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Free Verse Holocaust Poems | Free Verse Poems About Holocaust

These Free Verse Holocaust poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Holocaust. These are the best examples of Free Verse Holocaust poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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We are the children
of the Four
A wandering race
The leaves, trees
and streams feed us
The earth, water and
winds sustain us
We belong to no man
A race so
You talk about us
with hushed voices
From behind your
Always looking down
The idea of us so

You don't deserve us
Never looking in our
As though the simple
mention of us will
bring you conflict
Our women so
Seeing them leaves
the vision in your
head for days
So you look away
From our mystical,
regal creatures

As we are the
children of the
forests, rivers and
The snow in the
We have always been
We have always
You gave us our name
It was never your
You called us

You look at us and
see aluminium homes
Your curious eyes
scanning our sites
Picking up on the
old battered cars
Camp fires and dirt
Nomads fighting with
black eyes
Traveling through
these lands

You do not see our
As you are not
children of the air
A race so loyal like
thunder and lighting
Inside our homes
lives a love so vast
and thick
You can scoop it up
and eat it
It feels like candy
Smells like Apple

We a deadly
protective race
Taught from years of
We learnt to only
live with our own
Wandering through
Never having a home

When we burned, fire
was so angry
Our ash turned to
snow flakes
The wind was so
Our ash fluttered
over holy ground
Settled on the
We grew a paradise
Earth was so hurt
you took her
For you paradise
will be forever out
of reach
Teasing you
Just before it's in
your grasp
The ocean washes it
Burning us made
water scream
You had killed the
children of the Four

We don't expect to
be understood
Our wisdom lays too
The Nazis didn't
just kill and
persecute the Jewish
They killed us too
Put your nose in the
Just so 
You can still smell
us on the wind

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2014

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On a lil busy route,
For a lil dizzy fruit
They're humming everywhere.
In a bulk, unaware

Layer upon layer
Taking concrete up the stair 
burring vanilla skies
Jesus couldn't dare

For no one they will stand
This plane is scared to land
So will crash at the end

From wrinkles to the pinks
All are humming without a blink
stacked themselves by themselves
In the subway named sewers
The sewers, about to sink

Robots of flash they are
Lost its shine, a deformed star
Humming humanoids won't make it far..

                                                -ankit dedha


Copyright © ANKIT DEDHA | Year Posted 2015

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Slithering Tides of War

War crime trials had come and gone
And Nuremberg became old news
But there were some who would escape
They packed their bags, with no remorse
Changing names, and hid away
They had shamed the course of history

They had slithered through the cracks of time
from the lowest form of man's intent 
There was no gray, just black or white
The blackest black defaced the way
humanity was meant to be

Some trails of slime don't wash away
As years went by,  new wars ensued
Old men, by now, like snakes reside
in masquerade, and false pretense
while rejoicing in the news today,
in hopes cold crimes have been forgot
But cowardice remains alive
A holocaust of man's design

Humanity must not give up 
And wickedness will not command
For justice seeks its own reward
and somehow fate will have its day

We pray these reptiles spent their years
slinking low, like snakes, they are, 
haunted by the ghosts of war , thinking of the millions gone
thinking of the things they've done…sinking deeper in the grave
spending days, while drinking fear,  
instead of drinking coffee in the cafés of Berlin

Inspired by Contest: "A Last Line Prompt"
Sponsor: Julia Ward

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2016

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Suffer not o man she cried desperate for consolation
Compassion twisted and tore at her heart 
but the world she knew was silent.

Painful sounds from death filled wars, would wound her more
than jagged poison tipped arrows that pierced much too deeply.
And yet she carried on in quiet song as the world she knew kept silent.

And if the dying weren't enough, the sight of bloated bellies
and distraught mothers and sacked villages laid bare
by the unwilled force of child soldiers, would crush her spirit. 
How could the world she knew keep silent?

Thinking that God did not understand her despair 
She wept with abeyant tears that could not flow 
as the world she knew kept silent.

To live, to die in the soiled spattered flow of time
passing through, passing through
Is the secret so sublime? Cannot she grieve? 
Then silence no more was heard.

Instead a curious word within emerged 
from her meditation of life's graces
a Hebrew word "Bitachon"
What was not known in agonies 
was revealed in her silence.

C.A.K. 1-9-201

Copyright © Allan Koven | Year Posted 2013

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It began as a lovely September, 2001,  at least, it should have been.....
somewhere lost in the crossfire, between summer and fall
days growing short, and evenings long

But, things are warped into a sense of surreal.  What was seen, can it be real?
It's as if bifocals are mixed in a bin, out of focus, glossed over with grim

Someone lets me borrow a broken pencil,  I find paper blowing in the acrid wind
my fingers shake with tensile fear....and, I write a goodbye.. I don't know why......

The city, an ediface in shades of gray stone, smoke, rubble and ash,
littered streets, silent people, crying people, screaming people in fright
A playbill shouts, "LIVE!  Mandy Patinkin Concert - The Neil Simon Theater",
ripped, and frayed around the edge...blowing into my face, .... now in my hand
How strange....we were there........was that just last night?

It began as a lovely September, 200l, or it should have been.....

Sirens, shattered concrete,  sidewalks, shepherding the living into  
the arms of someone, or maybe, .... into the arms of no one 
Someone is borrowing a cell phone, ...  there is smell of burnt sulfer
Bridges, crosswalks, that will take them back into calamity, .. our new reality

Someone lends me a broken pencil,  I find paper blowing in the acrid wind
I write a goodbye...  I don't know why......

It began as a lovely September, 2001, or it should have been....

For The Challenge "Chopped"
Sponsored By Craig Cornish

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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Having settled into a firmament
of tarnished soil, 
your sprouted roots 
bring forth sullied growth.

What was blessed 
by the sun at birth, 
now hides
in deep shadows 
of the moon,
living half a life in darkness
creating the fear that 
comes from a wolf's howl.

C.A.K. 11-3-2012


We are born innocent,
but soon learn to distrust.
Racial prejudice, bigotry,antisemitism  
emboldens and excites ignorance
and soon hate becomes the bigot's
religion of choice. 

Copyright © Allan Koven | Year Posted 2013

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Where have all my people gone, the Navaho, Lakota, and the Sue,
Smothered beneath the white man's blanket,
Chocking for a breath of airs life's sustaining oxygen.
The beating heart of native drums, are stilled frozen,
In the middle of it's rhythmic thumping, no pulses echo,
Can be heard on the open plain.
The weeping women kneel on sacred ground, shedding
A river of bloods tears, burning a permanent scare across,
A baron landscape.
Death's black raven shields itself, under it's crimson soaked wing,
Against shames immoral injustice. 
Greed's insatiable hunger for land and riches fuels lusts desire,
Behold exterminations holocaust of the native inhabitants,
Nothing remains alive except ignorance blackened shadow.
How much blood can mother earth be forced to drink before,
She drowns herself or spits up everything undigested,
 With sheer disdain and hatreds malice intent.
On a black and white chess board the winners takes it all,
Strategies grand masters playing with living pawns.
Treaties written in vanishing ink, promises disappear in thin air,
 Revealing a liars sharpened tongue.
The odds have always been stacked against those believing in fairness.
A rogue tidal wave of humanity has wiped out a nation,
And it's culture within the blink of an eye.
Flights appendages are clipped on the dove of peace, leaving it
Unable to soar above it's own habitat.
Wreckage’s refugees stumble in the ruins after math,
Rapes victims of civilizations civilized,
Are left devoid of their heritages lineage and legacy.
Elders chieftains representatives of a great nation,
Smoke peace pipes in the white mans hunting lodge
In Washington.
As human beings are hauled like cattle's cargo,
Taken to reservations burial grounds. 
Ancient ancestors lit up the heaven's vast expanse,
 By torches flame,
To guide the souls of the dead unto their great spiritual
 Plain beyond.
The pale horse gallops forward without a rider,
And the red people become a phantom tribe vanishing
 Upon the winds shifting tides.
Giving one last final tribal battle war cry, 
Why my father but the great spirit answers not.
Behold America's legacy, a world trampled beneath
It's heavy iron fist, all in the name of progress or for the cause
Of Manifest destiny.


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2013

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Sunlight through My Window

    Sunlight streaming 
through my window 
   The day begins!
A brief listen to an inspiring song 
  Then I face up to the realities I must 
deal with 
Life is full of sorrow and pain 
   One should realize, however, 
that just being alive is a blessing 
Anne Frank wrote that 
as long as one can be 
   alone with nature and with God 
there will be a a cure for every sorrow
   She was right on the mark with that!

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2014

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You are our neighbors
We are your neighbors
and we hate you
You do not belong here
You are different than us
We don't just want you to leave
We want to kill you
We want to eradicate you
We will attack you
When you retaliate
we will crumple to our knees
and cry to the world
Look at our neighbor!
Our neighbor is trying to kill us!
Then the world will rush to our aid
because the world fears us.
The world fears what we might become
You must learn to fear us.

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2013

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After the Mushroom Clouds Have Gone

being in this tin womb, dark and safe,
that's the thing; inside the dark corners 
and air-lock doors, it's a floating life 

toothpaste and pureed stew float by;
still, here's not to dwell on the minutiae
and other small things

and the silent solar-wind powers on, 
while below, the earth, the sea, the clouds, 
the blue and green, the tempered purple hues,
tinge brown

and if from the land you peer up here, 
from where the earth is dying, you'll see
me sigh, through flocks of hope, 
and notice that I'm crying

Copyright © Peter Lewis Holmes | Year Posted 2015

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with shoes on feet

a grab-and-run pack
a small survival sack
with one set of clothes for spouse and self
passports, a file with just few mails
an old diary with addresses to contact
in England, Finland, and Switzerland

and some currency notes
couple of thousands
in rupees that does not stretch
like the American dollars
they were what i needed most

as the pogrom was in progress
in my Tamil homeland
while i always went to bed
with shoes on my feet

Copyright © Henry Victor | Year Posted 2014

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OBLIVION I would be better off if I kept my mouth shut but my burning lips open to reveal waterfalls of guilty smut I have a lot to say but will leave it to those who have the ability to expose their complaints better than I can Can I? Expose my complaints…… Sickening pessimistic hypocritical masters Conservative communist apocalyptic bastards Living in a sublime society who have sucked and f ****d up rehashing daily their greed paving paths to hell knowing this---no amount of effort can save my starving soul from carefully constructed OBLIVION © Kim van Breda—1 October 2014

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2014

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Pictures of Holocaust Victims

They are always grainy.
Slightly out of focus due to age.
Their subjects stand sadly stoic.
Their faces all the same but different.
Eyes dark with hopelessness and pain
sprinkled with some sense of disbelief.

These pictures, some seventy years after they were snapped, 
still scream  impossibly loud with their silence. 
Countless faces, forgotten to the fog of time,
stare back blankly begging for compassion
that will never come.

Copyright © Brady Perkins | Year Posted 2013

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Snow in Poland

Snow falls on the brittle leaves of birch trees,
their branches miraculously overlooked by the December wind.
It makes a sound like the marching feet of scary Germans rushing through Poland.

Snow, mixed with freezing rain, 
falls hard on the roof of an unheated barracks in Auschwitz,
filled with men and boys in pajamas.
It sounds not unlike the far-off thunder of the radio in the commandant’ s house,
the angry voice of the Fuhrer.

Snow, descending from the sky like shaved ice, on a brittle day, 
5 maybe 8 degrees.
It covers the makeshift roadblocks in the streets of Warsaw, 
making little mountains — so pure on the outside but fetid, rotten, corrupt beneath the fine powder. 
This snow, 
this ice falling to the ground, 
sounds like Russian boots jumping over the mountains.

Rain in Gdansk,
a fine mist,
the smell of the sea.
It covers the streets, where men whisper things that will someday be heard 
and old women fall on their knees to pray the Rosary.
This rain,
it smells of freedom.

Copyright © don munro | Year Posted 2013

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The Tin Men

The tin men
in a fortress of smoke.
Death all around,
hungry for oil.

Their eyes in the storm
divide and cleanse
to be dragged into the mud
once again.

It rumbles on.
One and another,
one ceases, 
one gets stronger.

A rainbow of shoes, 
the broken tin men.

Copyright © dani wil | Year Posted 2013

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We who survived the Holocaust

We who survived the Holocaust 
My life was taken away from me.
I was an unknown Jewish prisoner.
The Germans sent me to a concentration camp.
We had no food, which lead to starvation.
I wish I had a different life
I had a golden crown that could lead me to sudden pain.
I had to march for hours and hours till I reached a point where I can feel pain 
beneath my feet.
I had to watch my Dad being wiped by German solders. 
I didn’t have any rights or freedom.
In this society it’s all about life or death.
I am a young boy named Elie who is determined to live a healthy life.
I come from a poor family.
I sleep in a small room crammed with innocent Jews.
I pray and pray that my destiny lies in gods hands hoping to live.
I deal with father and son relationships only.
I had to bury bodies including my Dads whose body I couldn’t save.
I had to watch people being tortured like my Dad.
I lived because I believed in God and God believed in me.
We survived the holocaust.

My life was changed forever.
I was a Danish woman who risked my life for a friend named Ellen.
I was sent for help.
I felt bad for Ellen to a point where I was so depressed all I could do is fall to the 

I had a life that I was willing to save which could lead me to sudden death.
I had to take care of my family everyday.
For days and days I had to lie to the German soldiers for my own sake.
I had a lot of freedom because the German’s didn’t care about Danish people.

I am a ten-year old girl named Annemarie.
I came from a wealthy family.
I sleep in a peaceful house with less, people and more space to move around.

I deal with problems that my friends and family faces. 
I had to be in dangerous situations that could nearly get me killed.
I had to watch the Nazi’s destroy houses that the Jew’s lived in. 

Copyright © trevonte degouvenain | Year Posted 2011

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You Take From Me

You Take From Me was written for a therapist friend whose father went through the Holocaust.   She is Jewish.  Her parents and siblings were eventually  reunited praise God, but everything beyond family, faith and love was gone.  They felt fortunate. Both her parents  died many years ago.  She recently received a notice for her Dad that the German government was demanding reimbursement funds as they claimed they had given him too much.  She was outraged and reached out.  This was my gift to her: 

You take from me
my home
my job
my wife
my kids
This is war you say
But you do not ask of me
You take from me my
This is war you say
And never ask of me
You take	
my land
my safety	
It's just the way it is in war you know
Yet never ask of me
And when Your war is finally through
and now my internal war has start...
This was only war you say
And never ask of me
Out I'm tossed
No need to hold
No need to keep
There's nothing left
no home
no place
no one
not one
a few dollars you toss
Really only war you know
And still... you never ask of me
So many years have come and gone
My second life as well
And yet you say
of what we took
your home
your job
your life
your wife
your kids
all these things
all this all
we gave too much
so much
so much
those dollars tossed
so many
too many for your loss
You take from me
once more
Seventy years later more
Although I'm not here for you to take
you take once more
and never ask of

Copyright © Heather Browne | Year Posted 2014

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Who could have known of their watch
Who could have told of their suspicion
Who could have told
That they were the harbingers
To my resurrection?

Me, I sat there
Engrossed in my ingratitude
Betraying the illusion

And I remember, too,
Lingering in the thirsty 
Entwined in my solitude.

Before the Eolithic era
Which refracted by dioptric
Prometheus moulded his man

There were no leaves on branches
No bark on the trunks
No undergrowth in the forest
No sweat on the pores.

I opened the cataract 
on my veins
the silence of the stars
surged forth
down the rivers on my palm-
leaving deserts behind.

Sensing disturbance 
In my oblivion
Reproaching my rebirth
I reached out for the present
Leaving no spoor.

Centuries after
I arrived at the end of my hibernation
At the beginning of their quest
I had not solicited, I swear!

Mother, they said
These cracks on your face 
In the shape of nations
Who will mend them?

Those aliens
Who daily defile your rivers
Make love to your beaches
Shitting on your mountains
Who will excoriate their oddity?

Those derelicts 
Shaking your constellation
To balance the ecology:
Who will indite the epilogue?

Those dirty mercenaries
Who raped your plains
Plundered your joy:
Who will expiate the outrage?

Who will resurrect
Your majesty?
Who will deflect
The holocaust?

Copyright © Gerald Kithinji | Year Posted 2013

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Unrecognizable breathing carcasses
March to the graceful beat of death
A welcomed sentence to their
Savagely tortured bodies
And extinguished spirits

Unjustly slaughtered by lunatic men
Self-created superiority based on
Flawed, foolish beliefs

Manically smug smiles grotesquely displayed
As they watch the skeletal scum
Forcibly assembled for
Gaseous cleansing

Violently chaotic stampeding unfolds
Blood chilling screams forever echoing
Through the chambers of hellish horrors

Massacred silence

Martyred smoke clouds the sky
Fast fading in sight
But eternally haunting

Copyright © Amy Sullivan | Year Posted 2011

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Sleeping Kate

Caskets unmade 
Naked bodies lie in waste
Can you hear the concealed laments?
Afraid to express
Afraid to breathe
Unable to stop the grief

Teeth grind

A young boy picks up a dried hip bone
Scooping up the soil to bury Sleeping Kate
Spines tingle at the crunch of excessive skeletons
Grimy boots unmercifully stomp

Sleeping Kate showed the officers
The skeleton she built out of bone fragments
Sleeping Kate told them we were all the same inside
With this truth, she died
With their guilt, they continued life
They tried. . .

The officers tried to bury Sleeping Kate
But Sleeping Kate is always alive,
Building skeletons in their minds. . .


Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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Bird Hunters

                                     I Just want to rest
                                  from my long migration
                                    Find a sweet oasis

                                  Many nets and traps 
                                 full of  dying songbirds
                                     adorn the route

                                     An army culls us
                                millions migrating south
                                hunted to extinction.
                                  Will silence replace
                            The birdsong each morning
                                     Remember us.

Copyright © LINDA JACKSON | Year Posted 2013

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A Painting By Hitler

A Painting By Hitler

How did you make such beauty
Such perfect colors
Light and shadows set in just the right places
What were you thinking
Did you see the beauty of Austria
Did you imagine the people who lived in your art
Were they the blue-eyed blonde people you loved
Was your mind set away from the world you made
Or did you see every dead soldier in the colors
Was each brush-stroke marking someone else sent to the ovens
Why didn’t you paint the suffering you caused
The children and babies being killed at your whim
The old people who lived too long
The Jews, gays and gypsies who you hated for no reason
Why didn’t you paint them.
You will be remembered for all time
Not as an artist
You were never that good
You will be remembered as a murderer
You will be remembered as  lunatic
We will remember the millions you killed
The tortures you inflicted
We will mourn the people you killed
But no one will mourn you…ever

Copyright © R. e. taylor | Year Posted 2014

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The Death Factory

The path is winding, 
Twisting and stretching. 
Reminding us all to keep minding 
The things we do. 
Our lives - 
Are coming to a close. 
This we know, 
As we all march along. 
The world is drifting, 
Slipping and falling, 
As it comes into view. 
No life is better, 
Than living this way. 
I hope it is swift 
And I can leave today. 
The whole of us all; 
We shake and shiver. 
We know this is the last, 
The last of our tremors. 
The path is winding, 
Twisting and stretching. 
I hope it keeps reminding 
The things that I did.

Copyright © Nicole Anderson | Year Posted 2014

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Impending Night

The impending night has fallen upon us
It woke with much persistence
Our hearts fled from its rage like a doe from a rifle
But the blast had already been made. . .

People fall like rain
The clouds are crestfallen with grief
And the darkness has no mercy 
Rain soaks...leaves an impact
The falls are devastating...

She was so strong, like a diamond she shined
Only to burn away and be one with the grime
I never saw her go
But the angry darkness of her essence—strangely glows...

He choked on his words, his memory
Like a child swallowing a pill
It is sticking in our throats
Against our will
And the dose ever grows. . . 
Who will stop the night?
You wicked thing how achingly stormy you have become!
Rich in your light as it smothers you whole
Leaving the rest to the droll sound of its toll

She burned
As they watched in angry happiness
The smoke of her spirits filling our hearts
No expressions...heavy depressions 
He was left to melt and rebuild

His wick ignites—burns are second nature
Though images are hard to swallow
She still talks to our souls
Her story still to be told
Like diamonds never found

A flame of hope hovers
We remain instilled in the rot
The darkness smothers
Its heavy slumber always waking

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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Always Thinking of Matter

Anything but quietly
I’m standing in the shade
Fixated on pixels
Lost in the rain
Two counts for one drop
They’re lost in the aisles
Pushing pens bleeding notes
Lost in the files
Structure in contrast
Is taking a bow
Explosions in distant fields
Men running through crowds
Authorities always late
Children in tears
Mothers walk aimlessly
Drenched in their fears
The shadows still stand
Reminding of the lost
Burnt in the ground
They remind us of the cost.

Copyright © John Paluszek | Year Posted 2013

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After Visitng Yad Vashem

     One of the darkest 
         in human history 
is vividly portrayed here 
The proud hopes of the Renaissance 
   and the Enlightenment 
gone up in smoke 
    like the murdered millions 
    Photos of cruelty and pain 
    cause me to reflect 
nature of man 
ponder what will 
   become of the
travelers on our hollow globe
   Words fail to tell us 
   of the magnitude 
of these murders 
   The horror and pain 
have faded with the years 
     Light falling on the 
snow in Jerusalem 
   creates patterns 
in which those with deep souls 
   can forsee a better future
As the days and nights 
    continue to pass by 
Perhaps one day we will all understand 
   We must try or perish   

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2013

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The Dark Obsession - for contest

Horrendous thunderstorm of explosions
Dark clouds of the noxious obsessions....,
that we have more weapons; we fight for a cause
Malefic causes so senseless and baseless...
But paradox is, it appears noble for the offenders
Large-scale indoctrination of the young minds
for  violence and ruthless destruction
Obsession of supremacy so dreadfully corrosive
Mad spree to hoard guns and WMDs,
Innocents or criminals, men or animals,
shudder with fear all that has life!
Collossal apocalypse of terror-waves ...
Atrocious erosion of moral and social fabric
Grotesque grimace at the principle of 
universal brotherhood that underlies all our
holy scriptures!
Oppressed n' suppressed are the weak n' unequipped
Belligerent, pugnacious mindset mobilisation to bring
vitriolic ripping n' decaying of global peace
Peaceful waters turned filthy black with terror,
boils in the furnace to give to the globe a 
shower of  hot flowing blood!
Amicable contemplation to assassin this obsession
would bring no wars, no terrorism but peace!
Sustainable peace assured for the eternity!

          © Anulaxmi Nayak, 2015

WMD- Weapons of Mass Destruction

For contest: The tragedy of black
sponsored by: Bev Smith
Submitted by: Anulaxmi Nayak
Written on: 18th August 2015

Copyright © Anulaxmi Nayak | Year Posted 2015

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The Birds of Drancy

Little birds spill onto the gravel
Chirping with disoriented confusion.
A spindly flock warbling
“Mère! Mère!”
Through cracked lips and bony beaks.
Hawks circle indifferently
Unfamiliar with the call
But acquainted with the cry.

The scarecrows converge,
Singing their songs of
Reunion across the river.
Seductive assurances and
Dry straw lies
Come together when
Hopeful lines form
For a mère poule promise.

Across that green field
The boathouse beckons,
Under late summer boughs
Alive with blossoms.
Across that green field
The boatman waits. 

Copyright © charles braun | Year Posted 2014

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The Power in Peace

To be able to stand up and be thirty feet tall;
shout out and echo from the mountain ranges of chile
to the coast of Japan;
to harm someone without use of brute strength,
but with the power of the words they speak.
And with a single step they shake foundations,
tumbling buildings like the White House,
and the Palace  of Westiminster;
one can finally tell what power is.
Those born to lead are destined;
to destroy,
like a wildfire they spread,
contaminating the wood that's built society,
weakening the support;
to rebuild,
with cunning superiority,
they triumph over the fire,
dousing with a power that comes to few
who don't lead in fear,
but instead take the necessities of those around him
and own them.
And so fires begin,
from the burning hearts of those like
Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones,
which are doused by unity,
a power created to regain balance
when evil runs its course.
And with this unity,
we've created nations, governments
and in rare occasions, Peace.

Copyright © Sean Cannon | Year Posted 2013

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One Man
Once so close to his family
They are dead now
So close to his friends
They are also dead 
Caused by hate
Caused by discrimination
Caused by
One man

Copyright © Jillian Lawrence | Year Posted 2007