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Free Verse Mystery Poems | Free Verse Poems About Mystery

These Free Verse Mystery poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Free Verse Mystery poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Deep Down Trauma Hounds

Deep down trauma hounds
nipping at the shadows in my mind --
it's ironic that in light's absence,
certain things can be easier to find.

Tried running away from my roots,
only to devour an apple fallen from the tree.

When I looked into your eyes
I knew that you were never coming back again,
having changed far too many times.

Didn't envy the broken circuitry of your brain,
but instead, I spat upon the seven sins,
jealous of how quickly you could change.

I tried so hard to change for you;
to catch up to the channel-surfing that flickered through your head,
not realizing soon enough, that you had become the walking dead.

There I stood as the fool ....
.... no matter how many times I pulled another card from the deck,
it was always the Fool, I chose.

Threw myself into the muddy water,
and awoke upon a foreign shore,
a tropical drink offered to me by a stranger struck with curiosity.

Threw myself from a mountain of mirrors,
only to bounce on a bed of invisible heather, below,
brushed myself off without a scratch or bruise
while viewing the horizon from a tarot-riddled plateau.

Descending into a forest of spirit trees,
I found a woman -- or maybe, she found me --
who is willing to hold onto darkness,
for without darkness, light is an improbability.

Deep down trauma hounds
nipping at the shadows in my mind --
it's ironic that in light's absence,
certain things can be easier to find.

2014 Penetration Remix
September 21st, 2014


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It looks like a simple brownstone building,
Not much different then any other but it’s residents,
Are of the haunted kind, not made of flesh and bone.
In every window a wind chime stirs, gently caressed by
A chilling winds icy finger tips, after all this is known as
The house of spirits.
Witchery or voodoo’s domain, it is a place of salvation for
Spiritual challenged, listen to the beautiful music they make,
Singing within this their walled cage of brick and mortar, these
Ethereal victims lost.
Here in peace they wait for the light to find them, a waiting chamber,
Of the lords misstep souls, those whom walked off the righteous path,
Yet are not without redemptions wanton of need.
Wanders of limbo’s astral plain, seekers whom roam blindly until 
Finding a doorway threshold, then crossing over, into this the house
Of spirits.
A corridors slender passageway, a way stations layover for those tired
And weary travelers to rest until their final journey’s end comes for them,
Sanctuaries power house of the supernatural.
Behind these red doors dare not the mortal flesh clasp the gilded knockers,
For within are things of the unspoken variety, creature protectors waiting at
Bay for the stray intruder to wander forth upon this sacred ground.
Angels kindred brethren whom seek out evil, destroyers patrolling the
Darker shadows for night stalkers whom wish to feast upon the forsaken.
But light’s white power is a mightier force to be reckoned with, and vanquished
Will the devils spawn into the depths from which they came, into the bowels
Of hell shall these demons be thrown into the blackened pit from which they came?
In the twilight’s ethereal hour, a mid-ways breaking point between light and dark,
A shimmering glow strikes this standing watch tower of abandonment’s forgotten,
And heaven’s flood gates are opened unto them, calling these the lost upwards
Towards nirvana and at last know true peace.
It looks like a simple brownstone building,
Not much different then any other but it’s residents.
Are of the haunted kind, not made of flesh and bone.
In every window a wind chime stirs, gently caressed by
A chilling winds icy finger tips, after all this is known as
The house of spirits.



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Double Phantasy

Mama, did you know the precious amethyst shadow hours
I spent beside you, cuddled cosy-close, nestled in blankets of light,
shawled in your red-gold hair? I kissed each tear you cried;
each one a starlight pearl forged from the depths
of your fragile soul. I rocked seashell-shut to each lullaby note
and silently watched as you rocked my cold, empty cradle.
Sometimes you sensed me coiled at your breast -
a small balled knot of grief. You felt my tiny fingers plucking at you
as tingling shivers. And sometimes I bounced sunshine-free
on your knee, a giggling orb of light.

Little one, once again I felt you here,
entombed in the womb of this eternal everywhere room,
your spirit sifting through my fingers like hourglass sand.
Pain has blanked my mind wraith-white, but I felt
your lips nip the warm rosebuds of my nipples
as I pressed a lullaby to the delicate shell of your ear
and brief blessed seconds spun out like years.
My sentient heart will always hold you, my grip will never slip
as my earthbound hands, human-warm, reach through time
and heather-shadowed ether to love and care for you.

*'phantasy' is a deliberate misspelling, an amalgamation of 'phantom' and 'fantasy'

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An almost stillness came about
as she strode into my door,
like breath itself refused to move,
fearful of touching her mysterious beauty

But her obsidian eyes betrayed her. 

Sharp and gleaming,
with a silver sheen
she looked at me, 
and I knew…


Molten lava spilled forth from her mouth, melting our clocks—
eighteen hundred nightmares compressed in two hours.
Long hand moving forward, as the short hand moved backward
How can memories persist in such an acrid life?

She spoke of a beast in the guise of a man,
 one who ravaged innocence with the flick of a click
A coward that collected milk teeth for hardened bones
of other horny beasts with no spine

That throaty tenderness when she spoke 
sprinkled crystal seeds of frustration in me
She says he loathed him, denied she loved him
but her obsidian eyes betrayed her

There she was, a bud he plucked from the nuns’ garden
He grafted then he pruned her, 
spreading her pollen, wafting her scent
yet folding her petals to himself

Caterpillars feeding upon her leaves,
she lets them devour her,
yet once they are wrapped in their cocoons to sleep,
she stabs them with her thorns.

Tears then slid down from her midnight lace eyes
and it was all I could do to catch them
She said she was weary of curtailing butterflies,
of tearing their wings before they can even fly

I had to ask, how many… how many winged gems?
She lifted her sleeves, and showed me her scars
One ugly mark for each innocent child plunged deep,
my heart getting slashed at least three hundred a beat.


A certain stillness came about
as I strode into her door,
like fear itself refused to move,
letting breath touch her mysterious beauty for the last time....

Her obsidian eyes had betrayed her. 

Sharp and gleaming,
with a silver sheen
I looked at the knife beside her.

Maroon-mapped sheets, a stunted womb.
Strains of Bon Iver’s “Flume”
flit past the sighing air like a butterfly,
and I knew…


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Inner conflict dissolves under your lunar eclipse
playing across my fingertips and lips 
tracing the hoodoo of your hips,
causing me to burn down into cinder-sticks
reborn as a Baton Rouge Phoenix
by the gravitational pull of Jupiter
orbiting in your eyes.

Rising above the ashes,
siphoning-off the swamp,
I collide in a slippery mudslide
of euphoria, until steam blows off
and only spring water remains
raining upon soil sprung apart
by the Trident of Hermes,
exposing for us naked iron
to place into a flame
dancing along liquid-skin language.

The extraction of you being the exception,
leaves behind a hole
to bury our fortresses of tragedy
grappling in our roots;
now broken-apart by our roots,
until the last crumbling stone 
sprouts into untainted sheaths -
rigid - yet willing to bend

with the mending currents
of change. Becoming cleaner within, 
hanging onto a truth to be found 
in the wholesome speck of dirt 
longing for my fingertips and lips
to feel the hoodoo in your hips;
a complementary dish of duality
alongside your whispers bleeding 
into the blood-waves of my heart
merging with your lunar pulse.


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let sacred delirium flow

(in-between wakefulness and dreaming, in-between free verse and flows - I wouldn't trade it for candy-coated couplets, nor silky sonnets set in cities of gold, for my delirium is uninhibited, unhinged, freely flowing) delirious non-linear shutter-frames capture us over there, here now, before - a nuance, a taste on the tip of my tongue leading me towards need without a name nor face. Prying open other people to see if you were inside. Searching for a known desire with an unknown label, to find something never actually lost - to make it more palpable - closer. Crawling out of my skin, out of my skull, slinking through invisible trees, you appear: a jungle cat licking my mind - you always made love to my soul first, before enticing me with a liquid growl off-set by the pitter-patter of paws and purring. Your purr, your velvet purr rumbles for my submission. Willingly I accept the invitation of vulnerable humility bowing towards a fearless trust lush with a luminary borderless meshing, catching up to right now. - Right now - Your black-light curvaceous muscled trembling licks my mind, my body, my hands and mouth glide across your skin, testing the earth for stability. The tectonic plates of my belly quake resettle within your womb. Inside-outside, outside-inside a lotus-soul union, just as ancients had hinted, dissolving, letting you devour me, before I drink from your salty grail. Over-stimulation leads to an un-thinking deep rhythm, waves pushing out - in until the shoreline and tides become indistinguishable, a backdrop to a pace quickening. Outside-inside of you, you are outside-inside of me, there is no longer the need to fear unknowns, for the unknown guides us higher, guides us ever deeper, until even our release merges with the flow of ancient rippling rhythm. .

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Isle of Bast

Memories of the North Sea
sift in like sand kernels 
on a fast, frigid tide -
events that transpired outside 
the confines of rhyme,
instead, unfolding exactly 
as they were meant to.

I had never before seen
so many shades of gray.
This monochromatic splendor
was awe-inspiring,
within an absence of sunshine
that was perfectly fitting,
instead of being bleak and bleary.

The smell of salt and seaweed
awoke deep within me 
something dormant and eternal - 
a surging desire to flush
stagnant disease
from out of my blood
with an inverted force of pride.

Salty blood and water
coming together in a communion
of distant relations and movements.

A flash of bright red 
digging in the sand beside me.
My child is wearing the only
vibrant colour to be seen for many kilometres.
The colour matches
her enthusiasm and energy,
as she moves from one spot to the next
like a dancing flame.

My own fire burns in my eyes.
I had unconsciously dressed
in the same colours of the sky and sea,
blending into the scenery
as a chameleon --
an illusion thicker than clouds,
an illusion of stone
for me to melt and reinvent
at the spinning speed of thought.

I look over at my daughter
who is wearing a wide smile of wonder,
for she has not ever seen the ocean before.
She can see the chameleon
walking alongside her in the frothy surf.
Together, we collect shiny stones and shells,
our pants rolled-up to the knee
as we wade through waves.

I wonder if people onshore
can only see a solitary dash of red out here,
or if the chameleon is more
noticeable than I had thought,
while we watch sea-birds
cover the steep cliffs
in a blanket of black and white feathers.

~(2012 North Sea Remix)~


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When nature takes a turn for the worst
grumbling rumbles shakes 
great balls of fire falling 
in her tears black snowfalls

Burning smell of sulphur 
rolling down the mountains molten 
they salute death rivers of flames
the chariots of Hell's fire

Crying infants wailing out
embraced in their mothers arms
held together with fathers
They roared to the Gods for help  
falling silver ashes remains 

Imagining God had forsaken them
as the skies disappeared from their eyes
falling into the darkening death vision
Their universe plunged into darkness

Victims they felt death falling upon them
A deadly feeling they are the children 
cursed by the damned volcano
No where to run
No where to hide
They stop and the black ash swallows them
like a carpet of night forever gone 
but always remembered in hearts 
the fall of a great city of living history 
truly will live forever in the archives of time 

I would be the Celtic gladiator  

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Midnight...You Are My Sun

In all the earnest buds
                  that long to open…..
and ambrosial May promises

I tried in the silence
and the rush of the storm
that rages wild and unkempt
to fight this consuming
                        To cease the feeling….
To halt the sticky sweetness
(berries on your lips)

I can’t stop it…baby
It’s there in every hour
In the breaking of the dawn
painted pink and washed in fire

In the turbulent waves of blue
and salt rain on my face
In the way you speak 
                           and caress me
and the way your eyes just mess me

In the stark speech of branches
and the reawakening of flowers
The breeze that teases my hair
and tosses it carelessly

It’s just always there
stroking and breaking
                   and rebuilding me
Crashing me to jagged rocks
and yet spreading my wings
to fly your passion sky

In the dream of something
came the reality of you

In the fantasy of a wind’s embrace
                came your precious face
and now I am powerless….
just helpless to stop this

My exposed heart blasts out
this eternal hankering……
this infinite crimson crush

A war against the pitching
A battle against this tumble
A railing combat…yet….

Aye! In the night that steals the sun
In the clouds that whisper achromatic hues
and the freesia and lilacs 
                     and violets….. I see you
You are there just waiting
Always……relentlessly….I fall

Oh baby, I just can’t stop this

I fall, hard in a breathless fumble
Into your waiting heart

Like a trembling cat
I curl in your lap
I am so in love with you…

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Dead men tell no tails, or so the winds of 
Destiny’s say.
On judgment hill from on high, 
Voices do echo downwards, as the 
Noose does sway, back and forth, on the
Hangman's tree.
These gallows, of oaken branches, act as tethers,
 Shackles, holding the forsaken, souls prisoner.
Ghost phantoms cling, to it's rotten limbs,
That break beneath times endless rampage.
Regrets fallen horsemen, of the old west, 
Stand guard, sentinels on horse back,
Wearing a tarnished tin star.
God's law keepers, are  branded, sworn,
By their honor, to protect even after death,
The gates of heaven, from this spawn of hell.
Beware evil desperadoes, no mercy will
This the lord's posses show unto you, 
For these riders bare a different mark.
A silver cross of justice, given by
The Almighty’s hand himself.
Say thy prayers, all lawless men,
For on this day, does the rope tighten,
Around your neck, there is no reprieve,
No salvation for evils deceit.
Hell bound are thou, the devils breed.
But beware, there is no escape,
From this grave site.
At dawns first light, as it spreads
 Across the western horizon.
Know that yee, are one of many spirits
Doomed, to be weaved within the
Tangled limbs, called the hang
Mans tree.










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Preacher's Son

I am the Preacher's son
who stole the bread
and broke it with a wrinkled face,
the essence weaving behind her retinas.

When I stole from the church,
Mrs. Worther 'the bird', had spied me
sneaking out the vestibule door,
from her usual early service perch
in the very back pew.

She carried this secret for many years,
including when she caught me eavesdropping
on midweek board meetings
from behind crates of cheap wine.
Instead of showing scorn,
she had given me a warm wink,
offering a lesson
by leaving me there to think.

Mrs. Worther
who had been my Sunday school teacher,
had made me study the lessons
without ever becoming a preacher --
especially later,
when it came to my thievery
and excursions into the park,

where I broke the bread
with a wrinkled face,
the essence shimmering behind her retinas.

I am the Preacher's son,
who instead found the presence
amongst ducks and swans,
when I broke the bread
with that crazy old lady -
gleaned what I needed to do,
and since then,
have never again
sat in another pious pew.

So now,
I am the 'bad' Preacher's son.
Some people whisper righteously
how I have come undone,
made a pact with the dark,

while I break the bread
with that age-old essence in the park.

Inception Re-mix
March 24th, 2014
(originally written: March 24th, 2010)


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- Desert - So Far The Eye Can See -


Sahara the world's largest - the strictest and warmest desert 
It is an ocean without water - a place of fear blast knuckles on the desert floor 
Eight nomads on camels shrouded in white cloth - only the eyes are visible 
How can they find their way in a landscape without trails - no horizon
Once again the sun set - the camels will create nearly invisible tracks in the sand

The sand dunes are changing during the day 
Experience the unusual beauty and exotic charm  
There is so much that amazes and impresses 
The hot sand is like flour and make the sky yellow misty and foggy solar disk 
And the air quivers with intense heat - sand glistens in wonderful colors

A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

Contest Name :	IN THE DESERT
Sponsor:	Nette Onclaud
Deadline:	10/14/2014 

- Thank you for my 7th place in the contest -

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Anarchy and misery whispered 
so softly only she could hear them.
Throwing crab apples drew attention 
like running feral between cars,
like remapping streets which never gave 
adequate directions or a single landmark 
to show her the way home. Mother loved 
the shell her baby bird had long ago broken, 

a mourning dove cooing for soft pieces, 
each scattered peep.  Breath, the only thing
that was hers. Oh, the relief to snatch back
a bored sigh, lock it in, deny escape. 
A-gore-rhythms and Form-you-la’s, school’s 
strangle hold methodology of mind control. 
Skip to my Lou. Skip class. Skip through 
rush hour traffic. Still, no one understands. 

No one speaks the language of Ash(ley).
Purge-atory is no fantasy. 

Every day, the same losses: 
possibility, sensitivity, civility. Hey guards, 
listen to all the things she'll never say. 
Words, what are they but manufactured 
strings of disappointment that she chokes on? 
The entire world babbles platitudes 
and lawyers’ lies and vulgar chastisements.  
Why speak, why waste a single breath? 

They fling their crap, so she returns 
the favor, knowing they will not 
translate her message. They use verbs 
like pepper spray and cavity search and 
solitary confinement. She is nineteen, 
but the numbers don’t add up, redo 
the equation. Just don’t ask questions 
or try to hurt yourself. Just? 

Again, she feels the noose 
close her throat, smiles at her secret 
antidote, the open doors of unconsciousness. 
A caress, this burn against the neck, 
again and again, saved and saved 
and saved, as though they’d noticed 
the flame’s gone, as though someone cared 
she’d become soot, ash, ashes. 

Ashley?  Ashley to ashes to ash 
to dust, just dust. Just? Just. Death. 

About this Poem

Ashley Smith was a troubled teen who would run into traffic, scream at people, cut classes.At 15 year, she was incarcerated for throwing crabapples at a mail man, this led to behavior which kept her in prison.  She defied the system, threw feces at guards, refused to comply and strangled herself many times a day. Ashley was restrained in a chair for as long as 8 hours, forced to sleep on mattress-less bed frame, pepper sprayed, tazered and kept mostly in segregation. She would bang her head against the floor until she bled, told a phychologist she felt suicide was her only hope. She was moved 17 times between 8 facilities in only 9 months. On October 17, 2007, Ashley, aged 19, hung herself in her cell as guards merely watched, having been ordered to only intervene once she STOPPED breathing. Her death was filmed. There is currently an inquest into Ashley’s treatment and suicide. For more information-

May change come. 

May change come, now.

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Lantern on the Water

Place my mind into a boat
doused with kerosene.

Create a lantern on the water:
light the boat a-flame
and push it out to sea.

Then my heart will be more free.



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Cornflower Blue

(a conversational collaboration with Christine Ueri)

"remember the dream I had when we were 10?
(waves and waves of cornflowers everywhere)
about the boy and the closet?
(sunflowers, circle, glass house?....closet, yes)
cornflower blue
(the closet was cornflower blue?)
the light in that dream was cornflower blue
(the air, the atmospheric light?)
yes, especially in the closet

I had that dream for so long
I'll never forget
little boy blue and the kingfishers --
the blue and white china plates
with the bridge and the lovers; the two doves in the willow tree,
that made me look for japanese
the funny things we do as children

(you are writing a poem....)
catch the words, my love
(you already wrote a poem up there; bridge it together --
I dried cornflowers with dandelions in a blue and white book; but it wasn't a dream.
Well, in a way it was, because at the time, I was floating in the clouds)

he wore a blue and white striped top in my dream

and I remember him
when I look at the sky,
the clouds and the golden sun --

I caught the words!
(yes! did you string them all together?)

not yet!"


August 29th, 2012

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It is the magic held within the darkness, the whispering of the night winds,
Echoing through haunted graveyards, cast are thus ancient spells, illuminated
Beneath the harvest full moon, in this eerie landscape the underworld is 
Released, and the undead are free to walk amongst the living, mingling on
This sacred holiday of mysticism, and it is so called, Halloween.
In the ethereal shadows figures move with shades dark eloquence,
As ghostly phantoms enchant the souls of the innocent, passions
Pleasures soothes the hearts of sadness, for tonight the very air itself
Is magical, offering a moments release for the spiritually condemned,
Until the last stroking bong of midnight, is heard off in the distance.
Sorcery's wicked witchy women, fly by sources unseen power of the
Supernatural, cackling with laughter's wild sounding of the jackal, do
They weave their intricate incantation's, to capture their victim's of hearts desire.
Blooming on the mountain side, the wolf bain does blossom, and hidden
Beneath its evergreen leaves, is the star gazer dressed within wolves
Furry garments, howling love sick, unto his ill fated mate, she so answers
With screams reply, and the pack adds another member, and now
These forbidden lovers run together, beside the path of humanities kindred.
Mischievous tricksters are they; poltergeists playing trick or treats pranks,
Vaporous creatures whom thoroughly enjoy frightening humanity unto 
Their inner most core.
But heed my warning dear friend; call no priest, for blessing sake for
These demons of mists, shall reek, havocs vengeance upon thee, 
Instead leave them well enough alone.
A twisted fellow is Mr. Jack-O-Lateran, appearing body less, with his head
Impaled upon fencing’s spike, what a Gringrichy grimace does he so make,
As a candles light aglow shines from within, his mounted handled top hat,
Exposing the freakish smile on his orange pumpkin face.
The vamperic ring master, on this night of horrors terror, welcomes the unwary
Traveler, to take part in this celebration extravaganza, come one and come all.
Let us so partake in these evenings’ festivities, El Carnival, 
As the children of the night, serenade mankind in the back ground,
Beyond our earthy realm.
As the mornings first rays of light, brush their finger tips across the
Horizon's canvas, the darkness is banished once again, creeping 
Beneath the under belly of the sun, as all evil creatures melt, and fading
Within the shades hollows, until next years celebration takes place once
More, on this darkest of holidays, called Halloween.


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This dance feels resurrected
Right down to the cherry stains on your sleeve
And the tapestries that look like iron will
But are really shadows cleverly woven to imply it.

I can not see here
The lights are too low
But sometimes things are better seen
When lit by the lanterns of the mind instead.

They look brighter
Closer to real
Than real could ever be.

We were here once before
A thousand years ago give or take a century.
I spoke with a carnelian tongue
You tasted like pomegranate seeds.

Going back there again
Carrying that same tune
Becoming crimson
Becoming other

I lost my breath
You gave me yours
You held me
You said

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Stygstrome - Updrafts

"Stygstrome" is the Afrikaans version of "Updrafts", one of my earliest poems (including some showcased naivety :D), and is the first poem that I ever publicly    posted online, right here on, 3 years ago to the very day. 

I am also including the English version to this post.

Swart vere absorbeer altyd
die meeste sonskyn -
'n Volmaakte fusie
van donker en lig.

Ebbe oë glinster 
hoog in die kalm, koue hemelruim.

'n Vinnige daling
tot vlerkpunte
sagkuns soen,
die byna onsigbare
boom-toppe deurdring 
digte Winter se mistigheid. 

Sterk strome strik skielik, 
'n Voël van staal
donder oorhoofs,
breek die antieke fokus
met sy dreunende, magtige brul.

Herwin gedagtes.

Stryk neer,
in 'n stygende vlug
van suiwer vergenoegdheid.

Swart vere absorbeer altyd
die meeste lig --

Black feathers always absorb
the most sunshine -
a perfect fusion
of dark and light.

Ebony eyes glitter 
high in the calm, cold sky.

A quick dip downwards,
until wing-tips
gently kiss
the nearly invisible
tree-tops piercing
thick Winter's fog.

As currents suddenly catch hard,
a bird of steel
thunders by overhead,
breaking ancient focus
with its loud, powerful roar.

Regain thought.

in a flight 
of pure contentment.

Black feathers always absorb
the most light.

*A warm thank you to the ever-lovely Christine Ueri for finding 
the perfect Afrikaans words to poetically translate this poem.


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Split apart your ribcage,
Open up the corridor, and let me come in
Uneasiness instantly strikes through me
Let me sway away...
Let me flutter away...
Like a butterfly out of its cocoon 
I'm trapped!Let me depart

Split apart your ribcage,
Unwrap me, let me go!
Believe me...reflect on me
Let me sway away...flutter away
Let us both seek the sun,
So we can grow together once more

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Mermaid's Milk: a collaboration with the still dashing David Williams

The moss clung tightly; making it unbearable to breathe, 
and she sealed her lips tighter than a clam’s— not letting the pain take over

As the stars drift silently, like ships on a lost sea of darkness,
she whispers to Hope: 
“Swim free and look for the horizon, then come back to me...”

The night; collected on the leaves, 
       drops fell like Mermaid’s milk onto an already moist floor
Striking the shimmering tearful medium, 
         it gives birth to a shower of graceful pearls as the dawn awaits


I hear your voice drift upon a cool ocean breeze; 
              gilded words of adoration 
I glide towards it, praying that it guides me, 
          strengthens me, 
                nurtures me 
  like Mermaid’s milk

Touch as I might, my senses are in-different to please, my voice mute!
Be my Siren’s song and sing for me, serenade my senses back to life...

With an inquisitive tongue, I taste an almost scentless flower 
It is but a wisp, a whisper, a flick of a ray of sunshine, but it was There.

So much is lost. 
    The rivulets of time, hear me, see me, like a ghostly apparition...
Capture me in that moment by lovingly painting me. 
Sing me a song while you do, 
            and let the Mermaid’s milk flow again.

Thank you David, for waiting ever so patiently for my long overdue part-- 
it was a very nice challenge for me to write this :) 
Thank you very much for the inspiring lines...

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Melting tears of the moon is snow dust, frozen droplets
Turning into flakes of white icy lace, that cling to the baron
Limbs of the tree tops, for it is winters grace, a frozen
Kiss given unto autumns last sighs of farewell, until
The next seasons change takes place.
Softly floating wisps of thin frozen mists, shifting
Ever lightly, gracefully unto the winds, tenderly
Aloft, free falling paper thin crystals of ice,
Cascading downwards unto the frozen earth below.
Layers of delicate texturing of refineries elegance,
Transforms this landscape of falls color burst, into
A winter wonderland of frost and white icings
Gleaming brilliance.
A kingdom of flickering diamonds is show cased
Beneath the lunar shine, of the light hanging within
The heavens above, a glittering field of gems
Illuminated by the elliptical sphere, Called the moon.
In this picturesque display, the writer ponders
Humbly, to the wonders of nature’s masterful
Hands of creation, to be able to create such 
Beauty on
 this frozen canvas, and the poet
Is left in awes wake of hushed expression.


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women of dusk and dawn who love to feast on their senses in a banquet ripened by love and courage, chilled to last till the moonlight bequeaths more hours for stories about earth's flesh... oh, let the first drone of music praise the female spirit voluptuous as hips sashay in gaiety wildly wet, empresses hunting for the eyes of god in men softly flowing in veils of mystery that hover in the fragrance housed in chambers of rich legends and reality: taste their tears, cuddle the apples of fertile breasts… yet no one can touch their essence or own life’s primeval wombs; women are women like their children defying any explanation. ..................... Kelly Deschler's Women Only Contest by nette onclaud... new poem

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Darkness Of Night

Darkness of night,
introduce me to what lurks
underneath your enchanting moonbeams.
I know that I should stay away,
yet, I am drawn to these silent things
that could easily end me.
I am not afraid of the supernatural.
I am spellbound, enraptured, mystified
by these psychotic creature's requiem dance,
that captures my soul
as it's own possession.

Darkness of night,
take me into your underworld,
where the arms of roaming specters
can totally envelope me,
like a densely tangled spider-web,
with no intention to ever let go.
Allow them to take me away,
to a deep place where, peacefully,
my dying soul can finally rest.

Darkness of night,
tell the devil only this....
he can have all of me,
to punish in any befitting manner.
I have already been through torture,
known pain, lived with loneliness,
and seen hell on earth.
The devil may care to try,
but he cannot hurt me any more.

Darkness of night,
say goodbye for me.
Shout high up to the heavens
and tell the sun it needs to shine
no longer on me.

Dark Poetry Contest

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Little Blue Pill

Went through a phase....thought maybe I should live life to the fullest,
and stop giving away 8 hours of each day, towards sleeping.

After the first week of sleep deprivation,
Buddha and Jesus both appeared simultaneously,
started following me wherever I went-
couldn't tell between hallucinations and reality.

Buddha helped write my final exams,
and Jesus always made sure that I didn't forget to eat.

After the second week, I was floating above my body....
no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fall asleep anymore-
didn't just have second and third winds....I was having winds 
to the 99th power extreme.
Jesus was telling me to try again and again,
while Buddha told me to hang in there,
for Nirvana was just around the corner.

Asked my buddy for some help,
and he gave me this little blue pill -
don't even touch aspirin anymore.

Well, the pill knocked me right out! 
Tried so hard to fight against it,
having some doubts about what I had just swallowed.

Metallic galaxies of inner stars began pulling at my eyelids,
adding their massive core-gravity to my temples.
Red turned to black inside of my mind,
as little globules of pulsing light
floated before my inner-eye.
d      o      w      n,
down, I spiralled,
thinking about picking cherries from the apple tree in Eden....
beautiful Japanese Geishas propping up the ladder
that pointed down into the rabbit hole.
Up was down,
as cherries were apples?
The branches of the tree resembled its roots in the ground-
perfect mirrors of each other,
as I sat in both places at once;
dream double looking back at me.

ZZzzzzZzzzzZZzzzZZZz....for almost 62 hours straight.
Must have lived a thousand lives in those dreams.
Woke up, wasn't sure if I was still sleeping?
Awoke into sweat and stale urine.
Started falling asleep in school.
Fell asleep at work.
Once you swallow the blue pill,
you can never go back-
the rabbit hole stretches into eternity.

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Only You....

 in the aromatic silence
         flowers scent the air
candle flicker glimmers
        supple soft shimmers
of pale tangerine 
      and swirls of pale rose 

in long slow sensuous moves
yes…soft compliant stretches
I lay supplicant on satin sheets
      I await you, my love

in the moonlight in moans
        I plead for you

    hair in erratic disarray
  rusty tendrils fall unruly....
         and body taut
    in love stricken passion 
      drugged still seconds
        my breath caught
          I long for you 
I pine for your dominant eyes

   touch me on a bed of blue
       whisper those words
             “I love you:”
 and trace your tender hands
          down this body
   starved like a hungry cat
                for you
that’s right…..only you will do

      just you can ease the agony
            and just and only you
can wreck such havoc on my hungry heart
 wretched from the pain of loving you

you break me and make me
     feral rivers of tender petals
                 hot lava and liquid lust
particles of me lost in storm tossed dust

by your own creation
           I became your slave
in breathless bondage
chained to you…..weak and wanting
          (a heady thrill)

my tongue so parched I  thirst for you
       quaff from the lake of you
        dark and brooding… you
your primitive eagle spirit draws me
     like a fluttering helpless moth
drawn inexorably to your raw flames

        can you feel me my love?

         your body I worship
              and I wait….
        tied up here….I wait…..
           for just and only you

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Probing the Unconscious Space

If the unbearable lightness of being has pushed you to the brink of catastrophic meltdown,
walk to the edge of our flat two-dimensional existence 
and take a leap of faith...

You may drift through space for quite some time
eyeing the stars, the planets, the galaxies
that make up the great and boring universe beyond.

Eventually you'll come across darker, scarier territory,
unseen with the naked eye
yet comprising 95% of all matter,
and all that matters,
otherwise known as the unconscious.

Some day you'll feel safer in the void, 
more secure,
at peace.

With not one mirror in sight to reflect your self concept,
everything and nothing make perfect sense here,
for they are one and the same.

You are the only observer
of man's true final frontier
and his one and only mystery.

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Night's sentry

Oh blackest night,
how elegantly you 
do decorate your canopy.
Twinkling stars 
sparkle gloriously 
in the Heavens.
Brightest yellow moon
shining it's beautiful face,
keeping watch as sentry
to Earth's mysterious gates.

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Smooth as ebony silk, black aquatic waves the melting
Essence of liquid evil, stirring this lake placid of our
Eternal nightmares, deadened space in the fathoms
Deep, beneath the dreaming realm for which we sleep.
Translucent tears, left dripping in our unconscious mind,
Trick, trickling, encroaching, drowning us within the
Fear factor, heaving, and tugging at the reality of
Humanities thin realism.
Raw is this blackened well, of emotional plunging,
A pit bottomless, in suctions raw force of power.
Thy soul trying to cling against the porcelain sides,
Yet sliced by the roughed edge of illusions delirium.
Sheer glasses elliptical memorization, hypnotizing
The lucid mind, smacking hands blister at the panes,
Begging for this bad dream to end.
But your voices scream remain nothing except
Echoes refrains, that are lost amongst the complete
Darkness surrounding thee, in this murky abysses
Tidal surge.
Wake up, wake up, this is not real or is it,
The torn spiritualist grasps at faiths buoy, but
Instead sinks farther below the currents swift
Under currents, then light slits through the dark,
As lightening slashes at the blackest night, and
The dreamer shivers beneath his covers warmth.
Laying within his twisted sheets of sweat,
He wonders if any of it was real at all!
But whom can tell what lucks under the black
Waters of our nightmares, dare you to go swimming,
Into the rivers of the unconscious to find out, and survive.


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The Chronicles Of Vomiticus Grammaticus - Part II: Ground Zero

Will someone please help me!?
I think Satan has possessed my gastronomical juices,
twisting up my stomach like a full garbage bag.

Please go and call over a Priest
to exorcize this demonic grip from within-
but I beg of you to get a heterosexual Father,
not one who will take advantage of my weakness.

I have been swallowing my own vomit for many days,
and can no longer hold back this thick, spewing craze.

My stomach feels more queasy than a seasick little girl,
the time is coming to launch forth my most foul hurl.

Pray to Black Jesus with my loud, retching vomit-song,
I do not want to be Vomiticus Grammaticus, for too long.


Oh! I just filled up both large-sized garbage bins up to the brim,
with ghastly floating chunks that look so very, very grim.

Two seagulls have started slurping up my rancid spew,
filthy, feathered swine, lapping up this most sickly stew.

Ugggh! Now my cat is licking up the vomit from off of the floor,
she is purring away, gobbling up my slimy, viscous gore.

The sight of her lapping up my....


Oh hot damn, shazzam! Vomit on the keyboard! Vomit dripping from my hair;
plugging up my ears, crawling up my nose with its terrible stench! Despair!

1 fish, 2 fish, 3 fish, 4 fish.
Red puke, green puke, yellow puke, blue puke.
No Sam, I do not want any more green eggs and ham!


Will someone please help me get rid of this Devil!?
I truly only mean well; I really, really do!

Pray to Black Jesus with my loud, retching vomit-song,
I do not want to be Vomiticus Grammaticus, for too long.

*Twisted poem, in the sense that this is actually a cryptic response
to my personal dealings here
I don't think a lot of people realized at the time
how Vomiticus Grammaticus was really a hidden message about
some of the social politics that goes on,
and most other group settings as well.

May 10th, 2010

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Reservoir of Dreams

Wrapped in fog, in a reservoir of dreams She has weathered each season, with a mystical scheme … On a wind-swept shelf, silently sleeping Where secrets are guarded and are hers for the keeping Looking out at the tide, where the white gulls are sweeping In her moldering courtyard, where quadrivial paths meld, Among ancient arches of an old Spanish style Names locked in history, many stories revealed Etched in the headstones, where angels have dwelled The cracked marble fountain with polished ligures, Above the church doorway, vines are withering, bare Aloft from the steeple, are the four watchful eyes Looking out to the sea, and the deep crimson tide Three vestige bells dangle from loft, overhead Their voices are quiet, with pericopes spoken Soft hymns of doves, fill the rafters, instead From crumbling ruins, bricks humbly laid There are shadows of saints...and moss covered jade A weeping old willow, with leaves crackling dry I drink with my ears, and listen with an eye Of all those who prayed, for those who passed by Unbelievable echoes, the tolling of the bells Making sense of the senseless, I can hear what it tells Giving voice to my feelings, and new hope to my eyes A peace in my heart, where the holy grail lies Are heard in the voice, in the church of blue tides
____________________________________________________________________ For The Contest Sponsored By Shadow Hamilton "Any Subject" Using Words: unbelievable, mystical, ligure, pericope, reservoir, quadrivial, 7/22/13

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And Now For Something Completely Different

The sun rose in the west today – or, perhaps, I was standing on my head?
I went to a funeral for my very best friend, but the chap wasn’t even dead!

Said he wanted to be eulogized while drinking a pint of beer.
I think the things we said about him, weren’t exactly what he wanted to hear.

“He was, or is, an egotistical old bastard – doesn’t surprise me in the least, 
that he wants to attend his own funeral service – God, what a horrible beast!”

And that, my friends, was from his Mom; the best friend a boy ever had.
“When finally they put his body in the ground, I think we’ll all be glad.”

Global warming took a holiday, as the snow piled up real high;
that bugger for whom we passed the plate, took out his wooden eye.

The casket was full of cold cuts; The bartender doubled as the priest; I took another shot of tequila, while the sun started setting in the east. The ladies started undressing; my organ started to rise; I played Beethoven’s “Requiem”, with it pointing to the skies.
The only tears that were shed today belonged to the corpse who was still alive – His ex wife sang that old Gloria Gaynor tune, “You know, I will survive!” The next time he throws a party for himself, I think he’ll choose a different theme – And maybe the people who come and get drunk won’t be so awfully mean!

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Midfall and nearly all the trees
Stand brown as broken sticks
Against a sky of impossible blue
And I in shirtsleeves a-walking go,
With love and longings my companions
Kicking through the drifts of colored shards
Fallen with another Summer's stealthy fading
Feeling and marveling at this piece of heat
That dropped unnoticed from her pocket.

I could believe today
In an America unnamed,
A place full of wild things and untamed peoples
A place where Spirit spreads
To ride the clouds
And sing its songs unhindered.

Nature has let down her locks today;
And who will look on her
And let themselves be consumed, entranced
By the beauty that lives on in spite of our assaults -
Who will be distracted by the miracles we move through,
Feel the surge of the sea of life all around us,
Hear the whispered prayers
In the windsigh of the sleeping trees
And watch the night come on
Announced by the rose glow behind the thumbnail moon -
Who will stand amid such things,
And not put aside for the moment
Those little cares we circumscribe our lives with,
And stand amazed to be here breathing,
Alive to feel how loving-close
Infinity holds us and claims us for its own;
Surely, not I alone.

I rest a hand on my sleeping child's chest;
Feel the heart fluttering beneath the skin
And I can sense a great wheel turning.

I wander out in the still warm darkness 
That follows this day,
To look up at the starstrewn sky
And see that great wheel begin its turning,
And stand amazed to be here breathing.

And stand, amazed to be.

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A Lover's entrée to March

How far can you fall and get back up 
How high can you jump
And keep your feet in the sand 

To touch grace and fall from within
Next to you I was out of my skin
I missed you yesterday and you leave tomorrow

A life spent in the shadows of lushly tint 
Smoke your waves 
Exhale the freshness of your menthol scent 
Home is what you call shelters that need no defense 

I’ll send 
You’ll say goodbye
I’ll send again
You won’t reply

If love 
Is the appreciation of another’s existence
Then goodbye
Is the anticipation of seeing you again

You and I, we’ll cruise the shores
Together we’ll settle with the wind 
The joy of a small hut, a lovers den

You’ll send
I’ll wonder why
You’ll send again
I will not reply 

"our songs for sale"

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The Mystery of Spring

(a Salute to Howard Moss)

Although it is not yet warm,
we have shoved to the backs of closets
snow-boots, gloves, and woolen scarves, 
locked tire chains and ice scrapers
into trunks of automobiles as if
tomorrow the first bloom appears.

Oh, stiff wind blow, hold back snow,
whose flakes unwelcome gust
while hearts claim lilac scent.
Oh, pale moon, come, lend your light.
Oh, songbird, drop your sweet notes here,
while old men's hats sail past
and girls push down their skirts—
with both hands—as purses cling
on hunched shoulders and hair-strands 
blow against cheeks. 

What is this howling wind
and who brought this mournful song,
this wild, feathered up-surging
as if tomorrow the world upturns.
We've shoved our gloves, 
our boots and scarves behind
the racks in backs of closets, 
locked away the sacks of salt,
and scoured the ground for signs
of hyacinth buds or crocus flush,

while old mens' hats sail past
and girls hold down their skirts
as purses sway and hair-strands
whip against their cheeks?
And though it is not yet warm,
there is the mystery of spring.

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Listening to Mystical Sounds

   The sounds from 
my CD player 
    work their way 
into my soul 
    The spirit I have known 
in the past 
    will come to visit me once again 
    Only if one tastes the
poetry of the senses 
Can one fully realize 
    the truths one needs 
A quixotic quest, perhaps
   but one which we all should try 
Tasting magic from the sky

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Wolf And Owl Take Shape

            Wolf And Owl Take Shape

Smoke and red cinders rise together in retrograde simplicity
On counter rotation, winds sing through birch and oak 
Marbled moon remains sour yellow through the ecliptic edge
Cryptic night, where owl and wolf find warmth and cover
Nestled in the coarse blanket warn by Tabitha, the young one 
Her tribe sleeps through winter
She holds them in her mystic spell, mild heart and smile
They breathe cold mist together in history hallows
Unfolding cold reveals their open eyes
Reaching out into the distance as wolf howls
Unknown mysteries of life feel their kinship
Heaven opens up to them crisp on the fire light   
Wolf moves his wool but only slightly in a twitch
Owl takes flight, returns alarmed
Back to the blanket and young girls arms
It rests with comfort feathers by her heart
Wolf and owl take shape, Tabitha smiles
They all take one long last breath and hold it in
Wait till spring to release it again below the mystic stars

10/17/14 Free Verse, Prose Poetry, haibun – Poetry Contest

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Be Mine (Screams This plunging Heart)

             Falling blindly
Her erratic heart pounding out madly
     a rhythm of "catch me please"
           in the insane hours
  of an ebony tower 
                         precipice fall

              Eyes widely shut
       with a bit of pulsating power
                  while into him
             breathes her life

A tumbled toss upon hot white sheets
in the ticking hours just before dawn

                Haunting eyes...
            Eyes of the universe
with the mystery of a thousand stars
        and salt waves and wind
        and sand warmed beaches
   ......pierce her in their knowing

       So sticky sweet
                 this cherry treat
                     of his passion on her skin

           In this lonesome cavern
       somehow with grace and stealth
                he crept inside
           (she still wonders how)

      Oh the shock of a free fall stumble
     into those (love me....hold me) arms
              They melt these glaciers
         into a pool of liquid kitten purrs

               In his heat
                            on hot white sheets

  this is why they call it falling
                the mystery of centuries....
(solved in this passions promise and collide of minds)

     Fall....she just falls...
          a crazy, stumbled, fumbled pitch
                       a blind, helpless, plummet
                             a wild, starlight bright drop
                         A breathless fall
            Straight into his "please hold me" heart

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Come Back To Me

The Ink Bottle sits, alone,
It’s only Companions,
The Feathered Pen,
The Paper Pad.

The Desk, once alive,
The Words,
No longer,

Love, abandon,
But wanting not,
The Freedom,
It has.

A Wooden Chair, dusty,
Reclines not,
For the Comfort,
Once given.

Time, a mystery gone,
With passing,
Never to be recovered,

Days of gloom, waiting,
Shine not, The Light,
The Heart,
Once brightened.

Come back, to Me,
My words, of Joy,
Of Laughter,
Wisdom, once known.

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Look at Me

i curl your 
long dark hair in my fingers
at your neck
as I pull you down
I wait to feel the rough end of day
on my face
your eyes close a little then open
to watch me
look at me, I whisper
dont stop
looking at me

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Let's Drive, Shall We?

There are different levels of truth
I climb
Reality is made of thoughts
Spiraling and humming 
Like they are something
But in the end
They are all just ideas
Driving to nowhere except 
Waiting to be found and
Put into motion
Heights of control
Shift to third and go above
Everyone is an enigma 
I fall in affection 
With myself

Who am I to ask of perfection?
I is always capitalized
but what if
i is i and we are we, and he, we together
make something different, completely?

Manufacturing lines put together
Vehicles that take soul imprinted notions
on midnight drives by the avenue
Sell them to the Lord, to the Devil
'Tis all the same
For goodness sake, heaven is simply
What we make it

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fine indigo soup

the night
more than dreams
my eyes
seeing stars
as they are
wildly thrown
i would be
this table
the sky is
fine indigo soup
steaming overhead
god is
the server.

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Laughing Atmospheres

Laughing Atmospheres

It floats in the morning dew
Settles with diamonds
On cobwebs who
Catch dreams on their threads

The sensual quiet of dawn
The grass blades are whispering
To the sifted chanting
Of being One

In a glittering pool
The sea
Dances every possibility
Day bright answers to the
Shafts brilliance of the sun

Calling loud
With its perpetual anthem
Loud call
To the rest of the world

And here it comes

The daybreaks begin
Leaping from my chest
It seems
Rushing to laughing atmospheres
On white bathed angels
Wings expand

Sends me out
Higher than the light
In my eyes

Gathering to the quintessence
The beating monument
Of my heart
Single holds on to intense
Shudders delight
Through every sense

I am soaring skies

I see her eyes

Left unbound to the anchoring ground
Hear the word
The catapult of love
Universal soundings climax 
Beneath the eyes of God
When we both were created
As one

She holds my cheek
And the ghostly press
Of lips meet
Confess my soul
To the indomitable
Of love

And the orchestral designs of morning
Send this rockets emotive
Powered to pinicles
In a cavalcade chords
Goes racing

Climbing every space
My spirit
Has loosed upon the chase
To its welcome home
For such an exuberant ride
All on its own
Takes it place
At her side


It is there
Where I belong
You see
Every atom
And concept of me
Has always been
Since God created us
As one

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My Season of You

Your season brought you to me
You traveled on a winter's wind
So crisp, refreshing, the possibility of you
You floated lightly across my mind and into my heart
It's as if you weren't real, then you weren't real
As mysteriously as you came, you left
Leaving with me thoughts of you; how you'd be when I finally met you
...kind, considerate, strong, thoughtful
I'd imagined you so many ways... most of all, here
I felt your warmth through your eyes; your smile
But, I sensed sadness; a pain that I reached for to free you
But I couldn't free you, but Him
I could only make it soft
... until He came
... to lighten your burden
... and He came when I wasn't looking
You knew and didn't tell me
But, you tried in special ways and it worked
I look back and still have you, but never did
... but still do
... signs of you
... feelings of you
... memories of you
A season's memory

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Simplicity's Gifts

Cockle shell candles and firefly lights
padding the path to the woods
Grass crunched and scattered in weeds and in patterns
of the way every garden should look
Cobblestone herb baths and sleepy old stars
shooting the breeze in the dark
Waiting for someone to wish and discover
the cobblestone path in their heart
Night time is patient and fragile and ancient
with secrets just bursting to share
Turn up the jasmine and glow in the shadows
with eyes open wide to the moon
Luxuries lunar light swinging old stars
parading their final hurrah
Flittering fireflies brush up on moves as they
follow the trails of the heart
Pumpkin shaped lanterns delight the warm eye
orange and gold muted voice
Hanging from tree limbs bent down to oblige
and also to be understood
Fly on with sonar and pipe cleaner wings
soaring above all the lights
Lit up like secrets, hovering, weaving
simplicity's gifts of the night...

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My Perfect Story

The Perfect Story

Ingredients.... My Epic Melody!

I spread my wings, 

To carry you into that perfect ride.

Allowing you to communicate with my mind.

I'll show you what my perfect story would have in it.

With the world's enigma not everyone can find.

Words twisted with reality and beauty divine

The majestic ways to live with fairy tales combined.

Show no weakness towards the mercy of my gift.

Unleash the lightning, leaving all competition behind.

Pierce every word with my gleaming eyes.

You'll find yourself in the ebony of the blind.

A space passing every constellation with no regrets of return.

Assault the moment of the mind with the perfect line..

Expect pain, love, death, and desires that burn.

A trap for the follower to sink in.

Losing yourself to the evil garden underneath the green fern. 

Falling in love with the mental link of my imagination.

Rising from the ashes that killed every demon in my nations.

Rescued by the light of he who rode the wind of fate.

Breaking an oath to give every perfect story a-



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Women are like Snakes

 We come to you soft.
Swaying back and forth.
You hear music,
as my body dances toward you.

 You seek trust, 
from these darkened eyes,
as they stare right through you.
They add all the mystery, 
a man is in search of.

 A flick of the tounge, 
like we are tasting you from afar.
We posses the forbidden fruit,
your body so badly hungers for.

With skin so smooth.
You begin to run your hand
down our backs, and around our waste side.
Now you have fallen to the temptation.

 It is time to taste the fruit you so long for.
begining to rub across your fingers,
You become relaxed.
Working our way to the neck.
For this is the place which pleasure starts.
Wrapping our bodies around you,
we squeeze the life from you.

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Of Rabbits and Raven

Rabbits always digging, 
digging deeper, cutting into truth's marrow....

We screwed a mirror into the ceiling
of the Temple in our skulls,
jumped up through it,
discovered a world turned backwards,
sideways, upside-down.
The deeper we dig,
the higher we climb,
the rabbit hole stretches forever on.

And I smile.

An Alchemical wedding, 
an Illuminated union
shedding light upon ancient footsteps
moving into the future -
a vow of: "From before our birth,
and even after death, into a new birth."

inversions merging, 
joining into a Sacred Shield.

We dine upon postcards of the Nativity,
steaming off faded stamps,
adding a fresh coat of colour,
chuckling at Raven stealing
the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
O what a Trickster!

Raven drops pearls into our eyes,
tastes the sun as lemon wedges,
passes on the seeds to us.
We water seedlings with tears
of vulnerability and fading fears,
feeling shoots sprout into trees,
feeling unfolding mysteries.

The ancient footsteps 
ignite a futuristic beat.
cities burn,
the world is on fire,
but the drums do not cease
as we keep jumping through mirrors.

Mirrors reflected in dilated pupils,
dilated pupils reflected in mirrors.
No matter the course,
stars shine on,
shine with souls,
souls become stars,
stars are seeds for even more trees,

and pearls continue to drop into our eyes
as we navigate the twisting burrow,
meandering along a path where Raven flies.

July 8th, 2012

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Unorthodox, this water- bearer rules,
an Aquarian god moody yet calm in the
face of persistent winds…his pail of wine
gushing on mouths of February streams,
like an outpour into first night’s cycle
of unpredictable moves, reigning for thirty
days to unfold like a river-in-waiting,
this heir of brazen stars: a cool dip 
born from, maybe for
hearts to quiver upon Cupid’s aim.

Oh, his vision is light years ahead of time;
breaking from clasps of tradition,
his maverick streaks defy life's norms
and ignites a Uranus heart to signal 
the rise of new dawning…and while he
dives into a crest of independence,
fool he is for needing warmth and affection.
Yet,a blend of hermit's pride and gentleness
dares the element of air to brew a storm,
then romances the lusty sea of love in a flash...
pray tell, how can one define a mystery?

Though I'm Capricorn, this poem is for my
dear brother, my former boss, Sir Tory, 
a special guy mate, and close buddy, Arno.
Leonora Galinta's Poem With A Theme,
Zodiac Sign Contest
by nette onclaud  7/09/2014 

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Flowers bloom
And flowers wilt.
Flowers blush
And flowers fade.
The eternity is only in me-
The twig that bears the flowers.

Sparrows are born
And sparrows die.
Sparrows fly
And brighten the sky.
That who nurtures sparrows is me-
A cozy make of a twig upon a twig.

The sun fades
And moon is born.
The twilight blurs
And moonlight spreads.
All the soothing moonlight beams are me-
A crisscross of unfathomed twigs.

Whether in its birth
Or in its death;
In the heart
Of its heart;
The entire beauty is none but one-
A design of mysterious twigs.

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Its universe drapes time in buoyancy Where endless space binds law of attraction Atoms merging, clasped by human light An energy wheeling freely, unseen; ‘Til moonlight climbs inside lovers’ halo. Exploring their path, frenzy unlike space Through quantum leaps weightless among new stars Ascending on scales of breaths without measure, Like passion heating a current; two mouths press. Dazed by such fusion, wheel of Physics nods To bring glow, showing what it's always known Soul's beauty, radiating love unbound; As dusk explodes to bless fluid motion. With gentle fire, night sky dare not question A universe lost in a trance of love’s spark; There is no logic to explain,when Affection blends cosmos of a kiss. ------------------- "Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity.” ---Albert Einstein Personifying Science Contest, Sheri Fresonke Harper by nette onclaud

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~2012 New Berlin Remix~

Rapid Eye Movements
cruise down the Autobahn,
driving dreams of soldiers 
slaying the wicked Beast in the East,
seeds hidden in the cuff links
returning home for the victory parade.

The victory parade of the new millennium
is a mirage, as desert sand blows 
through the desolate streets of Basra,
spray painted slogans of 'Aryan Nation'
scrawled across crumbling walls.
High level Terror-alerts
scroll across the Fear o' Dome,
breeding paranoid glances 
of commercial-class passengers
flying high above barbed-wire compounds:
camps of cells in solitary confinement,
centralized secret service agents
unload the next set of trains.

"Son, do you forget all that we sacrificed?!
Have you lost all of your respect?
Okay, so maybe the Feds
became brainwashed by the Reds,
but this is for our freedom and safety.
This isn't about racial impurity,
but our Nationalist Socialist security!"

"You are all mixed now anyway,
doesn't matter if you are female, black, jew or gay,
we must unite together as a nation,
proudly wave our flags, fight our common enemy!
This enemy is trying to disintegrate
the very fabric of our free society!"

"Son, why can't you just see?!"
"Son, can you not see! Not see-notsee-notsea-notsi-notzi 
natzi-nazi-natzi-notzi-notsi-notsea-notsee-not see!"

....cold sweat.

I wake-up from a horrible nightmare,
remnants of images floating through my head.
Something about flocks of carnivorous sheep,
and rabid wolves for shepherds?
Jumping out of bed,
I quickly look in the mirror
just to make sure.
Everything looks as it should.
Lawnmower growls in the background,
sunshine leaks into the room
adding a warm touch to reality.
Through my bedroom window,
I spy the neighbour's Iron Eagle weathervane
goose-stepping towards the east.

Everything appears normal,
here, on the corner of 4th Reichstag Blvd.


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It's a creature of vapors mist, existing within a thin veil
Of nothingness, descending from the unknown pastures
Called Nirvana.
A mystical spirit lingering in the sacred meadows of native, 
Legends and folklore, a beast of good omens, proclaiming
Peace and tribal bliss.
It's very breath brings forth life itself, in nature's 
Spiritual realm, where ever it's hoof's land, the evergreen
Thicket wild, sprouts renewals promise.
Routing it's horns, to a fine points sharpened edge,
The stag shakes the mystical forest free from the chill
Of winter's deadly embrace, and thus welcomes spring
At last.
No such a delicate of Doe appears, than she his mate,
Softest of the brown eyed kindred, gently she approaches 
His grand majesty, ever so tenderly and loving.
With sheer grace of step the two merge as one,
Uniting beneath the lunar moon of twilight.
Behold the white light of brilliance's fire, blazing
As a thunder's storm of the eternal, these are creatures
Of God's everlasting flame, burning on the hearth
Of seasonal change.
Hushed is the woodland, as if frozen in a soft pause,
Ascendence illusionary beings transcend the ages,
Flashing in the shimmering glow from the stars
Of heaven itself.
Melting phantom's of illusions, drift amongst
The night sky, leaving their earthy bondage,
Released once more to feast, in the glens of paradise,
Grazing in the meadows most high.
In the wilderness wild life is renewed,
And the goddess of spring praises them, for their


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Strewn with buds onto night’s refrain
We followed  the hovel of  dreamscape,
As rustling leaves formed a map’s cave
Through a journey connecting reality;
Where our twin- souls moved in silence.

I felt your hands cuddling a bounty of flowers
And we are in Portugal once more,
Cleansing lost time in holy water.

The procession of candles brushed the air
quite sacred: white lilies unfurling petals 
into hundred lights on the shrine
of admirable Fatima, while life crowned us again.

We strolled with a monolith of statues
Blessing each path connecting our thoughts
In the house of Mary, of transparent gods.

But the vision turns into ripples; I’m by myself 
a lone pilgrim enclosed in a thorny zareba
Wishing there was never a goodbye.

Night’s haunting refrain still moans
Along pathways of Lisbon: a rosary clasped 
that my distant soulmate would find me soon... 
at the edge of twilight.

Shadow Hamilton's Dreams Contest

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The Lovely Bones

Window-watching, the silver clenched in his palm like a charm,
his loneliness sifting snowflake patterns
through ashy, argent winter light.
In the shadow-shuttered green shingled house
the lucent beauty of lovely bones, keeping him company.

The eyes of the first one, serene and soul-open,
were mirrors in which he admired his reflection.
He softly stroked her to sleep - body a pulsing pearl,
her last gasp to grasp him, a quick breath in and out;
that candle flame wane, spasms quietening to calm.

Antidote to emptiness - another fortuitous find ensnared:
her vivacity a kaleidoscope mix of light; psychedelic-bright
bubbles blown to illumine the dark cave of his mind
where bestial images crouched.
Love-hate declarations imprinted, bitten deep on her cheek;

hands around the slim-stemmed lily of her throat.
He wept tortured tears over two; soul-screams in unison,
sweet suffocation in the laburnum-gold fronds of their hair -
he only wanted to hold them heart-close, gulping essence like oxygen.
Their heaped lovely bones - a rick of sticks under the crackling corn.

Awake through the painful bruise of night,
carving grand plans, serrated blade in surgeon-steady hand.
Peering through warped shutters into endless empty light,
his many masks impenetrable, soul-screens intact.
Poised under icicle precipice; his and their fates intertwined.

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Reality's Angel

I am Reality’s angel resting on the broad shoulders of discovery the truth feeds darkness and engulfs its target ideas and concepts in turn become meaningless to you there is a creator of all things He is just and patient many still have fallen into the masses of shadow wrapped in their own filthy idols of philosophy I have seen grown men fall like rose petals and weaklings rise into unjust leaders forever the follower of furtive evil dominating only to remain inferior the most important answers lie in the unseen regions where no sense can fully give assurance the mind that so many unreasonably twist and turn grows weary because of the distance it must take and truth be told the distance is not what frustrates it is knowing we are seeking something far that could very possibly not exist, that our minds can twist into theoretical, idealistic nonsense it is knowing all we really think we know is meaningless and yes—even a lie all that has been written thus far rests under my wings under the warmth in which you refuse to feel can you believe in me— though I am completely unseen? how much more difficult would it be to see Him?

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Whispers In the Dark

I was fed a brain scorpion tonight.
Small sting...  but a cute glimmer of the things to come.
Hypodermic needle pinning point blank on my frontal lobes-  
and other places deep and hidden between the gray valleys of DNA, 
time and space.

He changed me tonight- the scorpion did
Every prick is hotter and deeper every valley dripping away second by second
Those chipped away parts then disappeared into the ether 
where I heard the howls.

The howls - what were those- the ether refuses to tell- Something whispers 
to me, "They are hell".
The howls. The howl-  The howls - In the ether- Howls in the ether. 
Howls in the ether. Somewhere between Body, Ether, Space,
Heaven, Hell-  Dreams are now where I am at.
What is this place
       Is this a place
         This a place?
            This place?
Howls- ether- place- scorpion- man- ether-place- voices howls

Grecian mountain wind, shivering, so cold
Howls, ether, Scorpion stings.
Memories of voices, heads turning all the way around.
Candle wax- Howls- Ether
     Whispers in the dark.

I promised to leave, to escape
DONE! I told them.
But all I hear are howls, ether, wind.
All I see are the candles and the man.

I climbed the mountain where the heavy winds tried to 
drag me back into the howls, scorpions and ether.
I hung onto a snake, a strong snake, but the howls, 
ether, scorpion dreams overtook him too.

Small dead things are lying about- salamanders, snails, spiders 
were flipped on their backs from the scorpion tale.
Squeaks from murky corners WELCOME me-

Howls, whispers, a man murky, scorpion, howls, ether, ether, time and dreams-
all things
Those jaws snapping as I pushed away, by plumes of gargantuan 
smoke screens- their bodies,
Those dreadful heads were snapping in the ether.
Some eyes rolling, some eyes fading away-
Some stare ravenously-- some things standing so close in this pith of Hades I can smell rancid breath- In the ether.

Something awoke, something so immense, something so colossal, 
it's length was that of the heavens to the underworld. 
It’s teeth were broken jagged rock bitten right out of the earth. 
My eyes so wide and as soon as I did see- I knew it was dragging 
me into the depths of where ever it came from-
somewhere between ether, space, and 
nightmares. This thing of the ether
thundered out the sounds of a million trapped souls.

This thing that is not a thing- 
No sense in fighting, I am done...
The howls began again. 
Why did I leave?

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My reflections

I am the 
failed to 
i am a 
my own 
i stood 
toe to 
toe with 

root for 
i dwell 
in the 

heart is 
lost on 
island in 
up miles 
to re-
with her.

i'm not 
one for 
but i 
i try.
been an 
i abhor 
but i live 
but the 

my tool, 
gift and 
i always 
seem to 
be at 
with the 
the fuel 
i desire 

In a 
goes my 
some of 

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seven days a week... the intervals in between
can shape twilight into scented ambrosia
    and turn noontime to boiled potion of tan,
dusk smears the sky darkening bronze
        while the night, a textured chameleon... 
  the shrill and serenity of minutes
can blaze the air with  time's ecstacy 
or numb the splintered liver of pain's regret. 

is this a week
that pours of subway’s sweat, then glitters
evening with a vault 
of celibate, white stars? coffee and newspaper
expire as the hours    dwindle into pieces
of unknown sighs: a clock
without hands cradling an endless space
bathed in the moist kiss of dawnbreak
floating on a veil graced by 
             life's alchemy, unbidden...
seven days a week: a deep hole lost
in a melee between men and beasts,
defining not the terms and conditions
of human traces that linger or stain
the lines of meridians blending haste with
             there are no answers, 
i just wade like a child becoming a fetus
without all these adult specs rendering
white stars,celibate...
           in seven days a week.

Space and Time Contest
new poem
use of small caps is intentional

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Elemental Wavelengths

Heartbeats and Brain-Roses transmit petals on ley-lines. Vapours between tongues lick speckles of blood dripping to the ground, causing an earthquake to crumble apart a fallen, rotted tree, freeing seedlings of truth from its naked centre. 7.17.2012

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Through The Mist

Through the Mist
It feels like a lifetime has passed since my beloved I last saw, Bedecked in shining armor, my brave Geoffrey did gallantly gallop, Riding his silver steed, through a soft silky blue morning mist That like a tender lover enveloped and amorously embraced him.
Now overtaken by dark despair, silently willing my love to reappear, Despondently I peer through this most mystifying mist, realizing that On this fateful day twenty years before, he had unwittingly succumbed To its seductive allure because man and mist had merged becoming one.
Date: 8-21-2014

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She twirls alone on the floor as ambient songs fling with the wisp of mambo notes… this older lady with sequins on her hair— luminescent arms quite fluid-- ruffles around like a moth in a trance; her glow dark and brewed by some potion: flamed toes pivoting on embers of heat and glazed stones. There I am, inhabiting her freestyle grooves as my body moves toward her like burnt sting. And we pulsate without a compass, reeling our strides higher than anklets of evening… and we dance, we dance while our bones make love with the moon, climbing into the pole of beats until glitters in our eyes meet with kohl of dusk’s thrist hiding nothing. I twist evermore past a cotillion of meteors Spreading plumes across unknown rhythm; A mad swivel with myself, thrilling my essence In a hanging motion of a dip…I find myself alone on the floor; my hem gathering night’s stardust. And the lady gazes at me from afar, she smiles, then disappears. Dancing With Contest Sponsor: Giorgo V. by nette onclaud

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The Toilet Dream Speaks The Truth

I had a dream
Where all my clothes
Were in my toilet bowl
Clogging it.

Apparently this means that
I am drenched in emotions
Which need to be released
And expressed,

So I wrote
This poem.

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early nightfall fondling skin on glowing shafts from a world so blind my body enters cramps of memory ...dodoitsu...
~ As early nightfall tousles my hair prism light, the alchemy of a ceremonial parade begins in this panel of a forest like a mystic scene ~ fondling my skin…jutting from nowhere, a relay of tigers and flamingos swivel on glowing shafts in the pale dark ... I freeze. Some quick time frames away, the jungle rises with raw stirrings of wildlife; an explosion ~ from a world curving a zebra's flowing movement of unrehearsed art, of twilight spontaneity ~ oh so blind to human, mental gazes; they slide away from such calculated moments as .~ my body enters their changing symmetry collapsing in mindless trance that nothing from my eyes is ever hidden, not even the low gushing in my breath… I shut my lids to memorize the anatomy of their kind faces, those rising limbs simply estranged from rehearsed gaiety. And I seize their impressions defying the seeming ~ cramps of man’s robotic strides; yet, i cannot hold them inside this head’s waves ~ of memory , consumed with the grace displayed by creatures’ unbridled rites to its gods… I become the humble slave of divine beasts. © `~ ~ ~ ~`` *from my journal about a night safari in Singapore for Debbie Guzzi's Etcetera by nette onclaud

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Making Love with Crystal Antennas

....while making love with crystal antennas

the electromagnetic pulse attracts Sir Isaac Newton's ghost,
and he watches as I make passionate love within a Chemical Wedding

His poor soul is still grounded here on earth,
for he cannot step into the light
until his (A)ether theories are set right

What a weight to have upon my shoulders

I make love with crystal antennas,
dialing my testicles beyond mere Amplitude and Frequency Modulation --
they hang as crystal diode plums

I stick the crystal antennas into my ears,
transmitting my soul to many destinations.
Depending on which receivers can filter the frequencies,
makes for vast differences in experiences

Sometimes I can even see you
while my brainwaves fly all over the place.
Yes, I even see you with that sad look on your face,
and I can only hope that one day the reflection in the mirror
is of someone you finally, truly love

Poor Sir Isaac Newton's ghost is expecting a lot from me,
especially since Albert is the one who punched holes in his BreAeth(er).
How can I stand up to Albert?
Maybe I am far too lost in theories of un-relativity
to fully comprehend the gravity of the apple in his eye

I do want to help send Sir Isaac Newton's ghost into the light,
just haven't quite figured-out how to make his mathematics right

It feels strange having Sir Isaac Newton's ghost watch me,
but I have a strong sense there is more to be found in this release,
and how if I stop making love with crystal antennas,
I may never find the proper lock in which to insert the golden key

If I don't eventually come around to figuring out this theological math,
will I join the ghost of Sir Isaac Newton,
watching someone else make love with crystal antennas,
cheering them on, while their testicles hang like crystal diode plums?

2014 Amethyst Remix
(Originally written on July 4th, 2011)

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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The Beauty In Futility

my heart breathes its last breath
Embraces its own death
Ready to be reborn 
and made anew

Can’t live a lie
Refuse to “do”
and I’ll DIE....
Focus now on why I’ll live 
And never touch the sky. 

I have to forget you
I have to reject you 
But I will never love anyone 
like I loved you.....

I heard you whisper 
and you never knew it
I wiped the tears from your eyes 
But you couldn’t feel it

You’re lost and you’ll never find you
And neither will I 
And I’m so sorry--
but I’m NOT. 

I'll attempt to reset
Try to forget
But you know, I never will. 

Be my dirty little secret 
My very worst-kept secret 
Sweet, smooth, beautiful poison 
My infernal and endless attraction 
towards complete and utter self-destruction 

I fell in love with the devil
And it will take one heck of an angel
To save me from the likes of you....

My addiction 
my confusion
my nightmare
my dream never to come true

Oh, I’ll never forget the times
we never shared
I’ll never forget 
how you were never there

Always me, the stars, and tears
And I ask you,
what kind of life is THAT?

I have to face the facts 
I don’t know what happens now
but it happens without you. 

The stains will always be there
the scars will never fade
But the memory of you----
it HAS to. 

I could carry the torch forever
But it would only consume me
I can’t cry another tear for you
Or I’ll dry up completely

It doesn’t affect you
and you never deserved me

You’ll go on with your life, too
All, all alone
Because you’ll only ever be in love
with you. 

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A Blind Moment Of True Sight

He slowly opened the window sash
Deeply breathing the cool morning air
Feeling the warmth of the sunshine
Embracing the morning so completely
Bringing the spark of life to his face
Listening to the sonnets of Warblers
Inside the beauty of a summertime dawn…

Slowly wandering to the Lilac gardens
Resting on the soft greenery tufts
He leaned into the white purple blossoms
Inhaling deep the warm honeyed perfume
Feeling the silk tendrils upon his face
As the pure tiny droplets fell upon him
A baptism in a pergola of morning blooms…

The gentle whisper of Monarch’s in flight
Brought him to his feet in easy chase
Reaching out chasing the sound of flutter
He tumbled down the slope laughing
Laying in the flower bed he reached skyward
Decreeing the miracle of Mother Nature, he said
“I only wish I could see it”…

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Week 2: Carbon Cabrona

Smokeless inhales hurt.
I cough tar on my shirt.
As my black lungs breathe,
Shrilling exhales wheeze.

Falls me
Down to
My knees.

The nicotine cracks
My will.
My composure

I want 
I must 
Have this.

I sink
The brink
Of madness.

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To Snow and Angel Dust

                She bounced right off the inkling
                             . . . . . . . . .   golden rings and tinker bells winking
                                                                on tiny toes zzzzzzzzinging
                through the galaxies spinning
                             . . . . . . . . .  aglitter aflicker ~ her heart
                                                                atwist amidst anticipating ...
                on Halley’s comet tail she flew
                             . . . . . . . . .  in the genius of a snowflake parade
                                                                 in search ... in search
                                                       . . . . . of something he once said
                to the atmosphere on a cloudy
                             . . . . . . . . .  day
                                                      over rooftops flurried in December snow
                in a glance of her cosmic smile, 
                             . . . . . . . . .  she ... perched on the cusp of an eighth of a moon
                                                                 sang songs of fields of poppies soon
                budding beneath the snow,
                             . . . . . . . . .  and she opened her tiny fists and let go her angel dust
                                                                  upon the world
                and the earth shimmered in many colors
                                                                  and gave praise
                             . . . . . . . . .  and the angels came and fetched her up ~
                                                                  and He smiled.

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Carbon Monoxide -CO- Week 3: Talkin' 'bout My 'noxide

The steady pull
of temptation--
a tease on
my resolution.

When I can sleep, 
I take what dreams 
afford me.
In these dreams,
my 'noxide comes
to ward me.

Her smoke is an invitation.
my conscience
falls for
the con science
of my imagination.
I give in
and reality spins.

Between the sleeps, 
I lie in sanity. 
I wonder:
Did I give into 
my humanity?
did I'd err?
Is that
smoke in the air?

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Week 1: O.D.A.A.T.

Chain smoke until
I'm in care of the CO.
There's one left, still.
I smoke it really slow.
"It's the end," I anticipate
As the last inch evaporates.

I can't get
Over it;
It's over before 
I know it.
Butt, I can't quit.
I'm possessed with this 
Obsession; I'm addicted.

My lungs have oxygen,
Yet I'm suffocating inside.
I can't breathe again
Without my 'noxide.

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Something is wrong
The eerie silence sends shivers up my spine
I smell danger
But I am fearless

Out of the corner of my eye I see them
We need to act fast
I tell you to run
And don’t stop

I run for my life
I realize you’re no longer with me
I turn back
Determined to fight for you

I run as silently as I can
Adrenalin pumping through my veins
I see you lying there unconscious and bleeding
My eyes burn with anger

I take my chance
I need to save you
I try to fight them off around you
I pick you up and run

The weight of your body in my arms is exhausting
My body is weak but I don’t stop running
Gun shots are fired in the background
I drop to my knees wounded

I must get you to safety
I drag you and hide you as best I can
I try to run away, more shots are fired
I collapse with agonizing pain, everything is a blur

In my final moments I hear sirens, running footsteps
Now I know you are safe
I drift into a deep sleep
Never to wake up again

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If you know,
impart what you know.
Don't say that you know,
when you don't know.
It is beguiling to say that you don't know
when you know.
I tarry with you all night,
supposing that you know, 
and you really don't know
yet you tell me that you know

©2013 Christine Phillips

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It Takes Guts

It takes guts to do what I do…
Torturing those pathetic young women…
Laughing as their eyes roll deep back in their sockets

It takes guts to do what I do…
Making them beg for their lives
Ohh how they cry and promise me anything…
Literally, anything
Stupid tramps!

It takes guts to do what I do
Watching as the life drains directly out of them
Watching the moment they just give up
Crazy tramps!

It takes guts to do what I do
Taking non-essential organs as they watch
It’s fun when the anesthesia starts wearing off…
And they see their spleen being pulled directly from their belly
Useless tramps!

It takes guts to do what I do…
….“Kevin, it’s time to put away the video games and join us for dinner…”

If only I really had the guts…

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Easter in San Francisco, 1999

Our dreams begin to open on the ninth floor
of the Marines Memorial Hotel.
Clean tombs equipped with all that is needed
for a weekend to die for.
Guests view what they can see at their level.
Flags wave from rooftops of skyscrapers, 
like spring flowers praising the high winds.
Below a jungle of souls
in hypnotic allegiance flow past 
concrete fields choked with roads.
Fatigued, dormant dreams weakly climb
praying to continue, to go on, 
Hoping to recognize
silence as it sings a sacred invitation
to follow the fire of morning.
In our room we listen to the 
television flicker between old graying movies
and a war in Kosovo.
At the window we have the luxury to turn away. . .
and witness the massacre of our afternoon.
Hail stones bullet the sunlight,
day bleeds pools of darkness.
Night falls to the light
Colors resurrected in our hearts
glow triumphant, emblazoned with life.
Who do you tell what your heart sees?
Who would believe the sound of it?

Oh Love, Oh Light--

"Please stay with us,
for it is nearly evening and the day is almost over."   luke 24:29

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41 Thunder Storms

The earth trembles in fear
As the sky goes through yet another rough time
Tears falling from the sky
Falling on me, as I walk into danger
The cool breeze calming my spirit
The whispering wind telling of her (depressing) story

Its beautiful to me
The earth is alive yet again

You have the darkness
Which turns into light

You can't have a rainbow
Without any rain

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The Bench In Central Park

       On this dreary winter morning I sit on a bench in Central Park.  Lost in my own 
thoughts of the conversation I had with my ex-wife and her last remarks.  I keep asking 
myself is it my fault?  What did I do wrong?  The chilly wind fills my ears with it's endless 
song.  I shiver slightly and goose bumps crawl along the back of my neck.  Her words have 
left me an emotional wreck. I pull my leather jacket tighter around my shoulders.  I feel it in 
my bones this day will get colder.
       I've seen several joggers getting in their morning run.  That just shows people will 
continue their lives never mind the rays of the sun.  So many thoughts running through my 
head.  And I hold the morning newspaper I still haven't read.  I contemplate over my life, it's 
not always easy, and so-called-friends can be the enemy.  Even your spouse living in your 
house can betray you with infidelity.  That is why my heart is aching like a cavity.  Right now 
I'm doing my best to hang on to my sanity, but I really want to shout profanity.
       I notice an attractive couple hand-n-hand laughing and enjoying a morning stroll; and 
for some reason I can't control, I feel a sense of peace glow within my soul.  My insecurities 
diminish from their dark hellhole.  I begin to feel "whole," and suddenly this morning doesn't 
seem so cold.
       I get up from the bench shaking off the numbness that has set in.  A very pretty woman 
walks by with her dog and I grin.  She notices and smiles back.  Wow!  A kinda smile that is 
only meant for kodak!  I watch her walk past me with her dog leading the way.  Something 
tells me "you better not let this one get away."  As I'm listening to my inner voice, she 
glances back over her shoulder, and I knew that she too was giving me a choice.  Amazing 
how just several minutes ago my entire world seemed so dark.  I now knew everything was 
going to be okay because of this bench in Central Park......

* 10th Place win in "Anything Goes" Contest 
   sponsored by A Rambling Poet

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Old Ironsides

Only silence dresses her rigging now
To the call of the bosun’s whistle
Her hatches now stand locked and secure
Where long past sailors once lingered
She is the last of the old frigates
Moored in the shallows of Charlestown
Board her and hear her echoes of valor
Haughtily anchored her colors humbly fly
No blemishes on her hull show her battles
Her carronades still sit silently waiting
As she floats mythically at ease
For a moment I can hear the great moans
Her keel and sailors cresting Atlantic waves
To Captain Hulls orders to come about
And charge on the enemy ship Guerriere
On her decks I feel the plight of her dead
Hearing stories of centuries old bulkheads
Astounding feats of a morose pride
To have brought their foe to capitulate
Now she stands tacit though ever grand
And still on her decks and deep in the bowels
The mighty spirit of U.S.S. Constitution dwells  
A monument of endurance softly whispering
“Lest we remember long forgotten sacrifices…”

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Tickle my heart

Tickle my heart Cradle my face in your strong gentle hands and look into my eyes with the purity of love. Can you caress my skin ever so gently to bring a pleasant chill. With one single touch can you make my heart skip a beat and take my breath away. Touch my soul and you'll be mine, tickle my heart and I'l be yours till the end of time... 04/27/2014 Written by Gina Montalbo

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                                                        It consumes
                                                      A flash burning
                                                        Scarlet white
                                                         Ardent Heat
                                         Radiant within starless obscurity
                                             Entirely all within its grasp
                                          Flowing away on heat waves
                                                        Carrying off
                                                      Embers aglow
                                                    Pluming skyward
                                                        Ever higher
                                    Where the convergence is complete
                                                      And then upon
                                           The approach of daybreak
                                      Where flames burn low and blue
                                               The ashes left behind
                                   Two embering and cindered lovers

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Rest is a requirement,
for all,
in order to have this,
sleep is a must,
after a day’s of hard work,
wherein sleep is a must,
for all,
to freshen up the next day,
though the mind goes to sleep,
and the body follows suit,
the subconscious mind awakens,
and in lie,
a number of dreams,
awaiting you,
the dream,
that always reigns in my mind,
is the death of my wife, 
not once,
but more than a couple of times,
why does this dream,
often arise in my mind,
is the answer I seek,
is it because of the love we have towards one another,
or is it the compassion for each other,
or is it in relation of serving one another, 
or is it a kind of warning,
a warning to take care in the future, 
some people may call this as the sixth sense,
while I call this a nightmare,
as nightmares are really scary,
yes, nightmares are quite scary indeed, 
if you do agree with me or not!!

From:-Mr.Manu Nair (dated 19th November, 2012)

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I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder,
What ripped us asunder
I wonder...why friends fade away,
I wonder...why death is our destiny,
And as we experience our final day,
I wonder what will become of you and me

I wonder, with eyes dilated,
Why this day was to be so fated...
When all I saw was you walking away
Or your soul released from here...
I see the suffering of Rene'

Our lives are short,
I wonder what ought
To have been,
Is there some reasoning
For the the ultimate sadness
Towards which we spin?

I wonder if we'll ever understand
What it's all about
I wonder, and wonder,
What was God's plan grand?

I could have redone this life
And accomplished so much more
But now it's too late,
For death approaches my door.

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Hidden or Forgotten----A Valentine

I found it safely tucked away, Held deep within her private things She put it there, with lock and key Intended, not, for eyes to see? A cherished thing?.... Forgotten, ...when? Or was it not?...Perhaps and then.... Does it tell of secret love? Another spring, or just a whim? A treasured time, a change of fate? The date it holds, confuses me Revealing now, "what might have been?" When sleep upon her eyelids came And took her fairness far from here What held her name, with antique flair Of lilacs blooming, roses paired With lacy hearts, and cupid's spear This tells me secrets, something dear... Someone loved her, someone cared long before my Grandpa dared
__________________________________________________________________ 2/10/13

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The Artifice Of Desire.

In those unconscious moments
When midnight sweeps in on you
Surrounded by a sweet contempt
Offering the taste of cool dark water
With essences of serene moonlight
Desires fruit peaked and ripened
Hangs just over you waiting
You reach out only to realize
Within those few feet to desire
Eternity lies in wait for its prey
Leaving only a silvery and pallid 
Reflection that undulates and drips
From the touch of your fingers

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Around the Fireplace

As we sit around the fire
reminding ourselves of our ancestors' ways,
we should also remember the Great Spirit,
which has bestowed blessings on us,
in the form of rain, rich harvest,
and beautiful land.

The Cloud Warriors are drumming in the skies,
ushering in the rhythm of rebirth and prosperity
for our descendants,
and acting to the will of the Great Spirit,
who sees all, and is never seen....

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Victorian white lace, ivory fair of face,
Lips as red, the rose bud does grow, and is
Cut's deeply by it's own thorns.
Graceful maiden, beauties sheer elegance,
Of olden years past, weep ye no more.
Within the golden looking glass, she dances,
To a yearling's lullaby forgotten.
A lone figure in a solitary waltz, gliding,
Stepping ever so lightly, no sound is made,
Except for the beating of ones own heart.
A ghostly image, held hostage in time, 
Frozen within a glass prison of pain,
Is this the lady of white.
Clouds of powder, set against a blue hued,
Sky above, is heaven so far away, to her touch.
A faded Porcelain doll, is she with eyes
Devoid of life, yet alive.
Hands do smack against the glass, but it is
A jail cell, the intent purpose, to hold
Hostage, what remains within. 
This door barred shut, has no key, or release,
Time's measurement, lies in rhythm, a ticking
Clock set, on perpetual motion.
Sorrow's tears melt into nothingness, her
Spirit bound to linger in a hollow image,
Emotions haunting loveliness, a broken
Soul of despair.
Will no guardian angel, wrap her beneath
Their wings of pity's warmth, nay even justices
Avenging, shall not dare to enter within.
Shattered crystal shards, burst forth, and memory
Fades to blackness, a white sheet covers the mirror,
And no light is shone, in this world of illusion.
Victorian white lace, ivory fare of face,
Lips as red, as the rose bud that grows,
And is cut deeply by it's own thorns.
Petals plucked by the forlorn, lead some
Down a path that should not be traveled,
Beware the lonely heart, follow nay the
Sweet voices echoing within the nights

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Ocean Beyond The Stars

Through them one can see an ocean.

Her ocean.

It's there beyond.

Beyond the stars.

The stars in her eyes.

Upon her sea there are no boats.

If you wade too far, there is no hope
of rescue.

Still where her beaches are,
there's warm soft sand.
For her to walk.
Peaceful and calm.
Save the gentle breeze tickling her arm.
Save the calls of the sea gulls.

She holds some wet stones
in her left hand.
Shiny and sparkling.
But, not
Not always smooth
and soothing
to touch.

She contemplates each in turn.
Her collection.

she gazes out upon the ocean and above it to the stars.
The stars beyond.

And so,
they are reflected there.
Forever reflected there
in her eyes.

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The tribesman described his mysterious God;
a pious fear oozing from his veins,
eyes burning with intense, religious fervor.

His God came down from the unknown skies;
red, lustrous body glittering in the brilliant sun,
enormous nostrils breathing out waves of hot air,
dazzling verses written on his majestic forehead,
gleaming weapons engulfed in a halo of luminescence,
an aura of supreme power inclosing his bloated body.

A sudden curiosity gripped my mind;
thirst for adventure tickled my senses,
I accompanied the tribesman to see his God.

A big thatched hut came before my eyes;
Its doorway guarded by grotesque sculptures,
fear struck people standing in respectful silence,
wizened priests muttering mysterious chants;
I entered the temple and saw the God;
It was a red German weather balloon.

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A poet destroyed

I burn in a fiery blaze of disappointment for a poor judge to see .
Swallowed by hungry tears. Shallow tears eat my cheek.
 The salty substance, similar to the oceans of life. 
Washed away and swept off my feet. 
I am a tiny speckle left of a winning dream. 
Destroyed by a poets losing dream .
 A poet destroyer. 
The ocean of life washing away my short winded words, 
along with my poorly judged tears in this oceans lair.
Knoked by a rock, out of my rhyming socks.A poet destroyed.

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I want to evaporate
into the balmy sky.
Embrace songs and
taste feathered energy.
I want to be gray and
float heavily to you--
Pregnant with rain
and colors of light.

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A Moment

     just sometimes
when a breeze brushes my cheek
carrying a curious scent,
a delicate flower pushes through a crack
in the sidewalk,
a candle flame reflects in a window
spotted with rain,
I close my eyes,
listen to my heartbeat as the world fades away,
and quietly ...
              ... wonder

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Paint Me Blue (In You)

          on my tender heart
   The sweet hue of timeless blue

             (in its shades)
          (its masquerades)

        The blue of your eyes
          crystal (salt) waters

       in their hypnotic powers

              You wreck me
                   Oh blue
               You tempt me
                   (a fool)

            Color like glass
             The tint of sky


             Twirling azure
            Entwined with light

                  There you stare
            glorious blue
           in every breath I take
                         or awake....

                  Your tones
                   haunt me

          My phantom of night...
              of day, of hours
          With ultramarine eyes...


                    Oh my heart
            consumes the liquid lovely
                 of your ocean orbs

              To swim those depths

               I would fling myself
                   into those eyes

                     Indicolite hue
                  whispers from you....
         How I adore your elbaite blue

              Sea waves....
                      absorb me into you!

Inspired by Ms Kristins Breathe color into January contest

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Desolate,prideful,terrible and sick
People have created themselves a new brick
Sinful bricks have planted a wall
Wall has brought a major fall

Pride eyes are seen every where,
Hatred is blowing and flowing no care
Hardening their heart is enjoyable for them
Staring eyes is nothing but pride in them.

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Silence journey

Silence journey

I walk in the rain 
Without cloak 
In silence I pace  
Gaze on the sky like an image 
Of reality yet vague …..
Is it just me or us? 

Seeking answer from gods
About life 
Is it a fantasy or reality?
A glimpse of Siddhartha smile 
There is a way…. 
Its karma to play yet 
A must to  pay …..

If it’s a poem then am dreamin …. 
12/03/ 2012

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dark thoughts

darkened moon
filthy room

five fast bullets
locked and loaded

perilous inches
from my head

fate is held
by my true loves' hand

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the art of persuasion.

She and the handsome gentleman finalized the contract, and he gently placed 
the antique pearl necklace into the palm of her tiny hand.  As he walked away,
she fantasized about making love with him, for he possessed both charm and 
exceptional good looks; he certainly was enchanting...thick, black wavy hair,grey-
green eyes...tall...muscular ~ oh, those muscles...all over his tanned body...head
to toe.

But she wondered about that limp as he walked away, depending on a heavy 

after all, an eternity of beauty and power in exchange for 

The evening of the deed was a frigid six degrees, and there was a dead smell of
the sun.  She stayed late after work, waiting anxiously until everyone had gone.
Finally, he was alone in his office, so she placed the pearl necklace around her
fragile neck and unbuttoned her red, silk blouse so to reveal her sexy red

She entered the office, and gently leaned over him from behind; he was aroused
by the scent of her "Red Door" cologne...his favorite, and his senses were even
more heightened as he turned around and observed her erect breasts speaking
in a language only he understood.  With his large hands, he slowly explored her
thighs, making his way up her black skirt.

"You have beautiful legs."
"You think so, huh?"

They kissed, and the necklace brushed his chest; he didn't feel well, at all.  He 
was hot, and his body began its metamorphosis, retaining a grayish
tinge....then blackish...


then, disappeared along with all omens of the deed.

She walked over to the black wrought iron mirror and smiled; her wrinkles were
gone...vanished...just as promised; she was ten years younger.

The windows began sweating, and the handsome stranger appeared.

"I have one more assignment for you."
"But we made a deal, one soul."

She began to feel peculiar, and as she viewed herself in the black mirror, she 
began aging...ten years...twenty...thirty...she pulled out a large clump of thin, white

The room darkened from his moonly mind.

"My dear, the other yours."

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The Pond of Darkness

Swim in the pond of darkness,
Dive into a complicated world,
Try to breathe the air...
Smell the sorrow,

Beneath a dark world,
Where life doesn't exist,
Where souls are drenched with grief,
Where words are silent,

Eyes do not sleep,
Tears do not cry,
Hearts never share love,
Lies drown in lives,

Nothing shines,  even
The sun gives darkness,
Skies fall apart
Oceans split into two,

Disguised with smiles,
While covered with invisible tears,
Betraying your own souls, for you're
Lost in a web of fear,

A life that changes an angel into a devil,
A life of sickness with no remedy,
A place with haunted hearts... Where
Souls never see "life,"

Prevented from light, 
A world filled with dishonesty,
Souls drowning and dying
Tears pretending to smile, but crying,

One day, some one will have to face the truth,
Souls will rise to the top,   and
The darkness will fade away....

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Strawberries And Unknown Girl

     Strawberries And Unknown Girl

Strawberries grow unaided in the field
Green, red and magic on the day
Sentinels stationed; they speak kindly of the Sun
And sometimes of an unknown girl
She’s there just out of reach
In the air, partaking of sweet pleasures
Years collect themselves in silence
Still sense her song and mystery adrift
Along strawberry rows aligned in history
Those corridors of time in endless days at play 
And there she stays a fair young maiden
A constant unknown wonder to this day

Entered in - "I Love Rock N' Roll" Poetry Contest 11/14/14
Inspired by: John Lennon and The Beatles 
The song: Strawberry Fields Forever  

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Cabinets Of Wonder

Maybe we're all cabinets of wonder.
Maybe we all have cubbies and shelves.
Cubbies where we stash things,
And shelves where we display things.
Things we adore and things we despise.
Things of happy times and things of not so happy things.
You can never know a cabinet,
Until you open it.
You can never know until,
You dissect it.
Screw by screw,
Board by board.
Until you can take it apart and put it back together,
With your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back.
You can never know until,
You've searched the cubbies and shelves.
Knowing everything by heart.
Memorizing every sadness,
Every smile,
Every unimportant detail.
See it's kinda like that old saying.
"You can never judge a book by it's cover"
You can never judge a person by who they are on the outside.
Maybe we are all people waiting for someone to open us up.
To search through our cabinets.
To dissect us.
Many people will open you up take what they want,
And leave.
But don't dismay,
For many people will search and scour,
Long forgetting what they opened you up for.
They will get enchanted by your cubbies and shelves.
They will seek out false bottoms and secret compartments.
Leading to deeper things,
Long forgotten.
For they will be the person,
To take you apart.
But when you are put back together,
You'll notice things.
Things like the sadness,
Doesn't seem so sad anymore. 
The unimportant details have become,
So much more than you ever thought they could be.
And when you're put back together,
You will be stronger.
You're scratches and dents no longer take up your life.
All because someone cared enough to open your life up.
To find the answer to why you are the way you are.
We're all cabinets of wonder.

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For What's Worth Breathing

Look at me
I am the life in a wasteland

Look at me
I am the slavery through the ages

Look at me
I am the mirror of the world

Look at me
I am the illusion I’ve fought for

Look at me
I’m still loving you

and I keep being here

for you, for me,
and for what’s worth breathing

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Stars In A Night Sky

The Goliath reaches deep underground,
grabbing a hand full of coal
Crushing the black rock in his huge maw,
polishing it to gleaming diamonds.
Flinging the treasure into the ebon sky.
So at night we can look heavenward,
and enjoy  a million stars
 in a midnight sky.

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A Quarters' Way

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me now?

I’m squeezing out between
Pink Floyd and Willie Nelson,
a generation in the middle
of right and wrong.

Will you call me?
Will you call me now?

I haven’t gone deaf,
even if it seems that way.
I’m just caught in the aftermath
Of everything I can’t control.

Squeeze it now friend.
Squeeze for all it’s worth.

You only have to worry
about today.
Tomorrow’s orange juice
can wait for your arrival.

It’s simply now!
It’s simply today!

Will you challenge me
or leave me to beg
for your leadership?
C’mon you legend!

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me now?

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Complete darkness
No sound at all
This is where you live
No one to talk to
The blackness, engulfing
Smothering the air out of you
In this vast void with lack of light
You are forced to believe
That you see a speck
A tiny green light
Way off in the distance
This blot of light brings so much hope
So many desires
You can hardly breath
Suddenly the light grows larger
You feel elated
Complete darkness
No sound at all
Things are back
To the way they will always be

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My daughter, my Queen

My daughter, my Queen
as Solomon said, you are above
the crown on my head
from rubble and stone
gates for a throne
Queen, daughter, Queen
mysterious home 
of pride and lust
forgive me intrust
not what man will give
but take what you must
Power you wield
no doubt in my vein
the blood that is cold 
in warmth you will claim
what is your position
with faith as a seed
man whose fruition
is boasting to bleed
my Queen my throne
thorn in my head
blessed of water
ancient we shed
blackened cough
scares in the skin
Queen have you paid 
too much for a sin
remember the garden
fruit of the sun
you offered me there
a kingdom undone
naked your breast
no temple of shame
I took of your fruit
gave you my name
Queen prophetic
knowing us so
Why you embrace
our invisible soul
sure, God willed
or something the same
man of the dust
woman the rain
Queen of a temple
so Godless, until 
Queen, oh my daughter
your blossom would heal

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As the moon aligns itself with the stars
I search to find me
Can’t find my way
My psyche is perplexed
Seemingly, I long to be found
Yet, I have left no trail of sanity
Left no footprints of sincerity 
Silhouettes are numerous
Where I was last portrayed
A mire outline, a profile
A mirage
Depicts the whereabouts of my mind
Illusions and premonitions
Forebode life
Foreshadow the inhabitation of despair
Predict the transition into solitude
Sheer hues of the deep, dark night
Diversify the challenge of discovery
Still I search
Overlooking not one possibility
Though my vision impaired
I continue franticly 
Seeking for myself
Among the many shadows  

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Death comes to an Old Man

An old man, worn and wearied by the toils of life, 
stood alone in a darkened hallway, 
each wall hung with brightly lit paintings. 
He walked by the Mona Lisa, and as he passed 
he knew the reason for her smile. 
He paused before Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, 
and the air seemed to be sweetly scented with the heavy perfume of roses, which pulled at his soul with soft, wraithlike arms.
He stopped.
The world seemed to shrink away from him,
dissolving into nothingness.
Before him was Van Gogh's "Starry Night"
Its yellow paint looked wet, vivid.
The blue rippled as the colours swirled
together, hypnotizing; the old man transfixed
by their mesmerizing beauty 
as he was swept up into their whirling splendor,
leaving the blue-shadowed hallway silent and empty,
as the pale stars wavered on in cold brilliance

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stars in my hair

stars are falling
     in my hair
   my eyes roaming the world
I stretch out for my own perspective
        and my body decode land of geometry

the doctor says it must all be psychosis ( rotten
                             roses spell my name )
and snakes smile bitterly at me in the night`s womb

worms eat death
I invoke the goddess of Woman
Come let me sleep in motherhood´s arms
Let me have a milky universe

Suddenly stars explode
millions of microscopic flares revolt against light

I cry


Yet in this heaven of sickness I come into being again

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Into Turquoise

Walking the seashore of slumber
Passivity’s humid breath
A moment of sweet need
In serenity of my minds eye
Where I am truly safe
It is only those azure eyes
The scent of Auburn hair
That crashes my momentary…

One breath entails my need
It all slowly falls away
Entering that undiscovered country
Resembling dream
A solemn place where words
Spoken without consequence
Float into turquoise skies
Without meaning…

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Dealing the cards

Come on artists
lets play a game
its all different to me and i want you to see how i am different
and let me shine as you sign up another way 
as i prove to you my leadership of this new age wave

cards cards
give them new meanings
like you never knew you could 
and lets make the psychics pine through our words to figure out
what they are reading and believing

I wanna see your hearts and spades
dressed in tall grass or lemonaide
i wanna see your cups and wands
inbetween whispering winds and songs lead me there
i know you can come on 
come on 
come on be strong 
like a suit of clubs or diamonds
show me something
and then sprinkle your writings
and we'll make collectors out of all those we invite here
as they read and ponder the meanings of our literature

whats in your hand?
a royal flush a pair?
and as we deal the cards they stumble upon at this endless game 
of cribbage or poker
or tarock
or war who is winning and getting points?
what card means what to who and why

tell me artist as you write with your style on low and high
what makes what suit smile and fade shine and slide?
inside outside sphere of influence
be their collective the object of the psychics to crave?

blind leading the blind
and something they are after for days and days

a few cards your favorite cards play smart or dumb
shuffle the cards pick a game deal a hand
reveal what your playing and one day i'll tell you what we're playing what your 
cards mean
if nothing
to someone one day when the stumble your way
the mystery of nothing speaks something
and we rebuild the puzzle of cartomancy better and better this way

just inspire
once you know you can't
blind leadin gthe blind
so after you read this you can't
play along your uninvited
strike it off your list of things to do
round one is over now go find all who wrote
all who write all who have wriitten the masterpieces
of cards and see what they mean today and collect them for that is something no 
one else can do
until round two....

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The call of the wild

Tall pines line the misty mountaintops
Crusty ridges surround the hilly wonder 
The sun sets with a spectacular amber dust
Night covers the lonely valley 
With the wild call of loons 
Mystery and life flow here together 
Above the stars whisk through the skies 
With the illusion that they can be touched with a stretch of the arm
The moon sits with its eyes beaming on the land
Its shadow turns the lake into glass
Glowing eyes of the night appear in the brush
The air changes as the night is settled in its deepest hour
Cool breezes brush the tree limbs as they dance 
Hooting of the owls can be heard from a far
Night brings rest to the weary 
A hush falls upon the early morning 
As the sun creeps its way behind the mountain 
The first light of the day has brought warmth to my face
I am in touch with nature

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At The Flower Market

At the flower market
I found spice, holy water,
cobblestoned obsidian dreams,
but no flowers.

The blustery Tuscany day
showed me its underlying graffiti,
incantations of poetica esoterica, 
and yet another way 
to excavate the mystery.

Nostalgic Roman nights, 
Spanish palabras, Sicilian incantations,
idyllic panoramas; promises 
enough to purchase the moon.

Such a foolish sacrifice to
fresco up for portfolios in 
sanctuaries precious 
and profane.

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Waiting It Out

Desert display
as Saguaro's spiny arms
raise to the darkening blue sky.
Days of heat waves
chase Ocotillo flower buds
drooping slowly in the mauve air
very still ... and then,
with the distant rumble of thunder
and a flash of lightening,
comes a first drop.
Coming fast, the rain begins
a flood within the gulch
and there, from nowhere,
from the nothing dust,
from the ether
as out of a mirage
appears by the side of the road ...
a toad.

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night visions




          in clarity.

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illusion of love.

Let our passion travel
                   As the speed of light;

Allow the snow to lick
                Our bodies and freeze


Devour this mystery
              Which time is unable to
Debase, where dreams are
                       As jeweled clocks.

Your truth
                 Lies within
                            The freedom of

           My castle walls.

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I don't have filled spaces.
Nonexisting time lies to me,
making me feel as if I were not empty.
Space remains painfully unoccupied in me.
There is no prince
no poetry or sigh
that a sigh without cause is consequence of passion.
There is no romance or excitement.
Word or song.
Meaning or ignorance.
I don't have time, it's true,
for I am filled with the strange intensity of freedom and youth.
However, all the space of my soul I keep
like a ballroom with no ball.
. . . If someone shouted in me . . .
it would echo.

Patricia Evans

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God's plan

Predict every possible way for a world war to break out and prevent them

In times of need 
set up the dominos of disaster

dont think there is no god in control with a plan 
and a blue print

and when the scripts come out for the world layers
on how to get along
all my generation has to do is rehears it
and learn from it
and pass it to the next

live in peace forever with the perfect harmonised seven characteristic leaders
of the world scripted politics perfected for peace
because the geniuses solved the riddle of thou shalt not kill

then show man how to perform a man made miracle
and pass it down as a legacy of peace and life lessons to the next generation
as they figure out metaphorical riddles of knowledge

and work towards the wonder if you can become the god trainer
and pull of the surprise holiday?

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He walks into the room; a sly smile plays on his face.
His brown eyes show his desire, no other emotion on his face.
He comes to me, we are inches apart.
My breathing getting heavy, pounding is my heart.
He whispers softly in my ear, " me....have no fear."
His fingers gently brush my cheek.
His warmth breath on my neck making my legs weak.
Just when I can take no more,
He whispers again, "Your body is mine to explore."

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Come and hear the song,
The song of the angels,
As the heavens open.
The split of the sky;
The cascading colors.
As the gates close,
Darkness falls over.
The darkness twinkles,
Twinkles with beautiful lights,
Now come hear the song,
The song of the night.
It sings out in a Capella voice.
Sway to the rhythm,
As you succumb to darkness.
The song plays on and on,
Until the morning fires blaze.

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Of Fences

He's aware
of the yard he lives in --

aware of the fences
that define
his constant existence

He feels his life
is missing
from the world
outside those fences --

He's very afraid
of what lies beyond them, feels
very safe,
having such a perimeter
contain his life --

and yet,

when roaring lightning
cracks storms into his skies,

all he can think of, all
he's impelled towards,

from the very deep in-side-
out of his soul

is to panic & bolt,
cause himself even bodily harm
just to
find a way
out, find a way
to dig free, to
leave those fences behind --

to run amuck, un-
entrapped, seeking
freedom from fear
in the very places
that he sees as offering
no safety, no

Then, when he calms
when he's done
with his run,

the sole object burning
in his primitive mind
is to seek again
the warmth and comfort
of familiarity and safety,

and he
returns to his yard,
settles back down within his fences,
and pretends to himself
that he'll never --
No, he'll never

do that scary thing
ever again and then,
as if to prove it to himself,
to convince himself he
really means it this time

he enters into the house
yarded by those fences
and goes to sleep, goes

and dreams of freedom
inside the walls
of the house inside the yard,

in the center
of the fences
that circumscribe his world

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If I Were a Word

If I were a word,
I'd be on the point of Sharon's pen...
If I were a poem,
The young one would have penned me...
If I needed to show my heart,
I guess I would be me,
If I were to lay down wisdom,
I'd be John, Vince, Ruby, Christy, Maya
But, I wouldn't be me....
If I awoke in the middle of the night,
Wrapped in fear and uncertainty,....
I would be Tom Bell again,....
In desperate need of a friend...
If I have offended, I will volunteer
To cut off the offensive part...
If someone will remember me...
Somewhere down the road...
If I can create a smile,
or a wondrous thought,
I will have exceeded my aspirations
As a person, though never quite a farah chammah,
I will see the sun rise, I will see the sun sink...
I will pray for my fellow man,
Regardless of what others may think....
One life to live?
Nonsense, the Hindus got it right,
The cycle is repeated,
Until we see the light...

Yet the light is here at Soup,
It shines so bright that it could blind,
But blind most of us are,
We keep a closed up mind...

Lives end, lives begin...
They are virtually the same...
God kisses each of us,
And grants us a special name...

But time is oblivious to all this,
It has it's own agenda,
And we are powerless to influence it,
There are higher powers we'll never understand...
But the power of our words lives on...
That power will never end.

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The Illusionist

A Magician never divulges his secrets 
So how he managed to break my heart while already broken
I’ll never know
It was not viable, 
Then again, any trick can be duplicated, if remembered correctly  

Rewind, replay, on my mind
Was it a slight of the hand?
The flick of the wrist
Or the abandonment of all disregard
To society, to pride, and to us
In those caramel eyes
That hypnotized me
Into believing his illusions of love
Which left me awestruck

Doves and Roses
Hidden underneath  sophisticated overcoats
“Baby, I’ll never do it again”
Pulling promises out of thin air
Magic, I suppose
Complicated locks and bolts
Flashy Velvet, sequins, and gold plated cages
Lead me to believe in mystery
Of Romance
To have faith in in miracles,
Even reformation, perhaps
Oh, but Baby you made a fool of me
Devoid of all machinery, intricate backstage knots 
It was a simple trickery
Disloyalty, behind a locked door
That broke my heart

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In The Now

tomorrow will make the difference
while today becomes
doing and thinking and being for
is not a road until
the rut is made.
Life does not become a way of
until tomorrows become misty
and yesterdays no longer exist.
to this moment of
you want to hold onto.
drives you mad
the next moment of life
this too shall
into now.
to never have known no other time
but Now
this part of then
when is the time
Was that then Life?
plain filling
life =

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Dream Me In Black And White

Color me pretty
The way that you see me but not
The way I see myself

Wash me pure
The way you look at me
With eyes of unconditional love
You overlook my indiscretions
Judgment you never pass
Acceptance is all you offer
You make me a better me

Dream me in black and white
Like old time photographs
Torn edges
Jagged with time
To preserve the image that you hold of me

Paint me in red
The sweet blood that I left behind
Etching my name in the grain of eternity
So as to never be forgotten

Burn me into ashes
Let me dance on the winds of tomorrow
To feel the freedom
The release from my personal hell
As I soar across the sky of time

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God's 3 perfect lives

god has 3 perfect lives
and he lives them simultaneously
arent you fathoming the power of god?

One of them is a gullible god
and he walks around not knowing he is a gullible god
and he will have conversations with you
and like a genie where you dont know you are making a wish you are

i feel oceans and worlds apart from my husband but forever will be gay
but an everlasting nightmare it remains
and then the next thing you kno wyou are the victom

One of them is a prophet 
god surprising god
and everytime he does he regains his throne
and the only way to stop him
from regaining his throne
is to put him in his little bubble of ignorance
a world that isnt true and let him lead
see if he can see the truth and fool you all

The third god is the god that everyone murders
by slapping their elbow armpit and saying debbie does dishes
but keep in mind there is a curse to this perfect life
for god will live every single life from the beginning to the end of time
and be voted in and out of murder as you slap your inner elbows
and you never know when god is walking in your shoes 
for the other gods have a time machine for this wish to be true
and satan the code name for the murderer as everyone alive gets a turn
to kill their nightmare or dream come true and defeat their enemy
since the beginning of time every writer every prophet every poet
has been predicting this crime scene for death to avenge
and then welcome everyone to eternity
as we all become different crime scenes of a matrix to keep us living
happily ever after escaping our nightmares
and living our dreams

it just takes time
so keep on dreaming
and eventually with gods puzzle of angels and demons and 3 gods and other 
worlds i'll be back and slide to help you
just keep believing!

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I Do Cry

I do cry for you at night, baby, and I am frightened of this love, for the love you 
make is to my mind;

i want to satisfy every fantasy; make it  reality.

So much I see in you...





I run for fear of being burned again, and I cannot allow that...ever.

I'm enchanted, trapped in a spell of delusions because I am unable to touch 

taste you...

feel your warmth upon my neck...

feel your mouth on my dark, erect nipples.

Do you know how much you turn me on...?  How much I want our tongues to 
explore....?  Everywhere.

So deep, go deeper into me, and

promise me forever.

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Murmurs of a mermaid

The oceans spit covers the grounds she walks.
Were clams closed mouths keep secrets.

Bubbling from the cracks of their mouth,shhhhh.
A open but closed sea of mysteries. 
The ocean hands cling to the thin golden ropes of her hair,
 as she exits the oceans door,to visit the golden clothed sands,
to sit upon a naked rock..

Basking in a mysterious loom of a sleepy moon.Combining her hair with a defeated set of sharks teeth.A lonesome mermaid,the last of her kind,wishes to be human rest on her withering mind.Blind sighted dreams unfold from her glittered long hair,opening the eyes of the blind night.

Her mind, a pondering land,dried by ceaseless thoughts of a plan,
against a evil fisherman's plan to drag her out her land.
Her mind grows weak from thoughts so antique.
So sour the time of dying hours.

Swimming for desperate escape,throughout lemon aid waters.

Finally escaping  free in mystery

Escaping  free from lemons bitter acid.

Waters once drunken now placid.

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Mother natures caress

Blue topaz delight constantly in motion
forcing up salty waves of might 
Feel the sand under your feet,
feel it ride back to the sea 
Cool wet ocean aroma 
crashing on the rocks of the border 
Spray forth into the air 
Dried sea squirt upon my face, skin and hair 

Drift wood beaten by the master, 
you lay stretched out with seaweed stuck to your side
dehydrated from the sun, reshaped, unworn, overdone
The sea is unkind to all that enter her blind 
For she has a mind of her own
To many a tale she’s has claimed 
twisted ships, boats and all that were maimed 
Rest quietly now on her sands of splendor 
For when night approaches all must surrender 

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Moon In Auburn

Moon In Auburn

As the stars were heaped upon a mantles Shangri-La
The miniature toy town beneath its cape 
Quiet hung in yellow golden windows lit
So silent in the dales and woods blanket
The dog fox cry echoed from the moon
Crisp and cloudless chill less coldness
With the twin of the moon fluxed silver blue
In the tiny handmaidens mirror of reflection
Natures dark slept beneath the shadows of her hand

And she crept in dreams
Within the tip toe of cats
Rendered the night through amber eyes
Glistening on the turns of lovers kisses
For all the endless that she misses
Arched above an eternal sky
She is drawn to the moss of rocks
And clings in branches hung with lichen
To the feathered damp of leaves
Which catch her spark

Just a whisper footfalls breezes shifter
In the country lanes of ancient mazes
By stone wall and rabbits foot
Close upon the dandelions head
With all the disguised colours leaping on unseen acoustics
Were hidden amongst rivulet beds
Catching the silver blue
The dog fox cry echoed from the moon
And swung out the flax upon the stars

Fingers traced their destiny within those pinpoint suns
A pattern constellation traits of has; she was born
The atonement of steady reckoning he had
Cut in trough on the ploughed earth
Where all the seeds of tomorrow had been scattered
With all their promises of a seasons ripening 
Old songs sung of proud man “John Barleycorn”
And the distillation of his bone and marrow

And while the stars piled high on their Shangri-La
Recounted the lost tales of lovers in forgotten times
All the memories fell in auburn locks
And swept upon the Luna light shores
The twin she fluxed in silver blue
And the dog fox cry echoed from the moon 

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Treasure Chest

Inside my treasure chest 
there are many things
Photos and films
music and
memories captured then saved
for storage
there are letters
and names
of people dear to me
there are things inside
both the lost and the new
things that remind me of you
some things glitter
they shine bright
others dull waiting
to be brought forth
or never seen again
what you don't know
is my treasure chest hold much more
and you can't see it or touch it
except through me
my treasure chest is my brain
combined with my heart

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Fields of the Black Rose

Flowing fields of black 
Roses the hue of night 
Dark meadow take me home 
Relieve me of my fright 
And take me back. 
Blackened fields of ashy rose 
Take me to my home 
Where I'll never see the sun again 
Where I'll never hate 
And never bend 
Where we only see in shades of gray 
Where summer sun has shone its last 
And November wind is here to stay. 
Where I can go forget my past 
And never have to pay 
For the things I've done. 
Blackened fields of ashy rose 
Take me to your home 
Where we all see in shades of gray 
And I can rest in the coldly blowing wind. 
Forget my face forget my name 
Forget my form forget my sin 
Let me stay and waste away 
Please won't you take me in?

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This cat of mine
A presence
This particular cat
Others     some     have it
People too    but    lack the simplicity
The Sphinx comes to mind
Ages trail back of those eyes
Egyptian prized
Flashing eyes from the recesses some primordial cave

Totality of sensation cannot be described
It is a feeling old as creation
A softness inside “Big Bang!”
Its energy fills all space
With those ultra-microscopic specks (clearly invisible)
Which    ultimately    must come back together

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Blood In The Fog

As dusk turns to twilight and the fog swirls through the trees
They walk hand in hand, soul in soul, 
Deeper into the forest. 
The deeper they go, the thicker the fog. 
They reach the centre of the forest 
And come to a clearing. 
The moonlight filters through the fog 
Casting a beautiful, yet eerie glow over them. 
She turns to him 
And passes him an athame from the folds of her gown,
The silver blade glinting in the moonlight. 
She holds her arm out to him, 
The moonlight and fog accentuating her pale milky skin. 
He cuts her arm just below the elbow 
And feeds on her sweet blood. 
Her body arches in ecstasy 
As she feels his teeth biting into her arm 
To draw the blood into his mouth better. 
When he has had his fill he pulls his sleeve 
Up above the elbow for her to have her turn. 
When they are done, with blood trickling down their chins, 
They share bloody kisses.

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I Hate...

The collision of my feelings,
And the confrontation of words,
The lies,
All the lies…
Hatred, hate, all the hate,
I hate…

Drown in my pain,
Until you suffocate,
And free yourself from me,
To free me,
I hate…

A million words burn in me,
A thousand screams call for freedom,
For salvation,
But my soul is abandoned
In the void,
I hate…

Let me fade away,
Let me turn into black,
Let me dissolve into nothing,
To free me from myself,
I hate…

Free my fearful heart,
And take me away,
Let these words stop:
“I hate.”

Break the chain of eternity,
Kill the immortality of my torment,
Let my blood flow in my veins,
And let the air circulate
In and out of my body,
I hate…

I hate…
You…and you,
I hate life,
I hate me,
I hate…
Hate, hate, hate,

“Hate , hate , hate”
I woke up saying,
With the letters,
“H” “A” “T” “E”
Sliding between my lips,

I cried loudly,
For I felt it,
I felt the hate,
Conceal all my feelings;
I felt it make me grab a knife…
I stabbed myself!
I stabbed my heart…it made me stab myself…
Just to free itself from me,
And to free me,


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The beach this morn was wonderful
The waves came thrashing down
They were wild and white and foaming
And their voices thundered round

A lonely figure walked the sand
Her head bent down and sad
And if you were up closer
You could see the tears where out

The sky was dark and cloudy
The rain was falling light
The wind was napping somewhere
And the water felt like ice

I watched that figure walking
With a black dog by her side
A memory in me stirred somewhere
Of times that where not right

She pulled her jacket closer
As if to shut it out
The thoughts that did invade her
Or memories that did shout

And all the times the waves came in
They didn’t ever change
They licked her feet and washed them
And then went out again.

As I sat there and I watched her
That figure all alone
I wondered if she registered
The lack of sun that shone

The day seemed very fitting
For one so sad as she
The misty rain, the dampened air
The water round her feet. 

I wondered as I watched her
From whence her thoughts did come
Had someone precious died here
Or had a love undone

She didn’t even see me
Her thoughts so far away
I think if there where people here
She maybe wouldn’t stay

There was nothing I could do here
Her thoughts where all her own
I felt she needed solitude
And time to mull the groan

I stood there, and I left then
A lonely figure, I
I pulled my jacket round me
My black dog by my side.

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Sands of Time.....

A full moon descends beyond the distant dunes
freshly scented air breezing palm as desert breath
calm are the whispers upon a much cooling surface
momentary is the solitary life facing certain death.....

As I sit 'neath infinities blanket of stars
sifting sand through my fingers and hands
I ponder those before me who have walked these lands
I wonder if they too sat and contemplated how it began....

But even more striking is a portrait of the past
centered within the framework an unchanging figure
distant only as far as my mind will allow
reassurance..... is the glow of the smile,
the tone of the words even more so....
"be not afraid my son,for you have traveled well,
 even a grain of sand needs a friend and reminder
 you are not the first to sit in this very spot and wonder,
 you surely won't be the last of the lonely....."

Who in the not so distant future will rest his feet
upon this very spot.....or are we all,
just tumbling grains of sand in time......

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The Darkness it Flies

The darkness, it flies
As it swallows your eyes
My ships, they capsize
Break that delicate pool surface 
As I fall and baptize
Your waters, they shake
They tremble and wait
Like clockwork, they give a life 
Right as they take
I’m glowing, alone
Surrounded by snow
And nobody knows
About the fire flies that burn inside
My mind and my toes
A fire of blues, of scarlet wind hues
Like feathers they drag
Across galaxies of skin
They embody the burn
That we ache for, a sin

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The Arms of a Stranger

The odor of warmth and affection,
The feeling of love and protection,
An isolated heaven of love;
I lay in his arms like an angel,
Like a white dove,

At the moment,
I am living an endless time
Of eternal happiness,
Life seems to be everlasting…
Life now, is a colored painting 
Of smiles and joy,

Words slithered between his lips,
Like tiny insects sliding on the petals
Of a bright-colored flower,
I contemplated his beauty as 
I heard his tender voice whisper,
“Thy beauty is like the azure sky.”

Perfection is what I am seeing,
His words kept on repeating
In my head;
In his arms I lived another life…
A nirvana created by his glaring eyes,

“Thy beauty is a mosaic picture on the walls of heaven,”
His words swayed like the dancing waves…
I lay there inertly,
With a river of feelings penetrating 
My soul like an addictive kiss of his,
I smiled…   

My feelings suddenly shifted,
I felt tiny droplets of water condense
On my cheeks,
Were they tears?

My anguish was immense…
Sadness and grief formed
A body of confusion that mystified 
The fantasizing feelings I had felt,

Here I was,
In your arms;
My ally, the person I shared my life with…
You held me tightly trying to ease
The pain I was feeling,
The pain created by you…

The tears in my eyes created a reflection of
My sufferings,
The sufferings that tend to draw a continuous
Picture of your betraying eyes…
I cried and cried as I felt your arms
Hold me tighter,
I felt no comfort at all…

I closed my eyes trying to place myself
In “his” arms again,
The arms of the stranger 
That allayed my soul like tender music,
Like a harmony created by the soft,
Emerald leaves that danced with the wind…

I smiled again…


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Your Ferocious Gaze

I crossed the path,
To meet your gaze.
Such a ferocious gaze.
It bore anger down upon your prey.
Curious horror came across my face.

I pulled you aside and,
Far, far away.
To find out why
You were after that prey.

I wanted to cry,
For the pain that showed in your eyes.
I grasped you close,
Oh so close to my breast.
To shush the beast inside.

The beast raged and roared,
To stay high above your best.
I hoped to clam him, 
At least just a little.

To my surprise,
The beast I did sooth.
Back came you.
Your soul came flying free.
To finish taming thy beast.

Away went the beast,
Away went the ferocious gaze,
Away went the look of curious horror from my face.
Came falling down, the invisible tears of yours.
And mine did follow, as visible as day,
Because of the pain I sought,
In Your Ferocious Gaze.

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Shadow Man

I'm the shadow man -

Thinly tracing every step you take

I'm there, always there

Pressing near and yet apart

Just a shadow of a man

I'm the shadow man -

Don't look back or down

I will be hiding

Beneath a footstep or a cloudy sky

But I'm there, always there

Just a shadow of a man

Pressing near yet apart

Treading lightly here and there

I can't be loved

And I won't be ignored

So lend me your hand

And stay close if you can

Everyone needs somewhere to be

Even a shadow man

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Tropism , natural event

Fair weather eye's
focused on the eastern horizon
occasional salty sea spray
followed by a chilly breeze .

A voyager , wandering adrift today's beyond
searching for better tomorrows
on life's ocean of emotions rolling wave's

At times , I feel like changing direction's
follow the sun to the west
go in circles to where it never set's

But  then , would I be in a continous day dream
only capable of experiencing a singularity ??

Supposing the setting sun gives hope for another
opportunities abound whatever the weather

Even still , why has everything become so different
refraction apparently affecting others
their mind's " I " incapable of truth
tropism natural for most
eclipsing of the sun becoming an everyday event

What happened to the world I once knew ??

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A Gods Eye View of The World

A Gods Eye View of The World

Every form blends and fades
Persistent though 
And meaningful
Below from top to bottom slides
Encompassed by
Describes a purpose
To shift from one to another
And never made less
Than the original

Veins and circulars entwined
Each led to destiny
Between crags and breezes
The formation
Forces of opposition
And tendrils equate
The indefatigable line of being

A mingled sea of light
Transposes through shadow
Arch and rock
Air indivisible
A vibrant salute continues
In a heraldry of birth
Festooned upon the relinquished
A sleeping crown

All appears dancing
A choreography of miniatures
And magnitude beyond thinking
Swift sent of consciousness
Awakened in a tide
Of gesture
And slow somnambulant time
Picks blades or petal
From hair or eye

Thus is its passing
A present unending momentum
Between the washing colour
Of an unseen spectrum
A fluid solidity of dust
On which inscribed imaginations
Pallet of brilliance
Careless even reckless
In its precision of chaos
The full monument of awareness
And spoken singular
Stands between feet and sky
Between earth and star
An infinitesimal populace
Of essence and core
Scattered seeds individually planted
To witness
The realms of awe

( Thank you for this poem ).

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My Lover

Picasso thighs and black eyes
Wrap me in swirling pigments of hair and flesh
As I spin deliriously in watery love
Drenched in euphoria that won’t dry
I stay warm in oceans of kiss
Skidding on a sound that has no edge
I roll on silken hills that squeeze
And gently tender the vacant patch that was me
Taking all that I am through fitful stands of time
I am a pebble clutching at the Moon
Dust blown about like falling thoughts 
Looking for a place to rest
I crawl toward memory so that I can see
But it disappears in her breath
I’ve slid past time 
And surrended all
In a place called My Lover

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Into My Dreams

On this blanket, underneath the stars,
sweet kisses of moon drops fall from

Words of comfort, whispered in my ear,
so secret, only I can hear.

Each gentle caress, my passion on fire,
brings new feeling inside,
uncontrollable desire.

Into my dreams, you creep each night,
cuddled in romance, that feels so right.

When morning comes, you slip away,
out from the covers, into the day.

When the stars come out, again tonight,
you will find me waiting;
just follow the moonlight.

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Passing Chance

At the moment the flying fish go by
on the side of the bus with commercial paint
you tip your coffee cup and river
the cafe's table and chair

At the moment the coffee finds the street
with you laughing outward with palms in the air
the wind swoops up a red umbrella 
right out of an old woman's hand

At the moment the umbrella breaks it's silk
in a crash on a rusty old iron fence
a child reveals a chocolate grin
to the wonderment of her mother

At the moment confetti is wiped off the face
with a wettened finger from the mother's mouth
a screeching of wheels holding tires ignites
and sends out a shower of sparks

At the moment the sparks snap into the air
and the car grinds the ground in attempt for speed
the bus with the flying fish slows down
to let one passenger off

At the moment the bus resumes it's haul
with me on the sidewalk bidding goodbye
I turn on my feet and walk back up the road
in an awkard attempt just to meet you.

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Mystical Love Poem

You carry to my lips
The taste of honey and lemon,
My mystical love.

I feel you within me like a cresting wave,
Like the sun spilling gold on a lake,
Like a field full of birds
Rising as one into the sky.
You inhabit every part of me.

With a soft fire I burn,
You carefully attendant on the flame,
Eyes soothing like a late spring breeze,
Skin white and soft as a lotus flower,
The fire burning brightly just below the tender petals.

The soft sigh of your breath
Stirs all the joy I can carry up from the depths of me,
And in those cliffhanging moments
When all movement resolves to rapture,
We trembling at the peak, then starting to descend -
The sound of your sighing
Makes the stars burn all the brighter for me.

Through you I see this life
Dressed in all the beauty it can bear.
Small wonder then, this adoration of mine,
For you, my mystic love.

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Me, Myself, and My Soul

As happy melodies hum,
Underneath, the sounds of sadness come,
Provoking all the sorrow and fear,
That all hearts are forced to hear,

Looking at the glowing mirror,
Seeing the reflection of “Myself”
Shadow less, I stand,
Contemplating the solid glass, imagining “Me”

Hearing the terrified breaths of “Myself”
While inside, I am touching the joyful “Me”
That an eye no longer can see,
No sympathizing, no sympathy,

Through “Myself” I could feel my lonely soul,
Desolated from the incomprehensible world,
Surrounded by rhythms created by void,
That I hear “Myself” continuously sing,

My soul sees through “Me,”
Unleashing the pain, making freedom surround,
But “Myself” comes and interrupts,
My freedom and my soul begin to corrupt,

“Me,” someone that no longer lives,
Someone that tries to forgive, “Myself”
The person that took place,
The person living a life drenched with dimness,

“Me,” is gone,
“Me,” has disappeared into non existence,
My soul is surrounded by “Myself”
Cherishing “Me” by the colorful memories...


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I hate to know how you are, Just remember what you did to me

I can see right through you, don't you know? ha!! 
You don't know me, but I know you, isn't that funny?

Can't you see what you put me through? 

I am very amused by this you see, don't ask why
I have no answer to reply.

But in the end it will all turn out fine.

Because I can read your mind.

awhh and I sieh, 

You don't remember why.

But here I am waiting for you to remember when and why.

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Hell Train

This train of pain stop’s at every
Train stop

Seeking all that want to step on

You can buy a ticket or ride free

For he welcome one and he
Welcome all

Twisted faces cries out in a
Relentless cry

Welcome all and I want all

Screams of pain yell to the
Mountain tops

The pain clamps deeper with
With a eerie growl

He said let’s go for a ride

All Around the track and hence
Forth back again

Pain” O” pain run from me I
Swear I will be careful the 
Next go round

Give me peace and  make my
Body free

From this painful drunken state
Am in

For my eyes are blurry

My limbs is crackin”

So much pain for one to endure

The pain is cutting into my heart

It’s piercing through me like a
Sharp knife

Can’t you see my heart is losing

Drip, drip, drip my blood
Is Rushing and running on the

Please, Mr. Conductor stop this
Here train

All this blood is making me sick

Let off, “O” let me off

Know getting off you just enter
Into hell...

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Maybe one day,
my heart can beat,
maybe one day,
a new love I will greet,
maybe one day,
laughter will live,
maybe one day,
a new life I can build.
Maybe one day,
a miracle I will see,
maybe one day,
things will be as they
should be.

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In her Eyes

Blame was burning in her eyes,
Flames were screaming out of head,
Tongue was a piece of flash,
But heart was pumping fast.

Body was lying on a bed,
Night was cuddling with her,
Dreams were scattering fast,
But she was helpless to touch them.

How can she stop someone’s mouth?
What had she done so wrong?
Her welcoming steps were weeping,
And crying for her coming home.

Father was ill and mother was old,
Husband was drunkard and idle,
When comes late at night,
Demand’s money from her family.

She thought to kill herself,
But her little child climbed to her feet,
Her jumping fire fell into a pool of tears,
And her feelings were damped.

Suddenly her husband came home, 
And started to kicking her badly,
Her mouth starts to bleed,
And she fell down and crying with pain.

Child was only eight and watching quietly,
His father was lying on a bed,
He stabbed a knife in his chest,
Sun was arising and he was playing in dust.

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Solar Plexus ( Sun of The Soul )

Solar Plexus  ( Sun of The Soul )


Centre she holds the light
Connection to description
Concentration of all the names
Of beauty
Filtered from out pouring skies
Entrusted to perception
Before these provoking eyes

Solar Plexus
Third state consciousness
Her Aeon vibration
Proposition to ignite
The sleeping Chakra heart

Sol sustaining
The augury of hope
She proliferates
Never and forever
The coloured combination's 
Of living

Goddess of all she is

And without 
No acuity to perceive
The idylls
Of these convoluted explanations
Of existence
Of awareness

Face of creation
She is
All life’s attractions 
To her radiance and adamantine warmth
Beacon she is
Living cell of solar system
Embodies Galactic entity

And what unknown umbilical
Resounds to this magnitude
Of the ever eternal point
Touches this Galaxy of stars
Space Universal

Extends a phantom finger
Through the vast and the void veils
Extends a phantom finger
And somehow
And reads

Inspired by Christie Moses “ Soul of The Sun “

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And filled with stars and the land
A pale gentle hand turned the hourglass 
Of my soul

Stalking the alabaster moon 
I rejoined once more
Those who follow the dream

Cutting through crests 
Time the scythe of a barque
Treads a song of brothers to sisters of paradise

The prow our ship a searching 
Arch-ed carrying the whispered will 
Of wishings an ambition to our hearts

Pursuing the alchemy of the moon 
Leaping from the shoals 
A single white rose this beacon to follow 

The mariners we of her phantasmal
Blown by the hunger in blood and breath
Drifting in the calm thunder tethered to a single kiss

Full of stars and the land 
A pale gentle hand turns the hourglass 
Of my soul 

The ghost in our throats calling
Seducing answers to the lamplet
Painted faces of splendour in her horizons distant 

She softly sings us closer 
Passage through the veils 
Drawing on this our meandering ark

An endless ribbon of red flows behind 
The vein of each passing quest
As this ship awash the glinting semblance of her face

I have chosen like my brothers, my sisters; to be the seafarer 
To search her shadow
Pursue the alabaster moon

Her pale gentle hand 
Filled with stars and the land 
Turns the hourglass of my soul

Isis the light and by Dianna named
Magdalena’s rose of mystery proclaimed 
The witchcraft of the feminine

Thus the sail-ed cutter of waves and dreams
Billowed on clouds

The diamond sea we gather
Compass point to reflection
The full moon risen alabaster 

Her pale gentle hand 
Filled with stars and the land 
Turned the hourglass of my soul

(Acciaccatura; An ornament note that is one half step or one whole step below a principal
note and is sounded at the same time as the principal note, adding dissonance to a
harmony. a note in a music deliberately played out of key )

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Midnight Sail On Massachusetts Bay

Releasing the rigid anchor line
Leaving the safety of land in our wake
Warm July zephyrs filling the sails
Resting even hands upon the tiller
As the bow broken waves drift slowly aft
Herring Gulls night songs hang as we pass
Violet clouds drifting in pinkish bronze dusk
Outlining the schooner adrift on the horizon
Dancing rhythm of the Highland Lighthouse
Gifts a moment of wine warmed lips fervor
Alone with the lights from distant headlands
Their essence illume the crests softly breaking
Gently swaying the craft in warm foamy brine
Faint guitar moments with my voice uninhibited 
Evoking past memories of love on the Atlantic
Aspiration caught whole in the sail as we lay
A fearless embrace in the ethereal darkness
Of midnight on Massachusetts Bay sails…

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Lady by the Sea

I saw her standing there
facing the sea.  Her diaphanous
gown draped with gentle folds in
harmony with the breeze.

She seemed poised for flight 
like a long limbed ballerina.
I saw the surf break into an
avalanche of foam and felt

fear that made me huddle and quake.
Tumbling waves licking at caves
mad and destructive.
Her gown became a black shroud

and her sins died in my bosom.
I could not look at her face
lest I see myself and
become astonished.

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Soul searching

I walk deeper and deeper into my own mind, looking for something while completely blind. 
Nights embrace only makes me travel deeper, with the road only getting steeper.

Not knowing who I am or what I need, I will continue my 1 man stampede. 
Searching for myself has become my addiction, staring at my hollow reflection is my confliction.

I resort to pouring my heart out in the form of text, pondering upon what sign will start my next quest.
The quest to finally know why im here,
The path im headed down is so unclear.

Casting the veil over my face by day, and removing it in the comfort of night, I will continue soul searching, until my purpose is in sight.

-Downed Jester

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Center of nothing

This is the center
of all my work
I write one line
before and after each line
and you will see
when you place my lines of other poems in between
this is my reality coming undone
for this is my center

For I am but a fool
out to trick myself
I am a clown
stuck in the middle
of something
and somewhere
wondering what else?

This is the key
of what i said before and after
the reality of my craft
and the solutions
to all my upcoming endless 
psycho babble chapters
of genies and wishes
and batters and pitter patter

This is the center
I'm spiraling out from
a line above and below
to read between
each piece
a true obviousness
of limited wonder and laughter
and hanged men

For this is just the middle
of everything
but it's not really
so this is my disguise
of a confession

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The Jester.

Oh little quipster
Come dance for me
Embrace upon me
Wit and humor
Hypnotize me 
With alluring charm
Fill your performance
With moments of regret
Whipped and wrenched
Upon my spirit
Do me this favor
One final time
And I shall forget
Your debt to me

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Come in Your Darkness

Drag me away with
hooded lids
      to the dark of you.

Give axe to gates
protecting cheerless
     spirit under siege.

Swallow me in haste
lest I discover
     we cannot.

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Madison on my mind......

The dry sand blends with her flesh
   as I sink into that coffee cream fresh valley
      that peeks beyond the safe beats of a bellybutton
         tapping against the winds of me

Rain runs against the porcelain bottom
     as she releases hidden sounds from her aching soul
         that resist me through distance but shall fail
            to the desire of our entwined chance in time

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Mental Magnetism

I'm somehow quite sure
that somewhere, on the way
be it a turpentine, brilliant lit day
or misty and fog eaten sky breath induced
that we've met without words,
without glances or nods
but with my sleeve barely quick brushing by yours
You transferred to me a barrel of emotions
some light like popped bubbles
some wearing molten lead shoes
sunk with black river troubles
carried in even the sleeves of your coat
And I, in my haste, responded in kind
and ran jumper cable straps from my prickly mind
Overcharged something, in some kind of thoughts
and bolted your skin off the moving sidewalk
Somehow, I still think we are connected some way
it's wrapped like a gift in the words you convey
and I'm eating velvet from the weave of your coat
weeping your tears from the things that you wrote
I'm somehow quite sure
that somewhere we'll meet
eyes to still eyes lacking motion complete
In visions worth murmuring while we're asleep
we'll sing with one voice fully captured.

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Swallow me,
Like the air you inhale,
And exhale the broken pieces of my soul
To cherish me in you, 

Swim in my eyes,
And drown yourself into my sorrow,
Sacrifice your life to sympathize,
Try to live my life of disguise,

Bleed like me,
Live in the reflection of my wounds,
Allay my pain
And cry my only remedy…

Liberate me from myself,
To conceal my lonesomeness,
Free me…
Into you, and be my sympathy,

Let your words sedate me,
Bring the feelings we shared into reality,
Feel me, feel with me…
Don’t be my misery,

If only I can hurl the words
That bled in me,
To feel…just to feel
Some sympathy…
From you,
My destiny…

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Untitled #253 / Water, earth, wind

Water! Earth! Wind!

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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Once Upon a Forest Walk

The forest is cool, inviting.  I look for small wildflowers in lush grasses growing beneath the trees.  Sunlight streams in shafts
and there is birdsong, birdsong and delicate ferns on gentle banks.

Soon, I see a pathway that winds beside a clear stream.  The roots
from the trees reach toward the water etching deep ruts .
Large rocks decorate the edges -mark the curves that beckon
beckon me to follow on.

A large puddle appears, blocking the path. I take off my shoes and paddle through enjoying the squishy mud.

Suddenly, a bear - I STOP, 
watch it foraging for berries.  With caution,
 I back, silently away to let it follow the terrain
 onward to its cave and hibernation.

Something sparkles on the ground - I stoop- pick it up.
 It is a long key with a open circled end. I put it in my pocket
thinking it will make an interesting ornament.

At the end of the path, I find a rustic cottage with
 high garden gates, banks of rhododendrons. 
A secluded hideaway.
There is neatness, order to the whole scene.
 smoke rises from a chimney 
into clouds overhead.

I pull out the key. It sparkles temptingly.

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- Science Universe -

                             Mysteries revealed and mysteries solved
                                        Events past and present
                           Biology, archeology, astronomy and physics
                                          A world of discovery
                                    Old or new amazing buildings
                                 Spaceships, first man on the moon
                             The robots who would take over our jobs
                             Natural disasters such as tornado or flood
                                       Immerse yourself in history
                                Was, Napoleon Europe's problem child
                               Was, Sankt Nikolaus an historical person
                                 Can we make a journey through time
                                         The past meets the future

A-L  Andresen :)

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Self-control and Discipline....

         Fasting...isn't just about eating food

                          Some of our thoughts can eat at us....

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What could live beneath radiation's
Mushroom storm cloud?
The heavens are burnt asunder,
Horizons red dawn glows,
 With an eerie mist.
Lightening and thunder strikes,
Against fallout’s atmospheric residue,
Ashes debris falls as embers fire.
Emerging from the depths below,
A creature surfaces,  a monster	
With rages vengeance, flowing
Through it's veins.
Born from human arrogance,
And ignorance, a genetic mutation. 
Natures evolutionary throw back,
 Our legacy of destruction,
A reptilian tidal wave.
With an earth shattering roar,
A tremendous force felt around,
The world,
He announce his calamity to come.
Wading through the ocean depths,
The king of all lizards,
A clashing titan, heading towards
Civilization, at torpedo's
Super sonic velocity.
A great reckoning is at hand,
Conflicts Jurassic hurricane,
Slams against the shores of 
Reality, known as Tokyo bay.
 Wreckage’s wrecking ball, tares apart
Mankind’s environmental habitat,
Without any mercy.
Hell's fiery breath, is spewed forth
From his jaws of death, radioactivity's
After shock, lives within this dooms
 Days creature.
As electricity's feedback, shimmers
Downwards, on his spiny back,
Seemingly to recharge the beast.
He roars once more, as a wake up call,
Beware his name lives in your
 Night mares,
Behold Godzilla, the king of all


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Her tempting pout bounces
from night's artwork like a slow fire that churns 
a raw desire in need to be quenched ...
and it is so mysteriously enchanting: to be
entrapped by that feminine aura 
that simply blazes on a spotlight of lure--
red-tossed hair flitting along
tangy whiffs of potion absolute,
unrestrained: how her blazed glimpses
pulse within contours of her appeal
that minstrel stars collapse...
The shimmer of her alchemy draws
gasping breaths like evening gaslights
sensible only to the wisps 
of a goddess' heat, leaving mortals
in awe—-and her fluid pose seems to jut out
from a glass frame to rush forth with all
her womanly senses gushing,
meant to return on the edge of wild abandon,
enticing brushstrokes with her faceted charm

never ever the same each time.

Roy Jerden's East Jesus' Contest
~ inspiration from picture no.7 ( last photo)

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My Treasure Chest

So, you want to know what is in my chest.
Well there is no silver,
there is no gold,
There is no hope,
there is no love,
there is no girlfriend;
there is no food,
there is no charm,
there is no honesty,
there is nothing in my chest.

It is empty,
filled with cobwebs and dust,
with a couple spiders hanging around
looking for something to eat.
I am like the spiders
looking for something to eat,
ingest hope, love, charm and honesty.

No pirates will come and take my treasure chest away.
There is nothing for them to take,
but they don't know of the secret compartment,
filled with poetry,
filled with art,
filled with culture,
filled with my own love
that I am willing to share.
Everyone always looks in the chest,
but never finds that secret compartment!
What a shame, for if they found that secret,
they would see life for what it really was.

My treasure chest is a mystery too most people.
I hope you all know,
next time you look in someone's chest
look for the hidden door,
because that place holds the most beautiful of things.

For the conest: What is in your Treasure Chest
Written by: Christopher Boskovski

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Philokalia (Love of Beauty)

Unforgettable sweet horizon like the sleeping woman's hips...
Tortuous destiny whose yellow sadness tips
With centuries of sacred silence ;

After I pass the sacred glass beads through
Since the pink dawn and the sweet dew;
After I live "Philokalia", blessing the Lord's name
With one thousand sad prayers,
With faith that can move the mountains,
With complete devotion and obedience,
Silent like a statue of long endurance,
Could I remember her again?

From eternity, for ever had been
Above the waters without border,
The light of that very beginning in no world
And no time, but this cloud and the first Word
Who changed the trembling no time's order,
So that the paradise still mirrors in her eyes green…

Beard like our bishop, you'll wear: 
Lost you'll be for this world, my friend…
But your secret mad hope still moves like a lizard
In front of the rocks with human face.
With "Philokalia", your dreams will ascend...

Maybe, from heaven will drop a tear:
With bitter taste of grass and leaves of any honey September;
And the dawn with scent of woman will rest in no time's amber. 

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The Giant Rombald's Moorland Delight

To embrace
life’s analytic myth
to inspire
nature’s symbolic smile,
to manoeuvre
amidst northern skies of blue
to roam
chauvinistic contours sensitive and true.
To perceive
inclement purple haze
that rebels
against the moor side mist,
to dwell
if only momentarily within
a dream upon
“Wingate Nick” Where dandelion
seeds float in sunbeams
of radical tranquil,
and fanciful fables
of innocent finery are spawned.
To wander
the fallow tracks of
“Heber’s Ghyll”
Stride the sparsely tussock
of “Nab wood Hill”
Create vernacular legend
amid “Viking” Skill!
Ramble again
the stony edge of “Ilkley Moor”
Split the boulder find the cure
a pageant, compose an
hereafter tour,
if only to believe in him!

Copyright Harry J Horsman 2011


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Unifying Theories of Chemistry

Unifying Theories of Chemistry 

Plants react in synthesis
Stimulations sunlight
Breathing the winds causes
Through fluid chains
Reproducing flowering responses

And systematically chemistries
Drive in attractions of curiosity
Stranger love crushes
To your ignition sexual A-symmetry
Produces adrenaline's certain heat
And senses blood pounding

So photosynthetic initiates
The A.T.P. of chemical currency
Splits living links furthering
More simple to more complex
Colour element changing
Leaf green to red Anthocyanin

As well as a suntan
Skins concourse in molecules
Precipitates and reverberates
The bonded genome of D.N.A.
Creating myriad form
Tangent on thoughts
Even dreams
Evolve chemical reactions 

While sun by sea explodes
The light amino manifestation
Walks among trees
Respiring in cycles
Of exchanging formulations
Alchemy of oxygen’s infusing

And well with emotion
Binds its stanza’s of interpretation
Given word then
Another descriptions connection
To connection
By a star lights birth

Indivisible this “All” travels
Forth and back to a
Higher or lower osmotic pressure
And back and forth
Between lovers
As waves drawn to beaches
By the gentle pull
Of sands moon distracted
Infatuated affair
With the Earth

This chemistry of love
The chemical of life
Patterns intricate mazes
In a micro-cosmos
Of eternal meaning
And a baby
Is born

While the boundless eternity
Moves and collects
Responsive concurring
Dust mote intercepts
From wide eyes stares
Which interpret
A scene
Of its own manifest beauty

Even in tears of sadness
The ceretonine balances
To intercede with memories
Moments of happiness
The infinite qualification
Of chemical reaction
Clues us in
Yet again
To this fundamental



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Eye on the Universal Consciousness

near-death experiences enhanced psychic powers hypnotic readings, memories dissolving when he woke “Sleeping Prophet’s” two eyes fluttered to a close spirit eye probing universal consciousness Edgar Cayce credited with medical breakthroughs deemed the “Father of Holistic Healing” out-of-body journeys to afterlife realms history uncovered, tapping into Akashic Records astonishing accounts of every life born fourteen-thousand other world journeys Atlantis, Lemuria, lost civilizations third-eye concepts know no time/space parameters
Note: Dedicated to Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) *Entry for Rick’s “Spirit Eye” contest

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Writer's Block- What THEN

                       LACTATING words from the Breast of my Brain.
                          Not inextricably attached; Plethora of Pain.

                        Battles erupting; my Tongue and Invisible Ink.
                                Mind criminated; Unable to Think.

                       Meticulous Attention not given to my Habile Pen.
                     Tongue not Cognizant; Lost of Words; What THEN?

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The Rongtern Mansion

Rongtern Mansion By M. Taha Effendi (Verse Libre) The front door of the mansion mysteriously creaks open, I freeze. Hoping to hear a welcoming voice, But all I hear is the wailing of the cold wind, The pitter-patter of rain outside, And the roar of lightning, The room reeks of damp, decayed wood and dusty furniture, I enter. The hall is dark, I can only make out countless ornate mirrors glittering on the walls all around, And a tiny candle that flickers on a table at the far end of the hall, An old telephone sits beside it, Squinting around nervously for any sign of life, Groping through the darkness, I reach the table, An ornate frame is perched on the wall there, An old man, balding, with a heavily creased face, firm jaws, and blood shot eyes, bearing a somewhat sinister smile, Looks back at me from it, A strange macabre feeling suddenly engulfs me, I pick up the cold receiver with a trembling hand, holding it to my ear, about to dial, When suddenly with a flash of lightning, I catch the smile of the old man in the portrait falter, And hear the sobs of a little girl on the phone, "H-h-h-hide me f-from d-d-daddy... H-hide m-me f-from d-daddy," Terrified, a cold shudder trickles down my spine, fogging my mind and senses, The phone slips from my grasp and hits the floor with a thud, And instantly the echoes of the girl's sobs get louder, They seem to be coming from behind a closed oak door a few steps away, As I reluctantly make my way towards it, The constant howl of the wind seems like an evil cackle, I can't help but feel that someone is breathing down my neck. I swallow a nervous whimper, Finally I am at the door, I turn the knob, It is locked. Just then I hear a floor board creak inside the room, Confused, I crouch and peep through the keyhole, I see nothing but darkness, But I wait, Perhaps my eye will adjust to the dark, It does, And what it beholds makes the very blood in my veins curdle, From the other side of the keyhole was peeping, A bloodshot eye... Winner of contest: "A Creepy, Scary Haunted House Poem, Please" by Constance - My Dear Heart

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Ones Upon All Numbers

        Ones Upon All Numbers

There are numbers out there counted
Six of them speak clear arithmetic  
The others use fingers to communicate
Use fractions to escape their masters
Education is required to survive today
And six reasons why that is

Five of them are excuses
Some whole numbers have alibies 
Figures are another story though
Sure, numbers will never lie
The truth is; ones grow

There are four things
I just don’t understand
Science, algebra and calculus 
Why digits even exist

Three is best
Time for home
No more counting

Two truths
Logic, Math 


Created on 10/14/14 for The “I Do Not Know”-Poetry Form Contest 

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My soul is like a deep shadow
you can look into my darkness
with the brightest source of light in existence
and try as hard as you can to figure me out
yet, you cannot see all of me
which leaves you to wonder.

You stare into these dark eyes
trying to see into my mind
like a psychic attempting to read my thoughts
my eyes sparkle and speak to your soul
without a single word spoken
yet, they do not say what is on my mind.

You think that I am hiding something
behind this invisible mask
even a microscope would not help you to see it
my enduring love is no masquerade
I am longing to show you my shy heart
which is the only thing hidden within me.

I have a loneliness and a shyness about me
that you seem to find rather intriguing
you speak and I can only smile at you
even Sherlock Holmes would have trouble solving me
I am a mystery known only to myself
and I would like to keep it that way.

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He saw something in her eyes.
And he couldn't help but devour the deep desire
to get a peak of her soul.
Because of all the pain, she boarded up her inner most being
and put a lock on it;
So that no man could see how empty she had become.
INDEPENDENCE; she wore across her chest,
making it known to all man kind that she'd rather be stripped down to 
the lowest she could possibly be before asking for any handouts.
Many men knocked at her door, but she refused one after the other.

... He continued to pursue her.
And although she made it impossible for any emotion to show, 
he studied her.
She reminded him of the waves in the ocean.
Rushing forward to give just the slightest feel of the coldness, 
almost cold enough to bring chills down your spine.
The coldness wasn't the problem, it crept through the cracks of your toes
and became quite soothing as it pushed up to your ankles.
The problem was that as the waves crept up, it became both torture and pleasure.
Because as soon as you began to really feel the warmth, 
the wave is pushed back back out; a continuous tease.
And although he only got glimpses of who she was,
he stuck those memories together creating a masterpiece of 
the woman he believed  she could become.

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Untitled #352 / Oh stars, even stars

Oh stars, even stars! Even the suns
whose undying light breathes life into all
countless mortal creatures across the universe,
whose sisters are their gods, whose risings set their clocks,
whose settings set ablaze the fire in their lovers’ eyes,
even they, even they are consumed
in the heartless Void!

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The Humans and I

Ones who wage,
Ones who rage,
Ones who take,
Ones who pay,
Ones who craze,
Ones who rave,
Ones who crave…

Ones who fear,
Ones who breathe,
Ones who give,
Ones who need,
Ones who will,
Ones who weave…

Ones who plead,
Ones who beg,
Ones who beseech,
Ones who entreat,
Ones who appeal,
Ones who volunteer,
Ones who disappear…

The ones who follow,
The ones that don’t know about tomorrow,
The ones who don’t deserve the morrow…

The ones who sleep,
The ones who cry,
The ones who live,
The ones who die…

The ones who proclaim,
Those who say they create,
The ones who ache,
The ones who don’t wait,
The ones who hesitate,
The ones who don’t concentrate,
The ones who fornicate,
The ones who procrastinate…

Those who fall in temptation,
Those who get in frustration,
Those who sometimes feel desperation,
Those who keep going without caution,
Those in motion,
Those in tension,
Those losing notion,
Those being poisoned,
Those getting in distortion,
Those following the broken diction,
Those dying like the billions,
Those without unction,
Those washed in the oceans…

I might seem cold,
But it is you who is bold.
I might not express,
But it is you who doesn’t let me progress.
I might not seem like I seek,
But it is you who doesn’t know me…
I might seem like I need,
But it is you who might always be begging on your knees.
I might seem dull,
But it is the one that is fool.
I might not be alight,
But it is you who isn’t truly alive…

I will remain neutral,
I will remain silver,
I will remain gray,
I feel darkness,
I feel light,
I will remain hallowed…,
After all, it is you who deserves no life…

I am a metal hawk,
I am a mountain goat,
I am a silver bird,
I am a gray wolf,
I am a white tiger,
I am a mystic rose…,
I am I…

I’m alive,
And I survive,
You are here,
However, it is you who deserves no life…

Being human does not imply that you have humanity…

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The Third Eye

These mysterious mist coloured hills
Leading up to the foot of the mountain
The smell of marshy terrain
Distant times and lost legends
Its where I often see lost souls,departed their earthly uniform
Visions only the third eye can see

What I see is a pale gray unhealthy face
Steeped in the worst imaginable fears
Something indescribable has struck that once living individual
Something evil happened around this swampy place
Thick layers of fog,increases my awereness of unblessed acts
Visions only the third eye can see

Who could this poor soul be?
Signs of  a time long ago,we live in different worlds,different eras
That face I see,has not found peace and blessings
Lost between parallel existences
Visions only the third eye can see

The third eye,interesting place,energy-sucker
Uncomfertable at times
Messanger of what has been,and will take place
Late afternoon,dusk,often activity
Close my eyes,displayed like a movie scrolls behind my eyelids
Visions only the third eye can see

These are the visions I see and which chases me
Never gives me that peace and quiet I sometimes need
The black crow,messanger of death and ilness
Hounts me,sometimes I don`t know who it is before it goes down
Living on historical grounds,helds many secrets of bygone times
Visions only the third eye can see

Repost from 17th.January 2012

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The Mystery of a Strange Cat

As the mourners had left,the holy showers ceased.
Still, the drops of agony fell on from the eaves of heart.
Then a forlorn crow fluttered its wet wings.

The waif cats always roamed in the yard,
But that dark night, a strange cat prowled to the portico.
Its eyes resembled the father’s, who was cremated hours back.

Moss of home clung on its eyes, but there was no tongue in the cat eyes.
Yet,the silent symbols were so strong. 
At either side of the cat eyes, the father and the son stood helplessly.

Later, I heard the mobile barks, which chased the cat to a distant rural crematorium.
And that strange cat never returned.
But its mystery remains still with the urn.


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He draws you in -
Compelling mental images
of atmosphere and entryways;
state rooms; glades; soft nudges.
Letting your fear flourish unaware. 

Note: Author Dean Koontz

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I regret friends like you


Runaway Train, 
the only thing running through my brain
Got that song stuck in my head
after hearing the song.

I think I can, -I think I can,
but I better not
I think I can ,-I think I can
I' ll give it  my best shot

A runaway  train I saw in the movie
War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise
A runaway train up in flames

a Runaway train, dark secrets like coal
a Runaway train, derailed at the end
a Runaway train, my final Destination
a Runaway train, got side tracked
a Runaway train  when my mother left me
Runaway train, it was all bull ----
I regret the day you I met you:-)
runaway train will never take my pain 
runaway train a life full of speed
runaway train will never set me free
a runaway train I'll stick to being me
and stay away from people like you:-)
runaway, runaway, is the only thing I  do perfectly.
what runs through my head when I think of the words regret.

            I regret this poem...
    Don't care if you chose it or not...
   anything to support this the soup...

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His Fire and Her Ice

Orange and yellow
Red and deep purple
In the existence of
Pure unlimited passion,
Unpredictable mystery,
And a shocking reality.

His fire is unstoppable
Even if he tried to stop
His flames spread
All through his strong heart.
He deeply knows
And clearly feels
That his soul is made of
Sun light rays.

Blue and light green
Brown and black
Surrounding expectations of
Unlimited romance
Interrupted by the fear
Of a wide eyed future
And a bittersweet truth.

Her Ice is unbreakable
Even if she tried her best 
To make it melt
The coldness spread
All through her fragile heart
But she never knew 
Or felt that 
Her soul is made of
Silver moonlight 

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quiz clue no. 4

think hawking

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From beneath foam and spray, where the
Sun light never penetrates, in fathom's chilly forbidden
Realm lies a kingdom of golden coral reefs.
Poseidon’s children of the murky depths dwell, in liberation's
Untamed wilderness of the unknown.
Mermaids and mermen living in this aquatic domain,
Of the evergreen's seaweed jungle, a lost paradise
Hidden under the big blues stormy seas.
Titan's sons and daughters, freedom’s enlightened
Spiritual unbound souls, rejoice in essences elegance,
In these sacred waters of the bluest deep.
Swimming acrobate of the brimmy mists, enchantments
Beguiling sirens sing an ancient mystical tones lullaby,
Tempting the land dwellers. to cast aside their earthen
Tethers, daring them to plunge under the tidal surf.
To death’s splendor of silence, and yet for one moment’s
Single breath held, to experience the ultimate beauty, 
Known only to these creatures of the immortal deep.
In purity's crystal clear thoughts, uncluttered by the ideas
Of humanity, instinctual beings living completely without
Boundaries restrictions.
Loving spirits, children of joys innocence, reveling
In exhilaration secret garden, in this timeless bubble,
Beneath theses mystic waves of blue.
Behold the natural wonder called the great barrier reef,
Where creatures of myth, playfully frolic, in a tag team
Match of hide and go seek, weaving, dodging through
A seaweed forest of tidal riptides divides.
Sleek mere creatures of the oceans
Tidal tribes, banding together to survive.
Dancing in sequence with the waves turning motions.
Singing forgotten songs in tender under tones,
Sweet melodies to one another.
Beauty in contrast in such wondrous currents
Of mythology.
Do they really exist who knows, but in the soul of
Wonderment, I believe they do, these the mermaids,
Of the deepest blue.

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The Igniter

my heart, my engine
my thoughts,the igniter..

some day, when my engine dies out
my soul shall drift away, seaking to find new answers
in another dimensions, which I haven`t yet seen

my everything, my awakening
igniting the spark, which will lead me into a holy land

imagine time..standing still
no moments from now til then
frozen in a forever now

explicit, raw emotions
time tickin, life`s like a ferris wheel
lowest point, slowly moving to the highest point
from up there, I can see the whole world

my heart, my engine
my thoughts, the igniter..

June 2nd 2012

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Invisible Ink

"My pen drips of sorrow and on this paper, I write each tear" – A Rambling Poet

Someone once said, “Write not what should not be read…”
He never knew what to do otherwise
for his pen was his only friend, and paper, his face
of which emotions made themselves known

Forbidden love touched his heart,
never knowing ‘til then that it could be 
the ink for which his pen would write

He seized that passion
and wrote ‘til his fingers bled, mindless of the pain,
numb with love.
The pain was superficial after all, just blood on skin
A flurry of letters that grew strength on secrecy…

Ah, but someone once said…
“Write not what should not be read…”

But how badly he wanted to be read…
the only problem is that word called

Love reveals, love betrayed;
hearts betray, hearts revealed.

It was all a ruse,
to let slip secrets that were never meant
to be known.

The pain now draws from the heart,
bleeding him dry, reaching his soul
to dehydrate him some more,
‘til Death becomes his friend.


She receives one last letter in the post
-a blank sheet, wrinkled…warped

Was it invisible ink?
On the contrary,
its message was loud and clear.

No words needed at all, just
pure sorrow of a heart and soul 
that wept

…her tears stain that paper now,
never enough to smooth it out.

August 14, 2011  149a219 
for Constance’s Just Write contest :)

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Sexual Tension

I shift my eyes slowly from the ground,
up the wall and over to another pair of eyes
that in a moment lock onto mine.
His penetrating stare 
makes my heart thump with force,
the heat from his gaze
brings beads of sweat to my skin.
Lingering in his hypnosis
I have the urge to know him,
to look deeper into the mystery
of those seductive eyes and 
bask in the warmth behind them.

As suddenly as it begins, it ends--
he snaps me back to reality 
by quickly averting his eyes from mine,
but only after flashing a flirtatious grin
and inviting my mind to wander
down dangerous roads....

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Fana: The Falling Away of the Falling Away

So much of life
Is like walking a beach all alone;
Where you began is lost in the white distance behind
Where you are headed a mystery as well.

We carry along two small bags of pretty pebbles
We gather along the way,
One for the joys
One for the troubles.

Both bags get a little heavier
The further we go.

Mostly it's a long silent walk
With a boundless sea whispering by our side
In a tongue too ancient for the rational mind.

     But here and there we stop
     And turn to gaze out over that sea,
     Fingering pebbles as we do.

     And sometimes, if we're very lucky,
     And we wait and listen long enough,
     The whisperings begin to make sense
     And we become aware that 
     An unseen Someone,
     A special Beloved,
     Has been pacing us all along;
     That we have never been truly alone.

One must be careful not to turn too fast,
To try to see this Beloved,
Or they will vanish like a snowflake on the tongue.

The trick is to cast one's gaze deep into oneself;
Then the Beloved will appear, laughing at our cleverness,
And we shall see that our silent companion 
Looks exactly like ourselves
As we appear in others' eyes.

And if we can bear to match the Beloved's gaze long enough,
They will vanish before us
And we will find ourselves gazing out over that sea with their eyes,
And see it as it truly is: dancing, infinite,eternal, perfect.

     If we can do this but once,
     We can open our bags and toss the pebbles into the sea,
     Even as we realize that sea as well is but a part of us;
     We will understand its language of  song and laughter,
     And disappear into everything joyfully
     To the sound of our own
     Perfect and infinite


As the great whirling dance
Begins again.

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What Doctor Jekyll Hides

In the office, he smiles so charmingly. Saying and doing all the right things, he puts all his female patients completely at ease. Even the women hard to please return to him, for he is famous for his bedside manner. He surrounds himself with a staff of beautiful nurses who rush eagerly to his aid when he needs them. Each of them, whether single or not, imagines herself with him and how it would be to be alone with him, aboard his fancy yacht submerged in the mesmerizing gaze of his warm hazel eyes. In the evening he goes home to his wife, a lovely though docile woman, fragile like a flower. Immediately on seeing her, he starts in with his usual barrage of complaints, belittling her and poking fun at her homemaking skills, the dinners she has waiting for him, her style of dress, and every minor physical flaw she might possess. She accepts it all with her pretty blonde head bowed like that of a wilted lily, for she knows that to oppose him will only result in a more tangible type of abuse, and he is always careful when he hurts her. Doctor that he is, he knows well to leave no marks. She retires quietly to bed, worried little about any sexual advances toward her. Although she longs for the touch of a man, she is grateful to be left alone by her spouse. Meanwhile, with liquor in hand, he’s gone into the den, shutting the door behind himself. Logged on as Mr. Hyde at his favorite website, he peruses the myriads of Adonises available, peering salaciously at each nude explicit photo with wide hungry hazel eyes taking in every little detail as he plans his next big adventure out of town and fantasizes trysts on his fancy private yacht with the sexiest of the men that he can solicit. For Yasmin Khan's "Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Poetry Contest"

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The Medicine Bag

The Medicine Bag 

March the centuries on, 
the talisman wraps and 
clings to the collar bone. 

The medicine bag cups holy 
bones that speak of the 
future, flint and stone to
 make magic fire 

strong medicine in the 
feather of the eagle
a tooth of the wolf when the 
spirit guide is he,
Should the moon's cycle be
the guide. an agate stone. 

Antler bone, its spirit 
sacrificed, meat and juices 
hiss into the fire on a wintry 

Amulets forever worn „round 
the neck touched by hands 
to reassure. 

Fear, pain and loss subside. 
Joy celebrated stroked in 
thanksgiving, always there, 
a comfort. 

To lose it was to lose one.s 
The medicine bag still adorns 
the educated, the modern, 
the agnostic. 

Turquoise of a native people
rosary beads for a strict and 
vengeful God
a locket filled with a 
beloved.s hair 

hippy beads from the time of 
peace signs and Haight-Ashbury 

a gold chain dangling stones 
ripped from the earth 

David.s star shining over
centuries of darkness.
The shark.s tooth from the icy, 
indifferent depths 

silver charms jingle and talk of 
life.s landmarks 

the gold cross celebrating a 
vicious torture 

worry beads from a 
mysterious and dark cult 

a modest grain of sand 
coated with oyster spit 

the ashes of one that ca'.t 
be let go, lest it diminish the 
life that remains. 

Medicine bags…all. 

Trisha Sugarek from
Butterflies and Bullets

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Parting Impressions

Parting Impressions Baed on My Photo Poem which can be seen on my Twitter URL And on World Art foundation by copying and pasting following URL Parting Impressions O, Golden rays of returning Sun You are leaving your parting impressions On these lovely yellow and dark brown clouds While softly touching their lips By the aroma of your enchanting lights And saying to them a lasting Good bye. Ravindra Kanpur India 14092012

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There is nothing divine 
in the stir of silence amidst this soul 
Pain was left to heal, 
Scars suddenly trodden with relieve 
A drop of water per minute, 
rows rumbled with columns 
for this bucket is far from half-full 
A jagged aura of Venus 
hovering with a wondrous grin 
farewell, there is no cause to worry, 
like the quote of good demons 
A world without worry 
a world in a lone glory 
wonders of beauty 
Danger grows and puddles 
in the mind of solitude 
Despicable and deadly volt 
safe and secured for it will never get out 
A word that was left unspoken 
is now a sword cutting through the downtrodden

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Living in a Dream

Like two windows into my dream world..
My eyes close as the shades slowly uncurl..
No peaking through the night as I drift into space..
Last call for all reality as mystery outlines my face..

I look up to the sky, kissing raindrops before they hit the floor..
Each splashes on my lips, windows closed but still an open door..
Flying through seasons and days like pages flipped in a book..
Each turned so quickly no chance to stop and look.
The heat on my face to the chill on my hands, drenched in sunshine
over a snow capped land..

The brightness peeks through the shade as morning makes 
the evening fade..
What you dream is lived out over a continuous play..
Time to rise and follow your dream of today...

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Empty Bottle

Taking me down 
To the fields of green
Along the brightest star
I've ever seen
Wait by the water
Till it hits the shore
To find an empty bottle
Nothing more

Name: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson
Written: July 12, 2010
Contest: The Unwritten

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Hear the screeching of the Nighthawk, as its talons grapple
At the tail ends of the moon's rising, dragging it ever upwards, unto
The center of the blackened shroud, of the universe.
This celestial light casts illusion's rays upon the sacred totem,
Transforming wooden carvings, bringing these honored beings to life,
Wood yields unto flesh and bones desire to enter our realm of reality.
Nay the tribal medicine man, bows and grovels low unto them,
These spiritual sacred brethren of the earth and sky, chanting
In native tongue, welcoming them once more unto the land of the living.
By tooth and claw, taking winged flight, may the elemental essence,
Bless thee, and nature itself give strength to sustain thee, so does the
Tribal elder chant, on the whispering winds, that echo from the
Highest Mountains.
Even do these rock giants, seam to bow, unto these deities of the
Supernatural realm, one by one, that come forth, the great eagle to soar,
The mighty bear to guard and defend, the alone wolf to watch over
His tribal flock and the Wiley coyote with his cunning, and stealth.
Then last but not least the wisest of them all, the ancient being the owl,
Whom listens in the night, hearing all secrets, but when asked his eyes
Do so flash, answering only one word's echoing, who.
Running free amongst the living, these sacred beings reveled in
Such wonderful freedom, to feel the warmth of the earth beneath their
Paws once more, to feel the winds currents beneath their wings,
What proud creatures of the neither realm, to join again
To live once more amongst the world of men.
But at dawn's rising a maiden dressed in sacred white skins did
Appear, calling unto them to return therein, to the totem once more.
All came willingly, except for the Wiley Coyote, for a spirit
Of trickery, is he, nay did he refuse to go.
At this response she the maiden dressed in white skins, placed
Her hands in the air, and began a sacred incantation's chant,
And low did appear within her hands grasping, but a glowing dream
Catcher that seemed to burn with an ethereal fire.
Made of vaporous mists, it shimmered and hissed, as if it were
A rattle snake poised to strike, the coyote back into a thicket of wild
Sharpened thorns, daring it to try and take him.
Again she beckoned him return unto for which you came,
Back into thy sacred totem.
But the Wiley coyote would not listen, the maiden
Spoke with venomous malice, then shaking the dream
Catcher, she spoke fetch him.
Hissing, again the dream catcher, grabbed at him,
Dragging him back within the sacred totem, now thee
Shall stay always my Wiley friend, all the others may
Run free unto the next mornings dawning,
Then all was still, and silent as the sun
Rose on the distant horizon.
The maiden vanished; the people were at peace once again,
But the Wiley coyote cries from within the sacred totem, never
To be released from his wooden prison.


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Love is young like a delicate rose- petal

So easily flung, devoured by transient blooms

Reckless the endings  with salty lips of passion

Only to find it is all about moonlit conquests.

Love is a mirror of anger, perhaps a cry

An obsession to hold when one feels alone;

This clutch grasping unto shadowed vines of fear

Possessing the other for ruthless exploitation.

Love is persistent in its everyday care

Breeding seeds of joy from evening to dawn

When cycles of trials rage, life finds grace

Embracing ebon nights, all else is forgiven.

Love is Aurora bright, eternal in its light gleaming

Never weary, always unconditional through morn’s dew

To see God’s face in a partner’s gentle eyes

Accepting the other as  divine spirit in human form.

Frank H: Love Is

by nette onclaud

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A Mystery

Like smoke, the years accrue and vanish Still, I am a mystery unto myself! ~*~

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A Mistake of Time and Structure

    A Mistake of Time and Structure

It was forty by the formometer
The moon closed in
It was a cold and numbered day
If I remember
It was time to waste
If not It was a memory
And there it faded

It was thirty by the hidrometer
The sun fell out
It was a full end
If I remember
It was a gifted part of nothing
If not it was a clock
And there it stopped

It was twenty by the timeometer
The wind gave up
It was time with space giving way
If I remember
It was a place called winter
If not it was a thought I had
That evaporated

It was ten by the elderometer
Morning came to night
It was a place to sleep
If I remember
It was a slower moving body
If not it was a part of time
And it had passed

It was one by the nonometer
The mind froze up
It was a full stop in mid air
If I remember
It was a cold and numbing moment
If not it was a motion forward
And there was nothing there

It was zero by the outometer
And night filled in the void
It was a cold and numbered day
If I remember
It was a matter of time
If not it was a poem I wrote
And there it was in the dark

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Conspiracy: Who Killed The Easter Bunny

A crowded table, all suspended in shock 
The sound of the shot dimming to a ‘knock’
Only silence, except for the marching clock
The weapon still smoking; an anonymous glock

Loud cries arise from the elongated table,
Jack Frost is shocked, the Tooth Fairy unable
To speak whilst Santa is checking the stable
For clues on the erstwhile maidservant Mable

They searched for hours, called in C.S.I,
Panic set in, would the children all cry?
Sandman confirmed the bunny had died
Batman suspected somebody had lied

Guests were quizzed, interrogations began
The mystery unfolded when Santa Claus ran,
Grabbing the pies, he tried escaping in a van
But was stopped in his tracks by superman

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The Raven Waits

It is cold among the shadows, where heavy tears belong
Behind the gates, and iron locks, where sinking headstones dwell                
Where names that time erases, are deeply etched with tales
One walks here in the dim, gray light, where the ravens weave their spell 
There are legends, told in secret.. from deep below the earth...
In whispered tongues, they wonder,...does the raven wait for death?
Black ebony has circled.   Is a feather just a quill? the stories hold some merit...are they illusions of the chill?
A moss covered headstone crumbles, and tumbles with a touch
A raven's gaze seems evil, has he brushed the devil's wrath?
A voice of anguish rises, with an echo from the mist
And the silence comes, and all is still,.....or are legends simply myths?

Black heart, no shame.... a moth to flame
A caw cries out, , ..."how great the cost!"

They perch and watch and find a nest, among the webbed design
The lilies and the laurel...a tangled garden climbs
entwining over markers...that only wither on the vine

A raven waits, as nightfall comes, as fog and returns again
Another night, another life, will end again on time
Inspired By Kelly's Contest: The Raven (Poe)

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A Hospital Stay - Part VII, Finis


                                                      On The Road Back

Serious illness instructs its victims
In the miracle of the normal life.
Spend time starting over on things you never think of,
And a new appreciation dawns
For the marvel of Being-in-the-World.

     Crisis finally ended, they move me down
     So I may eat like a human again and gain the strength
     To walk geriatrically about the ward
     Creepingly, yet exulting in my newfound freedom
     From the Sargasso Sea of lines that bound me for so long.
     Soon they would send me home
     To where Gulliver's god asserts his primacy.

There is in every life that question never asked aloud,
Yet waits for its whisper in misfortune's ear:
Why go on?

Why the trouble of going on
When we know all things, after all,
Make an end of themselves?
What purpose served when Summer's light gives way again
To Winter's dark, itself to give way once more 
Before the furious blooms of Spring,
This cycling of changes running blindly 'round
'Til all together, when at last we're called away from being
Will soon enough leave not even faint memory
That ever we, or they, had been?

Why go on,
When all are orphaned in the end,
When in due time Time itself will cease to march
When even God may wonder
To what end He set it all in motion for,
Leaving only an original Mystery
To occupy Forever?

     Yet still all things contrive to persevere, especially ourselves,
     Despite our cursed knowledge of Finality,
     Knowing that none shall escape eclipsion,
     But sensing that the weight
     Of whatever we have made of our lives
     Will add its dram of meaning
     When the sum of it all is balanced together
     In the great equation of existence.

We go on for the honor of going on,
Because there is no road back
And the bridges burn themselves behind us as we go.
The going is its own meaning
Because all moments matter to those they happen to,
Are defined by those they happen to -
And in the happening
Each soul makes its bright flash in the infinite dark,
Illumines itself in silent declaration
That it once was, and dared to be,
Despite the vanishing that follows.

     When all is said and over,
     It's perhaps best we measure ourselves
     Against the blazing stars and wheeling galaxies
     To find that we come out the larger 
     Than they in all their magnificence,
     In our tiny, burning brilliance.

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Supreme Loneliness

Crowded city dying souls
Central of earth
Millions souls crafting their destiny
Heart of cities of iron plastic
Multitude traffic Lights

Dead crowd smile
Waving statues of emptiness
Stranger within misery of night
Priceless heartless so hollow
Snatch within our game
Silence through the middle of universe
Reflection your supreme Loneliness …

Playing game within yourself
Void in universe
Creators of game
Was it your reason to play game…………..
Behold children of loneliness

Curtain whisper
Creation starts to be alive …
Listen to the water, bed, pictures
They sing in the middle of the night
A soft whisper I’m alive this is your last trip!

Sit on train Ride this life journey with me
Living in this life alive ……
Your lips whisper in this Nudity
Reveal your hidden secrets begging
Sleep on my bed soft whispers
Tears and smile welcome to our universe lounge

Jul 8 09

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The Three Days of Darkness

The Three Days of Darkness, A Poem

It is true this prophecy 
That the mightiest things of God come in threes
There were three wise men and three sets of gifts
There were at least three apostles that loved to fish
There are three parts to the Almighty Godhead
And 3 days my Father in the tomb lay dead
It is true
He showed me his beautiful face in peace just lying there
It was a most angelic vision that he delivered to me
He wanted me to see the power of the number three 
And that this prophecy is soon to come true
Three days of darkness is surely upon you, he said to me with his gentle voice
Three days of darkness for all of mankind
What will occur during these three days you might ask?
It will be the greatest treasure to the universe
For the Lord God Almighty and his precious Father will walk amongst the earth
They will meet with each and every citizen and give them one final chance
One final chance to see them face to face before the trump shall sound
He will say to his children, I Am the Messiah and I have been found by so many
Won’t you care to join me in my heavenlies?
I am giving you this final chance to make your allegiance to the One True God
It is I, Jesus Christ, that came down from my throne to set all of humanity free
It is I, Jesus Christ, that wants you to know how very sorry I am that the 
Has wreaked such havoc upon this earth
I am coming soon in the clouds
Be thirsty for me
Much calamity is coming to your earth soon
It is only a matter of moments away
Won’t you please come into my presence this day
I am knocking on the door to your heart 
And I want to make Myself known to all of mankind
I am giving you all one final chance
When you see the 3 days of darkness upon you
Gather your families and sing praises to me
There will be many evil things lurking about in the darkness
Stay in your homes and stay close to me
Claim the blood of Jesus Christ upon your doorposts
Claim the blood of Jesus Christ upon everyone you know
I am the Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world

This is a poem and this is a prophecy
Listen to the words of our Almighty God
He will use any method to get his words out to the masses
Even a lowly person like me
All hail the power of the name of Jesus Christ!

Written by Gwendolen Rix

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A Hospital Stay - Part I

                              "Nothing my hide from the hidden."

                                                                   - Japanese Proverb


                                      Gulliver's God Goes Silent

Sir Johnathan's Lilliputians assumed
Gulliver's watch to be his personal god,
Observing how seldom he took action
Without first consulting it.

Time has come to be the Tyrant God of our frenzied Age;
The One Who Harries
The mass of us from here to there and back again
Crying down to the faithful the terrible slippage
The relentless loss of minutes, hours and days,
Unreclaimable all,
Shouting to us from our wrists, our walls and all things electric
The message of incompletion,
Of things undone and lost
In the unstoppable flood that sweeps us along
Carrying all we think we know
Towards some great, invisible and communal Terminus.

     The acolytes' wishes are served,
     In serving one so like ourselves
     Serving those unsatisfied by any sacrifice.

     The call comes in late September;
     A doctor's voice informs me
     Of a tale mad cells are telling
     As they gather themselves deep within,
     An aimless tide of their lives just beginning
     To flourish sans form or purpose
     Bringing destruction to the  temple they occupy
     Through their sheer abundance.

That was when, for the first time,
My part in the steady move towards the Terminus
Loomed clear and certain in my sight,
And joined the strong knowings of my heart.

A fluid anxiety filled me,
Running shapeless and invincible
And I felt, somehow, like I was drowning.

So it was that as another Summer gathered itself up for its death
I checked into the hospital
To be dropped into chemical oblivion
And laid out like an offering
To the spirits of Blood and  Mystery
Reading my organs through greengloved hands,
Interpreting the language of manic cells.

Skin peeled back like the pages of a book
I lay captive in the sleep of Lethe
As they read the script writ in red within
     Making decisions
     Correcting errata.

          And the god on the wall
          Moved his hands in passing across his face,
          But not for me.

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The Owl

Deep large eyes staring down
Gracious but ghostly in many ways
Turn it's Head 'What does it see?'
Very careful watching me

Beautiful song that brings fear
For those who love old lady tales
Of what your voice may bring
Sad Omen so very unfound

Like an Arch Angel spreading wings
With such eminence, power and grace
Majestic bird taking it's flight
Into the black dark night

 Nalanti Goosen©2012 
 All rights reserved

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A Degree in Phantasmology

Viewed from outside, the forest appears to have been gobbled up,
erased by a gigantic sponge of mist.
Only the tips of a few cedars pierce through the miasma.
No, they aren't piercing through the veil; more so, they are disconnected
from the rest of their towering bodies -
green, sharp cones floating above the lumbering, pulsating cloud.

But once within the forest, having stepped through the perimeter of trees,
visibility opens up a little, as wispy tentacles retract into the canopy above,
as if in retreat from an approaching intruder.

I do not know precisely what I am looking for,
simply following a strong instinct 
as to the whereabouts of what I desire to find.
How is it possible to desire something I do not know?
Oh, but how I so desire to find it....

Fiddleheads uncurl, silent players in an orchestra,
giving a visual impression of the sounds vibrating 
beneath their spiralled stalks.
A strange hour for crickets to be tuning their Viennese strings.

Over to my left, sits Voltaire with a crooked grin.
But upon closer inspection, it is only a rotting stump.
Voltaire, you sly, sly genius. Always so sharp and forthright.
How you must have wormed your way into Luther's head,
as the two of you hid in Frederick's fortress castle.
Yes, you were always so keen and brilliant,
but disconnected from your heart. Were you not?

I push deeper into the forest, scaring off a mole
who had a momentary lapse of courage within the mist.
The curdling vapours recede even more,
clearing up my lines of sight.
There! Is that what I am searching for!?
Naye, it is but a smooth, polished stone set amongst a crowd
of dangerous looking rocks, poking out of thick, wet moss -
dangerous rocks with slippery, jagged edges,
resembling the dagger of Brutus.
23 stabs in Caesar's back, on that cruel midnight hour.
23 chromosomes added from each half,
giving birth to a story of deception and betrayal.
And of a captain going down with his sinking ship.

Pondering over these spectres, suddenly jogs my thoughts -
thoughts no longer connected to a physical body.
My hands resemble the fog--thick as illusions,
but also transparent, depending on the vantage point.
I have found what I came looking for,
confirmed my own mortal death,
as I now appear to be existing within the memories of the living.

I did not find the forest after all,
instead, Death found me.
The true reason for having arrived here,
is to earn a degree in phantasmology.

February 16th, 2012

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Engraved in chromes steel, is benedictions creed
The road warrior's born to be free mentality,
A legacy's name embossed in history, behold
The American Harley Davidson Motorcycle. 
Fires hell bound creation, blazing down the
Interstates two lane highway, feasting upon
The concrete and asphalt jungle, it lives to be driven,
And is driven to live.
Emerging from brimstone's smoke, and hails
Lightning flash, a two wheeled vehicle of deliverance,
Cuts the wild heart in half, releasing mankind's
Inner beast setting it free, unto the open roads
Badlands, of ultimate abandonment to freedom's row.
The rebel unforgiven,thus follows the lost by ways
Seeking liberation’s untamed spiritual knowledge.
Held firmly beneath the wings of the American eagle, and
Draped within the standard most sacred
Under the red, white, and blue flag, of the U.S.A. 
A living entity, releasing society's inhibitions,
At the sound of it's mighty roar, a freed lone wolf,
Racing against the winds of the restless spirit.
The leather jacket's brotherhood, symbolizing
A grand belief in the declaration of independence,
That all men are created equal, and shall have the
God given right, to seek true freedom's liberty at will.
These are the modern cowboy desperado's,
 Riding upon dual engines of power,
Time bandits whom trust in God and country alone.
A stampers anvil strikes in thunders rage, 
Melting quick silver, speeds downwards
 Into a symbolic mold, leaving behind tradition's
Birthmark,  and the Harley Davidson symbol
 Is born.












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In a far away secluded place
There’s a hill known for its beauty
But lies a secret that finally revealed
Its haunted, its creepy… wants to know the story?

There were five 4th graders
Joined in the field demonstration in school
They needed fine branches to form a shape
That hill they choose because it’s the nearest
And decided to go there before the sunset

The distance is one kilometer so they walked happily
Before going up to the hill they’ve felt uneasy
Because once they heard that at the top lies a dead body
But they still continue their journey anyway
And saw a wrecked bamboo hut was empty

Going further inside the creepy hill
One girl was beaten by some sticky spider
Everybody were afraid and shouted 
They also heard people laughing at the end

The 4th graders looked at each other and wondering
What they were doing at six in the evening at the wrecked hut?
Three people, two pretty women and one handsome man
Wearing white and seated on a dirty and old bench
They looked enchanting but the children were afraid 

When three people looked at the children they smiled and asked;
“What are you doing here? Its’ getting dark, you’ve supposed to go home”
Shocked for the question they didn’t answer but run as fast as they can
One girl lost her slipper while going down on the hill so she cried hard
They keep on running even if their feet were tired…they were so scared	
The voices were still echoed in the air as they keep running

When they reached home, all of them told the shocking story
Their parents confirmed that hill is haunted for many years already
It’s the city of unknown people because they heard it many times
The children were chilled by the news and wailed 

The five 4th graders never attempted to go there for more than 30 years
But the experienced they truly can’t forget for the rest of their lives
Its Halloween month at that time and its Halloween night indeed
No trick and treats, no pumpkin, no costume but a real experience
The people leaving there know the story and nobody dare to go up
How about you? Want to try to go to the creepy hill too?

Date written: September 5, 2012

Note: the girl who lost her slipper was ME 

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Far beneath fathom's kept, where the dead men,
Dare not speak of forgotten kingdom's hidden deep,
Under waves chilling currents, in the aquatic blues,
 Burial zone.
Behind seaweeds thickened greenery, and corals
 Reefs decorative stealth.
An ancient mystery's truth lies undiscovered,
Pull back times curtain reveal a world turned up,
Side down.
Once a utopian society lived, bathed in the
 Warmth of the sun.
Shinning by brilliance light aglow in
 Architectural marvel.
Civilization’s corner stone, etched with 
Diversity's trade mark.
Idealism in perfection orderly form, 
Pictured framed amongst ,
Legend's greatest mysteries left unsolved, 
Yet it intrigues us.
A vast landscape spanning the horizon, 
Wealth's golden city.
Built brick by brick on sheer strength, 
Of will power and intelligence intellect.
A crown jewel of the ancient world but,
 It's existence has tarnished with age,
 Entering the realm of long ago,
 Mythological legendary myth.
But fortune's favor draws fates attention, 
Leaving unto follies end result greed's lust,
Deception’s cruelty, and slavery’s injustice.
The god's have little mercy for humanity’s,
 Sinister darker side,
And cast a titan's krackan to sly the
 Wickedness there in.
Destruction landfall hit Atlantis head on,
An eerie twilight’s hour destiny’s four winds,
Did scream why have you forsaken, 
Your children thus so.
No wraith's compassion could eliminate, 
Sorrows heavy burden to bare.
A nation, a continent wiped from the face
Of the earth, without leaving a trace vaporized,
In a instant.
Storytellers epically write words, telling of
Legacy's lost paradise.
It's valuable theology speaks volumes knowledge,
Of lessons to be learned so not as to,
 Be repeated again. 
In the devil triangle may it rest in peaceful slumbers, 
Dreaming state.
Until history's reawakening calls it name once more.


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Winter Star

Winter star,

   so frozen where you are;

   in some glazed galaxy,

   how far is your lofty eminence?

Shine you will,

   in your celestial world,

   perhaps your rays more ancient

   than Earth's first darkling crib;

Where once none had been.....

No earthly eye to behold thy majesty;

   shearing darkness 'til what final wall?

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Part I of Indian Summer

The air fills with blue, and the greens catch fire
The hammerlight of Summer
With little mouse-steps,
Steals off into apricity.

I divide my days
Between wine and responsibilities
As a child divides his
Between play and obedience.

The time itself, at its best,
Is wine to me,
Full of light and flavors
Vying for my attention.

The aptly named Sept/ember
Ignites itself against the skies
And sets my thoughts asmoulder;
The inspiration I have begged and badgered
To arrive, does so at last
By its own rule, on its own clock
In the deep of the night
While I should be asleep.

I awake,
Dreams close behind my shoulder,
And find myself at this crossroads,
Inexorably older.

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Poetry Contests

Check i out

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Two Sights, And the Lessons They Taught Me

Upon a time, not so long ago
I saw these things, and locked them away 
In the treasure room of my memory:

One sunset, Apocalyptic in its brilliance;
Clouds of opal shimmering,
Flying across a sapphire sea.

The white ruins of an ancient city.
Once home to a great and proud people,
Streets long settled into the silence
Of years marked off by dust,
My footprints in that dust.

And just beneath these things I felt another something
Immense, Unnamable
That lies far below our common perceptions
Like water flowing beneath thick ice.

The knowledge of its prescence,
Felt only in those fragile moments
When images too beautiful for the frailty of words
Burn their way into the depths of our souls,
Has given me that sound I hear now in silence
A clear bell that sounds a tone
Not made by any instrument of  Man,
Which stills the frantic revolutions of my reasonings
And gives me back the pure sight I had long ago
Before my childhood disappeared.

In fleeting impressions
Falling through the tempest of experience
That carries us all through life,
I sense this other side of the world,
The calm, steady eye
That holds fast in the center of the cyclonic round
Of Creation and Destruction
That drives the Universe along:
The unmoving Hub
At the center of  the infinite wheel.

Sometimes I feel this faraway place
Lying nearer than my latest breath,
Standing firm somewhere beyond all confusion,
And island of strength beyond all substance
Surrounded by the seas of our doubts.
I touch it with my mind, in flashing moments
And it is enough
To bring some peace to the wars of my emotions,
To steady my hands as I guide my life
Towards its unseeable end,
Uncertain and dim in the approaching distance.

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SUN-BLOCK - Joseph Osita

SUN-BLOCK  ( Collaboration with Joseph Osita )

by~JOSEPH OSITA &  I~LINDA  (p.d.)

Your sunset-sanctioned skin ignite melody to boredom world
Your gently pearling smile charm the attention of morning sun.
Your charmed souls burn in nuclear passion
To absorb the bombardment of your ink
You are the unsolved mystery of existence 
~pd~ The sunrises 10 feet off the ground
~**~ This place carried the eternal light I need for my soul to soar.
~**~ Like the clouds every poet brush away my blues with one simple smile
~**~ Writing ignited my heartbeat to flicker like a candlewick non-stop.
~pd~ I hold that piece of puzzle that makes my existence complete
Elegantly you walk, Venus-like
Printing glory-of-gods on excited earth
Holding hostage your admirers' eyes
With your Gabriel-censored attire
You are truly the mystery of existence  
~pd~ My eyes I keep holding on tight.
~**~ Gathering dangerous looks, from every poets eyes.
~**~ Striking like a speed of thunder bolt, 
~**~ I fell weak like an addict to my admires streak of rays'
~pd~ I'm the piece of puzzle that makes my own existence complete

Oh beautiful empress of poetry soup.
Wake thy muse and shake off the dust of block
Your fans are in inferno hunger of your welded words
Feed us again, your poetic meal that somersault the arrows of critic
 For you are the unsolved mystery of existence    
~pd~  A great source to gather the best light here on the soup.
~**~ I found my heart beating like a rush~ spontaneous 
~**~ Imaging every poem that helps me get lost in the moment
~**~ I wrote against and among the best to be like the rest
~pd~ For I'm that unsolved piece of puzzle that makes my existence complete

You are kinder than nature, more hospitable than mother earth
 Man and woman scramble for shelter in your cheerful hearts
For your contest, all thoughts erect pines of words
With rush of the sea storm
P.D. (( I., Linda ))  is the unsolved mystery of existence  

~pd~ losing myself to reality, this is not like me to fall into deep.
~**~ Times maybe hard, not even a simple song to poet my mind.
~**~ The truth is, the sun has blinded me with love, and I have no SUN-BLOCK
~**~ Until my instincts tell me otherwise, I'll find my way back to all my fans 
~pd~  I (~LINDA) am responsible for the happiness of my mysterious existence.

A collaboration with  * JOSEPH OSITA

~my collaboration contest~


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Sixth above the Line

Tact was never your strong suit,
for you spoke from the heart of froth-covered lips,
spewing forth precocious, unfiltered tongues --

and I

absorbed it all as an overly attentive student
watching the smoke curl into a figure eight,
viewing you through distorted lenses,
haze buffering the hard edges of 

truth. You were the matador
prodding me on,
shaping my rage into a receiver/transmitter.
So many times I could have run you through,
gored you with sharpened horns,
but I pretended to trip or miss,
giving you yet another moment of professorial pretension.

Over and over again you pounded the madness into my head:

"The Sixth above the Line,
the Sixth above the Line!
The Sixth is most Divine!"

Yes. I honed the Sixth 
by mastering the lower Five -
viewed the tracks, followed the scent,
listened to a snapping twig
as my fingers caressed the taste of fear....

.... I learned to feel the beast in a whole different way,
to absorb its every nuance
until I could hear its heartbeat pounding in my thoughts
from four kilometres away.

Ironic isn't it?

Tore open my inner eye,
and when it was my turn to die,
I walked towards the edge without a moment's hesitation.
I died for you,
only to have Raven fill my lungs with Lazarus' sickly, sweetened stench.
Regardless of my actions, you were gone,
vanished within your selfishness,
visiting me in the torrential landscapes of nightmares,
twisting your tentacles around my floating soul,
attempting to drag me down into the abyss where you now reside.

Your maniacal laughter haunts me deeply,
I feel your shadow cross my path.

And they

fold over in laughter,
claiming how science has made fraudulent the claims of wandering spirits.
Of wandering Murthers and madness.

And I

in turn, fold over in laughter
as a machine spawned from science
spikes off the charts whenever you lick my cortex.

"The Sixth above the Line,
the Sixth above the Line!
The Sixth is most Divine!"

Ironic isn't it?

You taught me how to hone the Sixth,
only to feel you burn,
only to learn
just how wrong you could be.... figure out exactly how not to become you.
To push beyond the Sixth, towards the Seventh
and the Eighth, 

and away from wandering Murthers and madness.

January 13th, 2012

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The Source of Being

I was thinking of the soul
 that mysterious un-proven source of being.
Thoughts came to me of a mystical place where
 in the mossy ground of a sacred forest
a portal existed 
below the quadrivail of four ancient rivers.
a cave deeply etched by a many ages-
the pericopic carving of rushing waters
into a clear, deep pool of a most unbelievable blue .

Precious, orange zircons formed the floor…ligures for holy men’s robes
 a resevoir of more than nature's beauty
 an enigma, a place of secret rites and truths
 knowable, only by divine revelations.

And when the vision faded peace flowed through my thoughts-
a  truth from ages past and a faith that was positive
in time and space.

For Shadow’s Word Challenge

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Only in You

Through the lonely woods, I may head,

Upon the autumn leaves, I may tread,

At the secluded horizon, I may stare,

And only you, I may see,

In those symphonies of silence,

In those melodies of calmness,

In those euphonies of quietness.


By the silent lake, I may lay,

Till the twilight fades, I may stay,

Then in reclusive silence, I may walk,

And only to you, I may talk,

Through those toungueless emotions,

Through those wordless attachments,

Through those voiceless sentiments.


In the lone meadow, I may wander,

Along the untrodden paths, I may waver,

In companionless seclusion, I may hide,

And only in you, I may find,

The depths of oneness,

The bonds of togetherness,

The cozy feel of coalescence.


In the wilderness of emotions, I may die,

At the merciless daggering, I may sigh,

Through a million wounds, I may bleed,

And only in you, I may seek,

The balm of love,

The warmth of affection,

The heal of inseparability.

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Eternal Sleep in Peat

Eternal Sleep in Peat

At least a thousand years
since he lost hope
His features spoke, not of
the strangling rope
that robbed his breath,
but of a sleep, as deep as death
And peat preserved
is evidence, far sharper 
than a photograph,
not yet invented,
his face, the same as one
who rested on his desk 
to pause,
and not the drama, of
a flight for life,
(for crime or sacrifice,)
that brought him ,
an endless sleep 
in peat

Suzanne Delaney

This poem is based on an image from real life that affected me profoundly.
When I was in Dublin a few years ago I saw a 1000 year old man
in a  glass case Museum Display whose body had been dumped in a peat bog with a rope around his neck. Some say a sacrifice or an execution.  I was amazed
to see the features were just like any 50 year old male you would see today.  Most of the likenessesof people before photography was invented, were painted or sculpted images
and although I wouldn't doubt an artist's eye, I was never sure they could capture the real image  of what people looked like back then.   

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new aquatic species

       Science in all fascination has discovered a species aquatic 

  Theorizing this new yet old species remained hidden as Merman  

  only to live in secret at the oceans floor the mermaid a tribe indigenous 

  once said to be myth yet all proof and technology film does not lie 

  Tsunamis has given the ocean a true glance of the man with webbed hands

  The species communes with dolphins will be under a microscope to analyze  ?

    " The World is not ready to see what I have "  Jacques Cousteau ~

         to be entered in The Science contest ~

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Making Love with Crystal Antennas

....while making love with crystal antennas

the electromagnetic pulse attracts Sir Isaac Newton's ghost,
and he watches as I make passionate love within a Chemical Wedding

His poor soul is still grounded here on earth,
for he cannot step into the light
until his (A)ether theories are set right

What a weight to put upon my shoulders

I make love with crystal antennas,
dialing my testicles beyond mere Amplitude and Frequency Modulation --
they hang as crystal diode plums

I stick the crystal antennas into my ears,
transmitting my soul to many destinations.
Depending on which receivers can filter the frequency,
makes for vast differences in experiences

Sometimes I can even see you,
while my brainwaves fly all over the place.
Yes, I even see you with that sad look on your face,
and I can only hope that one day the reflection in the mirror
is of someone you finally, truly love

Poor Sir Isaac Newton's ghost is expecting a lot from me,
especially since Albert is the one who punched holes in his BreAeth(er).
How can I stand up to Albert?
Maybe I am far too lost in theories of un-relativity
to fully comprehend the gravity of the apple in his eye

I do want to help send Sir Isaac Newton's ghost into the light,
just haven't quite figured-out how to make his mathematics right

It feels strange having him watch me make love with crystal antennas,
but I have a strong sense that there is more to be found in this release,
and how if I stop making love with crystal antennas,
I may never find the proper lock in which to insert the golden key

If I don't eventually come around to figuring out this theological math,
will I join the ghost of Sir Isaac Newton,
watching someone else make love with crystal antennas,
cheering them on, while their testicles hang like crystal diode plums?

Chris D. Aechtner     July 4th, 2011 

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The River home

It was a home on the river we lived .
It was the ghost of a young man whom had taken his own life.

I still remember the vision of him walking by me with a blank stare 
We,  as a Family of  seven , moved into this river house 
Panoramic views right out to the river , I should mention

I was home alone as a child , looking out at "The Julia Belle Swan " as she went by .
Upstairs in that room as I saw a figure walking by , with very nice features , auburn hair 
I thought he was my older brother , a handsome young guy 

Then I realized the young man was not my brother , a  apparition he appeared .
He was not there to scare or frighten , 
the message I believe he wanted to shed light on, so clear.

He walked right by ,then disappeared through the window, out to the River .

The Ghost knew I could see him , a gift I have been given
when I was a younger child of five , I had once died for a short time. I was lifted by Jesus in Heaven . Death is not for us to decide .

Later in the years we moved from that home , every home we lived in had a story 
or a presence of its own . My Mother had told me later , a young man took his life there .

 Keep fighting your way through life and its despair , 
you are important to someone whom cares .  If you feel alone and want life to end , Please pick up the phone , call anyone ,  call for help , call a Friend .

"This is not fiction , it truly is a gift I have been given "

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Too Much Slag

At crushing depths 
Titanic rests 
Rusticles- like red ice 
hang from her corpse 
[the excrement of 
fathoms deep bacteria] 
And now technology
[ undreamed of when it was needed] 
peers at her 
[long submerged wreckage] 
from slick sub-like vessels 
taking computer generated 
photo mosaics 
for investigators to pore over 
Once mystifying questions 
are un-layered one by one 
from evidence locked 
within her tortured skeleton,
[ not the simple impact of 
an iceberg sealed her fate 
but rather]
 a 'series of happenings', 
without remedy 
Rivets of, 'too much slag' 
gave way 
letting in Atlantic's weight 
Her belly full, 
she hugged her center keel 
[in futile efforts] 
to keep bow and stern connected 
As she sank, into eternity, 
chambered cells, 
[once meant to prevent 
the onslaught of the sea,] 
were breached so easily? 
Sea weight tore her 
great- ship's-soul asunder 
And sinking to the sea's dark floor 
she took with her,
poor forsaken passengers 
[crying in disbelief 
at that cruel and lying 'myth'] 
See sawing down, 
the broken stern end 
speared, into fathoms deep mud, 
the  bow rails kept, intact 
[for all the ghosts 
to lean on ]
And with the solving of 
her final hours, 
it is unthinkable, 
that this rusticled spectre 
{once so full of mystery] 
had been thought to be 

Suzanne Delaney 

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In a Hotel Room

A half-full bottle of scotch
stands in the middle of a stool,
as the wind blows away the cigar
ashes away from the ashtray

Besides the stool,
a king-size bed carries the weight
of a man holding a cigar on his mouth,
planning who the next victim will be;
a person who is stopping at nothing
to destroy his drug empire

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In Praise of Mystery

To the unknown! The word alone,
a single thought, and I may own
excitement in a silence that prevails
beyond all realms that we can know.
Here it is that one must cower before
a restless, nameless power, invisible,
and in that bald identity a sweeping force,
pervading reason, sifting consciousness
with such divisive skill that any thought
to step aside is fast dismissed.

Rather it is there to feed upon;
So basic is the fare the mind,
however horrified, must move
deep into the origin, picking it apart,
hauling it to the surface,
then confronting it.
However that is not enough, for
honesty demands the realm of mystery
to be secure, to ride the wings
of dreaming, far beyond imagination
and out there to realize
the quest will never touch the truth.

I think it is the fuel burning
in us--that makes us souls
more than just organic things 
that spurn a reach away. But more,
its quiet voice can probe
into the secret places commerce
never knew.

Ah! that is why it shimmers there
upon the precipice of all reality
as I contemplate its faceless wonder.
It must. I am its prisoner, 
and would not have it otherwise.
It is as if it knows we need
this darkness of vacuity
for there beyond belief resides
both pro and con, another total construct
of creation and creator: 
all that is
and everything that it is not.

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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The Murder of Crows Morphed into Midwives


Found a dead crow
a Star of David
draped across a wrought-iron fence
surrounding a cemetery.

In a house
on a hill past Pandora,
I boiled the crow's skull,
placed its talons upon ice -
the extraction had been a tad messy.

Cooked dinner -
sauce resembled blood,
noodles resembled worms,
but I ate it regardless,
barely able to stop myself
from retching
over splinters of cedar.

Hung a merlot-coloured drape
over a bedroom window
with glass comprised of sand
from a beach
where I had accidentally cut open my hand
on a shard of seashell
in a figure-eight;
bleeding out into the ocean.

Using white chalk,
I drew a Pentagram on the drape;
a circle of protection
for the souls of future unborn children.
Pulling aside the drape,
I saw crows sitting on a branch nearby.
Tapped on the window.
One of the crows nodded at me.
It was a cold November,
the tree stripped bare of leaves.

Opening the window,
I noticed that the crows appeared hungry,
either smelling dinner wafting out,
or the sweet musk of my unwashed armpits.
I cried - a part of me died
there in Victoria,
watching the crows breathe in
my sacred death.


Everywhere I went,
the crows followed close by,
little black magic men with wings
breathing life back into the soil,
into my loins,
into my heart.

Flowers bloomed in winter,
grass turned green,
buds became plump on branches.
I began to write a story.
King Solomon was the main character -
the son of the very king
draped over the wrought-iron gate
of the Jewish cemetery
where I had found the dead crow.
I always wondered
wot the Jews had done,
for the world to despise them so.

Completing the first part of the story,
my eyes detached from paper
and met the eyes of crows
watching me from outside of the window.

The Murder had morphed into Midwives
easing me out of the womb,
into a re-birth of myself.
I packed my bags,
walked down the hill
past Pandora.

The crows followed me down to the ferry,
as I embarked upon the next chapter
of my re-birth.
You(and you too)were already there,
had always been there for me;
been there for each other.

The Murder morphed into Midwives,
helping us to find each other,
or rather,
to show us that we had always
been together from the very beginning




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Taurus - April 21 - May 21

No bull in the proverbial china shop
but of the astrological skies 
you’d ride bareback upon the animal
assured by its strength and muscular form 
Ruled by Venus and of the second house
A feminine introvert or negative sign

A lover of all things nature and natural
Earth, loyal and faithful but needs stability
Although stubborn enough to charge at one disturbing the peace
Fulfilling the senses with beauty
Neck and throat sensitive and strong (aim affection here!)
Homely content, liking the comforts of life

Attracted to material things in simplest form
although from senses – tactile or pleasing to eye
Naturally practical likes comfortable space for home and work
Food clothes music and linen of importance 
for ‘things’ are of value, money and those not materialistic 
Sensation more important than feelings and thought

A Taurean can appear boring to others
Practical and sensible in approach
Basing life on the real not imagined
Not willing to take unecessary risk
nor put foundations that are solid in jeopardy
Happy with stability and simplicity so long as functional

Not to be distracted and not exceptionally clever
You get to where you want to be through determination
Always needing the tools to get back to basics and build
A feminine introvert or negative sign
Life is good, ruled by Venus sensual and simple
In Venus Taurus is about physical and idealistic love, arts and beauty

Patient, reliable warmhearted and caring nature
One determined and persistant, a creative, placid creature
Needs watch health especially throat, repiratory, abscess and rheumatism
Stubborness and inflexibility can sometimes be issue
Possessive and relentlessness yet loving
Law abiding and somewhat hostile with change

Witty and practical, faithful and generous to friends
More than averagely loving and very self-conscious
Fixed in opinion down to experience and acceptable patterns
Steadfast, just and firm when faced with difficulty
These are not afraid of dirty hands nor shy of hard work
At best in positions of trust and responsibility

Strength is sensible outlook on life
Weakness of being unable to accept less than you can achieve
Seeing is believing
and because the feet are firmly on the ground
others will come to this sign for advice
as they plod along taking only what is needed to survive

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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Bao - Yu

<                                         Bao - Yu
                                        precious jade
                                    your angelic font 
                                  cast mirrored images
                                      off stilled pond

                                  orchids in woven hair
                                  garments of satin and lace
                                  you lying in fetal position
                                  upon granite's stone
                                  tell me heavenly Goddess

                                  Why Do You Look So Sad  ?

Written By Katherine Stella

For Rambling Poet's
Reflection Contest 


Name Of This Poem 
Is Entitled
Bao -Yu

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Morning Blues of London

Morning Blues of London
by Steven Cooke

I see reflections in the window,
My coffee, my only friend.
Waiting for my journey to begin.

My suitcase, my only possession.
Yesterdays clothes, yesterdays photos,
Yesterdays dreams, all packed neatly for yesterdays man.

The whistle, slowly we move off,
Leaving yesterdays life.
As I ponder through my window,
I hear the track mocking,

“It’s all your fault”, “it’s all your fault”, “it’s all your fault”.

No peace for yesterdays man.
We pass fields of lavender, a reminder of when love was sweet.
I see fields of barley, and hay bales,
Where forbidden love was born,
Then ploughed fields, the furrows of betrayal,
Raking through my soul.

We pass a ruined castle, my dreams my hopes, all perished there.
Swept away by the forces of passion, 
Crumbling the walls of yesterdays love.

My window of torment, reveals all. “please go away”
For I want Today’s window,
But my confession, rapes my mind.

You see my wife loves another,
My neglect, my fault, all the judges agreed.

Into a tunnel, a respite from all this.
A moment’s darkness.
Alone again, with my coffee.

I’m still, rolling down the track of despair,
The guard announcing the next station.

“All change at Piccadilly,”
“Connections for nowhere and oblivion”
“Platform Three”.

A rush of bowler Hats cram the doors,
Anonymous souls leading anonymous lives.

And me, with my cup of coffee, alone with the window,
I see reflections once more.
I lay my pen down, 
And I Thank god that’s not me.
Oh how I hate Monday mornings.
Time to leave.

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Something Lies Concealed

Reluctantly, I'm ascending stairs. . . Sensations of a dreadful cold Permeate my trembling skin. Through the window the moonlight glares. My footsteps falter, but I'm growing bold, And my climb begins again. Darkness grips me with its wicked claws. Something lies concealed. I hear my heart beating frantically; A dark foreboding gives me pause. Consumed by it, my spirit chills; I must unveil what hides from me. . . . * My daughter,Angela Hobbs, who is writing a novel based loosely on her first marriage, had me collaborate with her on this poem that is the introduction to her novel named "Confidentially Yours" and which is done in form of letters written to a fictionalized friend. Angela dabbled in poetry in high school and I am thrilled to see her sprinkling poems into her novel. Praying it will be able to be published one day. I still need to get started on MINE!! BTW: both stanzas are ours. It was her idea and I helped a lot with the phrasings.) For PD's: COLLABORATE WITH YOUR MATE~A FRIEND~ or ~FAMILY MEMBER... not soup member Poetry Contest

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On Dirtied Pavement.

On the edge of metropolitan midnight
he lays in a breathless silence
rasping the evanescing yesterdays to his windows
both open and locked,
while the unknowing below in stale smoke barrooms,
wait to sear his wounds and retell his life
in putrefied requiem.

Abashed metropolis
echoing of muted voices once adorning the streets
in practiced synthetic ritual, 
the vile awash and seeping through asphalt cracks,
the scent of rot, old and new, smattered on old brick edifices 
silences the ascending smoke plumes 
belched from and within dirtied concrete towers,
the final endeavor from within a dying mans spirit
reaching out to no one

City’s voice wails from the antechamber in darkness
anxieties fracturing the panes amongst the downtown fire
of urban panic
lucidity congealing away within him, kept only in the moment
by metronome dripped medicine
exposing him to his damp streets, dirtied culverts, sewer ditches
chemically induced and maintained.
Fighting for his identity within this sterilized chaos,
whispering for the few of open mind somewhere below the window sill,
quicky stepping onward, over his newsprint life,
calling out one last time

There he lays in cold white sterility,
calling silently to his windows,  both opened and locked,
watching his stories catch and fade in the dull humid streetlight
wisped away on steam grate stale winds,
the dying soul, eyes closed, his aged lined face
muddied, scraped, and walked over,
through the grime of progression left on sullied pavement.

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Thunderstruck Sunshine

The clouds shook
A thick, black, very wet blanket out
In the Southeastern quadrant 
Of the New Mexico firmament,
Complete with lightning
And growling, crackling,
Massive basso-profundo sound effects,
Inviting the sun to rest,
Take a load off, 

Abrasively radiant,
Helios glared a brilliant, heated, passionate,
Steamy smile
Into the arid monsoon skies

And refused Storm’s invitation
To lie down and go to bed

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Grandmother Moon

Grandmother Moon cherishes me, 
kisses my forehead with her light. 
She reigns supreme over her kingdom, 
smiling down upon this humble spirit. 

I whisper to her of my dreams, hopes 
prevailing in spite of the odds. 
A tear forms in the corner of my eye 
as I challenge her to answer my prayers. 

I extend my hand, longing to touch her, 
to soak up her ancient wisdom and beauty. 
I can feel her gentle smile, she embraces me, 
bringing me comfort, her radiance guiding. 

She has been witness to the cruelties 
of man, more than I could ever imagine. 
Broken dreams scattered into the night 
her children gather around her, wink at me. 

Nissa, Nissa, I cry out to her. Is all lost? 
Is there no more hope for my people? 
A voice softly answers in my mind, 
there is always a glimmer of hope. 

Grandmother Moon watches over me, 
ruling the tides of my heart, my spirit. 
She is listening to me, tasting my tears, 
caressing the delicate tendrils of my soul.

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Hurricane 5

          Hurricane 5

One flower almost gray but visibly not
Brushed by a breeze along the corner
Open to suggestions
In concrete wetness 
More than several shapes take hold
Spin in 
In Place
And at turns to be made left or right of reason
As gray turns to black
Pressure rises
Barometers break
They can’t seize the moment alone
Palm trees hang like suspended paragraphs
On news wires leaning
Hurricane 5 uproots them all in time
As lines dangle in pain
Without a moment’s notice
Roads clear
No traffic… No trees… No people…
All moved off in an instant 
With the mystery of the storm 

                                                 5/24/14 contest- Gone With The Wind    

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The mysterious girl

Yesterday I was blond,
Today I’m a redhead,
Tomorrow I will be a brunette,
A different hair colour 
With every sunset.

I talk in riddles,
Make you walk in circles.
I drive a viper,
I’m a dangerous sniper.

I have the looks,
I walk the walk,
Talk the talk.
I’ve got the moves,
Yea baby don’t ya snooze.

Today I’m your best friend,
Tomorrow your worst enemy.
I know what I want
And I always get what I want.

Sometimes I play a game,
Sometimes I’m drop dead serious,
Sometimes you know what I think,
Sometimes I’m a complete mystery.

Still don’t know me?
Then you don’t know yourself.
I’m in your dreams
The other you it seems.

I am what you want to be.
I do what you hate to see.
Even though it sounds bad,
I do it all for a good cause.

No one knows on witch side I am,
But yet, I don’t choose sides,
For a story has two sides, I 
Listen and look into both.

Tonight is just another night
With no different tale.
You seem to be a bit pale,
Don’t worry don’t be afraid.

When bad things happen,
When every one is so sad,
I’m always waiting,
Waiting to save another day.

I destroy all bad things, 
I listen to sad people,
I give advise, get rid of evil
And try not to get 

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The wind tells a story we can not understand. 
We know the number of many but not the grains of sand.
Nature is so similar to the creation of man.
Only if we can be as peaceful and humble as they can.
This poem is small but very little will understand.
Except for the man who contemplates the nature of the land.

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The Girl

She was very beautiful;
she looked like a goddess.

Her eyes were emerald,
lips were red and sweet;
but her shadow was absent!
her image was absent in the mirror!

Not many people who knew the REAL her,
except for her victims who turned out to be 
like her; immortal at the expense of warm, fresh human blood.

Her heart pulsated in excitement,
as her fangs sunk into a man's neck;
a man who had fallen trap to her sensual nature.

A beautiful girl she was,
but her past so dark, such that the darkness' texture could be felt!

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The Healer Part V (from my life story)

My children are all grown and have gone to seek their own lives. Since that time on different 
occasions, I had two very close friends show me their warts and tell me how they've worn 
them since the age of five. They didin't even know each other. I listened very carefully
each told all they've tried and how they wished to be rid of them.  One of my friends even 
cried. And then I told them the story of the Spirit of the Healer Ms Agnes as I held their 
hands in mine.  When I said, "maybe. Just maybe there's enough of the Spirit of The Healer 
Ms Agnes left in there for you too",  Not wanting to give false hope I added, "it may not
it's been such a long time". 

Many moons went by before I saw those two friends again.  But the first thing they wanted to 
tell me was that they awoke with their warts in their bed and to offer me thanks.  "No thanks 
goes to me" said I. "It's all the Spirit of The Healer Ms Agnes who comes to make the warts 
go away. I am merely a vessel" I said, as I hugged them goodbye.

The End

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson

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Your sunset-sanctioned skin ignite melody to boredom world
Your gently pearling smile charm the attention of morning sun.
Your charmed souls burn in nuclear passion
To absorb the bombardment of your ink
You are the unsolved mystery of existence 
                By pd
The sunrises 10 feet off the ground
This place carried the eternal light I need for my soul to soar.
Like the clouds every poet brush away my blues with one simple smile
Writing ignited my heartbeat to flicker like a candlewick non-stop.
I hold that piece of puzzle that makes my existence complete
Elegantly you walk, Venus-like
Printing glory-of-gods on excited earth
Holding hostage your admirers' eyes
With your Gabriel-censored attire
You are truly the mystery of existence  
               By pd
My eyes I keep holding on tight.
Gathering dangerous looks, from every poets eyes.
Striking like a speed of thunder bolt, 
I fell weak like an addict to my admires streak of rays'
I'm the piece of puzzle that makes my own existence complete

Oh beautiful empress of poetry soup.
Wake thy muse and shake off the dust of block
Your fans are in inferno hunger of your welded words
Feed us again, your poetic meal that somersault the arrows of critic
For you are the unsolved mystery of existence    
                 By pd
A great source to gather the best light here on the soup.
I found my heart beating like a rush~ spontaneous 
Imaging every poem that helps me get lost in the moment
I wrote against and among the best to be like the rest
For I'm that unsolved piece of puzzle that makes my existence complete

You are kinder than nature, more hospitable than mother earth
Man and woman scramble for shelter in your cheerful hearts
For your contest, all thoughts erect pines of words
With rush of the sea storm
P.D. ((  Linda ))  is the unsolved mystery of existence  

                   By pd
Losing myself to reality, this is not like me to fall into deep.
Times maybe hard, not even a simple song to poet my mind.
The truth is, the sun has blinded me with love, and I have no SUN-BLOCK
Until my instincts tells me otherwise, I will find my way back to all my fans * true or not
I (IRMA~LINDA) am responsible for the happiness of my mysterious existence.

For Pd's  collab with me contest

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Oh youthful monarch of Egypt, so young to die and yet live again.
In the nether world a Pharaoh's golden death mask is lain upon
A boy king.
In silences crypt a stilled figure lies in stacious frozen freeze.
Until Ra's first rays kiss the dawn and they embrace in passions 
Fiery flame.
Behold a rebirth an emergence from death's chilling shroud.
In the valley of the dead his caucus’s soul walks amongst
His ancestral ancestors.
Lost deities whom balance the hearts of men
Against the feather of truth
 Speak his name with honor's reverence.
Legacy's inheritance a throne built in the shadow,
Of hierarchy’s indignation yields,
To restorations royal seal barring his title of rebirth
The great sphinx retracts it's sharpened claws,
As this small emperor’s spirit bows with nobility’s,
 Humblest of respectfulness at his marble feet.
Without fears emotions he thus stands all alone,
 Before this stone giant of idles sacred worship,
At his touch this littlest of divine gods,
  Turns a stone beast into flesh.
And beneath the night's blanket of stars,
 He is welcomed
Into the warmth of the lions main.
A living creature cradling this child of light,
Slowly fallen into dreams eternal sleep once more.
In the halls of Karnack a peaceful lullaby plays,
Upon invisible instruments, in a gentle soothing.
Rhythmic tones the music plays.
As a woman's voice sings of a beautiful desert spring,
That turns into the Nile's fertile waters,
 Feeding it's eternal life.
And thus the boy king sleeps wrapped in slumbers,
Golden fleece, listening to the holy Melody,
Which is ancient Egypt.
Finally at peace within the kingdom of thieves,
A Pharaoh of the golden realm.
Hush now beware do not wake him,
Or his curse may claim another victim.


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Turtle and Elephant World

The Native American Indians believe that the world
was created on the back of a giant elephant,
that steps the back of a giant turtle;
by supernatural beings.

Today, the descendants of England
have brought with them their architecture and culture
to the Turtle and Elephant World,
making the Turtle's and Elephant's load heavier.

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Beyond Appearance

Yes, I adore your eyes 
Not only for their unique shade of brown 
But also for the way they see the world clearly 
Even on the cloudiest of days 

Yes, I adore your lips 
Not only for their kissable qualities 
But also for the syllables that flow from them 
Never uttering an unpleasant sound 

Yes, I adore your nose 
Not only for the cute way it flares when you laugh 
But also for the deep breathes taken in 
As we meditate on the meaning of life 

Yes, I adore your ears 
Not only for their elegance when properly adorned 
But also for being attentively attuned 
Hearing and listening with an open heart 

Yes, I adore your hips 
Not only for holding and caressing at night 
But also for bearing the Divine burden 
Of producing an carrying the next generation 

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The Justice of the Crossroads

They've hung on him a For sale tag
He's wearing a stale old plastic bag
And the rest of him is in rags
The whole world passes by him
Stops and stares, or points at whim
Mad Marley stands there everyday 
Without  a job without the pay
He knew no place but where he stood 
On that busy trafficked crossing road
He was waiting for something to happen there
Perhaps the justice that the judges couldn't spare
Of some  long forgotten clash of cars 
That had claimed his life and all its hours
So there he stood all the time
As the crowd of cars grew in line
Then one day, a day like any other 
He saw a car hit another
And out fell a man, the man with the scar
Who had killed his wife and children with his car
A drop of blood trickled down the man's nose
Mirroring Mad Marley's teardrops as he rose
He removed his for sale tag and plastic bag
Took out the bullet that, for these 18 years he had, had
And the rusted barrel of the gun
He had sworn he would use to avenge his son

Mad Marley fell on the pavement alone and dead
With the bullet lodged inside his head

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Indian Summer, Part III

The winds of Winter wait,
Whispering to me of the approaching future,
But still far off, biding their time
Until this span of light and warmth has lasted out its stay.

     Meantime, I engage myself in taking stock;
     Compiling the days that define myself to myself
     Enlarging the catalog so far as I can,
     Building up a narrative.

So many memories
Like fireflies in a Summer's night
Flash through the dark spaces of my mind.

Childhood: Flash
                            Youth: Flash
Young Parenthood: Flash
                                         Empty Nest: Flash.

Family, friends, events
Joys, sorrows, beginnings, endings -
All make their flickering passages;
All paint their images onto me  

     The particles dance and shift
     Cells die to be replaced
     The face in the mirror becomes my father's
     Molecule by molecule
     With each passing instant.

     The particles dance and shift
     Moving back towards the dark unknown
     From which they came,
     Yet somehow in the midst of it
     The I that was
                              And am
                                            And shall be
     Remains to watch the long parade unfold.

And that parade, banal and fantastic,
Marches past that inside window where I watch to see myself pass by,
As some newer self shall do the same through all tomorrows
Until the day when all the marching stops for me -

     And then, my fellow marchers,
     O my many, varied Loves,
     On that last Winter's day,
     Where will we be,
     Where will we be?

     What musics shall we hear?
     What wonders might we see?



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In Search of a Proper Attitude

The summer sky, awash with ghostly clouds
Seems open to imaginings tonight
The likes of which those of the common clay
Deem it folly to conceive.

Clothed in possibilities
This world we move through mutes my mind
With dull amazement when presented with its simple glory.

Of this, No-Mind names the attitude
That grants the gift to see with eyes
From which the scales have briefly fallen.

No frame of reference is adoptable
No meaning save what can be felt
At rest behind the wispy veils.

A Truth exists which can be understood,
But never grasped and held.

Real simplicity seems to lie beyond the ways 
Of ever-clever Man.
Nature and Her Universe have it of themselves,
While we can only feel its breath in passing,
Its reflection filling the world, unseen.

I can feel the edges of the Something
That brings me peace at times
When I run out of cluttered thoughts,
But in the end it eludes me still,
Denying me a fullness which might sate ever after.

To catch it and to hold it is as vain as chasing sunlight
Scattering over still, deep pools.
With what sort of attitude can one approach 
These things so pure they surpass
Our hearts' ability to encompass them,
Our minds' ability to force the secret into view?

Like squeezing dust into diamonds.

And still the universe and all within it
Shines on just as clearly all the while,
And one fundamental Fact remains:

Nothing changes, except that everything changes.  

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"Splendor in the Grass" can hardly breathe
A beauty in the fearful, destined waters
Not even Santa Catalina can lift up Natalie -
An angel fallen in the hands of Evil -

Macabre mask of rotten jealousy
The arm of selfishness pushes her with force
Her screams for help fall on empty ears
As men do nothing but drink themselves to satisfaction...

If you ever sail at night to Catalina Island
And think you see the city lights come close
You'll hear Maria's echo in the "Westside Story"
And watch the glow of glitter of a fallen star...

Dedicated to Natalie Wood on the day the authorities re-opened her case 2011

For Nette's Contest "Glow of Glitter"

copyright@iolanda scripca 2011

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flaming autumn

I hear the crackling beat of 
Castanets and fast strumming guitars 
As autumns blustery storm lifts 
Fallen red, yellow and orange leaves
Twisting and twirling them like a Gypsy girl’s skirt  
As she dances around campfire flames.

Autumn Splendor -contest by- Russell Sivey

© Brenda V Northeast – a rewrite  30/08/2012  - (first written 26/05/08)

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The Wait

Each time has a special place
And every such place has its time.
When nature seethes with strangeness
Where the mind in exquisite isolation halts itself and listens
For the rumblings of a something large and not easily defined -
Stop! Softly now, feel how close it is.
Something's coming, be assured, that can't be held in words,
Imprisoned by our comprehension.
Nothing to do now but wait and see...

Now here we stand at the conjunction
Milling about and ignoring ourselves
Like so many motes of dust hanging before a bright windowpane
Illumined by the sharp cold light of dusk, gathering and sliding
Across that vast empty horizon just beyond
And still we wonder deep down
How best to pass these years or moments
Until we turn to look on our creations,
Those children of our thoughts,
Face to face, without defenses

There's a beast in need of killing here
Of that no one doubts
But the name of the thing...
There's the rub.

What is it makes a body
Inured to the blood and fire
The pain and rage
The beauty and the folly
Of the Age it helped engender
And tremble at the smallest of things
The least of the pities and frail sorrowful occurances
With which this world is etched and circumscribed?

Is it the breath of conscience
Or the sharper inspiration of fear?
Perhaps the two conspire within us
Contending for possession
Of our human souls, at once so noble and so abject,
The fitting residence for violent emotion.
Ask me not for the answer; I too join in the dance of confusion.

The beast is still there, and it's ours
It needs to die before the dawn can come,
Bringing us its meanings and its hopes
Seeming so dim and distant
But coming nonetheless.

Remember now, it's a long, long way we've come from yesterday
Back when we huddled and wondered in our vague, childish way
From where we had come and to where we must go
What we need search and what we could know
And even then we affirmed, and some as loudly denied
We must stand firm against the onrushing tide
Of expectation and labor come 'round to fruition
Bearing down the completion of our lonely mission.

So on we wait.
The flutterings of anticipation pass so slow and fine
Felt at most as a tiny unease
Slow spreading ripples in a quiet clear stream,
Or the light breeze kissing the face 
Of the heavily sedated patient,
Still there with us always,
Silent and vital as our heartbeats.

Look sharp now
That beast is still there,
And it's ours,
Formlessly waiting like smoke in a mirror.

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Dark and Mystical

On the night of the full moon,
a new world was to be created;
the Pyramids’ tops would face a distant star,
in the Sirius constellation.

The darkness of slumber in consciousness
would be replaced with awakened consciousness;
the invisible shadow of Divinity never leaving us.

Our DNA would all parallel our ancient visitors;
 the ancient Nile dwellers called gods and goddesses.

The Pyramids would unlock the secret code of the universe,
which is dispersed all over in space, but cannot be seen……

Date: 28/03/2014

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In the darkest nightmares of mankind lies a shadow
Realm of fear, hidden there are monstrous figures
Eluding detection's discovery, living on a harden edge
Of realism.
Dare not enter the dead man's zone, beware humanity
For death stalks in this extinctions mighty arena of the unknown.
From the pit of hell's blackened abyss, emerges a nuclear spawn,
A man made creature, of fall outs crimson rain of radiation.
Storms living earthquake, grappling the earth by it's four ends,
And shaking the whole globe in fears disastrous wrath.
Mutations legacy, a tidal waves reptilian leviathan, feel the
Ground itself tremble, beneath his heavily lain foot steps.
Godzilla lives, the rude awakening of humanity has been
Reborn, ushered in by the winds of war.
Other demons clash, arising beyond the horizon's
Hazardous blackness, a currant lifted by ignorance's blind,
Called the shield of greed's ambitious, releasing hatred's evil,
Upon the stage of man.
Survivors from a forgotten past,
Emerge exposed by the decline of our earthen
Environmental world, falling apart do to mankind's
Raping of the nature itself.
Foe's enemy joins united against this common threat,
Apocalypse’s mighty giant, stands tall ready to fight, on the
Right side of justice.
Godzilla's raises his fists of fury, to do battle on behalf of
His maker's standard, we shall overcome and defeat any
Obstacle set before us.
Side by side we enter the realm of the unknown, clashing titans,
Taking on all on comers, we shall make our stand here, on a 
Line drawn in fears instinctual realm of the unknown.
Man and beast untied, or both falling beneath a current of extension,
Let us all learn afterwards, that we should not mess with mother nature,
For she is a creature of awesome power, and we should beware of her
Mighty wrath.



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in a nut shell

       ''A nut, what else but''?.

        Peter Dome.copyright2012.

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A dinghy ride by starlight

There is an echo even now. Awakening 
From haunted dreams, late in the night
A memory of a dinghy ride by starlight:

The noise of the motor reverberating
Off the coast, above the rushing waves,
Cold and damp from sea spray and rain:

Phosphorescent glittering streams in
Our passing wake arise from unknown 
Depths as we skim their salty matrix:

A shoreline strewn with the debris of
That unending war: A warning to steer 
Clear off, but to keep a parallel course: 

Dark ragged hills like a rip in the fabric
Of a jet black sky and the ghostly white 
Foam of the relentless Solomon Sea:

Speak not of crows for I have seen them
In a mist shrouded morning at Rabaraba
Where they held their nodding congress.

And Champion’s surprise at finding me
There, upon his arrival, was worth a
Hundred voyages into Anuki Country.

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The Tragedy of Sara Merriweather

She left a bloody track 
of footprints
up and down 
the hospital hallways
the doctors 
looked the other way
as if she was 
a phantom
a character
playing a harmless role
in their drastic dreams
she screamed
don’t you care?
can’t you see? 
blood is seeping from my feet
can’t you see? 
I’m dying
don’t you care?”
she sat
in the hall
crimson prints
in all direction
she shrieked
at the ignorant doctors
as blood formed a lagoon 
around her broken dogs
she wept
and pled
and died
in the warmth 
of her seepage
and in the middle 
of that hallway
she laid
and rotted
her bloody track
altered from deep crimson
to light brown-red
but remained
without any consideration
from the doctors 

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To be absolutely certain To be firmly convicted in principle and belief Is the scariest feeling of all But, like all feelings, it never lasts The conviction stays, but the mind wanders Deep into the zones of ostensible comfort Where it rests merely to frenzy Into the streets of opposition Straight into the absolute wrong But the feeling never lasts It returns to the minute certainty The mind becomes determined in the conviction it has embraced And the best feeling rises above the initial fear: Gratefulness

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The dusk casts its shadow upon the land
robbing the light,
setting the stage for caliginosity .

Moonlight faint against transitioning light
stretches eerie fingers onto a land 
that allows no man.

Twisted steel, mimicking an uncanny monster,
only its shadow moves with moon passing.

Silence, cold and unrelenting as death
is undisturbed by gentle breeze,
faintly, a rustle interrupts calling attention be paid,
will be ignored forever more.

Huge sockets once capable of sight
blindly bear witness,
a planet once beautiful and bright,
races through the universe
devoid of life.

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Dark Blight of Halloween Night

There was a dense fog upon the land
not a fit night for animal nor man...
the moon did change its silvery view 
replacing it now was a blood red hue....

There just beyond thicket of the marsh road
lies the endless tar pits of bubbling black
It has been told that should one fall in it ~
There would definitely be no turning back....

Oh, how the populace did dread passing the pits
for all knew what dwelled within it...
Goblins dared not cross over it... and the vampire bats
would not go anywhere near it...

Even the witches feared this Halloween night,
as they packed their caldrons and potions...
preparing their broomsticks readying for flight...
too escape the diabolical one, known as Dark Blight.

Alley cats sat on fences and drank black draught, tonight
thence, sang they a harrowing song full of fright...
As the draught turned their multi-colored coats
to the colors of pitch black midnight...

The domesticated dogs remembered 
their kindred brother wolves....
Soon they gave chase to lost souls,
while howling at the man in the moon...

So it began... with large boney fingers liken to ashy white talons 
Dark Blight emerged scatching its way to the surface... its massive black shoulders 
bearing a skull revealing eyes which burned
liken to red hot coals with yellow pupils set a glow...

With a sinister grin he did appear from within the pitch black pits
petagrams and talismans were etched upon his sinewy back.... 
such slimy black skin mirroring centuries of horrors from many Halloweens past.
Oh, indeed there would be no rest for the weary wanderers this night...

Unless, a champion should appear in time to put things a right.... 
until then Dark Blight would continue to pass through the night; slithering upon his 
belly ~ 
all the while leaving a dark trail as red as raspberry jelly... 
Even the Ghouls knew and would stir clear of the sweet sticky pools 

The Gnomes stood careful guard over homes, 
whilst watching over all babes and fools....
For such tender flesh made the Dark Blight's lips drool...
The crows cawed thrice and the hoot owls hid their eyes....

Oh, the night was nothing nice, as blood chilled like ice....
Who would put a stop too the dastardly Blight...?

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The Rain

You restore, you reinvigorate,

Unstinting; give life.

You destroy, you refrain,

Stubborn; take life. 

Rain O rain,

Thy blessing, thy sting…

-Titus Loh-

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Through the veil

I see you as if reflected
in your dressing table mirrors
or the waters of the old garden pond

You hear me through the echos
or whistling little answers 
things you've not quite placed 
from through the veil
That separates the times of life and death

You see me through the window
In the nature of the robin
Know when I'm around 
through scents you breathe

I leave you little signs
like a solitary pure white feather
Place where you can find it
So you know my love I'm with you
Just a simple little pleasure shows I live

But my dear I wait here for you
As I bless you with my presence
I walk through troubled times right by your side
And I fight the good fight with you in my stride

I see those tears of sadness
When your head is on your pillow
Now that you know I am still with you
Perhaps now you can smile and shine with pride
For you know within your conscience I'm your guide

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Life Drawing

her bones
 were pretty 
like the rest of her
it hard to say
the flesh curved
flowed into stalks and fruit
 legs and hips
breasts and torso
throat and long flowing hair
her eyes 
in a  nudeness gleamed
such contours to her mysterious geometry.

i took the penciled
and transformed her
uncovered her 
into a herd of cubes
 a orbit of globes
a hymn of Cylinder
a lotus of pyramids....

 but somehow 
the shapes did not suffice
or reflect the planes of her perspective
and so i drew a secret shape 
from heroine  surface

i buried deep 
my desires my fingers mapped
a little shadow 
i discovered
in the weave of her ribs
a serenity crosshatched in a navel
the foretelling of a breath
and a  pout 
my  lines discovered
 on the corners of her chin
the blossom of fulness
on a lip 
found a sweep of  redness across cheek 
sweetness like the morning
against the smoothness of paper.

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This night fate had been decided in the moonlight
As the bread winner had answered to the doomed call-
The compulsory striker had kicked to his goal post.
This sure-bet would never miss the net.

Ere his 'lift-off', our old man had whispered
Love words, and sang spiritual songs to our souls.
Not knowing that this full moonlight night trace will gulp his gullet
And he will never babel any more on this land he keep.

Home couldn't do anything but to wonder about
And soak the floor with our tears.

What an unbelievable seizure of the soul!
Do this means our man had parted this world
And we would see him no more until the final world?

This moon mustn't go in
Before his body 's laid (down)to rest
As his faith demanded.

Should this be a bright moonlight night to spare?

***sure-bet, compulsory striker- death
***home- family
***our man, old man- Elder

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Silver hue

I've tried the moon titled in air 
Above a hazy tree-and-farmhouse cluster 
As you might try a jewel in your hair 
She sat quietly deaf to the river
Shadows line along the old rocking chair
Rippling chords and running deep 
Hidden in the darkness and shiver 
Fiddling crickets with a thunderous clatter 
I push forward these bones of stone 
Amongst a small opening and unfold toward home  
I've tried the moon titled in air 
Above a hazy tree-and-farmhouse cluster 
As you might try a jewel in your hair.
(Robert Frost)

For the Homage contest 


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Across frosted windows chill,
The watcher seeks.
Withered hands clutching branches,
Strong limbs.
Dragging belly's weight like within
This devils heart.
Fiendish smiles exposed, sharpened,
Canines sustains thirsts lust.
Passions mistress voice, calls softly,
Enticing it's prey.
Patiently waiting, longing for his,
Final breath's resolution.
Alone old may.
Prepares for existences end,
 Lying at deaths threshold.
He yearns for peaceful pastures,
 To rest,
From pains embrace.
Faith's symbol lays idle,
 Around a disbelievers neck.
Ancient Gallic preys, protect him,
 From within chamber walls.
She banshee laughs in gleeful delight,
Grinning mine slyly.
Behold he turns blind eyes vision towards,
Heavens loving arms.
Forgive me father, take this unworthy,
Servant home I offer myself.
Divine power reaches outward,
Converting their fallen.
Into vials eerie mists a vanquished,
 Demon screams.
Uttering vengeance hatred,
 It descends swallowed,
By the dark abyss.
Illusions specters disappear as dust,
A hush falls
Upon dawn's twilight’s hour.
Golden silhouettes soar,
Lifted on high beyond,
Heights majesty.


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Light of day
a visitor.

but here.

Banters at me,
"There is a
plan for you."

With hands spread
"From birth
to death..."

and waits 
for me.

Then in revelation,
"and in between..."

Comes the promise,
"is life."

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Evolution's triggered DNA strands......

Music of the spheres,
spin their composite songs
frequencies which ring as crystals,
when the vine of  life triggers forward....

Maybe,there is more to the story in Roslyn chapel,
the vine of life from the green man,and
the music boxes in the ceiling.....

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Hello my green, little friend
don't mess with him or you'll have an end.
Alive over eight hundred years,
with his powers, he disappears.
Teaching is one of his strengths,
except for his lengths.
He may be a little bald,
as long as the rest aren't appalled.
Even if he's greenery,
he blends in with the scenery.
He can fight with a saber,
but with good behavior.
For as backwards he talks,
on tiny feet he walks.
This episode is at the end,
so the rebels will apprehend.

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My Masterpiece -

is still out there somewhere
thousands of light years away

My Masterpiece is immortal
It has always been there
in God's eternal satellite
traveling the universe
circling the galaxies
constantly sending signals
signals meant only for me...

My masterpiece is very patient
My masterpiece will never stop
Never stop sending and searching
searching and sending until I learn
how to extend my antennae...

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The Healer Part II (from my life story)

Ms Agnes finally presented herself in front of me and ordered me to stand. I remember 
feeling small as I looked up into Ms Agnes' face, looking into eyes covered with an opaque 
blue film.  "Ho ow cha han chile" her voice barked. So I quickly stretched out my left 
one. "Ong un" voicing her impatience with me and pointing to my right hand. That 
right hand went out like a flash of light with the palm held up. Ms Agnes then 
dropped a package from about three inches above it. It was approximately three by 
three inches square and was wrapped like a present in brown paper bag material with a 
white twine wrapped around it twice. I could feel something inside that felt like hard 
small pebbles and it was only about an eigth of an inch thick. Ms Agnes then told me to 
grab a hold and take it in my grasp. "Nary let go chile" as she made it clear I was not 
to release the package until it was time. 

Ms Agnes then pointed at Daddy and Grandma and went on to say, "Dey gonna take ya down 
un ole terda (dirt) road. Ya gonna ge ow d truck n stot ta wakn. Wak down d terda road un 
take un tang an strow it ovre d onga. She gestured with her hands to show me that she 
wanted me to take the package in my right hand and throw it over my left shoulder. "Nar 
look back and nary pass ovre d terda road agin un tres d a (three days)un nary warts. What? 
Don't look back and never cross the dirt road again as long as I live and in three days all my 
warts would be gone forever! Before I knew it my my lips were moving and I said "Yeah 
Right!" SMACK!!! Grandma done slapped me up side my head. I caught myself noticing that 
for all my disbelief, through the distraction I still held on to that little package. 
And "Yes Ma'am" it was as I did exactly what I was instructed. 

Grandma and Daddy never got out of the truck as I performed the little ritual Ms. Agnes 
instructed. When I was all finished I returned to the truck and we drove the hour and half 
home in silence. I awoke early on the third day with a sliver of hope that Ms. Agnes was 
right. When I looked down and saw all those warts still there it sparked anger as I said, "See, 
told you that was stupid".  I didnt dare say that within Grandma's earshot lest I wanna 
get slapped up side my head again for being disrespectful. I went to bed that night 
so discouraged. But when I woke up the next morning not only were ALL 111 warts 
no longer on my hands, they were all in my bed. Well, all but the tiny six on my left 
knee that I had forgotten to count. 

Part III coming soon...

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I find my room doomed with demon's ill-famed gag
As long as I have my lucifer to light my fag
I find my room purged by smokes caused by
The belittled ignition on the cig
that brightens more when I inhale more deeply.
A puff or two reliefs me from strain
and I find my room blessed with divine guidance
As long as I have my lucifer to play with it
I find my imaginations weighted with more abstractionism
that often arrest me to the world of traits.
Three and more puffs I inhale
I see the cig weakens turning into ashes
that shows the future of mine ill-fated with curses
and smoke that blurs my room with a distinct smell
I wonder how life is going to live with so much hatreds.
Last puff at the butt - and I find the firmest of all
Desires provoking and urges me to be wistful
I find my room doomed with demons ill-famed gag
But my lucifer can't light up as am not having my fag.

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The Marionettes

A drop of tear like dew drop did fall, 
with pain in the heart like a sinking star.
Like eyeless moths on the dark horizon,
the looming image of sorrow drifts.

The bridges move as I in stillness stand;
time flies by and so doth the distance.
Scramming like a ruthless vagabond,
bonds of restraint seem to have no bounds.

The world rests well and so must I 
knowing that tides roll past as destiny moves by. 

Birth, life or death, we are just puppets on loose strings; 
held by a power above. 
Till fate moves on, let us dance our dance, 
like the last standing dew drops on the blade of grass.

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That Guy

In that wedding 
In that piece of pandemonium
I saw him, right there
In between the crowd
Where he was performing a traditional dance
I locked my eyes on him 
And God! I wondered he looked just like him
But even more beautiful, more powerful, much handsomer
I waited and waited until he noticed me
I was there, so far away, on that table
Sitting upright, eyes locked, and thoughtful
Will I ever see him again?
That shared hidden passion 
That I loved to practice
The dance finished, the guy left with his crew
I sat in despair and sighed
I would never see him again 
A week passed, a wedding was on plate
I attended it elegantly
Dancing with ways
It was a lady- only matter
So I took off my scarf
And lay down my hair 
The groom entered the hall
We all shall put our scarf on
To his beloved bride he walked
With such intensity and pride
The traditional crew walked right in 
I just sat there and looked
Until I saw him again 
That guy 
Whatever his name is
I lay down a smile of delight
And pointed in my mind
And said “that is him”
Oh thank you God for this!
I sighed vulnerably again to realize
I would never see him again 

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In a city of light

where they go off  suddenly

then a hissing thunderous sounds

of creatures ravage the streets

pa pa pa... fear summons

the hearts of the inhabitants

like the doomsday

people seek their gods favor

they wail bitterly and anguishly

since there is just a moment

for them to depart

a world that is lifeless

they await the ancestors crown

which has slain them

from time immemorial

but this time the anticipated

turns into the unprecedented

their faces drop and crawls

their hearts fades and shrills

the end is certain who can tell

suddenly its a clash of titans

where the vampires mortality

is restored with the ancestors crown

who ever thought

it could have been possible

for a vampire to show love.

Jacob Osae 


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What Am I

People look at my golden rays
And doubt my richness unlimited
Though I don’t work nor do any business
But I own such a real estate.
Impossible to get proofs
That I have the black money.

But I do write a cheque
Of the pleasant evenings
By plunging into the ocean
And pay my revenue taxes
I even get rebates from
Stars, Moon, Earth moving around.


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It makes no sense to 
Withdrawals what left with yesterday
Anonymous love...
We await the return of the dead,
Wondering what is it on the other side!!
Yet.. Nobody comes, and nobody speaks to us,
Silence overnight,
Without croaking frogs, without sparkling stars..
Only an abstract panel, 
Where the sky with the earth join in the line of sight
Hunger for beauty,
An explosive eager attached to the shoulders of gods,
While funeral prayers embrace yellow autumn leaves.. 
Then I asked you: do you remember when we infiltrated beneath the scrolls of time?
Ambigous destiny awaits my love
Oh, I got my soul in after life...

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to orbit in a merry-go-round of plants, herbal and wanton wild on a tumbling hillside, dews of mint freckle palms of curled leaves— stem for stem-- translating the language of time, of how grasses relish myrrh's fragrance as wet hands paddle my dusky eyes through mid-evening’s breath . a threadbare field awaits its bridal veils where my feet wander along an orchard like a holy pilgrimage: foliage drifts without blame or sense of pity, till new sprouts linger on trunks yellowed by the kiss of glossy clay, as skin is to being in a maddened desire to wake, wake a morning flowing with midnight birds. and dying unto the selves, how flaming in amber these old leaves breathe of last and bury themselves into malleable streaks of lightened mud, part ground, part wind… dusk sings the break of newborn morn in a funeral and wedding borne from such autumnal tenderness, that being in this ethereal space rouses both pleasure and patience within my bones… while the world bears more seeds. To Be Contest of Debbie Guzzi by nette onclaud

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Water, air, earth and fire,
they are all elements of life.
Secrets, lies and jealousy,
they are all creations of human nature.
Myths, legends and the common rumour,
they are all creations of imagination.
Then yet what are reflections?
Are they just a mirror image or are
they something more mystical? 
Human nature is overshadowed by
lack of honesty; lies
are the make-up of betrayal,
dark shadows overhang by our 
beds creating nightmares within 
our resting minds.
But still our reflections show
nothing of who and what we truly
are; our souls lay stagnant, like
spoiled water where insects roam.
Each cast of our reflection the 
mirror sours for we are rarely
true to ourselves and thus the 
reflection becomes cursed; un-restful
and feared.
Soon our souls become trapped within
the layers of dishonesty, they scream
like phantoms in a musky lake,
forever reaching out but always
hitting a transparent layer of
Until we are true to ourselves
our reflections will never cast
light upon this earth for our
souls will never find redemption
unless we allow ourselves to truly
be seen by all.
Mystical and forbidding.

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S-O-S: Symphony Of Spirits

Static snaps and bends like dead voices on air,
as the dial moves through more frequencies.

Sweat slithers down my temples,
stagnant heat fills lungs with near-suffocating moisture,
and I keep moving the dial of the radio.

Is there anyone out there listening to me?
Have listened to myself say S.O.S 
too many times over so many weeks.
Not a single sighting of an airplane,
or the passing wake of a boat -
not even a distant mirage of a freighter.
Feel like a ghost,
playing with this Ham Radio.

Suddenly coherent sound breaks through the static -
the frequency on the dial shows 65.7?
The soothing voice of Billie Holiday
touches my ears in forgotten memories.
Why is there music coming through?
As I hit the out-going switch,
my pulse races wildly,
drumming loudly through my thoughts.

"Hello! Is there anyone there!?"
"Hey! Can anyone hear me!?"
"S.O.S!  S.O.S!"

No answer.
Billie Holiday keeps crooning through static interludes.
What had first resembled a dream,
has surely become a nightmare.
How can there not be a single soul picking up on the other end?
Have been on this radio for weeks now.
The entire planet feels quiet.
Nothing moves
and nothing buzzes,
except for the radio.
Deathly quiet,
like dead voices on air -
a thick symphony of spirits.

But the most peculiar thing of all,
is how there isn't any electricity on this island.
Not even a single outlet.
And yet, here I am, listening to the radio,
its digital eyes glowing bright,
power cord curled up tight,
singing dead voices on air.

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Have You Ever Read

Dedicated to an author by the name of William Golding... Enjoy!!!

~Two boys meet on an island
~~One is skin 'n bones
~~~The other one is chubby

They discover a lagoon~
Ralph teases him by calling~~
him "Piggy" -  how mean!!~~~

Piggy asks him if
There are other people on 
The island with 'em

He has no clue
But this'll answer Piggy's question --
Other boys appear - 
All diverse shapes and sizes
What'll happen next??

You'll see...

Have you ever read The Lord of the Flies?
I recommend it if yah haven't read it yet - I must admit
It's a book full of adult words and it's simply...FASCINATING! - no lies
You should read it - or you'll regret it!

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I’ve never  befriend her.
Spider! She can never be my friend.
I can’t afford her disdainful sights
In the day and in the night.

Spider! She can never be my friend.
I can’t afford her anything.
The walk of her webs on my face,
When going out should I relate?
Her dirty fingers around my rooms
Upon my wall, ceilings,
And every nooks and crannies of my home.

She can’t be my child.
If she happens to be, I will disown her 
On the day she is born.
She can’t be a member of my family.
If she happens to be, she won’t last long.
She can’t be my in law
If she is chanced to be, I will despise her.

Ugh Spider! I can’t just withstand her
Presence in my vicinity.

I have never befriend her
And never will I.
I have never befriend her fellow arachnids
And never will I (too).  

#May be some one will tell me reasons why I should like her#
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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Bird - Caged

Trapped in a cage, an iron shell
Perhaps yearning to be free
Just like a prisoner in a cell
Who feels the pain of caged agony

It patiently bides it's time
Choosing its options with care
In silence it attempts  a mime
Enduring desolate  nights without fear
A slight opening comes into view
The chance is here and none too soon

It spreads its wings as if on cue
And heads out to the great beyond
Now no boundaries can  ensnare it's soul
As endless mysteries then unfold

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Out the window I watch the world pass by.
These bifocal glasses, useless for my vision is a blur through my tears.
Where has the time gone, why have I forgotten not only seconds but years.
My fingers trace my picture, there I was a star upon a playbill dated Sep. 8, 2001.
But why the blood upon the corner, a fingerprint not matching mine.
I trace the page as if it held clues to my forgotten memory,
Like a broken pencil, my images are no longer sharp.

Out the window I stare at the darkness, when has the light stopped shining?
Three missed calls flash on the screen of my cell phone,
A fingerprint epiphany rains in my brain, the memories flood upon forgotten space.
I know where the child lays with a limp body and blood blistered skin.
I have seen the hands that hurt the child, he must pay for his crimes.
My fingers begin to stroke the keypad, every touch getting me closer to confession.

Out the window I watch the school bus fill with children.
The lifeless cell phone screen holds no clue as to what time it is,
Where have the hours gone? 
Like smoke in the wind, I cannot grasp what is before my eyes.
On the floor by my feet a paper catches my attention.
Now why didn't I throw that away with the rest of the junk mail,
into the trash the memories are thrown away.

For Contest: Chopped
Date: 10-18-2014

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Who am I

Who am  I inside? seeking, I left
On a voyage beyond horizon,
Unravelling the golden threads
Of twilight, a penumbra forsooth.
With the streams of water,sprouting
From duo springs of insight.
I was asked for obligate bath,
As a token to the serene foyer.
The dagger of repentance, they,
Coerced me, to tear open my chest.
Re-waking the besieged saint in me.
Led me to the mirrors in reliquary.
Our mirrors lie,realization dawned.
Here mirrors reflect incarnation,
Unlike replicas in ours.
Perplex and unique phenomenon,
Is to peek inside one's own.
A job of jiffy for one,
A Herculean task to other.

Copyright  26 august 2014

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What Am I

I host thousands of creatures
And whisper to merry travelers,
spraying their furrowed faces with comfort.
My storms are wild and deathly.

I connect.
I disassemble.
I bring life.

I kiss sand in intervals,
blue, green, brown, white- I survive
Despite the debris thrown inside of me.

What Am I?

For PD's "What Am I" Contest.

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October Midnight Sky

I stare in wonder, unable to turn my eyes from the October midnight sky
The heavy darkness presses down on me taking the breath from within
The stars pierce my soul like a thousand tiny needles

Never have I felt so small
Never have I felt such awe
There are countless mysteries calling
 waiting to be discovered
So many that should be known
So many that never will
October midnight sky 
Your silence is my call

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The Homeless Poet

The Homeless Poet 
The Homeless Poet 

scritch scratch erase ex ex ex delete 

a megabyte of flowering words of expertise 

great intolerable words of dissarray 

dissing me in moments of clarity searching 

for an more simple plan 

Oh ewe eye have it now 

once again a poem within a poem 


Title:         see tom 

Author:    CHARLAX 

SEE tom run see tom run 

See the bus run see tom 

See tom run for the bus 

See the bus run from tom 

Tom is late for work anon 

A moment of clarity on my way to the lieberry kudos to charlax and to Thomas 

eye am just a homeless poet riding on the bus 

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The brief flash of a girl hiding in a corner
The Execrable slicing sounds
The copper taste of violence
The sulfuric smell of decaying flesh
The feel cool blade resting on the name of my neck

You run through this maze of white walls
You hear his echoing footsteps
You taste your own fear rising up in you
You feel a burning hatred scorching you
You smell his fear-inducing odor

And all I need is that cool hand at the small of my back
To know that that is not reality that is the past

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In This Day Of His

~In distress, life is a stress~

Changes is in the heart of a man
The pain he feels is also in the heart
The subconscious will and wish of a man
Is also the subconscious action within the heart

Rejection is a reflex and a weakening
That makes man helpless
The only solution to his problem
Is also from the heart

Battle of sexes and battle to be free
This same unforgotten battle
And battle for freedom
Also resides within the heart

Maternal admiration 
And battalion slaps
Are what makes a man
To become a man

If can’t be barbarian
And weep nil to the sky
Then the man -in this heart-
Is unworthy of a man

To withstand boredom whispering
And ungovernable temptations
It all requires a pure heart
Like the heart of a real man

Away from home
And success- a want to hold
It all requires tolerance
Like the heart of a real man

Changes is inevitable
It happens to every life
Far from what minds could say
Perhaps in time immemorial

The way to be steady 
And grab the destiny
Is to remain being that real man
With the heart of his own.

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A conversation with myself....

What do you write about....
when your right's looking left
brainfreeze from my slurpee
frozen in step....

What happens to my left....
when my left knows no right
solitary monologue
a dialogue with bite.....

When can my right and my left finally meet
........forming one action,
a harmonious feat....

When will the noise
become music to my ears.....
disturbing interruptions
a wrench in my gears....

Where is the unity
which resides in my head....
opposing creativity
idea's put to bed....

Where will I awaken
when I finally figure it out....
destination's afterglow
sleepwalking about......

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The Queen of Hearts

Known as the Queen of Hearts,
the card of death,
that kids the Joker and kills the King of Spades,
The Ace of Spades shivers in his boots,
when she strides by in havoc.
Her beauty is what gets you,
so watch out,
when she comes rolling on by.
She is deadly,
like a black widow spider
ready to attack at any moment,
so watch out for her,
when you deal the deck.

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Last Sonnet

Hither I stand, at crossroads,
And then I gaze, at the yonder end-
The vague horizon from where I began;
And all that I may ever deem
Is that- my days
Have been a waken dream.

Hither I stand, at the edge of my dream;
Then I wonder, at the depth of my trance-
An adventurous journey through the wondrous woods;
An idyllic stroll through the vicissitudinous meadow;
And from the final station as I depart,
All that I can ever say, is that
Perpetuation has been a rouge
Of fleeting phases of my life.

Suyash Saxena 
St. Stephen’s College.

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*I am a lover of vampire stories and movies. So, I have decided to try it on for size, 
and create a free verse series, on my own conjuring Vamp love story…Hope you 
enjoy!! ~Miranda~ 
NOTE: a new chapter will be added once a week, stay tuned!

Aberration defines this creature
He walks among us all
Although he blends quite well
Is only seen at nightfall…

>“Master DeRay, I’ve found doubt in myself,”
Says Tate, in cold confusion
“My eyes beheld a beauty, her blood…
Smelled so luxurious, I WANTED IT,
I YEARNED for it, but some urge against myself 
Restricted me from her taste…”
His mind pondered his words- he uttered slowly,
“…as if she was favored against me.”

DeRay alarmed, sifted swiftly toward Tate
Face so filled with hatred
Scornful looks, that could pierce Tate’s granite form.

“So you’ve been consumed by infatuation, eh…”
Words like venom from the tongue
“An ignited flame in the devil him self:
The enchanter has been enchanted. 
Have you reached the un-dead senile age?”
DeRay belted a screech of laughter 
From the pit of his empty stomach…
“Ah, but the strong finds his weakness…
After 335 long years…
What do you propose I do with you now?”

Tate leans closer, his eyes a twisted noir
“ What do you wish...master…brother?”
A taunt towards DeRay, as he whispers the reply,
“ Leave me Tate, I ban you from this court, 
If I see you again, you know I must 
Bring your everlasting life to it’s end”
Tate shot a saddened glare
Which brought shivers to DeRay’s spine

“I will not stand below you DeRay,
Your power, Is an equal to mine. Just as you say
We can’t feel, yet I do, 
I will show you we can live without 
The need to kill.”

DeRay turns to respond,
But, Tate obeyed his will.
A young woman he seeks.
An un-beating heart fulfilled….<

NEXT****Chapter 1: Miss Raliegh Eila Beydritch
Est. submit date: 3/18/2011 6 pm 

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First star to your empty Night

I want a love that
fills my veins like
liquid fireworks
sweet like sugar and 
strong enough to knock
me off my feet, like a 
mighty ocean wave, yet
gentle and magic
like the forgotten lyrics
to a nursery rhyme

I want our spirits to soar
into a bright forever
like two yellow balloons
released, by the
tiny, sticky hands
of a little child
I want, my man, to know
my true self
like the words to a favorite
song on the radio
to feel me, all that is me
rhythm bound from a beaten
street drummer

I wish to be a bright guiding light
as the first star
to your empty night
A familiar love, as
traveling back to a childhood spot
your first love kiss...
first bully fight...
first playground crush lost...

I want a love
that encompasses
my senses, envelopes me
from nothing, like the
steam from my rose petal tea
filling my pores
leaving me
rejuvenated and refreshed

A love, whom steals my worries
as a thief in the night
and greets me with doe- eyed
kisses, once rounding
up a fight

I speak these words into the 
universe, to send me a love
to call my own
what path will my soul mate
travel to me, mysterious 
mystical journey unknown

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Drawing From The Deep Well

Drawing water from deep well
Clear _cool refreshing water
Drop bucket _watch fall
That windless works
That is if you do
Turn _turn the rope
Each turn gets much harder
A lot like life, friend

1.  Drawing (1)     10.  Watch(1)     19.  Turn(3)      27.Like(1)
2.  Water(2)         11.  Fall(1)         20.   The(1)      28.Life(1)
3.  From(1)          12.  That(2)        21.   Rope(1)    29.Friend(1)
4.  Deep(1)          13.  Windless(1) 22.    Each(1)
5.  Well(1)           14.  Works(1)     23.    Gets(1
6.  Clear(1)         15.   Is(1)          24.    Harder(1)  
7.  Cool(1)          16.   If(1)           25.   A(1)
8.  Refreshing(1)  17.  You(1)        26.    Lot(1)
9.  Drop(1)          18.  Do(1)

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Modern Delirium

Perilous addiction hell bent completion deluded cohesion.
Negative infusion feathered motion, spiraling down like a crispy weathered October leaf.
Faded grasp like the winter sun in vision the same but a difference so vast 
The echo of mankind never seldom to my ear, peace of mind never at cheer 
Bellows and bellows of screaming lucid thought crippled by the same resort. 
Wonky leg like a wonky chair bruised battered weakened and loose escaping like vaporing air. 
The ripple of contained liquid just slight but a mystery to the mass I am inclined 
Coned, padded, shut away, forgotten,  a pressed particle of cigarette ash in a dormant 
Hallway corner, 
Noticed by a moment of dust filled beams of light, exhilarating in such short time 
Gone again like black from night the acute jest of life, smashed glass left and unoccupied 
The heart so cold like bitter urine in survival mode soggy chip squashed under foot nobody cares
Nobody’s good. Lost in a cold shockwave of pain thrown to shore different than any other 
Too alien to mention too slain to fear a wondrous maze of capital esteem stagnant in movement 
Pointless art all curved and pointless oh where I am and oh where do I start.
Can I awake can I resound is this reality or is it just another calamity. Insanity gone beyond 
No track to unravel stability of the foundational start, just a implosion of art.  

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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

You know the one, it stands tall, regal
looking to some grand, to others ominous, dark
Pick a room , any room , big, small, shadowy, light
it won't really matter  it will all end in the same place;

I know what your thinking, right, same place, 
it can't be the same place, bitter, sweet 
The hotel will tell you they can, in no uncertain words,
or actions, yes I did say actions or words;

Whisper here, whisper there, moving, from there to here
touch on your arm, whisper so close you can feel it,
Taste it on your breath,  bitter, caressing your nightmare,
causing you to shiver, though very sweet in gesture;

So come on in, the hotel awaits, to show you a sweet time or
bitter time, it welcomes people from all walks of life,
The time your shown will be the hotels choice
bitter, sweet, it awaits silently, serenely.

All of this I have spoken about of course you won't know,
you will be expecting a grand stay, carefree , full of fun 
Oh, you won't be disappointed, in the beginning,
when it is daytime and there is laughter in the air....

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Land of wave-like verse
churning love into a 
gum-like consistency
tasting of nicotine and nectar. 
Steeped in tears and magic
Metaphor for silver or nubility
immortality and abundance
Hiding your yawning emptiness
Behind ballads and psychosis
Airless craters turn to 
allegories for love
consumed or unrequited
Lost or gained suddenly
like a surprised sliver of a plum
inside a boarding house Sunday cake 
And a certain cliché for
timeless allure.

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Car Trouble

            Car Trouble

The car started slow to go as cars go
Silent on the ride it motioned down the road  
Leaves could be counted on the trees as I passed by
I counted every one just for fun
The pace picked up and time stood still
There was nothing to be done 
It seemed a little odd at first
When the car traveled in reverse 
And headed off the cliff into the universe
Falling off I screamed and cursed
Maybe the brakes gave out
Way beyond our system solar making many lefts
And when the auto made a sharp turn right
Exceeding light speed passing planets
I realized there were no street signs or people or roads
Everything was calm and normal in the void
A pleasant voyage but I had to wonder why
The Earth removed itself from sight
From my rear view mirror speeding out
I only paid five dollars’ worth of gas
Screaming past the universe unfolding
Collapsing there in front of me and dads jalopy 
It seemed curious indeed
Will I make it home for dinner
Will I be late to the dance this evening
And will my parents be angry at me
The air condition stopped working hours ago
There are only foreign stations on the radio 
Space ships pulled up next to me
Orange beings questioned why I drive so slow
Creatures with five eyes laughed at me as they rolled by
Silver androids stopped me for conversation
Space police pulled me over for speeding in wrong directions
For going ten thousand miles per second
In a three thousand speeding zone
They issued tickets for space ship violations
For speaking in a foreign tongue
And chewing gum without a license
And for being an alien without alien registration
Also for Improper lights in a speed of light designated zone
They sent me home with just a warning this time
I told them time had stopped
They wrote me up again for that and driving backwards
As I arrived back in time
Mom and pop stopped me on the spot
I forgot to take the trash out so I’m grounded
No more car or dancing with the stars

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Beware The Hollow (Footle Fright)

the frights

night calls

Blood screams

heart cries


tears stream...

Come see
heads roll....



Oh No ~
must Go...

This Halloween piece is written for Donna Golden's Footle Fright Contest

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Raining outside today

It’s raining outside today,
Can’t you tell?

Even though the curtains are drawn tight
And the only sound in this silence
is the echo of a stuttering breath
I know
That it’s raining outside today
And I know it by the gloom in my heart.	

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betrayal of love

Betrayal of love
By Steven Cooke

He cares not for conversation,
Though he moans all day.
He is not handsome,
Yet beauty will seek him
He cares not for any one lover,
For he loves them all.

My friend is ungainly,
And children run from him.
He cares not for broken hearts,
Or for poets dreams,
Though their pen would be silent, without him

His manners are questionable,
For he takes all, without asking.
And they cannot refuse.

He grows fat from their offers,
But he always craves more,
For his lovers cannot resist,
The secret our lover keeps.

They reveal all willingly,
Just to hold him.
Two strangers naked for love.
For they need his touch,
To complete their love.

He is an addict ,
His addiction made worst.
Tempted by the summers colour,
Climaxed by sweet odours,
A conspiracy of love.
for him to taste.

But I will betray him.
I will calm him down.
I shall rob him of his prize,

For I too am a lover
And I need his sweet offerings
To give to my love.
You see
We know each other well

He does not question me,
Though I hold his real love for ransom
I do not question him,
Though my future is his to command,
You see I am his keeper
And he is the Honey bee

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A Cold Dark Yellow Hallow Moon

A Cold Dark Yellow Unhallowed Moon

A cold dark yellow unhallowed moon smiles beguilingly
In the pitch black starless and cold empty night sky 
Suckling upon the blood and the very life force of 
Pure innocence, light, and goodness . . . .

Fear stirs eerily in the forlorn sound of a fog horn that’s
Blowing and crying a sad echo haunting far in the distance
It warns of the imminent arrival of a malevolent Hellspawn 
Force of absolute unmitigated evil . . . The Phantom Vampire.

As the Phantom Vampire materializes from nowhere in the 
Darkest shade of night blanketed in the thickest of fog and 
The coldest of night air . . . One can sense with utter fear 
And foreboding shivering sounds touching from the shadows
Creeping softly cold fingers down the spine with walking 
Fingers crawling inside a prism of frozen ice and in a mist 
Of souls crying in the presence of demons while yearning lust 
Of one blanket covering the sky’s face painted showing 
Hell’s own hideous face—an exquisite evil and a spirit
Drunken and moaning in an eternal fiery abyss of 
Suffering and howling sounding their own lust for pain 
Great darkness grips them who walk this troubled Earth
Without joy casting happiness to the lepers always and
Forever chained to the darkness and eating out hope
In the very end . . . . 

From this spider’s web and nest of dark perpetual evil
The Phantom Vampire transforms himself from ethereal
Form to his human form quite frightening indeed for
Any human being gazing at his grim countenance and
His most fiery red eyes glaring intently whenever he
Encounters an unsuspecting soul . . . and the sight of 
His razor-sharp canine teeth bring on convulsive fear 
In the hearts and minds of his intended victims . . . . continued 

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem, 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved (November 6, 2014)

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The moon rose

They say that I’m a myth, a creature set on vengeance, and my battle cries are carried by the wolves… 
I am none of these. I am the blade that scrapes away the scorch of day.

My hair, black as night, its length every inch the strength that ravishes my tall body and thick as fear. 
My skin, white from the blood of the moon that consecrated me to destiny and carrying aspiration’s gems.
My eyes, ocean’s azure from the depths of pain that nature has wrought and bore, and clear as truth.
My armor, charred charcoal by the flames of the sun to purify a silver heart and impenetrable as diamond.

Given a bow and arrow and a path to follow, I set out at dark, covering the earth, 
protecting the innocent, preserving morality in human hearts, opposing injustice.

Those who refuse to yield their power over the weak shall know fear and trembling, their world shall be tormented by storms. 
Those who gaze into my eyes, dream of glory, yet it will elude them, as will contentment. 
Those who curse my cause shall live in illusion, never discerning reality from visions.
Those who listen to this siren of dusk, shall be mesmerized… hypnotized by it.

The moon chooses whom to save, and my touch heals them. 
Everywhere I go, I set not my feet on concrete, but on deserts, valleys and oceans.
Nature follows in my every step, rises at my command, defends my hindsight and covers my slumbering.

I am Aygül, daughter of night, mother of thunder, enchantress of hearts, empress of justice and rose of the moon.

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Hear across my native soil,
The calling, 
Echoes ancient voices,
Raised in prayers ritual.
A forgotten people, leaving,
Their mark upon histories
Mysteries great questioning,
Lain outward for generations,
To wonder why?
Beneath the heavens vastness,
Behold gray monoliths reaching,
In the circle of life and death,
As a continuing sphere ever,
Winding within it's self.
A seasonal calendar timed by,
Natures rhythm.
An inner heartbeat, pulsating,
From the earths core.  
Springs awakening warming
Or winters chilling hand of death.
To plaint and harvest, or lay at rest,
The tools of trade.
The beasts of burden are released
From heavy yokes harness.
Pagan Gods demand tributes sacrifice,
Lain upon the sacred altars fire.
Druid priests carrying wisdom's staff,
Praying for enlightenment’s spiritual guidance. 
Sung in Gallic tongue, they chant.
Asking for natures bounty,
A good years passing and 
Healings curing power. 
An ancient religion seeking,
Answers to humanities quest to know.
Lost to times relentless pass,
Our ancestral heritage is remembered,
I'm myths and legends,
Mystical circle of stone,
Known as Stone Hedge.


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The Essence of Beauty

Beauty is awe-inspiring and praise-invoking the source of eternal joy the essence of truth It's a timeless, ageless wonder inspiring the human soul filling it with a quiet ecstasy that permeates one's inner being with a sense of mystic wonder

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Beauty in the Beast

Behind the shadows of one of my dark nights,
I could always hear your damning scream.
So destructive you are and most definitely the principle to my pleasure with this pain.
In the still of one of my Moonlit nights,
Entire shadows went completely insane.
It cursed me until finally I gave in and I came.
Standing behind despairing shadows, they seemed so supreme.
That beast is much too hollow for the depth I declare to redeem.
That beast has such an untimely yet, climatic recognition.
And he is much too wicked for my most harsh extremes.
All at once these moments brought forth my own conviction.
He calls out to me begging me by my God-given Earthly name.

My, my how he opens my constricted eyes in an upright direction.
To the true nature of a man living in a wondrous cloth so plain!
That beast is more than I could've ever dared to imagine him to be.
My Dearest God I do say to my one and only admirable Thee,
I love that Heavenly King, thy Holy One and no more can I add.
His depth I feel even when I am not what I seem.
Yet, I hold a masters key to that beauty in the beast.

Forever and always, you shall reign an Earthly king so enjoy your feast.
Even when the whole wide world thinks that I have gone completely mad,
Yet, I am perfectly holding the only hope even when they are all insane.

To God Almighty and to you earthly kings,
I give to you my right hand delivering priceless love blessed by my name,
Because I was the only one through sickness of my own weakness,
So now their courage shall bleed with every bit of their gambled pain.
I say to you, the beauty in the beast has finally earned his rightful name.
Albeit, I also say to you that victory shall forever rise above his reign.

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The Healer Part III (from my life story)

At the age of twenty two I gave birth to my first child to survive. A beautiful 
and flawless daughter with dark brown eyes and hair like mine.  When she turned five years 
of age warts began to grow on her hands. My daughter cried with eyes looking to me for the 
answer. The same eyes that looked up at The Healer Ms Agnes who cast away my warts so 
long ago.  

As with me, Traditional Medicine did not work and Ms Agnes and my Grandmother were long 
dead. Grandmother taught me how to use the herbs to heal when I was so young. 
Remembering getting rid of warts was a BIG job made me take pause.  If Grandma 
couldn't get the job done who was I to think that I somehow could. I stubbornly tried all 
Grandma had taught me, but only in vain. How my heart ached for the knowledge and power 
of The Healer Ms Agnes.

Such fretful sleeps did come as I felt hopeless for the answer to my daughters plight. And 
then it happened one calm and starry night. A deep sleep finally came so strong over me. 
While sleeping, right before me came a vision of The Healer Ms Agnes.  The very next 
morning I awoke with an idea of something new to try. 

With a calm and soothing voice I sat my daughter down. I took her precious little hands in 
mine. Gently I touched and counted all the scaly knobs I could find. All the memories came 
flowing back and the story I began to recant.  I closed my eyes and for the first time spoke 
about how my warts were taken away  I felt a little detached as I recalled each 
detail I could to conjure up the Spirit of The Healer Ms Agnes.

When I opened mine and met my daughters awestruck eyes her hands were still in mine.  
As I gave them a gentle squeeze I said " Maybe. Just maybe there's enough of the Spirit of 
The Healer Ms Agnes left in there for you too.  A question came to the edge of my mind. 
What if The Healer Spirit spell is reversed? It could be my curse for meddling with The Spirits 
That Be. The answer came as quick as a spark.  I would gladly wear mine again if it meant 
my daughter' would not.

On the fourth morning after that day my daughter awoke me with such a scream. I rushed 
to her bedside to see what was the matter. Lo and behold there among the bedsheets were 
the remains of her warts. Dumbfounded and bewildered I was left with no comprehension 
and speechless while I embraced my daughter with congratulations. As I took my leave out 
of her sight I slowly stretched out my hands to see if my warts had returned. I mused aloud 
when I saw they had not.

Continued in Part IV....

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Mystery Box

             Mystery Box

A gray morning made of concrete, bricks and clay
Where rain ceased, thin tributaries, stayed calm 
Final elements of wet, evaporated in the thin streams
Faded into small crevasses on the street 
Soundless on the emergent day

It was easy to see, above the road by the bridge
A faceless hard ground cracked by age
A green cube, sitting there, waiting 
At the functional spot, at the center of attention
With singular precise proportions sealed, a box in angular perfection

Buildings looked up with windows closed, in disdain, in disbelief
Refrained from making roof top speculations about the thing

Rivers too looked away from this location
Moved babbling rapidly on
Hid under bridges, under rocks, with every drop concealed
Then ran like fugitives over brooks, overlooked and flooded 
Avoided confrontation in the dark cornered waters
Hexahedrons could be contagious
So all things in nature moved away

Green box was out there all exposed in broad daylight 
Made of metal or something else or so it seemed
There were no openings for that matter
Just six sides residing
No proofs that it was solid like a block
No facts laid out that it was empty like lost souls 
Speculations indicated nothing but a box

Quiet fell around it like a hammer
Looking for a nail that was not there
Clearly, the cube that sat in plain view 
Had nothing better to do

To bring this matter to conclusion
It was avoided at all cost 
Box or not
This was its final stop


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Wait, my secret.

My heart sleeps.
I lead it to, tell it to,
Want it to, beg it to. 
Slumbering, breathe 
Painlessly in and out. 
In… and out…
In… and out…
Quiescent, breathe
Painlessly in and out.
Sleep my secret, sleep.

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Whoosh , hwush, wush
Wush whoosh hwush, 
the billowing wind crashes 
through the mountains,
it smashes my window pane,
and empties my bucket list.

I can hear them calling,
I can see them coming,
and I can feel them beckoning me to come.
but I’ve died a hundred times,
resurrected from a thousand death ,
and I know that it is not my time yet.

I have made a hundred plans,
but they have all crumbled in my hands.
Reason or purpose?
Coincident or plan?
I still do not understand.

It is inevitable, 
It is unchangeable ,
and it  lingers at our door.
unfilled dreams and endless goals,
what if this story was never to be told?
hiking on the mountains,
building homes for homeless children,
Or spending time with family and friends.

I scanned through my list,
but nothing seem to fit,
have I already achieved them?
or am I reliving them? 
what else is there to do on my bucket list?

©2013 Christine Phillips

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We Visitors

Dogs bark
as we are strangers on this block
the night
is not used to intruders like us
the crickets
don't even trust our footsteps

just past eleven
and the windows have eyes
of our unfamiliar presence

and I can't hardly blame them

we don't spell trouble
but the cicadas 
and their fellow creature's trust
has worn thin

a dark cat 
(I'm betting is black)
is tiptoeing this way
he's been sent to take a closer look
the watchman of their darkness
whose intentions are
that we might possibly see him
and feel the need to go away

but the night is a puppy
and we're not going anywhere
it will take a much bigger spook
than a (black?) feline
to scare us away

we've got tiger's blood
and the dogs
and neighbors
all know it
we called their bluff

and it's getting late 
for them
but its damn early 
for us

grab me something cold to drink
it's going to be a long night alright!

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What Did You See

In shortness of breath 
he heaves thundering hooves
over gravel road and through thorny brush
In terrors madness he dashed
as elves lie in still and
fae giggled from imaginary hideouts
down into the meadow he dashed,
the gripping thud of hooves 
followed with the crackling of branches
when he stopped:
a quickened still -
    A pricked ear
    the sound of deep breath in scent
        a hesitation
A crack! echoed across the plain
and nestled into trees as foul to wing
did look to see,
a Faun lie bleeding, 
as the demons surrounded him in glorious jubilation
at a prize buck, an ordinary deer to them -
For their eyes couldn't see what was really there -
the elves sang out in lamentations,
while birds did shriek the songs of fae,
    ~ in a land not far away.

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I find the red light
On a corner of a field of stone.
Lucy something – was she just thirteen?
Or maybe that century was a carved eighteen?
I ponder what she lived in stories I will never know.
Dropped by the hands of ghosts and demons,
Choking on Forever’s bread crumbs
Into always another tomorrow.

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In a Welsh Chapel Darkly

I know you see me from up there,
from halfway up the steep and twisting lane.
In early half-light as you take your walk
I no doubt seem to loom as you descend,
appear to grow, to rise from earth,
my boxlike rectilinearity,
severe and unadorned geometry,
a silhouette against the solitary sodium source.

I once hosted fiery-throated hymns
from dedicated souls in Sunday best:
“Marchog, Jesu, yn llwyddiannus”,
“O! Iesu mawr, rho d’anian bur” –
voices rich and raised and resonant,
so filled with faith, so gorged with God.
My pitch-pine pews were polished
by coat and skirt and trouser twill.

Abandoned now, unloved, slab-still,
void and stark and desolate,
with quarry-tiled floor that would resound
with joy were anyone to walk upon it,
I present gaping emptiness, a thing felt,
a cave whose darkness, palpable,
is peopled by retreating echoes of my past,
like timorous ghosts far too afraid to speak.

But there is One I must not name
who lodges in my roomy quarters,
cowers within my tight square corners,
seeking shadows when the sun stares in.
I hear Him breathing as
He sweats in His remorse, a thing smelt,
hiding from the accusing gaze
of His forlorn creation.

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Of Angels and Their Folded Wings

The angels, with their folded wings
walk on silent ground

They know not whether
to weep, 
or wield their sighing harps.

It seems like hearts are stones, 
or jewels would they be?

Precious gems, maybe.

Of different hues, 
with scattered light.

Encrusted, unpolished
by time and tears,
and by things spoken 
and not...

The angels, moving forward--
with their timid halos
 and shorn heads-

their soles
 touching sacred ground.


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A floating grand duchess of her time,
Moored and held captive, by chains of elegance.
The great lady, holds her head up high, with prides honor,
Befitting such as her station allows, behold she is the 
Queen Mary, monarch of the seven seas, christened by royal
Command, notabilities finest vintage, blessed this her hollowed bow,
None other would do, for thy majesty, opulence’s marvelous diamond,
A jeweled liner, representing prosperity's golden age of fortune.
Fallen have her sister ships, beneath the God Poseidon’s unmerciful wrath.
She sheds a tear, on their behalf, and curtsy's with grandeur’s grace. 
As foam to spray, sending sorrows haunting blessing,
To thee, my lost comrades, I so do miss, forever thy shining luster,
Gems of rare clarity's brilliance, will be remembered, in the maritime
Log book of historical acclaim.
 I'll never forget thee, my sisters of the heart, carried is this message,
By swiftest currants tides, to the briny depths below.
Gracious madam, residing on the international stage of fame,
What secrets do they hold, beneath thy haul, though thy ports
Looking glass, many ghostly images do walk, your empty corridors,
Phantom voices do echo, within forgotten passages, of your 
Yesteryear's younger days of yore.
Mistress of intrigue, enchantress of mystery, a masked diva,
Hidden beneath celebrity’s face of beauty, decor and 
Design, textures layers delicately placed to entice the sight
And mind.
Legacy's last link to the past, she is of a shipping dynasty,
Of epic true titanic sized giants, vessels of statement,
To a culture built upon the value, bigger means better,
A classification that was doomed from the start.
Yet she can still dazzle us, with her romantic Victorian
Charm, always the lady hiding behind a veil of mystery,
Waving her silken fan of desire, to solve the unsolvable,
A trait of humanity is curiosity, to play with fire,
And in the end to get burnt by the flame.
A relic damsel in no distress, a vessel of olden days,
Bravo I say, we need such as she, to give life our life
Excitement, after all is it not the thrill of the chase,
That drives mankind forever forward.
Book my passage than, I'll board the next voyage,
And walk the plank for my own precious prides sake alone.
Call all aboard captain, for the queen of the seven seas,
For she is the queen Mary, held captive by chains of elegance,
A rare gem, in her own right that still shines.


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SILENCE!! The sea screams with rampage
The air combating with feaces and garbage
The sound of beasts rattling like victory over carnage
What a world, so sooty the atmosphere with great rage

Where am I? I could hear the voices of silence
The shores so deserted, dressing like imaging of great tense
The argument between the trees was the only scenery with real sense
I was in a world ready to devour me with her pretense

My mind ran so fast to overcome this anonymous mistake
My body automatically became a member of field marshals, planning an escape
My archaic shoes began to imitate the awesome speed of the cheetah's display
But the world was so smart to counter my reactions and leave me dismay

Suddenly, my emotions were welcomed with a strange but familiar noise
The sound jumped into my bereft brain and identified these words
W-A-K-E U-P!!! It was the exalting salutation of my mother's voice
Was this a dream? My mind unrest with the possible certainty of this invoice

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Rules of the surprise Holiday

a coin for every day, five maybe six
tossing away one a day of a diiferent value depending on the day
color coded lets everyone know when and how you gave
where the freakshow will take you to for their gratitude now
one day to feast
three days to collect
circus games to play
like an allowance for underprivelledged

two different types of coins are worth anything
on certain days while everything else is void
two different types of coins not allowed in any store
pay to charity or leave the store

names and numbers
and a slide of literary sciences from one hand to the next for lottery numbers
one wining ticket among millions
same numbers drawn, winning numbers nothing more than the secret of the village
a secret the codes are meant for

a six day event
a nine day holiday
streets littered with money
how little you neeed to give
to see how much it adds up
how much you do give
how little difference its making
and why
why cant things be altered?

shift of power?
power of the have nots?
then take it back, and offer us this
meet us half way
give us our surprise holiday

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A Woman's Gaze

A Woman's Gaze For Centuries, men have tried to unravel the mystery in a woman's gaze. It can be full of torture, or it can be full of love. many men have fallen in love with the eyes of a woman, not even knowing why. They were just captivated by her gaze. Artists have tried painting pictures, to capture the beauty that lays deep within. What is it that they are looking for? Is it something in her past life, or the beauty in her soul? They don't know, but the search goes on. Could it be the mystery of her love? Only the true meaning of the glean of her eyes - conceals some of the torture, or some of the love, she has endured. Who can tell if there is hate, or she feels pain - or if she loves, by looking deep. Maybe it's a mystery that's far too deep. Each woman, carries a mystery, that can't be revealed to just anyone. The mystery she carries is the true meaning of love. It's like having a key to open a door" not all the keys fit. Do I need to tell you more?...
Copyright by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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Wild horses

In dreams I ride bareback the wild horses
Long hair loose and flowing behind 
free as their manes and tails
As gentle breeze embraces my form
Moonlight mesmorising my mind
as I trip through the stars
Exhilerated, racing heart, free to roam
Unrestricted on barren lands
Returning back to horizons reality.

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Dead Winter

The cabin sits against the forest wall
hidden from human site, it stands alone
in the dead of winter, the cold has a jagged edge
things crunch
twigs snap, upon a sparrow's landing
the freezing wind brushes painfully across the cabin
like an artist, whose hands are brittle with decay
forcing the branches to scrape along the upstairs window
like fingers trying to get inside.
the cabin creeks, showing its age
as it settlets in, for a long winter
outside, the wind continues to show its fury
as the cabin's walls whistle eerily, to see whose listening
the clock chimes downstairs

For now....
we are not concerned about the footprints, leading to the back door
they are of no consequence at the moment
but in a few minutes, maybe less
they will be.
the cabin stands alone
hidden, isolated
in the dead of winter
no one can hear you scream
the deadbolt turns....

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When a Man cries Himself to Sleep

When a man cries himself to sleep,
it is a sad sight to see,
tears roll off his cheek
and onto his bed sheets and pillow case.
When you hear his somber cries,
you can feel his pain
when he wimpers like a child who treds in fear.
No one knows what they do to a man
when they play with his emotions,
lead him on,
take advantage of him.
They don't know what they do to an innocent man
looking for love.
They break his heart that is full of love,
they stab him in the back
when he needs them at his most vulnerable moment
they laugh at him, and tease him,
Do they know what they do to a man?
They slowly kill a man, who just wants a simple kiss on the lips,
they kill a dreamer, a good man, with a big heart.
They drive a man to his bed,
with tears running down his face
and force him to dream of nightmares.
When a man cries himself to sleep, 
it is that saddest thing to see.
Goodnight and sweet dreams...

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The Healer Part I (from my life story)

Grandma took me to a Healer once.  I was only 7 years old and in the third grade. She first 
sat me down and explained that she was having my father drive us from our house in 
Bossier City, La to our home town in Zwolle, La. to Ms Agnes' house. She had taken Daddy 
to this same Healer when he was five or six. I had warts all over my hands that began when 
I was five. They were very large and hurt so badly. Though, the most unbearable pain was 
how the kids teased and avoided me. The embarassment was beyond description for such a 
young age. Grandma chanted while using many different herbs. Daddy took me to the doctor 
but their medicine didn't work either. "It's a curse", Grandma went on, "You're Daddy had it 
on him too at the same age".  

Even though back in those days warts were thought to be contagious, Grandma was rubbing 
my hands ever so gently as she assured me that Ms. Agnes possessed the power to make 
them go away. I looked over at Daddy and he didn't say a word but gave me a knowing nod 
of the head. I thought to myself, Grandma done lost her ever-loving mind! But lest I wanna 
get switched or knocked up side my head I play along.  

We got in that baby blue truck of ours and drove to Zwolle, LA. An aura of curiosity 
overwhelmed me as I walked up to Ms. Agnes' shotgun style tin shack of a house. It certainly 
didn't look like any of the doctor's offices my Daddy had taken me to in the city.  After the 
greetings between her and Grandma and Daddy, Ms Agnes instructed me to sit down on the 
couch and count ALL of my warts. Somehow I was aware that she didn't want to touch me 
herself and never did. I figured, like all the rest, Ms Agnes probably thought my warts were 
contagious. After counting all the warts on both my hands three times the same number, 111 
was the total. Ms Agnes was mumbling to herself "Boo Coo" (meaning MANY) as she busily 
scurried herself back and forth behind the sheets hanging over the doorways to two small 
rooms. From what I spied as the sheet was moved to the side, one room was a tiny kitchen 
and the other her only bedroom. 

Back and forth Ms Agnes went several times as I smelled the odor of something cooking in 
the air. I thought about what Grandma told me on the way there. She said that Ms. Agnes is 
over 100 years old. She's almost blind and having her eyes removed for some medical 
reason. Grandma told me that I'm to be Ms Agnes' last "patient" ever. 
Cont'd in Part II
Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson

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Thought Begins In a Spider Web

What if our minds were like spider webs,   
Spreading to the invisible realm?  
Beyond the brain seems blissfully insane
Like a transcendental spell.  

While science is keen to explain our dreams 
And thoughts in pure chemical terms,
I’ve often considered education is littered 
With professors who’ve never quite learned.  

Sometimes science needs a leap of faith 
To move past dogmatic ground – 
There’s more than enough evidence 
Proving the existence of the Inexplicably Profound.  

It’s the nature of the universe 
From the immeasurable small to unfathomable wide
Connecting every sub-particle 
From stardust to what’s inside. 

Your head and mine were made sublime  
By a miracle beyond comprehension - 
While I have no doubt these thoughts I hold 
Exist in many dimensions.   

Michelangelo seemed to think so 
As did Mozart, Beethoven and Jung –
But not even the tip of the iceberg 
Of those who climbed the rungs.

Of the ladder towards the gateway 
That leads to higher realms 
Where thoughts pour forth like running gold 
From a river all around.  

As atheists deny, agnostics decry 
And others follow suit -
While I take a stand and raise my hand
To the universe in salute.

Of every thought I’ve ever had 
And memories bad and sweet - 
Knowing someday I’ll prove the teachers wrong 
And laugh myself to sleep.  

While watching fish that school and twist 
Tens of thousands by the count – 
Simultaneous turns together
In one instant - turnabout.  

Or birds of a feather sailing together
In a sudden course correction -  
Instantly banking to and fro
In singular - unified perfection.

And mothers sensing peril
Of their young ones out of sight -
Phone calls made confirming
The feeling was quite right.  

Something strange is in the air 
Here and there and all around – 
Permeating space and time 
Through our minds and solid ground.  
These thoughts I swear must come from nowhere 
Inside this human head –
And I still believe and always will 
Thought begins in a spider-web.     

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Storm Devils

I have seen so much from my window on the second floor,
I have seen the Storm Devils actively, knocking at all your doors,
They voraciously attack using their dark, and stormy, winds that roll.
Yes, I have seen the cause for all these twisted, viscous, nasty storms…

Storm Devils have been sending sleepless, and devilishly, stormy nights.
They’ve been attacking: riding rolling, black clouds, putting you in this plight.
Riding upon the cloud tops they throw their lightning down.
Their laughter is the thunder, as they mock all the innocents around.

They’ve visited every home, as they’ve viciously danced upon your roofs.
Yielding devilish, twisting devastation, to every one, everywhere you look.
Now, hide your little children, for they will sweep them, right out from your arms.
Run to find your safety in basements, for their reach is so deep and full of harm…

Even the trolls and goblins will join you in the corners where they’ll weep.
For attacking your homes is a game, they find deliciously, devilishly sweet.
With each dark and stormy roll, they’ll attack with all their might.
And they have a forceful stamina that can travel, far beyond your sight.

Now say your prayers, beloved, with all your worldly might.
It’s time to send these demons back, to their dark homes before another night.
IF together and in unison your voices go reaching into the sky to climb…
Then God will send them below, until they escape again… next time.

Don’t be surprised, when eventually their escape is finally wrought. 
For the devil will aide in their escape, and all that they have sought. 
You’ll hear his devilish laughter added next time, if only for the thought… 
That when they come again… it’ll be against you …the storm is brought.

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Deliver me not

In the darkness
fight your presence
in my senses. Every 
the ghost of your body refuses to 
abandon me and your 
thorns poke
holes in my thin soul which 
out to chase your every move.

The light of dawn 
comes leaving 
me empty 
and insane yearning 
for another day in your
passionate proximity. 

before was ever like
you, nothing could
confuse and soothe me 
at once.

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Diamonds and Milk

Once covered in diamonds, Ive got nothing on this skin but filth
Once my heart was bathed in milk, but now its rotting in s***
Down on my knees, the crushed onyx under skin, burns
Down on my knees, I see the alarm and panic ringing out loud
Just a long road, I keep my face paralell to the ground
Just a long road, I keep my body moving through the sludge
Inferior and covered in dust, I crawl up onto your prayer rug
Inferior and covered in cuts, I inch my way up to your prayer rug
Cracked fingernails, dirty skin, shaded eyes, slow, thick blood
My cracked hands wear your beads through, down to the heart
Once covered in your diamonds, Im nothing more than sin and lust
Once my heart was bathed in mothers milk, but now its failing slow
Down on my knees, tears are mercury pools in my perimeter
Down on my knees, Ill take it, take it out on me
Just a long road, I keep my face hidden, punish me
Just a long road, I keep my body moving, punish me
Inferior and covered in scabs, I just want to crawl up into your lap
Inferior and covered in scars, Ive stopped bleeding, love me now
Cracked fingernails, dirty skin, shaded eyes, slow, thick blood
My cracked hands wear your beads through, down to the heart
Once covered in diamonds
Once bathed in milk
Im cracked open and sore
But please let it hurt some more

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The Deer Bed

Cold crisp air this thirty-nine degree morning
Out on the chilly porch shivering from the cold

An unusual sound draws my attention
What could that possibly be this time of day
Three deer bedded down under the great oak
When they heard the door open spooked ran

The sky is clear, a very soft blue
Sun seems to radiate a halo
On this clear early morning
The color at the horizon is sand

Slightly tinted and shaken with pinkish brown
The roosters are crowing for the sun to come on
Their voices seem to oppose each other
As if to say this is my space, my day.

The veil of mist rises from the creek in the vale
Slowly creeping higher as if the cold air 
Weights in down in place

This is not a morning to linger for there 
Is no firepit or heater out here to warm 
The cold almost freezing air but the beauty
Is so inviting even though the chill sends shivers

Thank you God for this few minutes on the porch
It helps me to relax and renew my spirit
With this I can be a better person 
When I interact with others all day

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The Healer Part IV (from my life story)

Two years after the birth of my daughter a son was born to me. Three years had also gone 
since my daughter's warts had vanished when my son turned five years of age and warts 
began to spread all over his hands.  I tried all the Traditional Medicines and herbs once 
again. But when I looked into his big dark eyes that tried so hard not to cry I knew what had 
to be done. My mind couldn't wrap around the improbabilities while my motivation spurred 
me forward with my quest. Would The Spirit of The Healer Ms Agnes come to my aid once 

Taking a deep breath I sat my son down and repeated the story I had told 
his older sister just three years before. With his hands in mine I gently touched and 
counted all the scaly knobs that I could find. When I was done reliving every detail his
where still in mine.  As I opened mine to see his awestruck eyes I gave my sons hands a 
gentle squeeze.  Then I said "Maybe. Just maybe there's enough of the Spirit of The Healer 
Ms Agnes left in there for you too.

On the fourth morning after that my son slept so late. Sleeping late was uncharacteristic 
of him so I went to check that he was okay. When I pulled back the covers there they 
were on the sheets. All of his warts fell off my sons precious hands during his sleep. My 
shock and amazement left me with so many mixed emotions and questions. I was 
speechless and I hugged my son in congratulations. As I left his sight I looked down at my 
hands to see if my warts had returned. They had not.

It was ten years after the birth of my son when I gave birth to another beautiful child. 
A daughter with blonde hair and eyes so blue. Of course, without surprise at the 
age of five the warts began. This time I took no other action and knew first what to do. So 
before she could even cry I sat my youngest one down and took her hands in mine. Closing 
my eyes I touched and counted all the scaly knobs I could find. Then I re-enacted the story 
of the Healer Ms Anges one more time.  

When all was told and I opened mine to see my youngest ones awestruck eyes, I gave her 
precious hands a gentle squeeze. And I said, "Maybe. Just Maybe there's enough of the Spirit 
of The Healer Ms Agnes left in there for you too". On the fourth day after that I asked to 
see my youngest one's hands.  I knew deep inside before she stretched them out to me that 
her warts were no longer there. I hugged her in congratulations and didn't check to see if my 
warts had returned.
Cont'd in Part V

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Naked holes.

Imagine a life without holes.
An unstable world,a round figure of nothing.
A straight line,smells like ptomaine.
Holes are everywhere,white and black,
polychromatic,pretty and ugly.
Holes that you may fill,other you may not.
They can think,memorize,imagine.
Emotional holes,logical,positional,
in a chessboard,a second before a knight arrives.
Holes in my body,in your body,his or her,
screaming for pleasure,with or without morals.
Living there,breathe,judge the way you treat them.
A hole can kill you,can make you suffer.
They are in brains,in hearts.
In great losses.
When out of nowhere they are born,proud,
captivated eventually,died full of years.
Significant holes,in maps,in history.
They feed on hopes,feelings,aspirations,
organic,inorganic matters.
Holes reborn,only looked at us.

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Wonders of the World

There are many wonders that cloud the world
Notable among them are the ultimate sevens 
You and I have heard about
(I believe this century is yet to discover
all the world wonders,
and again is not all of these famous sevens
we've all visited.)
These sevens
Form both the broad wonders of the world.

These illustrious sevens are odd havens
That make people world over
Paid homage to each of their host soil.
Day in, day out
People tour around 
These earthy heavens. 

Just like Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem,
The old and new wonders of the world
Serve as assets to their host kingdom.

They make their host land
Famous across the globe.
They garnish their boniface with 
Flying wealth across the land,
And swimming priceless 
Across the unified ocean.

I hope I will not be penalized to have generalized my findings. I 
think writing generally about where I've visited via research is the best.

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Black out

A rocking chair settles in the core of darkness
Time flows through the room
Narrow room
Empty as a drum
Four walls
No threshold to help me run!

Silence speaks
Screams its words out

Candle light grows dim

A symphonic humming of trees
And the yawn of the night
Fills the room
A wind crosses through a sealed window
Leaving an echo of a cradle song behind
Air shivers
The candle sought for light

Silence turns to rhythm

The echo of the gravelly voice of time
Tick, Tock
Loud heart beats
The sound of a pen
Scribble, scribble

A moment of hollowness
Pen hits the ground
A numb, Heart ache
A Voice of pain growls

Silence turns to shadows
A swift glance to memories
Tears shed to words unspoken

A dull voice of a clock
Tick, Tock
A shallow breathing nearly fading
A rocking cradle
Blurry room
Heart beats muteness

A threshold helps me run

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I had a dream last night
fogged by an uneven frost of the morning
guessing if the sun rose.

It dawned on me
it was night still
with forehead engulfed by the fallen hair.

I figured her out
against wealthy gold streaks of sky
while flowers kept merrying in the garden.
Sitting cross-legged in the pavement
She awaited a long cherished arrival;
the pavement turning
          BLACK , white	
          Black , WHITE

Time danced on the cross roads
  with a series of its resonant restrained movements.
Its hand drew out for me
and I trying to grab them
  found the sun shining
  illuminating everything
  except shadow of my own construction.
The very next moment
  ate up its hands
  and shadow intermingled with the silent darkness.

Vehicles tossed up the roads
flooding the pavement with light
  Alterations marked the vivacity of vagueness
  to fathom the unfathomable
and fragmented mirth wetted me from within.
    WHITE would make my shadow flee, I thought.

Sitting there,
she snatched stars from the moonless sky
and buried in the boisterous soil.
I climed up the hill 
  and fell from the precipice
  and she followed
like unshed tears of void eyes.

I kept stringing up my instrument
  as I had only songs to offer
  that of my own disintegration
And she stood
in front of the church-gate
in deathly austerity.

The deity rose in protest,
Melodies evolved from the ocean-cradle
  -filling the air with its uncommon pitch
  and my songs kept straying in the corner
  looking for fortification.

I dreamt then-
     trees stretching themselves upright
     trying to peep into heaven:
     Deep fragrance of incences rising
     where I stood
     draped in WHITE
     praying with vague distrust.

I rose from the bed rubbing my eyes
  and at the breakfast table
  I sat dismayed 
  as I remembered all.

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funny man on the moon

heres how i see it
and heres how it is
living in this world where half of it is advanced
with indoor plumbing
cell phones
and a huge chunk of the globe is not
part of the world still has a hole in the floor for a toilet
and we say ignorance is bliss
oh funny funny man on the moon
the joke you really meant in the Hollywood basement
of one giant step for man
and one leap for mankind

Have we not clued in yet?
Do we not live blind leading the blind?
Am i the only enlightened who realizes
that we were in space probably 70 years before we made it public to the world 
and Nasa is full of it
oh funny funny funny man on the moon
why is society so gullible to think
that the governments technology hits the mainstream market
before they use it for years and perfect it and work out all the bugs
and then hands us something that just looks faulty
and we fall for it hook line and sinker

give me a moment
funny funny funny us
half the world buries their waste
and we flush it away
half the world has technology and half of it is in the stone age
and yet we seem to think
that whoever invents these things has no ties
or affiliation to putting us under their thumb
i mean come on do the math
they landed on the moon
how they tell you they send sattelites into space is a truth within alie
they made up 50 years ago
and were falling for it today

let me play
i get it 
society is dumb
I'll write something yesterday
say i wrote it today
no one will know what to believe
I'll even put a cowboy hat on
I'm sure those cowboy western movies
they had just as many cameras and cellphones
but didn't release them in the market

consider yourself a fool
if you don't think they don't have something in their pocket full of tricks they are 
working on right now
they're going to sell to the future
and no one gets the famous joke
the man on the moon told to the mensa geniuses
but a hush fell over the crowd
and I'm sure there was consequences for laughing
and chances are even they were blinded by the bling
life and blind leading the blind
such an easy concept to grasp
and man on the moon
your a funny funny funny man!

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Breaking Dawn

Pure and Holy
From above
Of God
Of a virgin
As man
All sorrow
Wiped away
Sin stain
Then gave us –
Holy Name
His light 
To see
Breaking Dawn

© Brenda V Northeast 28th march 2012

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Porcelain smooth ivory white

Graced by God
in artful design
statuesque in form and line
perfectly personified
to adoring eye
porcelain  smooth
ivory white.

Changing perception in shade and light
crafted by skilled loving hands
that remain a mystery
within the embers of history
timeless beauty captured for eternity.

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

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Gift Of Mortality

An earthly existence
A universe beyond my minds, comprehension
I die
I rise
Life lessons reviewed
Homeward bound
I am not lost, after all!
I am a willing participant
Serving, the Father, of all creation
His son combined, ‘producing life’ as we know it
Representing them, in everything I do
I am nothing, without Love!
My heart full of faith, loyal service I give
Learning how to unconditionally serve, as the Father unconditionally, loves me
Worshipping our Divine Creator’s existence
Choosing to live, moment to moment
Being as one with ‘Our Universal Father’
No physical permanency
My physicality, disappearing
My mortality existence, I let go of
Death temporary
My spirit alive!
Relief, Peace
‘I am only passing through!’
A unique, experience of mortality 
A gift, I am blessed to experience, to live!

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Deceitful Beauty

To you, my breathtaking mountain
I taste the mystery you portray 
with one foot placed on your jagged edge 
I begin this trechory 

Shadowed with insecurity 
your tyrannical attributes profound
if only to gain momentum 
to slow a heart that pounds  

In Autumn's sweet demise
where your beauty shrouds your rage
one step to grasp the summit 
a careless life you take...

To you, my breathtaking mountain 
I rest without a trace....



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The Midnight Racer

The Midnight Racer
The midnight racer comes from nowhere .
Racing the road as face as he can.
Zig Zaging in and out passing cars like they do not exist.
You cannot see him for the speed he goes. One winks and you miss him.
No one has seen his car. They have no idea what he drives.
Just a word to the wise is don't try to race the midnight racer.
Your fate will be take and you might get a ticket 
With the help of the Midnight racer.

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Neptune's Concubine

Last night 
The heavens caught fire.
Each planet and star
Was seduced by the treacherous Earth
And each in turn died in flame 
Attempting to possess her. 

From this destruction
Neptune alone was spared.
And he smothered us all
With an oblivion cape
All tied up in tide
And hung with mermaids.

Last night
I slept on a tall, sugary cake
That was being blown 
This way and that
By the twentieth wind.
And I dreamed.

I dreamed
Of being rocked to sleep
By divine arms that smelled of rain.
And I dreamed
Of falling to the ground
And becoming the ocean's disciple.
Last night
I died and it felt familiar.
I smothered quietly in marzipan
And misty blue breaths that choked.
I sang a song of nautilus shells.
I learned a tale of universal law.

And all this time I lay still
Upon the back of the plum cake.
He held me as I wove a tapestry
Of hungry planets
And immortal assassins
He held me as I dreamed on.

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Silence Whispers

Silence whispers
Softly murmuring out
Sweet essence breezes
That sighs through your hair
And susurrates the saplings

Taciturn memories
Moment of yesterdays…
Hushed hopes of tomorrow
Fragile reticent promises…
A phantom spectacle

Forever unattainable
Remote and distant
These frivolous voices
Softly murmuring out
Sweet essence breezes

Lost aspirations
Callously blown caveats…
Gently muted choices
Easy and idle thoughts…
Silence whispers 

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Sea Gypsy - Pisces

I circle and scan the green seas with eagle eyes
I dive at the speed of sound and spear my prey
I swim the shallows, exploring glittering, coral gardens
I nibble mindlessly at an angry, frightened octopus...

I am Pisces
I am the fish
I have returned
I am home...

Beware the Pisces
Fear the Pisces
Pisces is dangerous,
never resting
never stoping
until he knows why...

(Like a sea gypsy, I restlessly wander the shore
searching for something I cannot name
something lost that I will never find
something buried deep beneath cold, dark waters)

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Down in the 'burbs forest surrounds
Night gets darker than a cemetery
Walkin' about will bring on the hoopinchakey....
His hair stands straighter than a power pole
His wings are airy and sticky as a web
His hands are like cold rubber with sharp little points
Many have seen 'im but few will agree....
If they really seen just how many
Fingers he has
'Cause your feet get the power
Ya skin gets the prickles
Then ya know the

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Self Portrait - Evolving

What lies behind the door,
Something you can’t see,
All the bits and pieces,
That reveal the true identity,
Of the person I call me.

A book reveals itself,
Once you open the cover,
Yet I remain a mystery,
Another unknown person,
Waiting to be discovered.

Only I hold the power,
The proverbial golden key,
That unlocks the door,
Hiding all the secrets,
Buried deep inside me.

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the Father visits his son in the dark of day
The son is abed, pale in the light of night
For the sun and moon are witness in this hour of twilight
But the sun is not heat and does not shine as bright
And the moon is not rigid rock
The sun is a warm hope, fading ever so slightly
The moon is softness, the dark is soothing

The son is abed, covers sprawled over his listless form
The son is restless, he doth not sleep
The son is ebbing, his heart does weep
and his Father lifts the covers up tight around his chest
and kisses his brow;
The son blinks wearily, smiles wanly, whimpers meekly

Sleep my son, the Father whispers

But I cannot sleep - Sleep eludes him
I want to play - Rest prances about him
close enough to want, just out of reach
And how can I sleep father? - How can he rest atop this fated bed?
When I wish to wake? - When his heart doth weep restlessly?

the Father wavers, he caresses the son's brow, but not his heart
For the heart is within, the caress without,
Rest my son, he says, rest and forget
The Father, gently, lovingly, pulls the covers up, tight around the son's neck

But father, father why
My heart will not sleep
Five more minutes? Just five.

Sleep son, the hour is late, the time is neigh

And the Father, always lovingly, he pulls the covers tight over the son, and lowers him into 
the ground.

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Mistress of sea is she,
Draped  in foam and sprays,
Clarity hues of blue.
Seaweed's emerald green eyes,
Gazing into the horizon's sunset,
Dreaming of loves sweet ambrosia.
White sails against the morning mist,
As dawns first rays, light up the sky,
Bursting with orange, melted by crimson
Reds adornment.
Black raven tresses, caressed by
 Abandonment’s wind.
A restless spirit watches, from
Arrangements strategic vantage point,
From a far off.
Longing to join amongst mortal beings,
But she is an aquatic child, born to
Dwell in a realm, beneath the ocean 
Fathoms depths.
A Titan's kindred spirit, never to
Set foot, or fin upon the earth of
A weeping siren, clinging to a 
Dream illusion, of two
Silhouettes dancing in mystical
 Falling in love with each
Foot steps movement,
As the music plays in melodies
But she is the heart of the sea,
Beating in a sacred rhythm, 
A captive prisoner, of her
Physical environment.
Yet within imagination kingdom,
She'll be held spell bound,
By a lover's secret desire.
To be embraced forever,
No longer a creature of water,
But a land princess, walking
The shores with her prince


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I've captured you from death's snare,
While others were unaware
No more worrying,
You are unforgotten

You are alive
Others deny it 
Well, I know...
You are unforgotten
In my memory
You are unforgotten 	

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The Metamorphosis is All Around

Trying to get myself flowing these days 
But my mind has been frazzled lately,
Shooting in several other directions, stopping for no one or nothing
Still trying to figure out my life and my purpose
Star-recruited, my heart leans toward poetry
I feel free once it is all written down
The days become clearer, the thoughts accept one another
I am essentially out of my body 
And pushing toward the core of the earth—the heat of the moment
Then, I travel on high to cool down, 
Hoping I’ll feel a drop or two of comfort

I faced another day…nothing too eventful…nothing too life-changing.
But the metamorphosis is all around..
People are moving very fast and sometimes they do not see who’s behind them,
Or beside them, or right in front of them
I want to find a route underground, 
Beneath the ever-changing life of reality
I want to enter the depths of the volcano, the very core,
Before I am spat out in anguish and rejection
I want not to want, but to become

I have no arms…no feet…
I slither into the cracks, and sometimes I see others here too
So many minds…so many differences….
The good and the bad, 
Whatever the perspective, 
Whatever the interpretation—it is all mixed into one substance
I am one particle within that substance. 

..and then if I go any further, I lose myself…. Lose my purpose….

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Dialogue Between the Little Miss and the Angel Prince

The Little Miss:

kiss kiss your little miss
and she flies flies up into the skies
away away from troubles array
to love to love her angel prince above
to love to love Armando above

The Angel’s Reply to the Little Miss:

"there was a girl precious as gold
she was found by a prince and told
that life itself was getting bold
until he found her in the world

"and he kissed kissed his little miss
and they flew flew up into the blue
away away from troubles array...

" love and hold each other above"

Written by Elaine and Armando

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Beyond Cross and Spire

The Blue Herons stand patiently
on the outskirts of tossing rapids.
Organ pipes and voices 
singing hymns can be heard,
sifting down from above,
mixing in with the chortling water.

This church was built 200 years ago,
so generation after generation of Blue Heron
has heard the Sunday hymns
and witnessed the light playing in stained glass windows.
For 200 years people have exited this building,
exhalting over the beauty and grace of herons
hunting for fish and frogs beside the church.

"But alas, these beautiful creatures do not have souls,
thus never making it to heaven."

So many people found comfort in these words,
having fulfilled weekly dues to their god.

"But Mama, such beautiful birds deserve to go to heaven!"

Blue Herons nest below the slate-gray stones,
passing on their legacy of rapt attention and detail.
And when one of these herons dies,
something hidden within
climbs above the spire and cross,
cleansed by a forgiving spirit.
The essence flies above cross and spire,
leaving behind a crowd of congregationists below-
people fulfilling a weekly duty to their god.

Organ and hymns wash down over tossing rapids
year after passing year,
and the herons fly above spire and cross,
leaving the fog below.
The herons fly above cross and spire,
leaving the people behind.

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I wonder why

I wonder why A beautiful day has to end Why... We do not worship God as he deserves Why... We take little things for granted Why... We cannot appreciate the wonders of God's creations Why... We forgive but never forget Why... We cannot be our brothers keeper Why... The earth does not go clockwise Why... We fail to see the pain of our fellows citizens Why... Little children have to suffer Why... We cannot count the stars Why... We are not on mars or pluto Why... The heart of man could be so cruel I often wonder Why? But i figured if I knew all I wouldnt be here!

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Tangled Vines

An orange trumpet vine in its  beauty

Orange trumpet flowers bright intriguing

It grows reaches for the sun 'pon trellis' strong towers

So lovely and shady is its green vine drawing most humankind to climb

~~Climb until they reach its first level where other vines intwine

Vines intwined of such strength and beauty

One that is mixed in there is Passion Flower

Passion on this first level hasn't passed away

All vines honeysuckle, jasmine, poison ivy reach for the top

At the very top tangled vines wrap around healthy trees slowly choking
                                                                                            out the life

Strong vines cut into the outer bark getting tighter every year

Soon the inner being suffers crushing

                             By the strong vines which cut deeper, deeper and deeper each

years growing season

The trees who gave support are now overcome by a mass of flowery death

Tangled vines have overpowered 
                                      Their deceit and trickery has accomplished its death deeds

The tangled vines are at the top but the trellis of strength and support
                                                                   Is about to topple  

Sponsor: Constance La France
Contest: Tangled Vines
Written this Fourteenth Day Of July 2013

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I Never Knew

I never knew that you loved me so, 
you never really let me know.  You
always tried to pretend that you were my
love until the end. 

Then one day when you confess to me,
that all I was in your sight was a tiny
little pea.  That you know how much damage
these words did to me.

I never knew you thought so less of me
and now, I know this is the way it will be.
You never told me not once before that 
you were planning on walking out that door.

I never knew you had all these feelings and
emotions about me inside of you, they are
so terrible until I am really afraid of you.
Is this something you planned to do?

I never knew a person can pretend so well
and all along was nothing but hell.  You made
me think that I was alright with you and there
were nothing going wrong because you were

All of this has been corrupt, now I got a taste
from your bitter cup and it is enough.  Now
my love I never knew that you were the one
I loved so much and yet in still you caused
me so much pain and hurt.

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Phantom Journals

Phantom Journal Entry 1
 Wednesday 8:03 A.M.
I found Jesus at a bus stop this morning. He recommended that I comb my hair. I told him if I had any nails I would hand them over.  Monty  found a shoe full of vomit by a dumpster. Someone had an interesting night. This apartment smells like stale french fries. Frank is still sleeping on the counter next to Mr. Coffee. There is a stray cat clawing at the windowpane. The town is gradually waking up. The park across the street is filled with shirkers. My mind is still living in last night’s conversation. But I don’t remember it very well.  Shit, I’m going to be late for 

Phantom Journal Entry 2

Wednesday 11:13 P.M.

Work sucked. I think the bartender is an alcoholic. She hides a flask in her bra. It fell out when we were in the stall together. Frank is sprawled across the kitchen floor. Monty steps over him to grab a beer. The stray cat is now sleeping on the windowpane. Nothing ever changes from morning to night. Except Monty is drinking coffee and not beer. 

Phantom Journal Entry 3

Good Friday 9:47 P.M.

The ocean left the brine. The girls here are all made of smoke, and their dreams are living in my beer. The worms are drunk on the stove. Frank passed out hugging the toilet. Monty takes a piss right next to his face. Some girl just asked me what I was writing. I told her that I was rewriting the Bible. She seemed confused. Her hair wasn’t combed either. The guy at the bus stop would be ashamed. I can’t remember his name though. The television can’t stop spewing poorly scripted ‘reality’ shows. This Friday isn’t very Good. 

Phantom Journal Entry 4

Monday 3:12 A.M.

My eyes are broken garage doors off the tracks. I’ve drank too much Red Bull. She keeps waking up and asking me for water. Apparently her mouth is in a drought. A dead soldier lays between her breasts. Frank keeps drooling on the carpet. My favorite ash tray is tipped over next to Mr. Coffee. This desk keeps hiding words from me. Monty wonders how much a plane ticket to Hell costs. He never sleeps.

Phantom Journal Entry 5

Thursday 12:31 A.M.

It smells of raw fish and bleach in here.  My palms are sore. Monty told me to stab myself with pencils to make sure I could still bleed. So I did.  That girl ordered me a pizza. But I forgot it under the couch.  The medicine chest is nearly empty. When Frank wakes up he is taking a trip to 5th Street to get more. I wonder if they sell bandages there? Will Mr. Coffee brew marijuana for us? My brain is starting to throw up. 

Phantom Journal Entry 6

Thursday 12:38 A.M.

This desk keeps mocking me. I offered it to the guy at the bus stop, but he said he didn’t want anymore wood. The dishes are now a chemistry project. But Mr. Coffee is always clean. I can’t get this girl to stop showing me her tattoos. I miss the bartender at work. She got fired tomorrow. So I bought her a new bra. The medicine chest is empty now. Frank is never awake when I write.

Phantom Journal Entry 7

Thursday 4:30 P.M.

I finally got the garage doors fixed. I guess they weren’t closed enough.  There is a ghost that keeps haunting the hallway in my dreams. She is pretty hot. Except she keeps tilting the pictures on the wall.
The thirsty girl still won’t leave. Neither will the cat. We may have found the cure for cancer in our dishes. But probably not.  Frank is talking in his sleep about stepping on rats. Monty is listening to Beethoven while he attempts to write poetry. He is an awful writer. 

Phantom Journal Entry 8

Monday 1:49 A.M.

The guy at the bus stop asked me if I wanted to drink his blood. I told him I wasn’t thirsty. The water was running from the shower. Frank was dreaming in the tub. Monty ate chicken wings with the tattooed girl. I can’t remember her name. I think that cat is hungry too. Mr. Coffee wants to go to sleep. There is broken glass sticking out of my feet. The sky is bleeding white. My mind begins to masturbate.

Phantom Journal Entry 9

Sunday 3:33 A.M.

The brine is looking for the ocean. The girls here are all made of smoke, and their realities are dead on the floor. This desk is growing a face. The medicine chest is full. Monty picks up a filthy habit from the black lake. I haven’t seen Frank for a few days. He must be under the couch. I robbed the guy at the bus stop. Turns out he didn’t really save much. The thirsty tattooed girl shattered Mr. Coffee last night. I will miss him dearly. Now my shot glass is spawning worms. 

Phantom Journal Entry 10

Tuesday and I don’t know what time it is

It’s been 369 days since I last wrote an entry. I’ve simply had nothing to say. Monty is living in the streets somewhere. I think of him every time I buy a loaf of bread. I wonder if he found out how much tickets cost? That cat finally starved a few weeks ago. I married that thirsty tattooed girl. I still don’t remember her name though. Frank went to sleep in someone elses apartment. Never did talk to him much. The worms are all marching in a line. Someone stole my medicine chest. I think it was Monty.  The guy at the bus stop was thrown into an asylum. But somehow vanished one day. The garage doors are now closed on a regular basis. That ghost finally straightened out the tilted pictures. I think I’ve been combing my hair a lot better lately. I am still a phantom to society. But that’s okay. Nobody knows my name.

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The Little Brown Moth and Me

wings beating frantically
against the shower window,
wasting an entire existence
denied by an invisible wall

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OF a Tree, Thee, and an Angel's Fee

Force feed me the taste of your skin

‘You will have to break my chastity belt wide open now
for I have sold myself into silent slavery to this ….our universal broken heart

even you will have to try hard……to save me now

I cannot recall your sounds…your hand motions 
as they devoured the subtle softness of me 
drew round my curvaceous places in curling ownership
intimacies’ sweetest embrace 

But too…you move to me 
with a ferocity that mowed the grass down  to a short golf course length 
from the living room table where you drew it happening… a hundred years ago

The length of your hair too has been a subject of much debate 
that surging heavenly song...that told our story so well
like that movie from long ago about the girl who cut off and sold her hair to buy her love a golden watch fob and chain …the one who sold his golden watch to buy her a beautiful clip pin for her gorgeous long hair 
……………………………… see how this goes …with true love

We cut off our noses and then turn backs on our faces 
and on each other on Facebook 

Itself the enemy…where only devils and the luckiest of angels spread

Tread on me beloved!
till I am awakened 
to our lips 
 which just now in writing I suddenly can feel meeting again

the salted brine of your pure water and sometimes beer soaked self

Is it me you feared 
as you said Good bye?

How little you know me 

like the formation of the first ever green tree grows up one limb at a time 
from a base long song of deep roots and strong beautiful the Hosts stagger before its creation ….Halleluiah
The limbs sprouting forth like the wings bursting out of the flesh of the first angel 
who died in agony as they were formed….exploding from his shoulders
moving her hair aside as the arch of wing thrust like white tree limb from the goodness within
and the reincarnation of true kindness was born to the conscious of itself

so my love knows no limit 
my soul no separation
and my being no longing

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Untitled #200 / Catching up

I am catching up!

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Under the broken Moon

Under the Broken Moon
your eyes meet mine 
liquid to a silver spoon
late night cab ride
Amy Winehouse on repeat
with each minute, my hear skips a beat
candle light scents linger
as well as your smooth long fingers
up and down my bare back
like clockwise
you attack
my neck, like a vampire
under the broken moon
with eyes, black and dark
a hammerhead shark
obscure and mysterious
you circle me, your prey
I think of the ways, you will contort
my body, and have your way
melting, slowly, into your muscular
body, until the whispers
soak into the next day
under the broken moon
In the hallway, I hear a creak
silent slumber betrayed
be not my loves defeat
eyes wide, silent, still
minutes drag like hours
none to be spared
I bite my lip
struggle to hold back a
deep moan, as you
pull my long brown hair
under the broken moon

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Hovering in blue.
I heard from deepness beatings of your eyes.
Halcyons, waves and the eyelids
smashing me of the steep shore.

Hovering in green
From mountains I heard the rustle of your eyes.
The firs, the grass and eyelids
dancing over the world's dark circles

Hovering in grey.
Holding my heart with tree fingers on a rock
and I heard the blinking of your eyes
as well as my throb between
sky and earth.

I dont know if I steped away into blue,
neither if I crushed by green.

My sole of foot was grey

like stone
and wind
and life

and your eyes
when are not blues or green.

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What Am I

My thought-to-be existence
has caused lots of explorations
around the world; from Americas
to Africa; from Africa to Asia........trekking,
sailing, and flying to where "celestial" maps
and oral traditional stories take them to.

Today, people are still searching for me
in science and magic, sometimes the seekers
becoming insane.

It is believed that whoever takes a sip of me,
becomes immortal like gods!

What Am I?

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Beyond the Horizons

Beyond the Horizons

I was trying to visualize 
The images which always flashes from
Beyond the horizons
Where the Sun spreads  
Its golden beams.

I was trying to imagine 
The images of my dreams
Beyond the horizons
Where the sky and earth
Embrace each others and meet.  

I was trying to see
The images of my dreams
Beyond the horizons
Where love floats and fly in the air
With its beloved in the limitless sky.

But I could see only 
The never ending darkness of trees
And beyond that, the shadows of hills
Diminishing in the paleness of sinking Sun
Hiding in their darkness
Mysteries of many
Untold stories.

We all often try to look beyond
The horizons
Knowing very well, that
No one can see and touch
The mystery that lies
In the darkness of trees and 
In the shadows of hills.

Still we keep trying to explore and find
That perhaps some day
We may feel and find the mystery 
Which lies beyond the horizons of sky
And the beauty
Which lies even in the sadness of life.


Kanpur India   3rd Sept. 2010.

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Carol PART 4

Carol Brown my dear friend
If you are still talking to me that is
How did the mystery of Numb With Fear
Compare to the mysteries in my novels, Dear. 

Big Dog, Little One, 
Samuel, Sarah and Thunder
Did the poem live up to the 
The things they were under?

I just had to ask 
I hope you're still talking to me
Cause your opinion 
Is important to me.

I promise I won't pull 
This trick again,
Everyone will be onto me
So I'll have to behave.

Thanks for sticking by me. 
And I promise to keep you near
Once more I apologize and say
God Bless you Dear.,


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Today Time Stood Still

Today time stood still, I could see existence in its clearest form. A vibe of coldness and silence, yet peaceful and reassuring, you could almost imagine it to be the same feeling of initial death. 

The curse of knowledge and intelligence is you know too much. Sometimes that ignorant bliss seems attractive, but even if given the choice I would not go back, as the more I learned the more i seeked. 

I pray for humanity and the will of the people, the story draws close to the end and with hope I watch . . . in the end good will always prevail, Amen

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At Cliff's Edge

It is a sin to steel a sin.
Overlooking blackberry clouds
while the voices of a nameless
storm echo bright in the whirlwind,
the Temptress needles her
way into your stomach.
She dares you to resist.
She begs you to struggle.

At cliff's edge, you tumble, trading
one sin for another, and fall.

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The Sounds of Summer

The Sounds of Summer

I was trying to hear the sounds of Summer,

Which often comes with heat and dust like a hammer,

Suddenly I saw, lots of clouds hanging in the air,

They were covering the Sun, as if some mystery was there.

How amazing and mysterious are the summer clouds,

How beautifully the Sun is trying to peep out,  

How lovely is the breeze, blowing all around me,

Intoxicating my mind, with its ravishing beauty. 

How beautifully the birds are singing and chattering,

While flying in the air with their soul mates, touching the clouds,

How enchanting is the fragrance coming out from summer breeze,

How lovely is the bunch of yellow flowers, calling me there,

While hanging on the tree of Amaltash,* and embracing it completely,

Oh yellow Amaltash, 

Why you bloom, so enchantingly in summer only.

How gently the Sunbeams have touched their smiling faces,

How softly the lotus is opening its petals,

And the Roses are spreading it charms in the air,

Should I remain here or should I go there?

After those alluring summer charms, which call me from here to there,

Or should I stand still to understand and to determine, 

What is the mystery of life? Which fascinates me every where,

How really blessed is human life to enjoy such blessings,

Which we often miss in our life by just overlooking,

Since we are accustomed to hear,  the usual sound of heat & dust only.


Kanpur India. 14th May 2010

Written for Laura Mckenzie’s Sound of Summer Contest

* Amaltash.             Common Name    Amaltas 
                              Scientific Name Cassia fistula (linn). In summer it has more 
                              yellow flowers, every where on the tree and hardly any leaves. 

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What’s big to me may be small for you
But when you hurt I hurt too
So many different phases I’ve been through
Withdrawal & self-indulgence just to name a few
I dodge sleep to note this nonsense to both me and you
My desperate attempt at understanding 
Has only led to more questions
I remember when medication numbed me well enough to stay quiet
A zombie!
All last night I cried and cried
You slept while I died all the more inside
I don’t have all the answers
One thing I know is
Dreaming and fantasizing 
In these worlds I find solace 
Seeing and realizing
It hurts…
It hurts…
People have been so unfair –
But then again 
What is fair?
So many questions…
Once upon a time,
I’ve put down my pen 
Followed doctors and drugs
Their drugs, my drugs
Just stop judging me and fix me!
I’ve put down the drugs
Picked up a pen
And this is the reason other people say I’m doing well?
What’s real?
I can’t tell
Is it what you tell me or what I tell me?
Drugs have concealed me
Silenced me…
Taught me that I don’t have to feel just see
And shake my head
Now I can both feel 
Shake my head
I can verbalize 
But I’d rather not talk just write
I can write and write just to get it out on paper
It’s still in my mind
I’m not fixed
Still I cry and cry
While you sleep
So which am I supposed to choose?
Solace or the truth?

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The Force


of something
(besides physics)

has to
wants to
needs to

is present
and that very force
the dead weight
it can't sit still anymore

it has to

it's got to move
or else
it dies

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This is what happens when I write a poem pissed off

Look deep and hard
Into my eyes.
What do you see?

Neither pain, nor demise.

The burning hatred
Like fire inside
Heats up the very beast tonight.

Play coy.
Pretend it's fake.

Show all.
This is just a game.

When the time comes,
You wont be laughing.

When the time comes,
You wont be smiling.

In the distance,
There will be a scream.
Not of joy,
But pain and suffering.

This little game
You tried to play.

It got tried, weak.

Now your worst fears are here.
Be prepared.

I am no angel.
I'm not a devil.

Play me as a fool,
I use you like a tool.

I'll watch you cry.
Hurt. Bleed inside.
Watch thepain shine through your 
very eyes.

Yes, in the end
I will be the one laughing.

Yes, in the end
I will be the one smiling.

While you risen so high, off your 
stubborness and pride.

I'll enjoy every second
When you fall
Weak as you lost it all.

Your game is up.
Enjoy this bringing of hell.
For.. It's my turn now.

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New onset seizure,
Syncopal episode – hmmmm

Psychogenic origins?

Regardless of that
   I paid the price in full,
Although I’m grateful
      That bitten tongue
       And broken bone

Were not on sale today

Pain has painted my
         Body black
And stuffed my nerves
         With tar

I feel too thick in it
To move

Maybe tonight I’ll
Swim in dreams
Of darkest India inks

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In the midst of conclusion,
this breathtaking, last sight.
Fitting the peace of final sigh,
the picture perfect landscape
spread out beneath a sky clear as Heaven’s light.

The vastness of nature’s reach and the danger of death
combined in dance creates an epic last note
in which one edge of balance will topple onto the other.

In a flash, my past performs a scene
to the rhythm of panic
as I’m held on edge by the arms of a murderous heart,
refusing to let me fall to forgotten love,
telling me to hold on…
Beyond the threshold of the rugged horizon
Heaven's gates beckon.

Should I let go?
To die inside myself or to live in slavery?

I look up to the now brilliant, crystalline sunset.
Time is running out for choice
as bloodied hands lose their foothold.
I look back to see the shadows multiplying,
encompassing the hope of life. 

As night chokes the permeating beams, 
I shut my eyes
and give up the fight that was never mine…

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One Nail Unpainted

She figures she will do it after she answers the phone
She waves her fingers in the air
hoping to dry them off
one nail is unpainted
she drops the phone
coughs once
the mortician wonders why one nail is unpainted
she figures the woman was painting her nails
when cardiac arrest took her life
she left one nail unpainted
the girl's mother painted the last nail,
her ring finger,
a deep blood-red
so that at her funeral,
everyone knew what did it.

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Missing You

I yearn to see the stars twinkle in the midnight sky when I’m with you
I’m waiting faithfully
I’m drowning in the solitude, missing your enthralling company  

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Untitled #317 / Alien civilization

“Are there ruins of an
alien civilization on
the surface of Mars?”
well, yes
if we are the aliens

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Spirit of Horse and Man

The rider accepts the horse and the horse accepts the man.
No man rides a horse… It’s a dance in poise and symmetry as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The power is felt in the movement as the horse stretches out its gate.
The muscles move beneath the man with power waiting to escape.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The fluidity of the gate is matched by the fluidity of the man.
The nostrils flair in both… The dance has just begun…
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
If they do not work together… They will not work at all.
The horses’ mane like the mans’ hair, is held tight in the flowing wind.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
With each step they take… A balance must be struck.
For every step they take… Their intent must be as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The spirit of the horse must merge with the spirit of the man.
Together they merge in a symbiotic relationship as old as horse and man.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
Feel the movement… Feel the power… Feel each muscle as it moves.
Feel each breeze unfold… Feel their hearts and souls as they meld as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
Point to counter point… The man doesn’t own the horse or the horse the man.
What looks so easy is not a simple thing as they travel forth as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The connection is tightly woven. This spirit of Horse and man.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
And with each ride together they will meld again as one…
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump

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Deaf eyes, blind ears.

Oh ill fated lamb,
How we cling to your image,
We all love innocence irresponsibly,
Hold the ignorant upon the celebrity pedestal,
Till too late we find the lamb horned.

The blackness has seeped into homes,
Taught that the light is what blinds,
Feeling sorry for the dead, while life is taken away,
Energy vampirism is rampant, tugging on every chord.

Most will not know the truth while here,
The truth, the blindingly obvious they fear,
Always falling on deaf ears, no one will hear,
I’ve come face to face with a cliff...its sheer.

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Insecure's Game

                                Big head; slimmed shape
                                  Short-legged; fat belly
                          Out of proportion; feeling crumpy
                               A man uncertain of "BEAUTY".

                                Out of envy, he pulls down
                        Other success, brings him disgrace
                  Reputation's ruined when someone's able
              Crabs in the bucket towards their "ACHIEVEMENT".

                         Brought into life with no posession
                                  While others have gold
                        Punished to hunger and discomfort
                          When others plenty with no effort
                         Always dreaming of that, "one day"
                                    But lazy and untimely
                                Annoyed with other's gain
                                He killed due to "WEALTH".

                                Are you deprived of a life?
                               You're anxious at all times
                   Clouded by doubts; rejection by the crowd.
                               If you're equal with anyone
                                With body, soul and mind
                              Time to feel something good
                           Cultivate a new self and a future.

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Untitled #336 / Swan Tiger, savages, and heaven

Dream of Swan Tiger.
Dream of savages.
Dream of heaven.

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Soul Shadows

Within Our soul are shadows, which we often hide within.
Within our heart are caverns, where the best of us begins.
But layers cloud the tunnels where the ‘all of self’ comes from.
Do we dare reach out to others, to leave the safety of these walls?
Will the cavern deep sustain us, as we venture thru the ether clouds?
Or will we be forever lost, as we swim thru layers, thick with cloud?
Can we venture to other levels without burying the best, deep within?
And can we reach the sunlight, and still remember where we have been?

Changes are inevitable, as are hurt and pain… but if driven deep below?
Can we ever truly come back again, to where the sunlight glows?
With thoughts of humor, love and beauty… Can we travel to the sun?
Or will we be left an empty shell, as innocence is left behind?
Do we know if the changes, will leave a little bit left intact?
Or is it better to go back inside, and never peek without?
Time changes all things, and some things simply must be lost…
But never let the best of us, be torn and then thrown off.

Can we ever truly become, that special something more?
Or are we only soul shadows, of what we were before?
Or is this only a dream, we have been searching for?

Written 9-18-2012

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Deep Purple Dreams Of Calico- And You

                                        *~ Deep Purple Dreams Of Calico And You  ~*
                                                       by anne p murray

Your image appears…
     through a purple-hued haze of silence
weaving its whispered magic spell
     while you re-connect the strings of my heart 

You go about undressing my soul
     as I watch your image drift in my celibate reality
I witness the melody play its lonely tune
It is absent of the warmth of touch
     for it's only your image I see…
my heart's held hostage by the cry of the songbird 

My unknown lover…
     kidnapped- by the makers of dreams and fantasies
experiencing the uncertainty
     of the child that lies sleeping deep within

    with the clever artists of dreams and visions
encountering the forever of my loneliness
    brushing off blurred images of repeated memories 
sleeping to be hugged-dreaming to be loved

Oh yes...
    I've dealt with kings, queens and dragonflies
in the dancing reverie of fragments of my reality
    gliding in and out of the dust of Heaven's stars
sprinkling me with their sweet purple dreams

They make their nightly visits into my fantasies, my thoughts...
    painted by the makers and weavers of dreams
Coming out of their secret, hidden places
    they silently reveal their amethyst, painted masterpieces
lightly kissed in dewy, lavender scented bliss 
    softly swaddled in dream woven swathes...
of deep purple dreams of calico - and you   

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Poor miss Lizzie, a murderess acquitted, 
By a judgment’s ruling of her peers,
Yet command by histories theatrics.
Astound damsel, to the wealth’s elite,
A matron’s old maid, imprisoned by 
An unjust fate.
By the falling axes sharpened blade,
Two lives ended, ensuing the public’s
Scandal and out rage.
Does not the rhyme in time not state,
The accusations inquest to her guilt,
Without evidences accuracy to the accused.
Used to frighten the rich and poor
Children alike to behave or else, did this
So go, Lizzie Borden took an ax,
And gave her mother forty whacks,
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty one.
A bloody odes melody, left to
History's swinging hatchet’s,
Rough unsheathed edge.
Rocking, chopping a ticking
Time bomb, of the pasted.
Her story's haunting mystery,
Still intrigues the Sherlock Homes
Detective, in the common man.
Whom did this dirtiest of deed,
The foul plays miscreant, that
Got away with murders perfect
Three ghostly voices scream
For justices revenge, a father,
A step mother and the daughter,
Proclaiming her own innocence.
Lizzie Borden's name, lives on
In Infamies guilty court of the


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In the Cave of the Madonna ( Village of Topollia Crete 1994 )

In the Cave of the Madonna ( Village of Topollia Crete 1994 )
I formed a square of brick 
a block house of the future
and the years like dust lay thick 
around my door
many footsteps answer like dreams 
upon my floor
I built a synthetic artery into the mountain side
And there beneath a hollow cave 
I found inside
the minarets of aeons 
forming in a habitat of drips and spires
consorting with empathy in the dim dark 
evolving beauty
drip drip after drop of centuries
Here, I formed a square of brick 
and white shrine painted 
to house the endless time 
of my soul
the worshipful desires of my domicile and heart
I designed to entomb and liberate 
before this sanctum
of the mountains core
to feel here in this high and inaccessible place
a little closer to my troubled God
Far from close and so difficult to traverse
the winding pathways of stones and rock
the sheer cliffs of my life longs work
Long ago I forgot the peace of the valley
the walls and road interrupted my view 
into serenity
but occasionally 
when the night is close
I hear the drips of those forming spires
and expanses of time open
a vista where my ancestry and history 
breathes for a second
and my only answer to this mystery
is my house of brick
shrine of white
Madonna church
My religion

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Endless Within-

Having eyed the edges of eternity
Scornly decorated
With a draping psychotic sable
Within this brief glimpse
I chanced my doppelganger staring
Studying the lines of my face
Before I smashed the hoary transom
Wholly terrified…

Hiding under the candles cloak
Anxiously searching
For the windows to my escape
Headlong through
Tenacity dripping from ceiling cracks
Searching my identity
For that which separates truth from replica
That transitory player…

Left behind to endlessly wander
A morose phantom
Pursuing any face in the looking glass
Feigned banal life
Hoping to savor one taste of reality
But ever locked away
Inside his negative plane reflecting
Another’s desire…

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Untitled #345 / Three problems

Well, there’s three problems solved.

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Tomorrow Is Too Late

Tomorrow will be too late to pen the imminent
Hold onto the moment and sketch the future

Backdrops must be moved for change
Leads and understudies pass by or fade

Wrest the quill from the bottle, seize your moment…

Inscribe your spirits voice on the parchment
Paint the portrait of classicism and of the didactic

Purify your finiteness in the cooling tarns of risk
Capture and grasp the blinding flash of excitement

Forever on times passage do all dreams disperse…

Discover within you the voice of each tomorrow
Rend its youthful divinity upon your scattered pages

Develop the undying fervor to discover all that is new
Explore all that you fear dwelling silent within your scope

Compose on high the muse your heart cries out for…

Never recognize the qualms to enact your fantasies
For the future will become more vivid in the lens of truth

Tomorrow will be too late to pen the imminent
In each moment expired it draws ever closer to you

Enveloping even dreams before you can realize and react...

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In quiet moments
my soul rises from 
this earthly plane
to celestial heights; 
the mind is at peace
and the soul communicates
with some mysterious cosmic power
that is so pure
so beautiful
and so overwhelming

In such moments
I feel so helpless
so insignificant
My soul is lost 
within this mysterious realm
whose magnitude fills the universe
for I am now a part
of this mysterious consciousness
Is this Truth
- Absolute Truth?

In such moments
I probe my logical mind
- my scientific mind;
I explore my upbringing
and psychological background
to test the validity
of this consciousness
but they are all silent
It is as if this is a domain
so convincing in itself
that logic stands helpless

Feelings reign supreme then
- such intense feelings:
and beauty-creating
that self is overwhelmed 
by their magnitude
Ego is defeated
and the soul is set free
- completely free
from everything that binds it
on this earthly plane
for I become a part
and yet the whole
of this mystery
- a paradox in itself
Is this Truth
- Absolute Truth?

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Steam Train Troubles

        Steam Train Troubles

Percival the steward of the train
Ordered foie gras and oysters too
But left them on the station platform like a fool
Wealthy customers will find this rather tedious
Trips from Switzerland to Germany can be quite mundane
There is plenty of coal though to keep the engine going
Steaming over rail and snow
Not too many murders are expected this go round
Business is much slower this time of year 
Train travel lost its luster over time and customers as well
It is quieter with poorer clientele around
A handful of rich still occupy first class
Hang out about the open bar up there
Mr. Smith forgot his ticket
His wife is having an affair with Percival
The conductor wants them both arrested
For their blatant misconduct most unpleasant  
Guns come out inside a tunnel entrance
Train covered sights and sounds inside the cab in there
When it exited, Percival was dead
Natural causes were to blame
With a bullet in his brain
Hundred dollar bills were scooped up from the floor
By witnesses who saw nothing but the trees outside
Steam engine rolled along the tracks as usual
Taking truth and reason with it through the snow

Created on 1/14/15 for Shadow Hamilton  - “Railway Journeys” Poetry Contest 

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The Lyrical man of passion’s sacred song,
Gave his heart away to the Caribbean Queen,
In the fine crystal glasses of fine champion of desires lust,
Did he so drown, beneath the frothy waves of the tropical sun?
In the morning’s sweet rising, this poetic bard shed the tenderest
Of sun kissed tears, that melted in the heat of the hot horizons
Blazing oceanic dream.
Yet within this love sick heart he thus bleeds, eloping words
Of devotion from the farthest shores beyond, but the enchantress
Seductress dances the island waltz of the erotic, softly he sings
Unto this maiden tan and most fair, I’m here for thee, but
She does not hear the verses of this lyric man, passing him
By for a Jamaican band.
For no thumping drum, can beat the rheum of his heart,
Or the strumming of sensation’s that burn within his soul,
In raptures pleasure a raging voice echoes unto paradise
Lost, a thundering hurricanes proclamation, come home
To me my tropical princess, but in silences response,
Lies nothing except deafness silence, rippling across
The distant waves of sorrow.
What angel dethroned from heaven’s grace,
Caused loves sweet arrow to aim so wrongly,
Hitting this misaligned target dead on sight,
With regrets folly the only true outcome.
Oh do the island sirens so weep for him,
This Lyric man, who’s loving torch burns
Within the sands of pleasures betrayal.
Light as the feathers of angels does his 
Song ring out, enchanting mermaids even
To rise from the fathoms deepest depth,
Splashing sea form at this temptress of
Faded illusions, yet still she responds 
With empty sighs of rebukes disconnect.
He sits still on isolation's stage, playing
A melodies soft tune of lost eloquence,
This music man of thoughts passionate heart.
Silvery strains of diamond perils glisten upon
Briliances waves, shinning beneath the tropical
Sun, laying on top of the big blues surf, these
Are his tears of devotions everlasting love,
Connecting his heart to this his Caribbean Queen.


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Voodoo Mask

Haunting, oh so haunting,
  Hanging --
On the wall over the chair;
  Hanging --
Made of ‘hogany...
Mahogany with human hair; 
  A relic,
      With an icy stare.

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Lost Words

Words are slowly entered into computer word processors
Words are slowly photocopied into ebooks as are magazines, newspapers
Disappearing into text messages, faxes, emails _
Soon every one will have to use an electronic device to reach words...

What if?___Satellites start to fall from the sky...
What if?___The satellites images fail; no longer reach earth?
What if?___Total black out from the satellites?
Will people be able to communicate with each other..
Or won't they have a clue as how to speak to their fellowman?

Just some really weird random thoughts that has been bouncing in my head__ 

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The Simple Truth

All Mighty One
The Beginning and the End
Alfa and Omega

Thy living water spills free in a fountain of forgiveness 
love and light so pure and free
my cornerstone of strength and hope
for you, I fall to my knees

The darling of heaven once crucified 
you have risen in all glory and now you rest within my desperate soul
a predestined beauty of the eternal promise of everlasting life
I call to you in good times of prosperity 
and I ask that you might sustain this life
I cry out to you in times of trial
knowing you will guide and strengthen this weary soul

My precious Jesus, son of God almighty 
I surrender to thee
I praise only you
forge and mold me oh' sweet Father
for I believe
I believe

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Metaphysical Transition

I know I should love my brother.
But, they stick me in this
forsaken place and say “kill”.
When the enemy stands before me
with no retribution in his eye,
only a look of bewilderment;
what do I do with this love?
Where do I put it for those next 
Few seconds?
With fury of Satan
I enter the relm of self preservation.
Automatically, I move.
Methodically, efficiently, I separate
him from life, limb, family, and future.
Even through my tears 
I can see, the faint smile on dead lips;
and I know this man is not my enemy.
This man is like all others
and somewhere, someone knows that. 
Yet, destiny has placed him in the wrong place, 
at the wrong time---the wrong side of the fence.
I contemplate the mystery of death
as I move methodically through the harshness
of the terrain.
Suddenly I see a bright light
only a millisecond before
I feel myself crashing to the earth.
The man I had just killed
cradled my head to his chest.

I ponder death
as I float twixt worlds --
not afraid

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Their is a God.In flesh we will not see his face.However we will see pieces of him in mother natures face. Natures aqua I indulge in, purity of his being and grace .I take a gander at shallow but deep water, and I nearly catch a glimpse of his face. A image we can not trace, looking into water searching for oddities timidly twinkling behind image of self, in mirror of water. Obfuscated by rays of sun complicating images reflected into water and image of  water reflected in soul.None can be clearly perceived,that is mystery,that is the hidden God in all, you and me flower and tree, all covered by hazy mist to guard and separate ,what is and what is not to be know.For reasoning beyond comprehensions and perception.The hands of leaves graciously applaud and sings for a kingdom unknown or shown.A land that is inconceivable beyond feeble flesh and bone perhaps a place where every humans faith may or may not be etched in stone,but for certain we don't walk alone. The hands of leaves sings his song with grandiosity. Singing in code alongside hymns of enchanting species on earth. Songs we are told, but never told to be understood for our own good.If other wise we would all be doomed,for instance God blessed us with geniuses and we make weapons of mass destruction. Why should he unveil more mysteries and knowledge? To cause more malice and destruction? Animals and nature, chant songs of spiritual secrets, worldly an beyond secrets.This knowledge the forbidden fruit, only to suit the beings of another realm but still connecting us to it in ways the flesh can bear.If trees,birds and all of nature could talk human languages, mysteries would be no more. What happens when a bright light flashes in front your eyes? Don't you briefly lose sight? what happens when a loud horn blows in your ear doesn't it ring? The same concepts and effects applys with the high volumes and inconceivable power of our God and mysteries that follow. Imagine the the sounds, the sight and the feeling of the life beyond do you think the flesh can bear or withstand such insurmountable grandeur.The wind so much like God its never seen.The wind so much like God its effects are seen, but still remains invisible.The wind carry's breath death things of all volumes and that which feeble flesh cant perceive,I BELIEVE THE WIND IS GOD.....   WHAT DO YOU THINK EINSTEIN..... 

BY: Elliott Bowe

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Untitled #346 / But

“What is love?”

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Kizz the Badge

former skunk king on beat uptown
sex surviellance up the strip
scout out on varieties
fiery redhead, always got a light
flick a flame in his direction
you know the colour coded eye
say green for go go
grassy blonde was
a red light worth running
Massey told me so 

Rev in the department
declares rats in the ranks
like the brats in the projects
have got no one to thank
sinners are grinners
lovers never win
cowards die many times
liars live intermittently

future skunk king
regulate body temp in the hood
and housewives with their houselives
are making lusty confessions 
one sided mirror
repeats the room in on itself
to a climax in a ceiling fan
the room was spinning but the fan stood still

skunk king was a rat
hid his lesser stench
go see his favourite matchstick girl
with his favourite thirst to quench
she'd eat the cash right off the bone
god knows she'd picked hers clean
she'd kiss the badge clipped to his waist
and go with the routine

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Stone walls

Through time stood this imagery of power:
steadfast in the glory of ages gone by,
now forgotten, abandoned by all memory
concealed in the surrounding fog.

Some stones toppled,
some edges crumbled,
some windows cracked,
the bells fallen,
the moat run dry,
the throne empty.

Alluring, the mysteries of its past.
Tempting, the passages hidden beneath.
Curious, the adventures of its inhabitants.

Who might have built such simple magnificence?
Why in this dark and ominous forest?
Is solitude the purpose of its existence?

Rough stone against the soft, grey sky,
Does your past ring with laughter, or a cry? 

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Tears of destiny

I gaze on beauties
Wrapped inside imperfectness
Unveil the missing line
Of this life story

Sigh on nature
As Doubted traveler
In the midst of storm
Await whispers
To redirect the path of life

As an unborn Soul
Again to be revealed
A new chapter of life
Tears of destiny

If this a poem then am dreamin
15 jul 11

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Dream World

Yes, I saw ice flaming in the angry sun;
smoke was oozing out of it!

I felt heat in the north pole,
while fishing!

I swear it, I heard a seal
telling me "good morning"!

Can you believe I also tasted
light from a candle flame?!

Reality had exchanged places
with fantasy for a moment....

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Another Night of Dread

It is dark and night outside my window,
and in the soundless, lit confines of my 
room I sit at my old, ivory desk 


and anxious with dread for what the rest
of another night may bring.

My ostomy bag, an abhorrent creature that 
hugs precariously on one side of my abdomen,
covers my raw and fleshy stoma underneath. 

Against my desire, the stoma continually oozes  
feces and waste 

like a sewer into the ostomy bag, which, 
every seven days or so ruptures its seal 
and transforms into

a stinking and rancid cabbage

whose fetid odor refuses to stop emanating 
until the entire, offensive beast is immediately 
uprooted from my body.

So, I sit at my ancient, ivory desk, writing 
these cherry-picked words to express

the anxiety and the doldrums 
of another night;  

and the lonely, isolating, embarrassing, humiliating,
ego-wiping, self-esteem killing, mind-numbing, 
soul-shattering, universal, all-embracing, 


that weekly offends my nostrils and fills my lungs 
because of a thoroughly used-up ostomy bag that 
needs to be removed immediately

like an old, decaying vegetable 
that has outlived its 

It is another cheerless night in the same, old
cheerless space: 

the nose-blistering smell, however, is only for 
another night...

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Sleepless, he’d taken seat
In an overstuffed chair

Lamp not lit, nor diversion sought,
Just sitting there

Worrying on about problems of day
Listening for answers night wouldn’t say


I hear wheels of a horse drawn coach
In London Town fog
     “Bring it round, you merry coachman
     Bring it round!”
Off the avenue where I stand
Hat in clouds, shoes on the ground 
The in between a fright and swimming round
Hear?    between those dock, dock sounds
My shouting voice?    
     “Bring it round, you cocksure coachman
     Bring it round!”


All’s quiet
Snow, I’m sure, will drift to ten feet
Outside the window – or more

Old downy dog’s acurl in a corner
When I’m off he’ll choose the rocker

The feeling’s like one preceding
A mystic midnight meeting 
Of spider and fly
Or mice in a breadbox, eating

All’s quiet    all’s well
And the old clock’s ticking…ticking… ticking… 

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This old woman
Is in her rocker,
Looking off,
With absent expression,
With lost affections,
In the sagging mouth,
Behind the eyes.

Tired, white hands rest,
One clutching a bit of fruit.
A shawl about those fragile shoulders barely warms.

She’s in a garden – inhabiting –
Head seeming to rest on a gnarled old tree,
Flowers and leaves so summer young,
Hidden mysteries everywhere,
Cloudless day, without a care.

Oh, the contrast disturbs, sickens!
The intrusion!
The inner rattle!

One struggles against ire, against pity,
Sensing both the beauty, and the decay.

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I don't know who I am, I do only what I can
I close my eyes for one second, just to escape reality
Why do you show me such a sore mentality?
Your ill-mannered, ungrateful, comments getting monotonous 
I can hold my ears, but ignoring you is very strenuous 
I open my eyes from my dream, it seemed so real
I want to go back, my dream will heal
Your voice burning in my brain,
Sticking, like a shirt with a stain
You I cannot get rid of, i wish you vanish
Your heart, your soul, all will perish

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The forbidden object among us

Ignorance is bliss my friends
its true
for centuries we have been going to wars 
due to an object among us
from another world

like everything here
literature and creativity another
witchcraft another plane 
someone climbed a staircase

walked into a world of gold and stores
stole something, bought something
with a word
was the word no?
and every time that word is spoken
someone somewhere disappears?

But what is this item amongst us
sending us to wars?
making us think its something else
claiming victoms
proving its venom among the gods of other worlds
who have cut off their connections with us
one day after the third world war
after our supposed apocalypse
this item will slide into another world
they will live our nightmare
3 wars, centuries of confusion and torment
where ignorance is bliss
to never know they have this item amongst them
cursing them

perhaps its free
maybe everyone has one
maybe its a book
a painting
a camera

we need to find it 
before the war of the worlds starts again
and the nightmares the psychic children and war veterans
of the previous rounds remember
of vampires monsters, werewolves happen
and the truth of the apocalypse of heavens and terrors happen again

what is this item?

once locked in a world in a safe place with a will of its own

the gods of the other worlds granted this world everything we have to figure it out
they isolate us

so now we have technology
several races
different satellites
religions and superstitions of strategy
to corner this item
but ignorance is bliss

is it alcohol?
making women in the past bath in blood?
drugs ensuring kids kill kids?
religion masking itself with purity and innocence
to use 70 years of psychological experience to sell guns bombs and drugs?

is it a ring?
is it a paintbrush that captures the soul?
an instructional joke book?

it is amongst us!
the other worlds might or might not know
its will is to spark up the war of the worlds we are here to prevent
and if we fail
all of our nightmares
we think we just dream 
we will live 
fight and die for
in more than one world
and it will seem like it never ends

is this world like a safe place for it?
and we the guardians and protectors
and who better than the arch angels of death and justice and man
who was poisoned by it
and the evil gods who were deceived by this item
so they are going to get the last laugh?

ignorance is bliss my friends!

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Untitled #161 / We

We shall make our own!

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Mysterious Woman A Portrait

With the eyes open, yet closed, 
She sees her Lord, in meditation
Mysterious woman, & my thoughts
Drawing pencil, bringing life to paper
Emotions of serenity and peace
Amidst the nature’s embrace

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My Mind

My mind        

My mind is a prison
Overpopulated with remorse
Incarcerated by images of sin
My mind refuses rehabilitation
It cowers in a concrete corner
Face in hands; protesting parole
My mind punishes me with guilt 
Terrorizing my thoughts 
A reoccurring rape of recidivism
My mind is unforgiving
It confiscates my hope
Segregates my dreams in isolated darkness
Allowing occasional one hour visits of  promise.
My mind is a complicated collage of convicting confessions
Callously castrating my continuing calls for clemency
My mind mocks mercy
It Mimics moments of misery In a mental mirror
Molesting my mild memories in a riot of regrets
My mind wants no truce
It gladly guards my goals behind gilded gates of grief
Giving me a life sentence of worry
My mind is a prison that I cannot escape
Every night I am summoned from my dim-lit cell
And violently beaten into submission
Here, I repent
I pray for a pardon
And although the Almighty has given me a reprieve
My mind assures me that death is my only release

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A Night in the Backyard

As I lie down
The light glitters
Of the little yet brilliant stars
Of the cute fireflies
Trying to reach out to me
Trying to talk to me
It's a full moon
Makes me feel hungry
Is it a cracker?
Or is it a biscuit?
It brings me a smile
It's the time for the nocturnes
The frogs croaking
In a loud voice
Just like an orchestra
Crickets chirping
Rubbing their legs
Just like a violin
Bats are screaming
Sonic waves
Just like playful children
Free of worries
And as the night
Grows darker
My eyes hurt
My head is dizzy
It's time to go to bed

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The Mystery of Self

In silence I sit and ponder the mystery of self in this vast infinite universe What am I? What is anyone? I exist at least I believe I exist I see the world through my eyes But what are my eyes? Are they just the product of the history of my life? Are the eyes of others just products of the history of their lives? What am I? What is anyone?

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Mud Shed

Muddy photographs at old house
black birds hanging out bare and brave,
sleeves of torn corpses and hanging bones
by the brown door,
but old man where are you?
Are you one of those?
Some one phoned me to come here
and that some one had a warm,alive voice.
Was that a man under claws,forced?
I cut the handles,
they fall into my hands
and termites were biting
the dust. Look,
what kind of
statue is that? On the stairway
half blocking
and half awe commanding,
that statue of a lady with fresh flowers.
How ironic
to see such statues here
and smelling of
lavender and green tea leaves,
like lotus in a pool of mud.
But old man. Where are you?
Are you side by side
with the sun,as evaporated air?
I don't know. If i knew i would not come.

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What Dreams Are Made Of

Dreams are made of some fearful stuff,
And then again, some lollipops.

They bring us joy and they bring us pain,
As they hold us tightly in their reign.

Why can’t I guide them in my sleep?
And why don’t they resolve the issues they hold so deep?

They drive us crazy and then build us up…
Why oh why, won’t they just give up?

They show us our yearnings and of course our fears,
But why must we relive them and shed such tears?

They’re there for a purpose: THAT is abundantly clear…
But some are just memories burned deep, I fear.

I’m sure, some must be resolved first from without,
Before being removed from so deep, where they’ve set up shop.

They can’t be ignored and they can’t be gainsaid,
But with help we can take some of their power away.

Yes, they are there for a purpose of that I’m sure…
But I may never know why, as we endure.

Written: 8-1-2012

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Africa Heart

Bloody skies
New beginnings
Glorious scent
From heaven it was sent

Long before
We walked this land
It was moulded
By the Maker

Legends tell of
The dark spirit
Turning trees
Trying to take the land

The Maker
Made the tree strong
Made it proud
Made it unbreakable
Just like the people
That believe in Him

The Maker perfected this land
More than before
Filling with
Mighty roars
Soft rumbles
Silent wings
Bouldering calls
Gentle purrs
Manic laughs

So with this
Wild heart I call mine
I will delight myself in
The Makers 

Running soon
Running far

To set wild hearts free
Like a flaming master
Taking its fiery hold
Over all things
Dry and old
Only to uncover
What has been bleeding 
To be seen

Our wild hearts
Beat with
Gentle giants footfall
Beating slow steady 
Ready to be set free
Ready to breathe
What was mine to be

With blazing sun
Firing down
Onto cracked
Down ground

Between thick brush
Under the mighty baobab
With the creations all around
My wild
African heart
Soon to be found 

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Humming Bird Moths At Moon Rise

Luna flower spread open scented blossom
In response to the full moon's soft yellow glow
So much designed like a Sand Dollar
Amazing the resemblence even with first sight

Humming Bird Moths drawn to the glowing white
The irresistable beauty and appealing scent
Ten were buzzing, humming drinking nectar
From white beauty by only moonlight

Ants were working even at night 
Drawn to the goodness that will leave at dawn
Preparing a storehouse of goodness for winter
So that the species can survive to rule summer picnics

That scented sticky nectar must be delicious
Tasting like a very rich clover honey
So sweet that just a tiny amount sweetens
So many slices of simple bread

Amazing the blessings to enjoy from simplicity
The simplest things in life sometimes give goodness
That wealth can't provide
Sometimes wealth has gardens but not enjoyed

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The mask we wear

It is that of a man’s heart to which he follows.
But that of the lord our God that guides our steps.
It is the beauty we find in one another.
As I have found this in you.
It is there we seek our true lives as we strive.
That of our soul to which cries out for love.
It is life’s trials to which make us stronger.
But our hearts we defy as we suffer.
It’s there we die inside from the rejections.
Not just love but the life we have to live.
It’s that of the people we try to impress.
Only to find out we are far different in life.
But it is there we lose ourselves to.
As each one put themselves higher then others.
We are all equal in the sight of God.
Why can we not be equal on the face of the earth?
Why does each man think they have to be vain?
Especially when we all bleed the color red from our veins.
It is in this life we only live once.
Why can I not be me instead of someone dictating for me?
It’s because each person wants to control us and what we do.
Instead of worrying about themselves and what they do.
It is there I fight for freedom and rights I have in this life.
As I stand as a rebel, alone in this life.
But it is there I am strong and without blemish you see.
Because I have the greatest gift of all.
And that is God is here with me.

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The System of Life

Someone has said that life is a mystery
Wrapped in enigma’s folds of obscurity
None till this day has cracked this secrecy
That indeed, establishes its inscrutability.

The childhood and teen-age bestow fun
With lots and lots of time and dynamism
But what pinches most every youngster
Is an empty pocket that steals the revelry.

The grown-up man has abundant energy
And his wallet ever puffed-up with cash
Is nevertheless miserable and despairing
For, he has truly no time for fun and frolic.

When a man grows old, he is tormented
Then lacks energy that keeps him worried
Has enough of time for leisure and holiday
With purse that is brimming with currency.

This is true story of life of all individuals
With no worthwhile solution to set it right
Everyone have to suffer this predicament
Alas! There is no escaping from this plight.

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Diamond In The Rough

The Diamond in the rough has been lost in the masses of panicked flesh
He looks through the eyes of the unnoticed,
He thinks with the questioning of his being,
He only looks to escape the day

The Diamond in the rough only leaves in the night
bereft of joy he entraps his plight
He makes music alone waiting for pain to escape
he looks in the mirror and cries at his face

the Diamond in the rough he's escaped far away
He's tired of the masses he sticks to like clay
He walks the silk plains and travels alone,he's severed all contact with his past and his home

His potential may be realized and maybe it won't
He writes in his soul what his eyes have absorbed
They hear it and like it but they always want more

His soul's been exchanged by demons in suits
For MTV slots, platinum plaques,drugs,sex, and a bust in a room

The Diamond in the rough,no longer there lies
but he's had enough he's decided to fly

The fame and the fortune has darkened his day
It's tragic, but masses proclaim him cliche'

He knew they would view him as weak,and then scared
Nothing else mattered he was always prepared

He couldn't fear fear any longer inside
Alone in a tower a diamond he died

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ab antiquo ab extra


From the ancient from beyond where breath could not escape where vapors of the lost intwine the catacombs I stumble through a labyrinthine of painted promise where voices of the dead chant songs of the sacred after world Forging deeper within the tomb where the air hangs desolate the eerie silence consumes my mind aflutter in amazement I follow the dusty hallways to a small stairway running my hands down the ancient volcanic wall I fall to my knees as a burst of ash fills my lungs in gratitude I translate the faded inscription......Jesus Christ = Son Of God = Savior _____________

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You To Me Look Like A Fool

You to me look like a fool
Grinning a heartless welcome
To a lost soul,
By the king’s summon

What prize was paid?
Or by pity have you offered
A silly kindness
For a lonely stranger?

You to me look like a fool
And you fool me now
For I cannot understand
Your sudden affection. 

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an introduction to a novel

 It was summertime in London, And fear gripped the city 
as a serial killer was on the loose.  His victims of choice were blondes.
and so far the number of victims were nine......

Detective Harry Jackson  headed the task force in search of  an  illusive killer
Though the killer  had left a note on each of the victims no forensic evidence was found.
The killer always seemed to be one step ahead of the police. and they were under  intense pressure
to capture this killer before he struck again. But the killer struck again, killing a young housewife.
It was at that crime scene that the first significant  piece of evidence was found.
This led Detective Jackson right to the doorsteps of the killer, only to find that the killer was a..........


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My lady!
How we divide the zero between us?
Do you accept with the half zero?
Or the zero completely!

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Love Abounds

Love abounds in the still air
setting poets hearts on fire
Two souls filled with melody
Eros shot his arrow true

Piercing the organ of love
A sensual yearning starts
Within her heart an ember
Until touch sets it alight

These two poets united
They sing in sweet harmony
As their words of love pour forth
Blending together in rhyme

Together they face the World
rising to each new challenge
Within shared words they are bound
Two hearts now forever changed

A Shadowlam Production. 
Brought to you by Shadow Hamilton
and Richard Lamoureux.
Dedicated to Mustapha, wishing you
much happiness in your new relationship.

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Story Of Click

            Story Of Click

Click falls silent
Sidewalks slide under ground
Bang is loud
Boom is not allowed
Authorization is required 
When click comes down
Sun rolls red
Cry rises
Click falls short
The authorities are called in to sort it out
When click comes down
No TNT.... No motive
Nothing grows
Concrete does not bloom
It is not a flower
The last word they heard
Began with bang
Ended with boom
Underground are hunks of concrete
Which slid down with the street
And are most likely not a click
With certainty and absolutely not a click
Something sounded like a click
It went like this
It went “Click!”

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We have heard about wonders that great
men from history did – Jesus walking on water;
Buddha calming a wild elephant; levitation of Saint
Joseph of Cupertino; Andromeda, wife of Perseus,
placed among the constellations, and many more
unfathomable happenings.

In our present world,
we still wish and hope for the extra-
ordinary in the ordinary when we pray
for rain to rain down from a clear sky;
pray that a good Samaritan to give you a ride
when your car runs out of gas;
myself winning that I can win a Nobel Prize,
even though my grammar may be wanting.

I will understand when you tell me
that you believe that you can pass through a wall,
without hitting it, if you also believe that a rose flower
can sprout in an earth-scorching desert……

Contest: ONE OF YOUR BEST Contest

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The Castle of the Sky

As the sun rises,
everything comes to life.
Even the city that never sleeps
seems to be just waking up.
As the city is reflected,
down onto the river,
it is tall and majestic.
The center of all life.
The only thing that is more beautiful...
is the castle of the sky.
At night it is the stars and moon
where the fairies work their magic spells.
At day it is the sun and clouds
where the Gods play.
Only believers can see the castle of the sky.
And know what spells the fairies work
and what games the Gods play.
But all of us have believed at one time or another.
And some of us have never stopped believing
in the castle of the sky. 

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Velvet gloves
Is it my day
To fade away
Comfort my heart
Of this path of life …..

Dark clouds
A small alley
Just prepared
For a cold
Lonely nights
Like us
Holding hands
An artistic ballet
Center of universe

Tears of kings
Is it my creed?
Ended our deed
Just a karma
Played In erotic
Silence tunes….. ….


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Somethin’s buried in the cornfield
The Moon’s blood red
And this black hooded fiddler’s
A playin’ taps fer the dead

They be makin’ the rounds,
Farmer John’s cute little sprouts
Dressed in their bright Halloween suits
Intent on gettin’ lots a Handouts

Oh, somethin’s buried in the cornfield
Moon casts a rusty glow
The fiddler’s changed his tune now.
A macabre waltz, eerie ‘n slow

John’s chillun all’r enchanted
Fiddler’s music so sickly sweet
So strange this tune, they fail to see
The upthrust at Suzy’s feet

Somethin’s got Suzy by the ankle
Somethin’ muddy, bloody with gore
And Suzy’s screamin’ absolute murder
Wait! There’s a mystery in store

Somethin’s got loose in the cornfield
The fiddler’s a fiddlin’hell bent
It’s chasin’ John’s screechin’young uns
Ith a chainsaw divil sent

Sich a terrible, terrible story
Ta be a tellin’ Halloween Eve,
But rest ya easy my chillun,
I’m a gonna turn off the T.V.

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John Stonehouse MP

A man who left his country
A man who left his ties
A man who left his duty
A man free

O the advantage of perceived death,
Of being remembered for something you were not
A martyr, an untrue character, an untrue man. 

The man is found
The man is taken
The man is guilty
But of what?

Bereft of responsibility
A man is chained 
A man empty of soul
A man called Stonehouse.

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''Ophelias' Omission''

~Parallel strands of blonde silk hide her vulnerable eyes.
If only to foresee what shall lye ahead.
Surrender to my embrace Ophelia.
Judgement nor prejudice dispel a hearts' affection.
Lay now bound journal.
Rippled with twill,tell your jaded past.
May lips sealed try to speak.
Solace crests upon a subdued soul.
I rest at feet for truth.
Our love lead not for despair.~

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The crystal ball

The crystal ball is placed on a pedestal
shows the immediate future. 
I saw two faces in it.
One face was happy with tears in his eyes and
one face was sad with shine in his eyes.
The crystal ball is broken. 
How many years is it unfortunate?

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Coiling up
It bursts into the air
Leaving cloud like puffs
To move in the air
Where it disappears to
No one quite sure
Not even I 
Or the wisest of all

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From her Cocoon

She sits over her writings, a chrysalis, a solitary form.
All of her adventures are tucked in her mind this morn.
Her poetry is meant to half make you laugh or weep.
Her stories are soulful with multiple twists to reap.
Her husband peeks at her ideas before going to work…
She can’t wait to discuss the results back and forth.
She’ll revise a little, but not the main inspirational theme.
This poem is the result of a days’ insightful dream. 

She’s a butterfly who may never come out from her cocoon.
But she’s safe, warm, and happy… with your reading a boon.
There are always those admirers awaiting her final results.
Like a butterfly’s wings the words tarry, till they finally bust forth.
She helps others understand… they’re not alone…any more…
With a moment of her presence and beautiful, unfurling heart.
Then she’ll hide away back in her cocoon till when…
She’ll awaken, forever beginning the cycle… anew, again.


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Writers gift

read the lines
see the space in between
unwrap each word
hear their rhythm
feel their beat
listen to the hymn of rhyme 

inhale the feeling
of newborn synthesis
a startling raid
settling down
in intimate corners
of your mind 

every moment
brand-new views

introspective shifts
of inner and outer movements
breathtaking eternal chips
causing perpetual motions
of emotions deep inside 

©Ellie Daphne  

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Beyond Nightfall (contest)

The sun goes down
It sets in the West.

Darkness covers us
Like a thick blanket.

The twinkling of stars
Fill the sky up above.

The moon casts light
On the world below.

Animal noises fill the air
Mother Nature’s concert.

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Me My soulmate

I , i in a blue sea
In the sea i am flying
Sometimes on sky i am swimming 
Down on earth i am in dark 
In a cave i am searching for light 
In the noise i am searching for silence 
Then i go to forest 
Under a tree i find myself 
I look in my eyes , the eyes which are full of fear
I look at my lips with a smile.
I touch my face 
When i touch my face 
Suddenly i feel a hand on my shoulder 
When i turn around, its an other me standing infront of me
When i see my eyes , in my eyes i see strength 
But in my hands i see blood
When i see the blood
Everything fade in black
I am on sky with a white wolf staring at me
In wolf's eyes i find myself 
I follow the wolf
Everything fade in white
I find myself in a room 
I am on my bed nothing around
So calm it is 
I am too alone
I thought it was a dream
But when i look at my hands
I find the blood 
In my dream i met the reality
I met different faces of me..
The reality which i am hiding inside
Hiding me, me as my soulmate...

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Poem Pinata

Please strike
the piñata
i have made for you
out of the  stripes of paper
and the glue,

In  the midnight hour
i have labored long
on this plump pig
of collaged letters.
with  corrugated metaphors
Sightless Find the weakest point.

let that guide 
your hand
the transparent rose
wrapped candy
shall flow
in libation of sound
pour down
like a quirky rainstorm
like silver
on the sidewalk
of your mind.

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love 9

Caught on the unever grounds of submission
With a never ending option of segression
Talking about the differences of evil and good
Walking among man learning as I should

Memories of ancient Egypt and it's wood
Vibrent obcarities at the mention of your name
Violent observations and from with they came
Fighting over rotted ruins and pegs for a game

Carring over obsecurities of a famous dame
Locked into eternitiy left on what remains

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his eyes tell me he loves me
yet he can never seem to utter the words
but I know

his fingers lace through mine so intricately
yet the warmth they emanate feels cold
because I know

his body conforms to mine perfectly as we make love
yet his heart is nowhere near
for I know his true intentions

his angelic lips make my heart skip a beat
yet they never meet mine
because, then, he will know that I know

he does not love me fully
he lacks a beating heart
he is missing a conscience clear of meteor-like holes
and he neglects to care as much as he truly wishes he could

because I know
he is not human, though not a monster
his is not a man, though nothing short of a gentleman
he is here for a purpose that only I understand
and he sees my awareness

my beautiful, soulless, immortal

I live for you

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The Shadow of Print

Strange magic occurs in storms of glinted fog and floating sand--
It is this haunt of time and assurance that we find ourselves,
As: Paranoia peaks into blood, seeping through a concrete cafe.
A broken memory and then the muscle of marble
And here in this corner: Time's warped pride.

Her liquid and dust 
Our smile and laugh--and our hopeless alternative
To usher in the shadow of print--divinity's backside.
And so we begin again the love and the darkness.

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Are There Answers

Are There Answers?

Life began.

Ever since
Simple yet complex
Search the signs

Because why?
Ever since when?
Search the signs where?

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The soldier, the war, and I

The soldier, the war, and I

Today I am home and thinking to my self..
What would I be doing if I had a soldier coming home to me and my family?
What would I be doing if I was the soldier looking to going home to my family?
And then, I look back at all the years passed since this last war..

Many children have grown to become men, Others have grown to become soldiers
Where would I be if I had gone to the war and fought for my country?
Where would I be if I had gone and came back safely?
Where would I be if I had not gone at all because I was not qualified to go?
Would I be with my family or in a hospital injured?
Would I be standing proud, and laughing with my friends and family?
Or would I be dead, as I never got to come back?

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
Thinking of all of those brave soldiers, children still
Who are out there, suffering.. And some ill

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
How many woman are crying because of their gone loved ones
How many men are crying for their loved and missed ones
How many children are fatherless or motherless, or both!

And at the end I stop. I think no more..
I am grateful for the things I have, 
I am grateful for the people who surround me...
And I am sure grateful to never have gone to a war; yet, 
I sure appreciate the thoughts, courage, life, and suffering
Of all of those who have been touched by it.

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Why so cruel?
Why so rude?
What did i do,
To change your mood?

I just said hello,
And yet you don't even bother to say goodbye.
You just leave without a reason,
I guess to you rudeness beckons.

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Pieces of Confusion

Each Day I awake to find myself still so very confused
My mind is full of cobwebs of confusion

There are a million puzzle pieces

Where do this pieces fit?

What picture is trying to form?
I can't seem to shake them together
I sit here puzzled by my exsistence

I have always been told...

Who I am to be...
What I am to do...
Where I am to go...

Now I must etch my own path....

has always been that fragmented piece

that was lost among the winds of change

Change always seem to consume me

whether I was ready to fight or not

These ghostly images who led me...

also left me broken in a million pieces

And never could tell me why????

I walked through my horrid nightmare

with blinders on to numb the pain

People say I was courageous

I never believed that!

I never wanted to feel

I tried not to feel but the battle raged on...

I stood at the edge of a life that was so framented and broken

My hair would tossle in the angry wind

My eyes would sting and burn 

I tried to rub the hurt away

My face was still left tortured and stained

Nothing seemed to wear it away

I carried it with me

I used it as a shield of protection

My bloody shield 

with jagged metal edges

It offered me a sense of comfort

Now It has been ripped from my broken hands

I fought to keep "it"
Scared to live without the pain

Now I must Learn to live without it....

Yes Everyday is a struggle

Learn to live without my pain

Seems like an easy concept

If I could only find which pieces fit where??????

Chrissy M. Pierce

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Spirit Flight (LOVE)

A simple peace of this fragmented reality of the spirit flight 
now, I lay me down to sleep
a spiritual realm of possibilities inches forward
my third eye of perception wide and receiving 
an unconscious consciousness of God's realm peering inward 
a small piece of life's mystery reveals a brilliant flight    
purple and light green float in a vision beyond comprehension 
I dive in and receive this unimaginable gift
a garden of light and energy suspended free
my spirit heeds the call as I drift 
submersed in a love words cannot express
I drown in light...............

The Spiritual Dream 
A Rambling Poet Contest "A Fragmented Dream"  
By Rick Parise

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They say this will all make sense one day
He told me words of mind, words of worlds,
with the sound so familiar, echoing that we are not alone
I gazed, trying to find the hint, the rise.

From the window i watched, looking on the inside of your world
Such terror you see, and all i could find
were perfect skies, reflecting what is out there
But from your window, you knew these skies were hanging low

Our time was endless. Your spirit was forever.
Stuck to my heart, i never felt the hit.
As i rose above, i never thought i'd fall.
I never thought the ring worn so tightly around my finger would live on,
as you passed by.

Never, i would tell myself.
I would never forget, or replace our laughs.
The sound of our interrupting thoughts, 
clashing at one another like a runaway train against soft rain.

We had lost our maps. We had lost all sight. All sanity.
The storm arose, as i sat in bed breathing.
My body aching, thoughts numbing my mind.
When will i wake from being awake?

Lying in a puddle, i search for the answers.
I beg for solutions, while tumbling over faults of my own.
Emotions tangled up inside of my stomach
like a ball of rubber-bands
Toxic to my health, they try to retrace the bonds
but they don't know where to start.

Nothing left but memories, All that's left is a four letter word.

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And all that could of been

the longevity of life
This is not fortold
forbidden then hidden
Long days ago
But I would think the world is old
For it cry's and moans
Like a dying mans soul
Unable to make a claim
It endures and withers
Withering in pain
As its children feed
On its remains
I stand and wonder
About lost days
Has it all been a waste?
In this twilight
I turn toword the sun thinking
What we could of done
Closing my eyes
I wait for the end
And all that could of been

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Cytheria Orchid

Calypso red dressed in dawn’s vague morning mist
Splendor painted behind the miasmic curtain
An enigmatic temptation dripping of murk and shadow
A delicately cruel mélange lost within nature’s backdrop
A barb in the thigh of our daily pious pilgrimages
Imprisoned beneath a shallow earthy grave
Forcing and screaming it entices it’s own release
In a measured fury of escape and conquest
The fragile orchid screams a silent blossom of victory
And worshipped thanks to the morning sunshine

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Love is a Four Letter Word

When will I learn to anticipate Love's keen and painful sting?
Penetrating deep within my chest and spreading it's poisen.
High, ever so high, only to fall again and to seize in agony.

Oh, Love, why do you trick me with a veil as deceitful as infatuation?
How you held me close, and embraced me with your affection,
Only to push me away and shatter my heart again.

I cannot pick up my pieces, for the shards are many in number,
They litter the foor around me as I sink to my knees,
Staining my legs with glittering, ruby glass.

I crouch over the jagged diamonds,
And wish my tears to mend my glass heart back togther.
I'm the Cinderella without a glass slipper.

Instead of fleeing the Prince for fear of midnights final tone,
I fell from his gaze.. and fell under my drowning tears.
Can he see his Princess cannot surface the waves of her fear and depression?

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The London Dead End

Tis a hallowed place...
This cobbled maze of alleyways
Which bond these rat infested streets
Yet, gas lamps lit, stand betwixt the corners
And lone Bobbies patrol beneath their feet

A littering city of homeless ashes
Falls shameful underneath the moon’s pathetic light
The darkness is the seductress... soon to be accomplice
As the hooligans, once again reanimate in mist of twilight

Scruff tooth kings of domains, self proclaimed
The dagger and a pocket flask, two most closely guarded friends
And in the dank corner pitch kingdom, we anticipate 
From a realm dubbed “The London Dead End”

Lush stumblers...
Streetwalkers or simply naïve
Entry here, our law says you must pay the toll 
Or pay the piper before you leave

I partake of liquid courage
And then I set my blade
To foot falls around corners this way come…
Among this lonely blackened place...

This maze…
Of streets and alleyways…
Paved over each eve with lost shadows
Never again... to witness a morning sun

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Clouds dividing hands, between heaven
And earth,
Crossing that bridge of spiritual
Imaginations child of thought exists,
In a realm of creativity, beyond light
And dark.
A creature of solitude, seeking
 Sanctuary’s calming waters.
But bound, shackled to the shore,
Of humanities earthly form.
Unable to shed flesh from bone, 
The thinkers mind does wonder forth.
 Dreaming of a paradise beyond
Threshold of understanding.
To walk towards a glistening passage
Way of light.
And find Nirvana on the other side.
A dreaming vision quest of discovery,
Enhancing the human experience.


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In Myself, With Myself

Laying down surrounded by ice;
I try to sit up to get away,
I'm being held down;
I open my eyes and see myself,
Laying down on a concrete floor in the dark;
Eyes open in horror, body tense;
I try to raise my hand, reluctantly it follows command,
But my reflection twitches and doesn't follow suit;
I try to reach out to myself,
My hand is blocked by an invisible barrier;
I try moving it but fail;
I beat against it but nothing gives;
Claustrophobia grips me like a beast, suffercating, unyielding;
I scream but nothing comes out,
No relief, no surrender, no help;
Trying to calm myself and think clearly,
The entity gripping releases,
A monster relaxing its sharp-tipped fangs,
Revealing torn flesh and blood;
I try to tell myself that it isn't real,
Trying to wake up from this horrible slumber I'm in;
"You're dreaming!", I repeat over and over again,
"You just need to wake up!";
I open and close my eyes,
No hope;
It's not a dream,
Not now, not ever;
So I'm here,
Cold, alone, and muted;
To myself,
In myself, with myself

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Salve Epithet's Clique

Last name here, First step there, only one allay...
Vestige sagacity, flaxen ochroid genes skitter down, 
Diddle drizzled dints to acquiesce an ugly axis,
Whet of whiled grime, tips on me thus to dawn,
In hands of lonely children, bid these lips bye-bye...

Bequest oaths, for ode by love is a home plight,
Coalescing pivots crux fine fortunes through,
Docent tasks fathom nature's dew of grief,
Tons of totes vex abstruse wills to loot,
But virtuous lenity glib adept heartfelt reefs,
Gait jiffy haps with tribes so grim time tears,
God's flanges tarry finales who lope o'er losers,
But foremost, guerdon sojourn souls aiding others...

Accouter the outfitter by concords of trust,
Master a gentlemen and woman of good taste,
Upon Sunrise and Sunset, leave wise and do weep,
The bequeath of ensuing generations propound... 
Upon birth and grave, life and death, -but more life...

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Flow My Tears he said


marooned …

she looked sad
when I stopped her
the action of a theory
almost mad as sure
determination grows
four . identification
a matter of when
we show
unification . politico
perfectus to socio
… it’s the order she knows
a pandora . a where now
of why she goes . she echoes
of bio . psyche . technico
the sixth
a scent undeniable
and undetectable
but for the few

she looked up
and knew
in his eyes
the truth

I’m out of time
genetically modified
to not show 
and I’m rogue

and in stereo
her voice within him
let his mind say go

and she was gone
a para . sight
of entangled song

the names Callisto
she drove on
as he watched her
fade to colors unseen

” it’s where I’ve been “

he could hear her
a new horizon
unknown of when
she’d return


lines of dimension
distort in a form
a storm of disorder
in a Jovian doam
her intention
is to move in time

inspired by
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said
Philip K Dick
" and I don’t know why "

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One Halloween Night

 "One Halloween Night"  

There's a old woman who comes out at night
A gray hair, black robe and a white rope too,
Just don't look at the window, is it fright?
The graveyard stands still, while she's by you!

Spirits roam through the grave and haunts about
They prance and dance with spooky shadows,
"Hurry and run, run, run", as the angel shouts.
Don't be scared, or you'll have to fight the battles.

Tonight is eerie with the moon and howling dogs,
Where ghosts and mummies are roaming in the night
And a black cat that creeps along the bridge in the fog.
Looking for Frankenstein and mummies are out of sight!

Having a Halloween night filled with scary thoughts too,
The excitement of spooky costumes, and many monsters
Filled with candies, games, parties, and some fun with you.
And don't forget the eerie grave of one who haunts her.

Yolaine Armitage  10/01/12

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The Vanity of Religion

Your above, but you love me, don't you? just by your words, but not in your heart if that makes it easier to face me let it be a start You know what is better for me? pretend monsters and men with wings a place after the conscious leaves whats wrong in believing in eternal black peace? Then there was nothing, not even silence everyone shook by his outspokenness every last hope of his lies only in people who truly exist not of fairies in the sky but of heros like you and I who are not afraid to die and end all in the blink of the eye the eye that you say overseeing us all is probably the smarter for being the father of the story that gave hope to the helpless a crutch for me is useless Spirit in the sky I hear you late at night your with me as I cry against me when I lie guiding light shining always reminding I am never alone with a warmness inside I know that I'll make it with this religion defined as mine

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the Glass Road

living land to land,
turquoise islands of regret,
      to crimson truth 
and  wonder ever green......

       Bronze hands must
turn the amulet to 
mornings spent with you
   and Elderberry wine.

  Come take my hand ,
and vintage fear
     is past to safe return.

          Come burn ,
                your bridges
         with a flame
         that melts
          the sands of time 

  A road now clean and clear 
              and blue,
      where your bright
      diamond heels

       and my 
sandpaper slippers
   skate behind,
powdered glass
smooth the jagged edges
    of your rhymes.

    slivers slicing.......
   ribbons red ,
  tying 'round your silver
     words of love,

A dream of mine and mine alone..........
written out upon................
        this cold and  fragile ,
                Road of Glass.

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Love Hurts - The Symptoms

Thoughts displaced by rolling palpitations,
From left to right grow these numbing sensations,
A face which spirals down, drooping from smile to frown.

Time hibernates in this moment protracted,
Legs bow and shake to our drama just acted,
Senses into overdrive, does pain show you’re still alive?

Oxygen masks, Coxes’ rowing commands,
Heart beat machines is what love demands,
“You need time to relax”, prescriptions from Quacks,
Is love just a commonplace heart attack?

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Ignorance meets Insanity

Seriousness settles in, like an old friend
Seriousness spreads like a disease
Infecting us, accelerating, our aging process 
Our youthfulness, our playfulness, slowly slipping away
Our wonder in life, diminishing
Seriousness leading to rigidness, pathway to small mindedness!

Days and years, rolling into one
Colourless, lifeless, mundane, dull and boring
“What day is it?”
“Don’t smile or your face might crack!”
Judgemental, cantankerous!
Pompous attitudes, of modern day man

Stubbornness and ignorance, clinging to what’s familiar
Seriousness, up tightness, humourless, imagination vanished, pathway to madness!
The mind focused on its self created drama’s
Fears constantly being stimulated, from our outside world
Personal insecurities, constantly being triggered, inside
The past lives on, the present forgotten 
What was once important, now, left on the back burner
Hard headed, victim orientated
Righteous, self absorbed
Emptiness, hollowness, helplessness

Seriousness and ignorance, walk hand in hand
Becoming, our best friends
The vampire suckers of vitality
Sucking the life, out of our personal goals and childhood dreams
Lose of faith, gradually, losing our way
Lost, amongst the thick of it
Not knowing any different
Everything becoming an illusion
Seeing things as it should be
In our own little universe, no one else’s!

Entrapment of the mind
Our, personal intelligence, laying dormant
Body and mind, riddled with dis - ease
Heart beating hard, starving for a substance, we call love
Numb, to the outside
Numb, on the inside
Going crazy!
Consumed with our own self created loneliness and separation
Ignorance meets insanity!

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The heavens declare

The heavens declare God’s glory

As the body without the spirit is dead
So too the moon is dead 
It has no light of its own
Without the light of the sun 
She cannot shine and give light
In the darkness

So too as the sun rises
In newness each day
So too shall the moon
Rise in newness of light
Reflecting the Glory

Like a whirling dancer
The heavens swirl
And sway dressed 
In her skirt of stars 
To the lyrical rhythm
The musical beat 
Of The word of life

© Brenda V Northeast 21/ 01/ 2012

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Naughty Breeze

With a breeze so brisk 
it could slice you in half,
my nipples were so hard.
I couldn't believe
the sight of the two strangers
entagled in one another 
naked, I'd just seen
on such a cold winter's day.
Was that two women?
Or maybe the other was a man.
I couldn't know. I wouldn't dare
to stay, or watch.
I wish that I had.
My nipples were so hard
from this particular scene.

-Caroline Youngless

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O'er here Lies Victorious Sin

As the dream went the women screamed for Chucky Baudelaire

Side scene alleyway dark night
Foot steps timidly trekked along the broken glass, sinner's hour

Oscar Wilde was alive and well with bourbon laden jovial tales

It was a languid night a night for lords to piss about, hens to cackle, ravens to make love

The ink was then my blood and poison, my god and death

As the dream went the women lusted after Edgar Poe
I was contently bitter and hidden in a meadow of urban shadows cast by tall,stark, unforgiving dens of 
depravity...these dens suit me well

The witching hour sky was wild and held the grin of my demon foe
Singing now are the cigarettes falling from the sky...
A most peculiar yet familiar night

I am awake again nowhere... pretending to be your chivalrous poet

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Walking Through Fire

I walked through fire, And didn’t get burned, Not a scratch on me. Protected by a heart Hardened by hurt Secluded with a smile. No person benign or audacious enough No storm capable of prevailing To enter my kingdom of heart. With subconscious thoughts that told me Things I knew God didn’t want to hear, Nothing to do but keep trudging on, Without the slightest bit of fear. I could hear Satan calling, Calling out in vain. Used the rest of my strength to try And stay the slightest bit sane. I walked through fire, Thought I was fine, Until I looked in the mirror And saw the burns on my skin.

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Break Me Wide Open

Go ahead!
Break me wide open 
spread me out thin the dough beneath the well dusted rolling pin

Slender my edges and refine my rounded shape
push me away from you with each forceful roll
extend me 
in our mutual exertion to define it straighten me slowly carefully gently lovingly...this time
as the white page spread beneath the 17th century palm in hopeful contemplation
Indeed serious intent born of the preciousness of the white page alone
Can you feel the writer catching his breath with which to begin
Yes I FEEL YOU catching yours just now
In brave... bravest planned intent

So... this time break me wide 
But also.... then true

The confession after the lie that has lain between us for years in good stead

As the little perfect pale egg in your bowl on any given Saturday morning 
with a single sudden tap
just a brisk strike 
               ...spoken from bowed head and with averted eyes
that you will insist on bringing round to meet mine 
Lest I find weakness in your delivery and once more deny you this
Go ahead...try to write out the final passages of this our tall and long tale
You may use an ink well if you wish and a quill
If it will add romance...ambiance
But first you will need to erase...the expression on your face when you last saw me for the first
Your face filled with the sudden sunlight of your own unencumbered sunrise breaking wide open 
across your tired sky
at the first crest of my visage embrace
With pupils dilating and grin spread vista wide across yours only breathtaking gorgeous lined face
Go ahead mine truest love
Break me wide open for the sky 
that I can love the world in perfection
Before I die

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Event On The Bog

     Event On The Bog 

A dazzling bright light
In a blinding flash
Thunders through the night sky
Broke it open
On an otherwise silent Scottish marsh
Remote and dense are the waters there
But a moment… an event
Revealed a vast blue dome
Shocked to life in the yellow red blast
Then back to black again
No one the wiser
Only a faint hot hissing
Something heavy 
Sounding in the mist going down
Hidden by the bog

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Is there a view?
In a rotten bed by the window
Where the crow sits all by itself 
Every morning and inspects the wasteland
Surrounding the edifice,
That once sheltered my wounded soul,
My mother
And no one else...

The vista of a forgotten life
Stood in front of me like a dead construction.
Exposed bricks, molested window panes
Cried hollow: The screams
Got lost in the shadowed hallway,
Rumbling the staircase;
Scaring the odd dried leaves
That made through one naive autumn..
I see the youth in me 
Frisking through the kitchen;
Hugging abruptly like an insecure child
An absorbed mother in cooking,
A kiss on the cheek,
And i was pledged happiness for eternity.

The vision sways away
Its swept under the rug of my crooked,
Bruised soul, that had seen and felt
The days' sorrow
The door is ajar, and
It is upset..
The disappointment in my betrayal
The bereavement in my indulgence..

The crow looks at me with astonishment:
I wished i was there when
My house was raped.

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I can remember every time 
I've watched the sun rise.
Each time so much
different from the last.
The awakening of the world,
the pulse of it all,
always the same.
I can feel the rumble of her heart
beat right through me.
Oh how I cherish 
these moments of peace.

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Blinkink Cursor

Blinking Cursor 

Why do you taunt me so?
A hungry hatchling eager to eat from my nest of ideas
An exotic dancer alone on a white stage— taking text for tips
I cannot walk away I am drawn to your blinking body
Hypnotized by the deformed piano key daring me to play suicidal notes of an unknown tragedy
Revived by the flat line, black and brave against a pasty piece of paper resuscitating my imagination 
A weak Samaritan to the beggar that bothers me for change; and correction of my written work
My lonely lover waiting to make literary love on plain white sheets
The hero that rescues all my forgotten memories
Essential to the healing of my sanity
So why must you taunt me with endless possibilities?

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The ice is melting 
on my moon
while I am waiting my round-trip ticket 
on the earth.
The spring is coming 
in my icy homeland 
and life is reborn.

TNT and Nitro 
in the fastest blast in the universe.

Helium atoms are broken
into thousands of pages 
of the book War and Peace
while on the edge of the galactic haze
Messiah has appeared.

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                        Stepping stones
                       Cross vast oceans,
                            Deep dive
                       Gems sparkle alive!

Written on 9/4/14 
By Dr. Upma A. Sharma 
Sponsor- Nette onclaud
Contest title- just ten words

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The Water Bearer

He carries a jar, full of water;
water that no one knows its source!

He pours water as he stands beyond
the stars, as Pisces, the twin fish, continue
to rule over their astrological reign
on Earth.

Just like their predecessor, Aries,
they will end their astrological reign, 
when water from the Water
Bearer’s jar reaches Earth.

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Fairy tears

Amongst the buttercups and daisies
Afore the early rising sun
Is where you’ll find wet fairy tears
Glistening on your lawn.
They lay as drips on blades of grass
They soak your shoes and feet
They’re where you’ve trampled once again
Then gone indoors to eat.
Then fairies they come out to play
And dance under the stars
And mischievous elves will prank around
While firefly drive like cars.
But when they see how much that we
Have damaged their small world
The fairy drops to ground and weeps
Their magic’s been unfurled.
The little dew drops gently left
Are fairy tears my friend
For with sun and magic of natures hand
Comes repair to make amend.
Be carful where you put your foot
A fairy might live and care
So be polite when you are asked
Keep off the grass walk there.

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I hear song amid the distant tree line
of winged angels singing praise
in sunlight prisms that flicker 
and white orchids of flowering lace
in conscious mind I retrace 
each moment of spirit great call
of soft water line pulsing
and visions that ebb my soul
one moment I climb out beyond 
this entrapment of body and flesh
and roll infinite in spirit 
with dust and ash of breath

for now 
my hands tightly folded
in a moment of praise and request
of divine heights I see climbing
to entwine eternities nest   

I drift in words held closely
of misty hymns fluttering light 
a breath
a sigh
a great release
one moment
a fraction in time

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Falling up!!!

Soul ascending
weightless thoughts
lifted shoulders
eyes to nowhere
plunging its way to abandonment.....
sounds whisper
sight unrestored
cautious heart....
Flaming bird

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The Daydream Meadow

There is a meadow
Where Wildflowers bloom
A small brook flows through it
There one's heart stays in tune

As a child one's spirit
Returns to freedom running, skip, jump
Pick the Wildflowers 
Rest at will or lie down

A tree grows there
Which has fruit of any kind
Just reach up and touch__
Pick_which flavor or color appeal

There's always time to play
Relax stay for a day
This magical place of childhood
Where I go many times to stay

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I floated into the windless sky of the tranquil night visited by minuscule stars
that were subdued by dim moonbeams calling for some gleeful dreaming;
and I wistfully dreamed of a lovelier and calmer planet remembering
two kind and sincere eyes much lovelier than bluebells swaying in clay pots.

I kept thinking of other universes never discovered by me and they surely existed
beyond ours which couldn't thrill me anymore with its mysteries;
dazzlingly beautiful they were as they expanded further into interstellar infinity... 
showing a grandiose light surpassing the one seen by the shepherds.

Many hours went by, and soon what I had envisioned started to vanish before dawn,
and floating back to earth I beheld that awesome vision of the Heavens.
I landed in corn fields tangled by tarn that made me cringe, tasting unripe corn;  
and cherishing what I saw, I recalled that sojourn which lasted for long hours!

I told everyone what I had seen in that dream so realistic, but they jeered at me,
believing I was hallucinating; I even had to endure some tongue-lashing from mother
as she noticed my pants togged in my boots: " You look like a soldier!" she screamed. .
I'm hoping to return to that lovelier and calmer planet, where everything is peaceful.


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God gives Blessings of many Celestial Colors of Love

This tis be True Love
Within your eyes such gleam
My Heart tis a radiant glow
Together divinity  beholds
Enchantment to extremes…
Of Sweeetness overflows

With tis Celestial colors 
With God’s Promise of True Love
Blessings here on earth
More than could ever ask of

This is what life here 
Is supposed to be like
Miracles’  of heavenly 
Treasures of True Love

Tis Truth to behold… 
All tis heavens’ foretold….
Together we shall entwine
Precious Sweetness 
Priceless True Love kind…

And With being born-again
Into God’s Glorious kingdom
Beholding God’s Miraculous 
Glorious Love 
of Purity ..
for all Eternity

Tis to be… 
beyond Blessed
With such Miracles Both 
True Love here -of human kind
Born-again with Pure True Love- Sweet Divine
For times of all times.. Eternity sublime

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Magic Beans

            Magic Beans

Machines stand silent surrounded in dormancy
Aged columns covered the landscape concrete white
Electric wires danced about in disguises 
Pretended to be alive but were not
Inevitably all things came to a stop
The town closed down
“Under construction” said the sign
Pavement quiet
Statues wait
Perfect to the end
There is nothing left to tell
When the town shut down
Machines still stand about
Stand silent, surrounded in dormancy 

Created by: Earl Schumacker on 1/13/15 for Poet Destroyer A’ “Magic Beans” – Poetry Contest

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Phantom Mechanisms

Mechanism 1
Part #1

The things outside of my window dry out my eyes. The egg that I saturated has mold on it. The moon decays when I speak. The stars are all just God’s germs. Lately Holly has been combing her hair with a wrench and brushing her teeth with razor blades. I don’t remember the last time I was sober. Does it matter anyway? My nightmares are born in water and I can’t afford a boat. Money is just something you use to wipe up your brains’ blood with. My neighbor says the ocean is where civilization will be reborn.

Mechanism 2
Part #5

Does happiness come with a warranty? It’s been so long since I’ve gone to the store, so I wouldn’t know. My neighbor is paranoid. He carries his rifle wherever he goes. What happens to feelings after you can’t feel anymore? Holly says that the shower nozzle feels better than I do. Last night I found an artificial word under my bed. I see faces in the winter. They all look at me like I’m spring. 

Mechanism 3
Part #7

Some moth keeps fluttering by my window, it can’t get out. The moon calls for its soul. It has to stare at its dream through inescapable glass. Just like the reflection does in the mirror. Do colors look the same to other people? What if blue for you was red for them? Then they would literally have a red sky, and they would still be calling it blue. Holly says my brain is as good as that moth. Which, I wouldn’t doubt, except I write poetry and he commits suicide by lamp

Mechanism 4
Part #2

Some guy asked me if I had someone by the name of Frank sleeping in my apartment anywhere. What a freak. My neighbor says I should stock up on canned foods. He is a freak too. I think my pencil has been drinking. Satisfaction, for me, is like frozen alcohol. Holly showers too much. She is a freak. I want to drive to New York. Who am I kidding; I’m too sober to drive. 

Mechanism 5
Part #6

This hotel is making me go sane! Every time I lay down I hear the snore of the one’s who have slept here before me. My neighbor tells me that we are all going to be cannibals. Holly’s brain was spilling blood, so I cleaned it with quarters. This place smells like… well I can’t make out the smell exactly. Shut up Holly.

Mechanism 6
This part is not in the instructions?

…Uh…I don’t know...go away…stop reading this… You’re still here huh? I’ve drank too much solvent tonight. The casing will never get cleaned now. You probably don’t know what that is.  I feel lkie cuittng fof my fingre adn puttung ut in Hlly’s wine. I’m real gone. 

Mechanism 7
Part # 4

This wine tastes like the blotches on the moon. Holly says I’m the worst person that she has ever felt. Her compliments are intriguing. That moth is still desperately trying to get out of the window. I’m just going to turn on the lamp. Anti-tobacco commercials make me want to smoke a cigarette. Last night my neighbor shot his T.V. and the recoil made him fall on his head. Apparently he died or something. That’s a shame, that was a damn good television. 

Mechanism 8
Part # 8

Are you even real? Are any of us even real? What is real? I see the ghost of Rimbaud sitting on the chair mocking me. Is he real? People would call me crazy, but it’s those same people who say that one guy died for us and then was resurrected from the dead by someone who supposedly created the universe. If that’s real, then where did the creator come from? I pour out all the rivers of the world onto the concrete sky. Holly says my eccentricity makes me abnormal. Is she even normal? Are any of us even normal? What is normal?

Mechanism 9
Part # 9

Normal is someone who conforms to the shackles of society. Holly says that I need to **** her more. But that’s not the hard part; the hard part is pretending that I enjoy it. At what cost does a man finally enable himself to be free? How many bottles of hard liquor does it take? How many different drugs? How many different women? How many different faces does he need to wear? I guess the better question is; how many mistakes does a man need to make before he benefits from them?

Mechanism 10
Part # 10

I am real gone. I am the static in your television. I am a creak in your house. I am a mastodon. I am extinct. I am a ghost. My mind is six feet under but my feet are still walking. I am the core of the apple. I am not the pit of a peach. I am poetry not for the masses. I am the book never to be read. I am the moth at your window. I am a mechanism. You are a mechanism. Holly is a mechanism. We are all mechanisms working together to form a machine. A selfish, ungrateful and greedy machine that will destroy the planet Earth in which we are only guests. We take advantage of this place but it does not take advantage of us. I am a phantom and these are mechanisms that keep me transparent.

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You look down at the cackling chains,
Listening to the clink and clank as they sway.
I cannot save you from your pleasures,
I cannot save the angel for his feathers.

It’s not so comedic to see the bruises, scars, and tears.
Not when such pleasure consumes your greatest fears.
You and I both know the pain in your heart,
You and I both know the ways that abuse can start.

I can never look away when I see your shirt rise,
A yawn in your throat,
And beneath it lie deep gashes scabbed over.
Did you like what he did to you?

It breaks my heart to know such pain exists,
Tears my soul to think of the ways a man can twist.
Innocent eyes lost in grey,
How can you find love in such a way?

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Two mighty workhorses, colliding Titans,
Leviathans of the Saint Lawrence river.
Devastation’s maritime wrecking balls,
Slamming head on, even after the warnings 
Sounding, had been given, by Captain Kendall.
Emerging on the starboard side, a distant light
 Did shine,  from the masthead on high.
The tramper steamer, S.S. Storstad, 
Heavily loaded by coals freight,
Didn't hear the captain's hailing.
Lost within an eerie, thickened fog bank, 
 All hands struggled in full reverse, 
But the wheels of fate, had been set,
In motions wake, and it was
Coming straight towards them, at
Rapid speeds full velocity.
Horns rang out, life boats were lowered
 Broad side, voices yelled abandon ship,
Captured unaware, shaken from their beds.
Passengers scrabbled to the higher
Decks elevation, as the chilling waters
Slashed through the torn apart,
And breached forward hull.
Death's black ghost ship, lies moored
 Near by, ready to take on board, it's
Newest crew members, the grim
Reapers flag, flies at half mast.
Until the full compliments roll call, has
Been filled, by the dead's unwilling
Clinging to the life raft of spiritualism,
The living pray, for a last reprieves 
Salvation,  a miracle to save them,
But hell's vessel awaits and it's
Master has no mercy.
Histories stretches a gray shroud,
Across the debris field, as their
Voices grow silent, beneath the 
brimey deep.
A lone, cold, monument does stand,
At Rimouski St-Germain cemetery , in Quebec, Canada.
Expressing the details of this misfortune.
But it will never satisfy the sorrows felt,
By the survivors or family members
Whom were lost that early May morning.


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Web wise

Web wise

The fear drops from its light brown wings; 
this is not home; at least not for a bird. 
Little sparrow flaps its wings in madness; 
flaps them so hard. Living room, staircase,
it is humming past your mute chair.
But how can you help, you cannot locate 
your own way out of this golden web. 

=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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Background noise

How intriguing are the life’s of others
One can’t help but look in, passing a window
For in that window are people
People ,safe and carefree
In their space,
with their eyes and expressions out of place
How interesting is it to listen when others talk 
I think I will take a walk 
And listen to the pigeon hawk 
No matter how politely done 
One can’t help but look into an open window
It’s the human interest of some 

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inside this tiny chamber

let me be the shadow cast
from the soft fade of light borrowed
as in a storm
inside this chest,
lightning flash
splits me open
and have you wake 
inside this tiny chamber

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The sciences attempt
   an explanation 
  Yet each new discovery 
leads to another mystery 
   The source of all 
is something our 
finite minds cannot put into words
   As day becomes night 
we strive to understand 
    Indeed Spinoza said  "Neither weep nor laugh - but understand"
Our understanding, however 
   will always have 
to cope 
We now have the capacity to end
life on earth 
   Only by contemplating the 
mystery together 
Can we save ourselves 
   Open your heart to the starry sky!
   Open your soul to the mystery!
That is the path to survival!

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Hysterical People

Hysterical People

Hysterical women are sane
It’s their natural state
Hysterical men are crazy and don’t know the ways.
Women carry fire to bed
Set themselves on 
To set themselves apart
Rest like babies in the dark
That makes them straight and strong
Strangling poisonous snakes are there too
To swing them off to sleep 
And sing sweet nothings in the ear
With no cares in the world
Nothing rattles a woman’s heart
Not even love or age
Men burst into flames 
At the slightest touch of the cage
Instead of tears they cry war
Hysterical men can’t have children
For fear of stomach and financial gains
Women devour such creatures 
There is no other way
Women live beyond all years for reasons
Not established here
Embrace the pain
Hysterical men run in circles
Then do it again

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First Breath after Death

I used to live, within a dream
a small cog in the consumer machine
materialism dazzled, with an intriguing gleam
I wanted so much, I nearly burst at the seam.

Then I awakened a voice inside
which promised to take me on a much greater ride
I wasn't sad....when the old me, he died
It was with joy not sorrow, I sat there and cried.

A second chance, I'm born again
alleviation of all of that pain
I've been cleansed, by a conscious rain
which opened the Pineal bit of brain.

I felt alive, but I acted dead
I took little notice of anything said,
Now, I find my own truths instead
spoken by a voice inside my own head.

The transition was mightily fast
27years changed, after one night had passed
I never knew I was only flying at half mast
thinkin' I was winnin' but really comin' last!

But truth's not heard
if you walk with the herd
can't fly freely, or soar like a bird
if you believe, every single damn word.

The message which now flows through me
is filled with a positive and sacred Divinity.

I swam the sea of despair, as if it wasn't even there
I crossed the abyss of wisdom, on a shaky rope bridge
I sipped from the fountain of knowledge
and I drank it dry, I now feel really high
why don't you give it a try? Kiss that old life goodbye,
Life's so much better, after you die!!

A poem by John-Ovan.P.Hull to be entered in the Coming of Age poetry contest.

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Rain falls down her face
Darkness casts behind her 
The touch of the cold bricks 
Holding her upwards

Her sobs vanish in the winds 
Heard by the dead of night
Felt by her alone

Fresh footprints, tiny, hurried 
Lead back to her home

A place she lost

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Goddess of night

You lay in the arms of darkness;
a rose bleeding pedals across the sky
and your pure tears of light 
drip upon cities and seas and forests.

Why do you cry, Mirror of hearts?
Your beauty, none could surpass.
Your countenance, like that of an angel… and yet lonely.
Do you weep for your captivity to Time?
Is the sadness you permeate for humanity’s oblivion?
In the distance I hear wolves calling your name
and you smile sadly, stroking their yearning howls with mystery. 
The hallows of sound echo your soft humming throughout the past.
For a brief moment, your tenderness is tangible.
Then, ominously you shroud yourself with Heaven’s mist
like a bride to marry the sky.

Dawn will soon awake the birds in song…
Illumination will conquer the hold of darkness
and you will leave, only to return again.

I will see you once more, my beautiful
Goddess of night.

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Social conscious

Social conscious, the brain behind the hand,
it’s wooden spoon ready  to smack the non-conforming adult /s/,child/ren.
Driven by western views of political correctness,
it dictates how we should be and what we should become.

Weaving its web within the fabric of society,
legislative acts and the cynical ideals of who?
Always ready to shout out your wrong!!!, 
never commending those who are right.

Forced upon minorities in a stereotypical way
look these people need to be saved,
it’s one sided propaganda eagerly displays,
many shames of what were acceptable ways.

Power, control, suppression, aggression
this seems pretty prejudice to me,
why else would it segregate the people,
 instead of helping the people to be free.

Let’s disempower the people,
then they wonder why?
These people have no control!
I don’t know why they act surprised?

Social conscious dictates social change, 
social change denotes someone pays,
the ones who pay force change, 
so social conscious always wins at the end of the day.

There’s two sides to every coin,
but only one to social conscious,
who is the conscious behind social conscious?
think about that……..

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We all hate time.
We always want time,
To slow down,
Or speed up.
Time however,
Could care less.
Time is endless.
We are not.
Why would time care
About something that will be
A mere blink to time.
Time does not depend on us.
When the world is old
And all life is gone
Will be sitting back and laughing.
Time is endless.
Time scoffs at the way we
Curse him for making us late
Or moving too fast.
Time creeps
And blurs through your life.
Is all there is and
All there ever will be.
Time is endless.
Time wants not, fears not
Feels not.
For time is an object we put a
Name to. A name to pin the 
Blame on.
Time will not blame us for hating him.
Time is a younger brother that just won't stop.
Even when you plead with him.
Time will not and
Cannot stop.
You see
Time is endless.

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Look of Faith

Baby grey eyes, full of strength.
Did not simmer the whole 40 but born with the strength as if they had.
No memories of loved ones’ to help with the fight.
No memories of frolicking with siblings’ to help ease the long hours.
Constant ding of bells, digital screens monitor all they can sense except what’s buried inside.
Hands assisting in every aspect of life as they know it.
Just the long days and countless hours of the love of strangers to help.
Parents aid with gentle touches and snuggles try to help their life’s love learn faster than any babe should.
The angel hands poke and fuss day and night trying to help the baby grey blossom into Blues’ or greens or browns and full of the fascination
The true image of faith is an N.I.C.U or P.I.C.U baby fighting everyday for a world they know nothing about.
They do not know of the Sun, not of the Moon or the Ocean or the Sky.
Inside these wonderful babes is a lesson the world has not spoiled yet.
Inside these Children is the purest most unspoiled example of faith, more than most of us will ever remember having.
They do not know why they struggle, but somehow I can’t help but think they know, they understand.
The fight comes from inside today, tomorrow and all days after. The fight driven by a word they do not yet know.
The word is not so important and almost meaningless when you see it before your eyes.
What is it you see when you look into the Baby grey eyes of these lil troopers and troopettes
One word faith.

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Nomadic tribes traveling along forgotten
Mountain passes.
A village built upon wooden wagon wheels.
A homeless nation searching for a homeland
That no longer exists.
People cast asunder at the four winds mercy,
Without roots safety line.
Cultural diversity an unexceptionable social, 
Barrier to non-conform to the societies norm.
Outcasts gypsies living on freedoms well worn
Dreaming of liberty's liberation from being
Nothing more then dusts children, drifting
As castaways upon hidden highways lost 
By ways.
Beneath moonlights luminous glow, a canvas
City comes alive.
In abandonment’s empty fields a flickering firer 
Burns at twilight’s midnight hour
Beyond no man's lands a nomadic people celebrate
A moments peace.
From those whom would destroy their way of
Life and religious beliefs.
Striking rosin to bow, the fiddler plays an ancient
While voices sing of an easier time, a simpler 
Peaceful way once lived.
Mankind's kindred spirits wishing for a sanctuary,
Clinging to idealism, that one day they will find
A home at last.
Just a piece of earth all their own, to rest at peace,
Somewhere it does exist.
In such a world created by an everlasting being,
An Eden calls to them.
Until then the gypsy dance continues, and there
Voices shall be raised on high.
But at sunrise nothing is left but the cuts in the road,
From creaking wagon wheels.
And glitters dust left behind along with a lingering
The echoing songs from a nomadic people, who belong
No where but the open plains.
God's lost lambs searching ever seeking freedoms road.



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are you MOT

I am
Mother Of The
and I am
as One
that of Thoth
and half of these
as a twin of yours
I am Guide
and Guardian
in the guise of Word
and I keep a list
on the book of death
as I mark the Sea
with a mount of rock
I keep the wits
for all of gods
I am write
and go forth by day
I am the light
and keep your Way
collecting confession
to direct absolution
I am daughter
upon The sound
of Creation
I carry that Was
in this that is
as I weigh of yours
within hearts of Ours
and I am the We,
who are as Love
" don’t be afraid "
is the message above

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The World is Not Yet Ready for You

Compassion and magnificence glows
in you. You have the divine ability
to see through our souls,
and feel our joy, pain, happiness
and sorrow. You have the divine calling

to show everyone Truth as it really is,
but unfortunately war, corruption, drug peddling
and weapon dealings have given us the wealth
and power that makes our lives pleasurable. This 
means that it will be hard for you to adapt to our 
worldly lifestyle, forcing us to chase you away or slay
you. Well, some of us always pray and meditate,
seeking your Spirit on mountains, jungles, and in 

silence. After being filled by your spirit deep in their 
souls, they return with the Truth to the rest of us, only 
to be scorned, ridiculed and excommunicated. I know I 
am talking like a coward, but as a friend, I would urge
you to return to where stars never die. If you reveal
yourself as the bodily vassal of Truth, the worldly
masters might do worse things to you, than they do to 

the seekers of your Truth. I know that with your divine 
powers, you can see a world that is still bleeding with 
innocent blood, men falling to their own pits and traps,
and hurting souls that are continually tightly clinging to
their suffering, not letting anyone to let go of their 
own suffering. Sad but true it is; the world is not yet 
ready for you…

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“You won’t be satisfied’
	-That was the voice i heard
and i turned the pages of the manuscript,
one by one;
and it featured the pearls impreganted to them
	turning gold
       dissecting the conglomeration of foresaken words
	foxed by (un)bound faith,
          berarted by depraved independence…..

i was apt to imagine,
         the emblem of affable federalism
	interfering the transmission from the scriptures,

		The (--(SCRIPT)--)

Don’t shower any light on me
For i am afraid,
	If i can make any pretence at eating;
You stony eyes; don’t gaze at me
i won’t be moved by your stagnant glare.

Six days ago,
it had rained heavily
		-A Divine Rain.
And now,
Though the clouds of darkness
  encompass the darkness,
  there may not be a rain today
  and sweat may again adhere to my body
  pleading for its liberation from self.

Even with the door left ajar,
	i will not enter the garden
		experiencing severe drought
As i know for sure,
there are only a few white chessmen left
       on the chess-board
   spread across the cryptic sky.
The reverberations of enchanted hymns
             dissolve in my ears,
           plugging my veering mind,	
     drawing the thin atmosphere into nullity.

For how long will I lie this frigid bed
                 obsessed with wounds,
                     resisting the warmth,
      in the air of sustained captivity!?

I should arise now….
   I must arise now
        with my black apparels on
        to see the Reverend old man guarding the pious fire
And I’ll make sure
       my maid doesn’t wipe out 
       the blood-stains clung to the floor
      I’ve to come again to smoothen the wrinkled bed
          and to depart,

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Can you hear me my sweet precious,
for the dream I also see..


Alice bow in rose petal grandeur
to  leave her stage once again
a sincere pulsing adieu
curtains close
to face life once again

She tumble down brightly lit passage
gathering sticks and stones of muse
to build a great fortress awaiting
so soon life's stage shall prove

If in that moment pulsing
if only a slight shadow reveal
emotes a great revelation
then for her a dream did prove

Carrying out through her kingdom
as time refuse to cease
a wondrous mind creation
of youth she'll always see

Can you hear me my sweet precious,
for the dream I also see..

Alice my love, hold forever your days of youth, 
dream always,

your Sister


A Debbie Guzzi Contest

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Blind Goddes

child fed on the sap of rotting wounds
body, bones clad in thin black skin
opaque eyes,pearly beads on
dead nearve-string.
mind maddened by hunger 
bursts pearly fish-eyeballs
into floods of stale tears,
as worm-infersted faty thighs
squeek funeral song.
lulaby for another sick featus.

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Untitled #348 / or if...

or if they’ll say,
“Everyone must research that
for themselves!”

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Can it

Why do I chase the atom?
when the universe has always been mine.
Can love evolve from red giant
into a galaxy?
Dust and stone
become skin and bone,
born; fall and rise again.

I love the black holes
of your eyes
for they radiate
much more light 
than they could ever take.
White hot coals made to rake
caked surface of my lungs.

How I long to see your breath
steam up the silence in my soul.
Droplets, turn into rapids
and rush my question away.
I tripped; stumbling
my spirit crumbling.
Hold; release those fingers.

Strength born of sugar
does not last, and it feeds fear
I need complex and organic
Can rotten become fresh?
Carry the inner babe
Cain and brother Abe.
Save: heal the tether.

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I peer through the window;
the hollowness of my soul
reaches across the distance
of an endless horizon
this day seems sultry
much like my thoughts
when i think of you

a slight breeze
kisses my face
like a heated breath
falling soft on bare flesh
passionate dreams
mingle with possibilities,
reality screams

i feel summer's touch
yet i wonder...

is it you?

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Golden Rod Sunrise

He took the Golden Rods
As a paintbrush
Swept them across the sky
Painted yellow sunshine
Bright against the natural eye

Then the artist used Cornflowers
Filled in all the empty space
This gracious sky he decorated
On this my fall day

But very early in the morn
The poor country bride
Swept across the dale
Dressed in her gray muslin gown

Adorned in her bridal vale
Dragging her gray shawl
Against the red clay ground
Running up the hill 
On across the creek

Her laughter very shrill
As she danced and skipped
Happy with her new love found

She had married the artist 
Who painted away
The gray fog of the morning
With the Golden Rod today

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Return of She

Broken pieces of glasses
moves around the high-way
while water flows away,
Lights were drizzling
over the road - nearby
woods were mangrove
and someone,
someone was crying
between the hearts

I saw,
her shadow
Standing still scared

Over the walking sands

Somehow, Somewhere She is ....

The Wind
The Blood
The Glass

Bounces and flies

A floating glass runs way ! Returns the long trail

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Words trembling

At the sticky tilt
Wanting to leap off.

Will you

Help me


It out

To roll the R's -- To swirl the tongue
To purse the lips -- To spill the beans

No truth potion, no torture
Could make me confess
The sound of night's indigo voice
And what it whispered.

In your soul mirror
I saw

All that you possessed--
The songs of a thousand kingfishers
Shimmering intangible colours
And my lute that you took away
Pledging infinity in return.

I see its point
When it holds back

Pink eyeless screaming worm
Blindly trashing
Rolling back
Imprisoning itself

A muggy cave of beginnings. Here, I
Stick out my neck, unstick those words.

Put your tongue
Where it belongs

You know where--


Probe for me

Among the distilled
molecules of my

Fragmented self.

Stifle my cries
O prying mouth. Seek
The lyrical secret.

Crush my words
Winged monsters

I want to speak
With my wounds.

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The Unknown Legacy of Christ

When they all walked away
and he was dieing that day
he never stopped believing
he never doubted

maybe i was there beside him
hung on my own cross left to die
without a crown of thorns
without a spear in my side

maybe i was a follower
a family member
someone from a past life
haunted by visions and memories
that i know are true but aren't mine
lies they tell me
stigmatism of truth
mirrors of deception
confusions of everything
but i watched
we talked

he told me more than everything
it was the kings he gave him his power i sometimes think
because he never said
sacrifice me to god
so i can become one
it was the monarchy who hunted him down for vengeance and fame
he never said
i want to be sacrificed to mankind
it was the royalty who said
he has died for your sins
of your conspiracies against me
now let it go

and as they all walked away
from the games they had played
from their riots and fame
of the kings paranoia and noblemen house fires and stolen sheep
Jesus said a few things to me
things no one ever heard
things of truth no one would ever know
i was there
and i watched for his soul to climb the stairway to heaven
waited for him to crawl off that cross

and all of the kings men 
and all of the kings children and wives
were born again

maybe i was there
hanging on my own cross
on a conversation between two saints
and i had done something minor wrong
but i am today haunted
with the truth of yesterday
and this lie
i cannot explain

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Her life is clinging to unrealistic thoughts

She has settled for pebbles and stones

Gold glitters before her, but unseen

Precious parts taken away, left behind

Slowly being swallowed up, shipwreck imminent

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Mysteries of the Heart

The heart is a place
where no man could ever fathom 
its mysteries

Though small in size
its depth and ways are vast
and limitless

It can contain myriads of emotions
as if the whole universe
is contained in it

Sometimes it rage like a storm
and billows like waves at sea
when it is stirred by pain

It can soar like eagle in flight
and dance like flowers kissed by the breeze
when joy and rapture are felt

The heart flutters 
like a butterfly's wings
when it is touch by love

At times it is calm
like still water in a pond
when it is at peace

These are feelings that only the heart feels
it is so strong and yet so fragile 
that it easily breaks and bleeds

The heart is beguiling and deceiving
and can keep secrets like a safe
it overflows with feelings and tenderness

It cannot forget whatever it has loved
the mystery of life is found in the heart
because the heart is life itself

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I may have passed you 
and not know
for so long I know you
know you
I am yet to see you
but i don't want to
will it begin a spiral of 
when the fantasy becomes real
Increasingly I enjoy
my ignorance 
loving the thought of being anonymous
I let my fingers tell my story
and await for your reply...

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We are sick to think we have done something big.
We are in a daze and nothing more.
The cats that came were deformed.

They legs were made to dance.
They pantomime.
The rigmarole was a silent scream.

They were as colorful as butterflies.
They walked around with scary eyes.
The fat men that brought them were sloppy pigs.
They were sick to think they had done something big.

Immense the ravage these pigs were.
They were friends to the deformed felines.
They stomachs were made to prey human.
The raze caused confusion.

They were to form the great divided.
They walked around with scary eyes.
They would feast on the rodents that thrive in the ground.
They were to be taught this or they would be wiped out.

On a deadly morn, the cats woke.
By noon, the pigs honked.
The people of the City did their work.
This would be the day guns smoked.

The Cats lives were lived in dilapidation.
The Pigs lives were in slop.
The Wild Boars would try to convert.
The pigs were pigs ate by the humans.

The battle started.
The humans killed more.
The wild boars receded.
The deformed felines were destroyed.

~Inspired by the expressive art of poetry via storytelling, fantasy, fairy tales, tall tales, etc.~

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Melting the Metal Mind

Industrial love
It's the virtue and vice
and the silver cut ice
on a river of mercury neurons
Memory made
It's the liquid mistake
of impossible break
on a spiraling psyche for aeons.

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That sanguine little girl 
so full of longing   

Gave up her ghost inside 
and left it homeless,

I lay back and wonder why
When you enter mind
I want to cry

I’ve forgotten what it feels like 
to be truly happy 
But I know I’d find it 
If I someday found you

I wouldn’t trade this torture for all the peace 
in the world
I wouldn’t erase your face from my mind
for a universe
I won’t shut out your beautiful voice
to save my life

I will stop at nothing 
to make you all mine

The weight of empty 
Crushing load of  inner vacancy

I’ve forgotten what it felt like 
when my soul wasn’t heavy 
But I know that it once again could fly
If I could take you with me

I wouldn’t trade these tears for all the bliss 
on this barren earth
There’s nothing more beautiful to me 
than you, when you smile
I couldn’t forget you 
if that were my desire 

And only death will keep me 
from my place at your side

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Traveling Companion

Three stars to the dream pierce
and I find you sitting there,
and lost in sickle thoughts
I rush to metal supermarkets
and bring you gifts of spirit,
paper roses
lead balloons
and melted ice in buckets
You laugh like rivers bubbling
over stones and odd appendages,
yourself right out of silver dreams
I hold your hand in transit
from three stars to nowhere really
with you
as we're half way now to sleep...

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A Hushed Prayer

I beg for your forbearance
For I have disregarded my faith towards You
I beg for your healing in advance
For I have disclaimed Your protection and now I’m blue

Do you notice that I’m blanketed in deep distress?
My pillow is soaked externally with unsettling tears
My good memories that bestowed hopefulness
Has been meddled with for years
Has been mistreated and replaced by insecure dreadfulness
I need shelter from the tide of despairs and fears

I’m shattered and I’m seeking Your helping hand
Receive my hushed prayer…from your throne in heaven
I’m begging for Your contentment that’s beyond grand
Receive my muffled prayer… or I’ll be stuck in this tarnished den

Do you notice that I’m spinning mad in the rivers of mystifying visions?
My unwavering boat sinks drastically with damaged gears
My bad memories that departed from my missions
Has been discarding the carefree years
Has been neglected and torn apart by dishonorable decisions
I need Your love to embrace me with jubilation and cheers
I beseech for Your mercy
For I have abused my steadfast hope towards You
I look forward to Your infinite Kingdom favorably
For I have admired Your blessings and now my dreams come true!
In Jesus’s name,


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out there somewhere

The one with ..
hands full of art and creativity
eyes full of mystery and darkness
arms that wrap u up in and make you feel safe and loved
lips that are soft and pink always caressed with a half smile
a mind that has bits of poetry and happy memories floating around 
a heart that beats with a steady pace with love and warmth
...yeah that one...
he's out there somewhere<3

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This is me

I'm thinking in dangerously fast paced unrealistic riddles
My minds wandering causes the death of me
I'm living in a thousand lives
I'm flying, I'm painting the clouds on the skies

I can see your lies
I see through your disguise
You better remain wise

I'm in this danger zone
Its all that i have ever known
The face of our creator is placed upon my throne
I am unknown
I have no home
Inside u will find nothing
Far away is where i have been thrown
A castaway, where all the real things go

Where glistening rays of gold light
shines upon my dark side
and angelic beings
Show me all of lives teachings

I do know
The things you do not show
The thoughts you have of hope,
The pain u feel from being alone

I am it all
I have heard your electrifying call 
I am an angel
and i will never let you fall.

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Searching the Stars

O, Mystery Spirit of the night
That offers such quiet tonight
By the light of your stars, bring calm.

O, Mother Spirit of the moon 
That wipes away sorrowful mood
By your shimmering light, take it away soon.

O, Jupiter, Spirit Power of the Milky Way 
Let these angry ghosts be swallowed whole
To no return into the night's black holes.

O,  Venus, Spirit Beauty of everlasting love
Open our hearts to the true love from above
By the warmth of your light, teach us how.

O, Father spirit of the Universe
You inspire us with the quiet of the night
The mystery of stars that bring calm, 
The peace of the moon that heals
The strength of Jupiter that helps us through
The grace of Venus that helps us love again.

O, Mystery Spirit of the night
That offers such quiet at night
Just by the light of your stars,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

By CarolineCécile, June 15, 2009.

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40 seconds: Death Note Eposide 1

This is the last 40 seconds 
of my life
So I am making my will out 
To anyone who finds it
You can have it all 
The money 
The cars 
The mansion 
Everything you can have it all
35 seconds left
Time is running out
My life is drawing 
To an end
This is my conculsion
My farewell speech
30 seconds left 
I have no regrets
I lived a good life 
I accomplished everything
That I have set my mind too
I travled the world 
Married the girl of my dreams
Had three beautiful children 
That gave me two 
Amazing grandchildren
25 seconds left
My eyes are blurry 
And my speech is slurred 
Don't have the time to call 
My beloved this will be
My final resting place
20 seconds left
Don't have the strength 
To write anymore 
Handwritting is horrible
15 seconds left
As I proceed to lay down
I know that I won't get up
10 seconds left
My soul is leaving me
Won't see my grand children 
Grow old, hope they live
A better life than me 
5 Seconds left
I see the harbinger of death himself
He has come to collect my soul
I guess this is the end for me 
My life has come to the........

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In the Moonlight

It 'twas a quiet day
dreary and not the slightest bit gay
as i walked down the hillside
the town was barely visible with my disturbed sight
when i was near the main road on my way home
i had noticed i was utterly alone
i bolted for my house not a mile away 
as the quiet seconds of loneliness had felt like days
i came tumbling to the house and as i opened the door
the quiet engulfed me it seemed more and more
it was dark but the moon was full
giving off a blue light the opposite of dull
as i scanned the room searching for a light i found my back door to be opened wide
in that second my heart had stopped
and in the moonlight my eyes had caught
a man (or it seemed) was watching my every move
i was too startled to blink
for in the light which had only sought his face
i saw the eyes of a monster and my stomach started to sink
as it crawled, its feet seemed out of place,
the floorboards creaked and it uttered my name...

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Against My Will

So persistent...
Your name will be whispered 
with my dying breath
Subconscious echoing in my head
And you know I never asked for it 
I wish it had never come to this

It’s so funny, I could cry
Hurts so bad that I can’t stop laughing
I’ve gone beyond insane
Been driven far beyond feeling

I used to feel too young for this body
Inside was a terrified child 
who couldn’t grow up

But now i feel so old....
so tired...
so numb....
so hollow and empty and cold.

Because I’ve loved you against my will, my love
I’ve loved you against my will
Life without you is a fate worse than death
I’ve loved you against my will 
to live.

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Mystery Pies

               Mystery Pies

Every day the thin old lady comes crying from the bakery
“Hot pies!” ‘Hot fresh pies!” 
With a young wide smile on the cobble stone streets
Her wagon filled with savory treats of saffron pumpkin pies
Assorted aromas rise to the horizon as she hobbles down the road  
There is always a surprise, a mystery or two
Children throw their pennies and beg for clues
The old woman bakes a different kind of pie each day
To add to her selections on the cart
Today is Sunday so she baked a special prayer like pie
It has a sinful cinnamon chocolate crust with cherries inside
This reminds the town folk to be pure, to think about virginity.
Don’t ask me why
I’m not from this vicinity

Created on 10/08/14 for Plentitude Of Pies – Poetry Contest

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Why?'s to Wise? Romance

I sit, at night, on the concrete pad laid before my door.
My buttocks chilling through the fleece of my sweats,
My knees and hips aching from a day well traveled,
sitting at the threshold of the second half of my century here.

The moon is elsewhere, involved in its business of 
Gaining on and fading from its apogee.
Dragging deeply on my cigarette, 
I stare up and out, into the mottled sky.

I see something to my right, I adjust, but it is not there.
I see something to my left, I adjust, but it is not there.
Right and left, left and right, the stars dance truly only
In the corners of my eyes.

Now I know.

My undiscovered love is like movement in the dark.
When I search for him, when I bring all my focus acute on him, 
he dissolves.

One day, perhaps, he will saunter up, and I will see him,
In the corner of my eye.

I can at last see EVERYTHING,
In the corner of my eye.

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When the lights are gone

It's beautiful, it burns
The most magnificent sight i have seen
It flows, it falls
Thy turn there heads, as my lens focus
The most perfect type of vision
The core of my eye widens,
It speaks, it whispers
The ending to a movie
It rolls, it sinks
It makes my heart pound
It overwhelms me, that there is nothing here but this
That this will soon one day be over,
My blood, it overflows
It twists, it falls,
It rises, it fights,
And in the end,
We are all glimmers of light
All that is here when the day turns to night
At the bottom of the ocean lie untouched skeletons,
A mountain range, with blue skies overhead
With shipwrecked cannons,
Unknown bodies, who fought for this beauty,
Unnamed faces, that will never be traced again,
What makes them different,
Is it what is beautiful, what we can't see
The darkness,
The fear,
The emptiness,
The beauty of nothing,
There is no truth,
The point past certainty,
Where nothing matters,
Because we are all the same,
Now that the lights are gone

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Spinning The Abuse Web

Watching the spider as he catches his prey
Spinning his web, delivering venom 
Back and forth doing his work skillfully
There in the web a little Gheni Wasp

Fight back each time the spider approaches
Trying to sting and get away at the same time
Each time the Wasp gets weaker _more paralysis
Soon the spider can't move but still alive_barely

The spider slowly digest the wasp_eats _enjoys
Using it up until just a shell__inside empty
But still fear_each time the spider approaches
Fear_torment until death__then spider starts again

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The Old Man From Far Away

this old man is always there
after your soul
no one cares
he's a greedy old man

he wants what you got
all to himself
he'll put you away
like a toy on a shelf

don't give in to his dark evil stare
you may not like it
but he is always there

there shining eyes
filled with greed
run while you can
he hardly let you breathe

run little boys
run little girls
don't fall
or nothing will be yours

he hunts all night
even through the day
 here he comes
the old man from far away

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How I Long For--

My dreams are falling apart
In Your hands, I pray (for joy), "Take heart!"
You are the stars - searing my 
Soul is kneeling to the ground
Trace my future and take wing
Towards the pathway...You find peace
You are an angel in my--

Heart is bleeding soundlessly
Above land...I mourn so sweet
I am the clouds - carrying a 
Gallon of grief...release me!
Place me in fields of love and
Forgive me and lift me up
You are the heavens to my--

Heart is beating profoundly
Without Your heart's joyous song
You are the sun - nourishing 
My lambs are grazing around,
Roving in fields of splendor,
Enlightening the darkness
You are an apple to my--

Eye is grieving...losing sight
Of Your glory...I feel lost
You are the lake - sparkling with
Delight and Luck! Bring us home!
Grow like a morning glory
In the autumn time, You thrive
You are valuable to my--

Eye is twinkling...praying for 
Insight...yearning for Your sight
You are the hills - guiding my
Mind is longing for your mirth--
Restoring peace to my verse,
Sprouting forth grace and freedom
You are the train tracks, bearing--

My train of thought...making my
Steel spirit connect with Yours
You are the valley - between
The mountains guarding us all,
Building strength to fragile bones,
Welcoming a stream of hope
You are my map - lending me

YOUR helping hand I would take
Now, I could take Your challenge
You are like a maze filled with
Mysteries conceal the truth;
I fight with all of my might
And I BEG for Your mercy
To mend my once blissful dreams!

How I long for Your mercy...

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Busy Day

  The sun rise moves too fast
  To notice that at last it's set again
  Where was I all that time?
  Where were you?
  And when did the stars become so many, and so few?
  So many days, just slip away
  Unnoticed beneath the falling cell phone signals
  Honking horns
  And the latest celebrity gossip craze
  And then a new day announces
  No more, no more
  Time slows under its' gaze
  And silences the cell phones
  The horns, microwaves and morons
  Under this eye I barely breathe
  So far has this night been
  That I barely recognize its' face
  When so many days sped by before
  Poof and gone without a trace

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The Ripped Pages

The ripped pages,
torn from a red notebook
litter the ground.

And empty beer bottles,
are all toppled on each other
the wine bottles line the fireplace mantel.

Ripped pages from a red notebook
crumpled into balls,
torn from reality.

Like hearts broken,
from betrayal or heartache,
Ripped pages from a red notebook.

Torn pages,
ripped pages,
torn from a red notebook,
the notebook of life.

Ripped pages litter the ground,
and I open a bottle of beer,
I drink.

I light a cigarette,
I inhale,
fill my lungs with clouds of grey.

Ripped pages from a red notebook,
the notebook of life,
here I go, writing another poem.

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Blue Window Trim -

sea island natives
living reminders of trade
cotton rice and indigo
gullah life is made
five benne wafers
cast into new daylight
the hudu spell is torn away
rest easy then this night
bridges came and baskets sold
the younguns moved to town
rich men came and stole our land
again to trod us down
But some have stayed to tell the tales
of how our world began
of lands and cultures far away
before man had ever owned man

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embraced by smiles
but, swollowed by tears
i tried to stay strong but, the weight of the world has finally deafeted me
i have transformed my dreams into realistic actions
which is not my defenition of sucess by far
but it is the way the world has defined it for u and for me 
it has told us not to dream, but to focus
but why dont they just tell us to focus on our dreams?

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Happy news came from royal imperial agents of his majesty
Printed on provincial paper of the day
The emperor will visit the village within the week
For the golden chrysanthemum event
To bless the cattle and the rice and eat a couple figs
Bad news came back the next day from palace guards
The emperor has other engagements to the north
But promises to return and keep his word
Sadder news came on the following day from imperial officials
The emperor would be going even further north
And hundreds of miles to the west, deep into borderlands
He will return when all wars come to an end
Our humble villagers can only wait
No one has ever seen the emperor to date
Not even his guards or family are sure if he is there
One of the palace guards assured us of the facts
While walking in the royal court
He is sure he saw the Imperial shadow clear as day
It is the emperor’s true shadow for certain
Being held there by the radiant sun
No one ever questioned this event
It would be bad luck
Though the dark spot on the wall evaporated in a fleeting second
Yet deemed official business by the royal court
As something to remember or forget, you have your choice 
Villagers learned real soon, worse news, from rumor mongers
Stories started to fly, by those who specialize in lies
Perhaps the Emperor expired, fighting in the hills up north or west
This information disturbed, confused, perplexed
Yet the simple country folk did not care about these matters 
The truth for them is this
No one has ever seen the man
Perhaps his shadow knows 
But it moved on
Another Emperor will spring up some time
In someone’s mind
Royalty is just another toy
To fill the void
In subjects imagination

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My House

There were no fine carved, 
silver spoons, no grand 
cotton sofas or comfortable
chairs, just the dust of 
many old rooms that 
were dark and vacant...
Yet, I could feel there was 
someone in the house.

The rooms had a brown
tint and the shadows were
blackish red ... I was at 
the bottom of the stairs
and walked up slowly to
the first flour. Petrified, I
continued. The doors to 
the rooms were open, so
I slowly went inside sensing
a presence. There was 
someone lurking in one 
of the closet but i couldn't
see them. So, I quickly left
that room and started for 
the next. 
I awoke abruptly from the
dream feeling terrified.


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I get to feel the light in the afternoon 
move across the carpet
the smell of it making its way over
to a future somewhere near the couch

like a cat I waited 
by the window blinking
each one of us could listen 
could hear the day crossing 

sometimes, the best times
I get to sit still, and listen

suspended silently 
between two great mysteries
watching in a slower field of vision
you blurring into a great series 
of passing silent afternoons

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The ground is full of evidence
Fast facts and tracks of animals
Every step could be the last
Or mysteries up a tree
Blood hound hunts day and night
Detective is ready to break another case
Wide open
Of his finest wine
What a find!
There it was in front of him
All the time


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A Moonlit Night

Dancing moonbeams shone down
cavorting with the playful shadows
the lake gleaming with silvery tones
as the beams danced on its surface

The only sound to be heard is that
of a hooting owl perched up high
keeping a close eye for its dinner
suddenly silently swooping down

In the middle of the still lake
a perfect replica of the moon
that orb of mysterious magic
captured for a brief few seconds

Then it disappears as clouds pass
blanketing out its light momentarily
the world now very dark and quiet
as if nature herself holds her breath

Sliding back out into open skies
it hangs there all silvery bright
casting its shadows once more
filling the world with its light

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i dont want you anywhere near my apple tree

for in my spare time
yes, i would read
my final retrospect
to my dearest son, 
but oh precious dauqhter
"come forth" i'd say
shade your qrey skies with qreen
lose all memory of 'he'
i dont want you anywhere near my apple tree.
i now soar hiqh above thee
but before i reside here
know that i died near-this apple tree
i bit into the fantasy of life
a foolish woman i was, makinq no riqhts
so the pain left only to return aqain
thunder busted my eardrums
for my tears cried silently
in spite of me
you've returned
dauqhter leave this place


they decieve
they bleed

                                                    to be continued.

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Waking Inside Up

Fuzzy, whispered words
    spread silent fog
and cotton softness

across the landscape of my soul

I, attentive, listen 
   to the fulsome silence,

spread my self
    into the fog,

every soular cell in me

Whispered, fuzzy words
into music and melody –

a choir of angels –

a deeply familiar,
                                               distant tune

In exultation,
I sing along
the soundtrack of my life

Mozart would be pleased

This just came to me a few minutes ago, and insisted that I post it right away -- and I do
what the voices tell me...

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Untitled #347 / Research

“Aye! There’s the rub!”
I wonder if they’ll let me
research that in college

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Never fear

Never fear death,
because in death,
no one can hurt you.
Fear the living,
for they torment you,
but never give up.
Such is life.
Nothing is fair in this world,
we must work hard,
 and fight for what we want,
Never give in to greed,
always be selfless,
and always believe in God.

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Michaels Body

This is an accent to your dreams,
to travel simply alone
through a montage of keeping hands.
All these machines,
they wont keep you alive for long...
And me,
I want to be the crime scene tape that never held you together.
No, Im not laughing.
We have been hurt so deeply
that these words dont really exist.
All these smoke bubbles burst
against the insides of my eyelids
and your stone cold skin is serious.
A gilded body, of truth (of fiction).
This type of death is dangerous;
youre lifted from my embrace.

So now you have died.
I go down to the river for awhile,
Ill talk to you here in the wind for awhile.
And I wont remember the regret and
I wont think of how you never needed to be.
But you are and I feel and it is and they can.
This is an emptiness unparalleled.
When the gossip on a Saturday night is
the burial of your heart,
it wont matter that the suns about to shine again.
Just dont say goodbye.

(Ghost) Stay and hold me,
I get fevers when you come around and 
I believe in the arms that hold me tight.

I will never wash away the chalk outline
of your presence on my spirit.
And I will witness the aftermath.
I carry the photo and I remember.

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The Water Bearer

He carries a jar, full of water;
water that no one knows its source!

He pours water as he stands beyond
the stars, as Pisces, the twin fish, continue
to rule over their astrological reign
on Earth.

Just like their predecessor, Aries,
they will end their astrological reign, 
when water from the Water
Bearer’s jar reaches Earth.

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Unworthy Elf

Have i ever told
you how comely
thou art?
for you are my
the reason i coo
in the awkward feathers
of my fledgling ugliness.
Your voice
like bathing leaves
in nude empty cool fountain.
i your dark elfin shadow.
you pass by
and in supplication
i cover my thoughts
with the hood
of my nonconforming robe.
For unworthiness
is the only gnarled key
that bids me
sneak  a whisper
into your world
for how often is the monstrous
caught by what
 is most mysteriously beautiful…

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Someone is There

  A shadow before my eyes
       Someone is there
Afternoon showers 
          drown out thought and pain
  In the heart of 
      the metropolis
  Ghostly trees drip drip drip onto the pavement
      Someone is there 
Near the large trees 
      steps are being taken 
One more day 
 of clouds and weariness
       As the storm 
     Ther's no doubt 
That in the shadowy
   heart of the city 
Someone is there 

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The Mind in Cycles

At times I feel 
rabid bees
are swarming my mind like a hive,
pollinating my thoughts
into ripe fruit
then leaving them to dry in the sun. 

What gives birth
to these visions,
then resurrected?
that mock the seasons
without warning of winter.

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I Anonymous

No one sees what lies behind This façade, I hold all the cards I am invisible, I am invincible I am anonymous

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Emerald furnace

Euphoric light bounces 
from the countless gems
that nature produces after pillars bleed 
withered rubies carried away by wind
to destinations unknown. 

Here and there bursts a spark of colourful joy
in the midst of a sea so alive.
All shades of cold stone and dark
give generously to creatures 
tracking on earth’s crust. 

Spring brings with it the glow
of melancholic shimmer
across lush valleys and mountains high.

In desire after the sun’s warmth
these still sustainers of life
create a glimmer of beauty’s hope,
shedding bark to time,
carrying the mysteries of old,
enduring the trials of season,
slowly reaching to touch Heaven’s face.
Moving to the waves of wind, 
aging to birds’ melody, 
falling to the rhythm of our needs,
nature whispers into humanity’s ears.

Oblivion serves to blind our eyes to
an ecstatic dance of the emerald furnace.

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Untitled #350 / My love is a miscarried child

My love is a miscarried child,
a faceless evil aborted
before its heart could start beating,
before its eyes could grow in.
Of course I would hide it away!

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Cart Ruts and Mysteries

In an old farmhouse high on the cliffs of Dingli
surrounded by archaeology and mystery
lives Mary, guiding visitors to explore and find 
caves and cart ruts, deep tracks seeming mined
that criss cross at Clapham Junction
it’s not easy to guess their function.

Talk to Mary and she will tell you
of times gone by, when there was so few
people who wanted to know and understand
what it was that remains so strange in this land.

Perhaps it will always remain unknown,
since archaeologists have come and gone,
not enough with perseverance and finance,
they come and go and lose allegiance.

Maybe one day an answer will appear
and all will suddenly be clear,
why the cart ruts run under, the house, 
where Mary lived with her mother.

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I’m alone journey on this quest of life 
I’m alone trying to paint a life
I’m alone in this holy karma pilgrim 
I’m alone resting on the feet of unknown

Hail upon God and devils
Puppets Smile on hypocrite lips
Measuring as caser crumble
Perish then I refuse 

A shallow star in a far distant
To triumph or fall into this life journey
Created and recreated destiny
Whirling in the Abyss of existence 
Motionless and im Alone


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Dreams of Children, Realities of Men

As children, we all dream,
tales of magic, of mystery,
and our own imagined destinies;
we dream of future prowess, of our own fantastic wyrds –
of our glorious, important place in the cosmos.

Whether those dreams are of firemen, police,
soldiers, artists, scientists,
writers, musicians, or something that isn't there,
like superheroes or the princes and princesses of old,
we all want to be something greater, even in youth.

I, too, dreamt these childhood dreams
of glory and legend, enchantment and song;
I too felt their pull,
heeded their call and let imagination sweep me away –
for a time.

Eventually we move on from the past,
accepting its existence, its wonder, sometimes its pain,
its place in who we have since become –
and so did I, from the fanciful paths of yesterday
to the more grounded ones of today and tomorrow.

Or so I thought.

For, of late, and a litte while before,
I have been tending a magic all my own;
not the magic I'd envisioned, the kind of fire and ice,
light and fury –
the kind of word and verse.

Now I voice my thoughts in phrase and letter,
birthing a new, separate being;
a being of explanation, of concepts and sensation,
with a life all its own, on the page and in my heart –
parts of me, grown in my mind and given form as poetry.

And now I've discovered, it's this kind of magic I prefer –
the dreams of the past truly can't compare
to the realities of today;
not when I can take the barest thought, slightest inspiration,
and change it into something so much more.

Not when I've become not only myself, but a vessel,
a repository for idyllic words to come coursing through –
for my muse inhabits my mind, beside me,
forever changing my outlook and my output;
yes, that's my kind of magic.

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That Free Will is an Illusion

That decisions are in the form of electric impulses and chemical reactions in the brain…
That these electricity and reactions are facilitated by different chemicals…
That chemicals are just aggregates of atoms…
That we do not have control over atoms.
we cannot control the chemicals in our brain;
and therefore,
cannot control such reactions and electric impulses;
and therefore,
cannot control our decisions.

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Winter Woods

The winter wood are stark and empty
Open for all to see_deep
Deep into the soul
Undergrowth devoid of green_no blossoms seen
Wonderful time to explore for can't be taken by surprise

There is something about the winter woods that appeals_
Appeals to the human eye
It calls come tramp deep_discover about life

There are squirrel nests hidden high(in summer)
Along with misteltoe_now seen

One can see the squirrels play intelligent they are
Not eating the misteloe

Oh! how the winter woods stark and naked stand
Wanting to tell all that they understand

Come winter says come sit upon a rock, stump or knoll
Wait, watch, listen, learn, 
As you go along in life, winter woods draws
Draws from its soul to mature the very being of the young

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The Woman

Flowers wilt as she passes close to them;
Accidents happen when she becomes a pedestrian;
Tea freezes when she touches her cup in a restaurant;
Men forget they are married, and follow her sensual siren.

Although she may be a “victim” of dark, coincidental “chain reaction” 
(according to her male suitors’ assumptions), invisible accusing fingers
 from Mother Nature or Law of Physics seem to be pointing at her.

If Sherlock Holmes was here, he would first ask her why
she always carries a golden apple with her.

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Guardian of the Galaxy

Through this dangerous unknown, my body floats on
I am never alone in this chaos I have learned to ingest
You crush your art into my meteorite mortar
Meshing all the fragrances together in a sterile strength only you possess
You pour your crushed demeanor upon a misunderstood mind
Anonymous grievances that only translate into magnificence

You are the guardian of the galaxy
Guiding every wrong move into a reason to exist
Guiding even the lost into true meaning

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Eternal affair

In the darkest places, 
There’s the dimmest light
That shines with the intensity of your eyes.
Once I begin to stare,
You slowly become my eternal affair.
And way down under,
Where a beat can never be heard,
Is were my soul will forever meet
Your silent, yet subtle…affair

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Murder Of The Soul

Why would he choose a blue rose?
Heaven it's sickly color
I will pretend it's pretty 
For our anniversary

Oh! I understand his thoughts
Cobalt Blue my favorite___
How I enjoy my pink rose
You know one on the trellis

He did not know I was sad
He never picked up on clues
When he brought the blue rose home
Clueless or did he plan this

Plan to feed the depression
So that I would get in deep 
Deeper into the despair
Despair that leads to my death

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