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Free Verse Friendship Poems | Free Verse Poems About Friendship

These Free Verse Friendship poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Free Verse Friendship poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Test Of Time

Secrets blowing in the wind Another gift, another lift Words whispered from the soul Echoing in the chamber of my heart Looking ahead to the dreams we'll have It's what we believe in No turning back Chosen ----- Frozen Lost in love Lost in life Wiping away all the tears Soothing all our fears Together our friendship will survive the test of time

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Bah Bah Black Sheep I Am Slamming You Nathan D

Bah Bah Black Sheep I Am Slamming You Nathan D 

I know you think you’re so tough with your words in the rough 
You keep your poems tucked in underwear and you won’t share  
Let me tell you Lil Bub my attitude is BIG, so here’s de rub,  
I’m going to scratch you like a cat 
When you come close for de pat;  
And Yo! God got no ears, 
For your small condensed tears;
Next time you lash your tongue and whip, you cum on wit no hip 
Bah bah black sheep, you ain’t gonna pull de wool off me pip
I like to mentally infuriate you 
And yes I like my milk fat free 
Yeh I got you’re number you 
And no I ain’t sniffin no glue 
It is called “SLAM POETRY”
And as for keeping your poetry all to yourself, well go to hell 
Where the devil will give you a pitchfork, dig what you can’t sell!
Cause I ain’t digging me no hole for empty air 
So fork it out Nathan D, lay out bare, 
Cuz I’m not muckin with you just for fun, I think you Rock 
Like third rock from the sun
I like you’re quip, you son of a gun! 

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How do I tell you that you’re beautiful?

How can I be different?

How can I express my attraction?

When columns upon
Of testosterone filled wolves
Dressed in rented Italian suits
And discolored, mesh sneakers
Speak similar flirtatious dialect

Will this baby scented Sunflower do the trick?

I picked it from my walled Garden of Eden.

I spent 4 years mending these butterfly coated petals,
Solely for this moment

How can I express my need for your smile?

When tattered paper donations have been sent
To elicit short-term, newlywed goose bumps upon your flesh


May I have this dance? 

You’ve never heard this sensual ballad.

But, it’s an element of my Spoken Word
Waiting for your translation

I await your palms,
Because this is not a Man’s world

This can be ours.

But, will you leap off from trampoline’s corazon? 

My syllables are in your hands.

My book is within your misunderstood palm paths.

If you’re going to read between my lines,
Do not be illiterate to my heartbeats.

Your move…

©Drake J. Eszes

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On the outside, looking in

"When humanity becomes louder than love, stay out of its way. At times, it's better to be the lion in the distance, rather than the sheep losing their way...again."

This was the 1st time
I felt out of place.

Its impact mimicked abused parallelograms
Unto emptiness’ solution

I witness sliced wrists shedding bohemian smiles.

Testament verses
Latching onto anchors of invalid mo(u)rning

There was no sunrise to be found,
Because humanity kept making love to silhouetted blinders

I was surrounded by shovels
For the sake of digging louder messages’ trench

While I
Caress incipient wings
And half-full Windex bottles
Just to keep perception from clouding my lyrics

Because nobody wants to see eye to eye…


…cataract-laced speeches permeate tainted whispers
Of an innocent breath 
For B-rated serendipity

Oh, this was the 1st time
I felt out of place.

Turning away from windowed afflictions
To step towards gratitude’s breath

No longer looking in

How good it feels.

Yet, I still miss my friends.

©Drake J. Eszes 

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Sharon Weimer

Though we’ve never met 
I comprehend your beautiful words
I feel your pleasant persona
Never a mean word to be said
I ache from your kindness 
Making others feel ten feet tall 
Picking me up when I may fall 
Talent beyond compare 
Are you brunette or fair?
But that wouldn’t matter to me 
If I never had the chance to see you face to face 
Your wonderful personality I could never forget 
You’ve help build a community of friends 
Steady and true
I wish you peaceful skies of cobalt blue 
Fields of flowers brushed in rainbow colors 
I pray for love from God above 
For you and your family beloved 
Know that you touched lives that may not have been touched 
You changed someone 
And brought me a new reason to write 
You’re an inspiration and a friend 
And you’ve touched my heart polite 
Gratitude pours forth  

Written for and about Sharon Weimer !

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Marking Time

daylight hours Ozzie and Ben sitting at the picnic table as sunshine danced on the board chess match underway lasted all day, every day till knights and pawns cast long shadows elders’ eyes straining they would bid farewell violet sunsets escorted them home many stories they shared some repeated, but neither cared one brisk fall morning Ben waited for his friend hours on end until the orb began to sink fading light from the spectral sunset an usher of regret Ben sauntered past Ozzie's home black wreath on the door, a herald of loss Ben cast chess pieces on the street no longer wanted to compete after that day Ben’s zest for life faded away sun made its daily journey across the sky but Ben rarely rose from his bed twilight hours found him there still recounting the past tales he and Ozzie had told in his mind never grew old Ben realized the sun would continue on although he could not do the same memories locked within his heart shadowed recollections of a fallen chess king

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I ask you this

“If I have to cry to keep you, I will keep weeping.”- The Temptations

If our atmosphere
Becomes a shattered animosity

If our cumulus clouds
Become wrecking balls against our Sun

If the touch of your hands,
Turns into rabid, feline tongue

If your messages of clarity & “I love you” 
Translate into a Mime’s distress signal

If the sway of your rosemary breaths

I ask you

Would your love
Your real love
Make me shed oceanic leaks

While you ride leaky canoe
Above our water garden

Never tossing raft

Never diving in
To become my lighthouse savior

Because love
Real love
Should never
Make you embrace torment’s cry

Nor should love
Ever reciprocate
With muted stanzas

Date stamped:
“Return to Sender”
©Drake J. Eszes

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You and I and I and You

You, who are so perfect in my eyes, so beautiful- adorable, and I, so flawed, ugly, damaged and crawling with defects; why do you enjoy my company? 

You, who are so sleek and slender, humming with a quiet intellect and a serenity about you, and I, so grossly overweight and pretentiously boastful and nervous; how can you abide my company?

You, who are a paragon of patience, so understanding and self-assured, and I, so insanely impulsive, so myopic and brimming with self-doubt; how do you stand my company?

You, who are so sweet, so considerably kind, so thoughtful and generous, and I, so bitter, so selfish, so self-absorbed; why do you choose my company?

You, who are so self-composed, full of self-control, so sound and stable, and I, so very neurotic, so completely compulsive and verily volatile; how can you tolerate my company?

You, who are so diligent, so driven and ambitious, so achieving, and I, so lackadaisically lazy, so uninspired, so complacent; why do you settle for my company?

You, who are ethical, so moral, so very virtuous, and I, so corrupt, so unprincipled, so wholly wicked; how can you endure my company?

You, who are so normal, so well-adjusted, so conventional, and I, so maniacal, so unbalanced and irrational; why do you condone my company?

You, who are bubbling with charm, who loves unconditionally and is absolutely accepting, and I, boiling with rage, fueled by misanthropy and incredibly intolerant; how can you welcome my company?

That you love and accept me for who and what I am, is a treasure beyond measure. I cherish your company, but why you cherish mine is something I cannot fathom. All I know is that I love you, my dear, beloved friend.

**This was written for two very dear friends: Karen and Tommy :)
***I also love palindromes ;)


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Paranoid love

Tell me that this fear is just paranoia in my mind, 
we're not straining, we're not struggling, 
we're not sinking, we're just fine. 
I'm not perfect my dearest, but damn have I tried, 
and I'll try harder but I know I'll have the same results every time. 
Do you want me all the ways that I am? 
With all the struggles and the tears and the clinging to your hand. 
I fear your getting further and Im left on the shore to stand, 
watching you in the distance with a bullet in my hand. 
Tell me all this worry, its just clutter in my mind, 
tell me not to worry that we're doing just fine. 
Cause Im scared to run you off and I feel Im falling deep. 
And Im so frightened of these thoughts that its getting hard to sleep.
All I know is that the heart wants what it desires, 
because of you the match inside has turned into a fire. 
And I feel the broken glass thats sticking from my skin, 
Wondering if you'll remove the pain or push it back in. 
My hearts frantic wondering if you feel the same, 
pleading and begging for more than just a saying, 
but to feel and to see that im not alone, 
with being in this love thats overwhelming. 
Once I told you that we didnt have a spark, 
but you were lighting up and I was sitting in the dark. 
And this fire, this blaze its wrapped in desire. 
Im terrified to lose you, I think I might die or, 
maybe disappear from all the pieces falling out, 
im going crazy but when i open my mouth, nothing comes out, 
and I cant explain to you why I just need to hold you close, 
why every time you leave Im scared to let you go, 
why these tears are building up behind my eyes, 
all I know is that the heart wants what it desires 
and it desires to be your wife. 
So tell me in my panic, that your words are true, 
tell my my dearest what I mean to you, 
tell me that this paranoia is all within my mind 
we're not struggling, we're not sinking tell me we're just fine

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'Distant Star'

You want to fade away?
Want to be that distant star
That brings about perplexity

It’s not who you are
You were never intended to be
Just a distant star
Your light shines through
Without you knowing

Those around you feel your warmth
Others see it, 
Others wonder; in amazement 
What creates the radiance? 

The vivacity, 
Your natural glow
Like a second skin –

You encompass 
Without drowning those around you 

Adequate provision to make them feel
The wealth of being treasured 
Without losing their identity

Fading away is impossible 

You shine without being overbearing 
Just enough to make everyone feel loved


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Does the past really matter?
 Does it set you free? 
I’m absorbed in the sin,
That is surrounding him and me. 

Lost in the curiosity,
Cold to the touch. 
Drenched in the poison,
With my dignity in his clutch.

Feeling like I was cheated;
I chose the evil instead of light.
I traded in the sunshine,
For what lurks in the night. 

I disobeyed his orders,
I gave up security to be unsure.
I went against the warnings,
Gave into darkness instead of remaining pure.

Once my bed was made of soft grass,
But now it is made of stone.
Was plump from all of the luscious fruit,
Now I’m starving to the bone. 

My curse is one of circumstance.
The punishment a crime,
I’m stuck inside this dampened cave,
For the rest of time. 
My world came crashing down,
The grief has not subsided.
My heart broke completely,
When my sons collided. 

My misery a token,
From the abandonment I earned.
Upon the time spent in sorrow,
There was a lesson to be learned.

Have I found the moral?
Only in time we shall see,
For all I did was eat an apple-
From the Knowledge tree. 

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My Friend in Need

we’ve spoken it seems too long ago yet I’ll never forget that sad Christmas when I cried a friend had hurt me deeply he was an alcoholic, someone you knew far better than I did I thought I’d never smile again you sent me your number we talked for hours do you know how much it meant can you believe you saved my holiday spirit a great writer you’ve always been but to me, you are far more you are a lighthouse in stormy seas that casts a bright path to rise from despair a twinkling angel with multi-colored lights had already been packed to mail when I read of the hardship you now endure you need to know you have a friend just as I did that Christmas and at least one other time when I called you listened, you cared I found your beautiful soul your angel, a symbol of our friendship, will soon be on its way to you a woman who never says anything unkind, your compassion knows no bounds this time it’s an angel who will cast the light when twinkling on your holiday tree next to the butterfly ornament you loved so much an angel will watch over you
*Dedicated to Catie Lindsey, one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She took the time to save me one Christmas Day and another time when it seemed life gave me more than I could endure. I am always here for you and consider you a very dear friend. We should talk soon. Love you!

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Under the Willow Trees

A path strewn thick with rusty leaves led to nowhere and everywhere in our fantasies, rescuing us from after school chores and homework pages wrinkled in time; a memory come and gone returns to me. Back home, under a row of willow trees, I weep for my childhood friend, for the innocence lost, I thought I could keep, for the faded line between joy and pain that suddenly comes with age; I close moist eyes to see you dancing in rain showers and climbing up rays of sunlight, imagination uncaged; running carefree for hours - just us, two, whether skies were shades of gray or blue. We said forever, a pinky swear I remember, naïve in our make-believe world. How many years passed by, distance growing between you and I? A phone call once-in-a-while became just a Christmas card once-a-year. I hope you always knew the truth, I loved you, my dear friend. Time cannot erase our laughter caught on the autumn breeze and the childhood secrets shared on that path strewn thick with rusty leaves, trodden bare each year come fall of winter snow. Our laughter now echoes in dreams, chaffing the row of willow trees still sulking low, moss brushing tears in timeless beauty, waiting for you to come home.

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Thank's Soupland

Sunday morning coffee
attracted to this screen
soupland is my toffee
my java needs no cream

Where we all chew on our pencil's
our pen's no longer quill's
we hack this keyboard wonder
exciting mental thrill's

We read eachothers thought's
emotions never drought
constant rain,a train of verse
I find myself immersed

Sharing our complaints and want's
but never do we point or taunt
we may occasion disagree
but that's what makes you,you,

Freedom of expression
with a touch of cool discretion
allows this site for us to write
feeling neither wrong nor right

I enjoy my time spent sharing
even if it might be much
but if I might be daring
on subject's lightly touched

So to all my friends at soupland
I say thank you,extended hand
a place where we grow together
and weather this world's whatever's......

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Corey Fazel

Koorosh the Great, Friend

All of my heart
One tear
Or one Monsoon
No amount, no grandeur
Can express the sorrow
Oh yes, I am sad, I am saddened
I am in sorrow
I am swimming in the darkness
I am missing something
That can not be said in words

Koorosh the great was a prophecy
For only now have we seen
The truth of greatness
Not by Victory, but by kindness
We are blessed to have seen
How simple life can be
Love your life
Your family
Your friends
Bring everyone laughter
Create, envision and dream
Everyone who knows you feels special
Your father taught you well
Kindness that transcended generations
In the end
A humble man
No god could make him bitter
He was as he always was and more
A kind man

Only when you remove a tree from the garden
Do you realize
The tree was the garden
The flowers bloomed for the tree
The people sought shade and comfort

Quietly, I weep
For him
For his family
For life

If all great leaders followed his path
What a beautiful world we would have
He inspired 
He smiled
Corey, you are missed

Notes: Dedicated to my friend Corey Fazel who just recently passed away before his time. Corey, you will be missed by many many people. It is you with your friendly pertinence that got me to swim, and that alone has changed my life, I will remember the many evenings and dinners we talked about all things under the sun.

MSA is Multiple System Atrophy, a terrible and debilitating disease that attacks the nervous system. It has many of the symptoms of Parkinson, however from onset one has very few years of life left.

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 I don't have nothing really to post right now
 However, I will read your poems first, 
 In hopes inspiration follows and falls into place

Please do not think I'm here to drop a bomb 
It's just a fair warning on how, I'm here
"To Rock Your World"
Allow me kindly to introduce myself, 
I'm as Sweet as they come 
I'm not the enemy, but a poet friend
In time you will see, and hunger my name

 I'm not new to any poetry world
 In time you will notice I am not your average girl

I will play fair, If you do
I'll be true to you, if you are true 
I'm not here to judge what I can't see
However, I will reply and enjoy the imagery

 This Destroyer is not like a lawyer
 However, mess with me or my sis 
 I'll chew you out like the D.E.A.
 I'll mess with your mind 
 A brain storm cleaning you from bottom to top

Admiring those who love the world of wordplay
Today, I will end my WORDS
With the quote I've always wanted to say
   "I am no poet!"


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My Poetry Friends

I carry our friendship in my mind
And like a “Welcome Home” banner
It warms my heart. 
When I see flowers in bloom
I think of your poetry;
How your words paint such colorful, 
Vivid tapestries.
Even on the greyest of days
They brighten my world,
Shed light on my emotions,
Lift my spirits, and give comfort to my soul.
We are kindred spirits in our love of nature,
The gift of children and the wonder of the
Animal kingdom, how it nurtures us in love,
Inspires us to want to share through
Poetry the beauty of this planet.
When you write of waterfalls
I feel the cool mist on my face.
When you write of trees
I see their lovely trunks and limbs
And how closely they resemble people.
When you write about the wayward wind
An awesome chill cloaks my body.
As you relate the power of the moon
I feel her tug at my emotions and
Her authority as she reigns over the seas.
The contrast of serenity and excitement
Abound when you speak of the sparkling 
Stars, their soft glow or burst of beauty as they 
Burn a bright light through a cobalt sky.
Tears of joy stream down my smiling face
As you describe the sunrise and sunset
In a rainbow of hues from silver to scarlet.
It leaves me breathless in awed elation.
Each season offers a new delight in what you write
And our friendship grows deeper and more
Meaningful with each creation.
When you write of love, I feel loved.
You are a blessing and a joy in my life.
I carry our friendship in my mind.

© 2011 Connie Marcum Wong

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Because I am the only one

Because I am the only one!


I can never be no one, because I am the only one!

Who is that unique me that's replaceable by none!

You say you could easily replicate me as my clone!

But it wouldn't be a real me, only one mere drone!

I am bonded into relationships with my kith and kin!

That wouldn't be just the same even if I had a twin!

I think and feel like no other does, you like it or not!

I have left my mark on the world, a soft sweet spot!

If I weren't there, a difference it would surely make!

What I have said and done, no one could ever fake!

When I am no more there, I might be soon forgotten!

I'd be woven in the thread of time, as a wisp of cotton!

The seeking eyes would always find me in my imprints!

Connect and my eternal presence will give you my hints!

I was there when we were created, I will be there forever!

Times and places would change, my identity would never!

So let us treasure each other as one of a kind, just as we are!

We all shine in the galaxy of creation, each one of us is a star!

Why should then we think of becoming adversaries not friends?

When we're paintings of the same colors in our distinct blends!

Let us live in eternal peace, whoever and wherever we may be!

Because we know we are are the only ones, whether you or me!


Poetry by Dr. Asghar Nazeer (LinkedIn profile

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Place your head on my shoulder,
let it stay there
and we'll just breathe
...and... out

Inhale positivity,
exhale negativity-

Pluck the sadness from the air,
unravel that ball of worry...
We'll find that knot
that started it all,
untangle it, 
and wave ribbons 
in the air

We'll let those colors swirl
around each other,
we'll blend them...
then weave them

into a tapestry

that comforts us 
in the end

Doesn't matter 
at all
if it turns out
 too short

Our lives
are full of tangles
a lot of thread
out there...

So place your hand in mine,
let it stay there,
and we'll weave
...and... out...


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Beauty in my Palm

You are the wild flower in my palm
With no stem to keep you anchored to this covetous earth
You are the fragile thing I dare not cup,
As your petals whittle away under the wind
And flit unfettered in the air;
Exaggerated fear leaves my fingers numb
Hungry need leaves my fingers twitching
And my hand is paralyzed by turmoil
As every breath of wind takes another petal from me
And brings to my lungs, my chest and my heart
An overwhelming scent of need-

You are the wild beauty in my palm
And I dare not hold you to my chest
For I fear to crush you
To know first hand
That caged beauty, is beauty no more.

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Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am sad.
Sometime I sing, sometimes I stammer

Sometimes I dance on the music of my soul, Sometimes I dance on the fingers of 
one single person
Sometimes I expect so much from others; sometime I myself can’t meet my own 

Sometime I make fun of others and feel bad later, sometimes life makes fun of me 
and I smile
Sometime I win and sometimes I lose, sometimes I don’t even understand whether I 
won or lost.
Sometimes I laugh as if whole world is with me,
Sometimes I cry as if I am alone wandering in a strange land

Sometimes I give up so easily
Sometimes I work so hard that no one can stop me to achieve what I want

Sometimes I am dynamic person, who wants to change the world,
And sometimes I am a kid who expects anyone to embrace him tightly.

Sometimes I feel happy about the achievement of my enemy
Sometime I feel dejected with my own success.

Sometimes I help others and show them the right path
Sometimes I feel totally helpless and don’t know where to go

Sometimes I ask god to please give my past back
Sometimes I pray to show me the way forward

Life is composed of SOMETIMES and I just flow with that.
U admit or not but you are also sailing on the same boat.
So join me and enjoy it EVERYTIME as SOMETIMES life is very short!

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Be my friend
Walk with me when I am walking
Sit with me when I am sitting
Hug me when I need a hug
Talk with me when I need someone to talk to

Ignore me when I am angry
Hold me when I am crying
Be there through my sorrows
Help me carry the load when I am struggling

Be there when I need someone 
Help me to move on with my life
Be the one person who never judges me
Show me how to be a better person

Most of all love me for who I am
With all my faults
Also the good parts as well
Just be the person you are
My beloved
My Friend

Written by my mom on New Years day 2014
This is the first poem of hers that I have ever read.
Mama Rocks! I hope she writes more.

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I would have settled for a smirk,
for a quirk of smug lips
and that trademark dimple
that still makes me crazy.

I would have been happy
with a transient glint
in those forget-me-not eyes,
a momentary hint
of what I felt... and still feel.

I miss the endless routine
of midnight pep talks
and morning road blocks,
of stolen glances
and skillful dances
around this knot of nerves.

Now there's just a gaping hole
where the lava once pooled
before it blistered and cooled.
And I keep picking the scab.

I want to put you in an album
and keep you on a shelf
to collect fairy dust
and never-land must.
I want to forget,
but have the means to remember.

Instead, I have scenes
from last November
dangling from my seasoned mind
with drops of dew
in my evergreen eyes.

For Tracie's "Homage" contest

*This poem was inspired by one of my favourite poems here on the Soup: "Almost" by Drake Eszes. Here is a passage I especially love:

"I was almost in the clear

Setting free her unchained melody
Didn’t see a forthcoming pain
Saturday nights, no longer the same

My mornings are still of you
A drop of dew
Dangling from emerald green edges"

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'Twisted Segments'

Twisted segments Somehow floated together The missing pieces of a long forgotten puzzle Found their home Faded pictures brought back to life Each telling their own story Do they make you smile today? I know it has been a while The warmth of memories Chasing negativity away It is okay to start again It is okay to lift your head up high No one will judge you No one dare to judge you They never walked in your shoes They never felt what you felt This was and still is your journey The choices you make Are ultimately yours You are a warrior Sometimes twisted segments Paints a brilliant picture Even to the ones who stand on the outside ©132311102013

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You left an open door, And a stranger wandered in; She straightened out The cluttered rooms And mended broken things. She wiped away the dust And stains from many tears; She brought flowers, soft music And candles for light. . . . And . . . I closed the door.

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Apple Blossoms

When chances  meet thru modern means and poet trees
Then  misty dreams drift close together
As first meetings with no care 
And long flowing  hair , 
Red as apple blossoms blooming fair,
 Bewitching smiles and longing sounds 
And sweet nectar drifting through the air
Faint echoes of loves pure air and poetry abound
Bitter sweet from afar , the smiles
 rosy cheeks ,and twinkling eyes 
And most of all white doves
Floating in the sky

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Bridge of Friendship

If I've failed to make it clear before, perhaps you've never known
you'll share my shoulder in your storm, I'll lean against yours, too
I should have told you long ago, or did you always know?
A harbor's light, you shined for me, when winter's storms had come

Friend you are, in rain or shine, across two restless seas
Like you, I've faced the darkest times, and you were there for me
A wave would come, and we survived, and stronger we became
Bridge of friendship, gave us hope, and gave us rope to cling

Through the years, we've taken turns, when life would bring despair,
troubled times, were when we've learned a friend is always near
Water never flows with ease, a lesson we have learned
I have seen it high, you've seen it low, but we've made it to the shore

Will we drown, our ship go down?.....I think we'd both say no
Ease your mind, and I will find a way to let you know
Your troubled journey, is my own, you'll never sail alone
Mind the bow,....  and I will row,  until we sail on home

For the contest sponsored by Kelly Deschler  "I Love Rock N' Roll
 "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"  by Simon and Garfunkel

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The Storm

A cold wind blows,
turning hardened walls to sand.
Breaking down the barriers
exposing the emotions that were held inside.

The pain builds,
from hurts buried deep within.
Storm clouds roll in
dark, cold, and threatening.

Thunder rumbles,
roars across the darkened land.
A voice breaking the spirit:
the words echo through the ears.

Lightning flashes,
shattering the very heavens.
Words drift through the mind:
casting shadows of doubt through the soul.

The tears fall from the eyes,
from a heart broken and battered.
Rain pours down from above
overflowing, unable to be contained.

Then finally as the rage is spent,
a calm stillness overtakes the cleansed world.
In the arms of a friend
peace is found once again.

And a voice whispers to the night:
"I'm alright..."

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Where To Look

When you feel blind sighted and aren’t sure where to look for a way out,
Look inside.
You’re the only one who knows what you’re capable of.
Look deep for bravery. 
Look up for guidance.
Turn to your side for support.
Life is only as meaningful as you make it.
Life is only as adventurous as the risks you take.
Life is only as stupid as the assumptions you make.
Life is only as lovely as the friends’ hands you shake.
Life is only as amazing as the blessings you share.
Life is only as dangerous as hoping everyone will care.
You never know who can be your friend,
You never know what they can offer.
You never know when they’ll be gone.
Take heart in the moment,
Be mindful to the situation.
Forget the past but remember the lesson.
Nothing will ever reoccur the same.
You may have to pay a fare but hop along for the ride.
Every experience teaches you something new.
More stories to tell,
More people to come.
Walk slow,
Learn fast,
Care often,
Love deeply,
Have no regrets.

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Meeting the Soupers

I have entered a room filled with handshakes and friendship Sharing hugs here and there, there's a buzz in the air Soupers queued, center stage, with a rhyme and a theme One is reading a poem with applause from the wings There is laughter, and sharing......and a microphone blaring A few poems being read, but no one is hearing, since the chatter is loud, and the crowd's having fun! I'm checking who's here, are they cool, are they new? Is she who I had dreamed behind her avatar screen? Is he who he had seemed as his poetry deemed? How great is this chance, to catch a real glance and see all those faces, my computer just beamed I look for a friend, who has traveled quite far Taking trains, or a plane, in a bus or a car I'm happy to say, they are nicer by far than I'd ever expected.......these Poetry Stars! __________________________________________________________ 10/31/13 ......for Yasmin's Contest: Meeting the Soupers

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Word Sage

When all of youth flees and even the whitest eye reddens, rheums, words, fair words, dispel the gloom. When hands are mapped with age and knurled, still, they transform the page, the eye, the cage, for where words flow, the mind goes, to the pristine smiles and the smooth curves which once were yours, your cheek, your neck, your hip. Deny me anything but the word for it’s magic will soon be all that remains of fleeting youth.

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I see myself in her

                                                                                                             -For Melissa

She asked me how long does it take to heal
In what time allotment, exactly, will it take
For forgetfulness to become a reoccurrence
A blessing for the haunted
Memories that can be bleached off 
White sundresses put on in order to frolic
On beaches with waves washing away
Each grain of him
How long did it take for you to get over him?
Days? Weeks? A month or two?
Hope shining like a naïve flashlight during the eclipse of hardest times
Beaming on me, waiting for an answer

How could I tell her, honestly, 
That it took me years
To overlook the smallest details of his smile
How he only has one dimple on the right side of his face
The way his hands felt, every line and crevice of his fate
Thought to fit mine perfectly?

How could I tell her, truthfully
That no matter how many times I washed my sheets
I would catch the scent of him at 3:45 am, sometimes
Or hear his faint tapping on my window
When it’s really just, my imagination
That she’ll spend months waiting for him to text her
Call her, email her, think of her
When really he’s lying in bed with another women but she refuses
To believe that it’s over
Or how my heart still aches, just a little
When I hear he asked about me
Or that he can no longer say my name out loud to our mutual friends

Could I muster up the courage to explain to her
That it took me 2 years, 3 months, and 16 days to realize
The ugliness of being pathetic
It was time to rise up and take the lead 
Time to forget all romantic casualties 
It’s only yesterday that I found myself straining to remember
His faults, forgetting the man and only remembering the hero
How could I break her heart for the second time by telling her
The truth?

She stood there patiently waiting for me
To pull a metaphor out of a hat, something poetic
Comforting, beautiful, reassuring
I see myself in her
Wanting people to lie to us to see the Zen in ourselves

It’s like we’re all in the same play with the same roles but different names
It takes time for each actor to fulfill the destiny
Others emphasize while others downplay
Moments in time

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sweet friend

this for me
is a beauty
of a friendship
never would
i want 
to hurt you
or be the noose
around your neck

in my distant mind
the furthest thing
i would love
to see smiling
a shining future
in your happiness
a treasure
the time 
we have

opening eyes
a soft feeling
touching souls
one of the most
beautiful friends
i have ever known
amazing in talking to
most of all
you are beautiful
true and true

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Consume Me

Reveled in ancient times, words escape from the crevices of nature
Through soils that many have tread
The living and the dead
Eat everything and take a great big look
Something is waiting for you—someone is there for you
The history of mankind will not tell you otherwise
The vines of truth and peace surround your being
You are something new and true
And the words are willingly fleeing from my grasp
Life is a spinning top—it spins as long as you keep it going
Manmade trinkets are concepts of lives untold
Objects hold energy that are more powerful than mere words
The feeling behind the whole of it all is all too satisfying
Listen to the breeze
It whispers riddles that lift the spirits of the deep
I can hear it calling
Can you?
Humanity has closed its breadth of hearing
But they can always reopen!
Consume me—let the fires of your passion envelope me
I want to know everything I can before I leave this world behind
I want the living and the dead to be satisfied in luxuries
Luxuries of love, appetite, desire and cool water fire
There is a secret rhythmic chord in every brain
You must accept yourself
You must accept your surroundings
Let them curl all around you—let your heart turn from serpentine to
Clear fluid
Consume the waters
Consume me
Before the worms in the soil soak in what is rightfully yours
The earth will be your companion
Engorge what you may . . . but respect

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His messages are always elaborative. We converse as if we know each other well. He is a famous poet on the Soup. He writes his verses with depth. Bravo, Richard Lamoureux you are one of the best! I like when you spread your wings to write a poetic text. His philosophy intrigues. His words are high literacy. Rick I will call him via commenting but he is such a Ricky through inner strength. Bravo, Richard Lamoureux for being the one I tribute! I love when your libretti smiles uplifting my spirit and making me feel worthwhile. He can be quite cynical. My respond is to explain some more. Richard is what I call him then. I know he is talking to me as a friend. Bravo, Richard Lamoureux! This is a tribute to you. I will close now. I hope you frame this and hang it high. Let the world know you shine. Your motivational and inspiratory poetic voice is precious. Bravo, Richard Lamoureux this tribute is to you! Continue to instigate; this encourages another to write. _____________________________________________| PENNED ON AUGUST 17, 2014!

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I don’t care if you have a degree 
or that your self-published textbook
is a decree to take a closer look 
at time-tested, armor plated antiquities.

I don’t care if you know your stuff,
fluffing your sleek, interlocked lines
and keeping things just so, just so 
in ascot wearing, dandy rhymes.

I don’t care if you can recite
the Mikado in its entirety,
as you pose in the spotlight,
Yum-Yum for all posterity.

I care about the longing
that I found in the verse
of a friend, words filled with whys 
that scattered a soft, rainy season 
to the oblivious winds.

I care about the heart
that became a puzzle, tiny pieces,
a thousand tiny pieces calling
out for me to reassemble,
winged things both soaring
then suddenly falling like 
reoccurring dreams,
art that almost trembled
in gentle riddles crafted to tease.

I care about the grip
that held the pen and how the paper
became damp and creased
as thoughts played in short stanzas,
tethered to honesty,
such a rare and noble quality,
even on the pages of poetry. 

I care that caring is vanishing 
like stone angels in cemeteries,
conversations on park benches or
the respect for ones peers:
those that dot their teary i’s,
those that shiver in life's trenches,
those that scry with ink, language seers. 

They ask so little in return,
Only the freedom to search for truth,
in their own voice, in their own time,
and safety from condemnation, 
ruthless lies and snobbery.

I care about a forgotten virtue.
I care about decency. 

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Fantasizing a little one on one

There's a certain somebody out there
i'd rather not name......
showed a little interest , at playing a game ,
she's bold in her talent's ,
say's she'll put me to shame....
such big talk , from such a tiny frame....
smiling inside , being challenged by this dame
a fine lady , no doubt , but game is not lame
you're quite the find  " BABY " , I'll give you your fame........
until then , i must warn you , this game won't be tame !!!!!

                        { ciao bella }

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“When we fall in love,
We’re just falling…
In love with ourselves, 
We’re Spiraling” ~Keane

Speak, and forever hold me in chaos For I will sift my way through the toughest stains of your heart Clipping words in your anger, You call upon me once again And with soft words, I reply in disembodiment So that you may fulfill your frustrating thoughts And you say to me, almost coldly, “Please, speak up!” Shall I hold you in your frustrations, To give my unnecessary say? What shall I speak of, To blow your demons away? Speak, up or down, my friend For my love for you goes beyond my hate for me Stopping my heart from happiness, You call upon me time and time again And with brutal words, you listen in pieces So that I may sink into my absorbing softness again As I say to you, so gently, “Please, go on…” Will you hold me when I weep? When my mysterious silence disturbs you? Or will you continue to speak, As my demons devour me? Go on......please...

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You are the smell before rain 
You are the blood in my veins 
I need to get you out of my system,
bleed it out by the blade

You are an incurable disease 
You are the cancer consuming me 
I need to get you out of my head,
but I can only lie on my death bed 

You are the ghost of my reminiscing
You are the piece that is missing 
I need to come to terms inside 
Perhaps we'll cross paths in the next life

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My brown eyed country lass
Always ready with a beautiful story
Reflecting on childhood dreams
Yet a passionate lovers soul
Joyful in her poetry
One with her soul and heart

My sweet friend Mary Jo you are a blessing to the world.

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Human Nature

The Computer Screen Light

Splints off The Fluid in His

Eyes, And Cascades The 

Twinkling Against the Wall.

              -She Curls up in a ball-
        -He Takes up The Fetal position-

The Headset Poses Security

Against the Deafening Sounds

of Reality. The Light Outside,

Fades to A Deep Blue...

               - She Cries To Pass The Time -                  
            - He's Done Crying, No Liquid Left -

He Lies Back on his Chair, in

Sheer Agony. Stems Covered

With Leaves Burst From His

Veins. His legs Root to the carpet.

               - Sleep Grants her little solace -
           - He Hasn't Slept in Over Two Weeks -

Mimicking Womb Protocol, She

Folds. Clutching her Stomach

She Heaves Forward a Lunguful 

Of Bark. Shes Changing

               - She Smiles across the Water -
       - The Water Ripples Following his Response -

Intertwined in Friendship, 

They Grow Towards The Sun...

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What did we know...

We were so young,way back when
barely out of the arm's of love
our sense's rushing madly again and again
running feverishly,into eachother's arm's because
we just knew we'd walk eachother through....

How naive we were,way back when
so unsure of ourselve's,
barely able to walk this life alone
yet,we believed we knew what love is
until our bodie's stopped talking

Probably should have learned to crawl
before we decided to walk,then maybe
we could have ran together
then maybe avoid the fall's....

The hurt and all the stinging pain
memorie's of a clumsy beginning
what we could'nt learn from eachother then
we sure helped eachother discover another

We may not be together now
to laugh and cry at what and how
another love seem's out of the question
but,what did we know of love,way back when....

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Weren't we partners in everything?
Didn't we talk, study and sing?
Weren't we innocent?
Weren't we kids?
Why aren't we so anymore?

Why each has a life?
Why each has a door?
Weren't we there together?
Weren't we enjoying spring and summer?
Why aren't we so today?

Why can't we have fun and play?
Why can't we share our talks and say?
Didn't you promise me to be my soul?
Didn't I feel shocked and suddenly fall?
Don't you remember... anything at all?

We aren't partners...
We aren't... at all!



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Found Love

When first I came to know this world, my eyes were young and hurt,
And O're the years I came to know, the expression in my heart,
I fought my way through love and pain, through heart break, and much worse,
Until one day I found a man, who could love me at my best and worst,
He would drive me to the point of insane, yet bring me back to laughing tears,
He could make my eyes weep in shame, yet hold me close and i would heal,
18 years, it took to know that I would never leave his side,
For when I was born I knew this man; Inside my soul, the knowledge survived,
I found him after 16 years, And knew I loved when i reached 17,
Now the age of womanhood is apon me, and if asked Ill respond,
it is his wife I shall gladly be,
Sweet eyes so young, but aged too,
my love today, I explain to you.

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My Sudoku Life

And I walk
across numerical figments
speaking hyperbole dialect to their imaginations.

Numb, blocky gaps
whisper invitation to secret club.

Enticing my stature
to belong
to become exponent’s side-kick.

So they can welcome me with open arms.

Coating my digits with inoperable tumors
double-knotted in hot pink laced bow
and baby-breath scent.

They even left a Walmart Rollback smiley face sticker
with crack residue on right cheek
and a comic-style bubble caption, “welcome home puppet”.


This is exactly how Mother 1 told me it would be.

Kinda like marriage,
but less detail-oriented.

But, I could never fit in.

For I am neither positive
nor negative
about their (cult) ural ways.

Timing would always be off.

An arm from the clock that suffered a stroke at Midnight…

They’d never understand,
how they’d alter this unevenly, odd numerical figment.

For they’ll just calculate,
my sum with rusty protractor.

This Zero, into a fraction...

© Drake J. Eszes

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A mother's treasures

A solitary piece the diamond
precious rare gem most treasured
by those lucky enough to hold
Once in possession it is rarely out of grasp
Like the gemstone the mother 
requires very specific conditions
in holding fast her (family/) childrens love
Treasured forever in her heart
she will go out of her way
to preen and protect them
holding them dear to her
deep within her maternal safe – the heart
closely guarded by the mind
Her infatuation of all treasures to her 
are totally understandable
especially when you think to the complexity
of structure and process taken in creation
Just as from the ‘unbreakable’ in ancient greek
this alletrope of carbon
with strength of bonding between atoms
is representative of that strong love
between mum and child
The maternal being could be compared
to the superlative physical qualities of the stone
Even the characteristic luster
of this gem so prevaient from its ability
to disperse light and colour
compared to the many strengths, roles and qualities
of the mother
seen by the many she deals with daily
A most high pressured job 
versus the high pressured temperature
within the Earths mantle
that forms the delightful rock it gives birth to
Infants delight and ignite the forbearer
just as the jewel would dazzle the room
a mother’s love encaptures the magical luster
of those she’s birthed and nothing
stands inbetween this richest of cargo’s

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Worst Love Poem Ever Written

I suck at dying poems
Chemo poems, Metastatic Cancer poems,
Hair falling out in the shower poems
And I told a half truth
When I told you I could write you one
In less than six months (It's been eight)
I apologize for being so late

I wanted your poem to be pink and graceful
Like those ribbons
I see all over the internet
Filled with cheesy generic rhymes
That read like a Hallmark audition

  But already my metaphors are melting
And my similes are getting soft
 I guarantee you the rhyme meter will be off

 When I went to Google
And the typed in the word 'happy'
Three billion links came up

Not a single inference to
Breast cancer, hair loss
No redirects to mastectomies
Yahoo wasn't any kinder

The only thing research could teach me
Is that a good day on chemo
Is when your stool doesn't come out tar Black
And has no blood in it

Or when your urine
Smells better on Wednesday
Than it did on Tuesday

Sleeping less than 12 hours
When 24 would be better

America has more poets
Than it does alcoholics
   And Pot smokers combined
And you chose me to be
Your Breast Cancer
Poet Laureate

Trusting me to write a poem
About the biggest battle in your life

So I refuse to finish this poem
Without something bright and hopeful
And don't think
I didn't notice your Facebook activity
Had decreased by 88%
In the last three months

And you aren't really
Coming to any more of my poetry shows
Ever again. Are you??
But we still have March, April
Don't we?

But even if you had one breast
Or no breast

Or if you had less hair than I do
I promise to look only in your eyes
And never ever even notice
Or even think about it

And never for a moment
Would I feel sorry for you

Yes I suck at lying too...

But I don't suck at loving you
Or at hoping you wake up tomorrow morning
 With no Cancer at all
And that The Eiffel Tower will be right outside
Your bedroom window...

And I would be right there with you
Holding your hand while we look down on Paris
And you can impress me with your French again

And if I ever make it
To the Pulitzer Poetry board
I might lose a thousand points
Just for this poem alone

And my hopes for the prize will be smitten
And some old person 
With white hair will say
That was the worst love poem ever written

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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth
                   Authored by Chuck Keys

a rainbow walked into my room
pretty enough to bloom
pink and purple with smiling missing 
teeth, happy as a butterfly cutely reminiscing

fulfilled deep brown eyes open wide sensitive
pensive and alert digesting the entirety of it all
innocently studying my face, yet with question
licking her lips, hungry in thought ...
reciprocal smiles signaling raceless acceptance 

blind to doubt, hate, and experience of time
wanting to thirst willing to trust without rage
demanding more giving more deserving more
she stands proud filled with sugary sweetness
youthfully contrasting my many years  

she calls me papa, i call her princess
missing teeth and all

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Please, don't call me your 'Friend'

You will never write me.
You will never call.

You will never inquire about my day.
You will believe my heart will never fall. 

Your words will be made
Of incendiary copiers
Of toddler’s glue

To tell hundreds of others
How unique
They never were

Without online reminders,
I will be another passing celebration.

Another misunderstood gasp of amnesia
Reaching out with curdled arms
Amongst plucked yesterdays

Where were you in the weeks of our passing lull? 

Did you crawl towards remedial rest stop
As you pleasured tomorrow’s misguided wish

It was never guaranteed

But, you knew that.

Just like admiration,
Yet, never expecting its counterpart
To be awoken from fantasy’s French kiss

I hold the bliss of hopeful awakenings
From this familiar rooftop
That you will know what it really means
What it really means

To become what you have forgotten

A solicited facade of bonded breaths
Ready to fall

©Drake J. Eszes

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I fell in like with you

Inspired by one of my favorite bands, Rise Against, and the song is called,
“Ever-changing” (Acoustic). Please listen to this song if you don’t know of it. It’s raw &

“Have you ever been a part of something? That you thought would never end. But then, of
course, it did.” –Rise Against

“I fell in ‘Like’ with you”

With her smile
I melted unto oblivion’s redemption
Candy coated perceptions, windows’ gap
Seeping brilliance refreshment

Uncertainty resolution, polished
Absorbed into closeness sun
Yet these eyes still…see
Butterflies taking notice, missing you…as you stood in front of me

Strong, yet soft legs
Foundation of my face to rest upon
A cremated sin 

Yet, elongated moments of silence
Created abruption’s new face

The face of change
When she turned to me and said
“I’m not sure, anymore”

Emotional lullaby, rocking me to sleep
New battles with spectral flashback
Trying to get under my skin, a drunken tick facing demise

Phoenix’s sunrise, rejuvenating my recycled defenses
Yet, today, these rays just aren’t bright enough to burn sadness away

And with these sounds of storm clouds & Fall on horizon’s breath
These grounds are so familiar, yet bittersweet
This heart doesn’t want to be enlightened by karma today

It wants to be held for how it shines now

Denied…distance wins again today
Slavery whipped punishments in miles and blocks
This must end

Because I try to keep lines open to get a call from you
Yet all I hear are booty calls with busy signals

And yet something has kept me here too long
But can they leave me, if I’m already gone?

Something has kept me here too long
Karma’s laughter

But, through it all, I will shine


How I wish my mere presence can bring joy’s tear to her eye

Sadly though, now, the lines are drawn
Yet I wonder if this feeling is gone
Have the best parts of this…come and gone?


Maybe I’ll never know the truth

Perhaps she was misguided by jealousy’s deprivation
Deteriorating heart’s splendor

While I fell in “like” with her

Perhaps “Better Man 2.0” appeared from Cloud 9’s fallacy

While I fell in “like” with her

She held onto the past

As I, drawn to waterfall’s edge
Allowed myself

To let go…and F

© Drake J. Eszes
“We adore those who hurt us. Yet, we hurt those who adore us.” -Anonymous

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He was always so happy
strong and bold.
He'd give you the shirt off of his back.
He had a rough life
growing up through the depression,
but like he always does,
he got through it.
He has two boys, of whom he is so proud.
Moved from Regina, to Victoria.
He had the best life anyone his age could have wanted.
But ever since his wife died, 
he has not been the same.
But like he has always done,
he got through it.
Mind slipping, 
just a little forgetful.
That's how it always starts out...
But like always, he powered through it, 
until now...
He is not the same person that I used to know.
He been sentenced to the prison in his own mind.
Possessed by the thoughts of his dogs ashes.
He likes to play the blame game,
but we know he doesn't remember that it was him.
He wakes up in the night
shaking with pain, 
tears streaming down his face.
There is nothing we can do,
Oh well...
Two more tylenol.
Hold on to hope
for as long as you can,
It's only a matter of time now.
He gets vocal, a very loud tone.
He'll block you in your room
and make false accusations
But we know that it's the pain induced monster in him.
Tick tock, tick tock...
You can't handle the stress anymore
you have to leave.
Just hope for the best, 
maybe it will get better.
Surprise, it doesn't.
Your denial is foolish, everyone knows 
what happens next.
All results of

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Flickered Candle - A collaboration with Eileen Ghali

A huge shout out to my dear friend, Eileen, for creating a wonderful memory with this collaboration. There is a vital lesson when moments like this are created: The cure to uncertainty is togetherness. May we all make more memories like this. Friendships, real ones, are a commodity.

Surrounded by impenetrable marble

A stained glass perception
Milks dignity from dilapidated pores

I stare unto retribution’s flame
Gliding softly on waxy façade

Holding the hand of a friend

I hold on, 

Distorted view of reality
Piercing inner sanctum

Veil of peace

Torn asunder
Set aflame

Melancholic facades
Dripping in hardened tears
Waxy build-up

Inner core of existence


Licked by burning infernos,

I hold on…

Holding the hand of a friend

We raise eagle’s wing
Banishing oppressive lips

Venomous soliloquies
Tasting alliterated misdirection
Uninvited to solace’s peak

Our time is now
Our time is now!

Our time
Turning hourglass sands
Into horizontal awakenings

This eloquent candle will never wane. 

Our strength faces resurgence
Your hands to mine

My soul awakened, revived

Our orange-hued sands of time
Reversing ravages of melting tears

Candle light, incandescent,
But not melting
On this night

But no hesitant flickers,
On this night

Generating heat of bonded hands
Bonded minds

Burning flame of mystery

I hold on to your hand.

This is our time


Words set to eternal flame

Oh, yes. 

This eloquent candle shall never wane.

©Drake J. Eszes & Eileen Ghali

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I Do Believe

"I Do Believe" 

The purpose of LIFE is to {Living In Faith Ever} 
to enrich God within us 
to an optimum level 
so that We as Humans 
can be guided by God 
to fuel out brothers and sisters 
with the same driving force 
to connect with the living God, 
to His existence and 
to See the Invisible, 
Believe the Incredible, and 
to Receive the Impossible 
to our everlasting journey 
to Heaven.

Rev. Samuel Mack
Copyright 2013

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~What Make A Best Friends~

Best friends are hard to find 
Just like among the lovely stars at night we’ve to pick the best one 
A priceless gem of God’s Loving Divine. 

I finally found you Linda (aka pd)...
My heart is in triumph 
My desolation is gone 
You’re not only like a star, but my rising sun 
Someone who tenaciously raises me up when I’m down. 

When a shroud of gloom hangs over me, 
You cheer me up 
Whether you are far or near 
Your listening ears give me a breath of wind. 

You offer the loveliest rose in your garden 
Smile…. Laugh and cry with me 
One of those who anchors to the fulfillment of my dream 
Hone-in-on to a friend’s sake 
Offers a mighty shoulder to lean on 
Or to stand to see further.   --From: L.G.

-A dearest sis, from heaven send-
I share my muse, with your beating friendship
Never would I force you to answer or say something
When I'm hurt or crying, or feel like my life is over
Just knowing you are there listening, brings comfort--
--Whether you are near or far
I know you will be there caring in every step of the way

In you I see a woman who highly respects herself
A beautiful person who goes a long way, making others feel the light 
I would never trade you for someone who can't prance and dance like you
Your best quality, comes from being yourself no matter who's around
This is how I know, you have the perfect ingredients 
Of what makes a special best friend

So, fun, unique and interesting, Leonora you are so sweet
You understand, with support, you carry a soul of trust and beauty
You were there through my good times and bad
A positive shoulder to cry on
Without casting judgment on the things I've done,
I smile with glee, enjoying your sincerity
Leonora, my BFF, I hope you don't mind that I gave my secret away 
The perfect ingredients, of what makes a best friend.  --By: P.D.

Jan. 10-17,2014

- collaboration poem of Linda/PD and Leonora

~ It’s again my great honor to have been invited to collaborate with my most all time favourite, my greatest poet,  loving poet sis and forever BFF, PD/ Linda. She's a very special poet sis & friend/BFF of mine . I’m in tears of joy to know that I’m also special to her. Word’s are inadequate to thank you enough for everything my dearest sis!  My biggest & loveliest hugs ever to u!  Lovem4evr sis & BFF Leo

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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Inside my Computer

My computer-- disassembled
is a maze of cables, drives
chips and ports--an array
of connections, silver solderings,
twisting wires.

But when the satiny case
is latched in place
coils and cables disappear.
The smallest particle of matter
is not an atom, but a byte--
a particle of magic that combines
and multiplies unseen
inside the blinking box.

Creation occurs inside my computer--
friends, family rest behind the pressing
of selected keys. Words and faces
form; smiles and frowns
become feelings.
Attraction becomes addiction.

Inside my computer
merchants buy and sell--
musicians sing,
artists train pictures into pixels,
poets recollect emotion in tranquillity.

Inside my computer
dreams are imagined into reality--
inventions, hopes, ideas are born
and nurtured into happenings.
Strangers share a table, touch
hands across the world.

Inside my computer
the pulse of human hearts
waxes and wanes
as people fall in and out 
of love.

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Do You Ever Think of Me

Do you ever think of me,
though much time has passed and
we have not talked, we have not met?
Do you ever wonder how I am,
what I've done, where I've been?
Do you ever picture in your mind
how the years have changed my face,
lined my brow, slowed my pace?
I often think of you, as you were,
when I'm we two
would talk the night away then
greet the day with smiles and laughter --
ready to face the roads ahead,
the crooked miles we'd walk alone --
but, after, waiting to relax again,
to smile once more, trusting that
we'd meet some time and talk till day,
with nothing changed that counts at all...
still all smiles, all hugs, all laughter.

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Drowning Deeply in LOVE

                Lips touch the tip of morning with the awakening
             of thine eyes,
           by inexhaustible
            thoughts of only 
             you. Drifting away
              from abed, thoughts
              trace in tandem with
             thy body in lost sight
           within the flat-bottomed
         vessel. Water pouring
       down accreting to the
     seductive oils
     forming to

Pace, G


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                                 A friend is good to have.
                    A friend you can trust in thick and thin.
                          One who is always there for you.
                          Someone who can keep a secret.
               One that you can share your joy and sorrow with.
              One who never laugh at you, but laughes with you.
             One who lends you a shoulder and gives you comfort.
             One who will miss you when you are away for a while.
                        One who is sincerely happy to see you.
             Yes, a friendship that you and I have, because we are:
                                     FOREVER FRIENDS

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The Same

You used to look at me.

You glanced upon my ripened, caramel skin
With palpitated affirmations
Of your smile



Your titanium pupils
Illuminating across Merlot filled chalices

Another umbrella drop
Another hungry thrust
Unto solemn choruses

Another choir of sonatas
Filling our bells
Turning the tides
Against full moon deceptions

Yet, the sun rose.

We would lie on park benches’ lap
As I covered my thorns
To avoid your judgments
Drawing your attention to cresting waves
By our lakeside

Yet, the clouds rolled in.

As vehement rainfall
Caused my roots to blossom
My thorns to strengthen

You were poked by my errors.

Another angel cries.

These wingless flaws I shed
Within retinal waterfalls

As I hold onto empty, rickety barrel
For dear tomorrows

Am I
Not good enough for you

Has your pulse’s arrhythmia from yesterday

Will you still take my hand
In whimsical slow dance
Through God’s uncertainty

Because, tomorrow,
I will still be the same.

©Drake J. Eszes

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R.I.P. William Dale Eubanks
d. July 1, 2012, aged 68 yrs., Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee

Death came as no surprise
the first Sunday in July;
it claimed you, on a ridge in Tennessee,
with kin who took you in and waited with you
through the last hard days.
You kept what fears you had well hid,
did not betray with loud complaint
the fate you could not but know awaited.
A smile, a joke, a hug – exotic meals –
And genuine interest greeted all you met.
And you were, certainly, never boring
but well-traveled and smart
beyond the telling.
We’ll miss your wit, your bright demeanor,
and will remember all you freely gave ---
and what you took from us
with your passing.

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With kind eyes And gentle soul, You brought Flowers, Soft words, And sweet touches . . . To my table. You filled my empty heart And hungry spirit. You brightened My drab and lonely world. You touched The hurting places . . . At my table. . . . Now . . With sad eyes And silent words, You come to me. My friend, I’m filled and strong, Let me, Your waiter be.

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'Can I hold your hand'

Can I hold your hand? Just until your smile returns? Promise not to hold too tight In case you feel smothered A hint of the tears you shed Still visible – a testimony of your pain Your wall went up again I can feel it; you pushing at it Pushing every one away I will not feel wounded I will not force you to talk I know you need your space Can I hold your hand? Until your smile returns

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Early mourning

I sift through his Taoist rants
searching the brilliance and madness
for something to make sense; to inspire.

And he does not insult me
with the dust of dead men
though dust is what remains.

Ash falls through my fingers,
as promised, plenty of his own decay,
pure and uncontaminated,

his spirit whispering remembrance;
his legacy blowing in the wind
captured in my heart and lungs.

*Loss contest November 3rd, 2012

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The 'End' in Friend

I, treasure you.

But, would you stay if I ever said goodbye?

Would inferno’s pilot light succumb to your tears
Knowing tomorrow’s uncertainty
Is our greatest fear?

Would my ill-timed laughter
Make you cringe in disgust
Changing your perception against my heart?

Would you
Hold me
As we wade through baptismal waters of sin
Without bruises from cedar scented crosses?

Can I count the ways
You would be my exhale
When insanity chokes the living within

The living, within!

Within cracked glasshouses
Covered by umbrella’s demise

Would you come to despise
My true colors
Shaded in blues & violets?

Would I need to come to your rescue
After you’ve kicked me when I’m down?


I would sacrifice my Agnostic flesh
To become a new believer
Within YOU!

I would remove my 3rd eye to present what I see in you!
I would become your contact lens that you’ll never have to remove!

I would taste degradation
Simmering in a gentle broil around my arms
And season you with my smiles
Just to make it through choke-holds of a Winter solstice!

I would become your handsome error
Hoping we can write each others wrongs!

I, treasure you.

Would you be there upon last dance’s syllabic end?

My friend, 
I’ll wait by this stainless steel chair.

Embracing the “never-say-never”…

…because, with you, my humanity is willing to believe in forever.

© - 4/22/2013
Submitted for the “What a Friend really is” Contest, sponsored by Becca Lucas; Won 5th place. 

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beyond poetry

This goes far beyond poetry

here I go...

snippets of thoughts
to words
to poetry 

to hearts
to smiles
reaching eyes

I am grateful,
I am blessed,
for the friendships formed

of chapbooks and poetry books
to reading books, watching movies

of eating to cooking
…of chocolate, truffles, tiramisu
of jellybeans and mushrooms…
of spam and eggs and mayo 
and of course, soup
hot or cold

of trips and falls,
and bumps and stares

and typos...
of it's and its
of i before e, 
and a instead of e

of Only Hopes 
and Dreams
to sleeping
and NOT sleeping

of music, and drumbeats
of art, and painting

of life, of love, of faith
of jokes and laughter,
of craziness and madness

of contests
and comments
back and forth
beyond crazy and fun

to body parts
aching, tickling
and of writing about them

of sharing and giving
of thoughts and ideas

of challenges and triumphs
of milestones

of prayers...

of life and of death

of ghosts and doppelgangers

of questions and answers
and answers with questions

of troubles and tears
of secrets and fears

of misunderstanding
and learning
to growing and reaping

of doors opening and closing
of the past and of the future

of the present

of sunshine and rain
darkness and light
of rainbows
and animals, in and out
our lives and our minds

beginnings and endings,
to endings beginning
to cycles, 
just going round and round

This is beyond poetry
and I am heartened,
I am blessed

so Thank You
for the poetry…
for the inspiration…
for the friendship.
Sounds so simple,
but it’s from my heart,
it's from my soul
just...Thank You.


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The Task

The old screen door still welcomes me
    .. a familiar face, just as before
but after this...who'll pass this way?….
Will they use the rug and wipe their shoes?...
Swipe away the grime and mud?
 .....Or will they even care?

I feel my pulse and lungs collide
I take a breath...and step inside

She lived alone, the last to go....
one amber dawn when skies were clear
silently, without fanfare....
death wafted through these hard wood floors
and took more than a glimpse of her

I've been asked to sell the house,
to clear it out, and set it right…
Somehow, seems wrong…. 
a trespass on the throne of  life
that was softly lived
behind the gate, where thirsty roses bloom, and wait…

I hesitate….
to disturb the lace on drop leaf tables…
disgrace the quiet of the gloom
open drawers, snoop and sort, ….a pruning, 
of the good, the used, from worn and torn

My hands are able, but my heart declines..
what isn’t mine, to toss, to find, to mark, and label…

I hear the echoes, in each room…
along with swishings of my broom…
and the dust motes in the window light
like glitter in the afternoon…
reminders of old sparks ingnited
where cozy logs had offered light
keeping her last nights warm..…

The whirling sound of winds outside… 
whispered breaths of weaving looms
the treadled sounds of sewing hems..
peddled feet, and bustling, rustling
and those of clattering pans and potting blooms…

There are questions I want to ask
tho’ I can’t recall just what they were
no matter now….with no one here
I must be focused….on my task…
it must be done…

And now, …as doors of dark begins
I see, somehow, that fate moved in….
I am glad that I, with my two hands…
have witnessed with a smile, unplanned,
A life once new, until the end

I hold it all, and always will
her life, I held in loving hands

I stand here in the halls of night
content, I'll leave without regret
companioned by a day well spent…

                    I've been within …her company


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I wanted to thank each of you personally,but there are to many
of you so I am writing this to all who have been willing to put up
with my sad and dark poems and all the kind comments you have
made.I have been overwhelmed with friendship since I joined the soup.
I never knew there were people like all of you out there,but I have
discovered that there is.I have struggled all my life with depression,
and other mental illnesses.My outlook on life is said through
my poems.I don't know myself when I will decide I can't take the pain
anymore.It is a day to day struggle for me.HG,you asked me how could
you write a suicide poem and not die?I can't answer that question,
and Douglas Ace you asked what our friendship means to me?That I
can answer.It means more than anything to me and your kind and 
gentle words are all taken to heart.Linda Marie has also helped through
my trying times.Jeralynn Clark,and James Fraser, wrote a poem for me,
which I appreciate more than words can say.I wanted to write this to
everyone and I hope you all get everything you ask for.I can't keep
fighting the feelings that I feel about ending it all.It is a day after day
feeling and I am tired.I will watch over all of you.I just can't hold on
to the future when all I think about is the past.You all think I need
help and I agree ,but have yet to find the help that is going to change
the way I feel.Please read my poem Is There A Heaven.When I find
out you all will be the first to know.I must go now and I hope you
all can understand why.Thank you I know isn't enough but I don't know 
what else to say to show how much you all meant to me.Peace and 
Love to all of you.Pray for me.

                                                     YOUR SOUPER FRIEND,
                                                       Colleen Marie Bono

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Ross still rides his Harley, if the weather's good.
Can't get away much, like he used to.
Thursday morning breakfast with the airplane guys,
Talking farm prices;
what the dog's been doing.
He can't stay long; she can't be alone.
"She's been fading lately.
Sixty years together and she doesn't know
who I am sometimes."
     But the dog does.

He'll leave early, be home to fix her breakfast 
when she wakes.  She'll not be appreciative.
Doesn't think about the cost anymore,
to bent, arthritic body parts.
Sometimes she won't eat what he prepares.
     But the dog will.

Ross doesn't hear the banter;
he's staring through his oatmeal bowl,
counting fearful minutes.
     "How's Buddy," I ask?
Ross comes slowly back, eyes refocused.
He smiles.
     "I wouldn't take a thousand dollars for that dog." 

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Bouquet Of Peace

A delicate pink rose brings me a new voice A bright red rose takes my breath away A yellow rose melts my heart like no other A white rose shows me the purity of life A rose bouquet of peace to share with all
Entry into contest of Moses New Contest: New or Old poems, Beautiful, 10 lines or less 2nd Place Winner

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A Special Thank You.

Thank You, God.
Thank You for everything
that I know that I wanted and You withheld.
Thank You for everything
that I thought that I did not need and You provided.
Let me be like the one leper
out of ten who returns to give thanks to Your Son.
Thank you for  what you have granted.
Thank You for what you held back.
Thank you. Always. Amen.
P.S. Lord, Thank you for the following incomplete list of talented caring people
who have filled my heart and engaged my head. 
They, too, are one of You gifts to me:
Be good to them always and protect them as Your own. They are:

Carolyn Devonshire;Francine Roberts;Andrea Dietrich;Carrie Richards;Destroyer Poet;Chris
D. Aechter;Harry Horsman;DorisCulverHouse;Audrey Carey John Freeman; Wilma Neels;Dr. Ram
Mehta; Sean Kelly; Deborah Guzzi: Ambassador Carol Brown;Andrew Crisi;Brandlee
Augustus;Joyce( I told you first!) Johnson;Ralph Taylor; Charles Henderson; Joseph Spence;
Karen O'Leary;Connie Marcum Wong;Barbara Gorelick;Iolanda Scripca;Susan Palli; SKAT*;
Katie Lindsay;Michael Jordan; Caryl Muzzey;James Fraser;Rich Parise; Joe Flach;Tim
Ryerson;Mitch White;Nathan Dilts;Daniel Cwiak;Chris Smith; Brian Strand; and The Rambling
Poet. Thank you all and Thanks to all whom I foolishly overlooked. REGARDS! GERARD!

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Since First I Saw You

Since first I saw you, it was your eyes,
mesmerizing, your gaze transporting
me to a realm, not of fantasy, real,
where young men go when cupid’s
arrow takes root.

Since first I saw you, it was your lips,
captivating, holding me frozen 
in anticipation of our lips brushing
for the first time.

Since first I saw you, it was your voice,
a crescendo, light, invigorating, 
each word you speak intensifies 
my hearing, enveloping each
note, time ceases as I hang motionless
savoring, memorizing.

Since first I saw you, it was your hair,
long, flowing, gently rising above
your shoulders as a slight breeze
passes through sending waves
of your essence my way. 
The sun magnifying each strand, 
highlighting the minute
variances of invigorating color, 
creating a halo effect, a portrait of
your beauty forever imprinted.

Since first I saw you, It was you,
my love forever more for you,
only you.

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                                        I`ve got a good friend
                                 one that is easy to understand
                                       and who understand me

                                    When the day is sad and fed
                                 my advice is: try and understand
                                   offer comfort and give a smile

                                      Tomorrow is another day
                                         what is sad and sorry
                                     gets a little easier tomorrow

                                       A friendship that has not
                                      obligations or expectations
                                      a friendship that has only
                                  warms thoughts and kind words

                                                A friend asks:
                                           How was your day?
                                             Are you all right?
                                      Sharing thoughts and ideas

                                           A friend who sleeps
                                               when I get up
                                        because I live east and
                                      he lives west on our globe

                                        Thank you for being my
                                                 friend Dan
                                          Today I will send you
                                                 a BIG hug.

didicated to Dan Kearley
A-L Andresen

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A Note to the Indian Princess

The aunites gossip back home
About how you've grown
Out of your white cotton frocks
And into red silk saris

They talk about how you're ripe for marriage
About how quickly boys flock to you--
Your family's rich and you are beautiful.
Like a princess but with none of the excess.

Their perfect Indian girl is rather simple.
But, the real you they can never comprehend.
Those brown khol-rimmed eyes with
That understated nose ring confuses them.
They'd rather ignore your luscious red mouth.

Those soft lips were like velvet as they brushed across my lashes as you pretended to blow sand out of my eyes one drunken night on a Konkan beach.

Both too scared to be the first to say anything
We just sat there drunk and giggling

When the aunties speak of you
I can't help but imagine
Things that leave
Little to the imagination.

I am a woman
And you are a woman

We're on the same page.

The boys will wait.

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Shine On, Andrea, Shine On

Shine on, Andrea, shine on
keep that youthful heart
and spread that love

Your words speak--
better yet, they dance
straight to your readers' hearts

You glow
with a beauty that starts
from within,
so lucky are those who
get touched by that light

May that fire in your soul
never burn out...
Shine on, Andrea, shine on!

September 5, 2011

**for a truly beautiful and wonderful friend, on her birthday :)
Wishing you the sweetest birthday, Andrea!! ^_^ hugs to you!

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'Treasured Commodity'

The reflection says 
you've outgrown us 

I somehow feel sad – 

That which we once had 
has become redundant 

The other side of the coin 
says I should be happy 
‘Cause you've found that inner power,
the ability to go out on your own

and yet letting go
   is like losing 
a part of me 

that object that I’ve grown 
accustomed too –

So I’ll be a bit teary 
even feel a bit used 
but I’ll always be grateful 

no one knew the role you played 
sometimes not knowing 
is a treasured commodity


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Inspired by, and a response to, Nette Onclaud’s: “Welcoming a new Tune”

What is it about a falling star?

Stardust tears mimicking an inevitable end
Yet, we reach higher

A palladium telescope, no longer needed.

Artificial eyes that we no longer desire.

A wanton cerebellum pulling heart’s trigger


Towards constellation's grip


Another Chopin sharp
Echoing unto sunbursts

F a l l i n g Again, fallen
Flat Another accented clef breaking barriers. The song of the wisp bellows. Will the time arrive where one can rise into chorded incipience? Embarking towards our heaven without any gates… Minutes will be measured by breaths held in sincerity. An infinite stanza lunging my essence towards serenity’s bliss Ah, there is indeed something about the cuddle of this mist… ©Drake J. Eszes

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For 'Ol Tom Bell --Repost

Reposted tribute to Mr. Tom Bell, as per Christy's call for all who had the pleasure of 
knowing Tom to write a poem for him. :)

How is it that someone can touch
Your very soul,
Without ever having met 
Face to face?

How is it that my heart lies shattered
Upon this desolate plane
Without ever having seen the cause
For its breaking?

How can I put into words 
What I am feeling,
When my red heart that writes,
Is now cold and blue with regret?

You called upon me to share
A past, funny remembrance you penned –
(A bad day at the eye doctor's)
And I swear to you, I tried to find it!
But your long, Tom list of heart words daunted me…
And after a few pages. I gave up.
I told you this, and you tried again to show me
But this dumb blonde just could not find it…

Until now.

I searched and searched until it was found.

It took me until you passed
To read the poem you wished to share,
And man, is it funny!

You had me laughing and crying
At the same time!

I left you a comment
That you will never read –
And my heart cries for being too late.
It is now, and forever will be
on my Favorites list.
I want you to know how much I love
(And will forever miss)
Your true Tom Tales…

Your words brought your kind soul to light;
Your voice wrapped itself around
My heart like vines,
Baring the most beautiful
Laughing blooms.

I am honored to have met your soul, 
And called you friend;
Thank you for listening to my trials and life story,
And for all of your wise advice.
You were the strongest man I have ever known -
You inspired me to shine.

So how is it that someone can touch a soul 
Without ever having met 
Face to face?

Ah, for here, 
Within words –
Within poetry, we meet
Within hearts, where our souls
For a moment,
As one
Upon a page of
Pain, love, dreams, hurts, strengths, hopes, fears, and
True Tom Tales –

Thank God for poetry,
And for those we share it with.

Suddenly, all my troubles
Don’t feel so important now.
See? You are teaching me even now,

How to LIVE!

Because you just never know, do you?

You reminded me all we have is today,
This now – and I love you for that.

Rest easy my friend,
Where there is only love
And poetry spoken by angels…

Tom, dear - I will miss you more than words can express, your were strong 
beyond words...fare thee well friend, peace has found you at last. XOXO

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Friends I came into this place, not knowing what to expect. I found a lot of nice people in this special part of the world. I have made a lot of friends. I am sure - from heaven they were sent. My new friends I have never seen. Only pictures of some I have seen. I don't need to see their faces, I have already seen their hearts. They are true and understanding. If I need them, they are there. It is hard to find this kind of friends - you don't find them everywhere. So friends - this is a special tribute to each and everyone of you. If I ever leave this place, I will take you in my heart. I might make new friends, but I will never forget the old, because the new ones will be silver, but the old ones will always be gold...
09/30/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Note: Just thinking about all the nice people that I have met here. May god always bless you...

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This Is For You

You've shared your heart, your smiles, your poems
I  heard you speak, ... one Sunday morn
upon a blog-talk radio, ......  
( you and Drake were not alone)
I listened with an open heart
and heard your poems that stood apart.

The girl you are, who is our friend
has penned her words that bend and curl
around the universal pool
You've stirred our souls with poems you bled

Do you remember, dear, when trees were red,
The season passed, ... gold leaves, were shed?
And tears fell down in autumn winds
Your loss, and mine, were not the same
But grief will bind, when hearts entwine

Instead we shared, from worlds apart
And knowing you would understand
Had helped me more than you could know
I had to let that season go

The grief that held you by the hand
Was mine as well, to understand
In sharing this, it helped my own
to lift the weight......that pulled me down
I knew your heart, was pure as gold

Your tears again have now appeared, brave you are
to share them here, ....these deeper scars
I pray will knowing that you're not alone

You have a friend, and more than one
Catie, dear...... please know we're here

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For One Day

If I had only one day left with you,
I would ask that day be in God's own time,
one day, a lifetime, every moment
an expression of love,
every hour a new adventure.

twenty four hours to slowly pass
with you at my side,
a never-ending dream,
always giving thanks,
one day left with you, 

would be eternity.


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A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

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Now I enter a new day with nervous breaths

A return of innocence

The red balloon that you want to win
In summer’s carnival

That hand you want to hold
But can’t
Those goosebumps that embed an uplifting silence

Pacing by the phone,
Echoes of ringtones and comfort greetings

A deep blue sky during autumnal Saturday mornings

Where, now,
I find myself standing by a solitary chair
In a school dance

As “Right here Waiting” plays in 500 watt flirtations
Hoping she accepts this dance

Living for the remembrance of you

Romantic palpitations reaching towards handwritten memories

Living for your remembrance of me

This 13 yr old heart
Towards a smile of irrevocable consequences

Caressing ivory keys upon resilient sunflowers

Awaiting our smiles to rendezvous unto willful sunrises

Our solemn faces against shoulders
Swaying to a never-ending stanza

Missing you, like The Police,
With every breath I take

©Drake J. Eszes

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--And Raes of Sunlight Kissed My Cheeks

Pale moonlight peeks gently for me right now,
yet it feels bright as day for me
as I think of you—

Cloudy velvety skies cover the glow of moon,
yet it’s still comforting like thick blankets on a cold eve
as I realize—

That is how warm your light is,
since you spread so much love
with your friendship, with your poetic gems 

It is almost as if 
you absorb Sol’s glow—
Your love for laying out in the sun paying off,
as you emanate that sunny energy
to people you come across with...

Your words have the strength of a warrior,
(A word warrior indeed!)
yet it also has the gentleness of a lady.

Your presence magnetic,
pulling heartstrings
like beams of sunshine
being brushed along a canvas
to paint a rainbow.

I think of you,
especially on this special day
as I celebrate a beautiful friend.

Yes, crickets are chirping
along with me right now...
Perhaps a song for you?
Darkness all around me,
with lights dim...

And yet
smiles twinkle in my eyes

I think of you,
...And raes of sunlight
will always, always
kiss my cheeks.

***Smiles, love and hugs to a beautiful and 
wonderful friend.
Happy, happy birthday, Andrea sweetie!!! 
^_^ <3<3

September 5

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Shar W, Sharon T, Emilia, Charma, Ruben, Mitch, Phong, and Hicky

Smiles light my eyes as I think of them, 
I see them as my Soup waves~
they come and go, they go and come,
these people who've lit up my visits here
Some of them fleeting, some of them lasting,
those moments instilled in me forever...I hope they wave hello

She is the epitome of substance and class,
a Huge honor for me to call her friend
She's the ever graceful angel,
with her beautiful poetry, with her thoughtful actions
It's always a treat when I see her pass here,
Sweet Shar, thank you so much for always being there!

Another precious gem is she, my friend beyond poetry,
she's been an inspiration even before Soup
Her eloquent poems always touch my heart,
I miss how her memorable verses flow effortlessly...
And even if I only see her once in a blue moon,
Wonderful, caring Sharon, I'm so grateful for your lasting friendship!

She is like me in so many ways, Emilia is such a dear
Her poetry speaks right through me, a deep soul
that swims in an ocean of thoughts and dreams
How I hope this sweet Pisces girl lends flavor back here
In any case, I'm so thankful that I've gotten to know her...
Dearie, poetry hugs us, as I do, te imbratisez!

The charming Charma is also unforgettable,
her sweet and romantic words are always a pleasure to read.
She's someone I've also shared dessert recipes with,
together with hopes, prayers and dreams...
She always leaves wonderful encouraging words
Lovely friend, I'm so thankful for the support you've given me!

and although fleeting, these men have always made me smile...

Ruben, his smile alone can light up the page...
His wise, witty words and ever generous heart
pave the way for memorable poetry that leaves lumps in throats--
I hope you're doing good wherever you are, thank you for fun times!

Mitch, I wonder where he's driving now, 
whether someone else has captured his heart?
A talented man who can write poems in a flash, 
thank you for the inspiring and kind words, I hope you're doing ok!

Phong, haiku guy in search for the perfect rump...
Makes me think if he ever found a non-jiggly one for his rotisserie
Shame, he was here only for a short while, but ah, the laughter he elicited
Thanks so much for that, I hope you're dabbling more in free verse poetry!

Hicky, the ever sweet old gentleman with kind words...
his poetry always left me with a sense of wonder and smiles.
How I pray that he's doing good, and that his book writing is doing well,
Thank you my dear Hicky, I sure miss you here!

-nikko :)

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'Peace when needed'

You know how we sometimes analyze too much and forget to feel? It’s okay to feel - whether it be confusion pain sadness anger or you just want to cry - even the strong ones like us get lost we don't always say what we really need, we hide behind the go between and supporter to everyone.. So tonight if you're lost know that in your silence you can still liaise with your Maker... He sees beyond what we ever imagined most importantly He gives us the peace and guidance we sometimes seek in others...

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'That Missing Link'

One day after years of searching
for that missing link 
he came along, without warning 
he meddled with the barricades 
I build... 

The things I used to protect myself, 
fragile me, all exposed 
and yet 
the steps we took healed us both... 

Not realizing that every day
our dependence on others 
for validation were being cut away 
not knowing we were on a journey 
of discovery of who we are 
without faceless crowds 
dictating our behavior... 

I've learned to love myself 
I've learned to love others again 
without the fear of losing them,
I've learned to be happy 
without being afraid 
that something sinister might happen 

we've grown together 
and we have grown apart 
but we are always in each other’s hearts 

Even though we're miles apart 
our paths have been cemented... 

Connections remain even distance can't separate... 

It's a friendship
 you don't ask questions about 
it’s a friendship you nurture.

Not because you are forced to,
But because it’s the one thing
That has kept us centered 
and made me embrace 
who I really am…

I will always be thankful for you…

Contest Name : “The Right Time”
By : Wilma N. Neels
Dedicated to B


Contest: The Right Time
1st Place

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gray day turned upside down

Upside down rainbows 
would be what my smiles are
right now...

as colorful and as bright,
just seeing these
beautiful reminders
of hope

two rainbows from the 
rainbow nation
from one
bright and sunny friend
and her niece

how very fitting
and awesome...

gray day
upside down :D

**Thank You, Wilma for these wonderful pics ^_^
super smiling right now, love them --mwahugs!^_^

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'God selected the perfect rose'

your voice now silent never to see you smile again you left us heartbroken unprepared shocked to silence we remember your laughter and your “I can go on attitude” never complaining just being you even when fighting this battle we'll never know why you had to leave us so soon we'll always wonder we'll always have questions God knew your journey was complete when He selected the perfect rose for His garden today--- IN LOVING MEMORY OF A FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE, MICHELLE SCHULTZ 26092011 We, at BABS miss you already

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The Crazy One and the Spelling Bee, oh I mean, Queen

In my quest to escape monotony at work I stumbled upon this poetry site
Little did I know I would excavate a gem with a zest for life
She is also a lullaby songstress; in between my spelling and grammar blunders, 
We’re a recipe for madness: crazy blogs, even stranger emails, our laughter and tears
I unearthed Nikko aka Missy, "the spelling queen" my friend with a gracious soul! 


I went to have soup at a table atop a mountain, when who should I meet there?
A very pretty, sassy, missy; she did a 3/4 turn--CrAsH! (2 cabs, fender bender)!
Her laughter and madness, just totally contagious...even strangers want to kiss her!
Through her wonderful words, each petal revealed a bit more sparkle, a stunning gleam
I was so right! Wilma, "the crazy one", she's my true gem of a friend, a vivacious soul! 

For Tracie's Grab a Mate & Collaborate poem :D
-- Wilma Neels & nikko palmario :D
Loads of fun, thanks Missy for embracing my madness :D 


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michael jordan, poet soul - you are it

a poet's soul is brimming with life
through tragedies and glorious highs,
we all are connected; we all deeply care;
a poet's soul speaks to the heart in us all.

this poet i have recently come to know
personfies overcoming tremendous odds
with grace, honesty and a generous spirit
this poet writes truth, deeply rooted in faith.

i feel blessed to know this kind, poet soul
his writing inspires and encourages by example
to whom do i speak of you wonder, i know,
michael jordan, poet soul; this tag is for you.

~the lovely & talented joseph spence wrote a tag 
for me, this is my first; i hope you enjoy~

***thank you joseph, i hope i did ok***

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A warm smile of hello in the sanctuary of poets
The name is Arden G.; here to express not to impress
If I coud do an eye-contact and a firm handshake in the virtual land of PoetrySoup
Would be a dream come true to meet great poets called, "Souper".

If I could move heaven and earth; I'd love to meet Linda or PoetDestroyer, SKAT and Julie Rasley
The first few who commented on my featured poem, "LOVE" and welcomed me as a family
Anne Lise Andresen who always drop by and Sheri Harper that ranked my first poem entry, "A Shot of HIV"
I'll tell them a simple, "THANKS" and encouragement of "MORE POWER".
For no words could capture the emotions of knowing wonderful artists in this world.

Of course I'd like to meet and learn something 'bout Yasmin Khan
Who advocates to bind each poets; pure intentions to make us one
I'll tap her shoulder and tell her, "IT'S A JOB WELL DONE".
Now everybody's sharing their depths and self one by one.

Is there a way to meet the  founder of Poetrysoup?
To tell HIM, "BRAVISSIMO" and my new "SOUPER-FRIEND" too.

Arden Gopela

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Rainbow Girl

rainbow girl her heart glistens like a prism compassion, wisdom and love always offered to a needy friend when others seem to abandon when there are no rays of hope beaming from above I take solace in her comforting words her humility is astonishing a friend who has only recently entered my life and yet she makes time when a friendly voice can brighten a day she doesn’t realize how much she offers to others standing out like an opal on desert sand magical friend turns frowns to smiles how can I reciprocate for the lift she provides iridescent, a star that surpasses all others gratitude does not seem to be enough rainbow girl stands at my side as I near the end thousands of miles between us, but just a phone call away resurrecting struggling souls -- her forte her worth is far more than a pot of gold
*Dedicated to a special Soup friend.

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Surprising Kindness

I came upon an old man,
A homeless, wretched soul.
He looked so sad and helpless,
In his hands, he held a bowl.
He was propped against the building,
So, his weakness would not show.
He saw the world through glasses,
With hair as white as snow.

I heard my father whisper,
As my eyes filled with tears,
“One need much more than money,
One needs his loved ones near.”
My father loved his family,
Does this old one feel the same?
With my father’s soul beside me
I asked the old one’s name.

His name, he said with feeling,
Was lost with all he owned.
A thief assumed his identity,
Then, all he had was blown.
His wife died in December,
The vulture, then closed in,
Pounced while he was grieving,
Then, his life changed again.

I gathered the frail body to me,
Spoke kindly, acknowledged his need,
A home and a heart full of loving,
My family would plant the seeds.
Love is the first to be planted,
Followed by trust in their care.
My father’s spirit surrounds us,
His example taught us to share.

The old one lost all his pallor,
With love and trust he gained
More than he ever hoped for,
Another family, who gave him a name.
Grandpa, we decided to dub him
As we fought for all he had lost.
As he won the last legal battle,
His life was the price that it cost.

The old one wanted cremation.
My mother did not and she prayed.
Next thing we knew came a lawyer,
And the Last Will and Testament played.
My mother, for once, became speechless,
And I drew in no better air.
Grandpa was there in the picture,
Leaving us undisputed heirs.

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You Already Know

I'm not great.
I'm not extraordinary,
But I'm okay knowing that
Just as long as you 
Love me
For being
Who I am when I'm 
Discovering who I am
And how I cope.
I don't work with metal;
I don't work with wood.
All I have are my words,
Spoken in 
Hopefully, a poetic way.
I speak and I speak,
But when I write,
In a way,
Nothing gets spoken.
I'm not motivational;
I'm not inspirational,
But as long as I 
Move a wistful soul
From time to time, I'm good.
I'm cold,
But it seems
I'm running out 
Of time 
And people to talk to.
I want to speak
With my words, but
It seems only my
Ranting of how I'm 
Stuck and lost 
Gets my point across.
I can send your mind
In a spin;
Only because 
I am constantly spinning
With overindulgences 
Such as
Being loved 
And even hated.
I spin from giving,
And, in return, 
Being spun some more.
Puzzles compose
Every metaphor.
Life in general;
Only, I tend 
To put pieces 
Where they belong,
Then come to discover
That, later, they grow
And start to mesh.
I don't know
If, looking back, 
I'll only see me 
Waisting my time 
Or looking over
What helped me through it.
I couldn't tell you
That everything I cherish
Will be there
Or even here tomorrow.
The ones who understand 
And know more
Of me than I do myself
Are the ones that
Keep me spinning.
So, here is me speaking.
I feel as if 
I'm looking through 
A narrow telescope
That is covered 
On the other end.
I see 
What I choose to see,
But what's that to 
The world?
They don't have the time
To keep up 
Or slow down;
Going their steady pace
Until they find the time 
To waste it.
I wish,
I hope,
I wander,
But no matter
Where I go, 
I only see 
That I'm finding nothing.
My mind
Is tired, 
But my emotions
Are ready to fight.
Bring it on;
I can and
Continue to take your shots.
Take me-
Hold me in your arms
Until I'm safe
And fall asleep...
Maybe when I wake up
I won't be scared, confused,
Torn and lonely.
Maybe I'll wake up and realize
It was a dream and I'm safe
Because you are there.
I'm not great.
I'm not extraordinary,
But you know who I am 
And love me for it.

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Retracing our footsteps
      smiling with the 
beating of our hearts
the journey has gone full 
       the grey streaks of 
your hair more visible now
the laugh wrinkles on my 
face a 
       witness to laughter 

We still share the laughter 
        you still hold my hand 
When we take our little 
walks before sunset
         I still feel safe in 
your embrace…

By Wilma Neels 
5th place
Sponsored by: JOHN 

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It’s about time you came around.
I have waited long with my pants dropped down.
Did you say, “CHICKEN!" Mmm, I love chicken.
My favorite comes in white meat.
My fingers I'm still licking.
I read your slam it had no defeat.
My little Poet Destroyer friend, you called me.
I am not the one with the Kidster name.

You play this gambling game so well.
Like a convict, you will be the first to bail.
Giving you pleasure, making your slam sound so innocent.
You make the Kidster name band from hell.
Hitting you with a slam, that makes your tear drop like hail.
Stick to nice poetry, your slamming just got stale.
In the middle of your so call slam. 
I felt you tried so hard you broke a nail.

In the meantime, this is what I expect.
The freedom so you can speak nice to me.
Like Kid Rock, the real red neck.
You also cannot slam what you cannot see.
Do not destroy what can't be destroyed.
I am always one-step, on top of this deck.
Kidster you’re hot just got watered down to mild.
You have a short hand when it comes to a slam style.
Flip me over and yell, "This Jokers Wild!"
Kidster I lightly slam the cards you dealt me.

This Destroyer is going to slam you back.
Like a trip with tricks and treats.
A slam so hard you will not be able to stand on your feet
Come back when you are ready to get up off your knees
For you I'm rolling up my sleeves, I will not stop until you retreat.
What about my mama?
I thought we were on the same team.
You slam just like my grandma.
Wait! I take that back, she always slams my grandpa mean.
Hey Kidster do me a favor, put your head on a DONKEY.
Show every one there is two sides to you.

By the way, Kidster just with your name I can have fun.
I do hope they let you read this in day care.
I hope you were not expecting a nursery rhyme.
You know better we grownups do not play fair.
Hey, Kidster after this you may need to change your diaper!

              This has all been fun and games.
              Billy the Kidster if you are up for tag 2.
              I will come back as JESSE JAMES.
              Making you a fool..
By; PD

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Angel of mourning soup
Angel of mourning
Who gives birth to fresh morning dew who 
helped me pursue who showed me the light
when I was lost for clues in times of blues

Angel of assistance
From were did you fall
From heaven?
From where did you fall
From where did you
hear my call
I wanted to say thank you
that's all
that's all
You are the fairest of
them all and you don't
need to ask the damn
mirror on the wall.

You helped me build the ladder of saul but the others
couldn't help because they couldn't speak our language
at all and so if I ever fall I know you will be there to 
pick me up like a pen like a friend  I wish I can give 
you the sun but I am young enough to be your son 
so I give to you the stars of friendship ,I can feel your 
breeze its it make me want to fall to my knees and never
cease to rain my gratification on your being because what
I have been seeing is a lending hand when many ran I 
guess that's what separates a rock from a grain of sand 
size of heart so were should I start.  

Let me fill your shopping cart with the immensity 
of this poem so when you get to the cash register
 of  heavens doorway you can show em your appreciated
 hearts receipt  you have given more than I can take  
you have dotted my I's and crossed my t's you are the
 rain to my tree the beautiful shells in my sea the form 
of my key the correction and assistance of me the blue jay 
at dawn singing to me the heat to my tea the caps for my
 knee you are the back up stinger of this bee so tell me 
honey what you see because I see the better half of me 
may our friendship never cease catie please you are the
 cat and I am the flea don't you ever scratch me because
 friends tolerate the most annoying  things of each other so
 let the itch be any way I don't think the vet's can separate 
you and me there's just to much chemistry.

Angel of assistance
From were did you fall
From heaven?
From where did you fall
from where did you
hear my call
I wanted to say thank you
that's all
that's all
You are the fairest
of them all and you
don't need to ask the
damn mirror on the wall.

I will take the poison apple out
 of your hand and take the fall
You are the fairest
 of them all and you
don't need to ask the
damn mirror on the wall.

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From the wild western plains, I call unto thee my sister of the poetic heart,
Where have thee gone, swallowed whole by a desert storm, or lost amongst
The tumble weed of discontent.
Let the blazing heart of Texas yield thy freedom’s liberation, come home to
The pages of this sacred internet outpost, we miss your shining star, called
Friendship that you gave unto us, Linda, the poet destroyer.
From the depth of the very waters of the Ohio Basin I do call,
Let my voice be heard unto one and all, against the breath of the
Winds of dust, hear me my sister poet, let the soundings crash ripple
Like a wave upon the ocean of sand, echoing across the aroid landscape
Of Houston, we miss you come home!!
Oh upon hell’s storm the night winds do shudder and shake, with
Leaving inspirations heart to ache, what festering wounds have thy
Left behind thee, without our muse we are just the blind wondering
In the darkness of our own thoughts, unable to write with strengths endurance,
Any longer.
Behold a phantom shade am I, a thin wisp of breeze melting beneath the
Desert sun, seeking a mirages illusion known as my sister poet, Called
Linda, the poet destroyer.
A vintage portrait of my former self, without your words of wondrous
Expression my colors run together, and bleed asunder from my canvas once
So miraculous.
But here in my winter of ice cold, in this chamber of the frozen soul,
I call unto you, with one last icy blast of breath come home, unto us,
Don’t let us freeze in this dungeon warm us instead with your words
Of kinship, and friendship.
Let my words echo unto Houston, Texas, let our Linda answer our hailing,
So inspirations sisterhood can breathe once more a sigh of relief at last.

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Insight out

Inner sanctuary
envision harmony and mental clarity
focus on a journey of possibility
Meditate on transformation and 
awareness of inner state
peace and healing

Constructive thought
instruct your mind
to redirect the lost and struggling inner voice
Where you can’t see the wood for the trees 
under your nose is the path of freedom 

Put aside perceived struggles
revitalize, relax, respond
to body, mind, heart and spirit
Intuition, introspection and spiritual renewal
bring about personal healing and
conscious awakening

Stillness of mind – concentration
Thoughts of the subconcious and subliminal
beyond all negativity 
away from all interuption
To allow time for self communication and
expression of inner self

Senses – awareness of scent, sight, sound, taste and touch
Healing hands of the medical profession or alternative therapy
ambiance, temperature, oils, music, sounds and 
sights of nature or universe
realisation comes in various form and shape 
causing us to feel life in fullest expression

Connecting – whispers of wind 
radiating everpresent warmth of sun
a blanket of love and light comforts consoles over and through the cosmos
rippling infinately through infinity outwards, onwards
connecting right back into where we are at right now 
unmoved unchanged and as we were

Wise – responsible courageous allowed to let go of need to be judgemental or 
be judged 
let go of controlling enable trust wisdom and humility
intelligence of knowing others
wisdom of knowing self
strength in mastering others
power to master oneself

Energy -breath, force, spirit, soul, God, universe – 
whatever – doesn’t matter how you refer to it on personal level 
energy, balance, light, sound, vibration, peace 
centered self – stillness – silent – eternal – 
to have enough is a richness in itself
accept appreciate and acknowledge oneself

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'Ramblings to a Friend'

I wanted to hug you tonight even though it would not ease your pain I wanted to say it would be okay even though your eyes had lost their shine I wanted to be the ear that you needed when your hurt and pain flowed from your lips I wanted to be all that and more so much more I wanted to say that I love you today even more than I did yesterday just to say that it felt good that you trust me enough to share it all even though you felt the need to say sorry for being sad, sorry for sharing your pain, I want you to know that sorry has no place in this space

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A Letter to Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,
From the deep ocean floor of my soul  
I cannot convey
How much appreciation, thanks and gratitude 
I feel for you, for being
So decent and kind
As to fill me daily and completely
With thoughts and words from your lovely mind 
Concerning the uniqueness and simplicity of my own.

While I am a mere seedling of words to live by,
You are a fully grown Sequoia, complete  
With roots, trunk, limbs and leaves filled with 
Immeasurable molecules of thought and inspiration.   

You are also one of the very few, who
Take the time to read
Above, below and between the lines
And rarely, if ever criticize
Even when criticism is overdue.
Simply put, I think the world of you.

And although we’ve never met 
I’m willing to bet
If we ever came eye to eye
I’d see your soul and you’d see mine
From down below and farther still
Into the ever expanding, blue-black sky.
I don’t even know why.

Other than there’s a purity in your heart 
That shines like gold 
In the early morning sun.  
Keep shining.  
It’s transforming and uplifting 
And gives to myself and others
The light we need 
To keep going  
And flowing, like rivers to the stars.

And should we meet up there, somewhere, some when
I’ll know you well my friend
And pray you don’t forget me from afar.  Ever

So dearly and sincerely,
A grateful, faithful, fellow Poet

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Panacea - My Three Lovely Ladies

in the corner 
a nice spot
to gaze 
waiting in anticipation 
to see each poetic face 

As each poet arrived 
a group came toward me
three brilliant glowing spirits

Bliss, Love and felicity 

We gazed and marveled 
as gracious words we exchanged
a delightful slice of euphony
as tranquility rang

We sat for what seemed a lifetime
in stories of each poets dream
then before I knew each soul had flown away

O how I miss the bliss
of each loving memory
and each precious sunbeam
freely given by felicity

If just one word could describe that dulcet eve. 
the word "Serendipity" would surely have to be

For such a lovely eternal garden I had the pleasure to see
while simply looking for a nice story, an evanescent dream.....
Contest ~ "A Table Of Four"

Rick Parise
Carolyn Devonshire
Andrea Dietrich
Linda-Marie "Sweetheart" Barianna

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Always the Lady

An hour before time, they put her through the motions.
Shoving and pulling her strings adding oil and suntan lotion.
Hot and humid still shining in candid spirit she professes
in music, a monotone but in finesse, a tune nonetheless.

Of her welcome song intrinsic in me but to her handlers, in blase
only the mere task of steering and roping in tense power play.
Embarking though marred by obvious signs of abuse and neglect.
Her rolling in elation disguised the slippery entrance and my regret.
Drivers accommodating cramped spaces as directed, gently to fill.
Opting to maitain serenity as they in vain, placate her iron will.

Do I hear her rising blood pulses or lack of joy in welcome thereof?
No, just the sound of tumultuous creaks and human smell
of perfume, tainted sweat and punjent oil leaks let off.
Disgruntled impatience of mere sailors but of her, not a peep.
Standing tall, holding firm a class of her own as she let sweep.
Riding the waves in style directing me to the destiny I must keep.
On and on she rides tantalising the waves as they foam at the peaks.
Such insight when she lapses into a lullaby putting me to sleep.

I return to a friend who knows well to serve, to ferry me ashore.
Another blissful time with her as the sea beckons for us to explore.
She is faithful, a useful companion with its own metallic commodore.
Sailing majestically forever a classy lady, our very own Lady Samoa.

(N.B  Lady Samoa is our Inter-Island Ferry)

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Complete Isolation

Am I man or ghost?
Am I mortal or apparition?
Questions or choices
or entwined reality?
For a state of confusion
sleeps within my fiber, and
slowly rips asunder, the final
sliver of my contemporary humanity,

Sunrises and sunsets go unseen,
as I fully embrace my departure
from time, human contact, and connection,
with a creative conviction and devotion
to my only passion as an excuse, a deceitful
reason to shelter myself from the tender
moments that keep emotions empowered
and empathy evolved,

Yet truth is untied by introspection,
and as I analyze, I accept reality,
Seclusion has become to me, the 
fruit that protects the emotional
body but imprisons the loving mind,
and by this bittersweet conundrum,
I am bound and devoted to this ambivalence,
by the mere comfort and promise of
being content,

And by such a promise, I have
personified my fear of emotional
agony, yet tamed its risk with the 
fierce whip of isolation, thus the shame
and allure become as one, And as I
lose who I was, and tolerate who I am,
my disconnection from humanity
hurts those who care, yet keeps me
safe, with ink as my final outlet,

Still, as I sacrifice need for need,
I am not the one who still suffers,
Those with hearts that beat for me,
have become victims of my seclusion,
and I ache for them, but less and less
with each breath, For my isolation
continues to force its fee, and I notice
only after it is taken, and as I see their pain,

Only my thoughts are heard, my wishes
important, and my contentment decreed,
And despite visions of tears and sorrow
that were once my salvation, Now, I 
only look away, and remain a willing
prisoner in the sweet self shelter, of
the nothingness I show, and will one day
feel, without rue...

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Away from life’s whims of bustle and rush 
Not even the wind will brittle shells brush 
The bird’s eggs rest peacefully on their nest
Work of fibres at their best.
(What in the world can be more beautiful?)
The value of a filament cannot best be told 
Otherwise its stick of fire will soon be drowned in the dew.

Our pot is broken:
Our world is split in seven pieces;
Some greater, larger and some left unspoken.
The black clouds that welcome the rains of the month 
Is the stench breath of the cannons mouth?
And to think our worst fears are manmade meteors from the sky
Would forever be one pathetic lie.

Ebony and ivory together  
Can’t you hear the sounds of piano keys?
 Like the singing free spirited birds that will always fly.

Oh mankind! Oh mankind!! Oh mankind!!!
Do you not feel the chill in the uncaring night? 
In our minds the tale of the broom
Mummy earth still rewinds
“A stick will only prick dirt through your eyes
 But together they can clean the room “

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Forever Friends We'll Be?

I said forever we'll be.
That's you and me.
Though the love may have fizzled,
the friendship would never leave.
I must question myself now,
face the truth,
now that you are you,
and I am me,
there is something growing so deep.
The length of time between when we talk 
becomes longer and longer,
surprisingly it doesn't hurt like it used to,
how could it be?
I'm finding my mind doesn't know what to do,
questioning everything,
even the love I had for you.
As my faith in God grows,
the strength in my soul builds,
I realize the victim love made me.
Now I am a survivor,
but find myself questioning,
wondering if truly...

forever friends we'll be.

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Searching Profiles

 I found you on the internet
Where words pass meaningless
Across the screen and names
Are changed like hats with season's 
Whims. They don't mean a thing.
A million members playing games,
Exchanging fantasies where love
Is only screen deep.
What magic was it in your words
That sang the solemn presence of your heart
And told me that a friend apart
From surface sympathy and jumbled chat
Was waiting for a breath of love. 
What is the energy between us
That connects your mind to mine,
Giving each a calm assurance,
The in spite of miles that lie between us
And teasing trails of disappearing bytes,
There is a bond of friendship
That intertwines our spirits, 
And brings us secret strength to hold
Each other 
With a quiet understanding 
that will never fade away;
That gives us hold
Each Other.........

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She waits.

I see her still in twilights shroud
At visions edge she’s standing still
She lives on for me, but makes no sound
Her presence felt , a loving glow.

She watches me with sightless eyes
The look that speaks but makes no sound
Where shadows spill she lingers now
But when I look I cannot see, just feel. 

She should be here if fate were kind
My partner in the quite times
I miss the things she needed that I gave.
That giving soul that has now passed.

She waits, I know she does.
The bond that held will always be
She was my friend, my love, my charge.
Now my pain, my loss, my memory’s dear.

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Something is wrong
The eerie silence sends shivers up my spine
I smell danger
But I am fearless

Out of the corner of my eye I see them
We need to act fast
I tell you to run
And don’t stop

I run for my life
I realize you’re no longer with me
I turn back
Determined to fight for you

I run as silently as I can
Adrenalin pumping through my veins
I see you lying there unconscious and bleeding
My eyes burn with anger

I take my chance
I need to save you
I try to fight them off around you
I pick you up and run

The weight of your body in my arms is exhausting
My body is weak but I don’t stop running
Gun shots are fired in the background
I drop to my knees wounded

I must get you to safety
I drag you and hide you as best I can
I try to run away, more shots are fired
I collapse with agonizing pain, everything is a blur

In my final moments I hear sirens, running footsteps
Now I know you are safe
I drift into a deep sleep
Never to wake up again

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Tadpoling parts 1 and 2

part 1 

We bend low under over-hanging branches
lit by reflected river-light gently shifting. 
Our boots suck the muddy bank.
We wade into clear water
the dappled up-light playing 
on our  serious faces.
Intent on our task
hands plunge. 
Cold-shocked I gasp.
You hold your jar steady.
I scoop mine.
Triumphant in a shower of icy prisms 
we hold our prizes aloft,
laughing and shouting,
water streaming down our arms,
jars teeming with tadpoles.
Faces pressed close 
to these underwater worlds,
we stand transfixed.
Each reflects a small disc
of sparkling  sky.

part 2 

April trees rake scudding clouds.
Far away farm dogs bark
at wind-snatched shouts 
of bird-nesting boys.
Somewhere, a cuckoo calls.

In the back garden
a blackbird stakes out his territory.
Ignoring him the cat purrs,
yawning in the sun.

While unnoticed 
on the garden table
beside a upturned jar, 
a sprinkling
of flattened tadpoles
drying in the sun.

The bored cat
saunters by,
her tail held high
in the shape 
of a question mark.

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L O V E - 2

Could YOUR Heart, hold all the TEARS; that Life has shed in LOVE
Would YOU Gallantly suffer, Sorrow, for the Memory of Eternal LOVE
Should YOU empty an Ocean of Tears to revive YOUR Everlasting LOVE
Does YOUR mind Reminisce, about the First Kiss, igniting the Flame of LOVE

                                                   To Be Cont.
           With LOVE ALWAYS and FOREVER, YOUR Liege…HG
             Dedicated to all the Inspirational POETESS’ and POETS
                               My POETRYSOUP FAMILY 
       Special Thanks to Shannon Deane for Her Gracious Comments

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Look at me And I’ll return your gaze But know not what you see Talk to me And I will answer But know not what you think Listen to me And I’ll tell you of me But know not what you hear But touch me And I will know you And understand that you Saw me Heard me Care

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Gift of a friend

I remember meeting you,
I was young girl lost,
You reached your hand and showed me the entrance to twilight,
Between heaven and earth,
We dances on the crystal water, 
While the fish swam beneath us in circles, 
You taught me the language of the fairies and how to dance with black wolves,
We howled to the autumn moon,
While running through the forbidden woods
You gave me the key to life,
We soared with the angelic angels into the infinite sky,
 Reaching the stars they showed us the path to bliss, 
Swirling into the galaxy we united into one, 
Swings on vines through the jungle
Eating dinner with the lion king,
And listened to the story of Rama and Sita
But one day you fell into darkness and I chased you into the depts of space,
Reaching my hand you grabbed it,
So let us enter twilight once more between heaven and earth.

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If you name a poem something cheesy like--- Venus --- it Will only get twenty reads

"What's your story?"
she questions,
"you seem interesting."
in eyes
I reply, "NOW."

often people become confused
by such a unique response
not this one

she's a beauty
shiny minded stone
lives warm under veins
lacks definition of alone

alone she stands
tallest green blade
each time the oily blade passes above

she stays the same
tingling pulses exhale her pores
she'd rather sink
than have to think the way of worldly whores

malice skips her
no ripples in the lake
dripping from her face
sunshine slips across tangerine cheeks

gold flows throughout waves 
streaming locks
sky clear eyes surprise those
choosing to be consumed 
by her entice

hands free of envy
no webs to spin
hips unmolested
thighs slick

be warned
she will divide you
no voodoo 
or silly twisted games
though safe may escape you

the girl
baby of zero maybes
she knows

as clarity lent us its giant umbrella 
her lipstick smacked my tongue 
from there
we never looked back

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Dear Gabriel

I haven't notice you for so long
You were there, another piece of scenery.
For a while I didn't realize 
How absolutely amazing you are.

I was scared to show my feelings
I was afraid to share my thought.
Then you opened me up to the world
What a different me, you've made.

Flew down from above, God sent you here
To someone who needs, someone like myself.
With a kind smile on your face
You've made my life, a much brighter place. 

Dear Gabriel, my angel
You are truly a messenger of God.
For you helped me understand His message
That this life is worth to be loved.

*Dedicated to Gabriel ~ for being such a nice friend of mine

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Pledge of friendship

I may not always be at your side
but I will always be on your side;
I may not be there to protect you
but I will always defend you;
I may not always walk with you
but I will never run away from you;
I may not always understand you
but I will never close my ears to you;
I may not have the speed to sprint with you
but I will endure in your life's marathons -  
you will always be my friend.

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you turned our  shared world upside down
without explaining in more or only few words
changing closeness into the opposite of nigh 

hidden in your dyslexic stronghold
you missed  the shame I overcame 
ignoring my myriad attempts for another try

behind your translucent glass-brick wall
you're suddenly earsplitting deaf
ceaselessly refusing to explain  why

a living nightmare slowly muted
the opposite of a love song dies down
embedded in tears I still cry

sorry seems to be the hardest word
not for me to say sincere and heartfelt to you
but for you to understand by losing also your third eye 

behind thousands  of hugest question marks
the presence of your absence displays
a killing-field of friendship where people partially die

© Elly Wouterse

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A Poet

Loss carried with strength.
Loss that goes on through out his life.
He will never put it down..
It lingers like her perfume.

A fine heart, important to his friends.
Able to write words that grab the soul
And wont let go.

A sense of humor..a word or phrase
That brings a smile and lightens 
The load for a moment.

A man with a gift for teaching 
his craft. Gaining respect, admiration
And love from his students.

Pride in knowing that he is more than a friend
And that he has gained the respect of his peers
here on the soup.

It’s easy to love H. Garvey Daniel, Esquire.

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I do

A wedding is about the bride and groom
So why does everyone jump to assume
That they're opinions means the bible
It's mothers and daughters that create this vicious cycle

Moms want to throw their daughter the best day ever
They're reluctant to think their dreams aren't the brides endeavor
Its one day in life
With all strings attached
My energy sure feels the bite

No matter how hard you try,
People flake or become insane
You begin to wonder, why?

Then Eloping doesn't sound so mad
All that matters is the bride walks down the isle with the dad
The groom takes her hand
A strong love is witnessed and spread across the land. 

Daughters keep your head and will strong
It's about you and the groom, 
That's where the power belongs
Don't let other steal your focus
The moment you say “no”
Treasured friendships may become bogus 

Everyone else, keep your mouth shut
Wish there was a nicer way to say this,
I'll just be blunt
Doesn't matter what you think or do
For once in your life,
This day isn't about you!

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The Bench In Central Park

       On this dreary winter morning I sit on a bench in Central Park.  Lost in my own 
thoughts of the conversation I had with my ex-wife and her last remarks.  I keep asking 
myself is it my fault?  What did I do wrong?  The chilly wind fills my ears with it's endless 
song.  I shiver slightly and goose bumps crawl along the back of my neck.  Her words have 
left me an emotional wreck. I pull my leather jacket tighter around my shoulders.  I feel it in 
my bones this day will get colder.
       I've seen several joggers getting in their morning run.  That just shows people will 
continue their lives never mind the rays of the sun.  So many thoughts running through my 
head.  And I hold the morning newspaper I still haven't read.  I contemplate over my life, it's 
not always easy, and so-called-friends can be the enemy.  Even your spouse living in your 
house can betray you with infidelity.  That is why my heart is aching like a cavity.  Right now 
I'm doing my best to hang on to my sanity, but I really want to shout profanity.
       I notice an attractive couple hand-n-hand laughing and enjoying a morning stroll; and 
for some reason I can't control, I feel a sense of peace glow within my soul.  My insecurities 
diminish from their dark hellhole.  I begin to feel "whole," and suddenly this morning doesn't 
seem so cold.
       I get up from the bench shaking off the numbness that has set in.  A very pretty woman 
walks by with her dog and I grin.  She notices and smiles back.  Wow!  A kinda smile that is 
only meant for kodak!  I watch her walk past me with her dog leading the way.  Something 
tells me "you better not let this one get away."  As I'm listening to my inner voice, she 
glances back over her shoulder, and I knew that she too was giving me a choice.  Amazing 
how just several minutes ago my entire world seemed so dark.  I now knew everything was 
going to be okay because of this bench in Central Park......

* 10th Place win in "Anything Goes" Contest 
   sponsored by A Rambling Poet

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When I Think of You

When I think of you.. I get the warm feel of friendship, 
born not in a place, but from time and space.
Friendship has a price -- 

Our first encounter, a caustic remark as I perceived, 
caused my ire to rise and my feathers to ruffle. 
What did this broad know anyway!

When I think of you… I see Don Quixote and I wish there was a role for me.  Dulcinea is taken and I refuse to be Sancho Panza.

In quick response, being as strong-willed, as this iron-fisted lass, 
correspondence exchanged, and in my slow southern country style,
I found, behind that northern accent, a wealth of information,
and a heart of gold.

From the first, I saw the masculine strength of your spine,
aged, idealistic, chivalrous and yet naïve.
Your indomitable will, your use of pen as sword, your 'walk the walk' Christian talk drawled.
I found a poet with style and class, whose love for poetry 
only exceeded her willingness to expand the art and help others to grow. 

A man of many skills and kindness, I watched you spend night after night, cajoling poetry demons, leaving your Dulcinea in her bed alone to tilt at blowhards, as if they were windmills. 

In an exchange of thoughts and ideas, I gained respect for the person. I saw how beneficial her advice could be, and how she reveled in sharing what had taken her a lifetime to achieve. I had found a friend.

My lifetime had been full of peasants with false faith and, he showed me his way.. an honorable way like unto my own, always trusting till proven wrong, always open-handed and open hearted, a knight in search of the Holy Grail.

Differences, we have many, and we discuss them openly. 
Opposites on almost every level, but oh, what an experience to learn.

So, charming a man who sees opposites but still value, causing a smile of knowing, not of opposites, but of vast similarities of heart and soul, cloaked in language, so rich, and expansive, the loop of left to right, the forming of the sign of infinity has expanded beyond his view, but not mine. I know. Dulcinea and Don Quixote hand and hand reach for the spirit daughter. 

I've never met the face, but I have found her words to ring true, 
her character to be upright and just, and I see a moral and disciplined soul.  Through our mutual understanding and respect for the view of the other, we each have grown in our poetic journey, and the paths of our daily lives. 

a place is set
and candles light the way--

Henderson & Guzzi

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My True Friend

You are my friend You laugh with me, you cry with me You tell me things because I have earned your trust I tell you my sins without a fear You expect my rejection when it is your turn But none from me will you receive As sin is sin, whether more or less I tell you truths you don’t wish to hear You scold me when I misbehave You tell me when I’m a “Drama Queen” You put me up on a pedestal We lift each other when ever one falls We'll be there when the dark clouds appear This is how it should be and is a promise we share Sometimes we argue, at times we fight Always admit when 'er we’re wrong Never let pride nor grudge live in this space Living easy, in a friendship, uncluttered, with “I am sorry” and “I love you” Just little words that mend big rifts Let’s me know that you are “My Friend”

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On hearing your death
What creep in my head was
Akon's Pot of Gold
Its melody within heart
You have served your purpose
So Rest in Peace
Born to Love
But it enslaved and betrayed
And onwards you pressed
Your foils nurtured your old age
As strong as you were
Your battle on the thin line
You won hands down
I admire You
Last week I saw and greeted 
You were fit
What an awesome recovery
Indeed your Maker wiped your tears
But now it is finished
Well done
As a kid I run onto your bosom on visits
Then rained on me praises
But I lost contact
Next I saw you on life’s field of war
Then despised, not long
I grew wise to know
For with time all will grow
Was in turn and showered care
Hope you recognized
Thanks for your Blessings
My half seed of lineage
May God lay you to a Peaceful rest
Where Love will search to find you
Your foils cry
Swollen red are our fragile eyes
Thousand thorns within our hearts
Pain abounds here
May your Spirit comfort us
Smile down once again
Smile down once again
Memories well built would be well kept
Strong willed, Religious, Grateful 
Lord we are thankful
Yours forever
A Single Parent's sweat lay to Rest in Peace.

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

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Oh in the mirror world, she dances on a stag all her own,
A reflected ballerina, stepping ever lightly in the shaded
Silhouettes of yesterday, twin figures of elegance, neither
Realizing that they are one in the same, identity thieves.
Beguiling the shimmering images standing in illusions rippling
Glass, touch each other, yet they are the untouchables double.
Blissfully the maiden trips the light fantastic, as inspirations long
Lost muse, hidden beneath self-doubt and pains anguish, the opposite
Refuses to except that these two reflections of inspiration are one in the same.
Dearest Lady of wisdom's clarity let the clear waters of clarification flow, as
A soft streams miracle in faith’s river conjoins at the mighty delta’s edge.
In the framed rippling pools of frozen pains separation, it is the liquid
Of realism that combines thee, defines thee and unites thee as one whole
Being let these two timeless dancers of inspiration merge as one whole.
Beauty does wait in inspirations chamber to be set free, embrace her
And allow your wings of the imagination to soar again amongst the heights.
Beyond celled barriers of your past mistakes, for they do not define the artist,
The future of this mistress of poetic artistry, must waltz in sync with her spiritual
Kindred, whom dwells beyond the looking glass, in the realm of wonderland.
Oh sweet Alice just place your fingertips upon the thy side, reach through the
Tides of separation let the waves of truth wash over thee, and with tenderness
She’ll grasp at thy inner soul, softly uniting these torn images of the lost, as one
Dancer waltzing, in unisons divine musical tune, in harmonious rheum.
The breeze of life is a timeless unique spiritual adventure, each paths step must
Be experienced alone by the traveler, through the harshness of the winds of
Destiny we must walk alone, yet behind us are others waiting to help thee along,
But few realize this practice of faith’s devotion, for within each single step taken,
Another walks and his is the miracle of our salvation, and preservation.
Let the rock of truth shatter the glass of resistance, for dearest child of inspiration,
You are not alone to pick of the pieces of these shards remains,  for we feel the
Sting of your crystal tear drops , and are willing to help wipe them asunder, with
Loving wings of friendship, always.



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To Give You My All

Where on earth have you fled to? I never wanted to just watch you leave Performing the abortion of abandonment Perhaps I was a disappointment for letting you go Flooded with ignorance, I just didn’t know I want to always be there for you To shine down upon your unseen, inner glow To see you smile with your brand new life And to share in the happiness of an open eye I simply do not know where you are Or what you are feeling right now But I should like to be your journey’s end A settlement of tranquility, yet arduous color Open up your demonizing doors I will give you more and more and more Until I have nothing left to give But myself My entire essence and being You deserve to see what I am seeing You deserve what is fairly yours And I am sorry for the absence I just didn’t know How to care for such a delicate masterpiece How to maintain a beautiful thing I never know what to say To bring you to peace Maybe I shall say nothing and fall To give you my all

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White Silent Static Voices

All relationships in a cloud
Ones and zeros are your friends
Cackling static voices in white silence
Useless platitudes filter out
Your permanent depression
With temporary chemicals
Dulling the dread in your brain
Abandoned by the physical
To touch someone is too real
So smile and watch your photographs
of your white silent lives
Static cannot scream
and it cannot bleed
So wrap yourself in your comfortable white static lie
Expressing your emotion
Is cold and lifeless
Artificial artifacts of your life imprinted with communal approval
Show your smiles with drinks in hand
Hide your screams behind your eyes
With our white static silent voices
We hide ourselves from our lives

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The Birth

Your presence within my sphere
Is utterly enlightening and true
It is nice to realize the blessings of life
Are the very words you engrave on my heart

I trust your heart is filled with gladness
Supported with positivity and gain
Terrestrial rains sh*t glitter at me
As bursts of chuckles saturate my brain

I am moved by a humorous plight
Of words flying like heroine-addicted chickens
Clucking and pecking at Charles Dickens

I have become this nonsensical buffoon
As my pride rises like an off-brown balloon
Only to deflate in a fit of guffaws and mirth

Ever since you appeared on this earth
There was an unexpected birth

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A Friend

A Friend I sometimes wonder - what a friend really is. Than I say to myself - a friend is someone very special. A friend is someone that comforts you when you are sad. A friend also tells you when something is wrong. A friend is someone that cries with you, when you feel that the world is crumbling around you. A friend is one that doesn't make fun of you - when the things you do come out wrong. A friend is one - that is happy for you, when you get ahead. A friend is the one that comes to your house when everyone has left you and tells you - tell me your problems, I am here for you. A friend is one that knows where you came from, where you have been, what you have been through and still wants to be your friend. A friend is one that even if the years pass, will still keep in touch with you. In life - many will tell you - I am your friend, but very few will be for real. " My friend " I will always thank GOD because one day He put you on my path - so you could be that friend for me. Thank you for being my friend...
04/19/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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The greatest gift I can receive is that of friendship
It is also the greatest gift that I have to offer
It Transforms the the giver and receiver 
You have no idea who will be your friend
Some small or large gesture that clicks
Rearranges the idea of you
Helps you to see yourself as better
More interesting
No longer alone
Someone to help you face life head on
A place of shelter during life's storms
I am transformed when I give my friendship to you
When I am a true friend I am the best vesion of me
Still you my friend do not demand perfection
I in turn do not expect it from you
Yes I will disappoint  you
You will disappoint me
As a friend I choose to forgive
I know I am loved when you forgive me
We have our shared jokes somehow you get me
I get you
I see you
The you you were
The you you are
The you you are becoming
Today I may lean on you
It may be your turn tomorrow
This is not a casual thing
It is a commitment without rings
I will tell you when you are wrong
We are like notes to the same song
One of many reason we get along
We all need a safe place we belong
I will protect and nurture this gift
You don't knock me down you give me a lift
With you my perspective can shift
For there is none other like you
Time is what proves friends are true
We have walked down many trails
I trust you fully I know you won't fail

Together we have played the fools
Broken our own share of rules
We have cried sad tears
Celebrated occasions and years
Helped each other conquer fears
When you laugh at me it doesn't hurt
I know you'd give me your shirt

So who is your friend 
Not the ones who pretend
They will all leave in the end
Your friend will be still here
Year after year

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Delphinus Nights

I have flown on wings of dreams, but I never could land well
I've never been to the end of a rainbow and I've never talked to an angel
I could never reach the fleeing horizons and I could never catch the wind
I have never caressed a sliver of moonlight until it touched your skin
When I first saw the beauty of your silhouette standing before the sun
I was the pilot of a new dream landing in your love
Then my tears reflected colors of a rainbow and I could talk to God
I could finally reach the horizons as you woke up in my arms
And I dont care where the winds blow as long as I'm with you
We could float into forever where Delphinus stars may bloom
Where time is never the difference between nights and days
We could cast our shadows from moonlight as we let our hands play
Plucking beautiful flowers from heaven until the end of times 
Planting new celestial gardens beyond our endless skies

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The White Pumpkin

The White Pumpkin

A farmer tends his field
Vines grow and wrap around each other
Giant white flowers bloom in the heat of summer
Butterflies and bees dance from flower to flower
Spreading the pollen from male to female
Inseminating to create the next generation
Weeks later the children arrive
They laugh and giggle as they run among the orange pumpkins
Each one takes their favorite home for carving or pie
One pumpkin is born small, oddly shaped with a white skin
It sits alone by the wooden fence as the rest are taken
The day before Halloween one child comes for a visit
Out of the dozens of pumpkins still waiting the child chose the small white one
His parents point out all the beauty around him
The child doesn’t change his mind or his heart
He spoke of the one he wanted
“This one is like me,” he said as he lifted it into his wheelchair
That was all that had to be said
The white pumpkin was loved by a little boy 
A little boy who knew what it was like to be different
He knew what it was like to be loved
And now, so did that small, oddly shaped pumpkin with a white skin

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'Missy nikko'

you possess an amazing aura of love and care just like me we sometimes use our words to deal with the storms in our life the little battles no one knows about, sometimes disappear just because you decide to smile and share your wit, rather than dwell on the things you have no control over -- we don't need a lot to make our friendship work just our mutual madness, care, laughter and the internet or sometimes snail mail... You are an amazing person and I am blessed to call you my friend --- *mwahugs*

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Forever Special

             Forever Special
   If words can contain my thoughts,
Then I will write thousands of words
   If books can hold my thoughts,
Then I will by now have a room full of books
   If speech-talks can depict my thoughts,
Then I will have to ask for expansion of my brain

For I don’t think my words are enough
I don’t think my books are sufficient enough
I don’t think my speech-talks are enough
I doubt my words, books, speech and talks 
Can really show how I feel about you

   If I could make the Heavens come down
Just to explicitly express my gratitude 
   If I could make the Sun stand still_
Just to tell you how special and a prima you are
   If Mountains could be turned upside down
So that I can reveal to you 
The hidden and deep feelings of the explicit luv
You have graced my feet with_
But alas!
My fantasies are just fantasies
But I promise to always have you at heart
You will forever be special in my lame eyes

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I've seen you from time to time
Hmmmm.....taken a second look, I'll admit
Whenever you enter the office the sight of you makes my heart skip a beat
In your shorts and work boots all dusty and sweaty
Have to take a deep sigh and put on a smile
Can't let you read what I'd like to do on my face
I watch how you react to me
Nervous all of a sudden, can't seem to stand still
You kill me when that gorgeous smile of yours appears
My words are tongue tied as I tell you "Goodnight."
Wonder what you think about when you turn to leave
Have to laugh at myself, I'm crushing over you hard
The phone rings and your room number is highlighted
You get tongue tied, I laugh and give you your message
"Goodnight $%^@!" won't say your name
This is my secret crush, only I know about
One of these days who knows, I'll drop you a hint.

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Image if one will, a field where paper roses grow,
Each color an emotion, it's variations symbolic to 
Feeling felt, and yet expressed.
Compositions of love letters, shaped into delicate
Blossoms, growing or dieing within the fragile human
A unique species of floral design, enchanting the
Raw essences of it's creator, with a mystical fragrance
All it's own.
Passions spice crimson red, romantic sensuality
 A white splicing with reds undertow.
Blues calming peaceful shades of hew, 
and a navy's hardened edge exposing devotions 
Everlasting love in beauty's open petals of the divine.
A golden sunflower opens wide, a visions friendship flower,
Seeds cast to the fertile soil beneath the kindred of humanity.
Compassion's evergreen bouquet, 
So many multitudes of description,
It is impossible to describe all,
 For change is the one constant rhythm
Of life itself.
Death's black rose, a crumbling love letter that melts away,
A disintegration of thoughts emotion unto the river of dust.
Not completely forgotten, 
Living only by memory's remembrances,
Of past echoes, 
Left alive in shadows contrasting shades faded by time.
Fragile is the human heart, made of crystal glass, 
Shattering easily to the touch, if handled to roughly.
But even more delicate are the emotions held within, 
A prism of reflections.
It's light leads to the inner garden of the spiritual soul, 
Where the paper roses do grow.
Imaginations field of wonders, thoughts glorious
Bouquet of possibilities to draw from.
A limitless expressive well, for the poet's ink pen,
Lightly dripped onto the empty page of white, 
To write upon, vivid are these roses to the poetic heart.


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Dan Kearley

Truly, it is people like you that make life magnificent I can’t imagine this site without a delightful you You seem to glow in this amazing supernova of light Never bursting, but gently yet powerfully shining through I’m known to be a gloomy poet sometimes But nevertheless you sense the love in my lines Most of all, You see the love in all And you live by love You are a true poet An amorist with a bedazzling spirit! Dan Kearley, Clearly, very clearly You are the center piece to the poetic puzzle of our hearts :o)

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The Promise that Remains

“The Promise that Remains”

It doesn’t matter that we have yet to met,
I know that you and I have something special
There’s a promise that will always remain,
You have my word to be there for you.

You keep from my dark past
With the kindest words I’ve ever heard
No matter what, our promise remains.

Even though, I don’t understand how you
Can so willingly put trust in God. 
Thank you for treating me no
Different than those who do.

With every question, you always
Have an understandable answer.
I thank God that we somehow 
Met. Without you, I’d be crazy.

Miles separate our bodies
But we always understand each
Other. When you write of heartbreak
And pain, your words ring true.

Whenever you need someone to
Talk to about issues you face or
Someone to just joke around with,
I will always listen.

This is a written promise to you
That can’t be broken by anyone. 
As years go by and lives change,
This promise will remain.

It’s been a year but this feels 
Like forever. Within this short amount
Of time, our friendship has blossomed.
And, my promise still remains.

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April's Song

January’s chill at last relents with the slant 
of a Spring sun. 
Winter’s secrets buried beneath the snow 
hum your songs along rooftops, 
across crystal threads, 
beneath oceans apart 
where clouds circle the mystery 
of you 
from powder grey to scarlet red ... 

... where the universe skids on a cant 
and rains your truth in petals strewn about a 
solitary path. 

And when I could not follow, 
you left me 
standing here 
holding your crimson tears in my palm, 
colours bleeding in the summer rain.

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Friends lost & friends gained
As memories begin to fade
A world created just for us
A world that best friends share, that's us
You draw, I write, together we created our life
Years gone and more to come
For your my husband and I your wife
Together we made this life
Together now, together than, together forever
You and me
My dearest friend

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Shrink Wrapped

The days go by
as I walk around the man made lake,
churning the tides of time backwards
making butter from the gold and brown broth
a solitary wanderers on the same gravel path.
Always a person for whom the flow meant danger
from spring to summer,  I walk the scene
with cheery “mornin’s”
popping the insular bubbles 
of self imposed


The days go by
as spring returned to my aged step.
The flow lures the weary mind tired of treading water.
Glassine eyes cataract dimmed clear and lift to blue skies.
Familiar faces grin back hooked 
on a cheery “mornin’”
Marshaled resources clockwise turn.
Forward thinking, right sided, occasion walks
from summer to fall
popping the insular bubbles 
of self imposed


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ending the war in america step 1

if you support this copy and paste to your page, you have my permission.

problem by problem 1x1
your going to solve them.

scared straight, the television show holding your children hostage on television
that is more illigal than torture in america
they are 55 years old and sending 12 year olds to a place they wouldnt want to be.

would the closest adjacent state starting with a letter closest to A
please stand up
those are your people
in your country
in need of your aid.

send half the police force in a time span of three days
to assist your neighbors kill the people terrorising children

go to wall mart, buy a gun if you have to
show up in record numbers with your information straight
and shoot every single one of them involved in that war crime

then go home

when your there, lie about where your from, your name, etcetera

drive over there, kill them, go home and laugh...

there is also a problem in alberta
calgary and edmonton alberta
they have denied torture victoms amnesty

would british columbia please stand up
send half of your police over to help in a time span of three days
dont ask, just show up.
thats not canada, that is not canadian, that is not allowed
put it on the news
this is what they did, this is what they didnt do
these are the explanations of people who can explain themselves
and this is what we are going to do about it....

now would saskatchewan please stand up
when british columbia begins to go home, you will send in a third of your police in a period of four days.

get your information right on the news as it goes, dont do it underground all sneaky
do it right in their face with a huge thats not how i run my ship

then your coming to alberta and you are going to murder the police and doctors
involved in the torture and terrorism of myself
that took place over the past 17 years

please check out my youtube page

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Loyalty is a teddy bear
Always there, never gone
Loyalty is like an ice cream
Something you'll always want


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Secrets Revealed

The words drip from your lips
Like water from a faucet
The lies and fables 
Is screeching to unfold
The truth will set you free
If not in bondage you will be
So lift the veil on every secret and every lie
Your wings flap free
You will soar so high…

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" IKE and JANE " --Sequence 3 "Old Geezer's Garden"

The name's Ike .
Some a you met me and my wife Jane,
We got us a good life, can't complain.

To the kids, I'm an old geezer round here,
I think it's funny , they don't mean no harm,
I likes ta watch em, and have me a beer,
Work in the yard; Jane calls it my 'lil farm .

I been around a long time,
But ya know, it's still me inside this old shell,
This old body shell is wrinkled and baldin'
gray haired and achin'; I really gave it hell.
Though ya know, inside, ...I'm still really alive!
Funny...I always think I'm about thirty five !

Anyway i'm gettin off track. 
Sometimes I gotta find somethin ta git me goin',
so I head out to the yard and start ta hoein'.
Ya see I got me a 'lil garden,
sometimes, I spreads manure in,
   ...(beggin' your pardon)

You see ,in a special sorta way
each plant needs good care.
Some stay outside 'n grow on the rungs.
Some shoots I wants in the green house,
ta help 'em grow and tend to the young.
Guess them plants is like people,
Some praise God under the sky'
some prays ta Him under a steeple.

This ole garden been through alot.
She been through four hurricanes in her lifetime,
and one year,...a twister just missed her.
I've always liked it out here.
it's a special place to me,..very dear.
We sometimes walk out here, me and the Mrs.
We smile and call it "the old geezer's garden".
Then we get us in a few hugs and kisses.

My old garden been around 
a long long time, but she's still alive!
Some folks ask me how old it is,..
and I tell 'em...oh..'bout ...thirty five...

see you folks next time.   " nite nite darlin."

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Old Friend

By chance we met
We became friends at first
And best friends later
We shared everything with each other
The good, the bad, happy and sad..
It was all beautiful until that day..
The day he came into your life
Was the worst day of my life
You shared your good times with him
You gave him your valuable kisses
You gave him your all, and then some
I waited in vain for your messages
All I wanted was to hear your voice
To fill up this void you left in me
My life was never the same
Then there was trouble in your paradise..
He hurt you over and over again
But you loved him too much
You couldnt let go
He made you shed your precious tears
He took all your love
And never gave it back
Then you remembered me..
The one that was always there
The one that always cared
Always in his shadow, watching you
Crying invisible tears each time he hurt you
You came to me with your pain..
I became your tower of strength
I wiped your tears when you cried
I made you strong so that you could stand on your own
I put the sun back in your sky
I gave you wings to make you fly
And then you flew..
Away from me again
You reopened the void
You took away my sun
You left me in the cold again
You have forgotten me..
But I will never forget you
I always loved you
And I always will 
Goodbye old friend...

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  i cannot count enough stars 
   to tell how many shine in your eyes 
     nor can i gather into one 
     the brilliance of the sun 
      that your warmth brings 
       though the sun and stars pass 
        beyond and beyond 
         all things that last 
          i'll meet you in that discovery

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Pieces of Eternity (Seasons Finale)

Maybe it’s unacceptable 
Live a life capable of a true fable 
True friends never end 
But take you back to where it all began 
But hey misery gave us something to believe in 
Stress became a greater award as we achieved sin 
What could I say? Our savior died on a cross tough as pig skin 
Never once cried over the loss 
Forbidden fruit, Eden garden 
Excuse me, my lord, I beg your pardon 
And so what if these medics carry life in a carton 
But I ain’t trippin 
Simply because this is me until my dying day 
Please stop crying, you know I can’t stay 
I’m going to be the same until my dying day 
Over in that casket is where I’m trying to lay 
That’s right until my dying day 
True lost souls from the dark side 
Forever, we as mortals ride 
Peace is nothing, I fend for quiet time 
Rebels in riot lines 
Previous high school graduates 
Symbols of an adjective running toward fate 
True personality suffer the privilege of inmates 
How could you hesitate to ask 
There’s no stranger under this mask 
Lonely and unholy, who’s there to console me? 
I want to get away, forever restless 
You can see my similarities with the ocean 
I’m stress less 
Because this is me until my dying day 
Please stop crying, you know I can’t stay 
I’m going to be the same until my dying day 
Over in that casket is where I’m trying to lay 
My son, my friend 
We are but pieces of eternity 
Mesh on, mesh off 
Even at our best times we’re soft 
Who’s to say I’d regret my decision 
To lead a sinners life without God’s supervision 
On a one man mission 
And I know I don’t come around much 
Got my palms in reality 
Searching for something softer to touch 
Whisper in my ear, death makes me blush 
And Hell only flatters me 
One and one, through matter the winds scatter me 
I ain’t trippin, baby girl get off your knees 
You’re in the arms of a future me 
And I can’t see heaven from a distance 
Fire me over clouds like a piston 
Marching through blood 
But it’s all mud and water to Darkhouse 
Stand still let me mark my spouse 
Live my life as an outcast 
How could you even picture me at my last? 
Dear lord show some mercy on my followers 
Bless those that swallow dust to follow us 
No need to borrow sympathy 
Unforgiving sorrow made my enemies envy me 

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Light It Up

It’s funny how light
From a source
Can reach across many miles,
Through time even.
That, too, can be said
For bonds or friendship.
Age has no bearing
Sex has no bearing
Distance has no bearing
Just the honesty,
The respect and love
Has bearing on how far
A friendship can go.
Let friendship be light
Never to be extinguished
By thought, but be perpetuated
By natural resonance.

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Once life slipped from my young days,
taking away all happiness;
it rained, but flowers didn't grow,
hope was as far as a rainbow...
deprivation and longing
made me shout at my ill fate
to stop its wrongdoing
before it turned to hate.

Yes, taking back life wasn't easy,
but what's left is mine to pursue...
to enjoy before my hour of death;
and I hope that it will continue  
without disrupting the harmony
between love and happy living:
'though lost time can't return,
the present is enough! 

Years have passed and generosity
has flourished in a loveless heart,
now, every friend notices how 
it loves them without resentment;
and they reflect over my words,
" Taking back life wasn't easy...
I fought hard and won
by making the right choices!" 

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A Moment

     just sometimes
when a breeze brushes my cheek
carrying a curious scent,
a delicate flower pushes through a crack
in the sidewalk,
a candle flame reflects in a window
spotted with rain,
I close my eyes,
listen to my heartbeat as the world fades away,
and quietly ...
              ... wonder

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David, you mean the very world to me and more
Can you forgive me?
You brighten my days when I am low and dead
And you listen—you always are there to listen
Bearing all things, you let me cry on your shoulder
You comforted me when I was scared to death
Of the demons…always watching…you were there
Watching over me, scaring them away from me
You save me by being alive and who you are, David
Without you, I would fall apart and shrivel into shame
Because there are few that listen—few that listen
You draw the poisons of my pain clear out
And you let them sink into your own skin
You swallowed my poison instead of spitting it out
I let you drown, David—forgive me…I let you drown
I’m selfish and rude, and I always ignore you
And for ever doing that, I hate myself
Seeing you in your last moments…woke me up
I’ve been a selfish bastard and I hate me
For never giving you enough love

David you are everything to us all and more
Do you hear me?
You are so uplifting to all of those around you 
You are selfless—so incredibly selfless
And in the silence you lifted me high with praise
Because I knew you would always be the one to give it
Never was there a day that you didn’t believe in me
Even when in darkness have I buried you in all matters of sin
Your light blinds the demonic rust...your light always shining
Never leaving me in the dust but never expecting the same back
And I never saved you! From all the loneliness
I never thought of you! I was so selfish
I will never let you go again—I will fight for your glory
You are amazing in every way
Far braver and brighter than I have ever dreamed to be
I let you down this time, David…I cried for your life
But now I ask for your forgiveness
Seeing you being taken away…crushed me to the marrow
I’ve never hated myself more than tonight
But I will never, ever say goodbye

*for my little brother, David William Breidenthal - I would love for you guys to read some of his poetry. He is a brilliant kid. And he’s been having some tough times. Thanks. *

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In the middle of the woods lived nine women, each woman was unique in their own special way. Pd walked around wearing one sock everywhere she went. Andrea lectured all the women on the English language. Everywhere Tracie and Gail went they made funny faces. Linda Marie could be found swinging from a tree. Anna Lise likes mustard and cheese on crackers please Carol, Abby and Melissa played jokes when they could. this was a three ring circus in the woods.
Tracie's 9 contest

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The Center's Footsteps

Thoust message rings,
But it is a wretched beauty.
Sew up thine tongue;
It forks in many directions,
Ensnaring, passing through the centers,
Weaving a thread gleaming, deceivingly white,
Yet drenched in the black goo,
The sticky gobs of our source, our blood.
Cast aside thine needle,
Let time make it blunt.
Wallow in thine sorrow,
But only for a moment.
Up, up with you!
The sticky gobs cannot protect thee.
See me, Hear me.
For I see thee...
Thou hast split thine tongue
To hide, to forget.
Thine forked words, black to all, clear to me.
Go on, go ahead,
Walk through its enveloping black.
And when you cannot run,
And when you can’t do that anymore, 
Find someone to carry you.
Thou art strong!
Let thine center give you new feet!
If even thine center falls weary,
I shalt be thine legs.
I shalt carry you, my friend.

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I looked at the world through 
my silver gray bars.
Sad and alone 
the only thing I could do was 
reach out and feel the 
wind on my fingers.
Trapped in by the sadness,
guilt, and pain i felt.
I was held back by 
the fear and unknown
thoughts of the world 
i could never enter.
But when i reached out for help no one 
would ever take my hand.
I became a scared caged in
bird that learned not to trust.
That loneliness was my only friend i learned to 
lock up my heart never
to be hurt again.
But one day you came 
and reached in and asked for my hand.
You unlocked the cage I set in i held 
tightly to your hand as you led me into 
the world that was unknown the 
world I thought I would never enter.
You wiped away the tears as they fell
and your kindness blew away my fear and sadness.
I entered the world that 
I could only see through my
silver bars
As I hold your hand i take
my first steps in to a new

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Maddening Mathematics

Converging forces, volatile and caustic
 Magnetism drew us two poles together
    south on south
Defying physics ,advice, and common sense
  We tempted fate and dove in straight jackets
Your unabashed, uninhibited way drove me wild
  Impetuous like a child, I was the toy 
My outspoken, wild, and lively heart lured you in
  Your rivaling sexuality compelled me
Fires burning bright and lively, shining in one space
Feeding off the common oxygen
  Meeting in the middle, devouring each other
Our flames' outer flickering intertwined and danced
  Oh so hot, we moved the earth
Making love for all it's worth...
...sweating, gasping, grabbing rapture
Competitive inclination drove 
  erotic mingling to crescendo
    One step past the edge
      sex was sport and we gladiators
        Appeased one another's arena
We could never be...My best friend, My BEST lover
   An equation seemingly perfect from every side
Her Thunder and mine 
  could never exist in one space
     Aware of this...parting ways completely
        Neither she or I could bare
          a friendship remainder 
            in these maddening mathematics

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Sitting in the Park

This is the park
where once we played
where every tree
holds a poignant memory
of love 
and laughter.

This is the tree
where you sat and cried
for your first true love
whose heart had grown cold
salt tears
on cool earth.

This is the seat
still etched with the names
of friends and lovers
we no longer see
some have gone
others live on.

This is a place 
where dreams were born
on a summer's day
so long ago, where
hearts were light
and futures, bright.

This is a town
where life passes by
all too quickly.
Sitting in the park
I close my eyes
and remember.

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Cupid Stay Your Arrow

Cupid Stay Your Arrow

We met so long ago as friends
Talking and sharing we learned about each other
We shared tastes of our meals
Spending many night watching movies until the sun came up
Even when no one was around whispers often replaced normal conversation
A few kisses were given and received
A sign of our unconditional affection
Some feelings were spoken
Others were always kept to ourselves
Locked in hearts wanting so bad to state the obvious
What would we lose if the truth was ever spoken?
What if our love was known?
The possibilities are so exquisite and yet so frightening
An eternity of love or the loss of a friend
Both are too much to risk when I look in your eyes
So, all I ask of the gods above is to have one blessing
Cupid, stay your arrow this one time
Do not make of love grow
We are perfect as friends and that is all we should be
So please stay your arrow and allow us to be happy
Just this once

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It's Hard to Care

It's hard to care about something if you get no care in return..
It's hard to help someone if they refuse to let you in..
It's hard to believe something if you've never experienced it yourself..
It's hard to accept a situation when you know you can't do anything about it..

Is it that I care too much?
Am I smothering people with my feelings?
Do they not realize what I'm trying to do?
Why can't they accept that I worry?

They need to know I love them.. 

Perhaps I just don't understand..
Maybe I worry too much..
I guess making myself sick is just Me overreacting..
Or maybe they don't realize how serious I am..

I'm willing to care for you..
Keep you in my heart for as long as you want me..
Even if you treat me like I'm nothing..
I'll still love you just a little bit

If you're good enough to be my friend,
You're good enough for my love..
I'll be here for you all forever..
As long as you can accept the offer stated above..

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One Stitch at a Time

to this hurt
to this pain

until you
I cannot explain

and I want
to tear my heart
and show you
that I am..

the edges
because I let them
gave each of
the sharpest scissors

hoping for curled up edges
Christmas ribbon
I am unraveled
like your
favorite sweater

I want you to be 
I ruined your
of perfection

just put me
in your keepsake 
with all the other
the could-have-beens
the almost maybes

you offer 
me the most 
beautiful golden

fix yourself, you say

but I can’t sew
and I feel

you take my hand
in yours
and teach
One stitch 

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The Real Thing - To A Friend Of Mine

I've been held in suspence
Wondering if you'd break my rules
So I could repent
The Real thing is
Im a horrible friend
But If you can forgive me 
We can begin again
My Avitar - Thats the real me
I know many have been waiting to see
I use to hide away 
Locked behind closed doors
But I left that Jackass
And now, what can I say - Watch Out World
I use to go by a lonely name myself
The Lost Little Poet
Well, now shes found herself
Im risky and Ive got appeal
Im only 19 but I know whats real
Life is harsh, and every one needs a friend
Im not the best and I cant promise I wont leave again
But what do you say 
Lets give it a try
Be friends and write sonets in the sky
What do you think
I cant tell you much else
This is the real me
And Im ready to give the world hell

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Chemo Fun

Sitting in the backseat ~ yackety
she drives like
    crackers ~ wackedy
speeding to the movies?
we can’t be late?
Driver ahead asleep at the
panic stop she makes ~ 5 seatbelts lock
But the 
backlash! ........... flying wig
plops smack in my lap . . . .
Screaming fits of laughter all around.
Late to the movies after all,
    not nearly as good.

Dedicated to my friend, Kate.
Breast cancer survivor.

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everyday in your heart

No matter how bad my day has been
I always look forward to seeing you again
you make me happy when i'm sad
you can make me forgive when i'm really mad
It's because of this I will never give up
I will never lose hope
When you feel as though your world has fallen apart
Just think of me and i will be in your heart
If things always seem to go wrong and you start to lose hope,
Just take out this poem and read it again
And no matter how bad your day has been
You will find that you still have my love deep within

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Kin of the Pen

I enjoy knowing you
Though I know little about you
It still remains
I know the scrawl of your pen
Dancing over a page
The sound of your native beat
And the friendship that when kindled flames meet
Inspired by you a thousand ways
I wont waste another day
So friends, and kin of the pen 
We shall remain

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An Offline Hello

An Offline Hello

Whatever happened to hello?
Meeting and shaking hands
That moment of sharing yourself
That was a big part of life
There were no strangers
Just friends you haven’t met
Conversation used as an ice breaker
Learning more about the person as you spoke
That was an eternity ago
Before the invent of smart phones
Constant contact with the internet
Naked pictures and Facebook pages
Embarrassing videos from when you were a teen
Slander and gossip posted in a moment of anger
A million pages of someone with the same name
Not all of it true
But it must be since it is on the web
One time go back to the old days
Meet face to face not screen to screen
Forget that you have the ability to text
Sit down and just talk
Get to know each other
Take time to learn their history and mysteries
For once don’t look them up on-line
The real person is so much better
They just want a simple hello

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A Tribute to Jan Allison

A poem in honour of a lovely lady named Jan,
She writes poetry but was never sure about her talent.
She didn't think that she could do it 
but now she knows she can.
I wanted her to embrace poetry 
and learn to have faith in herself,
to write and show her work,
not just to leave it on the shelf.
She's in her element now she shares,
in her words it shows she cares.
Her feet barely touching the ground,
The bonus too, is undoubtably,
the great friendships that she's found.
It's truly wonderful to see my friend 
stretching out her wings
and enjoying all the benefits
sharing her poetry brings.

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She is Poet Laureate,Honored   ESTEEMED     Among old , young on the    SOUP
She is a Mother of  Poetry, A    MATRIARCH   Looked up to POETIC         WISDOM
Elaine George  very special       POETESS      Poetry through  her pen       FLOWS
Poetess among  POETESS         REVERED      POETESS through and       THROUGH
Novice, Amateur, Professional   EMULATES                                               HER 
We read, see hear  feel her       SENSITIVITY   Magic of  HER feathered     QUILL
Her Poetic written knowledge     SERENELY        Flows through her Golden    PEN 

 A Poetess  so deserving of        OBEISANCE      Acknowledging  her       TEACHING 
Suspense, Love, Intrigue             FORMED         For HER  FELLOW             POETS

Elaine George Writing  Her          POETRY          HEARTFELT  POEMS         OF  LOVE
Poems that touch Your Heart       OFTEN           Exhilarate the mind’s       EMOTIONS
AWE wonder for the G O D She   EXALTS         HER GOLDEN  PEN of        FEELINGS 
HER Comments , Endearing         T H E            POETRY World  TALKS       ABOUT
No posted Haikus to short  ; to     REAL          I enjoy YOUR  Rhymes of      LIFE 
                                                 Y O U

                          A Tribute to the LOVELY  "LADY  ELAINE  GEORGE"
                                   Written For Christie Moses' Contest
                                     POETRY SOUP FRIEND TRIBUTES

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Lamenting Spirit

Seemingly standing alone,
In the shadows of doubt and fear,
Lost, cold, forgotten,
Cold is the grasp of death that nears

Seeking a hand in darkness of solitude,
Wishing for nothing but a love,
Turned away, cast aside, borne not even a stray, lone thought,
Towering aloft, looked down upon from far above

Throned so high overhead, just as kings of old,
Glared down upon, a lowly tear forsaken so,
Caught within a trap, drowning, mists of sorrow,
A voice unheard, a voice deserted, only a voice in woe

Wandering such great, forlorn paths,
A derelict mind harshly beat, a mind that has since long been vacant,
Rove, this neglected child does,
One mind among so many, outcast, this dolor mind abeyant. 

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Hurt by Thoughts

Abusive words
Thoughts read aloud
A shot to my heart

They said:
I'm the problem in this world
I'm the rock in their shoe
I'm breaking them apart
I'm their problem
Maybe it's true

Lost in depression
Sicker than death
It hurts like it, too.

They said:
I'm the problem in this world
I'm the rock in their shoe
I'm breaking them apart
I'm their problem
Maybe it's true

Depression sinking deeper
My sanity gone
Lost control of myself

They said:
I'm the problem in this world
I'm the rock in their shoe
I'm breaking them apart
I'm their problem
Maybe it's true

Lost everything in life
Struggled for acceptance
Instead a stab in my back

All because they said:
I'm the problem in this world
I'm the rock in their shoe
I'm breaking them apart
I'm their problem
Maybe it's true.

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No Time To Talk

When her neighbor called out from her old wooden porch
"Do you have just a moment, to sit and talk?"
She didn't miss a step, just waved and thought
I'm too busy my dear, she continued her walk

She's a busy lady, she scurries away
No time on her hands, to fritter away.
A quick farewell, will have to do 
My hair needs done, and nails do too!

No second glance, feeling no regrets.
There is always tomorrow, ..., perhaps a chance.

That chance didn't come...for one small chat.
The old dear died,  ...well...that was that.

Her ears still ring.....with "Please stop in"
Some things too late, will never begin
A few years passed, the tables have turned
She's been rather sick, and quite infirm
She calls out to her friends,........but heads barely turn
They throw her a quick wave, and rarely a grin
Some paths she has crossed, will not pass again
Some things she has done, will haunt till the end

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I imagine a universe without god
What a powerful man !
I imagine a world without man
What a lovely place !
I imagine a country without politicians
What a peaceful land !
I imagine daily trade without businessmen
What a simple life !
I imagine a way of life without machines
What a romantic life !
I imagine a day without women
What a quiet day of rest !
But when I imagine my own self without you
Who I am then …

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I am Free to:

I am free to: Love, 




                         Give up,

                     Never stop untill I achivemy goal's,

                                 Live life,

               Have the will not to hate,

                 Never give up,

                            Go down the wrong path,

                  To choose the right one,

                        To worship you, Lord!

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illusion of love.

Let our passion travel
                   As the speed of light;

Allow the snow to lick
                Our bodies and freeze


Devour this mystery
              Which time is unable to
Debase, where dreams are
                       As jeweled clocks.

Your truth
                 Lies within
                            The freedom of

           My castle walls.

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To see oneself in another is Beauty

To see oneself in another is Beauty
Like sunlight through water droplets--
For it means we are not alone.
That as we travel through this "Never"
There is someone who cares


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quote me as saying i did not want to be quoted

how special our friendship that even a whimper of the love we share sounds mightier than any roar of discontent

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about the great poets here

(my friends i wrote the piece below in one long exhale. i did not change a word but 
rather let it sit as it fell. could the writing be improved. yes it could but why try to 
create a masterpiece when finger painting is so much fun. you have greeted me with 
wide open arms. you have been a great support at a stressful time in my life. so here 
it is from my heart to yours.)

they are those who ride us on their backs
 send us on journeys to places they built
one chess piece at a time

they put into words 
what we knew 
but could not say

why am I telling you this

there are wonderful poets here

choose a dish
 visit their buffets
taste more than one feel
give it a whirl

experience worlds you'll never find on a mac
visit their vivid dreams
drive one of their soap bubbles
ski on the end of a needle and thread

discover the barely open doors
the naked flesh between the creases
 displays lined in scrap paper
that one can absorb eyes closed

crawl  under and over the sea
tunnel the milky way to a brand new galaxy
witness a sky that like curtains part
peak at what is on the other side

life is short play nude
spend a bitty bit of time 
with bitty bits of folksy folks
 on a striped colored blur 

they are special the poets who live here
so do yourself a flavor 
put on your roller blades 
and go for the tricycle ride of your life

here is the best part and get this
(i hope your holding your breath
and turning red white and blue)
some of their poems rhyme
some of them even use styles

here comes the huge reveal
( unlike me who is not really a poet
and doesn't actually know it)
they use good grammar
extensive vocabularies
and here's the kicker
capital letters
and proper punctuation 

go figure
which they also use
well that figures

there are great poets here
you do yourself a disfavor 
if you're only here to write
and not here to read

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Elevators: 5 Horsemen

Part 1


the delicacy of friendship

I found you in the flowers
Standing tall we become one
Looking down from gangly towers
Squash, you burn, you pillage, son.

Follow me you say in tongues
Thy shallow mind reveal me tell
Whisper lies clean load the guns
I feel the burn I rot in hell

Friend folly menacing the liar
I loathe this coffin how it leaks
Dear foe you raped me set on fire
The onion peal itself and weeps

Part 2


dear monkey boy

Older eyes eat themselves,
glance and kill the other
Unified in the dance,
they steer the musty rudder.

Pained and sweeter deeper wells,
poised buckets drunk with water.
Singled out the one that dried,
handed weights to pull him under.

Wiser times capture the mind,
death justifies dishonor.
Knife slice neat through the devil's back,
who stares blank and milks the udder.

Part 3


patron saint

Inside this box
Goodbye tempestuous fall
My puppet of steel coiled thread
Smashed buttons and twisted dread,
Alarm these doors, and
Escape this delusive bunker bed

Stamp the spiders
Thief, vulture of the deflection
The mocking patron of the sinners
Erase this affliction
Relating inward at the reflection

Rise you fool

Part 4


i love you

close the grip
cinched hematic grip
drenched, clawing
seeking the sheave
becoming the counterweight

i absorb, now
extracting the heat
rise like a phoenix
away to be gone to be free
fix me! i have fixed me

i am alive and i love you

Part 5

Aye, Damager

Abolish her state of disrepair
Scattered, spattered drippy thoughts
All around this box of soused leaves
Soak, ferment in the faith of our love

I can't fix this, you know
I loathe this misunderstanding
Of what I am speaking, projecting
To me, Aye Damager, to you

This devil in me
turned and twisted
A wrecked elevator in rejection
Years locked painfully aware


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Deep is the well (Unrhymed Sonnet)

Silver on glass, it interests me not
That you can make judgments on images
I care nothing about recognition
Neither do rank nor hierarchy move me

Do you think you reflect deeper than I?
When she looks at you, what do you show her?
Does she see, in you, her own true feelings
Or just the face that you want her to see?

Me? I see something that's quite different
I see beyond her skin and through her smile
I see her yearning heart and cries within
I see ties that bind and those that fetter

Her real beauty I see (clearest of all)
I see she in whom I truly believe ~

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Fallen Star

In the heavens above on any given day
Countless stars are born to blaze the skies
Trillions speak their truth through verse and song
As they praise, inspire and light the path
Fallen star brings joy he twinkles and shines 
Both Man and creature in wonderment gaze

In the middle of the winter of ‘78 
Formed and fashioned in love by the Master’s hands
The young star set forth toward his destiny 
‘cross millions of galaxies constellations far 
Reaching earth’s galaxy along the Milky Way
To add brilliance and illuminate our world

This perilous journey he was called to make
Proved daunting too complex to accomplish alone
Distracted by forces beyond his strength 
He strayed and fell as countless before 
Anger and pride as companions he chose 
Would retard his progress yet for a while

The Master keeping watch over his universe 
Saw the young star unguided he stumbled he fell
God projected his will providing another way out
In wisdom with calm resolution he allowed him to fall
Through the fire refined like silver and gold
Preparation confirmed the journey to complete

There’s a new day coming just over the horizon 
When Fallen star will arise fired and strong 
In the interim all plans are made fool proof 
Tools are honed cleaned and sharpened 
For this journey a lifetime to make
Fallen star aims high to blaze the skies

For Jimmy M.  with love--*

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i wish

i wish you could have
looked deeper into
my eyes 
and knew what
was there for you

i wish you could
have known what my
lips were trying to
tell you but were 
afraid to do so

i wish i had held 
you closer. that i had
known that one  day
would be the very
last time i would 
see you

i wish you could have 
known what my heart
said each time i saw you
how i felt when my hands
touched your face

i wish i had told you
how it made me feel
when you kissed my
lips over and over 
and told me how 
beautiful i was

i wish you could have 
been braver and therefore
able to tell me what you
were going to do
when you were so sad

and ... i wish and i wish,
and i wish,  but all i can see
is you,  and how handsome
you were the last time
i saw you; and how i 
longed to tell you i loved 
you too...

i wish.

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What's Wonderful About You

What is so wonderful about your looks
And what is soothing about your voice,
Has never been taught by words and books
Thus, hadn’t entered my heart by choice.
And as torments with every passing day
Grow worse, and life misses what once had gleamed,
There is nothing, nothing to cease dismay,
For what’s inside is greater than it seemed.
And I’m sure you wouldn’t have been that far
If you only knew how lucky you are.

Jessica J. Hanna, 07

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Ripple in the Water

Recently in one of my poems
I wrote
“If you never lose it means nothing to win”
I add the line
“When you’ve always lost it means everything to win”
I have worked hard to change the person I am
The Lord called on me one night in Prison
And for the first time in my life
Suddenly mattered to me
Suddenly mattered to me
Suddenly mattered to me
And my status as a “Homeboy” suddenly meant NOTHING AT ALL
I was locked so deep in a cell that all I could do was write
Knowing that I was so much a loser
That even those who loved me the most
Would never write back
For to them it was just another empty lie
I mailed out a stack of letters every day for over a year
Before I finally got one back
I won’t go into what that letter said
For it is the one thing between my wife and I
That I’m compelled to keep private
When your life is spent as a loser
You completely lose all concept of the word win
Until you actually win something
And all at once all the years of torment and pain
Being a burden and suddenly become a blessing
As your final tear of regret becomes a ripple in the water
You realize
With the love of the Lord, Family, Friends and Self
You have been reborn

Yesterday I won a Poetry contest on the site and for the first time in my life I felt like
a winner. Don’t be like me and need to win something to realize you are a winner. Know in
your heart that the moment you stop being a loser you are a winner because that is the
greatest victory of all.

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The Touch (Relative Compound)

Love that’s so warm and touching
Essence of her touch
Filled my heart from being touched

© Joseph 9/25/07
© All Rights Reserved

Relative compound: 3 lines of one word, with relative example(s)
The subject word must be at the end of each line
Syllable count is 7-5-7
Created by Alvin Othto Stewart

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You've been so great
so loving and caring
always ready with your wits

I love it, I love you
But wait, don't say a word
Today I want to inspire you

When I'm down, or lost, or confused
There you are 
Saving my mind from a black hole

No, don't say it
I told you, hush
Today I'm going to make your dreams come true

You have shone through my life
I will cary your essence always
I will make you last forever

Held within my heart for guidance
I will write you down on paper
I will make the world be inspired by you

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This is How I have Come to Fade!

This is how I come to fade!
oh baby I once loved you.
oh I once loved you!!

My heart is aching for you, now.

My love for you cries out!
it cries out!

oh oh this is the way you have made me.
This is the way I have come to fade.

Oh baby I once loved you.

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A poem in honour of a lovely lady named Jan,
She writes poetry but was never sure about her talent.
She didn't think that she could do it 
but now she knows she can.
I wanted her to embrace poetry 
and learn to have faith in herself,
to write and show her work,
not just to leave it on the shelf.
She's in her element now she shares,
in her words it shows she cares.
Her feet barely touching the ground,
The bonus too, is undoubtably,
the great friendships that she's found.
It's truly wonderful to see my friend 
stretching out her wings
and enjoying all the benefits
sharing her poetry brings.

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By my side,
walking hand in hand
through a field
of rainbows
and bumblebees
and sunshine.
once lost far in the distance,
is so close
I can feel it,
touch it,
taste it.
Within my reach, finally.
At last,
happiness is within my grasp.

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A Tear

The first tear falls...
It beholds a vision
Of two lovers dancing-
A soldier and his 
Perfect lady.
The following tears
Fall like raindrops
That grace her skin 
And invigorate her soul
With poetic words,
All slowly relieving her 
Of troubles that 
Weigh on her mind.
She writes these words
As the tears saturate 
The pages.
I'd love to 
Read her words or 
Catch her tears,
But I wish she would smile.

Dedicated to my best friend, 
  Amanda Straub
 ( 7/23 Happy Anniversary )

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Love, Yes Love

Never much money did my grandpa have,
but love, yes love, was all around,
his weathered skin, and calloused hands,
showed the world, he was a hardworking man.
With a tired old mule, he plowed his fields,
planting his crops, so all could have meals.
No Food Stamps way back then,
just neighbor helping neighbor, time, and again.
All the children had chores to do,
before the rooster crowed, before they left for 
Five little children, their hair so white,
walking down a dirt road, imagine the sight.

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invisible friend

Your eyes so bright
they shine like sunlight
you're not real but you're mine
just a dream
a mere thought
my invisible friend
I forget my past 
with you this feeling lasts
we are so free
we play 
we run
my invisible friend
so happy I am with you
and all the things we do
you're not real but you're mine
my imagination
my pride 
my invisible friend

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PoetrySoup …

I Was Heartily Welcomed… As I Sat At Your Table
By:  Carol, Sara, Carolyn, Dane Anne,  Moses, and Abel
               Tim, Leon, John, Michael, Jim and Yoni
               Deborah, Krista, Adeleke and Charlie
   …  James, The (Two) Ruben(s) and (The Quik-Composer) Raul
   …  and Many, Many More, I Love to Hear At Dinner-Call !

                  The PoetrySoup …

… It Has Member – Mushrooms
Chew and Chat Lunchrooms
Delectable  Hors d'oeuvre
Every Ear-Full… Heard
Every Mouthful… Taste
Spoonful of Gourmet Grace
Voila’ Words, Don’t Waste
Simmer-Slow and Baste’

In Dug-up, Sweet Potatoes
  Ripe Food for Thought Tomatoes
And Onions, That Will Make You Cry
Artichokes and Lemons that Squeeze – ‘til You Die
Garlic and Oregano Are Just Some Suggestions
And Here’s Some Mint… for Your Digestion
Parsley to Parley and Jive-Chives, Just Keep Stirring
But There’s No Clam Chowder, Shrimp, or Herring

A Dash of This… A Dash of That Seasoning
A Pinch of That and Sprinkle This Reasoning…
On The Side with the Mustard and Relish, so Fresh
Are the Cucumber-Contest and Radish Requests
And I Can’t Forgo the Tongue-in-Cheek Puns…
Your Laughter is Passed Around, like Hot-Buttered Buns !

…  Poets … Are Proverbial Peas In The Pod
The Harvesters of Herbs-Heard, in The Garden of God
so... Salt and Pepper to Your Superb Style
Did You Say Cheese, Please ?... ( Full Mouth Smile !)
There’s Hot Chicken Broth, When You Are Cold
Everybody Knows… Its Good For The Soul
And All That’s On The Human Menu… It’s In There !
… Even A Mother’s … Tenderized Care
Like Campbell’s Brand… Its Umm… Umm… Good !
The Aspire – Asparagus, I Took… I Understood
So, PoetrySoup’s Cupboard is Never Bare
And There Ain’t No Bones, No Medium, Just Rare
And On The Star-Burner… Is The Savory Meat
So… Grab A Heartbeat-Bowl… and Bona Petit’…

Yes, Thank You, PoetrySoup
(You’re Up There with MoonBee’s FruitLoops !)

It Has Been A Pleasure Getting To Know You All 
Thru Your Beautiful Expressions, Coming Straight
From Your Warm and Welcoming Hearts

God Bless You......


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Do We Hold Each Other Back?

Should we end it now?
Has our chemistry faded?
What once was good for us,
seems to hold us back.

I've changed because of you,
I know you have too.
But, I think I am holding you back,
and you know this too.

I don't want to stifle your ways,
and don't want to be held back as well.
Maybe it's time we recognize
that this is the end of our spell.

I believe we always will be
a love that no one can replace.
No one could have guessed,
how we would have progressed.

Our differences made us grow.
Our lives let us believe 
and through the smiles and the tears,
this love made me perceive.

But could we truly grow old,
with out going bitter and cold?
Could we truly be true
when you're with me or I'm with you?

So I must believe
and not let me be deceived.
That our days are about to slow
from the world that we have known.

I will always love you
because you were my first love true.
You helped me see my beauty,
health, strengths, and weaknesses too.

Now I must let you know,
so that we may grow.
I think we are holding each other back
and may need to let each other go.

The thought of this does make me cry.
I've become addicted to you.
But with all these tears streaming down my face
it will also become my saving grace.

So, let us always be
true to each other to the end.
But our hearts must unmingle
and let our true selves become known.

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October 13th

Wake up a little earlier; another troubled night
But the remnants of pre-birthday make-up still do their job remarkably
Smile for the camera; these pictures are keepers, so realistically modelled for
Thank yous for unthoughtful offerings; why hurt feelings after all?
A dozen friends all come along; it's not their scene but they want to please me
Can't look over there, have to be the last to go through the door
They're trying so hard, all their love gathering on my windowsill
Some cards handmade with heartfelt affection, gifts so vague and cliched, more 
roses than I could care for
And your dusty eyes still staring through them all from behind the frame
Complete the scene as my headstone

Couldn't have slept at all
Excitedly imagining what you were planning
Warm in your jacket you gave me to sleep in
Wouldn't lift or lower my foolish head
Jitters looking forward to you
Flash could've gone off but we wouldn't notice
Shroud me with your words, promises you could not keep
All the guests combined; a less than you companion
I wonder why we couldn't make it through?
And I'd never had to say goodbye 'til the day that I met you
All that I'd got for we pushed them all out
And I didn't miss them.
Didn't miss them.

Why are you still asking after me?
How do you still reach into my eyes
Before I turn away?
What happened to let us get like this and tell me
When can it end?
How is it I want it to stay?
Though there's a soft spot for you in my heart and you're
Slowly seeping out

Frozen as this face remains
Breaking when I'm forced to recall
I'm 18 and you're not here
But she passed on your message for me
Happy Birthday.
And in those obligated words it all crashes back
I'll keep all our secrets and ignore all the rest
The world we made and left to decay
Keeps me smiling for every wasted day.

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One Day I Will Ask My Friend.

One day I will ask my friend
why He chose blue, for water
and sky, and why He chose green
for grass, brown for dirt and black 
for night, pink for the sunset, and
yellow for the moon, sun, and stars.

But one day I will ask Him why He
chose them al, for the Rainbow!

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That Girl I Love

Many people think that love is fake,
I'd beg to differ,
I know it is real,
When you finally find the right one,
You may always be in pain,
But look when you love someone you accept the pain,
That's what I've done for you Jennifer,
I've taken the pain,
And I've given it,
But the wait for you is worth it all,
Forever and ever more

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Don't Mess With My Friend Jack

Listen up, 
You tyros, 
Don't go messin'
With my buddy Jack
Yeah, Reed,
He's cool people, 
And I like him,
He writes well,
Yeah, this from Tom Bell,
You take him on,
You take on me,
Let me tell you,
Cut the crap and show
Some class,
Or you might get
A poetic broken a__

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Unexpected Angel

Many tears have been shed for what no longer is.
The heart that lost all hope was left for the scavengers…
Scavengers that would physically take advantage of him,
But with his verbal consent. 

His heart was dying… with nobody to heal it.
Many women had the chance to have him, 
But something would keep him away from the true threats.
Some may say fate, while others would say God… But I say thank you.

Thank you for saving me from countless destructive paths.
Thank you for keeping me slightly sane.
Thank you for giving me exactly what I needed.
Thank you for showing her to me.

Her name eluded me for a time period,
But now rings out like that of an angel’s.
She came and put her arm around me…
Wiped my face clean of tears.

She gives me love like no other,
Even though I don’t see why.
She makes me believe her heart is mine,
While in reality, my heart is hers.

She will never admit what she truly deserves,
Only desire the happiness for whom she loves.
Always ready to sacrifice her heart for his…
While all he wants is her heart.

The passage of time makes their future uncertain.
Will they be walking down an isle together
Or just in a park as friends?
Will they share a bed in love or in playful fun?

None of this is yet known…
Both have their desires, hopes and dreams
But with all of this, one thing is certain.
Teddie, I love you always and forever you will be with me.

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I wish I could see you again.
Hear your laugh,
See your smile.
Feel your arms around me,
Look at your face and feel you smiling at me.
See you smile at me,
Only me.
Hold your hand,
Even though I’m too shy. 
I’m laughing at myself now,
This wasn’t meant to sound so romantic.
It was meant to be simple,
But I started writing and the pen took over.
I hope telling you these things,
Doesn’t make you want to go away.
I like being around you,
I hope telling you all this doesn’t scare you off.
I wish I could tell you everything,
Let it all go and be myself.
Sometimes I want to,
More than anything.
But I don’t know if I can.
Seventeen years is a long time to hide,
A demon behind the innocent smile of an angel.
To just let go and open up.
Release the side of you,
Buried so deep.
I thought it was impossible,
Until I met you.
You brought out a side of me,
I thought died long ago.
Breathing life into the real me.
This demonic little girl,
Forced to hide behind an innocent smile.
A shadow,
Bent on self-destructing.
But with you,
It’s different.
I don’t know why or how,
But it is.
So I can’t wait to see you again,
To see what you think of me.
To see if you run, to see if you stay
When it’s all said and done.

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Heart Happy

You’re in my life
How long unknown
Energy all around
Heart jumping
Life begins
Wanted, needed
Lover, friend
Heart Happy

Smiling more
Laughing again
Faith renewed
Feelings shared
Love flows
Two become one
Souls connect
Heart Happy

Excited, alive
Time erased
Knowledge gained
Secrets revealed
Dreams unfold
Loves door opens
Destiny waits
Heart Happy

Questions pondered
Journey unknown
Loneliness ends
Feelings grow
Changes all around
Embracing life
Open arms
Heart Happy

Fear conquered
Purpose clear
Beauty surrounds
Love takes over
Future plans
Peace found
I’m Alive
Heart Happy

Copyright © 2002   Shari E Davis

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Who is she.

She is generous , witty, intelligent too.
With the eyes of an angel,
I'm telling you.
She can walk into a room,
and the people will stare,
yes she has a charming air.
The aroma of her perfume,
that smells so sweet,
I adore this girl,
from her head to her feet.
Who is she, I will let you decide,
may be she, is all in my mind.

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Her Long Lost Name

Her tears dropped purple,
She was different from others.
She knew it.
Her swirling orbs changed color,
As did her tears.
She had wings bursting out of her back,
Pure white, as snow.
Her hair was a soft blue, just like the sky.
She was an outcast from the others,
Because of her “defects”.
She had gotten used to being called “freak” and “loser”,
She has forgotten her name.
The poor girl tries to remember it,
Ponders so hard she gets a migraine.
One day, a boy about her age came about,
And he tried to be her friend.
But she was used to pushing people away,
That’s just what she did.
This boy was strange,
And no matter what, he came back the next day or night,
To sit and talk with this “beautiful sight”.
He flattered her,
She didn’t understand these feeling she was having and thought they were bad.
She pushed herself overboard,
Ran all about,
Anywhere to get away from that boy.
It didn’t stop him.
He went after her.
One word he said caused her to realize who she was,
“Maybullene!” He cried, chasing after her wings.
“My name…” Maybullene whispered. They flew back to her now.
Her memories, her name, everything about her.
She wasn’t a freak.
She was a goddess.
Worshipped by others just like her,
And she found all this out by that boy,
Who knew her long lost name.

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I have a friend who is, to the best of my knowledge, a magpie.
All shiny, all sparkles of metal and glass are placed in my palm as a little gift, a bit of treasure.
So maybe then, she's a pirate. One Long John Silver with a golden tooth and a keen eyed parrot. And she pillages and purges to bring me little metal castles, radio faces, moonstones and roses and bright button badges.
Just like a Brownie. On a long brown sash wrapped around my chest. She brings me glittering adornments that glow with my achievements.
One day, I'll give her treasure for her nest.

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A Smile

A smile can broadcast your feelings, letting everyone know you're feeling fine. 
Some people mistake tears as a sign of weakness, 
But I think tears are a sign of strength. 
A strength I do not possess. 
Letting people know how I truly feel? 
Something I can not do. 
The fear of judgement and ridicule hold me back from letting everyone know the 
real me. 
People only see a part of me. They only see the part I let them come close to. 
They don't see the hurt, and the pain, and all the tears that I deal with behind 
closed doors. 
They don't hear all the screaming, and the crying that I hear. 
They don't feel the hate, the hurt, and the back stabbing that feel. 
All they see is a smile. 
All they hear is a laugh. 
All they know is what I let be known. 
Just because I smile doesn't mean I don't feel pain.

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Hold Me Tight

Hold me tight don't let
Me go

Over the hills and water

I'd swim the deepest ocean
For you

Hold me tight don't let
Me go

For our love is so very rare

That is why I'd walk hills
And mountains high

For you to hold me tight and
Don't let go

As we dance amidst the stars
In limbo we stay

So hold me tight don't let me

For our love will be as a gem
Beautiful and rare
Amidst the planets of stars  

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The Arizona Heat ---Tagged!!!

The heat of summer makes her brain gelatin
The Arizona sun turns her into a skeleton
Time and space she does not put to waste
Really, this poet lady is one of great taste

Iced tea and lemonade in the Arizona sunlight
Create an atmosphere for her that’s just right
Ink just drying on her newly crafted poem
Always ready to rate on the pole of totem

Tall she stands with stature in poet's land
Only doing right waving her magic wand
Leading other poets to higher heights
Lovely readings are on her poetic site

Everyone should look in her poetic bag
What? Jill Martin, you are now tagged!

Comments:  Okay Jill, I was tagged by Tamiviolet Manchas.  As a result, I have to 
pass the tag along.   Your name is on the top of the list.  Your poetry is just 
wonderful!  Now, you must find a poet whose poetry you enjoy reading, and tag 
that poet with a poem.  Man, this is so much fun!  Chau!

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Barbara Jean

If only I knew the concept : LOVE
Could I express such Love to YOU?
In words That last FOREVER
Eternity ; ALWAYS
A Love that WHISPERS
Heavenly BLISS
 Y O U

             Dedicated To Barbara Jean Gorelick

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I like you but I know we are impossible
The thoughts of you are unreasonable
You'd never look at me that way
No matter what I think or say
You are what I call rare
Is it because you show that you care?
Is it cuz you show good friend qualities
Now let me think of the possibilities
Me and you might never be
Because a friend is all you see
Wishing that things werre different
If only you knew what I meant

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Her         Thoughts   Declared    In        Beautiful   Rhyme
Love       Dreams     Feelings     Time     Forever    Time 
For          Life              In         Poets     Reading    Poetry
Poetry     Is             Poetry      Will        Poetry      Shine
Subdues  The          Penned     Write      Poetry      Shrine
The         Answer      With        Love       Living       Sign 
Mind       Eternal      Love        Poems   "Psalms"     Poetry          


   Author's note  I call this Dedication My Rhyming Double Free
   VERSE  READ it left to right or top to bottom left to right

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Behind The Anger

I’m angry
at God, my friends, but mostly
Each day, I wake up
wondering what my purpose is
and why I belong
with you, with him, with them
Or just why I belong…
I walk further…
Further away from reality,
from happiness,
from truth
Just to get a moment of silence
from the noise of obligation,
responsibility and commitment…
and all the things I need,
but can’t handle.
I walk towards darkness,
where no one can see the tears,
where I can fade away 
and be forgotten.
I live a life in which
I am loved so dearly
beyond my knowledge…
Loved so much that now,
they’ll start to hate me.
Because everyday
that I make it easier on myself,
I make it harder on them.
And without a word, 
I know…
that they’re hurting inside
and when I catch them looking
I don’t wanna smile
I don’t wanna give them false hope
that I’d finally be the person
they want me to be.
And in my anger, I hope to hide
that deep down, I’m hurting too.
Because it’ll only hurt them more.
I only hurt the ones who love me most
So when my eyes meet theirs,
I beg for them to hate me
Because then, maybe…
They can let me go

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Why did we do it?
Why did we go?
Should we have come back.
Cause now i fell alone.
Missing you every day.
Wishing everything would change 
but knowing nothing is ever going to be the same.
I should be sorry for what I did but I'm happy I did it.
You are the only one I would've done it with.
Cause you are the best friend I've ever had.
What we did was a test of our friendship
and now that it's over and done with we can start over with 
an even better friendship.

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anonymous hopes and promises

I won't use your name,
because people like us,
like to sometimes,
remain anonymous.
I hope you make it till Friday,
I hope you find a place,
theres so much I could say,
how about just a couple promises,
from junkie to junkie.
I promise after Thursday ends,
Friday will begin.
I promise that you are,
definitely worth it.

I hope you make it till Friday,
I hope you find a place.
But what I hope for most for you,
I hope, for hope, for you.

I hope you do.
I really hope you do.

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Come Back Robin : Poetry Soup needs YOU

She took the Hearts ;We handed  Her, as Family all together
Filled with Blessings for YOU Robin, in YOUR dire Family need
We Waited, without watching, only Thinking : only Praying
For YOU Robin L Gass , for  YOUR  Smile, For YOUR Art” True POETRY “
Your hints of return : “My PS Friends”  Soup Mail  being read over and over
Our Hearts, ask for more than  Happy , Glorious , “ Growing Goodness “
For YOU YOUR “ Fellow” POETS : Mentors, Proteges, and Artist s
Pray for resolutions to YOUR dilemma Pray for YOUR return to us
 Just a note saying hello : which WE YOUR POETIC Family : Embrace 
Poetry Soup a Jigsaw Puzzle with one important piece Missing : ROBIN

                        Dedicated To POETESS Robin L. Gass

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after you died

The tear of my eye
Won’t come down anymore

After you died
I forgot faithfulness, love and destiny
Friendship among my life

I stayed in my room
So lonely I sat
My injured heart bleeds blood from inside

After you died
The sun won’t come up
The moon wont rise

After you died
The spot of light inside me was gone

After you died
There’s no one to talk to
No other side

The earth would cry 
Waiting for you ….
My broken soul
Would prefer to die ……

After you died 
The friend that was so faithful 
Won’t come back to life

After you died
Misery, desperate, and anger
Were placed in I 

After you died
There was no one to hold to 
No one to help you fly 

After you died
No one gave me a hand 
No one showed me the path 
That I had lost 
From you 
From you 
No one told me that this would happen 
No other plan 

Where did you go 
I’m lost without you 
My feelings had left me 
I had no other chance 

Tell me 
Where did u go? 
After you died?

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Explaining Everything

I need counseling and you are a therapist.
I need support and you hold me up.
I need acceptance and you are non-judgmental.
I need love and you give more than I ask for.
I need to talk and you are a good listener.
I need to listen and you always know what to say.
I need to be quiet and you hold my hand.
I need you and you are there for me.

This is what I mean by everything.

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Always in Black

Always in black
From the summer
To the spring,
Year after year
I am in mourning,
For the love
For the pain,
The one who got away
The one who stole
My heart,
The only one I had,
And even though 
I know where to find her,
I prefer to sleep
I prefer to suffer,
The agony of her distance
The cold memories
Frozen photos
Now diluted of color,
I resolve to wake
For the lies of my hopes,
That one day
I'll see her again
Again hear her laughter,
But those dreams now stay
Like splinters
In the hole in my chest,
How sweet would death be
After the torture of my days,
Always cloudy
Because of the sun that left me
For another rainbow...

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I Pray for You

I pray for you,
but not like I used to.
I realized that you'll never believe,
and your goals are to deceive,
to acheive a darkness that a world will believe.
I pray that your lies drop to the ground,
and your words are never found.
I know you desire a new domination,
to start a new following that will listen to your lips.
I pray that the people who know you find the truth,
and they will deny what you do.
I pray for the legion that swarms around your soul,
that they battle with themselves,
making you lose control.
I pray that your charm is wilted quickly,
so your words don't attract a crowd.
I prayed so long for your soul,
and unfortunately I know
you will never give up control.
So with that knowledge I must pray,
that you and your ways won't lead others astray.

Just a note on why this came about... 
My ex boyfriend was an "interesting" man. He is a satanic priest and has made a 
claim to hoping to create a new more pagan coven within the satanic movement 
and to write another satanic bible. He is not the most fine looking man, but he is 
very charming and has the intelligence to groom a following of people. There are 
times when as much as you pray for someone to find light, you also must pray 
that their ways become weakend to save so many others. I loved him, still care 
about him, but must acknowledge what could come.

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You're It

I have recently come to know
A special lady who reminds me of myself.

For sixty plus years ago in school
It seems I did not fit in 
There was the I'm better than you group  
And then there was me.
It was there and then I decided
I'd not worry about the crowd
I was going to what I thought best 
And chose to be myself.

If they wanted to act superior
I'd not stand in their way
If pleasing boys was their goal
I'd not their babies raise.
I'd do my thing and be satisfied
That I did it the best I could
And if they didn't like it
More power to me I said.

In l956 and 7 I took a teaching job
And one little girl so shy and timid
Stood out from the rest.
I tried to instill in them self worth
As well as books of knowledge
For you see I hoped one day
They would go off to college

Forty-eight years later the year 2005
I managed to contact her
So glad she was alive.
When she my letter did reply
I got quite a shock
These are the lines she did write
Mrs. Beer do you remember 
How shy and timid I was
Well, when you left school that year
I never was shy again

This concerned me for I wondered
Was it good or bad
Then a friend told me
Of the wonderful life she had
So maybe I did do al right
And when we chanced to meet
She was a sweet self confident lady
So unlike that little girl I knew

Why did I write this down
The reason you see
Michaela, I have tagged you
You remind me of me.
                         Cile Beer

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You and I

You walk all over her like shes your mat
You tell her you want her and then change your mind
You have her hurt feelings countless times before

I am this girls number one best friend
I am the one she came to after you left
I am the one you should fear right now
I am the one who is going to break your face

You are the bastard
I am the justice
You are the one who deserves the pain and hurt
I am the one who's gonna give it to you

You are the one who gained nothing but lost everything
I am the one who became a shoulder to cry on
You are an idiot
And I have had enough of you

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in time, we will go our seperate ways..i dont ever ever ever ever ever ever ever 
ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever want that come, 
because our friendship might be done...after that, i sat, in a corner, and i 
mourned her.

some day, when we're  older, time will go by much much slower. but when i see 
that ur still there, i say with all my heart how much i care. When the time comes 
for me to go, i want you to know, that  you'll never be alone. I'll always be with you 
no matter where you go, no matter who you are with, i will be with you and stay 
with you ..and give you all my bliss.

Its times like these, when i see, what you truly mean to me. Why your there, why 
you care. It's because of when i need you, you were there, and you were true. You 
were the best friend i could find, If I lost you, i would die, but since you're here, let 
me be clear, dont you ever, ever leave me, i wont see, i wont be alive, i will die.

Even though you make me mad, i am ever so glad to be your friend. Even when 
the times are rough, and all you need is a little love. Well you came to the right 
one, because i am a lot of fun. When you need me, in good times and bad, dont 
worry, dont be sad, because I am done.

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One Breath

Each time we kiss I get this feeling I've never felt before
I breathe into you and you breathe into me as we share a summer's gaze
The light shines again and you're standing there
I look at you as I've never seen you before
I fall deep into your eyes with every look
With every touch I feel an angel's wing across my skin
The days are warmer, the rain is softer
As we hold tight to one another
I never want to let you go
One tear falls and you're there to wipe it clean
Your warm skin against mine is all I feel
When we breathe as one we're oblivious to the world
We have our own little place that's ours alone
You can hear the waterfall in the distance
Water trickles down the stream of love
And yet this whole place is our secret
If only one breath I had to take to keep our love so safe
I'd breathe one last time to see your face
and feel your skin in mine
Softer than a midnight's dream
Into the day we go astray
To be in our place is the very best way
To wash the world's pain away
When I'm with you I feel no worries
No stress is there to hold me down
If only we breathe as one...

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Special Moments Come Again

Moments come and go,
But special moments come again,
When the thoughts of you with me
Seem they never have an end;
As a touch brings back sensation
And a song triggers emotion,
A smell brings back the memories
As a taste triggers the notion
That we'll always be together;
What we shared will never end,
And I know that you're right there
When special moments come again.

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You Showed Me the Way(Evan)

Love, you go through life thinking you understand it, thinking you know what it is.
Then love, the real thing, hits you, and it's greater than anything ever felt before.
You look at him and you're taken over mind, body, and soul.
All those old cliches you think are so stupid, happen to you.
When he kisses you or merely looks at you, flashing that little grin on his face, 
your knees go weak.
His touch,even the slightest brush of his fingertips, makes your skin tingle.
He becomes your best friend and you know you can't live without him.
You never stop thinking of him no matter where you are or what you're doing.
You think you know what love is but you don't.
Not until you find him.

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Today I say I'm sorry,
sorry, if for one minute,
you doubted our friendship,
sorry, if one tear fell,
sorry, if one word hurt you,
sorry, if I was not there for you,
sorry, if I failed to hear,
sorry, if my words did not comfort,
yes today, I say I am sorry,
for tomorrow may be too late.

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A True Friend

one that doesn't
spread rumors
unorthadox comments
a person that enjoys
respects the company
of a true companion
love can partake a soul
to change
the completion of a friend
that is true is God
another time of thoughts
a complex emotion
in deed one true friend
is difficult to find

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Forever Young

I see that we still have some youth in our spunk.
We still love to play games and run like a skunk.
Just been hit with a tag for Katherine Stella.
And I've learned spencej is a popular fellow.
So Mili Sehgal please join in a poem
Tag you are it-So take off and run.....

instructions: write a tag poem that I tagged you and then go tag another poet 
don't tag joe spence hes been tagged liked 6 times already lol 

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Tick Tocking

She closed  the door behind her with tears locking 
millions of cogs , snapped shut
Clock stopped ticking, tocking 
For a moment
I stare, already knowing
The cause of these emotions 
She plopped down like a baby born dead
Deceased of vitality
She started healing as soon as i lifted my eyes and smiled
Worried, but calm
Stormy Seas rolled over themselves into an oblivion 
Pain written all over 
In the lines, between them, in  margins 
I could put down this piece of paper and pen
Open my mind and let her in
I feel her story without her speaking
I could run my fingers through each page
Slowly easing the binding’s tense lack of elasticity 
Closing wounds that have opened again 
Your heart will always be safe here
						My friend

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hand in hand

hold my hand
please grasp my hand 
tightly in yours
we can walk hand and hand
in this world 
of uncertainty and misfortune
on this land
of unstability and torture
learning lessons
of love and life
loss and pain
we can walk
hand in hand
side by side
we will conqour this world
we will conqour together
we will face our fears
leaning on eachother
while also standing strong
things happen
people change
and drift apart
but hold my hand
and we will get through this all
and arrive on the other side
still hand in hand
 you'll have mine to hold

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Desert Dreams And A Songbird

Melodies traversing upon 
     Winds of the desert painting
Misplaced beauty of Saguaro’s 
     Dancing with dust devil’s
Sagebrush songs echoing off
    Mountainous mirage of valley
Floors endlessly stretching past
     Horizon bleeding red clay
Strewing the endless highway
    Going nowhere coming back
Against the curtain of heat
    Cooling with the light touch 
Of rain disappearing in the sands
      Ever moving never changing
Clouding storms covering tracks
      I followed to find your voice
Hidden in the desolate gardens
      Saturated with fervent life 
Unseen flitting about my eyes
     Singing in cactus blooms 
Flowering for the moment
     Passing with a breath
Expelling a hundred degree
     Harmony from the hidden
Little desert songbird calling
     Past the boundaries set
Bringing me back to where
     I have always been 

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Mr. Tom

I can't tell you just in my words,
how much you mean to me,
so know without hesitation,
in my heart, you will always be.
Not many people tell you they care,
to busy with their life,
but when I met you,
I knew I had a friend for life.
Although you have problems,
some I may never know,
you always have time,
to make our friendship grow..
 Mr. Tom, you are a friend,
one I cherish so,
may God hold, and protect you,
for we still have miles to go.

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Don’t you dare
   leaving me with
the mess of you
unknow the heart of
unlearn the soul of
untie the strings of
attempt to defy
the laws of

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A stalking moon comes
on mount of silver
shadows colliding
      imagined imaginings
      impassioned words
spoken to
          like you
the glow of
     lightening dark
shivering in
twilight unmasked
bounces from
     here to there
         how the connection
grew so
      plastic care
      so unassuring
     deaf and dumb
      enough became
           too much
to hear
flat tone
       came alive
       animate my screen
in hurried
      evenly spaced to
               time better spent

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Sharing shows the true way of friendship that comes

from the heart for it shall not pull us apart,

Sharing is a way of showing your love with somebody's


Share what you have to offer in life an go a long ways toward

the precouse way toward Heaven where the Angel's shall go forward

with love.

Share the the touch of what is in store for you in the beginning of

life among the christian's from above.


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poem pending

Roses are 
Violets are
Nothing fulfilling,
quite like,

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poem pending

Roses are 
Violets are
Nothing fulfills,
quite like

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we cant be friends

its hard for me to be your friend
 when you hang out with 
people who dont like me
its like a diss striaght to my face
saying you could care less
cause I know they talk about me
right in your face asking you why
you hang around me
the fact that you tolerate this
makes me want to dismiss you 
forever from my exsistance
but we have been friends for 
a really long time so its hard 
it just nags at me  that you dont 
realize how much you hanging 
out with them hurts my feelings     
I dont know what I want to do
I just know that if you were 
a true friend you wouldnt allow this to happen
so now do I distance myself from you
thats the true question     

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If Ever You Need Me

If ever you need me 
I'll be right here
To chase away the sadness
and wipe away a tear.
If ever you need me
I'll be two steps behind 
To follow in your footsteps 
and hear what's on your mind
If ever you need me
You'll never have to fear
That your presence isn't important,
and your love isn't dear.
If ever you need me
I'll always be around
To bring back the laughter
Where deep in your mind it's found.
You'll never have to worry.
For I'll always be here 
To chase away the sadness
and wipe away a tear!

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Someone To Love...

In the early morning hours, he puts on shoes, socks, jeans, shirt and hat. 
Shaves after reading morning paper, puts out old, mean, grumpy, fat cat.
Read  his bible, finishes his eggs, drinks his orange juice, and stretches legs.
Drops to his knees, prays Oh God, Please send me someone to love today...
Gets into his old Ford pick-up truck, and is on his way...
to work a job he hates all day long, but keeps remembering a simple little song,
that ushers him into the presence of a he breathes more deeply,
more serene... more peaceful as the day drifts by..a few memories pass by...
When to his amazement, an elegant lady of about fifty something, comes inside, 
and smiles at him, and he is so suprised that he gives no reply...
And she won't quit staring at him...she powders her nose, smiles, winks,
and pretends to drop her purse, and looks at him as if knowing what he thinks...
He picks up her purse, gently puts it in her hands, and then realized that
he was still a man...and asks her out for dinner...tonight.
She replys, "That would be wonderful, come by my place at nine.
Here is my address." and we know that time tells the rest...
For now in the early mornings when he puts on shoes, socks, jeans, shirt
and hat, and shaves after reading morning paper, and tries to put out the cat...
The elegant lady of about fifty-something,  refuses the cat to be thrown outside...
prefers the cats company, likes him to be by her side.
And the two of them shared their life together, simple pleasures have become
a treasure...
For his whole life changed the day that she walked in...
He is now a happy man, contented within...because now he has found
someone to love...

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My Friend

Deep, thoughtful, and true
My friend
One who judges not
In every way my enemy
In every way my friend
A small light in a dark room
My friend
Bold streaks on white paper
A cry of joy in a tangled world
Unexpected smile on faces of frowns
My friend
A creator, a destroyer, a rebuilder
A seed, a dead flower, a bud
Spring, Fall, Summer
Earth, Fire, Water
My friend
It could be anyone
Someone who is
Deep, thoughtful, and true
Someone who is 
My friend

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If One Day

If one Day you feel like crying... Call me
I don't promise that I will make you laugh,
But I can cry with you.
If one day you want to run away... 
Don't be afraid to call me.
I don't promise to ask you to stop... 
But I can run with you.
If one day you don't want to listen to anyone, call me...
I promise to be there for you, 
and I promise to be very quiet.
But if one day you call... 
and there is no answer... 
Come fast to see me!
Perhaps I need you!

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Finally here, 
speak to me.
I want to feel you, 
I need to hear you.
You are the light, 
That's leading me,
To the place where I find peace again.
You are the strength that keeps me walking.
The very hope that keeps me trusting.
The light in my soul.
You are my only purpose.
You're everything.
And yet... 
How can i stand here with you, 
And not be with you.
You calm the storms.
And you give me rest. 
You hold me in your hands, 
So I know you won't let me fall.
When you take my breath away,
You take my heart too.
Take me in now
Take me deeper in our love.
You're all i want. 
You're all i need. 
You're everything 
Everything I love.
Everything that keeps me standing.
You are my strenght,
Yet I am your weakness.
You're everything I want to need and love.

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All is not fair in love and war

People say that love never fails,
That all is fair in love and war,
But really, how do you know,
What love can or can not do?
And if all is fair in love and war, then
Why does someone always end up getting hurt?
I know my love will never fail,
Because I love you with all my heart and soul,
Because I would give my life for you,
And everything I am or have just to be with you.
However, I can not be fair to all
Because all is not fair in love and war.
I wish to hurt no one, so I don't,
But by doing so, I hurt myself.
My heart wants to be with you so much
And yet I wish to hurt no one.
So I don't, I don't confess my love for you,
I keep it locked inside,
And as a friend I stay by your side.
My love for you remains forever pure and unchanged.
I love you, Yes, I do, with all my heart and soul,
With all that I am and hope to be just for you.
My heart untamed and wild, dreaming of what if,
But it's cut in half by the love I feel for both.
My heart belongs to you but only half,
Because I gave the other half away to him.
Now I suffer for my love, for both are great,
But only one, I wish I could be with forever.
All is not fair in love and war,
So I love you both and suffer much,
Because my heart is wounded, torn in half.
I can not speak of my deep love for you,
I can not confess my feelings to you.
So I go on with my life pretending nothing's wrong.
Why must I go on without your love?
It's faith, I guess, that I suffer so.
It's destiny to love you so.

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Her True Love (Palindrome)

so true
it brings a smile
makes the heart sings
her charming
makes the heart sings
it brings a smile
so true


Author's Comment: Palindrome, also known as the Mirrored Poem, reads forwards and 
backwards.   It stems from the Greek word palindromos: palin, meaning again, and dromos, 
meaning a running. Combining the two together, the Greek meaning gives us, running back 
again. The concept of the “mirrored images” reflects an “image mirrored,” which includes a 
word in the center of the poem as a reversal point for the sentence or even the poem.  
There is no set number of stanzas or any rules for construction.


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A Hug's Breath

Silent tears as friends hug restricted bodies,
Lingering awkward silences for moments long gone.
A hugs breath on his cheek as friends leave him alone,
Lingering smoke and whiskey shades tints the mind.
A parting quip and a crystal tear shivers in the air,
The gesture wave of failing friendship walks unsteady.
A lonely discomfort nips the soul, a hugs breath,
Clutching a card stained with friends pain,
He leaves for home and retirements reign.

2008 © B.

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With Them Again

“ With Them Again”

Sometimes in life;
	we realize we are lucky,
		as another life enters into our own. 
Because we know…
	what it means to have a true friend,
		a friend who will bless our lives.
A friend who will earn our love and respect,
	accept us for who we are,
		help us become a better person
			simply by following their example.
When the time comes
	to let them go,
		our hearts feel so heavy
			because we realize
 they can never be replaced!
It is at these times,
	we should not despair,
		we need to allow
			our faith to bring us comfort.
		Because we know, they are in a better place.
We also know that one-day…
	when it is our turn 
               and the Lord calls us home
			we will be with them again!
Written along with the eulogy, 
and other poems for Mildred 
Noland's funeral. She was an
angel in my life and I loved 
her, mj

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If I Had The Guts

I know i have kept a lot from you.
I know its not fair. 
I know i should tell you.
I know i have to tell you.

Maybe i can tell you some, but not all.
Maybe i can keep it secret just a little longer.
Maybe i can hide it from you more.
Maybe i can get the guts to tell you everything.

Everyday, i wanna tell you.
Everyday, i hope i get the guts to tell you.
Everyday, i feel bad for not telling you.
Everyday i think about you.

Sometimes, i dont want to tell you.
Sometimes, i just want you to know it all.
Sometimes, i wish i never knew you.
Sometimes, i wish you were all mine.

If i had the guts, i would tell you everything.
If i had the guts, i would tell you how much you mean to me.
If i had the guts, i would tell you your the only reason im alive.
If i had the guts, i would tell you my biggest secret.

Just knowing that i love you.
Just knowing that you may or may not love me back.
Just knowing that i care.
Just knowing that you probably dont.

Breaks my heart.
Breaks my soul.
Breaks my dreams.
Breaks my life.

If i had you, my life would be complete.
If i had you, my life would be perfect.
If i had you, i would be happy.
If i had you, i wouldnt have to search anymore.

I know i should tell you.
I know its not fair.
I know i have kept a lot from you.
I know i should tell you.

But, i dont have the guts, 
The guts to tell you i love you,
The guts to tell you your the reason im alive,
The guts to tell you,
I need you in my life.

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One self

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Birds of a Feather

It's human nature to emulate surroundings
 And it's hard to separate yourself
From those around you
 Emotions are contagious
And like minds act alike
Stand in a group of happy people, 
 And you'll find yourself smiling.
Stand in a group of excited people, 
 And find yourself inspired.
Stand in a group of kind people, 
 And you'll become more empathetic.
Stand in a group of hungry people, 
 And you'll find something to eat.
Stand in a group of depressed people, 
 And find yourself in sorrow.
Stand in a group of angry people, 
 And feel your adrenaline rise.
Most likely you'll remain in the group
 That reflects you the most
So regardless of what you think
 If others act in one particular way
Then guess what, you have become 'them'
So if you attract manipulators, 
 Maybe it’s because you lie a lot.
So if you attract unfaithful people, 
 Maybe it’s because you're a quitter.
So if you attract abusers, 
 Maybe it’s because you enjoy pain.
So if you attract indecisive people, 
 Maybe it’s because you're a follower.
So if you attract those that steal, 
 Maybe it’s because you turn the other way.
So if you attract those of low standards, 
 Maybe it’s because you act out of desperation.
Most likely you'll remain in the group
That reflects you the most
 So regardless of what you think
If others act in one particular way
 Then guess what, you have become 'them'

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Blue bird

Blue bird, blue bird
Come sing with me
Silence is killing me inside
I feel so lonely

Blue bird, blue bird
Be my friend
I'm all alone in this room
Nothing around me but an empty bed

Blue bird, blue bird
Can you feel my pain?
I can see it, there in your eyes
A little drop of rain

Blue bird, blue bird 
I know you are sad inside
The moment you saw my tears
You gently bit my hand

Blue bird, blue bird
When you sang with me
You made me releif my pain
My thanks to you is to set you free

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Love is like a comfortable pair of slippers

True Love is like a pair of comfortable slippers
that go together, but don't quite fit
but have room to grow and give
when their lived in.

They get worn and a bit dog eared over time
but, become so hard to throw away
because they are comfortable and familiar
They are betterl as a pair
than in their own 

.peter Dome. copyright 2012.

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A Cake For All My Friends - For Ever And Ever

                         I want to bake a cake for all my friends
                            A cake that will tell you what I feel
           The first to be mixed in is understanding and compassion
                         Afterwards, a tablespoon of faithfulness
                                      A pound of sorrow
                           One kilogram of sweet delights
                                        A little laughter
                                        Just a few tears
                           A cup of patience and a lot of smiles
                               Then I put up a good thought
                                and some words of comfort
                           Eight to ten warm hugs and a kiss
                                        Share a secret
                 Mix everything together and make a friendships cake
             Bake at 25 degrees in sunshine for ever and ever with love
                  Finally, I rub a lot of sun cream with UV - filter on

A-L Andresen

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Esther and PD
Sitting on a tree.
Esther touched PD, repeatedly 
A poetry soup violator was she.

Then came PD, and smacked her around
Showed her what true women are all about

Esther the Greedy..........


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Love Never Fades

There's a little history to this particular poem. I know I wrote it when I was 11 or 12 years old. I wrote it for my Grandma Dorabel, who is today 90 years old. I also wrote it for my uncle John who had been taking care of her at the time; I didn't want to leave him out so I put on the letter: For Grandma Dee and Uncle John! I wrote this short little poem along with a drawing of a cat and some flowers. However, I actually never sent the picture to her! My parents and I must have forgotten to send! To me that was unacceptable! I thought to myself today when I found the picture, I must send it now! The picture is now on its way to her, so I am happy she will at last receive it. 

---------------------------- You can send me a bouquet of flowers, You can order me a box of chocolates, You can buy me a fancy outfit, But flowers don't last, Chocolates eventually disappear, Outfits get out of style, Yet Love never fades, And it's the most precious gift of all

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A Jealous Heart

you figured me out.

My smile has become crooked,
hammered down upon guillotine pedestal.

Her strands of tormented wishes,
now caressed by singer’s ebb & flow.

Baritone lyrics glide out in wanton scope.

no longer choked by charred rope,
double-knotted sadness.

Mercury skies rain down.
White satin mystery, solved.

Or so it’s proclaimed…

Joy’s declaration made upon Paper-Mache falsities,
placing reservations on matters of the heart.

True happiness thrives on sunrise currency,
not clouded futures.


Yeah, you figured me out. 

This smile has become crooked.
No toothpick can hold this up high.

I guess this tear knew all along.

But, I walk on.

As I continue to pay my price,
writing out reality checks.

I know I’ll always be your friend.

not today.

© Drake J. Eszes

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Bite Me

Honey you done used me up
Chewed me up
And carelessly spit me out

Now several years passed
And I see you again
You all smiles
You offer me the chance
To help you out
“Come on
Don’t you wanna be my friend?”

I say,

Honey you done used me up
Chewed me up
And carelessly spit me out

I say,
“Thanks for the lesson
I now pay attention
And no longer work for momentary smiles
And long-lasting sneers

Honey you done used me up
Chewed me up
And carelessly spit me out
So I say, Nope
I don’t care what you want”
And I smile back

But you’re not upset
(At least you don’t show it)
Your eyes glaze over a second
And you’re instantly off
Looking for another ‘friend to help you out’

And I wonder
Do you ever get the chance
To brush your teeth
Between victims?

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- How I See You Dan -

Once upon a time ....
A little boy was born
He cried when he was born
as most babies do
It was a nice little boy
named Dan

He was born into an ordinary family
Mother, father, siblings, grandma and grandpa
Soft blankets and a crib to sleep in
Unfortunately, not always real life as an adventure
Family life was not a bed of roses

The boy Dan got a new mother and father
A hard time for a young boy
Feelings of betrayal and loneliness
But he got much love of his new family
As the years went by he accepted his life

His teenage years, I will not say much about
Dan was like most young people
Most often kind and helpful
but also a little naughty as boys are
Looked after the girls and went happily to a party

At the end of his life as a teenage he had a special
eye for a pretty girl, who later became his faithful wife.
They were so young both of them, but their hearts had decided.
One day they gave each other: "YES, I WILL"

November 2011 I met Dan
Yes, I met him here in P-Soup
He was one of my first friends here
Always a smile, nice and caring
I was looking forward to his word

We have become "f.e.f." - Forever friends!
Dan is a man who allows himself to be sensitive
Yes, he can even cry
Thoughtful, afraid of hurting others' feelings
He likes a little flirt .... but loves his wife

Dan and I traveled together to the "Land of Happiness"
in the words of the poem, rhyme of course
Dan is the expert on the rhyming (I'm hopeless)
A poem from Dan to me, hanging on my wall with ribbon on

If I mention the word: Pizza .... I think it is more
than me who knows it, he LOVES pizza!!
However, he HATES to shovel snow
Dogs are man's best friend, just ask Dan
Have a beer and a weekend trip with the guys
  is also something he appreciated

Dan you are good as gold and it is not bull****
I love you as my dear friend
Wishing you all the best
A big hug from me to you: "f.e.f." !!

A-L  Andresen :)

                                                       Sponsor	Dan Kearley
                                                  Contest Name	Who Am I?
                                                Deadline	10/31/2013 12:00:00 AM

(1st place in the contest)

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Who Am I

A new photograph floats to the surface
Playfully dressing up as the world around me
Hat, striped socks and all
Tiptoeing at the top for one last sweet moment 
Before sinking back into my ocean mind.

One after another they arrive
Single file,
Steeping my eyes in the world 
As the minds shutter, ever fluttering 
Strings together this conscious stream I play in.

My photographs fade in time’s wrinkled arms.
Joining their brothers and sisters at the ocean floor,
They hold hands and try to answer the question that is always asking itself:
Who am I?

Jacob Reinhardt

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Farewell For Now Soupers

Farewell my friends, will be leaving you shortly,

it's been a joy reading your very beautiful poetry,

that many times has brought a warm and gentle

feeling to my soul.  The encouragement and the

support you have given me has been overwhelming.

Many times I have felt like giving up, but the comments

and other words you have written have made me want

to go on and keep writing.  I want everyone who has

just read my poetry or commented to know

how much it has met to me.  I will be leaving but

hoping that it is not very long.  Know this we

all need each other, so that it will enable us to

keep writing.

We all have to write every day to keep our minds fresh.

Written 8-17-11

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Maybe, I love you

Soul’s window

Liquid satin
Blanketing sin

Unintentional embrace
Spoken word
Spoken soft




Hold me

Hold me
As if God
Condemned our tomorrows

Ventricle screams
Smile rediscovered
Eyes unwrapped

Even after all these years


Song of infant
Church Bells


This belief
That maybe

Just maybe…

© Drake J. Eszes

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An Ode To A Friend

We met in 8th grade...We became great friends and
Years later,

She Dared Me To Write my First Poem January 21, 1948...we were both 16...I on January 9th and she on January 20th same year.

"I bet you can't write the second verse to this poem!" she said to me in sassy manner...

She shoves a note book page to me with a scribble in her handwriting.

The title was "I Love To Dance!"

How absurd I thought, after all, I was a "singer!"

Without hesitation I took the paper and began to write..."I'd love to be held close in your arms where only I could share all your charms..." 

I followed with a few more line of "poetic bliss", to my thinking, and her respone was..."How did you do that?"

I replied, hands on hips, "Well you wrote the first so I wrote the second!"

Eloise replied in evident astonishment, "Girl, mine was from a song sheet!"
We fell out laughing as any 16 year olds would do.

Of course, I've written thousands of poems since then and I often say, "It's like breathing to me!".

My friend Eloise will be laid to rest tomorrow, March 16, 2013...Such a sad song for me. We stayed in touch over the years and often still laughed about that dare for me to write a second verse...Who knew?!

My heart is filled with the sorrow of Eloise's demise
Yet I sing still

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My bestfriend

She is all I have ever asked, a bestfriend.
Her eyes look straight through my heart, 
with just a look at me she understands what I'm thinking of.
She is like the wind that pulls me foward.
She can make me laugh even in the darkest of all days.
She is all I have ever asked, a bestfriend, and she finally came to me, 
an angel in the fog.

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The 2011 Grin

Grinning facetiously, frozen in 
The moment, zealously enjoying frivolity,
With smile, ovaled wide-open mouthed, clean bright 
Sparkling pearl white teeth ... all majestically a glow.
Fire powered with healthy purity.

Accompanied by a loud euphonious deep thundering 
Voice, intensely roaring aloud ... louder
Almost deafening,
Exhilarate sounds of joy, 
Part of the flash, exuberance and health in the moment.

Cheerful tears of uncontrollable glee
Ecstatically flowing, drop by drop,
Into an loosely-defined pool of happiness,
To celebrate healthy blessedness.

The joy of the new 2011...  with its uncertainty
An opportunity to review, rectify, and grow with hope.
Time to re-stoke the fire of faith
In all that we are
And with all that we have...

Let Us Come Together To Build a Non-Violent World

© Charles H Keys, 2011

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The Dickens

The Dickens
                     Authored by Chuck Keys

Hot thickly sliced juicy turkey
sandwiched a mid fresh bread
tastier than beef jerky
     (can't wait to be fed)
Smooth mashed potato’s heaped high,
Smothered in thick bubbly brown gravy,
Patiently panting and ready to sigh
That's me all the time ready as the navy
     deliciously tasty
     most importantly, loved by all.
I am the Dickens.         

I like my food heated,
     except ice cubes and ice cream,
Fresh tasty and sweet treated
Bake, broil, fry or steam
Healthy, whole wheat and oats, all part of my dream

Eggs over easy with hash browns and toast,
Chicken noodle soup with burgers and fries, 
Hot dogs, tacos, and rump roast, 
Steaks, ribs, lamb chops and pizza pies 
Peanut butter, pretzels, chips and dips, 
Cookies, cake, fruit and sweet tarts,
Carrots, celery, peppers and cheese nips,
All deserved for this canines sweet hearts.  

The joy I bring exceeds my cost
Willingly fulfill my every whim
The toys I need barely a cost
Everything needed to keep me trim

Loved ever, and more by all
The demands I make 
I deserve with galore. 
So well behaved, special like cake. 

Prim and proper I am not,
Nor humble nor noble nor brave, 
Exceedingly handsome while devilishly hot
Loving warmth deserving of rave.  

I am the Dickens as appropriately named,
Honored adored and loved by all,
Into everything as essentially framed;
Never safe from me;
     pockets and purses, 
     drawers and shelves, 
     boxes, bags 
            (paper and plastic),
     brief cases and cupboards
     everything you can think of 
     and probably more;
     whenever and wherever I please
     as often as I find a need. 
Cute and cuddly with a gluttons' ease
Demands I look everywhere for my feed.  

Truth be dammed I am as I am.
Everybody wants me 
Just as I am
Needy as the ham that I am. 

Our edibles I guard 
And deliciously protect
Love with regard
Always with respect

Dad is my bone boy and toy
Tougher rougher but easier than most
      (all bark and no bite)
Willing to be my joy
Easy to get his morning toast
     makes him a very good host. 

Mom is my pet
So special warm and soft
Won't let me fret 
Loving me so oft. 
Hugged gently safe and secure
Patted petted and held so dear    
Inside her arms 
     on her lap is the cure 
Never ever having to fear. 

I am the Dickens
     King of my Castle 
     Master of my Domain

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Those Blue Jean Summers

We owned the sun, we owned the world
Those blue jean summers, when we were kids
Where knees fell down, and bums would skid
Down asphalt roads, when life was good
We called ourselves blue denim twins

Summer mornings, flies were buzzin'.
Grab our bikes, and take a ride
And eat our lunch 'neath steel blue skies
Wipe sticky hands on blue jean thighs

Drink a gulp of Lipton tea
Sweetened with love, for you and me
The radio played those Elvis songs 
A "send-off" smile, a day for fun

Running down the road, one mishap or a fall...
Band-aid & bubble gum, soon fixed our frowns
A patch on your skin and one on your jeans
We wore them with honor, but, we were teased!

Skating down the sidewalk, going clickity-clack
Stepping on the cracks will break your mother's back
Later playing jacks, counting threes and fours
Sitting cross legged on the kitchen floor

When dinner was ready, we'd be in luck
Spaghetti to twirl, and peach short cake
We owned the sun, we owned the world
Those blue jean summers, when we were friends…


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Yesterday Happened So Fast

Yesterday Happened So Fast
                                                          Authored by Chuck Keys 

Yesterday happened so fast I lost track of myself.
I was standing behind you, where you sat, so small, frail and warm, tenderness radiated about you.
Nearer to fear and farther from joy, aware of your future, 
Worried you were about us all, pleading forever more – but always with us.

There was the scent of a burning candle coming from the back of the room.
Sitting in the front, you had so much to tell the ones you loved.
Your body unwilling, but your spirit awake and searching for release. Always the maestro, your message orchestrated in softness and form, clear at last.  
We all heard.  Worried you were about us all, pleading forever more – but always with us.

You spoke; the stress in your now soft voice, still assertive and emotive, 
Your  eyes protecting and loving all the more, Inside of you were all those you loved …. all in sync as one.
In the room, the brightness of the roses, the fresh-air scent of the surrounding greenery contrasted with your pallor, yet
Worried you were about us all, pleading forever more – but always with us.

What you left behind was so much greater than what you came with, 
A minion of love, with a flair of passion and taste, surrounding your soon departure in tears.
I saw you move one last time as I now see your spirit flowing thru the present, with all ……… 
     Dressed in silly colorful lacey hats, 
          Victorian multi colored puffy dresses, 
              windblown red flowing hair with your red freckles, 
                    decorated multi-shaped filled bags in hand, 
                         bright flowers 
                              and wide smirky grins.
Worried you were about us all, pleading forever more – but always with us.

I wonder if you knew what followed after your departure, 
Endless gentle blue sky, bright sun; wild flowers, life and love beyond.
You were conducting. Your minion lives on without but with you always, 
All of us sharing and loving and of how 
Worried you were about us all, pleading forever more – but always with us.

In remembrance of Sonia Slobojan Swigart and dedicated in her memory to the Slobojan Family:  
Catherine, Steph, Danny, Danielle, Sherry, Denny, Suzy, Norman and to Mary, my wife and loyal friend to all.  
May Sonia always be remembered as she lived, “fun to the bone.”


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Beauty {Palindrome}

Beauty is found
In everything you see
Just take a look inside
True beauty
Is found

Is found
True beauty
Just take a look inside
In everything you see
Beauty is found

© 2007 Michael Jordan
All Rights Reserved

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A Call to Action

Queasy anxiety, a fearful edginess of dread,
an old and omnipresent sense of doom
taint the times that random opportunity affords
to slip convention's chains, to openly proclaim
a saner point of view, a logical rejection
of muddy, inane thinking, of tradition-bound
adherence to stupidity's insistent songs
that perpetuate a myriad of wrongs.
Let there be no turning back; face the fears, be the change --
for diversity, humanity, acceptance, brotherhood,
and love.  Explain, support, convince.  Break the silence:
come out, come out, whoever and wherever you may be!

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One, Won, Once

One ,Won, Once
			By Chuck Keys

Brightness can be blinding
With your eyes closed
Or with your eyes open.

Darkness can be blinding
With your eyes closed
Or with your eyes open.

As a driveway needs a parked car,
Does color make a difference?  Hurtfully
Yes.  Yet, we're all the same.

Can a green pepper ever be red?
Or should the
Red pepper be yellow? Color again.

Can't stop hearing that surface beat.  Loudly.
It’s constant and demanding, with
Painful colors.

Can you hear it too? It’s so loud,
Obvious.  Audaciously clear,
Mostly passed over.

We all bleed red; 
Cry tears, 
     Love, fear, 
          Hate, ache, 
               Want, need, 
                    Eat, drink, chew,
                         Live and die, regardless,
Same insides.  
Crayons are different colors,
We want them all, in one box.
A complete set.

Separate is never equal.
When we become one
Only one is won.
Once should be f ‘ever. 

© Charles H Keys, 2010.  All Rights Reserved

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When we were young

We run when it rains

We lie on the ground

And stare at those stars

You said its 5000 stars up there

And I was eight

And believe you of course

You were nine that time

Two years after that I asked you

I say

"How did you know"

Then you said 

"know what"?

About the stars, 

"I count it", she said

"I dont believe you", I said

Then you say:

"I dont care, you want some ice cream"

Then we both walk towards your place

It was cold that time

And your father was on the terrace

Smoking his half lighted cigarette

And said  hi to him

He said hello

Vanilla that was the ice cream

You manage to stretch your hand

And made a loud sigh when you at last

had a grip on the ice cream

I remember sitting

While watching you preparing

A two scoop of ice cream for me

And just one for you

"We need to be equal" , I said

"Whats the point?", she said

"Nothing, its not fair for you", I said

"It is fair, because Im on a diet

I want to be a model someday.

And you need to eat more

Cause your going to be 

my bodyguard" she said

-comments please mate- TY 

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You Are Everything

O friend, I'm all yours, teach me to love,
I've left the world and come, teach me love,
When my companion cares for me,
Why should I care for the world?
The world puts bans on me,
I don't belong to this world,
You in the morning, you in the evening,
You’re the kin; you only are the friend,
Every time every minute of the day,
You’re the kin; you only are the friend,
On the heart's slate I write,
Love, Love…
What does the world know my heart feels?
Love for whom,
Beloved, hug me and ask my well being,
What do I care about the world?
You're my victory; the world is my loss,
I don't belong to this world,
I have to become love and write letters
With eyes, have to write,
The way you look, I have to look like that,
Have to look like that,
The cupbearer of passions gives me lesson,
What do I care about the world?
You're with me, (my) world is with me,
I don't belong to this world…

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Our Bed

As I strip the mattress bare
and watch the pile 
of sheets, pillowcases, 
blankets and pillows grow
I find myself thinking of you...
and me.

What comes to mind
is sheer happiness.
As I tuck the sheet under the foot of the bed
(just like you like it)   
I catch myself laughing 
remembering the times we would stay awake
late into the night wrestling...
(I always won)   
trying to stay quiet
until our laughter was uncontrollable
and we would hear one of the kids
yell from the next room...

I arrange the pillows 
just as I always do...
(your favorite one on top)   
and I take an extra moment
holding your favorite pillow...
your scent drifts up to my face
almost as if you are there.
I set it in place and realize
how many years have passed.
We've experienced so much
in this bed.

The laughter is what rings in my ears
as I fold back the comforter
to expose just a touch 
of those all too familiar sheets
(you know...the ones with the ducks flying on them) .

As I leave our room
I find a sense of anticipation
in the thought that in a few short hours
we will be here again...together.

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Ridiculous Me

Watch this scene with both eyes and try not to blink C: --> 

I stood there... silently
Like a predator near prey 
I sneak behind YOU

You weren't even aware of it!! Ha-ha! 

I made YOU jump hIgH
Like a startled hare
I chuckle and smile

You know that mischievous smile of mine? 

Your reaction was
PRICELESS - you were so upset
But YOU forgave me

Well...I'm flattered. . . 

We laugh'd together (just like the good times)
In a chorus - our volume
Picked up extreme sound

Believe me - I could hear our laughter from a mile away!

But I'm glad I did
My best to make you giggle

Ridiculous me... 
Wouldn't you agree?

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friendship -   ((CONTEST))

**Jun Jun Villanueva**
Friendship~ salient lyrical canzonet of life's vast immeasurable experiences
an intermezzo in an interminable tedious dulcet musical theater
a masterpiece fabricated through hearts' harmonic jibe
excogitate from comradeship's bond and pinky promise
"HYMN" my heart and soul still warbling in oxymoronic spirit.

**Poet Destroyer**
Friendship- stood like a b-sharp note, the best jubilant occasion
My ears a funnel of tease~ something big in the air, waves off your shoulder.
Repetition and codas beyond the ripples of my reflections~ I see you my friend.
Ready to sing and examine the warmth of immeasurable experience.
The ripples you compose inside me, are like the last octaves parrying symbols.

** Tracie Edwards ~ contest **

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That’s how she saw me

A lying jerk
Filled with mal-intent
And inebriated twist of the devil’s tongue

She removed my smile
My patience
My need for her

She was a professor
with a Masters Degree in Investigative Drama

Drinking shots of animosity and scorn
From half-empty glass
Layered in a syllable abused tint

Sucking accountability, dry

She removed my smile
My patience
My want for her

Vials of sadness
Broken over mattress
Where I entered her
Into innocence realm

She begged for more
She begged me to stay

But, I was already marked from argument’s first revelation 

Because even when I held her hand
Even when I welcomed her into my arms
After being beaten for being her diamond ring’s shadow

Even when I brought her closer to peace
It wouldn’t ever be enough

My smallest mistakes would become Armageddon’s cry

My apologies
The tissue

She removed my smile
My patience
My trust for her

Because I
Was a piece of crap

An irregular painting titled: “The Bad Guy”

Messages of sangre coated angst
Going to wrong number

Her errors
Still made me see her as a precious woman
Waiting to regain her peace
Her identity

But I
Was a liar

A screw up

Our finish line had no ribbons
For she had already cut my c(h)ord

Cold shoulder
My only way to hold this peace

She thought she could leave me

But I
Was already gone

Her tears’ contempt made me let go
Fears’ discontent helped me confirm my Western sunsets




For serenity’s wing behooves me to sway
Towards these winds of change
Solace will hold me on palm
As I wish with final prayer
That Karma
Goes easy on her

© Drake J. Eszes

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Love at first sight --Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar

If you were close and not so far away
I would bring you a cookie from my 
Cookie Jar
Hoping you would take a bite,

                                                                   at first sight!
( a dedication to ladies)

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To have but not to hold

I cannot offer a gift for you to hold,
no millefiori paperweight of brightly coloured glasses,
or fancy timepiece cast from golds of yellow and white,
for it could never rest, smooth and heavy, within your open hands,
or sit proudly marking time upon your sun-tanned wrist,
fated instead to be cast aside in guilty haste;
a bittersweet secret buried beneath time’s fallen sands.

Born of heartfelt words,
that need not be brandished or worn outwardly,
neither be hidden away in a dark and airless closet,
my gift to you lies deep within my own heart,
remaining without exception,
promising love, support and friendship always.

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Untitled IV

Yea...I am upset
Ticked off to say the least....
A real great friend you are!
I am just....cho...
what's your reason this time?

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My Pedicure

I make the appointment all excited
for my feet look like my dads, uninviting.

I anxiously wait until the day of my arrival,
expecting...who-ha’s...claps...and grins.

None of this sort grabs me, instead it is
pick out color...pick out color...and then she turns with chagrin.

That is okay...I am still excited...I try to crawl into the big chair,
but I am only five feet, and she’s practically shoveling me in.

I have on a dress you know...hello...can I have towel?
Oh my gosh, the sky is falling...I did not pick out my color!

And, so we begin, she really is my friend.
This is my favorite place to be, and I love her best of all.

But, she turns on the water, and oh...I want to smack her.
My feet are going to ignite from the heat!

I just want to sit here; I do not want the chair to go off like a rocket,
massaging every ounce of my being, things falling out of my pocket.

I came here to relax, my feet are burning, and my voice is quivering.
Good gosh woman, turn this thing off!

Things finally settle down...we begin to talk around.
How’s your daughter...How is your mother?...Can I have some rice from the kitchen?

She laughs at me...I smile at her...
Oh, no, I forgot to pick out my color!

Her husband comes by.
I say...sure, I will give it a try!

I admire my jellybean toes and pay her the dough.
We hug, she laughs at me, and tells me luv ya!

"Humor Me" Contest

©Holly P. Moore
   October 2012

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No more Goodbyes

Like autumn colors
I will not be here for long

Forgotten for a year
Until they search high & low
In Northern paradise
Come early September

Like status updates
You will give me your thumbs up
You may even give me your words

But, you will erase me

Replace me

Like tainted preacher who has their cake
At their “god’s” restaurant called, “Bulimia’s”
They will never be satisfied

They will preach Spanish sermons
While embracing separation anxiety
Forgetting His word
In valuing a friend

Like ghosts
They will haunt
But disappear when I look forward

They will cry
When I’m no longer around

Like Serenity’s incipience
I let them go

Finding my way home

Finding my way home

My way home

© Drake J. Eszes

“And I’m done seeking treasure just to wake up in an early grave.  So I stopped right there and said, ‘Go all alone, cause I won’t follow’. This isn’t giving up, this is letting go. Out with the old dreams I’ve borrowed. The path I call, from here on out, will be my own. A path to take me home.” –Rise Against

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Whispers upon a morning breeze

Whispers upon a morning breeze
gently caresses the awakening flowers
and leaves on the flourishing trees
just like a lovers warm soft tender touch
after a night of passion
and making love
now just smouldering embers
between two kindred hearts
who discovered the true meaning
of giving sharing and caring
and beauty
in the sanctity 
of sacred eternal love.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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Lost Treasure

Friend of long ago, 
I remembered you today
and rain threatened my eyes...

Couldn't help but feel so down 
from all that was lost;
of memories now gathering dust
in the recesses of my mind

Spending hours together,
sharing our lives,
imagined and real

then growing up...
walking in and out 
of each other's doors

Sad, so sad how
our friendship has sailed off
and hit that brick wall

Neither of us knowing for sure
what those bricks 
were made of

Maybe you have a clue?

...I don't

Did I even truly know you at all?
Was it ever even real?

I would like to think that it was...
that we just got...Lost.

So dear friend of long ago,
I wonder where you are now.

Do you still remember 
those times shared?

I wonder...

Did you ever treasure me,
like I treasure you?

***For Michael Hornschuch's Ode to a Friend contest :)

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Return Of Your King

Reflections of imperfections have shown me a way that I can move mountains through my power of faith even though I can't see him I know he is real through the power of prayer and a Love that I feel It's growing inside me like a flower in bloom shall I reveal my powers or is it too soon I am reading the signs through my darkness I find a reason for belief in the light of mankind that I know shall overcome the greatest of odds the Love I seek amazes me especially through the flaws because now I am inspired through the hero's that bring my throne through the darkness on which I return on as your King.

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It's Valentines Day Baby

You are the center of my universe. When I look over at you, I smile. A friendship that bloomed from patience, A friendship that started a fire... A love with an eternal truth of love, Holding hands as we walk through life. The magic of passion to know you are... I love you for you always and forever, Your husband heart and soul. Edward J Ebbs - Valentine's Day 2012
Entered: Olajide Adelana's - Story of Valentine

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As Days Go By

Inspired by Opeth – The Drapery Falls and this entire year…

I sip on Super Mario Brothers hot cocoa cup
Filled with convictions’ drop
From streams of consciousness

Ready to skinny dip into a new plateau 


Ferocity’s grip
Looking upon God’s yesterdays
As He hands me a pen
Asking me what I have learned


As days have passed

I slow dance with convex mirrors within glasshouse.

Remedies to my confusion
Thrusting me back to the day

A befriending of cotton candy souls
As we ride against Ferris Wheels with a song
That should never end

Holding hands through rickety roller coasters
Pulling me downwards
Parallel to perpendicular resolutions

The square root to pale ghosts
Staring with onyx want

All of their tainted wishes
Were for brighter days


As these days pass

I recollect collective smile upon my spiraled breaths.

There should have been more.
There could have been more.

It’s not too late for early newcomers into my atrium.

But, you better have your ticket in hand.

For I have already tasted the scalding broth of disappointing screams
Overpowered in salted dramatics

Just come as you are


No plastic surgeries are welcome within these heartbeats.


As days go by

I continue to dream of tomorrow’s smile
Placing loudspeakers against silenced seclusions

I hail to cathedral sanity

Swimming within my stream of consciousness that few can dive into
Without turning their backs


As tomorrow approaches

Who will be the spark in our cherry bombs?

To light jeweled, nocturnal ionospheres within breaths of security
And sincerity coated fingertips

Who I ask?

Speak loud!!!
Speak in unbridled frequencies!!!

Don’t wait for another day to go by…
...without me waking up to your sound again.

©Drake J. Eszes

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A Dog

The darkness fades as the new day comes and he sips coffee

He thinks of his marriage that had faded with the night

He relinquished the vows and his wife's plea and poured them into the glass

The world turned as the dog came and said good morning and came to rest at his feet

The Sun rose into the quiet and he silently gazed out the window

It was silent as were the vows

The birds had formed a Union with the squirrels and picketed the Sun

And the warmth on his foot from the dog made the silence fresh

The prayers were sent to where they go and the waiting

The refrigerator hummed and rattled and kept in tune with the computer

The words waited with those prayers and the dog stirred

And God looked down on the pair with love

Those prayers gathered to God and He considered each

And one prayer was showered down on the man and his dog

Love was granted to the two and with certainty God relayed

The dog got to her feet  and took a slow draw of water

And He went back to the vows and released them with finality

He gave the dog a rub and went to his coffee

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Does It Matter to You

One day you came to me
Does it matter to you if I come by to talk?
No, my friend, please come, we'll go for a walk
We shared ideas and we shared dreams
It was the best of times so it seemed

One day you came to me
Does it matter to you if I'm gay or straight?
No, my friend, be happy and celebrate!
I want you to be proud and stand tall
Just be true to yourself above it all

One day you came to me
Does it matter to you that I'm ill?
No, my friend, I'll stay with you still
I prayed to God for His goodwill
Bless him; give him strength to climb over this hill 

One day you came to me
Does it matter to you that I'm now dying?
No, my friend, if you don't mind if I stay with you crying?
Death will never break our bond apart
I love you, you'll always be in my heart.

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Facing Out

The shoulders chaffed, the weary backs
of pack mules cursed with intellect,
so briefly were unburdened from
the detrious of war.

A break for a line doggy
from the green corrupted alley,
the worst stretch of the worst path;
hell's putrid inner city.

The Pall Mall you were having;
a cardboard box of four;
packed in nineteen forty six;
tobacco stripped three years before
the two of us were born.
Pungent smoke for driving off
the squadrons of mosquitoes,
drawn to the stench of uniforms 
in forty days.

Facing out; back to back,
your pack and mine supported.
I welcomed the distraction
of dreams softly spoken.

My pound cake and your peaches,
in drab green cans, divided,
thoughts of small town rodeos,
cool beds, with sheets,
and warm...

Precious breath not wasted
on Patriots,
or Politics...

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Grandma Was Dancing

She was a tappin' to the tunes...
of those Mississippi blues...
step-pin' out, in her white...
Pat-en-leather shoes,

We were a watchin' her a prancin',
all through the kitchen, dancin'...
for she was & sizzlin'...
hummin' to those Mississippi tunes...

Funny curlers too, upon...
her head...for a new... Hair dew,...
she was, a swirlin'-in that bakers apron,
when her a bobbin' to...
those Mississip-pi blues,

'Pots were a knockin'...
Grandma a sockin' down all she brews,
while that kettle there was whistlin',
in har-mo-ny, with them good ole...
good ole...mississip-pi moves,'

That floor there, was a bouncin'
holdin' hands we were a jumpin',
an-a hoppin' In the kitchen, to those...
                  sounds ...
Where Grandma's feet were a stompin',
In her new...New-white-sexy-pat-en-
(ya hoo)

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behind the sins

no one has the saddle over the wild horse by the name fate
Jose as I had known him, had a life twisted by untamed forces
gifted and talented, we were the best of buddies, our lives flagged together
the terrain trans-formative, as we crested into our teens
Sundays were the days when our spirit were humbled
four boys at the alter, hands folded like the portrait of the Madonna
I knew him like the back of my hand, I heard he had a father
a father I had never seen since kinder
yet life moved on, we the sailors displayed our masts
hoping that the winds were channeling us, to a place our souls would please

He woke up to a heard walk, he and his mum weren't playing a game of chase
yet life had him on checkmate
discovering the significance of the two sides of a quarter, you had to employ a plan B and yet keep your plan A on the cricket bat
he led a double life, keeping his closest friends behind the scenes
dropping out of high school was tradition in our hood,only that it marked
a reincarnation, from the faint- hearted Jose to a classical James Bond
the night intruded by slight mourns from carnivores
lighting sparks and thunder shakes, a grant entry for comic villains
till gunshots, lasting long enough to wipe an army of a thousand
an ambush that "ceased"- captive, the lives of six teens short six times each
one of them a girl, recently dropped out, not even her mum knew where she cribbed
clinging to a heard earned home made short gun, which she innocently giggled like "the machineries" ,the title of a Holy Wood Action Flick
Jose briefly called to inform me of the slaughter, didn't mention he was part only that God had given him an avenue for self evaluation
I wasn't into the Chicky gossips, that flew fast than the dailies but this one caught my ears
she came, gasping for breath, thanks to her size she looked like a raged elephant
her gang of hooters awaited  the bombshell, till her eyes pinned me
"your little friend is dead"...... I left
I left running to the church next to the sewer, there wasn't anyone but me
quickly pressing Jose's contacts, to the sound of server personnel
"the mobile subscriber cannot be reached"

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'Perfect Timing'

The fleeting moments was probably in preparation for today where you have been a constant thread mixing with the chaos to bring the calm I never thought I would need - in your own style digging for the things that made me unhappy unravel the thoughts I was too afraid to actually give a voice to though I knew it would be the only way to work through the fear and confusion in the background that little encouragement I needed was like a silent pat on the back to get back up and try again though my vision seem to have been displaced in all the madness and laughter it made me realise that perfect timing does not have a human certification attached to it, it is exactly that perfect timing

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I walked with you For just one mile today. I felt the joy Of reaching out And the touching Of our hands. I heard a sweet song In every word you spoke, And clearly understood The message of your heart. When I walked with you I never saw the hills we climbed, Or felt the many rocks Beneath my tired feet. Your awesome burden Seemed so light When added unto mine. I only saw the flowers Reflected in your eyes And felt the velvet Of your touch While pleasure soon became The destination of my path . . . . Now . . . Our walk has ended; The empty path seems wide, The weeds, the dust, and rocks Crowd every step I take. . . . Until . . . I think of you And the mile we walked today.

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Like tipper tapping tiny feet toddling
I watched your mirriard of droplets 
stream down my car window
Night sky like the backdrop of a show
and the lightning strikes adding to the mood of the performance
where ordinarily it might highlight or cast creepy shadows
Several crashes of thunder the only sound affects 
breaking the deathly silence you could have sliced through
Stormy air and the countless hairs 
of the body anticipating action
was the change in atmosphere of any such production
Yet for all the familiarity of yet another down turned weather front
something was amiss
I sat there trying to will my merry-go-round world to stop
to let me off and set me free once more
that I might strike out loose and run wild once more
like a horse loose of the reigns widly galloping away
alas I couldn’t budge 
just sat their frozen to my seat
despite needing my home comforts around this hour

Knocking every ounce of confidence from me
breaking me to a point 
where my tears were but one with the evenings downpour
No chocolate or ice-cream treats for pick-me-ups
nor interval for refreshment here
which would have been at least a little concillation
No, right now the world stood still
as our relationship played over from start
until someone knocked on the glass
concerned as to whether or not I was alright
Black and boggle eyed from wet mascara and numerous tears
like something out of a horror film
I turned to see who dare break this spell
Nodding to say I was fine 
but not stupid they could see far from it
They pulled me out into secure arms
You could have been anyone
but you were gentle and understanding
A raging fire warmed by chilled bones
with simple hot sweet tea and the warmth of a blanket
your eyes soaked me in drawing out my story
you listened intently
I poured out my soul
You drank me in
Bringing me out of myself
you turnd so much sadness to humor
putting another chapter of life to bed
opening another as day broke through
I am now thankful for what passed
for without that part of life
we might never be making our own sweet music
creating future ambition and drive
Nesting and nestling as one together
Souls on one ship we sail new seas

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The Crazy One and the Spelling Bee, oh I mean, Queen

In my quest to escape monotony at work I stumbled upon this poetry site
Little did I know I would excavate a gem with a zest for life
She is also a lullaby songstress; in between my spelling and grammar blunders, 
We’re a recipe for madness:crazy blogs, even stranger emails, our laughter and tears
I unearthed Nikko aka Missy, "the spelling queen" my friend with a gracious soul! 


I went to have soup at a table atop a mountain, when who should I meet there?
A very pretty, sassy, missy; she did a 3/4 turn--CrAsH! (2 cabs, fender bender)!
Her laughter and madness, just totally contagious...even strangers want to kiss her!
Through her wonderful words, each petal revealed a bit more sparkle, a stunning gleam
I was so right! Wilma, "the crazy one", she's my true gem of a friend, a vivacious soul! 

This was fun, a collab with the crazy Missy :D!
-- Wilma Neels & nikko palmario :D
For Tracie's Grab a Mate & Collaborate poem :D

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Murderapolis Streets, Claim Two More Young Heartbeats

Native, Liteskin, sun kissed
sit, talk, get to know me 
a while
for I am not my skin and 
even though the tan pigment
runs deep
I am my heart, thoughts
and actions,reflection of
I keep
A car accident took
my Homies brother this morning
and as we sit and talk to him
now, through faded room mourning
Young man, stole pop’s keys
from sleeping pockets
joy riding with friends
headlights beaming, MN
summer star sky gleaming
Dad's unaware, boy & friends left
 till woke, by early morn’ meeting
God opened the skies and took
two good ones away
I felt it rained, clouds crying briefly
for them today
70 miles an hour, Murderapolis streets
took two good homies heartbeats
jus’ a mile away, a close
friend heard the tires screech
Driver yells to him, “get a knife & cut me out!”
Neighbor, like doe eyes in headlights
filled with doubt
ends up dying after all
at the hospital
down 29th Ave and McKinley St.
Two of the Five Souls involved
God, now, does keep
I recall seeing the drivers smile
less than one week ago
why Mista Watkins & White Jr.
was it yo’ time to go
your loved ones may never know
We don’t always understand
the Lords plan
but He surely knows
heartache and sorrow
is how July fourteenth does go
two significant young Southside sons 
at 3:30 am, drove into a utility pole
crushed glass ridden streets
two homies, with us no mo’
I pray Jesus be with them
and theirs
as they grieve, and friends
surround them with the love
they need
car accidents & tragedies
like these
close to home to you
tend to place things in perspective
defrost a persons mind
set it into view
cuz’ its not about the color, of
your skin, or where you came from
it’s the way you impact the world
in the end, who you’ve grown to
the lives lost, were good peoples
Stood for good values like Church steeples
vibrant athletic youths of the future
barely 14 & 17, gone too soon
I hear the sad, cry, lonely night of our
Murderapolis streets, claim
two more young heartbeats
you will forever be remembered
and loved, keep an eye on us
from above, we know you’re
in a better place, were all running
an impossible to win race
for we all have a time card to punch
under the Lords undying grace
your Influence and charm, young men
is locked within us
and we shall all party again
in the Kingdom of Heaven
our final resting Place

7/15/2010: R.I.P.- Patrick Watkins (17) & Duane White Jr. (14)- South Side, Minneapolis, MN
you are forever loved and missed, but not forgotten, watch us from Heaven, Amen

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Cuddle Babies Replay Memory

I remember the day Trixie died,
Sinbad staring out upon her grave.
No crying, just day after day, homage.

I couldn’t stand seeing the pain,
Nothing I did, petting, holding,
Could bring him away from the grave.

So down to the pet store I drove
Hoping for a partner to please
And found a pair of cuddles, babies

Arms wrapped together in play
One black one orange which should it be?
Orange like Sinbad or black?

But how could I take one from another
Leave another hole, so black and orange
Babies two, drew Sinbad back over

To sleep the peaceful sleep of cuddles
Warmth from another, held like a mother
Or held like a father, Sinbad was mine

Once more we could live in happy cheer
Death deserted from our midst
When the wonder of youth appeared.

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Silent Times

Stay awhile . . .
Your eyes are sad,
I’ve talked too much
And never heard
          The silence of your words.

The sadness of your laughter
Escaped me for a time
          . . . But, now . . .
I see the aching of your heart
Reflected in
          The absence of your words.

Come, sit beside me,
And let us make amends.
I cannot let you go
Before we’ve had
          Our silent times.

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Life without a Friend

SHORT POEM- MY PHOTOS MY POEMS To see the 'Photo Poem' Please visit World Art Foundation or use the URL POEM
Life without a friend Often seems lonely Like the Road of a forest Where no one waits for anyone. Ravindra Kanpur India 22nd Feb. 2012

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.(lull-a-bye) SLAM

.              lull-a-bey ---slam

I still can't believe *you want to get beat on a slam so bad.
Oh! ___ boy your the man.
You must like getting your lights punched out.
Gosh!  Your lucky I am your biggest fan.
Did you not get it, your my # 1 poet  (ha ha ha.)
For crying out loud I read your Dark Poet 20 times.

Okay 30 year old poet baby.
I will take it easy on your first simple slam.
This comes with a warning, I always burned Canadian bacon.
Lets take this down to a Dr.Seuss level.
I will make our first run as sweet as i can.
I'd hate to see you crap or shaken. 

I was going to slam you where it hurt,
after reading all your dirt.
Every mother knows the best way to take out a baby.
Is to give him warm milk, to knock his ass asleep.
Instead I will milk my way in to your mouth.
With a Lull-a-bye slam to pass you out

I could  fire like a military round.
But what fun would that be to bring you down.
This will not get me any justice,
for you being up in my face.
This lull-a-bye slam is to knock you unconscious.
After it brings a laugh upon your face.

Slamming you crazy * does not sound right.
Are you really that bored, you keep me up all night.
You want me to put my P.D. mask back on.
Maybe tomorrow I will slam you till the night is gone.

At this point, time and moment.
I will only sting you like a bee.
To see if you come after me.
You might have seen this one coming.
With the pleasure of stinging you and leave.

I will remain here on the soup.
Waiting for you to log on.
I will wait to see your next move.
Hopefully I do not have to wait that long.

For now I will log my self out anyway.
_______baby tomorrow is another day.
Before I leave I left you a bottle of warm milk.
For you to drink  before you pray.
*****Chris D. A. 
Message: I, Chris D. A., solemnly swear in giving you (Poet Destroyer), full 
permission to offer me this Slam me, even though I don't Slam and cannot do a good job in Slamming 
yah back! Is that OK? Can't wait to be hit below the belt! Chris.*********

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Your serene face I see
Your heartbeat I hear
Your breath I scent   
Your feelings I sense
Your thoughts I caress

Your hopes I cheer  
Your fears I chase
Your agony I live
Your dreams I share    
Your mind I cuddle
Your soul I embrace

Alone never will I let you be,
From now on

My friendship will attend your
Every step on your way!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    10 OCTOBER 2014 

* Dedicated to a friend and to friendship!

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Alone he stood against the many,
A towering rock of integrity, 
To fight, in the name of his friends that 
Victims, of certain people and their devious
Plans, have fallen
Ready was he to struggle against this
Group* of people and the 
Injustices committed, till things change 
He knew, in his heart of hearts, that
The forces of:
And of virtue, stood by his side,
Stronger by far
Any of their deceitful conspirators and
Their evil schemes to support inequity 
To glorify the group's contemptible vanity,	,
Indifferent to the suffering they inflicted, 
All those who their trust, had put, in them, 
Expecting a fair play!    

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    18 OCTBER 2014

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It’s been a long ride but now
It’s time to say goodbye

I’ll miss you friend but
It’s time to say goodbye

Forgive me now for the things I've done 
It’s time to say goodbye

Forget the bad remember the good 
It’s time to say goodbye 

Don’t shed a tear don’t cry for me 
It’s time to say good bye

Remember I'm here when you need me later 
It’s time to say goodbye

We’ve been through a lot but we did its together
It’s time to say goodbye

I’ll miss you forever
It’s time to say goodbye

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'Sober Mind'

They fade away Like distant memories Do not cling to their toxic remarks It’s meant to pull you down Hidden behind Their smiles and falsified hugs Of reassurance Watch their hands Watch your back Do a double take For the marks made by their knives You might not feel it now It might be just a scratch or two Until it finds a foothold And they grind them deep into your flesh It is so easy to be sucked in The need to belong so strong Until the dark days come And you are left alone Wondering what happened To the joy riders They got off the wagon Once they saw the self destruction sign Up ahead They did it with a smile It is the only thing they know Running away is their expert play Lift your head up Cry if you have to But don’t give up You still have a chance This time do it with a sober mind Do it for you

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'Tangible Love'

In the light
of the full moon 
I saw it 

In the way 
you held me 
I felt it 

In the words 
you spoke 
I heard it 

In your silence 
I could grasp it 

In the years 
of friendship 
you displayed it

It is always there 
your love for me
even in your absence


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Stale Mate

We are nothing but simple pawns.
We’re Pushed around by others it’s oh so wrong.
I look around with my eyes wide open.
All I see is humanity choking.
We are all lost destroying humanity.
The way we live is twisted insanity.
Let’s try something for a minute and turn to a friend.
Try asking, how have you been?
Or when they respond lets actually listen.
Its friendship and love we’re tragically missing.
Why must we be in a stale mate?
Stop what where doing and lose all the hate.
Let’s find ourselves we’ve been lost a while.
Its imperative we do this life’s not so vile.
We are all humans and all of us feel.
It’s simple, respect and everyone heals.

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Gene, Gene, the Singing Machine

(in memoriam, Eugene Lawler, d. January 29, 2012, aged 83 years)

--- Note:  "The singing machine" is a not so tongue-in-cheek reference to Gene and his penchant for singing whenever and wherever he wished, as well as to his karaoke
equipment and his nickname at bars that featured karaoke nights. ---

You fancied yourself a singer,
and indeed you were.
What songs we heard from you
you had made your own,
and you gave them freely
to all who would listen
(though we were just a few
who were, at times, inattentive.)
Time and remembrance may color
the images you left behind,
and the sentimental songs
you sang (and scribed on silver disks 
for us to hear when, and if, we will)
may prod us to recall
your willful, dour demeanor
which could bloom into benevolence
or darken further in stormy sneers
at tardiness, or at perceived
maltreatment of any sort.
You were your own arbiter of behavior
who kept before you expectations
of what was appropriate, for yourself
and for us, the others of your kind.
We were few (still fewer now),
who flocked together on occasion
to celebrate, in quiet fashion,
whatever anniversary we chose --
perhaps your passing date
will become another to be marked.
And your voice, reproduced mechanically,
amplified, may remind us of our loss,
and of yours.  

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Immortal Footsteps

As a child learning to walk, I 
discovered stumbling, 
And now as an upright adult, 
I sometimes count back my previous 
steps, like the baby steps in your 
Subconsciously, my feet always walk in 
the direction of attraction, 
And obviously spotted a winner in 
However this steady pace misread the 
time limit of your romance, 
And second place is where my feet currently 

Although a religious woman, you don’t see 
the Adam and Eve complex between us, 
Rather you underestimate my advancement 
for mere friendship, 
And at best the status of a brother; 
I realize that your soul is blind, 
And these glasses of mine would 
fit perfectly, 
But you’d rather continuously wear 
unhealthy contact lenses; 
For this reason, my passion for walking has 
come to a halt; 

I sometimes reminisce on those last five steps 
I took, 
With every inch of courage, to eliminate the 
friendzone between us, 
And yet I’ll never recall the exact value of 
footsteps post-defeat, 
Which have remained immortal over the 
Friendship: such a two-faced gift, 
Heaven and Hell in one blessing. 

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By destiny, became friends
Not by real contact but e - contact
Great was the distance that separate, yet felt so close
Shared dreams, goals and ambitions
With optimum passion of achieving them
Shared knowledge which empowered onto wisdom
Got to know the common and contrast 
Hours after hours, laughed and frowned
Days after days, shared pains and gains
Months after months, the hearts seemed too close for an e-feelings
There arose a need for some definitions to be made
Necessitating some decisions to be taken
Alas! picked the word 'distance' even in the digital world
Anytime the past memories beeped, 
It seemed treading the future path was impossible
Month by month, could see more possibility
Day by day, could get rid of the past memories
Hour by hour, the future path became clearer
And at the last minute when everything seem to be new
There appear the e-friend in the real world
Like a shadow under the sparkling light
with blast of some melodious  music of Spanish touch
Thought everything was over
But not the impression left by love
which could lead to something new
And definitely in the real world

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Your Secret Place

Everyone should have a secret place
where everything is so beautiful, you just belong
as peaceful as a day is long, an out of your usual pace,
sounds of nature all about, where birds sing there song,

Meditation replaces frustration, along your happy trail
moving about streams, pine trees as tall as a waterfall
where pine cones grace a foliage landscape  so surreal,
woes are meaningless about green grass, lollypop bushes

A cool spring where skinny dipping hasn’t a sign to obey
trails going every which way, too choose, you can’t lose…
your way, this sunny day, misty spray, a couple out to play,
no weight to bare, deadlines to meet, nor fail too win

time only absent from laughter heard as children frolic there...
in a caressing manner, with her long hair draped about your face,
sounds echo off boulders where water flows by gallons everywhere
yes - your secret place, where good time memories are your true nature

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God Bless The Garbage Man

Though this is written like a poem it is
more of a thank you letter.

God answers prayers in so many ways
he brings us people to help keep the faith
he gave to me a sweet, sweet man
who helped me truly understand
when i was low and ready to give up
see i was broke 
Without a job, no money, no food, no gas in the car
My husband needed to go and find work
To help his family stay a float
We saw the garbage man outside
We feared he'd come to take our garbage can
So we rushed out side to ask him not too
He said he wasn't there too
He just came to empty our can
'Cause the regular garbage man had passed us up
Now here is were God steps in
My husband and the garbage man talk outside for quit awhile
Tears fill my heart when I think of what comes next
My husband leaves and comes right back
He tells me that the garbage man has put $23 of gas in our van
My heart must of skipped a beat, I could not believe his generosity
Though it does not stop there
Apparently the garbage man has also given us $40 in cash
His only wish is was that it was not spent on cigarettes or booze 
This money was for my family to get food
So often we forget how God lends a helping hand
God does not promise to make us rich, or grant us all we wish
He simply says just ask of me and all you NEED will be given to thee

Today I send out a special prayer, "God, Please bless The Garbage Man that 
gave my family a helping hand. Amen"

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My Best Friend Doesn't Speak English

I have a best friend.
He doesn't speak English, but
He lets me ask him anything-
He's got big brown eyes that watch
As the world goes by like falling stars-
He just watches, always watches...
He's too warm for North American winter,
Shrinks from snowballs like firecrackers,
But then we go for ice cream, eat it
Walking in the park-
We complain about how cold we are
But love the taste of the open air 
Too much to go back to the car yet...
Besides, maybe he's only a little 
Taller than I am, but he's still
Big enough to shield me from
The worst of the wind chill-
He seems bigger here, somehow,
Taller among the trees...
I ask him what he dreams of,
He says, "De Guatemala."
I ask him what he dreams;
He tells me about the coa-coa trees,
Orange trees, mango, tangerine...
How he lived by a river,
Went swimming every day
Since it was always summer-
Tells me until my head is full
Of so much color that I wonder
How he can stand the oppressive
Weight of so much of gray...
It's been gray for so long, here...
He tells me how when he's sad
He always comes to the park
Because the trees feel like peace.
I ask him why he gets sad-
He says sometimes, he misses home,
But sometimes he doesn't know...
But that's okay-
Sometimes neither do I...
My best friend and I decide
To come to the park 
Together more often.

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spread your love

Where their is darkness
let their be light
Where there is injustice
let us put it right
where there is pain and suffering
let us heal it with love
and bless God the creator up above.

When someone is down
reach out your hand
and pick them up
when someone is thirsty
give them your cup
when someone is lost
show them the way
and bring joy and love
by spreading your love each day.

Peter Dome, copyright. 2012.

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I love you
By Lawrence M. Nunez

The first time I saw you,
 I remember the day,
Seem like just yesterday.
a bounce in your step,
A smile on your face, 
a twinkle in your eyes.
Without a word, 
You said I love you.

The first time I met you,
I remember the day,
Seem like just yesterday.
Introduced by a friend,
a warm embrace,
a gentle squeeze.
I was way too nervous 
To say then I love you.

The first time we kissed,
I remember the day,
Seem like just yesterday.
You held my hand,
I looked into your eyes,
Without a cue I stole a kiss.
Right then and there I knew,
I had to say baby I love you.

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Our Holiday Home

Christmas boxes full of memories down from the attic they come
The house was so quiet everyone starts to hum
A wonderful feeling being overcome by holiday cheer
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year

Boxes and boxes to go through finding something broken is my fear
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year
Here come the guys with their fresh cut tree
It will look beautiful just you wait and see

Our beautiful picture of Jesus forever hangs on our wall
The tree must set just right so the light on top upon Jesus will fall
Christmas is about our dear Savior in our home is quite clear
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year

As the tree is decorated we talk of past Christmases and our love
ones now passed on
We find peace being with each other and happy to know we have
kept one another from becoming withdrawn
A toast of cheer we raise to those in heaven and feel them so near
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year

It is a joy to come together with loved ones we hold so dear
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year
A family less fortunate then us we will visit this Christmas Eve
Spreading joy and love to the family and seeing their smiles as
they once again in our Lord believe

Christmas day does arrive...a beautiful day to which we thank 
our Lord above
The day or our dear Savior's birth whom without we would never 
have love
We sit at our table and say pray before we have our meal with
loved ones we hold so near
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year

Written By: Carol Brown
Written for: Holiday Hearth Contest
Sponsor: Linda-Marie
1st Place Winner

Entry for P.D.'s Best Holiday Poem Contest
4th Place

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We sing the same song

We sing the same song
We dance to the same rhythm
We clap to the same rhythm

We sing the same song
You may come to sing with us
And dance to the same rhythm
And clap to the same rhythm

We sing the same song
Do not come to sour our sweet music
with an unrythmic singing,
dance and clapping

We sing the same song
Do not come to spoil our music
Do not come to wipe our tears of joy
We can’t help losing out in laughter

We clap to the same rhythm
We dance to the same rhythm
We sing the same song………  

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'You and I'

If this was a perfect world you would be mine our journey started years ago by chance not even planning for it to still mean something after all this time... In the midst of your confusion the little bit that made sense led you back to me not planned, not predestined just time in a nutshell We get to do more now than we ever did before share more, even the dark side of worry seem to slip away through the cracks filling the not knowing to what might be no future mapped out, only today and all its treasures, I know the Master said don’t worry about tomorrow or your past focus on the now treasure what you have today I’ve learned that what we fear might not come through It’s part of living, wish I knew that the other day

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Sun and heat

                                    I would give you the sun,
                                 if you were scared in the dark.
                                      I would stop the rain,
                                       if you needed heat.
                                 I would have captured a star,
                                       to light up your path.
                                 I would give you the rainbow,
                                      if your days were gray.
                             With this little poem I will just say:
                                         I am here for you.

A-L  Andresen :)

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Hello Again

Hello again my impossible girl,
I've been looking for you in this always changing world
and I have you, my impossible girl.
But, is it always what it seems?
Because every now and then I'll think
and every now and then I will dream,
that my impossible girl has found me.
Because even if I have you, will you see me?
I find it harder and harder to concentrate on the future,
when my future doesn't have my impossible girl.
So as every ball of rock and dust enters the earth,
and every birthday candle blown, 
and every night at 11:11, 
I will wish for my impossible girl to finally see me,
her impossible man waiting, 
for his impossible girl.

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Look At Yourself

You love this man you claim, But still you flirt with others
On your hand you tattooed his name, Said I love you and
Caused so much pain

Getting drunk to feel alive,Solely but slowly your dying inside
Talk is cheap you say, Actions are what's real
The cards are on the table and it's time for you to deal

I tried to help you , All I could
And understanding, I thought you would
My trusting you would be, A great mistake indeed

Weak I know you're not, But selfish is what you are
I'm not trying to be rude, Or hurt you in any way
I just want you to get a clue and to live another day

You choose to live, Or you choose to die
It's not up to me, Not anymore
I gave you the options but the choices are yours
I'm looking at you, And all I can see
Is a frightened little girl, As fragile as can be

You ruined your life, When you began to drink
You hurt your children, Why didn't you think?
With alcohol and drugs , There's no way out
You'll always scream and shout about
You against the world, That is how you see
And all your loyal friends became enemies

You can't tell the day, You can't tell the time
All you can tell is what color of wine-
It is that you're drinking
You've lost all touch with reality...

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Love Poem Number 2

The first time I glimpsed your beautiful smile,
I couldn’t believe you were real, my ideal!
Your beauty captured my attention and soul ,
I could sense it immediately, you make me whole.
Now the distance between us and every moment apart,
is so painful and sad, it blackens my heart.
For you, my heart longs, your gentle, kind touch,
Your smiles, your pure love, its all just too much,
For my lonely sad soul to be far apart,
I crave you, I need you, you are my sweetheart!
Now that you have come into my black and white world,
Color abounds, and rainbows unfurled.
A new joy in my heart, for love once again I am filled,
A new hope, a new faith, happiness re-instilled.
You are my true joy, and hope for forever,
Im thankful for you and Im glad were together.

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                           True friendship can withstand all seasons.
                                Autumn tears, winter darkness.
                                 Springs joys and summer heat.
                     Thank you for being my friend through all seasons.

A-L Andresen :)

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Harbor Lights

you are as St Thomas….
          my friend
you are warm and serene
you are a tranquil isle
 in the midst of my chaos

thank you for your genial sand 
    and your amiable waves
        they hold me aloft 
     in my sea of sorrow

     you are a mellow place 
to disembark from the storm
      that sometimes rages 
      (a bit out of control)

you don’t try to change me
   you guide me to safety 
      in your kind way

your laugh lights me up 
  in moments of angst
when I flutter about 
    blind and wounded

Yes….you are just as St Thomas 
    with a balmy breeze
and endless ocean mystery
    brilliant in your clarity 
and sweet in your honesty

tropical island smile
     palm tree heart 
you sway with the tempest

a harbor with a beacon light
to shine my pathway bright

when rough times pummel
    you smooth the way
troubled Cobblestones 
        just disappear 
in the wake of your empathy
    (shoreline replaces) 
I see miles of infinite blue

and I can shine again 
    because of you…..

Dedicated to a very dear friend who has helped me and my heart in so many ways. To heal 
and to feel happy to be me. This poem was written to let him know how much he means to 

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Porn No More

I've watched the war from behind closed doors;
Eyes too glued to close.
And now knowing what's in store, there's porn no more.
God's love is the only hope we know.
We are forgiven because of the love that is Jesus.
We are saved because of the love that is Jesus.
We give our lives to the Father for we are His children and He loves us.
We are loved!
No matter what we've done, we are loved!
Confess and ask for forgiveness;
This is such a beautiful gift!
Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
You forgive me!
You save me!
You change me!
I am changed!
I am new!
I am renewed!
I am forgiven!
I am saved!
I am changed!
There's porn no more
For God's hope is in store!
There's porn no more
For God's love is the hope of the world!

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They help us,
When we are down.
They make us stand up,
And go on...

They make us smile,
They bring us hope,
They give us comprehension,
Worth to trust...

They give us a reason,
They make us forget our darkness,
They enlighten us in harsh moments...

They are designated for our lives,
They profile our living,
They bring us to life...

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The Men Sport of Persevering

The feeling of getting rocked for the first time is 
like losing your virginity. How I rise from the producers
decides if I like going down or hate getting up.

Yeah, they saw it. Eyes on me. The ubiquitous 
air is still hear. My ascetic body
still functions on this field of men.

Fighting for friends, flying around full speed.
Go! Go! Go! Epitomizes our support.
The brain yells stop, but the heart whispers fight.

Hard work minus teamwork equals intact pants.
Hard work plus teamwork squared equals a smile.
Perspiration in the eye, never felt better.

The weakest link of our chain better power up
because he who pays the piper will call this tune.
Turns out, I couldn’t cry over spilt milk, if it didn’t spill.

As celebratory we were, we endeavor to looked opportunity
in the eye and purloin her work clothes, 
before she is out of sight and out of mind

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I met you just today, At an unexpected time, And we talked. I shared with you today, Sweet memories of joy, And we laughed. I walked with you today, On crowded streets, And we rested. I wined with you today, Dark eyes across the table, And we touched. I left you just today, ‘Twas the sweetest farewell, And we parted. I remembered you today, Soft eyes in the sunset, And I cried.

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energy poem

lets roll into sweet wet grass, 
feed each other serpent and seed
grow strong beautiful wings
sing long -fly far far away
where the horizon joins hearts 
to a starry starry sea
place of emerald nests
fasten tight to gilded branches
in the glow of divinity
lets spin love until the sky turns black,
frolick into a froth,
pinwheel love into a higher 

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I miss women

And the magnitude with which they brim 

Overindulging their babybirds with crudités and warm hors d’oevres 
Tipping all girl evenings with a ferocious focus
And the champagne that pours from rouged lips, effervescence   

I miss their physicality 

Sister Polyhymnia squeezing a quivering hand, true poetry
The shoulder offered without question or hesitation
Another brushing my hair, motherly strokes, unhurried
Hugs that almost smother

I miss their emotionality 

the ten thousand words conveyed in a single wince
guest room ready, sagaciously  
a hiss
a prayer

and those railroad switch conversations, laughter traveling
                         on tears that comfortably fall,
       talk, small and other


            Marathon                Elections

     Wordsworth            New lock                  
            Angora sweater        He left me


Oh God, I miss them entirely

and I, a woman without women in close vicinity, 
miss who I am
who I think I am
who I may become
when I am amongst them. 

*For Bet. Sisterhood, a gift that I cherish.


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'My Field of Dreams'

In my field of dreams I see you Walking towards me With that smile on your face With promise and hope in your eyes Somehow your reflection has gone dim My hope at times too But Then I remember the life you lived It was all about hope All about not giving up Never forgetting to smile That will always remain – A bittersweet memory Times like tonight you are so close by Not physically But I can feel your breathe against my skin I can feel the warmth of your touch It’s not in the things you said, It’s in the way you did them Even when I miss you The most Still, I am thankful I was blessed with you Even if just for a little while
*the anniversary of my friend passing away is on the horizon. This write was inspired by that* ©271120121430

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Mexico Lindo

Mi Mexico lindo:

Burnt orange and ochre --

color de limon --

pineapple, lime, red pajaritos...

land of mananas, grace in mantillas...

balanced canastas, ojos expresivos.

Sunshine and heat, fiesta y corrida,

salt and tortilla, pride and tequila.

Frijol and machismo and chile con queso.

Adobe, caliche, sweet agua fria...

Mexico, te amo mucho, y su gente amable!

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'Where it all begun'

We reminisced about years long gone tonight and one thing became crystal clear, that even with the hardships and all the madness we became adults that can keep our heads high - We didn't have the best of everything tough times and mistakes made didn't keep us down it never determined who we'd be All the high school drama of stay a ways and walk outs could have made us falter the guys and their strawberry house the girls and their adult movies We can laugh about the madness now they are all fond memories all part of what makes us the adults we are today I salute you guys for never giving up for being the best you can be because you came from humbled beginnings and you never forgot where everything started... Hence your appreciation for the blessings today! *Inspired by a get together with some of my high school friends*

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It Is Time for Me to Tell You

Years, months, days How long has it been? How much more remains? If I could but meet each of you one time You would hear the words that are in my heart For years I have made close friends here Although only one have I actually met What you need to know now What I may not have said before Is how much you have enhanced the quality of my life Though I have few blood relatives You are my “family” Your encouragement has inspired me Your friendship has provided comfort Your offers of assistance have been overwhelming Be assured, I will live each remaining day to the fullest I will make every effort to let you know how dear you are to me Before me is a door to eternal life Light awaits on the other side But I will not shut that door upon making the transition My soul, my spirit will always be watching over you Praying for the best life has to offer you The diagnosis I can accept because of faith Losing you, I will never accept You will stay with me throughout my journey Memories of my poetic “family” Will never fade Years, months, days How long has it been? How much more remains?
*Entry for Michael’s contest: "If You Could Say Now What You Didn’t Say Then" By Carolyn Devonshire, August 5, 2011

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Part I of Indian Summer

The air fills with blue, and the greens catch fire
The hammerlight of Summer
With little mouse-steps,
Steals off into apricity.

I divide my days
Between wine and responsibilities
As a child divides his
Between play and obedience.

The time itself, at its best,
Is wine to me,
Full of light and flavors
Vying for my attention.

The aptly named Sept/ember
Ignites itself against the skies
And sets my thoughts asmoulder;
The inspiration I have begged and badgered
To arrive, does so at last
By its own rule, on its own clock
In the deep of the night
While I should be asleep.

I awake,
Dreams close behind my shoulder,
And find myself at this crossroads,
Inexorably older.

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In his footsteps

On his shoulders 
he carried 
when I tarried 
when young.
He’d huddle me close,
and tell me the stories
Of how he grew up.
The things that he loved to do most.

Correct me when wrong.
And punish when bad he’d
Protect me from harm,
And when ill -
He’d wrap me in blankets,
And nurse by my side,
Till one day I grew up
And rebelled.

In your footsteps 
You wanted
Me to have followed,
And done everything by your will.
But I’m my own person,
So listen to my side,
Are you in with me this time
Or still…?

Do you not answer?
Hear my pain call?
As I struggle to find my own way.
Is it time I departed?
Is it time that I learnt?
To have my own will
What d’you say?

Well I’m sorry 
You’re silent.
You’re so disappointed.
But I know that you feel
I am wrong.
I can’t take this no longer
I’m so full of anger.
To my misery
Is there no end?

Well I’m out!...
Do you hear me?...
Dont misunderstand me.
I’m grateful for what you have done.
But for now
I don’t know me.
I don’t know the answers.
I’ll pack up my things and be gone!

But then
you say to me
Just listen – child listen,
One day 
you will settle
You’ll see.
You’ll be married. 
With children.
Putting food on the table -
Working hard to bring in the dough
Then you’ll think of these words
Just follow my footsteps
That way you will
Come to no harm.

And the voice in your head
Will silently say -
I told you,
Was right all along.
I’m your father
I taught you to follow 
my footsteps;
To know what is right and
Whats wrong!

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Don't Worry it's Okay

There I go again
Dropping the ball
Hoping, praying
it will bounce back into awkward hands
I stumble upon my rubbered legs
Falling beyond athletic aspirations
Never much for teamworks disappointments

I listen as the opposition cheers
One step closer to their dreams
My shoulders slumped
Inside my head I want to scream
I was never part of this team

My frustration erupts from my eyes
Nothing but disdain from bigger guys
I drop my glove, head off the field
Perhaps some distance will be a shield

Then one guy walks over to me
He says, "dont worry it's okay.
They're just a bunch of jerks anyway.
With more practice you'll learn to play,
we can get together another day."

With that he gives me a smile
I say "I'll be okay in a while"
He is cool and now my friend
At least I hope it's not pretend

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Falling In Like

I love it when you hold me close, and always want to play.
How in the morning you message me; on every single day.
When you call me every night, before I close my eyes-
Or always tell the truth; never any lies. 

When I get to see your passion with every story that you tell,
How even when you’re angry, those feelings never dwell. 
I love that you protect me, from everything around;
That even when I’m lost, I know that I’ll get found. 

I love that whenever you start to drive, you make me kiss your cheek.
How my stomach gets butterflies with each sweet word you speak.
That you cuddle me for a moment and then turn on your side,
That all of your accomplishments and family give you pride. 

I love that you support every decision that I make,
That even if you’re embarrassed of things- you’ve never acted fake.
How you always want me to be happy, no matter how I feel.
That even when we make things up- it’s never been more real. 

How you always make these plans, that often tend to change;
When you smile at my senseless jokes, and when I’m acting strange.
That you always say I’m pretty, even when I don’t think that it’s true-
How you think that I’d want anyone else; when all I want is you.

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Fast Friend

I saw him in my office, He seemed so small. His eyes were large and sad. His name was Pete. His mother said that he was "slow." His sister, Sissy, she was "great:" The lead in the Christmas play, The best pianist in school, A "straight A" student, A great helper around the house, A true gem! But, Pete was slow, A handful who needed to be watched. They'd had him tested, to make sure. Pete's eyes were troubled; His daddy knew he wasn't slow. He could outrun the fastest, And, outsmart the smartest on the block. But, then... his daddy was gone And his momma didn't know. I took them to their classrooms . . . "This is Sissy, you are lucky. Put her with the best, For she is tops in everything." Let me take Pete by myself. We stopped along the way and talked. "I'm Mr. C, and I know You're fast like me. I also know you're smart. Do you like to hike?" We made a bargain to be friends. He promised to bring me samples of his work . . . This would prove that he was smart. And, I would race him once a day This would prove that he was fast. "Miss T., this is Pete He's my friend, I will see him once a day. He's fast and smart; Pleae help him stay that way." To prove that he was fast . . . He ran the children down. He brought me terrible work . . . To show me he was smart. But, he learned to be the boss . . . To make the letters stay on lines And numbers to correctly add. His strength and speed he did control . . . After sitting on the bench. Each day he came and leaned on me. We talked and laughed And sometimes cried. He learned to be wise and strong. He became a MAN, With heart and soul, And helped his sister . . . Who fell down.

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Dance with Me

I never thought my soul could feel so much
Until I felt the warmth of your smile
I heard the music in your voice 
Such meaning in your eyes
How you look at me
All that you give
Tears of joy

Is it wrong of me to dream such a life I ask
To think your presence in my life endless
I feel so connected friendship first
You light a fire deep within me
Awakening me from a sleep
I can finally feel again
Divine Intervention
Brought me to you
You to me

All the happiness and light that fills me within
If only you could feel all that I feel inside
Sunshine that inspires buds to bloom
Light from only the brightest stars
A candle burning just for you
Flame and wax dancing
Romantic and Latin

Intimate conversations that require no words
Invoke so much warmth heart to heart
Content and so happy as could be
To be in each other’s company 
Never wanting you to leave
Love wearing you on me
Your aura so unique
You complete me

When one such time comes and my life ends
Dance a slow dance with my dust - ashes
Think of our many moments together
Raising me to my next life plane
I will await to meet you next
Hope you remember me
I will remember you
Through time

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bejewell the dying elephant

i bejewell dying elephants,
scrape the mire from tired pillar feet
wash away the gray
reveal the soul satin pink...again
i rub their tired tusks
scrub away the stained grooves
shade great wild eyes 
from scavenger sun

i have no use for the strong at its peak
or haughty in its prime,
it's tiresome sparring with Mr. Jones
because he has more time than i
to kiss the hedges and keep his trim in line

yes, i'm a good down friend
but those days are at an end
because down 
can only bring you down
or at best break even
and i need to get up
before somebody shades my eyes from death... 
i bejewell dying elephants

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Take Me

They played reverse psychology with his mind He felt so stupid Like everything he had ever believed was a lie The auras are bad, we continued to say They are not good Test the spirits…test the spirits He went haywire He pushed away How could we blame him? His body was not his own Come to grips, we told him The doctors don’t understand But still we must not jump to conclusions You are strong; you have God The upper hand If I lift this bed will you think otherwise? Lift the entire world and I will see nothing of you You are nobody compared to him in my eyes Your wonders are for wonderment alone You wander and then you stay You prey prey prey Those that prey desire nourishment Those who prey lack strength And to grab onto the youngest Mistaking him for stupid and weak That is below everything unworthy That is just pathetic Whatever you are You are not him And surely not worthy of a line of acknowledgement You hurt my closest friend And it is on You will be the reason The fire of my claws flare You will be the very thing I will devour It preyed on his innocence It made itself his friend Acting the hero Burning him to nothing in the end Come to grips, we said No more writing No more imagination The auras are not good He is not good! Laura is not good! Life life life is not good! You prey on a sick, young boy You are messing with a demon like me! I will tear you to shreds for the next flaw you set fire to! Believe me I will hide more under the timbers And I will crawl out Spewing perversity and hate And drag you in with me True colors will surround you I realize you have the power To kill my loved one I stake alone I hand the burning torch to you And with fire surrounding me I spit and hiss Take me Take me instead I know you want all And all live in me You cannot turn down my offer Become me And I will destroy me

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Diamonds in your Eyes

I know when I see it
My heart skips a beat
Blush reaching my cheeks
As our eyes meet

A flitter so quick
But wow what a kick
Wanting another glimpse
Maybe it was just me

Will you be looking
If I take another peak
Do I even dare to
What will you think

For once in my life
Take a chance, try
Get the courage
Take that peak

So what if I blush
Or if he sees me stare
Maybe he is feeling
Just like me, scared

Looking up to glance
To my surprise
We catch each other out
The glimmer, the smile
The Diamonds in your eyes

Written for Diamonds in your eyes 

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Love Needs No Words

You've been my caregiver so many times.
Surgery after surgery you were there. 
Never a complaint came from your lips-
Bathed me, fed me with loving care. 
All of this was behind us, we thought,
Until this year-

Oh, love, friend, soulmate of mine,
This year another surgery I fear.
A caregiver I'll need once again my love.
You laid your hand upon my shoulder,
As our heads touch, my tears did flow.
Two hearts became one, a sad note it did beat.
Love needs no words. 

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Duck Side Story

You have your North side ducks, 
And you have your south side ducks.
Neither the twain shall meet.
For each one had his nose in the air. 
They simply would not do the greet.

So as it happens they would dance with flair in the middle of the pond.
Always trying to out do the other side…Yes, let’s call it ‘Stomp The Pond’
Wings in motion lifting them up, to stomp the waters with their feet
Acrobatics and splashing around… Man it looked so neat.

So Stella, one of the South Side Ducks fell in love with her North side Pete.
But she couldn’t cross the middle of the pond, with so much action in the way.
Fussing, blustering, and carryings on were the name of the day.

But you know, there’s always one strange duck, and that’s the one who built a bridge.
Now all the others could come across or watch the stomp from the middle of the id.
My moral, I say to you young ones… is as appealing as stomping can be…
The world works better when brought together… 
By the builders of a bridge.

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When you go back, To places in the past, And search for friends You left behind . . . You will not find them. Like you, time and space Have taken them away From yesterday . . . That misty isle That floats in memory. From the puzzle, Each took a piece . . . And changed it. . . . And, now . . . The pieces do not fit; And the picture that is made Is one you never knew.

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Finding Friends

                                              Finding a friend
                                        Is like searching for gold
                              There are lots of stones to be washed
                              Until one finds that little lump of gold


15th.January 2012

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Amy here I ammm!!

Here's the truth @my about P.D.
I will knock you off your key bored rapidly
Envy you are, of my ghetto rhyming slam
Shh!!Who really cares who I AM
"lmfao!"Your slam back was a lame attack
My poetic illusions will drop you way back
Look Mrs.Thing your idea is all whack
Trying to tag me with your v.d. laying in your sack
It did not take much to soften you up a bit
This Destroyer knew exactly where to hit
P.S. You are lucky I am not a man, 
or else I'd be FREAKING you where you stand

You are the one who was  born, and breeded  on a ranch
Are you trying to tell me that any Cock-a- doodle doo for you
I get it @my trailer trash corner stop queen
Your an easy CRACKER to break, Without buttering you up with cream
Time for you to play quiet, before my slam hits you like a riot

Funny how you think all Mexicans come with food stamps
This bodacious *MEX*babe  has an ego your white @$$ can't touch
@my stop before I hit you like a menstrual cramp
Stop e-mailing me to join your  Girl Scout cookie gang
@my we all know how low you go to get a bang

Get yourself off that corner park
Your undies are leaving a nasty  trade mark
With a smelly stain saying @my pulls more than a trix out your hat.
We all know how you trailer trash red heads roll
Always bending and posing like a dirty rat

Thank you for the GRAND SLAM, sadly I am still hungry
Do you still need a ride when your shift ends at DENNY'S
Sorry babe I will pass on the invite to drink 
I have no license to baby-sit  Hillbilly's with attitude
Okay moonshine don't  need your white out puking all over P.D.
What's that smell is it the pubes stuck between your teeth
Hey White Chick my IQ level is bigger than your crack
Here you go I tucked your Camel-Toe back
Stupidity like yours is always gonna get you smack
I have no use for your wise cracks
Go shoot them up your veins, before you get a withdraw attack
Okay friend when you are ready to slam back
Don't bring your tea pot party backpack
Thanks for calling me a sweetie, I also offer you my pity
Miss thing you ain't got what it takes to slap me till I fall
When you thought I was a man didn't you offer me a booty call
Okay @my trailer trash wanna be a star
Bending over for cash ain't gonna get you far

Yes  I sit when I take a wiz, but if I could stand I'd spell
Your name @my and smile while I jerk my hand to your dirty slam
It's time for me to slow down my role  home girl
No need to cry, while my slam makes your head twirl

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More important than life itself

On some English grass
On a piece of land forever England
Warriors of the realm
Take holy orders, on their Fathers grave
To defend the honour of their local pub
For this is the noble art of Sunday league Football

The crowds bay for blood
Shouts of foul and blind as a bat
The decision absurd
The referee a drunkard
Shouts of bar steward,
And your mothers questionable character
Cleaned up for posterity

The game goes on
Frank, the winger another yellow card
Another fine, I fear he will be barred

Groans for Bill a night watchman by trade
I think he’s a blade (Sheffield United supporter)
But not a very good keeper I’m afraid

Then there’s the striker
Super king Jack, 40 a day and a cough to match
Will need a penalty to score in this match

What about ken, a beer belly full back,
Rarely runs for fear of a heart attack
And slugger the centre half
Likes to break legs,
And still the only guy to sup a half a keg

Smooth talking tommy pulls birds on the six yard line
Greased black hair, and knobbly knees to match
Still Skill is not this team’s forte, for we are Britain’s

Taking part is our religion
Lost another game two nil
But won three two at fighting, brill

Bottom of the league
Fines galore
First Aid in the pub
A good drink after
Enemies in the field, but forever friends in laughter.
That’s Sunday football league

Home to the wife
And Sunday dinner, roast beef and Yorkshire pud 
Another bottle of bud
Feet up, settee calls
Dreams of Wembley, and Sheffield Wednesday
Not a bad life for this Yorkshire clan
Here in Sheffield where football began.

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An Ode to LIFE Part 1

An Ode To LIFE

As I lay my head down and start to fall asleep I see myself being carried off to a place and time the place of our Lords birth in Bethlehem of Judea

As in the Bible tells the story of His life and how he lived and died in that human seance and rose on the day He told of

I do not remember being here but I remember the story I was taught so many years ago

As I walk through the streets of Bethlehem I see each scene  and hear  every word as I am learning the story they telling is true

The writer writes of a jealous King  and his way of dealing with his people and of Mary and Joseph who came to Bethlehem to have a child

The story tells of the three wise men  who saw a star in the north and heard of a child  who was born to be the King of the Jews  and come to see and bring Him gifts 

An  angel from the Heavens above came to Mary and Joseph in a dream and told them they had to leave Bethlehem or King Herod would have their son killed 

So they left Bethlehem and went to Egypt and there they lived until King Herod no longer ruled

As I follow along in my dream I see each scene  and hear  every word as I am puzzled by the fact I understand each

I don’t understand why I’m going through this time but I know I must continue on this journey 

As I am pulling through a time where I reach the place of Jesus’ in  Nazareth of Galilee

As I watched Him grow and work in His father's shop I could see the thing in Him that were with me

As I walk along the streets and look around I hear the people talk of a child that speaks of wondrous love that’s all forgiving and of a Father in Heaven that’s loving and true.

By Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Copyright 2013

                                                            Inspired by God

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Who is there? Come in and sit with me. 
I welcome you to my home. 
Why do I welcome you so? 
You are hated, feared, attacked and fired upon, 
treated as a foreigner poised to take a land that is not yours. 

Are you death? “No!” Are you a messenger of death? “No!” 
Are you a friend, a companion who comes to travel with me? 
Why have you come to me? 
Was it something I did? Has my family sent you? 

Please leave me! I have not asked to be tortured. 
You will walk with me until the end of my days? 
I will embrace you as my friend. 
You will be there when others have left me or when they can no longer walk with me… 
You are not an angel of death but in disguise an angel of life… 
You will take my body to the grave, but my spirit to heaven… 
To you my friend I owe my life… You have never been welcomed. 
I not only welcome you my friend… 
I embrace you and the news you bring. 

With out you life would become tedious and dull. 
You break up the monotony of repetition. 
When others have turned away as if I have done something unforgivable, 
you embrace me little by little. I will not fight you. 
I will not attempt to poison you! 

No… I say! 
Do not take from me this my friend… 
My friend knows the path I travel. 
My friend will walk with me until I walk no more. 
And my friend will lay me down and fold my hands across my chest. 

Don’t weep for me. 
I have reached my destination. 
My friend traveled with me and when I fell… my friend was there. 
My companion until the end… 
and he asks nothing of me for I give willingly.

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The Gift Of Friendship


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The Name of Jesus

Whisper me the sweet sound of freedom,
The sweet sound found in Your Name,
Holy and Heavenly freedom,
All in the Name of Jesus!

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A Fable on Friendship-The Strawberry and the Bee

The Strawberry and the Bee –A Fable on Friendship

Hidden away in a magical garden lived a single honey bee.
Busily buzzing along enraptured by the sweetest melody.
Busily transferring pollen from one plant to the next
When he stumbled upon the sweetest strawberry
He had ever laid eyes on.
“I must pick this strawberry and keep it all to myself,” he thought.
Thinking all the while how he could latch it upon his back.
Along came a fuzy wuzzy caterpillar searching for a noonday snack.
He invited himself to join in on the conversation between
The bee and himself.
“I’ve carried many berries upon my back ushering them to my den.”
“If you allow me to assist you with this endeavor you will surely make a friend. 
So the busy bumble bee took upon himself a new friendship.
This was a new journey for him for he had no real friends  and he
Lifted the strawberry to his new friend’s back.
They marched off together side by side wonderig what adventure would be 
What is the moral to this story you might ask?
Cast your burdens on eachother and alwayswalk beside one another.
Let the love of your Creator make your hearts light. 
Oh! And finally, always make room in your heart for another friend may come 
along when you least expect it!

Gwendolen Rix

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'I felt it too'

I sometimes still picture you Laying there Not saying a word Just staring at me You said so much in that few minutes Not sure if you ever realised it You said things with your eyes We were both, Too scared to admit Neither of us uttered a word - Just the understanding of a love shared There is only one thing I would like to add to that night Just the words “Yep I feel it too” The chemistry The love Uncomplicated And yet it meant the world Our alone time will always be treasured, I know you're still with me Just not physically But I do feel your presence In the music The weird things and times That reminds me of you… Our time was short together, But we had the best of times Without a label being attached I still want you to know “Yep I felt it too”
Written by Wilma N. Neels Dedicated to a dear friend that passed away on my birthday on 25 December 2006 060920111445

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Italian Memories

34 years after leaving Rome
We track each other down
By means of the Internet,
Then catch up on the phone.
School buddies
Team mates, soccer fans.
Tico asked about my father,
“ Died” I said 
His too.
We remembered them fondly
The spicy crackers my Father tricked him 
To eat 
Still burn in Tico’s mind.
Many memories were brought up,
His sailor cap
Watching whores at work
 From the privacy of my balcony
More soccer facts…
We’ve exchanged our wives and kids photos
Our own,
Promised to see each other again
Keep in touch.
I wonder if it’s a good idea,
Why spoil better days
Now that I have a hernia.

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The Light

They praise me like a saint,
But I am a sinner;
They don't know the man they see.
I am an addict.
Broken eyes to pornography,
Only Jesus can set me free.
Only by His death on the cross
And the grace of His Father's love
Am I able to be set free.
With God as The Light,
The One and Only Light,
The Only Hope in sight,
Will I be set free.
I am free.

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 Friends are special in our lives
A friend is like a sister or brother that will stand by your side 
Friends that will hear you laugh or cry
A friend might fight and argue, but still there till the end 
A friend is there to love the person that you 
A friend does not walk away and pass judgment 
A friend helps holds your hand and walks beside you
A friend is there to hold your innermost secrets to the end
A friend is honest and trustworthy
A friend just like you

By eve roper 10/4/2014

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My Colours

I want to say something, it is buried beneath layers
Layers, layers of pain’t, layers of different colours.
Reds for the times I’ve bled, blue for the times I flew, 
Carried by the wind over valleys of green, stone grey mountains,
Silvery seas, white-feathered wings tickled by the breeze.

You say you tease

I want to say to you, I see your colours too
Your reds, yellows and blues, perhaps even 
The shades you hide, the ones where my finger begins to scratch
The surface, just a little. I hope I don’t break a nail! 
I smile as the colours chip, revealing a tender bit, 

You say you tease

My favourite colours are: green; the green that’s underneath
The old boat jetty by the lake, when the sun shines through,
Blue; my eyes are green yours are blue, the mixture of the two
Red; yes definitely the red of a fresh drop of blood from being stung by
The roses you will send me when you begin to fall for me.

You say you tease

As your colours emerge, I wonder will I see colours that are layered upon me. 
Perhaps shades of the same, there are 120 different shades of white
A spectrum in which we shall find some commonality
I am willing to explore and so therefore I ask you
Please don’t tease me anymore.

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We Are All In This Together

We all have a story to tell.
Ups and downs,
Together, we've been through it all;
God has led us through it all.
Trust Him;
It's all for a reason.
All your pains,
All your struggles,
All your hurts-
They're all for a reason.
God has a bigger plan,
One we cannot see.
Trust Him and pray.
We are all in this together.
Together, we have been through it all.
Ups and downs,
We are family-
Brothers and sisters in Christ.
We are friends.
Most importantly,
We are family.
Let's love one another like God loves us.
Let's help each other out
And help each other up with loving hands.
We are His children.
We are His servants
Together on His mission
To love, save, and change the world
For the better.
We are all in this together.
Listen to His praises ring;
Let's praise Him together.
Listen to sister Fantasia sing,
"Sometimes you gotta lose to win again."
Thank You Father!

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Thunderstruck Sunshine

The clouds shook
A thick, black, very wet blanket out
In the Southeastern quadrant 
Of the New Mexico firmament,
Complete with lightning
And growling, crackling,
Massive basso-profundo sound effects,
Inviting the sun to rest,
Take a load off, 

Abrasively radiant,
Helios glared a brilliant, heated, passionate,
Steamy smile
Into the arid monsoon skies

And refused Storm’s invitation
To lie down and go to bed

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A Sinner Like God

“I have forgiven mother”
She tarries with hope
that the good woman will pray her clemency for her own sins, 
but that hour is expired; 
Gee grew a strong wit
"Mother is no longer my burden"
Jesus came from hard conscience to corroborate her lies
The WORD written in black and white:
“Us twain is now one; for this reason I depart from her”
Three moons less than time in the safety of the womb is slight

In the past mother was necessity, 
but she grew weary of the pace;
her birth city received her
The old Jewish woman was left
with stage three pressure ulcers
while the twain bender in Atlantic City
Their backsides were not masked by mother’s conformity
My mother's now defiant fingers work dutifully in another excrement, 
goat stool in her callaloo garden

Before the recession, money was tossed in all directions;
I took hold of a few green ones.
She lived to outdo her alliance, 
but high seat killed Miss. Thomas’ cat
Mother watched her outshone the Jones
The recession was never her downfall;
immorality got the better of her. 
Jesus was overlooked
“put the WORD to work,
compensate the guardian of your youth”

She had to let a nation know how well off she was
Her enemies know her silver spoon was achieved
Her splurges buried ethics, and smiles were wide as graves
She let me know in scripts:
“A new being I am now; My shine is unlike years ago”
Vanity is not here in show, but her heart remains the same
Like the Jewish elder, mother is spurned 
with bruising on her heart.

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This Thing Called Love

Twas just the greatest treasure,

that Mankind has ever found. 

Yet its bounty is not hidden inside a chest, 

nor buried underground, 

It won,t be all piled up and shining in a mound, 

You won,t need a key to unlock it, 

in fact it,s not even bound, 

Yet it can be found, 

by just about anyone, 

from a panda to a hound, 

You do not need x-ray eyesight, 

nor ears that hear the slightest sound, 

No, this thing-a-ling almost anyone can bring, 

In fact its all around. 

It comes from deep, deep, deep inside, 

with blessings from the Man above, 

It comes sometimes in an instant, 

sometimes it nestles in like a glove, 

What is this one thing, 

that makes you want to sing, 

and live peacefully like the dove, 

It introduces all Queens to her King, 

Why of course, 

this thing is Love.

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What have I done?
I became the speech 
of starless night. 

Oh! I almost melted
hearing God
in you,
not ‘cause of guilt I should’ve owned. 
‘Twas really you, your voice 
inducing ism of greater self.

Show me some 
not by telling me
your present.

You were wrong 
when you predisposed 
my past 
has something 
to do with my sorrow.

Do I still have 
to swallow 
when you’ve already cast 
the first stone?

Ah, whatever you think! 
It matters 
no anymore
for I to my grave 
the sweetness of your tongue
...once mine.

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What r u looking for

Lazy Sundays, a sleep in until whenever, sunny day bbq or a driving adventure, come to think of it - What is it that you are looking for?

A romantic dinner for two, a glass of wine or more, having laughs or chatting down to the core – do you even know what you are looking for?

A modern day Jane Austen, a sure thing, a quick fling or a just never go there kind of ‘ing’  – whatever it is – are you sure you know what you are looking for?

Pealing back the layers, finding out what’s inside, knowing and taking your time –  is that the person you are looking for?

High energy plus, taking life by the scruff, making the most of every moment, climbing mountains until your stuffed  – is that what you are looking for?

Have you any idea, do you really even care, or can you be bothered, or have you not even thought - about what it is that you are looking for?

A crazy path of twist and turns, experience's that burn, the thought has you churning - are you even game enough to think about the kind of person you may be looking for?

Take a chance, life’s too short, have some fun, to keep company, have good conversation, just hangin out , or to just be close to someone.

What ever it is – if you get the chance fill the gap and seek out what, or the kind of who you are looking for.....

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My lovey Labrador, and dearest companion 
It's you I adore,
A gentle softness in those eyes so wise,
Beyond her years, a wisdom’s understanding,
Is she whom once saved my life.
Pitch black as the darkest night, Miss Midnight,
Lying next to me, keeping safety’s vidual.
Crossing the heart's unreliable beat, my heaven
Set assist girl, comes to the rescue,
Alerting me when I'm at risk.
Daddy's sweet darling, apple of his
Eye, no pooch could match
 Their devotional love, for one
Another except mine.
A drop-off fugitive, left alone to
Fend for herself as a puppy.
We two my husband and I, fell
Head over heels for misfortunes
Saddest of stories.
Little to realize one day she'd
Do the same for me, so it is
Truth within itself, that fate
Does move in mysterious
Shes not a family pet,
But a member instead,
We love her as if she
Were always one of our
Own, and she'll always
Have a place, in this world
To call home.
Whom needed the other
The most she or I, it matters
Not, for now we have
Each other, and really 
Isn't all that counts.
Loves bond forever, two spirits
United, within the heart.


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Gait Keeper

Gait Keeper

The limp is more pronounced on days like these,
cold rain and chilling breeze.  The hitch in his giddy-up
causing his head to angle slightly, correcting for the
sway.  His eyes seem a bit less bright yet still alert
while the tail, that ever enthusiastic metronome of
friendship, wags, and waits.  So we walk a little slower,
a little less far, sharing the tempo of age and a
love that knows no desire to walk alone.

Submitted for Regina Riddle 
Animal Poem contest

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The Strand

This expanse of land has seen things. 
Things all of us can only see in dreams.
It's seen war, it's gotten it's fair share of scars.
Bombs bursting, bullets throwing sand into the air like it's a volleyball tournament.
The sand running red with blood silently mocking our arteries.

This magnificent stretch of land has seen heroes' tears fall; dropping to their knees while sadness envelopes their fallen brothers but also looking up to their beloved whilst carrying a ring in their hand. 

It's seen bright days, the sun glimmering over wet sand, footprints of past loves being washed away as the sun smacks the horizon. 

This expanse of land...has seen things we can only imagine.


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The Lyric Man

Most of you know him as Dave 
I know him as the kind heart that he is 
Lately I’ve been reading his poetry 
I think his heart is as wide as the sea 

Every day he leaves his special mark 
He has the faith of an angel’s lark 
He is sensitive and kind, a sweet one
To collab with well it’s alot of fun 

I have grown fond of him, this friend 
He’s a top notch poet & a priceless gem  
Leave him a comment & go press send
He is a poetry soup success in tandem

Written by: Mystic Rose 
In dedication to my friend Dave, 
Thank you xxx

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I suffered a Broken Heart when I lost my LOVE, my WIFE LENORE
I thought I would never heal, never find another LOVE; but I did!
Her name Barbara Jean, a Poetry Queen, the owner of my new Heart

Oh, the tears of joy I wept, the Dreams of LOVING YOU, I Slept
The Memories of Loving YOU I wept, in a World of Sorrow, I slept
Barbara Jean brought me to life, Barbara Jean : Will YOU be my Wife?

Of course not, I’m not worthy to have the chance , to be enhanced
By a POETESS, a Woman ; that I Love, with every beat of my Heart
She took a broken Heart, shattered and Splattered, and tore it apart
 tiny pieces of Heart survived with memories of YOUR Life, YOUR Love

                                         To be cont.

I love YOU ; BARBARA JEAN, with Everything left in my Destroyed Heart

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Sweetheart Cake

How awfully dull eating soup would be if one didn’t have some Sweetheart cake Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of it? Well let me divulge to you what it is… It’s this luscious multi-layered heart-shaped cake hmmm, sort of a cake within a cake that has this rich, yummy filling substantial yet very attractive too It’s made of the finest sugar, the softest flour that sparkly, glittery kind—Italian I believe oozing with extravagance and sweetness that has this super special flavor in it There definitely is none like it but it really is unique and special, as only Sweetheart cake should be, and it has the finest chocolate curls too Having one slice isn’t enough since Sweetheart cake calls for more it’s made to be shared and loved, to be super generous and super sweet! One gets inspired through Sweetheart cake bet you’d be churning poems left and right So yup, soup would definitely be dull without having a piece of this super special cake I’m really happy with Sweetheart cake, and like they always say, there’s always, always room for dessert! And I love it that way!! **September 18, 2010** hugs to you Linda & Irma! written for Irma’s Linda contest :)

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A Special Kind of Love

An unbreakable bond is what we share
Our love is genuine and rare
Beautiful memories of you and I
Laughing, smiling and joking
Unafraid to be ourselves
We are mother and daughter

Openly talk about whatever is on our mind
We fully trust one another with our deepest thoughts
We are best friends
How awesome is that?!
Never have to pretend
We can just be ourselves

We love each other unconditionally
Occasional attitude
Moody ways
And those not so good days,
Will never change the way we feel
Our love is one of a kind

We don’t always see eye to eye
But we communicate to make things right
Never stay upset with one another for too long
For our love is much too strong
An undeniable bond

You are my daughter and I am your mother
Always there for one another
Fully supporting and encouraging each other’s dreams
Uplifting, never discouraging
We are each other’s biggest fans
We are one

Kiss and hug each other on a daily basis
Show each other love and appreciation
I’ m an image of you and you’re an image of me
We are very special to one another
Mother and daughter is what we are
We Are Each Other’s Heartbeat!

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The Magik Of Love

Reflections in the mirror were getting scary I could not carry the weight of my pain it almost took my life to learn to love again for I have made a friend somewhere along my long lost way I hope that I helped him just a fraction of how he helped me maybe that single thought is what finally gave me my peace enough to release so much stolen energy Now I am not afraid to walk where the streets are hot for I thrive in Hell's kitchen where the devil stirs my pot for I now have him quiet tame I sacrificed my dragons at the alter of my name and now you are my slaves any time I need I'll call upon my superhero's to come and rescue me like my Saint Toni who swept me off that bridge and showed my how a death can be the greatest reason to live for she was the seed to grow my Eden then a man from a foreign land gave me something in myself to believe in the magik of Love.

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The Cat House

I know a place where cats enjoy long life, 
where human intervention is tolerated, 
where only cats are allowed 

It is where they rule, decide their fate, 
to go hunting or sleep late, 
prowl their border, look for a mate, 
food abundant, early or late, 
no need for a snack with an always full plate 

Non-skid litter lines their bathroom floor, 
ideal for completing their daily chore, 
no need for flushing, gets covered instead, 
when it reaches its peak, mysteriously disappears, 
automatically replenished, 
a new floor every other day or more 

When night time falls they are free to prowl, 
crouching tigers one and all, 
waiting to pounce at the slightest noise,
or attack a shadow suddenly appearing on a wall, 
their prey, rarely actually exists,
makes no difference, 
prowling is not something they would ever miss, 
immediately after a good prowl,
onto their bed, a good stretch,
sleep away until daylight

Come first light their tummy signals its time to eat, 
they check out their food bowl,
if stale, 
it is time for humans to wake 

Hunger sated, find a sunbeam to bask and wait, 
awaiting a signal, to do whatever their mind dictates 

Ah, such a place is the mind of a cat,
from where they rule and dictate, 
how we humans who love them,
make their life great

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6200 Days

Got your text since you won't call
My nerves go crazy, 
My hand shakes
Standing in the record store 
I'm about to break
I leave, 
Drive home, 
Hear message alerts on  my Alcatel phone
All this texting..give me a break!

Once again not listening. 
I've said  few times before
You text an issue, I'll ignore
You got a problem call!
Yo, we'll solve it..
Not for you? 
Obviously a solution isn't what your about
Just getting *****off your chest
Now I got beef
No call means you don't care
At least it suggests
My mind doesn't matter to you
I say things, you laugh
But not with me, 
At me, like a virus email blast
Well, I'm done. 
People get what they deserve, 
I deserve better,
I'm not above or below you
But a real relationship can't exist via text

When we hang out, 
Always myself
Get home
Few hours later
You have a problem with a joke
Oh my gosh, 
Stop being so touchy
And you say I'm the one being grumpy? 
Doesn't go your way
Seems your cutting strings with everyone in the play

It's not all you, 
It's my fault too
Some may argue I'm mentally handicapped
But 6200 days this was long overdue

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To : AMY & YOU

For one moment I thought you new me.
no not just yet!
i really have no time to explain
i like the mystery you can not see
did you know to me you and everyone else
are a mystery
come on Amy every one here is a mystery
every thing i write  is not about me
for all you know i like horses to

come clean,  most say
clean to what i am just like every one else
a face with a question mark
but thanks for the write
it was very nice to know you think about me.
also tell Billy your friend i said hi

a special friend i want you to make of me
besides we are on the same poetry team
we will just ask everyone else 
what they think of me

i tried to change my name 
give you guys a clue
all i got was soup mail
telling me to change it back to P.D.
now AMY i will leave you with one fact about me
my friends call me the 


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Peace Is Needed For Pete's Sake

Imagine children waking up to bombs and sirens in the night.
Parents calming their children's screams of fright.
Rockets bursting in air.
People fleeing their homes, cries of anguish in their voices.

Violence, suffering, dying, too much-
Children homeless, parentless, living on streets.
Peace is needed for Pete's sake.

Politics, religion, race, and greed-
People world wide open your eyes.
We're destroying our human race.

Allow the children to hear laughter again.
Laying their heads on a love one's lap,
Lifting fears and giving them hope
A brighter future for man, woman and child.
Is that asking for too much?

Nothing but destruction in minds of many.
Stop, stop destroying humankind.
Find peace and heal in time.

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Love always remembers

I cry as my hands tremble,
As my soul shivers in the cold void that is my life,
And within that abyss I am filled with woe.

Sadness that enveloped because I never held you in my arms,
I never felt you'r sweet kiss,
I never heard you'r soft voice whisper into my ear- 
I love you,
you never said those words I long to hear- 
I do.

Yet I know that whoever I meet and wherever I go,
nothing will compare to the perfect moments,
I experienced only when I was with you.

For those joyous times we spent joking- Laughing-
Playing- those Precious memories far out-weigh the

You will always and forever be in my heart...

Because love always remembers.

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What is a family

It’s not the location of the family, it’s the location of your heart.

It’s a smile that fits like a glove made especially for you.

It’s a tear that erases the years of your absence.

It’s the love that binds your heart, yet never confines your spirit.

It’s an unspoken acceptance and forgiveness before you require it.

It’s the gratitude of birth and the grace of life. 

It’s born of blood, or an alliance of kindred spirits that cannot be broken.

It’s not always who you have chosen, but who has chosen you.

It’s the people around you that encase you from the world.

It’s the people around you that rejoice in your courage to face the world.

It's the people that you have the honor to cherish, encourage and inspire.

It’s where your spirit feels at peace and at home, 

It’s where your being belongs.

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Let Me In

You feel the warmth

sun on your bodies, your skin hot to touch

Got to let the burn go under

Your lips a blush

flowing the blood cells, this mouth can erupt

Skin of earth is rough don't rupture

and I say hey



What lovely evening; moon above my eye

and I say wait



Didn't think this evening...pressure's building high

I shield; a corpse

Something you wanted, you did have to say

but my tongue got caught right under

I need a road

Tires are heaving, this run can't be raced

let me fall, don't watch my blunder

And I say come



Sit beside me friend, I didn't say: Just let it end

And I say stay



I know my truths are hard to find, but you'll dig deep for a little lie

Let me in

Let me in

Let me in

I didn't say: Let it end

Just let me in

breath from my wind

You drank my taste

don't let it go to waste

You let me in

breath from my wind

You drank my taste

Don't let it go to waste

Don't let it go to waste

Don't let it go to waste


Just reach again; I'll pace.

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Concentric Circles

I’m here.
Holding up the sky

It will not fall on you
Not again
In these days once more
When you tell me you canna do it
Not again

Stuttering intakes of breathless oceans apart
Yet so close as to tingle fingertips
Gasping at familiar melodies of desert songbirds

The smell of earth after a rainstorm
Two thousand miles of trust
Between us

And the origin of this collaboration
Of souls
Back to the beginning
Of recognition of you of me and
Me of you and
      There is no end

Not this day
Nor tomorrows ever will I
Leave you

For I would cease to breathe.

For my Devin

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A Chat

I just thought perhaps we could have a chat over some coffee
my friend. There are some things that I want you to know. If you
ever need someone to talk to I will always be there for you to
share. I'm a good listener and I truly care. If you are feeling down
or blue, I will be the one you can always come to. I wil do my best
to cheer you up, console, encourage, optomize, never criticize. Share
a smile, tell you how much you are worth while, brighten up your
day, share a story, a warm memory.

Everything you say will be confidential, no need to worry, will not
betray you, will guard it like a treasure, not tongue-wagging, be true 
to you. If you have a problem I will understand, help in anyway I can.
I have problems of my own that we can share, try to help each other out,
might compare, analyze, epitomize, formulate a plan, find a solution to
help both you and me.

Never hesitate to seek me out, give me a call, stop by, leave a note, my 
door and my heart are always open for you. Never worry or doubt this
promise I give to you, I am true to my word. To listen, to help, care, share,
be there for you, brings me joy, a treasure that none other could bring 
me more pleasure.

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A mother
fervently whispers
her prayers, her vespers
to the heavens
Each word is
a beat from the heart,
a breath for the soul
A tear drop
that falls in an ocean of prayer
It makes a ripple
that reaches the shores
of other hearts
which in turn,
beat and breathe
for a daughter
who has a beautiful heart,
a loving soul.
The heavens
have been listening all the while,
smiling, waiting for the right time
to blow that breath of fresh air
into a life already filled with love…
Angel wings flutter in the wind
as it reaches heaven,
God sends the angel back
to blow that kiss of breath…
The heart swells in love,
as her new lungs expand…
She breaks into a smile
that brightens even the sun—
She breathes…

For Jenn T. ^_^ 

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A lovely friend

My lovely friend

A rare Russian beauty she passes thru starry fields of  dark winter nights 
with  long  fancied flights of  passion and  delight
Quiet , and mysterious,, witty and smart ,the calm after a snowy  storm ,,
 always in rare form with her beautiful legs , long brown hair and all kinds of nicely shaped parts
 Complete with a personality  all bubbly and cute , she endears you with a tug from her warm tender heart
She has many talents and  shows off her treasures of  cloth and silk, with  ruffles and rills
 She sews all by her self with hand crafted skill, 
Her beautiful dresses ,she makes in her time of leisure  
 Draw every eye, from her top  to her cute little bottom, so that when she enters
 She lights up the room, and  the men turn to her in pleasure
 Enticing ,and bewitching , all smiles and flirts, while  hearts beat fast , 
 one gets lured in , while missing the quiet beauty that will always last 
As deep as a pure  mountain lake, she seems without  a care, affecting the future and not the past 
For that is her charm , her wit and her daring in a form in which she was cast 
Lovely and charming, and sometimes shy , she blushes with beauty and grace,  
all with a smile on her pretty face
  Its easy to dream of being with her in Paris or Rome  or any other place 

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The Walking Stick

"Louis!",she calls out.
Yes,ironically I am the namesake.
A signboard-Please don't hurt me.I'm blind.

"Are you lost in thought again?
You and your stupid world!"
My stupid world.
I see her bite her tongue in my mind.
A smile on my lips.

"I am so happy today!
Won't you ask why?"
"Need I?"
Such conversations are a mark of years of friendship.
Unbreakable.Apparently so.

"I am in love!
Oh how beautiful the world looks
The hues, colours.They have deepened.
I wish I could lend you my eyes,
Just so you could see this for me
I wish I could explain everything."

I attempt to seem excited.
But it hurts.
Is the pain 'cause she talks about colours, in mockery of my blindness?
Or is it 'cause she will be gone?
Anyway, pain doesn't come with a tag does it?
I wish it did.

I guess love is blind 'cause even she couldn't see-Reality.
No!It can't be as horrible as cecity.
I guess the lover is blind.
Do I?No,can't be,she's only.
I perceive it is how you long for something,
When you see it being taken away.
I should tell her what she means to me.
I never have.No I shouldn't.
I hate this darkness.I hate this world.

Is it monotony or monochrome?
That which incurs upon the world,
A blind man's curse; my curse.
Monotony I infer,
Cause I never have seen other colours.
Or is it because I never have seen other colours.
That I am anguished in my void.
That, has to be it.
Cause sameness,it’s part of my life.
A measured comfort.Measured in my steps,in my touch.
Change;I hate.

I should go for my evening walk,get some stale fresh air,like every day.
My stick isn't where it’s supposed to be.
Did I smell her perfume today or was it his?
Where is my cane?
How long has she kept this from me?
Ah!There it is.
No,this can't be.A crack!
Couldn't she have told me before? Maybe I never took her hints.
But I loved this stick. She gifted it to me.It was perfect.
I know every curve on it,Every dent.It fits in my hand perfectly.
I guess I should move on,she is happy.
I can't do with this stick.
No I can't do without it.
Can't someone fix it?
Damn You God.Damn you life.
I guess even atheists look towards Almighty
When they really are desperate.
Am I dreaming?
Is it a nightmare?
After all it is hard to tell when it's dark all the time.
Who kept that there?
Her bag.She must have left it when she came.
She forgets it so often.
A smile on my lips.
            -©Viraj Shah,Po3ngineer

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A Star for Dane Ann

Stars are but pores in the seams of heaven
From which loved ones smile down on us
Showing us they are happy, at peace

For you, dear Dane Ann, I buy a special star
The radiance of a beautiful soul
Who walked this Earth with joy and love

I give to you the star “Jeanette”
A woman like you who lit a spiritual path
And gave comfort and friendship willingly

Her star will cast blessings on your home
The light will lead you through dark times
A steadfast ray of hope and inspiration

This is what Jeanette gave to me
In memory I choose to share her brilliance
To guide you on your journey through life

*Entry for PD's contest

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'Amity' - Peace

You know how we sometimes analyze too much and forget to feel?
It’s okay to feel - whether it be confusion pain sadness anger or you just want to cry - even the strong ones like us get lost we don't always say what we really need, we hide behind things we end up being the go between and supporter to everyone.. So tonight if you're lost know that in your silence you can still liaise with your Maker... He sees beyond what you ever imagined and most importantly He gives you the peace and guidance you sometimes seek in others...

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Last Chance

Seperation, Isolation, Anticipation, Graduation     Back to the world of lies and deceit     Discerning, Concerning, Adjoirning, Yearning     Weighing the words of everyone I meet     Is this the one that will show me the way     Or just one more pretender     Gone before the end of the day     Made a vow to all the god`s I know     This will be my last appereance     In this motion picture show     With all I can muster     And     With all my might     Stay the course     Stand tall     To make things right    

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is ignorance
a lack of understanding
is not for everyone

humans speak
and do things 
different than you
or your faction
or untrue
or stretch truth

what's the worry?
over someone else's beliefs 
takes you away 
from your own routine

is a waste of energy
needed for nothing
causing dangerous sparks
within one's mind
one's heart
one's soul
becomes contaminated
with preoccupations

vengeance breeds furious
often unexpected actions
of ill-will occur 
or changes for the worse 
in the shadows of good
taking over
"spiritual kudzoo"
none could tame

extinguish your dealings
with petty rage
of another imperfect being's mouth
cancer vanishes easier
with early detection
or at least learn
from your polar opposite 

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I am sorry,
I am very sorry,
This is for my daughter
I mean my young, beautiful pet.

That was it, the voice of my friend
Who now prides himself
Of another daughter across the street
Only God knows how many of such
I mean those susceptible to his carrot.

Indeed, very young
Full of life to live
Looking innocently attractive
Until he crept into her life.

Her Aunt’s door left ajar
She fell like a pack of card.
He dazzles her Aunt with intermittent gifts
He branded the girl “My daughter”
My innocent friend became a father
And dangles before his daughter a lanky carrot.

As times tickles away,
The daughter not only eats the golden carrot
But she swallows it gently with exactitude

Yet, her Aunt saw no changes
When carrots thickens her sister’s hips
And her flat buttocks getting curved roundly
While her chest pointer getting shaped
Her Aunt still blinded with gifts of “Suya and bread”.

Here comes this day knocking
As my friend’s daughter
Vomits and coughs repeatedly,
She feigned to be well before her Aunt.

“Nothing, I’m okay”
She smiled to her friends
And pretends to all
But grim only at her father

The act got caught short
Not for too long,
Now we all know,
That she has swallowed her father’s carrot
And it got stucked in her throat.

When?, Where?, Who?, her Aunt queried
Three months ago, she retorted
My . . . My . . . My . . . father, she replied.
Before eyes got blinked,
My friend’s was out of town
In search of another daughter.

Alayande Stephen T.
4th August, 2007

Spiced up for my good friend Tope and his daughter.
It all happened on my visit to Abuja.

Suya- An Hausa language (from Nigeria) for roasted meat.

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I surrender my self -for m

I see that you are here
I wonder how it will be
sensing our connection is far reaching
I know that we have been in this show together before
our roll, our movements like the stars, 
slow, deliberate, smiles reunited

does it show...

when I think about it
I understand it less and the shade is pulled down and sleep occurs

all those years
all those close calls, you approaching
so close to me in the pattern, 
somehow we both know this
somehow I remember - little packets of light carrying the story to me
over the greatest distances it arrives stripped of its details,
a ghost mouthing the words as it fades into oblivion

I remember you clearly, so long ago
remember that song and the way you moved,

I see it when I look into your eyes,
where I was once forbidden
now I am drowning in them,
when we are together

I see down into the pit where the saint sleeps
you rest the eye,the time, and the memory

I see you

see the hills and the valleys roaming
and the great expanse expanding
in those golden rings, the sun burns
something compels me
something like this
pulling me into the show

into your eyes
I surrender my self

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He is my Friend

    This is a song that i heard when i was young,,and it has got me through 
tough times,,,just wanted to share it,,as we all need a friend.....


     He is my friend, until the end,

     Im looking above, to the source of my love.

     There is no better way, when beside him i stay,
     No reason to fear, the world, while he's near.

     Can you call him a friend, to love when you lose.

     To share when you win.

     Are you faithful and true, total conviction,

     Experienced you.


     He is my friend until the end.

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Remember me

 Hey, its been a while
10 or 20 years I guess 
I'm just in denial
How did we grow so old
Since we were young and bold
Remember the times we used to have?
Just the two of us lying on the sand.

Remember the laughter 
And the music we shared
Remember the good times?
I wish we were there
Back in the days when we were free 
All I had was you
All you had was me
Remember the secrets
 told in firelight
Remember the sweetness
Of s'mores cooked just right?
Back in the days when we were free 
All I had was you
All you had was me

hey haven't seen you around 
Guess I haven't seen you since
I got outta this town
Remember the days
By the riverside
Don't remember who got in first
But we laughed till we burst!

Remember the laughter 
And the music we shared
Remember the good times after?
I wish we were there
Back in the days when we were free 
All I had was you
All you had was me
Remember the secrets
 told in firelight
Remember the sweetness
Of marshmallows cooked just right?
Back in the days when we were free 
All I had was you
All you had was me

I guess I'll see you again
In another 10 
We'll remember the days
it doesn't have to be that way
Take my hand 
I won't lead you astray
You trusted me then, remember the days...

Remember the laughter 
And the music we shared
Remember the good times after?
I wish we were there
Back in the days when we were free 
All I had was you
All you had was me
Remember the secrets
 told in firelight
Remember the sweetness
Of marshmallows cooked just right
Back in the days when we were free 
All I had was you
All you had was me

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Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

‘I just want to be happy..’
 ‘You make me happy….’
‘Are you happy…?’
‘Why can’t you just be happy…?’’
‘Other people are happy…’
‘She’s so happy…’
‘Happy as a day in May….’

We’re promised it at birth
and taught to seek it at all costs
Happiness, happiness, 
it’s our right! our due! 
why can’t we find it, where is
it hiding?
We chase after it like it is a piece 
of gold, an all day sucker, 
a triple decker ice cream cone

The reality of it is that happiness comes in
little chunks, little moments, sometimes 
lasting a day, sometimes a week, and
if you are very, very lucky, it lasts a few years
The trick is to enjoy the rest of the time, the time 
that doesn’t feel so happy, the time when we think 
something is missing, the time when life is just okay.
Think of the alternative.

Trisha Sugarek
Moths and Machettes

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In a corner of the town, stands a building of antiques.
Not an ordinary building but one that percepts the imagination;
sense datum begins and a scene takes place.

I am transpose to my great grandmother days.
I see the rocking chair that she owed 
and the Raggedy Ann Doll given to me by her.

She is telling the store’s owner about his antiques
that this rocking chair was her favorite piece.
Oh, and she would like this doll for her grandbaby.

She said she wanted several rooms of furniture.
All must be vintage like her.
However, do not think of her as old.

She was short and plump with olive skin.
Her hair radiance gleamed.
Her smile meant everything.

She almost forgot my small gift that is when she shouted Lagniappe.
Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan
Contest Name: Antiques

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My friend

O, my friend! !

This life is as flocks of doves

They were symbol of peace

When they soar high in the sky

They hug the face of sun then vanish

O' my friend

This life is athirst eyes

And sleeping winds

And tales and hunger

Innocence and submission

Every sadness and happiness

And end for beginning

Or beginning for end

Making life something to worship

O' my friend!

Don’t despair

This life is a mere feeling.

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my young brothers

young brother young brother i see we are close to cross that mountain, no matter your age orgin or color, or creed. i consider you my young brothers, giving, the time...
young brother young brother as generation evaluation, we all need a helping hand, can we see to have peace, i know im just of coming, but seeing this horror made me write for kin, 
dear brother my brother words are all we can share, by that can we nurture to make peace, 
i am not that of, of  a man lacking wood, but would you like to hear my full story? 
my brother oh brother! ! !

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it's the unconditional love that always takes me back
it's the words of encouragement that you never seemed to lack
from that first day your soul graced my trying world of need
you brought such a loving peace
I never wanted you to leave
to you my priceless friend of hope
your beauty still shines true
I think of your laughter everyday
and each tear
that bound us true
I wonder just what could have been
it's funny how lives push on
the days they pass so quickly now
and my heart, it does cry out
if only one thing I hold  so dear
and  will never, ever let go
it's the hope deep within in my heart
that one day your love, once again will console.... 

o why....
o why did you go....


Contest ~ "Ode To A Friend"

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Hard Life, Well Spent

Cowboys herdin’ cattle cross dusty trails
Sandy hooves paint ground fog in their wake
Shuffling along swattin’ flies off molty hides
Riders amble aside keeping eye on their stake

Chuck wagon camps, setting up by a creek
Beans and pan bread cookin’ over hot stones
Coffee’s meandering aroma penetrates the air
Greeting men carrying saddles over tired bones

Ranch hands scout the waters nearby
Look to the sky to judge the night
Storms a comin’ as night encroaches
Coyotes restless, cries rent last light

Cattle dogs alert to changes
Nip the heels of stragglin’ calves
Cowhand slaps his rope while coaxing
Blistered hands and lips in need of salves

Cowhands sing to calm their charges
Bedrolls gathered near the fire
Dreaming of a trail once taken
And of their loves as they retire

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Drugstore 'Re-post'

Friends are like drugstore
They provide:
The liquid to ease cough caused by handsomeness
The ointment to cover scars caused by scratching truth
The pills to ease irritation caused by lies
The band-aid to collect yourself up after shattered by love

Thanks friend for healing us up

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Tender is the heart of my dearest white dove, 
Whom carries the red rose of love within her 
Golden beak, and within lies the gentlest soul
Of peace that I’ve ever known.
Allow thy wings of inspirations to spread forth,
To capture the winds of glory evermore,
Taste the fragrant fields of imagination through
Her words of sweet melodies song, a timeless
Tune, that flourishes in a soft echoes moment
 Of pure joy everlasting, the thoughts unbridled
Freedom of liberation set to the release of this
Winged creatures beating heart.
Oh in the thunder storm of lifes hurricane,
She is the calming eye within the hailing of
Realities harsh shades between the fading 
Embers  that divide the light from the  darkness.
Brushed by the spiritual angels of faith and 
Devotion, she judges not but excepts all mankind
For whom they are faults and all, loving them
With a full heart’s warmth of grace, and cherishing
Their inner muse tenderly beneath her wings of
Shimmering  white feathers glitter, in the bathing
Rays of the sunshine, she is legacies promise for a
Brighter tomorrow, this mystic dove of mine
My friend, my soul sister of the poetic heart,
May she soar forever amongst the clouds of
Inspiration for all time.





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     H- hide behind, Hot Coffee
     O- offer one and sit down
     T-  talk, with delight found 
     C-  coffee cup from which I sip
     O-  overture of digestion, very quick
     F-  feeling better and here I sit
     F-  forensic negative in a pith
     E-  easy place for a donuts to dip
     E-  ergonomic well grained hit

     H-  here your worries drown
     O-  only one, now sit down
     U-  understatement of the year
     S-  steadily sipping with-in your peers
     E-  everyone enjoys hot coffee at the COFFEE HOUSE

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You loss me

You took my feelings and casted them aside. As you played your games with my mind. Broke my heart and tore it apart. I believed your words that flowed from your heart. What for? I am asking myself now? Just to be made the fool in everyone’s eyes. Well I am here to tell you to move on. You have already out stayed your welcome. Never will I cry another tear drop for you. Never will your name touch my lips again. You hurt me once and that’s all you get I will not fall back into your web of lies and guilt. You loss this friendship along with me. I hope your games were worth it in the end.

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The Other Night

The other night as I watched
While you assembled the bookshelf 
Casual conversation came so easy
Felt like we’d known each other for years

The other night as I watched
Preparing dinner was a breeze
Spontaneity made it more special
Having lemonade on a summer’s night

The other night as I watched
I saw the twinkle in your eyes
Turned on by the warmest smile
As we enjoyed a simple meal

"Mr. Incredible"

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Glimmers of hope

The candles we light in honor of your name
Reflect the brightness you gave to our lives
Burn away at the darker side surrounding
Giving way to freedom's path for your spirit
Helping bring healing to the hearts that miss you
Binding you in mind, faith and prayer
So your memory can live on and bring comfort
To those that walk in hope, with you beside them

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Partial Eclipse of the Sun seen in Ireland today

It was a majestic sunrise
as a honeyed circle rose behind tall silhouette trees
emanating wonder and peace
an apple sun
with a bite bitten
the garden of Eden flashed my mind
as a partial eclipse of the sun glowed
a very special good morning 
watching the moon circle the sun

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Under The Same Sun


She loves and laughs with her whole entire being inspiring you with joy
Knows the moment something’s wrong and showers you with concern
Putting you first as she gives without hesitation 
My friend though you are miles away 
When winds dry your tears and catch your heart… believe in the magic of my love

With a soft, gentle style, she has graced my life, with kind words, and a warm smile
Interlaced with caring, laughter and compassion… extending her hand in friendship
Home for her, is the side of the horizon, where my eyes can’t quite reach,
But, my heart knows her touch….   
We are friends, …who walk under the same sun, or under the same moon, …together


Inspired By Tracie Edwards' Contest:  "Grab a mate and collaborate"

 Sharon Weimer (1)
 Carrie Richards (2)

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Cascading water falls flow, in the infinite
Stream of life's circle of harmony.
Cast thus forget-me-knots asunder, upon
The rushing currents of time, for we shall
Meet again dear friend, and drink deeply,
From the wells of remembrance.
Keepsake's dearest treasure are these reflections,
In the stilled ponds beneath, I see thee their,
And remember lines of courage, written with a
Gentle hearts wisdom. 
It is harsh some may say, that the divine spirit,
Took thee away, so quick and without warning.
But a higher powers choose is not to be questioned,
All seasons have there time, and reason for being.
We'll miss thy kindness, and your sweetness, 
Tender lady of clarity's perfection.
But I believe in guardian angels, whom watch
Over those dearest spirits left behind ,
From heavens gates thee can see us below,
And gently stirs us away from harsh troubles
I'll light a candle in my window tonight, in 
Honor tribute for Linda's contribution, has touched
Many lives.


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more than fascination

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply fascination 

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'Love Remain'

A pale light tussle the dark
minuscule spaces lit up-
friendship starts with a smile

    Solitude chased away and love remain

11th place in Parise Pariku Contest
Sponsored by Rick Parise 

© All Rights Reserved
Dec 2010

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A withered soul.

White lines sit ever so vertical;
Upon a tarnished glass
A razor engraves the surface
As though it were the last.
With every line a story told
of a broken life. Up your nose you
feel relief. In a wonderland you explore.
No sence do you make. 
Yet you always want more.
On a stone a story told;
Like the glass you scrap.
Here lies a withered soul.
Because of the choices that she made.
Goodbye my friend.

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Heroes With Four Legs

They are not human but with a heart full of love and affections,
We considered them heroes because of the things they done for us,
Make us happy, entertain us, fight for us, and protect us from any harm,
I called them heroes with four legs for they are loyal, and a man’s’ best friend.

November 11, 2012
For Debbie Guzzi's Contest
9th Place Winner

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Ons almal sterf alleen

'n Oomblik waardig van afsondering
'n Vreemdeling nie deur ander gesien
Is ons die verlate?
Is ons die verlater?
Lewe in die nag om sy wreedheid te skuil
Hul gesigte belig die skerms
Die rykes maak geld uit dié oorlog
Die sterftesyfer styg
Nog 'n verraaier
Die leuenaar, die patriot
Hoeveel leuens, hoeveel sterftes
Afgemaai soos 'n lam wat geslag word
Nog 'n spook vir jou verlede
Nog 'n gelowige, nog 'n slagoffer
Ken nie die pad van die tou na die vloer
Kyk in die gesig van die wat jou verraai
Jy is die gejagte, die slagoffer, die prooi en die vervalle
Ons sterf almal alleen.

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I lay my tender heart

I lay my tender heart at your feet
and my soul and very being I surrender
My desire and quest
to fill your heart with joy
and summer
by the sweetest of emotion and affection.

To stand by you
to provide and protect you
a bond so strong nothing can tare it apart
until death do us part
and later
we meet once more
in a much better place
once again

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

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Ey gonul

Bir dilenci yurur sokaklarinda
Nefesi sorar sorgular
yuzu cokmus gozlerinde fer yok
Adi da yok yuzude yok 
Anilmadikca  hapis karanlikta

Vurguna vurulmus yuzu yok
Atesin yangini  sonmus  
Ruhunda nefes yok
Ama gonlunde bir sevda
Tini karanlik sokaklarada

Dilenci olsan da kim yazar  sana
Ey gonul  vah vah  deli gonul
Hallerin hal deyin perisan dilenci gonul


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Her Return

She was like "Ghost Smoke"
emerging from ashes past;

Today's inner likeness,
now sequestered,
from days remembered;

Absented days,
I tallied as grains of sand,
and earlier thoughts of her,
though too few to catalog,
I occasionally recall;

In my eyes,
her new inner beauty makes liars,
of those who proclaim that
"Beauty is only skin deep"

For God,
has shined His light into her heart,
and she is changed.

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Your Fortress

                                     From heaven to earth, my gift is yours,

                                 I wish to share my strength, my authority.

                                     As I chase, your graceful presence,

                               your heart echoes, deep in my wanting soul.

                                     My arms are open, to keep you safe,

                                 no pain or fear, shall ever come your way.

                                    you will always know, my love for you,

                                  for I will protect your soul, with my truth.

                                        I will be your shield and fortress,

                                           in you, is my love designed.

                                   I will be your lifelong friend, forever,

                           and stand by your side, through all life's trials.

                                 This Oath is my love, to give you peace,

                               its sealed in blood, for the heavens to see.

                                     Then when you open your heart,

                                 my love is there, to forever be your

                                                  fortress of life.


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Your Eyes

Looking into your eyes
I blushed, I turned away
I thought I had invaded your privacy
As though I was inside your body
I saw you naked, fully clothed
I saw past the facade, I was inside
It was beautiful, architecturally sound
The inner beauty was breathtaking
I hope you will invite me back


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Unspoken Love

She saved herself from pick up lines though she looked vulnerable
She's sooo lovable her heart definition could ruin my poetic abilities 
You cannot put a price on her she's not billable
If only her lips where adjustable my soft poetry would define her inabilities and weaknesses for the mute to scream happily ever after  
She's untouchable i O you an explanation
Her tears tattoo broken spirits uploaded on instagram
She's no twitter baby though followers invite themselves its unbelievable
I could throw nice verses in our conversation but i'm afraid i'm love blind 

I'll tell you more about her if you ask me....ask me nice

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A wonder - She is Collaboration with 'Allen Poe'

(A collaboration I wrote with a fellow writer/poet who has not shared his work 
previously but gave me permission to share now. We will call him "Allen Poe")

Who is she I wonder where she's from On the outside looking in She looks really young I wonder Where she goes for fun And If she knows her smile Can outshine the sun I wonder When was the last time She made a new friend Strictly platonic Someone to confide in I wonder-If she knows Everything will be alright I wonder What kind of plans she has for her life I wonder How will she achieve I wonder If she believes I wonder What she values I wonder If she's true blue I wonder When she’s feeling weak Do she have someone to talk 2 I WONDER...... Tag name ~ "Allen Poe"
She is a reason to wonder peeking in her life would make one ponder She is aged beyond her 32 years still full of wonder nightmares and fears She is on the surface polished and well put together a wonder she hasn't tarnished with all she's weathered She is a beacon of light for her children their life She is sometimes guarded and blue many wondered why for so long she trusted none had no one to turn to She is broken yet very strong never to allow circumstances or wrongs to break her drive a wonderful wonder she's alive She is open-minded and free confused about life her destiny consumed with pain yet envisions victory She is welcoming and optimistic sweet and true she believes honesty is most critical in all you do She is a friend to all though all know not what a friend should be or do She is a wonder a reason to wonder a wonder to see I wonder if you're wondering If “She” is me... Lay

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The Magic of Christmas

The most magical of holidays
That comes, but once a year
Bringing joy and happiness
Warming the hearts with love
Like a warm cup of hot cocoa
To enjoy on a cold, winter day.

A time of peace on Earth
Goodwill toward men
Helping those in need
By giving from the heart
To show we care.

Where the impossible becomes possible
Anything can happen during the season
As there's a certain magic in the air
Drifting around like fallen snowflakes
That create a gorgeous winter wonderland.

Loved ones gather together
From friends and family
To recent acquaintances
Enjoying the holidays
Creating new memories to cherish.

Christmas brings out the best
Of the people in the world
For love and kindness
Are the greatest gifts
That come from the heart.

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What To Do

The helpless heart has brought me here again, what to do,
Staying away wasn't good to me, what to do,
The heart says go complete,
That talks that remains still incomplete,
That memory that remains still incomplete,
That memory that remains still incomplete,
Today I admit, what to do,
There was a mistake that I did, what to do,
The heart says, go get it,
That one suppressed wish that is there (in the heart),
That one suppressed spark that is there,
That one suppressed spark that is there,
The fate wishes this, what to do,
Let us keep meeting as we do, what to do,
The heart says, go make it forever,
That stuck path that is there,
That stuck wish that is there,
That stuck love that is there…

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Soy Sauce Spills

Soy sauce drains 
Into the white, clustered rice
Stepped on…
spills . . . 
Soy sauce taints
The whiteness of the grain
 It slips out of my hands
No point in crying out in rage
Though I was starving, 
I'll just eat another thing and start on a new page

I'm hungry like a swine
I wish I can earn back my snack!
I'm as angry as a bull
I'm about ready to attack! Attack!
Soy sauce packages
Fall unto the dirty school ground
Stepped on
By bratty, conceited teens
They really need to eat their greens
Instead of junkfood and pizza
They should drink some water
Instead of drinking sugary drinks or
 Sucking on popsicles obnoxiously
Why did the soy sauce spill? Seriously....

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word morph - FAVE to GOES

Time and again what you write is my FAVE
They stay in my memory and never FADE
You don’t know the difference your words have MADE
You always choose just the right MODE
Whether its one of the olds or one of the MODS
Your writing is truly a gift from the GODS
Into my favourites another one GOES

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Color of a Man's Character

The Color of a Man’s Character
We all bleed
And cleave to 
Those we leave

We all smile when we are greeted
And cry when we are mistreated

Why do we choose to abuse others 
For the color of their skin?

Why do we think that only 
Our own color should win?

We’re all the same underneath 
We all deserve peace 
When we lay down to sleep

Love one another while you can
Show your son how to be gracious
The color of a man’s character 
Is how he treats his fellow Man.

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Secret Lover

Engulfed deep within beauty
Of shades and light
Within textures I cannot feel
Curious of simplicity of such purity
Reaching out, to try and grasp it
Awakened in the truth of forbiddeness

Teasingly she caresses spiked green hai
And kisses curves of bodies
Jealous of her lovers
I wish to pull away
To no avail, as her face brightens
Closing my eyes, trying to silence my heart

Her color and spirit consume me
Tugging more at my dark life
Slowly transforming into a new form
Her body over me and pressing down
Whispers of such melodies
I cannot hold back my passion

Each day she embraces me
No matter her mood or emotions
She never leaves me
As I continue my daily routine
We exchange air kisses
Melodies follow me during the day
And at night I leave my window open
So she may enter and hold me tight

My heart still dances
When I see her face
And though our love unseen
Our relationship forbidden
There isn’t a day I am without her
My light, my dark, my love, my song
The dearest of my heart- the sky

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The separation we create

As unshaped as water, as filthy as streets, as hard as rocks:-
The separation we create
I remember our memories, I turn in pride 
I remember the days…, how we used to pass them by
I remember the times…, when you wouldn’t talk 
And I would drive the words out of you
I remember the plays, I remember that place
The place of where we acted, the place that played with life
I remember the jokes, I remember the silliness
I remember all pride
I remember the closeness, I remember the smiles
But I remember the jerkiness, I remember and ask why 
I look at the pride
I forget the memories, they’re all in line
I remember the thoughts, the separation of some filthy joke
Told by an unoriginal friend, as silly as snake, as separating as earth
I miss the memories, I miss them deep
None of this would happen if we just swallowed our pride

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In the flow of time

The sun in all its golden glory Has risen with a new age And a new chapter on a new page Of life about to unfold Secrets of a journey not foretold We do not know what tomorrow holds for us But walk in this road of life filled with hope That destiny be our friend and let us cope When impediments seek to defeat our perseverance When the road meanders and the distance We should traverse to reach our dreams elongates Listen as the rhythm, the beat of your heart Keep pace with the flow of time And for a moment, in silence and loneliness Think of dreams, wishes that could not survive And lost their direction in the flow of time Think of those still wandering too And strive to make them come true As you look into the future and see beyond time Through the air when it is calm and colorless Dear friend, these years come to pass And when they are gone In the flow of time, a new age is born And in this new age we dream of new things But in our minds, in our hearts fond memories Of dreams, of wishes of the past Will always last And as you dream, “LOVELY” Of new things in this new age I, wish in lines of poetry that your dreams should not get twisted that they should not get lost in whirlwinds that live for a moment But find their direction IN THE FLOW OF TIME

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OF Poets, Parasites And You

I am the word that grasps your soul and twists
An iota of sorrow or joy into your subconscious 
I speak truth and you interpret, absorb or reject
Your silver clad universe is not my cloud filled sky
Your autumn soft earth is not the path that I tread
But your suffering is the pain that aches my heart 
I am the word

You are the faceless one that takes my offspring
And delivers it prematurely stillborn to the world
That lays its corps in some far off barren desert
Dances a dance of pleasure on its alabaster bones
Chants a song of praise as  nectar  becomes carrion 
Then rinse your palate with the gall of the unjust 
You are the faceless one

You are my rock that lifts me above the raging sea
That wraps me in your cloak on chill winter nights
You go barefoot to enable me to walk stony trails
That lead to high places I have not even envisaged
You welcome me to exalted company without gain
Then lay me on a bed of lavender scented words
You are my rock

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The Callous Hand of Friendship

Take my hand, understand, that I have infringed my brain in depth
To try to help you affix the scattered pieces you penned
Your tongue rattles like autumn leaves in a wind storm
Causing my peace to be buried in a coffin with one worm
I am past the point of anger where darkness did reside
Would you like to play now? Please don't hide..
On a path nearby you will find him
Silent- as he has removed from his butt the embedded burr which infringed
As he walks the nightingale calls again
For it is not my wish but just revenge
When I say softly "yes, I'm your friend"

Trick or Treat Johnny Rhinem... LOL

For Contest: Everything Halloween
September 28, 2013

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Your Presence

Your presence I feel oh so near, it help me to relieve 
some of my fears of all my everyday cares, I feel your
presence eveywhere.  Whenever I walk down the street,
I can feel the patter of your feet.  I can feel you walking
next to me telling tales of what I mean to you and thinking
about all the things we used to do.

Your presence is so close, it's as if I can smell your fragrance
right under my nose.  I am thinking of your smiling face all
next to mines, telling me how you will love me until the
end of time.  Your presence is oh so strong and as I travel
throughout this day it lingers on.  When I decide to stop and
dine, it's as though I feel your hand right next to mines.  

When I sat down to eat, I can see your eyes staring into
mines, and you sitting there sipping on some wine.
Your presence means so much to me and this is the
way I want it to always be, me feeling you and you
feeling me until forever and eternity.

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Have You Ever Read

Dedicated to an author by the name of William Golding... Enjoy!!!

~Two boys meet on an island
~~One is skin 'n bones
~~~The other one is chubby

They discover a lagoon~
Ralph teases him by calling~~
him "Piggy" -  how mean!!~~~

Piggy asks him if
There are other people on 
The island with 'em

He has no clue
But this'll answer Piggy's question --
Other boys appear - 
All diverse shapes and sizes
What'll happen next??

You'll see...

Have you ever read The Lord of the Flies?
I recommend it if yah haven't read it yet - I must admit
It's a book full of adult words and it's simply...FASCINATING! - no lies
You should read it - or you'll regret it!

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Forever You

                                                       As we touch,
                                                       our love is one,
                                                       In times of distance,
                                                       It will be done.

                                                       You are my love,
                                                       I always knew,
                                                       My heart is open,
                                                       Forever you.

                                            created by johnaarongreen

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Longing For Summer

It's almost time for...
A time to be free
To go a little crazy
Push things to the edge
Longs drives around the town
Even longer nights around the bonfire
Hot guys and beautiful girls
A time for 
Long days
And even longer nights
It's a time to ditch
The sweaters for tank tops
To peel of the jeans
And slip into some shorts
Feel the breeze caress your face
And flirt with your hair
It's a time
To fall in love
Kiss in the rain
Make new friendships
Create amazing memories
It's a time where all worry melts away
The winter blues are gone
Happiness is everywhere
Life all around
New life,color,sounds
Summer is a time to get lost
Take a road trip to nowhere
Just drive around
Take a risk 
It's a time to love life and just 

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Ah, Love--- Just Another Poem

Make no mistake,
Love is not a game,
Even when it is played like one.
It is that deep, tender feeling of affection
For another that we can't describe,
That comes from a place that can't be found,
Except in our hearts.

It has many names,
But they all mean the same--
Agape means Love.

The object of your BIG LOVE can be your---
Sweetheart, inamorata, inamorato, husband, wife,
Sugar-pie honey bunch, grand passion, or soul mate.

The object of that other kind of love can be your---
Friend, best friend, buddy, pal, main squeeze, or your soul mate.

But there is no such thing as a small love.

That's how I see it.

I would never deliberately do anything to hurt, annoy,
Disturb, perturb, or cause general misery to anyone
When they have been so kind to me.
Cause a friend is loyal.
And if I am ever found guilty 
Of not adhering to this basic, sacred rubric,
Then I deserve whatever I get.

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Friends and battles

Friends and battles

Every step I'm taking, 
every move I'm making, 
it feels like a dark cloud is between us, 
to be real friends, 
but there is a voice in the cloud saying that you never reach it, 
to be totally accepted as a friend, 
although I pray, 
every move I'm taking feels like going backwards, 
but I got to keep on trying. 
Got to keep my head held up high , 
there will always be dark clouds, 
which will devour you, 
wet clouds heavy burden upon you, 
clouds that are lightweight with an opening, 
but daring to slip inside it to walk with it 
and float the same way as the others, 
it will always be storms, lightning and battles. 
It's not always about what's on the other side, 
above the clouds the sky is always blue, 
it is to take a step further. 
The struggle I'm facing, 
the chance I'm taking, 
sometimes it's heartbreaking, 
just trying to be a friend, 
is it worth the battle or is it better to stand all alone, 

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Return to the Sun

In the dismal fog of an autumn day 
My thoughts were as scattered as leaves in wind
I spied her walking, she looked alone
Alone, alone, in the cold afternoon

In utter gloom without a face
There was something compelling that caught my glance
In her stance, as she slowly passed 
A kindled sparkle in her eyes
Her ragged clothes, her worn out shoes
Yet still a smile, came shining through
Her figure dark, still carried on
I could not help, but turn around...

I wondered what her story told
What trials and pain, had brought her here?
No place to dwell?  My eyes welled up...
So caught in tears like misty rain

I called out "Please, ....what is your name?"
Am I a fool, to chance this game?
How many seasons have waxed and waned
Since last I have confronted face to face
To one who seems so out of place?

I could not pass her on this road
I begged her now to share this load
I had this gift!  It was not small....
What good, if I ignored the call?
I may be foolish....but do not care...
I am now compelled to share it all

I witnessed hope, and it was pure,
And I was sure

My money so well spent....I have no doubt
The sun is coming out, a light turned on...
I find my eyes are wet...the chill is gone
She's cried such grateful tears, I taste my own
I owe her more, than she could know

My heart so filled with gratitude
              ..........And I have grown


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The Runner

If ever a frailty should be rued,
then my emotional resistance of
those who hold my affection dearest
to them, is the sin that equates my soul
with the essence of a Hitler, and condemns
my name to the highest degree of infamy,
While my heart longs to be understood, my
fear of abandonment dictates my legs to gain
distance as each loving gesture is offered in
repetition, Persistently they reach, only to be
disregarded, and embody me within my shame,

Friends and family alike, endure the coldness
of my introverted haven, staring into my eyes
in hopes of disconfirming the projected emptiness
that flows from actions, words, or lack of both,
As they hurt from me, I scream for them in silence,
A deafening continuous stream of soundlessness,
that elevates my withheld pain from ache to harrowing,
Yet they can only assume the contents of this confession,
For my words go directly from mind to paper, and 
never see the eyes of those who need to know this tenderness,

To express such powerful statements and risk the familiar
sting of neglect or abandonment once more, is a fear that
surpasses every shameful tear, haunting my thoughts as
a reminder that lives on insomnia, thus I remain devoted 
to a faithful vow of solidarity that keeps me sane and sheltered,
Moving at a constant pace, racing against my own fright, holding
every term or phrase of endearment within, and running from a
past that will not be relived by my decree, Alas, with mortal lungs,
 mechanical legs, and a heart that lies somewhere between the two, 
I run,
for and from, 
the feeling I desire most....

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The Homeless Poet

The Homeless Poet 
The Homeless Poet 

scritch scratch erase ex ex ex delete 

a megabyte of flowering words of expertise 

great intolerable words of dissarray 

dissing me in moments of clarity searching 

for an more simple plan 

Oh ewe eye have it now 

once again a poem within a poem 


Title:         see tom 

Author:    CHARLAX 

SEE tom run see tom run 

See the bus run see tom 

See tom run for the bus 

See the bus run from tom 

Tom is late for work anon 

A moment of clarity on my way to the lieberry kudos to charlax and to Thomas 

eye am just a homeless poet riding on the bus 

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I knew it was you approaching -for mcf

it comes again
to where I always am...
waiting, watching, so hungry my eye.

I was alone
waiting in the wind of a different city
wearing the absurd clothes of my youth
I opened all the windows and doors
because I knew it was you approaching

again you stir the air around me
feathered in like a sweet hot wind
singing, dancing
tumbling along

and yet
I am still
and you are always arriving
some how I always knew you were close

But you never
slow down to let me smell you,
hold you for a moment

like I remember

on the hill, in the sun
the circle of trees happening
something I can only glimpse
and some how I think you know

that the sun warmed our bodies
the trees circled around
and your eyes reflected the sky
on the hill
in the now and always
blazing summer day

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Alone. Silence fills the lonely particles that surround me. The whispers of the wind fill the void of the fallow surroundings. I call out to you, you push me away. I stand here with my arms empty. I call for the comforts of a friend. But you are not there. One of the only true friends that I desperately needed, is no longer wanting me. But I pretend not to care; I put on my fake smile hoping that one day it will become real. But the way things are now, my heart is shattered, my happiness destroyed. You continue to be happy without me, as I am left in the dark to try and fend for myself. The hurtful company of lonely voices call out to me, so I silently accept its sweet embrace.

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Samuel, Time Hates Us

Did you know time can slip by 
when we're not having fun?
Samuel, it hasn't been fun
These days that we've spent, 
it's felt like hours
And remember when you came 
to the door with flowers?
But time, Samuel-
it's never odd or even
Samuel, time hates us
We don't even have a moment 
that's just ours
Yet, chance made us friends
Sitting in Niagara, staring at the lights
Honestly, you and me, we could be free
And yet we're imprisoned
Steadily being caged in by time
We were from the beginning, 
we were from the start
Time hates us, dislikes us, 
loathes us, despises us
We're the eyes of it's storm
And yet I can tell in your eyes that you're happy
That even with a car running on empty
and not living a life we had envisioned,
We've made a world that stretches far

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Run Into Love

You make me smile even when the sad songs come on.
You make me laugh with every chance you get.
You don't even have to be here for me to fall for you.
I've played the backseat for too long.
Maybe now it's time to run;
Time to run into love.
What do we have to lost?
This is only life once.
We are only young once.
And I believe I am starting to fall for you.
What do we have to lose?
Let's dive in together,
Holding hands,
Into the unknown.

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Thank you for

Thank you
For simply being you
I appreciate each and everything you do
A simple thank you just would not do…

Thank you for
Bringing happiness to my day
Always knowing what to say
And helping me find my way…

Thank you for
That attentive ear when you can’t be near
Constantly showing you care
And always being there…

Thank you for
Never allowing me to fall apart
Showing me the goodness in your heart
And being compassionate from the start…

Thank you for
Understanding I’m sometimes a wreck
Accepting that I’m not perfect
Always treating me with respect…

Thank you for
Caring enough to want to know
Knowing when to push and when to let it go
Giving me the comfort to let things flow…

Thank you for
Listening to my screams
Encouraging my dreams
Building my self-esteem… 

Thank you for
Your understanding and sensitivity
Inspiring my creativity
Releasing my voice from captivity…

Thank you for 
Listening, never judging or asking why
Promising to never lie
Knowing I’m not such “a tough guy”
Making me so happy I wanted to cry
Giving me the most thoughtful and precious thing anyone could ever buy
One I will cherish till the day I die…


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A Lover's Covenant (for JEW)

Love, you and I, being all love's essence, shall grow old
Older than we are
And yet never be a black hole like an old dead star
And shall invite with candlelight, you and I
The world to dinner or to tea, with some honey from the sky
And they sitting with us, sup with us
To warm their cosmic loneliness away

Love, their leaching eyes will milk us for joy
And thrill more when my stiff pen caress
With a compass of confidence, the nipple of a word on a breast of page
From this point wet with joy
They will hear you read to me, and I shall read to you
Tongue full of poems like a tender picture framed
Lisping the memories under your name
And memories of jealousies dead like Methuselah in our head

Love, perhaps you will tell the flower petal of your tears
Forgiveness no one remembers, for we have no sorrow here
They will ask us how, curious to go to bed
And we shall say that those who said they are sorry never loved
For where forgiveness comes first sorrow never blooms
And you perhaps will me again
That trust grows here, my dear, and forgiveness 
Is just a little dew we use to freshen up the leaves

Then friends shall say good night in peace, and we to bed will go
Nothing between us, not even dusty spread
To shutter us from the melted night
When we shall hear the angels trumpeting our dreams
Unraveling the music that love writes into little streams
O love, sweet shall be the promise of our heart
The tender succulence of lips that fed us this repast
This voice shall wake us, and dew will touch the buttercup
And we shall say, I love you forever
Joy forever of my heart.  

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Twofold - A Gift Returned

Through autumn chill of a twilight gray
My thoughts were as scattered as leaves in wind
I spied her walking, she looked alone
Alone, alone, in the cold afternoon

In utter gloom without a face
There was something compelling that caught my glance
In her stance, as she slowly passed 
A kindled sparkle in her eyes
Her ragged shawl, her worn out shoes
Yet still a smile, came shining through
Her figure dark, still carried on
I could not help, but turn around...

I wondered what her story told
What trials and pain, had brought her here?
No place to dwell?  My eyes welled up...
Caught up in tears like winter's rain

I called out "Please, ....what is your name?"
Am I a fool, to chance this game?
How many seasons have waxed and waned
Since last last I offered a heart of hope
To one who wears no wrap or coat?

I could not pass her on this road
I begged her now to share this load
I had this gift, though it was small....
What good, if I ignored the call?
I may be foolish....but do not care...
I am now compelled to share it all

I witnessed hope, and it was pure,
And I was sure

My money so well spent....I have no doubt
The sun is coming out, a light turned on...
I find my eyes are wet...the chill is gone
She's cried such grateful tears, I taste my own
I owe her more, than she could know
My heart so filled with gratitude
              ..........And I have grown


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The Hand extended before my face

The hand extended before my face, was empty and nothing in it,
Iit was not a beggar's hand I embraced, but the friendship 
From a kindred spirit. For in the ocean of humanity
We are common grains of salt, and this is our eternity
The promise of galactic dust in our veins, this our fault
In the great sea, all the boundaries is made from only salt. 
And I looking deep into the emptiness of that hand
Saw the universe in it, saw all kingdoms rise and fall
Saw my reflection and recognized I am you in spirit

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                  Walk the beach with me today,
                       and hold my hand,
                    for I am lonely.
                  Smiles are expensive,
                     and I haven't enough money,
                   for the down payment.

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I cry a single musky tear It’s finally time for me to depart For far too long I have been here Casarah, Maurice and Tim Until we meet again tomorrow You will all remain in my heart Jan Allison 24th September 2014

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Enta Eih

What are you (how cruel are you) isn’t it enough,
That you hurt me? Have pity. How cruel are you?
Why my love, is it so easy for you to bring me to tears,
And why do I accept that you hurt me when my soul is part of you,
And why am I accepting this torment at your hands?
If this is love, my misery is from it,
And if I am to blame, I cannot say never again,
And if it is my lot to live in torment,
I shall live in torment,
Have you no pity? Have you no shame that you cheat me knowing the love I have for you,
Is it not a shame, the passion and the years and longing that I am living for you?
Was the love lost completely? Or has it been a game,
Was the love and tenderness and my heart and faith in you all lost?
If this is love, my misery is from it,
And if I am to blame, I cannot say never again,
And if it is my lot to live in torment,
I shall live in torment…

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Farewell My Friend

I remember the days that we
spent together in my pursuit to
further my knowledge, you as 
my mentor and I as your pupil.

Down through the years we have
had more then just a teacher and
pupil relationship, we became the
very best of friends.

I watched your hair turn grey and then
you watched mine, sadly I received
news today coming from afar that you have 
gone on your final journey and we 
shall never have those long academic
discussions ever again.

Such news that greeted me gave me
such a heavy heart and tears in my 
eyes, for I know I shall never see
my dear friend again.

I will forever cherish the fond memories 
of the past years we had shared and
our friendship and reminisce on all the 
good times for those will always be
with me.

You will always have a very special
place in my heart, my mentor and
my dear friend always.
A friend that shared my life.

Note: Farewell to Klaus Goebel, ING (Radio Engineer), Neu-Isenburg, Germany ~ may you rest in peace old friend.

4th July, 2012 (c) 

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Stepping Over the Line

Listen - 
I'm a grown ass woman
And I ain't got that much time
Left on this earth
That I'm going to worry about
What I can say
And what I can't
According to proper
Friendship etiquette

So if I want to verbally 
Step over that line
And tell you 
I think you're hot
Knowing full well
That an impenetrable fortress
Will never be breached
What is the big deal?

So I'm going to say it
I think you're hot 

From the safety
Of a text message

For Raul Moreno's "Unspoken Words" contest

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A Friend With Consequences

I'll shine brighter than ever when I find my way past my woes the farther I wander the more I shall know that I'm a friend with consequences and only one could let that go He somehow convinced me that I needed correction now I know where I'm going for I followed his directions no more full of blaming I point it right at my nose and realize all my problems are by no one else controlled Will I ever shine with a destiny, kind I still have little meaning but he is there with me, sometimes when our doors have been locked up for so many years it feels good to have someone come in my circle, share my fear Everyone so full of hatred afraid of letting us by even when we're most broken still a spark in our eye you think that would tell them that we just want to live life to the fullest potential that our dreams aren't denied We talk of good and evil agreed on right and wrong tell tales of when we struggled and what we did to be strong as the world the he's seen is darker than mine I am less respected as a person but I accept that, it's fine for he talks to me like I'm worthy and proud to be my friend that's why I could never replace all the treasured words of wisdom he gave me like a story of survival, rise and fall though I am a friend with great consequences I could never begin to replace him, at all my personal Jesus, I see the great Messiah in him I hope one day to inherit his good heart to pass it on to some kid one day, struggling.

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Fishers Fair

Oh my friend of fishers fair.
Of all those waters we wish to dare.
Those lures and lines of many happy times.
Trout unlimited and desired wines.
Your gleaming smile and voice of care, 
many more times are that of which we will share.
And that big fire in which you built,
the flames held many feelings in which are glid. 
Something that is not easily rid.
Our time will come next to those sweet glistening waters
under the sun.
When jokes are plenty and sorrows are few,
these are the fishing trips I've spent with you.
For fisher's fair will have us there competing for the best.
And when we do, I could promise you I'd catch the biggest of all.
But, there you are pride as seen, you've out fished me once again.
For in a day of fisher's fair it was just the pleasure of being there.
And as dusk begins to appear, I usually regret reeling in our gear.
Even if those fish don't bite, we could fish all night.
So, our day of fisher's fair comes to a close.
And once again those bright spring days are on their way a fishing we will go.
But these are not the only times of that of which are aglow.
For you have been more than just a friend, you have lended me many helping hands.
To repay you is a debt that I hold deep within.
For we will grow older each and every year.
And if we move or grow apart, these are the special times I will hold in my heart.
For it has been friends like you of whom one would wish not to part.
So my friend of fisher's fair I will always see you out there.

copyright@2010                          MaryM.McShirly/Kilker

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Facebook is a perpetual party
where you can be honest
without taking a drink
and you don't have to smell
that awful perfume
or make small talk.
You can go take a nap
without insulting anyone
and you don't have to
run to the bathroom to
wash your hands every time
you shake hands for fear
of catching the flu.
You don't have to dress up
in the latest fashion, 
and nobody will notice
that you are a nerd
unless they happen
to read your postings.
Nobody will know that
you are a closet conservative
because you don't have
to answer any questions
about yourself.
You don't have to mingle
or say “Don't touch me!”
Maybe that is why
I might be getting

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your words have crawled slowly into my thought

Your words have crawled slowly into my thought
And I will listen to what they say
Because the silence of the wind is heavy,
And I cannot bear the weight.

I have often asked myself, why
I complicate simple things so—
And why there are joys when consumed
By an obese grief. But I do not wish to sing the
Old melodrama; I do not have a voice.
I would much rather sit beside you
Watching the flowing river before us,
Listening to the current
And translate what it tries to say.

I know there are worse sorrows miles away
But what matters most to me
Is thawing the frozen stillness between us.

You are the words that inhabits my thought
And I will listen to what you say.
Because the silence of the wind is heavy,
And I cannot bear to wait.

I do not want to be the mistake—
The fading cloud with concrete drops of rain...
Or the wrecked statue with the sad crumpled face.

I’d rather be the light that scratches
Your window curtains
In the early knocks of day.
Or the shy smile between conversations
When there is nothing left to say.

I am very sorry.
I do not wish to lose you as a friend; to lose everything.
I do not wish to sleep poorly and speak to the walls every evening.

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Defined by Love

The way you feel
about me doesn't
define me. You will
not cause me to
re-think my
priorities or
examine my virtues.
You may love, like,
hate or be neutral
towards me, that is
your prerogative. Of
course I would
prefer to be looked
upon as good,
inspiring, or any of
the positive human
characteristics we
know of... but it's
not essential to me
if I am not. I
respect your opinion
either way. More
importantly, I
respect mine. In my
eyes I AM worthy of
love, friendship,
praise, blessings,
God's Love and love
for myself and I can
only hope for
"genuine" to precede
all of these words
and their meaning. I
understand that
these things I need
in my life, and they
are also the essence
of me, my gift to
those who really
know me and love me,
who truly desire to
be a part me, not
just tolerate me or
see an opportunity
for achievement at
my expense. I have
come this far on a
road paved of my
blood, sweat and
tears and the
admission of my
faults that made it
so. Many lessons I
learned were harsh
but I managed to
proceed in the right
direction and it was
I who suffered and
bowed my head with
shame and it was I
who rose, anew,
forgiving and
forgiven, humbled
and eager to forge
ahead. And the few
that were with me
all the while, will
forever be a part of
me, we are one and I
acknowledge I would
not be where I am,
who I am this day,
without you. And I
will always love
you. It is my
ambition and honor
to give to you the
same beautiful,
selfless gift. I
walk with God, in
good company of
those that chose to
walk with me in this
amazing life's
journey. And that,
is all I need to
know as to what
defines me, as a
person, a blessed,
cherished soul,
grateful for every
single moment.

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Miss Ladybug

Wearing your red pock-a-dot dress
Miss Ladybug, you look divine,
it is beautiful today, the sun is out.

Go now, Miss Ladybug,
flutter your wings,
buzz away from me.

Go now, fly Miss Ladybug.
Point me in the direction of love,
see you flying North.

May I say, Miss Ladybug,
that you look divine,
and beautiful as ever.

I walk North,
I follow you Miss Ladybug,
point me to her.

You flutter over to a beautiul girl,
five foot, seven.
Nice pick Miss Ladybug.

I walk over to the girl,
She is beautiful,
long hair, jet black, flowing.

Miss Ladybug thank you,
now fly away,
I shall need you for another day.

Take me away now, baby
show me something new,
take me away from the few.

And Miss Ladybug,
there she went off into the sunset,
with her red pock-a-dot dress
flowing in the breeze, alone.

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Winter Beach

After the rain, 
the speckled glint of shimmering sand
is now muddy brown.
Like a blind, closed tight on the warmth of summer,
the winter beach has shrunken in,
changing the colours of my day into
a darker palette, shades of grey.
The sun shriveled
pale faced and worn
as the cold season begins.

Seagulls a beacon
against a slate November sky
their sound, comfort to a lonely beach.
The steps down to the water, pea green,
slimy weed on stone
bright against an ink-rippled tide.

Seaweed colours bleed into my mind while
textures playfully mingle.
The salt air stings my nostrils
caresses my lungs with wellness.
Sea sounds carry from the shores of Wales
as I crunch the length of the ebbing milk tide.

I look to the horizon and imagine another me
walking a beach somewhere over there,
listening to my thoughts, 
as they channel the sea
Grateful for this beauty, the gift of the nature
I look over my shoulder, my footprints remain
solid, as in a freshly cemented path
their sound, echoes in the shells.

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First star to your empty Night

I want a love that
fills my veins like
liquid fireworks
sweet like sugar and 
strong enough to knock
me off my feet, like a 
mighty ocean wave, yet
gentle and magic
like the forgotten lyrics
to a nursery rhyme

I want our spirits to soar
into a bright forever
like two yellow balloons
released, by the
tiny, sticky hands
of a little child
I want, my man, to know
my true self
like the words to a favorite
song on the radio
to feel me, all that is me
rhythm bound from a beaten
street drummer

I wish to be a bright guiding light
as the first star
to your empty night
A familiar love, as
traveling back to a childhood spot
your first love kiss...
first bully fight...
first playground crush lost...

I want a love
that encompasses
my senses, envelopes me
from nothing, like the
steam from my rose petal tea
filling my pores
leaving me
rejuvenated and refreshed

A love, whom steals my worries
as a thief in the night
and greets me with doe- eyed
kisses, once rounding
up a fight

I speak these words into the 
universe, to send me a love
to call my own
what path will my soul mate
travel to me, mysterious 
mystical journey unknown

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Best friend

Our inside jokes-too many to name.
When we're apart it's never the same.
When we're together it's nothing but fun
Replacing my girls just can't be done
As the years pass
and we grow apart
I want you to know
that you guys are in my heart
You helped me through problems
through things good and bad
You helped me keep smiling
when I was sad.
You helped me with guys
you made me stay strong
How will I live
when you guys are gone
And where the years take us
no place is too far
We will think of each other
wherever we are
You're wonderful people
with good hearts to lend.
And I want you to know,
that ya'll will always be my Best Friends

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Gypsy Heart

I have a Gypsy Heart
from here to there I go.
I live for adventure.

Day by day,
I never know where I will go.
Just know I will always,
follow my gypsy heart.
It takes me to all the places 
I will go, to and fro.

And I carry each and everyone of you 
in my Gypsy Heart where ever I will go.

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Schisms and Lapses

Ah the schism, the gap... the once electrically charged space that now, seems to hold only hollowness like a wicker effigy… before the offerings have been placed before the lamb as been brought to slaughter. The line between sanity and insanity blurrs water on glass. Laughter has never been a recourse not for me…taunting a perpetual bridegroom no release from sleepless nights but tears. What soothes my "weary wrinkled soul" naught but tears. Hold back the anger the misused fuel of fools. Waylay the rampant strands of kinder thoughts feed the seedling of understanding pity the blighted hearts. There can be no groom for the withered crone for time has come and wisdom was the choice life the sparkling firmament has reclaimed for your words ... your thoughts have oft called to me at night.

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To My Friend Who Won't Stop Living

You’re dying but you’re smiling. 
And I’m smiling too because you know
That dying isn’t an excuse to stop living.

Friday night I had an essay to write
But you finally got fed up with laying in a hospital bed
You challenged me to a pushup contest
We got down on the ground, arms in, back straight
One, two, three, at thirty six the nurse walked in
Almost dropped what she was carrying
“You should be in that bed” she said
I looked her in the eye and told her
“The day he gives up and lays in bed is the day he stops living”

At fifty nine the doctor came in
“Son you shouldn’t be able to breathe much less do pushups”
You told him “I’ve already done sixty. You’re welcome to stay and watch”
At eighty one there was quite the crowd.
Nurses and interns watching us instead of their patients.
The doctor said to them “one of these two kids is dying
“But neither one will stop living.”   

And that is why I visit you every day.
Every day I walk past sixty three rows of stones and flowers
Turn left, and walk down one, two, all the way to number thirty three on the end
I sit down next to your cold stone nametag and flowers people left you
I look up to the sky, sometimes lips trembling, sometimes eyes watering
And I say to you
Never stop living

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Fun Never Ceases With You

With support, with faith 

And you shower me with care. 

A sweet and sincere message 

In your every biting stare. 

Bring me up, when I fall and 

Like a breeze, you sail me through. 

Beat me down, when I fail, 

Like a teacher you scold me too. 

With a friend like you, 

I know what friendship is 

And for the bond we share, I swear, 

Our fun flow will never cease.

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Your friends are your rock.
they're there to pick you up when your down,
to encourage you when needed,
and to laugh about everything.
They will always have your back,
and they will always tell you the truth.
You can come to them with anything,
because they will always be there.

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No More Chances

Let it go;
Say not a word,
Save us both from all the hurt. 
It's been too long, 
Our friendship's gone. 
Your "jokes" have gone a bit too far.
You'll miss me, yes, 
But just because, 
A door-mat is all I ever was. 
You walked over me, 
Never let me defend. 
Is that what you'd call a true friend?
You've realized now, 
I don't need you. 
You're trying to get to me again. 
Not again, 
I'm not giving in. 
You replaced me before, 
Go back to them.

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Living in the Nation

You made a choice,
You broke the mold,
You raised your hand
Now you’re living bold
	Oh, yes!  You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

You turned your back
On pain and lack.
You said “No, thanks,
I’m not going back!”
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

When everyone else
Was still asleep,
You opened your eyes
And took a peek.
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

You saw the path
You made a way
You challenged fear
Now you’re here to stay.
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

Mama said “NO!”
Daddy said “No!”
Sista said “No!”
And so did your bro.
	Oh,yes! They did
	Oh, yes! They did

But you turned your back
On mediocrity and lack,
Said “Oh, no! This is it!”
I’m done with  trouble
I don’t miss pain
I’m looking for joy
Personal growth and gain.
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

Yeah, you turned your back
On sorrow and lack
On worry and grief
On fear and blame
You took the steps
You  fought the fight
Then you stormed the stage
On Saturday night!
	Oh, yes! You did!
	Oh, yes! I did!

You had a four step plan
In the palm of your hand.
You fought your fear
Courage brought you here
	Oh, yes! It did!	
	Oh, yes! It did!

Now you’re happy and bold
You broke the mold
You’re living large
Fighting the fight
Taking your cruises
Changing your life 
You’re done with the bruises
	Oh, yes! You did!
	Oh, yes! I did!

You’re soaring now
Taking life higher
Nothin gonna hold you
Did what we told you
	Oh, yes! You did!
	Oh, yes! I did!

The warmest of the warm
Came along for the ride
Shoulder to shoulder
They stand by your side.
	Oh, Yes! They did!
	Oh, Yes! They did!	

Mama said “No!”
Daddy said “No!”
Sista said “No!”
And so did your bro.
	Oh, yes! They did!
	Oh, yes! They did!

You know it don’t matter
Roaches gonna scatter
You got  new familia now
Go on, take a bow!
We got elevation
	Heart elation
We’re all one family
Livin in the Nation!
	Oh, yes! We did!
	Oh, yes! We did!

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Happy New Year

To all the beautiful flowers, radiant in every color and hue.. Rich and gifted in too many ways to count; You who thrive within this garden tucked away in cyber space; Giving and sharing; lifting and caring, From my heart to yours come Warm wishes for the coming year! May all good wishes for yourself, family and friends Bear ripe and abundant fruit! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ~*~

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You're worth it

Sometimes we want to grow up fast. Others we want our youth to last. Sometimes we want to change the past. Others we want to leave it alone because it was such a blast. Either way, however you feel. You have to find a way to cope and deal. Because life is a journey Sometimes a competition, a tourney. along the way there are things.... That beat up life and leave it with dings. Sadness awaits. After all we cant change fate. Tears racing down rosy red cheeks. Blinding us from seeing the beauty of the snowy mountain peak Depression like lightning strikes. Down like a volleyball we spike. Anger and frustration builds. Combining to form destruction in guilds All leading up to stress. But remember you're always blessed. Remember all those bad times. When all people did was go out and commit crimes. When hungry people had to go out and wait in long lines Maybe to some people that only happens sometimes. Maybe to others all the time. Either way, however you feel. You had to find a way to cope and deal. Somehow you stood the rain You lasted through all that pain. You didn't fall tumbling through the drain. You made it through the times that were long. You are strong. Maybe going back and forth, ping pong. Differing what's right. and what's wrong. But here you stand. Holding your own land. Even if you feel like you don't. And there's no luck you won't. I know you will. Because life isn't always downhill. Either way, however you feel. You had to find a way to cope and deal. And here you are standing now. Now of the past, let go. And in yourself you will grow. After you realize the point you're at is no longer low. Instead you get to enjoy the beauty of Sharing and and giving and receiving everyone's love. Because you're worth it.

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The Neighbor Kids

I got a call one day,
it would be my first babysitting job,
so I was excited and nervous.
I got there 'round five;
the mom was friendly, 
I loved her smile,
she'd be back by eleven, she said,
and I waved to her when she left.
The little girl, Marly's her name,
a sweeter cherub one could ne'er find,
I coloured Cinderella and Care Bears for an hour,
then made paper airplanes that went every which way.
I made them chicken,
they said they hated pepper on it,
so I put it away and never saw it again.
They ate for an hour, it was relatively quiet,
and afterward it was time to wake up the baby.
At first I was unsure,
babies are a little tough,
but we didn't turn on the light.
Marly came with me, she told me what to do.
We sang "You are my Sunshine",
and the little one, Lucas,
said to play trains.
We played trains,
and built long winding tracks,
driving Thomas the Train around and around again.
Then it was Cartoon Time.
After three episodes of Spongebob, it was Bed Time.
A change of diapers was next, another new adventure,
and the two elder ones went to bed.
I stayed up with baby,
and he was as quiet as can be.
I nearly jumped when the door opened,
but is was just mom coming home. It all was good,
I told her,
the kids were asleep,
(one in Mommy's bed!)
and the baby was ready to go snuggle up in his crib.
I bid her goodnight and stepped into the dark,
thinking of the fun time I had,
and slipping in the fresh mud on my shortcut back home,
still smiling.

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No matter how misconstrued,
one may be taken,
a gentle heart,
will never change,
and always shine through,

A friend,
that don't understand,
take their voices, pro or con,
with a pebble of rock salt,
They be what they have to be!

A friend nothing more,
and for sure never less,
that unknowingly to you,
is the measurement of their rule,
in your hand you carry,

For if one measures something else,
they're using the wrong scale,
while one may be mistaken,
their friendship ruled together,
will never be forsaken,

With that in mind,
like Jesus, the great carpenter,
he who builds a colossal house,
together our planks of companionship,
will build a friendship that can never be torn down!

Razorblade © 2012

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Daisies Bloom Again

I have no sense of dread
The veil has lifted
Sorrow is gone
My heart teems with life anew
The sun has returned
And daisies bloom again

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Dance in the Rain

There you go again crying in the rain.
You pour your heart out and your tears
fall like raindrops from heaven.
You turn away from this world and
contented yourself with isolation.

The rain became your refuge,
your only friend.

If only you have looked back.

I was there crying with you in the rain,
the sole witness of the tears you have shed.
The one who's dying to reach you within
those walls you have built around you.

There I go again running in the rain.
For this heart constantly cries and goes to
the past that was us,
And memories became my only friend in isolation.

The rain hid my tears,
And I pretended to enjoy the droplets hitting my face.

If only you have reached for my hand.

I was just there patiently waiting,
For you to see, to feel
that I'm crying for us.

But then,
the rain may have been too loud,
for you to hear the sound of my tears
falling in the ground.

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The Old Blue Chair

The big, old chair
smelled of dust and food and sweat.
Full of peanut shells, dog hair and
spider webs, I set it out on the curb with a 
FREE sign on it.

Tim, who took his own life last year,
bought it during one of his
visits to my little town. 
He needed a chair he could
sleep in.  He was no longer able to sleep 
laying down.

Tim's VISITING chair
came from the local
store that has a perpetual SALE sign
painted on their window
in giant, orange, gaudy script. 
Overpriced, low-end
furniture, but free delivery.

I wrestled the chair from the living
room and drug it to the curb
in the rain. 
It was gone in three days when
the person made sure 
no one was watching
and took it away, 
soaking wet,
to its new home.

Tim and the chair
had things in common.  
Both were too large 
both grew 
too uncomfortable
after a time.

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A Small Reminder

I have no interest in your love,
Give me instead your terror.
I want no promises of your heart, but its
Iron-ore, raw core,
So I can forge the steel, polish it sharp –
One, two, touché, first blood.
Take this blade, how feels it now?
Hold it high.

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If these fields I see
are ones of my heart.
Then, I say is true.

If the truth I hold
is the one you know.
Then, I say is real.

If reality brings you
to me as mine.
Then, I say is love.

If love is you,
true are these fields.
Then, I say you are real.

You are my heart.

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

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Memories of Happiest Moments

Happiest moments of life moves on,
Memories of those days are dawn.
When sadness fills your mind,
Torture in the heart will grind.
Nothing lasts forever,
Losing it, make a shiver.
Those gone days move away like wind,
Tears trickle down when we rewind.
Gone days never come back,
But get stored in our hearts rack.
Memories play a wonderful role,
Though it gives opposite action as fool.
Memories of gloom make us smile,
Memories of joy fill our eye.
Every one carries their own diary,
Secrets and wishes are lightening in fiery.

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Christmas Everywhere

Is it Christmas everywhere?
Christmas parties and stuffed teddy bears.
Songs of merry Christmas delight.
Snow covered rooftops glowing at night.
Gifts of sparkling diamond rings.
Christmas memories and special things.
Holiday feasts and decorated doors.
Chocolate covered cherries, Oh! Give me more.
Trips to the mall to buy gifts galore.
Paying with plastic I depleted my stash.
Let us make a loan I need more cash.
Is it Christmas everywhere?
Are you sure without a doubt?
Because some poor child this Christmas will be without.
Give hope and love.
Give prayers and faith.
For those lonesome people on this Christmas day.
Is it Christmas eerywhere?
With war overseas?
People dying and starving,
and no shoes to cover their feet.
Is it Christmas everywhere, with so much poverty?
Families who go hungry, with nothing much to eat.
What about the homeless and natural disaster stricken lands?
It would make this Christmas merry for the wealthy to lend a hand.
With death and crying, and cold and mourning,
an unfortunate road to a path with no glory.
Oh! What a very sad Christmas story.
My home is my castle that shelters me,
but don't forget the homeless that beg on the street.
So, make this Christmas merry if you're able to give.
Share your heart with someone and allow them to live.
The best Christmas will be without a doubt,
God will bless you for giving to those who are without.

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This is Not Goodbye

One day
I got the text
Said you wanted to be more than friends
Sent at around 10:30 p.m
My heart soared and I knew 
I wanted you right then
One month passed
It went by so fast
As your graduation yearns forward
I treasure my time with you
Every kiss counts
Every word lasts forever
Lingering in your ears
Every touch is more than what it seems.
Today is your last day here at school with me
June 1st, 2012
The letter and gifts and the love keeps us together
As we talk I remember every word you say
This is not goodbye
Because we are meant to last forever

For my amazing boyfriend who I love very much <3

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A Known Quantity

Known you..
I’ve known you in oh so many forms
weak, spineless, pitiful
yet sucking it all up, sucking it all in
the nectar of every soldier bee
goes to fill your whimpering form
look how you grovel to the leader
a mere ruse to suck dry the abundance of others
Soft and sweet and pleasant
but bitten the hand that fed you one too many time
Loving you caring for you .. basically a death sentence
a deal killer that’s what you are
a rabid queen of heart without a flamingo’s head 
to bash against the balls of life so ..
you use the balls of others to climb UP
to sneak under .. to support your jellied form

Known YOU? 
Hell yes I’ve known you ..
and it’s about time I cut the bloody cord.
Good bye .. Friend

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The sea never assassinates its friends

Your eyes betrayed me
Made my tears sink
In the sea
But which sea?
A sea of love
Or a sea of illusion
A sea of darkness
Or a sea of feelings
A sea walks
Or a sea flies
A sea laughs
Or a sea cries
Which sea does not appreciate tears?
How tears sink?
And they were created from the sea
The sea is friend of tears
Friend of love
Friend of feelings
Friend of the night
Even the moon
Adores the sea
Sleeps among its waves
The sea never assassinates its friends
In the jail
Robbers are hiding
And in my heart
Lovers are hiding
And in the sea
Pearls are hiding
The sea never assassinates its friends….!

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What did I do

I come in and sit down
You pretend I'm not there
You say you have no friends
So what am I?

I come in and sit down
I pretend you're not there
You get mad
Why is that?

I start to respond
I try to talk
You still seem mad
What did I do?

I can’t read minds
You have to tell me
What did I do?

You talk to her all the time
Her this and Her that
What did I do?

You should be my friend
But instead you ignore me
What did I do?

What am I?
What did I do?
Why won't you tell me?

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My Mexican Jerky

He makes me laugh when I’m about to cry.

He is very different than I am; but that’s what makes him, him.

He makes no sense to me sometimes.   

He admits that he’s full of himself.

He doesn’t know how much I care about him. 

He calls me his angel.

He also lives in New Mexico.

He has never seen me face to face.

He has seen me in pictures, and said I’m beautiful. 

He is indescribable.  

He is my best friend.

He is my Mexican Jerky.

I love him.

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Between soul and body

Why you seem sad?
How is for this moon to sadden?
Why pearls pour down from your eyes?
As the raindrops
What is the secret?
What is the matter?
What is the avail of sadness?
And we are hanging in ropes of the sin
And between rope and gallows
An orphan friendship
And between me and you
A new world
Between my eyelash and tears
Painful memories
My lady!
Between city and city
Long distances
Thousand barriers
Thousand souls immigrating
Thousand temples
Thousand priests
Thousand knights
Thousand nights
Thousand devils
And between heart and heart
Farness and yearning
Thousand mercies
Thousand pulses
Thousand love
Thousand addresses
Thousand words
Thousand lies
Thousand candles
And between eye and eye
Hidden Language and dialogues
Thousand tears
Thousand roses
Thousand tones
Thousand winks
Thousand whispers
Thousand touches
Thousand kisses
But between soul and body
One life.............One life.....

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 May each of you have a joy filled Easter in remembrance of the ressurection of our Lord and loving Savior, Jesus Christ! God bless you all and keep you enveloped in His great Love and Mercy forever. -love Bob D

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The Princess Knife

Sorry I hurt so much
its all for you.
Ive got a little bone inside me
that breaks everytime...

I need to be sheltered like you
in love
in love

Im just not that girl
Im standing here reading aloud
with a little too much panic
and a little too less glow.

Im never gonna be her
but she shakes up the cage im in.
But she wont take me home 
shes only here to cleanse my wounds.

Sorry that the bitter taste fills me in, like a balloon.
You have got to slowly come at me, cause you know Im feral still.
And after all this time
and after all this time.
in love 
in love

I dont like you in his arms
all broken-wings and shooting sadness.
But I wont have you any other way.
Im just looking on and peeking in
and I listen for my newest pseudonym.

I need to be sheltered like you
in love
in love

I need to be sheltered
in love

I need to be 
in love

I need love.

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The Gift of Giving

One fateful day an elfin child sat mesmerized by Santa’s Snow Globe.
For there before him was everyone in our great big world.
Now Santa saw him frowning as he went about his daily chores…
Finally Santa stopped… waiting for the child’s question to unfurl.
And sure enough, here it came, for a young child did ask it each year.
Santa, you have great magic… given from the great one above…
So why have you and he… not solved all the woes of the world?
The answer came quite simply as he, too, looked in the globe. 

If we solved everything for all the people of the earth…
Then they would learn nothing and become far worse.
They would want more, and fight greedily over all they do have.
My gift to these people is to simply, “Teach them how to give and to care.”
And I do so in so many ways each year:
I teach them by showing how much greater it is to give than receive.
I remind them there are others less fortunate, who need help to achieve.
And by allowing them to help the others who were less blessed…
I also teach them that working together is truly the best.
I show them how to carry these thoughts daily, as all they impart.
I teach them it can warm them, too, when they Share from their hearts.
And not every thing valuable, should be held in a monetary scheme.
I teach them that to be kind and to give is the best gift of all.
I teach them that to have family is the greatest gift that can befall.
I teach them to love both the large and the small.
I teach them to appreciate all that they have and are.
And last… I teach them how to live, this way as intended, all year long.

Now you see what a few toys, and a giving hand can do.
We change the every essence of these lands by the work of Our And Their hands, too.
The elfin lad gave Santa a hug so tight, as Santa leaned over to dry his eyes, then…
They Both thanked God for the all blessings they were allowed to teach …
In one night: on Christmas Eve.

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Sabbath Morning Rap sequence 1

Learn not too late to halt the hate,
Bound to be ground in the dust of disgust
We're pierced and fierce, fulla rings and things
We're blued and tatooed and God is booed.

Crude dudes are misconstrued
with actions vulgar,vile and lewd.
We're found down ground in sound,
totally tatooed in terrible taste,
in a mindless race for the loudest base.

Hate to dis your myth but God exists,
'Tis a truth deduced by the less obtuse,
You understand He did become man
For His love of us all because of the fall.

He suffered and died being crucified,
He pulled His people from the pains of hell
and rose from the dead He's alive and well,
I tell you no lie He's got no rival,
It's right there written in the holy Bible.

He arose to heaven so to send the Spirit
to His brothers and sisters who wished to hear it,
He said I leave you my Love I leave you my all
but you gotta say yes to heed my call.

Don't follow the world that ain't the place,
You want to be with Me when you finish this race,
Orphans you're not  you have been taught,
I will help you find Me if I'm sought.

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word portrait

With my palette of paints I could paint a picture
with words I will try to convey my thoughts
she has an accent that reminds you she is Yorkshire
by birth, an attitude that follows the same route

you look into brown eyes that twinkle with mischief
a smile to rocket you into space
laughter like the tinkling of bells
knowledge that surpasses all others

this person is loved by all,
she loves everyone, she has her
disabilities, you would not know this
Always she greets me with a smile and a kiss

She will say Oh Sass when she sees this
Its not a dedication, its just words to convey
What a wonderful friend she is
Someone I look up to, wish she really was my sister

I will sing your song “ Mandy”  or better still let 
Barry Manilow sing it for me.

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I'm Thankful

Thanksgiving is a day
To be thankful for all
That we have in life
With those that we love.

I'm thankful for my family
For being there for me
Always there to help
Supportive and loving.

I'm thankful for my friends
Whom I'm happy to have met
That brought joy and light
To my life as I did for them.

I'm thankful for music
That cheers me up when blue
Inspires and moves me
To help my creativity flow.

I'm thankful for life
Although there are storm clouds
The sun shines through them
To bring light to the world.

Those are the things
I'm quite thankful for
On this glorious Thanksgiving
Especially the delicious turkey.

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Goldfish in Heaven

It was a little cold this morning.
Colder this morning
than any other so far this year. 
Of course every day this year seems
colder than any year before.

It’s October now.
It’ll be my birthday soon.
I’ll be eighty-four… or twelve.
I guess it all depends on who’s counting. 

My best friends came to visit me today.
We spent some time in the backyard
just enjoying one another’s company.
They seemed a little distant…
maybe sad, even.
They did their best to hide it from me,
but I could tell. 

After a time of laughter,
love and hidden tears,
my best friend asked
if I wanted to go for a ride.

Never one to turn down an adventure,
I gladly accepted.

The wind in the truck
was more than I have been used to.
God how it made my bones ache.
But it was nice to be out.
It had been quite a while
since my last outing.
When we arrived at the lake
my friend could tell how bad I hurt,
so he helped me out of the truck.

My best friend and I walked a ways
and I could feel the sadness in him
coming to the surface.
But he didn't seem to want to talk about it.
I figured I’d just let him talk about it
if he wanted.
I wasn’t going to pressure him.

He just put his hand on my back
and told me he loved me.

Then he said he had something for me
as he tussled the hair on my head.
He pulled a bag of Goldfish Crackers
out of his pocket
and offered me some.
God knows I love Goldfish Crackers.
I smiled at him and thanked him.
I never eat them one at a time.
I always eat them by the mouthful.
Today was no different.

After my second helping
I glanced at my friend once more.
I swear he knew exactly what I was thinking.
I have no doubt how much he loves me...
I just wish I could tell him
how much I love him. 

I glanced down at the remaining crackers
and as I began to eat them I was secretly hoping
that more might magically appear before me.

As I did, I heard a sound. 
A sharp sound.
As much in the distance
as right above me.

I guess it was the sound that
Goldfish Crackers make
when more
magically appear before you.
Because there they were.

And here they are. 

I could eat Goldfish Crackers forever.
I wonder if there are Goldfish Crackers in Heaven.


©2010, R. Erin Lenth


I wrote this poem late in the evening after I put Sarah, my faithful Labrador 
Retriever,  down.

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As I write this
My cheeks glisten,
With tears of happiness and tranquility
A smile on my face

Inside I had collapsed
I reached out for the last time
And you took my hand
Holding on tightly, determined to fight with me

The warmth of your nature began to fight my sadness instantly
Love and tenderness sparkling through your eyes
Your heartfelt smile a silent expression of care
And absolute understanding

Your words have created a magical symphony
A symphony of compassion and love
Causing my enemy, pain to surrender
And burying my will for self destruction

Your perseverance and ceaseless time
Have drawn out my whirlwind of emotions
And your guidance,
Has painted a rainbow of hope in my life

My emotions had destroyed me
The creators of the dead, desolate winter inside me
But by the touch of your life on mine
My heart and life saw the first blossoms of spring

You are the reason for the beginning of my gradual transition
From the fragile wings of a butterfly
To the stable wings of an eagle,
Soaring through life with a purpose

My journey with you has been life changing
Your constant support and encouragement have become my inspiration
My inspiration to really live
For this, I can never thank you enough

You are truly an amazing blessing in my life
As I carve your name into my heart with love,
I realize that I have been touched by the grace of God
Through a very special angel,


Ms van Rensburg

Words cannot describe how much you have done for me and truly what a blessing it is to 
have you in my life. You have helped me in so many ways and have really made my life 
worthwhile again. You have instilled so much in me, and because of you, I am a better 
person. Thank you for your time, support, guidance and absolute understanding. I hope this 
poem gives you some idea on the magnitude of the difference which you have made in my 
life. You are so incredibly special to me!

Tons of love
Amy, xxx

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Beautiful Lace

Eyes of piercing true,
ever so blue.

I hope you knew 
as you flew on the wings of grace,
your life was like beautiful lace.

In that lace 
was a place,
just for me.

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Loves Flight

I think my soul followed you home 
It's because I am in love
 And each time I make it come
 It wonders right back to you
 Because your the one
 I know it's true
 And our souls as one
 Follow what is to become

It doesn't matter where we are in our lives
 The same feelings over come my mind
 Love is making me blind
 It's where I spend all of my time
Capturing the will, the wants, the whys
 But I know your presence will never be denied
 Calculating the wishes into flight
 Making the journeys within future plights
I wish I can, I wish with my eyes closed up tight
 Be with you when the time is right
 I love you Mike
 Now go be with me tonight
 Making my soul take fight
 To be with you in all my loves might

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Friends in High places

To really know who you are
To know who it is- 
That formed you in the womb
To be truly acquainted with Him
Is to truly know-
Friends in High places

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~*~ =================================== friendship - ((CONTEST)) **Jun Jun Villanueva** Friendship~ salient lyrical canzonet of life's vast immeasurable experiences an intermezzo in an interminable tedious dulcet musical theater a masterpiece fabricated through hearts' harmonic jibe excogitate from comradeship's bond and pinky promise "HYMN" my heart and soul still warbling in oxymoronic spirit. **Poet Destroyer** Friendship- stood like a b-sharp note, the best jubilant occasion My ears a funnel of tease~ something big in the air, waves off your shoulder. Repetition and codas beyond the ripples of my reflections~ I see you my friend. Ready to sing and examine the warmth of immeasurable experience. The ripples you compose inside me, are like the last octaves parrying symbols. ~*~ =========================================================== ** Tracie Edwards ~ contest **

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To All my Friends on the Soup

To all my Friends on the Soup
You! Yes, YOU!
You read the title, right?
The most important word in that was…FRIENDS
Is that why you’re reading this?
Are you a friend?
Here is the check list…

Do you leave an encouraging post after reading my poem?
Do you send me soupmail now and again when you see I’ve gone missing?
Do you visit more often than once in a blue moon?
Do you give me the benefit of the doubt?
Do you read my older writes when you miss me?
Do you look for my name?
Do you?

Well, if not…why are you reading this poem?
Passion for Poetry?
None of the above….ALL the above?

I don’t know…are you a friend or foe?
 Only you know…only you know.

To my REAL friends on Poetry Soup…
You know who you are...
My scintillating stars
My mentors and my guides
My comforters and supporters
My shoulders to lean on
My sweetest treats
Yes, YOU!
Thank you….for loving me. I’m not always easy to love. I make mistakes. I fall, but you never judge me. You just pick me up and dust me off. You know who you are. I just wanted to say…I LOVE YOU!

To all the rest…Isn't it time you said, "Hello?" ;) Sign your name on that certificate!!!!

Eileen Manassian

PS...I know that I'm not the best of friends. I don't always post a comment or ask when someone is missing. I sometimes read for all the wrong reasons, but I still value my friends who overlook all that and love me anyway!

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marking my friends on poetry soup.- the Lord helped me fight death and won.

i don't want to be just marking

time.  i died on november 20,

2008, during surgery.  i was

on a vent when i awakened 

december 2, sisters'

birthday. what made me llive

i'll never know.  i know there

are things to do on this side

of death.

i have no time for marking time.

i have a stupid bag hanging from

my side now.  i am supposed to

"get comfortable with it".  well

that was a laugh.

that was a laugh until i thought

of the people that had these

things with no hope of ever

getting away from them.

i am so lucky.  14 days i laid

on a vent, then 22 more.

i came home 3 days, 


i had
great pain in my chest...
well this is great i said,

a pulmonary emboli, 15 more

days, three days home.

then back to e.r. blood pressure

too high.  this bought me 

4 more days in e.r.

i am home now and finally 

have spent 19 days home.

i feel every pain and i feel

every time that i feel good

yes, i am never marking

time again.....there is

something about fighting

for your life and your sanity

that straightens things out.

i don't recommend it but

i wish i could let your hearts

know what i know.


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2 People in Sync

One minute, one hour or a night
Whatever the time
A connection is made

You know it because you feel it
No question or deny
I feel so good inside
Like I glow
Nowhere to hide
Impossible to be blind
Of how you make me feel

You wake me from a slumber
Make me feel alive
Excite my mind
Like lines and notes meet
Harmonising so sweet
Sounds sublime

Friends forever
or both friends & lovers to be
They enjoy each other's company
No facade or hidden layers
Just free to be themselves
No better place to be

Such a life treat
Whether short and sweet
Over time or forever
Once connected
Seek each other out
They are an opportunity
For something special
Two people who feel in sync
Somehow can't live without
Connection complete

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Going Nowhere

Slow motion memories.
Street lit like a movie set,
outside the dance hall.
Muffler-less cars,
full throttle, then eerily quiet.
Self willed machines idling along the street,
flooding the night; flashing eyeballs,
headlining teenage girls.
A sashaying crush; glancing, giggling,
disdainful in stinging beehives,
plastic jackets, high gloss paint and oily pants.

Cruising crass flash
false virility in high gloss paint.
James Dean on Sunset Strip.
Hands on the stick shift; giving themselves the gears.
skinny boys glancing in the mirror, where dice and kewpie dolls hang,
squinting at astigmatisms of Steve McQueen on hunk steroids.
Nervous to fingered combs slink through their hair,
checking out the rear end drive,
outside the dance hall on a Friday night.

A curly haired boy,
red faced brother of my best friend, never owned a car,
pushes forward in the street,
to talk with sister and friends.
Asked a girl for a kiss.
Too easily dismissed.

In the science lab; class dismissed.
Counters gleam grade A sterility.
Chemicals stare coldly from spotless beakers.
Put his mouth over the gas jet.

A curly haired boy,
going nowhere on a Friday afternoon.

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Written Tragedy

A glimpse of heavenly bliss taken away |
My heart sinks as I can longer find |
For you, I willingly have trusted |
But you left, not even a glance back |

Didn't care to see the pain |
Didn't care to see the fragile heart |
To which a piece of it was broken |
Since the day you chose to be careless |

Sometimes I just want to give up |
It just hurts me for you no longer cherish |
Why can’t I have that same mentality? |
Yet, foolishly, here I am still holding on |

All I’m stuck with are distant memories |
Yet, the absolute and bitter part of it all |
Are the majestic memories you left with me |
Ones that are worth to hold onto for a lifetime |

But every time I think about it, I relive it |
Every time I relive it, I feel my heart bleed | 
Something so beautiful just to be thrown away |
It been better, had it never happened |

But you're not here to treat my wound |
Oblivious to my agonizing pain |
Only because I chose to conceal the truth |
Masking it within to not complicate your life |

But one can’t help but ask |
How could you have not noticed? |
Would you intentionally left me in the dark? |
To become estranged from a bond we once built on? |

It is only then, I begin to put a wall |
A wall that will never be broken down |
To not only protect myself from others |
But to protect others from me |

No longer able to trust or depend |
Unwilling to give my love or affection |
Who really knows what lies behind that smile? |
Everything I once believed in, cease to exist |

Nothing but words of deception; acts that kill |
Countless encounters, but only a few |
To whom I gave my all; my inner self |
It’s not easy for me, for I don’t trust many |

But only because a promise was made |
That you were the real deal; the true friend |
One who could not be altered to turn the other way |
But you have abandoned me; left me but a few words |

Left me when I needed you the most |
Leaving me stranded in the midst of confusion |
Made me to believe that I was unworthy |
Undeserving of an explanation or goodbye |

Initially, you rescued me from my own darkness |
You helped me to see my possible future in bright colors… |
Now, the only inspiration I have that keeps me going |
Is hopelessly writing about my once past tragedy |

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Be my friend
Walk with me when I am walking
Sit with me when I am sitting
Hug me when I need a hug
Talk with me when I need someone to talk with

Ignore me when I am angry
Hold me when I am crying
Be there through my sorrows
Help me carry the load when I am struggling

Be there when I need someone
Help me move on with my life
Be the one person who never judges me
Show me how to be a better person

Most of all love me for who I am
With all my faults
Also the good parts as well
Just be the person you are
My beloved
My friend

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Pretend Nothing Happened

Treat me bad
Pretend nothing happened

Ignore me now
Pretend nothing happened
Try to talk
Pretend nothing happened

I'm sick of pretending
Sick of waiting
If you really care then say it

I can’t pretend
That you don’t treat me like crap
That you don’t act like I'm not there
That you're not always against me
That you still want to be a friend

I can’t pretend and 
That’s why I’m done.

Our friendship?
Pretend nothing happened

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Until We Meet Again

Until we meet again;

May the clear skies herald your days, 

and the silvery moon protect your nights.

May your smile be wide, may your pocket be deep,

may the happiness of a lifetime follow your keep.

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I remember in my 3rd grade class our paths first crossed
You reached out for my hand instead you touched my heart
Since then we've built a bond that's unbreakable and shatterproof
We share our pains and we nurse each other's wound
Always looking out for one another in our times of need
So close we are we speak without uttering a word;
We share a language that's secret
We built a wall to guide our confidences and no one can breach it
I bring to you this moment my silent confession
Chiquita Chiamaka Baity, you are my very best friend.

Poem written by: Wole Francis and Chiquita Chiamaka Baity.
contest: Grab a mate and collaborate.
Theme of contest: Friendship.

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A Prayer for Michael

A Prayer for Michael (the one who sent me here)

I said a prayer and called your name
It was a prayer for you
You are my friend
I called your name with tears 
My eyes are rivers in your grace
I cannot see the bottom of this pit
Upon whose rim you stand
But I release you from the wretched place
I break your spell and kill your witch with my golden cold spike of love

I have no tools
My ways are simple
But I throw them over to you with every inch of strength you have given me
I only have a small closed heart that’s broken
But it wishes to be strong and large
Like you can be too
Like you were as a child of light
Like you are still, but only blinded and stunned
You are like a brother and father and guide to me
In one stroke of kindness you gave me hope
My broken heart holds magic 
It knows your pain
And in its lock a golden broken key of love you turned
You made me stronger
And like a starfish
Now I have a thousand keys forming to give away

I offer one to you my new friend
My love is yours to use and keep
Hold it in your heart
Be warm
I pledge my friendship
In the times your heart is cold and lonely
Drink to me the cup you throw away
Remember I will keep you warm inside of me
Your memory will not fade, I know your name
Take strength in knowing those you heal
Demand of you as well that you should rise again

Rise and take your place
Stand in recognition of what you must be and are even now
Walk forward again in the light of your own making
Have half the hope you have given
Rekindle it 
You have no shame
And no wrong did you make
It was right to love so freely 
With such pure honesty and trust and lust
No matter that anyone should hurt you
This was only a test and strengthening
Use the hurt to remember your mission
Let its fading embers grow warm again and not fester
Fuel that fire with the wind of your desire to heal
And love again without restraint
As you know you always will and must
I release you from the spell
No fear is yours to bear
Stand up and walk out of those old shoes
In health, without fear, I set you free

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Praising Mother

Our beautiful mother,
Who gave birth to us,
Nurtured us and raised us,
With loving care,
Our companion all our lives,
Father's beautiful wife, 
Friend through calm and controversy,
A miracle of kindness,
Taught us right from wrong,
With us during our married years,
Grandmother and great-grandmother, 
Godly and religious,
Looking after all her children,
Loved and respected by us all,
I remember her whimsical sense of humour,
She had the patience that passeth understanding,
A tribute to all mothers on this special day,
Happy Mother's Day and God bless you.

Author:Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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A True Credo Of Love

(To All Who Believe It Can Be Achieved)

Caucasoid, Mongoloid,and Negroid
Colour the conscience progression 
of Man's ethical Truths...
The cultural aggressions of violence
and ignorance must end!
Extend your heart, hand and life
Towards the Precious Don of Honour...
Freely, keeping the sincere
Brotherly Creed


Comments:  Brothers and Sisters it is time that we stand up and let the Love of God in, after 
all we are all one in the same under the skin, so why not give it a grand try... One Love and 
Many Blessings in Him Always, Adell

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My Friend, the Piano

You stand majestic, proud, glossy
Sometimes you boast graceful curves
That's when they call you Grand, or Baby Grand
To me, you're living and breathing
Full of emotion, comfort and understanding
My heart skips a beat when I see you!
When I'm in a bar, hotel or restaurant
Immediately my head and eyes are seeking you
Then I catch sight of your familiar shape
Childish excitement makes its entrance
I rush over, lift your lid and awaken you
Such love do I find in ebony and ivory!
As I begin to caress your keys
And pour out my thoughts through song
You've had the likes of Alicia Keys
And Jamie Cullen making beautiful music
Of course, you've had the pleasure of the company
Of those who play classical pieces too
Relaxing the listener into a peaceful world
Monochromic tactile, gentle touch
Sending shivers down the spine
Sedating the soul as melodic waves undulate
There's an incredible connection between you and me
I told you all about being bullied at school
I'm sorry I kicked you, my friend
It was not directed at you
But I was recalling the cruelty of the teenagers
And venting my sorrow and frustration
You let my grief spill out 
As I play songs that remind me of my beautiful husband
And you join in with me as my fingers rejoice
Over the love and grace of the Father God
You respond by the sounds that flow
From those beautifully engineered strings
It's as if you have arms consoling me
As they wrap around my shoulders
Slowing the heartbeat
Thank you for giving such harmonic pleasure
And allowing me to express my feelings
Be it joy, fear, sadness or contentment
You ARE a living, breathing creation
And I hope you'll be around for years!

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On Friendship

-dedicated to and inspired by Awoh Kingsley-

To define a friendship Is to define each element held in a grand sea The moments shared between the water and the single fish The seaweed coursing in the shallow Sinking in the deep Through trust two can prosper And even be happy But when mistakes are made Trust becomes a demand A weapon to test each other Trust allows that seaweed to flow Trust can also allow the currents to bury them Without openness that trust will falter Like an underwater volcano Holding all the fire in It is bound to explode And though water will cool it somewhat There’s no telling how long the next explosion will take A friend should not take his time calculating that Instead allow words to flow Like the gills of a fish Allowing water in and out Cooling and moderating forever Filtering the bad into good Above all, love must reign For friendship cannot grow without it Without love There would be no elements in the sea The sea would be a bottomless pit Of nothingness

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Best Friend

Best friend
Friends forever
Turn to friends never
You look back and ask why
Then you realize, you never was
Best friends 
Not true 
Loyal friends come rarely 
Trust is never really there.
True best friends never leave
You don't ignore each other
You mad you move on
You talk the next day
Best friend 
Im not sure you move past tht point 
You family now
Best friend 
Ok I give you those but do they stay that way.
Best friend 
Some always happens 
Best friend 
You should know me well 
Best friend 
Never make a false pretense 
Best friend 
Move on to tht final stage 
Trust each other 
Once that trust is gone so that best friend
Best friend
Been betrayed so many times I just don't give a damn 
Im cold hearted I know that.
But guess what if your really my best friend then you would know that
Best friend
I don't know that term like that. 
Best friend 
I'm afraid to actually start caring cause when you do *****changes
Best friend 
Now we grew apart 
Our time is up
We moved on
Met new people
New relationships causes drifting
Never speak
Lose contact 
Best friend is no more.

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The Single Coin

In time, there was always the people, 
That worked so hard to do what they wanted. 
With a single coin, they had to support their families, 
While the rich above them show off, and they are taunted. 

With labor, we poor have to serve the rich, 
And they all laugh, smoking a huge cigar. 
But what if they were treated as we were, and the tables turned, 
Revealing that an uprising isn’t very far?

With a single coin, we try our best to do everything in the world. 
We people that get up and walk to the future,
Keep the wheel of the world spinning and turning. 
Everything in this world should be equal, every creature. 

Even without that single coin, we are still capable of more, 
It’s just our choice of what we do next in the thing everyone strives
For, and if we stop walking, we’re nothing more than scum. 
Let’s get up and live better lives. 

With the single coin we have, a future shines on it’s smooth surface,
And we can cross it’s ridges like a mountain that stands in our way. 
Even without help, we can move forward and do something more,
Then hopefully we can keep this world alive and stay.

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The way you smile
Dimples, deep as my love
Teeth that sparkle 
Lighting my hearts way...
I remember...
Tracing each curve of your lips
Gently... leading me
Through the brisk path
Of your manicured beard
Stopping only to marvel
At the natural arch
Of your brow
Falling still... upon eyes I've known
Yet, still hold the power 
To pierce my soul
I surrendered... my lips and love
Unto you...

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Blowing a Kiss to You


This is a miss from a friend in distant I send you this, no need specific reason It’s just…you’re the perfect one to be missed I send you warmth wrapped in hug and kiss You can use it to distract you from their hiss To encourage you to cast away your fears And to give you snow converted from your tears Please capture this gift inside your mind For in there, I’m sure they’ll always shine I know your life is perfectly fine Maybe because I pray always for your smile
*For a contest, dedicated to: Michael J. Falotico

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Unbreakable Bond

I remember in my 3rd grade class our paths first crossed
You reached out for my hand instead you touched my heart
Since then we've built a bond that's unbreakable and shatterproof
We share our pains and we nurse each other's wound
Always looking out for one another in our times of need
So close we are we speak without uttering a word;
We share a language that's secret
We built a wall to guide our confidences and no one can breach it
I bring to you this moment my silent confession
Chiquita Chiamaka Baity, you are my very best friend.

Poem written by: Wole Francis and Chiquita Chiamaka Baity.
contest: Grab a mate and collaborate.
Theme of contest: Friendship.

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The darkness of light impossible to see the pain and the lies always damaging you reach and get burned not understanding this is my disease nature of the beast Suddenly my light is taken away my darkness was revealed taking me as slave when all I ever wanted was for someone to say please stop, for me or enter an early grave Now face to face with all of my demons how can I fight them if I don't want to beat them until the reason arrives, then I shine a little at first but that small thing, is mine The den of ten thieves come up with a plan a whole set of new lies that every single man cannot resist believing it's seeming to be that a horrific ending is just what I need Then all of the sudden my small shine swallows time and with that virtue my face comes to life I would never hurt you please, know this to be yet no one believes me this curse grows like a tree I hate my helpless fate why can't I make a new life for me that no one can take why can't I escape a prison not for me for years I accept this tired sense of defeat The small shine barely intact, inside until Saint Anger starts to burn me, alive I find I'm set off by my wrong, senseless self until I am talking to no one, in Hell So I pick up my pen power to create a new world for me where I design my escape in my invisible state the Devil don't notice that one of his children is no longer hopeless I stop all my madness by power of pen for years my sword drew nothing but sin the yin and the yang both helped me to find that I'm no longer afflicted when darkness lights my bright shine.

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Kiss Me

I'm always telling you how I'm 
 Why don't you kiss me?
I'm always telling you what I'm 
For you to kiss me.. :*

I want to feel your sweet, 
gentle lips....
I want our lips to intertwine... 

I want to know that your mine 

Kiss Me,
Show me what your feeling,
Show me what your wanting...

Unless.... Me is not in those 
categories :-/

I want you to open up to me
I want you to know that we will 
be <3

Kiss Me :*

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Side By Side

Oh it's a beautiful night!
The moon is full
And the stars are glowing
While the trees, with Earth's cool summer breeze
Start slowly blowing...

A campfire's flames are burning so bright
While a young couple holds each other tight
Warming their hearts, as these two lovers embrace
Traveling together, through time and space
Oh how tonight, with their love, they won't hide
Two lovers forever, Side By Side

Under the stars, both of them lay
They've been together, happy, all night and all day
Holding each other, a sweet caress
While green grass stains her pretty white dress
But no words, to each other, do they say
Happy just sitting Side By Side, knowing no other way

Gazing up at the stars
Breathing in the night
Them together with nature
A beautiful sight

All the years they've both struggled
And how they cried 
Has led them here tonight
It matters not now
As they'll lie here forever, Side By Side

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My Comfortable Chair

Like my special comfortable chair
I'm reassured your always there
when I need you.

Providing a comfortable cushion
against harsh ravishes and rigors
of life.

My sanctuary
my my love
my heart and soul
my wife
my life.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.July.

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Peace to One and All

Be careful
I said carefully come nearer
Be careful
I said carefully take my sword
Be careful
I said carefully read my lip
Be careful
I said carefully draw my sword
Be careful
I said carefully pierce my body apart from my soul
Be careful
I said carefully send me there now...

Why do you withhold?

Be careful
Have your sword, shield it
And have your seat

Politics has not completely darken my heart
I still sense the part I belong
I know I aren't born this way
I know I aren't call to this way
I know God don't support my way-

Bloodshed day and night 
All in the name of satisfying
Whims and caprices of the few

The world led with the words of the opportunist
And built by struggles and sacrifices of the full

Since you are now born again

  Be careful
  I said carefully come nearer
  Be careful
  I said carefully take my sword
  Be careful
  I said carefully read my lip
  Be careful
  I said carefully draw my sword
  Be careful
  I said carefully pierce my body apart from my soul
  Be careful
  I said carefully send me there now

  Why do you withhold?

  Be careful
  Have your sword, shield it
  And have your seat

  Politics has not completely darken my heart
  I still sense the part I belong
  I know I aren't born this way
  I know I aren't call to this way
  I know God don't support my way-

  Bloodshed day and night 
  All in the name of satisfying
  Whims and caprices of the few

  The world led with the words of the opportunist
  And built by struggles and sacrifices of the full

  Since you are now born again

Be careful
And carefully convey my message to those privilege few
Be careful
And don't change my words
Be careful
And listen carefully
Be careful
And tell them I said...

Peace be upon thou
That values this singular word in action
Who give room for this course to thrive
And carry the day

Peace be upon those 
That gives it a chance
The Word in question is PEACE

Peace and Unity is what I preach

Convey my message to one and all.

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The Library Sub

The librarian was granted leave
And so the sub walked in
I find it hard to trust teachers
But this sub was one of a kind
Friendly, nice, Like subs are
she recognized my talents
Opposed to the regular librarian
Mean and Strict

From the day that sub walked in
My time at the library changed
I bonded with this sub
I was ready to consider her a friend
But It had to happen sooner than later
Without saying goodbye
She left the School and gave us back our librarian
Our Cold, Bitter librarian

Shes gone now
Back to normal
I miss her
So do my friends
But she's not coming back
The librarian knows I miss her
Not that she cares
And there's a lot I would do
Just to tell her whats on my mind


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Now here, then there

You tricked me once and tricked me twice
There will not be a next ime
For I shall take your life.

You used to pull the strings
Played with me, made me dance to your tune
Now I want to see
If you can also dance to my tune
But with severed nerves

I shall lead you, fear not
My hatred is now gone,
Forwhy I realize we are the same
You and I, suffer from the same illness:

You seek freedom, as I also do,
No point denying it
Behind your mask of empty words
I spy fear and disgust
You claim to be tired
Tell me that the situation made you wary
You want to forget and to undo what cannot be undone
I offer you my aid, come, there is a way...

You yet lack what it takes to be set really free
Come with me and I shall show you how to get there
to the other side of this dark and cruel hall
But be aware, this is an one way ticked trip, but who cares?
For when you meet me there you shall see
See that what lies here and hinder your forwarding to a more blessed realm
With its strings righteously cut and heart full of joy, there will be no regrets
Only the one to not have done that sooner.

Enough. I feel confused but I still know what must be done
Are you still with me?
I must call her now, my old friend
She is nice, if you know how to amend to your side of the road
She ought be our guide, mine and yours
Quick now, shall we go?

I must keep my word and lead you, look
The first steps are fast, look
Will open a few holes on our cage of flesh, look
Dig deep, dig fast, don't stop until senses fails and head goes numb, look
From which you can see the inside of you, look how I really am, look
Ugly as the outside, but to be ether this shall not matter, for both of us

What you may come to feel now, may cloud your thinking,
may make you doubt me, perhaps to think
I wish to make you miserable, that I mislead you to a trap.
That I did not. For, to you, I do not lie.

The woe, my dear, lies in our hearts, on this husk
The very same which we have no use anymore, none of them and none from here
Don't think bad of me, please
For I only want to set you free.
Close your eyes and follow me...

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Retrospective Evening

A visit with my oldest friends the ones who know me best A quiet evening recalling our life together Our twenties - A quest to define who we are Searching for our purpose and place Hoping to make a difference In our thirties Struggling to not lose who we are Accepting new roles of wife and mother Doubting we make a difference In our forties Beginning to recognize who we are Disillusioned with career and life Wondering if we will ever make a difference Now in our fifties Embracing the person we have become Understanding that we will continue to change Knowing we make a difference every day Pouring another glass of wine We become quiet reflecting on life with my closest friends me, myself and I

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The sweet scent of lavender

I won a basket of lavender goodies on a local raffle
It bought a smile to my face
And bought back many memories
Of a lovely lady I once knew

Her husband was a retired GP
She had Parkinson’s Disease you see
She couldn’t be left on her own
He would get on the phone and I would run

She was 83 years old and as bright as a button
I would ‘granny sit’ for her to keep her from harm
Her favourite scent was lavender, and I would always hear her say
Can you get the lavender water for my hands today?

I would gently rub the water onto her gnarled hands
She would smell the sweet scent and smile
And tell me stories of her life
Of happy times and tragedy, the hours spent would fly by

I would hear the same stories time after time
Her mind would wander, but I didn’t mind
I could smile and laugh at the appropriate place
She would shed a tear and I would wipe them from her face

The tragedy in her life was her daughter Rosamund Yvonne
She was born with Down’s Syndrome – even now I can still see her smiling face
Her photo took pride of place on the grand piano
We would look at that faded picture and the old lady would smile

Her daughter passed away at five years old
But still the stories I was told every day
If I smell lavender now it brings back many a memory
Of that lovely old lady and Rosamund Yvonne

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Do you know
How much you are loved

Yes we see you
We're blessed to know you
The woman behind the joyous smile
The one who goes beyond the extra mile

You are so rare
Truly a wonderful gift
You have a way, you cause perspectives to shift
You understand 
change can't always be swift

Purpose, a gentle word
You recognize people's need to be heard
On wings of understanding you fly like a bird

True kindness
Permeates your being
You have a special way of seeing
The world we live in is in need of care
True change happens by becoming aware

Yes one person can make a difference
Small changes add up over time
With knowledge as your tool you redefine
Re shaping the outcome line by line

So as you leave
We shed a tear
Yet thankful for the time that you were here
You gave your all each day and year
Through loving example you were our mirror

Go to your garden
Explore your passion
From the ground a future to fashion 
The planet and bees can use a lift
What you have to offer is a priceless gift

For our friend Linda, happy retirement. Now your work begins.
We know you will continue to make a difference in the world
and in our lives. 

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Eulogy Unspoken

“Let’s go,” I say, “before I can no longer imagine Sisyphus happy.” 
I take you from the desolate ruins of your own doing and imagination... before the unfolding days collapse into a single moment. 

You’re right there, where I expect to find you, seated in a chair of spite, bliss, contentment and contempt - smushed together like pulp and juxtaposed like a string of contradictions. You have no qualms with it; your destiny is sealed; you come with me anyway, because I can get to you: raging Himalayan rock; bodies tearing space; face against the glass behind a roaring engine. 

This is it. That ghost you prayed to for so long has finally come... He’s here! He’s taking you up on your wish, and I can’t let you go with him! You will not go gentle into that ****ed up night!!!!!! Your place is here with me, because I’ve lost all-too-many before. Because we’re in this together and you have no right to leave. 
I take hold of you and we’re gone, before it all happens, before you break your promise....before you leave me with this rock and this vertical ledge; before my heart breaks and I can no longer smile at the gods who condemned me.
 ....but this is hopeless. I realize the dream...and so we fall...further and further...until neither all is lost nor forgotten... but never was.

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Rave the Day

I went another damn day
Say what you say again now
Then go away
Sift through what’s left of us
Compile a short note for me
Find yourself the good one tonight
When I’m back you might know
Wound up in your cold again
Knowing when to breathe helps
Your language still contends
Body always wins with me in the know
Share your spitting thoughts in me
Parade my sickness like it’s your own
The carnage always looks grim
Colors are always stagnant here
Brilliant way to win, losing
Sadness will always shine for me
Who? What did he even mean
Too kind some would say
Differ the rest, go easy on this
Sit down for the end please
I’ve found the only good I’ll ever have
I went another damn day.

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Here they go again.
anything to win,
in shameless 
layin’ it on thick, 
	makin’ sure it sticks,
		slappin’ it on like lotion.

“click my stuff,
and I’ll click yours too.
wanna feel like the best 
even though 
it ain’t true?”

back n’ forth complements
are so self defeating.
inflating other’s heads for praise 
is a blatant way
of cheating.

“do unto others”
but don’t lie, 
to boost their ego.
misleading them 
to raise their hopes 
should clearly be illegal.

no need to read 
a word
of their work
while scratching their backs 
all’s fair
in tactical 

poets thought to be adored 
while chewin’ truth’s gristle.
before you swallow,
broke a tooth that hurt
like a damn 

feeding on lines 
with hidden agendas 
is worse
than bein’ ignored.
cuz’ when you find 
copy n’ pasted comments, 
your hopes 
are sadly floored.

how about 
reading and endorsing work
you actually enjoy,
instead of 
feedin’ folks a line of crap 
laced with praise 
and “atta-boys!”

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True Friends

True Friends
Author Dana Redricks
October 09, 2014

True friends are hard to find,
And the one you find is like a rare 
Jewel; real friends accept you as
You are, and even when they have
Their say; they get over it never belittling 
They are loyal, and their love remains true.
A real friendship is like a marriage, and
Meant to last an eternity, and when I love 
Someone I love deep, and when I lose 
I some time find it hard to sleep.
Today I loss a so called friend;
Never lifting, but always putting 
Me down, but today I had enough
You either love me, or leave me alone.
This friendship package I have comes
As is, so what you see is what you get,
	And no pretenders no regrets.	
If it’s meant to be; it will be.

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I am not one who reaches out much to those I have never met.
So many who know me do not know that deep inside I am so shy.
Trust is something I am so terrified of and it's my biggest silent fear.
But that day I took a chance when I saw you sitting there crying alone.
I didn't even know you but my heart felt your pain so I put my shyness
aside and reached out and say hello.
Hello, to a stranger I don't even know or but your sadness broke my heart.
I smiled at you and you smiled back with caution carefully breaking a small
smile across your face.
I could see you took a risk and that gave me comfort knowing we would be 
good friends.
Time went by so quick you and were in separateable, we shared every single
thought and secret together.
We had become 'best friends' no one could come between us, you were a gift.
Sometimes it surprises you who you meet throughout your life and where you
meet them.
Remember, throughout your day on  any street - people just like me and you
with loneliness and problems.
A best friend comes in the form of a stranger who changes your life forever.
You can't imagine that, that once stranger has and is now and forever more
a gift sent and given from God above.
Everyday I am humbled, blessed that you smiled back at me that day long ago.

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When a friendship dies
It hurts inside
Even briniging a tear to my eye 
Worse still is when a friend lies
Can tear up your heart inside
Makes you wonder why
Could even make a grown man cry
Then you start to wonder was it all just a lie
All those memories lost to the by and by
But you must take strength from deep inside 
Your true feelings you should never hide
So stand up tall and for the truth
As friendships die though it may be sad
More are forged by truth and live 
For all friendship is, is just truth and love 
With that love you have nothing to fear
For true friendship is forever.

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A Woman

I used to be able to show you the sun
But we don't know who we are anymore
Your face is as strange as the tides in the sea
Mine is like a monster breaking the glass

You used to love me and I loved you
But I realized, we realized, that there is more
Life is to be enjoyed, and fighting for attention
Was taking that enjoyment away from me

I love this life and everything about it
Yes, that means I love the hardships
Maybe not always, but eventually-
They make me a better, a stronger girl

And I have hope of, one day, becoming a woman

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I've captured you from death's snare,
While others were unaware
No more worrying,
You are unforgotten

You are alive
Others deny it 
Well, I know...
You are unforgotten
In my memory
You are unforgotten 	

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Days ago. 
I searched for love.
I found it.

we've chosen to join our lives.
So tomorrow
will be forever.

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I'm A Mighty Oak Tree

I am a mighty oak tree.

Yes, that is me!

I am tired of being blown around as though I am a weeping willow.

I am strong and independent and it’s gonna take more than a blustery wind

To try and bend my branches.

Unaffected by the gale force winds of the enemy.

Unaffected by the robins that come to make their homes upon my branches.
I am an oak and I decide my own destiny, not the elements around me.

Oaks don’t go with the wind current.

They set their own precedent. 

They dictate what type of existence they are gonna have.

They take charge and lead others to take root 

And stand against difficult circumstances.

Come and take a seed and plant your own oak tree.

Perhaps you can come and plant yourself right beside me.

I’m a mighty oak tree for all eternity!

Gwendolen Rix

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Hey to Everyone Who's Been Brocken Hearted!!

Hey to everyone who has ever loved 

the Guy i trusted and i loved lied to me and 

pretended to trust me while he would whisper 

sweet little things only just for one thing this is not fair 

Why did he lie if the truth was not right how could this be 

this just upsets me and i can't think no more its so hard to

think and how do i feel u ask me now that we don't got nothing to do with 

eachother how could u do this i loved u so much the love i had 

for u will never be gone the trust in u is now so far 

away all i want u to know is 

How Do u Fell Now That Am Gone ?

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Life’s highway
connecting love.
Priceless friends
bring hearts of faith’s
calming peace
through ups and downs
traveling on life’s highway.

building dreams,
treasures of trust...
Friends gather,
mold foundations
reaching out and connecting.

Priceless friends...
Our storm’s anchor,
wing blessed souls
in Earth’s disguise
holding hands
through stormy ride.
   The caring ones, priceless friends.

Hearts of faith
and love filled peace,
friendships walks
help souls too weak.
Angel guides
who grace our road,
life’s highway with hearts of faith.

Janet Vick

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Ended To Soon..Dedication to Tyisha Miller

A beautiful human being, 
Lost her life, and no one seems to know why
If only her silence could be broken, If only her
Soul would wander around and deliver the untold
The story no one could tell,

The truth about what happened, Someday will be revealed
Classification and separation, Is what we often feel
Taken so violently, Bared the brutal pain,
An innocence loss, Is what she became 
No matter the shape or life that she led,
She didn't deserve the death she was fed

I feel for the mother, The loss of her child,
Can be filled with no other ,The father and sister
Aunt,cousins and family will remember Tyisha, 
All the good memories


Do you remember the silly arguments,
We used to always have
Sitting around our desks in our elementary class,
You were mad at me and I was mad at you
Because we had some much in common,
And yet we hated to

You carried my birthday, I carried your age,
You carried my year, I carried your first name
You were like me, as I was like you,
But Tyisha Tyisha, you were taken to soon

We had our differences, We went our separate ways,
But still I remember you, Just like it was yesterday
You carried my first name, As I carried yours,
I carried a tone, Much lighter than you
But still you were taken, To soon  To soon,
A home you found in heaven
With our lord, Jesus Christ,
So sad you had to leave this world
And join another life,

Nine years had gone by, Before I'd seen your face,
And when that day had finally come, It was on the newspaper page
I couldn't believe it was true,
So much sadness I felt for you
I know it wasn't right, A shameful breach of trust,
Your life was taken so quickly but the memories nobody can touch
From this day forward, Just trust and believe,
For the Master will surely supply all your needs

Tyisha don't worry, You're safe and your sound,
No longer are you burdened , No longer are you bound
Tyisha, Tyisha,  Please remember me, I'll see you again,
Rest in peace, Rest in peace

(December 1998)
(By Tyesha Ehigiator)
(Aka Tyesha Miles)
(An Old classmate)

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Thank You Man

Thank you,
Thank you,
You saved me, thank you
Man saved — Man's bestfriend
Thank you, Man—
From Man's best friend

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Just leave my man alone

Bad people come and go
but this one wont leave him alone
I wish she'd leave my man be
because he's got someone like me

That bad person won't leave my man be
she hurt him before 
I was left to pick up the pieces
which seeing him like this hurts me 
I just want him to be happy

Not that I care if they were friends
but she won't give it up
she wants him back
but I refuse to give him up
he is everything to me 

why won't she just leave him be
She says to him he's everything to her
if that were true why does she hurt him

if she truly loved him 
why would she cheat 
even hurting him again and again

All the sudden he finds anew 
and she wants him back 

I believe it's because he's mine now
I refuse to let him go 
he is everything to me 

I don't want to see him go down
He deserves nothing but the best
which to me shes nothing like that
She should just let him go
He is mine now. 

please leave my man be
I'm sick of the games she plays with his heart
I love him and he loves me
So please leave my man be 

find anew and maybe next time think again
before hurting a man or someone elses

Thanks again. 


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Not A Poem

To All of you guys and gals, that read my poems. I want to thank each and everyone of you, for congratulating me on my win. I just found out. I was the last one to enter the contest. I am sorry that I have not been around. I will catch up with you later. I had to take some time off, after the passing of my mother. I went to spend some time with my brother in West Texas. He didn't want me to stay here by myself. I am now back and will be reading some of your poetry and posting some too. Thanks again for being The kind of people and friends that you are. You are all so very special. God bless you all... 09/18/ 2012 Lucilla M. Carrillo

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Invisible web

In the magical mist of darkness
Of webs and tangled life
Where spiders prey in waiting
And moths flutter in their fright

Where oceans roar out warnings
And lightning strikes the ground
Where rains comes down in mornings
And winds scream in the night

There is a light that’s shining
That shimmers in its gold
It’s like a peace awaking
In life that once was cold.

The calming of the ocean
The easing of the rain
The cooling of the winds came
Now that I know your name.

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i love you too

looking for our place on the line of like or love 
emotions soaring in the sky like a lost dove
the one lonely bird just trying to make its way
the little bird just needs one friend to make it stay
having this companion is more than enough
but one without the other, and life gets tough
two doves on the line of love, trying to get through
when all the one wanted to say, was i love you too

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A touch of a smile

I read between your lines

Youth in the curve

Of your crows feet

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The Last Will And Testament Of Senor Turkey

I watched with awe, 

as you came ashore, 

after sailing from far, far away lands, 

You built your towns, on none were frowns,

 with sheer grit, determination, faith and bare hands,

 I figured that one fateful day, 

where we would play and share our future destiny as friends,

 For that fateful chance,

 to laugh and dance, 

where our mutual goals would depend, 

I have my ways, and you have yours, 

on each others strengths we could lend,

 and we could build, and see fulfilled, 

a new World Order for all to comprehend:

 We are so different, in so many ways, 

I didn't think this day would ever come to be, 

That in the end,

 instead of try to befriend ;

 You would treat me just like a piece of meat 

 Gobble! Gobble!

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I Never Knew

I never knew that you loved me so, 
you never really let me know.  You
always tried to pretend that you were my
love until the end. 

Then one day when you confess to me,
that all I was in your sight was a tiny
little pea.  That you know how much damage
these words did to me.

I never knew you thought so less of me
and now, I know this is the way it will be.
You never told me not once before that 
you were planning on walking out that door.

I never knew you had all these feelings and
emotions about me inside of you, they are
so terrible until I am really afraid of you.
Is this something you planned to do?

I never knew a person can pretend so well
and all along was nothing but hell.  You made
me think that I was alright with you and there
were nothing going wrong because you were

All of this has been corrupt, now I got a taste
from your bitter cup and it is enough.  Now
my love I never knew that you were the one
I loved so much and yet in still you caused
me so much pain and hurt.

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The Fall

Felt like a freight train drove through
The most loving corner of my heart
Then it felt as though I were in it
Falling out the other side
No dignity or moral to the fall 
Just a fall
When it seemed over and quiet
I stood
Felt like a freight train drove through
The most loving corner of my heart
Then it felt as though I were in it
Falling out the other side
No dignity or moral to the fall 
Just a fall

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A Letter To My Artistic Friend

Our friendship is like the coalition of the sun and the moon.
When one is resting the other is shining.
But sometimes they share the sky and the alignment creates the poetry of the stars.

That's when the magic happens.

Your visual creativity combines with my verbal prowess and it's like a universe being born.

You have given me thoughts of poetry and I have given you visions of art.

You have inspired words and I have inspired pictures.

We are a universal creative combination that depicts love in the human form that it is.

Thank you for being the sun, the moon, the stars and a friend.

Rockman  :-)

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Please Be Patient

My dear and wonderful friends
Please be patient with me
I have twenty one of you to 
Thank you see.

Tomorrow I head for Casper
Trying to find the answer
Where I will live out there
Be it buying or renting I don't care.

The weather took a turn
Fooled us all so I must run
Got to get there and back I hope
Get me come answers so I can cope.

Love you and will pick up 
Where I left off when I get back. 
It will be  a week or so 
If I have good luck or it does snow.


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Tis indifference that shameth the soul

for it casteth a burgeoning shadow of sorrow.

Shouldest not compassion stir the soul to move 

for such is the sacred sanction and the golden rule;

to love one another and seek thy brothers higher good.

 Answereth me now hath empathy averted her eye

insensible to the stings of conscience and the hearts enbittered cry?

Can'st thou with deliberate distain thy neighbors forsake

when to thee his empassioned petition make?

Nay, for this I can avow, the heart raiseth a nobler thought

that the brotherhood of mankind will triumph when forgiveness

and love are sought

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Betwixt Bars

Can you feel?

Can you feel the tremor?
That rocks your world
That shakes the cage
Like a beast trapped outside
A beast raging against the bars
It lifts, it throws, it rages
Can you feel it?

And in the aftermath,
You can hear the cooing, cajoling
Of puppeteers laying strings before your bars
And they croon and cluck like fretting hens
Petting your bars and calling for you
to reach out and take these strings
Tie them where they cannot reach
Deep within, where no one else goes
And let these good people in,
They preen and you shake your head
Seeing the gleam in their eyes
Oh so like the ape’s
Cooing, cajoling... cawing
And oh, how you can feel it...

But I’m here so hold on
I’ll sit by your bars,
I’ll sit by the door
right beneath that lock that turns from within
And I won’t rage, or set the siren’s call upon you
I’ll sit by your bars, and keep you company
My friend;

But Cold bars let through a breeze friend...
Your sharp breath is not secreted away
And with every breath you take
Your lungs are profaned
And you cannot hide
Behind bars

You cannot hide

From My voice, or my presence, or my eyes
My eyes that see too clear
And you cannot hide from what I see
What you can feel
Pressing in, from us all
So just let us in
My friend,
Let us in, for we will not be kept out
Life does not surrender, life does not hold back
Life seeps through
Every crack,
And be sure, there are cracks everywhere
Where there are breaths to be shared, there are bars to let them through,
And you feel it don’t you?
That which you see deep in my eyes
You feel it
That feeling so clearly reflected
When I look into your soul
That fear alive in my eyes
That rages within you,

But don’t fear a battle you have lost
Do not fear the day you must face the world
The world, friend, has never
Turned its face from you
And the rest of us:
Well we are not so brave
We are not iron bars moulded to flesh
That fear you see is real
And it is ours all
But we cannot hide
From what burns within
And I will not die
Hiding from life
And I will not cower when I tremble inside
I will not rest in a cage when I am tired
And I, friend, I am so tired
Of living between bars.

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There is a brilliant sun setting on the horizon. 
I wipe tears from my eyes, and watch in a strange sense of awe. 
The sun kisses everything with it’s radiating beams 
and then disappears from view. 
It reminds me that, 
like many things in life, 
these serenely beautiful moments are often fleeting.
Words are left unsaid, moments forgotten, lives lost.
But, in those quiet moments, 
when I feel the sun's warmth on my face, 
I know you're sending me a smile and lighting up my life, once again.

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Dream, January 2008

We were in a car,
you and me
and her,
crunched uncomfortably together,
three people tied
by passionate
veins of aching blood.
And my knees curled at my chest
in the middle of the backseat,
your face
and hers
in profile against
the windshield.
It wasn’t raining
perhaps that would have been
more poignant.
She didn’t speak
to me,
only gave me backwards looks
as if to say…
oh, I don’t know what she’d say
if she could say anything to me:
in the dream,
she spoke only to you.
And there I am,
sweating in the backseat,
tears piercing the corners of my eyes,
and I can’t say

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A Friend

A friend is someone special
One that loves you for you
Loves you for your mistakes
And picks you up
When you don't know what to do
Life is a lesson
And lessons are to be learned
A friend is a blessing
When you feel you've been burned
You Are You
Never be anything different
Even when you've acted a fool
A friend is there
And picks up your pieces
Even if they are
Unsettling and Unpleasing
A friend is someone special
Forgiving and Understanding
True and Honest
So always remember,
Be You!
Don't Be Blue!
And Always Be True!

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Crossed a path in vain

We were once a coupled one
Desperate, hungry trying to have fun
In spite of your freedom, you still pick me
This is the inspiration causing glee
Feel me purely satisfied only to flee
You will love my comfy ride indeed
Come to me and shower for free
All you need is to stand by me
You have given all to give to rid
Single-handedly made me live
This song you sing is clear to me
Like Anita Baker said, “You belong to me.”
Wipe away those tears for us
This is not going to be another bust
Or is this the fate of our lust
I can hear the ones hiding again from me
We could only imagine what they mean
Fate tore your heart again apart
We need to talk about this art
Make them flee away and far, you’ll see 
We could discuss them over tea
Rid of me is what you get
When you hide in the shadows, your new pet
Take my heart and make him see
I never thought you would do this to me
We were once a coupled one.

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I Hate This 10-13-08

the walls are closing in...
im screaming...
but i cant let anyone hear me...
no one can hear me...
no one should hear me and try to save me...
that would only hurt them...
they need to stay away from me...
i need to stop hurting them...
i hurt so many people...
i need to stop screaming for help...
i need to suck it up and deal with the pain...
i need to stop being a wimp and randomly crying...
i need to stop...
i should give up...
i need to give up...
i want to give up...
but i cant...
that would hurt the people i love most...
that would hurt them more than anything...
so i cant give up...
i want to...
but i cant...
so i gotta suck it up and deal with it...
i gotta keep praying...
i gotta keep hoping...
i. need. help.

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The Girl of My Dreams

Your face,
A majestic visualization of perfection,
right in front of me.
I feel like I am loosing you,
losing you to the dark unknown ,
and I do not know how to respond.
Should I be sad,
or should I feel honored to have been in your presence for so long.
We talked the day away,
it made us numb to all the faults in the world.
The cold weather reminds me of you.
It reminds me of the times that you and I were together
Now you are just a memory,
a distant figment of my imagination that I hold so very close to my heart.
I have been drinking every night, 
not enough to get me intoxicated,
but enough to numb the pain of being deprived of you.
You fled,
like a criminal,
away from me just as we became inseparable.

E. L. Wald

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Wedding bells

Wedding bells isn't a big pretty dress or handsome tucks. 

Wedding bells isn't a big church or ball room. And last but 

least, many think it's about family and friends. A wedding is 

mirage, it's love between two. It's a bind many love to let 

pass by.  It's a connection two feel. A moment for both to be 

happy. It's a wedding, true love shall combine. It's a moment 

no-one can break. It's a smile hurting your jaw. Causing your 

heart to truly skip a beat. It's feeling your love in the air.  

Hearing the music in the ocean.  It's letting love make the 

clouds. Wedding bells is saying, I do for life. It's remembering 

your vows.  Holding each others hands and remembering 

sweet moments.  Not letting go for eternity. Giving the long 

lasting kiss. A kiss to remember for life. A true love kiss under 

wedding bells. Wedding bells that brought two humans into 

one. Into one wedding bell.........

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Just another day

Mornings brilliance
lets the sun spread it’s grin
Slowly warming the beds
awakening the flowers
as they raise their heads
birds chorus dawns delight
melancholic tunes contrite
Nature’s charms begin to stir
Doors slam shut and engines whirr
A shout of ‘Hello’, or ‘Good morning dear’,
Friendly waves and nods of cheer
Then traffic jams and people queue
Paper stands sell the daily news
Off to work the adults go
mums to school with kids in tow
A lovely day is off to start
Fulfilled with joy ‘till sun departs.

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That Special Someone

We are all searching for that special someone
Long lost friend. Or a True lover for example
The person of your dreams....
We are all searching for that special someone

Some find their special someone when their young
Others find it when their old
But whenever you find your special someone
It feels like gold
Some people devote their lives to it
While others let life fly by
Although I haven't found my special someone
I'll be so happy when I find mine

When you find your special someone
You fill an empty space inside you
You could be rich living in a mansion
With fast cars and buff bodyguards
But one is not truly fulfilled
Until he finds his special someone
It doesn't have to be love
You decide who your special someone is

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My Frienemy

You claimed to be a friend to me but it seems you are a frienemy
A frienemy is a friend slash enemy
In others words you envy me
I hate it I see it but I love it a lot
The hate motivates me to go straight to the top
If I should fall or if I should drop
Your purpose is served due to the fact you love me and hate me a lot
My friend slash enemy

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