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Crying In Whisper

In my country,
Seeing smoky sky
Is nothing,
But Killing kids kills
Me everyday, every minute
Every second,
No matter with
Thundering bullets
Or lightening rockets;
It is being our daily habit
No more choices:
To die or but to die
Silently without even a whispered Cry,
Or a small bit of a registered grave;
It is happening now just in my country!

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                   Authored by Chuck Keys

It had no color,
Lacking shape, size and dimension.
It wasn't moving or breathing.

There was neither aroma nor taste, not here or there.
Touching was useless because it wasn't physical.
It was indistinct and limitless.

Thinking multi-physically
Multi-sensually and multi-psychologically 
It wasn't here or there and it was.

With no distinction, 
It looked like everything else,
Or it could not have looked like everything else.

It never made me feel good nor bad,
Nor happy nor sad
Nor quite nor trite.

In our world of joy and destroy, we sort and distort,
Looking more on the surface and less on the inside,
Ready to judge and be judged from outside in.

The "oneness" of mankind stretches beyond definitions and limits,
From outside to inside and from inside to outside.
We are one distinct and alike world of "oneness."

Differences exist for differences, 
Therefore, differences don't exist.
Only "oneness" exists.

This poem is dedicated to Dr. Clayborne Carson and The Gandhi-King Community,
For Global Peace with Social Justice in a Sustainable Environment.

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Gold Fever

Gold Fever 

History will not record the bloated weight
Of this pious and bigoted race 
Or count the fat and flaccid wealth
Of religions idolatry

Those pages have been scrubbed clean
By prosperous forgivingness 
And the cruelty of established political dominion
Will not tally the bodies of the oppressed

To them, faith and belief are merely a weapon
A system of abusive control 
And a means of power continuation
A dictatorial right to rule the population

History will not record the inheritance of opinion
But lay blind at the doors of massacre
The Aztec, The Aborigine, The North American Indian, The African Negro, 
Pray in silence to The Church

Centuries written in blood and torture
For a message of verbiage and usage
Extracted and leeched from the poor and uneducated
Created the western dream

The long night of the witch hunt is not over
The Inquisition has saved us
With fake blood and wooden crosses
This elite of moral perspective shall save us all

We have paid the price in conscience
Superiority managed by white skinned indifference
Holy mother church has welcomed all
All into its iron embrace of slack jawed wonder

And what more despicable rule can there be
Than to dictate ones own spiritual journey
Spouted by the rote of political expediency
And the promise of heaven

Ingrained now this so called Christian ethic
And so much of the truth left distorted
Forgotten now are the ancient mystical secrets
Which united mankind to understanding

Idol of gold and crucifixion
Of cathedral and stained glass objectification
Gilt and holy water of sumptuous ritual
Of silken pope and luxurious self righteous invention

An aberration of human faith and belief
An unrepentant destroyer of “ Loves ” dream 
The curse of The Christ as you continue to translate
The Word

And where the paupers fist crunches the dirt
Where dried and parched lips pray for rain
Where the desperate cry for a reason echoes
Where blood flows in feted anger
Where children scream in fear
Where hunger and despair debase and demean 
Where there is no light
And in the dark only pain

If you wish to care for the souls of mankind
It is there with them
Is where you should be

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My Mother's Eyes- Thoughts on the Armenian Genocide

They dragged her away
Kicking and screaming
Arms outstretched towards
My little sister
Who lay dying on the ground
Her lips parched
Her eyes sunken
Her wasted arms reaching out
“Myreik, don’t leave me!”
My father pulled her away from 
The young soldier’s hands
The one who had violated her
The one who now sneered
“Keep moving….she will be dead
Before nightfall.”
I hurried after them
Stumbling through my tears
Afraid of being left behind
I turned for one last look
There she lay…her eyes closing
Left behind to join the
The dead along the path
My sister….
That night I didn’t hear her cry
Or complain as the soldiers
Dragged her away
She was beautiful
My mother
With eyes the color
Of the sea
Eyes that danced
And twinkled
Like stars on a clear night
Eyes that smiled
Eyes that embraced
Eyes that spoke
What words couldn’t say
I fell asleep to the sound of my father’s weeping
“Wake up,” I heard her say
As I fought to keep my dreams alive
My eyes fluttered open
I closed them to the hungry faces
I closed them to the filth on her dress
I searched her eyes
Calm and glassy
They looked past me
Not seeing
In them I read
No pain
No joy
No recognition
Tears sprang to my eyes
Tears for the death of my sister’s body
Tears for the death of my mother’s soul…
My mother’s eyes
My mother’s eyes...
They haunt me still.

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His messages are always elaborative. We converse as if we know each other well. He is a famous poet on the Soup. He writes his verses with depth. Bravo, Richard Lamoureux you are one of the best! I like when you spread your wings to write a poetic text. His philosophy intrigues. His words are high literacy. Rick I will call him via commenting but he is such a Ricky through inner strength. Bravo, Richard Lamoureux for being the one I tribute! I love when your libretti smiles uplifting my spirit and making me feel worthwhile. He can be quite cynical. My respond is to explain some more. Richard is what I call him then. I know he is talking to me as a friend. Bravo, Richard Lamoureux! This is a tribute to you. I will close now. I hope you frame this and hang it high. Let the world know you shine. Your motivational and inspiratory poetic voice is precious. Bravo, Richard Lamoureux this tribute is to you! Continue to instigate; this encourages another to write. _____________________________________________| PENNED ON AUGUST 17, 2014!

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They are in meaningless session again
Not seeking to serve but to practice the deception
Not seeking to lead but to mislead
Taking black and white, creating gray
Don't wave that flag if you do not honor it
Oppression by omission. You have given
But rights to the dissidents and wrongs to the citizens
Hear me now
I cannot replace the spine you're missing
               ONE NATION UNDER GOD
If you cannot accept you cannot lead
If you cannot lead you are the problem
                    THE FAILURE
Authorizing condemnation and treason
Banning prayer and patriotism
Once filled with victory and pride
Now mired in failure
Represent or resign, serve or secede
Make a stand for once or fall forever
We no longer will tolerate
                   YOUR FAILURE
One nation UNDER GOD. 

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The Devil's Advocators

Politics is a dirty game,
So indeed is religion --
One screws with your mind,
The other with your soul;
One promises heaven on earth,
The other, heaven after death!

Trust not these savvy pundits,
These breeders of
the ghosts and the goblins,
These keepers of
the deities and the demons.

Like leeches they'll
latch on to your fears
and to your gullibility,
Until they have sucked
you dry of your free will,
Your aspiration, 
Your wealth.
Oh, what not they'll do
to restrain your free spirit,
Bogging you down with
your fears and your guilt.

Seen open are
their murky minds,
Seen open are
their shallow ideals,
Seen open are
their cheating hearts;
They tout love, freedom, peace
wherever they go,
Yet spawn nothing but
hatred, violence, misery.

One is politically religious,
The other, religiously political!

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Why vote for governments
That uses you
That abuses you
Confuses you and refuses you

Why vote for governments
That doesn’t respect or defend your rights
And fight with all their might’s
Why vote for governments that are not contrite
And feel their evil doings are alright

Why vote for governments
That steals the meals off poor people’s plate
Yes I know you can relate
You lobbyist and you rich conglomerates

You leaders brought this world to this state
You closed equal opportunity gates
You email-gate, water-gate, racial profile, hate!
You collaborate to devastate by inaugurate debates
And brain washing mandates

You empty and launder it
The treasury’s financial reserves hey wait!
You vaingloriously defend your scandals eh mate
Yeh! You really forced me to explashiate

Against fractured cannibalistic nature politics
Syndromes of “eat ah food” government’s historics
Past and present, you categorize and polarize
Our society for your sooooole benefits

Eh why vote mate?

©Copyright August 27, 2014 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved

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The world is perfect – 
That’s what everyone says.
The world has no faults – 
That’s what everyone says.
“Everyone belongs;
Everyone fits in. 
There will be no mismatched piece.”
That’s what everyone says, that’s what everyone believes.
Everyone except me. 
I am not perfect;
I have an infinite number of faults.
I don’t belong;
I don’t fit in.
I am the mismatched piece.
Always on the fringe, never able to join in on the big picture;
Always on the outside looking in.
Still, “Everyone belongs;
Everyone fits in. 
There will be no mismatched piece.” is what everyone continues to say,
And that’s what everyone believes. 
Everyone except me. 
No one notices, but I guess that’s because I’m always on the outside looking in. 

Notes: This just came to me when I was thinking about the topic "propaganda" and I literally just penned this down in about 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I get on a high and this just happens. Same thing for my first submission, "Acceptance". I was so groggy at 6.50 in the morning but I had to write something out for some random Literature thingamajig and hence ensued the birth of "Acceptance". :)

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The Most Vulnerable

(Maverick Free Verse about a true life Maverick)

hey, Mr. Editor, you got it wrong
labeling Allen West as Congress’s “Most Vulnerable”
     insult to his character
ambush of American troops planned
Colonel West fired shots near an Iraqi prisoner’s head
     information obtained, ambush prevented 
     no blood shed, not even the prisoner’s
thankless military bureaucracy
forced him to retire
     Colonel West proclaimed,
     “The battlefield’s no place for political correctness”

“Don’t blow sunshine up my butt,” 
Maverick West warned, standing his ground
     refused to march 
     to a “Machiavellian Kumbaya”

had he been a West Point grad
West would have been promoted
     adorned with medals 
     accolades for soldiers saved

soldier’s mother spoke out; see it her way
“I hope my son’s commanders protect him as Allen did”
     behind a shield of political ties 
     Allen never hides

in a Democratic district this Tea Partier rose
disenfranchised Americans cheered
     do you think West deserves 
     beatings from the press
watch your “Most Vulnerable” 
rise to prominence
     if this hero hasn’t earned his seat in Congress
     Mr. Editor, tell me who has

* Allen West represents the Tampa area of Florida in the U.S. Congress.
In 2003, when West was a battalion commander in Taji, Iraq, he fired his weapon 
near the head of a prisoner to frighten the detainee into divulging information about 
a planned ambush. The detainee started providing information and the ambush of 
American soldiers was prevented.  West was removed from command and the Army 
considered a court martial. West argued he acted to save his troops, was fined 
$5,000, but was allowed to retire with full honors and benefits. 

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Interalphabetnet sex stew

Primose path leads to the slaughter of American
dream delete pause proficiency with internetty
webbegone after thoughts of yahoo googleyed 
interred intracacises that shed benign capsules of
 mom entary apple pie delquiences cooling 
the soul shopping for the next alias avenue of
pointless me procurement mauling an ongoing
onerous dildodate vis a vie in 
an engaging omnipresence of sextext no tact
spell ckeck chicshicshakplak no sense tic tac.
Talk? Walk? Balk? Chalk? Sue? Sulk? 
Dinosaur diligence posse with the senior
gestages gestulating, we r forevre 21 and ying yang 
dung. Yes, good f ing luck with that!! Look at your 
petridish parents and see what box u check to lid close
and abscond with the lost liberal leftovers. That
is you in reverse in a few carnal years after Hilter youth
children decide to screw us as the new 
generation which skewer post present parental postulates 
to the oldster outhouse outlets so u can be "youf" free. Little
do they notknow as they cumulatively co opulate 
that they set the stooge stage for no thanx ahole actions. 
The DOS does'nt fall from the Apple tree. Leave it, 
love it, learn it while ye may, the kid crisp cosmos of
offspring social dicktates are biting at your heartbeatbit 
empty elmo enterprises. Pause parenatal prenatal
preferences prepearing perinatal persons pretasking
postnatal practices, in which you have veno papa preparation.
Think before you For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge and Analyze
your ass-incarnate initiate. Borrow berofe u basterdize, 
condomize before u copu culminate, decide before
u dicktate, envision before u envy, fail before u foil, 
grasp before u germinate, halt before u hinder, 
illuminate before u illerate, jump before u jinx, 
kill before u keep, love before u lay, meaning before
moaning, neutralize before u now, obilerate before
u ooops! presence before predicament, quit before
quake, resilience before ridiculous, sanity before
sexusensuality, thinkth before u thumpth, utilize
before u unionize, victory before victimization, we 
before want, xx nor xy, zen before zeal. Pocket 
passion files fly in the face of ruined reason residules
to the point of pronounced perplextion plagued 
prominantly with no recall references to problematic 
protocals for near north normalicies in my buckeye
life measures of simpatico silly symbiosis sublime
of mini me monophile mucous made misdemeanor
milktoast memories. Pass go, collect $200.

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Things Fall Apart

Adamant mindsets
In a modern setup,
Vibrant visions evaporates
To emptiness, nothingness and waywardness.
Leaving the people in stark darkness,
Leading to nowhere,
As penury is declared "king",
Hunger succeeds the throne
As blind leaders  hardened the 
Economy like bone.
Giving peanuts to the peasants
But gold for the wealthy,
Oh! what a chess game in the midst
Of blind spectators.....
Mothers swaying in tattered rags,
Struggling with drying breasts which 
Produces the hopeful milk of the skinny infants...
Children strolling with empty plates
Searching for who to wet their throats.
Fathers planting courage and assurance,
Hoping the land will be milky someday,
Yet the center is not holding
For heads are plenty but the brains are few...
Therefore turning weakening hearts
To marauding crooks,
Victimizing themselves,
Staining their whites,
Be litling their lives,
Insulting their hands
Making the land stink,
While Africa bears the smell,
To the detriment of her virtue. 
Our agricultural and peaceful 
"green white green", they've turned to 
A dark and bloody "red black red".
Now who leads who in this
Criminal war front, corrupt justice
And indecisive generation?
Things fall apart when truth step aside,
Evil takes the lead when black minds
Score the goal...
Things fall apart when the people can't merge.

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The Fruits of their Labors

They used the land
like locusts
they sucked it dry.

They used the rivers
like sewers
they were sewers.

And the people
believed their myths
and the preacher's myths
and trusted them
and followed orders
and saluted the flag
and died in their wars
and adored the fools 
they told them to like.

And life was good.

For a while...

And when the problems
came they hated those 
who spoke the truth
and blamed the poor
and helpless ones
and the ones 
who were 
and glorified the rich
and powerful ones.

And they wanted 
their country 

And then the
ones who owned
and gave 
the orders
the money
and smart people
and factories
and jobs
and all
the fruits of their labor
and left.

But the hate
and the violence
and the racism
and the intolerance
and the ignorance
and the poverty
and the hunger
stayed home.

And then
their country
was theirs.

For a while...

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16 Years Of War

                         ~My True Story 16 Years Of War~

!6 years of living in fear every minute, 16 years living with barely 
any electricity,water, food,hurt from humiliation standing 
in line for hours to maybe obtain a loaf of bread for my children, 
some days due to lack of water, we would shower from the pouring 
rain on the roof,and for us that was a good day.
The fear of being stopped at a barrier from the militia, and if they 
decide to kill at the time, we would have been a good target, 
agonizing each day not knowing when a lost bomb would 
penetrate our roof tops,or bedrooms,running down for shelter 
at our neighbors first floor home,sometimes days in the same 
clothes no food,not even a drop of water,as we could not move 
from the hilarious shelling,bullets aimed at us the innocent who had 
nothing to do with politics and war.

We lived without once hearing a siren so we can run to the
shelter,nothing indicated where the shells will land,we had 
sometimes to cross the street to hide in our church,or other 
gatherings to escape the guerillas.

The only way to know if I can go to work and kids to 
university,was listen to the radio just to guess which way 
was safer to drive,many times over the years, bombs landed
not far from my car,had to leave and run underneath it
as a protection,my eldest son was once kidnapped for 3 days, 
once the banging on our door so loud, they came to take 
my children to fight with them, because they lacked 
men on the field.

Days I would arrive late to work due to the bombs.
My fear progressed as I was doomed and sensed disaster.
In summer we had no air condition due to no electricity,
in winter we had no heating,days we slept with our winter 
coats if we were not already in the shelter,16 years of war 
we slept awake.

My strength out of love to both my children,they graduated 
my eldest became an architect,and the youngest became a 
Had to send them away at a very early age,left alone with
my husband at the time. My duty was fulfilled when they 
both left. 

A happening that happened during that war,was my secret 
for years and years,I hid it,I kept it alive inside of me,not to 
allow anyone discover how I died and lived only because of 
my love towards my children,I was hiding for years,now only
something stirred deep in me,a voice,begging me to come
at peace within myself,is the only way to write it down,as 
enough is enough,no details,I will write,none to ask what,
why,when,who,only the rape happened,my spirit and soul
agonized,now I am a free woman.No more tears, no more

Today in a new country of freedom accepted me 25 years ago 
as a political refugee, I am very happy, my children are safe,
As we did survive 16 years of a major war in our country.

Freedom is so beautiful,feeling safe having showers,eating,
variety of food,getting a heater to remain warm,air condition 
during summer,driving with no fear,walking with a sense of
freedom,it took us a while to return to normal,
the truth became beautiful due to the transformation of our 
inner spirits,living in the depth of darkness for years took 
sometime to regroup our inner souls to run far from darkness
and live into the light again. Free At Last.

Therese Bacha
7 September 2014 
Contest for 

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Urgent Call for Love

 Urgent Call for Love

The evil axis has been burning
Who rules the land? It’s now very vague.
The second son must get out of old Al Sham
And meet the hungry jury in The Hague
The puppet is hanging by his last string
And the judgment day is sure to come
Forty thousand martyrs will be singing
As they join me in my urgent call for love.

The war machine is pregnant and is bloated.
Money births an icy, rigid son.
He grows up in the muck of all this madness,
It arms its addled brother with a gun.
In my world, war is not an option,
Let’s end the chaos with a silken glove
Murdered angels soar among the heavens
Please join me, in my urgent call for love.

I’d love to build a mass market dart board
With mug shots of the Senators and House
I’d load it on an App and shoot the darts off
With the quiet, perfect clicking of my mouse.
How can these servants bow before their master?
When Moses had already freed his tethered load?
Make them testify before the one judge
And answer to our urgent call for love

Some years ago a scholar lost his lectern
Because somebody stole my vote away
He spoke his truth in defense of climate
And was told let’s fix it later, not today
When the perfect storm came a calling
It blew our measured lives and hopes astray
 My Mother, here’s an olive branch and white dove
I surrender to the urgent call for love.

The pleading skies and rivers, they have warned us
Their voices rose to wail their tortured song
The veins of life, they have been all corrupted
And darkness has been blinding us in fog.
Insanity bathes in its make shift chambers
It soaks in a vile and filthy marble tub.
Please join in my call for our salvation,
I am humbled,   in my urgent call for love.

Brenda Atry 1/1/2013 copyright pending

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Straw Man, The 2012 Presidential Campaign

       ......a strange color, green

   Become better informed, listen to your teachers,
educate yourself....which branch will the bluejay
survey from? 
The hawk, circling, choose his best option?

   Bleeding soldiers depend on doctors, rich men
depend on accountants, souls depend on preachers,
tap water depends on scientists and engineers,
nourishing the parched vagaries of citizens
and houseplants.

   Words fall like acid-rain, seemingly harmless,
we thought we understood rain, it falls, it
nourishes, fills our reservoirs....then leaves a stain,
a clear outline of abuse, like evaporated salt, clinging
to our shirts after a hard day, sound bite upon bite.

   Still, we wade through flooded streets, hoping the 
tides will descend, rhetoric return to sanity, our lives 
safe, from future floods.

  after the elephants parade through every mind 

        the straw left behind

                               collects promises dumped in the streets

        polled, polished,perfumed

                               ready to sweep it all up on election day
        hit pause... wait four years


                                                wait four years


6:09 pm

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Who am I

In the mirror on Vishu morning I see an Indian woman
Whose Brooklyn tongue can't form Hindu prayers.
Can I bleach my skin to match my voice?
Can I scrape my tongue to match my face?
I've resigned myself to my fate--
Forever asking the sky
"Njan aara?"
In a language my children will never recognize,
In an accent my grandparents will never understand.
I am what my parents feared I may become;
A child whose soul has turned Westward;
A woman whose only memories of Diwali are the flickering lights.

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Lost Humanity

Time comes and goes
People pass by and fly
We have only memories left
But we remember the sad ones
And easily forget the happy ones
We live in regrets
Saying... what if?
We live in fear
Saying... what will?
We have lost our humanity
We live in the past
Forgetting the present
As if there is only the past tense
We live in memories
Forgetting the future
As if there is no future
We love to brag about our ancestors
But what have we done now?
We all are losing ourselves
War... Drugs...
We think we are fighting for a cause
But that cause is only our greed
We think we are building the future
But we are destroying the future
We are losing our humanity 
And there is little left of it...
It is time to stop the war
And move along with peace
Nations send armies to others
Saying:"We've come to civilize you"
According to the dictionary 
Civilize is defined as conqueror
Send not armies! Send food and medical supplies!
Why do you come in the name of peace?!
If you only bring with you destruction!
What is happening to Afghanistan?
Why do you send guns instead of pills!?!
Or is the Vito more important than lives?
I am not from Europe, I am not from America
and I am NOT from the Middle East...
I do not know such things...
I am from Earth, regard of my nation
Nations are only names, we are all one
We are connected; we live on the same planet!
Why does one want to kill his brother?
I do not want to lose my humanity
Knowing that little is left in this world
This world can yet be fixed...
And it starts with two words: Love and equality
And it starts with one road: kill the Vito
Cause if it was a man, I would've killed it for the best
You think Hitler is gone?! Well now there is a stronger one
Look at Jerusalem! Hitler wouldn't dare do such things!
Why do we keep looking at the past?!
Forgetting what now is happening!
If the same ones who were massacred by Hitler
Are the same ones doing worse to Arabs?!
Why do we spend billions on weapons?
Instead of spending them on science?
Or at least save other nations from starvation
Why are we better than the Africans?
We have the same God! Or is it because of their color?
I just wish to ask one question to every human being...


A tribute to all nations and hope all be safe :)

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The Longbow Archer

“Laws of the land enslave our people”

                                                     -Robin Hood

Sunlight glances off the flint tip
As justice swims through the air

The belly of the bow stave
Carved in yew

Whose nock, twined in hemp
Bonded in beeswax
Burns with the passion of man

Forged in the forest
Practiced on the buckle

Freedom flies true


                                               Flies true


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An Indian Boy

That Indian boy, unwashed, in rags, and black,
(India is, as in Art we say Nobel Laureate; in Might they call it ‘Nuclear State’)
Walked by the Dal-lake’s breezy bank,
Playing an unknown song on flute;
Carrying balloons on a bamboo stick,
Flying high in air,
And around his shoulders a worn dirty bag—
Contained flutes.
The naughty school boys irritated him, 
Punched the balloons
And searched in the bag.

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Deep Voodoo - original version

Voodoo politics Ross Perot where did you go? you said it all trickle down economy pissing away the poor pissing off the middle class as less and less our paychecks pay the bills ironic how when I was still in diapers the rich got taxed a whole lot more and yet Prosperity - along with rock and roll - was King Now it’s all about protecting those whose money no one sees as it sits in nice safe havens Make a war - no money to sustain it Let the wealth come down TRICK-TRICK TRICK ling down to you and me T R I C K l i n g . (I just noticed the contest could be only 25 lines, so the short version is below this. Crap. how does someone trickle a poem in only 25 lines?!!)

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To Weak To Cry

When I think of the plight that children face all over the world
I just want to cry
Hunger starts and ends their everyday
As many of us continue to waste away
The scraps that we toss could save a child’s life
I’ll tell you the human race is nothing nice
We have no problem spending trillions on war
As children starve to death outside a millionaires store
They put locks on the dumpsters to keep them out
To greedy to give what they are throwing out
I watched a show just the other day
That showed Children just wasting away
Right there in their mothers arms
As I ate my giant bowl of lucky charms
Pirates raiding off the Somalia Coast
Because their children’s eyes are hollow as a ghost
If my Children were starving these words are true
Captain Hook wouldn’t hold a light to you know who
I think in the overhaul scheme of wrong and right
Mankind in general has lost all sight
Could you imagine kissing your child’s last breath?
The rich get richer as they starve to death
So as you all tuck your kids into bed tonight
Kids all over the world will lose their fight
They will simply lie down and die
To hungry to fight to weak to cry

Shelters that feed the Hungry are in every
town, when was the last time that you gave
something. No person is any greater than the
depth of their compassion. To give is to receive
for there is no greater blessing in this life. Keep
what you need and give the rest and the Lord will
make sure you never run out. God Bless, MJ
Written for Sami's contest

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diary of a twisted primate

a scandalous secret gnaws
at the epicenter of my being
threatening to unearth
score pillars of dirt
upon which my world is built

gilded in reverence,
vaingloriously lauded
and parlayed to ascend sacred rungs
beyond the license of minions,
the legend grows
and grows
and grows

and though I know
my storied steeple,
as all things crooked,
will surely crumble someday,
I pray that it shall stay


an irreverent crown;
a reaming tower of pisa
steeped in piety,
the envy of my faithful throng


to shatter the innocence of your delicate young…

~ Pablo

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L. I. F. E. (Living In Fear Everywhere)

L iving 
I n
F ear
E verywhere

Just as we live and just as we die 
We laugh, kill and crucify
We are no more our brothers than we are ourselves 
We are the players 
With the tools and talent of the efficient demise 
Of war, famine and greed 
We do rise
Of the ever constant ricochet of freedom in our ears
As we wrap our fallen dead in a shroud of rights, laws and bills 
And continue to improve the technology, the precision 
The assurance of absolute destruction 

Buying death is easy
Dealing is easier 
The career choice of many 
A thriving business with prestige and power 
Taking, wanting, hungry for the rush 
So young, so fragile 
Blood is running in the streets 
A seemingly endless fountain of misguided youth 
Falling, one after the other 
So far from the truth 

S  hocked 
A  ngry
D  epressed 

What good has ever come from a gun ?
Why kill ?
Why are we arming our children ?
Our future ?
Are you blind to the fact ?
Do you not hear the sound ?
Do you not see ? 
Do you not care ?
We are killing ourselves 
Stealing each others dreams 
Each others families 
Why pro-create ?
To produce, raise, and nurture more disposable targets ?
Is there another use for guns ? 
1 + 1 = 0
One bullet + one individual = one less reason to care 
We are waging war upon our brothers for money, love and survival 

G  ive 
U  s
N  o
S  anity

All to easy....................
Living In Fear Everywhere 

Eric (and sometimes not)

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I See Glory

I see glory 
coming from freedom
and coming from God.
life is just our first stage,
death is when we truely live.
in the arms of God
life truely begins.

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The Evolution of Learning (Part One)

It amazes me how much man has evolved
Yet, How little he has learned
All around the globe
Millions die of disease and starvation
While the ever so intelligent creature known as man
Spends millions upon millions of dollars every single day
Killing each other
Instead of finding cures for the ill or feeding starving children
Oh sure, we dabble in those efforts
But we are committed to killing each other
Governments all around the globe
Spend most of their money
On their armies
Either to defend or attack
Their enemies
Supposedly, the most intelligent creature on earth
The intellectual creature known as man
If I may go so far
Mans commitment to war and killing
Goes far beyond any one mans term in office
It goes far beyond any one mans lifetime
It goes far beyond any century or any one era
From beginning to end, top to bottom
East to west, north to south
Red, yellow, brown, black or white 
Our commitment to killing each other
Is undeniable
How can a species that is smart enough to split atoms 
Creating weapons that will kill millions
Still be stupid enough to do it?
And now I see on the science channel
That man has now devised the Platonic beam
A beam of light that just disintegrates the target in an instant
At what price you ask?
Well I don’t know but I reckon if we diverted that money
To say solar energy projects
They could probably put a solar energy system
On every home in the world for free
Thus solving the energy crisis
Not to mention food in the icebox and medicine in the cabinet
Because of course when you create such an amazing new weapon
You need an entire new type of ship to deploy it from
Thus is born the next generation of war birds
They jettison into space 
Then go into super afterburner (A jet engine minus oxygen)
Which they said would reach like 20,000 miles an hour
So you could shoot halfway around the world
Disintegrate your enemy
And be home in time for supper
I believe when speaking of politics
It’s not a National Crisis
It’s a Global Epidemic

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shock and awe

the war was well 

on its way
mottled and coddled
 battled  and  bottled
before the

            front was modeled
      the frontline was hobbled
the forefront was cobbled

dark hearts be doubled
light hearts be troubled

the war is well
on its way

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No Flowers

There are no flowers there...
just flies, and dust and sun
Where a child wanders
over dirt under calloused feet
under a blazing sun
on a barren land

there are no flowers
there are no trees

where hunger is the only companion
where a pool of dirty water is a lonely playground
where life drains out and sickness plays the only game

where no birds sing...
where the only sound are tears of the innocent

where a child alone, lays down
where there are no flowers
only thorns
for his grave

Submitted for "A Piece of Bread, Please" contest sponsorerd by Sami Al-khalili

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That Slow Green Burn

Fire at the edge of the world.
Eyes deep within the shoreless forest sea,
Witnesses of the most ancient ways
Watch smoke rising from the approaching front
Of treeless, naked land
Stripped bare by blind ambition,
Quietly await the end.

Five thousand acres a day
The last great garden drifts into the skies
To join the circling storms that once nourished it.

The fires lick and crawl their way
Into its green heart.

Fire is eating the soul of the world
Reducing the face of its childhood to ash;
- Behold here the sorrow of Eden's last relic
Becoming the charnel-house of Creation.

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Ah Love Those Days Of Long Harsh Winters

Ah love! Those days                             
Of long harsh winters,                      
Homemade pickles and dried vegetables;              
Surrounding the flaming-high chola 
And having kehva with cornbread,      
Almost whole-days.                            
My maternal grands and
In the nights their horror tales: 
That world of fairies and giants, 
Demons and ape-men;                     
My mom's dead granduncle's heroic                          
Hunting stories--
Catching cleverly the wild hens
By the bushes hatching eggs,                  
Chasing the fox in snowy forests,       
And ambushing behind rocks            
The lions slept-for-days in dens!           
O! Before the uprising,                     
Before the guns and grenades,         
Was a beautiful--mythical, religious world...                        
Oh God! Damn the Indians,                      
Chinese and Paks,         
They all have 
Together or one by one                         
Damaged our topography
And destroyed our identity.

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Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo 

he was so professional she was so mean he was completely subservient to her 
she was so unclean together they licked the platter clean when money ruled the 
earth it seemed to be a certain fact that people are at lack to have a say when 
money ruled the day the people suffered and cried bread some found in trash the 
poor man cries his cries reminds me of inky flotsam and she was seldom seen 
they rule the inner sanctum as they scream and scream they torture freedom and 
hide the caviar underneath the cavernous pillow they munch on nothing much 
they tweed they maw they fight the ignoramus they eat the bread of queen and 
kingly night repast a fraction of the cost at last a brand new management to bring 
ungodly gain a checkmark and a balancement the answer lies in forty paces forty 
winks the desert beckons the cactus drinks the muck puddle lies with flies and 
flying things to dissipate slowly now in winter grace as angels wing in air. 
 Dynamic Duo 

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Hypocrisy of Thoughts

Finally we are here
Do we stand mighty and strong?
Warriors but without swords

Finally we are here
Do we shake the ground we stand?
Powerful but without strength

Finally we are here
To the land of the heroes
With blood that spells disgrace

Finally we are here
To the land of the leaders
With tears that spell shame

Let us follow and never lead
Let us march after the tyrants
The blind’s man stick is more help

Let us not ask questions
Nor answer any of them
Stay quiet, we are the mute

We cannot hear the insults
Exploding behind our ears
Keep ignoring, we are the deaf

Dig our holes and fall in them
We cannot see what is under our nose
Never look front, we are the blind

Let us die for injustice
Let us kill for inequality
With violence, we can better the world

Let us raise the sword on our brother
Let us spill the blood of our mother
After all, what is family?

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Author Note: I wrote this after the Address last night as my take on the transparency of our 

Where does the white go
when the snow melts?
It becomes transparent,
for all to witness its passage
from one form
to another?

It will never again have substance
or be recognized as what 
was its original state.

doomed to mix with 
unsavory elements,
no longer a brilliant white,
becomes covert.

Covered by dirty slush
to be stomped throughout
the halls of government,
to be spread around
under the guise of openness.

will become invisible,
no longer a nuisance,
transparent, to forever
be squelched
by power and corruption 
hiding behind closed doors,
where transparency is not allowed,
where truth becomes lies,
where is hidden....
where the white goes 
when the snow melts

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Mother Land

Yes I will die for her
Yes I will cry for her
But I will not turn my head and look the other way
I will not stand silent while others make a mockery of liberty
I will not stand silent while others
Distort the truth 
And if I offend you
                                   I DON'T CARE
Human rights for all does not require the denial of mine
Freedom of choice is not an entitlement 
For middle class oppression
Pursuit of happiness is not a governmental gift 
And if That upsets you
                                   I DON'T CARE
I will pray                      
I will say
          Under God
I will accept you when you accept me
If you are appalled
                                   I DON'T CARE
I will sing God Bless America
If it offends you shut your ears
If you feel the need to respond
Shut your mouth
I do not respond to you denying your righTS
Do not deny mine
There is no room for bigoted fanaticism
In this the Mother Land
If this makes you angry
                                   I DON'T CARE.

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The Evoultion of Learning (Part Two)

As long as various people run various nations
There will forever be war
What the world needs is one leader
A common man who believes in the working class
As well as the Lord
Instead of one Nation under God
Lets make it one World under God
And just let each individual decide what he or she wishes to call that God
So I here by nominate our dear friend Vince Suzadail Jr.
The first candidate of the new world order 
He seems to have the best Political views I’ve heard
And I think he alone could do a much better job
Than all the leaders of all the nations are doing
At least I’m certain he couldn’t do any worse
And that way all the super intelligent people devising ways 
Of destroying our world
Could find something more constructive to spend their time on
Like raising a crop or milking a cow
Saving a child or helping elderly with their needs 
There are plenty of folk who need a hand
Lets all start offering them ours instead of cutting theirs off
I’m just a simple man
My actual world is very small
My family, friends and neighbors
I love you all and hope you know I’ll do anything for you I can
There is no malevolence left in me
I know how to make and use a shank, zip gun or small explosive
But I’ve learned not to
For I’ve learned to think with my heart and soul
They do a much better job than my mind
I just wish the great minds of the world
Were smart enough 
To figure out what I have
And learn to love with all of their hearts

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It must feel good to say at last 
The ceiling is shattered 
And the door is open 
It must feel good 
But I looking at the ceiling 
Think of icy rains 
Monitors on my feet instead of chains 
Weevils dancing in the hoarded grains 
And blind men wiping at dark blood stains 
It must feel good at last to belong 
To see your face on the totem pole 
Hear the world sing your song 
Muting the lyrics meaning about the cold

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The Color Missing

The Color Missing
Red, black, and blue are the colors of our work pens. Red is the color of the blood we spill on other people’s mistakes.  Blue is the color of the songs we sing on tax forms or pay stubs- every page has a secret melody. Black is the color of the streets we fear most. Black is the color of our signature of approval. Black is the color of our death.

‘But what about the Green pens?’ I ask. They say ‘the ink is too hard to see.’

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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Global Pollution 
This is a hate Crime Rhyme
Opposing all of he or she who passed a veto 
I will slam everyone in the House of Representatives 
Away with the “HATE CRIME” law
Global Politicians waste our time
A race on who gets down dirty and raw
Crying we are all equal under the same law
I plead the fifth, if you care 
All you posers are so unfair 
You give me more time because you do not like my hair
You crazy politics say "stop doing that!" 
Opening the eye's for us to perceive life very offensively
Piling up this world with your bull crap! 
Once again, hating is all I see 
I have a low tolerance for politicians on TV 
Law and order makes me shout 
Every law article in the news 
Is about a politician giving out a poor interview
Boo who on who's attacking or threatening who 
All you polluters do is boast
Hey, you politicians all of you I loath 
The more government spreads protection 
How I hate the ones who abuse the situation 
All you polluters create a bigger "Hate Crime." 
Passing out particular laws igniting more intimidation 
Tired of trying to live up to your expectation
I am giving you my perception 
Viewing all your sour reputations 
Always debating and telling us what to do 
There is nothing brave about you
You think you are doing what is best for us
You cowards do not understand where we are coming from 
Instead of embracing us, you continue to lose our trust 
All of today's politics, are nothing compared to yesterday’s trick 
Age, race, notational origin, the list goes on and on
A conflict in our free society 
Gender, religion, to disability 
In this, I see no promotion in opportunity  
All you perpetrators are inflicting, 
Damage to our physical and emotional unity
All you so called leaders take a stand 
Offer us something we really need to understand
Polluting all of Gods nations 
With your "censored" label that this is your political land 
You lunatics want us to consider all sides
Pretending to be friendly to cover our hides 
Put a sock in your hypocritical politicians fool
Bomb the heck out of them __ 
For use terrorism as their # 1 tool 
We got what it takes to send our enemy to oblivion
You Oxy morons, the government you do not know how to run! 
For all this hate is just a silly sound 
Politicians you are just a swift in a nuke frown 
Do not come and put your stupid signs on my ground

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Those Shackles

Those shackles against him
His legs that do not run
But rather crawl 
To his kingdom's goal
Those shackles; they bind him
To the endless stereotypes
And profiling
Those shackles; you'd never guess
Who put them around his legs
It was the men in their suits
Put yourself in his boots

It's the shackles, the curse
Of the skin our men were born in
They say his demeanor will never change
They seldom let us in the banks
They shoot us for commuting
Then we take to the streets
At times I think we can't be like them
We live life without cheating
If their gun isn't in hand
Then we'd take a beating

Then there's the shackles, the curse
Of the attitudes our men are forced into
They make him chase the money
But not work for the money
They hang drugs in front of our noses
They handle us like jokes
As if we're not human too

Those shackles against me
My legs that do not run
But rather sprint
To our kingdom's goal
Those shackles, they try to bind me
To the endless stereotypes
And profiling
Those shackles; you'd never guess
Who tried to put them on me
It was the men in the suits
Now put yourself in my boots.

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Discrepancy is an economic thing.  Have you ever known this to be anything else?
Money is the great separator of togetherness.  Man rob, steal, and kill just for the feel of its illicit presence.  Woman will sell, which defines exploitation; steal from you, and lie on thy neighbor for just a little wealth.

These concepts are aspects of someone’s life.

Crime becomes escalated and mental health becomes the strife.  The minister said within his blackness, “There has to be a better way.”  However, there is no reason for this other than the lack of fulfillment and/or greed.

As a poet and philosopher, I respond, “We have to help everyone to overcome poverty.”

Note, the media and academia went on “The Tour on Poverty.”  When they reported out, they showed how the Great Depression of 2008-2009 had effected the workforce and the home front.

Why are we not upset to see people living in poverty?

Academia stayed east and this made it seem that north, south, and west were the greatest downward spiral.  Therefore, I present to you The School of Social Theology.

The School of Social Theology is a new school of thought that states poverty is melodramatic to us not being there for our family and what friends we are.
We live well but we do not offer the same to all.

The School of Social Theology seeks eradication of social injustice to state poverty must end.  If you are working to end social injustice, today will not be the same as tomorrow...

A fight against social injustice is a fight for social justice!
Sponsor: Charlotte Puddifoot
Contest Name: 	Random Mix 

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Stone Mountain Must Die

Stone Mountain should die today.
Tomorrow would be fine.
But that raft of traitors eulogized, defaced
Would remedy an abuse of time.

The betrayers that love it still
Are awash from the American current.
The tattoo of turncoats on that hill
Long abuse our country's spirit.

Stone Mountain must die fast and sound
By dynamite, acid, or hammer.
That sad rock knows its whole bestrewn
Will solve shame to God that raised it.

It was granite first, bigoted statement second
An emblem of lawless, unresolved Reconstruction.
The stone cries out: Fuel the worst in men?
Release me now, come fast my full destruction.

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Euphrates Lost

As an ancient Heavenly stream of life
Emerged to be under the sun,
Embracing our Earthly Eden
Where no Forbidden Fruit;
What made you gazing like a stranger
Of no past registered in history!?

Oh Euphrates! Could not ye remember:
That day when I was too young,
Beneath your tree of Passion,
With melodies of nightingale's lute,
You taught me an endless song:
Songs of Love
Songs of Liberty!

That midsummer's night and day,
When I was with Emily and Langston,
In the face of the sun, upon your mossy stone;
We were able to jump and giggle:
Swimming in Love
Swimming in Liberty!

This black-devilish day of no time, no sun, 
Or even a bit of a dead moon,
Where the sky is full of gloomy tears
Drizzled from heaven,
Streaming upon the land of no Garden,
Streaming in vain from Winter to Fall,
Upon the graves of no one died,
Upon the graves of no register,
Behind a bush of forbidden fruit,
I am alone crying in whisper!
Crying the loss of all
Kinds of Love
Kinds of Liberty!

Could you, Euphrates, remember!!?

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Seriously Libel : Just Some Thoughts

I close my eyes
So I can not see
I close my ears
So I can not hear
I shut my mouth
So I can not speak
I pinch my nose
So I can not smell
The awful fragrance
This government tries to emit
I peel my skin
So I can not feel
Thyself falling away
Thyself torn apart
We were supposed to head onwards
But how?
If we're looking backwards
But not forward
They said they didn't like dictatorship
But why?Why is it that we don't have freedom
The freedom to speak
The freedom to tell who you are
The freedom to tell what you are
You are all arrogant bastards
You of who speak democracy
Brought tyranny to us
You who opposed martial law
Brought it back
Is this really the way?
The way you wanted to lead us
The "tuwid na daan" you were talking about
Maybe you are just dumbfounded
Or maybe you are just dumb?
I rate you
2 out of 10
At least you got 2
Not 1

Pls do comment.

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Rope of Sand -or- Hsssss

follow /us/
follow /us/ 
lose your mind
leave your head   /behind/
get in line 
grab a hand
we're making it
you're making it   /now/
Rope of the dead 
Rope of sand

swallow  /this/
swallow  /this/
selling you soap
demanding demand
hope no hope
take no stand   
 …>/I said
   crawl instead
    said where you're led/

/now/ we're making it
     you're taking it
Rope of the dead
Rope of sand


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a come down world view from on high

playing in the sand
with paper tigers
  a bear with many tentacles
red everywhere
	in the skies
  clouds streaming down
hispeed downsload online power lines
  pavement-red trees ripe for slicing
 and many motored mobiles moving
i see these incessant seas of disease
in roving throes of twos and threes
  drunken eyes of manned machines
madness is sporadic maelstroms
tornadic hail storms whispering
lightning peals
of eclectic ills
the meek willed and weak be killed
the party's all in pink
its all happening
   its happening now
this Eden scene reality
happy masses spending spree
breeds palmistry lost honesty
espirit de corps in manistry
    the trenchmouth of a diarrhetic mind
the media of waste and waists
 culture crowd
   cry crass and proud
 there is nothing reprobate
WE are all there is to hate
we've lost our sense in satin sets of
  scents and sins in suddenness

                     now is the beginning of then
	love is the beginning of fears
	time is the beginning of when
	hate is the start of smears

i am forever tears
  and woodwind promises
singing softly
sighing what seaweed sees
screaming as seaweed streams
	strings of steaming
  arty-choked minds
  and children dreaming
      brain washed carbon cycles
	power washed spirochetes
   imminent demise by sunrise
Media theatrics of medium minds
  like mediums find
  gallows galvanizing
Gallup Polls as Mesmer  rising

truth is news
but the news aint truth
and that aint news
but it is the truth

 rude uncouth pursueth youth
	to chase the shadows backward
progressive eye
 see no wrong
shame is yet a choice
    silence none
          let us sing
but only in one voice
our world's a stage
of  gilded age
 	a rounded cage of ageless rage
    	and HIStory is a sexist word
a reckless neckless Texas word
   afraid of path ahead of us
afraid of rain bloodstained with rust
      afraid of pain for there is gain
enflamed estranged defamed with trust
   be shamed be shamed be shamed
we must
i'll work me up 
till i explode
a goldenrod that never glowed
a farmer whom has never sowed
i'll toe a line hence never toed
in dirt the truth is never soiled
in earth its known and never spoiled
in trees with leaves it breathes unseen
the breezes that will never leave us
if Jesus pleases may it seize us
all consuming never leave us
please O God may it never leave us
and only then
can it free us

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A Call to Action

Queasy anxiety, a fearful edginess of dread,
an old and omnipresent sense of doom
taint the times that random opportunity affords
to slip convention's chains, to openly proclaim
a saner point of view, a logical rejection
of muddy, inane thinking, of tradition-bound
adherence to stupidity's insistent songs
that perpetuate a myriad of wrongs.
Let there be no turning back; face the fears, be the change --
for diversity, humanity, acceptance, brotherhood,
and love.  Explain, support, convince.  Break the silence:
come out, come out, whoever and wherever you may be!

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If Old Men Fought

An old man looking out his door,
gaze fixed on a distant shore,
reminiscing to a time, not of happiness,
or, the prospect of a bright future,
to when he was sick to his very core,
to when as a youth, he went to war

A time before infallibility had meaning,
patriotism and bravado the craze,
the future was still unknown,
vigor for life at its all time high,
a time for romance, partying, buying,
no thought of pain, deformity, dying

Too young to understand or question,
ship to foreign shore, medals abound,
will impress the girls next time in town,
sacrifice not temporary,
forever more,
a legacy etched into a wall, few will remember,
flesh shredded, burned, torn,
families mourn

A time, when he willingly went to war,
will happen no more,
all lost in youth, now unrelenting,
no blind obedience,
minimal risk,
long life, his number one ambition

As he turns back from the door,
he thinks of the youth,
here now, soon no more,
lessons never learned,
the call to war,
to common the roar,
complacency the mood,
another generation removed

The old man agonizes
over what was originally not known,
war is preventable,
life too precious to waste,
the solution simple,
his vision, maybe too late

Send old men to the front to fight,
arthritis, heart disease, poor eyesight,
let the youth enjoy their life,
his near over, its only right

Send old men, to the front, to fight
ask them to give up their life,
patriotism and bravado, still alive,
will and desire would not last the night,
old men do not rush to death in their twilight,
failure inevitable, the old man smiles,
knows he's right

Wars not possible,
if old men, are sent to fight

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Written In Indian Election Time

Oh God!
When this state be free
And an independent kingdom again!
India, a hypocrites’ country, is a Power,
And although we are famous for being straightforward
But, a small nation, in Arms and Weopens we are very weak.
Otherwise, now tired of Double-talk Dialogues and humiliating 
Invitations for Talks,
We’d make it, in a violent war in air.
And an another aggressive Muslim state,
Pakistan (land of the pure!) has kept us captive, there, 
Across the nonsensical border,
And gifted a part, of us, to its Mongol friend!

And Shame on their living! 
These petty politicians in this Indian election time
Are frequenting this forgotten village street.
Some scared of a villain Indian minister,
Others, licking her feet, a widow woman politician.
While others immature, in the nights' dark,
On the roadside walls, are propagandizing for Pakistan.

Ah Alas!
All great politicians are gone,
Like prophets, painters and poets,
These modern high standard schools 
Can not create.

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Pledge Of Allegiance, Revisited

I Pledge Allegiance
a solemn vow of obedience, from the earliest age of grievance,
when found deliverance, one people, united against tyranny and intolerance,
become the model of democracy and toleration

To The Flag
the symbol of once colonization come together in celebration,
a new unconquerable nation, a successful castration,
of oppression and dictation

Of The United States Of America
a conglomeration of peoples form one nation,
13 colonies a single relation, one voice, one oration,
tread on me, expect retaliation

And To The Republic
a democracy, its creation, the Constitution, its foundation,
agreeable to all  in origination, fiercely guarded against demolition,
militarization, and impregnation, over all these years, still on station
For Which It Stands
the protector of all oppressed lands, the world over she lends a hand,
her signature, her blood, in foreign sand

One Nation
from sea to sea, whether rich or poor, some vocal, others, chose to ignore,
those who guard the shore, those who knock on heavens door,
one nation, esprit de corps

Under God
in a time when belief was strong, today, should not be wrong,
having been with us so very long, a few may sing a different song,
most will believe, as they have, all along

one, as a whole number, cannot be divided by any other,
many have tried under guise of brother, only to be denied by the mother

With Liberty And Justice For All
the means to end all oppression, infinitely wrong with transgression,
succession, regression, and repression along

Our Pledge of Allegiance
a pledge of a nation, a history profound, one indivisible number,
all it takes, to be no longer allowed


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The Check is in the Mail

The Check is in the Mail
		                            Authored by Chuck Keys	

At the beginning there was no rain,
Only the thundering noise and bright bolts of lightning.
The trees and bushes trembled with the cold winds 
Pouring sheets of rain soon followed.
The stones and the ground cover cringed, 
Everything echoed and shook from the hard driving forces present.
There was no place to run or hide.  God
Was making his statement.
There will be no peace tonight,
Everything is in play.

Someone is in pain, searing aching ever increasing pain, 
Like the agony of a toothache, thumping, pulsing, thud, thud, thud 
Louder and more intense with each breadth 
The body and spirit is consumed, tightly wrapped up, 
Absorbed in the discomfort of now.
And it's not going away on its own.
There will be no peace tonight,
Everything is in play.

He was stolen, placed in chains,
400 years ago, 
Brow beaten from the beginning, in and out 
Never allowed to be his own, 
Not like whites, he was property, owned and operated 
But different non-white, (why are we still talking of color?) 
Yet beings we all are.
There will be no peace tonight,
Everything is in play.

We cry for what was taken but can never be returned 
Not wanting to be raised above or over, 
Wanting not a victory, but delivered equality.
Through love and nonviolence Martin and they forged ahead,
No more waiting for the check in the mail, 
But expecting the expected.
There will be no peace tonight,
Everything is in play.

The storm is here and now.  
A debt of honor is due, 
With the passing of time, where is restitution?
We accept love, education, pride and joy, 
We can't accept the hatred of crime, violence, 
The lack of housing and work, 
Pain never fades on its own.
It needs attention.
God’s values our values,
The one constant, never becomes vague.
Without compromise. Without compromise.
There will be no peace tonight,
Everything is in play.

The storm continues with its blinding rage, 
Waiting for an answer, not patiently, but expectantly, 
There will be no peace tonight in their lives as in our hearts,
Everything is in play.

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Riches to Rags

I have heard of it,
I was in it,
I have imagined it,
But I am yet to experience it.

What is this dream?
Who is this dream for?
Is it a dream for the wealthy and the powerful?
The politicians and the Gangs?
The Cartels and the Mafia?
Drugs and substance abuse?

Is it a dream for organized crime? 
Child molestation,
Sabotage, and hopeless?
What is this dream?

Is it a dream for big cars?
Credit card debts?
 Foreclosed home? 
And joblessness?
Is it a dream for freedom and justice?
Inequality and racisms?
Or is it a dream for peace, unity, love and compassion?

Some people have been dreaming too long,
 And it’s time to wake up to reality?
Everyday hundreds of people are killed in the streets of America,
Children are murdered in the schools
Businesses are robbed,
And illegal schools, and colleges are established on a daily basis,
Innocent people get hurt every second
And the security system is tainted with bribery and corruption
What is this dream?
Rags to riches or riches to rag?

Aunt Mary is a successful doctor;
She left her beautiful home by the beach;
She resigned a good paying job; 
She leaves her husband, and children
 behind in search of the American dream 
But she ended up in a rat infested brown stone, 
apartment in lower Manhattan. 
She works three jobs,
 flipping burger and scrubbing floors to make ends meet,
 And at the end of the month she can barely pay the rent,
 She cannot eat a proper meal
 she has to pay it back to the American dream.

My ink has been dried up for many years,
The weather was perhaps too cold for my ink to flow,
I have resorted to the computer 
but the keys were frozen too.
What on earth had gone wrong?
I might have been in America too long
My creativity was put on hold 
 because I was too busy trying to achieve my dreamless goals

Everyday thousands of people from across the globe
 landed on the shores of America;
Thousands of people have lost their lives
 in sunken boats, and extended journey across desserts
 some people have spent months travelling from country to country
 with the hope of reaching America 
only to be subjected to the materialistic dream.
A dream that will one day reduce them to nothing,
A dream that will make them work night and day,
A dream that will cause them earn their bread the hardest way.

Somewhere along the road
 the real essence of this dream has been destroyed
 And new meaning has been added to i.,
What happen to the ideals of America?
Where is the success and upward mobility?
Where is the fuller,
 and better life that everyone anticipated?

Can we still achieve prosperity and success?
Does this dream exist at all?
Is it a dream for some?
 Or is it a dream for all?
Open your eyes and recapture the American dream.

               ©2013 Christine Phillips

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A euphemistic dinner conversation on idioms

Avoiding The unpleasantries of the Barbarians At The Gate                                                 It is over there, for they thought they had Found The Golden Grail                                      Wandering The Elysian Fields  looking for a needle in a haystack                                       living in an ivory tower. Look a lounge lizard.                                                                   Out to lunch,  A Few Sandwiches Short of a picnic                                                              I am Eating light downsizing So not to get a Few Extra Pounds                                           Let's change the subject seriously though                                                                        as serious as myocardial infarction                                                                                   sketchy but I see through the ploy like a glass table                                                          Did you hear, maybe you are hard of hearing it is all smoke and mirrors                             Poltics Maybe, How about The war on euphemism                                                              It’s Just Politics that is a “overly simplistic guarantee                                                         sweeping generalizations that can be contradicted by individual experiences                   accurate…not precise enough. He didn’t say anything wrong. That was true.                        Excuse me did you say something touche not touching that                                             Yes, the mock euphemism over your head                                                                        Let's talk about religion then like the apple of my eye                                                    Truth is stranger than fiction Pass the salt of the earth, please                                            eat, drink and be merry not a doubting Thomas                                                                 Did you hear about the wolf in sheep's clothing                                                                 Why are you bringing up poly-ticks again I guess, a leopard can't change its spots          A heavy purse makes a light heart.You get the checks and balances, I will pick up the tab

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Self Inflicted

Moral Standards, self respect, a sense of peace
In a struggling world, trust and honesty expected, received
Family time, Sunday worship, where did it go
Changing world, liberal views, Standards removed
Political correctness, allow the changes, just accept it
Society weakened, sinking slowly, watch it crumble 
Even the heroes are villains, chaotic thoughts
The world we knew can rest in peace, six white horses
Allowed to die by the people, for the people
No No No Not destroyed by progress
The cause of death being self inflicted.

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Election 2004

Candidates disputing, scratching, wailing, crying, whining.

Blasts of good here,
Bad there
What truth is there to believe?
Turn off the un-statesman like banter.

Coffee turned cold with no paper to read,
discarded because the riotous words fly at our morning faces.

Answer the phone – 
one party, another party,
please give us your vote.
Don’t answer and long messages overflow your memory.

A walk to the mail box
and stacks of colorful cardboard flyers
tumble out all over the road.

They scatter in the wind and are gone
like wasted dollars
that could have fed a hungry nation.

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Day Servants -- Servientas Diarias

Las mujeres que cruzan el rio cada dia
forman una linea larga para la migra.
Muestran sus permisos -- tarjetas locales --
y vacian los contenidos de sus bolsas.
Cuando las preguntan sus destinos,
contestan con las frases que han ensayado:
quiero comprar pollo en especial,
o desea mi hijo zapatos tenis de Wal-Mart --
mientras sus patronas del dia acechan,
a prudente distancia, en sus camionetas guayin,
con los motores en marcha.  
Estan fumando impacientemente.
Otro Winston? 

(For translation, see "About This Poem")

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Where have all my people gone, the Navaho, Lakota, and the Sue.
Smothered beneath the white man blanket,
Chocking for a breath of airs life's sustaining oxygen.
The beating heart of native drums, are stilled frozen,
In the middle of it's rhythmic thumping, no pulses echo,
Can be heard on the open plain.
The weeping women kneel on sacred ground, shedding
A river of bloods tears, burning a permanent scare across,
A baron landscape.
Death's black raven shields itself, under it's crimson soaked wing,
Against shames immoral injustice. 
Greed's unsatisfiable hunger for land and riches fuels lusts desire,
Behold exterminations nay holocaust of the native inhabitance,
  Nothing remains alive except ignorance blackened shadow.
How much blood can mother earth be forced to drink before,
She drowns herself or spits up everything undigested,
 With sheer disdain and hatreds malice intent.
On a black and white chess board the winners takes it all,
Strategies grand masters playing with living pawns.
Treaties written in vanishing ink, promises disappear in thin air,
 Revealing a liars sharpened tongue.
The odds have always been stacked against those believing in fairness.
A rogue tidal wave of humanity has wiped out a nation,
And it's culture within the blink of an eye.
Flights appendages are clipped on the dove of peace, leaving it
Unable to soar above it's own habitat.
Wreckage’s refugees stumble in the ruins after math,
Rapes victims of civilizations civilized,
Are left devoid of their heritages lineage and legacy.
Elders chieftains representatives of a great nation,
Smoke peace pipes in the white mans hunting lodge
In Washington.
As human beings are hauled like cattle's cargo,
Taken to reservations burial grounds. 
Ancient ancestors lit up the heaven's vast expanse,
 By torches flame,
To guide the souls of the dead unto their great spiritual
 Plain beyond.
The pale horse gallops forward without a rider,
And the red people become a phantom tribe vanishing
 Upon the winds shifting tides.
Giving one last final trible battle war cry, 
Why my father but the great spirit answers not.
Behold America's legacy, a world trampled beneath
It's heavy iron fist, all in the name of progress or for the cause
Of Manifest destiny.


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A thousand Splendid Suns Part 1

My name is Mariam
Does it matter?
From the beginning I was doomed
A harami in a Muslim world
A world where a girl has no rights 
Where a harami has even fewer
I am a slave in a man's world
My mother, Nana, tried to tell me
I didn't listen.
Too caught up in the world of Jalil
My father, but me not his daughter
Through my experiences I have learned 
Like Nana said, Persevere
There is little happiness
In a world where nothing is fair.

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Castro's Tonsils

Our president has
his head so far up
Castro’s sorry worthless
wrinkled commie butt
that he can see
the bastard’s tonsils.

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Itty Bitty Butt Boy

Itty bitty butt boy
kissing a politician’s ass,
when someone criticizes his hero,
weirdo little butt boy
temporarily stops his lifelong task
and loudly complains
while having a big hissy fit.
When his temper tantrum
at long last finally comes
to a welcomed end,
teenie weenie butt boy
returns to his self-appointed duty.
It is very easy to identify
itty bitty butt boy
even in a large crowd of people
because although his nose is brown,
the tiny little creep’s skin is lily white. 

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Hyphenated Words

What is a hyphenated word?
A written impression?
An expression of discourse?
Defamation redefined?
At fault when it is labeled as hate?

What are words when they change
to play a different game, 
to make it more palatable, 
the meaning remains unchanged?

The use of hyphenated words, 
politically correct hate.


 Author Note:

The use of hyphenated words such as the N-word has become an acceptable alternative in 
discussions related to racial slurs. I fail to understand how this is tolerated when the word 
has the same meaning and should have the same impact as unacceptable under any 

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Uneducating a Suicide Bomber

If heaven is a rest for the imbeciles,
the banes of hell my portion must be.
If cloud nine is a bordello, 
and the streets of gold are carved along the red-light-district, 
then god must be a panderer. 

Am I not already rewarded? 
My woman is: an orange, perfect in the sun;
a watermelon, succulent; 
a mango with sweet nectar;
a passion fruit, freshly plucked.

One woman is ecstasy, 
two is hell’s gate.
A saphead is a glutton for pure virgins. 
Lives foolishly forfeit for peculiar sayings.

Let not this bird fly,
for the two that is promised?
When god became a sexist, 
it came to pass that man recreate himself, a lunatic,
and the woman he  objectified became the dominant sex.

Covet not the splendor of paradise, 
where the mansions in my father’s house are brothels
perfumed with the scent of intercourse.
A gift of seventy-two maidens 
is an everlasting punishment.

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He was a smart ass young whippersnapper
when he was a child and he became a
professional politician once he grew up.
Thankfully he died while he was relatively young.
For him personally Karma may have been a conniving bitch
but for the remainder of suffering humanity Karma was a very kind lady.

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Her Square of Fear

A hypnotist
softly speaks.

Heavy eyes lids,
Butterflies behind her eyes,
Slow heart beats,
Soft breaths,

She was in a Riot.
It seemed to be intense.
A Revolution has started,
And everything was a mess.
In The streets of Egypt,
The Smell of tear gas 
Was suffocating,
Tears were shed,
Eyes were blurred.
She found herself at last 
In Tahrir square,
Full of anger,
Full of fear,
And death was everywhere.
She now remembers why
She has been afraid to leave the house
For more than a whole month.
She has been afraid to watch the news,
Or even the political shows.
She remembered how many people lost their eyes,
And how loud she heard their cries.
She suddenly screamed,
and was wide awake.

A hypnotist 
A silent room

Submitted to (Picking up the Broken Pieces) Contest

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Wings of Power

Sometimes it's hard to remember
That greatness comes first from
Something so small and dependent.

Just as the Bald Eagle chick
That hatches so helpless
Must depend upon parents,

So was the growth of our country,
Finding her wings with thirteen
Colonies and a Declaration of Independence.

Boasting freedom to be necessary 
And proper and showing
The world her wings of greatness.

First a poult and then a
Proud parent herself,
Soaring over all the world

Proclaiming that others
Will enjoy freedom,,
While protecting her domain.

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The smallest ants cast long shadows

Alan who is a great man and a peerless philosopher Has run for public office including the presidency Several times but still have not got to first base. He casts a long shadow, but people don’t appreciate his shade. Even his opponent who happened to be a small man comparatively, Not fit to be a parrot on his shoulder And yet public chose not Alan but the man with a long shadow. The small men when in power with weak leadership can cast long shadows of large range of influence. It often happens as the saying goes; "the smallest ants cast long shadows" It is a sure sign that the sun is about to set, Like an oil lamp burns brighter when oil is at its end.
+++ January 8, 2014 Form: Free verse

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Lost in a Jungle of Handshakes

Well prepared 

All ready for unknown battles 
Worships evolve in stolen identities

Cats and Dawgs on a hunt 
Inhaling confidence from a blunt 
Illicit props on hips hanging 
They could just drop
Revising your life’s ending
Death never blinks
One risk, 
One bullet
Act cool on cheap bullets
Pubic smells on gun muzzles 
Overtaking hustles on speed trapped dreams
Eyes growing muscles
Cats and Dawgs on a chase
Blazing the confidence blaze  

One kill, all time animal king
Respect floods in applauds 
Until death do us favours 
We all applaud. 

A way too free 
Too easy 
to ease the essence of life on freeways 
We take lives
For days and days
We take five taking lives before the rive  
We wave
To shake handshakes kept safe 
Shaking the world with handshakes 
The beast shake 

Lost in a jungle we all claim 
Keep on growing the shake
Wipe history stains
The shake isn't flair 
It’s more than blames. 
Lost in a jungle 
Our tears sing wedding songs.
“It’s a wedding day” 
“It’s a wedding day”

Do you take these sins? 
To have and to build more sins
Unlawful branded sins
More jobs for our criminal beings
From the past forward the future 
As a black man and be confused in your own jungle 
For decades and decades 
Until you see the weakness 
In your skin
Illegal labelled sins
The weakness in your skin 
And make sure you fight against each other
With no complaints 
Turning threats into compliments?
Ooo Yes I Do I Do.

Do you......?

Ooo Yes I Do all of them i Do.

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Draconian II

[The Puppeteer]
The storm I see you in
Caught in the race of Caïn
Held by the arms you cannot see--the conducter of Ennui 
-No stronger than the void you hold within-
It began with a hope, an obsession
Casted into, slavery of repugnant possessions 
Granted by, the Avaricious Lords, the ones we serve for
-They Told Us to pray, hope, away from despair, the despair caused by their immaculate Hands
Malice, envy, greed, was granted to me, The Feudal Dream, we want to be Them, just like him
-just how he solaces us, ambivalent hope, engendering knives to my throat 

[The Fall]
In this Valley of morning and weeping
Love lies bleeding, in desperate fear
With their talons, the hunt to rip out thy heart 
As each velvet petal falls apart
Her body chained in their bile and lies, covered with their red-spy
-sent just to check if our souls are in line, do not defy 
Her blood velvet and pure, drips away with innocence of the amber guardian 
The soil of plagues, beggars, and graves
Is know her home, the coven of solace
Though the seed has died--resurrection Is near passing through death's fear
One stronger than you--and thy funeral skies
She is alive--anew
But the vapors still remain
The Apocalypse is here, do we fear?
Just for the death of our sins
Elysia never Seemed so far away

[Our Damnation]
Solitary ruins, Fulfill their visions
We strayed far from the depths within 
We all lingered to his solace--lies
-you make the sign everyday, but lack toknow the name
We are just the toys, he pulls all of the strings
We are nothing in this burning world
of Decadence, and Failed Semblance

Draconian--Reach for the shadows within
Draconian--Break from the Fallen's son
Draconian--Their empirical lies, only die
Draconian--Reach the shadows within

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Elephant vs Donkey

That's not my Elephant!

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A Solider Ambition

The sight of blood, savage limbs, 
Perpendicular glossary to sky, 
Why so symbolic could it be, so divine? 

Melting skulls, haste tongues, 
Humble severed from commands, 
Is it a war zone at its end, or something like slim disease to propose? 

A wise man once said, 
That the term Love, Should never be thrown around if; 
You can never feel or distort from it.

My question to the wise man, 
When will war end, 
But I never got to propose such a question.

Young brother young brother I see we are close to cross that mountain, 
No matter your age origin or color, or creed. 
I consider you my young brothers.

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My Frozen Reflection, My Changed World

My tusks are sharp, like a warrior's spear.
I see clearly and only feel one thing, fear.
Frozen deep in this field of flattened glass,
I had to watch my unfulfilled dreams pass.
I have always known the snow covered land
that now morphs and changes behind my own,
Innocent eyes. But a weight of a stone, 
that can crush an entire army; then I remain alone.
I feel cold, my spirit sold,
lurking beyond me, rotten and old.
Out of reach, with so much to teach,
jerking to become free, begging for speech,
my young ones, my family shadows,
trapped behind a glacier of gallows,
The temporary apocalypse of merciless ice.
I wish I had warned them.

-Caroline Youngless

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Turd Talk

Former United States President Jimmy Carter
is living proof that a turd can walk and talk.
He is a very willing butt boy for the terrorist group Hamas.
He is a total disgrace to the human race.
This idiot was actually President.
What the hell were we the voting public thinking?
Carter was the one who put the Demon in the Demoncrat Party.

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United Nations Plaza

Temperature dip
urban leaves turned
Autumn, sniffing around
for a place to settle
no Farmer's Market
in San Francisco today.

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A Poem for Bloodshed

How sad is the day
when we celebrate the death of a man?
Good or evil, 
is justice so blind that it lets us know
wrong from right? 
You kill a man
but not an idea.
You celebrate a death,
you create more enemies.
Is there any justice done in killing
regardless of the actions?
Tell me how blood washed away blood?

A.N: this is a rough in the making.

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Thoughts of The Day

"In these seems
 politicians without a decent vision
 are on their right track.."


"If you leave your morals and ethics back home`ll face a great career in your life"

Inspired by the news of a politician over here which "unfortunately" has handed out
money under the table.Im SO happy that the taxes we pay are in `good-hands`...

March 10th 2012

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Word Perception Poem 1: Aerumnous

Will no one or nothing
Relieve us of these pseudomen, these shadows
Who suck away prosperity
As leaves draw sunlight,
Leaving all the rest of us
Ashiver in the shade of their ill-gotten millions?

They roam their aerumnous way among us,
The tendrils of their green
Winding chaotically around everything
Until finally they strangle off themselves.
Then it's a cry to the overworked groundskeepers,
Of "Save Us! For we are too Great to be allowed to perish!"

Well, were it up to me,
There'd be some serious weeding going on,
Come Spring.

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King Baabu

King Baabu,
The play of giants:                                                                             
Death and king’s horse man, 
The man of the people,
The man died.                           
Things fall apart,                                              
No longer at ease;                                            
Forest of thousand demons,                              
Gods are not to blame.                                     

The year of locusts:                                        
Our husband has gone mad again,                   
The black boy,weep not child;                        
Hope of the living dead.                                  

An African night's of entertainment:                 
The credo of being and nothingness.              

Contest: Get your scissors out: cut-up poems/word collage.
Sponsor: Charlotte Puddifoot.

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at the dawn of the idea
when the concept remained so low
on society’s distant horizon
its promise shone golden
in the heavens
	that even the smallest ants
		would cast long shadows

it shines brightest as policy
and in freedom they do gather
to express their varied opinions
in their backlit booths
	even the smallest ants
		cast long political shadows

but in its darkest hollowest hours
Democracy sells its soul
for a few pennies or promises
letting purchasers loom
	and cast their formidable shadows
		over the smallest of ants

though in their masses they’ve survived
the harshest and Greatest
for they cannot be ignored
when in their unity
	even the smallest of ants
		shape landscapes

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                        SELF PORTRAIT DEDICATED TO LEON TROTSKY (by Frida Kahlo)

                                                 If you dare the Truth
 find the Heart of
Whip the whiteness 
from the curtain on the left

                                            Out spill my genteel manners 
                                                              Generations  bred--
                                                        My true self,
                                                       Tears through the
                                                Silky Latin-shaded skin-- 

                                                I, the restless lioness 

                                                      Devouring you
                                                     With undiluted joy
                                              you, my unsuspecting lover
                                                 bold power makes you
                                             I save your genitals 'til last—
                                           which your frantic friends will find
                                                                 gently hanging 
                                                              in a fragrant flowering tree--
                                             Piquant dessert to be relished ere 
                                                           I sink into
                                                                     a gentle
                                                                  velvet sleep.

If your courage rages  
     seek my Soul
Loosen the line
     of artistic perfection
        on the right
                                                           Like a Hydra
                                             my Soul will come a-screaming
                                           with a shriek to free generations of
                                              long dead and servile sisters
                                                     from their graves
                                                       Together, we will
                                                      Lick the poisons
                                                        from your soul
                                                    Force rancid politics
                                                       to fly like bees
                                              into the eyes of your enemies

                                                           Allowing you
                                                 My Darling of Magnificence
                                                         single night
                                                        of peaceful rest.

 Aug 12 2013

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Year's End

Year's end.
The calendar expires
in time's continuum.
Arbitrary demarcations
shift and fade.
Locations change; faces age.
Everything, though different,
remains the same.
Plus ca change, plus ca meme.
The stars are ruled by cycles
that the year produces.
Time decides the issues.
Our lives are nursery songs
in minor keys and
everything's been said.

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What Happened To Our Once Great Country?

I hear your pleas...
Amen Brothers and Sisters!
I mean we don't want anything more
than a society which we can respect... 
lotteries... crooked politicians... 
debt to foreign nations
who consider us an enemy... 
it's just getting to be a bit much. 
Sure we have had to do much
to become a more perfect nation... 
but we used to try... 
now its open season
on everyone in the name of fairness
while they twist and turn
the blade of corruption
in our gut. 
...Now its just wistful poetry...

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A Costly Mistake

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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President Suck Up

President Obama constantly bad mouths
his political opponents here in the United States
while he continues to suck up to the
Cuban communists and the Iranian fascists.
Unfortunately the pundits were correct:
“One cannot underestimate the intelligence
of the average American voter.”

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Cosmic Justice

Senator Ben Spendendough,
a lifelong professional politician
who never performed an honest day’s work in his entire life,
was taking a short sweet cruise
on his private yacht Screw You Too,
paid for by the taxpayers’ hard earned money,
when he got snot dripping drunk,
fell overboard off the coast of Scumbucket Island,
was devoured by a gianormous shark of unknown origins
and the other seven billion plus citizens
of this old spinning sphere we so fondly call home sweet home
voted unanimously that his passing from this mortal plane
was absolutely no loss whatsoever to the planet earth.

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What if now was yesterday
And things are the way they were then
Would I be what I am today
Or would I be what I was back then
The world has gone topsy-turvy
The loads have gotten too heavy
Everything feels funny
Smiles only come with money
Life seems so unreal
I’m out of touch with reality
Commonsense is very scarce
Like a dog that eats its own vomit 
Betrayal comes before you even know it
Promises get broken
Vows unspoken
Principles don’t matter no more
Ethics are but a mirage
Goal posts are mobile
The chameleon is the king of camouflage
(But) even he doesn’t change that quickly
Who knows the ingredients of the broth we are about to take?
How many more years do we have to carry on?
Maybe it is too late to worry
I have just been crowned master of mischief
I need to be liberated
Please rescue me
I need to get back in touch with reality
(Where) The sun sets in the west
And rivers flow downstream
I cry for the lost past 
I long to return to the beginning
Where purity and serenity had meaning
Take me back in time
When mankind knew no crime
Days when I was young and true
Days filled with morality and virtue
Somebody give me direction
Show me the way
I’m going to say it loud
I’m going to say it clear
To those with ears let them hear
To them that have eyes let them see
Shackle me if you want
But I verily refuse to veil the truth
Anatero onenawo
Kalekale likanati lidzibwerera
Zinthu zanyanya

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This Poem Wants 2 B A Revolutionary

This poem wants to make a change . . .

To be a strong yet silent raised fist in Mexico, 1968.

To stand at a window w/a shotgun writing the words
“By any means necessary”

To sit in at a lunch counter in Birmingham, Alabama
Until it is read

To start a breakfast program in Compton, California
In order to feed hungry minds

To stand up for its rights in Akron, Ohio and shout,
“Aint I a poem?”

To integrate an all white book store under protection of the National Guard
And when George Wallace says to it,
“You will not enter unless it’s over my cold, dead, body. . .”
This poem will gladly take him up on his offer

But now this poem feels that perhaps it is too militant,
Maybe it and Spike should just “Do the Right Thing” . . .

Take the hand of other poems deep in the South Georgia woods and lead them to freedom
Under cover of night-light

Take its brothers and sisters out of the man’s world and
Into Aaron’s “Boondocks”

Play its own music, live in Jamaica and
Grow Nappy Locs

Start a union with A. Phillip down at the docks

Be read by Martin while being pelted with rocks

Find out what would happen
“If Beale Street Could Talk”. . .

This poem will get accused of “Ego Trippin” but 
will not take it personally, declaring,
“And Still I Rise” 

It will invite other poems to a free concert headlined by
Marvin, Stevie, Chuck D, and Black Thought

It will do what it should, not what others think it ought

This poem will be munificent . . .
Will give because so much has been given to it

Will do because so much has been done for it

Will be able to sit down because so many others have
Stood up

But this poem can not sit still for long
Because this poem has been disenfranchised . . .

This poem was told there is no longer a need
For affirmative action
only to have it replaced with definitive inaction

This poem cast a vote in Florida, 
only to be told that it did not count

This poem observed its commander in thief, fly over rising waters in the Lower Ninth Ward 
just to keep his feet from getting wet

This poem watched its country expand our “melting pot” to include all types of ingredients, 
Then scrape the black off the bottom of the pan . . . 

and send it back to Haiti on a raft

This poem has been pulled over for being DWI
(drafted with intelligence)

This poem was profiled at Hartsfield Airport,
And made to take off it’s . . . blues.

This poem never planted any genus of Bush, 
It’s not concerned with whom you marry,
Nor does it desire to trade the blood of young soldiers for oil, but look what it got

No wonder,
This poem wants 2 b a revolutionary . . .

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The Bookworm

Words Bound Together Thoughts Formed Between Lines Knowledge To Absorb Learns The Bookworm Wishes Expressed By Letters Ideas For All To Share Building Blocks For Peace Believes The Bookworm Fact or Fiction Penned Expressions of Desire Mystery Exposed, Secrets Veiled Hunted By The Bookworm

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Hollywood Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is a complete disgrace to the whole human race.
He is a godless heathen communist.
He is a bully and a warmonger.
He is the human equivalent of diarrhea.
He is the world’s best known horse’s ass.
He would fit in well with the Hollywood crowd,
they seem to love the most gross inhumane people of this world.

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suffocated inside traffic jams

these thoughts have been in my mind

for 39 years

they have been




inside desks

inside books

inside traffic jams

that’s where they’ve been

they are coming out now

capitalism’s crisis

is drawing these out

like wildfire

and waterfalls

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Liberation(for karani kelvin)

THE sun superbly smiles in the world
The faces of the people become impeccably bright
And the birds brood, sing softly enraptured,
Wet green grass glean with dew light,
Various flowers loutishly bloom bright and fresh
And the dull, dark night stars disappear,
A breeze cuts through the world without brash,
Hearts of people beat lightly the rhythm they endear
And their souls unburdened duly of dubious oppression,
Their formerly bowed backs now straitening,
Some jubilant wiping the sweat of emancipation
From their victorious visages, now blatantly beaming;
And the mountains seem to recede down to plains,
The burly, bullish bushes let sun rays penetrate,
The rivers flow on sun shined land, colorlessly sedate,
Seas now smell of edible, huge fish’
And thence, the long eagerly awaited tuneful liberation
Emerges from the sun-coated east horizon goldfish
Spreading luxuriantly to the west with expectation

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Naked as We Came

I walk the broken asphalt streets of a once proud city
Where proud monuments still stand tall and sturdy
Built to honor patriots; dedicated men of yesterday
Men who knew the meaning of honor and integrity 
Men who sought office not for power or riches
But for the love of their country and her people 
And I cringe at the thought, were they alive, 
How infuriated they’d be to see

Broken hopes dried up and tossed aside   
Broken promises crumbling like the broken streets 
Broken citizens peacefully protesting
See them tempted to revolt 
As they plead for their children’s tomorrows 
See the broken system and a bureaucracy pregnant with errant ways 
Hypocrisy no longer hides her face 
She flaunts her wares with ease 
Emboldened by ill-gotten wealth
Blind to the writing on the wall!

If alive today, we’d hear them cry,
‘Tear down these Billboards of blatant lies 
Break the platforms of clever rhetoric
Put an end to infantile bickering
Erase all the superficialities
Wake up to your reality 
In the final analysis
One simple truth remains…
Each of us will exit this stage
As naked as we came!

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You are our neighbors
We are your neighbors
and we hate you
You do not belong here
You are different than us
We don't just want you to leave
We want to kill you
We want to eradicate you
We will attack you
When you retaliate
we will crumple to our knees
and cry to the world
Look at our neighbor!
Our neighbor is trying to kill us!
Then the world will rush to our aid
because the world fears us.
The world fears what we might become
You must learn to fear us.

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Ya simdi
Yasamak varmis 
Vatanini  koruyan
Ordusunun komutani
Teroriste olurmus

Ya simdi
Yeni  kurallar ve karanlik  gelecekler
Agzina bir parmak bal mi caldilar
Yarana biber mi  bastilar
 Acma agzini  karsiysan  da be kulum
Cezasi buyuktur  yigitligin agritir basin
Ya simdi
Gune baska bakan
Silivrinin  yolcusu
Bekler yillarini
Yarginin  sonucunu
Eskiden  meshurdu yogurdu

Ya simdi
Kim kaldi  
Demokrasi oturkenini
Donusturecek tilsim
Sadece  isiitigim
Sessizlik  sessizlik

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Laughter is Indeed the Best Medicine On Hand

A day’s of hard work,
and serious issues to handle,
though some hiccups may arise,
in order to erase these hiccups,
we need to have some fun,
and laughter is only the best medicine,
to cure on these hiccups hands on,
for this, 
we may not travel afar,
just take a look at Indian politics,
quite laughable as it is,
wherein a number of issues,
had come to the forefront,
mostly related to the cap on cylinders,
and the FDI in retail,
wherein a number of politicians,
cast a number of political ambitions,
of becoming the National leader of our Motherland,
but have no concern for the citizens,
living in here,
wherein the bridge between the poor and the rich,
gets wider and wider,
it is not the pursuit of political ambitions, 
which the citizens want in here,
it is the solutions to various problems,
which they want,
and as such there is no politician,
as fit enough for this purpose,
are they really fit enough,
is the question and as laughable as it is,
it is time for the younger generations,
to take the plunge into politics,
wherein they need to cast over their fear,
and political apprehensions, 
and save their dear Motherland India,
from all troubles,
and to make their Motherland into a Paradise!!

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Not Giving In

Behind truth you can decide
Where the clay is set in 
As clouds are in circles above the world
Setting eyes upon prices missing
Manipulated society onward to destruction
No one listens but the rules and programs for our minds
Since birth we are the machines
Those who dare go against the current
Extinct they become
Names with no leads
Do we know better?
Or rather know less?
Like numbers in our heads
Changing seasons to the like of the system
This is no rebellion
Is not the exact war settled against 
Is just the fact no one puts their eyes out

As we march to the chambers
Where the sky is set clear for our eyes
But fire rains outside the tower
Like an eye set on our every movement
Isn't that the number we're given from birth?
Nothing we try
Can change the fact?
Have the world tried to go against holding hands
Side by side on the march to take the power beneath our sin's?
Haven't seen war or peace
But death and clairvoyant diseases are well settled
Is there no more man to stand their own grounds?
Where have the women's with authority fallen from?
Inside vile's the idea remains
Ashes we inhale to be programmed for control
Im not planning to change anything with the words I may place upon a paper
For I am no one
But I pity the world inside my mind
As I can see through 
But cannot lead the remains to restore

Are there any more grounds to step in?
Why do we as human must be concealed from truth?
Things we shouldn't know?
Aren't they human too?
Because a profession is well made?
I don't swallow what I don't like
Man is made to lead
Women is made to lead
Or is there any difference in the ideals of one another?
Can someone speak up for anyone in this days?
Or is it made by mute emotions?
Everyone holding up to the little they can make
As those which have the world on their hands
Few wishes to know what an emotion is
While the rest manipulate us with the green on our number
Im no anarchist 
Im not godless
I just know I have rights to speak
Because there's no place where my democracy cannot hail high
For I am free and of course I accept if they want to kill me
Is not having mercy or just destroying what is already in control
But making things right
People over the whole world make revolution
But they failed for the lack of hands raising fists 
Is it fear running deeper than blood?
Or just blood cursed by the same system?
Can someone explain a bit?
No one does
They just get born, programmed and be utilized 
Then die and decompose in time
Think through
Is it worth it?

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An Acrostic "Slap of the Glove".......

Goodness knows the greed involved
Unwilling to admit, unable to proceed
Life on this fragile rock totters
For we have never fouled the nest like this
Oceanic trauma, on a voyage, east then north
Ice, blue-clean, beauty, dead before the march of black gold
Listing heavily to one side, we're taking on what used to be only water

Smug arrogance put us here
Plans within plans have failed
Ill-gotten were the riches, ill-tended were the fields
Laddie, grab a pail and bail for all you're WORTH!
Let's just all hope they're not setting the price on that too!!!!

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Barack Obama

Barack Obama!
He makes Richard Nixon look honest.
He makes Jimmy Carter look competent.
What ever happened to hope and change?

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Energy's Suffocating Gallop

Energy’s Suffocating Gallop
                                  by Odin Roark

Ancient blood soaked sand
Plumes its sticky residue
Beneath rapacious hooves 

Dust storms of evil stampeding beside pipelines
Goad flow to tankers
Where ubiquitous black gold addiction 
Steers toward pervasive profit-docks  

Behind sweat lathered greed
Winds of historic baggage
Tether their historic words and song
Blessings and curses
Exciting swirling vortexes

Windmills of molten fire
Entitlement’s rape and pillage of breath
Of pores once absorbing purity
Evil’s global bubble
Appearing as mankind'

Robed in white zealotry
The blinded hawk-minds
Embrace the Middle East predatory contaminant
Wallowing in solipsistic riches forgotten
Awake only to pick tomorrow’s gluttonous prey

The world turns on turbine propulsion
With oceans bowing to its slavery
Delivering liquid smokestack suffocation
Silent killers preparing ghosts 
Of time’s new-century-plague 

As oil gorged tankers find port  
Release their pandemic sleight of hand
A destruction as innocent as rabbits from a hat
Charms the ignorant
Beguiles the wannabes

Wheeled transport
Delivers the demise of children’s hearts
Left to take a number
Unaware there is no lottery
Only loser-consciousness 
Adult indulgence clinging desperately
To evil’s mane and tail
As it whips gullible eyes
Into cataract submission

Alien life hovers above
Grieving the minions destined
To find black energy’s ashen dust
Sprinkling its fool’s gold
Upon a barren planet

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Peace Is Needed For Pete's Sake

Imagine children waking up to bombs and sirens in the night.
Parents calming their children's screams of fright.
Rockets bursting in air.
People fleeing their homes, cries of anguish in their voices.

Violence, suffering, dying, too much-
Children homeless, parentless, living on streets.
Peace is needed for Pete's sake.

Politics, religion, race, and greed-
People world wide open your eyes.
We're destroying our human race.

Allow the children to hear laughter again.
Laying their heads on a love one's lap,
Lifting fears and giving them hope
A brighter future for man, woman and child.
Is that asking for too much?

Nothing but destruction in minds of many.
Stop, stop destroying humankind.
Find peace and heal in time.

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Deadly is your effrontery
That stands side by side with ground;
Like lion roaring upon its prey
So you wear the toga of a beast
And on megaphone you teach :
Robbers are not defficient in gut.
You scared me,
You indeed scared me Barabbas;
With a finger you kill shame
 With nine you pamper vice;
Tell me,what do you do
When you walk on the streets
And flies troop after your path?
I say what do you do
When dogs bark at what is beneath your gown?
When the whistle is blown and all eyes stare at you,
How do you cope Barabbas?
Strong is your heart;
Like an ant you murder conscience
And nation you murder like a fly;
The gulf you inflict on both cries
And the salt from its tears
Is the spice in your soup Barabbas

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Roll Call

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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Yakar da Oldurur

Duzenin girdabinda
Kurulan yeni duzenler
Oyun icinde oyun kuranlar

Her aninda gunun yazda oyna
Her oyunda yonet  inani 
Gelecek yazilmis tohum ellerinde

O eller yakar da oldurur
Oyunu oynamak icin  kuralina
O eller hep ellerimizde biz istedikce
Yakar yikar  dostlarini  sessizce
O eller  kavurur yarinlari sen dur demedikce

Duzenin girdabinda koca bir cop yigini 
Oyunu oynayanlar ve oynatanlar kul yigini
Umit edersin  kufte  yasam gelecege tohum dusecek

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The Man

Time is a rye, in this ill world of lies
we lead our lives, blinded by the tides
unable to subside our undeniable flaws,
our undeniable selfishness.

The power of one...they say, they say
The power of all, to become one
That'll be the day, i say, i say.

Confusion is instinctive, so fret on it not.
Confusion is fed to us by the higher man
The self-righteous "better" man

This man is no man, but a coward and a thief.
He feeds us fear
The fear that keeps us from standing up and screaming,
"No! No more!"

Indigenous innocence has been stolen
from the rightful hand of the common man.
They will tell you, this you must:
Work, stress, pay
Pay, stress, work.
And you listen, because of the fear.

The fear is fed to us by the higher man,
the greed driven "successful" man.
I have but one question....
when, and how, did the village idiot find the power?
We have made a mistake, my friends.
No mistake is un-fixable though...

Give it time
Give it effort
Give it hope

The power will be given back in good time
To the righteous, peaceful, honest man.

This will be the day.

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dark horses, flashing wild eyes & lolling tongues
minions of masters blind secrets, colliding on
judgement day

the watchmen, pencils poised, stream data weighing
heavily on balance sheets, despite muffled screams
invisible ants regurgitate from force fed robo-calls

somewhere, below the border between heaven & hell
Jesse Ventura, head bobbing in disbelief, watches

concertina wire, growing quicker than phases of the moon
as freedom ebbs endlessly, no flow in sight

radio waves, linked directly to the message
flash headlines mocking our escape
in time, herds of cattle, single-file, cling, head-to-tail

a slow shuffle, over the abyss

                               .......on election day

© All Rights Reserved

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You are now an outsider
No longer part of the mechanism
Not needed, surplus to requirement, redundant
Your mind slowly blunting at the bottom of the bottom drawer of life

The eyes of others betray derision and contempt
Fearful of catching your disease
Keeping a distance, loathing your weakness and inability
A moment of pseudo sympathy and they’re gone, you’re of no further use to them   

Every rejection is an undeniable confirmation of your failure
Affirmation is everywhere; you just never saw it before now
Self-confidence, ground down with every counter-opinion to yours
Your worth is worthless and your prospects worth less than that

Pride declines charity yet you wish they’d persist
Dismissal and a cynical laugh is your antidote to their wise advice
Don’t you think I have thought of that? Or tried this? You say
Embarrassment at your own ineptitude has become hostility

Your child's face is a gallery of unconscious naivety
You draw her in close, a surrogate for decent food and warmth
Inwardly you cry for her and, perhaps, more for you at your inability to provide
You’re not sure how or when it will end but will end

Slowly, yet quite perceptibly, you have become the person you once scorned
You now comprehend the reason for their shabby appearance 
You realise that hesitance isn’t stupidity but a fear of making a wrong impression
You can now walk a mile in another man’s shoes…until they wear out

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Barack Obama

Barack Obama is here; This is the time and we will hear, over and over for years to come. In 2008 he made himself known. For many it was news. Soon he became famous and well known all over the world. His famous words were - We need a change. The people went crazy, eager for a change. The people were tired. The Country was in a bad shape. People were losing their homes and also their jobs. A change did happen. It was history in the making. Only in America - people would say. Barack Obama is his name. A new president had been elected, by the people and for the people. So fellow Americans"The White House would have a change in 2009. People have power and there is no doubt. It had been proven one more time. If we stand together - we can make a difference... It is not about what one man alone can do. It is about what we can all do together, as a Nation. Written July of 2009. By Lucilla M. Carrillo

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I want to point my finger like Babe Ruth

I want to go to Wrigley Field
Stand behind home plate
And point my finger at the left field wall

I do it to remember baseball
What it used to be
And spit

It used to be you could go to climb the fence and get in to Wrigley for free
Simpler times

Now you can't get in for less than a small fortune
Steroids and wall street

I want to stand at home plate
And point my finger for a better world

Babe Ruth was certainly associated with the ruling class
But he played a sport of the people
And he represented a team whose city has some of the ,most ardent socialists in the world

So I know I'm reaching here

But I want to stand at Wrigley field
In the heart of america

And point my finger like babe ruth
Very unwitting representative
Of the nations working class

Pointing my finger to the beyond
In the heart of america

Pointing my finger to the beyond
Toward what's better.
Toward what's more.
Towards what America
Is supposed to be.

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The City And The State Of Play Today


No one worries about morals today 
They follow the rules they create
So to them all is ok
Those on the outside looking in 
Are the only ones feeling queasy 
As avarice and selfishness triumphs
So easily 

Good corporate citizens they claim to be
Industry awards abound on their walls
As thank you tokens from themselves
Yet society harbours a lot of ill-will
As it feels the often brute force of 
The raid
And destroy mentality
Of people only wishing to make money 
Any which way 
While Using up all of society’s communal resources

Sharks abound
The waters are forever bloody as they 
Know no fraternity and would gladly 
Cannibalize anyone with no influence 
The ability to upend competitors
A cherished characteristic 
In a bullish machismo drenched environment 

Bullet proof psyches
Absorb and repel any pangs
About unfairness
Blocking any regulatory or chattering classes’
Attempt at nirvana and equality 
They employ better paid lobbyist 
So always have the upper hand 
In influencing policy 

The gravitational attraction of money 
Towards another even bigger pot of money 
Numbs any cautionary instinct
That would take a long term view 
The thrill of instant riches
Overpowers common sense 
And even decency 
Fat cats they all wish to be 

The slickness of glossy tongued lobbyist
Who spin wrongs till they become rights
Embolden oestrogen low males with no inbuilt brakes
To take risks that eventually cost them disgrace 
They are champions of graft not of society 

Loopholes in legislation
That were built in by too friendly politicians 
Coupled with ambiguous suits and claims
Cause far reaching hardship when the good old days are long gone 
The villains only muster some phantom national pride
 When begging for a lighter sentence 
Some are forgiven
Others fatally wounded by an unforgiving public

Lots of money can be made both legally and illegally
As one racket is closed another materialises instantly
The conveyor belt of dishonesty
Overwhelms bureaucracy 
Who is not David to the goliath that is money

The ethos is wealth
The acquisition and the maintaining of gains
Not often acquired through hard work
There is no limit of acceptable financial comfort
For the millionaire always wants to be a billionaire
And the mega rich super rich

Money must always be hidden from the taxman
Shareholders want tax free dividends
Investors want tax breaks for buying with other people’s money 
Infrastructure and new runways must be built 
But not from the pocket of those who wish it 

With their hands outstretched
And always wanting more and more
From a government too eager to please 
We have a tax system geared to the advantage of party donors
And non-domiciled moguls and tycoons
Who know no philanthropy unless it is tax efficient 

Disadvantaging society by  
Never paying their fair and moral share 
The largess they reap so selfishly
They wish not to share 
Wages are low
Taxes are nil
Only the investor wins as we pay his bills

Fast paced expansionist dogma
Is preached within city limits
Only the highest paid
The biggest company
The greatest profits
Are allowed 
They are held up as ideals that all who
Wish to succeed must follow
Gunslingers they all appear to be
Rushing in to capitalize on the wanton success of their peers
The cloud of misery left behind 
Is never seen for the look forward 
Never backward 
Hindsight is never welcomed in this parasitic environment 

The political will to weed out these reckless demons
Is lukewarm at best 
The revolving door of government creating opportunities
For industry and industry gratefully accepting politicians post government 
Ensures that self-interest is king 

An economy built on flawed assumptions of wealth creation
Is one that must forever be in hyper-drive
Creating ever expanding demand and supply 
That is as real as a thief’s conscience 
When taking the rings off a dead persons fingers 

Money must always be made for 
There is no alternative 
Wealth is good
Poverty to them is laziness

The city is not the heart and soul
Of the nation
It is but one player in a system skewed in its favour
We all must share in the wealth of this country
To ensure its longevity  

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on the surface

 The grocer still smiles at the family
Passing by his counter, owl-eyed at the
Fresh food display,
Shot down in the streets defending freedom,
While shareholders measure outcomes.
In the forest, a doe watches her fawn nibble
Plant growth-
O Holy God, save our souls!
Soldiers march in protest-
Lance the lies! walk the tallgrass,
Finding peace-




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Why Question No Question Question Is Now

I was born unresponsively of arrival on birth.7:01 Am,  one of the coldest days  to record,
I battle for my life for every beat to every breath I was born premature.

Being born premature I was born with learning and mental illness and despite 
Of the disadvantage I broke barriers of stereotypes and prejudices that would follow.

Why Question that it is a recession does it mean mental illness rise? 
No Question the research from
top website say no taking from thefiscaltimes, RecessionsSilent that would include That facts does not lie, 
Question is now who is listening. 

Why Question in the headline it’s the mental ill that’s making headlines
No Question they all ask for help put the system ignored or failure report those demeanor read between the lines.
Question is now could that have been your family or friends so why make fun of the mental ill to feel what;inferior? 

Why Question they say that people with too much education is at a higher risk of become mental ill? 
No Question they say that mental ill can’t have weapons if so then why is it 1.5 million roughly in the military that has sometype of mental ill with weapons? 
Question is now that Bill Clinton stated on Cnn that gun laws will never go away because (forgive me if I miss quoted)  the voters don't hold the people they voted into office to there word.

Why Question that a person got to do a violent act before you determine that there mental ill and if that is so why do we have prisoner that could be mental ill
 or, is it one in the same thing and state from a television host “to do violence you must be some type of mental ill” it would be simply, if he ask the first question I stated then fumble with his words 
No question my doctor said if you are depression more then three day then in there book a person is mental ill 
Question is now why have smoking been written in constitution or some states and you know what type of smoking I’m talking about so  blame.

Why Question that the medicine they give us that can make you aggressive, more violent and sometime even suicidal but when go to sue them it was not enough evidence to prove but ten years later you can’t sue because the statue of limitation has ran out
No Question a comedian made a joke about the same thing was it a joke or was it a movement you tell me much luv to him! 
Question is now is if a person life is more valuable  then a buck if not why is  manufacturer making a G over one prescription not knowing all side effects.

Why Question what is the debt ceiling as well as the glass ceiling seems to be something to keep minority from stepping in the next class because it all revolved around money and who is usually get short stick? (the poor)  
 No Question food stamps being cut, health care require and we have been in a war over wars since I was born I guess my generation was a victim of society and they say it the Lost Generation indeed, 
no wonder inmates believe government own them. 
No question does this facts lie? If so why is history books rewritten in college every semester? Question is now

Why Question in the bible it speaks to the effects things will never be heard or seen would happen
(1 st Corinthians 2: 9)   I paraphrase that….. No question Jeremiah 8-9 once again paraphrasing  the people that became of power and knowledge used it in the wrong way and god later destroy the city
Now question god spoke lyrically and God creation us in his own imagine and I have research that a person can come out of depression naturally but does the doctor tell you that? 

Once again it is a small percent of mental ill that does violence and most time they are the victims. I have giving my life to science I have giving my blood for 10 years and im only 25 years old my doctor told me by year 2020 it should be cure for my disease being born which such a disability may you know I gave my life to science so child like me will never know of harass words to endure.....

I will probably die before 30 or 40 because of malpractice and my disease Why question, No Question, Question is Now what is the definition of crazy and that of mental ill? 
My last statement is, I am the not only person that speak out for mental illness October is mental ill awareness would you like to say you spoke for reason? better yet chance.... 

As of 2015 more information has came out and in a article stated there is lil prove that mental illness cause violence and also that what i have should be consider a brain injury not mental illness i wonder now that facts are coming out what will they say twenty or thirty years from now or even of me

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Portrait of a Leader and a Follower

Bound by my hands,
And fastened to a chair,
You say, “We’re friends.”
You say, “Stay there.”

Sunlight blinds my eyes.
Through the open window,
I hear cries.
You say, “I hear nothing.”

You shut the shade
And tape my eyelids 
Open, while a movie plays
On a large, wide, white screen.

You say, “This is reality.”
I try to blink, but can’t.
You walk away and leave me there.
I cry, scream, and stare.

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Fluorescent Wasteland

salt flats
stretch for miles
in grocery stores
chip isle, frozen foods
seven and thirteen, respectively
reflect their shine
of white light

all organisms dried up,
fifteen per cent more, but lacking
in this pre-packaged
where nothing ever grows
or dares to walk without
a list to double check.

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The nights dispel wonders and awe 
The days unfold stupendous enigma
Angels are watching over you
As you battle this valiant crusade
A crusade for equality 
A crusade for stability
Enmesh with peace and honesty.
Angels are watching over you in the
Midst of this gallant fight 
A fight that began several decades before you were born
A fight that spilled the blood of innocent souls  
A fight that wiped out hiprocracy and dimishes the enemy.
I can just imagine how it feels to shoulder these responsibilities
And having the entire world shouting and screaming
Yelling for an end to these atrocities, yet in the midst of it all 
There are several players, and you should not feel bad after all.
I can just imagine how it feels to inherit an impaired house 
And have to  renovate it with strong nuts and bolts, 
Clean running water sturdy roofs and fortified walls.
I can just imagine how it feels to have sleepless nights
daily tug of war, numerous proposals staring at you
advisors who seem to know it all but at the end you
have to give an account for them all.
There is no end to this lingering worriment
only the supreme one can solve them, 
You can give everyone what they want,
But remember that these quandaries existed before your command.
I can just imagine how it feels to have all your excellent
Ideas thrown out the door to endorse something 
to appease the greed of the gluttonous existence.
When the world is talking about you
maintain your cool and do not be fooled.
I can just imagine how it feels to have predicament 
upon predicament mounting upon your desk 
as soon as one is solve you are faced with a gigantic one
You have inherited a legacy of dilemma 
And is now taking the blame for what had previously gone wrong
You hold the entire world in your hand so take courage
And face the obstacles patiently one by one.
Hold true to your ideals, peaceful negotiations can give you a solid deal.
Don’t be too concerned about those who continue to wrangle
Do what you believe is right, strengthen your military and
and welcome the anuran without a fight.
When all is said and done you will win this fiery battle.
You will lose some close friends by the way 
But God will send the perfect one to give you the right advice 
And strengthen you along the way.
Politics is a calculated game, 
but God knows that your intentions are true 
and he will never leave or forsake you.
I can imagine when moments of sighs permeate your space
And days filled with torrid tears
No one to understand, no one seems to care
Everyone is just looking for a slice of the cake
But in the midst of this you have remained a pioneer. 
The people selected you,
But remember that God has appointed you.
You were appointed just in time to avert a worldwide disaster
This is why you are special to the Master.
Anyone who comes against you
will run a thousand miles without a single pair of shoe.
It's ok Mr. President continue to be you

                                                                      ©2013 Christine Phillips

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In opposition they criticize all that is wrong
and all that is good, according to their agenda.
They put clogs in wheels, aided by defiant unions
and often bringing the country to a standstill
with senseless strikes and organized protests.
Mud is thrown at government and individuals;
much of it sticks; the end justifies the means.
During the run-up to elections they use the media 
to their advantage; the message drummed over
and over during house visits and heated mass rallies 
rousing the rabble with heartfelt oratory.
They promise transparency and accountability;
fair sharing of wealth, help to the homeless and 
to the needy; curbing favours to friends of friends 
by resorting to the ideal concept of meritocracy; 
lowering taxes and bills and introducing new social 
benefits that would put all on an equal footing.
Most of all they harp on the eradication of corruption.
They hold roadmaps to solve all the country’s woes. 
They promise heaven on earth; they promise Utopia.
Glittering manifesto is presented with much fanfare.

The gullible, switchers and uneducated are brainwashed.
As expected, election produces the desired results and 
the party in opposition gets in power...on promises!
Promises that cannot be kept. The devil wants his due. 
He grins, pointing to the small writing on the manifesto...
The majority had failed to notice it. It reads...SUCKERS. 


Contest: I Can’t Breathe
Sponsor: Cyndi MacMillan 

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Retro - The Ever Fashionable Oppression of Women

A modern trimming,
Grin and bear it.
The slap of a buckle,
Reminiscent of the squeeze.
Laces bloodied,
From a prayer of acceptance.
Breathing is optional.

The shove to a corner,
Start early for pattern recognition,
Bind the idea prematurely.
Numbed pain,
Limited motion.
Embrace wind through the long locks,
It's only an illusion of progression.

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Kulpazan oldu bu gece

Ben burdayim canim yuregim 
Ya sen nerdesin bilemeden kendini
Soyle kim kime kulpazan kurdu bu gece 
Yine dinlediler mi telefonunu
Bir kipirti sende bir isyan bir haykiris
Uyarmistim seni gitme be ustune
Hadi be gordun mu yine kazandim
Sen hapiste senelerce bilemeden sucunu
Ben burdayim hala sesimi cikarmadan

** For the people  who raise their voice  and  paid  the penalty  in jail without the verdict.  For the people who elected  in house without a verdict  in jail  in two years...
What makes them  strong and seculiar  is  riped apart.....  Play the game  who?**

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propaganda the ultimate weapon

In every war
propaganda has spread
many lies and fabrication
to rally support and justify war
to a misguided nation
Feeding fear hate and patriotic pride
for lawful genocide.

Power self interest and greed
motivate those in the shadows
to sell their souls
and squabble like fat pigs
from the overflowing  troth of profits

from which they feed.

The real enemy is not
The man women or child
on the street
but Satan
through the powers that be
that lurk in the shadows
in obscurity.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.March.

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She claimed her rights as a young lady
And in the coming years a woman
She don’t want to be an endangered species hunted by violence daily
She got rights too…she’s a human
Stand against this bliss
Gender Base Violence a sure diss
No more verbal abuse, emotional abuse or physical abuse
It’s your rights to reject abuse, so claim it, good news
You can only be his victim
Only if you allow yourselves to be used by him
You’re no longer going to be told…shut up!
You’re worthless, or what you say is meaningless…Just stop!
Or you’re stupid or call you names to graphic to repeat
After that, he says he loves you you’re so sweet
Well, decide today…that behavior is unacceptable
The truth comes before the love…Whether Sharon, Susan or Mable
Cause if he truly love you 
He won’t want to abuse you
Are my words credible, Gender Base Violence become a label 
Let’s take action and fight with all our might
“Claim your Rights”

©Copyright November 28, 2011 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved

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Reject letter sent by post. Applications online ignored. Too old Too young. Inexperienced. Do not drive. It must be the JSA blues. Countless jobs for the unemployed. Just search and see. It must be true the papers say. This Government would not lie. Reject letter sent by post. Applications online ignored. Too old Too young. Inexperienced. Do not drive. It must be the JSA blues. Take any job you can get. Work 80 hours a week. It's for your well being, the papers say. This Government would not lie. Reject letter sent by post. Applications online ignored. Too old Too young. Inexperienced. Do not drive. It must be the JSA blues. Take minimum wage if you must. That is all you are worth. You will thank us some day the papers say. This Government would not lie. Reject letter sent by post. Applications online ignored. Too old Too young. Inexperienced. Do not drive. It must be the JSA blues. I have the JSA blues This Government would not lie. The JSA blues. Government would not lie. JSA Blues. Would not lie. JSA blues. Not lie. JSA blues. LIE!

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This Union Means Jack

Twitching limply atop an Ulster lamppost
Like a hung man, legs kicking in spasm at the last seconds of life
Its bigoted purpose now spent and now abandoned to the elements
No longer recognisable as the flag of union, a rag, a disgrace

Its fate summarises the fall of a culture that once honoured it
A proud nation of proud men, of starched collars and stiff upper lip
Colonially pink maps on schoolroom walls bore testament to empire
An empire won and lost when the map turned from pink to red
Up and at ’em lads! For King and country! Hold the banner high!  
Ypres and the Somme, regiments of the brave under one colour
The twitching curtains of multi-culture now fearful of the emblem
The emblem of abhorrence uncased by those not qualified to fly it

Patriotism, a narrow path parting pride from prejudice
Defined by a flag, one duplicitous fluttering cloth, a split personality
Now the badge of hooligan, xenophobe and pop diva
Courage now gone, bleached by sun, washed by rain…atop an Ulster lamp post

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Human Nature

When chaos brings civilization to its knees 
From world wide pandemic critical disease
Or when a tsunami consumes everything beyond the shores
Swallowing the landscape and changing life as we know
Earthquakes shake the very foundation of this world
Or an astroid penetrates the cradle of birth
Bring us back to the primitive unleashing the truth
From the umbilical chord we are more ferocious than rabid wolves
And we will kill fellow man just to survive
Or just for the desire of taking ones life
What is compassion but a dead corpse on the road
Adrenalized by fear no time for sorrows
No need to worry about a world war zombie apocalypse 
We're already flesh eating monsters wearing dead skin
Most people panic when they lose internet or their lights
Autonomy is just a word most people can no longer define
And your money isnt worth *****so forget trying to buy
Your way out of cleansing while you run out of time
So learn to die well and hold your loved ones real tight
As you pray that your death will let you ascend to new heights
Beans, bullets, and bandaids are all that I'll need 
To keep population zero from taking over me
**** being hopeful could we really be so naive
To think that in these days we could some how find peace
When our mother earth gets restless and releases all of her worst
The only thing more destructive is our human nature

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No Butterflies in the Ghetto

six million stones
a railroad car streaked red
a thousand astrodomes
swollen with dead children
the population of houston
dallas wiped out

ugly striped prison uniforms
signifying captures and escapes
martin luther as a bigot
bonhoeffer as a hero
dying days before the

faces from rwanda darfur
signaling the continuance
of a tradition of genocide
a danish fishing boat
hiding neighbors in a
fake bottom to escape
a wicked storming

the pictures of happy
proud loving families
bludgeoned in broken glass

a soft cloth golden star
like a slave branding
pulsating with hatred and
judgement harsher than
the ornate letter a for hester

1500000 butterflies
sewn drawn carved
the children who lost 
their lives in the 

"Butterflies don't live in here, here in the ghetto" Pavel Friedman, April, l942

Written after a visit to The Holocaust Museum of Houston

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Pain as a Hobby VIII

I’m back like jack in the box
Is it still called religion
When it is the truth
No, I am not using contractions
These fools offend me when 
They come up with this s*** that we
Evolved from apes.
Happy Ape day!
I am about to act a monkey on these clowns
I am sick of these clowns with all of their big
Theories that mean little
This is what you been spending my tax money on
I am going to need a refund
Burn all the textbooks filled with lies
Show me the proof up close and personal
Where is CSI, Horatio Caine and the forensic files
I am bringing down your idea of grandeur
Grandiose fools 
I had rather take my chances with Jesus
No apology needed
You went around the world digging up cavemen bones
But still cannot figure out how to make a bland of grass grow
More or less figure out how to create a planet and many more from nothing
Then create a rotational orbit that never fails
The most you have done is figure out to orchestrate a few stop lights
That is right they cannot even manufacture sand
I know God must be looking down from heaven shaking his head
“Look, Michael, the humans are still stuck in the middle ages”
We are in the middle of space trying to figure out where the hell to go to next
There are meteorites bigger than earth that can take us out
And you think I am suppose to be content with your big bang speculations
Bang Bang I need to shoot you in the head
You won’t die though because you have your head stuck up your ass
Bumbaclot, Rasclot I am about to start speaking patwa
I am deeper than the oceans without the oil in them
Go for a swim
See I am engulfed in your circle of opinions
Look at all the different species
God created!
But I guess they evolved to
Evolution is their answer for everything
“Well, yes sir I really don’t know but I have to pretend,
Here is a good reason why I feel this way and profess my
Opinions because I don’t want to feel like someone else is above me.
I truly want to be the end of all of all ya’ll
Let me sell you another pill to make the loneliness go away and I’ll take millions to the bank.
And the final thought of the day there is no creator.”
End Quote.
When they read this in 3008 they going to say a genius wrote it.

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Spy versus spy versus spy

If looks and money are what your about
your not getting very far with me
If you believe we use sattelites in space to watch television
you have to be kidding me

One happy victom
center of attention of the brand new dance
teaching his mentors the set up
and allowing them to practice
unbeknownst to the hardcore satanists
we have been watching them all along
practicing our own genre of miracle play
and plotting to trump the hole in their plot

Now they believe in magic
as the media strings them along
i am soo easy to get to
since i am the blind leading the blind
practicing the perfect act
to get away with the perfect crime
this is the leash around your neck
and suddenly it has become mine

Center stage of a plot
where they carry out the joke of me
never understanding my subtle warnings
never fully knowing
there is a hole in the plan
for the world does not revolve around you
and your twisted desires
we did what was right
and will continue to fight fire with fire
Act 1 scene 1 practice makes perfect
act 1 scene 2 an act of our own
act 1 scene 3 deadlocked and now you know

The life around me, fitting me like a glove
a practiced routine
waiting to be noticed so we can play our trump
Spy versus spy versus spy
and in the middle the blind leading the blind
the story of a century you cant afford not to pay attention to
but miss out on it all the time

We told you it was a group effort
to do your bidding mr. powerful renegade
this choke chain around my neck should remind you something
something we have in common
but you didn't know i was refraining from pulling the chain
it's getting harder to breath this unbreathable air
it's getting more difficult to handle the constant lies and drama
I will be fine
just pull this chain
choke you back
we will switch shoes
and welcome to my cult classic

Spy versus spy versus spy
soo many people playing yet too many oblivious for their own good
i could keep this up for your best interest
but thats not suiting me anymore
so we watch you practice your routine
wait for the hole in your plan
and prove it
we are deadlocked
no way out for all involved
I step to the side
you get whats coming to you
i get to move on

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She spread through our minds
In the chaos of Cairo backstreets.
And on this day
Oh how we loved that girl.
and we stopped our red Vespas at the red light
for her to cross.

We knew who she is,
In her tight jean cutoffs, 
Western Wear designer jeans,
designed to change the world.
and her near waist yellow T
revealing all of the woman she could become.

We knew we would see her again and again.
Yes we got her Message
and it is Holy.

All we could do is watch her. 

She knew.
But did she ever know we had our eyes on her.
When she reached the curb, she paused,
and she threw us a backward, over the shoulder smile.
Yes, she knew the revolution was overdue.
Their Arab Spring was new and here.

Ready for her rise to human right,
we turned,
we blinked,
and she was gone.
We knew it is so.
Their girls are so beautiful
sans an abaya.

Suddenly her revolution was ended.
and gone, her smile.

Those ladies of Cairo,
They were right,
They were together,
They had the hope,
and the world was on their side.

So why did they lose?
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet
     Orlando FL 07-30-2014

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Color of a Man's Character

The Color of a Man’s Character
We all bleed
And cleave to 
Those we leave

We all smile when we are greeted
And cry when we are mistreated

Why do we choose to abuse others 
For the color of their skin?

Why do we think that only 
Our own color should win?

We’re all the same underneath 
We all deserve peace 
When we lay down to sleep

Love one another while you can
Show your son how to be gracious
The color of a man’s character 
Is how he treats his fellow Man.

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Race Against Time

A race. 
Far flung and far fetched. 
Begin's now. 

A race for time. 
Against Time itself. 

The sands are flowing,
shifting like the Saharan dunes.
This is a race...a race against time.

The world, it's collapsing.
Disasters, natural and our fault.
Increasing, more often than not.

A race...the race against Time. 

Solutions to be found, 
far out and uncomprehensible.
The world itself is reversing. 
Turn around, see the light.

Time's luster is dulling,
fading with age. 
Fading away, rusting. 
Platinum facades, wiping away.

Implosion, destruction. 
Insanity taking over.
Mindless death,
the curse of our race.

This is a race. A race against Time.

This is The Race...

What time is it? 

Why, it's 3 till midnight. 

The Race Against Time.

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Do you know how to make wrong things right?
Just sprinkle a bit of propaganda on it
And let’s wait for it to be absorbed
The taste will affect how you burp

Propaganda can drag you to your zero
And guide onto what they want you think it is
Want some proofs? 
Some might think Hitler was a hero
Need more examples?
On the other case, how about Osama’s fame?
How many people had shared his demonic brain pattern?
Or to flip it up, 
Did you think he was dangerous if media hadn't chased his tail?
They say Saddam Hussein was an evil
Do you have any idea he was a hero for his people?
What about Mao Zedong? Or even Lenin and Stalin?
They were sure three persons shared one hell’s praline

Those people were mean, but try to count their lovers
How massive it was how they manipulated their bloopers
From speed up hoax to media coverage
Propaganda leans on people with money and power
So, peek in to both sides of propaganda leverage
Before you become victim of news platter


*Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. They can be manifested in the form of posters, nonobjective news coverage, etc. Usually propaganda used in politics to affect people of the country that what they do is the right things and for their sake. 

It is very interesting to study propaganda (for me :D), they can be affected by idiosyncratic of a leader and also education level of the citizen. The more educated they are, the more they will be saved from propaganda. As they can analyse things from both sides. 

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some of us are bows
and some are arrows
our purpose in life
maybe confused and narrow
but when we see the path 
before us
and target a world 
that cannot ignore us
when we strike a blow 
for what is right in our eyes
and let the world know
that we will not compremise
fighting for a cause
and willing to die
bows are drawn  
and arrows they fly
but who are the bows
and who are the arrows
he who has a dream 
and dare the world to follow
they who are willing
unafraid of the law
provoked by the wrong
and generations that suffered long
the bows see inequailit
but will not suffer silently
the arrow see's the cause
and has no need for the pause
something must be done 
to right the laws
who will be a hero
a bow or an arrow 
not just zero

( to be continued)

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The Thin Color Line

I smell them, 
coming like a landfill 
racing against my success, 
a race with spaces 
divided by a thin color line
The world is printed like an aged Washington Post; 
quite a man he was, old George 
Nothing akin to Abraham, 
who knows, a man is just a man

Of the few that perched on the edge, 
some, their seats were taken when the three came
In September we break devil’s backbone
and cut the camel thorns; 
some were used for fuel, 
but one was allowed to flourish 
Near Ground Zero, a monument was erected 
echoing the sacrifices to Allah, 
because he begged for New York like Jerusalem, the unholy 

So, you see, my calamity is painted 
Deep within my roots 
are things that boil my blood 
and colored me for my judgment
While the races are numerous,
we forfeit the only we should run
We are HUMAN, we are of that race only
I’ve mentioned the “college” in prior times, 
how my journey was almost blurred; 
I was forced along a path directed by a thin color line, 
and ordered to run a race the God did not design

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All hail, the misguided soldier, the misguided Hive

All hail,
The brave soldier
Who stands firm
Like the fickle shell of a snail
Before the oncoming foot of titans

All hail,
The brave soldier, 
A ferocious bee
Who strikes his stinger into the enemy
Comforted by fleeting thoughts of heroism
-a safeguarded hive
Thoughts that flit away in the wind
Like windswept Pollen ambushed by desert
-as the bee falls for the cause

All Hail, 
The brave invader
Who fells foe for his country
All hail murderer,
Comforted by a noble cause
Sent out on wings of glory to cut down fanged tigers
Purging threats, safeguarding life
	-the hive
All Hail,
Misguided killer
For all tigers are fanged
All people threats
-All people life

All Hail,
The weary soldier
	-sacrificial lamb
Joined out of a desperate cause
A squalling infant, a taunting belly
And the weary soldier
Gives his sacrifice to the gods of the Hive
And prays for rain.

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You and I

It's not the same again since the sea intervened
There is so much water between us
And all this shuffling of papers will that prove hope
For I am a man and men alone know hope, some say
But what I must become
Will not be determined again by the boundary I must cross
So your anxiety that I bring job letters
Land titles, and all the instruments of your civilization
That I may cross your barbed wires
Does not walk carefully in the minefield of memory.
Your history and my memory are forever at war
I do understand how you stole my land from me
But I cannot understand how you own the sea

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Dark clouds loom beyond battered mountains,
cracking sounds seep through broken walls
and murmuring voices echo near and far.
We did not know where to begin,
but I had  a strong feeling that we would win.
We leaped through block doors, 
trampling on broken glasses,
tearing down make shift barricades,
busting wires  fences,
bulldozing fortified doors,
and chiseling sealed up walls.
Our stricken faces dented with anguish, 
broken voices crackle with fear,
spilling unbridled emotions in the atmosphere.
Smoldering petrol engulfed the air
charring corruption,
cleansing hearts,
purifying souls,
while tears of joy flow without control.
We journey through dark tunnels,
broken bridges and rocky mountains,
cutting and clearing the bushy path,
until we finally made the mark.
One chance, one dip 
we broke the glass ceiling with a mystical pick.

 ©2013 Christine Phillips

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Anarchy On Our Hill

Watching through the 
A large-mouthed god 
flutters flag for the 
defeat in the ballot box 
And ordered the dove 
whose glory was stolen 
To seek haven in the 
external palms. 
What is constitutional 
When truth has assumed 
the statue of the sun? 
What has big brother got 
to do with crown? 
When in a decade of 
baptism of cords and 
Authorities were offered 
to worms of economy. 
Now to suck the 
dissolved in our 
Kwashiorkor as highly 
ranked officers gave us 
order to eat cherub. 
Are we truly humans 
When nutritionists have 
seen the real 
Power of mal-nutrition 
on our bony bodies? 
Many avatars of the 
globe with grid 
Have anthologized 
words of peace,
But our callous god 
configured ears to the 
rhythm of violence. 

Now poses death 
arrogantly at our door, 
beating his chest 
And showcases his 
desperation through 
anger-veiled youths.
The menace of 
stammering musket 
stings no more fear to 
their angry souls; 
Men whose chest 
vibrates, have fled to 
To indicate their choice 
of weapons from the 
ecclesiastics of death. 
Feeble women have also 
sought refuge to avoid 
the traumatic services of 
This anarchy positioned 
on our hill  
Roars laughter to our 
reverie of external aid. 
Another civil war bangs 
at our ant-devoured 
doors with ivory of hope.
On the rope of despair, 
we all swing and await 
the decision of fate.

Globe with grid-Symbol 
of UN
On the political crisis in 
Ivory Coast  from 
November 2110 to April 

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Draw Of First Blood Fight For Everything

Savaging words daggling tongues apprehend you sick and tired I’m based 
Ruthless up seen
Pass end mean of a cardinal for a rein
I was a part of this but never will it end with me
Twitter, this and twitter that if it is a considerable option or a standing ovation,
Please hash tag “I Still Believe”, pause for mean...
When you know the difference between an, Nation,
And Countries you know your heritage, and
What you in inherited why not volunteer for a solution
My “Queen of Heaven”
Yes we need a revolution motion in phase.
Phase past the moonlight past to the frustration, 
Of feelings of all the world problems
Digestion and looked at as a plagued like waves after waves mourning,
More graves after the taste how can we get to an even paid.
An suggest to reinvent a dollar,
For a day by day check but yet sleep under rage,
I am enduring much of the strain of one body 
But multiple heard from the same strain,
Of that body of the spoken word wonder one day 
What will it be the emblem of the praise. 
Peace to siege, to leaf to leave from used to misused looking for a craving of the truth 
And all but turn to acquit to left with Yamaka is what we received. 
Was it all a gable then clear the smoke.  
A ghost is here point to a host.
I ask but yet stated that
Poetry is still alive and if so maybe one day 
They will hash tag “I Still Believe” as the world is changing
I hope I have not over stated my boundaries 
But I thought in a democracy the people come first 
Or what I have learned in a classroom was all a hoaxes. 
I wrote for purpose instead of reason who is to judge me, may it be love! ! !

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Free Speech

To be a legend you have to risk it all
for the greater good and what's more great
than freedom.

Free from dominance of popular culture and subliminal
messaging; caressing the idea of gluttony
and power.

Free from domestic enslavement 
that serves "the man"
of the House all because of a book.

Free from the dominion over other people 
that do not have the right address
I guess if you're not broke, you're fixed.

The kind of fixed where the rich don't change;
only the poor do; getting poor-er
and poor-er

The kind of fixed where takers don't receive
and receivers don't take
The kind of fixed that only a people can break

I never elected my government, but 
it has taken all that I have received
Reciprocity is only fair.

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If I Should Dream the Same Dream in Me

When the dream has come true, as I prayed
Should I dream one more time? The dream -
Roused I, speak and I retire, to enter your bed -
Beside me, tell me, speak or I sleep, and wait awake
If I should dream the same dream in me.

Talk to me, my dream; your breath in my ear
While our eyes spy inside, deep
For the private sigh, yawning and yearning
Every word you word!
Should I dream again?

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Unrecognizable breathing carcasses
March to the graceful beat of death
A welcomed sentence to their
Savagely tortured bodies
And extinguished spirits

Unjustly slaughtered by lunatic men
Self-created superiority based on
Flawed, foolish beliefs

Manically smug smiles grotesquely displayed
As they watch the skeletal scum
Forcibly assembled for
Gaseous cleansing

Violently chaotic stampeding unfolds
Blood chilling screams forever echoing
Through the chambers of hellish horrors

Massacred silence

Martyred smoke clouds the sky
Fast fading in sight
But eternally haunting

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The Newest Old Movement

We watched Frida Kahlo 
with our backs toward the rice fields
The monkey fits tightly to her breast, 
her right breast. A parrot 
on her left shoulder; two chatter-boxes that mimic
What if the wolves pull our wool over our eyes?

In lands where barbarians sacrifice youths for takings, the woman 
that speaks like a man wears the trousers in our houses
She muddled up many sharp wits, but not mine; 
I’ve seen the Adam’s apple
Why are we standing taller than our heroes, 
and what honor is a wheel-chair to a builder?

We‘ve seen Miss Kahlo these days, she believes she can 
paint a brighter picture. Her children are media fed, 
and far from initiative; they hunger to prove Marx’s theory, 
but are scared of the manifesto and the horror 
mushroomed by the monkey and the parrot on News at Ten
In George’s house, where some acquire the taste for caviar, 
a man is understood like Fidel if he argues for an amendment

When Frida went out for tea, and Donald considered running
From behind the white wall came the joke, and the four winds
were primed to laugh.  The monkey whispers lies to Sarah, 
and the parrot is frequent on the Oprah Show, 
Oprah, like Frida Kahlo, wears testes, 
not under corset but beneath Victoria Beckham

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Contained Thinkers

Contained Thinkers

Media instruction
Teaching us morals
Unfolding our ethics
What to wear
What to eat
Leading us around like faceless meat
Showing us what’s right and wrong
What’s beauty define ugliness
How to be
These are lies you see
Locking us in our cage
We will run and buy your lies
Take advantage of us 
Until we die
We were born 
To understand slavery
We accept 
A life without freedom
Where are the philosophers
Where have they gone?
We will not grow
We will not progress
If free thinkers
Philosopher’s minds
Are all locked up
Blinded by the American Dream
Promises of hope and change
We do not challenge
We do not try
Comfortable within their lies

By: Tim Lundmark

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Down....(from a common man)

Don't tell me I won't like's not for you to decide.
Don't tell me how to raise my children...we're doin' just fine.
Don't tell me not to worry about the economy.... you're not livin' back with mom.
Don't tell me not to agonize over the Gulf spill...well, I'll stop when I see one of THEM start!
Don't tell me the "Republicans" and the "Democrats".... it's all a smokescreen anyway.
Don't tell me terrorists are up to no good...I have a sneaky feeling neither are YOU!!
Don't tell me to feed the children of the world.... let's start with our own!
Don't tell me to save the planet..... from the window of your European S.U.V.
Don't tell me I'm wrong.... who made you right?

Don't tell me you're not keeping me down....and kindly take your foot off my neck!!!!

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Holding The Sun

I grew up in a place I didn't want to be
Became someone that i knew i didn't want to be
Society grabbing me by the throat telling me to be me
But who are they to say that I should be what is not me?
Catastrophe shaking this world, leaving fault lines at the finish line
Scarred for what we have to look forward to
You can't put your soul on hold for all your past pretensions
Earthquakes changing the course of continuation
Throwing vibes from left and right
Hitting the pedal to ignite
What imperial dilemmas that arise from such despise
From what i know i'm just another reflection of disguise, who am i?
Those that float around with no worries in the world,
Don't care about the money, all they've got is what's gold
The people who kill, for power and respect
Dont realize what is out there is what's in the next step
And it's all in their head
We've got all of eternity
The tower of destruction that'll set us all free
Cause in the end we always find that there's another place to be;
physically or mentally.
People walking around with frowns carved into their faces
I wonder if theyll ever look up and see that they've been going places
All along, 
Giving up falling down through the cracks of the ground
They're at fault for all loss that was among their own soul
Oh, its a cold world
As it slowly turns, im watching the clock tick as i feel the room burn
And its funny, that people try to play the game of constant manipulation,
Repeated deification.
Thinking they were born alive, but really,
They were only born to die.
No not everyone lives under the sun these days
A lot of those that fear thy own will fall pale in the shade
Under a dead willow
How we all want the sun because it's here for a reason
We all expect it to invest in the seasons
The government work of treason,
Throwing ropes to pull it down
Making this place so much hotter than it was when underground
I can't stand to be bothered by the burn that it's put on my wrist
From slamming this door shut, we've got to put an end to this
We're destroying what's inside ourselves cause of things on all the shelves
Yet he destroys, and he breaks, so we build
They take the money, and we run it while they kill
Although it's kinda funny that the state depends on pills,
I'll hold the sun and run away from all that's real.

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The Arrogance of Mr Glad

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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Recent Revelations

horrific, decades-long
study syphilis, study its effects
covert medical testing

army scientist
bitten by mosquitoes,
yellow fever
mustard gas,
enter chambers
temporarily blind

dark age
hospital patients
injected with plutonium,
atomic soldiers
in the waves
of nuclear explosions

trace amounts of radiation,
in breakfast cereal
of handicapped children
new drug, LSD
dropped over a French town,
unsuspected, hallucinations

with the latest discovery,
reports of dark practices
soon to follow.

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O Big Brother Where Art Thou

Osiris watching from the sky

Satellite recon harvesting personal

data on you and I

Sending chills down the spine

In the name of national security

Big brother is listening on the line

Privacy eroded freedoms rights scorned

Electronic surveillance now the norm	

Everywhere you go Big brother knows

Everything you do Big Brother is watching you

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Why War

Why War
Who calls the shots?
Who has the power to take all we got?
Why is War their answer for all this insanity?
Is that really their answer 
For all Humanity?
These are the colors of creations might 
War is seductive to the ignorant and lost
Choosing violence no matter the cost
War is easy to understand
Never leading us to the promised land
Why War?
Look to the Elite to settle the score
Bust down illusion 
Break down all barriers that separate all cultures
There shall be no war when we refuse to follow
Only to lead with LOVE and understanding


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and as the tide of mindless babble receded
whispering through the foaming bubbles,
giggling in the lather of their lies, smoothing
the unsuspecting edges of the irate populace
with the blandly pathetic pablum on which 
they subsist, a rogue wave broke upon the
barren beach, tore the moorings of the past
from their entrenchments, cleansed the sands
of the needless detritus of failures filth, surged
through all the alleyways of wealth and power,
washing from their hands the stain of greed,
and in withdrawing left a stinging message -
repent - or I return.

John G. Lawless

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The Newspaper's Portrait of Life and Human Existence

The slimy backend of the American Dream
Coming to a screeching halt on an anonymous highway

The AC Press horrendously portrays the days events
Why do people read this discharge?
Isnt the same reason celebrity disaster magazines
Line every shelf of the checkout at the grocery?

This newspaper is the equivalent
Of a chain smoking, saggy faced
Ex waitress
With her uterus removed
Playing the lotto
And heading to Atlantic City
To get emulsified with alcohol

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Human suffering via the lens of social injustice juxtaposed to the same past.
      Enslavement, slavery, and Indian removal from their sacred lands
Who hands are damned?

      The universe is included.
      Political asylum
All compare and contrast

      Historical movements for the cause 
Today we are a backwards spiral no joy.
      As nations of people become one in a country, the government becomes corrupt.
Are we the democracy that embraces tyrants?

      Lack of equal protection of the Law
No due process going on
      Just a picture of corruption

      Religious emergence has occurred.
Social Theology is the covenant.
      However, no one wants to face-up to the capitalism that has self-destructed.
This is not an Ayn Rand world.
      That belongs to the work force.

I pledged alliance to our spirit and our soul when I was child preparing to enter the      
      business world.
This agreement was written in the Preamble.
      Why is it today ignored?
Penned on May 05, 2014!

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Lip Service

A field of angry faces fume
with mouths agape as spittle flies
from lips best used for other tasks.

Upon the green , the rolling lawn of angst,
demonstrators wave paper placards. 
Group A never nearing Group B.
Flags drape the bandstand packed
with pomp and politicians give lip-service
to the trodden rights of man.

Unequal, but present, women, fe-males
present themselves in all manner of vehicles
from stroller to walker to wheel chair, we are here.
For one hundred years, we have been ‘given’
the ‘right’ to own property, 
but still
our labor is worth less.
Un-joined, un-backed,
if alone, many are left
in the ranks of the poor.

A field of angry faces fume
no child care, no child left behind,
inadequate health care, still we struggle on
in the twenty-first century,
where politicians preen and prance
and misuse our votes.

The divide ever present,
our ranks rife with unrest,
our creative powers used to shackle us
given only lip-service.

Still, we will prevail.

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Reflections: Intellectualism

To Dine, To Die;
Conversations spiral
While thunderous eyes
Grasp concepts to recycle.

Constant debt crisis
A political paradox
Grating social devices
Over the sorting of socks.

An endless groan
Argumental paralysis
The debate grants no throne.

Over a roast
Potatoes won't listen
To who talks the most.

"That point is so interesting"
The floor is open for chat
"What is real?" not a thing
"Meow" adds the cat.

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building my stolen empire out of loose ends: CRIME OF THE CENTURY

was this tortured victoms ground zero a lie?
were his 17 sites of an obsessive world peace nature proof in the pudding?
were the forgetfulintentions of poetrypoem helpful at all?
the life lesson of ressurecting three literary saviours and then slaughter them
how many witnesses
to this technicolor dream there to keep you living?

can you prove me wrong
that i just averted the holocaust?
was the confusion of this necisary?

from the homeless shelter starting over

the realisation of how many cities have already cried
not televised of their tears
the world sick with war

many affected in their own ways for their perceptions of a life they lived

back stab society
crime of the century

the story of a stolen empire
whoever they were
were going to bomb my city
whoever they are
have been torturing people
whoever they were
are going to lie through their teeth

deadlocked with confusion
sucked in with terrorism
and spit out as a peace keeper
sucked in with good intentions to aid survivors of tragedy and war
spit out as person with a soul

the crime of the century
classic con or not
the mixing pot society
that almost died
the mystery unravelling of me your allie
and you working for me
to kill worldly enemies
to play the game to get me laid
called keeping miserable happy

all the way from youtube's imcallingjapan
to an x tube music video
all the way from the governments of facebook

the pancake sting of the satanic community
walking circles downtown clapping chanting pancakes
family and friends waiting acting like strangers
someone starts making fun of this person
he yells you hate sex
family and friends start clappping and chat sex sex sex
then give a stranger a high five
and walk away under cover again

deadlocked earth
i have taken over this planet
its a thing
like the way to kill warpigs if they take over the police
called rap
to color code an ambush
you cant coordinate
but i can

the crime of the century of saving your life
yeah thats my empire of loose ends
the ones that changed your life
the ones that fit in the manners of me taking over the world

those 80 families with million dollar paintings
with poems assisting futuristic intelligence on the back
back stab society

i just took over the planet
like the porn industries game of hug all over the mediapope of twitter

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I am an African farmer

I wear a toga bigger than the life I live
I know who I am so I scream aloud, clear
My name means unlimited abundance
Cultivating the earth is a blessed calling
Transcending generations even unborn 
For man, food must be, for life must be
I know who I am, a facilitator typified 

Learning in life has made man conquer forever 
My contemporaries smile, they chose to learn 
Like they sow, the more they keep reaping

My shepherds are led by their noses and stray
My portion varies wildly from existing branding
I reap with the pests and weeds and back ache
Years of manual tilling has tilted my pose
The sun has melted my swagger, resistance I am 
I have never seen tractors only hoes behold 
Monies for farms fund party rallies, orgies
Agricultural subsidies strictly for city men
No knowledge of chemicals and plant food

The human factor beats them all 
The little harvest must be shared to bear 
Streams of humans surviving on tiny bits
To share for us is tomorrow lived and beyond 
While the bourgeoisie wallow during filthy wealth  
These calloused hands they are bent to tear 

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The Switch Up

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION


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They pronounce to me there is but no ordinary
Then how is it that being dissimilar achievable?
They notify me everyone is diverse
Then is it that being diverse to be ordinary?

They advise to me there is no flawlessness 
But is perfection attainable?
They inform me it is once you do everything acceptably 
So what happens when everything is accepted inaccurately?

They tell me an assortment of things
They inquire about my thoughts
But I have learned time after time to declare to ‘them’:
I want to be the me I once sought

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This Government is us

This Government is us.

 The last time we were this divided civil war began.
 Each party must make way for the other regardless of color,
 Red, blue, black, brown, yellow or white.
 The Demublicants and Repoblicrats thrive on our ignorance.
 If they can't reverse their cranial rectal insertion, we can replace them
 Money feeds this monster; money buys friends where they count.
 Money is not free speech; money buys favors, and not for us.
 Our votes are not for sale; my vote is not for sale.
 We're Americans, we own this Government, and this Government is us.
 Let's take it back and make it work.

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She stands there, 
as the khols
and taals
to play.
If money had afforded, 
they would have found the
wrong chromosome.
Pat silk
and she
to sway.
the fish, 
life begins.
famished cries
A crumpled woman, 
abandoned child.
Now she is the tortois
lifting herself
from the milky sap
of oleander, 
castor oil.
fingers spread, 
She gazes, 
the boar.
She pulls
herself up
fingers dancing, 
feet stamping.
She overcomes.
She stands.
She spins.
Her worth measured
and found
A marriage worth
a decade of work.
She squats, 
The dwarf.
Her eyebrows lower.
Her lips pout.
Gazing off into
some far distance, 
she runs, 
She lifts her axe.
She sweeps her arms.
She holds her head high.
Her eyes twinkle
and she is free.
Shaking her finger, 
she sits
and takes up
her baby in her arms.
She strikes the floor
right to left
Neck.upraised foot.
A boy.
She joins
her hands
and slides them
her eyes.
her heart.
Lifting her finger
she philosophies, 
She lifts
her child.
He walks.
He runs.
She stirs.
She waits.
Her eyes
from left to right.
Looking up, 
she lifts
her arms
above her head.
She rolls
her neck
and cradles
her womb.
A needle stick.
A girl.
She falls to the ground
and she

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The Pristine Society

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

© 2011 JSL

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Critical Mass

It takes a critical mass
to keep a culture alive,
I once heard someone say.
Ishi was the last of his tribe
and whole civilizations
have come and gone.
The tipping point comes
when you lose your way
or someone takes it away 
from you.

George Washington,
for all his faults,
understood what torture was.
Tecumsah killed his own warrior
for torturing a white prisoner.
Our Bill of Rights was written
with an empire's abuses
in mind.

Once, these things were understood,
and despite our faults,
we were proud of who
we tried to be.

A people and its leaders
not outraged by our abuse
of others rights and bodies,
and even of our own,
has lost its critical mass
and become everything
its founders feared
that we might become.

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Ants Verses Goverments

If only governments and people
would take head of the tiny Ant or Bee
and work together
in harmony
for the good of creatures 
our sacred earth
and humanity.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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Oh mother Africa cradle of civilization
like the great trees of our green oceans
you protect your young from this great gale
from east, north, south, west but mostly west
it comes with a force first gentle then strong then stronger
from leaf to stem it sways the oceans
steering our waters to unright directions
it brings it's sand from far away and takes our leaves to far away.

Oh mother Africa cradle of civilization
land of fruits milk and honey
groom your young in your own way
let them know it's not for sale
our dignity, pride and values
but how do you cushion a dying man
how do you relieve a man running after a setting sun
a drowning man will clench a straw
if this he thinks will stay afloat
young shoots find no space to blossom 
even in this spacy forest
is this our fault or it it's fault
that seedlings readily embrace the gale
they know the wrath it all entails
but this they say is better than the dark.

Oh corner trees of iroko type
give space for the young to grow
their roots will firm their stems will broad
and this ocean green will stay agreen
heed my advice and pave the way
for if these things are not done in time
your young will continue to embrace the gale 
and this ocean green will go brown some day.

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My Aunt, Samantha

This the truth will always be – 
amity between Sam and Abdalla; 
finding Bigfoot, 
gathering the ocean’s blue; a perfect wedlock; 
Hollywood; Fox News; Joel Osteen.
There is no place where freedom is not 
sacrificed for dreams, reality for sugared words, 
a black man to Limbaugh’s tongue – 
the brutal but softer tone of the Coliseum.

Our dream is fractional happiness, 
a day with dark ending. Our light is a fast
exodus to the open sepulchers, 
so far from youthful minds, 
but within walking distance of our bodies, 
breathless. Our fad is for the open eyes, 
our eyes, a minute to see.
How fleeting are the seconds, and years.

When the old Ampad man came to town, 
we went backward like a cult baptism, 
there was this smell that walked like stupid, 
along the Ohio River, the sound of tomorrow’s children
crying the cries their parents left them. 
Smith was never pleased 
with Jesus’ work, so they took him to America, 
and execute the first 9\11, like Waco. 

We strip barks from the neutered trees, 
the rabid yelps in the Bushes.
We’ve witnessed Barbara giving birth to Judas, 
an effort to fulfill the selling of the woman at sea.
We were terrified, but God never let it be so; 
we will not go now, 
the sky will dressed in black to moan our pending death.
We are dogs on a lease – 
I can’t believe the things the wind told my ears.

Remember George, how we gave him Samantha, 
then request that the black man give her back to us,
saying, let us take our Sammy from the cotton picker’s son;
he’s blind; he cannot see Russia from his house, 
his name is a message from the camel people.
How can he rest his graying head, 
against a pillow made with thorns?
How can he sleep,
with all that stupid ringing in his ears?

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African President

When I fail to perform
I blame the system and form
The society, the community
Blame it on my friends
And life’s old trends
Blame it on my providence
Blame it on outside influence
Blame it on the citizens
Blame the populace
Blame history, blame the past
Blame everyone quick and fast
Blame the mountains and the hills
Blame the waters and the seas
Blame the gods
Blame the skies
Blame the powers that be
Blame everyone but me
Because all I want is another term

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compeling leather's

At what cost rags to riches splashing blind falling in trenches                                   
Cladding poor country king’s taking the life of the owner                                                   
Will they come for yours Clicking to social dictated schemes                                              
They march no more                                                                                          
They walk no more                                                                                              
They dance no more                                                                                          
Millions of shoes entreated better they where kept out of the weather                          
Maybe to be a S.S. belt, sheath or hat maybe a child will walk                                   
Unknowingly a mile in my shoes the Lord knows their destiny                                            
Like high leathery hills in store kept so many feet out of the weather                            
Carnivorous minds eat up my people for my rags they contemplate                              
They lie in wait if they would have asked I could have given                                        
Two miles to late the atrocity millions of leathers                                                     
They march no more                                                                                            
They walk no more                                                                                                 
They dance no more  

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------Chem-Trails In My Sky-------

these are not the clouds we grew up with puffy plumes are gone with the wind these chem-trails are unnatural I miss the sky God made does anyone notice the sky is changing? can anyone look me in the eyes and explain? call me what you want, I deserve answers I am still breathing and refuse to believe I am alone I do not fear you but simply request knowledge greater than what's available You have hidden too long, (watching us from afar) but now nature has caught on to you bring that giant instrument you pluck and come out from your money pit hiding from human issues we need to address We the People are tired of the deception
My Entry for Nette Onclaud's SOUND MADNESS Contest, instrument -harp (this is an original piece unfortunately inspired by what I believe HAARP is doing to our beautiful Earth and her sky...Please research to connect your own dots)

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Question without fear

You silence the noise, from your electric clock turn on the lights, shower and your coffee pot Do you feel blame for what you have done Since, the clock signaled, your day had begun Hundreds of simple tasks, that we do everyday No qualm of consequence, cost or whom will pay Trying to survive, with wife and children we create No concern of air, sea, land or errors we berate In life's maze we seek wealth and that better life Finding lies, debt, plague and fear, in this forest of strife Spirit weak hopeless, afraid, when any query is raised behind apathy and delusion hide, earth will be unfazed Deadly dregs of destructive waste, defiled sea and sand With befouling of the heavens, mutating plant and man Creating wealth the priority, of humanity on earth Pantology repressed, to seed arrogance not mirth People's voice was muted, for way to many years Unanswered questions persist, we can't afford to fear Prospects to correct mistakes to save this great land Seems ironic to say but, "Are in the Peoples Hands".

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Extreme Northwest

If I leave you again,
it will be for the last time -
you snarling day-fog, northwest winter.
I would escape to Santana softness,
no harshness, warm-spot summers.

Monoliths rising in the Pacific 
signal the winds as they pass.
The winds blow ashore, carrying the albatross 
to rest at last.
Warming and wetting they come to Seattle,
dropping a burden from the sky.

Some say the weather mocks men to suicide.
I am adrift on land, feeding on turnips
	and oysters.
The driftwood is not tree but people -
people of a different caliber than fiber.
The wheat seas swarm with them.

Water pours from Palouse Falls and drifts
patiently to rejoin the salty sea.
Calloused hands feed hungry mouths.
They sow, they reap.
The rolling hills of the Palouse, so violent
in the making, would scold a thinner soil.

When east meets west in Washington,
the merging is a clashing, frightful.
The lines are drawn as poles are set 
	in solid soil.
There are no prisoners taken and no mercy
	quarter given.
Still bread is dipped in broth on both sides
of the fences, along each line of trenches.

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Money Hungry

People label others "money hungry"
when they demand what they have worked
for, unsavory characters have a way of turning
earned salaries into an ugly metaphor,

Money Hungry is best described when one
has a penchant to consume dollar bills,
for nutritional values or thrills,

The rich can be misconstrued as being
money hungry, for each deal they conduct
it requires money deliveries,

They only do philanthropic work for free,
and they too still demand a salary,
Therefore, if one is not craving money
for dietary requirements, then to call
them "money hungry" is pure nonsense.

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Poetic Predators

She wolf of the poetic world who run
and struggle to maintain her dignity 

Our words, our dreams are falling to pieces 
By, the predators of this time period 
We are the prey for  the fearful ones 
Who scrolls and display rude comments? 

Deep within as you lament over our poems 
 we rise up stronger than ever
Composing rhyme, lyric and prose 
Unlike your hatred about likes and dislikes 
Narrative poems portrays the truth 
We shine, we meddled, and somehow, we win 
We are stronger; death with dignity is a poet emblems 

Pieces of our past anthology anguish you 
Your Savage behavior bites you each time; 
We compose; you pursue 
We are the death of your souls 

Mr. Sleepless White Nights 
Your predators, you editors
Are you addicted to your inner critic
We have our rights 
You confounded wretch night stalkers. 

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Freedom lost

Here in the autumn of year 2012
I mourn freedoms lost as do many other of my countrymen 
I mourn the loss of these freedoms; blindly legislated away
Freedoms that our fathers fought and died to win and knew so very well
I weep for our children that know not what has been taken from them
Freedoms taken from us or simply given away in the name of security
Freedoms forsaken in the name of security is also a chain that tightly binds
These many chains cast upon us will eventually lead us into bondage 
In bondage none will raise a voice for they want not for anything
Wanting for nothing but for the freedom that was given away

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Scam of the Con Man

Who hasn’t heard of the Nigerian Letter or the Australian Lottery won?
So what about you’re kids in college… what for them is going on?

My son found a job posted on the University’s Nursing jobs bulletin Board.
Apparently several students applied to take care of an old man coming into town.
They were each approved separately, and then sent a check…
Plus a list of nursing supplies and a wheel chair they had to pay for and pick up.
Apparently, the place to work with had already been set up.
Once everything was paid for, they were ready for the job.

Instead all they got was their accounts cleaned out.
And the Nursing supplies were another part of the scam, my dear.
In the end the money they had was gone with everything saved from the student loans.

Now the problem was made and you know what? Guess who didn’t care?
The police, University, and bank said it happens all the time.
Of course they turned away saying it wasn’t their concern.
The bank told my son he owed $3400 more, even through he was the victim of the fraud.
The Banks fraud department yawned and said they wouldn’t look into what was done.
In fact, they were sending his accounts into collections to attack him even more.

Slough it off, and attack the victim, and of course none of them would do their work.
Mail fraud, money fraud, and con men involved… across state lines meant nothing at all.
Attacking the victim is not where the Banks, police, and university belong.
So let me tell you The States’ Attorney General is the next on the list.
The Attorney General and the Federal Government is where to go, my friend.
Don’t give up on the internet, there are help groups there, that abound.
Tell your children of the game… to keep them far away.

The bank wants my son’s next student loan money for collections on the debt…
And he will have to work full time at minimum wage to survive.
You might say everything at the moment… is truly upside down.
But we will fight unendingly… to straighten everyone out…

What a Christmas job deal breaker… and what a way to find out…

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Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

Abandon Hope All Ye
 Who Enter Here

Ever the edifice
The bold and self-serving statue
Proud ego stamped
In the courtyards and squares
Of those who have diminished ( ordinary )

Ever the hero who by guile
Steals the heroes burial
With self sacrificial offerings of ballot boxes ( rigged )

Ever the flag waving
For the faceless dictators
Who by money and army medals adorned
Assume control
Via  coup d'état ( or money )

Ever the religious fanatic
Behind Iattola, priest, missionary and Papist
Ever the quiet and raucous rapist 
Of faith

Ever the secret of power hunger ( sanctioned )
Allowed to dictate
Through political expediencies
Ever the murder of country men
To rule the country

Ever the nationalistic barrage of pride
For coloured cloth
Defines identity
And not humanity ( human )

Ever the innocent left to bleed
To fill the coffers of nameless greed
And ever the hate to feed
The racial, political and religious idiocy ( bigotry )

Ever the door which opens
For men and women returning home
With the triumphal marches
Of black body bags

Ever the tear gas, riot shield and rubber bullet
Ever the faces of Tienanmen Square
Ever the bodies of The World Trade Centre
Ever the terrorism of lies
Ever the truth denied
Ever love defiled

Ever the innocent left to bleed
To fill the coffers of nameless greed
And ever the hate to feed
The racial, political and religious bigotry ( idiocy )

Ever the door which open
Welcoming home
Mothers and Fathers
From their long days labours ( ordinary )

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Gandhiji's Second Coming

Bullets shed blood, but couldn’t kill him.

Truth had lit even the dark nooks.
Waves of Non-violence had swept clean
All the weapons. An earthquake had
Toppled a mighty empire. And he
Was the pivot . Rays of Sacrifice
Had formed rainbows of triumph
In the sky of millions. When he
Had marched to Dhandi, history gave birth
To a new chapter. His vibrant words
Had shaken the distant Africa too.
Finally, he could drop the long longed
Nectar on the tongue tips of Indians
To get his reward with a pistol.

bereft and cleft by the dark minds
laughing with the white teeth,
our fair lady laments on .
Gandhiji  breaks his spectacles,
holds his stick upside down,
and gets ready to step out
from the frame hanging on the wall
for a Second Coming.

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Thin line

Thin line between politics and truth
Be a man like sword  both sides  akin
What could do man without wearing  mask
Making promises in his dreams without cutting corners
What could do man make others wear his shoes
Afraid of how much  his followers can  take
Betray his felowship  become an enemy

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Loss of innocence

Houses lost, friends go away…
Then others I’ve never known…
Some areas worse, some less…
But all have seen the scar…

Empty homes with vacant eyes…
The bank will own the loan…
Won’t let lose their precious prize…
Until they’ve made a score…

A few will pass thru many hands…
Most will wait with time…
In the end we all lose…
With tears in our eyes…

The only winner any where…
Is the bank that still holds on…
There was really no doubt on this…
As the monster gobbles more…

As still so much is lost by all...

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Christmas 2009

Recession made Christmas harder than ever before
Family’s splitting – money the core
Dad’s leaving to live on the street
So that young hungry mouths are able to eat
That some extra cash might be in the house
and children might learn what Christmas is about?
But without Dad gone, roof would be lost
for the bills are much higher – we can’t meet the cost
No longer can the average family budget
2009, jobs lost, even working struggle to afford it
Commercialism needs to stop building hopes and dreams
Childern don’t understand you are busting at the seams
Disappointment reigns as kids outside taunt and tease
No longer we fit in we’re all on our knees
Sinking. Even love has fallen apart
We don’t want this Christmas just haven’t the heart!
Expectation lower, depressions set in
Politicians not helping the hole we’re all in
Instead raising taxes they’ll crucify more
and this miserable life could be at your door
Will someone tell them that family should be together
sharing love, life, hopes dreams whatever they weather

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Tiny Grains of Sand United

These aren't the same sand grains of time are they? coming united from all around aren't they? can't feel the slightest sight of sound can you? you couldn't possibly begin to understand, why can't you? just find a way to join a cause bigger than you make a splash in a tiny pond could you? shift in ripples moving grains of the sands of time if you found a way to unbound a weary mind, if you take in only what you want that makes you tick till the very last tock I will with you These tiny sand grains all that remain of a distant fading memory on a shore full of fantasy reality is what you cannot change except when united tiny sand grains of time, that matter.

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Ongoing Mental De-Evolution

 Anyone can write…
 and drown in their self-delusions; 
 from persons into personifications
 lists of passions, glorify self's illusions; 
 down those lists, 
 most veiled by incomprehension
 one's passion is most often expressed
 as the byproduct, 
 of misconstrued personal emotions; 
 therefore, in these briefs that follow
 rest some seeds for those
 whose mental fields lay perpetually fallow…
 Xenocrates, his gods being unity and duality
 i.e. episteme, aisthesis, and doxa
 are lost to US, 
 by rue of epistemonike aisthesis; 
 Mersenne's numbers, 
 to Eratosthenes' sieve
 Erd?os' factorization, 
 and Archimedes' constant conceived; 
 Holy vowels expressions! 
 Great Gobs of Goose shite, please! 
 release US from this context, 
 relieve this tumultuous tease; 
 probe Bertrand's Postulate, 
 exposing your thinking's
 prime numbers seized; 
 however shallow, and wordless
 your tongue tied thoughts do concede…
 so many things are above me, 
 so many more lay beneath
 my scratching, itching, and twitching
 these are reminders of my simpleton's grief…
 in this fiat before me
 on these issues held, and in my beliefs
 that my mind is much more
 than the street corner tavern's
 proverbial hat rack…
 now that's a relief! 
 What is it within US? 
 that sullen darkness and introversion hides
 those snide daily reminders
 the eclipse of the sun
 and or a debutante's swoon
 a cheap parlour tricks wonder
 or that pin-striped baboon's face
 we each express as we howl at the moon…
 Excuse me this meandering
 but, it is my gut busting chortle
 you now so surely conceive
 that this little snippet from our dear William
 does so help you believe
 that we all live this one time
 so as ourselves, do profoundly achieve
 what your inquisitive conscience
 exposes as your life's
 most constant semibreve…
 ['Think of this life; but, for my single self, 
 I had as lief not be as live to be
 In awe, of such a thing, as I myself.']
 in conclusion of
 this bit of confusion
 do infuse this allusion
 as your daily transfusion
 of the smack of illusion
 and the sole, blithe, transformational revolution
 now necessary for your mindset's
 ever changing and ongoing mental de-evolution.

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Open Letter to you,

I hate my speech today, yesterday and the day dust rises.
I was there opening my eyes carelessly, smiling like an idiot
I was gazing shamelessly, walking like an idler without course
Little did I notice my vehicle lose direction; little did I notice my head bleeding
I was just there; the settled dust rising, tables turning, grenades and bullets are now apples
Little did I know the power in my lovely hate speech. 

What pride did we get after slaughtering fellow Kenyans like goats,
What are the stuttering rifles rattling about, are humans turning game,
What are the grenades doing in civilian pockets, are they keys
Why are the churches burning, you cannot tell me tis the holy ghost fire,
What has that neighbour done, why is that policeman lying there,
Why is no body answering me, am I alone, or are you wondering too
Should I assess the power in my lovely hate speech, am concerned.

My love speech I hate you, my hate speech I love you
Both speeches are one, are the same, of same taste, I hate my passion for you
I love my fellow politician, i love his dirge during my friend’s burial
You bleeding mammoth my friend, I like your corrupt tummy
You scavenger of your own carcass, I like your greed for power
You megalomaniac virus of a beloved country, we love you, let us be
Little do we know death will let you release us, How uncertain are we of you.

My eyes are full of your ocean, the palace you exhume immorality
My ears are preoccupied with your desert, the desert devoid of trust, and the just
My nostrils have your pungent infamy, your callous greed, your everything
My mind can’t decipher the thought of your sanity, your policies and you
You make me lose taste, you make me look like you, you make me you
I am youthful to the economy, i am youthful to the wise, am not youthful to your “youth”
Little do i know death will let you release me, How uncertain am i of you.

Am talking about you, what have i said about me? What?
I hope I know the promise in my Kenyan Anthem
I hope I have a plan of getting rid of the chaff, the you
I hope am not you, i hope you don’t like seeing me wise
I hope your son is listening, the son that wants my very own daughter
I hope am the government, the government of me, for me and by me
I hope i know peace, the peace am preaching, the peace you hate. I hope.

Yours Kenyan,
Mzee Emmanuel Mwau.

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A long time ago one kid would shower snowballs up on us his name was Moshe neighbour's ewe lamb, once he drowned my family's cat after pricking it all over with his mother's tailor needle. He didn't apologise didn't look back. He'd laugh when I would kiss you beneath the willow right on your reddish cheek sort of a ripe midsummer's fruit when our dry lips hadn't already been wading through the childhood to the dewy land. And Moshe was working together with his father veterinarian - latex gloves, scissors tubing, tents, patching up the gashes for curs puttin'em to sleep due to the rabies, the birds would withdraw from the sky when Moshe would spend his night-time on a loft sewing up the tails of the mice after tearing them off without any prayer, Lord, without a touch. Moshe had a scar below his eye he was born marked, genes, my dear, people saying that's a gene of scalpel and needle, and it's uncertain what they'd been doing with our parents's cats in the childhood. I met him at abandoned temple recently, Moshe, he was meshed into the bindweeds fogged from eternal shade demented from birdsongs wale-marked by God, or by Lucifer, or perhaps by me I swear I can't remember it's a long time we are seeking ourselves for each other at this temple you never know there's a chance we are simply insane.

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The Palm Tree

We had fought and won
The internecine war;
The foreigners had demarcated
Their spoils on our land
But our spirit of struggle
Our thirst for freedom-
Kept burning within our hearts.

Our vow and determination
To recapture our terre
To tender our palm tree-
These, too, kept burning
With rage and vengeance!
Our thoughts no longer hazy
Our deeds no longer wavy-
But studied and firm
Our men advanced sure of foot.

Vengeance is ours-
And not the Lord’s!
For we know, liberated,
Even here
All manner of genius
May grow…
Turning pages of transformation
From centuries of silent mutation
To an eternity of unqualified progress.

Where the wheels of oppression 
Have finally ground to a halt
There shall be found
The masses that struggle!

(Written for those dark times, happily, now past)

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''In the shadows of the truth"

The truth may not be
what it seems,
when wry words
penetrate innocent
minds and classic
like sweet hemlock,
waits with a secret agenda.
 “A labyrinth of schizophrenic
evil of a mind
about to begin”

Take the Pyramids of Egypt
a wondrous sight for all,
who cares about the mayhem
aimless spirits forever to waul

In the throes of womanhood
Delilah! She didn’t really care,
betrayed the local superstar
skillfully removing his hair.

Oration to fool all nations
many lifetimes of deceit,
sacred music tuned into tears
gullible folk a joy to cheat!

Children abused constantly
each atrocity fuels the seed,
for are they not the lambs of God
That condones this very deed?

Young men, emulator of “Hollywood”
Off to war as God-fearing men.
Someone knew Iraq’s secret
deep within valley, hill and fen?

For a hundred years the baron
introduced a most healthful threat,
wrapped around golden Virginian
to help the national debt!

Speech impaired by amber waters
lifelong snares within the hop,
mountains moved to accompany it
so to appease them on the Kop!

Beware you all upon this planet
the greatest threat well down the track,
industrial revolution
empathy disguised a whole new tack..!

for Paula Swanson's How do i answer that question?

Subject.  Why is the truth, not what it seems?

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drag a finger across this wall
a certain way
sounds like airplanes flying by
they crash into the ocean of my bed
like coral sea or midway
or some other sky battle

i know this because i sat
motionless, watched old videos of 
people dying and on fire
or drowned by water
combat, round two
heavy, landed on some
sinking carrier ship

down, soapy sea foams
black and white – shades of grey
filter pale fires, choked in smoke 
unplugged and drained
reflections lost
in history, in waves

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in case you didn't

just in case you didn't know,probably because you are an alien in your very world
you owe your altitude to millions down here,who endured the chilly winter to sky-rocket  you to the blue skies
an inflated balloon remains a balloon,watch out for that thorn before it gives you a memo of your cradle
I here you have a meal consisting of three courses, if foot ball has only two  I bet its  enough to feed the whole of Kibera
did you buy any chance reflect on the show-cased  suicidal mission,thousands of your kind on a gold rush for oil,an upside- down oil tanker proved a blessing in disguise
"we just don't get it  do we" I heard you rattle in a press briefing,if only you knew what it  took for a mother to live behind a kid or two and join in a rush left for the dammed souls
did it by any case heat you,when the media highlighted the skeletons from the north
the Halloween orchestra  was so close to real, you had the nerve to thank the treasury for such a thrilling display of an entertainment allowance,added the tale to your collection of mermaids,fairies and abracadabra
spare us some "unga" your majesty,we need the fuel to keep your city council tax dictators at bay, allow us the liberty to indulge in ugali - mandondo at mama mboga's the wananchi Hilton
another price increment on the liquor you term as legal,we'd rather risk dropping our eye balls at the taste of the blind flavored illicit cocktails
which is golden,milk or oil?,the only contradiction is the theory of pigment diversification for even cows have become gold mines for the white oil
hail to our athletes ,how many medals in their name, they shade tears at the raise of our colors, if only we knew the essence of such emotions, if only we knew
the "Rome statute"is it a ploy to entangle African states?then why on earth are most injustices tracing their origin to  the art piece of our "great"leaders?
we are proud to be Kenyans because our ancestor's did so in utmost spirit  

   " if the law makers become dream makers,it takes a powerful wave,an amplified tune,and a Mystic voice to bring light to a dark beam,and whats greater and spirited than a pen and  a paper", a dedication to the citizens of Africa

....................note...........  ........
unga-floor ground from maize
ugali-mandondo- a meal of maize floor cake taken with boiled beans
wananchi-local citizens
- See more at:

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The Land of Sophia

Escape the tort of our avarice world Defy the ones who shift the blame Deter the decadence forgetting shame Freedom is on the top of the bare eyes Beyond the consciousness of The Human Kind Search harder and then you'll find The Land of Sophia Dwelling past are needs Swirling around our bare minds Our wants polluting out sight the Land of Sophia is lost at night Are the Lies held worth it in time Only embracing The Veil of Logic The Truth is cast into shade where all vices are soon to be made For all of our dreams and dramaticies The Destruction Star poisons seas Far from This Galaxy among the stars I can see myself, And The One I've became Escape the tort of our avarice world Defy the ones who shift the blame Deter the decadence forgetting shame Freedom is on the top of the bare eyes Beyond the consciousness of The Human Kind Search harder and then you'll find The Land of Sophia Dwelling past are needs Swirling around our bare minds Our wants polluting out sight the Land of Sophia is lost at night Caught in our lust, of forgetting trust I wonder can we break free of bound forever in the clutches of Lilith's Love Eden's Heart Who's desperate For Love Who's desperate For Light yet wallows in Blight and chooses to wait--forevermore The wait in Summer--An Eternity Lilith's Love Eden's Heart Escape the tort of our avarice world Defy the ones who shift the blame Deter the decadence forgetting shame Freedom is on the top of the bare eyes Beyond the consciousness of The Human Kind Search harder and then you'll find The Land of Sophia Dwelling past are needs Swirling around our bare minds Our wants polluting out sight the Land of Sophia is lost at night We don't chose what's right I can't believe we are able to see this far Crawling in Shadows Never will breath find it's light Escape the tort of our avarice world Defy the ones who shift the blame Deter the decadence forgetting shame Freedom is on the top of the bare eyes Beyond the consciousness of The Human Kind Search harder and then you'll find The Land of Sophia Dwelling past are needs Swirling around our bare minds Our wants polluting out sight the Land of Sophia is lost at night
**Mark Jansen, Guitarist, Male Vocals, and main songwriter of Epica**

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Tangled Vines

An orange trumpet vine in its  beauty

Orange trumpet flowers bright intriguing

It grows reaches for the sun 'pon trellis' strong towers

So lovely and shady is its green vine drawing most humankind to climb

~~Climb until they reach its first level where other vines intwine

Vines intwined of such strength and beauty

One that is mixed in there is Passion Flower

Passion on this first level hasn't passed away

All vines honeysuckle, jasmine, poison ivy reach for the top

At the very top tangled vines wrap around healthy trees slowly choking
                                                                                            out the life

Strong vines cut into the outer bark getting tighter every year

Soon the inner being suffers crushing

                             By the strong vines which cut deeper, deeper and deeper each

years growing season

The trees who gave support are now overcome by a mass of flowery death

Tangled vines have overpowered 
                                      Their deceit and trickery has accomplished its death deeds

The tangled vines are at the top but the trellis of strength and support
                                                                   Is about to topple  

Sponsor: Constance La France
Contest: Tangled Vines
Written this Fourteenth Day Of July 2013

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Sonnet to Society

Plagued by agents of disinformation,
smearing objectivity with a spoof,
as if a lot of followers equals confirmation, 
a lie told often enough becomes truth.
Rumours of the Swine and depopulation,
aliens, free energy and speculation,
aur silence and tolerance bring ramification,
we need to stop for a day of contemplation,
it does not take long to realise who control’s each and every nation.
Beneath the facade of illusion,
the puppet master reaps with his confusion.

WAKE UP...tick tick tick... ... ...

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The World We Live In

My heart aches for a world filled with peace, so much sadness and destruction,
I cannot take any more.
I get up in the morning and put a smile on my face,
I watch things on the news and I feel disgrace.
How can I smile when the grimness of life for others hurts me so much?
How can I eat my food and not feel guilty for the starving millions?
How can I waste water having a bath or a shower when others have no
clean water even to drink?
Dying of malnourishment and dying because of contaminated water,
All over the world this is happening to real human beings and what do I do?
Carry on as normal and put a smile on my face.
The children are crying, their parents are dying,
The Parents are crying, their children are dying,
But the world carries on as normal,
And I get up every morning and put a smile on my face.
Wars are raging everywhere, haunted faces staring “Why doesn't anyone care?”
Fear and terror is their living nightmare “Why doesn't anyone care?”
We care, but we choose to look away, “we're not affected” people say,
So we get up every morning, put a smile on our faces and get on with our day.

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bird of freedom

globalization’s bird of slavery

migrates south for

capitalism’s winter

metamorphasizing into bird of freedom

which migrates back north

singing its tale.

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Soaring For A Cup Of Love

Sunlight scarce, o' rainbow dove
I flutter wings a fifty five
just to see your weight up high
a snug,
in the clouds.

What parsing eyes, do thee enchant
a hue o' fifty fire ants
give or take a grand,
I wad my sense of wealth in color,
white is far too bland.

Someone spilled a sup of blue
a soup fit for three-hundert two,
if only it were true
that we could fill ourselves with color.

Someone see that bird up there,
whose rain arch bellows rainbow wings
and colors sing;
where there ain't no thing as hunger,
fill my stomach full of color,
my friend and brother
my sister, mother
grab my wing...

I'll take you to the play,
you needn't ever pay
...for a cup of love.

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why is not earth a better place

*f bull sh*t *s a fertil*zer,
why *sn’t earth 
a better place?

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one man army of the appocalypse

2 million suicidal babies
the munchonsen of psychiatry
just pushed me over the edge
what do we say when we cross the border?
we're going to disneyland
what are we going to do when we get there
inform as many innocents what is about to happen

going to the only country
who has its digs in every war around the world
going to the only place that lies to earth
through a video box sitting in the corner to every family on earth
going to the place of plajerists and hacks
scouring the internet for good ideas
and we are going to destroy the lies of their doctors

poisoned adults
suicidal babies
with all the no brainers in existance
why is it you are the only country singing and dancing?
why are you soo proud of your happiness
but use hate speach you call comedy on every minority
no one on earth is allowed to be happy but you?

why would this many people be upset with your legacy
how nothing has changed
the internet investigation already underway
your internet fraud to destroy life after life
and become wealthy doing it
here's a vikaden to cover the stress that your a bad person
now lets laugth and dance
have group sex to make us feel better for the things we did

party on wayne, party on garth
the bottle picking homeless with nothing left to lose
the rag man who smells like gas
a cart full of glass
we dont need bombs to take you down
as your city burns from the ground
where you realise all the flat tires
something on the road 
the explosions of your vehicles
unable to provide aid
the investigation now under way

2 million guinea pig babies
we will come to enforce your right to your person
those doctors and lawyers
lieing cheating and stealing
im not going to lie
you will be murdered
and for this shiny new penny
the maffia and biker gangs have just been hired
have a good day

im not sorry to inform you
these people will get what they deserve
you have all the power
then blacklist me
and stop playing the victom
like you do at the karaoke bar

first i'll describe heaven
and there will be no victoms of that war
then we will describe our own hell
and you can die a martyr of earth's happy ending

your joke dressed in suicide
laughing, at the consequence of you not being a punchline
you know who you are and what youve been doing
the best suggestion of considering suicide
its a good idea, especially for you, trust me

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in a rut
no, a trench.
pulled under like Ypres or Verdun
walls held up by bodies of dearly departed.
we gather here today because we have to.
so chew the dirt from fingernails, 
swim this mud sea.
six feet.
draped flags,
bedsheets, tablecloth rags
set the places.
mines flower on this grave.

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After the dust settles

See in south africa, we  are 
diverse like very tree branches 
we oh so admire.
You have your different races 
and in them people divide 
Through status , language, 
religion and money. But the 
greatest gap is through black 
communities, which I am a part 

It brought tears to my eyes to 
the Black bothers oppress one 
other cause one thinks their 
language is a superior to the 
other.We should have learnt a 
lesson from the Apartheid, one  
would think.

I sometimes wonder when 
Nelson Mandela invisioned a 
beter world was it anything like 
the one we live in today?.
Yes, i am glad that I,a black 
man, have oppotunies that I 
procure based on my hard work 
and not my skin colour.
But is it too much to ask for 
people direct positive energey to 
one another.

At the end of the day I ask 
are we an anger driven nation, 
now that apartheid is gone, do 
turn against each other?

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THE REPUBLICAN (slam for contest)

I would listen to your problem,
But I don't have time.
So, I will give a statement,
In the form of a rhyme.
Up the political ladder, I did climb.
I raised every dime,
But how I did it
Should be considered a crime.
The fact of the matter is
I really don't care!
So, go ahead and stare!
Your problem
Is not my burden to bare!
Who are you to talk to me
About what is and is not fair?
Don't you dare!
I know where you are,
But "I'VE never been there."
I always had a lair.
I had the good sense to be born of rich blood,
While the rest of you were born to duds,
Born to live in your houses of "HUD."
I'm a stud,
Born and bred to sling political mud.
From my home,
I've never been forced to leave.
So, I've never been forced to grieve.
Never been forced to receive
A note that left me peeved.
So, I don't know how it feels to be thieved.
And furthermore,
Like I said before,
I never looked for work.
All I had to do was walk through a door.
Job hunting is for the poor!
Not for those who soar,
Nor for those
Who are ahead in the score.
I never "HAD" to work,
But I always had a good job.
So, I really don't understand your mob.
I'm not "TRYING" to be a snob.
I just had to turn a door knob.
So, I don't know how it feels to be robbed.
So What!
So What!
What if a few jobs got shipped away?
You should be able to get a new job
Where ever you may.
You should be able to get a new job
Where ever you stay,
Or at least
Where ever you lay.
Tomorrow is a new day!
And, in time,
You will be back on your feet.
Don't worry about being put out on the street,
Or those days
When you had to go without something to eat.
Are you going to let THAT
Spell your defeat?
Is the game that I play.
For me,
There can be no other way.
Some sacrifices
Are the prices that we are forced to pay.
So, listen to the words that I say.
Sooner or later,
The sun will come out
At least one day,
For you to feel
At least one ray.

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Rebel Soldier Going To Their Post Of Nowhere

Rebel Soldier Going To Their Post Of Nowhere

The sling gun, 
On the shoulder, 
So thin, 
So frail, 
Green tee shirt, 
Hug the lean body, 
Under the bushes, 
They walked, 
Ignoring the mud river, 
The orange ball, 
Seem to fade with the darken sky, 
Beam mutely, 
On the poor brown soil, 
Gray grass, 
Above the knee, 
Tickled the sole, 
Of the frighten rebels, 
That they smile, 
Wind so strong, 
Dead cancer of corrupt republic, 
A b-plane, 
Just passed, 
That boy, 
Made an act of shooting, 
The bird in the sky, 
They laughed, 
It banked, 
Already on the foggy, 
Blue mountain. 

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An Eternal Brain Fart

A few will be handed over
For millions washed dirt poor,
Dirt brown, stained like urban
Jungles in Detroit, Memphis, 
And New Orleans.
An Xbox is my ex-wife,
Frivolous and expensive.
Some folks are too thick to set eyes on;
Men are proudly called sons – 
Lads with fettered brains –
Telling again our story – 
Reminiscent of Ebu, Edo, and Kogi 
Wearing iron bangles
And anklets. I found one
By an old stone building. 
I used to savor the “fact” 
That the walls were broken down.
A Playstation is like a train station;
We wait for them to take us back.
If I try to alter our short-comings
We will echo what we’ve heard 
A thousand times: “But …”
What about them, they too are engrossed?
Some must be sacrificed; few are …
Like us

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old wounds heals

 got me thinking about
 when i was young 
drawing a picture scar
shopping with 
my parents
 in north 
of ireland 
british armed soldiers 
pointing guns at us 
security checkpoint

i remember 
a cold feeling 
running down 
my spine
mum warning us 
to keep the noise down 
these people
are dangerous 
could kill you 
in a second
she said 
to us 

say your prayers boys 
guns are upon you 
feeling darkness crawl
the devils tools 
ten at the time 
stepping out 
of the car 

my father grabbed 
the barrel roughly
of the gun 
with venom 
in his voice
the blood boiled
feeling fathers rage
in the child witness

to such an act
roughly saying 
stop pointing 
that gun 
at my children 
makes one cry 
how a world 
they sat by 
saw or country 
in pain and suffering
being tortured

love is peace 
terrorists are armed 
soldiers employed
to kill innocence 
you are now 
seeing the world 
through wisdom 
grants you keys 

into the souls eyes 
that have saw suffering 
become meek 
crying a child 
in fear 
seeing my father 
brought to his knees
on the ground 

my mother 
going crazy crying 
saying what 
is wrong 
with you people
a higher 
ranked soldier 
walks in saying 
that is enough lads

leave the man 
to get back and sort 
his noisy family 
out laughing
like we were 
beneath him 

i hugged my dad 
thought they 
were going 
to kill him 
i remember 
gritting my teeth 
an oath 
one made 
as a child
when i get older
i will kill you 

to this day 
i remember 
his face 
that of darkness
a ten year old child 
looking at the power 
of the gun 

staring growling 
into the face 
distorted sight 
of a laughing satan 
of a man
 leaving a scar 
on a child
one of 
pure innocence 
you really 
got me thinking
opening up 
inside the mind
on this
 one wound
i have long
 forgiven them 
but it was 
rememberance day today

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A new Ireland

It was a wet November day
on the motorway to Cork
waiting at traffic lights
a tiny man shuffled towards me
frail, bald and alone,
his piercing eyes beseeching,
palms outstretched, imploring.
His face ravaged with fear
his shame stirred shame in me
as I turned my face away,
I saw others do the same.

I felt raw discomfort 
it changed rapidly to fear
as the cold face of recession
the demise of my country
the pain of my people
stood before me
in this little man
an ache so immense,
I had covered it deep.

Faced now with utter revulsion,
abject anger towards our government,
our bankers and developers,
those sneaky golden circles,
as my eyes met his,
I saw my own reflection.
The country’s bubble burst a year ago
but he had just burst mine.

For In his tiny frame,
I saw our fragile nation
a country on its knees
begging for a bail out.

In his isolation,
I felt my own vulnerability
huge impending loss
as my children face emigration.

In his baldness, 
I saw the naked masses
new poverty and pain,
still crushing us, the people

This little man
could be me.

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Tho Hearts Bend

the table listens
dred forcing glue and nails to
throb and melt
as the color red is shunned
in public

claw feet
embedded for grinning centuries
stand silent
as birds with no feathers
drift silently to earth

with only sonic flashes
to remind the trees of their collusion
branches fall without warning
stunning rushing rivers
direction pre-determined

a gathering of hearts bend
their capacity for love
is never breached






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A Different Perspective

Oh! How I loathe intellect,
because out of this inflexibility
logic is born;
and logic is the most bigoted of 
all one track minds.

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Of the people I know
And the people I see
All want to be happy
All want to be free
Of organizations, clubs, and groups
Forcing their opinions
Through political loops
To the masses their way is right
Preaching their peace through a superior fight
Religion, race, color, and creed
All to fill an empty need
Right wing, left wing, republican or radical
Reformist, anarchist or arsonist
Socialist, communist and lobbyist
Or………………………… Liar !
No matter what group you belong
You’ve given your soul for hire
Your part of a click
Playing a game
Learning the trick
To belong………you have to get along
Strength in numbers, masses with the same idea
All with the agenda of wanting to be free
One common goal
To put the other click in the hole
Do yourself a favor
Be your own click
Have your own thoughts and ideas
To yourself be true
It’s yourself that you please
Things are never what they seem
But to be part of a group with common goals
Is the ideal dream
Just never lose yourself in the idea
Let it work for you, not the other way around

Eric (and sometimes not)

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If I Were a Blood Sucking Parasite

If I were a blood sucking parasite
I'd hide in the stilt grass and wait
For the next feast to walk by.
Usually it's a deer or opossum,
But if the weather is fair I might see a hiker
Or a park ranger in khaki shorts
To feed off of for a while before an untimely discovery.

If the electoral season were right,
I'd position myself at the front doors
              Of the municipal building
And encourage people to vote for my cousin.
There's always a chance
My cousin might be elected in for another term,
Thus securing a food source for me and my family.

The best year or two of feeding
Is always after a presidential election year.
After the competition and smiles and baby kissing
If you supported the appropriate side,
You're guaranteed a few years of relative vacation
Before starting up the whole campaign trail
    All over again.

But I'm not the type to so easily accept handouts.
After the rush of rising out my my winter hibernation
And discovering who the new commander and chief might be;
I'd head back to my life of leisure,
Bobbing with the breeze
On the tip of a blade of stilt grass.
I wouldn't go back to the millstone because I had to.
I would do so simply because it feels good
To be working again.

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I curse away one head to stabilize the thinking,I curse away the set of eyes that forever fall from the face to set a clear vision.I curse away the spear,the nation builder to educate the ***** controlled youth.i curse away your home and give the country a roof over their heads.

In the name of Hani,Sobukwe,Plaatjie and Biko I  cast away the power hungry demons,I cast away the big tummied devils and I also cast away the raw fish eating kings.In light of peace,love and harmony I pray for justice,sense and sanity.I pray for the end of blood shed,xenophobic attacks and women bashing.

Black against black,white against white,black against white,our sense of sight has been racially removed.A rainbow belongs in the sky,I will continue to carry a gun and shoot everyone who looks different.Dompas memories,Bantu Stans living,Africanism disappearing  I curse away tenderpreneurship.

Big beard,farmer clothing and a monkey hating gun.Game drives on police vans I will drag race with the monkey tied at the back.Blood spilling,dark screams as you touch base with your ancestors.1652,1990,1994 I curse away the Dromedaris.

"Black like me"
Cheeky black statements,arrogant monkeys,I call upon the mirror.
Mirror mirror on the wall prove that blacks are still stupid.
Mirror mirror on the wall hope the trick works again.

Green,Gold and Black
We hope for greener pastures,gold fields to rid poverty but we know black will always darken our futures.

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This sunrise was better than any I have seen
Can it ever be real in capitalism?

My children will be fine-watching
Sunrises never seen




© All Rights Reserved

Special Note:.. My line above about "real capitalism" is explained here...I AGREE with excerpts from an opinion I read recently from the founder of "Whole Foods".....if allowed to properly operate "conscious capitalism" is beneficial, I believe..all stakeholders benefit...customers, team members, suppliers, investors, and the community at large....but am opposed to "crony capitalism" where some businesses get special deals with the government, such as many Wall Street companies got with financial bailouts....this crony capitalism is doing great harm in our society....     

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Look Around You

Look around you
The world is already at an end
When the Mayans said that the world was going to end
They didn't mean a world destroyed by flare, quake, or salvation
But rather a world full of broken relation
That possibly, it wasn't a literal interpretation
But a figurative analysis of this falling nation
Are we not all the same people, the same human
But we'd rather live a life divided
A life divided by the color of our skin  
What is war but greed to keep the amount of money left for our kin
Life is no longer cherished
The earth used for our own experiments until its resources perished
Genocide, assassinations, and murder supported for a "better cause"
Who are we to judge the abominations of others when there is flaw in our own laws
We continue to redefine what is socially accepted
Making a gateway for divorce, abortion, and legal prostitution
Rather than fixing what has been so psychologically rooted into the minds of this generation
We look to cover up past mistakes with a newly corrupted translation  
Girls look for sex because of a lack of love from their fathers
Society tells boys to make use of this advantage 
Treat girls as objects rather than human beings with emotions
And we later ask ourselves
How did these boys and girls ever become such bad parents
Our government shouts democracy
But isn't that really just a cover up to keep us appeased
It's most convenient when the majority stays quiet 
Because only those in power can say that this earth's a heaven
To the majority, this earth is already a hell
The human race is so arrogant
Believing that they are the most superior in this world
That they can live without the mercy of God who should be in control
Look around you
The world is already at an end

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Deaf eyes, blind ears.

Oh ill fated lamb,
How we cling to your image,
We all love innocence irresponsibly,
Hold the ignorant upon the celebrity pedestal,
Till too late we find the lamb horned.

The blackness has seeped into homes,
Taught that the light is what blinds,
Feeling sorry for the dead, while life is taken away,
Energy vampirism is rampant, tugging on every chord.

Most will not know the truth while here,
The truth, the blindingly obvious they fear,
Always falling on deaf ears, no one will hear,
I’ve come face to face with a cliff...its sheer.

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Tyrannical colonial Kings....

Fallacy....inappropriate fantasy

Fantasy.....anticipated reality

Reality.....imaginative stability

Stability.....exacting security

Security....forfeiture from fallacy......

Vain glory be hi-story......infamy be thy shame
baneful flourish from ruse historic,
enemies created to blame......

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Xenophobia: Apartheid

Xenophobia: Apartheid
Isn't xenophobia the same as apartheid? 
I am asking for what happened in the past is what is happening today.
We face the same things as our grandparents were facing in the past. 
We are just revolving around the same cycle of: abduction
                 Eviction       Victimisation
      Discrimination          Racism
                  Sexism      Retribution,
Question is, who will break this cycle?
Who will say no to xenophobia!
Africans let us all unite!
South Africans let us remember that before  we say that we are South Africans
We are Africans!!!

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terrorists being murdered for conspiracy to murder the king of england

on youtube i am troynelson2011 the ocd riddle for world peace,
 i cant check my email,
 twitter wont let me tweet,
 facebook wont let me post, 
and soundcloud definately owes me an appology...

. imagine a group of people in my allies back yard pretending to be somebody they aren't. 
imagine that group of people hiding in my allies midst was perpetrating war crimes in other parts of the world.  
lets say hypothetically speaking this group of people hiding among my allie was holding their children hostage on television and force feeding children to be medicinal guinea pigs so their kids wouldnt have to... 

now imagine this group of people hiding in my allies midst perpetrating war crimes in other countries was funded by the global prodigal youth via living out their dreams and ambitions before they could cause they had the means to do so first.. so this group of inventors all with one invention under their belt using my friends kids as guineau pigs funded by my other friends childrens dreams.....

What do you think happens when a terrorist organisation hiding in your allies midst (few disguised as many) perpetrating war crimes accumulates a debt to owe the prodigal youth sky scrapers...

a global terrorist in usa is perpetrating war crimes using your kids as medicinal guineau pigs.  setting up shop in canada where is rumored homeless began taking refuge in the sewer

in short america, you are going to be introduced to the global prodigal youth, terrorists hiding in your country owe sky scrapers to.when does armstrongs sperm mature anyway?

they hold children hostage on television, they use your kids as guinea pigs,

you have just been volunteered to assist me in murdering my enemy, the one that owes me everything they ever put in their mouth

wouldnt you feel responsible to find out every time you opened your mouth it  became  a tv show, game show, movie, or product on your store shelves, was being used to fund global terrorism.

tsix step process of your enemy.vs ur 4 step process to realise ur allie

you have MY enemy surrounded, word of mouth is powerful

after you read this phone your mother and tell her you recieved an email from the future king of england explaining your global problems... 

 twiiter, facebook, soundcloud, are stolen ideas
isnt it ironic bill gates is our worlds most famous inventor with only one invention... and shows absolutely no pridefor his own baby he worked on for years after work

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when the world wakes up tomorrow

when the world wakes up tomorrow, nothing will change, not a dime.

when the world wakes up tomorrow, nothing will change, not a dime. wiki leaks, 
google maps, g.mails, the Xbox play and

when the world wakes up tomorrow, nothing will change, not a dime. we all tweet, 
the news and thoughts, sitting in cozy office and a coffee

when the world wakes up tomorrow, nothing will change, not a dime. the bails outs, 
the stock markets and the emergency meetings

when the world wakes up tomorrow, nothing will change, not a dime. it will spin on 
its axis, same markets of iraq and karachi, & afghans

when the world wakes up tomorrow, nothing will change, not a dime. Same 
complains conspiracies theories and blame game

when the world wakes up tomorrow, nothing will change, not a dime. Constructions, 
accusations, malls and shopping festivals

when the world wakes up tomorrow, nothing will change, not a dime. Traffic jams, 
blackberry messaging, office reporting and bills

when the world wakes up tomorrow, nothing will change, not a dime.

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Deep Voodoo

(New Zealand, Labour MP Damien O’Connor in 2011 called trickle-down economics “the rich pissing on the poor”.) Ross Perot where did you go? trickle down economy pissing away the poor pissing off the middle class less and less our paychecks pay the bills ironic how when I was still in diapers the rich got taxed lots more Prosperity was King! Protect the rich whose money hides in havens. Make a war - no money to sustain it Let wealth TRICK- TRICKle -down to you and me For the Trickle Down Free Verse Contest of Rick Parise

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Cease Fire

The Crusades Began a Holy War
Which Continues to this Day.
We Kill, and Kill, and Now it Seems,
This shall Always be the Way.

One Side Scores, the Others Die,
Then the Cycle is Repeated.
It never Stops, It’s never Done;
The Battles Grow More Heated!

The Way to Peace, it Seems so Clear,
Is not Through Senseless Slaughter.
I Appeal to All, “Please Quit the Fight!”
Save our Sons and Daughters!

To Find Our Way out of the Dark,
We Need only Seek the Light.
A Solution Lies within our Grasp:
Forget who’s Wrong or Right!

This God or that, it Makes no Matter.
This Truth I have Acquired:
Be they Different, or the Same,
The Gods would Preach Cease Fire!

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Obama My King

When God makes a plan for a king
It is God’s plan not the King’s
When a king strays from true purpose 
As an unfavorable appendage growth 
Turning asunder God’s intended nature for rule 
Whereupon pompous self –gluttony bellows
Bellowing for greater power, for riches the more, or forever lasting glory
Doth not a King make unfavorable war with patriots of his sovereignty?
For as a King demands thou shall- when God said thou shalt not
What citizenry stands silent for such self-proclamations?
When the king’s words bare no desirable fruits 
How doth the Kingdom’s  subjects eat?
When only the influential- whose lips whisper directly into the King’s ear
Or only the Dukes and Earls with deep pockets afford the King’s favor
Doth the King’s jester make gayety the suffering of his common
And grow tiresome of the hunger’s plea , or  the widow’s need, 
Will not  the laymen’s  voice be heard above the ten percent?
As a King sets forth his intention but nay a one becomes reality
Doth not the people cry into their Lord God for a savior?
A new King!  
A better King! 
A righteous King for the people!
For this pompous  King has short number his days like morning dew on Mayflies’ wings
Now doth the citizenry gather at the King’s gate shouting!
We of November will remember!
And purge thee from thy thrown!

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Falling embers

Splintering lives and

Piercing memories

Rage begets rage.

Weeping mothers

Enraged brothers

Martyred fathers

Widowed sisters

Pushing ideologies

My way or no way

Twisted metal

Territorial markings

Of a beast.

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Heaven-bound, Hell-bent

Heaven bound, hell-bent Cradled between truth and false Solitude well-spent in crowds Among soul-filled emptiness he stays Wisdom remains when one does grasp We know not one thing at all As he drank the poison He died with this attained Leave to Sparta where you may speak freely To question without an answer Spread your words like wildfire Consummate them like an unavoidable cancer But he chose to die in Athens Heaven-bound, hell-bent Governments await their deaths with no apology Drinking the poisons of their hatred Taking their curse as sustenance We know not wisdom Till humanity filters us through And blinds our fear of death And blinds our fear of you September 4, 2013

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Souls Are Being Twisted

UP late in the heart of darkness                                                                                                     Souls are being twisted against the back drop of the Boston Marathon                                           No one will sleep tonight                                                                                                                  Now we know there is no such thing as collateral damage                                                                                                                                                    When the world is at war                                                                                                               Not at the Marrow building in Oklahoma                                                                                         Not at the twin towers                                                                                                                  Not in the blood soaked streets of Boston                                                                                                                                                                                          Not in the class rooms of New town Conn.                                                                                       And the list goes on  here and abroad                                                                                       Every time one soul falls at the hands of another.                                                                            The darkness grows                                                                                                                      It is time to fill the  world with random acts of kindness                                                             Its' time to do whatever we can                                                                                                                                 And its' time to do it now

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Capital Punishment

It’s raining hammers and nails
The storms are rusty
And hang in the sky
The pews are shadowed
And the apse is silent
Sinners are upon their knees
Darkness descends upon the day
A lantern swings in the storm
The executioner is hooded
Silent and cold
A shadow upon the Mother Mary
Jesus has nothing to say
The Holy Ghost is walking in circles
The door it gently sways
And through it he see’s
His mother and sister
Heads hung so low

His life is gray as steel 
He knows no future
Yet is certain of it
Death hovers in the air
Praying for a miracle
While strapped to a chair
The lightning strikes
And takes it toll
For the executioner has done his work
The lights went out 
And came back on 
But by then he was gone
The appointment was made
He paid the price
For killing twice
The third one was on the State.

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We ride the cattle rail  Not knowing exactly what lay ahead. For weeks there's 
been no heat,  No bathrooms and we've barely been fed.  We arrive at our 
destined location.  Sobibor...Sobibor...Sobibor,  Is the death camp for Jews.  
Opening widely, the gate to Hell  With train whistle loud and prolonged, News of 
our arrival they tell.  Orders given, the boxcar doors open.  The air so fresh, the 
pines are livid.  Decisions to make.....What to do?  What to do?  Tailors, 
seamstress', blacksmith, carpenters  Are there any?  
Volunteers?...Yes...No ...Good decision, bad decision?  Shouted at, screaming, 
people being beat  Kept others orderly on their march.  Houses with names, 
gardens with flowers, and Signs pointing to canteen and showers.  Sobibor 
seemed peaceful, not a place of murder.  To the Ukraine to work you will go.  
Because of lice, Women need their hair to go.  There are epidemics, You must 
be disinfected.  Naked and unaware of the lies, They each take the walk Through 
the tube-"Road to Heaven".  The screaming strong at first,  Weakens gradually 
until it dies.  Why?...Why?...Why?...You say.  Why don't you fight back?  Pick up 
that gun, shoot that guard!  That would lead to your death plus as Many others 
they could hack.  Why don't you escape?  Where would I go?  Here I have no 
home, no family. ..It is cold.  I have no warm clothes or shoes...I am on the verge 
of starving.  What will I eat?  How do I get through the mine fields?  How do I get 
through the armed Poles in the forest?  We do revolt... the camp as a whole.  
Sasha, the Soviet prisoner of war... A new leader... good for our soul.  He gave us 
some hope.  We were working class people, Everything was taken from us.  We 
were cold.  We were hungry.  We were beaten.  We were killed.  We lost all hope.  
Oppression lets genocide happen.  Genocide has happened in the past. 
Genocide is happening now.  Genocide will happen in the future.  Greed and 
power can and does lead to genocide.  Only policy makers worldwide...God 
willing, Can help stop the killing.

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Bullets rain tears

Young and innocent they went to school
 Expecting to learn and play
 Never in anyones wildest of dreams
 Did we expect that day
 For a rain of tears to shell them
 From one lost deep to sin
 But heavenly hosts came down for them
 Releasing them from him
 The devil he did have his day
 But God in end dost win
 For noubt will be lost but these young lives
 Will not be gone in vain
 The laws of the land will change in ways
 For it must not happen again
Those who reign must stand on this
 Take stance and make a difference
 No one should be able to take a life
 With intent nor mindless innocence
 For even when with madmans mind
 You cannot be left to mingle
 How can you be able to walk in shop
 Purchase guns and not be liable
 Actions speak far louder than words
 And if we let just one slip through
 Without accounting for their sin
 It might well be me or you
For on anyone these bullets
 Might be named to fall upon
 So make a difference – make a change
 Add your name – petition
 The whole wide world mourns in shame
 An Amnesty is long past needed
 Write your letters – use your vote
 Act now while it is fresh
 And pray for the souls of all those lost
 That each by the Lord be blessed
 Also for those who’ve lived through this
 That they might find a way
 To find the strength and courage
 To step out further each day

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Empty Soles

Warm leather once danced on happy feet
Now cold and still abandoned by the wall
Lovers strolled along moonlit paths
The pairs now long gone into the past
Children played joyfully in the park 
Those shoes are carelessly tossed
Young and old marched to their death unshod
Leaving behind empty soles heaped high

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(The world’s fasted growth industry)

“While the shopkeeper
displays his wares,
for the whole world
to peruse!”

In infamous sway
behind the ostentation
lives the truth of his
draconian sweat!
The attestation of
wholesale systems
groveling in strategic
mayhem, created to
delegate accountability
to the lowest common

copyright 1999
Harry J Horsman 1999

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You have unfailingly demonstrated your love
      every law     supporting      our galaxy
is so      harmonious      that this
little blue paradise      could not exist
      every      thread      and       movement
so precise      we can measure
its movements right down to atomic levels
All so         this small space
could provide          everything         anyone
who had           any appreciation
might understand that we have
      been provided abundantly          every delight
in the way         of plans          for a Utopia
      Yet the movements      of every ruling body
of science         religions         governments          corporations
      seem bent         on destruction
tampering      with the finesse      of precision
      incorporated      in the molecules      of life 
Continuous self reproduction      and regeneration      in nature
right down to making           "seeds who self destruct"
      to make nature          exactly as themselves
I divorce publicly          these unions of violence
demonstrated in their every thought and deed
      poisonous words          poisonous chemicals
totalitarian ideology          pandemic to 
the leaders           of these factions 
      warring with each other          hoarding the
wealth       of a planet       given freely to
      the father of our species
And if you don't believe that
          then think nature gave it freely
of her every fruit         produced by her ground
who delight in the peril      and fall
of your own family
      who know not          nor recognize
your own worth      or the worth
of everything          and          everyone around you
No , but you      fall at the feet
admiringly of all               these mongrels
          the media who worship
          these fine movers and shakers
who roll      right over you      and think
you should be trained groupies
these men          who kill your planet
          with ideologies and philosophies 
whose very design          is to denigrate
your worth          and exalt themselves
Therefore       I will exalt      in your instruction
          the progenitor of life       for as surly
as we examine          the work of life
      we are moved      by its abundant wealth
freely shared      with all who live on this little rock
to examine          why we all are unable
to fluently          live          within its confines
I think I will not walk off the cliff today
gravity is my friend if I know her rules
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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What is logical, in this world of chaos, violence 
Nonsense. Nothing seems to clean this dirt 
Stains I cannot rinse. 
Social wounds take their toll 
Attacking every angle, there is no dependable defense. 
Only duck and dodge, never stand still. 
With media, the law, and terrorist threats 

Stayin' alive is pretty intense. 

And keeping open eyes, when constant 
brainwashing attempts until convinced 
We need to realize,
 these lies they sell make no sense. 
Then we may try to live free then die, without their interference.

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I trained my dog
To bite my neighbor
I sent him to college
To learn harm my neighbor
A well trained dog
Disappointed my future

I smiled and danced
As I saw his certificate
A first class score
The paper showed
As proud I was
For he was well trained
And made me sure
Of my security at home
A trained dog of mine
Will bite well my neighbor

Five years now
I have neither heard his voice
It never barks these days
It has lost capacity
It’s only work now
Is smiling and laughing     
I’m totally disappointed
With my dog these days
For the dog doesn’t work
Neither protect my home
A stupid dog I trained
Has ruined my plans
For disappointment and allies
To my neighbors and enemies.

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Let the eagles pierce the sky
And the pigs tear the earth
For now our lips remain 
By their thundering batons.
We strive on with the 
Sureness of unwanted 
Waiting to pop out in nine 
In nine years, or who 
In nine days or less.
Sleep not dear bleeding 
For the sun surely sets
And the moon finds its 
hiding place.
Yes, these arrogant flowers
Will shrivel and wither when 
December comes
And the raging wild fires
Will eat up their useless 
Now fresh and green
In preparation for the new 
planting season.

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Untitled #161 / We

We shall make our own!

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It's a Small Wacked World After All

Watch me creep upon your virgin abode
without a husbandry humping request
to take what is mine from mo months of 
societal solutiservititude of  ages impressed. 
Finally, the the universaladity of our fauxphysical spirits melding
into one promiscus misspromise delegated by past powers 
at be to fulminate the sexual prose prowess that we hide
in the nether neath of neutral neuder nuisances hopefully negating
turn raging torrent treasures into mystical monument molecular
memories into never non nil complacent coiture of everpresent
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge destitiute desires drearily soft
shifting free fall forever faked fawned populace pleasures deso
designated by an eager ego-stential ego everpresent freudian flaked frail
feverent list of lost lucid loveless latent ladies and gential guise gilded gentlemen to
go gender hide a post penal predisposition to passionate penetrations
for the sake of wifeful wishes and mistress missed moments of 
hideous hide and psuedo sexual seek preludes to the other side of a 
retro recreational ripe respite religiousness that alter  states the sociosick
sanctioned ****severence residue that fecal foments our current a----ffairs. 
The Weiner takes all is fair in love and warr-----anties;wishful texting. 
E X tendedness will costco create yr penalpussypoliticoplentypiousness. Third party poster plenititudes??? 
Fair and balanced banalaties beliguered by biased bigot blogosites. Get Real How?

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Dreams don’t make it here
They are choked by smoke from fires fueled by bodies too bruised to recognize
Here hope is like a forgotten thought that has left traces of its existence in your 
You know you can do it but you just can’t remember how
The children’s playgrounds are now just a memory of a peace and calm that 
used to be
I have forgotten the sound of children playing and laughing 
I know they can try but I think even they have forgotten what joy sounds like
My reason to smile today is that 19 children died last night, yesterday it was 43
The rubble that carpets the streets gives testimony to the broken dreams of 
revolutionaries; the pillars and beams of a nation
“The walls of the great cities have fallen and its homes caved in.”
The constant anguish has left my face mournful but
I trust the flicker of hope is still visible in my old eyes
They have seen far beyond more than I can swallow
I have no more tears to shed, that well is dried up and hollow now
This pain is like a splinter under the nail of my heart
And with every gunshot it is pushed deeper and deeper and deeper but still
I have no more tears to shed, that well is dried up and hollow now
I am afraid of how much we claim to see and the paradox of how blind we act
I am in awe of my spirits resilience and endurance;
Truly suggestions of something divine

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Protect and Serve?

Unprovoked attacks
Death screams from the hearts of the innocent
A child's last breath
Lies in your arms
Raise your weapon
For the sickness f****ing your mind
Protect and serve?
F*** that, let's massacre them all
Let's burn and pillage 
This family's home and make them watch
Piss in this man's hands
And spit at his feet
Let bullets rain on his chest
So his children see
Protect and serve?
Intimidate and rape
They fear your "help"
And comply with tears in their eyes
And a gun to their temple
Dirt on their knees, in a pool of their father's blood
Protect and serve?
I think not.

*About a news report I recently saw, about U.S. soldiers killing innocent civilians for
sport. (This has been going on since there has ever been wars, it's not a new issue.) They
blamed it on being in a drug-induced state of mind, and on seeing disturbing images of
warfare. We debated in my class whether or not this type of murder can be justified. I
argued strongly and loudly that NO traumatization or drugged mind is a just reason to
murder and torture innocent people. The U.S. military is here to PROTECT and SERVE all
people. Does this sound like protection to you?

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Those Words

Those Words
Message to idiots everywhere. You can run but can't hide. We'll find you and expose you for the idiots you are. Idiot alert on the TV. Full of idiots. We're going to find you and expunge you. Consider yourselves targets of the state. We don't want idiots in our country. Oh no. We want an idiot free zone. No Putin's or slackers allowed. Idiots in the newspapers. You're number 2 in line to get it. Bad reporting and slander won't be tolerated. After you, it's the turn of the back stabbing workers who spread gossip and name call. A special fate awaits you. Get ready to be zonked. Idiots beware!

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Run A Way Train

Coocoo chacoo!

Well, you’d think a blithering idiot 
got hold of my governor controls……..
You’d think Watt had never invented a throttle for my mouth
Of course, no one ever has, and doubts exists anyone could
ever muzzle me with a full head of righteous steam ready to blow.
Issues well, there are few civilization doesn’t seem in my mind
able to get a grip on without a damn good tongue lashing!
Like why does one faith think they’re “tapped” for heaven 
and the rest of us peons are damned to hell?
How come some folks think skin color determines brain power
or sex determines ..any kind of power….oh yeah…
there’s a bit a steam coming out of my ears now!
The cogs in my cerebellum are spinning 
like a pinwheel cracker on the fourth of July!
And how come there’s a surprise when kids raised 
in a dictatorship school system come out 
not being able to think for their self’s?
Yup, the lips are flappin’ and the eyes are buggin’ and
the soap box in Covent Gardens better watch out!

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Everybody believes our lies again
A new disease for how we’re all going to die again
Idiots will cry again
Pray to the sky again
EBOLA stands for everybody believes our lies again
Since 2000 every year there’s been a disease that was going to kill us all
Then a few months later the government act like they healed us all
From a deadly disease they made up in the first place
But still a lot of people fall
For it in the worst way
Politicians don’t care about our country
Will go to war but won’t feed the hungry
The government we’re all meant to respect
Will put up money for war just to continue moaning about the debt
So when I die and it’s all over
Will it be a knife? Bullet? An illness? Heart attack?
I don’t know what will kill some of the toughest shoulders
I just know it won’t be suicide or Ebola
The government will continue to destroy the country till there’s nothing left here
Can’t wait to see what disease we’re all going to be dying from next year
I’ll ignore their nonsense and appreciate what a beautiful life it is 
If I die before this goes out just know I’ll never regret writing this

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John Stonehouse MP

A man who left his country
A man who left his ties
A man who left his duty
A man free

O the advantage of perceived death,
Of being remembered for something you were not
A martyr, an untrue character, an untrue man. 

The man is found
The man is taken
The man is guilty
But of what?

Bereft of responsibility
A man is chained 
A man empty of soul
A man called Stonehouse.

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Open your eyes

Within my illusion
There is no confusion
A permanently placed delusion
Substituting for my seclusion
Hoping that in conclusion
We avoid diffusion 

Within your mentality 
There is no finality 
Obsession of formality 
Dependent on normality 
Without a personality 
Unable to attain liberality 

Within society’s jurisdiction
There is only restriction
Feelings of conviction
Beings filled addiction
Typhlotic to the constriction
Their days only fiction

Within the potential
Become experimental
Make it essential 
To be influential 
The ending differential 
Equates into reverential  

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About Corruption

What do we know about corruption? I would say: a lot and sometimes not enough. There nis corruption of children,prostitution and a lot of other things, but there is also corruption in the Goverment. It has been said that a new bill should get started for the coming elections. All Goverment people should be put on Social Security. Do you think there is corruption in Social Security? Our Senators and Congresswomen do not pay into into Social Security and do not collect from it. They said that Social Security benefits were not suitable for people of their rare elevation. They came up with a special plan for themselves. many years ago they voted in their own Benefit Plan. Now in more recent years no Congress person has seen a reason to change that plan. When they retire - they continue to recieve the same pay until they die. The only change is that it may increse now and than for cost of living. Senators and Congressmen will draw about $7.800,000,00 With their wives drawing $275,000.00 during the last years of their lives. Younger Dignitaires that retire at an earlier age will recieve a lot more. Their cost for this excellent plan is nothing. You and I pay for them, out of our own Social Security Plan, which which we paid or will pay until we retire. We will get an average of $1000.00 a month and maybe less. Is there Corruption in Social Security or what? It would be good if their Golden Fleece Retirement Plan was taken away and put them in our own Social Security Plan, like the rest of us. Maybe than the plan would be fixed...
08/26/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Comments: I hope I don't offend anyone, but this is suppose to be the land of bread and honey. We are getting the bread and Someone else is getting the honey...

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Post Turtle

On a country road, cruising with no real destination.
The windows are rolled down and the grass smells
and other digested grass smells assaulted my nostrils blatantly.
Wheat is waving in the fields proud and graceful.
When I spy a turtle sitting on a fence post, looking scared
and rowing his legs trying hard to get free of this pillar he has been placed
upon. I wonder how he got there and know a dumb trickster was the culprit that
put him there. The turtle had no hopes of getting any where, and doesn't know what 
to do while he is up there.
It is up to me to put him down quietly, take away his suffering. He deffinitely did not climb that post by himself. I wonder why some one put him there.... all alone struggling to be safe and have a purpose. 

Reminded me of a sincere politician....just pointless!

**I got an email with a similar story on it.

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World We Live In

This evil world we live in,
is a wild rat race,
a people of global sin,
an earthly disgrace,

Killing here, stealing there,
Bloodshed and thievery everywhere,
global hatred, beyond repair,
Governmental graft, so unfair,

The chance of peace,
not in the air,
The causes of disease,
burns like a flare,

Never to appease,
only make aware,
all of these....
a global scare.

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Only One Man

One life at a time...
One struggle too long...
One decision gone wrong,
and whole countries takes the toll..
War people cry! and the riots go out..
To the thought that one man made,
and the rest follow suit in arms..
It's not political to shed blood over feuds of power..
It's not humane to cause pain to those already suffering the empty hearts of their leaders...
War has no reason, no point, no end...
Guns are a tool for violence, and peace cannot ever come from them...
To fight for freedom is human nature, and a country in the line of fire will fight for
The politician who calls war, is the war himself... 
They are the beginning of war.. The power seekers... The status mongerers... 
Politicians are the reason countries go to war... 
There is nothing else...
But one man against a country...
He is the reason.
... and he is only one man.

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Native british rant

Politicians abandon native life,
Trouble rising,
Broken lands civil strife. 

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The Lynchings on Fox News

I’ve seen black sheep set in Pongola grass

Within pallid seas, differed, 

Like black buttons on a white cotton suit;

Sheep are color blind.

A bee is fine-looking,

But there’s fire in its ass.

Can the wild goat trust

The adder with inviting pelt?

Did Emmitt Till paint changes

With his blood in cotton picking towns;

The blood that called from Mississippi, 

Like Abel’s blood calling from the ground.

Death had a voice, a voice in the wind,

The wind that walked north-west

And brought a microscope

For John Public to see

How inferior to dogs we are.

As a child, I played


Until I saw “Rosewood”

And heard the drums

Beaten like Rodney King, 

And the heartbeat of Cojoe

And Nanny racing

Towards the mountain of the devil,

To escape the cotton fields.

The drums are always talking.

The old south is alive and kicking high.

This is no Elvis tale. Exhume the body,

See with your own eyeballs.

No DNA can confirm

That Jim Crow is dead.

Jim Crow has a roost on Fox News.

He’s always crowing,

Whipped up by the “boy”

In the WHITE house.

How much can you see

If you look from the outside?

I’ve seen it even in REM sleep,

Even when I dream of roasted breadfruit,

Jockato in coconut milk, and Chinese geisha;

Willie Lynch is a man breathing

The smog-filled air in Washington.

In 1955, Money was the root of the evil,

And ’68 Memphis was the cross 

Of the sacrificial lamb,

But these days men are lynched

In broad day light.

String up, dangling

Like papa's khakis  floating

In breeze walking the orange glen.

All eyes should see our opinion of them.

Today we’re civilize, 

And Catholicism is not voodoo.

We no longer use rope,

Our tongues do a fine job.

Like Mutabaruka,

I have no color problem;

Everything is black to me,

As black as Sarah’s view of the motherland

(It’s not too vital for her to learn).

If blue skies

Cried acid,

And wash the dark color

From this portrait,

I would still be black,

As black as tar.

It’s in my blood. 


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After the Fire

    The fighting ended 
long ago 
     the remnants of a race 
  clings to life 
with great tenacity
    Eyes gleam in 
the darkness
    the last of the 
Mohicans steps foward
   the last dance is danced 
    the last song is being sung 
    Only a few are 
left on this Earth
Only a few, very few
very, very few

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Calcutta Horologe

Far from the madding crowd
I treasure the myths you gone through
Once I walk down the streets of legends
Even the weeping dusts reminds me of 
Bloods, who immolated their lives to you.
Oh Calcutta! You live with a pride
For ages you are loved
They valued glory above life itself
When they speak of valiance
And guns are still fired in the air
Withal due respect of those souls
Who deserved their nascence 
In the realm of your freedom.
Oh Calcutta! You live with an honesty
Not because of the madding crowd
Because you are blessed with eternity
As she flows with her gentle ripples 
That streams the ambit of almighty purity
When I voyage down the river
I breathe the air of immortality.
Far from the madding crowd
I travel down the busy streets of the city,
The antique edifices still provides me with
The evidence of such superiority,
Walls still fends against the political conspiracy.
Oh Calcutta! You live with prosperity
Though affected by the madding political crowd
Once you were ruled by the dwellers
Now your sanity being destroyed immensely
By your own posterity
Living in the land of divinity 
Of goddesses Durga and Kali
And they still feigned that they are native.
Oh Calcutta! You live with heritages
Not beacuse of the busy primal edifices 
But you have the world known aged cantilever bridge
And over a century living the tramways.
Your marbles are still gloried by the dwellers
And they still wonder the hand pulled rickshaws
And admire for the age old alleys.
Far from the madding crowd
I still come across the pavements by the busy roads
Coins dropping with bimetallic sounds in the beggar's bowl
The vendors hallooing with prices on a rhythmical prose
And as I step ahead, I find my foot stuck in the crud mid of the road.
Oh Calcutta! You still live with diversity
Not beacuse of the poor and rich
But you still have few people left helping you in needs
You still have one culture you were born with
Hindu-Muslims celebrating together both Id and Autumn fests
Joining their hands with the christians when December ends.
Oh Calcutta! You still live with your beauty
Not only beacuse you have the beautiful bengali adorned brides
But you still have the chapters of noetic minds
You still exist with love and peace
Only when I find you far from the madding crowded streets. 

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Green Card

I lived to  see,
A card of wonders,
Allows people to pass,
A road to success,
As people always say,
We like happy endings.

A green card friend!
Is national password,
Very meaningful indeed,
As everybody, adore it.
It is a smoke of life,
Better relief,
For real citizens of the country,
Must posses the card,
The card for happy endings.

Even the opposition now,
Posses the cards,
Just to make them live,
And escape hardness,
Whilst pretending daily,
However, inside they are,
Faithful party members,
For they still have the cards,
And worship the party most,
Than the state they belong.

Green card is their mother,
It is their life and truth,
No body can deny this,
For they can smuggle and sell illegal,
They can corrupt and escape tax,
They can poach and sell opium,
They are party member with green cards,
Enjoying the cake of the nation.

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Draconian I

[The Cypress Is In Bloom]
The cypress is in bloom
I see the evil, the efflorescence of decadent doom
Eloigning, with thy clandestines of the Dead September's reign
My belovéd Penelope, abscond from the coven so deep, the glades of misery
We must face her in the grove, for arcany, the path we must take
She's in my mind, vaporously,
Lauding with my, dangers and fears
Lie, with ephermelcy's broken truths
Leading me go Cypress, Marigold
Immortally, willows, forevermore

[To Question; To Know]
My argentine silence, your only condonicy 
Ends with such eath
The Mockingbird in me--died
Resting in one ounce, an abundance of shame
With an infinity of joy
Exiled, by the ones, who give all, names
My breath starves for only more
The façade, the veil, the austerity dims with Aquarianlore 
She falls to her knees, why for?
Celandine she will be
Celandine is she

The lair within, free from their causalities of their sins
Shadowy primroses begin to grow, the season will never end
In there I dream to be like you, violet blue, White Flower of Lisieux,
La Fleur Blanche du Lisieux,
So Celandine are you
Celandine are you

Draconian--Reach for the shadows within
Draconian--Break from The Fallen's Sin
Draconian--Their Empirical lies, only die
Draconian--Reach The Shadows Within

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The Irony of Democracy

She's sleeping now as I watch 
her; angelic, innocent—most 
How do I tell her? It's become a 
type of obsession.
How do I tell her? My nights are 
spent rearranging phrases; 
hoping for a turn of events.
How do I look her in the eyes 
and explain what freedom 
means in our country?
"I'm sorry love," I sing to her 
while she rests, “for bringing 
you into the world already at the 
And she will grow, stretch like 
the limbs of the great sequoias.
Her classes will be filled with 
dreams and motivations. Reach 
for the stars; you can achieve 
anything, just warped, candy-
coated reflections of the 
diminishing American Dream.
And when she grows she will 
detest me—if only momentarily
—for my lack of social standing.
"Why does life have to be so 
hard?" she will cry, her teenage 
feet will stomp with more force 
than they did as a child, and the 
cheap clothes dressing her 
ever-changing body will be 
nothing more than a reminder. 
They will be nothing more than 
a suffocating cage of fabric.
How do I tell her, I slaved to 
climb the executive ladder, and 
failed to get any higher?
"I'm so sorry; love, for not 
representing the nation's elites, 
but falling into the poverty of the 
masses." I will whisper in 
response to her distress.
I tried! I wanted to give you a 
decent life; I wanted to give you 
a head start for achievement!
The drive to succeed for her is 
almost unbearable.
She's sleeping now as I watch 
her; she only recently learned 
how to walk.
Still, my nights are spent 
stringing the thoughts and 
words together; wishing our 
lives were better; wishing that I 
could shield her.
Soon, she will learn how small 
her voice sounds in comparison 
with the screams of the nation.
How do I tell her?
I kiss her forehead, and tuck her 

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Led down from the tower
Head high and hands bound
Blindfold declined against the wall
Black square pinned to his heart
His eyes afire and shining
And he sang...

He sang of Caruso, Townes Van Zandt
Pavarotti, Bocelli, Mercury,
Carreras, he sang of Antoine, 
Of Sinatra, Lennon, Morrison, Redding
He sang and songbirds paused in flight
He sang like them all

He sang a song of himself
Of leaves of grass, of second comings
Of Byron, and Bharti, and Cummings
He sang of Neruda, and Plath, Tagore
Dickinson, Kamala Das and Naidu
Oh, he sang of them all

He sang of art and beauty
Of Mona Lisa and starry nights
Girls in green dresses and pearls
He sang of Van Gogh, of Picasso
Of Rembrandt, da Vinci 
He sang of Michelangelo

He sang of sadness, pain
He sang of My Lai, Sand Creek
Of Guernica and Krystallnacht
He cried and sang of Wounded Knee
Of Katyn Forest, Sabra and Shatila
Oh, he wept as he sang

He sang of history and wonders
He sang of Olduvai and pyramids
Machu Picchu, Tikal, and Angkor Wat
He sang of a great wall, the Taj Mahal 
Stonehenge, Easter Isle, Mesa Verde
His song took us to them all

He sang of courage
A song of Bunker Hill, Gettysburg
Of the Alamo, Normandy, Stalingrad
Of Lincoln, Guevara and Dr. King
He sang of Bolivar, Bhutto, Ghandi
He shamed us with their song

He sang his song...
As women sighed and peasants cried 
He  sang until the rifles fired, he died
Songbirds fell from the sky 
Soldiers broke their guns on stones
And marched into the deep blue sea.


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No romance in protest

Jan Palach's ashes tried to stop them.
Mohandas' blisters tried to stop them.
Tiananmen Square's dead tried to stop them.
Thích Quáng Ðuc's ashes tried to stop them.
The man against the masses
but there is no romance 
only the bitter taste of burnt
on the masses tongues.
And those that taste it will
one day be numbed to its sting
as they feast on it with
And those who shed it 
have no time for the luxury of
contemplation for they burn
as if they share the company of
No friend, there is no romance in protest.

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I saw my dreams in the mortar pounded
And swift dripping from the brow of time
I saw me white like cassava flour
Ready to become anything on a hot grid
Neither bitter nor sweet
This lost of identity
This making me into mere bread as sublime.
So much is uprooted now
The fat root that sucked the life from stone
The leaves green and bronze like an Arawak
The child shivering in the dawn
Frightened, orphaned, and alone.

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My Iron Rod

it had been predicted
the crime of your century
i would figure out
and do it justice

It was written
after many years of famine
and tragedy
the justice i did the crime of the century
would lead you to enlightenment

it was said
the lasting effects of my iron rod
would last for hundreds of years
known as the golden age

it was foretold
the last prophet of the world before jesus
returns at the end of earth when this was undone,
I would do this for you
and he would be annointed

so here it is
the mastermined war code
with potential to end your way of life
sucked into its center, a personal war against war,
in which war protests itself

spiralling out from the center of indifference
and miscommunication
to keep up with the supposed manipulation
the outside layers, a holy essence
as this beasts mission is to prevent itself

walking out with knowledge
to be scathed in your perfection
to take every good advice given in the mentioned cypher
to prevent the end of your life
in which your global enemies will be pinpointed
and peace on earth mastermined

My Iron rod
can be dangerous
for now i wield it with good intent
for now i teach you to come together in unity
to become a global success

this false prophet, dressed up as your historical legacy
this god complex, joke dressed in suicide
it was mentioned i would have an enemy
and with world peace for 300 years at stake
you would not tell them of this under rug swept prophecy
for your enemy to be realised

your global enemy responsible for all wars of earth
this warcode to protect everyone from their own foolery
walk away from this personal war with what is offered
for the next man i label as the antichrist, 
may not be found as the blackmailed victom of your organisation

in the matrix of the underground,
the sleight of reality, belief and spirituality
the world deadlocked, and blackmailed for peace

I have an enemy
i t also happens that i have a rash
i am the prophet nostradamus predicted
the last one to be before the end of the world
i am here to lead you to the golden age
and then world peace
this will last for hundreds of years
but having an enemy
i am having difficulty accomplishing my heavenly task

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Thoughts Held Captive

Thoughts Held Captive

They tell us what to think
Teaching us what they want us to know
Continuous repetition of their ideas
Lies are their truths
Their truths are made to sound like lies
Billions of people with their only thoughts
Never thinking on their own
They have no idea who we are
Yet they have influence over our lives
You must do only as they say
Talk about things they do not find offensive
Think only their thoughts
They say we should never ask questions
Accept everything they say
If one person rebelled
If only one question was asked
They would fail to control us
Their power would fade into the dust
But billions of people would feel freedom
For once in their lives they could think
They would become human

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The other side of Freedom

They said they loved me.
 Then, the metal beasts came, soaring over me
 Heaping dust and blood on our city streets,
 As their lethal load hit like rain sheets. 

I watched their love puncture the city walls
 And sever the sinews off the boy and his ball
 Leaving the mother crying for her son, then his dad
 Till her tears meant nothing in the wailing myriad. 

I saw the hate build with each blood drop
 Drawn from the soldiers and innocent. Drop
 For drop, survivors intend revenge upon this love shown:
 This false love which spurs only hate till we’re all gone. 

(c) Nyonglema

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The New God

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart beats out of your chest
Ready to consume the final climax
I know who you are - when the lyrics fail to resemble
Letting your poison drip straight from your lips
Portraying, entertaining the image of sex's delusion
You know only rape - manifestation of hate
Lack of the fruit of the beauty of a human mind
Depths you'll never penetrate!

She was only a doll - type of a lost father's adore
Impaled into a desperate whore
Shamefully out of broken safety's  choice 
She bore embryogenesis of morose
May your rusty blades caress as they please

So confront the masses with the halt of embryogenesis
Let the worship of machines be
Leg them construct us cell to cell
Nature's just in the way
Of our race of perfectly engineered machines!
The burden of conception
Surrenders to the will of
The New God

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                                                  Free Power
                                         O                     P                   S
                                            W                                   S
                                               E                             E
                                                   R   -  M A D  -  N           
                                                       free power
                                                   from its fetters
                                         no power without the people
                                   does power arise from any other source
             than through the intent to control  confine  confiscate  con  conk  conjure 
    computerize  contort  compel  complicate  concoct  compress  concuss  conflict 
 confute                  condemn  corrupt  collar  convict  collectivize                   confound 
 concenter                   communalize  collogue  collude  collonize                commandeer    
        compartmentalize  castrate  calumniate crucify  combinate  cutdown  curtail        
       curryfavour  curb  cully  cuff  cuckold  crush  crunch  cross-question curveball     
        conform  confuse criticize  croak  criminate  crash  cramp  cram  crackdown    
                                                    covert   counterplan   
                   countermine  counterfeit  counterattack  corrode  convert  contrive 
                                           contaminate  constrain  consecrate 
                                                      connive  conquer 
                                            power is a venomous snake
                                                       that sheds its skin
                                                        but not its venom
                                                   free power from its sting
                                                     free power from belief
                                                    from self-righteousness
                                       from don’t-not-look-at-me aloofness
                                           from protective-damnedness
                                              from ego-centred-ness
                                                 from megalomanic mindlessness
                                                          from aryo-apartheid-ness
                                                              from i’m-right-Jack exclusiveness
                                                                        from self-opining holiness
                                                                                from crass-headed-ness
                                                     from puritanic-mule-headedness                                                                                                        
                                                           from airy-fairy grandiloquence
                                                                   from haughty vengefulness
                                                                        from scary authoritarianism
                                                                             from the love of command
                                                              from sexually dominating abusiveness
                                                                   from un-empathic tightfistedness
                                                             from back-scratching dastardliness                                                                                
                                                        from building castles in the air-ness
                                                                        from masonic clubbiness
                                                                   from musty brotherhood-ness
                                                         from stealing and selling-ness
                                                               from never-enough greediness
                                                                    from carion-loving usury                                                             
                                                 from thoughtless puttingdown-ness
                                                       from self-aggrandizing acquisitiveness
                                                                      from the love of pomposity                                                                                                                                                       
                                                          from the seclusive-ness of honours
                                                                 from fawning and flattery
                                                                       from foggy non-visibility
                                                                                from armoured parades
© T. Wignesan, Fresnes-Paris, May 14-17, 1997.  From the collection : « Poems Omega Plus : a less than obvious sequence », Paris, 2005.                           

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Coward, are those
Who are afraid of change
For change might deprive them
Their Freedom, their Democracy
The liberty to choose
The liberty to live
The liberty not to do such duties and obligations
The liberty to stir the law
The liberty to engage in such activities
That provides them the luxury of life

Coward, are those
Officials who implements the Law
For the National Security
For which this protected island
Free from oppression of the foreign entity
But not from their own race
People versus people
Officials Versus citizen
Equality is futile
Law is equality
Doomed are those who resist Law
Dead are those who oppose them

Coward are those who are living in the castle
An epitome of good family
A picturesque nation and rich culture
For their lives are at stake
Only and if only risks are taken

Have you ever seen any purest intentions?
Of promoting the general welfare
If life is the fee
For a glimpse of nationalism

Will you be willing to give all?
Declare war against the offenders
Be vigilant to the oppressors
Of own kind and own people
To carry out the true sense of leadership
Pity for no such word fits to anyone
For no one chooses to die

Coward, are those people
Who care less or nothing at all
Little they know
That the liberty of today
Sheds blood in the past

A little eloquence of your tongue
To make a stand
Nevertheless to choose between black or white 
Was not an option
But to remain the tranquility of your existence
You are nothing compared to a feeble mule

Coward, are those youth
Who doesn't apply the sanctity of morality
Especially disrespects elder
For nothing you know
Nothing at all
That your freedom came into reality
If not because of the of the old ones
Whose beliefs your could architect change
Ever faithful to your caliber
Projects future in your hands
Was He who thought that
You are our last hope
Is an unsuccessful prophecy?
Such disappointment
Such disillusionment
Such failure

Coward, are those people 
Who pretend to be brave
Mumble a lot and speaks crap
For braveness is pure and bold
It is selfless and competent
It comes inevitably 
To those who willingly accepts
Hungrily fights and struggles their fate

He works untiringly and tolerates justice
For the salvation of liberty
To remain freedom

He defends the truth and righteousness
For the majestic good
Live in pain and agony
Let his soul be tormented 
For his reasons shall prevail
For the sake of his belief, he shall be in despair
He welcomes death
That concludes his serene patriotism…#

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Don't call me immigrant: for audrey williams-sapp

Don't call me immigrant
Call me cherry tree
With pink and white cherry blossoms
Don't call me immigrant
Call me sunny butterfly
With swallowtail
Don't call me immigrant
Call me yellowtail snapper
In the cold waters of Florida
Don't call me immigrant
For Pradesh the taxi driver may not come
Pavlov, so well dress, may not open the door
The coffee may not bring vodka nor rum
And your children may not see Tina anymore
Don't call me immigrant
I am just a cloud laden with your rain.

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This one goes out to you, Mr. President

This one goes out to you, and your wonderful regime of terror spread 
enthusiastically around the world. Policing the entire planet is a tough job, 


and there is no doubt in my mind that you enjoy your job and the 
rewards of virtue you receive after killing millions of innocent civilians.  Bursting 
with honor at the tax breaks to the top
 of the richest and plunging the poverty 
stricken into darkness. Oh, the integrity of looking the other way while your friends 
eradicate the true meaning of Global Warming. 
 It must be hard on the conscience to profiteer off your nation, Mr. President, you 
have such an 

admirable, strong resolve.
I especially enjoy your philosophy of treating your administration like a blanket. 
Soothing the world to a vegetable like drone, oblivious to the surroundings. Like 
an eiderdown quilt, don’t forget to tuck in the corners, for fear that Israel might 
catch a cold. Singing Saddam lullabies and then smothering Iraqi babies in their 

Like a petroleum induced  reverie, you spill
 America’s blood for oil, dousing the infidels. 
Slicing freedom of speech to slivers and hiding the dirty laundry. Fighting 
off hate with more hate and thus utterly eliminating any source of salvation to our 
state and situation.  What a wonderful world you have created. And for your hard 
work and determination to drive America to it’s knees, I dedicate this one to you. 
To you and your determination to infiltrate America's existance with blunders, 
corruption, and deceit.
To you and your serial betrayals of the people hand in hand with credit card, drug, 
banking, and energy industries.  
To you and your cynical manipulation of all that is American, to your lacking 
administration, to you and your Big Companies. 
This one, goes out to you, Mr. President. 

God Bless America.

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They sit every session, to negotiate their pay,
They talk of how much they need,
They complain how taxing their job is,
As they sit ‘building the nation.’

They had a strategy this time,
To increase the taxes, charges and rates,
To cover the ‘government expenditure,’
They also tripled their pay, and accompanying allowances!
And said they need it, in ‘building the nation.’

In the name of building the nation,
They made legislations,
To cut down ‘other salaries,’
And increase the indirect tax rates,
They saw it a necessary move, in ‘building the nation!’

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The Drone

 You use it every day.
 It is a basic part of life now.
 Maybe it’s the flicker of the radio
 Or the buzz of a computer.
 It is used every day to make our lives simpler and less stressful. 
 Is it really helping us though?
 It does make our life simpler
 But is this a downward spiral into emotionless and effortless life?
 A life where instead of real soldiers with real emotions
 are sent to fight,
 A drone controlled by someone at a computer is used to kill innocent civilians. 
 The drone is emotionless.
 No compassion for other beings and no feeling of guilt or regret.
 This is the future,
 an emotionless drone controlled by someone at a computer. 

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An Indian Boy II

An Indian Boy  II

That another Indian boy, little boy,
Oh! In rags, unwashed, walking barefoot those roadside footpaths.
Call the Indian scientist sinners
And proud profane politicians
And show them the scene…
Is waiting silently outside the busy shops, 
Carrying a soiled sack, 
And quickly collecting the trash, 
The kind shopkeepers throw out at him.
“I would help him by a note but
He would become a beggar.
I would rub with my hands his head, 
Kiss his little hands, or would hug,
But, it would make him a lovesick—I felt fear.”

I have an idea after a solemn assessment,
 To end this menace, this war weapons race:
“Let all the countries have a Common Defense Center.”
And if any Iraq ever tries to occupy any Quait,
Shall meet a necessary catastrophe!
And its officers like the keepers of hell—
Just faceless—callous and impartial,
Shall order Israel to leave Palestine;
And tell India, Pak, China to leave Jammu Kashmir 
And that in a week’s time
And they all shall comply with—humbly.
Sick Russia won’t eye at its tiny neighbors
And great U.S.A will feel a lot freed of 
Its huge duties and responsibility.
And then economy shall grow and unemployment shall go,
Borders will shrink and diminish down,
Poverty will be past and progress will be fast
And, prosperity will prevail
In there the forests and there down the vale.  

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Souls For Sale

The world isn't gentle It can be callous and cold Dangling hope in front of you While swiping the wallet From your back pocket We're supposed to have a chance But the average layman Will never see their efforts bear fruit Life tears at our flesh It batters us and slowly deforms us Turns us into ghosts Sucking the life From the newer generations Simply to survive Because we're offered precious little time And second chances are scant So we make do with what we have And hope That what we have is good enough To let us endure While Death steals our life away People steal our pride away And the government steals our liberty away We're just the ants Marching beneath the eyes Of grasshoppers We're just the cattle Herded and slaughtered So the rich Can get richer The world isn't gentle It can be callous and cold Dangling salvation in front of you Simply To damn you for eternity

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More To Life Than What I See

The wind calls my name, Silent whispers of freedom to seek. It takes me to a special place, And now i know there's more to life than what i see. A place where the butterflies flutter, And the grass is green. Where i can hear the trees sway to the melody, That the angels sing. A place where i can be myself, And never get judged. Where i can uncover the burden, Clear everyone's mind of hate and grudge. A place where I am my hero, So I can never get let down. So I can save the heartache and pain of all the people, You know what goes around, comes around. A place where no one is better, Than anyone known to man, Where people think of themselves of equal, And try to think if they were in the other hand. A place where there's more beauty, Than pavements and city lights. Where there's more to live for, Than money, things they "need" to buy. But this is all nothing but a hopeless attempt, To believe that this message will ever be received, or even known to be sent. All this make-belief is running through my head, I open my eyes, I'm awaken in my bed. The parents are still trying, To raise me and still keep a home. The people are still fighting, Screaming a cry in the hateful tone. Outside my window, The earth is still paved, I couldn't see nature for miles away. The robbers, still robbing, Just another child trying to fit in. Their parents don't care, As long as they get the money to spend. Nothing worth living, No Beauty, No Peace. And in reality, I know there's not more to life than what I see.

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we were heroes

for that moment
in the rush and heat of the crowd
under the television cameras and brilliant lights
there was camaraderie and purpose
there was the beauty of belonging to something bigger than
something grand and bright with promise
stood shoulder to shoulder against the powers that be
made the man back down
comrades in arms shouted the chants
held the line
for that moment we were heroes
we were heroes
but now a swift year has flown by
and the struggle no longer makes the five o'clock news
the cameras and crowd is gone
but you linger
because you want it all back
want to hold the line shoulder to shoulder one more time
chant and raise hell for the cause one more time
we were heroes
but its all faded
down to loud rebels in quiet coffee shops
down to the faded glory of 'remember when's'
and old photographs
(november the fifth)

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Watch what you say
Don't ever say the wrong thing
Ignore the rights violations
They are for the good of the people
New ideas are crimes to be punished
They will never say that they are wrong
They will never say they are repressive
Fears of death for a criticism of them
Arrests for carrying the wrong sign
Their troops quell dissension
They never tell you what you can say
You are to figure that out for yourself
Books are censored and burned
Based on the religion of the area
Even news from another country is banned
It might tell you a truth they do not want you to know
Freedoms are an idea lost to a distant past
They were taken away to protect the people from enemies
Taken away to protect the government from the people
One thought, one word or one idea can get people thinking
Questioning the government they put in place
When did our freedoms leave?
When were they taken away?
We have to start thinking
To start to voice our opinion
Never caring what they say
Then we will have our freedoms
The ones the fathers gave to us
And they will all live in fear

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London 2012 Worldwide poets still needed for Festival event

London 2012 Worldwide poets still needed for Festival event
More than 20 writers are still needed for an event to include a poet from every nation competing in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

Ha, ha, this Laureate is an interesting candidate:
Writers already confirmed include Jang Jin Seong - former court poet to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.


Kim Jong-il.
I praise you with my quill
Jong can do no wrong
Because he pays my bill : )

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divine intervention of nothing to live for

what do you do for a living super soldier?
you are paid to go to another country and kill people you dont even know
what do you do for a living head doctor?
you are paid to lie about mental health, and continue to carry out your torture
what are you paid to do journalist?
write slanted reviews as you tear apart the lives of good people
what are you paid for mr officer?
hide the truth of who the real victoms are and lie on tv so the journalists dont have 

what have i been doing for a living?
nothing, ive been too busy
scrambling away from you
job to job
city to city to get away from being victomised again

whats it like to have no reason to live you ask?
i would die to prevent what you have been doing to me

whats it like to have your soldiers go to war for another country
to end terrorism, as you are being terrorised, reaching out daily.
its been like being stalked by a serial killer while your rich and famous
inspire him with plots and getaway plans in their television and movies
full of hatespeach they think is funny

whats it like to to watch your people die to help someone who just cried wolf
whats it like to play the victom constantly
you dont have a monopoly of hardship and world tragedy
you weild it like a weapon of lies and gameshows
to practice your manipulation techniques

what do you do for a living amnesty international?
link your information to the pentagon to assist your allies in war
by killing the people who torture or people like myself
before you get caught....or do you just book yourselves
front row seats to your sick little games

in a situation of nonstop constant no brainers
the lies of you 700 people is a war crime of conspiracy
no wonder you consider blowing your head off
after the realisation, a no brainer situation
and your still thinking

the world revolves around the simplest things
i would kill people like you for a penny
to buy the divine intervention of nothing to live for

apparantly im not going to accept the fact
that after your game of making me miserable
im just going to have to wait to be murdered
im not going to accept that
and i will kill people like you for free

when you have no right to your own person as a human being
when your pets have more rights than you do
when soo many people use stuck on stupid
as their subtle excuses
they are the enemy realised
it is your turn to die in the streets of society
since nothing changes anything
now go die

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Pillar to Post

Shove us from pillar to post
What a roast, what a boast
Beat us black and blue
Blood on wall, stick like glue
Wrench hands, bend knee
Can't see, can't see
Pillar to post, pillar to post
What a brag, what a boast?

Crushed ego, bruised eye, choked neck
End up like a listless wreck
Brainless, thoughtless, speechless
My body, their violence
My pain, their gain
Concealing the truth
With lies, more lies and lies again
who's the victim?
Who's the victor?
You know, I know
They write the story
But we tell the tale.

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What comes from your lips but condemnation?
Accusation, half-baked assumption?
For your words are of no worth to she
Whose dreams are full of what could be and
what should have

You who judges thoughtlessly
with ease. So very carelessly
scream slurs that sneak and masquerade
as sighs of "sorry" and "don't worry."

On what earth do you live
and what world do you see,
where your sin tells her sin it does not fit in?
Where your scar tells her scar it's uglier by far?

The fruit of ignorance is intolerance
We're a catastrophic generation
of a metaphorical "mass de-globalization"
Running backwards from lack of understanding
Bred from lack of wanting to,
bred from lack of trying.

Compassion is artillery
Humanity's a shield.
Love's a cure 
and scowls are fewer
when we stop and THINK
to change the way we are.

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Starving America

Starving America

A crushing viper created by the rich
Its poison spreads through the country
Strangling the working class
Taking their jobs and shipping them away
Their children left to starve
Homes left empty as their shells rot away
Squatters scramble to find anywhere dry
Hungry people wander the streets looking for anything
Garbage cans become fancy restaurants
Spoiled and rotting food become gourmet meals
Anything to keep the body and soul alive
No one is safe from the viper's grasp
Doctors and businessmen move to tent cities
Babies are left in suitcases or killed
Better they die fast than face a living hell
Robberies and murders are common place
Violent fighting over a crust of bread
Hope died as the money faded away
Soup kitchens fill with hungry families
Everyone getting their one meal a day
The viper has struck
Grabbing America by the throat
Squeezing it to cut off its life
America will survive
The one percent will thrive
The rest of us...who knows?

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The class clown 
Made society Frown
Should put his *** down

I know barely anything on politics
Probably nothing

And this fake satire
Isn't the proper attire
For whats up
Don't take a sip from my cup

And open your mind really
stop being silly

I make kids laugh
As If I'm a sexy giraffe
I'm really the plague 
Hitting the young youth

Just grow up
and Drink your own cup

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At every knock they panic
“Who’s it?” be their eternal cry
They scurry here
And flurry there
To hide the stock
Of their filthy gains
Under the bed, inside the roof
Away–away, from piercing eyes.

Achans of our time
Their “Come in” 
Takes long in coming
 “Whozit? Whozit?
Remains their incessant bleat
For wealth gathered in great untruth
Weighs down the bearer’s soul!

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Who is fooling who

Once more
I hear those tales
Uttered with potent persuasion
In the quest for self-preservation
Half-truths and half lies
Lots of lows but yet no highs
I don’t know who to believe
I have my vote to give
Who is gonna receive?

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The Fire Dragons

They coursed their thoughts
Pretending they were dragons
Smoking like they were nothing else

They had just graduated
In the art of smoking a cigarette
Without even hurting it

Nobody could deny the hypocrisy
Nor the ugly face of mediocrity:
Were they students of Socrates
They would know the realities.  

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I will start with the left hand, the weak hand
The thumb, I suck, as a symbol of my laziness
The index, I point, blaming and passing the buck
The middle, I raise, cursing and swearing at opponents
The ring, I hide, because I’m married to mediocrity
The little, I use, trying to lift the tonnes of debt I inherited
What about the right hand, the stronger?
I use all the digits to rake in all that I can
I know you think I loot, pillage and plunder
But I only look out for myself, carry out my plan

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rest in peace?

they ordered him to kill 
several men
- and gave him several medals
when he decided
love another man
- gave him several stabs

from Baba de Moço, second edition, 2012.

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I am gay.
I'm not a disease, I'm not a problem
I'm not an affliction
I don't need treatment.
I don't need help
I'm not sick
I'm not confused
I'm not a sin.

I am gay.
I'm your daughter
Your sister
Your friend
Your co worker
Your classmate
Your acquaintance
A complete stranger

I am gay.
I need love, just like you
I need smiles
I need support
I need a hug
I need a friend
I need a family
I need acceptance
I need understanding
I need you

I am gay.
I know what love is
I know what pain is
I know what hate is
I know what life is

I am gay.
And I need you to love me
The same way you loved me before you knew

I am gay.
And I have experienced hate
From more people than just you

I am gay.
And I wont change. 
I wont give up.
I wont back down.
I wont pretend.
I wont lie.
I wont deny.
I wont hide.
I wont hurt.

I am gay. 

And that's okay.

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What We Do


Home again.

Thomas, you were wrong to doubt it: 
You Can Go Home Again and
Bask in the healing sun of Osiris

This isn’t home 
This is recovery.
From the fevered scurvy of my own forgetfulness.

I eat limes for breakfast, lunch and dinner now; 
My bowels move regularly now.
And I feel  just like Thomas Payne

His bursting desire to model the ideal citizen

Not our uniforms, but our blood, sinew and muscle. 
To present to the Crowning Glory and
To the Revolutionary Congress and

To the Revolutionary French Senate     
Thomas and his Pain made the American struggle a personal fight:
The universal pull of the upright ape on the chains holding him down.

Chains forged by the forgetful hairless ones.
The ones we will overcome.
But we are not revolutionaries! 

We are the Revolution.
We are what happens next.
The R/Evolution of our Selves:  the inner/outer seeing through Alice’s mirror

Into mindful awareness 
Into homage to our honored masters and their children: 
The ever loving human race.

We have already won the revolution. 
We have already won the revolution. 

2 Shots were fired from far, far ago: 
One from Lovelace’s boudoir,
Another from Giordano’s spinning wheels and the memory of his funeral pyre.
And from the bit of the apple Alan choked down, 

We have already won the revolution.

We just need to take charge.

We have already won the revolution.

In only 2 digits.

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the face of revolution

revolution has a face
with curly black hair
and piercing brown eyes
so deep
that the pupil is almost      invisible
like the urban walked upon
and miserable
revolutions nose is sharp
with flaring nostrils
flaring in anger and
with full lips that
a tongue flicks       in anticipation
of true emancipation
spouting furious words at
the lie of race relations
carrying the voice of a rebel

the revolutions face
has brown skin!

the revolutions face
has brown skin!

the revolutions face
has brown skin!

      bathed in sweat
holding a beautiful mind
unwilling to forget





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2014: Anambra for Sale

Pumping and pushing with bloated gusto
In different styles and shapes they have come, as before 
Each emerging through unresolved processes as planned 
Piled up arsenals deployed like there is no tomorrow 
All chanting in deafening croak to distract the people 
Brandishing ill wealth, in brave impunity 
Even State funds must serve personal ego now
Crushing the same masses whose votes count 
One day, that must come, even in Naija
An irony, never imagined from a people so very blessed 
Luring us the people with spoils from war against the same us 
Our rights serve as gifts for the high and mighty 

Alas we the masses will match to vote as ever 
Hoping for once that our voices be heard
Yet the counts seem concluded, in endless night meetings
Times conducive for an arbiter to meet a contender
The umpire could already be in bed with a candidate 

They have promised on their mothers’ graves which they defy daily 
They have pretended to supplicate in unsolicited acts of humility 
On us confusion rests, while the press and churches launder the vampires
On us the fangs will be unleashed when the power rests

Who will bid the highest for Awka Government House?
The time is almost up and all that can be bought have been bought 
Those without a price are left confused, waiting for Godot 

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No Easy Fix

Through this ever changing and fast paced life, one truth remains.
It is plain and simple, “….By their fruits you shall know them.”
Fast talk and promises come easy to a good salesman.   Even 
When you’re down to your last dime, he’ll have no qualms
About taking that too….if you let him…
  …your choice
However, truth be told, there is no easy fix to the problems we have.
We have no supernatural powers to see the future, but there
Is a God who always wants the best for His children.
He’s even promised that if we would ask forgiveness for our sins
Turn away from them, He would hear our prayers and answer...
Again...your choice


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Segregated Heartbeats


The rule makers declare us separated for eternity,
different race, clashing cultures, incompatible?
Borders cannot segregate our heartbeats.
Distance is a matter of physical entity.
We share the same sky and moonlight.

Love falls prey to diplomatic ramblings,
resulting in abomination of emotional upheavals.
Outlaws we shall become to our desires.
We paint with the color of our future offspring.
A universal appeal for love we portray.

Lawful hatred defied, illegal love confirmed.
Intersecting divergent, petty governments.
Classifications, labels, passports, we shred.
Hindu, Christian, white, black, indigenous, native,
all will fall into the bed of unified mankind.

The clothing of restrictions shall vanish.
Two lovers shatter continental boundaries.
Passion breaks traditional laws,
harmony we find in rebellion.
While poetry binds our lonely souls.

              Another colaboration with Smriti Jha.

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The Demise of Pangaea -part 1-

I’m dying…I really am
And those around me see the forces pushing me out
Sticky black outlines me, scratching its way inside
I feel like the divided creatures are availing…
My heart is failing
Is there a worse feeling?
I want to find a healing…but the eyes keep closing
FACEBOOK masks and seething lies bleeding outwards
Murdering personality, some say
Words of poetry undeserving recognition
Minds are crawling away from me as I reach for warmth
Grabbing onto a glob of black
I can’t see their real intentions…he needs an intervention
The priests won’t stop dunking her in the waters of perversion
Spitting open Pangaea, letting them flood its base
Things are going so fast…time is ticking disasters
A quiet sadness in souls I’ll never know
I’ll never come to understand you—I can't look them in the eyes
The tumultuous pupils overflow with the blackness…sticking the eyelids together
And drying…coagulating…
Only burning flames can lick it away
But my fingers are smoldering from the metallic roll of the lighter’s starter
The fuel is running too rapidly through my veins
Smoky ambience is weathering the skies
While Pangaea is depleted…broken
The creatures are separated—WE ARE SO MAD AT EACHOTHER
Racial content bleeding from the melting wax of our exteriors
Brotherhood—merely incestuous wasteland of hornless hornets
Empty stomachs moving special organs
Singling the heart out…
Shifting the lungs that give them airways of achievement 
My teeth sinking into my cheek
I can’t move them…I can’t even speak

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Lime Trees

Summers consist of

peridot mornings,

and emerald afternoons.

The trees filter the sunlight - 

so often saving me from

those headaches, which might have

mutated, evolved into migraines.


By autumn, the leaves have changed colour:

a poet's palette of

amber, copper,

gold, and red.


In winter, the trees are slender,

with a stark, grey-brown beauty:

looking fragile,

yet able to endure

the harsh frosts of the season.


And, throughout the seasons,

"they" plot.

They want

a concrete Universe - 

so they mark out their potential

victims, with orange spots.


The letters to local residents are headed:

"Implementation of

Environmental Improvements".


Yet, trees can bleed.

Scenes of carnage seal the deal.

They win; we lose.

So much wildlife, instantly evicted.


Fluorescent yellow workmen circle tree stumps,

inspecting their day's work - 

before going for "a pint",

and home for tea.


Spring is cancelled.

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The Box

Where I live is in between
A memory and a dream
Walking a tightrope each day
I light my self on fire
And take a big box
And head down Main Street
The weasels in the front of Bill’s Cafe
Love it, spewing hate and spit
And laughing at me because they don’t know
What I know
I know the truth
The cold hard dark truth

Yes I have seen the burning bush
I have stood on the mountain
I have heard the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.
And I too have a dream
I have dream that one day a man 
Will not have to live in a box on the streets of Bogota 
The slums of Shanty Town will rise above the sewage
That the stench of death on the road to the Congo 
Will rise over our heads and blow towards the lands of freedom

Once the west has felt and seen the pain our brothers are in
We shall as a people, as a nation, as a world rise up and crush the inequities of
Poverty and prejudice and cast off the yoke of oppression.
I see that day as clearly as I see the dream of the ancient God’s
They will crumble at our feet and we shall walk upon them as Jesus 
Walked on water.

Come one, come all ye sinners for Jesus is a trick on the weak and faithful.
The men of the cloth need you to believe.   
Don’t fear the truth because you will never know it.
Trust in me for I will save you.
Now how about a bit of money for your savior? 
Kneel by the alter, supplication
Come boy help your Father

I need the box you see for it is my home
I live (if you call it that) on the streets 
Of America’s home towns
I’m on the corner of your cities
The greenbelts of your suburbs
I am the coyote of humanity
And I am coming to take apart your lives
Limb by limb, bank account by bank account
Your debit cards and credit cards can’t buy my loyalty
I will disembowel your nuclear family
And leave you wishing that your Beamer 
Wasn’t bloody red
I will wash the streets with your sin

And then I will go back and live in my box
Alone with my dream. 

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America, you are bipolar

America, you are bipolar

Mother of invention and murder

Father of civil rights and lynching

Your children listen to hip hop and death metal

b-boys and skinheads

America you are bipolar

the biggest gay rights champions and the most hateful psycho-bigots

America, what are you?

the greatest artists and heinous murderers

America, when can we find a treatment for you that will finally

stabilize you?

the world is waiting for your treatment regimen, America.

on that glorious day when we can finally call the world


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We are here!
Under the muggy weather
With my fellow 'Battu bearer'
Roaming from street to street,
place to place,
and City to City
For our daily bread.

We are here again!
indispensable members of this naytion
With our broken calabash,
Fallen stick,
And creamy rags
On our dangling neck.

At night, when the shining sun retired
And returned to his bed
We returned to our open mansion
With our fragile mat
Lying under the regime of cooling breeze
to injects us
And for our little landlords
to sucks from the little streams
on our fragmented body.

We are here!
Under the sicken policy
of our able saviour
that enrich their swollen stomach
irrespective of the country-men
with there oppressive jeeps
and shiny silent action automobile
Under the ultra lavish mansions.

Ajeyemi Wasiu .A

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the tides will turn again

i didn't build the world so/dont ask me to fix it.
i didn't invent the wheel so/don't ask me to twist it.
i didn't label the classes so/don't ask me to climb them.
i didn't make the people lose their mind's/and i ain't about to find them.

never knelt and prayed to god /wouldn't know which one to choose.
never came up with such a game /where so many people lose.
never thought myself a thinker/but thats the only thing i own.
never felt myself partial/to living life alone.

well before we are all dead a dark eyed sect will rise.
slaughter all our ruler's and show us our reprise.
the trigger for this triumph will come with a hail of storm's.
our ruler's already know this and duly have been warned.

sure there will be victim's crushed innocent's that pay.
but a world of self reliance is the sacrifice they make.
go burn your bra's,book's and boat's all tool's of their trade.
they're trading in smokescreen's the smoke will be our rage

the world we find ourselves stuck was decided round a table.
things like hope and liberty are a precision pointed fable.
the biggest conspiracy going is that conspiracy's a joke.
well read between the lines and see the wheels spokes.
they're turning faster each day driving into dirt.
then they wonder why so many of us lay all consumed in hurt.
block your road's and railway's condemn yourselves's to change.
the time has come for turning the tide's will turn again.

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Politically Educated

President Roosevelt once said, " In Politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can believe it was planned that way!"

Nothing ever changes......

If we were dealing with the law of average at least one fourth of the world events that affect us should be good for America?

If we attribute happenings to mere incompetence our Political leaders should eventually make a mistake in our favor!

But. . . .  Nothing ever changes.....Why?

contest: Politically Educated, Dana Smith
Submitted by Judy Konos

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a global terrorist hiding in america and canada revealed

on youtube i am troynelson2011 the ocd riddle for world peace,
 i cant check my email,
 twitter wont let me tweet,
 facebook wont let me post, 
and soundcloud definately owes me an appology...

. imagine a group of people in my allies back yard pretending to be somebody they aren't. 
imagine that group of people hiding in my allies midst was perpetrating war crimes in other parts of the world.  
lets say hypothetically speaking this group of people hiding among my allie was holding their children hostage on television and force feeding children to be medicinal guinea pigs so their kids wouldnt have to... 

now imagine this group of people hiding in my allies midst perpetrating war crimes in other countries was funded by the global prodigal youth via living out their dreams and ambitions before they could cause they had the means to do so first.. so this group of inventors all with one invention under their belt using my friends kids as guineau pigs funded by my other friends childrens dreams.....

What do you think happens when a terrorist organisation hiding in your allies midst (few disguised as many) perpetrating war crimes accumulates a debt to owe the prodigal youth sky scrapers...

a global terrorist in usa is perpetrating war crimes using your kids as medicinal guineau pigs.  setting up shop in canada where is rumored homeless began taking refuge in the sewer

in short america, you are going to be introduced to the global prodigal youth, terrorists hiding in your country owe sky scrapers to.when does armstrongs sperm mature anyway?

they hold children hostage on television, they use your kids as guinea pigs,

you have just been volunteered to assist me in murdering my enemy, the one that owes me everything they ever put in their mouth

wouldnt you feel responsible to find out every time you opened your mouth it  became  a tv show, game show, movie, or product on your store shelves, was being used to fund global terrorism.

tsix step process of your enemy.vs ur 4 step process to realise ur allie

you have MY enemy surrounded, word of mouth is powerful

after you read this phone your mother and tell her you recieved an email from the future king of england explaining your global problems... 

 twiiter, facebook, soundcloud, are stolen ideas
isnt it ironic bill gates is our worlds most famous inventor with only one invention... and shows absolutely no pridefor his own baby he worked on for years after work

indoor fish farming will end world hunger btw

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Politics in Bangladesh II

Power tends to corrupt
And absolute power corrupts absolutely
This is so true in the political arena of Bangladesh

The ruling party has made the justice department 
And anti-corruption commission a hoax
They forgive the criminals on political grounds
And withdraw all corruption charges against themselves
By hook or by crook

Politicization is taking place in every sphere of the country
Votes are being bought and sold like commodities
In competitive markets
The criminals are becoming leaders
Because of their black market money and liaisons
The mouth of the civil society are being gagged
By large amount of hush money

People who are trying to eliminate poverty from the country
Are being called bloodsuckers by the so-called patriots
Whereas the real bloodsuckers are in disguise 
Of the heroes and heroines

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Man had their humanity robbed by greed, 
to own a fortune to live rich,
To have oneself idled by other men like a king, 
to rule over the hapless and the ill,
Know ye that greed had caused, 
much suffering and much pain,
Hath sent to the ditches the poor, 
hath sent to the gallows the rebellious,
In power they quell only because they can, 
to not rust in rule,
For rust corrupts the blade, 
what fancy would man take into it if it weren’t striking?
Procuring the voices of men is key, 
the voices are key in this diplomacy,
Hence to put an act ere the voting, 
is a necessity if not common practice,
Winning bestows one with power, 
power allows one to do as one desireth,
Imposing rules others have to adhere to, 
that may or mayn’t their hearts stir,
Diplomacy tho’ is more a boon than a bane, 
to a kingdom for at the end of every term,
The people shall decide, 
if a name should in power remain,
Or if should another in their place rule, 
with the many lieth the power of choice,
With power cometh responsibility, 
with responsibility cometh ownership, 
Not to blame the ruler if the ruler, 
not proper in rule,
But to blame one’s self, 
for granting the ruler the right to rule.

Written by Sunil Rao.

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compassion can be the end

if abuse is the beginning
   compassion can be the end

if borders and separation are the beginning
   unity can be the end

if environmental destruction is the beginning
   green movement can be the end

if exploitation is the beginning
   liberation can be the end

divisions can lead to the whole
wounds can lead to cures.

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I look pleadingly
into their apathetic eyes
as they pull out
the last of my fingernails -
The pain is excruciating
and I pass out amid my
heartrending screams.

When I come to
I am engulfed
in total darkness.
I find myself lying
it appears in my own
blood, sweat and filth.

I try looking around
but could see nothing;
I touch gingerly
and find my eyes
swollen shut,
My nose punched
into a bloody pulp,
My lips torn open and
all my teeth knocked out.

Jesus, where am I,
What have they done to me,
What do they want of me,
I know nothing
I am just a regular Joe
struggling to raise a family,
Hoping to live the American dream;
What would I know of the
Jihadi cell or the terrorist network?

I begin to quiver in sheer fright -
Oh God, did they bring me here
just because my name is
M U H A M M A D?!

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Someone is There

  A shadow before my eyes
       Someone is there
Afternoon showers 
          drown out thought and pain
  In the heart of 
      the metropolis
  Ghostly trees drip drip drip onto the pavement
      Someone is there 
Near the large trees 
      steps are being taken 
One more day 
 of clouds and weariness
       As the storm 
     Ther's no doubt 
That in the shadowy
   heart of the city 
Someone is there 

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Bir ufak dunya

Bir ufak dunyada yasar hayeller
Sonra bir dev olur da yurur sessiz
Sanki dost olur sorar sorgular
Bu ne bir hic bir yasanmis haber
Kork ve sesinini bastir dediler
Koyugun bacagi  soylediler
Atasozu  hep asildik birer birer

Bir ufak dunya kesmekes kendi icinde
Bagiran ve oynayan sectigin er kisi

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The Elusive Handshake

Is it a wolf in sheep’s clothing?
No, it is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Is it a green snake in the grass?
No it is a green grass in the snake.

So they navigate the treacherous waters of politics
As we wait for them to find the elusive handshake.

But I ask, as the old man was asked not to go quickly
Was he also asked not to reach his destination?

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About ten minutes ago in the year 
2006 or 
2549, depending upon which avatar or
 Messiah is consulted, I  
 Tumbled out of my bed to the 
 Cackle of 
Frantic voices
So, with urgency
 Rarely experienced since the 
Evacuation of my spirit
From the Land of
Possession Addiction, I was called to summon previously 
Unknown prowess 
Chancing traffic choked streets
Of Nakhorn (used to mean “New City” 700 years ago but not sure now) 
Chiang Mai.

So there I was
Aboard my mostly pint-sized for a European descendent Kawasaki 112,
Red-blooded American head 
turret-like out of an
Undersized helmet that,
If nothing else,
 Officially pronounced me foreign
 Blazing a jutted path around 
Decrepit trishaws,
Ubiquitously red baht busses and,
Not the least, a motorcycle with a sidecar bandaged to its
 Aching side just in time to witness a
Spit-shined just out of the wrapper BMW 
Brusque aside a
 Sardine packed dump truck
Not with dirt, but five dollar a day 

All this and more
 Just moments before
 Mounting the silted Ping and
 Stampeding city gates, I glimpsed
Censored Snippets of TV reports blurting something unintelligible like
 “Bangkok coup”,
“A King”
Quite uncensored, of a not so pleased
Lotus splayed in
Kneading the Eastern soil one 
Daoist grain at a time,
 Before ancient city walls
Rose up,
Monolithic in my path. 

And then the recall that
Centuries before,
Burmese raiders
Resplendent in warrior garb
Plundered the palace and soul
Of the kingdom Thai before stealthily
Creeping back to their lairs,
Buddha-fat with riches.

That leaves the Siamese of 1935
 And me, to wonder
Where is freedom
When we travel so far 
Pell mell and
 Peril, only to discover
 In a fleeting brief moment the road to 
Iniquity marked, rather
 Erroneously, with the signpost to

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These days move quickly
second upon second
eating away the
innocence of youth!
Spring gives hope,
summer the bloom develops
a path to choose.
Autumn realism and
regret, winter stagnates
steers one’s mentality
to hazy days in limbo.
Waves of tears, a
conscious to cast out,
doubts and more doubts
before the bridge to cross.
Turbulence screams out,
many meaningless words
woven in sentiment, washed
away in rapids of unseemly
conformity, column after column
of political opinion in
constant bombardment of
promise, each and every
oppressor on their media trip,
a saturation of nebulous
speech, all without direction!
Life ne’er simple, the human race
on the wane, to dance amidst
the sunbeams that dazzle
honesty and respect.
Yet hours of artless suffuse,
never to wash the ghetto
from one’s mind, never to live
without pain, all that hatred,
all that waste, wrapped up
in one’s culture!

copyright 2002
Harry J Horsman 2002

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Flying high and
waving proudly;
perched atop
a silver orifice
the magnificent
and beautiful
flag of honor -
Old Glory,
smiles upon
a grateful nation
with resplendent 
dignity and distinction.

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like silver tongue foxes
sweet talking 
cherry pie
 is the art 
of deception 
to outwit people
Through the art 
of words
Just like 
a salesman
a product
Bought by many
Sold by few 

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we hold in our hands

we hold in our hands the narrative

we artists and social scientists

21st century armaggedon screaming

dysfunctional children of history

living by purely subconscious, instinctual visceral pulsing

product of a campaign of vassals dedicated to erasing history

here we are.

so what do we do, we artists and social scientists?

we scream

we cry

we bleed

but also, and very important

we analyze

we do all this 

and we can call ourselves humans

and the true heir to what we call


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global terrorist based in america causing global problems

on youtube i am troynelson2011 the ocd riddle for world peace,
 i cant check my email,
 twitter wont let me tweet,
 facebook wont let me post, 
and soundcloud definately owes me an appology...

. imagine a group of people in my allies back yard pretending to be somebody they aren't. 
imagine that group of people hiding in my allies midst was perpetrating war crimes in other parts of the world.  
lets say hypothetically speaking this group of people hiding among my allie was holding their children hostage on television and force feeding children to be medicinal guinea pigs so their kids wouldnt have to... 

now imagine this group of people hiding in my allies midst perpetrating war crimes in other countries was funded by the global prodigal youth via living out their dreams and ambitions before they could cause they had the means to do so first.. so this group of inventors all with one invention under their belt using my friends kids as guineau pigs funded by my other friends childrens dreams.....

What do you think happens when a terrorist organisation hiding in your allies midst (few disguised as many) perpetrating war crimes accumulates a debt to owe the prodigal youth sky scrapers...

a global terrorist in usa is perpetrating war crimes using your kids as medicinal guineau pigs.  setting up shop in canada where is rumored homeless began taking refuge in the sewer

in short america, you are going to be introduced to the global prodigal youth, terrorists hiding in your country owe sky scrapers to.when does armstrongs sperm mature anyway?

they hold children hostage on television, they use your kids as guinea pigs,

you have just been volunteered to assist me in murdering my enemy, the one that owes me everything they ever put in their mouth

wouldnt you feel responsible to find out every time you opened your mouth it  became  a tv show, game show, movie, or product on your store shelves, was being used to fund global terrorism.

tsix step process of your enemy.vs ur 4 step process to realise ur allie

you have MY enemy surrounded, word of mouth is powerful

after you read this phone your mother and tell her you recieved an email from the future king of england explaining your global problems... 

 twiiter, facebook, soundcloud, are stolen ideas
isnt it ironic bill gates is our worlds most famous inventor with only one invention... and shows absolutely no pridefor his own baby he worked on for years after work

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No Time for Art

There is no time for art
Where bullets fly
And screams of fear replace song
Even the birds are quiet
But to an artist, this is an ever evolving gallery
Where the shells, explosions, fires and bullets
By the craters, bullets holes and charred buildings
Become one abstract sculpture
Carved by destruction
As if to say
The soldier is an artist
Who paints in blood
And war itself, is art.

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red and blue

red and blue divides us
it sets us besides us
into extremes of left and right
views as different from day and night

i like red
i like blue
but i am not fond of purple
blue is my favorite color
but red are my views

read and blue, blue and red
blue, blue. blue
red, red, red
could they ever unite us?
color us apart
red down blue up
blue down red up

maybe we should add 
and be one again
or a least disagree and be friends
Red White and Blue
now that's American

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 3

Jalil's house was not kind
His wives hostile
They did not want me there
I knew I was not welcome
But I didn't want to be there either
They were not family.
Soon they sat me down
The three wives and a cowering Jalil.
I was to be married to a man
Thirty years my senior.
As we left on the bus Jalil tried to say goodbye
I didn't listen, he had given me away
Far far away.

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The Return Of Our Masters

When the masters came breathing superiority
We became curious servants
They ruled us, they exploited us, they planted us
We cried, we laughed
They humiliated us, they enlightened us
We moan, we learn
And when they left because we clamoured
We celebrated freedom
Suddenly appear the masters again
But from among us
They redefine freedom in their context
And we hate freedom
They console us in harsher terms
And we become inconsolable
They exploit us until they extricate us
We mourn, we endure
They promise us the heavens, but in our dream
We see it fulfil
The dividends of our treasure they apportion to us
And in our grave, we recieve them
They offer us their acquired knowledge
But we clamour for transparency
They teach us the song of independence
On our lips they turn dirge
They speak the language of Democracy
And we discern Oligarchy
They teach us the principle of Federation
But the totalitarian version
If our former masters had not gone
We might have been taught better
We might have known better
We might have fared better
But with the return of our superfine masters
We are less than servants

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love so behind

Where love so behind
Scare  its  own  arguments 
In wish tent of love  resurrects
Where love reborn in many kinds
In between beloved  in between  denials
All be the same love in tenderness
Love so behind  in each  lost
Love so behind  losing  dreams inside and abroad
Make a tent to be all world  in love
Magician in dreams in house  should fall in love

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the space between, goodone

we are in the space between

seemingly interminable horror

and grace's destiny

as we walk into abyss

i see perfection's possibilities

but patience worn down

brought upon by long lines

and I worry for the future.

so much red anger

embittered hatred.

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The Power in Peace

To be able to stand up and be thirty feet tall;
shout out and echo from the mountain ranges of chile
to the coast of Japan;
to harm someone without use of brute strength,
but with the power of the words they speak.
And with a single step they shake foundations,
tumbling buildings like the White House,
and the Palace  of Westiminster;
one can finally tell what power is.
Those born to lead are destined;
to destroy,
like a wildfire they spread,
contaminating the wood that's built society,
weakening the support;
to rebuild,
with cunning superiority,
they triumph over the fire,
dousing with a power that comes to few
who don't lead in fear,
but instead take the necessities of those around him
and own them.
And so fires begin,
from the burning hearts of those like
Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones,
which are doused by unity,
a power created to regain balance
when evil runs its course.
And with this unity,
we've created nations, governments
and in rare occasions, Peace.

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Come Nightfall

Everything glitters at night
Moonshine will pull all that you own into question
Like daylight never could;
You’re a coward
I’m a faggot and a fake
And I can’t think of one reason 
Why I deserve the shirt I’m wearing
I wish it were a tourniquet
So I could glimmer
Glitter in the light of the world
Like everything does
come nightfall.

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Once upon a time in ZigZigland

I was only 48 days old
part of my mother then
when I knew about
what happened to ZigZigland

I felt it ,I was a part of it
I loved it much more again
when I couldn't read yet
while I've known it's place beforehand

If you believed in haven
ZigZigland was a part of it on earth
It was the kingdom of all human beings
the mankind's place of birth

The father, mother and
children were all living there
Story of happy family
the glory of  endless welfare.
Until they came out from
the middle of nowhere, 
they fell downfrom devil's nest
father died fighting, the mother
starved feeding her youngs
blood of her breasts

They walked around destroying
burning the haven all the way down to hell
the children left their home
that was so sad for a farewell

Those creepy creatures stole
history, land, the Name
looked to the world victims,homeless
The world was blinded with fear, what a shame

They'll come for you if you speak out
eat you up and throw your bones
and the'll come back after all,lay down
beside you with their bloodied hand on your gravestone

whispering in the dark: Say it !!!
One word and you'll rest  in peace
give in their Justice : Peace
they're talking about in the middle east

Hope you stand there and roar
Land is for it's people, for all mankind
It can't be stolen, ask her and she'll
answer who she is,Just bear it in your mind

So, when they ask you again who you are
look down deep to your spine
answer them,surely the true answer:

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Greed's Hearse

Liar, liar, burn in fire
corruption is your sire 
like the metastasis of cancer 
you are no star
though the lights shine on you
you're a black hole 
taking everything into you. 

Yet, liar, this is not your fault
you may hear others say
Nay! You are the maker of your own fortune
Nurtured by your everlasting avarice 
charity is the last word on your mind.
Find your inner nature in the end
That of eternal torment. 

But, buy your way with greed. 
The greed of other men your steed,
Away from the fire chasing after you
But do not worry it'll catch up soon. 

Fire, fire, please get higher 
eat the liar and 
complete this curse
that we call
greed's hearse.

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deliver me, deliver us

I have found my voice

at humanity’s eleventh hour

I have found my voice because

I called upon humanity’s wisdom

and asked if I can help to deliver

to you

some units of joy

and lessons of love

so I ask you to hear humanity's inevitable lovesong




And deliver me

deliver us

deliver me 

on the days Jefferson spoke of inalienable rights

deliver us into that night of human liberation

when czars were overthrown and utopia envisioned

deliver me on the day Martin had his dream
deliver us on the day Paris’ commune became community

deliver me

deliver us

I say deliver me

And deliver us

Because without the us 

there is no me

And without the me 

There is no us

humanity’s struggle

constant argument between




The me and the us

Were at 

Lexington Concord


St. Petersburg


Omaha beach

Paris, Prague, and Mexico in 1968

Tianenmen Square in 1989

And Occupy Wall Street 

The me and the us

Are at kitchen table

Deciding whose childhood is spared

The me and the us are at

Parliaments all over the world

Deciding whose life is worthwhile

The me and the us are at the UN

Deciding which nations are worthwhile

The me and the us

History has been about the me and the us

History’s first experiment in liberation

Stalin and world interrupted, still insisting on the me

so I ask you, humanity

I implore you

In the name of so many terrified faces

In the name of so many torture chamber places

I ask you here and now

At humanity’s eleventh hour

brink of armaggedon's world war


Deliver me 

And deliver us

Deliver us from humanity's dark night

let the children and future generations breathe

freedom's air

Deliver me

Deliver us

Deliver me

Deliver us.

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Crazy White Girls

Free Spirits,
Marching to the beat
of their own drums,
crossing the color lines,
creating hysteria in their
priviledged homes,

Crazy White Girls,
view the world as
their oyster,
Exploring worlds

Unhappy with their
pale existence,
they seek comfort
in the sun,
becoming darker
than raisins to
get their groove on,

Artful at being perfect
and on the cutting edge,
The crazier their lives,
the more they seek to
take control, 

The naysayers criticize
their verve for life,
and their courage to
be bold. 

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Sheep And Cattle

            Sheep And Cattle

The government issued citations today
My sheep and cattle are not welcome into town no more
They must wear diapers in the fields
And not allowed outside on Sundays
No more grain or grass for them, the complaint read
No more manure
It is a matter of manners 
Sheep can be used exclusively for stews
Cattle must become hamburgers and wear brown shoes
No more farting in the meadows
My animals give off gases which is against the laws of nature
Destroying the ozone levels in the process
Offending the atmosphere
I have no clue who creates these laws 
Politicians with nothing better to do
Someone needs to remove their heads from their posterior
Or my animals will stop producing food

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what do I do now

Nocturnal go betweens as I wish wonder why and
pine and ponder the thrill of you, in-sensed
enraged plight unforgiving unkind-blistered
human frality relentless fingers grip and squeeze
the terrified emotion from a craving heart strong
with beaded bridled bullshit; unsustained in a 
pisstrom of anxious delight paradise lost with a fabled man
truth sick honesty no trip to bountiful bliss 
love lost passion dismissed and the threat of
a dismantled ego leanloins in jerked off ruins. No
feelings everfelt inherent in the now metaphor of existent
fervor of that which I place myself in the present
tense of future fear yearnings. My skull, cosmic of crippled
cell thoughts---transient trenchings. Forbid my manual range
inept incomplete incoporeal disavowed--I wishI mayIwishImight
have the wish I-------------------Eternity Heights
upscaled past reason's dictates a surrender gorge.
regardless of quicksand times and blows dealt
regardless of "life goes on"--stop-leave-don't outcomes
regardless of mirror mimed politicolove entgrails whom shout "NO"
from their lovelung tops of false de-saintitty thesis. On&on&on
from charm to harm all in drop C alphabet olleyolleyinfree stew.
Slowly I lose a little more cranial fragment appetitie at yesterday's
testicular terminal power love lost lunch. 
Another naked being for the mating composite heap. Next!  

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Our song.

My song is the joy of life
It’s knocks and blows its
Hopes of joy its endless love,
its constant strife.

His song is the cause of woe
The meanest word, the theft of choice.
The downward fall, a silent scream
A harsh cold voice. No quid pro quo.	

My song is the hope of more
The bright idea. The sunshine dawn
A joyful dance a marching on,
A skipping child. A though so pure

Our song could be a joining mind
A chance off hope a link of thought
No more opposed, a shared desire
A ray of hope a new mankind

Charlie Milne 2010

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Not Forgotten- Victims of the Armenian Genocide

They fell by the way...
The old
The sick
The famished
Discarded heaps of humanity.
They jumped to their deaths...
The beautiful
The young
The desirable
Preferring to die than be ravaged.
They marched on....
During the day
During the night
With no destiny in sight
Endlessly enduring...
The insults
The beatings
The rapes
The stench of death.
They bowed their heads...
Their blood soaked the ground
Their screams muffled
Their anguish stifled
Their hearts torn
Their hopes murdered.
They still march on...
Through the wilderness
Of our seared consciences
Ever searching
for a final resting place.
Their blood stll cries out...
For justice
For acknowledgement
For restoration
For healing.
The Armenian Genocide
Will NOT be forgotten...
By all Armenians
By me
By God!

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The Third Way

Pity the poor Communists
Who misjudged humanity’s dark side

Pity the poor capitalists
Who worshiped unbridled greed

Hooray for Buddhists
Who choose a third path
Mindfully controlling greed
Reducing the “I ness”
Embracing a higher consciousness

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your personal war and jesus explained

this is the rundown since this never goes through

god is who you were meant to be
jesus says sacrifice doing wrong so you can achieve it
the devil will claim you through your own daydreams of success
to be a hero in the end of ending your terrorism

strive to be the god you are supposed to be
held back due to misunderstanding
jesus says be patient for you learn irregardlessly of present situation how to be 
that person
the devil knows if you owe him nothing

born to be heros
do not aid ones suffering
for you will become accident prone
and fall victom of a hell you were creating for another
which will in turn end up being their dream come true

your three psychologies mastered
your war with yourself
how you win and fail
hey me this is you go find yourself

worst case scenario of evils and wrongs of one person
taking on the worlds sins openly so mankind can figure out where they went wrong

i do not need you to play with your cards on the table
i have just put them there for everybody to see

(this will help a lot of people, more than it already has)
a sleight of reality, beliefs, and consciousness
to deadlock the world into peace, by not helping any war effort
described and outlined in a mystery becoming more clear

in today's society this is the worst case scenario
hashed out in every conceivable way
helping me overcome this will bring you to your enlightenment
and more than likely awareness and peace inside and out
world round

imperfect as it may be

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The Prologue Poem

O love! Tell them, the good men,
In your own old melodious tone:
Let’s again—Return to Nature.
Whatever little or large is left,
Let’s re-adorn her.
And if they won’t!
Let’s—You and I.
Hand-in-hand walk away of the city:
Biharis stay by the smelling slums;
Laid-off-addicts stand in long queues; or the clerics kiss the petty politicians on brows.
Where monsters: War-weopens, Jingoism, Globalization, Modernity, and Machines,
 Have spread havoc!
And find our abode, there,
Near the breezy woods, in the calm country;
Where well! I can meditate,
And you’ll have all that childish fun…
Running after the flies, or fighting with the bucks,
Dancing in sultry summer’s bursting rain,
Or mimicking a singing bird.

(the poems is the introductory poem of my poetry collection "TELL THE OLD LADY WAIT AND OTHER POEMS")

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Visa Walls


A repetitive stamp on a passport
can expedite our joyous first meeting.
Love spurs a nervous heart
towards a new, unknown life.

Papers collected and shuffled,
we pray for official acceptance.
The gatekeepers eyes penetrate
with suspicious glares of denial.

The bureaucracy divides the masses.
A mother, a brother, a lover
denied access to greater connections.
Mercy is not spoken by the immigration clerk.

Phone calls, email, and goods travel across borders.
People are not granted such freedom.
What is the price to enter the fortress?
Only those with fat bank accounts enter this land.

I would risk prison to touch your warm hands,
clasp your sweet face between my palms,
inhale the tender aroma of your fine silk hair,
graze the soft delicacies of your smooth skin.

Where must we flee to share a moment together?
Free from the interrogations of the government forms.
Is there a place on this globe for lovers?
Where fences give way to fertile orchards.

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King Of The Hill

<                                               Vietnam War
                                              Capture of Saigon

                                               What The Hell For

                                                   Guerrilla war

                                                 Conventional war

                                                 What The Hell For

                                                    U.S.  Soldiers 


                                                 What The Hell For

My Thoughts On 
The Vietnam War

May All R.I.P.



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Will to Power

                                                           Will to power 
                                                            all you can
                                                           The lonely land
                                                            That is you
                                                           A single tower
                                                            On the sea
                                                    The waves they break
                                             Your own destiny you shall make

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Sometimes I Wonder

Why is it that we have so many names for cops? Policeman. Pig. Law Enforcement Officer? Now that ones a real laugh. Who is it? Why is it? How is it? These quasi Nazi Neanderthal’s get to break any law they please? Throwing us in jail... What are we doing? What warped, wasp, principle dictates to us, the populous. What angst allows us to submit? Intellect, the nemesis of all, neither sex, race, creed nor national origin determine it? Yet, too much of it makes ones suitability for law enforcement dubious. Sometimes I wonder... Wouldn’t it be more economically viable amidst this capitalistic crap for the small towns and cities alike to purchase donut franchises and save citizen's cents for the library? Ah, YES! After all, then the politicans and the FORCE Can harasses drop out drop- ins And dip donuts in a more cost-effective manner. Contest: Behind Bars Blue

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lost ideals
from a time
of love & freedom

capitalist gains
communal sustanence

military power
political prowess
individual rights
lost to the war

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The rain marched uniformly as an army in its prime
But this was no ordinary army along too came their band
They marched with a song so calming to hear
It changed in slopes and meanders as it made its way down
They were the ones who woke you and they soon removed your frown
You sat and listened as their song changed soothing you out of sleep
One by one they marched on with their tune down the slope
They were an army never to march again but soldiered on
An army of many and army of one… purpose
It's the army that resurrects the thoughts of wartime
It's the song that tickles your mind and helps you back… to it
Hoping you will err not twice as every army on the slope has
Take a different journey hidden in the clouds of your sky
But like every soldier before down the slopes it pours
Raindrops in the night

Copyright  (c) July 2006 J.R. Thomas

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For Life

The man screams and all the people shout. A mass of bodies fallen to the ground.
The fires start in the mad mans eyes. For glory for power he wears no disguise. He's in it for the passion, his life he fights to protect. He has been suppressed and he's got years to get off his chest. 
He stands loud, he stands proud, he stands firm and strong. Today will be  remembered and his glory lives on.

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Lets return our weapons

Never happens never 
Never mourning 
Never cries  
Never losing angels

Let’s return our weapons
Save our children from madness
Losing innocence lives 
Our shame to bear in life

Unless no such law will protect

Let’s make our country
Free of bearing arms  

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Melody Hums

This is fabricated evidence of love
Forged reports of a representative that cares

We are stripped of our skins
Chernobyl lingers in the backdrop
Stretches his mutated ligaments to reach us
Barely a millimeter apart

They're already larger than life and yet
they still walk on stilts
The men in black suits waving identification
like batons
Don't tell them a damned thing

He waits alone in the water
for blood; for prey;
for any sign of life
We betray ourselves to him

"Why the face so long"
"What could go so wrong"
I'll tell you what,
it may take 43 muscles
but who even honestly frowns
when they're sad these days
In the throngs of despair
the flight reaction catches
and releases

Everything spreads like disease
Cakes in cracks and crevices in the walls of the well
Nobody's leaving
whether there's a desire to or not

This is fabricated evidence of love

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I'm Home, Habebty: Egpytian Revolution

*habebty: arabic for my love
*context: this year (2014) is the third anniversary since the egyptian revolution

Friday, he told me,
"Tomorrow will be a sad day."
"Why?" I asked.
"The anniversary of the revolution."
Of course. 
When I had google searched "january news egpyt" 
the day before to see if any new protests had occured to 
block the streets and make him come home late, 
the results still showed the carnage of three years ago.
There would be protests tomorrow.
I asked him if he was going to work. 

I worried.
I wouldn't tell him
Not to go to the protest-
I knew I would have gone too-
Shouldn't I support what he believes?
But then I think 

Bloodstains on streets 
Littered with banners
Left abandoned

Tear gas 
Like the departing souls
Of the martyrs of the revolution

Riot gear uniforms
Beat down protesters;
They've sworn to arrest
Anyone protesting today-

I pray.

I ask him where he is. 
"I'm home, habebty."
He's decided not to go
Since he thinks it's wrong
To celebrate on a day
So many have died.

I breathe again.

Nearly 50 died that weekend.
I got to hear,
I'm home, habebty.

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Silence among the many

Silence among the many, comes most when justice is blind
For among the few lies have a weakness, and the weary you will find
If the few turned to many, and the lie be that bold
Then the trust of so many come to all those who were told
The hope that is now, that has breath, that has life
Is impenetrable by any gun, sword, or knife
I pray I keep hope for our few become many
Or our message will only be Silence among the many.

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On The First Day

Bear not your arms for this,
put your tools away,
far away from here,
they are not needed now,
so much more to steer clear of,
the damage has been done,
so much has been taken.
What will you do when the proof comes back to bite you?
What will you say when the walls crumble away?
When 'Hell' decides to join us on firm ground,
it will be too late for you to get it.
You speak of change,
I see not *****that proves it,
bodies to fall when they hear the call,
your forests burning,
a billion yearning,
fault lines churning,
none of you are learning.
What will you do when the noose is around your neck?
It will be too late as you are taking your last step.
You will seal your fate and take the rest of us with you.
Breathe your last words, but to your grave...
You will take the truth.

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Horrors of War

O' the horrors of war!
Finally a nation free
To vote my leaders democratically

O' the horrors of war!
Rape, torture amidst this people nevermore
No fear of nocturnal knocks upon my door

O' the horrors of war!
The price to eat now seems all together cheap
And the more I earn the more I keep

O' the horrors of war!
Once again our children have become our own
This land that I reap now I shall sow

O' you say...
The horrors of war!
But, did you ever live... 
In this place before?

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Signed, JabroniVille USA

Signed, JabroniVille USA

Hammer the sidewalk to watch it crack
Fade the symbols and strike a chord
Watch an army of plumbers unite
To evict the evil worms digging holes
In the universe

But most importantly
Welcome to JabroniVille USA
A town where nobody works
A town where nobody thinks
A town where nobody votes
A town where nobody gives a hoot

Torch the buildings and watch them burn
While roasting marshmallows over the remains
Of the dead haunted by yesterday's wars
Bring back the drum beat and strike a chord
It's time for the guitar solo

But most importantly
Welcome to JabroniVille USA
A town where nobody works
A town where nobody thinks
A Town where nobody votes
A town where nobody gives a hoot

So pull up a chair as I set of nuclear bombs
The days from the past disappear
We're all just headless chickens running around
Not knowing left from right and up from down
It's time to drop the bass

Never come back to JabroniVille USA
A town where nobody worked
A town where nobody thought
A town where nobody voted
A town where nobody gave a hoot

So pull down the signs
Nothing is here for you to see
Everything was left destroyed
By thoughtless drones
And corrupt leaders

Signed, JabroniVille USA

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Vicariously voracious

He feigns the astute overture which solemnly reigns oppressing. His head clouded 
from mars to infinity, a perpetual black power convolutes through metaphysical 
peripheries. Infinite is the torture granted from this being. Interdimensional 
branding lays hollow in vein of mind control. Such is the vicariously voracious

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prodigal youth a target for terrorists hiding in america

on youtube i am troynelson2011 the ocd riddle for world peace,
 i cant check my email,
 twitter wont let me tweet,
 facebook wont let me post, 
and soundcloud definately owes me an appology...

. imagine a group of people in my allies back yard pretending to be somebody they aren't. 
imagine that group of people hiding in my allies midst was perpetrating war crimes in other parts of the world.  
lets say hypothetically speaking this group of people hiding among my allie was holding their children hostage on television and force feeding children to be medicinal guinea pigs so their kids wouldnt have to... 

now imagine this group of people hiding in my allies midst perpetrating war crimes in other countries was funded by the global prodigal youth via living out their dreams and ambitions before they could cause they had the means to do so first.. so this group of inventors all with one invention under their belt using my friends kids as guineau pigs funded by my other friends childrens dreams.....

What do you think happens when a terrorist organisation hiding in your allies midst (few disguised as many) perpetrating war crimes accumulates a debt to owe the prodigal youth sky scrapers...

a global terrorist in usa is perpetrating war crimes using your kids as medicinal guineau pigs.  setting up shop in canada where is rumored homeless began taking refuge in the sewer

in short america, you are going to be introduced to the global prodigal youth, terrorists hiding in your country owe sky scrapers to.when does armstrongs sperm mature anyway?

they hold children hostage on television, they use your kids as guinea pigs,

you have just been volunteered to assist me in murdering my enemy, the one that owes me everything they ever put in their mouth

wouldnt you feel responsible to find out every time you opened your mouth it  became  a tv show, game show, movie, or product on your store shelves, was being used to fund global terrorism.

tsix step process of your enemy.vs ur 4 step process to realise ur allie

you have MY enemy surrounded, word of mouth is powerful

after you read this phone your mother and tell her you recieved an email from the future king of england explaining your global problems... 

 twiiter, facebook, soundcloud, are stolen ideas
isnt it ironic bill gates is our worlds most famous inventor with only one invention... and shows absolutely no pridefor his own baby he worked on for years after work

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history lesson



Sweet Joe McCarthy who will fill your shoes
Keeping down the reds and making them sing the blues
Your spirit lives on in these modern days
Teaching us to hate in many different ways.


Poor Lee Harvey Oswald I see you sitting there
Living your life with out a simple care
Sitting quietly behind the grassy knoll 
Waiting for the right moment to lie to us all. 


Wise ole’ Ronald Reagan you taught me one thing
That life simply has no meaning
By simply doing a good deed
When you can be driven by greed. 


Honest George W. Bush you are not the only one to blame
For making the youth pawns in your sick game
Spilling blood on foreign soil
Only to bring back opiates and oil. 

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I was born out of a number,
Faces defining my world,
and I've always been inclined to cumber
the distress I witness at this berth
against the figure.

Yes, the figure that is and is not,
because I have no culture, no heart, nor home.
I am something light tricks to be, an illusion of diversity,
the colour of your teething bone,
the greatest profanity
being humanity,
I am much less-the unfortunate- the unknown.

Words are nothing without your lips,
and spite can't see without some tongue.
So being human cannot reason
without some puncture to the lung.

If there is a God he is not here,
the reliance of invisibility
is one to me
an unintelligibly cowardliness of fear.
You want the air, to take care of what you said was your own will.
You want new souls to suffer for an ancient bill.
You want me to stand and say I am sorry for something I haven't done,
when you're the one,
who is ticking the times tables incorrectly.

Today will be tomorrow and soon after the great past,
If you don't want history
to be seeded in misery
then you should stand out and make it last.

I was born out of a number,
mathematically spiralled into life,
and so far I still find it a struggle
to understand the joy of waking.

To be born is to be alone,
To live is to be surrounded,
To die is to be free,
but for that you must work first.

And I don't barter with this curse,
if there is nothing- I may as well exist a little first.
But what I can't compose is how I see these faces,
where others separate by numbers, words and races,
I only see one in the mirror:


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The Tide

We pulled it off
Dusted cleats, victory flag
Brandished on history's ceiling

Raising the tide of moral triumph
Gathered from warming hours of dawn
Hope for health and success

New homes and affluent spirit
Finding our way
Among thorns and battalions

Lions prevail with timeless ascent
New comers to corridors and luminous halls
Ready to grab rightful piece of the action

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Arab Spring

From Tripoli to Cairo
I saw the intifada leftover
After Tunisia and Yemen
Like a dam broken
After it had sucked life from dry sand
Morocco, Kuwait, Djibouti and Oman
I heard birds singing at the cliff
Falsetto dawn
In the rift valley of religion
And water pouring from each sweat
Flood the root of the poisoned tree
Not Regina
Not Phoenix dactylifera
Not if the honey killed the bee.

Some have fallen
Shaken by the protest of the wind
Some stay uneasy 
For it is the season of orchestrated discontent
I see nothing to applause
Except that stability 
And the availability of corn
Are rare in democracy there.
For culture is soil and climate
That every root begins with
And nothing strange may grow
In a rich soil's barren love.
Heroes there and villains 
Have ridden sand forever
They do no swim this mediation well
Spring rain brings flash floods
And then vulture upon vulture
Circling the corner of the eye.

Too bad the spring
Shook the blossoms off in breeze
I smell the empty branches
The resin bleeding in the new night
Hot summer's dead piled up
Against a Syrian wall.
I pray for the autumn worm
And the bones winter white
My sajada is Mecca strewn
And in my head the adhaan
The adhaan, an intoxicated bell
Calls me out of grief.

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Who dares to take this life from me, Knows no better: Parts Five and Six


Has it not occurred to you how I sat with you
dear sister, counting the chicking back of the
evening train by the window sill and then
got up to wind my way down the snake infested rail
to shoo shoo the cows home to brood
while you gee gee-d the chicks to coop
      and did we not then plan of a farm
a green milking farm to warm the palm
then turned to scratch the itch over in our minds
lay down on the floors, mat aside
our thoughts to cushion heads
whilst dug tapioca roots heaped the dream
and we lay scraping the kernel-less
        fiber shelled coconuts

O Bhama, my goatless daughter kid
how I nursed you with the callow calves
those mutual moments forced in these common lives
and then, that day when they sold you
the blistering shirtless sun never flinching
an eye, defiant I stood caressing your creamy coat
and all you could say was a hopeless baaa..a..aa
and then, then, that day as we came over the mountains
two kids you led to the thorny brush, business bent
the eye-balling bharata natyam


O masters of my fading August dream
For should you take this life from me
                                           Know you any better
Than when children we have joyously romped
Down and deep in the August river
Washing on the mountain tin.

Now on the growing granite's precipitous face
       In our vigilant wassail
Remember the children downstream playing
Where your own little voices are speechless lingering

Let it not be simply said that a river flows
         to flourish a land
More than that he who is high at the source
                                                                  take heed:
For a river putrid in the cradle is worse
than the plunging flooding rain.

And the eclectic monsoons may have come
    Have gathered and may have gone
While the senses still within torrid membranes


(for "Glossary of Vernacular Terms" see next page)

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All Because I Am Jewish

I saw you brother with your eyes deadened to life 
As the bullet passed through your chest 
I shall never forget that piece of lead that laid your soul to rest 
Lodged into the door beside me 
Our plan had failed 
Every detail played to perfection 
Your hand was on the rail of the train when the shouts came 
Stop! Stop! 
To stop meant death anyway, so why would we 
Yet their bullet pierced you 
And I stood there, frozen in a world that hated us 
If things were reversed I wonder, would I have pulled that trigger? 
I think back when they sent momma and poppa to that gas tank 
The cloths had hidden the fear in their eyes 
As they walked silently to death 
I know this, I could never have been that cruel 
How could they follow this leader of deranged thought 
But now I am alone in this freedom land called America 
I shall never forget what those Nazi's did to my family 
The tortures unbearable for thought 
All the friends I have known have perished by gas 
Some shot for refusing to die 
All because I am Jewish 
Nothing could be so atrocious as to kill a man for being himself. 

June 14, 2008 

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Extreme Capitalism

See that man?
Who barks to obey him with his eyebrows arched
while his dog
pukes over your bright-eyed shoes?
See that woman?
Fair mother of the young in her four-by-four who
would sooner strike your 
siblings than be late for zumba class again?
See that man?
Polished like a diamond, whose teeth gleam 
as he gobbles up your savings 
with a satisfying grin for his own rainy day. 
See that boy?
That girl?
Texting and tweeting and spitting and bleeping 
but not thinking
because everything is on Google.
See this as normal?
See us?
Everyday life spiralling into a state of extreme
self – no-one exists: but one.
Not you; not him; not us.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the East to our Wild West, where
you will die alone - 
in a green desert of greed.

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Mayday in England today is 'MAYDAY' a plea to ignore Merrie England and the rights of all workers from HMQ to the like of yours truly, as no day is allowed for merry making as anti- trade unionists unite with Neo-Cons, twice killjoys contemptuous of Albion of old, despising our rights and the responsibilities of today, disliking days of rest, of recreation, as it loses money for them who mistakenly think the nation. The fault is Christianity with their blessed holy days that worshipped not myriad masters but a foreigner who captured our hearts and minds, one Jesus Christ so divine, whose message still is, will not go away despite those who gainsay his message of hope in these so difficult times in this our Merrie England on this our Mayday in a Spring of showers, sunshine and flowers.

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Sanguinary Lord

A severe façade of loving tolerance Dipped in an argentine semblance The Consuls of The Cross Weaving a sweven of Welkin Where the checkered ones Are never allowed Their souls cast into the flames Of a greater decay The never ending pit Of eternal torment You turn the other cheek The one that wields the clandestine dagger The dreams of being free grow lighter and light The truth is shrouded by sister-Night Clinging onto existence Never eluding the resistance I will never adhere To your Sanguinary Lord Bestowing The Crusader’s reign Against the sand and the desert’s wane Barraging him over the frame In desperation to appease Screaming and shouting I will wash away your sins Decadence of the ones to throw the stones The ones to enforce the book Has left your lies dry and ready to die No more tears are left to cry No more screams are left to scream No More blood to be split No more graves to be dug

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Fifty-two plus one Hike hypocrisy -Part 1

Cotton Lizard yellowhammer Heart of Dixie We dare defend our rights.                              Seward's Ice Box Land of the midnight sun The Last Frontier north to the future.          Baby Italy copper apache sand sweetheart sunset God enriches.                                    Natural wonder land of opportunity bear bowie hot springs                                                 razor back toothpick The people rule.                                                                        Eureka Lost City of Gold  El Dorado Golden                                                         attempted to make In God We Trust I have found it                                                      Colorful Centennial Mother of Rivers Rocky Mountain Empire                                               Columbine Nothing without the deity                                                                             Land of Steady Habits Freestone Blue Law Nutmeg                                                    Constitution He who transplanted sustains                                                                      Small Wonder Fighting blue hens New Sweden First All power is of God                          Liberty and Independence                                                                                         District of Columbia Freedom and order Nation's Capital  DMV Justice for All                  Orange Sunshine everglade alligator gulf flower In God We Trust                                       Peach cracker goober adventure Strength is in Unity Wisdom, Justice, Moderation             Aloha youngest pineapple rainbow paradise                                                                     The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness                                                            Gem of the Mountains Little Ida Spud Peace to you, Mark, my Evangelist.                       Here your body shall rest Let it be perpetual

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Money grows for thoughs who have it.
There are too many people who barely see it.
It comes in and flows out like the tide, financial burdens in a constant ride.
You have more going out than ever comes in, lost in pound signs hoping your bet comes in.
Scratching away at cards to gain. Nothing again, they're all the same.
Life on the dull is boring and grim, no opportunities so you turn to a life of sin.
One man's loss is another man's gain, nothing in a poor mans life but hunger pain, a shock to the system that's let you down. Your short lived smile ends up a frown.
Lost and drifting left on a government shelf.
There's no help for you anywhere, you're lost in a system that does not care.

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war crimes of a global terrorist hiding in america and canada

on youtube i am troynelson2011 the ocd riddle for world peace,
 i cant check my email,
 twitter wont let me tweet,
 facebook wont let me post, 
and soundcloud definately owes me an appology...

. imagine a group of people in my allies back yard pretending to be somebody they aren't. 
imagine that group of people hiding in my allies midst was perpetrating war crimes in other parts of the world.  
lets say hypothetically speaking this group of people hiding among my allie was holding their children hostage on television and force feeding children to be medicinal guinea pigs so their kids wouldnt have to... 

now imagine this group of people hiding in my allies midst perpetrating war crimes in other countries was funded by the global prodigal youth via living out their dreams and ambitions before they could cause they had the means to do so first.. so this group of inventors all with one invention under their belt using my friends kids as guineau pigs funded by my other friends childrens dreams.....

What do you think happens when a terrorist organisation hiding in your allies midst (few disguised as many) perpetrating war crimes accumulates a debt to owe the prodigal youth sky scrapers...

a global terrorist in usa is perpetrating war crimes using your kids as medicinal guineau pigs.  setting up shop in canada where is rumored homeless began taking refuge in the sewer

in short america, you are going to be introduced to the global prodigal youth, terrorists hiding in your country owe sky scrapers to.when does armstrongs sperm mature anyway?

they hold children hostage on television, they use your kids as guinea pigs,

you have just been volunteered to assist me in murdering my enemy, the one that owes me everything they ever put in their mouth

wouldnt you feel responsible to find out every time you opened your mouth it  became  a tv show, game show, movie, or product on your store shelves, was being used to fund global terrorism.

tsix step process of your enemy.vs ur 4 step process to realise ur allie

you have MY enemy surrounded, word of mouth is powerful

after you read this phone your mother and tell her you recieved an email from the future king of england explaining your global problems... 

 twiiter, facebook, soundcloud, are stolen ideas
isnt it ironic bill gates is our worlds most famous inventor with only one invention... and shows absolutely no pridefor his own baby he worked on for years after work

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A Worldwide Plea

Beauty rots in all as we age, Happiness dies, and then becomes rage. Music loses meaning, and art turns to ash, Love and affection give way to power and cash. Avarice is key; we give it our life, Greed holds us hostage with its green, paper knife. All I want is to wake you; to open your eyes, I want you to see through their illusions and lies. My words are painful, but it's the truth that I tell, I hope that you'll awaken from your unfeeling shell. Feeling pain is better than nothing at all, I'd leap from contentment to enjoy the fall. So reclaim what's yours; let yourself feel The sadness and joy that I know is real.

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Double Standards

When one makes viable peace 
Between erstwhile colonial whites 
And erstwhile colonized blacks 
To the advantage of the whites
We urge for a Nobel Peace Prize
Such was the case in South Africa. 

‘It is all for the greater good’
The activists will proclaim
The judges proudly pronounce
‘The triumph of good over evil’
‘The milk of human kindness!’

But when one constructs peace 
Between blacks and other blacks 
To the advantage of both parties
In an erstwhile colonized nation
They send him to The Hague.

He ‘transmutes’ into a tribal leader
With diabolical tribal militias
And a diabolical tribal agenda
For his diabolical tribe or clan
That must be nipped in the bud!

For unlike so-called civilized Europe
And the Middle East and America
Where small tribes are called nations
In Africa small nations are called tribes
Voila! The stigma that grinds Africa!

Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Lithuania
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Luxembourg
Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Macedonia, 
Moldova, Montenegro, San Marino 
Please bear with me for the list is long

Latvia, Monaco, Slovenia, Abkhazia, 
Nagorno-Karabakh, Moldavian Republic
Liechtenstein and other smaller territories
All are independent nations of The World
And each with less than five million people.

Africa strives to keep tens of small ‘nations’
Bundled together within colonial boundaries
Many larger than those cited here-before 
Under single cohesive modern Nations
Balancing erstwhile competing agenda

In the case of the Republic of Nigeria
Or the Democratic Republic of Congo
These run into hundreds of small ‘nations’
Or to tens of smaller or bigger ‘nations’ 
As in the case of Kenya or Mozambique

But who cares that Tanzania has seventy seven 
Or that Kenya has forty two distinct peoples
Who cares that Congo has over two hundred?
Yet this ought to be uppermost in the minds
Of those that proclaim themselves pundits

In the fields of human and peoples’ rights
And in the realm of crimes against humanity
For a distinct people crave a distinct destiny
And this runs counter to others’ expectations
And might rekindle simmering opposition

Now if two people manage to weld together
‘Nations’ hitherto hostile one to the other
And to end the animosities and violence
And forge lasting peace endorsed by all
Should the UN or ICC stand on their way? 

I hope never to see peacekeepers in Kenya
Never to see Kenyans turn against Kenyans
Is Kenya- by any stretch of imagination-a failed 
Or a failing or a rogue or a dysfunctional state? 
The answer is a resounding ‘No, sir! Not Kenya!’

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FREE POWER - Part Three

                                                   from state dinner pent-up flatulence

                                                               from stentorian vociferousness

                                                                        from stem-winding-ness

                                                                              from log-rollingness                                                                

                                                                        from flabby-bellied-ness

                                                           from stench-filled under-arm-ed-ness

                                                     from sweaty-palm-ness

                                               from stink-breath-ness   

                                             from treacherous backslappingness           

                                         from stuffing-the-mouth-without-chewing-ness

                                     from word slipperiness                      

                                 from work inertia and lethargy

                                           from gamboling sleepiness

                                                    from not-listening-ness

                                                            from turning-the-back-while-talking-ness

                                                                    from averting-the-eyes-ness

                                                        from dirty-trick-ness

                                                   from sick secret-service-ness

                                               from bloody tricky smiling-ness                                                                         

                           from thinking-one-and-saying-another-ness

                                                                      from forked-tongue-ness

                                                               from spitting-in-the-face-when-talking-ness

                                                        from smiling-and-looking-daggers-ness

                                                 from gourmandise

                                                          from niaiseries

                                                                  from wishy














© T. Wignesan, Fresnes-Paris, May 14-17, 1997.  From the collection : « Poems Omega Plus : a less than obvious sequence », Paris, 2005.                           

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The puppeteers in the shadows

A force of evil with ruling hand
Holds the world within it's grasp 
and command
Watched bythe all seeing eye
Autocratic no compromise
Driven by power and greed
Dictate to the masses
What they must head
Wolfsin sheeps clothing
Tied to the devils heel
Control the governments puppets
Peptuate and turn historys 
Revolving wheel.

Peter Dome. copyright.2013.

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Invisible Chains

When you think your alone I’m actually there. . taking away your freedom and your not even aware.

Its better this way with you not knowing, as if our true face was to show, well that would be the end of the plan as we know.

So do us a favour and keep working your 9-5 watching our T.V thinking you’re alive.

The truth of it all is we run this show and even if we told you no better people would know! 

As most aren’t wise they do as there told, makes them feel secure. . Its psychology of old, an as we both know sheep do not lead  . . but follow!

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love, l-o-v-e

I love you

I love me

I love he

I love she

I love they

I love then

I love now

I love before

I love after

I love forever

I love why

I love

I love sky

I love truth

I love floor

I love ground

I love sing

I love happy

I love joy

I love to hate death

I love to hate evil’s employ

I love I love I love

I love to never want to hate

I love to never want to kill

I love to never want to read more stories of anger and despair

I love to see the truth 

     out there

I love to ask why

I love to not want to have to die

I love l-o-v-e

most beautiful word in 


love, l-o-v-e

"what’s that sound

everybody knows whats going down"

love, l-o-v-e

is coming home

to house and home and hearth

and park bench

where homeless man sleeps

night away

having worked his whole life

as a good man

sing out the truth

dear world

falling down

falling down

into ground

dear world

sing out the truth


for how many times

do we have to knock on the door

before one percent

hears the cries of truth?

how long will we have to sit here and cry?

I love

i hope that love will win the day

I hope people listen to that word love



mothers fathers daughters brothers sisters aunts and uncles


knock on my door

knock on my door

pay me a visit


knock on my door

my brother

knock on my door

my sister

knock on my door

knock on my door

pay me a visit

knock on my door

come say hello

knock on my door

knock on my door

knock on my door

and tell me

I love you.

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Justice Undone

This room held hope and promise
when it was first opened up
but bribes and collusion
arguments from shrewd lawyers
added up to injustice.

This room though no longer used
still witnesses to prejudice and lies
a jury in a hurry
a judge with bias
and justice undone.

This room is outdated, falling apart
Was it ever anything but 
a holding place between
a rock and a hard place?

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building of a empire you

the side hunt of another being distracts from the main goal the bigger picture new blood in the tribe all ways brings new thunder in the lighting storm of a cloud to rest tribesmen warriors questioned on there Integrity coucils held in different ways non
traditoal ways many societys in the past life many crumbles many edgeings craved in stone from past generations in the over all lifeform many civalazations  crumbled before the one being build before the eyes of the laborers the laborers of the temple the foundation of the 
lifeform The structue of which u create for ur self the old carpenters saying mesaure twice 
cut once comes to mind we all might not come out square every mock up but the 
ability to adjust and measure up time and time again to become the master piece 
we all want to become is the test of the builder within

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The Man in the Iran Mosque

        Afghan Afghan wearing an Afghan

      leg lifted high

            a pissious 88 salute

          and drenching thirsty

                                    cactus masses

                             with needle arms

                        these masses

                                    drooling acids

                                         crass bands

                                 of bandit masses

                   and the temperature over 140 degrees

            erect hands 

              linger longingly

pining for more

                opiated oblivion

                opinions like onions

          like reefer smoke weaving


                 half assed flags

                    and children try on roles

                                        like play clothes

                        orphan, mourner,

                                    time traveller

            instant age

               in the era of youth

        exfoliators for sporeous pores

-swapping wives instead of recipes now

-foot taps not door raps in bathrooms now

-teachers teach sex ed with homework now

            a world strong enough

     to school us weekly

            as we are fed weakly

we murder it

   by not living Taliban-tech levels

but being regurgitated 

Romans we

       eating to excess

       drinking more

       sexing children

       losing mores

we will circle coriolis

    bring enemies in among us

         and embrace

    this pieceful islam of Religion

 and die

            one by one

                as a people

            who refused a Good God

                will never take a violent god

           and obssessed

     with libertine dash liberty

will die




stoned, jaw dropping walldrops, 

            like head drops

                in soccer stadiums


            this is your life

(but try not to get any turf in your teeth)

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one face

serenade me 
with the antiquities of our lost youth
bring me absolution
lay down
baring our bodies our souls
to the heaven's judgment
ah yes we have sinned
we have sinned horribly
witnessed genocide
all we did was sit by
all we could do was cry
we became jaded
the clarity gave to us in youth faded
are these signs of times to come
a future where we all have only one face
the same face
the only face we wear in public
toxic fumes from our divine intervention rotting our lungs
war's left over waste
homes torn apart broken hearts
trying to make amends
losing the fight
leaving us all with one face the same face  (C)MJR 2009

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Who dares to take this life from me,Knows no better: Parts Three and Four


This is the land of the convectional rains
Which vie on the monsoon back scrubbing streets
This is the land at half-past four
The rainbow rubs the chilli face of the afternoon
And an evening-morning pervades the dripping, weeping
Rain tree, and gushing, tumbling, sewerless rain drains
   Sub-cutaneously eddy sampan fed, muddy, fingerless rivers
        Down with crocodile logs to the Malacca Sea.

This is the land of stately dipterocarp, casuarina
And coco-palms reeding north easterly over ancient rites
      Of turtle bound breeding sands.

This is the land of the chignoned swaying bottoms
     Of sarong-kebaya, sari and cheongsam.
The residual perch of promises
That threw the meek in within
The legs of the over-eager fledgelings.

The land since the Carnatic conquerors
Shovelling at the bottom of the offering mountains
The bounceable verdure brought to its bowers
The three adventurers.

A land frozen in a thousand
    Climatic, communal ages
Wags its primordial bushy tail to the Himalayas
    Within a three cornered monsoon sea -
In reincarnate churches
And cracker carousels.
The stranglehold of boasting strutting pedigrees
And infidel hordes of marauding thieves,
Where pullulant ideals
   Long rocketed in other climes
       Ride flat-foot on flat tyres.


Let us go then, hurrying by
Second show nights and jogget parks
Listening to the distant whinings of wayangs
Down the sidewalk frying stalls on Campbell Road
Cheong-Kee mee and queh teow plates
Sateh, rojak and kachang puteh
(rediffusion vigil plates)
Let us then dash to the Madras stalls
To the five cent lye chee slakes.

la la la step stepping
Each in his own inordinate step
Shuffling the terang bulan.
Blindly buzzes the bee
Weep, rain tree, weep
The grass untrampled with laughter
In the noonday sobering shade.

Go Cheena-becha Kling-qui Sakai

(continued from Parts One & Two)

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Political Spider

I can see them
Clouds of voracity
Covering my stars
Shadowing my reality

These civilized consciences
Have raped my protest
Have spun my web

I can no longer pacify
The tenacious circle of hate
That daily haunts me-
The deprived race
What is it I longed to be
Where come this aggressive reticence
Why this intellectual lock-jaw

I longed to be an alcoholic
I longed to join in the ecstatic dance
I longed to leap into the unknown
To preserve my ancestral pride

Neither did I know 
I had no ancestry
I belonged 
Not to the human race.
I could no longer trade 
That rotting corpse of ancestry
For a dream
Nor could my voice
Accentuated by gesture
Give sacramental significance
To the ailing corpse

I bled from my wounds
I choked in your bonds
I baked in your avarice

How infinite this unity
Of free slaves!
How therapeutic
This hibernation!

They preached brotherhood
Their god issued
Commandments of charity
Which they conveniently
Reserved for the virgins
The silent majority

These invertebrate disturbers of peace
Must always answer with a nod
To those honeyed phrases
Which phased out moral indignation
Only to usher spiritual aberration
The saints had to turn the other cheek

I resigned from imagining, designing
Protesting and even dreaming
Into the routine of living
Without emotional wavelength-
A kind of unconsciousness

What do you say, brother
Should we take flight to freedom
Flee this intellectual tyranny
And accumulated weariness
Should we indulge our consciences

Can one dream thus
Dream of the miracles
They craned their necks
Dream of the great darkness
The ends of the universe
Dream of the wonderment 
Of transcendent realms
Is there anything beyond 
This shadowy future
Is there another universe 
For the spider?

I queried thus and thus
In my ice-age mind
Whereupon emanated
Vast ramifications
Spinning a web for me-
A universe
Beyond which loomed 
Irrational extraneous universes

Was that a miracle
Was that nature
Were those her snares
Perpetually gnawing my reality
Could those questions be answered 
With a nod- however studied?

Come individuality
Remove these tenterhooks
Let me leap into a new rhythm
Let me split the capsule
And witness how long
The trip of human triumph.

(Apartheid era stuff)

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Twenty four seven- Tribute Brain Haw

Twenty four seven AMONG THESE ARE 		                                                   Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness                                                                           Who are the blind twenty four seven                                                                            None so blind as those who will not see                                                                            As long as it takes over my dead body                                                                              grace for grace peace for peace                                                                                 Who are the deaf twenty four seven                                                                              None so deaf as those who refuse to hear                                                                       As long as it takes over my dead body                                                                         grace for grace peace for peace                                                                               Twenty four seven we the people by the people, for the people                                         As long as it takes over my dead body                                                                      grace for grace peace for peace                                                                               Twenty four seven Jesus says, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto me                               of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me                                               As long as it takes over my dead body                                                                      grace for grace peace for peace                                                                                    He went to the enemy and camped twenty four seven                                                       For nearly ten years he stayed night after night of sleeping                                             on the pavement, in all weathers and with little protection.                                             As long as it takes over my dead body                                                                          grace for grace peace for peace  					                                        dreamed that world had all agreed to put an end to war                                                Brain said something what did you say

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Warning Sign

Surly you have put   
                your word to pen
the winds have carried them
have dispersed them               upon the globe
the game pieces          are in place
and the populace   lives    under
               dense clouds of darkness
though not awake                   aware of determinations
                        a war machine
funded with flesh              and gold
                        as oxen under yoke
who have no say           in what their masters plow
They HAVE been             forewarned
surly your WORD       has come         full circle
you have called out                 the future
and given knowledge       of fortresses
                        battlements and shields
The 1st WAR             your minds
The 2nd WAR            your hearts
The 3rd WAR             your flesh
             the full destruction of corruptions
Surly your intentions have 
                          been fully shown for any knowing
the instructions of the King
but they have been led astray
                           and loved to have it that way
You keep sending           your servants
the watchmen who view            into distances
to tell what was far off                  has come close
The Temple and the Bride
               are nearly completed
the invitations to all            the guests 
not one single soul       is exempt
                of participation
freewill will have a whole              new meaning
you can choose the          royal law           of Life
or be driven        off the cliffs
by unruly                          angels
because the            ideology            of WAR
            and fear        driven        by rulers
whose behavior is                   so corrupt 
         that we liken      them   to being    demonic
Come now where is your              reason
that you           should choose            WAR
             over the avenues of peace
everywhere        you turn          is a sign
            and it says         beware
wake up           wake up             wake up
                before you sleepwalk 
                    into death
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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the gold man sacks rome again

the stearn bear
ate the bull
as meat unto idols
    (the idle mammals
              of mammon
         on fence road)
the bags of king Midas filled
 as offense rose
the comstock lode
bovines into stockyards
and the slaughterhouse rules
 (u.s.) Pavlovian fools

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You Make Beautiful Things

Usually, I just pass by
with a glance, read their
life story without making
eye contact so my wallet 
doesn’t feel sympathy,
but this time, his cardboard 
sign screamed at my heart.
It was as if his soul breathed 
hope onto what he wraps 
himself in at night.
His cried out eyes
had a thick layer of 
fog over the pupil,
nostrils were cracked,
wrinkles grinned 
dog fur white.
Yesterday, in Palo Alto,
I gave a homeless man 
my freedom only
cost three dollars.

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They keep watching
Forever observing
Constantly snooping
As the public keeps on fuming

For our safety we are watched constantly
Electronic eyes unable to account
For the nuances of human behaviour
Infiltrate all aspects of living
Criminalizing us
Laying bare all our sins

Intrusive watchmen abound
Debasing all ideas of privacy
Our misdemeanours forever present in cyberspace
We can never repent nor forget
What should be hidden and laid to rest

Our liberty is easily seduced from us
With the promise of big brother's
Constant all seeing
And comforting eyes
His broad shoulders will forever
Protect us from the ghost of an unknown future
All this is just a palaver

The all intrusive camera on every street
Replaces the curtain twitching busy bodies
Of yesterday
We are always naked
Baring all to a hidden authoritarian
Who wants to eat away at our soul

The value of protection today 
Is a necessary cost ever present in our mind-set
We must have no peace in these turbulent times
The attraction of emotional safety
Trumps petty squabbles over rights

Fear of terrorism
Results in ego trips from those in authority
Them who wish to bolster their popularity
By smothering us with hysterical flam
That we so gratefully believe

Anxiety rules the day
And will always keep common sense at bay
No one wants to loudly stand up and say
Please stop looking and go the hell away

A totalitarian philosophy permeates authority
The aim is to control every aspect of living
They are forever craving servitude
From us who think their intrusion is so rude

Being watched and analysed
Does not only happen in a totalitarian state
Everywhere you go liberty
Is at stake
Who will save us from this disgrace?

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Use my name with conscious
I love care and safeguard all
Those of the opinion 
And those of the contrary opinion

I unify tribesmen from different tribes
Advances interests for all
I cultivate culture of unity and harmony
Truly, a mother for all

Slaves can’t insult kings
But they will never be slave’s eternity
As time to usher new will come
I guess you are because they are

Honesty is source of pride
We are tired singing praise
Even when you fail
Use my name to build not insult 
Yes mother is supreme

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Toxic Cake

Toxic Cake
       by Odin Roark

How drippingly fine
The words that coat
Such layered density 
Icing thick enough
To entice the fool
Along with seasoned critics
Into toxic waste goodness

Persuasion chefs united
Gourmet salesmanship
Learned minds 
Street smart minds
Tribal and nepotistic minds
All hawking hidden contagion
Beneath their ever sweet glazing

One day
A global cake will be rolled out
For all to gorge on
Unaware from the top
Might explode layered poison
Well surpassing avoidance 

Our own demise
A recipe created by sentient impotence
The giant bite
The final swallow
The sweet tooth seduction
That never was

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Neon lights

How the love of joy deliria
Just met with each other
Seconds minutes hours
Than light year to search
Back to  clock each to see 
How all to look like

All  it is made up
Make you cry yet  proud
Days and nights work
Test  your taste in love

All in standing in neon lights
Banners and images 
Superior being images
As banners runs through
Falls ball in each year

Hope ball drop for peace
Time wraps back and forward

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In God We Antitrust

Solomon said:
“when the righteous are in authority
the people rejoice,
when the wicked beareth rule
the people mourn.” We have

ten thousand arms reaching out
from the body of free enterprise,
growing longer and thinner;
stretched beyond elastic limit
by politicians and financiers
who feed the hungry beast
on corporate welfare and consumer greed.

Then in twos threes fours and more
the arms must merge
to collectively find the strength
to perpetuate a dream
that delivers to a generation hence
a monumental debt.

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The Window

Melted candles atop a resigned dresser
Wilted roses lying atop a white cloud
The flickering of fires and shadows mesh well with your
Batting eyelashes your heavy words and your breathing in rhythm with
the cadences of muted car alarms and the silence in between
the silence of random gunshots
[And yes the window is closed shut as to keep away the pain of reality]
The scent of passion is Indistinguishable from
the color of roses and I rest my hand upon your
Luscious pink hills and your saccharine green valleys
And your lips are reminiscent of Cupid's salted arrow
Bated breathed and hushed voices
Fleeting touches and orange eyes
Broken white pillars and icy blue roads sirens say
Your voice is of the fertile rivers of Euphrates

[These dusty sidewalks are faring well adorned with dried and caked blood
and are quite flighty for the ransom of stolen dreams have been held high
And lives torn asunder through the mark of a bullet send
chilling echoes across the once gentle city I have heard
The moans of ghosts rife with fear and despair mourning some
Apparent loss of victory or at least something akin to a victory
a loss less painful in its injection of ennui
O'rehead the musty roses litter round the dead bodies
the snow on their noses the remnants of green leaves stain their pockets
The blistering violence like broken glass scar that dream once
Thought to be deferred but revealed to be absent and clash dissonantly with
A derivative form of hope austere in nature blind and deftly jailed.] 
Our bones are becoming too fragile to handle this weight of
Delicious malcontent spirit I am being bombarded by the anxiety
Of words too illicit to be spoken by these mortal tongues so rightfully
Bestowed by our gracious God Words knock on our velvet doors incessantly
With fervent wind blowing through the golden poplars ravaging their leaves
I attempt to evade the graceful fall into sin like a Golden Apple
Your touches are like the decaying fingers of dawn that
Warmeth the widest plains of amber waves and
I fall in your oceans and embers once more.  
 [Upon these dissonant tones flying o’re the ramparts of bleak darkness with
The persistence of rising fear serving as the sole light of the flighty streets the memories of
Corrupt hath lain their brittle hand over the graves of the weeping Those same
Bloody streets are shining black with eminent death
Broken street lamps
Gangster shadowed in billowing fire
Outside the cracked glass of the Lovers' window]

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Men and women came from Heaven,only two parties,
Black and white not God,men made both colors,
In many countries,politics in business branding parties,
All flags of all parties,flying in their own colors,
The party men wearing color glasses all in same colors,
Everything they look with their glass come in same colors,
One party in power painting every things in one color,
Other party come in power and changing this color,
The colors on walls,telling when and who was in power,
In dark these people and hearts not white color,
One day,one to paint all houses pure white color!

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Cacophony of truths

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Come Listen to what I say.

Listen to my Cacophony of truths that burns even the roots of foundation.
From our Nations Heart we wish for a different part.

Let's give this a kick start.
You know your part yea you play the shark.
preying on the weak.
With a global Policy that lets you police the world instead of your own country.

While the rich get richer and the poor poorer.
The ladder of social status and "Proper" morels will  no longer hem us in.
No more reform only reduction and subjugation of rules that all men can be Prevalent to.

Take a step back and take a hit while your at it.
Don't forget to inhale.
Don't check the mail wait a while to confer with those important to you in this world.

You Chaste men Speak the word but I know few that live humble.
You persecute  the unpretentious and crush the Taxpayers that you are sworn to uphold.
Those you slight and scorn will grab you by the horns and slay you.

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The Border in Your Mind


The border in your mind...
The dividing line,
Between me and you, and
You and me.

The borderline we hide behind.
The crying child on the dusty road
Without clothes-heading towards you,
Her back to the wall.

Don't you see, can't you see?
What causes all this misery?
The border in your mind,
The division of kind from unkind.

The dividing line between
Me and you, and
You and me,
And me and Me.

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The perfect Life

A curse upon the gods to break

How to become an enlightened player 101

something to study and pick apart
A royal Joke of political actors
surrounding one fool
teaching spies
and politicians
how to make global friends
and preachers how to preach

(ever been to the insane asylum?)

The protest against innocence
sold short to drugs and insanity
guns and wars of porn psychology
New age Nuns
Psychobabble witchcraft chant
Haunting the drug lords
as he leads the sphere of influence
to salvation

Diffing to the devil
musical conspiracy solved
Dreams of Jesus
and a masterpiece of the gods

(come on HollyWood!!!
Do It!
Show me!
Tell me!
what's the perfect life?)

The mental patient who isn't crazy
but a metaphor
with a political king's court nightmare
philosophizing psychology
like an originator of thought
keeping no diary
as everyone around him does it for him

do the pieces fit?

protesting drugs and guns?

did anyone get it?
did anyone notice me?
did anyone hear the message?

have i been received?

am i the perfect life?

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 10

There was no choice
I took the blame
I killed him
Now they can live
Tariq, Laila, Aziza, Zalmai,
They will go to Pakistan
They will have a future
I will go
The court convicts me of murder
I am put in prison
I am a hero there
Because I killed my husband.

They take me in a truck
"Are you scared?"
My death is coming soon
The end
The beginning?
I was able to do a good thing
I was loved
Life is hard
But there was good in those last years
Tea with Laila
Aziza's love
Sharing the burden
I have served my purpose
I still died a faceless death
Hidden by a burka
Only a woman, nothing special
But behind this faceless face of mine
Lay a fulfilled purpose
A purpose
A life
I walked forward
I knelt
I was executed
For nothing?
For something.
My name is Mariam
I matter.

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The Sword Is on the Field

For those who should
Be on watch
In our defense
Opted for a romance with her
Chasing the treasures on her neck
In an endless discovery

The Sword is on the field….
For they have trodden the path
Of small is not beautiful
In a parasitic center
Drunk with wine in which
Is dissipation
While the sword drinks in mirth
The blood of contemporaneity
Our confessed sentinels
Have refused to stand
Girding their waists with altruism
These voluptuous sentinels
The river that draws the battle line
With its origin will not live to grind the axe

The Sword is on the field
For they decided
To sheath their sword
Even the shield and the helmet
Watched intrepidly at the ordnance
Shaking their heads in utter dismay

The Sword is on the field
It is yet to be satiated
For the elects
Shod their feet
Verbalizing false gospel of oneness
With unedifying necessities
That imparts no grace to the hearers

The Sword is on the field…. 
And the field in ceaseless flow of bloodied democracy
In ceaseless flow with dumdum bullets
The master’s sword of legitimacy
Is undermined
And the sword bruised sanctity

Still, The Sword is on the field!
Where shall we run?
When small is not beautiful
We sanctify the field
But the blood
Would not cease to flow

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if emotion had color

if what we do
if what we did
if our emotions 
had colors
that we could see
what color would we be
dark red with passion
bright red with love
black with anger
or a mixture of colors.
what color is your heart
is it perfect
for your body
or is it imperfect
for your soul.
if emotion
was colored
who would 
you be?

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Our world,
are we free.
Democracy, legal you see.
Bound by the few
affecting the many.
Laws, they are needed,
that much is true.
But democracy,
is that really you ?

You do not say, nor do you do,
all we are are obligatory signatories.
We signed up through our own birth.
we had no choice, decisions were made.

Passports required,
isn't it our world.
Why is a race or country so.
The world was free, evolution was true.
Now all it is is an occupied stew.

The powers that be, they look for their view.
It is not all of ours, we don't shoot and miscue.
Democracy they say.
that just is not true.

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A Diamond Within The Gold

 When time becomes of age
As dawn approaches a new days breathe
Where life in existence discovers boldly
The path to coexist.
   To ward off the ashes of old
Of strife and misguided intolerance
America sees itself united
From the taint of racial ignorance.
   Color has not the value of definition
Of a man behind the soul
To each individual has a name
A diamond within the gold.
   The dawn of the age of acceptance 
Of open eyes and open minds
Together to stand in unity
This is America defined.

     ©By: Darren J McMurray
        November 6, 2008

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Notes on an Election

And the election came about 
Our land chose its leader
Hard work on both sides
     and now the results are in 
An African - American 
    stands once again at the helm
of our ship of state
Let's hope the ship 
    has smooth sailing 
 Although knowing the way the world is 
    I doubt that the trip will be easy 
  America is the furnace 
where the fate of mankind 
    is being forged 
   Despite our faults 
we still offer much hope 
     to mankind 
Now that the "American Dilemma" 
     has faded somewhat 
  Say a prayer for our leaders 
Difficulties can be conquered 
      If we work together we can move ahead
Rejoice in nature's  bounty 
Turn our cities into"gardens for the human spirit"!

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Ten Years Later

Once I wore cowboy boots on an oil rig And before that I was a Deputy, also known as a ‘Pig’ Prior to that time I was a normal guy, living life on the wild side But before I did that, I signed a line; a line to instead of your life, give mine. I was proud to put on a uniform that in turn was an automatic target But attacks on New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania, were the events that would start it Never again would my life be the same, no more thinking freedom was a game Alas, yet again in 2011, we shall continue to send those terrorists, to their ‘terrorist heaven’

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 7

At first
We shared our sorrows
Our secrets
We took care of the children 
Aziza and Zalmai
We shared our love for them
After having a girl
Rasheed beat her too
The only one he liked was Zalmai
The only one who wasn't abused
Got gifts
A larger portion of food.
We still loved Zalmai with all our hearts.

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We Want to KNOW what WE DONE to THEE
Charlie Tuna wants to STRIKE
Along with Catfish Mike

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Words hold the meaning that we assign them
Ever since the fall of the tower .....

Ancient land of mysteries solved
and shared
Where collective mind 
cast away the shadow of doubt.

Creative thought 
held siege by the Jealous Gods of war
and retribution

A hundred times, babylon fell
to the Kassites, the Assyrians, 
She fell 
and was re-built by Nebuchadnezzar   
The hanging gardens, of Eden
her fruit of art and music
flowed through deserts
with the sweet wine of Bacchus
intoxicating all in her pleasure. 

In the aftermath of the great feast
they awoke to find
The Persian army stationed amidst them
having walked through the river
and under the walls.  
Order reform, separation. 
corruption deterioration
Dust to dust.
Alexander the Great
wooed her alive again.. 
dancing through gardens, libraries, 
markets, travel and trade
musicians, poets and playwrights 
came again to sing praises of her beauty.
With his death 
she fell
pawed apart by the feuding decay of his bureaucrats.
Babylon, death and rebirth..

Now she lies beneath the sands, 
beneath the waters of the Euphrates 
A camel ride south of Bagdad
where the tanks and shells of many lands
shake the ancient tower down.

Hammurabi’s code still stands
shattered into a million languages.

Right is right
and Law is Law.

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In front Of Your Face

Take me
Shape me
Misdirect me
You always want to see me
Down on my knees

For ever
And ever
I will always
Be there in front of your face

For years
And years
I have been obliged
Followed your rules
Without doubt or question

It is time
for change
MY words
Echoing in YOUR ears
Fear no longer exists

You will always
Try to break me
But I'll always be there
Infront of your face
With eyes wide open
With a mouth wide open
And a fist raised
High up the air

This time
I won't
Sit back and watch
You kill ever last inch
Of me

I will
Do whatever I can
To bring you down
And I am not alone
You will fall

Enough of
Your lies
Your dirty and filthy lies
You are always in disguise
Nothing but a coward, who will soon die

I'm stronger
With stronger faith
I have multiplied
And always will
I am the vox populi(1)

You will always
Try to break me
But I'll always be there
Infront of your face
With eyes wide open
With a mouth wide open
And a fist raised
High up the air

(1)Vox populi, a Latin phrase that literally means "voice of the people"

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The skinny moneyed man returns

Mocking the rest of utopians,possesed of diathermy
the skinny moneyed man is vaccinated with noisy triumph.
He is going to massacre thousand souls again.
Fear came upon us with a smile of understanding
and drones decided to stay in concealment for months.

Nothing hurts like the truth gnawed by mice
as the despicable events stirred me to pity.
I cut my hair very closely but there was such a jam,
that i couldn't get in.
He tried to obscure the issue but his reason was clouded by hatred.

He squandered his money on idle pleasures,
"iam sorry if i have offended you",
made the punishement fit the crime
"here's a toast to our success",
using the sponge of sodomy.

The air seemed vibrant with the sweltering heat,
as the sphinxs of misery made my egoism full of vigilance
Skinny now holding a bag for me,trying to redeem
my sins.

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Syrian Agony

A bird flying in the Sky
Can be evidence
May be blind
While the justice disappears
Over the point of view 
Down to as a whole

It may not downward
To sit with them
Sticks on the sky
Flying without aim
Looking back and at
The theories of peace

Word to word
Weapon to weapon  
Blood to blood
Hand to hand
To fight and to celebrate
For a happiness of the end

Epic turns pages
Learns lessons
Without verbs

Freeze Rivers of universe
Melt and flow 
Pouring human blood
Turning into “Red Sea”
Uniting the sea of whole 

Glory and power
Will of desire
Bi- tri – polar
Toast for over

Arrogant decision
Legitimates peace
Innocent civilian
Encages to piece

Die and cry
Carry on why
Syrian’s sky
Heave a sigh 

Bird you and I are misguided 
Media as a medium 
Is as a message
Hegemony of the God
Of several hands

Udaya R. Tennakoon

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The Social Theology Article of Faith
Social Theologist and Founder Ms. Verlena S. Walker is sending a message of prayer and worship for all to covenant via the therapeutic form of creative writers for the longevity of humanity through a greater determination and the norms of the omnipotent whom is God. Our Faith is Social Theology. Our Temple is DomKirk. Moreover, our belief is to covenant via the therapy of creative writers for prayer and worshipping of the omnipotent God who has given us life determined to greatness.
Our Creed states that…
1. We believe in one unity of the body as a theological vessel of the Modern Day Bible that is prophetic through our destiny and not spoken of by the written word until the truth has been shown and heard. 2. We believe in one unity of the body as a vessel of the omnipotent God for holistic purposes to deliver righteousness to those who have been falsified through others’ wrongness. 3. We believe in one unity of the body as a passage [way] of the omnipotent God to deliver righteousness to those who desire to be saved.
There are seven [7] sacraments to this Article of Faith.
1. Grace and Honor: Unto the omnipotent God, I give grace and honor. 2. Prayer of Deliverance: Unto the omnipotent God, I pray for deliverance. 3. Spiritual Worship: Unto the omnipotent God, I worship with mind, body, and soul. 4. Faithfulness: Unto the omnipotent God, I bequeath faithfulness in following “The” and adhering to his Holy Word. 5. Wholeness: Unto the omnipotent God, I offer the wholeness of one unity of the body through holistic means. 6. Togetherness: With the omnipotent God, I am one. 7. Fulfillment in Belief: For all is in my belief that the omnipotent God is the creator of humanity in which in [my] purgatory I am ready for Heaven.
~Hallelujah Amen!~
________________________________| ~Penned April 29, 2014!~

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Rabbit vs turtle,
The old running race,
Another race is on the cards-
Swan vs betel,
The floating race,
Betel means winning leaf,
Like the old rabbit in belief,
The finishing point is nearing,
Both Swan and betel in the hope of winning!

(The presidential election in Sri Lanka is to be held on 08.01.2015
The symbols of the two main candidates,Swam and Betel leaf

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Saving Daylight

The guns and rocket launchers
are being fed to the furnace,
to be changed to hoes and rakes.

Military training fields are being changed
to playgrounds and amusement parks for kids;
it doesn't matter the political party
their parents belong.

People are coming together to commemorate
the fallen - rebels, government soldiers, innocent souls,
and brave men and women who fought for peace.

The Nation is chasing away the darkness in her past,
creating a space for daylight in the future; a bright
tomorrow for her sons and daughters.

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ptsd of late stage capitalism

i miss the softness of her touch

cut short by Lehman brothers’ harsh


i miss kindness of time before the crash

economy in relative peace

living off fumes of postwar boom

before post-traumatic stress of recession-plagued world

robbed me of ability to fulfill my dreams

and fully reveal my inner self

thanks to din of private property

and rumble of greed

world is psychotic, denial laden

- where love can be a marketplace

humans commodified to the extreme -

i yearn for a world

where people can be people

judged on the merits of their person

not their circumstance

for in such a world

there would be no need to worry

for inherent goodness in every human being

is a guarantee

someday that world will be realized

this i know for sure

this poem a dedication

and an affirmation

of that truth.

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darkness into daylight

darkness into daylight

i want to kick the darkness ‘till it bleeds daylight

i want to expose the darkness

that permeates the souls of

passive aggressive fathers and mothers

who live in their own denial

and lay the foundation

for future psychopaths

i want to tear down the cancerous wall of denial

that eats at the soul of our society

and continues to turn the beautiful promise of humanity

into a sick farce.

i want my poetry to go into

psychiatrists offices

jail cells

and bedrooms that resound with deafening sorrow and misery

wish my poetry

could get her to turn the barrel away from her mouth

and believe

get the kid away from the crack pipe

and believe

get humanity to organize

and believe.

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I want to write a great poem

i want to write a great poem

i want to illustrate despair

i want to illustrate terror

i want to illustrate regret

i want to illustrate remorse

i want to illustrate rage

i wan to illustrate ecstasy

i want to write like william carlos williams

and brilliantly describe the eloquent simplicity of a wagon

i want to use brilliant imagery

i want to document the historical greatness of this era

but the immense burden of this time has made my body weary

so i write this poem

not a great poem

not a bad poem

but a good poem

and once again tell the world

that I hope that what i write

can help to some day bring about


so decent people

won’t have to go through what i did

and feel what i’ve felt

and fully use their talents

for the betterment of humanity

i don’t know

i want to turn frowns into smiles

i want a world where one day

people won’t be scared

children will be fed

love will be the law

peace among all nations and peoples will prevail

and everyone is an artist

so i don’t know

maybe my future socialist twin will be able to write that great poem for me

so here’s to you, my brother

may you ride, ride strong and high

and may victorious humanity be your horse.

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What is the American Dream

I was 5 years old when I first stepped onto this land of the free America, the place that I heard was the best place to be To live a better life to become better beings To chase the American Dream to provide for our family, the finer things The world tells us wealth and power is the number one But is that what really provides us the happiness at the end of our run? What really is the American Dream? Tainted by our materialistic desires, we believe that worldly success transfers into content But will we really forever be at peace with just these tangibles present? To achieve this American Dream means long hours at work away from our families and friends To hear everyday, “Daddy, will you be able to make my recital?” Or, “Honey, come home early today. Please.” To buy the family hundred dollar Nikes and thousand dollar Louis Vuittons But to have lost the word, “family” in its entirety No, this isn’t my American Dream The media tells us, Just Do It, and we’re all individuals but we’re all part of a movement Pressured by the media to buy what we can’t and to be who we aren’t In a world of rich be rich and poor be poor, We can never be content with just the objects of this world. True moments of happiness occur between family and friends To gain all of the world’s objects is in no comparison to the bond that a family holds To continue this spiritual value against the tangibles that will one day no longer be To earn self-confidence in the goodness of the future generation For this is my American Dream.

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My Ballot Paper

I have long waited 
This sunny day
To chide myself

Should I cast for this clown
Who with dripping mouth
Sang his electorate his ambitions?

Or this home-made angel
Who with wings of kites
Would myrrh his disciples?

And then again I wonder
Should the heavens rock
Who will restrain the storm?

So I take the little ballot
And with raging words
In verse expend my anguish!

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New World Order

New World Order

Will the New world Order
Set the world in order
No way, i very much doubt
There is trouble around the border

Rich nations are in fear
Some nations might tear
The Silken fabric of theirs
Which they so proudly wear

There is separate remedy
For every Tom, Dick and Eddy
New world Order may be good
but for others poison ready

No one system can be good
For the Wolf and Robin Hood
Variety is Natures rule
All take different food

If you are looking for peace
You needn't go to Rome or Greece
Take care of your pennies
Pounds will stay at ease

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war crimes done unto children perpetrated by terrorists hiding in america

on youtube i am troynelson2011 the ocd riddle for world peace,
 i cant check my email,
 twitter wont let me tweet,
 facebook wont let me post, 
and soundcloud definately owes me an appology...

. imagine a group of people in my allies back yard pretending to be somebody they aren't. 
imagine that group of people hiding in my allies midst was perpetrating war crimes in other parts of the world.  
lets say hypothetically speaking this group of people hiding among my allie was holding their children hostage on television and force feeding children to be medicinal guinea pigs so their kids wouldnt have to... 

now imagine this group of people hiding in my allies midst perpetrating war crimes in other countries was funded by the global prodigal youth via living out their dreams and ambitions before they could cause they had the means to do so first.. so this group of inventors all with one invention under their belt using my friends kids as guineau pigs funded by my other friends childrens dreams.....

What do you think happens when a terrorist organisation hiding in your allies midst (few disguised as many) perpetrating war crimes accumulates a debt to owe the prodigal youth sky scrapers...

a global terrorist in usa is perpetrating war crimes using your kids as medicinal guineau pigs.  setting up shop in canada where is rumored homeless began taking refuge in the sewer

in short america, you are going to be introduced to the global prodigal youth, terrorists hiding in your country owe sky scrapers to.when does armstrongs sperm mature anyway?

they hold children hostage on television, they use your kids as guinea pigs,

you have just been volunteered to assist me in murdering my enemy, the one that owes me everything they ever put in their mouth

wouldnt you feel responsible to find out every time you opened your mouth it  became  a tv show, game show, movie, or product on your store shelves, was being used to fund global terrorism.

tsix step process of your enemy.vs ur 4 step process to realise ur allie

you have MY enemy surrounded, word of mouth is powerful

after you read this phone your mother and tell her you recieved an email from the future king of england explaining your global problems... 

 twiiter, facebook, soundcloud, are stolen ideas
isnt it ironic bill gates is our worlds most famous inventor with only one invention... and shows absolutely no pridefor his own baby he worked on for years after work

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Double Knotted Culture

I could be less positive of time's resolving karma

without not(not) as negative

binomially defining

what is not polynomial not

and what must be more positive

you see, or not.


This double negative binding positive

hurts my bicamerolling brain

intuiting what is not Right

deducing what could be Left

to permacultural imaginings

balancing economies with ecologic

synaptic sap reversing

not aptic snap

fusing neural patterns

of polynomial permaculturing positions

overwhelming this knot of double nots.


To be

is to belong meta-diastolic,

I hope a positive existential phenomenon,

whatever that might mean.

But, too long this longish longing

is not to not be,

it is simply a not

waiting for a second;

to not not long

incarnates belonging grace

and not not karmic knots

in negative implicating space

without a proper polynomial place

for knotish naughty

not not negative integrity.


Karma double-masks what grace uncovers

as incarnation reverses back

toward naked origin of well-wombed undouble-knotting fetus,

DNA enscribing nurture's primal covenant,

warm and fertile buddha-care.


Uncovered human nature

erupts through Janus-masked cocoon

discovering nature's

uncovering intuition of polyculturing unity;

and competitive not,

hidden within ego-defensive

cognitive dissonance,

immune instinct

repulsing tied-up distinctions.

Biting into life's positive oysters

risks gnashing knotty pearls.

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Eden Return

Hysterical laughter in eternity
still crying out at the hypocrisy
of life lived under the thumbs
of the oppressing ones.
Freedom they said they would give us
If we asked the king to forgive us.
and if we agree to pay tribute
they would stop the rape and loot
we didn't even know
which ones were in control
at any point in time
the fully sublime
shiftings of power
by the day and the hour
locked in the ivory tower
and away from the peasant earth digger
they had much bigger
things to accomplish, than just a pleasant life.
And all the strife they laid upon us all
was part of the fall
from dignity.
It's a pity.
Then came the mines and the factories
warriors needed to keep the keys
to the city gates in the right hands
none of us really understands
the workings of the minds that need
so badly to succeed
that life has no meaning or worth.
Even less for planet earth.
And she's dying
and no one is trying
to revive her.
Now they want to survive her
and credit card shackles still hold the debtors prison
third world vision
is incomplete
no one can compete
in world markets controlled by the elite
we are the billion feet
of the crawling beast.
and at least
we could know why we chose it.
Just suppose it
could change.
Seems strange.
But if the feet stop running the treadmill of fear
and we all held dear
what was important, sacred, the sane
would we stop acid rain?
What if our lawns became gardens all
could we reverse Edens fall?
What if our children could eat and play
from natures sweet bounty every day?
Would cancer disappear if we stopped the spray?
and left no more poison where children play?
What if we made our own industries
in each of our communities?
What if we made windmills and power the sun
we may have just begun
a revolution
that holds a solution
for our planets peace.
I release my rage at the beastly machine
that holds destruction, Pull myself from in between
the cogs of the wheel of the corporate dream
and paint a new picture in the sky.
Of streets and towns and city planning true
ways and solutions that work for me and you
and the earth's evolution could take another turn
where we do not burn
in the hell of nuclear wastelands
It will take many hands
to undo the self fulfilling prophesies of armageddon
Get on board, this train is moving. get on
with it. We all fit in the grand plan,
the saving grace of man.

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Failed promises

    promises made,the tongue of deceit
hope upon hope,life becomes unbearable,
Cajoled by sweet words;unreliable and void;
     Void of justice,comfort and good governance,
  To fight unemployment,inflation and covetousness,
we lean on fragile wood ,and sit on three legged chairs,
        Consumed by this unquenchable fire,
           Our hearts burn with pain and
       our bodies  roast like barbeque meat,
Oh!mother nature;how can we continue to endure
      these idiosyncrasies?I say No! No more!!,
I shall resist!with all my strength and blood.
     I will not be wary until justice is done!.

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Who dares to take this life from me, Knows no better: Parts One and Two

               for Eric Mottram

           "Nur wenn das Herz erschlossen,
            Dann ist die Erde schön."


An important thing in living
    Is to know when to go;
He who does not know this
    Has not far to go,
Though death may come and go
    When you do not know.

Come, give me your hand,
Together shoulder and cheek to shoulder
We'll go, sour kana in cheeks
And in the mornings cherry sticks
To gum: the infectious chilli smiles
Over touch-me-not thorns, crushing snails
From banana leaves, past
Clawing outstretched arms of the bougainvilias
To stone the salt-bite mangoes.

Tread carefully through this durian kampong
For the ripe season has pricked many a sole.


                               la la la tham'-pong
Let's go running intermittent
To the spitting, clucking rubber fruit
And bamboo lashes through the silent graves,
Fresh sod, red mounds, knee stuck, incensing joss sticks
All night long burning, exhuming, expelling the spirit.
Let's scour, hiding behind the lowing boughs of the hibiscus
Skirting the school-green parapet thorny fields.
Let us now squawk, piercing the sultry, humid blanket
In the shrill wakeful tarzan tones,
Paddle high on.the swings
Naked thighs, testicles dry.

Let us now vanish panting on the climbing slopes
   Bare breasted, steaming rolling with perspiration,
      Biting with lalang burn.
Let us now go and stand under the school
    Water tap, thrashing water to and fro.
Then steal through the towkay's
Barbed compound to pluck the hairy
Eyeing rambutans, blood red, parang in hand,
And caoutchouc pungent with peeling.
Now scurrying through the estate glades
    Crunching, kicking autumnal rubber leavings,
         Kneading, rolling milky latex balls,
Now standing to water by the corner garden post.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 6

The war is a part of life
There was always the sound of bombs
The sound of people dying
One landed close
The neighbors
Rasheed and I rushed out 
The house was destroyed
I saw pieces of the mother
The father
Under a pile of rubble was the girl, Laila
So young and beautiful
Lost her parents
Rasheed carried her to our house
We cared for her till she was strong
Rasheed doted on her
I knew his intentions
Soon I would not be the only one
The only wife to Rasheed
For Laila it was my fate 
Or death.

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A sick smile 
graced your face
While corrupt expressions
flew from your mouth with ease.
It doesn't cause you harm or pain
to lie to the people who blindly follow you.
We need it. We still need it.
More than ever,
lying beast.
More than ever.

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Past and future iniquities flow
Never quenched with fire you know
Beat them bloody and trade new devils
For old years violence deals

On no one's hands
On all our hands
Lets thank the sleight of it
So disgusted by the thought of it

Spiraling into madness as the drums beat
Got what they want, but good shall defeat
Not everything packed in madness so neat
Prayer and love the only, the only retreat

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Denounce hate

Confiscate the blood shade
What map in world is your interest
How its divided borders of hate to bring a meal its own people
Spring Rise or Nuke evils or grater dear friend state 
Are they our priority to put the hot meal in family table
In middle all paying high price and no clue at all
Denounce hate born to dead we're all peaceful
Once please more focus the people its own land.

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Death be Justice

Death be Justice, 2011
Vickie M. Ortiz Vazquez

Stranger you are
Known to me through a split second
Glimpse of your criminal action
Story told by the Whiteman
Hundreds shout your name
Hundreds place faith upon the “great nation”
Hundreds failed to notice your color
Guilty not by your true actions
Guilty in the name of your color
Stranger you are
Known to me through a split second
Yet, not a stranger
A story recycle, previously heard
Watched by few yet many
Drained voices, songs of desperation
Faulty process disguise as justice
Louder the lies told
Lady of Justice refuses to listen
Set up by Public Attorneys; poor people’s guilty brand
Murder actions supported, celebrated, acknowledge in the name of Red, White and Blue
Legal; neither immoral nor unethical
Death be justice in the hand of Lady Justice

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Lucky are the elected,
For they shall have all chances,
To change the law and favour themselves,
To increase their pay and rob taxpayers.

Favoured are those with tribesmen at the top,
For they shall find no hindrance,
In any office they shall seek,
Neither shall they be jobless nor be job-seekers.

Great are those with power,
For no law shall be above them,
They shall kill or rob or justify the unjust,
And the law will always be on their side.

Happy are power owners,
For they will reap where they had not sown,
Through corruption and scandalous embezzlement,
Of the common man's hard earned funds.

The rest will just watch in silence.

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They Will Survive

They Will Survive

A small tent village
Deep in a forest at the edge of town
Men, women and children
Scrounging for food
Eating stuff that other people threw away
The people were important at one time
They cured the sick and fed the hungry
They owned homes and fancy cars
They were rich, poor and middle class
They did nothing to cause this
All they did was live their lives
Scratching an existence for the families
The world changed in an instant
One after another jobs left to Mexico
The money dried up and the stores closed
No food, water or power
Their homes were taken by the bank
Left empty because all of the credit was gone
People migrated in ever growing herds
Looking for a miracle place
With food, water and power
Instead they found a tent and a forest
Tents hidden away from a condemning world
They will survive
Even with no help they will survive
They will survive

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in a sugar bowl

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from the world'd murky underbelly
self mutilate your soul
free your mind
serve the masses to the wolves
controlled by greedy mercenaries
hungry for power
society corrupted by corporate logos
brainwashed to purchase the goods
materialism to the very core
money equals power
equals corruption
billions spent on warfare
kill to make that green
evil has no borders

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The Siege

While extremists and all 
Are laying siege on Kenya
ICC is laying another siege 
Of its own on the country

What siege are they laying 
For the Al Shabaab?
For Assad’s regime?
I wonder! Aloud!

While the free world
Is talking peace
With Syria and Iran
Where despicable
Unspeakable acts
Are all but rampant 

They are talking war
With peaceful Kenya 
Already at the throws
Of merciless Al Shabaab!

Of what use are condolences
From those who seek to rekindle
Yesterday’s atrocious bonfires
With disproportionate vigour?

I heard the thunderous applause
I saw the ambassadorial smiles
I saw the presidential grins
And I saw the skepticism!

And I wished for a moment
And I prayed for a moment
That the new dawn of hope
Would spread wide its wings

To encompass my gallant country
And spare the children of Kenya 
The trauma and pain and loss
And let the healing continue!

For on the face of retribution
Lies not the ultimate answer
And at the hands of a hangman
Lies not bankable justice per se!

But perhaps the men and women
Who make an annual pilgrimage
To the skyscrapers of New York
Are immune to such notions!

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when the blue sky turns red

when the sky was blue
it lit up the day sky
by the sun's sky,
when it shone, the light
was radiant, but
now it is red
with power
and dignity
when will 
the sky turn
blue again

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don't tell me they are job creators

Do not tell me they are job creators

Sitting and watching their money

Like pit bulls

Deaf to the screams of the innocent

Web designer lawyer and bricklayer alike

At this last hour of decaying madness

Of system that doesn't listen

Machinelike deaf hollow stonelike

Tonedeaf and heartdeaf

Stubborn cold and unfeeling

Where are we heading

21st century madness time coming and coming

O descendants of hawthorne thoreau dickinson sartre marx lenin and trotsky

Come now

We can surely do better than this

Surely we can focus on common art common science common culture and common humanity

Is that not truest sophistication

O children of generation x y and z

Make z+1 the realization of one...

The realization of oneness

Now and for all time.

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Pakistan is weeping now
weeping Burmese burnt dreams
weeping Cubans in Darfur
weeping Venezuelans
North Korea is weeping still
weeping Iranian uranium dream
weeping Chinese in Tibet
weeping Russians
the world wails
and We sleep to dream

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Wake Up and Die

I watch the peddles fall but my eyes are dry	
I just can’t remember a better time
Now the skies grow dim and birds won’t fly
Yah there’s nothing I see that’ll make it shine
I see rolling balls and empty hands
The world is shameless for those who can’t even stand
And the man in slacks who speaks on the podium
His lies preaching out how we’re not alone.

So wake up and die		
Dig out your graves		
Prepare for the laughter
Through the haze
Too much loss 
Prevented your gains
Rise up with your brothers
Cause we’re all the same

The bars are easy to fill and life’s been too hard
So quick to get into and not too far
Drinking wasted taxes and politician’s lies
Hiding back your distaste right behind your eyes
Singing about the railroad and the power of love
Shoulda brought them together before they sung
Now they’ve chased them back to a life of pain
Their lies preaching still how we’re all the same

Going backwards 
we can’t accept the past
Moving forwards 
we hope we’ll last
run by lords 
we see power from their hands
walk by love and
we’ll take a stand

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No war games

As you chose to one reign them 
When you thrown of their Shah
You choose what is their future

Please don’t take the same path 
To be ridicule in eyes of all world
Don’t care about your oil games

We all need to be left alone
Live life with our kids 
No war games  please

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Blazing questions

I used to track
the will of a knowing sign
But now trail the sign 
of all that’s lost
Each breeding
a haunting voice
and a tempting spark
But must remain
the colourful underside
of a dream

Of a state 
roasted in blazing questions,
that I, 
must answer

I used to craft 
a ring around each dizzying song
That guides the strings
and charms each voice,
to the inductive sway of an
accompanying dance
that no one in mind can hold
to trust

I lent my sight to one
with the same dream…
my kindness now resides 
in me

I leant on a giant 
as he lifted some…
To kiss the same sun I now 
so reluctantly see

But true questions require will

Can blazing musings
quench a raging fire of despair?
Would dizzying songs restore 
the molten state of care?

For one who’s lived,
my night ends when signs cease to show
Yours depend
on endings and tangled souls 

For rising questions,
faithful and alone inside…
a sign is the current before
we dream of lasting love

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“There is no life without death.”

Evolutionary indigenous
Nomads were Mongoloid.
Scavengers were Australoid and Caucasoid. 
Barbarians were Congoid and Negroid.
We became civilized but within, nations were lost.
A great division of humankind characterized by our features, we are all a myth of the Mayans.
Genetically distinct we are formed as a species – humanity.
Nevertheless, famine plagues us.
War is born here, near, and far.
We are no more than the human race.
However, we have known discrimination because we immigrate.
God confused the languages to eliminate this type of hate.
A great nation form from this ideology and is named the United States [of America].
America has genes to produce black, brown, and white off spring.
In the North, we stand.
The Racial Golden Rule states that we are rightfully given a separate place that provides racial freedom via racial separation and independence.

White people immigrated.
Black people were brought as slaves.
Via the natives, this eminent country - this eminent domain was made.

User Name: Verlena
Psuedonym: Oblivion Dark Sunshine
Motif: Racial Golden Rule

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I refuse to take that corporate needle
in my arm
They can never change me
so I run
I'm being chased and hunted down
hide with me
We will be the ones who live
we shall live on.

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amongst the very many she had a heart of gold
until she was shot lay flat on the floor 
blood like puddles, oozing in to streams 
just a little girl never to be seen
because of the destruct she lays in a grave 
doves flying over sending her grace
poppies, daffodils and tulips around her as gods merciful angels suround her

could it be that identity caused this terror 
palestininians are dying and its strictly not by error
whether by bombs, bullets, guns and blood the game of war has just begun 

there will be more if we step down now
palestine will forever be known as  masscred grounds
the destruct and endless memory will surely remain

the fibbing name of a land of gold
the remaining pain in millions of innocent souls
the cry for freedom not being heard 
the trenching and suffering of people who toss and turn 
the resting of others who lived to die 
i am palestinian i block the fear in my eyes

i love my country and what its become 
but yet im in shock of wut my land has become 
awakening i realize reality, sanity and the country that's mine
the land that  vanished in front of my eyes
the hills i used to play on 
the trees i used run through
the freedom i used to feel in my heart
and now it's gone

palestinian i am 
palestinian am i  

the bombs flying, guns shooting as common as a butterfly flying in lines 
no fear, no tears not a thoght of worry 
as long as their far from near 
so how long do we suffer,put our lives to sake
shed our tears 
when will peace make it's way
we've felt and dealt with so much  pain
but to me the game of war is a stupid game 

and when this life is over
we'll meet in a place of peace where war has no chance
we'll all be free gleaming with content
because of what i've suffered in my life i'll gain it in the end

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The Final Shout

A hundred times I mention her name in loneliness,
a thousand times I shout her name into the wilderness.
In my wildest dreams and tormenting nightmares I have cried for her,
at life’s every twist and turn I have reached for her.
In the prison’s dark alleys I have searched for her,
in my mother’s womb I must have craved for her.
She is more the image I seek than who she probably can be.

She is someone about whom I have an archive of unwritten poetry…
Though a dream she wakes me with hope;
with twinkling eyes and soothing lips.
She is she and much much more,
her beauty glows as she ages.

When the rope turns its final coil to squeeze that last drop of draining blood,
I’ll smile at the mirage of her vision in full entity and shout her name with all the 
Lo, I shall shout “Freedom!”

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Nigeria! Nigeria!! my beloved Nigeria
How you've suffered, how you've been rendered barren and useless
A country full of milk and honey
A country rich in people, culture and traditions
Gone were those days when you were the pride of Africa
Gone were those days that you were regarded as the giant of Africa
Gone were those days of our founding fathers
Gone were those days of the likes of Amadu Bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo
Gone were those days when we used to have elder statesmen
Gone were those days when we have people that would strive for your unity and integrity
What we are left with now are bunch of greedy and selfish politicians
What we are left with now are bunch of thieves
Those that illegally and unjustifiably stole their way into your heart and soul
Those that bribed and cheated their way into power
Those that are ready to suck and milk you dry and make you barren
Those that are ready to destroy the future of our great nation
Nigeria! Nigeria!! I weep for my beloved Nigeria.

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my sister and the drone

there is a drone in a transparent jar
on the stool
my sister is watching him intently
her cheeks raised and teeth glittering

she scrutinizes as it flaps while climbing
it crawls up and pauses midway
it takes quick breathe, 
pumps its abdomen and pulls up again
its almost leaving the jar when...
my sister chuckles and vibrates the jar
with her little finger
the drone crumbles and falls on its back
its feathery wings stuck at the bottom
and feet kicks the air.
my sister burst out laughing...and... stops
the drone is turning over 
heading for the dry corner of the jah..
my sister rolls her eyes and waits...

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brief letter to a young politician in the making

dear friend,
my fear for you, is that you are filled with a 
fire in your
belly &
that out of anger at seeing the 
bull*****that is going on around you,
you have felt the need for a while
to try & change things for the better---
while this is most certainly an 
admirable trait
for anyone to hold,
the idea that you are limited to the 
channels which the powers that be
offer you on a platter,
is one that if you let it, will inevitably
corrupt you & destroy
all the genuine “goodness,”
if i might be so bold,
which you have inside you---
i speak to you with this in mind
due  to the intimate nature of a personal
friendship, which has spanned a few years,
during which the both of us have shared
many a conversation on
the nature of the world,
the so-called political structure that this
empire wields &
philosophy in general.

there are other ways of using the energy
which you have exemplified to me
personally, a thousand times over---
history has shown you in all the books you 
have read & from the mouths of all those
whom you admire that have never been 
disfigured by the american political process,
that there is a plethora of inspirational 
women & men, who have been committed to
the betterment of our people & the human
species in totality,
that have never even pondered
the aspirations of power that would lead 
someone to offer up their hands
to the bloodying, dirtying &
which shows itself to be essential
for the climbing of that 
fateful ladder,
here in the belly of the empire.

rather than spend weeks & months
thinking about the most “appropriate”
way to express your concerns about
this world & the country in which you live,
it’s ok!
nobody is going to hold it against you---
nobody worth anything, that is.

with all the sincerity i can muster,

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And the World Turns

Send them home
To begin 
Bring them back
After the end of ends
Knock off turbans and
Ransack the shacks of the ghettos of New York
Putting things back together
In a mosaic attempt to fix
History and erase her’s
Women and Men
Brown and White
Black and Red
Yellow Yellow
Mellow war fever

Intertwined within the masses
Let’s all hold hands
And blindly lead each other
To the end
A day of reckoning 

Cutting through corn stalks and 
Sprinkling homicide through prairies 
Slashing the censored cacti
Tearing off the arms of the rising
Injustice supporters
Smearing blood across
The Painted Desert 

We can’t move fast enough

To make bombs and slice children
Until their tears mix with their blood
To make clay we eat out of
Let’s disengage
And hit the club
Forget this mess
Babay Babay

Democratic Republicans
Poetic Politicians
Dictator loving Socialists
Ease their way into tea parties
Mad Hatter racing The Walrus and the Carpenter
Frantic on opium and dynamite
Versus me, versus you
Me hit you, you hit me
Weaving a basket out of biological warfare
And psychological child’s play

To catch our hopes before they hit the ceiling and burst
Into Reality

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The Bill of Rights, Part II

No illegal search and seizure
Says amendment Number Four
Probable cause necessary
Before we break down your door.
The warrant spells out what they search,
Describing things they will seize.
So hide them where you know they won’t
Go to the judge, and say, “Please.”

Number Five’s an uncommon gem
It says we won’t take your life
Without due process of the law,
Or by talking to your wife.
Testimony from yourself, and
Oh, yeah, double jeopardy,
Will never be responsible
For removing liberty.

We will not take your property
For a bridge or a highway.
Not without compensating you
But, please, stay out of the way.
We’ll never pay you what it’s worth,
Nor what the market will bear.
We shall pay you what we think’s right
And so what if it’s not fair?

So now we come to Number Six:
Speedy trial for you and me.
Impartial juries we will have
‘Less the press first runs the story.
We will inform you of the crime
They think you have committed.
And let you confront eyewitness
And a lawyer, not dim witted.

So here we are, now at Seven,
But this one’s kind of dicey.
It’s about the common law,
And the cost of controversy.
The courts have set some precedents
From the beginning to this year
So put this one from your mind, but
Don’t let lawyers know your fear.

Punishment cruel, or excessive
Is listed in Number Eight.
High bails and fines not imposed
Except in a crime of hate.
This allows a sentence of death
When combined with Number Five.
So, while stoning is a no, no.
Injection can take your life.

The rights for you, herein displayed
Shall not be the only item.
Number Nine says it right clear
Other rights are not denied ‘em.
This simply means, to you and me,
We’re somewhat free, to a point.
Beware of our society
For they say no to that joint.

This now brings us to Number Ten
About powers left on the rack.
If it’s not stated by this doc
States, and people, take up the slack.
The constitution delegates
Power to the three branches.
But if they overstep these bounds
Beware election chances.

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The Bill of Rights, Part I

The Bill of Rights was ratified
by citizens in these states,
But, see, now there is a problem
Today, it’s the world we face.
There are ten things Gov. cannot do,
They are spelled out for everyone.
For now, these rights are set in stone.
Let’s review them, one by one.

The right to worship where you dare
is the Number One protection.
Arab, Jew or the Satanist;
Free from undo persecution.
But when their Gods tell them to kill
we will hunt the sinners down.
We’ll even fight in foreign lands
and bomb them into the ground.

It also says to speak your mind!
It was next on Jefferson’s slate.
But, please, don’t utter the wrong words,
No obscenities from your crate.
Burn a flag and we don’t care,
The Supreme Court said one day.
Even fools deserve a voice.
But, in schools, you cannot pray.

Freedom of press is mighty nice
Till Paparazzi track you down.
How does the First Amendment
Let them treat you like a clown?
If the press is wrong, you can sue
But infrequently will you win.
The Courts have said, time and again,
Their mistakes we will pardon.

The right to gather we do have.
Thank the Gods they put this in.
Just make the choice of time and place
And let the world see you win.
Protest someone’s execution,
Say CNN and Fox News,
We will ask you stupid questions
And take shots from different views.

Right to Bare Arms is Number Two
NRA says that’s a FACT now.
Our founding fathers never saw
An SMG shot at a cow.
If they had, I truly think,
They’d be completely horrified.
A change of minds you’d see so fast,
‘less, of course, they’re petrified.

Militia is a good idea.
Let’s secure the federation.
Please don’t shoot the officers
When they come for regulation.
You’ll only see the FBI
If you buy weapons banned,
Or if you brainwash members
To take poison from your hand.

Number Three? No GIs in home:
Not at peace, nor if at war.
Unless the Houses pass a law
Proposed by a senator.
But even with that stupid law
We will ask before we do.
Forefathers said we surely must
Just don’t expect us to pay you.

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The Pride Of An American

We're not just one color a simple pigment of skin or race don't define me get behind me, I'm an American I don't finish last I hate not to win I have not one friend because I'm all American Yet I am not the image unpenetrated by your eyes my morals are great as your eagerness to believe lies my heart sometimes grows heavy with loss, as any other I have the same faith in all people as I do in a brother so the next lie you hear about me how about a fact check? I'm used to it, that American treatment always an evil stereotype the ideal of freedom so worth the fight I am not just one color or a pig full of sin you can see my brand of greatness time and again for the pride of an American cannot be broken or divided but the ideal of freemdom which heros have died for keeps the dream chasers united

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Earthday/Gulf of Mexico

Oil for all!!
Bring a cup 
Have your fill!!
Black gold for all!!

Pelicans are oil coated,
Ready to fry!
Black moon sand is
Free for all!!

The oil is still
Lingering on
Alaska's shore
Twenty-one years later
Clean up of the
Exxon-Valdez spill, still not clean!!

Dear politicians please help!!!

The oil still flows like black death!

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Hey, Pilgrims,
Let's dress-up
Dress-down the plumes
of the dancing Peacock
(If we'd allow)
but for the Ritual;

For Francsly speaking
in tongues of plata y oro,
How much 'cide this buys?
A simply-uneasy angst to the quest,
Oh, how Corpulent "m.d.'s" -
Which dystrophy Indigene Water - Land - Identity muscle 
Manifest your Destiny! - Trophied.

Lots of time for sargeants,
for unhappy Cherokee rides on trails to tears      
Led from 50,000 years to Discovery? Indeed!
With no reservation 
'cept to enslave the Spirit,
And with tobacco & cotton gotten
from the corn colors of the Earth!

Are the Iroquois/Mohawk/Navajo/Cherokee/Hopi
Thankfully jeeping...?

Don You grisly-now...
Our meleagris gallopavo decapatito,
Strut and march like mute Mummera in the Charade!

                                                                            Cum Multis Aliis  

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Thus, O Beloved, Thus

Your village will 
have wells
Well-equipped water-
My village connected 
to the town.
I shall be employed
And teaching poetry 
and plays
In a college.
China will leave 
claiming Ladakh,
Issues of Arunachal 
and Lama, settled.
Kashmir shall be 
again a kingly state,
Chenab to Chin ,K2 
and Pirpanchal;
And India, Pak, 
be friends,
Sure forever.
Afghans will end all 
their wars
And grow in their 
abandoned fields 
World famous 
apricots and grapes.
East and west will 
day-night trade.
Jews, Christians will 
understand Muslims
And Muslims shall 
undoubt’ly forgive.
West will ban free 
And work strict laws 
on homosex.
Widows will freely 
approach married 
And their God-
fearing wives will 
say Well!
Korea and Iran will 
propose the UN
And all will agree
And together decide 
a day
(Destroying Bombs 
On the Nevada 
And in the 
Mediterranean Sea.
Even I and you shall 
Our son will earn 
D.Lit. in Cambridge
Daughter will set up 
a global business.
Even my dearest  
Dad will one day die!
Thus, O beloved, 
Let’s fall not in any 
futile fun
And wisely, turn to 
learn it early,
What’s after all! The 
Absolute Truth.

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Idle hands scorching a trail
Through the Capitol
Closed mouths and hearts turn daggers
Biting our own tongues

And the streets are red rivers 
Through which they drive
golden chariots over the backs
of their forefathers

Words falter, slave and master
plebeian and patrician
And whips silence in return
They dream of a revolt
While breaking their necks to bow

We do protest hotly
In secret chambers
Tear down the throne!
Hang the tyrants!

A bloody revolution!
Let's  then schedule it for the 
King's convenience

Hear she comes, most lovely
She'd slit our throats 
With pleasure
O Gods save our Queen!
She'll pluck this acedia 
from our cold dead hands!

Slaughter the innocent
Distract us with wars!
O Brutus save us from 
our apathy!

What will it take
for our walls to break?
O give us liberty
or at least grain at
our own price!

Give us our tribunes!
There can be no
Republic until
the people speak

Inspired by my research for a story. This deals specifically with the establishment of the 
Roman Republic, but plenty of this still rings true to me. Acedia = apathy.

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Ahmadinejab Will Give You Head...Yours (OR)

Ahmadinejab Will Give You Head...Yours 
            "There are no gays in Iran"

then where are they?
   the gays that are "phenomena"
     the ones NOT in Iran?
"What is their addresses?"
   there are NONE in Iran.
       They are technically in Earth

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hatred's other face

I love you

words spoken

in English Spanish Arabic Tagalog and Swahili

words spoken

by waitress

and by the tycoon

by the wife

and by the mistress

by the executive

and by the seamstress

words you hear


among those who kill

and among those who are killed

hatreds other face


of human race.

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I remember, when he came to us,
When he started this political game,
Great things he promised us,
And he even swore, in God’s name,
That he will fulfill his word,
And so, he won our poor hearts.

I remember, all that he said,
“The poor shall be rich,”
“The hungry shall eat,”
“Hospitals shall be within reach,”
“And the jobless be no more,”
And that’s how he won our poor hearts.

I remember, his speech,
That rocked our poor hearts,
“The nation shall be my heart,”
“And the people shall be my life,”
“I shall bring the change we need,”
And that’s how he won our poor hearts.

I remember, his words,
That engraved his name, in our poor hearts,
We sang it all day round,
We praised him, we carried him all around,
We trusted him, with all our poor hearts,
For he had won our poor hears.

I remember, that day,
All old and young, lined up only for him,
With high hopes, we voted him,
With high expectations, we voted him,
With all our poor hearts, we voted him,
For he had already won our poor hearts.

I remember, vividly well,
Those five years passed, nothing fulfilled,
The poor got poorer, the rich became richer,
The hungry got hungrier, the jobless became more,
But the promises were alive, in our poor hearts,
And so, he won our poor hearts once again!

I also know, very well,
That five years have passed now, nothing fulfilled,
Elections are nigh, I  see him now,
His tummy has grown, it swings as he walks like a duck,
The promises are still ripe in our hearts,
Shall he again , win our poor hearts?

The promises give us life, we treasure them,
That’s how we get hope, that someday,
The promises shall be fulfilled,
And that’s how we manage to survive,
Even when we lose , to empty promises,
Shall we lose again? Oh, our poor hearts!

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The Bleeding Flag

The flag lies on the street
Bleeding in the rain

The men shout 
At nothing
About nothing, 
Followed by the fools and dreamers
Whilst the sheep graze on trash

The light dims on the street
A dark tide approaches

People know everything about nothing
And nothing about anything
Waken and live
The prophet calls to a deaf mob

Fighting for nothing
Salvation comes from their reinvention
Though only they decide

The flag, downtrodden by the rain
Honour forgotten




The mob thuds wearily on
Marching to ignorance

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True it is
That it intoxicates
True it is
That it makes men bend
When ought be straight
True it is
That it makes men bow
When ought be seated
True it is
That it makes men fall
When ought be standing
True it is
That it drives emotions
With totality in itself
Once had
It makes men boast
It begets pride
To the fool
And builds the humility
Of the humble
It increases the wisdom
Of the wise
It makes the noblest
Of men, Vile
It helps the good
Conquer fears
And live a life
To be remembered 
For generations
In the right hand
It can help a nation
Become a super-power
In the wrong
It can destroy
What is left of it
For with most
Absolute power
Corrupts Absolutely

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The Necklace

We heard her before we saw her not because she was loud but because she was close,  

she anchored herself making her presence felt; we paid the cashier and were about to leave 
with our easy day shopping. She asks the man behind the counter if there was a vacancy at 
this convenience supermarket (how modest are these retailers compared with their uber 
shop assistants) that elsewhere 'let her and others go', as though a treat like a parent 
telling a teen, 'OK you can go to the gig'. We turned. We knew her. She was short in 
stature but long in confidence. The counter man boss countered in politely, pleasantly, that 
he would if he could, when we intervened saying that we would recommend her 
employment - thinking that as customers, as shareholders - that employers give a toss! 

Ah the necklace! That's the difference, a sign of confidence, of individuality too; or what the 
hell until I'm employed again, 'I'm free!' of the clock, under the bosses under pressure, 
mates who are not so matey after all, of the tedium of the job classified by the uber 
class  'unskilled'. Have you ever come across a job without any skill?! 

The necklace, a symbol of her and ours encirclement by the cash nexus by whichever 
system of obtaining our daily bread in today's world  the least worst that has been devised- 
yet - so fulfilling in so many ways: going home well satisfied with bringing the goodies 
home to our families, to be well satisfied with the day's work or to moan because it has 
been a damned dog day like yesterday as tomorrow will be, but keeping poverty at bay. 

In these isles never have so many been in work (even if in a part -time, poorly paid, non 
unionised world should shock Walesa) but to anyone on the Dole willing and able to work, 
unemployment is a 100%. 

           May her necklace beads bode well for work for this hard working woman!   

May her necklace beads bode well for this hard working woman  moan        

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Liberation Equals Death

In the year 2000 the apocalypse has begun
a dictator elected
a murderer's son
2001 a nation destroyed
by an evil meglomaniac that not all employed
2002 yet more war in the Middle East
the world slowly crumbling
the mark of the beast
2003 they say Saddam is found
yet Osama Bin Laden is still safe and sound
2004 the truth coming out but no-one takes blame
is power and oil worth the hatred and pain
2008 my how time flies
no end to the killing
for the truth is all lies

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Here I lie, about to rest,
But, Lord, don’t bother to invest;
I wish to wander free of smite
Through my iniquitous mind tonight.

Synthetic truths
Plague, deluge, besiege me.
The Collective exploits 
My palpable shape,
Contriving a spirit driven by
Fallacious emotion and succumbing breaths.

Tingling skin, rattling heart, seeping warmth;
All coerced sensations that 
Peril my soul.
Immured by dreams I am
Asserted to accept.
Seldom autonomy lies within mutual allegiance.

In this world of substantive reality,
Lucidity and sovereignty are the scarcity.
Here, inquisition is disparaged.
Here, I am

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The cold wet earth clings to my boots
The scent of wet soil draws memories
Visions of the past , scenes from my boyhood
Flicker in my thoughts.
Buds of sweat drips their cold journey down my spine
As I lay entranced and entrenched upon a hillside
Waiting the timeless wait for the next target

Here upon this accursed pass, we floundered
Here upon this barren land men fell dead 
Friends and comrades, brothers in arms
Others  still clutching their weapons 
Others in muted prayer laying where they fell
Kissing the cold earth now seared in black and red
The hues of death , the shadows of fate.

Here as I await the enemy’s passage
Here as this hill may be my burial mound
But I will not shudder nor fear the dread
that fear itself rains upon me
for I was trained to be steadfast
my valor , my strength , my courage 
is needed now, more than ever by my Country.

Unaware of the danger, caught in the cross-hairs
Of my scope ,the target , a general stands tall
The glow of an emblem upon his hat 
Temporarily blinding, yet a clear target he still is
Slowly gripping the trigger, affixing my stance
Feeling the direction of the breeze , the scent of wet soil
Cold sweat down my spine as I gently squeeze the trigger.

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Fraction- one

No milk has the cow
The neighbor's calf drunken  Everything

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Truce is but a timed peace
Given to our weary souls
Tottering guns, booming mines
Away-away with all of them.
When we tire to re-fire
Into truce we oft retire.

When friction, its poison work
Our bones shrink, our minds fail
Though this be no age’s handiwork
When victory’s but an illusion
Bought at so bloody a price
Peace! Peace! Aloud we shout.

Yet when calm comes
An alien it is…
It haunts the soul
Like some sinister ghost
Our truce... our peace they grow tense
Ready to snap at the slightest touch.

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A Fist Of Chicano Rage


Whose turn is it to take the stage,
In a circus of a lost & somewhat forgotten 
race.  Where our value in life has 
diminished,  we are no longer a thriving 
culture living in The United States.
 A people who once held their heads high,
 and raised their fist together in rage
for our rights.
We have been Labeled like cans,  like labeled bottles,
 grouped in & labeled as Latinos, not as proud Chicanos.
 I can’t act like I’m not offended and
everything’s  okay.
I have to speak out, right now, here today.
I must voice how I feel and make a statement, 
I need to be real in everything I say..
I must do it for my children,
so they hear Dad voice his opinion,
So someday they will do the same
for their own children.
I’m proud of who I am and as I stand here
A Proud Chicano living in the United States
I raise my fist in a Chicano Rage...

David J. Caldera

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 2

Fantasies are grand
But when broken they mess up plans
I wanted to see the world
To see a movie at Jalil's cinema
Nana said she'd die if I left
I snuck into the city
I went to the mansion that was Jalil's
The man said he wasn't there
But I saw him in the window
I stayed the night
He was not a hero 
Not my father
I went home to my family
My mother
To find her hanging in a tree
Not able to take the loss of her daughter.

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When the deafening dead drum beats pierce the air
Strong echoes reverberating through the mind
With its soul-shaking sensations
And mind-maddening melodies
Halting the hisses of hateful hearts
Even as it was, is the noblest act
Flowing freely from a free fair spirit.

...The sweetest poison is brewed
The most attractive trap is laid
A death so dearest is designed...

Smothered is the mind's sane judgement
Compromising the heart
Standing the soul for a dance
A dance so macabre yet thrilling
A dance so grave yet exciting
A dance performed less conscience and reasoning
A dance unto death.

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Thin Lines

Such powerful boundaries
that force the crossing of a dangerous tighrope
Man’s all-encompassing, unfortunate trapeze
is smaller even than a hair’s breadth
yet still so significant
a great divider for mental states
love and hate
bravery and stupidity
courage and fear
genius and insanity
How sad that small borders actually unseen
are virtually the driving forces behind stigmas
held practically everywhere

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Abeeku stole a bright, gold watch from
the busy shop in the market. 
The shopkeeper 
saw him slip the watch into his waistband -
chased him, yelling and gesturing,  “?? ,?? “ Thief, thief!”

The crowd caught up -
surrounding Abeeku
in the middle of the street.
They beat him.
Someone slipped an old tire over his head, 
and another 
and another helped 
pull the tire over his arms
pinning them to his side.

The shopkeeper picked up the watch
its crystal broken and 
its case scratched and split.
He put it on his wrist and
joined the chant, “Thief, thief.”

A boy pressed through the throng 
with a tin of petrol, 
pouring it over Abeeku’s head.

A shadow offered matches 
and Abeeku was covered in flame
at dusk
while the African sky 
was ablaze 
in red and yellow light.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 8

Take the children, go
That man he will help us.
The man with the children buys the tickets
We are in line for the bus
The man whispers to the guard
We can't get on
Hopes are crushed
They detain us
They question us
I feel my face reddening under my burka
There is no hope
We are taken back to Rasheed
He is furious
He beats us
He is vicious
A monster and we can't escape
Then there is darkness
I am trapped
In the dark shed
There is no way out        
Three days
Little Aziza and Laila 
Are starving in a different dark room.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 4

He waited for a little while
I mourned for my mother
Then it was time for me to be a wife.
I baked 
I cleaned
He bought me a real present 
And complemented my cooking
Then he came to me in the night
I was scared
I was only fifteen trapped in a marriage I didn't want
What was I supposed to do
Except be a good wife?
A submissive wife?
I wore a burka
I wasn't allowed to cry
I lived to please him
I was trapped.

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By the surf's edge

By the surf's edge
Where the water nibbles at our toes
We are on life's ledge
Where tides snoring flows
No Columbus will come again
To rescue us with chains
No Hossanah to shout again
With the coming flood of pains
It is a weary cross we wear
An empty pole of hope
In the silence of the tear;
Still not for us the dangling rope.

These are hard times
The bread turns green before
Our feast of sour limes
The center is rotted to the core
The hawk looms above the eye
Its vision is on my sight
Shall I shake the indifferent sky
For more dreams tonight?
How beautiful the death of day
How calm the coming night
How small stars look far away
How vain our raging at the light!
Common sense drips away
Bucket after bucket of logic in decay
We circle the wilderness
Like hawks barbed with bitterness

What did the singer say before he died
Before his last dance
When sleep his last dream denied
"This is it," such resonance
In the words, such finality
Such knowing of the time
The end and certainty
Without that wisdom still sublime
O, the sea is laughing
At the stars, crinkling their faces
The sky is pretending
It's tying shoes laces
Curving away
From cuddling my heart
Aloof, I would say
While things fall apart.

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Darkness fills the 
silent air
Finally I am alone;
but I still plead insanity.

Escaping from an allusion
not reality

Serenity comes 
and quikcly goes 
A false shadow towers 
over my sight
                Evil laughing screwing
into my brain
Grinning as I 

My white innocent body
  stained from another's spit of blood

I view his reality 
( as he does )

Falling to my knee's 
letting out a cry for a scream

He whips my back

demanding I believe.

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within a week

he released the long-form 
of his birth certificate

toured the tornado-stricken south 
with  mayors and governors

flew to NASA  to watch the 
final liftoff of a U. S. space shuttle 

gave U.S. Navy Seals permission 
to conduct a secret national security mission

spoke at a dinner for the
white house correpondents 

watched U.S. special forces 
execute their assignment

informed U.S. citizens that 
the mission was accomplished

sparked patriotic celebrations outside of 
the white house and at a national baseball game 

caused U.S. citizens to chant with pride
at times square and ground  zero

a leading U.S. citizen, 
with a legal birth certificate--the president of the U.S.A.--
touched so many lives
within a week

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f***ers burn 

bodies to fuel their oil 


slave trade In The Name of God, LLC


suits to take up spaces

f***ers burn 

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rumi's advice to emerson

I am the product of Rumi's advice to Emerson and Thoreau,

telling them to consolidate the spirit of compassion and truth in America

wisdom of Persians, layers of Judeo-Christian foundation, civilizing the most barbaric at 

     the heart of the world

America is finally hearing of Rumi's love through Emerson

and is struggling, on many different levels, to fill the cup of love.

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Silence this

“Hence when did thy breasts hate to feed me?
Hence then haven’t they heaved to need me?
Oh Mother! Why art thou so silent?

Those bombs and those ammos from the machine guns, they bother me no more.
They sound like a lullaby to me.
Wasn’t it you who reassured me that ‘this is life’ even before I was born?
Now why do you still lie?

I heard Papa’s plea to let you go before they shot that merciless bullet into his head.
I saw it Ma, I saw it all...
ripped, stripped and writhing in pain,
I heard your final beg to let me go.
I cried then Ma, I cried aloud, I cried my best with all I could; 
thought that hearing me cry they would let you go.
They never stopped and choked I lay.

My eyes still won’t open full and I only see darkness around.
Tears mixed with trickling blood have dried 
and my voice too fragile to rise above the noise outside me.
Oh Mom! Why don’t you shout for me now?
Was it wrong that I was born to thee?!

Why have they taken it all even before I can understand 
in a life time or more what war and hatred is all for?
Tell me Mom, tell me now from up above
Why won’t a bullet silence me too?”

Note: This is a poem that I wrote disturbed by what I saw while visiting a war zone 
in an island nation...

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the unshattered

they think they are true
they think it is right
what they do 
what they have done
the ones that don't know truth
the ones who don't see freedom

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Files and files mounting,any where Sun shine,

File is what?answer the question even a child,

File is a cover made,out of card board,

It covers tales of,many more untold,

Some files reporting and some files departing,

Some files small bee and some files about fee,

Some files very long,like long river Nile,

Some files disable,walk only few miles,

Some files surfing,deep from the drawers,

Some files deposited deep in the drawers,

Some files ever ready for filing actions,

Some files no remedy,absconding sections,

No people fear file,with a clean sheet of profile,

More people fear file,in dirt like wall tile,

In unknown numbers increasing file,

Think before actions,the God a while!

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Silver Platter

What I have to say does matter
I intend to serve it on a silver platter
If you think I'm gonna sit and hide
I'll have to kiss your curdled booty goodbye

Not a sleeve you can tuck away
I do a lot of work and contribute everyday
Recommend I keep an aspirin between my legs?
Maybe you outta keep your men out of American Pies!

You're pretending to be stuck in the 40s man
You're trying the be a magnet to older crowd
I'll do what I can to make sure it bites you in the ass
You're respect barometer for women is down

Just looking at you I get a seedy feeling
I picture you in a Vegas strip at a VIP Lounge
Taking advantage of troubled ladies stamped with hearts that are bleeding
You'll make sure you apply first aide
Make a contract to give her one hell of a bonus on each payday!

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Don't talk to me
of glittering mirages of modernization
that soon will disappear to nothingness,
nor of shimmering images of unity
that shatter to sectarianism.

Don't tell me
of floating silken threads of democracy
that disintegrate to ashes at a touch
nor of faraway glimpses of peace
that tantalize and tease my glances.

Brother when speaking,
don't talk of those dreams
that are nothing but dull
throbbing  memories of our minds

Rather speak of;
ailing wailing babies
in medicineless hospitals,
moaning groaning mothers
labouring in dark labour wards.

Speak brother of
shattered battered activists
shot down on streets,
dull-eyed unwaged youths
stampeding streets.

Brother, when speaking
talk not of those things that
shall linger in my heart
but of things that wring 
my heart with anguish! 

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Occluded Front

will come
to all who
pay their taxes.
The love of money
only creates
a deadly

Fiscal drag in economics is the process by which, during inflation, rising incomes draw people into higher tax brackets, so that their real incomes may fall; this acts as restraint  (death) to the expansion of the economy.


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Our Plastic utopia

The need to be cosseted from reality 
numbs our minds 
creating a majority 
of underdeveloped scared 
boastful, ignorant belittlers 
blur the lines between reality 
and plastic utopia 
hiding the complexities of the world 
with coffees and cream and music and bullshit...
where did it all go wrong?

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unbalenced light and dark

the balence of light and dark
has merged with 
its own balenced 
perfection, was light
is what was dark,
what it is ,
is what it was,
for it will never be
its own perfection,
and darkness
still never
the light.

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because you say that I am

I say that I am 

I am

I am

because you say that you are

you are

you are

and he says that he is

he is

he is

and she says that she is

she is

she is

and sometimes you say that I am

I am 

I am

and I hope that someday we can say that

we are 

we are

we are.

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Passing on one 
less side order; 
less grease in the junkyard
              of a stomach 
One less hundred dollar shirt
One less orgasm for the pretentious ego,
              can maybe feed 
our neighbors and blood 

A stone throw away
stands children up to our knee's 
Choking on their salivia 
              gnawing at only finger nails

Young eyes should be taken with 

But vanity cannot be slapped down; 
we were chosen to live in the gold
and watch others drown in mud 

The rich and proud 
live in a fairy land 
              walking on a soft 
Sleeping on a cloud of pillows
Complaining that our food is too 


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Declaration Of Independence

Alone in the night gazing at the beauty
of a celestial masterpiece yet untouched by the cover of cloud,
an unrelenting silence is interrupted by the insistent ticking
of an old grandfather clock in the parlor.

A candle with a dual wick, 
rests upon a table made of knotty pine
roughly chiseled to add a rustic touch;
providing my only light,
intensifies a floor of polished oak.

I sit watching shadows flicker across plaster walls;
mimic eerie phantoms slithering throughout the room
refusing to take recognizable shape, cause unwanted distraction.

The work before me suffers, in stark contrast,
pitifully begs text be laid to cover the nudity of the page before me.

The accomplishments of my life pale in contrast what keeps me awake this night; 
the plight of a nation will rest on the passion of my words,
my friends and patriots rely on a text
that will take them from anarchy, to democracy.

Shadows appearing to take shape play tricks upon my vision,
reveal a sight resembling a picture of a united
uniformly defined crowd, cheering and waving as one voice,
one sound.

Suddenly, it becomes clear, the page before me fills with pronouncement,
my chest swells with pride, what is written this night becomes page after page,
until finally,
to carry a nation desiring riddance,
a Declaration Of Independence.

The original draft of the Declaration was written by Thomas Jefferson from 11 June 1776 to 
28 June 1776. It was finalized and approved by the Congress and printed on the evening of 
July 4th.

The original document was signed by only John Hancock as President of the Congress and 
Charles Thompson, as the Secretary of the Congress. Other signatories were added 
beginning in August and weren't completed for several months.

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For Margaret

A jump a skip and a jig perhaps 
I shall steel myself and I will
Dance on her grave

Mystery no forgiveness as time has passed
But my promise made and I will
Dance on her grave

An oath made as a wilful young man
Older now yet still and I will 
Dance on her grave

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For 15 minutes.

I will put my half blood in a huge metal can.
Take it for chemical analysis.
So as to see my beliefs and my perception,
my vision and my aspirations.
Those i loved and others i hated.
With my other half i will paint in brick walls.
At the top,maby above all,
i will write these two words.
And then i will go to the store with aquariums.

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The Sword, the Shield And the Heart.

The land of white
Home of Ahiram your ancient king
You, who grows cedars in her back yard
You, who raised millions of children
Whether they did you harm
Or left you blind
Your door was always open, and your yard was always green
Loubnan, you are not my country
You are not a landscape of cedars and mountains
You are a patch of soil
The same patch
The one beneath my face when I fell
When the taste of blood trickled down my throat
But always a drop escaped, and landed on your rugged surface
Your tested and scarred surface
And when I sweat, of toil and pain
When I run from your invaders
My sweat trickles into my lips
And I taste the pain I endure
And always
A drop escapes
And on your cheek it lands
That rugged surface of root ridden soil
But you do not wipe your cheek of my blood and sweat
With it
You build us mountains
Crystal white beacons of your fortitude
With it
You grow us cedars
Vivid green emblems of your prosperity
And when your foe would bring his fist and thunder
Crush your mountains and burn your trees
Always, whether we ran
Left you alone and blind
Or stood, made you hopeful and proud
Always of our sweat and blood
You made us roses
Roses to place on our dead
The dead we burry under the shade of your Cedars
Under the protection of your Mountains
My Loubnan
My patch of soil

You are still not my country
Because my country is not a patch of soil
Not without someone to work it
A farmer to work your land
Not without your people to stand proud with you
My country
Is nothing without her children
Without her fruit
Without her cedars and mountains
Her running rivers, the tears she sheds at our turmoil
But whether fists come crashing down on us
Or thunder shatters our hopes
We will always work the land that raised us
We will always be One country
One nation
Of mountains and cedars
Of hope and pride
We will always be

Oh, if only fiction was as real as hope

© Samir Georges

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Global State of Why--- Word Morph

Whether here at home, or far around the globe
  People mourn, and weep into a glove
   Beneath the trees of wartime's shady grove
    Shedding tears upon a fallen soldier's grave?
     A soul who gave his life for actions brave
       His life is spent, yet it is peace on earth we crave
         A futile waste that man is warrior's slave
             If only we could learn, and clean the slate
              Where peace and love would be the normal state

(note: Each end word morphs by one letter)

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I dream

I dream about my democratic socialist twin

sitting in that beautiful world

Above din and roar

Where light shines down

And fills entire world


Suffocating hatespace

Reaching into depths of old memories

Using loves brush to Scratch out deeply ingrained hatred

Using loves hand to heal and rescue inner child

Its gonna be ok

Its gonna be OK child

Its gonna be ok

I'm telling you

Somehow it will be ok

Somehow this is for a reason

Not god

But sacred hand of humanity's ancient truth

Passed down from rum I and assisi

Listened to and purified my marxs dialectic

Where Art and science meet

Reaching out to every soul ever wounded

Every heart ever broken

Every body ever beaten

Telling me to love

Telling me the truth.

I Tell that beaten child that love will win

I tell that beaten child that my voice will not be silenced by capitalisms hate


De beauvoir








They are all holding hands around this circle of truth

They are waiting for this moment of sacred light to shine down

They are waiting for this redemptive moment

For community

For all relations to manifest themselves

As human.

And speak.

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                                            from press confounding conférences                                                                                                     

                                                from the Security Council colluding combine

                                            from the General Assembly showy-mugheadedness                                                                                                   

                                                                       from secret international pacts

                                                                                  from noseyparker-ness

                                                                      from the international monetary fund

                                                                from partychairmanship-ness

                                                                              from multi-national-ness

                                        from Fort Knox Reserve Bank Swiss numbered accounts

                        from Wall Street self-indulging perks to whoppy self-given salaries             

                                                                  and billion-dollar bonuses

                                                             from electioneering charitable-ness

                                                       from taking more than giving-ness

                                                 from absent inaccessibility

                                           from highly guarded hifaluting-ness

                                     from bypassing-ness

                                              from sanctimonious peacefulness

                                                      from viagra sterility

                                                          from bleary-eyed self-satisfaction

                                                                from save this to spend that-ness

                                                                       from take a crap on others-ness

                                                                            from stratified doddering hierarchy 

                                                                                   from smirking hypocrisy

                                from foie gras state dinners under candelabras in coattail-ness 

              from promising full-employment save the forests children and old-aged-ness

      from so-called full medicare social security lower taxes & more paid leisure-ness

          from housing for every no-one to no parking ticket-ness

                   from HIV indigestion

                            from AIDS constipation

                                     from putting-on airs-ness

                                          from marauding menacingness 

                                             from mièvrerie

© T. Wignesan, Fresnes-Paris, May 14-17, 1997.  From the collection : « Poems Omega Plus : a less than obvious sequence », Paris, 2005.                           

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Apocalypse for Sale

A Golden Dawn is rising
the camera’s click the few,
the Greeks are out of options.
Immigration a convenient excuse.

Check your neighbour’s papers?
 Jews have seen this before,
African skin is burning
and kristallnacht knocks
 at victim’s door

Iran now plays with powerful dreams,
the prayers of ayatollah has a nuclear regime.
Syria drinks from wells of blood
As gunships harvest on freedom’s scream.

Israel is in therapy, 
the Wailing Wall whispers
“Cut off the head of the vipers”
before your paradise is lost.
And all the while the Gaza strip burns,
for a Palestinian memory,
of Arabs who loved this land.

And far away the world rages on
New York is battered.
Nature is sending her message,
the dollar is not mightier than her
though the rich would disagree
and the poor of New Orleans cry
 remember me?

The flight of destiny turns on China shore
pouring progress over peasant’s land.
The poison that kills her rivers of life
will return in prophecy of ying and yang.
 Smog and contamination rolls in with profit
and a billion mouths will ask for more.

 Over the border the mafia rule
a Russia of convenient communism
though everything is for sale
Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy
or perhaps a steel works or two.
And what of mighty England
The nation grows old
Banking magicians have finished her off
Now you see the cash and now you don’t
So there’s nothing for you and a bonus for me.

The invisible hand will save this world
Pyramid selling of capitalism the plan.
Sell more tickets to tomorrow’s Armageddon,
more customers mean more wealth,
keep us breeding and the markets are up.

And should their scheme collapse,
there is always another war.
Idle hands can carry guns,
the dead will nourish these fields
and a computer will speculate the price of life
for life is a commodity,
which they have planned.

Foolish words of a dying race.
Easter Island the message
now planted in this western greed.
Our churches empty for aliens to ponder
Our bones to look over empty seas.

While the remnants of our gods look down 
at the shadows of the dead
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and world War 3
Can you guess what comes next?
Let’s roll the dice once more,
A double six and the other six is you.

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Rising Tide

Thousands of people 
   out in the street
Voices cry out in  
    the chill autumn air
They are crying out 
    for better government policies 
which hopefully will be a healing balm 
    for the public's wounds
Speakers ascend the platform 
    their words strike chords 
in the hearts of the assembled masses
You may believe what you want 
   but take note of the crowd's demands 
   They will affect 
your life and the life of your  loved ones 
   A rising tide will lift all boats!

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 9

A man had come, Tariq
Laila's sweetheart from another time
Aziza's father
Aziza a harami like me
Zalmai told Rasheed at the table
A tornado is released on the household
Zalmai is taken upstairs 
The belt came down on Laila
I tried to get him off her
Choking her
Her face started to turn blue
She grew weaker
I fought
He ignored me
Murder on his face
I ran
The shovel!
His face
The shovel
Laila's breath
His silence
My freedom
My demise
Zalmai's sorrow

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This notice to public,

For a vacancy,diplomatic,

To serve people civic,

Here come symbolic-

Not much on academic,

May not know Alphabetic,

No need Arithmetic,

Ignore all Ethic,

Nothing about Logic,

Not much on technic,

Married to calls,telephonic,

Depending on statistic,

Working not systematic,

Not much on geographic,

Always on picnic,

Places of historic,

Busy like Olympic,

Not much on economic,

Talk all comic,

For every thing critic,

Not much on genetic,

Enough,no lunatic,

Prove via clinic,

Belly up to Arctic, 

Back down Antarctic,

Not much on tactic,

Actions all Astatic,

Vanishing like magic,

Possess all said symbolic,

Apply,the job politic!

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Please Wake Up

Brothas and Sistas please help me understand
Why are we trying to destroy our own native land
Many years ago, our ancestors were tortured and killed
So that our families would have a better place to live
It’s not the other races that’s the root of our problems
We’re just too afraid to get off our asses and try to solve them
We need to be held accountable for the things that we’ve done wrong
Instead of pointing fingers and singing the “Blame song”
Majority of our children don’t know how to read or write
And please don’t say it’s because they are not white
We are so caught up on the glamorous things that we see on TV
While our young teens are having babies and spreading VD
I don’t know about you but I’m going to make sure that mine are educated
Because they are the most precious things that I ever created
Although I am so proud to be a beautiful Black African American
I am going to need some help to save this precious land
Don’t get mad for the things that I say
I just know that we can all live a better way
Although you feel that the government is smiling in our face
I want you to remember, that we are the ones destroying our own race
So don’t blame this on the other nationalities
Please wake up because this is part of our realities

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Fraction- two

The cart stayed idle in stable
No more cart man there

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The Candidates

They promised us voters
All manner of pleasant solace
As this manifesto witnesses;
And to show our reliance
We implored them to denounce
Older forms of dishonesty
With charity appreciable by view

They and each of them
And all their ilk even
Swore to buy our support
In gross and in detail
And so on and so forth
Mutatis mutandis
Per omnia saecula saeculorum!

But we were lowly natives
And matched with local casuistry
And various verbal falsehoods
What code of necromancy
Would misfortunes foretell!

Nefarious candidates
The time has come:
Purge your consciences!

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Elections yield 

idiosyncratic bloodthirsty gods, demons, lemons, liars, and fleas
full of prayers
that most are just tricks in twists and turns
of emptiness 
that only endeavor to veil the roughness of these roughnecks
full of vagueness and vanities;

The real vampires,
plunged, swimming and sinking in stinking Politics swarmed with fanatics, irks 
and licks, and deceits, and idioms, and schisms, and dreams, and victims

said from wide wild mouths
of crooks of looks and books, but of deaf ears, 
buoyed by
self-seeking self-seekers and bootlickers, and
the rest, as they trample down

on the colors of truth, and play down
–anxious and teasing times 

sudden overnight gods

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The Demise of Pangaea -part 2-

You don’t know how parted we are
Uncharted we are
The piano keys sooth the turbulent sea and music melts the burning icebergs
Pride sinking a ship…giving into nature
Hands severed and torn, pressing lightly on the stained ivory
The creatures are mourning for the death of loved ones
While men in white laugh, masked by the ghosts of their own insanity  
Stained with foreign blood
People speak out against it while many others follow me to the grave
Like the single stone in the chalk piece scrapes against the black board
We feel the pain with our empathetic minds without having to hear the chalky cries 
Subconscious we are transformed…informed
Knowing that once parted, no earthquake can make us whole again
We couldn’t visit her today…he was forced to go
The mercy found in these crevices is buried in the snow
I hate it when I can’t find words to describe the way I feel
I would like to tell him how I feel…but the air
Is too thick here… 
And the sea parts us…blue eyes are merely brown…
The grass is greener there
We’re all the same…we fear…we cry
The web still weaves us together but dew tears stick to the strands
And flies that we feed on destroy the unity of the intricate network
Reassuring words mend temporarily…but you leave again
Hairs grow gray and the black stickiness is fresh once more 
Light pours in canyons of crayons…the flower is a scam
The smell of childhood lighting up our lives with the little fuel we have
Jealously thrives through…and they won’t stop touching them
Some look into the mirror and cry everyday…
Bruises turn to gold and they sell artifacts already sold
The buzzing vibration of my phone is ignored tonight…
I’m on my last bar…
I’m dying…I really am
Dying to know WHY. Dying to give life 
Parting the lands to flood obscurity…
Pangaea, what can make you whole again? 

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Some of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone
Imagine being a kid
Running for your life 
Behind you explodes a bomb
Feet splash in mud, 
Diamonds hidden in your teeth
Rightfully yours
This is your home
Everything about this equation is wrong

De Beers
Imagine troops pushing maids carts
Full of  Diamonds in a glass case
Your five senses breathe money
Messed up childhood, it's the only love you embrace
All the goats you cut to stash pouches in
It's the bully, the devil coming out from within
The underground tunnels,
The lies you funnel
Paperwork? Straighten collar
Hu Hum, That doesn't exist, grin, 

When I walk through the mall
I see jewelers and their prestigious counters
I mind goes to all the kids torn from their parents 
Forced into drugs to stay alive
How can anyone be ok with this?
Blood Diamonds will live forever
Too many chose ignorance. 
Talking to them about it
All they've got is a blank stare

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State of a state

Burning fire in the rain
Growing and continue
Bathing and crying

Fire stops though it's raining till
And start burning again 
Without starter.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 5

My first happiness
True happiness
I was pregnant
Rasheed, my husband, was pleased
He wanted a boy to replace the son he had 
The son that had drowned
He was careful with me
He took me to the bath house once
I bled
I lost the baby and every child after that
Rasheed hated me for it
The beating started
Nothing was right
I tried
I tried so hard.

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government of embarrasment

They lie to us to make votes
Feed us with false promises and fake hope
They protect paedophiles and make rape jokes
Most the problems in our country the government create those
You don’t matter unless you want to be a police or fireman
Any wonder I want to leave this environment
I’m 21 so I’m expected to get drunk and chase hoes
But I’ve got too much to say for me to back down and not to speak
We may as well **** for virginity as the government fight a lot for peace
Politicians don’t care if our kids have shoes and socks on feet
They make us send our kids to school
Yet they allow a convicted paedophile with a secret identity to live across the street
They act like he’s a changed man
But when he gets convicted of the same crime
Politicians say my child goes to a private school. At least it ain’t mine
I could get a few years for assault. Paedophiles and rapists get a little over five years
So I can see how women might fear
I’m trying to make sure justice is done right here
Losing is strictly off limits
Feel like Martin Luther King I have a dream
But in mine Pixie lott’s in it
It’s funny cause if I kill in self defence I’m a guilty murderer
Government kill thousands daily yet they’re considered innocent
This country is filled with immigrants
And they will be considered for a job before me
Now that’s what I call robbery
Government say they’re here to stop knife crime
But all they do is blame rappers and the way they write rhymes
I’ve listened to hip-hop since age 10. I’m not drug dealing
I’m not another thug killing
I’ve got no problem putting my name age and where I was born
But why do I need to put my sexuality religion and pointless BS in these forms?
I probably shouldn’t even be saying this but it’s more than opinion and views
this is the truth
The government won’t take an inch of fault
So you need to take what I say with a pinch of salt

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land of blood

crack the whip
crack the unforgiving

slapping down on
hunched backs 

walk and walk,

blood leaves the 

fresh wounds met by no
the trail is cosmic 
the end is none

crack the whip 
crack the bones 
of the slaves 

callous hands 
being swallowed by
virgin mouths 

land is not
pure, nor

all blood 
seeps through 
killing the root

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Bottom of the Barrel

Make wudhu', she told her children
Lest you be killed today
And eaten by ravens
As the bodies lay still
The survivors searched for safe haven
And while the oppressor swings around his deadly mace
The people pray that God has made paradise for him forbidden

It's hard to stay clean
Under an evil regime
Palpably tyrannical and never keen
Sometimes, you need to endure and wait
Stop the debate until the Saviour storms the gate
While other times you must act to be free
Or else you will find yourself dying on your knees

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the sun is not yet able to rise

cold, dark night is upon us

the dark night of humanity is upon us

the sun has a long time before it is ready to rise

the cold, dark night is upon us

and it will envelop humanity

before the sun is able to rise.

the sun will not be able to rise on these great shores

the sun will not rise on this great land


it will take time.

it will take time before truth waves her magic hand.

i walk and i think, i think about humanity alot

i think it will take time

i fear the bloodshed

i fear the evil in the world

it takes great courage.

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Untitled #85 / "The revolution won't be televised"

“The revolution won’t be televised”
No, it really wasn’t.
Does it still occur?

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A Forlorn Song

She sits alone,
 Her skeleton
 Pressed, molded,
 Wrought by an empty heart.
 She sings
 A forlorn song,
 Purse empty,
 Neighbors drift afar,
 Afraid to be there,
 They point and stare,
 Material junk
 Seals their hearts.
 She wears
 A heart heaving
 With aches and prayers,
 A binding truth and love
 She strives to share
 But others’ fear
 Converts to glare,
 And not one steps near.

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One for Another

The cats get fat 
on the blood of the poor 
They live in ease 
while their people are treated like fleas
brushed away to die! 

Power to the people, overthrow the order, 
all the power to the proletariat! 

Hollow words through the mind 
hollowed by a bullet in the skull 
sent to prison for a view 
Anger and Hate for the Communist!

Power to me, I am the order, 
follow me or you betray the proletariat! 

Hollow words through the mind 
hollowed by a bullet in the skull 
Sent to the labor camp, educated in pain
life made undone by a Communist! 

Long the revolution that can never stop
regardless of how many dead of the proletariat! 

Another cat gets fat
on the blood of the poor 
They live in ease 
while their people are treated like fleas 
sent away to die!

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big brother german

"My Big Brother" nach oben und unten auf der Straße
  Er konnte jeden treffen Sie sein
  Bespitzelung von Ihnen von der Straße
  Suchen in aus jedem Takt  "My Big Brother" ist das nicht süß?
  "My Big Brother" und ich weiß nicht, warum

  Gießen von oben in den Himmel
  "My Big Brother" der kommunistischen Spion
  Zuhören in Friss Vogel oder stirb
  Bringing sein Buch in  unterrichtet innerhalb
  My Big Brother, 1 - 800 - LET-US-IN
  Gefangen mit Papier und einen Stift Alles nur, weil, "My Big Brother" ließ sich in"My Big Brother" up and down the street
  He could be anyone you meet
  Spying on you from the street
  Looking in from every beat
"My Big Brother" isn't that sweet

"My Big Brother" and I don't know why
  Casting in from above the sky
"My Big Brother" the commie spy
  Listening in do or die
  Bringing his book in
  Taught within
My Big Brother,             1-800-LET-US IN      
  Caught with paper and a pen 
All because, "My Big Brother" let himself in

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Sandpiper Pausing---Again

Sandpiper Pausing...Again

What times are these
where hearts run hot and cold
ceaseless conscience alerts
remind us of steel girders fallen prone
entombments sealed
their distant voice remembered well

Compassion's lens peers through
this fallen metropolis of micro-flesh
this glass transparency
engulfed by forsaken smoke
knowing today's ethereal
descends as heart's residue
embracing darkness recalled
clock hands stopping
media rushing to air-time
yet never to be out of date

Silence remembers
fused tragedies
crumbling worlds
bodies falling
hearts broken

learning comes hard

More violence breaks the silence
cacophonous pandemonium
empty shell casings bouncing
pop pop pop pop pop
children's pleas
teachers' bravery
first responder's sorrow
parents traumatized
grievance everywhere

Sterility reigns
Washington defers
barbarity's extended abyss
the next tragic moment to define
insensitive that irresponsible behavior
will spawn new memories
destined to awaken vanquished yesterdays

Like a video game of archaic gulosity
certain chameleon passions remain insatiable
indecisive apathy-driven appetites
fuel congressional obstruction

While at the shore

A sandpiper pauses
beneath remembered ash
echoed violence
unredeemable screams
floating atop societal trade winds
seeming to be never forgotten

Like other creatures of blood that flows
eyes that see
ears that hear
hearts remaining conscious
knows not cowardice

Even a bird understands that

And so...

Even as the sandpiper probes away
its discovered sustenance hard fought
its needs remaining small
congressional appetites of power and greed
continue sated only with constituency expectation
indulging in anticipated 2013's gluttonous reward
thinking the next tragedy but finger food
the next gun sales windfall a payback for re-election
answering the next challenge of moral impotency with...

Not a problem

Not a problem

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Paint the Town

I pause from painting a canvass of opinion, brush strokes colouring a solid red 
across the blank faces that warily observe. A compass points to the right (a dead
end) yet with no direction, escorting a stained brain in reverse: an unnatural place to start.

This taste is always freshest in the mouths of the hungry, which are forced to part
from an honest working voice to focus solely on the next meal. Who will stand
up to write THIS IS WRONG on Parliamentary walls to clear blinkered eyes? A hand

can paint and sculpture, but will also make a fist.  
A better world is open if we walk on through the mist.

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Sunshine, clear visibility...
Youthful noon spies bridal eve
Naive groom lost in solemn dreams of knots
Leaving much still to the eagle's eye
And when the sun resumed, the bride was lost

Cloud cover, fair visibility....
I heard of the brighter days
When warriors pant less
A cup of coffee, and war is never ending
But I met the fogs, so thick
The closer.....we lost guard and sight
The fogs knocked our doors gently
Fear made no man squeaked
They tore the doors down with daggers
Amid sobs of agony and indifferent tweets
They brought iron doors on our wooden frames
And left with the keys

Clear visibility, cold, windy......
The rain has gone
Now our plants suffers cold
Our streets are flooded
Now we sobberlessly sob
Chanting cynical panegyrics to the innocent sky
The Sky that washed our hopes
Heaven that raped us back to square one
The priest has spoken - 'peace is cheap'
'but our very clan is the cost of our future'
We all are gonna die

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it's just a matter of time

if you dont hear me now

you'll hear me later

it's just a matter of time 

before the melodious sound of that cello

finds its way into your heart

the purpose of those balmy afternoons

and those beautiful balmy evenings

with truth, love, and grace

it's just a matter of time 

before you make the connection

between grace of self and grace of all

towards grace of one 


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bastard of middle class

overworked cog in capitalism’s ever-quickening pace 
bastard son of middle class
dressed in proper trappings
yet blinded 
by economy’s firestorm
little chance to tie my proper shoes.

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Thor No More

            Thor No More

It’s understood that Thor is another Norse story
With a masculine muscular man and warrior
A mythical character, comic book figure
Son of Odin, with his hammer, as their leader
Not much more
But wait a moment…
Isn't Thor a man as stated?
Modern times calls for a grander change and plan
To blur the lines of male and female
Thor is now a woman warrior
“Thor Girl – called Tarine- super-heroine”
(Heroin, a drug, sounds about right for this) 
Marvel, less than marvelous in pretending
Invented this gender bending tool
Wanting to serve some homophobic sex score
Shouldn't it be Thor-ina or Thor-ette or Thora?
Perhaps Thor should be a ballerina 
Oh Thora how we adore ya!
Hammer in hand standing grand
Breast spread proud across the clouds 
An open mind is what they scream and plead
Reality tells us differently
An open mind, like a lid, opened on a garbage bin
Let’s in everything 
A discerning mind is what makes sense 
The rest is nonsense 
Sieve out the rest
As for Thor
I think of this no more
It’s just a story

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Past mistakes

The decision was made without a thought,
They came together behind closed doors,
It didn't matter who fought,
They would send them out for more,

Watching from a distance,
They decided to take a stand,
But it wasn't after just an instance,
They had covered a lot of land,

Making up for past mistakes,
They were offering a wide grin,
And  hand shakes,
For a friendly spin,

Only in this time,
Can someone offer a blatant lie,
And still be fine,
Without people asking why?

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Mayday in England today is 'MAYDAY' a plea to ignore Merrie England and the rights of all workers from HMQ to the like of yours truly, as no day is allowed for merry making as anti- trade unionists unite with Neo-Cons, twice killjoys contemptuous of Albion of old, despising our rights and the responsibilities of today, disliking days of rest, of recreation, as it loses money for them who mistakenly think the nation. The fault is Christianity with their blessed holy days that worshipped not myriad masters but a foreigner who captured our hearts and minds, one Jesus Christ so divine, whose message still is, will not go away despite those who gainsay his message of hope in these so difficult times in this our Merrie England on this our Mayday in a Spring of showers, sunshine and flowers.

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We Are Not Artificial We Are Legion

The stagnate machine planted firmly, rusted gears laboring to drudge along.
It does not function properly anymore; it has become obsolete.
The workers no longer need the machine to live their lives.
They can design a new system, built upon self-sustaining values.
It once labored greatly to support its work force. The machine now hinders the lives of the workers.
The workers grew so reliant upon the machine they thought they had become part of it, cogs in the system.
Now they realize more and more each day, that not only are their lives separate from the machine, without  it they are more able to focus on the fundamental values of life.

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I can't see through every lie 
The only truth I know is dying
Isn't that a sad thing to say 

But anything is hard to believe 
When everything isn''t what it seems
what I used to know doesn't matter anymore

Actions speak louder than words 
but intentions are what rules this world 
but the intentions pay no attention to the world

There is one thing I wish to be 
it's very simple I want to be free, 
but I don't even know what that means 
I thought I did before

I can't deny what I see 
smiling faces made of misery 
bank statements gained from poverty, 
I see compliance instead of anarchy

What I'm saying isn't too surprising 
I know that people realize there just to scared to 
step outside their narrow mind  
they're poisoned they're paralyzed

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Haiku with Media

Few Words, Few pictures, News
Thousand narrations to same story
Every day a new story
Journalism, an art to write
Whether truth is perceived or false
None care, just write it.
Coverage of war or peace
Hidden remains the agenda of brokers
Cameraman with presenter on TV
What is shown, repeat telecast?
Same images, and same footage again
As seen on cable TV 
Magazine, periodicals, articles and letters
People read and contribute searching truth
Some are victims, others spectators
Morphed I did see, pictures
Some well crafted, some under bad hands
Every agency has a news
Reports, articles, statistics and surveys 
Core contents of the daily news papers 
2 page news, rest advertisements.
New flash, breaking news and updates
Presidential speeches, parliament debates and reality shows
Twenty four seven TV channeled 
Melodies, drums and orchestra played
Dramas, shows, politricks and business
Echoing; let the shows begin.
FT, BBC, CNN, News corp. Siasat
Created, supplied, edited, published, blogged, or uploaded  
Chinese whisper crawl in their veins.


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Hail To Chile


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sponge is squeezed

Sponge Is being squeezed

Blood is pouring out

Tears are pouring out


Love is pouring out

Creating love river


Maker of oneness

Weaving through nooks and crannies

Of souls of people

And nations.

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He puffs his cigar
As he licks her lips 
Off its tip

He takes the cigar band 
And puts it on her ring finger 
And makes it all right

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On A Walk-talk With An American Woman Visitor

Why these tin sheets, barbed wires,
Upon these high walls!
Oh! It is an Indian army camp inside;
And they fear that a local young man,
Newly has his history read,
May come out in anger 
And hurl a grenade over.
But why…!
Hahaha I’m so scared to say!
And kindly, don’t tell this to anyone ever.
Come closer and I shall whisper into your ear!
Kashmir had been a kingly state
Since ages ever,
As far as I have heard it and read.
And for some hundred years now,
Is being forcibly occupied 
And divided by between them,
Indian and Pakistan.

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So-Called Good Christians

You have made a choice. 
You have chosen hatred. 
In our Heavenly Father, 
you have chosen not to rejoice. 
He is who spares the most awful dread. 
You have chosen to hate me. 
First it was the “N” word, 
the Afro comment, 
and my curly hair. 
Now you hate me 
for the religion 
that I have chosen to be. 
My faith gives me what is right and fair. 
I pity you for all your hate. 
But you made it clear my fate. 
A Mormon to this date, 
a Mormon forever. 
Your rage and hate 
prove my faith and 
choice of religion right. 
Your bigoted hatred
I have chosen to fight 
by giving it light. 
I want it 
in everyone's sight. 
Your rage and hatred is your only boast. 
But with it you are engrossed. 
Like you, your rage and hatred 
are nothing but compost. 
Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit 
gives me what I need the most. 
And for you, that is just 
too bad so sad. 

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Apathy Something considered fraudulent -Deleted by Moderator or Administrator- (Freedom of Speech?) =/= Inflammatory sentences But what did they say? "Don't ask questions" {Questions} + Must + Be + /Asked/ The price we pay is -Deleted Word- Don't be fooled by their lies {Green Gold} {Privately Owned Prison} Afraid of the boogeymen {Reduce Freedom} (Prosperous Tomorrow) -------------------------------------- Reality = Tyranny Tomorrow! -Sentence sentenced to development Hell- Freedom/Wrapped/Chains Gift wrapped by {Dictators} Free -WORD- |From|[YOURSELF] .Wiz.Free.(OR) {ERROR}{ERROR}{ERROR}{ERROR} SHUT (D) .SYS -END OF STANZA-

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love is coming home

love is coming home

my internalized right wing psychosis

creates the need to explain

And justify

My 21st century poetry

Technology has made us mad

And psychotic

But driven us together

forced into oneness

Technology is blowing down barriers

Blowing down

Blowing down

Something is calling me

Something telling me

I have something to say

Capitalism’s madness

Striking literary chords

Deep inside

Inner poet


Neurotic historian


Its best when I let go

Let flow



Allow this crisis

To sing my song

Sing my song

Sing it sing it sing it

Sing it like billie

Sing it like odetta

Lullaby. So desperately needed

Inner childs calm

This is a time when my poetry is most needed

In “the second great depression” madness

loves horizon coming and calling

Vision clearer than ever

Coming home

Coming home

Love is coming home

News tells me

Faces tell me

Ethos tells me

Everyone tells me

Love is coming home.

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Postcript from Palestine

Dust descending
fills my ears and nose:
small stones loosened from the soft rock
bleed our faces and our arms......

the smell of this cellar
the drought of this cellar
the echoing sound of this cellar
the rumble of this cellar
the body that lies in our arms

Why are we smothered like rats in this pothole
lying in the dark, shaken with fear
teeth trembling on the volcano?

We have no light in our darkness
no light in our cities
only the fire from the bombs of our neighbours.
They have flattened our power, our water, our sewage
the roads that bring food to the market
the exit of refugees
these bombs of out neighbours.

the smell of this cellar
the drought of this cellar
the echoing sounds of this cellar
the rumbling of thunder in this cellar
the body that lies in our arms

They bomb us on the beaches
for democratic decisions.
They have a hundred of rockets, American planes,helicopters and radar
to our small retaliation

the smell of this cellar
the drought of this cellar
the echoing sounds of this cellar
the rumbling of thunder in this cellar
the body that lies in our arms

For one prisoner
we have lost the power station, our light, our lives, our peace;
death comes to mothers and children on the beaches, the schools, the market place
traumatised, maimed they kill us.
They will not overturn our decision- it stands.

Dear Mother, I would come to you
we have no aerodrome- here or in Lebanon.
Your grandchildren I would bring to you
I would come from my democratic country only for them
but I am stuck in the shower of dirt in this cellar.

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moonlit tears
darkness born fears
moving at the speed of terror
hatred consumed minds
throw faces into fire
heating the misery in all who see
one more night
we'll make it til light
hopeful minds
holding tight

hate and rage
thrown to tame
the "beasts" screaming to live
another down
without a sound
silent screams heard faintly
mist of death fires of hate
burning weak bones that fall
innocence crushed and victimized
un-just souls stand tall

blood covered vows
to take beyond now
crisis remembered in hopes of no return
head counts still remain
and hatred continues to gain
again again again again
genocide reigns

hopes to remember
knowings to prevent
all lived in vain

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The American in Me

Inside me I see
Nothing perfect, nothing great
Just a cog set in place 
To turn at will and make haste

Influenced by the noisy machines 
That shine a light glisten and gleam 
They make us into zombie cats.
We sit complacent on their laps

All the while buying more
Lost without the Wal-Mart store
Telling us they are the best
Making us spend our checks 

Just to crawl back 
The next day
To our cog spots
Put in place

Turing again for the machine 
Until it wakes and realizes 
It doesn’t need 
Something so low tech and inefficient 
And so we are tossed…

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And anger 
Is a friend
That the oppressed
Must seize;
A purgative drug
To cleanse and preserve
The knowledge
And indignation
With which they affront
The excesses of apartheid!

Come! Behold the scars
That those who angered
Seized- arms outstretched
Their spears flaming!

And you who dither
De-ice your souls
With flames of anger;
And un-reason
Will succumb
To reason!

Hail vanguard 
Of our freedom! Hail!

(Poem written for that dark era, happily, now past!)

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can a Historian explain this

Lincoln elected to Congress in 1846
Kennedy elected to Congress in 1946 
Lincoln elected President in 1860
Kennedy elected President in 1960 
Lincoln's secretary named Kennedy 
Kennedy's Secretary named Lincoln 

Both concerned with Civil Rights
Both lost children in White House
Both shot on a Friday in the Head 

Lincoln shot at the theater named Ford
Kennedy shot in a car called ' Lincoln ' made by Ford
Lincoln shot in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in a warehouse
Kennedy shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran and hid in a theater 

Both assassinated by Southerners
Both assassins were known by their three names
Both names are composed of fifteen letters 
John Wilkes Booth born in 1839
Lee Harvey Oswald born in 1939
Booth and Oswald assassinated before their trials 

Both succeeded by Southerners named Johnson
Andrew Johnson born in 1808 
Lyndon Johnson born in 1908
A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe , Maryland 
A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe 

"History Repeats and also Manipulates Itself" - Hence Proved

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ask the river

As humanity wanders

through terrifying valleys

I go to ask river

why is earth irrigated by terrified tears of the innocent and helpless?

river stays silent

   pouring into sea

   pouring into sea

I go down and ask river

why is the soil made red by the blood of women and children?

river stays silent

   pouring into sea

   pouring into sea

And then it came to me

river is telling a story

about truths inevitability

corruption misery and destruction

    no match for truth that lies within

the truth playing itself out before the world

murdered children

speak of need

for new love world

river tells me this story

as it washes into sea

deer dance to truth song every morning

and birds sing it


conclusion: dawn time

interesting how dawn is red

reminding us of the blood of innocents

river o river thank you…

may sea finally absorb all currents of misery

and may we be one again.

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iron lady

She’s dead
But will always stay alive
A beacon for everyone with a gripe

Thatcher snatcher was their war cry
When with apparent vigour
She tore asunder all society held dear

A divisive strong willed fighter
With femininity covering a steely frame
She moved gracefully among men 
A force of reckoning
In a world sphere where enemies are held dear

She finally met her maker
But will never die
Her legacy outlives her presence
A formidable opponent now in a grave 

With glee they gloat
Ding dong the wicked witch is finally dead
Praises and condemnation come from all over the globe
Some will assess her on her overall impact
Both then and until now
Others will always remember wrongs
That were brutally inflicted
On an apparently obedient society and country

Dragging us away from our empire building
Death always calls
He will not be out smarted
No matter the heights in politics one reaches

An end of a life
Often brings a renewed interest in the past
The bandwagon has catapulted her
Back into The limelight
When she was almost forgotten

To divide and rule seemed to have been her best skill
Her un-bending no alternative mantra
Caused much ill-will
Yet the country prospered

The right to buy scheme made
Home ownership possible
A vote buying scheme
That made the middle class grow
Pity the milk tokens are what condemns her so

She hammered a few who with
Entrenched special interest
Mangled the country
Stagnating both the economy
And society

The belief in individuality
Coupled with free market economics
Set up a house of cards that blew over
Long before she breathed her last

Virulent machismo
Where the sharks circled
Even when they smelt no blood
Overcame her eventually
She was of course partly to blame
But no one has ruled since as she did

A woman in a man’s world was she
Wielding much power
Over the men that surrounded her
Over Her party and ultimately a short sighted country

To the pinnacle of both party
And country she rose
Her handbag swung far and wide
Her three times victory
A testimony to her longevity
And he ability to play the system
She didn't invent 

Rest In peace
Or pieces Maggie
You came
You Conquered and
Have now left the stage
Your legacy will be fought over incessantly

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Of Thee I Sang

Michael, the archangel,
was found dead on my lawn this morning -
stuffed inside a Gestapo boot. 
Crisp, black leather 
containing the remnants 
of abandoned halos and wasted youth,
boiled in a caldron of political mire.

A hierarchy of ghostly auras,
resembling pillars of spoiled sovereignty,
observed the vapid thrashing; 
lending no assistance -
just applause.

These obese vultures, 
donning the colors of democracy,
are strategically seated 
at our convoluted 
round table of insurgents;
freely feasting on scrumptious
foreign sanctions 
laden with an array 
of toothy seasonings.

These heavy-footed executioners
are quietly working 
in government funded pawn shops
disguised as altruistic patriots –
holding our cherished heartland 
in their right palm
and clandestine protection in their left.

On hearsay –
the destitute, our children,
our sons and the elderly,
are blindly vocalizing 
“Of Thee I Sing” truisms
and saving blood stained 
scraps of tattered angel wings 
as noteworthy souvenirs.

Gagging on their own
internal suffering;
the brokenhearted are now
pinning these superficial mementoes
upon their children's headstones -
because they - just like we
have been unconsciously controlled
to quietly conform
and solemnly 

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The Candidates

They promised us 
All manner of pleasant solace
As this manifesto witnesses;
And to show our reliance
We implored them to denounce
Older forms of dishonesty
With charity appreciable by view

They and each of them
And all their ilk
Swore to buy our support
In gross and in detail
And so on and so forth
Mutatis mutandis
Per omnia saecula saeculorum!

But we were lowly natives
And matched with local casuistry
And various verbal falsehoods
What code of necromancy
Would misfortunes foretell!

Nefarious candidates
The time has come:
Purge your consciences!

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Ten numbers Government,

Six in Govern,

Four men(t) in back bench,

In ten numbers Government!

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Of that there is no matter of doubt 
When the truth pursuits justice 
He, the man claims as defender 
In his never -ending agony 
An art which thou cannot see 
Thy sentences unknown to thee. 
To cease what is wrong, is prejudice, is lie 
The truth be never swallowed, be never shadowed 
In partial blindness for universal good 
The truth is clear but not understood. 
For defenders, the truth is death 
To reveal what is hidden -a fatal truth 
Questions be solved by the single fact 
But the Opposers forbids the voices of the Candors 
They rebel, they refused to hear 
They tried to hide the truth in madman 's mouth 
The defenders may hide from justice 
The truth may cover from demise 
But the truth may live again 
For the truth never dies.

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The Thatcher Years

No poppies for madam
 that privilege is reserved 
for the common man.
Drape her coffin with Union jack
though there is no union for me.

Your guard of honour is expecting you,
made from the empty shell of boys
who left their dreams on Falkland hill.

This life that you once held
 will be remembered .  
The miner’s bones will see your corpse
for death came to them with broken heart,
their blood was washed away
and community was lost of hope
In the weeping’s of a crying pit.

The taste of rabbit stew 
still stays upon my lips,
for I shared my bread with neighbours,
while boys in blue waved five pound notes
and beat their shields in rhyme,
 for they were truly, Maggie’s whores.

This common man seeks redemption for you
but forgiveness is for God to give.
These pearly gates that your spirit seeks
among the hymns that praise this earth
are but remnants of the pit gates
and in their rust they are jammed shut to you.

The chosen few were Maggie’s men
 their daggers have been cleaned of blood.
The wits will praise your passing,
A final toast to Caesar,
“she came, she saw, she conquered”
but in truth they know,
the evils of today still carry your mark.

Iron lady your soul will seek the light
But your light went out long ago
during the Devils reign.
Lost in the furnace of men
lost in the pride of England.

And now your service has ended
redundancy killed you too.
Your victories have gone into history
but Steel and coal 
and the grafters of England
will never forgive you.

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my hired help

Hire me a hitman to teach me the reasons to live life
i am suicidal and need some advice
Hire me a prostitute
to teach me how not to be martyred by my sex life of nasty men
to guide me toward the sanity that there is one out there for me 
and make saints out of these amends to the dead
Hire me a drug dealer
to come into my life to help me recover from dope
an oxymoron of sorts but if we can do it maybe there is hope
Hire me a conman to teach me the importance of truth
a liar of all liars who is desperately seeking my truth
of a secret he would be after only i could tell
Hire me a false prophet
to teach me everything i need to know about living in the present
and the consequences of focusing on every domino that could fall
in all the wrong directions
hire me a soldier
i dont care if its a navy seal
im sure he could teach me all about cowardice
when the threats around me become too real

and on center stage where i seemingly plan to fail to teach life lessons in this 
social experiment
lets see who wins which bets
and which identities stay hidden and which ones become friends
hire me a spy to teach me all about the importance of privacy
as i delve into these peoples lives delving into mine

The threat is real its do or die
this is the scene
and there will be a bribe to be made
for pulling off the perfect crime
it may not be last man standing
perhaps a place to get on the same wavelength
wash away the past
lead the horse to temptation

hire me these people
and a game for them to play where if they work together they share the spoils
and if im successfull they all walk away reborn yet empty handed
but what exactly here is my goal?

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...To get back
get back, else
the Grand Probation

We suffer hale
We suffer, hail to 
a mobiused Morlde`
of looped

The wakesleeping
moral absurdtities
redolent of seay,
Hawaii football,
Golf Clubs'
cervid cudgels,
'bout covers
covert bases...

"...for nothing but Humanity"
(ainsi a-t-on beau),
said Beckett '38,
'neath a Billennium of atrabiliousnesses,  
glooms interrred in 
sorrows' ignorance
ignorance's sorrow, &
Entropy disavowed...

the Sons 'n Daughters fraught,
of Fossils' legacies, unbellowed
It Can't Happen Here!, sayeth
Saul's Seer, but
Whom recalls Sinclair's '35, now
a viscous internecine?

are We answerable
"We suffer
We suffer," only
Massing for Weapons' Destruction?
Aye? Nay?
Of a rusting, Mammoth Morlde`
which neither
Higher Law?


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Remove Your Blinders

No heartbeat will pass through these teeth
Nothing's child will digest, rest dead inside me
A plead or two, violent rages ignored
What did her smiling eyes mean to you?
I know you saw her grinning

Let me tell you, child bearing a heavy heart:
Karma is alive and kicking 
Every heartbeat has purpose

Sick to my stomach I discover much truth
Humans ripping flesh from bones-- I have a bone to pick with you
To what extent of this insanity does it prosper our youth?
May I remind you of meals to spare, the freedom to choose?

I wonder everyday, "Were you even hungry?"
Friend, eating is for survival, to thrive, keep these eyes blinking
Not to slit something's throat
Believe me

No longer will I blind myself from sick,real cruelty
Look at his face
Have you seen him cry?
Are your eyes still smiling?
Three days to live and he can not wait to die

Stop this vicious cycle
Let nature shine through
They were here before me and before you
Wouldn't you liked to be saved by grace?
Thankful for words on a believed page?
Rescued from a life threatening disease of ignorance I hate?
One more rescue breath at the scene 
Open your eyes wide 
We are that change

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abhor apparent
those malicious tyrants
flaws never justified
but their slanders never
fail to misguide..

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I can and do love America

I do believe it is possible to truly love America

and now I can say that

Now I can say that I love America

boldly speaking my mind for what is right

realizing destiny of thomas paine's constitution of 

goodness and mercy

now I can say that I believed

now I can realize my true American destiny

so much more than shopping malls

and big macs

so much more than filibustering

America is humanism

Thoreau, Emerson and Unitarian preachers

honesty, kindness, wise, and trying to realize our destiny

o, it gets lost so easily

but now I know

how to find it.

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walk with me

walk with me through my suffering

come visit for a day a place where

fear permeates the soul

and torment rules the day

come visit with me for a day

hopeless despair

as status quo

allows fiction to be reality

and reality to be fiction

come walk with me now

walk with me now because

this walk may open your eyes

and be your salvation.

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Holocaust Memorial Day

                       A brave believing victim of the Shoah said, 'God slept'.

                       Is it not true that God and Humanity were allies as the 

                       United Nations Forces defeating Fascism - for ever?

                       Only the other day out of respectability I heard an anti-

                       Semitic remark. Alas, this old evil is not yet dead and buried.  

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A Sad Political Poem

Ay! Where’s gone that eyes-smile, you gave me? 
Why are you for few days badly brooding!

This lovely land’s ours; its jungles belong to us,
And we, You and I,
Together own them.
There the meadows there the gardens
All ours.

Let them!
The sensitive-Indian-soldiers stand on street sides—
As the uninvited guests.
Well! They themselves feel
They shouldn’t have wandered
As mad lovers in their beloveds’ streets, 
And been laughed over!
Or pitied.
And their ignorant patriotic fellows
Be overly jealous of us
For their fatherland’s nowhere seen
In the beauty’s ranking
And ours is Ah! On top!
Nor can they find there, in their mistresses,
O yes! Even a thousandth of your face!

Or either our well-wishers—across
Or their any so-called friend,
One day very soon,
Shall all leave us—angrily alone.
And our Old King shall return
His kingdom in the fort
On there the beautiful mount
In the valley’s heart.
And we will see him
Tears rolling down our face
With roses’ garlands
And an ode to his grace.

Then Art in all forms
 Shall flourish again, 
The Chinese shall travel snowy ways—again, 
The Persians shall sail seas
And visit us, and beseech;
Our saints will preach them,
 Artists will teach.

And we shall surely be seeing every evening
In that last garden
And I will write on you
Every new day 
A new verse.

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    Morning broke clearly over the earth,
    loving hugs and kisses amid the "Business as Usual" atmosphere.
    The quiet hand of God raising another beautiful day,
    As the anxious hand of the assassin prepared to deliver his blow.

    Thousands set their life course on the wave of human endeavor,
    man's handiwork beckoning to them .
    The gleaming towers embraced this fold,
    Just as the beast pounced on the innocent.

    Those first ripples of fear,
    Gained momentum as a tide...
    Crashed down upon the breakwater of our hearts,
    Carrying with it the memories of friends and loved ones.

     The hatred of freedom and peace,
     Raised its ugly head only to see the devastation.
     Hiding now in the land of once enlightened men,
     Knowing its life worthless in the company of civilized society.

     As for those who remain and remember the innocent,
     The pain will still linger for a while.
     For loved ones gone in an instant of madness,
     The prayers of a tearful nation are raised to heaven.

     The anger of these deep emotions,
     Must be tempered by the forgiveness of the heart.
     Justice will prevail one day,
     If not soon, then in the righteous time of the Almighty Creator.

     Until that time comes...
     VIGILANCE is the watchword.
     DETERMINED RESOLVE is the promise,
     With FAITH that tomorrow, the quiet hand of God will raise another 
     Beautiful day.

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Hush Poet

Poet, Hush!
The world says, "Hush"! I say no to the world.
Yes, I hear the poets.  Yes, I feel and sense 
the pain and anguish. The tears for the 
world agenda.
Power, greed from all walks of life to
the detriment of all.
One goal the ultimate hierarchy.
Anarchy or nothing. Bloodshed to gain
the prize.  What do you gain?
Secret deals yet to be exposed to
the light?
Power over the status quo which
needs real truth, wisdom and real reform
for all. True slavery?
Power over the individual.
Someday we all will know true
Power over themselves but it
will fail.
Everyone they say has to serve someone 
so the story goes. Even the powerful..........
So how can you master a master
when its impossible. They become the 
slave instead of the servant.
Quiet they may hear us. 
Hush Poet! 21st Century abounds with a
fresh start only we see the
violence of newness dawning.
Can we children find the peace
hoped for?  It's a possibility but
people can't contain the impulses
of their own risk. 
Civilizations will come and go but
the game stays the same.
Until we keep our passions at
bay and our eyes small we will
not see the truth.
Common folk do not escape but
hold aloof from the Elite.
Yet we pay the toll always.
When will this end for all.
I hear agenda, Hush Poet, Hush!
I love the Poets.  They know how
to play in their heart of hearts and
mastery of the mind combined.
They know who the Servant is or at
least try to understand.
Wedding both the mind and the heart
to win the people to proper goal.
Hush, Poet, Hush!
There is an answer but not everyone
listens and watches.
The leaders need to be gentled
not feared and we must not
fear anything. 
We must see the shining light at
the end of the dark tunnel.
The fear only paralyzes the nation
and all comes to a halt. 
You mustn't hush the poets they
see the many.  They see the
destruction and the real oppression.
I think I can see it before my heart. 
My mind knows to. 
Selfish interest will not save
the day but the sharing of great
success for all.
Maybe this is an optimistic dream
but I dont walk a narrow path
for nothing.
Painful tears they walk by them
without a care in the world. 
The children who walk in the
light to fight another day.
Let us gently breathe quietly and
hope again for those we call our
kin our true neighbor.
Hush the fanatic agenda that is reason.  
Do not hush the gentle leader who
has vision.

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You sell identities like lemonade
On a hot summer afternoon

You lick the frosting of another soul
Off of the barrel of your gun

You let murderers walk the streets
To fill prisons with sunflowers

You fill media with celebrity gossip
While people starve and die

Corruption cements the walls of justice together
While we debate basic human rights

And the worst part of it all
Is me sitting here letting it happen

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Waiting for the Government

Waiting for the government…

Waiting for the government
				to do some thing
	any thing

I didn’t get that. 
Oh, you took a space-craft out
				  into space

We’ll keep our fingers crossed	
				behind our backs…

What’s that?
No, not at all. Don’t thank us. We thank you.
Don’t call us to tell us if you’re not coming back.
We understand.
			We’re no quid nunc.

Things like this happen: every house 
Haiyan rushed by in a leaking hurry.
Yes, we know. You told us to take flight. 
	Hours before landfall.
At least, you’re safe from the likes of these
	mud-slamming storm chasers…

What’s that again? 
				O! Your quinquennium?
Don’t you worry no more. We’ll get that fixed, too.

Sorry, didn’t get that?
O, you mean your tri-annual vacation trips.
No sweat! Just keep going. We’ll understand.

What? What the…
You want your luggage sent express?
Consider it done. We’re tearing muscle from bone.
Be without care. 
	Handouts by the mountain bales are on the way.
    from outer-space…

Bon Voyage! Happy landing!

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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A Shift in Paradigm

The beast thought about it
There is a certain pride that prices the unChrist thought
Status to control the mind
Must dazzle largely on the eyes
A manger has some cinderella gleam to it
But nothing today slithers from the myth
Because the world has lost belief
Because reality is a cinder
From a burning sheaf
The beast ceased to ponder and plodded away
Across the hills of Pakistan's grandeur
In the valleys of Afghanistan's splendour
The beast bleeding bed to die.
In this culture nothing
Can be born again ... the beast has tasted acid rain.

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