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Free Verse Pets Poems | Free Verse Poems About Pets

These Free Verse Pets poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Pets. These are the best examples of Free Verse Pets poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Be a Bee!

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Bright Birds

Deceptive, drowsy,
the gray cat, Tempus, in doldrums
lazes, purring, stretching.
I have watched him:
cunning eyes half-closed,
he stalks bright birds in the garden,
near day lilies.
Wings wet from flights
through the sprinkler's sweeps,
the birds swoop, glide, flutter.
They light on dry grass,
strut and shake themselves,
are lulled. Then,
Tempus pounces on one bird.
The rest are routed…
And Tempus fugit.

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My Dog Lady

My dog is full of life and glee
But gentle and kind as should be.
She sits beside me day and night.
I have no fear that she will bite.
When troubles come we see them thru.
We live in a house of silvery white and golden hue.

And then she died.
Oh such a day.
The sorrows were heavy.
The tears they ran.
I am now alone in our golden span.
Remember her well.
Forget her not.
To honor her memory I chose this spot.
Remember her well.
Forget her not.
The joy she gave.
The love she got.

This was the 1st poem I wrote for school at 11 years old. My 1st dog
and constant companion had just died.
Now 50 years ago. By Carol Eastman
Contest: Small poem II: Motif: Epic

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Mystic Castle

I slip down through sparkling depths,
Gliding silently toward my mystic castle.
I always find peace there within,
Sheltered from the chaos all around me.
Hidden from prying eyes and evil intentions,
And worse, indifference that leaves me no purpose.
They cannot see the tears I weep
Nor care about my solitary existence,
Until someone is reminded 
To feed the goldfish.

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She waits.

I see her still in twilights shroud
At visions edge she’s standing still
She lives on for me, but makes no sound
Her presence felt , a loving glow.

She watches me with sightless eyes
The look that speaks but makes no sound
Where shadows spill she lingers now
But when I look I cannot see, just feel. 

She should be here if fate were kind
My partner in the quite times
I miss the things she needed that I gave.
That giving soul that has now passed.

She waits, I know she does.
The bond that held will always be
She was my friend, my love, my charge.
Now my pain, my loss, my memory’s dear.

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Cassie came to me
damaged and afraid
“just let me hide in this corner”
it was like she prayed
“I’ll be fine if left alone
with food and water
to survive”
I’m not sure she wanted
to even be alive

I forced my love on her
for I wouldn’t settle for this
forced gentle caresses
warm hugs and a kiss
though I knew
she couldn’t be expected
to understand any of this

she resisted

I insisted

day after day
I fought the war to win her heart
night after night 
I seemed to be losing the battle
waiting for love to start


one night I felt 
her tiny, precious head
nestled against mine
curled up in my bed
her fur so soft and fine
heard her quiet, contented sigh
and that was when I knew

Cassie was finally mine

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The Children's Bread

Freshly baked every morning,
Even at noon and in the evening,
In different shapes and colors-
Some dense, some light
Some like desert manna
Some flat, some leavened
Some long and whole
Or sliced in small pieces
Some cooled, some hot
So soft and then some hard
With such Heavenly aromas
Served at the Master's Table
Of chairs, booths, benches
And cushions for tired knees,
Healing is the children's bread.
They hunger no more for worldy feasts.
Even their dogs eat the fallen crumbs,
Sometimes portions from their hands;
As the children drink Living Water,
They thirst no more for bitter fountains
And sources of a soul's diseases.
On earth the Master tabernacles
With us for many days of Heaven.
Within without we are healed
And given our daily bread.

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What really makes a house a home


Peter Dome.Copyright.2012.

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Melva H Olmos Painting of Guacamaya roja or Red Macaw or Ara macao

Ah, Red Macaw, you are the pestilence
of impatience
in my day, soaring far, far overhead
squawking and screaming
your face overheated and red
beak too portentous
for sweets, gobbling and demanding
if ever you stop, but the leaves
have no leavening, you’re all feed
and poop and mar my day.

Even though I seek you out
you escape, Scotch-free, 
wearing a tartan of betrayal.
Who you seem to be
righter of words, merely mimics
what experience I bring
with my heart and days. I want to
wear flames, gold, drink juices
that drip from the blues of my mouth.

You wear my head where I have shadow.
You wear my flight, straight and narrow
Branching and diving and soaring.
You wear my hunger for the sweetness
of truth, but follow only my path
Where is yours? Where is your course?
Of course. Your caw, screams
Why don’t you speak your own language
Know your own. Your home.
Instead of mine.

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How Mr Pie came to rule the world

It all started when Mr. Pie was a little bugger,
Just a wisp of fluff in the palm of your hand.
"Oh, isn't mama's little man the most handsomest EVER?!"
Not a day has gone by when he has argued that point!
"Be careful with all that encouragement" I prophetically warned,
"It may go straight to his head!!"....and what a head it became!!
Grey, dignified, regal....a lions mane with white marbling.
2 golden eyes piercing you with that casually bored stare one may give to one's shoes.

Every morning at 8 am and every night at 10 pm he demonstrates his knowledge of time.
Head-butting the door and SCREAMING the words "MOM!!! 
MAAAWWWMMMM!!......NOW???!!???.........MOM???   NOWWWWW??" (for real!!)
Needless to say, he's got us trained pretty well,
But we're still working on house-breaking me!!!!!
He still has yet to teach us PROPER portion control,
And I get the impression I'm not so popular when I give less than expected.
Maybe it's the "Death-threat" stare, or maybe the Kitty Log in my slippers, I don't know!

All I can tell you is don't EVER make the mistake of addressing him as a "cat"
Or you may come to know the justice of King Pie, The Terrible........just a warning!!

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Cuddle Babies Replay Memory

I remember the day Trixie died,
Sinbad staring out upon her grave.
No crying, just day after day, homage.

I couldn’t stand seeing the pain,
Nothing I did, petting, holding,
Could bring him away from the grave.

So down to the pet store I drove
Hoping for a partner to please
And found a pair of cuddles, babies

Arms wrapped together in play
One black one orange which should it be?
Orange like Sinbad or black?

But how could I take one from another
Leave another hole, so black and orange
Babies two, drew Sinbad back over

To sleep the peaceful sleep of cuddles
Warmth from another, held like a mother
Or held like a father, Sinbad was mine

Once more we could live in happy cheer
Death deserted from our midst
When the wonder of youth appeared.

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Dogs are Fun For children

Jump sniff chew scratch
dogs loved to be stroked on their backs
Run pant stretch bark
dogs love playing ball in the park
Digging holes with their clawed nails
Long ears and wagging tails
I love dogs
they are such fun
throw a stick and watch
them run.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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Goldie, my peculiar but beloved cat,
has certain affectations --
she prefers, most times, her own society
and shuns her housemates.
But, sometimes, she cuddles
or will join the others
to laze around -- in the living room,
the dining room, a hallway, or
in the kitchen.
An inside cat who, early on,
suffered the indignity of
"the operation,"
she asserts her independence
by darting into the front yard
when a door is opened --
and she pointedly ignores
any calls or pleas to come inside.
But when the door shuts
and no one is around, she is fearful,
immediately climbing up into the ash tree.
And there she stays
until I come to coax her down.
She may climb high up
and, finally, shakily manage
a descent to allow me to pick her up
and carry her back inside.
She never leaves the yard
but does enjoy ignoring me
when I am in a hurry.
She will dart about and run
from one side of the yard to the other.
For her, it's only an infrequent game.
And, as my treasured pet,
she certainly deserves to play
while testing the limit
of my affectionate, chagrined

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Naming Fish

People often get stuck on what to call their fish
and in many cases come up with ridiculous things.
They imagine some kind of greatness, attached to
naming,  and they name them Moby, or Jaws, or  Hannibal.

Some are poetic and flowing like water- Eulalie
or Aolani( Ay-o-lawn-ee) which means "Heavenly Cloud."

Some joke, and call them Sushi or Chips
which no self respecting pet suspects the meaning of  …..
or, they  invoke nature -
Bubbles and Starlight or Pearl.

Once, I knew a puffer fish named Toto. 

Suzanne Delaney

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On a cold winter night

On a stormy winter night
With a chimney only in sight…
A pooch sat and stared…
At the curious sight
Of a flickering light
That dazed and caught his sight…
“Oh what is this flickery light!?”…
Thought this curious pooch…
“Whatever shall I do to this light that constantly makes me wag my tail?”
Silently he stared and gave the flickering light a very serious glare…

The pooch barked and howled wanting to play with this new light…
But the light only flickered and glared…
With colors about
And sounds that would shout
The pooch couldn’t resist…
He slowly crept up and went for a pounce…
But the light was no longer there…
“Where did you go?” 
Thought the curious pooch with tail wagging that he just couldn’t hide…

                                                                                               Fire & Ice contest
Now alone in the dark
Hearing the beating of his heart
The pooch settled down and grinned and thought…
“The light must have hid!”
The pooch searched through the house,
Under the couch,
Behind the tree,
Even under a flea…
But the light was nowhere to be seen…

With tail still wagging 
He curled up for a dream
And slowly drifted off to sleep
With the flickery light, dim but insight 
As well decided to sleep…
On cold winter nights…
With flickery lights…
And a pooch with silly dreams,
We understand the sight of sleepless nights
And why “the dish ran away with the spoon”…

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My Cat Louie

There he comes to say good morning, mommy.
My cat Louie with eyes of gold, stripes that
wrap around him from head to tail.
On his paws he has white socks.
He comes meowing loudly making sure I hear him.
he wants me to know 'his dish is empty and his fat belly
is too'  again he meows 'Mommy get up and feed 'me'.
As I get up and I am walking into the kitchen he decides
to bloop him self at my feet, rolling, yawning and wanting
me to see  his furry fat empty belly.
See mommy this belly needs to be filled up!
I tell him he is a beautiful boy, up he comes
looks at me and meows  'now for kitty sake
feed me'.

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Dreaming Dog Days

Sleeping cavalier
Draped in Blenheim silk
Russet red reflecting
Autumn’s fiery cloak
Dozing, snoring softly
Dreaming dog days.

In his mind Orion’s
Hound ignites the sky to
Mark the changing season
Autumn burns the wood
From green to red to gold
Summer’s over.
Playful cavalier
Tracking leaves and berries
Falling to the touch of
Autumn’s sweet enchantment
Barking at the shadows
Chasing moonbeams.
Autumn stains the dawn with
Hazy blue and crimson
Noble cavalier
Stretching, yawning softly
Gently bouncing homeward
Dreaming dog days.

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The Patsy

Standing at the edge
Fear~pain~or fun~fear~pain
Big brown fearful eyes
Begging help me...

So I help her down onto the floor
Picking up her chew stick
Comes to me again
Big brown sad eyes help me

Understanding her agony
Bend over lift her up
Now she's in her comfort zone
Chewing away on her bone
Sitting next to the patsy

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Wee Little Puppy

Many years ago went to dog shelter,

brought home a wee little puppy.

So tiny and loveable, as most puppies


Loved this little girl, sleeping with

this puppy each night as she cuddled up

to me was so sweet and tender.

She learned so quickly, such a smart

little dog was she.

Then one day she became sick,

very sick, she stopped eating,

then  she just passed on.

I was so heartbroken and very depressed,

she had died from distemper, not knowing

that much about dogs at the time,

they had not given her any shots,

they also had not told me that.

All dogs should have their shots,

before you bring them home,

she would have lived out a normal life,

if I had known that.  Always will remember

that wee little puppy I had so long ago.

Written 8-8-11

# Note here of course now days all shelters give dogs and cats their shots

before they leave shelter, but not all of them did back then in 1964.

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Silly, Silly, Little Kitten

Playful” The Silly Little kitten

Silly, silly, little kitten, “Playful”
lags behind and gets into mischief   
looks around and touches everything in site
Playful, works up an enormous appetite 
after he eats, it’s time to lay down
all of a sudden he remembers, the yarn!
it was displayed, all over place
Playful, scurry’s and winds it into a ball 
then put it back, before momma cat
notice he was gone, and then call
Meow! (phew!) he made, it and Playful
whispers good night to all.


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I am sorry,
I am very sorry,
This is for my daughter
I mean my young, beautiful pet.

That was it, the voice of my friend
Who now prides himself
Of another daughter across the street
Only God knows how many of such
I mean those susceptible to his carrot.

Indeed, very young
Full of life to live
Looking innocently attractive
Until he crept into her life.

Her Aunt’s door left ajar
She fell like a pack of card.
He dazzles her Aunt with intermittent gifts
He branded the girl “My daughter”
My innocent friend became a father
And dangles before his daughter a lanky carrot.

As times tickles away,
The daughter not only eats the golden carrot
But she swallows it gently with exactitude

Yet, her Aunt saw no changes
When carrots thickens her sister’s hips
And her flat buttocks getting curved roundly
While her chest pointer getting shaped
Her Aunt still blinded with gifts of “Suya and bread”.

Here comes this day knocking
As my friend’s daughter
Vomits and coughs repeatedly,
She feigned to be well before her Aunt.

“Nothing, I’m okay”
She smiled to her friends
And pretends to all
But grim only at her father

The act got caught short
Not for too long,
Now we all know,
That she has swallowed her father’s carrot
And it got stucked in her throat.

When?, Where?, Who?, her Aunt queried
Three months ago, she retorted
My . . . My . . . My . . . father, she replied.
Before eyes got blinked,
My friend’s was out of town
In search of another daughter.

Alayande Stephen T.
4th August, 2007

Spiced up for my good friend Tope and his daughter.
It all happened on my visit to Abuja.

Suya- An Hausa language (from Nigeria) for roasted meat.

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Tina My Little Terrier

You were such a tiny little puppy when

we got you, only 6 weeks old.

Training you was so easy and fun

to do, what a heart you had little girl.

When you were full grown you were

not much bigger than when we got you.

Sleeping by my wife Judy was your

favorite pass time, even when she

went out of town, you would lie

as close to where she would normally

be.  Chasing cats you really lived to

do that.  You never even came close

to catching one, until one day,

this cat stoppped as i ran across the

street to get you, and almost being hit

by a car.

As i reached you and the cat, with

a swap of its paw catching you right

on your nose, drawing a little blood,

after that you were the one to stop

before even reaching the cat, you knew

better to come close.  Your love for

everyone was a thing to see my little girl.

One day came that I didn't think

would come, we gave you to a friend

which broke my heart, but knowing

you were going to a good home.

My family was moving to Denver,

and they would not allow dogs

in the apartment, so we had no

choice, the day the lady came

for your I watched as the car

drove slowly down the alley

i saw the sad look on your face

that has never left me it is

buried in my heart and mind.

You were a great little dog

and I'm so sorry for giving you away.

Written 8-16-11

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Dog's Thoughts

Need to understand:
What I am?
But more important:
What is this?
I have four paws and a tail
This has two paws and no tail
I'm little, but strong
This is bigger and taller
I like to leak this thing
It gives out strange sounds
What an unusual situation!
But not bad, if I have to say
I used to live in a cage
It came and brought me away
Here, where I'm wondering now
I don't know yet, but I like it.

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Catch Me If You Can

Daphne a poodle is a very happy pup
With a pom-pom tail and a button nose
And two eyes filled with glee.
Daphne is a pedigree, a breed with energy.
She is made of curls from head to toe,
And the color of honey gold.
Daphne the poodle, she's lively as can be,
For when she's given her favorite toy
She begins to prance and play.
Look at Daphne go,
Running here and there and all around retrieving toys for you and me.
Woof Woof Woof
Woof Woof Woof
Catch me if you can.
She'll only pause a moment when she hears me holler, "Stop"
Then she begins to prance and play again, running all around.
Catch me if you can.

(* Rhythmically read like "Frosty The Snowman")
For the contest, 'Calling All Pets', Sponsored By SKAT-AB-SIN THE

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Little Hole by Railroad Tracks

Many years ago walking down

railroad tracks with my old dog shep.

We always passed by this old hole

next to tracks that laid over a little

bed of water.

One day shep got to close,

and slid down toward hole,

he was stuck real tight,

I went home to get a rope,

when I got back, he was no where

to be found, after looking all over

for him, I went home and there he

was on front porch, like nothing had

happened, looking at me and wagging his

bushy tail, as I got down to his level, kisses is

what I got from this fine dog, don't know

to this day how he got home without me

seeing him, but that was shep for you.

We had many adventures, this was just one of


Written 8-7-11

This really happened in Grinnell Iowa around 1953 or 1954

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A thousand words

 As cold winds blew that stormy night
The dog kept howling at the moon
But the two kittens played with delight
They never went to sleep so soon

Snowflakes pirouetted with delicate grace
 As we kept warm by the fireplace
When  I glanced over by the rocking chair
I beheld the most beautiful sight, I do declare

Two kittens  snuggled  up next to their mom
 As they rested from their play 
With their mother's legs around them
 In purrfect peace they lay 
 And as they blissfully  slept
In their little heads sweet dreams crept
In love's embrace so warm they were kept

There are a thousand words a picture paints
Some of beauty and some quite quaint
 But even  angels smile in heaven above
When a picture paints a thousand words of love

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Goldfish in Heaven

It was a little cold this morning.
Colder this morning
than any other so far this year. 
Of course every day this year seems
colder than any year before.

It’s October now.
It’ll be my birthday soon.
I’ll be eighty-four… or twelve.
I guess it all depends on who’s counting. 

My best friends came to visit me today.
We spent some time in the backyard
just enjoying one another’s company.
They seemed a little distant…
maybe sad, even.
They did their best to hide it from me,
but I could tell. 

After a time of laughter,
love and hidden tears,
my best friend asked
if I wanted to go for a ride.

Never one to turn down an adventure,
I gladly accepted.

The wind in the truck
was more than I have been used to.
God how it made my bones ache.
But it was nice to be out.
It had been quite a while
since my last outing.
When we arrived at the lake
my friend could tell how bad I hurt,
so he helped me out of the truck.

My best friend and I walked a ways
and I could feel the sadness in him
coming to the surface.
But he didn't seem to want to talk about it.
I figured I’d just let him talk about it
if he wanted.
I wasn’t going to pressure him.

He just put his hand on my back
and told me he loved me.

Then he said he had something for me
as he tussled the hair on my head.
He pulled a bag of Goldfish Crackers
out of his pocket
and offered me some.
God knows I love Goldfish Crackers.
I smiled at him and thanked him.
I never eat them one at a time.
I always eat them by the mouthful.
Today was no different.

After my second helping
I glanced at my friend once more.
I swear he knew exactly what I was thinking.
I have no doubt how much he loves me...
I just wish I could tell him
how much I love him. 

I glanced down at the remaining crackers
and as I began to eat them I was secretly hoping
that more might magically appear before me.

As I did, I heard a sound. 
A sharp sound.
As much in the distance
as right above me.

I guess it was the sound that
Goldfish Crackers make
when more
magically appear before you.
Because there they were.

And here they are. 

I could eat Goldfish Crackers forever.
I wonder if there are Goldfish Crackers in Heaven.


©2010, R. Erin Lenth


I wrote this poem late in the evening after I put Sarah, my faithful Labrador 
Retriever,  down.

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Little Cindy

We had a little Beagle named Cindy,

such a sweet little girl she was,

brother Darrell training her so well,

to be a great hunter, and that she was.

My dog shep and her got along just fine.

Had her for almost two years, until one day,

while chasing a rabbit across the steet,

poor little Cindy didn't see the car coming

down the way, she was killed outright.

Such a poor sweet and most tender dog she was.

Our friend old Ben carried her from the steet and

placed her small little body on the green grass

that she used to play in many times, then he

came and told us the sad news.  She was with

us a short time but so many dear sweet memories

that dear dog left in our hearts.

Written 8-15-11

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Thank You Man

Thank you,
Thank you,
You saved me, thank you
Man saved — Man's bestfriend
Thank you, Man—
From Man's best friend

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Let Love Fly

Let love fly
With ethereal compassion, a soft glow in her eyes,
she picks up the baby eagle, tries to convey words
of eloquent reassurance, sincerely she tries.

Look, June is here this morning; and sun is shining hot; 
last night’s storm belongs to last night; it has left an eagle;
a homeless, hurt, upset baby; it feels forlorn, lost, caught.

She takes it home; makes enclosures; feeds it with love, care.
It still feels solo, alone within, fed by love, fed up.
The enclosure of good concern grows smaller with time’s each turn.
The bird’s soul belongs to the sky; in its eyes silent prayer 
flares up as it cries; shrill piercing call to its own kind.

Let it fly.
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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Queenie My Sweet Little Dog

When Shep died I was heartbroken and sick,

how could any dog ever replace shep?

I didn't want a dog, but after a while I knew

that a dog is just what I wanted.

Found this little black  puppy, so cute

and cuddly.  A black lab-mix and what a

dog she was, so smart and very lovable.

I learned to love this dog very soon,

she had her shots they told me,

so I took their word for it.

Queenie followed me all over the yard,

the way shep use to do.  I trained her to do

some simple tricks which she learned so fast.

After around 8 months she got real sick, she

stopped eating, I took her to the vet and

he told me that she had distemper, I told him

that she had her shots and he told me,

that the shots sometimes don't always work.

A few days later she died, I was once again

heart broken, but later in life I was to find out

that death is just part of life, we need to enjoy

our pets while we can.

I buried her next to shep between the two

trees, she is still there 50 years later,

and I am still thinking about that dear

little dog that I had, she was so sweet

and loyal to me.

Written 8-15-11

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Lucky The Lucky Dog

Lucky was such a lucky dog.Who had such
a lucky owner.That one day, the two went
walking together in the park.Only to hear the
other dogs bark.The owner said! 'Lucky, today's 
my lucky day'.So he went ahead, and bought
a lottery ticket.Over at the local supermarket.
Then he rubbed the lottery ticket, onto Lucky's
nose.Only heaven knows, how lucky Lucky's
nose could be.Because, before you knew it.
The owner of Lucky.Was as rich as can be.
The owner of Lucky.Was a walking money 
tree.And Lucky! Was just a lucky dog strolling
along.Luck! Was on Lucky's side once again.
When the owner of Lucky.Went to the horse
racing track.The owner of Lucky, bet on Slippery
Shoes to win in the seventh.After the horse won.
The owner of Lucky had loads of fun.Again! Him
and the dog went strolling along.So the very next
day, the owner took his dog Lucky, to the big casino
in Las Vegas.Where he sat next to Lucky, and 
played the one armed bandit slot machine.
Before you knew it.The owner of Lucky hit a very 
large jackpot.The place went wild, and everybody
was happy.Everywhere the owner went, with Lucky
along.The owner would win.Only to hear his favorite
song.So the next time you buy a K-9.Name him 
Lucky! The lucky dog..

Pet Story Poem By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2003,2014..
ALL rights reserved.

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Collab with Justin Connor


The man that picked me up in the streets
Quickly became my best friend in the world
My ears prick when I hear him calling
Daily I am in the kitchen faster than lightening
Wagging my tail brightly

I used to be on the streets—
A place I never liked and was always afraid of
Thanks to this man I don’t have to be scared anymore

I used to feel the cold in my bones
And watch the cars speed around me in fright
I used to try and say hi to the passersby
But they only glanced at me and sighed

When he took me in the house was warm
My paws felt comfy on the carpet floor
And there was FOOD—delicious food!
Piled nicely for me in a big red bowl

Then I met his wife and daughter
They were so happy to see me!
I had not even been there for a day
And suddenly I was part of their family
I feel at home!
Napping on the couch with my best friend
And my two new cuddle buddies
Their soft, gentle hands stroking my head
A feeling like no other
A sensation I had never dreamt of in my past life
A new warmth—known as comfort and leisure

I think I will stay here
For I am their new treasure as they are mine

I like the way I light up the daughter’s face
Every morning I wake her and lick her cheek
To her smile and an occasional giggle
It is so wonderful to feel this joy sweeping through me
It is almost electrifying because of its newness 
And leaving them would be a shame!
Besides, where would I go?
Instead I must focus my mind on the delightful food!
Or the chewy TOYS that the mother brought one day
Or their BACKYARD with the funny pigeons!
And especially focus on them, my family!

Being on the street for a long time
I never thought I would find
A place where kind people would love me for what I am
A place where I would never go hungry
A safe place to keep me happy and warm
A place called home
I am home!

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My Special Friend

Every once in a while

a special friend comes along,

whether it's a human or dog,

mine just happens to be a dog.

She is so kind and loving,

she always giving her love away,

and demanding it right back.

She seems to have to be close to me

all the time.  She knows what 

I'm thinking, always finding ways

to cheer me up, bringing a smile to my face,

I can talk with this loving friend and feel better

afterwards. She is always there for me to lean on

what more could a friend do than what this

special dog has done.  Brandy is my specila friend,

she loves me more than any dog I have ever had,

and I feel the same toward her,  I have a relation with

her like no dog before or since, will enjoy every moment

that she is with me until that fateful day.

written 8-2-11

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Can You Guess The Season

It's that time of year again
I saw the neighbor's white cat
Chaseing their neighbor's striped cat.

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Five o'clock Shadow

Orange bleeds yellow above
the white tipped horizon 
My fingers are crying, 
for the days 
of never ending bath-tubs.

winter will carve
it’s 5 o’clock shadow
across the east coast. 
and smoke will rise
from brick chimneys.

On sunny afternoons,
Guilt may find it’s way
to dig it’s heel.  
But here-
the cold is biting my toes, 
and my mind is free 

to listen to the dogs wrestling. 
Playing, like fiddler for a hot meal.

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Like toy solidiers

We fall down, 
get ready for battle.
Almost like it's mandatory-
oh but that wouldn't be story.
It'd ruin the plans,
lose all the fans,
take a way that unique quality,
of taking pride, giving hope-
hope that lasts, continually holds respect, faith.
But that's already gone.
to the point it's hiding, ready to pounce like those raging cheetahs-
ready to snatch,
anything in sight,
there will be no fight,
only blood.
And though you see the fangs overhang the body,
the body that just looks limp,
It reveals a sense of purity, serenity,
and that sick twisted smirk painted onto the freckled body-
Like a coward before it's enemy-
but there is no enemy-
only species of the same,
lurking patiently.
And that's when the coward comes to life,
afraid of its own kind,
terrified at a look,
It's no longer the same species
now it lies in the grass
scope set on you

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Dear Old Friend

Dear old friend 
Dark day clouds 
Now hide away your sun

As I still open up 
A morning door
Hoping to find your feline face shining in

No more furry hugs
Inquiries to where I was
Just my missing thoughts

Of all your cries
And why I never heard the one
That said
Your nine lives will soon be up

I’m sure you left 
To spare one of us
The pain

But, Oreo
Never will you
Ever be replaced

As I watch my phantom halls
Of whites and greys
And a lap 
Now filled with a truly empty space

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Crackers ‘n' Cheese

I was a-munchin’ ‘n’ a-crunchin’ on some crackers ‘n’ cheese
When a-someone or a-somethin’ came ‘n’ tickled my knees –

With her tail up in the air in a question mark tease,
‘Twas my little grey kitten mewin’ wide-green eyed pleas –

Beggin’ of her human, “Oh kind human, please
Won’t you let me share in yer crackers ‘n’ cheese?”

I looked into her tiny face ‘n’ made the choice with ease –
Doncha know that to my heart this kitten holds the keys?

I felt her purrs flow past me, a gentle, liltin’ breeze,
 ‘N’ now my kitten’s doin’ the munchin’ on my crackers ‘n’ cheese!

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a dogs love

You always make me smile and laugh
You don’t know how funny you are
You make me happy when I am sad
I know you’re never too far

You sulk when I put my cap on you
Bark at dogs on TV like they can hear you
I can’t help but to laugh at you
But your love can’t be compared to

You hate having your picture took
Even though you love attention
You hide your face when I pick a camera up
But your ears pop up any time the word food is mentioned

You always manage to make me happy
Even when I want to cry
The press give a bad name to staffies
But I know you wouldn’t hurt a fly

At worst you would lick someone to death
Make them give you a little fuss
I know I have your loyalty, love and respect
Aswell as your trust

You get hyper whenever anyone comes through the door
And start jumping up them to say hello
I don’t need another’s love when I’ve got yours
Picked me up when I felt low

I may pay the rent
But it’s clear you own the flat and are in control
But you are such a good friend
You watch to make sure I put food in your bowl

You eat it then take yourself off to bed
With all the room you sleep on my side
“I’ll make her move” I say in my head
But can’t give into her big puppy eyes

You think licking my face will cure a cold or sickness
Or maybe you’re saying “put some food in my dishes”
There’s no limits to your laughs and hugs
There’s no love like a dogs love 

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Cozy Summer Afternoon

Sitting outside under shade tree,

on a cozy summer afternoon,

while Brandy my sweet dog

lies next to me cooling off

in the dirt.  Our summers spent together

has been an enjoyment that has brought

many memories.  I can see that she is thinking

about better days, when our dog Murphy

would be next to her, this is our second summer

without him, but the two of us are getting along, because

we still have each other to lean on, so we will just enjoy

this cozy summer afternoon as long as we can.

Written 7-27-11

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Chihuahua Football At The Rose Hill Stadium

Chihuahua Football At The Rose Hill Stadium
Watching football at home with my little dogs on a cold winter night, I realize that I coach my 
own football team.
Running deep far into the football field at the Rose Hill Stadium (Which is my vegetable-dyed 
Persian rug that I bought at an estate sale to cover my hardwoods.) is Piglet, a young and 
highly spirited white short-hair Chihuahua, who happens to also be a neutered male, ripped 
with lots of muscles and little body fat.  Piglet leaps up high and is able to catch in mid-air 
the fluffy white piece of parmesan cheese covered popcorn with his cute little white teeth. 
(That I just brushed with chicken flavored toothpaste after his bath)
Tessie, the long-haired, black and white female Chihuahua, who is not so lean, executes 
most of her plays as the defensive tackle position.  She often blocks Piglet from catching his 
popcorn and also profits from his fumbles, by intercepting his popcorn and eating it before 
she is able to execute a perfect touchdown.  (Haven’t managed to teach her to delay eating 
her popcorn yet)
Each year they get better and better, next year they might be ready to take their show on 
the road.  Until then, they have until the Super Bowl to practice their four footed maneuvers 
and tricks.  At best, they could make it to Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks some day soon.
(No harm was done to animals in preparation of writing this poem or playing Chihuahua 

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Jackson, Back in Action

It was an early September storm,
Jackson the Pug, didn't have a thing to do
so he found an old comic book
about a Super Hero who wore a cape,

He climbed up into his favorite easy chair
and began to read,
or should I say,
look more so at the pictures.

it didn't take long however,
before Jackson began to get sleepy
he took a deep breath, and sighed
and fell into a comfortable sleep

Then he began to dream!

He dreamed of being on a roof top,
and he heard,a terrible noise from the alley below
he poked his head over the ledge and saw
A huge Rottweiler, had a Mother Cat and her kittens cornered.

Jackson, without thought, sprang into Action
down the fire escape he ran, his red cape
aloft, trailing him, with a circle with the 
Big letters SP in the center of it

The last landing, had a roll down ladder,
but Jackson leaped the last fifteen feet,
 Super Pug, Canine Super Hero took flight
In a flash, he landed between the Rottweiler and
the Cat family.

he quickly turned, and glared at the Rottweiler
and said" Large Canine Evil doer, I am Super Pug
you will leave these citizens alone, and leave,
or your fate shall rest in my Paws"

With this the Rottweiler began to howl,
" Little flea, it is you who will leave or,
I will eat you as an appetizer " another howl
as he began to inch towards Jackson.

"You were warned" snarled Jackson, "Now meet your fate"
Thwap! Pop! Smack! Howl! Smack! Thud!
Jackson moved like lightening, his cape a blur,
the dust settled, the Rottweiler was down and out

" Oh Super Pug" said the Mother Cat,
You're my Hero, and licked his face.
just then, Jackson woke up from his little nap,
with a blanket, just like his cape covering him!

With Janice Pug, his wife, licking his face!

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He was the last, and now his gone
His body lies beneath the ground
No longer here for me to love
No longer can I will him stay

He was the last of a long long line
Of pets I’ve had since the beginning of time
He was the last, and I miss him
No tail that wags, no welcoming din

The black blanket of night
Is all around me
I can’t sleep with the memories
I can’t feel just any one thing

My head is still aching
From days of unrest
And my body is shaking
From memories at best

Fourteen years I loved that dog
My marriage gone and children grown
He stayed with me with heart and soul
Him and me is what I know

Its hard you know, when I come home
Not to hear his welcoming sounds
Not to have him at my side
No ear to scratch in the dark of night

I wanted him so much to stay
I didn’t want to face this day
I know some time we’ll meet again
When I’m through this earthly thing

There is only one thing left to say
And that is Goodbye Ziggy babe
I loved you then, I love you now
I miss you more than you will know

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I Am a Little Rabbit

- I am a little rabbit, hrum - hrum,

I like sweet carrot, hrum - hrum,

I'm like a ferret, hrum - hrum,

Live in a burrow, hrum - hrum,

Though it's narrow, hrum - hrum,

Now I am eating cabbage, hrum - hrum,

It's for my courage, hrum - hrum.

- Dear little rabbit, tell me your habit!

- Hrum - hrum!

© Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Goodbye Ufo

On your grieved howls you tried to say goodbye
Those tiny feet fragile by its pain
Our beloved little fellow
Age takes back your time, your color

The greenish t-shirt left for love
The blanket of warmth and hope
Nothing we can do but stay
Along with you in last battle of the day

Soft whisper on your ear
Say, leave and go, we let you to the land of no sorrow
Released all your pain we will meet you one day, one life
Be happy in another life

Rest in peace, our beloved dog - Ufo February 18, 2013

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Leader of The Pack

Wake up sleepy head is all that’s left to say. Get up I say!
But of course it didn’t help… This was sleeping at it’s best!
The bus was due for school soon, and still in bed he slept.
So out came my hidden weapons, that are better than water splashed.
I crept quietly up beside him… and here is what I said…

If you don’t get up I’ll release our monstrous, fearless, great cat.
He’ll jump and walk all over you… before sitting on your head.
Then I’ll bring in our loud 66 lb lab to lick you everywhere to death.
Then I’ll bring in our 86lb lab that’ll jump up to join you there, instead.
Don’t be surprised if he stretches out taking up most of the bed.
He’s really good at pushing with those really good, strong legs so…
It won’t be long before there’s nowhere left but on the floor to sleep.
And now let me introduce our 55lb forceful, herding cattle dog.
If he can’t get you up and going… believe me it can’t be done...
He’ll nip at you gracefully while never leaving a single bite.
He’s hungry and wants breakfast leftovers before it turns twilight.
And me I’ve reset the alarm. There’s no more music left to play.
Every five minutes the buzzer will be there just for you, I say.

Now I’m going away and you’ll notice the smells of bacon, toast, and eggs.
And if the dogs are in the kitchen first… it’s cold cereal for you this day.
And once they get a taste for leaving you far behind…
You will have forfeited your place at the table I know they’ll think you kind.
And when the animals are gone from your bed…
Who will protect you while you sleep?
Remember there’s an 8000 lb dinosaur living in the living room, that I keep…
And I know for a fact that he’ll come in and drool all over you…
He’s the problem we all run from…we walk around him every day. 
And I named him Mr. Report Card… for all the damage he can play.
Without him there’ll be no Xbox, Play Station, or fancy fishing trips.
So get up my sleepy young man… The world is waiting for you today.

These are my secret weapons and they work every time…
We haven’t missed the bus you see… in a very, very long time. 

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Life is so busy sometimes
With places to go and meals to prepare.
Princess looks dejected wanting a lap upon which to recline.
Sorry girl but cornbread demands making
And potatoes need mashing and greens need attention to cook up just fine..
Maybe later or sometimes tomorrow upon my lap you can lie.
We will listen to music and watch the world go by..  

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Web wise

Web wise

The fear drops from its light brown wings; 
this is not home; at least not for a bird. 
Little sparrow flaps its wings in madness; 
flaps them so hard. Living room, staircase,
it is humming past your mute chair.
But how can you help, you cannot locate 
your own way out of this golden web. 

=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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A Turtle to Remember

A Turtle to Remember

I caught a very beautiful turtle on my fishing line
took it off quickly to release before it was hurt but.....
it's shell and mystery took a magical hold of me
I carried that very sweet beauty home you see
Showed my father what a great prize I had caught
soon showed that beauty to everyone I knew
My pet needed a new name, one with great fame
A Hannibal, Napoleon, Alexander or Cyrus the Great
three days it took to find a name for my fine pet
It was settled,  his name would be Jessie James
Dad merely smiled but six brothers laughed loudly
I did not care for they knew so very little
After all Jessie James knew me so very well
On day number nine little Jessie no longer looked fine
color was off and he hardly dared to move in his box
Dad took charge and ordered me to hurry and release Jessie
release him in the river before he took his last breath
A sad day when I had to let my beautiful friend go away!
Nothing to do or say, life demands such sacrifice
Fishing same spot nine years later saw a huge turtle
watching me for about three hours before swimming close by
I swore it was Jessie James visiting me for old times sake
Six brothers laughed so heartily but they know so very little!

Based on my times with my pet turtle, Jessie James .
I was six years old when I caught him and about 15 when he 
visited me again. The years only made him more beautiful!!!
As it always does that which we truly love!
Turtles are meant to be free....

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You came into my life You were vulnerable I can tell One shout leads you under the table Shaking like an abuse child. Tori Toto I brought you to my care So happy to give me company Now, I can see the difference! Your ears stand up like a leaf So funny and so delightful Now you turn around dancing Like you have won a mega million dollars! Tori Toto Never will you find another home again My home is your home.
Note: Tori Toto is a terrier dog. She looks exactly like TOTO in the Wizard’s of OZ movie.

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My Dog

My dog and me
We share a special bond
Without her
I don't know where I would be
All we want is attention
All we want is love
And when were lonely
It's eachother we think of
I don't have a girlfriend
But she fills the void
When I see her after school
I am more than overjoyed
From when we first adopted you
It was love at first sight
I never thought you would mean this much to me
Almost two years and we never had a fight
I love my dog
More than I love sleep-ins
And I will always love my dog
Until her life is fin

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My pet

My pet is an E.T. come from far outer space,
In that incredible green morning full of grace,
Ready to take compassion on uncomfortable race.
I mistook him for a vainglorious giant green ant,
Or a friendly, playful silver chameleon vagrant 
In a strange green cage like an UFO, or a bright cube;
A changeable dark hollow sphere, ellipsoid or tube 
Was his environment, where he felt incredibly free.
A fullerene as molecule composed entirely of C,
Might resemble his changeable colors and forms...
Coming from other world, he had different norms.
Like a tortoise or a snail with their long life shells,
He bore his genetic and civilization dowry`s codes,
And no hesitation in polishing them in many modes
Of significant recollections as invisible diamonds
In some allotropes forms with recordable sounds.
In their world, the injured ET always may complain
Regarding the rude restrictive rules to self maintain,
And too severely lathe`s and Lathes` laws to bind
A submissive or subversive aim of washing mind.
If many faces gambles have gained a grinder at hand,
Deceived by logic, or urged by mirror`s command,
Whatever transformation and simulation`s tidy tie,
The judging common world expects our constancy.
In his multi-dimension space, my pet`s only obsession`s
A shift character shows multitudes of points’ collections 
By dragging a 0-dimensional object in some direction,
One obtains a 1-dimensional object and self-selection. 
By dragging a 1-dimensional object in a new direction, 
One obtains a 2-dimensional object as self-protection.
My ET pet is playing in his cube beyond the K-K project. 
Indeed ,he could collect an (n + 1)-dimensional object 
By dragging an n-dimensional object in a new direction.
In our world,this game seems to be a natural selection.
He lived upon the analogy that (n + 1)-dimensional balls 
Have n dimensional boundaries, beyond the buckyballs...

If he he had wings ,could we put him in a modern hen coop?
Our world build this as a new loop-hole or as an alarming loop...

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The Enlightenment of Loss

Last week my wife and I had to put 
our Lab Chow mix down. For thirteen 
years he was our friend and loyal companion.
As they injected the drug my wife comforted 
him and told him that it would be ok to just
go to sleep. The thought of the scene she
described overwhelmed me and I started
to weep for the pain was deep with-in.
My wife came home to comfort me for she 
is much stronger than I when it comes to loss,
then we comforted each other for we are one
in the eyes of God.
I started to reflect on the sacrifice that God 
made by sending his Son to bear the pain
and burden of our sin. The strength and self
sacrifice, love and compassion of that single
act is so amazing that it overwhelmed me and
the tears of revelation softened my soul.
In that revelation I gained the knowledge
that sacrifice and loss is what opens the 
doorway that leads to compassion.
We miss our dear friend but do believe he 
now lives in a place free of all the pain
and suffering.
We do believe that anything created by God
that shares so much of the heart will no doubt
live forever in our soul making him a part of our 
spiritual existence and a example of the words 
love, companion and friend.

We love you Rebel.

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Excited yelps
As I walked up the driveway
Towards the door
In less than a few seconds
My troubles melted away
Me the most important person
At least in your world

You never tired of me
You hung on my every word
Never demanded what I couldn't give
If need be you would have waited a thousand days
To see me, be with me
Feel my hand on your head 
scratching behind your ear
all you wanted was to be sitting near

Since you were a pup
We'd been the best of friends
Now all I have is your empty bed
Reminding me I miss my friend

For Contance's Elergy Contest.
Written November 7th 2013

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Scratching Baxter

When I left he was in his lounging chair

TV way too loud

The glow of discontent on his face

Made me want to cry


The only peace now in his life

Never left his side

He sat there scratching Baxter

Life just passed him by


In his day he was the man every man wanted to be

He had the looks, he had the job

The wife, the kids, all three

Then came the day he lost it all

His family went away

Left behind his loyal cat 

Baxter was his name


Through all times, most were bad

His cat stayed by his side

A comfort to his troubled soul

In life it was all he had

It has been said 

Man’s best friend

Has always been a dog

But in this case it was a cat

Whose love surpassed them all


I went to visit my friend today 

To see how he was doing

Knocked on the door several times

The TV was still blaring

Turned the knob and opened the door

I thought that he was sleep

But somewhere between the days he died 

In peace now he is sleeping


In his lap still sat the cat

Who had been his one companion

He knew his master had left this earth

His eyes revealed his sadness

I could not help but start to cry

When I thought of how it ended

Sitting at home with the TV on

All alone while scratching Baxter

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John Crow

It hovers around
waiting in the air
perfect time to land
to salvage
Keen sense of smell
I can't detect
but I know where
it wants to go
The night a friend
to an enemy
snuffed him away
an innocent
the owner regains
soil becomes the keeper
of the body
 the the heart
It flies away
 the sweet fragrance gone.

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The little kitten pawed at the ground
Dug out the earth
The way its mama taught it
Then it squatted
And as though recalling something
Looked around
To ensure no eyes were watching

Its eyes met mine-
His, cowrie shaped and green
Mine, big, brown and curious-
And wide eyed
Perhaps horrified
It jumped away
And went round 
The far corner of the house.

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Fox Paulistinha

He grabbed and tore my jeans as I came in
Then raced over, pretty much, everything
Then showed me his teeth as I sat down
And growled hard, I wouldn’t even frown.
So he placed his toys on my feet
Brought his bowl and pretended to eat
Then jumped to my side
Placed his head on my thigh
Closing his eyes with a sigh
After a long attempt to bite his tail,
And since everything else had failed.

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Tiny furry adorable kitty
Whiskers so frail and white  
Gray fur behind them all striped
Pouncy pink paws prodding
Slipping on tiles as you try to run
Beautiful tender shmooshy you
All is adorable... tender and fun~

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Fur Ball

Whiskers tickle my face 
Brilliant orbs gaze up at me 
Reflection of my soul 
Purity fluffed in fur 
Love melody purred 
Innocent creature 
Compassion of this companion 
My love for it as if my child 
Its bliss reciprocated 
Cuddled in bed 
Sprawled upon my lap 
My little shadow 
My light in the dark 
Comfort in the cold 
Orange, furry, and fat 
I truly love this cat

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Why do Cats

Demand a fuss when they’re wet
have three names

Sit on your lap when you are just about to leave
a nickname 

Sleep in front of a fire and make you feel warmer
a formal name

Have no Soul and so denied an entry to heaven
a secret name

But still wind around St.Peter’s ankles at the gates
purr so loudly on quiet Sunday mornings

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A Bee's Love Sting

Mystical Queen Bee,
Navigates Her Territory....
...Savaging To Protect
Her Innocence Inside The
Sweet Nector Of A 
Bloomed Flower.
Where She'll Explore Natures
Beast Among A Love:
As She's Bound To Love You;
Or Sting You.... So Watch
Your Back, No I gotcha ya back
Lover... NO WORRIES!!!! It won't hurt...

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Puppy Oh Puppy

Oh ding-dong I lost my dog I looked under a log and above a frog. Come on back and catch a cat And play on a big mat Oh how I miss that dog of mine! When you come back you will be welcomed by a big red sign Aunika Alch Age 12

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Sweet little Susan

Sweet little girl Susan,
Returning from school,
On her way back home,
Found a little pup alone,
Hitting car was gone,
Injured in leg groaning !

Kind hearted Susan 
Brought him home
Named him Bruzo,
Took him to doctor,
Wounds healed fast,
Care best medicine !

Cattie her sweet cat,
Made friends with Bruzo,
Licked his tender face,
Cooed and soothed,
Bruzo was thrilled,
Love was a sweet pill !

Guggu, the talkative parrot,
Chirped from his cage,
Susan was a little sage,
Birds animals or mankind,
To all she was equally kind,
Her love was totally blind !

Dear child of her parents,
Her pink chubby cheeks,
A broad smile on her face,
Could reduce grief to a trace,
Her small world full of grace,
Everyone she would embrace,

One home and so much fun,
Many toys but had no gun,
Fairy appeared out of her book,
Swayed magic wand, gave her a wish,
Goodness in life never goes waste,
Never ignore anyone in a haste!

Written on 11/7/14
Contest- Children's fable
Sponsor - Carol Easman

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Nap Time For Kitty

As the kids sat around undecided and blaize…
A summer project was needed ever so badly today…
My crew wavered and together finally exclaimed…
They wanted a video and to make it spectacular this time…
Anything less than U Tube quality would be a crime…
So the kids ask for a poem about their favorite fare,
They wanted it full of a large quantity of action and flair.
And the topic they wanted, that warmed their hearts…
Were the antics of Dandylion the cat of our house.
So cat chasing and spying became a spectacular game…
As they watched the kitty pounce upon his little rag mouse.
Then he slid and he jumped as he ran through the house.
He attacked the dogs tails as he snuck up behind…
And he climbed to the window to count birds passing by…
Then he tried to jump on the counter as I made everyone’s lunch.
He had to eat first… there was no other way, than first…
Then later I put the baby down for a nap…
And surprise, surprise! 
I found the Kitty next to baby with 4 paws to the sky.

The video, music, and poetry would eventually come to be…
With the older kids stringing it together for me.
It was finally good for a lot of laughs…
As the kids all got copies for dear Mom and Dad…

But now let me instruct and suggest as all videos must:
Though many a one was happily surprised and beset…
No Animals were hurt in the making of “Nap Time for Kitty”...
Of that, you can bet...

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Bleu--a Pit Bull puppy

Bleu, Bleu, who are you?
Pit Bull so young
Where did you come from?
Our Blue-nose American Pit Bull.

Bleu, Bleu, who are You?
Happy and hungry, tail always waving,
Only wants love and a pat,
Our beautiful, Blue nose Pit.

Bleu, Bleu, who are you?
Growing so big, eats like a pig,
Running all over, chasing the birds,
Growing like crazy, our beautiful Pit.

Bleu, Bleu, I know You!
You're our Love and our Surprise,
Who ever thought you'd come here to live?
A blessing from God--Heaven sent,

Our beautiful baby Pit Bull.

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We Cried for a Week and Still Remember


The joyful cat with three colors
He woke me up before I went to school
He couldn’t sit still always playful
Stayed for six months, which was so wonderful

The smartest cat with three colors
Always did potty on the toilet
I got him from my auntie, they both passed
To ever had him was one of our bless

The cutest cat with three colors
On Sunday, crashed by my own neighbor
We cried for a week and still remember
Named Tymmy, no other cat better

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Cat Kit Kitty Cat

Oh,flit,flat- I want to find my cat. Oh how I want to find that cat. Come on, cat, come and find a mouse and play in the house. I miss that cat of mine. Oh my little cat, when you come back, you will be welcomed by a big purple sign. Aunika Alch Age 11

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Freedom Flier

Tail-flag high
hell, no, not surrender
a baton
to follow 
as its fuzzy owner
over boulders
under pricklies
through grass
make sure
the follower is close
but behind - yup,
ok, then
on the string 
that holds
him back

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Wake up to find its not just a dream, 
the morning rips a new wound of reality. 
Forever gone, Forever missing, 
All the regrets building up inside of me. 
I could have been better, 
cause you were the best, 
I love you with everything 
now you took your last breath. 
You went, happily 
and chased the birds over that rainbow bridge, 
I hope your watching from above c
ause when you left you took a part of my heart

...RIP My Beautiful Puppy. I Love You Camille Baby?

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Back on my face

I look in the sky                                                                         
and I see the sun,                                                                        
I look to the ground                                                                   
and see the grass                                                                         
I look into space,
and see the stars and moon,
but when I look at you, 
I see a baboon…
I look into a tree,
and see your scary face,
screaming at me.
I look back up into the sky,
and see a big banana cream pie.
I look back to the ground 
and see the banana peel you through at me…
I look back into space 
and see that banana cream pie on my face…
I look back at you…
see your funny face…
I took you to the gate 
and showed you the way.
 I still come back almost every day.
And now I look at you 
Seeing your sad face…
Just watching you,
Sitting in the zoo…
Laughing at your face…
But, between the bars of your gate,
I see once again,
The banana cream pie, 
Back on my face…

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spirit hunter,
you stalk the shadow moon
neck straining to uncoil upon diaphanous night

what whisper have you heard
above the creak of batten board
the shiver of a window pane

arched and graceful  is your silhouette
cat eyed guardian
moonlight prowler 
paw prancer

settle the unsettled ones from
fear and in insubstantial light
protect with tooth
and claw your Mother’s


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day flew by like 
it was nothing
last thing i say is i love you
dont touch you nothing..
heartaches when news comes
with my friends the whole night...
should have been with you
only 5 years old...
fat and furry...
never wanting to go home....
memories of you waiting
at the door for us 
when we walk in...
only one who cuddled me
in my bed at night
wheezing everytime you 
day goes by long and slow
and all i think of is you...
forever in our hearts
and always in our minds
forever you will be
my charfizzle

   dedicated to our loving pup charlie 2006-2012

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A Southern Angel

Sompe people may say they have the best pet, but i don't think so for i have 
known a southern angel names Pam.  She was a 28 year old quarter-horse 
valued at about 500 thousand but to me and my family, she was priceless.  She 
was auburn with a white star on her head and white stockings. She was a terrefic 
horse and friend, not just a family pet. But almost 3 years ago, God decied that 
he wanted a prize-winning quarter-horse of his own. He took the best one that i 
could think of, for there was no better than her. My uncle who also passed away 
about 10 years ago decided that he had one last rodeo left in him and wanted his 
favorite gal, Pam.  There is no doubt in my mind that she is now a southern 
angel, through and through but most of all forever!

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Life is this intangible thing,
an enigma and a contradiction;
at once so real, visceral,
and so ephemeral, ethereal.
It's like the difference between day and night;
during the day, things happen –
to you and to others, cause and effect,
gripping happenstance;
we react to these stimuli, and action results,
changing forever your life, whether big or small.
But at night, you rest, restore, reminisce, and soothe –
a stretch, expanse of enchantment
where time slips through your fingers too fast
and magic feels true in our hearts.
To say that life is all about stretching your legs,
petting a dog as it lies beside you
and together you watch the rain;
as you hear crickets chirping through the storm,
life always going on,
is laughably absurd.
And yet, on occasion, sometimes that's all that's really needed,
moments of quiet contemplation
of all that lies ahead and behind;
in this, I find peace.
Sometimes we just need a friend and a reprieve;
sometimes we must simply listen to the rain
and smile at the crickets.

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My Pestering Chatterers

Tonight....10:30 PM....

I can't think straight...ahhhh!
My heart is thumping with love-coated hate! Ahhhh...

The chirping pests get louder and more obnoxious than ever
Shhhh! Dead silence.
The chattering twerps project their voices to the highest extent
ZEEP. DEET! ZEEP. DEET! Commotion fills the apartment.
ZEEP..BLEEP..DEET! Ah! I think I'm going nuts...quiet! 
Will you guys stop making noises and sleep for cat's sake
SH! SHHH! SHHHHH! Don't make me scare you!!  
Why aren't you brats shutting up? Could you all give me a break!!!!
Do you guys mind?
I'm trying to sleep...I have school tomorrow!
Could you guys find
Another way to communicate...'cause you'll see me building up in anger and you'll know
I mean business... I mean serious business. c:
So don't go there, birds...just do a quiet activity with your herds
Of buddies and your big-beaked turds...
Thanks a I have a major headache!!!!!!!!!
Don't test my fury...robins! finches! I can still hear your peeps! 
Could any of you keep your chirping to a low volume for heaven's sake??!!
Don't bother me...mockingbirds! nightengales! I can't stand your beeps!
The chattering pests get a bit bothersome...then my irritation gets ever so worse...oh, it gets more hideous...more revolting
Good night!! Dead silence. 
ZEEP! ZEEP! ZEEEEP! - I shake my head...pissed off to the point when I'd tie their beak shut
Hello? DID you hear me? Go to sleep now!! 
The commotion ceases as my comfort approaches me...then I sleep in an instant
Deet...Zeep...Deet...Zeep...and they rest in gratisfying slumber


The next day....6:00 AM....


Thanks for being my weekly alarm clock! 
How phone alarm didn't go off today!
Thanks for doing something productive, twerps! Now my life isn't full of dismay!

Just STAY silent, you pestering jerks!
Just stay put in the cage...and don't make foolish quirks!


-DEDICATED to my silly pet finches-

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Living Angel

Her eyes spoke of love beyond any comparison.
Simple glances she could speak volumes of words.
No language spoken by voice though much power,
Intently she was observant to her surroundings.
Graciously she painted concern with attitude.
Sometimes so sternly advocating her desires,
Strong and dainty from her facial expressions,
Strong and firm her deliverance was given.
Protector of family for eighteen years she gave.
Her mind was efficient and carried life high.
Not a companion a family member so dear,
She witnessed illness, took action quickly.
Strong mind but weakened body, driving forward,
Asking in her gaze, she told of needs and desires.
Her name, Heidi, a game she played when young.
Carrying it forward to daily actions she had won.
Hiding her eyes from anyone, no one could see.
Upon her face as she gazed back, unhidden now,
Was a glory and loving smile, with sparkling eyes.
She shall be remembered with such affection true.
Lost we are now without her presence each moment,
Quietness passes our days and nights without her walk.
No “Tick Tick Tack“as her paws use to tap the floor.
Missing her yawn upon her first wakeup each day,
Her presence no more still reminded by our hearts.
Her spotted coat remembered by all our surroundings.
Dalmatian by breed, Living Angel, now Angel in Heaven,
Upon a future time, we’ll be reunited, with a living Angel.

Written in Memory, for much more than a dog,
She was a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, protector, friend, buddy, pal, neighborhood 
watcher, along with so much more.

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Two Oldsters

I clip on a leash so I can try to hold her back.
My old friend will prance all the way down the block and back.
She’s frightened of noise from the garbage truck.
And early morning before the heat is always a must.
We walk the sidewalks to keep her nails trimmed nice.
And we know everywhere to find a friend like us.
Lord knows, I try to stop and talk, so I can catch my breath.
We will cross the street to avoid mean and barking dogs.
We know all the obstacles that might get in our way.
And we go a different route for each weekly day.
Together we know we appear to be a walking machine, but
We smell the roses and notice flowers from all the houses we pass.
But it’s nice to see the yards as they go slowly past
We have plenty of work waiting for us at home when we get back.
But for a moment each day we chose it, to ignore.
My old lab and I need to get out while the weather is good
In the end we’re just two oldsters…trying to get out of the house.
A smile comes on our faces we go down the block.

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Still with me

My dear beloved friend,
I feel you late at night,
Curled atop my feet,
And keeping my heart alight.
I see your sweet smiling face,
Everytime I close my eyes,
And feel you rub against me,
With all the love you have inside.
My loving baby girl, 
I feel you here beside me,
Comforting me of all my pain,
Your close to me once more,
And I have not to weep as much,
When I feel your tail waggin against my legs. 

RIP My Puppy Camille <3 
I love you babygirl

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Cradling Beauty

I’m just
             Lying here thinking
Butterfly thoughts,

Cradling beauty in my arms,

Hummingbirds and
Lady lacewings
Aflutter lovely in my mind

I’m just lying
     Here, form-fitted
To my mattress, goose-down
             Feathers at my head,
                                            Crying in
For the joy of it

Sparkling snowflake tears
Drift softly
melt into petals of clear-pond
          water lilies

on the shiny surface of my 
newly glistening soul

Here is the peaceful place –
Here the endless room of rainbows

I am home,
Welcome home,




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A Laundry Kitten Sleeps

Lying in the oddest of places
A pile of clothes on tattered blankets
He finds solitude and peace -
On the boldly coloured fleece.

A twitched expression, almost fear
In dreams about what kitty’s ponder
He looks frightened, unawake -
on his laundry pile he quakes.

Bravery and stealth he owns
Yet not a bit of that does show
He quivers in a hiding place -
With terror on his furry face

What makes you shiver like the cold
Curled up among the folded sheets
I stopped the wash to hold that kitten -
Now so calm on fresh clean linens.

You’ll never return to where I found you
You’ll stay here warm atop my quilts
Still here where the towels are hung -
You’re not abandoned little one.

[Now, in memory of my sweet kitten, Lazerus, who we lost on Friday February 24 2012 at 10:15am, he was very sick. I love you and miss you, Lalee. Please know you were not abandoned. I am always here and you can come back home to us any time you want. You're bowl is waiting.]

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Kitty, Kitty

here kitty, kitty, is all you need say,
if you're real lucky, they'll come your way

they know your voice, your sounds,
when they're, not the only kitty around

they love to eat, groom, to play,
their favorite pastime, find a sunbeam,
sleep away the day

when they're prowling, running, jumping,
in their own little world, who knows?
maybe its catnip, maybe its squirrels

they cuddle and purr, cute little bundles of fur,
a mind of their own, fascination, and bewilderment,
abound, uncanny intelligence, reasons for keeping,
kitty around

they have a, favorite person, that one,
they most love, in appreciation, 
use their favorite things as a scratching post

stretching, yawning, time for a nap,
awaiting night, the time, they naturally hunt,
slithering room to room looking for prey,
occasionally, to pounce, when their shadow,
gets in the way, seldom successful,
they really don't care, they know,
you're the best hunter, they'll eat well today

we love them, that's a fact, tis strange indeed,
they produce nothing of value, bring in no pay,
only their nine lives, to survive, day to day

don't bother to call them, they seldom come,
rather, take a message, get back to you later, 
when their sunbeam is done

these finicky hairballs, of teeth and sharp nails,
why do we love them, bring them into our home,
these furry little creatures, 
with attention deficit syndrome, say here kitty, kitty,
you'll question no more

life without kitty, for even one day, 
don't have to think about it,
there just, ain't, no way

here kitty, kitty

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Mope around, 
Quietly, quietly.
Don't make a sound,
Until you do. 
Scares me.
Look up, 
Eyes kind and innocent. 
Soft and pristine,
Light, quick. 
Unaware of the worlds hate.
Soft purr, 
A gentle song to sleep.
Why are you so lovely.

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I am a little scottie as happy as can be
My parents are wonderful and oh so good to me
I bark and bark and I want attention
I am the scottie that loves and has to play
I am the scottie that has been around more than 10 years
I may be old and gray and a little stiff but...
The best times of my life are with my walks and my parents and me

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Dog Show

Excitement building-Oh, she could feel it,
Thousands of people seating themselves,
Her mistress had her on the grooming table,
Each hair had to be in just the right spot.

This was not the first time for her,
But something was different tonight,
"We have to win this one, my Sweet!
You'll be a Champion if we do!"

Now they were waiting to enter the ring-
Finally, the whistle blew,
Trotting around the ring was exhilerating,
It always made her nerves stand on edge.

The judge was coming to her table,
he probed and felt her carefully,
Then she trotted up and down for him,
"Good!" he said under his breath.

Her mistress paled and almost fainted.

At last, the judging was finished,
She could feel the breathlessness in the air,
She was one of those he looked at a second time,
The moment of truth was at hand.

He pointed at her and said, "She's number one!"

The crowd went wild-the cheering exploded,
Her mistress hugged her, tears getting her fur wet,
As the ribbons were hung around her neck
She thought, "Doggie treats tonight--isn't Life fun!"

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There are so many things
That we take for granted.
We think they will always be the same,
And there, just as they’ve always been.
When the time comes that they’re not
It jars our world beyond belief, beyond reality.
Why can’t the best be forever,
Perhaps it’s the best because it can’t, I don’t know.
Pets are extra special because they are there
No matter, no questions, no guilt, no blame.
Well, maybe a little.
How quiet and empty the house seems,
And no one at the door when I arrive.
You’d think reading the morning paper
Would be easier without
A big old cat lying on it,  
But nothing will be easy for a while,
Now that Rosco’s gone…

Nov. 13, 2013

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Feline Friends

Fire! a most dreaded word
FIRE the shout, the smoke the flames
a nightmare where heat rises and steam
where escape, escape seems hard fought
only life matters in such a scene
only life would cause me to run
to hunt and search with all that I'm worth
for the most precious friend of mine
I'd leave all the photos, my few gems and all
I'd search beneath couches
doors and in hall, tell my breathe left 
and there was no air.
I'd search till I found my kitten there!
And happiness would be 
if we came out safe
him and me.

* The beginning is Free Verse a small about of end rhyme
is added as I find the kitten & we are safe, see how it calms things down?

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Memoir to Dusty the Dog

I remember the first time I saw her,
She looked like a little feather-duster 
With two black eyes darker than the sky.
Slits of pleasure that you saw and loved instantly.

I remember her fuzzy legs sprinting towards me down the hall,
It was as if she was my best friend who hadn't seen me in a year,
Even though I had just woken from yet another night.
Her fluffy, curly tail wiggled in sheer excitement,
Wagging like there was no tomorrow.

I Remember the first time she played in the snow,
The only childhood snow that I clearly remember,
The rest, the rest blur together like a faded painting,
But I still Remember.
She bounded up the stairs with her tongue lolling out.
Dripping snowflakes clung to her, forming snowballs.
Dangling from her like icicles from a roof.
She shivered, innocently, laughter shone in her eyes,
It was as though she had made a joke that she didn't understand. 

I Remember the first time she chased her tail.
I Remember when she started barking at the door.
I Remember when she played tag with her nose;
The triumphantly proud look that crossed her face,
A victory every time.
I Remember when she ran in circles around the house,
An Energizer battery that just wouldn't go out.

I Remember thinking of her while I was at school.
Reminding myself that no matter how people might think of me,
That my funny little dog would never judge me.
I remember that unconditional love and miss it,
Because I still Remember.

Beth Watkins
Pick A Pet Contest

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My Bella

It seemed as though love had become obsolete
Especially for the devoted Virgo lover
Longing for the love of a soul mate that only has eyes for one
Then to my surprise
I arrive home to this familiar presence by the window
Suddenly my heart melts
As I walk in you leap into my arms
And it all became crystal clear
I am all that you have
I am the only one you have eyes for
Your love and faithfulness is unparalleled 
To the love from any human being
Your love is unconditional 
You are devoted to me and only me
It is the purest love that I have ever known,
And as long as that bark of yours continues to exist
I shall remain in this state of bliss.

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One fine day a cat so thin but heavy with a belly
Slowly creeps under my fencing wall.
I do not know where her dwelling was
Pebbles and water chases her away.
She runs out, again shows up 
I chase, she creeps
She creeps, I chase. Clash goes on and on

So eager to know
Her reasons to retrieve so soon,
Followed her like a ghost I’d sought.
I heard her purrs and cooing
Inside an old tire she has curled covering 
Six eyes tightly closed, Rosy chins searching warmth
Her pleading stare I couldn’t bare
“Will you let us stay? We are strayed” 

A year nearly passed the time so fast 
She strolls like a queen with three princes smart
Thus entered our kinship how marvelous!
Chosen her sanctuary so Wondrous 
Without any scare 
Demands the share my lap care
                                                 Manel G.

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Little prince

His royal bloodline
can be traced
to the temples and
pyramids of Egypt

Killer instinct
fully intact, 
but no longer

Regal bearing
in every

He sits nobly now, 
on this humble 
throne of pine 
and carpet

Waiting for his
master to groom 
his mane and
serve his dinner

Little prince

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Laser Focused

Red dot of light
Glides across the room
Must capture this intruder

She crouches down
Ready to attack
As the dot moves closer

Pouncing into action
She slides on the floor
But the dot eludes her again

Determination in her eyes
She attacks once more
With a fury of paw swipes

The dot disappears
She frantically glances around
But it is gone…

Defeated, she wanders to her food dish

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Lines of light through window shades,
Landing near a ball of grey
            that's Wart.
The 'Burger beneath the table lies
Eye a sphere of sport.

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Dog Watch

sleep disturbing wake up call
in the middle of the night
silence disturbed
a barking dog
sounds familiar
sounds just like ours
his sound bite clearly an alarm
reason for harm

habitual timid guy
on this dark moment of ours
he is the one
he guards his home
makes us feel safe
gives a reason
for being brave and go downstairs
and face his bears

not a frightening burglar
not the heat and threat of fire
no smelling gas
no misty smoke
nothing missing
nothing damaged
everything seems to be all right
what causes fright

our brave hero still barking
at nooselength and nearby
on the carpet
floundering thing
large and small legs
restless helpless
hypnotized by our barking dog
a frightened frog

©Ellie Daphne

Note: based on a true story
And the frog has been transported very carefully to a nearby ditch................

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Penney is Gone

Penney, Elaine's lovely old poodle
Passed over the hill early one morn,
Those achey old bones were reborn
As she trotted to the Rainbow Bridge.

Penney was a smart little gal,
She loved to eat and always had her fill,
She was the Alpha female at our house,
She even scared the Pit Bulls half to death.

Elaine had Penney for almost ten years
So she was very sad to see her leave,
Her body is buried deep in our back yard,
But Penney's soul is now free to roam.

I'm sure she's happy in God's Dog Heaven
As long as she's fed and given a bone,
Penney was always very self-sufficient,
A nine pound bundle for Elaine's arms alone.

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How unlike a cat is this
slender dash of ink upon the page,
this pinch of print, this little line
of punctuation, adding
its mere millimetres of meaning,
black against white,
significant in its separation
of segments of the sentence,
imbuing words around it with a dab
of consequence or moment.

How like a printed dash
is my black cat,
stretched and stark against the sun-white concrete
of the distant yard baking below,
separating nothing but atoms of air,
elongated, luxuriating,
significant only in herself –
a piece of furry punctuation
that tells us solely that it is,
and needs no function to perform.
By itself, it is of itself,
answerable to no one and to nothing –
except the rain, which has just arrived,
suddenly, in slapping, ponderous lumps,
to soak the stone page and darken it,
and drive her dash to drier quarters.

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Eyes are the very centre of being: within their deepest gaze, love
Can be reflected and above all: the most vibrant spark of life.
Eyes can give a look of scorn, or frustration, resent or desperation, simple and innocent joy or contentment.

We can look into eyes, and see all life has to offer;
I do not think another look shall be seen…

I promised you would feel no pain in your dreamy rest.
I promised all the heavy breathing that burdened your flame and
Pure energy; I promised you would breath again.

And so you do, breathe forever as the wind.
You form the wisp of air that passes my face
And the gust of rain that patterns the night,
The breeze of summer that will ease my grief
And the movement of clouds and the skies.
But never will I forget, those cries of fear
As I, oblivious, took you outside in the cold.

There’s no pain as great as a memory
But I will cling to these memories
Till I too, am a breath in the wind.


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More Than a Pet

They say dog is man's best friend; 
That's exactly what you are. 
Just a few hours ago, you were taken away, 
By the driver of that car. 
They didn't stop, they didn't care, 
They just kept going on. 
They don't know my heart is broken, 
Because my best friend is gone. 
To most, you were just a dog, 
You were just our family pet;
To me, Cheyenne, you were a friend, 
More special than the rest. 
You always knew when I felt bad, 
You were always by my side. 
Without you here, I just feel lost; 
Nothing at all feels right. 
It's weird not to hear you bark, 
Or watch your tail wag up and down; 
Things are already so much different, 
Now that you're not around. 
They say all dogs go to heaven, 
I know that may be true. 
But, Cheyenne, you're more than just a dog; 
My best friend, I love and miss you.

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Strange Dogs

One day I asked  my Dad that "How dogs understand there Master's language??"

Dad said me "Its not like that, they understand there master's voice and they respond to that''.

I said to Dad  "Just think why dogs don't wear clothes like us ,they too would want to wear nice clothes like us??"

Dad said to me "Dear Son, they are animals and animals are not like us that's why they don't wear clothes''.

I then couldn't resist my Eagerness and told to Dad" But Why Not??"'Can't We Buy Clothes For Them'??

Dad giggled with my question and said me "My Boy, They Don't Wear Clothes and they are not like us''.

My heart wasn't getting convincing answers from   Dad,I couldn't resist my curiosity,

I again asked Dad, 'If we teach dogs how to study, then think how good it will be??''

Then they can help me to complete my homework .

Dad scratched his head and then his chin .

Dad said me 'son, they are animals and we are humans, thats why they can’t study like us".

I said "ohh, it’s such a shame for them".

Dad giggled and said me "Son you will understand when you will grow up".

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The nocturnal routine call started but I was certain
There is fire along the mountain, yet don’t know
If I should run or wait, get water and quench it
I insisted that she share her feelings with me  
For I can be trusted or I cut off the day’s duty
She bogged at last, “it wasn’t you or anything”
Then, what?, who is it or what is it in your mind?”

“My spirit is no longer down with the relationship
As I was praying, I felt my spirit no longer agrees” 
I got lost on phone for I wasn’t thinking straight
My feet became very cold, yet my body was all hot.
“What did you just say? “ “I’m sorry, you heard me”
Well, break it down, I need to know all, tell me
At least why you’re stopping this dream and fantasy now
I can’t get it myself, please, I am confused  . . .
But I still want you to come over as planned
Sorry, so that I can be embarrassed by you abi? No
You just said your spirit was negative about it
I said what did the Lord say about us? Sorry, about me?
Did HE say that I wasn’t good for you or that I’m fake?
Please, I’m sorry, just stop it now or else will cry . . .
I am waiting if that will make it clearer to me, talk to me
“Please, just come over, so that we can talk it over, please”.

Two and half hours gone by on this new puzzle
Still find it very unbelievable, me again on phone?
Quitting another relationship with me on phone
Within six months interval, Lord! Why me again?
“Talk it over and declare the relationship as being over
Or talk it over and see the darkness era being declared over! “
I will go and see her, will not chicken out at this stage.

Alayande Stephen T.
Monday 19th November, 2007

The tangle continues, IBK unveiling new gears.

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steve the rooster

Drawing out
 from the spirit of Steve 
Crowing each morning 
singing to the light 
Six million 
dollar rooster 
In bionic terms 

I would lift him 
up all proud 
Aged about nine 
at the time 
He was the champion 
Lifting stones 
Feeding him worms 

Followed us like a dog 
He was the top rooster 
in the yard 
given to me 
as a pet 
I looked after him 
like royalty 

One sad day 
Home from school 
He went missing 
Calling for him 
in the garden 
Nowhere to be seen 

Mother shouts 
Dinner will be 
ready in five 
I asked 
if she saw Steve 
No was the reply 
A few minutes later 

Called in 
Sitting down 
at the table 
To a leg of chicken 
Accompanied with chips 
Finished eating 
My father began 
Roaring laughing 

When I asked 
about the rooster 
He laughed 
you just ate 
one of his legs 
I burst out crying 
Trying to get sick 
What a monster 

Balling out 
roaring crying 
My mother tried 
to put her arms 
around me 
I pushed 
her away 

Horrified at what she done 
Sure she cooked him 
I could not believe it 
Thinking she 
was always 
Very kind to me 

I was so sick 
could not believe 
Just ate 
my favorite pet 
Went to the bed 
Cried myself 
to sleep 

No more Steve 
Food of thought 
Watching out the window 
Before sleep 

As the dogs ate 
The last of him 
I still 
remember fondly 
With chips 

I see the light 
In your darkness 
Only now 
I crow 
In the light

~ ~ ~ ~

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German Shepherd

I  usually work at airports
Checking for things people snort
As well as the wacky  weed they smoke
Last week I caught an English bloke
Trying to smuggle  ganja and  some  "coke"

I sniffed him out before he even  boarded the plane
Sometimes I wonder if that bloke was insane
And the week before that
I caught a lady with some "pot" in her hat!

I took this job cause I get a buzz
From sniffing out all  those  drugs with the fuzz
But yesterday  I got so high
I almost let a drug smuggler get by!
for Tanya's  "Dog Gone Tales" contest

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Among All Of Mankind

there's a well inside of me
that longs for more empathy.

it starts with the creatures
man mistreats.  this negative action is ceased
with the growth of the heart --
something man must fine tune like
a work of art.

we should watch out for the little ones
who mistreat their pets.
these could lead to serial killers
as studies have shown.  if they like
animals, encourage them to be vets.

there's a well inside of me
that longs for more empathy.

we should watch our attitudes
towards all the divine creation.
even buddists have respect for all life --
including insects --
by not bringing them death.

"no-kill" shelters can
be the best for unwanted pets.
maybe these small actions
can lead to the end of wars,
racism, sexism, classism and violence.
plant the good grains of kindness.

there's a well inside of me
that longs for more empathy
to spread like wild flowers
in the summer among all of mankind.

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Old Granny Goodness

Old Granny had a big brown kitten, which was the love of her life.
Old Granny’s eyes were failing, of that there was no doubt.
She swore her cat was a gentle Persian, a sweet little cat.
Now everyone loved Old Granny and so tolerated how it did act.
We didn’t have the heart to tell her how wild it was,  you know.

Like the time it jumped thru her screen window going after a bird.
Or how it tore up another screen to get to a squirrel up in a tree.
Or how it climbed the preacher’s leg to get his bowl of ice cream.
The chicken coup was violated by another fateful event.
But granny wouldn’t listen, because she loved that crazy thing.

She said it was a kitten, but it had very Huge, great big paws
And as it grew that sleek, short haired, big thing, truthfully began to roar.
It eventually laid in wait for anything that would cross it’s path…
Oh my goodness Granny… Goodness! Goodness! Goodness!
That’s a mountain lion and NOT a cat!

From that day forward we called her Old Granny Goodness…
For the trouble she could find, Oh My Goodness
Everybody loved her, she was the talk and entertainment of our town.
But a more loving and dear soul, will never be found.

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The Brawl

For the moment I merely watched him
Running back and forth in his home
I am patient you see
I am full of time plenty
I am the sly one in the darkness and I am hungry

So I waited, all day I waited,
All night I waited, I waited, waited, waited
And in the morning he came out of his house
I waited no more

I struck like a black bolt of lightning streaking down from the heavens
As if Death itself had ripped across space to sever everything with its scythe
I screamed down from heaven and struck

Only to find him leaping up and over me
To tumble in the air and land behind me
I landed in a crouch...
Peering around over my shoulder I gleamed at him

He for his sake I saw glaring back at me balefully with eyes and one hand beckoning me

I snarled

Spun around and lashed out with my whip as I did
He ducked it,

With the speed of sound my fist struck him
He blocked it

Out came my foot, and then the other
He evaded the first, and caught the second
I rolled and struck him across his face with the first

Again I landed on my feet

He staggered back and with a back flip he was ready once more...

He wiped his nose with one hand
Bade me come at him again with the other
A sly half grin on his lips

I charged this impudent fool
Changed direction, spun around
Out came my whip
Out came my foot
And he leaped over my whip
Flipped between my foot
And struck me twice with his own
light kicks to the face meant to shock me more than hurt me

We parted and circled each other
Looking for openings in the other's defenses

And there because I am patient I found it
A chink in his armour of skill and technique

He was mine
Again I rushed him in one smooth fluid motion
Twin kicks, the whip, my fists, and head butt, knees and elbows
In blinding fury, speed and in the space between thought it was over...

He retreated blocking the kicks,
Ducking the whip,
Avoiding the fists left then right
Catching the head butt in his hands
Countering the knees with his knees
The elbows with his elbows
And then...
He did the impossible

Defeated me

Rolling backwards he slammed my head into the wall,
Sliding from beneath my crumpling body with his feet
To stand ready inches from my limping body

I remember thinking then as my eyes closed to the world
"That's one damn tough hamster," I get out of the Kitty Clinic in two days

I want a rematch

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Our Pets

When God created this world He knew we'd love our pets...
And He gave us special doctors that we call Vets.

There seems to be a special place in many a heart...
Where only a pet can play a part.

They give us memories and fill our hearts with delight...
And they keep us company on a cold lonely night.

They love us, they test us and sometimes even help us heal...
And the excitement of pets in our lives seem to be part of God's will.

Thank you dear God for the family of pets...
I have wonderful memories and no regrets.

A dog or a cat or maybe a bird or two...
Raising a pet seems to be a smart thing to do.


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You were my friend until you went away
I cry when I think of you
But you are running with others of your kind
With no boundaries and free

You were my soul mate until you went away
I could confide to you everything
You listened but never judged me
We were so different yet so the same
In our world together

You were my companion until you left me
You were loyal your whole life
The tender moments we shared never to be forgotton
The tears I shed you must hear

You were my  precious Abbey until you went away
Your bright brown eyes grew lifeless and indifferent
Until we meet again know I miss you
My dear Abbey 

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Tank with Goldfish

Sometimes we see a glint of gold or red
emitted sudden as a warning through
the greening water of the old square tank outside,
an evanescent wink from just beneath
the awning of the lolling lily pad.

Within this viridescent bulk of water pushing
against the stark and square formality of fibreglass,
the teasing crimson twinkle
frees our eyes from what had become
the prison of their gaze in which they were held
unblinking by the flat rigidity
of unremitting quadrilateral form.

Once more a gleam of carmine charms our eyes
into the still, green patina of this exotic liquor –
another world, so far removed
from our dull logic of normality.

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Pussy Cat

Pussy Cat

Sitting there all lazy the little furry pussy cat 
purrs with happiness. 
Her coat is a collage of black, white and browns 
all a ball of fur. 
She has just had her tuna 
so it’s now lazy time all night long.

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Remove Your Blinders

No heartbeat will pass through these teeth
Nothing's child will digest, rest dead inside me
A plead or two, violent rages ignored
What did her smiling eyes mean to you?
I know you saw her grinning

Let me tell you, child bearing a heavy heart:
Karma is alive and kicking 
Every heartbeat has purpose

Sick to my stomach I discover much truth
Humans ripping flesh from bones-- I have a bone to pick with you
To what extent of this insanity does it prosper our youth?
May I remind you of meals to spare, the freedom to choose?

I wonder everyday, "Were you even hungry?"
Friend, eating is for survival, to thrive, keep these eyes blinking
Not to slit something's throat
Believe me

No longer will I blind myself from sick,real cruelty
Look at his face
Have you seen him cry?
Are your eyes still smiling?
Three days to live and he can not wait to die

Stop this vicious cycle
Let nature shine through
They were here before me and before you
Wouldn't you liked to be saved by grace?
Thankful for words on a believed page?
Rescued from a life threatening disease of ignorance I hate?
One more rescue breath at the scene 
Open your eyes wide 
We are that change

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(On the death of our pet Pomeranian)

Dearest Rani, where you have gone
Leaving all of us here, utterly forlorn
You were not a mere charming canine
For us, a veritable godsend, angel fine.

Your benign presence made us smile
And filled our lives with glee and shine
You were a source of joy in times of distress
For which we have no vocabulary to express.

We sought in your company joy bountiful
Which you showered in measures plentiful
You kept watch with alert eyes and ears
That scared to hell all unknown intruders.

You filled our home with your presence
Spreading joy and cheer in abundance
You identified yourself with one and all
And showered generously, love on all.

Your tender feelings and gentle caring
Removed all gloom with a cosy feeling
And your presence amidst us always
Brightened, our days with joy glowing.

How to cover your memory in a tiny page
For it is bound to run into an epic voyage
We, hence, lay down our pen, dear friend
Since our love for you shall never ever end.

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               WHERE IS MY KITTY?

         I asked your name and the answer was
             A beautiful one as was your smile, the
             Accent noticeable 

              I welcome you to my city even though
             it is not exactly itty bitty- say where
             Is my kitty?

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when I see the smudged bowl that Momo lived in, I think of his 
fins, which drifted off of his body and
broke apart like popsicles, and my fingernails,
which flake into pieces and snag on my sweater. it goes on, then, to
scars on my face and side and especially one on my 
thigh, a casualty from fence-climbing into a covert
Astroturf party in Riverside park. 
Momo was rushed to my uncle Bill’s aquarium hospital,
a small tank that sits beside a large glowing one, where
all the sick fish live.
I swallow to think that he slipped into the sink, once,
and I screamed OH MY GOD again again again until my
father threw him back into the bowl with his white hands.
my fish was buried in a backyard where a
golden-retriever named George once lived. 
I think of Momo’s small fish bones, the ones that will stay behind
once his scales and eyes disappear into the ground, and I think 
knobby knees, mine, the ones my 
cousins mocked six summers ago, and of 
lives so glossy, and of girls who make my  
stomach hurt, and of little blue fish, whose 
eyelash lips whisper kisses to no one

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I remember how
you'd heat the leche
to make me a cafe con leche.

You'd use that special sock
to strain the grounds
fresh ground!

We'd sit and talk
by the window
watching our "kids" playing
in the back yard.

They'd bark to come in
wanting to share in the aroma
of your special roast
imported from Argentina
just like you!

I miss you, dear.

To: Enrique Esteban Barrera

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My Sweetest Friends

Each morning I awake
To the warm wet kisses of my loves
My sweet little Chloe and loving Joey
Companions to my soul.

Love without judgment
Forgiveness without anger
God’s gift to man
His sweetest of nature

My adoring little Lhasa girl
And my precious tiny Maltese boy
Unconditional in their love and affection
So blessed to have them by my side.

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(for Neil)

I wonder if you remember,
the dog you killed that day
on the way back from the Stony Rises?

You were driving, talking about
yourself, I think,
or maybe you were singing along
to some song on the radio.

Up ahead, the boy on a bicycle
pedaled against the wind,
dog by his side.

It happened so quickly,
you were driving so fast
you nearly didn’t stop,
thinking, hoping, perhaps,
that you’d only imagined it.

When we backed up the boy was
on his knees, hands hovering over
the dead animal.

"Sorry about that, mate,"
was all you could say.

Fighting back tears and disbelief
the boy looked up:

"Oh, that’s all right," he said.

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Radios blaring, televisions drumming on and on and on
The faucet drips, the dishwasher hums
A soft blowing sound from the air conditioner
The refrigerator dropping ice..then filling with water

Ticking clocks on the bed stands
The ringing of the phone from some telemarketing service
My own voice droning on the answering machine after the irritating beep
Swirling swooshes of ceiling fans

Another tire hitting the storm drain on the road behind my home
The roar of a lawnmower…followed by a trimmer…then a blower
Birds chattering in the many trees in my yard, some chirping, some whistling
A neighbor’s dog barking at the children out front, yelling mixed with laughter

My thoughts invaded with uninvited sounds
Dozens of intruders flying through my ears
I sometimes long for just a moment 
When the air isn’t filled with all these noises

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With the loss of a companion,
     our days become longer.
With the loss of a pal,
     our days become lonelier,
With the loss of both,
     our lives become both.

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Was trapped at the garage for two hours
As they search endless for passengers
We lament in the bus dungeon
It wasn’t my route, a bad trial

Other hours spent at Mowe Road
Two elephant vehicles clashed
No solution seems to be in sight 
As we all suffered it.

Options came from co-travelers
To alight at the next town
Or to get to Ado-Ekiti
Dwell either at the garage 
Or better still at the Driver’s abode 
I shook my head in alarm
God is the safest option, I said
As we discussed, we were still trapped.

Alayande Stephen T.
20th November 2007

Still in the bus on my way to Ado-Ekiti.

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In Heat

She’s on the prowl,
Chupacabre in heat,
She’s feelin’ the beat.

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Division Street

I wanted this to be different. To rewrite the pain and have it dry in an invisible ink. I saw him, on the side of the road with no hand, or love. His small tail crushed, against lazy thoughts. I tried to stop the traffic of self and cars. Brought him to someone who could help. It wasn't enough. I couldn't save him. And now I sit. In an empty room thinking. If i could have changed what happened, did something different. Could I feel this heartbeat still. Could I wish he hadn't gotten out of their yard. Could I wish he hadn't left, and that I had never met him.

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Velveteen Rags

Curled tight, in a warm and trusting
Ball of brown fur and love.

Should I ever see her heart,
I would expect it to be far too big.

So often a chin sweetly rested upon
My conscience, of her innocence.

I cannot bear the thought,
Of those dark days that left their scars.

Her playful and persistent nosing
Begging for a smile and a rub.

She gave me the priceless opportunity,
To save at least one soft and true thing from this world.

Should the bough break and all else fail, 
The feel of velveteen rags will be my final request.

*Written in honor of our dog Daisy, the most loving creature I have encountered, who I had the privilege of rescuing from a local animal shelter.

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To Whomever Has Loved a Horse

To Whomever Has Loved a Horse
Knows of that of which I speak.

To feel an equine’s glorious power
Quiver and tremble beneath one’s limbs
The emotion brought within
Can cause even the most stoic noble man 
To begin to tear up and to begin to weep.

To see one’s own reflection
In the pools of their almond shaped eyes
They are the master
Of the human depth of understanding
Always given up in their intelligent vision.

One cannot help but grasp their love
Hold on to their mane and fly
Fast along the earth
As if for a moment, Icarus
Flying high above the earth
On golden wings…
Not afraid to die.

If only Icarus had known
He could fly on an earthly steed
He could have saved his soul
And flown on a glorious horse…
It would have saved his soul indeed…

Instead of failing on false wings.

(November 26, 2010 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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A cat is a singer
Always on key.
A cat is a tourist, 
With the world to see.

A cat is a guard;
A protector of the night.
Sometimes, a teddy bear,
To make the dark alright.

A cat is a sailor!
(Though her ship never nears the sea!)
A cat is a conversationalist
The ideal companion for tea.

A cat is a doctor,
For every sickness, an aid.
Often an illusionist
Into thin air she will fade.

A cat is royalty 
Her every need must be met!
A cat is a protector 
(Of  her rules that must be kept!)

A cat is a critic.
The food is never right!
A cat is a boxer;
She can put up a fight!

A cat is a lover, a tyrant, a clown.
You don’t need to vote her president,
She’s always leader of her town!

A cat is a pain.
A pain in the you-know-where!
“After all I’ve done for her!” You think.
“After all that love and care?”

But a cat is also God’s gift:
A miracle from above!
So when the sky falls on you
She will be there to share her love!

A cat is an actress;
She always steals the show!
A cat is a know-it-all, 
She’s learnt everything there is to know!

A cat is a dramatist.
The star of every act.
But a cat is,
Of all things,
Just that.
A cat. 

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Balloon For a Raccoon

On my porch
is a raccoon-
He said he’d leave by June,
but he’s been stealing all my spoons;
and his paws are always in my pots,
tying my plants all up in knots.
He steals all my dog’s food,
and always walks around in the nude.
Now I don’t know how to get rid of a nude raccoon,
maybe I’ll tie his junk to a giant balloon.

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My little man

You look to me when things go wrong
You even call out to me "Ma"
A few months old
in so much distress
So many tears hoping you'd be okay
I could see your face looking up at me
as you went off to surgery
You run to me when you see me again
I will fight to keep you happy and healthy
for as long as I can
I see you run around
like a happy little boy
I hope to give the world to you
for the amount of love you show me
You'll always be my little man

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Cuddly Animals

Cuddly Animals

Little small cuddly animals all full 
of colourful coats and lots of fur. 
Every type is here from little mice 
to black Norwegian goth guinea pigs 
to chocolate drop pussy cats 
that love to be stroked. 
All animals are there to be loved 
with lots of care in nice warm homes.

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shadow of a mouse

   Last night,
a spirit moved along the ceiling...
I followed it 
through cat eyes.
   It moved slowely
like a winter spider 
or sower in an oil painting.
  Was it a surveyor from heaven,
a hell sent scout
or just a mousy dream 
beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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The Dog Exercising Machine

Yes, I know, I should be alongside.
Age and bad knees 
dictate that I am inside the cab
with a long, green leash
so Katie can run close by
every morning, 
for the last seven years
in rain, snow and sunshine. 

She runs in earnest ( can a dog do that ? ) 
Her tongue is back against her cheek.
Her ears scan and sweep 
and swivel around
left and right 
listening for something ahead 
or behind
as she gallops, trots, 
saunters, paces
 at my side.  

Sometimes in the dark, 
sometimes, just as the sun is coming up, 
but always in the morning, 
when the smells 
of the deer and elk 
are still fresh in the grass 
and the berry bushes 
along the fence.

I love to see her run.  I love to hear her run.
I can hear the jangle jangle of her tags and her collar --
her leathery, black ears flapping against her head.  
her breathing and sometimes
a snort or puff as her strong, wide paws hit their mark 
ker-plop, ker-plop.
Nails dig into the ground
 little wisps of grass and dirt, flying.

Now, her ears are back over her head and
the leathery tips almost touch 
as her back legs push 
like a rabbits
working in time
driving her faster.

When the snow is here
her feet beat their rhythm
in the icy white stuff.
Crunch, crunch, crunch,
the first marks in the snow, 
and maybe -- the
marks, in line with the truck's tracks,
the next morning.

When she stretches all the way out
in a full run, her tongue is out  -- 
far out of her mouth, 
almost lashing against
her cheek.
Her strong back legs
the rounded, hard muscle under the shiny, black coat,
push her along 
and I wonder
how all those legs and feet work
in synchronization 
as she concentrates on her task 
or has her eye 
on something ahead
that she has got to get to

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In my head and In reality

 I know a place where many people would like to visit but cant. I know a place where a lot
of people don’t know I go. I go to this place when no one can get a hold of me. This place
is full of music, it got vivid bright colors. The music plays all the time. I have a
husband with no face and kids with no faces. But lately those faces are blurry. Getting
clearer, at least for the husband it does. The colors though, bright and beautiful, show
all the meaning in this place I go to. The blue so blue that its bluer than the ocean. 
Bluer than my eyes and yours as well. The house is built just to my liking. The cat walks
by and looks up at me and meows. The dog barks in the back ground, the fish makes bubbles,
and the kids giggle in the other room. I’m in the kitchen cleaning and making dinner while
I hear the TV on in the living room and he’s playing a game while talking to the giggling
kids.  I walk in there to see the colors on the screen of the computer as beautiful the
ones I see. The red of the shirt he is wear and the blonde of his hair. The giggle that
pierces my thoughts and I turn to see the little girl all full of joy. The couch ruby red
just like the ruby I wear around the neck. The diamond on my finger is shinier that I've
ever seen. The earrings in my ears dangle around my neck. Then the cry of the little boy
needing his diaper changed laying on the dark emerald green blanket with the yellow
giraffe on it. In walks the sandiest of brown and white dogs with so much energy that her
face looks like its almost smiling.  The cat comes in from the other door and rubs
affectionately on the little girl whose laugh punctured my thoughts just moments before. I
look back at the little boy on the couch whose cries now have punctured these thoughts. I
turn and walk over to him. I pick him up and say why you crying my little man. His tears
fade and a smile comes to his face. In this place I'm finally me and I'm finally happy
again. This is my place and no one can take it from me.

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That nasty old squirrel
taunts my sly, clever cat
in a language
known only to him.

My tabby observes,
her eyes half-closed,
sunning herself
like a pampered queen.

Her move is sudden,
the squirrel is startled,
as my tabby starts the chase
up the tree to a branch.

Sir Squirrel start to trip,
he's hanging by front paws;
the branch snaps a bounce,
he's thrown to the roof.

Miss Tabby yawns and blinks
on the ground where she's jumped,
and scornfully struts
to her pillow on the porch.

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Looking Down

The cats
were so used to
looking up. They
hunched on their bellies
like hairy doormats 
and their eyes turned
like those of animated
bedrom slippers.
So high I stood,
all of my 5 foot 3.
Feeling the pain
of back cramps, I
bend to feed them,
wild animals
somehow brought servile
into my tenderness.

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One True Valentine

He: his best friend died years ago,
his heart attacked him in 
left him for dead,
but he’d fought his way back with
		time and
an expert cardiologist.

She: used to feel cold, semi-homeless,
always craved a man’s 

she never got.

But he scratched her back just so, 
and sometimes
her belly,
and brought her dinner, and treats
and toys (she never lacks for them now).

Once even some bling: a red 
heart, a blinking one,
to wear around her neck. 

Together they walk long walks
		around the block or
			down the beach.
They sniff the salt air and wade through 
sand and chase the	
sea-gulls, or
Crunch their way through dry leaves
		and earthy woods.

Now they sleep together, side-by-side,
her brown head nestled along his arm,
she gazes up at him with liquid yellow eyes.
They keep each other warm. She sighs contentedly, her look is adoration, such 
total love, something only a dog can give.

She’s his one true Valentine.

And he’s her Boyfriend, 

the One 

she’ll never forget.

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Summer Day

Summer Day
Walking down the dusty country road 
Skipping rocks over the creek
Running through the pasture chasing cows
Taking a long dip in a cool lake on a hot summer day
Catching a horny toad to bring home to Mom
Whistling my way down the long dusty road
Free to do whatever I please along the way
What a great way to spend a summer day

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The thin gray man 
pulled his truck to the
edge of the greenest part of
the field
behind the church.

He adjusted his cap
then carefully unloaded 
the plastic fences, 
marking poles, 
and the orange traffic cones 
in the middle of the field.

With calculated moves, he had set out
the apparatus
to prepare his dog for
the upcoming trials 
a short
time away.

Adjusting each item,
checking their position and height
just so, 
pacing off the space
between the cones and white stakes
measuring here and there 
to be sure.

His black and white Afghan
jumped out.
The dog followed his signals
and moved
over and around
the folding fences, 
weaved through the
orange cones, 
jumped the hurdles and
got a treat and
and encouraging word
each time it was right.

The rain came suddenly
but neither the man nor
his dog neglected their 

The next day, at the same time,
almost exactly,
he returned.
This time
with a tall, shiny, black poodle.
The routine was a little different.
The poodle 
more advanced, quickly
ran the gates and wove its way through the cones.

Each received their reward in time.
The man, filled with pride.
The dogs 
filled with 
soft praise 
and biscuits.

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Worry Lines

“Where’s Mine?
Where’s my grub?
They’ve got theirs – 

Tibbs has nearly finished!
Don’t you love me?
Have you forgotten me?”

Never, Mog … 


Mog, being tabby, always looks worried ...

For Brian's "Two to Fifteen" contest.

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Ode to Larry the Bird

Bright yellow feathers,
Deep black eyes.

A voice that could carry
Through the winds of time.

A sweet little fellow,
My friend for years and years.

I just can't help
But to shed my tears.

Much to soon you left me 
Here all alone.

You really helped
To make this house a home.

I knew you were in heaven
When I heard the Angels sing.

That screechy little voice
Was singing straight to me.

Please know that I love you
And I will not I forget.

The sweetest little friend,
I had for a pet.

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The Caged Dog

I am but a dog locked up in a cage.
I have a lot of  neighbors but they bark at me all day.
Every day is the same.
I wish they would let me out.
I'd love to be adopted and taken to your house.
I promise I wont bark I'll be as silent as a mouse.
I want jump on the couch.
But please don't waste your time.
You know you want me you just have to realize.    
But I don't have much time, you see tomorrow I wont be here if you come for me then.
For my time here has come to a end as it does for many of us furry friends. 
They take us to a room that has no return.
Tomorrow I go there.
I await a uncertain fate and this I hate.
I have ate my last meal.
My tail has wagged for the last time.
So take me now or forever say good-bye~

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Gentled hearted, adventurous and sly
Independent yet needing

A pack leader, he is
A watchful eye on the castle, he has

The toy and the master, come to him often
Jumping excitably, be weary of his size

Admiration overflows from the heart
He knows his home, his master
Never wanting that bond to be broken

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The Feast

There is a distinctive odor in the air... 
and I am making myself scarce

All are in a state of repose with anticipation, 
but mine is with distaste and finality.
Inevitably it cannot be shunned.
Oh can I withstand them? 
So far away, where the wind doesn’t blow.
Like an unfavorable perfume, the hound flees.  
He seems to be the only one who understands me.  
In total frustration we howl in unison.

Where is an end adjacent to this grievous affliction... 
The only solution to solving the problem of 
grandma’s ‘chitlin’ feasts’, seems to be disporting in the forest 
with the allegiance of my conformable friend, the hound.

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Ere becoming pets we were wolves
Roaming chainless, hunting hares
Hadn't signed the bond of serfdom yet
Nor had learnt to fawn
Then mortgaged freedom for crumbs
Wore dog collar, the slavery-symbol
To earn accolades, learnt snobbishly
The art of detecting thefts and nabbing crime
But despite our serving him
Man was bent on our dimunitive downfall
He rejoiced to see us as bonsai poodles
And portable pocket pups. Yet he feared
In us one untamed heredity trait
The dormant volcano- the Rabies virus
Eventually that too he conquered inventing
A vaccine. Shrewd indeed shrewd! He inculcated
The virtue of loyalty in us just to
Safeguarded it from becoming extinct


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I have a black Lab-a dog named Moe..
He's mixed with something..what? I don't know.
When he's hungry, he'll stare, maybe even glare-
until I reply"I'll be there"!

I have a black Lab-named Moe..
Who follows me wherever I go.
When he's sleepy, he'll tap, jump upon my lap-
until I reply"Take a nap"!

This dog that I have named Moe..
Oh, how I love him so...
Yes, it's Moe I come home to,  say"I love you"
He replies "WI..Wove...Wou"...too!

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Smeeshy licks me
happy in the kiss
he hugs me he kisses me

He does everything that he loves to do
and he is Smeeshy
and he is such a loving cat.

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God's Little Critters

vast wilderderness she lays her head 
moss strewn rock beds and nil vegetation 
in the distant the lone wolf begins to howl 
no sun to call her own   
just gotten entangled in a predators sneer 
shes begins gnawing frantically
blood soaked coating
and one less hoof to stand with
this tiny deer finally had gotten freed
just as I was picking up the phone to
call animal control to help out
one of God's own little critters  

Tribute To
God's Critters

Also Entry For
Laura Mckenzie's
Beyond Nightfall Contest

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My Pet

I have the best companion you could get,
my companion is my pet.
There's no one more loving or sincere
than my pet,I hold so dear.
She is forever by my side,
unconditional love,
impossible to hide.
Her love for me is pure and true,
there's nothing for her 
I would not do.
I make this promise,
I solemnly swear
to love and cherish
to always be there.
She is more than just my friend,
she is family 'till the very end.

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Sarah and Amy's Hamsters

When the sadness of her hamster
doesn't last
she lasts for just a couple years
and then her sadness became her eyes
that when the hamster died
she didn't know how about this
is different than her dreams
So then she must be very sad

(and now it's talking about the other one)

and now she died in the blue fields of dreams
and dreams of sourness all down her eyes
tears of cosmos all down her eyes.

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When someone you Love is Taken

In a flash he is gone, 
No warnings, no signs, 
Memories flood my brain, 
How he walked, his personality, 
Remorse for the times I ignored him, 
Yelled at him, scorned him, pushed him away. 

Years remembered in seconds, 
His playfulness, his unique cry, 
It is hard to replace the love of family, 
Always being there, always comforting, always truthful, 
I just think of the ones that he left behind, 
Who will they talk to, who will they play with, 
When someone you love is taken, 
No goodbyes, no taking it back, no smiles. 

Tears filled my eyes as he was buried in the ground. 
He is gone, no more happiness, no more comfort, just emptiness. 


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Alone in the dark
On the empty little road
Lay the defenseless dog
That tried to make it home.

Too late to save him
She pulls him away
From the cold wet asphalt
In an unforgiving middle lane.

Alone in the pouring rain
Devastated with grief
She mourns the black angel
Her daughter once claimed.

“That’s MY dog” she announced
To all that would see
The big black dog
Straining to be free.

We picked and we joked
About the tricks he performed,
How he managed to escape,
Little Houdini was he.

Now all that remains
Is the love we all shared
For a big black dog
That taught my daughter to care.

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These Bulls and bears like pets,
Loved by many,
Touching hearts,
Living in minds,
Nations to nations,
Down towns,
At homes,
In rooms,
Also in safes,
In wallets,
Even inside files,
Tied with no belts,no ropes but ribbons,
Bulls and bears at the stock exchange

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(Chao are cute virtual pets) 

I've seen many different chao 
All colors shapes and size
Some have smiling faces
Others have sleepy eyes
Some chao can fly and I wonder why can't I?
Don't ever make chao cry
Abuse them and they will die
Treat them good and they will strive
I love my chao they love me too
Just be sure to never take away their food!
Hero chao are cool
Dark chao get all the glory
While normal chao are just plain boring!
But I adore them all
From red, to green, from purple to blue I love chao!
Don't you love them too?

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Like a Christmas merry-go-round
this little red and green leaf
swirled 'round and 'round
in a tiny puddle in the wind.

It reminded me of holiday cookies
sand being the sugar sprinkled
upon it so sparkly red and green
that I could almost taste it. 

I had a red and green parrot once
he was my holiday gift all year
singing loud Christmas carols
of his own spectacular making.

He would have loved those cookies.

Sheila Kathryn Barrera

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Blakey Boy


The coat, chocolate shines through
Wrinkles some still, sadly some gone
Energy, love and charisma in abundance
he shakes, the noise so strong so cute
time made a man of him
now to protect, also to play
be free but stay always with me
My Blakey Boy

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Fictional for a prompt:- think outside the box in sixteen words.

Frothing at mouth
Distemer shows itself
Taking over body and mind
Mans best friend 
Slowly dies

Please, please, please get your animals/pets vaccinated!

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My Mister Dog

You gaze at me with
eyes described as limpid ...
so clear and pure.
You are a dog
with eyes that suggest
the idea of a great love.
Love as an idea,
or a feeling that fills
your so wise eyes?
You are more than a dog
as you sigh and snore
and sometimes ignore
my adoration.
You are seriously
in line for sainthood
here in this sanctified space
You Rule!

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Home. Home home.

my little dog 
white chest and grey whiskers
floppy ears and bark that whimpered
they were the best of you
of the things that i remember
the best of you besides
what you tendered
companionship from you alone
even when i had a mate at home
i'm glad i gave you freedom to roam
you; i always knew would make it home
but one sad day i had to send you home
home home
and now my hopes of heaven
are to hold you in my arms
when i come home to you
where ever are
i pray to God that i am
somewhere where you are

Dedicated to Rhodas cat

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Golden Retriever Puppy Poem

Oh this dog I see, 

So small and blonde,

Reminiscent of a boy long gone,

So eager to please,

And happy all the time,

Cute and lovable,

And then they start to grow,

Cute puppy becomes big dog,

Little boy becomes big man,

Cute to cute,

Cute to homely,

Dust to dust,

Ashes to ashes,

This puppy dog grew up,

Into a beautiful young dog,

But the boy, hardly grew up at all,

Did he?

Only a shade of cuteness,

Long gone and past by the boy,

He is a man now he is grown,

But in mind is he not still,

That little boy who wished only,

To please, and be loved unconditionally?

Does he not deserve the love,

That the little puppy dog gets,

 Even now he’s a big doggy lad?

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I am the soldier's worst nightmare,
I come at night as he lays sleeping,
With shouts and guns firing, I torment him,
He awakens in a cold sweat, screaming.

Sometimes I bring the horrors of killing,
Of innocent women and children wounded,
Of family pets with legs blown off,
O f blood soaking--making green grass red.

Whether in the Army now, or fifty years back,
I can still awaken him with my horrors,
Whether soldier, sailor, or marine, I am there,
Yes, I am his worst nightmare.

Sometimes, I am the enemy begging for his life,
Then pulling a gun and trying to shoot,
Making him think that even an act of mercy,
Can result in more pain then he can bear.

Yes, I am the soldier's worst nightmare.

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Princess Chupa

You wear a clean tuxedo daily,
It gleams in the light, so soft,
You maul me with precious mittens,
Mittens I press a kiss to every time,
Watching you grow is a joy,
Every household object is a toy,
Ambitious you are,
How you speak to me,
Whining for a fresh can of tuna,
You are my princess, precious Chupa.

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My Pet

one of the things that fill me with joy
the moment i lay my eyes on them
i came home today from the studio
wondering if my pet has already eaten her supper
i know that i've not been spending much time with her
so i'm making plans to move her into my bedroom
may be she'll inspire me more
to write about the other side of my life
my love for animals

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Sidewalk Scribbles

CJ scrawls out
his initials
saying in black ink
this is his turf.

I dare not step
on the 4-letter word
engraved in stone
lest it ruin my day.

Some sweet child of God
writes, "GOD IS GOOD"
all over the park
in pink chalk.

Lovers carve
their lettered kisses
into hearts
set in stone
that make me smile;
love is such
a happy thing!

The dog left
thankfully only

Mother Nature
dropped some leaves
to imprint themselves
upon the walk.

I haven't left my mark

maybe I will tomorrow.


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Sorrowful Silent Words

It's not the memory that hurts the most.
It's knowing you are gone, and I cannot go.

You were my friend, a silent confidant.
So why did I shun you like I hated you?

Now you're gone, and not words can express,
the way I feel, worse than emptiness.

My eyes burn for I didn't cry, but even the strong do from time to time.
I want to express how I feel, so I write this to show how I cared.

Even these words are not enough, to explain how I fell about what happened.
I watched you grow, I watched you learn, and yet you left me way to soon.

You were my friend, someone I truly loved.
So I sit here in sorrow, writing silent words.

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I'm standing here,
Staring at my puppy,
As he stares back at me,
He looks away towards the window,
So much air is coming through,
I guess he feels the sounds,
Instead of hearing them,
Just like I do,
He's chewing a shoe,
I tell him no,
But does he listen to me,
Not a chance,
But when I say, "sit down",
Or "lay down boy" in a disapline kind of voice,
Then he obey,
But why can't he obey for anything else,
I feel I'm not there,
Like now,
Everytime I call him,
He thinks someone else is calling him over,
Am I really here,
Or a spirit that still lives,
Because of my puppy,
I feel unconcious;

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Honestly when I speak do I sound just like an air head? 

Honestly when you see me do you look at me and think about how strange I look? 

Honestly when i'm not around do you say mean things about how I am?
Honestly when I smile do you feel completely grossed out? 

Honestly when I read on the train do you think geek or some pretty cute smart girl? 

Honeslty when I get a little tantrum do you feel like calling it quits, do you tell your 
friends when i'm not around?

 Honestly how honest are you? 

I'm a big girl I can take the truth don't hide it from me. 

If it's bad then I will cry but baby know that I am not weak I will learn from this and I 
will get stronger with every hit so please don't spare my feelings be honest when I ask 

Honesty when I look like a fool don't tell me that I look pretty just because I might get 

Honestly if you think I look fat tell me right now but that you can't take back because I 
will take it to heart and work out everyday in the gym just to look hot for you because 
you told me.

 Honestly if I dye my hair and the color glares in the sun and makes me look like a clown 
tell me to my face that I look a mess and I promise I won't get mad I will get happy. 

Honestly baby be honest with me our love will grow each day if you do and I will be as 
perfect as I can be and you will be happy with me as a whole.

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Santa Nella

Our first trip down the valley
without the old dog. We’ll stay at Motel 6, 
our home away from home, a place 
that welcomes pets.

Remember the time, on a different schedule, 
we stopped here mid-afternoon
to let the dog run among tumbleweeds and wind, 
safe from traffic on the motel-side 
of a chainlink fence.

The old dog did his business, 
then took off at a ragged trot for “his” 
motel room: small rented space 
full of the scents of strangers

and maybe a hint of our own scent, left over 
from the last trip. His scent, too; 
a bit of his brief life spent.
We called and called, our voices
almost lost to an old dog 
ready to lie down.

Tonight we’ll stay at Motel 6.
We’ll listen to traffic on the other side
of chainlink fence, and a wind 
that’s full of scents
and woofs and voices.

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Amongst the Stars

As we 
stars being 
   and new 
we are startled
a million moons
    revolve around 
a million 
our spirits 
   we leave 
our galaxy
    we crave 
    and our 
sense of wonder 
   is ignited 
the glowing embers
of forgotten 
 Other eyes 
   see what 
we've seen
   But for 
are ours
  and our 
hearts sing
the songs of 

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Mountain Cat

Mountain Cat
She was sleek and wanting no fur upon her head at all some small tufts upon 
her ears she sounded loud so soulful in the poignant stillness of the desert 
wash she cried but not of want her voice was merely warning me to stay inside a 
blanket given me from GOD. The afforded pleasure of a poor man camping out a 
coffee and some coke soon lay stilled in cup and all ignored as eye pondered 
the existence of a large and quiet creature used to killing for her meals on 
mountain shoals the dearth of water must have brought her to my wash eye hope 
she made it back up to her home.

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staccato repetition reverberating in his ears
The rattle and the spinning flicker lights
Is it all a ploy to break him in his weakened sleepless state
A way to make him grab the bars and talk?
The kitten sits and wonders at the diapered prisoner’s fate
For a feline fitful second then she walks
Away to find some other  things to do
Cruelty and torture is really nothing new

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Appalling Cruelty

            the shouting and cursing,
            the betting and arguing among
            the drunken dockyard crowd
            rises to a feverish pitch and
            explodes into a diabolical din

as the wounded dogs
   snarl and lunge once more
      at each other's throat,
         clamping their foaming jaws
            on furry flesh, ripping it,
               their growls muffled by gore
                  and dust and torn skin;

one seizes the other's jugular,
   tightens his hold till the pavement
      is slippery with blackish blood;
         the vanquished falls, lies limp,
            its frothy jaw now loosened,
               just another mutilated carcass
                  there in the bloodied dust.

            the shouting and cursing,
            the betting and arguing among
            the drunken dockyard crowd
            rises to a feverish pitch and
            explodes into a diabolical din.

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Old Moments In Warmth

I bottle up my sacrifice,
As pain for now becomes my vice,
Pensive songs scream depth in vein,
My weakness now a wholesome strain,
Enduring sheets of iced betrayal,
Our world becomes a grave lain stale,
If worlds collide repair my past,
Let autumn rise and time outlast,
Count eighteen months back to grey hearts,
Unlick the stamps, unwrite these charts,
Of days until you come back home,
Moments when we felt alone,
Nights in tears and distance aching,
Dreams of you and always waking,
To find that you are really gone,
Just want to say "I miss you Shawn",
& though life's spinning something's wrong,
No longer breathing our sweet song,
Weekends always feel so bland, 
Crowded now by tough command,
Our springs run dry and clouds fall blue,
The taste of love now sits to brew,
But when you are returned to me,
Lifetime is my one decree,
One blessing I asked Him to grant,
Forever and always I'll continue to chant,
Kisses sweep my cheeks in shadow,
Seranading wishes will rightfully hallow...

Felicia S. Hughes

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Two Tom Cats.

Two tom cats..
One white,one black.

The white one is may be deaf
But hisses and pisses 

to mark his territory.
He enters the black cat's flat

and attacks without warning.
Fur flying ,cats growling,

wet stuff on the flooring.
The remains are scars the 

claws and teeth tore.
We chide , separate them 

and suggest de sexing....
waterspraying's effective.

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My Cat

My cat 
has lots of hair
F  A  T
and time
to do nothing,
but sleep in the sun
and torment the dog
because he is
the Head of the house
and he finds it 

But, of course,
I love him,
the weight of him
against me in the night
the sound
of his "motor running"
as the kids would say.
He brings such love
and warmth in those dark, 
lonely hours.
without warning,
he leaps away.

If you were to 
ask him why?
He would quite

"I was done"

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Dog training

teaching the dog to be obediant
teaching the dog to walk pretty
teaching the dog to let go of a ball
just part of every dogs police training
your conspiracy for people and pets
every pet owners responsibility
awards and badges at the police academy dog show
walking her through the streets

friendly as pie
barks at a scent
if your not sure why
i'll walk by again
seven times the dog upset
not at another dog
tip of the day to keep drug dealers away
no one likes barking dogs
and it truly wouldn't be your fault

Dog trained to protect and serve
knows how to hunt in case i get lost
she can smell fresh water
and with her charisma i can go on
every dog owners responsibility
if you would like to keep such dangerous pets
train them to protect your children
and just take note of the bark
to leave anonymous comments

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A resurrected Kitty

A kitten
Living in a discarded box
grease covers his pink paws.
Under my sister's deck.

I stood shivering
on the permafrost.

So thin
fur matted from the dirt
a bus ride home.
hiding under my coat.

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Lost Dreams Broken Heart

When you love someone
But you just can’t let go,
Ask God for strength and courage
And then spread your wings
And take to the sky!
If you just can’t find
What you’re looking for,
Pray to God above
And His Angels’ love
Will guide your heart back home!
However your broken heart feels
Or how lost are you at times,
Give your many true dreams
A bunch of kisses and prayers
So that your soul may again find peace!

Dedicated to: Brittany, my sweet, beloved, little sister, who’s now “Upstairs” in 

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My dogs are like two pieces of Pecan Pie, I could eat them right up.  With their 
noses so wet and soggy.  Their eyes are filled with love, and kindness.  Their 
tummies so soft and squishy to lie on.  Their mouth filled with laughter, but of 
course in bark form.  Their legs which they run, jump, and tackle you to the 
ground.  And finally their hearts, filled with love, and hope, and kindness, and 

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Why do I feel

          Summer time hits 
       and I feel like s.h.i.t
    Can't control this feeling inside of me
           I feel out of place
         I can't keep up with this race
      I'm constantly falling backwards
        Nothings happening  
      Why does this always have to be me
        I'm just a scared little girl 
        being force to grow up
       I have to face this world
       but they've denied me entry
         and it seems like everyone else
             has made it
           everyone knows exactly what to do
          and here I sit so out of place 
         and I don't know what to do
           So why do I feel 
          So useless inside
           It's how you made me feel
              when my access got denied
               I got denied the world
              Everyone keeps telling me I have to do something
               I can't just sit on my a.s.s 
            and expect things to happen
              But how am I suppose to 
                  make miracles
                        by myself
                     I need your help
                       Why do I feel
                          So alone?

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My pet, my Cavy, died tonight,
Crippled but beautiful,
He was my delight.

Arnie, my pretty one,
Legs so weak he could never run,
Neck muscle to weak to hold up his head,
And now he is dead.

Shiny, tri-colored coat,
He loved to munch on his rolled oats,
Voice that spoke so I understood,
Gentle he was, and oh, so good.

My Arnie, my pet, died tonight.

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I am Pet(e), 10

Hey, I am Pet(e).

I am happy, 
…to be 10 years old 
and really obedient,
yes, obedient
though naughty, 
yet still I am Pet(e), the 
loving member 

of the family, 
just like Man(dy);
so please, don’t sass
and throw me not 

the circle, if 
I am no longer, as you feel, 
cute to you,
‘cos I am not your accessory!

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The Gift

Some people have the gift,
they can read you like a book,
if you are kind hearted, 
or just an old coot.
Animals have this gift,
they pick, and choose,
some stay with you,
while others fly the coop.
You don't pick the pet,
they sorta pick you,
try walking up to one,
and see what they will do.
Some want to love you,
they will follow you everywhere,
and others keep their distance,
to touch them, don't dare.

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The Cat Soul

Egyptians worshipped & were buried with them.
Why are cats so regal...have such dignity?
Are they Royal? Act so proud?
Is it true they have one soul?
They all stretch,meow,scratch + hiss, purr,
act nice when they want something.
Stare to declare it is their territory.
Sleep in a ball-shape with a smile on their
Clean their paws after a hearty mealtime.
Pretend , hunt and imagine at playtime.
They act the same...
One soul.
One Collective Cat Soul.

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You are . . .

ever the sentinel
wagging tail awaiting . . .
my homecoming.
May this love evermore know no

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My Friend

My young at heart
White like a cloud
Brown like chocolate
Tiny as a pin
Tail so happy
A fun of pleasure
A bond of cuddles
A heart full of love
My best friend ever
If something happens
I’ll miss him a lot
My heart will be torn to pieces
Forever for life
My dog my best friend
A man’s best friend forever eternity.

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More Than Just a Pet (Cameo)

Gentle and loving
Though can be scary to see
My mixed breed
She truly is this man’s best friend
With unconditional love
My good girl

Cameo syllable count is 2,5,7,3,8,7,2, unrhymed

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Coyly Samba

eyeball to eyeball, deep, labored breathing,     
sidestepping, pulling, twirling, pushing;            
bodies swaying to the fast Latin beat,                  
sultry flame of  uncontrollable heat;   
enchanting the feral, seductive rhythm,   
seemingly floating and lost in a dream;               
to some dizzying heights wildly soaring,       
inflamed pores with sweat overflowing; 

lost in the magic of that Brazilian dance,              
the master and his moonstruck mistress;           
sitting in the corner their loyal Maltese,           
admiringly watching, deep in a trance! 



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Travels with Cowboy

A long drive down the Central Valley,
cool then warm, the kind of day in March
when the season can go either way,
back to winter or ahead to spring;
a day that draws new grass up 
in unplowed fields and hazes the distance 

And here we are at last
at our motel, the one that welcomes
“one small pet.” I take our young Shepherd 
to the doggy corner,
and for the first time Cowboy lifts his leg, 
as old dog Taco used to do
against this very cottonwood.

And then he turns
and watches me with the old dog’s gaze.
The tepid air, no longer winter
and not quite spring, takes me 
back to walking other dogs 
between hedge and freeway fence.

Dogs now dead look me in the eye
in the guise of this new Cowboy.
And I don’t know where 
this can take me
except the lonely gap in the fence

where drifters slip
from southbound lane to shrubbery,
past the long-haul truckers, 
out of here by dawn,

and all the other chances
of losing, leaving, and moving on.

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Rubble Without A Cause

I came home from work one day,
And much to my surprise,
Someone had leveled my old home,
I could not believe my eyes...

Where my bed should be,
All I now could see,
Was bricks, wood, and broken glass,
I wouldn't sleep there that night, not me...
I'd cut up my tender _ss,

Found out, somehow,
Someone had made a big mistake,
Gave the destruction crew my address,
How could such a stupid blunder,
Anyone ever make?

I was angry, I was sad,
They destroyed,
All I ever had....

Then a yelp..
From a dusty pile...
My sweet little Yorkie...
Had survived without my help,

He came to my side,
I picked him up,
And held him tight to me,
Nothing else did really matter...
Together we still would be..

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My Beloved Madison

My beloved Madison:
You are sweeter than honey
And more dear to me
Than anything in the world
And you are my little girl!
You are black and brown
And cute all over;
You are my furry sunshine
And I love you dearly
For all sweet, Heavenly time!

Dedicated to: Madison, my “baby sister”; she’s as cute as can be!

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The loves of my life

I can truthfully say that if someone has never had a pet
than they can't really have a love for animals
You would have to experience it to believe it

When you're upset and your pet comes in you room to say hi
They help you to forget about your problems for a moment
And just feeling their fur relaxes you

For parents who won't let their kids get pets
There must have been something that went wrong when they were young
And it's sad because those are the type of people that make fun when someone 
talks about their pet

It seems like there's always a common ground with that topic

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A Man Alone

A glass of merlot lies on the iridescent glass table-
He clenches the latest read in his moist palms,
Glasses sit aimlessly on the bridge of his nose
Eyes wandering from the book, he leans down to sniff at the wine,
‘Delicious’ he murmurs to no one in particular
For he is alone,
Lonely and seemingly always alone
He does not favor human contact over any other form of contact
All contact comes from his delightful Jack Russell Terrier,
With ears of cocoa and squat hairs of impure white,
This animal is his life, 
Forever unchained the dog always lays beside him
That dog holds more joy than his life ever will,
For there is no support,
In his lifestyle,
He will soon find himself,
Alone and deceased.

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Sometimes I think that days and moments
feelings and emotions should be linear
add them up in neat columns
clear solutions

But most days
i do not know the formula
to use or how to frame the equation
that shows me the way to your heart

Geometric shapes of light, angles with edges
lines intersecting and
rays diverging--obtuse, acute
often on the edge
of degree
of emotion
of passion

The digital protractor of my soul
honed to measure sharp edges
built in horizontal spirit levels
yet not

I know well the shapes of your shadow
the light from your smile and the
warmth of your embrace
but your Cartesian coordinates baffle me
I can not find the quadrant or the axis

Bring me back to the sums of children
where love adds up and your heart
aligns with mine

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Summer is more to me than a simple season-
Summer is my baby, my love
Further aged than I, she’s delicate
With hair of a powder puff, just slightly off-white
The off balance of an untouched cataract fills my heart with sympathy-
When she peels her eyelids open to view me
Tender ears with a downy peach sheen,
Abruptly forewarn of any near future visitors
Moist nose nuzzles into my arm with lengthy whiskers smashed-
Against the sides of her adoring face
Curled tail transforms into straight-
When she catches a glimpse of any visitor
Precious is she,
My baby,
My lovely,
My Summer.

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Me and Joe

down in a wishing well
calling up to Precious, the dog,
how did I get like this
how did I get here
is Joseph beside me
will his brothers pull me out too
I can only hope