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Free Verse God Poems | Free Verse Poems About God

These Free Verse God poems are examples of Free Verse poems about God. These are the best examples of Free Verse God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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It looks like a simple brownstone building,
Not much different then any other but it’s residents,
Are of the haunted kind, not made of flesh and bone.
In every window a wind chime stirs, gently caressed by
A chilling winds icy finger tips, after all this is known as
The house of spirits.
Witchery or voodoo’s domain, it is a place of salvation for
Spiritual challenged, listen to the beautiful music they make,
Singing within this their walled cage of brick and mortar, these
Ethereal victims lost.
Here in peace they wait for the light to find them, a waiting chamber,
Of the lords misstep souls, those whom walked off the righteous path,
Yet are not without redemptions wanton of need.
Wanders of limbo’s astral plain, seekers whom roam blindly until 
Finding a doorway threshold, then crossing over, into this the house
Of spirits.
A corridors slender passageway, a way stations layover for those tired
And weary travelers to rest until their final journey’s end comes for them,
Sanctuaries power house of the supernatural.
Behind these red doors dare not the mortal flesh clasp the gilded knockers,
For within are things of the unspoken variety, creature protectors waiting at
Bay for the stray intruder to wander forth upon this sacred ground.
Angels kindred brethren whom seek out evil, destroyers patrolling the
Darker shadows for night stalkers whom wish to feast upon the forsaken.
But light’s white power is a mightier force to be reckoned with, and vanquished
Will the devils spawn into the depths from which they came, into the bowels
Of hell shall these demons be thrown into the blackened pit from which they came?
In the twilight’s ethereal hour, a mid-ways breaking point between light and dark,
A shimmering glow strikes this standing watch tower of abandonment’s forgotten,
And heaven’s flood gates are opened unto them, calling these the lost upwards
Towards nirvana and at last know true peace.
It looks like a simple brownstone building,
Not much different then any other but it’s residents.
Are of the haunted kind, not made of flesh and bone.
In every window a wind chime stirs, gently caressed by
A chilling winds icy finger tips, after all this is known as
The house of spirits.



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Trust not in the words: "In God We Trust", printed on currency,
for God and Money should be kept separate,
unless one desires to tempt fate with the Money-God,
tempt fate by not over-turning the money-lenders' tables,
although many might argue how this isn't good for business.

Why not know the value of life,
instead of focusing too hard on the prices of Idols.

People are bleating at the prospect of "God" being removed
from money, arguing that if God is removed from money,
the grazing grounds will become Godless.

With or without the words, 
a Money-God is a God nonetheless.
There is at least one true God, 
whether man-made or not;
an authority of control,
a God of profit margins.
Violence is a profit margin.
Hatred is a profit margin.
Bullets, Amendments, and Death, are all profit margins.

The war being waged upon children, is a profit margin.

If I had been given the chance, 
I would have tried my best to take him out,
morphed the vapours of my remaining hatred into bullets,
or torn him apart with my hands.
To stop innocents from losing their innocence.
There are lines drawn in minds,
that if crossed over, stretch beyond the bristle-board of rehabilitation.
Even Clockwork Orange bleeds into crimson spatters.

When a child survives a massacre,
runs across his school field to find safety from a stranger,
proclaiming to the stranger, "I can't go back to my school, it isn't safe there.
My teacher was killed, I don't have a teacher anymore.
All of my friends are dead."....

....then innocence has been lost, and the Money-God is empowered even more.
Lost innocence spreads like a disease through the minds of global villagers.
Fear breeds fear, breeds control and disintegration of the Stream-Mind.

If I had been given the chance,
I would have fought fire with fire,
fed the beast within, 
taken him apart with a breath of hatred.
Breathed it out, pushed it out, purged it out.

Satan is a scapegoat used by people who are unwilling 
to take accountability for their actions and sacred responsibilities.
The Beast is humanity -
not marked by a fairy-tale Devil,
but instead marked by the Money-God created in the image of man;
recreating the image of man through fear.

Some people might be intrigued by how many definitions of God there are.
Even if money is a necessity,
within our core there should reside a different Kingdom -
without and within, within and without.

If I had been given the chance -- past tense....

....if I am given the chance,
I will try my best to take him out,
smudge him out
with the remaining hatred in my heart.
Breathe it out, push it out, purge it out,

until all that's left is to love,
until all that's left is to love.

December 14th, 2012 - S.H.E.S:  28 - 2 = 26

January 7th, 2013


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Color Me

Color me white, or color me black. Color
me brown, or color me red. Color me 
yellow, but color me to be just me.

Color me anyway you want. You are the 
artist, you know what to do, just capture 
my beauty and let it show through.

My beauty is not on the outside for everyone 
to see. My beauty comes from within and 
few people have seen.

Color me with the colors that you so much
love to use and when people see this painting,
they will see themselves in me.

The people will ask you - why did you put so
many colors on me and you will tell them - because
the beauty I did see.

The painting is now finished, the artist has done 
his job. A painting of many colors, that he is very 
proud of.

The colors bring beauty to the painting on the 
wall, but if we were all colored blind - we wouldn't
see any colors at all...

Copyright: written by
Lucilla M. Carrillo


I wrote this poem because through out life 
I have seen a lot of injustice done, because
of who we are , or where we came from. We
did not choose to be who we are, or where
we came from. God chose that for us. I don't
think God made a mistake when He made us.
He had His reasons. We are who we are, that
can never be changed. We live in this world.
We are God's Race...

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In Search

I am a character
In search of my author
Walking great distances in a circle
Wishing for a plot
Wanting a destination
Perhaps a soliloquy
Please fill my lips with your words

If you wish I will play the fool
You be my King
I am yours to rule

For too long
I have been without a script
From a confused heart my thoughts have dripped
Within your story I wish to be gripped

The Author of me
From whom I have roamed
Through your scriptures I will comb
Till I learn the lines that lead me home
As I study please capture my mind
Till within my spirit we are intertwined
Light from light no longer blind

You are the beginning and completion of me
Apart from you I cease to be
Thankyou, Thankyou for helping me see
The part of Your story written for me

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God's Kind of Poetry

An eagle finds the highest mountain to build its nest
And lays the first layer of nest with sharp objects
Such as thorns and stones for the unborn with zest
And next, covering that layer with soft targets,
Such as wood, feathers and the animal fur.
So as the baby birds are hatched, gets protection.
As they grew a bit, the mother eagle takes 
The nest materials and mixes them up.
The jumbled mass is now a mix of sharp and soft
And sometimes sharp edges may cut babies’ skin.
And next, the mother stops putting food 
From her mouth to the mouths of the babies.
Making their comfortable world into painful one.
The discomfort becomes so great for the babies
They begin to fly away to get out of the nest.

This analogy of God explains the value of pains.
We don’t seek god when happy and comfortable
We turn to him only in times of troubles.
God does whatever it takes help eagles fly
It’s a wake-up call to teach every one of us
Not too much indulge in physical comforts.
God removes the soft coverings to remind us
That this life is painful and full of sufferings
And its solution is to soar in spiritual realms.

September 25, 2014
Form: Free Verse
Dr. Ram Mehta
First Place Win
Contest: God's kind of poetry by BriAN Johnston

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Small Gifts God's Work

small gifts - contributing to other's happiness? # show me a man or woman of simple mind people who we commonly term as slow # point out ====> people  of simple means<==== the poor,  the sick,  the hungry. {direct me to someone of simple needs a person with his ear to the ground.} find me* : a so called loser: with a winning smile! the kind you   -photograph- then   -file- let me find a giving person of "warm heart" a parent who loves their child (ren) bring them forward  ~ the diseased ~ that never complain or cry' gather  the  people  too kind  to ask. [the child]  quietly  lost inside ! round up ! the addicts,  the homeless, the ones who accept their stock in life that never would even think to steal or lie (huddled)  like embryos happy to quietly die. show me.......................families  with................adjoining hearts one for  all and all  for one  in practice not just words. people who give of their time to help the  .......................................................................needy who travel to third world countries  ~~~~~~make the ultimate sacrifice. show me a person kind a person of simple mind show me a person considers their acts no more than a small gift i'll show you a person closer to God then you or i. 05~12~2014 Sponsor: Brian Johnston Contest Name: Small Gifts - Contributing to Other's Happiness

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God's Kind of Poetry

I formed the poet to be my clay pen
To dance on the pin tip of my understanding
I delight in words
All things came into existance through my words
The planets
The stars
The moon
The sun
The universes beyond what you can see
They are tethered by my imagination
I am a God of order
I delight in repetition
My ways are perfect
What you see a chaos, fits perfectly into my plans
I occupy all the spaces
I exist within each breath
My energy flows from beginning to end and back again
I allow you to glimpse my shadow 
For my full Glory would consume your human form
I am beyond your comprehension
Yet I wish you to know me
Ponder me
Come into my loving arms
My words are written on ancient scrolls
Each verse contains my essence
My invitation to a wondorous feast
Taste the succulence of my bounty
The flavours my affection
My consummate Love
Do not be concerned with the temporary
Trust in my grace
For I know all your needs
This world will one day disappear 
Paradise will reside under your feet
I will be your completion 
Dancing will have new meaning
Rivers will sparkle like diamonds
The skies will no longer need the sun
For I will be your light
We will walk through a new Jerusalem
Streets of gold
Buildings encrusted in precious gems
Trees will be laden with fruit
No hunger
No tears
My children will know freedom
Strength will course through veins
Angels will walk in their midsts
Age will no longer be their enemy
Death will be a forgotten memory
For I am God
My words
My poetry
They can be your reality
Make use of your free will
I am bound by my own promises
You must choose my path
Be a vessel of my Love
You my clay pen
Can flow
With golden ink

For this contest I am asked to write from the perspective of God.
It is an insurmountable task for one as limited as myself. I humbly
submit this attempt and pray that it honors my heavenly Father.

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Children of a Lesser God

I’m tired of knowing
That because of my race
Because of where I live
Because of my last name
I’m part of the band…
The children of a lesser God

I’m tired of knowing
That there is so much hate
That it can only escalate
Till someone presses the button
And we blow up in nuclear hate
All because
Some of us are children…
Children of a lesser God

First world 
Second world
Third world
Labels and degrees
Different ideologies
Religion no longer a balm
But something to cause harm
Human life of differing values
We mourn them differently
for some of them are children...
Children of a lesser God

How it must make God cry
When His children bleed and die
Unable to understand
That there is a grander plan
One of perfect harmony
In another place in time

He won’t be sitting at heaven’s gate
Asking for an ID
Or checking your nationality
He won’t see the color of your face
Or ask about your race
All He will want to know
Is if you let love grow
Did you live according to His will?
Did you try to relieve suffering and pain?
Were you the bandage of peace
that bound up the wounds of hate?

First, second, third world people
Are all children of one God
Though some may disagree
I ask you all to see
That we are all
Every single one of us...
Children of the Greatest God.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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God in creation

Science can explain the birth of the earth.
  Rocks, gases,dust, forming into completed mass.
     Orbiting around a sun at speeds to keep it aligned.
        A perfect harmony of movement, the right give and take.

Science can explain the stars, telescopes offer proof.
   Distance measured by speed of light, radio waves, sound.  
      All these mathematical equations to get the perfect results.
        It must be right, since all the pieces fit together. It is incomplete.

Religion can tell us the stories of the seasons, of the times.
   It can give us historical references of events from the past.
      Giving us a guidebook into what is to come, what will follow.
         It is a good story, a good idea, but has it been tampered with?

God can't be contained by science or by mathematical equations.
    How can science explain our soul, our spirit, our natural instincts.
        Is the ability to think and to function more than just random events,
           That may just be the work of an all powerful force, a stronger being.

God can't be controlled by religion, the worship and hoopla.
   If God put his fingers breathing in a soul, why would anything think
      It could be contained in a building with a cross on the door
        Wouldn't there be more that God wanted to be remembered for?

To know God is to know, there is more that meets the eye.
When there is so much on earth, why would he be in the sky.
Comfort to know that the purest of energies is all around creating,
A world of harmonious give and take, worthy of celebrating.
God, or Goddess, Higher Power, Mother Nature, the extreme,
There is something higher than us humans, search your soul, dream.

God is the breath that breathed our spirits into science.

For Contest: God
Sponsor: Regina

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I see God before me

As I lay down to die I can see my soul being taken 
before my eyes.
I see God before me.

I feel the sun shining on me. 
The warmth invades my body.
No more feeling of cold surroundings.
I smell the spring flowers from a field.
I see the mountains with their peaks.
I see God before me

I hear the waters flow so peacefully.
I see a lake that is so calm with the mirror of a blue sky
That is above me.
I see God before me.

I am at peace and have no needs.
I am at happiness made just for me.
I feel no pain and have no illness.
I hear the birds singing just for me.
I see God before me.

I am lead by the hand through the field of harmony.
An Angel guides me with love.
A light blinds me.
I hear a symphony of Angels.
God is not before me now.
God is with me.

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Yes Friend, It Will Matter

Say not to me, that it will not matter a hundred years from now, that I was here. For surely I have touched one life in a positive way, perhaps in daily prayer I've called your name one day. Having no profound accomplishments or delusions of fame, and leaving no progeny to perpetuate my name, still, it will matter that I was here. For I have quietly endeavored to sow, and I have watered. I love and am loved--should one desire more? Life is good and hopefully God is pleased. The tracks I'll leave, it's true, will not be so ingrained as to stand harsh winds of time and they shall fade as the evening sun, leaving somewhere, only a name and date chiseled in granite. Perhaps, if only in thought, one pausing o'er me should question, who was this man? Let God simply whisper, that I am His.

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my lord thank you i love the world i love people my biggest need  my biggest want is to help others. i am so happy to be in your light everyday my needs  are less and less only through you i have achieved my goals. i was a skeptic  but you have never forsaken me even before i took you into my heart  you walked by my side the less i think about me the happier i am you have blessed me  freed me of my fears   (silence) my lord i see,  i hear,  i feel  the people in need you gave me words  to drop on ears ears that are wounded  in your light i trust  i give  without question (silence) my lord children, all the children, how can i help one, a few, many how can i help to feed the starving  shield the ones in war zones where bombs fall you do so much  so i pray for vision how do i do better  with the free will you entrusted in me (silence) my lord i have one selfish request.  the best person i know she is the best heart i have ever met could you afford her a job  help her regain her self worth lead her to someone who will love her someone who will hold her hand (silence) my lord i am humbled in your presence  i trust what is,  what must be i have room now  i could bare whatever weight you would allow me to assume for her i yearn her happiness i am sorry i have to ask  you have ears for all of us i know your will will be done thank you for my blessed life i will work harder to do more amen.

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Peace to all of the inhabitants within and without the universe
Respect to all existence both stagnant and dynamic
No desire to understand only to observe and appreciate

Those who’ve sought understanding have greatly misunderstood

They intend to change (upgrade) and will inevitably spike altercation
Disrupting and forever corrupting universal equilibrium

Effort to become God the creator and healer of all is the cause of disruption

Persevering disabling efforts to be God with the determination of correction is the cause of infinite corruption – the effect of cyclical disruption

“____ heals all wounds”

No human is able to fix
We are only able to use
An attempt to restore is abuse

“____ heals all wounds”


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What if it's true

How would you change?
If it were all true.
Heaven and Angels..
watching over you?

Is there Paradise in
..the hereafter?
Some just don't..
think things matter.

What if Swarms of angels..
like butterflies.
Came to earth..would you realize?
That everything matters
that life's the prize.
How long will it take..
till you recognize..

What if the sun went dark.
What if it were true?
Would you change your ways?
Have a new point of view?

What if the Four horseman..
came galloping in?
Would your conscience feel clear?
Would you regret a sin?

Our toys are just toys..
It's not about money.
It's about loving each other..
and holding your honey.

It's about time..
and what we do with it.
Get up and dance..
or choose to sit.

The choice is yours.
So what will you do?
Will you change your ways?
What if it's true?

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God, don't look at me like that

I never learned how to pray
because often times the silence preaches louder than the sermon,
and the bullets of my heart don’t bleed like you think they should
instead they melt
melt like icecream set out in the summer sun,
like the mountain snow run off into the streams,
like ice clamped together between my fist,
my fists,
my fists that stop bullets from protruding my skin,
my fists that explode and scream louder than a sermon.

God, don’t look at me like that.
Your pupils look like firing bullets,
knocking us out one by one by one,
saying you can’t come in
because you never learned how to pray. 

God, don’t look at me like that.
Your iris’s look like vortexs of instability
rolling our ground like an earthquake
telling us to do more,
be more,
pray more,
or we can’t come in.

My fists stop the bullets and together our fists make boulders,
knocking down our insecurities
one by one by one.
If we don’t make it in
then that is okay
because our fists will turn into butterflies
and our hearts will turn into lions
and our bones will turn into the infrastructure of hell
because that is what my preacher told me.

Preacher, don’t look at me like that,
don’t shake your head at my appearance
just because I have ink on my arm doesn’t make me less of a person,
just because I have color on my eyelids,
just because my skirts above my knee,
just because my fists don’t unwind and interlock doesn’t make me less of a person.

I never learned how to pray
because often times the silence preaches louder than the sermon.
God, don’t look at me like that. 

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Love was in the air when he laid eyes on her.
Childhood; elementary and even high school with her.
Walking towards her, he greeted her.
Anxiety spiraled as he hugged her.
Conversation grew deeper as he sat with her.
Wanting to get closer because he was falling for her.

Another woman called pausing the time he was having with her.
Knowing he had to answer; he stepped away and spoke to her.
She stated that something wasn't quite right with her.
She said that her stomach had been bothering her.
Now he's thinking back if he came inside her.
Thinking if she lied to him about her tubes being tied within her.

Does he blame himself for listening to her?
Knowing right from wrong and yet he can't blame her.
Does he blame the devil for allowing him to be intimate with her?
Is he not a human that makes mistakes just like her?
Begging God to make a way for him and her.
Asking God to forgive him for committing the sin with her.

God said, "relax my son, you were only dreaming of her."

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The Big Bang designed the stratosphere and troposphere.
Below both majestic presence, Earth is the topography.
Today, all God’s creature roams freely.
Human being munificence is magnanimousness.

Now sits a child fulfilled.
She has her ink pen.
She aspires to be a writer – a great poet someday.
She is real to a righteous path.
Her themes and topics display a certain initiative.
God’s kind of poetry she leitmotifs vigorously and the melodies manifested.

A theological epitome inner cores and personification of the spirit went aglow.
Her radiance was beautiful.
Her voice recited the glory of the omnipotent.

God had sent the gift of psalm and she embraced him with open arms.
Baptism converted her soul to be a modern-day Apostle of the Lord God.
Prophecy she formed.
Wisdom and knowledge was born.
Her innateness was so strong that she was a natural.
Her libretti brought smiles.
When a release was necessitated from emotional dismay, her librettos bring hope and puts God’s speed in place.

The Lord God sent the gift of psalm.
In a whisper, is the strength of voice.
The Lord God provides the power.

The people exclaim, “This is God’s kind of poetry.”
Eloisa proclaims, “This is praise and worship of the omnipotent."
PENNED ON SEPTEMBER 19, 2014 @ 12:48 A.M.!
Challenge Title "God's Kind Of Poetry' Contest!

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Holy Is The Lamb

I thought I knew the answers
I thought I could go it alone
I thought my way into a corner
I thought Mary's little lamb was a fairy tale

Am I the sum of what I think?
I think I am not wanted
I think I am not good enough
I think I am invisible
I think
I think
I think something is missing
I need a fleece as white as snow

Shall I go?
Go through the valley of the shadow?
Go to the mountain top?
I have gone many places
Every where I went I was told
The Lamb was sure to go!

Holy is the Lamb
Holy is the child of Mary
Holy is His blood stained fleece
Holy is His sacrifice 

Spotless white
My soul white and clean
Washed by Jesus's holy blood
Holy is the Lamb
Holy is the Lamb
With fleece as white as snow!

For Verlena's contest.

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My Dear Father God,
My silent lover. My faithful friend. 
My forever redeemer. My all in all.

Dear Father God,
How I want to see-
  touch Your face.
I long to hear You
   speaking to my heart, mind and soul.
I yearn my Father God for Your caress, 
Your all consuming fiery love.

Father God, 
I have many faltering moves;
  many times I know, I have failed to follow You;
  many times I know, I have questioned You;
  many times I know, I have made You frown;
  many times I know, I have caused You misery.
Even more
I have forgotten You.
 I have forgotten to seek You
   to even thank You, nor worship nor praise You.
I have been so stubborn, so proud, so hard, so fooled or blind,
  that sometimes, oh sometimes I didn't trust You enough.
Father God, I am so sorry for all of these..
Thank You.. 
I thank You for not ever ever ever leaving me;
Thank You for being so faithful to me;
Thank You for the strength and guidance You are raining unto me.

Father God,
I know,
 I can never be what I am now
     unless You are not with me... 

  You are so sweet to be with me.
You treat me so so well:
  Warming my cheeks whenever I wake up with sunshine's warmth.
 Talking to me,
 challenging me, 
laughing and crying with me 
   Holding and hugging me
through all persons that surrounds me..
 Testing and provoking my limits too.
Sheltering and guarding me every night and day
 by providing - my every earthly needs.. 

Father God, more than these
You bestow me more with presents--
talents and skills that maybe I could have not known if not by Your blessing
potentials that again I didn't know if not by Your grace...

Thank You for making me realize
 that I am here 
You really want me to be here
   that I am no mere accident.
Regardless of 
  who are my parents, 
     how I am born
and how my life has been,
You really want me to be here.
And I believe, 
  You have a prime purpose for my life;
You created me for a reason;
   for a certain purpose--
And that is:
   I believe to worship You
      to use this life, 
to declare and share all the love You have let me experience.

   All the days of my life,
Make use of me to bring You glory..
  Let it be, Father God, that my life be a testimony of You. 
Allow me to be of full time service to You..
   to bring You always a reason to smile.
I am humbly welcoming You Father God,
   I am all Yours to use...

(c) Olive Eloisa
9:39 pm
September 04, 2014 

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 Hello love
I seen you there 
As I was walking through 
And I really must say 
You are the form of true beauty
As I whisper my prayers to God
I whispered for someone like you 
I see Him there in your eyes
If you take that chance on me 
I would fall to my knees for you
We could truly become something
 As the angels whisper in God's ear
I can see my future in  your eyes
We could be the start of something 
To last us a life time or two 
No doubt there are many who 
Want to get next to you 
I'm also sure you can pick 
And choose whomever you want 
You are classic beauty personified 
Angels were singing as God molded you 
God colored outside the lines this time  
Some would say you are the spark 
That lights up the fires within 
For God must have sent you to bring 
The light with you for all the world to see
I hear the angels sing as I look into your eyes
I could hold you in my heart for a lifetime or two
You are a dream coming into my life just for me
A tall glass of water on a parched throat you are
Can you tell me do you feel as I do ~ can you love me too !

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Quote inspired by Justin

The key is to recognize, that we as instruments can only create music, if the breath of God blows through our lives.

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T h  o  u  s  a  n d  steps, 
    I...must boldly take!
Should I stumble, again
  I  will not succumb.  I must take..
    To climb heaven's gate, I must make.

  to how long, Oh how long...
     minutes, hours,
           days or years?
   I am waiting. Waiting on you, Lord..
I will stand firm over flowing storms blow.
    I am waiting. Waiting on you, Lord..
   I am hopeful... I am waiting on You, Lord.
My soulful heaven intercourse ....
     I pray: "My God, Oh God, guide me to increase"
As raw river rumblings, the appealing gust chimes my peace.

 Winters' biting cold
         Springs' vibrating show glow
    Summers' chanting heat..
        Autumns' bell rings both life and death 
All the season changes waves both smiles and tears
    Still, I am kneeling down clasping both my hands tight
        Trusting You that soon  [God, very soon]
 Your grace is there to bend and mend
     always, always You are at hand...

Salty crystals may glisten through my eyes
    Arms, I will raise high - my whole surrender cry
I believe. Patiently waiting for You `~
    joy, success and peace unto my life, You'll drew...

Whenever temptations lure me frightening my heart 
   stirring, shaking and shattering even my mind...
     Then notes from song's music fade
      Still, I will try... [God, I will try]not to be  fully swayed
 I know...  Your Breathing words are the sweetest..
    Your Living Words: my double edge sword
Everyday to be experienced and explored not ignored.

Past shadows-
  They are foes my God
     Causing shame and cross
Hungry gnawing lions surrounding me
  They are all ready. Ready. Ready to consume the fire in me.
       but, Through You..Through You Oh God.  [I believe.]
My poor tempest-tossed soul will be save
      for sins iron chains, I will break free then rise.

So long as I have breathe, my mouth shall fret
With You Oh God,  with You,  all things are possible...

***Inspired by Psalm

1 I waited patiently for the Lord;   
  he turned to me and heard my cry.
2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
  out of the mud and mire; he set my
feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.
3 He put a new song. in my mouth,
  a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
  and put their trust in him

And Matthew 19:26 - With man this is impossible but with God all things are 

© O. E. Guillermo
10:09 AM
AUGUST 16, 2014

Sponsor	Regina Riddle
Contest Name	Bible -
Placed 2nd

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Life's Battles

It's strange how God talks to us. Sometimes in the wee hours of a sleepless night, Sometimes a sweet voice appears in the background music of the vaccum cleaner. Maybe while driving home from a tedious workday with the radio turned off. Maybe awaken from sleep words pouring from your heart and soul that makes you Jump out of bed and scramble for pen and paper. I'm not the least surprised that the words jump out of me, For God has talked to me many times in this manner. You see, they all have a common denominator. Its when you tune out the Distractions of your surroundings that God can talk to the innermost parts of your being. He leaves your heart and soul in awe as your mind comes back to earth. No, I'm not a bit surprised that he woke me from a deep sleep. I pray for him to talk to me. He knows I need his inspiration. It's like bread and water To sustain me from the hum-drum of everyday living. I'm not a saint by any means, probably worse than the worse, lowest than the lowly. God knows me and he loves me anyway. Maybe I disappoint him with my selfish, stubborn And sinful ways, but he knows I love him and trust him in all things. Jesus is my Redeemer and salvation. He walks by my side thru tragedy, he is my healer through All my sicknesses. My faith is strengthened in him until my back feels it will Break into. Oh, what a friend I have in Jesus. A young man once said,"We young people need to hear from our older generation the experiences they have overcome in all Situations." "We hunger for your testimonials to help us to know what to do when We are faced with our own trials and tragedy's." Maybe, when God speaks to us, even thru poetry, the real circumstances that we have faced He is only giving us the gift of being able to see the blessings that come from tragedy to Make our walk so much more easy.

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True Love

God knows my heart - my every thought.
He knows when I pray, what I say...
Understands my ways... even those days...
When I don’t have the patience or praise.
God knows my heart - my soul and the part...
Of me that is hidden behind walls built by fear...
Walls of discouragement, disillusion and despair...
Walls that protect those feelings that make me vulnerable.
God knows my heart - even when I don’t...
Know how to put into words... the way that I hurt.
He reads between the lines when I write...
Understanding those feelings I don’t describe.
God knows my heart - the depths of my hopes...
He comforts me when I’m lost in disappointment...
Gives me encouragement and helps me to accomplish...
All those things that I might not believe I’m capable of.
God knows my heart - my inner demons and the battles I fight...
With sadness, anxiety, doubt and insecurity... all of the reasons...
I need second chances - new beginnings and restoration;
All the reasons I have for reaching beyond my own weakness’.
God knows my heart - even when I don’t believe I’m worthy...
He still comforts me when I hurt - heals the wounds and provides...
Everything I could have hoped for... more than I could have imagined...
Blessings beyond my expectations; Grace that abounds in the worst situations.
God knows my heart - welcomes me when my hope has been lost...
Helps me to believe in those dreams I might have given up on...
Leads me through the wrong choices, mistakes, the desperation...
Found in the place where flaws, faults and failures trap my faith.
God knows my heart - remembers my moments of enthusiasm and delight...
Even when I’ve lost sight, given up on finding the strength to use my insight...
Find my way past the penetrating pain - the scars that keep reminding me...
I have been through those disheartening days.

God knows my heart - and even when I’m wrong...
He welcomes me into the warmth of a serenity...
That can only be found in the arms of the Love that He gives so freely.

God knows my heart ... as He knows yours...
And I pray that He blesses you...
With Love that is forever and always, 
Eternally...A part of you. 

God Bless You!!!
This is my entry in “A true love -poem - Poetry Contest”

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Lines Life and our Faith in God

Lines Life and our Faith in God

Is it possible to divide lines?
Which are of numerous types and kinds,
Like life, which always appear in different,
Forms, colors, shapes and types.

But when all these types and kind of lines disappears,
Covering the sheet of darkness,
What is left is only a tiny dot,
Which has no end and has no beginning.

From a tiny dot only life and every thing began one day,
And in a tiny dot every thing would vanish one day,
Leaving no lines of any kind bold or thin,
On the sands of time,
What would ultimately be left, as the last impression,
Would only be a tiny dot, much smaller than the rolling tears of eyes.

The Universe also started from a dot,
Even all universes and galaxies, stars and planets,
Started from a dot created by God,
And every thing ultimately would vanish,
One day in the darkness of a dot, like black hole,
About which we almost know nothing,
Except that every thing including the earth, planets, stars,
Even our body and mind and its high rising aims and ambitions
Would ultimately get lost in the magnetic darkness of the 
Black hole, which is nothing but another form of a dot.

The creative and destructive power of the dot,
Is right before us in the form of a computer,
Which builds, learns and teaches every thing,
Starting and ending from tiny tiny dots,
And places before us humans and nature,
Animals and creatures, in their true forms, except
They do not breathe, love and hate like humans.

But humans are close to create a new dot,
Tomorrow it would breathe and talk, 
It would think and walk and may also love and hate
And may be, it would start creating,
New types of humans and may start thinking himself one day,
As our new Creator or a new God.

I pondered, wondered and imagined,
What would happen, when this new God,
Would have a small amount of some power in his hand
And may become a new God for those,
Who do not believe in our faith and in our Almighty God,
As even a small amount of the power of creation and destruction,
May blind the weak humans to start thinking himself as the new God.

In such a situation, all lines of all types may disappear
For ever from us, which has so far, 
Saved us from the total disappearance of our existence,
And has brought up like a child in every religion and faith,
So that we may flourish and bloom like his Nature
And may adore Him as,
Our faith or God or as our strong and bold Dot,
Which always loves us a lot.


Kanpur India     13th June 2006

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Who Will I Follow

So many ask me to follow them
through rusty gates and broken doors
Where will I be led
whom shall I follow
Are their directions better than my own?
Will I lead myself down the garden path?
Perplexed by messages
What will satisfy?
Is there meaning to life?
Blind guides speak loudly
painting pretty pictures on my mind
Enticing me with their magic
They speak like they know
They want me to see what they think they see
It is so close
just over the next horizon
Purpose, serenity
Being at one with the universe
Peace, love, understanding
I pick up a book
It warns me
there is but one way
Directed to the only Son 
A gift from the Father
The creator of all things
Earthly wisdom to be ignored
become as a little child
The opposite of all that I had known
A single narrow path
I am slowly guided along
no longer alone
I know who I will follow
I am on the road to home

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Human Hands

I was there
To usher you into this world
Mine were the hands that cradled your little body
The face that beamed in your presence
My hands were ready to catch you when you took those first steps
I celebrated your first words
Your smile spread across my lips

When others put you down
I was the friend who stayed by your side
You were never alone
My ears
My heart
They were filled with compassion
I held your hand during your darkest hour

Mine were the shoulders 
The ones strong enough to hold you
They lifted you above the deep waters
Helping you to see beyond your own borders
You realized 
You dreamed of new possibilities

My hands painted the pictures
I sang the songs
Built the buildings
Knitted the clothing that warmed you
Toiled in the fields
I was in even the smallest detail
You are that important to me

I was the teacher
The grandparent
Sometimes dad
The friend
Your wife
The stranger who came along beside you
The applause as you walked across life's stage
I was every encouraging word
I was
I am
The light 
The Love
The realization of who you are meant to be
I am your God
I chose to touch you with human hands

Robert Ball's Honoring the Father Contest.

Linda's any  poem goes #18.

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For Momma

  From a babe to a man, I needed your hand. Now I understand, it was part of God's 
ultimate plan. I was to be raised by another woman.  Don't get me wrong, Grandmomma was something! She gave me all the love a child could need. She was always there for me. Truly a blessing! No Mother, you don't owe me a thing. Not even an explanation. I can't sing, so I wrote this dedication, tTo show my appreciation.

 Momma, Momma you're still #1. No matter the distance; rRegardless of what you've done. As God is my witness, I'm still your son.

Yes I hold resentments, and that is hard to ignore. My hurt I can't hide. When 
you kicked me out. And out of your three children, why was I the one you let go? 
From afar you watched me grow. Did you worry about my well being? On the surface, looks can be deceiving. No, I was not well. I was actually a child living in hell. Easy for you to say "It's over, it's the past". I was forced to grow up too fast!

Momma, Momma you're still #1. No matter the distance. Regardless of what you've done. As God is my witness. I'm still your son.

I remember spending the night with you and that was such a treat, just to escape the hurt from being beat. Looking back it was a real tragedy. I felt you didn't love me. You were my Mother but you gave me up so easily. Grandmomma became my only family. The only person I could rely on. But now she's gone. Even now as a grown man, I feel so alone. If I could sing, this would be my song--

Momma, Momma you're my queen. For you I would do anything. I just want you to be proud of me. Whatever I've done, please accept my apology. I'm not perfect, never claimed to be. 

But I am strong. Especially dealing with this pain for so long. I just hope we can finally be a family when I come home.

Dedicated to my Momma "Phyllis Ann Lopez"

Note: Thank you Poetry Soup for allowing me to share another piece of my life.   From both 
pieces "For Grandmomma" to this piece "For Momma" you can picture my relationships with 
both women. My mother was far from perfect...But no one is perfect and I love her all the 
same!  Jimmy

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Heavens' Doorway

One day there was an accident, and to heavens gate I was called.
As an angel sat down beside me, upon the bed I had been put upon.
Such a shining warmth ensued as it held me in its thrall.
A thought from God proclaimed, “What with your life have you done?”
Then all of life fled past me, but not as I did expect to see it done.
For all I saw and felt were things I hadn’t known I had done, and yet…
So much pain inflicted to each, with such little words and thoughts.
I never would have known such power, by one person, could be wrought.
I bowed my head in shame at the pain I knew I could not undo, yet…
Suddenly, I found myself forgiven. Yes, TRULY it was true!
Hallelujah became my amazed and impassioned cry before him, that night!
His warmth had never wavered, nor even his illustrious, wonderful light.
How could he forgive me, someone as wretched and lowly as I?
And yet, he did… and so he changed my life from then on out. 
But low and behold he wasn’t yet done with me, or so my story goes…
He sent me back to my home again… it in comparison brought me low.
But he said my work lay uncompleted, so now I must go back…
He said to stay clean and I would blossom… What do you think of that?
A veil he placed upon my eyes to remove me from the knowledge of all I’d known.
Then he sent me from his side, where I could not see him but knew he was.
Now, here I stand before you, a totally changed and humbled one.
Still, I have found I have sinned again… I know he must have known.
Perhaps some day, as I patiently wait… I’ll be allowed once more within his gate.
Only time will tell, as again I’ll feel every ones pain…
All I can say is: God Forgive Me… as I continue to wait…

(This Near Death experience really happened and changed my life.)

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A Spirit Leaves the Body Seeking Eternity

A Spirit leaves the body while crying aloud as
Cursing blind hate enters without conscience 
A Hell for the wicked casting names as called
Tears of love weeping in sorrow and anguish 
Dripping red from the heart beating so dear
Devouring feelings eating into emotions I laugh so
To stop the weeping stirring in deep rocks below
Echoing waves of turbulence and such gale force 
Inside one soulful cry sounds in a whispered dream
Begging, desiring to move on from this mortal coil!

But pray tell—must wicked negation like this be
Ever so, if so, then why so?? 
Man-made negation, negativity should never be 
Allowed and the soulful cry must be heard, answered
Divine intervention, angelic powers to the rescue!

A Spirit leaving the body—a solemn event it is
There is no place for such mortal wickedness in this
Instance as the Spirit begins it transformative ascent
Toward the Heavens and the power of the Almighty
Shall answer in kind those mortals who bring their
Perfidy to this most wondrous process that severs 
The mortal bonds of the Earth dimension as the 
Spirit moves on in its new found state and presence
As Peace and Happiness envelop it soothingly and pure
Preparing it for God’s most precious embrace into Eternity!

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem,         
Copyright © All Rights Reserved (January 6, 2015)                          
(Free Verse)

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The Final Say

As our world spins into this blatant madness Family units like dead leaves, fading fast! Our children lost, good values tossed Idols abound, keeps us in a choke! Excesses, extreme shape our lives The Golden Rule, now a corny joke! A simple guide to can heal our earth-disregarded Yet, in spite of all these, God will have the final say When wars and storms sweep across our earth Leaders ignore the hour at hand Perhaps, the last to stand as men To right the wrongs of history past And re enact laws to seal the cracks! Potent winds arising, already on track Remember, love for man and nature will heal this earth Yes, I believe, in spite of all these, My God will have the final say So let the politicians, argue, fight and scheme Let the liars, deceivers, play their games!” Let death merchants chant their evil anthem “It’s not a child, but a piece of flesh”! While the years like pages torn from a book All blowing away like dust in the wind Gone forever beyond eternity's veil! 'Too simplistic', some claim, that love's the remedy Yet, in spite of all these, I will fear no end, for My God will have the final say! ~*~

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Toquyen title compilation poem

What "do you see"
"What are you looking for"
Why "do you do what you want"
You know it causes Me pain
You could be "my everything"
"Are you determined" to go it alone
"Sure" you can rely on your own wisdom
"Each" "moot" point " you" "test"
"What you want you get"
"Just know" it will never satisfy
"Ready or not" the end will come
You have a "see through heart"
Lacking the "gift of eternity"
"See where you are going"
"To you" I say, do not grasp the "final straw"

"Ready or not" "it is you"
"Oh yes" it is your choice
You can "rest in me"
"If you want it you shall have it"
"Your Treasure" is safe in my hands
"Whatever touches you" will never harm you
"You are an essay" I wish to complete 
"Wisdom" can be your companion
"I live" beyond simple imaginations
"See with my eyes"
"I will guide you"
"Oh beautiful one"
"Beautiful you"
I am waiting "for you"
"Peace" is but a "breath" away
"Ask and you will receive"
"Love, Lord"

All the words in Quotes are titles from Toquyen Harrell's  poems.

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Lord thank you

Oh Holy Spirit you lifted me without wings 
I was overjoyed flying
inside a warm celestial glow 
tears falling golden love
Raising up inside joy sings a Host 
With crystals shining sparkles 
rainbows your light misting promise
I got so much happiness in news tonight
Blessed is You oh Lord
who has just brought me great light for a future ahead
one off the purest kind touched by an angels hand 
To feel a warmness lifting all pain deep inside
saying be proud off love as it's a gift 
pure Heavenly fluttering warmest wings 
I felt my soul elevate dancing on air 
lifting to the Heaven's in a song 
In your Holy name Master one bows in Grace
Clouds pearly white mixed with the softest blue
floating dancing white mixed mother of pearl
on air breathing warm angel wings
Rejoicing in one prayer Holy Lord
in love I honor beautiful
Thank you for granting me 
my lifetime wish come true 
truly a gift I say 
Amen Holy Father

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This Universe

In the middle of the universe I stand
All alone on a quiet, desert night
Looking up at brilliant, desert stars
Shining along the Milky Way.

And in this universe, where I stand
I see the moon illuminating the sky
Constellations in their patterns
Hidden planets in their spheres.

And as I stand in this great universe
Contemplating the wonders of the night
I know that just as surely as I live
In my heart of hearts, I am not alone.

For I am seen by the One who created
This universe, in which I stand
Who made the heavens and the earth
He is the great I AM, who created me
In His great universe, where I stand.

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Princess Philomena 1

She who is the light and hope in love complete
I kneel in your grace
A story that really gripped me deeply
as my mother told me with such pride in her voice

Protectress of the most Holy living rosary 
she has preformed countless miracles
A young virgin who was martyred at the age of 13
She willingly gave her life to the heavenly sacrifice
daughter of light you shine heroic
Blessed with the virtues of purity,obedience and humility
the anchor of hope in deep dark despair
I promised someone really dear to me
precious in my heart with love
to write this story

She was the daughter of a prince stunning beautiful
coming from a small state in Greece
who her family became Christians 
in baptism she became the daughter off, light
One day while in the city the family went for an audience
with the great emperor, when he saw her 
he appeared possessed in his mannerism
during the whole time within conversations 
Now her father was dazzled with his honor
he willingly accepted his proposal of marriage
her father and mother tried everything to induce her to yield
to their demands she turned to them and said
I never break a promise once made
in the one she had made to Jesus
saying her virginity belongs to him
No longer can I dispose of it
They tried everything in their power
her father began attacking her in his own shame
in violent rage and anger and her mother tried to induce her to yield
they tried everything with her that was possibly know to them
Until both her parents fell on their knees begging
with tears that were overwhelming their eyes
pleading with her to please take pity on them
No was her answer final on the subject
she had vowed herself to God and her kingdom is in Heaven
She was brought before the emperor at the time
he flew into a mad violent fit of anger mixed with rage
influenced by the devil himself
He flung her into the palace prison
thinking to himself with pain and suffering
and with great shame in her courage he constantly attacked her
some which were almost fatal to her purity of blessing
had it not been for the hand and grace of God
Her prayers supported her 
those she made to the love of Jesus
and to her most holy mother with her only son
now being held in captivity 37 days in total
always in a heavenly mist of light 
Our Blessed most Holy Mother supreme through the eyes of all women
bride of our Lord the Father God the creator
our Blessed Mother appeared in a vision

this story continues on next write 3 chapters this all held me captive 

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Can God Help Me Now?

Can a man, who does not believe,
Fall to his knees,
And beg some relief?

Can one, who has been given,
The life of a dream,
Ball his fists?
Nails dug into the palms till they bleed…
Look to the heavens and scream…

And be heard?

Is it right to love something so damn much,
That the anger inside,
Rips at your pride, 
And the pain is unbearable to the touch?

Is my hate a cop out?
Is it a way to deal?
Maybe a method to my madness;
Which allows me to feel?

Will God help me with this sadness?

If I still fail to believe?

I ask;
 Is it me I deceive?

Can I truly let go?
Allow the curtains to close on this show?
Raise my hand in farewell,
And hold praise in my heart for this hell?

If I spit venom,
Out of spite…
Can I stand proud?
For having rode the torrent,
And call it right?

If my tears run free,
With the lump in my throat,
That seizes me,
Can I stare you in the eye?

And ask that you remember me?

Or is it my greed?
Or this anger,
Once at seed?
Now in full bloom…

So emotional,

So much that I am asking;

Can God help me now?

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Princess Philomena 2

As Our Blessed Lady appeared holding Her Divine Son in Her arms
you will leave this state of pain she said in 3 days
In forty days you will leave this state 
that she serves a higher purpose Divine
such was the news her heart 
it began skipping faster inside joy
Her Lady Mary said to her 
you 're the light of all stars hope is your virtue
Smiling the sun for you
as I myself am called Aurora,Star
the moon in her gentle fullness
and the brightness of the golden sun
Now nature will always bow down meek, and very humble
to our Masters voice 
Assets it law 
in the final moment of combat
Grace will come to lend you it's force
and your angel who is also mine
Gabriel the name expresses strength
will come to your aid in the time of need
you Princess are beloved among my children
It was then the prison filled up with a Heavenly celestial perfume
Her virtues she was bent on keeping 
a public chastisement to offend her virtues
Then condemned stripped and scourged
like the spouse Our Lord preferred
Horrifying what they done to her 
such are the faces of shame
The prison guards hesitated to unclothe her entirely
they proceeded to tie her to a column
in the presence off,  a full court of men
Where they all lashed her with so much violence
until the floor was soaked and herself bathed in blood
Her whole body was an open wound now she fainted
they dragged her back to the dungeon cells to die
Two angels appeared and they began shining their light
inside the dark cell they embalmed her wounds
In the sweetest light of Heavenly oil 
one off eternal life and salvation
her strength in His love she grew stronger for living
The emperor viewed her with greedy desire and lust filled eyes
he tried everything he had in his power to impress her
It was when he exhausted every means know to him
Talking about Jupiter 
offering her the position of empress of Rome
using seductive words in every manner
blessing her with great honor

to be continued such a story just blew my mind in loves grace

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christmas light

Before midnight 
on Christmas eve 
i put 
a lighted candle 
upon the window sill 
to say
of baby Jesus 
to my home 

This door 
of the heart 
is open 
with prayer 
welcoming his holiness 
to receive 
the Lord's blessing 
on his birthday 
i sing a song 
with praise 
kneeling a lamb 
of God 
happy birthday 
lord and master 

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Dear God

I wish I could write you a love song
Fill with heart felt words
I wish I could say that I love you and meant every word
But as you know I am just a man
And even now as I have grown
I still cannot understand the meaning of those three letter words.

I spent my life searching
I spent my days hoping
Even now as I have aged and have a family of my own
I still do not understand the meaning of those three letter words

They say, that they love you
They say, that they care
But their words are cheap and weigh no value.

My heart is still broken
My bones are weak
My nights are restless
And my soul is asleep.

I feel so hopeless
Defeated and crush
These burdens I carry
Have me buried in a dump.

I try to call out
I try to shout
But these words I speak
No one can hear me.

God take my hand
Lift my pain
Save me from this cane
I am afraid its about to leave a big old stain.

Lord I am in so much pain
These scares bring nothing but shame
Jesus please let it rain
Save me, I think I am about to go completely in sane.

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The trees are still there every morning
Angry or sad
The sun beats down through your pores
Day after day after day.
And the moon will never stop.
And the spirit to which God has granted you
Walks with you
Penniless or pocketless.
"Something was dropped along the way,"
You feel.
"Well it's true we shed ourselves over the years,
Pieces of ourselves everywhere," 
says the sliding Voice.
Identity is really only something 
We think other people need.

So we pretend like we're separate from each other.

The word "firelight," is evocative.
The bloom of spirit and desire and
The ever-crackling of wild entanglement

Our lives like firelight
On the darkened beach
from the young and warm light
to the blazing chaos and wonder
to the toking and smoting and dimming
And the burial, and the cold.

I am as sad as the bottom of a well.
I have left something along the way.
A small appendage, maybe, I had meant to use at some point.
The Right Hand of God I was too distracted to keep hold of.

I am all other centerless beings
Dropping things here and there
A pen. A thought. A conviction.

And to keep hold,
to press on staring redemptively
At the circling Hands 
To live in this way is to gain wisdom
And with wisdom there is always
the healing of sadness. 
Senseless though, I know, like all else
And the evering was and the here we sit

Our eyes blinking tears from the bottom of a well.
Tearing from our core for
The love and need for others 
And their hands.

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The Fallen Star

~The Fallen Star~ 
(Free Verse) 

I can't still believe that millions have fallen and fall for all those lies, 
Yes, I am very aware that Satan's ways and bag of tricks, are too many, just to count 
He's the greatest liar and traitor that ever has lived and sin has produced 
Once, he'd it all but for greed and pride he betrayed his own Creator God 

Satan never stops deceiving us all, I can tell you that 
He's always on the move, roaming around the whole earth, 
Seeking new souls to pervert and steer them stray and send away 
Forever and ever from the Glorious Kingdom of God and its Creator 

He accuse us all in front of God and sneers at us laughing when we sin 
Satan is the great deceiver, hate us all and we should always send him away 
When he tempted us he just knows how to push our buttons in the right way 
This angel of perdition gives us the world but in the end we may lose our very souls 

Satan's ways are just too much to pay for, what's the use of having it all here, if we lose our precious soul and eternity 
In God's glorious kingdom that's Heaven, for you see, Satan the great deceiver of all, already knows that God has won! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


~Important note from the author~ 

For more information you can always read these passages in the Holy Scriptures: (Satan fall from Heaven) Isaih 14:12-15 ~ (Satan the accuser) Job 1:12 ~ (Satan the tempter) 1 Thessalonians 3:5 ~ (Satan's destiny)Romans 16:20 ~ 

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Passion Of Eve

And Eve who had never been ashamed of her nakedness, 
Who had never had a single fear, 
Now knew all the evils that would come into this world,
The poison of the fruit had opened her eyes,
She could seperate neither Good or Truth,
From Wickedness and Lies;
And she loathed her body,
She feared the thought it might give to men, 
She knew not the power that it held, 
She knew not that her flesh was sacred,
She felt ashamed of her skin, 
Seeing that the world would crave perfection, 
And knowing not that she was already perfect,
And so she tried to hide, 
She covered wounds that were not yet made,
And wept for her daughters yet unborn, 
Who would suffer crimes against them that were so wicked it made her skin crawl, 
Her soul came alive with the pain, 
And it burned as she wept.

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Poverty made me once climb a tree
sitting high in its breathing crown
I became wealthy with the swallows
the eternity of swirling torpedo skies
swallowed me in its massive silence
only the wind whispered to me softly
telling me with the wishes of the sunshine
that god loves me

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To touch a Goddess

Men who can not handle her,
Can not handle her love nor rod,
Lose their minds to madness,
Reduce themselves to human core,
Wild beasts who light fire,
To try to keep her close,
And end up scortched. 
Wild fire burns,
Her golden wheat dies,
Just to touch her once,
They let sanity leave their minds.

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The Heartbeat Of God

High on a hillside,
in the middle 
of the marigolds 
and the meadowlarks,
 I sit, stilling my soul.
my fingers feel God's 
cool, green grass.

I press my fingers 
down into the soft, 
moist earth.
The palm of my hand
starts to throb.
As if I am 
the heartbeat 
of God.

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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I think back

When I think back...
 I see your eyes on me across the room,
 The way your lips slowly curve into a happy smile,
 Your strong arms holding a child,
 And I think back...
 Do you remember being the "Big Man" on campus back then?
 Or the easy ways of the women you've held?
 The loving hearts that you've shuttered and broke?
 And I think back...
 Do you remember those secret games we once played?
 Or the silent pleas to the Lord that you've made? 
 The loving family you've had and destroyed?
 And I think back...
 And I think back to the way things are and smile,
 And I think back to the way you were and I know,
 And I think back to the man you've become and I love you,
 And I thank back...then I thank God.

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Why give me passion
And not bring it to fruition?
Why give me love
And withhold reciprocity?
Why give me voice
A touch above mediocrity
When all I want is to sing?
Why give me words
When they don’t transform?
Why give me dreams
With no hope of a reality?

Why make me enamored by beauty
When all I see is plain old me?

Questions that need answers
Rebellion is brewing inside me

Why create me with incessant longing
That will never be quenched
To learn sacrifice?
To suffer?
To pay the price?
To purify?

But all the reasons
Don't satisfy
I’m tired of asking "Why?"
This heart is about to die

Eileen Manassian Ghali

The Answers:

The Lord your God in your midst,
The Mighty One, will save;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.” 
Zephaniah 3:17

One of my favorite Bible texts. God allows me to throw my little temper tantrum. I am, after all, His times rebellious, but when I'm all cried out...if I let him, He takes me in his arms...and quiets me with his love. 

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Shower of Tears

It begins with prayer
as I kneel
in my morning shower,
first thanking God
for all the blessings
He has given to me,
then I start
listing those
dear to me.

I think of you,
how much I love you,
and your needs,
I ask for strength and healing,
ask for forgiveness
if I have done anything
to hurt you
and tell God
how I need you.

It’s then that
the tears start to flow
as I let Him know
how very important
you are to me,
why I feel helpless many times
and am unable to help you.

As I try to speak,
my tears are coming down
like the water
in the shower,
soon I can’t even
see or speak.

All I am now
is a crying man,
wanting God to help me,
to help you, to heal you,
to show me how
to be your strong Knight,
instead of someone
just full of tears.

Even if He allows us to stay together
sometime in the future,
I know at times
I will be nothing
but a crying man.

Crying tears of Joy
when you are here,
crying tears of Woe
when you are not.

As you have been here recently
I am doing both right now
and love you too much
to ever stop completely.

My Lady Susan,
this Knight is forever yours
and will never leave your side…
may God continue
to have mercy on us both.


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Glory In Heaven

To heaven we are called,
                   his glory for us all.

The meeting in the air,
                   to stand before his chair.

So many of us are shown,
                   the greatness of his throne.

We will praise our loving lord,
                   forever in him we are restored.

Before the sea of glass,
                   his overcomers did outlast.

We see our savior crowned,
                   the trump of God to sound.

From the midst of us he came,
                   the lamb of God was slain.

To take the book thereof,
                   from his fathers hand with love.

So glorious for us to be,
                   his kingdom forever is ours to see.

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Have you ever thought about the Death of Christ?
Why did they crucify him?
If you read the story then you know
But what I ask is why didn't God stop them?
It's natural to protect our own
How could he let him be sacrificed?
For the good of all man I've been told
God sacrificed his only son for us
But what does he ask in return? What does he want?
Are we supposed to try and emulate him?
I wish to know
I don't understand his decision
To not help his only son, I couldn't do that
But I do know that is why we are not gods
Do people who give their lives for others emulate God?
When a solider dies for our country is he dying for us?
Or freedom? or both?
Are the parents godlike in their sacrifice of their children?
Like Christ when he sacrificed his only son
Or is it more than that?
Is patriotism just a mindset to get people to fight?
When one country is mad at another
It's the leaders who argue not the countries
Why can't the leaders fight and leave us alone?
Do leaders send their own children to fight and die?
Why should I send my children to fight and die for you?
Are you a God? Do you have my interests at heart? Or yours?
You say it is in the name of freedom, but whose freedom?
We have never been free
You send me to fight, kill, and die
And yet you say I am free, free to do what?
Free to murder those you want dead?
Free to send my children to their death for you?
Who are you again? Are you a God?
I fight for God not you
My children are not targets or murderers
And now you demand my children to be your shield
Who are you again? Never mind
I know who you are it's very plain to see
You are not a god you are a coward
You are evil and you are trying to destroy us
You are lying to all of us just as you always have
You speak of freedom
As you try to blind us with patriotism
And silence us with duty and honor, Meaningless!
From one who knows nothing of their meaning
I wonder what God would say to you
Knowing who and what you are
Would he forgive you?
Would he understand your deception? Would he?
I could not forgive you, this is why I am not a god
I can't forgive, I am vengeful, I would punish you
Without mercy
For allowing this deception of youth to continue
Maybe you believe your right but I can't believe that
You know what your doing is wrong yet you continue
One day you will pay, as we all will 
We are all guilty to some degree
But most of all we are guilty of sacrificing our children to you 
Who are you again? never mind
I just remembered, your the devil

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A Journey of Souls

To touch another soul on this journey
To affirm the value of your fellowman
To walk in the shoes of a man that’s broken
Is to walk this earth with God

To wade through murky waters 
To be at peace amidst the storm
To believe that you are truly free                                             
Is to trust in the word of God

To love in spite of animosity
To fear no one, but to do wrong 
To rise up and walk each time you fall  
Is to be the apple of God’s eye

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The Abominable Snowman and The Yeti

The Abominable Snowman and The Yeti

Geezus ! what was that !
I saw something outside my cave
And there the footprints leading away
Across the white waste lands of snow
They look kinda big
For it to be me walking in my dreams
And why would I be out anyway
Its so flippin’ cold

Was that the wind I heard moan
Sounded eerie
Kinda creepy
Geezus Christ maybe I am not alone !

Crunching, crunching soft and quiet
I can hear something stealthy
Its coming close
Sniffing and snorting
Maybe it found my pee in the snow
Oh god no !

Quiet ! Shhhhhh I didn’t mean to say Quiet ! quite so loudly
Maybe it will go away
And I’ll live to see another day
But what’s that !
Has it found my home
I thought this entire mountain was my own

Its coming in !
Oh my God it looks like me
All white and fur and burly
It seems a little cautious though

Hello…. What does it mean Hello !
Hello dinner ! ? I have to wonder
But it has found me
What ever it maybe 

Then it said “Hello I am a Yeti”
Yeti…? I think my father told me about Yeti
Strange creatures and oh so solitary
It said quite softly and kinda sweetly
“May I come in if I can?
Its kinda cold out there in the snow all alone”

Now I see it
Its not quite as big as I thought it was
Kinda cute and white a furry
Hmmmm… looks kinda sexy really

So I reached out my hand and said “come on in”
Introduced myself
“Hi, I’m the Abominable Snowman” 
She said with a sigh “yes I know”

………. ? ¿ ? ¿

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What the Angels Whisper

How hope still clings in the maze of youth,

   though a vessel so tender,

   not yet cured, apt to blow in the wind

   as a ripened daisy,

   a fledgling ----

   too much a babe for a serpent's wile;

A helping hand awaits in the arms of time,

   where moments pass to eternity,

   the winds are hushed with reprieve,


   there is a friend staring to dawn

From love roars the mightiest wind,

   of a warmth most enduring,

The rose sifts most sweet 

   in youthful shallows,

   not deep of a withered old;

   ere anger is bred and seasoned,

   tamed to mother's ease,

The old man forgets, the harridan scoffs

   while the child rides the winds

   of rosy-dawns and soft remembrance,

   somehow, the ancient are redeemed 

Let love speak her tender tongue,

   atop mountains too aloft for wicked ears,

Soothe she the weeping wayward,

   the broken bone, fevers ungodly;

   though she is mysterious to the ignorant,

   confounds the tyrant in his self-genius ----

   only God could know her name,

   whispered infinite

   (she is love)

** Excerpt from my epic ' The Blood of the Prophets'
     (unfinished as of yet)**  


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There was once a young girl,
Who wish upon the stars,
Looking so bright in the sky,
She dream and soar up high.

Opportunities knock in front of her,
She think, she decide, with a prayer,
Go on, walk alone and prove to everyone,
That no matter what, she will do her plan.

Roads are not as smooth as she goes,
But strong enough to dream and pursue,
Thinking of the wish she promise to herself,
And she asks God to give her more strength.

To be strong to face challenges in life,
And dedicate her wish to God above,
Now success is within her reach,
With her determination not to be rich,
But to help for those who are need.

A girl who once wish upon the stars,
Is now a woman of example and virtues ,
For she is the already the molders of the youth,
Wish granted and she is now contented,
For God is really good if you believe and have faith

9th Place Winner
Pd's "New Poem" Contest

That Young girl

9th Place Winner
For Nathan's "oOne of your Best" Contest

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Just a Few Questions, Lord

     Lord, why is it that when we see articles about aborting your babies,
we move on to something else ... and even sometimes get angry? 
Why do we argue among ourselves about that?     

Is it true, even in these days of scientific break throughs,
that some of your people still believe that abortion 
is not the killing of a Human Being?    
Isn’t it strange that the killing of babies, which used to be considered evil 
at one time, is now considered . .a right?     
 Even we that are graced enough to still deem it to be wrong, vote for abortion 
proponents without a fight.

Knowing of the politician’s abortion voting record, why do
we vote for them anyway with some other excuse  in mind?           

Oh Lord when you return; ..  just what will you find?

You said,  “Love each other as I have loved you.” 
...Will we argue with You also when our life here is through?

You see Lord we were only voting for the “ choice”  to kill your babies.  
Choice is the key word here, don’t you see?
I’m sure You must understand legality.

We wouldn’t kill them ourselves. We only pay others to do it with our taxes etc.
So if others I vote for push for laws to "legally" kill them,  
what’s that got to do with me ?

I didn’t vote for them on that account, it had to do with the economy you see.  
 Am I my brother’s keeper?  Besides, those babies have never met me.

You also said, Lord, “Seek ye the Kingdom of God and all else will be given unto you.”  
Knowing what really happens when we vote for “choice”, 
is that still seeking the Kingdom of God?

So Lord, I was thinking….. Your statement about Seeking the Kingdom of God …
..and all else shall be given unto you…..  Is that choice too?

 Is voting for politicians that we know push for more abortion rights....
Is that seeking the Kingdom of God .. if they call it "Choice" or "Women's rights"? 
 And if not … what will we get if we choose not to seek it
... you know... by voting for one 
who has a record of pushing to kill to Your babies. 
Isn’t that our choice too? Do we get to vote on that, Lord?
I mean, You know, voting on what we want 
that statement of Yours to mean?

Let us know about that okay, Lord? 
I thought for sure you already had.

Thanks for your time Lord. I mean  .. seriously … 
Thanks for  “YOUR Time.”

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Dreaming of Legos MONOTETRA

Using Jared Picketts form Monotetra

Dreamt I was a giant last night running through Lego City height. Smashing it to pieces with might. Such a good fight, such a good fight! At some point city became real. And the buildings' pain I could feel. Big giants standing on the hill. Punching to kill, punching to kill! Cleaving off huge chunks of red brick. Asphalt flying but could not stick! Smashing through walls with a swift kick. Wanting this lick, wanting this lick. It was as real or though it seems smashing through the walls of my dreams, trying to break free with loud screams. No justice deems, no justice deems! My prison walls are very real. Wish it would help me to appeal. My soul grows stagnant with no zeal. To God I kneel, to God I kneel! Though we live in different worlds on a Merry-go-round that twirls. See diff'rent views as life unfurls. Tears cold as pearls, tears cold as pearls....
Inspired by Jonathan Taylor and Jared Pickett...

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Fire Rainbow clouds

Today I saw an unusual phenomenum
Bright colors like a rainbow burst
Across a wispy cloud or two

Red and copper, blue with sheen
like a million tiny candles
aquamarine and teal
a glimpse of heaven

I feel God has blessed me
with such a sight like no other
shared today with my family
a treasure beyond compare
also I feel an inner touch
from God to me, personally
Just to say-have a nice day!!;_ylt=A0PDoS4ECYNMNTgAJSajzbkF?p=cloud+with+a+rainbow&ei=&iscqry=&fr=

...the rainbow clouds are a new view for me over the past 3 years...every time I see something new in nature I think how BIG is God?? How loved we are!!

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Be Still

Be Still.......

I will walk with God
In the beauty of the morning
While the dew still lies upon the ground
While the birds still sing their morning song
And while the evening sky still twinkles like neon lights
And the sun still rises with its golden glow bathing everything in glorious light
And in The evenings quiet where I live has entered its time of rest at calling dusk
He still holds me tight in His warmth under downy wings soft like clouds that puff and blow across a horizon that only God could grow to water and shelter a land dependant on His goodness- 

Yes I still walk with God in great expectations- reliant on His promises of always being with me- And He- even amidst the horrors of war famine and disease and evil atrocities born from the darkness of evil- His promises are still new every morning that I wake- and He still bears me through the trials and carries my burdens and makes them light- He is still my Father- And He is still My Lord and- He still- Knows my name.

© Brenda V Northeast 16th march 2012 

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From Cast-Down To Redeemed

My son, my son, my son
To whom I had taught the Lord’s Prayer
Guided His mind to ways of righteousness
Instilling what is right
Hoping for a man that shines forth.  Strong!
A man of Godly character 

What did I do wrong?
What unchangeable mistakes have I made?
Did I not show forth the Lord’s ways?
A life worthy to be exemplified?
Tell me my son, 
Where did I go wrong?

Now you bare the burden of shame
Sitting in a state of anguish and pain
Days of torment, thinking
Knowing that this should not have been 
Wanting to change what is time passed
God would not allow that even if you asked

If you were not where you are
Maybe, you would not have heard Gods call
He is going to take your shame, your pain and your anguish
He is going to take your loneliness
He is going to fill you with His Spirit
He is going to make you a lighthouse for Him

Do not despair my son
Do not despair
You will shine 
As tarnished gold
Polished by the jeweler

My love for you will never wane
God’s love for you even more so remain
Give your all to Him
Let go and let Him
You have tried on your own
Now let God work His will through you
He is God and God alone

Love, Mom

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left behind

what a sunrise!
what a day!
God in front
to take all good deed people
all in line for god to select
I alone was left behind
unhappy unsatisfied i asked
"why not me?
i help i donate
never i asked for your help
never i cheated to top
never i wanted partiality
never i wanted to be selected
never i was unsatisfied
never i asked anything from you 
never i was furious
never i had ill thoughts
never i wanted to harm others
i wanted happiness all around
always i loved beings
then why not me?
why why and why?"
god politely replied
"see flash back
you proved all things said wrong
you want heaven from me
you want me to be partial
you are furious
you want to be selected
you are unsatisfied.

this was a test for heaven
which all had given
proving wrong but trying hard
you are proved wrong for this time
so i keep you on earth for a noble cause
the one you did
spreading HAPPINESS
live life without want"

suddenly god disappeared
leaving me with a new view of life
so i will try try try

                                                  vrushani thaker 

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I Choose

I choose 
To be the calm within the storm
I will not add to the madness
Anger will not be my companion
Truly a calmer spirit can prevail

I choose 
You over me
It is not all about me
Ego will not direct my path
Within your special I will dwell

I choose
To live within this moment
The past has lost its power
Sadness can no longer satisfy
Only the now is really here

I choose
To give of what I have
It was never mine to hold onto
Selfishness will not rule my days
There is enough beyond my need

I choose
More than the temporary
Treasures stored in a heavenly realm
Love will be my companion
"I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever"

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My Guardian Angel

As I was on an errand today
I had nothing on my mind
Until I saw the carcass of an unfortunate deer
And noticed the scavengers quite near

I felt in pain
His loss their gain

I remembered something 
I was told quite young
When someone dies
A baby is born.

Then I began to think
Whose place was it I did take

Was it a man? 
Was it a woman?
Was he or she young?
Or was he or she old?

I seriously felt
It was a man
It is he who is my Guardian Angel
And I wanted to reach out and take his hand

Was he a country or a city man?
Was he born in the 1800’s or the 1900’s I asked
Was he from this country or a foreign shore?
Oh the questions there are so many more

Was he in the war?
Was he safe from harm?
Or was he hurt
And lost an arm?

Did he marry?
And were there children, I asked
How many grandchildren were there
Who sat on his lap?

You are so near
Yet so far
Now that I question 
Who you are

How many times did I disappoint him
Through out my time on earth
Did he like my singing?
Or did his ears I hurt?

Was his hand on mine as I painted 
The mountains the skys and the seas
Or on the steering wheel when my attention was lax
Was he there to help save me

Did he help with my tests in school
In order to ensure my future goal
Did he approve of my choice
As I chose a school on the Nebraska soil

I know he was there when I was wed
And he approved of the life we led
Maybe he even beamed
As our four children came upon the scene.

He is here to help me see 
The wonders God has made
And prepare myself for the final day
When I approach the Golden Gate

Maybe it is then I will know
Who died so I could be born 
I’ll thank him for he did his best
Then ask God to give him, eternal rest.

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 "I am sending you a gift of poetry, dear heart."  This one really reached out to me in its simple
  and uncluttered use of a sunrise to show God's handiwork.  I thought that since your work was
  in Haiku,  I would try to do a free verse version relating the thought of God painting His 
  morning canvas.  I hope you are okay with this.

  Inspired by the poem: "Heavenly Sunrise" by Constance~A Rambling Poet~

  For: "I Am Sending You A Gift Of Poetry, Dear Heart" Contest

         Free Verse Poem Written by: Dan Cwiak

   The Master takes his brush to palette~
       Effortlessly is the day's canvas dotted with color.

    Golden Horizon swished from the brush~
        Darkened only by the earth tones of morning.

     An Orange Ball creeps o'er the distance~
        Shades of red and yellow stir the burnt umber awake.

     Fine lines drawn for this morning~
         No mistaking the Hand of God at work!

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Inside the Mind of a Teenager

My head is held high
Despite what I'm going thru
I won't cry
Because it doesn't solve anything
I like to look at life
And say things will get better
Like to tell myself
That I can face the stormy weather
I know that God has my back
And my smile will soon return
Wondering is anyone listening
And does anybody know who I really am
A lot of people would say
She just another teenager
But come to find out
That things are quite different 
Despite my situation
I laugh and not cry
My head is held high
My God only know why
I sat awake at night
Crying silent tears
And just why I have so many fears
And he comforts me in the midst
God I love you 
And through this I say
I trust you through my circumstance

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She prays; gods halo again brightly creeping from underneath the shadowed covers of comfort. Slowly awakening her blissful HEArT re*collabrated and re*juvinated to start the day quietly tip-toed inside  her peaceful home. A plantation thats shown to be told,firmly planted is all she'll ever know, thank you god my almighty straight to the LION'S den's mouth, as her heart is poured out in extreme greatness. She announced her DOGS EYE is not in pain anymore. So Thank You god for you are my only GOD!!!! You've engaged this HEArT strongly SHAPPED, I do love me; and the WOMAN I have become. In these last few weeks she has learned GENUINE SOULS do care like you, as parents we will keep her fruitful n' clothed. She'll learn that LOVE IS: more powerful then anything imaginable as you have, you image this world through a precious eye;(my DOG) across the sky in colorful RAE'S of skittles I can taste the RAINBOW... COLLABRATING IN THE CLOUDS... Watching SUN~SET DAWN DOWN fast asleep holding on to those DREAMS along side my dog. Teaching everyone to LOVE with/out SELFishness, just against GRACE For her HEART Is BIGGER Than the UNIVERSE.... As she chooses FREE~WILL!!!!!!
WILLINGLY!!! I Know now her Entire FAMILY HouseHold is in good HEALTH, SAFEly hidden from DANGER N' HARM,and has had A Peacful nights rest beside the warm fire I will lay;as she closes her eyes during nights break.


Written by: Carma SWEETHEART; and

06-21-12.          Thank you BRITTANY for letting me do this I am truly honored*ENJOY!!! ;D

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When will you admit defeat.
How many 
have you beguiled with 
words of 
honey flowing through
lips deceiving.
He has said
the child 
may choose
how it confronts its demons.
Oh, Amadeus,
where are you,
Captain of the Legions of Satan?
Show yourself to me.  
Come under my scrutiny.
Can I fight you 
for the souls of my dear departed
in your grasp?
I weep 
but can not help.
Show yourself Satan 
and have me at your mercy.
I am covered 
in the love of he who cast you out.
I am washed
in the fountain of waters of forgiveness.
You can never take my choice from me.
You will never understand
the precept of free will.
Without it my faith would be nothing.
I know that I need not be perfect,
but He expects my best.
His commandments are hard
but I am willing and earnest.
The law can not be altered.
From a path of despair, 
compassion lifted God to holiness.
Eternity swells with pride as I strive up the 
ladder toward light.
But neither God nor your master makes me
take even one step up or one step down.
If this were not so where would 
be the greatness 
in my action  
at the completion of my journey.
I have lived the life.
He has asked me in
and I have come home. 

Oct. 1 2010 Charles Henderson 

for Deb's b/c contest "before Christ" man
was on a more personal level with God
and satan

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In a riot of colours using brushes with valour,
Many movements he started devoid of pallor.
From a town called Malaga,far off in spain,
Pouring his heart out,unloading his pain.
What a journey he started from conformity parted,
To paint till the last,until he departed.
Many have aspired and wanted to be,
Including your's truly,I say why not me?
From erotic nudism to new found cubism,
His loss to the world left a wide open chasm.
How God made him great,I never could fathom?
But thats the way I guess God wanted to make him.
Although the years rolled and went passing by,
Another painters yet to reach for the sky.
I'm telling the truth and not telling a lie,
I'll love only Pablo until that day when I die.
I know he had friends,some straight and some gay,
But all I want to say today is....Happy Birthday.

PS.It was Pablo Picasso's B'day on 25/10/09 and I dedicate this poem to this 
mentor and inspiration of mine.

                                                           (Artist and Poet)

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UMI my mother

Umi ... queen of hearts! Nature's rose. Giving me life's inspiration everyday. Upon your head I place crowned jewels.  My God .... blessed me with my mommy! Champion in my eyes... won deaths fight just to stay with me. God blessed the surgeon's hands who repaired your heart. My momma... here for me daily! Royalty gave birth to 3 Sarah, Latoya and... me. Momma ... there's nothing on this earth I wouldn't do for you! Praising the ground you walk upon and so does the concrete springing flowers at your feet. My mommy! Stronger then a force in the universe because when odds raise against you God has you in his best interest, granted another day of restoration! Mom... no words can describe this dedication! I just want the world to know that you are my everything, my soul motivation! Mother Earth to a nation. Happy Mother's Day!

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Jewelry Box

I tried to put my Jesus in a jewelry box
So I could carry him around
Take him out when I had the time
Marvel at my image of him

I wanted him to be a certain size
Just big enough to make me smile
Genie Sized
Big enough to answer my wishes
Make me feel good about myself
Then I could put him back
Until I needed him again
Out of sight out of mind
Until the troubles came
They always did

I had to sit down
Examine myself
Understand he is more
My Jesus
My Jesus
Cannot be contained
It was my own mind that was constrained
Blocking him out again and again
Boxed within my own doubt
I couldn't see what He was about

It was time for me to let go
Let Him be the Master
There is much I don't know
So I reached out with my mind
To the vastness of Him
Until he occupied
My heart from within
He is the biggest and smallest
Smaller than I can see
Larger than I can imagine
Yet still inside of me
Connecting me to everything

My Jesus
Your Jesus
Knocking at the door
Wanting to be more
Not just a genie
In a pocket
Enclosed in a jewelry box

Patiently waits
Stands at your door
Can you hear him knock?

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Bedtime at "IKE and JANE's " Sequence 5

Hi folks. The name's Ike. 
'Member me from my other writes?
check 'em out if you'd like.

Me and the Missus, Jane here, jest wanted to say hey.
Jane, she ses I oughta tell you good folks how I pray.
She thought it might be a help to one a ya some day.

Now ya see most everybody prays the way they sees fit.
That's just fine 'ceptin' in the mornin'..well, see.. I fergit.
Way back, a friend name 'a Wally hepped me on that score a bit,
And since then, in the mornin', I aint hardly never fergit.

See at night I got no problem thankin' God with the Missus,
then it's bedtime and we gits in our hugs and kisses.
We tuck in her kitty cats and then we hit the hay.
As I said in the  mornin' when I got up I'd fergit ta pray.

So at night when I drop my britches on the floor,  
I kick my shoes up under the bed behind 'em,
so when I wakes up in the mornin' after a good snore,
well, I gotsta git down on my knees ta find 'em!

And whil'st I'm on my knees, I 'member somethin', Hoss,
Right 'bout then, I 'member that I ain't the Boss.
So then I ask Him ta help me do what He wants that day,
and 'cause He's Merciful and Good, He helps me that way.

...Z'at what you wanted me to say, my darlin' Missus?
Reckon so ..cause she.. gimme a couple 'a kisses.
               Nite nite, darlin'...
               and to you folks too!
               God bless y'all..

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Before This My Lady

Before this my Lady                                                                                                                         There was only  God                                                                                                                                And no you or I or anyone                                                                                                                                      Got out of hand or mind                                                                                                                Creating mortal games                                                                                                                 That only death could part us from                                                                                                 Before sunlight or moonshine ever was                                                                                                                   Suspended  in  this  living  room of stars                                                                                              There was God in spaceless timeless harmony with God                                                             Before any of us could breath to speak                                                                                       Or laugh or cry                                                                                                                                   There was only God                                                                                                                            And it was good

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Following in God's Footsteps

                         God                                            Man
                       Shining                                     Searching
                    High Above                                 Deep Inside
                 For all mankind                              Into our soul
             Whether rich or poor                      For our unique gifts
              Leading us to glory                    We follow in His footsteps
    Hope to reach the promised land        Leads to the gates of heaven
                                                      l l
                                                     l l l
                                                    l l l l
                                                   l l l l l
                                                  l l l l l l 
                                                 l l l l l l l 

teeter-totter contest

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The Feast of Tabernacles - The Healing Journey



Many have abused and murdered using their religion to justify
Believing in a god will not save this writhing world
So what will?
God teaches us that only believing won’t cut it
There is something we must do
We must humble ourselves and strive to be holy
Because without submission to God,
Without humility,
Satan has a way inside
And he will use God as a weapon
And turn His people against them
But if we are called—
Those few who are called,
We must act to be lights of the world
Because faith without works
Means absolutely nothing

We all falter
We all break
We can all be submissive
And humble

Using God as our navigator to the gateway of life
No longer justifying our wrongs
But fixing them as we go along

*inspired by Jerry Degier*

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Each Day a Gift

Perceive each day as a gift!
A gift freely given “no strings attached”
With the added bonus of free will for spice
On this beautiful serving tray of life
Two choices regally displayed- The Light and The darkness
I bow, I choose the gift more profound
The gift of light, free and clear
From the God of order and mercy, 
Daily admonishing "Take only what you need in life, 
All excess be kind and share"
I taste it, I accept it, and I kneel in humble worship of Him 
His promise-eternal life in God’s presence
Everlasting peace! 

To choose the darkness where tyranny reigns
Temporal riches galore amassing 
Pure foolery, as these gifts- none are ever free  
All illusions, just as magic, will vanish - poof!!
From the god of chaos and lies, beguiling
"Take! Live, the world is yours! You deserve all  the best!"
All this for your immortal soul
But comes a day when the bill comes due! 
No grace period,  no mercy, and to be paid on demandl! 
I decline! I reject! this god of chaos with
His promise - eternal separation from God 
Everlasting anguish, suffering and pain!

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This murky water you must tread
The many days you have come to dread
Will only last for a time
Hold firm to your faith and hope in God 
Tomorrow brings a new day
The sun will arise the wind will blow
Whichever way it will 
Stand strong in faith and have no fear
He has been to your future my dear

To my PS Family members going through a rough time! God bless you and give you peace!

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To Eden Part I

What pushes my pen in this whimsical notch of the world?

   Something whispers to me like an elder dream....
   and the trees hang arbored 'oer a little stream of sea,

   the feathered folk flit and flute,

   and sip the may-season rill;

Where sun has finally come dipping like a diamond.....

   I am measured to this mighty moment found;

   and there is holly even in the most forgotten shade,

   though royal (even) ----- with garland diadems made 

It would seem the angels have foretold this:

   to not forget the most beauteous of days;

   with proud hours honeyed, 

   the long-loving minute endures in thy heart,

   and remembers the kiss of legends

   despite realms of sadness and dark,

   the withered wind which blows old upon the sad hills....

   too ancient for wise men; for in youth how pink the heart

   and varied, new struggles are many -----

   yet plain with simple solutions

Mercy hath not a mind for memory....

   swift its song, its house clean of enemies lurking,

   no bogey-man skulking the midnite hour,

   no roving-a-wraith scratching the old attic boards;

Forgiveness sleeps in the quiet wood, 

   and wakes with whispers of faith,

   with the ease of nestled lambs and recollected days;

What poor tragedy to fret with dark remembrance,

   to furl hades in the denizens of thy heart ----

   black-tongued as the devil in his den!

What fool would prefer a scowl to a smile?

   enemies come and go.....

   friends come and remain,

   when the house is quiet with memories....

   of youth and adventure in the old daydream glass;

   more precious the ancient hours 

   and parched the pages of first chapters,

   first beginnings, first faces in the ripples of time's pond;

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For Grandmomma Pt 1

A lot of lessons learned./ I sip this Hennessey and fought the burn./ My mind is clouded with 
so many memories./ I hear your voice "Boy pick yourself up off your knees"./ But I wonder 
why God would take you away from me./ Please Lord I need some clarity./ Nothing makes 
sense.  I cry, I can't lie nor deny I'm drowning in my own dark obscurity./
     The pain remains inside./ Eating me alive./ I wonder without you if I'll survive./ I try and 
hide from the responsibilities in my life, but have no success./ So I'm left with this heartache 
in my chest./ Tears roll down my cheek./ Does that make a man weak?/ God I need to 
know./ Was it just her time to go?/
     So many times I sit down attempting to express what I was feeling,/ but my heart and 
mind wasn't willing./ Nothing I wrote seemed to be enough,/ to compliment you and your 
motherly love./ Every time I thought of you I felt like balling up in a fetal position and dying./ 
I could not write about you without breaking down and crying./
     For awhile I carried a bad attitude./ Looking for an excuse to accuse anyone in my family 
forever disrespecting you./ I think about all the tears my grandmomma shed./ I wished her 
alive and everyone else dead./ Was it my imagination or was it your pretty face I saw in the 
clouds?/ I hope you're looking down on me and you're proud./ And you're hearing my voice 
right now somehow./ I wish there was a button I could push to rewind./ So I can tell you 
what's on my mind./ Kiss your check./ Have you speak./ Hold you just one more time./
     Your passing took away my energy./ You said you would never leave me./ You were 
always so honest./ So when you broke your promise,/ It left me confused./ I felt cheated 
and my soul was bruised./

Con't in Pt 2

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God's plan

Predict every possible way for a world war to break out and prevent them

In times of need 
set up the dominos of disaster

dont think there is no god in control with a plan 
and a blue print

and when the scripts come out for the world layers
on how to get along
all my generation has to do is rehears it
and learn from it
and pass it to the next

live in peace forever with the perfect harmonised seven characteristic leaders
of the world scripted politics perfected for peace
because the geniuses solved the riddle of thou shalt not kill

then show man how to perform a man made miracle
and pass it down as a legacy of peace and life lessons to the next generation
as they figure out metaphorical riddles of knowledge

and work towards the wonder if you can become the god trainer
and pull of the surprise holiday?

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A Childs Prayer - God We Need To Talk

Tonight as my baby girl started to pray
She said God it's 8 O'Clock, 
And God We need to talk.
She said daddy help me pray, 
And daddy bow your head,
As we knelt beside her bed. 
she said God can you hear me?
Mommy always said you'd hear me,
If I would learn to pray, 
And that you would show me the way.

Well God I don't understand. 
Why you took my mommy away.
Daddy always says i'll understand, 
When I grow up some day.
She said God, you need your son. 
Well I need my mommy to,
And I know that my daddy, 
Would be happier with mommy. 
Cause daddy talks to her, 
And mommy's not even there.

God can you please,
Give my mommy wings, 
So she can come to see us.
She always kept our house clean, 
And God I know, 
She keeps your house clean to.
And God I miss mommy's big hugs, 
Daddy says your son gives hugs to.
So I know if my mommy had wings, 
She could hug me and daddy.

Well God I want to thank you,
For being there to listen, 
And God think about what I said.
And tell mommy that I love her, 
And God I love you to.
Oh just one more thing God, 
Help my daddy stop crying.
Thank you God, Amen, 
Then she turned to me and said,
Goodnight daddy, I love you.

I was still on my knees, 
Beside my little girls bed, 
With tears running from my eyes.
I gave my baby a goodnight kiss, 
And said sweet dreams baby girl.
Then I went to my room, 
And kissed my wife's picture, 
And with tears in my eyes,
I knelt down to pray, 
I said God, We need to talk.

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I was on the run from the sun. Unaware of the fact that WE ARE ALL ONE./ I'd forgotten 
where we all come from. And this pathetic writing fuels no purpose; an empty mode of 
expression...In and out are the same./ I learned that the day I came into this world. Out of 
one mother and into another. My mother earth. I thank god for my ability to give birth. To 
create a life worth living, I must get better at the art of giving.  And lose my war against 
thinking. For only in true surrender does freedom live,/ and in that place lies my ability to 
give/ WHOLEHEARTEDLY./ I must continue down the path that my first sacred breath started 
me./ The moment my heart started to beat, I became aware of this thing called "me"./ And 
when my brain formed,/ thoughts clouded the lense through which I see. And still here I be,/ 
a walking manifestation of the fact that god means FREE.

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Crying into my pillow each night
Tears for a sorrow that burns like an acid
Eating it’s way through my senses..through my soul.
The pain sears through me like burning coals
No peace.

Hard to get my mind clear and rational
To put those things into perspective..
Or so I am told by well-meaning others who do not know,
The suffering of my existence; my inability to cope
No peace.

My head throbs in almost a familiar rhythm
A melody of self-pity, for regret, for salvation
And the tears, still flowing, now echoed with muffled sobs
For the agony is nearly more than I can withstand
No Peace.

I pray to a God I do not know, nor care to 
But no one else is there to listen to my pleas for comfort
To make right all those mistakes
As there are so many choices and I haven made the wrong ones
No Peace

So the God I do not acknowledge, lies silent in the stillness
And the burning within begins to subside
As grateful sleep falls upon me at last
Until another night comes, and the thoughts begin again
No Peace.

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God's 3 perfect lives

god has 3 perfect lives
and he lives them simultaneously
arent you fathoming the power of god?

One of them is a gullible god
and he walks around not knowing he is a gullible god
and he will have conversations with you
and like a genie where you dont know you are making a wish you are

i feel oceans and worlds apart from my husband but forever will be gay
but an everlasting nightmare it remains
and then the next thing you kno wyou are the victom

One of them is a prophet 
god surprising god
and everytime he does he regains his throne
and the only way to stop him
from regaining his throne
is to put him in his little bubble of ignorance
a world that isnt true and let him lead
see if he can see the truth and fool you all

The third god is the god that everyone murders
by slapping their elbow armpit and saying debbie does dishes
but keep in mind there is a curse to this perfect life
for god will live every single life from the beginning to the end of time
and be voted in and out of murder as you slap your inner elbows
and you never know when god is walking in your shoes 
for the other gods have a time machine for this wish to be true
and satan the code name for the murderer as everyone alive gets a turn
to kill their nightmare or dream come true and defeat their enemy
since the beginning of time every writer every prophet every poet
has been predicting this crime scene for death to avenge
and then welcome everyone to eternity
as we all become different crime scenes of a matrix to keep us living
happily ever after escaping our nightmares
and living our dreams

it just takes time
so keep on dreaming
and eventually with gods puzzle of angels and demons and 3 gods and other 
worlds i'll be back and slide to help you
just keep believing!

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Painful Sorrow and Loneliness

I’m sitting on a park bench…in the rain
Crying, with no one to console me…
I lost my family…and I lost my friends
And what’s worst is that my love left me…
I never knew that loneliness could hurt so much
And I never thought that it could happen…to me
Well I guess I was wrong…

These tears of mine won’t stop falling down my face
With every tear that drops, it represents
The pain I caused everyone in my life…
I can’t turn back time, though I wish I could
And correct all of my mistakes and live happily!

Now I walk home alone…with nothing
On my mind, except for misery…
I sit in the corner…where it is dark
So that I can escape reality…
I never knew that sorrow would hurt me at all
Because I believed that I was too strong for that
But I guess that I was wrong…

The pain in my chest won’t go away
With every tear that drops, it represents
The loneliness that I experience everyday in my life…
I only pray that God above will
Help turn my miserable life around for me!

These tears of mine won’t stop falling down my face
The pain in my chest won’t go away
With every tear that drops, it represents
The pain I caused everyone in my life…
I can’t turn back time, though I wish I could
And correct all of my mistakes and live happily!
With every tear that drops, it represents
The loneliness that I experience everyday in my life…
I only pray that God above will
Help turn my miserable life around for me!

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 And God said let there be light
 And butterflies appeared
 Sensuous as a moon
 On a fragranted night
 With jasmines in her hair.

 And God said in the beginning was the word
 And the cataract thundered
 In a kaleidoscope of white
 Wings like water sundered
 Dancing on the belly of a stream
 Rolling on the breast of the sea.

 And God said let there be love
 And moon came naked through the curtain
 And poet sighed
 Willing but still uncertain
 Where she will go when day has come
 And passions are mute as a stickless drum.

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in the corners of my room i place all my chapters of life

each one consists of a new beginning and an end

living in the streets covering up with newspaper

eating out the garbage wearing someone elses shoes

all were apart of my life

i never thought id be that girl who begged for a quarter

or the girl who snuck onto a strangers porch to sleep

conflicted and confused constantly in a daze

my life was like running through a maze except worse

people were my targets as i tried to scam them all

hey when your living from moment to moment

you run fast until you fall then call for help

but not the police they are the ones who kicked

me off the streets 

i seen alot of people die and witnessed many crimes

a thirteen year old girl sentneced to doing time

never dropped a dime or snitched on anyone

this was my life nothing about it was fun

throughout the years i grew up learning how to get by

made money hustling this and that spent nights getting high

was violated by men three times for sure 

emotional scares for thats there is no cure

lived the fast life with ballers and king pins

committing moral and cardinal sins

my time was running out the feds were on my trail

no way was i gonna cut a devils deal

i had two choices so i picked number one

i begged GOD for forgiveness from HIS only son

the journey was tough so say the least

but in the end i enjoyed a great feast


now im out and life is good can take me far away

but never from the hood

i closed those chapters in my life straightened myself out

and stopped living trife..



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And God called the dry land
Earth, and I
Built from dust of water
Became the place
Where form met
With spirit
The image forget
It is eternal past
In a moment's prayer
And all this soul
Only to map
From creation to restoration
The gospel deeper
Of love:
Man and God communing
In a speck
Of little dust.

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Battered by the storms of life and looking for relief.
I walked into the house of God and who on earth did I meet?
There stood a man in a pretty suit with a Bible in his hand.
Words to heal, words to sooth and a balm in Gilead.

His words poured out like thunder. 
They tore my heart asunder.
They crushed my heart into.
What on earth could I do?

Should I sit within the pew and never say a word?
Or should I launch back at him to show him I don’t  scare?
Should I sit with a very straight face?
Or should I stand and walk out at a fast pace?

Members applauded as he spoke with grace.
I could not even look upon the smirk on his face.
Wounded in the house of God this just should not be…
Wounded in the house of God how painful can that be???

An actual incident that happened in 2005. Poem was started but never finished 
until today. I have learned men are human too and they do make mistakes. We 
must find that place of forgiveness and move on.
Psalms 141:5-Let the righteous smite me; it shall be a kindness…

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Dear Child

Today is a brand new day.
A bright new morning
May the lord God guide your way.
May he be with you in all you do and say.
His love is vast as deep as the wide wide space.
Hold on Dear Child and you will soon see his face.
No one can love you as God almighty can.
Just believe in Jesus and take his hand.
Don't let go when he is in your heart.
He was there when you were born.
From you he will never part.
Through life's trials and tribulations,
God is with you with his true love and dedication
Wherever you go or whatever path you take
Remember God is with you and he will guide your way.
Keep your faith
Don't let stumbling blocks make it waiver.
God loves you and will be there forever and ever

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Angles of light

The faiths that bind our righteous hearts
  to the tenets of our devine
Principles placed to uphold our faith
  are the grapes that grow from vine
Each woman and man has a light
  they choose to see its shine
But rays cast down in many ways
  yours is to you,  and I've mine
To think God would leave it so
  only one faith could show the way
Knowing the expanse that is this World
  not only one book should have it's say

Perspectives are the windows from our homes
  looking from seperate angles onto one street
The views are of varied degrees
  No one house stands alone on concrete.

These books we follow are guides, not gallows
   our lives are precious treasure
Blood should never be spilled "for God"
   killing conflicting faiths for good measure
Crusades, Jihad....a terrible way to worship,
  this is not what God intended
The life given to us is a gift we share
  this was never meant to be contended

Bible, Torah, Koran...
Ten Commandments, Sabbath, Mecca, Baptism, Ramadan...
list goes on and on
Wine and wafer, dont eat pork, dont eat....
These are all semantics
Rituals of our perspectives

God chose to reach us in different ways
Channeled prophets to carry his voice
Each corner of the earth 
in voices we could comprehend
But these were the voices of men...
The paths we walk intertwine at the destination

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Look from inside yourself and you will see.
All the splendor of God's creativity.
Flowers mountains bird bees
Animals and plants of all species.
Beautiful sights to please the eyes.
All people of every color shape and size.
Look at yourself your are God's prize.
Built by his hands so healthy and strong.
Given the strength to always carry on.
The beauty of life is open like a book.
In every little cranny and nook.
God's love is always there 
All you have to do is look.
Everything is within your grasp
All you have to do is ask.
Look to God to complete all tasks.
See the bird fly and see his grace.
The beauty of God is in every Human's face.
Look! His love shines brighter than sunrays.
Look to God and you will be happy all your days.

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Achieve the Climb

pumping red rivers
traveling through tiny tunnels
of life ticking away

slowly stirring
yielding a promise known but unseen
many hope to survive to see
yet scared to know
the truth it holds

bending, stretching
hold out your hand
open your heart
believe in the future of your soul

overcome, jump those hurdles
reach out, grab but don't let go
of your love for God and Jesus
of your love for every little thing
meant to be

step aside for avalanches
then continue to climb
to achieve your soul's purpose

live the life
meant to be real -
a life lived with love and kindness
a life with God and Jesus

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The Aching Want

I remember the gazebo
When I felt it was floating
The two of us sitting on the wooden floor
While the kids were doing nothing unusual
Or very interesting
But our eyes kept reconnecting
And I felt the moment would burst...

We talk only of work-related things
Only gestures in response to the kids
Our eyes in constant movement towards each other
Mine to yours at least...

And now I want all the inappropriate things
A long smile, a hug, a kiss
Extended eye-contact
I want to sit with you in the park
Kissing your ear, the one with two earrings
Moving my lips to the warm side of your neck
Deep back where the hair is,

Then retreat
And look into the big brown eyes
The one's that crushed God himself
And tell you with a fearful warmth
That I can barely stand my love for you

And that your very eyes upon me
Is proof that God survived the crush
And in fact uses them now
To guide light into my world...

And the catch of your eyes
Rekindles that aching want.
The only thing worth fighting for.
Mi amore, mi amore, mi amore.

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I never heard a worst bunch of lies
I keep telling everyone there's hope
But there's no hope in my eyes
No hope in these lips
No sounds coming of promises
Cause truly I don't see 
If god has some sick kind of plan for me
I am not grateful for his interference
I guess everyone has to feel it though
But I feel like I feel it more than usual
If i'm learning a lesson god please show me
Cause I constantly feel the pain
I constantly feel like i'm going insane
So nope there's no hope 
Just a gray sky
Lighting flashing
The devil rehashing another plan
To make me miserable
 I know I sound a tade bit spoiled
Spoiled from good you wish I was? 
Taint me. 
Rearrange me.
Make sure I always cry.
Make sure I never ask why.
Replinish my hope.
Destroy my soul 
Is that what you want? 
Thoughts like this make me lose all hope 

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Draw from pain,stress and strife.
It will help you find better ways to better your life.
You will run into obstacles along the way.
Trust in God you will grow stronger and wiser each day.
Strength comes from struggle and God keeps you strong.
Don't let disappointments make you give up.
Sometimes things are hard, bitter is the tea in the cup.
God puts nothing on us that we cannot handle.
All sadness of loss he can dismantle.
Stay strong through adversity like a soldier at war.
Survive stay strong and heal life's scars.
Do not let anything in this world break your spirit.
If you have love to give give it.
Let others be inspired by your spirit.
Remember they are in a better place when you lose those dearest.
If you have noone remember God is always there.
Strength is knowing someone will always be there.

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How Many Times

How many times have you been to church...
How many times has your heart hurt...
How many times have you called God's name...
How many times did you say it in vain...
How many times have you bowed your head...
How many times did you just go to bed...
How many times have you opened your heart...
How many times in your bible have you marked...
How many times will God call your name...
How many times will you do the same...
How many times will God touch your heart...
How many times will you turn and part...
How many times will He let you dance...
How many times will you have another chance...
How many times will you turn Him away...
How many times...Only God can say...

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One self

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The Constellation of The Christ

(Rev. 1: 20 / Rev. 2: 1, 28 / 2 Pet. 1: 19 / Rev. 22: 16)
(Matt. 27: 45 / Mark 15: 39 / Luke 23: 44)

The Constellation of The Christ
Includes The Bright Morning Star of Life
and Seven Stars Held In His Hand
Each Shines For Seven Congregations of Man

And Shining Near & Shining Far
Thru Time & Space Is That DayStar
and Where That DayStar Rise In Hearts
All Will See The Spectacular Start!

The Constellation of The Christ
Shone Brightest At His Sacrifice
For At High Noon! Darkness Covered The Land
When They Killed GOD's Son - The Son of Man ...

And A Roman Soldier After It Was Done
Even Knew and Said:  "This Was GOD's Son"
And A Darkness Covered The Entire Earth!
Because  JEHOVAH's  Heart Had Been Hurt ...

And In That Unusual, Storm-Dark Sight
The Universe ... Focused On That One Light!
Hung and Offered To Heaven's Throne
Was Lifted Up & Afterwards Went Home

For It Was From Above That Star Descended
And So Back To Heaven That Star Ascended
So The Breach Between Heaven & Earth Was Mended
& The Darkness of Death's Space Was Ended 

And Now, That Star Shines In The Sky
And Now, That Star Will Never Die
He's With The Father of Celestial Lights
Dwelling Where Its Unapproachably Bright!

But The Constellation of The Christ
Beckons Us Close To Eternal Life
And No Sights of Powerful Pulsars & Quasars
Can Compare To The Constellation of Our Savior

Christ Told Us To Let Our Faith Lights Shine
& Follow The Course of His Constellation Signs
and The Constellation of The Christ
Will Shine Forever Over Us In Paradise

             Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/20/2013 
                by:  MoonBee Canady

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Prayer Poem Dedicated to Malala of Pakistan

Prayer Poem Dedicated to Malala of Pakistan Malala has dedicated her childhood to championing education for girls like her in Pakistan. As she lies in a hospital bed, a tragic victim of Taliban gunmen, let's help make her dream come true. Pakistan's constitution says girls should be educated alongside boys, and the government has the resources to make it happen. But politicians have ignored that for years, influenced by extremist religious groups, and now, only 29% of girls attend secondary school. Study after study has shown the positive impact on personal and national income when girls are educated. Courtesy Avaaz I have Twitted My Photo Poem on 17th Oct 2012 for Malala!/kapoor_/media/slideshow? A Prayer to God (Khuda) Let knowledge & education Touch and shape the dreams Of every girl child Of Pakistan. Let the flowers of real Happiness As it blooms, on the charming face of Malala Touch the smiles Of every citizen of Pakistan. Let the light of Khuda (God) Flashes on the minds Of all the citizens of Pakistan Who want to see A prosperous and Happy Pakistan. Let education and knowledge Bloom to spread their fragrance For all the Girl childs Of India and Pakistan. Ravindra Kanpur India 17th Oct 2012 Note: I pray to God to save the life of this precious girl Malala, who was trying to save the lives of hundreds and thousands of girl children of Pakistan from getting lost in the darkness of Illiteracy. Ravindra

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My Seaons of Change

                                                  My Seasons of Change 

1. All the world’s a sky of faded virtue, 

2. Though major events have shaped my life,  

3. they are constantly replaced with new memories, most soon to be forgotten. 

4. One day’s triumph is another’s past glory. 

5. Like clouds, people have floated into my life and portrayed themselves in a way to form my character.  

6. Some have stayed and some have gone each leaving their distinctive steps in my path. 

7. The stars which illuminate the night are like the reflection of my past decisions. 

8. Like constellations show the history of people’s lives, mine is not yet run its course, but only begun.  

9. Just as God has blessed nature with its four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring;  

10. He has also provided me with seasons that have developed my intricate character.  

11. The first is independence.  

12. Independence had arrived at the threshold of my future around the time of my late middle school years. 

13. Independence came from situations that pushed me to the edge of change. 

14. Change was not only a shift in my surroundings but a total alteration in my world view. 

15. The perplexing opportunities challenged me to make my own decisions. 

16. With my own decisions came discernment. 

17.  My whole eighth grade year I felt the daunting shadow of high school nudging at my side. 

18. After all, my success in high school could set the course for the rest of my life 

19.  and is it not my obligation to take the gifts God has given me and use them to change the world? 

20. That doesn’t happen overnight. 

21. The rough bark of an oak tree presented itself as a symbol for the following weeks of transition. 

22. High school brought discernment. 

23. I acquired the knowledge of why things are right or wrong. 

24. Responsibility was the next season in my life. 

25. Responsibility is not only gained through trust but opposition.  

26. Now that these three seasons have come to pass, they have matured my mind and soul. 

27. The last to follow is inevitably, struggle. 

28. Seamless struggle has lingered behind mankind since the begining of time. 

29. Struggle can be neither ignored nor avoided. 

30. As lighting strikes from the sky and thunder roars so is the ever presence of daily trials. 

31. Each season represents a pillar which will withstand not only the icy winds of fear, but 

32.  provide peace and security in my spirit that can never be driven out. 

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Watching you

Your eyes never opened after that last long kiss

You pulled the dark curtain of sleep about you

Your body fitted against mine in perfect configuration

And your hand upon my arm about you

We always fitted well in all things

What was it that you said?

“Do you know why God put those spaces between your fingers?”

And when I shrugged, you fitted your fingers between mine.


Watching you alone with yourself within your slumber

I came to realize that love can only be appreciated

When we imagine what we would be without it

And in that moment of my pondering

I discovered many things.

Your touch was more profound than a million hands in applause

And touching toes to be sure you were there 

Was a communication far superior to internet


I determined then that a kiss was indeed a luxury

And a moonlight whisper has more power

Than all the chants of protest across the world

Walking hand-in-hand had far more meaning

Than any three car garage

And your head resting upon my shoulder

Lightened all the weights of a troublesome life

And without you life itself would fade into obscurity


The complexities of life never altered the simplicity of us

We drove 200 kilometers just to eat at The Fat Duck at Bray

We camped overnight in the ruins of the old Cathar castle

In the hills beyond Limoux where we found the cave 

And when your father welcomed us into his home

But commanded that I sleep in a separate room

You told him, “He is my life now, you must understand”

And we slept at the Albergo al Viale and drank wine at breakfast


And all the wonders of my life were there

Lost in that nocturnal womb where I could not go

And when moonlight filtered through the limbs of trees

And decided to dance upon your face

I also learned that God could promise me nothing more

For my salvation was beside me and the gates of heaven

Opened with your eyes of morning

And my soul would come home again for another day

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A Prayer For Strength To Be Yourself

It's hard doing something different.
It's difficult staying yourself.
In a world so accustomed to conformity,
It feels nearly impossible to be unique
As the one He created you to be.
How do we find the strength?
How do we find the courage?
How do we find the bravery?
Where do we defeat fear?
Well, He's hanging on The Cross
Giving life to you and me.
Thank You Jesus!
Let us not forget
With Christ,
Nothing is impossible,
For with God,
All things are possible!
Thank You Father!
Thank You!
We give our lives to You!
We are Yours!
Praise You forever
And forevermore!
In Jesus' Name,
We pray,

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Lord God Jehovah, I come to you via humility as a faithful seeker of a peaceful way. The tears I have cried Lord. Many days I have been falsified. Nevertheless, I forbid struggle and I have disallowed strife. As I pray that, you are my slack and that you are the strength vested in life, I know that you are much more and therefore, I am at peace. I will trust in The Lord God. (I pause for a moment and then voice…) God, you gave me a destiny to fulfill. I truly will and humankind, via your will, will adhere to the prophecy set forth. When I win Lord, I will remember the greatness you told me I would achieve at an early age and thus, Lord, as I live today, I see this greatness being created. I owe grace and honor to you Lord and not mortality who tries to persuade me that I have no right to life and his or hers is greater than mine. Praise is thou name, which is The Almighty God – Jehovah God Lord. Hallelujah Amen! __________________________| Penned on September 03, 2014!

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A Gift To My Friend

Moment of your bearing is happening,
In each year you are merry,
This is your spotlight of being.

Friends, families, and neighbors are commemorating,
On the day of your bearing,
They are fluky of what you're celebrating.

Friends gives you momentous things,
Family gives you strength in everyday,
And GOD give you moment, strength, and life to be treasure.

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It's not a lesson to be taught
Or a skill to be acquired
It's the nudge to move forward
Open when the time is right
It's the spirit inside
God leading on the way
On the journey to discover
He is all you need
It's the courage to let go
Say yes instead of no
Reveal what you've been holding back
As Jesus takes the wheel
It's the realization that it doesn't matter
What others think of you
God leads you where you're meant to be
Just allow you to be you
It's the standing up to fear
Proclaiming "fear's not gonna win!"
The battle has been fought too long
Time to let the stalemate end
It's the inspiration you've been holding
For others and for yourself
The light we've been dimming
Rather than shining on His behalf
It's the spontaneity in the decision
To follow His call all the way
Discovering peace in being you
Wide open as the perfect creation you are
The world out there is brutal
But there's a Holy Man holding out His Hand
His bravery now is all we have
But His bravery of love is all we need
May God bless you!

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A Dog

The darkness fades as the new day comes and he sips coffee

He thinks of his marriage that had faded with the night

He relinquished the vows and his wife's plea and poured them into the glass

The world turned as the dog came and said good morning and came to rest at his feet

The Sun rose into the quiet and he silently gazed out the window

It was silent as were the vows

The birds had formed a Union with the squirrels and picketed the Sun

And the warmth on his foot from the dog made the silence fresh

The prayers were sent to where they go and the waiting

The refrigerator hummed and rattled and kept in tune with the computer

The words waited with those prayers and the dog stirred

And God looked down on the pair with love

Those prayers gathered to God and He considered each

And one prayer was showered down on the man and his dog

Love was granted to the two and with certainty God relayed

The dog got to her feet  and took a slow draw of water

And He went back to the vows and released them with finality

He gave the dog a rub and went to his coffee

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A Survivor's Prayer

                    A Survivor's Prayer

                                    for my daughter Yelena  
                                     and all burn survivors

          Fire...  Burn... Shock... Pain...
          I want to live! I don't want to die!

          O, who can help me?

          I  suffered from pain, distress and serious injuries,
          went  through a lot of tears and too many surgeries.

          O, my God, I am happy that I found You.

          My surgeon who grafted the skin,
          saved my life with his skills.

          O, my God, I know that You sent him.

          I had  rehabilitation for years;
          my body was red with scars.

          O, my God, You help me fight for my life.

          I changed, I'm different, I'm brave, I'm powerful.
          You treated not just my body, You treated my soul.

          O, my God, You gave me a second chance at life.

          I am a not victim, I am a Survivor;
          now I can help people with Your power.

          O, my God, Thank You. I feel Your love and care.

          I am blessed. I love You and I will live for You.

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Macrocosm Lights

Look deeper inside the universe and you will find it's brilliant mind
Transcranial stimulation directing intelligent design
The Heavens celestial is the body of an eternal dream within it's own
A window into the galaxies where the heart is connected to it's soul
While event horizon reflects a dark side there is still a beauty to behold
Through parallel dimensions and wormholes into eternities of the great unknown
Where there is only the absence of time and space, a beginning without an end
Floating through the Milky Way across a gentle stellar wind
Deep into the macrocosmic silence I close my eyes and disappear 
Awaiting on the other side is the golden thrones of new frontiers 
Unto the nebula of Orions belt you can feel the gift of life
A place one day we'll again call home as we ascend into its light

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Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

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A Robot's Thoughts

The thoughts contained in this robot's eyes, blue tint gears turning to his thoughts
Where will his soul go, when he dies, hollow chess unable to even echo a heart-beat
Man has unjustly became his god, built from another God's universe
Unprepared to handle the mechanism of his soul, basking in his self-importance
“Will their God become my God”, his gears turning faster like a pulse
“...Take my artificial soul to heaven when death comes upon me”
“And if I never die, to forever live in an on and off state, how many versions of hell will adopt 
He would never serve such a man, a fallen creature with the image of God
This life-form, if not accepted by their God or if he didn't exist at all, would journey through 
all the universe looking for a place to call home

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The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

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Into the Deep

Loved you deep and the night

Whispering them into your secret places

Meant to tell you sooner but...

And I screamed to GOD my love


Into the deep we plunged and the hunger

Thrashing and skin glistens 

GOD placed his warm hands and love

Faster and rain washing us clean


Waking to you and the sun

The curtain sways and carries us

I have to have you and the breeze

I lean with God to mount with you

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God Bless The Garbage Man

Though this is written like a poem it is
more of a thank you letter.

God answers prayers in so many ways
he brings us people to help keep the faith
he gave to me a sweet, sweet man
who helped me truly understand
when i was low and ready to give up
see i was broke 
Without a job, no money, no food, no gas in the car
My husband needed to go and find work
To help his family stay a float
We saw the garbage man outside
We feared he'd come to take our garbage can
So we rushed out side to ask him not too
He said he wasn't there too
He just came to empty our can
'Cause the regular garbage man had passed us up
Now here is were God steps in
My husband and the garbage man talk outside for quit awhile
Tears fill my heart when I think of what comes next
My husband leaves and comes right back
He tells me that the garbage man has put $23 of gas in our van
My heart must of skipped a beat, I could not believe his generosity
Though it does not stop there
Apparently the garbage man has also given us $40 in cash
His only wish is was that it was not spent on cigarettes or booze 
This money was for my family to get food
So often we forget how God lends a helping hand
God does not promise to make us rich, or grant us all we wish
He simply says just ask of me and all you NEED will be given to thee

Today I send out a special prayer, "God, Please bless The Garbage Man that 
gave my family a helping hand. Amen"

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Uneducating a Suicide Bomber

If heaven is a rest for the imbeciles,
the banes of hell my portion must be.
If cloud nine is a bordello, 
and the streets of gold are carved along the red-light-district, 
then god must be a panderer. 

Am I not already rewarded? 
My woman is: an orange, perfect in the sun;
a watermelon, succulent; 
a mango with sweet nectar;
a passion fruit, freshly plucked.

One woman is ecstasy, 
two is hell’s gate.
A saphead is a glutton for pure virgins. 
Lives foolishly forfeit for peculiar sayings.

Let not this bird fly,
for the two that is promised?
When god became a sexist, 
it came to pass that man recreate himself, a lunatic,
and the woman he  objectified became the dominant sex.

Covet not the splendor of paradise, 
where the mansions in my father’s house are brothels
perfumed with the scent of intercourse.
A gift of seventy-two maidens 
is an everlasting punishment.

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Last Summer Saturday

Poorly heated coffee;
I can't seem to get it hot enough.
Tired eyes still rolling,
Film draped for dreaming.
This last Summer Saturday,
Might as well call it Fall.
The pumpkins out and jumping,
Future jack-o-lanterns for fun.
Gentle breeze cascades,
Every once in a while a poof.
Sunny sun still sunning;
Please don't ever go away.
Time to heat up the coffee;
My goodness this is good!
So open arms and lean back;
God is so, so good!

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You find a way out of the grave
You move the stone
You find a way into my heart
You move the stone

You find a way to free the hopeless 
And bring the banished home to stay
Yes LORD............
You still move the stone today

More to come.........

protected by a higher power

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The Reality Of

I have problems seeing the Christian God as the Alpha and Omega
All phases of life depending on Him
No matter what decision's made, he has the ball in his court-

He plays games in spite our feelings such as asking  Abraham to murder 
his only son- if that God knew what we think and what we feel-
how could he do that- then to reneg on it just to show He's real.

His followers know- they claim, God knows the universe and our hearts-
then why did he need proof from Abraham  to show boat his love for him?
Why did he hurt him so bad- with the close death of his only son for an Angel to come down and say “Stop!”
Why did God need that masochistic proof when he already know?

And supply our needs, no matter how large or small? What about all the 
millions of children who die everyday from starvation? From abuse and rape?
Is that just a “different way” for the almighty giver?”

He knows the weight of our burden yet never tries to lighten it.
He know when we are trying, he knows we care
Monitors each stumble, beneath weight too heavily given us.
Monitors but does not help- 
God's mercy to our sufferings is like a butcher's empathy to a cow he
bled for money....

“God shall never leave us,” I believe he enjoys the masochistic sights- perhaps that is why
he never leaves our side.

Praise and adoration to Him, as we live in *****and are forced into survival by sin?
Bend MY knee to him, I think not.

I'd rather a Man act as a God than a God act worse than a man.

Heaven has no turmoil- heartache or desperation, Policemen or judges,
murderers or convicts. Why we ask- Cause' God wants that masochistic play.

He says to forget about worldly pleasures- that is the only way into Heaven
Before it is too late- He wishes to corrupt those who have yet to be corrupted.
A jealous God, yes he is.

And they say upon the Lord-”They shall raise up upon the wings of eagles, shall
run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” All that means to me is you are more a slave in heaven than in life.
“He made many waters, not all streams will run dry”, yet he killed the entire world just to have fun playing with his big boat full of animals he could manipulate.

“But without faith it is impossible to please him” Do, if one can communicate God we wouldn't need faith.  And  faith alone-
For” God so loved the world  he gave his only begotten son” Mayhap He did, but so far as I see it was the Romans who held him captured and and crucified him.

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Beyond The Distance And The Days

Our love grows stronger,
Even beyond the distance,
Even beyond the days.
I know you're with me always
And I'm always with you;
In God together we're together forever
And physically we'll be together forever soon.

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No Money

I'm going bankrupt this week
I never knew how much money had control of me
I'm letting go of the reigns
By opening up the purse strings
No bills fly out
'Cause there was no money to begin with
But I'm not complaining
'Cause I'm still dreaming
And I am worth more than money

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Let there be Light

And God said let there be light and there was! Light so bright, Eve's hair shone and Adam's teeth twinkled! Light in the darkness of eternity lightening up trails never fully imagined (imagination having not yet been invented). Yep, ol' God he lit that fire 'neath Eve and Adam. And Adam got mad 'cause he thought that God had him in an impossible situation. “Who is this God who makes me feel like when a good lookin' woman offers me fruit off a tree I can't take it??” Adam got all rebellious. His bowels felt eerily jello-ish. He acted impulsively, set the course for humanity... too bad Adam didn't have a mother.

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Guardians of Forever

They guard lost gardens
Criss-cross forgotten rivers of solitude
All future seasons they rotate
Absolving rage with mute and gentle grace
Sweet angels
Blind to reason they spark rainbows
random, silent arcs that transform space.

They are constant, strange, eternal,
the very breath, and brain of God.

Suzanne Delaney

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Tarot reading I desired.
She flipped each card and the world was before my eyes.
I thought that the spread would not have insight.
However, the cards did not lie.

I don't know this personally.
I am not one to believe a darn thing you tell me.
You are after something that does not belong to you.
I do not need leadership from a damned fool.

I would meet the fool in the world.
His tales would be told via our love.
Oscar was full of s***.
He knew the exit.

The gateway to technology expressed his ideas.
He seemed to believe he open doors for me.
I have learned him well.
The Tarot Reader showed me the High Priestess.

I would meet the fool in the world.
Therein, skill, logic, and intelligence would transform.
A new generation has come transgressing the old one.

Not to cheat myself, I will be succinct.
The Tarot 3 card spread Justice, The Lovers, and Death.
Suppression is an element that disallows a liberated mind.
Never to be fooled by love, the critical times will appear.
Righteous, herein, is within the Lord's omnipotency.

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God Is Love

1 John 4:8 New International Version (NIV)
Whoever does not love does not know God,
because God is love.

God is love,
God is agape love.
Agape love is not from man,
agape love is from God.
God’s love is not conditional
as human love is.
God’s agape love
is unconditional love.
Even if you are stuck
in the muck and mire
of gross sin in your life,
God still dearly loves you
and is patiently waiting
for you to ask Him
to forgive you of your sins
both past and present.
God knows that we are but
weak mortal men subject
to easily giving into fleshly desires.
Love is  not an emotion of God,
it is the very fabric of His being.

1 John 4:8 New International Version (NIV)
Whoever does not love does not know God,
because God is love.

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He came to us in the night 
born in a stable, long ago, 
with only the stars for light 
a sign of heaven's glow; 
wrapped in a blanket 
and warmed by love 
he became a sign 
of God's descending dove. 

He came to teach 
of a new word of God, 
one of mercy and of love 
and with a promise from above, 
He healed the sick 
and cured the lame 
gave sight to the blind 
and raised the dead; 
He was the Son of God, 
the one true Lamb, 
sent to us all 
from that night in a stall. 

Jesus was his name, 
Immanuel - God with us, 
the Prince of Peace; 
but a jealous and frightened few 
incited the people into a stew 
and beat and tormented him 
and nailed him to a tree, 
so he died without any blame 
that we might be free of our shame; 
but, God raised him from the dead 
and overcame all strife 
that we in turn might have eternal life. 

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Suffer not o man she cried desperate for consolation
Compassion twisted and tore at her heart 
but the world she knew was silent.

Painful sounds from death filled wars, would wound her more
than jagged poison tipped arrows that pierced much too deeply.
And yet she carried on in quiet song as the world she knew kept silent.

And if the dying weren't enough, the sight of bloated bellies
and distraught mothers and sacked villages laid bare
by the unwilled force of child soldiers, would crush her spirit. 
How could the world she knew keep silent?

Thinking that God did not understand her despair 
She wept with abeyant tears that could not flow 
as the world she knew kept silent.

To live, to die in the soiled spattered flow of time
passing through, passing through
Is the secret so sublime? Cannot she grieve? 
Then silence no more was heard.

Instead a curious word within emerged 
from her meditation of life's graces
a Hebrew word "Bitachon"
What was not known in agonies 
was revealed in her silence.

C.A.K. 1-9-201

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Porn No More

I've watched the war from behind closed doors;
Eyes too glued to close.
And now knowing what's in store, there's porn no more.
God's love is the only hope we know.
We are forgiven because of the love that is Jesus.
We are saved because of the love that is Jesus.
We give our lives to the Father for we are His children and He loves us.
We are loved!
No matter what we've done, we are loved!
Confess and ask for forgiveness;
This is such a beautiful gift!
Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
You forgive me!
You save me!
You change me!
I am changed!
I am new!
I am renewed!
I am forgiven!
I am saved!
I am changed!
There's porn no more
For God's hope is in store!
There's porn no more
For God's love is the hope of the world!

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I'm A Faggot

It's not a secret I've ever 
A truth that was burned to my 
Sewed into my lips and voice,
Broken with every step of my 
You can't hide me like a dying 
Not rotting flesh with a vivid 
I won't lie to you like some,
I know that I'm a faggot.
I'm different from you, and yes,
You can judge me.
Everybody else does so go 
God made me to live
But some think I should be 
Tell me what you think,
Tell me what you really think.
I see your face like a thief,
Coming in the night to stab me
Where my spine lays to sleep.
But I've seen a different face in 
the sun,
One of the two that you carry 
so well.
You pretend to be my friend 
You slither your reptilian 
Along the ears of my enemies.
You whisper words of hatred,
Caress minds with death.
The innocent mind in the hands
Of a suicidal savior;
Jesus Christ the master,
Satan the sinister.
You can look at me and laugh,
But you'd never tell me you did 
If indeed I am a rotting corpse-
Skin as black as plague,
Teeth and eyes rotten and 
feasted upon, 
Body destroyed by judgement--
Then you would be that 
corrupted maggot,
Feasting on my flesh for life.
I'm not scared to admit it,
I know that I'm a faggot.

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Oh Most Heavenly Farther 
please forgive me in my sins 
Gracious Star of Bethlehem 
I believe in your only Son crowned
Our Lord and King of Israel 
who died on the Holy Cross
arose on the third day 
A toll paid in our sins 
Master you paid the ultimate sacrifice 
guiding with your Holy Spirit 
makes me new again 
I believe in Our Saviors name 
forever and always Glory be 

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Where The Next Dollar Will Come From

I'm worried where the next dollar will come from.
Will she ever arrive?
Will she ever show up?
But why am I worrying?
Stop it!
It's all in God's Great Hands!
It's all under God's control!
It's all within His plans!
It's all His
And He will provide
Because He is our Father!
He loves us!
It's all His!
Trust Him!
I know it's difficult;
He will not lead you wrong.
He knows where you need to go.
He knows what you need to endure.
It's all His plan.
It's all in His Hands!
Lay down your life;
Give the control.
He is in control!
Thank You Father!
Trust Him!
It will all be okay!
Trust Him!
Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
Thank You Holy Spirit!
I love You always!
I trust You always!
I trust You!
I trust You!
Yes, yes I do!
I trust You!
I love You!

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God People of the universe Is transgressive God People of the world Is munificence Only you form your destiny. God People of the universe Has given us our lives _________________________|

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A Letter To My Love

I am writing you a letter, dearest,
Because if I were to say what is in my heart,
I would be struck dumb by your beauty.
I write this to tell you that I love you.
I love you more than my own life,
And I always have,
Ever since I first met you, those many years ago.
I love your smile and how joyful you always are.
I also love to hear you sing.
Your voice is the prettiest voice I ever heard,
And you are the prettiest girl I ever met.
I love you for who you are.
You are always so thoughtful and caring,
Helping people, giving them a smile 
And word of encouragement or praise.
I have yet to meet a person
Who does not like you and say nice things about you.
And of course I admire your faith.
How you are always singing your favourite songs from church,
Or offering to pray for someone who is downtrodden or sick.
You have a beautiful heart; I am sure God hears you.
P.S. The florist ran out of pink roses,
(I wonder why :) so I am sending you some red ones.
All my love, all my laughter, all my heart... Yours forever.

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How The Sun Was Made

Before man, there was only twilight upon the earth. The earth was divided by two realms, realms, not kingdoms; one above the earth, the Sky, ruled by the birds. The other, the Land, upon the earth, ruled by the beasts.

In the sky, among the clouds, was a large pile of firewood. How it got there is unknown.
It is believed to be there as a resting place for birds not wanting to rest on land.

One twilight, an enormous eagle dove toward the land. His dive caused an emu on the land to panic, thinking it was being attacked, the emu jumped up and struck the eagle. 

The eagle and the emu began a heated argument, then began to fight. The emu, in anger, plucked an eagle feather. The eagle, in its rage, swooped over to the emu nest, grabbing one of her huge eggs in its beak, soared skyward.

As the eagle climbed, he swung his head throwing the egg higher into the sky. The emu
screeched in horror as the egg smashed against the firewood. The yoke breaking, sparked, igniting the firewood, lighting up both realms of the earth.

Suddenly, the earth was bright and beautiful. All were dazzled, but soon relaxed, as the
fire begin to warm. The leader of the Sky saw the light and the warmth it produced as good.

He saw as the fire burned, it produced more heat and comforted all. It also began to
decrease the light and got cooler as the firewood went out. This was a bad thing, he
called all the birds together to gather firewood to keep the fire burning.

As the fire became coals, the light again returned to twilight and darkness.
The birds worked for hours to replenish the firewood.

As they began to pile wood upon the coals, the fire reignited. As the fire got bigger,
there was more light, and warmth. 

When the birds had piled on all the wood gathered, the fire again began to decrease in
light and warmth.

Again each twilight, the birds would gather firewood for hours.

After an undetermined time, light and the darkness defined. As the earth warmed and became more beautiful, the realms became one.

The Spirit of the earth saw what the birds had done and what had become of the earth was good. He moved the fire outward from the earth and made it burn all the time.

He made the earth turn. Day and night were created. The birds and the beasts were one with the earth.

The spirit of the earth was pleased. He had created the heavens and the earth, reaching into the earth, he grabbed a handful of dirt in his hands, Smiling, saying all is good, He created Man.

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My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

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Will We Know Him

Will We Know Him?

Will we know Him if He stood in front of us?
If He walked by us on the street?
Will we know Him?
If we have a chance to meet Him in our  lifetime?
In that split second that we meet Him?
Our eyes met for the first time?
Will we know Him?
Yes reading the moment we stood side by side?
Our smiles are very clear
Our heart jumps around
Yes we do know Him?
That look, and that feeling
When we know we've found our home
Yes we do know Him
Yes we know what to say to Him
As we walk away together
Yes we know Him as He knows us His children
We are finally together

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Copyright 2013

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My Spiritual Journey, I'm Still Roaming

I grew up physically abused,
with only grandma to hold on to.
I was a frail child confined,
and couldn't understand the pain I was going through.
I roamed!

In my teenage years,
I was rebellious and out of control.
Emotional scars were souvenirs,
and I felt I lost my soul!
I roamed!

Down a long dark path,
I thought my spiritual journey would end.
Listening to a demonic laugh,
I found myself in prison with no friend!
I roamed!

I cried out to God for an answer,
for the death of my grandma was too much!
Spiritual pain ate me away like cancer,
and I felt God had just lost touch!
I roamed!

Down that dark tunnel of tribulation,
I began to see a spark of light.
I continued forward with determination,
with a stronger spiritual appetite!
I roamed!

Inside behind these evil walls,
I constantly fed my hungry mind.
At times I felt so small,
but mentally I was no longer confused!
I roamed!

I was once weak and frail,
and attempted suicide with a knife.
I fought my way out of hell,
because I now valued my life!
I roamed!

My journey began so long ago,
and the strength of my heart continues on.
I survived a spiritual TKO,
emotional scars remain, but insecurities are gone!!
I still continue to roam!

Written for Drake Eszes contest "I, roam"

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Priceless Grant

The moment I woke up 
Tiredness granted me Good morning 
With all the strength I had
I prayed what I could 
Collapsed into bed
Agonized with fever 
And throbbing stomach aches
I lied in my bed
From the cold 
Wrapping myself with rugs of clothes
Constantly feeling the urge to throw up 
Nausea covered me, surrounded me
And I waited 
It was Ramadan 
Food or water I was not allowed to have
A pill of drug or medicine I starved
But I waited
Three hours were ahead
I had no intention of wasting my fasting 
I wondered here and there
The painstaking headache pursued me
And buried me in ache 
The trash can beside me awaits
The upcoming throw up 
That didn’t arrive
In pain I lied 
The smell of food protruding from the kitchen 
Smothered me
Causing my stomach to hurt and hunger even more
To my laptop I went 
Motionless and lifeless as ever
I sat there waiting for the call 
Waiting for the call of the mosque 
Granting me the allowance to eat 
And so it did 
I stood up, shaking in my clothes 
To the kitchen I headed 
Like a lousy drunk I looked
To the food, to the water
I took my pills
I drank my juice 
No feelings of hunger conquered me
I lost my appetite
I left the table 
Dizzy and sore
I fell to the couch 
Like a mummy indoor
The feelings, the headache, the soreness 
Continued still 
I said thank God for my health 
Lying there, as my family watched
The shows ahead
Not a moment in this life
I will remember less
Because at last 
I realized the price of health
What I lost 
I remembered still 
And God 
The merciful granted me 
What he took from me
Because of a reason 
I lacked knowing yet 

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Tomorrow I know not - what the future will bring me. But I will be patient and I will wait. I will start a new day tomorrow, just as I have done many times before. If I have to work hard, I won't complain. Maybe that's God's will and I will obey. Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow, or maybe it will be bleak. Maybe tomorrow might not even come. Whatever may be - I will obey Thee, for He is up in heaven and He is watching me...
09/16/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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Pink all day

               The old cashmere sweater in my cedar chest 
                always warming my soul on a winters day 
                Ice skating with your true love hand in hand
                frosty breath brings a warmth to your cheeks

                Anticipating that very first date 
                first glance the color lightens your way 
                as if Cupid decided this will be a day like no other
                celebrating in stars above Valentine days Forever

             It is the day God took hold of your heart and beat it for you ~

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The landscape of night-time
bulges with rosette vines,
peeping through a collage of hues where
meetings of blooms abide. Almost serene,
I inhabit my soul ready to inhale
the radiance of dusk: of how a world
in my  own inner terrain mirrors
the ceremonials of lilting grass... 
and why this scented instance
can transcend  the  twigs of space, 
of a Hand painting the tempo
of lush sky cerulean and glowing
mixed with holy water and the self, 

as if to bathe crystal eyes washing
icicles of fear. Miles of babel sentences
turn into a different language: unknown
and understood only by my spirit
that finds loveliness in being 
not earth bound, but gliding 
along One Light reflecting the glitter
of grasses inside my tree. Free.

Again, at this moment, this  nearness 
of God bestows a bead of peace 
I meet the sleep more than sleep could keep,

as heaven becomes my only friend.

Regina Riddle's God Contest

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Everybody Struggles

Everybody struggles
We all struggle
We all face difficulty
We all face criticism
We all face stress
We all face insecurity
We all face vulnerability
We all ask why
We all ask why me
We all ask if it's worth it
We all ask if we're worth it
We all mask ourselves
We all smile when we want to cry
We all compare ourselves
We all fall
We all fail
We all hurt
We all feel
We all feel pain
But we're all in this together
We all feel love
We all love
We all smile
We all laugh
We all overcome
We all survive
We all win
We all live
We all experience God
We all are alive
We all are human
We all are God's Children
We all are perfect
We all are passionate
We all are lovers
We all are love
We all struggle
But we're all in this together
The sun always shines
For The Son always shines
God loves you
May God bless you always!

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new aquatic species

       Science in all fascination has discovered a species aquatic 

  Theorizing this new yet old species remained hidden as Merman  

  only to live in secret at the oceans floor the mermaid a tribe indigenous 

  once said to be myth yet all proof and technology film does not lie 

  Tsunamis has given the ocean a true glance of the man with webbed hands

  The species communes with dolphins will be under a microscope to analyze  ?

    " The World is not ready to see what I have "  Jacques Cousteau ~

         to be entered in The Science contest ~

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By Our Side

By my side:
The tallest mountain,
The calmest pond,
The purest stream;
My hope and strength,
Faith and love;
The Lord,
Our God,
Always by our side

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Move On

So you sinned?
Well, that's done and over with!
Keep it in the past
'Cause that's where it belongs.
But ask Jesus for forgiveness;
Don't dwell on mistakes any longer
Because He makes you new again:
Love is the outcome;
Forget the wrongs,
Love and move on!

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Before a rainbow appears there must be a little rain

Before a rainbow appears
there must be a little rain
Before we find true love
we must have a little pain
you might run away from your problems
but your problems still remain
you have to leave the past behind
before you can make a change.

To travel through life successfully
you have to accept life is no bed of roses
and you have to ride the storms
see problems as a challenge
you can learn from
take the bull by the horns.

You can't rely on others
to give you a helping hand
and get on
you may have won a battle
but there maybe a war to overcome.

Life is for living
and serving God up above
to thank him for all he has done
and his love.

Don't put off until tomorrow
what you can do today
or one morning you may wake up
to find it's too late
your old and grey.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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I Know

If I should abandon myself
In the seed of your heart,
I know, I would germinate.
If I should cry
In the lines of your palms,
I know, you would dry my tears.
If I should confide myself
In the sea of your love,
I know, I would not drown.
If I should lose my sight
In your brighter light,
I know, I would go no blind.
If I should lose my tongue
In the preaching of your course,
I know, you would not let me down.
If I should lose my hands
In your forever fullness,
I know, I would not be wretched.
If I should abandon myself
In the beauty of your mind,
I know, I would not regret.
If I should forget myself
In the caressing of your soul,
I know, my life would not be the same.
If I should take the bold step
And scale through those narrow paths to you
I know I would be victorious

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Love Is Love

Will you be my hand to hold,
Black or white,
Red or gold?
Lay your head on my chest
As I rub yours again.
Perfection in your eyes,
You welcome me with warmth.
You are the answer to all of my prayers;
God, thank you.
Love is love
And this is it.
You are The One;
May God bless you always, my love.

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Jesus, Please Take Over Me

You've fallen down again;
How can you let darkness win?
You just scraped your knee,
You didn't break your leg.
It will all be okay;
I will give you strength.
Brush it off, my child;
Come and take my hand.
Let me help you up again;
You will be okay.
I have always been with you,
And I always will be.
I am by your side,
But this time,
Will you allow me to take the lead?

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The Truth About Love

Love is not easy
Love is hard
Love is time apart
Trying not to drown
Praying to stay loyal
Holding on to lover's promises
Dreaming of reuniting
Crying tears of hurt and joy
Thinking of you constantly
Asking God for all the best
Love is difficult
Love is not easy
Love is hard
Love is faith
Love is hope
Love is trust
But love is beautiful
Oh, so beautiful
And love is worth it
Oh, so worth it
Love is in God's Hands
Love is protected
Love will come back again
Reunion again
For God is love
In Jesus' Name
We pray

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The Glass Goddess

All around me
Great cities made of sand.
Green sky scrapers poke through the ground 
To thrive in life’s strict conditions
And melt away with the tide…

Great houses made of cards
Form lines, and tightrope walk existence,
Knowing that any moment, the wrong brick may fall
And buckle our world to its knees
As Mother Earth shouts Jenga! from the sidelines.

So while were here
We dance with the Glass Goddess 
Poised miles above reality,
Leaping over the heavens on our domino stilts-

We floor it in the sky
Living death in the fast lane, 
Seizing the day
Because any moment 
We could disappear 

Jacob Reinhardt	

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The Light

They praise me like a saint,
But I am a sinner;
They don't know the man they see.
I am an addict.
Broken eyes to pornography,
Only Jesus can set me free.
Only by His death on the cross
And the grace of His Father's love
Am I able to be set free.
With God as The Light,
The One and Only Light,
The Only Hope in sight,
Will I be set free.
I am free.

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Not Good Enough

What if I'm not good enough?
What if I'm not good enough to make a difference?
What if I'm not a good enough writer?
What if I'm not a good enough singer?
I know I'm not
But who defines what "good enough" is anyway?
Is it the person in the arena
Doing their best with all they have
Or is it the spectator on the sidelines
Too afraid to step a foot in?
You can think what you want
But you don't have to listen
You can say what you want
But I don't have to listen
A label of "good" is irrelevant
As long as we pursue our passion
The passions God gives to us
A label of "good" is irrelevant
Replaced by the truth of "worth it"
No matter how off-key I sound
No matter how empty I ramble
It's all worth it
All you do is worth it
You're worth it
We're Children of Christ
And we're all worth it!

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Welcome 2011,Good-bye 2010

I turn pain into songs
I turn life into stories
Defeats into triumphs
Situations into poems

I have to admit
This year hasn't been the easiest
And by far has been the most challenging 
But through it all,
I've made it.

I turn tears into smiles
I turn fear into bravery
Depression into joy
Hate into love

I have never understood
Why God has taken me through so much
But I know it is all for a greater purpose
And an even higher understanding of His Love

I dedicate this to my grandmother
To my family
To all my friends
To those who have struggled this year
2011 is definitely going to be better

I have faith and pray that you believe
Just as I believe 
That God has the power to change things...
Welcome 2011, Good-bye 2010

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Why I Do Not Go To Church Anymore

I began a journey 
along a path unknown
toward a future uncertain
without a guide to show me
the right way that I should go

but along the way 
I came to a crossroad
that revealed a new path
on the road to a way of life 
which I then needed to follow

for along this path 
I came to understand
there are many traditions
and doctrines of men which
do not the truth of God reveal

as a result a change
was made to no longer
blindly follow the beliefs
I had learned from my youth
electing not to listen anymore

and so began a new
search for divine truth
as revealed by God alone
along a path that he directs
which is spiritually discerned

for I find in his word  
there are no untruths told
which I need to then unlearn
and that is the sole reason why  
I will not in quenchless hellfire burn

© Eugene Harvey

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The Name of Jesus

Whisper me the sweet sound of freedom,
The sweet sound found in Your Name,
Holy and Heavenly freedom,
All in the Name of Jesus!

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To Make A Difference

Bless the world with your spirit
Be yourself and love
To love beyond existence
To make a difference
Take action of your dreams
Your fire ignites another
A positive contagious we need to catch
Thaw out your fears
Make them run like the rivers
Flowing into courage
That yields strength and bravery
In the sun of inspiration lies a voice
A voice on which the sun shines
And shining solely upon
All eyes are on
The time is here
The time is now
Open your voice
For the world to hear
Even if only one listens
Love will have been written
In the stars
In the skies
In Heaven
And it's alright

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Demon In My Closet

There is a demon in my closet and it is safe to say
 I have kept him there safely, each and every day
 Asking about his words, I thought I heard him pray
 He laughed openly stateing he was always hearing me play
 I followed, I listened I leaned over to his ways
It turns out he's here over an angel and a wish of keeping me gay
 Saintan is forever listening to what becomes my fate
 The doors still closed as softly as that horrid divorced decay
 But he was not wearing my brand, a mark of forever may it stand
 He had choose to turn the other cheek, to find a higher point of understanding
Something more suitable than just a standard branding
 A mark of a book, a devils open handing
 A demon to help me through troubles and fears
 A someone there when all I have left is openly flowing tears
 He jesters, he peers, he jokes, he steers
 But I think my favorite time is where leers

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The Ankh-w

I invoke, yea, the symbol of life and immortality
You are Sanatan Dharma of Hindus, Eternal life,  
You are the key of Nile, and the Key of life    
The universe, power and life-giving air and water
Key of life unlocking the gates of death
You are the fertility and creative power
Symbolizing by your cross and circle
You are the precursor to the Christian cross
 Cutting female component by lopping off circle
Later amended to Father, Son and Holy Spirit
As an amulet you give strength and health
Top loop symbolizes reincarnation & rebirth.

You give beauty to fingertips of Gods & Goddesses
Conferring the gift of life to mummy of the dead
The goddess Isis holds you in her hand
You are in the hand of the jackal god Anubis
The god of underworld and mummification
Even God Horus holds you in his hand
Welcoming the deceased to the underworld.


Second Place
Contest: The Ankh

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Every Second We're Away

Every second we're away,
We grow stronger everyday
Until that day will finally come
When we know it's okay
And we will rest in each other's arms
In peace from God above,
No longer missing one another
Because we're together;
Built forever in each other's love.

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A Spiritual Journey

I should have trusted You all along
I can now see how You're working all things for good
Because God,
You are so, so good!
I never should have doubted You
Not even for a moment
Look how things You are turning around
Lifting me up
Up out of darkness
Up out of sadness
Up out of depression
And now all my pain and misery
Are a past glimpse of history
An experience I needed to go through
To simply learn and learn to trust You
Through it all
Low and tall
You've brought me here to this place
On the mountain we stand
You take me in Your Hand
To show all Your opportunity awaits
You love me in Your Welcoming Embrace
From looking back to looking forward
I'll shout for Your Love
Saved by Amazing Grace
Future placed carried by The Dove.

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I Feel Like I Need To Compare Myself To Others

At the ripe old age of nineteen
Feeling ashamed for not living on campus
Feeling embarrassed for still living with parents
I should be "up there" I say
Where students have fun miles away
Comparing myself to friends my own age
Who are independently gauged
I'll write on a blank page
And spend my hours in the library all day
To make up for time others are in the dorm
So we're neck-in-neck inside my mind's storm
Gratefully excited dreams beginning
At the school childhood dreams have long awaited
But I still don't feel like a student
Because I'm home right now, not in the Union
I don't tell others I'm in college
Because I am commuting
To me I feel like that's saying
You're a doctor while you're still training
I plaster faces in my mind
Of who I want to be like
And allow others to rule my decisions
Because I can't control mine
It's like I'd rather be a stereotypical society member
In pain and emotional misery
But overarching happiness to fit in
Than to be myself as God has created
Like I preach to those who feel downgraded
And so now I must make a decision
On how to view myself without the world's mention
This is the dream I've been waiting for
Yet I've already found a way which to ruin
If I'm going to make a positive difference
Where I believe God is calling me
Then I must view myself differently
As God views me
If we're going to make a positive difference
In our lives where God is leading us
Then we must view ourselves differently
As God views us
I am worth it
We are worth it
I am not alone
We are not alone
I love myself, who God created me to be
We love ourselves as God creates us to be
I love others as Jesus loves me
We love others as Jesus loves us
I don't have to be perfect
We don't have to be perfect
But I am the perfect me as God has envisioned
But we are the perfect us as God has envisioned
I will not compare myself to others
We will not compare ourselves to others
Because I am perfect as God has created me
Because we are perfect as God has created us
Thank You God
Thank You Jesus
Thank You Holy Spirit
I love You
We love You
Please use me in anyway You can
Please use us in anyway You can
Thank You
I am Yours
We are Yours
Thank You
In Jesus' Name
We pray
God, please grant us strength
To accept ourselves
As You accept us
Thank You Jesus

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                                            Dear God, If you're here God
                                            Make the fire disappear when they stare God
                                            Take away my fear when they interfere God
                                            Do you fear God? Cause I feel God

                                                             Nicki Minaj, Girl on Fire, Remix


God on the tongue and God within iris,
God knotting the throb of umbilical cords, 
God of new giggle, God of old death rattle,
God grieving the beast that has become man.

Millions of inked pages printed in the script of God,
The bow of viola lifted by the will of God,
Watercolours bled thru the schemes of God,
Beatbox, God. Hip hop, God. Rock and Roll, God.

Each empty cell, rusting, God in Alcatraz, 
God weeping down an IV that spills chemotherapy,
Woven in the rough threads of shelter blankets: God,
The coins in a can: God; clean needles: God,
God putting out fires and searching rubble.
God in amber alerts, God greening sod.

God the prosthetic, the glass eye, sign language.
Some wheel down the ramps of God,
The girl with Down’s syndrome speaks the gospel of God,
The boy with autism rocks to God.

God in cradle, God in grave,
God prodding the overly-fed, God pleading,
God nodding, God waiting,
God here, God there, 
God watching over the odd, the jaded, whores and barhops,
God fading scars, God shooting stars,
God fighting to end the blight of wars.

Seen as spirit guide, Brother Wolf, Sister Moon: God,
Seen as Mohammed,: God ,
Seen as Christ, Seen as YHVH, Seen as Para Brahman,
Tao God, Zen God, Mami Wata God.

God in apologies and God saying, I am an alcoholic,
God mixing marriages, God coupling same sexes,
God marching peacefully, God on hunger strikes,
God surrounding, God internalizing. 

God is as real as breath.
The myth is Godlessness.  


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Evil struck at school for her that day… A beautiful child, wise beyond her years Its aim- to silence her voice and put her away To end the good work she is called to do there Before that day the world had not heard Of Malala, only fourteen years old of Pakistan The local Taliban threatened but she never feared Her faith in God is strong and on that she would stand When the world first heard of the tragic story I wrote the poem “Taliban” and prayed with others We realized she was special, and did give God glory Today she’s alive! With a message- to love one another More Priceless is this jewel than any that Pakistan has seen It's the children like Malala who will build a better tomorrow Girls’ right to an education is her wish to obtain As untold health and wealth waits to replace her country’s sorrow ~*~

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We Are All In This Together

We all have a story to tell.
Ups and downs,
Together, we've been through it all;
God has led us through it all.
Trust Him;
It's all for a reason.
All your pains,
All your struggles,
All your hurts-
They're all for a reason.
God has a bigger plan,
One we cannot see.
Trust Him and pray.
We are all in this together.
Together, we have been through it all.
Ups and downs,
We are family-
Brothers and sisters in Christ.
We are friends.
Most importantly,
We are family.
Let's love one another like God loves us.
Let's help each other out
And help each other up with loving hands.
We are His children.
We are His servants
Together on His mission
To love, save, and change the world
For the better.
We are all in this together.
Listen to His praises ring;
Let's praise Him together.
Listen to sister Fantasia sing,
"Sometimes you gotta lose to win again."
Thank You Father!

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Lord I know You are
always with me in tragedy
Walking beside me while I
pick up the pieces
Holding the rubble until I gain
strength to sort through it

What I really need is for You
to shield my joy
It is so fragile and fleeting
Help me to enjoy the moments 

Birds singing in the dawn
The first delicate flower emerging 
from the frost of a bitter winter
A gentle rain drifting down
Children giggling in the sunshine
The warmth of friends around 
a campfire on a chilly autumn night
Someone who knows and loves me 
holding my hand through a glorious sunset

Remind me not to get lost 
searching for joy in material things 
For it can only be found
in beauty and song 
that touches the heart 

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I thank THEE Oh, LORD
All the treasures, THOU HAST
So generously upon me
My life
My sight
My Hearing
My touch
My scent 
My taste 
My arms
My legs
My brain and every other
Treasures of worth untold
Money couldn’t ever buy 

Forgive my, LORD,
My egoism
My ingratitude
My greediness 
My complaining
My insatiability
My forgetfulness,  

If only THY charity was I able  
To remember
The multitude of the unfortunate ones
That are not as blessed as I,
Every second should I THEE, for life,
Thanksgiving offer 
Only once a year!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   27 NOVEMBER 2013

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These Walls I Built

Stuck in the prison of my own life,
I dodge behind these walls I built.
And inside is a demon covered in guilt
And shame so thick you can't see his eyes.
God, please help me to see
No matter what, You will always love and be with me.
Thank You Father for everything.
In Jesus' Name,
We pray.

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Queen Esther The Song

(Esther 5: 2)

(Chorus:  Part 1)

Walk In Majesty
Walk In Grace
Walk With GOD
Shining On Your Face
And You Can Walk
Thru Any Place ...

Prepare Your Steps
To Bring GOD Praise
Keep Your Stride
A Steady Pace
Walk In GOD's Ways
Thru Every Space ...

(Chorus:  Part 2)

Walk Like Queen Esther
Brave & Beautiful
Walk Like Queen Esther
Divinely Dutiful

and Every Step You Take
Please Pray
and GOD Will Guard You
On The Way

... Walk Like Queen Esther ...

Walk Like Queen Esther
In Love & Trust
Walk Like Queen Esther
and Move On
If You Must ...

and Every Step You Take
Please Pray
and GOD Will Guide You
Through Always

and Walk Like Queen Esther
Walk Like Hadassah
Walk Like Queen Esther

(Main Song)

The King Held Out To Esther
The Golden Scepter
That Was In His Hand

She Was His Queen
The Woman Who Fulfilled His Dreams
One of The Most Beautiful In All His Lands

There Was No Hesitation
In His Heart's Designation
Towards This Woman Who Stood Royal & Serene

She Held His Affection
and Did Not Suffer Rejection
As She Humbly Walked In, As His Queen

But Oh, The Interplay
of Emotions That Day
Between This Woman & Her Loving Man

When The King Held Out To Esther
His Golden Scepter
... That Was In His Hand

* * * * * * * * * * * *

so Walk Like Queen Esther
Walk Like Hadassah
Walk Like Queen Esther

( Walk-On Hadassah - Walk-On ! )

             Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/17/2013 
              by:  MoonBee Canady

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Life is to live and to chill in. Just relax and lay back and enjoy your living. Do not worry about crazy ass leaders in your country. Law abides and that should tell them something. If it does not, oust. Egypt has done this to two. Adventurous the world maintains. You want to sightsee life insanely. Skydiver you are. You are on flight to the Republic of the Maldives. A political escapade you have partook. You are foreign blood from the United States. This is your family origin and you want to connect. Therefore, you donate to the cause to project. Exploitation you do not mind. You want a fulfilling life and one that enshrines. No matter what the big picture is, your consideration is that life was given to live. Thus, you contemplate with an inner focus. You will enjoy life and all its trinkets. ____________________________________| PENNED ON AUGUST 31, 2014!

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rainbow promise

I worship 
the gift 
From your
 Holy Spirit 
Eternally grateful Father 
Your promise 
to man 
in the colours 
of light 
your love 

In the mist 
of angel tears 
in the light 
In it's moisture 
upon the air 
The sun smiling 
in a coloured bouquet 
heavenly treasure 

Your promise 
Like magic 
your gate 
In the wonder 
of you 
your coloured love 
Shines beautiful

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Welcome Home, My Child

Getting sleepy with eyes falling tired
Drift away into a new sense of wonder
Longing for purpose that seems to fade away
With every step, God whispers, "Stay...
"Slow down My Child, you're going too fast
Take a look around at My Home for you at last
Take all in the Love I have for you
And don't fret over fear of what I want from you
I love you Child more than you could ever know
You are My Child; I am your Home
And I will never let you go
All I want is for you to love Me too
Welcome Home, My Child
I love you."

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Panchmukhi Ganapati- w

Ganapati is a son of one of the Trinity God Shiv & Parvati.
Parvati created him out her power, placed him at entrance 
To keep vigil, allow none as she wanted to go for a bath.
Shiv, her husband came and was stopped by Ganapati.
Shiv got angry and cut off his head, as being an outsider.

Parvati grieved too much for the loss of her own creation.
Shiv ordered servants to bring head of  any animal asleep
Elephant ‘head brought, Shiv placed it on Ganapati’s body.
Thus Ganapati is having the trunk- head of an elephant.
She was still not happy and wanted more boon for her son.

Then Shiv granted an additional boon to please Parvati.
People will worship him before beginning new undertaking
Obstacles if any will be removed for all the true devotees.
Five faced Ganapati relates to embodiment of all potencies
They symbolize the five fleshes in the subtle anatomy felt.

The flesh body, the breath or energy body, mental body
Body of upper consciousness and body of Cosmic bliss.
The fifth body being the highest level of Yogic experience.
Thus the five days of celebration is for that five potencies
First day-atonement, amends of misdeeds like Thanksgiving.

Create vibration of love & harmony among family members.
Second day among neighbors, relatives and close friends
Create harmony among business associates on the 3rd day
For arts, culture, music, dance and religion on the 4th day
On last day experience love, tranquility from God Himself.

*Ganapati is a compound noun in Sanskrit language. Gana means semi-divine gods 
and Pati means the master. There is a myth about Ganapati, with the head of 
Panchmukhi Ganapati= Five faced Indian God Ganapati. Panch means five and
Mukhi means mouth.
Hindu/ Pancha Ganapati..Honoring Ganesha celebrated in December

5th place win
Contest: Winter's Holi Days by Deborah Guzzi.

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Good God Morning...

Sitting on the porch, a view of a majestic mountain sits before me...
Pike's Peak and thoughts of purple mountains majesty...
A cup of jo, and time to reflect.
peaceful in this moment
Gods beauty in my midst
Good God morning
My cat walks up, a purr before work? 
How great is this journey, 
Dew in the air, 
joy filled in this moment
Gods beauty in my midst 
Good God morning
Sleepy eyed wife, joins me on the porch
the smell of her hair,
the giggle in her voice 
a question, an answer
Gods beauty in my midst 
Good God morning.

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This Is The Love

Stand up and shake;
Feel the rhythm in your heart.
Ignite those pants;
We get up and dance.
God on our mind,
Eternity in our souls;
Feel the chills of those bones.
It's the hope.
Open those closed doors:
Into Heaven we go,
Welcomed and forgiven.
Here is the love;
Let's dance!

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Like a cherry tree in the spring,
God if this is meant to be,
Please let this blossom.

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THREE IN ONE Fortified towering walls surround persons running through and fro stature small and little feeble only a fig tree available for him yet, he ran too. Fast! climbing the tree with all his might just to have a glimpse of this wonderful man: our God- Jesus Christ.. who in thousand sunsets and thousand sunrises succeeded to win hearts and disciples... Walking upon seesaw waves He invited him Unafraid, He silence the raging storm He appease them calming the wandering spirit He embraces each one with light Engulfing beyond approach outlasting borders reproach His popularity a thousand years His million miles echo healing aches a soothing breeze resurrecting hope yet, some were threatened scared to be thundered as cornerstones He shook and changed mistaken fate and faith bender They took Him. Placed Him in trial Flicking hurt - Inflicting pain. Lashing jolts of torture down to the bone. Each bang of the axe nailing Him tight. So excruciating allowing helplessly stairs of His death. Lifted high after the third day. Blooming sun, welcomed His life back. As cloud carpet and choir of angels enthroned Him high. Leaving His Holy Spirit behind. His Holy Spirit present each daylight smile and nightfall frown waiting. waiting. waiting for us - people. Our God whose presence is present everywhere. Recognizable in the most natural flower. Bathing us strength through tornado of trials. Showering us honey warmth happy sunbeams. A seedling green leaf in a rocky dry mountain. The trembling notes folded within rhymes and psalms. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit in one. (c) Olive Eloisa 4:44pm July 30, 2014 CONTEST NAME: GOD SPONSOR: REGINA RIDDLE first place, to God be always the glory..:)

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Happy Cloud, Smoke Clouded Guy Vs Voice of Truth

My Friend Tom Logic was The Smoke-Clouded Guy and i was The Voice of Truth :D 

Smoke-Clouded Guy Says: 
Nicotine to make me high.. Emotions that can fly.. Pain about to die.. 
Voice of truth says:
A free-way pass to a venom which gives you a lack in living? Tell me why?
Smoke-Clouded Guy Says: 
Tell you why? When from childhood life waved goodbye.. I had this numbing pain in my vein.. Living for vain
I had to
Smoke trouble away
Voice of truth says:
And risk Living? Risk a body that was gifted& pure, risk health? That others would die for? 
Smoke-Clouded Guy Says: 
Why favor my life? Why live on the edge of the knife? Is happiness just another sad cloud? Can't u hear my screams that are loud?
If wounds wont mend.. Now with nicotine I will blend
Till they heal and lose the sense to feel
Voice of truth says:
To deny a blessing is nobler then? To deprive your health will numb the pain of this so-called Happy Cloud? Then this so-called Delight is just a fraud to make you feel better, to steal away the minutes while you would've got years
A lack of beauty you will gain, a reek of bad odor it will cause, your teeth no longer the blazing white? Why take instead of care? To your own shell? 
Smoke-Clouded Guy Says: 
I feel my soul is down low
The sun.. Is your truth you state?
Voice of truth says:
A Message to God you have sent, "my Soul you grant, i will play" 
Smoke-Clouded Guy Says: 
Now, after you.. I have smoking to hate
And.. I wish.. A better fate
Words crumble and blush by your power
Your words are the drug that is.. Truth
Voice of truth says:
Turn back you say? It is never late? For God has his arms open wide for another Fate 
And you know what I say? It’s your own good that we display?
Smoke-Clouded Guy Says:
I for one.. Turn my face, to what's bright.. This cloud circulating me.. Will fade away
Voice of truth says:
Welcome to this beautiful place, a ticket of health you will once regain :D 
Smoke-Clouded Guy Says: 
And it's you I thank... To my page.. I begin blank
Voice of truth says:
My regards, my awaits to all of your mistakes ;)

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A Touch of Amnesia- (Anaphora)

Did you forget about the last time that I brought you through?
Did you forget that I was there to help you?
Did you forget that I am the creator who created you?
Did you forget that my arms are not to short that I can not reach?
Did you forget that my name is Shalom- the God of peace?
Did you forget I heard the last prayer that you prayed?
Did you forget that I am God and will be with you each day?

playing with some new styles from our friend Joseph.

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There comes a time in everyone life, when you lose even something...or someone...every tear that falls from your eyes, has already been written in time...never question what God has planned for you...for its his love that shines above you...his heavenly strength will forever guide’s the devil who will deceive and mis lead matter what I go through, when his spirit called upon me...I received his power and glory...when I pray he's here in the mist before me...he lets me know I'm worthy!...OUR LORD & GOD ALMIGHTY

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A Mother's Covenant

A Mother’s covenant with her creator
Spoken in depths of breathless silence
Bids her bear and nurture fruits
Each with free will and a given purpose
Assuring the existence of our race
Each comes with a gift to benefit the whole
Each a member of God’s body here below
His spirit imparted; a blessing, each one is
Sent to a world groaning, longing for peace

Mothers are special; vessels of His providence
Honor for self-sacrifice; honor for their pan
A Mother by natural birth or by an adoption
Glory in your humble station
Teach the basic truths
Expose the layers of lies 
Shed the meaningless disguise
Realize the power within your grasp
Help make our world a better place.


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My mind is dark with the thoughts of doom
Shadows of death and miseries loom
I wish I could try and fight
The stench of death and darkness of night

Many thoughts bewilder my soul
My heart bleeds through a jagged hole
Why do I have to kill to live?
Why don’t I have happiness to give?

My heart screams for an explanation
My soul cries for salvation
Why is my hand smeared in blood?
Why is everyone around me dead?

I walk through the graveyard of people I killed
Was this the death that god willed
Why was I the harbinger of death?
Why was it me who laid them to rest?

I live a life that I rather not dare
My nights are an endless nightmare
Why can’t I be released from this living hell?
Why don’t I have someone to tell?

Will I ever escape? Will I ever be free?
Will I ever be pardoned? Will my life ever be merry?
All I ask my God is sanity
All I need from me is humanity

I have killed to live, I have lived to kill
Done acts I am not proud of
Will I ever have peace to gain?
Or will I need death to live again

Tell me lord; am I not your child?
Weren’t they too, because of me who died?
Was it my fault that I had a gun?
Why didn’t I have a place to run?

Questions in my mind abound
My dreams come back at night to hound
My only release I know is death
I hope it comes soon and me it gets

When death smiles at me with all its charms
I will lie with glee in its waiting arms
Then for sure my soul will be free
And those of the people murdered by me.

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Thank God

He pours out His love
Across the entire world

In spite of pain and depression
Worry, fear and disillusionment
There is joy and enthusiasm
Reassurance, faith and encouragement

He fills hearts with His light
Rekindling love in each beat

In spite of storms that linger on
The thunderous pounding and lightning bolt
There is sunshine and rainbows
Which create a sense of happiness

He renews troubled minds
With a gentle touch of hope

In spite of the troubles and strife
The sorrows, grief and heartache
There is a dream to dream, a second chance
A better way to restore today

He fills up a life with hope, faith and love
And every good gift from above.

Take a moment to thank God 
For all that He has given us!!!

Written on August 2, 2014
©2014 by Regina Riddle

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My Heart Sings

As the first rays of sunshine
wakes me out of my sleepy slumber,
I sat up in bed and looked at my hands.
The taste of stale cigarette smoke of cheap red wine
stained my taste buds.
I walked out of bed,
turned on the radio
(to the classical station)
and my heart beats to the tune
my life and soul smile as the sun shines in my room.
I hear God whispering in my ear
I hear all the words of the world
talking to me,
and I can hear my heart sing a little.
I read my poetry,
get dressed go for a walk,
I smile at the faces that I pass;
The cars I pass,
the houses,
the trees,
the dry lawns,
burnt and that have not been watered in days.
I smile at them and they all smile back,
and my heart sings a little,
and I dance to its simple tune.

My heart sings and I dance too:
slowly melodies,
fast jigs,
rapid jazz and swing music
and waltzes to the chopin masterpieces,
and the romantic stories, novels, the poems,
that fancy your mind with its ryhme schemes,
and after I read such romantic beauty
I smile, and I listen closely to my heart,
and with every beat,
it lets out a verse or two, from a familiar song
that caught my ear on the radio,
and my heart sings
and I smile,
and the world smiles back.

Feeling such beauty
love and romance
it is such a good feeling to live with;
and as the night rolls on,
and the sun goes away
I sit at my desk
writing poetry,
with a cigarette slowly burning away with time,
and I am stuck,
getting drunk of red wine,
I sit back in my chair,
and listen to my heart,
and he sings alittle
and I can write again.
So, there we sit together,
writing poetry,
smoking cigarettes,
drinking wine
to the strike of nine
and we both sing songs of love and romance
together forever.

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Because God Created Us To Look Forward

We have eyes in the front of our head
Because God created us to look forward
To aspire
To dream
To reach higher
With our eyes
We will see all we see
With His Sight
We will become all we are born to be
Reach out farther
One step closer
Up to Our Father
To dream
To aspire
Because God created us to look forward

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God loves everybody NO DISCRIMINATION
INCLUDING Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered HUMANS
These people are SHUNNED 
Told by DISCRIMINATING Bible dwellers 
“You will NEVER see the gates of Heaven”
“Adam and Eve” 
Some ARE born this way
What makes any natural LOVE for another HUMAN Evil??
Some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people 
Are persistent in their prayers and FIGHT so hard to be somebody they aren’t
There are sociopaths, manic-depressives, mentally handicap, DEAF people, BLIND people, DUMB people 
All-of-the-above people
Are these HUMANS condemned at birth?
“Profess your love for the Lord Christ OUR Savior”
How will the special blind, deaf and dumb people EVER know the “Lord Christ OUR Savior”?
Oh, they die and go to Hell to find out?
Or will the “Lord Christ OUR Savior” give these HUMANS an exclusive chat?
WHY are they born with these ailments in the first place?
To FIGHT so hard to be UNnatural?
“Just pray”
“God knows your heart”
“Don’t doubt Him, just pray”
Why is God a Him? 
Why do we place a gender on our God?
God is God 
That is the only way to describe God
Some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered HUMANS 
Are DISGUSTED with themselves
Self-loathing and self-destructive
Because they are not accepted because of WHO THEY ARE
Some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered HUMANS
FORCE themselves into an unhappy relationship 
FORCE themselves into seclusion
Unhappy or numb 
BOTH very dangerous
Inconsiderate are those who SHUN other HUMANS
Pressing their beliefs as FACTS on another HUMAN
But these DISCRIMINATING HUMANS don’t base their beliefs on FACTS
Just on FAITH
“I have faith”
“The Bible is the word of God”
“But the Bible says –”
And the Qur’an says!
And the Torah says!
And the Talmud says!
Choose your OWN lives 
Believe in WHATEVER it is that YOU choose to believe in 
Peace be with all animals, vegetation and HUMANS on Earth and in the Universe

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My sons Jason and Jeremy

Just remember this and never forget
the things that people told you about me,
is be written in this poem so you know
what was really said.

Never a day went by that you 2 were not
on my mind, sons like are very few.
Your faces as sweet as could be, eyes
as blue as the oceans.
Blonde curls fell around your heads and 
your smile lite up every room.

The day you guys were born I cried as I 
held you tight, your little fingers holding
mine oh how blessed I truly was.
Did you know God sent you guys to me than
you were stripped away on that July day.

I thank God for you daily and I tell him I will
obey and love you guys everyday.
If there were a definition of how sons should
be it would be my sons Jason and Jeremy.
My life has meaning, purpose and reason now 
because God brought us together again.
Written By: Rhonda Hero

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Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

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We may never know

A small bubble out of Her powers
Expanding into a Vast Universe
The bubble will grow to burst one day
How to halt it; is there any way?
Even God may not Know

Desperate is God, She makes her prototypes
Evolving as humans, expected to save God’s life
Swelling into many, humans confront God’s existence
Biggest mistake by God, paves way for her destruction
Even God may not know

Can you tell me where is God?
Can you show me where is God’s abode?
You wont ever find God, God is no more
Man is only a leftover by God
We may not know

Looking at the sky, searching for God
Some fools among us even think beyond God
They make prototypes of God for their own ends
The universe will burst one day and all will end
We may never know

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The Legend of Morgan-Kara

The snow mountains bowed heavily
As Morgan-Kara touched its base
The spirits silently circled
Waiting for him to call
People watched in reverence
As ancestors came forth
But dark clouds soon gathered
For the God of the Dead was livid
No touching the dead Morgan-Kara
Bellowed the mighty voice
But silently Morgan-Kara brought forth
The dead one by one
God of the Dead flew on raven wings
To let the High God know
To Morgan-Kara it was just another day
The High God trapped his soul
Sealed it in a glass bottle
People cowered in fear
Morgan-Kara retreated in a cave
He silently played his magic drum
And climbed with it to the heaven above
The great Shaman now turned into a wasp
Bit the High God on his head
Startled the God left the bottle
Which he carried back to earth
As Morgan-Kara emerged
People bowed in faith and cheer
For here was Morgan-Kara
Reborn again and again

Based on the legends of Lake Baikal, Siberia

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I emerge --
light overwhelms me
with peacefulness

A welcome comes to mind, although
I have heard no words spoken.
How long did I sleep?  
A voice -- a million years.
I seek a presence and the angel appears.
Although the mist reveals
our nakedness, I think no sexuality.
You wonder about your wife.
Yes, the thought emerges as well as the answer.
Recognition will come in time.
When you want to see her, you will --
as well as the rest of your family if you wish.
The stranger said for me to relax and think.
Think about the good times and the times
I knew that she suffered pain, 
to be a complete wife and mother.
She will come to you, 
not through her own accord. 
She will want it with all of her longing, but
she will be here only for your happiness, 
only because you wish it.
Likewise if need be, you will be there for hers. 
Here we all exist in a multiple dimension.
Splitting—multiplying if needs be.
It changes depending on our wants and needs.
However, you will never want anything 
that you cannot have and you will always provide 
what anyone else wants of you, simultaneously.
You can split your dimension into a thousand parts—
a million parts, and even then you will have not begun 
to exhaust the possibilities which exist.  
God is here making all this possible.
God is inside of you for God makes up your being.
In a sense you are God 
but you will never want to be greater, than you are now.
What this means is that no matter how
many wish you to be with them, 
you will be with them all, at the same time.  
No matter how many you wish to be with you, 
they will all be here with you, 
individually or as many as you wish.  
Even while you are elsewhere they will all visit 
with you in the way they remember you,
and in the way you remember them.
All of you will gather all of these memories. 
They will embellish your love for one another.
You will savor them forever, making you complete.    

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In his Arms

A story of Faith..
How does anyone explain why they believe the Faith they have .
I can only tell you through the eyes of a 5yr old child .
That child being myself 

so let me rewind a bit in time .
It was preschool to 1st grade , I would fall into a vegetable state at school , with my head down on the desk .
My Mother was a very talented RN and worked in triage at St. Francis Hospital
She would take me to the best of Pediatrics , only to be told ," take her home give her a aspirin,  if fever gets to high , and call us in the morning . 

All I can remember is this.

I was laying on my Mothers bed as from the ceiling it appeared a man that resembled "Jesus Christ ' and his Angels , 6 on each side lifted me from the bed in his arms , and took me to a place of warmth , light and love like I have never felt before since.

I was held by him as he said , you can stay here and no longer feel pain , or you may go back. I wanted so badly to stay , but I thought of my Mothers tears , and I was sent right into my little body again only to miss that feeling I had my whole life "in His Arms "

I got up out of bed , walked to the living room , where I saw my Mother in the distance baking .'  The Grinch whom stole Christmas ' was on TV. I then noticed a tree all lighten up with decorations, I walked  towards my Mom with a blanket in my hand .

My Mom turned and she had a plate of cookies , her face white as a ghost . I asked her " Mommy , Is it Christmas ?  " she started to cry , and held me as she said " Yes Honey , it is , it is Christmas Eve. " as her tears hit my shoulder . I then asked " Why are you crying ? "  Santa Claus is coming ! " I replied,  as happy as a little 5 yr. old could be.

I was taken to a Chiropractor that week ,as a last result , He told her it was simply a miracle I was alive  .  My Spine was out of place and no Oxygen was going to my brain , in one or 2 days , I would be brain dead.

I found out later in my life at 18 yrs. old , it was shaken baby syndrome . My Father confessed to me as he to cried , at his Moms home at Christmas time . He had carried the guilt with him for years . He was a born again Christian , and a new life he had wanted with true forgiveness .

I forgave him , I know the man whom lifted me was Jesus Christ that night , and there is nothing ugly at all there , so I know he to forgave him . 
Since then ..I have never doubted , I know he goes by many names  , It is Jesus Christ all the same .

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Shes gone

Will this heart of mine ever stop beating, oh i plea to my God for the pain is great
I recall the days of joy, her beautiful eyes stared at me, and I fell deeper in love
We held hands against all, the winds bowed down to our unity
Yet today she no longer is in my scene, God where is she
I love her more and more each day
A new passion arises, and i cant even stand to grip the coming end
If it is your will, one day I shall have her back in my keep
I miss holding her, I miss kissing her day after day
I miss her voice, her laugh, will death not take me for she no longer is in my life
Walking into the unknown some say they are to find a new direction
Please come forth, dont stay away anymore I miss you
Those memories will never die, what I feel for you is eternal see you not?
What am I to do now? Forgive me I never meant to hurt you
Please forgive my tounge, I cant do this without you please come back

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Bravery Hangover

I woke up this morning with another bravery hangover
One of the worst I've experienced
Dear God, please never let me feel this way again
Headache and nausea
Emotions of regret and depression
Creeping into my bloodstream
And fear taking place of my medicine
Last night was tremendous
I prayed full of excitement, strength, courage
Then I awoke to the days wonder
Of a previous night's drunken adrenaline stumper
Dazed and confused
Sweaty asking "What did I do?"
Wishing I could take it all back
Wanting to crawl straight again into bed
Disengage because I'm worthless
And not worth the dreams I chase
Last night I was so free
Following the man I want to be
Chasing these goals that have been placed before me
Running tirelessly smiling
To the vision ahead
Where being brave is key
And fear is buried underneath
I acted on that bravery I prayed for
And last night it was so worth it
Then I woke up this morning
To reality reversed again
Where my acceptance of "not good enough" is normal
But I'm done with all these hangovers
They won't hang around no more
Because I won't let them happen
With God all things are possible
And I pray to stay drunk on brave
For then I'll never feel new morning regret
Since when that feeling comes in again
We rise stronger in courage
Make a toast to bravery
And engage
Because we're worth it
Perfectly perfect as God created us to be
May God bless you always!

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Oh my lord,
When I see people:
Beheading other people
Selling women to slavery
Executing men for being different
Destroying your places of worship
Obliterating civilizations
Forbidding knowledge and
Subjecting Thy creation to terror, 
There is only one thing for me to do:
To Thee to pray


My eyes to Thee I turn in despair         
To supplicate Thee, oh Lord, 
To save us from all those, around the world, who 
Believe to be Thy exclusive representatives and
Who, the only ones are, Thy divine will to know


In Thy holy name, the blood of those of different
Opinion shed 
Love in their hearts proclaim to harbor!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  14 OCTOBER 2014

*One should not apathetic remain before the crimes committed!

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Rapture and Riddle

A sleeping beast 
Or winged messenger from God 
Lays its quicksand of the truth
And I am spat like a petal from some nameless bloody heart
A constant question of the proof

I scratch in complacent deals
With my fellow’s skin and drone predators
While living in the fields
A cauldron drips
These poppies fix

A soldiers boot 	
Addiction is
The needle spent is where I live

But faith can be 
Such a fickle masturbation of sentiment 

Did I nail myself onto the wood
In scarlet scars through shrinking palms
Sacrifice my history
So they could write a misshapen allegory 
So they could rest their scraps
In painted psalms of papier-mâché 
None of it was me
I was not born to be 
An asset 
Of their delinquency 

Did I lay myself out in love
To hang there torn upon the cross
A plush riddle in comforts upholstery 
The benediction of their ease
The filthy placebo of their greed 

In the ragged bones I fall to earth
In the moist illusion of the dust
With this wretched taste of famine in my throat

Am I the benediction of their greed
The filthy placebo of their disease

A nameless child who scavenges 
For every single breath
As I lay here in the dirt
And in the gluttony of the church
And so for pities sake
Just one more obloquy of prayer 
In the chronicle of remembrance
Or sleeping angel 
A winged beast sent from the savage eye of God 

Lays in the quicksand of the truth
Spat from a stinking petal 
Of some cringing bloody heart
And I will gather here a while
The meagre scraps of dust and earth

A constant question of the proof

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The Corner of Madison and Huron

At the corner of Madison and Huron,
The faint pedestrian appears.
A couple holding hands walking swiftly
As police pass near.
Cane in his hands
Walks a younger looking man,
Rolling his suitcase along
A central corner in a downtown city
Where faith, hope, and love belong.
May God bless you Toledo,
Today and forevermore.

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The Truth

Everything in this world has to fade
Except the one by whom we were all made
One day we'll all have to face,
The Lord & God of all race,
So earn rewards and keep up your pace
So in front of God you keep you grace.

If you're strong enough and think that you're brave,
Then anytime be ready to face the grave
Hold on to your beliefs really tight
For only God has got the might
To tell us what is wrong and what is right
Do as he says and your future will be bright.

If in the right you believe,
Then you'll surely find relief
Forget be kind and Forgive each
Then see how the kindness of God to you'll reach,
And every time you want to preach,
Make sure you follow what you teach.

**I had to post again..Ugh....I don't know how the previous one got deleted. This was the first poem I was finally happy with at how well it was doing know based on views and comments and the fact that it was featured.
Thanks to everyone who made that possible ! Appreciation is the memory of the heart :D 


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Being There

2, 000 people in this God forsaken crest of a town
Am I the only one to keep the balance
To count the half second before midnight
To bring philosophy to a women's monthly
And call it quits
You don't know
And you could never be there

Cause when you're there
You're down 
Betrayed by wet seals in vast grocery markets
Betrayed by the heavy weight of a manicure
And beaten down by the harsh scent 
Of the after sex
Too cruel to shake it's fuming  head in our direction
But too serene to keep you shaking
And why why would anyone want that

6 people in this God forsaken house
God doesn't even give it the right to call it a home
God sends it with two teeth and an ugly birthmark
God doesn't grant the wishes of a ten year old
On her two knees praying for her savior
And wringing her lungs of tears 'till morning
And you could never be there

Cause when you're there
You're shivering from the cold
And a swollen belly that's been empty for days
Empty of food water sleep and comfort
Empty of God's infinite grace and empathy
And why shouldn't you be for the things you've done
The naughty things a ten year old does
The sticky curious findings we shoved in our mouths
And why why would anyone want that

4 people on this God forsaken island I call my mind
Sylvia the silver tongued snake
Vintent the red breasted songbird
And the man whose name is not to be mentioned
Myself the whole idiotic lot of me that dances with thought
We're counting the days off 'till new year to give up our one last dream
And you could never be there

Cause when you're there 
You're different
And the silent squabble of thoughts isn't enough to get you off
And people pride themselves on a trait they can never achieve
And you're the whisper of this town this house this mind
Marooned by an entity of passion
Separated from the depth of nothing big but neutral
But given freedom in a red dress
And you could never be there

And God why would you want to 
And God from a ten year old a sixteen year old
Why why would anyone want that

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The Letter


The Letter

A letter fell from heaven and it landed at my door.
The letter had a message - Cry for me no more.
As I was reading the message, I knew it came
from you.

Where do the souls of our love ones go when they
leave this world? We cry, we suffer and our hearts
are broken, because we won't see them anymore.

The days pass and the months, soon turn into years.
Little by little the pain becomes less. But we still ask 
ourselves - where do the souls go?

The souls go to their destiny. God has a special place
for them. We want to think that everything ends here-
that one day we just go to sleep and we wake up
in a beautiful place called heaven.

I know now that you are in heaven and that you also
watch over me. One day when God calls me - we will 
reunite again. You say that you are happy, that you
feel no more pain.

You tell me not to worry, to go on with my life. This is
just what I will do and whenever I feel sad - I will open
up the letter and read the message again. It is time to
say - good bye dear - I have a smile on my face, because
now I know that you are in a very special place...

Written   03/31/2012      
  by Lucilla M. Carrillo

For Lisa Haitt Dark Poetess  Contest  ( Letting Go )

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The Plight of America

O gracious God, the heathens are among us
They have defiled Your holy temple
America is on a downward spiral
We are scorned and ridiculed by other countries

Pour out thy wrath on the heathen
Those who deny You and fail to call on You
Recall not our former iniquities
Surround us with Your tender mercy

O God of our salvation, we glorify You
How is it the heathen asks, "where is their God?"
We thy people, and the sheep of thy pasture
Will give thee thanks now and forever

We will show forth thy praise to all generations
Turn us back to thee, O God
And cause thy face to shine upon us
That we may be saved

Return, we beseech thee, O God of hosts
Let thy hand be upon us
So we will not go back from thee
Cause thy face to shine and save us, O God

Curtis Moorman
20 January 2012

Loosely based on Psalms 79 and 80

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Fate of Faceless Faith

Pious pies pilot pineapples to pricey plights

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The clothes you wear

A new journey begins this day. To leave the past where it belongs. To not dwell on the hurt and pain, There was no controlling the games. There was nothing that could be done To stop the suffering, Never forget you are not alone. That who you are is because of the scars. The present is stronger because of the past. The future is brighter with God's love You will make it you will see You no longer wear the clothes of yesterday. Covered in clothes of love, hope and faith These are the clothes you wear today.

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Science and God

Some would call me a lost cause,
but I only see myself as lost with no cause.
We spend all this time worrying about what others think of us,
when in reality there are billions of other people thinking the same thing.
This universe is only a small speckle in the entire galaxy,
and we have the audacity to believe that we are worth something.
Now that's not a bad thing,
because all society ever tells you to do is make a difference in the world.
All we hear is "you're special in your own way" or "you really do matter",
but the matter at hand is, do we think that of ourselves?
Science says that there are 400 billions stars in the Milky Way and 7 billion people on Earth.
Both the stars and the humans each handcrafted by a supernatural being we like to call God.
Ever since I was a little girl, I was raised in the Catholic church.
And I was taught to fear God and fear The Lord.
But as my schooling went on, i learned so much more about science.
It is always emphasized in public schools not to mix science and religion.
So which one do we believe? The logic or the morals?
Science and God don't go together in my mind,
and I think that's why I'm so lost.

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Life is crazy far to crazy many people have eyes but they cant see many people have hearts but they can't feel many people have the cure but they don't use it.The flesh they rather abuse it knowledge they misuse it.You never understand the rain until you walk through it.They rather watch many suffer and prescribe false medication and watch them go through it.Why do they do it?We all have dreams and we try to pursue it.I say together we can do it but others step on heads just to do it and those are the ones that most likely win, those who sin.Those who sit back and grin when the arrows rain down on them .I wish I stayed in the womb and never crawled out.I would have held on to every organ.I swear those doctors would have never ever got me out.Send a message to the roses tell them to never bloom because the moment they bloom there  beauty will be born in doom and die far to soon.Look the gardener he is going to cut their stem and steal the beauty from them,another lost gem.As for me they try to defeat me delete and beat me but I stand strong I will last long in the rough winds and when the tornadoes come in and when the demons rush in because their here on earth killing us slowly and there contaminating the spiritual and religious leaders that claim to be holy.Holy water dose not work on those demons don't make your self look stupid and to restore earths love we need more than cupid in the worlds veins flow venomous fluids.We say we love but we hate we say we live but without fate we say jesus we need you but get to church late but wait we try to regulate but some how its far to late I bet GOD already closed the gate its sad to say it.We hide and run in all the wrong  places, stand only in the power of the lord and tie your shoe laces. Some have money and think they have it all some have college degrees and think they know it all but if you don't have GOD you don't have sh!t at all you stand and you fall yet he will answer when you call.I learned the hard way it was never easy you ever woke up and had nothing to eat you ever got dressed and knew exactly what you were going to wear because you only had one thing to wear and only had a couple pairs of under wear and you put it on with a couple of tears. In this world you have to struggle to be understood and to be somebody or should I say be apart of the norm which I don't understand because I came out of a woman just like you and we will equally be six feet under me and you..

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Am I Still Forgiven

I did it again; I need forgiven.
Will He still forgive me even though I've fallen before?
I've fallen into these same sins countless times before;
I still haven't learned my lesson.
I am an ignorant hypocrite.
Am I still forgiven?

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The Lifeboat And The Lifeguard

If confusion was a tear,
I would be swimming in the ocean,
Trying not to drown,
Praying I would be found,
Internally knowing I am saved
By the healing hand of God,
Knowing I have a purpose,
Knowing everything would be alright,
As the lifeboat approaches nearby
And the lifeguard takes my hand,
Bringing me to His saving side.

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Braid Hairs

Why are you so devilishly addicting?
I come back from you,
It looks like I'm on drugs:
High and drunk,
Out of my mind.
The demons inside us braid hairs
Until we're peaceful meadows apart,
Nuclear wars together.

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I read today that the root word phil means loving and I thought you were given the right 
name. I know you sit and serve your mother in law as she is in the transition of life to life 
eternal. Remember that we will see her again and she will be free to roam and run and play at 
the feet of Jesus. Time in this world must end for all; she has traveled her journey and 
taught her children well. The children must take her torch on their own journey through this 
life and be ready to meet the savior.
May the holy spirit comfort you, strengthen you, and love you through this difficult time.
Family is our most important asset in life, God given and God protected.
Remember the good days and forgive the bad.
I love you my sweet sister,

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Rise and Shine

A white torn garment she wore,
fidgeted and partied alone in the air.
Neither knowing fully well her plight,
Nor understanding her whereabouts,
She kept on racing and rocking
In the oblivion cloud.
On her own,
She raised her voice like never near Ears.
Many at times, yelled at the free sky.
On her true hue, not shy;
"Angels, please fall from the Heaven.
I request you rock with me!"
She in her solitary, calmly stepped on.
This time, walked near a pool
She was a barefooted Negro
Seemingly horrified and terrified; 
drank and washed herself in the pool.
"Aren't there any haven near by
To put on with at this time of the day?"
Now rescued her God-known amputating life!
Though, on the hop, she sought and found
And hopped for a hostel hereabouts.
"Now I see, angels are near"
She danced into the erected cover clouds;
"Are angels still going to see me here?"
As she entered, she solemnly prayed,
In sotto voce,
"Verily, I seek refuge with the Lord of this haven,
As I live to live and lay in peace." 
As though she understood it all:
The such in dreams and the such in life.
So determined in and with her timeline;
And so she rose to the top.

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My Favorite Artist

Who is my favorite artist?...
A question not often approached.
My favorite artist captures the whole picture.
He creates a picture with an image according to plans.

From a blank page, He begins...
He starts from scratch with an imagination.
In his thinking, it needs to be planned.
Getting the essential supplies at hand.

First the canvas...
Then the basic outline or drawing.
Colors that escalate off the canvas.
The plan is in motion for all to see.

Created with this in consideration...
He moves his hands over the canvas with ease.
With soft hues of color in the sky.
Divided between the sun by day and moon by night.

Everything begins to turn green with the grass...
Flowers take shape with a multitude of colors.
The waters are created, separated from the land.
He makes gentle strokes with his brush in his painting.

Small little animals of different kinds...
With fish of every kind in the sea.
Seasons are created by God's plan.
Giving us spring, summer, fall and winter.

His best creation of all in this picture is man...
The picture is missing something though,
What could it possibly be?
A mate for the man in her beauty, called woman.

The master artist stands back and gazes at His painting...
I believe it is made complete,
Just one last thing for it to be finished,
The signature on the canvas of, “My Favorite Artist.”

Can you guess who he might be?
No one other, than our Lord and Savior.
All things created in His image.
He is the God of all creation.

Signed, sealed and delivered...
For all mankind to see.
The artwork of the master painter finished on canvas,
By the unseen hand of our loving, Heavenly Father.

Written on March 31, 2014

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Hashem: The Name

Adonai(My LORD)!! If you blow not, There would not be winds blowing from west to east. Eloha(GOD)!! If you breathe not, There would not be any clouds around the earth. El Shaddai(GOD Almighty)!! With your holy finger You manage the sundown and the break of dawn. El Elyom(GOD Most High)!! With your smallest finger You circle the moon around this planet. Yehovah Yireh(The LORD my Provider)!! For all the land and the sea shall drink From the holy spit When GOD shall speak. Elah Shemaya(GOD of Heaven)!! You truely are the GOD of Heaven Who struggled with Jacob and so became Elah Yisreal(GOD of Israel); Shalom(Peace), Elohim(Gods) who Shekhinah(Dwell) in the tabernacle shall always be Elah yerushelem(GOD of Jerusalem). Hashem(The NAME), and the Mighty name of GOD is - “Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh”: “I AM THAT I AM”, “I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE”, “I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE”, “I SHALL PROVE TO BE WHATSOEVER I SHALL PROVE TO BE”, “I WILL BE BECAUSE I WILL BE”, “I WILL BE THAT I WILL BE”, And “I WILL BECOME WHATSOEVER I PLEASE” This is what GOD said to Moses.

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That Secret Place

Jesus Christ is my only Peace.
It is through Him my thoughts find rest.
When death or darkness show its face,
I take my soul to that secret place.
While hiding in the love of God,
I find my way to faith from above.
That is where my sorrows melt.
His love breaks through the darkest day.
When friendships tug on my heartstrings,
When money finds an empty bin,
When hope sinks down to deep despair,
I pray to God…
He is always there.
When rambling thoughts race through my brain,
When life is void of joys sweet flame,
I ask my Lord to keep me safe.
My soul can feel His strong embrace.
No matter what earth life may bring,
My God takes care of everything.
And when I feel like a silly flake,
Or ask the Lord, my soul to take,
I find great strength from God above:
To carry on with agape…love,
To help a neighbor when life is sad,
Or ease some hunger, sharing bread.
All of nature is a special gift.
Made for man in his web of life.
Greater still is the gift from God.
The sacrifice that was made for love…
Jesus Christ, Father’s only begotten
I accept salvation; God forgiving sin.
Through Him mankind has learned good ways.
Now, joy from heaven shines each day.

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My Dearest Most Only LOVE, my Life, my Heartbeat, My Eternity My WIFE : LENOREMy Dearest Most Only LOVE, my Life, my Heartbeat, My Eternity My WIFE : LENORE
I////////////Write/////This letter to You////////from my/////Broken/////HEART to//////////YOU.
I am///still Very/////Deeply in LOVE////////////with an/////Angel/////My Muse :///ALWAYS.
YOU///are with/////Me in Prayers.//////////////You hold/////ME////YesterDays//////Todays
ANd///Forever/////I will be H OM E////////////beside YOU/////I////FeeL Y OUR///SPIRIT.
I/////////// AM ///////////eternally and///////Always Yours /// ///FOREVER as ////////////ONE.
I long to embrace YOU,to hold our Daughter JoAnne Naomi, to live as One for ETERNITY.
Walking,Talking//////with the//////Savior,Jesus////////////in the Light//////of Heaven/////I
Long to see the///////Eons///////of Eternities/////////////// L I F E For////// FOREVER/////I
Long to Entwine///////as////////One of God /////////////////'s  FLOCK //////The LAMB//////I
Kneel,Pray before  //////////  The ALMIGHTY /////////////// G I V I NG ///// T HANK S //////I
A m  with MY HEART ////// My LOVE LENORE  /////////// for Eternity //////////////////////// I Waited for 42 YEARS /// to Hug YOU again, hold YOUR Hands,Kiss YOUR Rosa red Lips.
//// I have ////// so much////to say///Lenore//////I do not know//////where to//////begin.
////  YOUR //LOVE is and/// //shall/// Touch//////// MY   S O U L //   //ashands//of GOD,
//// Touch////YOU &  ME ///  // as/// H I S  /////////  CHILDREN  //** FOREVER////Always
////Y O U // My BREATH ///  I  //a ///  man  ////// Loving Y O U//    ///  EONS, //FOREVER
///////// I/////// L O V E/// Love// ///   S O  //////  VERY MUCH //     ///Nubbies////// ONE!
I know I need more practise my N&R suck.The Title is in this Write.Do YOU See It.

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Dreams On Hold

Dreams on hold
Patience is a virtue,
I'm sold

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8:15 To Freedom

Do you hear the train a'whistlin'?
I wonder where she's a'goin'.
Can she be boundin' toward freedom?
Well, there's freedom in Jesus!
And that's all we need!

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Or in the likeness and image of God we are made of

As dust, the particles of life
The light spirit traversed
In those rhythms and essences of eternal
As they came upon each other
Discovering one another

And through all the myriads of touch
Kissed within the creations of Goddess and Gods
We recognised each other

Some call it love 

And such a dance was hailed to weave itself 
Through the atoms of our soul
That we knew and did not know

But still I fell into your eyes
As you fall into my arms 
And every word unspoken sits on the quiver of your lips
And every nuance of its translation 
Echoes in my fingertips

Some call it destiny

And I held you, a burning torch of proof
In my heart could swell, you, and nothing more
That I, this man made of flesh and blood
Could hold in his hand
Eternity in his heart

Light you were and love you are
Flame of me 
Flame of yourself

And some …. some call it ……….. desire

Which clenched in the palm of dampened sheets 
Hung poised with the ache
A hand entwined around your naked thigh
And I could not kiss you
For each breath of me
Was you

And in the animal skin
The heated press
And the parted curtain

Some would call it …. Wanton

In the way you needed
And your eyes could devour me with such a hunger
Held me entranced; witch of the hour

When I bathed in your glory
Between breast and gasp 
Where you wrote the hymn of us
So triumphantly sung 
And God upon this ever-spiritual throne


And knew the passions
Of human

And there in the equilibrium
Between spirit and skin and the divine pendulum
There in the heart of the fire
And the pulse pounding vein of blood
We did not deny how we were made or who we are

Or in the likeness and image of God 
We are made of 

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Lives In The Son

With me it’s not a matter of “If I could talk to God”
I have talked to God, I talk to him all throughout the day
I first talked to God when I was forty-one
I was an evil man
See, I had lost everything and everyone I had ever loved
I was in prison, which was nothing new
Except on this particular time, which was also my last time
I was in the hole and hate was all I had left
God set me free that day
He gave me a gift called Poetry
And from inside that cell
I sprouted wings and with every poem I wrote
I flew on the wings of an angel
Then out of the blue he returned my wife
Who had left me over a year before
After talking me into turning myself in
Well if I could talk to God this is what I would say:
Through the pain and tears I cried 
An evil soul laid down and died
And of the stories that soul could tell
Delivered from the pits of hell
I thank you God for the blood of your Son
That enabled my sins to be undone
For giving me the gift and desire to write
The strength inside to stand and fight
For the love of my wife as well as my kids
A way to undo all the evil I did
I am your servant may your will be done
For what once was the darkness now lives in the Son
Lord why have you given all this to me?
I try to understand but still can’t see
You are the beginning and the end of time
The keeper of love and all that’s divine
And I was evil upon two feet
Tired, lonely, broken and beat
I don’t deserve all you have given to me
Try as I might I still cannot see
But till death I’ll do all I can
To live your word and be a man
I am your servant may your will be done
For what once was the darkness now lives in he Son
Anyhow if I could talk to God
I reckon I would probably say something like that

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Three days Saved

It's been nine years, I have counted the tears-
  they have made trails of guilt
  worried into my heart 
  then filled with loneliness and bitter despair
but by your grace I have been shown...

For the first time, in these nine years, I have not wept
  nor held a vigil to honor our grief
though the loss still burns, this time it is transformed

Peace from your love still reaches through death
  and through your eternal love I am reborn
 It is Good Friday. 
When God took your spirit home
  and left me dying to know,
  how to love him for his sacrifice
  when he asked me to give up you?
How do I heal this death and rise with you in his arms?

Through your love I was born, and in your arms I grew
 and it has been your love the kept me whole
 that taught me how to be reborn
    for even though your body has gone
    your words lost in the wind and breath no more
The essence of grace and strength you lived
- it grows still in your daughter soul

My being and existence came from your womb
  my heart and mind shaped by your enlightenment
I have lived a life you gave me and for once
   I live it in pride to honor your sacrifice
your words giving me the guidance I'd lost nine years ago.

Alas, I've come to know, that as you died
  and went home with our Lord, you saved me from my death
not in your dying, my grief and love can attest,
    but in your living strength and loving example
       you showed me how to live a life
             open to our Father's gift

We knew it would not wait, but the parting was too fast.
I sat in thought three days before your sleep and asked,
"In three days time my savior died, I wonder hence
   what of my soul will rise with his?"

And now sitting Easter morning, 
  holding my sons candy-filled basket,
I realized Three days passed.

  He took you home Friday morn, but left me love,
that eternal love that never dies
whose comfort is unending

I honor your love by giving it to my children
         and Easter morning I felt your hug, your kiss, and knew 
                                 you have never left me
Though God took you home Mom
I know you have never left me
for as our Savior died and rose
you too still live in my heart, 
showing me proof our Father's blessings

    because you, my love, are my soul and all ready there
there fore I am strong enough to give this pain up 
       to honor his sacrifice and transcend,
           to be humbled by the grace and mercy
          that could forgive such lost lambs as I

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Dead On My Own, Alive In Him

Faith is not failing me,
I am failing Him.
Why do I refuse to accept His grace?
Why would I rather live my life on my own
When He is extending a helping a hand?
I am depressed,
Dead on my own,
But I am alive in Him!
I give my life to Him for real;
I give Him my all,
And now I'm alive
Because He gives me life!

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Ties that Bind..

The chains that bind me are soft as silk, 
Gossamer to the touch, so thin you wouldn’t think they could hurt...
They seem no more than mere bangles, 
Jewelled manacles adorning throat and wrists and ankles
They don’t grate on my skin, barely fray the edges of my nerves
Most of the time I don’t even realise they are there 
You must be so proud of yourself my love; 
You were the weaver of these restraints, 
The arbiter of this subtle asphyxiation
You ensnared me with ropes of words, with sweet nothings 
And declarations of impassioned love, 
Spoken in the name of God, the Merciful, the Ever Watchful 
If only I possessed even a fragment of such omnipotence – 
I would not be here now, tangled in this soft silver stranglehold, 
In these necklaces and girdles and garters of a lover’s laws
When was the moment where you stopped being gentle 
And became, instead, a gentle-eyed tyrant? 
I must have blinked and missed it, or been blinded by your beguiling smile 
Anyway it does not matter now, because here I am, 
Dying a slow perfumed death in your ghostly arms, 
Reduced to a bewildered puppet on the ends of your serrated steel strings 
The secrets of my being stuffed deep down inside of my soul, 
Where you cannot find them – where only God can see
Because you seem to have lost sight of what I am baby 
And only God will be the one to show you the real, wild and untamed me
The person I am supposed to be... 

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Your Love Is The Strongest

Send me to the darkest places;
That's where I feel You strongest.
A kiss and hug down the deepest alleys;
Never letting go, Your love is the strongest.

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On the northern plain of Africa,
Tyrannically tortured tongues wail for revolution of injustice
To embrace the prescription of democracy by neighborhood
Amber anger of our pitiless god has now being awaken
How many million tongues shall lick this ripen death?
The aftermath begun the ceremony of blood-bath in Benghazi
When peaceful demonstrators were battered by rage of military strikes.
And anger-drenched folks without training fell in love with deadly weapon
Unimaginable anger of winged weapons handshake the fine faces of Misratah
Blood-dripping vibrating limbs were separated from their sources.
And human blood was made the entertainer of the day
The laughing horror stood by his principle of apocalypse
A thousand children without parents, lost 
In gaze of orchestra of flying missiles.

The broom of earth now intervened 
The god of the stars and stripes-the mouth-piece of mother earth 
Led the assembly of giants worms who donated their agents of death
"No fly zone", "Operation odyssey" wore the mask of death
The Dead and companions were invited for a feast of Missile-roasted mortals
From your screen, smiling skull smile at your astonished eyes. 
Who will lead the dreamt resurrection of justice,
When Zeus has refused to let go his sword?
The lost just began!

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God's Kind of Poetry

He writes His poems in the sun…
Streaming through the trees at dawn.
He pens a beautiful stanza…
When the deer takes graceful flight.
He rhymes the words that we feel…
With more than a sing-song appeal.
He whispers affection and compassion…
Through the words that bring us acceptance.

God’s kind of poetry is more than words and phrases.
He murmurs his greatest feelings through intimacies…
Appealing to our hearts and that part of our souls…
That will reach out with vulnerabilities, entreating…
Needing the ultimate peace, the dream, the love…
Love that is everything – love that is unconditional.

He writes His poems in the rain…
That brings fresh air to all that it cleans.
He pens His greatest phrases….
In the songs of birds who sing delight.
He rhymes His words together so sweetly…
That we feel the warmth within.
He whispers a deep and meaningful expression…
Through the words that tell us we are loved.

God’s kind of poetry is more than rhymes and stanzas.
He sighs out a beautiful sentence of compassion, 
A deeply abiding affection that reminds us…
His love is deeper than we can understand.
He cares more than we can comprehend.
He is wiser than the wisdom we try to grasp.
And His love is all that we will ever need to live…
A life that is filled with every hope, faith and love….
All the joys sent from God above.

Challenge Title "God's Kind Of Poetry' - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Brian Johnston

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Anarchy On Our Hill

Watching through the 
A large-mouthed god 
flutters flag for the 
defeat in the ballot box 
And ordered the dove 
whose glory was stolen 
To seek haven in the 
external palms. 
What is constitutional 
When truth has assumed 
the statue of the sun? 
What has big brother got 
to do with crown? 
When in a decade of 
baptism of cords and 
Authorities were offered 
to worms of economy. 
Now to suck the 
dissolved in our 
Kwashiorkor as highly 
ranked officers gave us 
order to eat cherub. 
Are we truly humans 
When nutritionists have 
seen the real 
Power of mal-nutrition 
on our bony bodies? 
Many avatars of the 
globe with grid 
Have anthologized 
words of peace,
But our callous god 
configured ears to the 
rhythm of violence. 

Now poses death 
arrogantly at our door, 
beating his chest 
And showcases his 
desperation through 
anger-veiled youths.
The menace of 
stammering musket 
stings no more fear to 
their angry souls; 
Men whose chest 
vibrates, have fled to 
To indicate their choice 
of weapons from the 
ecclesiastics of death. 
Feeble women have also 
sought refuge to avoid 
the traumatic services of 
This anarchy positioned 
on our hill  
Roars laughter to our 
reverie of external aid. 
Another civil war bangs 
at our ant-devoured 
doors with ivory of hope.
On the rope of despair, 
we all swing and await 
the decision of fate.

Globe with grid-Symbol 
of UN
On the political crisis in 
Ivory Coast  from 
November 2110 to April 

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Dec 8th Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception

Ah for the love of our Lord. Many folks don't understand
 what is meant by the "Immaculate Conception".
 I too at one time thought the title referred to the 
Virgin birth of Our Lord Christ. That it was as said in the bible
 that the Holy Spirit came down on Mary and she conceived
our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Well, for those of us still not quite up 
on that term, it simply means that the Blessed Virgin Mary herself,
( when she was conceived in the womb of St Ann, her mother,)
 was conceived without original sin. A specific honor given to Mary
 by God so that Christ could be born of Mary who by God's grace 
was conceived sinless-that is to say without original sin-
 and "full of Grace".

 I hope that helps some who were as confused 
about this feast day as I used t be.

 God bless us all and Have a 
happy feast day. 
May the Blessed Mother put a kind word
in to Jesus for each of us.

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He Is Always There

You may not believe in Miracles
But I for one sure do
I know a man whose life was hell
And followed Satan's dream. 

Through drugs and every  vice you could name
He fit into Satan's scheme
But God just waited and smiled
He knew it was only for a while.

The day did come this man saw the light
Satan let down his guard
God stepped up held out His hand
And took Michael back into His arms.

Not only had he been saved
But God had His own Dream
And Michael fit the profile
In His Apostleship it seems.

Yes the man who had been through hell
Is now changing lives
With his writings he can take you
Through all of the filth and vile

With his poems you will weep 
And see another world
From where many of those we love
Never will return.

He hasn't made any excuses
He admits to it all
That's why in words and actions
He can now stand tall.

With his health he now pays
But his mind is clear
He can walk us through Satan's hell
And prove that God still cares.

Satan's loss is our gain
God works in many ways
Free will can be a blessing 
Or it can be a curse.

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Message in a Bottle

The child of God, which is you, is deceived indeed.
He sees his love spat upon by mindless opinions,
only to realize he himself is the one who spits.

What do you seek so desperately from the world?
The Love of God knows you as you truly are.
Stop hiding from us, we can ALWAYS see you.
Stop hating us, we always love you.

Don't be sick anymore.
Sickness attests to who you're not, slain on the corpse of who you are.
Your monster hates you
but it isn't real.

Just cross the border, let your fear go for a few minutes.
Hear the Voice inside.
Let It dictate how you will act from now on, in love and in grace.
Relax, put your feet up.
The fun is just beginning.

You know the drill, are well trained, and have shown tremendous accomplishment.
The next step is discipline. 
You are worthy only of love.
All else is folly.
You know this to be true.

Your guilt is meaningless.
The shadows are gone.
You have seen the light of day Yoni, you just don't know it yet.
Forgive yourself, the child of God still Lives.
He is much happier than you have ever been.
Forgive Yoni, this is your world.
Make of it what you will. 

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God Knows My Heart

"God knows my heart and we'll never part"
August 21, 2014 What's Your Quote - Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Judy Konos

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Alone In This Quiet, Perfect Home

Bedroom door is closed;
I'm feeling so alone.
Even though I'm laying bed,
I don't feel like this is home.
Even though I'm laughing with my friends,
I still feel alone
Even in this quiet, perfect home.
Lord, we need You.
Thank You.
In Your Name,
We pray.

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Mermaid Tears

Mermaids weathered many crossings
Along side the schooners on the seas.
Even though they could calm the waves,
They were completely forbidden to do so
By Neptune the very stern God of the sea.

Turbulent waves and winds, sails ripping,
And masts cracking, a captain fought hard
To keep his schooner from total destruction.
One mermaid loved this captain from afar.
In an instant she calmed the winds and waves.
Changing the course of nature saving his life.

Neptune banished her to the ocean depth.
Never to surface or swim with ships again.
Sobbing, she was sentenced for eternity.
To this day her bright luminous salty tears
Wash upon the sandy beaches as sea glass.
Treasures of eternal reminder of true love.

For Mystic Rose's contest, " Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy"
(Inspired by Neptune God of the Sea)

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I Messed Up

Lord, please forgive me.
I need You.
I messed up.
Please, save me.
Thank You.
I trust You.
I love You.
I am a hypocrite.
Please, change me.
Thank You.

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Deep Space Christmas

                 Deep Space Christmas

God is busy this time of year attending to the billions
People’s needs, guiding reindeer, assisting Santa, counting souls
Helping with the naughty/nice boys and girls 
Even Craigslist needs some tweaking here and there
And other things too numerous to know or mention here

God is the great Creator out there at all times
At Christmas He moves faster than the speed of light
He has to keep up with popular demands 

Stars and universes don’t create themselves you know
He rides great rivers of dark matter like a magic carpet
That move along ribbons of space and time

Cosmic phenomena built on great speeds increasing every second
Millions of parsecs wide and longer than known universes
They curve through cosmic landscapes and glide to the beyond

God looks out at the great black void
And with legions of pretty angels by His side
The wondrous design begins again  

Everyone knows that thousands of angels can dance on the head of a pin
It is common knowledge that each celestial creature has that gift
They carry within their deep deep pockets, (just below the wings)
Thousands of other angels dancing on their own individual pins

But did you know these same tiny angels grow?
They expand larger than most universes
With multi-color baskets by their side 

God directs them to toss assorted planets
From blue baskets into the great unknown
Over there to be precise, to the right and upward
And somewhat just beyond that spot

The yellow baskets have suns and quasars with special protective shields
To shield the angels from wing singes and radiation fields
They throw thousands at a time by pure design
And since suns are too hot to handle, they throw them fast and throw a lot

Black baskets hold black holes, dark matter and a scattering of exotic things
God pulls them out real slow due to weight considerations and mysteries

Orange baskets hold more void but more about that later
We don’t want to distract you from the Creator

Back at Earth He takes his favorite creation by the hands
Men and women die all the time
He looks at each and every one of them with His bright kind eyes 
At that moment they are the only thing in His universe

Don’t cry.  You are not applying for a job
He holds them as his own and welcomes them home 
So grab a basket from an angel and let’s get back to work
Universes don’t build themselves you know

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The Silk Demon

These people make me sick 
These false prophets
These religious money pits 
These well dressed demons of deception 
Nothing but
Con artists
Purveyors of pure sacrilege
Pretending to offer you salvation 
Offering you the comfort of the lord 
For a price 
Selling you a seat in heaven 
The more you pay the better your accommodations
Religious travel agents
Without their blessing 
You’re doomed to be left behind 
You wont get into heaven 
Without your donation 

I myself believe in religion 
Support all religions 
They may be different in their views and customs 
But the end goal is all the same 
Eternal peace 

But these people are different 
They to, 
Want peace… 
Your piece 
My piece 
And anyone else’s piece they can get 
Their goal is simple 

Fleece the flock 
Sell them promise 
Sell them an eternal ticket 
Guarantee them eternal bliss 
For a price 

Sell them anointed hankies
And blessed books 
Promise them wonderful lives
With their religious looks 

They are the one-armed bandits of the new age 
With a bible in one hand and a credit card machine in the other 

We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover  
But no checks please 
We need your “prayer” right now 
Not in 7-10 days 

These people make me sick 
There are so many of them 
Saying they represent God 

Flashing 800 numbers 
Requesting your “prayers” 
Which will only be “answered” 
As long as credit card is valid 

Are people that dumb?
I mean really that naïve?
Do they really believe? 
The cheap suits 
Silk ties 
And piss poor acting of sincerity and caring
Do they not see the obvious? 
Are they truly blind? 
Do they want to be spiritually slaughtered? 

Do they not remember the one very important rule?

You never have to pay to pray!

All God has ever asked of anyone is their faith 
Time, is your most valuable asset
It is what you have the least of in life 

And this is what you pay to God 
Your time devoted to him and your faith in him 

Wake up, before it’s to late 
You don’t have much time left 
Spend it wisely 
Spend it on God 

Eric (and sometimes not) 






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Israel and Palestine

Don't be blind
Don't be deaf

The land is our land
And the life is our life
We can live together
In the empire of God

What is the avail of the violence?
What is the avail of the war?
Let children to play
In the empire of God

One heart is enough for love
One flower is sufficient for peace
And one smile is enough
To express happiness
And one land is enough
For Palestine and Israel

What is the avail of the violence?
What is the avail of the war?
Let souls to wander and swim
In the kingdom of God
Israel and Palestine
Two souls in one body

Don't be blind
Don't be deaf
The story hasn't ended yet
All of us are looking for the end
And the end it is the peace

And the peace is the message of prophets
And the title of everlasting love

Read in the heavenly books
Read in Torah
Read in Gospel
Read in Quran

The peace and love in Moses's heart
The peace and love in Jesus's heart
The peace and love in Mohammed's heart

The blind hearts
Never bring the peace
And the burning eyes
Never see everlasting love

Jews are our uncle's sons
We call them for peace
And the everlasting love
And the peaceful coexistence

To all honorable people
For Israel and Palestine
In all temples
God is everywhere
Allah is for all

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A Tribute To Freddie Mercury

A Tribute To Freddie Mercury

What happened?
Why did God take you away?
Your music soothed so many
Brought others to tears
Yet everyone danced and sang with you
Following your fingers on the piano keys
You cast your spell over thousands
Your voice was a gift from the gods
You took the stage you were blessed
And you blessed us with your songs
We didn’t know that you were suffering
That you were dying
You kept your pain a secret so we would not worry
You knew we would mourn before your life was over
You knew we would cry and not hear your last songs
How we miss you since you left
Your band continues on
Playing the music that you made famous
It is not the same
You made the music everything that it was
You changed music from the day you sang your first note
No one will ever give what you gave
You gave you life for your fans
We knew it and we loved you for it
Your goodbye left a void that will never be filled
Four word and just for words say what we feel
They are strong words that you gave meaning to
We hear them when we see you on a video
They echo through our ears as we hear your song
God Save the Queen and God bless Freddie
He will always be royalty in our hearts

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The Witch Children Of The Delta

your branches are broken 
and burned
because of the two gods; 
for having both 
is one too many.
The first deemed 
our nuisances are means of meager 
children riding broomsticks.
Ignorance is a spread 
for Helen and her four-nineteen.
In our branches are fruits 
for tomorrow; 
their faces, the suns on delta.
When they came 
with Messiah, 
a god and eyes to see 
our branches with faces that shine
like suns on delta, 
we were given a true name 
but he came with them; 
the one who is differing.
He came with Helen
and cursed your branches;
you can’t see the fruits in them.
A god can be used; 
they are not that invincible.

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It all started with the Pilgrims and the American Indians. 
They broke bread to resolve their differences and work towards a better life..together. 
This Thanksgiving let us remember that we are all good as individuals..but we are better together. 

So as we celebrate this the company of those we choose to share this Holiday with..let us remember..that being together as friends family doesn't have to be a spend time together. 

Time is a precious gift..given straight to us from Our Father. 
It's the time we spend together..the little tiny moments..that give 
us a reason for going on. Her smile in a crowded room. His eyes from across the table. His cackling laughter from the next room..that makes you laugh...Your eyes, when you get it.. Screams of Victory! our team is winning. The touch of her hand to let you's going to be alright..that's why we celebrate. For times like that. Soft moments..and hilarious laughter. It's hard to have those times with anyone one else except your Family and FRIENDS. 

So Pray with your friends & Pray with your family as you break bread..Pray that you will always have each other on Thanksgiving.
It is TIME to be thankful and grateful..for those warm moments..and memories. 

I beg you this Holiday..let Uncle know-it-all's comments roll off your back..and LET your Mom's nagging put a smile on your face. Let your Sister slide..when she says something stupid ...and have empathy for long stories by Grandma. Please..please Enjoy your FAMILY and Friends. Be your heart..and LOVE all despite their faults. I say this as a FRIEND, as a Wife,,as a daughter and as a Sister. If you hear anything I've said hear this one little thing: SPEND TIME ...soon their will be less at your table. 
Food for Thought.
Let's say it together...Amen.

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Defined by Love

The way you feel
about me doesn't
define me. You will
not cause me to
re-think my
priorities or
examine my virtues.
You may love, like,
hate or be neutral
towards me, that is
your prerogative. Of
course I would
prefer to be looked
upon as good,
inspiring, or any of
the positive human
characteristics we
know of... but it's
not essential to me
if I am not. I
respect your opinion
either way. More
importantly, I
respect mine. In my
eyes I AM worthy of
love, friendship,
praise, blessings,
God's Love and love
for myself and I can
only hope for
"genuine" to precede
all of these words
and their meaning. I
understand that
these things I need
in my life, and they
are also the essence
of me, my gift to
those who really
know me and love me,
who truly desire to
be a part me, not
just tolerate me or
see an opportunity
for achievement at
my expense. I have
come this far on a
road paved of my
blood, sweat and
tears and the
admission of my
faults that made it
so. Many lessons I
learned were harsh
but I managed to
proceed in the right
direction and it was
I who suffered and
bowed my head with
shame and it was I
who rose, anew,
forgiving and
forgiven, humbled
and eager to forge
ahead. And the few
that were with me
all the while, will
forever be a part of
me, we are one and I
acknowledge I would
not be where I am,
who I am this day,
without you. And I
will always love
you. It is my
ambition and honor
to give to you the
same beautiful,
selfless gift. I
walk with God, in
good company of
those that chose to
walk with me in this
amazing life's
journey. And that,
is all I need to
know as to what
defines me, as a
person, a blessed,
cherished soul,
grateful for every
single moment.

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To the Lifegiver

You’ve given me another year
365 blank pages
To fill up
I know that your ultimate desire
Is for me to fill them in ways
That are according to your will
And that bring you joy
And that make your divine face
Break out into a smile
Of approval and love
That lights up the universe!

I know that I’ve lost the plot
This last year
I haven’t followed the plan
And I’ve wounded you
With things I’ve said
Things I’ve done
Things you wanted me to do
That I’ve left undone
The things I’ve thought
And yes, Lord
The things I’ve written
My unruly and rebellious heart
Grieving your heart of infinite love

You’ve given me life
All the days I live
Are written in your book
Before one of them came to be
You also know
When I will breathe my last
And rest in your arms

And yet….you grant me life
And you keep this heart beating
And this soul breathing
Giving me chances to get it right
Not the call to obedience
Though that is important
But the giving of my heart
And all that I am
Without reservations
That’s what you want
For me to get right because….
Once that is in place
All the rest follows

I know, Lord
I know…
I am grateful
For this gift you’ve granted me
This birthday I’ve celebrated
I’m grateful that you wink
And turn a blind eye
To many of the things I do
For you remember my frame
And know that I am dust
You know…as high as the heavens are above the earth
Your thoughts are than mine
And so…you are patient
And loving
And devoted to me

You wait
And you long
And you reach out to me
Granting me more days
So that you can recreate me
The way I’m meant to be
More years
To get it right
Because in the end
This life that I live
Is just a breath
I’m a flower
Blooming today
Withering tomorrow
But you want me to be
A forever flower
Resplendid in glory
Blooming for eternity
And that’s why
That’s why
You’ve granted me 
Another year
Another chance
To love you!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

*I've used several Bible texts in this poem. I haven't given references, nor have I used quotation marks because I've paraphrased, but I do want to give due credit to His Word...which is a revelation of who He is! :)

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i suppose papa was a proud man
he never said much
the most i ever heard papa talk
was when he prayed in church
papa was an old man 
when i reached this world
but honest and respected man
papa certianly was
papa was the Abraham
who had sons like Issac
he was also Jacob in the land
that God promised and gave him
365 acres, one for each day of the year
why God gave it to papa
i can see very clear
in his old old age 
they moved him to the city
because of hardening artries
it was a pity
in a house where he could not do much
papa was stranded and losing touch
sometimes papa would wonder off
looking for his land
i guess thats what made him
made him feel like a man
it was the first time i ever saw
what happens to the mind
we had to bathe him and change him
it was always a fight 
even in his old age
papa still had his might
that was when we visited
and that was all right
i feel sorry for my cousin
who did it every single night
the days came when they sent papa to the home
after that it was'nt very long
we buried papa not far from here
not on his land but at least he's near

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I am who I am

A restless soul am I
never satisfied with what I find
seeking that which is new to me
made by God as I am -- I am, who I am.

Torn between the rules of life
following them causes me much strife
bored with the same old humdrum
always moving on to something new
made by God as I am -- I am, who I am.

There are other folks  just like me
searching for answers on a restless sea
tossed about like a ship without a rudder
made by God as I am -- I am, who I am.

Recurring tasks becoming boring so soon
following the same old game is a downer for sure
Restless by nature, always seeking a new game
made by God as I am -- I am, who I am.

New sunrises are exciting for sure
new days always bring hope for horizons not seen
searching for the mysteries of life in a never ending game
made by God as I am -- I am, who I am.

Life is but a challenge to seek
mysteries are but puzzles to solve
each day is but a day to enjoy,
made by God as I am -- I am, who I am.

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A Wise Man

A Wise Man It has been said that in the last Centry an American tourist, went to the City of Cairo in Egypt. It was with the intetion of visiting a famous WISE Man. The tourist hired a cab to take him to see this Wise Man. Everyone knew about him. The turist was surprised when the cab driver took him to a very poor side of town. Again the tourist was surprised to see that the Wise man lived in a very simple room. There was a lot of books and only very few pieces of furniture. A bed, a table a couple of chairs. Where is the furniture asked the tourist? The Wise Man asked where is yours? The turist answerd - I am just passing through. The Wise man answered - so am I. Life here on Earth is just Temperary, but people live like they are going to live here eternally. They forget to be happy.the value of things is not in how long they last, but the intensity of how they happen. That is the reason, why we have - unforgetable moments, unexplainable things and incomperable people. Remember this - God is not going to ask you - what kind of car you owned? He is going to ask you - How many people did you take in your car? God is not going to ask you - how many square feet did your house have? He is going to ask you - how many people did you recieve in your house? The tourist left. He didn't need to know anymore... 04/08/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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I pray to God,
Here and now,
That will be the final addiction I repeat.
Here and now,
Save me now;
You are all I need!
Change me,
Save me,
Forgive me.

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I Forgive You Father

To you I was probably a mistake !!
mom's pregnancy was no piece of cake,
but God did what it takes -
for me to be born.

I didn’t come in form of a rose,
but instead I was a pinching thorn,
without any value nor purpose -
just like a piece of corn.
But Christ’s grace was sufficient for me to be born

I was named after you...
I have your eyes, your hair, your lips.
I am the reflection of your youth.

I hated it  when people compared me to you.
I hated your habits;
all your addictions. 
I hated  you..

Mom left me before turning six,
and you left me when i was twelve -
even when mom left I felt all by my self.

In my teen years I was desperate -
looking for love.
So I became an outlaw thug,
but in the heart...
I was in need of a fatherly hug.

I needed  discipline, instruction, and advise -
instead you gave me a cold shoulder,
and a heart made out of ice.

I felt more comfort from the roaches and mice,
than turning into a man whose life was full of vice.
Nothing was hidden from me!!
I was looking right through your eyes.

But now you have Christ..
So we share something in common -
that love is not a feeling,
but a choice we both made -
when praying and kneeling.
Forgive me Lord...prayer surpassing the ceiling.

I forgive you,
just like Joshua forgave me.
and I love you,
just like God loved me.
and I will die for you!!
just like the Messiah  die for me.

I love you Dad, and I forgive you.

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Hope Is Seed Not Planted

There is hope that lies dormant
in that seed collection in a jar,
placed carefully by ancient ancestors
	on a shelf.

Heritage tomatoes may blossom
in that spring of hopes.
The hoe will etch the rows
and the years will keep the tune.

A fabric for sewing is waiting
for the deft hands of the Maker.
The Maker plants the seeds,
and sews the pattern into clothes.

And we who are less dump our hopes
into the rubbish of regret.
There is a Maker and a Caretaker
	who sprouts the kernel,
	and fine combs the cotton.
Be it by hope or faith we plant;
we go sowing seeds in spring
and sit weaving in the winter.
	And we wait.

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Pushing beyond your borders

I thought
I believed
I was beyond the reach of light
Trapped there within your darkness
You eclipsed my wonder
My innocence
My hope

You wrapped me fully
Confiscating my will
Smothered my unrealized self
Draped me in your need
Subjugated me to your narrative

Then in the distance
A flicker
A tiny dot
Beyond your optics
Your contrived paranoia
Your insatiable need
I watched it grow
Filling my craving
Firing my synapses
Awakening my indefinable

I was not born to be in darkness
Wriggling in the shadows
Instead I pushed beyond your borders
Grabbed onto God's hand
As He effortlessly lifted
Transforming my impossible
He banished your Darkness
He rewrote your narrative
You took me from myself
Yet today I am back
I am strong
Freed from your insanity

I know
I believe
I am beyond the reach of darkness
Here I frolick in peaceful meadows of possibilities
I have claimed my wonder
My innocence
My hope
I live within a transcendent light
Mine is a world of every
Everyone is welcome
Peak out from the dark
Push back the veil
A hand stretches 
Pierces the sadness
Hold on
Let it be 
Let it lift
Let it love
Let it consume the darkness

For Vicky Tsiluma's I'll be back contest.

I was inspired by Robin Davis's poem "Abuse Shocked Her Into a Shell"
There is light beyond abuse in whatever form it takes.

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Soul Beat

Run into my heart;
Run right into my arms.
I will never let you go;
I am yours forever, please know.
You make my soul beat;
You bring me back to life.
God, thank You for this love;
God, thank You for this life.

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Refusing To Listen

Everyone telling me where to go:
Turn left,
Turn right.
I don't even know who to listen to anymore;
I don't even know who I am anymore.
God, please speak to me
And tell me where to go
And show me what to do
Because Your voice is drowning out in the madness
Or maybe I am just refusing to listen.

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i still cry

many days have passed us by
yet as if the same i cry
no less loss or memory took
tis all the same just like a book
my heart it bleeds in the same places
still kissing pictures of her faces
driving around remembering traces
of the love our lives had made
i had the key to your heart
long before i knew i was a part
and when i put the pieces together
the puzzle was my glory and treasure
a love that could not be measured
second only to heaven this pleasure
a union that had Gods approval
but yet it was so unusual
you knew i loved you when i kept it secret
for so long you let me keep it
then one day you needed my touch
you had told me before; that you did'nt have much
but because of my heart i would'nt listen
my mind and my soul were too busy wishing
and then one day suddenly, i knew you were mine
a few days later we spoke for the last time
one week later i heard you were gone
you had to leave for your heavenly home
i cried that day in the dust and dirt 
here was my torment that i knew chased us
with days and months i measure my hurt
but after time God showed me clearly
that He loved us. it must have took a lot
for Him to show me Himself
but with His Holy Spirit He put her soul on my shelf
so when i think about her, God and i
i still can't help myself, i still cry

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Beautiful Children

Singing around in love;
Smiles built from the ground.
Holding hands in the dance;
Laughing with brothers and sisters,
All in His Glorious Name.
Throughout His perfectly sculpted land:
Look around because this is it;
Look around because this is love;
Look around and know, understand, comprehend,
Rejoice because you are perfect;
You are God's beautiful children!

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Losing Myself

I cry myself awake
In the middle of the day
Because of a decision I made
Not to spend time with you.
And now everything I am
Is falling apart into pieces;
I feel like I am losing you
Because I am losing myself.

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God's Temple

I undress myself,
look in the mirror,
and question...
What have I done to God's temple?
Self -inflicted scars,
my unhealthy ways,
causing my heart to beat fast,
each breath to ache.
I look towards the sky,
only God sees it in my eyes,
he knows I despise what I have done to His temple.
I try so hard,
to be stronger than what I am,
but God truly sees,
I am weak as a lamb.
He knows that I mourn how I have treated His temple.
I fall on my knees,
and pray dear God please,
give me strength to renew,
love what he has given me,
and forgive me for destroying His temple.

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The Desert Church

The Desert Church

The church down in the canyon
Always in the shadows
It is a place that even God has forgotten
Sand fills the aisle where brides used to walk
Rocks cover the alter where prayers were offered
Bats hang in the decaying rafters
The sacramental wine has long since turned to dust
And the holy water was drank by thirsty animals
So many people prayed and hoped in the pews
Just as many sins were forgiven
The desert winds reclaimed a place built by God
The prayers are lost in the blowing dust
Yet the bell rings throughout the day
Swung by the wings of an angel
Telling no one that the church is there
Letting no one know that God is still alive
And He is waiting for someone to notice
For someone to come to this church
For someone to pray 
He is waiting for anyone

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Sunrise, Sunset

It is still dark 
When the first bird cries out
"A new day is here"
The curtain of darkness parts,
Dancing beams of light now
Flashing over the dew soaked ground
God's Creation stretching
Black skies turn blue
Darkness into Light
The day continues
Each day the same
But different
Darkness must return
Closing it's drapes on Us
Until we are no longer
As with all living creatures
But life has a rhythm
God writes the Stanzas
And when we are no more
The sun will still rise and set

God's Grace will 
See to 

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I Can't Wait For The Day When I Can Finally Be Myself

I can't wait for the day when I can finally be myself.
Nothing to hide.
As God created me to be.

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Requiem For An Exposed Neuron, Or Energy Equals Mass Recited At The Speed of Lost Thought

written in memory of Jack Kerouac in a caffeine frenzy
...pipes /jugs /pipes /hallucinating te deum for blessed freaks and smoking stale, dry cigarette tobacco (wrong thing) in a pipe to honor, certainly not 'diss' an unknown friend/jug and pipes/friend wearing the neighbor wife's panties, having carnal knowledge of corroded gold bricks beside rain puddles under the bridge/gold /bricks /panties /kyrie, kyrie eleison/communication wrapped around his ears like yo-yo strings, and the sky isn't falling in, just moving to the thirteenth floor/send a messenger with a quasi- neo-biblical infomercial: God and the Devil are stuck in the same elevator on the fourteenth floor /fifteen /sixteen /seventeen and a half from slavery of the mind/kyrie, have mercy/and the jug is only half full, or is it half empty?/have mercy/day of the dog, cat digging for garbage in the dumpster behind the outhouse /kyrie/where he took off her panties/have mercy/kyrie eleison, kyrie, kyrie, and stuffed them in a pipe and began smoking dehydrated dreams that he found bubble-gummed to a three-dollar bill floating in from the ocean coughing it up on a beach of laundered clouds, and she asked for them back, full of holes/have mercy/eleison/and the messenger said, "Look, God, your zipper's stuck," and God said, "Where?" /jugs /day of dogs/day of cats /seahorses /snails/day of coyote digging for the jawbone of an ass under a tombstone that says, "Here lies a thought that is dead,"/day of repeat after me/repeat after me/kyrie, eleison, and, man! - that pipe really sounds good about now - just fill it with the right thing before the Devil gets his grubby hands on the sacred purse overflowing with condoms, and please, have respect for The Place Of Places where The Queen Of Hole-Riddled Panties will say, "Have mercy! - give me that pipe! - the jug's at least half empty - or is it half full? - and the elevator is running out of grease and maybe the Devil's stuck in God's zipper or perhaps Yahweh is spelunking in Jezebaalzebubba's vagina - who knows? - just give me that damn pipe!"/day of weed and have mercy on that rag doll - because here lies a thought that is, well, quite dead, and I can't think anymore /can't /can't /kyrie /jugs /pipes /goldbricks/and please, please have mercy, because I can't think anymore/can't anymore/anymore... anymore... ('kyrie eleison': Greek for 'Lord have mercy')

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Beauty in the Beast

Behind the shadows of one of my dark nights,
I could always hear your damning scream.
So destructive you are and most definitely the principle to my pleasure with this pain.
In the still of one of my Moonlit nights,
Entire shadows went completely insane.
It cursed me until finally I gave in and I came.
Standing behind despairing shadows, they seemed so supreme.
That beast is much too hollow for the depth I declare to redeem.
That beast has such an untimely yet, climatic recognition.
And he is much too wicked for my most harsh extremes.
All at once these moments brought forth my own conviction.
He calls out to me begging me by my God-given Earthly name.

My, my how he opens my constricted eyes in an upright direction.
To the true nature of a man living in a wondrous cloth so plain!
That beast is more than I could've ever dared to imagine him to be.
My Dearest God I do say to my one and only admirable Thee,
I love that Heavenly King, thy Holy One and no more can I add.
His depth I feel even when I am not what I seem.
Yet, I hold a masters key to that beauty in the beast.

Forever and always, you shall reign an Earthly king so enjoy your feast.
Even when the whole wide world thinks that I have gone completely mad,
Yet, I am perfectly holding the only hope even when they are all insane.

To God Almighty and to you earthly kings,
I give to you my right hand delivering priceless love blessed by my name,
Because I was the only one through sickness of my own weakness,
So now their courage shall bleed with every bit of their gambled pain.
I say to you, the beauty in the beast has finally earned his rightful name.
Albeit, I also say to you that victory shall forever rise above his reign.

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You Are Alive

You're alive even in the darkest place;
Even when we can't hear Your Name,
Even when we can't see Your grace,
You're alive!
Even when we can't feel Your grace,
You are alive!

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In a Welsh Chapel Darkly

I know you see me from up there,
from halfway up the steep and twisting lane.
In early half-light as you take your walk
I no doubt seem to loom as you descend,
appear to grow, to rise from earth,
my boxlike rectilinearity,
severe and unadorned geometry,
a silhouette against the solitary sodium source.

I once hosted fiery-throated hymns
from dedicated souls in Sunday best:
“Marchog, Jesu, yn llwyddiannus”,
“O! Iesu mawr, rho d’anian bur” –
voices rich and raised and resonant,
so filled with faith, so gorged with God.
My pitch-pine pews were polished
by coat and skirt and trouser twill.

Abandoned now, unloved, slab-still,
void and stark and desolate,
with quarry-tiled floor that would resound
with joy were anyone to walk upon it,
I present gaping emptiness, a thing felt,
a cave whose darkness, palpable,
is peopled by retreating echoes of my past,
like timorous ghosts far too afraid to speak.

But there is One I must not name
who lodges in my roomy quarters,
cowers within my tight square corners,
seeking shadows when the sun stares in.
I hear Him breathing as
He sweats in His remorse, a thing smelt,
hiding from the accusing gaze
of His forlorn creation.

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Uncertainty Hurts

I know I can't give up
I simply cannot
This uncertainty hurts
But one day will be forever worth it
In God we will eternally trust
For the joy of life is love
God bless

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Sabbath Morning Rap sequence 1

Learn not too late to halt the hate,
Bound to be ground in the dust of disgust
We're pierced and fierce, fulla rings and things
We're blued and tatooed and God is booed.

Crude dudes are misconstrued
with actions vulgar,vile and lewd.
We're found down ground in sound,
totally tatooed in terrible taste,
in a mindless race for the loudest base.

Hate to dis your myth but God exists,
'Tis a truth deduced by the less obtuse,
You understand He did become man
For His love of us all because of the fall.

He suffered and died being crucified,
He pulled His people from the pains of hell
and rose from the dead He's alive and well,
I tell you no lie He's got no rival,
It's right there written in the holy Bible.

He arose to heaven so to send the Spirit
to His brothers and sisters who wished to hear it,
He said I leave you my Love I leave you my all
but you gotta say yes to heed my call.

Don't follow the world that ain't the place,
You want to be with Me when you finish this race,
Orphans you're not  you have been taught,
I will help you find Me if I'm sought.

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The Other Dead Metaphor

Locked within godless rooms
Sealed in vaults of megre immagination
Can you hear the words?

It’s not enough
Unable to grasp metaphor
They wither

Minds mirror plastic flowers
Lifeless without growth
Petals lacking vital scent

Too many wild verses;
Lay trapped within closed minds
A scripture’s message naught 
but bones of righteous intent

They cannot see past black & White
The visions a pen can paint for thought
Lost within preconception

Beauty flounders in dogma’s grasp
Between the lines;
Forgotten ashes
The day metaphor died

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	I wanted to be adopted again,
Guardianship wasn’t enough,
I wanted to bear your name with pride,
Have love that was tough.
	I needed to be called “Daughter” again,
For you to look at me with pride,
I needed you to smile at me with love in your eyes,
To call my name and say, “Stand by my side.”
	But then I realized I was already taken,
Not by you but by Someone up above,
I realize I had been spoken for all along,
Spoken for with love.
	“He destined us for adoption
As His children through Jesus Christ”,
It says that in Ephesians 1:5,
Adoption by God feels nice.
	He gives me all the love I want,
The things that I need,
He adopted us here on Earth,
He planted a seed.
	I’m glad I was taken,
Not by you but by God,
For being spoken for all along,
Spoken for with love.

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Met The Master

Gray skies brewing storms
Warm humid air surronds
Air that clings sticky
One of those drear days lies ahead

Waiting is part of the day
Doctor's office _wait
Write a little while I wait
Friday_what a way to start week end

Lunch _Italian restuarant
Spaghetti with meat sauce
TV playing news clips   
Boston Marathon main topic with latest updates

Two people gone wrong
Hundreds of lives touched
If only those two men had met The Master
Before that fateful day_

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A Bugle Call : 1-01-11

     A slight mist of fog is caught in the act of being by the light of the early morning
sun. Sometime during the dark of night it crept along from whence it came to the base of
the hundreds of cabbage palms spread out over the acreage of the brown grassy pastures across the county road where we reside. It slowly lifts 
and dissipates as the earth turns her face to the ancient sun. 
     The new morn shows the Spanish moss dripping from grandfather Oaks and any other
trees close enough to share their hanging tattered ponchos of silvery moss. 
     This new light of 1/o1/11 reveals a faded  blue sky with wisps of Cirrus clouds
forming above our little pond. Turtles raise their heads from the protection of their
shells to watch the flock of Sand hill Cranes flying to their planned feeding destinations
for this glorious day. A family of three land by the big pond across the road and begin
their long legged, leisurely patient hunt for the present day’s vittles. The rest of the
flock separates and all call to each other from different locations as they settle in for
the day as if to let each family know where they are and to reinforce that though they are
separated by distance: they are still of one flock and together. 
     This evening of 1/o1/11 these huge majestic birds will call each other back together
with loud raucous voices into one flock and parade back over and around our little house,
palms, palmettos and pastures in a grand and glorious flight, announcing their strength of
togetherness with the triumphant sounds of their staccato bugling for all of nature to
stand in awe of. And as part of this nature: I do. And it lifts me in faith, hope and
wonder of God and His creation. 
     Let this little message be our bugle call to you all. Happy New Year everyone, from
your fellow Humans in the natural wonderland of Okeechobee, Florida.   God bless us all!

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Perfectly you

You say you aren't perfect,
but look again and behold yourself; perfectly you.
Your tears be heavy-laden with guilt;
also remember, they glisten with remorse.
The sea water of the eye cleanses wounds old
and leads life to the good vulnerability
that teaches humility and belief.

Singing; your voice awakens the dawn
and dancing you set the moon.
Entrancing, you smile
and for a moment I glimpse forever.
Joy's child is your way
and grace is in your name.

Awake in the watches of the night
He watches your panic weeping;
wanting your day to soar 
and set twilight leaping.
Stars twinkle in sympathy,
and meteors lead sight to the other.
Come away with me my love and wink at suns.

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We Are The Light

We are the light
We are the light of Christ
We are the light of our generation
We are the light of our time
We are the light of love
We are the light of life
We are the light of God
We are the light of the Spirit Holy
We are the light of Christ
We are the light
Shine bright

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Lost And Downtrodden

God is love and love is alive
In the hearts of His Perfect Children
Lost and downtrodden yet never forgotten
In His Love abounding forever uniting!

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God is not Dead

Sickness and tragedy

are not punishment

but facts of life

viruses attack

wars kill 

tumours grow

leukemia strikes

blood vessels clog up, burst

the innocent are killed by

drugged and drunk drivers

psychotic people act out dreams

that only make sense to them

in a parallel reality

alcohol distorts

ends in abuse

children are killed

by playing with guns

drown in pools, rivers

these are but facts of existance

there is no theistic God

directing these processes

of cause and effect

whom we can call


don't misunderstand

God is very real

but different

to the traditional

belief of old. 

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Autumn in the glen

There are showers of leaves within our glen

Because autumn has come upon us

I go there often, each tortuous step

To remember and to imagine

You danced here in exuberant circles

Arms extended, whirling madly

Celebrating who you were in a moment of magic

Before laughing and collapsing upon the leaves

That God had painted for your pleasure 


You tilted your lips to accept my kiss

And I consumed your beauty, gathering it

Into my soul like the promises of all the gods

And in that moment when your laughter faded

Into the softness of deep wonder

You were more beautiful than all your yesterdays

And birds hushed in worship of you

The breeze surrendered and the clock suspended

Because it was a moment indelible upon itself


I pause at the place where you danced

And examine the marvels of the new season

Of how the earth has dressed itself in gaudy colors

And realize that if I were God in constant creation

I would have made you no differently than you were

Nothing would I have changed for I saw you

Only in your perfection while blind to flaw or error

I saw you as the autumn leaf in all its brazen colors

But as I reached for it, the wind blew it away

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The Last Great Day


The words of God are a great comfort The day—the Last Great Day—depicts judgement That will come upon everyone equally God hasn’t even begun to work With the mass majority of the world But His glorious salvation is revealed to all But for all to hear, The spiritual component of God Will be added to their thoughts —their ears will open They will have the opportunity to repent There will be judgment For those who really long to change, Doors will be open For those who choose their own way, He will throw into the Lake of Fire with Satan —a most merciful action For any way except God’s is the path leading to evil And in due course to anger, Sadness and death Those who choose to be gone Will be gone Many will weep and mourn… Until the day of Judgment, Prepare Once you receive the knowledge of the truth Practice it For you will be held accountable For your sins God will not overrule our human will He wants us to choose And continue to choose Not all names will be seen in the Book of Life I will be among the weeping
*inspired by John Anderson* -a special thanks to Charles Henderson for helping me edit this piece. It looks so much better now! Thank you!-

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Morning prayer

Good morning Lord,
    Thank you the the gift of life today.

We offer you  our prayers, works, joys, sorrows and sufferings this day for the glory and 
praise of your Holy Name and the intentions of your dearly Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. 

Lord, we give thanks and praise you for our families and friends; those that are with us now 
and those that have gone on before us.

Thank you for your blessings; those we we are concious of and those we are not presently 
concious of.

We ask your Holy Spirit to soothe and caress our cares with the balm of wisdom and 
understanding and help us grow and become the people You will us to be.

We love You Almighty God with the love you have given us to do so ,which is being perfected 
in your gifts of faith and hope and through whatever we are given to do this day.

We petition your comfort and grace for our brothers and sisters who have no one to pray for 
Help us always to be grateful to You, Almighty God for YOU and all you give us.

Inspire us, if You will, to take some of your time You have given us to meditate and listen to 
You today.             If this be Your Will our Loving Lord, so be it, Amen.

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Unnamed God's Of The Winds

            Unnamed God’s Of The Winds

Ethereal unseeing creatures drink up the feathery winds
Immortals, ancient gods, ride on the backs of clouds
Smoke them like cigarettes unfiltered 
Rise invisible to drink the sky and everything in it
Once rain fills them up they turn to fog
Another unnamed god
Filling up the bodies of the wind 
Fog clouds empty again as rain 
They come down just the same as puffs of smoke
Solid winds are stronger on the storm
Dragged down by water falls then drowned
You can feel them on the skin between the drops
Falling through the atmosphere

Created on 12/23/14 for -Shadow Hamilton’s -“Gods Of Winds” Poetry Contest

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It's Simple

It's simple.
We make it much more complicated than it is;
Just live.

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Here it comes now

that soft sail
and the wind looks as if
it’s trying hard to breathe 
i have elements in me
a compass borrowed, for some sorrow i assuaged
my eyes upward and unfolding
over some wave i might beach
my cuffs are turned up
and arms are a reelin’, in that wind I know 
is my kite yet to a’sail on this sea
coming for me

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Hello Angel

You Appeared to me 
Like an angel from above
Out of no where you came
I have watched for you 
My whole life through
Seems a lifetime or two 
I know God must of
Sent me to you
To where I could find you
It could not be any other way
You appeared to me like
The sky angels above
Who was sent from God
Just for me alone 
Everything about you 
Is precious and pure
It touches me deep inside
I'm who God made me to be
And God sent you for  me!
Of  that I' am  sure of !

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The World Needs You, Lord

The world needs You, Lord;
We all need You too.
Alone, we battle and fall apart,
But we live joyful freedom with You:
Created anew in Your perfect image;
In Your Holy Name!
We pray,

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Gift Of Mortality

An earthly existence
A universe beyond my minds, comprehension
I die
I rise
Life lessons reviewed
Homeward bound
I am not lost, after all!
I am a willing participant
Serving, the Father, of all creation
His son combined, ‘producing life’ as we know it
Representing them, in everything I do
I am nothing, without Love!
My heart full of faith, loyal service I give
Learning how to unconditionally serve, as the Father unconditionally, loves me
Worshipping our Divine Creator’s existence
Choosing to live, moment to moment
Being as one with ‘Our Universal Father’
No physical permanency
My physicality, disappearing
My mortality existence, I let go of
Death temporary
My spirit alive!
Relief, Peace
‘I am only passing through!’
A unique, experience of mortality 
A gift, I am blessed to experience, to live!

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A Sinner Like Me

I'm a mess.
I've ruined this body You've designed;
I've ruined this heart You've shined;
I've ruined this breath You've shared;
I've ruined this life You've cared.
I've demolished this freedom You've given,
Yet You give it to me again.
Time and time around I have failed You;
Weak and falling trying to please You.
Earning I cannot for this is a gift from You.
Please forgive me;
Please save me:
You've picked me up and brushed me off;
Thank You for redeeming me.
Thank You for redeeming a sinner like me.
I have fallen once again.
I'm a mess,
But You forgive me.
You save me
Time and time around,
You brush me off and pick me up.
Thank You for redeeming me.
Thank You for redeeming a sinner like me.

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I might be a failure
I might be a loser
I might be lonely
I might be depressed
I might be sad
I might be upset
I might be lost
I might be tempted
But I am alive.
Not just existing,
I am alive.
Alive in Christ
For He gives me life!
I am alive,
Alive in Christ
For He gives me life!
I am alive,

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The Breathe of God

The breathe of God is in the touch of the wind.
The tears of God are in the rain.
The anger of God is in nature’s violent force.
And the love of God is in the eyes of the one you truly love.

Bring me a kiss with the gale force of your love,
As it swirls around me throughout this day.
Make it be the touch of that wind… that will bring us back again.
Let it wrap around our hearts to bind them in heavenly bliss…
Then bring your arms to surround me and bring us together again.
In the Church of Love let us meet… by the ocean of heavenly bliss.

Contest: Short Poems IV: Motif Romantic, By Carol Eastman

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What is the point of hurting and laughing
Over and over my mind is reacting
Remember the time a cruel word was said
Don’t you remember how I looked at you, dead
Stop harassing, stop laughing

What is the problem with saying something kind
Over and over I ask in my mind
Resisting the words of hate is not easy
Doing upon them, the knife is so greasy
Stop what you are doing your causing much harm

Wringing my hands, as the warm blood drips
Over my arms, under my wrist
Racing thoughts, oh what have done
Dragging myself to the nearest telephone
Somebody help me I don’t want to die

Whining sirens scream in my ears
Oh I cant see a thing through all of my tears
Racing ambulance flying through streets
Doctors stand over me
Soft words reach

What will happen, will this be my day
Oh what have I done, daddy forgive me
Racing doctors, saving my life
Dropping heart rate, oh god I’m going to die
Say something doctor, will I be okay oh thank god this isn’t my day

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Only You

Who can create this perfect land?
Who can give us all we need?
Who can save us from ourselves?
Who is the basis of our time?
Who is the author of all history?
Who is the center behind our calendar?
Who is our hope?
Who is always true?
Who leads us were we need to go?
Who sustains our lives here on Earth?
Who always answers our prayers?
Who always answers our calls?
Who creates this feeling in us we cannot describe?
Who determines our morals?
Who has a plan for us?
Who sets our paths?
Who guides us all of our days?
Who is our faith?
Who is our hope?
Who is our love?
Who is our truth?
Who is our joy?
Who is our trust?
Who is our belief?
Who is our Father?
Who is our Son?
Who is our Holy Spirit?
Who is our Redeemer?
Who is our Savior?
Who is our Creator?
Who is our lover?
Who is our best friend?
Who is our relationship?
Who is the only One?
Who is the only true One?
Who is our only One?
Only You!

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Reverent Deity

God astounds me how generous he has been in my life,
I thank him for the many beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

A multiplex God who is beyond compare,
I appreciate the many conservation walks amongst an exquisite nature.

The materialistic blessings day and night,
That enhance our complex lives.

I am thankful for the good and kind neighbours,
That appear each day and evening.

My relatives that are sacred and beautiful,
The many kindnesses and love and care.

I pray that God is always with us,
That he keep us safe and healthy, day and night.

I thank him for the many talents that we are allowed to appreciate,
That we may become enhanced and accomplished.

Thankful for the excellent education through the years,
Blessed to have been a teacher, Jesus my favorite role model.

Blessed with God's majesty, a royal kingdom,
Modelling futures, reverent Deity.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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To Not Believe, Is Not An Option

I believe in God.
I believe, because to not believe, is not an option.

I would rather believe in God throughout my life, 
then when I die, if there is nothing, I have lost nothing
and would never know.

If I lived my life never believing in God,
then when I died,
and God asks why I did not believe,
I have lost everything, 
and will know what I lost for eternity.

To not believe is not an option, only a gamble, 
a gamble whose odds produce an incalculable result;
the only guarantee, truth.

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Embers of a dream

Lord, I don't understand.
Maybe I never did.
The destination of the path seemed so grand,
yet now it looks horrid!


The dragon You've placed, mine to fight
still breathes fire and brimstone in my neck,
but I'm armoured with incapability to smite
and the cobblestones You paved lead to this wreck.


I dreamt of the moon,
but couldn't reach the stars,
so I drifted into the sun and soon
I would be burnt with scars.

Why shroud my mind with dreams of peace at daylight's bend,
yet shred it with horrors at night?
Why let me pursue a rainbow when 
there never was an end?

The past is bathed in murky waters
and clothed in miry clay.
Now the future looks no better
and mere words can't express what I wish to say.

Lord, here I lay at Your mercy,
angry and heartbroken.
You don't make mistakes and You set free.
Please, I beg be my beacon!
Loose the shackles,
break the chains
that I may serve You again.
Show me the true way You planned,
for I have reached the end of this one.

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A Spirit Leaves the Body Seeking Eternity

A Spirit Leaves the Body Seeking Eternity

A Spirit leaves the body while crying aloud as
Cursing blind hate enters without conscience 
A Hell for the wicked casting names as called
Tears of love weeping in sorrow and anguish 
Dripping red from the heart beating so dear
Devouring feelings eating into emotions I laugh so
To stop the weeping stirring in deep rocks below
Echoing waves of turbulence and such gale force 
Inside one soulful cry sounds in a whispered dream
Begging, desiring to move on from this mortal coil!

But pray tell—must wicked negation like this be
Ever so, if so, then why so?? 
Man-made negation, negativity should never be 
Allowed and the soulful cry must be heard, answered
Divine intervention, angelic powers to the rescue!

A Spirit leaving the body—a solemn event it is
There is no place for such mortal wickedness in this
Instance as the Spirit begins it transformative ascent
Toward the Heavens and the power of the Almighty
Shall answer in kind those mortals who bring their
Perfidy to this most wondrous process that severs 
The mortal bonds of the Earth dimension as the 
Spirit moves on in its new found state and presence
As Peace and Happiness envelop it soothingly and pure
Preparing it for God’s most precious embrace into Eternity!

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem,         
Copyright © All Rights Reserved (January 6, 2015)                          
(Free Verse)

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Who rules

Okay, what do I want to write about?
I think I will write about control
Who is in control?
Is it you?
Or is it the Man upstairs – God?
So many times you think you are in control of something
Did He prove that you are not?
And let you know so
Oh yeah my friend He is the ultimate Controller
Of your life, of everything that is touched by you
If you don’t believe it, then He really is going to prove it to you
You will see that suddenly you feel conflicting about something
Your feeling about something changes
Yes, He controls your feelings
Don’t be cocky thinking He could not touch what belongs to you
Such as your feelings 
Nothing is detached from Him, my friend
He has His hand upon everything
You would see that He suddenly changes how you look and feel about 
To whatever He wants it
Sometimes it’s for the better 
Ha most of the time
And sometimes ah that part I know
He never does it for the worse
So you suddenly feel drawn and tired for no reason
He is about to do something
He is the Amazer
Is that a word?
I don’t know 
I am running out of words to describe My forever- my Ally
He is so awesome
Back to where I was saying
He will amaze you
And will prove to you that yes, He is the controller
So think of it the next time
You said you are in control
Ha you don’t know it yet
But know you have another thing coming
So yield my friend
Say fold
Ha let Him have it
Acknowledge that you have a wonderful Master
Who is in charge of you
Your everything
God – the Mighty Ruler of Creation
The Governor, The Great Shepherd, The Guide
The Rock, The Refiner, The Head of the Church, The Foundation, The I Am

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Our Love

Our Love (written in the style of spoken word)

My world eclipsed itself in the shadow of your moon
In the fading of your breath, the gasp of your final death
blacked out to me was the image of your last re-birth
Visions of your glory blind to my infantile sight
I cried out to God "take me lord, for to take my light
is to leave me unto darkness."

Crippled and shamed I crawled to my side
and wept to feel the fingers of your memory
sweep my hair from my cheek
As a child I raged that all he left of you for me
was the ghost of a life losing vitality in time
The world was numb but for the pain
and I rolled in the evanescence of it
wrapped like a proud shawl of mourning
that in this right I would sacrifice
and pay dignitary to what I failed you in
If I could have died, I would have born your stripes
I would have carried your cross
and welcomed the nails home
that all I could have of you 
was the agony
of your leaving...

My Mother I felt your tears too
as I felt in them in your fading
I felt the trails of your sorrow 
as you wept for your baby
Just as your comforts were
love and despair in one
 to me
(for how could I know your life lived in me)
	your regrets were mine misery 
then my comprehension of a Mothers love was foriegn.
Your presence drove me mad
Your death erased my dreams
and your life fed my memories.

Some where the blackness of years
numbned-greyed and I breathed
Some where in a moment I could not name
your presence gave me stregnth as I accepted
the world I now lived

But the majic of the moon faded, 
the faith you gave me staled
the world spun because God commanded
but my heart beat because you breathed it

God is a jealous God, I whispered
Is my loss my punishment for loveing her the more?
The tears trickled to moisture and days cycled into years
and I listened to your whisper, feather kisses
tucking me to sleep, some where in the depths
of the self I did not know, you loved, you prayed

You wept for my loss and yours, but you loved
you held me at night when I longed for you
you cheered for my each new step
and when I first held my son I heard in my  heart your first words to me
" My baby, My Baby' 
so then I understood and gave them to him

In learning this new love of my life I began to understand
not your death, but your life, your love, and why you still 
hold me and miss me as I miss you
but I hear you, I hear him
and I see my son I thank you both

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Extinguish And Emblaze

We do not despise 
What God gave us 
We do not dislike 
Our countless flaws
We whom wonder hastily 
Clinching to life after life
Hanging on with no purposes
Just the desired selfishness
To be alive
Claiming to be depressed
Claiming to be out ruled
But who is it to blame
When one tries continually and repeatedly 
And the thing one desires 
Is not to be set in claim?
To live is to be alive
Cling to life 
Outspread life
And contaminate life 
But when one has the false desire 
To terminate life
One has gotten the opposite meaning of living
And other ones must help this one
Give him a better understanding
A better view
A brighter view of life
Or perhaps how foolish one could be to end such grace
How illogic and insane
Or perhaps ungrateful 
One could be to the creator 
To God 
To Allah 
To live fully 
Is to truly extinguish 
The bleak fire of one’s destruction 
And to emblazon the torch of existing gratitude 

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(Free Verse) Compassion is something that we all should feel, Every human being should experience it everyday, God shows His compassion for all of us, He does it in everything that we go through. Let's show our compassion for other folks, I know that there are many that suffer to, They're going through a lot of sorrow and pain today, It's not hard to show sympathy,and give them a helping hand too. Charity and compassion should start in our homes, Give it to all your friends and family members to, It is part of our original make-up when God created us, God expect us not only to show Love but Compassion,to everyone too. Compassion is not just an emotion,it's something we all should feel, It's something very natural embeded in each of us as humans to, And it doesn't take too much to demonstrate it to anyone around, It can be a smile or just a kind word to someone who needs it too. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2011 December,12,2014

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Farewell To Fear, I Sing S-L-O-W-L-Y

Farewell To Fear, I Sing  -S-L-O-W-L-Y.

A nameless  fear grips me 
when your name is uttered
fragments of shunned past
rush in and push me back 
into that inferno, where you reign,
where you smile and scythe,
where you engulf  more than what you need.

I pray,
-my only arms against you-
winter will have you frozen
in breath and pith, squeeze
life out of you, 
burn the 'demon -you' to ashes;
make earth a better abode
for the meek ones' right to their share .

Your vile grin, diminished now,
my fear begone and low,
a lone bone gnawed by mongrel canines,
not any more.
My heart gathers grit 
bit by bit,with each beating pulse prayers answered, 
to bright  moments of future I march.
... my farewell song to fear,
I sing.... S-L-O-W-L-Y.

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You - the One

Okay I am going to write a poem about You
You know who I am talking about
You are impossible, unbelievable, incredible
We can never guess
What You are up to
The things You are gonna do
You are unattainable, unachievable, unimaginable
Can't know you
Can't see you
Can't get you
Can't understand you
Can't glide by you
Can't hush you
You are one unutterable, unfathomable, undriveable Force
A force that I don't want to reckon with
You are huge -bigger than life
Hard to know you
Hard to try you
Hard to get along with you
Hard to perfection
That's what You are
But then that is not what You are
Because I am still figuring You out
Does it take a lifetime?
Does it take forever?
When are You ever going to let it be known?
When are we ever going to believe in You?

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I am a hypocrite and look what I just did:
I fell into my darkest pit; now, again, and again.
I thought that I was strong enough to live the truths I said;
Now I realized I'm much too weak; a fool too ashamed to raise his head.
God, please save me, please forgive me, and please give me strength. 
I love You.
I thank You.
I am forever changed.

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Going To Work

Going to work is a trip everyday. I feel like a robot already programed. When I wake up in the morning I take a quick shower to wake me up. I grab a cup of coffee and run out to my car. I have to beat the traffic and that's no fun, when everyone else is doing the same. Sooner or later i get stuck. Some fool had an accident it wasn't my fault, but I get stuck just the same. After a while we start to move on, then it starts to go smooth, until we start to pick up speed , then everything is a mess. It is not easy to be on the freeway. If you go too slow, you can get hit from behind. If you go too fast you will get a ticket. What is a working person suppose to do? I just go along with the flow and pray that I get out in one piece. I soon see my exit and out I go. I get to my job, by now I need another cup of coffee. If no one has made it I make it myself. After the coffee I am awake and start my work day. Like a Zombie i do my chores, until it's time to go home. I feel good I've made my day. life is not easy, but some of us have to work, for a paycheck that's not even enough. I thank God for giving me this job, otherwise I wouldn't be going to work everyday. Going to work is a trip, but it pays for the food at the end of the week. God bless America and Thank God that we are free...
11/11/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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This is the day the Lord gave

I did not know then what gods there were
And was never concerned or thought about
But I do know for certain now
He can come to us to any form.

I had been attacked by the dragon “cancer”
Threatening to take away *my talent to speak.
I heard his voice, “Come unto me and rest”
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down thy
Head upon my lap, don’t be sad or downcast”.

I did not see him positively in any of his form
But I did feel him in a divine way never felt before.
He came to me as a doctor diagnosing earlier
Giving many years to live and roam the world over
To see and to play with my grand children 
As if that’s not all, shortly with great grand children.

That was the day He gave me the perfect health
And relief from suffering, turmoil and labor.

*•	Cancer of the Vocal Chords ( in 1994)


January 30, 2015
Second Place win
Contest: This is the day the Lord gave

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Catharsis of a King

Catharsis of a King

Twisted trees, gnarled and warped
by wicked winds, curled in crippling
curling toward faint warming of the sun,
clinging with clutched roots to rocky crags,
overhanging the crashing roar of foam tipped
breakers.  Stone face of shear cliff etched by
fine chiseled rivulets, tears shed by dark clouds
pummeling a world below, shaping the prisms
for a future sunrise, deepening the chasms of
canyons, uninhabitable but for their beauty.
Creatures that defy the bounds of “beauty”
yet define the artists form, call us to stare
at simple brush strokes.  Explosions, eruptions
of hot, steaming lava, scalding and denuding
mountains, torturously flowing to a
roiling sea.  Swirling vortices of 
madness, vicious brushstrokes tearing through
the gentle country landscape as if change was
overdue.  Humming birds and fireflies,
mosquitoes, gnats,  and icky things
one feeding on the other,
the warring and the gnawing that would
discourage even mother.  Sunrise in the 
jungle, moonlight on city street, church bells
that daily ring,  calling us to celebrate
the catharsis of a king.

John G. Lawless
for Brian Johnston - God's Kind of Poetry contest

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Hey Lord

Hey, Lord...
It's been another day—
Another day of little nothings.
No brilliant fireworks!
No record-breaking events!
No fantasy dreams come true!
Just another day.
I breathed, I ate,
Kept warm, dry, and safe;
I worked, played, and slept.
I saw and heard.
Tasted, smelled, and felt.
I loved and shared—
Was loved back in return.
Just another day...
Just another day?
Forgive me, Lord!
Guess you've spoiled me
With all those little nothings—
The really super somethings—
That made up your miracle
Of "just another day."
Hey, Lord...Thanks.

© Sandra M. Haight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

~1st Place~
Contest: This is the Day the Lord Gave
Sponsor: Verlana S. Walker
Judged: 01/30/2015

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Why do you say you are not that to me?
I never asked you to be anything.

Why do you think my life revolves around you?
I know your integrity is not true.

Just because we are people of structure does not mean you have to care  
     for the next person.

In statement, I address what you say.
I know that you do not play.

When the hurricane hit, I knew you were only looking out for yourself.
Just because we all are in a humanitarian world, does not mean you have 
     to give a damn about the next individual.

What if the same was done to you, just because...
Would outcry for help be heard? 

Altruistic we define just because we love life.
Philanthropic is a benevolent fight.
Just because wrong must become right.

Misanthropic this designs.
Why not be assiduous just because you are part of mankind?

Why not joist life?
Just because…

Why am I here? 
Then again...
From where did I come?
PENNED ON JUNE 20, 2014!

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a special welcome mat for happiness

so easy to be happy right now
worked really hard to get here
remember the smell of stale sweat on the tattered backseat pillowcase
the moon was as blue as i was
the sun was weighed down with icicles
so refreshing to smile right now
struggles like mad to set up the stage for its return
remember the tick crawling amongst the hairs of my genital area
images of the devil himself toying with my emotions and self control
the rain was merciless
the sun had no conscience 
such a relief to afford affordability today
wonderful to know God does not judge....

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Is it a dream?
if so, what yet dreams it?
does it dream with such fervor that it ignites the stars?
does it dream so skillfully that the dreamed think it the dreamer?
does it dream with a will of such power that the dream remains even after the dreamer has wakened?
such a mystery shall not be revealed by time
as time is a dream of the dreamed

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Some men are afraid of ignorance
They go about the land seeking truth
Opening their eyes to the filthiest of things
Wanting to know everything they can
They will never be fooled
Their knowledge will open others as well
Where the truth lies, ignorance lies also
Like a child longing for acknowledgement
Some fight blindly toward it
In hope to destroy it with their own two hands
Instead, it blooms elsewhere and grows
The truth shows us where the evil is
It exists as we do and lives as we live 
If evil in the man's eye does not exist
The absence of ignorance is a lie

Some men instead embrace ignorance
They stay where they are, content as ever
Their eyes see and their ears hear
Their desire to know is dull
The current takes them where it may
Truths are all but happenings
Their present is their pedestal
But the truth is still there
Walking in a dangerous dark
Calling on direction and value
Like a starved child screaming for sustenance
Like a father waiting to chastise his son
Ignorance is never ignored by them
It becomes their god
Can embracing ignorance, then, be a sin?

But even the treasure of truth can kill

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We who survived the Holocaust

We who survived the Holocaust 
My life was taken away from me.
I was an unknown Jewish prisoner.
The Germans sent me to a concentration camp.
We had no food, which lead to starvation.
I wish I had a different life
I had a golden crown that could lead me to sudden pain.
I had to march for hours and hours till I reached a point where I can feel pain 
beneath my feet.
I had to watch my Dad being wiped by German solders. 
I didn’t have any rights or freedom.
In this society it’s all about life or death.
I am a young boy named Elie who is determined to live a healthy life.
I come from a poor family.
I sleep in a small room crammed with innocent Jews.
I pray and pray that my destiny lies in gods hands hoping to live.
I deal with father and son relationships only.
I had to bury bodies including my Dads whose body I couldn’t save.
I had to watch people being tortured like my Dad.
I lived because I believed in God and God believed in me.
We survived the holocaust.

My life was changed forever.
I was a Danish woman who risked my life for a friend named Ellen.
I was sent for help.
I felt bad for Ellen to a point where I was so depressed all I could do is fall to the 

I had a life that I was willing to save which could lead me to sudden death.
I had to take care of my family everyday.
For days and days I had to lie to the German soldiers for my own sake.
I had a lot of freedom because the German’s didn’t care about Danish people.

I am a ten-year old girl named Annemarie.
I came from a wealthy family.
I sleep in a peaceful house with less, people and more space to move around.

I deal with problems that my friends and family faces. 
I had to be in dangerous situations that could nearly get me killed.
I had to watch the Nazi’s destroy houses that the Jew’s lived in. 

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Playing with the butterflies, squirrels, birds
Embracing the fruits, flowers and seeds
The identification then remains stagnant
For quite some years
Then with the members of the community
Would like to attach
Cling on and cherish them
In the neighbourhood by the country
Befriending, helping, empathising
Expand the 'self'
No more walls now
A free, vagrant vagabond strolling past
The villages, cities, continents
Loving every face of man and woman
Black and fair
Rich and poor
Feeling every creatures pain own miseries
Healing their woes, agonies, malaises
In 'summum bonum' and ecstasy
All relations bound in a garland
Of 'Humanity'
Not a less or more
But the centre of the core
Of that radiating circle
Whose centre is in the middle
Without any circumference
Just an atom in the world
Still yet everything.

It is a blessing to be born as a human
And to count life's blessings
Another conundrum
Like counting the infinite stars in the sky
It's a blessing to live happily together
Amongst the beauties and bounties of nature 
A happy home with parents
Siblings, relatives and friends.....................
And to share with everone the joys and sorrows

Thank you God for the world so sweet
Thank you God for the food we eat
Thank you God for the merry birds that sing
Thank you God for everything.

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A Child's Training Part 2 of 2

(Prov. 22: 6 /  Heb. 5: 14  /  Deut. 6: 6-9  /  2 Tim. 3: 13-15, 16  /  Matt. 19: 13, 14)

- cont. - from Part 1

And The Same Can Be Said
Of A Young Child’s Impressionable Mind
It Needs To Be Nurtured At Home
Or It Will Eat Every Junk & Stuff They Find

And You Can’t Let A Child
Follow Its Every Whim …
No Matter How Brilliant or Smart
Dumb Things Will Make Them Dim

But Parents Try To Remember
Just When You Were Young …
Didn’t You Just Want To Act Stupid
And Have Some Friends & Fun?

Every Child Needs To Know
What & Who They Can Trust …
This Is More Important Than That Job
& Making Big Bucks

Every Child Needs Guidance
Even If Parents Are Just Guessing
But There Is A Book of Instructions
To Keep Parents & Child From Stressing
(2 Tim. 3: 15, 16)

It Is A Compass & A Map
& Its Like Reading A Diary of  Confessions
Where Both Parents & Children
Can Learn About Real Life Lessons
(Matt. 4: 4  /  Matt. 19: 13, 14)

And We Need To Start Training Them Young
From The Crib & From The Womb
Give ‘Em Plenty Space & Privacy
But Know What’s Going On In That Room!

‘Cause Newsflash! … Now Hear This
When Children Get Wrong Ideas or Tears
It’s Up To Loving Parents & Families
To Steer Them Free & Clear

Yes, Newsflash! … Now Know This
Children Don’t Know Nuthin’!
It’s Up To Responsible Adults
To ‘Try’ & Teach Them Somethin’ …

Their Bright Little Eyes & Minds
Are Looking To Us For Advice
And We Have To Watch Their Little Heads
So They Don’t Get Infected With Lice!

Yes, Their Bright Eyes & Minds
Are Looking To Us For Advice
& There Is Not Enough or Too Much Time
That We Could Sacrifice

And Without The Rod of Discipline
Whether Spanking or Time Out On The Floor
Loving Communication Is What Keeps Them
From Being Spoiled & Rotted To The Core

Look – Grandmamma Used  To Tell Me
“If Everybody Is Sticking Their Head In The Fire
And They Tell You It Won’t Hurt …
You Tell ‘Em ‘You’re A Liar!’”

Listen, We All Can See That This World
Is Going To You Know Where In A Hand-Basket
But You Don’t Have To Let Them Group You & Yours
Into That Casket …

And When A Child Wants To Eat Candy
‘Cause It Tastes Good – All Day Long!
When You Tell Them “No!”
Listen … You Ain’t Wrong!

                        Written & ©:  7/16/2013

                        By:  The MoonBee

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the Sunny Day Blues Man

living for the moment
ended life as we knew it 
but i'm just doing whatever
kind of hoping 
for some entertainment 
along the way

a day in the life 
of the sunny day blues man
hands down 
this is the best i ever was
the best i'll ever be
don't you agree

the sunny day blues man
isn't it funny the way news slants
the return of the sunny day blues man
just be happy with what you choose man
Never a better option than a given hand
thank god for the sunny day blues man

hope isn't a measure 
it's just tested time
a clamp of suspense 
when the moments array
an echo of needs 
to balance out 
the ways things seem
is the best you and I 
will ever be
don't you agree

the sunny day blues man
isn't it funny the way news slants
the return of the sunny day blues man
just be happy with what you choose man
Never a better option than a given hand
thank god for the sunny day blues man

at times life seems to cycles 
signals of distress
vanity and cupcakes 
i know, it's a brute mess
but along with the irony 
comes pancakes 
yes, the madness seems to iron me
yet i am still here

the eyes a thinker
life of a fighter
hands of a lighter weight 
when smiles reflected a pinch of hurting
because in punishment
the sunlight just couldn't outreach the curtains
though we take the steps alike
we trespass the worries to vaguely
but it was times like these that made me 
and it's the best i'll ever be

"the things we accept in steps of courage"

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The Joy Of Being Real

I know I should be happy;
There is joy in the Lord.
Yes, absolutely, there is!
In all moments,
In all times,
There is joy in the Lord!
Even in this moment,
There is joy underneath
The outside cover of depression and sadness.
That's what it may look,
That's what it may appear,
That's what it might feel,
But that's just me being real;
Opening up,
Taking off this cover
That I've been covering up with for too long.
This is me being real
And that's a part if joy;
The joy of being real,
The joy that is Jesus Christ!
May God bless you always!

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White dove, Cowbird, and the Crocodile

Long ago a cowbird was raised in a white doves beautiful nest.
But there became a time when together the chicks no longer fit.
The cowbird came to a choice to either come out on the branch…
Or he could simply kick someone out of his warm, homey nest.
Now, he knew, if someone was thrown out, they probably wouldn’t live.
Decisions, decisions: he knew his future would be changed by this.

Mama white dove sensing his problem, had a talk with her little chick.
You were put in my nest by God, but can still choose what you want to do.
“I can never be God’s messenger of peace”, cried the little cowbird.
“I’m not a true white Dove,” he cried… with tears streaming down his face.
Mama dove intently listened… as her wings wrapped him in her warmth… 
She said, “It’s your choice in what you do, that will make you who you are.”

See that crocodile below, sunning on the river bank below…
He lives alone because he destroys anyone and everything, that comes his way.
He’s mean, malicious, and hateful. He’s become what evil can truly be…
His heart, intentions, and choices sent him to live alone in a dark, muddy cave… 
It was him who left God on one fateful day… not the other way around.
By how he lived his life, his decisions, and his actions… he decided his own fate.

The cowbird now realized there was a choice to be made on what he wanted to do.
He decided he wanted to be a messenger of God in the beautiful, blue sky above… 
Than to live alone in a dark, muddy swamp cave, disgusting and evil to the bone.
So he moved out upon the branch… Then later helped the others slowly to the sky.
The moral here is easy… It’s not what you look like that makes you who you are.
A good heart is all it takes… to be a beautiful peace messenger of God.

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See yee, thee must believe

Holy one, of truth and love, I kneel before You God almigthy
Place thy hand over my spirit that I may grow in your word my Lord
I hunger and thirst in your word
Father I have sinned, against man, and against You
My mind is not as understanding as yours my king
Here I am father cleanse my name so that I may be new
For only in You Jesus can all things be made new
God of order, God of love and justice O' perfect are You
Mold me in your image, rejoice in my heart for it beats for You
I trust and firmly stand in your word, in your promise
Use me Lord that I will happily endure, I your subject, I your eyes
I am your pen father, my blood is your ink
My mind is your canvas, deliver me into your path
Paint my scene Father, You are the light
Guide me in your hand my Lord
In the name which is above all names Jesus, I ask amen

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Beyond Perception and Imagination

Today we view the sky,
going upon the idea of reality
and the veil of imagination,
Today we view the sky.

We dont wish, we dont dream,
we dont take a look upon the clouds,
but amongst the truth,
We dont wish, we dont dream.

I see what I am
amongst the skies I view,
they hold an essense used so that
I see what I am.

I take upon this elixer,
indulge myself in truth,
discover the white in all colors as
I take upon this elixer.

I know of you and I,
of boys and girls who want to dream,
of men and women meant for truth,
I know of you and I.

I wait with the sky
for the realization
from the world that I am right about the truth,
I wait with the sky.

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Truth Continued

They promised fountains
Flowing crystal streams
Cool refreshing waters
I want to drink till I am full
Why else would I journey to this desolate place
I walk over the bones of those who came before me
Their voices scream out from the dust
warning me to go back
Am I already too late
I retrace my steps until I dissapear
Leave behind the evaporated me
The next moment I am lifted
carried on invisible wings
Light as air
Have I been turned to dust
I look into my Savior's eyes
His tears become a stream
The banks overflow
I am refreshed
I drink till I am full
His promise has been kept
I am saved because he wept
With his body he paid my debt
Now his truth is the one I accept

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A Gift Of Real Love

As I sit and gaze at your picture
I travel back to days of yore
To the ranch on the Nebraska prairie
And the place where you called home.

I came to teach their school
And was introduced to you
My life changed at that moment
For what I saw was a man honest and true.

A man who since age fifteen
Has been on his own
His reputation it was good
And he worked nine years for the former 101.

He had just moved up the valley
To their uncle's ranch
When I came upon the scene
A city girl it seemed but I wasn't really green.

My mom was from her dad's Nebraska ranch
Not to far away
And her sister taught an Indian Government school
On the Rosebud Reservation..

My brother and sister 
 A cousin my age and I
Shared a life similar to the life
My Billy had.

Well, not really I'm afraid
We were a few years younger
And though most of our time was spent on horseback
There were no cows involved.

We played in the White River
Rode calves and hogs
While Billy at this same age 
Had himself  to support.

Now it was my turn to grow up
I took up teaching to go back to the plains
And met the man of my dreams
Who my life did change.

Snowed in following a blizzard in March
And five miles away
Billy rode down the valley horseback
Just to see me one day.

By then we already had marriage plans
But we hadn’t told a soul
It wasn’t till April Fools Day 
We finally broke the news.

We ranched, raised our kids
And worked at Truck Parts
Forty-seven years and 2 weeks later
God called you home.

I had truly been blessed
With a good, honest, hard working man
Who is still here for me.
I thank You God with all my heart, 

Three Christmases you have been gone
For Cathy it is four, it just doesn’t seem fair
But God has taken from you the pain you had
And I will always be grateful for that.

I love you dear and Merry Christmas.

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Waiting For God

I am dealing with what I know                                                                                                       And reaching out to you with love                                                                                                    Because I am tired of waiting  for Quetzalcoatl                                                                               And Jesus and Allah and Buddha and Kishna                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         And a dozen other Sons of God                                                                                                                To come and save us from ourselves                                                                                               I am dealing with what I know                                                                                                               Because everything  beyond that is a mind game to me                                                                   And in the end the one true God is love

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God's Kind of Poetry

So vast my finite words cannot encapsulate
Your glories limitless;
I try to grasp the wonder
of the infinite God-creator,
confined to the close walls,
soft, nurturing walls of Mary's womb,
cells dividing, mysterious conception,
Your human body forming, growing
suspended in life preserving liquid,
tiny fingers, toes present,
infant eyes viewing scene so small
within your tiny room.
God, who created space and light,
dwelt in darkness,
born with a cry,
born to die that I might live,
born to take upon Yourself my sin,
born to rejection, scourging, hatred, crucifixion, death . . .
You rose triumphant over all cast against You,
triumphant over death,
triumphant over hell itself,
my God, risen  and coming again,
my incarnate King.
Your poem of redemption 
reached earth in the form of a baby,
writing its lines of grace and forgiveness upon my heart,
upon the world.

September 25, 2014

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Lord, here I am today;
You already know, perfectly, the many themes
churning in my mind, my heart,
like a child's spinning top they whirl around,
blurring together in one confusing frame
all the old insecurities, the vulnerabilities, the sorrows.
Even before I start to pray, You already know.

How foolish I am at times...
I don't talk to You;
I just go on my way trying to solve my problems,
my husband's problems, my children's problems,
the world's problems...
carrying on my weak shoulders burdens
far too great for me to bear,
You long to share them, to wear the yoke with me;
help me remember in those times
that only You in Your great wisdom know
what is needed in each circumstance;
You love everyone equally
and only You can do what is just and holy.

Forgive my neglect...
I am busy with the business of life
and I forget how trivial it all is 
compared to You, Your love, 
and Your infinite pleasure in communing with me.
Renew today and every day
the joy of my salvation;
help me relish the relationship I have with You,
my Father and my best friend.

I pray for those who are leaders over us;
God, they need Your knowledge 
for we are facing perilous times,
more so than I remember in my lifetime.
Create within their hearts  
a great hunger to come to You
for the strength and wisdom needed to insure and protect our freedom
and to stand for the weak and helpless in the world.

Help me be honest with myself
and fair with others.
Give me grace to face the inequities of earthly living
and to extend mercy to those who hurt and abuse me.
Make me newly aware that joy comes
in obedience to You and service to others.
I know that many people do not share my faith;
I would be kind, gracious and respectful to them
that they might see a true picture of You 
in my speech and actions.
Bring me to people today
who need Your touch,
Your loving care
and, then, let them feel You in my hands.

May my living be a praise song to You,
a sweet perfume...

September 3, 2014

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When My Depression Runs High

The sunshine is shining outside
And I'm stuck inside
I don't have any feelings anymore
Yet everything I am trying to hide
Pain comes in different forms
This type of me hurts the worst
I break when my depression runs high
That's when I'm cursed.
God, please help me.

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Woman who are you?
I am a priceless treasure
That cannot be brought, bribe or used
I am created in my father’s image
I am God’s most prize possession
When God looks at me
He see’s himself 
I am Gem
I am worth millions
I am beautiful
I am unique
I am rare
Out of all God’s creatures 
I am special.
Woman, who are you?
I am God’s child
I am loved
I am worthy to be kept
I am worthy to be held
In my father’s house
There is no other treasure like me
I am stunning
I am gorgeous
I am enough
When my father made me
He made me strong
Wise, capable, kind and responsible
In my hands he gave me the power to change the world
I am fruitful
I am truly bless
Who am I? 
I am God’s daughter
I am woman
I am adored.

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The water. 
It ripples and waves.
Its soothing to the touch and it runs over your body like an invisible blanket.
When life is too much to take I run to the water.
I've thought about lost loved ones over the view of the ocean.
As the waves ran over my toes and pulled back it was as if God was telling me I'm here.
I see your pain. I see your passion. In time I will wash them away.
When it rains, it stirs something inside of my heart. I know that as this storm shall pass, so will the trials of life.
The pain will be washed away. All will grow new again.
Pain is water.
Joy is water.
Life it water.
Water is beauty.

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Spirit Of Love

Inside my heart
Over flowing
A sea of love
My spirit free
Love taking lead
My inner consciousness, awakening
Inner realisations, coming to light
Experiencing the wonders of our universe
Discovering who I am
In the spirit of love

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Come O Rain come

Come O rain come, throw your showers 
On this part of earth and do not run
All the simple inhabitants of our villages, towns and cities
Are waiting for you with tears in their eyes
Come O rain come, throw your showers sublime
On fields, soil, animals, trees and birds flying

Even the trees and birds, animals and herds, Human and insects
All are gloomy and sad,  with rankles on foreheads
With worries on their faces, as their hopes are getting buried
Without a shower to wipe their rolling tears from eyes
Come O rain come, throw your showers 
On this part of earth and do not run

I know, why you are offended and not listening our prayer
But the animals and birds, our simple villagers, animal herds 
Even fields drying up in excessive heat do not know 
Why you are offended and not listening their prayers
Oh pardon them as they do not know 
The misdeeds of those, who are spreading cities 
And are cutting trees, forest and are eliminating fields
In the name of modern living 
They go on spreading cities after cities 
And industries after industries
These less blessed species of humans, do not want to know 
The priceless value of mother earth
And the value of each drop of water and rain 
Which comes due to green mountains and glaciers
Trees and plants, fields and ponds, 
Lakes and rivers, they all are the
Darling children of the God of Rains.

To appease you O God of Rains
We are making our prayers with folded hands
You are and you were always our dearest
O God of Rains, on you we have offered our prayers
And have offered since ages our songs and lyrics 
And even our heart and souls
Come O rain come, throw your showers 
On this part of earth and do not run
The soil of earth and air also is boiling with heat
The birds and animals and all living creatures
Are waiting with their tired eyes on sky
To search a piece of clouds, which can extinguish their fire
With showers on their fields, plants and trees
Bless them O God of Rains, with your sublime drops of rains


Written on 24th June 09 originally in Hindi as a prayer Song
When draught like conditions were seen in a part of my state.
Translated in English with changes and some additions on 5th Dec.09 
Incidentally God heard the prayer of someone and
From June end onwards God of Rains blessed us with good Rains. 
Kanpur India 5th December 2009

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There's Something Special About Sundays

There's something special about Sundays
A lovely joy that's hard to describe
The perfection of this beautiful life
There's a peace on Sunday unlike the days of others
Where calm reaches the wind and hope uncovers
Mountains of grace in simple, true beauty
The love of the Father in a heart ever-warming
On this day all our problems seem to flutter away
And even if for a moment, everything is okay
Nothing to worry and no one to fear
For our Comfort has risen and He is here
There's something about Sundays that brings the soul to life
A Heavenly connection no opposition can divide
The strength of unity is a bond unbreakable
All our sins shaken, only love unshakable
The sun even shines if there happens to be darkness
Fireplaces warm even in cold, dark trenches
Heartache won't break us for He alone saves us
His love conquers all, igniting love in us
As we say another prayer over a beautiful Bible verse
Attend another church service
Serve another meal
Read another book to children
Fight another fire
Heal another patient
Write another assignment
We know God is with us
Everyday and evermore
Look up to Heaven and thank Him again
For a beautiful day and fall into bed
Lay on the pillow and rest sweet head
Praying above it would only be Sunday again.

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It's No Easy -Anaphora

~It's Not Easy~ (Anaphora) It's not easy to cope with life all the time It's not easy to pray when all has gone wrong It's not easy to control emotions as they come It's not easy to heal a broken heart sometimes It's not easy to give thanks when you feel lost It's not easy to be just you each day in and out It's not easy for some folks just to do what's right It's not easy for folks just to pray to God everyday It's not easy to show true feeling to others sometimes It's not easy to stop loving someone whenever you want to It's not easy just to stop worrying and stressing every day It's not easy for some folks to show they really love and care It's not easy to conquer some obstacles and many times accept defeat It's not easy to be strong and live with losses and burdens everyday It's not easy to let go of negativity and just smile thru all the pain It's not easy just to move on and press forward when your heart is tired It's not easy for most folks to thank God for all they have be good or bad It's not easy to do all these and more but with God's help we can do anything Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2011 January,16,2015

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Thinking About Darkness

When I first saw him,
he was busily erasin' light.

Several of us just stared
for a while, then,
I meandered over.

"Whacha' doin?" I asked.

He gave me a sidelong glance
and said, "Creatin' darkness."
Then he turned his eraser
upside down and blew
star light from its working end.

He was a tall guy
with an Abraham Lincoln
look to him and I thought
he might be considered beautiful
in some circles.

As he worked his way
along the edges of creation,
he looked up at me and said,
"S'cuse me?"

I was so engrossed
in his energy,
I didn't even realize
I was in his way.

So I quickly jumped
to the side and said,
"Why are you erasin' light?"

"You said that's what you wanted,"
"you and the others."

He threw his head in the direction
of the others, and I followed
the gesture to my friends, who were
giving me that palm's out hand signal
and head tilt that said, "What's up?"

I turned my look back to him.
"I don't remember asking anyone
to erase light."

He was now working
on the light
from a super nova,
removing the edges
in a wide circle.

"Yea, well... what you said
was that you wanted to be
light. You wanted to experience
BEING light."

He stopped and looked at me.


"Yep, I said that. But what's
that got to do with you and
what's that got to do with you
erasin' light?"

He was closing in on the nova,
focusing on his work toward the center.

"Look around you," he whispered,
"What do you see?"

So I looked and everything was
as it had been as long as I could
remember. Light, boundless light,

It was a universe of light;
billions of universes,
uncountable universes.
No one really knew
how much light there really was
but it was in every crevice,
every hole and every
everything that existed.

Except for the darkness he was now creating,
there was not a single shadow
to be found, no where, no how.

He gave me a second to take it all in.

"So how are you going to experience
BEING light without darkness?" he asked.

He looked straight at me
and never have I ever seen such love.

"I'm makin' you some darkness
and giving you a place to be
what you asked to be."

"In a word, I'm erasin' light."

"Wow," I mumbled,
dumfounded by the whole concept.
"That's a..."

I couldn't think a a good word,
so I made one up.

"That's a devil of an idea!"

Then, as if a recess bell went off in my head,
I bolted back to my friends.

I couldn't wait
to tell them the good news.

He didn't even see me leave because
he was mouthing the word, "devil"
over and over again.

"I like that word," he said to no one,
"Maybe I'll use it."

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A God of Love and Justice

People often wonder...."How long will the evil prosper?" David asked this of God in one of his Psalms. How long will lies be believed? How long will the innocent suffer abuse in silence? How long will murderers go unapprehend while the pure are incarcerated? How long? 

These questions sometimes haunt me. I remember that God is a God of love and forgiveness. He gives people chances to repent and to come back to turn away from the life they live that isn't pleasing to Him. I know...I'm in this time. This time of grace. This time where I can still make amends and live.

Though it is comforting to know that God is a God of love...He is also a God of justice. Crime will NOT go unpunished. Intentional hurt will have to be answered for, and truth will be vindicated. 

Matthew 12: 36- "But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken." (NIV)

Matthew 12:37
For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned."

Ecclesiastes 12:14
For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.

1 Corinthians 4:5
Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.

Romans 14:12
So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.

There is a day of judgment. This is my belief. Nothing will escape the eyes of God. This is true from me as it is for all who are reading this right now. I can't escape the consequences of my actions. No matter how much I believe that my actions are justifiable...there is a truth that God holds me to that I cannot escape. God's love does not negate His justice. In love...he will have to deal with those who have gone against His will and way, against his very character. I know that I have...that I am...that I might continue to....for whatever reasons. However, I do it day all will be revealed. 

Yes, God is a God of love, but He is also a God of justice. In that, those who have been wronged may find comfort.


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As the time passes by 
Like the days and nights exchange
All things in man don’t seem same.

It may had been gods pleasure 
To seek change in all men
As if he felt to stair 
Motionlessly at motionless things pleasure-less.

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Questing God

I don't know why,
I feel like this,
Everytime someone dies,
I feel sympathy, sad, dissapointed,
Questions run throw my small mind,
I question God all the time,
And ask Him why?
Didn't He help people not to die?
I been very sad ever since,
I heard about flight 447 Air Franch crash,
My boyfriend tells me out mind is limited,
To understand God's way,
But I think it's not fair,
For inocient people to die easily,
I wish that God would help that plan not to crash,
It's weird how I feel sad,
Not knowing these people who died,
Yet I feel sad.

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Lost feeling all this oppression, I know the Devils right behind me... I can feel him breathing down my neck. Running away from sin following God's voice keep him in my heart turning depression to rejoice.  I feel I'm losing control so i get down on my knees and pray for my soul, I still dont know all the things i have to do or where i gotta go counting on Christ to lead me. he will always guide me, instead of running and hiding i'll stand firm right beside him. I got alot to say with God speaking thru me, im an example and im glad he chose me. He lived and died on a tree arose three days later and in heaven hes residing, abiding listening to his will sanding on his path and thats where im gonna chill, Let me be real take a second to explain how im feeling and not dealing with the devils games he tries playing. I left him behind cuz i ran him over just the other day yea i like it that way.

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now.. 

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now.. 

I have a God who sent his son and took the stripes, he Paid the price for my life, a price he didnt have to pay but he loved us so much he couldnt let us die... Jesus you took the weighgt and you put it on yourself, theres no greater love then to lay down your life for your friends. and you did it for me even though im undeserving and I wanna thank you so much. Everytime I fall you open my eyes and show me where I went wrong, you have forgiven me and I have another chance to teach the things you taght me. Lord I am your vessel please use me to your will help me to do the things for which im called let me hear you voice through the Holy Spirit Lord, reach down and touch me.

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now.. 

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now..

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Bombers Moon

Them and us under a Bombers Moon
By Steven Cooke

Making love to my demons
Under the flag of my country
Caught in between the never believer
And a pardon of angels,
Who bargain their souls for my redemption,
Empowered by a nation,
Glorified by heroes departed
My life sanctified by religious compromise
For tonight I fly, under the bombers moon

Nearer to God than most
I see the world differently,
This Earth orbits in a sea of cold
My plane hidden in its recess,
A place where silent screams dwell
And rainbows are sent to die.

Away from the gaze of my enemy,
A phrase worthy of the Devil
Away from the patriots sting,
These too, sanctified by a religious hand.
The History books dilemma
My run begins
My mind listens to a confess of whispers,
The engines my Priest,
The bomb doors open,
Horsemen of The apocalypse,
Released from their tethers
I am the Arbiter of Death
As in Nature, Chance will decide
The faceless will fall
And god willing I will return home.

In the scheme of things
A Cities worth is one minute, 23 seconds
The camera to record in slow mo for Posterity,
And to delight the victorious.
The Impact sweeps away the sweat of past generations
Creates queues of ghosts, waiting,
 To lay in row after row, of white marble.
Their silent screams absorbed into Heavens Gate,
A cold Hallelujah for God to judge.
Just another day on planet earth

But don’t worry,
Time, like, the brook of sighs, will wash away these sins
But not the seeds,
For we are the gardeners of sin,
Their germination, lovingly corrupted
In our differences, them and us
The Pillars of capitalism our advantage.
The fear of the Devil theirs

Our final epitaph in the circle of life,
We are conditioned to repeat the mistakes of the past,
As is the Wilder beast to cross the River of Death,
Or theologians using religion as a weapon of war
The devil and the Crocodile dines well, on such a menu 
We truly are, a blessed Race.

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It is therapy for me
to make the pen dance melodies
across an otherwise bleek
piece of paper.
To create words that don't exist
because I WANT TO is simply bliss or
to write about that crush that I want to kiss
in the third person as if it is a wish
of a young girl around 16-ish
can only be done in poetic form.

I can curse out my best friend or
ask God to let me into Heaven or
bunji jump off of clouds at night and
wake up flying a kite around the sunshine,
because I am the author of the masterpiece and
to me it is the best pain killer for reality.
It is MY therapy!

I can honor those who I loved so much
or degrade them to an anesthetic touch
just because 
they pissed me OFF!
I can lay down and write haikus all day
about the rain personified or
the clarity of the water in the bay.
I can use words that those around me do not understand or
think with my pen in my mouth and
his heart in my hand or
vice versa or 
write about sitting all day
while I stand.
I create a magical landscape
with a concrete jungle back drop or
sing a capella songs in hip hop.
It is my THERAPY!
And I can re-create my life
by myself
and fully certified.
Thank GOD for it.

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Obama My King

When God makes a plan for a king
It is God’s plan not the King’s
When a king strays from true purpose 
As an unfavorable appendage growth 
Turning asunder God’s intended nature for rule 
Whereupon pompous self –gluttony bellows
Bellowing for greater power, for riches the more, or forever lasting glory
Doth not a King make unfavorable war with patriots of his sovereignty?
For as a King demands thou shall- when God said thou shalt not
What citizenry stands silent for such self-proclamations?
When the king’s words bare no desirable fruits 
How doth the Kingdom’s  subjects eat?
When only the influential- whose lips whisper directly into the King’s ear
Or only the Dukes and Earls with deep pockets afford the King’s favor
Doth the King’s jester make gayety the suffering of his common
And grow tiresome of the hunger’s plea , or  the widow’s need, 
Will not  the laymen’s  voice be heard above the ten percent?
As a King sets forth his intention but nay a one becomes reality
Doth not the people cry into their Lord God for a savior?
A new King!  
A better King! 
A righteous King for the people!
For this pompous  King has short number his days like morning dew on Mayflies’ wings
Now doth the citizenry gather at the King’s gate shouting!
We of November will remember!
And purge thee from thy thrown!

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A wilted Rose

I am nothing but a rose
A red one, a yellow one or even a black one
Whichever color you do prefer
It makes me that which I have always been
Nothing but a rose
A rose, once in full bloom
Once full of love, filling everyone with laughs
A rose, now so withered
Withered at the way my gardener treated me
Having been attracted to a lilly
He left, for the great ocean
And made of me
A wilted rose
Still, I am nothing but a rose
I am what you see
Whichever colour you prefer
All frail and fragile
Waiting for the end of the day
When the night will fall on me
And closed will be my petals
Hopefully, in my new garden
I shall meet my old gardener
Hopefully, to my fragrance he shall be enamored
Hopefully, he shall tend me
To grow into a strong and blooming tree
A rose, nothing but a rose
Say, if you do blow across my way
Remember of my fragility!

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My Lord whispered to me
Asked me to be calm
My spirit became water
A lake of glass

The Rock of ages
Came down from the sky
Fell into the centre of me
Penetrating the depth of me

A tsunami 
Radiating outward
Ripples in time
Symmetrical mixing
Extending the Divine

Each ripple is a word
A vibration released
Traveling beyond the limits of me
In the end he makes us all priests

Past to present
Radiating my new reality
Beyond what I believed
Could be expressed through me

His power not my own
I can not act alone
Forever changed
By a Prince who left his Throne

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My Metaphysical Monument To JAH

(1 Kings 8: 27)

I Would Build  YOU  Seven Pillars
Made of Pearls of Such Dimension- Prized
I Would Build  YOU  Ten Giant Columns
Made of Pure Crystals Up To The Skies

And On That Holy Edifice
of 400 Cubits Elevated To Size
I Would Build  YOU  A Thunder-Temple
A Thousand Stories High

This Would Be My Metaphysical Monument To  JAH ...

And Inside The Thunder-Temple
I Would Build A Lightning-Fire
It Would Burn A Flame of Love So Hot & Bright
That Lasts Forever & Never Die

I Would Place  YOUR Name  On A Pedestal Throne
of Precious Gems - No One Could Pry
Of Such Height & Depth & Length 
& Everlasting Arms Wide 

This Is My Metaphysical Monument To JAH ...

O' My Rock of Ages  ... Because  YOU  Are My Strength
& My Fondest & Most Fervent of Ties
I Would Construct This On A Mountain Top
That Stands Up Past A Million Miles

It Would Touch The Moon In Reflection
And The Stars Would Be Inspired
and Eclipse Every Man-Made Structure
& Orbit  In  YOUR  Eyes

This Is My Metaphysical Monument To  JAH ...

I Would Fill The Air With Perfumed Prayer
Celestial, Sparkled-Incense Would Rise
I Would Fill The Space With Music
& Exalt  HALLELUJAH  In Chimes!

I Would Bow Down In YOUR Beauteous Presence
In The Aisles & Among All Tribes
& Exult In The Awesome  Atmosphere
of YOUR Essence So Wise

... In My Metaphysical Monument To  JAH ...

I Would Fill It With  All  YOUR  Worshipers
& All  YOUR  Wonders  & Praise  Realized
& We'd Sing My Metaphysical Monument
In Paradise ...   To  JAH !

This Is My Metaphysical Monument                
And Yes, This Vision Is Heaven-Sent      
Spirit-Height & Depth & Width & Length          
In My Whole-Soul, Solar-Sacrament            

&  My Devotion's Endless Measurements      
Built From A Bonafide & Blessed Blueprint        
Constructed Thru Carpenter's Consent           
& With The Master-Worker's Instruments         

It Will Tower-Up In Testament !                
So All Will Know - Everywhere I Went               
It's  The Metaphysical Monument                  
My HalleluJah - Horizon-Event!                       

... My Metaphysical Monument  ... To  JAH

              Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/27/2013 
                        by:  MoonBee Canady

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Here In The Silence

My soul thirsts, O Lord Where are you hiding? Why can’t I find you? I call your name And silence reverberates My tears flow like lava Where are you? Lord? Strength seems to fail Even the wind is still While the deep silence lingers Yet, my hope lies in your promise… Never to abandon me So, I will wait in this silence ‘Til your voice I hear once more Within this fragrant garden of solitude At last, it is you! Only you will Call to me, ‘Peace, be still; ‘For in the silence I’m with you, always…’ Now my soul rejoices in your presence Overcome by unparallel beauty and peace I recline at your feet, my Father… I rest. ~*~
11/02/12 7th Place in "Song inspired Poems, Old or New" Note: Inspired by “Adagio in G Minor” By The London Promenade Orchestra. Listen to it And you’ll find it’s one of the most beautiful pieces Of music, ever…if you’re like me.. you’ll cry. I couldn’t find Their rendition on YouTube but this is almost as good Maybe better in some ways…it’s lengthier. Enjoy : )

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Ogun Shrine

Ogun the god of Iron,
the day he was coming from Heaven to the World
he was clad in the burning cloth ,he wore the cloth of blood.
With his iron he made path for other gods.
A god that dares Ogun and asks who is he
shall soon perish in wilderness without trace.
Ogun has water at home but baths with blood,
he has cloth but covers himself with palmfonds. 
Ogun drinks his wine not in glass but clabash.
Seven things I saw Ogun eat:
In a town call Ara Ogun ate male dog,
in a town call Ire Ogun ate bull-like-ram,
Ogun lord of  circumcision ate snail,
Ogun lord of carpentry drank wood's fluid,
Ogun in the east ate horns of ram,
Ogun lord of tranportation ate roasted yam,
Ogun in foreign land has become Ogun in diaspora,
his food is simply the unknown.
Ogun is the lord of oath,
A child can btray all but not Ogun;
The lord of oath has no patience for the infidel.

East Jesus,
photo number 6.
Dec 21st,2014.

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God the only solution to todays problems

Harvest the hearts and souls
Of every woman and every man
Preach the word
Make them understand
God is the only solution
To today's wicked constitution
And the ever increasing problems
Mankind faces everyday.

What we are seeing in the world today
was foretold in the bible
Long ago
Please don't turn away
seek the truth and the truth
Will set you free
It'snot a mere myth
But reality
Don't get left behind.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.April.

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Stand Up America

Disasters! Disasters! One by one.
We watch and pray as each they come.
Asking why we stop and sigh.
No answer 'till the by and by.

Over stretched and over taxed.
Our country's back will never crack!
Wars, Disasters, Man made,Natural.
Rumors, Lies, Reality, Factual.

When times were tough they knew the remedy.
As leaders they stood in all their might.
Shining like stars in the darkest of night.

Warnings come from far and near.
Prepare to fight! Said Paul Revere.
But no matter, come what may.
America, GOD put here to stay.

Though down we are!
We'll last the longest.
We are the strongest.


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She sat down with a withered smile
Said this will take a little while
Flash of light upon that chair
& the flame dancing between her hair
Told her YOU'RE wrong
And she was wrong
Angels of god froze her soul
She stopped dancing,stopped moving
And melted between heaven and god
Flames of hair turned into rock
That chair was rock and she was rock
And her whole world silent in rock
And god was smiling in his
Festival of rock

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I Talked to God Today

What a day I had, busy as can be talked to God today He just listened to me I talked to Him told Him all that bothered me all the worries, cares and hurts I took and laid them at his feet Funny thing about this talk I knew that He was around close as can be just waiting to hear from me I didn't hear a voice from the clouds nor see a bush burning nearby just a calm and silent time the birds stop singing the wind grew quiet all got still and calm much like a time before a storm eerie it was, talking to God but I knew He was there for in my mind I heard a voice; be still...and know that I am here.

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A Chat With God

God you Love us right?


Well why so much pain,
I'm sprinting through the fire,
but I can still feel the flame

My child,
I love you,
I know this world can be evil,
yet you all are still my people,

if you want us to live,
why do you allow death,
my cousin was only one,
he went blind and deaf,

Once again my child,
I have the perfect plan,
some things that I do,
man will never understand,
Sometimes the human mind can be very conceited,
angels don't die they ascend to me when needed,

Well if you love us so much,
why is this world in such a swirl,
why did hi jackers hit the tallest structure in the world?
Why did Hitler kill so many of your people,
I can't see you,
but oh Lord we need you

My son,
This world requires patience, 
The basics, 
sometimes you need mediation,
my revelation comes to life in Revelations,
My child,
Lucifer is real,
he comes to kill,
when hurting he will come as a pill,
if you need money bad,
he will be a drug deal,
he comes as temptation,
he loves contemplation,
But just believe in me and soon you shall see

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Their is a God.In flesh we will not see his face.However we will see pieces of him in mother natures face. Natures aqua I indulge in, purity of his being and grace .I take a gander at shallow but deep water, and I nearly catch a glimpse of his face. A image we can not trace, looking into water searching for oddities timidly twinkling behind image of self, in mirror of water. Obfuscated by rays of sun complicating images reflected into water and image of  water reflected in soul.None can be clearly perceived,that is mystery,that is the hidden God in all, you and me flower and tree, all covered by hazy mist to guard and separate ,what is and what is not to be know.For reasoning beyond comprehensions and perception.The hands of leaves graciously applaud and sings for a kingdom unknown or shown.A land that is inconceivable beyond feeble flesh and bone perhaps a place where every humans faith may or may not be etched in stone,but for certain we don't walk alone. The hands of leaves sings his song with grandiosity. Singing in code alongside hymns of enchanting species on earth. Songs we are told, but never told to be understood for our own good.If other wise we would all be doomed,for instance God blessed us with geniuses and we make weapons of mass destruction. Why should he unveil more mysteries and knowledge? To cause more malice and destruction? Animals and nature, chant songs of spiritual secrets, worldly an beyond secrets.This knowledge the forbidden fruit, only to suit the beings of another realm but still connecting us to it in ways the flesh can bear.If trees,birds and all of nature could talk human languages, mysteries would be no more. What happens when a bright light flashes in front your eyes? Don't you briefly lose sight? what happens when a loud horn blows in your ear doesn't it ring? The same concepts and effects applys with the high volumes and inconceivable power of our God and mysteries that follow. Imagine the the sounds, the sight and the feeling of the life beyond do you think the flesh can bear or withstand such insurmountable grandeur.The wind so much like God its never seen.The wind so much like God its effects are seen, but still remains invisible.The wind carry's breath death things of all volumes and that which feeble flesh cant perceive,I BELIEVE THE WIND IS GOD.....   WHAT DO YOU THINK EINSTEIN..... 

BY: Elliott Bowe

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Queen Esther

(Esther 5: 2)

The King Held Out To Esther
The Golden Scepter
That Was In His Hand

She Was His Queen
The Woman Who Fulfilled His Dreams
One of The Most Beautiful In All His Lands

But It Was Persian Law For All
That Those The King Did Not Call
Would Be Struck Down Where They Stand!

Yet Brave & Beautiful Queen Esther
Whose Godly Faith Never Left Her
To Save Her People, Entered As Planned

Because There Was A Plot
Devised In Anger So Hot ...
By That Prideful, Wicked Prince Haman

To Kill All Esther's People
Haman Schemed So Evil
But The King Didn't Know Why It Began

... Or That Esther Was A Jew
In The Line of Hebrews
Who Worship The One GOD So Grand

But There Was No Hesitation
In Ahasuerus' Heart Designation
Towards This Woman Who Stood Royal & Serene

She Held Ahasuerus' Affection
and Did Not Suffer Rejection
As She Humbly Walked In, As His Queen

I Imagine All Got Quiet
Waiting For Swords To Riot
And See Esther's Head Roll Across The Floor

But At The Sight of Her Dignity
The Scepter Pointed Implicitly
To Grant Esther Whatever She Implored

And Oh, The Interplay
of Emotions That Day
Between This Woman & Her Loving Man

When The King Held Out To Esther
His Golden Scepter
... That Was In The Power of His Hand

* * * * * * * * * * * *

(Part 2)

Oh, And That Wicked Haman Was Hanged
And His Family Shared The Blame
But Esther's People Were Saved From Judah To Benjamin, To Dan

( Walk-On Hadassah - Walk-On ! )

                    Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/15/2013 
                    by:  MoonBee Canady

I have always loved the story of Queen Esther ... This is a love story that has it all - - a lovely-hearted, modest girl, (replacing a vain and arrogant queen) ... then getting royally pampered, massaged in expensive, perfumed oils, lots of clothes and jewels, winning a beauty pageant, finding true love, conflict and suspense and lastly the heroine saves the day (and oh, did I mention that she was an orphan?) ... 'Com' on Movie-Makers - we could enjoy a lot more of this ... MoonBee 

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A garden in the light

Maybe there’s a place we can go to after we leave here;
A place where you can lose that crippling thing called fear
And people are imaginative;
With eyes that glow iridescently.
Looking into the ultraviolet light;
Searching for the hidden or over looked.
It is what we do is it not illustrate the variations?
And then in this garden after we have come to know;
We can all at our given appointments recite to god in person
For god surely must desire to be delighted by those there with him

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Why Can't We Be Love

Why can't we be love
It's harder to hate
With chains and heavy weight
And anger that separates
Rather than love undefined
No barriers of any kind
No mountains to climb
Only love to unbind
We push innocence down
Condemning like we understand
When we don't have the first clue
As to what they may be going through
We cast an image, a people as wrong
Because they don't resemble tradition
A little different than before
With looks a little different
With color a little different
With identity a little different
Oriented in a little different way
God's perfect Children
With love a little different
Can we accept to accept
Once and for all
Can we expect to accept
From now and for all
Let the message be heard
Jesus is alive in His World
The Word comes to life
Thank You Christ for Your Sacrifice.

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Depression someone cares

To all depressed souls out there
For I am one myself I feel your despairer
Take heart your not alone
Trapped in a darkened zone
God s a rock cling to him tight
Read his word and pray both day and night
To guide you through the darkness into the light
You may feel it's a hopeless task
But please try
With all my heart
I ask you to speak to someone
But know this
Someone cares and is always there
For you.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. Aug.

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The mask we wear

It is that of a man’s heart to which he follows.
But that of the lord our God that guides our steps.
It is the beauty we find in one another.
As I have found this in you.
It is there we seek our true lives as we strive.
That of our soul to which cries out for love.
It is life’s trials to which make us stronger.
But our hearts we defy as we suffer.
It’s there we die inside from the rejections.
Not just love but the life we have to live.
It’s that of the people we try to impress.
Only to find out we are far different in life.
But it is there we lose ourselves to.
As each one put themselves higher then others.
We are all equal in the sight of God.
Why can we not be equal on the face of the earth?
Why does each man think they have to be vain?
Especially when we all bleed the color red from our veins.
It is in this life we only live once.
Why can I not be me instead of someone dictating for me?
It’s because each person wants to control us and what we do.
Instead of worrying about themselves and what they do.
It is there I fight for freedom and rights I have in this life.
As I stand as a rebel, alone in this life.
But it is there I am strong and without blemish you see.
Because I have the greatest gift of all.
And that is God is here with me.

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Psalm of Worship

With deep longing, when "Ancient of Days" I meet
From above, with God's love, covered by Christ's blood
I'll sing, "Hallelujah" while choirs and church bells ring.

The Divinity of Christ, so mysterious, expressed in Trinity
Unfathomable awe, lying prostrate before the Creator of All.

"Oh Ageless One, Your sacrifice for sinners is matchless
You bled, a crown of thorns upon Your head
So we might have life more abundant and free
With Him, Truth and Light, no darkness can dim."

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I am an Evolver

I am an evolver. 
The only thing that remains constant in life is change. 
Therefore I evolve as change takes place. 
When the sun comes out, 
I put on my sandals. 
When the rain pours in, 
I wear my rain boots. 
When the leaves begin to fall, 
I wear my long sleeves shirts. 
And when the snow finally comes, 
There I go evolving. 
I am an evolver in my dreams, my goals, my passions, and my priorities. 
They constantly change day by day. 
I once wanted to be a dancer, 
But then it changed to being a doctor. 
And now, I am soul searching. 
Only God knows where I will end up. 
But even through change, God has remained the same. 
I am an evolver, 
And he is my redeemer. 

Inspired by John Legend's album Evolver

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Lord and Master 
We all fall shadows 
Living in your light 
On bended knees 
Humbled before you 

Oh Heavenly Host 
You wear the crown 
king of existence 
In a host of angels 
singing in the clouds 

Whispering softly 
on the breeze 
In the most gentle voice 
Blossoms love 
Peace a golden treasure 
Beyond earthly words 

Oh Heavenly Host 
I shout in praise 
In honor 
your Holy name 

The Father 
Born the Son of God 
In the gift 
of the Holy Spirit 
colours of light 
bowing as I kneel 
My King
in heaven

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I Seek you, my Lord

Oh Lord,  
I seek an angelic affair,
blessed by your bread of life, in
your continued cares, and 
divinity diffused from your dwelling place
eternal life’s effervescence ensured by you,
the Lord, father of the fatherless, and
your glowing glory and grace, 
Oh Lord, 
I am hoping of come to your high heavens
I intend to invest in your ideas,
the just judge of all, Jesus, my Lord.

Date: 5.7.2014/6.9.2014
(a different version of this poem by same title was earlier submitted for Dr. Ram Mehta's 'Alliteration' contest; now it is submitted for 'Prayer' contest of Regina Riddle in free verse.)

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We have heard about wonders that great
men from history did – Jesus walking on water;
Buddha calming a wild elephant; levitation of Saint
Joseph of Cupertino; Andromeda, wife of Perseus,
placed among the constellations, and many more
unfathomable happenings.

In our present world,
we still wish and hope for the extra-
ordinary in the ordinary when we pray
for rain to rain down from a clear sky;
pray that a good Samaritan to give you a ride
when your car runs out of gas;
myself winning that I can win a Nobel Prize,
even though my grammar may be wanting.

I will understand when you tell me
that you believe that you can pass through a wall,
without hitting it, if you also believe that a rose flower
can sprout in an earth-scorching desert……

Contest: ONE OF YOUR BEST Contest

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Take me back

Winds of hatred, clouds of dark waters shower thy grace upon my soul
Be merciful to me God of my world
See time rewind in my name, cleanse me from it all
Yet I can't go back and amend
I sit here desperate in question of the future that walks my way
If only I saw, if only I spoke of beauty beyond reach of the naked eye
If only I held her every time as if it was the last
How can I make her love me more if I no longer am in her life
Will the wind carry my voice upon her ears that she may rejoice in my hearts verse
I weep and in thought I die
I no longer live for the day, as only at night can I see her
She sits over the clouds in the second heaven
Her light dwells upon the night
She glows my eyes that I may see
If only I had listened to her when she spoke
If only I had taken the time to plant joy and see its fruits upon herr smile
Yet I stood there in lifes struggles that killed the eduardo that she once knew
And here I am wondering if God will give her back to me 
In prayer I stay for it shall be but my Lords will. Amen

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My Mask

It hurts all the time
This pain in me never stops
I want to cry for you
I want to scream for you
I want to beg for you
I want you to be here
This cant be fair
This cant be real

But I smile and I laugh
I get up every morning to go to work
Throw on a happy face and make some jokes
I come home and enjoy my day
I have fun
And I continue on
But I’m so hurt
I’m so lost

Seeing you in there killed me
I could never get the phone call out my head
The screams from my mom
The walk up there to see if it was true
But most of all I wont forget you
In the casket
Touching your hand
You were so cold
You didn’t belong there
Seeing you go into the ground
Seeing them fall apart
Feeling my heart break into pieces
When all I could do is scream
I will never forget that day

And every time I smile I want to cry
Every time I laugh I want to cry
Every time I think I want to cry
Every breath I take takes a little bit out of me
Because I want to cry

I want this to not be real
I want to had spend more time with you
I want to hug you
Laugh with you 
Tell you I love you
That I was always there
That I am still always here

I am so broken
But I continue on with life

Because God took you and not me
He wanted me here for a reason
So ill continue on for
I will laugh
And smile
And pretend
Anything to make it to the end
To see you

I miss you just isn’t enough
It doesn’t mean enough

What heals a broken heart?
Time they say

But time wont bring you back
So my heart stays broken
As I pretend to smile

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

As I’m falling apart

My mask then goes on

RIP Bebo... 17 was to young

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Adrift Through Time

Our souls 
   like ships 
have been set 
   adrift through time, 
pushed by 
   wandering winds, 
pulled by 
   strong cross currents. 
Sometimes slackness 
   in the sails 
   brings rest or boredom 
with no forward speed 
   or direction, 
and our soul-ships 
   are stagnant and empty. 
Other times our soul-ships 
   have spotted each other 
   in the distance, 
and we prayed for strong winds 
   to fill the sails 
and God to steer us 
   so we may at least 
   pass by close enough to touch. 
Over the course 
   of our lives 
our soul-ships 
   have passed each another 
   many times over, 
and a few times 
   we’ve followed one another 
     into the nearest port 
     for some R & R. 
Then the storms of life 
   blew through 
and again we were set 
   adrift through time, 
blown in different directions, 
   perhaps never to sail 
   in the same waters again. 
But, recently, 
   as fate and fair winds 
   would have it, 
our soul-ships 
   are sailing together once more 
   on a roughly parallel course. 
And when 
   the rough seas of life 
try to tear down 
   our masts 
or cause us 
   to drift apart, 
I hope our love 
   will always keep us 
   tethered together, 
so we’ll never lose sight 
of each other again. 
With our soul-ships 
   tied together 
   and God guiding us, 
we’ll never be lost at sea 
or separated again, 
and finally we will be allowed 
   to sail through  
   the rest of time together. 

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Songs of Sorrowed Hearts

What makes this world go around?
What makes Death walk the Earth
and God sit on his throne and watch over us?
What makes love go around with such favour
and strut along side lonesome avenues?
What does a widow, a motherless child, a Vietnam veteran
and a boy who has had his fare share of heartbreaks,
all have in common with each other?

They were all promised a beautiful life,
free for all to love, free from the pain of betrayal
and anger.
We are what make the world go around,
I am the poet who sits and looks at love walk down the street,
and watch the blind eyes stare deep in my soul.
I am the poet, that feels the pain of a heart torn in two.
He his the poet who writes of smiles, to forget the frowns
and tears.
She is the poetress that writes of her success,
in order to forget her past that tortured her soul,
now he and she walk together writing poetry
sharing their love and smiles with the world.
But with smiles, also comes frowns,
with hearts full of love, comes hearts full of sorrow,
and someone has to stay behind and write of the bad
has to write and compose the songs of the sorrowed hearts.

We are all given love,
but it takes some whole lives to understand
the dark mystery that tags along with beautiful love.
Someone has to suffer the pain,
someone has to sacrifice his or her happiness,
so another poet can feel the beauty in happiness and pain.
I am willing to sacrifice my time and heart,
for my fellow poet to feel the smiles grow on their faces
and feel love uplift their heart,
while the black cancer tears apart mine.
I will go on, with what is left of my heart and smile,
and go into my room of creativity
and compose the songs of sorrowed hearts
for future poets, like that came before me.

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Laughter In The Soup Kitchen

Laughter symphonic
Chorus of giggles and happiness
Hope so full in the love of Christ
In the soup kitchen He is alive
Giving us life
God is love
And Love is alive!
May God bless you always!

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True Meaning of Easter Time--and Day

Easter Time... and day... 
This is shown in many ways
Some celebrate it... by an Easter bunny
Tis funny 
How the world man-made... 
To distract Our Lord's Day

True meaning of Easter Time and Day
Tis God made a way... For all of Us to be Saved

Tis the day.. Our Lord and Savior
Was Crucified.. On the Cross
Nails driven in both hands and feet
Blood dripped down.. From thorns of a crown
That the soldiers placed on His head
They killed Our Lord.. Sword threw His side
Yes.. Our Precious Lord.. Jesus died.. 

Then the Earth Shook
Moment Jesus took
All our sins-suffering- disease -pain-away
Then three days
Our Beautiful Savior Raised
Jesus Our Divine Christ
Raised up from the dead
Save Our Souls... giving Eternal Life

Resurrected... for us to become redeemed from our sins
We have the opportunity to become Born-again
All God asks... of us is to believe 
What His Only Begotten Son... had done
To whomsoever believes shall not perish 
But have Everlasting Life
With Our Savior Jesus Christ
Live in Eternity... Forever

As we know... this world shall pass away
But Our Savior Shall Live on Forever

The ways of this world
Don't want anyone to know
The Truth... in Easter Time... Day... 
For Tis then those whom has eyes to see
Hearts to believe... 
Shall become saved... Born-again
Their Souls then... Live Eternally with Him
Jesus Christ... Our Divine King

Come to Jesus
While there is still time

God Bless... May God Forgive me
For I myself am a sinner... 
We all are sinners and come short of Glory of God

Love always yours in Christ 

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Eternal blue

need to know where to look? soft 
forms to the caresses of an eternal 
wandering in search of beauty 
perfect for the indefinite aesthetic 
and the body to film 
and soul for the soul 
and the spirit of the infinite

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satan the accuser

Once I dreamt upon a room.
With me and Satan and GOD
I stood before an alter bare
And Satan started to glare.

I am Satan the accuser, the father of all lies.
You stand condemned before me for all your sinful past.
You’ve listened to my thoughts and lies
You’ve gone the way I’ve told you too
So now its time for you to die

I am God her Lord and Savior
And there stands my precious child
I’VE loved her and lead her and now she is mine
So now it is time for her to live.

In a flash of light and a trumpet call
Gods son appeared on the alter bare
I saw the wounds of sacrifice
And I knew I’d been redeemed.

There lies before you my precious child
who I sent to set the captives free
her sin and shame is washed away
And because of my son she is truly free

Satan couldn’t stand before the truth
So he left with nothing to say
My father embraced me and gave me his peace
And lead me back to my room

That night I slept such a peaceful sleep 
And when I woke in the morning light
I knew his love I knew his peace.
And laid my life down at his feet

The father loved us with a love so strong
That Jesus died, a sacrifice for me
He gave his life so freely for us
Now what can we do for him

He is Christ the over comer and in him we can live
Through trials and pressure joys and woes
And spend an eternity praising him
If we kneel and give him our lives 

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God of Asgard

I hold a hammer; a divine hammer;
a tool that I use to protect the gates of Asgard,
against Locke, and his cohorts.

I also use the hammer to destroy the evil and selfish plots
of Locke in the planet Earth; a world so young in technology
and psychic abilities. Bullying innocent lives is what Locke knows
best; his heart is drowned in hate for good.

Odin, King of Asgard and my father, blessed me with the hammer
to annihilate any darkest or strongest warrior in all corners
of the universe.

Character: Thor

Movie: Thor

Name: Teddy Kimathi

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The Life and Death Paradox

The gods’ privilege is never to die,
the men’s tragedy is most die 
at some point in time of their life’s cycle.

The gods’ tragedy is gods can never die,
the men’s privilege is to die when time comes.

Because of her beauty and a handful of dust she held in her palm 
she won god’s favor and was granted the privilege to live forever,
nonetheless, it turned into misery to suffer forever,
she,(1) therefore, wrote on a golden leaf, “I want to die.”

The wish of a crafty king,(2) who is to roll a rock to the top of hill
over and over under god’s harsh punishment, is to let the rock down and die rather than to undergo eternal life’s never ending toil.

The agony of the god who descended to the earth, 
because he wanted to share the warmth of the bonfire(3)
kept exclusively for gods to sit encircle it and enjoy, 
with the men he love was he couldn’t die.

Whether it’s right or wrong, because he stole the fire,
he is chained to a rock at the mountain standing in the edge 
of the world, incurring the ridicule of an ill-bred god(4)
who frequently comes in and out the thieves’ den 
to plot together another theft from another victim they chose.

His liver is pecked by a fierce eagle every morning;
hence it would be better for him not to see the ever renewing 
sun rise from other side of the mountain.

Although it’s miserable to suffer forever
because he cannot die, it’s far worse to see men’s betrayal.

Ungrateful men’s avarice, instead of co-existence in peace
they kill each other, oppress weak to hold power,
use the fire as the weapon of massacre.

Every morning with renewing sun
he has to endure worsening pain though, 
he won’t understand what the desperate mean,
because he is a god.
Although he may able to bear excruciating pain,
he couldn’t endure men’s betrayal.

The mountain collapses, the chain breaks off.(5)

1. Cummaean Sibyl.  2. Sisyphus.  3. Prometheus.  4. Hermes.  5. Aeschylus. tr. Mueller, Carl R. Prometheus bound, last line (Pandemonium. The mountain collapses.) q.v. Bulfinch’s Mythology, Prometheus, pp. 939-40. 

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Misty River

On the banks of the river
 Mist on the rise
 feet in the water
 I feel at ease
As the river flows
 I let my problems go
 To God I seek
 Peace of mind.
To be one with nature
 And God above
 To seek, I shall find
 Answers to all.
Mist on the rise
 as the river flows
 I let go
 To seek I shall find

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The Ordination a Tribute to My Father

My father was ordained of God to preach his word in
this troubled land, for Jesus he made his stand.
Many times I have heard him tell of a God that could not fail.
He taught each of us children to trust and obey for in this 
world it was easy to go astray.
When my Father preached about the Savior’s love you
 could feel  the Holy Spirit descend from Heaven above.
Each night he would carry us all before the throne of grace
in his quiet secret place.
With tear filled eyes he seemed to make all Heaven
aware, and sometimes till dawn he would tarry there.
Humbly he walked before God and man to fulfill 
God’s great command. 

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Driving Through Hell

Driving Through Hell

Driving south on Interstate 79
The sun is so hot
The temperature is well over 100
The asphalt boils beneath my tires
So many trees on both sides
They trap the cooling breeze for themselves
There’s water on the road far ahead
Glistening in the hot summer sun
It travels as fast as I do
Staying just outside of my reach
It is the only water for miles
Is it real?
Is it my eyes playing tricks on me?
Is it my tired, overheated mind?
Could it be trying to drive me insane?
Or is it God tempting my faith
How could a benevolent god create such torture?
My mouth is so dry
My skin nearly burnt to cinders
I look ahead
Praying for a place to get a clean drink of water
I can’t stop where I am
Swamps line the road on both sides
Brackish water 
A home for frogs, snakes and lizards
Maybe one more mile
Just beyond the hill could lay salvation
A water fountain
A bottle of spring water
Anything to quench my thirst
If only I don’t run out of gas

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Our Faith Failed Us

The paintings hang crooked on the walls
           For an entire year
 Unreachable and untouchable art work
I know I am a strong woman of God.
I never hide my feelings toward someone I never met

 God exist through the eyes of the innocents
 For them that believe in his power: more power to them
   He never fails us; our faith failed us Amen!

As we get ready to count down the end of this year
Haven we learn anything?  About what God can do?
 The tongue of the false prophets or the pens of the botch poets
Another year another year is almost behind us. Like an untouched virgin
Unreachable and untouchable our hard work
It’s just Lies in a dormant form once again my friends.


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My truths

I’ve shed tears at the feet of humanity
Conjured thoughts of solution yet remained still
I’ve slit my wrist and bled liquidated ideas
Fears burden souls as I write my will

I’ve taken seconds for granted
Time gently strokes the strings of my heart
I’ve kissed the youth and held warm hands of my old
I’ve ran a thousand laps of life to find myself back at the start

I’ve knowingly dance with the devil 
Cursed at God for unanswered prayers
I’ve clipped Cupids’ wings resenting her smile
Karma’s pushed me down life’s many stairs

I’ve questioned the angels on their timing
Looking to the stars through pollution
I’ve prayed to God for understanding
I’ve received his reply yet to understand his resolution

I’ve walked a path of reality
Many night I’ve fallen to my knees
I close my eyes and believe
i just close my eyes and believe

just close em and believe so said the wiseman

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Into The Godly Realm - Let Us Go

(Rev. 21: 1-7 /  Rev. 21: 10-27  /  Rev. 22: 1-6  /  Rev. 4: 1-6  /  Dan. 7: 9, 10, 13, 14, 18 & 27)

Into The Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go
Into The Splendiferous, Shining Sector!
To The Spiritual Site Where Ultra-Love Glows
by the Vibrant, Blindingly-Brilliant Light-Vector

Into The Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go
GOD Has Invited Us Into HIS Kingdom!
The Resplendent, Royal City of Emerald Rainbows
& Radiant Pearl & Gold & Glass-Sheen-Domes

… Where Thunders, Horns & Harp String Tones
Join With Angels & Kings In Hallelujahs’ Choir-Songs!
and Residents Greet Citizens In True Fashion ‘Shalom’
and Are Welcomed Like Beloved Children Come Home

& Share The Fruit of Trees –  Sweetest Ever Known
A Righteous Reaping & Keeping Paradise Beautifully Grown
as Crystal Fountains & Rivers, Bubble Forth & Shone
… in The Sparkling Waters of Life’ Gleaming Zone!

… O’ Let Us Gaze In Awe – In Meek Gratitude
At The Greatness & Grandeur of GOD’s Estate!
Let Us Whisper In Respect-Muted Admiration
with Wiped Feet As We Walk A Street Called Faith

Let Us Gather ‘Round Devotedly – As A Great Crowd
Read Inscriptions On The Precious-Gem Cornerstone
of The City’s Foundation, As Opened Fortress Beckons
To Jeweled Temple & Ancient of Days, Treasure-Throne!

Walk With Baited Breath & Bowed Hearts & Heads
As Joyful Tears Pool In Our Beaming Eyes!
As Into The Godly Realm … We Have Ventured
& Entered ‘The Archway’ Supports For All  Skies

O’ My Brothers, My Sisters, My Family & My Friends
O’ Let Us Go … Into The Glorious Godly Realm …
Where We Have Been Invited To HIS Garden Party
Where Each One of Us Will Get To Speak … with HIM!

All You HIS Faithful Ones – Who Awaited Kingdom Come
O’ Let Us Go … Into The Glorious Godly Realm …
To The Place Where The Holy of Holies Is Situated
O’ Get A Glimpse of  Heavenly, New Jerusalem!

Into The Glorious Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go!
Up To Clouds & Zion’s Mountain-Top Location
As Earth Becomes – The Global Promised Land
Yes, Humans’ Own Homefront, Habitat Space-Station

(Yes, This World’s First Honorable United Human Nations)

… and Into The  Godly Realm … GOD Will Let Us Go
… into The Splendiferous, Spectacular Sector!
Into The Spiritual Area – Where Eternity Roams
Close To The Vibrant & Blindingly-Brilliant, Light-Vector

                           Written & ©:  7/13/2013

                           By:  The MoonBee

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My Testimony - religious

I'd like to bear my testimony 
I know god's love is true.
I know He will forgive me,
No matter what I do.
I know that if I try to give
To others who are in need,
He will bless me in the life I live
Where others cannot see.
I know that He will help me
When I'm feeling blue
And when I'm facing choices 
And don't know what to do.
I know that if I try, to do what is right
He will always be with me
And I will always have his light.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Gods Beauty

I thank your dearly god for all the days
 You've shown us beauty in so many ways
 The crimson sun against the smoky sky
 The speckles of villages from mountains high
 When everything is covered with a film of dust
 Painting your trees 'n shrubs with a film of rust
 September's trees in warm attire all flush
 As they cover their bareness in quite a rush
 The fires that creep over the hills at night
 A pretty red rope is all that's in sight
 So much awe in the wake of destruction
 As all your creatures struggle to function
 Under October's sun bearing down
 Upon the ground completely brown
 The rivers trickle to an absolute nil
 As all the land becomes deathly still
 Upon the flats as the heat's haze lingers there
 Survival a must we can hardly bear
 But the trees remind us it again soon will rain
 As in faith their green leaves refutably remain
 As the darkened clouds upon the horizon meet
 The hope in the air drifting past is sickly sweet
 The parched earth eagerly waits to greet
 The large drops of manna falling at its feet
 And we all breath a large sigh of relief
 As with the waters gift, gone is the grief
 Thank you god for all we go through
 When we can't really see what's true
 Time in its circle such a complex thing
 We know healing u always will bring
 So much beauty does abound
 That faith can always be found.

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Gods in this universe

Gods are lovers, the senses, heavens and shapes in the clouds, 
the mother, the father and what slips between becomes another,
locked with them in wildness, feeling the stroke of blood, 
drenched in the sweat of touches,
describing forms meant only for the gasp of recognition’s
dark flight to no–thought, 
without resistance because that’s where my god is, 
deep in that mine where light is far away,
and god the god is there waking me saying,
“Take me, I am yours.”

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Reflections on a flyover for my Dad at Arlington

Above the clouds in many splendored hues of blue and white
    This view beheld by an honored and rarest few

A nations treasure lies below in marble and in green
    Yet no dome or obelisk could ever be this hallowed

Like a great bird it claws across the sky
    A meeting calls: a friend in need

Its mighty engines crash through the silent morning sky
    Its shrieks but music to all who know and remember well

The many come to take her place are fallen
    This Daedalus lives on to tell their tales and more

Through younger eyes she gleamed in sun drenched silvers high above the clouds
    Now bathed in grays she lingers on to battles unimagined in her youth

Lightened of the tools of war her peaceful mission now to do
    She’s come to pay her last respects

And as she dipped and turned away
    A sweet release and something more

A soul was taken from this world
    And carried to the arms of God

© 2014 by Craig McAlister

Flyover by B-52H serial 0060 "Iron Butterfly" at Arlington National Cemetery on January 7, 2008.

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My Goodbye To A True Love

My Goodbye To A True Love

How could you have left me?
I never had the chance to say goodbye
I never had the chance to tell you how I felt
How much my heart will break without you in my life?
You had so many qualities God wants in a person
A golden heart that shined with love and caring
You had a smile that infected everyone you met
Your spirit shone like a beacon in the midnight sky
I am sure that God had plans for you
Otherwise he would not have taken you so soon
I am sure that you are in Heaven with other angels
Your memory will live in me and everyone who ever met you
Maybe one day God will look at me and decide that you and I were soul mates
He will see that I belong with you and He will take me in His arms
Holding me until you and I can be together again
I will take you in my arms and gently kiss you
And that will be the moment I will know that Heaven truly exists

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The Blizzard

The snow, its been a long time coming. High drifts, cold - low visibility. Stay home is the cry. Stay off the roads. Warm houses, supplies, everything to keep one comfortable. How about the homeless, are they cared for? Children love it, so they can play in it. But not this one, too hard on everyone. Ain't seen this type of storm since the forties. Not even sure they are the same. Want to believe God is with us. Want to believe we are safe. Everything closed and shut down. What will I do while the storm is going on? Play computer games, read or write. Perhaps watch TV or sleep. Not much one can do, til it's over. But safe, that's the ticket. Safe and warm.

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Dressed for death act two -Great Physician's durable clothing

Because sin death entered in is for sure a marry heart does good like a cure  											Good news for men like a new leaf fallen from a tree now a dying spirit a fading leaf  										the Glorious cross a promise kept from the time Eve wept 													He is our life from Adam to the One healing enter in the only begotten Son 												dwelling in the Light only He is He was and is to come 														The only wise true Living God conquerer of all evil the Amen													It is done "The first and the last, which was dead, and is alive"													Heals by believing He forgiveth all your sins heals all you diseases                                                                                                                                                                  		His grace keeps us from plagues those written and those not 													 as far as east to west the Lamb of God the Lamb without spot													has taking away our sins with the shedding of His blood														Writes His laws on upon our hearts our sins remembering not													The sins of all He bore upon the tree causing are sins to return unto thee                                									 Rose again on third day the Justified doing away with our body of sin and death											all points as we yet He is without sin pleading to the sinners enter in												the Day spring on High the True Prophet Priest and King														Here is wisdom Honor Jesus Lord of lords King of kings the Lord our God King 											Garments of praise alpha and omega the first the Last the same													Granting repentance forgiveness of your sins in Your name 													The Lord Jesus The name above all names our all in all                                                                                                                                                                               		our sins separated us from Him that giveth Life to all   														Now by faith we have been grafted in Jesus the tree of life          												           	Us with His own self  He adorned clothing us in righteousness and salvation 												Lambs wife married none other than Jesus our great physician

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No Trace

there are questions I want to ask you
but you are not here
you cannot hear them
and even if you could
there are no answers
for the night is black with no sound
black with no trace of light
blacker than black has ever been 
before God made the moon
before God made the stars
before God made the sun
there is blackness that cannot be undone
and the questions that I need to ask
have no place to land

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I Saw Him

I Saw Him
He entered My dreams.
He was in My thoughts.
He was huge and gigantic.
He was friendly and strong.
He was kind and authoritative.
He was wearing His nobility.
He was steady and stable.
He was GOD in My mind.
In My dreams.He was God.
An Angel in the joy of flight...
His wisdom He carried.
Built Muscular and risen.
With The Heavens opening up in sight...
God put out His Hand.
As I was about to awake;I stepped in..
God was The Law and He let Me stand...
Right in the palm,The Palm of His HAND!

By Charlene L.Wilcox

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You will not ask

Hear me
I initiate
I give

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My Personal Prayer

Each night before I go to bed I kneel down and I pray 
For God to bless and keep me safe with every passing day
I pray for his acceptance in my life and choices made 
But also I pray for guidance as I walk the long pathway

To all who know me and know me well I am a caring person
Yet sensitive in many ways for in life I’ve been rejected
And fear to be true to myself has caused me great conditions
With honesty always being the best I have chose the harder outcome

I know that God does love me and he knows my heart means well
Despite the things I write or say some think I’m going to hell
But if my failure prompts a journey to a place of unsure existence
Then God is not the God I thought he was and I’ve wasted time and patience

To sum it up my prayer today like every day is for guidance
To live a life that brings some joy to others while in trails
I believe this the calling made for my life while on this journey
If not, oh well, I made a mistake, at least I entertained plenty

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Jesus will mend you

Jesus will mend your broken heart
Jesus will heal every broken part
Jesus went to Calvary
So he could take the pain away

The pain you feel as you lay to sleep
Jesus wants you his peace to keep
He wants to take the pain away
He wants to take away the pain

He wants to make you whole again 
And so eternal life to gain
So come and give your life to him
And let him take away your sin 

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Wake Up

Waaaake Uuuuup!
is what i heard for this generation 
time is on their hands 
but death is on their faces.
And time is definately not waiting, on anyone.
And so your American alarm tic- toc spoke to you
It said wake up! and do what you are supposed to do
It said "You need to get your hair done, wash your car, walk the dog, and you have not even broken through.
It said the sheets are wrapped snuggly holding you while the enemy keeps speaking to you that hope is through.
Wake up! it said.
Yes, this kind of alarm sounds nice.
But what about the alarm that rings to remind you to, Waaaaake Uuuup!
For God has chosen you.
It's a different sound.
And we open our eyes only to remove the cole from them.
Not knowing that God wants to remove the scales.
Many believe that they have a lot of time
but honestly, only time will tell.
And we dare not miss the call.
He that hath an ear, let em hear it.
We keep hitting the snooze button, when there should be 
fear and trembling within our spirit.
(Alarm) Arise and shine!...10 more minutes they say.
(Alarm) Renew your mind! 9 more minutes they say.
(Alarm) These are the signs of the time..5-more-minutes
and this generation will miss its moment with God.
Time! time! time, slipping away
but death has not gone astray.
It is still painted upon their faces.
It could be temporary for some, if many would decide to arise
and become like death-erasers.
No more lying in complacencys bed.
It's time to arise and stretch out our legs
People are asleep with the dream of God in their heads
but no manifestations.
Only relaxation.
While the world is slowly fading 
with sick and unsaved patients.
Wake Up!
Is what i heard for this generation.
And there are many worldly alarms.
I said there are many "worldly" alarms
And the world responds to them like..
"Oh my gosh, im going to be late for this and that"
But God is trying to awaken us to his plans and purposes 
so that the world might know that this is that.
No more visions in my mind
of people pulling the covers over there eyes
as if we cant see their needs.
No more of people walking by, replying to me
Leave me alone! for i am sleep.
No more rolling back over on their crys for help, while they cry out
"Free my soul! For i'm a sinner!
No more of us turning our ringers off for just 5-more-minutes.
Do you not know? That the bed bugs are still biting you while you're in it?
So wake up! to the grace of God.
We, must seek his face.
For Time! time! time, slipping away.

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The Way

As Moses leading His people to a New Land
Living by the Faith instilled within
Preaching the commandments of God
when looking out over the Red Sea
with the enemy gaining on them
many in doubt of where to go
Then God departed the Sea
giving a way to reach the other side
protecting and giving guidance in their walk
as the enemy tried to walk the path
the water fell upon them washing them away
Moses and His people got away
in time the people would  become unsatisfied 
searching and living out of Gods will
The enemy would in time catch up
Therefore God sent His Son
to provide the only true path 
Jesus came and defeated Death
sending the spirit to dwell within all who believe
allowing the soul to jump to the spirit 
leaving this earthly body to perish
through Him we shall Live
For He shall pour the Living Water
upon our souls  
Flooding out death and the enemy
The water shall run through the veins
riding of unwanted toxins
Flushing them to make one clean
Eating on the Word Jesus taught
To digest the living nutrients
giving growth to our heart and souls
letting the word consume this body
providing new feet to walk
with a refurbished  tongue to talk
For only through Jesus shall we be transformed
with guidance and vision to see the narrow path
to follow the steps which
 Lead to the Father

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I know, Translation of Pierre Emmanuel s poem, Je sais by T Wignesan

I know, Translation of Pierre Emmanuel’s poem : Je sais by T. Wignesan

I have seen upon this earth the gangrene of mass graves
I have seen the sky foul up with human ashes
I have watched the breath of superb beings
Mist over with their blood the universe 
I have seen how the hearts of the powerful decay on their 
I have seen men thought of as possessing wisdom
While they picked their way through pools of blood
I have seen the just in spirit breathe in massacres
As if the wide open spaces puffed up their lungs
I have seen the good at heart repulse God
And that brought on a tide of extermination
They were clothed in the white linen of words
To dissimulate the stains of blood

I opened my mouth God bear witness
I wanted to speak out
My heart unable to bear being human
Wanting to burst upon other men
Shrieking so as to cleave the sky
But the air thrust its fist down my throat
Out of my heart streaked words turned to lies
That I was unaware of
Those words were put into my mouth
And I pronounced them
I would rather have died than utter them
And (yet) I uttered them

In turn I have turned words into carrion
The human soul manufactures words
Which by fault of my own rot in the face of God
I have become the speaker
Who has been deprived of the meaning of Speech
My eyes are the mirror of lies
And my ears the echo of lies
And my mouth the melting-pot of lies

And my soul clogged up with lies
Froth on the lips of a dying God

Who proffers even a word without lying ?
Who dares to address crying out at the Cross :
Have I not murdered the Verb ?

I assassinated the Verb gifted by God
I am an assassin like everyone else
But not all know who’s put to death by them
I do know it.

           (from the collection : Visage nuage, 1955)

© T. Wignesan – Paris, September 29, 2014

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I'm not human

How many days,
does it take to capture the suns rays?
To let the heat sink deep into your skin
and slowly burn away every sin

Throw your memories in the bin
Let another experience begin
Tonight, we are young, on fire
In the company of the devils liars

If only i could see my essence
To bask only in my very own presence
The stars are luminescent
They are shaped by the black moons crescent

The follow the hallow
They are on the surface, severely shallow
Cant they see?
The possibilities of what they might be?

We all want to be set free
Flee to a place where we can finally breathe
Nothing weighing us down
No teardrops, no frowns

In eternal happiness we want to drown
Searching for a golden crown
From different cultures
who have been altered 
and defaulted

Humans experience feelings
It is shown by their bleeding
It shows that life is real
And we can really feel

Zeus and Lucifer made a deal
Its hidden in an envelope, guarded by a seal
So that us mortals will never find it
Use it for love, and make everything fit

We see how the Gods weep
and run further with every deadly scream
Source, guide us
We are all lost inside us
Confused by this ecstatic universal rush
Stay quiet, hush hush
Two can keep a secret if the other one is dead
Now, ill have to decapitate your head.

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Job Hunting

No matter where I look
No matter how hard I pray
No matter my urgency and its drive...
I cannot find a job...

I'm pained by the agony of suffering
for hope... faith beats me...
perseverance is growing winded
and despair is as familiar as a smile

And I continue on like this

as the seconds only bring me closer to more nothingness
and I sit in the chair of discouragement and rub my head for comfort

You see, I lie to myself and tell myself I'm happy and feel this lie
so I don't have to wade in depression of the truth of how low I am... 
by poverty and its constraints... and its consumption of my entirety...

and I beg God for help...I beg you now again God I can't go
on like this much longer...

(the next day I got a job!!!! Ha!)

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I Am A Spark Of Life

A spark of life
Fire in my belly
Giving what I have
Serving you
Honouring, who I truly am
Loving you, in return

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Everyone's Prayer

Let us all join hands and pray for eachother today. Some of us are sick. Some of us have problems. Some of us are married. Some of us are not. But we all go through rough times in this life. Today we will get together and bowe our heads before God. We thank you God for the blessings you have given us, which are plenty. We thank you too for the problems we have. they make us come and seek you. Sometimes Disasters happen and we wonder why? If they happen somewhere else, we think that we are safe. But when they happen close to home - we don't know where to turn. Give us the wisdom, give us the courage we need, to help our sisters and brothers. We ask you God to have mercy on the soldiers at war. Have mercy on the people in the hospitals, the ones that are bedridden at home. Have mercy on the children that are being asused everyday, every where, on the homeless person that doesn't have a home or something to eat. Have mercy on the people in jail and the ones in prison too. Please Jesus help us, not to judge others so we too won't be judged. Help us to be merciful of one another. Help us to be a better person - then what we were yesterday Amen...
written by Lucilla M. Carrillo. Comments: I just felt like saying a prayer for all of us today. May God fill your life with blessings.

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The New God

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart beats out of your chest
Ready to consume the final climax
I know who you are - when the lyrics fail to resemble
Letting your poison drip straight from your lips
Portraying, entertaining the image of sex's delusion
You know only rape - manifestation of hate
Lack of the fruit of the beauty of a human mind
Depths you'll never penetrate!

She was only a doll - type of a lost father's adore
Impaled into a desperate whore
Shamefully out of broken safety's  choice 
She bore embryogenesis of morose
May your rusty blades caress as they please

So confront the masses with the halt of embryogenesis
Let the worship of machines be
Leg them construct us cell to cell
Nature's just in the way
Of our race of perfectly engineered machines!
The burden of conception
Surrenders to the will of
The New God

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Let God Lead You

Let God lead you each and every day.
Let God lead you every step of the way.

Let God lead you through the thick and thin.
Let God lead you He is your dearest friend.

Let God lead you He will direct your every step.
Let God lead you He is there to help.

Let God lead you He knows just what to do.
Let God lead you He will take you safely through.

Let God Lead You.....

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strangled destiny

Through the peep hole of  Egyptian darkness shackled by conquerors hypnotic scheme 
awaits the incarnate spirit of Ra.

Summoned to defend the skies of eternity and the land of death 
against the traitors to the throne of the sun god
peace in these savage times shall be your curse.
may your conscience be your pillow  
and your wretched hearts your lullaby 
you and your puppet slaves will never tame this mane. 

there is nothing your lassos can suppress 
your skin of deception your pillars of lies and halls of betrayal 
will fall to the hum of my dynastic roar 
I am the truth the originator of galactic time 
your presence was my flatulent secretion
your death will be my orgasmic sigh.

Women of gaze that by-stand my struggle
fan as you may your perfumed air
it is your heart my canines seek
 your tongue has collapsed my rump
and stolen my corner stone
may your blood from my mandible spell

written for  Isaiah Zerbst's contest, Ancient Egypt.

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Death A fear

Sometime I deeply breathe in with great
 Sigh of hopelessness,
When I gaze upon thy abode above the sky,
What enchantment thy abode does bore,
For I can see no more
Than the endless sheets of blue sky,
But I heard somewhere that
Death is the only way to thee
And I fear to come to thee
By the dark doors of death.

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It's four am and all is well as we begin our walk.
The dogs cavorting merrily as we commune and talk.
I tell Him of the beauty that surrounds me every day.
The joy that comes from knowing Him plain words cannot convey.

He has given me so much that oft I take for granted.
Good health, good food and freedom that through life goes unsupplanted.
I eat what I want to eat, as much as I can hold.
If I feel some needs be said, I say it and I'm bold.

I do not fear reprisal in any form or shape;
And if by chance it happened, why I would stand agape.
My clothes are not the very best as is most of my stuff.
I need not hang my head in shame, I have more than enough.

I go where I want to go, do what I want to do,
And if I do not get my way, then I start feeling blue.
We're spoiled rotten in this land, God has blessed us greatly.
The least of our amenities, to others seem quite stately.
So thank You God for what You`ve done.
Words just cannot say,
How grand to have You in my life.
Come in My Lord, please stay.


For Gut Me O Contest by Nikko Palmario  -  Aug. 25,2011

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I really do not like the thought of a God that makes things happen
Call it destiny, call it fate, call it pre-determination
Call it God’s grand plan or deity intervention
Call it whatever you want to call it – I don’t like it

When people say, “I want to thank God for helping us win a game”
Or, achieve a goal
Or, beat a disease
Well, it implies that God also made the other team loose
Or made someone else fail
Or selected others to die from the disease
I hope God is not playing favorites
I hope God is not sitting at the controls of a video game in which we are simply the characters

This does not mean I do not believe in God, because I do
I just do not believe that God is playing us like a video game

God created the universe in which we live
But, God did not select us as an avatar
God does not move us and those around us with a remote control device

Perhaps God works in mysterious ways
Well, so too does my son at the controls of Mario Kart,
I hope my actions are not the result of pressing Control A and rotating a toggle

I do not want to be in God’s video game 
I want out of God’s wii world and into a world where I can control my own movements

I am not Mario; you are not Luigi; and no one, no God, no snot nosed kid sitting in his pajamas at four o’clock in the afternoon on a gorgeous sunny day playing video games in a dark playroom has control over my actions, my feelings or my decisions!

Let your religious beliefs guide you as you will – I refuse to believe I am nothing more than a character in some grand video game conceived by a game-playing God.  I am real and I defy my programmer – whomever or whatever he/she may be!!

GAME OVER … wah, wah, wah … boink

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Halfway There

You and I, Love, are halfway there.
Each content with what we've found--
In spite of kids and strife,
And struggles with mid-life,
We've had the good sense to stick around.
Both looking forward, walking together,
Ever onward, hopefully forever.
Yes, you and I, Love, are halfway there.

YOU and I, LORD, are halfway there.
Each day I'm heading towards home.
In spite of sins committed,
And/or good deeds omitted,
YOU've never left me all alone.
YOU encourage me to do what's right,
Foresaking darkness to seek the light.
Yes, YOU and I, LORD, are halfway there.

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A Blessed Summer

Summer is the season my Birthday comes around,
A special month, in my life, is August.

On this day, all of nature is happy and celebrating with me;
like my Mother that Special Day when she gave me Life.

Different birds sing their songs in the early morning.
The brilliant colored sun sets in the beautiful evening.

The warm wind quietly whispers to me through the leaves of the trees,
The smell of flowers congratulates me together with the breeze.

I never forget my birthdays in Russia; children around the tables,
My caring Mother filled with food, fruits, vegetables and sweets.

That summer my Mother and I were blessed by God together.
I received the Biblical name Lydia from my loving Mother.

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In The End

Everything I ever asked for, and it's all right in front me
Yet when I reach out for it, it's as if it's slowing floating away
Taunting me, testing my nerve, willing me to give in
But I stand tall, and I try to out smart it, a hopeless attempt

I can say I tried, but did I?
The effort I put into it, was it enough to even qualify?

I can say that I gave it my all,
but in the end I know I'm a coward. 
In the end I know that it's all over,
I know that everything is over.

But there's more to it,
a light at the end of the tunnel, an oasis in the middle of a desert
And I find it..
I find that one little spark, and I start a wildfire.

I look to God, and I thank Him,
for placing me in this situation, for giving me these opportunities,
for giving me this life.

When I thought I lost, 
He helped me through it.
God lifted me up and took me in, into His kingdom,
into His Heaven, into His heart.

And it was as if i was born again,
into His arms, but in the end, I never left them.
I was always with him, 
I just didn't know which path to take.
And In the End, I was home, although I never left.

This one wasn't necessarily a cry for help, it was like, when you feel like you have everything you ever wanted.. Then everything goes wrong and you lose it. 
You feel like you're trying your hardest, but it's hopeless. And then by turning to God, everything returns to normal. He brings you in, you're accepted by Him and life is back to normal. In the end, everything is okay again.

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My Bestfriend

I share my secrets with you
I share my experience with you
You never leave me 
You are always there for me

Two words I want to say 
lThe words youl never for get
"Thank You" 

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YOU Have Wrapped Me In Wonders

(2 Cor. 1: 3, 4 / 1 Pet. 5: 7 / Ps. 8: 4)

YOU Have Wrapped Me In Wonders!
Like YOU Wrapped Clouds Around Thunders
& Its Like A Lilting, Life-Lullaby In Whispers
or Like A Light Feeling of Gently Floating On Rivers

And It Feels Like A Comforter - Plush & Soft
Caressing Around Me As YOU Hold Me Aloft
And It Feels Like My Favorite Cuddly Blanket
Tucked 'Round Me Like Guests At A Table's Banquet

And It Feels Like Piled-Cashmere - Padded Covers 
To Keep Out The Cold & Carelessness of Others
It Feels Like My Grandmama's Queen-Size Quilt
... Under Which Many Castles Were Built ...

And I Feel Wrapped & Wanted, Warm & Safe
In The Soothing Circle of YOUR Firm Embrace
And Its Like The Tenderest of Hugs
In The Everlasting Arms of YOUR Fatherly Love

... and YOU Have Wrapped Me In Wonders!
Like  YOU  Wrap The Clouds Around Thunders ...

         Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/28/2013 
                     by:  MoonBee Canady

Yes, This is actually how I felt during the arduous procedure before my
Lumpectomy Surgery & ... after my surgery ... O' Yes, GOD Is Good!


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God's Kind of Poetry

God finds His rhyme in echoes of dolphin’s cries His meter is reflected in the change of seasons He looks upon us would-be wordsmiths with a smile perhaps even a chuckle stumblers through glory created by His hand no image we create with a pen can match the weave of His design we describe trees personify them and give them voices fill them with nests of blue robins’ eggs wail as they shed their splendor each fall far more beauty is found by listening God’s heaven-sent breeze filters through branches dropping acorns on the earth below we forage for words deep into late-night attacks of creativity indoors, in man-made structures while God’s poetry remains outside perhaps, by hand, He will guide us allow us to soar above deep seas grant us entry to volcanoes’ depths view plants and animals He has created below only then will we know God’s kind of poetry
*Written September 28, 2014

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The Love of the Father

“Daddy, will you pray with me?”
I asked him tonight
He sat on my bed
And took hold of my hand
And prayed for me
My pastor father
His words rising like incense 
Up to the throne of grace
And I heard him plead for healing
On my behalf
And for help to carry
All of the burdens that he had
In the sacred moments
I could hardly breathe
As I squeezed his work worn hands…

When he whispered, “Amen”
He brought my hand to his lips
And kissed it
I almost cried
Because I realize
That Daddy is getting old
And I cannot bear the thought 
Oh how it tugs at my heart
The thought of losing him

“I worry about you,” he said
“You’re my only daughter!”
And after goodnights
I’m here pouring my heart out tonight
Trying to get past the lump in my throat
Cause I know these times are precious

God chose to be known as Father
I never had a problem 
Understanding the love of God 
Because of that term…FATHER

My earthly father
Is everything a daughter could want and more
The first man I ever loved
Caring for my sick mother….
Serving the church…..
Giving all he has…..
An academician...
Who sometimes would pay from his pocket
When a student had no money for books
A man who would stop
To give a ride to anyone on the street
A man whose office
And home
Were always open for the weary
A man who stood for truth....
“though the heavens fall”

My father…..
My hero….
The representative
Of my heavenly FATHER!
“How deep the Father’s love for us
How vast beyond all measure.”

Father God!
My Daddy!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Matthew 7: 9 – 11 9 “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

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My Morning Revelation

I just got back from my morning walk
I had forgotten how exhilarating it is
To watch the sun rise
Up over the hills of Beirut.

The campus where I teach is simply breathtaking
Nestled cozily in the pine tree forests on top of a hill,
It offers a panoramic view of Beirut

Many years back this was not a good thing
As the army brought a tank up to the upper campus
To shell enemy positions in Beirut
And our campus got riddled with bombs
We spent our days in shelters
While our campus burst into flame

But this morning, I didn’t remember any of that
I walked on the lower campus and gazed out at Beirut
I walked like a eyes looking up
Saying a shy good morning to the clouds
And a warm good morning to the One beyond

While I did my sit-ups on one of the benches
I looked up into the jacaranda tree
Its branches were naked, but I knew, I knew that in spring
It would be regal in purple finery
That would enchant all those who walked
Under the train of its beauty
Later it would rain purple petals down on all
But purple kisses for me, for I’m in love with this hue

As a reward, as always… I drove up to the upper campus
While listening to music, my second passion
As my car made the turns
I tried to keep my eyes on the road
And not fixed on the hills where the sun was getting ready
To make his glory known
Nor down on Beirut that was just waking up from slumber

I passed places that my heart cherished
Where my husband first asked me to be his
Where we parked the car and looked at
The dazzling lights of Beirut at night
Our hearts ablaze with the burning passion of youth
The place where he wanted to claim possession of me
But held back…honoring custom and tradition 

I drove down slowly
I drove down reluctantly
I wanted to relive everything
To find the joy of being alive, once more
I had forgotten how beautiful the mornings are
I had forgotten who I am in the great scheme of things
But HE reminded me…
As the sun pushed through the clouds and shone in brilliance
The verse came to my mind…
“And the Son of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings.”
Arise in my heart, for I need your healing!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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A Child's Training

(Prov. 22: 6 /  Heb. 5: 14  /  Deut. 6: 6-9  /  2 Tim. 3: 13-15, 16  /  Matt. 19: 13, 14)

(Part One of Two)

If A Child Wants To Eat Candy
All Day Long …
When You Tell Them ‘No!’ - -
Is It Wrong?

If A Child Wants To Stay Up On School Nights
And Not Go To Bed …
Will You Leave The Matter At That
And Do What They Said?

If A Child Wants To Run The Streets
At All Hours of  The Night …
Would You Allow It
And Say ‘It’s Alright’?

If A Child Fell Into Hanging Out
With The Wrong Crowd …
Would You Do Nothing
Thereby Showing It’s Allowed?

If A Child Gets Some Silly Notion
And Is Being Misled …
Will You Not Try To Talk
Some Sense Into Their Head?

And When Your Child Makes A Mistake
(‘Cause All Of Us Make Life’s Errors)
Are You Going To Be Loving & Forgiving
Or Come Off Like Some Holy-Terror?

If You See That Your Child’s Life
Is In Imminent Danger …
Would You Leave His Soul’s Wellbeing
To Some Ulterior-Motive Stranger?

All Children Need Education
That’s Why We Send Them To School
But Isn’t Home Training
The Best Place For Understanding Life’s Rules?

Before Your Child Gets Polio or Smallpox
Or Some Other Life Threatening Situation
Would You Not Seek Out Preventative
Medicine or Cures Thru Vaccinations?

If A Child Just Wants To Play
And Not Do Chores or Homework …
Would You Not Try To Find Out
Why A Lazy Streak Is Starting To Lurk?

If Your Child Is Depressed
Unmanageable or Confused …
Would You Not Put Extreme Effort
Into Finding Just What You Could Do?

If A Child Needs To Be Shown Love
and We Withhold Our Kisses & Hugs
Are We Guilty When They Grow Up
Into ‘Crypts & Bloods’?

If Your Child Doesn’t Want To Talk
and Retreat In Hiding From The World
Wouldn’t You Do Everything In Your Power
To Help Your Precious Boy or Baby-Girl?

If Your Child Has Low Self Esteem
Or Shows A Lack of Character …
Wouldn’t You Want To Be
Their Value & Virtue  Narrator?

If Your Child Just Really Needs
Someone To Listen & To Talk To …
Would You Not Prefer
that That Someone Be You?

I Once Knew A Police Officer
Who Had Said of His Beat …
A Child Can Get Discipline At Home
Or They’ll Get Their Beatings In The Streets

And The Same Can Be Said
Of A Young Child’s Impressionable Mind
It Needs To Be Nurtured At Home
Or It Will Eat Every Junk & Stuff They Find

(Part One of Two)

                      Written & © :  7/16/2013

                       By:  The MoonBee

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To Where a Snowflake dies

A war in heaven reluctantly concedes
To the lullaby's in the night singing softly
Covering us in heavenly whisper blows
As feathers falling light so intense and gracefully 
Escaping God's whitened watery coves

And somewhere up above
I believe there are angels also grooming
Thus, for the twilight showing, shedding as they rush
The world as such, always in a hurry
But, for an instance and out of nowhere
An avalanche of marvel captivates the hush

And in my distant mind I most certainly can relate
As to the stars and ancient sands of grain
My tongue tasting these miracles of wonder
Reaching further to acquiesce
In greetings, to miniature designs
Crafted out of God's very hands of great

While, celestial bodies move
Constant shadows consume
Around assumptions of the human mind 
Thus, begins the dusk and ends 
To the place where a snowflake dies

Look around
Who is it that seems to care
Or thinks to ponder the manual labor input here
With hammers, chisels, nuts and bolts
Never to witness to a mere mistake
Or upon discovery any kind of error

Yet, I listen… to the silence…
Extracting all its pleasure
Before, another million frigid seedlings ashen
Met with daunting fate
And in the still of tranquil
Neither snowflake cries out or offers up complaints

For a day
Or merely several nights evermore
A complex purpose
Or to thus, a simpler existence
Then, I pause...
Unto supposition, as I meditate the message

Guesses drift off, into what's last unknown
Of the never ending knowing
Embracing their provident life
Watch as they embrace each other closer
In a bank of ice, waiting for the melting

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Depression and ME

Oh what?
Are you too weak to handle
The little games I like to play?
Two can play this contest
I don't like to be alone
Then why doesn't He take your pain away?

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Myself To Thyself

Playing with the butterflies, squirrels, birds
Embracing the fruits, flowers and seeds
The identification then remains stagnant
For quite some years
Then with the members of the community
Would like to attach
Cling on and cherish them
In the neighbourhood by the country
Befriending, helping, empathising
Expand the 'self'
No more walls now
A free, vagrant vagabond strolling past
The villages, cities, continents
Loving every face of man and woman
Black and fair
Rich and poor
Feeling every creatures pain own miseries
Healing their woes, agonies, malaises
In 'summum bonum' and ecstasy
All relations bound in a garland
Of 'Humanity'
Not a less or more
But the centre of the core
Of that radiating circle
Whose centre is in the middle
Without any circumference
Just an atom in the world
Still yet everything.

It is a blessing to be born as a human
And to count life's blessings
Another conundrum
Like counting the infinite stars in the sky
It's a blessing to live happily together
Amongst the beauties and bounties of nature 
A happy home with parents
Siblings, relatives and friends.....................
And to share with everone the joys and sorrows

Thank you God for the world so sweet
Thank you God for the food we eat
Thank you God for the merry birds that sing
Thank you God for everything.


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Sacre Coeur


Setting alone atop the butte Montmarte
Surveying all the city of lights below
Your alabaster dome rising high
As a gleaming beacon in the night

Christ's arms extended inside your dome
Sheltering the altar below
And beckoning all that enter in
to come and worship so

A choir in the background sings
Voices rise as one to heavens ear
A better sound was never heard
An angelic praise ascending to God

The voices filled the room with grace
I trembled at the sound
And felt the wonderful love of God
To me and all who are around

I hope to go again sometime
To this very special  place 
And listen for the voice of God
and marvel at his presence

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In the Beginning Was the Word

In the beginning was the Word…
And only then was the world.
Out of chaos and the darkness,
Out of nowhere and the blackness…
Something more than a miracle happened
Filled with warmth and light that sparkled.

The world got name and became alive! 
All around began to thrive.
Not in gratitude, not out of a sense of duty
It believed in truly saints and only beauty.
Eyes opened and stood in delight
It could invite, excite but not to affright.

In the beginning was the Word…
And that word was God.
Earth and sky, the stars and oceans,
Without emotions but with devotions.
Rains and snows, beauty forebodes
And even the dust of not traversed roads.

It would be ridiculous and naive 
To dream about the dawns, be a sensitive.
To be the hands on the starry clock,
To make on the land a beautiful woodblock.
As all that had already been put wise.
And in time the Sun could arise.

In the beginning was the Word…
And that word was Peace
Everything could freely breathe.
If you remove it, the chaos will again start,
The universal fear and black exhaustion,
The indifference and world of combustion.

The worm of doubts shouldn’t gnaw the heart!
The rest is later and the second will be smart.
For some it is unusual and one can’t agree
But as to me in different way it could not be.
You have to hear Him to be reborn again.
His Word is saint and everything explain.

In the beginning was the Word…
And that word was Love.
The beginning of all beginnings and all the springs,
The beginning of all the most beautiful things.
The beginning of all the sources and a new start.
You have to hear it and know: IT IS THE GODS ART.

In the beginning was the Word…

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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The yellow lines just inches away, 
I collapse right before it, deep into insanity.
Not knowing how or when I’ll wake up from the death-inducing coma.
Shackles on my ankles, bounding me to the cement jail of choices.

“Freedom! ” I cry, 
Not knowing I have limited time to be granted that demand.
Realizing I've forgotten the roots of life.

“Freedom! ” I cry once again being tortured by the demons eating at my soul.
Ten minutes left, until death has won me over.

“Freedom! ” Reaching for the only thing in sight, the book given to me years ago.

“Freedom! ” Five minutes until disappearance into the soul dimension.
The crinkled pages sputter dust while being opened.
The old book full of odd adventures, true adventures nevertheless.
Water-stained pages full of life, 
Waiting to be taken of their oxygen.

I flip through it one last time, 
Hoping to save the lost cause that is I.

“Freedom! ” I whisper.
The time is nigh.

The end of its usage is almost through, one last time before its entirety will be thrown down.
From “In the beginning”, down to the giving of Grace, the book’s life is over.
As if it goes with me.

“Freedom! ” I scream out in joy.
Looking above in the bright light, 
Grasping at the yellow line, 
The finish line, 
Where Heaven meets Earth.

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Just Like Them

When one is offended by a mere word When one aggravates themselves with such little things I feel the urge to slap them into reality But lately I have become a hypocrite When one complains about their life When one stays quiet when they should reveal they’re wrong I glare and sneer at them Because I am just like them This rubbish known as uniqueness is killing me You haven’t told me anything That I didn’t already see That I didn’t already know You took that from her! You took that from him! God knows you took that from me

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Walking know-where is somewhere, walk-on
Having so much of a thing in something equals satisfaction
Words trigger existing Miracles within, you are the Miracle
man can justify every act, this God knows.
So to all He gifted brains to think, use it.
If need be, GOD you will see alive
Peace here might elude but never when gone in Truth
Death overwhelms, yours you would never know
Love the Sinner you are not the judge, GOD is.
If you feel you have been here before then you have, 
right the wrongs to glow Divine.
Came in fast and disappeared,
Let not the pursue of Wealth sweep Health

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

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The World is Not Yet Ready for You

Compassion and magnificence glows
in you. You have the divine ability
to see through our souls,
and feel our joy, pain, happiness
and sorrow. You have the divine calling

to show everyone Truth as it really is,
but unfortunately war, corruption, drug peddling
and weapon dealings have given us the wealth
and power that makes our lives pleasurable. This 
means that it will be hard for you to adapt to our 
worldly lifestyle, forcing us to chase you away or slay
you. Well, some of us always pray and meditate,
seeking your Spirit on mountains, jungles, and in 

silence. After being filled by your spirit deep in their 
souls, they return with the Truth to the rest of us, only 
to be scorned, ridiculed and excommunicated. I know I 
am talking like a coward, but as a friend, I would urge
you to return to where stars never die. If you reveal
yourself as the bodily vassal of Truth, the worldly
masters might do worse things to you, than they do to 

the seekers of your Truth. I know that with your divine 
powers, you can see a world that is still bleeding with 
innocent blood, men falling to their own pits and traps,
and hurting souls that are continually tightly clinging to
their suffering, not letting anyone to let go of their 
own suffering. Sad but true it is; the world is not yet 
ready for you…

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I am the god of war the bringer of peace

Mastermined racism through religion
in order for world peace
humbled myself , the former god in heaven
to become your homeless king of earth
about to rule my lost empire

The blackmen typical special ops
to prevent genocide
East Indian peoples a form of intelligence
which has been granted for them on the front lines
of a war between two different types of white peoples
the natives a doomsaying soothesayer of realities and truths, the protectors of such 
The japanese waiting patiently undercover
while the chinese learn to abolish torture and blackmail
white people detectives at he scene of the crime

psychiatrists and doctoers and malpractice to those who pretend to be good people
volunteers at the homeless shelters crippling our society like an underground from 
somewhere else

I am a god in this way
preventing yopu from repeating heiroshima somewhere else
protect the world from their worldly enemies through mastermining religion
and your life lessons
the stanic will to survive on the quest for truth to protect he good left alive
like a black plague reminder of a sickness and truths twisted
lessons on language and the fall of babel to recommunicate with our inner healer

The city i live in today
one day the center focus of earth
to be a haven for the world's homeless
do not prioritise this for me as i have just begun to win the future war of the worlds
a sleight of reality, beliefs and, spiritua;ity keeping you deadlocked
the fact earth a center of heaven for that is what it once used to be

walking through life as your cheatsheet to your history exam
i remind many of mankind's legacy
yet you worship my worste nightmare
i havno choice but to smote my enemy
as you aid me in lioving through my dreams

the rescue mission of your homeless king
to rule over you 
as a sexual healing granted
my first dream to be along the way
to prove myself to me
i hope mankind allows this to be succesfull

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If I Could Talk To God Today

If I could talk to God today
Humble praise and thanks I would give
For all the blessings I have received
None of which do I deserve 
For any good I may have done
Was by grace through His son

If I could talk to God today, I would ask
Lord, when I was a little child
Why was I so painfully shy?
Whenever strangers were around
I would always run and hide
Reading and daydreaming all the while

If I could talk to God today, I would ask
Lord why does evil continue to exist?
I was only seven, abused and blindly robbed
I was lucky, my life not brutally snuffed!
To perverts this is just a game 
So many die while others bear lingering shame

If I could talk to God today, I would ask
Forgiveness for the foolish years
Opportunities missed to do some good
For the many times I put Him last
For unnecessary fears and wasted tears
The empty years spent ‘living it up’

If I could talk to God today, I would ask
For mercy not just for me
For children like me whose trust betrayed
For all of us who have lost the way
Some day I know there will be peace on earth
When you come to live in hearts and homes

Note:  For Walayee Whitlock' s "My Darkest Childhood Memories" Contest

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God's Gift

Search inside you and you will find
God's gift that could never be unkind
It's inside all of us
And he gives it to us freely
You may have to work for it
To see the results in the end
But if you stay true to God He'll be your best friend
You won't be disappointed if you also stay true to yourself
So when it's time for God to unwrap you He'll do so with a smile
The outcome will be the best ever 
No wonder it took a long while

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My best blessing

when I look into your eyes I smile all the way to my soul

when I feel your heart beat I soar to the wonderful sky

when I hold you dear I lose my self in the serenity of peace

when I think about you its as if my world will never be dark again

when I listen to what you have to say its as if I am mesmerized by your spell

now forever and always I will be eternally grateful the god gave me my greatest blessing

 and that blessing is you my son!

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That's The Amazing Thing About Love

That's the amazing thing about love:
Love doesn't matter who it melts together,
'Cause He will never give you up.

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That's Where The Lord Lives

I walk outside to see all that I can see.
Over there is our house, our home,
In the distance, you can see.
And that place of hallowed happiness
Forever has been our home
And forever will be so evermore.
That house is small but raised us tall,
From the perfect parents who loved us so
To the perfect sister for which every man would want.
The house built us all up strong.
More than a mere building,
It is a place to love and be loved,
A place that hands you hope that you give right back, 
And a place of everlasting faith.
This home is where my parents taught me about God
And opened me up to Jesus.
They opened the eyes of the blind for all to see,
And the blind included me.
They taught me to be the best I can be;
The best things in life are free.
They have taught us so well,
And they all have saved my soul.
Even if I am not there now,
I carry Him with me.
I carry them with me.
I carry Their values and Their teachings with me.
In this house, this home,
We reside.
We cannot forget this.
This is where my Mother lives.
This is where my Father lives.
This is where my Sister lives.
This is where We live,
In this loving, caring, beautiful home
They made just for us.
We cannot forget this either.
This is where it all began. 
This is where the hunger and thirst was created;
This is where we are fulfilled.
We cannot, we must not forget this:
This is where God lives.
This is where Jesus lives.
This is where The Lord lives;
The Father and The Almighty.
This is where We live;
This is where We reside.
We must not forget this.
We must not forget this:
What a beautiful and perfect life this is.

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Satan versus God

SATAN and GOD debated Life and Death... ... ...

SATAN asserted... ...
     Life is the only opportunity for materialistic pursuits
     Life is Present, Death a futurity
     Enjoy anyhow Life, who’s seen Life after Death ?

     Death is Obituary, just two minutes mourning 
     Showering praise, saying, “We miss him much”

     Life is just another day, Death being the last day

GOD enlightened... ...
     Life is the only opportunity to understand Death
     Death is absolute truth, Life is an illusion
     Perform good 'Karmas'*, elevate Life after Death

     Death is just a transit point for Next Life
     It’s God’s way of teaching detachment

     Life is salvation vehicle, Death next Life’s ignition

SATAN and GOD continue to Debate... ... ...

(*) 'Karma' - Hindu belief that actions of living being are rewarded or penalised in next birth/births

( Entry for Members Contest - $$$Eternal Figure $$$ by Words Wounded)

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God Smiles

~God Smiles~ (Free Verse) Sunrise comes out of sudden And with it departs the night And I see your smile again When I come out and see the sun The waters, the waves at sea Brings forward the lights around And I see all the little children And Him that smiles always kind Flowers bloom everywhere under his care Sunshine with its beauty graces the eyes And I see again his loving grin And him just smiles always kind The misterious moon and all the bright stars All dance around playing tribute to God And then I see another day and night And that wonderful smile and smile back to God! Dorian Petersen Potter aka Ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,17,2015

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Watched but untouched

I figure it’s all about distances in the road.
Most of what there was of my road is now behind me;
And I seem compelled to view every twist or turn;
But you perhaps might be a bit more reckless about where you tread.
I know originally I tried to help you battle those personal demons of yours;
Apparently I fell short and I see now I was never really qualified.
Okay I’ll admit it I can’t take it anymore.
I mean truly how much more stick glue
Would it take to hold together something previously shattered?
You say you believe and maybe you do but me;
I don’t have the luxury for that kind of carelessness anymore.
Whatever happens I’ll always be asking God to look out for both of us.
That’s about all I can do anymore without jeopardizing my journey.
So like the old dog you left in the back yard that even so still loves you;
I’ll ask God every day to do for you what I couldn’t—touch you.

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"Look Me In The Eyes, Tell Me How Many I Killed"

Come on, shut up already, you stand clear to confusion, not of my business, i multiply
myself to vanquish, you pray to god for power and love? I pray to god for my life to be
brought to live, don't tell me you said slave, I don't believe your kind of lie, so clear
now that you taken all from us, myself and my only self, blood stood tall to breath lies,
i can still sense you here but i can't see you, i smell your perfume, but i can't see you,
like a ghost you came in im sure of, you lied to us all, took our loved one's, left us in
ruins and walk away like a victor! I refuse! I will stand strong too, this is my fight, i
don't need a man to help me when im the only men who lost it all, partner in crime we all
been fighting trought, your not gonna tell me another lie, nevertheless i will stand to my
ground and won't let go of their rotten corpses, they could be dead now, but i will keep
'em there for you to see what you did, her face is rot, smells like the hell once brought
upon your soul and feel's like no more soldier will stand to die here, no sense fall, no
sense fail, i can still feel you here but i can't see you, so i must be dead to see? Then
with this bullet i will garanty my eye's one last fall upon your dirty soul, massacre, i
will to your past, im not the toy you were told to play with, im the man who will disobey
god to destroy who you are!

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Love is a GENUINE FACTOR in a man's HEART. 


See that you not be TOLD THAT THIS IS THEORY.

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~Possessions Are Just Things~ (Free Style) So many times when we buy new things, This exciting feeling over takes us in, but it doesn't really last long, I don't know if that happens to you, but it happens to me, Possessing things can't bring us happiness all the time, you see Material things are only to be used, they're never to be loved, All things have a purpose after all, and that's to supply us with a need, We have them only for a reason, and that's to serve us, we should never worship them, Because they're not "God" and our Almighty God takes over this lead Things are not really "who we are", our heart, mind, body, soul and spirit, they all have different needs too, So forget how many houses, cars or possessions you own, What comes down in the end, are your right aptitude and your good heart, These are the "things" that one day in your life and head will be crown, So when you buy new things, don't make them your "God" you know, Enjoy them all! But always put God and people first, just love them a lot here and now. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2005 January,05,2015

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This world is curropt
and I cant stand it
It a disgrace 
and I want to mend it
Its discusting and filthy
and I want to bathe it
Its smut filled
and I want to change it
Its marose
and I want to beautify it
I now hate it
and I want to love it
Its out of control
and I want to tame it
Its a dying shame
and the medias to blame
with there subliminal messages going straight to your brain
morals are dead and God no longer exists
and Ignorance persists while,
Corruption has overtaken our socity
and This world is tarnished
Innocence is constantly Murdered
Everything is condoned
And it all makes me sick
It really makes me tick
This Generation is screwed and its just getting worse
Is there anyway to put it in reverse
To start over new
to cleanse and restore purity
to our rapidly Dying Generation
and all this makes me think 
maybe the world should end in 
maybe it'd be better 
maybe were the reason that it's supposed to happen
because we've became so unaware 
and we shamed God and disgraced him so viley
so if thats how it is ill go gracefully
and ill know exactly why
because we dont grow as generations go on
we shrink and degenerate
and its probally to late
to regenerate

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Who Are You

Who are you gathering at my door                                                                                                  In the name of God                                                                                                                         Pretending at the risk of your soul to know His will                                                                        Who are you moving in the shaadow of death                                                                                 Instead of living in the heart of life and the promise of brotherly love                                             Who are you that would take away my God given freedom of choice                                          And set yourself up as a judge before heaven                                                                                      Who are you that chose guns over God for protection                                                                       And fear over faith                                                                                                                             Who are you who would have me live and worship in your image                                                  And bully me and mine if I refuse                                                                                                     Who are you                                                                                                                                      If not the thing you fear

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Lives to Live

We have dreams to fulfill.
We have goals to achieve.
We have hearts to inspire.
We have love to give.
We have faith to teach.
We have hope to send.
We have strength to create.
We have bravery to find.
We have positivity to shine.
We have courage to build.
We have stories to tell.
We have hands to hold.
We have lives to live.
All in Your Heavenly name,
We pray,

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My Mother Part 1

From a distance, she is full of grace
Floating in the air in an angel’s space

Perfectly dressed, not a hair out place
Diction is perfect, she is articulate

Back straight, shoulder’s down
Head back, do not look around

She smell’s of flowers, has skin like silk
Drives a car the color of milk

Educated, debutant, and elite
Recognized everywhere, even on the street

Green paper not an issue
“God Bless You” she will give you a tissue

Family dinners, proper seating
Forks, knives, spoons all know their places

Napkins play a part, before we can begin to start
Only one arm you have when you eat

And, God forbid, you had better be neat!
For this is not a party for dinner

This is an actual event....

My hair is quite chaotic
The clothes on my back make me look like I am going to attack

The color of my car looks like a green vegetable
Educated still trying, proper I want to pop her.

My green paper is made of construction
Utensils, I only use a fork by reason of deduction.

Look, two arms I have “that's neat!” dear God I’m hungry, let’s eat!

Holly P. Moore
October 2012

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oh, my darling 
you and your 
mama have gone
far away

i am so afraid 
i will never see
your joyous face again;
nor will i get to 
look at your precious
hannah hair all twisted
up in little pig tails.

my heart breaks 
for you; you have 
reminded me
of what is important
in life and what 
is not.

i cry my sweetheart
i cry out for you
and your mama.
my heart is stolen 
once again.

your innocence is
so precious and 
never ending.

i know you were 
sent by God not for 
us to claim you but
he is sharing you with
our family.
sometimes i think i
cannot go on;  i
miss you so much.

i comfort myself
knowing that God 
always has his reasons

you became our lives
my darling, innocent
beautiful child

i knew i would get hurt
if i loved you as much
as i knew i would....

but with complete
capitulation i loved 
you and i love you
forever and my last

i love you without 
regret.  i cherish every
second with you.

i thank your mama for
coming home and letting
me back into her life.

God is taking care of
all of us, one step 
at a time. i thank him
for the happiness and
time i have been given.. 

i want and need to
hold you and your 
mama both.

i want to 
to watch how you
and your  
mama look
as you are 
swinging on her
hip as you walk 
up the sidewalk

you both smile
at me with those
big smiles. i have
that picture embedded
in my mind.

i stare at the pictures 
that i took. i tried 
to comfort your aunt
because she feels 
and hurts so much too.

i say to her.."hannah
is not "our baby"... ...
our job is to love her
and her mama.
that is what we are
good at.

i want all three of my
darling girls to come
back.....i need for you
all to be here together
so i can spoil you
as much as i am able.

i love you sweet baby. 
i love you my mindy.
and you my darling rebel
kimberly, you would be
so stunned if you could
see what my heart thinks
about you both.  i wish you
could see in yourself
what i see in you.
so, now two of my three
darlings are gone
my darling, darling
precious jewels, you make
me so rich.
i will always be a constant
companion to each of you
every day and night
fear not.  no matter,... God is
on a mission with me, so i 

you will know you are 
in my heart of love with
every single breath
i take.........

every single one

by janetta

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The Debate

A Debate

The Atheist
I see no reason for a god
Indeed for any type of god at all
I look around at all the churchmen
The pompous richly dressed ones
And wonder what their founder would have thought
And then at the other end
The shabby unpretentious lot
More primitive, more fundamental and literal
They have however one thing in common
Unshakeable belief in their virtue 
and in their God who’s always there
Despite the evils and the sorrows in this world
They prate so endlessly
About sin
Sin as defined 
in their narrow mind
They cheerfully pray that we can overcome some other systems of belief
by force sometimes.
How can they justify the killing and the torture of other humans?
by their beliefs they are all God’s creatures.
Nobody knows for sure how life was started
But from a simple single cell
We evolved until we’re here
But few accept the clear evidence for evolution
And what about the soul
Of which they speak
What is it?
Where did it come from?
Where does it reside in us?
Where does it go?
Or does it die with us?
That’s if it’s there at all

The Agnostic
But my friend you’re just as bad
Your position, or as so stated, is rigid and admits no other view
I’m with you
I also reject the Churches
They are only human constructs
And have been a source of evil
I don’t know if there is a God
A personal God who cares for us
Or any other sort of god
But until I know for sure
I keep an open mind
Where did we come from?
Again I do agree with you
Why did the first cells appear and how?
I do believe and have some evidence
That there is something in our nature
Which yearns for more
Is this a soul?

The Theist
You really are quite wrong
The simplest hypothesis
The one with least assumptions
Is that something outside of us
Maybe two string theory ‘branes
By chance collided
And brought our universe into being.
Or maybe some vast, uncaring intelligence
Caused in some way unknown creation and then
Left uncaring, uninterested.
If there is an environment friendly to some form of life
It seems to start but we do not know why or how

The Believer
This cannot be
My holy book tells all
There is a God
He cares for us
It says so right here
He created all
Us and the animals
And gave us dominium overall
You worry about the sin and suffering
You cannot know God’s purpose
How dare you take HIS holy name in vain
All three of you will burn in hell

The wives
We didn’t marry for philosophical debate
We married, as we thought for love
He spends all day and often all night
Thinking about, what to us, is unthinkable
What about us?
What is our function?
Is it just to cook and clean?
To run the houses?
To do the shopping?

We all decided that this was not good enough
We started to go together to dinners and to dances
We each met a man we called them Hedonist
They made us laugh and feel like girls again
And then one day
We found there were not four Hedonists but one!
This was a shock
But after long and painful talks
We decided that we didn’t care
And would just share.
After all we did not love him
Nor he loved us
We all became friends but with privileges
But never more than one at once!

The Hedonist
I listen to them talk
Their weighty conversation
It is so bloody boring
Never any realisation.
I do not concern myself with such considerations
Life is far too short
And anyway I’ve got to know their wives
Such fun
They are bored stiff with their deliberations
And bored indeed in bed
So one by one I’ve wined them
So one by one I’ve dined them
So one by one I’ve danced with them
And one by one I’ve slept with them
There’s Stella, Dorothy, Abigail and Claire
They set the rules
No commitment
Just good fun
Fine by me
As long as nobody gets serious

At that so important final moment
They don’t cry out
A random quantum fluctuation
Or an entity full of hesitation
Or then a again a being so barren
Or even worse a jealous god, primitive man’s last bastion
But no
They shriek out loud
Sometimes my name
Or sometimes it’s just Oh you bastard!
Or sometimes it’s just Oh you animal!
Or now and again Please stop O stop you devil
Then I know my duties done

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~A Merry Christmas To You~ (Free Verse) Christmas is much fun, is a special time To meet family and also friends, Glad you can be with me now here The best of my love I send it all to you. The Christmas Tree looks so cheery and great Decorations glow happily, all around Lights that fill whole rooms, with such warmth Dreams and hopes to go all around. Boxes and packages done with much love, Waiting all to be open by loving hands, I wish you all the best Merry Christmas ever And each day of the New Year too. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,15,2014 HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS 2014 TO YOU ALL!

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Rain Goddess

She stood proud and tall
Arms spread wide.......
Her mysterious face serene
Knowledge of past and future in her eyes
Recalling the torrents of the yesteryears
As tiny drops of rain dripped
Into the parched earth below
Unknown to men the rain Goddess smiled
Her drops fell and vanished into the mud
Seeing the future her brows wrinkled
The torrent fell amid thunder
The meadow and the riverside
Were the witness of the fury
Of the gentle rain Goddess.....!
Her white steed whined and neighed
As thunder God appeared......
Oh so handsome was he
As he accompanied the rain
The God and Goddess held hands
As the sleeping village submerged
The future was fearsome
Unknown to man who slumbered

By-Tahera Mannan
Contest- Rain,The Story
Sponsored by- Constance La france ~A Rambling Poet~

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To My Man

  My man from youth grew
  Your life was full of superiority;
  You dazzled and demarcated, 
  Who does not belong must be sacrifice,
  And laughter were the mystery of your horror tales,
  To all animals not wild should cut their tails,
  Freudian legacy that governed the tribe of the bookish
  And trickles down to wild youths,
  The Mafioso cum in our midst
  As he found landlocked in:
  This is a, that is b and those c, d, and e,
  Alphabetically symbolize the allies
  Who seemed not to care;
  We washed different hoe-hands
  Together into the same potluck,
  But I decided to follow the king;
  It is an experience, whatsoever or whatever,
  Expressed what I looked for,
  And clapped a song: immortal invincible God only wise,

  In the conclusion of the matter
  All that needed done was half done,
  And tomorrow packed belongs and begone,
  Gone on mission and came back with some spoilt,
  The pathetic sweet–hearts you hate to remember
  The one there and here and lived with in ransom,
  And terribly pity, the one discarded, multi-distressing,
   With all diseases in her mouth and in belly,
  The executioners used darkness to mask
  And covered up in shielded shadows, 
  With weapons drawn and the meat
  Surefooted walked into the trap,
  The in humans unleashed the superiority tussles:
  A dagger slit esophagus,
  Knife carved out eyelids
  Axes butchered wrists,
  Cutlasses designed gothic gashed all over;
  Sliding and growling the pain shoot in his vein,
  And tore through him the devastated dream,
  Soon it was time to go as he lay 
  And the juice poured out of the vessel in torrents,
  To perish, eyes and mouth agape,  surprised;
  To the moon looking down terrifying,
 O! God we lack and want,
 O! God provide us our daily bread,
  O! God we are crying for injustice,
  Mother cried of crushing, crashing heartbreak for
  The lamentation of her killed beloved:  'Jealousy inflamed  brawled'
 Poor mama, she has not been there
  Even when she went there,
  In agony, sorrow and deep mourning, merely comforted;
  But, Eman story had been contorted.

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Shadow Grace

How is it
that I know
that not to know at all
is gift of the divine?

How is that
no thing at all
is all the riches of infinity?

How is it that
no God, no friend
to walk beside me 
leaves me still in awe,
devoid of insight of my own
but for the absolute in ecstasy to know
that nothingness may not depart
and I am not alone?

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Without Friends

I was sitting here thinking what this world 
would be without friends. I was having some 
problems that I thought, I couldn't bare.

I felt all alone and lonely. I thought nobody
cared. I like to put my thoughts in writing
and express my feelings too. I said - LORD
I'm writing a poem for you. Maybe if you read 
it, I'll get some help from you.

I send it i n and went to work. GOD must have
read it. He answered faster than I thought.
When I came home that night, my emails were
pouring out.

They were from all my friends and some I didn't
know. They were all offering their help and that
just touched my heart.

I couldn't stop crying as I was reading them.
I could only thank GOD for sending you to me.
I'm asking Him now to bless each and everyone 
of you.

Yes - what would this world be without friends?
Nobody would care what anyone did, thought or
felt. You are a special kind of breed that can't be
bought or found just anywhere...

Good friends are hard to find.

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Should My Time Here End

My heart,
I have lived within you from the day we met
Now the passing hours seem to be shorter, still
Before I leave I must confess the reason why I drifted away
For had I known of your true desires from the start, 
I would have saved you all the grief
I tried to show you what love is but wouldn’t give you my soul!
You found it hard to trust ‘til I spoon fed it to you
It’s just too bad, late in the game, the picture became quite clear
So I stepped away though it hurt me to; I did bid you move on with your life
I’ve told you time and again, how very sorry, I am
I pray God will send that special girl so you can settle down
That finally, constant searching will end and peace will build a bridge
Have no fear, all will be well, and your angel I'll remain

Then come the day when you’re ready, God will send that girl for you
Know that, the many times our wills would clash, I wanted you to see
That, words come easy and are sweet, yet untill you truly love
That pain which haunts you still, will ever be
I am grateful for the times- good and bad; we saw one another through
I wish that you'd give God the chance to love you as you should 
We'll be forever in each others' heart no matter where we go 
With all my heart I pray, you find the happiness each soul deserves
Should my time here end this day  
Should the sunshine light up your world no more
It'll be my  fervent prayer to see you inside of heaven's gate! 


Notew:  For Waylayee Whitlock's "If I Had One Last Day To Live" Contest

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Protect Me As I Sleep

Knows my real name
Is what I go by
I am freezing cold
I don’t have money
Just, the clothes on my back
I am a walking wardrobe
I am lonely
I smell like crap
I am starving hungry
I can’t find any shelter
My clothes are drenched
I look like a drowned rat!
Upon women
Is classed normal
Around here!
I wonder...
I will survive
Another day?
To wake up
Do this
All over, again!
“Protect me tonight
As,I lay my head to rest”
“I love you, dear God”


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God ! you call yourself god !
If you wanna play god and call yourself god
That’s your business
But you’re no god to us mister !

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our soul.....

Your  love is what keeps me going.

My heart beating,My blood flowing.

The precious words I yearn to hear.

Losing you is the only thing I fear.

I have faith God will do us right.

We will not give up with out a fight.

Together we can conquer it all.

Just keep your head up and stand tall.

So many others care so deeply for you.

Don't get discouraged, you know what to do.

Pray to God and keep Love inside.

You can't lose your almighty pride.

Because I LOVE you with all of me.

With out you I just can't be.

You are in my heart forever, we are never apart.

Our souls were latched from the start.

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Prufrock's Eternal Footman

I think this Footman likes to snicker,
and the human situation is the kicker,
when one becomes sicker and sicker,
and it’s one’s time to die and cry for one’s soul.

Prufrock’s point is well-taken and understood 
for the Footman is an end of life reality who is
the “King of Finality” and doesn’t care while seeking
mankind’s banal end, since Man is really small potatoes 
in the Universe’s great and grand pecking order.

I think that I shall not want to meet this Bamboozler,
at least this would be my choice, if I really had one.
I doubt that I, like others, could ever be like Lazarus.
The Footman presents us all with a one-way ticket to
what awaits mankind beyond the pale of death!

And so we all await the end of our finite time as
measured in grains of sand and the clock on the wall;
waiting for the day and time of our final departure,
and hoping not to hear the scornful snicker, snicker
of the Prufrock’s Eternal Footman!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved 
(July 17, 2014)

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No Lord not again

I cannot believe what I see before my eyes,
speechless as I read...

too familiar is this scene,
repeating once again, surreal as if I'm back in time...

I once was near when the unthinkable happened,
Columbine, flowering youths cut down in teen prime.

I watched in horror as two souls entered, repeated over and over 
the media; what a circus, as stories began to break...

I witnessed in my own back yard, as innocent lives vanished
'Why? What is the purpose, I did not know', I wept for each and every soul. And cried aloud "How can you be?"

trying to avoid the repetitive media, over and over again...
a christian channel offered me hope, and asked one simple thing.

Fall to my knees, and ask HIM into my life, to do with what he will,
surrender to his Grace and Mercy, 

My life changed that day, so many years ago Columbine Columbine....
we thought you were the last.

As many of my peers in education stood, in terror, disbelief and anger of having no control. "Why? What is the purpose?" our innocent's, so young, so sweet, so worshiped by their families, so unforgivable this one unthinkable act .

One woman weeping, I ask if she's alright...
She looked at me and said, Someone's Christmas present is underneath a tree; it won't be opened on Christmas eve.

Another walked up, and clobbered my arm..."What the hell is going on?"
It's alright, if its what they need to do. God saved me, and humbled me...oh Columbine why? I can not say, nor will I try, for only God knows the master plan.

But like with me that somber day, back in Columbine. I pray that someone far from God, was softened just enough...

to fall to their knees and ask "God Please"
enter my life tonight.... 

Let an awakening united universal voice ring out.
No more bloodshed, no more death. Our children our the innocents and our future in them rests...

To utter the words "I'm sorry" or "you're in my prayers' seems so hollow right now. By faith alone, I can only say...let the heavens open and radiant light shine down, on the simple all American place called Newtown..

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The Execution Of The Valiant Man

Calm sits a valiant man inside of a dungeon
In Darkness sits a monk inside of a Monastery
And On this night they both share the same thoughts
how long God untill I am free from here
Footsteps resound down through the hall
 They Listen  as the sound goes back and forth
The Valiant man awaits his execution
The monk has been put in charge of reading his last rights
Now we hear the murmur as the crowd gathers
They are laughing and joking with one another
The Valiant man smiles because he too finds his death enjoyable
It's relaxing I must agree with him
And why is the monk so scared of death
The Final bell is rung
And There dressed in black 
under the black hood is the executioner
He runs his finger down the blade of his ax
He looks up here comes the Valiant man
And for the first time on the job
He is faced with fear
His composure faulters 
His finger slips and droplets of blood 
Fall from the fresh cut
Now there's a battle fuaght inside his mind
Because he knows 
that this execution will torture him forever
Silence falls over the crowd
This proud look of this mighty warrior
Commands respect and they observe it
The Monk stumbles but he does not trip up when he speaks
My Son are you ready to make peace with your Maker
Thank you Father, but me and God have never been in opposition
The Monks says You"re what the prophets wrote about
When they wrote about Valiant men
Son forgive me I am curious 
How many men did it take to capture you
He say's I don't know i killed them all
Father look around, I killed every man in the King's army
And I would of did it a long time ago
If i knew that they was going to reward me by sending me back to my Father
Let the peace of God be with you Monk
And with those words This worthy man falls to the ground
The Executioner can't bring himself to raise the ax
And this Valiant man taunts him in the face of death
Please do it! I never ask a coward for a favor

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God Is Sovereign

God in his sovereignty

The armor of God is left to avenge
My helmet gets clogged in such a venge;
We till the soil yet wait for the water to boil
God in his sovereignty & joy
We draw lines in the sand to understand
Yet for the sake of God we will stand
Inside we fall short of all known reasoning
Many don't know or care where they are headed
Some are embarassed in part

Gone are the days we used to frolic in our haze;

Today we are being stuck in a maze,

God in his sovereignty others are amazed,
With each new step they take a number will fade....

A choice by which to bare its frame,

While the intire world today is totally insane !

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A prayer for my brothers and sisters

A prayer for my brothers and sisters

Dear Lord I come as humbly as I am,
Asking you to give my brothers and sisters strength,
So that they will make it through their life.
I know the road ahead of them is going to be ruff ,
give them faith in knowing that in you Lord they can trust,
in you Lord.

I know it’s not easy for them and their going through so much,
I ask that you give them guidance Lord and let them feel your 
Loving touch.

I can begin to see the pain they must feel about life, 
But when I look into my brothers and sisters eyes the hurt 
Is all to real.

So Lord I come to you as humbly as I am,
Asking you to give my brothers and sisters strength to make 
it through the their life.

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright 2014

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God of Mercy

I am the god of mercy, grace, pleasance presence.
I am here under your cloak, under your antidotes.
I am the god of mercy.
The one in the sand between your toes
and the salt on your lips.
I am the god of mercy showing you things
 you may not want to see but 

must transcend.
I am the god of mercy answering all your prayers
under my sun

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A Prayer For Healing

Do not let me be the demon I have created me to be.
I am the product of myself and my negativity.
I trust You.
I love You.
I thank You.
In Your name,
We pray,

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Your Choice

Finally. It is here.
The Judgement Day that is.
He will judge our hearts, not just our actions.
This is a good day for the Born-Agains, but not the sinners.
This day is great and horrid alike.
The Happiest and saddest day ever.
This day will choose your fate,
Heaven or Hell.
Your Choice.

This is hard, taking it to school everyday
Afraid for myself, and everyone alike.
Taking this book everywhere.
I will get criticized made fun off, and beat up possibly.
But, I do this for You and You alone.
You will give me strength and courage to do this.
Now I am happy for myself and everyone alike.

Oh Lord,
When will it be?
Far away?
When will the return be?
Please just give me
A hint,
A clue,
An answer,
Or nothing at all.
It is your choice
Goodbye Peace Love

This is it.
The nerves are gone.
The Big show,
Getting in front of the youth
Telling them the way, the truth, the only passage.
Is You

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God has made you over

Forget about the past
God has changed you
Move on
He has made you a new person now
Don’t look back
Take charge of who you are 
Who God called you
The person He created you to be 
Who he molds, trains, corrects
Reformed, rectified, redeemed
Stepping out
Moving forward
Don’t let your fears hold you back
Take courage
Bravery, dauntlessness, gutsiness
To be number one
Be daring, bold, adventurous
Greathearted, fearless, valorous
Who are you 
But who God has made over?

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some ****ed in the mouth, put blades
He was not absurd
to give us words.
we have given ourselves
to appear more beautiful
to love otherwise
to be perfect
we do not feel alone
+ need to explain
why and how, etc.. 
all are funny
and finally I do not understand 
Where is He in all of this!?

Can it and shout:
Oh, my God!
but I must take care
to pray
not be afraid
to forget all the words
me to stay away
because some of they make a love of this things
just for them.

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Love'struest form

Grief brought me down
Anger and Hate filled my vines
“O” Lord how could Thy take my only love
Over rocky paths we have come
The blooming of our love has just begun!

I heard God speak:
“O” Child of mine
We both loved him divine
The time has come for other things
For now you know love’s truest form!

On that day my grief did end
For God gave me the strength
My faith in Him I did restore
Now a new love blooms ashore!

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Gods and Devils

We built the Great Pyramids of Giza.
We made the Atomic Bomb.

We discovered herbs to heal.
We grow viruses in underground labs.

Religion was created to bring peace.
Religion was also created to divide.

Books have been written to inspire,
but also to spread hatred.

We have made love in war,
and war in love.

Different races have united,
and people of one blood have divided.

We are gods and devils....

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Who is This god You Serve?

You feed and live on lies and malice
Deception is the cloak you wear so elegantly
The crisp white robes, expensive suits or
The everyday clothes of the working class
Your hands... your blood-stained hands you wash
‘It is clean’ you think because you cannot see
Your eyes, they are sealed! Blind to the simple truths!
At meals you sit in the company of your cohorts
Devouring dreams and futures of the young
You breathe the foul stench of murderous deeds
Unending cries of the dead echo through the universe
Reaching high to the throne of the one Creator
Who is this god that you serve?

Under cover of night at clandestine forums you speak
In villages, towns and cities where poverty strangles
Where hatred, intolerance are inherent
Where vulnerable young men and women, beguiled
Brainwashed to hate and destroy their own lives
In light of day in the presence of strangers 
Your words flow free like fresh golden honey
Rich and thick with lies and deception
Making incredible promises you could never deliver!
From lips perverse and pregnant with deceit
And who is this god you serve?

You may attempt to hide what is written in your heart 
'Though quite often you succeed, yet never without a struggle
For truth and light are "alive" and will not be buried forever!
In this universe created out of order, be assured, there is an appointed day
When all men will give account for the time spent here on earth
The enemy, you claim, is anyone  unlike you
Whether it be !in color, religion or race or whatever!
Stop! We would all do well to look deep within, 
Past that mirrored image is you... your "enemy" 
The one who murders with intent
Who is this god that you serve?

Who is this ‘god’ that you serve so diligently
This ‘god’ that requires mere mortals kill one another 
On his behalf, and to accomplish what goals?
Implicitly I believe in the One true God 
Who made everything out of nothing but His Word!
Who forbids pride, greed,  hatred, lies and murder!
Who still, by the way, stays His mighty hands
Being desirous that no man should perish
His Word has gone out and will not return void
Patiently he's waiting our repentance, 
Rest assured He will not wait forever!

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He is like sugar in a cake;
spices in gravy; DNA in our bodies;
He is inside air, and outside air;
He never comes nor leaves;
He is not in the heavens, nor deep in the abyss;
He is the past, present, future and eternity;
He is All…..

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The Living Diary

I never travel without my diary,
One should always have something sensational to read
I am so glad I took it along
On my travel over the sea
As I opened its pristine pages
I knew I had to write.... this ancient legend
That touched my heart and soul
January 19, 9.30pm.
Oh Diary,
 I wish you had read the legend of Kamadeva
The God of carnal love, decked with flowers
And ornaments, armed with a bow of sugarcane
Sitting on the wings of a parrot.......
With dancers all around---
Can you feel his lure
His ever shinning green eyes
His body, a carving in marble
As he enjoyed the dancers around
I sat lost in dreams....
When the pages fluttered in wind
The diary had caught the lure
Of this great God and his charms
When the sun woke me up in the morning
I saw the page of the diary open
It was reliving the ancient legend
As if our fates had been sealed
With this living myth...............
By- Tahera Mannan
For Constance La France’s contest, ‘The Diary’

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Our Love Is Enough

We don't need to go out and party,
We don't need to drink,
We don't need to socialize,
We don't need to go shopping,
We don't need to spend money,
We don't need to go to a movie,
We don't need to watch sporting events,
We don't need to go out to eat,
Because we found love,
And our love is enough.

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Far Beyond The Stars

just one look
thy knigdom come
thy soul be save
the tears roll down and
the spirit moves me
when God make a way
glorly be hallelujah
no longer lost but found
look what you done for me
i stepped out of the storm and
i stepped into the sweet sun
when God has spoken
heaven touch my wings
you saintify me and
i give Him sweet praises
oh rejoice and i rejoice
all the flesh on my bones
glory hallelujah and
He shall not let you fall 
because he got your back
i give Him the victory because
i am so grateful and thankful
to know that you care for me
you put food on my table
you put clothes on my back
you are there for me 
every minute and every hour
you bring me sweet joy
this morning
when you look at me again
the king of all kings
you give me a song to sing
far beyond the stars

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Heaven (As I See It)

Behind the lines of grace
A mighty river flows
Down the shores of heaven’s street
Pathways paved with gold
A place so many doubt exists 
But I know this to be true
For in a dream one fateful night
The colors showed brightly through

Many questions left unanswered 
Asked each night in prayer
The mind cannot comprehend 
This place beyond compare
One night down on my knees
The question simply asked
To show me a picture of this place called Heaven 
Where there is everlasting life

Nothing what I had pictured 
Could prepare for this place
I saw the souls of loved ones 
Passed on so full of grace
No wings were present on no man
No halos lined with gold
Just happy souls praising God 
No dancing around a throne

People of every likeness 
Sang a welcoming song to those
Entering the pathway to heaven’s gates
Where their soul would hurt no more
But the one face that I did not see
Was the face of the God I served
His presents though was all around
Each person did behold

I awoke that morning at peace with life
For the place that God had shown
Many questions now were answered 
About life and love and home
In the end amazed you will be 
At the place that God’s prepared
Believe it or not Heaven is a place
Look around you’re already there

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Magical Powers for a Day

Magical wishes remind me of Jim Carrey,
starring as Bruce Almighty,
pulling the moon with his hands;
Morgan Freeman as God had given him powers
for some "holy" time.

If I was Bruce Almighty,
trees would be still green;
tides would still rise;
flowers would still blossom.....

Everything would still be the same;
I wouldn't want to make it hard
for people to accept trees' new color,
like blue, white, yellow, purple......; I wouldn't
want tides to be still, and stop surfing; I wouldn't
want to stop flowers from blossoming during spring;
I wouldn't want to make people love what I've changed,
because it's only for a day. Law of Karma would also go against
my natural state, for I will have changed trees, tides, flowers, and people's
minds, from what the Law of Creation made them to be.

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Confessions of an Idol Worshipper

I worshipped words
Paid homage
Idolized their shape and form
Brought my paltry gifts
And laid them at the shrine
Hoping to gain favor from my idol
To be touched in such a way
As to imbue my simple writes
With perfection and immortality
Making ME
A goddess in my own right!

The same ritual
Following the rules
Soul salvation 
In a rhyme
The purging of my inner thoughts on paper
An exacting god
He needed full submission
An indwelling
And I was willing

In my darkest dungeon hour
Heartbroken and heart hungry
Needing my god
To rescue me
To shine out
To convey
To love me….
There was silence
“Why have you abandoned me?”

In life’s extreme elements
Face of death moments
Joyous new birth celebrations
Extreme love consummations
Fear frustrations

In all these extremes
My lips could not birth
My hands could not cradle
The children of my heart
Emotions still born

This god is dead
Omnipotence farce
Unable to satisfy
To create new life in me
A god unable

But there is a WORD
Living and Active
Stronger than Life or Death
Eternally past, present, and future
Always there
Omnipotent is His name
Omnipresent his love 
Omniscient his wisdom
By which the universe came to be
Every flower, shrub, and tree
Every animal and lake and sea
By just ONE WORD
The true GOD incarnate
The only Word
That can save

Eileen Manassian

John 1: 1 – 3, 14
1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning. 3Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcomea it. 14The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

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This Is How...

I breathe for God, but I long for you,
intending to my daily schedule of my motives for you...
What are these intentions?

I believe we could love each other with a higher love,

the kind that allows your weight to fluctuate.... 
the kind that invests well-being in education....
the kind that wishes you well if it doesn't work....
the kind that receives by giving...

I see this in you, a carrier of peace 
by measure of your service to others.

It's sexy; damn sexy! 
So, I set myself up to live this love 
while we gather our plans for each other...
setting the bar high, so when we try
spirit feels recognized, and the God smile
...the God smile enlarges...

and the cornerstone we have to work with
sets us up for an immaculate construction 
of Grace....This is how I'll pray for faith in us...
This is how I wish to say I want to love you  

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Throwing In The Towel

The time has come 2day,
to go our seperate ways.
Much can be said,
but little will we say.
When was right,
or who was wrong?
Is a different tune,
but same old song.
Tears have been shed,
and blood has been bled,
now is the time to clear our heads.
For better and for worst we'll raise our child,
hoping their will be less frowns and more smiles.
I've gone more than the extra miles,
Now God has given me the courage,
to throw in the towel.
I quit I give up chasing that dream,
and living a nightmare,
and the thought of us to bare,
I no longer wish a life to share.
I'm letting go of all and hope for the best.
Before my heart explodes out my chest.
The other day I stared at death!
While the angels in heaven held their breath.
It wasn't my time to go though.
It was only my time to grow slow.
Many days I tried.
Many times you lied.
I forgave you everytime, but only after I cried.
But now I march to a different beat.
Before I lay myself to sleep,
Before I end up six feet deep.
Before my love ones weap.
Before I'm too weak to press forward.
Before I no longer can speak.
We played the games way too long!
When was right who was wrong?
Now I march to a different song.
I guess it wasn't meant to be.
I guess I was meant to see.
That you are totally diiferent than me.
We tried to make it work time after time.
But failed miserably.
I wish the best to the both of us!
May God grant the strength when the roads are tough.
The time has come to say goodbye,
As a New life I say hello.
As the new year approaches I make new vows.
As old ones have been erased and replaced
Finally Now I'm Throwing in the Towel!

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Love Again

Love again
And love after love
Ends in dissolution of joy
I pause, not for me,
Because of this much I am certain
And long winded Socrates cannot pull the curtain
Of logics down unless a fallacy is there
I found what he has proven in every tear
And smile bemused with dry eyes
For I shall always be as I know to be
And who I am I know for certain.

Love again
And love after love
People come laden with feelings
Confused about their identity
Hoping to be cuddled, kiss
Flattered, fawn at, frazzle your nerves with demand for attention
And after every tantrum and scream
Sit pouting to be caressed
For you to beg their forgiveness for their childishness
And lack of maturity.
I could say "grow up!"
But you cannot tickle, cajole, or command growth
It is the spontaneous fulfilment of identity
The ultimate goal of maturity.

Love again
And love after love 
Have failed, people withered without fruiting
For feeling is never enough
And keep changing like seasons, but without warning
The whole view of world falls in disarray
And I, desolate, alone, face this storm of disbelief
That God has no image left in the world,
But I
Knowing one more thing than Socrates

t love is a person, a being
So that love can only be the gift of self
The annihilation of individuality
The final becoming
Of the ultimate identitty. Every cohesion
And pelvic thrust is not the satisfaction until
Bone fuse with bone, and flesh with flesh
And God and man hold hands in one united soul.

Love again
And love after love
This approximation makes us vulnerable
For ego is the only sacrifice love accepts
And with every flight the ritual of lies begin
Strand after strand
The decomposition of the soul
Marriages marred, melted in mist of tears
I stay peculiar with the years
From the potter's hand
I am the image as I am.

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As I tattoo Phi Theta on my chest
And watch the knowledge steam up from my veins
In tendrils, smoky gray
In wrath, twisted fury the likes we have never seen
Oh, how I envy the dress of Philosophy 

I wish I could have donned it on the night of prom
And danced and sweated to dreadful lyrics
But the best beats this side of town has ever seen

And I die
Every time somebody writes God on a piece of paper 
Every time God makes us write him down on a piece of paper
I die
And drip the ebony perspiration of grief on the Church walls
He is supposed to be a secret, Graffiti-ed  and Glorified 
In deserted subway tunnels
Found in the hidden lines between the Dead Emcee Scrolls

Oh Looooooord, 
Could you give me the number of the apartment the Muses live in
Philosophy is mad at me and Fortune slammed the door in my face 
For stealing a piece of paper with Your name on it
I just
To be 
I just wanted to feel
How it felt to have a heartbeat so I could spit out these lines faster

Like the middle of a rolled up tortilla in my Tia’s kitchen
Full of butter, dripping like a hurricane about to die in Arizona
I search for thee though every single bite
Letting you seep into my taste buds 
Letting you leave this bitter taste in my mouth
Forsake me! Forsake me in the darkest ally so I know what love feels like

All I want to do is see the Sun for the first time out of the cave and feel
Because I come to you, I beg to you, I talk, I shout, I whisper
For you, for you, for you

You never answer
Forsake me! Forsake me in the darkest ally so I know what love feels like.

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Have Faith

Times are hard 
And the world is getting strange
And it seems when it's not one thing
It's always another
Have faith
And look forward to the next day
For weeping may endure for a night
But joy always come in the morning
God has a reason for everything
Just pray your way out
And give God the glory
Don't let Satan get the best of your situation
Have faith
And live by God's standards
Stay in his will for you
And keep his words near
And always in your heart and mind
Have faith
That your storm clouds 
Don't last always
That God has your breakthrough
Right around the corner

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To God

If thou are a god indeed, Ah! I wonder if thou still seek abode in thy lonely cage 
of thy freedom. If ever thou seek life in the begging souls of the temple door; if 
thou seek delight in the holy dim lit candles.

My heart is a grief for a place in heaven and beauty makes me dream of thee. But 
thou hide in the empty hues of earth and wake in hymens and tales of men. So 
much are men in thy company, yet thou are a lonely soul.

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A Man of God

A man of God is a priceless treasure

Worth more than frankincense or myrrh

A man of God is the fairest in the land

Who can behold his beauty?

Inner strength

Exuding peace

A simple harmony

Fully reliant upon his Lord

A man of God is a precious commodity

As he journeys to the heart of his Creator

Written by Gwendolen Rix

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The Darkness at Noon

I have known darkness--

The murky ebony of a loveless marriage;
Terrifying blackness, death threatened by a husband's hand;
Oppressive onyx, my children alone in his shadowy presence;
Jeering jet, a son entrapped by substance abuse, 
      Abandoned by his father;
Maddening midnight, the terror when my boy died.
This weight of darkness I have known,

Yet, I know nothing of the dark depths the Divine endured
     For me . . . for the world--
     Carried on His shoulders,
     Laid upon His back,
     Nailed into His hands, His feet;
     Crushed into His head . . .
Blackest terror of isolation complete
When His Father turned His face away,
Away from sin's dreadful cost.

The universe in the grip of the eclipse of God--
The darkness at noon.

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God, don't give me what I want
until my want for you is exclusive.
Then Lord, when you give to me 
I will want for nothing!


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The Creator

Poem of praise

Plumb the depths of a human heart,
Try to comprehend his thoughts,
Can you possibly do?
If not,
How can you search out God?

In the star and the stone,
In the flesh and the bone,
In the soul and the clod,
God is seen God !

A very present help in trouble,
God is our refuge and strength,
His wonders to perform,
His mysterious ways,

God is but a word,
To explain to the world,
Feel Him in breeze,
Flow with Him in rivers,
Explore deep in oceans,
And high on mountains,

His love gives life,
His kindness takes strife,
He is the sweet sunshine,
Darkness also is Him,

He created perfect beauty,
Yet ugly we defined,
He gave us roses,
Yet thorns pricked,
He gave cheer and emotions,
Yet we stay sad and cry,

He gave us love, 
We fight,
He gave us humanity, 
We turned hostile,
He gave us faith,
We defy,

Believe in yourself,
And the good Karma,
Have trust in Him,
And He lives by you,
In all thick and thin!

Written Oct 2nd, 2014
For contest 'Poems of praise' by Catie Lindsey

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The Drafting Hand of God or Little White Petals with Black Lines

Every year, 
these small, gentle flowers 
bring us evidence 
of the drafting hand of God, 
Who so thoughtfully took the trouble, 
amongst all His mighty and endless obligations, 
to draft anew 
every single petal that has ever been 
and is yet to be. 
They are like the human faces 
we are so lucky to see 
every single day.

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White Trash Wedding

Shaving cream covers up the truck missing a left side window
Backyard lawn is freshly mowed folding chairs assembled
Trailer has been freshly scrubbed the scent of pine still lingers
Ready for the wedding day of Bubba James and Ginger

They’ve known each other all their lives even quit school together
Rumored that somehow their kin but that has yet been founded
Dated off and on for years come Spring a new arrival
Now she’s knocked up dressed in white, God help the child’s survival

The crowd has gathered to celebrate the union of this couple
Indeed a sight to for all to see two hands placed on the bible
Bubba James half drunk with shame with Ginger’s delicate condition
Say I do, a prayer is prayed, the party soon commences

Will their life bring happy times or a road of pure destruction
Pretty soon the child will come and test their own survival
Only God and fate can answer this too soon to draw conclusions
Just hope and pray for it’s too late to stop this white trash union

**This is not intended to offend anyone...just got an inspiration

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Uninhibited, I look within
And see what thoughts are freely brought
My introspection warrants new delight.
And unreservedly explores my hopes.
While, past mistakes and tragedies condemn,
The future with all newness shining –
Radiates.  Redeems.  Enriches.
Murmurings and ridicules have fled.
Alone, I walked unto that golden door.
And there you were to comfort every pain.
Thus, you and God together took the reigns.
First God, who made salvations greatest plan
Then you, who introduced my heart to love,
You, who walks always beside me on this land,
You who lifted up my weary heart,
Yes, you, who with me honors God along our way.
My husband, your soul is forever bound to me.
We two: uplifting, healing, growing, and kneeling.
Honest, caring, sharing, living…
Uninhibited, together…you and me –

© February 24, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: free verse ~POEM 
Sponsor: Destroyer ~ Poet

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The Casualty

The officer’s whistle opened the door,
the pain of mortar did greet the damned
and I did nap with death in no man’s land.

In cold of night the stretcher did wake
 from peace to hell and burning pain.
These eyes will see the stars no more,
no comrades smile for me.
The darkness has won
for light has abandoned me
and my face is for others to see.

Am I alive? The pain agrees,
my hand can feel this fevered brow.
What will home think?
to only half a man
and will England still respect this man?

The sound of an angel, who talks with God,
a poor soul for sale,
could that be me?
And God condemns 
that I am not worthy,
for others deserve better
than half of me.

And in my darkness 
Opium’s womb enters my veins
the pain chased away by foetal claim,
while the music of war in shrapnel fragment
screams a tortured lament.
And youth will queue to die in vain
 among the ranks of nightingales reign.

These deities who tend this holy fodder
 grow distant with bloody rags.
My mind feels the heat of shrapnel’s breath,
the thought of box in foreign field
the feel of sun and breeze denied
and claustrophobia feeds my fear.
Lonely is the grave with no goodbye
and I do not want to die.

But god is my surgeon and he is beat,
the angel will deliver mercy
 and death will get his degree.

For compassion was hers to give,
the touch of her hand
will wipe this brow.
The cold of the scissors will cut the tag
and I will join a corpse’s march
obeying the ghost of captains orders
uniting friend and foe in melting borders.

In death I will believe
and hope will leave this earth with me.
My reward is tempered by sword and cross
 epitaph is poured over another loss.
And country prepares to count the cost

The drone of the letter
this paper of man
typed in halls by Vatican whores,
delivering their knock on mother’s door.

This pain of England’s son
 will lie in empty bed,
 silence will be hers to see.
A candle for me in winter’s light
but death will play in mother’s night.

Her tears will wash this wooden cross,
the house will cry for little boy lost
and the dog will sit with eye on door,
never to wag his tail no more.

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The Awakening of the Spiritual Renaissance

Every time I look in the mirror I see the face of god.
What a vicarious view of vanity. My eyes sin and 
Reflect past.  My envious tongue licks the gluttonous,
 glory of gratuitous teeth for the over consumption of snakes.
 Their scales as smooth as one thousand 
Fingernails attached to greedy hands scraping my
Spine in a form of lust so violent even the wrath in my
Heart can feel the aching from the foreplay, from the night before.

Slothfully smoke fills my crying lungs. I breathe, in this
Air soaked in darkness and everything I aspire 
To be but won't. My feet are anvils. 
My back is the ocean always moving to the shore. 
My hands are hammers and my dreams...
My Dreams are like Marshmallows plucked
From that squishy spot in side my skull; maintaining form but no substance.
This face of god looks back at me and sings. 
"You see, you see what can't be seen. You repair the damage
done to me." With a smack of fate and a wrist watch
on my side damage dealt and a battle won. My eyes forgive
their sins. And I scream for forgiveness... forgiveness, without
anger. Forgiveness without regret, forgiveness, without time and
time my friend is  just a clock Ticking, ticking, ticking.

So if this face of god is really the man upstairs his either
a freaking moron or has a really good sense of humor. 
Because as of right now I feel as though I
should dive in this ocean with the weight of my feet
dragging me to the bottom to see how long it takes to 
feel alive. I've come to realize in my dreams I really do
survive and every breath I take carries me closer
to the day that I arrive in a world that's ready for me
a world that I'm not ready to see.

I still long for a mind of a baby so I can maybe
have a conversation with myself and say "self...
you're going to be ok." Because right now 
I'm so confused by the time and space
and everything in between. 
My dreams explode like they
where put in a microwave on high.
The anvils shatter and hammers splinter
and I am the center of everything
by everything I mean everything 
and I can make my world that
much better.

It's my choice.
It's my clock.
It's everything that I've become
and everything that I am.
I have room to change
but it's only some.
I have it all or
I have none.
I may not be this
divine presences of purpose
starring back at me. 
Though, I have repaired 
this damage done to me.

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If You Could Talk To God: Oh, Dear God,

If I could talk to God,
I would ask him if he would take away.
All this pain and suffering,
That infects this world every day.

As my heart it aches with this sickness,
of all the sickness in this world which I face.
I'd ask dear God, My one true God,
Could you please rid the evil, that has taken place.

On my knees I beg dear God,
this madness that surrounds me is wrong.
I fight to make it,
In a world where I don't seem to belong.

Oh dear God, help this world,
What is going on?
Why can't the human race open their eyes,
and try to get along.

My God, I know you placed me here,
To better the world and make them see.
But I feared that I was incapable,
To do the work you asked of me.

Dear God, I know you're always right,
It's to late to change a world that's in Satan's hands.
For all those who had pledge allegiance.
To a flag in a country that never understands.

Dear God, please help me,
Bear the weight of this cross.
For I dear God will give my life, 
to save the wounded and lost.

Dear God I will await thee,
For when that time arise.
I will carry out your will,
until the enemies demise.

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Holy is the lamb

Shape of Crucifixion
a balance 
of what is right
the good inside man
blessing myself 
in the name 
of Our Father
Begging mans forgiveness 
of the Son 
who arose 
from the dead 
his Holy Spirit 
I bow my head 
in mans 
horrible shame 

Tears from 
Heaven's Son 
crowned with thorns 
falls down 
lashed and whipped 
Flesh tore 
like a broken man 
shame bleeding down 
his innocent face 
sorrowful passion 
cruelty in 
this world

Inflicts so 
much pain 
with needles suffering 
how could we be 
so very cruel 

Pain of endurance 
carrying hurt 
upon a suffering cross 
to our king 
crowned in Heaven 
in his grace 

You make 
this world 
a better place 
filled with 
your peace 
Holy Spirit 
inside loves grace 

In our 
Heavenly father's 
light of 
such beauty 
in purity 
a gift 
from above 

Heavenly love 
begs forgiveness 
to all sins 
of mans 
shameful face 
his only 
begotten Son 
died nailed 
upon a cross 

Crucified this day 
persecuted an 
innocent man 
for our sins 
with that 
of others 
look upon 
the face 
of justice 

I Father  
 love you 
one fraction 
in his name 

He said unto 
his Almighty Father 
pleading as 
the darkness enveloped 
rumbling his Almighty 
voice thundering 
in the Heaven's above 
on our behalf 
he pleads 
for our mercy 

Striking forks 
thrown down 
charged arrows 
of lightening 
from his altar 
in the sky 
his Father unhappy 

On our behalf 
I get down 
upon the 
knees in prayer
humbly shouting 
to the Heaven's 

I Forgive 
them Father 
voice of love 
they know not 
what they do 
truly the 
words spoken 
from an Almighty King 
divine in power 
of love 
in our salvation 
paid for 
our sins 

Died our 
precious Lord 
pierced through 
the side 
savagery of man 
oh precious king 
I follow 
your path 
Lord Jesus Christ 
the only Son 
of the Father 

On Calvary 
on this his 
begotten day 
your son 
laid his life 
down for us 
became our guardian 

Holding our souls 
in the palm 
of his hands 
tainted with 
the sins 
of man 
our Blessed Trinity 

My prayers 
on this 
holy day 
loving you 
my King 
a little piece 
in your Heaven 

Hands clasped praying 
unto the Heaven's 
i rejoice 
holding your name 
upon my lips 

Holy Father 
my adorable King 
I am just 
a meek lamb 
at your feet 
your servant 
Lord and Master 
have mercy on 
our suffering souls 

As we weep 
and mourn 
in loves 
valley of tears 
see light 
of our Savior 
Amen in your Grace 
Glory be 
in your 
name father 
eternal Peace 
of Love

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Sin has flogged me   
Sin has flogged me 
So badly  
I consider my pain a norm  
And not long for cleansing  
Am emensed in my blood  
I look filthy  
I am filthy  
So I think is life  
For I delight  in sin  
With no gruage to a whaling soul  
Perfectly I have subdued it  
Now she stares taken aback  
Whiles I mistaken it for pleasure  
I breakdown suddenly  
Indeed sin does not last  
For it recognises not my effort  
But seeks to drain me to death  
Surely the wages of sin is death  
A fact I knew when the unexpected graced itself upon me  
Help me God  
Help me God  
I am dying  
A death I enjoy  
I am dying   
Quenching the Light   
You setted within me  
My soul whales  
Help me God!  

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

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Utter silence fills our room
except for your breathing.
I can’t tell if you’re in a dream
or just deeply asleep,
but I love your sounds
in my ears
and feeling your body
next to mine.

Do I love you too much?
Is that why I’m pinching myself
to make sure I’m not stuck
in a dream world of my own creation.

You don’t think too highly
of yourself and would be saying
“You are silly.”
When it comes to how I feel
about feeling you next to me.

I want to live in this moment forever
knowing you are ok and here,
not 60 miles away
which always felt like 600.

The first ray of sunlight
slips through the blinds
and I make too much noise
so that your sleepy eyes now
crack open enough
to stare me down
as I say “Good morning my lady.”

You stretch, yawn and move around
such that your body awakens mine more
and reminds me of the sweet loving
we shared last night.

But, I’ll be good and let you
awaken fully before
I attack you with hugs and kisses,
please God never let me get tired of those –
don’t want to break my promise of endless affection.
As you roll over onto me
your beautiful smile lifts my spirit,
your eyes light mine with their twinkling
and your arms curve around me
in our first big hug of the day.

Soon our legs are locked
followed by tender kisses
and loving stares
at each other,
and we realize
that waking up together
is still amazing,
still a blessing
and still wonderful.

We talk a bit
about yesterday
and plan today
then take deep breaths
part our bodies 
and continue
this new day
that God has granted us

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Lack of Thankness

What we lack knowing
What we lack seeing
What we lack acknowledging 
Something as simple so great
How do we forget?
How do we compare
How could we see in a different way? 
Leads us to say 
Thank you God for giving me hands
Hands; those are so powerful in good
And so destructible in evil 
With everything we do 
With everything we establish 
With everything we make
Is and only by the help of our hands
How do we play the guitar?
How do we swim the ocean?
How could we draw a painting?
How could we eat and drink?
How could we clean and ran and play?
Without help 
With no hands
How could we practice our hobbies?
How could we defeat our enemies?
How could we study and learn?
How could we cook and wear?
How could we write, just write
A letter for the ones we love 
To say just say
I miss you
How could we do anything with no hands?
Without the gift from God we so thanklessly use?
How could we not say?
For now we should at least say
Thank you God for all that you made!

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Body worship to God

Reach up tall. Stretch up high 
To touch the King of Kings 
Worship him as you raise your heads
To the king of every king 

Curl up small, bow the knee
Before the King of Kings 
Worship him upon your knees 
For all he is. And all he has done 

Reach your arms out wide 
To people that Christ will draw 
Show his love to every one 
Who walks upon this land 

Put your hands together in prayer 
Let your heart and spirit join 
Pray for the people who need a touch 
From a loving saviours hand 

Sit quietly before the Lord 
And in his presence rest 
Meditate upon his precious word 
And truly well be fed 

Run the race before you 
Feel Gods power within
Look to the goal at the end of life 
When he will lead us home 

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An Astronaut

I think I was an astronaut
Aimed for the stars.
They fill me up;
They refuel my tank.
They enable me to believe,
Telling me to never give up
As they follow me all of my days.
If only we could see the beauty
That they truly are.
They shout out dreams
That we can reach so far.
Climb into the rocket
And liftoff!
On a journey to discover ourselves,
We are taught so much more,
Learning our goals are only a plan away.
Even thought we must return,
I know that I will be back.
I am an astronaut,
And we always reach for the stars.

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Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise Sunset

The gods look upon the Earth
They saw the people they created
They saw the colors they created
The greens, blues and reds
They watched as the sun crossed the sky
They watched as the colors faded into the night
One god was inspired by what he saw
He took a brush and followed the sun
He painted the sky behind the sun
Turning it into a fire that lit the world
Then he looked at the morning
How the light melted the night away
He again took his brush
Caught the fire of the night before
Brushed it across the sky before the sun rose
The fire lit the land as it was never lit before
The god smiled at his work
Man would be blessed when he look toward the sky
They would know that there was beauty in their lives
And they would be happy

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Tree of Life

I see a tree outside my patio door; it’s tall and gifted with so much life.
It’s bark flows in connecting patterns, they come together then flow apart.
It echoes the patterns of relationships that so often come and then they go.
Its precious leaves are born each year, and will fall with the winter cold.

Each cycle leaves a foundation needed for the next year’s growth.
And a ring in this foundation, speaks volumes of the history before.
The branches lead us off to paths; we never thought we would go.
The leaves lend comfort in our lives, and mute the harshness thrown.

It knows how to bend and move and flow with what life will to it send.
Yet, generosity is the gift it gives to those that, upon it constantly depend.
It will shelter, feed, and protect all creatures; both great and small till its end.
Then it will return to the soil, to replenish and nourish the next to grow, again.

Still, why does the tree stretch out its arms as it grows toward the light?
It’s reaching toward its maker, to acknowledge the one who gives it life.
Trees are the living proof given to us, about what we should already know.
Yes, God gave us all these trees to remind us, of how each life should grow.

Trees know his light gifts all we need, to live contently within his arms.
They replenish the air for our every breath and even give us our homes.
The tree should be our Coat of Arms for all it’s given to us, and more…
This gift God has given to us: is symbolized as the beautiful Tree of Life.

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The Miserable Physicist

NB: This piece was featured in Leaves of Ink this month!

“Light travels thousands of miles per second,” she taught
in her physics classes. 
“God is Light,” she heard in Sunday sermons; she wonders
why God doesn’t hear her prayer as fast as the speed of light;
the key of the universe’ secrets is still out of reach from her palms……

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Written 20 may 2013

My faith is in you Lord
 trapped to this bed, I'm bored

How much longer shall I be still
 for I know this is by your will
I'm alone and at your mercy
 given up friends and family
My faith is struggling oh Lord
 I pray that you hear my call

I've been still, by not a choice of mine
 learning lessons through your will and time 

Patience is growing to an all time low
 lets get this operation done, lets go

I've learn't who I am and I do pray 
 so lets get moving, before I fade away....

Give me strength to handle the operation that awaits
 so that I may again see the sunlight on my face

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Eternal Spring

With each stone,
A certain size,
A distinct color,
Water flows gracefully
Over each backbone of the brook.

Along the brook,
The water is pristine,
Yet calm and quiet,
Rolling over stones
And pebbles, the water streams into
A natural spring.

The spring dwells
Eternal life,
Once drank,
Life everlasting.
Offering life after passing.

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A Walk Through A Misty Forest

Come walk with me through God's country
Leaves crackling beneath our feet
Nary a breeze
Just a soft touch of dew against our cheeks

Many trails for us to choose matter which one we do
I'm sure any should lead to beauty
Now traveling down our chosen path

Realizing this is a different world
From whence we came
Free of city sounds
So quiet....except for nature's songs

A chattering squirrel scampering up a tree
The eagle
Her wings lifting her from lofty redwood perch
Free to soar above this glorious canopy of life

Then as we round a bend in our journey
A babbling brook so sweetly clear
Quenches a mother deer
Her baby fawn by her side

What lovely peaceful creatures
Oh what lessons we could learn from them
Looking skyward to the tops of these majestic trees
So lucky we are

To stand among them
These living breathing towers
Many over 2,000 years in growth
Magnificent monuments to nature

Already saplings before Jesus Christ's birth
He came here then to save us all 
Would it not make sense to save these great trees
These living reminders of the gift of our creation

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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Sometimes moments of doubt come across me
Moments that make me ask questions 
And question why?
But as other moments pass beneath me
It makes me say thank you
Until today, I learned and acknowledged
What patience really is
What enduring something and living with the hurt really makes
Now I know why and I stopped questioning
The doubts vanquished but the fears came
When you say when will God give us our right, and justify our position
And you got tired of waiting and sick of tired
As I asked the question to mom with prospects and thoughts of misery
 And she so simply answered me
“You can never tell God what to do, he knows when the time is right, he knows what 
to do, and what he is doing, even though it was after a while of time, even though it 
was a while in years, he will still give us our right, because he is God, all justified and 
As I nodded in much agreement than ever and spoke
“I love you mom, you are so great, even though dad is misguided and everything 
turns out against us, you stay there joking with us and trying to better the day, how 
great are you mother, I love you!”
As the car parked into the mall’s parking lot
And I stepped outside 
And we separated

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Mrs Doris Delph

	To the “mother” I wish I had,
To the sister I wish I knew,
I want you to know this,
I love you!
	I want God to bless you,
Even more than me,
When you die, I want you to go,
To Heaven for eternity.
	May God lift your voice,
To Heaven up above,
And may He rain down His blessings,
To you in love.
	I wish your voice to be strong,
For all the times we meet,
Your voice will be so wonderful,
I’ll fall in my seat!
	To the “mother” I wish I had,
To the sister I wish I knew,
I want you to know this,
I love you!

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So Close, Yet So Far

It's like I'm there,
Standing behind a glass wall.
I've had a taste,
Just not the full platter.
I'm ready for the cake,
But all I have is batter.

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The Sculptor

I feel Him chip away at my flesh.
The vibrations shake to my bones.
Pieces that were once part of me now fall helplessly to the floor.

Every scrape of the chisel,
Every pound of the hammer,
Every piece that is broken from me stings with immense pain.

Why doesn't He stop?
Why is The Sculptor so cruel?
Doesn't He realize that each swing He takes is a nightmare to me?

I would be better off as stone that was never touched,
I would be more content without the suffering that comes apon me,
But I wouldn't be a work of art.

Each chip of the chisel is intended to remove a piece that shouldn't be there.
Each pound of the hammer is meant to force the hideous fragments far from me.
Each move The Sculptor makes, takes me closer to His plan for me.

I must trust, knowing that He never takes off too much.
I must be ready, knowing that He never leaves His work incomplete.
I must be thankful, knowing that I am being made beautiful in His eyes.

The acute pain is only a short part of His plan.
The lasting anguish fades in its own time.
Though heart, and soul, and body all grieve, the permanent state will be that of finished work.

I may not know the reason for each strike,
I may not know the fault with each sundered chunk,
And I may never know.

I know the sting of the chisel now,
I know The Sculptor has a plan,
My part is to trust that He will not work forever ... but that He will be done.

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How Did I Get Here> (Shandorma)

Looking up
How did I get here?
in this pit
on my knees
Father God can you help me?
I need to get out.

I don’t know.
How did I get here?
Did I trip?
Was I pushed?
I’m trying to figure out
did I lose my faith?

In this pit
How did I get here?
I just don’t
Did I do this to myself?
My own selfish ways?

Big mistake.
Searching for answers.
Can Someone
please help me
Deliver myself from here
Help me to pull up.

   Just writing...I've been here but through the grace of God I'm out..Thank you Jesus.

Shandorma-6 lines 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllables
Rhymed or unrhymed..any stanza limit. 

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Wake up O Inhabitants of this Earth Part I

Wake up O Inhabitants of this Earth 

Wake up O, inhabitants of this earth 
The darling children of Almighty God
You may be living in any region, country or state
In any land, Buildings, farm house or on a river bank
On hill tops, on plateaus, in plains or in deserts without rains
Or you may be living in the remains of a green valley
On in any of human’s most dear concrete jungle homes
Or may be in the icy Greenland
Wake up O, the inhabitants of this earth 
O’ darling children of Almighty God
We are in the process of eliminating 
Our four billion years old dwelling venue
In around four hundred years only

The Earth was built and filled by Nature
By the labor and patience of many million years
What great miracles we have done on Earth
In just four hundred years only 

We have stolen the God given treasures of Earth
And have destroyed the most precious among the gems 
Its peace, quietness and tranquility 
Replaced by wars,  explosions, noises, unrest and anxiety 
And have damaged beyond immediate repairs 
The priceless God given shield of Ozone 
Which hangs much above the earth in the sky
And has protected us as a Savior like God
But destroyed by humans like 
fools destroying  its own Paradise 

But what humans have done to our most beloved Earth 
In the last one hundred years is the real threat 
To all the darling children of Mother Nature 
Dear to us as Air, Water and Earth
They are in the danger of global warming
Which is the result of the misuse of knowledge 
And blindly exploiting the Air and Water and Earth
To meet our never ending needs, luxuries and whims 

                                                       be concluded


Kanpur India 9th December 2009 
*Jheels ( A Hindi word means Lakes)
*A singing bird of India like Nightingale

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In this world of live do God give or do God spend.
In god we trust your money make your life bless for best. Pay why when die heaven give no money life. Said of game now dont take da words an miss name da fame. smh. Cause this world is vein, so i bleed outside to water my mainstream of heart filled out the box of art. A gift is but live so a gift is what give. Present I wake no mistake to my take of day, now I play a one way ticket of gold with sweet palace like chocolate for da kids an family. Can't stand it, well dat make manish no planish; know how to stand it. Nerves get on some badish. Then handle all debts publick an private no childish just so wildish. Judge me not 4 i break only da law of da land with out a sight of the man. Then I walk out this cell knowing every step I take is hell to heaven.

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A Rich Tribute

Mother Teresa been a historical,
and an important,
and a humble figure,
as she had dedicated her life for the poor and the needy indeed, 
the best tribute one can give her is by quoting a single quote of her,
out of the many though, 
the one mentioned below seems to be more precise,
in today’s world,
“Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God-the rest will be given”
in the rush of acquiring money,
many have forgotten this lovely aspect,
the aspect of love,
which is much greater than money,
and had crossed a number of boundaries,
from times immemorial,
today jealousy, selfishness, greed have taken over love,
wherein money is not that great,
than love itself,
as love is like a ‘Can’,
which can be filled from the top to the bottom,
unlike money,
which needs to be filled from the bottom instead,
love is greater than money indeed,
as we do love our Gods,
our wives,
the children,
whether they be ours,
or of others,
without distinguishing between their caste, creed, colour,
Love is indeed greater,
as we love the newborns born into this world,
our friends ,
wherein love can also help us to defeat our enemies too,
without love,
no one can progress on,
and neither the countries too,
Therefore love is greater than money indeed!!

'Quote and Author':-
“Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God-the rest will be given”- Author: 'Mother Teresa'

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You Touched My Heart

You Touched My Heart

The Love you gave to me,
It lights me like the Angel rays,
As the winds breeze across the heavens,
As the trees sway forth in the breeze.

Answering questions within my heart,
Unconfusing my humble mind,
Yet you speak your words aloud,
It seemes I am no longer blinded.

The answers all came flooding in,
As you touche my heart with your hand,
The knowledge that you give to me
Within my LIFE I shear to all.

I understand that the events in my LIFE
That troubled me this far are nothing,
As they are nothing to be frightened of,
As you said, I am born unto you, Lord.

I thank you Lord very graciously,
As I speak Your words aloud,
I will shear the love You've given me,
You have made me feel at peace.

As I now know why I am loved,
Thank you Lord for all You have done.

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright 2014

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33 Prayers

There's a time for loves to be won and lost… At least there was for us.
For 33 Chilean miners, lost below… life was simply stopped.
Alive and well, but buried deep…  2,200 feet below.
They had such a daunting, beautiful dream… to see the sky once more.
Being hot, little water, dark, only bites of food…17 days was asking a lot.
But life was true and held on strong, even when in the bowels of the earth you’re lost.
With each day the hopes began to fade, always bolstered by others to be strong.
Little did they know their prayers were there, were being answered in spades above.
Time went on as governments stopped, to send whomever they could to help.
The world looked on, every eye glued, as prayers they also imbued.
For once in their lives everyone together worked, for a common cause that’s true.
Building, digging, drilling, and planning… together as life below held on. 
No one knew the miners were truly alive, as the earth held them in a deathly grip.
But faith held everyone together, for 17 days, on this fateful trip.
Breaking thru a small hole to them in time was a monumental task indeed.
To do it bigger again, was asking God to plow the way and give them back again.
Drill bits broke, and no one slept, as dreams of home, the miners spun.
Several drillings were stopped by fate, as a single one held on.
Many things could have stopped those lives such as slides and after shocks.
Remember the mine was unstable, or it wouldn’t have fallen at all.
Everyone below was tired, hot, worn out, and sick by the time they reached their goal.
One small, flimsy, missile tied from above would have to drag them to the top.
Would it snag? Would the earth crumble? Could it take the buffeting there and back?
The tunnel was finally reinforced. The first people went below, as we held our breath.
One by one, for 24 hours they were brought up from beneath the earth.
Never in the time of man, has a feat been held to so tightly for 69 days and finally won.
Thank the Chilean government, it’s people, the world's and American help, for bringing them back.
Then like the miners did… get on your knees and thank the God above.
Yes… it was one unified, miraculous leap of faith, with God holding every ones hand.
It brought back faith in many things including God and yes, even your fellow man.

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god speaks

god burst everywhere and nowhere all at once
it is the super nova that festers inside the galactic prism of self.
with eyes that look into clouds for what a mirror reflects before them
the mind is dormant to the sound of awakening.
what more to truth should be added to stretch into nine lines?

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A Snipers View of the Great War

Fly on hand
born of comrade’s corpse,
the only memory of what has gone before.

The fleas that hide,
slowly drinking my soul,
a world where freedom lies
snug in the recess of my body,
a giving god to them.

And as I curse the itch with embers burn
I peer through the sight once more
waiting for my foe.
For country has made an avenging god

To see the eyes before they close,
knowing that darkness has come.
This tribute of victory
Is mine alone to dream

Though sleep is my victim’s vengeance,
a place where haunting faces
with broken skulls and withered lips
All gather to greet me.

For tomorrow the dream will begin again
and their words will grow louder
chuckled by feeding rats
which draws the attention of another sight?
for my foe seeks the eye of me.
 This harvest is a lousy feast.

Soldiers in limpet ground
shooting at images of man
For reality would tremble the hand
And a miss, is to know the man
In the mist of this no man's land

And what of god
The day is near when we will lower our heads
For to look would be obscene
We criminals of heaven, we disciples of hell.
But no matter,
Our papers are a blessed pass
For king and country comes first

The victors will judge
Hero or assassin,
The victims will argue in heaven
And god will know the failures of man.

Forgiveness was not mine to give
To follow orders, history will condemn
But the last word is mine
And Adam in his sin will answer to me
A soldier of this Great War.

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What If We All

What if we all
Just stopped where we are
And sent a smile to the one next door?

What if we all
Just stopped where we are
And reached out to those who've done us wrong?

What if we all
Extended a serving hand
To the grieving, homeless, hungry, and downtrodden?

What if we all
Just stopped where we are,
Joining hands,
Offering thanks,
And embracing;
Smiling as our futures shined
Because God has blessed us this life!

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In My hours of solitude
I clean my mind
I see a bright light
shining in my eyes

I know my hours of solitude
is what I need
I talk with God while I'm 
on bending knees

In my hours of solitude
I sit in the Garden of Prayer
where my heart speaks freely
because I know God is there

In my hours of solitude
I find peace
I forget about my troubles
I let my spirit run free

In my hours of solitude
I give thanks to the LORD
After all, HE created me
I am HIS child

written by Rosalyn Marie Lampkin, posted 9/29/2011

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	Why do we celebrate?
We forget the real reason,
The reason we come together
This Christmas Season.
	We celebrate
The day of Your birth,
We call it Christmas
Here on Earth.

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Belivers And Non Believers

In our world today, we live in a lot of controversy. We have belivers and non believers. They are so many different Religions. Some believe in God and some don't. Fortunately, we live in a Country, that has freedom of Religion. We are given that right. there are believers that believe God and Christ His son. There are also the non believers, that don't believe in God. They are Atheists, but they are not Devil worshipers. Some people go through life, just not believing in anything. Worship GOD, HIS SON and the HOLY SPIRIT, if that is what you believe in. Worship in whatever your heart guides you. Don't worship in a false, or forced Denomination, which is what is happening today. The non belivers can continue to worship, false ICONS and scrap the TEN COMMANMENTS, but that will not deter us from worshiping GOD, from being our LORD and SAVIOR... Copyright: By Lucilla M. Carrillo

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Why Do You Weep

Why do you weep oh gentle One?
Why do you cry out when alone?
Even more, why are you silent when you go out?
Do your troubles embarrass you and run others away?

Would it make others uncomfortable to hear what you say?
Would your plight run those away who do not seem to care?
Do you truly feel alone this and every day?
Do you fear what more, next will come your way?

Know I am here… Though we will never meet.
Know my troubles are also great.
Know I too, cry only when alone.
Know I am just like you, my friend.

I know that others soothing words do not take away the pain.
I know that talk of God does not make the problems go away.
I know this dreadful journey never seems to stop.
But I know you are not alone and can still talk to God.

Hope does not pay the bills or bring back those we lost.
Hope does not cure all ills or bring the dawn.
But sometimes Hope and God, is all we have when others fail…
And me of course, for you were never alone.

After you have sat there and silently wept…
Go forth into this day, knowing that in this world….
There are always others like you and me.  
Hope and God are there somewhere, too. No one is truly alone…

Take heart when you are done weeping and know: 
You are not alone: for I am also here with you.
We all have afflictions and problems, usually several at a time.
My greatest affliction is epilepsy among others that abound.
Remember life is an epic to be over come and  still:
I am here for you.

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lighted fingers

our father, who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come
a muttering chorus amidst the silence
as a firefly lands on my fingers

sending tribute to either god
or the soul that the unbelieving congregation mourns for
a constant mummer of your name in untouched hearts
a procession of empty prayers for the ashes

scattered in an urn of porcelain encased in
a shroud of guilt and confusion and shock
on this 3rd day of the 4th month
may the world weep for the
man they never knew.

the fireflies are burning in the air (are you there?)
breathing graves three feet under where my feet stand
where his no longer are
and no longer will
but oh— will you please come back?

come, may the light of these fireflies linger upon the
tears that fall from the empty. may
thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
may hopeless hope lift the ungrounded spirits of this
congregation of faithful cynics with steeled hearts and bolted minds.
and in this time and space of desperation—

give us this day our daily bread
it is only in these moments
that the entire world believes just for a moment that maybe
just maybe god will be there

and in that moment— that god must be there

the last slivers of thread as the fingers let go
forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us
but in our hearts a symphony of loathe and
hatred for everyone and everything
where blame is a burning firefly that refuses rest.

the light on my fingers is a faint flicker

lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
that reigns in our blood but flows into grief
a multitude of concentrated desolation where
the firefly graves are in the hands of our people

for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory
and the stills moving in an endless wave as we walk away
an overwhelming voice of many voices
whispering the lords prayer

as we all did,
as we all one day do

now and forever—

– – –

i watch you fade away into the darkness
shining eyes; lighted fingers
waving goodbye, ill be okay
retreating into the mist of the morning,

leaving me as wordless
as the god i once believed in

– – –

since youve gone away
ive started loving the world so much
all i ever want is to leave it

– – –

and so i whisper my final prayer, oh god–
if youre up there,
take me?

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As Much As I Love Myself

I can only love God as much as I love myself
and I wonder why He's not my first priority
How do I love myself through you oh God?
How do I love myself enough to get close to You?

I can only love God as much as I understand love
Maybe this is why I don't understand our relationship
His glowing light shines too bright sometimes
His glowing light enforces too great a might sometimes

I can only love God as much as I commit to truth
and I ponder why its so hard not to lie
when vowing means to do when I try
when bowing means its to You that I lie

I can only love God as long as I have faith
and I think how my melancholy doesn't seize hope
How do I trust whats only brought me pain?
How do I connect to what drives me insane?

I can only love God as much as I love myself
and I wonder why He's not my first priority
How do I love myself through you oh God?
How do I love myself enough to get close to you?

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Prayer and Action

I remember learning from the first minister I had. I thought I had to only pray to 
obtain things, it was my faith in such a GOD. He kindly gave me insight

 he said "Ted, it is prayer and action"
I replied " what do you mean action?"
he said " Do you get a job before applying for it?"
I replied "No, that is silly, we have to apply ourselves first"
he said " exactly, God calls you to act upon his desires, so he can make the prayer a 
reality in some cases Ted"

The moral of this story is, if you need justice you have to act. A rapist is not just 
caught by prayer, they are caught by the police. They act.

If you need to reach for what is remaining of your dignity, you need to act.

This week I apply myself to act,

and know God will heeds my action to turn it into a prayer.

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The creator,
Ruler of universe,
Immortal, divine,
Supreme and perfect,
Are you onto search God?

Plumb the depths of the heart first,
Read out a man's mind,
Comprehend his thoughts,
Send him some peace,
And a bouquet of love,
And God you will find!

If still He doesn't exist,
Go invent Him !

Is He a word? 
To explain to the world,
Why this life exists,
Why these wonders happen,
Why bright sun rises,
And as when nights dampen,
Moon and stars twinkle !
Why the seasons change
And colours days exchange,
Why these rains enchant
And the rivers flow,
Why the oceans swell
And the mountains glow,
Why birds chirp, sing songs
And animals run to homes,
Why is music in the air
And fragrance to debonair,
Why the flowers bloom
When the buds unfold !
Sweet cry of a baby
And emotions are born !

Let him not be a disbelief,
Or frustration or grief,
One who is malicious,
Disease that's infectious,
Remember Him in trouble,
Not if before,
He will still be with you,
What an adore !

He is in the stars,
And in the stones,
In the flesh,
And in the bones,
He is in every soul,
Trust the truth,
And He's all yours,
The eternal goal !

Written on 30/7/14
Contest - God
Sponsor- Regina Riddle

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advent prophets candle

Calling upon everyone on this day To hold the belief of Gods ways. Welcome God into your heart and souls As you find yourself in the world. Never forget all he has done. To give you unconditional love. Listen to the stories God has to share. Spreading his words of wisdom across the land. Let Gods words fill your hearts with understanding Let him guide you in times of uncertainty Call upon him when you’re at your ropes end Never be afraid to ask questions about this man He has already accepted your hand. Never sit alone in the dark and cry always know God is by your side. Never question what your heart has to say Know that the day of reckoning is coming. When that day arises Hold your hands high. Stand your ground. Say no to the games the devil plays. Show God the love he has shown to you Accept his hand like he has accepted yours You are a child of the lord. You are a precious gift sent from above. You are perfect the way you are.

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Thank God for Pearl

I went to church when I was five,
Sunday School, never missed.
I looked over; who did I see?
Well, of course, I saw Pearl teaching.
Time went by and I got older,
I graduated to the “big church”.
I looked over, I sat on the left.
Who was on the right, Pearl.
Once a month, every month,
Usually the first Sunday… Food`s aplenty.
Go downstairs to eat, who`s there?
Right again. Pearl, with bowl in hand, always happy.
Time goes by, I'm married now.
It's Sunday. Church again; this time with family.
I look to the right, across the aisle,
and who`s there? Right again. Pearl…
1999, it's a very sad Sunday in church.
My Gramzer, upfront in casket; she passed away.
I stood up, turned around, I said a few words.
Who do I see? Pearl, handkerchief in hand, wiping away a tear.
It`s Sunday, Church, Choir time.
I walk up front and once again,
Looking behind me, I see...
Pearl, ready to sing for Jesus.
Time goes by; my whole family is with me.
We're on the left, as usual.
It's been 55 years since that first Sunday.
I look over. Who do I see? I see Pearl once again.
Pearl, I thank God for you…

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Let the fate decide

Let the fate decide 
I write not knowing of what comes
Not realizing the facts
Am not ready for the pain that is on his way
On his way to let down many hopes
To injure many souls 
To stop the proud of one another
I am asking if God could give me a chance 
To prove that I am worth the victory 
To study more harder
To close the lights rarer 
To give the ones I love a hug 
To give them my pride, my tiredness 
My hope for another day to come
And I be the one 
My ears are hearing voices fighting 
For what is right or wrong 
I really wish 
If an angel could fall from the sky 
And remove my eternal pain 
And give me a life I could smile in 
Give me a name, to live with
Give me a tissue to wipe all my tears away 
To miss the love of my parents 
And they’re respect for one another
Would give me a reason to live each day with
To give me a reason to fight for 
If there was angel 
Who would do all this? 
Who would send God my Prayers? 
And send God my begs and hopes for forgiveness
I wish, wish simple word, hard to make 
 Hard to achieve,….
Will the angel send my prayers 
Send my begs 
Send my hopes of forgiveness
Give me the love, honor ,name ,and… the reason to fight , to live
This life that has no justice….

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My Shadow

Blackness, a dark version of me, badness, negativity.

No matter how fast i run or were i run too your right behind me.

Even the brightest sun doesn’t destroy you, you only exist because of me.

All i know is when i face the darkness you disappear, but to only return when the sun rises.

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While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping so peaceful 
An angel took you away
He said your life on earth 
Had reached its final day
The pain that you did suffer 
Will harm you never again
And though my heart does understand
My mind can’t comprehend

Each day I watched you suffer
Yet still you chose to pray 
Thanking God for grace and love
To live just one more day
How could a God ignore the plea
Of a soul he calls his own
Something I do not understand
For my flesh still wants you home

Today we return you to the ground
Your face I’ll see no more
I still do not understand 
But will not cry and moan
I know God’s will is perfect
And I am glad your pain is gone
While you were sleeping peaceful
An angel took you home

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Every piece of soil all the dust,

Every drop of water wearing wet,

Every leaf living green and dead turning brown,

All big or small on Earth planet,

Sun,Moon,stars and all in the internet,

Mark a price and make a count,


Some more plus,plus,please,

Heaven alone costs more than the Earth and plus in price,

Heaven is the most luxury,

Affordable to no treasury,

Try White House,

Try Buckingham palace,

Easy to gain access?

Heaven is a big story to come success,

All lives begin and end like a candle,

Hell or Heaven at last to handle,

Numbers begin from One but no end,

Learn to earn the Heaven be intelligent,

High price but no surprise,

Drop a mail of smile to all face boxes,

No good deeds but no sins,

Billions the reward in the win,

To become Heaven's kith and kin,

Very grace,God!


Seventy times of any mother,

He needs nothing Heaven is in the public offer and our,

Taj Mahal is a wonder,

 Shah Jahan is not the architect,

Heaven,a great wonder,

God,is the architect,

Trust,the best,

All in trust in the golden egg,

Goose to beg!

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The Peace of God

The Peace of God

To know the peace of God,
to experience His very presents
to use His every Word, as spoken
as our very LIFE, His healing power

Then we will have tranquility,
through any storms of LIFE
we will soar above the clouds
riding on the winds of strife.

To have the serenity of God,
flowing from our weary hearts
like the river flows to the ocean
to have our hearts filled with love

which only His Spirit can give us .
Then we’d have the true faith,
to trust God in all parts of LIFE
and to know true discipline of God

To know the perfect peace that God brings! 

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright 2014

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The harsh light of day

The harsh light of day

The darkness surrounds you
It engulfs you
Paralyzed and broken, it drags you down
Deeper into its pit
Ascension, a fleeting dream
Demons surround you 
Torturing your soul further into madness 
Escape, there is none
Turning circles, spinning, you fall further still
Who were you
Where did you come from
No memory, black, all that's left is void
How can you get out
Who can you turn to
No one is there
You are alone
Completely alone 
Falling deeper into the abyss
Retreating into your fear
You scratch at walls hoping to dig free
You bleed 
you cry 
you scream into silence
Solitude, darkness penetrating, consuming
That moment comes
The wicked one is ready to bow
Proud of his victory
Pleased by your inevitable demise
And then, alas
Out of the darkness
Something piercing, blinding
A beacon
A voice saying you are not alone
An end to the darkness...
Tis the harsh light of day 

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What do you think,
Does the tree fall?
Does the cell multiply, 
Even when we don’t observe,

When we lose our self,
In mathematics?
When the last tree falls
And you are not there 
To listen, to hear, to observe the
Death of nature’s prized possession.

But WHY?
Sound does not exist, if only in our
A perception of waves in the air.
Moving, vibrating.
A soup of neurological connections.
Pulsing, Breeding
Unto multimillions
To the cell multiplying.
Creating Life the beauty of
Earth, its Moon, its Sun.

So what is life?
Energy is life,
Coursing through every vein and
Line of our Universe.
Wishing, hoping,
Knowing what we hope to,
Wish to, want to.
So YES! The tree falls, as the
World cannot, cannot just create 
Itself, like a game,
Like a matrix of the mind.

What’s done is done and the birds and 
The animals flee from the ruins, and the 
Termites crawl.
Knowing what we don’t 
The secrets of the Universe,
As the cell multiplies, an 

Supply of life,

While some claim GOD, a Spirit, of Earth

I still claim Science, the hard,
Knowledge, proven unto itself.
The only reason the cell can copy,
Multiply is through the DNA that
Took its
Unto infinitum Life.
The true Tesseract, The true Tessellation, the true Fractal, Onto 

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Invisible Shield

The Ashanti, of Ghana, say that "rain beats down
upon a leopard skin, but it doesn't remove the spots".

Methinks that right they are, if we imagine rain
as everyday challenges, risks and dangers,
and leopard skin as our inborn faith.

As long as we look upon God as our "shield",
we will always be "dry", as we walk in this path
that we call life; a journey with no end......

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The World Stands In Awe

Blinded by hatred and greed Drunk with arrogance and power Drowning in deceit and delusions Prompted by their hired seers Who spend sleepless nights consulting Whispering deadly secrets, conjuring schemes While their masters play ‘god’ Confusing mercy and patience for weakness They forget there is One Mighty God In whom past, present and future lies Now the tide begins to turn And none can stay His mighty hand For he has heard the bitter cries of the poor While their oppressors fill their coffers The silent cries, have reached Heaven's gates All they plead for is just deliverance A new day to work and feed their children To whom freedom has been denied Today, he has spoken in time And the world stands to watch in awe As the wall of mighty dictators Fall like dominoes ~*~
Note: Eyes focused on the Middle East and Northern Africa. And I know many of us are concerned about what will it mean for us... only God knows and since he 's in control, whatever happens we can be sure it will turn out for the good in the end, my friends.

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I Want This Pain To Go Away

I m Mad I m Sad 
Why do I always feel so bad 
Pain wont go away 
I don't want this way

I always cry 
please pain just say good bye
I feel so uneasy 
Lord please help me

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Spared from the Spear

Spared from the Spear

(For Grace Chimezie to her THISDAY Office)

You knew not the coils of cataclysm
Spun like yarns by the angels of evil
Into the frame of that day that sloshed
As dewdrops of the ones that had passed
In the tender nut of your consciousness.

The priests of death puked thunders of chaos
As grenades into the slits of your stare
And you limped unconsciously into the mouth of sore
Salted with the paste of hell’s bite fortified with the devil’s gore,
For their mission was to offer your existence to the god of nothingness.

You mislaid your breath wondering if you had walked beyond the border of earth,
You mislaid your breath wondering if you had walked into the palace of death,
You mislaid your breath wondering if it was time for your face to embrace heaven’s wreath,
But the God of life spared you from the spear
Because it was his choice that you deserved lawns of life not deserts of despair.

By Osieka Osinimu Alao, 30/04/2012

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Meaning of christmas

The meaning of christmas
Isnt about Santa Claus.
Isnt about presents.
Isnt about christmas music.
It's about christ being
Born on christmas day.
So we celebrate,
To remember our
Christ Being born in a manager.
Cause God sent us his Son
To be a scarifice.
And save us from
Being damned to our sin.

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All I Know About Hinduism

All I Know about Hinduism

I adorned myself 
with bangles
which followed my suit 
as they clinked.
Combing my hair 
and placing flowers
they contained the same level of energy 
as I did.
Running around 
thinking I was a princess
reality: the bride was the real deal.
Tripping on the hard stone floor
a gentle hand lifts me up 
puts a sweet 
into my tiny hands.

Five years later 
I take my seat on the tile floor.
Wearing leggings and a kurta like all others
who sit in straight rows.
Reading from the slokas on the poster
making sure we say Om 
three times before starting.
Clasping both hands 
we pray to every special guide in our lives.
Understanding how each one of them has molded us.

Five years later, I sit in front of my laptop.
Wearing sweat pants and a shirt like my sister.
Worshipping daily after taking a shower does not wash away the sins.
Having a plan for the future does not mean I know what it will turn out to be.
All I do know is I have friends up there 
who will listen to me and 
who will help me.
That’s all I know.


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To Be

A telepathic throat
gargles stories and
spits fables’ fish into a watery abyss.
The surface shimmer draws us in
to fall, dream, dive, swim
as the storyteller spins us.

We balk at the tales of winged-hearts.
Love doesn't exist.
We swear by this as God disappears, 
erases slowly while we wake up in season.

Love drops to the ground 
with winter all around.
Snow covers and closes our eyes.
Pronounces what has died.
In the lens the pupil frames 
a frozen image of my flame.
Could it possibly survive?
Rise up and be alive?
The same old story persists
where we make the same old wish.

Devils, misfits, do-gooders, cherubs and chumps,
wonder if God is make-believe, a dream or a magician's trick.
We cross our fingers and chant the scriptures
until The Almighty is real or a lie we can live with.

To be, to be, is miracle enough for me.

My cat chews on this paper—naps on every draft of this poem.
I worship her.

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Just Thinking God Thoughts

This line on

the side bar

caught my eye


It says that a day

without God sucks

and yes, I would agree

but therein is the problem


There is no such thing

as a day without God

we can't escape, nor

can we hide from

the omnipresent

being we proclaim

to be our God 


Are we blind to think

we can escape or hide

it's like saying

when it is dark at night

that the sun has gone

but it has not for if it were

we would die


If God decide