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Free Verse Name Poems | Free Verse Poems About Name

These Free Verse Name poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Name. These are the best examples of Free Verse Name poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Cat

I love my cat.

She has 4 legs 

and a tail 

and nice ears 

and a cute little nose.

She is gray with black stripes.

Her eyes are kinda green

kinda yellow.

I don't know what colour this is?

Her name is Bast.

This is the name of a very pretty cat goddess

who lives where the pyramids grew.

When my cat is happy she purrs.

So do I.

My cat is soft and warm.

My cat likes to eat food.

Right now I am feeding her special food for young cats.

She likes this better than the last stuff.

She eats all day long.

I do too.

If I become fat

or she becomes fat

I will cut down on our food.

My cat also likes to drink water.

So do I.

I got rid of her cat bowls.

Now she uses the same bowls I do.

I think this makes her feel extra special.

When my cat wants to play outside

she meows and scratches at the door.

This is how I know if she wants to play outside.

My cat poops in the neighbour's yard

so I don't have to clean her litter box too much.

I love my cat.

If I was a cat I would marry her.

We could have a honeymoon in the park.

I would dance around

and watch her climb trees.

At night my cat sleeps on top of me.

If she moves around too much

she wakes me up.

This makes me mad.

But she doesn't care.

She just looks at me.

And looks at me.

Then waits for me to fall back asleep

so she can sleep on top of me some more.

But I still love my cat.

Very much.

Even if she makes me mad sometimes.

But only now and then.

She creates far more happiness than anger.

I suppose this is how it is for some married couples?

Cats are great.

I wish more people had a cat like mine

because then everyone else would be happy just like me.

One great big happy world

filled with peaceful thoughts instead of so much pain and war.

I hope she lives a long time.

When she dies I will get another cat

because they are so nice.

And when I die 

I will meet all of my cats

up in heaven.

I love my cat.

And she loves me.

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Love and Lust

I did not mean to snatch your heart
Like with the claw of a vorocious bird of pray
You fell into my unset trap 
Speared yourself upon my harpoon 
Which had only been hanging on the wall
You threw yourself into my way
stole my arrows and brandishing them with cupids blood
Punctured your heart without a thought 
Other than the whisper of my name 
You claim that I'm a siren
I've led you to your death
But it was the birds i sang to 
Your name did not leave my unforgiving lips 
With swollen eyes from crying
Filled with swirling colors of obsession 
You beg to me and plead with me 
Blaming me and cursing me  
Claiming that i drug you here
Forgetting it was you who snuck in through my balcony 
To watch me in the fountains 
And listen to my voice
To see how the animals follow me
And witness how the moon becomes my robes 
And the stars become my eyes
How the setting sun remains all night 
Within the silk of my hair 
how roses color my cheeks 
In the darkness of the cold 
And the world surrounds me 
And the beauty of the light i behold 
Where in this story did i bewitch you 
Where did i make you call my name 
Did i once respond or invite you to play a game
you claim i did this to you 
When you only did it to yourself 
did you enjoy your gaze upon the child of Cerynian
Did you think I'd become your obediant wife 
When did i claim i loved you 
How quickly you think of these blasphemous lies 
Your not in love you simpleminded mortal
Your infatuated and in lust and your lust is a lie

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Yes Friend, It Will Matter

Say not to me, that it will not matter a hundred years from now, that I was here. For surely I have touched one life in a positive way, perhaps in daily prayer I've called your name one day. Having no profound accomplishments or delusions of fame, and leaving no progeny to perpetuate my name, still, it will matter that I was here. For I have quietly endeavored to sow, and I have watered. I love and am loved--should one desire more? Life is good and hopefully God is pleased. The tracks I'll leave, it's true, will not be so ingrained as to stand harsh winds of time and they shall fade as the evening sun, leaving somewhere, only a name and date chiseled in granite. Perhaps, if only in thought, one pausing o'er me should question, who was this man? Let God simply whisper, that I am His.

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These ribbons I tie as you leave

Blue – 
for your arm wrapped around
my clavicle. I thought
I would loose my breath.

Red – 
for the cusp of our hip bones
struggling to pull the drunken color
from our orange cheeks.
and our sweat, our sweat, our sweat
in the drenched summer air.
Our pants futile afterthoughts
Left crumpled on the floor
It is here I asked for your respect
And you filled me with it.

Orange – 
for the musk smell of our blanket den. I would watch the way dawn light
speckled your shoulders, pale, white-blue
I would trace the ink
of your skin, fingertip hovering a half inch
from your bone. 

Green – 
for how my name would hesitate
on your breath in brief puffs 
like dandelion seeds blown from 
My wistful lips when I was 
waiting for them to bring back my wish.

Black – 
for my sleeveless dress, as we strolled from 
your father’s funeral.  

It was the only time I watched you cry.

There were little holes in the cement sidewalk.
They filled with rain, oil
And your tears.
I watched your face change through 
their watery colored reflections.

Pink – 
for the way your skin repels from my 
Touch, quivers as though my finger- 
print were a red hot poker.
You haven’t allowed me to touch you
In a year.

Purple – 
for the color of her font, as she responds to you. It is an eager
Color. She responds with all the passion of an Eskimo kiss. 

You left her waitng..always.

I have been special to you,
she replies to your

Her letters 
Who blush
like a maid
Who’s felt the hot moist
whisper of something naughty
tickle against her ear lobe.

White – 
for the way your eyes punch accusations
sharper then your razor tongue.

They spit 
blue crackled lightening,
like an angry alley cat.

My words cannot reach you here.
You will leave.

We will divide our booty

Words that once held my name like a piece
Of carefully folded origami
now hiss cold 
devoid like the plaster of our empty room.

for the morning 
now knocking on my window.

I am livid in my withdrawal, tossing and turning
I can find no comfort
the tangle of these vacant sheets. 

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Rivers of intense reverberations

Wind Wind whistle,Blow his name up in the sky,where it belongs.
Blow his name amongst the Stars,where radiant angels play their
golden harps and Faries play their horns.
Clouds,Clouds,be his cushioned pilows,the place where he can rest.
Moon,Moon shine his darkened night,and be his rocking cradle nest.
Crickety Crickets play  in clattering melodies,as raindrops fall in
tick tick waltz on the dancing trees in wafting breeze.
Handsome red chested cardinal,open your wing of passion to your
silky whitye pure dove,as the wind blows her to your shelter,
Sing for her the song of love.
Wind Wind,whirl again and blow his name up in the sky,above all 
Greek gods,above highest of the high,where she holds him,
till all crushing waves,wild tides and oceans die.

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Don't leave me hanging

 Don't leave me hanging sis!

I came out of nowhere with an agenda on the mind
Joining the soup to be near my favorite love
a game I did not plan to play
Until he called upon the first round.
giving it my best shot
Then came round three and more. 
The poets here I started to explore
Not taking my poetry seriously
The writing just happens naturally
now I see why she visits everyone at the soup.
My sister who puts on a show with words
Is adored by her very own group
the Destroyer was my pet name 
She gave me when I was young
So envious of her, I broke the head of her only dolls.
using her poetry was the way she tortured me 
Inside me, she bestowed a poet of mischief
Now I like to tease everyone mind with words

I hate this poem..... Lol..don't read it... It was a joking way back then

(((for contest**Leave me hanging)))

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Her Name Was Rain

 .                                                        (                  )
                                                        (                     )
                        (          )                    (       /   /    /   )
                     (              )
                         / / /                              /  /       /    /
                         /    /                               /  /   /

Like the disappearing sun of yesterday                           (           )
So has her childhood dissolved away                          (       //       )
With two white steeds that are the trees                       (   / /       )
She is the leaf, marauder of the breeze                            /  /   
She rides against the wind
                        /  /  /
        Her name is Rain
        Born with the grain of knowing
        Sight to the blind who cannot see tomorrow
        Or view the valleys of the past

/  /        Tho', not envious of her rampant blood!
            Where origins are buried in another world
            Where voices speak in lost syllables
            In a language of no forgetting
            Where the laughter of the birds is still
            And clouds shed only a torrent of tears
                                /                   / /
                    For she would rather turn her face to the sky
             /      And feel the gentleness of the mist
                    She has a burning desire to be free
                    Free of the gift
       /  /         Free of the burden
                    Free of the knowledge that has taken her innocence
                                     //    //                 /
                        A voice of the thunder calls her
                        Invites her to fly beyond the clouds
                        So the earth can be beautiful                                    
                        Where the sun comes after the rain                         
                 /      Where the drought is over at last                       
/                       Where rain becomes rainbows                                   
                        She is the leaf.....maurader of the breeze                   
          /     /       Her name is Rain     

For Constance La France's contest "Rain, The Story"
By Carrie Richards

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My Emily

She never did come back home that night
Me pacing the floor
Walking for miles in search of her
Leaving me torn apart
Spewing with the turmoil of wondering
Just what happened to her
Who had she been with and why?
Engraved on to my mind
her name
etched in my heart
her love, her sighs
Spiking my tongue
her name cries out
My heart splinters
my gut receives another jolt
God I loved that girl
and didn't even know for certain until today
But now it is too late
I left it too long
to proclaim my love for her
afraid of the pain 
which comes from being knocked back
still even that is not as I suffer now
in the whispering of her name
I look in the mirror 
yet see her reflection stare back at me
smiling and tossing back her flowing locks
her very presence is felt in abundance
Her huge eyes dark as purest deepest sapphires
class more expensive than purest diamonds
with a charismatic magnetism radiating out
overwhelming all within reach of her personality
Stolen from this world she was
No notice to anyone that she would be leaving
Nothing makes sense anymore
And I long to know if we shall meet again
Some new day in a realm beyone ours
Another time another place
I'll wait for her as I hope she will for me
For true love will never die

Based on a true story from Christmas when a young woman went missing - found murdered...  My thoughts went to those around her and inspired to write came this, but I have changed the girls name for the sake of those that knew her...  So sad to still have these things going onin our world...

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Alone am I and don't want to be, I pray for someone to come and rescue me. I 
wander along this lonely path and think of those that I've lost in the past.

I seek for someone to walk with me, I look and entreat, for my soul is in despair. 
Once I had a mate so fair and refined, she walked with me and soothed my mind, 
but now she is gone.  My world has become calamity. Now I wander this lonely path, 
across mountains and through the pass. In desert places my soul does thirst for an 
oasis to drink from on this lonely earth.

I despise the day and rue the night, when dreams come in and stress my plight. The 
sun does scorch me, the cold sends shivers down my spine. No one to shade me, no 
one to hold me, nothing to make the cold to flee.

My heart is weary and my mind whispers, your name is solo and will always be. My 
shadow mocks me as I go, a reminder of long ago, when there were other shadows 
not just mine alone. I've become a mad man, I curse the day and wail at night. 
Perhaps some day I'll find sweet rest, join the ones I lost in the past and solo no 
longer my name will be.

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It’s about time you came around.
I have waited long with my pants dropped down.
Did you say, “CHICKEN!" Mmm, I love chicken.
My favorite comes in white meat.
My fingers I'm still licking.
I read your slam it had no defeat.
My little Poet Destroyer friend, you called me.
I am not the one with the Kidster name.

You play this gambling game so well.
Like a convict, you will be the first to bail.
Giving you pleasure, making your slam sound so innocent.
You make the Kidster name band from hell.
Hitting you with a slam, that makes your tear drop like hail.
Stick to nice poetry, your slamming just got stale.
In the middle of your so call slam. 
I felt you tried so hard you broke a nail.

In the meantime, this is what I expect.
The freedom so you can speak nice to me.
Like Kid Rock, the real red neck.
You also cannot slam what you cannot see.
Do not destroy what can't be destroyed.
I am always one-step, on top of this deck.
Kidster you’re hot just got watered down to mild.
You have a short hand when it comes to a slam style.
Flip me over and yell, "This Jokers Wild!"
Kidster I lightly slam the cards you dealt me.

This Destroyer is going to slam you back.
Like a trip with tricks and treats.
A slam so hard you will not be able to stand on your feet
Come back when you are ready to get up off your knees
For you I'm rolling up my sleeves, I will not stop until you retreat.
What about my mama?
I thought we were on the same team.
You slam just like my grandma.
Wait! I take that back, she always slams my grandpa mean.
Hey Kidster do me a favor, put your head on a DONKEY.
Show every one there is two sides to you.

By the way, Kidster just with your name I can have fun.
I do hope they let you read this in day care.
I hope you were not expecting a nursery rhyme.
You know better we grownups do not play fair.
Hey, Kidster after this you may need to change your diaper!

              This has all been fun and games.
              Billy the Kidster if you are up for tag 2.
              I will come back as JESSE JAMES.
              Making you a fool..
By; PD

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Power in the name of Jesus

There's power in the name of Jesus
There's power in his precious blood
His word is power when you begin to speak
There's power within his name.

There's healing in the name of Jesus
Authority is yours to take
Satan is DEFEATED the victory is yours
There's power within his name.

This poem is also a song and is now on Youtube

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When I think of goodness and unusual presence
I recall just one name – Mr. Germaine
Our next door neighbor, just a common man
Just a man, but one fulfilling some celestial plan
In those childhood years we never knew him to anger
But always with a smile, and time to talk a while
He had a little dog. Its name was Jelly Bean
Just a pup, but the most angelic pup we’d ever seen
When I think of innocence, absence of ‘mean’
I always think of seeking, petting Jelly Bean
There are some men who sing praise, profess their faith, their love
Call on the Lord, fold hands, point blue skies above
But then, every now and then, there are these angel men,
Just their loving selves, both early and late
A mystery to all how they radiate

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Puzzle of The Waves

Though you cannot explain
How the stories of centuries 
Are coloured through your veins
It’s still as if you speak, with a tongue
That no one, not even you, understands

Placed like a snowflake
A floating feather beneath the weight
Scurrying across, the puzzle of the waves
A drop in a sea
Of an ocean which has no name
And what’s in a name anyway

But still you cannot explain
How your eyes see and what they perceive
Through the windows of the sun
A vocabulary
Of its beauty
Turns you through, all of you, inside out

But placed on the stars
Lay the fingertips of your heart
The count of their beat
Is your distance from the start
Sprint with a shadow
While your feet remain glued, to the spot

Even though you cannot explain
How you hear the pin prick of infinity
As it echoes with the angels
When they danced with you in a heaven
You once called home

But still alone in a forever
Runs the melody of a song that you sung
Through every twist and turn
Flows the river, to the lake, only you could have become
Tossed like a stone through the ripples
Of every pebbles grave

And always you ponder, the puzzle
Written on the surfaces of waves 

How your soul sees and what your spirit perceives
As you live and as you breathe
Through the windows of the sun
A vocabulary
Of your beauty
Turns you through you in all of you, inside out

A drop in the sea
Of an ocean which has no name
And what’s in a name anyway

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The Artist

Oh DARK artist 
What a beautiful picture you create
Not with hues, pigments, and light
But with tone, imagery, and night
The soul an awaiting canvas
Your pen the finest brush
With reckless abandon you work
Is the masterpiece entitled Suffering
Images of sacrifice, torture, and insanity
A downward spiral of regret in the midst
Ah but when did doom ever seem so sweet
So many beautiful extenuating means
Surely they will justify any end
Your tale like sorcery captivates
You carry the title of Ciarraighe
From the dark rain filled lands
The darkness extends to your inner being 
Rain now covering the pictures you paint
Pours forth from within
With each toile of tribulation
Resonating beauty resides
Will the beauty outlive the pain
Unfortunately the canvas cannot answer

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What is Your Name?

What sort of name do you wear?
The kind you can spit out absently
Then wait for a reply?
Perhaps a name should be boxed
Or roughed a little before it can be worn  
Make the wearer a prophet in pain, then let him be
But it is not to be tampered with.  
This name, was it born of a fiery Viking baptism in steel and fire?  
Or a God or Goddess?
Or a constellation of stars? 
Perhaps worthy of your grandparent, and is carried with honor.
It may not seem impressive or awesome,
But the energy inside this humble
Exterior is raw and uncorrupted.
Generations of generations upon
Generations have perhaps strapped it on
Like a breastplate.
It has weathered a thousand storms
To return, as ever,
Your name is a badge,
Wear it proudly, for it is
Easy for people's handling to
Tarnish it.

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For Thee…Oo my Love
I hand over all of love and life of mine
In the name of life
whose sharp claws have a grip on the heart of death
In the name of love
whose flapping wings cool down the flare-up of hate
I surrender
Thou are all in all to my love and life.

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Stella Married To the Sea

O fair lady- lady of the sea
by the name so fairly called, Stella
Yes! that name ever so dear to me.
And Stella who rides a ship-
marrying each wave- caressing the salt
Rides, boldy rides until a shore she haults.
But no land in sight, so Stella ride!

A bell be rung, a song that sung
From home town Oklhoma to Stella who's gone.
So sadly at a distance, people see her blood
trapped under the salty surface as the ship does run.
The death portray but people not know the 
O fair lady- lady of the sea
by the name so fairly called, Stella
Is merely with and married to the sea.

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The Small,Tall,Rich,Poor Boy

There was a small boy
Whose heart was filled with joy
But was noisy and people he annoyed.
He was unemployed this comes to no surprise
For he was a child but was six feet high
Only at the age of five he towered over other guys
He worked at the mill for his parents were ill 
And he awaited the day he could get their will
For his father was rich like Moebey Dick
And spent all of his days catching big fish
It was the boys wish to be like his dad
But, now that he was rich, fish was as costly as sand
Then later he took the hand of the girl he was to marry 
But he being poor so the ring was made out of candy
The girl's name was Sandy
She was pretty, shy and dandy.
The boy now being 19 became the father of 4 sons
They were all fine except for the last one
This one being ugly just like his mom
Time went by quickly
Soon the boys all got married except for the one whose nick name was Bones 
For he was ugly like his dad and wasn't very strong
Now someone told me this story that you have just now read
Don't know if it's true but they say the boy is now dead
Said he told so many lies that he ups and gets killed
Now I'm waiting among others to get part of his will.

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Yume Seken (Part I)

Search your heart now
Now tell me the truth
Do you want to be with me forever?
You are always on my mind
I think of you constantly
If you should ask the same question
Then you should know my answer
Lets take it to the next
And let me ask you another question
Baby would you stay with me
On this planet?
Babi step with me into the vortex
Now that you are...
With me...
On this planet

You don't know
How often I wish
That you were with me most of the time
I wish to hold you
I wish to touch your 
Soft, beautiful skin
Now everywhere I go
I see illusions
Illusions of you
That make my heart jump
Now I truly understand
What love is now

You're always on my mind...

I know I told you that I'd wait
But to tell the truth, it's near impossible
Because I can't stand to be separated
From you for a few minutes
But hearing your voice
Almost everyday
Makes it easier for me to last
And to say thank you for your help
I'm going to give something back

Just name anything
That you want
And I won't stop until I get it for you
I'd like to see you happy
That way I know I'm doing my job
Just name anything
That you want
I'd try to grant your...
Biggest wish
I'll push myself to my limits
Just so you can have it

Sure at first it seemed as if I didn't love you
But that was because I was foolish
And also because I was protecting meself...
Protecting myself from being hurt again
But you changed my opinion in less than a few minutes
And you are the only girl that's able to change me
If it weren't for you, I'd probably be lost
And I'd like to love you forever...
I'll love you... I'll always...
Love you forever...
I know for a fact that you love me as well
And now I show it more than I used to
Now that I've found my true love
Will you stay with me on this planet?

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You Played

You Played with my emotions
You Played with my life
you took away the only thing
i ever seemed to have
you used me and even abused me
you left me blinded and hopless
you betrayed me and rejected me
forgot the love i once gave you

Now days go by and i sitll remember
why cant i just seem to forget you
why does your name run through my brain
I dont know
bloddy tears seem to slip
they drip and fall and even poor down

Your name is not forgotten
now that i've brought it back to reality
i dont need you i never did
this was all pointless
it was all just a wast of time

i will love again
just not now
but forever i will stay 
true to myself

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My Name Is Love

My name is Love
I am the name everyone wants to hear
You pray your whole life just to hear it once
It is a name that can comfort
Bring two people together
Making their lives better, happier
It’s also a name that can frighten
Ruin a relationship if it is used to early
Destroy hope if it is used to late
Four letters, one syllable, one word 
That brought down the walls of Troy
Made Romeo and Juliet legends
Empires were built and destroyed because of me
Two lovers started a new life by just saying my name
My name is Love
Use my name sparingly
Only with an open heart
Only when it is spoken in truth
Will it be the one name spoken
That will heal a broken heart
Bring a smile to a young girls face
Give hope to an innocent child
And keep the world turning as it always should

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Bladder Problems in Class

Numbers on 
White board…names written hori-

Students ask
To go pee…right when class starts – 
THAT’S just wrong…

Bathroom line
Of students who have bladder
Problems – WOW!

People are
Not using lunchtime to do 
Their business 

No one knows
When to do their duties – SER-

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Tesu A Folk Love Story of India 4

Tesu A Folk Love Story of India Part. 4 Prelude Note: The story as painted here on Poetry Soup is the sole creation and imagination of the writer, except the names Tesu and Jhonjhi. The Poem Tesu is based on a folk story of India. The Tesuwalas* (little children with a earthen lamp on their heads) as depicted in the Poem are gradually diminishing with the passing of time and changing life styles. It's a tribute to that great warrior and lover Tesu, who sacrificed his life because he had given words to someone. How and when you would come to know soon .... With best wishes before the festival of Dewali (Light) ...Ravindra Tesu A Folk Love Story of India Part. 4 This is how , the existence of the name & deeds of Tesu Was saved by small village children who are carrying it since ages On their pretty little heads. 09 Though the name and story has lost Its real warmths and glamour In the mind of those Who have forgotten This non painted hero Of the bygone age. 10 By coming only once in a year near Dewali* These little children Carry Tesu and Jhonjhi, While singing the Songs Of their forgotton love story As a rememberance of a Hero And his lovely bold beloved Jhonjhi. 11 To continue... Ravindra Kanpur India 10th Nov. 2012 Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup as per US laws. Copying this story without the permission of the writer is strictly prohibited and would be subject to legal remedies taken by the writer. Clarification of Hindi words* Dewali* - The festival of light. Tesu* - The Name of the hero of this Poem. Tesuwalas* - Hindi word. The young boys and girls, who carry The decorated earthen pot with holes and a light inside on their head and come Once in a year near Dewali are called ‘Tesuwalas/center>

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Tesu A Folk Love Story of India 3

Tesu A Folk Love Story of India Part. 3 Prelude Note: The story as painted here on Poetry Soup is the sole creation and imagination of the writer, except the names Tesu and Jhonghi. The Poem Tesu is based on a folk story of India. The Tesuwalas* (little children with a earthen lamp on their heads) as depicted in the Poem are gradually diminishing with the passing of time and changing life styles. It's a tribute to that great warrior and lover Tesu, who sacrificed his life because he had given words to someone. How and when you would come to know soon ....With best wishes before the festival of Dewali (Light) ...Ravindra Tesu A Folk Love Story of India Part. 3 The festival of light is again very near Tesu would be seen Perhaps once again on the streets, Till these little girls and boys Would carry them on their heads In the lovely decorated Handiya* (earthen pot) Which resembles Tesu’s charming beloved, Jhonjhi.07 This is how, the existence Of the name & deeds of Tesu Was saved by small village children Who are carrying it since ages On their pretty little heads. Though the name and story has lost Its real charms and glamour In the mind of those Who have forgotten This non painted hero Of the bygone age. 08 By coming only once in a year near Dewali* These little children Carry Tesu and Jhonjhi, While singing the Songs Of their forgotten love story As a remembrance of a Hero And his lovely bold beloved Jhonjhi. 09 To continue..... Ravindra Kanpur India 08th Nov. 2012 Clarification of Hindi words* Dewali* - The festival of light. Tesu* - The Name of the hero of this Poem. Tesuwalas* - Hindi word. The young boys and girls, who carry The decorated earthen pot with holes and a light inside on their head and come Once in a year near Dewali are called ‘Tesuwalas’
Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup as per US laws. Copying this story without the permission of the writer is strictly prohibited and would be subject to legal remedies taken by the writer.

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The surprise holiday

with central time
worldwide for now
every country rearanging their scheduales to live a different day
the names of their days all different
except for the day with a name of destiny
and eternity

one day these three different days
will be born doing this strategically
waiting for the day
the world has the same day worldwide
surprise holiday to celebrate

by working with your will to do good
world peace is inevitable in this way
the third time the day is the same all over the world
you will be prepared to name that day paradise

one day of the week renamed from paradise
to destiny

one of these words to replace yesterday, today or tomorrow strategically
eventually you will have paradise, destiny, tomorrow
eventually you will realise that the best attempt at this you will call tomorrow
the day that never comes to strive towards as paradise and destiny continue to improve

by respecting death you earn intelligence
by caring for the meaning of life you earn your heart
by understanding your will to do good you earn your courage

the life experience of these three things is your soul

with the devil holding out for a good one
needing help with realising a good thing
this offers you the ability to see through the illusion of fear which is forever disappearing
at this point you dreams can now come true

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One Country, One World

Which nation of the world
Do I belong?
I belong to the nation 
Of unity,
No transgression,
And freedom for all.

I belong to the nation 
Of  Equalities-
Equality between 
Proletariat and aristocracy
Disabled and abled
Woman and man
Young and old
Black and colored
People and nation
Right and rule...

I belong to the nation of peace
Across the land, the sea and the sky.
And peaceful stretch to the arboreal.
And Peace of souls,
Of bodies
And minds.

My belonging
Is my strength-
The rhythm that keeps me growing.
Though I was born a Nigerian.
Not I neglects being call
American, Ghanaian, Portuguese
Chinese, Korean, Indian...
Though I'm by virtue 
Of land mass
An African      
Not do I dismiss 
In unison unit 
That type me Asian,
North American,
South American,
And Antarctica.

I belong to
A nation,
A voice...
One country,
One world.

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over and over agin

sometimes i talk to myself, 
my mind is racing,
i dont know what to do...
so hard to explain.
depression isn't a stage
or a faze some kids go through
it shatters you...
i saw it all. 
she cried silent in her bed,
blood stains covered her favorite jeans,
her every shirt,
long sleeve ofcourse...
she suffered through it all with few people to call friend
and more to call enemy
even more to say where quite dissappointed....
her first name in school,
not started by a bully
or a mean rival,
but by her sister, 
and it echoed through her soul,
repeating in her mind... over and over again,
like the ripples of still water
when a pebble is dropped
flash frozen in time
over and over again...
It was the first name they gave her,
millions where created over the years,
some unique
some repeating again, just as the first had..
gothic they called her,
emo, fat, ugly....worse things.
but in her mind, things where worse.
everything was repeating,
over and over again,
finally she believed it. 
she asked for help, from everyone
tried to explain to parents she wasnt well,
got called a psycho for asking to see a theripist,
not from a teacher,
not from a class mate,
but from her own father, who wouldn't, couldn't,
believe there could possibly be a thing wrong....
finally, crying, she confessed her bloody secret to a teacher.
rather then giving her time,
she is sent back to class crying her eyes out, as if she wherent going through enough...
she is sent to the principals office a few minutes later, after breaking down in class...
the princlipal says she needs help,
sends her and her dad for a risk evaluation,
her dads crying as she shows him her cuts...
they walk into a hospital room, 
it smells of chemicals and hand sanitizer,
the lady at the desk gives her a smile.
then she goes into a room with a lady,
her cheeks are sunken in and shes wearing way too much makeup,
the girl is gaging on her perfume,
and she looks really intimidating....
her dark brown hair looks dead and flat
even though its a bit wavy, 
and she wears somewhat of a mocking frown.
asks her all these questions,
is mommy beating her?
is daddy raping her?
is she doing drugs?
not alot
is anyone beating her?
did anyone molest her? 
oxcarbezapine, trazadone, citalipran, clinazapam, colonipan,
valium, lithium, more.......
and thats what they gave her,
some numbed the pain
some brought it out
tearing through her organs,
she became an addict by the time she was fourteen....
over dose after over dose
some for pleasure
some for pain,
gashes on her legs getting deeper,
this time she didnt tell a soul,
not even those she had come to call friends....
wakeup she screamed in her head over and over again
as she dropped weight like it was nothing....
you cant controll it she argued as things became worse. 
at age fourteen she attempted suicide,
she didnt quite succeed.
the medication took away her aappitite....
she liked it
she hated her body
hated herself
felt out of controll
found a new way to cope
as she shoved tooth brush after toothbrush down her throat
to keep her body from nuitrients...
as she whent weeks and weeks spitting food into napkins and making excuses 
I ate at my friends house....
spoken as a whisper
heard like a sentance
echoing in her mind over and over again,
along with that word, all the words,
ugy, anoying, stupid, fake, worthless, nothing...
one bite she would say
rocking back and forth
craving nothing but food
her body racked with hunger pain
one bite and there she was again
over and over and over again
back to a toothbrush
this time she sees blood
she saw her ribs
she saw her bones,
it wasnt good enough,
she almost died, again....
choking on this deep dissappointment in herself,
gaging on everything they where pushing down her throat, 
their words, and their insults, their criticism.... their drugs
all shoved down her throat like candy
and just as she was was trained to do she swallowed despite the bad taste
or the hurt
or the fact that at the rate she was going she would be dead soon...
and you know why? 
because daddy yelled 
and couldnt accept what was happening
not because he wanted to hurt her
but because it hurt him,
and she let him believe,
because she could take the hurt if it meant he didnt have too.
because mommy didnt want to sit in her room all day
smoking weed
doing nothing,
practically having us raise ourselves,
she didnt mean to take anger, or frustration or hurt out on her daughter
she suffered everyday in her solitary confinement,
and from a young age she accepted her bedroom was the cage
 her mother had created for herself.
because sister didnt want to effect her the way she did
she was just frustrated
fed up with the way things where
scared, she needed someone to take her cruelty
and to help heal her pain...
because people in school
who where so cruel
had to have learned from somewhere
and she wasnt going to play into their games,
and they knew she was an easy target
because she would never attack someone so weak
and she accepted her suffering was a sacrafice
to help all these people....
to help her dad,
her mom,
her sister,
every person who was beaten abused or hurt
 and felt so weak at home they wanted to feel strong in the one safe place they had.
because depite the fact she had died inside,
and almost passed away on the out,
it was a saccrafice she was willing to make
so that no one else would have to feel that kind of pain,
and they all inflicted it and broke her down'untill there was nothing left but a shell
of somthing that could have been
and never had the chance
and why? 
because she would take it and wouldnt strike back,
because sometimes "just taking it"
isnt so much about the weakness not to do anything
but about the strangth not to hurt others the way they hurt you...

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Barry Cowsill leaving

      A friend , a poet , a music Man , The Cowsills 
      remembering the song "hair" on the radio as a 5 yr old.
      As fate brought us together one day in New Orleans 
      Barry Cowsill  the hidden artist yet well known .

      Adoring your eyes and smile , hat , the look when you asked me ..
      "do you remember the Cowsills ? " as I then began to sing ..
     "long ,beautiful Hair,  Flaxen , waxen blacksen " Hair ! Oh daddy daddy " 
      his life and smile , his love , imagining  me for a while , yes love.

     My Friend met his fate  passionate , his Legacy , bravely refusing evacuation 
     Katrina , a storm too strong for even An artist with a guitar , my love fallen
     Remembered now by all , for his remains were found under a bridge , 
     The Oyster poor boys , The zydeco to blues , Barry,  too great for Our World .
     Remembering the Jazz festival,  memories,  torn in my mind yet left behind ,

     Barry Cowsill , when I leave this World , will you come and bring me to yours ?

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The Egg Eaters Hallow


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Friendship, a word to many, from a dictionary,
Meaning moves beyond breath of life,
Gives life to many and essence to thousands,
Never complains,but always happy to share,
From life, to family to anything, you name it,
Always ready,with solutions day and night,
You name it Friendship has it all.
Friends they are for ever,eternal bliss.

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My Darling Girl, My Black-Eyed Susan

My Darling Girl, 

your big dark eyes  met mine

against your pale skin and yellow hair

this name sang in my heart, Susan,

my Black-Eyed Susan.

A wild flower you’ll be, you’ll be a

kind friend,

loving wife,

strong mother,

sweet grandmother

and always you’ll be

my darling girl, my Black-Eyed Susan

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If I had lied like everyone else who achieved their goal,
I could have spared myself an useless headache,
and it seems late to realize that my honesty caused a mess!
There was a table for two sweethearts
in the finest restaurant, my first date supposed to have been perfect
with all the enthusiasm and the sorrounding athmophere:
a boutique of roses and scented candles! 

The girl's name was Amenda with big eyes of sapphire,
the boy's name was Andrew a little outspoken but funny;
everything went smoothly, the food was superb and the waiter
with an Italian accent was humorous and helpful,
but happened next is something nobody would believe.

Amenda had too much wine and started to talk non-sense
asking me, " What kind of work do you do?" 
I promptly replied, " I am a chief ! " and boasting with pride,
silly words flowed from my mouth, " You should see me
in my uniform...everybody loves it! "  Amenda with angry eyes
yelled, " Everybody...including the dumb blonde
and the red headed who order food just to see you? "
I jolted as if in a powerful earthquake, " How do you know that? "
But she with a malignant glance exploded, " I saw them
flirting with you while they waited for their order! "  

" Oh, pretty boy, you brought me here to listen to your aspiration,
I must be stupid enough to believe everything you say? "
I stood up, pushing back my seat and swore, " I never intented to lie,
Amanda...I am sorry for getting you upset, and if my honest caused a mess,
I apologize with all sincerity. " Ah, you even mention the word sincerity:
here's you reward, fool! " And splashing a glass of wine all over my sharp suit,
she left...while the crowd started to laugh, thinking it was a movie scene.  

Here's my deepest reflection on telling little, white lies,
" Guys, on your first date...don't say what you actually do for a living,
invent a profession that brings in tons of money, like a surgeon or attorney;
go ahead and have fun, and the more excited you get her,
the more she'll believe you...who wants to be a loser on his first date? "

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Being Depressed Is My Way of Living

If it’s that easy to lose you… then go
People always leave, trust no one even yourself
I love myself for losing you
You can’t deny the fatal truth.. I don’t love you
I’ll never regret the decision to lose you
My soul won’t rest until I forget you
The longer I live the lesser my heart beats for you
You’ve decided to leave me, I’ve decided to hate you
People pretend to love you, turn your back
They wish you to disappear
In my life I trust no one, cause this life is based on lying
I never thought that I would cry when you leave
My heart was strong when you were around
But since you left it weakens by the moment
You made my world rain with sadness
What’s the meaning of friendship if eventually they’ll leave?
I live in a world full of sadness, so why should I be happy??
I’d wish to die than seeing you leaving
I’d wish to die than living like this
I wish to be hopeless, cause I suffer when I hope that you’ll come back
I’d wish to be blind than seeing you leaving 
I’d wish to be deaf than hearing you cry
I wish I had no tongue to taste the bitterness of loneliness
My middle name is misery 
My first name is hopeless
My last name is treachery
I thought it was a dream come true meeting you
But no it’s not a dream, it’s my personal hell
My blood is cold, my heart is stone 
My veins are crumpled, my soul is crushed 
My life is gone with you
I can’t eat, I can’t drink
I can’t see, I can’t hear 
I can’t talk, I can’t walk
I can’t live my miserable life
I see another girl, I feel nothing for her
Where are my feelings? They’re gone with you
I’m just like a rolling stone
You were my twilight, now darkness followed your absence
And everything is dark
I'm lost, I can’t find my way
I'm lost in this place, and this place is my life
Just save me from my misery 
Just let me fade away
My breath is taken
And my heart stopped beating
My heart is cut in splits
No wonder why its so cold
Cause your still here
I'm running out of choices 
I'm running out of clues 
There’s nothing I can do to make this go away
You are like a scar in my heart, that’s tearing me apart

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Remembering Your Lost Love Again

Many many years from now on a busy morning, suddenly for a moment Mallika my name in your mind, it will force you to stop and look at the sky and from your heart will come out a deep sigh, memories of love, suddenly so fresh like a 'dewed' morning rose remembering your lost love again absentmindedly you will touch my last gift with moist eyes, "love thy name is eternity" your fingers will follow this line on that bone china vase, I know time will go slow though tears will flow faster and I will be nowhere near you "before the next teardrop falls", only my memories closer,nearer to you, happy,joyful,cheerful,pleasant days when the moon rose in the sky just for us, will these glimpses of happy days wipe tears from your eyes? If not,if you are still running on empty just listen to my words floating in the air, "love thy name is eternity". © kash poet 2012 ===================000=================== Placement: 5th (June 2012) Contest:Mish-Mash Sponsor:Tracie RULES FOR THIS POEM (HA HA HA HA...enjoyed the challenge) =========================================== Line 1.. must have 13 syllibles Line 2.. use the name of someone you love in this line Line 3.. must rhyme with Line 4 Line 4.. see above Line 5.. can only have 3 words Line 6.. must contain a palindrome Line 7.. use the title of your poem in this line Line 8.. must rhyme with line 3 & 4 Line 9.. must be one of your favorite short quotes Line 10.. use the name of a country in this line Line 11.. 5 words in this line must rhyme Line 12.. use only 6 syllibles in this line Line 13.. Add all or part of a song title to this line Line 14..use a synonym in this line Line 15.. use 4 different words that mean the same thing in this line. Line 16.. you cant use the letters A D or L in this line Line 17.. Use the words happy and eyes in this line Line 18.. the words 'running on empty' must be used in this line Line 19.. must rhyme with line 12 Line 20.. Use a line from one of your old poems in this line.

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We Are Tomorrow

Whether life or death coexist in us
Nothing changes the ability to change a fraction of this life itself
Nowhere is safe as they say
But into a cataclysm of this magnitude 
Might other intelligent aspects of life itself be deceived
Nothing in our hands is concrete for the lands we step upon
And besides a book we will not find the right answers to our life’s
We can die ignorant to the realms of this new age
Like a door to the end of time
Nowhere is safe
For it is easy to die but much harder to live on
We will never reach eternity in flesh
But only our name remains in this same world it was created before our eyes
Nothing is for granted as we know
But have someone dared to go against all odds and make something new?
Come on and use the only things that kept alive our ancestors
Descend and ascend to the art of alchemy
Where only eternity coexisted in a flesh capsule we name it as body
We are the key to the future
Because of us and those new rising up we are making straight lines into this atmosphere
Crushed and cursed by lies and greed
The envy running through the veins of those in failure
Making war and then for humanity to take revenge 
That only links to the wrath between our hands and the leads of our desires to destroy
No one is here for free
Sure a payment is not needed to be born except pain and some despair
But we can change the future coming ahead
Where have the originality gone too?
Inside the vial in our minds
Making straight lines to desecrate over ashes of tomorrow
Instead of using that will to fight for the good cause inside our minds
Thinking in big great masses
Move and fight for the dreams in you
No other world have been there before
No dove will deliver a message to the lord
For he can see what you do and are
Inside each one of use there are plenty of fights and contradictions
Altered ego between the pride that leads an army of emotions inside of us all
Become what you wish for
Between good and evil cause
We are the hands of faith
Creating tomorrows empire
Don’t a dream fall before the throne with no king at ease
I believe in this way of thinking
I have hope for todays youth still

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wanna come thank me for getting bin laden shot america

or do you want to tell the person whose first name is sang by sinead o connor
middle name is sang by fred durst
and last name is mentioned by fred durst

do you want to tell me, the person you just spent 13 years mad at
singing and dancing to my misfortune
and rubbing your happiness in my face as you exclude me from sex

do you want to tell that person whose name you plastered all over your war
that he had nothing to do with surviving it
do you want to tell that man
Troy Jeremy Nelson
who just lost everything 17 times
to start over
that he was not your allie
in whatever that was?

let me put your name alll over a war
and then wait for your enemy to show up
and ask you
what does that guy got that i don't?

everything now
you murdered my grandpa
you murdered my friends
you murdered my sex life

and you sang and danced to my misfortune to the tune of your lies
pretending i was your friend called an alibi
you didnt bother to even try to keep alive

do you want to come telll
Troy Jeremy Nelson
that your country just did that too
that thats not what happened?

Im not sure how long your going to live that lie
the thousands of people concerned and involved in that persons endless
and i mean endless nightmare
might just come tell you what has been making them cry.....

Happy Halloween tho

oh and p.s.
next time you put somebody else in the middle of your war
to play the victom of that person's nightmare
you caused
take notes to pass into the future
as to what is about to occur
to you
may be a life lesson
to history

Thank you for not caring (sarcasm)
thank you for not answering my letters (sarcasm)
thanks for going the wrong way, in the wrong direction, to do the wrong thing
that whole time i kept pointing out a drug ring blackmarket, you people didnt care 
about (sarcasm)

thanks for calling me a liar as to what has taken place in my life(sarcasm)

so whenever you are free to hand me a bunch of things with your smiling face, and 
names all over them
to make me feel better for the way you treated me
singing and dancing to the sound of getting away with murder
for the miracles youve stolen

my big brother doesn't like to dance around and play house, pretending to be 
someone hes not
in a singing competition, racing against his sense of fear
do you want to come tell the man just tortured by malpractice
with his name on your war in your music,
he had nothing to do with winning it?

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On a pencil eraser

I hold this eraser in my hand
with a whale on it
smiling above the two lines that mark the waves
and the name of the brand
to erase and be erased 
is written beneath the beady eyed whale.
A line to make it smile 
two to make its universe
no colours have these waves 
and the whale smiles for not being blue.
Its tail has already dissolved 
along with the last letter of the brand name
in the words of lead
written in thoughtlessness
by 'wanton children'.
To undo a child's folly 
must this smile be gone?
These waves and a big name all?
For Man who erred in words 
and dissolved my whale's innocent little world
in words?

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Don`t be fooled by the face i wear,for i wear a thousand masks and none of them are me.Don`t be fooled, for god sake don`t be fooled I give the impression that im secure,that confidence is my name and coolness is my game,and i need nobody,but don`t believe me. Beneath dwells the real me, in confusion,fear and loneliness that`s why i hide behind of this mask i`ve created,to shield me from the glance that knows,but such a glance is my salvation,that it is followed by salvation, it is followed by loveIt`s the only thing that can liberate me from my own prison walls. I`m afraid that deep down i`m nothing and no good and you will reject me. And so begins the parade of masks,i idly chatter to and tell you everything that means nothing,and nothing that is everything that is is crying within me,so please listen carefully as i try to hear what i`m not saying. I want to be genuine spontanious and me but you please help me,hold out your hand. Each time you are understanding, kind and gentle, the harsher i strike back. My heart grows very feeble wings. Your sensitivity, empathy and power of understanding you alone can release me from my self built wall and lies my only hope. Beat down these walls with firm hands,but gentle for a child who is sensitive.I`m someone you know well, for i am every man you meet, i am every woman too... I AM ALSO YOU.
Paul Beadnall. Sponsor Tracie ~*~ A solitary sonnetist Contest Name Everyone knows, anything goes... . This shone light back into my days.. I read this when i was in a torrid time in a mental hosptal ( unknown author)

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24 May - The Day Of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture

This is a very special day in Bulgaria, my friends. Here - - you can read more on it.


San Clemente*

and the sun that is
we will lose ourselves
before they find us
in the eternal searching
for ourselves
(and the mind again
steps over us)
did you recognize the happiness

(like an epoch) 
San Clemente

and I am bowing 

The original:

*In one lateral chapel there is a shrine with the tomb of Saint Cyril of the 
Saints Cyril and Methodius who created the Glagolitic alphabet and Christianized the 

**Wandering Jew; the name Ahasver is adapted from Ahasuerus the Persian king in 
Esther, who was not a Jew, and whose very name among medieval Jews was an 
exemplum of a fool
/from wikipedia/

Translator Bulgarian-English: Vessislava Savova
© bogpan - all rights reserved.

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New Age Chemical Warfare

Memory, oh sweet memory, 
Lost in dizziness, but found.
Excite my brain to joyfulness.
Pain is sometimes lethal.

Memory loss is just one warning sign of this war.
Add to that: headaches, depression, oh, the mental pain.
Numbness, insomnia, heart palpations, and more, begin slowly.
From whence comes your sweet deception?
My bones ache and I cannot breath in life's memory.
Lost in my own fantasy with dizziness.
Imagining a chemical warfare against the masses.
Common folks like you and me but subjugated peons.
Mushy brains found among the young and innocent thin.
Excite my brain with your pondering, my muse.
To you, I owe this mysterious inkling.
A powerful infiltration, a plan concocted by the enemy.
Chemical warfare on the home front, disguised as pleasure.
Marketed among the unsuspecting –

Aspertine is thy name oh great deceiver
In the name of sweetness, mental acuity dies.
Freely given to the soldiers in Desert Storm, diet soda! 
The Plan: Conquer a great nation from within.
Infiltrate every aspect of life in a well-laid plan.
Thus, food and drink may lead to a nation's folly.
Slowly slipping away our freedom to be US. 
Quietly.  Unobtrusively.  Ingeniously.  Irreversibly!
Joyfulness, visit me; remove this pain for it is great.

Chemical warfare kills.
Sometimes, we close our eyes.
But we must not.
Lest it becomes lethal to our free nation –

© March 17, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Et cetera Free Poetry 
Sponsor:  Debbie Guzzi


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Her name is Lucinda, a mere child, just turned fourteen
This hapless woman child, born of the blood of many lands
Conceived of youthful passion, in a moment of youthful lust  
She arrived unplanned, unwanted and unloved, as no child ever should
Like you and I she has her hopes, her dreams, her needs and her plans
Here before us stands, this lovely child on the cusp of a blossoming womanhood
Abandoned by those who should care but who are oblivious to
Her wants, her needs, her dreams
Cast to the hands of fate to drift alone upon these savage streets, alone to face the night
You know they found her early Sunday morning, at early morning light
Lying silently in the crimson blood, the blood that once had held her precious life
Her name was Lucinda, a mere child, a lovely child, just turned fourteen
Cry a tear for her, SCREAM.

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	A Bluto is not that Disney dog
	It was when a mewling 
	that I would scream 
	Should they wet my body
	And then apply cream
	Ablutophobia – fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning
	Achluo the demon that lurks
	In darkened corners
	The long toothed life suckers realm
	I am scared as the sun dims
	It seems to bare my soul
	Achluophobia – fear of darkness
	Acro what did they do 
	They called me acrobat 
	This will not do
	I get giddy standing on a matchbox
	Please get a net to see me through
	Acrophobia – fear of heights

	Agora just shut that door 
	I am staying here forever more
	Bring me food put it on the floor
	The letter box is just for you
	Don’t, Don’t,  try to get through
	Agoraphobia,  Fear of open spaces or of being in public places. Fear of leaving a                    safe place
	Agrap stole my feelings 
	He caught me unaware
	I am now afraid of sex 
	don’t ask me anymore
	It frightens me that’s for sure
	Agraphobia – fear of sexual abuse

	Agrizoo an angry gorilla I knew
	Wild as hell was kept in a cell
	As all his kind, even a timid Hind
	They scare the crap out of me
	Please let them run free

	Agrizoophobia – fear of wild animals

	A gyro is just what I need
	I will fit it to my trusty stead
	He will fly straight across that band
	A tarmac nasty throughout the land
	I cannot face the walk you see
	Agyrophobia –fear of crossing the road

	Aichmohe got in a hell of a fight
	They killed him with a pointed knife
	It will come for me just you see
	I cannot even mend his cloth
	Won’t  touch a needle at any cost
	Aichmophobia – fear of sharp or pointed objects (such as a needle or knife)

	Ailuro he lived next door 
	The bastard sits on the fence
	To me he snarls not a purr
	A Persian he is supposed to be
	Frightens the *****out of me
	Ailurophobia – fear of cats
	Algo, Away, I am pain free
	This morphine is the best
	First day of pain free rest
	Been told that it will return
	Got some gas, peace I yearn
	Algophobia - fear of pain

	Andro I’d rather be               (android)
	I am metal and plastic you see
	Electric person not man or woman
	That would be so sad
	If just a man I would go mad

	Androphobia – fear of men

	Antho the pologist got the plan
	He put concrete throughout the land.
	Not one shrub or flower seen
	Not one blade of grass green
	A flower would make me scream

	Anthophobia – fear of flowers

	Anthropo was a lonely man
	Wouldn’t mix with others so
	He lived in a cave, well just a hole
	You would see his eyes peeping out
	A shaking frame if people were about
	Anthropophobia – fear of people or the company of people, a form of social phobia.

	Aqua marine or even the wet stuff
	Is enough to drive me mad
	I stay in when there is rain
	Just wait for the sun to shine again
	A damp tissue that’s quite enough

	Aquaphobia – fear of water. Distinct from Hydrophobia, a scientific property that makes chemicals averse to interaction with water, as well as an archaic name for rabies

	Arach no, and know the score
	Those creepy creatures on the wall
	Send shivers up and down my spine
	Six legs and venom to drive you mad
	I am running already it is sad.

	Arachnophobia – fear of spiders

	Astra my name you would think of the stars
	My gaze goes up but not that far
	To the first cloud there in the sky
	If it’s the shape of an anvil I will fly 
	Fear grips me and I don’t know why
	Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning
	Atychi that was about the size of me
	The others would just make fun
	I was no good to anyone
	A failure of the first degree
	Nothing my goal, was all I could see
	Atychiphobia – fear of failure

	Auto matic I will seek people out
	To touch to play as long as they are near
	Don’t leave me in this place alone 
        A singularity is my biggest fear
	I will hold anyone you see I care

	Autophobia – fear of being alone or isolated
	Automat o no it’s not true how could you
	An advert that’s telling just lies
	Don’t all the others realize
	What you say is not true, put it right 
	It will drive me crazy I’ll keep out of sight
	Automatonophobia – fear of anything that falsely represents a sentient being

	Aviat o if you think I am going in that
	No I am not a scared ***** cat
	If we were meant to go fly
	Wings we would have from him on high
	Fold your machine and put it just so.
	Aviophobia, Aviatophobia – fear of flying
	Chaeto he was a Greek of old
	Bald as a badger so the story is told
	But why you say is there no cure 
	For him to grow some lovely hair
	For him it would give such a scare

	Chaetophobia – fear of hair

	Chemo therapy keep away from me
	Chemicals scare me I know they are free
	But to have them coursing through my veins
	No matter how good they are, and that jar
	The fear of everything for what they are 

	Chemophobia – fear of chemicals

	Chirop to or not too so I am told
	They stick in your hair best to be bald
	Now I find that my nails are made of hair
	Chirop is what I fear not chiropodist is that clear!!
	Just shave my head and cut my nails dear

	Chiroptophobia – fear of bats

	Chromo shines bright in my eyes
	The fear of all colours  I realise
	Now I am safe from a troubled day
	Into my dark room, I have found my way
	Knock when that sun has met its demise

	Chromophobia - fear of bright colors

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Heathers Spans

The heathers spans the great Isles
Homeland to many souls 
Souls whose offsprings on the tides rolled

These souls who hath spareness
Spareness which sharpens haste
To harnesses path across the great waters

Seraphs thens protected their path
To a new land to live life but differently

Heathers spans
Hath sparenesses
Sharpens haste
Harnesses path
Seraphs thens 

These are anagrams for the name that I was born with 
given to me by my biological parents..When my mother died
and I was adopted at 18 months, my last name was 
changed....The name on my first birth certificate was:Sarah

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My name has a meaning

My name, Bojosi
Is a fire which started
In my mother
And consumed 
Her inside
When she delivered 
Me to this world

She says
“ When I was imprisoned
   in a maternity ward
   at the hospital
   at the time of your birth
   I was alone, none
   of them 
   I call my relatives
   I call my friends
   visited me 
   when I needed
   their love most
   and when they asked
   me, the nurses in white
   what name I give to you
    I called you Bojosi ”

my name, Bojosi
short as it is
is a poem
that my mother
when joy and pain
of giving birth
prevailed in her life

my name has a meaning…..

Bojosi is translated loneliness

**10th place winner on the contest " April Poem" sponsored by Destroyer Poet**

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Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose In Texas she was born and her parents named her Rose. She loved to dress in yellow. She wanted to look good for her fellow. A yellow rose she always wore on her hair. Everywhere she would go, people would say - here comes Yellow Rose. She lived up to her name. She was beautiful, she was young and in Texas she was born. A beautiful flower in Texas, by the name of Yellow Rose...
02/20/2013 Written By Lucilla M. Carrillo. Note: For the ones that don't know. The Yellow Rose is the flower of our state.

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Small Victory

Gus whose real name ain’t Gus
gets in and creaks the door shut.
Ripped vinyl, jabbing metal
cups considerable weight.

Gus whose real name ain’t Gus
slides the key into the ignition slit
on the dashboard not the column
of this galaxy five hundred.

Gus turns the key clockwise
the starter makes a hearty attempt
turning the engine over and over.
Points are contacted, little sparks erupt.

Gus releases the key which clicks back.
Sun beats down on the faded green hood.
A sigh, another try.
Shove the gas pedal through the floorboard.

The inline 6 roars to life.
Gus whose name isn’t Gus
is on his way.

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Rosa's Eyes

sitting fearfully 
with stubborn resolve 
warm cocoa simmering 
amongst whitewashed marshmallows
puffed up with self worth 
dusted with sugary arrogance

slurs stirring inside 
endlessly whipping frenzy 
to pleading eyes
she rode in silence 
speaking volumes 
that would sound loudly 

what kind of world was this 
that the light
feared the dark 
instead of welcoming 
the blending 

for one without the other 
would leave emptiness
filling the void with 
tangible hate
teeth bared 
without reason

lessons learned
at someone else's knee
wrapped up in lies 
to be labeled

still she sat
with the ignorance
staring through windows 
from the past 
with defiant intent 
to change her limited view 

of future expectations

in her eyes blurred images 
of burning crosses 
trees with swinging feet 
and white hooded men 
claiming superiority 
in God's name 
or any name 
that would justify
immense cruelty

the past lived inside her 
poverty and hunger 
dark degradation 
remembered in memories 
of generations 
spoken like fairy tales 
but with truth's conviction 

her papa had borne scars 
engraved with hatred 
into honeyed skin 
of the shackles that cut 
deeply into worth 
and self definition

inside his eyes was 
aching refusal 
to accept so called truths
he and his papa before him 
carried the scars 
passing them forward 
to burn again in new eyes 

hoping and praying 
to one day drown 
fiery flames of pain 
with cooling salves 
of knowledge,
and most of all 

little girl dreams 
are all the same 
they know no distinction 
of class or race 
human rights are
should be granted to all 
human beings


yet some still ride the bus
at the very back  
fighting to regain 
what should 
have always been theirs

watching the scenes evolve
over and over 
reinventing prejudice 
disguising its malicious intent 
through concave windows 
that catch an eternity 
of tears



falling silently 

from Rosa's eyes...

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In This Day Of His

~In distress, life is a stress~

Changes is in the heart of a man
The pain he feels is also in the heart
The subconscious will and wish of a man
Is also the subconscious action within the heart

Rejection is a reflex and a weakening
That makes man helpless
The only solution to his problem
Is also from the heart

Battle of sexes and battle to be free
This same unforgotten battle
And battle for freedom
Also resides within the heart

Maternal admiration 
And battalion slaps
Are what makes a man
To become a man

If can’t be barbarian
And weep nil to the sky
Then the man -in this heart-
Is unworthy of a man

To withstand boredom whispering
And ungovernable temptations
It all requires a pure heart
Like the heart of a real man

Away from home
And success- a want to hold
It all requires tolerance
Like the heart of a real man

Changes is inevitable
It happens to every life
Far from what minds could say
Perhaps in time immemorial

The way to be steady 
And grab the destiny
Is to remain being that real man
With the heart of his own.

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The Roamings-w

In my green green salad days 
I roamed in my thoughts over the universe
Immersed with the great writings.
Then physically exposed to different cultures
Meeting people of different sects and creed
Enacted Moliere in his own National theatre of Paris,
Oh, the Eiffel Tower and the Chateaus 
The bard’s residence on Stratford-upon-Avon  
Robert Burns of Eyre and Walter Scot of Scotland
The Dracula palace in Romania, the Alps in Germany
Over to Mongolia, the land of Great Chengiskhan
On to Los Angeles to stop for a landmark of
My Roamings and then of Ramblings in black and white, 
The modern marvels of Disney land and Cape Kennedy 
To skyscrapers of Sears and CNN 
And the journey’s end at Niagara, the Antiope of Canada.

Now I am like a remnant of a cloud of autumn
Uselessly roaming in the sky
O Sun ever-glorious
Your touch has not yet melted my vapour
Make me one with your light
And thus I count months and years
Oh, take this my emptiness
Paint it with myriad colors with gold.

Dr. Ram Mehta

*The Roamings is the name of collection of my poems published in 2002. 
*The Ramblings is the name of collection of my poems published in 2004


Third Placement in:
Contest: I, Roam sponsored by Drake, Eszes

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Sam The Rescue Dog

My name is Sam I am wondering what it is I’m doing wrong?
It’s raining cold, wet, dark and I am chained here all alone.
I have been to many homes before but I thought this was my last.
Once this family wanted me and told me they loved me so, I would
be theirs until we all grew old and gray.
Today they don’t come to see me or even shout out my name I am
just left here all alone attached to this old heavy chain.

People pass me by as they walk down the street, shouting ugly names
they throw stones that make me cry and bleed Why are they so mean?
They call every name they can that hurts my heart so bad, they think
because we’re animals we don’t feel a thing.
I am suppose to be brave, strong and fearless because I am a big old dog.
Today they don’t come to see me or even shout out my name I am
just left here all alone attached to this old heavy chain.

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Dear Super, SOUPERS

I have all the Entrees for My Contest "Personify A Tear" A few have already been 
Eliminated not following The Theme. Thank-YOU, Thank-YOU so many Magnificent 
POEMS It will take me awile to finish Judging If YOU did not put YOUR Name on YOUR 
POEM YOU will have time to do so; No name , No Placement With LOVE ALWAYS, 

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A circle of harmony, symbolizing the
Idealism of peace,
In this world of troubling times, 
We do lean against it's inner bars,
For comforts sake alone.
Let us turn a new page, my friend
In history no more black ink, 
But a greener color a weaved lore wreath,
For the dawning of an age of 
Can one hear mother natures voice calling,
It is time for the Eco revolution to begin,
So let us join together and save our world.
Let the winds of change blow free,
What a better symbol to represent,
Than that of peace, waving in open
Air, captured in the morning breeze.
Flower power's generation has come of age,
Dig out those tie-die T-shirts and
Let us represent not with voices,
But with action. 
Light the torch of freedom again,
It's flame needs new kindling,
Stoke it's sacred embers once more,
And allow the modern world to
Know we are American, the country
Illuminating a greener planet. 
By example shall the United States
Stand tall, or fall by natural disaster's
After shock.
The global unity of the brethren, of
Mankind can make a difference,
Let our inspiration be our children,
The future generation, inheritance
Should be something worth the leaving
Of it behind.
A legacy called pride, on a green planet,
Proud of my kindred called humanity,
Let our youth hold their heads up high,
Not low in shame.
Allow the age of peace to stand for
Something meaningful, I'll give the sign
What about you?



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	I wanted to be adopted again,
Guardianship wasn’t enough,
I wanted to bear your name with pride,
Have love that was tough.
	I needed to be called “Daughter” again,
For you to look at me with pride,
I needed you to smile at me with love in your eyes,
To call my name and say, “Stand by my side.”
	But then I realized I was already taken,
Not by you but by Someone up above,
I realize I had been spoken for all along,
Spoken for with love.
	“He destined us for adoption
As His children through Jesus Christ”,
It says that in Ephesians 1:5,
Adoption by God feels nice.
	He gives me all the love I want,
The things that I need,
He adopted us here on Earth,
He planted a seed.
	I’m glad I was taken,
Not by you but by God,
For being spoken for all along,
Spoken for with love.

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Blame it on the Moon

          Underneath a magic moonlit night as 3 shooting stars take flight

          twinkling silver blue shimmers , it was the passionate love that night

          The moon and stars held a party and sent one of their own    

          a creation in the making , a star rising from one star fallen

          entranced with the magic night and my solider Fitton ~

          it was an Angel's decision a gift bestowed one to cherish and hold 

         Never a doubt in my mind through watching him grow well Fitton ~    

         Full of creativity and charm , the young women that follow him enchanted 

          character and wisdom , success driven , as the moon whispered one night

         This Son will be one all will know , he will be loved by many .. your gift given

         poetry in truth of fate on a magical moon lit night , a story told

          Blame it in on the moon , or blame it on love and desire Fitton ~

          I know I was chosen by he , Your given Mom and Dad in code ~

      For my Son in Film and 1st AD "House of last things " 3rd season of Grimm :)

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Freedom lost

Here in the autumn of year 2012
I mourn freedoms lost as do many other of my countrymen 
I mourn the loss of these freedoms; blindly legislated away
Freedoms that our fathers fought and died to win and knew so very well
I weep for our children that know not what has been taken from them
Freedoms taken from us or simply given away in the name of security
Freedoms forsaken in the name of security is also a chain that tightly binds
These many chains cast upon us will eventually lead us into bondage 
In bondage none will raise a voice for they want not for anything
Wanting for nothing but for the freedom that was given away

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She Was Anne

her name was Anne 
and she wrote dreams 
upon pages; 
the kind that roam around your mind 
but are always held deep 
inside your chest;

and she heaved 
under the weight of tears 
left uncried 
and so many truths 
left unsung; 

her name was Anne 
not of Green Gables 
but of Gestapos and Gettos; 
not summer getaways 
but of guards and gates; 

she was Anne of raven hair
with faraway eyes, 
on spindly legs 
running towards
a woman's curves; 

but the hook of her nose 
told heritage tales, 
that they numbered
with hate
upon her youthful arm;

yet she still dreamed 
and wrote, 
of longings and yearnings 
of the future; 
with simplistic thoughts
not comprehending 
her reality; 

her pen flew across pages, 
filled with hope, 
yet inked in sadness; 
and the winds blew the sheets 
upon the prejudice
that surrounded her; 
without effect

she was Annie to parents 
who saw only the past 
of a little girl 
with shiny new shoes 
pink bows 
and capped teeth; 

the shoes went into piles, 
bows flew upon the breeze 
and the teeth 
shone only in fillings 
of melted gold 
instead of smiles; 

she was the promise
of a woman's secrets, 
yet to be revealed 
and enjoyed, 
upon silken thighs; 
with desired weight 
pressing love 
upon waiting lips; 

she was humanity 
destroyed by 
as the world watched 
little girl tears 
float away, 
into subconsciousness,
where we didn't have to
feel them or hear 
their weeping moans; 

she was a star 
from the family of David; 
an outcast now 
from society 
that deemed her unworthy; 
outlined by the yellow blaze 
as the star 
burnt itself out; 

and she called to her God 
without blame 
for he was good and kind; 
and man... 
well man was man, 
so unlike her God; 

her name was Anne 
and she pressed her face 
upon the panes of our illusions; 
breaking through the 
shaded barriers 
that we ourselves 
had forged; 

but too late for Anne 
did we see the truths; 
and now she remains 
forever young 
in our minds; 
but dead to our 

and her pages 
are all that speak; 
her hushed whispers 
grown finally loud; 
we hear her voice 
and feel at last
her tears, 
as they slide down 
those precious pages 
to become 

our own...

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Prostitution is not ok

The only thing she knows is fast money,Sharing the honey of her tarnished hive, she has to survive. Man after man, digs in her crying land and leaves money at the end of the bed, the man was a stranger,during intercourse nothing was said. He leaves fast like the rest. She showers and gets dressed, another stranger is next. Behind the curtain she is really hurting, but she still entertains. She give so much of her,little remains. She has one kid with cancer and another kid is lame the other four needs attention the same. She loves them the same,to provide for them all, she works with out shame. Her stage name is candy her real name is many and she has a boy friend, who secretly takes her money, to sniff cocaine, his name is randy. She struggles to feed her kids, so every night she feeds eighteen men. Bright red lip stick on face, desperate for attention, see through clothes, I will not describe or further mention,heels click to alert.Perfume pleading for men. She takes any hand she can get,sadly enough that's not true. I hope one day the lord she will pursue. I pray he will provide and show her another way, to provide a meal for the day. I see her every day, what am I to say? I hope she will be ok ,prostitution is not ok.

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Phantom Journals

Phantom Journal Entry 1
 Wednesday 8:03 A.M.
I found Jesus at a bus stop this morning. He recommended that I comb my hair. I told him if I had any nails I would hand them over.  Monty  found a shoe full of vomit by a dumpster. Someone had an interesting night. This apartment smells like stale french fries. Frank is still sleeping on the counter next to Mr. Coffee. There is a stray cat clawing at the windowpane. The town is gradually waking up. The park across the street is filled with shirkers. My mind is still living in last night’s conversation. But I don’t remember it very well.  Shit, I’m going to be late for 

Phantom Journal Entry 2

Wednesday 11:13 P.M.

Work sucked. I think the bartender is an alcoholic. She hides a flask in her bra. It fell out when we were in the stall together. Frank is sprawled across the kitchen floor. Monty steps over him to grab a beer. The stray cat is now sleeping on the windowpane. Nothing ever changes from morning to night. Except Monty is drinking coffee and not beer. 

Phantom Journal Entry 3

Good Friday 9:47 P.M.

The ocean left the brine. The girls here are all made of smoke, and their dreams are living in my beer. The worms are drunk on the stove. Frank passed out hugging the toilet. Monty takes a piss right next to his face. Some girl just asked me what I was writing. I told her that I was rewriting the Bible. She seemed confused. Her hair wasn’t combed either. The guy at the bus stop would be ashamed. I can’t remember his name though. The television can’t stop spewing poorly scripted ‘reality’ shows. This Friday isn’t very Good. 

Phantom Journal Entry 4

Monday 3:12 A.M.

My eyes are broken garage doors off the tracks. I’ve drank too much Red Bull. She keeps waking up and asking me for water. Apparently her mouth is in a drought. A dead soldier lays between her breasts. Frank keeps drooling on the carpet. My favorite ash tray is tipped over next to Mr. Coffee. This desk keeps hiding words from me. Monty wonders how much a plane ticket to Hell costs. He never sleeps.

Phantom Journal Entry 5

Thursday 12:31 A.M.

It smells of raw fish and bleach in here.  My palms are sore. Monty told me to stab myself with pencils to make sure I could still bleed. So I did.  That girl ordered me a pizza. But I forgot it under the couch.  The medicine chest is nearly empty. When Frank wakes up he is taking a trip to 5th Street to get more. I wonder if they sell bandages there? Will Mr. Coffee brew marijuana for us? My brain is starting to throw up. 

Phantom Journal Entry 6

Thursday 12:38 A.M.

This desk keeps mocking me. I offered it to the guy at the bus stop, but he said he didn’t want anymore wood. The dishes are now a chemistry project. But Mr. Coffee is always clean. I can’t get this girl to stop showing me her tattoos. I miss the bartender at work. She got fired tomorrow. So I bought her a new bra. The medicine chest is empty now. Frank is never awake when I write.

Phantom Journal Entry 7

Thursday 4:30 P.M.

I finally got the garage doors fixed. I guess they weren’t closed enough.  There is a ghost that keeps haunting the hallway in my dreams. She is pretty hot. Except she keeps tilting the pictures on the wall.
The thirsty girl still won’t leave. Neither will the cat. We may have found the cure for cancer in our dishes. But probably not.  Frank is talking in his sleep about stepping on rats. Monty is listening to Beethoven while he attempts to write poetry. He is an awful writer. 

Phantom Journal Entry 8

Monday 1:49 A.M.

The guy at the bus stop asked me if I wanted to drink his blood. I told him I wasn’t thirsty. The water was running from the shower. Frank was dreaming in the tub. Monty ate chicken wings with the tattooed girl. I can’t remember her name. I think that cat is hungry too. Mr. Coffee wants to go to sleep. There is broken glass sticking out of my feet. The sky is bleeding white. My mind begins to masturbate.

Phantom Journal Entry 9

Sunday 3:33 A.M.

The brine is looking for the ocean. The girls here are all made of smoke, and their realities are dead on the floor. This desk is growing a face. The medicine chest is full. Monty picks up a filthy habit from the black lake. I haven’t seen Frank for a few days. He must be under the couch. I robbed the guy at the bus stop. Turns out he didn’t really save much. The thirsty tattooed girl shattered Mr. Coffee last night. I will miss him dearly. Now my shot glass is spawning worms. 

Phantom Journal Entry 10

Tuesday and I don’t know what time it is

It’s been 369 days since I last wrote an entry. I’ve simply had nothing to say. Monty is living in the streets somewhere. I think of him every time I buy a loaf of bread. I wonder if he found out how much tickets cost? That cat finally starved a few weeks ago. I married that thirsty tattooed girl. I still don’t remember her name though. Frank went to sleep in someone elses apartment. Never did talk to him much. The worms are all marching in a line. Someone stole my medicine chest. I think it was Monty.  The guy at the bus stop was thrown into an asylum. But somehow vanished one day. The garage doors are now closed on a regular basis. That ghost finally straightened out the tilted pictures. I think I’ve been combing my hair a lot better lately. I am still a phantom to society. But that’s okay. Nobody knows my name.

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See yee, thee must believe

Holy one, of truth and love, I kneel before You God almigthy
Place thy hand over my spirit that I may grow in your word my Lord
I hunger and thirst in your word
Father I have sinned, against man, and against You
My mind is not as understanding as yours my king
Here I am father cleanse my name so that I may be new
For only in You Jesus can all things be made new
God of order, God of love and justice O' perfect are You
Mold me in your image, rejoice in my heart for it beats for You
I trust and firmly stand in your word, in your promise
Use me Lord that I will happily endure, I your subject, I your eyes
I am your pen father, my blood is your ink
My mind is your canvas, deliver me into your path
Paint my scene Father, You are the light
Guide me in your hand my Lord
In the name which is above all names Jesus, I ask amen

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Widow's Peak

Her name is now a legend 
Before her name was feared
The lady Henrietta 
Lean close and lend an ear

They say her status started
One night long time ago
She found her husband cheating
With the girl she knew next door

Her mind did snap
Her heart grew cold
With a knife she stole their souls
Cut the beating heart away 
Ate flesh when cold

Within her veins flowed the blood
Of the one who done her wrong
Gave her everlasting life
Her age in death was old

But one small thing that should be said
About the spell she cast
That beauty would always be her guide
In death she looked her best

Word spread quickly through the town
Where Henrietta lived
About the spell she cast the night
Her husband committed sin

Women came to ask for help 
To change their husband’s ways
For they had also messed around
Now love for them had strayed

With each one she gave the spell
Steps to end their grief
Now in the town such beauty found
In women who’s husbands cheat

With new found beauty each started life
Fresh and young again
And if the man they loved did cheat
Revenge was sweet again

Many many years went by
And soon the town was gone
Towards the end all that was left
Were women who were scorned

But in woods outside the town
In a placed called Widow’s Peak
You find plots of all the ones
Whose death came from a cheat

So this story lives today 
If you doubt then ask around
For the one you love and share a life
Could be a widow from that town

All men beware all women ask
Before you start your cheating
In every city and every town
A Widow’s Peak is forming

Believe me if you will or not
In the end you’ll heed the warning
Just let the one you love find out
To Widow’s Peak you’re going

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The Sounds of Summer

The Sounds of Summer

I was trying to hear the sounds of Summer,

Which often comes with heat and dust like a hammer,

Suddenly I saw, lots of clouds hanging in the air,

They were covering the Sun, as if some mystery was there.

How amazing and mysterious are the summer clouds,

How beautifully the Sun is trying to peep out,  

How lovely is the breeze, blowing all around me,

Intoxicating my mind, with its ravishing beauty. 

How beautifully the birds are singing and chattering,

While flying in the air with their soul mates, touching the clouds,

How enchanting is the fragrance coming out from summer breeze,

How lovely is the bunch of yellow flowers, calling me there,

While hanging on the tree of Amaltash,* and embracing it completely,

Oh yellow Amaltash, 

Why you bloom, so enchantingly in summer only.

How gently the Sunbeams have touched their smiling faces,

How softly the lotus is opening its petals,

And the Roses are spreading it charms in the air,

Should I remain here or should I go there?

After those alluring summer charms, which call me from here to there,

Or should I stand still to understand and to determine, 

What is the mystery of life? Which fascinates me every where,

How really blessed is human life to enjoy such blessings,

Which we often miss in our life by just overlooking,

Since we are accustomed to hear,  the usual sound of heat & dust only.


Kanpur India. 14th May 2010

Written for Laura Mckenzie’s Sound of Summer Contest

* Amaltash.             Common Name    Amaltas 
                              Scientific Name Cassia fistula (linn). In summer it has more 
                              yellow flowers, every where on the tree and hardly any leaves. 

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I love you more

What can I render to the Lord for all His gifts to me
His love
His Grace 
His forgiveness
His sacrifice
His faithfulness
His Joy
He who took MY SINS
His abounding Mercy
His fathomless love
His total commitment to my salvation
To my wholeness
To my welfare
To my emotional stability
To giving me eternal life
He gave a pure white robe to cover me with HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS

Because of Jesus-I now know Him as an adoring Father. 
A Brother who will always walk so close I feel His presence and who always watches over me.
A mother whose words and affections surround me daily with care like a Mother hen

What can I render to the Lord who took my pain
Who in His own body was wounded and bore the sorrows and my grief I was to going through and the mistakes and the sin ready at every moment to try and trick me out through my life-time- 
He sent His WORD- His LIGHT to enlighten my darkness and show me clearly the road I should take-(Proverbs: chapters 1to 9)

Yes YOU were always ready to defend me, a helpless orphan- for without YOU as my Dad and as my mother- I was abandoned to this world-
But Now I can cry with all my heart- ABBA FATHER I love you - But YOU say
     LOVE  Y  MORE 

What can I render to the LORD- MY God- whose precious pure blood was spilt to bear the sins of all our humanity- I will take ‘the cup’ of Your salvation and honor your name with my life- For only your pure blood is worthy to pay for all sin-I will confess your name before the world for which you died to save -and I will call upon your HOLY name - for your name alone is WORTHY- JESUS.

© Brenda V Northeast 28th  January 2012 

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Doctor Superhuman

I watched him step into the walk-in closet
Don’t know what he does, inside there
But out steps a beautiful man, dressed and prepared.

He saves people everyday quietly in his way
They all know his name day to day
And I think I know his missions of play.

This man is a super human, by right
With the ability to change, at the night
To save me, in my dimmest of light

Others are portrayed, like Batman, like in Superman
And they are all viewed, having the same plan
Disguising only hiding what they think they can

If only people knew what this man could do
We would all be so brave, also as a rule
To call out his name when we are nearly through

I watched him step into the walk-in closet
And yes he saved me just the same
With his beautifully featured frame.

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Names have power.
They say Allah has 99 names. 
My lover showed me
How if you look at your hands
The lines on your palms 
Create the Arabic characters
For one and eight-
This makes 81 on your right hand,
and 18 on your left hand;
Their sum is 99.

Names have power.
You may better understand something by 
Understanding its name.
The word Christianity comes from the word Christ, 
        meaning anointed one; the prophet.
Judaism comes from Judah, who was the son of Jacob;
        the Jews are the descendants of Judah. Judah also means "praise."
Islam means peace, or accepting the natural way; accepting God.

Names have power.
How we name ourselves
Reflects who we are.
I name myself

Names have power.
My lover calls me 
Habeby, my love;
Rohi, my soul;
Taebny, my sweet pain;
Amera, princess.

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Secure our borders!

Good fences make good neighbors.
Make it clean and strong
Our earth is colored in patches
Of the countries, its entities

Document every plant, animal, and person
Measure all the air, water, and breathing
Make everything invisible, visual
Experience life, cleanly divisible

Since we can't respect differences
We must make great walls
To decorate with peace doves
And free-for-alls;

Since we can't understand each other’s needs
We must enforce our language
In the name of collaboration
And reason;

Since we can't stop fighting each other
We must create better weapons
To stop the others from
Making more;

Since we can't cure our diseases
We must name name each one
And come up with new experiments
Procedures and drugs;

Since we can't educate our people
Who have these answers already
Let's vote against spending money
To teach them;

Secure our borders!

Good fences make good neighbors

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Glimpse of an Angel

In deep long nights I quietly reminisce
How different worlds came to collide
A simple hi-hello to capture me
And the rest just found its place

The large space is significant
Yet the structures are not even noticeable
Within those pillars lie a companion with a soul
And as the ink blots, see how even more beautiful it has grown

Through the rising and setting of the sun and moon
Someone makes me feel I’m one in a million
The secrets shared and the not-so-secrets unraveled
The laughter and the tears, the memories of a beautiful friendship

And in this bittersweet life of mine
I had a glimpse of an angel
An angel who started sharing life with me
An angel holding my hand through this journey

Her sweet name paints a smile
It gently tickles my young heart
You need not ask me who
For the angel’s name is YOU.

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San Clemente*

and the sun that is
we will lose ourselves
before they find us
in the eternal searching
for ourselves
(and the mind again
steps over us)
did you recognize the happiness

(like an epoch) 
San Clemente

and I am bowing 

*In one lateral chapel there is a shrine with the tomb of Saint Cyril of the 
Saints Cyril and Methodius who created the Glagolitic alphabet and Christianized 
the Slavs.

**Wandering Jew; the name Ahasver is adapted from Ahasuerus the Persian 
king in Esther, who was not a Jew, and whose very name among medieval Jews 
was an exemplum of a fool
/from wikipedia/

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Angels In The Hospital

I have heard of Angels before and I know that they are all around. They appearin the most unusual places at the time when you need them. You don't always recongnize them, for they don't always have wings. The angels have sweet voices and they make you feel good. They could be anyone, from your neighbors to your friends. But sometimes they are people, that you have never seen before. There are two special Angels that i want to talk about. I had a stay in the hospial, where I thought I was going to die. I had opened heart surgery and a triple by pass. As I was in an I. C. U. room of the Houston North West Medical Center, I was feeling very sick, not being able, talk or do anything. I kept praying and asking God if I would ever get out of there. My prayer was answered that night, when an Angel came to me. She said her name was Sara and she was there to care fopr me. She did just that. She sweetly smiled at me and assured me that I would be alright. By morning, she was gone, but another Angel came. She told me, her name was Julie and that now she would now take care of me. I spend four days in the I.C.U. with my Angels next to me. After that I was sent to another floor, but I will never forget those two Angels That spend those days with me. My Angels didn't have wings, but their spirit could fly free...

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…and then the shackles were suddenly broken…
she looked at those shreds of mist that had been chaining her soul,
now lying inert at her feet,
the sweetness of that curse removed,
voices screaming ‘freedom at last!’ within her head,
and for a moment fear dwelled within her heart…
now she had to learn the steps of a new life,
but she could barely stand on her feet…

…then her gaze moved upon him –
he had asked her something…now what was that?...

her name!...

she shook her head slowly, not remembering it,
but she wanted to give him a name…
and letters began to form on her lips…
and sound by sound a new being was born within her…
her soul changing its color…
and then the shape shifting was complete…
and he became hers…

Andromeda was a princess from Greek mythology who, as divine punishment for her mother's
bragging, (the Boast of Cassiopeia) was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster.
She was saved from death by Perseus, her future husband. Her name is the Latinized form of
the Greek ??d??µ?d? (Androméde). The traditional etymology of the name is "to think of a
man," from ????, ??d??? (aner, andrós) "man" combined with µ?d?µa? (medomai) "to think, to
be mindful of."

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The cat
the body is fat
sweet but sometimes wild
adorable when clean but if got into fight 
what a mess!

a friend that can't speak
but in the eyes a friend you seek
when you talked, the answer is always a "meow"
but different tones, if you'd realized
a friend that so precious!

the cat
my pet, my bestfriend
too afraid and don't want him to be gone,
what is the name of this handsome pussy?
dudzki is the name kitty.

--for dudzki our cat...he is now 3 years old and living with us

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The Best of Time Taking Chance

Jefferson Kol, Had wanted to copulate with his wife... Please, I'm due for prayers, she emphasized. After which the load in the scrotum had negotiated his sleep Twilight, made a reality of new day Again he insisted on what was left unfulfilled. The load set to offload so the system could ease. My lord, 0400am so early I woke up Now sleep is all I dear she sleeps. Ideas flow afterward and pea flows when the urethra is loaded and anus breathing He leaves for the comfort zone (loo) to release the loads of waste, instead Mark Zukenberg.... he thinks the face book Lord so young an enterprise the name the world know Jefferson Kol, right here he quest.... To become a champion or rather a celebrity is by taking chances and making best use of time So, Fetched the name written on every man's lips The lavatory (loo) the home I be-quested the real instinct.

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There is a saddened kind of shame
a name that’s cruel and thus demeans, 
elementary obscene
a child can not reach deep enough.

It started when I read above 
my third grade level reading group
and followed to my brownie troop
then fearful fighting, flight to home.

And in defense I’d use my gift
to make up names and write mean songs-
I’d teach the boys to sing along
and charge their chocolate milk money.

With my moustache a poor disguise, 
with puffy, rubbing, teary eyes
I made myself apologize
though only choking squeaks were heard. 

Nicoleslaw Dickhead was my name
a name that’s cruel and thus demeans,
slimy side-dish dung for brains-
a child can not reach deep enough.

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Tikvah and Hershel

Gone I am..sure as the sea rolls over the bones of the deep
Gone is Tikvah, gone is hope, gone as so many Jewish brides
from history in the guises placed upon them by gentiles.
All who chose to remember at all, name me Typkia Friedberg..

Ah but, Hershel, my dear, was merely from the town of Friedberg.
Third class we were, entertainers not what either parents 
had wanted for their kinderlekhs, there darling children.

When the warning horns sounded, we were entertaining the others. 
Hershel with the wee piano on his back, and I
dancing and playing around him in a whirl of skirts.
The room was packed, the clink of beer mugs and laughter

All stilled slowly in disbelief as a clarion call of horn filled the room.
Eyes moments before full of life now haunted the space, 
knowing not the way upward, out of the hidey-hole nest of the lower decks.
As the crowd surged from the room, hopelessly, we retreated
hand in hand yet we were torn apart.

Hershel fell and the crowds surged over him, crushing him piano and all
to the carpeted floor of the hall, mere steps from the stairwell.
He screamed for me to run. Eyes, hands, feet, knees elbows
no hope, no hope at all of any movement but upward with the throng.

Up one level I made it, clothes in tatters, scratched and bleeding
and then I too fell, under the boot heels of passengers. 
I do not rest beside my Hershel, yet with my last breath, I cried
“Mother, mother you will never met him now.”
My dear, my heart, for before the Titanic ever sunk, we died.

*It has been said there was a newly married couple
the woman called Typkia Friedberg aboard the Titanic
but her name does not appear nor her husbands in the records.
Survivors spoke of the couple and the woman family from Chicago.
I do not believe the names are correct for Typkia is not a name
not a Jewish name but a word meaning journal, diary and Freidberg
is the town where the pianos for the Titanic were made.
Tikvah is a Jewish woman's name and means Hope.
Hershel means deer.

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I Imagine Demons

Part I:
im sorry that i cant care about you. valiums taste like smarties. i chew up one, then three. cry for help. im sorry i dont give a **** anymore. i have to snort a k-pin to sort myself out. and now im chewing mint leaves in my sinuses. ive got no candles to burn in your absence. ive got nothing to give or show. i stole your twenty dollar bill. i didnt even need it. i just need someone to love me. head is hurting. when i stand up, i fall against walls and corners. ive got bruises i cant explain. i break toes and i dont remember. and i sit here licking tabletops, just waiting for someone to care. and the demons talk.
Part II:
it crawls up out of my dream and suckles onto my neck. i carry it with me as i work, as i shop, as i laugh and cry and talk. its laudnum in absentia. i need it now. now. now. i want the cherry-blossom arms you own. i want to get this monkey off my back. it slithers up from daydreams when i imagine some life far away. ive got a sunny kitchen again, ive got a houseful of people again, and food on the table. and a shift from the corner and the food on the table is rotting and the people are falling apart skeletons and the kitchen is a coffin.
Part III:
im afraid of sleep now. ive got too much to do. decisions to be made. skin scarred, skin freshly cut. face dry, face full of tears. pictures in an album. pictures burning in a sink. pillows remind me of a lovers chest (no more never again) a mothers breast (no more never again) a babys bed (no more never again)
Part IV:
it slithers up with scaly skin and rubber fingers and it stretches the walls, of the skin of the room of my mind. demon speaks my name and i go home . demon speaks my name and i bend to offer flesh.

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do you know...

Do you know, baby, I am not even angry with you; 
I don’t even feel the slightest trace of resentment 
No burden of hatred sits heavy on my heart – 
Even though you violated me, 
In your subtle but predictable way, 
And even though you snapped my heart like a twig 
And then ground it to dust beneath your polished shoes – 
Even though you left me weeping hollow tears; 
Even though I am dying a slow death, suffering…
Still I find the strength to love you 
And despite the winter snows that fall inside my soul, 
Blanketing my mind with dismal white, 
Your name and the memory of your face shine out, 
Bright and blazing as the fires of happy homes – 
And when I whisper your name into the empty night…
Oh god, the specter of your beauty looms, 
Ethereal, out of the gathering gloom – 
And I find myself prostrate at your phantom feet 
Crying, and pleading, and wishing you would come back to me 
Just for one more hour, one more precious minute 
So I can gorge myself on your angelic grace – 
And for a short while forget the world’s ugly, murderous face…

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Krishna's Advice to Arjuna - Part Two


for Thodti trailing barefeet his dried coconut-stick broom on cracked macadam
in the gutter festering oozing fresh month-old drying turds urine remains of fed-up banana-leaves skins withered jasmine garlands drained motor-oil from scooter-taxis overfed flies lean stray kids fowl cows
        all that was wonder from afar
            magic mythic mystery the lingo of gods on earth
the brahmin vegetarian clattering-pans over order shouting eating-hotels
as though the heavens deigned to camp down on his doorstep
   derailed on their celestial inter-galactic circuit

his mind if he cared to exercise one was of little use to him
nor were they to his ancestors
called upon only to clean the bottoms off those who
shat upon his forefathers for ages
his only use for his intelligence
is to know his place
  minus the alphabet
     minus arithmetic
         minus the patinenkilkkanakku
              minus the grandold Vedic mystic gods and rishis
minus the right to think for himself

only the dullard’s right to die daft dull damned
      and be reborn in the womb of ignorance

So much for your Godly advice Charioteer Krishna
For don’t Gods only talk to Gods on Earth

Detach yourself first then
Do not feel for those you kill

For what lofty ideal the Mahabharatha
        pitted mythically gambling polyandrous cousins

Is India today a magical-realist myth
      or a cranking up Indo-Pak Armageddon

Sattva Rajas Tamas

       Sattva      Rajas      Thodti


Sattva: pure intelligence and goodness
Rajas: impure mental energy and restless passion
Tamas: dullness and inertia

Blodok or belodok (also beluduh): Malay for large-eyed goby, found in tropical or
equatorial muddy flats
Gopuram: the tiered, sculptured towers over the main entrances to Hindu temples
Kannagi: heroine of the medieval Tamil epic Cilappatikaram
Kolusu: ornamental anklet chains with bells worn by Tamil women
Kunkumam: saffron ( yellow or red) powder serving as adornment marks of
                     auspiciousness on women’s faces
Patinenkilkkannakku: the traditionally collective name for eighteen Tamil classical
Tali: usually gold chains worn by married Tamil women round the neck or tumeric-
            stained cords in lieu of
Thodti: a caste name for Night Soil Men

© T.Wignesan May 26/27, 1997 Revised June 2002 Paris From the sequence/collection: “Words for a Lost Sub-Continent”.

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A Lover's Notebook

My notebook
Is full of thoughts of you
Your name is everywhere
Tiny hearts and stars linger
Poems of how we would be perfect together
Are written throughout the book
I wonder do you know 
I think of you quite often
My first name
Your last name 
Perfect together in my notebook
Secrets I long to share with you
Are told only to that book
Hope you never find it
Because I don't want to tell you yet
My notebook 
Is full of thoughts of you
Your name is everywhere
Tiny hearts and stars linger 
Your last name in the blank
My notebook 
Something I wish you knew about
But then again
Glad you don't.

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The Saga of the Lonely Cactus: Introduction of characters. First Part

The “Saga” of the Lonely Cactus 

by Miriam McCue

Characters in order of appearance:

Lonely Cactus: He is a  6 foot Saguaro cactus with two arms (kind that looks like a man from 
a distance.)    (In real life these cacti have to be around 75 years old to get an arm.) 

Kieran - My granddaughter

Aunt Mikey - My youngest daughter

Alphabet City - Part of the Lower East Side of NYC

Desert - This refers to desert surrounding Phoenix AZ

Manhattan - Name for the island of NYC, not including Brooklyn, Queens, etc.

Super - Nickname for the superintendent of a tenement or apartment building.

Assorted city street characters - Anonymous

Greenwich Village - West of the Lower East Side NYC

Lower East Side - Part of NYC ( name of it describes where it is)

Alphabet City - Part of the Lower East Side of NYC
Assorted city street characters -  Anonymous

Central Park -  Large man-made park in Center of NYC

  Big Apple -  Nickname for NYC

   U.P.S - A delivery service (In poem pronounced by letters, no as “up sss” )	

   Casino - We all know what that is.

Donald Trump - Famous prominent  business man

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Dressed for death act two -Great Physician's durable clothing

Because sin death entered in is for sure a marry heart does good like a cure  											Good news for men like a new leaf fallen from a tree now a dying spirit a fading leaf  										the Glorious cross a promise kept from the time Eve wept 													He is our life from Adam to the One healing enter in the only begotten Son 												dwelling in the Light only He is He was and is to come 														The only wise true Living God conquerer of all evil the Amen													It is done "The first and the last, which was dead, and is alive"													Heals by believing He forgiveth all your sins heals all you diseases                                                                                                                                                                  		His grace keeps us from plagues those written and those not 													 as far as east to west the Lamb of God the Lamb without spot													has taking away our sins with the shedding of His blood														Writes His laws on upon our hearts our sins remembering not													The sins of all He bore upon the tree causing are sins to return unto thee                                									 Rose again on third day the Justified doing away with our body of sin and death											all points as we yet He is without sin pleading to the sinners enter in												the Day spring on High the True Prophet Priest and King														Here is wisdom Honor Jesus Lord of lords King of kings the Lord our God King 											Garments of praise alpha and omega the first the Last the same													Granting repentance forgiveness of your sins in Your name 													The Lord Jesus The name above all names our all in all                                                                                                                                                                               		our sins separated us from Him that giveth Life to all   														Now by faith we have been grafted in Jesus the tree of life          												           	Us with His own self  He adorned clothing us in righteousness and salvation 												Lambs wife married none other than Jesus our great physician

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Heavenly ablaze synthesis

in the jeep sea tide, 

may the trophy of worldly word be my energy

in the name of the ordered Lord of my father

may at YOUR wish say, let it be as led in the name 

of happening.. in great forth coming..

O lord, here I come for a rose..

so I begun to trace in a prose

lift my gift over a rifted valley

and sentence the whole world 

in Your mercy...

arose you shall a-say

so shall be come..

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Tears of My Heart

if poop could be named anything what would you name it?  id name it bob and id make him sit on a log in a bog and say get out of here you hog that looks like fog from a bog thats near a log with bob sitting on it who attacked the wacking wackers with all his heart and shattered, he fell to the floor.  dont name your poop bob because then youll have tears in your heart.

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The Light of a Child

There was a child born to man, who made every body smile.
Born at night but fair of heart, she made the morning rise.
She sprinkled the magical light of stardust where ever she appeared.

Her laughter filled the hearts of those who came close enough to hear.
Her sparkling eyes full of wonder filled every heart with cheer.
Her generosity dispelled the gloom and made the flowers grow.
Her fair contingence spoke of treasures, still as yet untold.
Her antics opened up the world, bringing vibrancy alive.
Her head would bow with prayers, which opened every mind.

Thru her came a radiance that chased away the clouds.
Thru her contentment came a peace that showered all around.
Thru her actions came a beauty that strengthened every soul.
Thru her love she filled every heart, till they over flowed.
Thru her came a wealth for all, through heart, mind, and soul.
Thru her came a restful peace which everyone proclaimed.

She really was a beautiful child, who was greatly admired.
And what would you name such a wonderful child?
I would name her Hope, wherever she is born.
I know you might have thought I was describing someone else…
But she was a precious token left to us, a much needed gift… 
From God and our Beloved Christ above, for our benefit.

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The No Nothings Know Nothing

What is the no nothing can it be defined is there something not there in the back of my mind you know what I mean if you don't, you know nothing and if you know nothing then there is no nothing but isn't that something okay, I shall stop it is all so confusing let's take it from the top what was into existance first the chicken or the egg? let's turn that question around into your answer, instead it was there all along right in front of your eyes wait, no nevermind your too late, it has died.

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The girl with a curl

Her name is Mary
not Virgin Mary
or the girl with the dragon tattoo
it's Mary
the girl with a curl
when she is good
she is too good
when she is bad
she is too bad
in her teen years
she dated Wild Bill
and tried almost everything
and orgies
but in her twenties
she married the other Bill
the guy from the hedge fund
who smells CK and wears
only Armani suits
and now she lives in a mansion
in suburbs
and has two beautiful kids

Her name is Mary
The girl with a curl
when she is bad
she is too bad
when she is good 
she looks like a saint...

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What is death

What is death?
A mystery I can never solve
Or even understand I don’t think any human can
What is death?
A question no one ever gave me an answer for
Well not the one I need
I’ve been living in confusion since the day I lost you
They told me: tomorrow you will forget
They told me: Tomorrow everything will be better
How can I forget?
When everything reminds me of you
What is death?
I can never find an answer or even understand
You were here and now you are gone
You were there and now you are not
I hold the phone to call you 
Cause I can never believe that you won’t answer
I see your grave I read your name a thousand times
In order to believe and yet
It might be someone else the same name as you
Am I losing my mind? 
For nothing makes sense to me
Will it ever do? 
Will I ever understand? 
How you were just right there
And now simply now you are not
They tell me you are in heaven 
You are gone 
But yet they say he will never leave he is always in our heart
You are either there or not
You can’t be not here and yet in my heart
I don’t want you to be in my heart
I want to call you
And I want you to answer
I don’t want to hear tomorrow will be better
I think I’m faking it
Why do I even care?
Questions in my mind 
Maybe a way to make my self-feel better
Why do I even care?
But I do 
I need you here
I need you now
I need to call you
And I need you to answer
I don’t want to understand death
I don’t want death 
I don’t believe in death
It’s a lie they created to take you way from me

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What is love

Looking I see that maybe you weren’t such a good idea, in theory yes, but in reality no.
Can u commit to me?
Am I good enough for you?
Or am I meant to be alone…
I feel it deep in my bones this aching need to be better but failing everyone even you.
So maybe I’m not your girl
So maybe you can just use me like gum then throw me out when you’re done.
Truthfully ill take whatever you give but secretly want more.
Secrets, do you have some because I know I sure do.
Would you look at me the same if you knew mine?
Would you at least still fake your love like I fake my smile? 

I like the way you hold me, the way you kiss me, the way you touch me.
But are we real?
Will we ever be? 
Or do I only have these few minutes to try and hold forever ?
What is love if you cannot name it?
What is lust if you cannot name it?

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Dedicated to Marietta Martinez

Oh how I wish I had known you better.
I never even got to kiss you or tell you how I felt.
God I wanted you to be my girlfriend so bad.
Life got weird for me, I was taken away;
It was years before our paths ever crossed again;
Then one day you saw me at the grocery store.
And I wonder what would have happened;
If I had of been available that day at the store;
Because six months later you walked to the beach;
Went into the water and never came back.
I was so damned infatuated with you way back when
 If I hadn’t of been taken when we met up again
I wonder if it would have made a difference to you.
Did you know I had your name tattooed on me?
I covered it up with something else but;
It’s still calls out my name so as not to forget you.
Funny though the details of your face have become blurred;
But I think about you more often than I probably should.
Maybe next time pretty girl you won’t give up so easily;
Me or someone else anything could happen if you have faith.

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Are we looking at the same stars tonight

Standing alone in the middle of nowhere. Look up and pray for an answer. What happened? One minute you were there The next minute I am pulling my hair out On my knees I am screaming in pain. Trying to figure out where things went wrong. I draw your name in the stars But before I’m done your name is gone. Is this the end? Will we see each other again? How could my heart be torn in two? All I want is to be with you. Why can’t you see that we were meant to be? Opposites attract and we have proven that Why won’t you just come back? I can’t take the pain.. My flame is out and you're nowhere to be found. Looking at the stars I wonder where you are. Are you looking at the same stars I am looking at?

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a state of confusion.

where am i?
what am i?
who am i?
who are you?
what are you?
where are you?
are you there?
why am i scared?
why are we here?
what are we doing?
will you hurt me?
why am i so petrified?
i never feel this way, so why now?
why is the room spinning so wildly?
i cant see straight, whats happening?
all this pain, why is it in me?
why does my heart burn so?
it feels like its burning to a crisp, falling, why is that?
what is that?
is that what you call a flower?
funny, i just dont recognize it, whats wrong with me?
what is that?
why, is that really a cat?
what is that?
a kangaroo?
my, what a funny sight... am i right?
what is the name of this?
thats grass?
why such an odd name?
and that bright, scary thing, what is that?
the sun?!?
what a pretty name, did you name it?
why is that a stupid question?
what language are we speaking?
oh really?
i couldent tell, is that normal?
why is it so odd?
where are you takeing me?
what is a holocaust?
is it bad?
will it hurt?
will there be good things?
what about cupcakes, will those be there?
oh boy, why is there so much of this red stuff?
what is that?
why, the name is such a depresing name, why is that?
why is blood so depressing?
why does it signify death?
because it is what you drop when you die here?
hmmm..... very interesting, oooohhh, what is that?!
that is so scary! why am i scared again?
what is fear?
what is happiness?
im so confused, can you help me?
why not?
because you are going to kill me?!
why is that?
what did i do wrong?
oh, thats right...... im not normal, im different, but must i really be barred?
should i really be persecuted?
or killed?
even tortured?
why does that make sense?
why are you hurting m

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deliver me, deliver us

I have found my voice

at humanity’s eleventh hour

I have found my voice because

I called upon humanity’s wisdom

and asked if I can help to deliver

to you

some units of joy

and lessons of love

so I ask you to hear humanity's inevitable lovesong




And deliver me

deliver us

deliver me 

on the days Jefferson spoke of inalienable rights

deliver us into that night of human liberation

when czars were overthrown and utopia envisioned

deliver me on the day Martin had his dream
deliver us on the day Paris’ commune became community

deliver me

deliver us

I say deliver me

And deliver us

Because without the us 

there is no me

And without the me 

There is no us

humanity’s struggle

constant argument between




The me and the us

Were at 

Lexington Concord


St. Petersburg


Omaha beach

Paris, Prague, and Mexico in 1968

Tianenmen Square in 1989

And Occupy Wall Street 

The me and the us

Are at kitchen table

Deciding whose childhood is spared

The me and the us are at

Parliaments all over the world

Deciding whose life is worthwhile

The me and the us are at the UN

Deciding which nations are worthwhile

The me and the us

History has been about the me and the us

History’s first experiment in liberation

Stalin and world interrupted, still insisting on the me

so I ask you, humanity

I implore you

In the name of so many terrified faces

In the name of so many torture chamber places

I ask you here and now

At humanity’s eleventh hour

brink of armaggedon's world war


Deliver me 

And deliver us

Deliver us from humanity's dark night

let the children and future generations breathe

freedom's air

Deliver me

Deliver us

Deliver me

Deliver us.

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I Am Me

I Am Me

During my life I have had so many names
Each one unique and yet the same
My personality changed with each name
I do not know there were so many changes
Maybe it was an after effect of maturing?
Maybe the old me was tired and worn from life
I know that I was born again when I changed
A new name brought new challenges
Every name was something that I was
It was me being the best that I could be
With all the time before me and all the time behind me
I know now that the changes were not from a name
The changes came from within my mind and my soul
In the end I am me and that is who I will always be.

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Neither saints nor sinners

His name is Robert
We call him Bob
He drinks
He smokes
On Friday
Dresses like Red Sox
On Saturday
Like Patriots
On Sunday night
He watches porn
On Monday morning
He misses work 
On Tuesday
Works sixteen hours
The same program
Until Friday
When He dresses like
Red Sox
And the next day
Like Patriots

His name is Bob
And so what
Names are overrated anyway
He's neither sinner
Nor a saint
Living a life
Day to day
That never starts
And never ends...

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The song you never sing

Im a living disgrace
a Personification of self hate
a walking representation of "what a waste"
my personal pain and anquish rises up and radiates
it cuts me down and chops me in to peices
Till theres nothing left of me at all
Im losing this battle
between my mind ,me and the rest of reality
and all the while everyone has helped me fall
they have helped to fall further into the point of no return
and im discinegrating
and its pathedic
cause no one will care
when there truely is 
nothing left of me
just wait and see
ill die without a name 
a star that never shined
it burned out before it reached anyones eyes
Ill be the song you never sing*
the rythm you never will hear
I will always be a burnt out star with no name 
because I never even 

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parasites cause mental illness

the tarot is a story of the pharoas birthday
4 royal families in hiding to win a war as a gift.
satan was the pharoas name
jesus was sarge
mary the nurse
jesus was hired to carry out satans itinerary to abolish slavery
the death on the cross metaphor is a crime of the century to abolish torture
in the above mentioned way.

the royal curse
a ring of parasites
to get rid of the next...mice eating caterpillars in your body.

the davinci code reveals the bait and switch gimme drawing of the line known as halloween
the killing of kindness at christmas as to why the song and dance
the resolutions for change at new years, is the drawing of the line
realise your allie during valentines
buy your way across the line at st patricks day,
easter is a reminder to change the bait and switch of the name game of changing locations

the last crime of the century is a court game called the name game
why what is named after who where and why
kindergarden cop

our crime of the century is to mastermine mankinds good intentions and result in world peace
when the transaction of every dollar on earth revolves around peace not war, we succeed

global homework to act out the global survival of all worst case scenarios from every angle where the world achieves peace
then do them again
this ends up as a pancake breakfast where we talk ourselves out of a missile crisis

win war like they did in the old days
mark your enemy for death by making them stand out
rush them in groups of ppl and drive their noses into their brain

ding dong ditch is effective
random hey.

when was the last time you heard the mental health system cured someone of a parasite, like ring worms?
are they just waiting for the military to come home and convince them to take medicine
and use those buildings to hold prisoners of war?
practice makes perfect.

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a running chestnut- prosodic ha ha

By any other name what is in a name 															prosody Rosa Dee the sweet voices arise in                       													Consonance assonance resonance Renaissance															you see being reborn by the word frequency 															colorfully resurrected euphoric euphony 																your flowing down along the Dee an Irish sea														  without life the screams of cacophony  															  cantos of Muirghein the queens nightmare            														 winds of change blow upon the wordy mare      															but the word in question rhimes with prosody                       													so you see to alliterate the marrying sounds															 honest dissonance choosing rather to write it down														 nomadiclly poeticlly phonetically as Rosa Dee															 instead harboring to the odic glottis lotus                                                                              within hours hope to see a singing laughing flower

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She doesn’t remember what
she loved about me
so i hold her in my elbows
as if she needed someone to save her
and i hate that i’ve always believed in
things i couldn’t touch

tree house ladder i climbed you
with the weight you swung into me
told the sky
glow heartbeat
glow strong
glow window pane
hold me tight with your seatbelt arms
i am hammock swing
stardust cough
xylophone fingers
bruise easy rock swing
the meaning of yes
the language of whales
she doesn’t remember what we felt like together
she pauses like maybe i won’t see myself in hers
bones i shift
and the city deserts me deep
and indigo sky knuckle down nosebleed
i resorted to creating new memories with you
by looking at old photographs
and pretending i had been in them
glove compartment hawk heart i pulled
sky captain kite punch like
you name me adventure
name me skip trunk keys scrape
name me stranger
like elevator kiss
like storm clouds
like hummingbird heartbeat
i said i like who i am as a person
and you pulled away
as if my skeleton wasn’t big enough to hold both of us
you wore apple core lips
like i should never be sad
that i spent all this time kissing someone who
didn’t want to be kissing me
as if i tasted like relief
like you wanted to cut me into your esophagus
and hush
like quiet city
like loves becoming a plea bargain
like spit me out as a watermelon seed
you say lets get married and name all of our children ribcage
i pull through her thumb locked
and aware of all the times she said apologizing would
just sound empty
and i whisper i hope if i’m getting old
it’s because you make time nonexistent
do not cantaloupe smile
do not flashlight heart
do not risk what you cannot promise on me
do not wear me like we are the same size
i’m building life with slice wounds on the bottom of me feet
deep enough to hide hopes in
so i can wear them into the ground
how to reach from my heart
so you don’t apple adam promises that
sound like
i never lied to you
i want you to teach me
to glow heartbeat
glow strong
glow windowpane
with blood in your
mouth like you thought climbing trees
could teach us to fight distance
remember to hold me
like you know how to shake
remember to keep everything at arms length
remember to palm scoop crayfish
remember to break me
like you know what you cared for about me
these are my confessions on a street corner
bent shattered and proud
I promise to never use words like always 
refer to you and I in the future tense 
or reveal wishes before they come true 
because every person I’ve ever loved 
has said I was the best thing 
that ever happened to them when they left me.

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Who Would Resist?

The telephone rang, it was early dawn
The birds were unusually silent
Words came through like lightning bolts
‘Swallow me earth!  My pitiful plea
Scorched heart set afire!
Inconsolable, I lay upon the floor
With just one wish – to die!
I should have known you’d be going home soon
Your task here completed
He called you by name and who would resist?

My incessant prayers I thought were heard
If I had known I would have stayed near
Now this hole in my heart will not heal
I yearn to feel your soft warm hands gentle upon my face
Massage your tired achy feet after long hours of teaching
How I miss you Mama!  The times we shared
Even when our wills would clash
Your quiet obedient spirit against mine-quiet but  so stubborn
Yet you loved me in spite of all wrongs
Mama, he called you by name and who would resist?

Of the seven roses given to your care, two, He had already reclaimed 
Roland, your love of thirty-eight years had waited for you long enough
The five roses left were in full bloom with new buds soon to bloom
I can only imagine His voice filled with love
As He softly whispered your name
Tired eyes, tears filled overflowed as peace flooded your being
 He beckoned you with gentle words 
Like a Mother’s arms they embraced you
His eyes said it all-you belonged to Him
He called you by name and who would resist?

All pain dissolved as tears fell away
Through vision dim His luminous face engaged
“Is it truly you?” You may have asked and to which came His reply
"I am the hungry child you fed, the prisoner you visited
The homeless to which you gave shelter
The sick you comforted, the young man you prayed for
The neighbor you treated with respect..."
This one is for you Mama, for now I understand
Wrapped in His arms no mortal would choose to escape
He called you by name and who would resist?

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Dream Collection 3 And a Real life Experience Friends

Dreaming shows you many hidden things in your mind; it opens you to alternative thinking…
What are friends? Are friends someone you can trust? What is trust? What is trusting? I've always asked myself this, but never really answered it... Friends are always something I have struggled with.

How does someone become your friend? Is it an unspoken thing? A mutual agreement? A strive to be popular? Or is it a feeling that everyone has?

Throughout my elementary years I had 6 friends. Brandon, Mattia, Isaac, Matthew, and 2 girls, Emily and Sydney. When I hit 5th grade, Isaac, who was my best friend, moved away.

I had one big problem, people who I saw as friends, weren't really friends. There were a lot of things said behind my back and people would use me as a fall guy.
Onto my dream...
My dreams as a kid, before I trained myself to lucidly dream, were, as far as I knew, real. And to be honest, for the most part I don't know what was a dream and what wasn't... 

I remember the new "cool" game to play was ZAP... If you don't know what zap is it is pretty much you put a name on a  hand and a time and they can't look at it until that time or they must ask them out. This also happened to be the time the term "gay" had hit my school, so I had a guys name written on my hand. So once I found out what it was I went and washed it all off. so as we went back in class everyone who fell to peer pressure which was pretty much everyone but me got in trouble.

Now I told the teacher I had it at one time but I washed it off at lunch because Iw anted to be honest.... She just said that was the right thing to do.... But everyone started laughing at my calling me gay and such because it was a guys name... So when asked who satarted it someone said ask the gay kid.... Well of course I got blamed with it so I was sent to the principal with not one, but two reasons to be in trouble... I woke... got ready for school, and as I was getting to school guess what I saw? A new friend, and its name was Zap.....

What is a true friend? Is it someone who will stand for you? Someone who is always there? Do you have a true friend? Do you trust that person? Now answer that again, do you really? Ask yourself a third time, how do you really know they are your friend?

P.S. Thank you all for all the support, I have really appreciated all the positive feedback on my work... Jarrod D.~

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Mystical apparition resting in luminance,

Your name hath altered my passion.

Timidly on now,

I go.



I walk alone.

Calling your name in shadows,

so I will atone.


Oh, it is naught,

for I have bought

a brighter day.

Always shall I stay,

to say:


I shall hold,

like a thousand bold

soldiers. Just to look

inside those emerald eyes.

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Use my name with conscious
I love care and safeguard all
Those of the opinion 
And those of the contrary opinion

I unify tribesmen from different tribes
Advances interests for all
I cultivate culture of unity and harmony
Truly, a mother for all

Slaves can’t insult kings
But they will never be slave’s eternity
As time to usher new will come
I guess you are because they are

Honesty is source of pride
We are tired singing praise
Even when you fail
Use my name to build not insult 
Yes mother is supreme

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Leas Celyn

I walk into the Holly Garden
 My presence unwarranted, not unwanted
 Once a mysterious place full of luster
 With deep flowing waters
 Will I be cleansed or drowned
 Each visit reveals it's true nature
 Unbelievable beauty overtakes me
 My nature being now revealed
 Overlooking the garden with desire
 I sigh in hope, alnost desperation
 In a foreign tongue I hear "Leas Celyn"
 The words no longer foreign
 Go from ear to heart like magic
 How long will I look upon this place

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The wanderer

One day I scribbled
Letters dear to me upon dust
A name more precious than gems and diamonds
Resting in timeless fortune.

Then came storms of wind
Erasing my precious with fortunes of dust
Which glitter gold in rays of gold.
I wrote a second with life

Again,I scribbled her name upon
Them in blood,pure as love.
Came those winds in mockery
As they made prey mine pains.

Victor assay heard she echoed
I languished as dust speckled red
Balm as love  flows through the veins
Deaf heaven sang a new song

Wan grew they under my feet
At the rise of a victor 
Conquered all but a tender warrior
A name in a heart,a name among stars.

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Opening up of breast of the best prophet - Chapter 94, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Haven’t we for you opened up your breast 
And taken off from you burden of your all regret 
Which felt like something heavy on your back
And we have enhanced your name and fame to cure the ache.
Surely sorrow resides with happiness
Of course sorrow resides with happiness
So when you are free, show the respect
And make your Lord your exclusive object.

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Neptune boasts the strongest winds 
And the wildest storms 
Deep blue Neptune 
Similar to the sea on a stormy day 
Its angry, uncontrollable storms 
Make Neptune perfect for its name 
Cold, light-hours away and uninviting 
Neptune holds many secrets 
Only a fraction of which have been made known to man 
Such as its faint, dusty and icy rings 
And companions as icy and unfriendly as their planet 
We’d better leave this bad-tempered planet alone 
As bad-tempered as the god from whom it took its name 
We don’t want to go near 
An icy surface where the most powerful storms ever existed

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N Love With U

 What woman has failed to recognize your shine, your beauty from within each bar, your strength? She must have been foolish not to have seen what I have found.  My eternal flame that will never cease to burn, engulfing your knowledge.  You are more then just average, more then just bars and hooks, you are a radiant light, a breathe of fresh air that has allowed me to breath, relax and release.  Supreme being it is a blessing to dwell in your presence... Our bond can never be broken no matter who exist in our inner circle, we remain as a reflection of the sun that other ear's are too sensitive to embrace.  It is misunderstood yet my love is relevant and essential to have in similarity to life, love and respect for the art.  Who was she that has denied the voice of kings and queens crowned with every element not known to man but ordained by a higher power.  Captivating the heart of a woman such as I.  We were soul mate's even before eye's had the pleasure to embrace.  Vibrations in your voice touched every part of me, with every verse you had a chance to recite captivated and locked under your spell as time brought forth the realization of a culture that I belonged to, a mental stimulation nation. You complete and free me from the stress of everyday life, for me you battle the ill street bullies. Beat and break the chains. Your rhyme's untangle me and walk through my mind like a lyrically exercise... So I dance RESTLESS in connection to your cypher and color graffiti. Casting out the fake one's who speak in your name but they are lames, I know you by your name HIP-HOP!!!!!!

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If I Had A Broken Heart

If broken is the name I take,
All for my shattered heart,
I will tie it up with twine,
Rest it upon stolen bark,
Set it to sail on a river,
And wait for it to get dark.
Losing you ripped at me,
Set fire to my veins,
Now when you come to mind,
Tears emerge and I'm filled with pain,
You were my beautiful wife,
And now I wish death were my gain.
Now I'll follow the shore,
To find my precious shards,
I'd let the wind carry me,
If you had gotten that far,
Just because losing myself,
Wouldn't be extremely hard.
I'll follow the spirits,
Just to say to you my dear,
You're always with me,
Even though I'm full of fear,
You haven't really left me,
I know you're always near.
So if broken is the name I take,
All for my shattered heart,
You can watch me tear up my insides,
Until I'm finally ripped apart,
No matter what happens, though,
I'll always be searching the dark.

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I have a name that has a meaning so do you
My name gives meaning to my character
It gives me identity and introduces me
God has many names
Each of his names is alive
Each has Power
Each has Meaning
Each bears Purpose
Elohim means Creator
Strong, Great, Forgiving and Righteous
Jehovah means I Am
Pure, Holy, Willing, Loyal and Honest
Elashadi the All-Sufficient One
Author, King, Prince, Divine and Patient
Yeshau the Son of God
The First the Last the Everlasting
The Truth the Word the One, the Only
EL ROI the God who see’s and knows all
Lead me to the cross
That is greater than I
Adonai my master now you are risen
I belong to you
Draw me close 
Rid me of self
Restore all that is broken.

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Death be Justice

Death be Justice, 2011
Vickie M. Ortiz Vazquez

Stranger you are
Known to me through a split second
Glimpse of your criminal action
Story told by the Whiteman
Hundreds shout your name
Hundreds place faith upon the “great nation”
Hundreds failed to notice your color
Guilty not by your true actions
Guilty in the name of your color
Stranger you are
Known to me through a split second
Yet, not a stranger
A story recycle, previously heard
Watched by few yet many
Drained voices, songs of desperation
Faulty process disguise as justice
Louder the lies told
Lady of Justice refuses to listen
Set up by Public Attorneys; poor people’s guilty brand
Murder actions supported, celebrated, acknowledge in the name of Red, White and Blue
Legal; neither immoral nor unethical
Death be justice in the hand of Lady Justice

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The Final Shout

A hundred times I mention her name in loneliness,
a thousand times I shout her name into the wilderness.
In my wildest dreams and tormenting nightmares I have cried for her,
at life’s every twist and turn I have reached for her.
In the prison’s dark alleys I have searched for her,
in my mother’s womb I must have craved for her.
She is more the image I seek than who she probably can be.

She is someone about whom I have an archive of unwritten poetry…
Though a dream she wakes me with hope;
with twinkling eyes and soothing lips.
She is she and much much more,
her beauty glows as she ages.

When the rope turns its final coil to squeeze that last drop of draining blood,
I’ll smile at the mirage of her vision in full entity and shout her name with all the 
Lo, I shall shout “Freedom!”

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Her Name Is

Something inside me is yurning 
lifleless breath i'm learning 
bloody palms 
the cold nights are calm 
but heres my alibi! 
but heres my alibi! 
I fear her name.. 
I fear her name.. 
I have come up with reason 
not to go along with her words 
so i put this down on paper 
but so deep that nothings much safer 
the great heroine of each 
the pain grows inside me like a leach 
she likes my pain 
but i'm insane 
how can it be so right 
but all along so wrong 
I fear her name.. 
I fear her name.. 
this is nothing but her game 
her name is death 
but i'm so cold 
dead with no soul 
she eats at my heart 
with 30 seconds left to life 
she's way to smart 
she knows your name 
she has my name 
death is silence 
its what i fear 
for its the last name you'll hear 
i have problems my dear 
winter nights 
she fears thes heights 
she may be deaths kiss 
and there's nothing to miss 
her name is DEATH! 
what is her game 
bloodshed rain 
so cold and in pain 
i understand what this true pain is 
waking up without a soul; 
existing forever, but always alone 
i know where sorrow is born 
in icy depths of mans empty heart; 
her spirit of love to tear apart 
i see misery in every face 
knowing no mercy, nor joy, nor peace; 
only death can bring them ease 
i hear loathing in every word 
ever breath a burning pain; 
lies, deciet, and wraths distane 
i feel hat inside all mankind 
rotting filth, disease decay; 
in ther deffense, nothing to say 
i taste the rotten flesh of skin 
toxic putrescense, bitter and vile; 
evil by nature, the mind of a child 
i am the truth in all that you feel 
my humanity stolen, compassion gone; 
i am that which you know is wrong 
i am in misery and darkness complete 
knowing no other than that of my soul; 
destined for solitude, i am always alone

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Shakespearean tragedy me

path of least resistance
the souls do choose
and thus we have a soul mate
what better way for a god
or demi god to rid themselves of one not to be
me the shakespearean tragedy
living in a world
far from fair
my gut tells me i shouldnt be here
and love needs to be spared
plan to fail
plan to fail
sorry love
i must turn you away
away in disgust
become everything i truly dislike about myself
and hold it to the extreme

the one left loving me
the one left there by my side
the one who stands tall with me as i plan to fall
is my murderer to be
my soul mate
the one the gods have cursed
alas they have cursed me

the path of least resistance
is it in your life?
when the tough gets going do you get tough?
or do you do what you can while you can
in the name of beauty and love
and show the gods what they shoulda woulda could of

a war in the name of using love as a weapon

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Who is Prince

Any day like this must be welcome
Not for any one but at least for a history
For death is everywhere.

Though this day is prompted by words
A key attempting to remind me of my arrival
To the mortal world.

The name Abdulhafeez is derived
From one of the ninety-nine 
Names of Allah.

An entwine creation born twins
To the royal family of Oyewole.

A knowledge about Prince
Will be deserving if it is viewed
From the gift of verse
Bestows on him by his Creator.

All things being equal
He is an epitome of lots
A divergent writer. a musical icon,
A gong man to the people,
A versatile boy of great reputation,
And a pen genius of an age.

He is a berry for people
Of his age.
He is a light for the nation
He represent.
A believer of abilities in difficulties.

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What Must I Do

What does it take?
To find what we search for,
and, even harder, to keep it?
What must we do?

I seek no endless glory,
I do not desire that my name be sung
down through the ages
or even remembered by more than a few.

I seek no greater affluence,
I do not desire that my name be known
as a merchant's, a rich man's,
hopefully just comfortably well-off.

I seek no pile of women,
I do not desire that my name be screamed
in the throes of passion
by ones who shall forget it thereafter.

I seek no store of power,
I do not desire that my name be heralded
as one of influence on others,
on anything much more than my own life.

The one thing I seek is companionship;
I do desire that my name be shared
with one to talk to and be near,
one to walk the winding ways of this world with me.

What does that take?
To find happiness with my other,
and to keep the fire alive?
What must I do?

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Jesus Hears Your Tears

No one hears your tears , you say
Well, I’m here with the Good News
To bring your way

I know a man who wiped my tears
His name is Jesus
He knows and he cares

Jesus feels the tears that we cry
He has compassion in his heart for you, that is why
And he has mercy, it's new every day
Give him your tears, he listens to you

Bring him your troubles, your tears and your fears
He has the power to wipe them clear
He’s been there before us, he knows how we feel
So talk to the Lord, he hears your tears

©written in Jesus name by: Mrs.Geraldine Rose 3/28/09

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My happy memory box

You whispered her name in your sleep last night The same name I saw in your diary last week With hearts adorned It took me back to days long gone When it was my name Encircled by hearts You drew it on a napkin that day, In honor of our very first date The napkin’s still lying in a box, It is still a part of my happy memory box…

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Be precious my man by doing good to all
My name is nothing  and his name  is too
My palace and his hut will go in to deep
His wife and my son will become old 
They will die and be buried on a day
In between what for all these
We are the end of the globe
The skies and seas are immortal  as our poverty and death
My face and his hair will be shrunk 
As air less balloon  at our end
Mountains will be a pit and pits will raise as peak
Waste will go to the peak and a
Precious will be in a bin 
Though they were at peak and bin
Waste is waste and precious is precious
Be precious my man by doing good to all

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you say you did wonders
by eliminating dirt from the sneakers
I also did the same 
but you got fame 
I got a name 
there is a reason for you to smile 
where as when I  did this it took me a while
but I was not aware of your idea
how can you believe that 
I never copied your thought
but its the fact you will believe not
Iam for sure not lying 
I keep trying 
to persuade you 
to explain you
but you can't believe this 
as no two persons thoughts will be the same
I keep on telling you ideas might be same 
two persons's ideas might be same
but you never believe me 
I also did the same 
but you got fame 
I got a name 

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A Night Of Demons -inceptum-

(Note: This is the introduction of a poem story I'm writing. This serves as the introduction to the key characters. The picture is hazy right now, but as time progresses, the characters will change from blurry images to distinct portraits. Will they live? Will they die? Only time will tell....)

A Night Of Demons -inceptum- 1 A little child looks up at the sky, And sees the moon. A buzzing fills the air, So she pulls out her cell phone. A message awaits: You are going to die. She's an innocent girl in a world full of demons. Her name is Alice, and she's afraid. 2 The bus makes its last stop on the corner of Brambleton. A tired young man stands up, and almost falls. He notices words etched into the seat: You are going to die. He's just a simple man in a world full of demons. His name is Hank, and he's afraid. 3 The last of the dishes are put away, and she collapses to the floor. Her back is acting up once more. She notices a flash card, and there is something written: You are going to die. She's just a motherly housewife in a world full of demons. Her name is Ashley, and she's afraid. 4 Music blares in a pair of headphones, and a boy rides a skateboard across a busy intersection. He narrowly avoids getting hit. As he falls, a billboard catches his eye. He notices large yellow words: You are going to die. He's just a high school student in a world full of demons. His name is Darnell, and he's afraid. 5 The final boss in a long Japanese RPG awaits, and at long last he'll finish off the 100 hour game. If only he could avoid the instant death magic, maybe he wouldn't get a Game Over. But he can't, and the game flashes the following message: You are going to die. He's just a video gamer in a world full of demons. His name is Jack, and he's afraid. 6 The world is slowly falling apart Most simply do not notice a shadow watching the night. A foul wind whispers in the Shadow's ear the message of a demon: They are going to die. It's just a sinister shadow in a world full of demons. It goes by Joker, and it's not afraid.

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                                 Words without a voice
                        Like the wind that brings her scent
                               No touch to feel
                                 No beauty to see
                                  Only the words I read
                            Just a name on the screen
                                     Beauty unseen
                                    Day in, Day out
                                 Just a name I shout
                                      Late at night
                              I see the words she writes
                                 Looking at the screen
                              The words is all thats seen
                                    This is my choice
                           To read the words without a voice
                     Follow the trail of words which is my choice
                          Maybe some day I will find the voice
                                    Once again here I read
                               Just to see where life will lead
                           So read my words and you will know
                                     How the sreen can glow

                                      Words witout a voice

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Steven…his name rolls off my tongue, Capturing my soul, Filling every aspect of my life, Saving me from myself, Steven…seizing my essence, Claiming my heart, Demanding my love, Drinking in my core, Steven… The only name that makes me melt, That makes my knees weak every time I hear it, Makes my heart beat faster and faster, Evoking feelings so deep inside me, Steven… The love of my life!
~For Constance's What's in a name contest~

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My Silent Shadow

Following me around
Never harming me directly
Only through the ones I love
He has taken my Superman and my rock,
My happiness and my strength
My tears and my joy
Left as empty as a shell
As lifeless as a husk
Soul sucking
Strength draining
Spirit crushing
Last name Reaper,
First name Grim
He is always there,
Waiting to claim me as well

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My God is The Tower

O Lord My God
Creator of the universe
Master of all things seen and unseen
Who was is and is to come
The great I Am who became a man
Who chose out of love to come dwell with men
To teach the path that leads to life
To show us how to win this fight
My God is the tower my shield and strength

Lily of the valley
Jesus the Christ whose name we carry
Redeemer to sinners
Our hope for the gleaning
Deliverer to the tempted deceived and lost
Call on his name trust in his power
Father to his children all who believe
The Word made man who laid down his life
My God is the tower my shield and strength

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Printing machines spit out White  Papers
In the name of change
Trees cringe on paper laden desks
Floors, secretaries’ chairs
Overflowing bins, stuffy noses
And forests scream
In the name of change

Documents float before eyeballs in our dreams
Deserts emerge in the name of change
We continue to dot  I’s and cross T’s
In the name of change

Around oak tables into mod phones
We ask for more, more files
More, more, more
Greed with a capital G

And down fall marulas
Corridors become empty and quiet
Office doors locked and barred
Libraries dark and gloomy 
Machines dismantled, directors missing

Portraits stare down in cynic smile
Brightness of innovation fading fast
Blank stares at futures unknown
Yet we tear forests for documents
In the name of 

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Ironies and Absurdities

I can barely breathe 
through the 
poisonous fumes 
of carbon monoxide 
emitting from the 
obsolete vehicle 
I drive to the 

Tourists grumble 
about the heat 
in Florida 
while construction 
of another Publix 
one hundred acres 
of nature's cooling 

News of another captured 
and subsequently murdered 
alligator soothes 
the minds of many 
residents bent on 
denying their own 

Children curse 
their parents 
who allowed 
the television 
to raise their babies 
then wonder where 
they went wrong 
by sending their 
ill-equipped offspring 
to deal 
with an unfair 
and uncaring society. 

Wal-Mart and Blockbuster 
on every other corner 
bleeds the American dream 
from the life-line 
of a country 
the world take notice 
of our great freedom 
and liberties. 

My elderly aunt 
suffers from the ravages
of Alzheimer's 
while I drive my 
cancer-riddled dog 
in my carbon monoxide 
emitting car 
to the vet 
to be released 
from his never-ending 

I see institutions 
built for religion 
the Tibetan tradition 
in the name of 
preserving culture 
on another continent 
by the same government 
who requires 
my Tribe to submit 
a fifty page form 
requesting permission 
to have a 

In the name of justice 
a dominant people 
dictates how 
another country 
should conduct 
the business of 
a land they intend 
to export jobs to 
that will render 
their own people 
without hope 
who will wonder 
why they didn't 

A Native American Indian 
shakes away 
the thoughts provoked 
by the question 
of the land today 
as opposed to the 
savage new world 
celebrated in the guise 
of seeking freedom 
against their 
in a world where today 
there are few freedoms left.

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Existential storytelling

“I heard a note once,.”  Charles said with conviction and bass from his gut.
Every night with chuck we reached this point ,
Existential storytelling, usually after four drinks or eight drinks.
Talking about government and it’s corrupt nature, the idiocy and beauty of religion,
And even the joy and sorrow of love, tonight’s ramble is brought to you by our 
“The Joy And Sorrow Of Love, making and breaking the dreams of many to come and  
Taking a slight sip of some brown alcohol Charlie smiled  and giggled, 
putting his drink down with one hand 
and covering his smile with the other wiping away the dribble of “Tela “from his chin. 
“One that sung strong and proud”
Than he kind of shifted himself for comfort
With raspy sad reflective tones he stopped all our babble
With whiskey staring off into space or the wall
The side of me that is more romantically inclined would like to 
Think at the time  he could  still hear this sound 
in the dead silent pauses in between speech 
“It’s funny, as I heard it was like it was already there
And the horn just reminded me to listen.;
A single note sad and sweet.
Walking the line of beauty and horror
A sadness only heard by those reminded
By some brass and a girl.”
We all sat and took this in silence
There weren’t that many of us,
Just four drunks and a bartender (I should of rounded up to five)
In a dimly lit wood paneled dive both happy and sad.
 I asked.
“What was the name of that song?” they all chuckled
 as the young one sat in awe of all the others .
I was shammed by  there disbelieve of my lack of comprehension 
“Hey chuck, name that tune.” 
They all chuckled a little more and shook there heads.
As the bartender filled our cup Charles lowered his head close to me grinning 
 Perking up as he told me, 
“Hey man, there ain’t no name foe that song, well there is but it’s different for 
“??” I responded with my hand out in a “what the ?” manner. 
“I’m telling you the song is the same for everyman but it has a different name for 
everyman too!” 
stopping to sip once again and my receive response. 
“Ok, Ok, I guess” I responded  still with a slight  ignorance in my voice.
I could see there was love and pause as he stopped to crack the silence . 
“The birth of my daughter” 
I shrunk, no really I did, to such a tiny proportion 
that I could stand in the barstool jump for my drink and fall violently to my death.. 
Frozen and tiny I sang up to him “I must of missed that one!”
The room exploded.

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It's like the winter turned to spring
It's like a renewing fling
Indulgence of impulses
It's like I've ascended to the throne of a king

As her name starts at the depth of my throat
To the tip of my tongue
Dancing around my mouth
A new love has begun

It's like a drug, so consuming
It's like the fog, so confusing
Looming between my head and my heart
Attempt to broom it away,
Only dragging me astray.

How can I have the strength to cast you aside
If my strength is derived from the love we confide
It's like the sound of your name rumbles the earth
And I open my eyes to rebirth

It's like everything I need is within arm's reach
But my arms are trapped and simply can't breech
My head tries to fight the parasitic winds
Until my heart pushes forward and the vicious cycle wins
As my head spins and my mouth grins
And the recycled infatuation begins again

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Same Bat Channel

Batman and good old Robin
    take on the fight
against menacing foes
Without super powers 
   they battle crime 
save the police for disgrace
   Stately Wayne Manor 
is the name of their home
  also the name of a rock band 
Whoe doesn't like costumed heroes?
   as portrayed so vividly in comic books?
The time has come for 
Batman to be carved 
   onto Mt Rushmore
  After all he saved 
Gotham City form annhilation 
   He's featured, you say 
Well, he is just as real 
   to millions
as Cononel Sanders
  and better for the health
of our citizens

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Clotted Blood - Chapter 96, verses 1-5, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Merciful Giver.

Read with the name of your Creator the Lord.
He has created human from clotted blood.
Read and most honorable is your Lord.
He has taught to write with pen.
He has disclosed the unknown to the men and women.

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Let Me Hint The Worlds Around Thy Name

Ha! Ha! The first letter’s the last,
 Like the zinnia, the zho, the zufolo, the zoo of animals, the zebra of Sahara, or the zeal of youth.
The second letter’s the first,
Like the Kashmiri apple, the Turkish apricot or the almond of Badam-waar 
The third letter’s the second, 
Like the beasts in the Lidder-forests, beer of Afghani grapes, beads of rosary, bed of dreams or bell of South-Indian temple.
The fourth letter’s the fifth,
 Like the eyeball of eagle, ear of rabbit, emerald grasses of Gulmarg, evening of mid-summer or in autumns’ nights—enlightened streets of Srinagar.
The fifth letter’s the fourth, 
 Like the duck in Dal-lake, dog of my street, den of Himalayan lion, deer of Danchigam, the drama of life, the drink of heavens, dying of a saint, the door of heavens or the desire of my heart.
The sixth letter’s the first, and not nothing like the second!
Oh! As plain as this art in my verse or as obscure as that art in thy beau.

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Your name is 242

Says the yellow paper
At the end of a patient pen
And ballpoint Checkmark 
Readied with fingers, anxious
 to continue shuffling
A deck of cards
Of which I am one
Or 242
But in any case,

Because with one to ten on a scale
 I usually fail around
The part where I protest
That my dress fits me all wrong
And when this lipstick, which is present for 
Each song, each cursory choice
tries to make the air
A bit more pleasant 
and make me seem 
A bit more forgetful
Instead of consciously wrong-
Is where I fall

My heart is a little less numb
and little more dumb than it should be
But I guess a couple more hits
Is always what it will be
And a couple more scars
Will make me what I should be

I don’t want to be lovely
I want you to love me
Even half-heartedly I’ll stay
If for a moment I won’t be zero
But a name under your 
Ballpoint hand

But I am only lovely
on the tip of a needle
And each side is sharp
So, where the sharp side may fall
So will I, blood in my eyes pounding
To get out, but there only be

To cry

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I open again my window
Looking for a person I know
To steal a glance and say hello
Whom I have met few thousand days ago
I did it half of the day
Because to my surprise,
I almost forget
Yesterday, I don’t remember
where are you?
Who are you?
What you do?
What do I want?
What am I doing?
Who am I to you?
And why am I here,
Looking at you…

But today I was so anxious,
Searching your name and remembering everything
To your world I tried to encroached
On my way up to yours,
I was unfortunate to lost my path
Failed to trace the prints of you on the ground
Tonight I scribble letters to find you
Armed with hope and betrayal
Without thinking I write
With my restless soul 
and empty mind
I am reaching you

Today I almost forget
The day that is especial to you
I no longer wait for this as an excuse
To re state my name and shake your hands
Because today I remember to remind myself
That I no longer have the mementos of you
Washed out with new memories 
Of someone you have met

Yesterday was you 	
My unforgotten past
A history that reminds me,
Reminds me that I was with you
Today is still yours but no longer my name
The sound of your heartbeat
Doesn't echo with mine

Those I remember and never forget
For I vividly seen them even in my dreams
But it is you who can’t be freed
from the stillness that you are trapped in
Hoping to forget what had happened
And how it had ended
But how can you stay away
from the memoir that you are hiding
If what is left with you is half of the whole
Because the other half that you tried to leave
Is always tracing its way back into you

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Societies Maggots

Feeding hands of western promises
hold children by the throat.
See salvation die in porcelain tears,
shed from broken accords.
Innocence betrayed on altar of success.
A thousand Hail Mary’s won’t erase this sin.

Fingers resting on pulse of destruction,
a crack in the seal of Pandora’s box.
Old soldiers, cruising, trying to pick up a war,
while night angels gaze into despair.
Ancient enemies raise peroxide standards,
sweeping blame under histories carpet.
Alleys sing with shrapnel, 
detonating a temporary hell,
and some young solider returns a hero
upon the gravestone, his name immortalized.

Swollen bellies cry for freedom
as they cling to threads of life.
Silenced by butt of tyrants gun,
smashing tomorrows thoughts.
~all in the name of progress~

Charon takes loans to pay the passage
on fast track to heavens gate.
Peter’s list grows shorter
while demons cry from the pulpit,
“room for one more”.

Responsibility drowned on a Saturday night,
fighting the flood of vodka and coke.
Where love is measured in one night stands.
In queues outside the abortion clinics,
morning after pill eases the conscience 
of a generation that doesn’t care.

Wallowing in self-pity,
taking pills to ease the pain,
in a world that owes us everything.

Yet we give nothing in return. 

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The Hell

The Hell

Hell is not too far from us
Very closer it is to us
Life with out money is a hell
Though he may be honest and noble
his name will not be there
This is the world for wealthy devils
the doors of any temple will open for them
Every dais will wait to garland them
every mike will spelt their name in crowd with proud
Poor’s rags will be seized 
to wipe the dust of their cars
Books alone bear the words of justice and fair
Nobility will be found in the heavens only
Cars and palaces will rule this land
Wisdom can’t be here
without the mercy of money lords
Knowledge will serve under fools
as a slave to it’s survival
Affection and love become only words
Lust will be glorified as divine
Hell is there Yes Hell is there
very closer to us it is

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La Historia 101

La Historia-101, 2011
Vickie M. Ortiz Vazquez

Imagine, I cannot
To feel their lost
Longing for the return home
Rejoicing behind closed doors
Criminal act
Propagate servitude with miserable pay
Runaway between breaths
Capture, captive
Criminal act
Rape once again, over again
White women turned the other way
Power instilled by any means necessary
Emancipated January first 1863

Imagine, I cannot
Overseas journey, long nights 
Not knowing what awaits
The other side 
Driven by hate, broadcast faith
Golden Goose displays false imageries
Selective stay, citizenship
Manipulations to project extreme dislike
Plant self loathe
All in the name of supremacist tendencies
Reached land
Meenay, miny, mo
Criminal act
Los Marielitos, 1970’s

Imagine, I cannot
Under the hot sun
Vast land of sand, predetermined path
Self-sacrifice in the name of family prosperity
Dreams fuel by promises
Human trafficking, lottery
Either way, criminal act

Imagine, I cannot
Whispers of sterilization
Population control
Blinded by land’s riches
“I must have” translated to ‘let me help you prosper”
Fed ideas of growth
Second guessing labor intensive industry
Rise of unemployment, 1960’s
Restless machetes stored away
Land’s fruits stolen
Criminal act
Under false pretences, little you give lots you take
Migrant float picture of your lies
Grasp in the hand of the devil

Imagine, I can
Two thousand eleven is the year
Headlines a fluke, mostly ignore by news
Recent voices speak of fear
Fear to seek an education
Fear to seek shelter
Fear to seek food
Fear to roam about
Inhale life’s smells
Capture life’s colors
Tattoo life’s experiences
Criminal act

Imagine, I can
Flickering lights getting closer
Fused back light
Finger print attempt for a burned out back light
Tif for Tat between Blue and Morena
Unnoticed the color of his skin
Minutes after, does it really matter?
Blue soldier with a license to destroy
Destroy without questioning lives of those tricked
Brought under false pretenses; full of hope
Left to die
Wrongfully accused
Dreams shattered

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Our Shining Star

Impatiently, we stand in line,
Then, at last the doors open wide.
With tickets in our hand,
We are ushered inside, one at a time.

We had hoped for seats up front,
But people push ahead.
So we wiggle into row two
A tall head sits in front of me.
Oh well...., never mind.

Crowds fill the chairs, and chatter fills the air.
Small children held up high for better view.
Mothers hold small bouquets in their laps,
Fathers hold Canons or Kodaks, with extra rolls of film.

Opening my program, I look for her name.
Her name should stand out like neon,...
Shining brighter than all of the others....oh yes...there it is
But her name is printed like all the rest.  Oh well...never mind.

With a dimming of the lights,
The first chord of music meets our ears,
And the show has begun.  We clap politely, and watch patiently.
It's not yet her turn.  Oh well,.... never mind.

Finally...we realize her moment is near!
Anticipation is building!  We sit straighter in our chairs,
Crane our necks a little higher.  Our camera is ready...
YES!  There she is....OUR SHINING LITTLE STAR !!
Oh dear, she misses a step.  Oh well...never mind.

Her hair touched with sprinkles, her smile glowing,
A little wrinkle of concentration on her brow,
Taking care that she makes each move on cue.
She is shining! Amazing! Wonderful!

Doesn't everyone see it?  How could they miss it??
Don't they realize how she stands out from all the rest??
We clap madly!   Why are the others only clapping politely?
Our camera flashes brightly! Why aren't other cameras flashing too?

Could it be that all these folks,
All these other mums and dads,
All these other grams and gramps, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles,...
Are they seeing something different? ...different shining stars than ours?  Perhaps.....

Oh well...never mind.  We know those other stars can't possibly, ...oh no not possibly,...
Shine as bright as ours.   Oh well,......never mind


(Dedicated to Claire Elise..our sweet grandaughter....
who will be dancing in her recital tonight....our own little star) (Reposted )

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The Tithe, and The wills, And the lists

Guilty party Alcohol companies
and those responsible for that product being targeted 
to the youth
put my name
in your will

I don't care if you make it a metaphor for a prayer
in the amounts that you leave me
and the message you leave me
with the way you care to swallow your footsteps
you've left behind

Cigarette companies
and those who advertise for them
put my name in your will
find it for a way
make it an amends
to the past present and future
I will find a way with your amounts given to me
to swallow you down
to choke you out
from beyond the grave

Porn companies
porn stars
all those who think 
I don't have a black file
and i'm just some ghetto wizard
and maybe a gullible god
put my name in your will 
pay off your debt
how you have tarnished
tainted mankind's image

All those building weapons of mass destruction
welcome to Gabrielles dance
joining those greedy people going to hell
And this is also for those with the power to send people to war
wether you crawled for me or not
put my name in your will
find a message for me to carry out
with your money
to choke you out
to tear you out of reality
with your money 
you will leave me a better way

This is the list
This is my tithe, pay it well
don't think i don't have a list
and be ready to buy yourself a few more cycles under the stars
Light in the darkness
may hunt you down
poisoning the well
you don't see the righteous wolf in sheep's clothing
nailing martyrs to the past
i have the list
you pay the tithe
and we'll see your historical wills!

Let's not leave out
those making drug abuse seem good
put my name 
in your will
and a metaphor for a prayer
to tear your shadow into holes
all you thugs and druglords
who think theyve escaped the lists
thats my biggest trick
put my name in your will
pay my tithe
swallow this omen
to set the future right
put my name in your will

I might claim some of your hard earned dreams
you've stolen from the innocent
of radiostations and entertainment
I might claim a method to the madness
of counterintelligence
I just might one day be the name used
when someone is stalking you

You whisper my name
you say my name
put my name in your will
make your amends in your death
you threw everything
and everybody away in your life
one way or another
someone gets the last laugh

wether your soul gets revenge
or you question mine
You are a name a number
a disguise configured 
found and discovered on satelite
and I'm ready to pull the rug under your feet
I'm about to pull the wool off the wolf

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I’m that shameless child
Riddled with ADD,
Born to be wild and free.

My name is Tanya, but
My middle name is Marie,
I’m comfy in running
Shorts and a tee.

My favorite color is blue,
My eyes are that color too.
I’m terribly afraid of donkeys,
But I’m great at air hockey!

I love the humid summer air
It’s great for my curly hair
Being married is my worst nightmare!

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I saw a wrinkled-faced woman so lost and scary,
and from her swelled eyes, tears of desperation ran;
it boldly told everyone that nobody cared...
but that humble human being moved me deeply.

I couldn't go past her and not find out 
why she was so distraught 
among faces so healthy and joyful...
everyone seemed to ignore her.

I got closer to her...she trembled, but smiled
by holding out her hand with droopy skin;
how long had she been at that busy intersection? 
Perhaps many hours, I could tell by her whooping cough.

" Please help me, young me find my home;
I can't remember where I live! " She begged me
by squeezing my warm hand very hard...she hoped
I was that angel who could lead her home.

" I surely would...if you could tell me your name! "
was my answer. " I don't remember anything, son. "
she replied with confusion. Then she showed me
an identification tag with her name and address.

Seeing that gave me a sigh of relief,
" Smile, your name is Linda and you live on 414 Oak Street
which is only two blocks away! " Linda is my name? "
Yes, it is...I'll be happy to take you home! "

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The drunkenpen reality

We are equal in blood and fleshed
Equal like sun and moon,like may or june
We are equal like hands connected in the sky
equally fly in the sky equal birds fly by in the infinite equal painted image, on canvas,we are the same,no one has a higher or supreme name only the blood of jesus can bare that name so tell me your name or tell me again, why do your think different  in our equal flesh  who are you to judge the fence standing tall or short who are you to judge a  color black or white,ok and if sooo then tell me your judgement of day and night and then tell me the difrence of black and white I bet you would tell me: OH ok  I appoligze yourr wright were equal were equal humans walking separated paths don't judge me yet untill the lord judges us we are equal inflesh and blood

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One night stand

You shook his hand  
he nonchalantly told his name 
the type of greeting that 
you do to passing strangers 
or someone you meet but later forget
not even 5 hours have passed 
and your legs are spread 
it was easy to get his doggy fed

It's the fact that you did it publicly 
that sickened me the most 
friends aren't supposed to know
if you want to be a slut than go
but at least be discrete about it
embarrassment in the morning
because we knew what happened
beneath the sheets is a problem
My thoughts on you have changed
and I doubt that you even remember
his name which to me is a damn shame.
There wasn't even any alchohol that you
could blame. It all ended this way
because you wanted it that way.
A one night stand. Another one on 
your belt I hope for your sake that
the expressions on everyone's faces
with force you to go get some help.

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One Great Night

I wake up with the morning light,
Something doesn't feel quite right,
I wipe my eyes and scratch my head,
Oh no there's someone in my bed,
I gently pull the blanket back,
Hoping that they won't attack,
I see a lovely face and full head of hair,
How the hell did she get there,
Now my head starts to hurt,
What does she have on but my shirt,
Soft steps I now take,
Coffee I really need to make,
With a cup in hand,
On the porch I now stand,
At an empty drive way I now stare,
My car just isn't there,
The questions will have to keep,
The answers are on my bed asleep,
I don't want her awake,
Can't remember her name for heaven sake,
Not liking how the day has begun,
But last night must have been fun,
Now there are foot steps in the hall,
Guess she's not asleep at all,
She buries her head in my shoulder,
Then my kids she's not much older,
Then she says don't you fret,
My name is Evette,
I know I am not the one,
But last night was really fun,
Adding that she had met me at the bar,
Then took my keys so I wouldn't drive the car,
She didn't want to be alone,
She called a cab and took me home,
Then asked if she could stay,
Til a little later in the day,
Then asked don't you remember this,
And gave me a big hug and kiss,
Not sure what it all should mean,
But this is every old mans dream!

An Uncle Charlie Original

© 2008 unclecharlie

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Drowning with Imagery

The one holding me in comfort
is the one that isn't there.
the one passing by me
couldn't give a damn.
I have felt someone in me,
but is only the ghost of the mind.
the figure of reality
that no one will see in me.

I have no need for these tricks.
What ever happens to me,
please take the heart of mine.

Beaten down to the core,
holding the treasure of the soul.
I have reached so far with you in hand,
as my knight with nothing viable,
but a picture cradled with care.

The pain I have felt of being alone,
wasn't always felt right here.
the shadows pass right by me,
and I don't care.
The man that held my hand,
is the haunting that I need.
the person with a voice.

I give name to a man,
farthest away from me.
You are one that holds me
(heart with hand).

With the thought of this,
haven't I just fought life alone?
Or have I just hid behind ?
my spiritual soldier that has a name,
a name without any meaning.

You are the god, you are the sin.
you are my guard within.
as I fall into my fate of reliance
I have nothing but hated independence.
If you all take this man away,
will I see the light on the other side?
Or that image of faith will be left behind.
Where is my heart and hand now?

Has my life been lived under the rocks,
will this feeling ever stop?
May I have a knight,
with that name tonight?
Has my thoughts been swallowed up
by the visage of you?
As will I get up and walk the path alone
maybe stay here and fall alone.

As now I have been found,
I have drowned in with you,
with the framed picture next to me.

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hello, my name is
Something you won't need to know
Good morning to you
Whereas you say the same to me
Hola, me llamo
Lo! It is a secret
Bonjour, je mappelle
Nothing, it is still a secret
Shalom, shalom
well, same to you
My name is a secret,
Something you won't need to know,
 So hello to you too.

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The no name killer

quiet yet abrupt he is
commisioned to thrill but kill
Is he an assassin?

believes in sobriety
but still merciless
Is he the no name killer?

his victim never asked his name
his whereabouts unknown to the world
Perhaps he is the no name killer

a cold blooded killer
a homicidal maniac some say
But still a no name killer

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Elio Del Tore

There goes the man that the town calls EL TORO;
they call him THE BULL for he is six feet and five inches tall, 
three hundred and sixty nine pounds,
he did not have to fear any other man.
He walks kicking the dirt of the unpaved road,
breathing in the dust that he has lived on since young,
for this town is not fancied by brick or tar pavement.
The children call:
The bull recognizes the young voices that call.
Mi nombre no es EL TORO ninos, es DEL TORE.
My name is not THE BULL children.
He replies to the small faces that do not listen, but instead,
climb his back and grub and nudge their dirty hands,
to see who could conquer the living tree.
Elio laughs at the tickling of their bodies around his
and pulls them off as they were fleas.
The Bull laughs once again at the children chants.
The Bull is a peaceful man, a humble man, a man of good wealth,
but only the wealth you could feel from someone's heart.
His name only for his looks for he has no anger in him,
no irrational behaviors such as the animal that he shares the name with.
His sand skin sweats, as he continues his path of rubble and broken glass,
leading to a large yet still a shack of a home, 
but still delights the face of people such as he.
For even though it has no fresh paint, and insulated walls,
it is still a shelter, a roof, a place to call home.
The Bull enters to kiss his mother, that rambles of the neighbors,
and their chicken in their yard.
Si Mama
Yes Mother he says and continues nodding to her rants.
He carries her out of bed and places her in her chair,
so she may watch the outside world that she could not walk.
Yes Mother
He keeps telling her, not truly listening...
But this time he's unintentionally listening, 
the sounds of a child crying could be heard not far.
He excuses himself and goes outside to see a boy run towards him.
The boy reaching Elio, hides behind him and cries:
He's after me! The lone bull is after me!
And before Elio could question, there was the large black lone bull.
Eyes red from irritation, breath coming out hot from the sun,
the bull started to ready his charge at EL TORO.
Stay back
he said to the frightened boy as the bull charged.
The boy yelled covering his eyes...he slowly opened them,
when the quite sound of curiosity took over.
And there was EL TORO, pushing down the bull, making the animal sit and give up.
Passer buyers saw this and cheered him.
He only smiled and said:
My name is not The Bull

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Solomon Shane

A name that would sound of the Hebrew
Yet where I walk my skin color pronounces different
A sound that reminds  you of the wiseman and his mines
Or of his many wives
A gas chamber I never went too
A biblical verse I never entered 
A history of an irish girl
Who married with a runaway slave,
To give him a name a legacy
Like the roots of my past,
Sturdy, strong and irreplaceable
I am just  a girl with many accusations given to me

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I Do Not Deserve

I lay here, trembling from the cold and bitterness of this world. Frozen in place, wondering 
when you will take me. But no, you cannot. Let me stay here, cocooned in my never ending 
misery, crying out in despair, encouraging it to keep coming forward, for it never slows 
down. Why? Why must you give me so much? So much grace, mercy, compassion. So much 
that I do not deserve. For I know that the torment stuck inside me, would write it’s name with 
dark red lines across my wrists, flowing with unsaid remarks. That the smoke would write its 
name upon my lungs and brain cells. That the substance crawling down my throat would 
write its name upon my liver and my good judgment. That males would intercede on my 
desolation and write their names upon my virginity. If not your name was written upon my 
heart, mind, and soul, all would come to pass. But no, let me dwell upon this corrupt nature 
only to make me feel worse. Much worse do I deserve. The purest lamb’s blood poured over 
me washing me clean. Washing me clean of anything and everything. My troubles and 
despair lifted up to Him, only to cause me to become filled with joy. No, why must you love 
me this way, bless me when I do not deserve. Lead me, work through me, let your will be 
done. Let anything and everything glorify you, but do not bring joy upon me, for I do not 
deserve. No matter. You will still give me things, bring me hope and joy, and bless me. For 
you have my best interests at heart and know what I need. You will provide and I will put all 
my faith and trust in you. Nothing I have, compares to Calvary. But I still lay it at your feet 
and all I can say is thank you. and I love you.

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Alas for the sun which kisses my hand upon bended knee, 
Today he blesses me and 
Whispers my chosen name.


Who among the common knew that ice could burn so brightly.
Or that water could fit so very nicely with
Today I am the world, its contents my game.


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Searching the crowd

My life was simple
Until I held the door
For one man, and nothing more
A simple thank you would have been enough
But I turned around 

In a split second
My life turned upside down
For a man I don’t know
And never knew

Pale white skin
Dark brown eyes

I lusted
I sinned
I swore I’d never do it again

You came 
We talked
Blah blah blah
My nerves settled in
Palms sweating, eyes meeting
Talk felt like vomit

A name; all I knew
Then I kept seeing you
We locked eyes and stared
Anxious; you told me to calm

But you had plans,
And I was stuck
Still stuck; this is what I am.

So I made my decision,
To look at you like a stranger
For I knew
What I’d do to a man like you

My looks deceiving
My body hiding secrets
Bearing a child
Covered in scars
Hidden away; a partner patiently waiting

At night I look to the man in the bed,
Never wanting to be myself again
Lusting for a man I never knew

You stopped and stared
Searching the crowd promptly at noon
I looked back, never daring to say a word
For I knew what I would get myself into

My heart aching and beating
Watching and waiting,
While you stood patiently

Ignore you, I could not do
I just glared
And the eyes were returned

But I didn’t stand my ground
I was stuck.
And this I swore not to do to you

While he plans 
And I stay awake, wishing for more talks

Talks we shared, now I can only rehearse
Lying wide awake in my bed
Thinking of a smile and tattoos

Since those days
I have looked for my exit
My way out

And his eyes once more
To be given a second chance
But he is gone

Never to see this man again,
Stuck in my regret,
I am stuck.

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Every line not just the bus the cafeteria at least in the lesser smaller rules would 
have a line and must produce the TICKET to get the product eye can sense it 
does not matter now ewe eye has glazed and interest has wandered back to the 
television or the window even oh please ewe pay attention. A stub of counterfit 
will not benifit the lame or halt or worried for there gender there they must have 
the goods in hand the concrete tender the dough rey mee the stuff that makes 
mens greed the money. After carefull consideration of the facts it takes the 
monkey on his back to make the money that he needs to carry greed to pinnacle 
mountains on his overactive garden of imagination he is ON the MARK he is 
Standing Toe to Toe with JOE and active in his quest and merciless at rest he 
makes his way down the line with TICKET in his hand no matter if its milk or 
meat or love or final resting place. Who is that on that cactus patch does it rally 
matter MOE his name was JOE they ALL was JOE he could have went on down 
the road but stayed to die in cactus OH what was his name it never matters to a 
martyer his spirit fled when they killed his body his name is JOE. He had his 
ticket in his hand a purple flower clutched so hard he bled. He hollard out her 
name he called her Violet and then he came to knoe his GOD again this time in 
person he has his TICKET in his hand but what is left is NOT man just another 
NUMBER on the list just another burial to be placed he had his TICKET in his 
hand a violet flower he is now a man at rest. 

Jesus Freak Homeless 

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Lonely Nights


Against the old oak I cling my cheek
to hear a lost voice inside;
The voice of a lost friend,
the voice of my lost father and mother,
the voice of lost love.
And in this lonely night the voices
inside the old oak are quiet and inaudible,
as if dying along with my spirit.
The night has turned its beautiful lonely face to the sky,
and I,
I call out my own name in this lonely night.
which became perfectly strange to me –
with some desperate hope
that I shall hear the echo of my own spirit.
Wise people say that each spirit is made of memories,
and my memories are dead;
dead like those lost voices inside the old oak,
which, like vampire claws,
raises its old, barren branches towards a black crow,
to steel its voice and to call out into this silent, lonely night,
like the voice of many friends of men,
that someone's tear sometime dies before it's born.
Inside me, there is still hope
that someone shall hear my name,
and that it won't sound as strange
as it does to me.
Slowly and ghastly I tread the shadows
like a sinner treads the skulls in hell,
and I call out with a solitary cry
into this lonely night,
to chase away death, if I can't chase away solitude.
But what is life worth without voices,
not the ones you can buy,
but voices of conscience,
which are born and eternally live along with human souls.

Against the old oak I cling my cheek,
and I listen in to a thousand souls,
Now I know,
yes, Lord, now I know that someone will call my name as well,
because when you hear the voices of souls
of dear people you've lost,
you have the power
to bear memories of yourself in someone else.

©Walter William Safar

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free cee WHAT IS THAT RED BUTUH------------

     	WHAT IS THAT RED BUTUH................

So isn't it cute the way newborn kittens can't open their eyes
    eyes like the government has on all of us...................
pass a red light and they take a picture of you
and then you pay your's all so invasive
while the high and mighty are so abrasive

so isn't it sweet watching a baby suckling at his mother breast
and this is all a test
while we're all gassed with a chemical that puts us under their spell
and this is also pre-k for hell

isn't it wondrous to see an eagle soar the cliffs and rise above the clouds
while we're all stuck in stagnant crowds
all clowns following the ringleader's beat
and there's a little kid in Iraq, because of a bastardy blast, who no longer has feet

isn't it beautiful to watch a rosebud turn into a rose in all it's gory
and it's always the same old story 
why did you do that Howard?
because I’m psychologically deranged and am a coward
so I raped 27 women but only killed 21
but now my worries are done
because I'm fulfilling the prophecy “an eye for an eye”
so now I must die

isn't it amazing to watch a jet plane with hundreds of people aboard and it just glides like that eagle...........
my friend had a dog who was a beagle. The beagles name was betty and his name was Barry so Barry out of nowhere killed his girlfriend Beulah for no reason.  Or the heroes fighting a war we don't belong in is filled with heroes who somehow become accused of treason.  But not before a young man is sent to Iran to guard the embassy and any he's home in Tiny town, U.S.A. Missing an arm

isn't it righteous when you see a righteous deed done for another and treating any man as his brother.  Yeah right, that might gives one dollar in the church basked so the other puts two to be double pious but screw everyone the rest of the week.  That's truly what these hypocrites do.   Does that sound like you?  Isn't it fascinating when there's a lunar eclipse and you can stand by your lover in awe.  But that may never happen again because of hatred, bloodshed and most of all WAR
Until someone presses that red button or releases a chemical in the air that travels around the earth and we all hear nothing but the sweet sparrow as he sings his last tweet
and all but one nation is beat
              © 2012..copyright PHREEPOETRY ~PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Where are You, Adam

Where are You, Adam

Adam did not exist until God called his name.

He was an unpolished clayware 
retaining his fragile spirit in it. He was a naked man 
who enjoyed everything in the Garden of Eden while breathing 
refreshing air stepping on the clouds, walks between sun, moon, 
and stars.   

Adam became a man of self 
after God called him by name, until then, 
he was being without realizing ontological his self.

In fact, 
since the time he started to hide his privy parts with a fig tree leaf 
he may faintly have begun to recognize his self; thus far, no one 
assured his being to him, though he may exist, he did not exist 
as himself, the Adam;

and it’s just like, a baby is a baby 
unless he has his own name, after parents name the baby, 
he becomes a person of the personality that no one 
can claim him otherwise.

Is that why unhappy Adam 
picked and bit the forbidden fruit?

Is that why the backward Adam
covered his private parts with the fig tree leaf?

Is that why the frightening Adam 
hid himself under the shade of a tree?

From the moment he realized himself as being,
he lived the real life of a man, a man of mental anguish 
and physical hardship who hangs on to the end of a thread 
called “hope” that is finer and more feeble than silk 
while looking on heaven above. 

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I Am Trebor

Who am I?
My name is Robert
It was given to me
I didn't choose it
It is a common name
Too common
No true identity of its own
There are a thousand thousand who share it with me
If my name were different
Not as common
Would I be different?
Could another name make me smarter
More creative?
Or better looking?
I never had the chance to find out
I was named after another
He named me after him
Hoping that maybe I would be like him
I was not like him
I could not be like him
It was always as if I saw things differently
My world was not his black and white
I observed
I questioned
I saw colors, words and rhythm in everything
I was the opposite of him
Maybe he should have named me Trebor?
Then my life, my vision, my name
Would never be shared with anyone

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As the beasts of this world
Continue pouring from their cup …
An angel from heaven delivers hope
On the wings of an eagle it comes

And the beasts of the earth bow in defeat
As the two-edge sword is revealed
The seal of God’s word is given and
There are two women, one pure and one un-pure

While the un-pure woman is corrupt
She is dressed in scarlet and her name …
Her name is Jezebel for she is a harlot
And  she honors the serpent, not God

The pure woman is full of incense,She is ... 
Israel, dressed in robes of white, garments of gold
For the sun shines brightly in her heart
And on her forehead is the kiss of God

The pure woman eats of the book daily
In reverence to her Lord
She delights in the gift the blood
Has given her, she is thankful

The stars sing out the triumph
And the sun shines forth in majesty
For Israel withstood the harvest
She looks to the Morning Star and rejoices in victory

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So much is said and done
In the name of God
For good, for evil
To give credit or blame

Who are we to use 
The name of the Holy One
God Most High
To explain our own actions
Which may be righteous
Or on the contrary
Only a deception 
Of what is truly
The will of God

Care must be taken
To avoid misrepresenting
The Creator
Judgment for idle words
Abusing one another
And God’s name
His character defamed

Lies believed brings destruction upon many
Ignorance rules in the heart of
The unredeemed, the unrenewed
Even the knowledgeable
Often lack sound judgment
But in the end
God will not be mocked 
And His truth 
Will be evident to all


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Isis in the Smoke

Isis in the Smoke
A hush has rested this quiet afternoons sunless wing
While his thoughts hang on a trembling tip between nowhere and knowing
And the flowers in his garden drip diamond drops of rain
The cool wet darken colours suffuse the window pane
As from his frozen fingers smoking drifts
The quietude is humming mute words that breathing softly gives 
A curling pathway carrying so many memories
To the vacant love inside his eyes sent to another moments kiss
While the tapping rhythm of the sky dusts day to fallen dusk
These mysteries of living have perceived some other or another gentle task
The ghost of a soft bewitching smile calls once more to his heart
And his dreams are born by a sighing only her touching could impart
As a thundering roll echoes to lightning skies when the silence broke
Through the wafting layers and spiralling vines of blue grey drifting smoke
He espies the passages and the fields where only the lonely talk
Calling him once again to the place and time where only Angels walk
The room has slipped from dim to sheltered dark
While his breath in a cloud forms a ghostly unspoken remark
He raises the glowing ember to remind him of the time
To when all his love had a language in the vision in her body and her mind   
No voice has uttered through the day the name that lay burning in his throat
From the dark and from all the stars fashioned a velvet shaded cloak
Which he swept about her naked shoulders in a universal flight
But from his dreams her pale form danced throughout the suffusing night
In the warmth of her arms he raised his soul and to her breast he lay the word 
Her hair became his shadow his eyes became her smile and their name was once more heard
In a proclamation of a silence where lovers sometime walk
And so entwined they where carried to the time and place where only Angels talk
As suns wing lightens upon the shaft of a burgeoning morning
He swore by all that is sacred and by all his love he heard a distant laughing 
And a garden filled with the green of flowers ignites his waking eye
Isis languished in the dazzled window pane with a smile he could not deny
As a thundering roll brings lightning skies to where the silence broke
Through the wafting layers and spiraling vines of blue grey drifting smoke
He espies the passages and the fields where only the lonely walk
Calling him once again to the place and time where only Angels talk

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Jack Of Hearts

(This is my god damn card
Fucking sbullshit
This shit is good and shit
But fuck this.
I never, I fuck
Fuck. )

I love to grace your pages swiftly
Driving out the things that need be
Sparking thoughts of love and passion
But, jumping for the stars often ends in earth
And the flight, treasured by few
I often open my eyes in the sky and cry the morning dew
Looking at everything, Everything looking back at me
I cry the morning dew, waiting for the earth

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My Name Tag Says...

“Hello, my name is bisexual”. “What’s your name”?
Annoying name tags! 
Who do I wear this name tag for?
When throughout the day can I just snatch it off?

Never because it’s tattooed to the right side of my chest.
the way I choose my life to be isn’t the best,
Some say it’s a “sin”!
Some say it’s “selfish”!
Some say it’s “super-fresh”! 
Either way I can look forward to some good rest tonight.
How about you?

“Don’t like the same sex, 
You’re going to be marked by this the for remainder of your life…
Wait, what’s bisexual again”?

Why must I specify, what I do in my private time?
Do you know what that word means?
Cause I don’t know anymore.

“I’m tired of people not saying what they really are”!

Excuse me for keeping the conversation on the “up and up”.
As I said before, my sexuality only makes up 5% of my personality.
Did you know that I was a good person?
A law abiding citizen, 
I don’t do drugs,
And I try never to hurt anyone unless I absolutely have to...

Okay, I sound like the average serial killer.
But how many half-a fag mass murderers do you know?

I’m trying to be polite,
But it has never been that black & white!

A label,
Enabling you to feel better about being around me.

It helps you tolerate me and my sexuality,
Why 4, I’m not fornicating with you!

So what I’m unsure, (I use condoms and dental dam.)
This country has done nothing for me to yield to such rules.

You can’t even serve in the armed forces, without looking over your shoulders.
So what are you really saying to me?

Our land we love, don’t we?
Paying “F.I.C.A” is as patriotic as your going to get me to be.

Hell I’m paying for the labeling,
So you can feel comfortable.
I’m a human.
When has that ever been just black & white? 

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Wanting back with the only family she has known all her life. 
Wanting to go back to that night at the yogurt shop. With all the gummy bears.
New family and friends. It is alot to take in.
Two hours away from her real life with her mom.
Hopping all of it is just a big bad dream. 
All she has left is her name carter.

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Teen's Court in Section

Entered the court hall at 8:30 a.m.
Sit and Sit and nothing began.
Every name called as I patiently waited.
I was beginning to wander was his name on the slate.
He was finally called at 11:15 a.m.
The judge acknowledged mom and the charges were read.
Nathaniel tried hard to plead his case.
The judge listen closely but would not break.
“I’ve given you chances time after time.
Am I crazy or are you so blind?”
You’re going to school and not learning a thing.
Disturbing others and causing a scene.”
The public defender tried to speak up for him.
Wanted the charges drop so he could remain free.
The judge stood his ground and would not bend.
Looked at the mom and said, What should I do?
Mom help me out, I need to hear from you.
Mom spoke up -He did break the rules.
He made a mistake with the choices he made.
I can not uphold him in the wrong that he done.
He must learn from his mistakes although they were wrong.
I will agree with you Judge with the decision you made.
Nathaniel dropped his head to the ground.
He needs to learn this is his wake up call.
He will be detained thirty days in juvenile hall.
He will go to school there and bring up his grades.
Learn to make wise choices was what the judge said.

 11-30-07 took the papers back to court. Nathaniel thought he was going to come
home…Wrong….He did the he must do the time. Tough Love..It hurts but he must
learn from his mistakes.

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The Wilds of Daphne

“Excuse me, but could your name be Daphne?
She was an oooooooold friend of mine back in Greece.
You resemble her you see, especially the Maple tree coiffure”.

“Well... your horns must be tied on a bit too tight this mornin, fella,
cuz my name is Chevel and this is an Blond Oak todo I have done
every Saturday at Millies. Why is your hand stretched out toward 
me fella, are you trying to tempt me! What is under that silly coat, 
am I suppose you think your a human with two antler coming 
out your head! Go on now shewww, be gone...don't bother me.”

“I'm sooooooorry if I've offended you. No I just 
thought we might be friends.”
The strange creature holds a knife in his shielded hand hoping
to take a stalk of her tree, you see white oak was very valuable.

“And what is that thing hanging out of your dress coat on your 
behind? It looks like you sat on an old piece of pizza that stuck.”
(The horned man timidly retreats.) “Why don't you just
get on home now boy.”
Humiliated he pranced off on his two legs.

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Oh ice-cream, Oh ice-cream
You are made of ice
Oh ice-cream, Oh ice-cream
You are really nice.
Your name is vanilla,
Your name is strawberry
Your name is cream
of what we really dream.
Oh ice-cream, Oh ice-cream
you are very cold
So cold, So cold that you are often
promptly sold.

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For Love 4

i got this ache, a calling from my core
skin on fire, nerves tingling at the slightest touch
my eyes feel heavy, my hands roam
and if i think of u...

just lay me down
kiss my body
i wont go nowhere
give me real love

my lips are saying your name over and over
my heart is racing beneath my ribs
i am begging for this journey to begin
and then i think of you...

please just lay me down
u know what i want
i only need you here
to love u for real

when youre watching me
i get a little shy, but like a magnet 
i am drawn to your side
and my skin blushes red, waiting...
for the lips that i crave
for your hands on my face
your body pressed into me
my name coming from ur mouth

lay me down
hold on tight
this is just a dream to me
but the realest dream ive ever seen

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how can i forget

i wish i could forget  the smallest things 
your smile, your kisses ,your voice when you sing
to me you were  the one 

and 'till now ur memories remain 
unwillinginly yet with effort they refuse to go away
i'm in deep despair within since u set my heart stray
its like i feel a tingle every time i hear your name 
i feel  affection like my souls' been snatched
there's no doubt about it even though its not realistic my heart seems to shout it 

i wish i could forget
the things u used to say
impossible because to me 
your love 
your name 
are forever to stay 

in my heart your name is engraved 
with the words i wish i could forget effortlessly 
but when my heart revolves around you 
like the earth around the sun 
then my mind cant control this and leaves me to regret the day i ever met you
now how can i forget ?

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What Shall He Be Called, the Bastard Who Innocently Lies Wit

Not every woman’s dream 
 	of procreation 

can be fulfilled;

not every woman dreams
	of procreation, 

her body thrilled.

But loved and lovers’ inclinations – 
not 	re-creation – 
cannot, will not be stilled.


one day

bypassed her – 

she –  unplanned –  filled
her womb with him – 

left herself swelled, ahh – 
swooned with him
inside her womb within

where unnamed seed
a named existence: But what?
	for example
from L’Engle’s Wrinkle?
	DAVID for a King
or Copper field?
	JOHN for having been begotten
DON, but not forgotten?
	BILL, for Will that Shakespeare geek?
or anything from A      to        ZEKE?

AHHH, “But what’s in a name,”
said Juliet to her Romeo, 
as they wooed before they wed, 
then lived too fast, a mortal blow
by Fate, so Willy said.

But HE and SHE should have a say,
together name the child
meaningful – not wild –
a name for life
from birth through final day.

SHE lay alone by night
		and more alone by day
			since “Daddy” went away;
		she wouldn’t play
his childish show of might

as in: Stay?  I might!
Good Night!

He left with stormy words
and even louder silence
whose echoes shake the very walls
within where 
is growing
no one knowing
what to call him yet.
No names are set.

Twelve weeks are gone
and Baby what’s-his-name
still asking (in his silent way)
“What’s my name, Mommy?
Don’t you have a clue?
  I need a name, my Mommy, dear.
It’s up to me and you 
since Daddy’s gone, I hear,”

	She  heard his voice 
through pumping 
of his little heart
with hers
offering his private choice
a conversation of love
two ways instead of three,
the father gone 
and he inside, said she.

The trochee beat, TRO chee, TRO chee
kept repeating
kept repeating
kept repeating
till the trochee names appeared
by all the saints with Michael in the lead,
her father smiling, his name upon her seed.

Today she lies contemplative
no heartbeat more than hers – inside – 
no breath than hers to breathe the same – 
not since the night the child died
before the coming of the morn – 
the dawn of day he should be born – 
and none on whom to cast the blame.

A quiet muse just pens the words
the rhythm of the tone that girds
the spirit of sweet Michael’s name.
In life or death he is the same:
before he lived, his life was done
though lives he still, her darling son,
for evermore in memory
in poetry eternally.

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Writing on the bathroom walls

    Writing on the bathroom
     Their names scribbled 
      A thousands of times
   Cause these girls want  
     to give up their treasure
      For some quick pleasure
    But don't think the girls won't talk
        Cause they will 
      Being here 
    Sitting in this room
   Being a part of the girls who talk
     Makes me feel mixed up 
    Cause their is nothing wrong
      With sex or giving it up
      It's your choice
     But have some respect
       for yourself
       One two many guys
   and it starts to have a different 
        Look,smell,and name  
       Before it  was just about giving it up
         to the guy she loved 
         Now she's giving it up
           to his friends and strangers
             Come on girls 
         Your name is all over the walls
             and you could care less
               You know girls are gonna talk
                At least be discreet about ya S.H.I.T
              You wanna get it on 
              Don't let anyone else catch on 
                It's your Porrogative
                Be a closet freak
                Don't open the closet
                So everyone can see? 
                Cause I truly don't like 
              to be the girl to talk about you
                It's just when you display it 
                  like a concert that everyone can get tickets for
                  What do you expect? 
                   Clean bathroom walls and stalls  
                      Come on?  

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Another pointless thought

People say they are here to help
People say they dont judge
People say they not here for fame
but people lie
look around it's all a lie
how much help you get 
depend on the color of your skin
where you from
or what languge you speak
they judge you with the way you look 
the way you dress 
the way you talk
Fame is everywhere you go
people kill just to get fame
so someone can know their name 
people sang 
so they can leave their mark
people dance 
so there is something to fight over 
which move is better 
people come up with the most dumb stuff they can do that can hurt them or take they life
like jumping off a building with a skateboard 
just so someone can know their name 
what is really the point 
because everyone get their 30 sec of fame
that not enough
but you dont see you get it even if you not trying to
its call life or death 
just some pointless thought

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Imaginings of Fr. Rupert Mayor

My whole body was trembling in shock
My blood, as if flowing back to my heart, dizzied
My vision as I kept on
In my delirium to aid the young man spitting
up his own organs beside me.

His organs are my organs.
The sound was clear and very loud and
My leg was gone. And if I was so permitted
I was to rage on for the Lord on one.
For to rage on I must.

This passionate young man, Adolf,
Exciting them all among beer and music, politics and games.
Straining his voice.
What do they want me to say?
His voice is my voice.
And he is just a boy, and I just a messenger.
The crowd before us like wet clay pleading for shape.

Then let it be so, I will try,
For to rage on I must.

Only my voice with Him now and the damp
Stone that surrounds high above in this prison
With suited men loaded with guns below among
Trampled flowers that carried my name across
A still-molding country and
His guns are my guns, and His name wants my name,
And I will give it to Him because
Still! Still! Still I rage on.

Though no one is here
                                  to hear.
So I pray. I pray still.

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My heart weeps for eternity

Father I pray that you will touch my heart as I piece this entry, let my ink flow onto this paper
Caress my heart as it cracks, amend my broken spirit that hungers for your word Father
Set your eyes on mine that I may keep them open long enough to write of patient days and time of joy
I no longer stand to be the romantic I was saw in my mirror but a man of the world whom is dead
Uplift me my God that I will praise you my king, in Jesus name amen.

I raced against time itself only to fall on my face faster than the sunt sets
I once had her by my side, today she no longer answer to my worries, nor pain at heart
Her smile endures the passing adversary to whom I failed
Her heart thinks of trashing mine to the curb, and I await patiently holding hope's hand

It is believed that in a thousand years one would come to love like Romeo
Yet in my scene I have already erased my name from the script
She dwells alone, and only with memories of mine that slowly fade into nothing
I was then and I stand no where in her now

I weep like a child, my heart fills with regret
It is so hard to say just forget, for the pain takes life again and again
Fresh tears fall and I taste my gloomy heart
I fall to darkness when I see no light to guide my direction I am lost

I lost my world
My alley leaves and I stand still, awaiting my term and judgement to see my eyes
Farewell to my dreams and hopes to be, for today I die
I desire only to be made anew, troubled times twist and lurk in my day
No longer will I dream, please I beg for a day just one more day in Alley's arms

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red carpet grave

im not sure where i am going
this red carpet grave calling
fancier things deny me
of finer things
i cannot be
all these strings pulling me
to a lie called destiny i do not believe
i surely hope the kiss is sweet
the red carpet grave greets me
life lessons
sour sweetness
where else does wisdom lay
venom on its teeth
the aisles of the movie store
where men are gods
watching over victoms
learning how to perform properly
where else does the secret of life lie but in the se4al of fate
of these wisdoms robbed from history
the simpler things we thought we were not recieving
lost in the midst of the red carpet grave calling
calling the million dollar man
by no other name but his own
whilst they call themselves hollywood
by his name alone

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Do Not Ask Me

Do not ask me for an hourly love
A love with pinch in pinch out
I am not civilized yet.

Do not ask me for a burger love
With bad cheese, 
I do not have the taste for it
I can not afford it anyway
With my minimum wage salary.

Do not ask for a minimum feeling
And maximum love
This is a different chemistry, 
A different language
And another type of skill that takes time

Do not put my name in a list
On top or in the bottom
It does not matter 
Being hired and fired are not options I am considering 
This is for the skillful less
And I do not invest in the feeling and utilitarian market.

Do not ask me why I dream of the moon; 
Cause the moon is not just 
A face, 
Of smile, 
Or  dark eyebraw.
It is the first circle i draw, .
The swoon when i am lost, and
Your eyes' tune, sand dune.

Do not ask me
What is my name is, 
Where I come from, or
What type job I have; 
But ask what name I will give you and 
What name you will give me from time to time; 
Ask me where I will take you and you will take me
Without plans or exits.

Do not ask me if I could keep
The same smile; 
Cause, a smile is like a golden ring
It does not create your hand
Neither my face.

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Your Name

Someone said your name today.
It was strange. I was
half-listening, going on about my day.
And your name fluttered in
like a bird can fly into a building
and is stuck, suddenly unable
to find the door or window
it came through. So your name
is stuck in my head bouncing
off its panes and knocking dust 
from deep memories, searching 
for the exit. But, it will have none
because nothing can make me
speak those two words.

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Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy birthday Jesus
Love you so much
Love you more than I can say
Love you with my life
Love you with my worship
Love you with my being and spirit
Love you Father
You are so good to us
So good 
So very good
There is nothing we do that would bring you glory
Exalt your name 
Bless you Lord
May you always reign in us
And accomplish things in us
May Your name be lifted up
Now and through eternity

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Jesus Almighty

Hello friends, frenemies, and foes
I've got some words to say
To the average Joe
There is one road
The road to prosperity
The road to happiness
(haha) Oh no no
You think i'm wrong?
We all are
You, you, you, and you
On the path, you'll find the truth?
Not so
Just lies, hatred, and the deceived
But that road
The road
The only road, is how truly the world is perceived
Through all the greif
The pain
The lies
You still have hope
Hope and faith
You believe the false prophets
You listen to the lies of modern society
You cause pain
You use your impossible idol
As an escape
An excuse
To kill
To steal
To ruin lives
Then on the day
You worship the lies
So next week you will be 
Saved and ready to rape the willing
To take creativity from those who care
You are the evil gypsy of this time
You cause pain
And death in the name of god
In the the name of god
You commit crimes
You give lies for profit
You are a false profit 
Spelled with an f
You command the living to be the dead
You hate people who love 
People who care
What do you gain?
You are a money hungry hippo
You say Jesus forgives
You say he loves
But he seems evil if you ask the lesser thans
So now
You've heard my words
I thank you for giving me a chance
Thankyou all, friends, frenemies, and foes
And ahmen

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his eyes

life through my 
eyes is hell
on the surface
life through his
eyes I could only
whole world in
his hands, mind, and 
to me the whole 
world is just a
prison sentence...
life is a gift
to him
changing lives
me its a battle,
a war
yet he loses
more love than 
each sin breaks 
his heart
for me love
is another war
his name
more powerful 
than anything
his name can
be cursed, sang,
spoken ,loved, hated
his name is
love summed up
in one person
my  name just 
another part of
my existence
he is the 
beholder of my
the beholder of
my future life
with him
there is no 
death just life

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Jake Stanson Murray (Part one)

My name is Ja-Ja-Ja-Jake!

Jake stared at the mirror and frowned upon his own face, which in turn the mirror frown
back to his face with his. He straighten his back and opened his mouth once more.

My name is Jake-ke-ke-ke...

How am I going to get through and interview without stuttering he thought.
How am I going to be able to talk to a customer without looking like a total moron.

He stared at the the mirror once more grasping the hair on his head, then sighed and
turned away as he walked out of the bathroom. Walking slowly out into the hall of the
bookstore, he passed the alarm sensors that were placed just in case people wouldn't bring
merchandise into restroom or maybe trying to steal the merchandise into the restroom, went
off as he walked through.

He stood not surprised but more annoyed that no one came to supervise him or check on him
in any way or form.

Guess no one cares he thought, better for me, the less I talk the less I st-


Jake adjusted his head slightly for the voice wasn't that far away that great movement was
needed. He stood with his hand still grasping his head with rather bad posture letting his
demeanor seem uncaring which he was until he saw the voice...

Its a girl
A pretty girl
A very pretty g- just going to let the alarm sound off?

Jake slowly realized he was just standing there dazed before in thought when the
alarm first sounded and dazed again in thought by girl while the alarm kept going.

He jumped out from the bathroom entry and started to chuckle nervously while his grasping
hand moved more to the back of his head. He kind of did this awkward well I'm done
laughing but I still feel like an idiot and this person is still standing there so I'm
going to walk away now stance. He did the preparation to leave but the voice of this girl
once again caught him of guard.

So whatcha steal?

His hands fell to his side and he looked at her.


Her dark hair cascaded over one eye as she stood rather comfortably and said without an
ounce of timidness:

What did you steal? 
I mean the alarms went off for some reason
or do you have like a metal plate in your head or something?

I-I-I-I did-did-didn't steal anything I-I-I sw-sw-sw-swear!

She laughed, a good strong laugh that sent vibrations to Jake's heart.

Calmed down guy!
I don't work here!
Haha I scared you so much you started stuttering!

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Mr Alexander Brooks Runningwater

My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried                                 
Plymouths gold rush to California good byes Weymouth’s tongue forked for new they died     
pilgrims to Indians to native pilgrims joss’akeed the prophet saw the ghost dancers die         
prince Philips war another pawn in the game of bowl great sachems had to play the role      
My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried                                  
Americas forgotten conflict or is it not sovereign in land of free sovereignty                     
Gitchemanito saw you sing this land is your land why you took it from the free                     
was it a prelude assawompset under frozen pond to we the people’s Boston tea                  
My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried                                  
was it a red king rebellion or praying town intercession new Mount hope                           
Swansea still swimming for freedom not all the black robes at peace           		    
ambassador for my people imprisoned they destroyed a praying people                           
My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried                                  
pushing east to west for they loved land the best when will they take no more                       
some tried to help it is true from the killing at dancing rabbit creek to widows peak                
trucebreaker in the first degree Farwell letters from noble five to America                       
My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried                                  
Georgia soldier saw a cruel work I will walk the lonely path to be free                                
from fertile florida to Oklahoma dust bowl you take the land you take the gold                  
as they build a fire we go I rather lose the world to loose my soul                                  
My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried      
                                 1The Life Of A Fictitious Person (Name Here)contest by Matt Caliri

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Spread Your Wings, Little Angel

Don’t be afraid of your destiny…
Stand tall and look forward into the future

Yes I know that there maybe times
When you feel like pulling yourself away
Withdrawing back into your shell
Thinking you can’t do anything
Contrary to what you believe
You are capable of pushing yourself
You are intelligent and powerful enough
So raise up your head and believe
Don’t let others get inside your head
For only you have the power…
Let your emotions be your guide
As you go and make a name for yourself

Go and spread your wings, little angel
Soar high and don’t let anyone stop you
You have a gift that you have yet to discover
That will save us all and this I believe!
Don’t be afraid of your destiny
Stand tall and look forward into the future!

Happiness… Sadness… Anger and… Passion
Let these emotions flow

Trials that stand in your way
Would be overcome once you believe
You’d be amazed at what you can do
Because you could before
Open your eyes and don’t be afraid
You can’t keep cowering everyday
I can feel something inside of you
Waiting to be unleashed
Remember these words that I say
For they may be the key you need
Listen to my word and get up
For you’ve yet to know the truth

Go and spread your wings, little angel
Let those wings of yours shine bright
Nothing will pull you down if you have faith
So you must raise your head and believe!
Don’t run away from what’s before you
Stand tall and peer deep into the future!

Don’t let others get inside your head
For only you have the power…
Let your emotions be your guide
As you go and make a name for yourself

Go and spread your wings, little angel
Soar high and don’t let anyone stop you
You have a gift that you have yet to discover
That will save us all and this I believe!
Don’t be afraid of your destiny
Stand tall and look forward into the future!

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My mustached devil

I have a Kitten
His name is Alex
He has a mustache
He is black and white
And small and skinny
He gets his baths
Once every two months
He does not like them
I do understand that
He is a little demon
Always getting into trouble
Strewing yarn everywhere
Cute and silly
Simple and loving
We call him Al
My little kitten
Whose name is Alex.

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My head in my hands, 
Your name on my lips

And the icy winter wind
Freezes my tears

Crystalline spheres of grief
Shatter like frosted diamonds
Upon the stone which bears your name 

I speak to you: 
I miss you
I love you
I beg for your forgiveness

I offer a prayer
A whimper
A sob
A scream

I wipe my eyes
Again and again

I stand. Slowly, achingly
I Turn my back against the pain
I make my way
Through the freshly fallen snow
Away from this lonely place, yet
Never far from you

© 2007 Raymond J Wright

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No Excuse

You will have no excuse,
To offer him in the end.
When you have to come,
To him judgment.
You should not be shocked,
If your name is not in the 
Book of life. He told you,
What he wanted you to do,
Numerous times, knocked on your
Door, sent you spiritual messengers,
And you ignored all of them. You 
will be shifted into a fiery plot,
With nothing to ease the sweltering,
Heat. Because you chose to live in 
Defeat. Your name will not be in 
The book of life. If you don't change,
Keep doing the evil things you are 
Doing, and in that book you won't
See your name. Don't offer an excuse, 
That is lame, like I didn't know to,
Change, because all you have to do,
Is call his name, Jesus.
I believe you died on the,
Cross and rose on the third
Day, So that I can have
life everyday.

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when fire met oil

never wanted to be alone

all my life that's all it's been

one big show of happiness

one long trail of tears

never wanting to be alone

i pretend i'm all i need

i've gotta be somebody,anybody, but myself

i want to live each day as my last

hoping i'd attract someone like you

waiting all my life

pretending i'm all that i need

then you come into the picture

that's when fire met oil

burning my dreams to the ground

into a pile of ash

crashing what dignity i had

i bit off more than i could chew

as i brushed the ashes off

just so i wasn't alone

you've made a name for yourself

that's one step up from being nobody

now your the asshole

that everyone's talking about

the one that everyone's staring at

now your the one alone

and i'm standing in the crowd

making a name for myself

i'm not alone

thanks to your hard lesson

when fire met oil

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Always For Peace

remember with me
the day that brother fought brother,
the bodies piled high
behind the false security of the stone divisions
drawn through the heartland.
But when the fighting ceased,
all that remained
was a flag on the grave
of  every brother slaughtered in the name of unity.

recall with me
the day that we united
in hopes of saving our friends from certain doom.
And though the world was at their aid
70,000,000 fell
to the greatest evil the world has known.
But the tides turned
and the end was reached.
Now all that remains
is a flag on the grave of every friend
slain in the name of world peace.

recapture with me
the day that we fought for our country
but fought in vain.
Time and time again we tried,
be it foul or fair,
but to no avail.
We prayed for our children
“please come home alive”,
and now
all that remains
is a flag on the grave of every son
and why?

turn your eyes from the horrors of the past,
and rather,
look upon the sweet memories of our brothers,
and sons.
Memories of the days
long before the magnetic appeal of falsely promised heroism
that tore us apart.
The days in which we knew,
despite whatever hardship that might rear it’s ugly head and stumble upon us
from the farthest reaches of the unknown,
these men died for the betterment of the world,
and now,
let not the flags on the graves remind you of your lost loved ones,
but rather the sacrifices they made
for peace,
always for peace.

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Alone the darkness beacons,
Words of innocence that reach my ears,
The chains constrict yet I still feel you.

I can't see you for your soul is bright,
but you can see me through shadows that consume my right.

You know my true name, but you never say it.
Your presence is becoming distant.

I speak to you in the devils embrace,
I say your words yet I can't hear you.
Call my name once more,
My heart craves your voice.

The darkness holds me back. 
I want to see you, but even if I could you light would destroy me.
For I am darkness and you are light.
We were born to be apart yet my lips long to touch yours.

I curse the Devil in vein, I curse to God in disgust,
yet how can I hate such an Angel like you?

Your words break the chains around my heart,
Your voice makes the devils arms numb.
I don't care if I die, my love if I can only see you.
My life would be complete.

As I run from the darkness my shadow fads.
I think of you my love even as my skin peals away,
Even as my soul starts to decay.

My skin turns to ash, my eyes become stone,
But even if I am blind I can still see your light.
Please say my name before I fade away,
Please hold me in your embrace.

I feel your arms around me as you pull me to your breast,
Blood spills from my eyes a devil cry.
Your love is apparent in every breath.

“Anonymous…” I hear you say as I fade away.

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8 Planets

Vast and giant objects cast onto a canvas of black,
amidst them sprinkled dust and ash reminiscent of a fiery past.
Gas and energy burning, light,
a sight fit for man and gods alike.
In this particular family dwell,
eight celestial bodies to tell.
Each unique, this Milky Way,
does man and life alike partake.
So let us, a trip, embark upon,
through stars, and heavens, and things beyond.
In line before all does Mercury fall,
composed of iron covered in mantle and crust, this ball.
Romans of old saw it move swiftly,
and named it for him with wings on his feet.

Sometimes called sister by our dear earth,
the unforgiving atmosphere blisters and burns.
Venus, thy name though fair,
could not sustain life with poison for air.

Earth, man's Eden, of blue and green,
in it's protection we live and breathe.
Four seasons rich, I will only ask this,
please take care of this wonderful gift.
Of all the planets, this one's reputation,
captured hearts, and sparked imaginations.
-Though alien beings might escape us thus far,
no soul will deny, there's life there on Mars.

The giant of gas with a red eyed storm,
could hold every planet within it's large form.
Jupiter, on its axis, so fast,
less then 10 hours a d ay there would last.

Saturn, the name has quite a ring,
and a density that won't allow it to sink.
Rock and ice particles comprise its belt,
for a spec in our galaxy, it sure stands out well.

Uranus it seems you are always relaxing,
you lean on your side with a tilt of your axis.
Named for the god of the sky by the Greeks,
you even have rings, my aren't you unique!

The one body predicted before being discovered,
is Neptune, behold, it's name fits its color.
The winds howl at speeds much uncanny,
distant, unassisted, your existence,  man can't see.

Thus ends our 8 planets, unfolded of late,
now what else can you find in our Milky Way?

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i know the world enough to where i can walk through forests &
dodge each blade of grass, defy the likes of definition & let my breath
just pass. magic is meaningless, tricks & illusions based upon the
trick of the eye, the human factor, the inevitable blink. magic transformed
upon awakening, realized itself contradictory & sulked back onto the
shelf. the need for entertainment has (at last) been relinquished. adults
have had their skulls picked apart by the young, each undesirable portion
tossed away. there goes [war&worry&work&waste] in the name of 
simplicity, in the name of Taste. 

it's humorous how you rely on the movement of picture frames from one
corner to the next, doing the same things, saying the same things, 
never leaving anything to question. ignorance is bliss, little miss-
i took Their dirtynailed hand & let Them lead me, sure They'd know 
where exactly it was i was supposed to go. despite growing weary
under the weight of hesitancy, still the hand pulled me on, dragged
my breaking body as it cracked with each step. 

this is maturity, this is guidance, this is something i you we all go 
through-- & if i don't? --then you'd be one lost lost little girl, wouldn't
you? i know my god never said that freedom is a sin, that choice is
wrong. his words are lyrics that formed the every alternative, yet you're
reflexive refusal is drowning out his song. no wonder the innocents
have ceased to dance, have remained seated in silent penance for a 
deed they can't recall. 

it was something offhand in the beginning, without logic, almost but
not quite insanity- this continuous idea/phrase/thought that was said
by accident. (do you remember how words really sound?) bombarded
by the repitition, hammer on the head, death without dead- (watch the
welt rise & turn red). i'll just say i understand, even though i don't.

elevate each bone in the skeleton until each one points up, focus
on the relinquishment of order as you spread your eyes wide open.
the lids roll down the kneecaps, & fall back to the dark side of the
skull, exposing the body in its most gruesome beauty. the pupils 
fuse to one & dilate to envelop the heart. exercize the foreign 
concept of patience & go through this pain to achieve this pleasure.
upon acceptance of self-noself, nirvana is grasped.

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Once we said Your name in our hearts
We will say It all over again
Terrorists say Your name in anger before they kill other
That’s their faultiest fault to kill others and proud
Heaven is way beyond their vaults

Once we found You in our souls
We have the path with Your directions
Not the brutal one they’ve been told
Indeed in this life, to You only we surrender

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A Life in a Day

A Life in a Day

Alarms pull me from my sleeping
The demand of their incessant routine undermining
The peaceful thoughtless dreaming
Where for a time I had forgotten

And like a vulture perched upon my pillow
Squawks all the separate memories to peck with their reminders
To myself of me
And while the daybreak has hardly broken
And while the dark room still conceals them
They invade my blood and bones
To return me to their isolation
As I lay there trying hard to think of something else

Still no one sleeps beside me
Their is no one to hear the resignation of my sigh
As my fathers name upon my lips
Is spat to a distance I can forget
And shoved closed the door and close my mind

So from the water risen and from the mirror no recognition
And from televised news no compassion
While I whisper some conversation to a girlfriend I once new
And think the stupid bitch still does not have a clue
No mercy for the human condition
As daybreak is about to be broken
For the support of mere flesh and entertainment
I frequent the hours I sell for money in return

Then as I stretch beneath my sheet 
And my children’s faces swim through my head
All the lost years that lay between them
All the moments we never had
Return me once again to my isolation 

From the darkness of a lovers hair
From the soft contours of her breasts
In the urgent and breathless moan
All the girls that I have had and known
This sweetness of togetherness becomes an acid made honey
Another broken back on which to sleep
Another collected offense for me to keep
In the silence of the questions they never asked themselves 

Still no one sleeps beside me
Their is no one to hear the resignation of my sigh
As my fathers name upon my lips
Is spat to a distance I can forget
And shoved closed the door and close my mind

How this will end is not clear to me
The day has just begun
And the existence of  the remains of life in a continuum 
I have not yet lifted my head
Not bathed the sleep from my eyes
The blink of dawn has yet to offer me its usual compromise
In the comfort and the certainty of isolations open arms

And isolation has its charms

Alarms pull me from my sleeping
The demand of their incessant routine undermining
The peaceful thoughtless dreaming
Where for a time I had forgotten

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Vasava - An Untold Story 9/Many

Vasava –An Untold story                                                          9/Many

Lots and lots of people of Patilputra* and of Magadh
Were assembling in the beautiful court of Magadh

A group of singers were singing a chorus song
Be in life like Bharata* the brother of Rama
Who never tried to establish him as a king, although 
Rama gave him his entire kingdom for fourteen years, but Bharata*
Ruled in Ram’s absence, without using any royal powers for his own 

Over joyed by the feelings and happiness of the day
All the citizens of Magadh were singing 
And playing the musical instruments and drums
While denouncing Ravana  as a tyrant and demon king
Who had committed atrocities on the people of Bharat*

The presence of king Udiyan* in the ceremony
Had made the occasion more charming and attractive
To see only this handsome king of Ujjain’s kingdom
Lots and lots of citizens of Patilputra* and Magadh*
Were assembling in the beautiful court of Magadh

Candles were burning in colored chandeliers and glass lamps
Spreading their beautiful lights in the darkness of night
In the shaking flames of the burning candles
Happiness was showering on the Palace of Magadh
But a rare light was also spreading from the beauty of Vasava

Ravindra                                                                  to continue in 10

Copy writes protection as per Poetry Soup automatic Copy write provisions also.

Kanpur   India   20th March 2010 

*Lord Rama*	                Lord Rama is one of the most commonly adored gods of 
                                                Hindus and is known as an ideal man and hero of the epic 
*Bharata                                   Bharata  is a legendary king of Aryan tribes in Hindu 
                                                mythology. He was the first to conquer all of Greater India, 
                                                uniting it into a single entity which was named after him as 
                                                Bharatavarsa or India

*   Patilputra    .                         The old name of Patna - a city of India in Bihar state

*   Magadh                                The Kingdom of Magadh was located in the current
                                                State of Bihar and other adjoining states of India.

* Bharat                                    Short old name of Bharatavarsa or India

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Cheph 111

 Cheph 111 
Cheph 111 
The pilots name was Marylin Mist she was tall and a nerd with glasses and short 
hair parted in the center not too tall but not short at all she wore her flight suit 
loose and was all business. The orders had come in from Central "
"the new star system has a planet 
OBIRON star system 111 has a third sun with a third planet intact 
We are not kidding you Mary (short for Marylin) {a nickname for the stake of this 
story and my poetic liscence is in place) ed.note. 
Mary Mist the planet is called Cheph 111 after the name of the chef on the diner 
of the spacestation in orbit around OBIRON 111. 
We are counting on ewe to get a good crew and fly your white needle nose ship 
Take as much time as you need your credits are trillions. 
For this trip you are on now there will be no 
More communication with earth 
needle nose ship the "AMARYLLIS TWO". 
Take as much time as you need your credits are trillions. 
For this trip you are on now there will be no 
More communication with earth 
MarylYn the transmission is garbled just continue your mission this has been a 
recorded mess.................................... 
She carefully turned off her laptop and read the latest CHARLAX poem she loves 
the way this poet makes his Private stories to be poems. Then she carefully 
makes her way into the Newtonian City of Bostonia to recruit the crew for her 
infamous star shippe. 
This is the first installment of this epic book poem a science fiction classic hint 
hint to DOUBLDAY books to l()()K at this for serious consideration.ed.note. 
Chapter one: Crew for MarYlin Mist. 
Soon to be released. 
L()()K for this at 

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Lovers write loves name on friendly trees
Your name was everywhere
I even wrote it in the sand
The rock was too hard
I left it bare
I built too my castle there
Where now at your footprint I stand and stare
Longing to blame the waves

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it's just a Christmas stocking 
green with fluff around the top
the difference is the love I feel
your pet name for me across the top

hung by the mantel with all of the rest
displayed for friends and family to see
adding me to your holiday list
our first together with many more to come

as we check the names off as we buy
shopping together for the gifts we need
this promises to be the best Christmas yet
your name is at the top of my list

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A cry from the heavens is heard,
As it brings joy and happiness,
It adorns mothers with garments of fertility,
Fathers pride themselves with the strength of potency,
But greater are the expectations  of men,
As unto the child a name is bestowed,
A name that gives unique identity,
A name that rests unlimited responsibilities,
A name that makes you a morning light,
That could make  you  the father of many nations,
A name that makes you a master of many,
A name that fills your bosom with happiness,
Know your name and feel your true identity,
For your name is who you are,

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Prayer For Family Blessings at Christmas

Heavenly Father,
In this season many are in need
Send Your angels to comfort and lead
Robotics is taking over and jobs are lost
Employment downsizing is a mighty cost
Companies are moving south of the border
Families are frustrated with sleep disorder

Gracious Father,
Help those struggling for an anchor
Save their homes from the mean bankers
Preserve their cars for the family and work
Bless their finances and allow them some perks
Many are trying and the obstacles won’t go away
Open new doors for them as a sign to a new day

Merciful Father,
Look upon the management at their work sites
Teach bosses how to lead and manage in Your light
Transform the hearts of those who are discontented
Preserve those who are about to be railroaded
There is enough prosperity in Your world for all
There is no earthly reason why a family should fall

Almighty Father,
Touch the heart of those in power
Show that by each and every hour
That Your love and grace will preserve
Even the little people who deserve
The blessings of life in their hearts
Your love and mercy will never depart

Dear Father,
In Your name we pray
Bless each heart today
In the precious name of Your Son
I know that the battle is won
This is Your season of grace
Keep them in Your embrace


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The HereAfter

here there is  sorrow and fear after there is great peace 		                
here some madness sadness day and night after the endless double joy	                
here dying crying with pains after a tearless good morning 		                
here wars begun some cease after that none captives set free forevermore	                
here some lost some saved after this all walking the golden path paved	                
here some love and hate repenting forgiving others apathetically apostate	                
after all in perfect love in one accord kneel thanking you for your will	                 
here doors open some shut tight after the beautiful gates are open always	                
here some stumble darkly in their own light after some walking clearly to your true light     
here sin born a thief birthing death after new life begins giving running overflowing	    
here enemies abound even as I frown after with victorious smiles casting their crowns     
here running patiently by faith the course after it is finished resting in the Amen              
here some calling on thy name while others sadly don’t won’t to hear Jesus   	                
after time no more the name above all is loudly praised by all gladly adored 	                
here holy blood cries up from the ground afterward righteously worn whiter than snow 
Glorious Jesus thy perfect love endures forever what I long for now and hereafter

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His main idea was not survival unless you count the spirit at the end of life. The 
hatred in his heart for the people cheering and jeering left him in just one 
moment of his time. A heart given to the LORD will never die but is beating now 
inside the body of the christian. 
The man was name of mud or even fence his name is not important but just for 
this one poem call him JIM. Jim went to the ARENA against his own will and torn 
inside to try to survive and live. The end of time comes to some in the form of real 
life death. The crowd was silent as the MAN strode to the LION and slapped him 
twice so hard the lion felt it. 
The man was soon destroyed by the LION just reacting just a thing created to be 
anything and anyone that bothers it. This man JIM was soon a thing of many 
pieces laying there. This is called martyr when a MAN gives of himself to his own 
LORD the life given unto him is now returned. This is very hard to do and seems 
so odd and yet the way to Heaven is not easy for most men and the Lion would 
not eat the man for food it seemed to sense that the party was now over. The 
Emperor was Constantine he loved the sport and watched it endlessly not no he 
did not like the persecutions but even this Constantine was unable to save the 
life of JIM the martyr the christian the friend of JESUS . ROME continued in its fall 
and fell from Grace but thanks be unto Constantine for making it a better place. 

When Diocletian and Maximian announced their retirement in 305, the problem 
posed by the Christians was unresolved and the persecution in progress. Upon 
coming to power Constantine unilaterally ended all persecution in his territories, 
even providing for restitution. His personal devotions, however, he offered first to 
Mars and then increasingly to Apollo, reverenced as Sol Invictus. 

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Forever I’ve longed for this feeling
But got confused by the way that it felt
You cured me with your emotional healing
Your tender sweet words made me melt

Wishing to feel your touch
Or at least a slight breeze of your subtle lips
Words are not even enough
To express these feelings I cannot resist

Wanting to tell you how I feel
But my shy words run and hide
Knowing that your feelings are real
Mine still sit and waits on the inside

Sits and waits to be finally released
To tell you how much I really do care
With my trust I hope that you’re pleased
Don’t ever think that my love isn’t there

I had never tasted love before.
Well at least until the day I spoke your name
Every time your name caresses my lips
I think, “Oh, how sweet the taste”

I savored the delicate texture of your name on the edge of my lips, on the tip of my 
I wait for the moment to inhale the heavenly aroma of your warm loving scent.

Be patient with me 
Be gentle with my love
Take care of my heart

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Jake Stanson Murray (Last Part)

Shock waved over from a puddle to form an ocean as Jake stood taking splash after splash
of emotions that rolled him not to understand on how he should react to this rude from her
remark yet pleasant from the feel of her hands on his shoulders position.


He finally said without movement, still in a slouch to keep her hands where they were for
she was small in comparison to him and wanted the warmth to linger.

Ya man!
I never seen a stuttering stanley before!
Like I mean I  saw it in the six sense, but that's a movie
I never seen someone actually have that speech impediment before!
Every once and while you hear people with lisps, but who cares about that!

She's crazy...
She has to be, it's like going up a to burned victim and saying O MAN COOL SCARS!
...wait now I'm comparing myself to a burn victim that's horrible...
gosh I'm full of self pity!

Jake still stood slouched still listening to this rambling, odd, no care in the world hair
covering one eye girl. This converse wearing, RIOT displaying, purple eyeshadow blaring, 
rare type of girl. And he felt her fingers shift yet stay on his shoulders as she kept on
going with her interest of stutters, at least he thinks she kept going in the same
subject, cause he was
too surrounded by the feel of her hands, engulfed by the movement of her glossed lips,
hypnotized by the shifting of her small hips, and enthralled by the slight bouncing of her
soft perky-

So what do you say?

(SNAP welcome back to the real world Jake)


I said my friend bailed on me and we where supposed to watch a movie together
but I still want to see the movie and my ride doesn't pass for three hours either way
want to kill time with me?

..heart failing
skin sweating
must...find..reality check

A finger poked a side of his rib which gave him recognition that this was the earth and he
did not just fly to space.

SO are you in or out stuttering stan- I mean...what's your name again? My name is Genesis

Jake smiled and stood straight.

My name is Jake
and sure I would love to hang.

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Chicanery dancing to the rhythm of praise
Treachery preaching to the lost souls 
Betrayal ringing bell of service
Deceit clapping hands to the most high
Insidious schemes shouting Hallelujah
Cupidity for offering speaks in tongues.

Yet, our holy priests in the reverend pulpit
Speak of sanctimonious stained holiness
Even when in their loneliness 
Fornication reigns along abortion 
As they commingle and devour 
Mother and daughter in the upper room 
In their foolish quest for signs on wonders 
All in the same Ark of God.

Still, in the Ark of the most high
They dupe and lure millions off members
Articulating wonders and prosperity 
While they sprinkle water of Austerity
On many who surrender their tithes
To the Levites whose other name are thieves.

Voodoo they added to His Name 
To take the Ark to the next level
Or how do we appraise arson committed 
On members by the Priest called the King?
Burning congregation for repentance from sins?
Then, Lord Jesus would have burnt all in His sojourn.

Alayande Stephen T.
31st September 2006

Got inspired to dot it in Apete.
Packaged to x-ray the crime going on in the 
Church of God today, using Reverend King
Arson and criminal activities as a case study.

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Let's Do These Things Now

Let's have compassion for the world
Extend your hand to help someone you can.
Stop all the abuse and the tyrany of this world
And forgive in time always your fellow man.

So much corruption and wickness abound us all 'round.
Show some pity and spread some  kindness. Respect people and everything!
Show that you really care and stop tearin' others down.
Tell the truth and stand tall.Show some courage!

Be cautious but don't let fear always dictate your heart.
Be happy for what you have and never look on others down.
Be humble and thankful to God and don't judge others folks harsh
Because we don't really know what really transpires behind their door.

Let's pray to our Almighty God for peace and love upon this whole planet.
We all need around warriors who stand for love truth and peace.
Let's strive for real love and peace and let's defeat wickness and violence of any sort.
Let's protect the children against kiddnapping and all those those horrible crimes we hear.

Stop bringing the sacred and precious name of God where it doesn't belong and has no place 
to be in any way.
Stop abusing God's perfect name in everything bad that happens 'round in this world or 
wrong choices you or other are bent to do.
Let's not use God or Jesus as an excuse for all the bad things that only you had chosen to 
mess-up dangerously with.
Offer with all your love and heart the best you can to others in need. Give and do it with no 
strings attached but in the name of love.

Believe it or not, God watches everybody and everything, and no matter what you think, 
always God has a way to reward us all.
Let's find a way to spread more seeds of love tolerance and peace, let's rid of all these stupid 
hatred and intolerance around.
Let's stop all this hatred and abuse...Let's stop all this insanity! This is so horrible and sick , 
and it doesnt do any good for anyone.
I am so tired of hearing all this forms of abuse, let's work harder at making this world  better 
instead of making it worse and sadder.

Lets pray to our Almighty God for peace and love all upon this whole planet.
We just can't do alone anymore, we need God, we need his Holy Word to guide us all the 
way thru.Let's stop all this pretendence and do good.
Men take heed, without God there isn't really much that any one of us can do, we need his 
loving guidance to light each one our way.
I know men won't  listen.But remember before any fall there's pride.Still man heart to Gods 
frozen.Men listen and take heed,before it is  too late for you!

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Grave on the Hill(revised)

Grave on the hill, no name applied
Just a simple pile of rocks

Disturbed by a fallen tree.
Over time moss has grown
Giving the rocks a grey sheen
Someone must have loved the man

Taking much time to find the rocks
and neatly arrange them on the grave.

At the foot there is a small child sized grave
with just a simple long, rounded, rock marker 
at the head and foot.
I often wonder what happened to this family...
I sense great sadness and troubles in these lives.

to be continued...

Grave on the hill, no name applied
Just a simple pile of rock
Marks the ending of a life full
Of sadness and loss of children

Toil and work the rocky ground
to feed your family, land is the life blood 
for survival, for food, for shelter
To the land you have returned beneath the red clay and rock grave.

Grave on the hill, no name applied.

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Just Jesus Christ

Just Jesus Christ

                       Just Jesus Christ saved me, from death took me too his
holy place, his mercy and grace hugged me, into another dimension
next to the holy one. I pray, he tells me he love's me I belive him.
In my Jesus Christ I could rest, 
Peace after all I could experience when I worship him.
Something happens you gotta know this my Lord,
Is alive his not death men, I love him so, I say "Then I follow his voice I'm obedient let me be judge, but by my Jesus "  because, his fair to his children.
I some times don't understand his plan, but some how always belive his right when everything is going wrong. My sufferment he has observe, carefully his chosen the word's my path is Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is the path.
His mercy is unique, his name should always be uplifted in any moment, one man in flesh 
Came to save the rest.
This tme I take to dedicate this feelings, I need you on this everyday!
Walk my love there's no me, if your not with in, don't let go. Because, I rather die
Jesus Christ, my bautized is coming up Im suprice I made it this far thinking of me and forgot there's an Almighty God 21 year's past, but your name is above all titles or anything, it wont be forgotten or in the past,
Jesus Christ is the name of the savior I'm talking abaut, John 3:16 
Tell's a man really in love, not just for me but, for all society in particular.
His own people, didn't accept him, I give him a chance Jesus dosen't fail this he prove's to me all lthe time.
I love you Jesus Christ the last thing I want to do is fail, you because It hurt's inside, you died for me in the cross the only thing I could do Is give my life and, who I was to the only one who truelly cares "Jesus Chris" . I'm done!

                                 by; Crystal Padilla

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 A name what is in a name a confidence we have with no other person on this 
earth a nickname given to mean something only to the one who hears it so 
sweet in ear so loud though spoken soft so nice though looked at by someone 
who does not knoe the care involved beware they laugh and scorn us there they 
deride the love they snide the things the very things we love the world at large is 
dumb they only needed love oh pookey eye love ewe oh pookie please stay mine 
ooh poOky so sublime. 

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Forever Alive...

The sparkle in your eyes is like a knife,
A knife filled with love and magic,
And when you look at me
I feel the stab right through my heart,

When I met you my life changed
It became like a magical world,
I saw the angels in the purple horizon,
I saw the rainbow that colored my day,
I heard voices whispering your name in the dark,
And every time I cried, my tears changed into smiles when I thought of you,
But now, you're gone, forever...

I miss you,
I need you
I can't live without you
Come back
My heart is bleeding
My tears are filled with pain
your absence makes me die every single day
My soul was yours,
And when  you left, my life turned into hell...
I carve your name under my skin
I bleed myself to see you again,
In my dreams I see your soul above the sky
And in my heart there'll always be place for you all the time
I'll keep a part of you with me forever,

Until the day I die...

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brief note to joey ratzinger

us humans
“groping in the darkness,”
we pleasure ourselves,
we pleasure each other &
we do this not in the name of your “god.”

we abide not in the name of the impending horror that you try &
we take no place beside you or your catholic cult
we find no place to be within the realm of christian hypocrisy & in this
we do not find your fictional character anymore enlightening than a can of spam or
perhaps a floating piece of fecal matter that will not flush away.

we will not take a seat next to 
all the priests found to be fondling & sodomizing children
behind the guise of something “holy” &
we do not take responsibility for those burnt in the past 
for having different beliefs than yourself or
an absence of belief altogether.

we have watched your power slowly crumble & subside, 
and as it continues, we will not mourn for all the illusions
that kept everything in check, 
just the way you liked it 
(wishing it would always be) &
the cronies before you liked it
(wishing it would always be).

for there is no compassion that comes from
attempting to scare the masses into marching behind you
by telling them that the world is getting worse &
that we humans have gone further into the “darkness”---
knowing the unfortunate weight that your words hold 
for so many still brainwashed & terrified,
you choose to work at further separating the species in order to
tribalize & provide a disconnect
in order to fulfill your own cult’s coffers &
further divide us all.

but when you step up to the mic &
do nothing but feebly attempt a continuation of the fear mongering 
upon which your whole life & the life of your lies are contingent,
you make for us a transparent wall,
one in which those who really want to feel better about themselves
will not settle for,
when they get right up close to it,
finally able to see through to the other side.

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10 years later: part II

bin laden is dead.  

his dream, however, is very much alive &  
what he wanted was to force america to bleed,
fighting endless wars in the middle east---
and with the invasions of iraq & afghanistan costing
6,000 or so american (& ally) soldiers to be killed,
a $4 trillion dollar bill & not to mention the
7.8 million refugees &
“very conservative” estimate of 137,000 civilians killed
in these two wars, as well as in neighboring
in this, he has been quite successful,
albeit posthumously so.
at home,
the citizens of the US have been forced into a state of permanent 
paranoia & stress
wherein, the protection of the property within these borders is of utmost priority,
creating 1,200+ government organizations dealing with homeland security &
2,000 private companies as well---
all in the name of keeping the empire strong.

money that could be spent on our crumbling education system, 
giving our citizens universal health care,
or bringing us out of 
increasing & intensifying
all has been used instead on the attempt at annihilating 
an enemy abroad whose number cannot be estimated
whose face cannot be seen &
whose base is not stagnant & therefore cannot be accurately identified,
all in the name of revenge.

though the american populace is supposed to believe that the intent of
iraq’s obliteration was to
“bring democracy” instead of
squeezing the country like a sponge to suck off 
every last drop of its oil,
the government that presently exists there under al-maliki 
does not consider its relationship with the US a friendly one &
sees its relations with iran as being full of more

42 attacks a day is said to be the going rate of 
al-qaeda’s vengeance upon the people of iraq & when 
the US is pretending that it will leave soon,
the world is watching a powder keg
ready to explode.

so in retrospect,
if you are a citizen of the US, 
how exactly do you feel about what has occurred since that horrible 
if you are a citizen of the world outside the borders of the empire
how exactly do you feel about what has happened since the
punch was thrown & 

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The Angel of Hatred and Death

I hated who I was before
And I hated my previous life
I was too weak 
And very passive
I was not fit to be in this world…
So I was thrown into Hell
Swallowed by the Lake of Fire
And the end result
Was my rebirth
And now I’m back to correct my mistake

Hatred and anger fuel my body
I arise from the dead better than I was before
People that took advantage of me
Will now suffer the consequences of their actions!

Ooohhh…Look at what you brought upon yourselves
Ooohhh…The chaos that I cause will be the beginning
Ooohhh…No longer is my name the same, but the Angel of Death!

Now my heart has changed
It is black and hard like a diamond
Never again
Will I open my heart
To anyone for they take advantage…
Pray to God for forgiveness
For I won’t be so forgiving
Because once they’re done
I will silence them
And wipe them off the face of the earth!

With the Sword of Destruction in my right hand
I will slash the earth, purifying it
Chaos, death, and doom will be brought by me
And so the earth shall be reborn, forming a new Genesis!

Ooohhh…There will be fire falling down like the rain
Ooohhh…Not a single soul will be spared by me
Ooohhh…The world will come to know me as the Angel of Hatred!

Fear me and hide for that is they can do
Hate me and mock me for it won’t last too long
Say goodbye to your loved ones, for you won’t see them again
By the time that they are dead, they won’t see Heaven or Hell!

Ooohhh…Look at what you brought upon yourselves
Ooohhh…The chaos that I cause will be the beginning
Ooohhh…No longer is my name the same, but the Angel of Death!
Ooohhh…There will be fire falling down like the rain
Ooohhh…Not a single soul will be spared by me
Ooohhh…The world will come to know me as the Angel of Hatred!
Ooohhh…Now they know the pain that I had to go through
Ooohhh…There will be no mercy given by me
Ooohhh…The Angel of Hatred and Death has spoken!!!

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My Father's pen

The ink flows in my veins, it drips as I cry
I figured life was joy
I was wrong, for there is much evil walking in our streets
Lies upon lies, death herself points at me
Who am I to pretend of joy, when I break inside
I bleed, I shall not bare any seed
O' how I desire to be a father yet I weep I may not see the day
Cast unto me your burden as I drown in tears already half dead and all I have is my name
Why must I deny to be poor, to be worth nothing
As I, who am I
Father embrace me as I break
In the eyes of the inocent I see myself being judged beyond content
And I fall to my knees as I know death will swallow my dreams
She will sit on my hopes to be
Will I too go down as nothing in history
Let the pages be blank, write in my name as I love my name
It marked me when I was born and the first ray of light and sin crept into my eyes
I see not tomorrow
I can't peek into the sunset for I am consumed by sorrow
Plea, O' Father I plea to Your name
Deliver me from this heart ache
Free me so that I may at last find peace
I drown lower in strife and and I grow weak
Will You strengthen the ones who shall see me pass and love me?
I beg, to my humble view Father I trust in You
The clouds spit onto me, as I
Eduardo is the name you gave me and I shall embrace it for You my God are my all
Age sit on me, and I grow in time seeing twenty-one years of life I cry out
For my future, as I am to be what?
I sing, and I weep to my pain
Will tomorrow bring me back, or will I still fear the rain
I love my name, Eduardo, Father I am your pen
Allow not the ink that flows in my vains to dry
Surely You know that if it does I will die
Father in your keep I leave my life as You gave it me, only You can take it

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Change your name…

Change it for one that with its scorching stigmatic fervor will evoke blood from 
those who hear it. That the word detonates at the level of voices and that the 
ferocity of its enunciation’s chars your tongue at the moment that it escapes your 
mouth. Change it for one that is cunning. Change it for another that will be a 
that reflects the falsity of its songs. A name that once spoken out loud will wrench 
the feathers from the wings of angels that are in the vicinity of the conscious.

Change your name…

Change it for one, which instead of screaming in hushed tones, will resound. 
that reflects your anguish and murders you every time you hear it. One that will 
challenge the word of God. Change it and discard the one that was nailed to your 
forehead. Remove the veil of your name and replace it for a new one, although it 
might become a shroud. Change your name of shame for one of damnation. 
Change your name of supplication and submission for one of sin.
Change your name of dead Royalty, although it might be the one of a bastard.

Change your name so that at the beckoning…
You will not answer.

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1. before 16 but after 14

2. 15 cents is not enough to get a gumball in a 25 cent gumball machine, nor is it the way
to pronounce correctly the name of famous rapper “50 cent”

3. in reference to a 15 year old hispanic girl’s birthday or Fiesta de Quinceañera

4. congrats, you are old enough to have sex in denmark & sweden

5. a crystal anniversary for the rare circumstance that the institution of marriage has
worked (or at least each individual has not been caught cheating yet)

6. in the english language, it is the smallest number to have 7 letters in its name when
spelled out f-i-f-t-e-e-n

7. 15 mph is the average speed that a penguin swims (when not angry or horny, you know how
those penguins can get)

8. “the devil’s card” in a tarot deck (and if you don’t believe in the devil, as i, well
then, for the both of us it is just the 15th card)

9. the amount of men on a dead man’s chest as found in a lyric of a sea shanty in robert
louis stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island

10. the amount of fingers that Li Jinpeng had been born with, prior to his operation at
age 6, which removed 5 of the 15 in late may of 2010

11. 1 ton of number 9 coal less than Tennessee Ernie Ford loaded in his song “sixteen
tons,” still owing his “soul” to the company store

12. if you caught the one-armed-man & you are both standing alone in an elevator on the
way up to book him, this is the number of fingers between the two of you

13. the minimum time a human head stays conscious after being decapitated (15
seconds)---time enough to shout curse your body for letting your head pop off so quick

14. the longest word without repeating a letter contains this amount of letters (english)

15. the amount of seconds it took you to skim this list quickly, decide that it’s not
poetry & get just a teeny-tiny itty-bitty pissed that the actual word wasn’t referenced in
number 14

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Glory Be To GOD

Glory Be To GOD
that Jesus is the LORD to the GLORY of the father   (King James Version)
Philippians 2:11   (Read all of Philippians 2)
And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of 
God the Father.
That every knee shall bow and every tongue confess That Jesus is the LORD to 
the Glory Of The Father, that we may ZOA at the second coming of Christ. 
Everyone is welcome and none shall be cast out though thy sins be as scarlet 
just say Jesus and believe and just say Jesus dare to breathe HIS Holy Name 
and live. AND then my earthly friend we must learn to live again a different way in 
love. A wonder full of love at GODS Graces from above, the light and light the 
silent night the Power of HIS Might is not the flesh we dwell in but the SPIRIT that 
gives us life. First say JESUS then continue on to live
its a peaceful easy feeling in the MIDDLE of the earth in the middle of THY search 
for GLORY be to GOD. Then find Jesus the ONLY name of GOD.

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Nothing In Order

I tickled her
Hi there, my name is 
What do you mean you have

Stop and think!
Shouldn’t these sentences have endings

I tickled her Wendell
Hi there, my name is crabs
What do you mean you have fancy?

That’s not it!

I tickled her crabs
Hi there, my name is fancy
What do you mean you have Wendell?

Oh damn!
Forget about it!

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Andrews and Katerina

Andrews and Katerina,
How did they name these,
wind demons,
and flood wreckers,
they blow like hell,
coming all of a sudden,
they are real real bad,
they do not mark,
a house from aroad,
a pole from a factory,
they simply destroy all they get,
they are ravenous when it comes to death,
they spell it so hard and bad,
that we cry for dear ones and leave thousands sad,
sad is not enough,
they uproot homesteads,
a sad man,
who is mourning dead,
is now without homestead,
how did they name these,
so soft and like a girl and a lad,
they are so bad,
that they should be named,
bad and bad,
may be followed by numbers to be had.

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The Lifer

The Lifer
Eye feel so sorry for someone that cares for only work and cannot have a little fun 
it seems so sad to me they cannot use the world to live or love but robot only 
seems to me a fate as worse as any death has come to those in work zones he 
looked for all the world a sad sad man when he said there is only work related 
things allowed on his bulletin board in the work zone land. He has helped me 
many times but now he told me with his eyes that eye am just a cipher in his life 
he died when he signed up for cash a lifer stuck upon the number given him 
when job was given name a number in the zone a lifeless thing a lifer come to 
stay how many gentle readers have the number or the name just like the lifer 
man the game is god the thing is done now no new information in the lifer zone 
allowed. No Soul.

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I am...

I am Gabrielle Owen
you know my name 
you don't know me
so quick to judge
trying to break me
think twice
I walk waiting, contemplating
I sit contemplating, waiting
you laugh because I'm different
I laugh because your all the same
too hard for most to understand
lyrically superior to your immature thinkings
get out of my head 
making me nauseous
you will never know me 
what a shame
can not get passed the black
won't even try
you see me there 
all alone
feeling so sorry
gossip to your friends
ever wonder why I'm alone?
in reality all you have are your possesions
what i have is not worldly
what i have is a mind of my own
quite hard to find
My name is Gabrielle Owen 
and you will never know me.

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A Tightening in the throat, 
a shifting in the sand. 
A movement: 
 near my heart ------------------when. 
I hear ewe name or see ewe name on the letterhead. 
A snail mail letter or just an email too. 
Anything at all from ewe causes me to change 
the way I sit the way I move the way I seem to be. 
Completely at ewe mercy is how i want to stay, 
i love ewe i love ewe i love ewe 
a broken record stuck in a groove 
words of love and time to tell ewe 
there would be no end to days of love 
theres only one thing left to say 

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A Mother Pleas

A Mother Pleas
A True Story
He was only seven when she lost him. Her name is Francis eye did not get his 
name but he is 23 now and if you can read this poem boy your mother is in 
Tucson alive and riding on the bus. My name is not important and eye look for no 
reward just contact pleas your mother for she is aPARENTly annoyed at missing 
you at last and wanting love. What is a life real life worth at least a poem and a 
hope. A love eye heard her speak so calm about you she is never given up.

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She never forgave him for not giving her his last name or
letting their only child be sold on the auction block.
When she was raped he didn’t hear her screams.
When their second child was taken away he just watched. Then he went away.
She never forgave him once…

He never forgave her once for having the bastard child,
Blonde hair, blue eyes too good for the sun.
How his ears went numb from the wails of her ecstasy.
She was always in their kitchen cookin’ up sumthin’ and
he never forgave her once…

They jumped the broom but never made it over.
Five-hundred years later, things haven’t gotten any better.
She still hasn’t forgetten that he didn’t give her his last name and 
He didn’t forget when she shared a bed with the massa.

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Elizabeth, yes that name has spoken through my heart of power
I've heard the name in a thousand hymns and seen the face
a trillion times through a thorny bush or some velvet flower.
And the miles of difference from Roman Greece to Paris France
of the Eiffel Tower is so little compared to the name I have thought.
And so long have you been called that word Elizabeth,
the word that drowns me in a deep brook of the forbidden woods,
that name that explodes to my tongue whenever said,
That word that's forever longed to lie aside of my own death bed.

So when I seek upon a silver star of moonless night,
or the rivers that forecast the silky sand a wetness to its texture
or the ways I look upon the day, the night and its own mixture
of sunrise and sunset, has the name been spoken followed within the wind.
And I ask why the word Elizabeth follows like a cat to a fly?
I've sought to look at the classic face of Elizabeth but no 'hello'
nor 'goodbye'? Just that silent word who strictly follows on by.

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Welcomed Responsibility

And so he sits, awaiting his turn
His face settling in his open hands
His heart steady but ready to ignite
As anxiety overtakes his emotions

Noise surrounds, yet silence fills
His void of consciousness within
For his name to be called, his time
Is what keeps him from passing out

He couldn’t be there, told to leave
Matter of fact, escorted to the door
So now he waits for his name called
His life will then be forever changed

For if it’s a boy, oh the games they’d play
Or a girl, the admiration he’d bestow
But in his heart, he holds them now
Awaiting the news of the arrival


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Do you?

When you hear His voice call sweetly yonder
do you turn quickly to walk away?

When He soothes the hurt that another inflicted
do you glibly scowl and sway?

When He asks you to do a work for Him
are you looking for an excuse to run?

When He sends someone for you to touch
do you say, “I’d rather be having fun!”

As His eyes fill with tears and His heart breaks in two
Is it true that you don’t even care?

When your time comes to die and you wrestle with fear
Do you lay there using His name to swear?

He whispered your name many a time
It was not His choice that you knew Him not

It was your heart that was closed to His voice
You made the decision ... you’ve earned what you got.

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i love you

As you walk into the room all i could do is stair. The light shinning above you 
shows that it is  all you. I smile and glance and then stop staring at that  face of 
you. I look at you like an angle just stole my heart away from me. All i see is you 
no one else but you.  my angle gave me my heart back after you came to me and 
said hello. My face full of droll my mouth open wide and no word would come out 
as you ask me what  is your name i say nothing but a stair he walks away i say 
wait my name is Sarah what is your name. Thy name is Kelly and i talk with thee 
most cutest can be. what though i do to tell you i love you. so i ask do you believe 
in  fairy tale cause my love you are my fairy tale.  Fairy tales you are thou mine i 
love you so much by i hardly know you. my love we shall always know we will 
soon  know everything about each other my love thou shalt say goodnight my 

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Admire Me

Craving admiration she displays herself for the entire see
Reeling in the sunshine shone towards her she continues the path to destruction
Petty compliments and pretty lies
So many jokers in their thin disguise
Lying in wait
Ready to pounce when titillated
Kudos and praise in this confusing maze
Only confuse the seeker about what she is seeking

Candlelight nights hide away your bad intentions
Moonlit walks help you deepen your clever facade
But gentle rains wash away your false exterior
All that is left is this pathetic creature

Talking to him is like a game of chess
Must be careful when strategizing my next move
Who knows no truth because he is a lie
His first name is deceit and his last name is debauchery.

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In the end ill have questions was i realy in love with "men" who's smile could 
brighten up whole america. in the end ill have questions was my last name 
realy "Trotter" the name every body under the god for saken sun questiond was i 
realy me my soul myself. in the end ill  ask was i realy myself was i realy who i 
thought i was or was i somethig i wasnt at the begining of 1988 the 11 day of july 
in the end ill ask a question and hopeing for you to answere it and not to see you 
pause on one single question "IN THE END ILL  A QUESTION "May i Can i ask a 

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A Special Prayer

This morning I awaken at a

Half past nine,

My prays I did sing in praise

Unto you

For letting me awaken to

See this new day..

I thank you dear lord for

All the families and including

My own,

For having mercy upon our

Poor souls..

Oh lord I thank you for letting

Me feel your touch against my


For the wind did caress me

Ever so gently..

I thank you my father for

My enemies and foe, let

Their minds be comforted

By your sweet mercy and


Let all your kind blessings
Rain down on the earth and

Give special blessings to

Hungry and sick..

In the name of the father and

Holy Ghost,

I kneel in honor of you, I send

Up this special  prayer

In Jesus name I pray

Amen and amen..

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One Man's Fridays

This stool is so comfortable at the end of the bar
Never needing to look up, the barkeep knows my request
With the bills sprayed out before me, the drinks keep coming

Quietly, I would sit at Jake’s bar each Friday evening
Minding my own business, until this killer of a woman
Came through the door and took the stool next to me
Her name was Adelaide, an old-fashioned name
And so appropriate, as she drank her old-fashioneds
She was stunning, from head to toe, adorned in the best
One would think she was the richest in the world
One would be wrong.

She got to talking one evening with me and I could see
She wasn’t at all what she appeared to be or tried to portray
She had a need to be there at this bar, as I
Her life was rough, abusive father, mother died young.
She lived with and aunt who tried her best,
But it came a little too late in life.
She had her share of abusive relationships 
and needed to forget them, the past.

My name? 
Well it is of no importance as I am just a prop within the story
She said I had a great ear and seeing me each week brought joy
I cannot lie, I started to enjoy our time together each week
Each Thursday evening I would get my attire ready for the next day
Thinking, possibly, for one moment, it would please her
Each Friday, like clockwork, she arrived, she sat, we talked
We, for a brief moment in the span of a lifetime, shared something

Fridays come each week and months have passed since her last visit
I read in the paper some time ago about an untimely accitdent
Between a New York City taxi and a pedestrian
Her name was mentioned once
Listed as not having any next of kin, sad
It didn’t even make the front page, just a blurb on a latter page
She was definitely more than that, to me anyway

This stool is so comfortable at the end of the bar
Never needing to look up, the barkeep knows my request
With the bills sprayed out before me, the drinks keep coming

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Shattered Name

Although I had no one particular 
in my mind wanted to see 
I waited anyway,
I yearned and wandered to see one unreal 
like a shadow in the cloud of sundown darkness.

I didn’t have one who I really wanted to see
or one I must see with delight 
I waited with a burning heart on one actually not there,
today as usual, all too soon passed away.

I hadn’t anger or remorse more than bearable
or reason to bang my breast and cry out loudly in the air
I wreaked my wrath not to others but to myself again and again,
while I was doing so I became red myself under eve’s sunset glow.

I am losing my body temperature because I am lonely and comfortless
and that’s why my bone chills from solitude. Although I didn’t consider running out and embracing anyone I meet on the road 
and rub cheek to cheek to receive other’s body temperature,

I was raising my eyes to the air and called nameless name but when the name returned as an echo and fell to shatter on the ground, I was gathering the pieces for all night through without sleep.