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Free Verse Football Poems | Free Verse Poems About Football

These Free Verse Football poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Football. These are the best examples of Free Verse Football poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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Lean  back and just relax
Put on these protective glasses please
Injection  -   this will not  hurt  at all
He says in fluent dentist-speak
Man with goggles and mask like an alien
Probing me like an insect aboard a UFO
                 God  I‘m starving -  no breakfast

Oh , from the x-ray   looks like 
We  need a couple of fillings  
                And It  was cornflakes and fried eggs and bacon

I’m afraid it  will cause some discomfort
But just relax 
I look at the legs of his pretty assistant for comfort
                I was afraid to  come here at all

Delayed coming
Coward for pain in dentist’s chair
Put off and put off six months,   till now  - 
April is the cruellest month*
                Month  of early cherries from Spain  
                And   lettuce from the greenhouse
                And a cucumber salad upon a table in the garden

Like a patient etherized upon a table*
As the alien probes my molars
And asks me about football on tv last night
                Oh for a melon  big as a football  right now
                Sold by the shop on the corner  where the woman 
                Is so her as she gives 
                Cucumber  to another customer

Yes  a bit of voyeurism  sometimes is fun
Dental  assistant’s  legs show nice muscles
As she reaches  up tip-toed  for a tall  
Pile of green  plastic rinse-cups
                Rather similar to a  cucumber

I try to answer the football alien
With a mouth  full of metal
I stutter and garble out a reply and the alien uh-huh s
Disinterested interest as they say
She looks into my face, concerned,  and  I am flattered
But she only sees my horrible decayed tooth
Unconcerned   concern
Now spit,    and again,    rinse,  spit
I am helpless like a beetle on its back
Wearing plastic goggles
Use this tissue
She’s so helpful,    like mother
Don’t  eat for six hours even if you have a good appetite
                Oh those melons….appetite

I am a man of appetites     
No !  I am not  Leopold  Bloom  nor  was meant to be*
My appetites are mostly for learning, for humor, for sorrow, 
But maybe a melon  tomorrow.       

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


*These lines are quotes from   T S ELIOT   and   J  JOYCE,  both masters 
 of the stream of consciousness technique.  

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World Cup 2014

Pain in Spain
Bland England
Shame in the game
Who do you blame
When your approach is lame
Three lions or three blind mice?
I wonder

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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

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A new dawn has come
He showers and puts on his lucky tee
Sits and waits in his lounge chair
Times has come
He kicks and runs 
Catches and tackles 
His blood pressure goes up 
All from his recliner chair
He cheers and howlers
Rants and raves 
Oregon Ducks 48,
Wyoming Cowboys 14

 By Eve Roper 9/25/2014

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Came to Manchester United as an 18 year old
With a lot of potential and talent to use
Back then you were just a cocky showboat
But you practised everyday and had the right attitude

Your determination, passion and desire
To keep improving has to be admired
Sir Alex Ferguson said you’re the most talented player he’s ever had 
And you said he was like your football dad

You amaze us all with your skills and tricks
You get frustrated at yourself for any shot you miss
In my eyes you will be the greatest ever
Thank you for all the memories you gave us in Manchester

You never hid the fact it was your goal to be the best
Well you’ve achieved that
I remember when I cried when you left
Us for Madrid, hopefully one day you will be back

People call you “arrogant” because of your desire to be the greatest
But you’re humble as you do a lot for charity and people who need it
You even paid 50k out of your own money for a child’s cancer treatment
You wanted to be the best and you’ve achieved it

Each year you just keep getting better
And continue to amaze me
Most football fans consider you one of the greatest ever
Thank you for all the inspiration you have gave me

As a kid you hit a teacher with a chair because she made fun of your Portuguese accent
You were constantly told you wouldn’t make it as a footballer
Now it’s you who’s laughing
Anytime people told you, you couldn’t, you stood taller

Last night you won your third ballon D’or
Giving us football fans a lot of moments of heaven
In almost every match you score
You will always be the best Cristiano Ronaldo 7 

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TIS The Season Of Football

                        All has come to an end, except for who to proclaim
               The winner of The National College Football Championship Game

                            Excitement is brewing for the play-off game
           Some will be at the game watching getting rained on, cold, and excited

The armchair quarterbacks stay at home and watch on their big screen TV being- telecasted
Scheduling and planning their parties to cheer on their favorite team and fellowships
                                      Shopping for chips and dips
                                      Hot wings and BBQ smokies
                                 Soda pop, tea, beer, and whiskeys

         They dress themselves and their children in lucky sports team attire

          Kick off time has come, everyone is bouncing off the walls inspired
                  Armchair quarterback is playing in his own little field
                                              He kicks and runs
                                       Catches, tackles, and stuns
                        “That’s not the way they teach you to tackle!”
                 With all his excitement he almost slides off the armchair
                             “Oh, come on! Hey ref that’s not fair!” 
       “That’s pass interference he was all over him while the ball was in the air!”
                                         He hollers and cheers
                                   “Touchdown!” That’s the way!
                                            Rants and raves
            “Quit doing that, you idiot, you're going to get a fifteen yard penalty!”
                          His blood pressure is going up we all agree
                              “What the Hell was that you nitwit!”
                            “He dropped it.! You could have had it!”
                           Disappointment sets in, his team has lost
                     He blames the refs for all the bad calls, and its cost

             Cleaning the carpet because of all the excitement, it’s going to cost
         The season is over and I don't have to hear his rants until next year and
            Our children will be the next generation of armchair quarterbacks

                                          1/13/2015 by: Eve Roper

Accounts on watching and listening to my husband and brother 

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Where I'm From - English II Assignment Poem

I’m from liberty and justice; kindness and sadness. 
I’m from freedom and victory; presidential elections and offices.
I’m from celebration of freedom and fireworks; and a wonderful melting pot. 
I’m from an eagle and an anthem, which happily plays on.

I’m from life and death, and of people of different descent. 
I’m from the Show-Me State, upholding the motto “Salus populi suprema lex esto:” 
The welfare of the people shall be supreme law. 
I am of the Missouri Waltz, and of an Algonquian Indian word.
I am of farming and mining; aircraft equipment and cars.

I’m from an annexed Jasper County and Newton County; from Methodist congregation and zinc mining. 
(A place I can hardly even remember, as it has been changed)
From Route 66, and historical background knowledge. 
I am from devastation and destruction; death and injuries. 
I’m from damage and regrowth; repopulation and help. 
I’m from family and friends; businesses both small and large.
 I am of silence and tears, and of federal disaster.
 I’m from strength and dignity; perseverance and trust. 
I am of murals and proud historic background. 
Artifacts and messages, love and hope.

I’m from comedy and drama; friendship and bonds. 
I’m from love and loss; football and cheer. 
I’m from an academic and athletic strength; and from the A+ Program. 
I am from Junge field, and brick structuring.
 I am of theatre and JET-14; show choir, orchestra, and band. 
I am of FTC and AP courses. 
I am of loss and damage; devastation and irreparability. 
I am from a temporary and split campus, and renovation.
 I am from commencement, and uncommon maturity.

I am from a battered and bruised community, and a slowly growing voice.
 I’m from experience and pain, hardworking and strong people.
 I am of economic setback, and of pain and heartache. 
I am of faith and trust, influence and beliefs.

I am of love and pain, sarcastic and snide remarks.
I am from life and death; adoption and birth. 
I am from old and young; wrong and right. 
I am from values and morals; beliefs and brief moments of laughter.
I am from tinkling of bells and the sound of dropped frying pans. 
I’m from happiness and sadness; from the moon and stars. 
I’m from Christianity; particularly of Pentecostal belief.
I am from the tinkle of a baby’s laugh and tears; of nieces and nephews.
I'm of friendship and hope..

This is where I'm from.

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bye bye Steven Gerrard

Bye Bye Gerrard 
You scored some good goals
But you’ll always be a poor mans Lampard and Scholes
Bye Bye Gerrard

Bye Bye Gerrard
15 years and you have 0 Premier League medals
Maybe you could hold 1 of Gary Neville’s
Bye Bye Gerrard 

Bye Bye Gerrard 
You will be missed
You could have won it but you slipped
Bye Bye Gerrard

Bye Bye Gerrard
American girls won’t find the English accent sexy anymore when they hear your Scouse voice
Played for Liverpool but supported Everton as a boy
Bye Bye Gerrard

Bye Bye Gerrard 
You were the captain of England
But weren’t the best midfielder from the United Kingdom
Bye Bye Gerrard

Bye Bye Gerrard 
Thanks for the memories you will be missed
You said “this does not slip now” and then you slipped
Bye Bye Gerrard

Bye Bye Gerrard 
I’ll admit you were good at football
But you won no premier league medals at all
Bye Bye Gerrard 

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Sunday Night

The pizza has been ordered.
The chicken is cooking.
The tv is on and ready to show.
It's Sunday night and the game is on.
The beer is cold and ready to drink.
Chip are in the bowl a few to eat.
No women would be good. 
For Sunday night football is for us.

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At First Glance

**At First Glance**

Friday night lights blind,
Fans thick and in full throat.
our team is in position, primed.
Everyone praying they don't choke!

I'm grooving thanks to Jose' & Jack,
my voice hoarse from acting a fool.


Before I continue
let me just tell you 
what caught my eye!

A ginger,
let's say five nine,
white denim jacket, stunning!
Long hair twisted in design. 

Lights reflection flashing
brightly from her crimson hair.
I stare,
shorties unique with much flare

At first glance I was hooked
and I don't even have her name.
I make my way across the field 
to be known to this grande dame.

Where was I?
oh yeah, the ballgame!

They won with a great aerial attack,
there will be parties all night at school.

the crowd dissolves, she stands alone
I approach! 
Not shy, I cast the first stone.
my name is! you are?

My voice deep like a trombone,
nervous, I'm out of my comfort zone!
She breaks the ice, 
saying something witty
"why'd you take so long?
"I noticed you to silly!"

"Do you have plans tonight?
would you like to join me?"
There's a party on the south side,
just over the railroad tracks.
I grab her hand, "lets take a ride"
Twas my angle of attack!

From a sea of faces,
she stood alone.
Lost in her eyes,
my oasis.
Under her control.

Like a game of "Where's Waldo",
romance found by chance!
Never thought I could fall so hard,
At first glance!

Jared Pickett

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Super Bowl Day

Patriots and Seahawks, today head to head
Will wear the helmets; tooth and nail fight the day
University of Phoenix stadium, the beautiful Grand Canyon state
Sweat and blood will spill on cactus bed.

Hard training, pain, dedication and rivalry
Let it end today in guts, honor and glory.

“The Star- spangled Banner”, the sweet little song
That’s the way to start the game on
The Red, White and Blue, waving in the air
Jet planes stripe the sky in white smoky flair.

It is half time show; Katy Perry will soothe the ear
Lenny Kravitz will tear up our fear.

Time to have a drink baby
Cold beer, pinot noir or tequila savory
Let’s dive deep in some dips
Velveeta, salsa and tortilla chips.

Enjoy the platter of, hot wings, blue cheese and dill mayonnaise
Add some green olives, carrots and crunchy celeries.

Slices of pizza or meaty tacos, gasp my sigh
A bowl of chili, or even a chicken leg fry
Everything will go just fine
When we are all football high.

Forget all work, qualms and quarks 
Keep your whining and politics inside the drawers
Let’s all watch the Super Bowl on this Sunday
And hold dear a simple pleasure in truly American way.

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gone but never forgotten

3.04 February 6th 1958 was the time and date of the accident
The Munich disaster that took out half a football team
No one thought we would be back again
We couldn’t even imagine to dream

Was this to be the end?
We lost so much talent
How were we ever going to mend?
We needed a miracle to help with our challenge

So many fallen tears
Families and fans left broke
Would the pain ever clear?
Where was the hope?

Some thought our football club was over
Was this the end of the story?
Somehow we managed to rebuild and fight like soldiers
This eventually led us to future glory

Some rival fans make jokes and like to mock
They are a disgrace to football as a sport
How are you going to joke when lives were lost?
But most will keep them in their thoughts

It happened almost 35 years before I was born
But all of you are remembered
Everything Manchester United do ensures your memories lives on
We stay United in Manchester 

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I am Sam

I am Sam
I am that I am
I am the one who became the first openly gay footballer in America

I am Sam
I am that I am
I am the black man
But I am Sam who does not see my gayness as having anything to do with my professional career which was a choice until like sexuality

I am Sam
I am that I am
I am the one who does not want to be judged by the color of my life style but by my actions on the field of play and the character of my heart 
I am Sam
I am that I am 
I am the Sam who is connected to the Rainbow Connection and I am a bridge to help others like me to come out come out no matter wherever you are to Saint Louis

The name of the Star

I am Sam
I am that I am
I am the you and I am me
I am that I am
I am the Sam the Ram

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More important than life itself

On some English grass
On a piece of land forever England
Warriors of the realm
Take holy orders, on their Fathers grave
To defend the honour of their local pub
For this is the noble art of Sunday league Football

The crowds bay for blood
Shouts of foul and blind as a bat
The decision absurd
The referee a drunkard
Shouts of bar steward,
And your mothers questionable character
Cleaned up for posterity

The game goes on
Frank, the winger another yellow card
Another fine, I fear he will be barred

Groans for Bill a night watchman by trade
I think he’s a blade (Sheffield United supporter)
But not a very good keeper I’m afraid

Then there’s the striker
Super king Jack, 40 a day and a cough to match
Will need a penalty to score in this match

What about ken, a beer belly full back,
Rarely runs for fear of a heart attack
And slugger the centre half
Likes to break legs,
And still the only guy to sup a half a keg

Smooth talking tommy pulls birds on the six yard line
Greased black hair, and knobbly knees to match
Still Skill is not this team’s forte, for we are Britain’s

Taking part is our religion
Lost another game two nil
But won three two at fighting, brill

Bottom of the league
Fines galore
First Aid in the pub
A good drink after
Enemies in the field, but forever friends in laughter.
That’s Sunday football league

Home to the wife
And Sunday dinner, roast beef and Yorkshire pud 
Another bottle of bud
Feet up, settee calls
Dreams of Wembley, and Sheffield Wednesday
Not a bad life for this Yorkshire clan
Here in Sheffield where football began.

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Old Big Ead

So you old bugger 
you’ve gone

and how many more will there be of


in the top 


watching from Holgate you’d just come back
you'd scored for England B 
against Scotland 
plaster on your brow

autograph book in hand
boys lined up

“One signing only
Charles Buchan Football Monthly haven’t I signed once 
for you i’m not here for the good of me health”

did you say“young man” back then?

August 1958 
won first match of the season 
9-0 Brighton
You got 

Sign this Brian? 
“Do I know you? One signing only
Charles Buchan Football Monthly 
haven’t I signed once for you i’m not here for the good of me health” 
in the heat of the morning 

“they call me Mr Clough I call me old Big ‘Ead”

did I ever really walk on water

I do now

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Autumn Reverie

Fall has come 
   and with it the march of the NY Giants 
Dangerous game!
    But the players do it 
for the glory (and the not inconsequential financial rewards)
I will watch the game Sunday 
   on TV
    I have good friends that 
don't like the game 
   But I get thrilled when 
the NY Giants win 
  My uncle met Tiki Barber(of the Giants)
I remember going to an 
   Orthodox shul 
I went to as a youth 
           Someone said "What's the score?" with a smile 
Autumn has arrived

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It was the start of a decade not to be forgotten.

It was my growing up period.  A very bad year for me

in many ways.  My last year of Jr. High I was kicked out

for smoking in boy's restroom.  Then a few months later

I was kicked out again in my first of high school,

smoking on school property as the Vice-Principal was

waiting for me out side of door way, as I lit up, there he

was.  My dog shep died just before school started.

After those things it was a great year.  Some great

TV shows were on that year, the debut of the Andy

Griffith show with good old Barney Fife as his deputy.

Then there was the Jack Benny Show, My Three Sons,

and Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp and many more.

The Pittsburt Pirates defeated the New York Yankees in

Seven games in a huge upset.  The Eagles upset the

Green Bay Packers in the NFL Title Game, this was way

before the Super Bowl.  Movies coming our way were

Psycho a very scary movie.  David Jansen made a movie called

"Ring of Fire", where he played a Deputy Marshall overpowered by

these two escaped convicts and this girl, they took him hostage,

up into the Oregon Forest, this fire breaks out creating a lot of drama.

John F. Kennedy was elected our President, I was too young to vote for

him, but if elected again I was going to vote for him.  This was before i 

became a Republican, but then came November 22, 1963 changed all of that.

My friend Danny and I started our 3rd year working at the Iowa State Fair

as ticket takers on the midway.  That fall him and I  went to our

first sock hop at our new school East High, we didn't dance with anyone,

we went to look at the pretty girls, us being too shy to talk with them.

Our football team had a great season with a 6-2 record.  They won the big

six conference and the City Championship.  I really miss going to those

high school football games.

Music was starting to go downhill for me, until Chubby Checker came

out with the song "The Twist" then later came the Beach Boys and Dion

was great.  Was so young in 1960 i had my whole life in front of me,

now most of it is behind me.  But those were great times.

Written 8-18-11

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Forward Again

Footballs guarded like gold bars.
ISIS severes headlines from
Africa's crisis. 
Forward is backward
Reverse is attractive 
A prison ward devoid of words
Speechless, how captivating 
meaningless has become
A dictatorship of media sensationalism
dig beneath the surface 
you've heard it before.
Over and over again
the same ol record spins
Society's music
has separated us 
from feeling anything
more than an
exposed erections.
Where's love's lesson?
Self actualization 
self sacrifice 
Don't think twice
Colonel Stauffenberg
went on a suicide mission
to restore hope in all of
The equivalent of our hereos
shoots balls through hoops
and complian having
to wear suits.
Really wish there was 
a person who could fly.
Soar above hype and fortune
truly worthy of the title of hero
Need life more simplified.
Need the whos and whys
answered with so what!
Put suffering souls
forward and front
recognize those who 
recognize this
call them heroes 
for highlighting what matters

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The Ancient Maya game of tut of tut

The ancient Maya had a game
They called Tut to Tut
A game like soccer
but the ball but the ball
would be passed by the thigh
and not the foot.

They played with a latex rubber ball
that some claim contained a human skull
But what ever you think about the game
it was never dull.

Two teams would play before a temple
On a strip of green
the object of the game
to pass the ball through a hoop made of stone
the Winners were victorious
but for the losers
it wasn't so nice
because they'd chop their heads of
and make them a sacrifice.

Glad I wasn't a coach
beats soccer any day.

''Any one for a game of Tut to Tut''?

Don't all shout at once.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.

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Gas Station

A young man in overalls 
remarked to me: 
"How 'bout them Redskins?" 
I couldn't think of anything 
worthwhile to say, so 
I refrained from speaking.

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The Sacred Band

The Sacred Band

To those wearied warriors under the white and orange flame
here is a tale that you should listen
of a Sacred Band of men whose ground in blood they did christen—

One hundred and fifty pairs they were…one be lover the other beloved…
their bond forged in both iron and steel—
when the first fell the second would fight as two for the Ending they’d feel…

Many did they vanquish the mighty Sparta most of all—
that pompous elephant, that leathery dog, that wild bird of game, 
that watery monster ‘neath rainfall,
and many other name—
a head above the fabled three hundred their passing was just the same—
destroyed by no one less than the Great Alexander
the Angel of Death did this exclaim:

“Perish any man who suspects that these men either did or suffered anything

[For their place will never be with those timid souls who know neither victory
or defeat.]

Because they fell Daring Greatly…something all should wish to meet

								The Sacred Band
								     Gabe Shelly

(The Sacred Band of Thebes was a small army of selected soldiers, consisting of 150 pairs of lovers and beloveds, who formed an elite fighting force in the 4th century B.C.E. They were annihilated by Phillip the II of Macedonia in the battle of Chaeronea.)

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For my 'Skins

When the weather is fair
Touchdowns and field goals, I cheer;
When it is stormy with a loss,
With the team I stand, supporting;
Good and Bad
Win, loose or tie
Not just a Fair Weather Fan
Burgundy and Gold for life 

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'crimson and cream'

crimson and cream is the scene you will see at an oklahoma sooners football game.
crimson and cream are the colors of the oklahoma football team.
crimson and cream are the inspiration of the sooner schooner.
crimson and cream are seen all over the ou campus all year long.
crimson and cream are the colors you will msee on an oklahoma sooner fan.
crimson and cream thats what its all about  for me, im an oklahoma sooner fan born and bred...........

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A Young Phenom

I'm going for the 
My heart is in control,
Trying to succeed 
takes giant
I'm a lion
from the ghetto
Just running 
through the meadow,
not looking for alliance
you can the have science,
because when the
game starts,
my faith is the 

Heart pounding hard
you should win
a Oscar
Not fighting for 
I want the game to 
marry me
Don't care about a
The best
until they bury me
Train all day,
that's how you gain
Talking bad about my team
should be a sin

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God bless the Seau family

Moment Of Silence For Junior Seau: May 5th, 5:55 P.M. People can take pills, run their car off the road, And that's a cry for help, he was crying out Yet he was too proud to ask for it is. Wednesday was a lousy day for the NFL The league announced the suspensions of Seau, Seau a great footballer committed suicide. Seau possessed unusual combination His athletic talent and his hard work, His high football intelligence, idea, He was a restless passion for the game Junior Seau will certainly be missed. A great football player but a better man. He was classy,caring & courageous. Junior was a true competitor and a special player. God bless the Seau family.

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The Evolution of Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany lamps
were invented by
girls in 1888,
to soften the walls
of quiet parlors
where men were
hushed and sat
politely with hands 
between their knees.
The grace was
stolen in 1992 when 
the symbols of New York
Jets replaced the flowers
and Tiffany
lighted laughter
on the bars 
where trumpets blare.

*I recently started a home job of ghost writing little articles 
for company blogs and promotions. 
I made a poem from one of the essays about Tiffany sports lamps.

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thank you Ryan Giggs

23 years you played for our club
We will never see another like you
Gave us your sweat, tears and blood
You were United through and through

You won 13 premier league titles
While Gerrard has none
We will never see another like you
Thank you for all you have done

One day I will tell my kids
About the legendary Ryan Giggs
You will be missed
You won your 2nd champions league when John Terry slipped

I can never thank you enough
You will always be a player I admire
Still amazed by your goal against Arsenal in the Fa Cup
Still can’t believe you’re retired

Ronaldo will always be my favourite player
But you will always be a close second
You, Scholes and Giggs
Were a match made in heaven

You were a prat of the class of 92
Along with Beckham, Butt, Scholes and the Neville’s
You were United through and through
And helped us win the treble

You always played with your heart
Gave your all to our club
Tearing defenders apart
You played with passion and love

I miss seeing you run down the wing
Amazed by all the things you did
Your name we will continue to sing
Thank you Ryan Giggs

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Chihuahua Football At The Rose Hill Stadium

Chihuahua Football At The Rose Hill Stadium
Watching football at home with my little dogs on a cold winter night, I realize that I coach my 
own football team.
Running deep far into the football field at the Rose Hill Stadium (Which is my vegetable-dyed 
Persian rug that I bought at an estate sale to cover my hardwoods.) is Piglet, a young and 
highly spirited white short-hair Chihuahua, who happens to also be a neutered male, ripped 
with lots of muscles and little body fat.  Piglet leaps up high and is able to catch in mid-air 
the fluffy white piece of parmesan cheese covered popcorn with his cute little white teeth. 
(That I just brushed with chicken flavored toothpaste after his bath)
Tessie, the long-haired, black and white female Chihuahua, who is not so lean, executes 
most of her plays as the defensive tackle position.  She often blocks Piglet from catching his 
popcorn and also profits from his fumbles, by intercepting his popcorn and eating it before 
she is able to execute a perfect touchdown.  (Haven’t managed to teach her to delay eating 
her popcorn yet)
Each year they get better and better, next year they might be ready to take their show on 
the road.  Until then, they have until the Super Bowl to practice their four footed maneuvers 
and tricks.  At best, they could make it to Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks some day soon.
(No harm was done to animals in preparation of writing this poem or playing Chihuahua 

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“Guten Morgen”… or should I say “Good Morning”…
This is Punxsutawney Phil 
Hailing you from Gobblers Knob 
That’s my tiny hill!
Today, I am feeling like such a lucky ground hog…
I know that some of you may be weeping
But as for me I will soon be sleeping
Because, there’s going to be six more weeks of winter ~
You may say Phil what were you thinking! 
Well, it was kind of hard to see here
With the rain turning to snow
It’s the day after the Super Bowl
Yet, somehow my shadow it did show; 
You know I had to go,
Because, it frightened me so  
Thus, back to bed I must go to hibernate
But not before my veggie shake…
By the way, the game was just great,
This is Phil signing off…   Saying 
“Haben Sie eine gute Nacht” 
Meaning “Have a Good Night”
I’ve been up way too late!