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Free Verse Girlfriend Poems | Free Verse Poems About Girlfriend

These Free Verse Girlfriend poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Girlfriend. These are the best examples of Free Verse Girlfriend poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Paranoid love

Tell me that this fear is just paranoia in my mind, 
we're not straining, we're not struggling, 
we're not sinking, we're just fine. 
I'm not perfect my dearest, but damn have I tried, 
and I'll try harder but I know I'll have the same results every time. 
Do you want me all the ways that I am? 
With all the struggles and the tears and the clinging to your hand. 
I fear your getting further and Im left on the shore to stand, 
watching you in the distance with a bullet in my hand. 
Tell me all this worry, its just clutter in my mind, 
tell me not to worry that we're doing just fine. 
Cause Im scared to run you off and I feel Im falling deep. 
And Im so frightened of these thoughts that its getting hard to sleep.
All I know is that the heart wants what it desires, 
because of you the match inside has turned into a fire. 
And I feel the broken glass thats sticking from my skin, 
Wondering if you'll remove the pain or push it back in. 
My hearts frantic wondering if you feel the same, 
pleading and begging for more than just a saying, 
but to feel and to see that im not alone, 
with being in this love thats overwhelming. 
Once I told you that we didnt have a spark, 
but you were lighting up and I was sitting in the dark. 
And this fire, this blaze its wrapped in desire. 
Im terrified to lose you, I think I might die or, 
maybe disappear from all the pieces falling out, 
im going crazy but when i open my mouth, nothing comes out, 
and I cant explain to you why I just need to hold you close, 
why every time you leave Im scared to let you go, 
why these tears are building up behind my eyes, 
all I know is that the heart wants what it desires 
and it desires to be your wife. 
So tell me in my panic, that your words are true, 
tell my my dearest what I mean to you, 
tell me that this paranoia is all within my mind 
we're not struggling, we're not sinking tell me we're just fine

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I met them once I landed in a place, 
they called it haven, a soiree place. 
Where people are nice,kind and cool. 
Some are young, some are....never mind. 
They're awesome people!

I first met this blonde lady,thought she's only twenty.
She did refused, said she's almost a mother to me. 
I beg to disagree,'cos she's more than just a mom. 
She's a bestfriend, she's wonderwoman. 
She lives in Norway,Anne Lise Andresen was her name. 

There goes a new avatar,who came to visit on my land. 
She's wearring sunglasses,but can't hide the beauty from behind.
Then I found out lately, she doesn't just own a pretty face.
She is the sexiest and hottest momsie,rockin' up poetry.
She's a real poet master,SkAT A.,that's her name! 

One day I sat down and read some poetries, 
So delightful,inspiring, and awesome pieces. 
I got struck to what I've found. 
A Filipina who's writing with charms, 
Her poems are incredibly great, 
She's Nette Onclaud, the goddess poet! 

I came to land another page, thought at first that's a cage. 
Of a tigress with full of angst and strength. 
I must admit, though I was afraid, I admire all the pieces she had made. 
She left the table and threw the soup,and think tha'ts the last time I'll see her poem. 
But with revenge she went back home, and send me greetings that I treasured. 
With friendly comment I came to know, this tigress is tame and a sweet person. 
Who is she?...the everbody's love and favorite, Poet Destroyer!

As time goes by, and my journey went long.
I had to passed in different stations.
I came to know so many beautiful people,
So kind and thoughtful, their arts are treasures.

There came to visit my poem one day, 
Though full of greiving,they cheered me so well.
They are Mary Jo ,Eileen, F.J. ,Vie and Shadow.
The women who are pride of this site.
The pretty ladies who always been there to lift you high.

Above all these awesome experience,
Is to know the people from my own motherland.
My country fellas, so sweet,cool and nice.
They are the crystal flowers glisten brightly like a star.
They are Leonora, Maria Paz, Nikko and Carole...

My day became brighter, you light the path I walk.
Everytime your greetings knock on my door.
Allow me to do the honor to thank you guys.
And let you all know how thankful I am.
My dream has came true, because of this site.

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A S-I-M-P-L-E Yes or No


Ink spills purposely on paper forming letters of certain alphabets to vowels and consonants. Though speechless, one puts forth effort to enunciate and pronounce aloud the syllables carefully to articulate loves interest. Do you want to be my one and only Love Interest?
Pace INK-U-SCRIPT 03-07-13

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This open letter I share to my dear Soupers,
Especially written for the most special muses I have found.
I dedicate this piece  from the depth of my soul.
To most brilliant and exquisite poets here in site.

To Poet Destroyer a.k.a. Linda,
Your poem "Daddy" changed a view in my life.
I'm a tamed little tigress when I first came in site.
So afraid to post a collective words from my mind.

When I read your poem, it suddenly changed my life!
It's a free verse form, taught me that writing isn't that hard.
I can freely spread my wings then reach the sky.
It taught me how to use the ink inside my heart.

I saw the lighter side of you.
A loving heart, a real you.
Some of your slams show off your angst.
In "Daddy's poem", you won The Oscar's.

Linda, in half of a year I spend with you,
I'd like to tell how much I awe you,
You are the star that lit my night.
You are the muse that keeps me write.

To my dearest highness poet, Nette...
I can't still find the right adjective that suits you best.
Your "Kiss from Heaven" moved me away.
It opened my eyes to what a poetry really means.

Your words are extraordinary,unique and passionate.
It invites me to go down deeper, explore the world beneath.
You showed me a different ways to use an ink.
Then lead me to a magical and wondrous place within.

Thank you for being an inspiration,
The wind beneath my wings.
The best poet I  look up with.
The one that I respect and treasured as friend.

You two are like fuel to my soul.
You help me keep going inspite of sorrow.
You show me the world behind these walls,
You refill my pen to create a poem.

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With you in autumn evening

The sweet songs of birds, We hand in hand across the lawn, Pansies white yellow and violet Tossing their heads in the breeze. Somewhere the sound of falling leaves. The sound of squirrel cracking the walnut. Calm weather warm sun, White fluffy clouds forming different shapes, A passenger flight in the blue sky, Sun born in the horizon and about to fade in the horizon, Both our heartbeats echo inside of chest, Shutting and opening of our lips, Your unkempt hair flying backwards, Yellowish west sky. Heart shaped fig leaf's shadow. If I could stop this world from spinning, I would do so, Just to be with you In this autumn evening.

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A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde's Love Poem

I love how your long chestnut hair flows over your gentle shoulders,
And when the sun searches you out for a moment, your hair sparkles…

Because I lit a match and threw it into that rat infested hair ball that you
Waste all your time on.  Next up is your head which I’m going to rip…

Don’t listen to him.  I’m mesmerized by your deep blue eyes, when they lovingly
Gaze In my direction.  I will never make you shed a tear, my dear…

But I’m going to kick you about this filthy house.  It looks like all you’ve
Done all day is piss in the wind.  And stop your crying; your baggy eyes are…

Ignore him, my love.  Your soft, gentle touch upon my face arouses my senses to new Heights.  All my cares wash away as your aquiline hand slowly glides along my arm…

What the hell does he know?  If you don’t get your boney hand off me, I’m going to break it In half.  And the next time I catch you trying to be nice I’m going to throw you out with…

Stop that, Hyde.  Sorry, my love, but as I was saying, your body is a masterpiece sculpted out of the finest treasures.  I’m in awe of its supple curves, how it flinches to the touch…

Oh, shut up Doc, you’re killing me.  And speaking of killing, I feel like pummeling
The living daylights out of your emaciated, piece of good for nothing…

Please be mine baby, before I’m lost forever to…

I’m in charge, so get over here and take it like…

I’m fading, my love.  Hurry, say you’ll be mine.  Save us.

I’m going to tear you apart.  You’re no baby, you’re a…

Save me, before the monster wins…

Too late, Dr., she will be all mine soon…

Just a kiss, my dear.  Just a…

‘Slap’, take that b****...

One kiss.  Now!  -The Dr. and his lover kiss-  Thank you, my love.  Let that vile 
Monster rest in peace, so that we will be left in peace from it for evermore.

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The Ice Cream Truck

the ice cream truck

do you remember in fourth grade when it was the end of the school year?
kids running around in class, volunteer parents planning for field day events, teachers grading tests.
a year's worth of crafts and colorful displays filled the walls like wallpaper.
you can hear singing from the kids in room 4b, ms. mcdonald's class.

the weather outside was a balmy 80 on this june day.
text books, paint brushes, and the obligatory pre-chewed bubble gum filled the desk cavity.
the assistant principle announces something inaudible on the speaker system.
and we are fast approaching the anticipated summer break.

summer. that's when spring lovers finally kiss and the butterflies leave their cocoon.
birds singing and the flowers are saturated with their red, blue, and pink hues.
the last day of school is finally here and the children ride the bus for the last time.
vacations. swimming pools. ocean city. the smell of hot dogs, grass and humidity.

jersey summers are hot. really hot where i grew up. you sweat just by looking out the window.

then one day, the familiar sound of circus-like music faintly approaches town.
louder and louder until everyone knows its the ice cream truck turning the street corner.
the famous mr. softee, or good humor truck, or some local self employed bearded man.
whatever it was, ice cream in all kinds, flavors, colors, and shapes was 25 yards and 25 cents away.

the music kept playing as children seemingly sprayed out of their homes in rapid succession.
a gathering soon followed with parents and children standing all against that delicious truck.
chocolate. peanut butter. vanilla. strawberry. cookies and cream. cookie dough.
sandwiches. bowls. cones. smoothies. sundays. sprinkles. nuts. oh so yummy!

i miss that ice cream truck. i miss those days...

...and i miss you just as much.

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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To love again

Three years left me 
Bruised and broken
Sitting in a pile
Of what use to be myself
But you stumbled back into my life
A man become from 
The boy I knew in childhood
And offered me your hand
My instinct whispered of my past
It spoke the lies he once said
And I sat there with a lit cigarette 
Puffing on the smoke
I wondered what was truth
You knelt on your knees
And I saw the truth was you
Tenderly, nervously, I laid with you
My hope, my trust, my heart
You found a way to hold it all
You made me laugh,
Around you I wouldn't flinch
I started to fall
But I started to fall
Every Instinct screamed
Telling me Id hit the ground
That you would be no where to be found
But you were just as scared
You fell and I wasn't there
Too caught up in my own hurt
I forgot to see your worth 
My eyes squeezed tight
Afraid to see the ground rise
I opened them up
And there you were
Arms wide and ready
Strong and steady 
Teaching me to love again

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The One Call I Missed

Why did you lie to me?
You said you would call
Still I wait here by the phone
This is not how it's meant to be
I feel like I have been a fool
Are you the one who steals my heart?
You say I am the one for you
One who cares would not treat me this way
As I wait I fall too sleep
In the morn I will not care
I will search for my loved one
Do not call I will thrive on my own
Sad is not the way to be
This is how to write a poem with just one.
It is hard to write this way.

For the One to one contest.

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I promised you this

I love the way her quiet hands always seem

to rouse a feeling of intensity deep inside.

How strong the sensation can be when against my body.

I love the how heartening they are

when I feel so misplaced.

And how infantile they feel even though calloused

Greatly through her trying life.

I love the way her eyes gaze at me.

The way they bypass sheepish smiles and timid looks

And see what I really wish for her to see.

I love how a single look ignites a feeling in me that boils

my soul and melts away the layers

like chocolate in the sun.

I love the way her fair lips sneak across her teeth.

The way they coil in to this ideal smile

that always seems to cause the same outcome in me.

I love when she just barely tastes them while she’s thinking and

how they burn when she tenderly places them on my remains.

I admire how they can say so much with out moving

and with a simple flick can entice so much commotion at once.

I love it when I hear thump-thump

and how it propels her passion for this existence. 

I love how no one person gets the same version of her,

and how it always makes every day unique.

I can even love the childish way it makes her mature

which always appears to make her cry.

I love the way I don’t feel good enough for her some times,

but she always tells me Im perfect.

I love how she makes me cry cause it never bittersweet

and always ends in a smile.

I love how angry she makes me and how she just blows it off

in a joke that we both laugh at later.

In the end I promised you this.

Its not done its not perfect but its for you.

Its my heart. Its everything I love about you,

Its my promise to always fall in love with you every day

And love you always.

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She Called Me Darling

She called me darling
And I felt my feet grow roots
While the ground swelled to meet me

She called me darling
As the wind combed the briers in my hair
And strange squirrels anointed me with nests

She called me darling
And the sun painted my cheeks rouge
While the sea spilled from my eyes

She called me darling
As my heart thundered in the distant sky
And the earth shook from its efforts

She called me darling
And a balloon in my chest swelled
Bursting forth with barely contained joy

Freeish Verse.
Just a little sweet poem to try and overcome my writer's block.

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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

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A seed of love planted in the soil of my heart

I sailed unaware into 
the ocean currents 
of her life:

smitten, I 
desired to ride 

them with her;
the ocean ways, a 

seed of love 

planted in the soil of
my heart had taken root 
and grew--only to perish 

a young hope 

that's fleeting:
though I loved her, 

still wounded

like a careless 

In spite of 
this and myself, 
I looked 

for encouragement
in her stare; 

at the outlines 
of her graceful 

I did wonder: 
she was 


a Helen of Troy, a prize, 
on whose loveliness 

so richly gorged! 

But never was 
a lonely man 
more wretched 

I was, 

as she could 
not return my

with equal measure of feeling.  

I would be more
glad had she been 
unwedded to another,

could easily be within 
my desirous 


In time, I 

her again;

and love, or the 
appearance of it--like 
an aborted 


flushed down the 

with her parting 
as well!

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Twilight Lovers

Lovers whispering in the softness of the night.
Two entwined hearts, 
misted in sweet promises.

Floating together in the warmth of love.
Embracing the other's soul, 
desiring each others hearts.
Lips touching, 
adding heat to the swirling mist around them.
Delicious heat only lovers can know.

The hot flames of lust, 
igniting their bodies, 
inflaming their hearts.
Passion carries them through the night.
Destined for all the tomorrows on the twilight together.

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When we were young

We run when it rains

We lie on the ground

And stare at those stars

You said its 5000 stars up there

And I was eight

And believe you of course

You were nine that time

Two years after that I asked you

I say

"How did you know"

Then you said 

"know what"?

About the stars, 

"I count it", she said

"I dont believe you", I said

Then you say:

"I dont care, you want some ice cream"

Then we both walk towards your place

It was cold that time

And your father was on the terrace

Smoking his half lighted cigarette

And said  hi to him

He said hello

Vanilla that was the ice cream

You manage to stretch your hand

And made a loud sigh when you at last

had a grip on the ice cream

I remember sitting

While watching you preparing

A two scoop of ice cream for me

And just one for you

"We need to be equal" , I said

"Whats the point?", she said

"Nothing, its not fair for you", I said

"It is fair, because Im on a diet

I want to be a model someday.

And you need to eat more

Cause your going to be 

my bodyguard" she said

-comments please mate- TY 

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I'm Not Angry

I'm not angry because we broke up,
I'm sad because I can't let you go..
I'm not angry at you for not loving me,..
I'm angry with me for still loving you..
I'm not angry that I lost you,..
I'm sad because I once had you..
I'm not angry that I can't have you,
I'm sad because I know what I'm missing..
I'm not angry that you've moved on,
I'm sad because I can't..
I'm not angry that you won't come back,
I'm sad because I keep hoping you will..
I'm not angry because I hate you and don't want to,..
I'm sad because I miss you and I love you...??

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It's not that fun hanging out at a country fair.. Alone!
Rides aren't nearly as thrilling when you aren't 
Sharing space with someone special.  I was supposed 
To be here with her.  But she broke up with me three
Night ago.  Well, I was about to leave when I came
Upon a booth offering magic beans.  A masked 
Maiden explained that the magic beans would 
Grant any wish within an hour or i could return at that
Time and be refunded my dollar.  I had nothing to 
Lose so I took her up on the deal.  A dropped my dollar 
And swallowed the supposed magic beans.  I knew
They weren't magic, but I was desperate.  My wish
Was to have my girlfriend back.  I knew this was a 
Carnival trick, knowing most people wouldn't return
In an hour to get their dollar back.  I rode a few more
Rides and actually looked around to see if I could
Spot my Ex.  Of course I didn't and the booth was on
The way out so I dropped back by to get my refund.
The girl said its only been 58 minutes you'll have to
Wait.  I said, "Come on, my wish is never going to 
Come true."Just then she lowered her mask.  It was my 
Ex.. She was smiling and said, "I guess I'll take you back!"
Then she said, "And I'm keeping your dollar". We still
Have that dollar today.  Framed in our bedroom ;)

Contest: Linda's "Magic Beans"
Date: 1-9-15
Poet: Lyric Man

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Two Hearts full of Love

I am a heart full of love
that shook the pilars that held her colussium up
her heart filled with sorrow,
I swing such fury toward her heart and soul
she cowards away from me,
in fear of falling in love and not knowing what is in black
and not searching what is in the light of pure white.

I am a heart full of love,
she runs and takes the long dirt road,
through the raging mountains of the quiet countryside,
as the meadows of lilacs slowly die when Spring comes,
the blooming of the rose,
like the blooming of my heart,
a blossom on a cherry tree fall and harbour in the wintertime.
I swing toward her, she falls in fear of wanting attention and love.
Lost in the midnight twilight,
the flaming torch guides her through the dark holes of meaningless souls.
and like a frightened hummingbird,
she flees away from the secrets of falling in love.

A heart full of love ready to love,
it is diffcult to feel and to show,
but as if a rose that blooms in Springtime
my love is ready to bloom.

Pettles lay along a darkened atmosphere
lit up only with four wax candles
a portrait of a woman hung over a mantel piece
in honour of my one true love.

As the twilight shine though my bedroom window,
I show a heart full of love,
to take and to hold for eternity.

And as she slowly moves forward,
she takes me home with her,
and opens her chest and shows me her heart
with a glass of red wine and charming cigarette.
She sheads tears of pain and sorrow on my broud shoulder,
I curise her hair, silk laced hair,
shining against the twilight and the moonlit sky.

My heart full of love,
so divine, so original
a one of a kind.

We make love in the midst of the twilight,
as my dream girl is now reality and my pain is no more,
her pain is no more.
Too show such love makes a man feel free
and his soul lighter.
She holds him there,
as the sun rises over the mountains.
The birds sing a tune of cheerfulness,
and they talk about everything beautiful and kind,
that is still left in this cruel and empty hearted world.

Romance and love shared
with a heart full of love,
smile and kiss upon smooth lips,
feel me against your tight body,
and love me till the morning
when Blue eyed Death is staring us in the face.
and we go with him,
and play a game of risk,
and together forever,
onto a diffrent world
we shall love each other forever,
for you and I both have a heart full of love.

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I wake on the sand
Right near the beach
You have yet to awake
Far out of reach
And Daybreak has arrived
A beauty unlike any other
Comparable only to us, girl
And how we love each other

So I gaze up alone
Marveling up at the sky
The warmth of the sun
Drying my eyes
I'm reflecting on us
Oh how each other we trust
I'm just so happy we're together
And I think to myself,
Just as this sun, we'll last forever

Then returning to be with you
I lay again now
Place my hand gently
On your warm tender shoulder
While I think of our lives today, love
And how they'll be when we're older...
I know there'd be no other way
So "I Love You" I make sure I say
To you, each and everyday

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Hello Again

Hello again my impossible girl,
I've been looking for you in this always changing world
and I have you, my impossible girl.
But, is it always what it seems?
Because every now and then I'll think
and every now and then I will dream,
that my impossible girl has found me.
Because even if I have you, will you see me?
I find it harder and harder to concentrate on the future,
when my future doesn't have my impossible girl.
So as every ball of rock and dust enters the earth,
and every birthday candle blown, 
and every night at 11:11, 
I will wish for my impossible girl to finally see me,
her impossible man waiting, 
for his impossible girl.

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Love Poem Number 2

The first time I glimpsed your beautiful smile,
I couldn’t believe you were real, my ideal!
Your beauty captured my attention and soul ,
I could sense it immediately, you make me whole.
Now the distance between us and every moment apart,
is so painful and sad, it blackens my heart.
For you, my heart longs, your gentle, kind touch,
Your smiles, your pure love, its all just too much,
For my lonely sad soul to be far apart,
I crave you, I need you, you are my sweetheart!
Now that you have come into my black and white world,
Color abounds, and rainbows unfurled.
A new joy in my heart, for love once again I am filled,
A new hope, a new faith, happiness re-instilled.
You are my true joy, and hope for forever,
Im thankful for you and Im glad were together.

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My first that loved me in new ways.
From an A-frame in Arters Mill’s country,
To parties on a Charm City’s river.

Stoned in the rush and hope of our youth,
As memories were cured in crimson and gold,
Certain songs started playing on your radio.

Reminding me of a choice I didn’t want,
And the only thing I couldn’t give you.

Your virtue denied me other excuses,
Leaving me alone fighting the truth.

I kept stalling for change or the right time,
Taking twelve rounds to realize, neither was coming
To save me from hurting you.

Twenty five years later,
And it still feels like a sin.

A Proverb’s woman far above the rubies,
Breaking and keeping those parts of me wishing,
That I had loved you.

Contest: I love Rock n Roll
Inspired by the song:
‘A Man I’ll Never Be’
by Boston

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Only in You

Through the lonely woods, I may head,

Upon the autumn leaves, I may tread,

At the secluded horizon, I may stare,

And only you, I may see,

In those symphonies of silence,

In those melodies of calmness,

In those euphonies of quietness.


By the silent lake, I may lay,

Till the twilight fades, I may stay,

Then in reclusive silence, I may walk,

And only to you, I may talk,

Through those toungueless emotions,

Through those wordless attachments,

Through those voiceless sentiments.


In the lone meadow, I may wander,

Along the untrodden paths, I may waver,

In companionless seclusion, I may hide,

And only in you, I may find,

The depths of oneness,

The bonds of togetherness,

The cozy feel of coalescence.


In the wilderness of emotions, I may die,

At the merciless daggering, I may sigh,

Through a million wounds, I may bleed,

And only in you, I may seek,

The balm of love,

The warmth of affection,

The heal of inseparability.

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i only wish

                                                              she's beautiful, 
                                                         with hair dark and deep.
                                         i imagine me running my fingers through it.
                                                    i imagine kissing her cheeks.
                                                         ive wanted her forever.
                                                           i need her right now.
                                                            but she's like a bird
                                                      nobody can tie her down.
                                   i wish i had her with me. so i can tell her these things. 
                       and i also wish i could tell my mom, who would be so disapointed in me.
                                      i only wish i could come out and scream to the world.
                                                "I DON'T CARE I'M IN LOVE WITH A GIRL!"
                                                 i only wish that my mother could see, 
                            that even though i might be gay, i still want her to love me.
       so tonight ill call her, my lover (if that) and fight with her when she ccalls herself fat.
                                            i laugh along with her, and talk about her day.
                       then my mom will burst through the door crying. then i'll tell her, im gay.

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Love Poem Number 1

Looking into your eyes, 
on the first day we meet, 
I knew right away when my heart skipped a beat,
It flutters and pounds from Your beauty and care. 
It longs for much more, a world we could share.
You bring such a smile to my tattered, worn soul
A happiness lost, so long, long ago.
A hope, a prayer, I offer to He,
I ask for a gift, your smiles at me.
A smile that grows as we are together,
A smile that shows our potential forever.
You bring me such happiness and pure heartfelt glee,
All this and much more
just being with me.
You are so amazing, so beautiful , so pure.
Your company, your heart, your smile all my cure.
I thank God everyday for hearing my plea
I thank God most of all for you next to me.

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Don't Try It

A single kiss from thy lovely lips,
so sweet and so divine,
yet I taste posion upon your tongue.

Your beauty so glorious,
like a blooming rose so beautiful,
yet, why do mine eyes go blind
in the sight that you walk along with another?

Yes you, walk with another,
arm under arm,
lips touching lips in romantic kisses,
it makes my blood boil,
for mine lips are dry.

For mine eyes have seen your glory,
yet no one here listens to my story.
You are evil, yes you are,
don't try to deny,
Listen to a man of experience,
you might as well save some expense.

I write of our long romantic walks
we took together, under the shade of olive trees,
how we went apple picking in autumn time,
and made love in the foyer.

Nomore of that sweet and passionate love,
nomore silent kisses in the night,
when the wind blows hard against the branches,
that tape violently on my windowpane. 
Nomore somber tears shed, when you got sick,
and nomore warm embraces when you shed tears of betrayal.

Betrayal now is a game played by a fool,
such as I,
to think I'd have a happy life with you?
Huh, only a fool would think such a thing,
but now I sit, looking at the foyer,
where we once made sweet, passionate love,
nomore will that foyer be filled with exotic pleasure.
Nomore will you be filled with smiles and exotic pleasure.
I've done my job, as a good man shall do,
now pack your things and get of my stage,
the spotlight yawns for anew,
and the audience grows tired and restless of you.

Now I live life anew,
you too shall see life in new eyes,
walking hand and hand with the blond, blue eyed devil
you call your own.
Shall he take one kiss from your lips,
and die of the posion he tastes on your tongue,
shall he go blind, when he sees your true, black beauty?
He will see the ugly soul, covered up by white rags,
and cheap makeup,
and then he will come to me,
and shake my hand in condolence
and say, "You were right!"

Now you are all alone,
looking for another, as you did many times before,
Now you are alone, walking an open road,
spying on another,
fear of being alone.
Now, you see when you play games with a good man's emotions,
don't try it,
because a good man is not meant to be toyed with.

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My Love

My Love

I love you much, my love, therefore I beg you
Give me that which till today, nobody have asked you
Don’t puzzle, I hope, you’ll help me in this regard
Best beloved and well wishers have supplied essentials
Of lovers always if we turn back too pages of history

Don’t worry; I'm not hurting you demanding your life
Your assets, requires you much rather than to me
I don’t care darling what other guys evaluate upon my asking
Because I don’t see more valuable things than that 
Which can easily, you can offer me

Even it doesn't hold any cost just some dedications 
Which till today no one has dared to offer?
I love you heartily so I want to take stand in this regard
Projecting out as if in the hill some inscriptions in ridges
To draw the attraction of demonstrators 

Don’t afraid, I’m not wishing you to make you show piece
To others at you or my cost, you’re my every thing
Why should I believe you in that easy way?
Definitely my intuition invokes me from within
You will offer me that instinct for my pleasure

Cause, I've noticed in your bright appearance
Deliverance of love is in different mode
Your juvenile desiring to oblige somewhere in the custom
I believe, as we are reared in the same village
In the same brink of the river.

Many times we have rained with completely
Our cows and herds also could not differ them
Swollen brooklets have helped us to unite body
Catching in hand hugging you and adding your body with mine
While crossing you know we used to become one

You can guess your feeling would have crossed the height of Himalayas
To understand, what body wants to be done? 
Your drowned eyes and dropping down drops of water
Used to provoke effort

Beyond that down through the throat, running paths for drenched water
Was explicitly witness, the curved part would be seizing more for that
As a trunk of elephant’s those beautiful thighs
Used to give witnessing purity ascribe for judgement of love

Slowly, crossing plain, stepping towards hills and 
Demarcation of two grassy lanes, when used to welcome
To separate, I know my pinches would cleave you
With high breathe. My love, I love you, I confirmed my decision to you.

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an untitled slam poem that addresses gender and also being a lesbian

"Oh," she whispers, "but she's here with a boy!" Her words, especially the painted blue one, stick to her palm covering her lips and mouth, I lace my fingers through yours and this happens simultaneously on opposite sides of the room, we look at each other and smile, the suppressed laughter in our mouths a balloon blown so full it's about to pop,

It pops.

You're not all boy.

We laugh because she saw you from far away, she saw you and your hair that basically spells out either, 'lesbian,' or, 'boy,' across your forehead.

I look at your eyes. I tell you: Jesus, she thinks you're a boy and she thinks I'm straight we've neeever been in this situation before.
We laugh.

And, oh, that waitress that one time said, "thank you sir," when you handed her your credit card, her words overflowing with poisonous flirtation, spilling out of her mouth along with a biohazardous receipt, Her fingertips brushed yours as she handed it to you,
She didn't know. Painful ignorance.
After she left, you asked, "So is she a lesbian? Or..."

I didn't have the heart to tell you that she thought you were all boy.

I also didn't have the heart to believe the waitress didn't know she was feeding us poison.

you acted like it was nothing, but I, like, internally growled or something because the only two people who are this protective over someone else are moms and girlfriends.

She whispers, "Oh, but she's here with a boy!" and the blue word caresses our cheeks like your thumb and mine, currently participating in some sort of passive aggressive thumb makeout session because that's a nervous habit we have when we hold hands. 
And we have the words "boy" and "lesbian" written across our foreheads, so it's a good thing I focus on your eyes.

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Distant Love

The hours dwindle slowly by- 
When I want you by my side. 
Longing to feel the warmth of your breath 
As you kiss away my pride. 
The anger melts away, 
When I'm held within your arms.
My balance quickly faltering;
As I fall for all of your charms.
The weeks are always longer-
When I don't get to have you near.
Wishing that I could run to you- 
The distance heightening my fear. 
The hours go by rapidly-
When you are finally home. 
 Leaving me all by myself;
With my thoughts to roam. 
The cycle starts all over- 
I'm wishing that you were free. 
Longing to feel the warmth of your breath. 
Until you come right back to me. 

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Swings of Childhood

Into exile
To depth of feeling
To the green paradise
To silence of seasons
To the Old Testament
Wherever you go
Swings of childhood
Will whisper to your soul
Which bets as the rain
Swings of childhood
Will whisper to gulls's hearts
Which bet as dreams
Into exile
To depth of flowers
To outer space
to the bottom of black hole
Everywhere in the universe
My imagination will call you
And we will meet
When swings and gulls meet.....

Naji Almurisi

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Oh, how I would love that, starting today, you would become my skin
So that I could take you places where I have never been.
We would ride from rose to rose, our souls floating in the wind,
And when the time to rest comes, I would lie on your chest,
And we would meet again underneath this same strange sky.

And through a long, long kiss,
A kiss as long as your body,
I would realize that not even a dream
Could have been more tender.

Oh, how I would love to be perfumed by your breath,
And to know that there will be no parting,
That parting that makes us leave each other at a certain time,
Since people think that Love requires a moon
To allow its honey to run freely through our hearts.

And through a long, long kiss,
A kiss as long as your body,
I would realize that not even a dream
Could have been more tender.

Oh, how I would love to turn you into my guitar,
So I could hug you freely and make my poem out of you
And have your loving words become the caresses of my night,
So that the breaking dawn would compete against our light.

And through a long, long kiss,
A kiss as long as your body,
I would realize that it’s no dream,
And I would tell you that I love you.

© Karina Galvez

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My sweetheart

My sweetheart
Cover me
Be as textile of warm love
filling my breathes
Sing for me
Utter my words
Be as cloud of my heart
Raining my tones
Don't be like thorns of flowers
Wounding my dreams
You are the dancer of the first love
You are pulsation of the motionless sea
You are the light
You are the magic
You are the world of oblivion
My sweetheart
This is a pub and that is the place of worship
And this is my heart
Go wherever you want
Neither the night will ask you
Nor silence of eyes....

By Naji Almurisi

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That True Girl

 she's human,
Not so fun to be with,
Not so pretty.

But she choose to forget that,
Walking with her head up high,
The pretty girl that is so damn fly,
Sweet you don't want to tell her bye,
The better version of independent mind,
She young wild n free,
Not to mention she living her life,
She don't need you to keep reminding her of her negative side. 
 For she don't live on that side.

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Halloween-ish Memories

Halloween-ish  Memories
For Suzy Von Geldern

I miss you most of all at Halloween.
The way you'd greet the 'little munchkins'
as you called them, and praise them
for their costumes.  With your laughing eyes 
you'd feign surprise or fear -then invite them
 to take candy from a basket  by the door.

“I  vant to bite your neck.” you’d say,
with the empasis on ‘vant’ and we’d all giggle
in our costumes and delight in the escape.

Why, you'd make the hallway dark and spooky
with a  flickerin'  Jack O Lantern- 
a pumpkin face that Ned would carve each  year.
My mind fills with memories of the plastic ghost of Dracula 
hung each year  in that same spot on that same wall-
We’d pull the chord repeatedly 
to hear  the awful moans . 
 Yes! It really is at Halloween,
 I miss you most of all

Halloween Contest

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more than fascination

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply fascination 

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Should I

should i stop loving you,
because of your thick eyebrows?
or should i stop loving you,
because of your tiny nose?

should i stop loving you,
because of you broad waist?
or should i stop loving you,
because of your ugly face?

should i stop loving you,
because of your nasty handwriting?
or should i stop loving you,
because at bed you're snoring?

should i stop loving you,
because of your weird habits?
or should i stop loving you,
because of your misaligned teeth

should i stop loving you,
because they tell me to do so?
or should i start ignoring this,
because I LOVE YOU


An entry in "A Girls Night Out" contest, 
1st Place (06-03-14)
Sponsored by: Darren Watson

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Sometimes I wish I was

I see you,
I feel you, 
I know you want me,
but I also know that you want me to be her,
and I'm not, 
but sometimes I wish I was.

I wish you saw me, as you see her,
even though You don't want to be with her any more.

I wish that you wouldn't pretend not to know me,
when the very last night,
laying on bed,
I love you,
slipped through your lips,
which was followed by a huge apology,
and you don't realize I didn't even flinch when you said it,
because i had been imagining it all along, 
ever since we made love for the first time,
I didn't want your apology,
even if I know you said it not because you loved me,
but because you wanted me to be her,
so you could love me,
and I'm content with me being in your bed while you imagine I'm someone else,
just that more beautiful, and with no intention of harming you.
And I don't understand, how you cannot see me a as you see her,
I know I'm not her;
but sometimes,
I wish I was.

I'm better,
I would never leave you there to cry your self to sleep,
I wouldn't grab you so hard that I would leave a mark on your beautiful skin,
I didn't want your apology,
But I do apologize to you.
'cause I'm not her, 
and because sometimes,
I wish I was.

I apologize,
because I'm leaving,
I'm going far away,
And I know You'll miss me.

I know you'll find someone else,
as I also know I'm not your only one,
but I do know,
I'm your best one.

I leave my life here,
and hope that when I come back,
if I ever do,
I will no longer want to be her,
but me,
cause maybe,
just maybe,
when I get back,
You'll love no one,
but me.

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Be my life

When trees cry
Love dies
In your wounded heart
At night
Among colors of tears
I see nothing But your green eyes
Your eyes are my soul
Your heart is the perfume of my life
And you are the lamp of darkness
When I meet you!
When I hug your virgin soul!
This is you! !
Flower of spring
The beauty of days
Don’t leave me alone
Be the night covering me
Be the love protecting me
Be the eyes shutting my dreams
Be my life….

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Like the frightened Jackrabbit, I run away from Love

Jump up and down like a jackrabbit
running through meadows
running from what?
Could it be heartbreak,
a venemous snake that hides in the grass,
hiding with fangs ready to pierce the tender skin
upon the tight, bronze flesh of everyday life?
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now!
I need a vacation a long way away from the faceless smiles
and ignorance of young girls, who don't look at you,
who don't show you love and respect.
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now,
as jumping spiders hop everywhere, crawling eight legs around me
my soul black like carcoal, but my heart still beating
slower this time, not like the days before
and like the jackrabbit running from anything and everything,
I run to seek love and vanish away from the empty voids
that people call, their souls.
Recording a film with no tape,
talking to a woman you love, but not having the guts to tell her how you really feel
Jump my boy, like a jackrabbit, take my advice
tell her before she leaves
turns down the endless avenues of endless dark love
the trees grow taller, taller than you
and you sit there feeling away yourself die, missing out in life.
I cannot see you lose your love.
Say it, say it, Say it!!! Tell her! Tell her! Build the guts up!
Build up the courage, tell her how you feel. Take her by the hand and never say goodbye! Never say goodnight, stay with her till the flight comes in the morning
of the first rays of sun shine through your dorm room take her and love her!
Do not be like me, the jackrabbit! I see no happiness
Reading poetry it makes me sad,
to write of others falling in love and I never finding the one.
People tell me, you'll find yours, have hope
but I am a frightened little jackrabbit
who flees from sounds of deep emotions, not having courage to fall in love,
not building the guts up to tell her how I really feel.
She walks alone, I find my oppertunity and sing my love song
She smiles and moves on,
please tell me I cannot fight anymore.
All I have to say is Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye
I need a vacation
to go to some sandy beach on an island of love
and write and write and write, the same poetry that depresses me
but makes you all fall in love with words!
Fiction about love stories, please kiss me
Blue eyed death comes, plays a game of chess with me
I bet twenty, he bets my soul
Kiss me death, the only love I'll ever get,
besides my poet friends who kiss my ass
Listen to my heart, truely, I don't write of beauty
I write for the sorrow soul, the fleeing jackrabbit
running away from love.....

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My Nest

Love is my nest.
It holds me
where all the world I see.
It saves me
from the ground
which my soul will never meet.

Up in a forest tree
hunters scattering in threes
they'll never catch me
I have love.
I am perfectly happy.

relaxed I am
I do not stress
for there isn't life
without my nest.

who cares what's below?
I am above.
love is my nest
My nest is my love.

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Between soul and body

Why you seem sad?
How is for this moon to sadden?
Why pearls pour down from your eyes?
As the raindrops
What is the secret?
What is the matter?
What is the avail of sadness?
And we are hanging in ropes of the sin
And between rope and gallows
An orphan friendship
And between me and you
A new world
Between my eyelash and tears
Painful memories
My lady!
Between city and city
Long distances
Thousand barriers
Thousand souls immigrating
Thousand temples
Thousand priests
Thousand knights
Thousand nights
Thousand devils
And between heart and heart
Farness and yearning
Thousand mercies
Thousand pulses
Thousand love
Thousand addresses
Thousand words
Thousand lies
Thousand candles
And between eye and eye
Hidden Language and dialogues
Thousand tears
Thousand roses
Thousand tones
Thousand winks
Thousand whispers
Thousand touches
Thousand kisses
But between soul and body
One life.............One life.....

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California Dreams

Life relapse and develops new memories and experiences sighted through brown eyes
Miles of driving, walking. Thousands of laughters, a few bad habits, a gorgeous dream for an addict
Later in life finally files success, the prism adjusts, the same sun ray reflects
After a few years of a psychological interpretation which people know god as capable of, ends up all a misunderstanding
Maybe someday you'll read my books of insanity
And the signature I left under this writing with my very last breath inside of me
Because Im now free pieces of ashes in the ocean living my Californian dream, cleaning myself in the tides salt of oceanic health, being the creme that fizzes the sand at your feet
In reality, I never made it with you;
When you think honey, long nights of cuddling, sun rays on a beach I've never seen, take some pictures for me
And my Californian dream will follow you until you figure out the key, honey.
The world without one woman's smile would mean, id never created the Californian dream;
Id of never lived it, even by the death of me
I'd of never known sweet honey and beer is one hell of a mixture
And sometimes when you think only the walls are watching
You need to talk lower, maybe even whisper.
The world without one woman, one less journey, and a million less thoughts is one less dream.
If I live the world without one woman, ill never meet the climax of my Californian dream.

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Born Cursed Romantic

Romance that merry happy 
courting dance
for so many
but not for me
it seems
it was never meant to be.

A born cursed romantic
Can't think of hardly anything else
it's ingrained in my brain 
it's posion in my blood
no matter what I do
it's never good enough.

I thought I new what to do
but I'm sick and tired of having
my heart broken into
And boy does it hurt
I've been hung up to dry
had my nose rubbed in the dirt.

Everywhere I look
it's sex sex sex
Women showing their bits
couples hand in hand
I don't feel human no more
and feel less than a man.

Girlfriends always told me they loved me
I'd make a great husband
But where are they now?
Somewhere with a troglodyte
who treats them like dirt
and that really hurts.

O.k. Women want to sleep with me
but forget it.
I'm not a piece of meat
I'm a man with a brain and good heart
and by the way
my name is Pete.

Peter Dome, copyright.2014. Jan.

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With Mellow Eyes She Came

With mellow eyes she came
Across the vacant lot,
With skin so fair and shining hair,
Ten years old and smiling.
I was only nine.

We were neighbors 
Friends, neighbors, sidewalk skaters
We climbed a tree in mother's yard
And spoke of Ike and Mamie.
I never fell from that pear tree
But slipping some I fell for her.

Time passed and the year 
Between us was a curse;
She passed through school ahead of me
While cheering teams of running boys,
A charming girl beyond dispute.
I thought I'd tasted love.

Like every careless youth 
whose clock is barely ticking
ripened fruit was there to grasp,
though just beyond my reach.

That smiling girl was never cruel
She grew into a woman
I moved to California in my youth
And landed in a tiny town
Upon the coast of ocean.

There is something about girls and ball
That really cannot be fathomed
We love the game, we love the girls
We fall and we are smitten
Running up and down the court
And only think of winning.

Women are little girls that grow
Tall and comely figured.
Little boys, they grow up too.
Fools they are and fools they stay
While women grow much wiser.

If I could live my life again
Would I be any wiser?
My comfort came from books and girls
And guitars playing soft sweet tunes
With singing running over.

Another girl with mellow eyes
Came to me one dawning day
The sun came out, the clouds dispersed.
We talked and knew that we 
Had found our lives entwined. 

I looked for love, I looked for art
I sought some understanding
The love I found was in my wife
The art in understanding
She was more than me for sure
And more than that I bound to her.

The years flew past, there was no stop
No going back, no turning left
No halting of the clock.
We walked along the path of life
We tried to gauge our feelings.

We walked through the grass,
We talked until dawn,
We drove the back roads,
We slept intertwined.

Everything I needed then
Was there just for the taking
We held the hand, we met the eye
No intimacy was lacking
We never were apart until by fate
She faded out of sight.

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Santeria Love Potion Number 9

after all those sleepless nights
i figured it out.
I'm not sick without you
I don't even miss you.
a piece of our sex is stuck in my sinuses;
like a virus is.

i can't remember how it felt to be inside you,
but i can taste it when i spit.
Your sweat a carnal vinaigrette,
lips  like mandarin oranges swimming in rose-water.
Soufflé sighs and martini moans.
 pallet full, stomach empty. 

Your face is a white blur, no black, maybe  grey
all these are too colorful.
You're a shapeless cloud of vapor
Refracting headlights on winding lonesome  roads in my mind.
Au' du recklessness, 
an earthy mix of lavender and salamander slime.
lakewater and sublime sing-alongs.
santeria love potion number 9.

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Ahhhh -

The only thing
that beats a good sh-t
is a good orgasm….
Once I had the good fortune
to experience both phenomenon

My lover was NOT amused
and promptly proceded
to beat the sh-t out of me
(What little was left)
then told me to beat it
to which I happily obliged…

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If Only I could, I Will

If only I could tell the sun to stand still to stall the date of your going, I will; 
If only I could tell the wind to stop moving that not a thing shall be able to fly, I will; 
If only I could turn every deserted place a green pasture so you would be exploring no more, I will; 
If only I could make every insult to sound like a joke so that one won't be hurt but laugh, I will; 
If only I could turn my every thought into an immortal song that without trending you'd be inspired to sing, I will; 
If only I could literally show how much love I have for you by physically opening my heart, I will; 
I could only wish: IF ONLY – because it will never will. 

Yet, the most I can do is wish: 
That I can hold back my tears at the date of your going; 
That the wind shall be its fairest for you to have a safe flight; 
That the place you are heading is the greenest of the pastures anyone would hope to settle; 
That you will be spared of any kind of mockery and insult from a discriminating crowd; 
That you'll be free from stress, fatigue, and discomfort; 
That mine thoughts that you ignored maybe a line of your favourite song; 
That the heart of the one you will find to love shall have a love, so true, like this love I have for you; 

Finally, if I shall be lucky to reach my old age, I hope to have the same consciousness even in  my deathbed, that before giving up my ghost, I still can make a wish – a wish that you never had to go so that I would had spent a lifetime with you . .... ... 

Date & time of writing: 
January 7, 2012 
11:03am – 11:57am 

the sentiment of a lover when true love has to be compromised in paving way to a beloved's call of fortune

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Lady Lucifina II

After parting  this perfumed lace, in sheer from her bare naked
Flesh she slid her lovely beauty atop of,  the rose petals waiting
Wantings thirstful bed;  wrapping its arms about her ivory skin..
While she crawled unto the joyful pillows,  curling up into a tiny
Vanilla cream made ball;  gazing deeply  her emerald eyes black
Lipstick blue lashes  ruby red her flower spreading, love's wings
Ecstasy when clutching digging  these nails, she began to please
Squeezing tightly her breast; a trickling, in mars velvet my fangs.

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Our Poem

Tonight we will start our poem
We will grab ahold of each other, writing love letters.
We will kiss, letting the words flow from our mouths
We will hug, giving the stanzas room to roam
We will embrace each other, giving rhythms to rhymes
We will love each other, giving meaning to letters on a page

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To a love ill never let go of, sorry

you whispered sweet doubts into my ears
but i was so blind to acknowledge the fears
ill never regret how i felt for you 
but you seem so far gone, i don't know what to do

i only did what i thought was right
but i guess i lost all fear and extinguished the light

Bay, i wish i never left 
but its to late to take it back

Bay, i wish i had some sort of sign
to know your OK

i have this horrible habit of making a mess of things
you might think it funny
but i jump when the phone rings

i hope you dont blame me for what happened 
but then again it must have been my fault
im sorry

i guess all those times i apologized were in advance
for the heartbreak that i probably brought down upon you
bay, im sorry, im sorry, im sorry if you ever read this
you'll finally understand the way i still feel about you 

nobody ever said it was easy 
but nobody ever said i would fall this hard

i miss you 

im sorry
im sorry 
im sorry 
im sorry
im sorry

please bay, im sorry 
please bay 

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Erin, seeing you last night brought back a bunch of old feelings, feelings I thought were long gone.

You're a beautiful as ever, and, if you were her right now, I'd tell you that.

I realized that I still have feelings for you, and, I'm still a long way from being over you....

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be my girl

I don’t know what the future holds
But I need you there
Baby if we’ve got each other
There’s no reason to be scared

I can’t promise you the world
But together we can see it
There’s millions of girls
But you’re the one I want to be with

Baby I only want you
Don’t want anybody else
If it can’t be the two of us
Then I think I’d rather be by myself

Baby why waste time? Why wait?
Imagine my hands around your waist
 Sitting by the fireplace
Me putting a smile on your face

We could travel the world together
Or stay in and cuddle alone
I just care about your pleasure
Together we’ll always be home

I can’t promise you will never get hurt
But I promise I won’t be the one to cause it
Baby let me show you your worth
Run you a bath & cook you a meal when you’re exhausted

Together we can have it all
I’ll be there when you call
I’ll be ready to catch you
When you fall

With me you’ll never be alone
I don’t know what the future holds
But I hope you will be there
Baby let’s start our journey and see where we go 

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I and You

 The ink of your red heart
Sips the flowers, 
Besieges the olive 
In the iris of the eyes, 
Flirts the tunes
Hugs the minarets, 
And complains to the night
The sighs of sadness, 
And you are a dream
Asleep in its silence
Under the eyelids …
Has the evening glow of passion
Found no sleep
Under your eyelashes, 
And have not been wounded the eyelashes 
By the tears of rain-laden clouds? 
Who are you? 
I will ask the rhyme
About you, and the arts, 
And the demon of sorrows, 
Are you a lost letter? 
In the lexicon of the centuries? 
Or are you the beginning
For the revolution of madness? 
Your imagination is a cloud
In the darkness of the eyes
And your soul is a talisman
Jailed in my ring…
And my compassionate boat 
Don’t ask me who I am? 
Nor suppose my silence is jest, 
I am the silent call
And a sigh in the last tunes, 
And a silver tear
On your cheek
Flows in rapture…
My planet is premonitions
And my world is doubts, 
And my whisper is poems
Their title …is none, 
And my kiss is sacred, 
Granddaughter of the boughes…
So who am I? 
And who will I be? 
My story is a legend
Inscribed in silence…

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My cursed nightmares

Under the darkened vale within the labyrinth
Of my cursed dreams 
How my wounded heart yearns
As the pages of my history turn
Back to those colourful cherished days 
Now out of reach and so far away.

I dream of my first love Diane
My sweetheart and star filled dream 
Who shaped my future
And made me the man I am.

I'm desperately searching the places
We loved and used to go
And asking people if they know where she is
But no one knows
I know she's near but don't know where
The pain I feel in my heart
Is just too much to bare
I feel lost broken and full of fear
For my soul mate who I loved and breathed for so dear.

Then I awake and it hits me like a bombshell
As reality sets in
It may have just been a nightmare
But she gave me the happiest days of my entire life
I've never really been happy since those days
And I suppose I'll carry my love for her
To my grave.

Peter Dome.copyright. 2014. Aug.

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What kind a drug are you
So seductive and highly addictive
Just one stroke, one is addicted 
Like an addict I can’t do without you
All you do is dement me	
All I do is dream and crave for you
Yet can’t seem to refrain from you
You turned nights into white nights
Nothing to ponder ‘bout
Only you
Just once

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I swear

When the cities sink nightly
In the sea of longing
I swear to drown in your depths

When you sleep
I swear to wander in your dreams

When you laugh!
I swear to melt in your breathes

When you cry!
I swear to freeze in your tears


In your eyes
I swear that silence is full of words

In your heart
I swear that love is full of wishes

In your lips
I swear that perfume is full of kisses

Far of you
I swear that world is full of darks..

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nothing to say

i love my girlfriend
i cannot overstate how much i appreciate those who care about me

you all, and many others, have saved me

i have nothing to say, and i am but words

wipe my tears away
and smile when i laugh

regardless of who you are
or what you are

let us find the truth.


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Promises Thought

Hate me if you must
I never planned to hurt you
You imagined promises 
Those words I never spoke
Our kiss was oh so brief
Electricity filled the air
I longed for your embrace
We played our passionate game
Young lovers intertwined
You smiled 
I whispered in your ear
All those things that lovers say

Read backwards and forwards another reverse poem.

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The Garden

The night air is cool and collective,
Running through my hair and face.
Even when I’m with people, I feel alone
In this cold blooded space.

It’s like walking through a garden
Of all your favorite foods,
But none of which can substantiate
For that one so special mood…

That mood, 
that beautiful frame of mind.  
I only go there with you,
And only you can make it unwind.

I discovered a passion unlike any other
And in my finding I opened a world,
A world I did not know existed.
I’m on cloud nine every time I think of you,
Just the thought of you brings joy to my heart.

This garden holds many beautiful things
Many delightful pleasures,
Many cold nights,
Warm nights,
Difficult frights,
Ecstatic times and unsystematic times!

But they mean nothing to me,
While I’m alone…

Walk with me through this garden.

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The ideal woman

 Let us immigrate like birds
Looking for homeland
You are a woman
But you are not as all women
You are the homeland
You are a woman from among
 Women of the world
 The world …where is the world? 
The world is a cave.full of nymphs
And you are the nymph of this world
I will write about you
Till I make you a saint... 

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Baby Girl


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Who resembles you

 Who resembles you? 
A drunken night 
Or a jealous star 
A colored full moon 
Or shy cottage
Who resembles you? 
A virgin lark 
Or blond flower 
Who resembles love? 
Believing in you 
Who resembles a soul? 
Living in you 
Who resembles a heart? 
Pulsing for you
Who resembles a shadow? 
Walking beside you 
Who resembles a mirror? 
Reflecting your charm
All narrations of the past were illusion 
Not resembling you 
All butterflies of the world 
Were a tattoo in your hands 
Not resembling you 
All perfumes of the world 
Were a wine in your lips 
Not resembling you........ 

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She is red, a riot, 
Rolling with recklessness and 
Reaping the rewards of passion.

I am carpet blue.
Bubbling with banality, bursting
Boredom with silent fashion.

Colliding in the corridor 
We pace a purple paradox.
We’re her favourite colour.

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I am not staring

No darling, I am not staring at her curvy hips
Trust me, I am not looking at her luscious lips
No, I am not beckoned by her big brown breasts
Neither am I lusting for her perfect long legs

Her sleeveless, bare-back blouse is nothing
Just like her six foot frame that’s fit for modeling
I didn’t even notice the short skirt she is wearing
Not even her cleavage, shiny bracelet or earring

Who cares if she has spotless, silky-smooth skin
Or that she has a pointed, picture-perfect chin
Baby you better believe me because it is true
You thought I was staring but I was thinking of you

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Words can not describe how I feel
when you put your arms around me.
When you kiss me, I am whole.
When you tell me that you love me, I still get butterflies.
When you are not with me, I feel empty - 
You bring me so much joy and love 
even when it is tough to deal with me.
You are the sweetest man to me, 
you put everything ahead of you.
You make me smile when i cry, 
laugh when I am angry.
I trust you with absolutely everything
I know you will never hurt me.
You are truly an amazing man.
You are my best friend, 
my love,
my forever.

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 Behind the times

My heart was looking for a place

Behind homelands

My soul was looking for safety

Behind sorrows

My tears were looking for a smile

And behind your heart

I was looking for my self... 

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How I feel when you promise something

I'm not good for you. 
Broken and unworthy. 
You keep me around and I cannot figure out why. 
You are so amazing, so lively, and so different than I. 

I want to be loved by you. 
I want to hold you. 
But I see you there so happy and so care free... 
It will just hurt you to know the person hidden within. 

The real me. 
Not the smiles you see when we speak. 
Not the laughter we share...
But me. 

A lonely child, with fear in her eyes. 
Scared of the world she was born into and scared of the future she might have if she loses you. 
Do you still want me, knowing the little I have said so far? 
I close my eyes wishing you were here... 

But we all know that is a wish that will never come true... 
And it is okay... 
It is nothing new. 
To me at least it is something I feel each day. 
Wanting what is not in reach... 
Wanting for you to be with me.

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Comfort in my arms

As you lay right beside me
Snuggled tightly in my arms
I haven’t got a care in the world

Your sweet smell envelops me
Your soft gentle, skin caresses mine
As warmth is shared, our bodies curled

Stress and worry dissipate
Finding comfort in each other
As our two souls become one

We drift gently off to sleep
As our breathing begin to sync
As if our love has just begun

Waking still in my embrace
Not wanting to leave each other
But we let go all the same

Now we’re off to seize the day
Knowing we will return again
To that comfort we will reclaim

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with slight dementia

old man
with slight dementia
with sturdy sled
and little to offer

looking for attractive
young female and/or male
with good body
needing little
season greeting

send photo 
off season
January and October
to Santa Claus
Saint Barts

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Simply not infatuation

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply a fascination 

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Magic Spell of Touch

Your icy fingers reach up,
breaking the silence
that rises from the eerie depth
of fog,
enveloping us like an ocean.
You touch my hand at first,
sending electric throughout my whole body,
I feel paralyzed,
I let your bony fingers rap around mine.
My breath catches,
and it seems as though the fog thickens.
I can no longer see her,
till she kisses me,
It doesn't matter if I open my eyes,
there's nothing to see.
Your hand breaks away from mine,
I sense it move through the fog,
towards my face.
I brace myself for the smack,
knowing there's no other outcome.
I flinch at her touch,
as her fingers gently caress my face.
I am so lost in the moment,
when the fog dissipates,
and I look into her deep brown eyes.
We get up from the hard circlet of dirt,
evidence of past camping trips engulf the area.
We head through the dense Forrest,
No sense of direction,
knowing we're on our way home.
Her hand is in mine the whole way home.
I sneak back into the eerily dark house,
back up the creaky stairs,
into my bland room,
and onto my tiny bed,
thinking not of the kiss,
but those hands,
those masterful fingers,
which played with the strings of my heart,
and left me
with this loneliness
only your touch can fix.

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Who turns off this world

Who turns off this world? 
And makes my destiny between your hands
If you are a part of my dreams
I will never dream
You are all dreams
These are my heart windows
Are opened for scepter
Are opened for love and dreams 
And the dreams are crying every year
Oh. the virgin! 
How the dreams cry? 
How the foam of the sea and shy sands cry? 
And the gulls are immigrating every year
Are your eyes similar to lilies? 
Who turns off the world? 
And plants a candle over rainbow
To live in a world of illusion
Faraway from the purple? 

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I Finally Understand Why

All those times that i got hurt
It seemed like i was destined to be alone...
It seemed like i would never be happy...
I would always get hurt...
I finally understand why...

All those times i cried myself to sleep...
It seemed like noone cared...
It felt like i would always be alone...
I never seen a future with anyone...
I always wanted one but didnt see it...

I couldnt see a light at the end of the tunnel...
I just seen more and more pain...
I seen more hurt...
I finally understand why...

I remember the first day i saw you...
I felt this feeling inside of me that i never felt before...
My life got a lil bit brighter and i didnt even know your name...
I finally understand why...

I finally understand why it never worked out with anyone else...
I finally understand why i never seen a future with them...
I finally understand why my world got brighter the day i first saw you...
I finally understand that feeling i felt inside...

It never worked cause i was meant for you not them...
I didnt see a future with them cause my future is with you...
My world got brighter cause i found my soul mate...
That feeling i felt inside was the feeling of true love...

You are my future 
My light at the end of the tunnel 
My soul mate
You are my princess

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One Day

Can you please wake up?
It’s been so long since I’ve seen your face.
I miss the gentle raspiness of your voice
And the sweet taste of watermelon on your lips.
Your words give me a reason to live.
They wrapped me within a blanket of optimism
Every time you spoke.
I understand the reason why you had to leave,
But you couldn’t even say goodbye to me,
Because you left so suddenly
Why do you have to be so far?
I constantly call you hoping you’ll pick up .
I text you hoping you’ll somehow respond.
But I know you won’t even bother.
You’re off doing bigger and better things,
And I can’t stop you from living your life the way you wanted.
I occasionally walk by your old house,
And reminisce on the memories we shared in that abandoned home.
Like your mom making us homemade lasagna,
And stealing kisses when she turned her back.
But all that is just a faded memory.
Every time I think of you,
My tears flood the corners of my eyes.
I just wish I can kiss your scars one last time,
But the most recent cut
Took you away from my arms,
And moved you to a permanent place amongst the stars.
So I’ll give you this single rose above your grave.
As I promise to see you again.
One day.

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Come on Baby

Hey, come on baby,
lets blow this place;
come with me and lets make love
under the tall oak tree.
Hear the birds sing,
they tweet and tweet,
and the sun bakes our naked bodies,
as ants tickle at our feet;
making love with me,
making love with you,
and nature is watching
as we perform art.

There is a place out there, somewhere,
between Neptune and Cloud 9,
as asteroids collide together
exploding silent bombs in space,
like the love we make, except not so silent,
we go to that place, you make me love you even more,
when we love each other in that place.

There is a place out there, somewhere,
and as we finish and cuddle, smoking cigarettes
and watching the sun set,
we go to that place,
between the walls of Neptune and Jupiter
on the rings of Saturn,
and Pluto just sits there minding it's own business.

There is a place out there, somewhere,
a much better place than here,
let's pack our bags and go.


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The Whores are my Women

I walk alone on freezing cold gutters,
with my jacket that has no buttons,
and shoes with the holes at the soles of my feet,
and the women look at me and gag,
they cry, they faint, they run away, they sigh,
they don't spare a passing glance,
they are the horrid creatures that have no soul.

Then there are the whores.
Yes, the whores stay with me,
they look at me and see a real man,
they see a real poet,
they see a real artist,
who really and truely starves for his art,
and they all admire me and what I stand for.

When I come around,
they tag along,
they sigh in relief when they see me
and they huddle around me
and they admire me
and I admire all of them.
They are my women
who ask nothing from me,
not one thing, yet they stay by my side.
They don't look at beauty, nor how big my bank account is,
they come as they are and look at me for what I really am.
They admire me, they love me,
they can't get enough of me,
and I can't get enough of them.
They all treat me right,
and I admire them for going out of their way for me.

Love is real, when real people appriciate real people.
Love is there when they sit there and listen to me
read my poems and they laugh and smile at me
and my creative genius.
The whores are my women,
and I love them for that, and I smile,
my heart laughs and they laugh with me,
because their my women
and I love them for that.


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Running Away

The blood in my veins freeze, 
the breath in my chest comes to a rapid halt, 
the atmosphere changes, 
I am made of stone - and I run. 

I run as fast as I possibly can; 
away from the possibilities he lies out before me. 
Away from the fears that echo like a song in my mind, 
over and over and over and over and over 
until I think I'm going to go insane. 

I run from the dangers that come with trusting another being, 
from the chance that I could be wrong, 
from everything twisting and turning and forming in my mind. 
And for a moment I am Titanium.

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Under the Current

Under the current
We peer through empty window 

Twisted thoughts
Of useless wishes
Surrounding our minds

Sunlight is setting on the horizon
And a new day, has begun.

And I feel it crawling
Warmth soaking into my skin
My eyes close
As I'm smiling and thinking of you
It's trying to tell me that
My love is waiting
So I fasten my pace
To head into a new direction
Twords you

Later we are lying
Caught up in the moment
A silent fan
Spinning upon the window sil
We no longer linger our shadows 
They have been blown away
And the silence is peaceful

But still I fear the madness
Of what's yet to come
Unknown boundaries
Someone always crosses the line
Then the relationship turns spiteful.
Will it happen?
Or will it work
The biggest mystery
Each time 
We always learn to late

But regardless 
Of possible failure
Still we try 
Humans are so intriguing

Under the current
When a new love breaks out
And I feel it crawling
But I already know
Even though it's under the current
It's only a matter of time
Lets just enjoy it.

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Introvert V Extrovert

Can i drift away in your silhouette?
or just stare consciously at the road ahead
for technique is lucrative in the battle
but whats a battle if you're already dead
listen carefully
I'm planning to subvert the misfit
who is unworthy of the crown
but sovereignty doesn't appeal to me
in all honesty if darkness attacks
all i want is you beside me
the love would be all the protection we need
but when your gone i would be...
waiting for the second coming
and you my goddess
are made in my image in likeness??.

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My Rita

Rita, the feeling is so real
For you, of all the love and 
My Rita, how do I make you 
Loved, or out of fashion?

Rita, I’ll be the one for you
Forever by your side
My Rita, whatever it takes, I’ll 
Our hearts, we’ll never hide

Rita, you came to me my love
In just the nick of time
My Rita, tonight we’ll rise above
You’re in your red dress so fine

Rita, the feeling is so real
For you, of all the love and 
My Rita, how do I make you 
Loved, or out of fashion?

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A Letter For You

I'll never figure out why
I'm always stuck in my 
own misery the twist is
it's became comfortable 
for me to accept my
loneliness there's always
those short lived glimmers 
of false hopes that lead to
drunken break ups my heart
has only ever beaten for 
one but I'm not her only
it came to me as a surprise 
a few years have past us 
by I still write you these notes
hoping one day you'll find it
and you'll always know I have
only loved you and no one else

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Pink Lip stick

Yellow-Brown skin I see.
From head to toe I wanna greet, 
but at your lips is where I wish we could meet. 
Cause the lipstick you wearing is just so unique. 
You done away with the Red stick cause it was last week, 
and that earth tone color just don't attract me. 
But that Pink lipstick got me weak. Actually got me pondering, wondering, wondering if that's all that's pink?
Wondering is your other pair there? 
Im just asking because Im unaware. 
Im just trying know if its pink everywhere. 
Like your pink lipstick. It got me stuck, so can we lipstick? 
If only for a few seconds lets have a kiss that can take us to the heavens. 
Im saying this but Im lying send me to hell
because I want that first kiss of your pink lips to lead to a down pour of pink drops forming and leaving pink ponds that drench my body and sends me into natural disasters known as pleasure and bliss. 
So I just come out and ask my I have a kiss from your lips painted over from your pink lipstick?

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Finding True Love

For years, searching for a love so true,
Soul felt hollow , existence a misery,
Waiting for an embrace that never came,
Yearning for a passionate kiss, hoping to feel sane,

Thinking about past hurts,
Still pleading mercy from the blinding pain,
Unable to move towards the light,
Darkness feasts on whatever remains,

At that moment, in the pitch black,
As clear as day,
I see you walking with a smile,
Pain slowly disappears, fear kept at bay,

The darkness that surrounds , fragments and vanishes,
Holding my hand , giving a saving rope,
i knew then , that you'll pull me near,
With a warmth and love so pure,
your embrace a testament ,
that you'll forever hold me dear...

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Sliding Down

I’m hoping for my dreams to become a reality
I’m hoping for a phase of gratitude
I’m rejecting my hopeless fate
I’m accepting your side of the story…but don’t intrude 

Unexpectedly, I believe in love in first sight
I grab the rope for extra support
It burns like a vertical line of fire
I’m unable to climb, but I seem too far from my desire 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down… 

I cherish you like my own belongings
I designed you on my bedroom wall
I have you displayed deep in my heart
Believe me – you’ll never split it apart 

Every day I long for your touch – you changed my life around
My heart is blazing like the zealous sun…I prize my freedom and progress
The world is spinning endlessly as I kneel upon my knees 
And I imagine the memories we share with each other 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

When I reflect upon the joyous times,
My heart never fails
To pound vigorously for you
I’m sliding down 
I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you 

I see the light in your eyes
I don’t see an insidious nature in you…
I wish I hadn't believed in the lies
I never felt like a hopeless victim until I gave in to the darkness 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

I’m glad I've met you in the first place
We’re a perfect match – 
Don’t deny it…you made me feel handsome
We’re on the road of victory
We’re making great progress
We’re hanging on the edge,
But we were rescued 
From sliding down…

At least we’re kept ourselves alive……

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Love's, Morning Dew

Waking, unto her dawn's silkened touch..
Gently tracing love's moist, wet lips;  soft
Blossoming pink petals; her beauty's kiss.

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Waiting for the Rain

After the door shuts and the footsteps die,
I rehearse the words I wanted to say.
I tumble them around and around in my mind.
Juggle them. Rewrite them to perfection.
But I won't see you again.

Perhaps it is better this way.

Those nights we spent entwined in moonlit silk,
our hearts beating wildly, kisses so soft
a mere feather could have tasted my lips,
how could such passion be sustained?
Surely we would have burnt out
like two candles beckoned by one flame.

And those days by the beach,
when you playfully teased the ocean,
your skirt lifted high,
the waves bathing your thighs in sea foam,
like the bubbles from your nightly baths.
I still want to lick the saltiness away,
but we've both been battered and beaten
against the shore to the point of loneliness.

We used to be like rain drops,
splashing into the same pool,
spreading ourselves out to the world.
We explored the City in all it's splendor,
gathering other rain drops as we went along.
We were fluid and irresistible - two crazy gals.
But attractions cannot last during droughts.

Your highs became lows, crashes so hard,
the forceful blows struck even me.
I would have shared your pain,
sat in vigil until the rain began again.
I watched your beauty fade into a grey mass,
thunder clouds so fierce I was sure to get wet.
But you couldn't wait it out,
your tears dried upon your ashen face.
I didn't want us to end like this,
our love pounded into the ground.

As the door shuts and the footsteps die,
rain beats against the window panes,
begging to be let in.

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Burning Embers

After being together for a time of great length
I have no idea how I put up with you, or where I get the strength
You make me so furious, just so mad!
Why do I put myself through this, if I just end up being sad?
I get a reminder every morning when I turn to your side of the bed.
The passion our love used to have, a fire burning such a deep red.
Years pass and the fire dies down
I look at you and your once glowing smile, turned into a frown. 
What’s changing I really don’t know
Sometimes wondering if it was all a show…
But in the morning, breath stinky and hair a mess
I look at you and know I’m blessed. 
Because behind those eyes I see a spark
Memories of making out in the park
The only time we’d cry
is when we had to say good-bye. 
I see something that’s keeping us alive
During the screaming shouts there is something in our hearts we are trying to revive
We’re trying to rekindle the burning embers
When all of the sudden, not just our minds, but our hearts remember
We lean in for a passionate kiss
And all of the sudden, remember the feeling of bliss.
And who knew that was the fuel we needed,
A blissful kiss our hearts and lips have so deeply missed
To rekindle our fire
To rekindle our passion
To rekindle our faith and trust we had in each other.

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We started out so young and in love at 15 but then as we got older things started to go wrong when our hidden love wasn't a secret no more
we had been together for a year or more at the age of 17 we had our first born on the way but she was taken from us to soon after birth our relationship stayed intact but wasn’t the same we grew distant our young love hadn't been the same after 10 month and we were 19 the lost we had was a lot to handle but time had passed we were blessed with our beautiful boy who I thought would ease the pain
but still things didn’t change I made mistakes and you did to fill the void because things weren't rite an you weren't there the way I needed you and your mistakes were drunken an hazed a time or two so we're both to blame for our love that’s been hurt an broken now 3 years later I made small mistakes here and there  an you've still not been there the ways I’ve needed you we’re  both hard head an still young our blessed boy older and more handsome then when he was born sees the Paine our love is going through
we have our small moments of perfection the heart ache an tears are not even I don’t know what to do no more we’re about to turn 24 I miss the way things were before when you loved me the way you did when we first started out I wish I hadn't made my newish mistakes but as this new year has started I wanted a new start an it’s been greatish but as the months have passed  it’s turning bad from the past mistakes catching up with me an our new issues arising I feel our love getting more lost an possible never to be found I wish we could go back and we could prevent our mistakes from happening an our relationship be saved from this lost path but you can't turn back time just try to prove we can be trusted an take a new steps forward and hope for the best

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working on a boat

There’s no end to worry, when working on a boat.   
The relentless sea is always busy,
Eager to embrace her,
Constantly reminding you that ownership is an illusion,
Challenging you to preserve her with 
Perception and attention
Before that limitless horizon
Overwhelms her, unimpressed with the
Purity of your desire.
And even when she's trimmed just right,
The bright work polished,
The wind and ocean harnessed in her sails,
And plunging through that vastness,
Adjustments are required,
Your hand on her tiller
Keeping her heeled over
In the slip stream,
Her tell-tails fluttering,
And all that ocean beckoning.

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Angel With Cut Wings

If all the world would collapse right now I'd look at you for the last time and still tell you how much I loved you, 
Your past binds you from gaining happiness but I'm here,
I'm always going to be here for you ,
Through thick and thin,
I had myself questioning before whether you were worth it or not,
But in the end all you had to do was give me off that very faint smile and you gave me wings, 
You're the Angel with the cut off wings, 
You cut them off because you blame yourself for the bad things that occurred to you in the past which you never had control over, 
But I'm here and I just want to let you know that your past does not define your personality to me, 
You're my the One,
My everything,
My blissful paradise, 
I love you and I'll fix you,
I'll never let you go till the end of my days and beyond.

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Memories Made

The coldest white had fell
Surrounding all the feet of those behind
The day turned into hours
Just in the mind
Did the gift appear in night?
Or were dreams reality?
Did it come from karma’s hands?
It drifts from sanity

The trek towards that happy place
You’ve been there many times
Something was different now
It held a horrible surprise
The box wasn’t full of life and sound
The ashes of memories made were here
Taking longer to twist the knife
Left remains of a child now in tears

Standing still you couldn’t breath
Excuses flying in your mind
Trying to figure out the scene
Hoping there’s time
You look up to see
Expectant eyes for the last time
You wish you could keep
But it’s the saddest of a smile 

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Her Poem

Her smile 
Her eyes
Her lips
Her dimples
Her checks
Her voice
Smooth and chic
The words off her lips fall smoothly for me to hear
Lay press upon my ear
Her insecurities
Her wall made of bricks and cement dried I picked and chiseled
Softly places brick on floor
One by one
Her body
Her tongue
Taste sweet to the ear
Yet foul to the feelings
As she swears
Her breath
Makes me breathe
I could fill her dimples with water and float and in the crevices
Share secrets with me
As Andrea said so “I can live the spaces between your teeth and purge myself lean.”
“You drive me crazy. I mean insanely.”
When you don’t text me back my heart skips a beat
Yet not the same way as when you call me
If my heart could glow pink 
It would like my face when you call me youngin’
Well darlin’ I’m only as young as you make me
I mean
You make me giggle like a girl
Your smile
Your eyes
Your lips
Your dimples
Your checks
Your voice
Smooth and chic

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Imagine a boy whose heart you've broken. 
Picture him there, crying, sulking. 
Hands grasped around those fatal tokens. 
That you had left, much like him, broken.

Now listen to his dying monologue. 
For these words shall never again be spoken.

"It was here on this bed I lay, 
Where you said all you need to say, 
As you packed nearly all your things and ran away.
Leaving me there alone, that tragic day. 
Left me kicking, screaming, crying, in a fray. 
You left me in this never ending state of dismay, 
When you left me that way. 

Preaching to a newly understood god, 
Someday soon!
Someday Maybe!
I don't know, just someday' 

What more is there for me to say besides someday?
For you could not sooth this wounded beast at bay.
By simply saying, 

'I will stay,
End this foolish disarray,
And continue that cold harpening music that we had once played.
Just to save you from sudden decay.
Someday I'll be your forever.
Someday never!

'Stop! Stop! Stop!'
I'll say. And, 

'Would you do me one last favor please?
Before you come return for these last few things and leave, 
Kick me while I'm on my knees, 
Deny every last one of my final pleas, 
And rip my heart from about your sleeve. 
Would you do me one last favor please, 

And grant this wish, 
For a have scaffold through many a dark abyss 
Of my sub conscious, 
But still have gone a miss, 
In search of that fatal kiss. 
A kiss I had once wished to share with you.' 

What more is there for me to do, 
For you to do, 
For us to do.
We are now dead!' 

Just as he is dead.
Stuck in his own head, 
Because of the words that you had left unsaid, 
The love that you had left unfed. 
He is now dead, 
In his own head.

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I don't envy you

I don't envy you sister
I don't envy the fact that your eyes are too bright, painted with colors of the rainbow
How your lips look like they are smeared in a pot of warm blood
How your face look like a pot of brown earth plastered on a wall
How your fingers wear vulture claws; your toes too
How your gait erotically draw lustful souls into your coven of shameless fantasies

I don't envy you

Not at all dear friend
When you kept crooning about a yet to be found lover
How you brought a picture of your perfect man snatched from your minds' wall
How you swore to wring him around your body until he puts a ring around your finger
How your spell of deceitfulness brought home your shame unsavory
How that wicked craving of yours sent away all that meant well

I don't envy you

I don't envy your constant nagging; your definite raging
Your late nights and early morning shrieks of bitterness
Not even your legal tender that seems to diminish at hours tick
Not to mention your headlamps that have lost its bulbs
Your speedometer that stopped functioning
Your thermometer that has drastically gone up

I don't envy your madness
Yours sadness
Your reddened eyes
Your blackened heart
Your blue and gloomy sky
Your sunset
You in your closet
Your stiffened body
Your silent words
The wide road you chose
Your gnashing of teeth

I don't envy you
I don't envy anything about you.

Fabulous Edwina 'Neofloetry' Aleme
(c) 2014.

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Your Choice

It crushed my heart to hear
That you were no longer and would never be mine
It seared my soul to see and know
That you were with her and I was once more—alone

I still remember promises
And now they bring me searing pain
Unlike the times my whole being swelled with joy
Now I only further deflate

It ripped me to pieces to see
My place beside you filled with another
My heart is wrung in despair by the thought
That I was rejected—and now I’m replaced

As I sit on the sidelines and cry silently
I wish you would shed one tear for me
Or promise to never forget
Or feel a tinge of regret

But you don’t

You don’t care

You have the choice of letting me go
Or throwing me out
And acting like I don’t exist
And what hurts me more than anything is
When faced with this choice
You  do not blink
With no hesitation
You take it.
Do you know you're slowly killing me?
Sliding a blade into the tender flesh of feelings?
Another pang of pain courses through me
knowing that, of course, you do.
Now I am gone.

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Never has it ever occurred to me
In my whole life on earth
That I'll come across a soul mate like you
So beautiful and unique indeed.

Beauty is mainly physical they say
But yours goes beyond that
To illuminate your hidden features
And accentuate the uniqueness in them.

The sun prouds itself as the most beautiful
Lucifer boasted to that once
But the sun's rays is cowered by your smile's brightness
And Lucifer bows to your beauty's superiority.

Beauty as yours are Angel's version
Beauty comparable to none
Beauty emanating from the depth of your essence
Beauty Numero Uno.

The wind whistles
The birds of heaven sings a eulogy
Flora sways to the beat
All dedicated to your heavenly bestowed beauty.

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Friendly Love

There are a lot of things to say
Why do I feel so alive when you're around?
There’s so much to do today
But how do I get rid of the clouds – shadowy and gray
We're lying on the ground...
Looking at the stars overhead... 

You are my beloved friend – 
Our love won’t break or bend
I’ll love you until the very end…
I’ll love you endlessly…our happiness blends
Like coffee and cream– yum! 
I know…these rhymes are quite dumb…aren’t they? 

Our light will shine and burn out the night 
Maybe there’s a star in the sky that scorches with love 

You are my superb friend – 
Our love won’t wear off or wither away
I’ll love you until the day I die
I’ll love you every day…our delight will be
As sweet as pie – how appealing 
I know…these words are overused…aren’t they? 

Our flight will be as dazzling as the elegant eagle 
Trained to ascend for more than half his life – or we’ll be like the seagull!! 
We could fly there and catch it someday
Fly……with me! Shoot the bull’s eye!
Our love will never die…so don’t say otherwise
Or I’ll sink in dismay

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my arms are around you
I meld
Into the void I simply am held
I know you
Are you around
Come out of hiding
Don't make a sound
I like to know you are helped by my pertinence
I am so fervent and distance so learned
I place my arms around you
You choose to be with me
I learn that you're near me
you can't deceive me
We walk in a park
Cold and bleak and dark
The moon shines and covers us
You are spoiled by my touch
end all
And I simply can not reach
Stave off the cold
My jacket around you
I make you bold
I breath warmth into you
Cover you and discover you
I recover the last breath of your secret
I understand you
Listen to my input
I want you to be great
Walk with me, near me
Enter my fate.

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When being told you're “perfect”
but that it's not enough
what can you even do
in pursuits of love?

The seemingly endless process of
meeting and greeting
sharing, laughing, loving, caring
even becoming attached to family, pets
all so that it may come to an abrupt
ofttimes one-sided end- 
it wears me down
I'm far too young to feel as drained
I'm far too young to feel as pained
I'm far too young to feel as enslaved and betrayed
by this process of courtship as I do

Those older and wiser counsel: 
Patience, waiting is never easy
The right one will come along
You're a good person with a good heart
and you've got a lot to offer
It's their loss
I already know all of that, 
but it doesn't mean I accept it
It doesn't mean a part of me
cannot fear that the one I held dear
should have been mine to keep,
mine to fight for, mine to live for,
mine to die for
But what can I do?
What can I do?

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Hushed Whispers

Breast, caressing silkened breast
A touch, while their petals bloom
Delicate about natures bareness..
Wanting lips with tingling desires
Moist this breath in passions kiss
Dreams of her love's, rendezvous.

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Belle fille

Belle fille

J'eprouve l'amour.

J'adore tu. 

Tu est intelligente,
et belle,
et aussi parfait.

J'adore tu. 

J'eprouve l'amour.

Tu es une tres belle fille.

Belle fille.

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missing you

In a club surrounded by people but I feel lost 
As this gorgeous girl on the dance floor begins to grind on me
But all I can do is stare at the clock
Thinking why hasn’t the girl i like got the time for me?

The girl grinding on me has one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen
She whispers in my ear that she’s flexible
And wants to go to bed and scream
But I’m just not feeling sexual

My heart belongs to someone else
So to give this girl a night of passion would be wrong, is what I felt
Her stripping down to her thong doesn’t even help
The girl I love is gone; I need to be by myself

Yeah i could screw my way through the female population
But what would that really do?
Because my heart would still be aching
Because I still wouldn’t be with you

I gave you forehead kisses
I gave you before bed kisses
Before I went out i gave you doorstep kisses
I promised I’d do whatever the heart in your chest wishes

I ran you baths, held you and made you meals
The love i gave was real
You left me for him; no one knows the heartache I feel
I just need some space to heal 

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Your Will Be Done

You did this, you pushed the wrong buttons,
It was not supposed to end this way.
So now I hide behind these blinds,
I begged and pleaded you to stay. 

You never saw that what i sacrificed for you was way beyond my powers,
But input everything aside for you and now you bring out the sorrows. 
So thank you for showing me what your expectations were with me so you earned your crown,
So I say this as my finial words, "May Your Will Be Done".

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Shade of pink

The flowers are some shade of pink, 
I couldn't really grasp the exact color because I was in a rush to get them to you,
I didn't want that color,
I wanted the color blue,
Because I really don’t love you,
Like that, 
I see you as a person I can talk to you,
Not a person that I can lay next to,
I want to break up with you,
I don’t have the courage to so,That’s why now,
I’m sitting next to you and your pink flowers,
Wishing that I have powers, 
To change myself to someone that is not a coward.

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Fourth of July

The fireworks exploding behind our closed eyes, 
They come to life with the spark from our lips.
We open our eyes and sway back and forth,
Looking at each other as if we will be there forever.
We pull in close and embrace.

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A combination of feelings for one single person
A loving, guiding muse 
Supporting a mythical image of life.
Brazen double standards
Found upon support of one another.
Forbidden passions understood
Embracing the occasion
As enveloped upon
An unexpected smile!

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sleepless nights

Sleeping restless
Cause I'm missing
That one thing

When I do sleep
I dream
Dreams that prevent me
From waking
Cause I wake to a empty room
With cold sweet
Cause your not
Next to me

I want to feel
Your soft lips
As they touch mine
I want to feel your body
As I hold you
Make you feel
your my world
I wish to wake next
To my queen
Even though
I'm just the court jester
But I do not jest when
I say this
Your my heart and world
I think of you
More then you can imagine
If I could paint you
You will be my Mona Lisa
If I could build you
You will be my 16th Chapel
If I could find you in history
I need to take every beauty that ever was
Put them together
And still they fall short
To what you are
You are
My Queen
You are 
My Heart 
You are 
My World 

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Loyal As A Puppy

            Loyal As A Puppy Dog

My gal has Earth tones all over 
Since she comes from this planet, not another
Eyes of granite to watch the skies of blue
Old Faithful is a famous geyser
Not my girl
She is an old geezer, as loyal as a flea
Lies with any dog that happens by
She sticks to me like glue…more like a tic
Since I am rich….and stupid
My woman loves me all the time
But drops her pants right on a dime
In front of others
I think she wants their money
Or maybe for them to rub her tummy


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Even After Death

I will love you today, always, and forever
My love for you is my endeavor
Listen to these words that I have to say
'Cause with you forever is where I'll stay
That is what life is about...
Two people finding love, Soul mates.
I wish I could hold you in my arms
To always have you in my life
To have our love never end
Just you and I...
Even after death..

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Strawberry flavored lipstick and Canada dry

She used to wear 
tasty strawberry gloss lipstick
on her soft warm tender lips
and sometimes Canada dry
for me to sip
It lured me like a moth to a flame
But even without
her sweet kisses drove me insane
Trying to quench the unquenchable thirst
of hearts desire.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. July.

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simply you


funny how time fly so fast
i know there are things that never last
but how amazing it is to see
you sitting here, beside me.

you've seen me at my worst
you've heard the way i cursed
how i blame you for stupid things. 
you just kiss me, or so it seems

the way you laugh at my childish ways
the way you kiss my fears away
they way you hold my hand in the rain
i know that things will be okay. 

you treat things so smoothly
for that i admire you so dearly
we may not know, what will come in our way
but i know for sure,  i love you in your own little ways..

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How Do You Know She Loves You

If she says “I love you”, on the roller coaster
Moments after she saw you
Soil your shirt
She loves you.

If you find yourself at a karaoke bar
And she insists on singing a duet,
Then she picks ‘Just You and I’
But insists on singing the Eddie Rabbitt part
And when it is over, says,
“Let’s have a big hand for Crystal Gayle”
While pointing to you, and
She gives you a high-five,
She loves you.

If she dances with your friends
Without looking at you,
She loves you.

If she hides your shoes
Because you are late for work,
Then makes you hunt for them,
And watches you grow angrier,
Before she goes to the stove
Flips it open to reveal the shoes,
Laughing as you lace them with a scowl,
She loves you.

If she calls you later in the afternoon
Just to ask
“How are those shoes working out for you?”
She loves you.

If she wants you to see her
Playing with babies,
Showing you expressions
That ask your opinion,
She loves you.

After she has seen your worst,
Whether it be drunk or foolish
Or both,
If she waits a month or so
Before telling your friends,
She loves you.

If she never tells her friends,
She loves you a lot.

If she ever screams the words,
“I hate you!” at you,
She loves you.
Or, she once did.

If you try to get even for the shoes
And hide something of hers,
And of course she finds it,
When she looks at you
With eyes that hold no pity,

And says, “I love you.”
She loves you.

If she really loves you,
There is no way you could not know.
You will wake up to find her staring at you,
Enter a room to find her smelling your shirt.
She will call at any hour, “just to talk,”
She will laugh with you when your jokes are funny,
Or at you when they are not.
If she look past all of your faults
And keeps looking,
She loves you.

If she tells you, how she misses her mom,
Or how much she regrets fights with her brother,
She loves you.

If she tells you what you need to hear
Instead of what you want to hear,
She not only loves you,
She respects you.

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Late Nights

My mind wanders to the nights 
when we heard the crickets 
on the hill we claimed as ours. 
Tiring days made sweet 
by the touch of two struggling
lovers hopelessly lost in
search for the eternal. 
We marveled at the universe, 
to places not yet traveled,
to dreams locked in the stars.

Nightly departures brought 
but a promise of return. 
Our arms extended, my hand 
interlocked with yours like the 
roots of 
an ancient sycamore tree on 
familiar earth. 
And I will never let go.

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Baby Girl

I write this  for my sweet Baby Girl,
    Who means more to me now then anything in this world .
How she can make me smile and laugh out loud,
    Never has a woman ever made me feel so prideful & proud.
These dreams I have of her each and all of my nights.
    Awakens me every single day feeling so good and right .
For so many years I have waited for this day ,
    Finally a woman that makes me feel this way.
So filled with so much joy as my heart constantly glows,
    And those who see me will never doubt this  I know.
This beautiful and most wonderful Sweet Baby Girl,
    Is all I will ever want or need in this whole world. 

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Pisces and Leo

We never really were a great couple,
just a pair of blind lovers, persons
playing with the stars,
hoping to make them cross.
We say we'll change,
that were trying,
but we keep leaving our footsteps
in the desert sand
at twilight.
And we keep telling ourselves
that things get clearer
the darker our surroundings become.
we never really were a great couple,
just amazing, beautiful, caring persons.

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Two-thirteen in the morning

It is late. The right-hand corner of my screen says,
"It’s 2:13 AM."
I rub my eyes. Retinas burning from the LCD,
"Go to bed."

Her name goes bold. Her message pops up and she says,
"hai sweetie!!!!<3"
I smile. I say back,
"hey you!"

We talked all night. Then She says,
"g2g to bed now. Work in a few hours! I love you!!!"
My heart skips a beat. I quickly respond,
"I love you too. Talk to you tomorrow nite!"

I stare at the screen long after She’s gone. I think,
"She is amazing."
I still feel excited all over. I tell myself,
"This is love."

I stay up for another hour. She calls me from the hallway,
"Honey? Honey? It’s five in the morning. What are you doing?"
I open up three spreadsheets and two documents. I answer,
"Just doing some work stuff. You know how it is."

I do the same thing the next night. I whisper,
"Where are you? Where are you?"
I shudder as I hear her sobbing in our bedroom down the hallway. I shrug,
"Where is She?"

I wait another two hours and there she is now. She messages me,
"hey sry working late. I’m here now!"
I pause before I type back. I ask myself,
"Working? You are ‘working’, too."

I talk to Her for hours while she sleeps. Then She sends,
"look, I like you a lot and this is fun, but I have a boyfriend. I’m sry."
My chest stiffens. I confess,
"I like you a lot too and this is fun, but I have a girlfriend. I’m not sorry."

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A lonely sleep

And this sadness creeps into my heart, 
never did I think we'd have to sleep apart, 
but suns rays die and in my eyes you still do not appear, 
I wait for moonlight, and wipe away the shine of tears, 
counting the moments till you are here.

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Her Smile

Lips, pink like painted roses,
Part to unveil
The shine of her compassion.

Cheeks dimple as
Her smile
Unfurls across the
Perfect canvas.

Eyes, new moons
On a cloudless night,
Pull her into my heart.

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We Watch With Tears In Our Eyes

the droplets of memories
both unwanted and loved,
they carry our strengths,
with glimpses of what we think we cannot do,
in a vision,
never tangible like the
bars we use to box ourselves,
we do so to keep the
memories out.
They obscure his watchful eyes,
so that what he doesn't see
are the clocks with no numbers,
and instead truth at twelve,
false at six.
In joy he sees the smiling plays
upon a persons face,
yet he doesnt identify
with the actors
as playing the role
assigned to them,
but instead the characters,
masterfully designed by the
thoughts and plans of harm
they wish to do;
to cause him to shut down.
To take the world around him
and squander his life;
he takes it
and those of the loved ones
around him.
The clock points at six.
In sorrow he forgets his love;
forgets the beauty that
he has been given to
change loved ones fortunes,
hes like a child at play,
whose love radiates,
filling the cold floor
andsteel bars of a 
playground left for time
with the orange hue of
wanted energy.
But his obscured eyes
look on the loss of love
and pity for the misfortune
given to him.
And with the bars he ruins more love,
creating the cycle of depression once more,
in another seemingly beautiful heart.
The clock points at twelve.
She comes into his life,
with the knowledge of love
given to her because
she accepted Him.
and she gives to him what
no one cared to give;
a love so unconditional,
so that his moments
in which he forgot himself,
and turn to scar those he loved
never changed her ways.
She was like an owl,
with her own watchful eyes
she watched upon another,
as to create balance upon his life.
And she had her own memory filled tears,
he never hesitated to return the love
he gave her.
And so the cycle of the clock ceased to exist
in the lives of two
so intertwined.
And time was never again a problem,
since the slept on
with watchful,
never tearful

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Arch Patel

I feel broken inside 
My body aches 
My heart bleeds
My past mistakes crush me 
My tears fall like Niagara Falls

I’m left here all alone 
With no one on my side 
No one seems to care 
You’re the only one I had 
Now I am broken inside 

I’m alone in my world
Nowhere to go 
Nowhere to hide 
Here I lie
Broken inside 

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Heavenly Sunshine

a crown of glory 
majesty’s vibrant
celestial child

a song of happiness
nature’s serenade
highly praised,

an angelic beauty
of royal ancestry
wonderfully bold

a cherished timeless 
lyrical melody’s
kindred soul,

a dream eclipsed
moonlight’s tender
celebrated wish

a melodic rainbow’s
forever glorious 
hopeful smile,

an endearing spirit
divine splendor’s 
breathtaking joy

a spirited princess
of paradise’s divine
never-ending bliss.

© Eugene Harvey

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Slow Death

It rolled off my tongue like a tumbleweed, 
and you stood there dazed. 
A disease waiting for the injection.
 I laughed. 
Not because I hated you, 
but because there was nothing 
left to do but watch the reality of
 the world sink into your bones. 
You finally understood why the 
stones you throw fall into the lake. 
Not because of gravity,
 but because they're old souls 
too tired of keeping their heads above water.
 Just like us. 
We were drowning each other. 
Maybe love is too dense, 
maybe mankind too shallow?  
Or maybe we're just a bunch of filthy 
 animals that should have never came up 
with such a fairy tale like love in the first place.
 But we did, 
and here we are in the midst of a chapter
 barely breathing between sighs 
that lie to us both. 
Bodies that yearn for one another 
knowing that we admittedly barely adjust
 each day to the other's mental inclinations.
 Heavy with lust our souls twist,
 bend, and almost break under the 
feeling that made them come alive. 
It has become an infection! 
"I don't know how I'm going to survive you."
 -James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Tear soaked tombstones
Love letters
Class rings and report cards.

Texts from you
Roses from homecoming
Kisses stolen in the twilight
Phone calls until midnight.

Standing in the rain
Holding your hand
Neck to neck in the wind
I wish it would never end.

I fell for a boy in blue
And then I met a boy in black.
When he left me crying
You were there to pick me up.
I found my best friend
And feelings that never end.

Walking out against the wind 
Your arm around me
I’m smiling and you’re watching me.
This time I take your hand
Gently turn around and marvel your eyes
Before wrapping my arms around
Your neck and kissing you.
And I feel no cold
As your arms go around me.
We are one
One and the same.

I hold you close to me
And whisper your name
As the cold wind
Whips around us going on.
But this moment is ours.

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This Night I Wait

Crisp, fresh footsteps on the
smooth serene picture of
snow darkened by night.
They ruin the blanket of
nature left by the
flurries in the midts of winter
with a new beauty,
in which I find more attractive.
The crisp, fresh footsteps of your
departure leave me to ponder
on the questions at trial in your mind;
Have you enjoyed the day,
the cook-off at church,
sleeping at your grandmothers,
eating at mine?
and the safety of your journey
back to your warm, messy bed.
I sit on the edge of my own,
waiting for the return of the
crisp, fresh footsteps
one snowy day.

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the doors

love of my life
the heart of the gold
the crystal handle
to my love door
she opened them wide
and gave a huge smile
and shined her light
in my dead life
she opened me 
with tears of grace
and she made me realize
that i got to fight every way
stand my ground
and not let me down
for i was in tears
for all the break
and then she came
and made me alive again
she made my heart beat
and my lungs breath 
she gave me everything
which was what i need
for to come back
and socialize once more
she has made the pain
run away
never to come back
or return anymore
she made my life
as a prince or a knight
with all loyalty and might
she brought me my life
back from the grave
were my doors were sealed
and i thought no one
would try to revel
my batter and bashed
a heart as you may
she is fixing it right now
and making it great  
thanks to her
i am alive again

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The New Me

When your eyes I see
I catch a reflection of the new me
when I see your expression
it's as if God has taught me a life-long lesson.

what is this lesson?
You wanna know?
It's that I remain
beside the brightest glow

the light that you are
has left me scarred
with happiness and protection
as you have taught me this lesson

In the mirror
I take another look
you have opened my life's book
because for the first time
I can call you mine

The look on your face
shows there isn't a race
I've found where I belong
so I'll be with you life-long.

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Our love is a: Broken Melodies, Barking Hound Dogs and Guilty Lawyers

We've hit a bump;
the melodies and notes that
resemble the feelings of our love
hang in the air broken,
and the silence looms over us
like fog in a cemetery.
It's easier to remember the
difference in all equations than
what reoccurs;
and so our hound dogs,
like our past fights
keep us up at night with eh
passing thoughts of
"should I be here?" and
"Is it worth it?"
And so we explain our case;
the lawyers inside us that
never wish to lose a fight,
all lawyers are guilty.
There never will be a time,
when two songs of
different tempos will make a
Let's start humming the same tune,
and break the broken desires.

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Love ladden lust

I love you but fear
you might not bear
the burden of pleasure
I will provide you for sure

you are more than the world
for your touch and behold
I could do anything
for the happiness to bring

alas! you did't get me
and trying to be free
the love ladden lust
blew away in a gust

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To Her, From Me

You’re such a beauty and always willing
Your gaze itself is oh so giving
Without a mask you came to see
What rightfully would and should always be

And here we stand our fingers locked
How can the world look on so shocked?
To know that you found happiness
Wouldn’t you know, it’s priceless.

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Celebration and Pride

See my hands bound
so tight
Securely hidden
Behind my back
So I just sit here
and fight

You don't know how
it is to be gay
In an society
Where you have to
Your love everyday

You don't know how
hard I try
To show you that
I am no different
That if you cut me I
still will cry

You see how I fight
I do this
Every day
And every night

I will not back down
No matter how hard
you push
I will 
Stand my ground

I will not sit back
and wait
For a group of
business men
And religious
To seal my fate

This is the 21st
But still you fear 
What we don't know
Not understanding we
want to be free

We want to dance in
the street
We want to walk down
the aisle
A smile on all faces
As everyone comes up
to their feet

I will not stop
until I see it that
Until I can look at
my spouse
Whoever he or she
may be
 And proudly say
Look at us babe
We are free today!

This is for all
struggling members
of the LGBTQ
community whether
you are out and
proud or still
hiding behind closed
doors remember there
is always someone
out there for you.
You are not alone in
this battle. I
strongly urge anyone
who needs to talk
about coming out or
just everyday things
about being Bisexual
Gay Pan
on your mind to talk
to someone they
trust. That could be
a parent, a best
friend, a teacher or
even me. Remember
there is always
someone who has your
back and you are
NEVER alone.
P.S. I apologize for
some of the odd off
rhymes. That is why
I made it free verse
and not rhyme like I
had planned.

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Admitting that I don’t 
Still care even though it’s not fair
to be without everything
that made me 
exactly what it was to feel
what it was to be real
and now I don’t care anymore

Like the hands on a clock change 
Arms roll loose and free
Never knowing what to grab
Or to even believe in me
To catch a fall from a distance
Even though it’s right next to me
You still can’t believe 
I’d be there for every instance

Rollin like eyes on a face 
too bad the smile’s fake 
showing  mistakes
never seeing through to the truth 
but the words can’t lie 
when it makes the features
turn, to a painful time

Cause the thought remains				
Of how it’s never the same									       How I changed my ways
In these turbulent days
I can’t face now what’s in store
Cause there’s always gonna be that much more
Waiting, and hiding, 
Behind every curve
Like the moonlight
Sitting on the edge of your nerves
Shattering hopes and dreams
And revealing what’s not anymore

When the light shines green
its just to deceive
Even though it’s against
Everything you’ve seen
It’s dark 
Inside the heart
Filled with stains from yesterday’s rain
Leaving what’s left in the distance
And never feeling what’s real anymore
Try to look past the stage, of the rage
Knowing full well that
In this world we dig our own graves

Take me, I can not fight myself
Stretching, a life’s worth is just too much
Saddening, to run from my old self
Causing, a stigma in my eyes 

You hear a chime
Lost in age, 
A match to a time
Before May
When everything was safe

Take everything with a grain of salt cause
In the end it’s no one’s fault
Like assault
On a memory fading in the wind
No matter what it’s still a sin
Just roll with the punches kid
It’ll all turn round in the end

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Three Little Words

They roam around my head
whisper quietly
begging to come out to play
what would you think if you heard
would you freak out
say it's too soon
what would you do if you knew
these words want life
to be heard
they wish to be screamed
you're so amazing
so beautiful and funny
Handsome and kind
you make me feel wanted
like the future is a gift
would you like my words
would they please you 
make you smile and grin
or would they scare
and cause you to run

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Finding You

Lone in dark days he strives
Rising and falling the sun does its routine
In deep remorse a bleeding heart
"Will I ever find true love?"

But long gone are those days
Beautiful smiles polishes every day
Offending cold nights has a remedy warmth in her caress
In her eyes he views paradise
Each hour, minute and second one thing is left at mind
"Thank God I found You"
A falling star both wait and see each night
And a silent wish"I pray thee stays forever"
Well wish not granted I say
Nothing stays forever

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Rained Filled Clouds

Rain filled clouds are what follow me now ,
No sunshine for me these days and smiles are not aloud.
My sight is blurry now and can't listen to what you say,
It was you who has caused this and why I am feeling this way.
Hold on tightly now It has been the ride of my life ,
But somehow it slipped away like a thief in the night .
How did I not see it so plainly writen on the wall,
Never in a million years did I expect to lose it all.
But here I am standing with my back  turned away,
For I can not face the sadness you brought me this day.
Why has this happened to me and just what will I do,
Shell of a man in a life that was suppose to be spent with you.
It's over now and it's all becuase of you 
I just cant see  theres anything you can do .
 Blinded by the love  for you never a  reason to doubt,
So quickly I learned howI will be going without.
 The warmth of a love you brought to me ,
 Now I will live without what was meant to be .
You were always a a part of the world I've grown to know,
Now that your gone the sadnees in my face will forever show.
These cloudy days bring me nothing but pain,
My life forever will be only me standing in the rain.

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Original of the Doc wearing fist cuffing angels

Baby don't walk away
It's true that the beginning is better than the end
Please hold that smile somewhere in your heart

I will give you everything that you need
Except all that you are and will be
Cause you are the first one of your kind

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
And I want nothing else tonight

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it

Somethings you shouldn't have to do alone
Like sleeping, waking and eating
Some people got way too much on their plate

I would give you everything that you need
Except all that you are and will be
Cause you are the first one of your kind

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
And I want nothing else tonight

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it
You'll never be alone, no
So sugar come on show us those soles
You've been wearing out when you collect the toll

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it
Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
The whole of what you got, the whole of what you got

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in my mind

so ways i wish people could see why i write what i do 
see what i see 
or even feel what has been felt 
would you all really judge how i act would you really hurt me like you all have
i know everyone has it rough but does that mean you put me down for handling it the way i do
if anything you push me farther and to my breaking point
you should see the damage you have done 
see the pain you put me thro 
realize that maybe just maybe somethings truly wrong instead of assuming i just want attention
maybe my mind is a bit unstable 
and maybe my heart isn't as strong as it once was but that doesn't make me any different
so why hold all this against me 
why make things worse
why be the reason someone decides to give up
showing you whats going through my heart and whats ripping at my mind is my way of showing you i truly am broken 
you say there's no fixing it but do you really even wanna try
do you really find me worth all the troubles
when you said i love you was it all some big joke 
was it a way of filling some crappy void in your life
if i was to disappear you could care less if i were to die would you even be sad 
knowing that your love was all fake doesn't make it easier to forget it makes it harder to realize my own ignorance
you knew how hurt i was when you first came into my life but you didn't care you found your source of amusement and you didn't care if it killed me 
well in a way i am dead, dead inside 
nothing moves no tears are cried
a beat less heart a shallow soul 
i guess dying really isnt that easy 
but neither is watching someone rip you apart 
its kinda the same in some ways i think dying would be better 
nothing to live for 
no strings holding you to this pathetic thing called life
no words could hurt you
no dreams to be crushed 
but why is it bad always happens to someone so good so pure
why does everything have to go wrong why cant something just go right for once
i know this sounds bad and it may sound like a plea for death but its a way of dealing with fear dealing with mixed emotions
dealing with what i guess wasnt meant to be 
its hard to shake off what people are saying we all know that by now
the love people once held never lasts or it never will be found
emotions are meant to be hidden because no one truly wants to be the burden on someone life
or to feel like they aint worth anything i guess this is a way of crying out for help
a way of saying please save me please just please be the one that makes it ok 
be the one that numbs pain

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Beautiful Boyfriend

My beautiful boyfriend,
in your plaid skirts
and black lipstick,
you make my head spin
as you tease me;
with your body,
how the curves are so perfect,
to the clothes you wear,
your black and purple bra,
with the matching purple panties.
You kiss me,
but instead of feeling the
facial hair of a guy,
I feel your soft smooth skin.
You touch my face,
and once again the feel is unexpected,
not callous,
but soft.
Everything about your body is soft,
drawing me into your charm,
something specific to only your body,
and when you begin the change,
the morph into the real outer you,
I'll feel muscle throughout your body,
telling me that I am safe,
and I'll hear your deeper voice,
and know that I would wish for none other.
You are unique,
and somehow I get to call you mine.

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An Empty Heart Full of Hope

I've found someone I can't live without
Pitiful, I've only discovered that after they've left 
Now I can't live. 
I've descended on both knees 
A face flooded with tears, 
Which bled from my broken insides 
To repent, to pray to a God 
In which I did not believe existed 
A God in which I only turned to 
In times of need
A God in which I believed would avail me, even if I wasn't the most 
Faithful of followers 
I believed if I was baptized in his name, he'd perform divine miracles 
Before my eyes, even if I did not practice his teachings 
Am I selfish for doing so? 

Set aside my failure to practice 
My own congenital beliefs, 
My heart still aches 
My body, still empty 
Legs shaking, weak from the lack 
Of his presence 
He is my pillar 
He is my wings 
He arises me above all that is evil 
He makes me feel whole, 
He makes me feel divine, 
He makes me feel like I can climb mountains, 
Slay the devil, himself 
I am a fool for this man 
He is my King 
And I would walk through hellfire to be able to hold him once more...

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This dxxn dam

My mental barriers crumble
as I sink deeper into this drunken delirium.
Thoughts of her rush in
like water through the cracks of a broken dam.
As the stone wall falls
and I am swept away by the flood,
I am sliced by debris and images of her smile.
I become submerged 
and the sounds of her laugh flow into my ears.
Beat to hell and soaked with sorrow, 
I finally wash ashore.

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Let's dance through thunderstorms
And make love in midnight air.
Let's forgive on rainy days
And kiss with little care.
Let's speak of passion in whispers 
And devotion in screams.
Let's love till we burst at the seams.

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The feelings are so strong...they have came so fast and it hasn't been that long..they will be forever far from gone...when I hear your voice it reminds me of a love song..tell me right now if my feelings are wrong..your gracious smile that reach farther then the Nile...surpasses more than a mile...eyes dark brown and round..reminds me of the bright and joyful...the wonderful smile upon your face is so many words to describe you but it will be a list full..the blissful laugh that you always are indeed my princess none the less because you are the best that will also be on the path to success...your life so full of light like recess...I really hope this could be something serious..I feel a strong sense...of love...maybe something that we can be more and above floating higher than a dove...could this be the four letter word love? -Tyree Thaddeus Ratlieff III

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You will never truly know how I feel

Ever have those days
where everything in the world
just seems to go wrong
where no one is talking
no one will listen 
and no one really cares
you are yelling 
and screaming 
and no one seems 
to even look your way
that happens all to often
you have your "bestfriends"
but they never seem to listen
when you truly need it most
why do they only come to you
when they need something
when they need it
never there for you
sometimes it seems like 
you are just all alone in this world
and everything is wrong

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On a journey of feelings I embark
Heart filled with love
Brain filled with imaginations
Imaginations about us
U and I
Linked together by love
Love growing stronger daily
Death alone will be our separator
Together we shall live
Forever and ever
My love for you is
For words alone can’t express it

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The morning after

The morning after

Is there any reality ?, or is it just another dream ?
Four AM and I awake from a dream.
That dream tells a story, is that story a truth ?, - 
The truth that came to light, Valentine’s night.

I came to visit with you - your girlfriend is there –
Our words are brief – you want to leave – walk out the door.
Your friend and I remain behind – your choice.
Your girlfriend begins to tell me that you are involved –
In fact  - you have been involved for a long time –
I have been nothing more then a filler for your empty hours.
I awake with this pain in my heart and a knowledge of.
WHAT ???

Monika :

February 15th 2007

Four AM ,pen in hand, words begin to flow.
You are a beautiful Lady, I would love to know.
My heart ache, bleeds for you- I show 
you the tears that run wild, through my veins
until knowledge of, absorbs, and all that remains
are holographic shards, memories ( good or bad ) of the pains
I have had to endure - your words where “ be patient ”,
“ be this, be that, be the other ”.
My soul’s spirit, you did smother.
Implication ?, my dream realized.
but these all seem to be more transient.
and my life’s journey, compromised.
In all honest Monika, - I think – never from you
will come the passion, the closeness, the affection, the love,
a desire for – all these things I desire to give and to live, 
I so wish to know. I feel that I am nothing more  - for you –
then a gift – the gift of Christmas love ( black and red lovers twist ).
A block of wood, carved into – inanimate – lovers entwined in each other, 
a passionate kiss that you see as a musical symbol.
An item to be placed upon a shelf – looked at, but never touched -
symbolically, spiritually or as a mentor to bring out of you – life, alive.
As always Monika, I am conflicted -  living with uncertainty,
Always in doubt about where I stand and what I mean to you .

B. J. “A” 2
February 15th 2007

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The Life of My Love

Her beauty shrouded,  
Her personality hidden,  
In crippling anxiety,  
From which her depression is driven.  
Her true self,  
Only to be shown in flashes of happiness,  
Small moments of laughter.   

All the while,  
She's so hard on herself,  
Her emotions contagious,  
Infecting me the more I see them.     

It's ridiculous, 
Emotions that are not mine, 
Overwhelm me, 
Her sadness drives me crazy, 
And yet she suppresses them, 

What is killing me, 
Multiplied by a hundred, 
Can only be seen, 
After staring into her eyes

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If you love someone,show it

love is divine
and everybody has to accept it
for love there is no fine
if you love somebody, show it

In love there is no use of revile
but somebody avoids it
love makes people virile
if you love somebody, show it

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As simple as love

Before I saw you, before
I know you.
I thought love did not exist.
It is complicated and waste.
As soon as you entered my life.
There is nothing in the world, 
As simple as love….

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carbon has two allotropes
one is graphite-one is diamond
you are one-you are diamond
shines for me shines by me
having you is a miracle
we are known by the names that are multiple
you and I are bonded by the bond that is triple
I am tetravalent, shows many charasteristics
but only attracted by hydrogens, that is you
sometimes, some heteroatoms disturb us
as I am strong, only bonded by you
our love story will be known for generation
I the carbon you the hydrogen thus forming hydrocarbon

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Light At The End

I am a star
A glistening light
At the end of a tunnel
The hope you run to
Rush towards
During the darkest hours
That shining sun 
Guiding you home
Even though you are lost
Wandering aimlessly
On the crossroads of
Loneliness, confusion, and loss
All you have to do is call to me
And I will answer
Like a whisper in the wind
I will hear you
I will hear you my love
Just know that you are never alone honey
I am always with you
Every step of the way
I am skipping down that broken path
Picking up every loose pebble 
Skipping it across the sea of our passion
Hoping it will skid across your feet
Knowing that you will skip it back 
To me
Just this simple gesture lets me know
It lets me know you are there too.
We are both that light.
That light at the end 
Leading us home 
To our star like hearts

Brittany Larson

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A Nice Touch

The chocolate was a nice touch
So was the coffee in the morning
I always enjoy the little things
Even your cute little snoring
I lie in bed thinking
“Is it weird that I don’t mind waiting?”
“Are my chances with you sinking?”
These are the things I had been debating
But then I realize that I’m not waiting
How blind could I have been?
This whole time you’ve been staying
And me thinking I’m lost from within
You’re in my life right now
And I’m in yours as well
I’m standing right here in front of you
And I know that you can tell…
I’d love to stand beside you

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Moved on

I look back,
I see the love you had for me.
Slowly realizing it was an act.
My love was real,
at least it was in the beginning.
Now that I'm moving on,
you can't handle it.
I've made a change.
A change to better myself.
Now you can suffer all you want,
or you can move on like I did.
Lets part our ways 
and act like civilized people. 

What else is there to do?

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You do funny things to me 
My hand always searching for yours 
My eyes looking for every opportunity 
To have your skin on mine 
But my lips are the worst 
In constant crave of a sweet kiss
That'll lingers till the next
Or a demanding fever of kisses
Causing moans to 
Consume the silent air 

You do funny things to me 
Just the thought of your touch
Leaves me breathless and 
Causes a stampede 
Of heart beats in my chest

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She doesn't see

You are the urgency in my breath,
the ragged discourse that falls
from my trembling tongue.
Everything I need to say,
is wrapped around you.
The words hang from your skin;
ornaments of understanding that
I have yearned to pluck.
it seems redundant to pull a flower
from your garden, and present it to you
like you didn’t know it is beautiful already.
I just hope you know that I appreciate you.
I see you as you are,
in all your tattered elegance;
Your supple tears, your steady glide.
You’re a ghost in a hall of mirrors,
with roses at your feet;
Wandering like a child.
Quietly hoping to find someone else
in the reflection.
"I am here…"
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Back to the Beginning

Things are different now
We're back at the beginning
Begging people for Starbucks
Hour long parking lot goodbyes
Freezing out in the cold
Sunday dinners at my house
Watching movies on the couch
We're back to this
but it doesn't mean were weaker
our love is stronger
our thoughts are stronger
our conversations are as best friends
We made it once before 
We can do it again

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My Life So Low I Rise - something in my eyes

My Life So Low I Rise -Something In My Eyes

The storm is clear
It stings all senses
Eyes turn in
They find the will to see
In freedom of the moment
You are the one
My thoughts surround you
Hold you with love forever
Leave you to be you
To the calm day
I settle in a clearing to reflect
Untouched with only you in mind
I see you as a friend
A special find so undefined
My life so low I rise
When you are in my eyes


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I wish dying at your sight

I wish dying at your sight
no matter this world forgets me
you, my dwelling place, your heart
never make me homeless, my heart

I want to be in your memory, till
I end or the earth enters the doom
I want your behold no matter, I have
to think that you don't want of me.

I want you, I need you, you my survival
why such seperation, my heart tell
I bear no noticing but not yours
even if am shifted to hell.

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When I lay in bed
Almost asleep
I feel you on my skin
Like a whisper
I jump and swat at you
Because you could be a spider
But it’s not a spider
It’s the remnants of your touch
I can’t see you
But when I lay in bed
I feel you tickling my skin

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Read Between The Lines

my heart
went slowly
anger and rage filled my heart
I didn't exactly understand
but I didn't question why
I just cried
cried and cried until I had no cry left
I didn't bother to wipe my tears
they where too much to bear
nobody said it'd be easy

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Just For Now

Can we stop the fighting?
Just for now,
Can we think of other things to say?
Can we try and talk?
Just for now,
Can we say the things we mean?

Will I get to tell you how I feel?
Will you tell me what I need to hear?
Will we move on for all these thing?
Will this fight just get the both of us?

Just for now,
Forget about the broken vase.
Just for now,
Forget about my tears.
Just for now,
Forget about this stupid fight

Just for now,
Say you love me and hold me close.
So that I can see you really care.
Even if its Just for now. 

(I haven't written here in a long while. Sorry if this is weird.)

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what scares me most

to not see you when i wake up
or to see you but not as you are
i love you but you didnt have to change
so much it sickens me

you dont have to try to make me jealous
you do your job just fine
but look at yourself in that mirror


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Girl Friend That Never Ends

   Girl Friend That Never Ends

Of different minds
In change of different 
Frames of mind
She moves the night with balance
Fashions the unknown that she is
With thought she takes me
We touch the night
Opened raw to renewal
Our eyes collect each other in that charm
Reshaping the image to define the image
It always comes back 
A smile
We learn this game early
Don’t play with feelings
Light draws all together 
When all is settled
Relations end but not the friend

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I'm Breaking Up With You

       I’m Breaking Up With You

I’m breaking up with you because
I don’t know how to know you
To tie you up and tie you down and feel you in my mouth
I need to get away
I’m comfortable with starving for your love 
With all the days and sleepless nights not fighting
And feed my soul with misery forever
For ever letting you go
My precious Linda
Your beauty is the sin I can't commit

                                               6/11/14  PD - Breaking up with you contest

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Tonight Alone

 I  sit here tonight alone and  so ashamed,
 A guilty concious and only me to blame .
    This regret I am feeling is so very real,
 I am toremented by the way I made her feel.
    How my heart cries out with anger and discuss,
Thinking  of the damage I have done to her trust.
    Her heart broken and there's tears in her eyes,
How sad I am that I had made her cry.
    It's like being alone in the pouring rain,
Even that doesm't describe the pain.
    Why I would ever do such a thing  it's so odd,
 Never again will this happen  I pray to God .
    My thoughtless acts has hurt you so,
The words I wrote have cut deep I know.
     You can't think I would do this with intent,
All the I love you's  I have alays meant.
     Please my Darling Angel can you forgive me tonight ,
I promise my love I will make it all right .
     My Baby I love you with all of my heart,
From now to forever  I have from the start.
     Yes I am alone this night with only me to blame ,
For the pain I've caused and why I'm so ashamed .

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The Walking moon

The walking moon
Two lovers join hands in the early evening to go walking.
They walked a round the pond that was still.
You could look at the moon start to shine.
As the walk they kiss one time And looked to the sky
The moon was bright and cloud blew by 
And it looked as if the moon had winked.
As they walked along they said to each other 
This is our walking moon as it walks with us

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Heartstrings of Our Being

deathless is the wrong road
longing broken hearts travel
a mosaic of silly love songs
lonely memoriam on display

tearful memories ere praised
needful trivial feelings deep
of joyful treasured moments
abandoned dreams assuaged

profound thoughtful promises
of lingering breathless ecstasy
oneness once inspired desire
in hopes ever long forgotten

time’s rarest of gifts opened
fondly remembered no more
true love’s mystery unsolved
labyrinth of the heart inborn

our human spirit’s lifelong 
innermost desire to perform
an orchestral masterpiece on
the heartstrings of our being

© Eugene Harvey

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one small word
four little letters
can you define it
can you tell me just what it means
I love you
do you know what that means
each breath I take I feel you
each moment you're here
distance doesn't matter
in my heart you live
can you feel it too
each breath
each thought
filled with you
you've crossed the distance
caressed my cheek
whispered softly in my ear
Baby you're here

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My Love, Reagan

Your skin glows like the cherry, blossoms you are beautiful as the daisies in the purest hope of spring.
My yearning heart rises to your guitar voice and leaps like a mini jellyfish at the whisper of your name, Reagan.
The evening ascends in on a great bald eagle wing.
I am calmed by your voice that I carry into the twilight of lovebeams and hold next to my heart.
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of sadness.
As my heart falls from my chest, it reminds me of your love.
In the hushed, I listen for the last chirp of the spring.
My heated heart leaps to my chest. I wait in the crystal moonlight for your secret house so that we may love as one, heart to heart, in search of the glorious purple and spiritual bed of love.

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Caged Agony

She was caged in his mystery.
Just a glimpse into his soul;
And she saw the anger flow freely.

A father’s blood tainted
And with it came sorrow;
And with it came unspeakable torment.

There was not a person,
That felt the pain,
Its symptoms were distinctively his. 

Whispers like the wind urged him to be happy;
As though condolences could take away the grief;
Each face was featureless, each apology was a fake.

She found him alone and broken.
Within him she saw helplessness;
It was masqueraded by a need to remain strong.

On his shoulders was the World,
The weight of which was becoming too much,
Knees bent from the pressure.

He looked at her and their bereavement was matched;
Both cold from the tears,
Both were searching for their escaped faith.

A child was taken at her word,
Lost amongst the other realms;
She had felt empty.
Her sobs at night were heard by none,
Ridiculed by her traumatizing decision-
He saw her standing outcast.  

Their inward screams had echoed outward;
Only they could hear each other’s cries.
Drawn together in unity, a relationship formed. 

They were never perfect for each other,
But their voids were filled. 
They were very much alike, and yet so different.

They treated one another with disrespect.
It turned their love into rage;
This was followed by resentment.

Hands unclasped as their families pulled them apart,
Tears rolled from her eyes and his desperate struggle ensued;
He vowed to someday get her back.

He found himself anguished once more, as did she. 
For who would hold her now?
How would he fall asleep?

They would move on as all lost lovers do,
But no other love could be the same.
No lesson as great as the one that they had experienced; together. 

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Simple as Dissecting a Frog

Love of the heart;
Love of the mind,
Oceans apart
Never to rhyme

The heart,
While shadowing function
As fast as eruption,
Gives back for consumption

The mind,
So selfish and needy,
Brings Hell to the leaving.
Babes, helpless and teething

Love of the heart;
Or of the mind?
One needn't a chart
The other is blind

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Seductive Portents

You wink with grandiose fair
twinkling eyes reflect a sparkle
I hold out my hand
then you say, I'm not that kind of girl

Shortly thereafter, you flash a smile
the radiance flares in my direction
I send an entreating nod
then you say, I'm not that kind of girl

Later, you swivel your shapely hips
the sensual dance sends out vibes
In reply, I pat my beating heart
then you say, I'm not that kind of girl

In due course, you sit down, cross your legs
and fold your arms in a sterile bow
I take a step toward the door
you call out, I'm that kind of girl

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Waiting on That Call

If only I could kiss u as many times as I shed a tear last night.
I wish i were older. I wish people would  realize we are just two lonely kids trying to find a way in this world. I hope when the time comes for us to meet again we don't regret a thing. We will work out perfect we won't have to make anyone happy but ourselves. But for now, goodbye. I hope your life is as fun and amazing as you have made my life these past few months. I hope your successful, and I hope you find someone who loves you as much as I do. I hope you are happy in everything you do. Anyone who is yours is really lucky. Just know that when you need me to keep our promise, to find and fall back in love with each other, I'm where I always said I would be, waiting on that call, and on that day my life will be complete.

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Summer in Anchorage

I'll never have another
like you,
I simmer in the sound
of new age music
and read old love letters
as if they were lyrics. 

I hum, then start to sing
those clichéd poems you wrote for me
behind the celtic violin—
all those forced and obvious rhymes
strike me
in a different way than before.

You really did love me
and I really did light up your life
like the sun, as you said.
But if only you knew
that the sun always sets in the west
like me, when I left for Alaska—
for a lonely 
one room apartment
in Anchorage.

The sun stays for days 
in the summer, here
but I'm still cold.

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Every moment

I love the way she holds my hand
and the way she looks at me.
I love it when she compliments me,
but I also love it when she teases me.
I love it when she tickles me
and I love it when she smiles at me
I love the facts;
that she is always worried about me,
that she is always watching me,
and defending me.
I love the fact:
that she makes me feel at home.
she makes me feel calm and relaxed.
I love the way she moves;
so gracefully, so energetically.
I love the way her hair falls,
its like a silky smooth waterfall.
I love the way her eyes sparkle
and the way they shine in the moonlight.
I still continue to fall in love with her
and in everyway

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For A Special Lady

Her love is virtue,
 Closely knit their hearts mend each others broken pieces,
 Like improper fractions,
 God reserved his souvenir pocket watch to form this love,
 With his alarm set for eternity, 
This love is meant to last forever, 
The slits barricaded in her heart are suddenly healed by his touch,
 Dark heavy residue on his heart is cleansed by her beauty,
 The friends on the outside say this is advancing to expeditiously,
 Only if they could feel the high caliber of the shots fired by Cupid into our souls,
They could gain understanding,
 Like the civilians joined by hands exiting the debris of the trade towers, 
United we stand,
 Together we overcome.

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The Crossing

If I dreamt would I,
Walk to sleep?
If the hills could climb,
I’d weep
For the promise
Is not
Set forth
Being first to break up leaves

Unfulfilled questions linger but,
They do die
In remembrance one will cry.
But not always
One will
Speak up
To reconcile
The past. 

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Not so sure

Slowly getting tired and frustrated with the situation that's at hand, 
but yet I'm trying to get a good grip on it and not let it go,
cause when it goes its going to fall and once it falls its going to explode,
the feeling that I'm getting gets stronger by day and weakens me by night,
I try to remind my self this is how it was since the beginning,
I'm not suppose to neither am I allowed to let it affect me like this,
slowly ill start pushing away.
I been hurting,
that empty feeling is coming back slowly the hole that was once patched up is simply 
as much as I try to maintain it shut the pain knocks at it making it crack. 
And it's not a feeling of loneliness because this feeling has just been growing 
waiting to escalate just building one on top of the other forming into this giant tOwer not well 
I'm not losing interest just focus on what's in front of me and what I have 
needing something to pull me back saying look I'm here,
words are slowly just turning into words 
I can feel like I'm hurting not in pain,
just hurting that discomfort in my chest is annoying 
to the point where throwing up seems like the best option
as I hurt I know I'm hurting you to 
trust me its not my intension to. 
I love you 
forgive me or forgive me not but I blame you 
you have me so rapped around your finger you don't even notice how much I love you or 
need you 
when I need you the most your never really there your presences maybe but your mind is far 
I'm sorry I put you threw this the headaches and heartaches cause trust me i feel them too,
but you chose me and I chose you and we chose each other 
knowing that we
us aren't actually perfect 
we each have our problems you have yours and I have mine 
once your problems becomes me and my problem becomes you 
the world we have builded starts to drifted apart 
you on one side me on the other 
yet we still hold hands trying not to let go 
hoping and praying for the best to make it come back together again
I know there's a purpose to why our paths were put in the same direction  to each other
I'm still trying to figure it out
I love you I always have I just need to get reuse to being use to the beginning and how it all 
started and what it use to be,
But yes things are changing 
I'm still trying to hold of grip of the change
But at the end of the day,
It will forever be me and you,
Together again.

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Goddess charms

In nights when sun sleeps
And moon matters
When all sleep and we get up
In your memories, 
My eyes play with the sleep
Mind hankers for you, any how
I get the answer, thus, relief
That there she, too, will, be
Sleeping with her pillow
Her voice will also be low
She too wants me as I
Nights spend searching the answers
I get them In her bright eyes
When at morning she says Vishal! get up.

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Too Far Away

The days roll by ever slow
I dream about the day May will come
Hoping to see you every night
Excited to wake up to you
Under the same roof
To see you in the morning
Before I head off to school
A gentle kiss on my lips
As you say goodbye
A tight hug when I come home
Your eyes telling me
 Just how much I was missed
Your eagerness in the kiss I receive
Will tell me just how much you love me
I just can’t wait for that day May comes

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A Dark Soul

I walk in the halls in my style,
long black dress,
a lacy design,
with combat boos,
black of course,
and let's not forget my
skull necklace and ribbon,
I can't leave home without them.
I love to twirl,
to see the dress slice through the air.
No one really pays attention,
but who does when yoru five foot,
and thought of as a witch.
And still I go about my day,
working hard,
with my few close friends,
waitinf for my time to shine.
Never did I expect that to come
with a guy.
Sean Cannon,
the one who flipped this all,
all this I ever cared for,

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This growing casym
how it does spread
no matter the ties that bind
what once was, may never be
i want to endure
there is little cooperation
occassional bisecting parallels
i want brilliance in my life
not a cold, dank room lit by another
i want a thunderous song 
with lyrics full of color
not a sonorous melody
that meanders with the wind
i want to lead this parade of life
to wave at the crowd
i make this journey
with only me.

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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I loved a princess
She had no kingdom to speak of
But even a moment of her time was priceless
Nor did she have Royal Blood
For her blood was that of a commoner

Once upon a time, I loved a princess
She was fair as can be, just look in her eyes to see
The depth of her soul, for she truly knew pain
But the scars on her heart, I hoped to wash away with the rain
She was not perfect by any means, but she was a princess to me

Once upon a time, I loved a princess
Or at least that’s what she was to me
Her wish was my command, for her love I would withstand
The rage of a thousand nations if just for a moment I could see
That love that twinkled in her eye whenever her eyes gazed
Upon a commoner like me; For I am nothing compared to my princess

Once upon a time, I killed a princess
I did not harm her body, t’was her soul that I killed
For when I left her crying, wounded in the street
I could not let our bodies touch, nor our faces meet
I left my princess bleeding in the street

Her heart was bleeding, her voice was pleading
“Please! No!” she screamed to the lonely moon
And then and there I knew that I was no knight in shining armor
I was the devil in disguise and I destroyed my princess’ kingdom
With my words full of lies

Once upon a time, I loved a princess
And once upon a time, she loved me…

*Dedicated to a time when I loved a girl who loved me more than life itself. I left her and she was never, and I feel never will be, the same again. It sill hurts me to this day to think that I caused her so much pain. 

P.S. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Our Love

Even though you are far away
You run on my mind
Memories explode in my head
You are my one and only love
I want you and only you
My heart races every time I see you
And every time I hear your voice
My heart skips and does little flips
With every kiss and every hug
I love you more and more
I can’t seem to get enough
Of this love that’s a fairy tale
You are my drug, my addiction
I need you by my side
I could live without you
Yet I feel I couldn’t
I believe I wouldn’t even try to
With every tick of the clock
My heart misses you even more
Our distance will not hurt us
It will only help us to realize
Just how much we need each other

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Dirty Kiss

 The door slammed behind me and she grabbed me
Pulled me into her kiss
Hard and fast
Our lips met and so did our noses

I remember thinking
Under the flash of pain
Behind the sudden wash of tears
Within the gush of blood down my lips and chin

"This is sooo not how it looks in the movies" 

We kissed anyway.

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She Walks in the Night

In the night, 
she walks.
She is a star, 
a beacon of light
and hope
to all around her.

Her kindness guides
ships across oceans,
and helps them avoid
the perils of life.

But right now
the sky is clouded, 
and no one
can see her.
Hiding behind her
veil of black
from the world.

It took a wind
strong and determined
to push away the
clouds. Now all the
world can see her,
and when the clouds
come running back
the wind pushes them
to their knees.

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she was ripped out of my life

wall streets greed

ripped through my life

like bullets from a machinegun

ripping me from the middle class

and ripping her out of my life

ripping her beautiful eyes

her beautiful smile

her beautiful caresses

her beautiful voice

her beautiful comforts

gone for good.

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Lost Love

A life without you
Is like a life without sun
I can’t survive without you
You are my love 
And my life
Whatever happens to you
Happens to me to
We are one 
And I could never imagine life without you
So as these years go by 
I have to ponder
Will this love last?
Or will it fail as many have before us?

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Your flight home

I went home alone
After you left,
Cloaked in my own darkness
While Clogging memories
Of your smile
Accompanied me on
The night time drive
Tinged with lonely sadness.
Later I found your hair
In the bathroom,
Beautiful strands of
Discarded gold
Which I framed
Along with your tears
That had bejewelled 
My heart.

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Please Dont leave me


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Let the sun gaze upon your wonder,
As the ray portrays your complexion,
As the light illuminates your beauty,
And the vitamins accrue in your temple.

Let the wind blow your glamorous hair,
As you sway it from side to side lee to wards,
Like the acacia trees in the meadows of the Mediterranean,
Like the tall rainforest trees that send be-rays into the soil.

Let the earth melt in your beauty,
The sun freeze in your presence,
The galaxy decreases due to the envy feeling deep within,
The fact remains you’re a creation that testifies time.

A relic that will be treasured for eternity,
Never be stored for the rich swayed for the famous,
No wealth to befit neither a king nor a queen can entice thee,
Only put in a museum to be regarded as a priceless antique.

The curves upon your hips the shape upon your body
The strides upon you peacock, the cat upon your walk
You’re a marvel that needs no definition but imagination
Let no man ,woman, animal, spirit or ancestors say a word.

For the only true word that will hail you magnificent is…….

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Your eyes across my soul

Its time to face the truth croons the singer on the radio and I die
Curling up in to a ball pulling my hair out and screaming
Because I know this to be true
I will be there again when it snows and snows
I will be there again if you call
I will be there again if you whisper out my name
In the eyes of my memories you're beautiful
In the breaths I stole with my camera you're beautiful
Across these lips that will never touch yours again you're beautiful

I thought I heard you call out my name tonight 
But I knew you weren't home
In the cold under the city lights beneath the blanket of night
What if it was you I think now as I linger
But you weren't home
And still... 
I wish I had turned around
To see you standing there in the gently falling snow
But I thought you weren't home

I have lost sleep tonight and I may never sleep again I fear
Because I don't know what to do
I don't know where to turn, where to go
So that I may, I might, 
Dream of your smile and your eyes across my soul
You're so beautiful, 

I let slip this pen from my fingers
Staining these last few lines I know it to be true
And I don't really care about that now
I will never be with you I know, I know... 

And this is the truth I must learn to face

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“remember checkers?”
she looked out the
car window, he
nodded, and
for a moment saw
the great roots by
the gymnasium that must
have been there for centuries.
There was a particular root
the kids would use as a chair
that must have been as big
as the two when they held
each other. 

He remembered checkers,
wondering what that 
had to to with 
Massachusetts. He
saw the root again, 
and the board balanced on it
carefully. They used 
the red squares and, 
she always knocked the board
over before anyone could win.

knowing that she remember the 
root, he asked if they did any
additions to the gym. knowing
what he meant, she lied, 
shaking her head

the dark horizon was disrupted
by a red car. he saw the root
as she went inside from recess, and
he stayed behind 
to pick up the pieces.

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slow down

Baby I could speed up but I’d rather slow down
Please you in ways other men wouldn’t know how
Have you screaming so loud
That the neighbours will know my name
They won’t be able to look at you the same
But I’ll hold your hand when we go out
Want everyone to know you’re mine
And you aren’t going anywhere
Love when it’s just us two spending time
And you love it when I kiss your neck & pull your hair
Oops I probably shouldn’t have said that
Got lost a minute forgetting where my heads at
Take you to wherever the nearest bed at
Not leave till the early morning
You know I will keep to that word
You don’t need a warning
You know I’ll show you, your worth
Make sure you never run to another man
Satisfy all of your needs
Know you’re safe giving me your hands
Give you all of me
Don’t want to be like Beyoncé & Jay-Z
Just want it to be us
I’m your man, you’re my lady
Nothing will break the trust
Don’t want the world at my feet
Just want you by my side
Baby promise you’ll never leave
I’ll wipe the tears from your eyes
Never bring you hurt
Just want to make you happy
If you’re lost I’ll go on the longest search
And bring you back to me
Baby weather we slow down or go quick
I know you’ll be worth the risk 

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Once Again

At that far away look
Staring at beyond,
All I see
Is you.

Mouthing words with utter despair
Shedding tears for a tomorrow
All I see
In my mind’s eye
Is you.

Praying with fervent hope
Hoping with eyes on yesterday
All I see
On my heart’s frame
Is you.
Seeking with true power
Frenzied with thoughts of you
Still I’m waiting
Beseeching you to appear
To form root
Before my very eyes.

Lonely when you’re far away
 Troubled with you
Far and abroad
I’m truly disturbed, disconcerted
That communication 
Has been severed

Hoping you’ll let the flag poles 
of our love soar
in anticipation
of that friendly voice
with thoughts
of our joyous discovery...
once again
I seek your voice
Once again
I hum our melody
Once again
I cherish thoughts of you
Once again
I wear our love
Like a cloak
Once again
I pat our frame
Once again
In that time frame
Of tomorrow
Ah...if only you were near

Life moves on
Edges along
On that sad desolate road
As I pray
If only it was              
Once again...  

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This Is Where I Am

You met 
me lost up the road
car park shadowed
vague memories of last 
time before park 
fear of threats

deserted wet gloomy courts

phone rings

where are you?

I tell you I passed the stadium shadow twice roundabout round 
and round I go
down and down nightmare

you’d be there in 2 minutes
barker stone voices through dark people going to their night time




you’ll be there
you won’t be ages 
from shadow 

shoulder shining
kiss with tongues hold 
where I fit you 

take me home

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Lover's Embrace

I see the gently sloping curve of your hip,
your skin velvety,
your face peaceful, relaxed.
Those verdant eyes, hidden.
Rhythmic breathing tells me of your slumber.
I slide into the bed next to you
and you turn into my arms
and we lie in a lover's embrace

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In the still of the night

In the still of the night
I hear you whisper
Your voice flies on the air
Coming to me at twilight
The still made ever crisper
By your words so fair

From a world away my love calls
And I hear the gentle sound
As it lightly caresses my ear
To her knees she falls
Praying her love is found
My voice will calm her fear

She feels my hands in her hair
Tugging the strings of passion
Tilting her head to me
Catching her breath in my stare
Master of her vision
Letting her soul be free

A million miles apart
Within my words she is never lost
To her existence I spake
The lord of her heart
My vow to her is cast
Her trust to never break

To our own universe we go
Forsaking all others we go
This one thing I know
My love she will know
This precious gift to her I send
To love her forever and to the end

The day we meet and make our paradise
I'll take her hand and make her mine
Around her neck I place the strand
Together beyond the rest of our lives
Through neverending space and time
Collared by my loving hand

My love is powerful and deep
My hold is firm and hard
Driving forward our existence
Her heart in mine I keep
Never shall it be marred
Giving in to my insistence

Oceans between us
Hearts together as one
Souls once united
Oceans of love
Hearts ablaze
Souls entwined

In the still of the night
It's my name she whispers
At it's sound my soul does flare
Dancing in the firelight
Her image in the cinders
The flames hold my stare

In the still of the night
She comes to me

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Fear is what eat me up,
When i approach you girl.
Like a soldier i walk,
Fearlessly smiling at you.
But what am i to say?
That i love you?
I might sound foolish.
Your every word i like,
Your voice i cant compare,
Girl you are cute.

Your face is ever glittering,
Your eyes full of joy.
When i look at you in the eyes,
Girl am shy to say how i feel.
Your walking style unique it is,
You walk and leave me staring at you.
How you wear,
Make me wonder,
Where girl you come from.

Your body shape,
Girl you are beautiful,
Everytime i watch you from my bedroom window,
Your beauty so amazing.
How you smile at me,
Am left wondering,
Where am to start.
When i start a conversation, 
I wonder what to tell you girl,
To relieve my heart from this pain.

Too long i have waited,
That one day you will invite me
in your heart,
But everytime no word i get.
Let it sound foolish..
But it won't eat me up any longer,
I know am not asking for much
Just a space in your heart,
Allow me walk by your side,
To smile as you smile
And to have you as my love.

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My Gentlewoman

She wears my plaid
Looks good in flannel
Puts up with my every fad
We fight over the channel
She drinks my coffee, its sludge
Pokes my belly to tease
And eats my emergency fudge
Forgets to say please
All is forgotten when I see her grin
Hell, they might call it a sin
I love to watch her go, when my lady departs
But we complete each other, our lady hearts

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May 22 1994


On this day an angel was born
An angel that would leave my heart torn
Torn into pieces because of fake beliefs of 
Eternal love and never ending happiness 
Damn I can't believe this break up happenin 
I really do want her back again 
Can't let our love blow away in the wind
Who said everyday would be a win
No matter what you were always my best friend 
I never wanted our relationship to end 
I need luck to try to win her over
Not luck like Andrew but the kind from a four leaf clover
You were like my gun in a holster 
Calm but when it came to it for me she'd blow for 
Now our loves burnt bread in the toaster 
Am I the only one who thought angels were supposed to 
Bring happiness and protection for a demon
Maybe your mother should have swallowed that shot of semen
That came steaming out of your ugly fathers penis
Maybe then my heart wouldn't be bleeding
And in pain like a toddler teething
There's gotta be a reason
Why your attitude your mood changes like the seasons 
I get it now....your half angel half demon....

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at the harding program

Dedication to Jazmine

I'm loosing hope
my heart is giving in
my mind is dying off
and its only been 2 days
since seeing you.
im going crazy
my heart hurts
without you
my soul
is in the fiery depths of hell.
it burns in 3rd degree
as I yearn to see you again
it destroys me when we can not contact
it kills me not hearing
your angelic voice
it deprives me
not feeling your love
not having your protection
I feel alone
so alone

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Love with regret

i can see you even though your miles away
i can feel your smiles in front of my face
i feel my spirit inside me
i feel your lies deciveing 
i feel my spirit leaving me
every tear you cry
every time you beg to die
i cant help but think its all a lie
if our love wasnt true 
what else is there to see threw
pain last a life time
this one thing is true

 me loving you
and you hateing me
is one pain i will live threw
i desereve this world
i desereve loneliness  
why did you rip this from my chest
why dont you just put me to rest
all i have is regret
all i have is hate
i guess one year is too long to wait
i wasnt there when you needed 
i guess any man is better than a empty bed
to far gone 
you only lead me along
you stabbed me in the chest
and straight threw the back

one year shows everything he lacked
leave me here
lay me down and stab me threw the back
what you took from me and gave to him is something
that will never ease your pain
for my blood
and my quievering veins
is something that still remains
and you will never consume this side
you where never good enought for sucide.

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Zones of Eros

Oh, these areas you possess.
I love to stimulate them.
To kiss them, to caress them,
to taste them.
Inside the wrist, skin so tender.
Behind the knees,
you pulse, I feel quicken.
Your nipples, standing tall,
begging my affection.
My hot breath on your neck,
shivers down your spine.
Your hands, so soft,
ones that give such care,
of comfort and love.
Your lips, tender and moist,
I take with my own,
to possess you,
a need in me too.
Each one bringing you 
to the next level of ecstasy.

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Fix me

Words have fallen and cannot be picked up
For they are heavy and burdened with the truth 

You cannot fix me

And only one of us is broken

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For an era, i did not display
I dared not allow my turmoil to surface.
For you, I wanted the world.
I wanted to stroll by your stead,
a place for you to rest 
your burdens to bear,
inner peace,
to top my lungs
for all the world 
It is I!
I am the one that is nearby,
for you
I declare ,myself!

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Watch It Buddy

Watch it Buddy,
don't even think about it;
you see me, and I know you know it.
Don't fool with her,
she is mine,
and I'm hers'.
You mess with her,
and you'll see a big man get mean.

Now you just tuck your tail between your chicken legs,
and take yourself back on down the road;
watch it now buddy, don't even look back,
but-but-nothing!- Get outa here and don't come back.

You see she's with me,
and I'm with her.
If you mess with my Earth Angel,
you're going to see a big man get mean!
Take a hike,
a long walk of a short pier,
go hunting for treasure down on skid Row,
but don't think about touching my baby.

Watch it Buddy,
or the next time you come around,
you're going to be cross-eyed.
Have a good-day.


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      Through darkened Wood she leadeth me
      The silent waters bye;
      Anxiously a bat does flitter
      And serpent slithers nigh.

      "Correct my speech, and clear my mind,
      Another lover you.  Tarry from our troubles here
      And take me into you. . ."

      Her firm embrace and heaving breasts
      Without a thought or care
      Nor sees she stars and Moon that passes;
      Her eyes are fixed on mine.

      A snail makes forward progress.
      A branch has fallen there.
      A mosquito in a web is caught
      And spider hurries near.

      "Forget me not.  I'll not you.
      This tryst we must keep hidden.
      And soon you'll find some other wench
      To please you as I do. . ."

      The moss that we had lain upon
      Remarked upon us not.
      A fish then jumped in river near;
      And we prepared us to depart.

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Lisa, Lisa, like the sushi roll
tasty and sweet.
Tall like the tower of pisa,
She is my Mona Lisa.

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Repitition, My Boy

When I think “next time I’ll”
And realize there will not be a next time,
A pressure pain twists my head a notch.
A mistake unfulfilled by repetitious learning.

A twinge says: if there is a next time,
You will err next time.
And if you err next time,
And you happen along the same path again,
Under mostly the same circumstances,

My Boy,
Then you will learn for good.

He continues:

But that’s the small lesson,
And so see it now.
Perhaps you repeat the mistake.

Think of the larger fracture
The event that lent your mistake.
Can you spot the break?

Point it on the print-out.
Were it an x-ray,
Would you worry malpractice?

You may get a call six-months time:
Misdiagnosis; there was no break.
Take off the smelly, itchy cast.
Hit the showers.
Soapy clean.

But in the amnesia,
Recall your other half.
Admit to guesswork.
Think how seldom you trust speculation.

The rational one
My Boy
Stroked it off easily this time.

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paint by number lovers

her paint by number love affair
was planned down to his kisses
was everything she expected it to be
wasn't long before truth showed
it was a love like a paper flower
but it would never grow never thrive
it was just ink and paper rendering of
what could have been
her paint by number love affair
so sad and forlorn
pasted there on the wall
like child's keepsake
gives no warmth holds no future....
paint by number lovers
never argue
never cheat
hollow smiles carry no joy
meaningless pleasures under the covers
meaningless words that have no answer
paint by numbers love affairs so easy
so hollow
sad and forlorn

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into the end

I don't know were to start ,I'll start out by saying am glad your my friend,
I know how much you love when I make you smile,especially when I make you laugh,
I wish you could stick around when it becomes silent and the laughs goes away,
Would you still love me when am no longer beautiful and young? 
Would you still kiss me ,when my lips lose there taste, 
Would you stick up for me ,when I lose my strength
Would you gide me if I ever become blind?
What about if I get lost in your eyes,would you hold my hand and take me to your heart?
I would do all this for you,
if you were in comma I would stay by your side day and night,
And to wake you up I would sing to you,I would draw in the sky saying I miss you,hopefully God sees it and sends you back to me,don't worry if you fall from heaven I'll catch you,you can land in my heart,
I once told my self don't close the book,just turn the page, I'll be a good lover and a best friend,
So would you be with me into the end? 

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Hide and Seek

You always know the right the things to do
Everything you’d say instantly blew me away
I honestly thought we had something different
It seemed like we had it all.
And all of a sudden
I have no meaning to you anymore
I’m not exactly sure 
how someone who has given you so much to remember
you’re able to just forget and ignore,
Trying to forget you is like trying to forget the words
to my favorite song which is impossible.
I often think about how and where everything went wrong
The more I seem to constantly think about it; the less I know
The jokes on me.
But now technically nothing could have been wrong with us
It could simply be that once you fall in love
you become a liar and that’s all that could have happened
I often feel all by myself with you not around anymore
When you left, I started to lose everything
My pride, confidence, self, and my best friend
Hearing everyone say it gets better totally hid me under a rock
When, would be my question?
I’d love to know why this love of ours is beyond
and full of guilt and hidden feelings
When will it be okay to again express my feelings inside?
When will everything go back to normal?

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A new Aquaintance

This friend I have aquired
commonalities abound between us.
Our wishes correlate
like a long lost pal
separated by chance
reunited by fate.
Our friendship grows daily
jokes and quips thrown about
together, we jest.
Slowly, we grow comfortable
in our desire.
It drives us forward
propelling us together,
hopefully, down the same path.

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Thoughts of her rob my slumber.
She burglarizes my rest.
She pervades my life,
into my dreams.
She is the locomotive
derailing my train of thought.
I have no reign over myself.
My infatuation grows daily.
In this I lose control
as I watch my heart wander.

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i want to know every measure if you
past, present, future
i desire to be the sparkle in your eye
i want to be the air in your breath
i crave to be the nourishment for your hunger
i long to be the life in your soul
in you, i find myself
the one imprisioned by my own hand
in your grace, i am liberated
free to be the one that is me

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Broken heart


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This secluded epoch proceeds exceedingly.
This requisite delay, daily trudgery.
Amassing scores of lonely sunrises.
My reclusive heart concealed
willingly abandoned; neglected desire
awaiting my fate, a reunion
the one I long for.

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The Question

Oh how I do wish our stances were changed.
Where we could go otherwise,
I have never met a kindred soul as such.
Our dreams align in the heavens.
The stead we could create,
a complete life,
both longing for the same.
We travel the road congruently,
opposing detours.
Does our destination coalesce?
Will our village arise from the mist?

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Your nearness, excites me,
I yearn to have you,
to feel you in my arms,
my heart, myself.
A desire only you can relive.
I possess you greedily.
My fingers ensnared in your locks,
forever tangled,
eagerly, I take you.
I mold you to my will,
bringing your desire with us.
Our need, consumes us,
our inflagration burns
propelling us further.
I consume your love
like one who starves
devoid of nourishment.

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every passing second
for every clock chimes
every hour passed
I'm still standing
and I'm still waiting
tick-tock tick-tock
time waits for no one
time does not fly
time does not slow down
time is time
here I stand
patiently waiting
here I stand
waiting for you
and for you
I only wait on
and I will wait
even for

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Unloved and Loved

Whenever you feel your heart broken or unloved
Its because you can't feel a spark in your heart
Most of the time you see someone you know or don't
You ca sometimes fall in love or ignore the feeling
But you can't always denied it forever
When you want to express someone you feelings
you need to be strong,
have the courage to say it,
and don't get cold feet
Mostly when you feel something in your heart
Be strong, proud and don't be afraid to express
But when the time has come to express it maybe too late
So try to have luck

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A lot of the time they confuse me and drive me insane
I stopped trying to understand them a long time ago
Even though some have caused me pain
I’m thankful for all the girls I have got to know

I can’t help it I love them
I can’t deny it I’m a flirt
I kiss and hug them
When they’re with me I show them their worth

When I was younger got called a playa and womaniser
But not once did I or will I ever cheat
Went through the worst with an ex and still I stood beside her
But she cheated so I then had to make her leave

I’m sure some can’t forget me
Some will say they wish they never met me
Some will play the blame game and say I wasn’t ready
Dated 2 American girls because they found my English accent sexy

Which I found a little weird
As to me it’s boring, plain and annoying
What am I complaining for here?
I got to be their boyfriend

I guess some things you just won’t understand
Had a few meaningless flings
Had 1 cheat on me with another man
But that’s a risk that love brings

Just because we flirt
Doesn’t mean I want to spend the night with you
Just because I call you beautiful 
Doesn’t mean I want to spend my life with you

Sometimes i just want to joke and laugh with her
Some wanted me in control, others wanted to drive and have me as the passenger
Want to meet girls from all over the world, from Italy, to Brazil, Serbia to Africa
I’m still young so I’m going in for the kill, call it a valentine’s day massacre

But I hope I remember the ones who meant most to me
And not the ones who never gave me a chance
I hope I remember the ones who made my heart skip a beat
Not the ones who just stripped down and gave me a lap dance

A lot of the time they confuse me and drive me insane
I stopped trying to understand them a long time ago
Even though some have caused me pain
I’m thankful for all the girls I have got to know

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This Love Might be Different

Two in love.
Together they are bound
But with each possessing a curse
Broken hearts to be are found
One never able to shed a tear
Even in the face of Death, whom she fears
The other only able to live off of drinking others tears
How can she survive?
She cannot stay strong for all the years she promised
But I give her my heart
And she holds it to her close
Knowing this will kill us
Maybe we will fare better as ghosts
Or maybe we are strong enough
To fight off Damnation
This love might be different
It does not have to crumble like our nation....

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Things we dont mean

Some times we say things we don't mean, 
Some times anger over comes our thoughts,
Leaving tears in our eyes,
As feelings die immediately and a silent falls out,
Love is put aside as words turn to glass,
Shattering in our mouths,
Is hard to let go of someone who thought you to hold on,
Who said is ok to lose,
now look your pushing, and screaming
Saving the best punch line for last,
The killer shot comes in,as you respond,
Making words drop like bombs,
This fight is like a thug of war,
Is hard to surrender and to be weak,
When you thought me to stay strong,and to never fall on my knees,
I guess we both win,
Leaving tears in our eyes,
The reward was pain,
But with a big fake smile on our face,
But as soon as we realize what happen,
We know things won't be the same ,
Just hope it's all a dream,
Sadly some times we say things that we don't mean,
Am sorry I didn't mean to hurt you this bad,
You let go,leaving me with a victory but feeling so sad,
If you ever wake up missing me,and wounder were on earth could I be,
I want you to know,
Just because someone loves you so much,is not fair to leave them waiting so long,
Sorry forever and always could not stay strong,
I walk away,
Not because I wanted to,
But because that's the only path you gave.

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Tattered, Old Love Poem

 I don't care about
 the universe
 the galaxy 
 the solar system
 These words mean nothing to me
 I'm through with contemplation
 I want to be your good piece of heaven
 I need something from your heart in return
 Sometimes I may need you to be strong for me
 Your eyes against me make me wonder
 Has anyone told you different?
 Tell them to get out of my way


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Do you actually recall
vividly with what you had with Paul,
I could clearly see the writings on the wall
now that your back is against the wall.

Do you remember all the promises you made
you said you love him but actually it was
invisible tears drop in is eyes, no one could
come to his aid,
even when you seem close, he just had to call
a spade a spade.

Do you recollect the actual time
when you said you will see eye to eye
but you left him out in the sun to dry
so sad he never had the chance to say

*Sammy kyle*

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Should we praise
the chanteuse who sang
"I regret nothing"?
Was she a saint
or a sociopath?
Did she forget 
the peccadilloes,
the slights,
the insults and
harsh words
we are so prone to?

I regret so much,
so very, very much:
the chanced shaking 
of another heart,
the deafness to her tears,
the blindness to her 
unsung lamentations.
Too much a coward to love,
I would run-- run away, even
jumping an ocean to flee
what was between her and me.

Now, aging, I regret 
I cannot make amends
to those lost loves.
I cannot say,
"I am sorry, I was weak,
in fear of your love.
Forgive me."

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A Gondola Ride With Me

A Gondola Ride With Me

Yes, the water waves,
And it feels so nice when the breeze comes in
-And touches our faces.
And the people wave and their words sound so nice.
Love is in the air and it tastes salty
and I can see in your eyes
That you would never fault me.

I stand and wave the wand
Moving us down,
Your eye lashes tell the story of my life
-waving at me when you smile.
I don’t think any other wave would be more perfect.

Hold my sack while I work.
You look like a dream
-under the natural light and stars.
I can’t wait for tonight.
Close your eyes everything will be alright.
“I’ll let you be in my dreams, If I can be in yours”
And we slept.