stand still 
          For the city lives and breaths left with loss 
                    many questions unanswered remain ~
               Leaving behind August
                    entering Septembers fears ~

 I love this poem because it reflects on the past and the coming month in remembrance of history that took place September 11th 2001. In a way it is a oxymoron . from passionate summer nights to the fear embraced in the month coming :)


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She drizzles on mounds of brick stones Her tresses pouring like silvery mist Robed in a veil of pewter and crystals, Fragrant breath spreading a tune Across the glossed moorland lushly blazed... Till she refreshes the prism of grass Enchanting the eyes of sterling clouds While barefoot kids fondle her taps. In rare hours, winds start to glint As ripened boughs pop confetti of dew... With her voice waltzing across the sky, She delivers a lining in float of mist To gather hues from a wondrous ride As puddles beneath trickles a glow… Oh, the youngest daughter of Rain Coasts on moistened stars; then to fade in grace.
Leonora Galinta's Rainy Days Contest by nette onclaud 9/12/14

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The land is flooded
rain that never stops
houses lay abandoned
water running through

Still the rain comes
relentless, incessant
roads are impassable
villages cut off

Army busy building
defences that are
all too soon swept away
and still the rain falls

Cattle airlifted to safety
their fields under water
a state of national emergency
declared by government

Promises to help
local authorities
given freedom 
to spend whatever needed

Still the rain falls
lives lost far too many
homeless people in despair
they have lost everything

Homes that will take months
to dry out and be habitable
for now their owners wait
staying with friends or in shelters

Forecast says more rain
and yet still more rain
when will it stop?
and things return to normal?

we are suffering from the worst rainfall in around 10+ years water levels up more than 5-6 
feet on the Somerset levels so many people made homeless as their houses are flooded 
and the loss of life, cars swept away animals airlifted to safety it will take months
for things to return to normal. That's when the rain finally stops for now the forecast is rain 
and yet even more rain. There is another inch forecast for today and gale warning too

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Dark Grey Skies

Thick rain soaked clouds came floating by on sullen grey skies 
Branches swayed and leaves waved,  tied
 In unison with the whipping wind 
The rains came soft and gentle ,one by one, floating
 among an endless series of soft humid waves
 Puffs of dust kick up as rain hits the ground , 
the enticing smell of the brown clean earth pervades all around 
The ponds break  into endless circles  of tiny  drops 
Sliding down branches , dripping from leaves, running down the darkened bark, plopping 
In the silent air ,Soaking the ground  into soft muddy earth, healing cracks, soft like dew
the rains speak their true voice and intent without a clue
becoming pounding and insistent ,angry and relentless, as one by one they beat the ground 
And the cycle comes full circle ,around and around 

Cool air from atop the sky filters down through hot steamy mist 
wind driven clouds form funny ominous shapes in the sky 
Bending and twisting  to keep up with their fierce and relentless brother
Throwing countless drops down onto the clean brown earth 
The Angry winds and warm drops count their times to hit the ground 
Covering forest and field alike taming the long forgotten dust
 that became the earth following the season of drought 
Lightning burns across the sky and crashes among the giant embers standing wet, black and gleaming 
Stark and ancient they stand tall and straight , silhouetted against the angry sky
The rain comes in sheets of grey , pouring out of the heavens 
In a thunderous wave that threatened to sweep clean the skies

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The Hue of Blue

The wind rushes through the valley
whispering your name.
Autumn trees begin to release their leaves
reluctantly, trying to hold on to summer.
I see your reflection in droplets of rain,
I share your joys, and feel your pain, yet
you have moved on without a thought of 
what we once shared that summer so long ago.

As the crisp air and rain touches my face 
all those memories tend to cascade.  .  . 
flooding my mind and nearly drowning me.
Blue is my mood and my chosen hue that
lays to rest happier times in the summer sun,
in the clear cool lake, under the trees in your arms.
I, now in my autumn years, and feeling so much
like those lovely trees, reluctantly let go.

© August 24, 2013 

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Dawn of A New Year

When she was the first to step across the threshold
I knew things were off to a good start.
Outside, dark and lowering clouds pressed in,
But inside, her beaming face made me warm all over.
I wondered if we should still go for a walk,
But she insisted, hinting that I was afraid of the stormy skies.
In no time, I shrugged on my leather jacket and we set off.
The cold winds whipped at our clothing all the way to the park,
A little raindrop spattering here and there.
It soon intensified to a downpour.
The freezing drops soaked right through her coat
And her dark braids had raindrops sliding down them,
So we ran to a pine tree, and I placed my coat on her shoulders.
My shirt was instantly drenched,
Chilling me where it touched my skin.
But I did not care.
Because I was huddling under a tree with my favourite girl
And all it took was a look at her beaming face to make my heart warm.

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The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

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''The rain poet''

When I raise my eyes
Towards the heavens
And see rain clouds gather
I, ''the rain poet’’
Wait expectantly for the rain
To gently fall
and kiss the ground
Then my dreams can be watered
And my future can acquire
A green look
I, ''the rain poet’’
Hope that as the water trickles
It will dissolve my sorrows
My dissapointments
And carry them all
To the graveyard beneath the ground
And when the rain ceases
I, ''the rain poet’’
Will not cease penning
Rainborn inspirations

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Rainy Days

The monsoonal matriarch cradles her pregnant belly 
Delirious with life giving blood from the womb of all nature’s gifts
As she lays distended, expectant and grey
Upon the craggy summits

Her breath billows above the bloated forests
Nurturing ominous notes as she sweeps through the trees
Like the phantom of the opera
Tuning her timbre, yet masking her desire

And now

Her contralto; it begins…

Her song breathes across the valley in rhythmical sheets
A symphonic auditorium of liquid splendour
Inciting a libretto of Lyre birds to concert in the mist

A monsoonal medley

Enticing insects to assemble in an ensemble
Their raucous chorus imploring the humid madness
Through a cacophonous chorale
Teasing the tempo from the maestro
As the crescendo climaxes to thunderous applause

Her encore; a sweeping army of waterfalls
Advance upon the sodden valley
Roaring to deafness over
Exploding banks and streams that gouge and tear

And then
It all stops

To a breath of drops…

Leonora Galinta’s contest: Rainy Days
12 September 2014

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God Watered For Me

One light clap
Then boom, boom
Wind, rain, storm

Willow threw her head back and laughed as the wind whipped her hair
Large raindrops then faster, smaller and plentiful
All the earth was singing praises, the song of the ages, all the earth sang praise

Delighted at the wind~ going out under the eves of the house
Breathing in the moist air, enjoying the zephyr blowing 
I was singing praises, the song of the ages, I was singing praises

Two months since we had any rain to amount to much
All was dry, the plants and trees were hurting, the garden needed rain 
Those irrigating hoses just don't bless the earth like rain

The clouds linger the moist air floats about 
Birds of the air are quiet relishing each moment
Thanksgiving today for God watered for me

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Rainy Days

                      It's Raining.
Come on my beautiful lady its spring showers 
let us fly with the rain knowing how much you 
love the raining season,living next to the ocean,
my promenade on the sand hand in hand with 
the rain always allows me to regain my strength,
it gives me the power to share my deep feelings 
& emotions.
It hit me tonight to run quickly after the rain,
and that is only the beginning.

Oh! let it rain again & again,let the thunder start 
singing a song with the strong rain drops vibrating 
like the echo of music from afar. 

Walking alone by the ocean I felt heavy drops 
of rain flowing down my cheeks mingling with 
my tears whispering,its me your friend the rain 
again,I haven't much time,I am passing by to 
listen to your heart beat & wash away your 
fears to run under your feet warm them 
with a hug,and hear me convey a message 
to your thoughts that i love you.
& decided to carry you away out West,deliver you 
to pass sometime with your children,hug them,
love them,talk to them,share with them,sit with 
them until I come back to fly you home again.

Here I am back from this memorable panoramic 
journey while piloted by the pouring rain,
love the rain,an eternal friend as long as I live.
    Therese Bacha                                                                                              

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The rain which brought me back to my childhood

The rain which brought me back
To my childhood

It is heavily raining, while I am writing these lines.

Opposite my house it was raining all around,
I could see only rains and the showering clouds every where
Loaded with the rain drops and water to engulf everything.
A Street female dog with its two puppies
Was lying on a small gravel heap to protect her puppies,
The more she tried to take them under her small belly
More the rain started flooding the roads and even the footpath.
 My wife was asking me to do something to protect,
The female dog and her two small puppies or else they die.

Taking small umbrella of my wife on my head, 
I took a thick polythene big bag and cut it to
Cover a bigger area to protect the road female dog and the puppies and
Came out of my house gate in bathroom slippers only,
To feel and touch the beauty of rainwater,
Once again after many- many years.

After crossing the road I reached near the dog
When I look into her eyes, the female dog was telling a different story,
The language of silent thanks I could read in her eyes,
As she was helplessly trying to protect the puppies
Without anything to support her thoughts.

After stretching the polythene on them 
And putting two three small bricks on both ends
I felt a sigh of relief from the coverage of the dogs.

My wife became really happy, when she saw, 
The puppies and the female dog under a sheet of protection,
The joy and satisfaction in her eyes was bigger than that of me,
Because, animals and birds are always,
Her greatest weakness and strengths too.

While crossing the road to reach my house back
I touched and faced the waves of rain water 
Touching my foots and my legs too and they were
Forcing me to remain there, to experience water streams,
Running on the roads, when it rains so heavily.

In those memorable moments,
I really wanted to take a paper boat like a child
And to throw them on the water running all around me 
For a moment I was in my real childhood days.

O thank you God and thank you O Nature and your lovely rains
For giving me an opportunity to once again
Be in my childhood days.


Kanpur India 30th June 2011 2.00 pm. IST

The Photo of the female dog with its puppes, which I took when the Rains were 
over is placed on face book page!/photo.php?fbid=196894523694537&set=a.114474218603235.25716.100001219732381&type=1&theater

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Kiss the Rain

Kiss the rain
like the first…
and the last time
you had me in your arms…
Like the first 
and last time
I was yours
under starry sky
where the world 
stood still, for that very moment
that one, solemn moment…
when I was yours at last…
Kiss the rain…
to keep the flame alive…
and bask in what was,
what could have been…
Kiss the rain like the first
and last time I was yours…
Kiss the rain from here on
and I’ll forever be yours. 

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Spring Showers

They sometimes come as strangers to the Earth. But, often, they are unwelcome overflows. From two pure elements they are always made, And they are most essential to the welfare of mankind. They have activated hormones now and then And, sometime later results are proudly known. Many sweaty brows of have been cooled, After work in fields fed by spring showers. As both adult and child I’ve slept to the Rhythm of spring showers on tin roofs. And the sleep resulting seemed much more refreshing Than the forty winks I managed now and then. Spring showers are our friends But when carried by strong winds Can bring devastation And damage of historic proportions. These gentle rains can mean Life’s blood to some and death knell to others. So, spring showers are many things And memories galore flourish after their visit. Written for Russell Sivey’s contest ‘Spring Showers” 04/14/13

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 Rain ©  

I walk on slick shine streets 
in the night with my lover. 

Freshly out of bed and ravenous 
for other food, he pauses and 
licks the tears and rain drops 
from my face. 

Rain in its many moods 
quickens to sweep the earth and 
skies clean. 

Settles on the skin like a damp 
kiss. Cold, warm, sweet, clean, 
sharp, rain. 

Is designer bottled water 
merely rain drops from afar? 

The dog romps through the rain, 
in his perfect raincoat, oblivious 
to the wet. 
Blinking owlishly when a drop 
should fall into his eye. 

Mysterious primates of the forest 
sit forlornly, beneath the 
umbrella leaf. 
Forever patient as the skies 
rupture with a torrential deluge. 
Human-tender eyes reflect their 
disgust and sadness at the wet, 
messy coats they must wear. 

The equine turn their haunches 
to the storm to show their scorn 
for nature’s tantrum. 

Cats run for cover, sit 
majestically removing the 
wet rain from their person with a 
wet tongue. 

Wild fowl dance across the circle 
patterns of the pond’s face, 
beating their wings and singing. 

They frolic and dive celebrating 
the sublime circumstance of 
being wet. 

Man spends energy and money 
to keep himself dry and safe 
from the rain, darting from 
doorway to doorway. 

What does he fear? He won’t 
melt if he gets soaked, he won’t 
become ill or grow fins, and he 
just might get clean. 

Snow is rain in its wedding attire; 
no two brides alike. 

The rain drop falls into a rivulet 
of other rain drops atop the 
The rivulet runs into the creek, 
the creek into a stream. 
The stream rushes to the river 
and the river falls into the sea. 

The rain drops turn to salty tears 
as the journey ends. 

It is said that chickens, if left out 
in the rain, will lift their heads up 
to the sky and watch the rain 
until they drown. 

Trisha Sugarek
Butterflies and Bullets


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Her Name Was Rain

Rain, if you were warm I would dance in you, 
I would be like the breeze and whip around you 
Rain, since you are cold I'll stay away from you 
Its such a bummer cause I want to play with you. 

Thoughts of running through the rain with you 
Makes my heart go insane for you 
I'll hold your hand and slow dance with you 
Alone in the grassy meadow just me and you 

What would I give to beat along with you 
Dripping on the tin shed of the roof with you 
Making sweet music on the wind chimes with you 
Wet and soft on a blanket in the fields with you 

Rain, I'd spend the entire night with you 
Enjoying the touch and feel of you 
No looking back when I'm with you 
Rain oh how I would love to dance in you 

Rain how intense is that storm the comes with you 
The thunder and lightening that stays with you 
Its okay because I still want to change with you 
Rain oh how I want to become one with you.


 Ayesha Karim 

Date: 5/25/2014 11:41:00 PM 

  This poem is not so good. It is like a dramatic monologue. Be more poetic this is supposed to be a poem. Yikes!

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The last tree

A pretty oak  sits outside my window pane in the snow and in the rain 
Covered with life, outside the balcony fifty steps away 
Decorating the tree with  flashes of red, black, grey,  yellow and white, 
are his friends the cardinals , squirrels , chickadees and the tufted titmice
 They sing , chirp, and  chatter in harmony of song 
As the seasons pass, we live  thru heat, drought , cold and  rain all year long
 I keep my feeder close at hand and watch as they load up in waves of two and three 
 to make their run at the seeds and grain 
The leaves are green now and vibrant with life, in the fall the acorns grow and my tree stands tall 
At winter they covet  the warmth and provide a shelter for the thick furred grey squirrels
 A lovely little hole in the crook of the branch big enough for two to snuggle and borough 
They race down these pathways in the sky, playful as skilled acrobats
October mornings  the leaves are falling , making noisy whispering sounds
the first rays of  sun turn frost into a million twinkling stars on the ground 
 The two winged take refuge in their nest , built carefully for warmth and rest 
To nurse  and raise their young , making them fit for another generation of  the best
The seasons flow as a quiet pond and like our beautiful  life 
 everything is real with very  little strife
 Among the colorful citizens of  this merry place I give life in equal exchange
for joy and a chance To sit and watch my friends as I grow old and enjoy life in the sun 
But life  changes,  very unfair , and I am denied my playground in the sky
one day some men came and cut all the beauty down 
Now its gone all butchered and bare nothing left but a big hole in the ground 

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The droplets of water
... cling...
Upon the branches of the tree
 crystalline objects
hanging delicately
Catching the morning rays
  like diamonds
adorning the branches
just like a desert mirage.

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Spring Showers

Living on a mountain top in Vermont "Spring Showers" are very dangerous
With several feet of snow still covering the rocky terrain above the tree line
a recue unit is always prepared for the fools that climb the cliffs; unprepared
They pay no heed to the weather report: Spring Showers today and tomorrow
on top of a mountain the rain falls and creates tiny rivers under the snowdrifts
A slow rain tears the bottom layer of snow away with a sheet of ice at its base
The potential now for an Avalanche just rose 80%.Are there fools climbing today?
every fifteen minutes, the rescue squad check their gear. The thermo body raps,
Snowshoes, Snow spikes, heat sensored depth poles,helmets with red, yellow,
and green push on lights, two way radios;checked batteries,Coffee and Whiskey
When one lives up here long enough; You can hear the snowdrifts : drifting
It has been raining for almost 48 hours,as raindrops keep falling my fears rise
Down in the Valleys, they cherish the April Showers,looking forward to May Flowers
I have to go now and call on my ham operator radio for assistance.The alarm is
ringing, the Snow is rumbling down the side of the Mountain.You asked to tell why
we do or do not like Spring Showers. I will tell YOU when and if I Return.

April 15, 2013 for the Contest : "Spring Showers" Sponsored by "Russell Sivey"

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I remember when it rained

I remember when it rained
During my childhood days
That the rain would
While we were sleeping
rain through the porous roofs
Of our twin mud huts

I remember when it rained 
When I was still a young boy 
That the water would 
While my grandmother
Was trying to prepare supper
flood the fire place
and put the fire off
And we would go to sleep hungry

I remember when it rained
Back in the days 
That all our food, 
All our clothes
Would be subjected 
To coffee colored stains
Of water dripping through
The porous roofs
Of our twin mud huts

I remember when it rained
During my childhood days
That we could not sleep
We could not have food
to fill our hunger
We could not have
Dry clothes to put on 
And I did not like the rain 

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April rain fell like whispers on grass,
Soft and light like a half felt apology.
Dark clouds wafted overhead in shamed silence.
Distressed by a cold winter’s return. 
Daffodils wept and bowed in fading despair,
My Father’s favourite plant was slipping away. 
As my Father had done and now my Mother too
Lost to a world of cold whispers and sorrow. 

Dead flowers I had placed on their grave so light
Were fading like a memory, a star un-bright.

Still the rain whispered but failed to cleanse,
The grit of sorrow that inhabits my heart.

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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I find myself in the middle of an ocean
Lighting, rain and waves crashing
No land in sight
No refuge in sight
No beacon to point me home
I struggle to stay afloat
The water so cold and black
How did I get here?
Where do I go?
What can I do?
Frantically I search
I look all around
But there’s nowhere to turn
I shout with all I have
But there’s no one to hear
The storm is relentless
The waves continue to roll and splash
Trying to shove me under
I can taste the saltiness of the water
As a wave catches me
Slaps me in the face
The water burning my eyes
Blurring my vision
Making me panic
Making me want to fight harder
To keep my head above water
But my legs are growing weary
My arms are starting to tire out
My feet are like cement 
My breath ragged and fatigued
As the rain beats down
I cry out again in desperation
As I start to sink
Down to a watery grave
Into the depths below
The water so icy and wet
In my mouth
Down my throat
Burning in my lungs
Fully submerged now
I look up at the surface
And I see hope
I see refuge
I see a hand
Reaching down to me
Tightly grasping me
Pulling me against the force
That’s pulling me under
My head breaks the surface
My eyes open wide
As I gulp in the air
Pulled free and rescued
Not a moment too soon
Not a moment too late

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                                             This rain is coming,
                                             In our life,
                                             As winds blow it forward,
                                             no more strife,
                                             So powerless to fight,
                                             in all it's fury,
                                             In all that we know,
                                             never a worry,
                                             For within is our love,
                                             in all it's fullness,
                                             Our rain of love,
                                             in all it's goodness.

                                     created by johnaarongreen

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I sail boat

As drops from the clouds cease,
I stroll to meet a friend of mine
a paper boat in hand, a local boy
runs from the PDS shop queue, 
looks for water to sail his boat,
tried in a small dirty puddle,
embarrassed to see,the boat stay still!
tried in the nearby ditch, already choked!
Cursed heavens, a way out of embarrassment!
Looked around little boy, my gaze, he dislikes!
fellow doesn’t want others follow his passion!
I started walking away poker faced, 
Fellow jumped with a smile believing
I know not his embarrassment, got into
his fantasy world to try another fun….

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Making Hay

Making Hay 


Kevin Fairbrother


Gradually winter fades, spring has begun

The ground will warm up, the grass will grow

The winter rains, the spring sunshine, now for summer

This will make the grass grow and grow


The hot days with storms and rain

The grass is getting longer every day

Time to prepare the mower and hay rake

And make sure the baler is in ship shape


Plenty of grease in all moving places

The knives sharpened, bolts replaced

Machinery is ready for the harvest

Come December and hot dry weather


The disc mower attached to the tractor

Whirs into action to mow down the grass

Cutting the grass close to the ground, lays it flat

In the 10 acre paddock on the river flat


The paddock all cut in neat flat rows

Will need lots of sunshine to dry it out

A couple of warm hot days be ready to turn

Once turned another day be ready to bale


The baler hooked up begins to thump

As the pick-up feeds in the dry grass

The needle whirs and threads the string

The first bale rolls off the machine


Hour after hour the baler spits out bales

Soon the paddock is filled with square bales

The men move in with the flat tray truck

Load the bales with sweat and strength


The bales carted and under cover

The hay making machines now quite

The men gather around for a beer and a feed

The hay making done for another year

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untitled 2

washes away
but quenches
new ideas

I'm stunned to say that this has been my biggest Twitter success. 
However YAY!!!

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The Fragrance of Rain

                                               I'm not sure what God sprayed
                                                   Smells like angel - scent
                                    While raindrops falling, an aroma detected
                                                 Light - fresh smell of earth
                                                   That captive my senses
                                    Emotions, desires, leading me everywhere
                                        Evokes memories of joy and laughter
                                                 Feels like in a bed of roses
                              A "FLORAL SCENT", light, pleasant and feminine
                                                     Or in a green pasture
                                              Blends with leaves and herbs
                          A "NATURE - INSPIRED SCENT", relaxing and great
                                                      Am I in a deep sea?
                       Smells refreshing and zingy; an "AQUATIC SCENT" hit me
                        Think its "CITRUS SCENT", cut oranges and lemon tangy
                                  Enchanting - elusive, an "ORIENTAL SCENT"
                                  Sensual, irresistible, warm and passionate
                        Something sweet as honey, my dear "VANILLA SCENT"

                                 Seems I'm dressed with perfumes all around
                                 Affordable, impressive and the cleanest of all
                            Now catching all the raindrops, I will not let it pass
                                       The fragrance of rain to sniff all day.

The Fragrance of Rain - Contest
- Arden H. Gopela
   November 16, 2013

Sponsored by: Nette Onclaud

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Rain drops

We're falling, gathering speed, only moments before being incarcerated in a heavenly grasp, land is racing up to meet us. 

Impact, we fragment into a million molecules sparkling, glittering, dazzling in the right light.

In no time at all we've merged, from droplet  to puddle, to complete surface saturation. 
Still the rain falls, beating down the sound deafening.

Searching out crevices following the contours, exploiting weakness, we are strong now, and with every passing moment our strength grows.

Combining, merging, the sense that if this continues, nothing can stop us.
After all we are a force of nature. 

© Alexis C Pond.

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Spring Showers

Rubber boots and rain slickers
Snow has all but gone
April Showers mean
Puddle jumping happy children

Miniature tidalwaves
Enveloping trails of mud
Pioneering young explorers
In Playgrounds
And Schoolyards

The smallest child understands
Rain and sun equals flowers (Mother Nature's Algebra)

For now
Mud Bogging

In rubber boots and rain slickers

March 27th, 2013

For Spring Showers Contest

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Summer Storms

Something about eastern thunderstorms
All that electric summer heavy heat

The sudden weight of the air when the birds grew quiet and still
The big black slobbering dogs came up onto the porches

While quietly gathering behind the homes and groves of trees
The dark purple grey frowning skies, then the distant

Rolling rumbling began  warm winds whipped and wailed
The willows bowed and twisted in a frenzied dance

Little girls ran out to join, kicking off their flip flops
Wrapping themselves in the wind carried honeysuckle scents

The thunder growled in a deep throated chant
As bright white light slashed the skies 

Then the thunder rumbled again and again
Little girls squealed in horror and delight

Ran for their porches as the rain came down
Beating the ground in heavy silver sheets

And the wind roared with the rain  
The thunder rumbled and growled 

As they washed the heaviness in the air away 
All that  electric heavy heat

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Kiss the Rain

Kiss the Rain
Silent Reverie

A still morning around the pond
A “once upon a time” captured
for my viewing…

The wind had hushed in the tall reeds
while reflections of the standing trees
rested, near steady, on the surface
…waivering only slighty to my eye

Sitting still, absorbing the silence,
watching the clouds slide along
in the mirrored surface…
white clouds slowly giving way
to those tinted with softest grey

The sun that once had blushed
my cheeks slipped silently behind
the greying clouds...when?
…I didn’t seem to notice
Its absence caught me unaware
while caught up in the still beauty
of the silenced moment

Much too soon a rippling began
on the glassed surface of the pond..
sending the trees and clouds
swaying atop the waters surface
as a gentle kiss of rain distorted
the silent view…my reverie time
finding conclusion

My “once upon a time” moment
had found its “the end” while
the earths had just began…
a  kiss-the-rain, welcomed, occurance 
that revives its parched lands

All Rights Reserved:              2/20/13

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Life is crazy far to crazy many people have eyes but they cant see many people have hearts but they can't feel many people have the cure but they don't use it.The flesh they rather abuse it knowledge they misuse it.You never understand the rain until you walk through it.They rather watch many suffer and prescribe false medication and watch them go through it.Why do they do it?We all have dreams and we try to pursue it.I say together we can do it but others step on heads just to do it and those are the ones that most likely win, those who sin.Those who sit back and grin when the arrows rain down on them .I wish I stayed in the womb and never crawled out.I would have held on to every organ.I swear those doctors would have never ever got me out.Send a message to the roses tell them to never bloom because the moment they bloom there  beauty will be born in doom and die far to soon.Look the gardener he is going to cut their stem and steal the beauty from them,another lost gem.As for me they try to defeat me delete and beat me but I stand strong I will last long in the rough winds and when the tornadoes come in and when the demons rush in because their here on earth killing us slowly and there contaminating the spiritual and religious leaders that claim to be holy.Holy water dose not work on those demons don't make your self look stupid and to restore earths love we need more than cupid in the worlds veins flow venomous fluids.We say we love but we hate we say we live but without fate we say jesus we need you but get to church late but wait we try to regulate but some how its far to late I bet GOD already closed the gate its sad to say it.We hide and run in all the wrong  places, stand only in the power of the lord and tie your shoe laces. Some have money and think they have it all some have college degrees and think they know it all but if you don't have GOD you don't have sh!t at all you stand and you fall yet he will answer when you call.I learned the hard way it was never easy you ever woke up and had nothing to eat you ever got dressed and knew exactly what you were going to wear because you only had one thing to wear and only had a couple pairs of under wear and you put it on with a couple of tears. In this world you have to struggle to be understood and to be somebody or should I say be apart of the norm which I don't understand because I came out of a woman just like you and we will equally be six feet under me and you..

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The rising winds adoring in its deepest hues,

Up in the sky,clouds were grey and blue,

Rain poured the thirsty soil,

Its time for trees to grow,

Birds to solemnly sing with joy...

Beautiful raindrops were mesmerizing the hearts with happiness,

Smell of wet soil with drizzling rain were cheering the souls,

Sound of rain was giving rhythm to heavenly shower,

Blossom of sweet flowers with its fragnance was all over in the air,

There is a magical eternity in this hour...

Written by-Sanchita Ghosh,
Contest one of your best

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Sleepy with silent words , soundless print       
Outside a world of school bells and  traffic hum.
Cant keep my focus,  glasses need renewing. 
Read same line seven times, I’m  losing 
My place - losing my grip.    I  am   
Held  in a  place where speech ends and
Time stops  - quiet, silence,  hush , no noise. 

Afternoon long pale crimson sun oozes 
Into  gloomy  room,  lone sunbeam  edging 
Into the forbidden roomy  gloom.
Silent stealthy steps  like a yellow cat with
Dust  motes   held   in its  claws.

Snoozing over yesterday’s newspapers
Old man agreeing,  nodding, mutters,  
Nodding at the 1968 UN yearbook.   
Studying and  skimming thru files for a look
Imperceptible  earphones  in  students head.
Kids being shushed for fairy tales being read

Smell of polished tables and newly-printed paper gloss,
Books on shelves  by the dusty dozen to choose,
Quotes and poems  by   Zola,  Balzac and Moses,
Flies buzz lazily by,  old librarian checks books out,  
Buzz, flicker, and plink-plonk from the faulty tube light.

Doze,  lose consciousness,  
Soon be November  -  winter approaching…. 
Got to save energy =  mc squared = MC2…..
CO2  +  H2O  is acid rain  =  droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven…..and 
The rain plays a little sleep-song on our roof at night,    ****
And so to sleep , perchance to………….wake
In a place where speech ends,
Time stops………………….

****   Langston Hughes   (1902-1967), U.S. poet. April Rain Song (l. 4-6)

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The spirit of water

Find me in the surge of the seas
Find me in the stillness of the lake 
Find me in the flow of the river 
find me in every cloud shape
Find in me the power to shape a stone
Find in me the relief of parched throats
Find me in the sorrow of a tear
Find me in the hiss of a doused fire
Find me frozen in a huge glacier
Find me in the dewdrop of a flower
Find me swirling in a hot cup of tea
Find me in IV
Find me happiest when I come down as rain 
For I am pure then sanctified by the heavens
Each day you see me touch me 
but do you feel my pain?
You, use me abuse me, dam me, pollute me,
leave me….
For you know I’ll come back as rain again.

Motif: Nature

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The Blue

Dubieties engulf all around
 As the brume in the dawn
  Behold plants seeking strength
In this warm cuddling cloud  

Songs soon sing from the sky
 The common notes that play
  When it’s about to drop wet
 Upon human’s bower.

It’s wonted (by this time) to descry 
 Dark clouds being deserted
By its everyday residents.

In the mood of the inclement
 It’s sparse to hear
  Any row from the firmament
Other than the loyal sound 
  Of the saturated pattering
From the blue yonder.

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whose bony fingers
stretched above gloved branches,
you danced in the sunlight,
elegantly bowing
for scampering squirrels
and gifts of birdhouse rings.

whose springtime blossoms
scattered petals
for make-believe weddings,
you caught up children
and hugged them tightly
in games of hide and seek.

I run my fingers
along your weeping scars
where Earth’s fury tore
your hand from mine.
Splintered memories,
I have less air to breath.

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At Last

There’s a house in a field somewhere 
A sea of a sky out there 
Begging to be born again 
With my hands to till, 
Your heart, and a windmill 

A weathervane that tries 
Without the presence of your eyes 
Is a tree fell without a sound 
There’s a tin roof for me to mend 
A simple truth ne’er to bend 

I would tend to your need 
Gift my patience, and give heed 
Hands to work, to be calloused 
To grow these gardens green 
To build your everything 

As the seasons roll through 
And the heavens fade from blue 
We’ll lift a catch, and fill our barrel 
There is nothing we cannot abide 
No beasts from which to hide 

A hummingbird, our neighbor 
Enjoys the fruits of our labor 
A stream running rampant down a hill 
A hammock rests in the shade 
Sway there, let your eyes fade 

A cedar porch, it’s brand new 
Built with devotion, it’s just for you 
I will never grow weary from this 
As addicted to the breeze 
As the troubles you ease 

You belong here on my arm 
We’ll resurrect this rusted farm 
Simpleness and solitude abound 
Breaking free of our past 
Together, in love, at last

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Nature's Cycle

The magnificent river coming down the mountainside spreading out in its majesty as it moves towards the ocean then rising up to the cloud from where it condenses on the mountain as snow or rain that ends up in the river repeating the glorious cycle - the essence of nature

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Sound of Colour Within the Gray Monsoon

When you hear the sound of rain
And hear the clink of its fall
The sounds dye a tone through the beautiful strings that trembled
Instantly you know you're hearing the blue

A rhythm of a sweet love song
Entitled as "The Days of Wine and Roses"
Voicing a soft pink color
In the gray afternoon drizzle

A journey that accompanies deserted steps
Which sounds like a pale purple
Did not stain the rainbow which surrounds
You still walk in a steady jazz beat 

Orange drown your fatigue
And plays the song of blues to soothe your day
Like the twilight which kept sink in horizon
You sink deeper in the beauty fusion of abstract 

Color and tone plays a role in time
Fill out the white sheet on each life
And a new day will start soon
Sound of color play the music along the monsoon

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 I swim in the murky waters, diving deep, nails claw mud. Lowly, I may be bowing, but I am not drowning. No, I am not beat, the struggle is not defeat. My toes dig into the earth, to feel the tangible for what it?s worth. Eyes search to find light, struggling not losing the fight. Head lifted, I seek the sky. Let this stifled soul fly. The gray clouds follow me, blinding me, I cannot see. Living with the acrid smell of my own stale air. Life may be a gift, but it?s not always fair. Looking to God, I break through the bolted door, caught between Heaven and Hell, feet planted firmly on the floor. When did I forget to live, to feel the sun upon my face? When did I decide to hide from the human race? Strokes of times clenched in fear. I wonder if the end is near. Renew my faith, Lord. I know I am not beat! The struggle is never defeat. I swim upon the murky waters, I fight the bondage of chains, I struggle with a net that was set by the unknown. I beseech heavenly Father on divine throne, Will my words of despair reach his invisible ear? Till I am set free this pain I must bare, The Holy Scripture says have no fear, but that becomes difficult when the many monstrosities appear. It also said to gear thy self with prayer which can move mountains and withdrawal the darkest cloud, but still the gray clouds follow me a darkness swallows me, it seems to devour me. The Lord is my shield and buckler so nothing can overpower me. I will not run cowardly. If the gray clouds still follow me, I'll deploy my umbrella rain boots and a poncho it can continue to rain as long as the Lord keeps me dry... 

Collaboration by:Elliott Bowe ThE DrUnKeN PoEt & Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

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Inevitable Fate

Everybody knows the poor stay poor, right?
Ohh poor me…Ohh poor me they cry…
Yet they do nothing, absolutely nothing to change things
I say,  stop your crying…
Ohh poor me Ohh poor me
Shun that miserable disposition of yours and change things
I believe in you…I think you actually CAN do it…
Why don’t we go off…off to college or trade school
I will take you…guide you…help you cry no longer
Ohh poor me…Ohh poor me

Everyone knows the fight is fixed, right?
Yet they continue to gamble on their dreams
They count on luck and forget about hard work
A young beauty wishes to be saved by some prince
Ohh save me prince…save me prince
Yet she does nothing…nothing to save herself from a life of dependency…
I say, why not get some self-confidence
Let’s look past the torrid rain that surges down
That rain that sometime makes things look so very bleak
You can do it….I believe in you…You are strong
Ohh save me prince…save me prince
You will not need to cry much longer

Everybody knows …the dice are loaded, right?
Yet they do nothing…absolutely nothing to stack the deck in their favor
A man loses his job and he NEVER saved a penny when he was making the ‘big bucks’
He gorged and spent like he was entitled to it…like he was invincible
Now, he cries such a lonely cry....
"How can I go on?"  
"Poor loser me…poor loser me”
I know you can go on…you can get a new job… discover a new skill
You can learn from your mistakes and….
Next time you’ll save your money when times are good
Then there will be far less depression and far less decisions to be made…
Come with me and I will show you that you can do it…You are resilient …
He ignores my plea…and he continues to cry…
“Poor loser me…poor loser me”
He blindly stares at his coffee cup...his glance slowly shifts to the revolver 
He takes a deep breath

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The clouds cried passionately
The streets took a shower  
I poured me some whiskey to drink
To drink think to link the
droplets and form an image.

My bed room window was foggy I rubbed it
with my sleeve but it slightly appeared again
when I breath.

From a distance I saw a rose it began to
appear close it was soaked the wetness 
seemed to intensify every petal the rose 
was spinning happily in the rain skipping
 making beats of its own I watched its 
thorns fall as it set its self free trying 
to escape every last bee.

I walked outside introducing my self she said
let me guess your a bee she giggled have you
come to pollinate me I am sorry I won't just 
make your temporary honey.

I said no I am a gardener who never cuts 
his roses stem for a bouquet the gardener
who waters his roses I am the moses of 
roses the gardener who removes the dead
leaves I won't be like those bees who simply 
come and leave I will wear your petals on my sleeves.

I am the gardener who counts the petals on
his rose the gardener who cherishes inhaling
the sent of the rose up his nose and guides it
as it grows  the gardener who lifts the roses
head up when the rain pours down on its crown 
and makes it frown in my garden you'll be safe and sound.

The gardener who counts the thorns
the gardener who removes the weeds 
and never fails to plant a good seed a
gardener catering to his flowers every need.

The gardener who loosens the soil so the 
roots may grow plating them in the right 
spot so the sun they will soak.

She said hmmm sound like miracle grow.

I said at least you know.

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A Glass of Thirst

This poem was a fire
Ignited within me.
It heaved and it burned
Inside my chest.
It was a heavy burden and it made me
Go mad.

I knew I would not let it get the best of me,
So I decided I would get on my feet and beat it with rocks
Until it bled.
I would pick up a pen and write down what it said-

A love letter, a couplet perhaps?
I’ll write whatever-
I want this feeling to elapse.

My ideas were like new babies being born,
One after the other.
They would not give me a chance to 
Catch my breath.
Oh no, they just kept coming
Like lights discovered in a flowing river.

I sat on the kitchen table,
Held my lucky pen- and waited for the words to ooze out of my soul.

The sink complained,
“Drip, drip, drip.”
I stared at that piece of
Cold useless metal.

As a glass of water stood by its side,
It trickled tears. 

My thirst kicked in –
My eyeballs turned dry, 
My hair went brittle,
And words I struggled to say
Were stacked to the roof of my mouth.

I bit my dried up lips.

The moment I would sip that holy water,
My guts would cool down, 
And maybe,
Just maybe –
Kill this poem, 
That was a fire ignited within me. 

Drinking water is such an easy task,
May I add-
It is quenching
And effortless.

Such is loving you my dear –
The only contrast is that
When I reach out for you,
Strange hands appear and slap my dry palms,
Depriving me from a necessity,
Expecting me to survive -
And make friends with thirst.

When I stand my ground,
And protest,
They finally hose down my need for water,
And bury my head in an ocean of my own making,
Where my words are blurred and unclear,
Trapped in bubbles of  murdered justice 
That will never pop.

Aren’t they aware?
Don’t they know?
We all need a sip of water every once in a while.

The sun might hurt the petals by drying them out
But the rain visits from time to time.

When will the rain visit me?
Wash away the distress they have caused-

As long as things stay the way they are,
I will have to find comfort and hydration
In the thought of this promised Glass of Water
That shall one day –
Quench my thirst.

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The Rain

I remember the first time I had acknowledged the rain
Wrapped in your arms, what a cosy scene!
The rain drops had caressed and made a mess of my hair
but I didn't seem to care because you were near.

The rain had made the moment a little more special
A little more memoriable, a liitle more pleasurable
I have discovered in your eyes, LOVE
when I first acknowledged the rain.

That picturesque moment would never be forgetten
It was like a moment frozen in time, a moment that would like a good movie be rewatched or recorded over and over again in the mind.

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Dance in the Rain

There you go again crying in the rain.
You pour your heart out and your tears
fall like raindrops from heaven.
You turn away from this world and
contented yourself with isolation.

The rain became your refuge,
your only friend.

If only you have looked back.

I was there crying with you in the rain,
the sole witness of the tears you have shed.
The one who's dying to reach you within
those walls you have built around you.

There I go again running in the rain.
For this heart constantly cries and goes to
the past that was us,
And memories became my only friend in isolation.

The rain hid my tears,
And I pretended to enjoy the droplets hitting my face.

If only you have reached for my hand.

I was just there patiently waiting,
For you to see, to feel
that I'm crying for us.

But then,
the rain may have been too loud,
for you to hear the sound of my tears
falling in the ground.

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Heaven is crying

Crystals of reflection shatter on earth’s countenance,
for Heaven is crying,
drenching the misty shroud consecrating her face 
in sobbing percussion.
Liquid satin rolls down withered skin
and sensations are set alight
in the dance of icy fire.
With the tingling aroma of melancholy,
all time ceases to exist during hypnotic rhythms 
consoling a heart without beat.
In a trance, I taste Heaven’s decadent sorrow
mingling with the salt of my own tears…

(Written 25/05/2013)

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Like the frightened Jackrabbit, I run away from Love

Jump up and down like a jackrabbit
running through meadows
running from what?
Could it be heartbreak,
a venemous snake that hides in the grass,
hiding with fangs ready to pierce the tender skin
upon the tight, bronze flesh of everyday life?
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now!
I need a vacation a long way away from the faceless smiles
and ignorance of young girls, who don't look at you,
who don't show you love and respect.
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now,
as jumping spiders hop everywhere, crawling eight legs around me
my soul black like carcoal, but my heart still beating
slower this time, not like the days before
and like the jackrabbit running from anything and everything,
I run to seek love and vanish away from the empty voids
that people call, their souls.
Recording a film with no tape,
talking to a woman you love, but not having the guts to tell her how you really feel
Jump my boy, like a jackrabbit, take my advice
tell her before she leaves
turns down the endless avenues of endless dark love
the trees grow taller, taller than you
and you sit there feeling away yourself die, missing out in life.
I cannot see you lose your love.
Say it, say it, Say it!!! Tell her! Tell her! Build the guts up!
Build up the courage, tell her how you feel. Take her by the hand and never say goodbye! Never say goodnight, stay with her till the flight comes in the morning
of the first rays of sun shine through your dorm room take her and love her!
Do not be like me, the jackrabbit! I see no happiness
Reading poetry it makes me sad,
to write of others falling in love and I never finding the one.
People tell me, you'll find yours, have hope
but I am a frightened little jackrabbit
who flees from sounds of deep emotions, not having courage to fall in love,
not building the guts up to tell her how I really feel.
She walks alone, I find my oppertunity and sing my love song
She smiles and moves on,
please tell me I cannot fight anymore.
All I have to say is Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye
I need a vacation
to go to some sandy beach on an island of love
and write and write and write, the same poetry that depresses me
but makes you all fall in love with words!
Fiction about love stories, please kiss me
Blue eyed death comes, plays a game of chess with me
I bet twenty, he bets my soul
Kiss me death, the only love I'll ever get,
besides my poet friends who kiss my ass
Listen to my heart, truely, I don't write of beauty
I write for the sorrow soul, the fleeing jackrabbit
running away from love.....

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Kiss The Rain

New Orleans summertime temperatures rise.
Mellow sounds of smooth jazz softly plays.
I drink mint juleps on these long lazy days.
It's sticky and too hot until it rains.

Drops fall gently, it's a glorious sound.
Dancing and spinning I tilt my head back.
Rain kisses my hot mahogany red parted lips.
Sweeter than that of a mountain spring,
Throat is parched, I instantly want more.
Summertime's sweet rain quenches my thirst.
Rain is short lived here in the south.

The humidity after the rain zaps me, does me in
So I sit once again enjoying the music of lite jazz.

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The Man Who Loved Rain Woman

She loved him when she was a young girl, stepping softly on the rocks,
Holding her basket close, as rain fell on her dampened hair;
Seeing him across the river, she raised her eyes to his, and smiled;
Looking upon The Man Who Loved Gimiwanookwe.

Her love grew stronger when they first knew each other, 
Silently, among the towering pines, hidden from their families, 
She reached her hand to his, loving him as rain and thunder raged;
Giving herself to The Man Who Loved Gimiwanookwe.

Her love grew stronger when they defied their fathers and rode away,
Running the white horse full out against the wind, as rain pounded the world;
Laughing as she laid her face against his back, seeking shelter,
Resting upon The Man Who Loved Gimiwanookwe.

Her love grew stronger when she felt the consequences,
Of losing all she knew, all she was born to be,
A woman who chose to live hard and uncertain;
Keeping with The Man Who Loved Gimiwanookwe.

Her love grew stronger when they birthed their child,
He easing the child from her heaving body,
She looking silently to the heavens as rain melted her tears;
Trusting in The Man Who Loved Gimiwanookwe.

Her love grew stronger when their children grew away,
And he became restless, longing for his lands, his heritage;
Leaving her on a day of bitter darkness, rain fell on his bowed head;
Looking away from him, pulling inward, her sorrow met the rain;
Grieving for The Man Who Loved Gimiwanookwe.

On a day when rain softly touched the world,
He returned to her, with fear in his eyes --
She had never seen him afraid;
He told her he had dreamed of the white horse,
Running full out against the wind,
Ridden by The Man Who Loved Gimiwanookwe.

Her tears fell upon his face
And became the rain,
As she held him close,
And the day faded from his eyes.

The white horse thundered towards the heavens,
Running full out against the wind as she leaned against his neck.
Her tears pounded the world as she rode against the wind,
Urging her spirit horse to mount faster towards the sky.

She is Rain Woman, daughter of the spirit god,
Riding upon the white horse, thundering across the skies,
Her tears of pain and sorrow fall upon the earth;
Mourning The Man Who Loved Gimiwanookwe.

[Written by Deb Radke for the contest 'Rain, The Story',
sponsored by Constance La France.]

[‘Gimiwanookwe’ from the Ojibwe language meaning ‘Rain Woman’.  This poem is based on nothing other than my imagination, and I mean no disrespect to the Ojibwe peoples.]

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Flying High In The Aqua-Blue Sky

High…way up high in the aqua blue sky,
I see a black and white checkered kite…
floating higher and higher than I, myself…
But, I was shoved 
Into another shelf…

High…way up high in the aqua blue sky,
2 birds were flying together in harmony… it made me smile 
If only…I could fly another mile…
If only…I could higher my smile…
If only…I could fly higher
If only…I could taste ecstasy…
people would accuse me as a liar
If I experienced the best day of my life…

But, I don’t wanna live with undying strife…
I want peace…
Hand it over, please…
Hand me the keys
So I could experience perpetual peace 

I took flight like those bird couples…
But, I was on an airplane…

High…way up high in the aqua blue sky,
I wouldn’t be greedy for gain…
I’m trying to act sane…
But, I’m actually insane
In many ways…I love my uniqueness…
And my stubbornness… and my gladness…
And my madness… my imagination goes wild
But, I need to put it on a leash…so I could remain mild

High…way up high in the aqua blue sky,
I’d feel the rain
Trickle down my hands…my wet, wrinkly hands

High…way up high in the aqua blue sky,
No one would understand
How awesome and wonderful I’ve felt that day…
Up there…
up there…I felt like a king…
But, now I lost that memory…I lost my ring
To success…but I’m willing to pick up my progress…
My pace…is slow like a snail’s pace
Do you see me crying? Just look at my face…

High…way up high in the aqua blue sky,
I’m the clouds absorbing tears

High…way up high in the aqua blue sky,
I’d be willing to release them…

but they’ve been stored up forever it seems
And…hell – I have been 
Shaking with fear…
Breaking by the seams 

High…way up high in the aqua blue sky,
I was……..
Daydreaming again…
My mind was stuck on cloud 7…
Thank heavens
That I’m still alive – staring into space
Just look at my sopping face…

I see no grace…I see only a pathetic face
In the mirror…….

This little dream of mine
Was rather sublime
I was a sweet boy, 
but now I’m sour like lime

If I were a bird, 
I'd fly away from my problems...

I'll flutter away
Without a care in the world...

I want to be happy-go-lucky...
But, I'm bound to submit to my 


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Love is identical with couples
Paper spread its space when the pen needs to settle a scribble
When the dust get bored, wind will show-up and blow
When the sun is stressed, rain will come as thunders brattle
When fire is too emotional, ash reminds him to set low

Can they get along forever?
When the paper full filled, pen will leave it
When it’s blown, wind will forget where the dust thrown
After refreshed, the sun will shoo, rain is harassed
When the ash takes control, spots of fire in black dust merely crawl



Cinta identik dengan pasangan
Saat pena tertoreh, kertas membantunya
Saat debu sedang bosan, angin meniupnya
Saat matahari kelelahan, hujan menggantikanya
Saat api terlalu emosi, abu memperingatkannya

Namun mampukah mereka selalu berdampingan?
Saat kertas terisi penuh, maka pena akan meninggalkannya
Saat debu tertiup, akankah angin kembali menemukannya?
Saat matahari bugar, hujan diusirnya
Saat abu menguasai, api hanyalah hitam debu

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The Rain Dance

The window panes shuddered
as he crawled back into his bed 
of disillusion; waiting for 
lightning to strike him 
 into some state 
of normalcy.
The sky groaned at his
naked body, a gift of
mockery laid beside 
him, bantering with 
his need for her to stay.
She always left something
behind, maybe it was an 
excuse for her to return? 
Or was her mind really
that far away when he
was near?
He let the talisman 
turn between his 
fingers, and tried to
think of a proper prayer
for the occasion. 
Nothing came to mind.
he allowed the stone figure
to contemplate his eyes
and waited for her
to come back again.
She was the only one
that could ever make 
it rain.
-James Kelley 2012, All rights reserved.

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Rainy Days

Begrudgingly I grab my raincoat rolling my eyes back sighing, not again
Now SHE, she jumps up and down acting like she just won the lottery.
Slipping on rubber boots I ask, you really want to walk in this rain?
She stares at me as if saying, move it I don’t have all day.

Opening the front door the strong wind sprays rain into my face
I grab my zipper pulling it up as high as I can get it.
My loud cries were drowned out by the wind of course 
As my saggy aging chin got in the way of zips journey to the top.

Wondering which direction we should go this time out
I am dragged quickly to the right for some reason only she knows
Before long I am pulled under the first tree, a wind gust comes up
Dumping water on me as if this were the ice bucket challenge.

Now if the neighbours are wondering where my umbrella is
Yesterday it tried taking me on an outer space mission.
It was one of those super heavy duty cost a fortune type
Built so well, instead of collapsing you just fly.

When I decided she had enough opportunities for release 
It becomes my turn to do the pulling and I’m all in.
She slowly came still kicking grass wildly behind her,
Sending little patches of grass flying on the neighbour’s lawn. Ops.

Entering my house I am happy to shed a few pounds of soaked laundry 
I dry her off as well as possible then she shakes and soaks the front hall.
Pondering the fresh air and exercise I just received I sit back in my chair
Happy and contented, praying she can hold it till the rain finally stops.

For ye whom wonder, yes I had baggies with me.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans
For Contest Rainy Days
Leonora Galinta

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Unnamed God's Of The Winds

            Unnamed God’s Of The Winds

Ethereal unseeing creatures drink up the feathery winds
Immortals, ancient gods, ride on the backs of clouds
Smoke them like cigarettes unfiltered 
Rise invisible to drink the sky and everything in it
Once rain fills them up they turn to fog
Another unnamed god
Filling up the bodies of the wind 
Fog clouds empty again as rain 
They come down just the same as puffs of smoke
Solid winds are stronger on the storm
Dragged down by water falls then drowned
You can feel them on the skin between the drops
Falling through the atmosphere

Created on 12/23/14 for -Shadow Hamilton’s -“Gods Of Winds” Poetry Contest

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The rain fell down fiercely today.
Washed the trees and washed the birds,
the cars that slowly passed by,
And washed the red roofs of houses in town.

It just couldn't wash away this sorrow,
this inate, nevergone feeling of being alone.
My lips move but what do they say?
not a word from what runs within.

And I always hoped that like salt
the rain would melt it all away,
releasing the heavy lid upon my chest.
A naive expectation,
A silly childish mistake.

For I will die misunderstood,
I'll surely die being betrayed,
No doubt I'll die trying to mend
my full of hope, broken, bleeding heart
that 's been always as heavy as the rain that fell down today.

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Battlefield Blues

seconds before what was blurs
crashing waves sinking my lost smile
penny whistle and guitar fluttered
above your sweet memory
inside shrunken heads
amid tightly woven mouths
rain fell for days
all I had left was an old war bugle
I heard it proper once
rain hides my tears
sonny said it belonged to his dad
sound carried all the way
to the enemy camp at nightfall
penny whistle and guitar fluttered
above your sweet memory
maybe home won't go away
the rain fell for days

                    the rain fell

                              for days

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People Say Rain

People say rain is the crying of God, but I say different
I say the rain is the crying of humanity,
The emotions that are stored, but never released,
Shattering the atmosphere in the only way that people will notice.
The rain enters people’s lives and makes them listen,
Even when the emotions they hold never did.
The pounding drops on the windowsill
Splattering with such force and power:
Angry, hateful words that were swallowed
Pent up beneath the surface, until they evaporated 
Turned from a human body to a barrage of sound.
We are afraid of that rain, and we run inside.

The softly falling rain, 
The kind you cant notice unless you see the marks on the ground
Or you hold our your hand and wait for the slightest touch of moisture
Those are the happy tears.
The tears of the woman who sees her officer come home
And the tears of the boy who never thought
He would be important to anyone, until he was told:
“But you are everything.”
We dance in that rain, because nothing is more beautiful,
Than the lightest drops of water, caressing your skin
As you look up to the sky, or you dance,
Because we are happy.

And then there is the everyday rain.
Not a pour, not a drizzle, but a rain,
Where you pull up your hood or hide under an umbrella
We hide from those drops, because we pretend that 
They do not exist.
That rain is sad, grey, mocking:
It is the lover leaving, and the one holding in the urge
To beg them to stay
It is the daughter packing her bag, and the mother pretending
That she is perfectly fine with the absence
After eighteen years of hearing her patter down the stairs everyday.
We do not want to feel that rain, because it reminds us too much of tears,
As it slides down our face, or soaks us slowly
It is everything we want to forget.

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Spring Showers

Drip, then another and another, pitter-patter,
Rain tapping at my windowpanes.
Darkness and whiteness of winter washed away.
Windows opened, breathing in sweet spring rains.
A feeling of newness blossoms deep within.

It seems it's contagious, clearly spring has sprung.
For when the rain stops, puddles do sit about.
Wet pavement sounds, slaps, steps and squish.
Squeals of delight from little patters with their rubber boots.
Puddle-jumpers, splish-splash, resonating me with joy.
Aah, life as is, with the sweet spring rains.

For Russell Sivey's contest, " Spring Showers"

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Death, it is a sad way to go

Death, it is a sad way to go,
to leave this earth, dressed in your Sunday best
While faces surround you with tears
breaking the barriers of their emotions
tearing their hearts apart, looking down
upon my stone face, upon the face, lays a simplistic smile
that shows no emotion, no teeth, no life.
Death, it is a sad way to go.

People hurry, say their goodbyes,
but when your alive,
they never come around, they never call, they never even think
of you and how you are feeling.
While you walk the streets, with a smile on your face,
nothing but knives stick sharpe in my back and gossip
burns a hole in my soul and heart;
but I keep on walking and smiling.
I keep rolling on through like a summer hurricane
tears apart a coastal city in the heat of June weather,
Walking till death comes to shake my hand and grin at my soul.

Then as you lay their in your casket
with a buqouet of your favorite flowers, (Roses and Tulips)
they sit around you, the same faces, the same blind eyes
and they all shed tears and says good things.
Too late for that don't you think?
Death, it is a sad way to go, but what relief you get,
when finally departing in peace and leaving the drama
and careless people in your life.
After I am put six feet under, a week of crying passes,
After two weeks I am lost and long forgotten,
nothing but a stone at my cranium to keep me company
and my new friends, who sleep along next to me.
Dead and forgotten, but the dead never forget their fellow lost souls.
Only the living forget such souls that were so good to them,
now they are gone,
I am gone.
How do you feel, now that I am gone?

Death, it is a sad way to go, but what peace you recieve in Paradise.

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Rain, Ocean, Water

          Rain, Ocean, Water

When it rains on the ocean I get frustrated
There becomes too much water 
Too many drops to be counted
What makes the task even more exasperating
Is the fact that waves and drops move around
Never stay in one place
When it rains things get wet
Water helps me to forget
It is always on the mind
Rain, ocean, and water must be inventoried
I save rivers and lakes for a later date
But that’s another story

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The roof seems to have come alive Raindrops now treading softly on tip toes The skies clouded with cottons full of water They drip down as though they are squeezed Black turns white and so they pave way for others From little pitter-patter to heavy thuds and splashes They have grown, graciously engulfing everything I turn over, not wanting to leave my warm covers I pull up the quilts and try to drift away But I can’t resist it any longer, the rain tempts me I’ve always been addicted to rainy days, Today is no exception…so I jump off my bed Still encased in my quilt, I settle on the sill Arms around my knees, I stare at the heavens Oh! So wonderful, so magical, almost fairy tale like The line seems broken yet steady, bulky yet graceful Departed from home, they splash on foreign land Soon, they seep into the depths exploring the layers Some fall on silky leaves which make them their own Some others join their fathers, flowing to the unknown It all happens with a blink of the eye… It continues to rain as I shed my warmth Looking around I realise I am alone, Except of course for the little raindrops Who keep me company on lonely days My only solace on teary mornings My inspiration when I’m about to let go My mentors when I need a hand to reach out to The raindrops are falling and I know today is good My morning cleansed pure with the flowing elixir The rest of the sun, still awaiting my arrival I’m full of spirit…I’m alive with fire fed by water The raindrops are falling and I know today is good After all it is raining…raindrops are falling What could go wrong?

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The Darkening Storm

as rain begins to fall from the sky
my forgotten memories make me cry
I feel forsaken and I don't know why
my entire body begs to die
as tears slowly fall from the sky

the rain comes down harder still
and I force down a bitter pill
a pill of sorrow and regret
of all the fears I've never met
of what I should have always been
all just memories in the end

the sky blackens with the storm
and I begin to slowly mourn
everything that has been torn
my heart, my soul, is all forlorn
as I darken with the storm

near the end of the day
the rain begins to ebb away
but the darkness lingers still
and I wonder why, until
I realize with a start
that the darkness is my heart

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This Is War

Bring the rain! It might 
be wet but it wont 
dampen my spirits!

Bring the blazing sun! 
It might burn me but it 
wont dry me out!

Bring the strong winds! 
They might blow me to 
and fro but they wont and 
I repeat they wont stop 
me getting where Im 

Try me! Test me! I might 
not be battle tough?
But my spirit is built to 
out live life's war.

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Dancing in the Rain

I close my eye's and imagine you.
My mind is set free and my heart races.
Your eye's sparkle in the moon light, 
deep and full of life.
Your stong arms embracing our bodies together,
forcing the heat of our passion through wet clothes.

as your sweet smokey kisses take me away.
We sway along through the rain drops,
gliding across the mirror of stars glittering above.
Dancing to the beat of our Heart, 
and the chiming of the rain falling like a curtain around us.

LOOKING into your eye's I can see my life.
FEELING you against me, I am at peace.
TOGETHER at last, I am Free.

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This Existential Rain

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
This rain will not stop
its relentless reproach,
a slow erosion of soul.
A weeping dark well
of syncopated 
teardrops tap, tap 
again and again,
and again.

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
Through a blurred window,
an opaque view into 
seasons of sorrows,
melancholy dreams
felt yet not fleeting.
Life's brackish silt
in a rivulet drains,
into deeper darker
swirling drains.

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
Wood rots from rain 
and time's insidious attack,
whose immutable end 
is our self-same 
passage and fate.  
After its ravage 
remains inexorable pain, 
and this unrelenting
existential rain.

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

[ed. note -- just experimenting.]

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Flat Canvas

Flat canvas;

Bubbling brown ridges strike 
The confining dimensions in a hostile yawn: 
Upwards, Outwards.

Walk the world no longer, an ending beckons, 
A precipice builds moments where swallows wager wings 
On new seed: New breeds.
Falling buys the assurance of seconds
From a sinking well. 
Oh well.

Remember us when the globe begins to slip,
Bang drums for our pity:
Our crescendos mean less than meaningless.
And then, when spheres crack, continue 
On the whorl of a thumb, 
Stretching hope to nothing.

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Once when I was kept in the safest column
 He was already standing beside my mother's womb
 Whispering me lullaby
 And I was happy
Before I walk my day
 He was already standing in the doorway
 Packing me provisions so I could make it through the day
 I said 'Where are we going?'
 He said 'To the Garden where river flows'
 And we went
We passed by a forest
 Heavily infested with unruly beasts and serpents
 Standing therein were brute trees
 In different sizes and in different shapes
 Whose branches were against each other colliding
 All their leaves stared at me despairing and beeding
 I said 'This is dark, lonely and cold'
 He said 'Tighten your grip, you will be safe'
 And we went
To my relief 
We reached a healthy field
 Pleasantly rugged by blossoms of all sorts
 The frogs altogether singing 
Spreading my arms under the rain dancing
 And I was happy
I said 'I want to stay here'
 He said 'No, the rain and the blooms are not forever'
 I said ' I will keep some red roses'
 He said 'They are not yours to keep, they wither and die'
 And we went
Unto the empty hut, we went
 I approached and cried
 'When are You going to cease giving commands?
 Is this what You brought me here?
 Run my living?
 You are a selfish God!'
 And I wept
On shadows, 
He spread me blanket
 On daybreaks,
 He lay me bread
 Yet I wept and wept further
Many evenings visited
 I turn and toss 
And toss and turn
 I could not rest
 Like an orphan child standing next to stranger's home
To Him I walked, I cried 'I am sorry' 
And said
 'Thank You for Teaching and Guiding
 my restless, fractured, aggressive heart;
 Thank You for being the Source of Light
 where dark alley could I be if You do not lamp my way?;
 Thank You for All-Hearing
 all my longings and unspoken words;
 Thank You for Forbearing
 my dissatisfaction, whining, wanting more and complaining;
 Thank You for being the All-Mighty
 making me strong, I swear I will make it through;
And just in case my flesh fails
 Do not leave me by the road
 Take me to the Place where all this journey for'
He said
 'How much can you weigh of My bounty?
 I never been unkind to you'
Although I wept,
 I was happy
And we went.

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The Thunderstorm

The lightning zig- zagged across the wheat belt
A storm was beginning to brew
Thunder rolled in the distance
Like the beating roll of a drum
The clouds became an ever deepening gray
Once light and fluffy, now have turned  dark
Dark as the lumps of coal
Clouds now heavily laden with moisture
The rain begins to calmly fall to earth
Suddenly a boom and the heaven's break loose
The rain pelts, the wind pushes and bends
Soaking all within it's path 
It's awesome power uncontrolled
The landscape is soaked in minutes
Pools of water become instant lakes
The air becomes cool and fresh
The moisture feeds the prairie land
As the thunder ceases and flashes disappear
The storm quickly moves on.

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The Nude Girl

There is a beautiful girl sitting
Awaiting the rain to come down
She’s sitting naked, the aura entices
Having a collage of infinite sayings
She shows her body to all around
There’s writing on her slender back
A rainbow of color infuses her heart
And all I can see is a tattered image
Of what her perfect body used to be
A veil covers her eyes that’s persistent
Her soul is out in the open, exposed
A beauty that’s silenced by no one
The rain comes down all at once
Caressing her nude body pleasantly
Now her masterful sayings make sense
This red head embraces herself lovingly
Finally bringing herself the elusive joy

Russell Sivey

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Rainy Days

Rainy Days

Rainy days are special – they let your thoughts collect to be placed in reverie to use when needed to summon better times….. And, they water the grass….

Rainy days can bring smiles when blessings are recalled ….. Friends you have met along the way….. And they water the grass…

Rainy days keep us inside – guiltless … from neglecting outside chores… And they water the grass…

Rainy days provide opportunities to tend to inside things … like fixing that leaky bathroom faucet….. And they water the grass…

Rainy days give us time to bring stamp and coin collections up to date… or read that new best seller picked up at the book store….. And they water the grass…

Rainy days are perfect for taking care of activated hormones… to see my true love blush when I suggest we need to think of another tricycle motor…. We only have one and we set our goal as three….. And they water the grass…

Rainy days come back to bite you….. They strike when you wipe the sweat off your brow as you struggle behind a lawnmower on hot summer days…. Karma personified…… And they water the grass….

Written by John Posey

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And the Rains Came

The spring rain pounds on the roof’s asphalt shingles
washing the maple pollen from porches and cars
just moments ago dusted with puce green.

A tumult of rain twirls the waterwheel 
on the garden’s ornamental mill house,
splashing merrily into an over-flowing pool.
Freshly planted pansies and impatiens 
turn-up their faces for a morning wash,
their nascent root systems drink with glee.
Newly seeded bare spots suck greedily 
at the nectar of God, hoping, against hope,
to drink enough to germinate and survive.

The black cat’s tracks, muddy and precise 
mar the freshly washed porch floor
And men, 	made of weaker stuff, 
with the melting minds of sugar,  
shelter their skin, shrink from the bath,
huddle inside houses and stores 
watching, 	waiting, and wondering,
when the break will come 
and we can again
run free in a world
 of sunshine!

*element Water

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Voices of the rain

Above the corrugated iron roofs of our house
With no ceiling underneath I hear as 
The rain softly murmurs with its many voices
As if they come from a distant crowd
These voices remind me of the dead
And the future they have left behind
As the murmur seems to grow into silence
I walk towards the doorway and stand there for a while
And watch as the rain dances on the ground
And wonder if the dead have ears to hear its many voices
And  wonder if it reminds them too
Of the future they have left behind
And if they ever dream of coming back to life
To show us how the future should be lived
But the rainbow at the end of the rain
Tells me that the future is not for the dead 
But for us the living to inherit
And when our time in this world has passed
We shall leave it behind too 
For the living of that time to inherit

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The pulse of life is altered,
a dimension set apart
closed in behind streaming window panes.
Half of life falls away . . .
I wonder why it seemed consequential yesterday.

Suspended . . .
unshelved a world of joys duty pushes back,
sweet pleasures always whispering,
but out voiced by louder tongues:
books and music,
fragrant kitchen scents,
fireside soup suppers with soft voiced friends, 
some decades or even centuries old.

Blessed refreshment rainy days bring to earth,
but miracles they perform for drought encrusted minds.

September 9, 2014

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Come O Rain come

Come O rain come, throw your showers 
On this part of earth and do not run
All the simple inhabitants of our villages, towns and cities
Are waiting for you with tears in their eyes
Come O rain come, throw your showers sublime
On fields, soil, animals, trees and birds flying

Even the trees and birds, animals and herds, Human and insects
All are gloomy and sad,  with rankles on foreheads
With worries on their faces, as their hopes are getting buried
Without a shower to wipe their rolling tears from eyes
Come O rain come, throw your showers 
On this part of earth and do not run

I know, why you are offended and not listening our prayer
But the animals and birds, our simple villagers, animal herds 
Even fields drying up in excessive heat do not know 
Why you are offended and not listening their prayers
Oh pardon them as they do not know 
The misdeeds of those, who are spreading cities 
And are cutting trees, forest and are eliminating fields
In the name of modern living 
They go on spreading cities after cities 
And industries after industries
These less blessed species of humans, do not want to know 
The priceless value of mother earth
And the value of each drop of water and rain 
Which comes due to green mountains and glaciers
Trees and plants, fields and ponds, 
Lakes and rivers, they all are the
Darling children of the God of Rains.

To appease you O God of Rains
We are making our prayers with folded hands
You are and you were always our dearest
O God of Rains, on you we have offered our prayers
And have offered since ages our songs and lyrics 
And even our heart and souls
Come O rain come, throw your showers 
On this part of earth and do not run
The soil of earth and air also is boiling with heat
The birds and animals and all living creatures
Are waiting with their tired eyes on sky
To search a piece of clouds, which can extinguish their fire
With showers on their fields, plants and trees
Bless them O God of Rains, with your sublime drops of rains


Written on 24th June 09 originally in Hindi as a prayer Song
When draught like conditions were seen in a part of my state.
Translated in English with changes and some additions on 5th Dec.09 
Incidentally God heard the prayer of someone and
From June end onwards God of Rains blessed us with good Rains. 
Kanpur India 5th December 2009

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We took no notice of a sky turning gray
Upon the ever changing, brooding afternoon
The rain at last, that finally tiptoed in
We almost missed the laughter, but for leaves
That murmured quick surprise along the eaves
And tapped with chatter on the window-pane
But having heard, we left our cozy place
And stepped outside into the evening air
To feel the slope of rain upon our faces
And could even hear the rustling trees
Pitter patter,  dripping laughter
With song of raindrops in the night
prelude to bedtime
rain comes as a child
behind leaden eyes
and indignation
sky puckers up
with an angry brow
and brooding face
with warm tears-
howling pleas
day weeps
til’ night

              Do not cry or lament the rain
                       Just look for where the rainbow begins

a sobering sky

    spills a tear upon the dust...
         earth's quivering chin


Free Verse/Nonet/Crystalline/Haiku

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Oh Rain

Rain, rain we loved as kids,
But another round of this,
We prayed against in this town.
Why? Our reasons ‘re obvious.
The previous downpour catered away our belongings,
Seven of our people were flooded away
To where only God can tell,
And nineteen was flooded out of their abode.
Preceding rain was tough.
I (myself) can’t tell the quantity I drained away from my room.
Where is government to come hitherto to our aides?
May be tomorrow, I can’t say.  

*Downpour: Heavy rainfall, Heavy shower...


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I am bored with rain

I am bored with rain
Everyday, that I awake I'm drenched
How amusing it must be for the water
I feel that it is laughing as it pit-patters my nice clothes
My hat becomes drenched, almost to say "Let your bald spot show"
Well, Mr. Rain I am just sick of it
I'm going to invent something so incredible that I can't even think of it right now
But I will and rest assured your days of drenching me and my plans will be through
I guess for now I'll stick with my umbrella
So the jokes on you because I have a state of the art umbrella recently bought
It is the cream of the crop, exquisite in all of it's glorious details
It is does one open it though?
Haha! You win the battle this time rain, but I'll win the war
As soon as I figure out this silly umbrella!
You know, I'm not bored with the rain anymore: I can't stand it!
Written By Robert Matthew Hunt a.k.a R.M. Hunt on 

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Rainy Days

The monsoonal matriarch cradles her pregnant belly 
Delirious with life giving blood from the womb of all nature’s gifts
As she lays distended, expectant and grey
Upon the craggy summits

Her breath billows above the bloated forests
Nurturing ominous notes as she sweeps through the trees
Like the phantom of the opera
Tuning her timbre, yet masking her desire

And now

Her contralto; it begins…

Her song breathes across the valley in rhythmical sheets
A symphonic auditorium of liquid splendour
Inciting a libretto of Lyre birds to concert in the mist

A monsoonal medley

Enticing insects to assemble in an ensemble
Their raucous chorus imploring the humid madness
Through a cacophonous chorale
Teasing the tempo from the maestro
As the crescendo climaxes to thunderous applause

Her encore; a sweeping army of waterfalls
Advance upon the sodden valley
Roaring to deafness over
Exploding banks and streams that gouge and tear

And then
It all stops

To a breath of drops…

Leonora Galinta’s contest: Rainy Days
12 September 2014

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On Open Field

               On Open Field

Giant oak consumes the landscape girth
Tears come down, gain momentum, form as rain
Sun beams and wind twist it into bands that land
Strike each leaf and branch with spring like action 
Between each drop of water and speck of light
There is a story to be told
Grass abounds out there about the tree
Expands for miles to horizons deep in green
Drinks in the sun beams, wind and rain
Nourished and serine
Sings underneath the giant tree
On open field

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wether to weather stormy weathers,
crucial to any understandings.
dire to decision,
more like a feeling never mentioned.
heavy to the struggle;
when the weight of the world is on your shoulder,
rise above the storm,
rise above the norm.
critical to the lifestyles,
hard to choose where to begin.
to wait till' the sun shines,
not waiting for the tears to rain.
so many unaware;
the choice you have to make,
the effect it has on you and everybody.
to stress getting through,
to make the right changes.
better to mve on, 
don't linger on the problem.
not to get undertow by the trials and tribulations.

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While living on the clouds

Everything which
separates as useless
everything, but
sleep of leaning
evaporates and
floats. The skies
collected all the
warmth and
And I am nothing
just a mere winged
which chose to drop
its wings and settle
on a fiber
of fluffy
nothingness. I'll
through sun,
ignoring droughts of
 while living on the
cloud is coldest.

The skies have
gathered all the
atop of gentle
blades of grass
it blows and drizzle
in small beads
of folly
 bringing solutions
to the leaves.

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Summer Rain

The purple and grey clouds
come like giant airships
baptizing the veld with millions of drops
falling gently like feathers

The plants dance merrily 
earth sings a serenade of thanks

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I am an Evolver

I am an evolver. 
The only thing that remains constant in life is change. 
Therefore I evolve as change takes place. 
When the sun comes out, 
I put on my sandals. 
When the rain pours in, 
I wear my rain boots. 
When the leaves begin to fall, 
I wear my long sleeves shirts. 
And when the snow finally comes, 
There I go evolving. 
I am an evolver in my dreams, my goals, my passions, and my priorities. 
They constantly change day by day. 
I once wanted to be a dancer, 
But then it changed to being a doctor. 
And now, I am soul searching. 
Only God knows where I will end up. 
But even through change, God has remained the same. 
I am an evolver, 
And he is my redeemer. 

Inspired by John Legend's album Evolver

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A tide of Ghosts wail where I can hear
Outside, in the night.
It is my mind that keeps me awake
Restless, thoughts of Yesterday.
Like a dream itself, the day is remembered
(the Ghosts, like a whisper, as my mind screams)
This is meant to be,
This is meant to be,
I, of course
Want it to be.
Stones hit my my glass window
The heavy rain does adore the ghostly wind.
I wonder also if They feel the same?
Is it a foolish human
Who lies awake?
Even so, there is always
(the rain and wind hush)
Awake now
Please 'reality',
Let me have another day
So I can know
If she wants it to be...

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Christened By A Summer Rain

I spread my blanket under the trees And marvel at the fickle breeze It takes a turn, from warm to cool To soothe my brow, as I lie down I nap among the shady groves Awakened by the scent of rain One little drop, then down it pours And like a child who plays outdoors I'm christened now in nature's eyes And laugh at summer's sweet surprise
________________________________ For Francine: 5/28/13

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Love of my life (2)

The love of my life is like 
The color in my eyes,
The words i utter,
She is cool and tender 
The representative of my 

The love of my life 
Is like blood in my veins 
When she is angry or absent,
I become soft as rain  water.
Like magnet clinging to her is where i love to be,
To sing for her loves pleasant melodies
Like remedies of broken promises.

The love my life is like the rain to my soul,
Making me soft like soil and tall
Like a flourishing tree.
She is ever to install, the happiness over all
On the table of romance that
Can't be hiding even from far distance,
For instance, if she runs away from me,
I shall be down like a falling star....
Ever to remember, the first encounter.
We shall not be put asunder 
For she is the symbol of a true lover.

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May flowers grow in your footprints
May birds sing outside your window
May your smile warm a sunbeam
May the leaves sigh to you as they fall
May the wind caress your face as it blows
May the raindrops glitter to your touch

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The rain came dripping downward
Soaking me little by little
Wet seeped in and the skin chilled
goosebumps formed upon my arms
The hair resembled a drowned animal
wet, tangled a tumbling mane
Clothes hung like a second skin
The shoes wet and sloppy
squeaking as you took each step
The rain came dripping downward
Time to get out of the rain.

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Everything in life is in a constant state of change A mountain may appear fixed for it is unlikely to change noticeably in our lifetime Yet from the perspective of infinite time that mountain is just as transient as the morning mist Even as one looks at the mountain it is changing The sun, wind, rain, snow and other forces of Nature are continually changing that mountain It may take millions perhaps billions of years for a noticeable change but Nature has infinite time for the change

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Through her window,she could see nothing in the clear blue sky. 
Its deep colour was reflected in the calm waters 
Of the estuary  which spread out in the distance. 
Even the normal busy shipping traffic 
Seemed to have been lulled to sleep this hot summer afternoon. 
There would usually be the sound of ships' horns 
Out in the Elbe as they signalled for the lock gates to open.
Water was calm, sky was calm.
It felt to Petra that she was looking at a painting where nothing
Was really alive but only replicated in oilpaint. 

The ever-growing buzz in the sky was the only indication that the scene was real. 
Others had heard the sound as well.
Like hundreds of bees,  but these had a special sting

The temperature was  high and it was very dry
There had been no rain for some time.  Now there was  a rain of bombs.
Petra saw the explosions through her window before she heard them
In the distance as the skyful of   B17 s unloaded their cargoes.
Petra and her little sister were terrified, struck immobile in fright.  
Their window bellied in like a giant glass balloon suddenly over-inflated, 
And jagged, face-ripping shards of glass snarled across the hall 
And embedded themselves in the cushions of the sofa.
The woolly innards of the cushions spewed out, 
Dangling lifeless from the slash-wounds. 
Luckily the girls were not cut.

Suddenly, the whole area became one big fire 
With air being sucked in with the force of a storm.
Fires  joined together, temperatures rose to melting lead,  
Wind speed picked up to hurricane levels, 
Trees were hurled into the flames, furniture, cars, even people hurled in.
Fire trucks unable  to get through roads blocked by rubble.
Dying by carbon monoxide poisoning
When all the air was drawn out of their basement shelters,
The shelters were filled, but few people were really alive.

And then it was over. As the exploding fireballs gradually died away, 
The drone and throb of the buzzing B17s faded off 
To the blue sky of the east, to torment some other part of the city. 
Walls crashed to the ground, gas lines exploded, people cried and screamed,
The girls shook with terror, but the B17s had gone. 
History called it 28 July 1943  -  Hamburg firestorm.  
Petra always called it  Day of the Bees.

.. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Entered in Debbie Guzzi's Contest  Hot Time Summer in the City 

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Impending Night

The impending night has fallen upon us
It woke with much persistence
Our hearts fled from its rage like a doe from a rifle
But the blast had already been made. . .

People fall like rain
The clouds are crestfallen with grief
And the darkness has no mercy 
Rain soaks...leaves an impact
The falls are devastating...

She was so strong, like a diamond she shined
Only to burn away and be one with the grime
I never saw her go
But the angry darkness of her essence—strangely glows...

He choked on his words, his memory
Like a child swallowing a pill
It is sticking in our throats
Against our will
And the dose ever grows. . . 
Who will stop the night?
You wicked thing how achingly stormy you have become!
Rich in your light as it smothers you whole
Leaving the rest to the droll sound of its toll

She burned
As they watched in angry happiness
The smoke of her spirits filling our hearts
No expressions...heavy depressions 
He was left to melt and rebuild

His wick ignites—burns are second nature
Though images are hard to swallow
She still talks to our souls
Her story still to be told
Like diamonds never found

A flame of hope hovers
We remain instilled in the rot
The darkness smothers
Its heavy slumber always waking

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Spring Showers

I loved a walk in the rain
Early one morning
When no one was about
I felt refreshed
Ready for the day ahead

And I loved a walk in the rain
Late that same night
No one was around
I felt relaxed
Ready for a restful night  

For Russell’s Spring Showers contest, 1st April 2013

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The Transfer

           The Transfer

Her eyes look wide and clear around
As she sees an image on a wet neglected window pane
It holds her in cold contempt’s reflection
And nothing can save her from herself
Can keep her from the 32 fluid ounces of rain
Trying to get in and get at her from the dark
Separated there by the thinnest of see through matter 
In her mind glass shatters from the past to now
Window shakes, her hands as well
Like unnerved paranoids
Waiting for the very air to attack
Like a burnt out fuse in pain 
Cowering on the ground
Nothing but a soul can save her
Something she could never have
Or purchase at the store
As the storm advances
Crawling on the floor 
She slithers to the window pane
Sanity cannot be bought
Counting every drop of rain
As they evaporate into the void
Her mind erases every thought into the glass
Reflecting she will never be the same

12/15/14 entry for Carol Eastman's "Best of 2014" - Poetry Contest

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The Sunshine

The Sunshine

The Sunshine was not far away from me in the sky,
Surrounded by clouds, 
It was piercing them, to spread its light.
My dreams and hopes too are rising like sea waves,
Touching the sky,
Oh, in such a lovely mood, I can feel the rain of love
As defusing golden light
Coming right from the Sunshine’s illuminating light,
Falling on me like the first rain droops,
And embracing me with love and pleasure 
Which perhaps I can not define.


Kanpur India         27th May 2010

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Kiss the Rain

Time off from the chaotic rhythm of the office
Exhausted from a long day’s work
Never mind, for tomorrow is a chance to peep
In the blue haze of early morning

Another day, another chance
Of a wishful thinking of the seventh heaven
That a Godsend may soon fall to earth in drops
To break the silence of the morning

I need the rain to accompany me
And lull me into a deep therapeutic easiness
Unbosoming the thoughts of turning back time
Between playful stomping and dancing on water puddles

The cloud drifted on to reveal a blinding cloudburst
The first sign of a light drizzle gave hope
Therefore, I looked upward to the gossamer layers of clouds
As railing rains trickle down my face
I opened my parched lips and closed my eyes to kiss the rain

23 February 2013

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Breaking Free

Folded closed, and left behind, .... perhaps for someone else to find... Perhaps the gentle rain is kind enough to wash away a threadbare heart, a broken dream, from yesterday... enchanting me to believe within, to entertain the child again A time to take a step apart, and time to grow, to break the hold where, once before, life shivered cold, beneath the shelter of the old Step past what eyes might estimate, with cleansing mists across the face to christen slates with glistening, new,... paths refreshed with pearls of dew. Listen to the whispered winds, the sweet refrains,of falling rain, as if I were a child again. Begin the walk where raindrops dance beneath the feet, in rainbow hue and mirrored worlds, where twin skies meet, as puddles ripple in the street where passers by, forget to see the beauty in a world scrubbed clean Stamp the feet to make a splash, while those around you make a dash With diamonds in the morning light, to quench a tongue in sheer delight To be as one, with earth and sun, and know that rain can be a friend hold up the hands to catch the sky,...the inner child is waiting in the wings
______________________________________________________ Inspired By Nette's Contest: Umbrella (image #2) Carrie Richards 3/1/14

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(1) "recession over opression" Everything is going to be alright

I personally believe in a cultral of time.  I believe personally that this nation will rise up and
all the rhetoric in its existence will cultivate just in the nick of (?).  And if you're still in doubt,
don't hate my belife's just because your's is in the ultimate sprout.  What's it all about is that
the privaledge of justification is overshadow by the greed and our nation will sort out the nay
'sayers just because other's are jealous over the weed. I believe; that if this country....this
country from sea to shinning sea will see that poverty is defeated when normalcy is depleted.
Depleted in such a way that the majority of future endeavors is celebrated in our life-time 
and a joyish occasion of folk's will turn their nose up to a society of "children's submerge with
out clout".
I believe - just in the nick of time, GOD-a soverign creator, he's Alpha & Omega will give 
mankind no concern of their own doing that is interfering and confusing to his selfish ruling. I
just personally believe: "He's God all by himself". And by himself  and the word state's that
he is in every disconcern of what the Germans, the Americans the Polish and the Soviet Un-
ion have to say to scare other's into thinking that the "weapon's of mass-destruction will 
prove power is in their backyard-just because they hold the button??..
I belive in his return, and the concern of modern day brother's and sister's from the east coa
st to the west coast knows that our fore-father's gave their live's to peace, not too freedom,
but that freedom is appreciated more when it is deviated upon bloodless shore's. "Everthing
is going to be alright", earthquake's in haiti and the devastation of youth's killing youths. Our
Nation and all citie's that's responsible for the freedom of all and I believe also for the poor
and less fourtunate that still have to crawl, "let it rain and let it rain day or nite. I believe,
"Everything is going to be Alright".

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Under My Umbrella A collab


With one umbrella and two hands we cover each other 
Eyes so deep and hungry cry for peace to crawl out from under

Shoulders hug as the rain falls like closed curtains on a window
A place to rest my worries and share a smile that brings a glow

I slow my steps so this walk won't end on the next corner
Do I dare touch her hand or let this moment flow like water


Under one umbrella, two hands come together
The warmth outshining the bitter weather

I gave him a smile that showed I cared
Worries are halved when worries are shared

As rain pitter patters above our heads
Over the umbrella's edge we watch it  trickle like cotton threads
We talk of happiness, hopes and fears
Our pace slows as the corner nears

But It's ok to let your fingers slip
For there are no corners in our friendship..

A collab with Tracie Indigo Dreamweaver


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Blue Skies

Blue Skies

Storm clouds over distant hills
Flashes of light as lightning strikes the Earth
Blue skies above give hope
Gentle breezes cover the sound of thunder
You know the rain will come
Be sure the winds will blow
The rain has to come
The wind has to come
For now enjoy the momentary sun
Just know that it is a gift from the gods
To be lived and loved

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Water is power.

Late summer’s rain is falling,
Cleansing the thick air,
Polishing dusty leaves,
Soaking dried out roadways,
Running down the rough bark
Of the old oak tree.

Mighty branches, 
Heavy with summer green leaves
Sway under the powerful onslaught.
Water is power.
Without it, no life would exist.

Water washes away dirt, grime, and dust.
I wish it could wash troubled thoughts away,
I would stand in the rain, let it wash away all 
Those hurtful memories.
Wash away regrets as well as doubts.

But rain is forgiving.
It does not choose to refresh only some.
It nourishes all alike.

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The Rain Knows

Where I live, the people know my name.
Where I walk, the moon knows my heart.
Where I run, where I watch, where I think;
where I really live, where I truly  am; 
there, the rain, its sight, its silence, and its music know my soul.

Its melody drums on, patters through my musing mind.
Its melody thunders o'er the tundras where I reside.
Its melody cascades down the windshield of my emotions,
its melody showers me, ever on through this life;
all I need, at times, a stroll through a storm.

Do any eyes see, into the heart of this man?
Do any hearts beat, to the same rhythm as mine?
Do any feet dance, the same pensive adagio as I?
Do any spirits really know me, I always wonder;
yet when the deluge is upon me, the pondering stops.

I know it knows me.
I know how I feel when underneath its misty sheets.
I know what it means when it comes to visit;
I know the sweet taste of its droplets,
the caress of it and its sister, the wind, on my cheek.

When I'm full of thoughts, and need release; it knows.
When I address it as a stranger, miss its company; it knows.
When I need; it knows.
When I feel its harmonies resonating within,
and call upon its half of this transcendent duo; it knows.

I can be anywhere, and feel a twang
on the strings of my heart; and it will know.
I can be doing anything, and if my soul sends a cry,
one that I rarely know anything of; it will know.
Somehow, it's there for me.

I am keenly grateful for its vigilance,
aware of how much it's done for me;
and I can do nothing for it.
What does the rain need, desire, miss?
Only the rain knows.

Whatever its reasons for remaining with me,
whatever its reasons for so constantly soothing my soul;
I will forever be in its debt,
forever beholden to all it's done -
I hope the rain knows.

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The First Spring Rain

The soft patter of rain wets my 
Calms my nerves 
Gives me a reason to hope 

My flowers will bloom soon
as the soil soaks up the rain
Feeding roots of growing things 
Inspiring the birds to sing their rain 

She watches with wonder as the rain 
Covering everything 
Bringing out all the green 
She laughs then 
"Mommy it's rain!" 
Such curiosity that hasn't been taken 
Hasn't been stifled 
Innocence that hasn't been broken 
I tell her that it's a gift 
Rebirthing life after a winter's deep 
          And soon we'll see the bees,    
the butterflies 
          And hummingbirds flitting from 
blossom to blossom on the Bottle-
brush tree 

Her eyes grow wide at my 
movement, my careful 
As I tame my hair into a submissive 
pony tail 
           And grab us some socks from 
the laundry pile waiting to be folded 
          ...I know that's what we should 
be doing,
As I feel a twinge of guilt at leaving 
our rainy day chores unattended ....  
But what's life without the breaking 
of rules, of routines? 

And so we suit up, in rainy weather 
Slickers, hats and wellies 

We march out the door 
Searching for unwary puddles 
Maybe an early waking frog 
She watches with wonder as I make 
my way down the drive 
She watches with pure childhood 
As Mommy jumps first into a puddle 

She watches with wonder 

As I learn to be young again 
Playing with my daughter 
In the first spring rain

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heavens weep; skies soon warm

the sun shines
it warms my pallid skin
colors seem brighter
though the light will not last
soon it will rain and colors wash out
but it matters not, i dance in the rain anyway
and sing songs to the somber clouds,
soon they open and let out the light they guard
and it warms my skin once again
only to disappear when i sleep
whispering faint songs of the stars in my ear
as the sky beings to weep.

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A Life in Seasons

How graceful the gentle breeze; 
A new dawning of ageless beauty, 
The complete surrounding of pretty blooms to be 
And the carpet of the sweetest grass 
All create the Spring this life has grown to know. 
The freshness of a new world 
Embraced by a willing blue sky, 
There is just so much to live for 
As one looks beyond the seeds to sow. 
The tuning of Time delivers new birth 
With infant animal young 
And soft showers of rain 
Caress lands with its innocent glow. 

How plentiful this glorious calm; 
The harvest now ready to reap, 
The abundant earth a great provider 
Beneath a starry eyed sun. 
This is Summer of warm nights and warmer days,
A time of inviting oceans of an immaculate sheen. 
The pure cotton like clouds 
To the shepherds delight, 
Golden sands hot to the touch 
And restful hours beside trees of brilliant green. 

How colourful the falling leaves; 
Patterns forming underfoot, 
The ground now a mosaic. 
A classic Autumn rhythm 
And a time of great reflection, 
An inspiration for soulful walks. 
Rushing tides and the crisp white spray, 
Dark blue grey skies and their cleansing rain 
Fresh dreams on promised lands, 
A night time friend towards an eventful day. 

How peaceful Earth is; 
The tender white satin covered land, 
Diamond like stars in a black sky 
And the magical essence of Christmas. 
Here is Winter of perfect ivory 
Of red berries and evergreen, 
Joys on frozen lakes and ornamental icicles. 
The gentle sound of trickling streams 
And the chorus of a romantic scene. 
As Life passes by with its now crystalline ground 
Ready for the new year,known but unseen.

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My Love For You

My love for you is like cool slow rain from an April sky with gentle droplets whispering of love as they kiss your face My love for you is like gentle sea breezes on a hot summer's noon bringing healing's touch from some far away land to soothe the weary soul My love for you is like the dawning sun chasing away the darkness with golden sunbeams that radiate with hope of a better day My love for you is like all these things and more for even if the rain ceases to fall and the breeze forgets to blow and the sun shines no more my love for you will always be there

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Rain drops

A drop of rain hits the pavement and explodes into hunreds of little rain drops laying all over the dark cold pavement.  I cant help but feel like this is like my life i finally get everything into one raindrop.  Then it all hits the pavement and its back into hundreds of little drops all over the place.  And i have to pick up all the little drops all over again only for it all to hit the dark cold pavement yet one more time . Maybe this is why we are sad when it rains or. Maybe this is why we are tired when it rains because we have givin all we can give but that rain drop still hits the ground.

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Spring Showers

Night shadow passes into dawn.
I walk along the wooded path
and smell the drops of rain so crisp.
I surely feel the blossoms rejoicing
at this early sign of Spring's delight
along with our winged friends the robins
that have put in a heartening appearance
singing their throaty songs of joy.
The warm and encouraging showers
rain down in frisky streams that beckon
all creatures to come out and play.
As I amble along with my umbrella
perched above my head I dream
of longer days and beauty abounding.
I'm refreshed and renewed in Spring's embrace.

written 3/26/2013

for Russell Sivey's contest "Spring Showers"

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Rain, Rain, and rain some more… 
What I wouldn’t give for a little sunshine.
I would give anything to bask again in the light so sublime.

Looking into my crystal ball… you can guess just what I see.
It’s only an empty crystal ball… empty as the day to me.
We keep sloshing through this water…each day after day.

But some day soon the sun will shine…
And heaven will open its door… I pray.
Then a little bit of radiance… will maybe stream our way.

The rain won’t last forever, though for 40 days it did once come.
The climate is changing everywhere…
Maybe a rain forest our land will soon become.
But we are so resilient… that we’ll adapt in the end.
Until that time please come back…
Sunshine my beloved friend.

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For six months straight 
The Art Committee met; 
Sixteen bright and eager minds 
Had planned the great event.

For six months straight 
The artists looked ahead, 
Refining, polishing their jewels 
To shine at the event.

The day arrived.
Dark moisture-laden clouds
Let loose their dreaded tears.
Result of six months straight:
The Art Committee's final words
Announced with sick and heavy heart—
"Call off the great event."

The snow fence, isolated, wet, 
Stood naked in the fog;
The artists packed their gems away— 
There was no great event.

The plans of men, committee groups—
Even with the strength 
Of sixteen bright and eager minds 
Who'd worked for six months straight—
Dissolved in minutes' time 
By nature's fickle, idle whim 
To rain on the event.

© Sandra M. Haight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

Contest: Rainy Days
Sponsor: Leonora Galinta: Judged 10/9/2014
~4th Place~

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Our Divine Haven

This town was the place we used to call our haven 
You don’t remember which road we’ve driven on 
The stars were shining against your cherished soul 
You’re a part of my belongings 
You’re ascending above the ground 
The peace is still like hidden treasure – it’s bound to be found

I believe in you…I put my faith in you
After the miracles you’ve performed 
You don’t agree with what you truly are 
The sky is grieving 
You jump from puddle to puddle
You’re struggling to meet your destiny  
Even if your body is saturated in sweat
You must keep your head above the sea

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
I could tell you've been stressing out 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me  

Each melody is an exquisite sound that bounces into our ears
Commotion and strife will cease and your heart will be free
We’ll flee  together…despite the unwholesome weather 
The voyage has just begun…hold my hand and we’ll rise like the sun
Trust me…we will be strengthened and well-equipped before we take that road of victory  

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You’d rather be drifting away and never be seen again 
I wanna change your mind and erase your frown
Take your mind off of the distressful past
Let loose your strain on me  

Hey! I know you’re stronger than you realize
You’re not a failure – don’t be disheartened  
Don’t worry…you and I will earn our future prize 
This mess will clear up in a moment
Just stay by my side and never depart 
From the light… I promise that we’ll endure till the end
Just stay nearby and our hope won’t tear apart
We are willing to do anything to attain our wishes and delight  
Let’s take action and snatch our glory before our time is up 

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You've been trying to keep a steady pace 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me

Let loose your stress on me…
Don’t be under pressure
Let me handle your anxiety…
Reach towards our divine haven
Do you need a helping hand? 

I wish you a carefree 

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Jill Scott

"Love rain down on me..."
she bellows sweetly
I drink her soul through
the sounds
Letting me into her universe
dripping with love, food, imagery
a beautiful symphony of words
"Slowly, surely, I walked away from..."
the thought of turning my  cd off
Jazz seeping through my pores 
melting me like chocolate in hand
'I understand what you sayin' girl!!!'
Moving feet with every beat
"Love rain down on me..."

Author's Note: Some of the words in this piece are from actual songs. Jill Scott 
has been a tremendous influence in my poetry. Her music and words are 
constant companions. Much respect to her.

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Dancing In The Rain

Can you hear the thunder?
The smell of rain tickles my nose.
The strikes of lightning brightens the sky.
There is a storm coming our way.

Ah yes, the wind blows the treetops.
It rushes through my long blonde hair.
Another bolt lights up the horizon!
Should I run and seek shelter?

As the first drop of rain falls,
The thunder and lightning intensifies.
I open my mouth to quench my thirst
With the sweet taste of falling water.

I am lured into thinking I hear music.
I have no fear as I lift my arms in the air.
My body begins to sway with closed eyes.
The raindrops are soaking my skin.

I drift closer to the sound of the skies.
My movements are becoming enhanced.
Like a sprite, I am dancing in a wet forest.
To the beat of this sensual summer rain.

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Waiting for the Rain

After the door shuts and the footsteps die,
I rehearse the words I wanted to say.
I tumble them around and around in my mind.
Juggle them. Rewrite them to perfection.
But I won't see you again.

Perhaps it is better this way.

Those nights we spent entwined in moonlit silk,
our hearts beating wildly, kisses so soft
a mere feather could have tasted my lips,
how could such passion be sustained?
Surely we would have burnt out
like two candles beckoned by one flame.

And those days by the beach,
when you playfully teased the ocean,
your skirt lifted high,
the waves bathing your thighs in sea foam,
like the bubbles from your nightly baths.
I still want to lick the saltiness away,
but we've both been battered and beaten
against the shore to the point of loneliness.

We used to be like rain drops,
splashing into the same pool,
spreading ourselves out to the world.
We explored the City in all it's splendor,
gathering other rain drops as we went along.
We were fluid and irresistible - two crazy gals.
But attractions cannot last during droughts.

Your highs became lows, crashes so hard,
the forceful blows struck even me.
I would have shared your pain,
sat in vigil until the rain began again.
I watched your beauty fade into a grey mass,
thunder clouds so fierce I was sure to get wet.
But you couldn't wait it out,
your tears dried upon your ashen face.
I didn't want us to end like this,
our love pounded into the ground.

As the door shuts and the footsteps die,
rain beats against the window panes,
begging to be let in.

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Stop and Go Traffic

Driving to work on a Sunday, 
Went to work yesterday, but didn’t get much done,
Except looking for leads for new work.
It’s pouring rain outside my big comfortable conversion van,
Traffic is stop and go, and I was thinking of a recent girlfriend.
I watch people’s faces when I can,
Puffing my pipe filled with a tobacco that tastes like Texas Twister but
It’s some flavor that I got when I was working in Oman,
Still fresh in the zip-lock bag, or at least fresh enough.
I let thick clouds of smoke drift out in front of me,
At my foggy front wind shield, then crack the window to watch it rush out into the rain.
Traffic jams don’t smell so bad in the rain.
I roll the window down more because it’s been awhile since rain hit my hands.
Saint Mark by a composer that I missed was the soundtrack down 75.
Schubert played when I missed the exit to 635, but it was completely stopped anyways.
So we went down a side road, in the rain smoking my pipe,
Going to work on a Sunday.
I don’t know anyone like me, I really don’t.
Guess I should do some work now, I have expectations to meet.

Michael F. Lewis

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Rain of Senses, Ripples of Time

Long sheath or shadow, it is so fragile and delicate
I am in , I am out, yet I know it is so much there
It is wrecked like an unwanted ship, incline to my thoughts

I am in, I am out like a child for an eternal womb
I am wild, I am wolf, for a dancing forest of many ages

Senses are glued to it, as it resonates my songs
All I know is it has waves, periods, cycles, rains, seasons and songs too

We know it by pale ripples and the wrinkled faces of all those mirrors
Time, its stealthy wishes, they stood next to my horrible evenings

I mediatate, I contemplate, I vision, I corrupt, I collect, I kill
My senses, My lovable lusty mind and body, and their unknown roots and leaves

Yet they live and know, die and unlearn all by itself
When I ripple, I crawl and I cry in the songs of time
And you see just and must, a little echoes and ripples in time

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Rain Goddess

She stood proud and tall
Arms spread wide.......
Her mysterious face serene
Knowledge of past and future in her eyes
Recalling the torrents of the yesteryears
As tiny drops of rain dripped
Into the parched earth below
Unknown to men the rain Goddess smiled
Her drops fell and vanished into the mud
Seeing the future her brows wrinkled
The torrent fell amid thunder
The meadow and the riverside
Were the witness of the fury
Of the gentle rain Goddess.....!
Her white steed whined and neighed
As thunder God appeared......
Oh so handsome was he
As he accompanied the rain
The God and Goddess held hands
As the sleeping village submerged
The future was fearsome
Unknown to man who slumbered

By-Tahera Mannan
Contest- Rain,The Story
Sponsored by- Constance La france ~A Rambling Poet~

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Spring Showers

We thank you Lord for springtime,
the sun, grasses and flowers.
After the winter’s cold we are in need 
of some pleasant outdoor time. 
Easter Sunday is this weekend.
I have planned a happy day, 
a ham dinner and an egg hunt for
forty loved one, more or less. 

I’m keeping tuned to forecasts
and searching in the sky
for errant clouds that threaten rain.
I pray they wait awhile.
My grandchildren will be excited
and running in and out.
If the showers come they’ll track in mud
and mothers will be scolding.

I know we need the rains, Lord
and that is why you send them.
But if it is not too bold to ask,
please hold them off to Monday.

Written 3/25/13

For Russellll Sivey's contest "Spring Showers".

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Droplets of water hit the roof so hard 
I could barely hear myself think
as it washed down dirt from the corrugated 
roofing sheets.

The smell of dust hung around like 
the scent of incense burning from the altar,
heat steamed from the sun burnt earth like water 
poured on hot coal.

From my window I could see empty 
polythene bags hovering in the air,
trees swaying to the rhythm of the wind 
and animals scampering for shelter.

I took-off my clothes and jumped into 
the rain reminiscent of my childhood when
Mother would let us dance in the rain 
and bathe us with warm water afterwards.

but now I'm a grown man and all I want
to do is dance in the rain.

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Sweet Heaven

Sweet rain from dear heaven 
are you drowning me 
with your tears
to quench the flames 
burning my soul

sweet wind from dear heaven
are you swaying me
with your kisses
to join my loneliness
drowning my heart

sweet thunder from dear heaven
are you blaming me
with your roars
to curse my sadness
devouring my flesh

sweet lighting from dear heaven
are you showing me
with your bolts
to end my darkness
blinding my sight

sweet heaven for now you can rest
as your love has reached me

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Rambling the byways of Landour

I’ve come a long way
With the help of a sheen ray
I see no vehicle to take me there
Seems I’ll have to walk 20 miles more
Sauntering through the soggy jungle
My shoes get wet & my bag rather heavy that I crumble
I lay down seeing the floating clouds hanging low
Haze enfolding the valley with its shadow
The huge cloud approaching the brink of a cliff
These majestic clouds carry a bizarre whiff
I try to shut my eyes & soak up the nature for awhile
The whole vale is encased in visible vapor
It has started drizzling, cold droplets falling on my face & frequently wetting my skin
It's getting darker I see through the mist
I run to an adjoining lodge to grab the only vacant room
I hit the sack to wake up at the dawn
To see the sun rise above the horizon & run down the road one more time.

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Rainy Days

For God's sake
Leave them
Let them live
Let them laugh
It is icy outside

They are homeless
They have flu...
cold and cough
They've never tasted warmth
They're poor and marginalized

Please, go away
Let them walk
Let them play
They've never tasted joy
They've never had a toy

Please, be gentle
Hide your thunder
It scares them
Hide your lightning
It awakens them

Their day was tough
And they hardly fell asleep
let them dream of the fireplace
Let them enjoy this precious grace
They'll wake up when you leave

 ~ Blackmatta ~

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Reflection on the Pavement

Reflection In awe of the lights Presented in a shimmering show Rain water accentuates the mighty view Shining lights glow on pavement What a grand sight Reflection
Russell Sivey

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Winter's Last Gasp

It began with rain, pelting
yellow daffodils to the ground.
Sleet rode rain's coattails,
staccato dings on our windshield.

In the empty parking lot,
black-lettered buses stood
empty; no church today.

Through potato-soup lunch,
we watched quarter-size
snowflakes cover sleet.
Over hours of a long, gray day,
snow mounded, transformed
familiar objects into phantoms.

Suet cake brought birds,
squabbling for food,
through the rising mantle.
One kicked snow behind
on the deck floor, its tiny feet
scratching like a chicken.

Wild Wind swept in,
shoved snow off tree limbs,
cleared rooftops, created
a sweeping screen of white
in the snowy air.

World without color,
a total whiteout of raw beauty,
surpassed only by concern
for the birds.


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( Rain ) I was standing by the window, when it started to rain. I could see it coming down. I remember being sad. That's the way I always felt, everytime it rained. I remember sometime back when I once walked in the rain. I was feeling very sad and I started to cry. My tears mixed in with the rain drops. The people that passed by, looked at me and saw me, but could not tell I was crying. Since then I wait until it rains, than I go out and cry in the rain. As I stand here now and wartch the rain through the window, I can feel the tear drops fall - from my soul into my heart...
Copyright Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Comments: Just another sad rainny day.

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The Reign Of Death

Black battalions
Loom large
And march across the darkening hills
Sweeping away the light.

It is then they unleash
Their strafing salvoes
Flattening the standing stalks
With their drenching drops.

Once they have exhausted
Their arsenal
They smoothly scatter to reveal
The healing light.

The shedding warmth 
Dries out the air
Leaving the corpses of crops 
Clearly embedded in the dust.

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Like a Dream

Another night alone, Lord.
She's like a dream
but, she's not, she's real
living in her world and me in mine.
I never ever thought she'd come back
as a friend let alone with true love for me.

Supposed to rain tonight,
well it can't match my tears,
no, the rain drops outside
won't drown out the ones inside my heart.

My need for you to be here
is sometimes matched by a fear
that the last time you were here
will one day be the last time
and I cry and pray for that to not be true
for I don't want to go through this life without you.

Please my Lady let me be your Prince by day
and your Knight by night
for as I rescue you, you are also saving me
from seeing the world with tear filled eyes
and wandering around with a wounded heart.

Grab my hand, pull me close my love
and we'll share forever hugs
while living the rest of our lives
just like we've always dreamed we would.

Oct 2010

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Torrential Rain

Torrential rain tap danced upon the rustic tin roof of an old clapboard house, positioned down a winding country road. Rat-a-tat-tat went the translucent troupe, atop the roof, lulling the home’s inhabitants into a peaceful sleep. 

As nightfall prepared to exit, for its time had passed, daylight crept in with a sheet of haze and pushed rain and nightfall away. The old man on the moon begrudgingly gave way to a resplendent sun. 

Radiant sun filtered through the clouds, signaling the end of a turbulent rain. It crept inside windows covered with dander and dust and filled dark rooms with its illuminating light. The house, dead to slumber, became alive. 

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Spring Showers

when earth cries
its tears fall upon us
not tears of sadness, really
tears to cleanse the horror
that it has seen that year
to wash away the pain 
and the blood that has stained its surface
a revival
so it can last one more year
the ugly must be swept away
so the beauty can be seen
or else we might not notice 
we might only notice
so the bad must be swept away
so the good can return
so the showers must fall
so the flowers will bloom

spring showers contest

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Spring Showers

Spring Showers

I had a friend who gardened but sadly her health
 has waned- still, I know she dreams of  flowers
 and welcomes good  health like spring

when showers of petals  rain  from blossom
 laden boughs and form a pale pink carpet
 for her to tiptoe on.

Who can be sad  in spring 
 when rain awakens  dormant bulbs
and every where is fragrance 
and flowers in multitudes

I picked the daffodils this morning with 
raindrops in their yellow cups and her smile
 was like a rainbow that spread across the  room.

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The storm just threw and swirled
Paints of grey, black and dark blue
All over our Earthly dome
Like a rageful Pollock.

The noise  and the lightning
Turned us small
The waves of flood
Slamming against the feeble constructions
Carrying away cars,trees and dogs
Making me think
Of Thor, Iansã and Zeus
Neglecting all I've learned about
electrons behavior and magnetism
To think of gods from ancient times
Perhaps acknowledging
How extraordinary and dreadful a tempest is

Some people let the storm in
Pointlessly trying to run somewhere
Only to be carried away
And increase the general tension

How long could this last?
How far will it go?
How harder can this wind blow?
What if this...
And what if that?
How long can a minute last?
We look at each other eyes
A scared silent crowd
Looking for the same instinctive answers

Then as if the painter
Had changed his mind
The darkness is gone
Cleaned with a  cloth wipe
The  rough wind is now a soft breeze
Blowing the fragrances of earth and eucalyptus
Up my nostrils and over my face
The clouds are revolving
With light shades of grey and magnolia white
Over the most beautiful of all blues

There's a deep  heavy silence
A few muffled  and distant sounds
Or perhaps it's only  me
Caught in a dimensional current
To share with all those humans before me
The feelings of bewilderment and impotence
In face  of  Nature's outbursts
And with a grateful soul
To finally understand
How the seeds of hope
Could repeatedly be sown and grown
In the human heart
Since the beginning of  times.

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Pressure Front

I've got a headache
I left you in bed, feeling I was upset with you
And left the house without a goodbye
The city's miserable when the weather's grey
I see it in the postures of people on the sidewalks
There's tension in every face, neck and shoulder
From withstanding barometric weight
There must be more fights on days like these
People snapping at each other over the nothings
I'm mean when the atmosphere leans into me
I try to remember I don't feel this way
And rationally tell myself not to be cruel,
But I cannot be reasoned with when a storm's overhead
And I make it seem like it's your fault
That you've pushed me to be like this
I stew in a forecast of doom and gloom until it passes
And when the clouds finally disperse, the heaviness will lift
Sunshine will bring guilt and remorse over what I've been

And I'll apologize for how I am and we'll be happy again
At least while the sky’s clear

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Fickle Weather

This morning, when I awoke
The rain was thundering down.
So hard, so fast,
Sounding like drums on the roof.

Then... it stopped.

Now the sun is brightly beaming down.
The wet leaves, still dripping
Have a glorious shine to them.
Everything looks so bright,

Through the trees
I see the clear blue sky.
Soft white clouds
Where only an hour before
A dark rain cloud
Covered everything.

Fickle weather.

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Dont get your hopes up world

Dont think lifes gonna get better. Becuase like a drop of rain on a leaf, its going to be their and be beutiful. Then, then its gonna slide down that leaf which is your hopes. And that drop is gonna fall onto the ground in a sad splatter. Your hopes will dry up and youll just want to quit. Then it will rain again and you'll feel that again and again. But dont let it fool you. Like its fooled me so many times before. Everyone will always leave some day like a breeze. Blowing around you one minute, then gone.

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Rain rain rain - contest

Whats that i hear
Someone, something calling out for me
I  am way up here in the  clouds
Will try and reach you soon

Its getting so dark up here
I am bursting , poof I am  free
Look up I am on my way
Sorry I am so cold, enjoy me

The flowers and the trees are shaking
Pleasure and desire all theirs
I am the giver and taker of life
I am Rain no one can live without me.

27 May 2013

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Clouds are crying

Outside the clouds are crying
misty rain falls
I think of love
missing my woman
love is like a snake it coils
constricting the heart
on other days it coos
like a dove still and white...

Lightning flashes
I am drowsy night scented
I wish for my baby
sure and silent
peace and joy...

The sky weeps gently
falling on my roof
a passionate yearning lover's prayer
a deluge overhead
I have been hers
since January began...

I called her and said
"you should appear"
in my dreams more often"
since we meet frequently
in night's sanctuary...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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silences the old in me

as the rain settled on my window i could hear a cry from within a single tear drop . and resembles the drops of rain that had rainned that day , it was silent and i had no words left to say , somehow the peace had poured all around me , and your face was all could see , i want to be someone else but all ican be is me , all can see is me the woman inside that use to be a girl is no more , my bones are old now and my heart still warmed by a memory that he gave me , my life is at a stand still , we cant go back all i have is forard now , i wish there wouldnt be so much silence here , but out there all is there is screaming of pain and unlightlessness. still and people reaching for a new way , something happy to say nothing is the same anymore , out there they all want the same things , well fighting misunderstandings all around , mabie we shouldnt hear a sound , is it better to not hear.

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Standing here by the door 
While I watch the rain just poor 
It is splashing on the ground as the rain
Drops come down even more
I decide to walk around in the rain 
Hoping to see a rainbow
Even if I don’t I know it won’t be long
Untill the sun will comes out 
And drys this all up
And I will sit out side
Watching the clouds roll by
And as the sun set changes colors
Knowing soon it will go and hide
And when morning arrives 
I will watch the morning sun come out to play
As it gets ready to heat up this beautiful summer day
And I will sit out side latter on that night
Watching the clouds roll by
And as the sun set changes colors

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Investigating Jack the Ripper - The Bait

He cuts throats too, my dear friend Ramsay!
How can I sing myself to comfort,
Sing wonderfully, as my father brags,
With a cut throat!?
Perhaps the draining of my fluids shall be our killer's lullaby,
As he sleeps soundly with the soothing flow
Of my newly dead blood!

With an uncertain sigh,
I now stand alone, quaking!
Cruel thought imagining despairing fate
How could Ramsay have so much faith in a cowardly girl
When faith is simply what she lacks? 
She is out to find an evil one unseen,
A twisted fiend that can be he that passes—or he!
Where shall she go from here?
Surely she cannot stand in this spot forever;
The rain has already chilled the coward to the bone,
When all she has on for warmth, the foolish child,
Is a thin old sweater?
But, ah, her bone is to be chilled once more,
And the weather, I'm afraid, will not be the cause. . .

-this is a dark soliloquy of a character in an unfinished play about Jack I wrote... maybe a couple years ago? I gottah put a date on these things! Haha-

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The Morning of My Brother's Funeral

As the wild bear ate the wild berry
She noticed a wild beauty of her own-rain.
She lived in Michigan
Blue rain kissed the green trees
But only one tree made her heart sing
Did the rain feel sorry for itself
Was the question ringing from dusk to dawn it did
And no one heard it but her. 
A storm was coming in the distance
A hurricane of peace forced her to dream big dreams
A dream from the younger version of herself
The tenacious one 
who would chow down on freshly carved crayons
Thinking thoughts of a sunny moon
Or who hear her taste buds
Singing among tall tall trees, blue blue rains.
She too has grown fond of wild things
As the night of regret fades
The bear, the berry, the rain, the wild
All beautifully crafted
Were these new sculptors of art
Proper artists without knives
So she sang of ol’ Michigan’s nature to gray skies.
This rainstorm was a storm of all storms
For she cried, she wept, and then she fainted
For she was the lonely wild berry
Desperate for more than rain
But oh t’was Michigan’s nature who lived in her
Pain was a mirror whose tears resembled her, 
for she was rain.
And all wild, sinful things were washed away
But what about the many sins of my dearest brother?
Was he not forgiven by his foolish wife
It was in his latter days,
That she finally had crept up close enough
To taste the voice of my brother’s sight
He too was a wild berry, 
So we placed a wild red rose on his warm stone. 
Why was my brother’s wife at this funeral?
She was not of him nor the rest of my family
My brother was blind enough to still seek
After Michigan’s beauty
Its nature he hungered for more and more
Wanting his thirst to be quenched
By that tangy orange sun, the blue rains,
The wild berries, the tall green trees. 
But it rained the morning of brother’s funeral
A funeral that hadn’t happened yet
For Michigan rain was but a dream with in dream 
Screaming chaos ever so silently, and so gently
That morning I reckoned the only
Stranger at my brother’s funeral was his wife
Yes, for we knew him
Even more so after his death
And that moment, Michigan’s nature, too, embraced us.

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A Child's Song

Pain, pain, go away 
Go away to the sea
Come back not again

Rain, rain, go away 
Go away to the sea
Come back not today

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Oh rain!
crack of dawn hectic schedule in front,
you rain and sets off resentment.
in severe sunlight hours,
you rain and sets off delight.
trash in your ruthless,
sets off ache.
in twilight,
you drizzle to mitigate and
Sets off fantasy. 
you rain the right spell,
present massive crop harvest, 
sets off hope.
oh rain!
your influx,
sets off great fervor!
sets off great fervor!

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My Shadow

Blackness, a dark version of me, badness, negativity.

No matter how fast i run or were i run too your right behind me.

Even the brightest sun doesn’t destroy you, you only exist because of me.

All i know is when i face the darkness you disappear, but to only return when the sun rises.

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Reoccurring Dream

I have a reoccurring dream. 
In this dream I am in a wooden shack, dusted and old. 
I breathe suddenly and deeply regaining consciousness 
As though I was in deep thought, yet nothing fills my mind. 
I sit up from a creaky old stool to realize my surroundings. 
I have been to this place before; my footsteps mark the dirty floor, imprinted in the dust. My attention is drawn to a dirty window as the sound of thunder claps around me. 
The sky is vibrant and tormented; 
Swirls of white wrestle the grey clouds as lightening runs across the sky in a beautiful Array colors. Then the smell of fresh rain fills my senses. 
I leave the shack to enter a barren plain, infinite on all horizons 
With the exception of a massive black tree; naked and alone. 
I gaze at the sky once more and a cool breeze flows through, filling me completely. 
The tree now too begins to breathe deeply the cool winds, large and intensely. 
As I walk towards the tree it begins rain. 
The rain drops touch me but I am not wet. 
The dry dirt drinks the rain as quickly as it falls muddying the soil I am walking on, Though my feet are not muddy. My feet imprint the dirt but the mud does not stay, 
Only the wetness of the soil, leaving my feet damp. 
I run towards the tree that now bears a single fruit. 
I reach for it but sobbingly the tree begs me not to eat its only child. 
Disheartened I sit on the ground digging my hands into the dry soil. 
Underneath it is dark fertile earth, but like the mud it does not dirty my hands; 
It gently falls to the ground. In the holes I have dug water begins to pool from the rain, Clear and pure. I gaze into the pools but see no reflection, only the sky above. 
I put my face in these pools and breathe; no water fills my lungs, 
Though water fills my ears. I remove my head from the water and hear no sound; 
My eyes are closed and all is silent. Slowly the water drains and sound returns, 
Thoughts rush my mind and words encourage my tongue; I am awake.

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Who dares to take this life from me,Knows no better: Parts Three and Four


This is the land of the convectional rains
Which vie on the monsoon back scrubbing streets
This is the land at half-past four
The rainbow rubs the chilli face of the afternoon
And an evening-morning pervades the dripping, weeping
Rain tree, and gushing, tumbling, sewerless rain drains
   Sub-cutaneously eddy sampan fed, muddy, fingerless rivers
        Down with crocodile logs to the Malacca Sea.

This is the land of stately dipterocarp, casuarina
And coco-palms reeding north easterly over ancient rites
      Of turtle bound breeding sands.

This is the land of the chignoned swaying bottoms
     Of sarong-kebaya, sari and cheongsam.
The residual perch of promises
That threw the meek in within
The legs of the over-eager fledgelings.

The land since the Carnatic conquerors
Shovelling at the bottom of the offering mountains
The bounceable verdure brought to its bowers
The three adventurers.

A land frozen in a thousand
    Climatic, communal ages
Wags its primordial bushy tail to the Himalayas
    Within a three cornered monsoon sea -
In reincarnate churches
And cracker carousels.
The stranglehold of boasting strutting pedigrees
And infidel hordes of marauding thieves,
Where pullulant ideals
   Long rocketed in other climes
       Ride flat-foot on flat tyres.


Let us go then, hurrying by
Second show nights and jogget parks
Listening to the distant whinings of wayangs
Down the sidewalk frying stalls on Campbell Road
Cheong-Kee mee and queh teow plates
Sateh, rojak and kachang puteh
(rediffusion vigil plates)
Let us then dash to the Madras stalls
To the five cent lye chee slakes.

la la la step stepping
Each in his own inordinate step
Shuffling the terang bulan.
Blindly buzzes the bee
Weep, rain tree, weep
The grass untrampled with laughter
In the noonday sobering shade.

Go Cheena-becha Kling-qui Sakai

(continued from Parts One & Two)

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Life is this intangible thing,
an enigma and a contradiction;
at once so real, visceral,
and so ephemeral, ethereal.
It's like the difference between day and night;
during the day, things happen –
to you and to others, cause and effect,
gripping happenstance;
we react to these stimuli, and action results,
changing forever your life, whether big or small.
But at night, you rest, restore, reminisce, and soothe –
a stretch, expanse of enchantment
where time slips through your fingers too fast
and magic feels true in our hearts.
To say that life is all about stretching your legs,
petting a dog as it lies beside you
and together you watch the rain;
as you hear crickets chirping through the storm,
life always going on,
is laughably absurd.
And yet, on occasion, sometimes that's all that's really needed,
moments of quiet contemplation
of all that lies ahead and behind;
in this, I find peace.
Sometimes we just need a friend and a reprieve;
sometimes we must simply listen to the rain
and smile at the crickets.

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random thoughts on a rainy night

The sound of rain drops
Tried tickling my ear lobes. 
Not once did I crave 
For their feel on my face. 

I turned a blind eye 
To lightning's power display 
I saw them ripping the sky 
With the indifference of one waiting to die. 

But the smell of wet earth 
When it arose unseen and unheard 
My cells, it soaked till I wondered 
Were they intoxicated or coming alive. 

Where I had always waited to dance in the rain 
I surrendered myself to the fragrance of one loved....

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Heavens divine song

Tranquil sounds of rain collides with concrete.
Birds flee to refuge. A grey skin covers the body of the sky.
The rhythm of rain beating on roofs,
in sync with my heart beat.

Droplets of rain trickling down window shields. 
Rain surreptitiously creeping through 
the cracks of a slightly open window.

Roses at peace,
their rosy red heads upwards. 
listening to the rains song,fervid rain. 
Rain embolden the land,
embolden us sound of tranquility.
Songs of tranquil rain,wet moist,
peace,tranquil songs,calming the soul. 
Sounds of tranquility dropped from divinity. 
For this peaceful song I have an affinity. 

In my cool bed, I lay enjoying my companions 
femininity, as she embraces my masculinity.
Wet rain drips,wet rain drips,falling from divinity.
We kiss to the song of tranquility.

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rain of healing time

What if there was rain?
rain that carried time.
bombarded us
with drops of eternity.
making us age.
our hair turn white.
the leaves wither.
the grass burn 
and die.
the buildings mossy 
and unattended.
the swings rusty.
the children who play 
in the rain,
lose their innocence.
the rocks weathered.
battering drops dig 
pits into the cement.
the world turns old,cold,grey.

As I watch it 
from the confines of 
my bedroom window.
guilty of escaping the rain 
that washes away 
our pain.
the rain of healing time.
maybe I should 
catch a drop and 
see my palm swiftly wrinkle.

There is no respite 
from this rain.
all that survives is 
my inner child.
within a shell of a pilgrim 
making his way towards 
the final truth.
trying to find the end 
of time.
sipping the slow poison 
that is this rain.

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Spring Showers

In winter the rains seems to subdue the earth.
Grey skies lower and the rain beats an unrelenting tattoo .
But in the spring the showers are soft and gentle,
Encouraging the earth to bring  forth its splendor . Rain
on the face encourages the loss of hat and umbrella
and urges you to run free.
The earth has a fresh, clean fragrance, one that will
never be found in a bottle. Like tears, drops form and
fall with the promise of growth and renewal. Spring showers...
they bathe the spirit and the soul, and prepare us
for the coming days of summer..

For the Spring Showers contest3/23/13

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Is it me or does the feeling of the rain set you free?

To stand outside looking up at the sky as the rain falls upon your face, you can’t describe the feeling you get . . .  but you know its something special.

They say water brings life to all things. .  so maybe as it hits our face it brings life to us an liberates us from this world for that little moment in time . . . an in that moment we feel truly free 

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when the rain stops

how will i feel 
when the rain stops
what will change 
where will i be
depression over rides 
my feelings real
gray skies in my head
over come the dread 
can't seem to put it 
together , for whatever 
it is worth, i am stuck
in this constant mud slide 
of total fear, of being 
swept away in the raging 
waters of emotions
bouncing off debris of worry 
slurry of mixed thoughts
need a break in this storm
something positive a focus
winds blowing life away
blurred by past regrets
hindered by the what ifs in life  
need a new beginning
a want of something 
a feel of a real scene
just want to sleep now 
end the weather in my mind
repeating over and over
"tomorrows forecast rain 
with winds at 45 miles 
an hour , the burnt areas will 
be on mud slide watch"

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Train Calms And Settles

            Train Calms And Settles

Held above the moss, chocking the bog in calm and thick
Train floats over rusting rails then stalls
Wet mist with warm smoke from the engine mingle
Falls back to earth to cover 
Iron on iron on the deep grinding steal
Settles with the tracks and stops 
The smell of pine from trees not far or near
Give a sense of safety on the marsh
Insects notice the change and circle at the site
Their ancient armor heard above the silence after thunder
In the distance are unclaimed cities
Waiting far off in hope
On the bog there is no help
Insects of the flying kind draw closer
Curious to find a solid meal
Wheels and machine grow greener
Stuck in place
Train calms and settles on its fate
Remains covered by the rain

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Cant Wake Up

Lights flash,

A yellow streak through the night sky.

Loud booms,

Stilling the stormy air.

I seek shelter,

The rain sings a deathly lualaby,

Testing my limits,

Teasing my fear.

I stumble,

Coming to a stop.

Opening my eyes,


Im hidden under the trees,

The rain attempts to break through.

The wind roars loudly,

I sit and hug my scabbed knees

Chanting to myself,

"It's just a dream,

It's just a dream!"

But i still hear the storm,

I still feel the cold,

I still wince at the pain,

And i still wont wake up...

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Solitary seed

Deep, down beneath the soil
Lay In the darkness
A solitary seed 
filled with complete loneliness.

It wanted to feel
The golden sunlight
And prayed to the rain 
To shower with all its might

It was bored to be alone
In complete silence around
To see the beauty of the nature
It wanted to break through the ground.

Giving it a golden tint
The sun rays shone on the ground
The ground got flooded
As the rain showered around.

Dawned the day breaking the shackles
The seed came out with joy
In bliss it gazed at the world around
Where it was sure to enjoy

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I hang up the phone
Tears stream down my cheeks
I get into the car
Unemotional, unreal
The lights are just patches of color
I can't even think about the road
It starts a light even drizzle
The sky gradually growing darker
I pull into the rundown parking lot
Under the sweet smelling pine tree
I step out of my car
Lifeless, like a zombie
And onto the wet grass of the forgotten park
The rain at a steady fall now
Weighing down my frizzing hair
Under my old and fraying hat
Approaching the algae covered lake
I hear the croak of the frogs
And pitter patter of rain on the water
My shoes slosh with each step
The bottoms of my worn jeans are muddy
My earthy colored shirt glued onto my body
And I sit between the pine trees
On a soft bed of pine needles
Just beside the little pond
Rain coating me through and through
A blanket of fog falls about waste height
The mascara that was caked on my face
Is swept away by the gentle rain
And as I lay my head against the trunk of the tree
I forget about why I came here
And slip into a deep sleep...

To be continued...

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The Moor In My Mind

The sound of trickling rain drops in my ears
A vision of the embodiment of purity
Through static noises and softness, she caresses
And my impurity looks at her while she undresses
With scattered mire beneath her skin
An infinite moor of adulation resides within her
It is her, breathing in the hidden hallway of my mind

Her Marlboro breath punctures my pores
She tastes like the blotches on the moon
Smoking individuality down to the filter
She leaves no growth for creativity
Her artfully painted fingernails scratch
Against the face of the ghost standing next to her
Does she see him? Slowly twirling her hair?
Or is it my eyes that are being spun?

A sudden urge to be that ghost emerges
Somehow she notices this impure desire
So she reaches out to gently touch my face
And to our disbelief, her hand goes right through me!
She sinks painfully down on the earth below her
Something tells me I know her, but have lost her name
In the magma of my own dream

With vermilion lips, her mouth begins to confess
And I listen to her whisper impure gestures at me
Her embodiment decays rapidly into static
The sound of rain stopping wakes me into a bitter confusion
Who was she and why was she here?
Was it to tease me into believing in her?
To trick my own mind into longing for love?
I search the moor in my mind every night
But she is never there…

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A Night

there is something in the air
that speaks to the piercing rain -
some giant, flailing whisp of interminable beauty.
the dazzling electroshock of occassional
sprinting spears,
wonderful in appearance,
sinister in execution.

the moon lingers in the water,
but disappears on land -
a delicate pool of illuminated sand
with no distinction from the blazing sun of tomorrow.

will the endless drops of rain destroy the 
tiny wings of the moth?
so fragile and defenseless,
it finds shelter beneath my porch
and loses itself in the ceiling lamp.

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Crying In The Rain

Crying in the rain
Letting go of all this pain
I do not want to see again
How we came crashing to an end
I do not want to see why
We were forced to say good bye
I have watched it and I have lived it
Been crushed by such a low hit
I’m crying in this rain
My eyes red with raw pain
The tears are flowing
Just not going
And I’m left all alone
I beg for your forgiveness
I scream with all I’ve got
But when it comes together
What I have is not a lot
I walk alone down this street
Strangers’ eyes are following
But I just keep on walking
Head down and never slowing
I pace these roads and hope to find
Something that means anything
Something that’s familiar
Until then I’m just left hanging
I’m still crying in this town
The rain pours on my face
Trying to forget you
But failing at first base
I cannot help but remember
Your face and how you smile
Just keep walking strong
It might be easier after a mile
Your eyes and how they glowed
Are burnt into my mind
I close my eyes and see them
Staring back right into mine
I’m crying on this night
And will on many more to come
I’ll stumble forward without you
Looking for my fortune
I cannot ever forget
The feeling that I had
When you put your arms around me
And chased away all the sad
I will try but fail to forget
How you loved me through thick and thin
I will wander through my life
But always still in love with him
He was my world and I can’t forget
He makes me who I am
Although he’s gone and lost from sight
I will not become a sham
I will always try to forget
How brilliant he made me feel
Made the world seem wonderful
And that maybe this world was real
The pain I feel when I remember him
Is cutting deeper still
He’s left a gaping hole in me
One that no one could ever fill
I try and try and fail again
My baby is still gone
I’m crying in this rain again
Cold and all alone

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Rain Drops

The rain drop falls to the ground not making a sound. 
  Hundreds follow. Falling round and round. 
 The children play and laugh in the water falling down.
  They soon run in the house when the thunder brings the sound.
 The wind comes and takes the rain drops by force.
  The tame, quiet rain drops become a storming chorus.
 The clouds go by black and gloom.
  The winds stop. No plip plop. 

 Then the rain drops resume. 
  The first fell and the others followed.
 The earth welcomed them thirstily and swallowed.

 The world wouldn't have been restored and the beauty would not have come 
  if the actions of one had not been done. 
 Next time you see the rain drops remember they're followers 
   who saw the actions of one. 
 Take the lead like the first drop 
  or nothing will be done.

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I see the rain,
Dancing across the sidewalk,
Carefully placing each drop
One at a time,
They flow with each other,
Gracefully and in sync,
As a dance from the heavens
Praising the One who made them,
And as I watch them,
I become hypnotized,
Almost entranced,
By their beauty

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Alleys and Allies

The darkened alleys beat
Drumming to the sound of the falling rain
Lifting my head in the gutter
Crushed by the weight of water

Is it burden?

The siren screams low
Head bows to the silent din
Whilst knees scrape the dead gutter
Where the past lies, clawing

The yowl repeats
A cry to the broken and forgotten

Get Up

Stand Up

Yowling the beat to the thud of water

Hand on the wall the body heaves upwards
Whilst the mind falls
Stooping to recover the body falls again to the gutter




Crushed by rain 
The call changes as the siren gets louder

Pick yourself up

Move Lad

Through the alley,
The man that was approaches
Dressed in forgotten livery
He is calling
Hands Cupped Screaming

Move lad

Get up

The gutter reels as he approaches
Flooded, the quagmire of sloth engages
Him in a vicious tug-o-war

The body breaks

Heaved into reality 
My eyes open
Senses released
I wave in thanks
To the man, that now is

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Gently,wiping your way through
Moving calmly with your crew.
Looks as of a snowy,puffy,soft candy;
I would have got hold of you,
if you were handy.

Sometimes you used to make out some shape,
While, once I observed you as of a round tape.
The way you pass through the tress & buildings,
Gives me a visualization of wonderful settings.

I wonder how you would feel;
when drops of rain and the airplanes peel,
your tender body with their force!
I think you would definitely feel worse.
Or,May not be!

Whatever it is, my quest for you is,
Dear cloud, can I take a ride back of you?
And shout aloud with happiness, because of you...?

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Just as Rain

Just as rain numbs into nothing with the passage of time, after the first drops have fallen and made their impression, [What is a little more water, when you're already wet?] my heart stopped jumping at each chronological backfire of my mind and simply beats twice; once for each moment gone missing. [But then, when - and if - am I living?] Just as droplets gradually become puddles, that fall into streams and pour into lakes, we assume the sustenance to keep noticing the retrospection which falls from the hazy grey veils congregated in the sky. [And we finally get the chance to love what was once before our eyes.]

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The Hobo

The Hobo.

I shelter from the rain and wind.
In a cardboard box.
Put out for the bin.
I have a candle by me side.
A luxury I abide.

Soon the rain comes seeping in.
Dripping down my chin..
I could go running up and down.
The candle fizzils out
Smoke whirls about.

I find another that is dry.
Settle down with a sigh.
The do gooders do their best.
Free soup and a night of rest.

I can see in their eyes,
That they despise.
This Hobo, no surprise.
No ordinary person would survive.
In a cardboard box, alive.

The warmth I seek, is from the heart.
A Hobo with this has no part.
Who would love a Hobo.
I ask?  No one takes on the part.
Despise, loath and hate.
Is what I must take.

In the country.
By the hedges go.
In the towns, the doorways, shops I know.
Bus stops best.
Taken by the rest.
No room is there.
For a Hobo.


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Raindrops and Tearfalls

The cool mists
	of morning
became the warm rains
	of evening.

As I walk and ride
	through raindrops
I pray for and miss you
	and tears begin to fall.

I wonder what kind
	of day you've had,
delightful or just dreary
	like the rain outside.

Given enough time apart
	my tearfalls
will soon match
	any good hard rain.

So, I ask God for mercy
	for me and you
so we'll be allowed
	another visit, just us two.

When that will be
	only He knows
and I can't wait
	till Time slows.

For when we're together
	in rain or sunshine
no matter the weather,
	I'll be yours and you'll be mine.

Let the waters pour down
	in each others arms is where
true love can be found
	and only tears of happiness fall there.


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Please, Someone, Answer My Question

As I start to arouse from a deep, deep sleep, I am unaware of where I might be.
Slowly my eyes blink awake, but my mind hasn’t yet taken control of me.

My senses are slow to start functioning; I am aware of darkness, yet, flashes of light.
My brain tries to put together the pieces of where and when I went to bed last night.

I am not even sure if, in reality, I can’t move, or if I just haven’t willed myself to do 
so yet.

I realize the noise I hear in my head is the sound of pouring rain, and suddenly, it 
dawns on me, that I am soaking wet.

Remember.  Remember.
What was I doing yesterday?
Sleep embraces me again.

When next I awake, I am not sure how much time has passed;
It could have been hours; or days; or, perhaps, just a second or two.
I am on my back this time.  
The rain is pounding on my face, preventing me from opening my eyes.
Then I remember; I was having dinner with you.

Flashing red lights greet my eyes when I force them open through the rain.
“I feel nothing”, I only think to myself as an answer to someone asking, 
“Do you feel any pain?”

I was having dinner with you.

The small flashlight being shined into my open eyes by someone kneeling down 
beside me recalls the memory of headlights coming at us from a truck going the 
wrong way in our lane on the highway.

Now I remember – I turned and looked at you right before going to sleep.

“Where is my wife?”  
I am not sure if I said that out loud or just thought it inside my head.

I try to sit up to see if I can find you.
There is that pain he was asking me about.
The lights are turned off again.

I am warm and dry when I awake again.
The sounds of sirens in the rain are replaced by the beep, beep, beep
Of the medical equipment measuring my vital signs.

“Where is my wife?”

I need someone to answer that question before I can decide whether or not to keep 
the beeping going so I can see you here again or to drift off to sleep and join you on 
a different journey.

“Where is my wife?”

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Moon beams through the rain

Never tried this before, is this free verse. Be blunt if it is crap   Peter

The rain comes down
Oh what a lonely rhythm
Moon shines beam
From velvet morning sky
Like dazzling gems
They filtered through soft raindrops
Do write my words.

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The Story of Rain

Tyler Jones
Rain the Story Contest Poem

I see Rain from time to time.
With pain in her eyes she can't leave behind.
She knows this world is a preamble to the next.
She's someone divine in a world full of rejects.
Her visions of tomorrow fulfill her very soul.
Knowing the next world won't be so cold.
When parting from Rain I'm always filled with sorrow
Knowing her new world could come tomorrow.

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Doubt Clouds My Mind

I'm standing outside!
As rain droplets fall upon me while I wonder about you...

Now as I walk around in the cold
With no umbrella on me...
I wonder what exactly you're doing right now
But then I get overvome with doubt
And beat myself around...
Thinking why I should even continue onward with you

So I continue to stand out in the rain but crying
Screaming out loud! I don't think that I can go on
But even if I really wanted to break up with you
I just can't! For deep within my heart
I still love you just the same...

Now as I ponder the situation
It rains much harder...
And it justifies the doubt that I'm feeling now
I don't think that we're meant
To stay together...
Because I'm a coward and I can't go on with you

As it continues to rain down upon me, I'm crying
Crying out loud! You don't need me, go elsewhere
I'm not good enough for you so go find someone else
So leave me! It seems that I can't
Even tell you that to your face...

I realize that I'm acting too immature
But I can't seem to follow my heart
Maybe because I'm too scared...

So I continue to stand out in the rain but crying
Screaming out loud! I don't think that I can go on
But even if I really wanted to break up with you
I just can't! For deep within my heart
I still love you just the same...
I continue to stand out in the rain yet still crying
Screaming out loud! Why did I even choose you?
No matter how I may doubt and push you away from me
I can't seem to! Because I'd be lying
To myself for I love you...

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Rain Drop on a Rose

Rain drop on a rose,
such a smell it brings
my way.

Taking pictures
with my mind,
to store forever.

Clouds over head,
tells me more rain
will fall before it's

As I head for cover,
under a pine tree,
the rain begins to
fall into a heavy
down pour,

another fragrance
touches my weary soul,
the rain mixed with
the pine tree sends,

me into an hypnotic state,
I sit here wondering
when rain will stop,

the forest is such a place
to be when you want to
think things over, so
rain keep falling.

wrote 4-7-11

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Tip-Tap Tip-Tap

Tip-Tap Tip-Tap
here she comes
tapping her stilettos
humming her favorite song
swaying to the music of wind

Tip-Tap Tip-Tap
there she is
whispering to a flower
giggling like a teenage girl
flicking her playful hair

Tip-Tap Tip-Tap
there she is
tap-dancing on the tin roof
laughing her heart out
exuding cheerfulness

Tip-Tap Tip-Tap
there she goes
walking the lush green carpet
humming her goodbyes
leaving a whiff of earth-scented air

Tip-Tap Tip-Tap

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The rain has stopped
  But I am saddened by the sudden,brilliant onslaught of sunshine,
            Although the apple trees,drenched and dripping
                   In the steaming orchard,
              Glisten in almost painful beauty.

           The rain was comforting while it lasted
              It suited my gray mood,
          For I was caught up in reveries of blue yesterdays
        And I traveled into the nether lands of despair
                 Where regret and sorrow dwell.

            But now the sun touches every corner of the landscape,
                           Banishes melancholy
                     And will not be cast aside.

             Gold dances on the perimeter of darkness
                And hope most sweetly is restored.

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The world is still
all is quiet
colorful clouds 
linger before the sun
a pink hazy light
is cast upon all that
can be seen
rain falls softly
light, clean, pure
in this place
nothing moves or changes
nothing lives or dies
everything is it's own existance
this is where you'll find me
in this hidden world
neither a dream or reality...

By Morgan Mise
Written December 30, 2011

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The raindrop is alone

Because I exist
in this raindrop, 
I am alone

Because I fall
in solitude
from a gloomy sky 

I reflect a whole world
inside myself
I am not part of

Because you 
shield yourself
from me
with an open umbrella.

© Gry W Christensen

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The Construction

My heart 
is my alphabet,
beating the letters out
through the pores of my skin.

I gather them
in my hands.

I mold the words.

And they pour down on the sheets,
like eager autumn rain.

© Gry W Christensen

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Sad Afternoon

There is a heavy rain out my window.
It is not a pleasant one;
no, not this time.

This afternoon rain only reminds me
of all the times before
that I wrote about you
while I watched the rain.

Your face is plastered
everywhere I look.
It's on the walls
It's on the ceiling as I lay down
It's on my pillow
It's on the floor
It's on the back of my eyelids
It's on the leaves, the trees,
and every single drop of rain.

All music is your voice
All hands are your hands
All signatures are your name

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Look At Me

May 8th 2009

take a moment
—to look at me
just one final moment
what do you see?

when you look into my pain-filled eyes
is there darkness?
a sliver of light?
excruciating affliction crashes over me,
do you not see?
is there nothing?
only a blank, impassive face
no significance, no sign
of guilt that smolders inside of me
deadening my sweltered heart

oh how these eyes pour acid rain
incessant dripping in the night
eyelids red and swollen
too miserable to endure
on and on that wretched rain will pour
until there’s nothing anymore

and our cruel silence, that vermin
crawling about awkwardly, unyielding
invading me
dwelling within these withering eyes
that you lackadaisically look upon
in hatred perhaps
or sheer pity

gouge them out of their sockets
they mean nothing
for even the darkness will not blind my heart
my love grows on as my expression dies
time is our enemy now
see how he flies!

look at me
and don’t utter a syllable
simply look
it’s the only way it will cease
a mere gaze
a moment’s peace
be the one to clear the clouds
the filth…
and if you can’t repair my world
replenish the damage
then by your presence
by your life
it will blow the toxic waste away
and clean up the developed grime
that you cannot see

i alone have caused my acid rain
and without you I am nothing
my guilt may devour me
but say nothing and only stare
gaze in wonder
intimately, unfailingly

the dripping is already less heavy
no longer weighing me down
your sun will shine
although you’ll never be mine

i give in…
i accept
my eyes glaze over
in dreariness,
in weariness…
they forlornly droop
tremulously close
stillness overflows
—and my heart slowly…
with much effort

at last
The Rain Has Stopped

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The River's Lake Sees the Rain Break

The river runs it's course, pumping like a vein.
It's a lonely lake's water main.
It doesn't stop to cry, doesn't feel pain,
Just goes and flows, not hearing my woes.

The lake bides it's time, it's in no hurry.
And doesn't share the rivers raging fury - 
Nor a drying pond's dying worry.
It sits and waits; rain and run-off it baits.

The rain looks with it's eyes covered in fog.
It cries upon church tops and down in the bog.
Washes the hog while wet lovers snog.
It's tears relentless, an old man is tentless.

A sunny day comes, the lake does shimmer.
Even old goats come out and glimmer.
Young mares suck in to see who is slimmer.
Don't need a Hummer to enjoy a good summer.

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When the dark clouds of a thunderstorm appear on the horizon I take a front row seat. I watch as the sky is being filled with black clouds that shimmer with lightning. A slow, deep rumble of thunder fills the air. The color of dark green tree tops pressed against a dark sky is a beautiful scene. A slow wind begins to blow, almost smearing the colors of the trees into the clouds. A sudden boom of thunder explodes from the sky. A warning of the rain to come. The rain begins to fall. At first it's only a mere sprinkle, but as the wind picks up it pours. Steam rises from the heated asphalt. The rain cools the earth, releasing the aroma of moist dirt. As the storm is coming to an end, I find myself inspired. I want to write.

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this is more a story than a poem on the school's field

When  i  think of schools feled i always think of the winter days 
  with  your mates in the snow,wind and rain 
the best bit is the snow making snow balls and throing them at techer.
having fun making snow men on sliding on ice having hot chocolate,  but then again some 
people hate winter when it snows rain and very high winds  so they huddle together like 
penguinsin thire black and white uniform they hate the snow balls hitting them in the face and 
slipping on ice and hurting themselves but the best bit is getting your mates i rember those 
days and at a few acasions it has bean an oceon of mud and a copple of island of children 
huddeld aganest the coled. ow year and getting snow of thechers cars to make big snowballs 
it is yousaly veary coled and windy


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The Elementalist

He stands there in the falling rain
At the knees of his master
Clutching his Book of Elements
And knowing where he stands in the night

He mutters the words,
Inaudible to the thunderclaps
And as the water beads off
Feels his body grow cold

He collapses to the ground
And begins to boil
His spirit is of water
And he rises up in a wave
Human in existence
But unbound to any particular form

His master tought him well
Though now he be immortalized in stone
The elementalist is strong
And he knows it too truly

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Star seeding

How many nights awake as thoughts tumble so fast from the heavens that sense just needs to
be made?
Grab the pad always nearby, for when the rains come
and pour your heart out with them.
It’s understated to say inspired,
conversations with clouds,
allowed and understood.
Good. When that thunder rolls you know that flash is going to illuminate a lot.
All you’ve got
is a few minutes to get that down, a word a code a sign.
To remind your mind again.
It’s like that for all of us, but we,
we who have learned to pay attention,
not to mention
that we like it,
we listen. That’s all it is.
Nothing mystic
or fatalistic in it.
We like to dance naked in the rain.
And let that rain wash right through us.
We’re not afraid of lightning, we know it comes from the Earth.
And we’re rooted there. Deep.
So keep
your judgments to yourself about what’s right.
There ain’t no St. Peter checking for baptismal certificates at the Pearly Gate.
And Fate
can be re-written any time by intent.
Well meant
wishes sent to you do good and keep you strong.
So that rain of inspiration won’t burn you up, keep you watered long
After you’ve apologized.
So we let it through in verse, in muse, in story disguised
As truth. Star seedings through us all
Watching as seeds fall
And sprout in the rain
on Earth.

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Quiet Waters

Streams of blue fluid 
Flows downward 
As fragile carcasses decay 
Without a peep of a sound

We’re in the brink of disaster… 

Who invited such fear and anguish?
Who could lead us to quiet waters?

We bleed…
Polluting the waters below us… 
Trickling down the mountain
To our filthy feet…

Cleansing the sin off of our skin
But, it’s tangled from deep within…

The eeriness breaks 
The hearts of a thousand strangers
They all fall away powerlessly… 
Into the chambers of death 

Danger is lurking in every corner…
Pursuing its evil plans
To cut down our hopes…
Growing like crops… 
Rising rapidly –  
It never stops

Dreams of misfortune still 
Rapes our minds,
Plaguing our happiness… 
Consuming the darkness…

We’re sprawling on the ground…
We’re crawling like infants…
Veering briskly like serpents…

Who will set our souls free 
From suppression?  

Who will preserve our hearts?
Don’t prey upon our 
Guiltless lives… 
We’re in complete agony… 
Does He consider 
Our prayers  
Of support and nourishment? 

We scream…
Breaking the repulsive solitude…

Encourage us to keep on 
Trekking toward Your light

Where’s Your path?

You rinse off all of the sorrow 
Giving us a ecstatic tomorrow 

The weeping ceases…
While the corpses 
Tear into 

The faith of a couple of people
Strengthens us…keeps us motivated…
Not captivated…
In misery…
We’re reaping our 
Leading us to peace and fortune 
Keeping us accustomed
To Your purifying spirit…
Keeping us away from 

We’re hungry… 
Our demise is close at hand…
Closing in on us abruptly 
Like an obscure cave…

Rescue us from affliction –  
Embracing downhearted clouds…

Those wretched clouds…

Brought us rain when we asked for bread…

Those merciless clouds…

Spewed out scorching fire when we asked for relief…

Remember our supplications… 
Appalling lightning’s daring to strike us  
Out of cruel vengeance 
Out of sheer amusement 

Don’t even attempt to weaken us
We’re blossoming in joy…
We’re under cover… 
You can’t manipulate us 
Like a subtle toy 

We’re praying for
Quiet waters

Offer the deceased 
A second chance

Don’t disown 
Our broken lives

We’re not alone…

We’re just waiting until
The quiet, glistening waters
Gratefully arrives…

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Trapped in the Rain

Trapped in the rain
I slowly walked down 
The crowded street.
As my rain soaked hair 
covers my face as
I slowly drag my feet across the ground,

As the people around me no longer 
seem human but just
tall black figures.
I slowly walk as I listen to the taping 
of the rain that echoes on
the pavement,

My pale brown eyes are filled
with emptiness and no emotion
that seem to go on forever.
I walk with no destination in mind 
No thought, or purpose,
I walk.

The tall black figures
grow blurry as my pale brown eyes
begin to swell with tears,
And slowly roll down 
My cheeks and hit the ground.

Soon I can no longer tell the
difference between the ice cold
tears that run down my face,
and the ice cold rain that falls on my cheeks.

I walk without speaking, 
only hearing the echos of 
foot steps and rain.
As i walk I leave foot prints on the ground 
But they are soon 
erased by the falling rain.

Trapped in the rain 
I walk as the tall black
figures crowd the street
that seems to be growing smaller,
and my tears still fall and 
I walk down the street
And the rain surrounds me
And the sky and I cry 

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The Calm Before the Storm

There is this pause before a storm,
Before the sky take monsterous turn,
While the birds still sing there song,
And kid still laugh and play.

But then the birds stop singing,
And children go inside, 
And then the rain begins to fall,
It starts out slow then goes a little faster,
Till it sounds like kettle corn on my roof,
Then I ask myself what happened to the rain calm before the storm.

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Drowning in the Maelstrom
Vision blurred grey
Head Bowed
Mouth set unmoved

Two skins wet
Feet aflame
Back broken
Body numb

On the green earth
Between steel topped stone
And a God’s fury
I sit
They sit
We sit

Breath rasps with the steam
Frozen and frying
Dead hands and dying feet

The sea taps at numb shoulders
Water on stone
Eyes refocus
Still grey

The ocean drips over the brim
A waterfall for weary eyes
The call comes
They Stand
I stand
We stand

Hacking back into the torrent

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Little One

Fields black and sundered so,
Mists of tears, forgot in woe,
Showers of rain, standing still,
Skin as white as snow,

Passers by wander not a sight,
Pay no heed to such a blight,
Showers of rain, lost in ill,
Wandering each... stone cold night,

Forgot, abandoned, this lowly one,
Hope is lost, all yet none,
Showers of rain, brights forsaken,
Misbegotten hope, now that all is done.

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i like the rain

i like the rain i like the rain fallin' on my shoulders i like the i like the rain i like the rain drippin' from my hair i like i really like i really like the rain but you know how it is standin' there with the door open lettin' it stream in an uninvited guest shut the door sit down cuz i like i like the rain oh yeah i like i really like hey man i really, really like i really, really like the rain but you know how it is standin' in the yard you like you like the rain and y'know i really i really i really like i really like the rain

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A love song, at last

in the inner forests
of your eyes

The heart of flowers
in your smile

The misty watchtower
is your lips

The sigh of surge 
in your fingertips

The rain flowing endlessly
over my head

My eyesight is hidden 
by the oozing of the rust
recollections and 

I run to the day
but the rain never stops 
on my accursed soul

You close your eyes
as if the winter 
closes its cold text

The rhymes of babies 
toddles on the yard

You are the spider web
of sun rays
i am the broken pieces 
of sun stone of the atlas

I am walking
through the life
baring the cursed downpour 
over my wild brain
endlessly, eternally

When you look me 
with passion
The wind unties its knot
when you hum the lines 
of a love song
the sea suddenly startles
from the sleep
the wind starts its journey

Now the rain stops 

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After the rain, the sun
on grass and lane,
delivering faceward
aromas that could belong
only to summer.

Sometimes, in later months,
we would pretend December’s rain
was July’s as we gazed
through steam-beaded glass,
the crackling fire behind us,
saying little, hardly need of words.

We would imagine we smelled the grass,
anointed with the gentle summer spray,
its beneficent caress,
so light of touch,
like a lover’s fingertips
brushing cherished flesh.

The crackling fire before us now,
we sit, say little, so few words to say,
each recalling how, long ago,
we could turn winter into summer.

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The Rain

Sometimes I wonder
Will it be sunny every day?
Will the cosmos run under 
A cool distant haze?
Can mistakes be made
And rectified quickly?
Will stronger ones always 
Act that much more swiftly?
With voices raised
The heart feels the shame
Of a terrible mistake
That’s now lost in the rain
It washes the ugliness
That the night’s events brought
And cleans out the air
That the two roommates sought
You’re so much stronger 
Than me can’t you see?
The kindness and love 
In your heart’s blinded me
You’re soothing and comforting
Just to the touch
I wish I could offer
Even half as much
But I want you to know
And I’m making this clear
That after last night
I have nothing to fear
For the rain makes puddles
And when they appear
I see in my vision
It washes away tears…

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Garden feel

What does a garden feel

A flower feel

A bud feel 

A seed feel

When the beholder 

Goes missing 

who can it complain?

Except the Lord. 

Yet the feeling of 

Loneliness remains

Till the first step sounds

Till the first eyes meet

Till the first breath taken

Till the first smile spread

Till the first joy breaks out

Till the garden echoes with sounds

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Red letter Day

London at its best
Is on a cold rain day
Shrouded around grey
Sat on board a red double Decker bus
In search of the roads paved with gold
As Charles Dickens foretold
Great Expectations
In human relations
Are the elixir of life
But far more often truth be told
Reality is cold
Small comfort on a cold rainy day
But Hey
It cant rain all the time

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Rain and Us

Last night it rained,
Incessantly, but without hope
For this was not
The time of the year,
Only the season of prayer
From a million parched lips.
Murmurs coalescing 
Into clouds, precipitating
In the rain dust
Waiting for a miracle of sorts.

Last night it rained,
The street lights got drenched
Withdrawing into themselves,
With silent prayers 
On the rims
Waiting for a Buddha to appear.
But the flowers bloomed
To welcome the coolness
Ignoring the evanescence,
The uncertainty 
Of the passing moments. 

Now, in the cool, quiet morning,
When I walk among
The riot of colors, I know 
The flowers
Did the right thing
When it rained last night.

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Rainy Day Song

A song about raindrops
shot straight to the top
like a lightning bolt;
“Raindrops keep falling on my head,
they keep falling;
because I'm free,
nothin's worryin' me.”

Remember that song?

Was that someone who
just got out of prison?
Couldn't've been written by a woman;
heavy rain, falling on our heads,
plasters hair to our scalps
like swim caps, or a stocking mask-
unless, we wear natural curls-
then it shrinks up, kinks up, 
like a wool sweater, 
boiled in hot water.

Today, the raindrops 
weren't simply falling, 
they pounded the roof, as if 
they were attempting to mimic hail,
or, better yet, douse the fires of hell. 

Lightning bolts were in it as well,
flashing light at 4:00 AM,
shocking sleep right out of our brains.

But the sound, the sound
of those raindrops filled the house,
brought childhood rushing back,
with the sound of raindrops
beating a tattoo on that old tin roof.

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Impulse 58

You are
my six minute
slow dance 
in the rain.

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Difference Methods of Impact

Not everyone is like the rain
Ever-pounding into the concrete with a
Roar sounding through the clouds above
Drenching everything in its path as 
A reminder of their abilities


There are those of snow-like characteristics
Gracefully gliding down to whatever
Land the wind so desires to clothe
Nearly silent to the world  
Yet impacting just as many


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Heavy Hearted

A cloudy sky looms 
With threat of rain today,
And our American flag 
Is being shredded 
By the fierce winds 
That constantly blow,
A reminder of our soldiers 
And how they too
Are being shredded in this 
War that no one wants.

Safe and warm within 
My little castle on the hill
I can’t help but think 
How cold winter will become;
That chill to the bone 
They will feel washes over me
As compassion for their 
Bearing up stabs my heart.

As each tour ends another 
One begins, with funerals
To attend and more young 
Soldiers laid to rest with cold
Medals of honor and folded flags 
That will wave no more.
The rain is here and like my tears, 
Comes in sudden bursts.

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I have held a mirror to your skies,
reached into this upside-down world,
dipped my toes in your clouds,
splashed your rain on my face.

You are, at once, a pebble in my hand
and the ceiling of my mind.
The curve of your oceans
meeting Hale-Bopp on the horizon,
the Helix Nebula as your halo.

I sense your spinning, your hurtling,
your reckless careening.
I, the privileged and
you, the hallowed
that laws of physics grounds me to.

But it is not gravity that keeps me here—
it is my clinging, as to a mother’s bosom
into which I weep,
for I cannot walk into your forests
nor traverse your rivers.
I cannot save one life
or even stand upon a podium.

This poem is all I have to give.

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Various Degrees of Happiness

Some may find me annoying
As my eyes open to the day with a smile
Some may think I'm faking
When I'm laughing as the rain drizzles around 

For years the smile
Slapped from my face
My laughter punished
From an illogical belief
That my smile maybe laughing at him

As for years I dwelled
On all that shouldn't have been
A friend once said to the rain inside
No body wants a dark cloud

So every day
I blow the clouds away
And the days I cannot breath another blow 
I crawl into somewhere no one goes

From every smile
Another grows
From every grin
I mend within
From every time I laugh
I grow with life's love

And just here and there
When what I can't bear
Gets a little bit too much
I give my happiness a rest 
Letting my smile 
Sleep for a while

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Will You

It's just another day may it's not a big deal, well to the sun and to the moon... it is. it's another time they get to show off what they have to the entire world. They hope that maybe someone will realize how much they actually help. That's when the rain comes. The sky starts to cry because the clouds that the rain comes from hides the light of the stars and the moon and the sun. Then the earth notices that the light is gone and hope it comes back. Eventually it will, but if all the earth does is hope, then eventually the hope will fade too. If the hope disappears than where will the light go? Will it still be light? Will it find a way to show through the tears and the dark sky that hides the happiness? Will you?

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Laying here in this field,
Rain drops begin to fall
The moon so full and bright
I can see the drops before they land.
This rain feels as though its cleansing my soul
Purifying old memories, 
Old emotions
Washing my old and weathered state
For hours I lay here
In this grassy field
Drenched, to my inner being
The rain slows
Til it stops all together.
I open my eyes to see
Beautiful clear sky
The stars flickering
The moon so vibrant
I stand
And I know the rain washed away.....

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Buccaneers of love

 Buccaneers of love
In the love legends
Not resembling the angels 
But they are prophets of the hearts
Their revelation
The true love 
The endless love
The renewed love
Appreciating love
Living for the love
Dying for the love

Buccaneers of love 
Prophets of the hearts
Their souls are innocent
Swimming in the sky 
To rain their dreams
And they are swimming 
In space of the longing
To rain the hope

Buccaneers of love
Prophets of the hearts
Under hearts angles
They are shadowing
And they are sucking 
The wine nectar 
From lips of lovers
Not robbing the shyness
And not assassinating tears
Not hurting the feelings

Buccaneers of love
Prophets of the hearts
A toast of the evening
A toast of the morning
Adoring the evening
Adoring the morning
Coloring the seashores
With affections
Besieging the hearts
With feelings
Besieging the eyes
With beauty

Buccaneers of love 
Prophets of the hearts
Waiting for the night
To feel with the warmth of chests
When the lips melt
And the bodies burn
For beginning love
Buccaneers of love 
Prophets of the hearts.........

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The South Westerly

                     Oh! for the wet warm South Westerly 

                     after the cold white North Easterly leaving  

                     sparkling rain on each window pane South Westerly.
                     At night this rain paints all inanimate things a vivid 
                     hue, while humans look care worn, some even sickly, 

                     no longer New Year spick and span but of a drearier hue. 

                     New snow in the Wolds as yeast in England's east, another 

                     feast for children and adults unable to bring home the bacon.

                     Drains turn into ice topped streams that underneath show 

                     water swimming like eels in a race to breed. Across the North Sea

                     diagonally from The Wash, heavy snow is falling in the Norge 

                     fjords like so many Vikings on a raid for plunder, trade or conquest.  


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Shrieking Face

I saw her the other day staring
Up close and shrieking her face into mine.
I did not like this stare
And I hate all people who 
Carry a stare like this in their back pockets
Waiting for the rain to pull it out.
Well I am the rain and 
you are my gravity sucking
me down into the depths 
of human race on earth.
I’m so far away 
Screams the thoughts of rain
As it began its descent to hell.
The clouds laughed 
And incohersive.
There will be a storm tonight, brother,
One that raises hell fire
Yet made of the moisture of the gods.

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Rain Across The Valley

Thunder on the horizon
Rumbling through the barren valley
The sound echoes off of moss covered walls
Moss that long ago wilted and died
The sky darkens
The smell of rain fills the senses
It has been a long time
An eternity in the eyes of nature
The plants turn in hope
Animals sniff the air in anticipation
One drop or a deluge
Any rain would help the parched land
For five minutes the black sky opens
The rain falls in thick grey sheets
Filling crevasses and a dead river valley
Flowers bloom
The animals drink their fill
The five minutes end
The rain moves over the mountains
And the drought returns
But for the moment
One brief moment
Live is good for that little valley

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“Guten Morgen”… or should I say “Good Morning”…
This is Punxsutawney Phil 
Hailing you from Gobblers Knob 
That’s my tiny hill!
Today, I am feeling like such a lucky ground hog…
I know that some of you may be weeping
But as for me I will soon be sleeping
Because, there’s going to be six more weeks of winter ~
You may say Phil what were you thinking! 
Well, it was kind of hard to see here
With the rain turning to snow
It’s the day after the Super Bowl
Yet, somehow my shadow it did show; 
You know I had to go,
Because, it frightened me so  
Thus, back to bed I must go to hibernate
But not before my veggie shake…
By the way, the game was just great,
This is Phil signing off…   Saying 
“Haben Sie eine gute Nacht” 
Meaning “Have a Good Night”
I’ve been up way too late!

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This Old Stormy Night

Here I stand, thinking listing to Whispers in the night, as I am glancing out my window,
I hear the thunder roll and the lightning strike as it's dancing in the dark blue sky,
Oh- and the rain is falling falling falling and I can't seem to clear this mind of mine.

While I stand here pondering old memories of you and me.
Remembering all those field's we ran threw full of white snow,Chasing after love,
and in summer time, picking the wild flowers, and chasing butterfly's - oh- chasing butterfly's.

It put's a smile on my face, having these priceless memories that nothing could replace,
Oh- honey In good times and in bad,
We were side by side, promising this Love for all of time. So I will stand here thinking for a while as I smile, 

I will be glancing out my window, listing to that
thunder roll and the lightning strike as it's dancing in the dark blue sky,
Oh- and the rain is falling falling falling and I can't seem to clear this mind of mine.
While I stand here pondering old memories of you and me.

This old heart of mine won't forget,
the happiness, and all the wonderful years we'd been given And all the joy with so many priceless memories, I'll be great Full in my life's ending, And when I walk threw those pearly Gates in heaven I may look back for a second or two, just to remember how that thunder rolled and the lightning striked as it danced in the dark blue 

Oh- and the rain is falling falling falling and I can't seem to clear this mind of mine.
While I stand here pondering old memories of you and me----

Oh- and the rain is falling falling falling and I can't seem to clear this mind of mine.

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If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em.

Lift up the tarps
Let the stubborn rain in
Wind up the roof
Watch the lightning begin
Mud up the feet
In the dance of the wilderness
Twist brooding trees
in a moment of dizziness
Spin all the stars undone, laughing and overcome
Mix all your tears with the eyes that the rain came from
Sleep under grumbling clouds, thick sleep with anvil eyes
Wake to be healed by the opulent opal sky
Fold up the tent
Let the sun warm the ground
Pull up your roots 
and sweet tune to the sounds
Pack up the storm
in your backpack and go
You just can't stop the rain~
Might as well join the flow...

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cut the water from the cloud strings

cut the waters from the cloud strings
and watch as the rain pulls the clouds
to the unforgiving ground below
the rain disperse to form a full ocean
on earth, but where, where does 
the ocean leave to, where does it go?
see it rise, rise up to 
the sky above, though you don't see it
you watch it take place.
its life begins again it is in the clouds
above all the trees
see it pour down to the ground
only to have it rise again.

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it was just raining in my dream,
in my sleep, in a pair of my closed eyes. 
then the rain falls in love with my eyes
which never slept. i always find my eyelashes
wet like the dew on the grass, in the morning and evening. 
then the rain was also in love to my body.
delightedly shower me, bathe my body.
my body suddenly has a bathroom
with a tub full of eternal rain. 
then the rain was in love to my bed,
to my room, my house too. it is full of rain.
i saw the cabinets, chairs and tables, clothes, books,
and my memories swam in a huge puddle.
then the rain in love to my yard.
drowned the trees and flowers
in my garden. i saw the stalk
and carrion floating in front of my house. 
then the rain was also in love to road
i watched the rain was running like a vehicle
on it. i do not know where will it go.
you know, i always imagined rain coming to
your house, knocking on your door,
pushed into your room, climbed your bed,
soak your body, and fell in love with your eyes. 
i always pray, in your sleep, in dreams,
a pair of your closed eyes looking at me and the rain,
watching me playing in the rain, alone.
and you come along.

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I love that moment before the storm.
The world goes silent
and dozes and snores.

A prayer summons this bliss to last;
for regular breath,
much unlike the past.

Peace that ends in a series of pours. 
Thunder snaps the core.

The world's awake and is frantic.
Breath turns to howls.
Rain. Tears. Panic.

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And the clouds build up
to thunderous applause
rubbing shoulders
as they muscle for position
but their lives throw shadows of their existence
brief, so brief
yet they bring the relief
to the dried earth croaking its plea
up on high
hey, what about me!
The clouds put their heads together
And share a lament
They share a sad story
And then they repent
They break down in tears
And in love release their fears
As the ground receives 
As one that believes
Sustenance, relief, quenching, with tears
Of joy
Ah, what joy,
As the cracked lips that were gapingly open 
Receive their drink, and close with satisfaction
Ah, the relief

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When the spring rain falls, I feel renewed. I feel that I have nothing to worry about.
The thunder blocks out the cries on the streets. The cry of helpless children. The thunder blocks out my screams. But it does not block out the screaming inside me. The lightning lights up the world. It exposes the good and the bad. It exposes some of the deepest, darkest secrets. But it does not expose my secrects. It does not expose me. It does not expose my pain. The spring rain cleanses the Earth. It wipes away the world's wrong doings. It wipes away my tears. It makes me feel like the world isn't only mad at me, The spring rain covers up my sins, It wipes away my sadness but only for a minute, when the spring rain stops, I'm hurt and sore all over again. When the spring rain stops, I feel hopeless. When the spring rain stops, I wish it would start again. When the spring rain stops, I wish that it never started. When the spring rain stops, I feel like there is no meaning in life. When the spring rain stops, I feel like I want to die.

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next heart's song

there are days when the words come
like fevered friends grasping at lapels
urgently telling the tale with gasping breath
other times they come like a sweet river in the sunshine
they flow like bright beauty
the words can ignite you or seduce
like a simple phrase sweet to the ear
like her playing her guitar
melody brings the heart such joys
the concept brings such beauty
just a fragment of song
but in it i hear night caravans on high desert road
i hear autumn sunshine laying on soft grass
i see all the creation possible to me
so play a little longer
let me hear another summer day
let me find the words to my next heart's song
let me see the beauty in you

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It Rained that Day

It rained that day - 

incessant, driving rain 
that mirrored my watery brokenness. 
Teeming tears, teeming rain, teeming torrents 
of gnawing, agonizing pain. 

It rained that day - 

overpowering the inefficient 
stressed out drain. A gurgling back-flow 
of uncomfortable memories re-surging 
in my mind again.....and again, 

as the rained poured - 

bitterness and streaming resentment 
onto the saturated ground. 
The only sound the beating downpour 
on the tinkling window pane, 

and I watch it falling......... 

falling apart .... 
like the shards of my heart; 
blade shaped, and stabbing mercilessly 
at once precious memories now irreversibly tarnished 

as they gush, tumbling down that overburdened drain....... 

swirling in the sewage, wasted, acrid smelling, 
torrential.....then gone from sight - 
like you, gone, held tight, but gone, with the rain 
down the drain, never to be seen again ......... 

It rained that day - 

the day you left me bereft and 
devoid of emotion. Sore from emotional misuse. 
Untrusting. Hatches battened. Defences built; 
walls constructed never to be scaled. 

It rained for a while, 

but today the sun shone.

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No War Only Peace

Awaken to the of birds chirping; the sound of peace,
All strife has passed and all war has ceased...
A massive tension has been released
Every man, woman, and child out of the belly of the beast
And now they are at the dinner table, ready to feast
All enemies have deceased and that is a cause for celebration
People all over the world shouting, "Yes, we made it!"
On the streets there is no more chaos, everyone is flagrant
Everyone has patience and virtue there is no such thing as hatred
No one has to die because of the position in which they've been placed in
Everyone got along and every moment was sacred; no time wasted
Every teenager respected their curfew...
They could safely go to the beach during Spring Break vacation
Every teenager had a father that installed virtues; not just hatred
No child ever had to go through a storm of a
divorce case; it's not blatant
Caught up in the collateral damage; it has been erased
Every kid in school love one another and no on was disgraced
Because of their race, or the place that they stay in; equal locations
No kid starved while rappers are talkin' bout cars and ballin';
Every kid had parents that would hear them when they're calling
No kid every had to dive into a pit of despair because of the color of their 
Or the decision or the attraction to a same sex gender
Every single person in the world were kind and they cared
No murders occur on the surface of this turf; nobody was scared
Girls could wear whatever they wanted without feeling so bare
That kid over is not plotting to grab her by the hair; the epitome of fear
Never existed in the hearts of the parents
They don't have to worry about their kids being reckless
No worrying about, "how the hek did he get that neckless)
Every kid had a checklist that didn't consist of getting pregnant
No one had to stay wearing that hairnet because everyone had a return 
on an investment
No need for government because everyone had good intentions
There was no need for police and people could smoke weed in the streets
Celebrating life no need for malicious greed
No gang bangers poppin' off on the cops and blockin' shots
With a mother of a twelve year old's body; no glocks...
I'm sorry that I went so long, I gotta a lot
to say and I use these songs

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The Rain And You

My dear rain! You are for who? 
The dry and fatigue earth
to fill her pores; 
The cloudy poets
to waste the diary; 
My mother needs you
For her child...
My father needs for his wife
For who are you? 
-The cute couple
-waiting for romance; 
-The new wife to bathe;
-The child to play
-To float paper boat
Or to minimize my drops?

Rain near the window
The sounds....drip drip drip
Flow of water, cold feelings
Give pains...
It only reminds me of you!

Litan Dey
Sense of smell-As rain makes many peoples cry in many ways,she makes me also cry and She and Rain is same here. 

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Spring Showers

The moist air come around once more
to start the new life of nature to be sure
spring showers that cleanses our world.

The snow melts to a degree for it is time to see
a world of wonders for everyone
that needs a spring showers to be free.

The ground gets all soft for things to grow
to be part of this emotional adaptation
is how we should know.

The binds of winter goes away 
to be come a new season to portray 
a wonder of colors and beauty.

The moment has come to use your umbrellas
in many ways can block the showers 
that might drizzle on us to ruin our day. 

Spring Showers Contest
March 25 2013

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Remember The rain

Remember The Rain
Think back
Remember when you were a child
When rain was a toy
To be played with
To be run in
Dance in
And laugh in
The days we were drenched
Warm water dripping in our hair
All over our faces
And the taste of nature’s purest water
Rolling down our tongues
We were so innocent
So amazed over the smallest things
When did that change
When did we stop playing with our toys
When did rain become something to avoid
Next time the clouds let loose
When rains fall to the ground
Return to that child you used to be
Go outside
Keep your clothes on
And just play

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How the Acid Rain Riots Stole my Innocents

As Nissan cars drove through the bars they picked up Jesus who yelled out to 
the populous HEY LOOK AT ME I’M FREE! And he was free to and God said 
check in later, but go be who you want to be. Society cried for the souls they lost 
wondering at what cost and the billboards lied and the fire hydrants said come 
inside it is safe we will protect you from the fire and all the while I wondered why 
you didn’t open your mind to find out what was real and what was feral and they 
said with their pretty hair, their arms bare they’re faces full of fake care, eyes 
wondering who was over there and are we safe in this place, she’s to wild for us, 
we’ve had enough she’s crazy you see she knows who we will be we would 
rather follow what they say instead of think! and the flowers screamed YOU 
NEED A SHRINK but no one listened because we could only hear and feel so we 
fell over in pain and it started to rain all the same and the droplets hit the ground 
bursting into anger and hate it drew out our fate cracked the concrete as it fell 
and dripped poison into the well. It’s a hard rain she screamed. ATOMIC RAIN! 
Society screamed. NUCLEAR RAIN! they yelled and ran crashing into one 
another over reacting once again over analyzing all the same and we watched in 
shock as the riots were fought and in a whisper I heard the wind zoom by my ear 
and suddenly I could feel right in wrong very strong but I forgot it the next day and I 
forgot how to read and to write and spell and I forgot how to speak and to feel 
and smell and it wasn’t until I forgot how to think how to open my mind how to 
see what could rhyme what was fine and then my eyes glazed over and I broke 
the window in front of me so I could see what I wanted to steal was not real just 
tubes and spark plugs that would make my life empty but my mind was so 
closed and my eyes so open that there was nothing left to tell me the truth so I 
joined the acid rain riots and all became quiet. The end of the world took place 
that day but we all keep living that exact same way.    

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The sound of water is heard 
The rain falling onto the ground 
Like a giant waterfall 
Where the source comes from nature itself 

The sun hides behind the clouds 
Which have darkened 
Lightning and thunder 
We see and we hear 
The signs of a heavy rain 

I now hear splashing sounds 
I see tiny fountains as water droplets hit the ground 
Muddy puddles form in grassy patches 
Traffic comes to what seems like a standstill 

After the sky has shed all his tears 
Joy and love radiates from the sun 
A new weather, a new cycle 
Water has begun yet another circulation through nature 
As if starting afresh  

Without rain 
we would run out of water supplies 
Crops would not grow 
Famine and drought 
And poverty 

Humanity is no longer troubles or worried of any wrongdoing 
All washed away 
Humanity is cleansed by nature's purifying waterfall 
Dried by the sun's warmth and glory 
We are ready to move on. 

Rain is a blessing.

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Forgotten Reality

The family gathered to celebrate the new baby
A home filled with love, past memories and joy
Smells from the kitchen perforate the room
Children and laughter, barking dogs, purring cats
Aunty Flo’s paintings proudly decorate the walls
Grannies old rocking chair in pride of place
The new couch and chairs bought on time, admired by all
Familiar objects overflowing, a house filled with love
A front yard carefully tendered flowers in tidy beds
Large back yard, old mango tree, gums and weathered swing
The twins playing happily by the river bed near bye
People, cats, dogs, chickens and ducks all in harmony
A picture of content, hard work and mortgage paid
The sun as usual, blistering heat, on a perfect Aussie day
Then blessed rain, falling softly on the old tin roof
Rain, rain, rain, at last such a blessed relief
After so many months of intense heat and dry dusty days
Rain, rain, thunderstorms and more rain
Days of rain, rain non stop, rain never ceasing.

Rivers rising, water flowing every- where, rain, rain
Sand bags and trenches dug, trying to stop the inevitable
Rising rivers, warnings given, sudden evacuation necessary
Escape now the only answer, children gathered
Babies crying not understanding the agony around
Roads blocked, bridges down, cars and belongings floating bye
Life to be saved survival all that matters now
Neighbours helping neighbours, pregnant women giving birth
People clinging to rooftops, cars and trees, volunteers risking lives
Shelter given, food, blankets, coffee and cups of tea
Arms outstretched to devastated people trying to find hope
The country coming together doing all it can to help
Day’s later families returning to destroyed hopes and dreams
Mud, stench, debris and brown murky water, nothing to be saved
No couch, swing or rocking chair, pictures all destroyed
Back yard gone, trees destroyed nothing but sludge and stench
Such a heart breaking human toll of such unprecedented scale
Lives, homes and livings lost in a tsunami like destruction
Australia, Australia our land of drought and floods!

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The Same

The rain beats
against the window
I turn and look
through the glass
Tiny pools of water
are being formed
in the driveway
Soon the rain will stop
The pools of water 
will seep through
the ground
Ans I...will remain
the same

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Rising off the pavement
in vaporous waves,
seeping through every crack.

Its forked tongue whispering
illusions in your ear.
Your mind sees pictures
that aren’t really there.

Its coiling tail wraps
around your body,
sweat dripping 
from every pore.

You try to escape but the poisonous 
gas follows you everywhere.
Nowhere are you safe
from the burning grip of heat.

Only the power of rain
can deliver you from this hell.
For the rain can repair
what the heat destroyed.

The coolness of rain can
wash away the dirt and grime.
It soothes the burns and
cleans the wounds.

Come, oh rain,
and heal our broken bodies,
deliver us from this
world of flames and pain.

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Nature's Fury

The storm was unrelenting,
Possessed of a fury unmatched by anything he had ever seen.
The wind blew the rain towards the ground in regimented and precise layers,
Legions of droplets descending on the earth like some vast army.
In stark contrast to the disciplined layering of the falling lifeblood of the clouds,
Sheets of water whipped violently about in intricate patterns on the path,
Raging and frothing forward in the manner of a screaming barbarian horde.
He stood in the midst of it all,
Watching gusts of wind propel walls of rain at him.
As they hit him they dispersed into their separate components,
Letting him feel the sting of each individual droplet against his chilled body.
All of a sudden the heavens erupted, spewing forth a bolt of lightning
With a peal of thunder mightier than the most glorious battle-cry.
He watched it race to earth,
Forcing the night sky to shed its dark cloak and reveal all in one awe-inspiring moment,
Captured in time and memory.

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Drenching Origami Wings

A forehead wrinkles 
at the pounding of water from the sky

It kind of wishes that
it could drown out 
thoughts and feelings

but it only serves
to magnify them 

background droll music
to an over thinker's mundane life

a fold here,
a crease there

origami wings
that are limp,

looking pretty lonely and pathetic
under that crying sky

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watching the rain with you

watching the rain with you
viewing a smile in the center of the wind
there is no other place i would rather be
the flowers with no name are resting peacefully in your lap
i smile at the contentment that decorates the vibe yuletide iridescent
as the rain continues to fall, you slowly get up from your bistro chair and find your true comfort in my lap
i put my arms around you with pride and an ecstatic disbelief
you ask me out of the blue why most of my poems are so enriched with sadness and heartbreak
i reply by saying there are many avenues in the well traveled states of mind
you nod and return to listening to the rhythm of the rain
that oldie by the cascades suddenly begins to linger in my mind
as you snuggle and find the warmth that leads to the perfection of your satisfaction,
i recall this very moment when it was only a blueprint of a dream
now it is like the ultimate autograph with a reclusive celebrity
the misanthrope and the socialite....sharing a kiss of united similarity
still watching the rain with you....i would not change a thing, and that includes you....

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Clouds can be remarkably similar
to the friends lovers and passer-bys
that filter through our daily lives
like unexpected weekend guests
who arrive exactly as they planned
or close relatives who fail to appear
simply cancelling at the last minute
as if you weren’t worthy of their rain cheque 
you have cleaned the bathroom 
and your conscience for nothing

Puppet clouds pull easily at our strings
just the rumour of a troubled sky
can send a jetliner the other way
and when thunder rolls like a lions roar 
even the bravest of us cringe for cover 
for their faithful companion lightning 
can be utterly shocking
like the last couple to leave a party
you are not even sure who invited them

Naysayer clouds are lifelong companions
content to rain on just your parade
intimidating away hopes for a brighter day
some clouds are hauntingly thin and long
like the  fingernail scratches of a prisoner 
held within the walls of a gray winter day
thirsty for the taste of a falling raindrop
and who among us has not known 
at least one cute blond cloud
cannot find her way around a hilltop

Vegas stars mime the clouds de soleil
desert matinees provided dawn to dusk 
elflike figures grasping silver moonbeams
magically move across skies of  fantasy
one moment an elegant graceful butterfly 
the next a leaping giant walrus 
brilliant costume changes accomplished   
within the blink of your eye
now you see them and then you don’t
encore encore encore

Who has’nt witnessed the theft of sunset 
winsome pickpockets lurk like puffs of innocence
clouds seemingly distant but so close 
we never feel them steal the belief
that we actually can own daylight 
as if it were a shiny silver dollar
the usual suspects hide away to darkness
even a cloudless sky fails to please us all  
who has not longed for a rainy day

Clouds of suspicion descend upon truth
as if locusts hunting for delicious prey
and can like a loaded pair of dice 
forever change the games that we play 
the fickle and aloof clouds of love
play hide and seek with our very hearts
Juliet cried out where for art thou Romeo
deep in her heart she knew his words
were just a bunch of silver lined promises 
who do you trust if you can’t trust a cloud


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When the sunshine decides to go into hiding

When the sunshine decides to go into hiding

Written By Dean Masciarelli 

December 1, 2009 (6:33pm)

When the sunshine
decides to go into hiding

And gray
clouds return

With the rain not to far behind

Remind yourself

When the rain starts falling

Not to allow the rain
to get you down

Because the good 
Lord is 
taking the time
to water his garden

So that everything 
can remain green

And after he is done
watering his garden

It will be a time 
for celebration

Because that’s when a rainbow 
will appear in the sky to let us know 
that the sunshine will be returning soon

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A Ripple

A ripple
Just a drop
Shakes the water,
Makes it dance,
Deflects the
True image
And causes a stir

A ripple
Just a ripple
Changes the
Image seen.

A ripple
Just a change
Causing heartbreak
And pain

A ripple
Just a drop
Of the
Tears flowing
Brings happiness
In the form of rain.

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The Rain Falls

After the rain falls,
A new joy of beauty was bringing,
Reaching out! To wander forth again
Hearing the loud thrush singing,
Pouring out his soul with increasing pain,
No where to rest after the rain falls?

In the evening, when the shadows thicken,
Silence forms from above all,
Leaving a warm wind to quicken,
With their sweet and adorable breath
Perched on a leaf with blossom,
Snooping down at the earth,
While their souls enjoy fain,
Relaxing after a day of pain
The rain falls.

After the rain falls,
Couldn't sleep so I go out walking,
Thinking about you and hearing us talking,
Over the hill a bright star shines upon a green slope,
When one stepped out, nothing was there.
Then something fell from the sky,
An angel so sad it made me cry,
Reaching out
The rain falls.

Washing away the essence,
As tears fall from the moon,
Leaving you feeling purer, cleaner,
Feeling loving and wanting to be nearer,
Life stirs up our hopes within us,
Being unkind to the heart and brain
Not wanting thinks to turn out brusk,
Foreseeing a rosier colourful future,
Banished by toil and pain,
The rain falls.

After the rain falls,
Earth is studded over with bloom,
A new bud is formed on every leaf,
Where the loud thrush, can sing again,
Hearing a loud, melodious call,
Over the meadows,
As we see the sun dipping,
The rain falls.

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Today There is Rain Outside

Today there is rain outside
as I begin to meditate....
I settle down more deeply,
more still than usual,
even until....
all thoughts were still...
my feelings faded away,
I was left
in deep peace.

in the quiet... 
no boundaries existed,
no where
no why
no what
no who.

I'm aware of unlimited awareness,
nothing else...
no time
no changing
no content
no other.

I remained with

the universe came
and my mind flooded with imperfections
all around me,
all around me
surrounding me
cries from humanity
of shame, humiliation, elimination,
of guilt and evil and blame,
of hopelessness and despair,
of fear and hate

the rain outside had stopped
adding to the noise.

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Erudite destruction.

 I sat in the rain with the world at my feet
and I sighed.
Staring into it's eyes; it's limitless gaze.
I swooned amidst the tragedy of a starving visage.
I cried at the birth of morning light;
Of the sun dappled vastness; the twittering congregation
that scorned my affections with ignorant, cheerful song.

The rain continued to fall in shivering waves.
Each droplet a wish I never made,
a promise I never kept,
a conclusion I never dared dream.
While the trees sang in unison, each leaf rejoicing
as my screams refused to interrupt their hedonistic sunrise.

The morning opened its jaws; wide, loose and jagged,
like the sharpened words of an ex lover.
It spoke to me in tongues and sang to me in Dutch.
I sat abashed, vainly interpreting such linguistically tainted insight
with a gaping mouth and clenched fists.
Revelling in the sadness of misunderstanding.

I merely nodded then, smiling warmer than the rising sun,
pretending that I had the slightest idea
as to what the morning was all about.
It laughed in my face.
Offering me a hand and a look of condemnation,
with a saddened smile that was too brief to register.
Our palms met and I shuddered at the plainness of its touch.

Onward we walked, as I marvelled at my fellow inmates.
Rotten fruit of damaged trees, walls left unpainted,
Stories that had reduced their writers to tears and disbelief.
Tangled, weeping, sceptics.
Erudite destruction.
I would have screamed, had the night not already covered by mouth
with the dark skin of a slender, furtive hand.

I watched with disdain, knowing I was among my kin;
I was one of the townsfolk in a city long since created
and left to crumble in ruins.
I felt the bile rise in my throat and the air leave my lungs
as I began to run back into darkness.

I turned my head so blithely that the morning shed a tear.

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only me

Sleeping as I awake
Falling as I climb
Dreaming in my present state
The future is left behind.

If death is a sweet release
And life is all a lie
Why do we all sit in shock
As the whole world dies.

I cannot accept this prize
The finish line I haven’t crossed
Laughing at those before me
Oh how bad they’ve lost.

I do not care to speak
My words so eloquently betray
All that I love and seek
Is rotting in decay.

I am only one girl
Yet my army rises high
Fall and pray to a deaf god
As you choke and cry.

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Hissing Flame -raindrop-

Enigma of whispy desire
pulling upon withered soul
gripping flames of yearning 
ever changing 
influentual roles

Hear hisses longingly whisper
raindrop upon flames
rapidly hissing deoxidation
body turns toward sound of rain

Have you ever touched the flames
ever felt the scorching burn 
regret as soon as end comes
ahhh never will we learn

Watched so many perish
from this elusive 
hated drug

having to turn my back on friends
knowing tis my weakness
my deathly love

Thief in the lights brightest rays
goddess cloaked in the darkness
ruling my body 
controlling my heart 
owning my soul

Never to let go
it chains itself to me
yet i have broken away
giving thanks for
another precious day

Two plus years of fighting
my shield being my children
yet my demon always is there

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I feel you every minute of every day

The sun brings the warmth of your heart
That shines in your radiant smile
Like a summer’s day
And sparkles in your beautiful eyes
Like the brightest stars
In the russet tones
Of a twilight sky
As the copper sun hangs over the horizon
Of a calm tropical sea

The wind brings the sweet music of your voice
And the symphonic melody of your laugh
Caressing my ears
Enveloping me in layers of sound
Like a choir of angels in a dream
A serenade in Venice
A film score in a love scene
The poetic words of everything you say
Touching my heart and soul

The rain brings the delicate scent of your skin
Washing me in the cool fragrance
Of your delicate hair
Showering me in the musky perfume
Of your embraces
Drenching me in the heady redolence
Of your passion
Surrounding me with the fragrance
Of jasmine, roses and sandalwood

The life sustaining air itself brings the essence of you
Making me tingle and vibrate
With your electricity
I feel you every minute of every day
As the sun, the wind, and the rain suffuse me
Warming my mind with the presence of you
Imbuing my body with the pleasure of you
Saturating my soul with the beauty of you
Filling my heart with the love of you

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Reminensces of Petrichor

The night still sings with
The memory of rain; the air
Is drenched in the pungent 
Scent of damp earth and
The grass is dripping with
Starlight like liquid silver...
The stars are raindrops caught
On the gossamer wisps of cloud,
Which hang across the sky like 
Ribbons; like the ghosts of rainbows...
And I?- I am a ghost moving 
Soft like a breath in the dark,
Trying to learn how to dance to
The sound of a Spring night
As the breeze tries to remember 
The words to the song it used 
To hum on lazy Summer evenings, 
But only just recalling that it had
A melody like warmth...

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 265-266, Holy Koran

Those who spend their property
To seek pleasure of Allah the Giver and Great
And to uphold their mindset
Their reward is like a hilltop garden
Upon which if heavy rain falls 
Its fruits become twofold then
But if heavy rain does not fall 
Drizzling is enough for the garden too
Allah sees whatever you do.

Is there one of you who wants
A garden of palms and vines
With streams flowing beneath it
All kinds of fruits will be there
Then you will become gray-haired
And you will have weak offspring
When a fiery whirlwind will smite that garden
It will become blasted then.
Thus Allah makes the communications loud and clear
With a view to boosting up your thinking power.

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One Rainy Night

One rainy night
One rainy night there was very little light.
The road was wet with mud 
The corners I started to dread.
Rain was falling as hard as could be.
I could not really see.
I had to reduce my speed.
I looked to the left and then to the right.
Just then, in my sight there he stood.
I hit my brakes and tried to stop.
The rain kept me from doing so.
As they drove away, they drove away I heard them say.
He saved her life on this rainy night. 
The bridge is washed out and it would have been a sight
On this one rainy night.

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1:23 am

Afraid of the rain, I don’t want to be... I’ve emptied Pandora’s Box on my bed.
It’s 1: 23 and I didn’t mean to do it. How could I do it again?
 How stupid you must be…
I just want to cry, I don’t want get out bed, but I do.
 Because I was ready for once in my life…devastated, strung-out.

I looking at the compact, I see the rain out of my mirror. I'm strapped to an image, 
of something that was foraged. 
I just wanted to love you again. Wanted to be pure in someone eyes. 
I’ve soled my soul for it, 
A zombie, machinery that’s in love with you.

Seeing you from cross the platform, kissing and hugging, someone that should 
be me,
Was it me? 
Its 1:23, my heart just stopped, figuring it’s figment of my imagination. Who would 
have known? Who would have believed? 
It’s 1:23 and I’m hurt, and I think everybody knows. I can’t close my heart, 
I tried to see this optimistically.
“I’ll just wait for him to come around”, but the rain is coming now.

Mixing ebony skin, so much he and she became invisible, 
I’m creditable, and it’s not enough for you anymore,
Look at all that rain! Watching the ground flood through my clouded eyes,
In the middle of storm, it’s 1:23, walking off the platform, down the stairs,
With your love as a painful memory, that the frightful rain is my only friend.    

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rain o rain

Rain do rain,
         To relieve us from pain,
         Of this unbearable heat,
          Scorching and sunburn,
          Like the hot pan or oven.
Clouds, do cloud,
          The incessant sun,
          Who’s scorching beams, 
          Are ruining our feet
           Like a hot plate.
Thunder dear thunder,
          Come down and wander,
          Destroy these sunbathed lands,
          Of dust and sandy lawns,
          On which we dread to land.
Water, do water,
          As droplets of rain,
          As clouds of happiness,
          As electricity from thunder, 
          As future for nature,
          As a savior and reliever,
Lest, all shall perish in this scorching furnace of hot winds, showing its anger, faces burning, lips peeling, heal bleeding health diminishing and death toll rising.

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Perfection in the Sky

Some days you see perfection in the sky
and it can bother you that that perfection
is not within you

Some days you look up to see dirty buildings and filthy air
and you wonder where the beauty is 
and if it really still exists
and you realize the outside does not match the beauty 
desired inside

Some days the sky is gray and rain falls in relief
And its in these days that you are in peace
because whatever hindrance that you keep pent up
is somehow comforted by the sky's release
And that part of melancholy
can just be

...And it is in these days
when you are wrecked and cloudy,
that particles of hope condense
ready to rain joy upon you,
because you know that in the morning
bright blue will once again gleam in your eyes
and the air will breath of relief
and rainbows will speak of the promise of life
and the perfection you see in the sky
will spill straight into your soul

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When Silver Showers Arrive

Arrives. Soon it sprinkles the soil and
lets her know that heaven
is the slishity-slosh of rain in my head
come to wash all my memories away.

Cleansing drops
from burdened clouds, of mournful grey
when will thy come to wash away my pain?

Some drops stay longer on tall branches
and again falls
how beautiful is the rain!

The drips and drops of rain
quiet, small, and grey
it stays there waiting in the sky
growing so weak, no energy to fight
trickles among the stones
in disarray
if you need to be happy
it's time to let arrogance be gone
in the silver of showers.

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beauty of the rain

 when the storm hits the dusk 
 the yellows , oranges and reds 
 brilliant beams of lights 
 rainbows across the valley 
 soft taping on the leafs 
 blowing a mist 
 across my face 
 a blanket of spreading showers 
 sweeps like a painters brush 
 over the dry pavement 
 a rush of water 
 sweet to the smell 
 (eucalyptus smells the best) 
 as the drops get stronger 
 my mood tends to ease up 
 problems seem to dissolve 
 as the rain washes away the day 
 just the beauty of the rain

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Get a Grip - Meeting Eye to Eye

He blew away…he blew away my sadness
My damn despondency…
He’s making fun of me…
Don’t laugh at me, I envy
Your smile… I’d run the extra mile
Just to be with you for only a little awhile
Tell me if I need to get a grip
You consume me like fire, I must admit
Oooh…I must get a grip
You’re something else, full of vibrant wit
Get a grip…be mature…don’t let it rip
Don’t let your anger out on me –
Don’t slash me with a whip
Don’t let the kitchen knife slip…
Bite the bullet…(Oooh…x5 yeah)
Bite the bullet!
See right through it!
See right through my pain
And I’m waiting for His healing rain
But, until then, I must get a grip
I must get a grip!!

I think I’m taking this way too far…
Get a grip…get a grip, boy!
I’m in the brink of catastrophe – I ain’t waging war!
Get a grip, you worthless toy!
You drive me insane again and again!
You are a Rowdy Racecar,
Zipping past me speedily…crashing into me
Showering pieces of me collapse on the green grass
The grass isn’t greener on the other side
There’s no need to hide…
For in the light,
That’s where you will abide
For in the light,
That’s where your happiness stretches wide
You’re running over me…
Oh oh oh…you’re tripping out!
You’re screwing with my mind
Oh oh oh…without a doubt!
I knew I was this love was so blind

Don’t be a downer…(get a grip)
Don’t imitate me or you’ll end up like a loner
I’m a lonesome ghost…(I need to get a grip)
Foolishly in love…I swear I’ll be okay!
I’ll be okay as long as I pray!
(Hey God! Help me get through this hardship…
I’m sinking like the Titanic ship)
Trying to find friendship (on another level no doubt),
Feeling high with your love…(THAT’S something to marvel about)
I want something to cherish as my own…
I’ve grown accustomed to you…I’m sorry I’ve blew things out of proportion
I don’t want to be alone forever or I’ll be a dried-up bone
But, luckily, I’ve tasted love from up above, knowing that you
l give me a portion of self-control…
A portion that’s above all…...
A portion with mighty soul…
A portion that’s as tough as a wall…....
I’ve tasted love from up above,
I’ve got a grip finally! Oh my love…
That’s something new! Like seeing an ebony dove –

That’s something to brag of…
Are you an angel from up above?

Do you abide in the light?
Can I have a portion of your heaven-brewing delight?
Can we escape this plight tonight?
Let's lock hands & let's take flight, like a graceful, bold eagle without a fright
We'll meet eye to eye this outlandish night 
Everything will be alright!

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And it Was Good

I still remember you.

No matter how far I get,
halfway across the world or not;
whether or not it's been two whole years,
two long years where so very much has changed;
doesn't make a lick of difference.
Damn, I still remember us.

Just last week, on a day
when the rain fell on our group
as we examined relics of the past,
a little of my own shone through
as I described to a fellow
our first kiss.

He talked about how he liked rainy days,
because when they came around 
he used to go to his girl
with flowers and watch movies,
and it was great.

This reminded me, gloriously,
of how, on a day much like that,
when the rain made anything possible
and you glowed;
how we went in my front yard to stand beneath it.

And how you hopped, skipped, and danced,
seemingly on the wet air,
laughing lightly as you did -
how, then, I simply had to have a kiss from you,
and it was magic.

Just a few days ago, I examined my life,
and how my parents are proud of me.
They've been for some time, and it's only grown now,
with my job and the distance.

In that, I thought of what my father sacrificed,
for my brothers and me,
part of the reason I've walked the path I have.

This reminded me, wistfully,
of a time when he knew I despaired,
over being suddenly bereft of you -
and he took me for a drive.

He let me vent, let me discuss you;
let me show him with words
some of the memories that to this day
dance behind my eyes.

He let me talk about how down I was,
first discovered my poetry;
half of it, at that time, about you.
He let me go on and on, and gave his advice,
and it was great.

You see, even where I am now,
even though it's been so long;
even though I've been over this for some time -
even though I swore I wouldn't do it again;
I still remember us.

I still feel connected.

It's infinitely different now,
and feels more like an old friend
with some special caveats
and very special memories,
than any yearning for us again.

You and I;
hard to describe.

It was short-lived, but hard-hitting;
like the raging tempest that passes
faster than breath, faster than thought -

All I hope is one day, for something so wondrous
to exist once more, for each of us;
whoever it ends up being.

Don't mistake my intentions -
this isn't a letter of longing for a love, a life long lost.
It's just a letter.

A letter remembering what you may or may not,
what I do;
what has passed.

It was good.

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Silver spring with vipers

silver spring,
hardens archly  on the   magnolia  dreams,
greedily and  ice
replenish  their   pompous short epic sorrows,
(scurry in happy life)
tiredly, raining gently...
the hideous frost... pomegranate poses on  your lips
kissed by the wind.
 she, viper frightening, 
embrace sadly
insipid eager,
the  trees with unknowing flowers...
(she wanted destroy my ego,
but she fall  in the hell-
pervert woman)
boundlessness plunges verses for
melting human pure soul who
screams mad the faintly sun

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Stranger ; the slight neglect 
of conversation has passed 
	as Tempest. 
& the Desert is silent , and pure 
For nothing thou will find but bones and dust.
	Nor will a Lover be 
	by Reason then, d'ye think 
fading as a lamp when all the
	Oil is Spent.
While my Heart prays to send me 
out of this Time bound in thy eyes 
unclosed. Turning to a little 
cold & worthless clay or 
a Bright Stone, by this faith 
I choose , to live and die. Blessed
	by the moonshine green sour 
ringlets making silence unless he has
	found the Power to Prove mortal 
ill prevails ; & there I shall 
sit and surely All will be mine 
	as the dead captains 
in their graves.
	Their Vows their banks 
thier infinite kisses found in 
	foaming pewter.

Thus to bewitch me 
	out of wasting snow & out 
of thought ' s inferior sphere.
	Shine ! Shine ! Shine !
w-/ one I had not hoped to read
as a drunken rose nor in glistening foil 
blazing suddenly , A marvelous Horn 
	"Come Away!
		Come Away!"
My heart into a trance 
	my soul to a hound
set as each Eye as they go by 
		so much for 
extreme pain as two won , worn figures , talking 
	till a shade in Heaven clasped her , 
a shade and there she wept and sighed 
	full sore as I fled the ever colder heights
of Heaven ; a LaughingStock ...As 
the soul would quicken to the core 
of that Hard Heart in thee. 
	No matter what thy violet breath 
then , wild w-/ fear lies stills. Listening 
Motionless & still before Her Red Lips 
that cannot kiss enough
	as such stars as her eyes
alight in the guilty world no more 
	amid barbwire meadows. The Night 
is full of silver straws of rain even now following 
all among The Waves , Fears & sufferings 
moving in the limpid night ,
 my own firm earth ; Vast perogative as far as Jove 
	gathers unto it all the coloured 
days telling of definition 
	breakinf agony clear her 
cold bones struggle limply clear, fighting 
against the rain , fearful , as I hear You
	Rasping for breath in your sweet divided 
throat torn and bloody . Suckig out 
the sweet Venom , dark, in my veins 
	.  As a dainty fever skips o'er blue hills
thriving on the abuse of a solitary city , Light less
in the maze burying a faded fire.
	Noting wings and often am
I blamed living in the alley.
			Again reading the evening prayers
uttering words of kind ; driven out 
	& throwing away glimpses that could make 
me less forlorn in these cold years 
	devoid of glow . Left Now weighing  salt , coffee 
and the Souls of Men.

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Music philosophy

Sounds... they affect us and our behaviour
We react to nature’s bellowing thunder
and find our epiphany of inspiration by the dripping of rain.
We discover ourselves melancholic in a soft breeze
and sway under the rush of a waterfall.

Nature seems to have provided the original mood music.
People are mesmerized by the nightingale’s voice,
scared and empowered through the lion’s roar,
even compassionate upon the noises of a small creature.

We then made music by ourselves to mimic nature’s splendour.
Subtle as drizzle, some begin soft and resonate sorrow until it reaches a downpour.
You could hear it in the stroking wails of the violin.
Bursting, unexpected as thunder, some scream out passion and rage.
You can feel it rising within yourself, no comprehension necessary.
Hypnotising as the bird’s song, some captivate audiences
and force them to feel according to its own will.

Preference plays the conductor’s hand of our emotions,
but music, regardless, carries on.
It never ends.
It has no bounds.
It does not apologise.
It answers to no one.
It is not forgotten.
It cannot bleed…

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light of sadness

My soul pours out of my heart,
Along with the rain that pours from the sky.
A hollow feeling grows from inside,
But I just lay here and feel I will die.
The rain hits my face,
Making reality stay close.
My cold, beating heart slows,
And my breathing almost goes.
I start to fade,
Out of this life I once knew.
Feeling everything leave me,
As I count my last heart beats,
Four, three and two…
Then the clouds are empty,
And the raining stops.
The moon shines down
Making my heart drop.
This feeling i forgot is now returning,
I open my eyes and remember,
Just how beautiful the moon is.
I no longer have to remember to breath,
And my heart is racing inside of me.
The day I thought would be my last,
Turned out to be the day all my pain has past.

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the gentle rain

as the gentle rain falls it washes away the pains of yesterday,
 it soothes my soul .it breathes new life into my once confused mind,
and though torrents have sown destruction my mind can rest at ease 
as the gentle rail washes my troubles away.

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The wind comes
To blow


The sun

To melt 

The rain cleans

And mornings

Were created
For new 

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She screams a scream into the rain The sound bounces off the countless raindrops The sound going so fast it becomes color The color of infinity stretching across the sky. She stands there soaked to the bone her clothes sticking to her body like a scared child to a blanket soon her tears mingle with the rain droplets running down her smooth skin She was a walking a bomb about to burst apart. But now her steam had joined the water above She was breathless, her lungs ached Watching the rain dance in the headlights of passing cars, she was hypnotized Her bare feet placed firmly on the gravel and her jeans on the curb She felt every crack rock and pebble that she was on It all seemed so little in the rain For it to be all washed away in the sweeping storms She liked that idea, it made her smile the thought of being clean To be free of your problems To know that you can have hope once more Thats what she found that night in the young spring rain Hope. The hope that you can banish the army of ghosts that follow you in your dreams The hope of lifting the fear of the future to see the beauty of today The hope of being able to live. Live freely and utterly

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Old Man of The Land ( dedicated to Sid Grey born 19 ? died 1996 R.I.P )

When Sid first met me he laughed 
Sat in his seat of an old Ford 135 
Tractor red rust and wet sticking mud
Swathed in a great green rain coat
A friendly laugh he said
“Bet you wish you hadn’t come here now”

My first day working on his farm
I stood in the rain waiting
I must have looked a pitiful sight
He eyed me, but not unkindly
Removed a minuscule hand rolled cigarette 
From the corner of his mouth
Peered at it 
Then to my surprise stuck it back between his lips and lit it

Sid’s face had been carved from an old tree root
Looked as if he'd been born that way
Brown gnarled lined with years
Below grey brows his eyes smiled
Bright and clear

A dismal wet and mud plied day
Sid taught me how to coax his tractor
Through ruts and puddles of sticking clay
Next day we progressed to bigger wheeled monsters
Finally just five days after
I stepped up to the great green yellow John Deere

“There you go she’s all yours, patted the wheel
“Check the oil every day, the water, you know where to get your diesel
I thanked him
“Don’t thank me lad just make sure I get it back in one piece”

We worked together in the season passing
For six years at each seasons beginning
Found me there waiting

Wasn’t much for talking old Sid
Wasn’t much for working either
Between innumerable smoke breaks
Tea breaks, sandwich breaks, break breaks
And other breaks 
The job was done on time

“There’s always time he’d say, if we don’t finish tomorrow
We’ll finish another day

A Sid break
Sid must've fancied a chat
Munching sandwiches
He patted the soil next to him 
Like some beloved old sheep dog
“I love the land he said, worked on it all my life
This must’ve been true 
He knew every solution to any predicament 
Any job in motion could throw at you 

“These days, he continued 
People want to squeeze as much out of her as they possibly can, 
Shook his head, no respect for the land;
You gotta look after her, don’t and the ground just dies; 
Aint no use chucking all them chemicals on it,
You can’t feed it like that, 
chewed on the butt of his cigarette
They’re gonna drain her dry someday.”

I nodded, no comment was needed or wanted
But to my surprise from the corner of his eye
The wet trickle of a tear

That was Sid Grey, old man of the land
Earth in his blood
Soil in his hand
A whole University of knowledge went lost unnoticed
The day he passed away

He patted the soil next to him
“I love the land, worked on it all my life
and with a chuckle he smiled
An’ I’ll be buried in it someday”

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Voiceless ..

Quietly, quiet
The rain falls above my exile - 

Comply with my rightist
O my poems!  
Till my optimum losses,
Stands on four legs,

And becomes a beast
In the sick night,
At the dusk 

As if it gives me serenity
If I fed it pieces,
From the night and me!

Or it will drink the silence
From my cup and only watch!

Never know.

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the rose

a girl,
she plucked off
a rose,
and touched her lips
to the lips of
the rose-
sniffed the fresh smell of
the red rose.

like spring rain it smelled.
like spring rain it smelled.

a lone tear
from morning dew
trickled down
the rose''s
red, red face.

the rose
then fell from
the girl's
hand as she
hurried off to greet
her friends.

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The first rain in Monsoon

With sweated forehead
& body
I stand alone
in the yard
feeling the hot air
It's dark
no brazen rays of
setting sun
I see the birds
hurrying back
under the heavy sky
There comes...
The first rain of Monsoon
Little rain drops
Little strikes of lightning above
The smell like no other
Fresh wet soil
Little drops,
now fast rain
Trees, bushes
plants & grass
We all waited long
to feel the Rain
The First one in Monsoon...

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Planting Trees

When I first planted trees I thought it was for shelter 
From the ocean gales blast, and the wild rain lashing rain. 
I needed to help them, so I built up some fences.
I needed to feed them, and dug in some kelp.
The trees looked so weak, so fragile, so lonely 
The trees were so small, but they grew.

Next year some had died, but most still grew bravely.
The gales blew again, the frost hard and deep.
I fussed and I worried, I planted where gaps came 
I fretted and fiddled and firmed in loose roots
The trees bent with the wind, then straightened their backs up. 
The trees drank from the rain, and they grew

Each year they grew on, and the next and the next one
The gales blew again, and the snows came and went, 
I thought about training and pruned very gently 
I did some light weeding, I mulched and I mowed. 
The work was a joy, I loved to be round them.
And oft stood in silence, to think, as they grew

Now after some years there are trees all round me
The gales still blow hard, but the trees still grow on
I see the wind kiss them, and now hear them singing  
I see the rain weeping, and now see them smile
They draw strength from each other with roots intertwining  
And give back to me those rewards you can’t buy.  

When I first planted trees I thought it was for shelter
They have given me that, and so very much more.
I planted my trees to find how to keep growing
I planted my trees to be brave in the storms
I planted my trees to cherish my loved ones
I planted my trees to make hearts smile and soar.
I planted my trees to give hope and redemption
I planted my trees to bring peace to my soul

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Sleepless Symphony

The rain fell steady on the roof
While I lay awake next to her.
Her slumbered sounds while fast asleep
Had scored a midnight symphony:
Each drop of rain from heaven fell
Made sounds like strings on violins
Each tightly strung and singly tuned
Awaiting for the slightest cue.
A flash, then thunder from the clouds
Commenced the orchestrally sounds
Of euphonic respiration's
And the strings of condensation
Played for an audience of one:
Dreamy arrangements envisioned.

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The beautiful girl that lives down the street
The one that has bruises from being beat. 
Her heart is frail, she’s lost all hope, 
Her moms new boyfriend hits her to cope.
She’s limping because this nasty man
Where her mother is is unknown
Her eyes are scared and full of fright
because she is afraid to be alone.
The bruises started yellowing.
She was in much pain.
The tears fell down her little face
And outside it began to rain.
At school she was a quiet one.
No one knew her name.
The teachers, they said nothing
Even though they saw her pain.
One day when we watched the news
a picture of a familiar face
I felt the tears build
With greatest sadness and despair
It said that she was killed.
Loud tears filled my home
As I thought of that little girl
Who now would never see
Her future in this world.

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what souls cry in the rain

when the rain is falling
and the wind is dead
the souls are crying.
As the rain falls.
What souls cry in the rain
as the sun rises 
beyond the clouds,
and the moon drops 
beyond the earth
the souls of earth cry
as the rain comes before the fall

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Soft Rain Drops

Soft raindrops fall like dew drops upon the grass
As I walk wearily down my street with this heavy load alone
No, it’s not a nature walk, but a walk to clear my head
Because he’s not free to take a walk, I walk for him and me
In hope, the rain will wash away the pain for him, I feel
Suffering shared, so easily conveyed, by the tears I shed
But soft rain walks with me out here 
And gently kisses my face
Camouflaging my flowing tears

Yet, as I come 'round the bend to my front door,
My leaden spirit slowly rising  
I see my rose bush thriving with  
Remarkable abundance of buds!
Soft raindrops fall, like dew upon the grass
Gently kissing each bud in view
I smile and I realize that like the beautiful rose
Out of this pain we will grow
For God sends soft raindrops to ease growing pain

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I leave my window open, I 
stand in the rain... cry.
I wish I could throw a rope outside
so I could go outside and dance in the rain...
cry my tears...
The tears of joy and of sadness, but it won’t matter 
because the they will be washed away anyway.

I will laugh, smile, think of you...
And of you rejection.
But I won’t care...
It’s as if the rain washed all my cares away
like the chalk drawing on the floor, or my tears.

I’ll let you come in again just as the rain falls through 
my window... I will be as content and happy as I am
Dancing, Singing, Crying and Laughing...

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A Blurry Conscience

Before the storm everything appeared to be lucent
But, then the rain fell upon my window
All the things I knew, now blurred
Light that once guided me is now a maze
Senses I once trusted have betrayed me, forgotten me

I can no longer discern what is right from the wrong
Are the morals I know and believe real?
Or rules created by man?
Do these rules protect or control mankind?
The drops of rain have obscured my moral sense of the world

The decadent things in life now seem genuine
I'm fain to go to a fane filled with feign 
Because it no longer feels nefarious
It's still raining outside; A blurry conscience I have

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The Fall Poem

I heard about a storm coming
More rain is what we are all wanting

California needs rain 
Like a dirty shirt needs a stain

We are doing better
Thanks to all the prayers

It shows that many people believe
And care

I have just been groovin’ this afternoon
Listening to my favorite tunes

As I was looking out my window
I heard someone shout “Bingo!”

A couple of friends
Are in the den

And I think it’s time for them to go

But I would never put them out
I enjoy the noise of laughter and shouts

I’ll just close the door as I ponder about
Going to the store

I could buy a few more Christmas lights
But shucks, how bright is bright?

I’ll take that thought off the list
And drink a shot of Canadian Mist

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Her Secret Seas

I’m jumping in head first
I don’t care how deep it is
She bleeds beauty so well
It seeps through cracked walls

My fingers paper-cut
and aching to a beat
From writing, turning pages
I’d give them all to her

She lays her head somewhere
on some far away cloud
to listen as the rain falls
on some far away boy

I hardly even know her
So curious, this silent spell
I’m electrified through distance
Roads, skies, and mountains

If she would have it so
I would find her in her bed
Asleep on some silver dream
And humming my song

Awaiting patiently a signal
That I am free to take off
A granting of passage
To traverse her secret seas

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Naive romance

So low gathered these puffy hues
Like unbuttoned coat of the king
Ready to astonish all 
Bashed the cheeks of mountains there
And the roofs of poor and rich 

Amid the downpour, a kid
Like a lonely star came out
To nurse his crazy fancies
And gossiping with splashes there
But his mother wailing hard

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About the Rain

Don’t ask me why
I don’t normally
Feel this way
About the rain
But I have prayed
To God
That the rain 
Would continue
It is so beautiful
And makes me happy
Because I have
Been feeling down
But the rain 
Brings me up
I love it so
Don’t ask me why
I do not know.
The gloomy skies
Make me feel
Like I never have
Ever before
The look of doom
Storms and wind
Make me laugh
In glee
Don’t ask me why.

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September dripped hot winds
through the screen door.
The floor sticky from the
slap, slap, of bare feet on tile
parading back and forth
to the fridge for ice.
The dog hides in shadows,
side plastered to the cool 
sticky tile, tongue limp
and touching the floor.
I expect him to rise slowly
and be startled as his tongue
stays behind, glued to the tile,
but it doesn't happen.
We all move slowly, in sweat stained 
tee shirts and shorts.
No place is comfortable to sit.
The dog was right in his choice.
Would he growl if I walked over
and pushed him from his
spot and took his place, 
my tongue hanging to the tile?
Tonight the smell of eminent
rain slides through the screen.
I'm looking forward to it.
Make it a rain so hard the
puddles form in minutes, 
with big drops that plunk
down on the street, lawn, cars
and beat the tile roof to shards.
A rain that more than settles
the dust, greens the lawn,
one that chokes the manhole
as it tries to gulp all it can
only to spew it upward and
out for the traffic to by-pass.
I want a rain that will drench
the heart, cool the skin,
and irrigate the mind,
washing the crust of soot
that clogs my thoughts
and makes the heat hurt 
my brain.
I want a rain that will
clear the soul as it digs
grooves across the lawn.
A rain with a beat so loud that
trains whistle to let it pass.
And on the morning after,
clear blue skies
with a puff of white cloud
and a smell of fresh
laundered earth,
glistening until the sun's heat
dry it, and we begin again.

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There is Madness in the Rain 7x7

There is madness in the rain,
thoughts drip like magic from lips;
Ideas pour on the wind
Just waiting to be harnessed,
to take root in someone's eyes;
Breathing life into a dream,
Feeding imagination.

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breath by breath

from the early morning dew which dances amidst the
changing overwhelming heat & humidity comes the
premonition of the 
storm & with it
breath by breath
we move closer to the cool reward, that swift & sweet
break of the weather
directly there afterward---
when the rain comes & the earth drinks
after so long starving dry
there are those that complain the rain depresses them
whereas only a moment ago they were grumbling on about
the sweltering sun beating down upon them & 
almost as certain as the rain will stop & the sun will set,
the griping will begin when that rain turns to
snow &
the wishing aloud that the heat was still around with its 
accompanying sunlight 
until of course the spring shows its face
provoking all the hormones to run wild
each breath then will be spent in sexual pursuit
to fill cravings held quietly all winter long
or for the more aesthetically hungry
the need to plant & the need to nurse one’s garden
or simply spend more time outside again
appreciating all the nooks & crannies of the 
picturesque realm in which we still 
hoping as the next season arrives some may cease
their whining, whimpering, moaning & groaning
concerning any prospective weather patterns & 
value each in its necessity.  

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An old green t-shirt, in the corner
Lying on the floor, crumpled and faded,
Thoughts of the intended owner have their say,
All manners of time have left their stain in white,
Scoffing as they leave, post haste and diligently,
Dilema to the head, to bask and smile at then
Or to perform  a twisting decay more towards today,
The t-shirt is tossed to the cold ground and rain,
A walk to search and scavenge for God knows what,
Impressions from a sigh atomize the rain,
Catching it in place long enough to feel its leave,
Paths of concrete softened with the sheddings of trees,
Soggy yellow wisps that once supplied,
An entire years worth of hope and life,
Until they too faded and now provide
Both support and resistance for distance I transverse,
Only as the rain secedes from the sky can my eyes rise,
We knew it was a facade, however well made,
Just like you said my eyes are ice, glazed and blind,
Clouds concealing stars.

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Roses of a Tear Drop

I was given this rose
to put an end to these endless tears
He told me he loved me
instead he shoved me around
thinking I’m supposed to stick around
I was given a rose not out of love
such as compassion
but out of hurt and tears
Roses of a Tear Drop

The rain had begun to fall
struck a petal
as he watches it begin to fall
Didn’t bother trying to pick it up?
just look at it and step right over it

The rain that fell
Were my teardrops?
he watched me fall
and didn’t bother picking me up
He just looked at me all drowned in pain
Later on realizing he lost in the game
He gave me roses of a tear drop
not a rose out of love
such as someone to have compassion for
but given me a rose out of his hurt
and thinking I supposed to forgive him

Roses of A Tear Drop

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Watery Sunshine

The Rain's Constant Pour Blackens The Concrete Pavement Into A Dull Gray
It Dances As It Recoils Off The Ground...I Refuse The Umbrella You Hand To Me
As Rain Isn't Troublesome, It's Just Misunderstood...Sorta Like You And I...
I See The Rain As A Gift Go This Ugly, Yet Beautiful World We Live In...
And We Should Be Grateful If Anything That We Have Such A Wonderful Thing
Gracing Us With Its Presence...
So I Walk In The Rain With The Warm Embrace Of Its Light Touch On My Skin
Like The Feather Of A Bird...Or An Infant's Soft Cheek...
The Rain Is Nothing But A Watery Sunshine...

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A Rainy Autumn Day

                       The pine trees murmur
In the drizzle of a cool September rain
                     The sound of autumn drips from leaves
As the scent of winter is beckoning

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colors in the sun.

the sun shines
it warms my pallid skin
colors seem brighter
though the light will not last
soon it will rain and colors wash out
but it matters not, i dance in the rain anyway
and sing songs to the somber clouds, 
soon they open and let out the light they guard
and it warms my skin once again
only to disappear when i sleep
whispering faint songs of the stars in my ear
as the sky beings to weep.

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Wet Tuesday

It rains as if an ocean has been tipped
Out of a bucket into my garden.
This is a serious downpour, ask Noah.
A wet towel in the face and my goldfish
Hide under rocks although they like water.
Rosie next door shakes her head and
Coughs at the deluge. This is like being
Born in a washing machine or running
In wellies through a swimming pool.
So before you flush me away just this;
If you want to baptize, wait until it`s dry.

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Bleary and menacing, crowding the sky, 
The dark wet cloths of night
Filled and brimming with teary eye
Blow now as dry morning-billows white.

As  I cross my bridge
They wipe clear the troubled blue void.

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the rain

When the rain comes;
you will wash your heart and soul,
then again you will dance.
you will all dance, if only to the beating of your hearts.
the blood i see, brings the rain from my eyes.
the music of the rain makes you smile,
yet i cry more.
When the rain comes;
i will also sing, sing for the young that have died.
i will speak to the cries of sorrow, and try to calm them.
you will hear no sounds, but still you will dance.
When the rain comes;
i will drink from the clouds, and swallow the thunder.
the lighting will dry the tears of sadness,
as you pray for the sun.
the gleem of mother's eyes will shine again.
When the rain comes;
i will fight while you dance, you will sing as i die.
when they lay me down, don't cry for me.
i'am of mother earth, i came from her,
now i will return to her.
When the rain comes;
the son of the father, shall lay his hands,
upon the youngs hearts, then will the journey begin.
the mother's and father's shattered love,
and scattered hearts, shall be found.
When the rain comes;
the walls painted in blood, shall be washed.
the light of mother earth, shall guide them home.
when all has been redeemed, the gates will open.
they shall be greeted, and led to their place of rest.
they are home, home in the kingdom, a place called heaven!

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It Reminded Me Of You

...and the rain came down
Hard     Wet     Wet
It reminded me of you
you always tasted like the rain

...and the wind rushed in
Swirled     Soft     Soft
It reminded me of you
you always sounded like the wind

...and the cloud drifted by
Vanished     Away     Away
It reminded me of you
you always felt like the cloud

...and the sun kissed the day
Full     Hot     Hot
It reminded me of you
It reminded me of you

It reminded me of you

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Listen To The Rain-Part 1

Listen to the rain. It sings. It whispers.

Listen to the rain. It heals. It covers.

I lay in the grass. Thinking. Wondering. The rain falling, splashing on my cold pail skin. Splashing on my hair. Dancing on my dress.

It's falling all around me. Covering me. Protecting me. My body. My heart. My soul.

Healing the wounds. Covering the scars.

I close my eyes and feel it's cold touch. Drop by drop. Sinking in my skin.

I listen to it fall. I listen to it whisper. I listen to it sing. I listen to the wind. Blowing screeching. Screaming. Pounding the rain against my body. Against the grass. I lesten to the thunder roll. Roar. Growl. I listen to the lightning crack and slash the dark sky.

I'm thinking. Wondering. Hoping. Hurting.

I'm thinking about you. Wondering about you. Hoping for you. Hurting for you.

I miss you. I need you.

The pain is unbarable. I can't stand to be away from ou. I can't stand not feeling your touch. I can't stand not hearing yur voice.

So I lay in the grass. I listen to the rain sing. I listen to it whisper.

I let it heal me. I let it cover me. I let it cover the scars.

I listen to the rain. It hides my tears. Washes them away. The wind carries waya my worries. My doubts. The thunder hides my cries. My sobs.

But the lightning brings you. Brings images of you. Brings memories of you.

I can't help but smile. I hold you dream catcher and tags tight against my chest. I hold our picture.

Another crash, another stike. I get you for one more night.

The sky gets darker and darker. More and more memories of you flash through my mind.

The rain grows harder, the lightning grows longer.

In the grass I lay, smiling, soaked. Clutching our picture. Clutching your tags. Clutching your dream catcher. The last memories with you.

I will meet you again. I will see you again. I will be in you arms again.

We will make it.

The wind dies down and the rain slows. The thunderstops, so does the lightning show. My show of you is over.

Sad once again I lay in the grass. Listening to the rain sing. Listen to the rain whisper.

I look at our picture. A tear escapes my eye.

I miss you. I wish I could be in our arms again. I wish you could hold me. I miss being with you. I miss hearing you.

Another tear added to my growing fear. My growing saddness.

Another tear for you. I miss you. I need you.

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If Love Could Stop Time

If we were in love do you think time would pass us by
Freezing a sea of emotions in the sky
If we kissed would you see the deepest darkest corners of my soul
With your eyes slowly captivating pulling me inside of your being like a black hole
If I made a wish to the brightest star 
Would you understand my heart
Provide my spark
Would you feel me
Would you rain your beauty like rain drops
Tenderly evaporating the void ness in my heart
If we were in love would your smile shine brighter than the sun itself 
Helping to finds oneself
You have beauty that even the angels adore
Even God signals heaven screaming for an Encore
Right now our love is just an If
This poem never begun if our love was just a myth

-Much Love-
Richard Q. Corbett

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Thunder Storm

The rain would fall
The thunder would roar
The lightning would strike
Rain drops fall like babies tears
Thunder rolls like a lion's roar
Lightning flashes like blue lights on a cop car
Puddles Expand
Power goes out
Many children scream
My heart stops
I become afraid
I hear the sound of rain
Pouring out of the sky
The rain takes over
Big drops of water
Like cannon balls
Fall from above
Hitting hard against the the window
The rain dropping is the only sound
Lightning flashes and glows the darkened room
The thunder roars wildly
More screams seep through the walls
My hearts not beating
I'm still not breathing
Scared for my life
Sit and wait for the storm to end.

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Monsoon RIDE

Monsoon brings Ahhh, rain and cool and shade to me
In Desert heat.
Smiling, I await the treat
Lights flashing, thunder crashing
Dog cowers by my side.
I love the beat of thunder with
rat-tat-tat of rain.
I run outside with my arms flung wide
gathering cool raindrops on my hide.
Every year when weary of sun
blasting and searing,
it starts my yearning
for blessed monsoon
That lets my emotions Ride
wildly on Natures Tide.   Lydia Brescia...2012

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Demons Of Life And Death

There are demons in my head
I try to get rid of them, but they claw at me
And as the rain falls, they drag me down
Down into a fog, devouring me
Devouring my soul
I love it and loathe it
Yet I sit idly by, who am I to stop something so sweet
And so devastating?
They just drag me down
Down in to the inky blackness of hell
As I fall to the depths I realise
It's all in my head
This hell is my world, my life
The demons are my thought
The rain is my blood
Falling to the floor and running like little rivers
My demons are quieting
As the fog envelopes me
I fall into it, and out of life

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The soul that's still alive in me

My mom is dying
And me in front of her
I sit and cry 
The tears of endless pain..

My mom is dying 
And me fondling her hair
 with love, 
whispering to her ears 
that everything 
is going to be fine,
although I know it’s not..

my mom is dying
and me standing out there 
under the violent rain 
blaming God for 
taking her away from me..

my mom is dying 
and me contemplating
the pain that’s surrounding 
her heart..

my mom is dying 
and me hearing her 
utter to 
god to keep me safe 
and take her away soon..

my mom is dying
and me watching
the tears of sadness 
sinking in her lifeless eyes..

my mom is dying 
and me listening to her 
uttering to me her words:
“ don’t live your life miserable 
When am gone, 
Don’t leave the pain
Kill my heart up there
When I watch you cry, 
Live my life.
Live my life and keep going, 
Erase your past 
And write your future.
I’ll be taken away from this world 
But not from your heart, 
Not from your soul.
I love you my daughter, 
I love you..”

Sitting by the window
Watching the ray of thunder 
Hit the ground..

Sitting by the window
Listening to the drops of rain 

Sitting by the window
Contemplating the darkness
Of the dark..

Sitting by the window

Im lost 
And nobody can hear 
my silent scream..

im lost 
and nobody can see
my painful tears..

im lost 
im lost 
im lost..

I got her the chocolate 
She always loved 
I got her the rose 
She used to be
And put them by her grave..

Sitting by he grave 
Talking to her
 with constant tears..

sitting by her grave
whispering to her
my thoughts..

As a fish needs the sea
To stay alive,
I need her with me to live

As a baby needs his mother’s love
To feel safe,
I need her with me to live

As we all need happiness
To keep walking, 
I need her with me to live,
I need her with me 
To keep my heart going on..

Sitting by the window again
Listening to the silence
 of the dark..

sitting by the window again
 our happy memories..

sitting by the window again 
asking god
to have mercy on her soul
and promising my mom
to make her always proud..

as I fall into my deep sleep
I utter my last words:
“ I love you mom.” 

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the questioner

I once was asked a question
that couldn't be answered.
It was a deep question, one with intent and thought.
The questioner thought long and hard
before he came to see me.
Although I had no answer, a reply came from me,
"Let us search out the Answerer of this great questioner.
Maybe he'll find us, but let us search and wander."
On our journey we went,
searching for the answerer, the questioner and me,
passing mountains of old and new.
Making us stronger as each day we grew.
We came to a fork, "Which way should we go?"
So I sat and left it to the questioner.
The questioner said, "I think the answerer is this way."
So up I was to follow the thoughtful questioner,
on the quest for the answerer.
To the Left was a forest
To the Right was a sea.
As we walked we could see rain ahead
the darkness trembled, the trees hid.
Into the forest we went, surrounded by care
we went on for the answerer to answer the question.
The rain brought cold, darkness swelling as the sea,
we huddled together, the questioner and me.
We tried to get some sleep, but none could be made.
At first light on we went, through the forest with great delight.
At the break of the trees a town came to pass
we followed the road, to the main street.
This town had some jazz, it even had class.
Passersby we asked the questioners deep question,
no one knew the answer to, so we told them of our quest
to find the Answerer, they wished us the best.
The mayor of this classy town heard the news
thought he'd look for us, and found us sitting down.
Told us not to look so blue
and asked us what was this heavy question
we then asked him out question, as we looked at our shoes,
then he smiled, and asked us to look him in the eye
and asked us the reason, the reason why,
we would ever ask a question of such great size,
I said "I don't know that's the questioner's job."
The mayor looked into the Questioners eyes
then picked him up, and said,
"Child, I tell you no lies,
your daddy cares for you
and will always dry you eyes."

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Dream of Reality

Dreaming is like traveling to another world
We dont know where we are going
But we can't wait to get there 
It's a place where we can be free 
But we can also be a prisoner. 

It's a place where we have no fear
But where we find new ones 
It's a place where we can slay our dragons
But still come out with burns 
It's a place where we see ourselver as we do and dont want to be. 

It's a place where the good witch helps us home
But the wicked witch will knock us off the yellow brick road
It's a place full of magic 
It's a place where wonders happen 
But also where tragedy strikes. 

It's a place full of love 
But also of hate 
It's a place where the sun always shines 
And where the rain never stops 
Sound familiar? 

Our dreams are like reality 
There is love and hate 
There is good and evil 
There is rain and shine 
But reality is just part of life. 

We can make our reality whatever we want 
We can slay our dragons and we may come out with burns 
But our good witch will always help us home 
Tragedy will happen but wonders will never cease 
And we can be whoever we want. 

We can make our reality a dream 
And we can make our dreams a reality 
So open you eyes and dont be afraid to dream 
Because if you try hard enough 
You can make your life the dream you want it to be.

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Like a Tulip

Tears from heaven 
wash me through
rinse me of my sins
sow them into sand
let me flow in the river 
let me merge with the sea
or soak me in the seed
let my love blossom in her 
like a tulip that never wilt

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A Woman by the Water's Edge

I see a woman who is said to be obsessed by water
stands by the water’s edge;
to her it doesn’t matter
if it’s a river, a lake or an ocean, as long as it’s the water;
I suppose, it’s because a little stream from a spring within 
her tender bosom flows incessantly.

One gloomy rainy day of autumn 
a woman in a car by a lakeside is gazing,
as droplets, stands on the surface of the water for a moment 
then disappears leaving ripples behind the rain tapping windshield 
of the car.

The woman in the car is, 
perhaps, the woman who is fond of the water
I suppose. Yet; I wonder, 
what’s she thinking at this moment.

Although mixed thoughts 
may be whirled in her mystic mind
she looks not sad neither happy nor sorrowful or delighted.

The rain keeps falling tapping windshield of the car.

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My Rainy Days

The rain keeps pouring down on me puddles of water start to suround me.
left right up down no matter where I was looking its falling down. 
I walk outside all dressed in my gear ready for the rain I can hear.
Looking up way up high still nothing but rain in the sky, I think I will get wet today.
Walking slowly I decide its time to have some fun, I jump from stone to stone trying not to dip my toes. I flap my arms and wiggle my nose trying to stay up stright you know.
At last I see a tree with branches so wide it could hide me. 
One last jump and I'm there hugging the tree like its my best friend.
Shaking all the water off of me, I look like a dog taking a bath, so I shake harder and laugh.
Finding a large branch I sit for a spell singing a rainy day song to myself.
Splat splat, drip drop, I look up and all around, I see the rain has ended and the sun shines down. 
Down from the tree I spring so fast.  Now is the time to make the best mup pies and watch them dry in the sun, theres never an end to my fun.
This is how I rember the rainy days of my youth,boy how I miss the old times.
Now all I have are my aching joints and runny nose.

What an adventure life is!

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The sky turns black and looks grim
The wind runs riot picking everything along its path
The thunder rumbles above and lightning goes crazy
Electricity pole breaks, wires sparks as the world is put into total darkness
Dogs barking in frenzy, people running helter skelter, the beginning of Armageddon
Suddenly......there's quietness, peace and complete silence
Then comes the sound of laughter as rain splatter on rooftops
Laughing wildly and uncontrollably at the joke it just pulls on mankind.

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savages. arms muscular
and tatooed - 
a radio, wine bottle and
and they've tried to wash them
but failed,
to hide the hideous acts
of their past
and to predict
those they have yet to commit.

thieves. shadows clingining
from wall to door, 
who's reflections
in the glass eyes of
their victim
recall to mind 
a young man
dark hair
dark eyes. 
a man just like yourself or 
who blends into 
the anymonity of 
the night.

pimps. in suits with
bow ties and crooked smiles and
walking canes too,
trampling over hookers
bloody and bruised.
smeered lipstick
they assure me,
but i know better.
have seen all the
limps and scars
far gone minds
smoking in the backs of bars.

and she weeps on
us all and
i weep with her.
i swear
each night
there's one less star in the sky. 

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If dawn has any value other than being a pretty picture
It is that the start of a new day offers potential
And the second chance we so often need:
For life is a series of mistakes interrupted by temporary successes
Which masquerade as victories for some and defeats for others;
But both are illusions and their colors can be, and often are, 
Easily washed out -  like the dawn in the early morning rain -
And we only see as through a glass darkly *  
With no guide  nor even hunch to lead us :
And we sketch  the outlines of our intentions
With little certainty  of filling in the colours or finishing the picture.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

*      From the New Testament    -    Corinthians   13  :  12

       ( Lightfoot song  title selected =  EARLY MORNING RAIN )
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Written by  Sydney  Peck

Entered in   Francine Roberts’s  Contest      Write me a Lightfoot Poem

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Spain in Rain Falls

Spain in Rain Falls

There’s something different
About the rain in Spain
And being an English man
And well versed in rainfall
I should know a thing or two
About rain

It still falls horizontal
Occasionally with a side to side wiggle
But it seems to land with a different splatter
And the ringlet pools in puddles
Seem to matter

The thrumping, drumming trickles and rivers
Have an alternate way
Of running down the road side gutters
And there is a coastal tinkle
In expanses formed by the space of sea
So close to the sky grey

People do not rush in the rain
They understand this brief refreshment
And draw it in through sun-baked pores
Drink it in on dry parched throats
Many weeks may pass before its cool embellishment
Returns to break the dusty heat 

Its almost as if you can hear the dry ground soaking
Drinking, shlurping, on the straws of greedy roots
And every leaf is a green extended tongue
With closed eyes savours the feel of water
As it plinkers and splotters
Leaping in sprays off their wet leafy diving boards

And the mood seems slowed, patient, waiting
And every where you go there is a warm glow of unspoken appreciating
Smiling; the clouds do not feel heavy
And the sky still reflects its blue
And the rain is there just reminding you
Of the long days of desiccant sun yet to come

The all is basking, washing under arm nooks and niches
Where the dusty days have gathered
Everything is stretching revitalized as if from a weary sleep
Shaking and rattling with incessant drips and drops
Sounds like laughter echoed from a thousand swimming pools
Repeated by every blade of grass
Even ones eyes are relieved from straining
The blanket droplet laden cotton sky
Hangs a shade of diffuse balm on ones retina
Instead of squinting in sunglass bright glaring
Can see the deeper hues of dampened colour
Crisp, clean pervades
With a slow unencumbered sense of peace

Yes, there is something different
In the rain, in Spain
Something expansive, more spiritually deliberative
And being an Englishman hailing from that bleak raining land 
Am well versed in all the aspects of water-fall
I should know a thing or two
About rain


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Here Comes The Rain

Here Comes The Rain
by Cate Rock

Here comes the rain again.
It washes down like a flood,
Here comes the hope again,
Watch out for the slippery mud,

Let me run again,
Run far away,
Let my wings fly open,
I pray...

Let my broken wings take flight.
Fly out on the lake around midnight.
Let me love again 
My dear Raven...

Here comes the rain 
Falling from the sky.
Whips away the tears that i am forced to cry 
those sweet teardrops from the sky

I shall not live another day,
For drought's threating my wonderful mist of May.

Here comes my chance again to fly out in the night.
when tear drops cover me out on my flight.

Love raining down on my Raven to be...
Rain drop love has a another love for me.

The moon tears cover me in a flood of pure passion.
The cover and in gulp me in a old way but the new fashion. 

Submission date : 2009-06-24

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An Overflowing River

The River's overflowing
These days it never stops
There's a flood in my backyard
And it's boiling to the top.
The tides are all muddied
Rocks at every turn
No shore in site,
Still I'm swimming for my life.
My raft sprang a leak a few miles ago
Now my legs have grown tired
And my arms can no longer row
It the rains would stop falling 
Maybe the waters would go down,
But for now I'm drowning in this pool
And the grasses have turned brown.
I never thought there could be a thing
As too much rain in these parts,
But not only have the plants been dying,
My pillowcases are all soaked through.
Rain Rain go away
And bring me then a summer wave.

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Pretty Lady In Her Pink

            Pretty Lady In Her Pink

Rain drifted left to avoid the flower in the pink dress
The collision was inevitable though
Roots pulled at the wet drops like magnets in that direction
Nature does not think about such things
It drinks in life with a vengeance, tenacious, obstinate
Friendly tiny flower only wants the best
A simple drink to make it pretty
It yearns to be a gift for a young lady
Still virgin in her pink, in her nudity 

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Stop the wind

How come
What a read
In a windy cloudy sky
Close the window
And say goodbye

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Like the wind I am there but you do not see me
If I were to blow you away would your eyes still betray me?

Like great waters I flow, but yet you pay me no mind
Must I drown you for you to realize I'm alive? 

Like the ground you step all around me but you don't give a care
Must you fall to appreciate I was there?

Like the clouds I am always there but you seem unaware 
Should I make it rain upon you to make you look my way?

Like a fire I am so bright but you do not see my light
Must I burn you for you to feel that my love for you is real? 

No, I will not burn you
For nor wind nor great waters nor fire or rain could ever get you to look at me the same way as I see you everyday. 

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In Loving Memory

She’s looking out the window,
watching the rain fall down,
while all her hopes,
are being drowned,
while her heart,
is being broken.

She takes a deep breath,
and climbs out her window.
She wanders for a little while,
wondering what she’ll find.
Then, she sits,
in the middle of the road,
and gazed into the sky,
and watches the rain fall down on her.

She’s so amazed,
she didn’t see it coming,
a unknown bullet,
went right through her head.
I guess you could say,
it was a last request.

The next day,
three more suicides,
were committed.
But all of them,
left notes drenched in blood,
clutched in their hand,
they read:
“In Loving Memory Of All Those Kids Who Had To Go Through High school With No Friends.”

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Roses of a Tear Drop

                                                   I was given this rose
                                     to put an end to these endless tears.
                                                He told me he loved me,
                                        instead he shoved me around
                                 thinking I'm supposed to stick around.
                                     I was given a rose not out of love
                                                 such as compassion 
                                                but out of hurt and tears
                                                 Roses of a Tear Drop.

                                            The rain had begun to fall,
                                                        struck a petal, 
                                            as he watch it began to fall. 
                                         Didn't bother to try to pick it up 
                                just looked at it and stepped right over it.

                                                     The rain that fell
                                                    was my teardrops,
                                                   he watched me fall,
                                         and didn't bother to pick me up.
                                 He just looked at me all drowned in pain.
                                   Later on, realizing, he lost in the game.
                                      He gave me Roses of a Tear Drop,
                                                  not a rose out of love
                                 such as someone to have compassion for,
                                but giving me a rose out the pain he caused
                                    and thinking Im supposed to forgive him.
                                                 Roses of a Tear Drop.

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Want Of A New Life

Like a junkie waiting for a fix
it's finger licking
put your ear to the fresh dug ground and feel him kicking
the bucket
forget what I said if you cant it's your problem
at least you don't look like a ghoul or a goblin
or a god
as the rain pitter patters
it is true all that matters
is me living free in seclusion
all this a delusion
the world I inhabit an illusion
let it be and leave me be
can't you see i need this to keep me sane
the rain pours down on all that dwell below
say it aint so
but what the hell would I know
today's the day and this is my year
no more to fear
can you not hear me
or am I dreaming as once before

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Careless concern

You and I
Drifters across the sands of the eye
And in our being we carry 
This salt of life like bungled cloth
Too tattered for a sail of dream
And neither give two hells
If the early morning rain will dissolve first
Life in a puddle drained to its sea
Or the sandy castle of the eye
Besieging me.

Day's wind blows carelessly
And you and I
Concerned carelessly
Tremble with undisclosed anxiety
Victims and voyagers forging through
The early morning rain

My rain comes early before I planted
I had nothing to grow anyhow
It is too barren
Where love blows dry as dust
And if it comes
The early morning rain still dissolves all trust
And tears make solution
To neither wind nor sea
The wind is a drifter just like us
Make no coffee for me
With grains of early morning rain

Early Morning Rain

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Living the Life

He step off the plane, his own plane, twin-engine Learjet,
The rain runs off his flat-brim as he glances up at the sky, the clouds
And with a glance at his wrist watch he follows his escort, ignoring the camera and lightning flashes, 
since he can hardly tell the difference anymore
His representative shoos the 'razzi away,
And he wipes the rain from his sunglasses
realising he really doesn't need them but would die for fashion
He hates how his wet jeans stick to his shins as he scuffs his Piloti shoes on the airport's carpets,
someone tries to get an autograph but can't make eye-contact with him
He casts and apologetic glance backward to his fan, and she will never forget the glance he forgets a second later
He clinks with the chains on his neck and at his belt and at his wrists colliding,
Securtiy watches him curiously,
some knowing who he is, some vaguely aware,
and he smiles, knowing that once he's done they'll know his face,
the one pinned up on walls everywhere, on newspapers, magazines,
The face with the chocolate skin, vanilla teeth and sensual eyes,
He absently adjusts his A-Town hat as he gets into his Murcielago,
His bull Lamborghini humming lovingly under his touch,
Paparazzi left behind, security saying the crowd needs to disperse, fans enthusiastically shouting "I love you!"
He wonders how his kids back home are faring,
daddy's always gone, 
and mama always misses him so much,
He finds his phone and calls home
one hand on six-hundred thousand dollars worth of car
another on the ohone with the priceless sound of his children back home.

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rain drops

the rain drops spuratically
hitting every pane of glass
till all is wet to touch
the rain pours deeper now
splattering upon the grass
till it's too much
the rain a steady stream along the driveway crease
filling the drain
washing away the leaves of winter past
how many tears can angels cry over the world's mass?

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For My Only Love

For my only love 
If I could write you a song 
it would be like rain 

It would fall gently 
upon your sweet heart and soul 
like dew on the grass 

The words would be soft 
as a wind chime on the breeze 
hanging from a tree 

And the melody 
would be the sound of bird song 
at the rise of morn 

The tempo would be 
that of rain dripping on leaves 
of the mighty oak 

All this I wish you 
If I could write you a song 
For my only love 

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The Fathers of Summer

The quiet rain dispelled any thoughts of a rain out.
It was Fenway, it was Father's Day, 
And within the sacred realm of wooden bats, 
Unswung and dumbly waiting,
There is the halcyon hope of impact
This on our first day of summer
Like the first day with our father

When he slapped us on our day-old baby chests 
To keep us alive, keep the beeps beeping,
Forcing life's tiny engine to re-fire, 
Making love's literal labor rumble back into place 
Like the slamming of the hood of the car or 
The smacking of the hanging breaking ball or 
The blowing up of balloons, in school, for winter's child 
Who needs to see the swelling of life into vivid colors 
So that he'll be tempted to speak through the tumors
And show me how even more not-so-small, slow miracles take form, 

Like the oldest man on the team, 
On the mound, leading the league in wins,
Like my father putting a lunch together, 
A salad, asparagus, and sausage in three
Giant containers I could never fit in my work bag 
So in a flash he grabs this nifty-sized paper bag out of nowhere, 
(the nowhere where the cabinet and the refrigerator is), 
That dark and unspeakable vertical slit 
Where all things crawl to be forgotten 
Except by my dad who hears nothing and attends to everything

Scrambling even now to get a lunch together for his 
29-year-old son who slogs eye-blinkingly around the kitchen 
As morning-dumb as the day of his arrival 
With the first pitch, the first slap, the first symbol of love.

Father's guide us through the passing fog
Like a lighthouse with a hearing problem, on wheels, 
Barreling into the future, keeping the ball moving, 
Keeping the world working.

The father is our Sun, Summer's Eternal Boy,
Guiding truth (or his version of it) where it need go:
Another Red Sox win,
Another sandwich made,
Another reason to smoke a cigar.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.
As long as you promise to keep swinging
I'll promise to speak up. (And answer my phone.)

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Autumn Rain

Autumn rain smells
coming from fallen leaves
on the ground.

Autumn rain something
in the air, that
makes you different.

Autumn rain setting
the stage for
snow to put on a show.

Autumn rain so
refreshing the
sounds you make.

wrote 11-11-08

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Do you know what I’m describing?
I’ll give you three clues.

It pitter-patters on the roof
Forms a rainbow that’s the truth.

Do you know what I’m describing?
Umbrellas are what it’s prescribing.

It’s falling, falling from the sky
And makes it hard to stay dry.

Do you know what I’m describing?
It’s the rain and it’s subsiding.

Rain, rain went away
Will it come another day?

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The miracles of God

 When I look up at the sky,

 I always think it is a miracle of God,

humans,birds,fish and animals,

all of them is a miracle of God

When rain starts and rain falls,

when clouds gather in the sky,and

when all white snow falls in the valleys

cities and towns...all is a miracle of God

When babies cry and babies laugh,

when war ceases and peace prevails,

it is all wonderful  to happen......

because it is a miracle of God.

Even you,standing just across me,

you are a miracle,it is the miracle coming to me

when God sent you,

and this is because we all believe in miracles,


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I find myself often looking into the sky
Staring at the clouds
Slowly passing us by
One day clouds will bring you nothing but blue skies
Letting you believe that its going to be bubble gum
And rainbows filling you with undeniable happiness
Sometimes it stands still
You want it to last forever
However as you gaze into the sky, looking at those same clouds
They drift away
In comes a new set of clouds, dark clouds
They bring rain and cold, draining you of all the good
You felt from the previous clouds
Now you're stuck in the rain with no umbrella
Hoping to get your sunshine clouds back
Silence comes in black
Seems like the rain will never end
You almost forget what the sunshine is
But just like the sunshine clouds you see the rain clouds to move
Slowly they start to move out
You made it past the storm, you survived
You fought through it and came out stronger than ever
And now you are prepared for the next storm
But for now you will cherish the sunshine clouds
That have returned and you have learned
To appreciate whats here now
And just as you have settled with the sunshine clouds
Another storm is brewing
This one is worse than the last
But you are ready to take on the storm
Cause you know it will pass and the sunshine clouds come back

Hmmm funny how clouds reminds me of life

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The Beauty Of The Falling Rain

There is a beauty in the falling
The ringing sound as it hits a copper roof
Performing nature’s symphony
The sheets of water roll down a glass window
Distorting the reality outside
Or maybe it makes it more real
Imagination flourishes in the warped images
Images that bring on new feelings
Feelings of warmth and love
As it cleanses the world around it
The mind travels through this new world
Fantasies of distant forests
Lands of lush greens
Richer than any ever seen by man
Fields of waving grass
A dance that started millennia ago
A dance still performed by a young girl
Dressed in a white flowing dress
She dances in clothes soaked to the bones
The blue halo of rain around a distant light surrounds her
As she hears the music of the rain on the street
She looks to the heavens
To the dark clouds above her
And she thanks the gods
She thanks them for every drop of rain
And she prays for the next downpour
When she can dance again

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A Storm Called Life

As the sun rises,
And rain falls to the earth,
We reminice on the past times,
Good and bad.
The cloud is childhood, no shape, form,
Or restriction of any kind.
Just pureness and happiness.
Once the drop falls, it turns into life.
But just as the wind comes to the rain,
We have trials and tribulations,
In the end some switch paths,
And end up Laying in a heap of garbage,
Others maintain their original route unmaimed,
Some rain hits the ground,
Some rain hits Building tops,
Just like in Life, we never know when the ride will stop,
so we take it in stride,
and hope our lives are eventful..

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Rainy Day Blues

The rain is still coming down today
For gods sake! Will it ever
I’m sick to death of looming gray clouds
That are exuding their drizzling
For Pete’s sake! Get it over with
I’ve had about as much as I can
Let me get back to my old self again
And out of this soggy
This slow moving low and me below
Make for one miserable
If it doesn’t stop soon this mini monsoon
I’ll be lethargic all day and just
I pray to sweet Jesus the rain will soon end	
But the weatherman says rain all weekend.

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The storm comes unexpected
the sky still lays light blue
the clouds still glow white
but in the distance
i hear thunder rumble
above me i see streaks of color
lightning flashing every where around
i stand and wait watching the sky
my hands held out as if im crusified
rain begins to fall from the chaos 
rushing over the landscape like a great flood
rushing over my skin, my face
as if wiping away all that has plauged me these days
washing the crumbs and dirt away
the trees dont move, except for their wise leaves 
that turn over bright green awaiting
the wind wants to howl, but makes not a sound
as if this is to be a silent scene 
the rain hits the grass and my bare feet
making the colors of everything look more vibrent to me
on my face a grin breaks out
this beauty has washed away my pout
ready to fly with my hands raised up
not scared to die, with one touch
i feel pure glory in this force
i thank the Gods for this storm
pure power flows from my element into me
this creation i call, pure beauty
this adventure that brings sudden peace
such power, such emotion, such feeling
as if this one creation was brought on just for me
it brings me into belonging, so that i can again see
i am one with this force, tonight begging for more
more rain to soak me further
till it will bring me to my knees 
ill scream with insane joy
if this continues to be
such power that flows through me
through this one pure thing
this Storm

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The sound of the pouring rain couldn't rid of my sorrow
Two smiling men came to ask me about direction
With my best sour face I asked them to leave

I lost also, don't you know?

The rain was still pouring
As I walked the road,
Young beautiful couple teasing each other beside the crowded cafe

I saw them and crumbled

They made me wilt, they made me cry
The crawl-downed tears were invisible
Got covered by the rain drops

It is still raining

Lost, Lone and Loathe
I'm in rain and on rain...
My heart is raining

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Love is Deceit

The imprudent wind has ceased his movement,
The unsympathetic rain has dried the thriving soil,
The moon, so bright, increased it’s earthbound light,
The world has been covered in the remaining shadows.

Call upon the angels, you believed in as a child,
You’You will feel nothing but a cruel emptiness,
A malicious joke the religious has forced upon you,
Nobody can help the world of today.

Love was once the tribute to a life lived,
Now it’s a headstone, a grave, an end.
Love is now heartless to the needs of you,
In your future, lay vacant lands and broken dreams.

You can lust for me, but I won’t lust for you,
Love has taken most of us prisoners, 
Confined to that one whose memories are inescapable,
You’re lost, lonely, forgotten ambitions are shattered.

Climb to the top, where you might find refuge,
Peer over the edge to see how extreme your fall will be,
You feel the wind start up, the rain starts to descend,
The moon disappears and you are left in the darkness.

Try to find your feet in this mess of a place,
So close to the edge, you can feel the drop that awaits you,
Leering in the background is a shadow as you fall,
That shadow has a name, you just haven’t been introduced.

Love is a simple form of suicide, disguised as a pretty package,
Laying underneath the ribbons and bows is an unbound treachery,
You cannot be taught this, you unwillingly learn of it’s unkindness,
After it pushes you to your end … 

Then you realize you’You have always been forlorn,
Walking in a world of blind fools who continue to believe,
That love is a gift, love is a remuneration of dedication,
Love is nothing. Love is an evil progeny. Love is torture.

Love is a disillusioning lie.

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Ethnographic Moment

This is Carolina
The northern member of the clan
The weather is in a terrible state:
All day rain, white walls of it
Holding me like a cattle to wait
And if this constant nattering
Does not stop
I shall have enough to rue
Alone at the end of day ... with you.

Little lakes of memories
Are bubbling in brooks of street
Now ... water killed the flower beds
The petals have left the barren stems
O I miss the sea of yellows and reds
I miss the blooming of my rems

The rain falls with no strategy
For what is the use
Since I have planted nothing here
What psychology is this
That fails so to amend us
Who see nothing as our terminus
How dangerous is that
Leaving not even trust in a spot
Still dry for common gifts of mercy
The rain is a long wait

The bubbles muddle and break
In puddles of a littered lake
This is North Carolina
The beginning, not the terminus 

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Lovers Muse

Lovers muse
Movers luse
Movers seul
Seul Movers

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Life Drownding

Can you see the darkness, the utter blackness that surrounds me
The only light shinning down from a single street lamp
reflecting off the water on the street
a sad run away story

the black pavement blends in with the sky
the yellow glare is from a street light
the metal of it twisted up in fancy design
to the right of me is feilds
to the left of me is another road
and more feilds
green grass and gold weat springing up with wildflowers
barely visible, looking dead and matted down
i sit in the middle of the empty street
dead center of the lamps yellow glow
as if a spot light were being shone on me
so that im not in the dark completly
the rain still hasnt ceased
but it feels good on my hot, slicked, over heated body
black skinny jeans stick to me
a black and red band shirt sticks to me
black sneakers with checkered red and black laces 
cover my soaked feet
my nails are the color of the sky
same as my face
streaked with eye liner grime
hair dark and curling in the rain
matting to my back
maybe life is just a game
maybe we are all just acts
i drop my head in my knees
wrap my arms around my ankels
right above my feet
the rain pours down
and i feel weak
my heart flows with the rain
drownding into the gutter

do you see it
do you see what no one else will
the little red stream
life drownding in the water

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The heavens open
The rain falls
Torrential, cleansing rain

I stand outside arms outstretched
Letting the rain soak me 
Drenching, cooling rain

Wash away my sins
Renew my soul
Baptizing, spiritual rain

I ask too much
The rain dissipates and I am the same
Ordinary, common rain 

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The Fall

Gorgeous she looked playing with other angels,
Singing songs to the lord Almighty’s love,
Till she fell in love with a man and fell,
Without the wings of immortality.

Now he has left her rejected and deceived,
And I must choose between heaven and earth,
Fall away from my lord and masters grace,
To give her solace for I have loved her.

With faith in her love a kiss seals my fate,
I hold her in arms clinging with desire,
Within the parched land devoid of water,
Praying to God for his true divine mercy.

Hot winds blow away as rain drops clatter,
Drenched she opens her eyes to look at me,
Tears flow mingle with rain to flow together,
Now man and wife we learn to serve our Lord. 

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Robin On A Bush

Robin sitting on a bush
by the pond on this warm
morning, eating berries with
out a care in the world.

Red winged blackbirds visiting
others of their kind,
as he sings his beautiful
song they know so well.

Pond has so much grime
from one end to the other
no rain in sometime may be
reason, rain your so welcome here.

wrote 7-4-07 at Lowell ponds

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reason to believe

I try to believe
that love has no reasons
sometimes a monsoon
and sometimes a dry season
let the rain begin
let the drought finally end
wrap yourself around
what's left of me
bury yourself here
inside of me
burrow under my skin
let the rain begin
let the drought finally end
bury your love here
inside of me 
give me a reason
a reason to believe

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As the thunder rolls.....
Let the rain fall down on this sleepless night,
As the lightening strikes.
Youre afraid of this beautiful sight,
When the thunder rolls.....
You cuddle close,
And hide your tears,
As the lightening strikes.
You come to me,
Wanting comfort,
But in the end,
We become complete.
As the thunder rolls......
Let the rain fall down on this sleepless night,
As the lightening strikes,
Oh, were complete,
Well sleep fine...

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Frosty Morning II

Winter reminds me of wet coats
in the hall and the smoky kitchen heat,
of large logs sizzling,
exerting their wetness on the hearth stone;
cut fresh from the garden,
they fill the flagged floor with warmth.

Each morning pale yellow ashes lie
like floury dust around the fireplace,
a brighter yellow appears in the garden,
across the street,
when the rain beats upon the ash heap.

From Perfume of the Soil.  Swan Press, 1999.

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Darjeeling Tea

Storm is brewing outside,
lightening striking the ground
with burning white fingers.
Demanding attention with crackling
thunder sound.

While inside past the rain stained
window panes is brewing a
pot of Darjeeling tea.
Soothing is the golden liquid
as it warms me from this
dreary lonesome storm day.

Clouds empting their tears in
the streams of rain droplets.
Reminds me of the snippets
of memories of you.
Sipping alone this cup of
Darjeeling tea missing the one
I call darling and a single tear
splashes into the liquid brew.

Echoes a silent thunder within
my soul.

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Autumn In The Rain

Here in the east
The rain is a beast...
Fortunately the flowers
Don't know and continue
To smile
Chrysanthemums are
On parade
Why should they be afraid
Of heavy rains pouring down,
So what if all else drowns...
Autumn rain has come to stay
At least for one more day.


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Chance Meetings

We almost missed, in fog,
But I would know his raincoat anywhere
And caught sight of cuff.
His pocket was distinctive, too.

We almost missed, in rain,
But his brolly was the colour of earthenware
And had little holes
To make you smile.

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the rain worshipper

“i’m only happy when it rains,”
moans shirley manson when she’s backed by
butch vig & an orchestra of overdubbed
distorted guitars enhanced by sythensizers
a la trent reznor
the genius who is credited in garbage’s first album---
one doesn’t have to be a meteorologist to
think that she & her crew may be on to 
for the rain washes all the dirt away
the rain replenishes the earth so that it can sustain another day
when damaged endlessly by the 
scorching its surface & all the living things upon it
(during the spring and summer months especially, when all the idiots are
running round with nothing on & with no sunscreen, etc. to fend off 
the rain is what those unconventional people who 
dwell in the shadows
feast on---
and who are these people?
they are the ones that choose not to smile when
everyone else does---
they are the ones that are not easily
are the ones that run out in the rainstorm &
dance naked in the cold wetness---
whipping our hair around in a rhythmic gesture
a middle finger in the air to any kind of
that would shine its face down upon us all and
destruction with the poker face of
give us the rain when it comes 
give us the floods
the hurricanes
the torrential downpour that accompanies it all
so that on the days that we aren’t struggling to swim
& struggling to float amidst the chaos
we understand how fortunate we are
to even be breathing---
so that our ever-complaining selves 
die with the remnants of the wash-away
& you & i can wave goodbye to the old
who thrived only for sun &
not understanding that in this pubic hair of a moment in which each of us
on this beautiful planet
avec all the other plants & creatures who dwell with us,
we must savor every second
be it in sun or rain
and let it be known that the rain does so much for us
and yet is always pelted with insults & “evil” metaphor---
my friends, 
is getting the bad rap---
and i don’t think i stand alone on the sideline campaigning---
there are thousands, albeit it
marching for the rain to come
and keep our civilization 
news flash: without good ol’ h20 we are all dead as
so stop worshipping the sun
give it up for the

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The Taunt and Mockery of Water

The Taunt and Mockery of Water

This desert has no other relationship to offer
Nothing but the dry ache of its thirst
And though its heat is enough to warm cold bones
Still the chill of its relentless dunes
Leaves the parched winds grip in the empty

Footprints before footsteps
In their circles wander
And return at sunrise to begin again
The walk of waterless sand

And in the stories of deserted sea
Three drops of rain could not set them free
A costume of sand is all there will ever be

Life does not look into the mirage so readily 
To forget and think on lush and luxurious green
And loneliness is consigned with sunset savagery
To the arid tract
Where no one can hear its plea
For water

The same rocks tripped upon
The same empty cup fallen
The wavering heat a taunt and mockery
To an ocean

Should those footprints beckon you
To where bright days
Are no more than hollow and sunless memory
Beware such captured hope
It takes from you all that it could have been

Brittle and unforgiving the sky of dry and windswept leaves
Each one a reminder of your dreams
Dreams for a little rain to come and caress your soul
Before you became lost
In this no place to go

A little rain is your only plea
Water on which your blood will feed
Three little drops to set you free
To flood your being
And bring you finally
To the sea

Hard done by and done so unfairly
Any soul who has not been touched
By Love

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The wind blows through the curtains 
Whiter lace embracing the shape of the wind. 
The last snowflake melts. 
The flame burns on. 
Butterfly wings behind the glass 
Something left behind at the jewelery store 
forgotten, but taken by another. 

The clouds, the fog, 
The thunder, the rain, 
The lightning.  The door left open 

Two flashes in a row 
yes i know you want to speak with me 
and i listen to the rain 
Are you trying to tell me something? 
the thunder claps 
rolling away and back 
giving me a sign 
the thunder returns 
the lightning strikes 

The wind blows through the rain 
Unlike the beauty of the curtain 
The last raindrop dries 
The flame burns on. 
The wise man, the wizard 
the army, the fire 
something taken from the art store, 
remembered and taken by another 
the elder, the soldier 
The bride and the storm 
The window shuts 
The curtain floats 
rises and falls 
the lightning no thunder 
once and for all 

The curtain falls 
elegantly dancing down 
The music at the flower shop 
The diamonds at the catering service 
the instruments at the bridal shop 
the man we dreampt about 

The rain stops 
Are you talking to me? 
Give me a sign 
The curtain settles 
the light outside 
the birds chirp 
The flame burns on 
The bat hears the cricket 
The moth rises from heat 
The chandelier behind the weatherman 
the twelve clocks at the butcher shop 
and the candles 
in the one place they don't belong.

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A Sunday in June

once a vibrant blue
with humidity on the rise
storm clouds quickly grew
rain fell with no surprise

a visible sun directly above
covered by shades of grey
it's radiance shines occasionally
on this dark and gloomy day

i'ved heard stories
reasons why it rains
that god is filled with worry
agony and pain

shedding tears of sorrow
upon this world he built
washing away impurities
cleansing the world of it's filth

the rain starts slow and light
thunder begins to roar
fury shows its might
the rain begins to pour

as quickly as it came
the clouds begin to sway
the suns radiance withstands
what a bright and sunny day


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1. The rain hits my hood
2. As it falls to the ground
3. My feet are wet
4. The cold water feels so good
5. But I still don’t make a sound
6. Death is all I will get

7. A long walk home
8. Getting more wet with every step
9. Headphones blaring
10. I am so alone
11. Could not explain in depth
12. Sing so loud, now people are glaring

13. Overflowing drain
14. Streets in a flood
15. Why so much pain
16. No need to explain
17. With the dripping blood
18. Mixed with falling rain

19. Bleeding now uncontrollably
20. Your yard now so full of water
21. Laying as the rain hits my face
22. So dark outside that you cant see me
23. All I wanted was her forever
24. Feeling drowsy now I’m closer to my place

25. Your bedroom light shines upon me
26. My wrists are starting to swell
27. Tears burn my eyes
28. Not knowing what I came to see
29. Blood is such an awful smell
30. You have killed me with your lies

31. I can hear your music
32. Rain hits so much stronger
33. Still I am crying so loud
34. I can still taste your lipstick
35. I can not hold on any longer
36. No I can not be proud

37. A letter in my hand
38. I start to sing
39. Hoping you will hear me
40. Letter with lyrics from our song and band
41. Such a wasted thing
42. I am now lifeless and clear

43. I can hear our song now
44. With words of pure love
45. As you skip it
46. My voice is so weak now
47. Our song meant so much of
48. My heart now, you don’t give a spit

49. Can you even still hear me
50. Open your window
51. My body so cold
52. Look down and see me
53. Just a body below
54. I am told

55. That you rushed downstairs
56. And you told me that
57. You do love me
58. And that I would live, and I will sing without glares
59. And so much more then that
60. But still you could not save me

61. Holding my bloody body
62. Crying to yourself
63. Hoping it was all a lie
64. The last thought to me
65. To ask myself
66. Why?

By BenjaminZChapman

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The Chubby Banana

The world was yellow. When I stepped off the plane –
The bright blazing sun beamed the tarmac and I was for some moments blinded.

A native child welcomed me.
She handed me a leaf’d crown, a banana and leant up to kiss my cheek.

That evening I slept.
In the morning I woke to a dazzling array of tropical bird song and aromas of 
Nicaraguan coffee, melons and mango, fried yummy banana . . . . and the warm 
sea –

I took a dip. Naked.
Something swam with me. Below me. Near me. Even, I think, right above me.

It began to rain bananas –
Astounding yes, indeed, but it hurt. One hit me on the back as I tried to swim 
away and one hit me on the head.
They fell into the turquoise sea like rain drops .  .  .
I ducked under and dove beneath the yellow hail –
Swimming beneath a sea of yellow bananas that pelted my waves.
I thought that I would never eat another banana again if I could only stay alive.
Then I thought that perhaps it was good to rain bananas.
If that was so, sharks might wish to feast on the plethora of floating raining 
bananas and not on a chubby limb that I use to swim –

I swam naked toward a dock, whilst being pelted still on my back and legs.
I finally reached the dock. 
The native child was there.

Where is your crown, she asked.
I threw it away.
I don’t wear crowns, I told her. And I don’t eat bananas –

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Poem Poem

 Poem Poem 
Poem Poem 
Worry and fear rule most everyone's day 
how could it not come to me 
Eye was just worried that ideas would dry up 
and the poetry. 
Fishing is always impossible in a monsoon 
and drunkards sometimes miss a drink due to rain 
in the impossible day when it floods. 
Leaning on people and giving is tough 
leaning on money to have everyday 
to make purchases of wine and more beer 
can be hard in the rain. 
Yearning for someone feeling no pain 
yearning for love in the rain 
dying but living inside where she dwells 
the love is so real eye can feel her so well 
she is love deep inside me where no pain can reach 
the insulation of ewe the insurance of she. 
Turning away from the world in my sleep 
reaching for her she is love she is me. 

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1. Out my window rain starts to fall
2. I am trying to get a hold of you
3. Knowing that the break up was wrong
4. Sitting in my window I start to bawl
5. Wondering what you are going through
6. Writing out the words to our song

7. Are you even at home
8. Why was I so dumb
9. I know it was all a lie
10. You should not be alone
11. I am feeling numb
12. All I want now is to die

13. Should I go for a walk
14. Or sit here and think
15. The rain is so inviting
16. I really want to talk
17. Over a talk drink
18. I promised no more fighting

19. I have always loved you
20. With all my heart
21. I can almost fell your presence
22. After all we had been through
23. Hard from the very start
24. My shoulders are getting tense

25. Some aspirin to stop the pounding
26. My window is now cracked
27. What can be that awful smell
28. The rain is so hard I hope your not drowning
29. All my things were packed
30. Suppose to stay the night oh well

31. I turn up my music
32. The rain wont stop
33. More scared now for you
34. In my mirror putting on your favorite lipstick
35. Not a lot of water on the windowsill just a drop
36. I can almost hear you

37. I can hear your voice
38. Its in my head but it feels so close
39. Still writing the words to our song
40. To break up a bad choice
41. I don’t want someone else
42. Its been so long

43. Our song is on now
44. With words of pure love
45. To much pain to take so I skip it
46. My eyes hurt so now
47. I feel like you were sent from above
48. And I always gave a Spit.

49. Your voice is so loud I’m so close to you
50. I go to the window
51. And look down
52. I look down and see you
53. But just a body below
54. Then I frown

55. I ran down the stairs
56. And I grabbed you and told you that
57. I do love you
58. And that you will live and when you sing there will be no more glares
59. I said so much more then that
60. But I could still not save you

61. Holding your bloody body in my arms
62. Crying to myself
63. To kill myself an hour later without a try
64. To get out of harms
65. Way to kill myself
66. To ask why?

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Value Of A Rain Drop

Ask a farmer on a dry summer
day, the value of a rain drop,
ask the bird who has went some
time with no water,
the value of a rain drop.

Ask some poor dog who has
been in the sun for
hours, the value of a rain drop,
ask a condememed man who is
about to die,
the value of a rain drop.

Ask the river bed so dry,
the value of a rain drop,
last of all, ask the person in
hell, the value of a rain drop.

wrote 8-6-07

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They came in by the thousands and landed
 on the gleaning grassland...
to take a bath in the spring rain so scented, 
and they don't seem, the least, bothered;
by the raindrops falling at a regular interval,
uncompromising and felicitous, as if that
is sufficient for their thirst...
their instinct was a distant call!

These transient  birds with colorful plumage,
bath in puddles not so deep;
by the the green ridge, I watch them indulge
in their frantic behavior as they seep
the pounding rain like a desert traveler
who has run out of drinking water!

The wheezeeing bees
 twirl  in an attempt to surround them,
but they chase them away with grim...
as they flap their wet wings;
not far off, in the pine grove with fallen logs,
shrikes are encircled by wild dogs
that crave tender and delicious meat...
a pursue ending in defeat! 

They are gone to northern fertile lands...
sunnier and greener than this ranch;
where they can easily find their food
without having to worry and search...
a kind of haven to last three seasons!

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Rain on a Tin Roof

Sheets and bolts of distant lightning
Backdropped by a blue gray sky
Rumbling thunder softly, deeply
As the steady pitter patter, pitter patter
Of rain on a tin roof fluctuating
Playing symphonies to the soul
With natural melodic choruses
And invitations to the Ancient dance
Of wind-driven clouds sweeping low
Whirling visions and peace of mind
To a captive audience within
Letting down their windows
Falling, lying with ears to the floor
As the rain echoes throughout the house

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Humid Day At Lowell Ponds

A humid day at Lowell ponds,
falling rain last night,
cleaned up nature's home.

Fresh air do I smell,
such clean water that
covers this pond.

A humid day in Colorado
is such a rare event,
more rain is on it's way.

So this pond will stay
clean for ducks, geese,
and fish to enjoy.

wrote 8-28-07

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Smell the Rain

I smell the rain 
When settled dust 
Upon a field of flowers 
Dances in the four winds, 
And moist air encircles me. 
I see the rain 
Like a man's fist 
On an outstretched arm 
Rolling back its sleeve. 
As it swings with strength, 
I hear the rain. 
The thunder rolls; 
Light crackles and flashes 
In the distance; from above, 
When I cannot escape, 
I feel the rain 
Soaking into my clothes; 
As I run for shelter 
Under the rickety porch, 
Breathless, at its cedar post 
I taste the rain 
In coupled hands. 
As it streams down 
The weathered tin roof 
In veils of cascades, 
I know the rain 
Will wash away the dust 
And paint the earth and sky 
With puddles and bows; 
When the storm breaks, 
I love the rain.

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a different kind of beautiful

There's a ruined place that I call home. 
Unbalanced colors of depressed portraits hang uneven. Is this where I 
belong?......and now, I have wings in this oh so desolate sky with no escape. I 
bare my heart for the world to see for I am not ashamed to be myself, even in this 
ruined place that I call home. I welcome you with open arms. My mirrors speak to 
me in does it feel to be a different kind of beautiful? I see paradise 
within these walls that you find disaster......and I cry. You don't see what this does 
to me, it becomes harder to break these words away from my emotions. For an 
empty verse defeats the purpose of being me. You read this chapter not knowing 
that with each word, you take a step higher upon my tree of velvet leaves. Can you 
feel it? Its a different kind of beautiful. The kind that takes you miles away from 
unhappiness. For me, this is the way its suppose to be. Where I belong, 
somewhere on a black and white street walking in the rain with my head 
down.....I'm ok but u don't know that. You think I'm sad not seeing that these black 
and white streets put me at ease, like closing my eyes and hearing music in the 
sunrise and that the rain brings me a sense of comfort. If only everything were 
that simple. For you, a vision put before you is all you see, I like the way the water 
looks when the sky swims through it, can u see it? Its a different kind of...........

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Noah's Animal Parade

Noah called out 
to his  son
Work, OH work
until we're done.

Then to the people
he did cry
Repent, repent 
Or you shall die!

Unto his wife
he gave the chore
gather food
then gather More.

Then to the animals 
he gave the call
Come in pairs
come one and all.

And then inside 
behind the door
he wept and prayed
and walked the floor

And soon the rain 
did fall and fall
over valleys deep
and mountains tall.

The sinners begged
and screamed and cried
as water rose
till all sin died.

The earth was covered
quiet and still
no frogs to croak
no birds to shrill.

The Ark did float
and creak and sway
as Noah worked
and prayed each day

He petted both 
the Bird and Boar
He calmed the cattle
and soothed the roar.

They floated on 
for almost a year
and then with a bump 
the end was near.

At last the Lord 
did call them out
for they had work 
to set about

But first they Thanked him
and sang him praise.
As across the sky
A Rainbow God Raised.

That Bow is a bond 
between God and Man
that never again 
will rain cover the land.

But a bond much stronger
for those who believe.
In a God who will Guide us
if we will only receive.

So if dark clouds threaten 
do not be afraid. 
Just think about Noah
and his animal Parade.

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Rain Dance

Darken cloud heavy 
Full of rain,
Rain flooding the roads,
Flooding the streets, 
Water running playing a
Rain dance song,
Keeping its rhythem
Against my window pane
Sounding like a drum,
Wind whistling 
Trees dancing in step
With the beat,

The tall blue grass swaying
As the rain band played 
His song,

The sea shore played 
Rushing waves upon the
Keeping in tune as the
Drummer play,

The rain band play for
Hours on end...
Thick dark shadows 
Cast silhouettes
Doing the boogie lou..

Enjoying this great party
Jamming in the sky,
All the clouds are here
Staying with the beat!
Rain, rain the cloud shadow
Lets party way on  over
Into the night...

I'm  having such a good
I hate to stop my trend..

The lightning is awsome
Throwing out his light
Striking through the

The thunder did roar
Loud on time..
Poppin fingers,whipping
Around the tree branches
Taking the show..

Lets jam jam jam
Keep this party rolling
Rolling "til"tomorrow

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a small regret

breath comes hard and quick
the hot concrete warmed her feet
the smell of fresh rain rose from the asphalt.
Don’t look Don’t look

crackling of stones under shoes
closer they creep beckoning her to reveal
the hiding spot
Don’t move Don’t move

dreadful silence.

breath is shallow and light
no sound parts her lips a body rigid like glass
the blood coursing hot and fast
Must run Must run

crackling of stones under shoes
the dark figure she recalls from the room
peels the misty air that encircles her feet
Shhhhhhh Shhhhhhh

forgetfully her sigh echoes at his recession
his pitter-patters stop.
droplets of rain begin to burst on the street
He stopped He stopped

Can’t hear him now.
Can’t hear him now.
Can’t hear him now.

water runs down her soaking face creeping with dread.
the nightgown drenched in fear
i’m sorry, parts her lips revealing a regret.
She falls.

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rain drops.

rain drops that fall for thee,
 and six 
merely a temporary fix,
drops that washed away what I couldn't find,
and twelve  
rain drops when were needed... fell,
turned the ground green,
funny how rain drops set you free,
from nineteen 
to twenty
I see to many rain drops to count 
like the tears that fall from me.

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From Me, With Love

My dearest,
When rain washes the world of its impurities,
Remember the music the rain made on that special morning.
That morning, where the image of us two, remains fresh in my mind
Leaving me with joy and passion to get through my day.
Do you recall, as I, the days when we first met;
The love, the intoxication of feelings, the passion?
It was a love story like no other and still remains.
I wish to say, my dearest, that within me, you live.
I carry your picture, though vividly you’re in my mind.
I pick up your scent, though apart, it lingers.
I can hear your voice, so sweetly whispering in my ear.
I feel your touch, softly playing upon my skin.
Your taste, well my love, that too, lingers on my tongue and upon my lips.
For fear of losing all of this, I write you this note,
So they, too, can remain fresh for you and brighten your day.
Thank you for loving me as you do and sending me off
With these feelings of passion and bliss.
Let this note serve as a constant reminder of my love
But, also the desire I have burning inside of me always.
Mostly, let this serve as the inspiration to make
Even more memories and happier tomorrows.
From me, with love.

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Between The Rain Drops

Between The Rain Drops
Eye walked between the raindrops to learn how to stay dry
My body works much better when eye fly on angels wings between the rain and 
hurry to be dry at home a layer of something hasty pulled between the me and 
between the storm and as eye lay inside my dry eye pray and cry for eye have no 
home the rain falls off around my dry as eye walk between the rain drops of the 

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The rain....

Sitting outside on my front porch listening to the rain pour down from above, like 
the angels sobbing from all the pain they suffer. Watching the world turn as if 
God himself is making the days slow down. As I watch the rain trickle down ooff 
the roof of my house, I wonder what you are doing at this very moment. Are you 
thinking of me, like I'm thinking of you now? Are you watching the rain, as I am; at 
this very moment? I wonder what you think of me. And I know your thoughts of me 
must be horrid. It must hurt to look at pictures of me, thinking of the sweet gitl you 
thought you had raised. But truthfully, I know that I am a hateful girl. I wonder how 
it feels to be dead. Buried underneath the soft dirt, bugs eating away the insides 
of the still carcass. I wonder what people would think of me once I am gone. A 
hateful girl, a liar, a whore. I wish I could change the way people view me now. 
But I know that I cannot. I can just sit underneath this porch and watch the rain 
pour down from the angels above. Wondering why their crying so much. 
KNowing that I have hurt everyone around me. And the tears the angels shed is 
nothing compared to the sobs my fmaily has cried. So, here I am alone 
wondering about death, while the rain comes down ever so hard. The wind is 
screaming through the air as if a million people are crying for help just like I am. 
Praying that all the pain that everyone has been through will quickyl subside, and 
everything will be normal again. As the rain quietly begins to slow down, my 
thoughts of death move to the back of my mind again. Only to come again when 
the rain returns.

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Life's Road

The driving rain pounds fiercely upon the windshield
As my eyes strain to look into the face of tomorrow
Only being able to see what is right in front of me
I push on down this road hoping for a glimmer of light

My tank approaches E as a ray of light breaks through
This road is only in one direction so it’s to there, I go
Hoping to free myself from the rain and get refilled
I come to the destination, where I am then replenished